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File: 1453383499816.jpg (282.34 KB, 1365x2048, whymanwhy.jpg)

No. 83728

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitsychu/?fref=ts
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bitsychu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsybitsychu
Storenvy: http://itsybitsychu.storenvy.com/

19 y/o league of legends/video game wannabe from Singapore.

Calls herself meat meat girl(肉肉女) because she wants to sound like shes a kawaii little minx with weight only from her tits and ass.

Tumblrina who tries to justify herself posting nude photos online by saying that "this is why we need feminism", and gets angry when people call her out/objectify her.

Her facebook page is filled with thirsty white knights licking her left and right and she seems to love the attention. Posted racy photos on her tumblr(now deleted) and it was circulated around, causing her to be scared and created a new account…with more racy photos.

Lies about her chest size(she stuffs them/tries to push her boobs together to fake a cleavage and fakes her accent (she tried to make an american accent when talking to someone she just met).

She is an americaboo who only wants men from the states, and that all other Singaporean men are beneath her. She is ostracized in the local Singapore Cosplay Community, to the point that people have seen her walk around aimlessly during cons. Many people have fallen out with her due to her extremely attention seeking attitude. She has said to some people along the lines of: "if boobs get me likes, then I will show boobs."

She has modded coses to "sexify" them only to have some fall apart during cons.

Has shit tier make up skills and depends on photoshop to make her eyeliner look even barely passable.

Uses patreon as a means of extra income to give shitty fan signs(which are supposed to be free) and previews to her shitty photos which will be posted on her fb anyway. She took forever to send the prints to. She gave the excuse of the printing shop delaying when there are a whole bunch of printing shops in Singapore which can print all in one day. She wants to use the money from that to go to cons in the states.

[Thread has been locked due to people posting nude pictures of minors + a raid. Check last post in the thread.]

No. 83731

One of the posts made on her tumblr. It was littered with shots like these. Trying to be "aesthetic".

No. 83732

Another one from her tumblr. She's so self absorbed to tag herself with #hot. Dear lord

No. 83734

Basically someone (or her idk) reposted all her racy photos from tumblr onto an app called 17. Needslessly, she pissed in her panties from fear and deleted everyone from her fb.(don't post sexual photos of minors)

No. 83736

File: 1453384855808.jpg (82.47 KB, 537x605, showoff.jpg)

narcissism at its finest

No. 83738

Admin do advise if this belongs in the /snow/ thread if not it will be moved :o

No. 83741

File: 1453385561553.jpg (55.12 KB, 638x960, hereyes.jpg)

her eyes… ): liquify too strong

and is there something wrong with her waist??? seems shopped tho

No. 83744

File: 1453386128689.png (638.96 KB, 954x642, bitsy.PNG)

Looks like she shooped her eyelashes on.

Idk, this looks pretty unphotoshopped and I'd have to say her eyeliner doesn't look too shabby.

No. 83746

Everything about her seems shooped, on every picture

She should've made herself a lot less ugly instead

No. 83749

No. 83750

Basically a reverse ahripop?

No. 83751

Yep pretty much

No. 83752

File: 1453386832340.jpg (41.98 KB, 348x496, sucks.jpg)

sucks to be so poor pls send me more money so i can buy more thongs!!

No. 83753

pictures like these make me wonder if they have daddy issues

No. 83754

where did you find this?

No. 83755

File: 1453387181337.jpg (72.56 KB, 640x960, 12593682_969685566445406_44518…)

is it me or does her head look huge as compared to her face?

the level of photoshop though over 9000

No. 83756

The background :( why

No. 83757

I have more from this collection , some of her white knights probably have more , very likely cumstained

No. 83758

File: 1453387520325.jpg (170.95 KB, 1193x2048, 774874_10152477798270354_14009…)

using the same swimsuit for two characters such oc originality

No. 83759

One of her old photo from her tumblr.
It's the Internet after all, Once it's on the net, It will forever be there.
With Love, lilbitsychu from 17.

No. 83760

No. 83761

No. 83762

No. 83763

No. 83764

Her nipples are the size of africa

No. 83766

File: 1453387714183.jpg (67.49 KB, 960x640, 11164831_749217231860027_84811…)

No. 83767

Bump me for Cont'

No. 83768

File: 1453387843650.jpg (37.98 KB, 640x960, 11041563_421814471337384_19843…)

No. 83769

Brown nipple and shaved pussy.

No. 83770

She wasn't always shaved , i was at one of her shoots and she was Hairier than the amazon

No. 83771

I love how she whines about how someone would impersonate her, then posts more photos of these nature. Really classy.

