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File: 1448962359724.jpg (47.5 KB, 500x500, lololol.jpg)

No. 66553

3edgy5me thread

Post the most edgy attention seeking brats.

Kota Morgue (not for weak stomachs): http://efukt.com/21333_Has_Cam_Modeling_Gone_Too_Far.html

No. 66555

all of lolcow's posters

No. 66556

File: 1448962665720.jpg (308.23 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nvzplxsavS1un4sf5o1_128…)

No. 66557

You must be someone who takes knife selfies.

No. 66559


if she wouldn't do that crazy "costume" I'd say she's pretty hot

No. 66560

File: 1448962939687.gif (490.12 KB, 500x435, uhhh.gif)

No. 66561

File: 1448963133865.jpg (5.96 KB, 163x200, icantgetoverhighschoolmcrmy.jp…)

No. 66562


That offended people?! It's effin' hilarious, it's a doll covered in ketchup.

The only thing nasty about it is if she stuffed ketchup up her vag, then the sugars in it would of probably given her a yeast infection afterwards.

No. 66578

File: 1448975015914.png (263.75 KB, 377x497, 1xfWsqr.png)

No. 66582

That reminds me of the time a kid wore a billabong shirt to school, and our town is so small and old fashioned sometimes that the staff made him put tape over the word "bong"

No. 66586

This makes me laugh everytime I see it.

No. 66612

File: 1448985227660.jpg (134.05 KB, 780x780, same.jpg)

No. 66618

File: 1448986785639.jpg (110.13 KB, 600x688, tongueoops.jpg)


I thought that guy was this guy for a second, but apparently not. Still crazy, though.

>imagine getting eaten out by this

No. 66619

I kinda feel like this belongs in /b/ rather than /snow/?

No. 66635

Holy mother of god, my pussy would shrivel up into itself if I ever saw that thing irl

No. 66638

Worse than the actual body mod, it makes me cringe to think of my teeth exposed because they're pretty sensitive

No. 66640

"what happened to it?"
"idk man it's GONE"

No. 66684

Wow, I guess he's not satisfied with just being able to fit one dick in his mouth.

No. 66731

I laughed a bit too hard at this, thanks.

Wouldn't food fall out of those faceholes?

No. 66746

I just thought the same thing!! Wouldn't it be counterproductive??

No. 66751

OH MY GOD I KNOW THIS GIRL IRL LOL (in the video, not OP's pic)
what the fuck whyyyyyy Dakota

No. 66755

Sky is a really sad girl actually. Alcoholic, boyfriend who rapes her when she's passed out drunk, doesn't really do much besides camewhored her whole life. Like once she started to get a little bit of attention on Tumblr I knew she'd be popular online cus she's all about the ~s3w3dgy~ image she puts up and now this shit is just ridiculous

No. 66758

That's very sad. But seriously, that cam session was way too much. Those kinds of sets are for PRIVATE sessions with only 1 person who will pay extra money for. Not some gore fetish fest on your regular streaming.

No. 66759

File: 1449011950323.jpg (159.44 KB, 697x960, edgyasfuck.jpg)

No. 66880

Yeah I had seen this girl floating around the internets for some time, then I randomly came across her cam vids and furiously masturbated, it was great.

No. 66883


No. 66894

That's chill, I mean, it was very well done!

No. 66911

Just watched that video and it's fucking hilarious.

No. 73705

Where'd you hear that he rapes her when she's too drunk to drive?

No. 73715

Was he going for a spider, or bug look? From the thumbnail all his shitty piercings look like bug eyes.

No. 73797

When he eats and drinks, does his food and booze leak out of his cheeks?

No. 73810

File: 1450526779014.jpg (109.54 KB, 534x616, IMG_20151219_060335.jpg)

Stop being a follower Emily. You're so desprit you have to befriend the devil Ember and copy lolcows? Get a LIFE!

No. 73817

Will she ever stop?

No. 73821

>realistic looking aborted babbies, now that's going too far!

Sorry, but I can't take this kind of tantrum seriously from the same audience who watches realistic 'simulated' porn of women getting beaten, raped, killed, and then fucked once more. Or who get off on the degradation of used up, desperate camwhores who are addicted to drugs do this kind of shit in the first place for money.
>muh selective respect for human life!!11!

No. 73824

Men like that usually don't consider women people.

No. 74254

its posted here because of how tryhard it is not because we are moralfags. lol.

No. 74384

I bet you got farted on as a child .kek

No. 74396

Personal friend witnessed it and he did the same to her when they drank together. She used to be an alcoholic shes like 40 days clean~ now or something

No. 83486

I knew about the alcoholism, she even claimed to be an alcoholic herself after a while.
But Anon, that's one fucking scumbag of a friend you got there as well as her shitty bf.

No. 89447

File: 1454585485831.jpeg (65.78 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Jay Spizzy of Dropping A Popped Locket.

The guy is a crunkcore "musician", tattoo artist and father of two girls. Nothing against him but his whole look screams "LOOK AT ME!" and it comes off as desperate, in my opinion.

No. 89461

He needs to show everyone he doesn't regret his decisions. He will prove it by getting even more tattoos. Take that society.

