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File: 1499023549115.jpg (15.13 KB, 400x189, 2lbdcvm.jpg)

No. 345089

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #4
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/237479

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Some of the more notable cows from the previous threads:
LifeUndiagnosedd, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own threads now (original: >>197138 ).
MyLifeStruggles on IG
JourneyToEmma on IG
Jonzie08 on IG

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

LINKS to articles and info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 345090

File: 1499023837315.png (742.93 KB, 933x596, Untitled.png)

Since we were on the topic of Eli in the previous thread…

The time this is posted is pretty suspect, considering the timing of whoever was spamming the end of the old thread. Seems likely it was Eli trying to cover his own tracks again.

>Nothing exciting going on so haven't had much to post
No, nothing aside from you getting charged by the police. But I guess that's not "exciting", is it?

No. 345095

Wtf happened in last thread? Was something uncovered that led to the shitting up?

No. 345096

Possibly the fact screenshots popped up showing him commenting as "Hunter Stiles" about himself, saying he was innocent and not lying about cancer…

No. 345104

File: 1499025434480.png (699.74 KB, 1045x553, milky0.PNG)

Was saving this milky one for the new thread. Meet TriforceofChronicPain (another Nicole). This one claims to have 3 kinds of EDS at once! I didn't even know that was possible… as well as obligatory GoFundMe for unspecified bills and expenses (bet that tattoo wasn't cheap, mind)

No. 345106

File: 1499025489589.png (372.8 KB, 1271x1470, milky1.PNG)

Body doing a weird thing? Best go to the ER!

No. 345107

File: 1499025544706.png (362.38 KB, 1285x1478, milky2.PNG)

Sure, blame illness for your ugly nose if it makes you feel better…

No. 345108

File: 1499025602549.png (299.18 KB, 1267x1478, milky3.PNG)

And of course, she's obsessed with taking her blood pressure. 122/73 is fine!

No. 345109

File: 1499025652221.png (337.95 KB, 1270x1485, milky4.PNG)

I looked at this for ages trying to work out where the anomaly was, before realising she's probably reading the Systolic BP as her heart rate…

No. 345114

Someone found a (Spanish or Italian) YouTube news clip about Eli Stewart, under it a great big defensive comment from (obviously) Eli himself with yet another version of events, this time saying he did have cancer and ALL his other illnesses. Saying he was cleared of all charges etc.

Then "someone" spammed the thread about 100 times or more in a row with just a "." until it locked due to over limit. Shame for him they don't vanish when they are locked. We just need more to load up on here about him now.

off topic - that dog is gorgeous, I hate his gross looking hand with it in a headlock.

No. 345132


EDS doesn't even have numbers anymore. Both type 1 and 2 are cEDS and you can't have hEDS AND cEDS since it's an diagnosis of exclusion.

So she has just cEDS. Kek.

No. 345137

This girl for real?! You cannot have EDS types 1,2 and 3 -if it was still identified that way, lol, there is possibility of crossover symptoms but w/e….and she has "pot" syndrome yet cannot read an automatic BP monitor?! Of course she has a Gofuxkme as well … which the description is hilarious to read since it was supposedly written by her mother… And anything not used for her medical bills and or travel to see a doctor in Rhode Island this coming August will be donated… Sure it will… Cannot wait to see the milk that comes from this one!

No. 345140

122/73 is a little high for a younger person at rest but it's not like "emergency intervention" high. Certainly not nearly high enough to be worried.

But if you supposedly can't walk 10 steps without your bp shooting up like this, you have a problem. Lol.

No. 345143


Mine does that without medication…but I have hypertensive POTS. And I take my medication.
Hence why I'm so enraged at this account.

No. 345151


Yeah, if ten steps of stairs give you this, you suffer from a condition called 'you're an unfit fuck'.

No. 345153

I have hyper pots, too! nice to meet someone else with it. I have to take bp meds and someone with bp that high would also be on antihypertensives.

No. 345155

Wow, this girl is a piece of work. Nice and milky

No. 345156


There is no such thing as 10/10 chronic pain (medfag/chronicpainfag here). Managed chronic pain can't be 10/10, you'd be constantly losing consciousness from it. There is such a thing as breakthrough pain but anyone whose condition has breakthrough phenomena (I don't know enough about EDS pain management to know whether it does or doesn't, but as far as I'm aware, breakthrough pain is typical only for malignancies) has a breakthrough pain plan with PRN pain meds that are designed to act fast and hit the spot (I have fentanyl lollipops that are just wonderful! Of course, I'm no use for a few hours afterwards but at least I'm not passing out from the pain).

10/10 pain, in the rare instances that it happens, does not look like you're leaning back all comfy. It looks like clenched teeth, face distorted in a grimace of pain, tears streaming, flushed, sternocleidomastoid protruding and tense. Super bullshit, never mind the part about having multiple types of EDS.

No. 345157

I am also a hyper pots patient. I would kill for readings like she has. My readings are that bad just from standing. I still manage to get through a day. My docs encourage me to walk, exercise, and keep moving. I avoid the ER at all costs, due to the cost!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 345159

kek. You MUST be right, I don't think she's reading it properly. Is she really that dumb? 93 bpm is ok. Her systolic/diastolic is a tiny bit high but it's not something that requires immediate medical attention.

No. 345160

File: 1499033952120.png (151.86 KB, 640x909, IMG_1061.PNG)

Okay. If you are going to try to score pity points with a medical graphic of your super awful "EDS complication" at least make sure it's the right disorder. TN is one of the most painful nerve-related disorders and is actually called "the suicide disease" because up to 25% of sufferers commit suicide because of the intractable pain. Legit has nothing to do with EDS or TMJ. Learn to fucking read. Sage for rage and being a medfag

No. 345163

File: 1499034315734.png (438.81 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_0039.PNG)

Let me put a possibly more sympathetic spin on this. Consider the attached image, from Nicole's groundme started by her mother Tina.

Mom is a self-described medical research junkie (meaning she reads shit about medicine, not an addiction to randomized controlled trials). Daughter is young and in an unstable place in life where we crave parental approval. So she does the one thing that's bound to both make mom happy and get her interested in her life again, over her brother: suddenly become a medical mystery. Now mom can live the kind of story that she normally only gets to read about: a honest to dogness medical mystery, a world famous doctor (a Dr Chopra, not sure if he is well known for EDS but I've never come across his name) playing the part of a real life Dr House, and a lot of expensive testing. All the while she can enjoy the spotlight as the heroic mother of the sick child. This is a wonderful Munchie twofer: MBI daughter enabled by mother with MSbP mother. How fabulous. I am already feeling sorry for the poor clinicians who will have to deal with them.

No. 345164


Jesus, she confused 'TMJ syndrome' (which, really, only means 'TMJ pain of any origin not elsewhere defined') with TN? Fuck me sideways.

No. 345165

File: 1499034783166.png (748.4 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7282.PNG)

Someone tipped her (JBN?), she's sooper sick, but can still rant on instagram

No. 345166

File: 1499034806878.png (394.64 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7283.PNG)

No. 345167

File: 1499034845305.png (272.63 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7284.PNG)

No. 345168

File: 1499034876124.png (260.21 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_7285.PNG)

No. 345173

File: 1499035149430.jpg (48.08 KB, 465x365, IMG_1736.JPG)

Awww Flimsywrists disabled her account temporarily (or deleted all her pictures) guess her vewy best fwend Ali decided to inform her about the postings here which was such a nice thing to do considering Shelbie was just released from a psych ward …. I'm sure her "friends" just had her best interest at heart though… typical munchies…amazing

No. 345183

Just went through Nicole's bullshit with medfag eyes.

> claims she is on eight kinds of medications 'given to cancer sufferers', refers to them as medications to induce remission of IBS

No such medications exist.

> the only prescription medication she is taking, other than the eight unidentified cancer medications, is naltrexone

Nobody with long term chronic pain that reaches 10/10 with a weekly regularity is on just naltrexone, of all things…

> has a blood disorder out of the blue

Without mentioning what it actually is.

