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File: 1508812374249.jpg (20.19 KB, 275x149, 1500493920508.jpg)

No. 408576

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/399180

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Recent Cows:
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chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness (facebook)
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What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 408578

File: 1508812645438.jpg (463.9 KB, 1297x1658, FullSizeRender 4.jpg)

Sorry for reposting this from the last thread, but it was right before the new thread was made. Delete if not allowed.

GGP on her other account, stating she can't eat most foods. Kek,not if it's not come from Dunkin Donuts she can't…

No. 408580


Um, people with GP are trying to get more calories in, but not with junk food. But also, most people with legitimate GP aren’t obese either. GP doesn’t have “safe foods” that are individual to each person, there are specific foods that are good and not good for GP, and it’s the same fore everyone (although some people can tolerate more if the good foods than others). None of what she eats would be on a GP diet.

No. 408588


She's already posted that video that stated she doesn't have GP but was confused by the way the results were given to her. But she's still sounding like she's angling for a diagnosis.

No. 408590


Saged for samefag, but I just reread this and it sounds more like ED behaviour than gastroparesis. Or she's just a fussy eater- as in she'll eat junk food but nothing vaguely good for you.

No. 408599

File: 1508815052779.jpeg (349.8 KB, 750x1049, B5429B05-5001-4381-B556-BF7E54…)

bendycripple, ladies and gents, mooching more of tax payers. classic munchie using programs that would actually be good for those who need it… though I guess you could argue that she’s too mentally f*cked to get a job

No. 408613


What a fucking idiot. Energy drinks with POTS are a terrible idea! Also it pretty much invalidates her claims to have a plethora of heart conditions if she even considers drinking them.

(From the list on her tumblr:
mitral valve prolapse
long QT syndrome
postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
ventricular arrhythmia
inappropriate sinus tachycardia
other dysautonomia)

No. 408618

noticed that too. monsters can put your heart on overdrive when you’re healthy; they can frickin explode your heart with any ANS / cardio problem. her lies are as bad as jaquie’s

No. 408619


Even Jaquie doesn't drink that shit. But yeah, bendycripple's dx list is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

No. 408632

Example of a munchie going too far (from actually sick to lying to defraud a charity). Also seems proof that you can be obese and have gastroparesis.


No. 408667

Unfortunately most cows aren’t technically doing doing anything illegal with their gofuckmes and such. But I would say that they’re committing insurance fraud, except in the uk, where they’re defrauding the government. Otherwise people are freely giving them money, even though it’s under fictional circumstances.

No. 408690


Not an expert on the US medical system, being all NHSfag, but having worked at a US hospital for two years, I had to take some classes on insurance fraud and the like. Apparently, patients basically cannot commit insurance fraud - typically, health insurance fraud as opposed to social security fraud is when doctors bill for services not rendered or different services from what were rendered.

No. 408693


UK cows are. There used to be a statutory offence called obtaining by deception, which in turn evolved from larceny by false pretenses. Now, since the commencement of the 2006 Fraud Act, the s.2 FA06 offence of fraud by false representation has taken its place. What that requires is a gain/loss and a representation of fact or law. There's a complex mental element to it (usually referred to as 'dishonesty' but it's way more complex than that might make it seem!). CPS hate prosecuting petty fraud (below £10k) because it's so incredibly hard to prove the requisite dishonest intent. But yeah, at least in England, what these folks are doing is far from legal.

No. 408738


> people are freely giving them money, even though it’s under fictional circumstances

Yeah, that's fraud.

No. 408777

File: 1508853520105.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6498.PNG)

Claims shoulder is dislocated due to super severe EDS (uses knee braces and a wheelchair at the same time which is unneeded) covers "dislocation" with an emoji and posts video of her moving her middle finger and holding her arm up.


She's also got Austin Carlisle wrapped around her little finger - he genuinely has a severe connective tissue disorder that has ruined his career in music, she's had several people that are famous in the alternative rock and metal scene push her wheelchair including the lead singer of "we the Kings" been following her a while. I'm not convinced she's got EDS.

No. 408968

Austin is genuinely and truly very sick but that doesn't excuse his shitty behavior which I have milk on for days…he's as ott and horrible as non famous insta spoonies.

No. 408972


Sounds interesting! Please do share the milk.

No. 408973

File: 1508890000275.png (2.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-190336.png)


Also no precious central line and tpn for her! Just tube feeds and of course she has to add "well I'm going to try to mess up these tube feeds however possible so I can get a scary special picc and temp TPN because I'm so sick"

No. 408974


why just why. Who takes pictures of their vomit and posts it online. Disgusting.

No. 408978

It doesn't even look like vomit..chocolate or not

No. 408983

I second this, I'm curios to know what shit he's pulled

No. 408990

File: 1508893135612.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-195834.png)

Does anyone follow her personal account?

No. 409000

Yeah that’s not vomit. It’s not the right color or texture , and it’s too uniform (sorry for gross vomit talk). It looks like she poured really runny brownie or cake batter on the floor.

No. 409002

A full dislocated joint is one of the most painful things possible, and rare even for eds. It’s not a sit at home and take selfies event, it’s go to the er because you’re on the verge of passing out from pain. It also looks awful and sometimes swells. She didn’t dislocate anything.

No. 409011


Not WKing, but when I saw "doesn't want to stay in place" I assumed they meant their shoulder was subluxating frequently, not fully dislocated. Cows would lose their shit over full dislocations (heck, those of us regular folk with EDS do too).

No. 409012

File: 1508901742599.png (239.83 KB, 496x598, you must have had some shitty …)

every time i go into the facebook support groups lookin for genuine tips i see cringey shit like this

No. 409018


Heck. If you can swallow a pill, then you can eat some fucking soup.

No. 409021

Ugh I can’t stand the cows that call subluxations “dislocations”. Subluxations happen all the time in eds and it’s not the end of the world. You don’t bitch about it and go to bed, you do what you need to, whether is wiggling things back into place or whatever, and getting on with your day. Yeah it hurts, but it’s just part of the deal and not something you live your life around. Yet these cows act like they’re practically dying.

No. 409025

File: 1508909977361.jpg (393.09 KB, 1304x1489, FullSizeRender.jpg)

Kat (Unicorn Spoonie/ GGP ) went to Olive Garden! How come these cows who can't eat anything because of their super bad stomach problems can eat this greasy shit? Whatever her stomach issue is, GP or not, this would NOT be recommended. She posted lots of pictures - the soup was cream based and covered in cheese too. Oh dear.

No. 409027

File: 1508910021058.jpg (237.08 KB, 1273x1482, FullSizeRender 5.jpg)


Does this chicken dish look fucking "light" to you?

No. 409037

File: 1508914490889.jpg (660.88 KB, 1260x1680, Phototastic-25_10_2017_b19d5ee…)

Here's some recent milk from Dani Endless Voices. Until the comments on this post, she wasn't really posting much about her symptoms. But after the concern from this follower, she spirals into munchiedom. I'll get those screencapped as well.

No. 409038


ugh is this an anon trying to induce more munchie behaviour? don't encourage her ffs

No. 409039

File: 1508914915065.jpg (422.79 KB, 1260x1680, Phototastic-25_10_2017_e2bd2e2…)

These posts followed the concerned comments.

No. 409040

That was my first thought when I saw them as well.

No. 409041


But they seem to know too much about how the system works to be baiting.

No. 409043

File: 1508915266096.jpg (289.74 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-25_10_2017_8190bff…)

And two recent Facebook posts.

No. 409046


Can we for a moment mull over the fact unicornwhatever knows someone legitimately called Cleadass?

No. 409115

File: 1508936427752.png (1.01 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0363.PNG)

Can we discuss this girl lily more photos to come

No. 409116

File: 1508936449327.png (2.53 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0359.PNG)

No. 409117

File: 1508936469568.png (3.23 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0364.PNG)

No. 409118

File: 1508936488918.png (3.68 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0365.PNG)

No. 409119

File: 1508936509982.png (2.88 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0366.PNG)

No. 409120

File: 1508936521841.png (980.13 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_0360.PNG)

No. 409122


Wtf how do you remember a conversation, especially small asspatting details, if you were in 10/10 pain? The closest I've ever come to 10/10 pain, everything was a fucking blur to me, cause you're in shock.

No. 409123


She seems genuinely unwell but she's definitely revelling in the attention it brings.

No. 409124


I'm taking this with a grain of salt though, as she's still updating her bloody Instagram story. Why would that be the priority?

No. 409125

She may have some genuine illness but she's lying about her pain levels and almost certainly her meds.

No. 409127

Right stayed awake after having ketamine!!!!

No. 409128

File: 1508937796656.png (652.66 KB, 818x604, wtfruby5.png)

Speaking of munchies fixating on their pain drugs, here we have Ruby smugly posing for a hospital selfie.

I dunno about anyone else, but if I'm in extreme pain, I don't have the composure she's showing. Granted she's probably drugged to the gill, but still.

Of course, somehow fibro and CFS and a vaccine injury is supposed to put her in the hospital for something like extreme pain. Just aching muscles and shit. Ffs.

No. 409132


But……pain where? She's being weirdly non-specific. Also she looks calm. Though that might be the morphine.

No. 409145


The fact that she mentioned that she got IV Tylenol already makes me suspicious. Also nobody that actually needs fentanyl brags that it's so much stronger than morphine. The dosages are different for a reason eyeroll

No. 409148


Seeing as an equianalgesic dose of fent is much less euphoric than the equianalgesic dose of MST, they're full of crap. At the hospital I used to work at a few years ago, the standard long term IV analgesic was fent and not MST, as the allergy risk is a little lower. So for patients who were on long term MST analgesia, we actually used to slightly up fent to give not just the analgesic but the mild sed effect that's useful if e.g. you need to do a closed reduction.

No. 409163

File: 1508943403673.jpg (465.38 KB, 1284x1881, FullSizeRender 6.jpg)

MyBlondeVoyage is at Breakspear having a 6 week holiday, I mean TREATMENT course. Her story shows she's been going out with friends a lot in London. I'm surprised she can eat this, considering she's still having "Allergy vaccinations" for things like lamb, broccoli, garlic and onions. She's taking the fucking piss.

No. 409164

>A full dislocated joint is one of the most painful things possible, and rare even for eds. It’s not a sit at home and take selfies event, it’s go to the er because you’re on the verge of passing out from pain.
That really depends. On a lot of things, but mainly on whether the dislocation was traumatic or atraumatic and how loose the joint is in the first place. It's possible to have a dislocation that makes you almost pass out, but it's also possible to have a dislocation that's more like "aw shit, can't get it back in by myself." I mean: I wouldn't make selfies, but I don't get the whole oversharing thing in the first place.

Having said that.. that picture doesn't look like a dislocation at all. Not even like a sublux, but it's not like we can see that now, can we? And that's probably the whole point of that emoticon.

She definitely is actively lifting her shoulder (like a shrugging position) and while I guess it is possible to be stuck in that location when your muscles go into spasm with a dislocation or subluxation, it also is exactly the thing that actors tend to do when they have to pretend to have a dislocated shoulder and are creating some asymmetry to make it look like the joint is not in it's normal position. I'm sitting here trying to figure out in which direction the humeral head would be dislocated or subluxated for the muscles to hold it in that position, and to be honest I can't find it.

No. 409166


So why isn't this bitch in a coma with BG that low?

No. 409167

3.5 isn't low? At least not where I live. I know the US uses different values.

No. 409212


IIRC this would be 35 in the US? Though 3.5 doesn't feel great haha

No. 409226

3.5 does in fact equal 35 in the US. Not comatose level, but definitely below the baseline of 70 (7)-100 (10) in the general population.

I have to agree with
on this one. Dislocations that happen due to lax joints as opposed to trauma to the joint tend to hurt less and you tend to get used to them in EDS. Not to mention it’s a lot easier to explain to the general population that your joint has dislocated as opposed to trying to explain what a subluxation is. Obviously, the munchies don’t differentiate because multiple dislocations sounds more severe and gets more asspats than multiple subluxations, but most people can’t wrap their head around the fact that joints can partially come out of place – they think there is an “in place” and an “out of place” and nothing in between.

No. 409436

What do you mean?


"My intestines hurt."
Omg..im dying at that comment.
I guess she is bored milking GP, or slowly working herself up to bigger and better things?

So her mild GP she fought (literally fought) for years for is not enough for her anymore, or getting to that point and she's probably growing tired of manipulating her situation for that precious tube.. I get a feeling that she still tubes herself off camera (wised up) as she leaves little evidence behind time to time. Also get the feeling that if her Drs wont set her up with tube feeds, she'll probably just tube herself and tell the internet it's an NJ temple placed. (Which won't go over well with the net anyway because shed be lacking everything that comes with the home tube feeds)
Now she's moving on to (or getting there) intestinal issues.
She must have already forgotten her intestines function just fine. Zero issue there like motility and poor absorption.
Just like her GI system will digest liquids with no issue, but suddenly she can't do a liquid diet because she is so nauseated, she couldn't keep liquids down, and liquids trigger her super special anorexia.
And when she eats solids it's not even soft or puree.
The entire situation really just makes me have a gut feeling that once she's caught or backed into a corner she will throw back that her anorexia is so so severe and not just the worst her state has seen but the worst North America has seen, "look what my ED did to my body. I will never fully recover from this damage."

No. 409495

Okay so I saw that Cherie was posting about me on lolcow (it’s lily here) and I was explaining the fentanyl dose on Facebook for family and friends that don’t understand it and I have never been on my phone when I have awful pain I only go on my phone when I’ve had pain relief and try and distract myself!

No. 409498

Also just because you are knocked out from those meds not everyone is the same? When I’m in a lot of pain my meds don’t knock me out! And doctors don’t prescribe strong pain relief if you aren’t in pain? And nurses don’t score your pain 10/10 and your observations don’t go crazy if you aren’t in pain? But you think what you want to think you don’t know half of it! All you know is what I post online.(namefagging)

No. 409568

Lily, we’re not supposed to interact with cows but if you are convinced what you said is true, you and your nurse are mistaken. Doctors give morphine in the ER a lot of times for pain that’s at a 5/6 (including for undetermined chest pain that’s not even at that level). Strong pain killers aren’t always inidictive of the level of pain, just the consistency or continuity. The normal pain scale developed by doctors, researchers, and pain foundations state that most of the time people are at a 10/10, the people are unconscious and/or delirious (having delusions or hallucinations), and the 10/10 usually occurs in active injuries or in spikes of chronic pain (tends not to last for hours). Coming here and explaining yourself when we’re all familiar with the pain scale is laughable. Please learn and teach your nurse how to actually use a proper pain scale. Ta!

No. 409614


Also you might want to not enter your email address ffs

No. 409616



10/10 pain is very, very rare. Most people do not experience it, ever, in their lives, and people have gotten shot, stabbed and subjected to horrific injuries without reaching 10/10. A 10/10 pain level is an acute medical emergency, as much as an MI or a stroke.

Now, nurses don't score your pain on a 10/10 scale. You do, and they put it down. There are specific pain instruments that need to be administered and scored by nurses, but the V/NAS scale, which is the one that goes 1-10 and is most often used, is entirely subjective to what the patient says.

Ps. In truly severe pain, analgesics don't knock you out but actually increase wakefulness as they pull you out of pain delirium.

No. 409621


Also, short of minor aches and pains, morphine is indeed the go to pain med, and it is not reserved for severe pain. It's cheap, it's well known, its side effects reverse with an antagonist (unlike NSAIDs), it has no bleeding risk (ditto) and it can be given in more ways than I could think of, including PCA. So short of contraindications, we use morphine and fent for everything, including stuff that your mom would normally just give you an aspirin for.

No. 409622

so a munchie turns up and your response is to feed them information they can use?

No. 409681


Who is Cherie?

No. 409683

File: 1509034659546.png (337.21 KB, 686x593, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 17.1…)

kek, Lily is in Chronicallyp's cow herd!

No. 409689

File: 1509036561981.png (539.25 KB, 540x927, Screenshot_2017-10-26-17-38-16…)

Yet another one running feeds at 35ml an hour and claiming weight gain…

No. 409716


She’s one of the cows who gives me th biggest eating disorder vibes.

No. 409728

>She’s one of the cows who gives me th biggest eating disorder vibes.
Definitely! Even her 'body check poses' are screaming ED. And now she is gaining weight on 35 ml/h? Yeah right.

No. 409733

Totally an ed not GP or whatever. She’s tired because she’s eating definitely under 1000 calories, about half what she needs. A typical adult goal rate would be 80-100 ml an hour for a good part of the day. And she’s having a hard time not eating veggies? She’s literally a textbook anachan.

No. 409736


I watched one of her vlogs (and my god is her voice irritating) and she said that before her gastroparesis, she basically lived off fruit and veg. Ana chan vibes.

No. 409774

File: 1509048326864.jpeg (151.83 KB, 749x746, 2BB4CBC1-6DDD-40B7-9A62-FDA7AF…)

Okay you guys, so I did some sleuthing on Facebook because Dani (endlessvoices) and found some interesting stuff, like this picture of her boyfriend who most of us (myself included) didn’t believe existed.

No. 409775

File: 1509048426079.jpeg (151.26 KB, 750x751, 7612C2AC-5731-4152-8088-14E4BA…)

Then there’s this one- she used to actually care what she looked like in pictures- like she looks happier too?

No. 409776

She looks like an actual person in that picture, nice find anoj

No. 409777

File: 1509048522637.jpeg (118.52 KB, 750x644, 8035EE98-B67A-4A03-81BC-D9860C…)

Is she diabetic? Does ED mess with your sugar this way? Like I know it can make it go down but? This is really high.

No. 409779

File: 1509048577784.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, A7107CE1-4077-4B71-8EA4-A8E274…)

But my favorite is this one, for obvious reasons.

No. 409805

binging would

No. 409808

Really? Why would she check her blood sugar though? It’s not like anyone angles for a type 2 diabetes diagnosis though…do they?

No. 409832

File: 1509053903737.png (598.59 KB, 720x1109, wp_ss_20171026_0001 (2).png)

Look who is having to miss another pageant. Nicole has been in hospital again just days before a pageant event she was excited about. Still not sure how nobody (including Nicole considering how much she understands about the psychogenic nature of her illness) has connected the dots between her planned pageant appearances and hospitalisations.

No. 409834

File: 1509054081045.png (332.4 KB, 709x988, wp_ss_20171026_0002 (2).png)


The hospital post from a few days ago.

No. 409861

but dani doesn't have eds?

No. 409966

that’s what’s so weird about her posting this.

No. 409988

She wants to have it though..she has been angling for POTs for a long time..and since internet has shown these munchies that GP,EDS,POTs somehow became the in style group of illnesses she must also have the other illnesses to be more specialer because mild GP is just not enough.
She has been going this way for a long time.
It's really a matter of time before she caves and starts on about having full blown Pots and eds online..shes going to claim them with or without an actual dr doing testing and diagnosis.

No. 409991


She's not diabetic.
In fact she has been called out on IG for testing her BS.
She bought the monitor and the supplies needed out of pocket for personal use. I will try to find the post on IG and share it here.
Basically she said she only checks it twice a month (I think) and only because she has a relative or 2 that is diabetic and she has to keep an eye on it..which makes no sense at all.
For a BS like that I won't be surprised if she had a type of sugar on her finger or had a sugar binge until it posted high enough.
130 and up is high
180 and up is high after eating
She's running so low on attention since she's switched her IG account again..this will get interesting.
She truly has no knowledge about blood sugar and diabetes and still tries to pull this type of shit. It's sad.

No. 409992

This is the ONLY picture of them and him.
He doesn't like his picture taken..

No. 410006

File: 1509067733673.jpg (920.59 KB, 1073x4246, Screenshot_20171026-202317.jpg)


No. 410008

File: 1509067747796.jpg (1.33 MB, 1057x6112, Screenshot_20171026-202418.jpg)


No. 410009

File: 1509067762656.jpg (1.48 MB, 1008x6283, Screenshot_20171026-202533.jpg)


No. 410010

last one.
Sorry guys..i couldn't get it in a college without cutting most off.

No. 410011

File: 1509067817908.jpg (1.19 MB, 1078x5427, Screenshot_20171026-202650.jpg)

And it didn't even attach..sorry.
Last one


No. 410016

She's absolutely dealing with an ed..and proper care and treatment would probably do her wonders but once she's recovered she gets no attention.

If it counts for anything what people refer to as a permanent tube is not permanent. It's simply held in by a balloon or bumper and are easily removed..the stomas heal up super fast..and the scars usually look God awful..but shed probably love that and wear crop tops 247 to show it off.

No. 410025


I see she's copying the American cows. "Team". Uhhuh.

No. 410026

Shelbie apparently did the same. She bought a BS monitor (too bad it can’t monitor munchie bullshit) because she said she had “prediabetes”.

No. 410028

Medical team is an actual phrase for people who have doctors working together?

No. 410034


I know. But it makes her sound super seriously ill, eh?

No. 410067

Not really, no. Even people who have, say, an OT, PCP, and a case worker have a medical team and they and their team will refer to that connection as such. Maybe I’ve just heard the phrase so much in the average person that it doesn’t affect me like it does you, but I’d assume seeing “medical team” as a standard citizen wouldn’t ignite a “oh she’s so sick” response, but more of a “this person has some docs working together” response

No. 410077


I'm not-very-dramatically ill, have about 5 medical/psych/social people whose care I'm under but I wouldn't call them a "team" because they don't do anything together as such. Only two even work for the same hospital. If I see my cardiologist, his findings don't go to my rheumatologist and vice versa.

But maybe it's just me being weary of Jaquie comandeering her "team". I'll stop now because this is getting decidedly off topic.

No. 410089


I like how she bounces between saying she checks it a few times a month to once every two months to once every two weeks depending on who is questioning her/what they are questioning her

I wouldn't be surprised if she tested without washing her hands - after eating candy (which I believe she says she always keeps in the house). I don't know much about BGs but I would guess it is easier to fake a high than a low. Although its interesting because most of these munchies complain of low BG and Dani is choosing to go high. She is clearly not gaining attention via the GP route so maybe its time to pick a new disease?

This post is from almost a year ago - she surprisingly hasn't jumped on the EDS bandwagon but she has been angling for a POTS diagnosis for a while but I don't think she can get any doctor to take her complaints seriously. I don't doubt that she wishes she could have EDS/POTS like the other munchies she worships. She gets called out enough for the BS she posts so I am guessing that is what has stopped her from claiming EDS/POTS recently

For someone who apparently has a history of being a pharmacy tech - she seems to know nothing about medications. She also doesn't seem to have a grasp of a regular doctor vs GI specialist. I do wonder who is prescribing all her meds since she doesn't seem to see her PCP anymore. And interestingly the smart pill test was really just for a research study - not for any diagnostic purpose. And she probably wouldn't have "flares" if she could control herself and stick to a liquid diet for more than 2 days.

I don't doubt that the boyfriend did exisit - I just wonder if he currently considers her his girlfriend. For someone in what is claimed to be a long term relationship and who lives close to each other - they certainly don't spend very much time together. I get the impression that he more or less just calls her up every once in a while to sleep with her. I don't blame him for not wanting to appear in her attention hungry medical saga.
She does look happier and healthier in the older pictures. She just spends so much time inside obsessing over imaginary health problems. She is one of the cows that would benefit most from leaving her house and getting some sort of job or volunteer position.

Thanks for sharing the new (and old) milk about her - one of my favorite cows. I have been considering requesting her private IG since I know she won't be able to resist followers despite claiming to want privacy.

No. 410092


You can't fake low blood glucose as far as I know.

Once I felt a bit wobbly while in the kitchen, and tested my sugar in case it had dropped, and it read simply "HIGH" meaning so high it was out of testable range. I'd forgotten to wash my hands first and I'd been making cinnamon rolls…

No. 410154

>If it counts for anything what people refer to as a permanent tube is not permanent
O, I know. I just refer to it as permanent as opposed to a nasal tube, if that makes any sense. Normally when you only need feeds temporarily you'd get a nasal tube. If it gets more permanent (whether that is actually permanent or just "very long term and probably permanent") you start looking at the PEG/PEG-J/GJ/J etc. options. And while it is reversible, it will still leave a permanent scar.

It's just a whole other ballgame compared to a nasal tube you just pull out and everything is back to where you started. That's what I mean.

No. 410165


Doesn't really exist in the NHS the way it does in the US. For inpatients and intensive outpatient care, there might be MDT meetings that have several of one's docs present, but in general, we communicate by mail and there's little of the coherent team work that spoonies like to pretend there is. They're all thinking it's like House. lol no. Maybe for complex case teams, who tend to complex surgical patients/ICU patients, etc. but not normally.

No. 410167


Yes, you can, admittedly, it's not very practical. I found this out by mistake once, similarly to you. Except I did wash my hands… I just didn't dry them. The residual water diluted the blood and I got a LOW reading, but oddly enough, no error. Retesting with dried fingers, I got a very normal 5.0.

HbA1c, on the other hand, is reportedly impossible to fake indeed. Dilution won't work either, as the value is a fraction of the glycated hemoglobin in all hemoglobin in the sample.

No. 410198


And now Dani will know how to fake a low BG so that is next.

No. 410252

She can try but like it was mentioned it will be impossible for her to do at a medical level any Drs actually care about/will worry about..temple will just tell her to adjust her liquid diet or tell her to use the fodmap diet and/or liquid diet.
She'll be upset they don't freak and want to send her to an endo. Specialist
She can manipulate very little with prn bs checks, but her A1c has always been normal and that's the important part.

No. 410331


Oh gawd, isn't this that Lily girl who has a manager because she was in some grocery store tabloid magazines telling her story? All she does is whine,("in and out of conciousness from pain…")all these cows make themselves worse by waiting to take anything for their pain until it's almost past the point of no return and then run to the ED kek she may be ill but she makes herself worse by waiting to be passing out from pain! Wait until alll these little girls start seeing adult practitioners and no more paeds doctors, they're going to be treated much differently and their doctors are going to expect them to learn how to control their pain levels themselves kek adult wards/beds aren't as fun as paed wards they'll come to learn and maybe they'll grow tf up

No. 410350

shes really fluffing up huh?

No. 410355

I really would like it if you were right, but unfortunately we've seen many a cow here that is seeing a grown-up doctor and still munchies happily around. Besides, they just shop around until they find one they 'click' with, anyway. Like that chronic Lyme chick (sorry, always mix up names) that can't tell you who her doctor is because that'd be dangerous for him and could get in trouble with the medical board for treating 'Lyme' patients the way he does. (And that doesn't TELL you something??)

No. 410357



I love her comment "I'm not officially diagnosed."

I know I'm not the only one picking up on the wording here..
Runs in the family so her Drs want her to check it time to time (which in Dani terms means she checks it when wanting new and different attention and for no medical reason.)
Just because diabetes runs in the family doesn't mean dani is also diabetic or ever will be and with no symptoms and indicators her Drs are concerned about there's literally no point in her bragging posts (look how sick I am. Look at all my numbers. They don't lie type bragging)
"Not officially diagnosed"

No. 410364

>I love her comment "I'm not officially diagnosed."
Made me laugh as well. You see, it's not exactly a lie, but sounds SO much better than "no, I'm not diabetic in any way, shape or form."

"Well.. I'm not officially tested as the smartest person on earth, but…"

"I didn't invent the internet per se, but…"

"I'm not really an alien from outer space, but…"

No. 410430


Yup. Doctors aren't generally worried about low blood sugar in adults because it's easily noticed and easily fixed.

No. 410576

File: 1509150107089.jpg (783.28 KB, 1045x1883, Screenshot_20171027-192010.jpg)

No. 410635

File: 1509155090608.jpeg (191.24 KB, 750x1005, 1A8F9267-3FF4-4817-8E3A-BA1A48…)

Woohoo! Actually being productive and got a job…


No. 410636

File: 1509155161966.jpeg (558.14 KB, 750x956, 2EEAD9C3-FD59-41C9-95C3-548576…)

Quits job after TWO SHIFTS bc sitting at a cash register all day was too serious for her POTS


No. 410638

File: 1509155252722.jpeg (198.76 KB, 750x1088, FA5C5095-AAC3-47A1-A56E-158D97…)

Now gunning for a port, because the at home infusions three days a week aren’t enough anymore…


It’s annoying amusing watching this one spiral into munchieism

No. 410645


Haha wow that was a quick turnaround.

US POTS anons: are saline infusions considered standard treatment over there? I've never heard of non-hospitalised POTS patients getting them here in Europe (for like, emergency treatment).

No. 410650

They’re not standard per se, but they have pretty good efficacy if you experience hypovolemia due to POTS. The increase in blood volume can help minimize symptoms, but if you’re only using it for the tachy (like most of these munchies are doing), it become less effective quite quickly.

On the upside, many of these munchies are probably dehydrated instead of having POTS, which means the saline is probably actually helping them. But the downside is that insurance or taxpayers are paying for $400 salt water multiple times per week because these little shits can’t (won’t) drink water and increase electrolytes.

No. 410653


Gotcha. Still, at least this one actually got a job. It's maddening watching HypermobileGuy. Every post is about how his PA took him out to something fun like a freaking child. He's paying for a childminder haha (at least I hope he's paying, if this is off the social then that's appalling).

No. 410656

You can search through to find non-bs results on Google by searching “saline postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome if you’re interested in how routine saline helps true POTS/other dysautonomia patients. The push for outpatient infusion centers / home infusions was to cut down ER costs for docs, insurance, and patients (with ACTUAL issues), and to avoid exposing dysautonomia patients to germs unnecessarily.

No. 410659

Getting a job but stopping after two shifts isn’t commendable, though. Yeah, it’s better than the lazy munchies but there are a TON of people with severe chronic illnesses who have long-lasting jobs. Sure, sometimes it causes us to have worse days, but it’s effort.

No. 410660


Thanks. I do worry that a lot of people get their medical info from other cows, so they assume that a minor dizziness when standing up warrants a port for home infusions etc.

No. 410661

That’s the problem. Most of the people see someone get something online, thus they think it’s standard or special and twist their doctors’ arms for it. I’ve literally had people tell me their doctors don’t really want them to have x for whatever reason, then ask me how I asked my doctor for x — it baffled me because x was suggested to me by my doctors. It’s annoying AF to have people wanting to know the “secret in” into manipulating their doctors to get what they want and not necessarily need.

No. 410678

File: 1509158598488.jpeg (504.27 KB, 750x680, 1F8B2699-95A0-4417-B5F5-B22CE1…)

Jaq’s friend is spiraling further into Munchiedom by starting… dun dun dun… A PATREON kek

No. 410679


I can imagine she won't get lots of Patrons and will get sulky because she's comparing herself to Jaquie all the time.

No. 410680

The cow that is actually an anorexic…maybe she does have some illnesses, but her eating disorder is actually what’s killing her. And if you’ve been anorexic that long, of course eating a cup of food is going to make you feel horrible. She’s disgusting and is using physical illness as an excuse for her low body weight (which she constantly humblebrags about).

No. 410683

But putting in a port or picc or central line is a risk, and should really only be used if everything else isn’t working. Saline itself is benign, but any line comes with the risk of infection, even ports when they’re accessed. Getting sepsis from an infected line is no fun, especially when it can be avoided by drinking more fluid and adding more salt into your diet.

No. 410688

But you can get multiple infusions each week without centrals and these people don’t seem to understand that. There are so many risks of centrals that rarely outweigh the risks.

