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File: 1503873222824.jpg (47.66 KB, 960x540, IMG_9628.JPG)

No. 381123

Kelly Ronahan is a 34-year-old compulsive liar and malingering attention whore from Kelowna, Canada. She previously claimed to be a medical mystery, as doctors couldn't understand why her blood was magically disappearing, though she has recently revealed the cause was simply heavy menstruation due to uterine fibroids the whole time!

Chompy is a 4-year-old cat. He's Kelly's trusty companion, a talented mouser, and an overall fluffer mckitty witty cutie wootie meow meow~ He enjoys sleeping and nommin' on ankles. What a funny guy. Oh my~~~ Kitty~~~

Kelly's hobbies seem to include ballet, her cat Chompurrs (Chompy), auto-exsanguinating, and inducing allergic reactions.

The Dynamic Duo were originally mentioned in the Over-the-Top Spoonies and Munchausens by Internet threads.

Munchies 1: >>181656
Munchies 2: >>201162
Munchies 3: >>237479
Munchies 4: >>300611
Munchies 5: >>345089

It quickly became obvious that Kelly had been lurking and was revelling in the attention and pretending to be upset about it on her social media. She made several obvious self posts and was banned twice, and has since been communicating with the farm via Facebook and Instagram.

In episode 1, >>>/snow/359452, we saw Kelly obsessively lurking the thread and learned she was posting as several different personalities (including her twin sister, various friends, her roommate, her pastor, and a nurse, among others). We also had the pleasure of learning she self-posted a number of personal images regarding her medical history, while she claimed (and continues to do so) on social media that she was hacked. You can see proof of her compiled posts here:


Now, ladies and gentlemen, episode 2!

No. 381173

Is there any way we could have an updated list of Kelly's self posts?

No. 381191

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the best medical school the world has to offer, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on instagram and I have over 3 confirmed followers.

I am trained in FIVE seperate medical procedures and I’m the top catheter emptier within the entire US hospital infrastructure . You are nothing to me but just another nurse. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words.

You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of haematologists across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can take your temperature in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.

Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed bed changing, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States iv poles and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it without the use of even a single enema.

You're wrong, kiddo.

Saged for dead meme - sorry farmers couldn't resist.(Knock it off)

No. 381192

Not unless admin-sama does a big reveal again, no.

No. 381208

We can hope. Hopefully admin can confirm she was the one who posted herself here >>206313 (original first mention of Kelly), because it seems to match her writing style, and also would prove a lot. Mostly that she self posted 8 months ago, and has been on here for that long, as well as likely posting about other people as her name was never mentioned before, nor was the thread about her. Also, it proves her name was dropped in here regardless of whether or not it was her, and everyone moved on, which says a lot.

No. 381211

Sage for being a forgetful fucking idiot, but the other thread links are to replies to that first mention of Kelly.

No. 381218

Samefagging ughh sorry admins/farmhands and farmers I was pissing around and accidentally posted.. now I can't delete it and pretend it never happened and will instead be forced to carry the weight of my shame around forevermore.
Please help me find salvation from our collective cold unfeeling cowbashing hearts and pretend this never happened or banish me forever .

No. 381226


Don't worry mEmE lOrD I'm sure the collective will forgive you in time

No. 381230


I mean, I got a good little chuckle out of it. Kelly keeps making the absolute emptiest of threats, as if it bears any weight on an anonymous image board. God, "I'm a nurse." Like literally anyone would believe that shit, haha.

No. 381234

If she's a nurse, she should really look up what law (law! Not even fucking professional conduct rules, but THE LAW!) prohibits mean-spirited speculation about someone who isn't your patient.

She is, however, not a nurse. If she were, she knew that this is a thousand times tamer than what goes on at your average morning staff meeting.

No. 381235

Please do update if you can Oh great and Powerful Admin One.
I'm not tech minded at all so I have a few questions about seeing who is posting.
Only admins can see IP addresses and such? It also shows what device was used?

No. 381240

It's not really that complex. Everything you ever post on the internet is tagged and archived, including on Instagram. Even on Facebook. It's called geotagging. Essentially anything can be traced back to a person, unless they're knowledgable with IT. I won't share that with you though, because I'm 99% sure this is Kelly asking so you can try and pretend you're someone else. Maybe this time you can pretend you're your psychiatrist writing on here!

No. 381245

I'm the Queen of Sheba. I have it on good authority from my friend Lord Xenu that Kelly is anaemic because nasty body thetans are in her uterus, which the ignorant doctors have misdiagnosed as fibroids. My contact at the CDC is already on it, though, and you all are going to be in big trouble. Somehow. Hmph.


Definitely Not Kelly, Perhaps Her Psychiatrist Or Maybe Her Sister Or Maybe It Was Chompy.

No. 381248

Oh god she'd be perfect for Scientology kek

No. 381260

You literally just broke the law. Death threats are not taken lightly.

No. 381266

You did that in the previous thread, or are you implying your sister told us to kill ourselves? You really want to involve Gina so she goes down with you too? Anon also didn't threaten you, you dense fuck. They were making fun of you.

No. 381347

Google "copypasta". That's all that was.

No. 381358

Was Gina honestly posting here at any point?

No. 381375

Now now, Kelly. Wwjd?

No. 381383


Say with us Kelly, "Good Christian girls do anal"

No. 381385

>>381329 (not linking all of spam-chan's sperging)
>Kelly is proven she's been self posting
>Pretends to be other people to defend herself
>Threatens the board/website/posters
>Tries to correct her grammar
>Spergs out with 40 year old like "cunt" and "fuck you" Facebook memes
I live for the salt. It's palpable. Freaking out, throwing a tantrum, and spamming the board gets you nowhere. The posts get deleted, you get thrown off for a bit, and it just makes you look even more crazy (if that's even possible at this point). You posted yourself here. What happened to #fuckthehaters? What happened to ignoring us?

No. 381394

I also wonder if Kelly posted herself here:

No. 381417

She posted herself numerous times, dating all the way back to 8-9 months ago before she was ever a topic. She likely posted herself here >>206313 (I reaaaally wish admin could confirm), the thread wasn't interested, and moved on. But she brought herself up again (proven), determined to have haturz so she could get extruh pity points.

No. 381418

Oh, I am most definitely not Kelly. She did lead me here from Instagram a few weeks ago though.
I know I cannot prove it to you though so believe what you will.
Wait. If Admin does post an updated selfpost list I guess that would show.

No. 381646

File: 1503932300249.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 3072x2304, P1190110.JPG)

I really am not posting as other people. And WWJD? Turn the other cheek or walk away. I am a believer, but not even slightly a representation of a Christian. And it really sucks! I wish I had the self control to just leave this alone. I know I keep refueling the fire. I feel regret almost fucking instantly after I respond to this crap. But I am not playing nurse or sister or pastor. My account was hacked. But none of that matters! It's been decided (speculated) that. I am a liar and fraud and nothing I say stands a chance of being believed.

No. 381653

Is it even possible to have someone else "hack" and post on your IP? This seems so far fetched, Kelly!

No. 381657

No. 381688

when you inevitably lead your pack of sheep back here and they get a gander at what an ass your making of yourself like it this picture, it may be hard for some of them to believe that youre actually haunted by this whole ordeal. my what struggles.

No. 381692

Come on, Kelly. I know other anons were going on about you taking responsibility and apologizing publicly and all that but honestly, I think you should just quietly admit yourself into psych (no shame in that) for a few weeks, find a therapeutic residential and spend some time away from the internet while focusing on yourself. Are you really happy right now, Kelly? Do you really want to waste the last of your youth dependent on Instagram and anons? Aren't you tired of this shit?
Anyone with half a brain knows you are bleeding yourself. Your carefully constructed lies are falling apart more and more by each passing day, if not the hour.

You keep on going like this and we will NEVER leave you alone. You're like a car accident and we're the onlookers. Oh, and 'Gina' said in the last thread to not mention her name so… GINA GINA GINA. gina? gina. Ok, I'm done.

No. 381712

Incredible. I've been hacked too, didn't you know? None of what I posted (yes, speculation) was actually written by me. It was written by smokey the bear. He hacked my "account" (you don't make accounts on here though but we'll let that slide). He hacked my phone and my IP address and started posting because he wanted to. Yes it's real even though it's from my IP address and phone model and mobile browser. Just look beyond that. It definitely wasn't me.

It is speculation, it's an anonymous gossip board. At any moment I'd be willing to retract a statement. I'm also not 100% sold on anything because as a theorist, this is all just speculation. There must be room for margin of error. I even tried to give you benefit of the doubt. Also I can believe you're doing X Y and Z and state that I believe that because having a belief or an opinion is legal.

Sage for hackurz took ovur muh account and extremely OT.

No. 381717

No. Its not. Hack your computer? Sure. Phone? Sure. Cloud? Difficult but within the realms of possibility (lets be real though nobody would go to that much effort for a small town munchie). IP? No, at least not as a civilian.

Weve already been through this with the 'hacker' thing in the previous thread and established time and time again that this 'hacker' is about as real as the fucking tooth fairy. Jesus christ.

Sage for rage at ignorance and the same lie being told time and time again whilst expecting a different result.

No. 381720

You could have something connected to the same network or install a RAT on her phone to do it, although that would be pretty obvious and far more effort than anyone on a Biafrian cosplay and health bazaar would be willing to expend on internet laughs.

No. 381723

Ugh sorry I meant to say remotely in front of all of those things but I was raging too hard.

If the hacker is anywhere kelly, its under your own fucking roof.

No. 381731

Kelly's victim narrative rises again. I was one of the people you lead from your Instagram account and unfortunately for you most the universe is a lot smarter than you and sees through your existential bullshit faster than you can make it up.

No. 381741

When you want to drag Kelly on the internet but don't want to give her more material to get herself off with (the only explanation is she obviously derives pleasure from this)

No. 381742


I also came here from Instagram. Conveniently, it was right around the time I started questioning her "disorder," and I'm so glad for it! I feel sorry for her in some sense, to have to cling so strongly to a gossip site, but her lying is pathological, and frankly, it disgusts me.

No. 381750


I thought she was being relentlessly bullied. Of course, until I actually came to this site and realized that wasn't the case at all.

Sage: years ago I had a big social media account and got into a flame war with someone. The person tried to turn fans and followers against me by posting snippets of conversations out of context to make it seem like I was attacking them. When Kelly started posting screen shots of the forum with no context it raised a red flag for me because I've seen that so many times before.

Some people think that because they have a big social media account they are untouchable. That's simply not the case. During my social media fight I deleted my account and moved on, but the account trying to profit from the attention the drama had created did not fare well in the end. In ways their online personas were destroyed far more thoroughly than mine because everyone saw through that BS eventually.

This is your fate Kelly. You can move on quietly with your dignity intact or you can watch your fans begin to see through you and start the destruction of this personality you have created.

No. 381756

Good is that your first word? I will take ownership of my own posts thank you very much. And what is your name? What happened in your life to cause your identity issues? Should you not be at work or high school?

No. 381780

Hi, Gina. I'm Tenisha. I'm actually at work right now. I have sickle cell anemia, which is what "happened" to make me like this towards people like your sister.

If you really care about your sister, you'd be willing to see her flaws. She's posting herself here. She's hurting herself. She's wasting a rare resource. You should be encouraging her to stop, not defending her on a gossip site.

No. 381809

Yeah, just go ahead and ignore my entire post up until when I wrote 'gina.' I gave you some legitimate advice on how to handle this situation and have us get off your back. Gina (or Kelly?), you are in for a miserable ride. Save yourself the embarrassment and stop posting here. But then again it's no skin off my ass if you continue, it's entertaining af.

plz pick my posts for your next screenshot.

No. 381811

I smell more self-posts from Kelly's imaginary friends

No. 381843

>I think you should just quietly admit yourself into psych (no shame in that) for a few weeks, find a therapeutic residential and spend some time away from the internet while focusing on yourself

Best advice.

No. 381892

That sucks, Anon. Sickle cell is scary, hope you're well! (saged for off-topic)

No. 381901

I can't even imagine having a serious blood disorder and watching someone like Kelly lie and use so many precious resources while dancing around the unit. My sister is going through chemo and when I showed her some of Kelly's posts she said that it was so disrespectful to others who are there sick with real conditions and actual pain. Much respect to you, Tenisha.

Sage for ot

No. 381942

A bit harsh don't you think? I read her posts and the majority of the comments are about being inspired by her? devil's advocate here but what if she didn't fake anything? I've had awful shit said to me, and I've myself said mean things. But to say she is a waste of blood even makes me feel like shit, I'm not even Kelly.Munchausen or not the girl needs the blood. Don't you feel uncomfortable saying these things when you don't actually know her health. Anyways WK here and prepared to be called Kelly.

No. 381952


You clearly haven't read everything from the other thread. Catch up and then we'll talk.

No. 381961

Hi, newfriend. Welcome to the farm.
I sure feel bad for whoever is ~inspired~ by Kelly's lies. They must not be very smart. We've been through this so many times here, read the other threads where she is mentioned and stop embarrassing yourself.
(last thread >>>/snow/359452)

No. 381966


Sorry, but we're beyond that. She can't be denied life-saving measures, but she can and will be criticised for them considering she wouldn't need them if she'd stop her bullshit.

> I really am not posting as other people.

It's really, really, really fucking obvious that you are. Stop.

No. 381971


Let's play a game called "spot the Kelly self-post"

No. 381989

I'm genuinely not trying to be edgy saying this, but I absolutely do think she is a waste of blood, beds, time and other resources. I guarantee you that in an alternate universe, where doctors could refuse to treat her, she'd stop this crap reaaaaal quick.

No. 381997

It's not hard. It's usually some false persona, like a nurse, her sister Gina, and she doesn't always reply to a person properly on the thread. Then, it's always either the "devil's advocate" archetype, or the "you're in big trouble I am a (authoritative figure here) and this is illegal!" despite the fact that Kelly herself publicly slandered Karis house to her 17.5k followers (which she conveniently deleted when it was brought up in the thread), as well as a lot of physicians.

No. 382005

Would you say somebody who keeps binge drinking after multiple liver transplants wasn't a waste of livers?
Kelly keeps flushing blood down the toilet just so she can get attention. She's a waste of blood, air, and any other resources she consumes.
Sage for crawling in my skin

No. 382014

File: 1503965371109.jpg (38.49 KB, 640x640, 12940097_213842425651356_57227…)

Exactly, Anon. Good comparison. I don't think anyone here is going to deny that Kelly IS sick, but it has nothing to do with her physiology and everything to do with her twisted attention-seeking behaviors.

No. 382016

File: 1503965402566.jpg (302.59 KB, 480x814, AirBrush_20170828170546.jpg)


There are also posts that go just beyond the mention of her being disgusting. The ones that use lots of swearing to call Kelly a fake are usually Kelly posting about herself. Funny because here's a screen shot of one of her Facebook albums (they are all set to public, despite that it says otherwise). Kelly says here that she's been posting all the stuff that's whiteknighting her. But she's definitely also responsible for a LARGE portion of the very negative things on here about her.

No. 382027

Holy shit. I just went through them and took the time to count how many screenshots she's posted from here… 109.

No. 382031


All of them specifically chosen to make her look like the victim, entirely stripped of their context.

No. 382037

I used to like her until I came here after she kept posting about it. Let her keep screenshooting what she wants. Anyone with critical thinking skills can figure out what's really going on.

No. 382044

>I feel regret almost fucking instantly after I respond to this crap.
You have an option to delete your response, in fact you have a full 30 minutes to rectify that remorse and delete your post each and every time you post. If you REALLY regretted acting on impulse you would utilise this feature.

No. 382046


To my knowledge, the only person with cancer that got 'picked on' is being prosecuted for lying about it, so…

This is Kelly's last gasping attempt at trying to get the forum debunking her destroyed, by claiming it bullies 'teens' (can't think of anyone who is underage and is being discussed on the Munchies board), 'people with cancer' (who are about to go to jail for faking it…) and so on - knowing that even her followers don't care enough about her. And she's diligently screenshotting it, because G-d forbid people come here and see the evidence amassed against her for themselves, right, Kelly?

Gina, I know you're reading this. You didn't ask for this, but here you are, and you've got to look at the realities. When it's time to face the music, which will eventually happen, and it will probably happen sooner rather than later, she will need you. In fact, she needs you right now. You can keep 'believing' her, or rather, what the sickness is making her say… or you can try your best to stop her from bleeding yourself, get herself into an intensive Inpatient psychiatric programme and work through her traumatic experiences. Because I haven't seen a single Munchie who died old, happy and fulfilled. They live long, miserable and painful lives, however many transfusions and Instagram sycophants they amass, and they die in gruesome ways with incomplete lives. I believe we are answerable for all our fellow humans. You are answerable for your sister whether you want it or not, and I would much rather that you would not have to spend the rest of your life thinking what you could have done…

Kelly, I know you, too, are reading this. And I know you're on the verge of starting to believe your own lies. I used to be your friend, but right now, you're not in a state capable of having a human friendship. You're like a feral animal and everyone is either food for your disease or a sycophant to feed your delusions. You always wanted people to care about you, but you're looking for it in the wrong place. And through that, you have destroyed friendships, endangered careers, and you've hurt people in ways I doubt you can understand, because I doubt that in your current state you can conceive of other people experiencing pain. Only your suffering matters to you. This disease has made you selfish, greedy and treacherous.

You're young, and you're still not lost. You can still admit what you've done, delete your Instagram and seek help. You can still have a life.

Or you can have thousands of Instaflunkies telling you what nasty bullies we are while you are slowly killing yourself, and everyone around you who ever cared for you genuinely.

Your call.

No. 382047


I hope your sister is ok. I've gone through chemo myself at a young age for a blood disorder and needed a lot of transfusions. I wish you and your sister all the best.

Sage for sympathy.

No. 382052

Admin needs to out Kelly in the harshest manner possible, and then make her a banned topic like other self-posters. Ember Whann and Luna Lee Swiizka did the exact same thing where they posted themselves here to garner sympathy and followers. It eventually was revealed that the meanest posts were actually posted by the person they were about.

What Kelly's doing isn't new. It's a common tactic. Her shit needs to be archived and preserved, and she needs to become a banned topic so she can stop using this site for attention. Let Kiwifarms and GOMI have her.

No. 382059

File: 1503968090360.jpg (Spoiler Image,299.19 KB, 1440x1440, 17192654_10158441895830193_355…)

God-tier post, Anon. I don't think Kelly, Gina (if she is indeed posting) or their family actually grasp where this whole charade is going to end. It's going to end in an early grave.

(spoiler for a picture of Kelly's infected port back in march.)

No. 382067

Oh jesus is this Chris-chan's new vagina?

No. 382070

But she deserves life just as much as the next person, FDS is a very real, very complex and very dangerous illness, it's still a subject that's open to huge amounts of skepticism ironically due to the attention seeking actions of the spoonie community as a whole. Kelly, if there's even a slight chance you may suffer with this, get the help you need, find the life you deserve. You have family and you have friends, the choice is your and yours only to make. Walk away, start afresh and although the Internet never forgets it's also doesn't care about one person out of seven billion enough to remember your name, in 6 months you'll be a name in at the bottom of a catalogue. In 12 months you'll be distant memory. In 2 years you'll have disappeared.
Saged for revealing anons aren't heartless bastards.

No. 382073

FDS? For being so 'real' I sure can't find a damn thing on it.
sage for my possible stupidity.

No. 382076

Factitious disorder syndrome, the "new and improved" way to say munchie.

No. 382095

File: 1503969740755.jpg (61.49 KB, 960x540, 10603608_10154836518545193_524…)

Oh duh. My bad, sorry anon.
Just so this post isn't 100% pointless… Here's Chompy being blissfully unaware of the insanity that surrounds him.

No. 382104

Aww shit, now I'm feeling all warm n fuzzy inside and I'm pretty sure that's probably a violation of one of the founding rules on boards..
Saged for feelings.

No. 382108

If she wants to take this to the police or whatever, she should also remember she publicly slandered the Karis society/support house itself (claimed they made this thread), like 2 physicians (claimed misconduct), her hospital staff (a few nurses), and multiple friends on her personal fucking instagram (which is completely away from this thread). Her self posts can also be easily proven to the police if she wants to start this shit.

I agree with this fucking tenfold. Especially the posts from 8 months ago. It would prove she originally posted herself here and the thread moved on, but she continued. If that IP address is hers (cough how do you "fake" a hacked IP address cough)

No. 382110

Stop derailing and spamming the thread with your blogging. If you want to have a conversation about wittle kittiez go elsewhere.

No. 382115

File: 1503971650464.jpg (186.99 KB, 1440x1749, sad.jpg)

The thread is called the Kelly and Chompurrs Show, kek. Shut up, you're just derailing it further.

The Karis thing was seriously screwed up…
We can hope, but I think that would be a lot of work for admin-sama. I mean, seeing her self-posting in the last thread… I think it's obvious that she's been doing it since she found us. I would LOVE to see them marked like Victoria's though. Her hardcore supporters will probably never accept that she's lying. It seems like she can make any excuse and they'll fall for it… But maybe I'm being pessimistic.

No. 382148


Wait, Kelly thinks that the post number is an IP address?!

No. 382159

cool. we can go to jail together!

No. 382171

Lord Jesus, I ask you to help Kelly see the error of her ways. I ask you to help her come to the light. My Lord, I realize that Kelly is suffering, and I know she needs a lot of help. I ask you to help me reach her in any way I can. I pray that Kelly is safe and that she stops harming herself and harming others.

In Jesus' Name
Amen(Ban evading is a no-no ;))

No. 382186

>They can change your IP address
This is literally impossible.

No. 382242

Shhhh…. let her lie more, I'm enjoying that she's posting more lies under her actual name. It stockpiles more info for us if she ever decides to try out her threats of legal action.

No. 382267

you can pray all you want to in private, but we don't have to read that here. it's basically blogging.

No. 382268

nice double post m8.

No. 382289

Learn what a double post is. I deleted the first one due to a spelling error and reposted.

No. 382370


Most of it uses the old abbreviation, FII.

No. 382389

FII referred primarily to MbP.
Kelly however fits the criteria for FDS subtype c iirc, (factitious disorder imposed on self). There are a number of names for munchausen's, so when kelly claims she does not have munchausen's she technically not wrong, I think she's looking for the specific word and not the FD/subsets dx.

No. 382470

I missed something I think. Have her doctors concluded that it is facticious?

No. 382527

Realistically, yes, but Kelly hasn't admitted it or doesn't understand.

No. 382571


Nope. We handed out FII dx regardless of self or by proxy.

No. 382650

File: 1504029859879.png (2.8 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9634.PNG)

Confused as to why her teacher proofread this letter but missed so blatant errors.

No. 382652

Not definitively. I think it is important that we keep our conclusions to speculation and not claim absolutes. She has not, at least to the best of our knowledge, been diagnosed with FII/FDIS. We know that her docs have suspected and questioned her before and there was at least one note in her records about it, but the data was apparently insufficient to confer a definitive diagnosis. Is it likely that they have come to the conclusion that she has FDIS? Very possibly. But we don't know and I am not comfortable seeing people outright demanding that she admit it or claim that she absolutely has it.

No. 382658

She's had a formal diagnosis of self-mutilation, which in itself it's classed as a component of FDs, so again technically she has been formally diagnosed as having a primary facet of FD.

No. 382670

Sorry I posted >>382658 just as you posted, I didn't mean to infer that an absolute dx has been established, this is purely (very broad) speculation on my part. I just hope that she can find the right combination of medical/psychological support she obviously needs sooner rather than later.

No. 382685

Have you seen kelly's grammar skillz in adulthood?? 7th grade kelly was a genius…
Not entirely sure what the relevance of a kids description of their sister has to do with this thread though. Unless I'm missing something, which is highly probable.

No. 382703

I saw that too. I'm thinking it's peer editing. We had to edit each others papers before submitting for grading. But is there something about it that I also am not catching?

No. 382710

I agree. I think all possible diagnosis are being eliminated just to make sure it's all been explored. The hysterectomy seems like one of the last probable causes of blood loss. If she is still needing transfusions after that, one can hope a psychiatric diagnosis would be investigated. I'm very interested to see how this plays out. Almost definitely her doctors have.considered it self induced, but something is causing them to explore it physically. I wish she, or whomever had posted the doctor's notes in full. She says she sees a shrink quite often, and I would love to know what her perspective is. If she admitted to that Dr, are there legal obligations of reporting it? Medfag needed. If it is self harm what are the psychologists obligations?

No. 382718

That's a difficult question and really depends on the method she's using to bleed herself. Self harm is usually not reported unless severe. I can almost completely guarantee you she's not bloodletting through normal cutting, doctors would see that and she'd be fucked. I'm thinking she was/is draining blood through her port which is harder to prove because it's direct access, no wounds, etc. If she told her therapist that I can see Kelly being sectioned but then again some therapists are just… shit.

My money would be on Kelly not telling her therapist about it. I mean, if it's to the point she's needing bi-weekly transfusions that's pretty dangerous and sectioning would be the next logical step.

No. 382719

I agree with this tenfold. She hasn't been formally diagnosed (that we know) and it's difficult to infer based on Kelly's very skewed pov. I doubt she will ever be clinically diagnosed with it, as it makes it extremely hard for Kelly to seek and receive further help if her psychiatrist ever retires or moves. Most clinicians won't even touch people with a BPD diagnosis with a ten foot pole, let alone FDIS.

No. 382964

It's kind of sad, but one of the main posters in here is her m (their m) This is such a strange situation. She had no idea how big of a mess she was making.

No. 382974

Her mother?
How do you know?

No. 382976


>It's kind of sad, but one of the main posters in here is her m (their m)

And you know this how? Weird that when the thread dies down you mention a totally random fact to stir the pot that you would have no idea of knowing. What's next? A post on Instagram showing a picture of Christmas as a kid followed by Santa Claus posting in here attesting to how much Kelly was a good girl before suddenly being put on the naughty list?

No. 382977

I thought Kelly's mother died or went missing in 2015.

No. 382978


Exactly. The thread went quiet, though, so what better way for her to stir the pot and be able to cry on her social media that "Omg you guise now they are talking about my mom… Neverrrr would I everrr bring her up"?

Sage for this shit is old

No. 382991

This thread went dead for 10 fucking hours. It's not even ~milk~ at this point. Kelly was mentioned 8 months ago and the thread let her go, and now we're just going around in circles at this point. It's becoming an Ember thread all over again, like how it did when Ember self-posted. I honestly agree with >>382052 in making her a banned topic at this point. The milk is running dry in my opinion. I know I'm going to be called Kelly but I'm fine with that. This is just a pattern I'm noticing.

No. 382993

I noticed that too and completely agree, Anon.

Sage for seconding the obvious

No. 383006


NGL I am convinced at this point that has been Kelly's motive all along. For some any kind of attention is good attention. Kelly seems to be following a checklist of behaviors that previous users have abused to get themselves banned, except in a far more obvious manner. Doing what others before you did doesn't make you cool or infamous Kelly, it just makes you an annoying copycat.

No. 383011

Fucking THIS.

No. 383017

Ohhhkay… yep, this seems legit, the syntax/tenses is in no way questionable and there is clearly zero bait here..
This is pitiful to witness now, maybe the kindest thing is to permaban and lock?
But not without admins painstakingly marking every self-post first obviously..
couldn't agree more.
Who's "trolling" who at this point? What began as speculation/concern over a public figure's questionable online presence has quickly devolved into a psychotic sad mess.

No. 383043

It's been discussed more than once in the threads. Her mom is alive and not missing. The person that "vanished" was her "adoptive mom" by Kelly's description. Aka some woman that she imprinted on as an adult because she wasn't getting the attention she craved elsewhere.

No. 383069

Thank you Albert Einstein.

She's a munchie, what else would she feed on but attention? At least a few people in this thread are finally noticing.

The munchies have been working out how to use us (first Nicole but now Kelly) to get what they want. It's just the same as getting into a daily dysfunctional relationship with one of them irl. I tried reporting it but obviously the farmhands thought it was as "funny and cool" as the most naive anons in this thread.

It's just not ~ha ha wow~ when a munchie turns up. They use us for attention. They are sick.

No. 383202

As much as I agree that talking about her is getting old (I mean, how many ways can we discuss the etiology of her psychosis), and as much as I know it delights her to have her very own hate posse to cry to her friends about, I almost don't think discussing her should be banned.

These threads have been a wake up call for a lot of people who follow her. Removing ourselves from the equation just allows her to continue her lies without any sort of resistance. In my opinion, this is almost a public service, in some way.

