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No. 272593

Previous: >>249310

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ChaoticMonki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken
Deviantart: http://cryplayfan.deviantart.com/
Tumblr: cryaotic.tumblr.com

And his gf, Cheyenne
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_daaes
Tumblr: daaes.tumblr.com
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Cheyennecat

On the last thread
>Cheyenne may have scammed money out of Cry's fans while he was in the hospital
>More shit about Ocean, not relevant.
>"W" Mentions Cry and Chey have come to an agreement, will speak on this when they are ready.
>Cheyenne changes her Twitch name after something about Cry not modding her
>Angel has been an active part of Cry's streams.

No. 272595

Almost forgot,

>Cheyenne comes back, Cry completely ignores her on every platform.

No. 272599

And so it continues:


snicker Perhaps "COWABUNGA"? :)

maybe something like "Don't use this all on Pizza."? :) (cuz, y'know.. Ninja turtles eat Pizza, and they say cowabunga. yeah? yeah? no? shutupI'mfunny


The mean part of me would like to see that too. But, he's cry. he wouldn't. :) Not unless she crosses a line in the sand, and I don't think that line's ever been drawn until lately. And even then… It jsut doesn't seem in his character.

It'd be nice, really. I mean– a lot of people need to be told "this is what abuse is. It's not funny, or just 'the way they are'… this is abuse" … so actually having that, BAMF out there would possibly help a lot of little bitties out there.

Just like, a lot of people really do need to be told that it's okay to cut toxic people out of your life. It's hard and scary, but it's better, when you finally manage to do it.

But…. in this case, by doing this, he would paint a big target on her, and cause her a lot of trouble as a result.

I think the best we can "hope" for in that respect is… over the next few years, little tidbits and pieces, leaked out through conversation.

No. 272600

Cowabunga, now that is a good one.

No. 272601


in private? most likely. I can't imagine Cry didn't confront Chey with years and years of personal receipts. Or that things got heated at some point.

But I mean to the public. I guess it's the revenge part of myself that speaks from my own abusive relationship because I never got my satisfying revenge arc, I just had to swallow it and let it go, which was harder than exposing his cheating ass. I could have destroyed his relationship, the one he left me for, and the one he was cheating on with me, but I never did. sorry for blog

I kind of want the speech about not letting toxic people take hold of you and such but it's not Cry's place and I don't claim him to be an advocate for abusive relationship survivors, ya feel?

No. 272603

Part of me feels like we just shouldn't mention the farm ya'know? Like, if what W said >>272366 and we did help him, maybe we should just let it be. Be the silent guardians. The watchful protectors. The farmers, in the night.

No. 272605

No, no. I wouldn't do that!! Just thought it was funny. Giggled to myself and should have kept it to myself ;) How about just…"Bazinga"

No. 272606

Sorry if this seems off topic but I tried to post in the last thread, it had reached limit, and my dumbass spent forever trying to find thread 5 hoping it was started lol

Well if she is on here or at least reading things. Ocean I'm really sorry you got caught up in all this as well. I dont fault people for being curious and wanting to play detective, but it's gotta be shitty to see past personal stuff being brought up on the internet especially when the discussion turns petty for awhile. You're a trooper :)

No. 272607

I think the anger and resentment Cry had over it is over to be honest. Now I think he just wants things to end a move on.

At least I kind of get that vibe from W. But we won't really know until they talk about it. 3 hours

No. 272609

How about "Mooving on?" lol jk, but that would be funny.

No. 272612

Haha! I'll just make it rain on him. Forget the comment that goes with it. Although I still think it would be fun to say "hi" to you all.

No. 272617

Let's try not to fill this thread up too much with just random banter until we find more milk. If W or Simple would like to share more milk that would be great, but I'd hate for this one to reach thread limit faster than the last

No. 272621

I thought that too when I was reading the discussion but at least now things have calmed down and hopefully will stay generally respectful. When I read the part where your tweets were posted about drinking and stuff it really hit my heart. I think it's easy for people to forget in their curiosity that sometimes digging things up have a real life consequences on the people involved.

No. 272626

I'm sorry, but I can't say anything other than confirm vague statements other people say. I don't wanna be an awful friend to him. Saying anything more is completely up to him, and it's not my place to spread information like that. I hope you can understand why I'm doing this. xo

No. 272628

>>272623Maybe I must have got things mixed up then sorry :)It's been a few days. Agreed, but it was at least nice to see you join in and be able to directly apologize to you, as well as see you be ok at least. I know I dont know you in real life but my heart did go out to ya. That's all from me on this.

No. 272630

nvm. last one. I;m gonna sound really stupid here but what is your twitter? I hardly use social media and haven't used my twitter in YEARS so I apologize if I'm slow as balls at comprehending all this lol

No. 272631


No. 272632

Alright really guys, no more talk of Ocean in these threads. Until we know for SURE she is relevant in the current situation, she needn't be brought up. I'm willing to be there'll be nothing new until the stream tonight, so we'll have to wait until then

No. 272633

No. 272636


Neh, I don't see anything wrong with a very very gentle reference. 'Cowabunga' or even just jsut tagging an emoticon on that looks kinda cow-like … like (o.o)

But… making it rain's great XD

I"ll hush up for a while now, but I do wanan say: I love all of y'all. Great atmosphere in this room. I've tried sniffing at some of the other cows and those threads are super full of angries and stuff–So thanks for that. :)

Not getting my hopes up, but can't wait for the stream…. o/~

No. 272646

Agreed :) It's really nice that the atmosphere has gotten less emotionally charged and more discussion based. Much love in return! Back to lurking I go.

No. 272648

File: 1489884653967.png (14.56 KB, 425x213, 12.png)

Also, to whomever it may concern. I have this for you. xo

No. 272649

Can some please recap what happened on the last thread? There was wayyyyyyyyy to much going on and I couldn't really follow it…

No. 272651


tl;dr a lot of people that are in cry's circles have said that he is aware of the threads and it's part of the reason he's been depressed/kind of seeing in a no bullshit way how bad cheyenne has been

chey is neither here nor there on that front, the word on the thread is that they aren't quite ready yet to talk about it publicly

I kind of wanted to know if cry only read/saw thread 3 onwards or if he saw the other two as well

No. 272652

Listen, he doesn't want it talked about. I don't think it's to the point where someone should feel threatened for having info. Probably fake

No. 272653

W and Simple are the messiahs, gracing us with (what seems to be) legit information regarding the situation with Cry and Chey. The short of it being, that Chey disappeared, Cry read the thread, his friends pushed him, got him to reevaluate his relationship with Chey, meanwhile Chey did the same while she was away. Came back, came to an agreement on something. Both will speak on it when both are ready, W hinting at it being soon, so we think maybe tonight

No. 272655

This didn't happen in the thread, this is just what W told us

No. 272657


Being safe is important. It might be fake, it might not be, but I can respect wanting to be safe and feel safe.

IMO, just let them go, with no wishes either way. Safety is important, and when someone's stalking you, it can be very hard to feel safe.

and I care more about someone's mental health–even a stranger's–than I do getting more milk <3

No. 272659

If you go to the last thread, head towards the bottom and look for users that are W, and P. That's pretty much the juicy bits of that thread

No. 272662

Basically,we have significant leaks that suggest that stuff's gonna be okay. look for posts from people with actual names: W, P, Simp, Awsh all come to mind, through i think I may be missing someone.

Those people are generally considered to be Pretty Dang Legit.

No. 272665


Start here >>271916

That's the first "W" post, that's when the rest of them come out of the woodwork. Keep in mind all of these people are assumed to be Cry's friends, thus they haven't given us anything that would just be a be-all-end-all answer, as to not betray his trust. Still, nice to read.

No. 272667

I know we arent trying to flood the thread with pointless stuff but is anyone in Cry's chat and see how someone called Chey a witch and was still with Cry?

No. 272669

More than likely nothing. From all of our leaks not one of them has outright said Cry is with, or not with Chey. I'm pretty sure they aren't allowed to say, and I'm also pretty sure very few people actually know. So I'd just pass it off as someone trying to start shit

No. 272673

I figured as much. Just wasnt expecting to see that first thing in the chat.

No. 272677

What's with all the namefagging, ffs.

No. 272680

There's like only 3 names out of the idk how many Anons. Calm your dick.

No. 272693


There was a lot of confusion caused by a bunch of anons talking to each other. It was turning into an Abbott and Costello, so some people who were leaking information gave themselves names so we'd stop mixing them up, and a few of the rest of us decided to do similar…

I'm still anon, just a specific anon.

No. 272695

Same with Adira. really there is only two who arent anons and thats Simp and Cupcake.

No. 272698

No namefagging

Any further use of the name field will be cause for a temporary ban. Only use the name field if your identity is directly relevant to your comment.

No. 272701

popping back in again. I don't understand, what's so bad about some of us having names? Sometimes it's nice to tell anons apart.

No. 272702

because it's against the rules and you're sassing a mod because you can't read them, get out

No. 272703

Not to sass or anything but where in the rules? i read to them before but never saw it. and i am asking with the utmost respect. not even a ctrl F name will find it

No. 272705

Hooooooly moley calm down. I'm new to all this and I didn't realize, I'm sorry. I thought I read the rules but I must have read too fast. I just saw others naming themselves earlier and decided to hop on today and join in the discussion after lurking for days. no need to jump anyone's shit.

No. 272706


…Well, at risk of putting my neck out there. I didn't see anything about it in the rules–I checked before I filled in the name field the first time. Is there another place for rules besides the 'rules' link?

I mean, it literally says that we're allowed to dox people. I figured tagging a name to my own head was allowed.

No. 272707

I mean, it totally is your playground/farm, and your rules, so I'll obey, but it is a bit disheartening to be called out on a rule that isn't listed under the rules.

No. 272709

Check the rules now, please.


No. 272710

the people who get to namefag are notable people

unless you want to reveal yourself as a cow, do as the farmhand said

No. 272711

Ok thank you very much. I had searched through the pages of the rules but never seen it. Thank you again.

No. 272712

I'll respect the rules but I don't see why this has to become a huge issue.

No. 272716


Well, those rules certainly have changed.

Thank you very much for adjusting the rules to fit with your view of how the website should be handled. :) I've been on many websites where there were rules that were not on the rule list and it made for a very frustrating environment.

(I will note, though, that a newcomer here may not understand what namefagging means–so it may potentially be advantageous to clarify in the near future. <3 )

No. 272717

and now learn to sage please

No. 272719

I honestly find it troubling that someone can just adjust the rules as they see fit. But if someones the king/queen of the castle and they wanna fuck about how they wish, I suppose I'll go along to continue discussing here.(not the place)

No. 272720


No. 272723

Wait, so can Simple or the other people who have come forward as Cry's friends (the ones who have brought things up or confirmed/denied info) use their names still, or do they have to stay on anon? I'm sorry, this is a bit confusing. I hope this comes across as respectful, i'm just curious about that.

No. 272725


you add the word sage to the email field and so your post doesn't bump the thread :) you can tell if a post is saged bc the Anonymous name is black as opposed to green

No. 272726


Sage is basically a thing that comes from old japanese chan-style message boards. It coems from, as I understand, the word for 'down' or something.

From what I understand, it was used to downvote things on 4chan, because it would use up one of the posts on the thread, but not bump the thread.

However, here I have been scolded for mentioning off topic matters without sageing. So I believe the unstated rule here is to sage if you are discussing matters off topic. Your name will turn blue like mine is now if you have saged.

To sage, you type 'sage' in the email field.

This is what I have gathered, anyway. I could be wrong.

No. 272727

Anyone with a personal relationship who consistently provides new, real information in most of their posts can use a name and tripcode.
Otherwise, it's unnecessary and goes against commonly understood etiquette of imageboards, which is why lurking and understanding board culture is strongly recommended before posting.

No. 272744

I guess W and Simple are safe then? >>272727

No. 272748

Sounds like it. At this point I guess it's just up to us to ask what we think they can answer?

No. 272755

So do you guys think cheyenne and cry will announce something tonight? if he plans to with cheyenne, i don't think so since she's out with friends.

No. 272758

No idea if they'll even do it together. Though W seems to allude to that being the case since they don't want to talk about it until they're both ready. 3 minutes, so I guess we'll find out.

No. 272759

Omg ya'll needa calm down i cannot read all this

No. 272760

The first half isn't much. So you aren't missing a lot.

No. 272768

cry needs to change the default wallpaper with cheyenne in it

No. 272771

Funny you say that, I was thinking when is an appropriate time to send him a new wallpaper I've made since Chey's been gone?

Might be off topic

No. 272773

You should just send him it tonight, he'll probably reply tomorrow

No. 272777


He will when he gets around to it. Maybe the more artistic should start working on art!


as fro doing it together, I don't remember W saying something like that. Someone else said that they MIGHT do it together, to provide a unified face, but I am pretty sure that that person was just thinking outloud, rather than speaking from any knowedge.


as for being out with friends–I think if my popular exboyfriend was gonna announce we broke up, I might wanna be out and away from computers for a while. Mental health and all that.

No. 272779

I'd wait until after there's an announcement about stuff, though – it'd just be a bit tacky otherwise. In my opinion :)

No. 272780

Russ just take a shot at Chey maybe? Asked why Snake wasn't on and Russ was like "We kicked him off, I got tired of his whining"

No. 272796

Nah you're looking too far into it. Russ jokes a lot. Snake came back a few minutes after he said that. And I don't think Russ implied that he kicked Cheyenne off stream.

No. 272801

Sorry about the last part of my comment. I misunderstood.

No. 272803

Jund just brought up wanting to do Heists in GTAV again. Pretty sure the last time they did heists was when Cheyenne was with them and she flipped out on Cry for him starting the first one again even though she wanted to do the second.

No. 272806

I really want them to Play GTA again so this time I can rewatch it when I feel bad and want to watch something fun.

No. 272829

Same here. I didn't get to watch them play it the last time since Cheyenne is really, frustrating with it.

No. 272831

jesus the last thread was a fucking shitshow. ty farmhand for cleaning up

No. 272837

There was someone earlier concerned that cry would be revealing personal information…

dude just asked if it would be 'okay' to reboot on stream (as in, 'it won't show anything?' not that is said those works.

He's not gonna let his own cat out of the bag. :)

No. 272845

Yeah dude, that was a horrible shit show and I couldn't keep track of it at all. I'm glad there's more anonymity again too.

No. 272855

happens to mobile users sometimes I think? i've never had an issue.

No. 272856

I think you're reading too much into that.
Cry is known for leaking his person ID/password/email shit.
Hell, he even had his zoom link showed earlier. Luckily he didn't need to use it for long.

No. 272857



well, my point was that he's still very interested in trying to keep his privacy, so it's unlikely that he's going to come out with a facecam or something.

To be honest, I feel like worrying about that being a possibility is a little silly, but I figured I'd do what I could to potentially make that someone feel a bit better.

That said, I"m not a big stream watcher – so I don't know about his numerous 'oopses' :)

No. 272859

I didn't why?

No. 272864


>To sage, you type 'sage' in the email field.

No. 272867

My bad

No. 272924

This whole thread from thread one til now was a shitshow so nothing different anonymity or not.

No. 272932

I think they meant people going off anon and not knowing the rules, how to sage, format. And bunch of new people joined in without reading previous threads.

No. 272936

I get it, though some of those people seemed like they just didn't understand and the result was a bit too harsh.

No. 272946

This is like, the first time Cry's mentioned Cheyenne in months.


No. 272954

Fuck that was annoying. There was some really blatant samefagging too last thread, especially with the 'cupcake' girl… even fucked up posting about herself in 3rd person with her name still on.

Can we have hellweek insta ban for using emojis unironically again? I feel like that's one of the most common/blatant signs of not understanding imageboard culture

No. 273141

>most common/blatant signs of not understanding imageboard culture
Is there a lolcow-specific term to label newfags? I'm basically only here cause e-celebs threads are constantly shat upon on 4chan, so I wouldn't know

No. 273187


>which is why lurking and understanding board culture is strongly recommended before posting
I think it was justified.

No. 273190

Yes, because he was talking about pizza and toppings. And the only people who cared enough in chat were some plebs trying to get chat to talk about Chey. Luckily it didn't work.

No. 273195

Honestly, I lurked for like 3 or 4 months before posting, and I didn't realize that 'imageboard culture' was a thing. My imageboard experience before this was pretty much limited this one fuckhead who thought it was "cute" to send me 4chan links of dead animals and dead people. …so, not much culture gained there– some vomit, though…

I'm kinda boggling– 4 months and I didn't realize emoticons were frowned on? What else have I missed… and have I missed it, or did it just not come up while I was watching quietly?

Unspoken rules are hard :(

No. 273205

File: 1489962315193.png (109.66 KB, 750x675, IMG_5490.PNG)

This goes to show how close Riskem is to the group, very little. He's been mostly talking to either girls or people with a giant following. I hope they stop inviting Riskem so he can't leech of the crew just like Sage. He may seem harmless but he's definitely trying to get his beak wet.

No. 273227

well, for starters it's basically about not doing things that make you stand out or make the website less convenient for other users.

So, the fact you haven't linked the post you're replying to is one thing that outs you as a massive newfag - imageboards are hard to read, your post is completely without context and instead of me clicking a link to follow the conversation, I have to manually look for the post number you're replying to.

Stop using ellipses like that as well. It's annoying.

>and have I missed it, or did it just not come up while I was watching quietly?

if you didn't get no emoticons, despite people being banned with the emoticon they posted as the ban reason (The red text -"This user was put out to pasture" usually) My advice is lurk harder, pay attention to what other users get banned and told to stfu for.

No. 273232

The last thread was the best out of all. I miss when this was super actively talking about what this thread was made for.

Agreed. I find Riskem pretty annoying. He doesn't really bring anything to the group (at least from what I've seen). Plus he kisses so much ass.

No. 273238


First: thanks!

Well, in that case, I was replying to the previous 4ish posts without directly responding to one of them in particular–to me, it's less annoying to reply a post that JUST happened without having the context link thingy. (plus, that happens all the time in this thread, at least: new info comes out, people state their opinions without directly replying to it, unless directly responding to what someone said. Better that than mentioning three or four vaguely related posts. But, noted! Thank you.

Ellipses, though… Sorry, I've been a denizen of internet land for 20 years. I managed to kill off the >(^.^)< super cutesey weeaboomojis, and the LOLZ IM SO RANDOM talk. Ellipses, though, they've just gotten easier as life crushed my soul. Insert ironic emoji here. I'll try, though. Old dog, new tricks, though.

> if you didn't get no emoticons, despite people being banned with the emoticon they posted as the ban reason (The red text -"This user was put out to pasture" usually) My advice is lurk harder, pay attention to what other users get banned and told to stfu for.

Thank you!

Though, not many people have been banned in the last couple Cry threads, though. Uh, there was someone who got slapped for blogging. There was someone who got slapped for challenging the Queen, and one or two others… but they were all really obvious, to me. Maybe it happens more often in other threads, but I mostly hang out here.

So I guess what I'm saying is… man, everyone here was so well behaved, I didn't have a good example of what not to do?

Since you're being helpful (thank you!) what is the stigmata against emoticons, though? I learned a long time ago that if I don't put them in my writing, everyone thinks I'm eternally pissed off and angry. Resting bitch hands, I guess?

No. 273254

NP anon. I generally dislike the jumping on newfags and banning them unless they're really annoying/disruptive. It's easier to give a few pointers and let them become a better member of the community, especially on small population boards like this.

>Since you're being helpful (thank you!) what is the stigmata against emoticons, though? I learned a long time ago that if I don't put them in my writing, everyone thinks I'm eternally pissed off and angry. Resting bitch hands, I guess?

Basically there's a general rule on 4chan that you have to type in proper English, and that your post should have substance to it. Emojis are pictures, right? It's against the pupose of an imageboard to use a textual representation of something you could post as an image. Which is why reaction images are a thing.

Certain emojis also date and place you on certain websites, and it kind of shows a lack of personal growth and maturity if you still use like, gaia or deviantart popular emojis as an adult. Or it indicates you're U18 if you use ones popular with the kids nowadays.

But yeah, I'd recommend exploring the rest of the lolcow site, and even have a look in on 4chan. There are far more boards than /b/ and /pol/, most users here come from /cgl/ (Cosplay and lolita)

No. 273333

take this to OT or something, this isn't the newfag tutorial thread ffs

No. 273492

File: 1489990558173.png (279.63 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1255.PNG)

Agreed, even though y'all are adorable bbs, take this to OT

But, aside from that, Jund and Cry were talking and wow. Even Cry's own fans seem to be fed up as well with his lack of content on the channel. Ouch

No. 273495

Sorry for same fagging but even in this tweet, his fans were pissed cause of the ad even though he wasn't paid for it

No. 273497

File: 1489990886886.png (328.86 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1256.PNG)


No. 273500


How dare he potentially (but not actually) make profit and help provide us game sales. The audacity of it.

No. 273596


Quit using this thread for off-topic conversation. Any further instances of newfaggotry will be banned and/or deleted to make this thread readable again.

If you're too new to understand what (for example) sage is, you're too new to post, period. Lurk and learn from context.

No. 273762

Cry is streaming now and mentioned how the money made in all the streams, even his personal ones, is "split 4 ways". So this can possibly confirm that Cheyenne isn't getting paid anymore, which is understandable given her absence these last few months. Especially since Russ, Snake, Cry, and Scott (most of the time) are around regularly during the streams.

No. 273765

I don't think she was ever getting paid…Am I wrong?

No. 273773

I believe that Cry was giving a portion of what he was making to her.

No. 273774

They had their contract to split it four ways before Cheyenne came, so she was just there to ruin people's times since she wasn't getting paid.

No. 273815

He was either splitting his portion with her or using the other half to pay for her internet bill. i remember she complained about not getting paid on stream.

No. 273834


Time for me to sound like a broken record: God, what a bitch. She was getting exposure and, unlike making free art for that guy with a SUPER COOL idea, exposure actually makes a fucking difference.

No. 273836

Agreed, she was also streaming her perspective of LNC for a looong time, so she was getting subs/donations off of that too.
I doubt the crew ever really viewed her as a full-blown member.

No. 273839


For the record, I do not know if this has been said anywhere, but Cry never saw her as a full-time member, not sure about the other members of the LNC.

No. 273849

Well, that's why she wasn't allowed to be in the twitchcon panels right?

No. 273850

File: 1490048892034.png (20.92 KB, 371x274, 05db435fe97e35da6279dd7e315957…)

So some kinda half-member? a member zombie?

I mean, she's listed over here… but…

also, hello again W! That actually IS something that I don't believe has been stated–interesting!

No. 273857

Not too sure, most likely. I've never really asked about the Twitchcon panels. For all I know it could just be because the last two have been thrown together so last minute.


From what I've heard from breaks on LNC, it sounds more like she forced her way onto Late Night most nights. She also had some sort of control over who was allowed on and who wasn't – probably the blackmail that was mentioned in thread 3. From that knowledge I can assume that she may have asked to be put on the crew list, though I'm not positive.

And to confirm >>273773 Cry was, in a sense, giving some of the money he made to Cheyenne. I don't know how much, and I don't know if it was every time they split the pay, but I have heard him mention that a couple times.

No. 273858

How close are you to Cry? Did he give you permission to share so much, since he knows about these threads?

No. 273861


Thanks – that seems about right. I hope she won't continue to extort money out of him. Though from what has been said about soul searching and decisions, I doubt this will be the case. but, tha'ts my guess. It'd also explain why she's suddenly started streaming so much. Gotta make them dollars

No. 273862

Close enough to talk to him semi-regularly, and enough to have been talked to about what's going on with him and Cheyenne. He knows some of the people has told have been on these threads, and has told us we can speak about it, but not to give any direct answers, at least not until he's talked about this himself. The information I have been giving is related to the topic, but out of respect for Cry and his trust, I will not go any further into their relationship. I can, however, still give some information regarding Late Night. If I feel something is too far into the inner workings of Late Night, or Cry's life, I will not address it.

No. 273867


>He knows some of the people has told have been on these threads, and has told us we can speak about it, but not to give any direct answers, at least not until he's talked about this himself.

Thank you and.. honestly, if you get a chance, thank him for us too. I feel like everyone here has been (mostly) a lot more mellow over the last couple days since you gave us the info that you did. I mean, it's a small and stupid thing, but I really appreciate the dude in general, and I know I was getting a little stressed out about the whole thing… even though it's so stupid get get stressed out about. So, I appreciate that he's letting us get some info ahead of time.

No. 273869

Do you know how the other members felt about her? You mentioned she had control over who was on, was that why Angel disappeared? Is Cry actually aware of how fucked Up Cheyenne is now, he defended all of her actions in the past.
Sorry for a bit of bombardment.

No. 273872

I believe I've addressed this in thread #3. And yes. Scott hated her, that's no secret. If it isn't apparent now, Russ didn't like her either. Snake is more neutral about problems like this, but even he leaned more towards disagreeing with her. And yes, she was the reason Angel disappeared, this was no secret either, she openly disagreed with Angel.