No. 83772

No. 83773


No. 83774

No. 83775

Unfortunately this is the last of the album , i have some of her other shit

No. 83776

Wow you're on a roll today keep em coming

No. 83777

What the hell is wrong with her eyes?

No. 83778

File: 1453388377756.jpg (52.23 KB, 960x720, FB_IMG_1434593145784.jpg)

Ok boss

No. 83779

File: 1453388425862.jpg (35.32 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1434540806847.jpg)

randoms 2/8

No. 83780

Oh look, Some post still survive from her old tumblr.
GGWP, Tumblr Repost, GGWP.

No. 83781

No. 83782

No. 83783

No. 83784

No. 83785

No. 83786

what if she is posting here too? XD HAHA

No. 83787

No. 83788

Who Cares?

No. 83789

9/8 I LIED!

No. 83790

how dumb can she get? once on the internet, always on the internet.

No. 83791

whats her new tumblr anyway, cant seem to find it

No. 83792

Welp , That's all i've got , If you guys wanna pass around to fap or circlejerk , it's fine by me. Anon83789 OUT!(don't come back)

No. 83793

You got me there hehe

No. 83794

She doesnt have a new one. after the drama where someone posted photos of her on 17, she deleted it cos she got scared(who asked her to post them). Little does she know that whatever photo on the internet will always stay there.

No. 83795

She dosent have one anymore , she deleted it

No. 83796

No. 83797

She's a dumbass Bimbo

No. 83798

inb4 she commits suicide from this

No. 83799

No. 83800

File: 1453388991317.jpg (102.15 KB, 640x854, tumblr_mo26xeAoGi1sutv6qo1_128…)

No. 83801

More like she'll try to get her basement dweller fapping white knights to protect her again

No. 83802


No. 83803

i like how she claims she is not using other people name

No. 83804

What do you mean?

No. 83805

the 肉肉女 was copied from a taiwan coser while bitsy is a hot coser from the states

No. 83806

I found another one on tumbler, And it's with Pornstar Cosplayers tumblr … Oh well.

No. 83807

the self proclaim that "its from nursery song" make me crag

No. 83808

ew thats low

No. 83809

No. 83810

the thirst is so real

No. 83812

File: 1453389791822.jpg (57.82 KB, 598x900, 12570887_1009793202426139_6827…)

photo from afa'15.

kinda shows how she never improved in both cosplay and attitude-wise

No. 83813

File: 1453389826435.png (520.07 KB, 596x733, 20160121232154.png)


No. 83814


No. 83815

ya i agree with anon 83811
this is going too far alr she want to do whatever let her do la need to be so boliao meh wah lao

No. 83816

stop being a white knight please or is it you theresa hmm?


No. 83817

i dun think dats theresa sia, her english where got so bad one HAHAH

No. 83819

whats wrong with posting her pics and stating what she has done ? ? ? cant face reality ? we're just stating our opinion, nothing much really :)) you white knights can fuck off somewhere else

No. 83820


No. 83821

ahahahaha finally got some ppl hate her.. even in sec sch she was acting all high and mighty XD no one likes her in sch

No. 83822

most here should be sg ba cause she made the cos com in sg looks like slut

No. 83823

Alot of ppl didnt like her for long time oredy , just that nobody cared enough to post abt it

No. 83824

EH Is SGCOSCOM SALT SHAKER Guy here onot ? If not mus SS and Send him

No. 83825

sigh idk guys, i dont rlly like theresa also but is this thread rlly necessary? :/
can state ur opinions la, but do it in private at least

No. 83826

do you have th eone wheres she's bending over?

No. 83827

Which one bro , she got alot of pictures , must dig my fap folder

No. 83828

well this is private enuff is she is here then here la if nt doesnt really matter what take this page as a roast for her she might wake up her idea

No. 83829

i think it has been going on privately, but its a matter of time it goes public man, cant help it already. everyone has beef with her for along time already

No. 83830

At least she's confident about her boobs and booty. Have it? Flaunt it. What's wrong with that

No. 83831

just let it be, honestly coscomm shit posting lasts no longer than a day so- shits like these spread like fire but end literally once everyone is done and bored

No. 83832

kamon white knights get out of here

No. 83833

YE , Let the fire Burn itself out!

No. 83834

She go japan become av cosplayer

No. 83835

allahu akubar

No. 83836

more like attention seeking. there's a difference between confidence and plain despo. get out white knight.

No. 83837

it's in the 17 app image
somehwere in the middle

No. 83838

is she going to run away with the patreon money again? remember how she never printed the prints for months lmao

No. 83839

Gotcha bro

No. 83840

this just made my day

No. 83841

I love it how everyone's just taking turns to shit on her like the public toilet.