> shows her wrist, claiming it is dislocated when it is at an angle a dislocated wrist could not be bent into

Just, no.

I am trying to figure out if she's scamming her mother or if she's aware and joining in, but either way, they're reprehensible.

Nicole, there's nothing wrong with you. You're a young lady with depression and a mom who wants to be a character on House MD. No amount of expensive testing will change that, though I noticed the HMSA poster explaining how EDS injuries are super invisible lol.

No. 345188


She's on TPN. I hate to say this but the most plausible explanation is that she is using her line to suck out blood. TPN means she has a Hickman line or a port (probably a Hickman line). The Hickman is a large diameter line that goes straight to the superior vena cava, right next to the heart, so it's relatively easy to suck out enough blood to drop Hgb to 8.

I had a Hickman line for two years and when my blood counts first crashed due to what we later learned was aplastic anemia, doctors insisted on monitoring me closely, despite the fact that I was a medfag myself, because they had a patient a few months earlier who was literally sucking all the blood she could out of her central line. This is the sort of shit why Munchie bullshit like what she is pulling is so dangerous.

No. 345200


No. 345204


Sorry, that was to the Anon above who thought that Munchie had used their own Hickman line to draw blood/induce symptoms.

No. 345206

File: 1499037456843.png (108.98 KB, 750x283, IMG_1737.PNG)


I wonder if her illnesses will start getting better now that she seems to be dating someone…she definitely isn't posting everyday as she used to…also what is with all her flipping hashtags? Hashtag weight loss journey? Dietician?

No. 345208


Wait… she's on a $1000-a-week treatment to help her gain and maintain weight, but brags about a weight loss journey? Fucking hell.

Sage because angry medfag is angry.

No. 345210


It's not unheard of actually …. nurses/doctors have questioned/called out @kelly.ronahan on doing something like that as well (especially bc she has a mental health/self harm history) and they cannot find a reason for her severe anemia/blood count drops every two weeks

No. 345211


It's not THAT uncommon. Years later when I went into gastroenterology, I saw a bunch of spoonies do it. We encountered this in a young female a few months ago. She had bone marrow biopsies and scans and genetics and a near infinite array of tests and nothing yielded. She lost blood almost as fast as we transfused it. Heaven knows how she managed to hide it when she was under 1:1 observation, as is now common for central line patients who present with unexplained anaemia and have a medical background (thanks Munchies!), but she was supposed to be transferred to a hematology specialist unit later that week. One day, a nurse accidentally tripped on her handbag, and its contents spilled out. She had all manners of syringes and heparin and stuff.

Ain't it great to be in a job where you're trying to help people, some of whom are actively trying to deceive you?

Sage for war story.

No. 345215


Oh, she's one of my faves. Especially as once her blood disorder got her nowhere (she is getting transfusions all the time but no further treatment attention, and they are trying to phase her off those), she was suddenly diagnosed with MS. And now it's all about that and not about the mysterious blood disorder that once ran her life maybe she realized she's starting to have more and more severe transfusion reactions, which is why she ended up on palliative care? How curious.

(Yes, radiologically definite MS can be faked. No, this isn't a Munchie advice page.)

No. 345219


Do you know why she has the access line in in the first place? (Not baiting, just asking cos I thought she was genuine!)

No. 345220


My understanding is that she needs frequent blood transfusions and frequent draws to check her labs. Regardless of the cause, a port reduces nursing time, makes tampering more difficult, is more hygienic, better for a young and athletic patient and avoids having to scar the veins in the antecubital by repeated needle sticks.

No. 345229

Yeah, I think she's doing it to herself because there's no way she has all this medical monitoring and is in the hospital every 2-3 days and NO ONE can figure out her ~blood disorder~

No. 345230

Why does Kelly have a gofundme when she lives in Canada? doesn't Canada cover almost all drugs?

No. 345234

File: 1499040140349.jpg (61.37 KB, 629x473, IMG_1738.JPG)


She could be genuine but (as an RNfag) I have questions at times (and so do her Dr's obviously however she cries neglect when that occurs, like now they are talking about a hysterectomy since her uterus may be responsible for the blood issues and MS after one head MRI and none of the above has been questioned before?)sage for bloggishness

No. 345236


At the very least it's odd. There are basically no diseases where blood mysteriously disappears without a trace except of course exsanguination aka sucking it out of the body. Aplastic anemia shows in the bone marrow, while autoimmune anemias would leave some telltale signs in blood chemistry. There is no good explanation for what's going on with her other than factitious or induced illness. Especially as it is clear from her history (she had anorexia and self harmed) that she's not afraid to hurt herself.

No. 345238


The MRI is frankly at best inconclusive. Plenty of healthy people have FLAIR spots. I have them, and I don't have MS. I think her doctors are in a shitty situation, needing to reduce the reliance of someone who is basically almost definitely inducing illness on the blood reserves, and if for whatever reason a hysterectomy gets her there, they're willing to give her that.

No. 345239

That makes sense. I wonder if she's taking something to make her ill. Unless she's cutting? but then that would be super obvious because she'd always have fresh cuts.

No. 345241

TN sufferer here. There is no proof that the 25% is true and that's why most people tend to ignore the number. There are plenty of posts out there that explain why the number can't be true.
And it's kinda common to come across TMJ ppl in the support groups who try to explain that they also have TN, but they only need Advil for the pain.
People like her make me furoius. It's not that hard to use the right picture for a post on Instagram

No. 345243

Not unless she has insurance.

No. 345245

Someone who knows more about Eli should make a thread for him.

No. 345246


You can't bleed enough out of cuts to get a Hb of 8.0

No. 345248

Eli isn't even worth a thread. Tbh he barely posts anything even remotely milky and bores me half to death with his recent shit on insta. His fb is obviously private so there's no chance we'll ever see anything he posts. Not defending him, I think he's as scummy as the rest of you do, but he's so boring now I'd rather a thread dedicated to Shelbie at this point than him.(stop)

No. 345250


Aye. I have TMJ and get severe jaw pain sometimes but it has an obvious explanation because my jaw is constantly out of place.

No. 345251

I thought the only insurance Canadians get is the national one that covers like, all drugs and services. But I'm American so IDK know the Canadian health system works.

No. 345270

Most services are covered. Drugs, on the other hand, are not covered, and they can be expensive as hell. A lot of Canadians are covered through work, though.

No. 345282

Ok thanks. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam for Kelly. I used to think she was legit but now I'm almost certain she's a munchie. She's private now, too on IG.

No. 345303


If the Munchie threads here have taught me anything, it is that it's possible to both be actually sick, and an IG Munchie.

No. 345309

i tried to cover what canada's healthcare covers but did a shit job and accidentally deleted. thankfully, there are websites for anyone curious https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Healthcare_in_Canada and yes most of their provinces cover most meds

No. 345320

Still too much blogging in here. It's one thing to confirm/deny certain health things for other users. Posts like this
are mostly blog though.

The obnoxious spammer from the last thread is permabanned, sorry for the delay.

No. 345325

You definitely can - it's seen quite often in psychiatric inpatients with severe self harm issues. Known a few to have to get transfusions due to their self harm.

However, blood letting would be a more common cause, especially if she has a line. Then it'd just be too easy.

No. 345333

Definitely easy. All you need is a syringe. Kelly has always seemed super suspicious to me, talk about wasting medical professionals' time, and her over the top attention posting

No. 345387

I have TN too and when people say it's not that bad and that their Tylenol "regimen" isn't working I already know it's not TN.

No. 345404

No. 345406


I'm gonna be honest, as a medfag I am extremely worried about her. Here's a young woman with a history of mental illness and self harm getting doctors to give her invasive and long term damaging treatment. A hysterectomy is life changing, and not generally for the better. Multiple blood transfusions increase the risk of transfusion reactions etc. It is beyond me why she is as successful at what she's doing as she is, though it might be owing to her affable and genuinely kind personality. Of all the Munchies, she's the one I resent least and whom I see as a genuinely unwell person (just a different illness).

