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No. 991992

Thread to discuss Cryaotic.

>Multiple allegations of grooming minors and potentially illegal behavior with minors.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2yrDg7wROzElRGoLQH82A

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryWasTaken

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Cryaotic(shit thread)

No. 991997

Continuing from >>>/snow/700379

No. 992003

Shit OP but whatever, now more newfags are coming to the "lolcow boards"

thank god it's hell week

No. 992006

Snake said that Cry's behavior has been off for months apparently, I'm not really surprised.

No. 992010

Fine OP, I'll do the work for you you lazy ass

Cryaotic drops the bomb that he's been in inappropriate relationships with at least one minor, more info comes out soon after that it was multiple fans, (up to 14 people so far, though most are adults & LIST IS PRIVATE SO FAR, SNAKE KNOWS)
Cry's video: https://youtu.be/H4E5B0-8q2E

Uploads an unlisted Stream where he has a manic episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lf0_RFFLPQ

The LNC has officially removed Cry from being a member, none of the old members seem to want anything to do with him now. They are debating on continuing on their own but things are still up in the air and everyone is still learning new things.

RUSS: https://www.twitch.tv/russ_money
SCOTT: https://www.twitch.tv/scottjund
SNAKE: https://www.twitch.tv/snake

Chey (Cry's crazy ex) has been attacking LNC members on Twitter for not doing anything about her being underaged despite them not knowing and her telling them the relationship was okay. (She was groomed to believe this, but is now blaming them for not knowing.)

Tiabeanie comes out with her story on Cry: https://twitter.com/LadyTiabeanie/status/1273428606409035776

Auri (snow anon) comes out about her experiences: https://twitter.com/bubblegumpompom/status/1275131577677369346

Sage accused Jund of abusing her in the past and then locks her account: https://twitter.com/littlelilacleaf

Ocean spoke out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OceanHrvx/status/1274489952726855681

Clout chaser Angel dips out: https://twitter.com/lovexombie/status/1274916767996018690

Coyotemation unprivated the elephant in the room video, Chey acts like a victim telling Coyote that the video makes her hurt herself, bullies Coyote into re-privating and then leaves Twitter permanently: https://twitter.com/coyotemation/status/1275116897994977281

SNAKE IS CURRENTLY STREAMING ABOUT THE SITUATION, SCOTT JUND STREAMED LAST NIGHT, but Jund has learned new info since last night and believes Cry is irredeemable.

No. 992011

him and scott keep talking about "new information" they learned tonight that is apparently really upsetting. i wonder what that is about?

No. 992013

Thank you anon! Was contemplating on doing this myself too, but you were faster. Cheers

No. 992015

Possibly about Auri?

No. 992016

Bless you, anon. You are seriously a saint.

No. 992017

All I know is Jund was more neutral/in shock about Cry's betrayal on last night's stream and now he's 100 percent done with Cry, calling him 'evil' instead of saying 'i still want the best for him' from last night. I cant wait to find out what the hell Cry is doing now. He really shot himself in the foot.

No. 992018

No definitely not, the new information makes it sound like something actually physical occurred, be it with a minor or possibly assault or blackmail. Scott was very much in the ballpark last night that Cry was not evil for what he did. He did a 180 tonight, and says he's definitely evil.

No. 992020

File: 1592876526268.jpg (163.7 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20200622-204136_Chr…)


No. 992022

File: 1592876646121.png (26.96 KB, 597x443, 1466774946284.png)


Is the cunt dragon rearing its ugly head again? A reminder.

No. 992023

Who cares what the cunt has to say. She's just going on and on and on and loving the attention that she's getting. She's an attention whore.

No. 992024


That sounds so fake…. Oh my god..
She needs to back that up real quick, as much as Jund hates her he was actually on her side until she started attacking him

No. 992025

She is making it so hard to believe her

No. 992026

Jesus CHRIST, how is she this unable to shut her fucking mouth for 5 seconds. All she's doing is making people find her less and less credible.

No. 992027

There's no way that's true lmao
Maybe she should learn to provide proof of these allegations

No. 992028



Auri's doing a stream tomorrow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992034

Old member of the Cryaotic fan community is posting answers about some stuff on Tumblr: https://sadiebun.tumblr.com/

Earlier she confirmed the leaked pic of Cry >>839907 is real, but before he went through major weight loss

No. 992036

I hope chey finds out she can't get away with bringing up someone else's past without people bringing up her past too. Just because she "changed" aka made 2 tweets, doesn't mean it erases what she did.

No. 992037

File: 1592877867843.png (57.06 KB, 585x469, 2020-06-22 190054.png)

She says it was on Steam… ugh

Hi Chey, look here:

No. 992038

same goes for cry

No. 992039

File: 1592877895878.png (91.86 KB, 313x677, image1.png)

Someone during snakes stream was asking about Jund joining in the skype calls, and then I noticed this

No. 992040


Okay, prove it.

No. 992041

i mean they are right. If they knew he was talking to underaged people and not stepping in or whatever, I do think that's wrong.

No. 992044

Snake explicitly said he had no knowledge, and in the tweets they do go on to say to their knowledge Snake had no interactions with them at least. When Jund was asked about it in chat the only response he seemed to give was that he had no idea what they were talking about.

No. 992046

Here’s another (you) for Cheyenne when she checks this thread. This post now coming at her with double attention points, redeemable at McDonalds.

No. 992048

File: 1592878396914.jpg (119.5 KB, 1080x544, Screenshot_20200623_031254.jpg)

Looks like some old mods might be moderating auris stream.

No. 992049

guys really do this all the time; they’ll never call out their friend’s predatory behavior and think it’s normal.

if they want to use the excuse of “lnc was the majority of our income so we couldn’t do anything” then so what we all do when we need money: get a second job. plenty of streamers have a part time job, playing video games isn’t your only choice of income.

and if cry is such a beta as scott says then it should be even easier to call him out no?

No. 992051

Well the rest of their argument is that they only knew about one incident, called him out on it and that seemed to be that.
Not worth losing everything over something that seems like it’s over, and bringing it into the public, when the girl didn’t want it public.

No. 992052

File: 1592878649673.jpeg (199.09 KB, 828x1246, 46860ABD-3678-4FC8-95B4-ABAF45…)

No. 992053

He “really” did it you guys

No. 992054

Just finished watching the first 15 minutes of the unlisted stream video where Cry was having a breakdown, does he mention anything more about it afterwards in the video or was it just contained in the beginning?

No. 992060

god cheyposting should be a fucking thing now

No. 992061

maybe i'm too empathetic, but that shit was hard to watch

No. 992062

you put the word "sage" in the email portion of the comment box

No. 992063

I would love for Ziegs to shut her down, but I don’t think it will happen

No. 992067

Hopefully Cry will take her down with owning up completely to everything. Cry, if you're reading this, just tell all. Doesn't matter, what's done is done. May as well help those left behind have some bit of the truth.

No. 992070

Take her down is a bit extreme, I mean just shut down any further hyperbola.

No. 992072

chey is a dirty attention whore, 100% shut her down.

No. 992077

What if Cry's video he's supposedly working on is him showing his face for the first time and being like

"Hey guys….most of you know me as Cry, a man who hid behind a mask for years, a man who hid his vulgar secrets for years, a man who lied to you into thinking I was something I wasn't. My name is Ryan and this is my final video…."

idk. Him taking off the mask would be a great step for us, but mostly for him. To accept himself. To stop seeing and portraying himself as this make believe character.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992079

I'm not defending Cry's actions with his fans or his cheating, and tbh I think he wouldn't know responsible adult behavior if it punched him in the gallbladder, but I literally have not seen any proof of him grooming anyone or intentionally targeting minors for sexual activities. It's all just talk at this point. The only evidence of inappropriate actions with minors includes him fully backing off when he found out they were underage.

I also 100% do not think Chey was groomed. She asserted in the past that she was the one who "bullied" him into asking her out over time. Obviously he should've said no, but as someone who did the same thing to a young adult when I was a teen, that's not grooming. That's an entitled teenage brat pestering a beta cuck who lacks the backbone and self confidence to put his foot down and say no.

Tbh I'm more concerned about him treating his fans like therapists, whores, and validation machines. I think he has a hardcore victim complex that he needs to take time off and work seriously on, because he and everyone around him will never be happy until he fixes it.

And Cry, if you happen to see this: Yes, you have been victimized and used in your life. It's terrible and you have my sympathies. That doesn't excuse your behavior, and clinging to it like it makes you a tragic hero does not help you in life. It isolates you and makes everyone around you miserable. I've seen people come back from worse, but it takes a lot of determination and damn hard work.

No. 992080

Cheyenne and Beanie have retweeted Auris posts. I know she was nervous about coming forward in the first place so I hope she's going to be able to handle the burst of attention.
Keep your head up if you're still reading this, Auri. You're doing us proud.

No. 992081

because then he's making the video about showing himself for the first time and not the bad shit he's done, should explain on, and apologise for.

No. 992082

I don't see anything like that happening, if he's gonna have to get a real job after this he will want to be as unrecognizable as possible

No. 992086

can we stop fucking pretending like this dude is a fucking baby? If he was talking to an underaged girl he's a fucking groomer and he's gross.
Who cares if Chey was "aggressive", and this-

" tbh I think he wouldn't know responsible adult behavior if it punched him in the gallbladder"
Is bullshit. He was adult enough to wait for girls to age up, but he's not able to be an responsible adult?
Everyone involved seems to have mental issues/drama, it's not a excuse.
And why do people keep going, "if you see this Cry"
Is this thread one or two anons spamming the same shit?

No. 992089

He honestly needs to actually own up what he did to his victims, apologize, and step down. He clearly has been misusing his fame and needs time away in the very least, or to quit all together in the extreme.

No. 992092

Auri don't let chey and others manipulate you! Say what you have experienced and don't acknowledge them;

No. 992093

Obviously cry needs to own up to what he did. I'm just malding at the fact that some people treat chey like some kind of weak victim that didn't do any wrong. It's fault on both parties, and people should treat them both the same.

No. 992095

Until some proof comes forward, i'm banking on this being a projared like situation. Shitty and questionable mistakes made by a slightly scummy guy, but ultimately is innocent of real egregious stuff. but if it does get proven he's done these things or worse, well then i wont have any problem moving on, i rarely watched his stuff once he focused on twitch stuff

No. 992096

What is this "coming back" bullshit people think is going to happen. If what he did is worse than grooming minors, if Scott's words are to be believed, the guy is either going behind bars or disappearing and never feasibly making a comeback, as he shouldn't. If it turns out he received underaged nudes, had sex with a minor, or even assaulted someone his career isn't dust, its atoms.
Cryaotic as a content creator is done.
Scott and Snake confirmed tonight that there's evidence of this not being a Projared situation. It's far, far worse, and at least Scott seemed sure the full story would come out.

No. 992099

Well i do hope the story comes out, because at this point, it's still just hearsay isn't it?

No. 992100

Even if shit isn't worst what he did was fucked up for a guy in his postition. No one will trust him, if he's this "Broken' guy who has this horribly low self esteem, incapable of making adult decisions, who is so weaked willed then why the fuck would anyone want this person around the teen girls in his community?
If he's such a smol boy whose all those things, then he may end up doing this shit again.
He needs to work on himself away from streaming/youtube/public.

No. 992101

This. Also Snake explicitly said what he's done is illegal.

No. 992109

too many mental illnesses from too many mental ill ppl.
until cry's second video comes out i'm not believing anyone.

tbh, if sexting is the crime here. f off, i'm not interested.

No. 992110

My money is on a minor's nudes. It just makes the most sense.

No. 992113

Snake and Scott sure seemed sure that the guy did something far worse than groom 16 year olds. You don't just call someone evil and say they deserve to be behind bars because of hearsay, especially since Scott in particular always seemed pretty level headed so I definitely think they've been shown proof of something and also outright saying he wasn't evil when the claim yesterday was the grooming claim. Remember, he didn't believe any of the allegations without proof when Chey and others on tumblr made similar claims.

Honestly I just hope Snake, Scott, or Russ come out with information they have if Cry ends up not telling or hiding some facts. Scott even said he it was looking more and more likely that Cry would flake on fully admitting to everything in a video during Snake's stream.

No. 992115

Doberman stanning whiny streamers who look like Mama June should be illegal and yet here we are.

No. 992125

are they lawyers?
seriously doubt they have any idea what is possible legally.

No. 992127

It really does seem like a bunch of whiteknights here just licking Cry's asshole. He could say that he diddled little girls and people would probably say, "It's a mental illness, Cry if you're reading this see a therapist and take care of yourself, it really hurts me to watch you go through this".

Replace Cry with Onision or some other pedo and the response would be completely different. It's fucking retarded.

This. Cry has already said that he did inappropriate stuff with minors, and his own crew who were literally present at some of the inappropriate stuff found evidence of this being worse than flirting with minors. Cry does not deserve to have a Proturd comeback after all of this for simply being involved with minors.

No. 992128

That's still kinda hearsay, their close connection doesn't really make their words any more powerful

No. 992131

New fags, twitter fags and whiteknights. Who show so much hate and anger towards Chey (which I understand) but then go soft and make excuses for the person who STARTED ALL OF THIS.
Then they refuse to sage.
This thread is entertaining though

No. 992135

File: 1592883473635.jpg (305.51 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20200623_043656.jpg)

Auri, you were abused and manipulated, you have nothing to apologise for and Chey has nothing to forgive.
You are as much as a victim as anyone else in this situation.

No. 992136

Lol is it too hard for you cunts to understand that people can hate Cry and Chey at the same time?

I know you people can't process anything black or white but calm down and stop being emotional. Cry is a mentally ill bpd pedo who will most likely turn himself in to prison and Chey is a lolcow retard who can't read the room and is always asking for attention. People are here for milk, stop bitching about what people put publically online.

Fucking hell

No. 992138

She'll say this and months later when all of this is over go after her. She doesn't trully forgive people, look at how she ran off Coyote.

No. 992139

My post had nothing to do with Chey.

No. 992146

Who said they couldn't?

No. 992149

Are you fucking kidding me? You FORGIVE her? For what, being just as much as a victim? Funny how Cheyenne can use the excuse of “I was just happy someone popular wanted me” and not have to apologize for shit she’s done. As well as blaming the crew for being “complicit” when she has admitted to it as well but because she got cheated on she has a write-off? God someone just erase Cry and Cheyenne both.

No. 992153

No disrespect to Scott and Snake, but I'm just not going to make any final judgments until I see proof or an exact confession. The word "evil" is highly subjective, and knowingly sexting a minor (which we still haven't even seen proof OR confession of) is by itself an act that falls under the category of "illegal", no pics needed.

Mental illness is not an excuse to treat others poorly, I think we can all agree on that in both Chey's and Cry's cases. The difference in my opinion is that being a sociopath with BPD isn't curable, while being a toxic beta with a victim complex is.

And he's not a fucking pedo for creeping on 16 year olds. 16 year olds are old enough to be diagnosed as pedos themselves ffs learn what words mean.

No. 992155

if they are 16, they are not an adult and considered a child. Pedophilia is being attracted to children. Are you sure YOU know what words mean?

No. 992156

there is a separate word for 16 year olds.

No. 992158


No. 992161

Yes, let's get into semantics. He's still a piece of shit either way.

No. 992162

its more about framing. using pedo is much more damaging. a little white lie to up the charges against him in the twitter mob's eyes.
just wait for the second video.

No. 992164

That may be but I hold my judgement until something more damning than simple twitter accusations comes up

No. 992167

as said many times here before, he's just an idiot who attaches himself to any form of attention cause he has problems. not an evil pedo (lol) that fucking sounds like a tin foil hat guy.

No. 992169

Pedophilia is officially termed "pedophilic disorder" and refers to adults and older adolescents who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children. The official age range for diagnosis is 16 and up, but there have been cases made for adolescents as young as 14 who showed persistent strong sexual attraction to very young children. Pedophilia is considered a mental illness, not an act, and thus is not illegal in and of itself.

To my knowledge Cry has NEVER been accused of being a pedophile or of preying on actual children. All of the accusations involving minors have involved people 15-16 and up, which believe it or not is actually above the age of consent in most of the world (in case you were wondering why some people don't care about the ages involved and are more concerned about the power dynamic issue).

No. 992170


Agree, not defending the guy, he's a total POS, but he's a manchild who's too emotionally stunted to connect with women his age so he decides to get the attention he needs from impressionable and young teenage fangirls.

Jury is still out as to whether he did know he was grooming those girls or he didn't know the term, but he did it anyway.

No. 992173

>>he's a total POS, but he's a manchild who's too emotionally stunted to connect with women his age so he decides to get the attention he needs from impressionable and young teenage fangirls.

Fuck off with this shit. I don't care if a grown man can't connect with girls his own age, that shit HARMS those women period.

There's plenty of emotionally stunted people who don't turn to young girls. Especially someone with a teenage fanbase and has a lot of young girls looking up to him.

he abused his power. No one cares if he's stunted or not, he's an adult, he knows wrong from right obviously.

No. 992176

and If he didn't know they were underaged at first, then it'd make no sense for you to say this. He said he didn't know they were underaged so he stopped talking to them.
So he wasn't doing it because he's "emotionally stunted" and "can only connect with young teenage fangirls" because he didn't know their ages.

No. 992177

He's in his 30's, his brain's fully developed. He enjoyed the power he held over these young fans.

No. 992179

he has mommy issues.

No. 992180

Regardless, he will pay for the consequences, what he did was unforgivable. It doesn't matter that he's sorry and remorseful. The victims have to live with their traumas, pain and stigma for their rest of their lives. I don't think any kind of apology video, sincere or otherwise, will cut it. He's fucked.

No. 992183

sorry but statistically men date younger. women date older. hard facts of life. go check out any edating site's stats.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992184

cry suicide livestream when(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992185


Remember, consequences also apply to Chey yet she keeps tweeting the same shit about how she's changed. Get fucked for life woman, nothing you do will be an excuse to your past.

No. 992190


I don't know why people are so blind to her toxicity. Yes she's a victim. Yes she's a fucking ass. We can see that. Just because you're also a victim doesn't mean your shitty actions of your past self gets invalidated and wiped clean. She clearly hasn't grown up like how she reiterates over and over again.

No. 992191

based on what snake and jund said im assuming there was sexually explicit messages or images exchanged between cry and a teen, but why would he back off from auri and not the rest? how dumb is he.

No. 992198

No. 992199

Sure are a lot of newfags itt, great timing with hellweek. kek.

No. 992202


Yes men typically date younger, but not as young as a 15/16 year old. Nice try though. Please learn how to post on this site properly.

No. 992209


Tiabeanie said that her conversations with Cry were always friendly up until her 18th birthday when "things took a turn"

I don't think he's dumb enough to sext minors, when he said "I didnt know they were underaged" that's probably true, based off what we know from Tiabeanie and Auri. Chey same thing, he waited till it was legal to date her.

No. 992210

Sooo he waited until they were 18 to get sexual, what's the problem exactly?

No. 992212

There was something that was enough to make Jund do a complete 180 from "He just latches onto attention" straight to "He's actually evil."
There's probably more going on than that.

No. 992214


That’s a behavior of a groomer. Though (I don’t know the real story so it’s only conjecture) I don’t think he was grooming them intentionally. Just a depressed asshole who used his fans as personal therapists and also sex pen pals. Illegal? I’m not a lawyer. Morally wrong and despicable? The actions definitely were and the guy was just too weak willed to comprehend it.

No. 992216

The problem is that that’s fucking weird.
Seeing a minor, and talking to them and getting close to them, knowing full well that you will get sexual with them as soon as it’s legal is fucking weird.
Plus some of the stuff that isn’t out in the public yet is “definitely illegal” according to snake.

No. 992217


Yeah I when I saw Jund say that I felt like Cry must have done something much more sinister with a minor that only the LNC know about at the moment. Whether it's exchanging nudes or doing something physically, I hope it comes to light

No. 992218

But this is all still just hearsay, nobody has shown proof. and why keep it vague with "he's actually evil" or "definitely illegal" why not just say it out right? Keeping things vague just begs for scrutiny and speculation

No. 992219

From the info we have confirmed so far: He backed off as soon as he knew their age, and as far as we know THEY were the ones that came back to him.
I mean, there's still the idol/fan power at play here which is gross to abuse, but from what we have seen so far it doesn't seem like he went after teenage girls, they approached him without letting him know their age. Calling him a pedo seems like a stretch.
It's still his responsibility to check ages before doing sex stuff with people, but I feel there's a big difference between specifically targeting teens versus just fucking anything that moves without double checking their ages first.

NOW, the things is, if Snake and Scott turning 180 overnight when they learn new information shows anything, it's possible he DID, but, we DON'T KNOW. There's new info the LNC learned that NONE OF US KNOW.

No. 992220

Pretty sure I remember them saying something about waiting to see his follow up.
If they didn't, I'd definitely assume that's what they're doing.

No. 992222

But if it was egregious enough and/or they had undeniable proof, why wait?

No. 992223

They're all whimps at the mercy of Twitter. They were waiting to see if people were dogpiling or not. I doubt there's any proof. Only Chey screechings.

No. 992225

File: 1592901439637.png (59.12 KB, 597x282, cheyposting.png)

speaking of Chey screechings.

No. 992226


I know Snake and Jund mentioned it would be rude to the victims to come out and say what happened - that it should be Cry or the victims.

No. 992228

File: 1592901640771.png (151.04 KB, 534x544, Capture.PNG)

He also responded to the other accusation getting thrown at him. He was probably too busy with DnD earlier to respond.

No. 992229

call me crazy but I feel like if Scott and Snake got undeniable evidence that changed their viewpoint so drastically from "an asshole" to "evil" and "illegal" - they would have no problem coming forward?

what are they waiting for? CRY's response? the victims came forward and gave the go ahead, they have the power to make things right if they so choose and the only scenario in which silence is acceptable would be if they aren't even sure they believe in evidence they've been presented with

No. 992230


idk they're in a very delicate spot I understand the hesitation

No. 992231

maybe they're giving him a chance to admit it himself first.

No. 992233


People keep saying all this wild accusations with literally zero evidence, and for some reason the CheyenneHorde just believes it

No. 992234

I don't think staying quiet after admitting they know more will end up well for them by the end of it regardless.

sure, they have to be careful about what they say– but they also have to be careful about what they don't.

No. 992235


IIRC, they're waiting to see if Cry tells the truth
Scott said he wants to see what adds up and if Cry tries to lie to him again
Snake said that everyone who has confronted him did so in DMs and he doesn't feel like he can speak on it since it isn't his story, but if him cutting off ties with Cry is any indication it must be pretty bad

No. 992236

There's nothing wrong with a 18 year old dating a 16yo, but if you are 25+ you have no business trying to romance kids still in highschool. It's not a difficult concept.

Where did all these creepy pro-ephebophiles crawl in from? I've never seen so many in one thread before.

No. 992237

Can someone explain to me how someone who has never shown their face online has fangirls? He's not the only one. And even though he presumably showed his face to the teenagers he groomed, he still has thousands of obsessed fans who have no idea what he looks like. Although ProJared managing to run multiple very sexual accounts with teenagers while looking like a weasel would suggest teens have absolutely no standards.

I think there are some Cry stans in the thread, please educate me.

No. 992238


I can get behind this strategy.
Still, who says what and when they say it will at the end determine how things will end.

Obviously Cry's online career, including business partners and friends of years, is severely damaged at least.

even so, I can't stop feeling uneasy about his possible actions going forward. everything unfolded so fast, he lost everything in about 24 hours (I'm not denying he deserved it)

with how unstable he seems nowadays, I don't want it to end with him taking his life

No. 992239

A lot of it is teenage girls who love the ~`VoIcE`~ and how uwu take care ofurself drink watur be ur self owo his personality was

No. 992240


His avatar is cute, voice is attractive and soothing, plus all the 2012-14 fanfiction art from teens. definitely enough dumb girls see all that and have a crush on him.