No. 83842

i thought i'll never see these pics ever again in my life

No. 83843

If i sold this shit i would be filthy fucking rich you thristy basement dwellers

No. 83844

Anyone know how old is she?

No. 83845

i just got back from work and found a link on fb and bam here i am :D

No. 83846

she's probably around 20 i guess

No. 83847

I want to see some BOOOOOOOOOB

No. 83848

Let just admit guys, Her body is great.
Just her personality is as ugly as her face.

No. 83849

OP said she's 19 now. but i think some of these photos were taken when she was underaged

No. 83851

She has a banana body though, her boobs are pretty much fake too. though i agree with you ;)

No. 83852

If u can verify them , Admin can remove them

No. 83853

she started all this when she was 16

No. 83854

if she actually posted these. and is actually nice. we would probably be over with it. but she wanna make a fuzz about it. funny people be funny

No. 83855

she's 19 this year

No. 83856

she is just looking for attention..

No. 83857

maybe idk what happened she claims tt the printer got prob and temporary closed her envystore

No. 83858

halleluya free porn

No. 83859

All 17 pictures i posted were Originally Posted by her , I just saved them .

No. 83861

thanks pal :3

No. 83862

i mean what does she expect. if you post these online. just take responsibility of it. dont tell me she dint even expect it to move out of tumblr LOL.

No. 83863


No. 83864

tfw sunshine plaza got so many printing shops… she too lazy to go? only want to cheat ppl of their money

No. 83865

who is the OP please tell

I need to give you a hug

No. 83866


No. 83867

I Ain't A Snitch

No. 83868


No. 83869

OP wants to remain hush hush and share the love prolly

No. 83870

ikr HAHA More like scamming ppl

No. 83871

Her body is Average. She has like zero waist and hips

No. 83872

The 2 alboms of 8 Photos Wre not by OP BTW

No. 83873

File: 1453391434226.png (127.86 KB, 1954x1783, 1287666826226.png)

>post racy pics online
>expect it to stay unseen

No. 83874

B Cup Tits , she tells people they're C/D's

No. 83875

chill the fuck out with samefagging

No. 83876

you guys do know that this site isn't truly anomymous right <.<

No. 83877

what did she do ???

No. 83878

c or d well at least its there and its tities :D still win. but yea. those aint c or d

No. 83879

shes 19 i think

No. 83880

cant find the profile in 17 app . anyone can check?

No. 83881

aww 19 young and dumb well at least she got the fame she deserved now

No. 83882

And she gonna work that out with her hamster brain , HOW?

No. 83883

17App Probably got taken down , Most of the Pics posted here are also on there

No. 83884

She fucked up her Olevels to cosplay and went to ite


No. 83885


Give that guy a cookie

No. 83886

its ok she still can be used as a cum dump no worries guys

No. 83887

No she took N-levels if im not wrong

No. 83890

i bet she will have even more fans if she dint make a big fuzz of her fuck up and just embrace it. jeezzz

No. 83891

fappening ver.bitsy

No. 83894

File: 1453391861347.jpg (327.88 KB, 2048x1357, 10446134_690907834291911_80742…)

here are her real tits guys

See that little nubra at the side

she has it on 24/7 XDD

No. 83895

lmao heard stories about her before and more over its from someone who is super nice

the moment when someone is super nice and talks bad about a person. shows how shit you are

No. 83896


true dat. usually one must be extremely fucked up to get shit by someone that is super nice

No. 83897

she work at geylang now or what?

No. 83898

probably had sex with someone but kept it secret too considering how open she is

No. 83899


ill fly to sg if she is

No. 83902

that person being you la.

No. 83903


No. 83904

bobbies and nipples best stuff ive seen tonight

No. 83906

Has she seen all this yet? Haha.

No. 83908

What is all this shitty same fagging

No. 83909

probably , it's spreading in SGCOSCOM Like wildfire

No. 83910

More people prefer to Lurk than post
If you got a solution the shoot

No. 83911

watch when she does, she'll whine again and get her white knights lmao

No. 83912

i like that

No. 83913

body worshippers of hers

No. 83914

File: 1453392628439.gif (83.98 KB, 403x392, image.gif)

No. 83915

One more photo when she was younger.(bye)

No. 83916

what in the actual. ew

No. 83918

People are still here?
I'll just post some randoms of her i guess…

No. 83919

File: 1453393108705.png (17.63 KB, 259x224, 4719807.png)

>This thread
>Not sure if it's for fapping or shaming

No. 83921

No. 83922

Why not both?