No. 345410

File: 1499072291461.png (378.98 KB, 1866x1186, IMG_0040.PNG)

Jessi fucking Slaughter aka Rose Leonhardt something or other, ladies and gentlemen and fakebois.

She's a vintage Munchie. I hate few things more than people pretending to be oh so sick and disabled so that they can rag on the lack of accessibility… while right then they're using services for disabled people and blocking them.

No. 345429


That is probably why her TWIN sister does not want anything to do with her medically (she says it all the time when people ask if she can get bone marrow or blood or whatever from her Twin…)

No. 345436

File: 1499081777831.png (204.87 KB, 747x1165, IMG_1741.PNG)

Wth would she post about her being "sore and bruised" form "intimate time" with the boyfriend (who she's supposedly been with for 15 years yet not one picture hmmm)

No. 345437


Also telling: a BMT is not being considered despite there being the probability of a perfect match. BMTs are not just expensive they're also very risky. A person with an aplastic anemia this severe should benefit from it, and at least they'd be searching for a match. I think that's fairly damning.

No. 345450

>this is her brother typing :-)

Sure it is.

No. 345461

Sage for OT but was gonna ask if we have an idea of the location of the spammer to find out if it was Eli or not?

No. 345466


Probably was him but let's not attract him here … it's old, he's under investigation, he's mentally ill …. plenty of new milk going on …

No. 345467

Farmhand said they were permabanned so "attracting him here" doesn't matter?

No. 345468

Why do people keep pointing out that he's mentally ill? So are half of the people you post about, why is Eli any different?
Unless, and this is most likely, you are Eli or one of his friends trying to WK

No. 345472

File: 1499088896671.jpg (47.78 KB, 387x410, IMG_1742.JPG)


Don't even know the kids last name, only know about him from what's been posted on the threads, just didn't want to see the thread closed out like the last one and didn't see the permabanned post from farmhand…
sage; apology for not giving 2 fucs about him(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 345473

His last name has been posted on the threads before so there's that.

Also that isn't how you sage, and considering the only reason the last one locked was because it reached post limit because of spamming, they'd have a lot of spamming to do here to hit post limit, if they'd tried it again here they would've been caught well before hitting anywhere near post limit…

No. 345495

Wait … that Triforceofchronicpain girl has a goduxkme bc she is "donating her body to science for a week"? Did I see that correctly?

No. 345503


Oh yes you did. That's her euphemism for having tests run on her imaginary condition, because she's convinced she's so rare and speshul that doctors should be grateful they'll get to lay eyes on her.

The delusion, it is strong in this one.

No. 345515

You definitely can, but there's no way she'd be able to hide cuts like that from ER/hospital staff.

No. 345518


There are a few tests people with EDS can have. Echocardiograms, tilt table test (for POTS comorbidity), bone density scan…

None of these are as scientifically groundbreaking as she's making them out to be. She doesn't have 3 kinds of EDS at once. That's ridiculous. But, because few people have heard of it, it's easy to pretend.

No. 345532

File: 1499098183882.png (189.85 KB, 747x1112, IMG_1744.PNG)

Guess Kelly got a hold of her chart and was hurt by what she read … people tried to assure her he was "wording it that way" to try and get her seen more quickly ….

No. 345536


But that makes perfect sense. If there's a way to stop multiple blood transfusions a week (and therefore a shortage in the local supply), medics should try to do that.

No. 345555

if you really want to stop people talking about him them go and take a screenshot of something milky and post it. Actually contribute instead of whining like a baby that some posts in the thread aren't stuff you want to read. Your posts complaining are more annoying than posts about eli.

No. 345556

She (he???) has been so fucked up as a kid that I think you can kind of excuse them being a crazy adult. I think at this point it's best to just leave her alone to be the nutcase she was destined to be.

No. 345576

omg what an idiot
blood is a precious resource! it should NOT be wasted!
if I suspected a patient is making himself need blood on purpose I'd think the same shit…
how selfish can a person be?


sage bc rant

No. 345640

Posts complaining about complaining are the most boring of all.

No. 345667


Glasgow area, and posted exclusively about Eli.

No. 345670


Lmao well that's him as good as caught out then, no doubt that if it's not him it's one of his few remaining irl white knights.

No. 345680

File: 1499112855194.jpg (113.93 KB, 736x1102, 6f3b19f07bea327072ecf46cfa5b19…)

No. 345689

File: 1499115865605.png (123 KB, 728x533, wtfmorgan1.png)

Oh fucking boy, here we go!

May I present Morgan McCastor, of the Syracuse, NY area. She apparently suffers from 15 different illnesses, and is going to be features in a documentary as she begins palliative care! She's even covered in loads of local news sources.


Sadly, Morgan is full of shit, a fact that the hospice workers have caught onto quite quickly. Just about all of her sooper serious 15 illnesses were pegged as behavioral health issues, prompting a full on meltdown from Morgan.

Of course, Morgan chooses to interpret this as being SO SO SICK that even HOSPICE can't save her!

(The fact is she's a malingering munchie who's definitely a drug-seeker. The Syracuse area is fucking sky-high with the opiate epidemic, to the point where the news channels usually every other week do a news segment on the opiate crisis.)

No. 345693

So what's going to happen when she's alive after a few years? hospice is for people who have months to live.

No. 345696


That's the thing, she didn't get palliative care. Check the screenshot, and you'll see her meltdown about the reasons why she didn't get it.

No. 345698


Not necessary. Some hospices operate a semi-inpatient palliative care program, which Munchiechan presents as 'omg hospice I'm dying!'. In all likelihood this is either a hospice–run palliative care program or just a palliative care program and she doesn't know the fucking difference.

No. 345753

File: 1499123626850.png (146.68 KB, 750x1006, IMG_1746.PNG)

JBN's latest read!

No. 345754

File: 1499123693016.png (261.97 KB, 735x1162, IMG_1747.PNG)

And the post that went with JBN's picture of the book

No. 345794


Oh you definitely can, if you were to target a small vessel it wouldn't be hard at all

Safe for blog- Also a HB of 80 isn't even that bad. I had accident no so long ago and they wouldn't transfuse at 73 but did when it dropped further to 62.

No. 345797

Nicole's beauty pageant thing seems really strange to me. She's not even remotely pretty. Her posture demonstrates her total lack of self-confidence. She's overweight, her hair is always a major disaster, and her smiles are exceedingly dopey. She looks like she's on the spectrum in every photo I've seen of her. How hasn't she realized that she's just pity-winning these things?

No. 345811

I agree with you. It's also juvenile and obviously for attention.

No. 345833

I don't understand why that post would be considered milky. She's admitting her illnesses are psychosomatic. She's trying to accept the diagnosis and understand it rather than insist on more invasive tests as a lot of the other spoonies in these threads would.

Surely it's good that she's trying to learn about her diagnosis and is actively looking for things which will help her. By reading about her condition, she might find something which helps her. Then she would spend less time in the doctor's office or emergency room.

Admittedly, the book gets very mixed reviews from patients with functional disorders, but if it helps Nicole recover then that's hardly a bad thing.

No. 345886


I just started looking at her account and find it really strange that she posts the sash in almost all of her pictures. Did a little digging and found that she applied for the pageant online and was accepted as a finalist and given a sash. I don't know Scotland so no idea how many people applied but if its a smaller area I would assume there are not a ton of adults looking to apply to online pageants. I am sure she submitted her sob story and they pageant picked her up if anything for a PR move (as she seemed to do several "news" stories about it). The sash she now parades around just says she was a finalist, which in this case pretty much just means she participated. The other pageant sash she was parading around was for some sort of online charity pageant in which she even said the titles are given on a "first come" basis. So she is parading herself around as an inspirational beauty queen when really she is mainly just sitting behind a computer screen (and yes it did at least once result in actually participating in a real event) and applying for things where she can tell her story so people can say she is so brave for pursuing these types of things.
I just don't understand why an adult is basically parading their participation ribbon around on so many photos that aren't related.