No. 383249


when it comes to this particular cow i don't disagree…but if you wanted to, you could make that same excuse to close down every single thread here.

i doubt that farmhands think it's funny or cool, just that it sets a bad precedent.

if a cow sees that their thread has been removed or discussion of them leads to a permaban, then that's a good thing. for most, because we keep awareness of their shitty behaviors at the forefront.

in kelly's case, i'm genuinely not sure what the best course of action is.

No. 383270

lolcow will be a forum probably forever. That's fine. I'm the one invading what you have going on. I don't think I'm special or shutting anything down. I'm the one that needs to take a hike here. I'm not looking for ass pats or sympathy. I just wish I could proove the truth. I know I can't. I'm working on this with my psych Dr. I'm not playing Gina or my mom. I don't think that it is them posting either. I screwed up for posting screen shots of it to social media. as I'm sure you've noticed I am losing followers rapidly. Not just internet ppl either. I've bitched too much about this that even the actual ppl in my life are backing away (as I should do) I am here more than my ig account. I am so fucked up to be obsessed with negative things even though there is so much good waiting for me. So fuck me… not you.

No. 383277

Kellyyy take that post off if you posted it! Seriously you don't owe them an explanation. They are not your friends they are losers and Idiots. Omfg come back to us and stay the f out of this shit show. Check your dm

No. 383286

What the fuck, it looked fine (just a bit irritated) on Wednesday. Did she tamper with it??

No. 383291


A bit infected? It's got a plughole of pus in it. It looks very infected, and then she picked it open again and made it worse.

No. 383296

There's a clear pattern here.

No. 383299

Kelly's tactic: "They didn't believe that self-post? Shit, better do a few more self-posts, they'll never know it was me this time."

No. 383324

>I'm the one invading
>Boy I sure am garbage
>Wow I bet you wish I would leave
>I get that I wasn't invited
>I'll just go home and sit in the dark

No. 383327

Who do you suspect is "playing Gina"? It doesn't sound like an anon.

No. 383349

Kelly, just stop. Blaming us and coming on here isn't doing you any good at all mentally, and neither is social media in general. You had your profile set to public, racked up a lot of followers. You expect nobody to question that you yourself have said and posted that your doctors think you're faking? Why did you even post that in the first place? That's incredibly hurtful to the clinicians working so hard to help you. I know you get upset and frustrated with your care but sharing your diary with 17k followers isn't helpful. Please just get some help.

No. 383368

I'm the Anon that posted that. It was back in March like I said. Her port is probably fine now?

Kelly, girl… Listen, I genuinely mean what I'm about to say. Is there anyway you could admit yourself to psych? You don't even need to tell them everything. You can keep your secrets, but put yourself somewhere where you'll be away from the internet for a few days or even a week. It can be anywhere, just somewhere where you won't have your phone/internet. If you just get away for a bit, stop posting here and all that, I can promise you this thread will have nothing to talk about.

Aren't you tired of this? And what truth do you want to prove? I'm sad for you… And not in a patronizing way. I know we all sound like assholes but I don't think there is anyone here that doesn't want to see you recover and return to some semblance of normality.

No. 383380

Agreed. Admit yourself to psych. You're obviously not in a good place right now. I don't mean to be mean or anything but I think that's where you belong right now.

No. 383382

And Gina, your sister is dying of a mental illness. If you are honestly reading this, please don't let that happen.

No. 383389

I really wonder what her family thinks of all this. Are they just buying into it or are they concerned? Kelly, if you are doing this to yourself you are still ill. Just because it may not be physiological does not mean it's any less valid than if it was.

No. 383391

What a dedicated friend you are to check this thread so religiously that you noticed so quickly what Kelly posted.

>Kellyyy take that post off if you posted it!

Nope doesn't look like how Kelly posts at all.

>Check your dm

This leads up to the dramatic inevitable post from Kelly on Facebook claiming she never posted and that she is a Christian and would never do any of these things. She will suddenly see she (I mean Anon) posted about her mom and milk that for sympathy posts as well.

Saged for "neverrrr would she everrr post that you guise!" It must have been her roomie again.

No. 383411

Of course I read it. It's just such a fucking shame that her doctors missed something so important. I wonder if they even graduated from high school. How fucking arrogant you are to think you know so much.You are the crew dying from mental health. You must all be so ugly inside and out to play these mind games. Telling her to Fuck off, then praying for her. You are anonymous fucking monsters. Kelly, who I see every day is no where close to needing a psychiatric hospital. Check your ugly ass in though, because you are sick chunks of shit. I'm sure what ever pity party the poor clinician is having is gross. Quit feeling sorry for your ugly blond ugly faced self. Poor dr got a complaint. Likely more than 1. I care about my sister 10000 times more than your sick patronizing asses. So go fucking start a munchie blog about your own damn issues.

No. 383418

Gina, check yourself in while you're at it because you're only encouraging Kelly's behavior.

No. 383440

>Quit feeling sorry for your ugly blond ugly faced self.
Blond? Who are you talking about?

No. 383450

This is hilarious. I really hope an adult didn't write this, because it's very badly done. Also entertaining that this thread is still going, since Kelly is so last month. I just stopped by to see why it was up at the top of the catalog, and lo! this little gem popped up. Keep trying, little buddy, you might be able to express yourself at a fifth grade some day!

No. 383453

>fucking arrogant
>ugly inside and out
>fucking monsters
>ugly ass
>sick chunks of shit
>your ugly blond ugly faced self
>sick patronizing asses

For such delicate little flowers who get upset that people have an opinion about Kelly that doesn't buy into her bullshit, they sure have mouths on them worse than the "bullies" that they claim are here.

I'm pretty sure if yall actually had the lawyer you claim to have, the first thing he would tell you would be NOT to post here and definitely not to throw out verbal garbage. But hey, the thread isn't dead like it was yesterday now is it?

No. 383492

With respect to the both of you, quite a few anons have willingly stated that they gave no problem identifying themselves should the need arise, it's been pointed out time and time again that the only thing that will make this thread retire is to stop any interaction here. Chanboards use the term "don't feed the trolls", you perceive users of this forum to be trolls so just stop posting. Have either of you approached admin to request their help in tracing "the hacker"? because I can assure you that requires a level of expertise that farmhands have, they can do that shit in their sleep. Focus your anger against the perpetrator of disingenuous contributor not against random people who happen to use an anonymous board who's primary function is yet again, speculation and gossip. It's human nature to dissect real life. I do it, you do it, we all do it.
Saged for repetition.

No. 383500

No. 383502

Speak for yourself, Kelly is my favorite cow, and I don't want this thread locked.

And no, I'm not Kelly.


No. 383538

Every single person on this ridiculous site needs to take a step back and think about what you're doing. I honestly have no idea if Kelly is faking or not, and in all honesty I don't really care. But this is outright bullying. The fact that people are taking this much time out of their days to gossip and shit talk about someone most of you have probably never met is pathetic. It literally makes no difference to your lives what Kelly does or does not do.
Oh, and I just have to say the fact that you use cow/milk/farming euphemisms makes me cringe. Thats up there with the most pathetic part of this site, and thats saying something .(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 383542

As a chronically ill British Columbian, it does affect me.

No. 383545


Oh my gooooood, enough already, Kelly. That exact paragraph has been paraphrased at least ten times since the previous episode aired. This isn't bullying. Never fucking was. Nobody talked to you until you came here yourself and started erratically posting as several different personas. Nothing said here even fits the definition of bullying. In fact, the only person who has repeatedly and relentlessly said horrible things about you is you! And that was proven, regardless of how many times you said it wasn't you - celebrities get hacked for nudes. You are not special or important enough for anyone on this thread to put in the work required to hack a fucking cloud account.

No. 383546

File: 1504151576996.jpg (83.06 KB, 1072x314, IMG_20170830_214916.jpg)

Thanks Robyn Marder. How many times have you met Kelly in real life? 0?

No. 383566

Yeeeah, I just typed that email in, its made up. Had no clue that it would show up, I'd never commented on here before and didn't know how it worked. I suggest not emailing that address, that poor lady will have no odea whats going on.

No. 383581

So if this is a fake email why would you suggest not emailing her? Or you picked a random email to post as an alias.

No. 383582

How believable. You accuse us humble agricultural workers of being bullies, then go and impersonate random people? For shame.

No. 383591

Goodness. Do you make up fake credit card numbers too?

No. 383720

File: 1504189679891.png (1.97 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9650.PNG)

We have a new and unexplainable symptom! She "doesn't know what she's doing with her mouth," but the first half of her video is her staring at her mouth.

No. 383729

Actually I was reading comments and watching people tune in!

No. 383734

Kelly the more you post, the more fuel you provide the users of lolcow. I know it seems impossible but the people here are literally telling you that if you stop posting and get off the site and social media, they will have nothing to talk about. I was bullied so hard for years in school and once I stopped responding, they stopped bothering. That's how it works. When you give them a reaction, they keep wanting more. Just lay off the site, lay off IG, and spend time with your friends to distract you. By continuing to post here, you are begging for the attention, and trust me, you'll continue to get it. I'm a neutral lolcow lurker, I have only posted once or twice, but I don't hate you. I don't necessarily think you're faking anything - here's why. It's the fucking INTERNET. I bet people could assume all kinds of fancy bullshit from my own IG posts (which are really nothing to talk about), and create some persona for me. I don't share details about my life like you do but I also only have like 300 followers that I skim through carefully. It's the internet. I can't assume a damn thing about a person unless I know them personally, in person, and spend time with them. Do I think it's impossible that you're seeking attention? No, but again, that goes hand-in-hand with not knowing you personally. For me, I'm just bored, I've followed Kelly for like 2-3 years now and I'm just keeping up with the drama. I am neutral. But holy fuck Kelly, STOP RESPONDING. I'm only saying that because I've been bullied so hard before, in highschool, and the second you stop responding, it ends. At this point, you are doing it to yourself, by feeding into it. Sage for slight blogging/flapping my gums.

No. 383752


No. 383758

My bad. Don't cry about it.

No. 383763

File: 1504195135455.png (419.35 KB, 1440x2140, 20170831_095744.png)

No. 383838


Wowzers, you were super quick in replying to me, Kelly!


Cool story, but Kelly isn't being bullied.
Someone saying something not nice on the internet does not constitute bullying. No one reached out to her. We're all certain she put herself in the original munchie thread, and one no one took the bait, until she continued posting more about herself, and then what do you know? After the conversations were good and hearty, she "randomly" discovered an anonymous image board was talking about her! And quickly told all of her munchie friends! Funny thing is, half of the bullshit written about her was written by her. Done with the white knights.

No. 383866


All of these came from Kelly's phone:


There have been more since then, but the admin doesn't have time to update it.

No. 383895

'my physical conditions are still ongoing' - considering they're self-inflicted, no surprise there. useless bitch

No. 383912


>Wowzers, you were super quick in replying to me, Kelly!

Exactly. She's just been watching and waiting for someone to post her new mysterious sign.

No. 384160

Kelly is now digging her grave even further on Kiwifarms. It's hilarious because she has to register an account and she can't samefag and pretend she's a scary hacker on that site. If she did, I might actually believe her.

No. 384237

File: 1505006938023.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.08 MB, 3264x2448, CAM16051.jpg)

They are way more organized there.

No. 384241

Is there a new page/ thread I missed? I have not been here in a day or two. Last I knew it was the temp site.

No. 384260

it's called autism

this site only just returned. you can still view the temp site

No. 384262

No. 384280

No, nothing new. She revived the KF thread because she wasn't being talkes about here anymore and thinks she is having genuine conversations with them (and they let her tell her side). Her Instagram is now dedicated to her "bravely" talking about her psych history because the medical stuff wasn't being give attention anymore. Starting to get really yawn worthy really…give it up already!

No. 384281

Sorry for grammar mistakes! Damn autocorrect

No. 384295

Are Kelly's posts marked on tempcow? I don't see the 3-digit numbers anywhere else on the temporary site, but I didn't use it much. Did admin-sama mark her, or did she somehow accidentally out herself?

No. 384314

File: 1505021637019.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1818x1970, 13725619396011.jpg)

holy crap
This is awesome

No. 384430


Not really, haha. We can all take photos giving the finger, Kelly. You can't post this as a sign of "Fuck you, I don't care," while you keep coming here and caring so fucking hard. Can't have it both ways, hun.

No. 384504

*this is retarded


No. 384521

That's not even Kelly! that's Gina. >>384504

No. 384535

How can you tell?

No. 384558

look at her accounts.

No. 384569

File: 1505073533483.png (Spoiler Image,2.92 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-10-12-54-20…)

Once you have met them, it's easy to tell them apart.>>384535

No. 384571


1. Who gives a shit who it is? It's not milk. What is this? 3rd grade where we all gasp because someone threw up the finger?

2. Sage your shit

No. 384579


Hey Kelly….

No. 384589

File: 1505074586650.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, 2017-09-10 15.11.39.png)


I'll just leave this here, Kell Kell.

No. 384765

No. 384771

no shit dum dum! it's not Gina! that's why I "left that there" topkek

No. 384774

File: 1505100068057.png (210.23 KB, 1384x1146, Screenshot_2017-09-10-20-16-51…)


No. 384782


How did your doctor miss your uterine bleeding for so long? The article I posted makes it sound like that lady was going through absolute hell and that it was something impossible to miss.

No. 384797

>My heavy periods didn't stop and having them twice a month made things worse. These menstrual periods trapped me at home & restricted me to my bed for days at a time.

No. 384814


>Once you have met them, it's easy to tell them apart

Why did you refer to yourself in the third person then? Shouldn't you have said "once you have met us"…

No. 384818

She was setting up to pretend to be the evil hacker/stalker again.

No. 384914

I'm not sure. Probably just a different personality. Or a grammar mistake? She does that sometimes to make my life more interesting. She's a crazy people.

No. 384920

File: 1505136597328.jpg (500.95 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_2058.JPG)

The funny thing is with Kelly is she truly believes she's the only one that's ever been spoken about on LOL cow! No, other people have been discussed but they're not obsessed with it like she is, they are not reviving dead threads or pretending to be other people and self posting, they just ignore it and it eventually dies out, pretty amazing concept! As for posting the pictures of her sister and calling everybody 'dum dum' , the only 'dum dum' here is Kelly because she does not know how to cover her tracks very well, and she was trying to set up that 'somebody hacked my account poor me boo hoo' otherwise like someone else said she would've written "it's easy to tell us apart once you've met us"

No. 384943

File: 1505141833123.png (4.85 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9683.PNG)

Who here called that she'd eventually claim dissociation?? Way too lazy to scroll back through and find out, but I find this to be incredibly hilarious.

She says dissociation is different for everyone, and for her, her brain "fragments" when life is too hard to bear.

~ToPkEk~, Kelly.

No. 384983

if you weren't so dumb you would have seen her doctors "called" it in 2010.

No. 384984

are you a fucking psychic? There is a whole group of "us" that talk about you talking about us! You guys need to do your research! dumdumdummmmmm #massivetrippletopkekfag

No. 384985

File: 1505146339796.png (840.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-11-09-11-22…)

No. 385005

I can actually relate to Kelly's behavior. I used to pretend to be a host of people on the forums I visited as a preteen. I'm 33 now and reading this thread is like watching myself trying to get attention on Neopets 20 years ago. It's disturbing, not only because I once did the exact same thing, but because Kelly is older than me and she still hasn't grown out of this shit.

No. 385019


Does your little group know about how you made posts about some of them?

No. 385075

I know who you are. keep your friends closer, but keep your enemies closer! lmw! Hmmm I'd say were all about equally immature here…

No. 385091

Who am I?
(Hint: It starts with an S.)

No. 385092


1 of 3 "high profile: spoonies… Do you ever find that your not on the list of followers?

No. 385154


Who do you think you know?

No. 385161

How did the doctors miss your uterine bleeding for so long?

No. 385200

Kelly you should follow the trend and maybe make a sarahah account to have people ask you questions anonymously and then you post your answers on Instagram.

No. 385209

You lost me… A what account?

No. 385210

I'm not sure. You could ask them?

No. 385216

How did YOU miss your uterine bleeding for so long? Weren't you concerned?

No. 385333

I didn't I always expressed to my Dr's that it was concerning. But because of forums like this, the doctors doubt pretty much everything. The last Dr I saw said she went through my charts and saw several ultrasounds showing the fibroids, and many notes saying "patient concerned about menstrual bleeding. But because of my shit fuck arms and other mental health issues I was just being maintained. This Dr however wanted to look into it further. I stayed in the hospital for a cycle (48 on camera monitoring seizure activity) Showing bloody pads to everyone, sitting on the toilet in front of nurses to take note on the blood. blood test every 6 hours. There is no doubt a huge amount of blood from my period. This doctor also sat down and apologized that it took 4 years for them to find it. She was very upset, and said she will not leave me like this. A TREATMent plan was made and the idea is to have a hysterectomy. my ovaries stay. I am so excited for a light at the end of the tunnel. But then all this munchie exanguinating crap started. but I have my real friends and doctors that are all celebrating this. I am almost certain that you've already decided to doubt me because it's "fun" and you're bored. I'm here because I'm bored. it's fascinating to see how anything I say can be crammed into this munchie thing. I'm eventually going to gtfo of here…. Just feel like defending my self for a while. What this forum thinks or does has absolutely no impact on what is true.

No. 385353



Maybe try that to help explain it better. I've seen it at the top of a lot of people's Instagram account. I think sometimes things maybe get a little too heated on these forums so maybe this way people can send you questions and you can have a chance to reply. They can also send good comments and yes bad. Other spoonies like Unichorn have them so maybe look to her page as example too of what it is .

No. 385354

Why didn't you advocate for yourself? Not criticising, just genuinely curious. All it would have taken would have been,
>No seriously guys I don't have a rare blood disorder I have an extremely heavy period
But you let them think it was a rare blood disorder for years and even went on TV to tell everyone about your rare blood disorder when you knew full well that you just had an extremely heavy period?

No. 385382

I believe you, Kelly.

Have you figured out who the hacker is, yet? It's weird that the hacker has your IP address and has the same phone as everyone in your house except for you. It's one of your roommates because there is no other explanation. You need to seek help from the police. Someone in your house is slandering you. Maybe it's Gina. Jealous sibling? Makes sense to me. /s

No. 385392

>because of forums like this, doctors doubt everything
No. Because of munchie fucks and malingerers doing ridiculous things to themselves in order to create or exaggerate symptoms, doctors doubt everything.
Unless you have an incredibly rare, hitherto unheard of, chromosomal disorder (that would likely have created problems since birth) medicine has advanced to the extent that there is no such thing as a ~mysterious disorder~.

tl;dr- Forums like this dont make doctors suspicious, suspicious looking patients make doctors suspicious.

No. 385443

… I agree. But it really blows that because I have a sh history that everything is viewed through that filter. I sure did tell them I was bleeding. I didn't ask to to filming… But I'm glad to help recruit blood transfusions. it was a mystery all that time. besides entertainment, what's it to you? And Munchausen is an illness. Doctors know this and treat it. While I don't have it, I sure hope that those who do are not met by such rude ignorance.

No. 385444

I'll check this out.

No. 385479

What does self harm have to do with menstrual bleeding?

No. 385489

Kelly, do you think maybe we were wrong about you bloodletting, and it really was your uterus this whole time?

Do you think maybe you knew it was your uterus, but you enjoyed playing the sick role so much that you kept it hidden and denied it for four years?

Do you think maybe you need help?

No. 385529


YOU FUCKING TOLD EVERYONE YOU HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU SELFISH BITCH. You could have, six million times over, told everyone it was your period. But you didn't?? You sit on Instagram and told everyone how sooper speshul you were, that none of the doctors could figure you out! YOU DID, you POS. I wonder how many people's lives you put in jeopardy because you're an attention-seeking psychopath.

Fuck this. What a dumb game you're playing. I don't speak for anyone else, but I will never be on your side. You're a massive bullshitter and a pathological liar and I think I'm finally done with this thread.

No. 385540

File: 1505238861876.jpg (5.8 MB, 5312x2988, 20170912_105122.jpg)

No. 385544

haha oh God calm down! hope you have yourself a sooper speshul day as well! Since you've been so snoopy and fat af, why not check before you get all hungry. I spoke of my period all the time. You missed it though because you were too busy be a high profile spoonie! Hope that continues to be rewarding for you.

No. 385545

no one is perfect… I told everyone as soon as I knew. Yes I need help both med and psych. But I'm working on both.

No. 385571

You could have bled to death. KGH needs to be charged for this whole fiasco.

No. 385577


Do they know why your periods suddenly got so heavy that you needed transfusions? I saw on KF a graph with your lab values and it showed how you were normal and then had a pretty rapid decline. I'm just curious what made them suddenly so heavy. The fibroids didn't affect it before and then suddenly they did? I'm genuinely trying to understand.

No. 385582

Adding to what this person said, I'm also curious when you first noticed something was wrong with your cycle.

When do you get your hysterectomy?

No. 385602

Are you saying anon is Nicole?

No. 385652

Never. she's not that kind of person

No. 385666

I'm fully prepared to be shit on…. but this was my perspective at the time. all kinds of disorders were being explored. Also keep in mind I was being dramatic about it. It was seriously the most effed up feeling ever. So laugh away at this video and at me… I've had it on private because I didn't think I could handle being the laughing stock… But it is what it is.

No. 385676

lol. I (Kelly) just watched it! talk about by proxy internet or what ever it's called d Dyam.

No. 385698

k. fuk. I can see that I'm attention whorring. #awkward

No. 385710

Not laughing at you. I think this is the closest to the "real Kelly" as we've gotten.

No. 385714


Kelly, that's bullshit.

I get it - you've realized that eventually, you'll lose, and you can't maintain the whole mystery any longer. So you're cutting your losses and going 'lol it was my uterus all along'.

But that's not what you said even a few months ago.

Least of all is it what you said to me when I asked you if you've had a work up for possible aplastic anemia.

No, you kept playing the mystery. You kept getting YEARS of blood transfusions, and now you're blaming it on 'forums' and doctors not believing in you? They'd probably have loved to believe you, except you required blood biweekly and to the best of my knowledge, people have periods every 4 weeks or so.

No, Kelly, I think you're still lying. Just as you lied your ass off about everything else, including to friends who supported you. I know, I was one of them. I even white knighted you here… until I realized the evidence was just too compelling. There is literally no way this story played out the way you claim it did… but I hope you sue KGH, it will be interesting to finally find out what happened.

Lol no, you won't.

No. 385715

Quit acting like this thread is a "safe space" for you and that we are suddenly on your side. I'm of the opinion that even if you have heavy periods that you were still autoexsanguinating and that you are an attention-seeking pathological liar. Until you confess to bleeding yourself and posting all that "bullying-hacker" shit i will still have intense loathing for you. Fess up. Until then, screw you, you disgusting excuse for a human being.


No. 385772

If it is Kelly, it's just because she's bored or lonely or feeling guilty and wants more attention from her shitty little game. Anons are way too up her ass acting like she's redeemed herself by kinda-sorta admitting that she's lying, self obsessed, less emotionally developed than a ten year old, and useless as a nuns cunt.

Give her a day or two and she will be right back at her usual crap, sucking up any attention and medical resource she can get her grubby mitts on. Kelly, Go outside, achieve something, learn a skill, just do it quietly and fuck off already you creepy headcase.

No. 385780

fat fuck. No place is safe on the internet You dip shits. But you don't have to consider me a fucking monster. lol. Lmw. But I'm not going away! so I'll be posting what I want! I am not the kind of person that wants to sue ppl. I'm only getting healthier. You who keeps wk'ing your self for wk me
… you'll get no where being anon. Haha but my YouTube vid is truly hilarious. can't all be perfect like you guys…

No. 385785

youre so simple-minded kelly. you get stuck on one detail like you cant even answer a few questions at once. now, we all know its really hard to get the story straight when youre expected to answer many things at once. but for a little minute, it was all about how i dont hurt no one no how. now its how you cant be perfect like all the ~h8ers~ you must either be completely full of lies or just really fucking stupid. like double digit IQ

but its cool. whether you come here, KF or IG all people want to know is why suddenly it has been your uterus the whole time, mystery solved, but still a big mystery. and watching you flounder around KF has been really funny. good try.

No. 385805

>all people want to know is why suddenly it has been your uterus the whole time, mystery solved, but still a big mystery


No. 385812

Can a kind anon please translate this angry word-salad for me? Kelly, you vile, useless, lying leech, what is your endgame? I think we're now at the point that it's time to show receipts or GTFO. 3, Very simple questions you must answer to even hope for an opportunity to redeem yourself.

2.) Did you autoexsanguinate at any point in time in order to make yourself sick?

2.) Why did it take so long for your well qualified physicians to discover that something as banal as heavy menstrual bleeding was the cause of your anemia?

3.) Was it you who posted all of the very personal patient notes in order to support an "evil meanie hacker" facade in order to garner sympathy and make us noble farmers look like bully villains?

Answer these questions thoroughly and truthfully or fuck off. Seriously.

No. 385829

File: 1505271383947.jpg (974.6 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170912-225143.jpg)

God. I just can't handle the way she lies. When she needs something to fit her story of the day she simply reinvents it!

Do you think we're that stupid?
Pics related.

First is from her Insta where she is "airing that dirty laundry" to "end the rumors"

No. 385837

File: 1505271840532.png (1.52 MB, 1440x1850, 20170912_230016.png)

But, her facebook tells a different story.

No. 385838

Who on earth is stupid enough to make up a third trimester abortion story?
Why is she making up rumours about having rumours made about her?

No. 385840

File: 1505271971049.png (134.22 KB, 1440x2290, 20170912_230253.png)

Aaannndddd, her comment 3 weeks before the insta post, claiming the pregnancy was real.

Why lie about this?

No. 385845

Kelly, do you think lying to everyone and seeking every kind of attention, including from people who know you're a mendacious, deceptive fuck is going to fill the void in your heart? You've fucked up your own life and frankly, I have no idea how someone can turn around to anything sensible from the trainwreck that you are. No amount of transfusions and acting like a 10-year-old can fix that.

Your medical explanations continue to make no sense at all. Absent some fairly rare and easily diagnosable bleeding disorders, you cannot bleed enough to require biweekly transfusions. 'Fibroids' doesn't come close to explaining how you lost the same amount of blood off and on your period, and how all that tallied up to three pints every two weeks. To people who don't deal with this sort of issue on a regular basis, it might seem like you've explained your issues, but in reality, a lot more questions arose than there were answers. You claim to have lost 50 times the amount for a normal period, every month. Yet you clearly don't have a regular clotting issue, you're not bleeding under your skin or from your asshole. You think that this disingenuous 'fibroids' explanation is going to work… but it really won't. You think this is all a big game, just like posting on message boards, when in reality there are real human beings on the other end of this. Someone whose loved one was suffering in the ER while you pirouetted around with your IV pole, someone who needed the blood you wasted as soon as you got home, someone whose needs went unmet so that your attention seeking could be indulged from the public purse. Kelly, you need a lot of help, and this isn't how you go about getting it.

And since you've basically more or less alleged KGH have been letting you nearly bleed to death out of negligence, I am truly curious as to what they'll say if they read about this. I hope to God they'll sue you for defamation, Kelly.

Long story short: you're still lying. You do have a mystery disease, one called 'I am a lying fuck bleeding herself to get attention'. Even your honest admissions are dripping with lies.

No. 385860

I have answered each of those question…

No. 385861

Different anon.. but I just don't understand. If you're not a munchie, and you are getting 'healthier' why are you obsessing here and on kiwifarm? You clearly enjoy this attention which is exactly why people think you're a munchie. If you were actually getting healthier you wouldn't even look at these sites. Have you been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder? It would explain a lot.

No. 385862

The doctors have those answers. Do you struggle to read or watch movies? It must be tough with a one track mind to make sense of anything. you're like a drug addict; All to care about is your shit milk and you are fully willing to do anything to satisfy your need. proof.. proove your guaranteed "knowledge" of my situation. proove it or you fuck off. and phone each of my doctors and tell them you are smarter than they. I have spoken with them about your bs. call them.

No. 385863

God ya I'm bored. but I'm fascinated by the way you literally can discard anythin that doesn't fit your obsession with munchausen.

No. 385865

one of you assess had access to the doctors notes. and I am not diagnosed with any of those things either.

No. 385866

and you should be diagnosed with conceited af traits. you know nothing but thinking you are the end all be all genius. Call kgh.

No. 385867

I'd say is 90 - 10. you are the 10% of doubters.

No. 385868

phone kgh. transfer to ambulatory.

No. 385869

so are you saying I had 2 pregnancies?

No. 385871

OBSESSED!! Focus on your cold heart… And one track mind. All the people you mind fuk and bully are going through enough. Go lose some weight.