No. 89475

What even is that tattoo along his cheekbone? Some crappy cheetah print? It looks like he's diseased and not in a cool way.

No. 89480

File: 1454600595690.jpg (96.27 KB, 960x960, tumblr_static_5gzjrsmqiqw4o0ow…)

This almost looks as if it's the same girl from the OP's picture.

No. 89487

File: 1454602322537.jpg (414.34 KB, 1280x1789, tumblr_o1xdvlYxPD1uv1unmo1_128…)

This thread needs more images of edgelords. I'll dump what I have.

No. 89488

File: 1454602427754.jpg (65.21 KB, 395x562, 1410258189907.jpg)

No. 89489

File: 1454602524696.png (505.79 KB, 801x645, Untitled1.png)

No. 89490

File: 1454602608923.png (421.09 KB, 636x916, Untitled.png)

>lines with my bestie

No. 89493

File: 1454602847526.jpg (17.71 KB, 310x310, cKxUqr7L.jpg)

No. 89494

File: 1454603140148.jpg (109.97 KB, 640x640, tumblr_o1w2pfkfyQ1u11yiio1_128…)

No. 89501

Jun needs to come back.

No. 89521

Princess Doll Kenzie really was the baddest bitch in Narnia, it's just that no one believed her.

No. 89528

Looks like he ate out a woman on her period.

No. 89529

let me guess, the gothgoth tag on dumblr

No. 89530

i miss jun-kun and his shitty korean & japanese uwu

Who are these fetuses?

No. 102241

File: 1457412237957.jpg (55.92 KB, 500x281, disgusting.jpg)

No. 102243

File: 1457412505972.jpg (56.62 KB, 659x494, loooooool.JPG)

No. 102245

File: 1457412605009.jpg (89.83 KB, 500x340, givemeafuckingbreak.jpg)

No. 102246

File: 1457412680373.jpg (36.7 KB, 298x518, 2131234.JPG)

No. 102249

File: 1457412961384.jpg (47.11 KB, 599x898, BnVyJeLIYAA3qug.jpg)

No. 102315

File: 1457423407138.jpg (61.18 KB, 811x590, ew.JPG)

No. 104114

This reminds me of those really dumb memes on twitter with captions like "when you have to rob a bank but gotta make sure your makeup is on fleek" or some shit like that. But I'm not going to lie I admire anythingforselenasss makeup/skills.

No. 104120

She's soooo bad at makeup. Are you serious?

No. 104123

File: 1457676513283.png (345.43 KB, 596x588, Unnamed image (9).png)

Not that anon and didn't know who she was before seeing this so I looked her up; not gonna lie, her technique is pretty fucking great and her lines are super clean.
Her style is unconventional, sure, but she has skills.

No. 104124

File: 1457676584124.jpg (106.03 KB, 480x800, wp_ss_20160311_0001.jpg)

No. 104127

so much blur/skin smoothing though

No. 104128

She uses an eyeliner brush and photoshops. This isn't hard to do.

No. 104129


I see this chick all over insta. I don't see why everyone is praising her "skills". She uses a brush and has too much time on her hands. It all just looks really stupid imo. Big deal.

No. 104131

that's funny as hell tbh

No. 104133

LMAO on the anastasia beverly hills contour kit?

No. 104134

Yeah, it's fucking retarded.

No. 104143

get that girl some deep conditioner, stat

No. 104145


No. 104248

Teratology (i think that's her current ig name) is much better imo. Sure she's cringey at times, but that's pretty easy to ignore.

No. 104254

She's way more talented. Selena copied her entire makeup style and even her hair and everything. I know this because I actually followed them both a long long time ago and saw the progression of Selena turning into Maren (teratology). Her personal posts are sooooo cringe though. She is like a ticking time bomb, it seems like she's going to blow up any second now with her minuscule issues.

No. 104267

i want to vomit

No. 104329

File: 1457730815431.jpg (32.63 KB, 587x347, 1417009864280.jpg)

Had a right giggle there, m80

No. 104333

File: 1457731817773.png (449.4 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Some of our favorite edge lords.

No. 104334

File: 1457731884030.png (834.81 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


No. 104356

It was Selena that copied Maren? I always thought it was the other way around due to the way people attacked Maren over it. Thanks for clearing this up, anon.

No. 104771

You're welcome! It's pretty funny to me because Selena literally has no shame, why would she just rip someone's complete image off like that.. It's kind of creepy idk

No. 104786

Pretty much this. They also banned a girl for wearing a Nazi uniform. Racism is bad, but sexism is ok.

No. 104788

Anyone have those pics of that Lolita who ate her own tampons?

No. 104804

can someone tell me what the link on the description is about? I have a weak stomach

No. 104833

It's an edgy "alternative" cam girl who got banned for live streaming a video of herself doing an "abortion fetish" cam session using a fake baby covered in blood that's still attached to the cord and she fucks herself with the fake dead baby.

No. 104835

Literally no one here finds it offensive. I posted it because it's funny/cringey. Not because I think it's "wrong".