No. 410695

File: 1509160825371.jpeg (228.68 KB, 750x949, AF827269-D1BC-4790-B700-C21A80…)

I’m assuming that this is not good for all of her supposed GI issues.. idiot. “Sever” (it’s SEVERE with an “e” at the end) gastroparesis, cyclic vomiting, and IBS would not be nice to you with flaxseed or shredded wheat.

Flaxseed alone can cause GI side effects such as bloating, gas, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, stomachache, and nausea in healthy people. Shredded wheat is dense and is hard to digest in normal gastric transit.

But I don’t her you complaining about barfing or shitting herself like she seems to enjoy updating everyone on, so… guess she’s very much lying about her GI issues because this doesn’t add up.

No. 410700

this. its not as special as munchies want to make it out to be. people have jobs. very sick people have jobs. and would you know? they dont care to blast that to the general public because fake sympathy is not that tasty.

No. 410701

>>fake sympathy is not that tasy
this. god, having people pity your for your illnesses when you’re actually ill makes you feel awful. how tf do people enjoy this attention?

No. 410705


That shit has way too much fibre content to be okay for someone with gastroparesis.

No. 410711

And that’s just the cereal, not to mention the extra fiber and fat in the flaxseed. Gi problems my ass

No. 410769

Angie is supposedly planned to go to a hospital (finally)


However she is back demanding money to purchase a spine-board (which shes been asking for for years - why hasnt she gotten one yet?) so people can transport her properly. She seems to paint a lot of health workers very, very, very negatively and speaks theoretically about what can happen to her. Also revealing doctors and nurses made her walk and stand the last time she was at a hospital seems to me show a discrepency in what they think is wrong vs her own opinion. Angie reveals a lot more information about her situation through this stuff than her actual documents.

" The spine board could prevent a repeat of my mistreatment in hospitals w/ limited resources. In 2014, ill-equipped patient transport staff dragged me upright & forced me to walk (and collapse). When patient transport wasn’t arranged in 2013, hospital staff wanted to institutionalise me for lying down outside to wait for a taxi. While severely injured, I had to stumble outside a huge hospital campus to escape them and seek help from a stranger to get home."

Is it getting pretty clear a good portion of her disability is in her head?

No. 410770

Angie is also demanding money to pay for private carers while at the hospital.

No. 410772


Do Australian hospitals not have nurses these days? Or does she think they'll cotton on to the fact there's nothing wrong with her and ignore her?

No. 410776

File: 1509175121214.jpg (294.68 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-28_10_2017_a25df60…)

The results of Dani's Neurologist appointment.

No. 410779

She just enjoys painting a false and bleak picture to people who don't know what the Australian system is like. If she needed a spine board, trust that she would have one. I'm surprised people give her anything with the way she is so forceful in her demands. Maybe she just scares people into it.

No. 410781

>smiling face
>daily migraines

No. 410785


It's a common duality. I just watched some possible-cow's (definitely OTT) Instagram video where they talked about how they were currently having the worst migraine of their life, couldn't stand the light etc (despite holding the phone up to their face to record).

Same OTT maybe-cow described themselves as "bed bound" then a few hours later posted a pic of themselves making cakes. Like, yeah. I don't think you know what "bed bound" means.

No. 410881

File: 1509203391670.jpeg (532.7 KB, 750x1013, 6CD88FEC-FC5C-4ED7-9886-D6564C…)

This girl looks like she’s slipping into munchiedom

No. 410888

File: 1509203891258.jpeg (431.2 KB, 1936x1936, 01007CA2-D903-4645-A6CC-21A9F3…)

so much health drama with bendycripple. if it’s not a psychosis or suicide issue, it has to be some bizarre occurrence caused by her “very sever” vascular EDS. I’m gonna say eardrums don’t spontaneously perforate even in fragile types of EDS…

No. 410894

How do these cows convince people to take photos of them in all these medical places, especially during tests? That alone is bizarre.

No. 410923


Spill the milk, who are you talking about?

No. 410994

File: 1509217153608.png (180.74 KB, 750x1067, IMG_5188.PNG)

'boyfriend' gets mentioned on here again
existence of said boyfriend questioned… again

Stop lurking on lolcow and making up illnesses and boyfriends and get back to actually doing something with your life Dani. You had a good job that allowed you to not only help yourself but to help others. Go back to that. Anyone in ANY kind of recovery, be that ED or addiction, will tell you that having a focus outside of yourself is important.

No. 411002

Nice bloated binge belly on this one. It’s so obvious she’s just got an eating disorder. She’s also got a pudgy face so I’m guessing she couldn’t keep up with just anorexia and is binging and purging

No. 411018

Also she doesn't talk about EDS, but she put it in her bio anyway kek

No. 411033

@girllearningtofly is claiming her potassium level is .8 and saying she can’t sit up without passing out. If it was really that bad they wouldn’t have let her leave the hospital and if she’s passing out so much call an ambulance already. I’ve noticed she’s milked her symptoms for awhile, passing out on instagram videos. I definitely think she’s ill, I think she stretches the truth though.

No. 411048

File: 1509224046294.jpeg (342.95 KB, 750x1167, B523E702-E54C-407B-A0E2-6615E1…)

Well this one is interesting. May be ill, but is definitely OTT about how bad she is and how others treat her. (OP is the same as reblogged person)

No. 411064

She LIVES IN THE UK, what the fuck. Can't believe she's whining about lack of support and wanting to move. This is an incredibly safe and secure country to be disabled in compared to the majority of the world.

Not pro DWP or anything, but she's delusional if she thinks she'll be better off (almost) anywhere else. While people who deserve to be on benefits do regularly get rejected, they also reject people who shouldn't be on them.

No. 411081

She could just get a flu vaccination but I guess that wouldn't get her as much attention as a mask.

Right! Also the rate of successful appeals for disability benefits is pretty high (probably because it's mostly legit applicants who bother going through the process)

No. 411084

Further exploration reveals she has fibro, the wheelchair she wants is a powerchair (she probably has no chair at all since there's a manual on the wish list too - for all that people love to bitch about Wheelchajr services, they do get you a chair or a voucher quick enough if you actually need it), and she's around a U.K. size 20.

No. 411092

File: 1509229114784.jpg (254.87 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20170929-231830_01.…)

This account just appeared as a suggested account for me to follow.

I don't think anyone could take a photo of them having an absence seizure, even if it is psychosomatic.

No. 411101

Unless they’re aware and are just kind of “locked in” while experiencing said event.. like she has explained before. Conversion disorder can be a bitch for people

No. 411139

This is the most disgusting thing on this forum I've ever seen..omfg.
She needs to not drag everyone around her down and be thankful for what she still has. Not lost of a cheap gift list..lost it at wheelchair. Not cheap!

No. 411141

She albino?
Her eyes are telling me albino

No. 411155

Nope just pale and obese

No. 411160

File: 1509235948474.jpg (442.63 KB, 978x610, ott.jpg)

- collapsed thanks to severe nerve pain, in the ER they noticed her weak pulse and high blood pressure,they checked for a lung embolism
- emergency doctor wanted to give her Ketamine and the doctor at the hospital only gave her some weak painkillers
- didn't sleep for 7 days, but can take photos, that aren't blurred
- she's even able to write a blog entry without grammar or speelling mistakes and it's really long!
- they told her to stop screaming, because there are other patients

When you notice that you got poked 12 times you obviously don't need Ketamine. And being able to take a "good" photo is also a clear sign, that you aren't in so much pain. I'm still wondering how she's able to keep her 9k followers while being to OTT? How can you believe such a story?

No. 411174

WTF. I didn’t realize she lived in the UK. I thought she was bitching about the USA or something (which isn’t HORRIBLE right now for people with disabilities but has it’s downfalls). But she’s a UK cow and is acting like this?! She’s a brat.

No. 411206

File: 1509241383915.png (30.64 KB, 516x624, wtfsock.png)

Also found on sockknitteranon, a bunch of bitchy munchies citing a now dead link about not exercising bc waaah paaaaain.

The dead link was to some article about how exercise doesn't help chronic fatigue syndrome. Y'know: the only pain syndrome that has no biological basis, and what 3/4s of these munchies bitch about.

So here's something: almost all pain syndromes that are biologically based, and not due to trauma, can be relieved by mild exercise. Hell, even the ones due to mild trauma can be helped by exercise. CFS just has to be so special snowflake that golly nothing can help but ridiculous amount of drugs and wheelchairs, you guys!

Fuck me, I guess my myositis isn't nearly as serious as these people's CFS, since moving around helps my muscles feel better. Gosh, I haven't considered how privileged I am for being able to medicate with exercise.

Please excuse me while I jog to the river and drown myself.

No. 411208

File: 1509241612685.png (39.09 KB, 564x684, wtfsock2.png)


Sock likening her fibromyalgia to smallpox and being an incurable disease. I love this woman, it's like she never emerged from the melodrama of LJ.

No. 411214


The UK is being investigated by the UN for violation of disabled peoples' rights. The system can be pretty punitive. But the healthcare is there, and it's free at point of service. (The flip side is munchie behaviour rarely gets indulged.)

No. 411217

Which is of course unfortunate. Regardless, she is talking more from a standpoint of not getting her medical equipment and food it seems, which are two areas that someone truly ill would get vouchers for quickly after proper appeal. She’s whining that her followers won’t indulge in getting her expensive medical equipment that should be free to her

No. 411236


Oh, yes, I definitely agree she's acting petulant and entitled. I had to double check her age! She's behaving like a child!

No. 411243

excuse my asshole nature, but out of all the OTT and munchies on this board, dani's face annoys me the most. im not saying she's ugly, but her face always has an idiotic or smug expression

No. 411247

She just turned 30. Hard to believe.

No. 411248

I wanna know why all these overweight munchie cows are claiming EDS. I’m not one to body shame, but a large majority (not all obviously) of EDSers have an overactive metabolism and many have Marfanoid Habitus (a Marfan body type – typically slender), mainly seen in cEDS [shorter stature but other marfan features] and vEDS [very marfan like body type plus facial features] but can also appear in hEDS [typically spindly fingers and high metabolism]. Unless these EDS munchies have hypothyroidism, the majority of them would not have EDS plus be overweight. Bed bound EDS patients even tend to stay pretty small, so how tf are these munchies getting diagnosed with EDS when 1) 80-90% of their pain is probably just too much weight on their joints, 2) their joints are unstable, loose, and maybe dislocate-y because see #1, and a majority seem to fit the body type of a minority of true EDS patients.

No. 411251

No you’re totally right, even heds patients tend to be taller and thinner than average. Also eds can cause gi problems, which can contribute to lower body weight. But being overweight can hurt joints just as much if not more than eds. Of course the majority of cows only have internet self-diagnoses

No. 411258


I have hEDS, and being unable to exercise properly has made me gain quite a bit of weight. I still have some EDS-typical measurements like armspan longer than my height though. I know being overweight can put pressure on the joints, it just irks me when people assume that being overweight came before being ill.

No. 411259

File: 1509250495800.jpg (278.35 KB, 1264x1809, FullSizeRender 7.jpg)

LittleMissWheeler has multiple anaphylaxis causing allergies and doesn't know what causes all of them. Therefore, this seems a totally sensible place to go for dinner.

No. 411299

Which makes the exceptions all the more shocking and wasteful: Chloe Print Lambert, Chloe Prinf Lambert eyeroll

And Paige. No words.

No. 411300


I swear, 90% of the tubie cows are just anorexics who want attention.

No. 411314

they can 'spontaneously' burst with an ear infection that you don't notice or ignore

No. 411315

Totally. You don’t get the kind of attention you get from being physically ill from having an eating disorder. A mental illness is something that, in the general culture, isn’t talked about or recognized for being “brave”. But having a special rare illness that you have to have a tube for is being that poor brave warrior spoonie that people love. Not to mention that it gives them an excuse to not eat.

No. 411338

File: 1509274609711.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3797x3797, 0EB9CB0C-4B32-4FA5-9953-9C8D20…)

Can we talk about how chronically.ams edits her pictures to make her look skinnier? Screams ED.

No. 411353


That is some baaaad shooping, not even subtle.

No. 411354

Wow, that's bad. I am really bad at spotting things like this, but like the other anon said: this is not subtle at all. Meaning even I can see it.

Also: how long has she had her NJ for? Shouldn't she be at a more healthy weight now? The earliest post I found of her with a nasal tube was november 2016, though I believe there is a tube-free hiatus between then and now. But still: she should've gained a good amount of weight. It seems like she gained some weight, but she still doesn't look like she is at a healthy weight.

There is also a picture somewhere of her at a BMI of 14 where she also sucks in her stomach for good measure for "feeding tube awareness". I've been in that bmi-range, and I would definitely NOT have wanted anyone to take pictures of me. I'm not saying I was ashamed of it, but.. well I was, to be honest. It's nasty. It looks nasty and it feels nasty, it's painful and it made me feel very self-aware. I don't get why people want to pose like that in front of a mirror and take pictures of their emaciated body, unless they had an eating disorder.

No. 411371

it's actually really normal for ear infections to cause the eardrums to burst, especially the younger you are. it heals up on its own, there's no mystery or magic here.

No. 411372

She's also using make-up and facial masks, so going to that place for dinner isn't odd at all.
Why are they still trying to rule out MCAD? It has been a year now and they are still looking for an explanation.

No. 411376

File: 1509284241427.jpeg (83.54 KB, 640x548, A918C800-E2F9-4C30-8C7F-79F88A…)

Back in the hospital using an array of precious resources for a psychological problem.
Having the NG tube back hasn’t resulted in ER avoidance at all!

No. 411378

File: 1509284298050.jpeg (297.87 KB, 640x903, 48F06123-9B8F-4378-AFA0-971F2C…)

Care plan and care overseen by Psychiatry; says it all really

No. 411379

She's had the NJ since May/June I think? So she should be gaining weight. But if you watch her vlogs it's easy to see that she doesn't run her feeds properly. She is rarely ever hooked up to them when filming. Recently she mentioned her rate being on 65ml an hour so there is no way her feeds running time is only 8-10 hours for example. Also in her vlogs she frequently boasts about buying UK size 4-6 clothing so US size 0-2. Definitely an eating disorder involved!

No. 411389

I have lupus. It attacks my brain in addition to my skin and lungs. Until I had four of the eleven criteria observed under medical supervision, I was in and out of psychiatric appointments for years. My symptoms were written up as part of my anxiety disorder.

Since being treated for the autoimmune and not the psychiatric, my symptoms disappeared completely, and so did the anxiety.

Sage for self blogging and white knighting.

No. 411407


It seems you're not terribly familiar with Nicole. Nothing is wrong with Nicole other than having an ED and making herself throw up. The other anon isn't saying that Nicole isn't sick because she's seeing a psych. Initially, Nicole had been saying that gastro had been overseeing her care, and milking that to show how the doctors really did think she was physically and and how she wasn't somatizing. Gradually, after she started attending therapy, she admitted she had a somatic disorder.

Now, that a psychologist is overseeing her care, it's more likely that everyone on the team has agreed that her somatic disorder causes most of the problems. I have no idea about adrenal insufficiency, could be another thing she's faking.

Initially she faked the asthma she claimed to have forever, until it turned out her "asthma" was actually her breathing weirdly during panic attacks, and food allergies. So, don't worry my dude. No one is saying anyone is less sick because part of their illness fucks with their brain.

Otherwise we'd have to ignore epilepsy, MS, meningitis, etc, etc, etc.

No. 411460

She is

No. 411461

Learn to research your “cows” she fucking is.

No. 411487

She didn’t have an ear infection. She claimed her EDS made her eardrum burst spontaneously.

No. 411491

Obviously you didn’t read the post well then. It said “MOST (NOT ALL) people with EDS”. We get it, fat-shaming is bad, but that was not what was done here. Only a minority of EDS patients, even those bed bound, will put on significant weight. A majority of cows claiming EDS are way more than a little overweight (and many of them were so before their “EDS symptoms” even popped up). The point was that these cows made a minority seem like a majority, not that it never happened ffs.

you’re as bad as the munchies if you’re coming in here and defending yourself on your weight and precious hEDS not letting you exercise.

No. 411542

the only person with EDS i know that's moderately overweight had a secondary thyroid problem that caused it.

No. 411583

Yep I have hEDS and whilst I am not the smallest I've ever been by any means my heaviest is a mid-range healthy. Being bed bound doesn't = obesity, you get muscle wastage which leads to weight loss!
hEDS can swim/ aqua aerobics especially if comorbid with any POTS/ syncope issues. Literally floating in water can be exercise!

sage for semi-blogging

No. 411618

Walking. Swimming is out for a lot of us with bad shoulders, but walking is actually very low impact for joints, and there’s little worry of twisting or pooping out joints if you’re walking on a flat, even surface and being careful. It also helps build up those muscles in your legs and hips that keep joints in place. Not to mention that it really helps pots symptoms, and even helps motility problems a little. EDS doesn’t mean you can’t exercise in some way. Also, lack of exercise doesn’t make you gain weight, consistently eating more calories than you need does.

No. 411631

Yeah, I have somewhat bad EDS - not totally bedbound, but mostly - and I can barely stay at a minimum healthy weight. No ED and no GP to stop me from eating, it's my metabolism. I get weird EDS nausea but basically I can eat fine (like 99% of the liars on Instagram can) most of the time and my food is indulgent as I struggle to keep weight on. So called EDS-ers who don't look marfanoid at all are probably lying about their diagnosis, like they do about everything else. Or got "diagnosed" by a very stupid doctor like Jaq's.

Saged for blogfagging despite being on topic.

No. 411636

File: 1509318221026.jpg (868.69 KB, 1440x2194, Screenshot_20171029-175854.jpg)

It seems like
Some one dipped into 2 or 3 of their medications again?
I'm not sure but felt this needed to be shared.

No. 411637

Is that you, Dani? You sure type like her lol. What symptoms are you faking today?

No. 411646

i've only seen one chronic illness ig'er who actually looks marfanoid

No. 411650

People who don't look marfanoid are lying? You knoe it's not a major criteria, right?
I met loads of hEDS people at one of the conference and only some of them had that, but i'm pretty sure most of them actually had hEDS


No. 411652

hEDS doesn't need marfanoid habitus only cEDS and vEDS usually have that look

No. 411656

Who? I can think of a few but I'm curious who yours is.

No. 411658

And even in cEDS, like I mentioned in my OP about the topic, you don’t tend to see true marfanoid habitus, you see marfanoid wingspan, spindly fingers, the torso-leg ratio, and typically a shorter stature than the rest of their non-EDS family members. No facial feature, no abnormal height. But definitely the slenderness and typically an overactive metabolism.

While it’s not a criteria in hEDS or the other types, it’s pretyy indicative.

No. 411661

Kek, guessing you're overweight, then. No one said it's impossible to be bigger or that people will look the same as someone with Marfan's. But the first OP who brought up the topic way back in the thread was right that there are loads of people claiming EDS who have joint pain because they're fat.

like probably you given how butt hurt you sound.

No. 411666

Most people who go to the conferences are exactly the kind of OTT whiners we mock, half of them have probably manipulated their way into the diagnosis in the 1st place. Sooo, why were you there? If this is the EDS Society you're talking about, we all pretty much know they're shit. They supported and publicized Carmel of all people.

No. 411667

File: 1509321579469.jpeg (413.78 KB, 750x875, 5A96F26F-044D-42F6-A6D8-9C680D…)

But we should get back to actual milk and not argue about EDS. I just made a statement regarding how these cows probably don’t have it because x.

Guess who’s suicidal and hearing voices again since she’s not having some physical crisis? Her burst eardrum healed up quick…

No. 411669

It’s definitely possible to be overweight, but it’s by far more common for people with EDS to be on the taller, thinner side. Which, if you look at the majority of people diagnosed by a competent, knowledgeable doctor, is true. And yeah, only overweight people who are embarrassed by their weight jump down your throat like that kek

No. 411670

Kek because it’s super common no one cared. So off to the next crisis!

No. 411676

She apparently threw up orange juice and took a nap because “narcolepsy”

No. 411678


Since when has Nicole had "adrenal insufficiency"? It might be common knowledge, but I'm not on her private Instagram. Nice that it gives her an extra reason to go running to A&E.

No. 411680


The EDS Society followed my Instagram and I got really paranoid that I was coming across as OTT as the EDS cows on here. No, Lara, I am not your people!(medfagging)

No. 411684

Kek isn’t that one of those things like leaky gut? (Like in that it’s not a real thing but people use it to sell supplements/diets/books/various “alternative” treatments)

No. 411691


Since never. Adrenal insufficiency is along the lines of Addison's disease which she'd definitely be hyping up about as it's a physical illness not psychogenic. Medfags tell me if I'm wrong re: adrenal insufficiency?

No. 411695


You might be thinking of "adrenal fatigue". Adrenal insufficiency is a real thing and quite dangerous when it flares up (my friend has Addisons disease).

No. 411697

Yeah I totally was

No. 411699

But if someone has adrenal insufficiency, isn’t it diagnosed pretty early in life? And Nicole’s never mentioned it before, which you know she would if she had it

No. 411702


You can develop it. My friend was diagnosed when she was about 30.

But yes, the tell with Nicole is she'd mention ANYTHING that could be an actual illness.

No. 411712


She has mentioned it before, I can't find where though bc it was awhile ago, however if you look at the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency they are the same as her psychosomatic issues… nausea, vomiting, lack of energy, weight loss… JBN has an ED, bulemia most likely(she seems to be able to keep down sweets that she eats amazingly) advanced bulemics do not need to do the typical purge and pretty much are able to vomit by just the feeling of food in their stomach. It's obvious that Nicole was drastically overweight and didn't get much positive attention until she started to lose weight. . . Massive kek, just go to therapy Nicole, you would massively benefit if you were just honest with your therapist and actually went to your therapy appointments!!!

Sage for repetition and addressing the OTT munchie herself

No. 411723

Huh it’s like that other cow too who claims GP and says she can only survive on TPN but is overweight. She says she has Addison’s

No. 411740

File: 1509329947332.png (2.46 MB, 1536x2048, 4B86FA33-D92A-404D-9CA5-3DE637…)

Terrible as usual. Can’t eat anything at dinner but can eat her favorite chocolates…because they’re sugar free. (Sugar isn’t the problem in chocolate in GP, it’s the fat). Hello attention whore with nothing more than an eating disorder. Good thing they gave her that tube to purge with.

No. 411741

File: 1509329967939.png (260.1 KB, 1536x2048, 1E32A54C-116E-4676-9399-E90682…)

No. 411742


Angie is now branching out into dentist fees since she can type all this up and manage fundraisters but can't flipping brush her teeth

No. 411746

>so trapped. such bad mood
>i restricted like a good ana so i got my safe treat.
>make sure to pose with stupidly complete with anna johnson lvls of mania so no one suspects attention seeking. totally being humble.

No. 411750


Honestly Angie makes me sad because she's clearly very very mentally unwell and completely unwilling to accept any medical help. Her absolute refusal to go through any psych evaluation makes me leery of her - anyone bedbound and in the condition she says she's in, relying on donations and carers, would have mental health issues - so refusing ANY psych help makes her seem overly defensive. Plus, she's in Sydney - yes, hospitals aren't perfect, but the medical care she's going to get when she is admitted will be the best public care in the country. She should accept the psych help offered to her; she won't be insitutionalised because she's not a danger to anyone, and they'll be able to help unravel her mental and physical health issues (I think she does have some, but with a lot of mental health overlap).

Blog for context - I've been sectioned in a Sydney hospital and while it's terrifying to be held against your will, the psych care here is the best it can be. Life in a psych ward would still be better than what she says her situation is.

No. 411756


I agree with all of this and feel really sad for her too since a lot of her health issues and quality of life seem self imposed (I guess like a lot of these cows) and that's just sad.

I know someone who has a friend who has seen her in person and it's been reported it's really bad. I really hate that she's using people the way she is. But maybe she truly doesn't know any better? Her defensiveness really kicks in at any provocation or advice from others…

No. 411774

File: 1509335977371.gif (501.09 KB, 147x162, wha.gif)

>feeling bad for angie

No. 411778


I mean she's an awful person attitude wise and her current model of living is obviously unsustainable. I'd like to think she cant help it but ya know…just wish she'd relent.

Shouldn't she be taxed for all these donations?

No. 411784

>First $800 must be raised by end of TONIGHT Oct 29 (ET) to prevent further ‘shocking’ dental decay
She's so aggressive about it.

No. 411785

She's not a charity so I guess technically yes, this should affect her pension payments as well as her tax. It's income.

No. 411787


It would depend on how the organisations she gets the money through are set up and how the payment is coded on returns. I know in Aus income from certain kinds of trusts/entities is tax exempt, ie deceased estates (unlike the UK and US we don't have death duties), and it's possible to be a beneficiary of a trust without paying tax on it, though I'm not sure how it works legally (plenty of rich people use it to get tax free income and the system allows it). Sage for ATOfagging.

No. 411793

She might be being honest about the adrenal insufficiency as it’s a known complication of steroids used to treat asthma (she’s previously had a lot of steroid based asthma treatment hence the previously high BMI)

Convenient though as it gives her the perfect excuse to run to the ER all the time otherwise her care plan might have said give IV fluids and IV anti nausea then discharge (i.e don’t indulge her somatic disorder by admitting to the hospital)

No. 411858

File: 1509354658754.png (211.65 KB, 720x1046, wp_ss_20171030_0001 (2).png)

Dan wants to try and get a service dog again. Not sure what for exactly. Not sure what a dog could do to help her.

No. 411872

File: 1509360141242.jpg (571.94 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20171030-104105_01.…)

No. 411886

Nope, i was at the UK conference. I'm not a fan of the society. And actually i hoped to see some of the IG cows with sooper sever EDS but non of them were there, which was kind of weird

No. 411887

Actually i do not have hEDS myself and i'm not overweight either

No. 411896

File: 1509368769635.jpeg (484.75 KB, 750x1094, 6DC7F760-6CED-450A-99E4-C0FAE6…)

Hoping her GES shows something. It’s my favorite when munchies claim they want tests to come back positive because they “want answers” Autum will be gunning for a super special toob before 2017 is up! Mark my words!!

No. 411927


A service dog for what? Would it eat all the solid food in her apartment so that she is forced to stick to a liquid diet?
A pet would probably do her some good - give her something else to focus on besides herself and get her out of the house a little if it needed to be walked. She does more harm sitting at home obsessing over anything she thinks could be a medical problem. But it wouldn't be a service dog - at most it would be an emotional support animal (although we all know she would claim it was a service dog).
There is no way that she would be able to qualify for a service dog through any sort of charity. And probably wouldn't be able to afford a dog otherwise. She whined about her food stamps being cut (does anyone besides her actually call them food stamps anymore) so how does she expect to food herself and a dog.

And please - no blogposting in response about how your emotional support animal is a lifesaver or how your service dog has cured your POTS.

No. 411955

Kek I laughed out loud at this

No. 412134

How do all these cows who can’t take care of themselves think they can take care of a dog, especially one with very specific needs? They don’t just train service dogs and stop, it’s a continuous process. Not to mention the normal dog care.

No. 412225


Probably because most of these cows can't think of anyone besides themselves - all other living (and non-living) things are just placed on this earth to serve them.
A service dog must be worth at least +100,000 spoonie points so consequences be damned. They don't see it as a living creature but rather as another attention grabbing tool to cross off on the ultimate spoonie checklist.
A service dog is a glamorous spoonie accessory. Plus you can make it its own IG to really show it off and try to get it to go viral doing tasks it doesn't need to do.

I have seen it questioned on here if the next munchie accessory will be an ostomy bag. I think there is a reason why these munchies lean towards tubes, ports, braces, wheelchairs, and service dogs but not ostomy bags and the like. They see some sort of glamour in them. However, there is little glamour to be seen in having a bag of poop hanging off of you.

No. 412241

At least there aren't as many people falling for Angie's story this time. There's too much tea.>>410769

No. 412268

Is it just me or in her supposed “medical reports” she links, she’s never actually even diagnosed with CRPS? And the one “neurologist” even admits there are zero actual visible symptoms of any problems…? Kek.

Can’t brush her teeth because she never gets out of bed? Wow. There’s some crazy munchies here that we all discuss, but hell, this chick is a fuckin shitshow.

No. 412328

This is why the IG spoonies that I find most believable are the ones with IBD who are fairly open about the unpleasantness it causes for them. There are a few of the EDS and POTS people who I believe are completely legit, but I won't name them as they'll just get picked apart. But even though she can be a little attention seeking sometimes, I think it's easy to tell that someone like crazycrohnie is really ill and not making an ott big deal out of nothing.

Does anyone follow accordingtokenz? I couldn't get caps as most of it was short videos in her story, but she made one hell of a fuss in hospital about her first doctor and had to get switched to another, then floated about the first one apologizing. The whole thing seems sus. He wanted to take her off her pain meds and discharge her - maybe thought there was nothing seriously wrong? Now the doctor she has is supposedly commenting on how complex she is and shit. It rings alarm bells to me. I used to believe in her unquestioningly but now I don't know.

No. 412347

File: 1509443303880.jpg (450.4 KB, 1260x1680, Phototastic-31_10_2017_d3ec432…)

The latest from Dani.

No. 412348

>>there is little glamour to be seen in having a bag of poop hanging off of you.
I think you are right about that. I too have wondered what the next thing would be, but somehow I don't see an ostomy would be it. Although there are very 'cute' ostomy bag covers, I think anything to do with poo and pee wouldn't do it. Plus, the feeding tube thing is very heavily linked with eating disorders and being skinny in general: it does provide pity points, but it also gives them an excuse not to eat in public. Or to be very specific about what they will or won't eat. With an ostomy, if it is working like it should, no one knows you have one. And the thing that would provide pity points is having a lot of leaks, and nothing can make being covered in your own waste make cute or glamorous. Also, even with a surgical feeding tube it is still a minor operation, while ostomy surgery is a bigger 'investment', so to say.

Although someone here said that a continent urinary diversion is popular in some circles nowadays, so who knows. But still: sticking a catheter in your belly button to pee is probably still more glamorous than having a bag of pee attached to your belly? I don't know.

Still, I do wonder what the next thing will be. Someone suggested oxygen, but I'm not sure. It has to be something that will provide continuous pity points, like a tube or a regular infusions through a port. Not something that will actually solve a problem for good. Maybe gastric stimulators will have a short burst in popularity because of that Raven girl in the US, but it seems like most people in the GP crowd rather have a tube than something that comes with the expectation of recovery (at least for lay persons it does, I assume). So they will probably move on to the next thing.

No. 412350

Who's that pandas.irony? They are always telling her to get more appointments, have more testing, call ASAP etc. They are really feeding into her madness. Not good. I know we are all horrible people, but at least we don't interact and make things even worse.

No. 412358

File: 1509445100523.jpg (217.63 KB, 1731x996, Phototastic-31_10_2017_5a9b265…)

Danis recent Facebook posts

No. 412359

i know, i dont know what to think of the way they interact with her.

No. 412366


Suprapubics are on the rise, and some EDS cows are claiming Fowler's syndrome, which is not all that surprising given that Fowler herself identified enkephalin toxicity as one of the causant mechanisms (and most EDS cows are on some opioid).

I've also seen some angling for spinal cord stimulators, for no good reason (SCS has no evidence base in genuine orthopaedic pain as EDS would cause, and arguably it may not even be a good idea to have with dysautonomia).

Wheelchairs, especially the big bulky look at how sick I am kind, are on the rise among Munchies. As are C-tubes and MACEs: as a gastro registrar, I've seen maybe three MACE patients. In the last year? I've seen five people, all young women and giving off an odd ED vibe, angling for one. They were distinctly uneasy when I asked them how they even knew what a MACE was (unless you care for a LOT of patients with constipation, which tends to be the case where e,g, you have a large neurological population but is not the case with us, a regular hospital that ships most of its neuro cases to a tertiary ref, you do not encounter MACEs all that often…).