No. 385872

none of your business! Even though. I've already explained it. So you bully people with low iqs! ffs.

No. 385873

I'm simple minded?! not one of you is involved in my medical stuff. so go take your meds and get back to your own life.

No. 385874

love it when we strike a nerve with you. but really? since you answered the uterine bleeding apparently, can you tell me why then its so hard for you to answer multiple questions at once? love it when you sperg

see? i can talk about a few things in one go. its pretty neat actually.

No. 385880

File: 1505282547535.jpg (1010.5 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1505281737877.jpg)

1. Says she was admitted to the FORENSICS unit where the criminally insane are for safety not legal reasons

2. Claims that there were concerns she would be "taken" (Wow if everyone who was a victim of abuse or violence needed a safe place in a FORENSICS UNIT of a psych hospital, it would be overrun. Too bad there aren't shelters or safe places for women)

3. It's for safety reasons that she's in the Forensic Unit to keep her "from being taken because it's the most secure" and yet she says here it was forcible confinement. Hmmmm. Why would they forcibly confine someone in a forensics unit of a psych hospital?

No. 385889


Kelly, you know fully well they are not allowed to discuss another patient without their express permission. That's why this is your standby response for everything - because you know nobody will call KGH because they wouldn't discuss your no doubt fascinating case with some strangers.

No. 385893


Yeah, uh… Kelly? From how you talk and write, you're somewhere in the 70-85 IQ range. Simple is probably a kind way of putting it.

As for your standard argument ('you don't know me, you don't know my case, you're not my doctor'): if you knew a tenth of what you think you know about medicine, you would know that there are some simple general principles at play here, meaning that we don't need to know the minutiae of your fascinating case to be able to have a pretty good idea of what's going on. And none of what you claim makes sense, even if the facts as you claim them hold up.

No. 385935

Ha! You're funny, kelly. I weigh 125lb and I'm perfectly content with that though, thanks.

I'm not saying anything about your pregnancies. Just that, one way or another, you lied about them. Focus on YOUR heart. You are the one who's got a following and you continue to LIE TO THEIR FACES.

Fucking stop and admit that on your new mental health Insta.

No. 385940

oh shit! did I forget to mention I'm not lying??? fuck

No. 385941

righ right. so the doctors only know a 10th of what the anon knows…. gotcha.

No. 385942

The most fucked up thing is they (you) have! and sent e-mails….

No. 385943

you have no fucking idea. nothing.

No. 385945

sorry I'm not an experienced farmer in here. and my IQ is completely in the normal range!

No. 385946

File: 1505305443229.png (387.01 KB, 1415x1580, Screenshot_2017-09-13-05-22-47…)

No. 385953

File: 1505306088294.png (89.27 KB, 983x949, 2017-09-13 08.33.10.png)

No. 385968

File: 1505309657653.png (1.85 MB, 1293x917, Screenshot_2017-09-13-06-24-44…)

It's really not your fault that your daughter is a lesbian. You should be proud of her. And having the same job is so cute! #twinning

No. 386042


Safe to say if one of my patients were to be discussed by lolcow.farm as in-depth as Kelly was, I am pretty sure the farmers would have a better understanding of his situation than I do.

It's pathetic, Kelly, that your sole argument boils down to how special you are and how much better your doctors know their stuff. Mind you, you're talking about the same doctors who, you claim, have been ignoring you bleeding to death from your uterus while wasting a gallon of blood a month on your worthless arse. So which one is it, Kelly? Do your doctors know everything while missing out on a fundamental, easy to spot and dangerous pathology?

Or is it much simpler than that, again: you've been caught in yet another lie or inconsistency, and you keep flailing around, insulting people, pretending you're some super smart person (who can barely spell intelligibly in her native language!). Your overdramatised mental health struggles and your factitious physical health issues are how you explain it to yourself why someone as exceptionally awesome as you is, in her mid-thirties, still coasting from one psych ward to another, her greatest achievement being the mini-cult of equally pathetic spoonies on Instagram showering her with uncritical praise for the most trivial of deeds.

And the sad part is, Kelly, you could've been someone.

No. 386051

Oh yeah? Kelowna General is exchanging e-mails with Internet strangers to discuss your medical case? Top fucking kek, Kelly. Top fucking kek.

No. 386063


You think I'm a spoonie? Hahahaha, glorious. Nope! I have absolutely no health conditions, chronic or otherwise. Well, I wear glasses, but that's about as fucked up as my body gets. I'm just tired of you being a massive fucking liar. Nothing you say ever adds up.

I work in healthcare, though. I work with blood for a living. And I can't fucking stand the fact that you have been receiving blood as often and for as long as you have. Regardless of the end result, YOU PERSONALLY let this shit go on and on and on. You wasted, yes - W A S T E D - a seriously precious resource, and all for attention. That makes you a piece of shit. It's too bad your doctors have a legal obligation to treat your dumb ass. I would have done everything in my power to get you banned from the hospital I worked at if I were in their position.

No. 386073

Kelly has no idea of the diversity of people who can't stand her. It's not just spoonies. Some of us are medical professionals. I'm a server at a Chinese restaurant. I'm also a single mother of a very sick little girl. I'm reading this thread for shit and giggles while my daughter sleeps in a hospital bed. Kelly is just a big dumb clown. Thanks for the comic relief.

No. 386078


This is something I have been trying to point out!

"My doctors missed an easily diagnosable and treatable condition for four years. They're mean and horrible to me."
"My doctors are smarter than you guys! I can't believe you think you know more than my awesome doctors do!"

They're either knowledgeable and have helped you, or they're shit doctors who ignored ducking fibroids, of all things. Can't be both Kelly, christ.

No. 386088

If her doctors missed her condition, wouldn't she have the right to file malpractice against them? Or is she nervous that she'd lose, as she has stated before that doctors have accused her of lying and stuff? All of this makes zero sense to me and I'm honestly just trying to understand.

No. 386094

Kelly is a great example of "any attention is good attention".

No. 386097


Friendly reminder that two years into Kelly's mystery blood disorder, she still had no idea or was pretending to have no idea that it was her uterus.

You can also see a lot of Kelly's posts here:


In February 2017, she posted

> I need a port so I can receive blood transfusions as I have a rare life threatening anemia!

Doesn't sound like she suspects her uterus…

In all fairness, she did mention the fibroids in January, but didn't seem to consider or admit that they were the cause of her "mystery blood disorder". It almost sounds like the doctors discovered the fibroids and she was like, "Oh shit…":

>Although my blood disorder is still a stinking mystery, several things were determined during this hospital admission. #1 I'm not bleeding in my bum system! ✔ #2 I have tonic clonic seizures… ? (Why this is happening now in life I do not know…) #3 I have loads of fibroids (need to learn more about this) #4 There is some long lasting chronic infection somewhere in my body that they can't determine. ? sweet. #5 I won't talk much about because it's a girl thing and needs to be kept in the down low period! So with all of these new little things come many new medications.

No. 386124


Feigning modesty about fibroids being "a girl thing" gives her an excuse to not talk about it.

No. 386128


Well, that Kelly lie had a remarkably short life span.

Having had a LOT of time to waste this afternoon, I've decided to look around and see how frequent it is for someone to have fibroids severe enough to require three pints of blood every two weeks. I found a grand total of zero cases where someone's fibroids would cause blood loss on this order of magnitude. Something is very much not adding up here, and I've come to learn that when it comes to Kelly, that probably means yet another lie told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I wonder if, in her head, she actually believes she's some super clever manipulator of people, with her barely completed high school diploma. Her doctors know better than we all do (including fellow medfags), and she knows better than even them. It's ridiculous, this Munchie-Kruger effect.

No. 386133

> Although my blood disorder is still a stinking mystery

And by mystery, she means that 'fibroids' doesn't explain losing a gallon of blood a month. Whoddathunk.

No. 386140


It is blatantly evident that fibroids aren't the whole story. So she's got them and is losing some blood - there literally are no case reports of anyone losing this much blood in the absence of a bleeding disorder, in which case it's the bleeding disorder that's the problem, not her fibroids.

Bottom line: once again, Kelly thought just because her explanation made sense to someone who finished high school in their 20s, everybody else will lap it up like it's fresh tard cum.

No. 386143

A lot of women have fibroids. They were an incidental discovery.

>It is estimated that between 20 to 50 percent of women of reproductive age have fibroids, although not all are diagnosed. Some estimates state that up to 30 to 77 percent of women will develop fibroids sometime during their childbearing years, although only about one-third of these fibroids are large enough to be detected by a health care provider during a physical examination

No. 386317

Kelly, you have never answered these questions satisfactorily. For sake of argument let's say you have. In the name of TRUTH, please answer them again, in a concise manner. Answer all three of the questions I posed to you and then, perhaps, I can have a modicum of respect for you. Until then you are just a lying, wicked, wretched excuse for a woman, who is ugly as hell on the inside.

No. 386321

Reposted so that Kelly has an easier time finding them:

1.) Did you autoexsanguinate at any point in time in order to make yourself sick?

2.) Why did it take so long for your well qualified physicians to discover that something as banal as heavy menstrual bleeding was the cause of your anemia?

3.) Was it you who posted all of the very personal patient notes in order to support an "evil meanie hacker" facade in order to garner sympathy and make us noble farmers look like bully villains?

No. 386339

I have lost blood from cuts like any human. not notable amounts as they were superficial.

It took the doctors do long because of you do have a mental health or an history most doctors won't even look twice. Many of you have proven that time and again. #endthestigma

And I will answer this again. No. I did not post those notes. The notes I post, I post publicly to social media. but by all means don't believe a thing I say. if a person has psych issues it's "impossible" to have "real" issues. I could have told the world I was a teen hoe ages ago…. But I wanted to leave it. forever. never to be exposed. The only I broke. And forensics… What I've said about why I was there is true.

No. 386340

Ok, but the images you've posted of your arms on kiwi farms are not from superficial wounds. And I don't think the scarring you have would be as prominent if it were as superficial as you say.
Also, you basically just skirted around the first question. "Of course I've lost blood from cuts, like everyone else."

No. 386348

>And I will answer this again. No. I did not post those notes. The notes I post, I post publicly to social media. but by all means don't believe a thing I say. if a person has psych issues it's "impossible" to have "real" issues. I could have told the world I was a teen hoe ages ago…. But I wanted to leave it. forever. never to be exposed. The only I broke. And forensics… What I've said about why I was there is true.

Why are you still lying about this? Admin has proved that they came from the same IP address and device as the posts where you are yourself. Do you realize that by lying about this, you're making everything worse for yourself? It's so obvious that you've posted them and if you keep lying about it, how is anybody supposed to believe anything you say?

No. 386350

Like, lying about the third question makes me automatically disbelieve your answers to the first and second questions.

Try honesty.

No. 386362

So doctors won't investigate the cause of physical illness because of mental health history but they will blindly prescribe biweekly blood transfusions?? That doesn't add up…

No. 386372

File: 1505363918408.png (15.29 MB, 2666x4000, 1502580600309.png)

Yo Kelly, I got a question.

Why did you edit this document to say you were born in 1989. Don't even deny it. I'm not going to bother with that photorensics shit because I can literally see the distortion around the last 9 if I tilt my monitor back.

This document is from 2001. If you were actually born on September 19, 1989, on May 4th, 2001, you would have been


No. 386373

File: 1505363964074.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9685.PNG)


People literally quote you, hahaha. God, you're retarded.

No. 386375

There is absolutely no way that someone with a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would be put in a forensic unit of a psychiatric facility for the sole purpose of "their protection" from public. The only "protection" they would be provided with is from themselves which is given by constant observation from a staff member in a regular unit.

No. 386382

Is it possible that she was a flight risk or being held as evidence?

No. 386405

I think the person who was after her was quite dangerous and very stalker-ish. There was a bunch of photos of her beaten up, one of the photos she had distinct marks on her face from some kind of cord used to gag her and it had cut into her cheeks. Then at one point there was another photo of her tied up to a chair in an empty room, with that cord tied around her face.

She spoke about this guy doing some pretty messed up stuff to her. And him evading police, and her having to stay in all these different safe houses. Her mental health got to the point where she was a danger to herself and that's why she was put in the psych hospital. Only now she was at risk of being found. So they admitted her under a different name and age or something? And put her in the most secure part of the hospital. If she was unable to escape this guy would also be unable to get in.

Remember this happened in a small city in Canada, they probably do things a bit differently there, and they probably don't have a lot of big messed up crime situations going on all the time so they had the resources to help her properly.

No. 386411

Wait wait wait…if these photos exist, who the fuck would take those (the ones of her tied to a chair and gagged and stuff)?!

No. 386416

Is this related to a hostage situation in a Kelowna hotel in 2010?
There is a news article about it.
A woman was attacked, beaten about the head, and knife injuries to her arms needing staples afterwards.
Mentions debts, drugs, prostitution and threats.
They couldn't name the woman.
Am a virgin farmer but have lurked a lot so not sure how to use this.

Possible sage for virginity.

No. 386419



For all her blood transfusion activism, I don't think Kelly understands the seriousness of the burden three units of blood biweekly put on the blood supply. People with e.g. anaemia from cancer treatment do not tend to get that much on a routine basis (and it is remarkable how she was always bad enough after two weeks for a transfusion and never got any other treatment, such as epo. Because of transfusion reactions, we tend to avoid transfusions whenever we can, however we can, so if we can get by with epo, that's what we'll do. The sole exception is when there is so much evident blood loss that giving the patient enough epo to win the Tour de France wouldn't make a difference. That's when we get the packed reds out.

For context: three units of blood is what people tend to routinely need to replenish what's lost in major surgery. No doctor would give that to a patient on a biweeekly basis unless it's clear that the patient was losing that much blood, and there are very few natural ways to lose what's about a quarter to a third of your of your blood supply biweekly. Least of all is it possible to Uget that many blood transfusions and not suffer from iron overload. There are two treatments for iron overload: chelation using deferasirox or deferoxamine… or venesection. Aka bleeding.

UKelly, I know your standard response is 'lol anon why you think you smarter than my doctors?' That's a disingenuous response, because we are not talking to your doctors, we are talking to you, who filters what her docs say through five layers of psychosis, personality disorders and being a sheer deceptive fuck. I don't need to be your doctor to know when something doesn't add up. Right now, you've glommed on to the 'fibroids' excuse, making the problem wanting to go away, even if assuaging you will come at a cost of giving you an unnecessary and risky intervention, which you will no doubt dramatize and use to make your health worse (cue the Robyn appendectomy story!).

No. 386422


I'm not even sure whether a minor would be able to give this type of undertaking.

No. 386438


They wouldn't. At age 11 they would have had to been released to some sort of guardian. She wasn't a minor here. You can clearly see the distortion.

No. 386439


Links please. I am unable to find anything searching for crime stories in Kelowna from 2010.

No. 386441

File: 1505377562479.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_2017-09-14-03-13-23…)


I found the article. I'm curious how this "random" Anon knew about this attack and can associate it wi
th Kelly. Here's the article…


Also please note the part where it says this:
>The victim needed staples in her arm and nine stitches above her eye to repair the wounds.

I've attached a picture that Kelly loves to flaunt… There is NO sign of 9 stitches above her eye. Prove me wrong, Kelly. Let's see the stitches before you try to pass yourself off as the poor victim who survived this horrendous attack. It also gives the victim's age of 33 and this article was posted in 2012 about the 2010 attack so the victim would have to be 37 now.

No. 386442

I DID not post that! Even have that paper! And There is a huge youth detention in Regina. Honestly if you have to post that stuff put that spoiler on? I'm Super stressed about this. Please I'm not asking or hoping for you to do any favors. I also have mentioned that my age is not able to be "the same" not my choice, but that's what happened. Fricken. I know you don't care. I know. but please don't try to destroy me.

No. 386443

k what I've never claimed stitches on my eye?? I had cuts on my arms and maybe it got confused???

No. 386445

https ://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/77525/Sentenced-for-taking-woman-hostage

No. 386447

nooo no that is not an article about me! no.

No. 386451

This stuff is way to complicated and unsafe. please stick to hating my hospital pictures?? This is seriously not ok. … I'm not the shitty person you describe me as. I may be dramatic. This though… I have nothing else to defend myself with. shit. :( I have not put these things on social media. admin … I wish there was a way to prove I've been keylogged.

No. 386452

File: 1505378705278.png (698.39 KB, 1075x1524, 2017-09-14 03.38.00.png)


The date the incident occurred was stated in the article as

<The attack in June 2010

As seen from the attached photo, Kelly was already in the hospital at this time. I wish Adminsama could trace the IP on the Anon who brought up the woman being attacked insinuating it was Kelly.

No. 386454

I posted it, not Kelly. I'm just another curious anon here. If you kept your social media accounts all singing from the same hymn book and stopped dangling carrots I would not have searched Google.
I didn't say that it WAS about Kelly but I did ask if the news story could be connected.
So many lies, changing stories, different personas, it's brought out the Sherlock in me.

No. 386476

>Possible sage
read the instructions on how to sage. hint: it doesn't involve talking about it.

No. 386477

>15.29 MB
jfc, make a jpeg

No. 386481


Oh Kelly. Fuck off.

You keep acting like you have some super cereal, safety critical baggage that's 'not ok'. So far, other than prostitution, not much seems to indicate you are in any danger. You act like you have these big, mysterious secrets, when in reality, they're probably as mysterious as your mystery blood disorder that ended up being a big, fat lie.

No. 386482


Keylogged… ahahahahahah lol fuck off.

No. 386485

I've lurked a lot now, so I think I understand how to sage, but I was bringing a speculative possibility of fresh uncurdled milk.
Am now officially a non-spoonie. Fuck that shit. So much bullshit in a community of many malingering munchies. So many cows. Always had many suspicions then came here. The shit has fallen from one's eyes and clear vision has been restored.

Kelly, if there's a safety issue, why are you all over the internet and in the news? Posting letters showing your home address?

No. 386499

yes you got it right. cheers.

No. 386603

this post makes sense now right? Its the flipping internet… anyone can say or be different shit.

No. 386609

SW duhhh I've figured that out ages ago.

No. 386656

You posted it, you have the paper, and you edited your date of birth to be 1989. You were not hooking at 11. They would not give this sort of thing to an 11 year old. There is no hacker keylogging your phone and going into your house and taking pictures of your medical documents and editing them to make it look like you were an 11 year old prostitute. I'm sorry, Kelly, jig is up.

No. 386661

Did Kelly give herself a chelsea grin in that lower left photo?

No. 386668

Also, the first and second photos are not of "beaten" Kelly, they're of "allergic" Kelly.

She changes everything to fit her own narrative.

No. 386687

File: 1505414143628.png (3.59 MB, 2661x1616, 7a0d50838185935e667732f2a189cf…)

Okay Kelly. Let's pretend you were keylogged and you didn't actually post that document. It was taken from your hacked Cloud.

Why did YOU EDIT your birthday just to upload it onto your private Cloud?

Story's falling apart, Miss Petrovic.

No. 386690

Last question, Kelly.

Does this song bother you when it plays on the radio? If there are other people around, does your face burn? Do you try to talk over it and giggle and pretend you don't notice it?

No. 386736

File: 1505425991307.png (Spoiler Image,143.4 KB, 720x1280, Photo Editor_SGgi5l.png)

If you aren't the one who shared my files or claimed to be a doctor that knows me… You are lucky. I don't need "admin" This is way beyond someone with hacking skills.

No. 386744


Oh, honey. Just because someone posts a picture of lab values that YOU posted, doesn't mean they can do anything. In the United States, the hospital where I work calls them privacy officers. They can check their own IT systems and make sure nothing has been accessed that was done outside of you. They make sure that their staff followed rules under the privacy act. They are NOT able to do anything about information YOU shared. Let me guess? This is a cute little screenshot for your Instagram buddies to think you are a brave warrior again? Where is the screenshot going to be when they let you know that NOONE has accessed your medical records?

In they end they will tell you that once outside of their system you will have to go to the RCMP for cyber crimes because your personal system was "hacked". This made me giggle. Keep on trudging, little buddy. Dig that hole you are sinking into.

Sage for disdain of the "scary news"

No. 386748

I don't even know what you're saying.

1. Say the hacker took these files from your Cloud. Why did you change your birthday before uploading the document to your Cloud?

2. Do you like that Stabilo song?

No. 386754

File: 1505429992967.png (1.01 MB, 636x1091, IMG_2918.PNG)

Wait, so you're publicly accusing one of your professionals or a professional of hacking your phone and posting your public information on a gossip website?
>This is way beyond someone with hacking skills.
Who do you think is "hacking" you? The NSA? Your profile is literally public yet again so anything you post can be accessed from your account.

No. 386778


Ah, Kelly… you remember when you told all and sundry how you're going to finish off the Farm? The Farm is still standing, while you are headed towards the last vestiges of that carefully constructed house of cards that you call your life collapsing at a rapid pace. Maybe you can tell the privacy officer how YOU breached the privacy of a number of people whom you contacted and whose stories you used to pretend you're sick or the doctors whom you maligned on Instagram. Inbetween pretending you got a warning for prostitution when you were 11. What the hell is even wrong with you, you crazy woman?

You need a lot of mental help before anyone is ever going to believe you.

No. 386780

no no. not my blood results. earlier people claimed to be from kgh… That is my only concern. I have now a very good security feature on my devices. If a person is a nurse or a Dr and posting here breaching confidentiality that is a problem. I'm not under any privacy oath. my clowd was hacked.

No. 386784

Why did you edit the birth date on your document before uploading it to your Clown?

No. 386785


I must have missed that as I didn't start following until later. So one of your doctors or nurses posted information about your case here? If they did, yes that is a privacy breach. I am not sure how it would work but they would probably have to involve the police at that point to get a warrant for the IP address from the Admin on who posted it.

No. 386797

cool its like you actively want more people to know you lie. youre so fucking retarded

No. 386808

Where is the post from the KGH doctor who claims to know you?

Why did you edit your birth date before uploading it to your Clown?

Do you like Stabilo's hit, Flawed Design?

No. 386840

File: 1505447925292.png (140 KB, 1089x1005, turks.png)

What app do you use to get followers?

No. 386856

hahaha! The "app" I use is my heart and truth! Lol you can't followers with an app! sorry no one really wants to follow you. I'd be jealous too! When someone follows me it is either that they are pos trolls like you, or people who can relate. You are sick. And lol. wait topkek if you saw my main account I have. even more followers! lol what grade are you in? what is it with people fretting about the numbers?

No. 386857

the Dr comments are in general. or I have screen shots. and Who ever e-mailed my pastor obviously has no idea that he is with me often in the hospital… And I go to church maybe once a year. Asking the same question over and over isn't going to change the fact that I didn't do anything to the police papers. in fact I have no idea where that paper is. And not edited. lastly I've never heard that song.

No. 386861


You now say "the doctor comments are in general." So they were not from KGH? If you have screenshots then post them.

No. 386870

I'm curious what the 38 pictures were that she deleted between July and August once she started appearing on here.

No. 386871


> Who ever e-mailed my pastor obviously has no idea that he is with me often in the hospital

This is awful if someone actually did this. There's also a way to easily find out the IP address it came from. How did someone know your pastor's name? I follow you on Instagram and have never seen it.

No. 386873

How come so many of your 200+ new followers are Turkish and follow a lot of people while not many follow them? Where did they come from?

What did the person say to your pastor?

No. 386875

> Asking the same question over and over isn't going to change the fact that I didn't do anything to the police papers. in fact I have no idea where that paper is. And not edited.

But Kelly. I can see the square around the last 9 by tilting my monitor back. I can actually see where it was edited. It is edited. That's a fact. Anyone with an LCD monitor can see it.

You took the rest of the pictures that were uploaded onto your Cloud, right? Because behind the paper you can see your yellow bedsheet, same as the rest of the photos you uploaded to the Cloud.

The police wouldn't give that sort of document to someone they believed to be 11, nor would they issue a document with a false birthdate on it for "safety reasons". You -or someone else, fine Kelly- edited the document. The document was edited.

The song is really nice, you should look it up on YouTube.

No. 386879

File: 1505455138282.png (120.06 KB, 889x525, gtottenham.png)

Kiwifarms is making up some pretty intense rumours/questions about you. You should probably go clear things up with them asap.


No. 386883

>sorry no one really wants to follow you. I'd be jealous too!
This is the kind of hypocritical attitude that people don't like. I'm all for the sick person stuff, trust me, I empathized and that's why I initially followed. I can relate. But this elitism is just sad. We get it, you're popular or whatever. Maybe stop rubbing it in other sick people's faces though. You've really let the amount of followers you have get to your head. That's just my opinion.

No. 386898

Exactly. We're born alone, we'll die alone. The number under the title "followers" on our instagram doesn't mean shit. What does matter is how we treat people. The way we act in response to mistakes or hardship. Kelly, I'm sorry you've had a hard life, I really am. Don't let it turn you bitter. It's no excuse. Grow from this. Find a way to move on, whatever that means to you. There's still so much time to do good in the world, be kind, help people. Humble yourself. You're not better than anyone, you've made a mess of things but you're not the worst person either. You're just you. Be the best you, because that's the best you can do.

Stop digging yourself deeper. You probably needed a wake up call, please take it. There's no saving this situation now, it's time to let it go. If you do, we will. If you stop feeding into it there'll be nothing more to talk about. You want this to go away so bad? Let it. Stop responding. Stop lying. Go and work on yourself instead. Find something else to focus on. The best thing you can do right now is quit cold turkey and let this whole thing die down.

Despite being hurt and confused I honestly wish the best for you Kelly. I want to see you learn from all this and do better.

Remember, it's not about the mistakes we make it's how we choose to go about it after, that's what matters most.

No. 386931

yes I took the pictures. but I did it So I could ditch the actual prints.>>386898 I know you are right. >>386875 If feels like I'm called I liar no matter what. I don't have those papers nor did I edit them. They weren't even given to me. I did an alternative called RAMP Regina Alternative Measures program. I was in trouble even way before 11… As for Turkish followers.. no clue but I don't care about numbers as much as some believe. I find (at least I used to) that ig was very positive. I had people to relate to and I could offer advice. It's a sick feeling when you know one of your "friends" is involved with something like this. I know I'm not going to get nice feedback here.

No. 386932

it was an email to his church address. Is there a way to find an ip from an email? I just don't think it will be a non real vpn… And it wasn't shocking because as you know I've over shared this link. So he's seen.

No. 386933

I just write "pastor" in ig. That's why it's obviously someone I know.

No. 386934

They were mainly ballet poses in the hospital… Why do you follow my stats. kind of creepy..

No. 386936

I will post them.

No. 386954



He should try that. That shows exactly how to find an ip address based off whatever type of email you use.

No. 387043

Did you delete the ballet photos because of whatiknow said on kiwifarms?

No. 387052


"Yes I took those pictures so I could ditch the actual prints." You took each photo RIGHT before they were conveniently hacked and uploaded to this forum? And you took the photos, not all at once, but randomly at different times and on different days.

There's this saying, that the simplest explanation is likely to be the answer, and Kelly, that kind KF user has shown us all that you weren't hacked. You just weren't, Kelly. Stop already. Most accounts - be it email, Facebook, and especially a fucking cloud - notify people when said account has been accessed. I log into my email from a new laptop, I instantly get a message saying "login from unknown device, was this you?" I'm inclined to believe you would have seen a login attempt had you actually been hacked, which you then could have taken the measures to better secure your account.

It's just ridiculous, at this point. No one believes you because you're straight up lying. Doesn't matter how many ways you say it, no one hacked you. No one hacked you. No one hacked you. You wanted attention, and you got it. But you did it to yourself. If someone had actually hacked you, you could have and should have gone to the police already about it. That's a crime. But you haven't and won't because you didn't. So stop. Just stop. You've got cake on your face, so wash it off and move on.

No. 387053

Hey Kelly, can you do us a favour and use a tripcode? I think admin would be okay with it since you're the subject of this thread.

If you use a tripcode, no one can impersonate you. Not that anyone has, but you know..


No. 387059

Samefagging but I also want to ask you this: (1) Do you think people should be allowed to do whatever they want at the hospital as they are accessing the services and are a patient? (2) Do you agree or disagree with what "whatiknow" said about your ballet poses in the ER/hospital?

No. 387141

File: 1505493253153.jpg (114.5 KB, 800x512, _flawed_design__by_kei_ago.jpg)

>As for Turkish followers.. no clue but I don't care about numbers as much as some believe.

Oh Kelly. I used this same app to Get Followers a long time ago. You earn points for following, liking and commenting, and then you spend those points to get follows, likes and comments. It has a lot of Turkish users.

You are so hard to talk to.