No. 992242

I used to totally fangirl over cry. It was a combination of his voice, his uwu wholesome personality, and just the fact that he did seem like a legitimately good, chill guy

Of course the relationship between viewer and streamer is completely manufactured, but he made it really easy to forget that and just pretend he's your friend for a bit.

also there's a lot of fanart of him, and the artists are horny af, so any drawings of him always make him way over-the-top hot

No. 992243


I'm not a stan (although admittedly I am the OP of the very first cry thread, hello yes I'm still here for the ride)

He had a pleasant voice (depends on your tastes of course, but he was generally well spoken and not loud/abrasive), he really enjoyed story based games and he knew how to appreciate them/when to shut up (looking at you pewds and jacksepticeye), and I missed out on his rise in tumblr, but he was pretty active there and he had a cheeky sense of humor while also seeming soft/aware of mentality, idk how to explain this, he didn't seem like a bonehead jock who doesn't understand mental health or emotions, he seemed to embrace them

Then again when I trawled through his tumblr archives his first posts are about him getting drunk every night and being a mess so that's kinda sad in a prophetic way

I think the "no face" thing made it more exciting for young teens yes, but it also enforced that idea of "there's more to a person than looks", I mean blind or hard of sight people fall in love, so how do they judge? They judge by other ways, so I think having no facial features to attach to a person just magnified everything else for them

No. 992248

>The LNC has officially removed Cry from being a member.

Wow, this must be serious serious to remove Cry

No. 992249


I am one of those artists, although I only drew like 2 animations.
I caught onto his bullshit pretty early though. After the cryexposed blog, it irked me that while he never encourages all the thirst fanart/animations about him, he never discourages them either. I also remember he likes to subtly imply he's a "uwu cute nerdy gamer handsum animu guy".

No. 992252

It's kinda been spread about, but can someone mind giving me the rundown on Angel and why she's a pos? Never liked her personally but still

Also newfag that hopefully sage'd right

No. 992253

As long as the "anonymous" is blue it means you did it right, just need to put sage in email field.

As for Angel, there's two groups of people that hate her.
One, is obvious, that the fans get jealous of any girl who gets close to Cry.
The other group, which most people here are, it's mainly that she comes off super fake uwu, "I'm not like other girls"
She was first friends with Russ and then he brought her onto LNC and once Cry picked her up she dropped Russ like a hot potato and ONLY hung out with Cry, even demonizing Russ to their fanbase about him having a crush on her (She made him isolated from a lot of the community saying that he was too into her, there wasn't any receipts or anything and Russ is super timid so people just took her word for it that he was being creepy)
So Angel and Cry started encouraging themselves being shipped and acted out as a couple, lot of dumb shit there. He had her on almost all the streams, a lot of videos, she got a ton of promotion.
Then she started streaming herself, once she got big enough numbers stopped hanging out with Cry and was slowly backing out of LNC and interacting with them.
So, she was pretty much clout chasing until she was able to make enough money on her own and then dipped out.

This whole situation just gave her a perfect excuse to make it official, now she can look like a good person and get more support.

No. 992264

Russ really got done dirty by Cry. First Cry fucks around with his girlfriend. Russ makes the hard decision to stick with the crew to stay financially stable.
Then the girl he likes starts hanging out with the crew and she totally drops him for Cry.
Now all this shit has come out, 100% of his income is now gone, and parts of the community are trying to vilify him for what Cry did, potentially fucking up his future.
This alone can speak to Cry's shitty character, but turns out it's just one slice of a whole cake of shittiness.

No. 992265

File: 1592907663504.jpeg (26.07 KB, 753x707, 41868e4ca75f77e786b80185f3158c…)

Instead of all this "he said she said" bullshit can one of these dumb whores just post undeniable proof that he sent or received inappropriate sexual material to/from one of them already. I don't give a fuck if he talked to some 16 year old or whatever, just post proof he did something criminal so I can laugh at him catching a prison sentence.

As it stands a lot of this seems to just be dumb whores whining about their poor relationship with some retard. They're all degenerate mentally ill trainwrecks to begin with. Post proof or shut up.

Jesus Christ, I fucking hate women so much it's unreal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992266


not to mention she was a horrible person to stream story based games with because she would constantly talk over scenes with dumb edgy jokes without even attempting to empathize or relate to any character, all you kept hearing was her bong rips. And they fed off each other with that, because part of Cry's entire appeal was that he did story based games well


anon please go take a bath and a valium and love yourself instead of posting your weird drivel that's not even saged

No. 992267

ugh fuck it's not like im a huge fan of jund or whatever but the way cheyenne keeps tryna call him out regarding not saying anything, when she was also literally active during that point and knew the context everyone was dealing with (for example she herself would go to such huge lengths to defend the age gap) and that it was 'ok' and only in hindsight and with what we know now, the ickiness of it really makes itself clear. like it's messed up all around and i understand she has her fair share of trauma from being a 16 year old roped into that mentality but like, this is going nowhere. i think she just wants an apology from jund bc he didnt take her shit back then and he should just give her that and close this case cause it's frustrating to see him constantly get attacked for this shit.

like this is about cry, make it a conversation about that, and also the sort of communities that build themselves around these men and the kind of almost fantastical internet environment it creates (with little regard for reality, because hey it's not real life right?) and like it's been done before and people will forget about this, but god like i understand where cheyenne is coming from but rather than doing all this passive vague posting (saying she's not obligated to divulge information as a victim but then makes all sorts of statements with no backing??) like just log off for a bit and chill and if you wanna hold the rest of the lnc accountable for the environment they created, then just fucking pm them first, everything was fucked back then and you know it. hindsight is 2020.

No. 992268

russ hasn’t been doing well mentally from all this for years. i don’t usually post on twitter but there were a handful of times the guy just sounded so fucked that i would try to talk him. i always found it odd that cry wouldn’t really try to help him out but i thought since they were friends they just texted each other or spoke on discord or something. guess not.

i really wish they had just found a part time job. putting all your eggs in one basket being held by a predator isn’t the safest financial decision.

No. 992269

>Weird drivel
Dumb whore can't parse out the point in a very clear post. I'll help you out.

Why haven't any of the retards involved posted criminally damning evidence? By that I mean, proof Cry and these whores had sexually explicit communication.

No. 992270


Lmfao, you made my fucking day sir. Tbh tho what do u expect? All of these are stupid women who just want their 15 minutes of fame by playing victim. that and simps that are desperate to label other men as pedos so they can get some p-sleeve.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992271

there are no sirs here newfag, sage your fucking posts, contribute to the milk, or leave

No. 992272


oh I know exactly what you meant, doesn't make it less weird. Your life and happiness does not depend on "criminally damning evidence", I can assure you, and calling everyone whore does not make you any less of a fucking idiot

Just stfu and enjoy the ride like we all are, jesus christ.

No. 992273

Hate how black and white ppl make this seem like when we, the viewers, don't know jack shit abt any of this yet. It's not unreasonable to want evidence when so many past internet dramas have been proven to be a bunch of false accusations from petty people holding a grudge or some shit

No. 992275

File: 1592908680114.png (33.51 KB, 578x317, 2020-06-23 033738.png)

No. 992276

Look at Auri's twitter, she's the only one so far to post proof publicly.

At the VERY least, with the hard evidence we have, Cry had inappropriate relationships with fans.
From his own admission, some of them ended up being underaged.
From what others have found out privately, it gets WORSE and illegal.

No. 992277

There's hardly anything to enjoy with this because these dumb whores can't just go for the killshot and instead are just pussyfooting around. If he's such an evil predator like they claim, the easiest way to demonstrate that is by showing proof they had sexually explicit communication with him. That would clear up any doubts and would make it far easier to undisputably convince his dumb fans, which is what they care about.

I'm not calling everyone a whore, just the stupid whores involved.

Exactly, e-celebs and their dumb followers just expect us to take their word on everything without providing sufficient proof. So many retards buy into it because they continue to have sick parasocial relationship with these nerds. There's no transparency because all e-celebs are mentally ill narcissists that have to maintain their image and ego. The human mind cannot handle even a modicum of fame.

No. 992278


it's not unreasonable but it's also not our careers, online presence or anything being at risk from evidence vs. no evidence. We are just a bunch of audience members watching an impromptu circus act and enjoying the show

But we do have that one constantly angry tasteless anon that will scorch the earth and throw temper tantrums on here wanting only the evidence that will suit their quality needs, despite hearing the admission from the man himself, which is actually rare considering most cancel mobs don't start by the instigator actually admitting they did it!

Also anon we may have opinions on people and express them here but we are not and never have been a jury, nor do we have any actual sway over the situation. If some anon here believes cry is an evil pedo, then… nothing happens. We can say what we want here without actually being in the centre of the mobs or on twitter. It's so pointless to get worked up over evidence or who says what because we're not the players of this game

No. 992279

Cheyenne posted a screencap of Cry saying "I love you" when she was like 16. And that Beanie person was the person the old Ocean screencaps were talking about posted them too and basically confirmed they were real.

Auri is the definitely one that's most coherent/clear though.

No. 992281

man… who let the incels out of their cages?

No. 992283


No. 992284

I think Auri's going to be answering some questions and giving us more details in her stream so hopefully that'll shed more light on things

No. 992286

Are we seriously going to pretend that half the posters here aren't e-celebs that are involved themselves or their followers? You have anons admitting as much in this thread.

Stunning contribution, thanks so much for that.

No. 992287


Cry is officially fucked.

it sounds like snake wants to help the victims to do a class action lawsuit against him, and is speaking to a lawyer on how to go about it.

Not only that, but his job and all his friendships are completely done. Period.
He literally lost everything over night, and even if he apologies his reputation is fucked….

He's done. I expect either of the following to happen…

1. He gets sued and goes to jail
2. He apologies and disappears.
3. He tries to leave his body.
4. He disappears without apologies.
5. Twitch goes sjw and destroys his channel. He then disappears.

Irregardless of what happens, he'll disappear in some fashion. It's over..

One silver light of hope for him, is that he hid his personal info, such as his face and address… Makes it easier to start over.

No. 992288

maybe sage if you aren't going to contribute either.

No. 992290

File: 1592910850341.png (28.94 KB, 735x178, Screenshot (148).png)

No. 992291


Cry's threads started like 4-5 years ago and were supported just fine on their own and the only admitted people who were related were once Jund, some "friend of a friend" of Angel, Ocean at one point dipped in and dipped back out when we started discussing her, and Auri who came here first before they made their twitter account so they don't count. Some people claimed to be twitch mods but we never got confirmation either, and this was during the height of Chey receipts of her being a shitty person and Cry had read the threads and their relationship was in limbo, so it was admittedly the most active

If anyone else is here anonymously that's totally their own choice but they can't do shit over here. If they have anything to lose they better protect it where it matters, and that ain't lolcow.

I cannot stress enough that this place is for observation and archiving of shit that's going down, lolcow is not the place for important shit to happen, if legal stuff is real then it's twitter DMs that will have the serious evidence

No. 992295

Kek. He's not going to prison for some accidental sexy texts to a 16 yo fucking years ago.

No. 992297

Anon use your brain, why would multiple people be saying something far more illegal happened and one of them actively pushing for victims to contact him for help regarding legal action if it was just sexy texts?

No. 992298

i have to say i was almost looking forward to the tlou2 streams before all this happened.

No. 992299

Man… Me too.

No. 992300

They are fucking drama queen who like to cancel anyone over the most minuscule shit in a tweet years ago. They aren't even able to grasp that there isn't a once of proof here beside the say so of vindicative people who never peeped about it before.
It's stupid. Police won't pursue this shit when they have barely have the means to catch actual active kiddie fuckers. You guys really live in an alternate world.

No. 992305

Not like you need a face to be attracted to someone, when I was like 13 in 2012 I thought he was the shit, god tier voice and got really into the games he played, most notably to me Walking Dead S1 and Corpse Party. Very open emotionally when playing them and I thought that was great.
Branched off after a couple years though, and in recent years I can't fucking stand him.
I feel some sympathy for Cry's shit-end-of-the-stick family situation and the nuclear explosion going on in his mind but I cannot even begin to stand up for the shit that he's done to everyone and especially to my boy Russ.

No. 992306


That's a pretty strong assumption that there is no other evidence besides sexy texts.

Unless you have contact directly with cryaotic or the crew, I can't understand why you would presume that isn't anything worse. He very well could have nude pics, afterall…

Even if there isn't a criminal case against him, he easily could have a civil suit for "mental" damages to the minors/victims.

Personally, I don't think the victims are perfectly little angels who knew no better and got "groomed". At the end of the day, that doesn't matter though and he is likely to be in serious legal trouble whether criminal or civil.

No. 992307

Jund said he only knew of Cry sexting with a 16yo back in the day, Snake new since January this year after seeing Chey's tweets about it. Both men let it slide though for financial stability and only now when "worse things have come into light" they cut ties with Cry because they're equally being flamed on twitter. So… They're just trying to save their own asses basically.

No. 992308

Anons who say why the crew wouldn't come out with this new found evidence of something very illegal.
Because legally, they would implicate themselves (for possession), and possibly get dragged to court if this evidence is truly as damaging as they say.

I would strongly recommend them to hand this off to authorities and shut up about it. Untill all legalities are done. That goes to the victims as well who wish to pursue legal action, what you write can be used against you. Lawyer up and keep everything to minimal.

Also, even grooming/texting minors sexual stuff could get you investigated and prosecuted. Just looks at Dahvie vanity situation.

No. 992309

How is it a strong assumption? Chey was barking at anyone yesterday, it's easy to see she had nothing in hand or she would have let it out on the spot.
It's all talk.

No. 992311

Chey is definitely a vile enough person to make evidence public in a heartbeat if she had any on hand, that's why I also believe that she's got nothing else than words.

No. 992312


Chey is just a drama queen who is adding her own fluff to the allegations.

This isn't about chey directly, and from my understanding this involves many females/minors/victims.

He basically is a "serial groomer" so to speak, according to the allegations. So he has a lot of 'victims' going against him.

The key word here is "victims" not a singular victim.

No. 992313

Yeah I dont know why everyone keep kissing Jund and Snake's asses on here when they all be acting like morons and they dont look too innocent either

No. 992314

File: 1592913225095.gif (1.74 MB, 636x269, greatergood.gif)


It's because it's a very realistic situation that may have a "right moral" answer but it's not the most realistic answer you'd go for if you were in this situation

Basically a bunch of guys rely on one person to bring in the people who pay them their income, but this one guy does shady things, some of which you may know a little about, some you didn't, and some are rumors coming from external parties but you don't have enough evidence to believe it

Do you shoot yourself in the foot and shoot your friends too? if one person speaks up about the big guy, it drags down everyone else too. For the greater good? It will cause controversy, drag attention, and you may never financially recover from a job I presume these guys actually enjoy doing

Or do you let the big boss slide with one or two weird moments and hope he's learned and doesn't do it again? It's not like you talk that much to them to know the whole truth, and he's not very stable either.

While I understand the in the vacuum criticism of Jund/Russ/Snake not speaking up until now, I can guarantee none of you all would be so confident in your convictions if you were put in the same spot and I can guarantee every one of us have not spoken up about something shitty when it's happened

No. 992319


Jund said he knew of one incident, that when he confronted Cry about it, Cry lied to him and said it wasn't true. It was his friend at the times and boss' word against an anon with no proof posted.

As for Snake, what the fuck do you want him to do? Leave Cry, like he is doing now?
Chey told all if them, repeatedly for years that the relationship was okay EVEN THOUGH she was under aged. She had the whole legality talk lined up, how is it Snake's place to do anything? He saw her Twitter thread and found out more info about Cry cheating on Chey, he didn't know Cry was a serial groomer

Jund, Russ, and Snake aren't the perpetrators here.
If anything Chey knew more than ANY of them, and she said fucking nothing until she was out of LNC gor good with no chance of returning, and didn't get to live off of "I slept with a youtuber and all I got was this blog" anymore. stop giving innocent people shit just because you spend days reading lolcow threads and they didn't.
If you want to keep dragging the other LNC members saying they should have known, don't forget to drag the one person who admitted she knew the whole time and did NOTHING.

No. 992320

Imagine trusting Chey's word when allegedly Scott was a massive ass hate and she didn't save a lick of evidence, let alone speak out about it for years at this point. It's her word vs. there's, and I don't put much stock into Chey's word given how much of an asshat and abuser she was back in the day.

No. 992321

Exactly. Cheyenne knew everything this whole time and did nothing. She's way more guilty than the guys.

No. 992324

File: 1592914080983.jpg (287.51 KB, 1080x1115, Screenshot_20200623-070544_Chr…)

Even here she says "it was (her) job too and (she) left it" which is entirely untrue. She didn't leave her job? Cry broke up with her? Like she supported him and stayed up until their break up. They even made a cutesy puzzle video about it.

No. 992331

KEK, guess who've been assmad all this time about them leeches still making money on his back while she got shoved away for being a bully?

No. 992333

LOL didn't someone say and get confirmed a handful of threads ago that she was blackmailing him to pay her while they were dating? I guess you could consider that a job.

No. 992335

Were the LNC under contracts ? Maybe that's why they couldn't talk, because Cry would sue them.

No. 992337


Once a hoe, always a hoe.

No. 992338

cry? sue? no way. the guy can't even stand up for himself without experiencing a meltdown

No. 992343

Lmao you are a bunch of bootlickers too, I don't trust Chey either, she's a bitch for all I care. I don't trust any of 'em. If jund knew for a fact that his boss was sexting with a 16yo from his own fan base then that IS morally questionable and you can try to spin it any way you want. Ypu can be evil by doing bad shit, but you can also be evil by seeing that bad stuff being done and not speaking up abt it. The point still stands that the guys cared more for their own asses than the shit things cry had done, which affected minors. Also didn't Ziegs say on tumblr that all of them knew of 2 cases? So which is it then?

No. 992346

File: 1592915227669.jpg (578.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200623-062336_Gal…)

Please, continue to tell us how you are the victim :)(:))

No. 992347

I wish Cry had made his first vid truthful and clear, because now the Lnc/chey/victims have built this whole mess up into something very horrible sounding and if Cry's upcoming vid doesn't live up to those expectations of what he's done, then ppl won't believe his word even if what he's done was "only" some cringey sexting.

No. 992348

I mean, she is still a victim. She was groomed, victims of grooming defend their groomers. That's how it works.

That doesn't change the fact that she is still an abuse herself and has refused to break the cycle. She thinks that acknowledging that she was a bad person back then, and then claiming she's changed while acting the exact same as before is entirely okay and it's not, but that doesn't mean she ISN'T a victim.

No. 992349

People fail to realize that humans aren't strictly good or evil, we all have nuance. Chey is a victim and an abuser, we're still unsure if her abusiveness is a result from being groomed, or if she's always just been an awful person. Either way it doesn't excuse the fact that she's still acting like a brat, so yes, she hasn't changed.

No. 992351

Chey knew more than Scott and the rest of LNC, she knew enough to blackmail her way into the stream and to give her access to bully them. She was abused, yes, but now she is continuing to act like she is the same 16 year old doing the same shit.

No. 992354

The anon who wants criminal evidence touched on something that I feel is necessary to expand upon.

Never trust and eceleb, these people aren't like you or I.

While you can enjoy the content produced by these people, you should never put faith in them or true support behind them. Each of them is time and time again proven to be more concerned with their personal image and brand than they are with the truth and being transparent with their audience. They're the most vile of social climbers, like the ambitious aristocrats of old, who would accept their king pouring wine on their head as a joke to entertain his court.

Many of the fans of those involved have built a bizzare parasocial relationship with these people and continue to take these people at their word. Nobody involved in this situation is trustworthy whatsoever, including the accusers.

No. 992360

Cheyenne has always been an awful cunt to everyone around her. She consistently claimed the relationship was lawful in the past, but now has done a 180 and claimed everyone knew it wasn't, her word lacks credibility.

Also, people keep acting as though Russ is some great upstanding guy. Russ continued to work with a man who cucked him. That is one of the lowest and most humiliating things a man could possibly do. Russ is utterly pathetic and not deserving of any sympathy, he values money more than dignity.

No. 992362

This is exactly what I mean. Don't trust anyone's word, because just as well I could claim myself to be one of the 14 victims. I doubt all of them have any screen caps to prove these convos and even those can be shopped. Also I find it weird that there has been 14 cases, minority of them being under 18, yet no ones bragged abt this online at all? How has none of these supposed relations not ever surfaced before, I don't trust teens to not flex over something like this to each other within their friend groups in the fandom.

No. 992363

Yes I absolutely believe she is a victim because that is what gives her the most attention and feeds that narcissistic bipolar disorder she loves to mention every chance she gets. She pushes the image that she can change but I see her slipping into old habits and trying to vilify others when it doesn't fit her narrative.

No. 992365

do we have confirmation Russ knew about it when it actually happened?

No. 992366

I think he was just suspect until January when Cheyenne announced it on Twitter.

No. 992368

I'm just really annoyed that a lot of this shit happened on Skype which is jackshit at archiving. Lots of proof could've been dug up if it wasn't.

No. 992371

snake mentioned that cheyenne told them about it way back (before or after a stream), not sure if russ knew or not before that. jund mentioned that russ knew about it too, when it happened, and the ball was in his court regarding what to do about it. cheyenne found out about a month before she met up w cry irl that he'd been cheating on her for 8 months (man i remember how big a deal that was, imagine all that shit going on and then having the whole online hype around it oh boy)

No. 992373

Chances are, they’re not teens anymore. I think some of the cases are people reporting incidents with someone who confided in them in the past, so it is possible they’re just no longer interested in speaking.

Auri, Chey, Ocean, Red, Angel, Beanie (6) is already almost half, and I could be missing someone.

I’m sure someone could be lying but the pattern of behavior is already confirmed. Proof would be nice but it’s already been pretty underwhelming. Save someone posting their own compromising photos in a chat log here (which they’d never do), I don’t think anything’s gonna satisfy the need for receipts.

No. 992374

two things i wanna know

1) what the fuck happened to red, did she just dip out after the cheating came to light? how do we know she got married. wonder if she knows about any of this lmao

2) what did sage accuse jund of in her tweets which are now private?

No. 992377

Just to keep things from getting confusing, Angel was never stated to be one of the 14.

No. 992378

She posted about getting married on her tumblr from forever ago. Some guy with the name silver? It's been too long since I glanced at her shit, and her tumblr went inactive so it's impossible to get screen caps of any of it.

No. 992379

Auri is about to go live: https://www.twitch.tv/heyitsauri

No. 992380

I know she's a cunt but how fuckin idiotic are you to not understand a then teenager wouldn't fully understand that technically legal doesn't mean morally correct when they're groomed by a grown man ?

Awful this thread is getting filled more and more with dumbass cry fans/defenders

No. 992381

she had made a post on tumblr when she left lnc saying she wasn’t going to be working with d-list streamers anymore.

No. 992383

man the money sounds good, how much were these guys making w lnc?

No. 992386


She married Datsilver. Something about meeting him in an MMO.
And, it's still up, just renamed.

Never saw this before, but, this post hits different now…

No. 992387

not sure, but Snake went on record saying it contributed 2/3 of his income.

No. 992390

Ah, my bad then. Must have been looking at the wrong tumblr.

No. 992392

Nah you have the right one, tumblr is stupid and lets people steal your url if you don't log in regularly. Someone vindictive against Red stole her url and then abandoned it. Wonder who we know that fits that bill, hmm?

No. 992393


>I hope you guys have a swell life. Make the right choices. Know what you want, and if you don’t, figure it out. Don’t be anybody’s idiot. Be a force for good in a world with still so much evil. Be a mountain among people, and nothing will ever shake your foundations.

ok red

No. 992394

yeah i heard about that but i wonder how much it actually is. i dont know what the monthly wage to live a decent life in the us is.

No. 992395

Do you know when she will go live?

No. 992397

She's live right now

No. 992398

Arcadum is in chat

No. 992402

She was 16. I don't know how it is in US, but being a teenager doesn't mean you should turn off your head and leave all attempts to use your brain until you are 21.

No. 992405

Stop fucking blaming teenagers OVER THE GROWN FUCKING MAN. Jesus Christ, you guys are brain dead.

No. 992408

Cry being a pedophile doesn't mean chey is not a dumb bitch. A match made in heaven, if you ask me.