No. 345890


1. Self-promotion ("look I'm a beauty queen!")
2. She can be seen to be using the platform afforded to her to "raise awareness" of whatever issue she wants to talk about. Even though she's only posting to her followers. She'd have exactly the same platform if she was just a regular Instagram user though. Starting pageants so late does seem odd, i guess she wanted some validation.

No. 345936


I have a few overlapping conditions as her and one day she started asking me all these questions about oxygen use, that every oxygen user would know. No you don't smoke while connected etc etc

No. 345981


For SO long people were offering her help or advice to help with her (psycho)somatic illnesses and she would have a tantrum (bc yes she always said somatic vomiting and whatever but she wanted it to be caused by something other than psychological issues) so it's interesting that now she's accepting or whatever of the whole psychosomatic diagnosis

No. 345983


Sometimes, we give patients the diagnosis of psychosomatic illness as a gentler way of calling them Munchies. In general, if you call a patient a Munchie, they'll disappear and start over at a different hospital. Whereas if it's put to them gently, a psychosomatic illness can be explained as a fairly serious condition that requires treatment etc. which is what they're after. There is, in reality, no real way to treat Munchies, and this is the closest we in clinical medfaggery can get to getting them the help they need and putting them in a state that they are actually willing to accept it.

No. 346137

That's not uncommon though, I mean receiving any diagnosis takes time, and I can imagine for someone to be told that their physical issues are psychological in nature, that's extra hard to get around.
I think Nicole sometimes does give good milk, but people are just grasping at straws when there's nothing. She's trying to accept her diagnosis, what's interesting here?

No. 346217


Conveniently being admitted to hospital on the day of the therapy sessions aimed at helping her psychosomatic illness isn't "trying to accept her diagnosis", it's actively avoiding getting help for it.

No. 346219

If her psychosomatic illness is caused by emotions, it's not too much of a leap to say that anxiety about discussing the anxiety which is causing the symptoms could lead to the symptoms she is trying to recover from.

No. 346239


It also makes a very convenient sympathy-grabbing opportunity as it comes with an Instagram post about hospital admission.

No. 346371

File: 1499215657652.png (219.65 KB, 697x1145, IMG_1756.PNG)

Does anyone follow jamies.journey? Late stage neuroborelliosis … posts a lot of videos of her "seizures" and tremors … not sure what to think… has a gofokme to raise funds for the "only doctor in Australia who still treats with picc lines" or something like that … on lots of medications and oxygen has become a paraplegic and seems to cry neglect a lot and that an inpatient rehab she was in didn't understand her condition…and of course today's post, she's incredibly dizzy and confused but first let me take a selfie and post online…

No. 346377


I blame Bella Hadid (or her mother) for the "glamorisation" of Lyme disease. Convenient diagnosis allowing one to have huge medical dramas, but also be a model and travel worldwide.

No. 346384

she looks surprisingly healthy for someone who is complaining so much.

No. 346408

It's easy to skip round being permabanned.
You just need to be able to hide your IP address.
Any person who's been on this site long enough knows this already.

No. 346483

Why would you openly post this anon? Anyone who comes here to WK does not know how to ban evade, and will be too stupid to google - they can't even figure out how to reply and put in their email addresses ffs. If they didn't know it was possible they sure do now though, so gj making work for the mods.

No. 346528

'I'm so sick, I can't do anything myself, but here's all my complaints and some selfies.'

Somehow all these "super sick" spoonies manage to have thriving social media accounts. Would definitely not be my top priority, but then I'm not an attention whore!

No. 346530

File: 1499238406655.png (1.54 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_7289.PNG)

Look who's not private any more, and who's admitting to a "past" eating disorder. Guess she wasn't getting enough attention.

No. 346546

File: 1499241359895.png (261.5 KB, 1121x1652, IMG_2342.PNG)

Step one: Feel your Broke ass
Step two: Look for ways you can make money on the internet.
Step three: Make shit shirts on the internet. With pictures that most likely aren't your own.
Step Four: Promote your great idea on the internet. And act as if your not trying to self promote them but remember to show your username so people can buy them 'if they want'.
Step five: Your still a broke ass.
Step Six: Rinse.

No. 346574

It's common knowledge.
They may have googled it before, the people being WK might actually be people we think are banned and it could be the same person posting.
I'm just saying that I think everyone knows how to hide IP addresses. There's literally no point in banning them. If people just used their brains and ignored whiteknights and didn't react to them then they'd give up. The want a reaction and people give if to them. Pretend they didn't post and their posts are all invisible. My advice is just don't rise to the munchies or white knights tha post. Make them feel ignored

No. 346588

It's been obvious to me for a long time that she's an attention seeker and probably at minimum worsening her condition, maybe causing it. Way back in one of the earlier threads someone was bawwing over her when she was posted and saying she looked really sick and we should leave her alone, but fuck that. She's as milky as any of them.

No. 346594

It was for a naturopath of all things. So the funding she's asking for isn't going to any medical help at all.

No. 346633

I originally thought that maybe she did have a blood problem at first but now I totally believe the same thing as you.



No. 346639

With Kelly, it started becoming more and more obvious, when she started to admit things like the self harm, and actually showing her self harm scars and pictures… And then when people were asking about like bone marrow transplant so her blood donation or something like that she also admitted that her sister wanted nothing to do with her medical "journey"… why wouldn't your twin sister, want to do everything to help you if your illness was actually factual?!

No. 346736

> I'm just saying that I think everyone knows how to hide IP addresses.
No… No they don't. Do you get to interact with normalfags much? Open cmd in front of one of them and see how they react, they will ask if you're hacking their computer. The average person is so, so computer illiterate.

>The want a reaction and people give if to them.

If they were trolls maybe, but the genuine whiteknights we get in this thread are here to be holier than thou and stick up for their friends. Whether or not they get a reaction they'll carry on, because they're the type of people who pride themselves on being loyal no matter what and acting like an attack dog for their friends.

No. 346745

No, I legit think she's trying to self promote, and I can't really fault her for that. I mean, why wouldn't she?

No. 346760

It definitely seems weird and I don't understand how she can just "design" shirts on a website and then somehow get profit for it? Like would she not have to pay for the shirts first?

But besides that I don't really understand what you're bitching about

No. 346770

It's a print-on-demand company, like cafe press, so when someone buys the shirt, it's paid for then.

No. 346817


Urrrgh I saw someone's IG last year, and they were GoFxxxMe fundraising to spend a month in a "holistic naturopathic clinic" to "cure their EDS" here in the UK. It made me so angry, mostly because of the fucking parasites telling people with chronic illnesses that they can be cured (if they spend enough money).

> sorry, rage-blogged.

No. 346829

File: 1499287135533.png (626.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1183.PNG)

So look what account popped up in my "posts you might like" page on Instagram. It's another Nicole page!! "To show the real life people behind Chronic Illness" … by posting pictures of herself! Quelle surprise!

No. 346837


Well, that's a new take on the beloved spoonie genre of 'awareness raising' that raises awareness only of themselves…….

No. 346843


Pageant sash on display, of course… just in case we dare forget she's Miss East Lothian Sympathy Vote.

No. 346854

Dat grungy ass green tee with the sash… Not a good look.

No. 346858

File: 1499291421771.png (738.64 KB, 815x606, nicole1.PNG)

Honestly this sickens me a bit. She's using a fire to self-promote! Wearing green doesn't do a fucking thing, Nicole. Try giving the fund a bit of cash or at least something that doesn't make all it about YOU!

No. 346864

Nice angle.

No. 346865


Ugh. It's a freaking competition to see who can list the most illnesses.

No. 346867


I saw one person list under 6 illnesses! Wooooah!