And the second part I have touched on in #4. >>272366

No. 273873

Part of the reason she did, I should say, not the full reason.

No. 273896

Do you know anything about the situation Involving Sage? It wasn't too clear what happened, just that there was a divide.

No. 273929


Sage and Jund? Sage and Angel? Sage and LNC?

No. 273938

Sage/Cheyenne vs Angel, or that situation that happened a few months ago. It seemed like the start of the end back then.

No. 273939


Ah alright, I'm curious too, what ya got W

No. 273963

Somebody tried to bring up the whole thing about Ocean on today's stream.

No. 273966

What went down?

No. 273971

They were posting what looked like saved conversations from 2014. Cry read one out, they posted a couple, and Simple banned them.
The name was cryxocean.
Really shitty though, whoever that was, and counts as cow tipping, I feel. Can we not be gross fucks?

No. 273975

Do you mind posting a clip of it and finding the message in the vod?

No. 273976

could you actually not do that? someone ratted my comp and took tons of my personal info/pictures/etc for the sole purpose of maliciously attacking me. Thanks <3

No. 273978

Why did you still have conversations?

No. 273979

Well that's a shitty person. And yeah that is cow tipping. Sorry that there's more than a few shitbags on here Ocean. Most of us, have just disregarded you from this whole thing at this point. The ones that dwell on it are just beating a dry cow.

No. 273980

Ocean isn't relevant in this. Ignore it.

No. 273982

was from years back on my old as fuck laptop. this kid has been holding stuff over me for years and I told him I was sick of his shit. Chat logs they've posted so far have been fake, but I know he prolly has something still.

No. 273983

That's really shitty, sorry that's happening to you. Hopefully they realize that no one cares what happened in 2014 and just leave you alone.

No. 273986

7:25 PM - Ocean: eyy
7:52 PM - Cryaotic: -Groans, leaning back and lazily pulling her on top of him-
7:52 PM - Cryaotic: C'mere cutie.
7:59 PM - Cryaotic is now Online.
8:00 PM - Ocean: -pecks his cheek and leans against him, snugglin nice and close- heyyy babe, whats up?
8:01 PM - Cryaotic: -Returns it, wrapping an arm around her form- Just exhausted~ Yourself?
8:02 PM - Ocean: -smiles- same, ive been up since about 8, just got done with some homework =/
8:04 PM - Ocean: and am currently poking at some soup that I made but dont really want.
8:09 PM - Cryaotic is now Online.
8:10 PM - Cryaotic: -Pulls closer, groaning tiredly once more- Nnnh.. let's just not do anythiiing.
8:11 PM - Ocean: -kisses his forehead, combing her fingers through his hair- I'm down. what're you workin on?
8:12 PM - Cryaotic: -Sinks his fingers into the hair at the back of her head, pulling her closer and pressing his lips to her cheek- Just trying to relax and not feel annoyed at video games~
8:14 PM - Ocean: -blushes and buries her face in his chest- Okami or something else?

7/29/14 10:21 PM - Cryaotic: You know, I’ve never actually commented. I would LOVE to eat you out. Don't need to fuck you, but to just hold your thighs and pull you up would be great~

No. 273989


This is off topic.

No. 273990

kill yourself faggot

No. 273991

Everyone needs to report this. It's really easy to fake this shit. Please.

No. 273992


i'll just come back on a VPN and post the actual screenshots

is that what you want?

No. 273993

this is even more fake than the skype chats from last thread, try harder.

No. 273995

The house of cards comes crumbling down.

No. 273996

Does anyone actually care if Ocean and Cry talked dirty to each other 3 years ago? Oh no!

No. 273997

Easy to fake those too. I'm not sure what you're trying to get out of this, but it's fucking stupid.

No. 273998

she was 15

No. 273999

No we actually prefer if you come back with something relevant.

No. 274002


doesn't even matter anymore

the seed is planted and you can't shake it

No. 274003

seed of… what? fake as shit chat logs?

No. 274005

Dude could you sound anymore like someone that used to kill small animals in their youth? Fuck off.

No. 274007

Nothing major happening in all this so some fags need to fake some OceanxCry chat logs to spice it up lol.

Fuck off out of here. Come back with something real that we'll give a fuck about.

No. 274008


it's better than fucking small animals and children which is what i'm certain cryaotic and his ilk love to do

No. 274099

You'll have it.

No. 274100

If its about Ocean then there is no point. its not relevant to this thread. This thread is about Cry and Chey.

No. 274103

Ocean, I'm so sorry this guy's being a dick to you. I'm proud of you saying that you won't let him blackmail you any more. I hope the fall out isn't too bad <3 Just remember that the person who probably cares about it most is YOU. most people are gonna ignore it. Good luck!


Seriously? For the same reason I have birthday cards from my mom, chat logs with old friends, and presents from old boyfriends. Some people like to hold on to memories.

I, personally, think it's weirder when people decide to delete or burn parts of their history. Keeping them does't mean you still feel or exist as you were at that time. Destroying it doesn't make it go away. You still lived it. There are a couple exceptions, but…

No. 274111

Cards are one thing, I just don't save every conversation I have with people, just seems a bit weird. Obviously some people do though!

No. 274112

As if you'd transcribe shit from actual screenshots, instead of just posting the screenshots.
You sat there and wrote out fanfic sexy talk to impress strangers online. SAD!

No. 274113


Well, Keep in mind that a LOT of chat programs will automatically save logs for you–Be it in a folder, or on the server or something. Skype, as I recall (Don't quote me on this) store ALL of your conversations in one chat file–so you take none of them, or take all of them. Some programs store it in shit named like 1305dsfds8s9fds.baz. In most of those circumstances, when you're getting ready to save your old files for a move to a new computer or a reformat or whateverthefuck, it's much easier just to grab the folder and not worry about who's log file you're grabbing and just get all of them.

Not to mention, as someone who has like 10 years of computer history in various folders, it's REALLY easy to save something that you think is neat, and end up completely forgetting you HAVE it, because it was in a folder named "old stuff" which ended up in another folder named "old files" which ended up in "Computer 2012" folder… etc.

In ways, it's kinda neat: if i dig deep enough, I can find my weeaboo shitty era where dozens of 300x300 pictures of two boys kissing because that shit was, once, hard to find.

So, in ways, it CAN be easier to save 'every convo ever' than it is to delete it.

But, one of the beautiful things in life is how different we all are. And weird.

No. 274358


W, by thread 3 they were already kind of lowkey, chey wasn't around much and he seemed very down in the dumps. So had he read the first and second threads? how did that even come about? word of mouth or he just became curious about a multi-part thread concerning him?

No. 274360

There's a possibility that tolo could've told him as well since he frequents lolcow and talks about it on streams.

No. 274361


maybe, cause W mentions he definitely read the 3rd thread but by then he was already really depressed, so the math didn't add up for me.

Also I was curious about what would drive him to read the thread. People usually try to stay away from forums/threads concerning themselves for their own sanity so for him to be nosy enough to take a peek and see a lot of stuff that apparently stuck with him, well I guess I'm wondering bout that

No. 274410

I don't think I could stay away from a thread that talked about me, even if it were bad. I would assume he skimmed the first 2, even.
I still think it's cool if these threads helped him move passed Cheyenne, though. Like the idea that we helped in some way, even if we were toxic sometimes, is really cool.
I hope he continues to improve because his mood seems really really good lately.

No. 274433

Because the 3rd thread has his main icon in it

No. 274437

The point of lolcow is to talk about cringy people not be cringy ourselves. Stop bringing up irrelevant shit.

No. 274469

We are talking about things that are relevant. Chill.

No. 274495

File: 1490135819892.png (289.36 KB, 1440x1132, Screenshot_2017-03-21-18-34-04…)

I guess this means Cry doesn't pay for her rent anymore

No. 274502

File: 1490136180048.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x322, 1438882327300.jpg)



"help my only financial source isn't around anymore so now I have to shill you with my shit personality so I can pay rent instead of getting a job"

No. 274506

Thought she still lived with her dad, what rent.
She has no personality to make twitch a main source of income.

No. 274524

File: 1490137665846.jpg (65.97 KB, 676x875, ^53573EDDB3267B7F3C78F1F2D8CBE…)

Hello, everyone! As demanded, the JSL has decided to release certain documents which fell into our possession. Ocean went into a brief damage control mode earlier from a few chatlogs, the claim being that they are fake.

They are not, this I hope can be proven with the coming information. Ocean is a smooth operator herself, she meticulously maintains logs and dirt on a great many people. This is a talent of hers that has backfired as it's one of the primary reasons we were able to recover these documents in the first place.

The first cache is of steam logs, copied by Ocean on a mobile device no less. Our analysts haven't been able to determine why exactly these were saved - perhaps a blackmail contingency situation?


These are in no particular order, but the dates, names, references and accounts can certainly be verified. We are willing to release the full text logs which are alleged to be faked as well if anyone is intrigued with those as well.

The conclusion here is clear, Cryaotic attempted to enter into a romantic and especially sexual relationship with one of his fans who at the time couldn't have been more than 15-16 years old. Ocean, smitten with him at the time has naturally come to her senses yet hopes to keep this all under wraps hence her increased activity here even going so far as to post openly under her alias at times.

A second cache of images will be released in the future, this time featuring further direct information and contact with a man calling himself 'Ryan Terry' whom I'm sure you all can extrapolate who that is.

Thank you for the time, if anyone wishes to speak with us directly you may contact one of our public relations personnel on Skype working under the following alias:


No. 274527


what's the statute of limitations on statutory rape or sexual indecency with a minor? 7 years?

should have stayed low, cryaotic.

the wolves are now at your doorstep.

No. 274528

LOOOL. Who gives a fuck, we've moved on past whatever drama there was between them. It took you almost 24 hours to post easily faked screenshots, no one gives a shit

No. 274529

also where's that faggot simple at?

i'm going to fuck him in the ass.

No. 274530

Greetings, Ocean!

It's a bad defense to claim these are photoshopped, even the most rudimentary of inquiry can prove that claim wrong.

No. 274531


Sure, no one will give a shit.

At least not until we get the police involved.

No. 274534

Even if these are real, doesn't statutory rape mean they actually had sex and not just said naughty words? None of us are lawyers, can anything even come from something like random screenshots?
I kinda doubt it, honestly.

No. 274536


We plan on working with what we have.

No. 274537

And that alone should work just fine.

Keep watch.

No. 274541

Just posting for posterity and clarity in case some of you life-challenged mongoloids can't suss it out for yourselves:

Cryaotic is a sexual predator and he will go down in flames.

No. 274542


why do I feel like this is Chey getting her wrath on after the breakup lmao

No. 274543


Hi, Ocean!

No. 274544

Yep. This is has to be a revenge thing. This is a thread about Cry and Chey. Not about Cry and his past. Take your torches elsewhere.

No. 274545

Cheyenne is streaming right now. But maybe her goons like Sage or DeadPanda are helping her out.

No. 274546


nope try again

if I was Ocean I sure as hell wouldn't show my face here

No. 274547

We claim no allegiance with Chey, also known as the only human link we have to Shrek still alive on the Earth.

In fact, she may be represented fully in other future information acquired.

No. 274548

I don't understand why some random person cares so much in attempts to bring Cry down.
Like, are they willing to go to court too over it? Provide testimony? I have no idea of the legality of this stuff, honestly.

This seems like it was out of no where, what spurred this?

No. 274550


This is where you're wrong.
This is about Cryaotic's future.
One that we plan on making as unlivable as possible.

No. 274552

Jesus Christ, are we REALLY doing this again?

The last 5 threads have been:

"Cheyenne's a bitch!"
"Ocean doesn't matter for all of these reasons"
"Oh right, well, Cheyenne's a bitch"
"Ocean doesn't matter!"

Over and over again and it's seriously getting boring.The only people who care are the peopel with some sort of GASPU mysterious vendetta against Cry and/or Ocean.

No. 274553

you can destroy someone out of court quite easily.
all you need is the right audience.

No. 274554

It's like the Taylor and Venus threads. We just go full circle over and over again.

No. 274555

You do realize that by doing that, you'd have to come out of anon and show your face to world, right?

No. 274556


it would probs take years to lawyer up but seconds to spread this around on the internet and smear him

like honestly I don't give a shit about ocean and what she did/didn't do with cry, but that's just me

I do find it hilarious that when it seems like Chey is breaking off from Cry suddenly there is a smear campaign against him

No. 274557

This is off topic, but: FUCKING REALLY


No. 274558

No. 274559


yoo can you get some other pedos we have threads about? thanks

No. 274560

definitely more on topic than the current discussion, lol

No. 274561

Are they actually broken up now or is this just more speculation?

No. 274562

Look at that clip. They aren't, according to Cheyenne.

No. 274563

All we have is people who are saying something is going on that most of us want. and Simple kind of confirming it

No. 274564


apart from what the sources said on the previous threads, I find the rent comment telling

Chey has streamed for a while now but not once has she ever asked for "rent money" in that sense, she's always streamed alongside Cry or done it solo as a side thing

No. 274566

I just think she's hiding the fact they're broken up. They haven't announced anything yet.

No. 274567

No. 274571


Inshallah, all these and more will be accomplished.

Again, the grotesque monstrosity known as 'Cheyenne' whilst externally reprehensible was at least not a child when being courted by Cry. Pedophiles frequently replicate the same behavior even after imprisonment, who knows what poor child fan is currently under his 'lens' so to speak?

No. 274574

Look, as interesting as it seems for you to post shit regarding Cry and Ocean. Do it somewhere else. Let us finally come to the pleasurable feeling of Cheyenne finally leaving Cry (or vise versa) because that seems to be have been the ultimate focus in these threads. Tbh this sounds like some sort of Vendetta
"Whoa, lmao we caught you bitch for going after a minor and now we'll destroy your future and life because fuck you." Where the fuck were you when all this ocean talk happened-? Now that we get the insight that perhaps both of them have broken up, you come in here and bring this. RIGHT AFTER we got over ocean. Unless Cheyenne is somehow connected to all of this or even the ring leader, there's no need to bring this here. If you really want to expose Cry, go to Tumblr or YouTube.
I'm really salty over this because we've finally got over her and now we have this-
Sage for being a salty newfag. Sorry

No. 274575



hey faggot

kill yourself

No. 274578


As delicious as it is you wish to persist in defending a pedophile, I'd say this is quite the evidence people have wanted.

The issues between Cry and Chey all stem from the Ocean factor, the logs themselves have him directly confirming this.

No. 274580

Hey, Clit Torres here, just wanted to drop by and say inshallah. Long live the JSL.

No. 274582

File: 1490139731715.jpg (112.44 KB, 584x581, 1483350881598.jpg)

pedophiles BTFO


No. 274584

Like I said, I was being salty because we got over ocean but now you bring this up. Is there a reason why you didn't show it earlier-?

No. 274588


Not your personal army

No. 274589


Because we are the JSL.

No. 274590

We frankly don't give a shit about this shitty streamfag fanfic-swap 4chan-lite loserfest or any of its concomitant intrigue about gay shit that only the mentally infirm, autistic, and socially depraved would regularly indulge.

We're just here to have some fun.

No. 274591


Nah, I'm with you, Salty-bro.

Whoever these guys are, they're not here to help, and they're probably saltier than we are. I mean. Goatse? How nostalgic. I haven't seen that shit since 2000.

plus, I'd like to remind everyone that screenshots can be faked, and that even if they aren't faked, they may well be taken out of context to boot.


What's Japanese Sign Language got to do with any of this shit? I mean, I support people learning sign language in general, but it's a bit moot online, don't you think?

No. 274592

I was just curious,Anon.

No. 274603



The second cache, we will follow up with a third as things develop. I can't see how it's possible to defend him at this juncture.

No. 274604


these were awful wtf dude. so many duplicates.

No. 274607


The original images were taken by Ocean herself, it seems she scrolled to get the full 'breadth' of the conversations in their entire context.

No. 274611

But exactly what I was trying to say

Considering the fact that Cry is less important then some other Cows we have on here, the Japanese sign language surely seems to have a huge hate boner for him. I understand this is milky and what not but all of this happened so suddenly
So why?

So many duplicates lmao
I can't even make out half of the things "Ryan" is saying.

I don't defend pedophiles or sexual predators but I don't trust either sides until there's actual proof that's actually organized.

No. 274614


Any way of genuinely confirming dates on these? Because all I see are times, which could easily have come from anyone. So whilst the screenshots may be "real", the content in them could easily be others pretending to be them?

I might have a look at see what the metadata says but seems easily faked currently

No. 274615



I can't believe it!

"you're a close friend and I care about you"!

That is APPALLING! Appalling, I tell you!

…So, what I gained from this is that autocorrect is a bitch when you're drunk.

Otherwise, reminds me of some conversations I've had with some depressed friends. Friends I don't fuck or flirt with.


Meta data is also fakeable, keep in mind.

No. 274619


Again, these images were taken directly from Ocean and her numerous accounts, she had them saved for whatever reason we are just disclosing what was found for the public to dissemination and draw their own conclusions from.

Believe what you want, but it's pretty clear there was a romantic relationship that had to be shut down due to Cheyennes direct intervention.

No. 274620

Whilst it's true metadata is fakeable, it's at least some idea more than they're giving us on the actual dates of these messages. Messages sent at 9.35pm? 9.35pm when? What date? I could text any friend at 9.35 today and claim they screenshot is from last month or whenever because it won't show the date. File names also don't tend to help because once on a PC those are just as easily edited.

No. 274621

What I'm interested in is what do you mean by
"As things develop" develop in what way?
Or do you mean like in an hour when people begin to not believe you

Like in your first post
" A second cache of images will be released in the future, this time featuring further direct information and contact with a man calling himself 'Ryan Terry' whom I'm sure you all can extrapolate who that is."

"//in the future//"

All I'm seeing is you guys grasping at straws now, trying to keep our attention before we begin to not believe you or ignore you

No. 274622

Can we also talk about how Cheyenne said she's going to be on Wind Down Hour on Cry's channel?

No. 274624

Avoidance, not answering what was asked. Can you confirm dates for the screenshots or not?

I could just as easily claim I'm the Pope, and without any real discernible evidence otherwise, you wouldn't know whether I was lying or not (It's a hyperbolic example, but the point still stands).

Where's your proof the images were taken directly from Ocean? Proof that you aren't faking it for some vendetta. Why post it on here instead of going to the police? If anything, you've damaged your case by posting it online BEFORE going to the police.

No. 274625


if she is I hope it's to announce her departure cause if it's not imma be very very salty

No. 274626


No we cannot, you stupid faggot

Kill yourself

No. 274627


Your attentions are irrelevant, other channels are being explored as we speak. You're absolutely free to keep your head in the sand, we can't stop you nor would we have an interest in doing so.

This is just a disclosure of information.

No. 274629


Nothing has been avoided, naturally the only person who can verify the dates via first person analysis is Ocean or Cry themselves.

Obviously this isn't going to happen as that would incriminate them.

Use your brain, superfan.

No. 274631


it's not hard to believe tbh,

easy pussy is hard to turn down

No. 274633


I don't think it's too significant.

From what I've gathered by what's been said there, their parting is relatively amicable, so they're probably still going to be friendly-like. I don't care if she makes an OCCASIONAL appearance here or there–and winddown hour is a lot different than "the whole stream" y'know?

as for the salty fucks in here: I'm just gonna ignore them. they're just here to try and cause trouble. I'ts been a while since I've seen such blatent Trolling

No. 274635


I'm going to find you.

No. 274638

She also said that Couples Therapy hasn't happened because Cry is "stupid busy lately".

No. 274649

Good news, everyone!

I promised that more would be divulged on the allegedly 'fake' chat logs produced yesterday, here it is.

We managed to finally get one of our prime sources to release via gyazo a direct correspondence he had with Ocean herself regarding all this business.


This raises a few questions, the least of which is why Ocean is keeping these logs in the first place. I invite everyone to investigate that gmail account to verify it, those who are close to Ocean know it's the real deal.

No. 274651


Well, if they're keeping the break up on the downlow until they're ready to announce it, then it'd make sense to fib about it right now.

No. 274653

"pradesh69@gmail.com", huh?

That certainly isn't Ocean's email.

No. 274656


not sure if trolling

but ocean's email is the atlantic ocean one that emailed to pradesh with the docs on the screenshot

No. 274658


that's the receiving e-mail genius.

No. 274659

No. 274660

Just ignore it. Even if they are real, Ocean is old news.
Hasn't she done this before lately too? Like, she says things are going to happen and it never does and she just comes up with an excuse for missing.

No. 274661

File: 1490144085455.png (8.31 KB, 452x132, a0061841ac1c9f2ec2197734c339be…)

Just to mention, it is crazy easy to change text on a webpage for a screenshot.

No. 274664

I figured as much, I was just pointing out the email in the tab, which I assume belongs to their 'source'.

But >>274661 makes an excellent point.

There's no way to prove any of these claims, if they cared so much about getting Cry in trouble they should have taken it to the police and then posted it here after the police OKed it. Since it's not likely to actually reach as much of his fanbase from here, won't do nearly as much damage to his rep as a genuine police investigation would.

Just a thought though.

No. 274666


We're open to any method of authentication you'd like. It's true one can edit pure text, but why are those files themselves unmodified since the exact date of that email?

No. 274670


it's worth checking out though, regardless (also the imgur links in the chats)

No. 274685

File: 1490145493536.png (16.72 KB, 996x387, 66b5f5a3a84459596608a31990e78a…)

To make a bit of additional point.

Coulda changed the user pictures too, but I honestly couldn't be bothered to grab a tiny cry-icon.


Whatever, that fucking weird picture he uses that gives me the heebie jeebies.

No. 274689

You make the "incriminating " files a long time ago and then edit the text on the webpage to show the "email" having been "received" on the same day as you created the files?
It may be a reach but the fact it's technically possible means it can't entirely be ruled out. Might need a lot of foresight but it's still possible.

No. 274690


You forgot the google+ features, such as adding to circle and direct links.

We're open to any method of authentication you'd like us to pursue.

Again, draw your own conclusions. We don't want to dictate how you should think, this is just a disclosure of information.

No. 274692

File: 1490145971849.jpeg (86.91 KB, 768x568, image.jpeg)

Or maybe with the following methods (1/2)

No. 274693

File: 1490145998060.jpeg (56.96 KB, 768x471, image.jpeg)


No. 274694


I did. But those are adjustable as well. I just honestly can't be bothered right now. My face fucking hurts from the tender loving care of my dentist.

Anyway: I'm not saying that this guy's info is false. Just there's a lot of stuff that is pretty easy to fake if you've got the know-how. … even the old addage of "pics, or it didn't happen" can't be trusted these days :)

Think for yourselves, people. Thank you for sharing information with us–even if I think some of the people who are part of your party in this thread are not particularly professional.

No. 274707

Anyway, so about Cheyenne being on Wind Down Hour. You think they are gonna announce their split or her not being on Late Night anymore on there?

No. 274711

She's full of fat lies, so there's no point of getting spooked.

No. 274714

I know where we are, but this thread has become especially pathetic in the past 24 hours.

No. 274717


Hmmm… I doubt it–wind down hour is more of a Youtube thing, and she's only had a few appearances on his channel (if any)… but it might be something they do shortly before/after, in a … "yeah, we're still friends, see?" kinda move.

No. 274722

Lmao. So that just proves Russ does not want anything to do with her anymore.

No. 274730

I really haven't even watched Late Night since about a year after Cheyenne became a regular member.
Even when she isn't there she has forever tainted the show.

No. 274743

Agreed. Plus I wish her fans would stop asking why she isn't on late night.

No. 274908

Damn you beat me

No. 274909

File: 1490162942191.png (86.29 KB, 608x707, talked-.png)

I forgot to edit something out.

No. 274910

Don't say anything.

No. 274925

I think the last several tiems that have tweet-interacted, it has typically been Cheyenne replying to something Cry's said. Which is a bit of a statement in and of itself.

No. 275008

What the fuck happened here, I turned my back for 6 seconds and it went from a page of people bitching about cheyenne and crys relationship to some kinda sting operation with more bullshit than a Spanish bullfighting ring. K.

No. 275011

Welcome to Lolcow.

No. 275030

wtf, is he going the Arin route?

No. 275053

From gamegrumps?

No. 275072

At least Wendy's is worth it. I'd Tattoo that on my body.

No. 275108


This thread might turn into a shitshow like the last one.

No. 275143

His wind-down series are on wednesdays, right?

No. 275184


They were posted on….

1 - Feb 21 - Tuesday
2 - Mar 1 - Wednesday
3 - Mar 8 - Wednesday
4 - Mar 17 - Friday

So, it's been more on wednesday than on other days.

However, he's also already posted a video today.

(I don't know if he's commented directly on the date in any of the videos yet.

No. 275205

Was there anything of interest in Cheys stream last night?