No. 992409

In her stream, Auri stated that her messages with Cry when she was 16 were nonsexual in nature. She reached out to him in around October 2016 when she was 18 and reinitiated contact. She also just confirmed that Cry read the earlier lolcow threads around 2016.

No one from the lnc, including Cry, has reached out to her as of late. She hasn’t talked to Cry since 2018.

No. 992418

Since the fireden link from last thread isn't working too well (aka >>>/snow/700385 ), here is a fresh link to the 4chan /v/ thread from 2017 where the OP dumped all about Ocean and possibly even dox'd Cry

and an archive of that archive in case the host eats shit like fireden did

Here are archived links of the evidence OP posted from that /v/ thread:


The Mega link with the logs is currently fucked (so no archive, it's useless) but I know I downloaded it at one point and possibly saved it onto one of my microSD cards, if not possibly even one of my Mega accounts. If I can find it and didn't end up deleting it after being demoralized by gaslighters, I will reupload a Mega link here.

The logs are kind of gross considering Cry and Ocean's ages, but there's still no nude pics for that one freak last thread hoping that there was dick pics/CP involved in this situation. It's mainly them talking with (cuddles) and (kisses) and other asterisk rp cringe.
Would've been ridiculously easy to cancel Cry LONG BEFORE NOW if there were nude pics involved that were leaked 3 years ago. Use your brains, folks.

All that said, LNC is justified in kicking Cry out. It would probably be for the best if LNC broke up after this and the others took a break from streaming for a while. Cry should just leave the internet and work on fixing his life if he's being serious about seeking self-improvement.

Mm, I was beginning to wonder if some of the silencing anons here might have been friends of his or Cry himself. The plot thickens.

No. 992419

Lmfao she's saying he deserves a second chance.

Honestly, until concrete evidence comes out that he did something illegal I'm just done with this shit. It just strikes me as a bunch of co-dependent mentally ill people lashing out at eachother. The way they continually crawl back into each others lives like how Beanie went back to Cry for "closure" as an adult or whatever bullshit she spouted.I sincerely doubt these girls have been so impacted and traumatised by their conversations with some shut in loser streamer from the internet. Over dramatic nonsense, unless real proof of abuse comes out.

No. 992420

I followed him from 2013 or so until 2016 and I really liked his personality. He was one of the few male streamers at the time who wasnt an asshole or sexist. I enjoyed his youtube lets plays and thought he had a good voice for his narrative- aka he wasnt screaming into the mic. It's crazy to think that years later, we're here now. Male youtubers continue to use their platform and power to take advantage of young teen girls. I dont fucking get it.

No. 992421

Once again, victims of grooming will DEFEND their groomers. They were manipulated. She even said she was STILL in love with him?

No. 992422


I agree with you.
Unfortunately for cry, he is fucked.
Even if it came out that he is completely innocent at least in accordance of the law… He'll still be screwed.

His reputation is completely ruined and has no chance of being repaired.

No. 992424

No. 992427

It's not uncommon for children growing up in unhealthy circumstances to mimic their parents' toxic behaviour

No. 992428

>The boy did not even bother to learn the names of these men who came into his home. He knew they would not be there long. He looked at them with the greatest amount of silent distrust and unwillingness to accept as a passive introvert of a young adult could. He carried on to absorb himself into a game and block out the constant train wrecks that continued to assault his home-life.

>Then, someone came in one night. He didn’t know this man. He knew his mother did due to the constant sounds of sex coming from the other side of the wall that he tried to drown out with headphoned music blasting. The position becoming extremely awkward when the left headphone died and he could hear it all, but that’s sidetracking. He introduced himself to the boy and, hesitantly, he returned the gesture as he continued to sit there, playing his online computer game.

This is really sad and probably hits a note with many of his followers. I can understand why people really liked Cry as a person and Youtuber, so this is extra awful that him being a pedo/groomer is coming to light. He's obviously mentally fucked up from his shitty home life/domestic abuse, but damn… There's still no excuse for all this. He needs to get help and he needs to take action for the pain he's causes these girls. It's a really round about fucked up situation.

No. 992431

File: 1592921143033.jpeg (66.92 KB, 1535x314, A4D5635C-82CF-418A-AABE-15F33F…)

In Auri’s stream, Arcadum commented that he made Cry promise to contact him before anything drastic occurred. I hope Cry follows through on his promise.

According to Auri, Cry didn’t have many irl friends and was the main source of income for his sister and nephew. He would express thoughts of self-harm/suicide and had mental breakdowns with her at least once a week. Auri also said that Cry would talk to her when he was having a ‘low mental state’. There were times where Auri legitimately feared that Cry would do something to himself if she weren’t there to talk with him as he would express thoughts of self harm or suicide. However, he did not threaten self harm as a bargaining chip.

Apparently, their relationship was entirely online and Cry never proposed any physical action. The relationship wasn’t entirely sexual in nature and Auri admits she doesn’t have much of a grudge against him and wasn’t as affected by him compared to his other victims.

Regarding Auri’s thoughts of Cheyenne, she absolutely regards her as a victim, although she thinks she’s currently projecting too hard on the crew members.

No. 992442

Am I the only one that thinks this is just a way to get back at cry for being a dick? I mean if it were Jimmy in the back of the class that was a dick, no girl that he was an ass to would be able to get this kind of reaction because they are the same age. Now cry was in his 20s' and they jump right away callin him an pedophile. To me cry doesn't seem the guy that would try to convince somebody to be with him. He just seems broken and seeked comfort. The attention got to his brain. I don't think he targeted the underage girls. Most of his fans were underage and they were the people he spent the most time with. I don't think he would have complained if the girls giving him attention were his age. But most 20 y/o have other stuff to do other than watching live-streams.

No. 992445

Lack of malice doesn't really change the fact that what he did was gross.

No. 992453

Nice to see some people are still aggressively against chey too. I'm really sick of this whole clout-chasing bull from her.

No. 992455

>>992445 yes it's true. It was bad, very bad. But still using words just for the sake of it does not help the situation. I don't think he groomed them either. They wanted the attention and got it. He should have known better. But it's not like he smashed and dashed-
(not sure when they met, was she of age?) . He kept being in a relationship with Chey. I just hope he doesn't so something he will regret.

No. 992456

File: 1592923208305.png (483.84 KB, 1206x1720, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 15.2…)

Not to mention the rampant bullying i've seen on twitter, one particular case where someone tried to get them to own up.

No. 992457

We've all done at least one gross shit in the last ten years. Does everybody get a witchhunt?

No. 992460

manipulating minors and being gross are not the same thing.

No. 992462

File: 1592923401113.jpg (425.15 KB, 1080x1405, 1573830925824.jpg)

She's fucking awful, this isn't about justice to her, it's a fucking therapy session / pity party/ attention seeking.

No. 992463

Considering that the two celebrated the loss of his virginity to Chey online, lol.

As mentally ill as the people are in this situation, it doesn't bode well that they began the relationship while Chey was still a minor and ended up hooking up after she was legal. Chey is not a good person by any means but the suicidal tunglr drama really needs to take a backseat to the fact that Cry was a cradlesnatcher from the beginning. The cheating just makes it even scummier; turns out that poetic vent about thinking poorly of the men who abused his mom were evil and horrible actually meant nothing because of the timing of when all this went down.

I remember so many fangirls defending Chey back while they were dating, telling other thirsty fangirls to back off since Cry had a girlfriend. I'm sure they feel so horrified and betrayed now if they didn't already move on.

Yes, and you are being dumb because this didn't start as "getting back at Cry for being a dick", it started as Cry personally owning up to the fact that he dated minors back when his fanbase would ostracize anyone that drew him as an anime twink and the fans wanted to kiss that characterization of him.

Everything is imploding because the community turned out to be just one big trollshield, and now old fans and new fans alike are pissed that they shook hands with someone who did something they highly morally disagree with, all while the old fans were completely in the dark about it.

No. 992464

Tolo said on his stream that Russ was mistreated by Cry and that they had a lot of disdain for each other, going as far as messaging Tolo to talk to the other one.

No. 992466

File: 1592923567488.png (417.55 KB, 1186x1730, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 15.2…)

Yeah, i actually looked and this person tweeted about it more, including retweeting some of coyotes stuff, and it looks like a bunch of followers might have went after them cos the account is protected now. Shes trying to slam anyone, so much for "growing"

No. 992467

Not everyone does shit like manipulating and taking advantage of minors and fans. If you have like you're implying then… uh… bro

No. 992468

Also people seem to like to play the card of the victim. I mean guys reject girls and vice versa. That's life. I am just curious why didn't beanie at least try to explain, like auri, whether it was something sexual or not.

No. 992471

I feel so bad for this person. All they do is speak the truth. Fuck Cheynne.

No. 992472

While I do think he didn't have malicious intents during those relationships, it's a disgusting thing to do and not everyone has done something extreme to that extent in their life.

No. 992474

>uhhhhh i dont recall asking for justice
I would say she's probably taking this stance because even though what they did was a social taboo it would be hard to rule it as a crime in court due to all 0 evidence she has of anything. Chey is so painfully useless.

No. 992477

Beanie didn't play a victim card. Beanie is a victim. Cry admitted and directly replied to her confirming what she said and that he messed with her.

No. 992478

File: 1592923860780.png (1.05 MB, 1174x1468, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 15.2…)


I grabbed this one from the coyote thread before it all went before. Chey just pretty much dodging around the whole thing

No. 992479

(undiagnosed) bdp is back! What a surprised.

No. 992482

Auri stream info:
Cry and Auri chatted through mostly texts and video chatted when she was eighteen. According to her, not all the minors he sexted were female. When she confronted Cry about what she saw on the lolcow threads, he didn’t come clean about them.

Cry never shared any explicit pics with Auri and he did back off when she told him she was 16 though of course this is coming from the girl who still wants to give him a second chance when even Jund has deemed him ‘evil’ and Snake is compiling a legal suit.

Fuck off with your white knighting. Snake, the most level-headed of the crew, said there were 14 victims and Cry was doing this up to 2 days ago. There aren’t any public receipts yet, but what Snake and Jund know points towards Cry’s actions being criminal.

No. 992483

Yes, sorry it was not about her. Mainly Chey. I was not clear. I feel bad for the girl. She seems nice and must have gone through a lot. I guess she does not owe it to anyone, but being clear about the toy thing would have helped.

No. 992485

Damn, Snake and Jund should just post the new stuff they found already.

But the victim asked them not to do that?

No. 992486

Not 2 days ago, 2 days before he posted the video.

No. 992487

I think they're all withholding information until Cry posts his video to see if he tries to wiggle and lie his way around it. Better than giving him a heads up on what they have

No. 992489

File: 1592924306540.png (112.21 KB, 1208x786, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 15.5…)


I found something interesting in the likes. I grabbed these earlier today when I was at work, and the name/username seems very suss?
Possible Crys snooping account?

No. 992491

Is he stupid enough to make a snooping account that obvious? lol

No. 992492

> There were times where Auri legitimately feared that Cry would do something to himself if she weren’t there to talk with him as he would express thoughts of self harm or suicide.

Remembering that one stream when he mentioned he used to have a girlfriend who self-harmed, and he "didn't understand why anyone would do that". The hypocrisy.

No. 992494

And Jund and Snake have confirmed that if he does try to wiggle out of this, they're going to come forward. Jund in particular talked about not knowing how long to give him until he comes forward with information. They're antsy to get whatever they know out.

No. 992495


It's anon enough to not bring up attention with only 4 followers?

No. 992501

I can't seem to find that account on twitter

No. 992503

Why would anyone make a snooping account with their name and using a similar sn to their main account. You're dumb.

No. 992507

I can't find it by searching either, maybe deleted?

Ok it's a discussion board and not that much of a reach chill

No. 992509

I honestly wouldn't put it past him to create an account like this, he's not very subtle

No. 992510


Just learn how to type URLs: https://twitter.com/_Ryan_Is_Taken

It's obviously just a random spam account.

No. 992512

Not looking likely, that account follows the NWS channel for Tulsa Oklahoma, but interestingly enough it does follow a lot of Cry's clique. I don't think it's real though. Probably some fan.

No. 992513

Are you guys literally idiots though? It's here. https://twitter.com/_Ryan_Is_Taken/ you can type urls in manually you know. It's clearly a fan account.

No. 992519


The man got caught time and time again. He's the idiot and would probably do some shit like this

No. 992522

File: 1592925682078.jpeg (179.91 KB, 827x987, 13957112-B707-409C-9887-9220D2…)


No. 992523

You're right, but I don't think many here will heed your warning, most of the people in this thread seem to be people deeply entrenched in the fanbase and surrounding twitter community.

No. 992524

you have GOT to be fucking kidding me. Being abused does NOT excuse pushing someone to almost suicide.

No. 992525

Can you idiots sage your fucking posts?

No. 992527

Yo chill tf im on mobile and it's the first time I've posted here christ

No. 992530


My blood fucking boils from reading this. Nothing can excuse the behaviors. Does Cry or any other jackass get to be not held accountable because they had a bad childhood or a place of neglect?

If your action means someone become suicidal, no contest is going to justify that. You do NOT get to drag someone down to your level. Fuck Cheyenne and all her stans. Shit on Cry all you want but at least dude fucking admits to it when shit hits the fan, not cry and bitch about it in an attempt to play the victim card.

No. 992538


I feel so bad because anyone trying to call her out for stuff is getting bullied from twitter.

No. 992539

He posted a 4 minute video glossing over the fact he preyed on minors and did in fact play the victim card.

Sage your posts, jesus. Learn how to post before you spout your opinions.

No. 992541

The #1 these people need to "apologize" for is thinking everything is in black and white.
Cry grooming minors doesn't make Chey being shitty to Zieg go away.

hit the nail on the head

No. 992542

Jesus Christ can you guys please learn to sage???? im on mobile too and it’s not that hard to learn. the amount of newfags managing to continue posting without following the rules of the forum is fucking retarded. anyway: cry is guilty, cheyenne sucks, Scott acts like a little bitch, snake is solid, and Russ got fucked over. can he drop his video already? I think we’re all waiting with anticipation to see what cry has to say.

No. 992543


Yeah and also made several (albeit) weird response tweets to further elaborate. The video was a fucking bad move and, from his words, come from a place of impulse and mania.

Also I was being too impulsive and forgot to sage. Apology bro. High on caffeine right now

No. 992544

>>Does Cry or any other jackass get to be not held accountable because they had a bad childhood or a place of neglect?

Have you been reading this thread? People have been doing JUST that. Pulling every excuse they can.
Everyone's playing the victim in this and there's fanboys/girls throwing the victim card in for whatever side they are on.
Bottom line this is a mess Cry created.

No. 992546


Bad childhood doesnt excuse stringing along at least 3 minors ffs

They're all shitty people

No. 992552


How do you know it's 3 minors?

I know snake said there was about 14 victims counted so far, but the majority of the 14 weren't minors.

No. 992554

Because it sounds like a bs number he pulled out of his ass.

No. 992555

I highly agree on that. Unless there are ACTUAL proofs with victims, just like Auri did, I wouldn't trust a word from a person who knew about everything's going on n chose to speak now, only because Cry himself said it during manic episode.

No. 992556


Because whether you like it or not, chey was still groomed. And two girls have came out on twitter to say they were underage.

No. 992558

im not talking about chey when i say this because any pity i had for her went out the window when she turned this into something all about her

but like can we stop the whole "no-angeling" thing of cry's other victims. they were 16 when first contacted was established, and he was in his midtwenties. i don't buy that he didn't know their ages at first bc his audience has always run younger, he should have known that. plus like… who fucks around with someone even romantically online for months without finding out their age? and it's creepy that a midtwenties guy would consistently breakdown to a 16 year old girl and rely on her for mental support. that's not normal, and from what auri's explained it fits perfectly in line with emotional manipulation and grooming. i won't be surprised when the other stories are eerily similar, if not worse.

No. 992560

idk what's so hard to understand about the phrase "grooming" lol. like even if cry WASN'T sexting these girls til they were 18, there's a power dynamic with the age difference and creator/fan relationship. waiting until someone is legal to fuck while you flirt with them in the meantime is predatory behavior, period. ESPECIALLY knowing that your audience is predominately teenage girls

No. 992564

I'm going to side-eyeing a lot of people in this thread when they take Cry's word for whatever happened even if he provides no proof.

No. 992565

Gee. are you stupid
I think it's retarded on how EVERYONE on LNC knew about the fact that he groomed a bunch of people FOR YEARS, while never trying to do a thing about it cuz 'muh money', and now, since the mental mess of a head himself admitted on doing that, they abused this fact just to throw Cry away and get all the fame from cancel culutre. They never truly cared about victims in a first place.

No. 992567

since the mental mess of a head himself admitted on doing that, they abused this fact just to throw Cry away and get all the fame from cancel culutre

Cry admitted it, if they knew and kept quiet they'd continue keeping quiet.
So are you saying because Cry is a "mental mess" and being "abused" because HE admitted he was being shady?
No one made him do this, he did it himself.

I'm not that anon, but I love how people care about the mental health of cry and try to use it to lowkey victimize him but use it as a tool to shit on others involved.

Mental illness is causing everyone to act out in this mess, but funny how with Cry a lot of anon's are a lot more senstitive and understanding to it.

No. 992570


Now that you mention that, I do wonder what would happen if cryaotic didn't admit to the accusations in a video..

If he didn't admit to it, then maybe everyone wouldn't have been so quick to throw him under the bus. It's food for thought.

No. 992573

Facts. All of them would've kept quite if nothing had surfaced to the publics eye, Snake said that Cry has been "acting off" for months and all of them were still okay with milking him for money. They're all scummy af

No. 992575

If he never said anything, no one else would've said anything. We also don't know how much the crew knew, what cry was telling them, if he was being honest with them about everything or what.

We can assume they knew everything or all the details.
They could've JUST gotten more info once Cry spoke out and his victims reached out.
If cry's this huge "mental mess", who knows what he was telling them and they probably trusted him because he's there friend.

I don't care why they are speaking out tbh, they are and it helps the people who are harmed.
No one's completely innocent in all of this, but it all falls back on Cry.

No. 992580

Auri is going live on twitch right now, really feel like theyre gonna try monetize their trauma..

No. 992581

It's people's choice to donate or not.

No. 992582

Of course they will, we are talking about ecelebs, they're all grifting vermin. That being said, anyone who paypigs is mentally ill.

No. 992583

probably because it was so bad they are waiting for the courts?

No. 992584

Wonder how long before Chey takes over it all again yawn

No. 992585


She said something along the lines of wanting to start a Twitch for a while and finally streaming to talk abt the whole situation had her realize it was possible. Bit opportunistic but who gives a shit in the end.

No. 992587


Yeah I'd rather listen to their story than Cheys for 1000000000x

No. 992590

She just said she didnt want Cry to suffer, but she wants him to face what he's done and get repercussions. She also mentions she thinks he only regrets making the video and getting found out vs actually grooming minors. I agree with her

No. 992591


Everyone's going to monetize off this drama.
There will be some victims who do out of attention or money.

There will be old friends who will use this as a source to gain attention/fame…

Keemstar and drama alerts will get their hands on this to shake money from the money tree.

People will all end up saying how shitty cry is, in order to gain points from the community…

No doubt about it cry fucked up; however many people will take advantage of this opportunity.

No. 992592

Hi all. Got a message on twitter about my stuff being shared here (LumaBones) and that people were supporting it. Thanks for that! I've had to lock my tweets cos I'm getting death threats from anons both there and instagram.

So I'm glad to know not everyone is supporting bullying under the guise of "mental health"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 992595

Shut the fuck up

No. 992596

pretty rude

No. 992597

At this point, no matter who else benefits from this situation, Cry’s career is definitely over. No way would anyone let him have a platform again after what he’s done. And it really is telling that he released his 4-minute video a few days after Beanie tweets, but not when Chey tweeted last January.

No. 992598


Wow someone wasn't loved as a child

No. 992600

hope you're proud of yourself. what a pathetic way to try and prove something.

No. 992602

Is cry's video monetized? If he can monetize his video talking about what he's done wrong why can't everyone else?
If it's not then who cares?

If people want to donate they can.

No. 992603


Yep, cryaotic as we know it is no more. The series has ended with a twist….

I guess he could go the path of onison… He seemed to keep a career by projecting insanity and acting insane after being accused of grooming…

No. 992604

it isn't

No. 992605

I'm not that anon, but no one cares, don't come here saying who you are unless you have milk.

No. 992606

Thank you,

people want evidence because we are sick of this pussyfooting merry-go-round. We don't care about Cry but we don't want over-exaggerated nonsense, we want stuff like Ari posted. And considering that Jund and Snake realized the shit later was so bad, they know something has to be so bad that maybe they can't release it and maybe Cry has to go to custody first. Chey is not helping and muddying the waters for the victims, making them look like vindicitive psychos.

Why does skype suck that bad, is it like completely gone after someone removes something?

All Snake said that he knew about the cheating, he did NOT know that it was with a minor. Jund said something similar too and when he heard about the fan stuff he went to Cry and asked him seriously and took his word, what else could they have done? They have trusted Cry and Cry lied to them, that doesn't make them monsters.

No. 992607


>There will be some victims who do out of attention or money.

While Auri's initial intentions when coming out on lolcow weren't opportunistic, the sudden creation of a twitch account did felt like it

No. 992611

Skype doesn't let you scroll back past a certain point iirc

No. 992612


We may get evidence from jund.
Jund I feel is the type of person who may just go "fuck it" and just show the evidence.

He shouldn't though for legal reasons, but he just may anyways.

On snake's stream he seemed like he was hinting he would release information if cry didn't address the issue; despite the contrary where he said it "wasn't his story to tell."

If anyone's going to release info it'll end up being one of the victims or jund imo.

No. 992613

Any guesses on what Snake and Jund found out?

No. 992615

I'd expect nudes being exchanged while one of the girls was underage, given the way Snake is talking about legality.

No. 992619

Auri said that the guys are giving him until Sunday to release information.

No. 992620


I saw that she replied to Snake’s tweet about his stream, so I like to think that she was just inspired to do a stream herself since it’s easier to answer questions that way. She did say that she was getting a lot of DMs from people and talking live’s easier than typing.

No. 992622

File: 1592931989994.png (81.67 KB, 928x735, 2020-06-23 100552.png)

Spill the tea or don't vague post us

No. 992624

This is my guess. Since cryaotic was flirtatious with under age girls, then I do believe at some point he probably slipped up and exchanged naked pics.

No. 992625

For fuck sake, can we just get on with this shit already? Sunday? What a joke. These people are just milking this for donations and views.

No. 992626

Underaged nudes or blackmail, probably the former if anything since Cry is a spineless bitch.

No. 992627


"It isn't our story to tell…."

Until it's sunday of course!


No. 992628


skype sex or photos exchanged w/ someone <16.

also this might come from nothing but someone involved could have committed suicide.

No. 992629

how does she know this?

No. 992630


Same thoughts, it’s very possible that one of the victims reached out to them privately since they were the ones most involved with Cry

No. 992631

E-celebs truly are the lowest form of life.

No. 992632

Whose asking for donations?

No. 992634

chey or nah

No. 992637

going with nah but we'll see

No. 992638


maybe whatever chey has as proof that cry really did have skype sex with a 16 year old while they were together

she probably has screenshots and sent it to the guys so she can finally have her “revenge”

No. 992639

File: 1592932790387.png (123.13 KB, 591x919, 2020-06-23 101853.png)

No. 992646

Funny thought, did Cry avoid Persona 5 after saying he would play it because he saw others stream it and he realized he is Kamoshida?

No. 992648

One of them said it on stream.
Imo that's way too long
I doubt he's carefully calculating a response if he is having a manic episode

No. 992652

I worry cry might decide to end it. If he is really not thinking straight then it is a possibility.

No. 992654

I'm so fucking scared, the more we learn the more it seems likely and YES he fucked up, to put it mildly, he deserves to face consequences and grow but. I don't know what I'd do if he ends up going through with something like that.

No. 992655

I'm shocked how easily everyone left him. Like he never mattered enough then, to talk how wrong the stuff he was doing was, and now they just do whatever they can to cover their asses, even joining the witch hunt of the one they spent do much time with. This is immoral in every way.