No. 387176

lol! I didn't use an app! It's hard to talk to a nameless person. You're the barrier here.

No. 387177

Why not talk on Kiwifarms, then?
You used a damn app, Kelly. Stop lying about stupid shit.

Were you and Gina both raised by the same parent, or did you go with the BPD mother, or handsy grandpa, or what happened there?

No. 387182

File: 1505497326307.jpg (545.34 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170915_114105.jpg)

No. 387183

sigh…. I did talk with the police. no minors are involved or death threats. I don't if I mentioned it here or ig, I did pay a dumb amount of money to figure out the hacker. All they could tell me is that I was keylogged. At the same time I payed for extra security. So as you have said from the start, there is no taking down lolcow. But I'm glad I tried.>>387177 Gina and I had a very difficult childhood. My parents don't suffer bpd as far as I know. It doesn't matter which way I answer you will work it over and over and over to fit the bpd munchie mold you've created. As for Kiwi, I haven't been there for a bit so I will look now.

No. 387184

Not milky

No. 387187

Evidence of her lies.

This thread isn't milky.

No. 387191

That's interesting. What company did you pay to check your phone? Did they tell you how you might've gotten keylogged in the first place?

No. 387196

what the f do you even mean? ___>>387053 I've been trying to get saraha … I'll do one or the other. I'll let u know.

No. 387201

Kelly is lying about using an Instagram followers app such as Get Followers, where you exchange likes, comments and follows on other accounts for points that you can then exchange for likes, comments and follows on your own account. From experience, these apps have an extremery high population of Turkish users. On Thursday night, Kelly was suddenly followed by over 200 users, most of which were from Turkey. She also began following several new accounts, most of which were from Turkey.

I can't believe I'm fucking explaining this to you. It doesn't even matter if someone buys or uses an app to get followers. Most large accounts have done it. What matters is that you are lying about something so small and so stupid because you are out of control.

No. 387240

File: 1505506082326.png (443.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-15-13-05-54…)

Not that it's your business.

No. 387241

File: 1505506211921.png (1.22 MB, 1211x968, Screenshot_2017-09-14-14-35-24…)

Again I would suggest a new crystal ball.

No. 387261

Massive kek. They fix electronics. They're not exactly PIs. They likely replaced your screen, and lied to you by telling you the Sooper Dooper Scary Hackurz wouldn't bother you anymore. You can't hack the cloud or any other major storage website like that without that provider (eg. Apple for iCloud) making it national headlines. And if that were the case, it wouldn't only be you being hacked. It would be major celebs like Kim K.

No. 387275

I'll have a look at that shop next time I go out. I need an iPhone repaired anyway. Thanks man!

No. 387313

Not to mention, you also can't hack an IP address. The hacker would have to be using your device in your home to make those posts.

Kelly, you should be using a tripcode on this site for your own safety. The hacking was coming from YOUR OWN HOUSE! It's Gina! The hacker is Gina! Omg. Lmw.

No. 387350

>The hacking was coming from YOUR OWN HOUSE! It's Gina! The hacker is Gina! Omg. Lmw.
My favourite is
You make it so obvious it's you that it's painful. You're the only person who has been using "lmw" on this thread, and you continue to use excessive exclamation points and "Omg". It's so obvious it's you. Just stop.

No. 387388

Are there two Kelly's? Nice Kelly and Nasty Kelly? Within the same body? Nasty Kelly shares the history to the whole world,Whilst nice Kelly doesn't know what her other self has done?
The IP address is from the same place always.
And why so many #s on your IG posts? Trying to entice catlovers? They're in for a shock. I'm picturing other anons laughing like Beavis and Butthead.

No. 387401

No. 387405

That's what #s are for! half of my interaction with ig is cats… sooo… why does that bother you?>>387388 Gina lives a few blocks away. She would never do any thing like this. and there are 8 living here and we do not have our WiFi on pass word only conection.>>387313 yep and that's what they did. Is it hard to trust what ppl say because you are a liar?

No. 387407


k which one then? Saraha or 4Chan?>>387053

No. 387414

If you read the instrunction on 4chan it will tell you how to use a secure tripcode on this site so no one can impersonate you.

No. 387417

So to make everything perfectly clear, you are saying that the person who posted here on your phone was not you.

The person took your phone and used it to pretend to be you on lolcow. The person used your phone to hack you and post your private files.

It's someone you know very well, and what they've done is illegal. They can go to jail. This will be on the news.

Do you know who the hacker was? Do you have any ideas? They were in your house on August 11 or 12. They have a grudge against you. They know you very well. You have enough evidence to go to the police. Ask your roommates who was in your house.

No. 387418

I'm asking you, because you keep writing it, Kelly. Reverse psychology isn't going to work here. I don't have the IQ of a goldfish.

No. 387420

I don't know why everyone in this thread keeps feeding into this delusion of an alleged intruder. She isn't some massive celeb. Regardless, as Kelly said here >>387183
>I did talk with the police. no minors are involved or death threats.
So I don't know why you keep suggesting police, unless you're trying to emphasize that it's not possible for someone to go to such extreme lengths like this.

OT, but inb4 Kelly threatens herself on here.

No. 387424

Oh my sweet summer child.

No. 387430


Will you be posting the screenshots of the posts from the KGH doctor?

No. 387453

Are you ever going to dodging the examples of where you've been lying (KGH doctor posts, buying followers, "hacker", etc) and answer our questions? Or are you just going to keep playing a dumb facade of "I know who you are" when you've thrown out every name in the book, including your sister.

No. 387455

*stop dodging

sage for samefagging

No. 387459

This isn't Kelly. Kelly doesn't know what a tripcode is, for example.

No. 387462


We keep suggesting Kelly go to the police because hacking someone's private account, regardless of whatever account it may be but especially if it's a cloud account, is indeed a crime and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with minors or threats. The fact that she mentioned that shows she never went to the police about it.

Side note - a keylogger on a laptop is one thing, but a keylogger on a phone is another entirely. While not impossible, it's pretty damn improbable. Keep using techie words like you actually understand them, Kelly. We'll believe you for sure! /s

No. 387467

Not Kelly. But it's pretty funny that you keep suggesting that some sooper mysterious hacker has hacked her account. Since you're so technologically inclined, go ahead and explain to me how someone can "hack" an IP address.

No. 387470

Shh. Just let it happen.

No. 387495

Was not referring to Gina. Was asking if you have 2 personalities. With hindsight you wouldn't know if there were two Kellys.
Your use of #s has doubled this week. Trying to garner more genuine followers? Turkish pussy lovers?

Saged for having to explain and stating obvious need to look more popular.

No. 387594


Wtf? Hahaha, no I'm actually suggesting there is no hacker. I'm calling her bluff. If there were a hacker, she could go to the police. But there isn't, so she can't. Trying to claim they wouldn't open a case because it didn't involve a minor or threats towards her life is a lie. Get it now? I even put a sarc at the end, hahahaha.

No. 387830

Don't forget to use easy English when you talk to Kelly. Try to keep your sentences short and to the point. Don't use too many big words. We can't ask her too many questions all at once either. She might not understand.

No. 388004

File: 1505621158187.png (828.73 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-16-20-45-06…)

successfully destroyed. This makes sense now. I won't be back. ?????

No. 388009

You've already said that in the thread, and you come back. What gives anyway? Who is that?

No. 388018

Her mother

No. 388028

File: 1505623880425.png (152.14 KB, 720x302, Trolls-remorse_X-in-my-Y.png)

That's just a random filename. I just mashed the keyboard and that's what came out. It doesn't mean anything.

No. 388029

You just hit keys and it happened to come out her birth mother's name? That's a weird coincidence…

No. 388031

So first it was Karis Society who posted, and then Gina, then her roommate, then some random folk, and now her mother? Right. I'm sure admin can confirm or deny if this was posted from Kelly's IP, and if so that's worrisome that Kelly's own mother is simultaneously in her house and posting about her on a gossip forum. Right.

No. 388037

No…that actually is her mother's name.

No. 388039

Right?! I thought so too.

Admin has forsaken this godawful thread, but I can assure you that I am neither Kelly nor her mother.

No. 388041

I'm not saying that the person that posted that is necessarily her mother…I'm just saying that last name is her mother's (or mother's husbands) last name.

No. 388042

Wow. Kelly's life is sure full of some strange, silly coincidences and weird, inexplicable happenings.

I'm totally not pulling a Kelly here and lying about something I obviously did, either. That would be dishonest. Nope, it's all just a big ol' coinkydink.

No. 388045

I really didn't expect a debate or response from the comment…I'm just a lurker who happened to know her mother's lastname…really nothing to lose or gain.

No. 388046

1.Sage your shit. If you lurk then you know to sage
2.How is it exactly you know her mother's last name?

No. 388049

1) Who Pissed in your cornflakes (non saging was and accident I'm not able to edit or delete because it's saying wrong password)
2) None of your business…I just know (so I care if you believe it or not? No I do not)

No. 388050

>None of your business
>I'm just le random lurker who happens to know Kelly's birth mom's name who has never been mentioned by name in this thread
>Totally randum coincidence
>Am totally not Kelly

No. 388053

Have they told her to stop malingering yet?

No. 388054

Do you not think that seeing as this site has been shared on social media that people that have known her for more than 5 years might have seen it? She didn't just start to exist when she became active on social media.

No. 388055

So she started posting on Instagram when her illness started…does that mean that she didn't exist before that? How could anyone possibly know details that weren't public knowledge from the 30 years before??

No. 388062

I originally thought that I was being fairly neutral on this. Like I said (before getting my ass chewed out) that I have been a lurker here after being directed here from social media. Like I also said…I don't have anything to lose or gain from sharing, but I do know that the post in question does have her mother's lastname (or at least it was her lastname at one time) in the filename.

No. 388064

And yes Admin can confirm that these messages were indeed not posted from her IP address or device.However, I very much hope/ ask that they will not post where it did come from seeing as this is an anonymous message board and I piayed thinking as such.

No. 388065


No. 388067

Oh and it's her birthday today too if anyone was interested (how could anyone know that since it wasn't posted on here)!

No. 388070

File: 1505631992552.jpg (170.49 KB, 1600x1600, edible-blood-002.jpg)

Happy birthday, Kelly. I hope it's a great one.

No. 388175

File: 1505661977563.jpg (262.47 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_2129.JPG)

Happy Birthday Kelly

No. 388207


Her birthday has been posted here before. In fact, it's been the subject of debate several times since the year skips around, seen from the various documents she, ahem, I mean the hacker, posted.

No. 388260

You mean her birth mother… I mean Gina. No, wait, I mean her roommate. Oh, whoops, I meant Karis Society. Sorry, I can't keep up with who Kelly has accused of hacking her and posting on here.

No. 388272

Her secret lesbian lover? Her doctors?

No. 388586

Don't forget her pastor and people from her church

No. 388675

Kelly appears to have gained 400 new followers (cough) or 400 very foreign sounding cat enthusiasts. A special present to herself for her however old she feels birthday? Her Insta account has become public for all to see (and any others she may not want to see but does really). FB is public also, with dozens of albums open to view. Does that sound like someone with security issues? When anyone purchases followers for Instagram I heard that they HAVE to make their account public. Anyone else know about this?

Still thinking maybe there are two Kellys. One who reveals what the other one wants to hide. It could then be claimed that she really does not know who is "hacking". Can we give the "hacker" a pet name?

Saged as a Birthday treat

No. 388987

No. 389274


No. 389579

……. Yeah, And?

No. 389628

Gardom Lake

No. 389691

Her family is more fucked up than I thought.

No. 389713

Did anyone screencap her penultimate post that got removed due to being against community guidelines?

No. 389736

WTAF are you talking about? Your posts are nonsensical. Post more info or GTFO with this cryptic fucktardery.

No. 389769

I think we're back to kelly self posting to revive the dormant thread. It's apparent she doesn't like it when people stop talking about her.

No. 389826


No, damn it!

No. 389888

Could you summarize it?

No. 389928

I'm not Kelly. I don't know how to include screenshots here yet. I want to share something that may be of interest and I'm not expecting to be spoonfed any instructions so please bear with me.
K's Father used to live at the now abandoned asylum at Ponoka. With her, or not?

I also saw the discrepancies in her birthday post in Insta. The police report showed 1989 as her year of birth, K&G claimed to be 70 [35 each] then her brother left a comment saying she was born in 1984. So, is she 28, 35, 33 or maybe even 40?

Saged for being a cretin, and not knowing how to include screenshots.

No. 390143

She's 35. That's the age that was on Gina's doctor's report, and Gina isn't an attention whore.

I eventually gathered what you meant by "Ponoka asylum abandoned Z". How do you know this? Do you know what he suffered from? Is that possibly where he met her batshit mother?

No. 390148

If you post the evidence here, make sure you block out his personal information. Otherwise it will get removed for being against the rules. Kiwifarms also has a Kelly thread, and they have no such rule AFAIK.

No. 390176


Oh, that's easy! Just press "choose file" then once it's uploaded press "new reply."

No. 390234


Wait, you know how to properly "sage" but do not know how to upload a photo? Ok "not Kelly"
Simply amazes me how "new " people or family or mysterious "hackers" appear every time this thread starts to die down!

Saged for not believing it's "Not Kelly"

No. 390271

Kelly, stop. It's so fucking painfully obvious it's you because every ~nOt KeLLy~ poster uses lingo that literally only you use. Nobody uses WTAF. Just stop. It's so cringey it's unbearable. Stop throwing more dirt out about yourself.

Ding ding ding, we have an actual Not Kelly poster.

No. 390285

Nope, that was me, definitely not Kelly. I want to know what all the cryptic bullshit is about though…vagueposts are annoying as fuck.

No. 390446


It was a video I think but all I remember from the caption was "this isn't a story about rape". If you click on her Instagram story she has a screenshot of it.

No. 390458


I cannot, as I didn't see it.

No. 390974


She reposted what got deleted yesterday and, in addition posted a bunch of videos of her apparently reading her diary (my insta is stupid and can't play videos, I'm inferring that from comments I read).

The videos were then reported and removed. Not sure who's reporting all her shit.

If kelly can figure out how to post pictures, you can too. Or you shouldn't be here. It's an image board!!!

No. 391051

File: 1506100055568.png (107.77 KB, 640x596, IMG_3265.PNG)

You do not get breast pain from pregnancy the fucking day after intercourse. Does she not understand basic fucking biology?

Since she and the people commenting on her post believe this shit, here's some biology 101. Sperm can swim to an egg in half an hour, to nearly 2 or 3 days (48-72 hours). It takes a full 24 hours for a sperm cell to fertilize an egg. It leaves the fallopian tube after being fertilized and takes about 3 to 4 days to move down and implant to the uterine wall. You develop breast pain 1-2 weeks later at earliest, or have breast pain from PMS before conception, but you do not feel any pregnancy symptoms the day after intercourse for fuck sake.

Stop. Fucking. Lying. Stop making everything so fucking dramatic by exaggerating and lying about basic biology.

No. 391059

File: 1506101274045.png (246.32 KB, 640x1018, IMG_3272.PNG)

Safe for samefagging but here's her entire dissociative-insinuating-rape-but-not-actually-saying-rape pregnancy post (1/5)

No. 391060

File: 1506101296991.png (766.99 KB, 934x1800, IMG_3274.PNG)

No. 391061

File: 1506101319644.png (621.09 KB, 900x1800, IMG_3279.PNG)

No. 391063

File: 1506101366557.png (759.38 KB, 1122x1800, IMG_3280.PNG)

No. 391066

File: 1506101384253.png (21 KB, 640x188, IMG_3271.PNG)

No. 391083

kelly, it doesn't work that way. even if a guy is using meth, it won't affect the baby unless the mother is doing it as well, same for medication.

No. 391085

In all fairness she does say a nurse told her that. And for some, pregnancy can cause different feelings almost immediately. And for our own safety since she's not calling it rape then we shouldn't call it rape. That kind of accusation can really harm a guy. I wanted to find out what happened next. I'll probably get sent to pasture for this, but I am not getting the faker vibe from this.

No. 391091

File: 1506103286873.png (473.74 KB, 1440x2560, medfag.png)

If they were both on medications it indeed has consequences. I'm sure we will hear about it though.

No. 391092

I'm not saying she was raped. But I'm also not the one who posted saying that I can't remember having sex with someone and that I didn't want to have sex with someone. That definition alone by her own public post insinuates that she was raped. Otherwise, she had sex. There is no in between. It was either consensual or it was rape.

No. 391093

that's what i said–unless she is the one using the medications, it's extremely unlikely that the cause of birth defect is the husband's meds.

No. 391103

where did she say this man was her husband?

No. 391212

In the highest security psychiatric facility where nobody can get in and nobody can get out, where was the dollar store?
Where was the store she stole from?

Biologically,erm, how does anal sex get you pregnant? Or did I miss some information?

Saged for not realizing that high security means being able to go out shopping or stealing

No. 391235

>how does anal sex get you pregnant?
Are you autistic? Where did you see anal sex?

No. 391239

>"nor will I describe this as rape"
>"I became involuntarily pregnant"
>"I am almost completely silent and highly suggestible and obedient so he probably picked up on that and used it to his atvantage"
>"And for our own safety since she's not calling it rape then we shouldn't call it rape."
Kelly, you said you became involuntarily pregnant and that he took advantage of you. By law, that is the definition of rape. Regardless of whether or not you're calling it by the actual name, you're stating it wasn't wanted, and he took advantage of you. So what are you even doing? Did you or did you not want it? Did he or did he not take advantage of you?

No. 391313


One of the deleted Instagram posts was her reading excerpts from her diary where she describes coming back from a dissociative state with a torn ass.


I'm not sure, but I think she got pregnant from a seperate incident? It is possible though, if semen leaks from the butt to the vagina, there's potential for the sperm to survive and fertilize an egg.

No. 391320

> In the highest security psychiatric facility where nobody can get in and nobody can get out, where was the dollar store?
Where was the store she stole from?

A fucking men. She has to be in a forensics unit so someone "doesn't take her" as she stated in a previous post and yet she can leave unsupervised to steal from a store and go to a dollar store? They put her in with all these dangerous men for her own safety? Yeahhhhh. She had tons of psych exams and they knew she was suggestable and obedient as she states and they're going to leave her alone with these men? Let her have a phone? Mmhmm. She's in with the criminally insane and she can have a journal with metal loops on it holding the page together? Sure, love.

No. 391333

No. 391334

I guess he double dipped?

No. 391336

No. 391340

File: 1506144125015.png (972.38 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-22-22-19-12…)

Try maybe reading once in a while. it is stayed several times. hospital transfers.

No. 391342

File: 1506144209023.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-22-22-19-42…)

if you need to talk shit, at least know your facts.
xoxo Kelly

No. 391371


Try maybe answering why a nurse would tell you to bathe all that "stuff" off as you put it. Why would you take a picture of condoms and odor remover? Who gets possibly assaulted and then takes a picture of condoms and takes a selfie?

I used to believe you about your blood transfusions. I was rooting for you to share your story and your new mental health platform hoping it would help others and be therapeutic for you. Now I see it for what it is. You come here to troll your own thread looking for attention about something that is heartbreaking if true. It's a slap in the face to real victims of assault. I'm done with this thread. You get off on this way too much and I sincerely think you should become a banned topic.

Sage for how many people has she claimed assaulted her and creeped on her now?

No. 391375


Why so fucking aggressive? No, I am not autistic. Are you blind and deaf?
I read that her ass was torn and I heard her say the same (her voice on video) - several times.

Saged for having to explain myself to someone who may have a small penis

No. 391383

File: 1506158060992.png (Spoiler Image,2.98 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-14-18-22-54…)

The picture was actually several weeks after. This was the solution to the pregnancy problem. If I could have a chance to finish before things are assumed? I think it's a bit odd that you can switch from a supporter to an anonymous nit picker. Like omg something struck me wrong so now I have to switch teams. You're probably done with this thread the way I am. …. back 5 min later. Just use your name like a normal person and say what you need to say. Ugggg I'm so done here. back in a few hours. minutes. I can't believe you just assaulted me!

No. 391425


That poor cat deserves a better owner than your crazy, lying ass.

No. 391451

We see, we read, we see you change your story. You post,you delete. Do you report your own posts too? Trying to confuse your followers?

You do lie, you impersonate others, you. You've confused yourself?

Your Insta post, the one where you say you're not pregnant, yet your Facebook version says you were in your second trimester. Why?

You explore abandoned asylums? If I'd been in was it 3 psychiatric units, the last place I'd want to go is an abandoned asylum. Did you say it was haunted? Why do that? Was it your home?

Many questions, undoubtedly will bring a mixture of answers.

Many of your previous supporters have now seen and are shocked by what you do with your social media. Many of your supporters are doing their best to live with the shitty illnesses that reduce their quality of life. When realizing that you're not who you claim to be, its fucking heartbreaking. It's sad that you can't see how they're feeling about the whole shit show. Do you have the ability to look at the bigger picture here? It's not all about you. It's affected a lot of other people.

If your recent posts are true, then that's fucking awful and I honestly feel for you. That should never happen in a place where you're supposed to be safe. I'm going to guess that at least 25% of your followers may have been sexually abused ~ it's a statistic for all women in general, not just your followers. It's a very emotionally charged triggering subject, maybe that's why your posts were reported.

Because Admin has shown that you were being dishonest, and because so many have witnessed it themselves, youve got a lot of doubters. You did that. You sent them here. Don't get pissy with them. Own it.
You should be able to tell your story, your version. On a new platform, a Blog like others have suggested?

I don't think you're a bad person, but using social media makes your life public. And the public are not stupid. We notice when things don't add up.

Be true to yourself, it makes life so much easier.

Saged for needing to speak up. Saged for feeling torn.
Saged for wanting her to move forward in an honest way that will help her and others too.

No. 391500


The psychiatric unit in my hospital has 16 beds, so not very big. It has two sets of locked doors that require a badge to get through. Patients do not come and go freely. Very, very infrequently, staff members will escort the lowest flight-risk patients - basically disabled or elderly patients - outside to smoke their nicotine sticks and get fresh air. And Kelly just left and went to the store, bought a pregnancy test with money they keep for her (?). And then went right back to the psycho facility to piss on it and show her nurse…

Kelly, maybe explain how they let you come and go on your own accord and people won't think you're a massive liar.

Also, sage for partial blogging because it's relevant and the last time I mentioned something about ~*me*~ someone reported it and I got banned for a day, haha.

No. 391528

File: 1506187577602.png (Spoiler Image,3.23 MB, 1440x2560, here's a little thing to brigh…)

ya. it's a mess. Its all wishy washy because it seemed like I was always pissing someone off. The pregnacy pic with my friend says she is and I'm not…. So that's confusing. I feel like shit for forgetting to put a tw. I am incredibly dramatic and overly sensitive. but I'm not a liar. The hospital…? Ponoka? It was a short stay mainly maternity hospital. my dad who is an insanely talented artist grabbed at the opportunity to be a care taker. He had over 30 rooms that he could sharpen his skills with. I am also doing my best to live with my shitty illnesses. And I guess if people don't believe a word I say… not you… but the fact that the incredibly hard things I've endured are being exposed in a way to cause doubt… I feel super compelled to defend my self. It's a free country, so people can unfollow or block or what ever they need to do. But why this site? like I'm sorrry sorry if I caused you stress. Sometimes if someone is overwhelmed by me or my posts they will tell me. and then peace out. Either way, this webpage is full of lies and drama too… And seriously hurtful. As mentioned a few days ago, this isn't where I should feel free or expect support. I get it. this is a gossipy place for ppl to be able to vent or "investigate" scenarios. I know I've lost followers. but it's fine! I unfollow ppl too. I don't report my own posts, and you'll notice I rarely lash out at harsh commenters. I don't even report. Some people do report either my post or a shitty comment left on my post…. Ok different kinds of forums. And I really appreciate the support I do get on ig. And especially am glad if I can offer support. Tbh I have thought my mom was in here posting and sharing private info… I sure do hope it's just a mind fk. Thanks for being an unaveragly mature poster or farmer. what ever. I'm just going to go back to my little dairy farm and Idk get milked? And I am the best possible cat mom. he is one spoiled sir. But thanks for your bit. I'll be around>>391451 It's fine that you don't know the hospital I was in. I guess all my "self post" doctors notes were lies. No one tells the truth in B.C.. I understand that me fabricating entire hospitals is far more entertaining than learning about them.

No. 391532

wellll I'm not at "your" hospital.

No. 391587


The only lies that were put up on this page were put up by you Kelly…

No. 391643

>I rarely lash out at harsh commenters.
Except you really do. There were a lot of munchausen comments before this thread, and what did you do? You acted like a toddler and posted them to your story or your main account to get attention and to have people pity you and feel sorry for you and for them to go attack that person. Also this isn't your blog. I don't care about all of that garbage you're writing. I just think it's pretty fucked up to say you became "involuntarily pregnant" and that he "took advantage of you" but then not call it rape, and then lying about having your breasts feel weird the day after intercourse. I sincerely hope you weren't raped, because it's an excruciatingly horrible thing to go through. I'd know, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I just also hope you don't continue making public accusations, because that's not okay. If you don't have proof, that's not okay, and it makes other rape victims have trouble telling anyone.

Sage for rage blogpost

No. 391684

Kelly is really unravelling. Her latest post is filled with things that are questionable. Why would they tell you to wash it off if it's a potential rape? How likely is it a cheap dollar store pregnancy test could have been positive when she says it was only a week after she'd had sex - no dollar store test can pick up a pregnancy a week before you are due your period. Then saying the options that were given to her for the pregnancy - why wasn't emergency contraception ever offered when she reported that she 'thought' it had happened? It just doesn't make sense. I'm confused entirely by her 'story.' And she's talking a lot about dissociation - is this because there's no medical reason for her blood loss so her final excuse will be she didn't know she was deliberately causing her blood loss, and was really just dissociating? She's not really making the situation any better. She's making it all look worse.

No. 391701


Ah, Ye Olde Sybil Defence rears her ugly head: 'twasn't me but my evil alter.

Basically, she's LARPing tumblr DID.

No. 391752

Not wishy washy. You have posted the same photo claiming "not pregnant" and "in 2nd trimester".
That ain't wishy washy, you cannot be both.

Saged for pointing out the obvious, blatently, in your face "wishywashyness" ~ yes that's a real word, oh no it isn't.

No. 391874


You see? I inferred you should explain the policies on the psychiatric unit you were staying in - the one where they let you leave to go to the store whenever you wanted - and all you can say is, "Well, you don't work in my hospital." Yeah, no fucking shit! That's why it doesn't make sense to me, because I don't know of any psych units that allow a patient to leave unless they're being discharged. Though I'll mention I live in the US, so maybe Canada is just that different?

No. 391902


Chompurrrs recently turned 4 years old? As a solution to an upsetting time that would make him 7, not 4?

Saged for nitpicking about a feline's identity.

No. 392064

I don't beleive any of the "my rare blood disorder" but kelly does have mental health problems. She's not someone Im fond of but she's not lying about any mental illnesses which is sad. I feel bad for her honestly

No. 392067

to be fair, being told to shower isn't uncommon because they dont wnt to be held liable and want to keep it quiet. i dnt know about her story but even if she's lying it's definitely not uncommon for people like the nurse or police or other authority figures to try and hide and get rid of evidence

No. 392074

Most psych units are the exact same, especially forensics, and especially anyone who’s at danger of being harmed, like why Kelly said she was placed inpatient for. Especially then.

This is bullshit. Thinly, “Not-Kelly-But-I-Really-Am-Kelly” veiled bullshit. Quit the fucking whiteknighting crap.

No. 392178


Actually, unless you have a very crooked cop, 911 and police tell you NOT to shower and the first thing a doctor or Emergency Department employee will ask you is if you showered

No. 392231

File: 1506313963079.png (397.04 KB, 1440x2069, Screenshot_2017-09-24-21-26-46…)

A bit of information. For sure there are different policies in each country. A link if you want to see more.

No. 392232

No. 392295

Highest security psychiatric forensic unit ~ so secure that no-one can enter and no-one can exit.

If it's for your own safety rather than a psychopathic criminality, but you can just "pop out to the shops". No way Hosea.

For your own safety, so "I'll take my own cell phone and charger, and hide it inside my cuddly toy".
It would have been scanned.
Your cell phone is also traceable.

Maybe McDonald's would have been a safer place [with a sparkly name badge for extra safety]?

Again this week, you lost a lot of followers ~ is that why you doubled your #s? And again your Instagram account has become public ~ are you buying more Turkish "fans"?

Who is Andrew? Was he your boyfriend inside? "No-one shouts at Andrew"?