No. 275211

He had said in a editing stream that he wanted wind down to be posted on Thursdays

No. 275225

Nothing much other than the two clips that were posted. Which Cheyenne said she was going to be on a wind down hour with Cry. And then someone asked if she felt like a third wheel when she, russ, and cry hang out. And apparently they all don't hang out anymore.

No. 275278

Wait, Cheyenne's going to be on a wind down hour..? What the fuck.

No. 275281

She also said that she was going to be back on late night. That still hasn't happened. And Cry hasn't tweeted anything about her joining him for wind down like he has with the last few, so maybe we're fine?

No. 275282

Delete your name field, yo.

No. 275291

They can keep it if they want to?

No. 275307

Did you not read the rules / read a bit further up in the thread? No namefagging.

No. 275312

I was just about to say this lol god damn these people are new as fuck.

Lurk until you get familiar with the place.

No. 275316

Jesus, you're all freaking out about a fucking name. It's whatever. I don't care if they keep it or not. It's not important.

Anyone got anything new or are we still sitting ducks?

No. 275320

It's okay to be wrong, anon. The world ain't ending, don't be mad.

As always, we're sitting ducks. Ain't shit happen yet.

No. 275321

Kinda worried about the screenshots posted on imgur earlier. Obviously, they can be edited - but we all established that we just wanted Cry to be okay in the last thread, but then this shit comes up?
The last thing that I want for him is for his future to be ''unlivable as possible''.

No. 275342

Starting to doubt the screenshots are fake which worries me tbh. I opened the .rar file they dumped and it's a few word docs that have Ocean and Cry's conversation, and there's a few imgur links in there that she sends him that you can paste into your browser and they'll take you to pictures of Ocean or a drawing she did for him and they're dated back to 2014, so either someone's been planting those for years/they're her's but the context was edited or Cry really did have those cringey sexual conversations with a minor. He never gets explicit with her but still, doesn't look good.

No. 275347

>>275342 How do we get a hold of these documents? Do we email the person who posted it or?

No. 275358

At this point i don't think the info matters, real or fake. If there was going to be any sort of investigation, the fact that these were all posted like this nullifies them, I believe. Its so easy to edit anything of this sort anyways, and it would be over three years old at this point.

No. 275360

They are fake. Don't worry about it, alright? I think we should just focus on when that new video of crys is gonna be up. Because if we start to believe those asshole who came in here, then that's giving them what they want: Attention. And I definitely don't want to give them that.

No. 275370

Exactly. The only person in this situation who could take any sort of legal action at this point would be Ocean herself, and typed sexy talk from 3 years ago doesn't mean really anything,

No. 275380

The issue though, is that regardless if it's real or fake this kind of stuff can be VERY damaging reputation wise depending on what gets spread around and how many people find out about it. I think there are very legitimate reasons to be concerned. I'm taking things with a grain of salt but I hope Cry is at least aware of what's going on here.

No. 275391

I just read everything (just for the sake of knowing what it all was, regardless of how painfully fake it looked) and it's probably the worst thing to have graced my eyeballs this year. Could not cringe any harder.

Anyway, >>275380 is most absolutely right. Poor guy's gonna get fucked in the ass over some pointless and irrelevant shit, all because edgelord mcgee over here wants to set shit on fire.
If any of the people that actually talk to him are here, could you maybe give him a heads up?

No. 275393

I don't think it would be that bad, to be honest. When that girl came forward saying that Toby Turner raped her and provided REAL evidence, it really wasn't that big of a deal. Some easily faked chat logs aren't anything in the way of proof.

No. 275394

Saging because this is technically off topic, but…

In the state of Florida, what would the penalty be for a 28 year old who is sexting a 17 year old if there were no pictures involved only texts?
In the state of Florida, it is not considered sexting if there are no photos involved. The law has been changed recently regarding sexting. At one time it was considered a felony, but now it is considered non-criminal for the teen involved. The penalty for the teen would more than likely be community service of it was his/her first offense. The 28 year old could be charged with a felony if there are photos involved. If there are no photos involved, then it could be charged as a different sex crime, such as enticing a minor.

No. 275395

Not the same ages, but ya get the idea

No. 275410

True but to be honest I dont really think legal repercussions are as likely at this point because of the lack of proof that's incriminating like pictures sent back and forth. If anything what's worse is if this gets spread around to the point where media finds it interesting enough to pick up, even if it's a small news article. Those jackholes might be faking but it certainly wont matter if enough people take interest and dont care to question it.

No. 275411

Then we need to stop talking about it. It came up right when Cheyenne started moving further and further from the spotlight, so if anything it's one of her goons trying to attention grab. Lets move back to relevant discussions.

No. 275533


Just want to repeat, it's very, very easy to manipulate files to look legitimate. I have a computer that I keep around just to play ancient video games. The time on it is literally whatever I set it to be. Plus there are a lot of ways to manipulate file data to make it look older.

Literally any evidence CAN be faked. I'm not saying it IS fake, but it COULD easily be faked.

So please don't trust any files too quickly just because they "look real"…

On that note, please also be wary of any external links – you never know when someone might put in a virus or some crap. Don't think there were any in that file posted earlier, but just be wary.

No. 275648

may i ask how the ocean thing came up? I mean, how did the fanbase has knowledge of her existence and the thing with cry. i dont want to make this topic alive again, I just was reading the alleged conversation and had this doubt. (i also thought that that's looking fake af. i mean, it doesnt even sound like cry. he doesnt write like that idk)

No. 275652

Ok newfags, if you reply does not have any relevancy to chey or OT then fucking sage because you're bumping the thread with no fucking milk to spill.

Go to /rules, and check the previous threads >>275648 .

If you newfags can't handle simple img board rules then go back to PULL or discord rooms cause holy shit the amount of newfags merging in without learning and getting offended when they're being corrected is too high. This is not your fucking safe bubble.

No. 275656

Can we just stop with this Ocean bullshit?
Now that people are less suspicious of it being fake, it's just going to lead to more stupid shit from the super secret agent man ITT trying to impress strangers online.

No. 275685

link please

No. 275687

did they delete what they said or am i going crazy?

No. 275689

Yup, it's been happening a lot lately.

No. 275713

Sorry, I deleted it in order to repost with the link, then my modem died.

No. 275720


It's already been addressed countless times, but good fucking god, Cheyenne is an ugly beast. Cry has abysmal tastes

No. 275733

I know she's not crazy hot or anything, but that is a bad picture.
I think her looks are kind of over exaggerated by people who don't like her.
I don't like her either, but whatever.

No. 275735

also this is like fetus Cheyenne. I don't like her either, but i agree it's just a bad picture. She can be pretty, but her horrible personality just makes everything about her uggo.

No. 275743

Where has she ever looked pretty? Like actually attractive.
She has always looked fat and hideous in every picture I've seen.

No. 275754

Cry has always said he goes for personality over looks. She has an awful personality, though, so I'm not sure what he sees in her at all.

No. 275785

Speaking as the anon you replied to and someone who literally skimmed through all these threads in the space of a couple hours and has had no previous input (so I didn't even know of the cow's existence till today) - can confirm she is pretty damn ugly, both physical appearance and overall personality-wise, and it's not due to any personal vendetta influencing my opinion.

No. 275786

this, exactly. These anons defending her overall 2/10 appearance are probably equally ugly lolcows

No. 275791

Aka deadpanda and son of liberty.

No. 275801

I wasn't defending her at all. She's uggo inside and out.

No. 275811

So no Chey wind-down hour this week. Which means Cry records in advance (being a long time viewer, I doubt Cry thought that far ahead) or Chey just lied about it. I'm going with the latter.

No. 275828

I hope you're right. I'm glad it was Ken instead of Chey. I'm also a long time viewer and I don't remember Cry ever recording so far ahead. But who knows.

No. 275830

Cheyenne didn't really specify when she'd do it, I think? Unless I heard her wrong.

No. 275835

I watched the video clip again and she said "we're going to be doing a wind down hour, spoiler alert." So maybe it means they are planning on filming one. Ugh.

No. 275893

I guess that could mean 'eventually' but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she just made it up to stay relevant with cry stuff.
Though, I also wouldn't be surprised if she forced him to do one now and threw on a little more blackmail.

Edit: I'm an idiot and used the wrong 'threw'

No. 275977

Why is chey following magnta on twitter? I thought she hated that mod, especially female mods

No. 275979

Keep your friends close and enemies closer

No. 276013

probably because she's an insecure fat ho and has to stalk all of the people she hates online to validate her worthless existence eh

No. 276024

i remember on one of her streams, that she said she had at least half of the people she followed on mute. she probably just followed magnta to make herself look better.

No. 276051

I don't know if it's just because I hate her or everything she says really does just sound super fucking bitchy.

No. 276068

Nah, even when I didn't mind her she still sounded bitchy. That's just her default setting

No. 276071

Yeah, when Cry accidentally showed Magnta's megaman nsfw art, Chey said something like "Can we unmod Magnta now? My dream finally come true."

No. 276118

A friend of Magnta's told me that Cry would have to block her whenever Cheyenne would come visit her. (For obvious reasons, I won't say who it is since they're not directly involved with lolcow)

No. 276188

I remember that. Magnta was even there, laughing at it all until Cheyenne said that.

No. 276228

In Cry's wind down hour video with Ken today, they started talking about the game, Catherine, and cry mentions how he thinks Katherine was a bit "bitchy" but he said he likes girls like that hmmm…

No. 276274

I feel like there's a difference between the bitchyness Cry likes, and Cheyennes bitchyness.

No. 276313

Yea, there's the attitude, playful but still cares about their SO type, and there's Chey type: abusive, downplay SO's achievements and doesn't give a fuck about other people's opinions. She can't give an ounce of care if it's not Chey-related.

God, ever since watching LNC around 2011 up until now, I have never felt this disgusted at someone I don't even know.

No. 276316

block her on Snapchat*

No. 276336

File: 1490345335441.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2251.PNG)

umm excuse me

No. 276338

hahaha pathetic

No. 276339

I'm fucking crying, this is just perfect

No. 276407

File: 1490364774552.png (58.3 KB, 747x461, IMG_5563.PNG)

Jund and Jen move in together… already….

No. 276409


Jen (barely been dating again) gets Disneyland + more for her birthday and Sage (dates for a year+ ) gets a shitty computer for her birthday. It really puts thing in perspective.

No. 276411

Her computer was shitty? lol

No. 276412

As a Floridian, disney really isn't that expensive. They have a 3 day park hopper deal for like 170$ per person right now.

No. 276416

For real, they're already In Florida. It's not like he took her across the country for An amazing Disney getaway. It was a couple days at Epcot, lol.

No. 276417

Its even less, actually. 139 for 3 days, 159 for 4. Plus hotels off grounds can be less than 150 a night for a decent one. Really not that much, but I understand what you're saying.

No. 276419

I mean I don't get what they're saying. Unless It's Sage, complaining and not moved on. They seem happy and just took a few days in a theme park not too far away from where they live.

No. 276420

If money was a super big issue for them I could see where they're coming from, I mean. Clearly his relationship with Sage didn't mean that much to him, but Jen does.

No. 276422

She could have just never asked to go… And Jen did? A computer could be comparatively more expensive. I don't think money has ever been an issue.
Just sounds like jealousy, Which Sage is really known for.

No. 276529


Hi Sage!
Werent you the one who left him tho? Why do you still care so much?

No. 276567

She's probably trying desperately to stay relevant. I don't know why she would come here, though. I don't think anyone here is going to be like "poor Sage!" especially over 'he got me a computer, but he took his new girlfriend to Disney world! Puts things in perspective!"
When it doesn't. At all. I don't Remember Sage getting a computer, I didn't follow her that closely, but I doubt she was like "ugh Jund just got me a computer, how shitty, should have taken me to Disney world."
A computer isn't a shitty gift? So I think It's Sage choosing the wrong place to be petty and jealous. Open up a tumblr, Sage.

No. 276568

I'm not Sage and thought I'd point out how much more he cares about Jen then Sage because it's hilarious

No. 276578

Also recall that financial situations can change as well as individual situations.

If Sage's old computer was even crappier, then a new computer would be 'worth' more than a trip to Disney.

Also,the only reference we have as to the quality of the computer is anon saying "shitty"… and we don't know if anon meant "this computer is of poor quality and is substandard" or "I don't value a computer, so I think a computer is a shitty gift"

Because, a good computer could cost quite a bit y'know? and I don't know if sage is a streamer or a gamer or whatever, but…. a computer could have been valuable for her.

If not as flashy or flambouyant as a trip to disney.

Plus, different people value things differently: I'd love a trip to disney. my best friend wouldn't. Too loud, too many people, too hot, too much line, too much money. She'd rather have something concrete that will still be there in a few months, as opposed to a set of memories. (which sounds cold, I know, but offer her a trip to, like, that harry potter fake school in sweden or whatever and she'd be all over it. Different value.)

No. 276587

File: 1490389980326.png (454.3 KB, 1440x1958, Screenshot_2017-03-24-17-11-05…)

It's always her tweeting at him. Omg she's so annoying…

No. 276593

Penises are important and all, but IF I were to comment on my SOs body parts to not lose, I'd mention brain as well. She's a try hard.

No. 276595

File: 1490390896735.png (325.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170324-172703.png)

His reply doesn't bode well for the breakup hopes.

No. 276596

She always has to point out that she has sex with him. It's so annoying and it's like she's making sure that everyone knows she's with him. Like, chill bitch. We know.

No. 276610

that reminds me of that fight she and Jund had back when he had a backbone about her constantly mentioning she has sex with Cry, good times. I miss salty Jund.

No. 276634

So they are together still. So much for hoping that Cry finally saw what she is.

No. 276637

They're keeping up appearances. They have an agreement.

No. 276644

Any details?

No. 276647

Probably just that she promises to not be a psycho bitch and expose blackmail on him if he just pretends he's still with her.

No. 276660

Don't forget all the stuff W and Simple have confirmed for us just because Cheyenne requires Cry to pretend.

No. 276679

If this agreement is to keep up appearances so that the try hard doesn't spill his identity, couldn't that TRULY be considered blackmail. Like, lawyer up blackmail?

No. 276701

It could, but he might be worried that as soon as she heard he lawyer-ed up, she could just post a picture/video of him or something else blackmaily like that.

No. 276728


(maybe a few others too, IDK)

You guys just relax. Think about it.

If we accept that they are going to beak up as fact, this is just Cheyenne, being Cheyenne, and basically being awkward as fuck by posting things that he's REQUIRED to reply to, with a somewhat 'coupleish' response.

They're not being pushed together, if anything, that move of hers is cringy as hell, and just reflect badly on her now, and even more so after they finally do publically break up.

And look at his reply? It's seriously kinda hands off. Like, awkward laughter "ahahaha.. yeah." He's using self-degrading humor, and basically saying "no worries" .. versus a more "couplish" answer like… "Don't worry, babe, you're the only one I'd sell it to." or "how much are willing to pay for it?" or something flirty like that. Instead, he's calling it an "old thing" (disconnecting it from himself, and making it 'unimportant'), suggesting that it's not worth much–he's not getting much use out of it, etc.

It's playful, of course, because it's Cry, but he's not being intimate with his reply. Just saying, in a way "yeah, but it's not worth selling." … not "I like it too much" or "but I enjoy it" .. just "it's worthless. No one wants it" or even "it's worthless, it just causes trouble."

And even though he IS being playful the type of humor says a lot.

With everything else we know, this is not the response of a man speaking to his girlfriend.

No. 276730

I completely concur.

No. 276738

Cheyenne makes me want to vomit uggh. She's so needy and egotistical. The shit she does like pointing out that she has sex with cry all the time is so pathetic. And her bios are like "Cry's number one fan" and "I slept with a youtuber and all i got was this stupid blog." She's so lame omg.

Honestly What the hell, why does Chey have no sense of individuality? Why does she want everyone to know that she's associated with Cry? It's like she wants people to say things like:

"Oh you know Cheyenne Avila?"
"Who? you mean Cryaotic's girlfriend?"

or when they break up:

"You know that streamer cheyennecat?"
"That girl who dated Cryaotic? Haha yea he dumped her now she's irrelevant."

There's no individualism. It's as if she's this object that Cry possesses and once he finally gets rid of her no one would care about her anymore, she's unimportant. Cheyenne is essentially asking everyone to know her as Cryaotic's girlfriend and that's it. Nothing else.

No. 276745

I guess she knows that's all she can do. If she's that much of an attention whore, then Cry is literally the only way she stays relevant. She doesn't have the personality to keep a big enough number of fans to support herself only by streaming and she probably knows that so she clings onto Cry's fame to mooch off of what he has. Even she has to know that he is the only reason why she has "fans" to begin with. She could've never gotten a following by herself and she'll probably lose what she has now when Cry eventually leaves her. It's honestly pathetic.

No. 276750

It's honestly so pathetic. I wish they would announce their breakup once and for all.

No. 276760

I'm still pissed off she got a subscribe button before Russ who had been working and streaming longer than her

No. 276774

Some of you are sounding like paranoid cows. Cheyenne deserves to be brought down, no doubt about that. But some of you are coming with with such tinfoily plots rather than chilling and letting the milk come to you.

She's holding something over his head but damn it's most likely not as deep as "He's forced to talk to her in public to make them seem like they're together or she'll release info." Cry seems like the easiest type to guilt trip. She could just be doing that to him.

Just be patient. They'll break up, it's inevitable. No need for the X-Files paranoia.

No. 276786

I get what you're saying about not being paranoid, but we know she's had some sort of blackmail going on in the past because of Coyote/others confirming. That might not be happening now, but it makes sense that he'd be scared she'd release something.

No. 276819

I mentioned that she was holding something over his head, anon. I just don't believe it's as deep as some of the anons here think.

No. 276833

As much as I love Russ maybe a little more than Cry, his stream schedules aren't as consistent as Chey back then, nor are they now, (solo streams, bs-couple-therapy, wow, LNC her pov kek, and people were more likely to watch her because Cry might be there).
Besides the schedule thing, it is also about which twitch staff/admin watches your stream since it can really boost your chances of getting that button.
Cry's connections/viewers helps a lot in a way.

No. 276852

Also, I believe you have to request the partnership.
Like, you could regularly be hitting 300 viewers, but unless you apply to get a sub button, you won't get them. It's possible that Cheyenne spammed requests, while Russ occasionally asked for them.

No. 276900

Russ also stood on his own more. She And Jund hosted themselves every time they streamed. I don't remember Russ ever doing that.

No. 276925


LUL. Also can she stop liking games that I like? Thanks.

No. 276957

That's disgusting.
She wouldn't even feel bad if someone were to actually do it.
Truly a psychopath

No. 276996


Nah, the problem is, she probably wouldn't feel grateful for it.

There was a moment in.. ugh, some recent stream… Cry was griping about people 'wasting their money' on him and someone (russ? I'm not good at crew peoples.. also, memory) scolded Cry about it. Why? Because it's being rude to the people who have decided that Cry's worth their money. Because it's telling them that they don't know what they should spend their money on, that it's telling them that Cry knows better.

It was very striking to me, because it's very similar to something all little artists should know: When someone compliments your art, accept it, because if you turn around and tell them "no, that piece sucked," you're telling them that their opinion is worthless, and that they're wrong and stuff. So, when someone tells you "I really love your art!" you tell them "thank you!!" and smile, even if you hate the piece they like. Self-bashing (ie, "ooh no, I'm awful, lol") isn't being humble, it's hurtful, to you and the person who likes what you do.

which all wraps back around to this. If someone gives her money for her stupid tattoo, she should be grateful. She should gasp and go "OMG I was just kidding! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

But she wouldn't.

No. 277084

That reminds me of when that guy Randall donated over 100k bits and Cry was bitching the whole time about it and everyone else in the crew was like "Just be grateful and say thank you." I love Cry, but that did annoy me. You can bitch all you want, but what are you gonna do? Give it back somehow? Just shut up and say thank you. People can obviously afford to give you money. They're not going to make themselves go broke just to give a streamer money.

No. 277117

I think that was Russ and Angel

No. 277156

I'm sure Cry was thankful, the reason why Randall continued was to get a reaction out of Cry. Most people do that.

No. 277158

It's also a minor strategy because people don't like to listen and defy what's being told to them. So more complaining = more bits.

No. 277164

Yeah I don't think That's Cry's strategy though. Though it tends to work like that, I think he really does hate it when people donate too much.
But honestly I was glad when Russ And Angel scolded him about acting like that, it gets to be too much and sounds ungrateful when it's excessive. People are going to spend their money how they want and I'd rather see him happy than upset that people are choosing to support in that way.

No. 277211

No. 277212

That angle hurts my head. It probably is Cry, I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 277214

There's literally a tag on the person showing its not Cry, Jesus Christ guys.

No. 277226

I didn't see that tag mb

No. 277227

Also, since when does cry vape? lol it's clearly not him guys.

No. 277239

That isn't Cry and just like what the other anon pointed out, there's a tag on the picture. I don't think Cry would loosely put photos of himself on Instagram, the account of the person isn't even on private so–

No. 277264


That sounds right!


This is true, but I honestly don't think so. From what I've observed (I've been busy lately, so I haven't watched the last week or two of stuff) after the point he was 'scolded' for it.. at least, in THAT stream, he started saying "thank you very much" instead.

I dunno. Who knows, though.

No. 277267


Tag doesn't seem to be visible to people who are not logged in, or something.

Oh, you have to click on the picture to make the tags show up. There ya go.

No. 277283

Still shows the icon in the lower left that indicates a tag was used, regardless of if you're signed in.

No. 277306



Well, let me state a little more clearly, then… I don't use instagram. Never have. I'm not familiar with how it works. So if someone was in a similar position, they might make the same error.

Also, I went back, and saw the icon in the lower left. I moused over it accidentally, and it disappeared.

So, what I'm saying is, For Instagram novices, this mistake is easy to make. No shame to anyone, no one did anyone wrong, just there's no reason to think other people are dumb for simple errors. :)

No. 277319

My bad, guys. Apparently that's Cheyenne's new instagram, though. Let's wait for milk.

No. 277430

It's been 7 minutes and chat is already pissing me off. They keep telling Cry to buy Angel a PS4 (even though she's said no multiple times) and he was just like "I'm getting you one just to make them stop". Holy shit. People need to chill.

No. 277459

Chat is always thirsty for a gril. It's fucking stupid and annoying as fuck.
And I've said this before, Angle has a fucking job, if she wanted one she can buy her own.
Cry has no obligation to buy Angle shit. God chat makes me dislike Angle even though that's not fair.

No. 277461

I love how some people in chat were salty towards other people for mentioning Chey or being negative about it, asking chat to not be negative about people that aren't here. Chey apparently found it necessary to be negative about most the damn people she streamed with in the past sooooooo how about no.

No. 277464

I understand the annoyance of bringing chey up. There are always some fucking pleb asking where the fuck she is.
Are they dumb? After so many months of chey being gone from LNC and cry not wanting to talk about her, obviously no one wants to bring her up and they shouldn't.
If they ever gave an ounce of care for her, they would have watched her stream kek but really, this is chey and her streams are boring as fuck.
They only ask about chey so cry can "directly" reply to their shitty thoughtless comment.
Chat is dumb. Chat should know better than to feed the starving pleb-trolls.

Chey is 90% salt and 10%-only-chey-and-no-one-else whenever she talks about someone. And reverse that whenever it's about her relationship.

No. 277466

I agree. I just found it funny, the concept of not wanting others to be salty about or towards her when she is 90% salty to everyone else haha

No. 277468

I get it, most likely mods don't want to deal with chat-mob mentality and spamming about chey. .
And some mods do favor her more 'cause they like kissing ass or do genuinely think she's a nice person because "you don't know her like I do".

No. 277469

I don't really want to know her any better than I do now. Everyone that gets around her just seems to get bullied in some way.

No. 277470


well, I could see the logic if the motivation is "we want Angel to play Game X on the PS4 on the stream"… It's not fair to ask her to buy her own PS4 if she doesn't want one just to play with the crew. And if it's just for streaming, then.. y'know?

I'm not saying it's RIGHT, but I can see the reason behind it.

(I mean, if I were one of the people invited to play now and then, job or not, I do still have bills that prevent me from splurging on a ps4. or other wants etc etc etc)

No. 277471

I'm watching the vod for pre-LNC stream and holy fuck son796 needs to chill the fuck out. He spams so fucking much during cry battleground gameplay and stfu about the ps4. He got people to spam with him.

No. 277472

I just think it's rude because Angel has said multiple times that she doesn't want one. I think she even said that she would only play like one game on it. And it's probably awkward because people are basically trying to force someone to buy you something. I just think people are being inconsiderate.

No. 277473

The reason is stupid and selfish. Angle is Russ's friend and was introduced to LNC because of Russ. Cry shouldn't be the one to buy angle a ps4.
If angle doesn't want to own a PS4 then she'll just sit out when they play PS4 games.
Why does she have to be included? Why does cry have to buy her a PS4?