No. 992657

He's an adult. he knew what he was doing was wrong, people don't have to hold his hand and explain it.
And just like he was trying to cover his ass, so are they, nothing wrong with that.

No. 992658

Like at his core he doesn't seem bad at all. A people pleaser and a really really lonely guy. Imagine not having anyone to lean on for 30 years. And the ones you have are ready to just use your darkest shit whenever. It's sad. It was fucked up but living like that is fucked too.

No. 992661

I don't think the situation is that simple, maybe many years ago, they genuinely cared for one another. But when cry turned into their boss, the power dynamics shifted and became complicated.

No. 992662

He was 20 dude. And lonely with all responsibility of taking care of his family.(whiteknighting)

No. 992663

You're forgetting that he's fucked up some of their lives with his shit though. Especially Russ.
Maybe the past few years they haven't all been close and it's just a job for them

No. 992664

23-25. And kept doing it for like 6 years since then.

No. 992668

It IS possible to retrieve old Skype logs with a skype log viewer program, but the Skype users files still need to be intact on the computer. So if they've changed computers since then, then that stuffs long gone.

No. 992670

He told his own darkest shit.

So??? Yes he didn't have a hard life, but so do many other people. I don't want him to do anything and I pray he does not, but all these excuses and people trying to make him into a victim is annoying asf.
Someone JUST said that nothing can excuse what others have done, so the same goes for him.
He needs to be held accountable.

So fuck the people who were harmed and hurt, because Cry was only "20" and lonely?

No. 992671

Exactly, there's 14 people that have come forward to the guys. He kept going after getting caught by Cheyenne way in the beginning.

No. 992674

Zeigs: I almost committed suicide
Chey: It wasn't that serious!

Coyote: Posts video showcasing Chey's behavior towards Zeigs

No. 992675

"Did have a hard life"

No. 992676

The amount of people in this thread running defence force for their favourite ecelebs involved in this shitshow is embarrassing, go back to Twitter and Tumblr where you belong

No. 992679

He did that to himself and has no one else to blame but himself. He is the one who outed himself and didn't tell a single person in his crew about the video and now they're hit with the aftermath. He should be facing consequences, manic or not.

But none of that stuff matters anon, only Cry's feelings do. Russ has a crippling depression over it? Okay, but what about Cry's feelings! His own team has to take the brunt of it while he fucks off somewhere? Okay, but what about Cry's feelings! His whiteknights are fucking dumb and it's hilarious.

No. 992680

stfu Chey(hi cow)

No. 992681

"they wanted attention and he gave it"
"he didn't groom Chey, she bullied him into taking her on dates"
"Men usually date younger"

"Oh he's mentally stunted"
"Oh he's lonely"
"Oh HE was only 20 and Lonely"

No. 992682

nobody cares if you worry, we arent here to validate your fucking eceleb woes

something tells me they havent actually looked at the site beyond this single fucking thread if this is enough to set off the oh-so-sensitive eceleb defense force.

i thought its possible if either party had the logs on either computer? so if the op deleted the messages but the users who received the messages ran a viewer, they can check previously sent chat messages even stuck in deletion purgatory. but its been a few years since ive needed to do this, so im not entirely sure.

No. 992684

File: 1592934963332.jpg (363.76 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20200623-125451_Twi…)

Not sure if this is anything, but something to watch, at least.

No. 992687

you cretin not wanting someone to take their own life isn't a fangirl protecting their uwu softboi celeb.

basic human decency is to not cause something like this to happen. the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 992688

File: 1592935143982.jpg (501.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200623-232734_Twi…)

No. 992690

File: 1592935168011.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200623-232736_Twi…)

No. 992691

File: 1592935191419.jpg (411.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200623-232737_Twi…)

No. 992692

So this dude knew cry was talking to a minor and didn't say anything.

No. 992693


guess no one wanted to assume predator

No. 992694

File: 1592935482930.jpg (753.78 KB, 1079x2133, Screenshot_20200623-135947_Twi…)

2/ not the same anon but posting the rest of the screens bc this guy does not know how to thread his tweets

No. 992695

File: 1592935509471.jpg (736.03 KB, 1079x2133, Screenshot_20200623-140001_Twi…)

No. 992699

Where did these caps come from?

That seems to be happening a lot. Everyone kept looking away but thankfully people like Dodger dropped his ass as soon as they heard about it.

No. 992700

File: 1592935613213.jpg (672.61 KB, 1079x2133, Screenshot_20200623-140025_Twi…)

No. 992702

No. 992703

File: 1592935704827.jpg (711.67 KB, 1079x2133, Screenshot_20200623-140230_Twi…)

No. 992705

It seemed like an isolated incident, and probably didn't want to be quick on pointing fingers on grooming/predator

Also, many are dropping/cutting ties with Cryaotic not just Dodger.

No. 992707

Hope he releases the recording cause it sounds pretty funny.

Thanks, anon.

No. 992708


No. 992713

sc's from snake's twitter

No. 992715

No. 992717

You shouldn't have been contacted or linked here, guess some newfags here don't understand the rules about cowtipping.

>Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).

Sorry to hear you're getting death threats, that's also against lolcow ettiquette.
You shits piling in from twitter really need to read the Rules before posting and knock it the fuck off. Thanks.

No. 992719

File: 1592936895252.jpg (333.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200623-132459_Tum…)

so he really is just garbo

No. 992722

He was just checking to see if he had to wait til she turned 18 before skyping her

No. 992723

Kinda weird that he searched up the age of a random tumblr user to make a joke but couldn't be assed to find out the ages of the people he'd flirted with for extended periods of time.


No. 992724

This is actually disgusting.

No. 992726

Oof. No, just no

No. 992727

Auri just ended the stream in tears. Poor thing.
I hope the sick fuck gets whats coming to him.

No. 992731

If you've been watching the whole thing, can you post a summary? Anything new that wasn't mentioned by previous anons itt?

No. 992732

File: 1592937730220.jpg (259.16 KB, 1080x1129, 20200623_213818.jpg)

Sorry if this was posted before, but even Jesse Cox and the game he voiced in cut ties with him.

I used to watch these people and enjoy their gameplay so much, never realized all of this was happening behind the scene. Only heard few talk about cheating but… damn

No. 992734

i feel something very ominous, thinking about what's happening with cry right now. i do hope he is ok.

No. 992735

I did say "people like Dodger", but yeah, it's good that they're cutting ties.

Good. Honestly, Jesse and that whole crew seem pretty positive and supporting a pedo would really fuck up their image.

No. 992736


Tbf, he probably saw it just when clicking on her blog. Most tumblr uses just put it in their header.

No. 992737

Forgot to sage, fuckin rip

No. 992738

you're not alone. I've been feeling out of it all day, as well.

remember the time when he ended up in ER for the gallbladder problem? it's the exact same feeling.

No. 992739

Why even respond to a 15 year old girl offering to show her your boobs? I don't know how this was viewed as okay back then.

No. 992740

File: 1592938512036.png (323.46 KB, 1080x1445, thank you julian.png)

Jesse is genuinely a sweetie and Julián was also prompt with his concern about this. They've done good here.

No. 992744

This isn't twitter or tumblr, no one gives a shit about how pedos are feeling.

And he found it funny rather than disturbing.

They seem to have genuinely not known that this whole thing was going on unlike LNC.

No. 992763

I was scrolling through the last thread and saw this.maybe the Skype sex is the "illegal" thing?

No. 992767

Skype "sex" isn't a thing because it's not actual sex, it's 2 weirdos masturbating on camera to each other. A 16 y/o doing that would be considered distribution of CP, which is illegal in the US.

No. 992769

File: 1592941175037.png (13.25 KB, 579x77, dbltap.png)

No. 992770

it blows my mind that cry didn't think that cringe articles like these were one of the very likely outcomes of posting that video, like you've been on the internet long enough dude. unless he thought his loving fanbase would lap it up and that would be that.

but then again, he had been joking about minors and the young fanbase for quite a bit, and no one really said anything sooo

No. 992771

Is it really doxxing if it's just one easy google search away? It's not his address or his face. He's a public figure and has been for like a decade.

No. 992772

his name was originally listed in a random amnesia custom story he voiced in years ago that he even played so it's been out there

No. 992774

I just googled what his first name was and it was the first link, he wasn't doxxed.

No. 992776

i know chey seems committed to claiming everyone knew more than they let on, but whether shes full of shit or not jund is a moron. by his own admission he knew something happened, which is more than enough reason to actually look into the allegations further. dont know whether he found out before or after he heard the accusation, but it shouldve been on his mind either way.

that doesnt prove he was trying to cover it up, though. cheyennes latest thing about him threatening her with fake screenshots or whatever (which she has no proof of) could easily have been just him accusing HER of faking evidence, but in the most assholeish way.

if it turns out he really was covering it up hes a scumbag, but based on his own admissions hes at least an idiot who ignored shit he really shouldnt have been ignoring.

No. 992788

Lmao, reminds me of when two other lolcows shared and edited cp with eachother in a bizzare attempt to expose a child predator ring.


The similarity I see outside of the mere fact an article was written about them is that both of the accused have loyal fan bases, who cling to their words and just see serious accusations like this as smears by detractors or just silly mistakes. Cry will likely retain a following who forgive him, just as Warski and Ethan Ralph did as their fans are too dumb and loyal. Although it's doubtful any streamers will want anything to do with him anymore.

No. 992789

With the way he's been talking it definitely seems like he was lied to though. I agree he's an idiot for not doing anything about what he did know, but then so is the rest of the crew.
Since they've already established the friendship is dead and the lnc is going on without cry, he doesn't have an excuse to not come forward. There's nothing left to save

No. 992796

jund's 'tweets and replies' section is a saga of its own. taking this moment to say twitter is a cesspool.

No. 992817

Getting to see those snowflakes get so mad at him for asking for the bare minimum details is giving me life. He's an idiot to keep feeding the trolls, but seeing them run for the hills because they're being held accountable for their bullying is so cute.

No. 992846


God it is so entertaining watching him individually address every accusation and watching them all slowly whittle away into literally nothing.

No. 992878

Do we know it was on vid though? Or was it their shitty text rp notices your bulge owo crap?

No. 992885

im kinda wondering if cry was one of the youtubers that felix mentioned in one of his videos… i dont remember the actual video but i specifically remember him saying that he knows "for a fact" that youtubers use their name to see underage tits, and felix went on in saying "im not mentioning any names!!" so yeah i wonder…

No. 992891

He always seemed really honest and forthright/blunt. I 100% believe he either didn't know much at all or was too naive to suspect more.

No. 992893

I doubt he would've known about this. Except if someone with proof contacted him. But there are seemingly enough other "e-celebs", which he could've ment.

No. 992894

Felix would 100% report it, imo
He was talking about YouTube in general, like look at 50% of TRO's videos, it's fuckin predators on the platform. Every other day someone new gets outed

No. 992900

i agree but I think a part of the accusations are coming from the fact that perhaps saying 'i didnt know' is not enough, and that people should probably be more aware of what's happening around them, considering their fanbase and career where this stuff runs amok. obviously every man for himself, when you're not that invested in lnc. and hindsight is 2020. i can't imagine how much they're cursing cry for the situation they've been put in. rip.

No. 992901

I really don't get why so many of them are shitty people. It's hard to be a good person, but it's not hard to be at least decent.
What I really hate is how this is always used to condemn youtube/streaming and videogames as a whole.

No. 992902

Wonder if Dave will say anything?

I mean, he has a song featuring Cry that's for pretty vulnerable people.

Cry's part:
"They didn’t ask, he didn’t tell
If they found out, they’d give him hell
if they knew the lowdown that he fell for people
regardless of pronouns
he was already tormented every day
but it’d escalate if he couldn’t keep a straight
face // So what’ll crack first
the eggshells he treads on or himself
Online he was everything he wanted
But real life wouldn’t let him be as honest
it’d just bring violence his way like
“How do you like this attention you special snowflake?”
They had problems at home and had to vent their feelings
or an underdeveloped sense of empathy
but knowing that didn’t make it any easier
All he could do was breathe"


No. 992905

samefagging but i was going through the very first cryaotic thread, and i mean there were a few 'cry is cheating' 'cry is creepy' accusations that went completely ignored cuz people wanted to bitch about cheyenne. which i get cause not like i should expect much from this place, but it was very frustrating to read with what we know now and that's how it must have felt to the people who knew what was going on (also people had figured that cry was cheating obvi no repercussions tho and red cheated on russ, but no one put two and two together, lol)

No. 992908

First thing to come to my mind would be "limelight", the song he and cry did together.

One was way more "in your face" than the other. It's no wonder that people, me included, were more interested on hating the shitty person that dragged the streams down and bullied others.

No. 992910

Highly doubt considering that not long time ago he said that he havent talked to Cry in a looong time and tbh over years whenever someone would bring up about idea of their new collab, he would always repeat the same thing

No. 992934

Not to mention those 'JSL' fucks who came in raising hell pretty much called everything to a tee. Everybody just wrote them off as trolls though.

No. 992964

Russ' statement on Chey, and Red, and Angel…


No. 992971


omg poor Russ definitely got the worst of it all

I remember feeling that Angel and Cry were dating, but that one Angelchan anon kept arguing against it, it was fucking obvious

He really has poisoned everything he's touched

No. 992972

cry is that person that was a nobody in high school and is so mentally stuck that they continue to do childish shit like date their friend’s romantic interest’s just for their ego.
i bet if russ didn’t have feelings for angel he wouldn’t have even bothered.

No. 992973

Aaaaaaaaand there we go.
That's why Angel dipped off the internet.

No. 992977

Wow that's so fucked up… I feel terrible for Russ. Cry really is a scumbag and there's probably more yet to be revealed. I hope Russ gets all the support he needs and is able to heal.

No. 992978

File: 1592957935493.png (193.86 KB, 583x359, 2020-06-23 171834.png)

No. 992980


Yes, that is correct.

No. 992982

Maybe I'm being a brainlet but did we learn anything we didn't already know from this?
And aswell in regards to grooming, this doesn't really prove anything either right?

No. 992983

Not really, just confirmation of it all I guess

No. 992986


Nothing particularly new, seems more just confirmation/additional details on stuff already suspected. Angel is a cunt, Russ got cucked, Cry's a predator, etc etc.

No. 992987

It seems like he gave more details on certain points. Like Cry's lies to Russ about how much he was involved with Red and Angel.

Put sage in the email field unless you have new milk.

No. 992991

i feel for russ but having 2/3 of a write up be about your exes instead of the victims

No. 992992

Where did he say it would be about the other victims?

Do you not consider Russ a victim of Cry's too?

No. 992993

It felt more like he was sharing his side of the story. So unless he had some kinda interaction with the victims, it wouldn't make much sense for them to be mentioned other than saying they deserved better.

No. 992996

Probably because he didn't have much to say about them, says he only learned of the potential grooming on Saturday

No. 992998

idk dude, I think it's valid for him to share his side of things, and i think this makes it clear that there's a reason he wasn't focused as much on the bullshit Cry was doing to others, considering the bullshit Cry was doing to his face.

No. 993002

No. 993003


they're still pussyfooting around what Cry actually DID
>Learning about the victims will always be the hardest part, the fact this person I once called friend and partner turning out to be a vile and disgusting monster. A person who cared about nothing but his own pleasure. A person who scarred and traumatized impressionable children
Traumatized how? jesus christ nobody cares for this relationship drama bs we want to know if Cry's a pedo or not

No. 993006

Ikr, It's not helpful to anyone to keep secrets about this, if they've got undeniable proof of cry being a predator, get out with it already

No. 993007


"I honestly don't deserve the popularity I have"

for once some fucking truth, Angel. You don't. You took advantage of one guy who cared for you and threw him in the gutter for a more popular guy who gave you everything and now you lost both, congrats you played yourself

No. 993013

From the sounds of it cry never came forward with anything to him. He just kept lying until someone else told.
I think it tells us more about what kind of guy he really is.
Pretty Disgusting.

No. 993022

File: 1592961509645.jpg (192.13 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20200623-211230__01…)

The vod from Auri's stream about Cry got taken down

No. 993025

No. 993028


Jesus christ. This is so twisted. How could Cry could go on streaming, greeting everyone "hey friend" and "I love you guys" when he lies about everything. I find it hard to comprehend.

No. 993030


Some people are just not good people.

No. 993031

Someone actually transcribed the first hour, but the rest might be lost.


No. 993035


He's an egomaniac who thrives on the massive amounts of attention he gets from both the people he "befriended" and his fans.

He's just not a good person.

No. 993039

I'm kinda surprised she dropped her perfect princess act and confirmed everything.
Also she denies about being in a relantionship with Cry while he purposely made it seem like they had something behind the scenes.

No. 993041

As much as I think Angel is at fault and not at all the innocent she portrayed herself to be, this could be more manipulation on his part.

No. 993042

The conspiracy loving bit of my brain wants to think that he did it explicitly to fuck with Russ, but I don't want to believe he'd sink that damn low.

No. 993044

It was probably just ship baiting and Cry being a desperate loser

No. 993046

No. 993047

He did fuck Red behind Russ' back, and then also goes for Angel when he knows Russ cares for her? I don't know, seems pretty targeted.

No. 993050

File: 1592963392475.png (64.11 KB, 599x716, lnc.PNG)

can you newfags start posting screenshots instead of urls? this is an image board, learn to integrate.

No. 993051

I mean he was already on a massive power trip using his popularity to manipulate minors. Not too far a stretch to believe he'd do that.

No. 993052

File: 1592963515406.jpg (149.62 KB, 667x961, 20200624_035118.jpg)

And I remember how people would whiteknight Angel there kek

No. 993053

Cry being a scumbag friend is hardly milk though, all this is doing is derailing from the main accusations of grooming and what not. Its like everyone wants a piece of the pity train

No. 993054

I doubt cry manipulated her into being this much of a heartless bitch

No. 993055


I like how a victim of Cry's exonerates the rest of the crew and yet Cheyenne still goes after them saying all the victims are saying they're involved.

No. 993057


i mean yeah, but this is peak character annihilation & russ did say children were traumatized - what can fans refute now?

No. 993061

Nope, but people will still be licking her ass and pinning it on Cry when it should be both of their asses being held over the fire. Russ was a cuck but god damn, he most likely told Angel about what happened with Cry and Red and both of those cunts still went through with manipulating and shitting on the poor guy.

No. 993065

anyone else weirded the fuck out that Cry or Red or whoever commissioned a picture of themselves having sex? Sounding like Red was also sex obsessed.

forgot to sage my b

No. 993066

In private Angel has been nothing but good and helped me and to see this happen is absolutely devastating. I really trusted them and sympathized with them but it really blew up in my face.

No. 993068

People were pulling the "it's hardly milk" bullshit before all of this, too. It's good for the public to know just how shitty of a person Cry really is since there is so much doubt surrounding it thanks to his "charm".

Yup. Proturd and Hoelly did the same thing if I recall. Maybe it's a cringy thing that cheaters do.

No. 993070


It seems to be a common theme, probably something to do with how they can't be together publicly, so it's something to have proof of them together

No. 993075

No. 993077

Plus it's good to know what the crew knew since Cheyenne is on a crusade to take them down too. All of them truly seemed out of the loop/had minor details and like they haven't actually been friends for years.

No. 993078

This whole situation is a bit similar to projared, wonder if we'll have a similar ending and cry will be able to pull something out to dispell and disprove the grooming accusations, but regardless if that happens it's been fairly proven and revealed that he's kinda a shit person

No. 993079

Russ is going live to talk about it

No. 993080

Russ is streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/russ_money
He is currently crying.

No. 993082

Fuck Cheyenne for spouting shit about Cry and Red’s relationship in a public matter. She should’ve talked to Russ privately before saying anything about that to Twitter. She didn’t give a shit about Russ’ feelings.

No. 993086

He's crying on and off, and understandably angry. He said he hates Cry.

He said he stayed with LNC after finding out about Red because living with his mentally ill, hoarding parents is a worse hell.

No. 993087

I had no idea his home life was like that. Was that public knowledge?

No. 993088

"Cheyenne I know you were cheated on I'm sorry but you're fucking mean."

No. 993089


I don't think so, I think this was his first time acknowledging that.

Also, he's calling Cheyenne mean, and that she did "audacious shit"

No. 993090

Nope. Only thing he’s ever said was that he was never close with his family when Ziegs brought up her not being close with hers, but that’s about it.

No. 993091

russ said everything was entirely online - but still amoral & illegal

"it's the funeral of late night"

No. 993100

Russ demanded an apology about Angel and Red on Saturday when they were discussing to stream, and Cry did not give one. He instead gave a blanket statement trying to say they were at fault as well as much as he was.

No. 993101

"Who the fuck doesn't ask someone their age?! Especially before you get sexual with them."

Seems like Russ had no fucking idea any of this was happening.

No. 993103

ppl r gifting subs like crazy! Russ is getting a ton of support and is crying a lot. he says he needs to get into therapy because every time he tries to show his emotions he hears his dad in his head calling him a pussy. :^[ he says cry broke his heart(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993104

Russ is genuinely a mess and can barely keep himself together for this, I feel so damn bad for him.

Said a couple times he'll be taking a long break and then may come back to streaming, but he needs to "clean to wound to let it heal."

No. 993108

Currently listening to Russ, and this guy really can't catch a break. Damn.
Says Cry wouldn't properly apologize or own up to what he did to him with Red and Angel.
Says Cry's fucked, but he does hope he gets better. Not totally sure if he's legally fucked, but thinks he is.
Says his "mind is fuckin' blown" that Cry didn't ask people their ages, especially before getting sexual with them.

Before I dipped out of Auri's stream she said Cry's main demographic was 18-25. Who wants to bet he's desperate enough to think that's justification for not asking people how old they are? Really dumb shit.

No. 993111

i feel so bad for him. i get it,my mom is that way too and it just. is crushing. and if you have depression, the anxienty and overwhelmingness of all the stuff, man it makes everything magnify.

No. 993112

"He's a pedophile in my eyes. I hate to fucking say it." -Russ

No. 993114

"If preying on underage girls makes him a pedophile, he's definitely a pedophile." - Russ

No. 993115

It's a real trip; somehow the zoomer brain mutated to categorize talentless randos on the computer screen as friends and behave like they have a real relationship with them. Sorry kids, none of these ''''people''''' would piss on you to put out a fire, no need to defend them when they inevitably turn out to be attention-whoring shitbags.
There are people defending the self-admitted serial rapist e-celeb who just got metoo'd and bemoaning "cancel culture" over the backlash; no doubt that Ryan Terry will be kept afloat by devoted fans.
Damn, that's actually really sad. Hopefully he can move on and heal from all of this.

No. 993116

Russ sounded like he was about to divulge new info and then said “he shouldn’t name drop without permission”. I really do wish they would come out with what they know, it could help other girls from falling victim in the future

No. 993117

russ just said he’s been dating someone for a few months but kept them secret for fear of cry “sliding in the dms”

No. 993119

I don't blame him. Cry probably would have

No. 993121

It's clear from how he's sounded that he wants to rip Cry's throat out with his with dumping info but is holding back. The guy wants to see him burn, but can't, it's tragic.

No. 993123

Cry needs to step the FUCK up and stop being a total coward about this. If he ever cared about any of the guys even in the smallest amount, he wouldn't be putting this off and hiding while they're getting SLAMMED with hate from Chey and are fielding all the questions about this. Such a god damn coward, I won't be surprised if he never addresses this and disappears forever. Snake, Scott, and Russ deserve justice for how Cry's fucked them over too.

No. 993124


If Cry tried to sue LNC for defamation he would get wrecked.

No. 993125

that’s true, you’re not wrong.

Russ seems to be finishing up by saying that he wants to make sure nothing else like this happens again on his watch, and that he’s sorry it had to end this way

No. 993127

Russ ending the stream playing The End of Evangelion.

No. 993129

Scott in chat also said that Cry has been giving information to other people but not them. Didn’t say what though, but I’m assuming about the 2nd video.

No. 993131

"If preying on underage girls is a pedophile he's absolutely a pedophile" -Russ

Sounds like he doesn't even know what a pedophile is, he's just trying to say Cry definitely did creep shit with minors. Which we already know. Old news.