Oxygen is definitely on the rise, it's not hard to get (you can even get commercial oxygen bottles) and it's "totally like The Fault In Our Stars" (overheard in the waiting room, grrroan…). As a general rule, I do not approve requests for oxygen because I'm a fucking gastroenterologist, but I know some docs who do it for patients who have been with them for a long time, whether they know them well enough or not. In general, I tend to offer patients who push me for it an admission to the respiratory unit (a dreadful place, having spent a week there with pneumonia once, I got maybe ten minutes of sleep and left sicker than I got in), and a shed load of arterial blood gases. In case you're unfamiliar, or the patient is, I tend to describe it as having a red hot poker jammed into your wrist, because that's basically what it feels like. Suddenly, a lot of people are no longer all that peachy keen on it.

For non-UK fags, IVIG is all the new rage. Buddies from the hospital where I used to work in the States (mid- to large base hospital somewhere in Virginia, caring for a very mixed population: servicemen/women, dependents, military wives who somatise their anxiety about their loved ones, kids who make themselves sick so their dad comes home from deployment… we did have an unusual amount of factitious illness, sadly) tell me that patients are pushing for IVIG a lot, and because IVIG is not rationed for a small closed list of conditions the way it is in the UK (indeed, IVIG manufacturers are more or less pushing the idea of IVIG being a treatment for any immune dysfunction as opposed to deficiency, and so should be considered a possible treatment for any and all autoimmune conditions, and doctors tend to rationalize it away by saying that they're actually saving money because IVIG does not have the immunosuppressive side effects - infections in the short term, malignancies in the long run).

No. 412396

So, how does that even work? They come to see you and say "hey doc, I was thinking about a MACE, that sounds good"? Or "what about some oxygen, eh?" I've had a few procedures in the past and I use meds, but I can't remember me ever asking for something. It was always "these are your test results, we need to do X". Or sometimes "there's a few options, namely X, Y or Z."

Do they just straight up ask for something, or is it more subtle? Like "I've been irrigating rectally for some time, but it's so hard to reach back, are there any other options?"

No. 412422


I think some of these munchies see it as ordering from a menu in a restaurant. “I’ll have the GJ tube to start, followed by the port and for dessert, I’ll have a small serving of IV medication”.

No. 412435

They certainly don’t consider the consequences, either that or they welcome more problems those things can cause, because it makes them more sick. The main goal they have, for whatever reason, is to either be or just seem as sick as possible. If it requires surgery, begging for cash, lying to people, or draining their pee into a bag, they’re in. Sadly that’s all worth it to them.

No. 412439

I think a lot of it is seeing what other people online are getting. That’s why Facebook and Instagram can be so dangerous for munchies and even ott spoonies; their sense of competition to be the sickest makes them want every new kind of equipment, test, or procedure that the actually sick people are getting. Also, I think a lot of them want those things (wheelchairs, tubes, braces, multiple diagnoses, etc.) to give them legitimacy. The more problems and treatments and equipment they have, the sicker people see them as.

No. 412495


I think thats how a lot of well meaning people get sucked into the OTT spoonie bordering on munchie hole. People who may have a legitimate illness turn to the internet for support/advice. They find this great spoonie community of people who supposedly know what they are going through. And while people can pretend to be supportive of each other, there is some sort of competitiveness behind it. If you are only dealing with issue X, then clearly you are inferior because someone else is dealing with issues X, Y, and Z and wouldn't they be happy to only be dealing with issue X. The more equipment you have the less someone is going to question if you are really sick. Plus social media makes it seem like these issues are a lot more common then they likely really are. Social media algorithms will suggest/show you people who are similar to people you follow/view. Half these people probably turned to social media because they couldn't find anyone in their real life who was dealing with the same problem but all the sudden you a group of people who may live all over the country but are right there in your living room and it makes it seem more common. Plus it encourages these people to hyperfocus on every little symptom/twinge because it could be something serious.
Even with the legit munchies - how common is it really? I would assume the numbers are increasing thanks to social media (I have worked in geriatrics and have never encountered a patient who seemed to be a munchie - but most of my patients don't access the internet). Sometimes I think that IG shows us all the munchies because we look at some munchie profiles.

No. 412499

I see far more who I think are OTT spoonies and relatively few who I think are full munchies. Those tend to be the most disturbed and exploitative ones where the account and general behavior screams "severe personality disorder". In general I think it's mildly sick people exaggerating and begging for pity or pitybux.

No. 412655

Nicole's latest youtube video of "How to insert an NG feeding tube"

No. 412692

Disgusting and irresponsible. Fantastic combo. Unsurprisingly, the majority of people who need ng tubes get them legitimately put in by a medical professional, but if you can’t get a medically-sanctioned tube, just follow along with Nicole! And hope you don’t die because you have absolutely no really and accidentally get the tube in your lungs.

No. 412700

File: 1509497016845.jpg (444.18 KB, 1057x1389, Screenshot_20171031-194015.jpg)

Sure Jan.

No. 412703

Why do they have to make everything about their "illness", ffs.

No. 412705

Kek, there is a disease named after the book but the book isn't about neurological issues

No. 412707

I can’t see a situation where anyone would need to replace/remove tubes by themselves. This is how people treat convertible dresses or handbag straps, not medical feeding equipment.

No. 412710

This has never been verified, only thrown around as a possibility because the dude recorded two migraines with visual aura in his diary. He never even mentioned the micropsia/macropsia that occurs in “Alice syndrome”. Sorry for being pedantic but she’s wrong about all of it.

No. 412727

It’s usually only done for people with button gtubes that come out or need to be changed, especially in children who’s stomas can close up very quickly. But it’s usually done by their parents, who have been trained and signed off by medical professionals, and also it’s not as risky as placing a nasal tube

No. 412745

Actually where I live it’s incredibly common for people with severe and chronic eating disorders to insert and remove their own tube at meal times so they don’t wear it all day. The hospital teaches them how

No. 412747

File: 1509506545944.jpeg (208.53 KB, 750x611, D12B9A7F-7BF7-491C-A2F8-DF2551…)

bendycripple is so full of shit kek
>>I have actual demons inside of me
attention whoring, much?!

No. 412750


While many people do not need to continually replace their NG tube, people whose tube may come out more frequently are likely to be taught how to insert a new one - parents of kids with NG tubes may be taught to reinsert the tube if the child is likely to displace it due to vomiting or pulling on it - better than having to go back to the hospital every time it comes out. Someone like Nicole is probably taught how to reinsert it because since the chance she will displace it due to vomiting is high - otherwise she will have another reason to run back to the ER every five minutes.
That being said - I see no reason to make an instructional video (I haven't watched hers) about it as it is definitely not something that anyone should try to learn via video.

No. 412754

Sounds like a lot of uneccesary risk for losing a good motivator for adhering to the recovery program (tube removal)
Hate to get medical treatment where you’re from tbh.

No. 412760

File: 1509508795138.jpg (38.4 KB, 642x490, 259.jpg)


No. 412770

Why would someone teach nicole to put in a tube herself when it’s obvious she doesn’t need one? Is that a common uk thing?

No. 412824


I've started seeing Alice in wonderland syndrome become a trend amongst munchies too!

No. 412827

File: 1509520265797.jpg (329.37 KB, 1080x1364, IMG_20171101_080905.jpg)

So this happened in one of the POTS groups I'm in. Almost all comments were explaining how to fail the test and only one or two people pointed out the ridiculousness of this post.

No. 412832

bendy thinks having psychosis is like being a creepy little kid in a horror movie

No. 412844

It sounds very dramatic, is poorly understood, relates to cute and quirky story, and a vague, difficult to diagnose symptoms?! I’m surprised they aren’t all claiming it already.

No. 412845

I can. It saves time and costs, plus it is more comfortable because you can actually feel in what direction you need to push the tube. It's quite common for people who either need one for longer then say two or three months, or who only do night feeds. You place your own tube in the evening and remove it in the morning. The alternative would be having a nurse come by twice every day OR walk around with your tube all day while you aren't even using it - with all the heartburn that a tube can cause, especially on an empty stomach.

Parents tend to place tubes for their little children and teenagers or grown-ups place their own tubes.

Most things you need to do long term that don't require special equipment you can learn to do yourself. If you aren't too squeamish. Just how people needing B12 injections are taught to do it themselves or how you learn to self catheterize, irrigate your colon, change a G-button, etc.

I haven't seen her video so I can't comment on that specifically, but people placing their own NG tubes is not strange OR special. It's done every day by lots of people.

No. 412847

That's… bad. You could say at least they are being honest about it, but the fact that the majority was explaining how to 'fail' it is quite worrisome. I'd be asking myself if that is how they got their diagnosis?

No. 412855

Don't hold out on us Anon! Black out all the names and post the milk!

No. 412858

File: 1509530493665.jpg (138.72 KB, 720x1280, _20171101_110019.JPG)


No. 412859

File: 1509530511696.jpg (142.32 KB, 720x1280, _20171101_105945.JPG)


No. 412860

File: 1509530529977.jpg (140.85 KB, 720x1280, _20171101_105907.JPG)


No. 412864


She obvs still lurks because she’s deleted it

No. 412869

Wow. I have heard stories of spoonies networking on how to get diagnostic test results but this is pretty blatant. TY for sharing anon.

No. 412872

I question everyone who stays in these groups tbh (unless you're there for milk!)
All the FB groups are full of 'how do I get diagnosed' questions. You just have to post you have a headache and someone will comment about how you have a CSF leak!
POTS is a 100% manageable condition, if you already know that salt and water helps then why go to a specialist?! It isn't a dx that (in the UK) would lead to different treatment, benefits etc!

sage for blogging/rant!

No. 412895

Being dizzy and lightheaded when you stand up is just orthostatic hypotension though. That is indeed VERY common, especially in teens during a growth spurt and in the elderly. While this also can happen in POTS, it's more than just OH.

No. 412901

I'm only in this group because it's so overly dramatic. It's great entertainment tbh.

No. 412902

Please do share more from there!

No. 412907

This is legit insane. One person asking this I can understand, but multiple people going along with it I absolutely can’t. It really makes me wonder how much this goes on in the spoonie community, and how many of them actually have real illnesses, instead of ones that learned how to fake test results and symptoms to get the diagnoses they want.

No. 412910

File: 1509542583193.jpg (968.78 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171101_142159.jpg)

Another one from this group. Apparently one picture is enough to diagnose EDS.

No. 412911

File: 1509542656818.jpg (275.94 KB, 1080x1522, IMG_20171101_141943.jpg)

A lot of them also insist that POTS causes heart attacks and get angry when they are not allowed to tell the 'truth'

No. 412921

these idiots really think that there are physical unknowns about the human body like it hasnt been studied before and they just happen to all happen to the same type of people manifesting in the same type of way.

>has an actual medical emergency

>has to rewrite terrible spoonie narrative

No. 412950

I'm a fan of this entertainment!

sage for blogging
When I got dx'd EDS I'd never heard of it going online to find all these communities was a shock and definitely made the dx more scary than it is (I have hEDS it is definitively NOT scary!) suddenly people were on about extreme medical emergencies suddenly happening to them having previously been healthy most of their lives.

No. 412951


So ridiculous. New board 'Munchies with conspiracy theories' lol

No. 412970

File: 1509549502729.jpg (577.79 KB, 1125x988, dog sweater.jpg)

Top kek. Spoiler image because this is disgusting. The Frey Life (if you don't know, a CF patient who is quite OTT) made a sweater out of Mary's dog's old hair scraps… I thought you had to be careful of germs with CF? They literally glued his hair to a shirt…

What's with these OTT Spoonies/Munchies and their stupid service dogs? You only have to browse an illness hashtag for a few posts before finding some stupid dog.

No. 412979

Service dogs as a whole have become a problem. People even use them for their sooper serious POTS supposedly. Any idiot can claim service dog in the US now that it got out how the laws work. At least the Frey’s don’t have an Instagram for Ollie, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that came up soon.

No. 412982

I saw someone on IG who had an asthma alert service dog, how the hell does that work?? You don't need a dog to tell you, you can't breathe. If you do, then it's probably not that serious.

No. 412988

Tbh that just looks like someone straightening their legs and leaning forward. And eds is so much more than just loose joints, and also isn’t automatically disabling like all the munchie and ott cows claim. Frustrating as hell, sure, but only in rare cases is hEDS cause to give up on your life and live off disability, even with the associated conditions. The biggest problem with it is people being lazy and not putting in the work to manage it. I know I’m going to get shit for saying that, but it’s totally true, per multiple EDS, POTS, and GI specialists.

No. 412989

It’s like the pots alert dogs for when munchies’ heart rates go up. If your heart rate goes up you can feel it, if you can’t you’ve got some different issues going on and should probably see a psychiatrist.

No. 412991

File: 1509551049060.jpg (5.88 MB, 4032x3024, kek pots dog.jpg)

Instagram is a fucking goldmine

No. 412997

Fucking ridiculous

No. 412999


So glad this was brought up. I fucking hate "POTS Service Dogs". Like sorry you don't need that…

sage for non-contribution

No. 413012


oh my god. If you faint and it is just POTS/ vasovagal syncope you a) come round superfast and b) do not need to be in the recovery position.

I can't believe what people get 'service dogs' for in the US!!

sage for non-contribution/ samesies

No. 413014

Holy f**k they’re not even subtle about it! And why tf does all these asshats help them? I know why said munchie wants to fail the tilt test but why do people who actually have POTS tell them how to “prep?” JFC I would be mortified to leave a post like that even if I wanted to fail X test; have they no shame?

No. 413019

Right?! You don't suddenly get EDS, you are born with it! I see it a lot in support groups: people get diagnosed and suddenly they get all these problems they never had before.

No. 413020

It builds into the idea that 'spoonies' are so misunderstood, we all have to fight so hard for the correct diagnosis, doctors know nothing etc.

Gone are the days of 'oh you keep fainting, drink some more and add salt'. Patient follws doctor's advice, all better. I think some people with POTS genuinely hate that it doesn't require medication etc!
I've seen people argue that the tilt table it 'barbaric' and 'outdated' etc. It isn't 'fun' but nor are blood tests. It honestly isn't that bad!

No. 413021

I second this ad infinitem. Top notch work anon. This is truly the blessed milk of the lord. Godspeed.

No. 413027

Yep, blogging but shock horror I got diagnosed hEDS and I'm not suddenly 'bed bound' or having an awful life, I don't 'feel potsie' etc. I'm biased as I was diagnosed by chance so I never had that frustration of 'what is wrong with me, no one understands'. Literally 'oh you have this heart defect, oh you're bendy, lets chat to the doctor in the nextdoor clinic,' arm span measurement and genetic test. I don't magically have new symptoms!

sage for blogging/ humble brag

No. 413069

File: 1509558883638.png (361.89 KB, 1262x1276, Screenshot 2017-11-01 18.50.26…)

Chloe's Chronicles of Whines is absolutely legendary right now.

- Chloe is getting pay-to-play IVIG. Which she spells IVIGRT. It's not 'replacement therapy' unless you have an immunodeficiency, you munchie fuck.
- She's terminal. And she'll totally die unless she gets £lots.00 by yesterday 4pm.
- ICU nurses and doctors are caring for her… for free. Oh, pull the other one.
- She may need to resort to… watch this… a SYRINGE DRIVER for pain! Because that's totally how it works lol.
- She is still hoping to go to the US to get stem cell treatment but not HSCT… yay stem cell woo.
- She claims that the cutting edge stem cell treatment she wants is not available in the UK. Cleverly, having learned from Brakespear munchies that raising funds for woo clinics will attract some criticism, she has not revealed this wonderfully groundbreaking treatment, the hospital that does it, the lead clinician or indeed any other details.
- She still has CRISPR vaccine syndrome. We so badass, our Gardasil vaccines rewrite your DNA.

And finally, the part that just takes the biscuit:

> We vaccine injured and the entire chronic illness community are treated unfairly compared with someone with a well known disease; such as MS or Cancer. it's neglect and discrimination. I am finally going to get the help I feel everyone deserves and because not many people have the luxury of what I hope to be getting, I want to reassure you all that this fight isn’t my fight, it’s our fight. I will not give up on us. Trust me, I'm going to regain my strength and I'm going to kick up a lot of fuss and I won't surrender until our voices have been heard. Justice will prevail.

For fuck's fucking sake. I can't even be legit mad… this is so hilariously deranged, it's too funny to get mad at. Chloe, you're neglected because you do not have a treatable organic disorder stemming from the vaccines you claim have made you sick. She wouldn't even accept a diagnosis that could lead to treatment if it did not confirm her own theory of why she's sick (we call this 'compensation neurosis').

No. 413076

Of all the munchies, she's the one I really hate. So many lies and all for money and narcissistic supply. What a predator.

No. 413077


> Do they just straight up ask for something, or is it more subtle? Like "I've been irrigating rectally for some time, but it's so hard to reach back, are there any other options?"


In general, some Munchies will go straight all out and say "I want X". Sometimes, they couch it in words like "my GP/specialist/other specialist/previous doc/pet lizard suggested I raise the possibility of a MACE with you". Other times, they'll gently push by listing all the details of the indication, straight from the NICE guidelines, often enough in the same order.

No. 413094

Well, if actually another specialist suggested it, that wouldn't be so strange, would it? E.g. the only reason I know what a MACE is, is because my GI suggested it might help with some problems I have with irrigation. So he refered me to a surgeon in a bigger hospital who does a lot of MACE surgeries. The surgeon explained why he said he thought it wouldn't work for me, so that was that.

Although, when I think of it, I didn't ask the surgeon about it: it was in the referral letter of course. But is that what you mean? That patients are asking for stuff the referring physician doesn't mention anywhere?

No. 413095

File: 1509562056256.png (262.1 KB, 1536x2048, 6250B90B-493C-4CDE-98D3-637C3B…)

Medfags, can you really be in septic shock and have normal inflammatory markers? My personal knowledge is that CRP will rise in infection, especially sepsis.

No. 413102


Not a medfag, but that last bit with autoantibodies showing up as false-neg/false-pos without knowing which autoantibodies she means specifically) is not unusual especially if you get mono or the flu.

Although still neurotransmitters don't explain why your blood shows no inflammation markers. Inflammatory responses aren't generally modulated by the brain, they're modulated by other organs.

No. 413192

It is sickening that she is asking for so much money when she has the NHS. The NHS is not perfect but it will care for you, it will keep you alive and it will offer evidence based treatments and in some circumstances fund treatments abroad.
To ask for this much money, especially for her wheelchair (if she requires a wheelchair she would get at least part funding from wheelchair services i.e. she might get funded for electric chair but not reclining and you can pay top up for reclining).
It is absolutely disgusting. Her definitions of the conditions she has on her gofundme aren't even correct!

No. 413195

bendycripple now says she has bronchitis. she sure cycles through her illnesses really fast, especially for someone with “CVID”

No. 413209


This is a crock of shite.

This makes absolutely no medical sense at all, and whoever gave her this 'diagnosis' should lose their licence. That's not how neurotransmitters work, it's not how inflammatory markers work and hyperthermia and fever are the same thing.

No. 413237

File: 1509580252632.jpeg (435.31 KB, 750x725, A04AEB0B-DA7B-41C2-AC14-42B980…)

this person (also known as zebrapotsie) thinks she knows SO much about POTS and dysautonomia and likes to argue about it with people. not sure if she’s the same zebrapotsie as the one on IG, but she’s definitely OTT. just scrolling through either tumblr you can tell. she says “suspected EDS” but has already jumped on the zebra bandwagon (POTS IS NOT A RARE DISEASE YOU LITTLE SHITS, nor is hEDS if you count all the self dx’s and misinformed doctor dx’s ffs)

No. 413238

Her main account says “suspected EDS and MCAD” but her speshul spoonie account only says “suspected MCAD” and she claims to have EDS. this is an odd inconsistency since she’s active on both accounts…

No. 413246

I think "and anything else that suits my fancy" is key here!

No. 413355


Who posted this?

No. 413357

This is from Chloe's Chronicles of Bullshit.

No. 413406

New channel from Dani. Get 'er

No. 413445

None of her conditions are progressive 'I don't need a chair YET'

Repeats all her symptoms multiple times throughout video

Gets a book on low FODMAP even though given she has an ED and GP she'd have a dietician!

Onbviously mentions how she wants a service dog!!!

No. 413480


Why does she keep making new YouTube channels? She already has 2-3 and they are all the same. She just abandons one for another but changes nothing about the videos and has minimal views/followers (most of whom are just there to comment here). Same with IG - she has at least 3-4 profiles.

Love that she stresses that people with chronic illness can do things, when she sits at home and watches Netflix all day long.

She looks particularly greasy this video. Too bad - she looked better and happier in those old pictures someone posted here.

She is a grown woman trapped in a teenagers mind - between her choice of accessories and love of young adult books (at least she does read).

With her sister leaving town she will probably go back to doing absolutely nothing all day.

And yes - love the I don't need any of those devices - YET. At least she reads the boards here and realizes she can't afford a dog

No. 413533

I can’t ever make it through a single one of her videos because her voice is so damn grating on my ears.

My guess is in hopes of it being a better name and people searching will find her and watch her. But alas if you don’t have a decent camera, a better sob story and click bate titles no ones going to watch your YouTube.

No. 413595


She was mildly more active in this one than previous ones - but I doubt that will last with her sister going back overseas. Hell this one had a 2 second guest appearance by her sister, who seemed uninterested in being on the video - I wonder if her sister knows about the vlog or thinks she was just snapchatting or something. My guess is that she doesn't play up the illnesses as much around the family, because they are over the BS (and also the whole being ill when its convenient for you thing). She did make sure she listed her illnesses and symptoms multiple times (and play the "there are so many I can't keep track" card) but did not seem to go into the typical nausea/dizziness/vomiting monologue (granted I skipped around the video a bit because I can't stand to listen to her babble for too long).

She is entirely too dull to ever get people to consistently watch her story. She is one of my favorite cows for some reason but I typically can't make it through a video. She makes it very hard to like her. The terrible camera angles and lighting don't help (I like how she apologized for quickly putting her hand in the screen but ignored the fact that her leg was in the way the whole time).

No. 413639

It makes me laugh - they offered me a wheelchair voucher right there and then. I told them I'd rather take the free manual wheelchair that the NHS provide, so they measured me up and within 3 months it was at my door. BUT now that I've gotten the manual chair I am on a 3 year waiting list for a powerchair through social services.

It seems like half these UK spoonies have no idea how wheelchair services work, or EDS for that matter.

No. 413706

File: 1509653707458.jpg (139.38 KB, 720x1280, _20171102_210920.JPG)

Of course it can't be allergies, it has to be something speeshul.

So far the comments talk about a csf leak (of course), deviated septum, mcad, hydrocephalus, empty sella syndrome, pots, food allergies, puppy nose cyst (lmao what)

No. 413718

Any news on Jonzie/Alexys? She hasn’t been posting on the gastroparesis Facebook group, sadly. I don’t have access to her IG.

No. 413720


I guess “runny, snotty nose” isn’t dramatic enough.

No. 413722

Spoonies are so fucking obvious. They don’t take their temperature, they check their “vitals”. They don’t have a blood test, they have “bloods”.

No. 413845

To be fair, a lot of UK spoonies, legit ones even, say bloods. It seems to be a thing there

No. 413852

Dani's speech is atrocious for someone who claims to read so much

No. 413857

Oh Jesus fucking Christ Dani! That "GOOOOOOOD MORNING" intro is so totally not obviously mimicking Mary or Jaquie (bitch please). Ugh her voice! It really is like nails on chalkboard irritating. She squicks me out so hard. She kept fondling that one greasy lock of hair but damn girl wash your fucking hair.
Apparently she edits using GoPro Splice but her videos are such shit quality, if she is using a GoPro, what is up with that?

No. 413871

File: 1509671039805.png (418.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9989.PNG)

No. 413872

File: 1509671103496.png (383.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9990.PNG)

No. 413873

File: 1509671130080.png (418.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9991.PNG)

No. 413874

Nor are plain allergies, which can make your nose run clear for weeks. But where’s the fun in that?

No. 413875

File: 1509671166059.png (376.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9992.PNG)

No. 413876


I haven't looked recently but usually all of the people she subscribes to on youtube are more well-known chronic illness vloggers. But the combination of her voice, terrible editting/quality, and lack of a life and anyone else in her life makes it unlikely she will ever succeed as a chronic illness vlogger.
I think she is just using the GoPro editing software, not the actual camera. She posted a while ago that she bought a camera to vlog with but that it only worked when plugged into her computer, making it worthless. It looked to be more like an old Flip camera - you know the ones they stopped making a several years ago (her smartphone likely takes better video than that - hell her laptop probably does too). She won't be able to afford a decent camera anytime in the near future (unless she gets a job - like she is fully capable of doing).
Its hard enough to make a vlog successful (think of how many people actually try vs how many actually succeed) and it won't happen when you never leave your bedroom, have no supporting "cast of characters", have a terrible video camera and lighting, have a voice that is unpleasant to listen to, and in general are a greasy adult (that last video was the worst she has been in a while) who is obsessed with tween fashion.

She only reads trashy young adult novels - the writing in half the books she reads isn't earning her any vocab points - unless she needs to talk about vampires

No. 413877

File: 1509671208175.png (356.8 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9993.PNG)

No. 413881

She is beyond description disgusting. Comparing herself to Charlie Guard and to CF patients! Girl is mentally ill and deconditioned, and that's it. Everything she and her family posts is a lie and it gets bigger and bigger, more and more grandiose.

I feel so sorry for anyone who has been tricked into giving her money.

No. 413897

File: 1509675025883.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171102-204734.png)


She is getting worse.

When her Drs. Say no to her "I'm not begging beg" for a tube she will just give herself a ng tube again and claim they put in an NJ..will be very interesting to watch!
I guess she didn't learn to not be on this app the first time around..i think she is just fishing for attention since her sucessful sister has been home ….and if she had emailed her dr for an appt she would have heard back by now. They don't not reply to the emails specially appointment related changes and if they call her on top of replying they'd leave a made appointment in voice mail and email for her to change if needed. In other words she's not trying to get in sooner. She is lying about it so she can enjoy extra time whining for attention and more time to try to figure out how to make herself sick as possible by het appt.

Her dad just spent a little fortune on liquid meals for her..i hope she's not that bad of a person to toss that away like nothing..
And what is with the insane GP spam?? Holy cow….its like someone who has a mole removed for cosmetic reasons and then posts about skin cancer and how they nearly died and how painful the surgery was every day all day.
Dani GP shit is past offensive and ridiculous. She has a reverseable delay, and has other but worse issues going on and doesn't post anything at all about them anymore..i guess there is no fun in that when she actually has the illness

No. 413922

Those EDS and chronic illness groups are entertaining yet depressing. I saw a post asking how many surgeries everyone has had (i have no idea why someone would ask that in the first place but maybe they had an actual reason). People were bragging about having fucking 30 plus surgeries? That's such an accomplishment! Fuck a degree or anything.
>I'm sure most of them counted stitches and scopes as surgeries kek

No. 413950

File: 1509682411491.png (542.34 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7618.PNG)

Ugg - screenshot of all the videos on Dani's new channel - all of her in the same unflattering pose touching that piece of hair. I attempted to get through the most recent video - had to scroll past the boring ramblings. She is looking really greasy, like she hasn't showered in a week.
Since she does read this page, it seems like she is making an attempt to film outside of her bedroom - now most videos will probably take place in her cluttered living room. She went on and on about how she can't get enough calories via liquids only so she has gone back to solids which make her so nauseous she can't eat (I doubt she can't get enough calories via liquids - probably because she fills up on junk drinks with no calories). If she can't get enough liquid calories via mouth, I doubt her desired tube would make much of a difference.
She films her mom - which interestingly doesn't seem to have anything to do with her illnesses - my guess is her parents don't care for her over exaggerated medical drama and therefore she doesn't want them to know she is filming a follow about how sick she is.
Also talks about the boyfriend - other than sharing a car she doesn't seem to have much of a relationship with him - they might hang out one night this weekend. For someone she who seems to live in walking distance they rarely spend time together. If she wants to be a mom she should probably work a bit harder at her relationships.
And she is going to the mall to get her nails done (which she previously claimed was a one time extravagance but seems to happen regularly - something about her long nails grosses me out). She begged her dad to buy her special shakes but has no probably getting her nails done. If you are going to do some self care - start with a shower.

No. 413957


I won't lie - as an NHS doctor, I have initially been somewhat sympathetic towards her plight, not because her claims of having a condition the NHS flat out cannot or would not treat are realistic but because I know there are, sadly, unscrupulous bastards preying on sick people by convincing them that their issue is iatrogenic and therefore the ordinary health system will not help them.

However, let's get this straight: with very few exceptions, if the NHS does not fund it, it is because it lacks evidence of cost effectiveness or safety, or costs more than £30,000/QALY. In the case of Chloe, she claims an injury that makes no biological sense in language that makes no biological sense with a pathophysiology that makes… you get it. If the treatment is outright unavailable in the UK, that would be because it is not safe or not ethical. While I'm not an expert on the matter, I know that the evidence for stem cell treatments is highly speculative in many conditions (unlike HSCT, which has a solid evidence basis for some indications, it is not clear if USCT has an appreciable benefit on ANY condition), and a lot of stem cell treatment is offered under the 'right to try' justification in the US. Because stem cells are not a pharmaceutical but a tissue product, they're not subject to the effectiveness requirement for an FDA approval, and that way woo lieth.

I used to believe that Chloe was duped, because a lot of what she is saying sounds like the kind of nonsense quacks say to pull the wool over their marks' eyes. But I feel that construction is less and less sustainable. Her alarmism of short term irreversible damage is just not realistic. IVIG, which she claims is necessary to render her fit to fly, is not an an approved treatment for MCAS (it quite simply does not work), and it's rather odd she refers to it as IVIG replacement therapy - that language is used almost exclusively for patients with an immune deficiency. Which makes me wonder whether she and her doctor are colluding to have IVIG presacrived and dispensed to her for an unapproved indication by citing a different diagnosis as a pretext.

MCAS will not suddenly irreversibly 'rot your body', her talk about cellular decay and neurotransmitters and all that seems to have absolutely no evidence to support it (show me some radiolabelled neurotransmitter assays or antireceptor antibodies or SOMETHING more than this quackish nonsense!).

As for her paranoid, swivel-eyed claims that she's a high profile case and fundraising would prejudice her situation… oh ffs. It's not like we're scouring the internet for fake vaccine victims and get them black-bagged and shipped to Guantanamo if someone raises money for them, to be permanently deprived of their precious toob feedz. And her description of a 'near death experience' as a medical symptom is just ludicrous. To anyone unfamiliar with what went down: this is a young lady on a stupid amount of drugs who is obsessed with her own health and dramatizes her situation quite a bit. NDEs are not medical phenomena, they're mental phenomena, and I can't believe I have to say this but they're not a reflection of how you're doing. I've had patients have NDEs induced purely from stress, health anxiety and dissociative anaesthetics. It also makes no sense: she first describes the NDE to have happened on a Wednesday after the day she had secretions 'flood her lungs' (on the 13th), but then describes recovering from the secretions 'flooding her lungs' due to the NDE. So which one is it - did she have the NDE when she had the secretions, or on the Wednesday thereafter? Also, given that she's in quite precarious health, how can secretions 'flood her lungs' without her getting aspiration pneumonia?