No. 277474

She's said over and over in chat that she doesn't want one. She's also even said it while being in teamspeak. She has a job and I doubt she can even stay up and play. I get that chat likes her, but they go to hard on shit all the time.

No. 277475

>(I mean, if I were one of the people invited to play now and then…)
Well news flash, they didn't invite her.

No. 277478

I mean, they do invite her quite a bit. I get that chat is annoying, but it isn't her fault.

No. 277479

you can tell she's really uncomfortable about it too. I kinda feel bad for her.

No. 277482

Let me put my hard hat on since most people here are such big angle fan.

I honestly think angle should stick to being in chat and less in team speak during LNC streams.
She's not good at games that are not DnD or SS13 related. Chat and even some mods go spam-meme shit. She doesn't provide much that Russ hasn't already covered and does much better job than her.
I just want Late Night Crew and sometimes guests that will stay for few hours unless it's witwix.

No. 277485

She doesn't stay long when she's there though?

No. 277486

They've never invited her for PS4 games or games they know she doesn't have the console for.
Because if they do, that would be rude when they know she doesn't have it and doesn't want to spend money on it.
I'm liking this new LNC rock band with no guests schedule.

No. 277487

I can understand, though I think there's nothing wrong with her being there a bit more.. I think a lot of people like her not only because she seems so nice but because she's a breath of god damn fresh air after dealing with Cheyenne. I'd take a brain dead monkey banging on different sized pans for 4 hours over Chey speaking one word.

No. 277489

It's not all about being "good at games". They're just there to hang out and have fun, which is why they invite their friends. And like >>277487 said, people are probably going nuts over her just because Cheyenne was so awful and will eventually chill out (hopefully).

No. 277490

They're playing L4D2 again and I'm loving this. No chey with salty comments. I miss this a lot.
Can they revisit old games they used to play but now no longer has chey edition?

No. 277491

She's honestly a genuinely nice person. She's been sweet every time I DMed her questions or whatever on twitter. I get that there are a lot of people who get annoyed by her being around or chat going nuts, but I feel like she's super chill.
Even tonight, she just hung out.. she jumped out as soon as Snake and Jund joined, came back only when they kept telling her too, and left again as soon as Russ wanted to jump back in.
I think a lot of people missed it but she had told chat to chill before 'the boys start to hate her' so I think she's also super uncomfortable with people going crazy.

No. 277494

anyone watching stream right now? What the fuck is wrong with hindsss and his shitty comments toward jund?

No. 277495

I didn't notice, what's he been saying?

No. 277496

ah, nvm. what a dick pickle. No idea what jis issue is.

No. 277497

File: 1490505596053.png (1.87 KB, 297x24, bn.PNG)

Here's one for example.

No. 277498

jund eat ass. ass. centepide. eat his ass? a lot of ass. I joined stream about 10 mins ago and has an alert for jund in chat.
like wtf?

No. 277501

Surprise mods didn't time him out.

No. 277503

He's said the same thing at least 3 times and I don't think the mods are either noticing or caring.

No. 277504

typical cry mods. don't do shit but complain whenever chat goes to shit. maybe if you mod a little more chat wouldn't be shit.

No. 277505

They only time out people who say mean things about chey

No. 277506

sounds like favortism and blatant laziness sometimes.

No. 277509

You know the mods see it because others have commented on it and the dude literally says something every minute. Cry needs better mods.

No. 277511

File: 1490506371398.png (2.55 KB, 308x44, Capture.PNG)

After he said this someone finally said something that I guess he saw (not a mod of course because they're fucking worthless when sub mode is off) and the dude is like "just trying to troll". Lol, wtf? That makes no sense.

No. 277516

he's finally timed. wow finally

No. 277528

I've noticed that. And there was even a time when someone was being an ass to Snake and the mods did nothing about it, and it was during wind down hour which is usually chill. It took finally Cry to say something before a mod timed them out. Some mods are cool but like, idk they can be lazy.

No. 277593

Cry just said Cheyenne is going to be in a playthrough of his. What the fuck.

No. 277600

You got a clip?

No. 277601


Just relaaaax.

If she's in a playthrough of his that doesn't mean they're (Still) going to be romantically involved… seriously, if that were true, the Pewdiecry shippers would have imploded years ago.

Here's my thought:

There was comments about an announcement and potentially some negotiations or something. What if… her being in a playthrough of his is basically something of a concession?

It would direct attention to her twitch channel, enabling her to stand a bit more independently. Basically, some free advertising to make up for what she's not getting off of the stream.

Seeing as how that's true, she'll probably be relatively well behaved (which means, I'd expect some snark, but not abuse towards Cry.) Doubly so as Cry will probably edit the thing, because he always edits the thing, and will probably try to put her forth in a decent light.

So the video, at least, shouldn't be too aggravating.

and the video existing won't mean that they're making kissy faces at each other.

….Just like, them breaking up will not mean that they never speak to each other again. Seriously, guys. People can stop being 'together' and still hang out sometimes. I wish they wouldn't, in this case, but generally, unless people explosively break up, with screaming and broken vases and shit, they do TRY to be friends after. Or at least civil. Y'know? Especially when they were friends before.

Just relax. Acknowledgement of the others existance is not an unending declaration of love.

No. 278348

From the editing stream…

"Cry, do you think your friendship can stay the same once you fall in love with them?"

very long pause " (uncertainly)…Yes??? ………. I mean, that really depends on you as a person…"

No. 278352

You know, I'm really interested to see how April 1st goes. Seeing as that's the day Cry and Cheyenne were announced as a couple.

No. 278437

Well they can't exactly announce a breakup on April Fool's day, but yeah it'd be interesting to see if they acknowledge it.

No. 278503

I mean, they could. They announced their joke of a relationship on April Fools.

No. 278528

Literally almost lost it in the middle of a lecture hall lmao. But yeah, they could. It just doesn't seem like they will since people would be like, "Oh haha April Fool's!" They'll probably just ignore it or say something about it being April Fool's

No. 278539

Im glad you found it so funny, haha. They could be like "were in a healthy and stable relationship!!!!"

No. 278541

You said exactly what I was thinking XD I almost died when I read their anniversary was April Fools Day, god that's so fitting.

No. 278561

I predict that Cheyenne might say something on the first and Then Cry will either reply awkwardly and less than enthused or not at all. I'm getting the feeling That Cry left her and would rather be done then keep whatever 'agreement' they have

No. 278790

Last night on Cheyenne's D.C. she was listening to music and didn't jump in til she said "quit playing with my heart"

No. 278842

>Cheyenne's D.C.
What's D.C. ?

No. 278896

Anything of interest in the stream tonight?

No. 278922

SNAPCHAT* autocorrect is a bitch

No. 279132

Cheyenne is streaming at the same time as Cry right now so she isn't getting as many viewers LUL

No. 279206

Did either of them say anything worth mentioning?

No. 279277

Honestly, it's just been really tame lately. Everyone seems a whole lot happier without Cheyenne around. I can't bring myself to watch Cheyenne's streams though.
I hear her talk and I get irrationally angry!

No. 279427

I'm so happy that Cry, Russ, Angel, and Alex are doing those streams together. Insert that screencap where you could see Cheyenne saying that that group of people was really awkward or something. Fuck off. Nothing was more awkward than having to have you in stream saying abusive shit and then for other people to nervously laugh at it.

No. 279450

File: 1490730853716.png (56 KB, 275x250, 54c75752-0b3d-46bb-9aa0-b249e5…)

No. 279457

This is seriously so fucking funny now that they've been streaming together and are so happy and fun. She's such a terrible person lol

No. 279532

"Gotta break Cry's heart now"

In her latest snapchat she's talking about Sodapoppin's shirt pic being retweeted.

Someone please screencap it. Because I don't want to give away who I am to cheyenne lol.

No. 279543

File: 1490740156945.png (652.95 KB, 584x593, k.PNG)

No. 279544

File: 1490740246836.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2299.PNG)

did this for you anon.

No. 279608

irrelevant but what happened to cupcakeisheree? I was going to check up on her.

No. 279609

File: 1490747987503.png (14.95 KB, 575x99, um.png)

No. 279610

What's the relevance?

No. 279624

His possible obesity?

No. 279634

Ben and Jerry's is just good ice cream tho

And I dunno if he's Obese. Isn't there a pic of Cheyenne wearing one of his flannels and it's like barely bigger than her size? Like I get she has a double chin but her body isn't that fat, I dunno. Feel like the guy isn't a fatty

No. 279651

She's under a new twitter name: swagglexcupcake I believe. Feel free to check up on her. Just pretty sure she doesn't hang around here anymore.

No. 279667

She left the thread and doesn't really come to check up on it anymore unless someone tells her something's happened. She's more than happy for people to continue messaging her last time I checked though. :)

No. 279699

Anyone know the chick Chey's been hanging out with? I've literally never seen her before.

No. 279739

He seems down, don't most people use icecream as a stress reliever?

No. 279740

on her sc?

No. 279741

Not sure about that, but wasn't she staying the night at some guys house the other day too?
Also, whenever she posts anything of interest on snap I can screenshot it without her seeing, if you guys don't want to give yourselves away.

No. 279742

thanks friendo

No. 279743

it's actually really gross of cheyenne to use her mom as a way to make people feel bad for her

No. 279745

Did she do it again? I remember once on tumblr she was getting shit (I don't remember what for, it could be anything with her) and she was like "Maybe I should go see my mom" and when someone told her not to come back she was just like "that's the point." Like, if you're having actual issues, don't bitch about it online when you know a lot of people don't really care for you. She does things like that to get attention and the fact that she uses her dead mother is sickening to me.

No. 279752

i don't know if she's done it recently. I was just rewatching the GTA5 videos they did (which has ziegs in it and made me really sad that i didn't realize the tension between them), and it was apparently mother's day, so someone asked a question about it, and cheyenne just goes "I don't have a mother". plus i was also thinking of the time you said.

No. 279753

She's probably never going to be allowed to interact with Cry. That seems to be the only way that Cheyenne won't go nuts on other girls.

No. 279756

Wait. I thought he was the guy with sunglasses?

No. 279761

Pretty sure he's mentioned working out before, especially in that one 24 hour stream. Could have lost weight?

No. 279762

Actually, I think there was a theory that the person in the sunglasses is his mom and he's the guy in the back? Not 100% sure where I heard it but it could be true. He's also done like push-ups or something on stream and was completely fine so I'm guessing that he was either never fat or lost a lot of weight.

No. 279771


well, couple thoughts here:

He's never said "yeah, that's me" or "no, that's not me" so we don't know. I don't know the source of the image, but it could legit or not.

That said, that picture was also several years ago. "healthy weightloss" is something like 1 or 2 lbs in a week…. a year could be 50-100ish pounds or more. So, even in 2 years, someone who weights 300 lbs could be dramatically underweight. 'Course, steady 2-a-week weightloss is pretty uncommon, even for people who hold 100% to their diet and exercise. (the body can be pretty weird when it comes to shedding it's carefully hoarded weight)

Plus, dude's, what 27? 28? I'm not sure how old that picture was taken, but (in my fuzzy fuzzy memory) it could have been of a guy who hadn't QUITE hit that last surge of whatever make teenagers turn into men.

Anyway, my point is an old potential-picture of a chubby Cry doesn't mean the current Cry is. :)

No. 279772

She's on her sc AND her Instagram. I dunno, just the way they posed together seemed really intimate for someone we've never seen before. Unless any of you guys recognize her.

No. 279773

If you could get screengrabs of the Snaps that'd be nice, just so everyone can see what I mean about the posing.

No. 279774

He is definitely chunky. A few weeks ago he was playing Ghost Recon Wildlands on LNC and he mentioned he liked thick girls and also called himself thick.

Even if he works out I highly doubt he has lost a ton of weight considering his erratic sleep schedule, recent depression, and him hardly leaving his home.

No. 279781

In the snake-stream, someone asked what happened to Chey, and why she doesn't appear on late night anymore and he said:

"Ah, she's just been doing her own stuff, there's nothing wrong."

seemed very unconcerned and 'yeah, no big deal'

No. 279782

File: 1490765886883.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0763.JPG)

No. 279785

File: 1490765959488.jpg (1.7 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_0765.JPG)

No. 279788

She's always hiding her face because she knows how fucking ugly she is, at least.

No. 279789

I'd rather see her face than her dead as shit hair. It looks god awful.

No. 279790

As someone who has been jokingly called a lesbian because of how close I am with friends, this still looks a little sketchy for just friends. It just looks strange how Cheyenne has her head on the girl's shoulder and she's leaning on her a lot. That feels a little too close to be just friends. Maybe that's why she's not being a she-beast about her and Cry possibly being done? Idk, though. Different people act differently with friends.

No. 279791

I don't recognize the girl, but I see what you mean about the posing. They do seem to be comfortable together.

No. 279792

That's so embarrassing. Does she not care enough about herself? lol

No. 279793

That's exactly what I was thinking. Even by "I'm-just-really-close-to-my-friends" standards, that's REALLY close.

No. 279794

She tagged this mystery girl on Instagram as well, and it looks like she retweeted one of her tweets about her. I went to her Twitter and a lot of her more recent Tweets are about Chey. I think there's something going on.

No. 279797

Also, "a cute mess" seems suspect. Seems like a date to me, ha.

No. 279799

I dunno on that. I'm that close with my best friends and in a relationship and it doesn't mean anything? and if I'm not mistaken this is Taylor(?) Who is someone she's posted about before.

No. 279800

That's definitely not Taylor. From what amateur sleuthing I've done, her name is Christine.

No. 279801

The "cute mess" part isn't really what I found weird since I would totally call my best friend that, it's more so the second picture. The posing is weird for friends even if they're close.

No. 279803

Link to her Insta?

No. 279804

Again, I don't see it being that weird because I do the same thing, but who knows. And huh, weird. But did anyone else notice that snap from Chey the other day where it looked like she was alone with some guy in his apartment?

No. 279805

Yeah, the cute mess thing is probably me being tin foily. But the posing is definitely something, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed.

No. 279806

Insta and Twitter, if possible

No. 279807


To clarify, I'm not trying to be one of those girls that says "Nuuuu Cry-chan-sama is sugoi kawaii! he's so doki doki mai harto! you BAKA!"

But him saying he's thick doesn't necessarily mean 'fat'. I mean, I've got the joy of being burdened with husky genes. Dem broad lady shoulders and all.

Or he might have been joking off of the idea of thick = dumb.

Or he might be fat :) Or just heavy.

and I actually know of a lot of guys who would be considered FAT while also being strong.

> Even if he works out I highly doubt he has lost a ton of weight considering his erratic sleep schedule, recent depression, and him hardly leaving his home.

well, recent depression could lead to weight gain, but not it's a RECENT depression, not a 'last few years' depression. As for erratic sleep, yeah, that can cause troubles– but it's not insurmountable. Exercising before breakfast, for example, is the same regardless of if you wake up at 5am or 5pm.

As for not leaving the home… there's a lot you can do in your own home. It's a pretty common misconception that you have to go out and hit the gym to see losses or to exercise. There's a whole category of stuff called "body weight" exercises that focus entirely on the idea of using your body, rather than equipment. It's stuff like pull ups and push ups, only there's a huge list of them to hit just about every muscle group you've got.

I say this with relative confidence, having list about 50 lbs last year without leaving my house, except to buy food and eat food I shouldn't eat. ;)

Of course, I think he's probably at least a little husky. But I like playing devil's advocate.

No. 279808

That was one of her friends in Vegas.

No. 279809

No. 279810

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

No. 279812

No. 279813


Okay, ladies and gents, I'm an old fart and don't get with the hip kids these days. But…

Uh.. well, is there a meaning behind that hand positioning? I mean, I'm probably reading too much into it, but it reminds me more of a gesture for cunnilingus than a peach sign or whatever.

But I am old and unhip and shit.

past that, I do sometimes drape against my close friends, but that… just really does seem oddly intimate.

No. 279814

If you're talking about the sign with the tongue, then yeah, it can be a cunnilingus sign. It can also be totally normal but idk. Their posing makes it lean more intimate than not. Like, it looks like a picture I'd take with my boyfriend.

No. 279817

Haha, what a small world. I actually know Christine, the girl in that picture, and she IS a lesbian, so the hand sign could very well mean what you think it does.

No. 279833

It's not that big of a deal, but I love how someone drew something that Chey is using as her twitter pic and she didn't give credit or even like OP's post.

No. 279834


As an artist: UHG. bitch :(

No. 279836


well, I'll ship it, just to get her away from Cry <3

No. 279837

That girl is too cute for Cheyenne, though :'(

No. 279840

I feel like this increase in attention in this girl is compensating for something or trying to prove something. Like "see, I don't have to bully every girl I meet" Unless they're dating now, but I feel like the other girl could do way better.

No. 279845

I just want to say… good for her, she found herself a cutie. I mean maybe that friend of her likes that ugly personality (there are people like that) and let's not forget chey is a human with feelings LOTS of feelings too

oh if that wind down hour ever happens, that would be the closing of this case, and if I know Cry he's planning to do something dramatic with an anticlimactic ending.

No. 279848

Cheyenne's feelings only concern herself, things for herself, how to keep herself in the spotlight.

No. 279850

Tbh, I hope we see more of her haha. I wonder how they even met, though. The girl seems to be at a whole different caliber than Cheyenne, I mean, it looks like she's a model.

No. 279855

it is a model, cosplayer and ''gamer'' standard fakegeek girl. Probably in a con

No. 279856

I really want it to happen actually. Just to hear Cry be like "Hey guys! Today i'm playing with my friend Cheyenne" or something that just makes her a friend.

No. 279857

LOL, you're seriously on about fake geek girls? Let the poor thing live, she seems nice enough.

No. 279859

When did this turn into a 'Good for Cheyenne!' board?

No. 279861

Exactly. I think this new girl of hers seems to have the same attitude as Cheyenne honestly

No. 279865

Lol she hangs out with Moomoo. If anything, she's just a latcher onto people who are even slightly prominent in the con/nerdy scene. Cheyenne is a known gaming YouTuber's gf, so she's worthy to hang out with by proxy. If this girl is trying to climb the "nerdy" social ladder, she'll grab on to anyone that'll help her name get out there. We're even talking about her now.

No. 279868

Or maybe the con scene is a lot tighter than you think, lol. Vegas is a really small place. Like someone said up there, even they knew who the girl was.
In any case, how do we know she hangs out with MooMoo anyways? I didnt see anything to insinuate that, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

No. 279869

Makes the most sense to me. Girl has no followers and seems to want to be popular. Definitely a latcher. And Cheyenne gets to in essence be like "see I can be friends with girls, look how close we are."
Explains the awkward pose with Cheyenne being weirdly overly touchy but the other girl ignoring it because they both get something out of hanging out.
If they continue to do so, that is.

No. 279870

Moomoo as in moomookun? DISGUSTING

No. 279880

Tone down the tinfoil hats, you guys.

No. 279889

She has a video of herself with Mariah, along with a caption telling her thanks for being her new year kiss.

No. 279996

Anything could be a tinfoil hat theory. Who cares if we discuss it? This is for discussing. There are times that people said to cool it when we were discussing Sage stuff, but that turned out to be true, so? So dumb to try to police subjects.

No. 280014

Well, that was Sage trying to keep it down lolol

No. 280021

Could be nothing, but in Jesse Cox's latest video (which features Cry), one of the players says he's a "Pirate Lawyer" and Cry asks him for help with his divorce.

No. 280047

Cry said in his last edit stream that he has no idea who's gonna be on wind-down hour next. Still says "She's just doin' her own thing right now" when ever anyone asks where she is.

No. 280050

That's pretty funny since she announced that she would be doing wind-down hour with him. She also said she'd be back on the LNC and that hasn't been true yet either.

No. 280069

She's trying to stay semi-relevant. Like, "Oh, yeah, I'm totally going to do something with Cry. You don't have to stop watching/unsubscribe. I'm totally still with my semi-famous boyfriend and he might show up at some point so stick around!" I feel like she said she'd be back on LNC or be doing something with Cry without actually discussing it with him. Probably just figured he'd do what she says like every other aspect of their relationship.

No. 280129

I think we should all remember Cry's self deprecating problems he had when he was younger, he could easily fall back in that, and feel he deserves to be with Chey as the piece of shit he could think he is

also especulation as fuck

No. 280141


we all agreed to don't bother cry and chey about this

No. 280142

…and no one is bothering them with it?

No. 280202

that Christine girl is cute as fuck. wasted on Chey tbh, if they are dating

No. 280206

How did they even end up together, if they are?

No. 280247

I don't even think they are together. Cheyenne seems more like she's trying to make Cry jealous or something.

No. 280291

I agree, I don't think they're together. I looked at her twitter and she says she's moving to LA… so I think this anon is right, probably trying to make Cry jealous, maybe hoping he'll come crawling back.

No. 280320

I don't think her moving to LA is super relevant. We already know that Cheyenne is capable of being in long distance relationships, and LA is a hell of a lot closer than Cry.

No. 280323

Better than thinking this possibly poor girl is fucking the beast that is Cheyenne.

No. 280351

Thanks for putting that image in my head. Ugh.

No. 280363

…Do you guys think that if one of us asked the girl what was going on she'd spill? Just spitballing for your guys' opinions.

No. 280409

That would be tipping, so no thank you.

No. 280459

I don't think the new girl with Cheyenne is any good if she's hanging with her and momokun. Those are two red flags

No. 280484

Eh, I think that's a pretty harsh judgment.

No. 280508

And this is lolcow kek

No. 280554

you obviously don't know who momokun is

No. 280560

Not OP, but I genuinely have no idea who they are. Could you fill me in?

No. 280562

Momo has a thread here on lolcow, check the catalog.

No. 280568

Thanks and no thanks. TLDR she's a shitty fatass cosplayer/famewhore who begs for $$$, and seeing her half nudes was enough to make me contemplate jumping into oncoming traffic.

No. 280637

File: 1490873351926.png (30.98 KB, 601x221, 920204.PNG)

Possibly relevant?

No. 280681

Doubtful, seems like unrelated vagueposting

No. 280860

dude it's called a boudoir or some shit and she puts it behind a paywall. In all honesty shes pretty horrible of a person. She's extroverted version of cheyenne.

No. 280863

File: 1490898784417.png (22.09 KB, 580x158, she knows.png)

No. 280867

File: 1490898855147.png (67.51 KB, 596x470, they both know.png)

No. 280890

Love the file names, but Cheyennes known for quite a while, as has the rest of the crew lol

No. 280896

I actually don't know if she knows, her posts all seem to be like that.

No. 280908


Eh, perhaps best to assume she does.

Not that it makes too much difference.


And this here is the moment I realize I'm too damn old.

No. 280916

that christine girl is pretty as fuck, shame she's into trolls

No. 280927

There's still hope for her. She's moving to LA so at least that means she'll be getting further away from Cheyenne.

No. 280955

Nah, she knows for sure lol. Nice to see she's just as childish as Cheyenne.

No. 280958

What makes you say that?

No. 280962

Pretty much whenever one of us mentions her here, she tweets shit like the tweets shown above. Plus, she tweeted ''>;3c'' two hours ago. Two hours ago was also when the anon posted the screenshots.

No. 280966

Of course she knows, its clear as day

No. 280976

I won't argue whether she knows or not, but claiming that she knows because she's posting at the same time we're talking is kind of out there.
Looking through her feed, it's all pretty much just weird jumbled babbling, I wouldn't draw such a strong connection between the two things myself.
I wouldn't put it past Cheyenne to have told her about this thread, though, so maybe she does know.

No. 280978

I think it's beyond obvious that she knows.

No. 280982

Would it be possible to say that she somehow annoys me more than Cheyenne does? Possibly.

No. 280984

If she's trying to make it big in the modelling industry she's not going to look good at all with all that shitposting lol.

No. 281012

well I'm sure she knows since Mariah is well known on lolcow and she happens to hang with her so, that's another thing. She could be an innocent girl that doesn't know any better and just trying to be with the "cool" kids.

No. 281014

shitposting doesn't really mean much, even actors shit post, and they'll be still be loved regardless. The person that play princess leia was an avid shitposter and people still liked her.

No. 281023

Personally, I could care less if any of them know about this. I'm just here for the milk, and if they want to keep giving it (although I think it's dry milk right now, not the creamy milk we all want), then let them. I'm sure it helps them validate their existence. Which is sad.

No. 281078

I think anyone who can associate with momokun and cheyenne has got to be pretty shitty. All she talks about is being famous. We should just ignore it because it's literally no milk, just trying to get attention.

Same with cheyenne, though. desperately just trying to grab for any kind of attention so she doesn't fall away from the spotlight when cry announces he dropped her ass.

No. 281336

Like 90% positive that's not him. Plus he just doesn't sound fat you know? Like, even in his older stuff. You can kind of tell when someone is fat by how they sound (especially as large as the person with the sunglasses), pretty sure that was never him. Could be his mom I guess

No. 281355

They went on a sushi date, can we safely assume they're dating or are we still unsure?