No. 346883

A recent update from HypermobileGuy, once again claiming his neurologist said that his FND (a somatic disorder) will never get better. Again, no neurologist would say this to someone with FND, so I call bullshit.

No. 346884

File: 1499294736093.png (169.56 KB, 640x1136, hmg1.PNG)

Sorry, forgot to add the image.

No. 346937

FND isn't always psychosomatic. His is caused by pain. Unless they can cure the pain, he will have symptoms. If his knees are truly dislocated all the time, it'll be tough to stop the pain.

No. 346949


But in another post, he said that he can't feel his legs, including the dislocations.

No. 346962


It's still somatic because otherwise it wouldn't be a functional disorder, but actually neurological in origin surely?

No. 347062

It's complicated. Research is showing again and again that it's not always psychologically triggered. One small study showed that a minority of patients have an emotional trigger,with others having pain, operations or medications causing the onset of symptoms. An emotional trigger is no longer part of the diagnostic criteria.

People with an emotional trigger are usually told it's conversion disorder.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 347101

DAE have serious questions about this person being a doctor? Especially if it's the same anon as the one who has a rare blood cancer but still attended medical school.

I doubt anyone here is a doctor, it's fucking easy to look stuff up and pretend to be knowledgeable. Prove it or gtfo.

No. 347136


My own FND is caused by trauma/PTSD. I've never been told it's "conversion disorder".

If a case of FND is caused by medications, then it's surely iatrogenic (caused by medicine!) in origin and not FND at all…

No. 347239

I doubt it too, considering the definition of FND is that it is where there is not a structural or visible abnormality explaining the symptoms - meaning it'd be impossible to be triggered by an operation or medication, since that would point that it wasn't actually functional in nature.

No. 347249


Then by definition it is not FND… FND is neurological and diagnosed when there is not a structural or visual abnormality, if his knees dislocate, which causes pain, that is both structural and would be visible to a medical professional/doctor… And as it has been said before no doctor in their right mind would say to somebody with FND that they will never walk again

No. 347265


>Functional Neurological Disorder is due to a problem with the functioning of the nervous system in a structurally normal brain. Functional symptoms are thought to derive from the brain’s inability to send and receive signals correctly, as the result of physical and/or psychological risk factors.

From https://fndhope.org/fnd-guide/

On that site, you can see the various causes of fnd, including vaccines, and medication.

No. 347317

File: 1499359772700.png (226.56 KB, 731x1157, IMG_1767.PNG)

Since I'm conscious(and in hospital) let me take a selfie

No. 347479

File: 1499379120303.jpg (76.89 KB, 666x499, pzv5j7l.jpg)

I had the beginning of septic shock and holy shit… you don't feel like you're dying, you KNOW you're dying.

Also, what is with her face? Skin picking?

No. 347564

I am so glad someone else thought this too. I felt like an asshole for thinking "Nope" to several posts in here claiming to be from medical professionals. From different writing styles and number of posts, especially the recent influx of at least 2 additional "docs", is suspect. Lolcowchan is unlikely to attract a gaggle of physicians, let's be real.
It is worth noting that a hallmark symptom of MBI is to claim to be a medical professional in the absence of actual medical training, or to work in the medical field and claim some higher position than they hold in actuality. Of course it's likely that we would eventually attract some of them here.
-OP MBI research fag.

No. 347608


Well, dermatilomania is the dx du jour…

No. 347660

Shit. The people I know with that would cover it with foundation… :/(:/)

No. 347801

File: 1499435208120.png (146.5 KB, 639x828, IMG_1169.PNG)

No. 347802

File: 1499435591431.png (188.42 KB, 639x897, IMG_1168.PNG)

JBN defending her crown

No. 347805


Sorry wrong order.

No. 347816

Anyone heard anything from Ali or Shelbie? Last I saw Shelbie was essentially begging for a feeding tube…

No. 347838

File: 1499442413185.png (70.02 KB, 750x492, IMG_1772.PNG)


See >>345173

Ali had a tantrum and deleted her "spoonie" account and Shelbie after being released from her hospital stay realized people are still calling out her bs deleted her account as well. . . However spies on her other IG acct have informed that Ali is still fundraising for a service animal through her red bubble and gofuxkme…

No. 347853

LOL at Ali needing a "Service dog" for what?!

No. 347906

What's her Redbubble?

No. 347908

Oh my god, she takes things way too harshly. How does she expect to be a public figure when she can't take such tame criticism as "overweight" or "not pretty"?
>look like someone on the spectrum when i smile
Someone should call her out for being ableist.

No. 347911

To be fair, most people with self-respect–even public figures–aren't always going to welcome insults even if there's nothing they can do to prevent them from being said. It's called being human.

Not suggesting that they're comparable insofar as looks and talent, but clearly being a public figure isn't going to stop someone from defending their identity on occasion.

No. 347963

Kelly found out that people are commenting about her on here and don't believe her… But of course she's only posting the posts that "bully her" none of the ones that say how she can be tampering with her blood, or ask valid questions or anything like that LOL

No. 347989

screen shots, plz.

No. 348004


Ok what's with the red button everyone's posting lately? (in Ali's picture it's on the last line of her profile)

No. 348018

It's the app. The red dot on Instagram means that accounts that you have enabled notification for, have posted photos that you haven't seen.

No. 348031

File: 1499462608752.png (187.57 KB, 739x1157, IMG_1774.PNG)

No. 348033

File: 1499462741761.png (173.83 KB, 731x1201, IMG_1775.PNG)

No. 348035

File: 1499462874784.png (178.33 KB, 727x1178, IMG_1776.PNG)

No. 348037

She says that pageants are about confidence and personality on stage but the only thing she did to "win" her title was submit her picture, name, birthdate, address - which has nothing to do with personality and confidence on stage! I don't know how big her area is compared to other places in Scotland but just because "hundreds" (so the e-mail she received claimed) applied does not mean that she was picked from hundreds in her area. You have to "confirm" your place by paying 250 - so she essentially paid a bunch of money to get a sash that she can parade around. And once she got that sash she sure worked the sick girl angle in news stories.

No. 348045

>You have to "confirm" your place by paying 250 - so she essentially paid a bunch of money to get a sash that she can parade around.

Trust me when I say all pageants are this way.
No poor girls win them because they can't pay to place.

No. 348068


There's no such thing as 'sepsis you didn't get properly treated last time'. You either treat sepsis or you die. End of. At the very most, an infection you failed to treat properly might have turned into septicaemia, but even then she looks insanely good for someone in sepsis. Where's the clammy skin, diaphoresis etc.?

No. 348070


East Lothian isn't exactly huge. Assuming the catchment area coincides with the geographic boundaries, the population is around 100k, mostly aging.

No. 348074


Well yeah, have you seen pics of her on stage? She's hunched over and awkward and nothing like the polished pageant girls. Made me think of the "Inner Beauty Pageant" on Arrested Development.

No. 348081

Yeah, she's definitely full of it. I recently had sepsis, and even after getting over the infection, I was on antibiotics for 6 weeks. And I had further blood cultures taken at the end of the antibiotics to make sure the infection was completely gone. No doctor in their right mind would stop treatment without checking that everything was completely gone. Plus, sepsis happens really quick (like within hours), so you're not going to be walking around with any without knowing it.

Sage for blogging

No. 348100


Actually it's a thing someone started where if they put the red button in their profile, then it means that anybody can come and talk to them about any issues. Basically it's saying their profile and they are a ~safe space~ for people easily triggered.

No. 348117

You people are the complete definition of horrible!!!!!!!!! How dare you try to bring other people down!!!!!! Fuck you !!!!! You potentially messing people's life up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348131

No. 348132

You guys are potentially messing will people's lives by being so hurtful

No. 348135

File: 1499475795480.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1170.PNG)


Pagent "appearances" too ill to leave house so I will write on a bit of lined paper

No. 348153

You are horrible people and potentially m sing with people's lives !!!!! How dare you, you don't know how much people suffer or don't suffer and you thinks it's your right to judge people so fuck you!!!!!!!!!