Chloe has, in my view, long passed the stage of innocent victimhood and moved on to being a vile, predatory, deceptive character. Her and her whole set of enablers - family, etc. - need to face the consequences of their actions. If you want to Munchie your life away, that's your right, but you do not get to deceive people with spurious explanations and panic-mongering of your impending death. I hope someone brings this to the attention of police and her treating physicians, and stops this nonsense.

No. 413962

Could not agree with you more. She is the only one (following Kelly) who I think is genuinely deserving of a police report, benefits report, etc. Not saying it should be anyone from here, but I hope someone around her in real life cottons on soon. Apologies for tiny blog, but - I'm not 100% happy with the care I've received from the NHS but that's because of specific failings that could be easily fixed, and postcode lottery stuff (i.e. completely normal real chronic illness problems), not huge money sucking dramas. At this point they are flat out scamming. Someone like Dani is small potatoes next to this.

No. 413992

File: 1509687144379.jpg (289.98 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_9999.JPG)

No. 414049

Let's just say this boyfriend actually exists. If she's so sick/weak/in pain all the time….. what sort of boyfriend would let her drop the car off for him? Can't he go get it?? It's been bothering me for weeks.

And someone please tell me I'm not the only one who found her voice in the 11/2/17 video particularly painful to listen to.

No. 414064


Urgh, that makes sense for the level of pseudo scientific fuckery.

No. 414068


She defines a "near death experience" as seeing a dead loved one offering comforting words? So…. a dream? KEK this bitch is just too much

No. 414072


I read the original post and it DID sound like she had 2 weeks to get the treatment or DIE. Big up to whoever called her out for that on there- and for pointing out that private doctors may be more concerned with getting the cash than accurate diagnostics.

No. 414080


The way this works, if she's GIVEN a lump sum that takes her personal savings over £16,000 then she will no longer be eligible for certain disability benefits (not all, though). If someone fundraised for something (eg. the special wheelchair she needs) on her behalf and gifted the WHEELCHAIR to her instead of the cash, she'd be okay to keep it though.

~ disability benefits fag

No. 414101

Kek, appreciate your clarification, anon, but she doesn't need a wheelchair (let alone the kind she wants - she may have let herself get deconditioned enough that a regular cheap transport chair could be helpful while she regains strength) or disability benefits.

Anyone catch the bit where she says £120,000 would only last them eleven months? She's living in a fantasy.

No. 414107


What would she need that much a month for? Private nursing?

No. 414125


This looks like a flight of words. She looks like when my bipolar friends goes manic, which is probably very likely. My first thought was wondering how this bitch has enough energy to resource and type all this shit up, especially if she's mostly paralyzed and bedbound to boot?

But then I remembered mania and now I wonder how long she's eluded the grasp of psych doctors.

Also her bragging about palliative care is bullshit and she's milking that. Anybody who's got a condition that's not going to improve or go into remission will be under some form of palliative care, as it really just means care that reduces the symptoms rather than curing the condition. Before she has said hospice, and treats the two interchangeably, so I'm thinking Chloe is doing a lot of exaggerating in regards to how severe her state is.

No. 414126


But she's previously said that she can only write a couple of words at a time before losing consciousness or having a seizure, and then coming round and writing again.

No. 414139

Miraculously enough she doesn't seem to make typing and grammar mistakes like you expect one would if they were really constantly passing out.

No. 414140


Yeah that did strike me as odd. Even when I'm just tired, I let my spelling mistake go unfixed.

No. 414142

I actually feel really, really sorry for Ruby and Evie Shallom’s mum who was involved in raising money. Poor woman had a child with cancer and has Ruby (with whatever the fuck is wrong with her). She genuinely believed Chloe would die soon and tried to help. Chloe was purposefully manipulative and it affected a family who actually do have a seriously ill child (Evie).

No. 414153

This is why she's such an utterly poisonous little monster.

No. 414161

File: 1509713438795.png (260.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171103-134828.png)

I give up on this group. I just can't deal with all the bullshit anymore.

No. 414176

Jfc, all this nonsense and she's NEVER tried compression?! Also, 85% dead…I'm reminded of the Monty python sketch. "Well, she's mostly dead."

No. 414187


I am 86% dead. I have 12 feeding tubes and I can’t breathe air, I have to walk around with my head in a bubble like Buzz Lightyear.

No. 414215


It's a rare male specimen

No. 414308

Who are you posting about?

No. 414316

Spot on..thanks for the laugh!

her bs will eventually catch up to her..see the great thing about palliative care is it comes with the full multidisciplinary care that generally come to your home..so this includes a Dr, a RN, Social Worker, therapist and at times additional help.
They don't push people into hospice period….the patient has to ask and the patient actually has to have a Drs referral, and a terminal prognosis and there is no set plan..hospice is based on an idea per person and FAMILY needs. So if she was/is on palliative care she can't continue to fake at this severity for long before they notice it..palliative care and hospice care are amazing but they are in the home a lot, for good reason of course.

Maybe I don't have the full picture here but none of her story makes much sense to me.

No. 414351


Sorry, forgot to add. This is another gem from the pots group

No. 414359

File: 1509734004079.png (134.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171103-192920.png)

Someone asked him what specialists he sees for pots. Of course not a normal response but this nonsense.

No. 414395

classic misdirection. throw out a lot of word salad, make them read too long and people will lose relative interest and not notice the overwhelming smell of bullshit.

No. 414404

File: 1509739505915.png (4.22 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Ggp on her newest account now is on a big health kick i can only assume it's to lose weight so her GI shows more concern for her in her next appointment so she can get a precious toob kek never gunna happen

No. 414442

File: 1509742832794.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1832, 5B8B30EB-FA88-4F5A-88FD-10CA6C…)

Autumn is gunning for a central line and eventually wants a port, as if home infusions didn’t give her enough “super special spoonie points”. There are so many people that could really benefit from saline infusions but people like this that beg their doctors for PICCs and Ports ruin it for them too.

No. 414448

So bizarre in the UK we just don't have all these home infusions etc. If you can't get adequate hydration orally you are in hospital until they can sort it out. Obviously SOME people get to the stage of having a port, but it is just incredibly rare aside from cancer patients.
If at all possible then patients who can't have food/fluid orally have it through a PEG.
Ports and cannulas are avoided because of the infection risk, espcially in a non-hospital environment.

No. 414457

Isn't she one of the ones who claim to have (or want) GP?
If she actually has GP she would gain weight eating that!

(Its a temp weight gain due to fluids and the food sitting in there making extra gas and bloating. When the food starts getting digested you loose some of the water weight. But when you have munchies eating these foods all day every day it just keeps building up)

No. 414461

Yeah, right. The most I've ever encountered is a couple temporary PICC lines, and a few PEGs and they were in learning disabled children. And they never had these portable feed backpack or kangaroo joey's or whatever that so many of the munchies have.. They'd just have fortisips and water at meal times.

I'd never even heard of home infusions and could never have conceived of going to the hospital just for saline before these threads.

No. 414462


I think she had a GES and they said it wasn't GP (though at first she misunderstood and announced that it was).

But for any digestion issues, fruit with the skin on is a no no.

No. 414464


Me either! The NHS is pretty restrictive on what's available (tbh this is often a good thing as it limits ridiculous behaviour exemplified in this thread) so the idea of going to get a saline IV when you feel a bit dizzy is laughable! Just drink some powerade ffs! If you're willing to pay you can always go to Breakspear or other woo woo providers.

No. 414465

It surprises me that they push for central lines so often!
You would think getting to brag about a nurse coming to your home and placing an IV for salt water would be something they would want..easily more attention that way.
They get a central line and no more special rn coming home to give an IV.
but I guess getting IVs are not fun to have all the time as they are so unpleasant and can hurt..
A midline is ideal for this. I hope they go that direction. Giving this cow a central line is signing her death certificate.
Plus ports are awful! It surprises me also that these cows seem to love ports..you can't see a port unless it is accessed..a central line (power Hickman, broviac, picc) is not.

No. 414471


Yeah but with a port you get to show it off even when it's not in use (see: Jaquie). What's even the point of getting sooper special medical treatment if no one's made constantly aware of it?

No. 414472

And it's shitty because there is a small percentage of people who would benefit from, but can't get saline in the UK. Of course drowned out among all the Americans whining about how they want this port and that port and home infusions. eyeroll

No. 414485


Aye, and as a result the limited amount the healthcare system in the UK can do for POTS and EDS looks even worse by comparison.

No. 414519

I honestly don't think the NHS does badly by those with EDS +/- autonomic dysfunction. I just genuinely think that if you can't drink enough fluid then that needs to be solved (ie. PEG) not by saline drips.
Even if you have really bad vomitting you can self inject (intermuscular) with cyclizine at home. Not need for a port! Prescription, tiny training when you're in hospital because your vomiting got so bad and a sharps bin. Simple!

Soooper ill spoonies will also lead you to believe that everyone with EDS is on strong prescription pain meds and that migraines are never JUST migraines!

No. 414529

What's your reasoning for thinking a peg is better for saline that a mid/central line? just because it doesnt go straight to a main vein?

No. 414532

Neither are ideal but my reasoning is someone can either drink in which case they need neither port nor PEG or they can't eat or drink in which case that needs investigating if anti-nausea isn't helping. In which case they need a feeding tube. If they need that long term then PEG or PEG-J (rather than NG/NJ) is the best option, especially for adults.

But essentially my point is- drink more, yes it is boring but the vast majority of people with POTS can do it (contrary to instagram!)

No. 414555


No, it doesn't do badly but most of it is self-management and then when the OTT cows see USA cows getting IVIG/home infusions/ports etc they feel like the NHS is denying them treatment, instead of the USA being ridiculously permissive.

No. 414591

File: 1509751265303.jpg (717.97 KB, 1080x2416, Screenshot_20171103-181943.jpg)

Some one is working her way towards another super special serious spoonie illness..oh my. Brave Dani just can't seem to catch a break!

No. 414599

I may be really dumb but (assuming you can drink), is there any difference for POTS patients in terms of symptom relief if we are comparing drinking vs IV fluids?

No. 414601

Oh boy! What super srs illness presents with sitting funny?

No. 414602

EDS, I guess? She’ll be after MCAS next…

No. 414618


Only if you have gastric issues as well, i guess?

No. 414641

Except in POTS sometimes IV infusions are necessary because hypovolemia is possible no matter how much water or electrolytes you take in it won’t go into the bloodstream the same way an IV would.

No. 414645

I'm not a medfag but i find it weird that UK+EU doctors don't know much about this. At the POTS UK conference they even said to avoid it (i think? it was the uk conference)

No. 414653


Did they give a reason for this?
(I've never considered chasing IV saline as I can drink water fine, only ever had it when I've fainted while already in hospital.)

No. 414656

I'll see if i can find a link. I didn't attend the conference, but they wrote it on their website afterwards

No. 414665


There's definitely more of a trend to give Florinef and potassium supplementation before even considering IV fluids. We care for a lot of people who are on TPN and many do take another bag of fluids per day, but quite simply the risk of CLABSI is not justified by whatever marginal improvement fluid supplementation has for POTS. In fact, because it gets excreted pretty fast, a bag of saline does not really make a huge difference unless it is accompanied by additional medication to encourage fluid retention.

No. 414667

How pathetic you POSs must be to insult, people who have illnesses that can never be cured, behind their backs. You should be grateful you don’t have to walk a mile in their shoes because you would immediately take them off for being such pansies. If I get reported then so be it, but FUCK ALL OF YOU

No. 414669

kek, many of us have incurable, chronic conditions ourselves, but ok

No. 414679

Sorry, we have every right to say what we like…especially since some of us have chronic illness ourselves and don't need to whore it out for asspats.

No. 414687

Actually, you don’t have a right. You’re slandering these people which is a crime and if they were to find out whom you were you can face prison charges, and I also find it highly repulsive that you have a chronic illness and feel obligated to attack others who have these illnesses(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 414689

It's called freedom of speech, hun
Have you considered that we're "slandering" these people because their behaviour hurt others with (actual) health conditions?

No. 414694

Okay so how many have hurt others by posting questions in pots groups? Oh, none. Y’all just need a reason to bitch on people

No. 414696

There are no name on those for that reason

No. 414698

I find it repulsive that people use their ~illnesses~ to leech money off of people with their gofuckme campaigns and exaggerate any symptom that comes their way…no wonder people with genuine illness get accused of exaggerating.

No. 414704


Sounds like somebody missed their twice-weekly therapy session. And forgot to refill their mood stabilizers.

We don't care what you think. And no, this isn't slander. And no, you can't go to fucking prison for slander.

And no, those other people we post don't have illnesses either. Go make a tearful plea to your insta followers how mean we are.

No. 414713

To have a therapy session, they would have to have disorders that aren't self diagnosed lmao

No. 414715


Her spelling is so bad I can barely understand what she is trying to explain. Is she trying to say it is weird she sits in a recliner with her head on the armrest - because I don't find that super uncommon if you are by yourself in a big cushioned chair. I don't sit the "normal" way in an armchair and there is 0% chance I have EDS.
She seems to be trying really hard to take the feedback that the vlogs and posts in her bedroom were boring - guess what Dani they are boring in your living room too! She needs to get a hobby or a job

No. 414726

File: 1509760819428.jpg (420.82 KB, 762x573, angie everyone's stalking her …)

An old post of Angie's…disability and stalking are the only two words she knows.

No. 414727

File: 1509761111347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.99 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0013.JPG)

No. 414728

File: 1509761127155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.85 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0014.JPG)

No. 414729

File: 1509761143500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.01 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0015.JPG)

No. 414731

Are you aware of the definition of slander? Because discussing idiots online is not it.
A large portion of us have these same illnesses these ~super sick~ girls "have." We're not oblivious to the reality of chronic illness.
Sadly, while those discussed on this forum CAN take off their (sick) "shoes", actual chronically ill people can't.
P.S.: EDS and the other popular ones aren't curable, no, but they are treatable and are usually relatively easy to manage. The OTT crowd don't try to have a better quality of life that is totally possible %99 of the time. So, maybe they should try to do the necessary steps to feel better instead of screaming INCURABLE!!!!

No. 414733

it's only considered slander if we comment on people who lock their instagram accounts in an attempt to seek privacy. i personally have never given my two sense on here about anyone i know has a private account because i would not want anyone to dig through my own. if it's public it's free to be commented on. especially if it's #'d the way these spoonies do.

No. 414747

I don't know which is worse, watching her vacuum up NHS resources or blatantly act out ana-chan attention seeking.

Normally I'm no fan of forced psych treatment for dubious illnesses - like the history of weird shit with CFS patients, which probably affected genuinely ill people, not just somatisers. But if ever someone needed to be sectioned, it's her. She is putting her life at risk with factitious behavior and seeking unneeded, dangerous treatments.

No. 414792

He excluded oncology and proctology, but not gynaecology. Sure this is a he?

No. 414795


Not sure sectioning a predatory sociopath is the best way to go about things. Beds on psych wards are scarce as they already are.

Chloe and her parents are all together in this sick, depraved game of getting money and attention and resources out of everyone and their dog. It'd be funny if it weren't so messed up.

No. 414835


I don't comment on here often but DEAR GOD DOES SHE KNOW HOW TO MAKE ANY OTHER FACE?! It's a consistent cross between straining so hard her eyes are about to fall down, and lifting her eyebrows till they meet her hairline. I saw older pictures on here another anon had found and she was actually pretty. Only thing worse than this new face is her god awful voice.

Sage for rant/lack of contribution.

No. 414851

You’re likely among the minority. Sadly, it appears that many of the farmers use information on private accounts by requesting to follow the person. Sure, maybe people need to not accept random follow requests, but the user was under the assumption they (the farmer) was another chronically ill person to connect with. So, yeah, some of the stuff in here borders slander (making false statements because farmers misreading or adding things that are explicitly stated), and stalking (person puts account on private, proceeds to search for YouTube accounts, other IG accounts, etc after the person has asked them to stop)

General note, freedom of speech only exists when you don’t infringe on others’ rights, which has been pushed in here a few times.

| sorry for appearing to white knight and be a lawfag |

No. 414853

File: 1509779467858.jpeg (61.7 KB, 750x230, 9295A218-8CAB-4382-A9A0-804716…)

what the actual fuck, allyson?! I can’t tell if she actually thinks minor symptoms are major problems (hypochondriasis) or if she posts this shit for asspats.

let’s review. bendycripple has had multiple psychotic episodes, a sinus infection, bronchitis, a busted eardrum, probably other stuff I’m forgetting, and now this within a matter of one to two weeks. she claims to have CVID, which yes, increases infection frequency (if she actually has it), but this is ridiculous! If she was getting one thing on top of another (surely she doesn’t get over each in less than two days), you’d think she’d be in hospital.

No. 414857

really, no. learn what slander is. gaining access to private accounts is sneaky, but is it leading to defamation of character? no. just stop.

No. 414858

Did I say accessing private accounts was slander? No, I said
>>…making false statements…
Learn to fucking read.

No. 414863

>stalking (person puts account on private, proceeds to search for YouTube accounts, other IG accounts, etc after the person has asked them to stop)
thats not what stalking is.

No. 414872

Can we ever be sure these days?

No. 414891

That's totally what stalking is. If you go after someone after they make an attempt to get away from you and you continue to look for their accounts so you can write about them online or make rude comments about them, that's stalking. It's the same principle if you move away from a predatory ex. If that ex uses google to find your new home address and then shows up at your apartment building knowing why you moved away, that's stalking.(learn 2 sage)

No. 414898

if youre really getting upset that people are getting milk to use to mock, not to gain anything by blackmail or harming someone or actually ruining their reputation, then you might be on the wrong site. goes along with the no cowtipping rule, this isnt some autistic anonymous hate army bent on ruining peoples lives. a few stray farmers can certainly take things to far but there are rules in place to keep people safe and farmhands are quick to remove offending material. stop. if you think someone is stalking, report them, bring it to meta.

you must be a spoonie community convert if youre this sensitive to some seriously minor shit.

No. 414899

i can offer a little insight into the rare steer sighting if wanted. i followed him and even talked to him when he was active on tumblr up until last year. his name is AJ and he's biologically female to answer the q above about that laughably long list. shockingly he was able to back up just about every bit of his outrageous health list with photos of his appointment summary sheets, labs, scans/images, whatever. that kid's body is a fucking dumpster fire if I ever saw one but that's what fags get so its not like he didn't have it coming. he never asked for donations or made any cringey merch or called himself "*~warrior~*" or "chronically______" so w/e, i never bothered to give him much thought too often. at the time of his last post he just got a bag (don't remember ileo or colostomy or what) and was on a tube of some kind. he talked about upgrading his wheelchair too but didn't ask for money for it or anything. apparently he has muscular dystrophy and broke his back or something. thats the only thing i dont remember seeing pics of.

still though his mental health bullshit was the only OTT attention whoring i ever really sensed from him. he didn't make any "omg so sui life trapped in my prison body suxxxx" posts but did talk about having "alters" and "past trauma" and the like. youd think being broken and having tranny tumblr faggot points would be enough but i guess not for him. "him"

apparently he was told he wasn't allowed to keep taking testosterone with his health the way it was and he made a post about "i cant do this anymore" and deleted and disappeared from the fb groups we share until only like three or four weeks ago tops. he doesn't have any new dx's that hes talked about but talks vaguely about "if i make it to 25" and "if i get to go home" now so either shits going down the tubes or he wants people to think it is. one pic he posted in a GP group may have backed that up though bc frankly he looks like you dug him out of a grave and stuck him in a microwave on high. he's off o2 now too and on a vent instead but no mention why.

either way that kid needs help. i can forgive the whole trans thing but whining about vague "trauma" when there's people out there who really go through PTSD struggling to get help or be heard is sick. maybe he does. but i doubt it. having the dying card and the PTSD card is a little too good to be true for a spoonie tumblrina and since one LOOKS true, the other def isn't.

at least he's in a hospital and not loose on the streets.

No. 414909

Autumn is already trying to make it look like she has a PICC. and if you go back far enough in her IG, she first claims to have Lyme, then slowly stops hashtagging lyme and moves on to EDS of course. and then gets pissed when the "specialists" she looks forward to seeing, turn out to ignore her because her complaints are literally BS. and wonders why her family is disowning her >>414442

No. 414914


>he was able to back up just about every bit of his outrageous health list

>he never asked for donations or made any cringey merch or called himself "*~warrior~*" or "chronically______"

> one pic he posted in a GP group may have backed that up though bc frankly he looks like you dug him out of a grave and stuck him in a microwave on high

this sounds like a person who's really sick and bummed about it, where's the milk? if you're not giving any URLs or screenshots or someone doing something actually lulzy, sage your ~*~edgy~*~ shit.

No. 414916

all these insta bitches post is either near-death hospital photos or smilling peace signs and thumbs ups holding meds and equipment. i can be okay with someone posting an image of their last x-ray and talking about it. i will never understand someone holding up a big ass syringe in a fully ring-splinted hand with a bright eyed grin talking nonstop about how much pain and suffering they're in today (autumn, jackie, frey). it's just confusing how they go between trying to look sick and not. you'd think they'd try harder to keep up the appearance.

i feel so bad for the families having to put up with this bullshit, maybe even more so than i feel bad for families of people with real problems.

No. 414920

Totally agree. For example Every time autumn or Aubrey etc get new treatment or any time they are hooked up to something like saline (whoop de doo) the show it. Or if autumn goes out to buy a wheelchair or crutches not even prescribed by a doctor , has to run and show it off . Ok so people who truly need stuff like that aren’t EXCITED . My fave recent post from autumn was when she got a job for 5 min as a cashier and couldn’t handle it because life’s just too hard. I do feel bad for their parents.. no contribution to society because they are mentally focused on wanting illness and not moving forward

No. 414921

autumn quitting that job was the most ridiculous thing i've seen in a long time on spoonie ig

No. 414925

my best friend from my hospital support group has CF and works 32-40hrs a week. i'm going through my fourth round of chemo and have vEDS and work six days/five days alternating weeks.

autumn never wanted to work. she wanted to show everyone how she "wants to badly to be normal and tried so hard but her ~health~ is just too bad!!!!"

my aunt does bullshit like this. she's 60 and her father still pays her rent. she gets a job, works for a few days, and either quits or gets herself fired. recent firings/quittings were for failure to get along with coworkers and "they wanted me to carry a 100lb box of files and at ny age i just can't do that." i can think of ten ways to fix that situation if it were true.

all these cows remind me so much of my aunt it's not even funny.

No. 414926

Amen to that. I can’t even imagine what the employer was thinking after quitting after ONE shift. And was she working with the iv still running in her backpack!? It seemed that way. Couldn’t have been that demanding if you were literally standing there filling yourself up with unneeded fluids. If she ends up getting a line, and home care, she’s going to end up fluid overloading herself and develop a real ass problem like a pulmonary effusion.. just drown yourself in fluids your body doesn’t even need because drinking is just too difficult with her fake GP ugh lord

No. 414929

Your right. She didn’t want to work it was just a facade.. a way to show everyone how she’s “trying so hard but just can’t be a normal person” #disabledteen . There’s nothing debilitated about her except for her mindset . I couldn’t imagine not working. I push all of my heal issues to the side when I’m at work no matter how bad they are.

No. 414936

i don't think a single one of them does work. because if you work, nobody will think you're obviously not constantly dying.

seems none of them realize that very sick people still work all the time. it's all about keeping up appearances that wouldn't even need keeping up, if you know what i mean. i think someone like them would call someone claiming you can't really be sick if you can have a job "ableist" but that's exactly how they're acting—"i'm not really sick unless i can't work". pretty fucked up and i'm sure they'd fake a heart attack or vasovagal syncope if confronted with that.

and i still don't understand how someone who's too sick and mkserable all the time to maintain a quiet seated desk job is well enough to post to all different social media on multiple accounts per site/app all day and night. when i'm at my worst, like they claim they always are, i can't hold my phone or look at the screen, let alone take selfies and type paragraphs per post. especially when i go through chemo. i need someone to hold my puke bucket for me.

why do these kids doctors go along with all this? honestly let them kill themselves. much easier and quicker fix than turning them into a game of operation

No. 414941

I get so many DMs that day “omg how do you do it, you work full time and your health is shit, I couldn’t imagine it!” I literally say every single time I suck it up and get over it. I need my job, I love my job, I’m not going to act like some asshole who can’t work and leech off others. I can go to the specialists I go to BEACUS of my job and my insurance. I get my meds and chemos approved BECAUSE I work a full time job and have good insurance to pay for it. I work hard and yes, it’s fracking super hard at times, but I GET OVER IT. I went through all this school and got my degrees ill, i managed just fine. I didn’t have to keep stopping because of my health, no matter how bad it was. I can’t tell you how many of my doctors have told me I should probably be on disability.. I said HELL NO.. are you nuts!? I’m not one of those people, how do you think I pay for these appointments!!!? How do you think I pay for all these meds and therapies !?! People need to get over themselves. It Is possible if you make it possible.

No. 414942

Yay. Go you. I get this is frustrating as a 'real' ill person but this forum isn't for this.

No. 414946

Considering we were just discussing how munchies don’t work, and the person above me also described how he/she works with chemo and munchies need to get over themselves and just work… how my post is irrelevant is beyond me. But whatever.

No. 414948


The other post was borderline blogposting but was more about the munchies than themselves. Bravo for you for being able to work while sick but this isn't the place to post to make yourself feel better that you aren't a munchie. Everyone on this board gets and agrees that it is possible to work while having an illness/disability so we don't need a bunch of non-saged stories about how the poster is better than the munchies because they are able to work and do x,y,z with even more illnesses than the munchies being discussed.

No. 414957

Note taken. Won’t happen again I see your point 👍🏻

No. 414961

File: 1509806760260.jpeg (227.87 KB, 750x1178, 2CB06634-32AB-45F5-A604-1F2674…)

Sooper sick, all caused by her own doing

No. 414964

how about sagng while you debate your posts' relevancy?

No. 415024

Dr. Phil: now with munchie milk.

No. 415025

Watching this right now!

No. 415032

Bless your heart anon thank you.
Take a shot/hit everytime Dr.Phil rolls his eyes, calls out BS, and/or guests gets stressed out/crys/walks off!

No. 415035

Andrew/AJ (the person listing all his specialists) doesn't really seem to have any online presence besides in groups. I've been in the same groups as him and I've wanted to post him on this board for ages, but his OTTness is scattered among so many groups it's confusing.
There isn't anything wrong with being trans, though. But he is annoying as hell and borders on munchiedom and not just OTT.
(sorry for no contribution in the milk aspect)

No. 415036


Go check out the rest of the clips on his channel from this show. They're all pure gold. She "collapses" in one but I can't find it at the moment.

No. 415057

No, there is nothing wrong with being trans. I do find it interesting however that two of the already very rare male munchies/OTT spoonies were not born male. I'm not saying that means they are actually female, but there's no denying that they were born with female biology and were most probably socialized as girls. Munchausen, whether we are talking garden variety factitious disorder, Munchausen by internet or OTT spoonies seems to be very much a women's game.

No. 415062


Also of course we do realise that not everyone who is ill can work but if you can't work for sure as hell can't keep up a social media presence like that.

No. 415115

File: 1509819316373.png (543.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0016.PNG)

No. 415251

File: 1509830540478.png (3.6 MB, 1242x2208, C6905993-3A2C-4579-A056-480F71…)

Poor Autumn is sad that she doesn’t have gastroparesis

No. 415288


I’m sure she’ll find a new doctor who’ll tell her that the test is unreliable and she’ll get diagnosed based on her reported symptoms. I’ve seen this happen lots of time in GP Facebook groups.

No. 415291


munchie or not? I can't decide.

No. 415309

Personally I think she isn't at all munchie but she is OTT/ odd in that all her videos are illness focused. But she has gone and done some good normal things too (learning to drive - which is a big time commitment in the UK, interested in normal things like shopping, beauty etc.) definitely not a Jaquie.

No. 415326


Reckon she’s legit unwell (and she doesn’t seem to angle after medical stuff like IG munchies) but her vlogs are clearly copies of Chronically Jaquie who clearly copies th Frey Life. So funny!

No. 415339

So, so sad. However will she get one of those glorious toobz now?

No. 415347


Maybe she’ll have MALS instead..?

No. 415556

There's definitely something wrong health wise, and i don't doubt her EDS diagnosis
OTT? might be

No. 415585

Seriously? Then why would the test even exist? Munchies seem to excel at finding all the quacks out there who are too lazy to do their actual job of being a somewhat competent doctor.

No. 415617

File: 1509848187970.jpeg (195.82 KB, 750x960, AC318F9E-D87E-4B11-AF5F-2E169B…)

Someone in the community is angry with autumn! If that couldn’t be more blatant

No. 415625

File: 1509848971778.png (577.11 KB, 926x634, medicinal pretzels.png)

this overdramatic post coupled with the image made me lose my shit

people just don't know what it's like! having to drink WATER and eat PRETZELS!

No. 415626

not to blog but i have bipolar and this doesn't sound anything like flight of ideas/mania at all. it just reads like a liar overexplaining.

No. 415668

Heehee a picture of a bunch of normal foods with a whiny caption to throw it into ott spoonie territory. But people just DON’T UNDERSTAND how hard it is to buy high sodium foods and water. But by all means, let’s jump right up to a surgically implanted medical device that carries the risk of sepsis. Sounds like a fool-proof plan to me kek

No. 415672

What's wrong with being on disability for legit reasons?

No. 415680

yea that really sounds more like just wanting to defend wanting money. bipolar mania seems to be disjointed or like there would be three or four different points being made. this is some serious money thirst. whether or not its farmers or other people seeing through the weird narrative but the literal fucking novel being written in response is sort of telling to how convoluted the whole thing is.

No. 415708

Those are all actually kind of shitty sources of sodium. If you need sodium, go for pickles and jerky.

No. 415755


There are very few instances in medicine where every day matters. With acute illnesses, every second can matter. With some fast growing tumours, a week's delay can make a big difference. But there are no chronic conditions where if you don't get treatment within two weeks, you will irreversibly decline. Least of all as the treatment itself is quite speculative. If it works, it'll work whenever. Chloe is a mendacious sociopath, and while I used to think she might be misdirected by her doctor exploiting her anti-vax paranoia, I am now pretty sure this is just a great moneymaking scheme for Chloe and her family. It's fun for the whole family: of course, Chloe herself does not need to get any work done, family can draw carers' allowances, and meanwhile prey on legitimately sick people & get the fat pity bucks. Oh and in the meantime, while criticisimg the NHS up and down, she has no problems getting her medical needs met by them, only paying for evident quackery and unproven treatments (IVIG) for unproven claims like her mysterious vaccine induced EDS.

No. 415798

Could she make it any more obvious that she's always here, feeding her mental illness? It's hilariously sad

No. 415815

does every single munchie watch Greys Anatomy?

No. 415825


Nothing if it is needed.

No. 415836


because this thread isn't for discussing your personal BS and how much better you are

No. 415858

I’m just impressed she’s still going with the biologically-impossible explanation of getting a genetic disease that someone has to be born with to have from a vaccine. Very surprising no one is studying her in depth and looking at the potential of some all-new type of gene therapy. Top kek. I did enjoy her description of her body rotting away from the inside and that’s why she needs ££££ asap, especially because that’s totally how eds works. Kek

No. 415934

Oh I’m sure she’ll find a way. Won’t be long before she finds a sucker doctor who will place the picc she wants, sine the saline is helping SOOOO much. So much she can’t even do basic human tasks 😒

No. 415943

Also again no actual footage (but still uploads really regularly).
No family, no boyfriend.
Voice sounds awful because of purging IMO

No. 415952

Wait, where does this come from? I found her Instagram, where she still happily hastags away with #gastroparesis.