No. 281363

Who the fuck cares, it's for attention.

No. 281379

Yeah i feel we shouldn't really focus on the whole christine/cheyenne thing anymore. Though i've noticed Cheyenne hasn't streamed in a few days. Feel like she's getting tired of her own fan base and having to actually put work in.

No. 281382

She came back and got enough money to stay away for a bit. Who cares about fans when you get yours?

Plus, then they'll be more likely to flood her with money when she does stream again because it had been some time inbetween.

No. 281454

She almost always pretends to fake-heave whenever she gets a bit donation/someone mentions bits. I don't know why she even enabled them if she doesn't even like them.

No. 281771


(pictures and link have NOTHING to do with Cry.)

That's true sometimes, but… not always?

This guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nflIf8BhMVs was HUGE. Like, 700 lbs of huge.

Maybe I'm biased, cuz I grew up in Hawaii where obesity is common, but.. he's never sounded big to me.


Ugh, what a rude ass bitch.


Regarding Christine/Cheyenne… The thread's titled Cryaotic, but it's really? about Cheyenne, and even if it isn't, Cry's thus-stated girlfriend (even if the status of that girl-friendness is somewhat debatable at this point in time) possibly fucking around with someone else, literally, is a big deal, that is relevant to Cry and Cheyenne.

I mean. "Topic's girlfriend might be cheating on him" is a big deal, yeah??

(not that I'm saying obsess over it or anything, but …)

No. 281783

I get what you're saying but I'm pretty Sure Cry And Chey have ended things. I'm so positive it's for attention because of the way it's presented.
If she were cheating on Cry, wouldn't it be more subtle? Why would you blast it all over twitter, multiple times? It's for attention. That Christine girl talks non stop about wanting attention, validation, and to be famous.
I think that particular "relationship" (whatever kind may be) may just be a mutually beneficial attention grabber.

No. 281785

Also to add, it could be because I already know who Isreal is, but he sounds extremely heavy in his breathing, I think. Could be because I already know he's heavy and am listening for it, but he does sound heavy.

No. 281795


I'm pretty sure they have too, but it hasn't been confirmed, y'know? No proof, just a ton of speculation and some probably reliable leaks, but as far as the subjects themselves go, no confirmation.

Anyway, that's just my perspective, though.


Most everyone I've shown him to is shocked when I show him the picture, but perhaps that's because of HOW big he was. Who knows.

No. 281936

It may be hideable in music, but if you watch his interviews, he can't in regular speech. You can't hide all that in your voice normally..

No. 281939

Cry really needed this video for a long while. https://youtu.be/XtUw5gVc3DU

No. 281954


Perhaps true! I haven't watched any interviews with him in years–I honestly get emotional. Anyway! I don't have too much opinion one way or another on the fat!cry opinion. He's a sweet guy and that's all that matters. (I personally think that he's probably a little husky, but not a lardbeast or anything)


God, that's such a good video.

No. 282114

anything to milk from this stream?

No. 282124

not that ive seen as of yet.

No. 282203

No mention of their anniversary from either of them so far. And they've both been active on twitter and snapchat.
It's a good life.

No. 282215

File: 1491056662092.png (260.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-04-01-10-22-38…)

What the fuck. Are you serious..

No. 282216

Holy fucking shit.

No. 282217

No. 282218

God, she goes hard in pretending. She didn't even tag him, I doubt he'll say anything. She's so fucking gross.

No. 282219

The randomized picture you got as your signature is basically her tbh.

No. 282220

what the fuck are they even saying in it?

No. 282221

Part of me wants this to be an april fools.

No. 282222


''You're not fixing shit.''
''Let me fix that shit.''
''Let me punch you.''
''What are you doing? Don't-''
the rest is inaudible

No. 282223

3 years old sounds about right, it's when the LNC went to shit.

No. 282264

All I have to say is, if they were still together, he would have replied, and wouldn't be streaming his day away. I mean, If I were in a relationship, that's what I would do. Then again, I've never been in their kind of relationship.

No. 282361

We still have the Saturday stream for him to say something about it. Let's hope he does actually avoid it.

Though it actually baffles me how so many people replied to Cheyennes tweet saying "perfect!!1!!!1" like how?

No. 282460

File: 1491095635432.png (27.59 KB, 594x187, beautiful.PNG)


No. 282477

Yeah she's totally keeping up appearances. He said absolutely nothing.

No. 282580

Nothing too interesting to milk from tonight's stream, but Cry just said "I agree, love is a fucking battlefield." while playing Rock Band.

No. 282582

File: 1491118373315.jpg (127.98 KB, 675x1200, ewgross.jpg)

Cheyenne's hair is so fucking fried it looks like a $5 discount halloween wig. It's so disgusting.

No. 282583

Where is this from? I didn't realize it was so long. She seems like she's put on weight too.

No. 282584

Her new best friend's twitter @smellychristine

No. 282585

her tweet about cheyenne being a 'fucking bully' made me lol
Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you.

No. 282597


she has probably put on weight because she isn't swimming anymore, doesn't have a job and relies on streaming to get money

it's sad really, she had a semblance of a personality once upon a time

No. 282602

that's probably why she doesn't do facecam anymore lmao
"If your car skids into oncoming traffic, and you die listening to The Archies sing "Sugar Sugar" it's your own damn laziness." -Chuck Palahniuk, Rant

No. 282622

The highlight of this stream for me was Cry saying he "named a dog after Sterling", but never mentioned Cheyenne or that it was his 'girlfriends' dog. Golden.

No. 282641


To be fair… That video? Is kinda cute. I can't make out the words in it, but the tones of their voice, the laughter and intimacy.. .is, seriously, intimate and warm. Reminds me of the early part of a relationship when The Other Person is EVERYTHING.

So, as a video? seriously, it is pretty cute.

But as a statement of "happy 3rd anniversary" … it falls short. It almost seems like an acknowledgement of what once WAS, but isn't. they didn't make a new video, they can only see the old one.
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 282656

If they are broken up, how weird it is to pretend to be happy just because you wanna stay popular. Like everyone telling her congrats and that they're so cute.
Would be real gross to me at least

No. 282818

File: 1491168632197.png (15.07 KB, 524x106, clearlynot.PNG)


No. 283485

I wonder if they'll ever do the wind down hour video. Or if cry actually is gonna have Cheyenne AND angle voice act for Night in the woods.

No. 283489

Damn the double chin Cheyenne has on her snapchat. It's the one that her friend took, captioned ''im gonna end her life on video'' if anyones curious. I'd screenshot but, y'know.

No. 283492

Post it please

No. 283494

>>283492 someone else can if they want, I'm not about to gave away who I am to her.

No. 283506

File: 1491253261151.png (471.58 KB, 418x743, Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 1.59…)

Found a way to get pictures without screenshotting, so here ya go.

No. 283521

I'm pretty sure that's her friend, the hideous mole and lazy eye aren't there.

Side note, are you using an app to take screenshots? If so, which one?

No. 283540

They mean her in the back, not her friend up front.

No. 283542

Wait, did he say both Angel And Cheyenne are going to be in his night in the woods playthrough? How awkward

No. 283544

Oh fuck, i didn't even see her there. I guess my brain tried to save me by blocking her out. That's the worst double chin I've ever seen

No. 283550

I use quicktime player or whatever its called, on my laptop. You can plug your phone in and record/screen shot from there.

If I heard right, yeah he did. I think that was what surprised me most. But I assume they'll be doing it separately maybe?

No. 283560

Okay, so this is suuuuper off topic but I just had the thought for some reason. Does anyone else think that part of the reason that Cry and Pewdiepie don't play too many games together anymore is partially because of Cheyenne? Like, yeah I get time differences/being busy and shit, but they worked around it before and I also remember that Cheyenne really hated the whole PewdieCry thing (which honestly, I totally get). I dunno, it's just that she's been known to push people away from him that she feels is a "threat". Not that he's a threat, but I can understand not being comfortable with your boyfriend constantly being shipped with someone. Like, for some reason the thought popped in my head today that she might've "suggested" (you know how she gets) that they chill out. No real reason for thinking this, just thought I'd see what you guys think about the theory. Ignore me if it sounds super fucking stupid lol.

No. 283562

I completely agree with this.

No. 283570

Eh, maybe. I kinda doubt it though? I figured she hated pewdiecry because she'd rather the attention he on her. I honestly think they're just so busy in their lives that it's hard to get them to do videos together.
I do think she was the reason Cry And Dodger stopped making videos, though.

No. 283573

I just had an argument with someone who doesn't believe this thread exists and thinks that Cry and Cheyenne are absolutely happy together. Holy shit.
They actually don't think that this thread exists..when I linked them to it. They just replied with something like, ''nice try, probably a virus'', so I told them to try googling it. They just replied with ''lmfao''.
I'm dead.

No. 283578

Oh, she's totalllllly the reason he stopped making videos with Dodger. Cry's not allowed to have fun, especially not with female friends.

No. 283580


Clearly, screenshots.

But sometimes, there's no cure for idiocy.

No. 283765

Lowkey kinda feel like this grill is trying to be like Cheyenne, but less harsh.


No. 283768

Who is that? I don't even know who that is. But seriously, scarily like Cheyenne.

No. 283772

For some reason Cry seems to like that type of personality. That's fine, but I've never heard of this girl. Who is she?

No. 283779

Cry said she, along with the two other guys, are buddies and use to play WoW with them. He said her name was Cessteria or something like that.

Also another example because why not: https://clips.twitch.tv/PoorGracefulWolverineMau5

I don't know, I wouldn't want Cry to get in ANOTHER relationship with someone who's like Cheyenne. I like when the crew calls shit out on Cry, but it was tiring when Cheyenne did it 24/7. I don't want another one of those lol

No. 283785

I mean, if they've been buddies for a while then it's all good, I just don't want another Cheyenne running around and this girl totally has that same personality. It's actually kind of scary how those short clips could literally be Cheyenne. Like, everything from the words to the tone is like Cheyenne. Lol, why does Cry like that sort of personality?

No. 283789

She's acting exactly like fucking Chey, how disgusting. I hope she doesn't stick around.

No. 283801

Cry's such a pussy. Dodger is totally chill. Good for her, since she deserves better friends than him.

No. 283803

Is.. is that seriously a girl?

I mean, I don't like being rude or whatever, but I listened to parts of that stream and I swear they're a guy. I mean, I heard them flip out over something and I swear up and down they sounded male.

I actually thought that that was, like, Cry's brother or something.

No. 283804

People who dont tie up their hair to cook trigger the fuck out of me. Imagine all that nasty hair in that pot/food.

No. 283873

If anything, it sounds like the girl could be somewhat interested and is acting like his gf/ex in order for him to be attracted maybe? But Cry doesn't seem like he is so rip for her. Hopefully this isn't her personality though if she does end up coming around more often.

No. 283919

Probably. If Cry has any power in his brain at all, he won't go for Cheyenne 2.0. I hope he's learned his lesson by now.

No. 283941

Y'all are being a little unreasonable.

Males and females can interact without it being romantic or sexual.


And Cry's said he's pansexual–he has just as much a chance of developing a crush on one of the guys, y'know? Now, less of a chance that they'll be gay enough to return it, but…

No. 283966

I think it's less of thinking that he wants to date her and more along the lines of wondering why he constantly seems to have someone with that type of personality around. We just don't want someone like Cheyenne around again, not because she was dating Cry, but because she was always a downer during fun games. Now, I'm not going to judge this girl because I haven't seen enough of her quite yet, but the way she seems in those two short clips is almost exactly like something Cheyenne would say. If she's like that sometimes, then sure it's all good and fun. The problem is being a constant negative presence whenever you're around. There needs to be a balance if the girl can do that, then I'm pretty sure that everyone would be totally chill with her.

No. 284074


> I think it's less of thinking that he wants to date her and more along the lines of wondering why he constantly seems to have someone with that type of personality around

True, but other peopel said:

"I don't know, I wouldn't want Cry to get in ANOTHER relationship with someone who's like Cheyenne"


"it sounds like the girl could be somewhat interested and is acting like his gf/ex in order for him to be attracted maybe?"

So, there's some talk on it. But you're right. If I had to guess.. I mean, I dunno who this person is. I swear to god they still sound like a teenage boy to me. Anyway, If I had to guess, they're trying to keep up with the level of 'bro-shit-talk' that guys tend to do when given reason to be mildly competative.

Anyway, no, I don't want someone like Cheyenne around either. I like Cry cuz he's nice… not because of the trash talk.

I really don't know what to make of the kid. they got sensitive about chat being mean.. and.. I dunno. Cry was being, like, Cry-daddy with them, trying to chill them out and not worry about chat and stuff.

I dunno.

No. 284085

She didn't say it malicious intent like Cheyenne would. She was pretty chill the whole time before that honestly. They're just guild buddies. Friends dick on each other all the time.

No. 284168

Sure, they do, but it's still reminiscent of Cheyenne, with calling him dumb and saying she hates him, so it's annoying af. He just ignores it and doesn't tease back so it feels different.

No. 284414

"Is couples therapy still a thing?"

Cheyenne: No, not anymore because I changed my schedule. But thats the only reason why!

also it's cheyennes first stream in a while, and she's got a donation goal for 2,000 because she's moving.

No. 284424

Chey posting an insta picture from her trip with Cry to WDW from DECEMBER 2015. Why? To stay relevant? How does that even help. Try harder, you fucking try hard.

No. 284425


Any statement on where she's moving?

No. 284428

She said either a small apartment next to her school/college, or with two of her best friends.

No. 284430

Wow! Not with Cry? After the 3 years they've been together and are so happy and in love? I'm so shocked, man.

No. 284440

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133472733?t=14m45s at 14:45 she reads someone's message in chat about if her and Cry broke up.

No. 284450

Because she changed her schedule? Really? What sort of schedule does she even fucking have? Sounds like just another excuse to me. And I'm surprised she's actually moving out. I just figured she's so used to mooching off of people that she'd never leave unless she found some other poor sucker to take care of her.

No. 284455

Or she ran out of money and has to move LOLOL

No. 284457

Wonder why she decided to go back to school? Did she finally realize that she can't make streaming a full time thing now that Cry isn't doing anything with her?

No. 284458

She lives with her Dad, so I doubt that's it.

No. 284460

Okay, she used their pervious split to be like "I didn't do anything then so why would I now?" but she's the one that left him back then. If he left her, I bet he'd have to make some sort of agreement or get lawyered up to make sure she didn't go nuts (like he honestly probably already has).

No. 284465

Just said in her stream "I don't even have my bor friend in my twitch friends list" and that she and Cry are recording windows today or tomorrow.

No. 284466


No. 284467

Sorry, typing sucks….said they are recording WIND DOWN …not wondows…argh

No. 284468

File: 1491349041706.png (14.11 KB, 330x62, Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.30…)

This reply to that made me so angry actually.

No. 284488

When is Cry gonna announce or at least give a hint they aren't together anymore?

That is if they aren't. I still feel like they are.

No. 284507

yeah I honestly think they are still

No. 284515

I heard that she was moving in with DeadPanda.
This could just be a rumour, though.

No. 284631

Just something I noticed - Cry was at angle's stream almost the whole time she was streaming but wasn't at chey's stream at all.

No. 284886

its someone named https://twitter.com/Cesstairia
they dont stream etc, she specifically said she doesnt wanna be in the middle of any attention etc, so she can basically be forgotten.

No. 285027

Um, okay, why link her twitter and bring her up again?

No. 285199


Probably because that's kind of the point around here?

That said, we now see that she's not an attention whore, and that she's (probably) not angling to kidnap Cry and hold him hostage or whatever, so let's let her slide into history plz.

No. 285205

You brought her up when we had already moved on. Sorry she sounds like a bitch.

No. 285212


Actually, this is my first post here in a couple days, I think. Just understood why Twitter-poster posted Twitter. I think anyway.

Personally more interested in these Dead Panda rumors though.

Sorry for confusion.

No. 285275

Where did someone say that?

No. 285360

Cheyenne said herself that she was going to move in with two of her bestfriends, and DeadPanda lives in a total different part of Nevada, I assume. Since he had to take a plane to see her or whatever.

No. 285460

He lives in Maryland I believe.

No. 285746

Cry hasn't uploaded a wind down in a while. I Thought Cheyenne said they would have recorded yesterday or the day before, and that they usually go up on Thursdays lol

No. 285774

Ditto. Although Cry isn't the best at keeping schedules!

No. 285830

True. She also said she'd be back on LNC though, and that never happened.

No. 285915

Cry and Cheyenne are tweeting each other on twitter right now

No. 285933

File: 1491536123956.png (66.23 KB, 611x456, ew.PNG)

The fact that they're even joking about getting married makes me sad. Cry deserves someone that actually seems to listen to/value him and Cheyenne needs someone that won't take her bullshit so that she can work on changing for the better. They both could find someone that fit their personalities better.

No. 285945

File: 1491539609174.gif (250.93 KB, 500x264, cheyenne's appeal.gif)

Face it, they're perfect for each other. He gets her sad streams a few views and she must offer him god knows what in return.

No. 285962

god dammit cry, it's hard to support him when he does this shit. I mean, i know W said that they came to an agreement, and maybe them faking it is it, but why? Or maybe they are just being friends? Idk at first seeing what W said kinda comforted me, but now she keeps talking like they are a couple and I keep getting my hopes up. This is kinda getting tiring.

No. 285969

Did W provide any proof?

No. 285978

Only proof we have to what W said is that Simple agreed somewhat.

No. 285995

After everything that's been discussed here I don't know why "he acts a certain way to appease her even though they're broken up so she can still get support" is so beyond the realm of comprehension for some here.
You've seen plenty of proof and Cry demonstrates that they've been separated in other ways. Who cares if they interact a little on Twitter. That's literally the only interaction she's been getting.

No. 286024

right, it's only just that conversation that we have

But I just hope that W can maybe come back and give us a little bit more.

For some reason I kinda keep correlating W with coyotemation

No. 286033

W isn't coyote, I can promise you that.

No. 286074

File: 1491564181766.png (65.82 KB, 631x483, fcfa200ed78e8a0080bc156fb12aa3…)


I honestly think that this is jsut being friends.

This set of interactions seems pretty normal for Cry. I feel like I could tweet Cry and if I picked the right words at the right time, and get that answer from him.

(case in point, in the picture)

I still think they're jsut maintaining appearances–or just being friends. Don't forget that they didn't even acknowledge each other on their anniversary. Or less-than acknowledged, really.

Also, I did some looking to see how often Cry's tweeted at her over the last few Months:

Sep 14 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Sep 20 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Sep 27 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Oct 5 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Oct 11 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Oct 18 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Oct 19 - Cry retweeting a WTF OMG world of warcraft moment (basically, both getting a rare drop at the same time)
Oct 25 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Nov 1 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Dec 5 - Cry retweeting Cheyenne's stream
Jan 5 - Cheyenne tweets her "I want to be double teamed" tweets, Cry replies "I understand"
Feb 18 - Cry not linking his twitch right, and her being jerky to him. This is the first time she's replying to a post he's made.
Mar 21 - the subway exchange (Cry tweeting first)
Mar 24 - the 'how many body parts' exchange (Cry tweeting first)
Mar 27 - "Since it wasn't posted here, Cry posted a "i guess this explains some things" post with a link to a url containing "maker studio reported fraudulent tax returns" but actually lead to a rickroll. Cheyenne replied with a jumanji meme "What year is it"…. Cry replied "Robin :c"
Apr 6 - The Celeb. Wedding tweets (Cry tweeting first)

This certainly says some interesting things.

For one, up until the start of November, he reblogged her streams constantly. Was he retweeting ALL of them? I don't know.

Then there's a game between novemebr and December where there's nothing, but he retweets her stream. Maybe she wasn't streaming then?

but the interesting part is january. Before that point, Cheyenne tweets, and cry retweets or replies. After that point, she's replying to him. and most of those tend to be brief interaction chains, and quite impersonal.

Past that, there's over a month between that post, and the one before where Cry's replying to Cheyenne.

To me… this looks like:

1) Cry is no longer giving free publicity. If they are going to interact, she has to reach out first.
2) y'know I had a '2' but I don't remember what it was. Sorry.

Anyway, I still think that they're on the rocks on things and will PUBLICALLY break up soon.

and i don't think they're still together. These last few tweets just feel like friends interacting.

Given the proximity to April Fool's day, I could see them putting off an announcement for a few weeks, so that there's no chance of "oh, haha, april fools"

Just relax y'all.

No. 286127

File: 1491573753812.jpg (123.91 KB, 675x1200, C8n0VW0XsAAlQZe.jpg)

Cheyenne looks a lot different in this. I don't know how, but it's weird.

No. 286138

I would hope that farmers have learned not to trust something a person said without legit evidence. Many come here to troll by deliberately providing fake milk. I know you want it to be true, but don't fall for something so easily without proof.

No. 286162

It's a super unflattering angle and she always hides her face. Here, you can see her huge bulbous nose at least, so that may throw you off?

No. 286267

File: 1491591966838.png (198.52 KB, 631x443, 483092.PNG)

I can practically feel Cheyenne's rage lmao

No. 286273


As I recall? (no promises, I gotta run, so can't go pouring back over the last 2 threads) but I believe W posted something, and Simple posted that what W posted was correct. And also posted twitter evidence that Simple is Simple. like, Simple posting right then, about lolcows, without naming lolcows.

So, I'll take that as proof. Or at least concerted effort to be believable by a person. Could be that Simple's trolling us, I guess.

No. 286274


The thing that gets me in this one is Cheyenne's expression. She LOOKS… well… happy. Devoted. In love?

No. 286277

Glad to know I'm not the only one who sees this. I don't know, the way she looks at her seems like she very much is into her.

I see, thanks!

No. 286279

That's weird, cause the first thing I thought was that that look seemed faked as fuck, as if it was supposed to make her seem like she was taken with her. I may be biased though.

No. 286284

Yeah, I don't really see how Cheyenne looks like she's different or into the girl or whatever. And is it just me, or does the other girl look like a drag queen to anyone else in that picture? I'm really not saying that to try and be mean since I don't even know the girl, I'm saying it because isn't she the one that's supposed to be a model or something? If she's the type that's only really pretty in "posed" pictures, could be reason why she seemed so out of league with Cheyenne in the first picture we saw of those two.

No. 286289


IIRC, they started dating on April Fool's didn't they?

No. 286291

Yep. That really should've clued us in on how big of a joke their relationship would be.

No. 286358

They were dating before april fools day. They just made it more "public" on that day.

No. 286361


Really? The way it came across to me was an April Fools joke that they went along with and started actually dating because of it.

But that was years ago and I stopped following a lot of Cry's stuff when Chey was everywhere. So I might be remembering wrong.
I love Cry but LNWCR wasn't as fun for me anymore with how hostile she is to everyone. :/

No. 286371



(to note, I'm >>286274 not the other person)

It's something in the face. If it's a fake, it's well done. But, you've got the camera and her hand covering her mouth and cheek… it might be that her hand is pushing her cheek up a little.. but it makes her look a lot like she's smiling. The other cheek actually supports this. … but the smile is hitting her eyes and that's the part of a fake smile that's hard to fake properly.

I guess the reason I feel like it's 'real' is that she looks like she's really trying to hide her mouth and her smile (as opposed to letting it 'peek' out like she might if it was fake)

I dunno. I guess it's jsut something in her eyes that does it past that. But, who knows :)

No. 286698

She's just happy with her friend but also trying to hide from a selfie because she literally always hides her face?

No. 286719

File: 1491613510374.png (123.54 KB, 750x1101, IMG_2492.PNG)

in the photo she's typing "i want to" and that is what it auto-filled. lul.

No. 287048

She really doesn't look that drag queen-y to me? I mean, she's wearing lipstick and eyeliner, I hardly think that qualifies as drag queen exclusive. Her modeling photos seem pretty solid too, makeup or not, so I'd say that she's just legitimately out of Cheyenne's league.

No. 287049

Wonder if she's sending it to Cry or her gal pal….lol

No. 287061

Yeah they were already
Cry announcing it then made everyone think it was a joke (obviously) no idea why he/they chose April Fool's though. I guess just to mess with people a bit

No. 287151

either case, gross af

No. 287161

For real. Is she able to kiss? I feel like her huge gross nose would get in the way. If she is able to, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

No. 287168

Apparently Cheyenne is gonna start doing facecam again once "Cry gives her the salon experience she asked for" because he apparently promised to take her to one before and never did.

Although sometimes I feel bad about making fun of her looks, because you can tell she dislikes them too with the way she covers them on snapchat.

No. 287173

I mean, we probably wouldn't be making fun of her looks if her personality didn't match them perfectly.

No. 287175

Exactly this. She's a huge bitch, who cares. She's treated others much worse.

She also said that she just had to take a break from LNC and was going to be back on and that her and Cry were going to do a wind down. I'm starting to think she's a big fat fucking liar.

No. 287345


Y'know, it coudl also be some form of saving face too.