Actually, anybody here with twitter wanna DM him and ask if he's seen confirmation that he did stuff with kids, or if it's just 15-16y/o like we already know? I'd do it but fuck twitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993132

nobody thinks he means little kids. dont be pedantic. youngest anyones mentioned is possibly 15.

No. 993133


Cry never did anything with actual children. Only 15-16 year olds. Never with little kids.

No. 993134

he said on stream he won’t be answering dms

and cry is a pedophile

No. 993137

> and cry is a pedophile
And that is still yet to be proven, all we've heard is words, the closest we have to that is cry's own admission to unknowingly getting sexual with teens. Other than that all we have is hearsay, but hopefully we'll have answers sometime soon

No. 993138

cry is technically an ephebophile but semantics really don’t matter, what matters is that he is confirmed to have abused his power and preyed on innocents using his position as an e celebrity over impressionable teenagers. Russ also asserted that he did do illegal stuff, but this doesn’t necessarily mean he exchanged or received nudes from minors. Sexting someone under 18 is itself a crime, it’s prosecutable under enticement of a minor.

No. 993139

if its legal where cry is to have a relationship with a 16 year old, then why are all the lnc crew saying how illegal and a monster he is? hes definitely done something far more fucked up

No. 993141

I personally get the feeling that they’re changing their tune now maybe not because they received some bombshell piece of new evidence, but that they’ve just spoken to more victims directly and now feel the impact of what he’s already been outed as having done. just conjecture though

No. 993142

> ephebophile
that word is such a fucking cop out man

No. 993145

i wrote that response but honestly i do agree w you. it’s equivalent amounts of damaging and horrible. preying on minors is Bad no matter which way you cut it, hence the semantics not really mattering

No. 993148


What do you want? What other word accurately conveys that he has abused the influence and power he had over underage people. What do you want to call him? A garbage person? A manipulative fuck? 16 years old is not a child but it is certainly still a kid and should be protected as such

No. 993149

File: 1592969363756.png (217.98 KB, 1180x804, chey.png)

How many ways can you say bitch?

No. 993151

Yeah, I figure this is the case, too. Not a lawyer, but, Romeo&Juliet laws don't apply over the internet, even if it's legal in both places, so, if he DID do any kind of sexting with a 16 y/o while in his 20s, it technically could be illegal.

So, we'll see if it get juicy enough where someone does manage to press charges.

No. 993152

"everyone knows I was a bitch so no one would listen to me. THAT'S why I didn't say anything. Not because I benefitted from lording this over an influential person's head"

No. 993153

It's so fucking obvious this thread is full of newfags/people who rarely frequent this site. "Ephepophile" are you fucking kidding lmao? Stop idolozing randos on the internet. People itt are really hesitant to call this dude a fucking creep.

No. 993154


If she admits she was a bitch and agrees no one should have listened to her why does she shit on the crew for not believing her? Like wtf

No. 993155

>What do you want to call him?
a pedophile
receiving nudes from a minor is child porn

No. 993156

Sorry for wanting to uphold innocent until proven guilty, mere accusations and easily faked screenshots aren't undeniable proof, so yea im a bit hesitant

No. 993160


Dude he admitted to it are you kidding?

No. 993161


The evidence is already damning that he's a creep. We need further evidence about how far his actions went, but he's still a god damn creep.

Who cheats with their "best friend's" girl while dating someone, then also goes on to basically steal away their best friend's next crush and enables her shit talking him? All while he was talking to teenagers on the internet for years and relying on them for mental support through his "weekly" breakdowns because he can't stand up for himself. Even if there was no romantic/sexual relationship there, it's still fuckin weird for an adult man to act that way with teenagers who adore him because he has a nice voice and a mysterious vibe.

No. 993163

Nothing anyone does would please this idiot. They could all apologize to her (for what though kek) and she would still want more. They may as well ignore and block her at this point cause it's just mindless screeching.

No one cares, whiteknight.

No. 993164

If I see one more post about the definition of the word pedophile I’m gonna rip my eyeballs out.
Stop arguing about a fucking word. Who gives a shit? That’s not the issue. The issue is the situation and what Cry did. Not some label. Sweet fucking Christ.
Call him whatever, just stop defending him by debating a word.

No. 993166

>the city of (you)

No. 993167

Maybe I fucked up, he is a creep you're right, but from current "evidence" we shouldn't have any reason to believe he is a malicious pedo

No. 993168

People close to the situation who have more information than we do direct from victims (Snake, Russ, Jund) are saying he's definitely done something illegal and calling him a pedo. That isn't enough for you?

No. 993170

Did you miss Russ' stream on why Cry is a malicious cunt?

No. 993171

Y'all are literally retarded if you think fucking a 15yo makes you a pedophile and you're double retarded if you think it's defending him by pointing that out. And no he's not a fucking "ephebophile" either. Everyone says the same thing: he was doing stuff with people without asking their ages, and most of them were adults.

Playing devils advocate that might actually give him an alibi as a defense in court, because for cybering you have to prove he knew or suspected they were minors. Maybe that was his plan, but idk that might be giving his IQ too much credit. Plus if CP is involved he might be fucked even if he didn't know their ages.(ban evading whiteknight)

No. 993172

Regardless if you think what he did was legal, even though Scott, Snake and Russ don't think so, he was still GREATLY abusing his power.

He still needs to quit all together. He shouldn't have a platform if he's just going to use it to abuse his fans.

No. 993173

I'll believe it when they actually come out and say and show what he did. As of right now this has every potential to be a projared like situation, Crazier things have happened

No. 993174

>for cybering you have to prove he knew or suspected they were minors
You absolutely would not have to do this

No. 993177

>fucking a 15 year old as an adult is not pedophilia or ephebophilia

? Then the fuck is it anon.

No. 993179

I'm positive if Cry were to say he did talk to underaged fans, you'd just say "it's legal where he is" or "he's manic"

None of this would happen if CRY never said it, the fact he said he was talking to underaged people without knowing, makes me feel like maybe someone was about to come out with something and he's covering up by saying he did not know.

I don't know why it's so crazy to believe someone so mentally fucked up and "Stunted" as white knights like to say would do something mentally fucked up and Stunted.

No. 993181

Either way messing with a teenager as a grown man, who plays GAMES for a living, with a large minor audience is fucked up no matter HOW you slice it.
Tyga was accused of messing with Kylie before she was 18 and guess what? No one gave a fuck if it was legal or not, people find it gross when older men mess with women under 18 regardless if it's legal. Shit people find it gross in general not just for men.

it's a imbalance of power.

No. 993184

Fuckin No? I'm not saying this shit to try to make it out that he's a good person, he's obviously very mentally fucked and shouldn't have power, a bit like Jared. But I want to make sure there to be proper justice in this world, and as it currently stands, we shouldn't be assuming he's a pedo from these accusations. Until someone wiht hard proof comes forward that he maliciously seeked out relationships with underaged teens, I'm not gonna assume he's a pedo

No. 993186

File: 1592971737567.jpeg (273.29 KB, 1125x1531, F7C4FD2C-2226-4FF1-83ED-2E6A46…)

No. 993187

When I was listening to Russ's stream, I noticed that his cadence is very much like Cry's. I know they've been working together for 8+ years, and they might pick these things up from one another after that amount of time, but does anyone know which one of them had that cadence from the beginning?

Has Cry been mimicking Russ all this time? Is this an example of Cry not having a likable personality of his own and imitating someone who has had a similarly-troubled upbringing but has dealt with it in an honest manner, trying to better himself (or at least be a decent human being)?

I have a hard time believing that Russ would continue using Cry's cadence if he hated the guy as much as he clearly does, so it leads me to believe this was Cry imitating him. I'm just trying to understand the extent of Cry's deception/manipulation and whether he was consciously acting more like Russ (or perhaps even someone else) to be perceived as someone more deserving of sympathy by his fans.

No. 993188

File: 1592972052582.png (134.82 KB, 572x738, cheyenne.png)

And here we go, yet again.

No. 993191

Jesus can she shut the fuck up

No. 993192

I think he did. Back when I watched him, he would always mimic people he admired or found funny - like Tolo and Russ.

I remember Tolo kept saying things like "dawg", etc, and before I knew it Cry kept saying it as well. I'm not sure if it's a direct causation, but it's certainly a thing that happened. That and Cry would mimic Russ' humour and phrases. He's a very impressionable guy, I imagine.

I also think he may have mimicked Pewdiepie's way of speaking back when he was younger (very pinched, in a way, not as slurred or "chill" as Russ speaks).

No. 993193

Made me remember that there was a time Cry and Tolo were playing Dauntless together and Cry said said "sup girl" to Tolo's then-girlfriend and he immediately told him to not talk to her. Was probably in jest but really makes you think.
And now my sides have died because I found that specific moment in an archive of the stream and Tolo followed that up with "Cry's a predator though" in reference to his behavior towards Outstar

Cry is a self-admitted "social sponge" where he'll pick up other's habits, like when he started calling everybody dog when Tolo was a regular, so it was probably on Cry's end. I do that to, and at least for me it's an unconscious thing, so I would hesitate to call it purposefully manipulative.

No. 993194

is she just gonna keep pretending they all knew who that person was and their age? cool, you told them cry cheated on you. did she tell them that person was 16? no? then shut the fuck up

No. 993195

>>993187 Isn’t a meme that Cry’s in his old Lets plays use to sound like Tobuscus? Most likely Cry is imitating Russ.

No. 993196

Honestly being from a country where the age of consent is 15 (but still a first world country), it's so bizarre to see people call him a pedophile. I hate age gaps and would think someone in their early 20s dating a 16 year old would be a loser that can't find someone their own age and I would totally distance myself from him (though it would be pretty much socially acceptable to most people) but a pedo or a groomer? Crazy to me.

No. 993197

trying to say that adopting your friends mannerisms must mean youre trying to make yourself a more likable personality is the dumbest shit ive ever heard

No. 993198

You're still a groomer if you're a youtuber/streamer with a big platform manipulating young fans who OF COURSE love you already.

No. 993199

teenagers aren't fully developed mentally and are easily manipulated, especially by older people hence the grooming. cry using his platform as a youtuber/streamer as a form of manipulation is disgusting. the power dynamic is disgusting

No. 993200

Yep, it's the same thing Onion did too and around the same age group. Maybe he and Cry can be pedobuddies.

No. 993202


Been a 'LNC' fan since 2011; and stopped watching in 2015 due to Cheyenne's personality.

Not really. Back then, they always had their own unique style.

If you watch Russ's stream he has a distinct cadence thats subtlely different from Cry, and distinctly all his own. Always has been that way.

However, to be honest I always saw them as brothers (especially back then) and yeah their styles overlapped; they relied on each other. Until Cry "self-isolated" as Cry himself admits to he did over the past 6 years (not to mention betraying everyone).

Anyways, none of this really has to do with what's going on. He wasn't copying anyone, hes just a huge liar and "pretended to be the person expected [him] to be" as Cry said, for almost ten years.

No. 993204

No. 993220


Are you fucking stupid? A 15 year old is literally a 9th grader. Good luck with jail time if you fuck 15 year old CHILDREN.

No. 993221

Just watched Russ's stream, the poor guy's crushed. He confirmed what Scott and Snake said, that everything was all online. What doesn't make sense to me though is how Cry allegedly groomed grownass adults who should really know better. Everyone obviously should get fucking pissed about the fact that Cry got sexual with minors, but remember that Snake said that most of the fourteen victims weren't minors/above 18 at the time.

I agree that there must have been some incriminating chat logs that made Scott/Russ go from 'Cry's an idiotic beta loser who inadvertently preyed on people because he couldn't get any pussy irl' to 'Cry is evil and actively grooming/manipulating impressionable minors', a magnitude far beyond the creepiness they tolerated from him earlier (namely, Cry texting a 16 year old when he was 22).

No. 993225

File: 1592976247269.png (4.05 KB, 515x227, EbQNwQbXYAIm3W3.png)

son of a bitch knew the majority of his audience was underage, stop buying his "cheated with girls he didn’t know were underage at the time” bs

No. 993231

While Cry did emotionally solicit underage girls I just want to point out at the MrZapasant guy on twitter is a no-body looking to gain clout from following these threads and you really shoudln't give him attention for trying to be a mini keemstar.

No. 993249

Samefag of >>993231
but really as long as this girl keeps posting proof and doesn't try to use the attention to promote herself, she's the only real milk source.

I knew cry but thus shit is eye opening, and I'd like to hear it from a real source and not some clout chasing channel.

No. 993250

The spectacle of Cheyenne stoking the flames and fighting people is at least keeping us entertained while Cry cowers in his basement.

No. 993253

Chey remains unimportant to the current happenings. She will never be important.

No. 993255

ok guys when do you think the new vid is coming out

i personally feel it's not gonna be a vid, but a long ass written confession cause how can you speak about this stuff?

No. 993258

I'm almost certain he'll be speaking, because it's easier to wring sympathy out of people when it's coming from the voice they know and loved.

Personally I'm begging for a face reveal for the drama but if he wants to get any semblance of a normal life after this he won't.

No. 993261

Was thinking the same thing, because I couldn't imagine admitting to an audience of hundreds of thousands something like what's being claimed. He was sobbing and crying over just having a breakdown randomly, how the fuck is he going to handle unloading THIS baggage?
Also I was thinking that the guys were giving him 3 days considering they each took one day to do a stream and talk about everything with him delivering on the next day. Who knows though. The current rumor is he has until Sunday.

No. 993264

The thing is Cry wouldn't. Based on how he's handled shit in the past he would just keep putting it off and putting it off.

No. 993270

yeah but if it's the illegal stuff that everyone's talking about, no matter how you twist it, that's your legacy with your voice forever. like fuck, man.

No. 993274


No. 993275

that chat would be… interesting

No. 993277

i cant grab the screens rn but snake blocked cheyenne lmao

No. 993278

File: 1592979805524.png (196.02 KB, 681x887, Annotation 2020-06-24 142309.p…)

No. 993279

About time. Hopefully others will stop giving her attention too.

No. 993280

File: 1592980018812.jpg (196.61 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20200624-022456__01…)

He tweeted this before Cheyenne posted the 'blocked' screenshot

No. 993281


Harassing people who are doing all they can now that they know the details of the situation and the severity of it isn't a good look either Cheyenne. Jesus, stop fucking refreshing their pages to see what you can attack them on next.

No. 993282

dude have they not spoken in private at all? they need to do that instead of making this a twitter feud lol

No. 993288

File: 1592980311837.jpg (737.98 KB, 1080x3869, Screenshot_20200624-023044__01…)

In response to her tweets about Snake blocking her

No. 993289


She's such a cunt that it makes it impossible to sympathize with her at all. I don't know how Christine can deal with her.

No. 993290

hasn't she literally replied to tweets where they say they didn't know

No. 993292


They've admitted to knowing he was a cheater and had inappropriate conversations with fans I think, but not to the fact the girls were underage. In classic Cheyogre fashion, she's trying to twist it so it appears that they knew about all the details the entire time.

No. 993293

i get where you're coming from cheyenne but you should know by now that angry women on the internet who cannot form coherent arguments will always get the short end of the stick, take a break from twitter, collect your thoughts - yes, you are mad at them for being complicit but you have also admitted that you were not easy to deal with back then either, you supported the age gap (because you were groomed, yes) but you would shut down anons about it on your tumblr, why would they further involve themselves in what seemed like drama? using yourself as 'evidence' is eh. it sucks for everyone involved. understand that. take some time off and figure out what you're really angry at, and then pm them about it.

No. 993294

samefagging but we should all stop fueling the fire and ignore this, unless it's about cry.

No. 993295

File: 1592980887216.jpg (294.48 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20200624-023844__01…)

No. 993296

where is a 15 year old a 9th grader????

No. 993297

It's all the same people that are defending Cheyenne that are going after everyone else. Trying to argue with any of them is a lost cause honestly, and they're just a very vocal and vindictive minority. Jund & Snake need to step away from Twitter for a while, this can't be good on their health.

No. 993298

where is it not? kids go into 9th grade 14 and come out 15

No. 993302

This. People just need to ignore Cuntyenne cause she's loving the negative attention just like she did back in the day. She's never going to leave people alone and seems too psychotic to even listen to out of pity.

No. 993303

Russ is an idiot. He should have gone public with the info he had years ago. To continue to work with a man that cucked you (even just over the internet) is pathetic. It doesn't matter how bad his parents are, if he had been public about what Cry had done to him he probably could have carved his own path.

No. 993304


Huh, Snake said in his stream that someone had made an "attack against him" some years ago but didn't want to say names. Maybe he was refering to Chey (what a shock)

No. 993305


Easy to say when you're not in his shoes. Who knows what kind of hellish home life he had to choose being cucked over going back.(lrn2sage newfag)

No. 993309


He said his parents were mentally ill, hoarders, alluded to his father being a shit person that encouraged toxic masculinity, and went so far as to call his parent's home a "meth house." I sincerely doubt it was even safe there, both emotionally and physically (due to the hoarding). Shit, I never would've wanted to go back either, especially after I finally managed to get out.

No. 993311

My point was that if he had gone public at the time he probably could have taken enough of the audience with him to comfortably do his own thing.

No. 993313

money money money it's so funny

No. 993314


True as that might be, Russ didn't have proof that Red cheated on him with Cry until several years later, only a strong suspicion.

No. 993318

Would you take that risk, in consideration that if you couldn't pull it off, you would have to go back to a broken home like he mentioned?

No. 993320



Might have, could have, who fucking knows. Cry still fucked his friend/co-worker over. And he didn't even get a proper apology after he confronted him about it on Sat.
And if you get a good paying gig, almost every single person is going to put up with some bullshit to keep that

No. 993343

File: 1592985620406.jpg (520.11 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20200624-035853_Twi…)

not sure if this has been mentioned yet but I wonder who they could be referring to as the other LNC member.

No. 993346

holy fucking shit if you're going to indicate someone like that at least name them, if a lot of people see this it's just going to stir up another wave of pointing fingers and "you might've done something but i have no proof"

No. 993347

File: 1592985931279.jpg (677.03 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20200624-040512_Twi…)

No. 993349

File: 1592986372515.jpg (544.7 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20200624-040643_Twi…)

No. 993350


The problem here is no one is coming at Cheyenne for lashing out at Cry.

Cheyenne is justifying her abuse as an excuse to lash out and project onto everyone.

"You didnt come forward to stop Cry! You guys knew she was 16! You were adults!"

Actually, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO KNEW she was 16 and YOU were an adult. You were the one who didn't stop Cry.

You're lashing out because you feel guilty, Cheyenne.

No. 993351

Something tells me she secretly gave it away by only retweeting the link to Snake's twitch discussion stream, which was her next post after this one.

No. 993353

If that's true then it gives a whole new dimension to this Chey/Snake beef.

No. 993355

File: 1592986925886.png (62.79 KB, 744x481, Screenshot (17).png)


incredibly fucking hypocritical that immediately after posting an extremely vague and accusatory statement that definitely requires follow up, she tweets this.

No. 993360

File: 1592987145111.png (38.26 KB, 581x383, outstar.PNG)

Apparently Outstar got threatened by Cheyenne for the heinous crime of being nice to Snake.

No. 993361

File: 1592987165740.jpg (191.89 KB, 1501x1379, 1.JPG)

she defended snake though, so she probably wasn't accusing him

No. 993364

>"You knew she was 16! You were adults! I was a teenager!"
>tfw 18

No. 993365

File: 1592987291092.jpg (695.63 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20200624-042621_Twi…)

confirmed pictures involved, nothing on if they were taken while underage.

No. 993367

File: 1592987342191.png (198.09 KB, 1238x708, Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 4.24.…)


it's not snake that's for sure, my money's on jund. he's known to be quite an ass himself.

No. 993368

Is this the first time Snapchat's been mentioned?

No. 993369

I mean especially considering everything with Russ, it didn't seem like he was very involved personally after the pain Cry caused him.

That doesn't leave many people to point fingers at though.

No. 993370

I mean B-Star definitely fits that description but it seems kind of odd to bring him up now

No. 993371

Yeah not sure why anyone would be warning against Battlestar right now.

No. 993372

Yeah, I'm wondering if it's someone currently in the (albeit disbanded) Crew or if it was someone that was in the LNC in the past? or someone who's a frequent guest?

No. 993373

Yeah it's probably Jund. Guy can't take a break

No. 993374

It was posted recently and is mentioning the LNC currently. It's a bold accusation but it seems to point at someone who is still involved (or at least was as of a few days ago).

No. 993375

File: 1592987782302.png (45.71 KB, 742x493, Screenshot (18).png)

thank god, please.

No. 993376


Yeah, this will last a day tops, until she sees something else that makes her chimp out.

No. 993377

Would snapchat be able to provide the evidence if there was a legal case?

No. 993378

She'll be back in like 5 hours

No. 993380

lmao "those who want to be Twitter lawyers" we get it you're upset snake is taking action and simultaneously debunking your claim that "nobody cares :("

she wants justice but only if she is at the center of it all

No. 993381


he's also a fucking manchild, whatever comes out of this, if he's involved as well, i wouldn't be surprised

No. 993382

File: 1592988132930.png (66.96 KB, 871x652, ZpleFfgjeA.png)

No. 993383

>cry is turning himself to the authorities as we speak

No. 993384

I've been following this for a while and it's kinda weird to me because cry isn't the only one with this happening to him. There's been multiple streamers and youtubers, all the same pattern.

One victim talks, the ex is suddenly best friends with the victim, they lead the witch hunt together and 10 new victims suddenly appear. A single one of them has proof and the proof down plays the claims they have. Anyone else doesn't have actual proof but you have to believe them because it's 'guilty until proven otherwise' now.

I didn't forget Chey defending her age on tumblr, now she's the one manipulated. It's truly a wonder.

And while Cry is a horrible horrible person, and frankly very pathetic, he is not the evil witch people seem to want him to be. He just seems like every other pathetic guy with no life on the internet, he just happened to get famous for his voice.

Did Cry do those things? Sure, some of them. But LNC said they were never friends with cry the moment these claims started. So I wouldn't put it past them to believe anything victims say without proof as they want to save their own image.

This thing is a mess. If Cry did something illegal, just give it to the fucking police. If he didn't, then fuck off. It's not that complicated. Unless this is just some revenge drama.(newfag)

No. 993385

I'm not sure you have any idea how manipulation or abuse works. Obviously someone manipulated is gonna defend the age gap, that's… literally the definition of manipulated.

No. 993386

Knowing what I know about Chey, I don't know if anyone is even capable of manipulating her, seems like she's doing plenty of manipulating herself to the other victims but that's just me.

No. 993388

Victims can be abusers. It's called the cycle of abuse. They pick up tactics from their abusers and abuse other people.

No. 993390

Cry's been so incredibly manipulative to literally everyone else I'm inclined to believe that he manipulated Cheyenne too, regardless of how shitty and toxic she is, but that doesn't mean she can just pretend everything she did and said didn't happen. She can't just say "they should've known something was up" when she was intentionally malicious and defensive towards people concerned about the age gap so of fucking course they're not going to press anyone further on it.

No. 993391

What Cry did was horrible, it doesn't matter if his intentions were good or even started good. He engaged with underaged fans and exploited a power dynamic in multiple relationships. He is evil for how he has abused people and downplaying the legality of it does not dismiss that it was abuse and manipulation through and through. His is a horrible, evil man who deserves the hate he is getting.

Chey's reactions to everything does not diminish the garbage person Cry is/was all along. Her defending their relationship doesn't mean it was not wrong and abusive. Her lashing out is not right either but it is taking the focus of the bigger issue that is Cry and his manipulative and abusive patterns towards friends and fans alike.