I am continually stunned that your social media is set to be public. Why? You're still "at risk" yet you choose publicity.

I do like the Chompurrrs ~ I hope he brings much comfort to you ~ I really do.

Saged for brain status of numbness and disbelief

No. 392659

you don't have a clue what you're talking about. followers lost?? no. I removed them. I'm sorry you are are left in the dark. >>392295 meh

No. 392660

not my address any more. The Mr is 4(no addresses)

No. 392667

Kelly starts a blog, and the best descriptor for it, for her as a person, and for her story that she can think of is "noonesforcingyoutobehere"?
I just can't even.

No. 392669


I feel like this board could say the same to her.

No. 392683

>It's a free country
Erm, nope. It's the Internet. Ain't no borders around here love.
What are you talking about? Link/screenshot please.

No. 392706

File: 1506397849517.png (2.11 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0776.PNG)

No. 392725

>>392295 Kelly ~ you posted a pic of your kitty and claimed he was the solution to the "baby problem". You claim to have been pregnant in 2010. You, yourself, your voice reading from your journal reading out the date 2010. If the Chompurrrs was the solution just several weeks later it was still 2010. That was seven years ago. You have now posted your cat's identity details from 2013. Which story is true? Probably neither.

You wonder why people KNOW you're lying? Because you continually contradict everything you say. That's what happens when you tell so many lies ~ you forgot what you already said.

It must cause you much anxiety when trying to remember what you said and who you said it to.Or you just don't give a shit. Webs of lies come undone. It's not looking good.

I know so much more and there is no darkness to be left in. Meh! Trying to picture you scrolling through followers you want to ditch ~ lmfao

No. 392939



That was addressed to you. I input the wrong number ~ ya I made a mistake ~ but I acknowledge that I made a mistake an am owning it.
Ya! Meh!

No. 393122

Kelly could probably get so much attention by making a Chompurrrs instagram.

No. 393199

If your motivation for doing something is to avoid "community guidelines", I think you should probably rethink your decision.
Oh, and, she's stating that her blog is "fictional"…

No. 393226


Going to just ask admin to confirm or deny whether Kelly is talking to herself or not because these are all incredibly Kelly-style writing with the excessive hashtags, long ass fucking irrelevant blogposting, random irrelevant nitpicking, and use of lmfao’s. If any of these aren’t Kelly, post or comment on milk or fuck off. Nobody cares that Kelly should make an IG for her cat.

No. 393238

Seriously?! What the actual fuck is the point of making a blog to 'share her story' and then make it fictional?! Dish bish be wack.

No. 393256

>Dish bish be wack
>It is me, fellow adultees, totally not Kelly

No. 393288


>I'll also be telling you about my 3 year stay at a drug addiction home … I don't even have a drug addiction!

She says all that in one breath. Get ready for inconsistent stories (that are "fiction") to commence!

No. 393373

No. That was me. Not everyone in here is Kelly. Settle the fuck down anon.

No. 393843

This is funny.That is actually my post.

No. 394662

In her new blog she posts about being a "test subject" for some kind of abuse and shares a picture of a drawing with a tube down her throat. She can't talk about all of this but has no problem discussing the abuse in the psych ward.
Also Kelly at least prop your phone on something and stare into the camera. Your uncomfortable twitching is made worse by holding the camera.

No. 394690

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
I'm A Schizophrenic
And So Am I.

No. 394717

I'm sorry to hear this. There are medications that can minimize some of your symtoms.

No. 394772

Try posting caps. This is an image board.

No. 395015

They won’t because it’s all Kelly posting. All of it is nonsensical and erratic because nobody is paying attention on here or her instagram. So she’s panicking and posting things on here that aren’t even observations of her lying anymore. But likely we’ll get another “this isn’t Kelly” so who cares at this point? Admin can’t keep up with her ban evading. It’s pretty hysterical watching her flop online, and then freak out about it all on here through the “Not Kelly” persona though, so I can’t wait for the rest. Honestly, weird experiments, not-rape-almost-rape, unwanted pregnancy and corrupt coverup, and? What’s next?

No. 395020


Alien abductions next? Nothing to screenshot other than videos of dancing. Hard to tell who's dancing though probably not even her. Looks similar to an old 80s style X factor audition.

No. 395044

So are you saying you are in fact a kelly?

No. 395062

Hi Kelly, pointing fingers again are we? Oh sorry, who are you today? Is it your mother again, your roommate, your cat, or one of those elusive nurses that are just sooper mean haturz? I’m not going to play the “I’m not Kelly game” because we go in a circle. I’m also not ilegible. Pretty sure you can see that from my lack of “!?!” and “WTAF” and poor grammar. Do you comprehend that, or do you need me to hold your hand while you go back to grade two?

No. 395063

Samefagging (saging) but massive kek. Maybe a Belle Gibson? No, that’s probably “too far” or whatever for Kelly.

No. 395528

File: 1506812605747.jpg (Spoiler Image,662.9 KB, 1836x2440, 20170930_155913-picsay.jpg)

No. 395579

Somehow that confession is far less satisfying than I thought it'd be.

No. 395685

File: 1506830923510.png (307.03 KB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_2017-09-30-22-58-54…)


>If you aren't the one who shared my files or claimed to be a doctor that knows me… You are lucky. I don't need "admin" This is way beyond someone with hacking skills.

So then I guess you wasted even more hospital resources and time when you had then look into the "privacy breach" huh?

Sage for and she wonders why the hospital staff isn't all sparkles and rainbows with her

No. 395705

If you’re bold enough to post that here then you’re bold enough to post that on instagram. Not on here. It’s the same thing as apologizing on anonymous. It doesn’t count. Or are you too embarrassed to let everyone know you’ve been lying to them and posting about yourself to get attention and too scared of the backlash from the storm you created?

This, to a fucking tee. I feel so bad for all the clinicians who genuinely care about her and try to help her when she comes in there crying and all of that. Can you imagine if they saw her throwing them under the bus, and then she admits to posting this stuff herself, note in hand in photo? God that’s so cruel.

No. 395735

At this point, Kelly, you may as well come entirely clean. Unburden yourself. Tell the truth about the autoexsanguination. Admit to bleeding yourself to induce anemia and susequently require blood transfusions. Admit what you have done, apologize, then seek help. You will feel better, and I pray that those who truly love you will stand by you through this trial and help you fix whatever it is that is broken inside you that would compel you to engage in this extreme behavior in the first place.

I,as just another anon, really hope you find some peace inside of yourself in time. But I truly believe that healing can only begin once the complete truth is told.

No. 395736

good lord, is that mira's twin sister?

No. 395752

Kelly, why? Just why? I don't know why but this made me really sad. Aw fuck me for my soft heart.

No. 395792

We already knew all of that. The question is why you're admitting it now– or is the big plan to say someone here photoshopped you like that? Did your therapist suggest you come clean? I am really puzzled by your motivations here.

No. 395829

(Attempting to do this correct while seeing red)
Kelly, I have watched this entire shit show go down and have said nothing . I have watched you take on dozens of persona's, lie, manipulate, throw temper tantrums, exaggerate, hurt others, play the victim, cry wolf and most disgustingly potienty fuck up care for other people battling incrediably hard illnesses who are met with skeptical eyes because of people who do what they want, when they want , where they want and everyone else be damned like you. The Canadian health care system is no walk in the park, in fact your usually left to figure out a lot for yourself due to underfunding, understaffing and lack of specialists . You would state how the hospital was " 120% full" yet drain them of their time, their compassion, their fucking education so it suited your damn needs . You would up the ante and like fools we all wanted to help because we understand falling through the cracks , you preyed on the sympathy and kindness of people who are actually fucking sick . Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt you may have some minor health issues but don't we all? You catastrophized everything and I can't figure out if you even posses empathy or understand right from wrong , maybe it doesn't matter to you because any attention is what you seek.

Stepping aside for a minute. Your medical records are yours to do with what you please , make flyers for all I care but you came on here crying how far this was , how anything but this, begging for them to be taken down . People in this forum were horrified and even said this is too much and washed their hands of your charade yet still villiazed as you continued to screen shot and say " look at what they are doing to me!!" But no , you fucking did this to yourself?! The crying on cue? The begging and throwing little hints to try and keep this breathing at who could be out to hurt you like this .. Your roomies, your friends, doctors, nurses, hospitals ,people who should have been left unnamed yet you showed blatent disregard for their privacy to further be the victim . You literally called out a recovery house and a hospital saying they were behind this . People trying to save themselves and those trying to save others ( risking careers) for what? I'm serious what was this for? What was your end goal? Did you achieve it?

You expierenced doubt from doctors and how those with out of the ordinary and chronic illnesses are treated and made a joke out of it. You took others pain and dx for sympathy and every doctor or nurse who has dealt with you won't ever look at someone who's chronically ill again the same. You added to their struggle , you further created stigmatization . You didn't just fuck up the health care systems trust in you but jeopardized future care for thousands of people .

I am so appalled and … no there is no word for the extreme dissapointment and disgust you have created .

People could have liked you for you, they could have supported you regardless of what mental health issues you overcame or were working on, you could have helped others , instead you choose to set off social media bombs to see how far your wreckage could reach.

Seek the appropriate mental health care you need.
Stop , just stop this fucking sick game you e created and seem to love adding fuel to
Apologize publicly , not just on here but on sites where the thousands of us manipulated deserve to know the truth , the whole truth .
Holding a piece of paper without a look of remorse or anything isn't brave by the way, we all see it for what it was , fuel to your fire.

No. 395835


Kelly, well done. You're doing the right thing. If you now post that on Instagram maybe you can move forward. You will lose the trust of many but your real friends will encourage you to draw a line and go forward. Just do it. What do you have to lose? A few more fans. Some fake friends.

Everybody else here, why not show some encouragement? Posting her confession took guts. Not wk'ing, just trying to find a small positivity in everything that she did wrong.

Saged for being human and knowing that we've all fucked in the past.

No. 395916

She doesn't have to post on IG. She did what you asked and admitted it was her. It was probably really hard to do. Call me a white knight or whatever you want, but she should be left alone now. Saged for having empathy.

No. 395960

Honestly at this point it's just sad.

No. 395979

No. 395984


I did not ask her to do anything. But I now think that she should post on Instagram. Others have a right to know that they were dragged into a web of deceit. If she chooses not to then that web is still ongoing. Or were you part of it?

No. 396044

Except posting it on here isn’t an apology, especially if a lot of her followers don’t come on here. Some of them follow her blindly, and they’re being deceived behind their backs, like >>395829 wrote. It’s not a real apology when you do it on an anonymous image board. This is beyond sickening that some of you are so quick to forgive her when she didn’t actually formally apologize. She admitted what she did on a piece of paper and posted it on an anonymous image board. She didn’t apologize for all of the people she hurt by lying. Posting a random image of you admitting to posting about yourself for attention is not an apology.

No. 396051

Yeah, she gets no sympathy from me. What she did wasn’t some random fuck-up. It’s not what normal humans do. What she did was calculated and purposeful. It was sick, and I personally don’t feel she can do anything to redeem herself at this point.

No. 396064

Kelly, go to IG, and admit you bled yourself, and to being a Munchie, and admit, also on IG, that you posted your medical records online. Then, and only then, will I perceive your apology as sincere.

No. 396075

Wasn't a part of anything except reading through all of the postings. I just think that she's admitted to her posts and there's no other reason to continue, unless posters want to hurt her, intimidate her, or bully her. I'm sure there are those who hate the loss of their daily entertainment, but it's time to let it go and let her try to heal.

No. 396106

Daily entertainment? I can only assume that you have not read all of the posts on this thread or the purpose of it. There are so many people who deserve apologies. So many were duped. So many were mocked. So many were trashed. So many were accused of awful things. Medical careers were jeopardized. People were impersonated. Medics details were disclosed …the list goes on and on …It obviously didn't bother you or affect you. Holding up a piece of paper is a good start but it does NOT make everything okay.

It is NOT entertainment. There is no enjoyment in discovering that somebody has been dishonest about so many things. Being encouraged to come to this forum in the hope that it's just nonsense but instead witnessing the dishonesty, and seeing it magnified. It's gut wrenching for so many of us who are here, in particular those of us who were once part of the Instagram community.

Fake "Spoonies" can Fork Off.

No. 396434

I'm not on instagram, but I don't understand why someone with a troll Insta account wouldn't just post a link to that pic on her page how? Like in the comments. Can you do that?

Sage for probably being social media illiterate

No. 396485

>Please stop talking about me, yes, I got the negative attention I wanted but now it’s Too Much. I fake apologized and everything.
>Oh and it’s totally not me, Kelly, it’s her neighbour’s sister’s cousin’s brother’s dog who works as a nurse
FTFY, again.


You can’t post links in instagram comments.

No. 396538

It would be nice if Kelly tried to heal. It would be great if she retreated from public attention and got help. It won't happen. I'm unsure what would be gained by continuing to talk about her here now that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt what she did, but no one here should interpret that confession as Kelly ceasing this sort of behavior or even truly owning what she did. She just got backed against a wall. If she doesn't go radio silent for a while until she gets antsy for more attention, the circumstances of her apology will be different to everyone she speaks of it to - she was on painkillers, she was bullied into it, her blood loss made her thinking fuzzy. She will attempt to explain it away.

People like Kelly seldom stop even after being exposed. If she does go silent for a while, she will pop up again somewhere faking a disease but because of this catastrophe as well as becoming known to the medical community where she lives, she'll likely do it online in anonymous groups until her inconsistencies out her as a liar again.

Kelly's apology means nothing no matter where she posts it. It would be good if everyone who knows her found out about her deception but this confession does not signal the end of this sort of behavior for Kelly nor does it in any way mean she is contrite or willing to change.

No. 396624


I know the “not-Kelly Kelly” game is fun, but I wrote that post. You can have admin show my data if you want. I live in the US in a little state on the complete opposite side of the country from BC.

Here’s why I don’t believe she can redeem herself: she could have put that photo on both her IG and Facebook and share that revelation with people who actually know her (the people she convinced she was hacked), because it means pure shit here. She “randomly” decided to post it when activity in this thread had ceased for two whole days? Nope, she just doesn’t want us to be done with her because she can’t live without the attention. And look how it worked!

She’s trash, and I’m out.

No. 397028

Did anyone see her live video on Instagram? She seemed really out of it.

No. 397048

LINK please!

No. 397071


Yeah, I was debating whether or not she was on something or just hysterical the whole time.

No. 397073


she must be deleting coments, someone asked about "the photo posted on that lolcow website," but it's gone now.

No. 397078

OMG. Kelly (said in her pointless live video that she) skipped an MRI appointment (a lengthy one), an appointment with her vascular surgeon (probably about having her port out because she never uses the thing anymore), and a home care appointment. Didn't call or cancel any of them, just didn't show up. Never mind all the genuinely sick people who need those appointments and are still waiting, or the people who were working and had to stay for the whole length of the appointments just in case she showed up, or the cost of all of this, or anything! None of that matters, because Kelly just couldn't be bothered.

No. 397556

Any medfags able to share the cost of these missed appointments?

Maybe putting a price on these wasted medical resources could educate?

No. 397635

Behaviors like skipping appointments and "not caring" weight loss etc are suicidal red flags. >>397078

No. 397721


Maybe she's scared that they're catching onto the stories that don't quite hold up over time.

No. 397766

This is definitely not the place to try and drum up sympathy for Kelly.
The point is not what those behaviours do or dont mean, the point is that once again she is not even remotely considering the other people that her actions are having an impact on.

No. 397793

Okay but…. regardless….. she has mental health issues…. for one, that explains a lot of her behaviours.. two, if she has suicidal red flags.. you're seriously going to sit there and say "BAH WE CANNOT GIVE HER SYMPATHY"… do you really want to be part of a reason why she may end her own life? I think not. If so, you should consider getting your own psychological help. I don't agree with what she's done but suicide is not something to joke around about / dismiss.

No. 397800

File: 1507127882169.jpg (41.76 KB, 770x887, JC.jpg)

>Spend years abusing the empathy of others
>Soak up scarce resources because you get off on the attention
>Destroy your life through nearly four decades of self inflicted lunacy
>Lies finally catch up with you
>Hurr I'm suicidal don't talk about it
Sympathy is not a function of consequences.

No. 397803

Not joking, or dismissing, simply stating that this AN ANONYMOUS IMAGEBOARD is not the place to be bawbawing about the feelings of someone who has done some truly awful things and abused the trust of thousands of people.
Mental illness does not mean that you are suddenly totally absolved of all accountability and responsibility for your actions.

Take your WKing elsewhere.

No. 397809

A simple quick phone call to say you can't attend appointments. Meanwhile someone else may have really needed an MRI.

Many of us suffer with mental health issues to varying degrees. There are times when I haven't gone to an appointment but I have ALWAYS called them to let them know. Even at short notice an appointment can be offered to someone else.

Anyone who has time to create a video of themselves catching hotdogs in their mouth has the ability to make a simple phone call.

No. 397819

Really sorry I don't know what WKing means lol. Guess that makes me look even worse to you hahaha. That's fine though I don't take this page seriously because it's the iNtErWeBz. I didn't mean we should give her sympathy but I did mean she clearly has psychological issues and none of this will ever make sense to anyone. None of it is rational. Therefore this is all a waste of time, no? You guys managed to succeed in having her admit she self posted…. I wonder if she'll admit to drawing blood from herself. I truly would like to know and I hope he gets the help she needs (in a non-malicious way). And yes, I have mental health issues as well, I'm no stranger to it. Although I have G.A.D and not schizophrenia, but I am studying nursing and had to learn a LOT about personality disorders as well as mental health disorders. I watched her live last night and was weirded out by the way she looked. Like, she was twitchy, and not answering anyone's questions… she'd be like "yeah, well; it's…. it's cause…." and then she'd just stop talking. I felt uncomfortable. Not gonna Lie.

No. 397826

WK stands for White Knight, e.g. coming to someone's rescue like a knight on a charger.

Kelly is not a damsel in distress, however.

>I watched her live last night and was weirded out by the way she looked. Like, she was twitchy, and not answering anyone's questions… she'd be like "yeah, well; it's…. it's cause…." and then she'd just stop talking. I felt uncomfortable. Not gonna Lie.

Sounds like she is medicated in some way, but it sounds pretty unnerving.

No. 397900

According to kelly's insta story video today, >>395528 that was not an apology.

I guess she doesn't care about lying and misleading all her 17k followers, friends, and family. Very classy!

No. 397906


Did she say what her motivation was, or did she claim someone shooped her like that? (I am just waiting for that particular shoe to drop.)

No. 397928

It wasn't an apology. She said in a blog comment reply she was just scared of getting caught.

It's so stupid that Kelly keeps posting pics etc to make people think she's getting blood, when she hasn't in reality had a transfusion in months. But hey, gotta keep up the super special drama.

No. 397955

I didn't know what WK was either. That being said. I am here to WK. You all owe her and many others an apology. When a person is being attacked in the way she has been here, they will do anything to defend themselves. The lie about being hacked was stupid. while I am upset that she lied, I am also relieved her cloud wasn't breached. No one in these forums deserve apologies. You torment people to the point that yes they do consider suicide, and will go to extremes ex (self posting) to defend themselves. As far as her other accounts online, she absolutely should not apologize. Just because you hide behind you secure anonymous personas does not exempt you from the general rules of humanity. You think she did all that for fun? I would have dont the exact same thing in her position. Why would she say sorry for something she did not do. How do you get off being 100% certain that she induced her own blood loss. And how is it that you know she is not getting blood? Either way you would have told her off… If she went to her mri it would be considered a waste of resources just as much as her skipping it. Give it a break. I've told her numerous times just to stay the hell away from here. Even as I gave her that advice I was thinking to myself that I would frequent a forum if it was spreading gossip about me. I started scrolling through some other threads. I can not believe how awful it is! I think maybe you should conjure some sympathy for yourselves. I would hate to go to bed at night knowing that I've done such shitty things with my day. I hope to God that she doesn't start doling out apologies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 397959

She looked awful… I mean that in the kindest way. (same WK as above) She looks like she has stopped eating and maybe showering. her eyes so red. You assume medication. I wouldn't doubt she had been crying. You are sick people. Like someone else said, why would you want to be part of someones reason to suicide? I believe you are referred to as "trolls" I think that is polite. You are mfking monsters. Are you all the same in these spoonie feeds? ya, I would hate to be you. The compassionate part of me feels sad for what ever has happened to each of you to draw out your cruel personalities. You need help.

No. 398176


Jesus, fuck off. No one here feels bad, no one here should feel bad, and you aren’t going to make anyone feel bad. I’d say you wasted your time writing those, Kelly, but you have loads of time on your hands everyday. Guess you just “had like a few minutes.”

No. 398187


If you have such disdain for this forum, then why are you on this page and repeatedly checking it?

No. 398195


Agreed. I recognized it was Kelly too. Who else uses the word "Ya".

A hacker? Bullshit. The truth has surfaced,

Didn't she previously use this forum to attack others on different threads?

No. 398320

In her newest live
(where she gets REALLY upset because EVERYTHING ends up on here…. Oh wait, that's right because kelly posts it! Ha!)
she says it was because of the legal situation mentioned here >>395685

No. 398327


Can someone explain the Legal Situation please? I'm not sure what's going on.

saged for being a dumbanon

No. 398376

If you know that I am Kelly, why did you address me as Jesus?

No. 398488

In Canada it varies. The general cost of an MRI in Canada though is around $900-1000. I’d know because I had a few when they found a lump near my collarbone and I wanted to skip the 3-month wait I had (yes, 3 months, some people have to wait even longer) and pay directly.

No. 398494

Nobody is dismissing her potential suicidality. We’ve reiterated time and time again for her to seek genuine help from her psychiatrist or maybe even having a short inpatient stay. I am not however going to feel sorry for someone who is skipping MRI appointments without telling anyone because that is wasting resources for people who desperately need them, like people who have cancer. I don’t care if she was afraid of people finding out she had been lying, at least call and cancel said appointment so they can bump other people up. Otherwise you’re hurting other people. No, I don’t have sympathy for those actions. Do I feel bad she’s feeling suicidal? Yes. But here and instagram are not the places to express that as a grown 30-something year old adult woman. Go to therapy and tell your psychiatrist you’re suicidal and ask to be placed inpatient.

No. 398734

No one here is responsible for Kelly's feefees. I really despise it when people play the "you caused me to attempt to anhero" game. No one can make another person feel a certain way. It's a choice. My father tried to pull the suicide card when he got caught cheating on my mother. When you act like an asshole other people have a right to react how they feel that they need to. Sorry if you don't like it, but it doesn't give you the right to then bawwbaww when you get treated like an asshole inkind, and then manipulate those around you by crying suicide. It's a further manipulation and just makes you more of a dick. Get help Kelly, get off the interwebs and the bad feelings will dissipate. No one is making you come here and get The Sads because we farmers are reacting to your wretched behavior. Furthermore it will give us nothing to talk about, and your pathetic drama will cease to play out here. I'm sorry, but my life experiences have made me callous to people who act abhorrently and then manipulate those around them with the threat of suicide because the victims of their disgusting behavior have a negative reaction to their loathsome actions.

TL;DR: fuck off Kelly, you don't get to cry suicide when victims of your bad behavior have a negative reaction to your bad behavior.

No. 398775

I feel really awful that I didn't bother to look at all of this. I hoped she was just overly sensitive. I was not wanting to be involved in what ever this is. She did a live video. If you could see the damage you do. And all the other threads. This is absolutely appalling. I would want to kill my self too. How old are you people. How many of you are here?

No. 398782

She has two threads, and 90% of them are from not-her, with the same ip address and everything, right? No one here is saying anything about her that she hasn’t already posted on her public profile (yes it’s still public). There’s a difference between asking valid questions, someone saying “I don’t like when this person does that”, and someone straight up bullying someone. Get a grip. If the internet is too hurtful, delete the account, or just change up what you’re posting, or limit the information you share. It’s not that difficult. Other people on here have done the exact same thing and have only been vaguely mentioned again. But if you want to keep a public profile with 17.5k followers to share your deepest darkest secrets on it with your real name attached, that’s YOUR choice. Someone even recommended she get a diary, and what did she do? She decided to start sharing her actual diary on her public instagram with her deepest darkest struggles. To each their own I guess but I don’t want the world knowing that kind of stuff about me.

No. 399093


You may want to check out https://lolcow.farm/kellyposts.html

Majority of the bad stuff was from her. She loves to play victim… Always the victim. When this site was down, she went over to KF to get the victim attention over there. As soon as it was back up, she pretty quickly came back over here and wasn't seen on there again. I hope she gets help but she won't. She's too busy enjoying the attention of people like you.

No. 399098

Right. Most of her posts are about her auto ex and her "ugly as fuck" face. Almost everything in here has not been things she has posted. Unless she repeatedly tells her self to fuck off. Please share a link to her claims of being suicidal. Actually she is a victim. All of the people you talk shit about are instantly victimized. You give them that title. ftfy

No. 399302


Hello Kelly

No. 399330

Blog much? No one cares about your feefees either. You should probably stop with the childish baawwws too.

No. 399352


Taking a page from Kelly’s twisted book, #noonesforcingyoutobehere.

No. 399387

Most of the stuff on here has been posted by her publicly, need I remind you of her claims that Karis society, her roommate, her sister, and an actual doctor from KGH or whatever made this thread? No? Okay how about her posting on her public instagram about how a nurse made her feel like she was lying so she left the hospital AMA? How about when she said on her public instagram that her doctor wasn’t taking her seriously with her allergic reactions to blood and thus was essentially being incompetent? Right, because we wrote that. No, I don’t agree with people talking shit about her appearance because that’s fourth grade childishness, and I don’t agree that people take things that far, but she posted that other very private medical information publicly under her real name to 17.5 thousand people, and then tried to throw other people under the bus by claiming it was them when admin linked it back to her ip address, aligned with posts that she responded as herself.

No. 399673

File: 1507407247381.png (366.74 KB, 750x1238, IMG_6218.PNG)

No. 399674

File: 1507407273065.png (312.01 KB, 750x1202, IMG_6219.PNG)

No. 399769

This is why no one believes a word out of your mouth, kelly. It's totally fine to lie as long as it benefits you

No. 399836

and as long as you admit to the lie weeks and weeks later, no one is allowed to give you shit about it. because muh honesty and openness!!

No. 399980

She is getting shit. I thought it would be a big delete comment and block poster kind of thing, but no tantrums as of yet. And public still.

No. 399995

I fucking hate that she lied but good for her though. It’s better than throwing other people under the bus and lying on here. I hope she can learn from this experience and heal and move on. More importantly, find better ways to make her life more enriching. Sage for OT blogposting but Kelly, take up an art class, or a knitting class or something. I know you posted in one of these threads that you feel the hospital is homely to you because people treat you kind, but you need to find love within yourself and find other ways to cope with how you’re feeling. The nurses are not your family, and they are only doing their job. At the end of the day they have their own family and loved ones, and it’s a job to them. Racing off to the hospital isn’t working and I know you know that. It’s a short term solution, and most of it is because you spent so much time inpatient for your mental health problems. Open up to your psychiatrist, let everything out, and find ways to keep your life fulfilled and enriched that don’t include lying or misusing resources. You don’t need a hospital to feel whole.

No. 399998

It doesn't make any sense though. She was forced to post her old psych notes because she wanted to prove she wasn't making herself physically sick? No. It's just another manipulation to try to avoid her friends and those who believed her getting mad at her.

No. 400005

File: 1507436316424.png (133.46 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_2017-10-07-21-39-09…)

Whenever people say oh it is okay because she was stressed over being called fake I can't help but look at this post. She posted pics of court documents, abuse pictues etc and says she posted her "medical documents" to prove her illnesses real. What did those other leaked documents prove exactly?

No. 400028

Fucking THIS THIS THIS! She is so full of shit and is spinning another vague, confusing, sympathy-inducing sortakinda admission, but the tells are loud and clear. Sadly people will not ask the deeper questions and I think she is banking on that. Fuck you Kelly, you are NOT SORRY for what you did, you are SORRY YOU GOT CAUGHT. And that's just with the 'hacking' lie. I bet you fantasized that lolcowchan was really just heartless bullies who would crucify someone innocent and break laws in the process. I bet you didn't count on Admin-sama taking the issue seriously and investigating said hacker bullshit. Either confess all, in clear terms, or don't. You wanted to make the Munchausens shit go away so you created a psych-heavy shit show? Dafuq? Makes zero sense. I hope people don't accept this admit-as-little-as-possible-but-not-the-biggest-lies schtick you're doing right now.

No. 400048

I said one thing about my own experiences in that statement. ONE. I'm sorry you're on the rag anon but I honestly think it's time to take the tampon out.