For example… IF.. Cry said "Yeah, let's just be normal for now… I'll tell them about it soon." … she might be trying to pretend to be normal on things.

I mean, when people say "when are you going to be on LNC next" she has three choices.. ignore it, tell the truth (which is probably something like "not sure? depends on life") or lie.

This… MAY.. not be entirely her fault. Or maybe sh'es a big fat fucking lair. who knows.

No. 287349

Based on the past, I'm just gonna go with her being a big fat fucking liar. If I was trying to pretend things were normal, I would just ignore things like Cry has been doing. When she says things are going to happen, and none of them have, she obviously doesn't think we're smart enough to realize that something is going on and that everything is not normal.

No. 287458


Nah. To me it implies she has other things to do. 'hanging out' tends to imply, at least to me, kind of a casual sort of thing.. rather than specifically doing SOMETHING with a friend.

On the other hand…

If she's moving soon, I wouldn't blame her for getting as much friend-time as possible. It's all well and good to say "I'll come visit"… but, it's easier said than done, sometimes.

No. 287751

So Cheyenne's been sharing a bed with her friend and they've been sleeping on each other? I do that with my best friend and all, but Cheyenne seems too cold to do that with someone she's not in a relationship with.

No. 287771

I mean, she's cold to people online. She's probably just comfortable with her. She's still a human. A shitty human, but even shitty humans can be close to others.

No. 287782

ok this is a bit off topic but Cry started following JaidenAnimations on twitter right after she released her face reveal video where she talked about her eating disorder. Maybe Cry went through something similar? He's always asked about showing his face but idk

No. 287828

She made a good point about looks not mattering with the content. I personally don't care what Cry looks like.

No. 287878

I don't care about what he looks like either. Honestly, I feel like no matter what he looks like I'd still find him handsome. He's such a loving person and so easy to look up to so I just don't care. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 287901

He's endearing. THAT'S what makes him special. His looks shouldn't matter. And they certainly don't to me.

No. 288768


I just found this again and damn I'm annoyed.

No. 288849

Could you annotate it?

No. 289225

His 24 hour stream thingy is today

No. 289258

I'm gonna try and be a trooper and get through the whole stream. Just went to the store, got a bunch of snacks and energy drinks.

No. 289282


Is there any specific reason why he is doing the 24-hour stream?

No. 289283

Pretty sure he just feels like it.

No. 289295

Does anyone know if that Cupcake girl from the last thread is linked to Cry in any way? I've seen them interact a couple times on Twitter.
Just curious.

No. 289296

i dont think she is. i know she does some of her own streams but thats about it from what i know. she's super pretty though.
honestly im glad she doesnt seem to be linked to him, seems like such a positive and genuine person, feel like all the shit surrounding cry would corrupt her

No. 289306

No. She's not. I talked to her and they just respond to each other sometimes. Nothing more than that. :)

No. 289309

DeadPanda follows her

No. 289313

It's weird because she seems so alike to him, at least in a personality sense anyway. She's a very cool chick. Glad she doesn't have any bad stuff surrounding her.

Panda follows a lot of people. Wouldn't think much of it.

No. 289350

Bringing up the random cupcake girl is so fucking stupid and weird. She's absolutely not involved in anything at all.
All I can think back to was when she was samefagging about herself in a previous thread and that these are just her trying to garner attention again.
She's irrelevant and not linked to anything or anyone. Stop. Jfc.

No. 289353

I mean..she wasn't doing that at all but okay? No need to be salty.

No. 289358

When does the stream start anyway?

No. 289363


No. 289365

She absolutely was fucking samefagging and is clearly an attention whore. >>271866

No. 289372

She was trying to get some answers and forgot to go on anon again, so? I was sitting next to her the whole time.

No. 289375

Cupcake has 0 relations with the crew. She's entirely irrelevant. Stop bringing her up.

No. 289376

She hasn't even been checking the forum all that much recently lol. She made a mistake, who cares? Probably got more information than the rest of us could have.

No. 289378

Anyho, I'm excited for this stream. 24 hours. Feel like a lots gonna come out of this~

No. 289380

Yeah, all cupcake posts have to be started by her. Maybe her friends. It's so fucking annoying.

No. 289381


IMO, that is absolutely a reasonable place to go back on anon and cast doubt on the mysterious anon who didn't want to share information publicly. shrug (That being several days later with, if I recall correctly, several people asking about what she learned–which was nothing.
Because baiting anon.)


YEAH! 24 hour streeeeeeams. Maybe this is where he's gonna tell us his big announcement secret thing.

No. 289382

You're asking us to stop talking about her when you continue to do so regardless of the anon above moving on. Stop it.

>>289378 Possibly, however cry doesn't seem to talk about cheyenne as much as she talks about him. A 24 hours stream from cheyenne however, THAT would be interesting

No. 289387

I forgot that he had an 'announcement' to make.
Honestly I'm beginning to doubt that they're actually broken up - one can hope though.

No. 289395

Almost forgot, Cheyenne responded to one of Cry's tweets today but he didn't say anything back.

No. 289397


No, I really believe that they're broken up. the dynamic between them has changed.

This >>286074 nerd convinced me pretty well.

A change like that is seriously a big deal in a relationship. They ARE interacting more, but it's all started by Cheyenne. and the interaction we're seeing? all very generic friendly. (Except the 'I understand' from cry in January which might be read as terse or stiff – but it fits RIGHT into that transition period)

Plus, every time I've heard him talk about her lately, it's been very … dismissive casually 'oh yeah, she's doing her own thing right now'. Noncommittal.

I think people are paying too much attention to Cheyenne and her comments.

No. 289439

Annnnd we're live.

No. 289544

Unless Cry starts playing something other than Yakuza 0, I don't think any interesting info is coming out of this stream lol. It's like 90% dialogue.

No. 289557

Yeah, I'm bored so I'm going to call it a night. Hopefully something interesting comes up. Night everyone.

No. 289624

Nothing milk-worthy in the stream so far, so sage. One mention of Cheyenne due to a question from chat, but no milk and his response was very nonchalant (video game related). Counting on other farmers to listen in while I sleep.

No. 289684

Nothing is really happening so far as relating to Cry and Cheyenne, but if you can watch the stream DO IT. It's so fucking hilarious right now because the main character is trying to teach how a dominatrix how to be more harsh. I'm literally laughing tears.

No. 289962

What did he say about Cheyenne?

No. 290083

Someone asked if he had played the game he's playing in a stream with her before, and he said no, not this game, it's the first time he's playing it. No milk at all.

No. 290103

He made it through the whole 24 hours. I'm proud of the dude.

No. 290158

No. 290164

Yep, nothing new. She's known to suffer from that sort of stuff.

No. 290171

I was trying to say that 4 months ago was the last time she was with Cry, and after that is pretty much when he started ignoring her on twitter and everywhere else.

No. 290173

She really loves that idealistic fan art of herself, doesn't she?

No. 290177

Yep! That's also the picture she's using without giving credit.

No. 290414

Also, Cheyenne responded to cry's tweet about the 24 hours stream, which he ignored

No. 291473

No. 291475

More like domestic disasters kek

Anyway since when did half ass cooking basic food make you a domestic goddess

No. 291477

Just wanna point out that Cheyenne straightened her hair and she's mentioned it makes her feel pretty - which I've only seen her do when she's with Cry, sometimes not even then.

No. 291528

Oh, man, guess they're fuckin

No. 291576

I mean, I'm pretty sure the goddesses part was sarcasm but okay.

No. 291810

File: 1492217119156.png (69.01 KB, 750x578, IMG_2595.PNG)

Oh, this is just hilarious. Truly.

No. 291823

Cheyennes Snapchat: "video games and dinner with the cutest girl"

No. 291827

Whatever the fuck Cheyennes relationship is with that girl, I feel bad for Cry.
Clearly, he really loved her and she's obviously trying to make him jealous with this.
It's pissing me off.

No. 291872

Same. Like at least wait until Cry announces it or something before just throwing him to the curb.

No. 291876

Well, devil's advocate – if Cry's been dragging his feet on this, it's also kinda dickish to expect her to put her life on hold.

No. 291877

….shouldn't be POSTING about it, though.

No. 291882

It's possible they haven't actually broken up, but are just in an open relationship now.

I've known plenty of people who opened up their relationships for short periods without actually breaking up to deal with specific issues and give each other space to be their own person.

I'm not saying it's more likely or anything, but considering how open both of them are sexually it's not actually that much of a stretch.

I get that it's been hinted at heavily that they broke up, but perhaps someone got the wires crossed.

No. 291883


Tha'ts possible, but somehow I don't think so. From what was said–breaking up aside– Cry started thinking because of some of the posts in this thread talking about how shitty Cheyenne was/is. … in regards to being abusive, and bad and unhealthy.

I don't see 'open relationship' as being the answer to that problem… though i could be wrong!

Still shouldn't be posting about it publically, though, if it's not public.

No. 291889

No, Cry's been vague about Cheyenne recently. If they were still together, open relationship or not, he wouldn't say that the constant questions about Cheyenne are annoying him, he wouldn't stop retweeting her streams, wouldn't ignore their anniversary tweet and waste the day away streaming. I'm sure couples therapy would still be a thing if they were together too.
Cheyennes simply milking the popularity from him for as long as she can.
Thankfully though, it seems more of her fans are catching onto that.

No. 291894

Not to mention she's constantly saying they're recording a video together and she's going to be back on late night, but she never has been and there has been no video. It's simple. She's the same as she's always been. She wasn't 'soul searching' or looking to better herself. The only difference is her hair looks more fried and she's an even bigger liar.

No. 291895

It was just a thought. I've read through all the threads, but I haven't actually watched any of Cry's content in about two years, sans the 24 hour Yakuza stream which got me thinking about the Chey drama of the past and led me to check here in the search for any new drama about her or updates on if he had left the cunt who caused me to lose all respect for him.

I'd definitely gain some respect back for him if he just up and publicly ended it. It wouldn't bring Ziegs back, or the years of respect I had for him before that were lost, but it'd be enough for me to take a look at his content again and start rebuilding the respect.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

No. 291897

Most of us feel that way. I haven't lost respect for him for being with her, though. If anything it just makes me constantly worry about him.

No. 291910

I'm still a strong believer that whatever happened with Angel, since that was the last major drama that happened with SO MANY of them posting about how sad they were (even Snake uncharacteristically posted that he 'hated people' during that time) that that was the biggest turn around.
They were all miserable, Chey was still running the show, all the other girls minus Sage disappeared… and now it suddenly flipped. Chey is MIA in terms of LNC, Sage and Jund broke up, and Angel is hanging out with them way more than she ever did.

I really think that drama was the turning point. I think Cry actually sided against Chey for once. She must have really fucked up.

No. 291915

It's partially that as a woman who basically lost 8 years of her life being sent into a soul-crushing spiral of depression caused by girls like her, only to have one of the people I looked up to because of how he spoke about such things end up with a bitch just like them was pretty insulting even though he wouldn't have known that.

It's not that I thought he was infallible, but I certainly expected someone who spoke about being deeply affected by others being shitty human beings to be able to recognize and avoid someone as toxic as her. When he didn't I realized that he was also potentially just one of those toxic people, just not to the same extent because he was a guy, and a hard "beta", who I learnt tend take a more passive approach, toxic by proxy, by running into plenty more toxic bitches in gaming communities with their harems of little "beta" bitch boys. Like holy fuck the reason it's hard being an introverted girl in gaming communities is because if you aren't the alpha cunt or constantly sucking her cock then you're subject to goddamn schoolyard bullying until you can't play with those people anymore and have to find a new group. It was kinda solidified to me after things happened with Ziegs, but I'd accept that he's just been ignorant and thinking with his cock the whole time if he acknowledged it in some way.

Apologies for the run-on sentence and venting.

Reading about all that is honestly what got me interested again, because from clips I've seen Angel is a pretty genuine, average girl. In response to all the talk from people pairing her with Russ, who apparently likes her, or Cry: holy fuck no I wouldn't wish that on her she could do better. Russ I could see but Cry has some serious, like talk to a therapist for a year and take some time to learn about healthy relationships level, issues to work through before even considering dating again after Chey.

No. 291923


I understand :)

I haven't lost all respect for him. Actually, whatever he's doing now might be pretty respectable.

My own theory is that he's holding off an an announcement until, well, people don't care. Because he has fans and the moment he announces a break up, SOME PEOPLE will go be abusive fucks to cheyenne. And… two wrongs don't make rights.

He's kinda screwed for making sure that the rabid fangirls don't go after her… but there's not really a good way to do it.

No. 291924


My theory on his beta bitchyness is honestly… his never had a good dad rolemodel. Just a lot of shitty temporary step days and 'uncles' and stuff. … he might not really have understood what to look for in a good partner/relationship. Y'know?

There's a trend of people who are abused looking for people who are abusive to be their partners. I don't really know the psychology behind it all– though could make some guesses–but I seriously think that that was/is his issue.

Also: I'm sorry that you dealt with such a royal bitch

No. 291934

At the same time he's the same age as me, and I turned 28 this year. He's been alive long enough that unless the YouTube thing seriously isolated him from all forms of plausible reality he should have gone through some introspection by now when it comes to personal relationships.

No. 291966

I agree. Angel could do really good with Russ, but she could still do better. She really is genuine (not just saying that because i'm thirsty or what the hell ever), but because you can just see how nice of a person she is and it's so refreshing to see after 3 years of cheyenne madness. Especially since watching some Secret Hitler videos. Angel would actually try to talk to Cheyenne, try to have fun with her, and Cheyenne would just be short with her. It was sad.

No. 291987

File: 1492249877083.png (355.56 KB, 416x739, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.46…)


I'm sorry but I still think they are together. They might've just had a break, and she's probably just avoiding going on late night because she knows a lot of people don't like her. I know exes can be friends, but I honestly doubt Cheyenne would let that happen. All I know is that I got my hopes up too high, and now I'm disappointed.

No. 291989


or she's lying again. she also felt the need to comment on twitter

> i'm tipsy and watching a wil ferrell movie with cry and there's pegging scene in it

>everything is Good



> she's probably just avoiding going on late night because she knows a lot of people don't like her.

She never let that stop her before.

> I know exes can be friends, but I honestly doubt Cheyenne would let that happen.

Depends on how much she wants to stay attached to cry and siphon attention off of him. some bridges are too expensive to burn. (especially if maybe you hope to get back together) … Plus, I feel like cry would totally be friends with his exes.

Don't lose hope.

Sides, this DOES line up with the theory that she's pretending until he announces something, and doesn't prove anything… except that maybe she pulled up a movie and jumped to the middle of it and hopped in a call with Cry to take a screenshot–which he should be willing to do if they're faking. Hell. if they ARE still trying to be friends, there's nothing 'wrong' with watching a movie together.

I won't believe it until we hear cry say something about it. naive hope

No. 291997

this is just getting sad. Sorry farmers but they're obviously still together, stop reaching.

No. 292011

They for sure aren't together still imo. I totally think Cry would be the type to attempt to maintain friendship.
We know Cheyenne probably looks at these threads frequently. Cry knows about them, probably doesn't look at them too much but…I think Cheyenne realises we're coming closer and closer to the truth. They're probably just trying to shut us up, chill guys. Remember what W said.

No. 292012

May I remind you all that Cheyenne is moving in with Panda at some point. Any of you think that Cry would be okay with that? Really? We all know what sort of reputation Panda has and Cry knows too. Be real for a minute and stop freaking out.

No. 292014

imo just the fact that they've been together for such a long time and still havent move in together or just move even a bit closer to each other proves that something is wrong in their relationship.

No. 292015

Cry IS housing his sister and his niece. I don't think it has anything to do with their relationship. However, Cheyenne moving in with Panda is very much a concern and proves something is wrong.

No. 292023

She's not moving in with Panda though??

No. 292025


These are all interesting observations.

If I might posit:

So. Cry's got a full house. Sister, Niece and i think I heard something about his brother soon too? (the snake game live stream, a couple weeks ago..) Cry is super family oriented. He takes care of them. He wouldn't ever abandon them. And I honestly think that he would probably consider moving out to be abandoning them. After all–it's way easier to support someone when you see 'em every day. It's way easier to be FRIENDS with your family when you're close, physically. Especially if they do have some firm rules about personal space.

So. Cry won't move, especially not cross country.

Cheyenne has visited him before. She's not a hidden secret. She's met his family.

They either approve of her, or don't. This probably matters a fair bit to him, but that way lies a lot of assumption and preposition about stuff, so we'll mostly ignore this fact.

So. Cheyenne's moving. Why isn't she moving in with Cry? Why HASN'T she moved in with Cry? The easy answer before now was she wasn't ready, that moving in with a boyfriend is scarier than moving in with a roommate, etc. but that seems… well, more mature than she has typically shown herself to be. (and Cry, I think honestly is the sort who would go along with what she says… so he probably didn't 'talk her out of it')…

But, she's moving. To California… what if she can't move in with Cry because she can't?

Why wouldn't she be able to?

A) Family disapproves, and her presence would encourage Cry's family to want to move out, or be unhappy. No shame on that. Cohabitating with someone you don't like is hard..

B) There's not enough room. This would be pretty fair. I don't know when houses were arranged, and what people were involved at that time, but people do need a fair amount of space. Cry's probably using the space he has available, and trying to wedge another person's life and belongings into his bedroom would be awkward and difficult.

c) He doesn't want her to. or Cheyenne doesn't want to…. either because of space, leaving home, his family, or whatever. Lots of reasons she might not want to.

What's the results?

Well, if A is the problem, it's hard to surpass.. the answer is to either kick out his family, or move out himself. Both of which seem unlikely. If it's B, then the answer is to move to a bigger place, but I also feel like he… wouldn't want to share his space with people–even a girlfriend. I dunno. He just seems introverted like that. Which also answers C.

And in all those circumstances… there's not really a time fix on those. It's not a case of "wait another year till Susan goes to college." … those are all long term issues. And if those ARE the issues, then one has to question the commitment, y'know?

It's pretty reasonable to wonder "why am I doing this, when s/he doesn't want to move in with me?" it's reasonable to wonder "What am I getting out of this relationship?" … etc etc.

No. 292026


I've heard rumors otherwise–but no source, I think. Why do you say she isn't?

And where did other peopel here that she was?

No. 292028

I've had a conversation with Panda myself and he's told me that they're planning on it. It's not just rumour.

No. 292029

Same here.

No. 292031

Because she said she was moving in with either her best friends (and referred to one of them as a she), or that she would be moving somewhere near her college, which is in Las Vegas. I don't know about those two anons, but that's what she said on her stream. And I don't think she'd wanna move AWAY from her college to wherever the hell Panda is.

No. 292032

See, Panda said that he was saving up to move in with her. She doesn't have to be going to where he is. He also mentioned to me she could go back to school if they moved in together. Sure, ONE of them is female, if she didn't say anything about the other, I think it's fairly obvious. He's planning a trip to see her beforehand too.

No. 292034

Another thing about Panda that concerns me is that he's known to enjoy getting people drunk and hooking up with his friends. Dude told me he'd be visiting Cheyenne to get her wasted, so there's that.

No. 292036

Also the fact that Cry hasn't addressed anything at all is strange. It's obvious that everyone's wondering where Cheyenne is and why they aren't streaming together anymore etc, so it's weird that he hasn't said anything about it yet.

No. 292037

Cry said that she was just doing her own thing now.
But again, that of course clashes with her saying she'd be back on late night and the only reason they don't stream together anymore is because of her schedule change.
Her lies give me headaches.

No. 292041

It's been said plenty of times that Cry agreed to keep up appearances. It's literally just been her posting about him and him not saying anything. He even ignored the last tweet she sent to him.
The biggest flag should have been the fact he didn't even mention their anniversary or reply at least to her post about it. He didn't.

I mean it's impossible to see how long that call had been going. They literally could have jumped into a call for her to take a picture, especially if they have an agreement.

Plus, they do for sure know about these threads and I'm sure Cheyenne likes to fuck with you all, so I'm sure she gets happy every time we freak out over something she posts.

No. 292042

…Im an idiot. I assumed you guys were saying she would move with him. My bad! Then I'm super worried about her move now. Though I don't know his "reputation", I know I don't like him.

No. 292088

Chey has met Panda before, guys. They kept quiet about it.

No. 292099

They didn't really keep quiet about it. They've both talked about it during her streams. I thought it was common knowledge.

No. 292108

That's…not even Cry's Skype.

No. 292114

It is though? Cheyenne has shown it on stream accidentally multiple times, and it's always the same.

No. 292116

Hm. Maybe my Skype is being weird, it's been showing his ID recently, not "Cryaotic". Then again, Skype is usually very glitchy for me.

No. 292210


No. 292229

You can rename people on Skype, as well.

No. 292280

If that's actually the case and Cheyenne is faking the whole thing, then I'm actually surprised to see how far she'll go to convince everyone they're still together. It's quite pathetic really.

No. 292305

She's a pathetic person. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 292307

Changed her twitter picture again without credit, smh.

No. 292308

Wonder what her anxiety has been about.

No. 292329

Maybe Cry plans to make their breakup public soon?

No. 292332

I think it might be that. If that's the case, I'm suuuper hyped.

No. 292356

File: 1492299922836.png (213.39 KB, 584x436, thebitchwasbitched.PNG)

I like to imagine we caused this.

No. 292357

If she truly is keeping up and realizing that we aren't falling for the bullshit, maybe! Feels super good.

No. 292448

Having Riskem on stream is as worse as having cheyenne on stream.

No. 292451

Angel literally got Late Night to ban "PS4" on Late Night because people kept telling Cry to buy her one

No. 292452

Are you sure? I see people spamming it

No. 292453

Yeah, she just said it. Cry might've unbanned it though because he was like "Why is PS4 banned?"

No. 292484

Yeah, they unbanned it after Cry said something. She kept saying to kill the meme.

No. 292503

Did anybody notice in the LNC stream that Cry made a puzzle titled "Cheyenne"? I guess they really are doing the video…

No. 292505

Clip it and post it

No. 292520

Again, this really means nothing. She may have pestered him about doing it.

No. 292524

What stream was that?

No. 292525


Did he say why?

Man, I guess we don't have enough farmers watching all the time. …I wish I could catch his streams more often…

No. 292527

I really wish people didn't randomly erase shit after someone responds to them.

No. 292528

File: 1492332931762.jpg (16.44 KB, 946x62, _21.JPG)

this was what they said.

No. 292536

I bet that's how he's gonna announce them.

No. 292537


That would actually be a pretty good way to do it. It's calm, it's chill. no questions being asked. It's a good way to show "yeah. we're still friendly, see? (plz don't abuse her)" and gives them some time to really talk about things for the camera.

It could explain why he's putting it off too if he doesn't actually want to spent much time with her. Or.. doesn't want to discuss uncomfortable emotional things, anyway.

That would be a REALLY hard announcement to make. One of the worst bits of breaking up is TELLING people about it. "yeah, so, that person I was totally into for years? … not anymore. :("

No. 292538

I hope it happens soon though, this has gone on for far too long.

No. 292551

I'm the anon that deleted the update. I wanted to get it word by word,
he was asked when he will do the wind-down with Chey
"It was supposed to happen today, it was supposed to happen on Friday,it was supposed to actually happen last week on Wednesday. but I keep fucking up and procrastinating"
this was on the last editing stream I think.

No. 292559



No. 292823

Cry hasn't really replied to Cheyenne at all in so long, besides the non-committal responses he's made, but he comments on a random tweet Angel makes about food.
Thought that was pretty funny.

No. 292855

Sorry. Here is the clip. As already stated, it might not mean much. Just thought it was interesting.

No. 292975

Ah shit I never even knew this place existed. Anonymous discussion about Cry, hit me up fam.

Not that im gunna give anyaya any proof but here's some scraps of info that have piled up over the years that I never get to talk aboot so ima vent them here.

Be me, knowing some crew members but not involved in the 'LNC'. Not a close friend of really any of the current crew but 'acquaintance' with most of the current/past crew. No, im not a tuber or streamer, just involved in some circles that have tubers and streamers.

also I rarely watch the streams so dont bag me for that.

first lel oceann memes: honestly have not heard her mentioned in bulk by anyone since probably octoberish. vaguely remember a passing comment in jaurary. most likely has faded from relevant memory.

cry/chey have always had a fukked up relationship. offcam/in more private games/teamspeak (ie ' not friends per say but gaming circle' environment) shes a straight up cunt. to everyone. literally everyone. unless you have a vagina, then shes kind of nice, unless cry talks to you, then she stops being nice. jesus christ she is a spiteful, hateful human being who is as miserable as she is nasty.
i briefly had a toon in their wow guild and noped out of there after two or three raid nights. she is vile and chased countless people out of that guild and killed it.
also she has used the 'i will commit suicide IF I don't get x' threat multiple times with cry.
no idea if their still a thing because theyve never seemed to get along and hes so clingy, that I probably wouldnt notice a difference anyways.

nuff chey hate lololo.
angel has been leading russ on since like 6months post-red. fun red fact, she did the hanky spanky over skype with cry for a while preRuss breakup. afaik he still doesnt know, but chey does.