No. 993392

I think Chey is the one being manipulative. She knew of Cry cheating beforehand but this was her ticket to hold it over his head and why she was so bitchy and got away with it all of the time. Chey knew exactly what she was doing.(newfag)

No. 993394

honestly? I think they were both manipulating each other. Cry pulled the fame & power card when Cheyenne was younger, which reeled her in in terms of wanting attention, but he didn't realize how much of a bitch she was until she officially came over and started domineering everything

No. 993396

Chey is not in the right either but this is not about mistakes she has made in the past it is about Cry and how he treated his friends and community. Regardless of Chey's attitude and reactions it should not be allowed to take away from how severe the situation is. If she wants to be remembered as the survivor who tried to claw the LNC down to the level she was at through abuse then so be it. That's not up to anyone but Chey. Everyone is choosing to target her and feed into the cycle instead of directing the hate towards the man who deserves it.

No. 993399

it's so fucking maddening that Cry is just hiding somewhere while all the people he's hurt are taking the brunt of everything that should be targeted at him. I understand to some degree that putting together a statement that has what is hopefully facts and information in it takes a bit of time, but this is getting ridiculous. The problem is this man doesn't even have a fragment of a spine so I won't be surprised if he cowers forever.

No. 993400

Auri said in her stream last night that if Cry disappeared without making his statement she'd hunt him. Apparently she knows his address.

No. 993401

He said 'while I take care of these personal matters in the next few days' which I kind of wondered what that means.

No. 993402

At this point I'll be happy that the information comes to light about what he's done. Regardless of if it comes from Cry or the LNC or the victims. The community needs to know what he's done so they can make informed decisions on how to go forward, and the victims need the closure of him admitting to EVERYTHING for the whole world to see.

Most of the public victims have already expressed that they don't want to hear from Cry, apology or not.

No. 993403


That probably meant talking to the victims individually. Beanie mentioned it in a post somewhere.

No. 993404

man, I remember in the thread years ago we all thought that Cry just seems like someone who's more likely to be manipulated than actually be the manipulator.

That aside, and the fact he's a spineless wet noodle, I believe him when he says he doesn't know how to confront people or say no.

Everything he did was horrid- and yet we've still to see that part of him. I guess what I'm saying is, from everything we know so far,

He had multiple relationships at the same time, most of which he didn't start himself.

Is it possible he caved under the attention given to him to an extent where he wanted to please everybody but also keep silent for the sake of his friend's feelings?(newfag)

No. 993405

But didn't the victims also say he didn't contact any of them so far?

No. 993407


An apology would mean absolutely nothing at this point. Honestly the best thing the guy could possibly do is lay out every single thing he's done, then torch everything to the ground and never come back, because he won't have anything to come back to anyway.

No. 993408

i swear i saw a comment on reddit where somebody said that beanie had mentioned that cry was on call with her and crying unconsolably (?), and she was scared he might do something to himself (from what i remember of the comment) (i am not sure if this was in the past or like, in the past few days). i went looking for the comment again but i cannot for the life of me find it so take this with a grain of salt. but i wanna know where that commenter got their info from.

No. 993409

samefag, it is possible that the commenter meant auri though and hence it would be in the past nvm

No. 993410

He actively seeked out engagements with fans who were underaged.

I can remember being on one of the call streams, I was literally vetted by Bstar and joined to ask stupid shit like 'what would advice would you give someone who wants to get into YouTube?' I was like 13 and my voice was shaking from how nervous I was talking to them. If cry had approached me in any significant way it would have been easy to escalate from there. That's how most if not all of his younger fans were and honestly probably still are.

He is at fault for seeking out their attention and relations outside of the admiration we all gave him from afar. You don't accidentally slip into the tumblr dm's of a 15 year old who is in love with your YouTube persona. Most of these fans assumed they had no chance and it was his personal attention on a one on one level that put them in the position of having to choose of they wanted to continue potentially illegal engagements with him.

No. 993411


I mean keeping silent & lying certainly didn't spare Russ' feelings, especially regarding Angel

No. 993412

You're giving him too much credit thinking he can hold a full normal life away from the internet. The guy never worked a real job, doesn't have friends and apparently has mental breakdowns because of his family. Oh, and he's their source of income. He's fucked in every way. (no sympathy for him, just pointing it out)

No. 993414


This does sound like what Auri said. She repeatedly said she was scared he'd hurt himself. Both Beanie and Auri have talked about how he frequently breaks down in the middle of the night and they'd have to talk him down.

No. 993415

I think something important to note is that Cry intentionally targeted vulnerable people. He didn't have to say 'no' or confront anyone if he was the one with all the power

No. 993417

I'm not saying you're wrong but I highly doubt that's how he saw it. Knowing how much he looks down at himself, he just jumped at the attention without considering any power-play whatsoever.

No. 993419


he's too fucking dumb to be self aware about him being a manipulator, but i can guarantee you that at the very least, he knew what he's doing was wrong

No. 993423

Imagine coddling a grown ass man like this because “his self esteem was low u guiz”

No. 993424


That's true. I'm of the belief that it was less malicious manipulation and more 'i desperately want attention and will do anything to get it' which therefore led to a lot of toxic and manipulative behavior, and the fact that he was famous to these people was just something convenient that happened to work in his favor and enabled the behavior

No. 993425

You can't possible believe he is that dense, have the defenses run out and now we're pinning it on him being too stupid to be abusive?

He knew his audience and he engaged in relationships with them knowingly. Okay the guy likes attention did he not get enough when he had thousands of weekly viewers? This isn't about attention from individual fans, he is a serial abuser who inflicted that abuse on underaged fans. He sought out fans specifically which already has an extreme power balance, and abused their trust in him.

It doesn't take a high school graduate to know that manipulating 16 year old fans into handling your mental breakdowns is abusive and damaging. He might be stupid but he knew what he was doing was wrong or he wouldn't have gone through all the effort of hiding it and abusing/manipulating his victims into keeping his secrets.

No. 993429


This. He also wouldn't have had a breakdown on stream over "hiding who he really is" or whatever if he didn't know what he did was wrong.

No. 993432

Part of me wonders at what point he realized he fucked up. Not with the everyone finding out part, but with the 'hey maybe I shouldn't have done this in the first place'

No. 993433

With snake and others confirming that the last instance was less than a week ago I don't think he ever truely grasped that he shouldn't have done it in the first place. People who keep making "mistakes" like this are ones who keep making excuses for themselves.

No. 993435

We dont even know the last instance of what.
This is tiring.

No. 993438


Literally what was the point of posting the breakdown stream if the whole purpose of it was to be a revelation and resolve to change or whatever and he can't even not manipulate people for a few days. God, everything is just a lie at this point.

No. 993439


I wonder if Cry even comprehended how much that hurt Russ, considering Russ not only kept quiet about his suspicion but didn't find out until later. Like did he just think bygones would be bygones and Russ somehow wouldn't know something was up? Was he that fucking ignorant?

No. 993441

I really just don't think he cared? I'm not close with the community but I've lurked since the beginning and I've gone through my own similar trauma. So in my opinion he is just too narcissistic to see past his own wants. He wanted attention so he took it from underage fans and abused it. Then he took it from girls his friends were dating/interested in. If he ever cared about anyone's feelings but his own in a true way he would have owned up years ago and stopped the cycle of abuse and trauma he was actively creating in the lives of his friends and fans.

No. 993442

fucking dammit I hope he says something soon.

No. 993445

Not sure why people are still trying to water down what Cry did by saying 'oh he probably didn't target people he just wanted attention' when Russ explicitly said he targeted vulnerable people and he has more information than we do.

Whether consciously or not, he did target vulnerable people. That's what teenagers are, by default, when he was a grown man.

No. 993446

100% this and I've been trying to get that across in my posts tonight. He targeted his fans because they were young, loved him/looked up to him, and were vulnerable. Him being stupid or not it's what he did, and continued to actively do up until he released the video. We don't know to what extent the abuse and manipulation went but we should not be speculating on excuses for his actions because there are none.

No. 993449

I get that feeling as well. I'm positive he understood it was wrong, considering he was hiding everything and lied to cover it up, but the fact that he kept the train going for so long with Angel and even further cases suggests to me that he generally just did not give a shit.
Who knew our boy had it in him.

No. 993454

Had what exactly? Like Russ said he never got actual “coochie” everything was online.

No. 993457


It's not that he didn't care, he just has been using this as a crutch for so long for his own problems with communicating that he didn't know how to stop and even know it was wrong.

He sought his victims and lied about his actions because he learned to do it well, this is what he did for almost the past 10 years.

No. 993461

File: 1592995237472.jpg (117.32 KB, 406x480, 1592522231603.jpg)

Auri said he saw his lolcow threads in 2016, meaning that he knows these threads exist and probably lurked them himself, if not possibly even posted here pretending to be his own fans as much of a tinfoil guess that is.

Not to toot our own horn, but I bet at one point he read >>839907 , specifically
>Imagine if someone actually made a big public callout post highlighting the Ocean/Chey drama and put it next to his current behavior and it picked up wind. It would scare away plenty of his current viewership.
>It would scare away plenty of his current viewership.

And that stuck with him.
His little community, held together by glue and shoestrings, gone in an instant once they realized that he had stepped out of line.

Think of the guilt he felt reading that and knowing its truth. That's why. That's why he owned up to his actions. He had to finally see how this would all play out.

No. 993462

meant for >>993432 sorry

No. 993466

He started all of this as an adult, not a teenager himself but around age 22. Which is old enough to know you aren't supposed to be messing around with minors. He knew it was wrong every step of the way. Smokers know each cigarette kills them but they're addicted and smoke anyways. Cry knew every person he hurt would carry that trauma forever.

People are not crutches.

If he needed help he should have asked friends (while he still had them) or gone to therapy after the first instance. People confronted him about his secrets and he lied.

He had chances to seek help and communicate that he was struggling. Instead he actively chose to unload those problems on young woman and manipulate them into not only accepting his abuse but also hiding it for him.

Do not make excuses for him it is obvious even without all the information being withheld that he was aware and fully accountable for his choices and actions.

No. 993468

if not jund, could this be chey?

No. 993472

oh if its her i am sure our goddess chey will enlighten us by not explaining anything, mass blocking anyone who's calling out her bs and throw more twitter hissy fits.

No. 993474

i can't see jund fucking around with fans (if this person is a fan), i mean i could be wrong obviously but if something like this did come out then it would totally contradict everything he's saying. although there is the sage stuff (who could be the person he has also hurt) but idk if that's just personal 'mutually shitty' whatever that means as he said or not, although he does claim to forget a lot of stuff lol. like he's arrogant and rude, but i don't know if he seems like he could take advantage of multiple people. but look at cry, i could be totally wrong.

that leaves russ, from the immediate lnc. i don't know if the poster means lnc in its current form, or in all its forms. they probably don't wanna name them cause drama, which i get.

No. 993476

The only “thing” we have on jund is that he and Witwix traded Jen for years, and Jen and Witwix had a terrible relationship

No. 993478


Sorry, traded? Like a hotwife thing? I heard witwix mentioned recently by people not in a good way but I also have not seen the why

No. 993483

>a guy with depressoin and other mental issues, with no other jobs or ways to earn money, was forced to work under the guy that manipulated and cucked him
yeah, what an asshole, he definitely doesn't deserve sympathy
jesus christ, how can you be so unempathetic?

No. 993487

It's not about Jund or Chey, I'm so positive it's about Russ.

No. 993491

She dated Witwix a couple times before she got engaged to Jund. Witwix was just an annoying sexpest and everyone involved was an adult. The worst of his accusations is sexual harrassment, lots of cheating, and self-harm/suicide baiting. No teenagers involved.

Witwix has always been really grossed out by sexualized minors, to the point he said that's why he wouldn't play Splatoon over it; because the designs made him really uncomfortable lol.

I'm glad that he's seriously considering professional mental help, the stuff about him punching himself sounds like he really needs it badly.

No. 993499

Pretty sure the worst of it is Jen accusing him of rape, read her full statement: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr9ifn

No. 993516

No. 993520

File: 1593004221700.png (277.45 KB, 1005x983, HyskteNwjf.png)

What the fuck. Posted August 27 2012.

No. 993523

The "Gary from Ib" shit sounds so familiar. Did another victim talk about this before?

No. 993524

I remember now that one time they all were playing "The division" by the end of a stream and cry offered to pay Russ and Chey to go on some Con and i remember well cry saying "Russ i will pay you to cuck me". WTF MAN?

No. 993526

>I eventually gave up fighting him putting himself on me and just let him do it.
Bad sex with your pathetic needy drunk boyfriend is not rape to most people. It would be rape if she persisted saying no and never stopped fighting him until he physically prevented her from resisting, but by her own admission she gave up and had sex with him. The way she worded it makes it seems pretty grey area in general, and it's clear by "(he) was almost crying at me to let him" and the kissing that it wasn't intended as an act of hatred or violence against her.

It also depends on what state you live in, as some charge sex with intoxicated people as rape no matter which party initiates it.

No. 993528

>Wish I was as lucky as you haha, it would have been so amazing to meet Cry. His videos helped me through a really rough time and he's one of my hero's. :) I'm glad someone as awesome as you got to meet him though!!


>Well, sounds like you two had a good call xD

God, I can't overcome at how jealous I am right now cx
I really wanna talk to him one day ;o;
it would be a dream come true!
I don't wanna sound desperate here, but could you possibly tell me his skype name? ;v;
please don't kill me, I just really want to talk to him for once…


The comments on this post are so close to become essentially proof against Cry. They exemplify the exact behavior and mentality that makes his fanbase such an easy target for abuse and manipulation. Jfc yuck.

No. 993529

Using the words "giving up" and "just let him do it" when someone is trying to have sex with you is rape. It's coercion. She was either too emotionally or mentally tired to fight back, as opposed to being too physically weak to. That's still rape.

No. 993533

File: 1593005203557.jpeg (302.25 KB, 1242x836, 1B97A30B-2CDB-4B41-96AD-67B9B9…)

So no one is going to point out she said this right after her rant about Jund “blackmailing” her about Cry? That’s a fucking yikes from me you lying bitch.

No. 993535

I think it was this post, just shared around a few times.

No. 993537

At this point, the only way Ryan can prove he’s genuinely remorseful and wants to change, is to show his face in a genuine apology video, then hand himself in to the authorities.

I don’t see any other way for him to do right by his victims and his audience, in all honesty.

No. 993540


Honestly I don’t really think there is enough proof of him being specifically sexual towards minors. It mostly seems like whoever went up to him said “hey I love you” he then would start being flirty and gross. Well there is ONE proof given and it showed he backed the hell off when she said she wasn’t of age. The others gave close to no proof, only statements without any kind of backup.

To clarify I do not doubt a single victim, I 100% they’ve been through so fucking much but a few chatlogs are NOT going to send him to jail. Unless something that actually proves he’s a pedophile then he’s not going to face any form of legal action, despite the fact he hurt so many girls.

No. 993543

Proof THAT YOU KNOW OF. Honestly, I think the fact that he straight up said that he got with minors says volumes. Including that Snake, Russ and Jund have been saying he's done things that are illegal. I'm sure they have proof. They don't need to give it to us.

No. 993544

I genuinely hope whatever information Snake's got is enough to convict him, but the justice system in general is bullshit with shit like this anyway. Even if there was a lot of evidence stacked up against him, it's still a coin toss.

Unless he's got actual CP stashed in his computer that's in his home, then I doubt we'll be seeing legal repercussions.

No. 993546

yeah, here's the thing: if she's not pressing charges against him over it then there's not much else that needs to be said about it. either that night was traumatizing enough to get court involved or it was a bad aftertaste of a trash relationship that is long gone and clearly never going to happen again.

there are more important things the two of them can focus on instead of that evening, and the same can be said for us as well.

No. 993548

Does anyone know when Cry moved to a different house?

No. 993551


My point. Like I said I don’t doubt a single bit he did disgusting shit but they need to show us proof man. Auri showed us how her case went and it showed he backed off when she said she was a minor, which debunked the case of him being a pedo. Unless one of them could actually tell us he damn well knew their age and still kept being gross like fuck then that will be enough for the legal case. I’m just saying providing statements without proof isn’t going to help if you want him to face legal consequences. I’m not a person of the law but I’m pretty sure there’s no lawsuit for “mental abuse”.

No. 993555

Sorry but they don't need to show us shit if they're getting the law involved anyways. One instance of him backing off until someone is 18 doesn't mean he always did that and that still doesn't make it okay, what the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 993556

File: 1593006705911.jpg (115.89 KB, 750x1334, Snapchat-532690087.jpg)

No. 993557

>and then him and BattleStar had an argument about the pronunciation
O/T but anyone else here remember when people would get pissed off at Cry for being unable to pronounce Japanese things?

He used to try to correct himself when people offered corrections but at some point he stopped giving a shit and convinced his audience to call others "weebs" for trying to make him not sound like a an even bigger weeaboo.

No. 993564


I never said it was okay? I absolutely despise what he did and I wish all hell would break loose on him. But if this goes on like this without one of them telling us he purposely harassed them when they mentioned they weren’t of age then we shouldn’t call him a pedophile at ALL. There is no proof of him being like that, and if there’s anything that we can see its him NOT being a pedophile. But this does not justify what he did to those girls, it was still manipulation and grooming no matter how we put it, but these aren’t enough for a legal case.

Also read this ^

No. 993565


Ummm did Ocean just claim that Zieg (or someone with the handle featherclad on Skype) pressured them into not going public about cry back then? The evidence is kinda weird cuz I never seen Skype chat logs like that but big yikes…

No. 993566

That's so goddamn damning. What the fuck, Zeigs.

No. 993575

>Ziegs turned out to be the worst of them all
holy fucking shit indeed

No. 993577

I've done something similar through the skypelogview program, which spits it out in this format.

No. 993578


Ziegs fucking deleted her Twitter lol


No. 993579

Fucking coward.

No. 993581

Anyone get a screencap of what Zeigs said before she bailed?

No. 993583

Extremely telling.
It's a shame nobody archived her full twitter page right before she did so, and the google cache is old as balls.

No. 993586

File: 1593007899754.jpg (59.57 KB, 736x645, image0.jpg)

No. 993587

It shouldn't be that surprising, I mean, come on. The sheer speed at which they cut all ties with Cry and made a thousand teary-eyed posts on Twitter should tell you that every LNC member has some skeletons in their closet.

No. 993590

File: 1593008349084.jpg (229.81 KB, 839x1023, EbR94KfX0AAHknm.jpg)

Here's the Skype log Ocean posted in case it gets taken down or whatever. The other person is Ziegs.

No. 993591

File: 1593008353672.png (160.02 KB, 700x512, 5af770d16e6bc.png)

I know there's a lot of new anons ITT, but for future reference please learn to use archiving websites like archive.md for saving twitter posts, or any important webpages for that matter, rather than just screenshots. They are better proof because they preserve the entire webpage at that point in time, and detractors can't argue that you photoshopped anything because it displays exactly as the webpage would've presented at that moment in time.

There's only a few thing that archive.md can't save like youtube videos or pages that require a login to see. Downloads and screenshots are understandably necessary to capture those.


No. 993592

File: 1593008486902.jpeg (89.24 KB, 689x849, BEA1B3AA-37FD-4F9E-A9FD-E4733F…)

The tweets that prompted Ocean to recover the Skype chat logs

No. 993595


real convenient she cut off a huge fucking portion of it, should've posted the whole thing instead of just cherry picking shit lines to make ziegs look bad (even though she's definitely fucking shit)

No. 993596

File: 1593008635819.jpeg (797.31 KB, 1097x1868, 7867C98A-81B3-4702-A48B-C135BE…)

Beanie’s response

No. 993603


This makes actually no sense. Why is Ziegs arguing with Beanie in public Twitter threads, while also DM'ing her directly telling "the truth"? That's so completely contradictory.

No. 993604

Man, this really is like Hollywood. But with way less money involved.

No. 993606

Now that Ziegs deleted her Twitter, she basically confirmed everything they are throwing at her.

No. 993607

am i just allowed to say…what the fuck?

No. 993608

how long until cheyenne says this is the reason she bullied zeigs to the point of suicide

No. 993610

Cheyenne was face the whole time…

No. 993612

File: 1593009684835.png (552.53 KB, 1080x1250, locked.png)

Ziegs reactivated and locked her account lol

No. 993614

bro…… i want to look away.

No. 993620

To be fair, if Chey had actually presented evidence like Ocean is right now she would've had a lot more credibility way back when.

Instead, she didn't save shit and expected everyone to take her word, and insulted people who doubted her. Not very smart.

No. 993628

File: 1593010693544.jpg (504.76 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200624-202645_Twi…)

No. 993630

File: 1593010721114.jpg (76.67 KB, 1573x424, IMG_20200624_202639.jpg)

No. 993634

i think this might be what jund and russ were talking about, part of it any way, new evidence and all

No. 993637

I remember stumbling into this a long time ago. I thought it was fake at the time. Now it's just disgusting to read…

No. 993638

Anyone got access to Zieg's twitter? Is she deleting tweets?
This is embarrassing behaviour for yet another 31 year-old.

No. 993641

That "too beautiful for 15" interaction she had was with Battlestar though, not with Cry

No. 993642


Although I think snake is trustworthy…

It is very possible to stage new conversations in order to protect themselves.

The fact ziegs mentioned a cover-up from years past, I wouldn't be surprised if they are discussing on how to cover themselves from any liability now that the cat is out of the bag.

No. 993644

One thing that bothers me, Russ did mention in his stream that it was upsetting when cry admitted to the allegations as it was like watching cry commit suicide to himself and to the LNC.
They also showed disdain that cry put out the video without informing them…

Giving that information, I could see it being a possibility that they knew very well everything cry was doing… Maybe not to what extent however..

No. 993648


That doesn't make much sense to me though. I legitimately don't think they had any idea the breadth or scope of what Cry was doing. They wouldn't be having such emotional reactions; they would've been more prepared for all this.

I think more than likely, they knew about one or two incidents, and not how bad they were. They learned a little bit here and there over the years. Then, when Cry released the video, they made him own up to literally everything. And in Cry's manic state, he was completely honest with them, or as honest as Cry can get.

That would explain why they're reacting so extremely, and the only reason we don't know is because they are waiting for Cry to admit it all.

No. 993651

Ziegs is removing followers right now

No. 993652


i doubt cry said shit to them. from what I can tell, based on Snake and Jund and Russ's streams, cry himself hasn't admit to shit, all the info they've been getting has been coming from victims.

The only thing we know that cry admitted to, according to the rest of the lnc, was cry fucking around with red and the angel stuff.

No. 993654

samefagging, forgot to mention the super vague 3 second "oh yeah underage" bs in the video cry said as well

No. 993655

Holy shit, everyone in this group was fucked up one way or another. Only Snake seems to be the normal one.

No. 993658

Ignorance is a bliss in this world.You don't have to be courageous and put effort into defending your ideals and when change eventually comes you're innocent because technically you did nothing wrong.
Just be a passive airhead that's how lemmings get by.

No. 993665


What did Jund do? It seems to corroborate where he said he knew of one event.

No. 993666


I think it's quite likely that the crew has visited lolcow before. Plus multiple allegations have been going on for years.

I just can't see how the whole crew wouldn't know what's going on within their own community. It's not like all these allegations are new. I would think at least one of them would be very curious about constant allegations to the point of looking into it and getting into the rabbit hole.

I just see it likely that they bit their tongue. Even if they did know, or at least expected it… It's not like they could admit it without being guilty by association. The mob would eat them alive.

No. 993671

bro wat da fuk is cry doing

No. 993673

Probably in discussion with the few friends he has left on what he should do. While also having a mental breakdown.

Wouldn't be surprised if zieg is in direct contact with him right now. She seems like she is loyal to cry.

He's in a tough spot where he's screwed no matter what action he pulls. Nothing he can say or do will fix this situation. However, he needs to choose his actions wisely because he can easily dig his hole deeper.

No. 993676

>>993651 yeah ive been following ziegs on twitter for a while, not just a new follower for the situation, and i still got removed :/

No. 993680

what does she get out of doing that?

No. 993681


Minimizing scope of people who could leak things that she doesn't even know are incriminating. Her full lockdown must be to prevent any legal recourse. Why else would she be in such panic mode?

No. 993684

File: 1593013913777.png (85.88 KB, 618x851, Sage.png)

Oh, absolutely. The invisible tweet seems to be Sage. Snake also mentioned it on his stream to say the same thing as the tweet.
Was also this from the last thread >>>/snow/990531 though I don't know where I'd begin to look to find that post.

