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No. 23789

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

okay i wanna talk about this try hard piece of shit on tumblr, her URL is spewyy, i run a truth blog about her and im trying to get more people to notice her bullshit.

she photoshops, lies about trivial stuff to seem edgy and cool, she is 17 and post nudes, also she is friends with ember whann is that not enough???

Luna Eden is a wanna be thinspo piece of trash and if i can take her off the internet i will. im making this thread to see who else is on my side or has info ive not yet received about her…

post at will!!!

(terrible thread)

No. 23790

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

omg i do actually know her, i remember when she was like Ember's little sidekick! constantly defending her and pretending like that wannarexic bimbo didnt photoshop etc… poor delusional girl, she'll do anything for friends

No. 23791

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

is that the one who ember used to call her "bony sweetie"? i swear i saw her call her that on one of her fb pictures, like it was the most proana thing ive ever seen

No. 23792

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