Scotts a dick but like a tolerable dick. If he doesnt like you, you know it, and he wont be your friend, but hes not actively hostile unless you push him into a corner, which I have only witnessed once and it was a kicker to listen to. Kinda respect him for being blunt but staying sociable about it, kinda dont respect him for still being kind of a dick and hating everyone.
I dont know much about his last relationship other than they didnt really seem to be close at any point, at least from what I saw.

Uhh. What else. I have barely talked to Snake because he's not around much, and is easily the most adultiest adult out of the whole LNC. I legit do noooottt understand why he hangs around them much because hes always doing something when hes not streaming or with the crew or whatever. as in, he doesnt sit around in game groups waiting to play something, and almost never shit talks people, even if they deserve it. I dont think he also knows much about the shittier things some of the crew has done but heyyoo whatever works for him, he probably wouldnt even care.

Yeah wanna comment on that hospital trip thing. so cry supports himself, his ghetto sis, her ghetto boyfriend, and their doomed kid. he lives in a nice house with a pool and drives a pretty damn new car, afair it was 2 or so years ago he bragged about buying a new one. maybe it wasnt as new as he implied but hey. basically, he did not need any public funding for his hospital trip, and if he did, its his own fucking fault for not managing his life and finances. IE funding him was enabling him if he did need it, and if he didnt need it, it was all pocket change. hello there free 55k$~ or so. laughed my ass off when i heard how much he got.

trailing comment: cry has sex-skyped with at least one underage fan before.

Running dry on stuff im willing to share at the moment, but fire any questions and ill see if I can answer or at least give an opinion. Disclaimer, some of this is hearsay from closer friends of the crew and some of it is personal opinion, but you take it for what its worth to you.

No. 292977

>post-red. fun red fact, she did the hanky spanky over skype with cry

That's interesting but I wonder if it's actually true.

No. 292982

big dumper here again:


chey has said several times that she hates dodger so no doubt.

bruh maybe thats just how she is. you aren't cry's parent and you don't know that girl at all, you have no fucking idea about either one of them. dont judge her as being 'fucking disgusting' and tell her to get out after watching a few short clips, jesus christ man, have some heart and maturity. people are complex, and we arent all unique little snowflakes. there are millions of people out there that are probably very damn similar to you, and im sure several live within 20 miles of you. thats how the world works.

cry comes from an abusive/enabling upbringing and has virtually no self control. so we'll see.

lawl cry is NOT pansexual. comfortable in his hetero but he actively dislikes penises. if hes ever said he's pan publicly, its pandering. most of his fanbase is extremely sterotypical tumblr.

because he cannot stand being alone, and hasnt been completely single/without a side ho for a good 5ish years. hard to mature when you're always clinging to someone to hold you up

something something family and school, last i heard. that and cry is probably still hunting for side-ho's

also fun Cesstairia fact, shes a whiteknighter/tumblr/troll/harasser from yeaaarrs back according to some mods. one said that theyre pretty sure she was banned a while ago but someone unbanned her. messaged one of the less-active mods and lied about it being an accident according to who i asked

>>286138 as is everywhere on the internet tho. also its hard to back up the nastier stuff without exposing who you are. fuck i left out a lootttta details in case someone i know read that and linked it to me.

No. 292983

seen the emails of chey finding out myself lol. well, her sending messages to people who knew and didnt tell her. was one of those suicide-threatning moments. russ was ACTUALLY near suicide at the time so no one told him obviously, and when he was himself again, enough time had passed that no one wanted to seem like a dick and be all 'so by the way, your relationship was a lie…'

No. 292985

Was Cry/Red before him and Cheyenne?

No. 292987

dunno if cry/red predates cry/cheyenne, but it was going on during cry/cheyenne at least

No. 292989

it ended before he got with cheyenne.

No. 292990


it did not

No. 292991

it did, actually. it ended about 7 or 8 months beforehand.

No. 292992


lol alright buddy

No. 292994


> knowing some crew members but not involved in the 'LNC'. Not a close friend of really any of the current crew but 'acquaintance' with most of the current/past crew.

For someone who's not really a close friend, you've got some super person information there….

No. 292996

No. 292998

What this >>292994 anon said. How the hell did you get this info? You either have some secret person, or you're just trolling.

I don't get what Red has to do with anything about now. I feel like we are heading into another dumb drama that happened years ago and doesn't really have significance.

Also, not that this is really important, but Cry doesn't drive. lol.

No. 293003

your welcome to just write it off as trolling, just nice to get some of it off my chest and im not getting caught over venting. Holding in this information for yeaarss since i cant really bring it up in my circles without getting in trouble, and anywhere else its not relevant.

red doesnt have to do anything with now. why would a multi-year secret dump be focused on 'now'? sorry ,should i write you an essay bout the latest stream?

cry does drive, lol. what you think he relies on his degenerate family for literally everything? pretty sure when hes said 'brb going to the gas station for food and beer', he isnt walking there and back within 30 mins.

No. 293009


> Also, not that this is really important, but Cry doesn't drive. lol.

That's actually kind of endearing. If true, tosses some shade on that other guy's stuff.


we have dealt with some high powered trolls before. we're jsut being cautious <3

> pretty sure when hes said 'brb going to the gas station for food and beer', he isnt walking there and back within 30 mins.

Just sayin', it's possible to live close to a gas station. I've actually got one about 200 feet away, while the nearest store is a few miles.

I know how to keep my kitchen stocked, so I don't hit it up for snacks, but if I wanted a damn snickers, I'd probably walk there, haha.

No. 293013

good point. i dont really frequent these sort of sites/threads so while i guess i didnt expect my post to be entirely believable, accusing cry of cheating/pedofilia in a pro-cry thread probably makes the whole thing look like a troll. and yeah, you guys probably would have experience with trolls and thus also nuking my credibility. eh, whatever. it was fun to write.

thats tru, he could live near one. he does live in the suburbs though and its not common to see a gas station so close to mid-income housing. car could have also been for family. flip side, i think he has posted on twitter before about leaving a several-hundred dollar tip for a waitress before, and anyone with financial issues would not do that. then again that was probably 2+ years ago, but i really have never heard about him having financial issues ever.

i do know during the hospital time, there was something about youtube fucking up his taxes or something that delayed his payments and finding out his shitty family had been racking up credit card debt. but again, if he did need the money, i still think it was enabling him by funding it when his own shitty life choices led to that situation in the first place.

No. 293017

Sorry. I'm not trying to come off harsh. Like the other anon said, we've had trolls come in before and it's hard not to be cautious.

I've seen multiple Cheyenne snaps where she'll be driving her and him to somewhere, and saying herself that he doesn't drive and doesn't intend to. And i'm pretty sure he's had his sister take him like down the street or whatever before to get snacks and such.

But yeah, just being cautious. Your rant was all "i'm not really in their group/don't have any close relationships with them" and then you burst out a bunch of personal stuff. It just didn't make sense to me.

No. 293020

it really doesn't, but this is also compiled over literally years, some of the conversations being very late/involving alcohol or bitterness. not gathered within a night, weeks, or even months. years

No. 293022

So why are you posting it now? Do you still have any association with anyone you've mentioned?

No. 293023

Honestly was curious about if i had missed an official cry/chey breakup and googled it. came across this thread and thought 'well hey, seems like a good place to dump these secrets i never get to talk about'

No. 293025

Do you still hang around / associate with the crew or no?

No. 293026

>>293025 not directly, no

No. 293037

Do people know what Cryaotic looks like? Sage for complete newfriend, sorry.

No. 293041

Red is that you?

No. 293051

Yes he's fat.

No. 293057


I think most of us are taking this with some grains of salt. there are shadows of it in other things we've had mentioned here already so, maybe more credibility.. on the other hand… Y'know, it's weird how, like, every single youtuber I've heard of at SOME point as someone talking about how they were doing the naughty thing with underage girls.

It's one of those things that I honestly don't give much credence to anymore–it's so easy to say that someone did it. It's so easy to fake screenshots or chat logs. It's so easy to be misled by people (seriously: my best internet friend one day broke down after, like, 3 years of us being GOOD friends, and said that she wasn't 22, she was 16, or something. It was fine, but whaaaaat)… and it's so easy to just…. make up lies.

And pedo-shit is so EASY to get people riled up on, because GASP! Pedo!

Anyway, yeah. No one takes Pedoshit casually because it's the fast line to ruin-your-life land. (seriously, rape a girl? eeh, she was probably a tease and deserve it. Wait, that girl is 16? GASP! YOU SINNING SINNER!) Anyway, ramble rant aside.

As for suburbs and gas stations… that's fair enough! Havn't lived in the suburbs myself– That said, if Cry's providing house and food and home for his sister, her boyfriend AND her kid…. "hey sis, I want tacobell" seems pretty reasonable to me.

AS for (whew) hospital stuff… no real comment outside of pointing out that hospital care is really fucking expensive. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if all that cost him 50,000$ or more. even if he got a new car, tha'ts like, 500$ a month over several years, not 50,000.

Anyway, I think I"m mostly rambling by now. So, gonna sage this shit and go back to watching this fucking cute baby giraffe scamper around.

No. 293126

I think he's the guy with sunglasses in that infamous 'exposed' pic

No. 293177

Cry does drive, though.
He posted a picture on his tumblr a couple of years back where he was clearly inside of a car,driver's seat, taking a picture of the road ahead.
I think it was about some guy's registration plate. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 293178

I know what post you're referring to, it was on his Tumblr, but he definitely does NOT drive.

No. 293182

Maybe he doesn't like to? I remember someone mentioning that he does avoid driving, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to.
He probably does drive himself somewhere if needed occasionally.

No. 293183

He had an argument with Cheyenne about who got to drive though lmfao.

No. 293185


These are the only posts mentioning cars on tumblr from him. He does say he's buying a car…. For his sister. I think things are getting misremembered because it's all old stuff.

No. 293190

File: 1492446087837.png (583.59 KB, 854x640, this.png)

Memory does not serve me right, he was in the passenger seat.

No. 293201

I want to say he's not obese like the "reveal" picture. That looks like a woman to me. Also, he posted a picture of a cup on his knee on Twitter a bit ago, and if he was THAT big, that knee shot just doesn't match.

No. 293202

File: 1492447647602.jpg (121.83 KB, 675x1200, CyDizq9WgAAExya.jpg)

Here's the knee. I would just think it would be wider? Idk.

No. 293203

Can you guys quit talking about what he may look like? It's so damn disrespectful. Fucking hell.

No. 293205

And who gives a shit if he drives or not? Last time I checked this is a thread about their relationship, not ''lets figure out if cry drives!''

No. 293206

File: 1492448063057.png (580.28 KB, 500x734, also.png)

Also an M sized shirt?

No. 293209

It's a thread about Cry and Cheyenne, anything about these two goes.
If you don't like it start another conversation then, make your own points and evolve it into a discussion.

No. 293211

Talking about what Cry looks like is an old discussion that needs to be left alone. Don't call yourself a fan (I know that some of you aren't, but a lot of yourselves say you are) if you're digging into shit like this.

No. 293217

lolcow isn't a gushing fan site devoted to your mysterious streaming idols.

>I know he's nice I can tell by his voice

No. 293220

I agree with the above anons, and this is coming from someone who's his friend. Not a fan.
It's so disgusting.

No. 293223


This isn't Tumblr, if you're so triggered by someone talking about what he looks like get the fuck off and go to some other website.

No. 293228

Why the fuck are you even here if you're his friend tho? It's not very nice to talk about your friends behind their backs.

No. 293236

Pretty sure they were talking about the driving because the Anon mentioned that Cry drives, even though he's stated multiple times before that he doesn't. It just causes doubt because they were trying to give all this info, but got something like that wrong (or right idk) when they're supposed to have all this "insider info"

No. 293239

I hadn't said anything until then. I just check the thread sometimes to make sure no one is giving out personal information about him.

No. 293240

I see, thanks for clarifying!

No. 293248


Let's sum up!

Cry: Might be the guy in the picture! Might not be!
Cry: Might be fat! Evidence: a ~mysterious photo~ that was taken years ago. The fact that he doesn't facecam.
Cry: Might not be fat! Evidence: Small shirts, a lot of subtle hints like Cheyenne-wearing-his-shirt-that-isn't-a-XXXXXL or whatever.
Cry: Likes his privacy! and that of his family, so not having face cam kinda makes a lot of fucking sense. does NOT like showing his face (didn't russ say he'd never seen cry's face?)
Cry: Could have been fat once, might not be anymore, or maybe the other way around. We've no clue, and our only way of finding out would be to go to the right city and wander around randomly accosting strangers til we find the right one.

Cry: Might drive! Might not drive! Might drive but-not-enjoy-it.
Cry: Bought a car! In 2015, bought a 2010 car! Why is this relevant? Who know!

No. 293259

Why the fuck are we fighting about what does or does not get talked about here. All of this is speculation and quite frankly, until anything becomes truth straight from the person's mouth, it will stay that way.

I say talk about whatever the fuck you'd like to. This isn't a place to be kind to people. This thread is actually one of the FAR MORE kind on here.

No. 293263

The whole point of this thread is based around speculation, dumbass.
Also, don't post if you don't even know how to sage properly. Its goddamn embarrassing.

No. 293269

So I put it in the wrong field. Is it really embarrassing? Does it embarrass you? I don't feel embarrassed.

No. 293272

The thing between Cry and Red that was mentioned is interesting to me. I would assume that they would have only told very close friends, so who posted it here?

No. 293275


If it's even true and not someone trolling.

No. 293294

I remember hearing a rumor about it when it was going on, but I entirely forgot about it until now.

No. 293312

I inquired simply if he has a public image and if anyone has ever seen him. I don't care what he looks like. I think if he's opting for a completely faceless character online and he's managing to upkeep that, that is so cool. If you're so concerned about privacy and being invasive, why are you in a thread dedicated to examining his life choices lol?? Not trying to bring you down just I'm genuinely curious about the thought process here.

No. 293357


I'm not anon you're replying to… but, let me help.

Cry is very concerned about his privacy. He doesn't facecam and there are no public pictures of him that he's released. He's a big mystery and for goot reason–apparently several (4?) years ago, some obsessive fantwats hunted down his mom's facebook and grabbed all the pictures they could… including, like, pictures of his little (10ish at the time?) brother and his home addresses and stuff like that.

There were some pictures leaked a few years ago that might have been cry, or might have been someone's cousin Bob.

But generally, his rule has been "don't ask about Cry's face."

So of course people speculate that he's really ugly, fat or disfigured or something.

So, discussion of his face is generally pretty pointless, because there's nothing to go off of, generally.

> If you're so concerned about privacy and being invasive, why are you in a thread dedicated to examining his life choices lol??

Most of us here are actually pretty fond of Cry. We don't like his maybe-ex-maybe-not-ex-girlfriend who is an abusive cunt. But Cry's generally pretty cool in our opinions.

That and the question/discussion of "what's cry look like" comes up every week or two and it becomes annoying. <3

No. 293363

Different anon as well.

While I agree with what you're saying for the most part, lolcow isn't exactly the place for this opinion. Pretty much everything under the sun (including doxxing) is allowed here. To expect any cow to be given privacy due to their feelings is a bit ubsurd.

No. 293382


Same anon as you're replying to.

While I do get that everything under the sun is allowed here, this doesn't change what I wrote? several years ago–far before these threads were started–some tumblrinas or whatever violated his privacy (and that of his family, including his under-18 brother).

I'm not objecting to said leaked info being posted here or discussed here. I'm not objecting to newly leaked info coming out here.

The anon I was replying to didn't seem to be 'up to date' on all the details regarding cry's perspective on the privacy of his family, etc, so I stated the facts: Cry is concerned about his privacy, and thus has never officially posted face pictures. and his rule has been 'don't ask about cry's face.'

But since all that shit is literally years old, there's nothing new to talk about. There's no new milk. just the occasional discussion about 'is he fat' where people state their opinions on the matter with no proof, just speculation. Nothing new.

> To expect any cow to be given privacy due to their feelings is a bit ubsurd.

That said, I might make the argument that for most of us the cow here is Cheyenne, but whatever.

And, again. Not really saying 'omg give him his privacy' just pointing out that he is privacy-focused, and because of that, there's not much to discuss.

No. 293388


I don't think Red and Cry did hanky-spanky-whatever you want to call it. Maybe flirting because that seems to be a common theme here, but it seems out of character for her to go further than that.
Reason being, she was already being pursued by the guy she's engaged (maybe married?) to currently, when she was still very much with Russ and was constantly pushing the guy away. Even when they were having problems she respected Russ enough to not start anything with this guy, until after they had broken up all the way.
IIRC, she even waited a couple months after the break up before she got with the new guy.

No. 293389

Recent leaker anon here again. On mobile so too lazy to sage.

On cry's fam: im pretty sure hes said they live with him on stream before? If not he def did in his wow guild chat one raid night. You can confirm that by asking any veteran members of it like veggie.

On crys face: i have seen it but i dont know if it was really him. Came from someone he has hanky spankied and the screenshot -> snapchattd it to me. Howver it was at night and woke up me up, ala 3am or something so i dont really remember it. What i do remember is he had glasses and wasnt 'fat' but wasnt skinny, and white. But it was also literally only his face so maybe his face just looked a bit chub. Thats all i can honestly give, sorry farmers.

As to other comments, jfc its an anon site, talk about whatever you want. Dont get triggered over talking about his face or something smh. Maybe this site should be age gated lmaoo

Also it really doesnr matter what any of us think. Even if everyone who reads my posts believes me, so what? Without proof or widespread attentjon, it doesnt mean anything. We can all talk about what we want and think what we want, but this is an anon chat forum, not an online detective site. Anything we post or dig up or speculate on means nothing outside of this thread, we're just hear to talk and share ideas and be entertained really. Its all for you and you alone p much.

No. 293469

No proof or anyone able to confirm as proof so I'm going to take everything you say with a grain of salt. Especially since that's some pretty personal stuff you know about for not being a good friend.

No. 293524


Not triggered–just really tired of rehashing the same conversation. See also: Sage, Ocean.


> Also it really doesnr matter what any of us think. Even if everyone who reads my posts believes me, so what? Without proof or widespread attentjon, it doesnt mean anything. We can all talk about what we want and think what we want, but this is an anon chat forum, not an online detective site. Anything we post or dig up or speculate on means nothing outside of this thread, we're just hear to talk and share ideas and be entertained really. Its all for you and you alone p much.

FYI, it's been pretty well established that several of the people involved in the LNC know about this thread and read it. So, leaker, be careful not to reveal yourself to them.

No. 293540

> On crys face: i have seen it but i dont know if it was really him. Came from someone he has hanky spankied and the screenshot -> snapchattd it to me. Howver it was at night and woke up me up, ala 3am or something so i dont really remember it. What i do remember is he had glasses and wasnt 'fat' but wasnt skinny, and white. But it was also literally only his face so maybe his face just looked a bit chub. Thats all i can honestly give, sorry farmers.

i'm sorry but i don't buy this. it's just too vague, if you don't remember anything why bother to write it out? not trying to discredit you or anything, don't take offense, but like you said this is an anonymous image board and all of your "milk" is just too vague for me to truly believe it.

No. 293551

sorry for samefagging but

> cry has sex-skyped with at least one underage fan before.

like, why did you even write this? it's a topic that has been argued on various thread before, you don't bring anything new to the conversation, you just confirm it being the distant friend that you are? i wonder what happened between you guys if you were friends at some point hat made you give out this kind of information on the internet.

eh, not buying it.

No. 293555

Good to see someone else is thinking the same thing I am.
They're probably just here to stir the pot.

No. 293605

Lol buddy, not like i have read all these threads, literally found it yesterday.
Dont remember much about his face but shared what i do. Sorry should i sketch it out for you next time? ;)

i cant confirm it for you budddyyy. keep myself anon. also if i did confirm that wouldnt it involve posting CP? would you rather we sprinkle some child porn i obviously dont keep in here to spice things up? what ill say is i know of only one person its gone down with, i doubt theres others wince there was more to the situation than that, and depending on the state and his age at the time it wouldnt be pedofilia somewhere else, and it was online not actual physical context. But thats obviouslyless juicy when youre trying to peek some interest in the post

No. 293615

funny how you say "you can look at it as trolling, i'm just trying rant without letting out who i am" then the moment someone disagrees with you and doesn't believe you, you argue back. hmm.

No. 293617

Its almost like I'm human or something. And I like arguing and wouldn't mind discussing it a bit, which would take a few people believing me or at least writing something that's longer than a sentence while they're pretending they're some psycho-analysis lie detector.

No. 293618

You..seriously give me Panda vibes.

No. 293624

This is exactly what I was thinking.

No. 293635

Some anon had said something about Panda and then deleted it. Why anon?

Also Cheyenne is apparently streaming tonight. She must need more money.

No. 293636

Would be hilarious if they are Panda and they're talking about child porn given what happened.
Kinda makes sense, Cry doesn't associate with Panda due to him sending a picture of his dick to a 14 year old so of course he's gonna be extremely salty and would probably post something like this.

No. 293639

Did you catch what it said?

No. 293641

Not the same anon, but: "Hey, guys, did you know that Deadpan da, also known as jazzycat__, sent a picture of his dick to a 14 year old?"

No. 293642

File: 1492481332961.png (5.95 KB, 742x63, ugh.PNG)

No. 293645

Oh yeah, I knew his new name, it was Flapjakku at one point too I believe.

No. 293647

I think the majority of us known about the whole dick pic thing. However, if any of you didn't now you do too!

No. 293648

I barely know who DeadPanda is. Is he actually relevant?

No. 293649

Not at all. Besides the fact it seems he'll be living with Cheyenne at the end of the year. He's famehungry but pretty much irrelevant.

No. 293650

He's close to Cheyenne, even though he talks about how much he hates her behind her back

No. 293651

Do you have evidence of this? I talk to him on the occasion and pretty much gushes over her like he's in love with her.

No. 293652

I used to, I gotta do some digging. I might not have a thing concrete, because I think it may have been copy pasted, but he talked about how depressed she makes him and makes him into a bad person with her terrible attitude, because he said he'd sit like her from being around her too much.

No. 293654

He'd act like her *

No. 293762

dumper anon here again on a different ip cuz ban<br/><br/>so sorry i hurt a mods feelings for my posts, i hope you can write a big tumblr post about how mean i am so you get over being <span class='blinker' style='color: #FF0404'>triggered</span>. <br/><br/>"mentions pedofilia so must be panda, irrelevent battlestar clone from 1-2 years ago or something" lol k guys. this dump was way more effort/autism than i was expecting, no more details for any of you cunts. have fun whining on anon forums about shit youll never get close to or learn, im done<div class='label-block 'title='Cow Eyeroll'><img class='label-img' src='https://i.imgur.com/pdS7ACn.gif'></div>

<div class='label-block 'title='Cow Eyeroll'><img class='label-img' src='https://i.imgur.com/pdS7ACn.gif'></div>

No. 293764

K. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

No. 293765

If you didn't have such a bad approach on everything you were saying; maybe more people would've listened to you.

No. 293767

He's just pissed we figured out it was him.

No. 293768


this. seriously, this might be an anon whining forum, but ain't no harm in being nice or some shit.

We're all here for a common reason, bitch about the cows, not the farmers.

No. 293836

Cheyenne and Sage are streaming together

No. 293864

> budddyyy

chill. i don't care if you found this an hour ago, fucking lurk more then?

> also if i did confirm that wouldnt it involve posting CP?

.. no? you can just say what you actually know, like names or describing instances, instead of vagueblogging all over your posts. you don't have to give nsfw details.

stop being so butthurt. don't take it so seriously. this is an anonymous board, people have every right to believe you or not. what you say may be true, may be not, but if you're coming here claiming to have milk first-hand just lurk more and learn how that's being done. also, the fuck kind of formatting is that?

No. 293908

Know if anything interesting came from it?

No. 293921

I tried to watch but they are so boring. They didn't talk at all the 15 minutes i was there before bailing.

No. 293927

Seriously?! Jesus. How do they even have a following on Twitch.

No. 293930

Because they fucked some LNC members once upon a time.

No. 293949

She did accidentally post her SSN in chat lmao.

No. 294280

Who? And how the hell do you accidentally post your SSN?

No. 294282


Cheyenne did during her stream last night, and I honestly have no idea.

No. 294312

Uh, are you talking about when she was doing the authentication number for her profile on OW? Because I think she was kidding about it being her SSN.

No. 294333

I could be wrong. I assumed it was her SSN because everyone in chat was freaking out over it. But I guess that could've been a joke too. My apologies.

No. 294435

Watching the VOD of cheyennes stream was so boring. And kinda awkward. She says her and safe are friends, yet it seems really fake.

No. 294657

Anything including Sage is fake.

No. 294659

It's definitely a fake friendship. Sage is very cautious with her words around Cheyenne and is probably scared of her.