No. 993685

Cry WAS THE ONE THAT STARTED THIS SHIT. This "He has no spine, he's such a soft depressed boy" shit is retareded. He had enough spin to fuck around with Red, he had enough spine to do youtube for years, he had enough spine to cheat, he had enough spine to talk to people online.
He had enough spine to express regret. What the fuck? Do you guys feel he's actually retarded?

No. 993686

Sorry, meant to quote >>993666
Not sure what happened

No. 993687

Probably battling legitimate suicidal thoughts over whether or not it's his easiest out. His mind already sounded like it had become thoroughly unraveled in that recent stream before any of this even come out.(newfag)

No. 993689

Oh great, Chey will get a kick outta this no doubt

No. 993690


And honestly, if all of this is as complex and deep down the rabbit hole as it can go… it's probably better if he just keeps his mouth shut until we do all the detective work. That way he can formulate what to say without being immediately contradicted by new info after he posts.(lolcow is not your personal army)

No. 993691


The other one was deleted by me, because I forgot to sage and didn't feel like being banned.

Yeah, that's what I figured. The whole crew probably read lolcow every now and then, but bit their tongue on the knowledge they knew.

Honestly chey does make good points , and I wouldn't be surprised if she actually is telling the truth about everything.

It's just… she's a bitch and comes across that way as well. So no one takes anything she says seriously.

Either way, I don't think the crew should be burned at the stake for cryaotic's actions even if they knew imo.

No. 993694

Kek, we aren't Cry's personal army. "We" also aren't doing "Detective" work.

No. 993695


Id hardly call the shitposting here "knowledge"

No. 993696

I wonder why Chey kept lashing out at the other guys, but didn't say a word about Ziegs when she had gone to Ziegs directly about this. Unless she didn't tell Ziegs about their age, and Ziegs just happened to know it somehow?

No. 993697

i feel like everyone knew this was gonna be dropped

No. 993698


Because she doesn't actually give a shit about justice she just has a personal vendetta against the LNC because they all tried to get her the fuck away from Cry their entire relationship.

No. 993699

File: 1593015202594.jpg (137 KB, 607x876, eA59anh.jpg)

No. 993700

Yeah, it really seems like nearly everyone involved turned out to be retarded. Who tells someone, "Would you be willing to deny it if it came up?"

It's resembling the Proturd situation so much, except Snake, Jund, and Russ right now are the only ones not going down with the ship… for now. At this point, it wouldn't be surprising if something came out about them.

No. 993703

Congrats Cry on exposing, not only yourself as a scumbag, but also a lot of other people in your circle! Now we know who to avoid lol

No. 993705

i mean this totally shows that cry knew about ocean being underage right? and potentially others?

No. 993706


Holy shit, who would've thought the person Cheyenne tore apart the most is actually complicit. Mad respect for Snake for being so transparent and calling Ziegs out for not only spreading misinformation but downplaying what she did.

No. 993707


>Yeah but ocean was a minor? I was told it was al above board but just creepy

So zieg definately lied here, because she said directly that ocean could get cry into legal trouble in this convo

No. 993708

Ziegs removed all of her followers and following.

It's too bad that the internet is forever and all of this is completely worthless, Ziegs.

No. 993709

I hate to be the one to suggest this, but it isn't possible she would have cried suicide back in the day in an effort to cover this up, is it?

No. 993710

Not when everyone saw Cheyogre bullying her. I think it really did happen but both Cheyenne and Ziegs are pieces of shit who think they're more important than they actually are.

No. 993711

It definitely would've benefitted Ziegs to paint Chey as "the bad guy" after her break-up with Cry so people would ignore Chey when she would point out everything else he did, and it did.

No. 993713


Its possible but lets not look over the fact Chey is an unsufferable blight.

No. 993714

And on top of that it would only further incriminate the rest of the LNC.
If Ziegs knew why wouldn't the rest of them?
This is still absolutely true.

No. 993715


At this point I honestly believe all of them knew but are perfectly content to throw Ziegs under the bus.

No. 993717

Ziegs twitter is unlocked, it's public again

No. 993718

Gives them a scapegoat and draws the mob away from them. Not saying Ziegs isn't scum, but much like how they'd take money over investigating further back then they'll gladly use this to deflect blame from themselves.

No. 993720


Exactly. Ziegs is complicit, case closed. No need to dig into it further, folks.

This whole thing is shit and everyone involved sucks.

No. 993723

It's definitely gonna look that way from any angle right now, regardless of if they knew or not.

No. 993724

No, it's still locked

No. 993725


I think the same.
My theory is that most of the crew knew to an extent but just didn't care enough or thought it wasn't their problem.

Ziegs is complicit in it, but I don't think most of the crew was. Most of the crew probably turned a blind-eye and hoped for the best.

No. 993728

File: 1593017194710.png (132.63 KB, 313x677, image0.png)

I can see her tweets. I don't know if she had tweeted anything recently, today mainly, but there's nothing from today. The most recent thing on her twitter is something about Nioh.

No. 993729

I can hardly keep track of who's who. Is ocean the one case the rest of the crew claimed to know about?

No. 993730

It would appear so, yes.

No. 993733


Yes, Ocean is the one the crew knew that Cry cheated with, but they did not know Ocean's age at the time, or so they've said.

No. 993736

has any of the lnc ever met cry irl? doesnt scott live in the same state?

No. 993742

Hi, uh.

Russ/Jund/Snake not knowing Ocean was underage is total BS. The moderator team for the LNC, who had discussion groups over Skype at the time, for the most part were all aware that they were underage but were assured it was all legal and being taken care of privately, that it was creepy for sure, but dealt with and over. Why on earth would the moderating team know this but not the actual hosts? Yeah, no way.

I can get if they didn't know about the other victims, mods and LNC both, perhaps the sick fuck was more careful after the Cheyenne/Ocean incident, so I get not being informed on that. But specifically Ocean? Nooo fucking way the crew did not know.

No. 993744

File: 1593018787500.jpg (45.24 KB, 601x345, Ocean.JPG)

Ocean himself retweeted their statements. If this isn't proof that they've been telling the truth this whole time then idk what is.

No. 993746

Plus we already know by that point they'd been starting to keep their distance from Cry and the Late night streams in general. It's not impossible they're innocent, even though it looks unlikely.

No. 993747

Is Cheyenne still a bitch? Because it seems like Cheyenne knew that zeigs knew, yet zeigs ended acting as a silencer for those that were claiming to have been sexually abused.

No. 993752

The question is still though, if Cheyenne knew all this, why didn't she go public?

The answers probably the money she was blackmailing Cry for.

No. 993753

I don’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but Ocean is following and actively retweeting Snake, Jund, and Russ. Ocean may be trying to validate their statements about not knowing.

No. 993754


He definitely is. He's liked a lot of tweets about the LNC not knowing he was a minor.

No. 993755


Cheyenne is 100% still a bitch and also complicit imo. She wasn't some helpless, brainwashed victim, she spent literally her entire relationship with Cry gloating and justifying the age gap.

No. 993756


So far, she silenced only Ocean as far as we know. Based on what she said (though she isn't really credible anymore so take with grain of salt) she said "we thought it was a one time thing" so perhaps thats her reasoning for covering it up, albeit a horrible one.

No. 993757

yeah, because of the manipulation, moron. thats literally how that works. shes still a bitch, but that doesnt mean she wasnt also crys victim.

No. 993758

that DOES line up with the rest of the LNC though. They all say they were only aware of this one instance.

No. 993759

Ok so Chey said she'd been in contact with victims, right? She obviously didn't talk to Ocean because she was adamant that they all knew his age, when Ocean has proven that this was in fact not the case.

All this drama could've easliy been avoided with better communication. Everyone is just confused and pointing fingers and it's all going in circles.

No. 993760

most of the finger pointing has been cheyenne and the mob she incited.

No. 993763

Is there some sort of proof of this?
Not defending anyone since I'm trying to be objective but there's no reason for me to believe this right now.

Yeah she's still the world's biggest piss guzzler even if she isn't completely wrong in the end. Needs to learn how to control herself.

No. 993764


She's just fucking bloodthirsty, dude. I don't know what she's going to do now that her big claim, "they all knew," has been disproven by the one it directly affected.

No. 993765

I agree. She went on a tirade spreading assumptions as fact and it just caused more grief.

No. 993766

If Cheyenne stopped screaming at everyone and showed receipts, people would believe her. Not her stupid 'I'M THE PROOF !!1!' bullshit. She's an adult now and if she still hasn't learn how to control her emotions that's her fucking problem.

No. 993769


She blackmailed Cry and tore apart LNC and LNC community in 2014/15 and almost drove Ziegs to suicide.

Now, after being irrelevant for 5 years, she wants her revenge on LNC and destroy them and the community completely.

No. 993770

I truly believe Snake, Scott, and Russ had no idea about what fuckery was going on. The original LNC kicked Battlestar out for his creepy behavior and roasted him into oblivion for months. Even as the years passed their disdain for his behavior was obvious. I cannot for the life of me remember Cry calling Bstar out the way Scott and Russ did. They showed intolerance for that behavior and they treated their fanbase carefully since they were fully aware of the age group watching their streams. I remember how they treated the skype callers appropiately - the fangirling was constantly joked about as being over the top, but they wouldn't really curse and kept the topics PG-13 (or try to at least). Cry was/is an opportunist and he manipulated those around him for YEARS.

No. 993771


It actually makes the most sense. From what Snake and even Cry said, they pretty much showed, played games, then didn't speak til the next week.

It makes infinitely more sense that the smaller community members like moderators would all speak more to each other than they did. Dont they literally do a modchat restream every week

No. 993774

If cry would crawl out of his hideyhole, the void wouldn't have existed to be filled with chey screeching. Not absolving her of it but yeah, that dumbfuck needs to face the music or it'll only continue to get messier.

No. 993775

The longer Cry hides, the more that's uncovered, and the worse it gets. I don't think it's gonna be long before the more damning shit is be revealed, with or without him.

No. 993776

Precisely. The coward literally just left the LNC to fend for themselves when they had no clue what was going on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993778

I really hope he comes out with more than anyone speaking right now, a full confession. It'll be painful to watch, but honesty can only do him good, right?

No. 993781

What makes this worse is Ziegs definitely coordinated with Cry in covering up what happened with Ocean. Makes me wonder what else she knew about.

No. 993783

Does anyone know if cry deleted anything at all related to this? Cause he didn't delete chat logs between ocean, auri, etc.

No. 993786

If anything illegal is actually involved, fuck no it won't be better for him doing a full admission of guilt. His only hope would be underaged victims meeting the statute of limitations don't decide to ride his ass to the law. Even then, I don't quite know if the law can get involved if it involves a full admission of guilt for something like underaged nudes.

No. 993789

Show some proof. I don’t know why Cheyenne would tell only Ziegs about Ocean’s age, but Ocean himself seems to be supporting Snake and Scott’s statements that they were unaware of his age at the time.

Given Sage’s deletion of her posts and Zieg’s privating of her Twitter, I’ve taken the liberty to archive the thread calling out Ziegs for knowing about Ocean being a minor and asking him to not speak out for the sake of Cry’s career. The situation is complex, it’s good to maintain an archive for posterity. Use archive.is and just type in the url of the webpage to be saved, it’s that simple and takes less than a minute.

(Ocean’s callout against Ziegs and the Skype logs. A refresher, Ocean is the minor Cry cheated on Chey with, who was not allowed back on stream after the fact.)

(Tiabeanie’s reply showing a DM sent by Ziegs under the assumption that all the ther members of the LNC shared the same level of information as her — that Ocean was a minor.)

(Snake’s own Discord logs with Ziegs and her downplaying of her involvement.)

No. 993793

What fucks with me the most about Ziegs is she thought everyone was in the same boat as her. She thought the rest of the LNC was complicit, too, and immediately changed her tune when she realized that wasn't the case.

No. 993799

This whole thing with Ziegs knowing makes it more fucked that Ziegs and Coyote (?) brought back the youtube video about Cheyenne bullying Ziegs. It seems like all of her actions are purely to cover her own ass.

No. 993800

Does anyone know who raven is? Is she involved in this?

No. 993802


I think Raven was Jund's girlfriend like. waaaaaay back when. As far as I know she's not involved in any of this.

No. 993803


That's Junds ex. She cheated on him and was removed a long time ago. They seem to be on friendly terms now.

No. 993804

Who did she cheat with?

No. 993807

Any clue when Ocean last appeared on stream? Might be a lost cause but the LNC streams have been archived on yt since at least 2013, and that would be an exact date of when they learned about the cheating with Ocean according to Snake.

No. 993808


Some normie I think. Not involved at all

No. 993810

Raven’s some Asian chick who has practically zero relevance to the current drama. Sage your fucking post if all you have to offer are inane questions.

No. 993812

There's not point in even saying this. They hate her so much they can't see that she can be a victim and a huge bitch.
It's crazy how I'm seeing so many people trying to downplay/victimize cry but then constantly push the narrative that someone being a bitch means they can't be taken advatange of, but at the same time because Cry's life is so tragic, he doesn't have friends, he doesn't know how to be an adult etc. there's no WAY he could do bad things on purpose, there's no way he purposely took advatange of people.

No. 993813

File: 1593022905656.png (73.94 KB, 880x557, red.png)

Just stumbled across this old post: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChaoticMonki/comments/2oikzn/what_happened_to_red/

Imagine typing that comment out when you're the reason the whole thing happened.

No. 993814


Honestly, the rest of the LNC SHOULD have known about Ocean being a minor. They've all seen the lolcow threads, and Ocean has been spoken about plenty. If they truly didn't know that she was underage then they were being ignorant on purpose. I don't fault Ziegs at all for her position in this.

No. 993816

It's pretty crazy how little blame he took in a lot of the drama that has happened.

No. 993822


Tbh they've all already admitted to being ignorant

No. 993827

snapchat keeps pictures in private servers. she can likely get those pictures back if she requests them.

No. 993840


On the lolcow threads, depending on what year you check, it hasnt always been about allegations as far as I know. In 2014/15 it was about Cheyenne being a bitch to ziegs/cry/everyone.

First of all, if you hear "Cry cheated on me[Chey] with that person[Ocean] who just played with us on stream, we won't be playing with them again" you don't think "Oh! better check if they're underaged."

Thats Cry's responsibility, no one thought Cry was a pedo, sometimes he talked about mature stuff on stream, but pedo… no, it blindsided everyone.

Obviously there should have been boundaries between streamers/mods/audience, but back in the heyday of LN, there wasnt such a thing. I mean, didn't like most of LNC date fans/mods of the show, thats my assumption anyhow.

No. 993848

At this point, LNC's crimes are at best not investigating pedophilia claims and being significantly ignorant about what was going on. I really want to believe the rest of them had no idea what was going on, but hey, I've been wrong about someone's character before.

Jund seems sus in general. He was never very kind to the audience he got–take a trip down his old Tumblr. But knowing you're enabling your friend being a pedophile is a whole different kind of awful.

Snake seems genuine. I never knew Russ well but he seemed genuine in the stream last night. I hope he was. What a fucking mess. I think any type of real clarity about the situation could only be given by a legal case and/or private investigators.

No. 993849

File: 1593025193735.png (736.04 KB, 3840x2384, thelatenightshitshow.png)

This clusterfuck is getting impossible to keep track of, so here's a timeline of what we know happened so far.

A bunch of dates are just educated guesses, based on people's ages, known birthdays, and how long they stayed in contact.

Obviously this is just a small sample of the 14+ people who made themselves known to the LNC.

If anyone has more precise dates let me know and I'll update the chart.

No. 993851

File: 1593025217320.jpg (290.1 KB, 2454x1744, lol.JPG)

so apparently cry played video games while everyone else was dealing with the shitstorm he created

No. 993854

Something I've been thinking about is how different internet culture was way back then. My memory isn't the best, but I'd imagine that "grooming" isn't something that's been rly talked a lot about in 2014. And Cry acting all "flirty~" during streams or chat or whatever to his fans wasn't anything anyone thought weird of, since it was treated as him just joking around and trying to live up to his "bishie boy character" or whatever the fuck. All of those things seem questionable NOW because we pay much closer attention to how adults act towards minors. So what I'm getting at is, if it turns out that there hasn't been anything actually illegal going on intentionally or in general, then I wouldn't pay much attention to any weird "suave~" acting in Cry's past. I still don't think he's a pedo, just fucking dumb and a scumbag.

No. 993858

I'd be more worried than what he seems to be lol but maybe he has such solid evidence to debunk all of this that he's just kicking back and watching everyone else eat each other up

No. 993860

Possibly, i feel like with the lack of evidence shown so far, this could easily be another projared like situation.

No. 993862


Jund seems like a prick sometimes but hes nothing if not brutally honest as seen with the cheyenne shit

No. 993865

he literally had online sex with ocean while they were a minor. he is a pedo

No. 993867

I don’t think so. ProJared seemed more public and open with his shit, and had a million disclaimers on his dirty tumblr saying users needed to be 18+. Cry’s situation is a lot more secretive and sinister, there’s a pattern of him dating 16 year olds and knowing they’re 16. Even if the pedo accusations die out, he won’t make it after Russ and the LNC coming out about his bullshit. Whether this whole thing blows up publicly or not, he’s not coming back from this.

No. 993873


I don't know how so many anons are just skipping on that fact. There's literally proof of it here in the thread that happened.

No. 993876

where did you get this from?

i have a feeling he's been completely off social media and genuinely doesn't know what's happening.

No. 993877

Anyone else find it sis he was playing VR(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993879

he loves attention way too much to stay off the internet when he's never been more "relevant"

No. 993880

it's on his steam profile

No. 993881

No. 993883

How is it sus exactly? I mean it's weird to be playing games at all but why is it any weirder for it to be vr?

No. 993888

I wonder if the family knows. Imagine finding out that your brother/son/uncle has been flirting with and cybersexing minors and constantly screwing his friends over by sabotaging their relationships

That is so embarrassing to think about

No. 993895

I can see how it could be taken as a little sus. I guess it depends on whether or not he was playing WITH someone in VR. Granted, there are solo VR games he could be playing, but still. Given his track record that we know of now, literally any game he plays that allows him to interact with others like VR chat or whatever is gonna seem sus. But that's all just a speculation.(learn to reply)

No. 993896

I wouldn't be surprised if he's using the games as a background for his video addressing everything.

No. 993897

that would just further prove how he doesn’t think this is a big deal

No. 993899

well it now says steamvr last played 25th june on and it's been around an hour since it was the 25th here so i guess that's what's up?

No. 993902

File: 1593027900276.png (126.34 KB, 600x559, Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 2.39…)

idk if i'm misreading but ocean liked this tweet implying ziegs didn't know they were a minor? (http://archive.today/QWGsm)

No. 993904

As a person that plays VRChat, he was not playing with anyone in VR. When you start up a game, SteamVR randomly starts up sometimes alongside a game that is not VR related.

sorry forgot to sage

No. 993905

looks like it, but im gonna go out on a limb and say the likes must not mean anything, because that tweet is full of shit. the log has ziegs mentioning cry could get in trouble legally. it definitely confirms she knew.

No. 993907

yeah it just seems so weird for them to like a response that just shits all over the skype logs

No. 993908

It means Ziegs is an absolute liar based on the skype logs that were from years ago, she knew and forced him to remain quiet. He liked it because it shows that just this morning Ziegs was lying through their teeth that they didn't know. Ocean straight out says this in his own post.

No. 993911

Speaking of, is anyone else finding it weird that Ocean's log was editted like that?
Logs come out chronologically, so why edit it in the first place is there wasn't a conversation in the middle?

Does anyone also remember Ocean's things from the older threads? I vaguely remember something suspicious happening about all her allegations back then.

No. 993917

there are some time gaps so i imagine there might've been some personal information being talked about, as ocean blocked out a bit of one of the messages there already

No. 993919

It's common knowledge he drowns himself in video games to escape, doesnt surprise me.

No. 993921


It doesn't shit all over the skype logs? Ocean liked it because it further proves that Ziegs was trying to save face by saying she had no idea Ocean was a minor, but in reality she knew and is the person who silenced Ocean into not saying anything about it at the time. The tweet proves Ziegs lied to fans and the LNC about knowing Ocean's age.

No. 993922

except that this reply is in the same thread as the logs. the thing that person is saying "doesnt prove ziegs knew" IS the logs.

No. 993925

File: 1593029854212.png (29.74 KB, 587x355, Untitled.png)

ocean unliked it and replied, so the like might have just been an accident.

No. 993928


Snake added context that Ziegs was lying to him about it when she actually knew the entire time. Not sure what the confusion is about?

No. 993930

the confusion was about ocean liking and implying support towards the person saying there is no proof ziegs knows ocean's age.

No. 993931

but this definitely clears it up now

No. 993932


Oh shit my bad. Didn't see that they meant Ocean liked the reply to Snake's tweet. Glad he cleared it up

No. 993941

File: 1593030787907.jpg (362.65 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20200624_213211.jpg)

Yikes, guess Cry really has fucked up big time if Auri doesn't forgive him any more, she was pretty much the only one who seemed neutral about him

No. 993943

oh yikes, good for her though. she realises that he is a scumbag but is still very nice about it.

No. 993944

So it's established that Ziegs essentially fucked everyone over by lying.

That's really fucked

No. 993945

Actually, the logs say that Cheyenne's the one that told everyone.

Wouldn't that prove she knew Ocean's age as well, and did nothing?

No. 993946

i think chey found out ocean was 16 earlier this year in january when she posted that one tweet, idk though.
ziegs might've known ocean personally? i honestly am not sure about all of the relationships in this incestuous group

No. 993947

File: 1593031160034.png (16 KB, 586x147, Untitled.png)

yeah, she knew, shes brought it up before. shitty that she never said anything until recently, but given at the time shed been groomed into thinking that shit was just fine its a little more understandable. still makes her a hypocrite to be attacking everyone else.

No. 993949

yeah she was also 16 when she got started with cry so i guess understandable that she might've justified it in her head at the time. but as you said, still a mean gal.

No. 993950

how do we know this is cry's profile? it can't possibly be because a shut in neckbeard like him would be way past level 29 on steam.

No. 993951

Honestly I think its an excuse to cover her ass. Allegations like this have ALWAYS been taken seriously, regardless of who it is

No. 993952

https://steamcommunity.com/groups/cryandruss/members from this. lnc plays a lot of games with the audience

No. 993953

This is his alt, he lost his other one while back

No. 993954

oh come on, no one listened to her back then. no one trusted her because of the whole shit with jund etc. why would anyone take the 'crazy gf' seriously?

No. 993956

No, they haven't. People tend to forget what niche youtube culture was like prior to the Me Too. Some former mods of LNC like Sadiebun have been open about Cry being creepy but nobody listened because he had a great reputation and loyal fanbase.

No. 993957

Anyone else expecting Cry to say some of his victims are lying to get attention or whatever? I really doubt he's going to admit to having 14+ victims

No. 993958

If the new video will be anything like the other one, he'll beat around the bush and not flat out admit anything.

No. 993959

i think he's gonna play the daddy issues card rather than victim blame

No. 993960

If Cry was smart he would disappear from the internet forever and live in the real world with relatively no consequence. But we know he isn't that smart. Plus he couldn't function in society before he did all this shit anyway.

No. 993961

the only thing he got going for him was his 'sultry' voice, he wouldn't last a day trying to survive in the real world where he doesn't have an oversensitive mic

No. 993962

He can't disappear if any of the allegations end up being true over illegality. If he ghosted now everyone would be on the warpath to get him, and at least two people (Auri and Chey) knows his address, and with their recent tweets, they might be willing to lend it if he tries to get away scot free.

No. 993964

Pretty sure the LNC are also willing to screw him over if he doesn't respond.

Honestly, it feels like all his "friends" know he's going to flake, and are just giving him time to be polite.

Especially since he's been playing Noita this entire fucking time.

No. 993966

Cry needs to respond so we can milk every second of that video for the next six years

No. 993972

So i just searched the date of the skype logs on ocean's twitter and this one came up…


No. 993973

I don't know whether that is sarcasm or not, but that basically verifies the Skype logs.