Sage for no1curr

No. 400138

I think it's the posts like this that she was apologizing for. It's about 50/50 on her IG, but lots of confused followers that had no idea. So far she hasn't claimed to be hacked or forced to admit everything. She lied and it got too complicated. I've lied, I don't think anyone can say they've never lied. Respect to her for telling the truth outside of here. And now she can hopefully be a better person. I don't believe she is a munchie vampire, but she milked the shit out of it. And then it's just simple fibroids which aren't exciting and mysterious. I hope that her mental health improves with everything else. She said after her latest post she would be done with it and us and the drama. Only time will tell. I can't see the diary blog though. I wonder if she took it down.

No. 400359

File: 1507489227832.png (147.74 KB, 736x740, IMG_7407.PNG)

No. 400457

Did I miss the murder accusation and late abortion claims? Or did Kelly post it?

No. 400464


My guess is no one posted it.

No. 400566


So it's another thing she's lied about.

No. 400706

My thought exactly. How did her psych notes, prostitute receipt, pregnancy pics, etc, prove her blood disorder?
The actual truth is she loved/s the attention. That's why she did it

No. 400790

I just went to look at her Instagram. It’s completely gone. Anyone else see this or am I just missing something?

No. 400791

I’m an idiot. She changed it to double_blind. Whatever Kelly.

No. 400868


It kills me that she thinks she's being so smart.

No. 400929

For most of us, if it was "just a job" we wouldn't do it. Though it is not policy that we make out side of hospital relationships, does not mean that we can just go home and forget everyone and everything. We do our job because we care about people, and you cnt just turn that off because your shift is over. I hope the posts Kelly mentions about doctors that know her are just more of this let's play pretend game. I am not here about Kelly. I am here to say that nurses do more that just a job. Munchausen is a serious condition in which only a doctor can diagnose, and from that point begin treating the patient in an objective way. I am no doctor, but have followed these threads for some time now, and Kelly when she is public. I can see she has lied, but from a medical standpoint is really doesn't fit the characteristics. She says she has a psychiatrist, and hematologist. I feel confident that her doctors (any doctor really) would miss that over four years. In closing, nurses do care. That is a big part of what makes it a hard job. I think about patients from years ago and hope they are well.

No. 400961


You missed the point being made by >>399995. I can't be assed to trawl through all of Kellys posting here but she said something about wanting the attention at hospital like it was her family. If I remember correctly she admitted wasting their time and sucked up the attention. She posted so much shit, she was probably pretending to be one of the doctors, or both.

I feel sure that nobody disses nurses. They are hugely appreciated and crucial in helping patients and often understand more than doctors. There are many people from different walks of life here on this thread ~ Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, patients ..etc etc. There are qualified people here who could diagnose the condition and there are unqualified everyday guys who could also make a diagnosis. You do not need to be in the same room as someone to know what's wrong with them.

A doctor, any speciality doctor would NOT miss fibroids. It's NOT possible to miss when a patient needs blood. It's so fucking basic. A patient presents with severe anaemia ~ it's obvious that blood is being lost. The first questions are about menstrual cycle. No doctor could or would ignore that.

Btw, hello Kelly.

No. 401115

File: 1507584535748.png (160.05 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_2017-10-09-16-22-32…)

Drops the bomb on her followers that she lied about being hacked etc…. Then changes her account to act like it's her fucking cat running it so she doesn't have to deal with the fallout. Priceless

No. 401236

Anyone got the link to her blog?

No. 401241


Apparently it is not public as it was earlier today. I guess today was all about hiding. Her FB is also gone.

No. 401255

>you cnt just turn that off because your shift is over.
Sorry but what? You do turn it off when your shift is over because you are ethically bound to do so, it’s what they teach you in medical school nearly immediately, and it also makes you burn out very quickly if you take that mental stuff home with you. As medical staff, you get hundreds of people in the ER, constantly; it’s a revolving door of patients and their stories (a lot of which are very sad). While you may connect with someone, you are a professional. Your job is to find the source of the problem (ie. the source of a bleed, the source of vomiting, the source of a low neutrophil count, etc), not to love them, baby them, or adopt them as lover or family. They are not your family, they are your patients, and there is a major difference. It’s extremely unprofessional and unethical to get attached to patients. Any first year student would know that. Fuck, any sane normal person would know that. It doesn’t take a medfag, or an actual medical staff to realize that. Then again I’m not surprised to see this in this thread, because as >>400961 pointed out, this response bears similarities to what Kelly has previous written here >>378703
>The hospital felt safe and likei had family.
>I just wanted some 1 to care if I live or die.
>Its not working because I have to want to live too.
>O dont have much in my life so my nurses felt like a family.
I made my original point stating that rushing to hospital to seek a ~family~ does nothing, it doesn’t fix the problem. And if you think that nurses and medical staff are there to baby you and make you feel loved and cherished I have news for you. They are being nice because otherwise they can get fired for being nasty and/or speaking their mind, and at the end of the day, they get paid to take care of you and have their own actual family to go home to. If you sincerely think that medical staff are there otherwise, because they care outside of a “I want to save lives” sense, you need to go talk to someone, because it’s against medical law for any medical staff to act outside of the law in a romantic or familial sense when they aren’t family. That goes for anyone who thinks they need to seek out hospital (or any professional) because they’re lonely, or want love/affection, and because they get treated nicely by said professional.

No. 401257

Samefagging but I just wanted to add that, yes, there are the very rare instances of patients and doctors falling in love, but they are not legally allowed to contact or begin a romantic relationship in most states or countries for 2 years after they’ve treated the patient.

No. 401275


Thank you for finding the post I was referring to ~ having just read it again I've noticed that she actually admits to faking by saying
"I haven't wasted blood in 3 months".

The Blog is private now. You have to create a WordPress account and then request an invite to Kelly's blog 'ahem,cough' sorry, Chompurs blog.

No. 401313

That being said, but it's ok to come here with patient info?

No. 401317


What are you asking exactly?
Kelly's the only one who posted her own patient info.

No. 401334

Now being treated in hospital. Do not pretend that wasn't the goal. what ever she did wrong is no worse that this site. to you she is a game, to me a best friend, you are so very responsible for this.

No. 401346


What is your name, "best friend"? Kelly has never mentioned a "best friend".

No. 401348


Wait? Are you Chompurrs?

No. 401350

Who came here with patient info? Kelly herself admitted on her instagram that she herself posted her medical records. What even are you doing at this point? You can’t hold us accountable for her actions.

No. 401370



The only pretentiousness here, is hers. She was playing a game.

Hang on, your best friend is in hospital yet you come here when she needs you?

Bullshit. Hello Kelly.

No. 401686


No. 401768


We don't contact people here. This is an image board. Do NOT put personal addresses. She's obviously not suicidal or in the hospital per her Instagram posts. It's not our job to contact people. Read the damn ruled.

No. 401782


>whatever she did wrong

Uhm, lie to her friends and family about being hacked by an anonymous entity that shared her personal psychiatric medical files on the internet. Blaming several different individuals, including physicians, nurses, and members of the psychiatric care facility she lived/lives at.

>isn’t worse than what you guys are doing here

Speculating about and exchanging information concerning the supposed medical condition of an online personality.

Yeah, we’re SO much worse.

No. 401808

Kelly is at home, on her bed reading a joke book.
She's happily using her Snapchat filters and is wearing a crown and making snowflakes on her screen. Very apt.

Hospital? Don't think she's got time to goto hospital, too busy chasing her own tail.

When telling so many lies it's gotta be hard trying to remember what you said to who.

So she's busy, that's why her cat Chompurrrs is running her Instagram account. Poor Chompurrrs.

No. 401821

Actually she was in the hospital. where did she claim suicide?? Confused here. Should she not be at home? Needing a transfusion doesn't mean you're admitted. Or does it? And what happened with Chompurrs?

No. 401835

You eluded to suicide when you wrote >>401334 by saying that you were “now being treated in hospital”, and “do not pretend that wasn't the goal”, and “you are so very responsible for this”. Stop evading and pretending to be other people. We know it’s you and you admitted it on your profile. What happened to you being “genuinely sorry” and “not bringing it up again” and essentially stopping this behavior? Or did what I say about nurses not being a patient’s family hurt your feelings?

No. 401837

File: 1507694929803.jpg (666.29 KB, 2000x1600, photostudio_1507694538618.jpg)

try using smaller words that you understand. speculation? Not even fucking close. Accusing is what happens here.
sincerely not kelly

No. 401844

I'm sitting here, genuinely trying to figure out what percentage of this thread is made up of Kelly self posts.

It's a lot.

No. 401845


Kelly. Get the fuck off the internet.

No. 401863

It’s literally speculation. Read the definition over again. Without concrete evidence. None of us can physically prove that Kelly is doing this stuff to herself. But she did admit to posting her own medical records, pretending to be other people (forgery) like clinical professionals and roommates, and openly posted her accusations that her doctors were being unprofessional and unwilling to help her (mainly her hematologist, a nurse at the hospital, and that it was written in her files or something like that). Those last bits she actually posted publicly on her instagram. But okay.
>sincerely not kelly

No. 402230

File: 1507757039492.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-10-11-14-13-53…)

Chompurr'r's rrr isn't a fraudulent sir. There were 3 cats. Being with Munch was very meaningful to me. Chompurrrs is infact 4. Things wouldn't seem so exciting for you if you oh I don't know. READ THE WHOLE POST.
Sincerely Notkelly

No. 402234

>>392295 above comment.

No. 402273

A cat named Munch belonging to a Munchie.

No. 402307


Hahahahaha, I don’t need to use smaller words. I’m a college graduate with a medical science degree. You, on the other hand “not Kelly,” didn’t even fucking finish high school.

No. 402394

It's public again.
I have a feeling she's writing her 2010 journal entries now in 2017.

No. 402396


She is. She promised her followers she'd reveal the truth. I wonder how much editing she's doing though.

No. 402513


I haven’t actually gone to her blog until now, but I got that same exact vibe reading her most recent post. Could only get through half of it. It does seem to be in chronological order, though, so, who knows. I’m inclined to believe it’s the former but can’t rule out the latter entirely.

No. 403290

She is writing them now? Are these on her Instagram account?

No. 403297


Her blog noonesforcingyoutobehere on Wordpress. She’s taking photos of a diary.

No. 403660

>She’s taking photos of a diary.
Can you post pics plz? I don't have a wordpress account and i doubt she'd add me, or will she add anyone who requests?

No. 403665

I think if you manually put the url in your search engine you can get in without requesting. I didn't request or start an account.


That should do it. Her "fictional" journals are insane. Are we going to post pictures of it? Might be interesting, but fucked in the head worse than what we've seen.

No. 403977

Still can't find it. Was it taken down? PICTURES PLEASE!

No. 403980

Sorry about yelling. I was trying to highlight. How do I make part of my post stand out?

No. 403982

File: 1508042689385.jpg (706.96 KB, 1494x2656, wp-1507606870376842016639.jpg)

It's public.
It reads like schizophrenic ranting. She claims she was forced to eat a dead dog… and the texture of mashed potatoes reminds her of dog meat somehow, which is the biggest clue that she didn't eat a dog.

No. 403984

File: 1508043198969.jpg (2.77 MB, 2988x5312, wp-15077590863981590167636.jpg)

No. 404018

She wrote/said somewhere that the dog meat was put in the mashed potatoes and then force fed to her. Which is terrible. This is just my opinion, and I'm not trying to WK here, but I don't think that part of her life should be debated here.

No. 404056

Why not, pray tell? Cause she has always been such a bastion of truth? ?

No. 404060

"Put off going to the bathroom as long as I can." "The smell of pee terrifies me." Hmmm…if I recall, not too long ago, wasn't she complaining about having oh so awful bladder problems and crying over how poorly she was being treated by ER nurses who didn't believe that she couldn't pee? This was around the time she was claiming MS and all her minions were commenting about how those nurses should know that MS and bladder problems go hand in hand. So many lies!

No. 404109

This actually helps make sense of all the behaviour and symtoms. It sounds like conversion disorder which doesn't mean fake and it doesn't mean MS. That being said, from what she's posted it is likely that she has MS according to MRI results. But the pee thing and seizures could easily fit the criteria for conversion disorder (recently changed to functional neurological disorder) I find it hard to believe someone would write a journal like that just for the hell of it. Her relationship with the truth is off and on, but to me it seems like the most truthful things she's "shared" No disorder is an excuse for lies, but I think that her Dr notes and her blog kind of fit together in a way which actually seems true. The blood thing is uncertain. Is it fibroids or is it self bleeding? I think we should keep the physical and diary seperate as it's 10 years ago she wrote it. I really want to see how this "story" plays out. I'm not suggesting we don't post pictures and sper but let's not try to fit one with the other quite yet.

No. 404123


Nope. She has a nonspecific T2 hyperintensity. That in and of itself is not enough for a diagnosis of MS - you need either temporal dissemination (another MRI showing another hyperintensity at a different location) or spatial dissemination (more than one hyperintensity on the same MRI). Most of us have incidental T2 hyperintense spots, so that alone means nothing. Even then, she didn't have ON or any other MS symptom except urinary retention, which apparently was psychogenic (you'd be surprised how many rape victims suffer from urinary retentoin or constipation!). Which makes her MS dx entirely dubious.

No. 404125


> it's 10 years ago she wrote it.

Or so she claims. We can't exactly verify that.

No. 404372


2010 was 7 years ago.

No. 404426


Okay, but I can write a "journal entry" on a piece of paper and date it what ever I want.

No. 404428

No way. Public Internet posts are fair game. Please someone do post ALL images. All of them! This is an imageboard ffs!

No. 404432

>>404109 (Hi Kelly, nice obvious whiteknighting and self promoting “I totes have MS!”)
I guaran-fucking-tee that these are all Kelly self posting. I really wish admin would confirm. This shit is getting so fucking old. We get it, you’re fucking obsessed with yourself. Go tell your therapist about it. What ever happened to quitting throwing yourself under the bus, whiteknighting yourself, all while pretending to be someone else each post? You apologized and continued the exact same behavior.

No. 404518

I don't think I can believe these journals were written 7 years ago. Why would someone who shoves a tube down your throat to get rid of semen, let you write and keep journals about the things he s doing to you?
I get the sense these are supposed to be written while she was with him since she is always talking about not wanting to make him mad.

No. 404533

They were written whilst inpatient in Psyche.

No. 404549


Can you verify that? Did you watch her write them 10 years ago?

No. 404558

No I can't as they were written 7 years ago. You might find it helpful to read the comments befor yours.

No. 404591


Have you read everything in her blog? There's a video that shows all 14/15 journals - with dates. I'm with >>404109. I'd like to see more. What if someone else has been bleeding her?

No. 404594


Bleeding her continuously up until this summer?

No. 404638

File: 1508177581139.png (743.14 KB, 1006x1244, Screenshot_2017-10-16-11-09-38…)

>>404518 I think it's safe to assume these were written on the dates shown in the entries.


No. 404642

Jesus Christ Kelly.
Which of those is the one that says "ecojot" on the bottom?

No. 404643


Kelly did indeed write the journals 7 years ago. She has a wild imagination today, so it's safe to assume that she had a wild imagination 7 years ago.

Kelly takes small fragments of the truth and turns them into fantastical stories. I'm willing to believe there was a "Paul", and that he abused her. I'm also willing to believe that a dog passed away. I'm not willing to believe that Kelly was part of any sort of human experiment or that she was forced to eat a dog that was "mixed with mashed potatoes".

No. 404649

The two pages posted say ecojot. Remember she was still journaling when she moved to a drug recovery home. >>404642

"not even addicted"

No. 404683

Yes, I know. I'm curious to know which of the journals in her photo are the one she's posting from.

No. 404694

>What if someone else has been bleeding her?


This is where you're taking all this, all the pages from your "journals," Kelly? You haven't been draining your own blood: you've been the innocent victim of an actual vampire, a latter day Mina Harker? Well, I guess it is the time of year for spooky stories. Do carry on. Did he sparkle?

No. 404739

Oh my god, you're right!
Kelly's leading up to,
"Paul found me. He's been bleeding me. He forced me to post my medical records on Lolcow."

No. 404747

Kelly, can you post any evidence that Paul exists? Was he caught?

No. 404765

File: 1508191372719.jpg (4.16 MB, 2985x4162, IMG_20171016_160056.jpg)

I just found Paul's diary in a dumpster behind the YWCA.

No. 404793

lol you must have lots of free time. And talking about her diary as if it was already proven fake is a bit premature and frankly harsh. I believe they were written when she said. It you want to be a punitive ass hole go ahead. But don't ruin it for the rest of us who want to see it.

No. 404806

Shut up, Kelly.

No. 404829

Remember too that there is a history of appropriating the stories of others and making them her own, so take whatever you read with a grain (or boulder) of salt.
It's possible the entries are fabricated and/or not written when they appear to be.

No. 404834

I can't prove anything…

No. 404845


If you look at the comments on the Facebook page that you've posted you can see comments that were made about it in March 2011. So I think it's fair to say Kelly wrote them in the prior 12 months {2010/2011}

No. 404860

Screenshots, motherfucker. This is an image board.


Why not? Was he never caught? Did you never take a photo of him? Did no one else ever see him?

No. 404865

Does anyone else get hardcore Lacey Spears vibes from Kelly?

No. 404870


Are you fucking blind? The Facebook post has already been shown. Read my post properly to see the fucking link.

No. 404877


Not as such, more "Michelle Remembers" type of feeling.

No. 404884


…is not a link, Kelly Ronahan.
And I am not typing in the long-ass URL in the image.
Post actual screenshots, or fuck right off.

No. 404939


You lazy fucker. If you can read the post by >>404638 and see the image posted by >>404638 what's the fucking problem? If you want to read the actual comments made on that particular Facebook photo, go and find it yourself. What did your last slave die of? In the time taken for you to post your angry message, you could've researched it for yourself. Don't be a such a lazy fucker.

An image board, a gossip site, a meeting place for trolls. Whatever it is, I march to the beat of my own drum, not yours. Keep on stomping those feet and get over your tantrum.(read the rules)

No. 404966

>An image board, a gossip site, a meeting place for trolls. Whatever it is, I march to the beat of my own drum, not yours.
Except this website has rules for a reason.

No. 405098

Idk if this should be saved, but I’d like to submit myself as evidence that Kelly can’t possibly lose that much blood in a menstural cycle that she needs transfusions.

Proof: I was diagnosed with life threatening iron deficiency anemia in college. The PA said she’d never seen such a low iron count, even in a leukemia patient. It was at 3 g/dL.

They just rxed me otc iron supplements and birth control, and I went about my daily life.

No. 405118


No. 405308


This just threw me into a huge giggle fit. Trying to contain myself at work.

No. 405309


calm down faggot

No. 405318

File: 1508289953193.png (165.32 KB, 365x287, kelly.png)

>Why do people call me Kelly-Jo. That isn't my name. Paul calls me that. It is only on my health card. And that all changed when I was 13 anyway.

No. 405326

Yo Kelly, in the videos you've posted where you're thumbing through your journals, everything is written in black ink. The ones you're showing from that era are written in blue ink. ????

No. 405353


15 journals written in 1 year means you'd run out of ink many times. Sometimes you have black pens, other times you may have blue pens. Does the ink color really matter?

Saged for pointing out the obvious

No. 405378

Kelly, why don't you just tell your story on your blog instead of doing this meandering bullshit? It's incredibly hard to follow. Invest in a scanner or something so your journal pages are readable.


I have that one and it works great. If you can't afford it, start a GoFundMe. I'm sure your loyal followers will help you pay for it.

No. 405427

File: 1508319928993.png (171.19 KB, 1074x959, 2017-10-18 04.38.44.png)

When asked why she's phobic of going to the hospital she normally goes to she replied this.

It's not because she slandered them and the doctors and nurses there…or because she was a no call/no show to appointments… Or because she involved one of their privacy officers to look here for posting information about her. Nope it's because someone there "talked about her here". Mmhmm. Did you forget it was one of your impersonations, Kelly?

No. 405486

Her blog is hard AF to naviagate between posts and the order is wonky as fuck too. Please would a kind anon screencap her entries chronologically and share them here for us? I'd be so grateful and I know I can't be alone!

No. 405561

Hi Kelly, since you screen cap everything, and want everyone to see… It would be much less self destructive for you to add your pictures here. Then you can pick the parts that you think make you look like a victim. Or a "Voluntary Victim" Might as well victimize yourself here too. There has to be at least one consistency.

No. 405563

She should phobic of this place too. Paul started posting his journal here as well.

No. 405567

She should be phobic of littlemisswheeler. Girl does not believe her and has a lot of influence.

No. 405596

So now since the people at her hospital are wise to her manipulations, Kelly is wanting to try out other hospitals. Because they haven't seen her routines. Isn't this just classic for attention seeking/self-inflicted???

No. 405615

Are you some kind of publisher? fuck right off! She is doing this for me! And we can do it however I want!
xox kelly notkelly and reallynotkelly

No. 405660

File: 1508367582022.jpeg (25.42 KB, 640x358, B1EF8425-D022-4130-9EAA-105CE7…)

No. 405669

The thing about writing a blog, the writer can choose exactly what to write, when to write and how they want to write. If you look at the bottom of the blog page you will see that the posts are in a chronological order. Simple. Just select to view them in order.

Whoever posted •the Paul diary entry• is twisted but I have to admit it did make me giggle a bit.

No. 405768

File: 1508383218416.png (373.33 KB, 523x435, uhh.png)

No. 405769

She acts like this website is what made her phobic to the hospital and that some doctors are posting on here (fyi, they very likely aren’t, most of us here are pseudomedfags) but what makes me laugh is she’s completely okay with blasting her extremely personal cringe diary all over the internet. It’s such an interesting paradox to me; you’re scared because of a website, but you’re okay with talking about all of that other extremely disturbingly personal information online, and often on public forums, like a blog and a social media platform? Even if this website didn’t exist, and we weren’t sitting here debating this and that, the rest of her personal information has been posted by herself on her own accounts and she’s completely okay with it. It’s so bizarre to me.

No. 405877

File: 1508424468863.png (1.4 MB, 1234x1620, Screenshot_2017-10-19-07-42-02…)

No. 406029


She creeps me out with those faces in her live stream, she actually looks demented. Like she's proper lost the plot

No. 406201

File: 1508473403330.jpeg (480.3 KB, 1632x1632, BF17359F-3772-4C4D-9766-460EE2…)


Hey totallynotKelly, I think you missed one.

No. 406207

I see that. can you please take that off now. you've made your point. But she doesn't deserve to be any sort of subject here or anything just because I fucked up.

No. 406219

File: 1508476683480.jpg (23.66 KB, 320x225, andrerieu.jpg)

She looks like Andre Rieu.

Has she had a stroke?

No. 406235

Then why post it at all? Why do you continue to post excruciatingly personal information? Once you post something publicly online, it’s public domain. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, wordpress, all of it (the internet). The internet is not your personal diary where you can tell your deepest darkest most morbid secrets. Get a grip.

No. 406298


Damn you're right. They hold their mouths exactly the same.

No. 406329

I thought we were here to talk about spoonie drama. There are actually many diary domains, and though she calls it a blog, it's actually a vlog. Taking pictures of a name she forgot to sensor is actually super low as is the "Paul diary" I don't even feel like being a lurker any more. It's gone from truly speculating about her mystery blood, to pointing out spelling mistakes and implying that she is ugly and creepy. I have rarely found the bully bs or WK shit to be anything but funny. Now it has the bully vibe. Call me a "Kelly" or a "white knite" I don't think her mouth is a Munchausen trait. I think it's time to either fuck off or get back on track. I can take a capture of a fucking dog, and if I hit the exact point it could look like trump or some shit. I read about her reasoning behind her mouth weirdness. It's only going to get worse. She is not posting her diary here, so her vlog account really is a place to post what she wants. Are you the fucking internet police? Fuck right off. Predicted response: Hi Kelly, or not Kelly. But it may be a surprise to find that even some "trolls" still have morals.

No. 406453

I don’t think you’re Kelly as your writing seems vastly different, and I agree about this, but I’m also willing to bet the majority of the posts in here that are just like “look at her face, she looks like she had a stroke” are her own posts. I mean who posts about themselves pretending to be someone else? Regardless, any time this thread dies, and it does, ~someone~ posts in here some relatively OT bullshit, or just plainly making fun of Kelly. Either someone is vendetta posting, or Kelly herself is posting badly about herself. Sadly I’m willing to place bets on the second of the two.

No. 406627

Wrong. This thread is about Kelly. Period. Farmers have threads and threads about people who do a mixed bag of stupid, not just one trait or thing. Her bleeding herself is just one facet of her kaleidoscope of crazy. We will examine all. I don't agree with criticizing her looks though. She can't help her face. It's juvenile and a cheap shot. We are advanced trolls here so get your acts together ladies. Kelly is the cruelest troll here though, of this I have no doubt.

No. 406643

Don't assume that the posters on this thread are all ladies. If you don't like this thread then why not find a different thread with "Spoonie drama" bs? Have you not seen the title of this thread? If you don't like it, fuck off.
"The Kelly and Chompurrs' Show Episode 2" has started to get interesting. For Psychfags, this is rarely seen. I want to understand more about who Kelly really is and why. Please don't ruin this for others.
It's not about her looks, tbh she's an attractive lady with a body that many wish for. She shouldn't hate her body, and there's nothing wrong with scars either. Scars are often "Tiger Stripes" of a difficult journey.

No. 406648


Sorry I addressed the forum as "ladies". I didn't mean to hurt your feefees. I certainly wouldn't want to give you a reason to add a "tiger stripe" to your "difficult journey", anon.

Sage for painful eye rolling.

No. 406694

I was feeling sorry for Kelly given her latest blog posts. But then I remembered it is Kelly. And from my experience, it's pretty much guaranteed that the story she tells is not the whole story, sometimes not even anywhere close to the real story. Keep that in mind.

No. 406698


An advanced troll? Lol, yes you are. Haha. No feefees here to hurt but thanks anyway, it's not like you to apologize. Get your own tiger stripes, jealous much?

Saged for eye-rolling at the troll who can't type properly

No. 406795

Kelly is probably the most borderline cow I've ever seen.

No. 407411

Tapping muh fingerz….waiting for something…..anything?

No. 408043

what type of dog was it

No. 408143

Dog? This isn't the SPCA you will not find your best friend here.

No. 408149


Yes, dog. I think anon is referring to the breed Kelly was supposedly force-fed.

No. 408163

A bloodhound?

No. 408189

Haha it has to be a blood-hound. If this is answered in her blogs please enlighten us.

No. 408265

Have I completely lost it or did you say she has eaten dog? I'm blocked from her Instagram account. half of her friend list is minors. This is fucked. She will lose her account really fast if she writes about dog dinners. Screen cap anyone?

No. 408384


It's in pictures of her paper diaries up there somewhere.

No. 408933

File: 1508877623054.png (Spoiler Image,771.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-24-13-33-15…)

No this is absolutely fake. Kelly get in to a psych ward. This is normal. I reported almost every blog entry. Get help.

No. 408992


Jesus h christ

No. 409065


I’m too lazy right now to find the entry, but she claims she can’t eat mashed potato because Paul put dog meat in it and inferred it was one of the only things she was allowed to eat while with him.

No. 409095


Was Paul a partner?

I get so confused by this non linear timescale

No. 409161

I might be way off, but I get the impression Paul is some sort of pimp. In her blog she said on one of the videos that she wasn't ever in a relationship with him. But you can check for yourself. her video's are Blair Witch shaky, watching them makes me dizzy. Ever heard of a fucking tripod? Anything, just don't hold your damn phone for your selfie recordings.

No. 409209

Post some fucking links! Not all of us have so much extra time that we can create fake blog accounts just to lurk.

No. 409362

I can't understand why she is sharing this (questionably true) story like this. If you have a story to tell, write it out and be done with it, one-three entries tops. Nobody needs the meaningless journal entries and detailed diary pages. THEN focus on the positive and the future. Got a tragic story? Don't obsessively dwell on it, but figure out how you can turn it into a positive life. Nobody needs the endless soap opera.

No. 409409

So it was a German Shepherd?

No. 409457

I admittedly like the way she does it. You don't have to hate everything about a person just to maintain that you're an ass. Why are wasting time reading it? Not a WK. But I'm pretty much watching this 24/7 and I know I'm not the only one.

No. 409460

She's wallowing in the drama and the poor-me-ness. Classic Kelly.

No. 409487

File: 1508993500172.jpg (5.1 MB, 2976x5312, wp-1508624729912.jpg)

This is really confusing. How many dogs did you two kill?