No. 415956

I don't know why she started #gastroparesis -ing but she just had a GES and it was completely normal (her story shows her results). So now she is saying how she 'needs answers' etc.

I don't know enough of her backstory to know what her symptoms are or what has already been tried. Basically I think she reported 'symptoms' (she is slim) and then when she actually got tested obviously it showed nothing.

No. 415988

File: 1509893598836.jpg (161.12 KB, 646x1426, ZITlFRL.jpg)

This is from two months ago. SHE was very confident. And SHE was pretty sure. Maybe just wait until the doctor tells you what's wrong with you? I don't know, it's just a suggestion.

No. 415992

Shes sure of everything. I don’t think she’s had one REAL diagnosis. Everything she claims to have is based on her own theories. She said she had Lyme, then that hashtag disappeared. Then claimed to have EDS, probably showed a doctor she can bend her finger back or something, then all of a sudden started using wheelchairs and crutches and braces out of nowhere, after not needing them until the clinical diagnosis (if they even really gave her one). Then she doctor hopped until she found one that would give her saline, and I’m just waiting for the next appointment where she’s going to say she needs it 24/7 so she can get a picc or port JUST for that.

No. 415993

I'm scrolling through an account of her (not Instagram, but it looks a bit like it? I don't know - I feel old) and she used to have an eating disorder.

It REALLY seems that GP these days is a magnet for ex-ED patients nowadays. It's probably nice to have a medical reason not to eat what en when everybody else is eating.

GI docs need to be on this. They need to know that with young women coming in with symptoms of GP, eating disorders NEED to be in the back or their mind until they are satisfied that they are an actual medical patient with no overlap or background of an ED.

No. 415997

File: 1509894508816.jpeg (256.62 KB, 750x1191, A81EDB4F-5527-4A56-B67E-D04F8B…)

Her rheumatologists said she’s hypermobile, like many people on this planet. No diagnosis of EDS but hashtags it anyway. This is where it all began.

No. 416001

File: 1509894795761.jpg (334.75 KB, 2420x1024, 6MjcKp3.jpg)

O wow.

No. 416005

File: 1509894926606.jpeg (692.55 KB, 1474x2600, 23C6FFCE-D1CE-401E-801E-0FC072…)

If you look back she admits everything is normal.

No. 416007

She has such a sly smug in this picture, like “yes, I can now tell everyone I have EDS because a rheumy told me I was hypermobile”

No. 416008

I see what you mean. Scrolling now, and it's very much of "I am sure that .. is caused by ..". She basically goes on what she "feels" might be wrong.

I do feel bad for her though. She is obviously unwell, mentally. She has some sort of "need" to be physically sick. Of course that's true for everyone with factitious disorder, but some of the OTT spoonies here obviously just want attention and lie a lot for that. With her, I'm not even sure if she really knows what she is doing.

No. 416009

Oh wow . I’m surprised she hasn’t done that yet at this point

No. 416012

The other day she hastagged Schizophrenia. One she’s never done before. Another made up diagnosis

No. 416013

I know, what the actual fuck! "Someimes I think about shaving my head just so I'll look sick" really???
Firstly there are very few illnesses that cause baldness mainly chemotherapy for cancer and alopecia so by shaving your head to 'actually look sick' she is basically saying she wants to look like she has one of those two illnesses (basically cancer).
Urgh. Also all her testing came back fine and yet she has a 'pots doctor'??? She means autonomics or cardiology not a 'pots doctor' why would you see a 'pots doctor' if you don't have pots because ALL YOUR AUTONOMIC TESTING IS FINE!

No. 416015

For goodness sake. Seriously, of all the choices, I'm suprised she hasn't 'picked' autism tbh.

No. 416016

File: 1509895367050.jpg (184.38 KB, 658x1430, XQdPuZk.jpg)

>>Doctor says I don't have HEDS
>>I'm taking it as a diagnosis of HEDS

What's wrong with this picture?

Also: she says her rheumatologist "also thinks" she has HEDS. No, they said she was hypermobile and it could be HEDS but they didn't know much about it.

No. 416018


This one irks me. The other stuff she posts are kinda hilarious, but this one just reaffirms she's a malingering dipshit. Like, trust me, if you are sick, like if you have a condition that makes it hard for your body to absorb nutrition, or retain adequate water, things like that, it is visible to other people. People can tell a sick person from a healthy person, even people who've never met you before.

Before people start harping on how I'm wrong bc XYZ of their own experience, the statement above is based on my own experience. I had a serious flare of what I now know was a disease state, and it was obvious even to strangers even when there was no behavioral signals. With these cows so many of them are always insisting they almost passed out and you know they did the whole swooning thing, or have a wheelchair or a cane, or some weird shitty munchie prop.

If you really are sick, aren't medicated or treated for the sickness you insist you have, it would be obvious to other people. It's an innate human ability to detect sickness in others.

No. 416020

Hah WOW. She openly admits that Not one doctor has diagnosed her with anything.. literally nothing.. not EDS, not GP, not Lyme, and still claims to have them all because she “thinks” she does. Jesus

No. 416027

File: 1509896493447.jpg (353.37 KB, 2408x1142, EUVKGym.jpg)

Well, she says somewhere that she was diagnosed with chronic lyme. The problem is that a) that's not a real thing and b) how can be believe she is "diagnosed" with anything if she literally tells us that a doctor said she didn't have something, and then she "takes that as a diagnosis of" that same thing?

Also, see picture: she's kinda obsessed with cancer.

No. 416029

File: 1509896569988.png (852.76 KB, 920x560, remyretard.png)

oh man. y'all need to check out Remy Riot/Karina Hagelin/Sadie Turner/Remy Hagelin/this bitch has had about seven names: https://www.instagram.com/femmesupremacy/

she's kind of a big figure in the zine circles, specifically zines catered toward "femmes," the made-up concept of "radical vulnerability," endorsing self-care by begging for money from other people and then using it on Sugarpill makeup and Modcloth dresses, and then calling the people who don't dig that shit ableist, transphobic (because technically she's genderqueer), femmephobic, fatphobic, the list goes on

her insta is private unfortunately but I can post a lot of screenshots if people are more interested in her BS, also she accepts mostly everyone who requests her.

some of her greatest hits include:
>>pretending to have lupus when really the problem is just that she's obese
>>speaking of the obesity, everything she posts is tagged with #fatfemme or some variant thereof even if the picture is not even relevant to being fat or femme
>>she used to be much much thinner but apparently this was during a period of heroin addiction where she used opiates and alcohol to self-medicate her PTSD (yes, she has that too, of course) after being raped
>>posted photos of bruises after a BDSM session with a guy and bragged about how easily she bruises, then repackaged the same photos later and tried to sell a "this is what a male feminist did when he raped me" narrative
>>see: http://silverstorm1000.tumblr.com/post/138209981510/femmefilth666-this-is-what-a-male-feminist
>>her tumblr, femmefilth666, was a gold mine but now what's left is just the posts people have reblogged. I don't believe she's remade
>>the reason for this is probably that a huge portion of her fanbase in the zine community has realized she's full of shit and are calling her out everywhere for it
>>triggered constantly and sometimes posts pictures of herself crying in public with the hashtag…. #cryinginpublic. apparently this is a revolutionary movement and she goes out of her way to do it
>>has a long history of asking for rent/food/utilities money from people and then using it to buy expensive shit
>>unsurprisingly spoiled-ass brat with rich parents who still support her financially at 27
>>grad student in library sciences who literally wears a $300 leather tit harness as part of her daily outfits
>>regularly posts pictures of when she was skinny as a reminder that she used to be hotter but packages it as "I was miserable when I looked like this I was strung out on heroin"
>>considers every guy who fucked her while she used opiates (I word it this way because I don't believe she was ever addicted to anything) a rapist
>>tells you that if you don't call her hot it's because you're fatphobic
>>got into a relationship with another person in her zine circle who then invited her to visit them in Berlin for a month, the girlfriend ended up broke because Remy made her pay for the entire trip expenses and threatened to call her abusive to her huge fanbase if she didn't
>>aside from the lupus she apparently has some other chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia or ehlers-danlos because she's bitching about "pain" all the time
>>calls herself a lesbian despite adamantly identifying as genderqueer and wanting to use they/them pronouns

I really could keep going but I don't know how much more anyone wants to hear lol.

tl;dr Tumblr was femmefilth666 but deactivated although a lot of posts are still archived, Instagram is femmesupremacy and is private but she accepts everyone (including me, we don't know each other but we've gone to the same uni for years and my friend circle has just watched this trainwreck in awe for a while)

I'll post more screenshots of her messy-ass instagram if people are interested so I don't flood the thread but I'll post some of her greatest hits

No. 416034

Look how much crap she hastags ! She doesn’t have any of it!

No. 416036

File: 1509896985378.png (Spoiler Image, 195.89 KB, 500x261, tumblr_o05a4e9omr1u091cjo1_500…)

No. 416037

If she is such a feminist advocate etc. then why is she perpetuating the idea that all rapes are violent and leave obvious physical injury?
If she had such severe and obvious bruising then why didn't she go to the police? It would be one of the few instances where assault (sexual or otherwise) would be open and shut case.

No. 416039

File: 1509897215320.png (447.23 KB, 510x593, remy1.png)

what this girl literally wears to work in a library

No. 416040

File: 1509897266206.png (689.36 KB, 922x598, remy3.png)

letting you know that if you don't call her attractive in this bodysuit you hate fat people

No. 416042

File: 1509897303702.png (710.8 KB, 934x599, remy4.png)

an example of the public crying posts (there is at least one a week)

No. 416043

File: 1509897358483.png (788.44 KB, 935x597, remy5.png)

one of the many "look how hot I used to be" posts disguised as "I was so sick and messed up when this was taken" ft. Every Man Who Fucked Me Back Then Is Trash

No. 416046

Or how about communicating your distress appropriately…oh nope…just gonna cry in front of people. (Crying is fine IMO, just deal with the actual problem too..unless…ahem…there is no problem…!)

No. 416053

thanks for finding that lol I couldn't track it down for some reason. but that's pretty much the shit hitting the fan. there are even more stories in the multiple shares of the post (mind, a lot of these people are wack as fuck too with their "spoon" shit and their weird radical-healing lingo like "witnessed" which makes me just think of Mad Max, but seeing her finally get mass-dragged was refreshing). after this whole conversation she threatened suicide to many of the former friends of hers posting in this thread and proceeded to demand on insta that, as a person with BPD, she demands YOU to go out of your way to treat her nicely so she doesn't commit suicide. because that's how that works.

I think this is when the tumblr was deactivated and the insta became private.

No. 416054


Sounds like another person with a mental illness that is desperately reaching for a physical illness to gain more pity points.

I understand the sentiment to some degree - severe depression and other mental illnesses can make you feel like crap and make it really hard to get out of bed and do things. However, most people don't understand mental illnesses - particularly to that degree so there is more of a thought of "just don't be sad" when it is a lot more complicated than that. People are much more understanding of a physical illness (nobody is making memes telling people they wouldn't have cancer if they went outside for a run but there are plenty of memes that suggest that depression wouldn't exist if you just went outside).

That being said - these munchies (like this autumn chick, dani, and many more) are doing themselves no favors by spending all their time and energy trying to get a diagnosis for a physical illness. Many mental illnesses are manageable/treatable and since they have access to all these fancy specialists they probably also have access to a therapist and some decent meds if needed.
Lots of people are productive human beings with mental illness and/or physical illnesses - no need to try to create a whole persona around being a sick so you can get all the pity points.

No. 416057

your sanist expectations about the (in)visibility of madness are showing

No. 416058

Haha, years of therapy have, SHOCK HORROR, taught me how to communicate and behave appropriately.

No. 416061

File: 1509898345941.png (108.14 KB, 488x241, Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 11.1…)

also I just noticed this in the tumblr post I linked. David Bowie raped statues y'all

No. 416070

File: 1509898868013.jpg (113.01 KB, 510x593, IMG_8687.JPG)

Jesus who the fuck wears this to work? It's always a shame when fat chicks don't dress flattering to their body type and wear clothes that are 10 times to small to be ~sexy n sassy~ ~bodyposi!!~ when they just look like a bloated whale suffocating on fabric. That belt lol. Also if she's so fuckin anti-fatphobic or fat acceptance or w/e then why did she shoop her body? Like was it really THAT necessary that she needed to put a thigh gap in her pic? Does she think that's inspiring or believable? Pic related

of course it's someone else's fault and not her fault for being a heroin addict. Boohoo. I wonder how many people she took advantage of when she was an addict? Bet all the dudes she fucked for dope are now "they RAPED me when I was in a VUNERABLE STATE!!11 uwu" and all the dudes she took advantage/manipulated for free dope without having to fuck are kind gentlemen who helped her in her time of need.

No. 416072


Its like she knows that her main vlog audience is people coming from this site. She directly addresses every question mentioned here or tries to explain it away.
- Claims she didn't film in the grocery store because she had to push the cart to brace herself during "dizzy spells" but has not problem filming herself while walking in the parking lot. She is making more attempts to have other people in the vlog but it totally unsuccessful at it (her aunt clearly had no desire to be a part of it). Her guest appearances are really just brief "say hi to the camera" with no real content. I suspect that she can't play up the illnesses around her family/boyfriend. She can claim she needed to brace herself on the shopping cart and couldn't film but likely just didn't want to film herself doing normal shopping where she can't actually talk about all her "symptoms" because her mom/aunt would probably tell her to knock it off (or ask her why she is trying to film her distress). I don't think she plays up the illnesses as much around family as they are likely tired of it.
I don't doubt the existence of the "boyfriend" but I doubt it is a healthy relationship. If you have been going out for 14 years and live within walking distance of each other (also can't walk around the grocery store without support but can drop off a car and walk home with no problems?) then you should probably spend more than maybe an evening together once a week. She gets very defensive about this relationship (there is no need to explain why you aren't getting dressed up - especially if you aren't going to show any part of your interaction with him). I doubt it is a healthy relationship, but I hope for her sake she isn't stuck in some sort of abusive relationship where he is just using her.
- And if we are to believe the results of her shopping trips then there is no reason why she can't stick to a liquid diet for a while. Of course her newest thing is that she can't get enough calories via a liquid diet.
Also - just terrible resource spending. Not sure she will like whatever shakes her father bought her or if they will work - but buys two large cases. Ginger tea was recommended so she bought 4 different kinds at once instead of one at a time. If you are really so scarce on money for food - you would buy one, see if it work, and then maybe try another.
And since her lack of a hobby has been discussed her multiple times she really is trying to stress that she reads in another room.

No. 416075

pretty sure that's not a shooped thigh gap. it's a roll of thigh fat.

No. 416077

File: 1509899266511.png (496.63 KB, 479x600, remy2.png)

I actually think she shoops to make herself look fatter if anything, or at least poses in ways that make her look fatter. I see her sometimes in person and she's fat but not quite as huge as I think she wants people to believe she is.

No. 416079

>she shooped a thigh gap!
Lol anon that's a reach. Clearly that's a dimple of cellulite that got caught and pulled back when she smushed her legs together for that photo. Idk, she's already so obviously obese I don't really care that she pinched in her wrists and blurred her double chin. It's not like those things were such a drastic improvement that it made her look like a different person and model.

No. 416080

I think that bottom one is just rolls around the tops of her legs/ vagina?!

Basically she just can't dress appropriately. Fine wear hot pants if you want to for a night out, don't wear it to work!

No. 416089

I thought too at a far away glance, and then I noticed the blurring around the thighs and zoomed in on the pixels in between. She pulled apart/ further extended the space between them. You can blatantly see it in the pixels (color, highlight/shadow, and blurring effect on pixels that occurs in apps like facetune) and the specific area blurring around her…. croch region but not on the other shorts region. I work part-time for a graphic design company, and even if the photo was shaken or naturally blurry it wouldn't occur like that. It was actually the first & most obvious sh00p to spot, so I'm surprised. And a look at her other pics she shoops her arm fat smaller frequently. Idgaf if she sh00ps herself into amatue space barbie, it's just a bit hypocritical to be all bodyposi, fat acceptance, anti-fatphobia, preaching against it. While shooping your fat to be smaller. Like hypocritical. That's all, not a reach, it's a bit relevant based on her niche and activism.

I'd believe that too just to hop on the fat femme fad. You've seen her IRL? Does she just look less plump? Or…? Jw

No. 416106

She’s one of the ones that says McDonald’s killed her you guys dubbed her as munchie already

No. 416110

File: 1509902456016.png (3.6 MB, 2000x2300, Untitled (5).png)

Can we talk about how autumn "made an eds awareness card" with a text she copied from stickmancommonications

No. 416117

File: 1509902754728.png (120.36 KB, 745x1189, IMG_8697.PNG)

Plz don't tell me she lives in DC. Plz. Plus if you google her name all these callout posts and all her fundraisers show up and there's a whole lot of them kek

No. 416148

File: 1509990514210.png (155.88 KB, 749x1028, IMG_7653.PNG)

Dani is now trying to get people to buy her clothes via an app and sayings it's so that her and her boyfriend can get their first place together.
Interesting that she barely seems to spend any real time with him but her relationship with him is questioned on here and all the sudden they want to move in together. I think it's more trying to validate a relationship for her online critics rather than deal with the fact that she is likely in an unhealthy relationship.

I would imagine she doesn't have enough clothes to sell to make a dent in a security deposit. Additionally she already has a place of her own (and I would assume the bf does to). It sounds like her place is government subsidized and she made it seem like hers was larger than most so why give that up?
I doubt they are really considering moving in together and she can use money as the reason why it is taking so long - just like she uses it to claim why she can't start/stick to a recommended diet
She does get points for only mentioning mental illness in that post - that really is her biggest issue and if she did some real work in that area then she might find other areas improve as well.
Dani, since we know you read this - please for your own sake get away from social media for a while. You spend so much time justifying yourself to strangers and digging yourself into a deeper hole. You have potential and since you don't seem to get a lot of support from social media it is only hurting you. Work on getting a life beyond being a "chronic illness warrior" - you will find the real world much more satisfying

No. 416230

For a disease she doesn’t have and has never been diagnosed with, I believe.

No. 416258

also that yes

No. 416294


I'm sorry, but do these people realize why others ask them what happened?

Nobody, and I mean nobody, gives a fuck about the minutiae of your illness. Asking people 'hey, what happened to you?' is a way to open a conversation during which some degree of social empathy is shown. What people care about is building a connection, not learning all about your fascinating medical conditions. If someone handed me a card that explains their super special illness, I'd run for the hills. The excuse of not wanting to explain does not sit too well with me, either - you can simply say 'I have a chronic illness that affects my joints' or 'I'm sorry, I don't feel like talking about it'.

As a doctor, patients often ask me about some of the more evident signs of my past illness. I think it's a great way to allow them to learn something about me rather than making the whole thing an inquisition, and allows them to relate and vice versa. In reality, I haven't often encountered this happening - most people are sufficiently scared of uppity/annoying spoonies throwing a fit if you dare ask them about their braces/wheelchair/etc. If this happens often enough to you to have to hand out cards, you must be living in a different alternate universe.

This is really similar to people getting pissed about being told they don't look sick. Most actually unwell people go great lengths to not look sick, and being told I don't look sick is like praise on a job well done. On the other hand, it's Munchies like Autumn who want to look as sick as possible, even considering shaving their head, lest they feel their precious illness is 'invalidated'. It is entirely, wholly unacceptable to be an asshole when most people do mean well - as opposed to people who say 'you look ok, you must not be as sick as you pretend', which btw if you actually know you're sick, as opposed to pretending and worried about getting rumbled, would not normally bother you all that much unless it's said by your doctor or your boss. So what if some random dude thinks you don't look sick? The world doesn't owe us a duty to permanently validate us, and least of all does it owe us a duty to on one hand not treat us as useless cripples, while at the same time not treat us like everyone else…

No. 416316


Also makes me annoyed that stickman have this card. Whilst there is believed to be a genetic link between hypermobility and autism the number of people who actually need a communication card about EDS (i.e. who have EDS and need communication cards) is pretty small! Usually people with communication needs and physical illnesses have hospital 'passports' and/or medical alert bracelet with next of kin/ carer info!

No. 416324


well I mean Stickman Communications made this stuff for herself… and then decided to sell it too. (Now she takes requests too so it's not all about her, but this one is.)

No. 416381

I have seen her a few times in the last few months, she and I are in totally different graduate programs on a pretty big campus so we only cross paths in the same places (student union food spots, bus stops etc). but yeah, she is obese in person, but I think in some pictures she accentuates the obesity. for instance, the picture with her holding the cat. that's not a good angle for anyone – I'm very thin and untoned and would also look pretty gross from that angle IMO because I have literally zero tricep definition. but I think she, idk, intentionally poses to make herself look fatter in the same way that thinspo chicks pose to look thinner? or at least she thinks it's somehow possible to be obese and have an hourglass figure with dainty wrists etc hence the photoshopping? I genuinely think she's delusional enough to believe this kind of body type is possible. because in person she's fat but she doesn't have an hourglass figure. she's just… fat. but also not morbidly obese, like some of her photos make her look (like the underwear pic I posted earlier). idk, it's very strange to me. I think it speaks a lot to how insane she is.

yes, she does live in the DC area. she churns out those GoFundMe and YouCaring pages like it's in and of itself a job. all of them involve her escaping "toxic living situations" because people I know who have lived with her at different times all report the same trajectory: everyone gets along at first, Remy's myriad illnesses and triggers are made known to everyone, Remy does standard bad-roommate shit like not pulling her weight on the housework or actively engaging in stupid self-destructive behaviors in the house, roommates confront her about it, she freaks out and threatens suicide, calls everyone living with her an abuser, then needs to move somewhere else. the reason she needs the money is because she breaks fuckin leases every other month lol. she also is a compulsive cat collector – I know three people who have cats she has adopted then couldn't take care of and/or take with her when she moves to a new place. either that or she just sends them to live with her rich parents. then turns around and calls herself a "cat lady." girl…

No. 416414

File: 1510005383130.png (558.33 KB, 1280x720, lolcow.png)

She seems to use a lot of different names online.

Have people seen this? She says she is 100% healthy


No. 416437

Kek whoops it’s hard to keep all those details straight. Sick, healthy, do we really need to label? She’s just a gross fat chick who saw an opportunity to rip people off and took it.

No. 416441

File: 1510006811982.jpeg (196.74 KB, 750x1202, 0116052B-BE3A-4DDE-9B8E-914042…)

This one was my favorite yet. She’s disabled from everything she’s never been diagnosed with

No. 416444

I’m sure the creator of Stickman would love to sue for copyright infringement, because I’m 99% sure she actually has a patent on Creative Commons licensing for those cards.

No. 416446

She has not. She hasn’t been diagnosed with any of her ailments, yet she is set on gaining things from them. Her geneticist explicitly said she DOESNT have EDS, and only said she wasn’t mildly hypermobile, but she “wants a second opinion because the geneticist was bad”

No. 416472

WTF Autumn. I’d love to see her try walking in the shoes of an actually (physically) disabled person for even a few hours. The only thing she’s likely disabled from is mental illness (which yeah, still suck to be disabled from but not the point), and possible deconditioning. But it really irks me when people essentially choose to become disabled by being lazy.

No. 416479

File: 1510008155653.jpg (111.51 KB, 868x1000, living_with_krasinski.jpg)

Does she know she's John Krasinski?

No. 416487

File: 1510008536328.jpeg (104.12 KB, 750x444, 78174AD6-F9BA-49E7-9900-14C1A9…)

Why on fucking earth would you make this public to anyone but your doctor (or maybe SO)?

No. 416498

That’s hilarious. And the only reason why has that many followers, is because they want to see her posts and lies. Only problem is more of the people following her to see what lies she comes up with next need to call her out on the constant BS

No. 416506

File: 1510010727084.png (39.17 KB, 408x151, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 23.2…)

Seen in a disability group on FB…..

Didn't HypermobileGuy's dad buy his wheelchair for him? He's like, 23 and has never worked in his life. How would he be able to save up for an £8,000+ wheelchair with all the bells and whistles?

No. 416519

It would take awhile but if he gets all the income his supposed conditions would entitle him to he would get
£83.10/ week for care
£58/ week for mobility
£173/ week for living costs (unable to work)

and his rent/ most of his rent paid

So depending how and where he lives and how much he actually spends on care and mobility then he could easily save up over £400/month if he doesn't actually need that much care etc.

No. 416530

File: 1510013327130.jpeg (181.42 KB, 750x1036, E697B73E-83C7-401B-BD79-47B32D…)

Glad someone finally DID call autumn out on her munchie behavior, more people need to though! She needs mental help, not physical.

No. 416532

who posted this?

No. 416552

Someon did call her out. Look at her latest post in the comments.

No. 416554

I’m not sure I saw it copied on a story, but it’s someone else’s story they took a screenshot of

No. 416580


Yeah, but he didn't save for it. He's said before on IG that his dad bought it for him.

No. 416589


WTF is a "toxicity burn" or "toxicity blister"? It just looks like normal skin that's had a dressed pulled off recently.

Also top keks at the "Chloe has to wear carbon filter masks 24/7" right above a picture where she's not wearing one…

No. 416647


Legit unwell, but OTT/attention seeking and definitely bordering on anachan

No. 416652


I've seen more than one IG munchie blame hair loss (aka shaved head) on "malabsorption".

No. 416653


Sweet jesus no. I agree the geneticist (if she was exactly as described) could have been more helpful, but she should have explained that being hypermobile isn't the same as having a hypermobility DISORDER. It's like finding out you're anaemic and straight away jumping to I HAVE CANCER. Just, no.

I'm dreading the day Autumn discovers (and is validated by) The EDS Society.

No. 416663

File: 1510023393796.jpeg (835.83 KB, 2078x2078, D45AACEB-2016-415F-92AC-614B0A…)

Uh oh someone’s spilling the beans

No. 416668

Noooooo don't tip the cows damnit!

No. 416674

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Good and bad at the same time . No cow tipping !!! But bravo on the same token

No. 416686

Ugh someone kicked over the milk bucket. Plus this kind of comment just gives munchies fuel, they’re even more so the victim for being attacked for being brave and sick. On the other hand, the commenter is completely correct, even though it’ll just get deleted

No. 416687


I've gone through a lot of this milk, and I don't think she belongs here. Definitely in Snowflakes, but she's not a primarily munchie/illness based cow.

No. 416741


That was 4 years ago, and even though she's uh… "repurposed" the bruises, she could have developed health problems. But I'm taking everything that comes from her with a therapeutic dose of salt.

No. 416742


oh and HypermobileGuy was given 10 free days with with a PA before being assessed for need, and he seems to have used most of them go out to christmas markets and bowling, not with actual care needs! Great proof of necessity, kek!

No. 416747


Actually I think the cards can be quite useful if people want info. I get a lot of questions about my wheelchair and about eds itself and if they want to I give them a card so that they know how to spell it and Google it. This is especially useful since a lot of people want to know more about my chair so they can have some of the things on their own / friends' chair and this way they know what is called and look up additional info online. But to just hand out a card because you don't want to talk about it is just rude

No. 416751


I think the Stickman Card for EDS is especially useful for someone who doesn't use mobility aids all the time, but does need to sit down a lot, or has trouble with balance. It isn't exactly a doctor's letter, but it spells it out in an accessible way.

(Personally my fave is the one aimed at wheelchair users that reads "Warning: leaning may trigger biting reflex")

saged for going a bit off topic

No. 416753

I mean malnutrition is well-known to cause hair loss but that's almost never going fully bald. It's just the hair thinning, hairline receding and some bald spots. Usually it's easy to cover them up but if not you get a wig and focus on the important stuff that is causing the hair loss

No. 416754


Well yeah, but that doesn't make you look ~ even sicker~.

No. 416761


They're also quite useful for doctors that don't know about eds. I feel uncomfortable showing up papers and books (although I will give those if they ask for it), but a small card gives them the most basic info and at least gives them the right spelling so they can Google it

No. 416878

File: 1510037629070.jpeg (259 KB, 750x1154, 4FC0E504-C045-444E-975C-6795FA…)

Finally got what she wanted

No. 416894

File: 1510041790373.jpeg (186.61 KB, 750x821, D49CB79B-2110-49B6-B96B-D6CA7D…)

Autumn had no problem climbing mountains and hiking last year but all of a sudden got EDS, and cannot stand for several hours for a job? I’m confused

No. 416926

what an awful thought…
She's milking that hypermobility "diagnosis", hosting EDS group meetings. I suspect it's a way of figuring out what symptoms to develop next, and also the sweet sweet validation ofc

No. 416943

Autumn is fucking offensive

No. 416946

Won’t be long now until Autumn finds a GI who will disregard the normal GES and barium swallow and place a Tube. Why she wants a PICC in the mean time when waiting for a port makes no sense. Just go straight for the damn port at that point. Why go through two procedures!?! Fucking stupid .

No. 416947

She's disgusting. Of course Lara Bloom is following her now, top kek.

No. 416952

She's an insult to actually sick people and a fraud. If she starts a gofuxme I'll be the first to report it.

No. 416954

I’d like to know how she can’t hold the simplest of jobs but can afford to move into a new home, feed two dogs, and pay for her fake medical equipment. I’d be surprised if there isn’t a gofundme in the making already!

No. 416955

Her ugly smirk in every picture drives me crazy too. It's like she knows what a fraud she is and doesn't care.

No. 416956


Her girlfriend seems to be providing for them both.

No. 416957

That’s exactly what I see. Her squinty ass eye and crooked smile that screams “haha fucking have you fooled”

No. 416959

When do you think she’ll start to claim MCAD

No. 416961

She only started claiming menopause when she saw people getting ass pats for endo and other crotch problems too

No. 416965

Well that’s essentially how she started to claim everything she “has”. She sees it, she wants it, she claims it….. hence #eds #pots #menopause #lyme #disability #schizophrenia #gastroparesis and soon to be #tubie #picc #centralline

No. 416973

Agree. I think a lot of munchies have some kind of minor health issues, but not this one. She seems completely healthy apart from her crazy behavior

No. 416974

File: 1510056615406.jpeg (276.87 KB, 750x1086, 9D981654-3C99-4737-AB4F-EF535E…)

Just think. She still has MORE undiagnosed illnesses, on top of the ones she’s already pretending to have.

No. 416977

File: 1510057187728.png (474.52 KB, 934x609, wtfcassie.png)

One of Autumn's followers, who nags at Autumn for munchie advice.

I'm gonna go ahead and say that her "diagnosis" of EDS is probably bullshit. I don't imagine that a doctor would complete a page from the EDS society to give her documentation she has EDS.

Also has the golden trifecta of EDS/gastro/POTS, and her latest post is about coming off of benzos.

No. 416978

File: 1510057851040.png (184.7 KB, 937x596, wtfcassie2.png)


And she was in a "gastro" flare a few months earlier that landed her in the hospital? I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. She's showing all the signs of that classic attention seeking behavior.

No. 416979

That Is absolutely 100% bullshit. 1) there’s no diagnosis code and no physician signature, 2) no doctors office is going to print that out as reference to figure out if you have EDS, then diagnose you with Eds, UNLESS she mentioned it to the doctor, said there’s criteria online, then was giving the clinical diagnosis as asked.

No. 416982

In actual EDS cases, benzos aren’t that surprising because of anxiety caused by whacked up adrenaline responses, but who knows.