No. 348164

A: They're messing with other people's lives by using up resources and personnel to roleplay as cripples for attention.

B: They post everything publicly, they have it coming

C: It's funny

D: I am the law.

No. 348166

File: 1499477087385.jpg (77.63 KB, 1280x720, Jahans.jpg)


No. 348168


By pointing out mere observations (of contradiction a majority of the time)? Or is it when straight out lies are caught? Or how about when these spoonie "heroes" are ten times worse with gossiping about each other and having a hashtag competition as to who can be the sickest? If this site hurts your feelings snowflake, I'd recommend getting off the internet…
Funny thing, a lot of people who participate on this thread are suffering from a lot of the same issues that you and your wee little friends ail from, the difference is we do not find it a need to compete amongst each other as to who is suffering more or put it on blast across the web …. here's a hint for you because you see awfully young, stay in school, interact with people in real life ( like actual human beings) and life is hard, you don't always get a trophy for participating, stop crying about it

Sage: pissed off

No. 348187

The funny thing is that people like you come on here and web-scream all sorts of way more nasty things than anything we say. And sadly, you couldn't be eloquent or even original.

No. 348251

The people you are abusing here actually do have legitimate illnesses and some are actually severely depressed and suicidal because of this site. Do you realize that? How will you feel if someone actually takes their own life because your bullying? What a pathetic life you all lead if this is what you do for entertainment. Grow up and find a new hobby. None of these people are causing harm to your life yet you are causing major harm to theirs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348258

>The people you are abusing here actually do have legitimate illnesses
Maybe mental illness, but that's it.

>How will you feel if someone actually takes their own life because your bullying?

Amused that they would be so anguished over a roleplay being called out that they would end their life over it.

>What a pathetic life you all lead if this is what you do for entertainment.

See pic

>Grow up and find a new hobby

But I am grown up.

>you are causing major harm to theirs.

They shouldn't post their roleplaying publicly if they don't want to face the consequences of doing so.

Sage for unhealing wounds that crawl in my skin.

No. 348261

File: 1499486451656.jpg (12.37 KB, 200x222, alone on a friday night 1.jpg)

And I forgot my picture.

No. 348274

Turning illness into a competition and creating a community that fosters helplessness and manipulation is pretty damn damaging. Not to mention the medical resources wasted.

No. 348289

Yeah, my friend fucking died from sepsis. You don't just go on living your life normally with sepsis.

No. 348301

You would feel amused that someone committed suicide over bullying. Wow. You really are a worthless piece of shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348307

You're clearly a newfag who is only here to whiteknight yourself/a friend. At the very least sage your posts so you aren't bumping the thread?

No. 348318

Because nothing says 'good friend' like enabling malingerers. They feed off attention and pity, and they manipulate people to no end.

No. 348320

No one is bullying anyone. We are commenting on information that is in the public domain (e.g., on the Net) and making opinions about it. No one is contacting these people or personally harassing them in any way. We are commenting amongst ourselves on shit on the Net. Newsflash, dipshit: Not everyone is going to agree with you, like you or mollycoddle you in life. People who are legit sick are harmed by these manipulative attention fags because they create stigma. There are legit support circles and that's great but when it's an OTT poor-me fest, who's-the-sickest Pain Olympics and making illness their fucking identity, that is not constructive. Deal with this reality: If you get online and post shit on social media, don't expect the whole Internet to play nicey-nice and shower you with nice and fuzzy happy thoughts no matter how you behave.

No. 348379


> The people you are abusing here actually do have legitimate illnesses and some are actually severely depressed and suicidal because of this site

Have much experience with Munchies? If you had, you knew that one of the cards they love to play most is the 'I'm suicidal! Do what I say or I'll kill myself!' one.

(Totally off topic: I'm blood cancer medfag anon. Haven't been around for a while and I haven't written most of the medfaggery here. For context - I'm a US trained SpR (speciality registrar, the equivalent of a US resident in a speciality program) at a midsize hospital in the Midlands. If anything I said was full of shit, that's quite possible - I'm not in psychiatry so my knowledge there is patchy at best and I'm treating this as a learning opportunity. I do encourage skepticism about what anyone on the internet says about medicine, though, myself included. That said, I found lolcow.farm by looking at the tablet of one of the young SHOs… so I wouldn't be surprised if there were other real medfags raging here. Sage for this.)

No. 348382

File: 1499502952270.png (304.53 KB, 1275x1839, IMG_0042.PNG)

Fanatically obsessed with Gray's Anatomy (the shitty medical drama, not the book) and has a lot of health issues that make her feel like she is straight from an episode. Not dodgy at all, no sir.

No. 348384

File: 1499503088410.png (331.71 KB, 1275x1592, IMG_0043.PNG)

Spoonie Munchie perfect storm: beckiejbrown aka beckie0 (insane trichotillomania cow) x kellerina (insane blood disorder and MS faking cow). Imagine what happens when they join forces.

No. 348408


Can't really fake T1D though. The rest, I take your point.

No. 348418


Jonzie's (Jonie8 now) is back on Insta - anyone got access to this full on hospital malingering munchie's account?

No. 348420

File: 1499513444094.png (227.98 KB, 750x1108, IMG_0020.PNG)

MLS and JBN both posting about their anniversaries with their imaginary boyfriends. Why do these bitches always gotta copy each other?

No. 348421

File: 1499513593684.png (208.74 KB, 750x1112, IMG_0021.PNG)

No. 348433

I am so fucking triggered by so much in this thread. I haven't been here for this since I've been over in pt, but nothing angers me more than these people. I have my own fucking health problems. I have my own medications and treatments. And I fucking survive every day. There is so much I want to comment on but I'm not going to blog. I'm irate at using up blood bank resources, and being upset because you can't be in hospice. The only pageant stage you're on is in your deluded brain. I'm unconscious, having a seizure, but first lemme take a smiling selfie. These bitches come here and complain that they're being abused and bullied? No, it's YOU that make OUR lives hell, by depleting resources that need to go to people with actual diagnosed conditions. I'm sorry this is a blog post I'm just livid sage for no contribution just anger

No. 348442


Often Munchies have one illness, minor or major, then they discover the attention and sympathy they're getting and get hooked on it like a drug.

No. 348446


Boyfriend of 14 years? ROTFL.

Honey, if he didn't marry you after 14 years, he's not going to. I can well imagine he's desperately trying to escape but she has a crisis every time he's about to break up with her, making him scared she'll die if he left.

What a fucking psycho.

No. 348448

How do all these bitches with "gastroparesis" end up with GJ tubes? In the UK, you literally have to be on death's door (and tolerating no solid) and they start with NJ as they're temporary and less risky. On IG, I can count about 15 who lose some weight and end up with permanent tubes yet they can still tolerate some food. I've seen someone who trialled a salad or grilled cheese (can't remember which one) and it made them "sick", yet not longer later, they're in surgery, getting permanent tubes. WTF America?!

No. 348476

File: 1499522729300.png (123.31 KB, 640x945, IMG_1172.PNG)

Nicole needing validation - spawn of spoonie who love her and think she is an inspiration. An inspiring actor maybe

No. 348490

life.will.out also has a chronic illness account, chronicallyemilia

No. 348540


It was 14 years in that picture and 15 years in the picture she posted a couple of days before that (where she says she is wearing a ring from a candle/bath bomb) as a placeholder until he gets her a new real ring.
I also find it interesting that when she was talking about getting to her week of doctors appointments (which she has been surprisingly quiet about) she gave reasons why her brother could/couldn't take her but never mentioned the boyfriend - a relationship that long you think the boyfriend would want to be involved.
That being said - I do think she is making a small effort to try to be less munchie on her IG - but does seem to post things to try to arouse doubts/suspicions hoping someone will take the bait.