No. 409488

File: 1508993642770.png (85.64 KB, 689x539, paullo.png)

I'm Paul. Kelly, bring me Chompy.

No. 409510

It’s like any person on this goddamn website and it drives me insane. 3/4 of this so-called inspirational spoonie community is wallowing in one’s own shit for the attention. There’s no other discernable reason why someone would continuously bring up traumatic information like this, at all. It’s the same with crying and uploading a photo of it.

Oh yeah, me too. I’m also Mrs. Doubtfire. Good lord, making flippant sarcastic comments like this will lead to a full scale irrational meltdown. Also, what the fuck? She answered yes when that person asked if she had anything to do with Paul still.. What is going on? I am curious as to why she’s elluding to being held prisoner by what she has described as a masochistic sociopathic abuser and serial dog killer. This is very reminiscient of goldenphoenixgirl on tumblr.

No. 409646

File: 1509029980669.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-10-25-21-11-51…)

This is Actual Kelly. I just wanted to ask… What book is only a few paragraphs long. And paulfags are funny to me. Believe it, don't. I am doing this under no duress. It's for me, so it's going to be dramatic and mysterious.

No. 409717


This is an IMAGE board. Get over yourself.

No. 409731

No. 409765

Kelly says she's still dropping to transfusion level monthly, even though she hasn't been getting transfusions nearly that often if at all. But if she admits that, the attention goes away, so can't let that happen!

No. 409814


"I'm dying, and I don't have my phone, this isn't going to be public at all."

What the fuck, Kelly?

No. 409829

Does anyone know why her age is such a secret? I saw her comment on her blog that her age "is of the utmost protection," but I can't figure out why? Regardless, that prompted me to dig and I kind of nailed down an age (No solid evidence, just facebook posts with hapy __ birthday!), I was just curious.

No. 409836

No. 409839

No. 409855

dyam. fixing that.

No. 409857

She's 35. I can't imagine why the secrecy.

No. 409862

She gets so defensive when people are right about things. Pretty much lets us know we're right…

No. 409875

>This is Kelly
>It’s for me so it’s going to be dramatic and mysterious
Making your friends and followers worry because you think it’s funny is disgusting manipulative behaviour. Get some help.

No. 409961

actually. You are disgusting.

No. 409984

File: 1509066305390.jpg (153.32 KB, 500x386, sweet bro and hella jeff oh wo…)

Said the cockeyed fraud with the striped arms she uses to waste blood with.

No. 409989

Kelly, I used to think your munchie antics were kind of crazy funny-haha. Not anymore. You are sick and cruel in your manipulations of the kindness and emotions of those who care about you. We all know your health problems and need for blood is a sham. Be a woman and fess up, and please, get some major help.


No. 410021

File: 1509068870112.gif (333.51 KB, 640x480, iANdqxW.gif)

Waiting patiently for another angry video response

No. 410042

she's live in YouTube

No. 410049

Thinking you're dying, and that was the first thing that came to mind? How awful. How very sad. Says a lot.

No. 410053


Right? I would get it if it were that she wanted her phone to contact people she loves, but no, this waste of resources wants her phone so she can make a facebook post. I really don't understand why she thinks that's normal.

No. 410083


~I know you are but what am I?~

No. 410338

And here we go again with talking to yourselves. "Hi Kelly" "oh hi" Which one of you turns into Paul?>>410083

No. 410410

She…uh… did this four hours ago.

No. 410464

relevance? She does crack me up Tbh.>>410410

No. 410539

Oh my god, rest assured I’ve said this as well, but I’m not Kelly. But I do find it ironic that Kelly’s accusing me of being disgusting after what I said here >>409875 (manipulating friends) is true. No Kelly, that’s not just to you, but to anyone who thinks it’s cool to play mindgames and tell stories for the dramatic aspects and the hell of it. That includes any “spoonie” who lies (about anything, and yes, you fucking lied about posting on here) in this community. Get a fucking grip.

No. 410543

First, no one cares that they misspelled a made up word (Chompurs), though you did just verify that it still irks you when people correct your spelling/grammar.

I'm here because after years of following you, and worrying about you, and sending you words of sympathy and encouragement I realized that you're a manipulative liar. Also, I'm here because I want to watch your downfall like a reality tv show.

No. 410550

Samefagging but at the end of the day Kelly, you’re likely still posting about yourself in here, and you’re also still posting unrealistic and highly dramatic stories on a blog on the internet about how someone allegedly fed you a dog (which they likely didn’t because that sounds like something out of a goddamn SVU or Criminal Minds episode). Lie or not, tell that shit to your therapist, not the internet/world.

No. 410631


Video's been removed. Summary?

No. 410658


It was short, only two points really,
1. Chompurs has 3 r's, spell it correctly.
2. Why are you all on lolcow, what's your individual reasoning/excuse?

No. 410691

I am not spelling her stupid cat's name with three Rs.

That makes no sense.

No. 410707


Kek, even "purr" only has two rs. Chompy has to be special!!

No. 410720

Mashed Purrrtato … Tasty

3 r's used.

No. 410728



No. 410733

he's not a stupid cat. and regardless of what you feel that is his name. and I don't care if you don't believe the blog. acting as Paul and belittling my experiences really is a special kind of mean. You say you don't bully? Wtf is that then? It's my story, and I can tell it how I want. I named it what I did because you truly don't have to read it. you literally are cruel af! And paulfags… You hit the fucking mail on the head. "I'm Paul bring me Chompy" Like wtf. what would you categorize your selves as? Trolls is too cute. Bully.. over used. What the F are you. Go the fck ahead and check what posts are mine or not. I'm on my way out. I don't give a fk.

No. 410737

>I’m on my way out
Topkek, you’ve said you’d leave this thread like 18 times already. Whatever, enjoy making up random stories about eating a dog on a blog to make yourself look 3edgy5me.

No. 410738


For the record, I don't think the cat is stupid, but I 100% feel the way you chose to spell his name is.

The irony is that you don't seem to understand that you don't have to read this. YOU made yourself a public figure. YOU sought out more and more attention through the media (social and otherwise). YOU opened yourself and your life up to speculation. YOU egg on the board when conversation peters out. Why would any of us consider ourselves bullies? No one is forcing you to be here, Kelly. You created this shit show yourself, if you don't like it that's just too fucking bad.

Sage for repeating things that have been said too many times to no avail.

No. 410777

Penticton. Prince S. Mental health.
Silk milk. Mean.

Chompurrrrs. Now.

No. 410808

not on my way out of this place. Much bigger than that… K so let's have it penticton princess. Are you my mother? Are you pretending to be?>>410777 Also I have some friends that lurk here. So even if i wasn't here I'd hear about it. But why does it feel good to hurt someone. I might understand if u used your name. But wtf?

No. 410879

Paul is a real person, but the Paul in your stories is a fictional character and you are not still seeing him. You don't have a blood disorder. You are a liar. Stop lying.

No. 410902

kek㎡ I'm a liar in the same sense as J. K. Rowling lies. Omg I don't have a blood disorder. Shit I must have imagined that a doctor found a source of blood loss! Thanks the reminder! #diagnosedAF

No. 410909


Guys, Kelly wants attention again, can someone give it to her before she starts posting her medical records and accusing everyone she knows of hacking her cloud? Thanks.

No. 410941

File: 1509212335980.gif (809.28 KB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

for like um 50th so ya

No. 410947

So you admit you've made everything up? Because you know hogwarts is made up, right?

No. 411008

Kelly is saying that the Kelly in her stories is made up. The person she pretends to be on Instagram and in her blog is a character. She's acting out a story she's written where the main character has the same name as her.

No. 411049

Hashtags don’t work here. This isn’t instagram. No one is going to pity you for lying about being someone else posting here. “I’ve had it, officially” sure. I’ve likely said it 100 times now, but I’ll say it again: get some help.

No. 411138


I hope this is correct. I hope one day she's just like "HAHA GOT YOU!" And it was all some kind of insane performance art. At least if it's all an act she hasn't wasted all of that blood, and all of those doctors and nurses time.

No. 411147

No, she's had lots of blood, and been in the hospital and the ER. (Except since like June, since then she wants people to think she's still having frequent transfusions and tests, but she hasn't) so unfortunately that part isn't a big fabrication.

No. 411175

Can someone summarize what's happening please? I've been AWOL the last 24 hours ~ I cannot make any sense of this shit show.

It's probably meant to be nonsensical with multiple personalities again ~ but this rabbit hole is seriously deep and twisted. Arrggghhhh

No. 411233

Kelly posted on her blog about eating a dog (no poetfaggery intended), noticed the thread hadn’t moved so she made quite a few haggard attempts at getting the thread moving (see: >>407411 & >>408163, honestly it’s hard to tell which ones are her at this point because I’m pretty sure there were a string of posts by her made to look like there were multiple people here, also see the paulfags and momfags, similar to the nursefag and roommatefag) and then she posted some really fucked up stuff related to eating dogs and being allegedly forced to eat (a) dog(s?), which lead to her flipping her lid at us again, rapid/fire posting in here sperging out as well as a few spergy videos, then claiming she was leaving the thread and never returning, and now it seems like she’s saying all of that dog/paul stuff was just a fabricated story she came up with because she said here >>409646
>I am doing this under no duress. It's for me, so it's going to be dramatic and mysterious.
So we’re back to Kelly’s previous antics of making pretend people talk in the thread for the hell of it.

No. 411238


So when's your lifesaving hysterectomy?

No. 411244

Does anyone know how she gets spending money? I've been wondnering for a while. She shows things she buys on amazon, I assume she has to buy cat food, she's had a gym membership. I assume Canada has some sort of disability you can apply for, is it easier to get than in the US?

Saged for off topic pondering…

No. 411245

File: 1509247366342.gif (602.45 KB, 498x290, tenor.gif)

Mom? Are you really her mom? I'm sure you're not, but let's roll with it for a second. If I were making up sick tales of abuse and posting them online for all the world to see, in addition to wasting precious blood in a sooper-Munchie bid for attention, I could DEFFO see my mother reacting in the same way. She would call me out for all the damage I was inflicting upon myself and others. Please, I want to hear more from "Mom". And Kelly, I promise you that if you admit to the blood-letting (autoexsanguination), and tell us why and how, with full disclosure of your medical charade, that I will never post in this thread again. Only then would I ever have even a modicum of respect for you. Do it. Tell the tale. The jig is up. Grow some ovaries and tell the truth for once.

No. 411254


Thank you kind Anon. A great précis.

No. 411260

In summary: The hacker was Kelly, the blood loss was self-induced, the women from the Karis Society and the doctors from the Kelowna General Hospital did not post here, "Kelly and Paul" are two characters in a story she's writing, and Kelly Ronahan has never eaten a dog.

No. 411271

Nice deflecting and derailing. I’m sure you can answer that one yourself.
Hi Kelly. Your mom isn’t here. Stop pretending to be her, and stop pretending she’s actually here. She’s not, just like paul, your roommate, staff from that hospital, your roommate, etc. aren’t here.

No. 411278

Did you actually READ my post? I'm not Kelly you nitwit. I want her to admit to the blood-letting. Your paranoia is showing anon.


No. 411611


She was supposed to have an ablation first, to try and calm those pesky fibroids that somehow managed to evade medical specialists for four years and ended up being the ultimate cause of her self-proclaimed mystery bleeding disorder. When was/is the ablation, Kelly? If it happened, did it work? If it didn’t, what’s the hold up? I know Canada’s medical system can cause some delay in treatment, but that revelation was made months ago now. It’s a very simple procedure. So is a hysterectomy. My little 122-bed medical center can perform a full hysterectomy laparoscopically as a same-day procedure. Are those mean doctors refusing to treat you again?

No. 411657

I'm not too sure why you chose to be … kind of harsh. What have I done to you, or you 122 bed. The plan is as planned since the beginning. 3 months taking lamotrigibe. I have done that. Next is ablation therapy. Depending on the size of the fibroids I may need up to 6 treatments. The subserosal fibroids are the reason a hysterectomy is expected. Yes non urgent procedures are not prioritized. On the 22nd of December I will have an ultrasound, and scheduling ablation will depend on those results. I was told not to expect to start till the new year, so I'm lucky I am likely to start this year. Though I want my uterus removed, the fear is a prolapse of my bladder. So after Ablation is done they will wait a few weeks, ultrasound again and monitor blood loss and go from there.

No. 411747

But think of all the attention you could get with a prolapsed bladder.

No. 411751

File: 1509331829551.png (112.99 KB, 241x275, 1505377562479.png)

Does anyone have the full size version of the bottom two photos?

I noticed something interesting that could help to prove her case, but I need the full photos to circle it before I say anything else.

No. 411753

PS: The top two photos are of her allergic reactions that magically stopped happening, not of her after any sort of assault.

No. 411770

Interesting. Those types of fibroids are most easily removed laparoscopically, not with a full hysterectomy. And they don't cause bleeding…

No. 411783


You’re telling me they have you taking lamotrogine, an anticonvulsant medication, for uterine fibroids? In what world does that make sense? Or are you confusing it with the other medication, Fibristal, which you’ve been taking since June, if you were somehow able to afford it without crowdfunding? And then they can’t get you in to even have an ultrasound until the end of December? Weird since you were able to have CT scans and MRIs scheduled in no time at all. Here we go with things not adding up again.

No. 411795

File: 1509338424413.png (391.03 KB, 1080x1806, Calmdown1.png)

Kelly is getting weirdly aggressive, and with someone who seems to believe her.

No. 411807

Halloween is nearing…The vampires are knocking at your door…Oh No…It's Kelly wanting more blood and attention.


Kelly originally posted them whilst accusing "the hacker". Ask her. Or are you Kelly? When she pretended she was hacked I screencappt everything from that "meandthemr" IG account. If I can find them I'll share them.

No. 411811

I’ll second anon here. Lamotrigine is an anticonvulsant and a mood stabilizer most commonly used in treatment for Bipolar disorder and other mood related disorders. It doesn’t have anything to do with uterine problems or fibroids. I’m genuinely confused here - why do they have you on lamotrigine?

No. 411812


Well she's obviously totally unstable. But I, too, fail to see a connection to fibroids.

No. 411828

File: 1509345218736.png (1.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-10-29-23-29-59…)

ohmyfuq. I'm am truly dense. Fibistral…

No. 411829

File: 1509345813740.png (402.03 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-10-28-08-51-11…)

wrong. none of those are allergies. in fact the pictures from before I even knew what a blood transfusion was. And the blog commenter wrote here earlier today

No. 411834

is there any way to see dates pictures were taken? This is hopeless. I don't know why I'm so desperate to be understood or believed here. Like sickly fucking bad. and the ig that posted those pics were actually linked back to lmw. Fuck I just want to stay out of here! I'll never prove shit. it is robbing me of my real life. Tearing any strength I felt for surfing. I hate it. I get that you have no empathy, understanding or trust towards me. And I really honestly am not… wasn't a liar till I was directed here. All that comes next is bitching at me for "attention whorring" or anything. You guys win. I'm just a shit waste of blood and life.

No. 411884

The point is that you don’t have to be like this. We’ve pointed that out to you so many times. Make use of your life. Do things that are meaningful to you and provide you with happiness. But it’s like every single time that the thread goes quite there comes posts like these >>407411 which are so fucking clearly you. Stop posting. Stop coming to this thread and stop posting your medical and mental health business online for attention; get an actual journal for that. Stay on your track with your health. I don’t believe you posted this thread, but you definitely contributed to the thread by continuously seeking it out, pretending to be other people posting here, and using it for more attention online by amping up the “people are hacking me” stuff. We only have one life and that’s it, then it’s over; use your life for good.

No. 411936


"the blog commenter wrote here earlier today"

How could you possibly know if the blog poster posted here? You're getting paranoid.

No. 412007


You’ll never prove shit because you have nothing to prove. It’s like you’ve been going through the stages of grief and starting over when you get to #4. You’ve denied exposing yourself for the fraud that you are, you became angry when you were called out on your bullshit, you told so many lies you couldn’t keep up with them so you attempted to bargain with us - our sympathy in exchange for your admission of guilt in bullying yourself, and now you’re depressed because you didn’t get the asspats you thought you’d receive for being such a brave little spoonie and coming clean. And this is the cycle - deny, freak out, plead, cry. Surely each one of these will catch a few of us here, a few of us there. I can’t speak for the others, but I can tell you that your attempts at “being understood” don’t work with me. I think you are a deceitful, manipulative child, that your lying is pathological and you won’t be satisfied until you’ve convinced everyone of the extravagant stories you’ve told. Is that too harsh?

No. 412015

If you have the original files and not the versions uploaded to Instagram, you can feed it into a site that shows exif data like I did to prove you were lying about having been hacked.

No. 412017

File: 1509389540370.png (2.02 MB, 1277x1417, hidden2.png)

Do you have any more photos of these injuries from other angles? I think this is what you need to prove the abuse was happening.

No. 412019

>from before I knew what a blood transfusion was
>was with paul in 2009
>was 34 in 2017
>didn't know what a blood transfusion was at age 26

Kelly, did you go to school? Or did Uncle Donnie keep you locked up in his rape basement?

No. 412020

>I don't know why I'm so desperate to be understood
because you have a compulsive need for attention. you're not getting enough attention from your self-bleeding, so you come here and shitpost your heart out to get the attention you can't live without. If you were 'so desperate to stay out of here' … you would. close the fucking page, how hard is that.
I personally don't give a shit about any of this (other than the abuse of blood that should be used for actual medical problems, not to satisfy a factitious disorder), I just check in every once in a while to see if you've been sectioned yet.

No. 412031

File: 1509392349066.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, dhMeAzK.gif)

No. 412067

You’ve done this before >>395528. Stop posting it and pretending it’s someone else. Stop self posting. You wonder why people don’t give you the pity you so desperately cling to? You yourself admitted not once, not twice, but many times that you posted in here about yourself, and in negative light. Talk about a massive social media addiction.

This! Thank you for mostly saying what I couldn’t quite articulate. To add, I check on here to see how long the thread dies before Kelly continues to throw more onto the thread or post shit like this >>407411 or this >>410021, which sadly happens quite frequently.

No. 412069


She probably doesn't have any more pictures, because it's obviously shopped to hell and back lmao, just look at her arm

No. 412128

My crystal ball shows that her new topic up for discussion will be about dissociation disorder aka MPD. Wonder how many personalities there are. As a child in 1992. How old would she be?

No. 412148


She's 35. If you scroll through Gina's facebook you can find people telling her "Happy 34th/33rd birthday!" For some reason she's weirdly protective of her age.

No. 412167

I'm guessing she's angling for a psychosis or DID defense to justify her behavior. The face thing she's been doing is in preparation for an upcoming instagram post she'll make about tardive dyskinesia (as a side effect of her AP – in her case it's crippling, I'm sure), I guarantee. It was pretty recently that she posted a video of herself spazzing out on the couch so her idiot followers could dx her with dystonia, iirc. The journal entries are part of the package.

I get the sense from the psych discharge papers she posted in the previous thread that she's also a psych munchie. Whoever was managing her case indicated that sometimes she'd go into a dissociative state during her therapy sessions, thereby prolonging the session and demanding extra attention and care from the psych nurses. There was something else about her becoming triggered and acting hypervigilant under observation or directly in their care (i.e. during therapy), though it wasn't written from an accusatory perspective. Pretty easy subjective experiences to fake, nevertheless.

Nothing about being put into the snowflake protection program they apparently host in the fucking forensics unit. Nothing about having ever been assaulted while in psychiatric care. Just a girl who diagnosed herself with PTSD (and C-PTSD) in lieu of BPD, which her psychiatrist was receptive to because of the absurd history of abuse she fabricated. Makes me wonder if psych professionals aren't generously giving C-PTSD diagnoses to clearly borderline patients.

Anyway, frankly, this bitch is such a supreme cow that I wouldn't be surprised if she got pregnant for the sole purpose of having a "traumatic" abortion. It seems pointless to even suggest something like that in this thread since it sounds like an accusation not-Kelly would sling, but I'll take the risk. The magnitude of her lies even has me doubting the validity of her "twin", who is demonstrably real but must be just as loony as Kelly to not have cut contact with her years ago.

Use of excessive commas (and lack of commas where appropriate), free-floating tildes, non-greentext replies that are nonetheless formatted like poetry, a distinctively retarded use of exclamation points, ellipses with more than three dots, starting multiple sentences with "And", phony newfagging, a poor grasp of semi-colons, random double spaces – all point to Kelly self-posting, IMO. Just my field notes. Mentioning these patterns really doesn't matter since she genuinely can't emulate average intelligence.

I know all the cows graze their threads in delight but I almost would like to see this one die, if only for the satisfaction of removing a vital source of her attention.

Kelly, you're a histrionic loser who will only be remembered for being a manipulative, lying cunt. Fuck off already.

No. 412206


Legit. ????
Can we stop giving this borderline cow attention? We’re just feeding into her need for attention and there’s no real milk here.

No. 412222


No. 412245

It's going to get milkier. I feel it in my blood. Is her cat safe? She wrote about killing and eating a dog, and she mentioned a dead cat. Did she eat that aswell?


Is the snowflake protection program for the patient's own safety from harming themselves rather than safety from a pretend abuser? She's already claimed dyskinesia, it's not a new thing. She always twitched a bit in her blood service videos. You doubted twins ~ haha, imagine them being triplets..

Anyone know where the mom fits into this batshit craziness?

No. 412251

Oh my god. What if she hurts Chompy and spins it into some crazy Paul story? I could honestly see her doing something like that and I'm getting upset just thinking about it. She's so borderline.

No. 412261

It is horrifying the way you just won't leave her the Fuck alone. You are all pathetic low life losers. How can you deduct all of these ludicrous accusations just from her facebook? And I am not some manifestation or figment of her imagination. The name calling and petty bullshit only shows that you truly are fags. I also have been screen capping all of the this sick game you've created. And have you noticed a certain Kelowna "anon" is not posting here any longer? Likely she is crying at home and looking in the classifieds for a new job. The people here are on very thin ice. Do you actually believe that a vpn can hide you completely? I'm embarrassed by association. Holy Fuck It's bad. I'm not made up, or crazy, but holy Fuck I'm mad. Sit back and look at what you've done. Wow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 412271

File: 1509427465958.gif (992.95 KB, 500x375, yawn.gif)

>not made up
yes. because yet again its kelly lashing out. angry that bawing didnt have the effect she wanted. big surprise

No. 412276

Deets on Kelowna anon plz. Did she work for the hospital?

No. 412279

File: 1509428468496.jpg (195.29 KB, 768x1024, 2013-07-21-22-43-53.jpg)

No. 412280

File: 1509428512495.jpg (221.28 KB, 768x1024, cam06654.jpg)

The black eye might have been real, but where did the cuts on her forehead go?

I do believe she was abused, but not to the extent she claims.

No. 412297

File: 1509431752837.png (80.17 KB, 851x493, hardedge.png)

No. 412298

I’m placing bets these were all posted by Kelly so she could respond with this >>412261

No. 412301

File: 1509432014727.png (120.62 KB, 447x195, fake2.png)

Christ all fucking mighty.

No. 412302

Actually, I’ll add >>412271 to the list too. OT as fuck, and maybe I’m the retarded one, but what in the hell is bawing? I’ve seen it numerous times in this thread, usually with Kelly-type speech as referenced/explained by >>412167 but what the hell is bawing? And why is that same not-Kelly person always saying that and feefees? We get it, you have the intellectual capacity of a grain of sand, and can only talk in toddler language, but find some new vocabulary.

Sage for off topic literary rage

No. 412305

have a snickers anon it will be ok

No. 412373

Anon was pretending to be mom. I don't think she even lives in Kelowna. I've missed the point of why anyone brings her up in here.

No. 412466

File: 1509466926779.jpeg (201.61 KB, 1188x1184, B238D81B-2884-4A17-A382-03A4DF…)


So, I decided to recreate this photo a little. Kelly above, me below.
Notice the dimpling in my chin - this is from my extending my jaw outward. You can see dimpling in hers as well.
And the swelling on one side with an absence of swelling in the lips? I thought that was strange, as one would assume that being hit in the face in that area would surely result in a swollen lip. Put my tongue to one side and voilà!

No. 412472


Kelly, your sister has already made it abundantly clear that she does not want to be involved in your shit show. STOP pretending to be her. You’re giviving her a bad name.

No. 412508


Not from Facebook. Written in her journals written with her own paws. Kelowna anon is probably Kelly searching for new escort career. It's her own bullshit ~ all of it. Noonesforcingyoutobehere so fuck off. Period.

No. 412527

Kelowna anon probably just walked away when she realized this woman from church was batshit crazy.

No. 412542


Nobody feels lowkey sympathetic towards you because you punched yourself in the face repeatedly, just in case that hasn't been made clear.

No. 412704

She didn't even punch herself. You can see the hard edge because she photoshopped it.

No. 412778

So funny though, but the accent https://youtu.be/tNpFv_OeRNQ?

No. 412781

You photoshopped them in 2010 because you were a borderline in 2010 too.

No. 412884

File: 1509538143099.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, CB9E4CC8-855E-48D0-9D85-CE1C80…)


You’re not funny, Kelly. You’re pathetic. Also, look what YouTube recommended for me! Right below your videos. Ahahaha.

No. 412928

https://youtu.be/jsd0jtl30gY >>412466
Some of us have a lot of extra time I guess.

No. 413048

Kelly, just get some help. Stay away from the internet. You need intensive, long term mental health care or you will be living this miserably for the rest of your life. Any medical problems you genuinely have, get actual help for those too without interfering with the treatment. You're making your life a living hell just for brief moments of affection from strangers. Whatever lolcow has gotten wrong about your life – it doesn't matter, there's no point in coming back to this thread every few hours just to work yourself into a meltdown. I think people in your life will have more respect and admiration for you if you overcome your BS and make amends with the people you've manipulated and lied to. You're 30-something for christ's sake.

I'm not going to post in this thread anymore because you've definitely gone of the deep end and I don't want to contribute to you spiral. I wish you well.

Sorry farmers for the extremely faggy white knighting.

No. 413074


It took me maybe two minutes to take that photo, crop it, and write that post. You spent time gathering materials, making a video, and uploading it to YouTube.
I’ve got a full-time job. How about you?

No. 413182

Just a heads up, I'd be more precise about who or what you hope will die. I even had to read it again to see that when you say I hope this one dies that you meant this thread. >>412167

No. 413187

Yeah, it was just poorly worded. I meant the thread.

No. 413282

File: 1509588570196.png (855.6 KB, 1200x1739, Screenshot_2017-11-01-22-02-36…)

This may not be relevant currently but I was creeping through her sisters ig and found this with her birthday on it.

No. 413284

This was posted in March of this year btw

No. 413306

Read the rules newfag. Blur the names unless they are on this topic as a cow. The birthday shit is so boring. Sept 10th is the new cat. They both act fucky about the birthday(s)

No. 413322

Yes Kelly, Gina's doctors put the day she got a new cat on her medical papers instead of the day she was born. Makes sense.

No. 413366

Not whiteknighting imo. At this point there isn’t even any milk. This thread turned into outright cancer when Kelly kept ban-evading and self-posting so much without it being labeled by admin/farmhands. It’s become the Kelly show, with Kelly constantly revealing her private/medical information to make it look like she has some hacker which admin proved there wasn’t, and irrelevant posts that have nothing to do with actual milk. I hope admin keeps track and if it’s just Kelly constantly self posting it should be stopped. Kelly, I sincerely hope you find peace and stop with these kind of behaviors.

No. 413424


We all know that there was no hacker and she has admitted it. It is indeed the Kelly show hence the thread name and content. Admin/Farmhands don't have to prove who is posting what. Admin helped to prove what was happening ~ they even warned her prior to revealing her posts. It's not only Kelly posting here ~ though it's easy to recognize which are her posts. There is always some milk here, you just need to look for the smaller details. If you don't want to read everything you can opt to "hide saged posts" ~ simples. Or if you're wanting really fresh milk maybe try a different thread.

I'm actually liking Kelly right now. She's sharing what may be very personal traumatic history and I think we're being shown something rather special. For psychefags this has rarely been seen ~ as I have said before, I'm interested in learning more about her and possibly trying to gain a better understanding. I'm open-minded right now and watching the behavioral cycles are fascinating.

Right or wrong, truth or not, she's got balls. Massive balls. She's no quitter. Most people would've crumbled from watching their own thread going down but here she is, still fighting and defending. And she's continuing to share her blog. She's been in Psyche for years and it's obvious that they've let her down and not succeeded in fully treating/helping her. I'm bored of others constantly telling her to get herself back into intensive long term Psyche treatment ~ she's already endured that and they failed her.