As for the handout, the doc sounds like a quack if they gave that handout. Usually the hospitals have their own info sheets or print out stuff from the NIH or NORD, not a patient/researcher combination society.

The whole things seems weird because in EDS, when you have genetic testing, you don’t tend to have “matches”, you tend to have “deletions”. Most EDS is caused by full deletions of certain collagen genes, or very mutated ones. If this girl actually had a gene from vEDS or cEDS that showed any significant mutation on those genes, she would have that type, not fucking hEDS. Conclusion? She doesn’t know shit and either her doctor is an idiot or she has just lied to everyone.

As for the EDS/POTS/Gp thing, my doctor thinks it’s such a load of crap. There is genetic link between EDS/POTS/MCAS, but when they were testing for bowel disorders, he said that Gp is rare as a whole, even in other conditions (besides diabetes); ie it’s not actually a common thing in EDS as these munchies would make everyone believe…

No. 416984

File: 1510058582360.jpg (8.07 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

You can literally print this paper out yourself off of the website. Takes 5 seconds.

No. 416986

You guys should check this one out

>claims to have pots, eds, mcas, chiari and a mystery bleeding disorder

>talks about having an appointment at a EDS clinic but never said anything about it afterwards
>calls themself medical mystery
>posts brain scans with clear evidence of NO chiari, still thinks doctors are wrong
>suddenly needs a wheelchair and a mask
>admits history of self harm but still claims to just bleed from weird places out of nowhere
>self proclaimed fat but doesn't do an effort to change that
> admits to not having diagnosis

Also have some crazy pictures of a pulse ox showing her heart rate raising over 100 bpm. However it also shows her oxygen levels as very low, so i doubt it's working

Sorry for no screenshots, i can't get it to work for some reason

No. 416989

File: 1510058896556.png (706.18 KB, 932x600, wtfcassie3.png)


Cassie has apparently already gone down the wheelchair route when she was in high school. ??? She also has her cane with her. Tags in this post are: {TAGS} #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ehlersdanlostype3 #gastroparesis #spoonie #mitralvalveprolapse #fibromyalgia #crps #amps #chronicillness #chronicpain #spoonielife

Wow she's just throwing the kitchen sink in there.

No. 416990

what is a screenshot

No. 416991

Found the doctor, he's a cardiologist with no knowledge of EDS

No. 416993

Of course 🤦🏻‍♀️ Good lord anything for a stupid ass diagnosis of hEDS. The only one you can really get away with since it’s all clinically diagnosed .

No. 416994


I'm guessing Cassie just co-opted his name since he's the specialist she sees most often. Very unlikely she actually went to a geneticist. I dunno about anyone else's experience, but in my own the different specialists I've seen have been pretty adamant about not stepping outside their wheelhouse when doing diagnoses.

No. 416997

100% agree.

No. 417000

File: 1510059975500.png (584 KB, 934x603, wtfcassie4.png)


>I still technically have Fibro, but it's because of the EDS.


Also haha sounds like doctors had wised up to her bullshit pretty quick when she was in highschool.

>After years of misdiagnosis and being told it's all in my head, Im so glad to know what it is.

Yeah no. No doctor would tell you that a condition that causes pain and weakness also causes a condition that indicates unknown sources of pain and weakness.

No. 417001

If you’re going to fake an illness at least do research LOL EDS doesn’t cause fibromyalgia

No. 417002

I wholly agree, and just to add: either one of two things are happening.

1. the munchies take gastric delaying drugs in order to slow their digestion on purpose to get a diagnosis or

2. they have eating disorders which also can cause delayed gastric emptying.

I dont know why these brats think a tube is such a coveted thing, no way would I want something like that coming out of my skin. it can get infected easily and all that.

No. 417006

Well, EDS and fibro is actually often seen together. In general fibro is often seen in chronic pain conditions
I don't think EDS causes fibro however

No. 417010

File: 1510061250705.png (549.31 KB, 934x606, wtfmadi.png)

Another cow who didn't get what she wanted. Instead of gasp a diagnosis and IVIG she got a responsible doctor who referred her and some antivirals haha.

Hint: it's later discovered all her problems are due to infected tonsils, which she presents in the most hilariously overblown way possible.

No. 417012

who the fuck wants ivig?????

No. 417015

Assholes do

No. 417020

File: 1510061798504.png (640.22 KB, 935x597, wtfmadi2.png)


Along with having the standard fare teenage disease, like bad tonsils and mono, she also suffers from a near terminal case of the stupids. Who on earth puts their full name out on instagram?

No. 417027


I totally agree! The hospital that tastes my gastroparesis and bowel problems only sees about 5 EDS patients per year. They do however see tons of diabetes patients, ED patients and patients on heaps of opioids.

Finding someone with both EDS and GP that doesn't take opioids or has an ED past is (Un)surprisingly difficult.

No. 417036

You can just print that off the internet and fill it in yourself! https://www.ehlers-danlos.com/heds-diagnostic-checklist/

And whilst your geneticist might refer to the checklist you'd still get an actual written letter to you and your GP/PCP saying this is the diagnosis and this is the plan. That actually peice of paper is not a diagnosis!!!

No. 417040

What kind of idiot doctor diagnoses someone with EDS but doesn't send them for an echo? Mitral Valve Prolapse is a thing to check with EDS! Admittedly they can occur spontaneously but I get an echo every 2 year to check and had an echo pre-diagnosis as part of the diagnostic testing?!

No. 417042

The problem here is that from fibromyalgia is a dx of exclusion; aka they cannot figure out what the cause of your symptoms is, and have (supposedly) ruled out any other pathological cause. Once you recieve a dx of say, hEDS (or RA, lupus, etc) the fibro dx no longer applies.

Source : straight from my geneticist's mouth

No. 417046

Yes yes yes! The same is true with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME once you know your chronic fatigue is from a biological cause i.e. weird joints/ heart/ bladder impacting your sleep then you don't have CFS anymore.

CFS and fibromyalgia are the 'we don't know why' diagnoses, once they know why you don't have them anymore!

But hey, that'd mean you have to edit your insta bio and hastags and look less sick…

No. 417059


Fibromyalgia is such a pain in the arse. It's ill-defined, it has no aetiology… My GP thinks Pfizer invented it to flog Lyrica. I've met other doctors who think they know exactly what it is and how it works. No one agrees. I've encountered the idea often that fibro is what happens when your brain's sensitivity is increased, therefore "secondary" fibromyalgia is a thing. You have a condition that causes pain - EDS, whatever - so your brain is always "on" to pain and that is(?) or leads to(?) fibromyalgia. But isn't that AMPS? Or chronic pain syndrome? And fibro is meant to have specific diagnostic criteria - the tender points are meant to stop it being a wastebasket dx. But then a lot of medical professionals don't bother with the tender points. It's used interchangeably with CFS.

It's a fucken shitshow so I can't blame anyone for not knowing what the eff is going on. There is no correct view because they're making it up as they go along.

THAT SAID, people clinging to CFS/fibro dx after being dx with a quantifiable thing are doing so purely because they gotta catch em all.

No. 417062

she's a total lunatic that knows what she's doing so it's not even mental illness that can be treated and send her back to her life. she's actually a conniving bitch.

No. 417134

No. 417153


Err… bone marrow failure? And she'd have that why exactly?

One, bone marrow failure is automatically excluded unless she has multilineage cytopaenia. Two, not only is BMF rare, it also occurs only in a small number of defined circumstances: exposure to certain chemicals (e.g. previous chemo), some rare genetic defects that show the multilineage cytopaenia in the first decade of life and sometimes, rarely, myeloid cancers. Three, I've never heard of a myeloid cancer presenting only with some vague immune dysfunction. Four, I get it, she wants to have an oncologist because that's so cool among spoonies (it's like hitting the major league!), but bone marrow failure is either minimal and trivial and needs no treatment other than monitoring and occasional transfusions, or it is way too severe for her to have it. In the vast majority of cases, the onset of BMF is very slow. I have some personal experience with it (aftereffects of chemo) - my counts started declining four years after my last treatment and it wasn't for another three years that I needed a transfusion, and I'm managed with monitoring and tranexamate. So BMF is either very slow-moving and indolent, as it is in most cases (I have several patients who are in various stages of BMF and MDS, and many we don't even bother treating because they're more likely to die with the disease than of it!), or - in the rare case associated with a myeloid malignancy - fulminant, fast-moving and pretty much unmistakable. But yeah, why don't you waste the time of a paediatric oncologist, it's not like they have actual sick kids with cancer to deal with.

(Personal note: I was very young when I had cancer, and it was like the whole world crashed on top of me. The fact that my oncologist took the time to talk to me and keep me emotionally going has saved my life. The worst that can happen when Munchies steal a gastro's time is longer wait times. The worst thing that can happen when Munchies steal oncology capabilities is worse care, less attention, greater risk of missed issues, worse psychological care and ultimately a far worse outcome for the patient. Just so Miss Munchie can have her coveted oncology appointment, someone who may just have been diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer will have their appointment cut short. Asshole.)

TL, DR: stop whining, you don't have cancer, and you definitely don't have bone marrow failure.

No. 417169


Also, nobody, and I mean nobody, treats cancer or the possibility of a haematological malignancy with so much nonchalance. There's a term for this - la belle indifference. It's a hallmark Munchie symptom.

No. 417171


"Do you consider yourself double jointed?"

Oh EDS Society, you epitome of clinical incompetence.

No. 417183


She's suspicious. It's like she has found a niche area she loves ranting about (disability issues), but of course, you can't credibly do that unless you have a disability of your own. So she set out forthwith to get herself one.

Also, no matter what the self-anointed spoonie medical experts are saying, she does not have low-lying cerebellar tonsils and definitely does not look like she has Chiari. Her principal problem seems to be an acute awareness of her own mediocrity and a bitterness arising from this, which she expresses by a sort of 'angry cripple' attitude - she's angry at the world because she never got the career and accomplishments she wanted, so instead of satisfying herself with what she is and what she's got (among others, a healthy albeit deconditioned body), she has twisted herself to this image of the misanthropic spoonie warrior, of whom we accept a degree of gruffness since they're after all in pain, or so they claim. This is an incredibly bad precedent to teach/show to other disabled people, because in life, this kind of bitterness doesn't get you anywhere. But hey… who am I to dictate to someone who unironically wears a pin that says 'dismantle privilege' how to live their lives?

No. 417194


(Incidentally, almost all of #cripthevoteUK is full of people who have no evident and objectively verifiable disabilities other than a lack of willpower and discipline. They act as if somehow their disability entitled them to anger and their anger entitled them to be heard in the public sphere, no matter how idiotic and pottymouthed their response.)

No. 417238

The EDS society is full of shit, and is made up of plenty of munchies. They featured an article about our cow Carmel, which says a lot. Their conferences are just giant comparisons between ott spoonies and munchies over their toys and who’s the sickest, and they do nothing for actual Eds patients that just want to live as normal of lives as possible. Having eds doesn’t make you a special zebra unicorn that magically doesn’t have to deal with the real world any more, it just means you have a disease that’s going to cause some problems, and you’ll have to make some adjustments to your life, but you’re still capable of being a functioning adult who can handle adult responsibilities without being a whiny baby.

No. 417246

File: 1510076194629.png (622.61 KB, 1536x2048, 716B2BE9-FDAA-4BB7-9F74-347862…)

Holy shit we got us a munchie here. Perfectly normal vital signs, normal brain scan (very much not chiari because that’s super obvious, her brain looks perfect, physically at least kek), and a gofuckme even though she lives in Canada, land of free health care

No. 417247

File: 1510076217517.png (1.67 MB, 1536x2048, A34D42F3-B98E-4C75-8537-424FFC…)

No. 417249

File: 1510076260329.png (2.16 MB, 1536x2048, 07A20812-4255-4099-AD91-31A186…)

No. 417294

File: 1510078694436.jpeg (16.38 KB, 259x320, A902ACCC-45D0-4644-BE64-AC5784…)

Here’s what chiari looks like, if anyone’s interested

No. 417297

The best part is the comment about how clear it is that she has chiari, kek

No. 417309


Link to her gofuckme, she thinks she has vascular EDS

No. 417322

Oh good lord just another munchie who can’t admit they’re not medically special. Veds is usually diagnosed in childhood, and almost always there are one or more family members that have died from it. And she’s old enough that she’d be having severe symptoms already, if not having already died. And sometimes having your heart rate go up when you move is just because you’re fat and out of shape. Also, plenty of people who self harm have bruises and “mysterious” cuts. She needs psychiatric care and that’s it.

No. 417353

This site is absolutely disgusting. Rather than being the supportive community that you could be you seem to take delight in shooting people down, criticising and questioning them. Have you no shame? How would you feel if you were one of the people you are mocking? Bullying is not acceptable and this is exactly what you are doing. Show some respect!!!!(why are you here?)

No. 417359

The more you look the better it gets.
She talks about having Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) which basically explain her bruises and it isn't fatal or terminal. but no no, it must be vEDS

No. 417363

Kek, do the people faking their illness have no shame? Doesn't seem like it

No. 417371

Or she gets bruises like plenty other healthy people kek. She’s obviously an attention whore who’s cutting herself to get that. No ones’ skin mysteriously opens in areas of little tension.

No. 417373

"When I explained that I more strongly suspect the vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos, they told me that because I've never had an organ rupture or an aortic dissection, and that because I don't know whether I have any family members who've experienced those events either, there is no reason to send me for genetic testing."

because you don't have veds you munchie fuck. organ prolapse is a requirement for diagnosis. it is non negotiable.

No. 417376

File: 1510081769601.png (639.37 KB, 652x738, 24243423432.png)

How is this extreme special hypermobility? Everyone can do this, we used to do this in school all the time and everyone in my class could do it. I love how hard they try to be special.

No. 417378


plus none of the Beighton score boxes are ticked, which is the major diagnostic criteria for JHS (and then EDS).

No. 417379

She’s just as desperate as Amber to be a special sick snowflake. She needs something to justify her laziness! She’s jumped right in to tagging herself with illnesses she’s been told she doesn’t have.

No. 417382

what is with the influx of vEDS diagnoses lately?

No. 417383

not only that, but no one should ever want to ever experience an aortic dissection. it's painful and life threatening.

No. 417384


It seems to be the milkiest cows who get different specialists to the goal condition to diagnose them. Like Jaquie getting EDS "diagnosed" by a neurologist.

No. 417389

This is literally something I do just to freak my friends out because it looks creepy when you do it to both hands. There's literally nothing special going on here.

No. 417393


Agreed - If there is any truth to it, then its that after not being given the diagnosis she wanted, she went doctor shopping and found a doctor that knows nothing about EDS and convinced that doctor that the diagnosis fit. I wouldn't be surprised if sometimes these doctors agree to a diagnosis because they just can't make sense of the nonsense that the munchies present (I would imagine its hard to diagnose based on imaginary symptoms).
Even if the doctor did - I doubt they would print out the checklist from a website and provide that as documentation.

Generally, the fact that the EDS Society has made a "diagnostic checklist for doctors across all disciplines to be able to diagnose EDS" is suspicious. Its not a diagnosis that should be given out by a random doctor. Are you going to print it out and bring it to your urologist expecting him to diagnose you with EDS? They seem to be trying to convince everyone they have EDS while at the same time doing things that I would only expect of an organization for a condition that is so rare that there are only a handful of doctors who have ever seen/heard of it.

No. 417431

File: 1510084422628.png (550.29 KB, 933x602, wtfmadi3.png)


>wishes she had smallpox or measles to get more copious asspats

>has gallbladder removed

I really think we ought to take people like this and parachute them into a region on earth where measles is still endemic. Maybe some polio or croup.

What the fuck is it with these assholes and wishing they were so visibly ill? Trust me, even when you're visibly ill, more likely people are going to be looking at you with wariness and trepidation. They don't want what you have if it looks like you're contagious.

But these munchies think that any attention is good attention.

No. 417439

Everyone is obsessed with having vEDS/ cEDS because it is more severe than hEDS. Loads of people are like 'my skin is stretchy I can't just have hEDS' even though that is a diagnostic factor of hEDS…

She has enough money on her gofuckme to get the genetic testing, but I'm sure as soon as that comes back negative she'll just be like 'waahhh I need the scan for Chiari'

No. 417502

File: 1510087204571.png (160.06 KB, 1008x555, the evil is defeated.png)

Someone tipped the lolcow pots group lmao. "THE EVIL IS DEFEATED"!

No. 417510

I really sometimes wonder how people in 2017 doesn't seem to know how the internet works yet

No. 417513

Who tf are those people complaining on being exposed here even? not any of the usual cows

No. 417521

I know, I'm now just wondering who these people are!

No. 417529

Found the post with one of them
This one: >>415625

No. 417544

Again, any attention is good attention to them. They weren’t even being talked about, but it’s all about them. And the world revolves so much around them in their heads that they can get a site taken off the internet. Memo to cows: pull head out of ass, get a life.

No. 417551

>The devil is defeated
>Your in an Army full of Soldiers, so what one do thats on them
>God don't like ugly

These delusions are so sad and unnerving. Imagine being so caught up in your own little world that you seriously believe there's a war being waged between devils and armies of sick angels. Later, an omnipotent sky fairy will conveniently overlook your wrongs for the 'greater justice' of handing the karma to the devils who couldn't let you have your delusions in peace.

The amount of victimhood and bias is scary.

>on notice

>for copyright
Sigh, these poor little women trying to make sense of the world…

Lol, this isn't even bad. She must be more embarrassed that she got caught acting like such a privileged drama queen complaining about the price of consuming salty, brand name goods.

No. 417569

The entitlement is sickening. Just because you have an illness doesn’t mean the world gets handed to you on a plate. That’s part of why actually sick people don’t want to be sick. You still have to deal life and all its challenges, just with extra challenges that you have to work around. The vast majority of people with chronic illness are not given money and gifts and other free shit, nor extra attention or praise. Yet these very spoiled, childish adults expect that everyone give them things and be nice to them and have everything revolve around them simply because they’re “sick”. Not how it works.

No. 417578

I think they all want to be kids with cancer. All they see is all the stuff kids with cancer get. They don't see the illness, the days and days of doing nothing, missing out, days in isolation etc.
They just see smiling bald children on make-a-wish and disney with balloons and cards.

No. 417586

Ah, the expensive name-brand salty goods. Much superior to the generic salty foods. I, too, am required to eat to survive, therefore it’s also not fair that I have to buy food myself. Why won’t anyone else buy me the premium maple syrup from Canada, or the good, European Nutella? I hate that my Cheerios are more expensive than the store brand, I demand someone do something! It’s just not fair

No. 417591

I’ve seen three posts taking people out of that specific group so “not talked about” is a stupid thing to say

No. 417594

Or the mouth sores or the puking or endless infections. They’re just spoiled adult-children who want other people to support them. But sure, be jealous of the eight year old that’s getting toys now, because that kid can very possibly be dead very soon.

No. 417597

Maybe their group needs to grow a pair and not be such a bunch of whiny bitches

No. 417618

Oh god, and they don't know that the reason why those children get showered with gifts and attention is because it's often literally their last year on this earth! Their one little life to live is ending, say by Christmas. Half of these old bags probably don't even remember what it's like to be 8 or 9 years old. They couldn't comprehend living for only that long and having to act brave…no words man.

No. 417622

Maybe you need to grow a Pair and stop hiding behind an anon name :)

No. 417638

Don't worry, someone from your group is hunting our admin and we will be shut down within 24 hours :)
(that's how the internet works, right?)

No. 417654

File: 1510091819032.png (775.21 KB, 933x534, aub.png)

lel when people think the internet is actually a private safe haven and screenshots with their own admissions are slander or somehow copyright??

but anyway, this smug bitch gotta be through the moon. soon the whole nations, hecken maybe the WORLD will know how BRAVE she is!

No. 417656

File: 1510091925084.png (489.01 KB, 640x1136, 55F4EFEF-8A18-4AC3-84E8-61FE6C…)

So ‘chronicallytina’ basically just proved she lurks lolcow. Yesterday she was shit talking Autum in her stories then posted this today, which was actually posted on lolcow yesterday.
Tina used be known as ‘tsfight’ and has been posted here before. She goes through a lotttt of procedures and something ALWAYS seems to go wrong. She claims to hate being sick but seems pretty damn proud of all her tubes and is always posting hospital equipment n shit. She talks plenty of BS too and is super OTT.

No. 417662

'I haven't been diagnosed with hEDS.. So I'm taking it as a diagnosis of hEDS' lol are these people actually delusional or just doctor shopping idiots

No. 417698

AND she kept the address of the CVS which would be close to her. She’s essentially given stalkers / child molesters her full name and a general location.

No. 417718

File: 1510093897348.jpeg (485.99 KB, 750x1084, 8B539C82-B4B5-4E66-A004-5FFEA4…)

So Autum didn’t get her super special port but is over the moon about her PICC!!

No. 417723

I’ve been in a similar position and I was glad someone called me out on that shit. It wasn’t healthy to obsess over my health issues or make them super public, and i realized how toxic the spoonie “community was”. Many others here have been in a similar situation or were socially knowledgeable enough originally not to pull that shit. So how did we feel to be on that side? Kinda crappy at first, but it’s been fucking great since!

So yeah, we’re calling people out because the people that are posted here, especially the regulars, make it harder for us (actually sick people and doctors) to live our lives or give/get treatments. Some farmers will go too far, but the vast majority of the farmers who post in here don’t want to support spoonies because most of them are munchies or malingering little shits who make our lives that much harder.

teal deer: take your whining elsewhere and have fun supporting malingering / narcissistic lazy assholes

No. 417728

Well, it can technically in EDS (especially cEDS with major skin symptoms), but I guess that wouldn’t be mysteriously then, huh?

No. 417731

Hahaha she got told flat-out she didn’t have hEDS, which means she has it? So basically she’s living in her own little upside-down world where no means yes. It’s going to be a real wake up call when insurance denies any specific Eds treatment, since she doesn’t have it kek

No. 417734

No, it definitely happens in EDS, including hEDS, but it happens in area of tension, basically where your skin already is stretched, especially over a bone (think like your kneecap or elbow). It wouldn’t happen to the base of your hairline because there’s not that tension there. And is very much explained and not mysterious at all, correct!

No. 417736

Having cEDS (with testing), it pisses me off that so many people are trying to claim it now by “clinical diagnosis”. Only a small, small percentage of cEDS patients do not have the mutation/deletion on one of the two forms of collagen genes, so it’s ridiculous that it’s all clinical. Insurance denying the first time and having to pay OOP is no excuse either because doctors will typically appeal.

No. 417741

I beg to differ. It’s definitely happened to me in areas of little tension, but as a general rule, I agree that it’s unusual to happen.

No. 417744

They got tired of her whining and bitching and gave in apparently. Unfortunately a picc is still risky for someone who doesn’t need one, but at least it can be pulled quickly. I’m sure she’ll be begging for a port again soon though, and will Dr shop until she gets it. And then she’ll move on to a feeding tube and wheelchair and service animal of some sort, just like all the other munchies.

No. 417749

That’s just my experience with hEDS, it may be different for different people or different Eds types. No matter what, though, she doesn’t have EDS and is cutting herself.

No. 417763

How much do we want to be that she’ll have a CLABSI that she can get asspats for before the end of the year?

No. 417764

Ah yeah, I have cEDS so that could be the difference (and it may happen in vEDS). If she’s angling for a hEDS diagnosis (though it was vEDS she was talking about right?), she’s doing it wrong kek. I agree with you that she cuts herself though; I just wanted to clarify that it can happen, but obviously not mysteriously (if EDS is causing it, it’s not a mystery!)

No. 417776

Central lines etc actually scare me. I have no idea how even a munchie could be pleased about getting one.
I had one in my neck once and there are so so so many things I would prefer than to have that again.
I know I sound like a wimp but I'd take a displaced fracture reduction over a central line.
If your veins in your arms/ legs/ feet etc are still working don't get a central!!!

No. 417780

With hEDS she'd be better off showing scars? If her skin has actually torn that many times she'd have papery scaring which would go in her 'favour' for a hEDS diagnosis, then if her skin is questionable they'd do genetic testing and as part of hEDS diagnosis/ management they'd do an echo. Tah dah…it is almost like doctors think these things through!?

No. 417784

Right?! I might be a wimp too, but I freak out at the thought of a central. I worry about infections from biweekly IV sticks (granted I actually have an immunodeficiency), but I would be constantly worrying if I was going to get an infection or have something else go wrong with a central!

No. 417785

I'm with you on that! I don't get how they are willing to risk their health for attention, it's scary

No. 417786

For reference as someone who has never ever got an infected wound/ cannula etc (even dodgy slow healing stuff) I have never ever considered my regular blood tests/ cannulas to pose any infection risk. It seems ridiculous that someone without an immune system problem would even consider this.
However it is a legit concern for a central line because they are dangerous!!! Especially for saline?! When you can just drink?

No. 417788

>>It seems ridiculous that someone without an immune system problem would even consider this.
I’m confused. The person you replied to said they *did have an immune system problem which is why they worry about simple sticks, so was this referring to someone like Autumn thinking they would get an infection from multiple sticks?

No. 417790

I'm aware I'm just one person but I have hEDS and have been genetically tested and don't have cEDS.
I have wide very thin scars that will randomly tear open.
I also am the walking definition (yes I say walking :P ) of the new hEDS criteria including heart valve issues etc. For this reason I find it annoying when people insist they 'must have cEDS' because of 'x with my skin'. Basically I just don't beleive anyone who hasn't had genetic testing saying they have vEDS or cEDS 'but their doctor just won't listen'.

Yes I'm aware that the poster has an immune condition and needs to be aware. I was giving the perspective of 'it is normal for YOU to think of this' but it isn't normal for someone who has regular needles to worry about infection if they don't have an immune condition. I think I maybe double negatived. Basically Autumn does not need a central line, it is a risk for a condition that poses basically no risks if you just drink more.

No. 417800

That makes more sense!

Yeah, there’s definitely soft tissue fragility in hEDS (all types of EDS as a matter of fact), so it’s annoying af when hEDS px (or non EDS px) claim that they must have cEDS. Diagnostic criteria of ALL types mention tissue fragility of some sort. And only a small portion of cEDS px have stretch marks (they are most common in hEDS and rarely seen in cEDS because of the cEDS elasticity), so if any of these hEDS munchies have “stretch marks without weight/muscle gain“ and are claiming cEDS without genetic testing, they’re likely 95% or so full of crap…

No. 417803


Most people with hEDS have stretchy skin and stretch marks, it’s just part of EDS and also one of the things that separates it from jhs. But every other type of EDS does require a genetic diagnosis. A doctor can give a clinical diagnosis to start the ball rolling, but insurance wants documentation. A diagnosis still doesn’t make anyone more special or entitled, no matter what the disease.

No. 417806


I think the risk with a line, too, is that a needle poke is a one-time access, whereas a line is a semi-permanent, direct, and continuous access to a vein long-term. There’s just mathematically more chance of bacteria getting past the immune system. You can have the best immune system in the world and still get a line infection, because you’re skipping your body’s best line of defense (your skin). People die from that shit, previously healthy people, too.

No. 417819

Anyone else ready for the munchies to move on to a new popular disease? All fake eds is getting boring. Any guesses what’s next? Something invisible and hard to diagnosis correctly for sure, preferably with lots of toys

No. 417830

I think EDS is still appealing in terms of 'toys' BUT I think it is getting 'too common' in the munchie/online community. I still think MCAS has a way to go and super pubic catheters due to opiod related urinary retention.

No. 417831

As someone with it, hell yeah I’m ready for me to move on. They’re making a disease that can be very problematic and life changing into a fun game shitshow competition and it’s giving EDSers a bad name.

I wage PANDAS will come back, or the switch will be to MS (that of course they will fake the proof of or just say “I’ve had testing” when they haven’t)

No. 417832

* them (not me)

No. 417840

Why the fuck would you want to walk around with a bag of piss?

No. 417844

bc attentioooun?

No. 417857

I don't think you'd want to but if you keep pushing for more and more opiods because of the 'pain' you'll end up in retention a few times, refuse to self cath and tah dah surgery.

No. 417871

I am reporting this site to the sheriff's office as this qualifies as discriminatory harassment and is against federal law. Screenshots will be taken as well and other members will be notified to do so as well. Also just to clear some things up for the uneducated and those who think they have medical degrees, POTS is a condition not so visibly seen but effects over 3 million people in America alone. I know this may be hard to believe but you actually can't determine whether or not someone has a medical condition by screenshots. This is the lowest low anyone can go and I truly hope some of you who are saying these mean and nasty things gets cancer. Have a good day. <3

No. 417875

please do, what a great way to waste their time. U go gal

No. 417878

Your sheriff has no juristiction over this forum or the people posting here.

No. 417884

'This is the lowest anyone can go' you should use that line when you speak to the sheriff, I'm sure they'd agree lol.

No. 417885

go back to your circle jerk facebook page sweetie

No. 417888

File: 1510100800864.jpeg (252.94 KB, 750x1082, 743ECCFB-49F0-4DD8-AD96-5B8379…)

Either you smashed your toes on something and broke them or you didn’t! but Nope! It’s a medical mystery!! Because she’s so speshul.

No. 417895

Actually yes the sheriff does. It is federal law and in order for me to proceed further I will need to talk to my local sheriff. I have cops in the family and have had to report cyber harassment in the past. Oh and by the way, my name is Brittani Lowe. Find me on Facebook, I'm in the group. Unlike all of you, I'm not a huge p*ssy who hides their name while making fun of people behind a computer screen :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 417898

harassment? i'm sorry how
also a tip: don't call others bad people and then wish for them to get cancer

No. 417903

I do not think munchies understand the definition of “mystery”. They seem to think it’s either any various medical problem or it’s when they flat-out refuse to accept that they are not some special medical wunderkid who has a rare disease despite not having any of the diagnositic criteria.

No. 417904

Have you not realised yet that no one gives a fuck if you complain to a sheriff or not? Just do it and stop begging for attention.
Also wishing cancer on people whilst trying to take the moral high ground doesn't really work.

No. 417906

Vasculitis and broken toes have entirely different symptoms?
With vasculitis there is fever, nausea - general infection symptoms.
With broken toes there would be no infection symptoms? Your foot would just hurt…

No. 417907

Kek don’t worry yourself over crazy munchies, dear anon. This is nothing new, they themselves will have to figure out the hard way that no one cares if their widdle feewings were hurt on the big bad interwebs. No, we just sit back and watch their group go even more batshit crazy as they accuse each other. The normal ones will go to have real, human lives, and the rest will become the crazy lady at target screaming to see the manager because they won’t let her use an expired coupon.

No. 417909

Exactly, a comment on this post reads "literally just had the same thing done because my foot hurts, all they said is it's not broken" (sorry can't screenshot rn). They're all the same, can't handle not getting a diagnosis.

No. 417912

Again, she needs a dictionary. Neither of those are mysteries. Her toes are probably just bruised from being smashed, and she will, tragically for her I’m sure, be totally fine.

No. 417914

>I truly hope some of you who are saying these mean and nasty things gets cancer
The lack of self-awareness in this sentence is astounding

No. 417915

Right. Just because a diagnosis isn’t special or crazy doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s a huge waste of medical resources when these cows go from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital looking for illnesses that aren’t there. It’s honestly okay and a whole hell of a lot cheaper to just be okay. Really I think most of them are just lonely and bored.