No. 83924

Fucking slut

No. 83926


No. 83929

this pepe goes well with this: http://nigge.rs/id/greenslam

No. 83931

are u kanra

No. 83932

File: 1453394059829.jpg (43.43 KB, 640x960, 10636175_344779185707580_82798…)

moo moo

No. 83933

is dis bitch made of dough?

No. 83934

No , she shows skin and gets paid

No. 83936

who here wants to quickbang her or make her give a nice titjob/blowjob? :^)

No. 83938

wouldnt you have to look at her face while she does it? gross

No. 83939

some people have fetishes for imperfect faces- would gladly facefuck for sure

No. 83940

or just doggy fuck her with a paperbag on her head.

No. 83942

i wanna see her actual tits man they look nice where the full unclothed version

No. 83943

File: 1453394647194.gif (2.27 MB, 389x279, 1453393841279.gif)

No. 83944

guys, do not be fooled.. they are saggy..

No. 83945

how do you know? without evidence

No. 83946

File: 1453394867775.jpg (249.72 KB, 1365x2048, 774885_10152477798710354_21153…)

No. 83948

LOL.. being her classmate and seeing her everyday in sch.. does it help? and yes that pic is her real face

No. 83949

that sir- is a nightmare

No. 83951

thats actually pretty hot id bang that hard those tits look good her smile looks good to aye

No. 83952

File: 1453395425483.jpg (66.1 KB, 720x960, 12373339_453299284855569_26041…)

guys what will you insert here?

No. 83953

my toungue i wanna lick those teeth aye

No. 83955

i will deliver in a few minutes

No. 83957

hope you deliver good ( ° ʖ °)

No. 83958

No. 83959

Nope. I did a shoot with her once. Stomach bulging more than a German's after Happy Hour no kidding

No. 83961

File: 1453396372452.jpg (33.06 KB, 480x270, 10565204_493793620757083_78336…)


No. 83963

i'm not gonna shop in a dick, because i personally don't know her. though, i am going to shop in something else as a replacement.
▲ ▲

No. 83964

File: 1453396653116.jpg (45.31 KB, 640x640, 12292874_434166083444628_15701…)

Oh right, Her AFA "Cosplay"

No. 83965


No. 83966

>If you guys wanna pass around to fap
Since when do farmers fap to snowflakes and lolcows…

No. 83967

File: 1453397178442.jpg (121.47 KB, 853x1280, tumblr_nt0zwoAsZ21udseeio1_128…)

No. 83968

They don't. this is clearly a robot. report them.

No. 83969

I don't get what's meant to be funny about this girl.
By the sounds of things, she's just your run-of-the-mill attention starved average/cute girl with the personality of a cardboard box.
Cute body, though.

No. 83970

permission granted!!

No. 83971

Boob BoobS Boobs hopefully someone post raw boobs soon

No. 83973

there aren't any , she never posted raw tits

No. 83989

how old is this slut?

No. 83991


No. 83993

File: 1453399479928.jpg (81.01 KB, 640x960, op.jpg)

sorry 4 bad photoshop

No. 83995

I'm not complaining your skill, what I mean is

No. 83997

eh, no idea what made her become so hated. anyway im out

▲ ▲
>newfags cant triforce

No. 83999

>post made only 5 hours ago
>over 200 replies
what the fuck? this chan is slow as hell normally, threads take weeks to accumulate this many replies

No. 84002

Psst, it's a self post
Most of the replies are her jerking it to herself

No. 84007

the stench of samefaggotry is pungent

No. 84008

>calls herself meat meat girl
>is a feminist

i am done

No. 84010

Well she still does have a little over 10,000 likes on facebook; now and it was just in the 9000's a day ago before this post..

She clearly should be thankful to you guys. 10k likes, man that's definitely way more that everyone else's here combined.

In a world reigned by social media, she clearly has way more influence than any of you.

Well and stuff you're spreading here only helps her increase that. Good job!

No. 84011

She actually doesn't look too bad. I mean sure she's done something right in warranting 10,000 likes. How many can you people get? lmao

No. 84012

please stop all this nonsense we need raw boob picks

No. 84013

File: 1453401683900.jpg (52.11 KB, 640x320, image.jpg)


Nope, she has 10k likes since dec. if you want to white knight, please check your facts mmmkay?

No. 84014

what cuntt fuckk her likes tits tits tits

No. 84015

Wah liao, this girl eewww laa

No. 84016

boobies! boobies! boobies! boobies! GIVE US MORRRRRRRREEE BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 84017

Jesus christ, since when are farmers fapping over tits?