I've had another look at the Psyche notes that she posted way back on this thread ~ Maybe have another read of them if you've got spare time. They make more sense now that she's shared more information. I'm interested in the dissociation ~ I'm wondering if "dissociation" could have been the reason for the whole "hacking" incident.

Saged for expressing mixed thoughts and psychefagging

No. 413471


No. 413472

No. 413490

Just another curious anon. Psyche.
It's unfolding bit by bit.

No. 413504

Also, their excessive and extremely unnecessary use of “~”. But you called it anon. Bravo.

No. 413546

Does it trigger you much? Psyche, psych, psycho. Depends how you look at it. Bravo Charlie Delta ~ now kindly Foxtrot Oscar Anon.

Saged for speshul anons

No. 413586


Considering “psyche” - pronounced sy-kee - is an actual, defined term, it should not be used interchangeably with “psych” or “psycho.”

>>413424 - you’re not a “psych” fag if you can’t even spell it correctly. Love the fact that you’re talking Kelly up, though. “She’s got massive balls.” Yeah, storytellers are the new martyrs, huh?

No. 413657

I'm willing to entertain the idea that you aren't Kelly.

I enjoy watching it unfold as well. Bit by bit.

No. 413789

File: 1509662534155.png (313.38 KB, 764x960, htc_10159660575785193.png)

"I'm not wasting blood I swearrr" Because those cuts didn't bleed. What a better time than now to claim insanity.

No. 413792

I'm not going to condemn Kelly for cutting because I have similar arms, BUT

>But mainly it pretty much punched me in the face with shame and guilt that the blood from the cuts was not mine to waste.

No. 413793

No. 413989

That is actually sad. Not to WK everything, but I think she's telling the truth. We shouldn't assume that everything she goes through or does is munchie and lies. Also Some of the posts getting pinned on her are mine

No. 413999


Dissociation usually occurs with a trigger. Wondering how singing a Christmas carol, surrounded by friends, caused a dissociative episode.

No. 414000

- Kelly

No. 414003


As psychology is the study of the psyche {which is actually pronounced as "sike-ee"} I choose to use the term psyche. As the Grammar Police/Spelling Bee Adjudicator you will find thousands of posts to correct on these threads. Go on, enjoy yourself.


Let us enjoy the unfolding bit by bit together.


Some of my posts are being pinned on her also. It happens because of her prior posting whilst claiming to be other people. Easy to work out which are her posts even though people are playing the "Kelly not Kelly game". Or are you Kelly?


Old cuts, old scars. Old news. Read the whole threads.


Ask her. A camera flash maybe? A bad Christmas memory? Try asking her, she appears to open to questions.

No. 414004

Kelly, I am trying to read your blog, really trying but I can't figure out how to view them in order from the beginning. Please consider a different format where we can click to view successive posts. Thanks.

No. 414014

File: 1509689941349.jpg (55.76 KB, 613x600, 7ad.jpg)

If psyche anon wasn't Kelly, you definitely are.

Pic related, it's dinner.

No. 414015


With mashed purrrtato…

No. 414243

I'm really curious about the dog that Kelly ate.

Where did it come from?
What breed was it?
Why did it get killed?
Did she have to kill it?
Did she see it die?
Did anyone go looking for it?
How was it prepared and cooked?
Was there fur in the potatoes?
How does she know that Paul didn't just fry up some steak and tell her it was a dog?

No. 414270


“Sy-kee” didn’t read as well as “sike-ee” for you? Though, if we’re to get really technical about this, the emphasis would be on the first syllable (si), so it doesn’t make sense your way. But regardless of how you want to use the word, it sounds a little ridiculous in the context you tend to use it in. “I’ve just read her psyche notes again.” This is why it can’t be used interchangeably despite your fagginess towards to field of psychology/psychiatry.

Sage for needing to get the last word it. :)

No. 414289


Did you mean "fagginess towards THE field of psychology/psychiatry" rather than "TO" and "sage for needing to get the last word IN" rather than "IT"? Thanks for the chuckle though, seriously X.

Saged for possibly having the final last word ;-)

No. 414421

Different anon, your use of the word “psyche” in the context of “I’ve just read her psyche (pronounced syke-ee) notes again” is comparable to saying “I want salty on my fries”. You don’t ask for salty, you ask for salt, unless you’re retarded. Psych (pronounced syke) and psyche (pronounced syke-ee, hard e) are different and not interchangable. Stop acting like you’re literate when you have a very rudimentary understanding of the English language and grammar.

No. 414672


STOP with the psyche versus psych bullshit. No one gives a flying fuck on rollerskates you pretentious assholes. I'm inclined to think none of y'all know what the fuck you're on about. Fuck, and fuck again.

Sage for fuckin' feduppedness

No. 414739

File: 1509761665841.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2208, 3E41FA34-ED33-4DD8-ABAA-6DBCEB…)


Hahaha. Shit, yes. Was busy and typing too fast and didn’t proofread. Hats off to you!

In other news, anyone else see this post?

No. 414814

File: 1509772364146.jpg (25.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

And coincidentally, Kelly's latest journal entry is about the dog. She killed it, fucked it, cooked it herself. I wonder if she looked up YouTube tutorials to help her skin it.


No. 414828


Well, this thread has gotten weirder since I've last checked in on our Kelly.

Seriously? Her big narrative is some made up story about fucking and eating a dog? I am starting to wonder if she's actually psychotic and believes all this crap.

No. 415089

File: 1509817391316.jpg (329.75 KB, 941x1564, IMG_20171104_114147.jpg)

Fuck off Kelly, I already taught you how to use trip codes so no one can impostor you and you refuse. You are loving this.

No. 415101

If I asked Gina if you were ever forced to have Intercourse with a dog, what would she say?

No. 415484

File: 1509840544940.png (74.85 KB, 750x529, IMG_2323.PNG)

Random question, but are her eyebrows tattooed?

Sage for total randomness

No. 415495


I've been wondering this for so long

No. 415519


Kek me too!

No. 415629

3.5b Don't engage in overly repetitive nitpicking of a subject's appearance.

Stick to the topic. Picking at Kelly’s appearance has absolutely nothing to do with what she’s been doing.

No. 415633

I think she gets them microbladed.

No. 416030

File: 1509896617464.png (2.06 MB, 1440x1423, htc-11-05 07.08.09.png)

They draw them on.

No. 416121

So she spazzed and deleted her blog.

No. 416126

What happened? She mad because her photoshop skills are trash?

No. 416284


I have screen caps of the posts on Marina's account. Do I need to block out any names? Befor she deleted she posted screen caps to her blog blocking out the user name of her second sister (How did I miss that she had another sister???) and adding screen cap of her blog header with a big circle around the "Fictional" part.

No. 416285

I hope some one got screen caps because sweet fucking jesus. Some ass jojo or joey posted long messages to all of her family revealing everything about fucking dogs. I actually think that was bullying, unlike what is said here. I feel bad for her a tiny bit, But the ass hole ruined her milky fucked up blog for the rest of us. I believe if you look in her other sisters last post it might be there. Marinajup as well as a comment under the kitten post of Kelly's. Her instagram is also private so if anyone can get in there take screen caps before she deletes that account too.

No. 416286

The picture with their dad and them as babies is where told us about 4 other sisters and a brother. His response was funny.

No. 416300

Screenshots of the dad post? Probably blur out their faces.
You'll want to block out names and also delete this post because it has the name of the M sister.

No. 416301

Don't post that sister's name. She's not a part of this drama.

No. 416308

It's really funny to laugh at Kelly's antics, but I do think she does need help. Hopefully now that her family is aware of the claims that she's making online, she'll chill a little bit.

No. 416321

File: 1509999156042.jpg (305.69 KB, 1079x1136, IMG_20171106_130828.jpg)

No. 416322

File: 1509999252593.jpg (495.58 KB, 861x1455, IMG_20171106_131314.jpg)

No. 416323

File: 1509999337563.jpg (383.72 KB, 1079x1138, IMG_20171106_131433.jpg)

This doesn't read like a farmer to be honest. It sounds like someone she knows IRL.

No. 416326

lol so its not embarrassing when kelly makes up some weird shit about eating dogs but when someone relays the information its upsetting and damaging and shit. like she totally didnt blast that around in the first place.

the person they contacted sounds like an asshole

No. 416329

the person they contacted sounds like Kelly.

No. 416331

Good job,glad you were able to get those. Kelly has been silent on instagram for the last two days, no one has asked where her blog went either

No. 416337

She's Kelly's older sister, and I don't honestly blame her for her reaction. If my little sister were as histrionic as Kelly, I'd probably get sick of people running to tell me every time she's done something weird.

That person should have minded their own business.

No. 416343

I wonder if it was Kelly also. If my sister was making posts about fucking dogs and eating them, I would absolutely want to know so I could at least try get her help.

On the other hand, maybe you are right, and she's just sick of dealing with Kelly's shit. But the Anon's story about her brother struck a chord with me, and maybe it will with Kelly's sister also. I can't imagine not trying to help my sister. But it does sound like she already knows about Kelly's shitty freakshow blog.

No. 416350

Kelly's siblings are in their 30s and 40s. I imagine they've tried to help her as best they can, but there's a point where you just have to throw your hands up in the air and say "fuck it". Kelly has already been committed, and she's in a residential apartment building. There's really very little that her siblings can do aside from babysitting her 24/7. They have their own lives.

No. 416846

Has Kelly ever gone dark this long? I'm kinda worried about her..

No. 416867

She was online yesterday to delete her blog.
I'm sure she's fine. She's probably just visiting friends or doing something else offline.

No. 417406

So I'm wondering if Kelly's family has talked to her about her online story telling and how it reflects on them.

I'm kind of mad at whatever overweight Christian mom went and talked to her sister, but at he same time, Kelly can't be doing this. 90% of this thread is still very obviously Kelly trying to make herself look bullied, and it's demented and sad. She needs to find another outlet for her creative rage. Is her ballet getting boring?

No. 417963

Way to stereotype your fellow human being. OHHhhh, but I forgot, it's okay to harbor prejudice (and make racist, sizest, bigoted, and misogynist comments) against white, overweight, Christian women, but not thin, non-Christan, minorities. Please,please help me get up to speed on the new racism and and bigotry, because I'm not following. I'm really trying my damnedest to understand who I'm allowed to hate on anymore. Thanks.

P.S., I am not a Tumbler acolyte either, on the contrary, I am usually the first to come down on PC bullshit, and the feefee sensitive newspeak. I just feel the need to point out the fucking hypocrisy that is so pervasive in society anymore.

Sage for rambling sarcasim.

No. 418058


No one said anything about the overweight Christian mom being white, therefore this isn’t a race thing (but if the shoe fits…). Get out of here with your Christian persecution accusations. You’re just angry people aren’t falling for that bullshit anymore.

No. 418081

I'm sorry you're butthurt that Kelly's sister dismissed your attempt at "saving" her.

No. 418092

>feefee (seriously? this is 4 year old lingo. you might as well have said doodoo or peepee)
Along with the extra spaces, the non-spaces, etc., I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Kelly talking to herself again. Regardless, go back to elementary school and relearn basic grammar and spelling.

No. 418205

Well she hasn't gone completely dark. Jesus christ that was hard to watch. Apparently that person contacted her dad.

No. 418208

Contacting her dad is going way too far. I really doubt it was anyone from Lolcow. Has her blog been posted anywhere else?

Anyway, Kelly, instead of using a Wordpress, use a LiveJournal. It's way simpler.

No. 418211

Conspiracy theory time: "Joey" is an acquaintance from her high school or a friend-of-a-friend.

No. 418446

My bad, sorry for missing that and overreacting, anon. Also, I am deffo not Kelly. Sheesh, the paranoia is real.


No. 418587

File: 1510153301849.jpg (332.96 KB, 1750x2100, KstYnhe.jpg)

>Apparently that person contacted her dad.
>Contacting her dad is going way too far.

Welp, when you put actually, literally insane shit publicly on the internet, you run the risk of people calling it to the attention of someone who may be able to do something about it. Not seeing the problem here. I hope he gets her the help she desperately needs.

No. 418629

File: 1510157238934.jpg (290.18 KB, 1076x1149, IMG_20171101_221503.jpg)

She's lucky it was someone concerned for her mental health vs. a militant vegan or something.

I hope she'll stop doing this. Yes, it's funny to see her self-post and hack her own accounts and backtrack and lie, but compulsive lying for attention is a mental illness and it's clearly interfering with her day-to-day.

No. 418646

That YouTube video hurts to watch. I agree that it doesn't read like a farmer though. If you are new here, we do have rules and I would suggest reading them. She said her dad doesn't live close and they don't have a relationship. I think her blog was honestly an account of what she's been through. She wouldn't be the first person to experience that. Going through her notes again, and the doctors notes are consistent with what Kelly writes. I really wanted to hear the rest of her story. I am connected to all of her social media accounts, and the only other place I've seen her blog was here. I've been entertaining the idea that what she was sharing is actually true. I gather she described it as "fictional" for self preservation and find it shocking that so few understood that. I hope she opens up again. In regards to all of the comments telling her to get help, I think her long stay in psych was the help and now she is trying to understand it all. I don't understand the whole white knight shit and I am hopefully not in that category. I am intensely interested in this and the mysterious blood loss.

No. 418651

She had it quite private. I don't think she did that shit to her own instagram.

No. 418664


Am I the only one who didn’t find that hard to watch? I just don’t feel bad for her, and I think that’s why she’s finally breaking down. She hasn’t been able to convince most of the people here of her LIES and it tears her apart.

No. 418673

I believe some of what she's written as well, but I'm mostly interested in Kelly's story because I recognize certain attention-seeking patterns and techniques in her behavior that I also have. I have a diagnosed cluster-b personality disorder, I -may- suffer from Munchausen and I -may- be a bit more consistent in my lies than her because I'm a touch smarter. I'm pretty fascinated with the similarities between her and me. She's gone to some pretty great lengths and she's amazingly transparent, but some of her story is definitely true. I want to hear it.

I hope she'll come back. Don't let some random lady silence you, Kelly.

No. 418743

Self-posting her medical stuff and links to her accounts on lolcow farms and kiwi farms, among other places, is not keeping it private. She has admitted to self-posting here, and has been quite blatant about it. The bestiality and all that stuff was not private, as she brought it up here and elsewhere. I don't believe that shit ever happened, and I continue to hope that she gets help.

No. 418750

I really want to reach out to her, with interest, but I know as soon as I get involved with this cow I'll end up posted on here.

No. 418834

It shows the video was made yesterday and only made public today. My gut feeling is that her crying post is genuine and not about lies and being a munchie. I too see attention seeking behaviours, be it deliberate or just how it comes across. I think (maybe I'm dumb) that she was talking about her psych/abuse to somehow validate her anemia. I also wanted to see more, and also find out why she constantly wishes for a mom, or a real/new mom. Everyone knows she is dramatic, however I can't imagine her writing all those journals for fun. It's probably the most truthful part of her we've seen. She wasn't editing it to seem like a victim, many times she is in fact feeling like the bad guy. As for the video, it is sad. One of the attention seeking behaviours is posting things like that. That doesn't mean it's fake. I have read several articles on brain washing, and it actually talks about the outcome of therapy or as Kelly says "deprogramming" to be as she describes it. I think she has all these empty parts now and is desperately trying to fill them. I feel this could explain calling her nurses her family, and obsessing over her Instagram account. I don't think she knows who she is, or where to look. I might be far off about this because I'm not a doctor or even a friend, but like many just very interested in how this unfolds. Falling apart is not what I see happening because if you think about it we really actually can't discredit her with 100% certainty. I am understanding the self posting more and more it unravels. wrong place to seek validation, but I think that's what she is doing. She might be confused about how and definately where to get validated. People tend to re-victimize them selves while trying to find them selves. If she is indeed blood letting, it would be classified as Munchausen Syndrome but at a different weird level and maybe not for the typical reasons. I'm not sure what I believe at this point about the the anemia. She seemed very stable and friendly up until around the time she was alerted about our forum. she's been told over and over to stay away from here. I think we can post here what ever we want, and our speculations are just fine. She hurts herself by reading and posting in this thread. I would be very interested to know what she has posted, as she has been responding as herself lately. Shit I'm so undecided.

No. 418854

Canada has a huge problem with sex workers going missing. Kelly, if Paul is real, and you are still seeing him, I'm sure he's done this to other women. If he has not been reported, it is imperative that you report him.

No. 418881

Kelly should share her journals under an alias. That way, if someone contacts her dad or something, he'll see it and go, "No, this is Kelty Donahue's blog, not my daughter's, but I see how you got the name mixed up."

No. 418938


Sorry whats GOMI?

No. 419038

File: 1510184800187.jpg (135.74 KB, 956x824, the son costanza.jpg)

-t. Kelly Petrovitch

No. 419597


If you are indeed bloodletting, it’s not at any weird level of anything. It’s Munchausen’s - you made yourself sick for attention.

No. 419646

File: 1510253795475.png (16.01 KB, 273x629, oaky.png)

Okay Kelly.
In your video you mentioned. wanting to be able to make it easier for people who jump right into your blog to understand what's going on.
It's really easy to do that on Wordpress.

First, think of a title for the story you're writing. It should be something a little more professional than "noonesforcingyoutobehere", but actually, you could call your story, "No One Forced Her." Or something.

Go to the "My Site" page,
And you see that button that says "Site Pages"?
Click "add".
From here you can create some pages that appear on the top of your page.

Create a page called "About this Site"

IE: This is the story of Kelly, a young woman who spent a year in the psych ward after escaping from an abusive situation.

Create an "About Me" page.

"Hello, my name is Kelly. I'm a ballerina, writer and a proud cat owner. I've created this blog to help me deal with some issues I've had in my past. If you have any questions about the story being told here, please ask! I love questions."

Create a page called, "Is this for real?"

Now this is your chance to be as vague and mysterious as possible. You are now a different person than Kelly in your stories. Refer to the Kelly in your journal in third person.

Tell some story about,

"Every day in Canada and around the world, hundreds of vulnerable women in the sex industry are forced to endure horrific abuse and assault. Although the international image of Canada is blah blah blah, brainwashing and human trafficking does occur.

Kelly's story is a creative writing project meant to bring attention to these issues."

Once you make those three pages, click on "site pages". Don't click "add", just click on the text. You'll notice that there are four pages. "About me", "About this Story", "About" and "Is this real?"

Delete the page that's just called "about" because that's the one that WordPress automatically comes with.

Now, in the menu, beside "Themes", click on "customize". A new menu will pop up. On the right side of the screen, you'll see your blog, and you'll see some pencil icons.

First of all, you can click the pencil beside the social media icons and just remove that.

Then, you can click the pencil beside the names of the pages you just created. The menu will change to a list of all your new pages. If you click "add items", another menu will pop up beside it. At the very top of that menu, there's some text that says "custom links". If you click on that, you can add pure links to your menu.

You should do that, and add some links to sites like:

http://www.cbc.ca/missingandmurdered/ (I know you're not Indigenous, but it's related to Kelly's story.)

etc. Make it look real nice and professional.

I know you want to tell this story. Don't let some dumb lady stop you. Tell it.(learn 2 sage)

No. 419704


You can also make an about page about the dog, since it seems that most people are taking issue with that.

"About the Dog"

"The dog in this story is used to illustrate the depravity and contempt that abusers have for their victims. An abuser usually has multiple victims, whether they be human or animal. It is important to remember that if you've been abused and brainwashed, you are not alone.

Young Kelly did not want to hurt the dog, but her abuser, Paul, had so much power over her that she felt like she was unable blah blah etc."

Obviously put it into your own words but you get the point. You can use these pages to explain the controversial parts of your journals.

No. 419788

Nope. It's her trademark over the top drama. It's over exaggerated, like everything she does.

No. 419797

She wasn't stable before finding this place, she's always been like this… it's just finding its way on to the internet now. And once on the internet, it never goes away.

No. 419807

more creative writing is the last thing she needs, anon. she's done way too much of that already.
better advice:
go to google
input 'psychiatrists near me'
use results to get help.
(alternatively google > blood donations > spend some time thinking about how many people could be benefiting from all the blood she wastes and consider making donations to the blood bank instead of just withdrawals all the time)

No. 419959

>I think her blog was honestly an account of what she's been through.
>She wouldn't be the first person to experience that.
Experience what exactly? Beastiality and cannibalism of an animal? I agree with the rest of what you said but who does that and writes a blog about it? That’s not exactly normal. Obvious extreme whiteknight is obvious. Stop blogposting.

No. 420076


No it's not normal, and I consider myself to be lucky that I have never been exposed to that kind of abuse. However, hundreds maybe even thousands of children and women in Canada have. Currently, Silver Creek, Salmon Arm, in Canada is in the news. Human remains have been found on a farm and there has been a massive police presence since 21 October. Dozens of sex workers have been in the area in the last few weeks and have gone missing. Last week the RCMP named an 18 yr missing old sex worker whose remains had been found at the farm. Some suspect that it could be another Pickton farm horror. A lot of families are waiting for news of their missing family members. I'm not linking it, just Google 'silver creek salmon arm and you can read dozens of stories, news updates and statements from local folk - so many weird goings on.
Went off track there, but I think Kelly should be able to share her story. I can't see why she should keep silent about it for so long. She has said that she was finding it helpful to share the horrific abuse that she has suffered. As she explained that she had been brainwashed and forced to participate in such insane horrific abuse and was diagnosed with Stockholm syndrome. Her blog was for her benefit, not yours.

Whoever contacted her family, fuck you. Kelly clearly stated that the people who needed to know about it knew. Her YouTube video was sad. She doesn't have much in her life, and was trying to establish a relationship with her Father. You have most probably ruined that for her. I thought the rules stated that you DO NOT contact people.


Those links are sad I know it's happening in a massive way in Canada BC particularly, and not just indigenous women/girls. There are news stories about people in high places being involved too. Corruption is everywhere. I've also read articles about brainwashing and weird experiments,the military have been known to do that.

Saged and hoping I don't disappear overnight

No. 420096

Anon, I think most of us here in this thread know what's happening in Silver Creek, considering the person we're discussing and the area most of us grew up in.

Just saying. I'm sure there are a few Internet randoms in here still…

No. 420103


Really? Nobody's mentioned it though. From all over the world on here. I posted it for the guys not in Canada. Are there a group of you here who know each other?

No. 420104

Stop with the excessive blogposting. This is an image board. Make it quick and short, no full-blown synopsis necessary. I agree with you that the contacting of anyone is beyond fucked up and against the rules, but I don’t think your average person (nor most people) have gone through what she’s written. Yes, there have been some (less than thousands) of horrific stories, and if it’s true (like with most of Kelly’s stuff) I hope she gets help (and if it’s still happening that it stops). However this is an image board to discuss what does and doesn’t make sense or add up, not to blogpost how badly we feel for her. We get it, you really support her and think she’s wonderful and has had a rough life, but this isn’t the place for your gushing whiteknighting. God this thread really has gone to shit, there’s no milk anymore.

No. 420108

I'm sorry if any of the missing ladies and their families are known to you.


Fuck off. Calm down it was saged.
What if it's all connected? I was providing information for those who don't know about it, so fuck right off. If you don't like it, go find some other shit instead. Gtfoh

No. 420109

Do remember Kelly has a history of adopting other stories as hers, or just plain making stuff up.

No. 420115

Oh my god this isn’t a mystery novel or a crime show. If her sister was that concerned or any other friends or family members or if she was in danger I’m sure they’d step in. That or they’d put her in forensics again which still makes absolutely no sense to me considering forensics is a high security facility for severely and criminally ill individuals. It also doesn’t matter if it’s saged or not - read the fucking rules. No blogposting. People can easily google it if you leave a short 2 sentence description or the name of the situation. Cannot believe I’m sitting here explaining this to a newfag.

No. 420119

Wtf you going on about? Stop blogging

No. 420158

Stop the off topic blogging.

No. 420160

Right, because reverse manipulation tactics work. I was explaining the rules, because apparently you’re too retarded to read and decided to shitpost about how much you think Kelly is such an amazing person and courageous etc. Get over yourself. Sage for OT bullshit.

No. 420162


No. 420167

I mean, she's obviously made stuff up and self-induced various conditions, but whose story has she claimed as her own?

No. 420297


We don’t know exactly because they came here anonymously to expose/confront Kelly. The person claimed to have MS, and said Kelly had gone to several people through Instagram who are actually diagnosed with MS to ask invasive questions about symptoms and what kind of tests were used to diagnose their specific cases. Seems harmless, but this person claimed Kelly took their story nearly word-for-word and used it to share with her followers her random MS diagnosis. You’ll find it somewhere in this or the previous thread.

No. 420323

Damn! I must be getting my munchies mixed up because I thought that was a different one.

No. 420374

Anyone have the deets on what went down between littlemisswheeler and Kelly?

No. 420393


No, but I'd be interested to learn. For her holier-than-thou attitude, you can bet LMW's been in here stirring shit.

No. 420454


Wait I thought they were super duper close? What happened?

No. 420514

Without outing myself, I just know that words were exchanged and accusations made and then Kelly deleted her from social media.

I'm trying to pry a bit more now.

No. 420615

The stories about Paul are hard to believe for a lot of reasons, not because such awful things don’t happen - they do, all to often. But because people who do these kinds of things don’t do them to people that are living freely in the community. They’re not stupid enough to risk being reported and caught (by the victim, family, bystanders, etc), and there are so many possible other low risk victims that they can disappear and hold captive, that they wouldn’t bother with the extra risk of letting a victim just live freely.

About the many journals… don’t doubt the power of a person in a manic phase to get a ton of stuff done in a short time.

No. 420622

I think this is the longest time she hasn’t posted. While I may rag on about how stupid all of this is, I hope she’s okay. I just want to reiterate it’s not okay to reach out and contact people in her life, and whoever did that, that’s fucked up. Sage for OT and I know I’m going to get something like “sure Kelly”

No. 420633

We've discussed not contacting her family to death. There was briefly a post on her page telling her to stop "acting like Marilyn Manson" and ranting about the LORD. I really think it was a misinformed Instagram mommy.

No. 420703

If you want to help speed up Kelly's post markings, please list comments you suspect to be Kelly's and we'll check. You don't have to list every single comment, anything helps. We'll get it done asap and give you some time to laugh at her afterwards before we'll lock the thread to discourage her from spamming further.

No. 420717

I’ve already posted a few but the one I wanted answered the most was >>206313 because that is the first mention of Kelly on this site that I found. If that’s her that posted it, it proves she brought herself up here before, and the responses to it were likely her defending herself, months ago.

No. 420719

Sage for samefagging but I’d like to also include
>>206391 (if this isn’t Kelly it’s proof that people did like her too and wanted to drop her from the discussion)
>>206642 (likely Kelly in my opinion)
>>206921 (again, possible repeat of proof of people wanting not to talk about Kelly)

There are also a lot of posts in that thread that read like how Kelly posts, such as >>207085 but it’d take hours to comb through those. Look for lingo like “AF” and “WTAF” as well as excessive use of “?!?!” and “….” because that tends to be Kelly’s style, as well as misspelling Munchausen and other words.

No. 420735

I agree with you on a couple of these. A couple of others are not close to her writing style. A couple are discussions in other threads, so it’s not self posting.

I don’t like it if she is self posting, but it’s not as much as some tinfoil wearer here thinks. I’ve been accused of it, and I’ve seen a lot LOT of others accused of it that obviously weren’t. Ms Tinfoil has killed this thread since nobody wants to discuss or add milk since “sure Kelly “not-Kelly” follows a lot of posts.

I think Kelly does post here but she doesn’t hide when it’s her. I also think she has been imitated here too.

No. 420751

Admin-sama PLEASE don't lock the thread! Kelly is my favorite cow, and I'd like her thread to continue! I'm having major surgery in four days and I'd really like it if I could continue reading about her coo coo misadventures. Please and thank you.

Sage for brief blog posting and unabashed begging.

No. 420877

Please don't lock this thread as it's legit become part of my evening entertainment.
>>420751 She's my favorite cow too. And I feel there may be more milk to come. Her blog mentioned her disliking the taste of blood, did anybody cap that? Was it a beverage?

No. 420981

First post. If I didn't do it can we find out who did?
Sincereley: The Kelly's

No. 421103


The Kelley’s? Why plural?

No. 421435

Interestingly, the claim that her alter identities are all her just at different ages, is unlikely.

No. 421504

File: 1510466291052.jpeg (550 KB, 1536x1965, B8AF3D92-2909-4B8A-BA4C-072506…)

This was written last year. When she was 34. Seems to be a synopsis of one of her speeches.