No. 294708

Sage desperately wants to be popular. She used to bash Cheyenne all the time before she joined forces with her, so that's pretty funny. Sage is super hypocritical and shady. At least Cheyenne is up front with how shitty of a person she is.

No. 295172

Cheyenne is in a call with Cry on Skype in a Snapchat picture, sketch as fuck.

No. 295223

Notice how on each of the snaps she had their call in the corner? On the last snap she didn't, like she was hiding he hung up or something.

No. 295225

From what she shown they were only in a call for minutes..it hadn't hit the hour point or anything, and considering she used to brag about them falling asleep and shit together, which she doesn't do any more…eh.

No. 295230

I wonder why she feels it necessary to try to prove he'll still talk to her.

No. 295291

It's obvious she's constantly checking on the thread. She's probably just wanting/trying to validate herself lmao.

No. 295559

And then one of her recent photos in instagram is "missing Florida".

No. 295560

How does he sound mood-wise now that she seems to be around more lately?

No. 295576

I wouldn't say she's "around more".. There's been two different times they may have talked a bit and she took the opportunity to snap it. Beyond that, he still avoids all questions about her, doesn't interact with her directly in public, and they haven't done anything together stream or video wise in ages.. They still seem pretty broken up

No. 295612

Whether they are broken up or not, I hope they just keep her off LNC. The streams are so much better without her there, especially Crys attitude.

No. 295749

If he's waiting for people to stop asking about her before he comes out about the breakup then it'll be yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaars….

No. 295764

File: 1492768355716.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.42 KB, 694x1334, IMG_2798.JPG)

I did some "stalking" (mostly because i just wanted to see kind of a straight on picture of cheyenne without her fingers covering her face) and decided to share because why not

No. 295768

Is that her friend?

No. 295782

She looks real young here, these must be really old

No. 295796

If you go to that post it says they were uploaded in 2014.

No. 295824

Yes it is. Their profile is public but I felt rude just putting their face here, so I colored them out.

It was in 2014 around august, so she's like 19 here I think?

No. 295887

Her eyebrows make me sad.

No. 295901

They look like very sad commas,

No. 295902

File: 1492791299765.jpg (32.24 KB, 862x441, kek.jpg)

No. 295946

She's also looking down to hide her lazy eye… Her nose is so humongous too.

No. 295948

File: 1492796217903.jpg (13.99 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

she lives up to the classic tumblr cow aesthetic

No. 295949

I don't think she'd seem as bad if she knew how to dress/do her hair and makeup for her body and face shape. She just doesn't do herself any favors by 1) never really smiling 2) having fried hair and 3) not wearing something as simple as glasses that would fit her face shape better. And she has a shitty personality so that makes everything about 10x worse

No. 295967

…you managed to call out everything about her appearance, you're savage.

No. 296021

I don't remember how I even got here or why I started looking this stuff up.
BUT all this info in these 5 threads gave me hope that we might get some got LNC content in the future.
All I want is Cry, Russ, Snake and Jund to play together and provide some funny entertainment.
Angel is a great addition to the cast, never liked Cheyenne, Ziegs was ok, Sage seemed always to bitchy, Mash seems cool (although she probably won't appear all that often)
I really hate that they cancelled Shards of Iso.
On the other side, I'm kinda shocked how fucked up this whole thing is. The only relationship drama I ever had was two people trying to date the same girl.

No. 296031

I was really sad that they cancelled Shards of Iso too, I thought what they had done on Snake's channel was good, but I get that it was too much for Snake with all the drama that had happened during it. Plus, it did suck that Cry and Jund had to quit because of Cheyenne and Sage.
Snake is such a good storyteller though and I hope he does another campaign or something.

No. 296035


Relationship drama is shockingly easy to get into. It's not even something you can see coming a lot of the time.

My whole social circle was pretty shocked when Dude started sleeping with Other Dude's wife despite 10 years of bestfriendness, being the most Christian guy of all of us, and having had his own heart broken a few years before because his girlfriend cheated on him.

Honestly, it's been over a year and I'm still boggling over that one.

Sometimes you see drama coming. Some times it pops up unexpectedly. you just do what you can.

This isn't that fucked up. it's honestly jsut a case where one guy is pretty beta and doesn't have the clearest idea of what a healthy relationship looks like, and an overbearing bitch has him in her pocket.

It's a pretty classic abusive relationship. this whole thing was jsut made worse because of how public it was, and money being involved.

I wish I knew if Cheyenne was actually better behind closed doors–I've known bitches who were perfectly gentle with their loved ones… or was the same or worse. But she clearly didn't respect him.

No. 296041

As much as I love when they do campaigns, this is the second one that they've tried to do involving their girlfriends and had to cancel because of that. I hope if they do one in the future that it's just the crew and maybe a couple friends that aren't involved romantically. It seems that involving couples causes drama and it sucks for Snake because he obviously worked hard on his campaign.

No. 296044

The first one was unfortunate and bad timing, I don't think those girls were really drama-based, but that drama did come out during the campaign and ending it, which sucked.

The second one was all Cheyenne and Sage's fault. I wish they hadn't gotten involved. I don't even understand why they were really, since Cheyenne seems to have no interest in roleplay. She was seriously the most boring person on there and did nothing at all in all the episodes they had. I remember in, I think the first episode, Snake tried to get her involved in some kinda cool side story and she said "ok" and left that as it. She did absolutely nothing.
I think Sage just was involved because everyone else was involved and I don't think she really added anything to the campaign.
I think Mash, even though she's dating Snake, would have been/would be fine in that and any future campaigns they had. She seems really chill.

No. 296071

I was watching a stream of hers, and I don't know how the LNC got brought up, but she was saying she use to watch them a lot back then but definitely doesn't anymore. So I think she won't be on LNC either because of the ban or because she just doesn't want to be associated with them.

I remember somewhat seeing comments from people saying that about Cheyennes character. I never knew why she even joined. I'm pretty sure she's shown disdain about Roleplaying on a lnc stream too. It was too obvious that she just didn't want Cry to have his own thing. Or Cry asked her to try it out despite her disliking it.

No. 296072

Who specifically are you talking about? because of the ban? Associated with them?
Are you talking about Mash? Because she still associates with Russ on other RPG things they do, she seems to be good friends with Angel..
and I don't know what you mean by ban!

No. 296074

Speaking of future LNC, I really hope to see ziegs back on stream one day as a guest, even if for just one game. Hell, maybe L4D2 boys vs girls (mash angle Ziegs and maybe jen? if she's down).

I just miss the good times and a little bit of having a schedule, and the wind-down games.

No. 296078

Personally I don't know about Jen, I don't watch her streams but with Jund's track record with the ladies.. no offense to Jund.. but I would be worried about her joining in. I agree with inviting Ziegs back now that Cheyenne is out of the picture (assumedly) but I doubt that she'd come back.
If I was in her shoes, I don't know if I'd want to associate with people who abandoned me in my time of need and supported my bully instead.

No. 296097

I like Angel, I really do, but the chat always sucking her clit gets so annoying. I don't hardly participate in chat as it is but, ugh.

No. 296101

I agree, but there isn't much you can do about chat. I can tell she gets annoyed with a lot of the stuff they do, especially with the PS4 crap they go on about.

No. 296121

Yeah, chat is really annoying sometimes but you know what annoys me more? When Cry won't stop bitching about people giving bits. Last week (or the week before idk) it seemed like Russ was sort of getting annoyed too. It's like, people aren't going to spend money they don't have. If they're giving bits, they can obviously afford it. Chill the fuck out.

No. 296124

I'm talking about Mash, and I know she's friends with Russ and Angel still, I was saying she probably won't ever go on LNC again because of how Cry handled the situation between them all. And someone talked about a ban Cheyenne did a few threads ago.

Agreed. But Like I think people finally got the message about the Ps4 after she had the mods ban it for a bit, but one could hope.

No. 296126

No. 296132

Pretty sure the ban that was enacted by Cheyenne was lifted and the only reason that Mash hasn't been back is she's been busy with IRL stuff. She recently said on twitter she just graduated college.

No. 296136

Yeah, the ban had to have lifted. There's no way Angel would be on as much as she is now if Cheyenne was still getting her way.

No. 296142

I wasn't saying that it isn't lifted. I was just saying that it seemed like Mash didn't want to be anywhere near the LNC streams anymore. But I could be wrong.

No. 296207

Cry mentioned on stream someone named Elena because Elena just subbed. I'm sure it was a joke but he said, "That's my fucking girlfriend." Does anyone know anything about this? It doesn't seem like something Cry would say if he was actively in a relationship with Cheyenne.

I might clip it later but just thought I'd share.

No. 296214

Its was originally a porn bot. It shows up alot when they play dokapon and its a new 'meme' with the chat lmao Then people started making accounts with the name and there u go. They've embraced it.

No. 296296


Yeah, nothing there. Elena is just a bot that kept (keeps?) getting banned from Twitch and getting new accounts with different numbers added to it. The sub is just a person meme-ing and Cry meme-ing back.

The comment itself is nice, however. That's more of the type of joke Cry made before Cheyenne was ever seriously involved in LNC. At the very least it means he's more comfortable and getting back to who he was before then at the least.

No. 296317

Cry & Russ definitely talk like Cry is single, though…

No. 296347

No. 296378

They (Cry and Russ) talked a ton about sex tonight and not once did Cry phrase anything like he wasn't single. Everything was like, "well, if I met a girl that x, I'd still x" .. Like everything was a possibility because he's not tied down anymore.

No. 296394

Maybe because she's got a job and a life that doesn't revolve around streaming as much as the rest of the LNC? She seems like she only has enough time to balance herself and her relationship rather than staying up late like LNC nocturnal fucks. Not a bad thing so don't get me wrong.
Or maybe she realizes she doesn't click well with the crew on personality/games level and decides to dip before she feels like a cheyenne.
Who knows so let's not assume such outrageous thing like "doesn't want to be anywhere near the LNC stream".

No. 296422

I did say I could be wrong. But I also didn't say it was a bad thing either if she focused more on her life and all. I just wouldn't blame her for not wanting to be around them too, since having her friend literally be bullied off as well, and them not really doing anything about it.

No. 296584

I find it odd how one of the anons talks about finding a picture of Cheyenne without her hiding her face then on her latest snap story she posted a picture of herself.

So uhh, hi cheyenne? lul

No. 296586

I saw that, lol. I think it's been pretty obvious that her and Cry know about this though.

No. 296763

Someone post her picture please

No. 296771

thanks m8

No. 296772

File: 1492891132451.jpg (6.06 MB, 5312x2988, 0422171555_HDR.jpg)

No. 296952

Cry and Cheyenne were talking on Twitter.

No. 296955

File: 1492913878611.png (553.56 KB, 1440x2285, Ug.png)

No. 296957

File: 1492914371478.png (27.86 KB, 335x288, SMHHH.PNG)

No. 296984

You would think with the face chey has, she will at least try to act nice on the internet. But good god have mercy on her ugly soul, she has just gotta be such a bitch to fit her fucked up face.
Also especially when after all the shit she has dragged the LNC through, she would at least keep her shittiness to herself or off the public eyes.

I don't even know her personally but I feel so gross whenever I see someone post something about her face or her responses.

No. 296990

She's so incredibly rude. I don't understand how she can be so shameless about it.
Also, can she have a legit opinion without pandering to the meme?

No. 296991

I liked the Chaoticmonki username, actually. It was fun sounding. Of course, Cryaotic is better, but I don't get why he hated the old handle so much.

No. 296995

I mean, are they talking? Yeah. He's responded to her on Twitter before. She's being a cunt and he's acting defensive and only sending sad sounding responses…
They do don't sound like a couple.

Also, I don't care if she's 'joking' she doesn't have to joke like a fucking cunt. Why can she never chill and be nice? Ever?

No. 297010

Exactly. Her way of "joking" is the type when people just awkwardly laugh along to get it over with because they are uncomfortable.

God, she's just horrible no matter what. Though her replies seem more vile than from the others before.

No. 297056

Girl mod is now in game. Does that mean cheyenne really has no pull anymore? Because I think cheyenne would be ripshit about this chick regardless lmao.

No. 297063

Cheyenne was brought up, but he brushed it off because "she now hangs out with people on saturdays" Not sure if anything but just reporting in lol

No. 297064

Yeah, I was about to say that too. But, no one is hanging out with people every weekend. Sounds like another quick excuse

No. 297065

which mod?

No. 297067

Cry literally just mentioned inviting Dodger >>297065

No. 297081

Well she's married, so idk if that'd be a problem. Cheyenne usually has bigger issues with single girls. Not that she doesn't act like a bitch to taken girls too.

No. 297098

Cry just did some dominatrix rp with Kiwo during Spyfall 2 where he literally said "I'm sorry, mistress" so I'm sure Cheyenne is going to love hearing about that if they're still together lmao

No. 297112

Isn't Kiwo a guy?

No. 297114

Nope. She's an annoying girl with a cute voice

No. 297121

The artist one? Thought her name was Kiwa not Kiwo

No. 297122

Damn, you should have clipped that.

No. 297123

Wow, you are right about the annoying part. Who is she? She has such a "I am 12" humor that it hurts to watch right now.

No. 297125

Nah, she's on right now and it's spelled Kiwo
I'm sure Late Night or Draxr will upload it tomorrow or the next day so someone can link it then

No. 297126

samefag, sorry but after hearing her for one round of snake oil and I can't do it. Her voice is really annoying and hurts my ears; actually made my tinnitus worse holy shit.

Also she kind of reminds me of bubzbeauty with that ughcutesy high pitch voice.

No. 297127

How old is she? Her voice is kind of disturbing

No. 297128

I'm guessing early to mid twenties with her type of humor. I don't know who she is so sorry
Not a helpful response.

No. 297129

Well she's apparently drunk, but that doesn't mean much. And like >>297123 said, she acts like she's 12. They tried playing Spyfall and I was getting so annoyed because she wasn't even really trying to play the game (kind of like how she is in Snake Oil right now) and just keeps trying to roleplay because that's all she apparently knows how to do. I'm guessing like early twenties though

No. 297131

>early twenties
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Her voice threw me off a bit though, first time I heard it I thought someone had their little sister/brother in the room

No. 297132

I guess we can never have all guests to be the best type of guests on LNC.
It is so difficult to watch the stream right now without pausing whenever Kiwo speaks, and I'm finally free to tune in on the stream too.

No. 297135

I just almost fucking choked lmao. Kiwo is hardcore trying to flirt with Snake. And just now when he was talking she was like "Oh shit, yeah keep talking" and "You're hitting all the right buttons moan/groan sounds". I feel so bad for him because he's probably feeling so awkward. And she's called him sweetheart a couple times in the past rounds of Snake Oil. She's so drunk and is probably going to be embarrassed tomorrow

No. 297137

I swear to god, someone better clip this

No. 297138

She doesn't even sound like she's an adult, she sounds like she pitched a normal persons voice, its so uncomfortable lmfao

No. 297140

her voice does irk me but i'm not gonna complain since she has no control over it

but her personality (even if drunk), that was hard to watch especially during spyfall

not as bad as chey though

No. 297145

No. 297146

GOD it's so fucking uncomfortable, I feel like a pedoshit listening to her

No. 297148

Almost forgot about this one. It's also worth mentioning that her boyfriend is literally in the stream with her.

No. 297153

Is that Outstar or Kiwo?

No. 297155

Kiwo. Outstar is married and Kiwo is drunk and annoying atm. I have no idea how she acts normally, but she's super annoying when she's drunk. I have no idea how her bf is okay with this shit.

No. 297156

Well. I mean some couples are okay with this, and she is drunk so hopefully she isn't meaning harm and is just trying to be funny. But at the same time, you can hear how Snake is kinda uncomfortable and It makes me feel bad for him.

No. 297172


Oh my god, cringe is so strong, I haven't even WATCHED the clip yet, and and I'm cringing.


Yep, cringed so hard, my descendants will be born cringing.

No. 297175


I don't think I've directly seen this mentioned. in his 'streaming' video.. he talked about wanting ot do more coop stuff… and specifically said "I think Dodger said some stuff soon, so we can do that too."

also something about not wanting to sound mopey, because he's alright… just being tired of recording videos alone.

so, to guess: I gotta buddy who tends to become a super extrovert whenever he breaks up and this feels like that same kind of thing.

He realizes Cheyenne isolated him from his friends (and he isolated himself a bit too) and he's been a little down and out and he doesn't WANT to be alone and lonely anymore, so he's been streaming more and avoiding things that sadden him… like recording alone.. and trying to build up new relationships with people and rebuild some of the fractured ones and so forth.

He's mostly pretty alright, but his normal "record alone" thing ins't working for him, so.. bear with him for now."

Sounds like a step of 'working through the post-relationship blues.

No. 297202

Well, somewhere around the end they (Cry, Russ & Outstar) talked a bit about privacy in relationships, that each one has it's own separate life and how not even your partner should look through things on your phone, so maybe this is a good sign. It seems like he's kind of opening his eyes to his situation.
I've noticed some interesting things that he showed in the stream video (or it could be I'm just reading too much into the man's cologne comment), but maybe there's hope for things to head in a better direction.
At least it looks like he's trying to regain company from friends, which he sounds excited about. I just hope it's not a temporary thing and he goes back to the same old thing if Cheyenne comes barking at them.

No. 297229

I really don't think Cheyenne is coming back. At least to LNC. I think it would have happened by now if she was going to, especially with her saying she was going to.
I think she wanted to but was turned down. I'm hopeful that her reign of terror is finally over.

Drunk or not, this is super uncomfortable and gross. I feel bad for Snake, especially since he has Mash. I kinda hope Kiwo isn't invited back after that.

Edit: fixed typo

No. 297276


What I'm hoping is that now he's got some new perspective those tweets from her would have seemed lovingly teasing in the past, and now he sees just how mean she actually is


it probably is like that. Does anyone apart from LNC which also get money (so are also professional partners) actually chill with Cry anymore? I wouldn't be surprised if Cheyenne managed to alienate his friends due to Cry being with her, not just females due to jealousy.

No. 297324

jesus christ what a fucking bitch
why do people even like/retweet this shit?

No. 297353

I think its just because when you make up a handle when you're younger, you tend to look back and think its dumb
but he doesnt hate it that much

No. 297403

"best couple"
"Notice me Senpai"
"I think being a bitch is funny"
"I think he's happy with her so that's nothing wrong with it"

Pick your poison.

No. 297440

This is sort of a general response to everyone talking about Kiwo:

Dang reading all the Kiwo hate made me sad. I love Kiwo, it's a treat whenever she's on Criken's streams.

She loves to RP and that's all she was doing. She was clearly VERY drunk so she ramped it up to 11 and got really into it. Personally I found it hilarious.

All this shit about her voice is really rude. It's just her voice, she's not sounding like that on purpose do you really need to criticize it that much?

Like chill maybe she was just way too drunk or just isn't a good fit with the LNC. She just sounded like she was letting loose for once to me, with her usual friends she's often stuck in the role of "the mature/motherly one". Probably didn't want to be with their group. I don't blame her I'm always forced into that role myself.

Just wow it's amazing to me how ya'll shit on every girl who isn't Angel or Mash in this thread. Chill out they're not ALL gonna be bitches by default.

No. 297448

No one was shitting on her too harshly? Some of us found her voice a tad annoying, but no one was calling her a cunt or anything of the sort. However, I'm pretty sure some of the crew didnt know her that well, and her flirting with Snake was WAY over the top, it was awkward and uncomfortable.

No. 297449

No one said she's a bitch. She was super inappropriate. Snake sounded super uncomfortable and it got awkward. I don't know if it was a good idea to join a stream drunk/ get drunk on a stream where everyone else is sober, because it feels weird. You're that weird drunk one then.
The comments about her voice are unnecessary and rude, for sure. I thought her voice was fine and wasn't annoyed about it at all. I just felt her actions, drunk or not, were inappropriate and a bit disrespectful.

I've never seen her solo streams, she may be just fine on her own/with people she's more comfortable with, but at least last night, she definitely wasn't the best fit.

No. 297451

you're on lolcow. Take your shining armor somewhere else cause the hate is justified in a sense that she was annoying during the entire fucking stream.
Maybe the people that disliked her are not into her drunk state nor her cringey low tier comedy routine of a drunk person.
Same how Jund hates drunk cry even though chat fucking eats that shit up. Different stroke for different folk.

Also did you not see the clips with Snake situation? Jesus, that poor man. And the crew did their worse job to de-escalate the situation. Just like every other fucking situations that has ever unfolded for the LNC.

No. 297454

I personally found Kiwo pretty funny, definitely funnier than cheyenne and angel(who's really just a fem!russ) at least. I will admit though I was cringing during her interaction with snake asking him to "get under her". Poor guy went silent for several minutes is really difficult to tell how much was he actually uncomfortable or at least amused since he mutes himself.

I hope that if she does become a guest,we see a more chill side to her though.

No. 297458

No one was even that harsh about her voice. And if she was actually one of their friends who just happened to be drunk, it would be more okay than what actually happened. Outstar invited her and the crew was okay with it even though they had never spoken to her. IMO you don't show up drunk to someone's stream when you don't know the people and act like an annoyance. And the Snake situation was uncomfortable and she should've stopped. Whether her bf is okay with it or not, Snake clearly wasn't okay with it and the others kept mentioning Mash so Kiwo had to have known about his gf. It's just rude and disrespectful. If she ever joins again, I hope she's not drunk so we can see her actual personality and then possibly form a better opinion of her.

No. 297461

I think you're on the minority side here, but to each their own. Also, to even say Cheyenne could be possibly funny is just fucking stupid.
I don't think Russ and Angel are anything alike beyond memes, but maybe that's just me.

No. 297490

Chey had her rare moments waaaay in the beginning before she turned to shit is what I meant oops, no way in hell could she even be funny nowadays without being a bitch about it.

No. 297734

I honestly personally can't recall a moment where she showed up ever where she wasn't an annoying insufferable bitch. It could be I either just missed her good moments or am not remembering them, though.

No. 297749

The only time I can think of is when Cry told the mash potato incident way back when.

No. 297788

It's kinda pathetic when people are using chey as the lowest tier level to measure the female guests on LNC. C'mon, no one has ever acted like chey (except that one chick cry did solo stream with wow people), and I'm pretty sure she's on her own level, the chey level pretty much. The only person I can think of that actually comes close to chey-level is sage since both were on similar team kek.

I hope we can move past the "x has/is better y than chey" soon because chey is irrelevant now on LNC streams.
We're just waiting for cry to come out and update us on their relationship, if he ever has the balls to do so.

No. 297790

Those would be during quiplash type of games, and sometimes during competitive shooting games, except that Evolve gaming moments, because cry was a pretty terrible gamer but had lucky moments.

No. 297808

Tweets from Chey's gf (literal or not) state Chey's better than 7 dollar burgers, and that Chey's emotionally connected with a ghost. I don't do screenshots, so go look if you'd like. Still questioning their relationship…

No. 297896

So Cheyenne is streaming right now, and someone asked where she's moving that would cost $2000 (which is her money goal), and she said possibly across the country. And if the rumors of her and Panda becoming roommates are true…

No. 297897

as a non native college floridian, moving to florida is FAR more expensive than that, so she's definitely not coming here…

No. 297902

On christine's twitter it really seems like they're dating

No. 297909

I'm actually starting to think they ARE dating. Why that girl would go for Cheyenne… gross, dude.

No. 297915

If they are dating that's kinda a big fuck you to cry. They were in a relationship, AN UNHEALTHY ONE at that, for about 3 or 4 years, right? Then when they haven't even announced it she has another girlfriend? That's fucked. She literally is the scum of the earth and I hope that she is happy with herself because god damn, she is a fucked up individual.
Sorry. I had to get that out lol.

No. 297921

She's apparently going to visit Cry for his birthday

No. 297929

Where did they say that? Screen shot or clip?

No. 297937

On her stream. I'll try to find where she said it.

No. 297976


I think the part that got to me the worst was when she kind of… interrupted him. he was trying to explain something (I think) and it seemed like she just jumped over his to talk about how he was hitting her buttons or something.

It just seemed really rude.

I mean, I'm a roleplayer and I dig getting in character, but sometimes you toe that line and you gotta realize if you're making people uncomfortable.

Reminds me of too many RPing sessions where one guy's GOTTA Be the center of attention, no matter what's going on? Bob's discovering the truth of his backstory and how it plays into the the doom enshrouding the kingdom from the magical fairy in the woods? TIME FOR TOM TO WRESTLE FAIRY BEARS.

didn't have a problem with her voice, personally.

No. 297982

My problem with her voice is that she sounds like a little girl/boy, which makes things uncomfortable for me whenever she speaks about sex/makes sex noises.
Apart from that eh, she was drunk. Can't really judge a person's personality while they're smashed.

No. 298004

So, sadly the VOD is muted so I can't get where she talks about going to see Cry for his birthday. But anyway, here's this clip. https://clips.twitch.tv/WonderfulGood