No. 993975

Sounds really sinister with context. Poor Ocean, really was just a kid that got fucked over.

No. 993976

I honestly doubt that Cry cares about trying to save his reputation at this point, it seems like his "plan" was to just fuck himself up. I don't sympathise with neckbeard creeps, especially ones that creep on teenagers but he does seem like he's having a total mental breakdown going on.

No. 993977

What was in the post you're replying to?

No. 993978

File: 1593033422318.png (65.97 KB, 592x697, takingscreenshotsishard.PNG)

No. 993983


If anything…. I mean, we should be mad at Cry here. Cry was the one pulling all the strings and instructing Ziegs what to do, she was the messanger and complicit yes, but we don't know for sure what Cry was doing behind the scenes here.

No. 993984

we can be mad at both. not telling anyone or letting it happen is one thing, but actively covering it up and manipulating the victim not to come forward is extremely shitty. doesnt matter if cry told her to do it or not. she still did it.

No. 993986

Extremely shitty AND illegal.

No. 993991



I'm just trying to say that Cry can't even do his own dirty work, and dragged other people down with him. Plus, it's clear that no one- not even those who knew about Ocean- expected him to do this serially (save for the victims).

No. 993998

This is such a fucking disappointment tho, Cry was one of the few good ones who doesn't fucking screech during gameplay and takes the story seriously and rly immerses himself in it. He wasn't the greatest at games but I enjoyed watching his stuff. Makes ya think that you cant trust any remotely popular person online.

No. 993999

File: 1593035877898.png (96.06 KB, 794x483, Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 2.56.…)

Potentially getting something tonight.

No. 994001

I guess someone has been in contact with Cry then. Maybe Arcadum since he told Cry to contact him before he did anything stupid?

No. 994008

I second this. It's gonna be a minute to find someone who plays video games a similar way. But I'd rather search for someone new, than to cling to someone who can't even step up to tell us the truth.

No. 994012


I've moved on to Jesse Cox for story based games, he's a lore fanatic and he can sometimes predict plot points way before they even come up

him + scary game squad playthrough of Until Dawn was amazing, they legit solved the entire thing within the first like 4 videos or something

No. 994014

I don't know why i feel this extreme sense of dread that he's gonna off himself in a live stream or right after uploading a vid… like his online career might be over but he can still get rehab and shit.

No. 994017

Hmm.. I don't know if I'd be into that because it would ruin the story of the games a bit for me if he'd predict twists really early on. I wanna experience it as it happens, but I might still check 'em out anyways!

No. 994026

Man… I hope that feelin' ain't true.
For as much as a fkin' scumbag as he is, and deserving of everything that he's gettin'. I still hope he won't entertain the thought of takin' his own life. I wouldn't wish that on goddamn anybody.

No. 994031


I should clarify I mostly watch games I've already played. When they play on Scary Game Squad (with Alex + Jirard from Completionist/Super Beard Bros and Davis) they get drunk on cheap whisky so it's mostly about the fun and laughs

also I do recommend super beard bros, alex faciane and jirard, and they also have brett too in there. If you've seen any Jirard vids you've probably seem them, but they are hilarious. They don't get super deep into lore, but they are very funny and have great chemistry, I've honestly teared up laughing at some of the things they say and they don't keep repeating shit like game grumps, super beard bros have replaced the super best friends play/game grumps format of friends chilling on a couch having fun

There is also our queen Dodger who is great to watch because she's chill but she's gone mostly to streaming lately if you don't mind watching streams

If you want females I would recommend Geek Remix who take stories seriously and don't yell, Strange Rebel Gaming is cool too and she also voiced Aerith in the FF7 remake, Nyxipuff is cute and she really enjoys the games she plays so she's enthusiastic, Point Crow is mostly a Zelda player, he started as a BotW speedrunner and he does lots of random challenges but he really loves it

Honestly yeah I've rehauled a lot of my gamer subscriptions lately because so many of them are just shitty people. Nowadays I watch people whose opinions/beliefs I align with, or whose gameplays they take seriously; sometimes I don't want them to make shitty jokes and not care about what's going on, I want them to appreciate the game and the story it has to offer

No. 994032

File: 1593037693448.png (18.06 KB, 723x109, auridiscord.PNG)

Auri said this in Discord so I'm incredibly worried for her
He clearly hasn't contacted her about the video, so that's great, isn't it? Piece of shit.

No. 994034

Yeah, I've been thinking about that, too, and hoping that if nothing else, he decides to do rehab/inpatient of some kind to get out of his fucking home.

I do like Scary Game Squad a lot, but I typically wait to watch their videos because the group of them tend to get things really early on, so that may not work so well for you. But if it's after you've already experienced the twists, or you just want the pure fun of a bunch of friends goofing off, go for it! They've got old-school Super Best Friend vibes, if you were ever into them.

No. 994043


Nah, cry's too much of a pussy to off himself

I'd be willing to bet after his video releases he's just gonna try and go back to streaming after a week or two and pretend nothing happened.

and all the little white knight faggots defending him here and on twitter and shit are gonna eat that shit up and he'll continue fucking around with fans until the FBI breaks down his door

No. 994047

anon why are you typing like that

No. 994052

Yeah same, it would be too tragic imo since, even though he's a scumbag he's gone through abuse too, so getting away from home and getting some actual professional help would be the most ideal. Obviously this is gonna haunt him for the rest of his life, but it is what it is.

No. 994056

So the usual "My parents made me the way that I am". He's too old to still be using that card.

After all the shit that has happened with other e-celebs, you probably shouldn't trust them anyway. Enjoy their content, but always keep in mind that their persona could be fake as hell. Only a few are actually genuine.

Good, it should haunt him for the rest of his life.

No. 994062

File: 1593039319296.png (497.53 KB, 1080x2270, Cheyenne.png)

Cheyenne's seen the tweets - I don't use Twitter enough to know, if Snake blocked her can she see his responses?

No. 994063

put "sage" in the email field.

no, but someone who does have access has been sending screenshots and feeding her the tweets even though she's blocked

No. 994064

Could Ryan even work a real job were he to get cancelled online? He's been isolated so long, I bet he couldn't even hold down a normal customer service job. Maybe him being shouted at by a karen would help tone down his extreme narcissism

No. 994066

Probably not, he'd have to explain why there's such a large gap in his resume, and they'd probably look into what it was he did online and find all of this

No. 994072

from my knowledge the only job he’s ever worked was at target after high school. he said he hated it and quit pretty quickly.

No. 994073

If I were him shudder I'd legally change my name and move out of state

No. 994075

He deserves to work a customer facing service job after this. Knock him down a damn peg.

No. 994076

If he has done something unquestionably illegal he'll probably get listed as a sex offender. I'd like to see him try to hide after that.

No. 994078

You are too new to this situation if you aren't aware that's one of his Steam profiles that we've known about for years.

No. 994084

Cry was the only member ever in the mod Skype group.

No. 994087

Chey has the IQ of a matchstick, goddamn.

There's several other "quiet" youtubers/streamers out there now, I know a lot of people that moved on from Cry that watched various Vinesauce streamers (Rev and KY are both pretty quiet and witty), Jerma985, pre-FNAF Markiplier, etc. Jesse Cox and Octopimp are fun since they're professional voice actors and know how to balance sound well. Exploring your streamer options is easier now than before.

There's so many others, and I'm sure there's good small streamers as well. The "loud = funny" shit died out a long time ago and the most popular Twitch streamers are people who make nuclear hot takes on silly things rather than being loud.

Also, Cry's voice is total shit now. You can hear how much different it is from most recently to back in the early 2010's when he was still a virgin. It's got vocal fry now.

No. 994089

Can't speak for story driven games, but if you like indies then I gotta recc my man Northernlion. A good dude, hilarious, just the right volume, and has a pretty soothing voice as well.

No. 994090

Thanks for all the reccs guys, cheers!

No. 994091

Never really cared for him, I would reccommend Aurateur before him despite the fact Aura's most vocal audience is probably the worst of Twitch. Aura is unbelievably calm and pretty good at platforming, so his audience is a bunch of spastics that want to see him fail.

No. 994096

You're only supposed to sage if your post isn't new caps/information so that you don't constantly bump the thread without adding anything new. Seriously, you people need to read the rules.

No. 994099

i've read the rules, but thanks. didn't think the screencap was new info/particularly relevant since it wasnt directly about the blocking and i thought we all kind of got past the point of chey being on a warpath.

No. 994105

Lmao Ziegs blocked Ocean

No. 994106

Oh my bad then, I just skimmed through most of the new posts since there is so much shit to go through.

No. 994108

kinda glad ziegs got outed as a liar. something about her has always irked me. manipulative as hell. although cheyenne is a bitch, i wouldn’t be surprised if ziegs had used her depression as a way to look like a good guy, just like how she used and lied about the underage fans as a way to look innocent. slight tinfoil if but whateves

No. 994110

god why are you people discussing other youtubers here. we're not a support group for your loss of a fav youtuber. we need actual milk here.

No. 994111

File: 1593043587169.png (84.75 KB, 749x727, hu..PNG)

This is from a thread where someone encouraged Jund to dox Cry's face. Is Ocean backing Jund or is he agreeing with the other user?

No. 994112

Sounds like he's backing Jund with the "citation needed"

No. 994113

so, ocean seems to break with chey and tia on going against the whole ass crew for them being complicit. ocean revealed ziegs' being horrible in all this, but doesn't seem to have the same kind of revenge mentality the others do towards scott, snake, and russ. he even retweeted their individual statements.
i mean, not to award places or crowns or whatever, but even a few years ago ocean was pretty level throughout all of that, had his story out there, and there wasn't a sudden lnc exodus or "cry is a groomer" thing. i feel bad for him most of all, since its been out there for yeas that cry had sexually explicit conversations with ocean when ocean was a minor (a little different than the grooming then becoming explicit that others are reporting), and from what ziegs said in those old skype logs, this seems to be the most egregious case of whatever cry was up to including legal trouble.
not to speculate, but i do think someone in snake's stream chat had said something about having a 14 year old's pictures involved. i feel like tia and beanie claim to speak on behalf of a lot of the victims, and surely they've been in contact with some of them, but i don't know if the people who have been most hurt by this are necessarily a part of that/have been listened to equally.

No. 994122

Can't post caps atm, but Ocean is liking tweets that confirms that only Ziegs knew and that Chey is a cunt.

No. 994126

File: 1593045519723.jpg (350.72 KB, 808x1509, Screenshot_20200625-020852_Twi…)

No. 994129


Oh jeez are they really going to try the “but Chey’s a bitch!” defence? Y’all KNEW about the minor situation. Who gives a fuck about Chey??

These people are a damn mess, and they’re not helping themselves.

No. 994131

This really brings to light why Coyote dipped so quickly, they had no legs to stand on and they knew it. And they knew Chey knew it.

No. 994132


And why coyote nuked their account clean

No. 994134


did not age well(imageboard)

No. 994137

I'll always miss Best friends play, but i'll check these channels out. Thanks so much anons. Cry is done for. Too bad, because he was the only channel who had the better LP of The Walking Dead.

No. 994139

Jund keeps getting dogpiled on twitter. I'd be exhausted if i were him. Also, i dont agree with doxing Cry's face either. he does still live his sister and niece, doesnt he?

No. 994140

Man I’ve got a bad feeling he’s going to off himself

No. 994141


found a clip of the call mentioned in the deviantart post. creepy age comment was from battlestar in the pre-call chat, but this is still unsettling.(imageboard)

No. 994152

Is it though? Honestly it sounds innocent, even after knowing everything we know now. Also not saging this post since you saged yours for some reason

No. 994154

Auri said in her server that more victims reached out and none of them knew that he might be uploading tonight.
He said he would take a few days to reach out to them before uploading - but he hasn't even done that??

No. 994156


With his self described "bad memory" I wouldn't be surprised if he's forgot a lot of them.

But honestly, he's probably lawyering up and making sure his family is taken care of before he drops the video. You know… in between playing games, I guess. I don't think he ever really planned to talk to any of the victims further.

No. 994162

Is it even confirmed that he's uploading tonight? I thought it just was a suspicion from Jund

No. 994169


Jund is the only one who said he suspects it, so I assume it's not confirmed, just speculation

No. 994170

File: 1593049344680.jpg (99.59 KB, 1242x922, IMG_20200624_214206.jpg)

No. 994172


"so far." oh god.

No. 994174

I can't cap at the moment, but Auri posted another screencap of something Cry saying he "never wants to hurt" her and just "wants to love and care" for her. It was when they reconnected and she confided in Cry about an abusive relationship with someone who took advantage of her poor mental health (possibly from the stress of her situation with Cry?) that happened after she cut herself off from Cry.

Not super milky, but more context

No. 994175

"so far" lol im pretty sure there's an unimaginable heap of evidence lying out there. these are chat logs, interactions, screenshots, and more that span more than a decade. it must be overwhelming to look back for everyone.

No. 994176

Hey, I say he should fire off if he has more.

No. 994181


I guess a lot of y'all weren't there for the 2011/12 streams. Many of the fan calls were like this.

There isn't anything inappropriate from the crew here in this call, I mean it's the same as if a fan goes to a meet and greet? Looking back, they totally should've made it 18+ only. But honestly, these were different times, innocent times. Back when there were no huge scandals, no "content creators". I don't even remember how they were paid from twitch; that was relatively new, as I recall.

In his stream interactions he was always appropriate from what I remember. The only thing that is notable back then was Cry's crush on Cheyenne, which was pretty obvious for those who paid attention. As a viewer I thought it was cute/innocent at the time because it was two friends playing games and falling in love? There weren't any red flags.

Of course I'm not defending Cry, their relationship, or his actions. This is just how it was percieved back then from what I personally remember. No one would even suspect Cry was a pedo, or master manipulator, back then. These were different, more innocent times.

No. 994187

tell me if im an asshole for saying this, but i honestly think people should see his damn face. i dont know how dangerous that would be to innocents associated with him, but if people were to see the physical 31 year old neckbeard, i feel like it'd be easier for people to process it as the fucked up thing it is.

No. 994188

agreed for the sake of irl stuff too, but granted the "illegal" stuff done, there may well be a face reveal…on the fl so registry…
problem is that face could lead to people snooping for addresses, which leads to more issues with legality of doxxing, etc.

No. 994191

He just started playing Noita again…I've been checking on the hours played in total a couple of times and Noita's hours went up a while ago. So I guess no video today?

No. 994194

Cry messaged Auri.
Only said "Hey" though

No. 994197


She replied "hey gamerino" LOL

No. 994198

lel, she legit replied
"hey gamerino"

No. 994199

screen caps? Where’s the source for this.

No. 994201


I'm assuming these people are in Auri's discord and she's relaying it to them?

No. 994203

No. 994207

i like this girl

No. 994208

What an icon.

No. 994213

"Should I just send the limelight lyrics" LMFAO

No. 994217

File: 1593054468018.jpeg (46.83 KB, 1080x355, CA803D59-C0A9-468D-A93C-132104…)

he’s taking a while to respond

No. 994221

I assume he knows everything is gonna be shared regardless

No. 994222


I mean we're already fucked on that regard, but I agree it's a good idea to wait until the conversation plays out to post regardless so we don't clog up the feed.

No. 994223

It's far too late for that now and you saying that is just as bad sooo…?

No. 994225

Whoever made the comment can delete it, just click the checkmark and hit delete.

No. 994229

We've already seen his face.

No. 994234


I know what image you're talking about. And so far only one person has seemed to confirm/acknowledge it I believe. Something deliberate and more concrete would have more weight than a blurry image from a mysteriously vanished Tumblr account years and years ago.

No. 994236

It's still on there from what I saw. Looked at it just the other day.

No. 994237


Not to mention that photo's incredibly outdated.

No. 994239

He said he lost 100lb during his birthday stream so I'm assuming he looks different.

No. 994249

File: 1593056423643.png (109.51 KB, 317x238, 3B372FD9-C5ED-42C6-8070-B938F8…)

Highly doubt it.

No. 994252

Doubt what? That he looks any different?

No. 994259

Yeah no don’t think that’s Cry. 9 girls won’t ever fall in love for something like that

No. 994260

Pretty sure most of them didn't know what he looked like

No. 994262

It's Cry, sorry to say. His personality is charming and was enough to overlook his looks, especially when you're not looking at him all the time and just listening to him.

No. 994265

File: 1593058505098.jpg (156.82 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20200624_235606.jpg)

update from auri's discord

No. 994267

Almost none of the women he probably sexted with and traded nudes with knew what he looked like other than maybe his dick.

No. 994269

Maybe, but Auri had said she has seen his face.

No. 994270

How’s this dude pansexual too btw? He has dated only girls so far… unless…

No. 994271

If Red, Chey, and Auri and maybe others saw his face. The pic is probably 10 years old and he lost weight, mostly likely is hum.

No. 994272

some of the victims were male according to Snake.

No. 994273


Auri confirmed during her livestream that they weren't all girls

No. 994274

And at some point he lost a shit ton of weight, the person on tumblr that talked about that old photo said as much.

No. 994276


Says "I mean you also said it was just me when we were dating"

No. 994277


>some of the victims were male according to Snake.

I didn't catch this. Where did he say that?

No. 994278

No. 994279

File: 1593058892020.jpg (303.25 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20200625_002025.jpg)

auri is posting live updates of her convo with cry in her discord, here's the most recent

No. 994281

Is there any source for a definitive confirmation? I'm not surprised if that is him because he has talked about weight loss and I have vague memories of a heated stream where Cheyenne repeatedly called him a fat-fuck while he offered no resistance.

No. 994282

during his stream. He was asked if all of them were female, he said no.

No. 994283


Just as manipulative as accused of. How disgusting.

No. 994284

Welp. Cry’s fat. Don’t act like you didn’t know. Even Pewds himself said so https://youtu.be/cj--c6VAryg

No. 994286


he's actually disgusting. he's love bombing her.

No. 994287

What a sick fucking bastard.

No. 994288


cry sure likes to dig his own grave, doesn't he?

No. 994289

>I still very much love you
Oh for fucking Christ's sake Cry is still out here manipulating people during his alleged chance to admit shit. Good fucking lord.

No. 994291

Can we talk about how absolutely disgusting it is for this predator to tell his prey that he still loves her? Do you think he tells all his victims this?
I literally think I'm going to be sick.

No. 994292


Even if what he said was true; he must know by saying that he's digging his own grave right?
That it looks very bad on him??

Does he even know she's informing the world of their conversation? If he doesn't he is a very naive guy…..

No. 994293

Stop bullying him.

No. 994294

he probably knows auri is the only one who had some semblance of being on his side still, and is trying to turn him back to him. she tweeted that she still loved him, he probably saw that and is doing what he can at this point

No. 994296

shut up ryan(hi cow)

No. 994297

yeah, i think it was also auri who posted screencaps earlier of a few years before (or maybe beanie? i forget) where he approached with the same "I love you, I feel bad for what I did to you, I wish I was different" thing.

ngl this sounds like he's also prepping the bed to end it all too though. the "I want to start off by saying" the current/future tense of "for who you are becoming" makes this feel awfully last-confession-y

No. 994298

You have got to be fucking joking me

No. 994299

What is this screenshot Scott saw that this Peanut Gallery cunt is harassing him over? I think I missed something

>I still very much love you
What a sad little man

No. 994300

please read the rules, stop posting old milk, learn to sage, and learn how to use an imageboard. im begging.

theres a literal youtube field in the reply form to embed the video.

this is what im thinking, even saying that he hasnt talked to anyone else (truth or not doesnt matter). he saw she forgave him at some point and is trying to take advantage of her vulnerablity. makes me sick.

No. 994301


Anon he's a fucking manipulative pedo, he deserves to be bullied. Sage your shit

No. 994303


You're in the wrong place to defend that waste of Oxygen

No. 994305

> I wish i was nothing but faithful to you

So what about chey in this? Considering chey was his girlfriend at the given time. Also he sexted with ocean during that time too.

Looks pretty bad on him if you consider the full context.

No. 994306


Where? Her Discord is so fucking huge, crowded and scary. I can’t actually find the place she’s sending them lol

No. 994308

He thinks he's untouchable. Absolutely no accountability. Jesus Christ. Crazy seeing this go down in real time. I don't know what will happen after this. Just wait Cry. Justice will come.

No. 994309

on the rants channel, check the pinned messages on there

No. 994311

her discord is sperging out about the screen caps and this board in general, saying we're horrible people, etc lmao

No. 994312

Bullying not cool guys~ 😌😎👉💪

No seriously, fuck that. Fuck him up. See if I care. Alls I’m saying is doing that ain't gonna help a damn thing. He’s done some serious fucked up shit and apparently, he looks like he is still willing to do so.

No. 994313

why does this feel very fucking weird. she posts on here, provides screenshots, makes a twitter, streams, vod somehow deleted, and is now the only discord to show him in since his weird ass text post on twitter

No. 994314

I hope she doesn't fall for that manipulative bullshit. He sure as hell didn't love her when he was stringing along multiple other people at the same time, telling them the same pisspoor bullshit.

No. 994315

If you guys wanna consider serious bullying, there’s always doxing. Don’t. Nathan is around 18-20. It’ll fuck him. We don’t want the poor kid to end up like his dad/older brother.

No. 994316


She's probably the one posting the convos.

No. 994317


Word is, this is all their plan. I’m tellin’ ya.

No. 994318


I'm more and more suspicious of Cry lurking the boards at this very moment

No. 994319

Go read the rules and learn to sage.
This is a gossip discussion forum. There are rules not to interact with the cows, doxing is also against the rules.

No. 994320

There is confirmation from someone who saw his face that that is in fact him. Girls were in love with his voice and ~charming~ personality, they probably never got to actually see him irl. We also know Cry was/is a fat fuck since he lost 100 pounds previously. I can definitely see this being him.

No. 994321

This is so manipulative holy shit. Why can't he say "sorry I used you" or some other thing instead of doing… this. It's disgusting.

No. 994322

of course he is.
The victims definately are.
His crew probably is too.

No. 994324

What the fuck is he doing. Does he even realize the situation he's in right now lmao.

No. 994325

She's still pretty confused about her feelings for him which makes her an easy target to manipulate.

Who cares what they think.

No. 994326


Oh 100%

No. 994327

Auri is offline on discord now, people are blaming that on the screen shots being posted here. I hope that's not the case, but who knows. She should know better than to post screen shots in her discord and not expect them to be shared with lolcow, too.

No. 994328

I'm her friend, currently on the phone to her right now to keep her grounded
She is absolutely not using this to boost her popularity, she's extremely overwhelmed by all of this

No. 994329

I would almost 100% guarantee he is here. Everyone else in the crew seems to be aware of this thread, and it seems like they’ve been aware of these threads for a long time. With all the shit surrounding him he would really be crazy to not keep this thread open. Hopefully Anon isn’t outing Auri’s sharing of his messages by posting them here. Surely Cry has to know she’s going to post what he sends her, right?

No. 994330

Man; you ever ask yourself, like, why am I here? I could be doing something else? Why am I even interested in these people?

No. 994332

eh i mean there is a huge population of cry's fans feeling betrayed and they're not gonna get uwu support on lolcow, so it makes sense for them to rally around auri. and who cares.

No. 994333

do you mind asking if she gives a shit that the screenshots are here?

No. 994334

Ryan, if you're going to post on here at least sage your posts please.

No. 994336

Go be genuine somewhere else, Cry.

No. 994337

File: 1593060413486.jpg (91.45 KB, 900x900, 2c8d310922e1735f6cd235f829d541…)


Back in October 23 2012, Scott posted this in his personal Tumblr, so yeah. He was Fat, kinda accurate, probably Scott knows him irl.


No. 994338

Yeah but dumbasses jumping the gun and posting these here before we have even more milk are also to blame. Why couldn't you wait until we got more?

No. 994339

Ignore the people trying to scare away the milk. It's clear that there are some baity posts here that are trying to scare her off.

No. 994342

As Russ said, Cry is fucked.

Cry you're not untouchable. There will be retribution for what you've done for the past 9 years.

No. 994343

She doesn't seem to mind the screenshot being posted at all (I'm the anon who's currently speaking to her)