No. 84018

3 times already waitin on more pics

No. 84021

dose aint human tits nigga, dose r wagyu tits
me more into wagyu tits ( ° ʖ °)

No. 84022

ok time for admin to shut down the samefag

No. 84025

amazingly im only 2 of those 4 post lol

No. 84032

No. 84033

no explicit nudes?

No. 84037

she keeps on learning from others and asking for more… thats what it feels for me..


No. 84040

Time for admin to shut down the thread tbh

No. 84042

Yep time for admin to shut down the thread… It's been a good ride but it attracted many samefags

No. 84046

Only one samefag and it's painfully obvious

No. 84047

awww it stopped at the most fun part T_T

No. 84051

so what's this thread about ? just free nudes for neckbeards so everyone's excited? is that it?

No. 84054

OP prolly wanted to raise awareness of this typical whoring of a girl with 0 personality but it attracted neckbeards (which happens to be her top audience, guess she can never escape the fedora horde)

Welp its really time to let this thread die.

No. 84060

What the fuck is going on?

No. 84075

I am asking myself the same thing what the fuck is going on. This whole thread reeks of a self post or a personal vendetta. Tons of samefagging up on this too.

I haven't even heard of her until now. Jealous pinoy girls now? I'm not her but I don't see how she is a snowflake. She's just another boring cosfamus aspiring harlot that likes to take slutty pictures.

Us farmers have seen worse. This is nothing to us. Take this Singapore or whatever shit to PULL, and take this >xD
with you. Admin this thread is clogging up with pointless BS.

No. 84082

Read the rules, nigger.
>Yes. This means the following things are permitted:


No. 84084

But not your personal vendetta shit. You're shitting up the board with your pathetic butt hurt. I saw this this morning and you're still at it.

No. 84092

>not reading imageboard rules
we're here for the lulz because someone's getting roasted.
go back to tumblr, newfag.

No. 84097

What a cunt, wait her parents see this.
Btw her tits are pretty small. At best A cup. Try hard though

No. 84108


No. 84182

Keep it going guys she's my fav cumdumpster

No. 84211

This thread is really amusing. A bunch of Singaporeans(or one) trying to use this imageboard and failing miserably.

No. 84213

Okay, I don't understand what I did to deserve this? I've never attacked anyone, why are you doing this to me?

No. 84214

"welcome to the ricefield"
-FilthyFrank 2k14

No. 84215


Tits or gtfo

No. 84216

Everyone knows you posted this thread yourself, and most of it's replies are from you.

Fuck off from lolcow

No. 84217


What a fucking attention whore

No. 84218


No. 84219

send more photos I can't stop fapping

No. 84220


No. 84221

People from SEA are so funny

No. 84222

File: 1453423338723.jpg (52.92 KB, 960x540, 10592673_1623239907925684_3757…)



No. 84223


>her eyeliner doesn't look too shabby

you pathetic blind cunt, she literally looks retarded.

No. 84224

omg stop samefagging yourself to the top of this board already

No. 84225


The queen herself has come forth. Now, if you were a bit more bright you would've known what you did wrong. Its all clear cut. Why dont you remove that page of yours that's filled with thirsty neckbeards and start anew? Without the CP and thirst posts. If they really love you for you, they wont mind if you post non-thirst posts. Or are you afraid you'll gain no followers cos of your own lack of skill? Have you ever thought of that? Let's face the music sunshine. Attention whores like you make me sick.

Or have you been selfposting all these while? Who would be so stupid to post on a thread about themselves?

Get the fuck off lolcow retard

No. 84226

File: 1453423623815.png (1.06 MB, 919x720, 1430925439865.png)

No. 84228


No. 84233

It's amazing the measures that sluts will resort to for attention

No. 84237

File: 1453424159408.jpg (63.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 84240

this thread is really sad. you can't lay off even when she posts asking for mercy? i bet none of you are any better than her

No. 84243


You can't even speak proper English take your beat up face and saggy tits out of here you fat whore.

No. 84244

Strange how a person can change. She was far different from that a long time ago.

"Good Luck!" to her if she still can't realize the the mess she is in.

No. 84245



Fuck off and die

No. 84246


ew what the fuck is that thing

No. 84262

I assume this thread got linked on a Singaporean version of 4chan or something.

Regardless, posting nude or sexual pictures of minors is obviously illegal and against the rules. Everyone who did so has been banned.

I'm locking this thread because it was clearly raided. Use this one instead:


Don't post any nude or sexual pictures of her unless you also specifically verify, with proof, that she was over 18 at the time the photo was taken. Anyone using the site solely to post or find porn will also be banned.

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