No. 348541


She has always had that account even before the other one got shut down. I don't have access to it but I suspect that is her personal account where she doesn't get so outrageous with her medical drama. I haven't tried to request it but I think she may actually limit that one to people she knows and I have actually noticed the follower count drop on that one so I think she probably deleted people she realized were following for milk. Its too bad - I really miss that milk and am so curious what she has been up to.

No. 348569

A: I'm a total dickhead
B: If you threaten suicide to get your way, you deserve to succeed.

No. 348571

Even if some of these people may be "munchies" (which I doubt) that doesn't give you the right to belittle them. You are all just as dramatic and attention seeking as any munchie. I can't believe a site like this even exists. You make me sick.

No. 348572

We're laughing at them for what they choose to post online. That's hardly as dramatic or attention seeking as running to the hospital and wasting resources because you want attention.

Also we do have the right to belittle them.

No. 348573

"I'm a total dickhead"

I'm thinking more along the lines of total CUNT but sure, go with dickhead.

No. 348575

Nobody has the right to belittle ANYONE. EVER. What the fuck makes you so special and entitled? Pull your head out of your ass and get a life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348577

Did you just assume my gender?
Are you not American?
Here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we have that right. It's ace biscuits, not gonna lie.

No. 348578

Don't respond to this bait. Ignore them and wait for them to get banned.

No. 348579

White knights have been banned. Please do not continue to take the bait. If they return, report their posts.

No. 348585

'Murcia. Where I can be as abusive as I want and it's totally ok. Bet you voted for Trump too. Go grab somebody else's pussy and leave these poor people alone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348592

Why are Americans always so ignorant? Not everything is about YOU. As far as I can see this site is nothing but a dumping ground for whiny little bitches who don't get enough attention.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348595

You guys block people who are trying to care for people just because you don't like what they say???? But it's okay for you to belittle people who are trying to post about their illness ?? Maybe they don't have family support and IG if their support. How will you guys feel if someone takes their own like because of what some one here says ??? Please just think about that before you post!!!!! I'm sure I will be blocked because you don't like what I say! Buts I'm not threatening anyone !!! Just THINK before you post!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348605


Actually, it does. Let's get this straight, just because it's got an ICD-10 code doesn't mean it's an 'illness' and so all is forgiven. Nope. Munchies aren't victims who can't help themselves, they're sociopathic emotional vampires sucking people who care for them bone dry. Talk for ten minutes to the husband of a Munchie who convinced him for a decade that she was seriously ill. Go on, I dare you. Ten years of lies and deceit so she can get away with being an annoying asshole. Ten years of pain for him, sleepless nights, emotional exhaustion and an inability to every really trust anyone.

TL;DR: Munchies do not deserve anything but scorn and derision.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348608


Eh, not that hard tbh. Even in the UK they're given away more frequently as there is a rising recognition that super slow gastric transit may out the patient in a pretty shit situation pretty damn fast. No doctor wants to explain to the parents that their sunshine just stroked out because of vomiting induced hypokalemia.

No. 348615

Nothing but heartless bastards on this site. Attacking innocent people purely because you don't like what they post. News flash, this site WON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. Don't like their posts? It's easy, the unfollow button is right there. Stop hiding behind the ban button because you can't handle the truth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348665

This site was brought up at my cystic fibrosis support group yesterday so naturally I became curious. While I don't support what's being done here in a way I do understand the upset when it comes to munchies. It's a serious mental illness that should be treated, not the made up illnesses. I agree that it takes away resources from others who need it. 12 years ago I was diagnosed with CF. 2 years ago I received a double lung transplant. I've seen my share of munchies. I think some of the people talked about here genuinely believe they're ill because it's the parent that is the munchie. They love the attention of having a "chronically ill" child. A few years ago at clinic a mother came out of their appointment LIVID that the doctor won't put her kid on the transplant list. I'm sitting there with my portable oxygen on and asked what's happening. She said the doctor claims her kid doesn't have CF but the mother insists she does and that she needs a transplant NOW. None of the medical tests came back positive for CF. I told her CF cannot be faked, if tests say no then she doesn't have CF. No doctor in their right mind would put a healthy child on a transplant list. The child looked mortified by her mothers outburst. My problem with this site is that for those with munchies constantly denying them only makes their actions worse. Calling them crazy will only prompt more hospital visits and wasted resources when they should be in therapy.

No. 348675


Few things are more incomprehensible to me than faking CF, an easily and comprehensively testable condition.

No. 348678

I took every last bit of strength I had not to completely go off on this woman. Her poor daughter! What kind of monster wants their child to have CF and go through the horrors of a transplant?! I'm grateful for mine but it was absolute hell. I hope she's getting the therapy she desperately needs.

No. 348681

that's really sick. cf is a devastating disease. why the hell would the mom want their kid to have it???

No. 348686

I hope the girl is ok, this happened about 5 years ago and my guess is she was maybe 10 years old at the time. CF is devastating. Living in and out of hospitals isn't fun. Having your lung function drop to 20% is horrific. The impact on your loved ones I can't put into words. The surgery is brutal, there is no guarantee you'll make it off the table. I always have a dull ache in my chest from my sternum being cracked open. It's a constant fight to keep the body from rejecting the new organs. I think some of the folks posted about here are munchies by proxy of parent and others may be genuinely ill but overshare to the point where it looks fake.

No. 348688

The samefagging in here needs to stop. Read lolcow.farm/info to learn how to use the site. Read the rules too. Some users have been banned.

No. 348699

Does she drive? I think I remember reading at one time she was claiming a seizure disorder. The first thing a doctor yanks is your license for several months when you have seizure disorder.

No. 348725

There was a really sad but interesting case of probably MBP that gained attention because the daughter eventually got sick of being held captive and killed her mother. Deedee Blancharde is the name of the mother, and Gypsy the daughter if you're interested and want to google. It's one of the only cases, aside life or death self defence, where I've thought the murder was justifiable and the person really shouldn't be punished.

No. 348727

Planning out a murder is premeditaiton, which is a crime. But she shouldn't have gotten 10 years for it, maybe 2-3 under the circumstances considering she also didn't technically murder anyone, the boyfriend did it all.

No. 348735

In all the interviews I've read Gypsy maintains she's solely responsible, although yeah I think her bf was the one to actually physically murder the mother.

She talked about how initially it was just a fantasy between her and her bf, which considering how she was lied to about her age and otherwise developmentally stunted, seems like a semi-normal way for a teenager to react to their restrictive upbringing. But then it escalated into real planning somewhere along the way and then a real crime.

It's sad that Deedee can never be made to answer for what she did to Gypsy, we'll never get an explanation or justification from her.

No. 348746

Did you watch the doc? Gypsy says she planned it out with her boyfriend but Gypsy was hiding in the bathroom plugging up her ears when the boyfriend murdered the mom. The doc is called Mommy Dead and Dearest.

No. 348749

No I haven't seen it, only read written articles. Will give it a watch, ty anon.

No. 348774


I think that one has been inactive for a long time. It still says she's a dog mom, and I'm pretty sure she got rid of her 'service' dog kek.

No. 348789

Okay. It's hard to keep up with the non-stop medical crisis (or lack there of!) I was just thinking if you have seizures or black outs, you shouldn't be driving. If you are going to own the condition, own it all the way, not just the fun pills and selfies. Sounds like she is back on to the gastro stuff and mystery illness. Leaves it wide open there!

No. 348800

With JBN I do believe the boyfriend exists, however it is a "long distance" relationship, so he does not see her very often… That's probably how the relationship lasts…

No. 348812

In sepsis I see WHITE lips. Ghostly white and altered mental status, not people who are taking selfies for attention. Pathetic.

As for you, I guess you've never known someone who has lost four limbs to sepsis. I don't mean to sound edgy, but I hope this does come to smack a few people back in the face IRL.

They need serious psychiatric help to prevent them from taking beds that could be better used on the genuinely ill.

No. 348822

>Lost four limbs due to sepsis
How? No offense but that sounds really interesting.