No. 104854

No. 104862

Her hands look so swollen and pudgy

No. 105026

File: 1457906597513.png (1.32 MB, 1398x903, Screenshot3.png)

Holli_quinn is Lilith's best friend/gf. Holli tried to set up a gofundme just to unite~ them and fly her from New York. All she does is xanax, post stuff she shoplifted, and hangs out with every edgelord on drugs she can find locally.

No. 105027

File: 1457906626486.png (706.75 KB, 1395x897, Screenshot2.png)

fucking hell

No. 105040

lmao that ash is so fucking long cause she had to get the perfect picture hahahaha so classic.

i actually love that insecure assholes smoke soothes can get ugly and die even faster.

No. 105041

ew ew ew ewww

No. 105046

Everything about this picture disgusts me. Turkish royals suck, those nails are nightmare inducing…

No. 105075

File: 1457914774630.png (758.93 KB, 828x584, 933d80f550df6535e680874fd47559…)

No. 105114

Oh god I can smell her through the screen. What the fuck, those nails.

No. 105145

Terrible surfaces to snort from

To me the ones about cocaine are at the same time very childish but also not so bad. Maybe because I do it myself and think it's no big deal and a fun thing to joke around about. Not edgy in the slightest, I do it in order to stay awake and study for hours on end lol

Sage for blogpost

No. 105309

>that tattoo
>those disgusting nails
>that cigarette
>questionable drink
What do you suppose is in that drink?

No. 105323

Just checked out her instagram, holy shit… she looks like every single fold and crevice of her body would stink like sweaty cheese.

There are cleaner smack addicts out there, who the fuck would bang that stank pussy??

No. 105368

isn't this heroingranola from tumblr?

No. 105433

Yeah, it is.

No. 105494

LOL. If you take a photo of your coke and post it online that means you're a fucking faggot.

No. 105555

File: 1457997130997.png (568.26 KB, 925x591, homelyaf.png)

highest functioning person with microcephaly >>92221 ever (jk)

No. 105714


lol i remember back in the day this bitch wanted to be alice glass so badly

No. 105872

File: 1458038532307.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Charlie of course

No. 153463

File: 1468192926918.jpg (80.89 KB, 960x613, crybaby.JPG)

I know we havent spoken about this little attention freak in awhile but holy fuck she is such a crybaby. junkbull2003 is right though… her looks literally all look the same.

No. 153464

Teratology needs a thread here. She is cringe as fuck.

No. 153465

Really? I just followed her a few days ago and her make-up stuff looks really nice and creative.

No. 153467

She isnt anything special. She just does the same shit all the time basically. She uses photoshop like crazy and copies runway looks that have done everything she has done years before. Also, a huge drama queen and crys about the smallest things. Yawn.

No. 153501

These guys are too much, but I've been with a dude with a split tongue and it was A+. I don't understand stretching nostrils/lips/shit though, seems like a mess.

No. 155339

Looks like she deleted her instagram and tumblr today.

No. 155348

File: 1468459039021.gif (1.7 MB, 240x180, 8ISz8m6.gif)

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Methed-Up-Samurai yet.

No. 155561

File: 1468487015431.jpg (48.89 KB, 546x772, 28383.jpg)


No. 155586

You're giving me flashbacks into my one trek into Meth tumblr.

No. 155650

File: 1468521053152.png (397.51 KB, 549x624, I CANT.png)

I scrolled through his blog and its just full of shitty gifs and videos of him blasting shitty metal music and tying to act all badass with his swords and knives. Cringe. The lack of self awareness is blinding

No. 155651

File: 1468521144979.png (36.47 KB, 534x162, owtheedge.png)

sorry for doublepost but like… how old is this guy

No. 155654

File: 1468522096104.png (280.32 KB, 621x954, dieingisavictory.png)

This guy is/was a teacher.

>This era of time where true adventure and combat has been destroyed
He's the edgy wannabe ninja version of those types who think that if they were born in the 1800s they would somehow instantly be rich aristocrats, but also free from the shitty trappings of those times. Except he's not even from the country of the history he's pining for.

No. 155656

When I read dumb shit like this I always think 'are you on Meth??' And this time the dicker is on Meth

He prob wears that mask to cover up all the teeth he doesn't have

No. 155658

*the fucker (fucking auto-correct)

No. 155660

ooooh, this really gets my goat. why be an edgy cunt in a hospital potentially at the expense of others?

No. 155661

File: 1468522824530.gif (1.62 MB, 387x217, XNiCN2S.gif)

I want people to stop selling katanas to edgelords because it makes them think they can actually fight

No. 155662

Pretty much anybody can be a TEFL teacher if they speak English as a native language, apparently even if they're a methhead idiot with a sword.

No. 155664

File: 1468523470448.png (444.82 KB, 599x970, hashtagtweakernation.png)

It's possible but the rest of him is looking pretty un-methy so he could even be exaggerating how much he uses or whatever, or this is the start of it.
His old band photos show him with perfect pearly whites, if he fucks them up then it's such a waste. What an idiot.

No. 155670

Kek I have more testosterone in my clit than this dude has in his entire body. It's gotta hurt that ego

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