No. 417919

File: 1510102103221.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 0B7A7A5F-01AA-4BE2-A867-865B04…)

No. 417921

Maybe you want to cover your own picture, anon

No. 417923

File: 1510102181609.png (302.87 KB, 750x1334, 42D26C88-5CEA-43F4-96E1-DC7FE6…)

When poorly managed Crohns results in you developing EDS, POTS and GP :’(

No. 417924

Ew. Just what we need, another munchie or ott spoonie being lauded for whoring themselves out online. It makes every legitimately sick person look bad for trying to live as normal as possible.

No. 417926

Copying and pasting or taking screenshots of what an adult has CHOSEN to publicly put online is not harassment.

No. 417927

Yeah…..not how that works. There’s literally no correlation between chrons and eds and pots. Also, a g tube isn’t a whole lot of help in most GP cases that need tube feeding.

No. 417944

Top kek. EDS, a HEREDITARY connective tissue disorder, cannot be secondary to anything. It’s a mutation/deletion that you’re born with. 100% of EDS cases are developed en utero, whether by standard Punnett Square genetics or spontaneous mutation. It’s so laughable what these muchies will claim and how they take use general population’s gullibility for their own gain.

No. 417945

File: 1510103112838.jpeg (276.54 KB, 750x1334, 45E8EC02-2F46-4A15-A79D-EA0DBA…)

Lots of people are calling out Autumn and she’s apparently blocking them. If you can’t take the heat, Autumn, don’t like the fire!

No. 417950

File: 1510103312107.jpeg (721.07 KB, 750x1157, 1CA61954-C28A-4291-8BBE-DF178D…)

Anyone seen this chick? She has generalized hypermobility spectrum disorder but acts like she has full blown EDS and claims to have an immunodeficiency (does not specify which one, which is odd). She has a semi-custom wheelchair that she either paid for or somehow got the European country she lives in to pay for it, and wears a vogmask

No. 417955

Idk if she's a munchie, but basically theres no difference between eds 3 and hsd
The new criteria hsd criteria is the same as the old eds 3 criteria from what i know? I could be wrong tho

No. 417958

You are wrong. HSD is not the same as hEDS.

No. 417961

didn't say that, it's the same as EDS 3 (which have different criteria)

No. 417969

because you wishing cancer on people who post here isn't low? fuck off

No. 417970

You are wrong. Asymptomatic hypermobility is at one end of the spectrum, HSD is in the middle towards EDS, and EDS (including hypermobile type) is at the far end.

To your point about “idk if she’s a munchie”
- trying to get an electric wheelchair for her sooper severe HSD
- claims POTS w/o TTT
- takes pictures of pulse ox / bp all the time
- pill porn
- had to drop out of school and work but has tons of energy to be active on social media
- lab tests (bloods, mri) keep coming back normal but is convinced she definitely has more illnesses

Shall I continue?

No. 417973

EDS 3 is hEDS kek

EDS 3, hypermobility EDS (hEDS), hypermobile EDS (hEDS), and EDS hypermobility type (EDS-HM) are all names for the same thing.

No. 417975


ohhh please do

No. 417977

All these little fuckers making fun of people who are sick anonymously need to grow a pair and stop hiding behind the keyboard. Sick fucks. I hope this shit gets shut the hell down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 417978

tina is harmless though. she's a self admitted and self aware ana that's OTT but she never claimed gp or eds to seem more special. i'm not wk but i prefer the ana-chans that admit to a problem to the munchies who WANT problems. saged

No. 417979

Is it really that hard to get what i' m saying? hEDS used to be called hypermobility type or type 3 and the old criteria is pretty similar to what they call HSD now

No. 417982

Quote from her:
>>I’m not really functioning ATM … too busy calling nhs, doctors … being sick is a full time job

- Aspen collar, no proven neck instability on mris
- thinks she has CCI (see above)
- gets dizzy, but it HAS TO be something different than POTS
- has to act especially ill while in public (invisible illness? no way!)
- has an inhaler and spacer because…?
- was perfectly capable standing / walking a few months ago

And the list list on and on

No. 417988

So what’s your point? The new criteria is nothing like HSD so there’s no reason she should act like she has EDS 3 / hEDS / whatever the fuck you want to call it When her doctor explicitly told her it wasn’t EDS, it was HSD. You’re trying to compare apples to oranges (old hEDS/EDS3 criteria – of which none of us mentioned to new HSD criteria), mate.

No. 417989


Satire is a valid fair use exemption to copyright laws.

This will be fun. We're all on 24 hours' notice… might as well spend it looking into Kariann Grissom. She seems to be a cow in her own right, of the pet-designated-as-assistance-animal breed. She keeps going on about society's disrespect for assistance animals when she has one for… yup, dysautonomia. I get it - a puppy is cuter than Florinef, salt supplements and compression stockings, but there is absolutely no evidence that dogs have any effect beyond emotional comfort for ANS disorders. But hey, what do I know… I'm just an ableist shithead with a medical degree, not one of the wise, smart spoonies who all know so much more than their ignorant doctors.

No. 417990

No one is making fun of anyone. We’re pointing out inconsistencies that make it hard for us actually ill people to get proper treatment. “They’re not harming anyone” my ass. Tell that to my face with a wait time of 6+ mo for a much needed specialist.

No. 417996

This girl is a munchie.

But that definition of a spectrum that you're pushing is dumb and wrong, kek. The new criteria have the benefit of weeding out some munchies, but they're primarily designed for research (and through collabing with Lara and her cronies, who are idiots) and don't have ultimate authority. It's a huge mistake to oversimplify and assume that just because they're new, they're better. In some ways yes, in some ways no. It's obvious from your attempt to use a spectrum to describe hEDS and related issues that you don't have a good understanding of the mechanisms involved, but speculating like that is misleading for others. Someone can have hEDS according to the new criteria and be very well and functional (because hEDS isn't that big of a deal), or they can only "qualify" for HSD but because of their specific constellation of problems, be more unwell. That's not to say we shouldn't have hEDS and HSD categorizations since defined groupings for research are useful. But there are reasons why not all clinicians (within EDS) fully support the new criteria, and one is the somewhat false division implied, which you're over-emphasizing and misunderstanding.

No. 417998


PANDAS is a parents' disease, to explain why Little Archie is not a shithead but actually had her brain scrambled by streptococci.

Fowler's syndrome is on the rise. FND, thanks to asshole activists, now cannot be treated as a purely psychiatric disorder, lest you offend the patient's' poor sensitive souls, and hey presto off to wheelchair they go. Mitochondrial disease is always a good one, as there are enough quacks to diagnose 'mitochondrial dysfunction' from dark field microscopy, eye of newt and other totally legit peer reviewed techniques(TM). Epilepsy and narcolepsy are also beloved new Munchie illnesses

No. 418000

came here to see what the fuss was all about on facebook (in a group I kind of hate because of all the obviously fake self-diagnosers but keep around for entertainment value and the occasional person who actually is helpful) and honestly….thank fuck for calling some of these people out. As someone with a few types of dysautonomia and one type of EDS all actually diagnosed by relevant specialists and who's had their life turned upside down by these fucking awful illnesses, I can't stand people who are clearly faking. They make it harder for everyone actually with these illnesses to get real help or really even any real solidarity from others with the same illness(es).

I knew jack shit about EDS or POTS or any of this stuff when I was diagnosed with both (and a few other things that I'd never heard of before but I guess are commonly comorbid) and was shocked when I tried researching to find all these people asking how I got my diagnosis. That wording specifically. I get that rarer illnesses are harder to figure out but trust me if you have it you really won't be asking that question unless you're a munchie.

Worth mentioning before I got hit with symptoms of this shit I was a perfectly healthy 20something who's only real health problem was childhood epilepsy….I know my shit about epilepsy, and I know it's really not possible to remember seizures…you're unconscious…yet so many of these people in these groups will say how doctors won't take them seriously because they had a seizure and they "remember" it and "saw [their] muscles contracting." Bitch that's not a seizure that's a muscle spasm.

No. 418004


I had cancer as a 19-year-old, and it affects (not effects) me to this day. I turned my life around, went into medicine to help people. So I see assholes like you who fill their pathological need for attention on a daily basis, stealing my time and draining my patience from cases that actually deserve my time and effort. Someday, probably quite soon, I will in all likelihood have a relapse, and when I do, I will probably die from it. That's just how it goes. I've chosen to spend this time helping those I can. You and your attention seeking buddies are in my way - and for what? Instagram likes to make up for the fact that you are thoroughly mediocre? Something to be 'wrong' with you so you can be a brave fighter and play the activist when in reality you live with the blessings of good health and living in an affluent nation where you can indulge your medical fetish on the public/parents' dime.

But it's ok, at least while you're entertaining the sheriff with your misunderstanding of what discriminatory harassment is, you aren't taking crucial resources away from people in need of healthcare…

No. 418011

kek, someone tipped her, check her story

No. 418013

While these other idiots can hide behind anon, it’s not hard to figure out who you are. Bad move.

No. 418019

Oh no, are you going to report them to your local sheriff for refusing to validate your bullshit

No. 418022

yeah whatever

No. 418026

File: 1510106265861.jpeg (370.43 KB, 1936x1936, 785E680C-4ADC-4977-879A-E65458…)

Let’s be more of a jerk when trying to get people to understand your point ;) The spectrum description was released with the criteria so OP is likely mentioning that — I don’t think it’s them misunderstanding or over-generalizing but instead going off of something that may or may not be true, despite being published.

No. 418029

"HSD are likely to be common. Someone with HSD can be just as symptomatic, more so even, than someone with hEDS. Management advice for both hEDS and HSD is the same."


No. 418037

Your point? They’re still two separate to things at this point regardless of symptomology kek. There’s a possibility they’re one in the same but we won’t know until genetics are proven for hEDS and/or HSD. So my original point still stands: she has been diagnosed with HSD, her doctor told her it was not EDS, yet she acts like it is (not with symptoms, but with rarity, etc).

It wasn’t an EDS HSD debate platform, it was a “this girl is OTT, if not full on munchie for x, y, z”

No. 418038


FYI: here's a little primer on how medicine works. A diagnosis is made based on the overall clinical picture. That is, it's like a puzzle, with each test result, each thing the patient says, all of it, being a single tile. Now, some tiles are more important than others. In fact, some tiles can completely contradict a diagnosis. If I have dozens of tiles pointing towards gastroparesis but then witness the patient gulping down deep fried cookie batter by the pound, that person does not have gastroparesis, end of exercise. As such, screenshots etc. can identify patterns that are vastly inconsistent with claimed disability. You wouldn't know that, because you spend your life in a cocoon of well-meaning but not very smart people who indulge your every whim because to them, it is completely alien that someone would be so messed up on the inside as to fake or exaggerate a medical condition to get asspats. Of course, you and I know you're different. You live off that attention, you breathe it in like thick nectar or the mist-laden morning air of early Spring. And over time, you've convinced yourself you're a warrior and entitled to the attention you steal from others. You've convinced yourself you deserve this. You've convinced yourself you're actually unwell, but deep down, you know what this is about - the neediness, the love you feel you never got and the sense of psychopathological entitlement that was with you from the moment of your birth onwards, the little voice that tells you that you deserve this, and if they're not giving it willingly, you're going to take it by force. And living in small town Ohio, most people don't know better. Heck, with some patchy medical education, know enough to bamboozle your not very bright local PCP, whom you can get anything out of. Your local community has no understanding of medicine or health issues, and to them, you can play the poor sick single mother with POTS, oh my, who refuses to be beaten by this illness blah blah.

I hope you get to start your pet store and that it will not get too hard too soon, which is how people lapse into Munchiedom. Until then, please stop wishing illnesses a million times more serious than anything you've ever seen up close on other people who endanger your little sociopathic scheme to bilk your local community out of money and sympathy.

No. 418044

^^ A* comment!

No. 418051

File: 1510107397766.gif (2.7 MB, 267x200, Quotsm.gif)


anon you bad ilu

No. 418055

1 you don’t know who I am. 2 ever consider I don’t post on the group and don’t need anyone’s validating , but I do support my friends? 3- I don’t need validating from net strangers when I’ve had documented illness from childhood. Nice try(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 418057

how on earth does someone fake epilepsy?!

No. 418065

File: 1510107663400.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 750x1334, B524B73A-C9E9-4417-8A64-4F0584…)

I’m gonna say that if you are bleeding this much, you should probably worry more about that and stopping it than making a story on IG about it…

No. 418066

Online it’s less about faking the symptoms and more about just claiming you have it, saying you’ve had the tests, etc

No. 418069

Sorry, I didn't mean to be a jerk, but it gets on my nerves that people are still lapping up The Criteria (barf) on here when the EDS Society was so heavily involved, we know they're shitheads, and the criteria aren't even agreed upon by all clinicians. There's a circlejerk of EDS-ers in here who love the criteria because they think meeting it makes them sicker and better than the cows, but anon arselicking is equally as stupid and makes them sound like OTTs too. Fact is, hEDS isn't a serious illness most of the time even if you do fit the 2017 criteria.

I agree there are also some good points about the criteria and too many people with ridiculously mild issues were getting an EDS diagnosis. But wanking over hEDS vs HSD is only embarrassing yourselves (people who do it, not anon I'm replying to).

No. 418090

Original anon you replied to here.

No, I completely agree with you. It strikes me in a bad way that the EDS Society was so heavily involved, but I used the spectrum as a basis to explain the difference (even though it’s a very bad explanation). There are good and bad things about the 2017 criteria; if anything, it at least attempts to clearly separate hEDS and cEDS clinically and attempt to prevent mild issues from being labeled as a multisystemic disorder, which was needed. Obvisously diagnosis title does not equal symptom severity nor is it the end all be all to wrap up lose ends. I should have simply stated “we won’t know the difference until genetics prove it”, but I did not, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Regardless, bendy.living seems to very much over exaggerate her HSD no matter what’s its called.

No. 418091

* obviously (I don’t know what tf I typed)

No. 418095

KEK, Yeah I know that girl, it’s me
But thank you for using for time stalking me, I know it takes some effort
Next time could you please do your work a bit better, since half the things you’re confused about is already written somewhere on my IG
To make it easier I made a little Q&A in my story, though I might as well answer your questions?
Do I come off as OTT sometimes? Probably! It’s not my intention what so ever

Also I’m not here to whine about how you’re all disgusting people, I find this website hilarious and agree with much of it
So yeah, though I might as well let you know that I participate in discussions on lolcow frequently and that I’m not crying over your accusations

Feel free to ask me whatever

Also thank you for all the follow requests, nice to see who some of are

No. 418107

Way to out yourself kek
These boards are anonymous for a reason and now all of your little followers who come here will see this and realize you post shit too. How do the ones who are posted know that it hasn’t been you talking about them this whole time?

No. 418112

oh yeah I'm SURE you're getting so many follow requests eyeroll nice try at attention grabbing kek

No. 418116

i imagine the ott spoonies that lurk around there is some low key sweating that they dont get brought up but still shit talk of the other girls because unlike them theyre actually suuuuuuper ill uwu

No. 418117

I’m not really hiding that I think autumn is a faker (which is what I have commented on) so nah, no worries there
No I’m not getting a lot of follow requests but I have gotten 3-4 the last 15 minuets.
But yes, let’s say it’s abour attention ofc

No. 418122


Please tell me we are not looking at what I think we are……

And if it is that is not a blood disorder blood..thats more like a medium to heavy flow easily managed by women everywhere in the world..im going to remain hopeful that I am just seeing the picture wring and that it's her armpit of something?

No. 418123


And with that, the thread has come full circle, to Robyn, Queen of Munchies.

But generally, there are a few ways.

1) Non-medics can't differentiate between outright faking, PNES and an epileptic seizure. They may attest to the Doctor that you've had several seizures when, well, you didn't.
2) Theres technically no strict requirement for a seizure to be witnessed by a physician during EEG. In fact, some people do have a valid epilepsy dx without a seizure during EEG. It happens.
3) Some meds lower the seizure threshold considerably. So does caffeine, not getting sleep and so on.
4) It's not hard to Google what a postictal state feels like, and most doctors would be convinced. A patient I came across a long time ago, back when I was still a med student, did that. None of her seizures were ever witnessed, but her boyfriend attested to them and she described postictal amnesia and confusion, so she got her much coveted dx.

No. 418126


No, it isn't.

Bleeding from a serious blood disorder or thrombocytopaenia s/t malignancy or cytotoxic chemo looks nothing like that. That absorbed puddle of blood? We're looking at, say, 20ml tops. People with a serious blood disorder can have hour-long nosebleeds that cause an appreciable drop in Hgb, for instance. This? Seems like someone had a normal period and decided it's drama time.

No. 418131

It’s her leg crevice…

No. 418133

It’s not her period. It’s her leg splitting open where she had a scar.

No. 418170

Excessive bleeding can also be because of blood thinners, which are pretty readily prescribed or even stolen from an older relative to look sick. And it’s not like she’s dying, that’s not very much blood at all.

No. 418173


ADMIN. Fucking do something about the spamchan. Although watching the group tear themselves apart is hilarious.

No. 418176

Hey there! As someone who, over the past 3 years, has gone from going to ID camps for collegiate soccer programs to passing out daily I AM SO FUCKING FED UP WITH PEOPLE WANTING TO BE ILL!

Take mine! Seriously! I wouldn't wish POTS or hEDS on ANYONE.

For the longest time we thought I was just unlucky because I'd get hurt so often in soccer, but after starting a new med for migraines triggered cardiac symptoms, it lead me down the diagnosis path to hEDS and POTS.

Now I have a Port, and am I happy it helps my symptoms? Yes. But getting one implanted is no laughing matter. I had to struggle with PIV's that wouldn't stay in due to stretchy skin + collapsed veins for a months before my cardiologist considered it.

I'm not applauding y'all for some of the comments you make, but again, as someone who would happily give my illness away, I'm glad you're calling out the people who are desperate to be disabled.(medfagging)

No. 418178


i totally understand your sentiment but brace yourself because you're about to get torn into in 3…2….1……

No. 418179

neat. no one cares faggot

No. 418182

Eh, I expected it and honestly don't care. This whole thread has given me a laugh tonight thought.

Some people are just so fucking stupid, it's like they want to be caught in their lies.

No. 418183


Kindly shut the fuck up thought.

No. 418186

In all seriousness, how the fuck are there so many people with EDS? On this board alone there seems to be close to half a dozen or so, and I don't mean the cows. There's more people with EDS on here than the far more common rheumatoid arthritis.

although considering we have cows lurking here, I'm guessing half of the people who claim to have EDS are self-diagnosed or are straight up lying.

No. 418187


just cool it kek

No. 418196

Honestly have no idea. People seem to think that there is some magical test for hEDS.

It's typically not genetic, but in a small percentage of those who actually have EDS there is a mutation in the TNXB gene. But other than that you can't do a genetic screening for it.

Plus, the Beighton scale is kind of bullshit. Most of those claming to have hEDS probably "gave themselves the test".

No. 418203

Med question but haven’t some doctors speculated that EDS is actually way more common than anticipated? Wouldn’t that explain why there are so many “zebras” crawling out of the woodwork? Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised with they combined HSD and hEDS in the future just to simplify things since most doctors think they’re on in the same and the treatment methods are, generally speaking, also the same.

No. 418204


I think there are many farmers/lurkers on here who have fallen down the spoonie community rabbit hole and are here to try to validate themselves. I don't think that a lot of these OTT spoonies have bad intentions but I think a lot of them have gotten sucked into what seems like a supportive community but really ends up being a quicksand pit of one-upmanship. Many of them probably do think that they truly have the illnesses they have been diagnosed with and thanks to hashtags and social media it makes it seem like these are very common but "misunderstood" problems (I have worked in a branch of healthcare for years and never encountered someone with EDS professionally or personally - at least someone that broadcasts it.). They probably turned to the internet in the first place because they didn't have someone in real life who they felt could understand the problems they were experiencing. But once you enter the spoonie rabbit hole the little aches and pains suddenly become life threatening chronic time bombs.
Thats why the posts like >>418176 are so irritating on this board. I know people get frustrated with cows but if you have to shout "I am so mad because I have problems X Y and Z and I only wish they knew what real pain was" then you are no better than the people you are complaining about. Express your frustration without making it a blogpost about how you are so much better than the cows. If you can't do that without listing all your diagnoses then spend a little more time lurking and learn how to not be a cow.

No. 418210

>implying eds isnt rare
>spoonies lose zebra status
>discrimination REEEEEEE

No. 418214

Agreed. I think a lot of people just want some compassion, and instead find a competition to see who can be the most disabled.
Also, I believe either it isn't as rare as they thought, or they're getting better at diagnosing? Lol. The whole situation around EDS is kinda up in the air most of the time.

No. 418217

Dude I really don’t know but it’s taking over our board. Where’s the cows, the milk?? This isn’t a zebra conference as far as I am aware. If people want to know more about it, they can google it themselves. Let’s get back to the munchies.

No. 418256

Guys Cassie is actually legit I’ve talked to her she’s seen a geneticist that one checklist was part of dozens of pages. It’s the other way around, Autumn keeps asking HER about EDS and she told her about having it because she thought she was just curious and then claimed it. Cassie thinks autumn is fake too, but Cassie is def legit she’s been on insta for years and runs another account @invisible.no.more

No. 418261

>when "anons" turn up to verify munchie illnesses are real

No. 418262

good lord it really is just spoonies pointing fingers at each other and tattling. yo cassie wut up

No. 418267

Things have gone pear-shaped since we lost our patron saints Kadee (rip) and Queen Robyn.

No. 418274


WTactualF is happening?!?!?!?

No. 418288

I’ve actually seen that checklist used before though. I have hEDS and was given a copy when I was diagnosed along with a bunch of other paperwork(medfagging)

No. 418294

Omg we don’t care about your precious diagnosis. Any moron can print a checklist off the internet.


No. 418360

Seriously no one cares about you being diagnosed with hEDS “for real”. Spoken like a munchie

No. 418362

you have to put in reports, anon. like I do.

No. 418376

Ugh I am and nothing is happening

No. 418393

The issue with her condition Postural Orthostatic tachycardia Syndrome, is that clinically anxiety/ panic disorders can very closely mimic it, and as such a large amount of people diagnosed with POTS really only have anxiety. These people are a fucking pain in the ass, and post pitty shit all the fucking time, don't take their medication than post about how fucking sick they are on facebook groups.

No. 418418

File: 1510133050472.png (1.92 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171108-011242.png)

Someone is going to be featured on animal planet during the super bowl with her dog doing their souper speshul rescue tricks

No. 418441

Tbh I’m mostly just surprised you can’t see her port or feeding tube I’m this post. How will the people know she’s so sick!?!!

No. 418471

File: 1510141332876.jpeg (557.09 KB, 1865x2632, FF507C38-93BC-4A9A-B12C-0CB473…)

Another past post , wishing she were sick… with cancer.

No. 418475

Of course she wants cancer, she wants the asspats and the excuse to lay around and not do anything. I very much doubt she’d still think that if she was actually sick with anything, especially cancer. What a horrible person.
(Also, I do not believe at all that 1/4 of pots patients are disabled, deconditioned and not following treatment guidelines, sure, but not permanently disabled. Of course letting them get wheelchairs like so many of our cows isn’t exactly helping either).

No. 418494

that's why the telt test is important.

No. 418495

No. 418499

Kek, I saw someone (don't know who it was, so can't post screencaps - sorry) say "when I am at the doctors my heartrate is always pretty high, but they still think I'm fine".

Ok. So, you are nervous when you see a doctor. That's OK, it happens to the best of us. I would imagine that's only worse when you are trying to fake your symptoms, so I sympathize.

No. 418501

She's really obsessed with cancer, isn't she?

I mean, I can understand it to some degree, but she is taking it SO much farther. I've often heard people with invisible illness say "at least if you break your leg, it's clear to people that you can't do everything". I get that. Invisibility of an illness can be a blessing and a curse. But "wishing" a broken leg (not even wishing it, but comparing the visibility of it to your own disorder) is SO, SO different from saying "at least if I had cancer.." etc. That's crazy. And I could understand her thinking that (she is, after all, clearly mentally unwell - I can imagine struggline with invisible symptoms and feeling misunderstood will take your mind to crazy places) but I'd think that she would be ashamed right after for even thinking it. Not Autumn though. It's not just a thought that pops in her head and that she is trying to push away, it is something that she thinks of often and she posts in a public space over and over.

That's just beyond creepy. She's not some small kid seeing the kids at the childrens' hospital get to go to the Zoo at night or get a giant stuffed toy without understanding how sick they are. She's a grown woman who KNOWS what cancer is and she is very deliberatey posting how she wishes she would get the same special treatment dying kids get.

No. 418506


She is taking it to another level.
I understand the sentiment of wanting to have a visible illness so that people can better understand how you feel (e.g. severe depression can make it hard to get out of bed but try telling that to people and some will say "just don't be sad" or "going for a walk outside will cure it" but nobody is going to tell a person with cancer to just suck it up and get out of bed).
However, Autumn is taking it way beyond that sentiment of wanting to be understood. She wants people to be surprised by how much she does (she couldn't last more than 1 shift sitting at a cash register) - she is basically saying she wants to be seen as an inspirational spoonie warrior. She wants to be seen as brave for doing basic everyday tasks that adults perform every day (illness or no illness). A lot of people with disabilities actually find it insulting when you call them inspirational for doing basic life tasks.

No. 418507

Totally agree. It’s so morbid and so fucked up to want that JUST so people can give you sympathy because they can see that you’re ill. Autumn is so so mentally unstable if she thinks cancer is what she needs for validation. Sickening

No. 418508

She WANTS to be inspiration porn #spooniewarrior
I really think we're going to see this spiral now she is getting a central line.

No. 418530

File: 1510148691085.jpg (464.35 KB, 1635x1274, k9G7oBK.jpg)

So Aubrey is getting tested for narcolepsy and also has had testing for MALS (see next post).

No. 418531

File: 1510148792444.jpg (370.95 KB, 1713x1281, 6uayDi9.jpg)

How long do we think before she hops on the EDS train? I've seen her do stretches in the hospital so she's not too stiff. Who knows, she could have some hypermobile joint or even more than one and it could give her a diagnosis that's not as controversial as chronic lyme is.

No. 418535

(Although of course EDS wouldn't justify the longterm IV abx, so I guess she'll keep the Lyme dx too. But just as she can use her POTS diagnosis for doctors who don't believe she needs e.g. a port for her Lyme treatment to say she also needs easy access because of her POTS, she could use an EDS dx for doctors who don't believe she needs a walking aid/wheelchair/brace/painkillers etc. for her Lyme. Just hope I haven't given her any ideas now..)

No. 418541

is that her first time mentioning narcolepsy? i havent seen her tag anything or mention anything outside of uwu muh pain!
probably gonna shoot for those amphetamines now that her spoopy ass is gaining weight from her tube.

No. 418547

I don't know. And I'm not really up for going through her whole account, tbh.

It's odd though how 'common' narcolepsy is becoming. It's the new EDS in that respect. And I'm sure there are doctors out there who are willing to diagnose idiopathic hypersomnia/excessive daytime sleepiness (another EDS! Kek) as atypical narcolepsy/narcolepsy without cataplexy.

You're using a shitload of (IV) meds, are complaning of pain, have allowed yourself to become deconditioned as heck, and now you're wondering why you are tired? I think they think that narcolepsy meds will make them have more energy. Guess what: it doesn't work like that. Maybe, temporarily. But it mainly makes you NOT fall asleep. Almost like they were meant to do that, huh? Doesn't do jack for actually feeling tired unless you also make sure you get some sleep and do some exercise. Working helps, too.

No. 418553

Why is she lying there with a saline flush attached to her port? There is literally no reason to leave it on there other than the photo. She really works to purposely make herself look unwell. And I’m sure they tested her for mals because she doesn’t have GP. Too bad she’s just an ana chan in a munchie’s hat

No. 418557

Oh for sure. How many munchies have we seen go down that road? A picc or port is so often the first step into the descent into full munchiehood. Because once you have one device, it seems to make it easier for them to get another and another, even with vague or even undocumented diagnoses.

No. 418558

Wait, does she say somewhere she doesn't have GP, or is that your interpretation?

(Which, btw, could be totally right, as one of her doctors asked her if maybe she couldn't eat because of stress while she was in hospital for her tube surgery. I can't imagine that would happen if she clearly had a severely delayed gastric transit.)

No. 418563

Somehow I think even doctors may find it easier to give them a tube or whatever. Maybe they'll think "she already has a port, a tube is way less risky" or "she has a port, so obviously my colleagues have already determined she is actually really sick" and just go along with what they ask for.

No. 418568

She claims to have been diagnosed with a ges, but there’s no proof other than her word for it, and she goes a long time without having a tube and is fine. Also, she had a nj tube “fall out” (not something that happens unless you’re really pulling on it), and they left it out for a couple of weeks, which wouldn’t have been done if she actually needed it. So maybe she does have GP, but if so it’s mild, and she doesn’t need to have a feeding tube.

No. 418569

It definitely seems to be the more they already have, the easier it is to get the next thing. Almost like, “Someone thought it was necessary to punch an artificial hole or two into you, what’s one more?” For the ordinary person I understand this, because they wouldn’t want anything more than what they absolutely needed. But munchies don’t think that way; if they want it, they figure out how to get it, who cares about any possible consequences.

No. 418572

She also was tagging her posts with gastroparesis way before she was diagnosed…not suspicious at all…

No. 418597

Even #tubie WEEKS before she got her tube.

No. 418611

Kek nothing says “real disease” more than a self-diagnosis first and the perfect symptoms after

No. 418633

they salivate at the thought of being disrespected and invalidated in public. makes me miss robin's daily "ableist person on the bus didn't acknowledge my finger braces" stories.

No. 418663

Not wk-ing, but here’s a long post so hold onto your hats.

A lot of people that have recently been made aware of this thread seem to be under the impression that this forum is here for the sole purpose of insulting disabled people. I'm going to continue to respect fb group rules and the privacy of those in the closed groups (I'm not the anon that posted the SS from the FB groups before), but I will say that a lot of people there seem to not understand the reason for this thread.

A good majority of these people posted here are scamming others out of money and putting a strain on the healthcare system (regardless of country). No, I don’t think that screenshots should have been shared from a closed group/private account, but honestly there a TON of OTT spoonies and people just reaching for any diagnosis that they can get. I feel like the person that posted the screenshots failed to show the farm how complex these groups are. It takes more than a few screenshots to understand how these groups work, and it’s way more interesting and sad than you think.

The way I see it there are 5 different types of members of spoonie support FB groups:

1. Parent of child with illness that are there to learn more about the illness (~10%)
2. People new to the illness, yet to discover all of the OTT BS (~10%)
3. ACTUAL sick people (~20%)
4. People in the process of genuinely getting diagnosed (~10%)
5. And finally we have the people there just to ask if that spot that is definitely a bug bite is definitely MCAD and they are the same people that suggest wild diagnoses for random (sometimes normal person) symptoms. (~50%)

From reading comments, some people commenting and getting angry and/or hurt over this thread haven’t even read it, they have just heard secondhand that it is a “group to make fun of disabilities”. Most people in the group are taking it personally, as if the group as a whole is being attacked. They are failing to see that this thread supports ACTUAL sick people, but calls out the problematic/OTT/munchie.

Yeah, I think some posts here have gone too far from my own personal moral standpoint, but as a whole this thread is truth seeking and gives credit where it is due to those that have actual medical issues and don’t scam their peers.

So to the people of Facebook: It’s not all about you. Just because you are a part of some “support group” that has some bad apples does not mean that this thread is making fun of your legitimate disability and/or illness. But if you poorly represent the community by spreading false and dangerous medical advise/information or attempt to deceive the public for attention or money, you can be assured that this thread IS talking about you.

TL;DR: lots of people upset on Facebook, but most have the wool pulled over their eyes and can’t see that they’re surrounded by muchiedom.

No. 418692


"La belle indifference" reminds me of Little Miss Wheeler and her "I might have a cancerous tumour somewhere, but we can't find it yet oh well" bullshit.

No. 418703


I think she's bullshitting. You don't have to have a major rupture to be diagnosed with vEDS, it's got a very distinctive "look" which she's definitely lacking.

No. 418711


Yay, measles, hooray for childhood deafness and possible death. Idiot.

It SUCKS looking sick. No amount of concealer can hide the fact that I'm exhausted all the time.

No. 418713


Also: bleeding, in terrible pain, diagnosed with a heart murmur = HUGE GRIN. Ugggggh

No. 418728


Chloe Prints Lambert claims Fowler's so it's definitely up there as a Munchie Goal. Also yes, "Mito" is the big thing to aim for at the moment, because its symptoms are so widespread and let the cows languish in their ana-chan (I mean ULTRA SICK) beds.

No. 418733

File: 1510163138022.jpeg (474.03 KB, 750x1124, 1344CE6B-43E2-4664-AF61-6567E3…)

She got her soooooper special PICC

No. 418744


The fucking thumbs up these god damn munchies throw out makes me want to gag.

No. 418755

File: 1510165231275.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2562, 20171108_111733.png)

Yes now you can make your medical "accessory" even more noticeable because they are so much fun…

No. 418775

She’s going to “somehow” contract an infection in a month, maybe less. Calling it

No. 418791

Get a port put in while you’re awake, and then maybe you’ll have something to brag about. Except not really, because nobody cares, and really no one wants to hear about or see it.

Also, none of these munchies realize that their excessive thumbs-up’s makes it pretty obvious they DON’T have eds.

No. 418794

Of course. The picc covers. And so the accessorizing down to full-blown munchiedom starts. Have fun with that staph infection, it’s a bitch. Especially when you get the hospital bills.

No. 418795

Right. You’re real, real sick. Sure. Here’s a heads up: anyone who’s actually sick isn’t smiling, and for sure isn’t taking grinning IG selfies.

No. 418804

I get that there are probably people that fake or at least exaggerate their medical issues. I'm of the personal philosophy that overly focusing on medical issues will only make them worse, the mind-body connection is strong. But please explain to me what the point is of making fun of people? It's easy to sit around and say things about a person you've never met based on a few choice posts but to what end? I am really trying to understand. There's so much bad in the world so why worry about whether a person is actually ill or has mental issues? Why not leave that between them and their doctors? I'm seriously asking.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 418819

Already called it

No. 418822

Especially obvisouly because they’re super straight, or normal, thumbs, not hitchhikers’ thumbs (shows hypermobility and is common in a majority of EDSers where small joints are affected).

No. 418823

If you’ve read through this board at all, your question would have been answered. Re: every reply to this same question in the thread.

No. 418838


It's interesting to see the breakdown, and I think you're probably being conservative with the 50% estimate.

I honestly don't care if the Facebook people do end up reading this, nor if their jimmies are rustled. But just to get things straight, I would say that the majority of posters on this particular thread have some kind of sickness or disability, which is the root cause for our making fun of the munchies.

The following is addressed to the visitors from the FB group as a whole:

Because actually sick people have sat in waiting rooms listening to some entitled dipshit in an examining room screaming about how they're not being treated fairly. We've watched our wait times crawl over the hours while people who have nothing more wrong with them than mental illness and obesity take up our appointment time, leaving the actual sick people, who don't want to be there to begin with, try to cram their appointment in the 15 minutes left of the hour appointment you were supposed to have.

We've seen doctors rush into the rooms where you're having "an episode" of whatever flavor illness of the month, and walk back out rolling their eyes within a few minutes. We hear them say no, they're not going to admit you, just drink more water.

We DO know you in person. We've been in waiting rooms with you, watched your behavior, and what's prevented us from calling you out in public is not engaging in nasty behavior in a place where people are trying to get well.

So no. We don't have the plethora of personality disorders that prompt you to encourage us to fight you, to give you our real identities. You munchies are fucking crazy, and we're all rather tired of your bullshit.

No. 418847


There’s no need to make fun of these munchies really. All you have to do is screenshot because they all eventually shoot themselves in the foot.

No. 418851

Kek they do it to themselves, even the ones that are actually sick but way ott. There are plenty of ways to be in the spoonie community without a public profile and fifty million tags and gofuckmes and self-diagnoses and sjw freakouts.

No. 418884


^^^ THIS.

I've probably mentioned it a few million times that I've been on both sides of the stethoscope. Not wishing to blog, here's an important thing I learned.

We think that pussyfooting around the fact that some people are pretending to be sick for sympathy is somehow in the patients' best interests. I was a freshly minted MBBS when I saw the opposite, this time as a patient: a whole ward of sick people, some terminally ill (clinical oncology), having their meds delayed because a spoonie with six billion chronic conditions who was given a bed there due to bed shortages for pain control was constantly keeping the nursing staff occupied. She had fainting spells and pain episodes and demanded her Farrell bag to be changed every few hours and she refused to selfcath ('I'm in a hospital, I cannot possibly be asked to CISC!') and everything else under the sun. Meanwhile, the dude across from me having chemo for SCLC was puking his guts out because the nurses were too busy with Little Miss Whiny while he was waiting for his Emend. Eventually, after four days of this horror, she was discharged. And lo and behold, that afternoon, I was downstairs to get some fresh air when I saw her being wheeled down the road by her male friend, tucking into a massive box of chips and cheese. Yes, the TPN-fed serious pain case, devouring a barrel of carbs and fat.

I was fortunate enough to find my way back to the land of the living and, eventually, medical practice. Now, see, one of the things you have to make your peace with is the fact that you can't save them all. Some of your patients will die. Some will die because of your mistakes, or because of avoidable things. I can live with that (if you can't, medicine will kill you). What I can't deal with is the constant nagging worry whether I could have saved Mrs. Smith if I had not been held up by the very obvious anorexic disguised as EDS case. I can't refuse to see them, blacklist them, report them or even tell them I'll deal with the actually sick people first, and I'm actually ok with that - it's scary to have the power to refuse to even consider a patient, and doctors don't need it. But I lack viable ways of diversion from the ordinary path of medical treatment in my speciality. I can't make a binding psych referral, I cannot refuse to see her unless she's been cleared by a shrink and I cannot call her on malingering, no matter how evident. In fact, I can only report it if the case has a third party payer or social security fraud aspect. Apparently, our system does not think drawing critical resources from the actually ill, for the sake of instagram photos, is acceptable. I have managed to clamp down on patients taking photos with me in it, but of course it's their hospital room, they do what they want. A number of our nursing staff has complained about patients taking photos of them hanging IV bags, God knows why.

And the worry that I could have served my genuinely ill (with a disease I can at least treat - I'm a gastroenterologist, not a shrink) patients better if I had somehow managed to push the known malingerers and Munchies under my care away is something that haunts me. I can't be in two places at the same time. Every time a patient checks in to my clinic but goes home before they're up because Munchies think an appointment means they will have to tell me their life story (I have some very complex patients, and they/their caregivers can respect my time, so why can't these kids?), I worry if they had some red flag issues going on that I could have spotted if I had the chance to see them, which I would have had if McWhiny could have kept the appointment time to her allotted hours. And I have to deal with the insane shit-stirring every time they don't get their way: tell them they can't have more pain medication from me as they've got a pain physician already who ought to be treating that aspect of their illness and they sic Trust lawyers on me, tell them their tests were normal and I get a call from the patient's GP (who often enough happens to be a friend/relative) saying it's unacceptable I disbelieved (the trendy world right now is 'invalidated', perhaps even 'gaslighted') their patient.

This isn't a harmless game. Not to the millions of sick people who rely on the resources these parasites are taking for their own emotional gratification.

No. 418889

You can be an OTT spoonie, but you'll never be THIS OTT spoonie: http://superpunkjellyfish.tumblr.com/post/158907782680/about-me

> i’m autistic, i have adhd, c-ptsd, continuous dissociative amnesia and prosopamnesia. i am constantly dissociating. i have chronic pain in my hip joints, which i think has been around since i was a teenager. it can be triggered by walking for periods of time longer than ten minutes, standing for the same amount of time, sitting without getting up ((time varies)), or sometimes my hips just decide to hurt. i’m a cane user. i use the spoon theory. i occasionally suffer from delusions and hallucinations. the hallucinations are generally minor, such as seeing movement from the corner of my eyes, or thinking i see bugs when there isn’t anything there. related, my favourite bug is a wood louse, which i call melvins.

I love spoonies who goaded your shrink into diagnosing them with C-PTSD instead of BPD.

No. 418897

File: 1510175772715.jpg (303.87 KB, 1892x1120, 64ZenRo.jpg)

Going through Aubreys account is.. interesting, shall we say.

The comments on this post are as well (will post them, too)

No. 418899


Unfortunately, I can say from person experience that there's at least one legit sick person pushed out for every munchie you've entertained. Rheumatology, given that right now it seems the trend that fibro and CFS patients tend to get sent to the autoimmune doc, definitely has its fair share of malingerers and stable but OTT spoonies. I've got some worrying results that can't be explained by my autoimmune condition. Shit that even the senior doc admitted it could be something as serious as cancer. But I've got other shit to do than wait in overcrowded waiting rooms, where half the patients are over 70 and the other half are munchies. I would honestly rather die than witness medical resources that could have helped me get co-opted by healthy but mentally ill people. I can deal with pain. I can't deal with indignity and the loss of hope that I'll get adequate treatment, when I know the system is overburdened.

No. 418902

File: 1510176194062.jpg (382.95 KB, 1968x1196, mmYGKaO.jpg)

She gets a lot of reactions of people saying their experience is exactly the same: they have Lyme as well and their seizures didn't show up on EEG, too. But of course, that can't possibly mean you have PNES. No way.

Also, can someone please tell to me how Lyme could cause seizures that are not epileptic but also not psychosomatic? Apparently, it IS happening due to brain damage/neurolyme or whatever, but it's NOT epileptic?

Curious, isn't it? How so many peole with Lyme apparently have "real" seizures (by which they mean, in this context, non-psychogenic) but also not epileptic? I.. don't get it. Don't even understand what they could possibly mean by that.

No. 418905

Autumn is suggesting to others to get a PICC/port and to convince their doctors who have said no to do it anyway…

No. 418906

Contrary to popular belief here in this forum, they are actually two different things. There may be some similarities, but c-ptsd in the strict sense of the definition / diagnosis (not how these spooners are using it), is very similar to ptsd except it wasn’t a one-time trauma, it was over a long period. While you can have both bpd and c-ptsd, they are two separate things.

No. 418913


Kek, no hEDS is not rare. Since I've been diagnosed, at least 5 of my friends have been too. It's just underdiagnosed due to only those with the worst symptoms seeking help.

No. 418920


I wondered that! That's a fucking syringe, it's not doing anything on its own without a thumb pressing down on it! Are her followers that dumb??

No. 418923

You would be correct.. hEDS is underdiagnosed and probably not rare (though new estimates say that it’s still only like 1/2500 – technically still rare). It’s super funny to watch these munchies whine how “someone said my sooper severe hEDS isn’t rare!”

The person you replied to said that EDS (the way the phrased it, as a whole) isn’t rare, however (1/5000). Don’t really care if it is or not, but statistically – as a whole – it is because of the rarity of types like vEDS (1/250,000) and dEDS (small number of people worldwife), and technically even cEDS (1/10,000-20,000). It’s clearly not as rare as, say, Osteogenesis Imperfecta however.

No. 418925

Yes, yes they are.

No. 418930



1. Some of us here have the illnesses these people are exaggerating, lying about, faking etc. It reflects badly on us, and distorts people (inc doctors') views of the illnesses which can badly affect us.

2. The worst of these people are preying on actually sick people for attention, gifts, money. That's frankly disgusting.

No. 418940


If you have a seizure that lasts over 45 minutes, and you don't have serious repercussions from that, I'm going to wager it's not epilepsy. I'm not a medfag, but … not epilepsy.

No. 418941


Ahhh, Stage 2 Munchiedom: Enabling.

No. 418943

O, forgot to point out: she can never catch her seizures as well, 'cause they mostly happen at night and she doesn't want to wake up her boyfriend. Kek.

No. 418947


NEAD in Lyme patients sounds reasonable though. It's a stressful thing to have from all accounts, between lack of understanding and varying symptoms. I'm not ashamed to say I have non-epileptic seizures myself (though not had any this year), and understand how they relate to my mental and physical health.

No. 418949

Ok >>418889
1. If you have autism then you may have PROPRAGNOSIA but you don't have prosopamnesia, there are two recorded cases EVER.
2. She in no way has 'continous dissociative amnesia' otherwise she wouldn't know she had it. That is where you don't remember anything since a set point to the present.

3. C-PTSD and BPD/EUPD are different things though many people with CPD/EUPD will have experienced trauma. Additionally often women with autism are misdiagnosed with BPD/EUPD.

However, I'm by no means whiteknighting her all her stuff about disoociation and prosopamnesia is just flat out a lie. Additionally people who are 'constantly dissociating' don't have time for a tumblr because they spend hours doing nothing/ doing nothing directed/ useful as their brain 'checks out'.

No. 418950


The idea that she can notice she's having a seizure then wake up her boyfriend is laughable!
Also, from experience, you know when the person you're sharing a bed with is having one. Unless you've hit the NyQuil.

No. 418952

If you know your seziures are happening probs not epilepsy…

No. 418953


Yes, I know they are, but it is a well known practice of psychiatrists to put CPTSD on paper if the patient is not ready to accept BPD.

No. 418960


That sounds like a bad practise. For one, there are different therapies advised.

No. 418961

It really isn't well known practice (though speaking from a UK perspective here). They'll chuck a BPD/EUPD diagnosis at anyone (we have people here with it on their records with no diagnostic assessment). However even getting assessed for PTSD is very difficult and it is under diagnosed even in known at risk groups (veterans and refugees for isntance).

No. 418964

But that's the thing. Of course, NEAD/PNES would be a sensible diagnosis. But they don't want that diagnosis. They can accept that "non epileptic" part, but that that means they are psychogenic, is not something they'd be willing to accept.

(Though of course, part of that is because many people think that psychosomatic is the same as "the doctor doesn't believe me" or "they think I'm faking it", but even when people truly understand what it means, they still won't accept that. And as you say: it's nothing to be ashamed of. In a way, it's a smart way of your body to tell you that something is wrong. But for some people, everything just has to be 100% somatic because admitting that there is a psychogenic factor, or even that they have depression or other problems, is just something they aren't willing to do.)

No. 418972


That's a fair point, I've only seen it in the US, either, but then again I have never even seen a CPTSD diagnosis in the UK.

No. 418982


Yes. Yes, it is. But the stigma associated with BPD is quite significant and I have heard several instances of patients refusing to go back to someone who diagnosed them with it.

No. 418984


I was honestly quite relieved to get it. Though I can be a bit iffy about it in terms of it making it harder to get PTSD issues addressed, knowing I have it has made me much more self-aware as I've known what behaviours to try to change, what patterns to work my way out of.

I guess doctor shopping happens in any area, though. Almost impossible to do on the NHS, luckily.

No. 418986

There are a few U.K. spoonies with CPTSD, but I'm not going to name them as I think the ones I follow are legit and they'll just get picked apart. But it is diagnosed sometimes, rarely.

No. 418988

It is diagnosed, I have a close friend with it but she was only recently diagnosed (late twenties) despite documented trauma since age 6, social services etc. She has had periods of wellness and success but is so ill right now in terms of dissociation etc that she is in hospital for her own safety (when not disscociated she isn't at all a risk to herself etc.)

Obviously biased because I have a friend and I'm sure you can be less ill and be diagnosed (I really hope she will be less ill in the future!) but a lot of people claim to have a diagnosis who just plain and simple don't. It is exremely rare to even get it diagnosed via community psychiatry team (CMHT) usually you end up in specialist mental health services before diagnosis.


(obviously saged)

No. 419000

there's really no need to justify/explain this thread to people, especially in the thread itself. this is lolcow, not livejournal.

No. 419021

There are people in the spoonie community who absolutely don't have it (either BPD or general PD traits, histrionic etc) and claim it, both in UK and elsewhere. But I'm confident that a few who have mentioned it are real cases. Usually the ones who don't constantly show off about it, kek. It's a shitty condition, based on the person I'm closest to who has it.

No. 419053

I’m honestly surprised no medfag has mentioned dystonia or that this chicks doctors didn’t suggest it? Dystonia is sort of like a muscle reaction to meds they don’t agree with the body (like being on antibiotics that you don’t acrually need…) and can be mistaken for a seizure cause it causes that all too famous grand mal look of full on shaking and “seizing” but the difference is that dystonia reactions are pure muscle and no brain involvement - it’s all Mast cells fucking with you cause you took something you shouldn’t have taken. The pt also remains conscious therefore remembers the episode and obvs it wouldn’t show up on an EEG because it’s not a seizure.

Boom mystery solved. Get off those damn IV abx and your so called seizures will stop. You’re welcome.

No. 419085

Cerebral palsy fag here.

I have dystonia in my body from neurons constantly misfiring in my brain.

This is what upsets me about these cows. If you're disabled from birth, you are given life lessons from doctors and therapists as a kid. You are given a small stipend from the government, and when your parents die, you are given enough money to just get by and survive.

Sage for self posting blogging faggotry.

No. 419087

Can we make a seperate thread for Autumn? I feel like shes so OTT and pisses so many people off she deserves her own thread, but she may like the attention from it.

No. 419093

yes please!!

No. 419105


The girl she mentioned it to is on private so I don't know much about her (although she lists 5+ illnesses in her bio) - but based on that interaction that girl is 95% of the way there on her own anyway.
The girl's doctor refuses to give her IV saline so she has been going to urgent care because there is "a doctor there who knows a lot about all of my conditions and will give me IV saline whenever without a script". She claims her GI problems prevent her from drinking enough to take care of her POTS. Sounds like the urgent care doctor is just giving her what she wants (IV saline) since it probably gets her out of his hair. And if he is a doctor than he doesn't need a script to do it. She doesn't want the regular doctor to know she is seeing the urgent care one and she is looking for a new doctor (aka doctor shopping until she finds one who will give her what she wants). Sounds like a serious drain on resources.
I would guess at this point anyone who is turning to Autumn, who is so obviously a munchie, is probably almost there themselves.

No. 419131

And pots also doesn’t cause seizures. What can cause seizures is an eating disorder, which she most definitely has, like plenty other cows. But then they get doctors to put them on ridiculous drug combos and then they whine when they get side effects, except they call those side effects totally new symptoms. It’s western medicine taken too far.

No. 419134

Well, after she’s been around enough they’ll get to know her at the urgent cares and ERs, and that’ll put a stop to at least that aspect of things. Of course she’ll then probably move on to actual doctor-shopping, so the issue’s not really solved. It’s a weird twist on both the generic munchie as well as the generic drug addict looking for a rx pill fix.

No. 419155

File: 1510194448911.jpeg (219.07 KB, 750x824, 220B032B-25CB-4E4C-8A2F-713735…)

bendycripple is back at it again with her psychosis that reads like a trashy teenage novel. the anons she is getting calling her out though are golden.

No. 419170


And you know what is GREAT at causing dystonia like symptoms if you take it regularly? Reglan, that nausea go-to.

No. 419173

File: 1510195106994.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1732.PNG)

Seems legit….. (medfags?)

No. 419205

Idk most illnesses aren’t cured by dietary supplements…and not a medfag, but I’ve never heard of that before, even with other otts or munchies.

No. 419208

Which is widely prescribed and crazy cheap. GIs hand it out like candy, since it does help a lot of people with different issues.

No. 419213

File: 1510197078081.jpeg (244.03 KB, 750x537, 4DCFC202-5729-416F-8E16-ECFF9B…)

Wtf. Autumn claimed MS and ALS in the tags here?!

No. 419234

If EDS wasn’t working, it was time to move on kek. MS could be faked for sure, and ALS as well, but only to a point. She’s sticking with things that are invisible and not diagnosed simply, and when she’s questioned, she moves on to something else. Very typical munchie.

No. 419238

This was before the hEDS…
7 May

No. 419239

How do you fake MS??? What dr would diagnose that without the brain scans actually showing it?

No. 419248


Breakspear isn't only a health clinic, it's a diagnostic miracle centre where you can be told you have things no other place has even HEARD of, apparently.

If MBV stopped taking all the supplements they gave her, I guarantee nothing bad would come of it. They're just expensive woo for overly anxious anorexics.

No. 419255


If we follow Autumn's line of thinking you don't need a doctor to diagnose you. They may have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning that medical stuff but none of that lights a candle to a munchies self diagnosis

No. 419262


She's like a way-stupider Jaquie. It's OBVIOUS what she's doing.

No. 419296

Which is even more sad when you consider how obvious jaquie’s faking is

No. 419303

This person has their own thread at >>412346, theres all this shit about them molesting their sister and claiming to have pedo OCD, they also legally changed their name to Castiel because of Supernatural

No. 419352

File: 1510211469259.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171108-230757.png)

400mg benadryl in 4 hrs.???

No. 419367

File: 1510215742466.jpeg (279.61 KB, 738x1251, 14E3B02A-1071-44D8-A18B-9DBA6A…)

So the GoFuckMe munchies can now face legal trouble/fraud convictions… The article claimed she scammed that money out of family/“friends”. She was also ordered to repay some $79,XXX out of the full $260,XXX lol

No. 419373

File: 1510216068096.jpeg (191.09 KB, 750x1186, 4214A8F6-4EA4-4EFA-92CF-704A66…)

sentenced to prison for 2 years… collected a whopping total of $264,163 while pretending to be dying from cancer

No. 419378

THANK YOU! Enough with the EDS TALK! This is NOT an EDS discussion board and I am sick to death of all the posts dissecting criteria and symptoms etc. TAKE IT ELSEWHERE. This is the second time this thread has been overrun with EDS faggotry. If you are going to post about EDS, just don't. ENOUGH ALREADY.
Also this is not a "I am so pissed at certain spoonies because I am REALLY legit sick!" hugbox. STOP. You are as bad as the cows being posted. GTFO.

No. 419425


DIM-PRO is, according to the manufacturer, diindolylmethane. How the fuck that will fix an enzyme deficiency is beyond me, or medical science. Another Breakspear miracle!

No. 419426

Is she being sarcastic? Not only would she not be awake alert and oriented enough to take a pic and write correctly on it, but she’d probably be dead from benedryl OD, or at the minimum be on oxygen because it would decrease her resp rate.

No. 419428

Yes! Autumn needs her own thread

No. 419460

kek the maximum daily dose is 400mg. The maximum rec. in a 4 hr span is 36-78mg. Girl, unless Benadryl has ZERO efficacy on you (ie it wouldn’t even treat your allergies), you lying through your story.

No. 419461

While this is true, please remember the rules of lolcow. You cannot engage with munchies outside outside of this thread. Although you would probably love to report their fundraisers, without solid proof beyond a reasonable doubt, you should not. While it’s pretty obvious who some of the munchies are (those who have GoFxckMes in places with free healthcare), there are a good lot of people in here who may / may not be munchies like we claim and a report can do damage.

teal deer; be careful and mindful reporting fundraisers or the legality can turn back on you

No. 419462

I’ll make one later…

No. 419478

Woman posting Instagram pics of her feeding tube within a few hours after getting it.

Sound familiar?

No. 419503

You guys are f up. Yes some people who are sick go out of their way to eat one thing that's bad but yes energy drinks are very bad when you have pots syndrome. The only thing is people take it because the energy is so low sadly we can't make you believe how we feel but that's just f* bogus. Not everyone that is sick is pretending and it's very hard because everyday is a new day almost like fibromyalgia or lupus or any type of chronic illness it is very hard because everyday is a new day. Tomorrow you might not be able to walk the next day you maybe that's why it looks so unreal but you don't know until you actually gone through it. I used to work full time 9 to 8 and then because I push my body to its maximum physical limits I became permanently flared up. It was very difficult for me to give up my life of working 5 years and then my relationship went downhill after and then started my friends. Nobody wanted to believe I was getting sick but I was in the emergency room once a month. Just don't be so judgemental(No one cares)

No. 419529


What, exactly, is wrong with being judgmental?

Being judgmental without understanding the situation is no doubt bad. But most of us do understand the situation. Most people here are, or have been, severely unwell.

As for your issues,

1) the idea that keeping to work led you to be permanently flared up makes no medical sense,
2) your 'fatigue', however much you love to whine about it, is not the worst thing in the world (trust me, you haven't seen fatigue until you're on chemo and your Hgb is around 6.5 and sitting up in bed makes you pant),
3) holy incoherent writing, Batman. Just don't blame it on brain fog.

No. 419533

This is probably bendycripple being salty because she keeps getting called out on her bullshit. Would screenshot them but potato phone says no.

No. 419535

>Not everyone who is sick is pretending

We know. That's why we have this thread, to discuss the ones who are.

No. 419549

The spelling is too good to be bendy and I’m 99% sure she’s never worked, or if she did, it wasn’t for his length of time.

No. 419550

I don't get why ehlersdanlosgirls is on your list…

No. 419552

Go back through the threads. It explains it. She may not be full on munchie but she is very OTT.

No. 419568

So you guys claim there we are liars and stuff but you guys are the one pretending to be actual sick people and trolling the actual sick. Took me 24 years to believe I was getting sick I didn't even want to believe it at all so I don't expect anybody else to believe it. And I'm pretty sure you don't care but even though you say you don't care you guys actually do care because you are making a post about it and then criticizing other people who are actually sick. I actually wish this upon everybody who doesn't believe it because honestly that's the only way you'll ever see it to be true. Just like when people are anti-gay and then they have a kid who becomes gay I think that's hilarious. Karma at its finest to be honest. But anyway the fact that you guys are literally going out of your way to make fun of actual sick people is actually very pathetic because you say you don't care but you actually do and from what I can tell most of you do not have a medical license just a troll license lol. Again I'm probably going to get hate for this but I'm a pretty Savage human being myself. So I can take the hate. I just don't understand why people literally who have no lives go out of their way to pretend to be something and then criticize the people who are "lying" . It's quite pathetic actually. That you would rather pick on sick human beings. So even when we do have the proof everyone seems to say it's disgusting and why would we post it. Well we post it because nobody understands and listens so we try to share our own Journey on our own personal profiles. Which I would assume is normal since it is a personal profile. And as for hypermobility spectrum you might have the same illnesses me just different symptoms. That is why it is undiagnosed most the time. Again I don't expect people to listen or care but the fact that you guys literally go out of your way to make a whole website about it and a whole Forum seems to be that you do care. You guys need to get a hobby and if you do have a hobby this is not a healthy one. You say there are bad people in the world and you guys literally contribute to it so you are hypocrites and Liars yourselves that has to pick on other people to make yourself feel better about yourselves.

No. 419569

Also I am actually sick I just use text voice texting so it's more accurate. My fingers actually dislocate and subluxe and I've had surgery on about 2 so yes I even have an attachable microphone for my computer when I am trying to do a paper and contribute to Society for school.

No. 419570

Also it was for the length of time I was a hairstylist so yes and 8 to 9 job was suffice. Don't forget we live in 2017 there is voice texting which most of us to use.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 419583

It must suck having to go to school and contribute to society. Give me your address and I'll share some of my trust fund pity bux for you.

BRB. Making it rain at lunch with a bottle of wine. Then I get to go back home and watch tv and work out.

I fucking hate cows who whine about having to work. Social security, section 8, and food stamps will take care of you for life. When life hands you a shitty hand, take what you're entitled to due to real medical issues, and laugh at others who are so sad that you are actually disabled, and not contributing to society.

-lupus warrior

No. 419584

File: 1510248395224.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1466014012899.gif)


welcome to the board. sorry you got found and called out for being ott. maybe review your life. now politely fuck off cus this shit is getting old

No. 419589

If you are actually sick, not OTT and not attention-whoring, we are not talking about you here. It's simple as that. If you'd take the time to lurk, you will see that sometimes someone is brought up and when others say "no, she's actually sick, look at this post/this information" they are dropped just as quickly.

What we DO talk about, is those people in your group - or anywhere on the internet - who always copy the symptoms of others. Those people who always post about something major in their life or a major symptom they 'suddenly' developed because someone else in the group is having a particularly bad time and all the attention is focused on them. Those people who ask you if you know a doctor who will diagnose them even if they don't fit the criteria of your illness. Those people ONLY have certain symptoms when others are present. People who are over-dramatic about every little symptom. People who go to specialist with fake symptoms. And whos histories are changing all the time. If you're active in a support group or on social media, I'm sure you've seen those people, too.

They are the people who steal resources from the actual sick. Who abuse the time of doctors and who betray the patient/physician relationship. Who make it more difficult for everyone else, including YOU, to be believed by their doctors and to get a little support from family an friends when you need it most. They cannot help or support you, because they either are dealing with people pretending to be sick, or because they don't trust people anymore because they have been lied to so often. Those people who make it difficult to get treatment or funding you need, because the government and your insurance can't trust people either.

THOSE are the people we make 'fun' of. Not even that per se, it's more that we point out inconsistencies in their stories. And yeah, there's fun too. Some humor is often needed to get through the day you know? Because just like you, the majority of us are people who know what it is to be sick. Most of us are either sick or disabled ourselves, a caretaker for someone who is sick, or work in the medical field, or any combination of those. So yeah, it's safe to say most of us here DO know what it's like to be sick.

So if you are actually sick, I'm sure you're just as fed up as we are with people trying to screw the system and infiltrate in support groups of people who ARE sick and who are just trying to find some information or support. THAT is the evil you should be fighting.

No. 419594

Mmm true, plus if she knew about the board I think she may make more of a fuss.

No. 419599

File: 1510250320868.png (817.73 KB, 640x1136, 0D73FF42-2EB7-4868-9658-3D36F0…)

Look who’s at the airport and now needs a vog mask and wheelchair (despite not having mobility or immune problems). Also, no one who’s feeding tube dependent can survive running a pump at 35 ml/hr. It would be physically impossible to get in enough calories a day to live. And of course she’s vlogging about the whole “experience”, despite how exhausting she claims it is.

No. 419600

File: 1510250362573.png (863.4 KB, 640x1136, EFB0D825-CC64-459A-960F-7FB9CD…)

No. 419601

File: 1510250399616.png (563.6 KB, 640x1136, 3305D229-2F59-4A35-B3A0-7F8AED…)

No. 419602

Also, most people keep their feeding in a bag, not out on an airport seat. Of course it’s harder to show off for spoonie asspats when it’s in a bag…

No. 419605

She’s desperate to be like Chronically Jaquie.

No. 419615

I don’t cow-tip and I’m familiar with the rules, thanks though. That was a news story local to where I live - I thought it was funny to see an obvious, lying munchie get called a fraud on national TV, convicted and then forced to repay a chunk of the money. Thought y’all would like to see and laugh at the aftermath as well

No. 419616

Well, she’s just as pathetic and annoying and has a ridiculous amount of medical things she doesn’t need, plus an obvious but undiagnosed eating disorder, so she’s pretty much there.

No. 419738

I don’t think that comment was directed to you, just the board in general since there are people who will interact to get people in trouble like this.

No. 419802

Exactly. Karma. Only maybe it's not the people on this thread who will get paid back, but rather the people being discussed instead?