No. 348837

File: 1499555019227.jpg (316.45 KB, 1000x701, Austin-Schoppert[1].jpg)

Well, you're wrong. It's really common for this to happen to kids with bacterial meningitis which has progressed to septicaemia.

You can google these things instead of just making a guess. Images has at least six different people with quadruple amputations just at a glance
>meningitis amputation

No. 348849

"With sepsis, the blood’s clotting mechanism can go into overdrive and cause blockages inside the blood vessels. When blood can’t pass through the blood vessels, oxygen and vital nutrients can’t get to the body’s tissues. If the tissues can’t get the nourishment they need, the tissues die.

When too much of the tissue dies, it has to be removed. Sometimes, doctors can remove just a small part, but other times, more drastic measures must be taken and parts of the body must be amputated.

For some people, amputations are limited to their fingers or toes, or parts of them. Others, however, may need amputations of their hands, feet, even arms or legs, all in an effort to save their life."

No. 348850


I wonder why Kelly's twin didn't ' come a white knighting' in defense of her sister and her medical condition?

No. 348864

Who sorry? Link takes me back to the top of the page.

No. 348871


My friend's mom lost her hands and feet to sepsis about 10 years ago. It happens.

No. 348874

It's a similar to celiac disease these days…eveeyone claims to be gluten free but very few have actually had the positive biopsies and diagnosis.
A lot of people claim GP but don't really have it. I've noticed a large trend of anorexia sufferers saying they have GP..when in reality most have not had the formal testing and just go by the symptoms they experience during recovery (which can mimic GP symptoms) now if one lingers on recovery for a long time or go back and forth a lot the symptoms will be around longer. It is also known that a lot of sickly anorexic (any ed but specially anorexia) suffers can have the testing done and it will come back positive for GP. HOWEVER it's not an issue at that point and unless it is significant (usually indicating it was pre-existing) it's only considered a delay that will go away with proper nutrition and care. Something during recovery they will put these people on medications to help, but it's taken away once your body has healed. A delay is different than Gp. GP is not reverseable.
It can also be common for people to be given a NJ in treatment with lowered oral meals until thwir body starts healing and they slowly ween off tube feeds to oral to help prevent mental and physical set backs.

A G/J Tube a G tube a J tube are not permanent. They can be easily removed. It's just that they last longer than any Nasal tube..the stomas around the stomach tunes close up really quickly once pulled.
Typically here(us) they will start with an NJ tube for GP. As a J or G tube is avoided as much as possible. A lot of GP sufferers actually prefer a NJ tube..to each their own..way less scaring that way. Lol.
But in some cases a person just cannot have an NJ. Which leaves no other option but a J.
Vomiting can be one of those reasons. It's easy to throw up a nasal tube and the more you have to have it placed the more damage it can cause your nasal area sinus throats, more danger is involved the more it happens..its weighted and that can sometimes poke the wrong area and cause some issues. So if someone like MLS insists all she does is throw up and the dr gives her her precious tube I wouldn't be that surprised if he gives her a J tube to prevent complications with her "constant vomiting"
I'll be ashamed if he gives her a G tube also or even a GJ (these can flip causing the same issues as a NJ) with her anorexia and purging behaviors.
Sometimes they will give you an NJ inpatient under obs. To see how you handle the feed and if you throw up etc before they will consider a J tube.
For the surgical j tube it's a little similar it depends on what type and why you get it.
It is was more common for NG and G tubes than NJ and J tubes outside of the motility issue bubble because they are much safer, easier and less invasive.
All tubes arent really as common as it appears on social media in adults.
Sorry for the length but I hope that helps answer some of your tube questions.

No. 348875


Don't forget the tube to test for acid levels in the stomach. I bet so many Instagram "tubies" have milked the heck out of that relatively normal test.

No. 349154


Like in the case of celiac disease, there is a sudden flood of cases that makes proper diagnostic channels flooded for GP. Waiting times for GESs have risen drastically. When I was a young 'un (say, second year med student, 2005 or so), a GES was a 'cool' study. It was rare, it was done only by a small number of nuclear medicine centres and few gastros even knew of it. It was mainly used for the rare diabetic GP case and for suspected obstructive malignancies. Now the waiting time for the fucking thing is several weeks to months, nuclear is flooded with that shit and a lot of doctors just decide to fuck it and go with a clinical diagnosis and the patient's fervent wishes for a tube.

No. 349180


Being bored as shit, I did a cross reference on our medical statistics portal that summarizes a lot of data from various states for breakdowns of all 0D6* interventions (G-tubes and GJs, whether percutaneously or endoscopically inserted) against its indication, by five year segments. It's a fucking shocker. Just ten years ago, virtually all feeding tubes for adults were for people with CF, cancer, post-transplantees, a small number of people with GI issues who benefited from gastric percutaneous decompression and drainage and people with severe disabilities of the neurological kind that resulted in dysphagia or aspiration. In the last five years, almost half of the tubes inserted were for K31.84 (gastroparesis), with an average patient age of 24 (odd, I would have thought that because at least some of these cases would be diabetic GP and all type diabetes has an onset peak in the teens and another onset peak in the 40s onwards, it would be much lower or much higher!). Fuck, it's become a god damned style accessory. Worst of all, if tubes are demanded because the patients feel at risk of malnutrition and death, where are the deaths from gastroparesis or related functional causes? I don't see them. It's as if an epidemic of gastroparesis suddenly arose in the last five to ten years.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with spoonie instagram.

Sage for medstatfagging.

No. 349188

You know who's really annoying me, who no one seems to have posted about.

That gymnast Natasha Coates (NatashaCoatesGB) like she has severe MCAS apparently and has used over like 250 epipens or something stupid which she's clearly lying about.

Like she can't be that sick and still do gymnastics, she does all this stuff to 'raise awareness' but it's really just her trying to become sort of celebrity and it's driving me nuts!

She isn't even that sick!!

No. 349195

Like, screenshots plz, like imageboard and stuff.

Like, sage.

No. 349196


IANACardiologist, but I can't conceivably believe that after all that your circulatory system is well enough to do sports. Not the least given the cost of epinephrine on your microvasculature. It's not uncommon in A&E (that's ER for Americans) to see people who for whatever reason jammed more than 3-4 epipens, all at once or in intervals, in their thighs and ended up with the tips of their fingers starting to necrose. I have serious doubts anyone with this level of issues would even be allowed by any sports organizing body to compete, especially given that there is a potential link between MCAS and exercise induced anaphylaxis (in fact some argue EIA is a subclass of MCAS).

V dubious…

No. 349202

File: 1499589619691.png (112.83 KB, 1283x621, IMG_9008.PNG)

No. 349203

File: 1499589647651.png (392.5 KB, 1254x1276, IMG_9009.PNG)

No. 349204

File: 1499589656725.png (516.99 KB, 1300x1296, IMG_9010.PNG)

No. 349206


Jesus Christ.

No. 349253

File: 1499603537282.png (116.64 KB, 750x863, IMG_1793.PNG)

Look at the look on this girl's face …

No. 349281

File: 1499609410707.png (140.26 KB, 750x1052, IMG_0022.PNG)

"I miss being on stage"
Bitch you miss the attention

No. 349289


This is pathetic. Assuming that's an NJ, it can be placed trivially by scope. All endos are familiar with the situation of having to replace one so that the patient can attend an event without the nose hose. if you turn up to a pageant with the nose hose, you are doing it to seek attention. There is no medical reason full stop for it.

No. 349306

now that's what i call legitimately interesting medfagging, anon.

No. 349321


It's an NG she has a which she inserts herself often daily following 'vomiting it up'
So no need other than sympathy to wear it

No. 349340


Thank you, it was thoroughly depressing ;) /blood cancer medfag

No. 349343


Doesn't she have gastroparesis? If so, why the fuck have an NG? It's fucking useless as you cannot really vent through an NG (the gauge of an NG is much smaller than of a PEG/RIG), you absolutely positively cannot drain through an NG save by using suction and even then it's usually not working, and of course if what you're eating comes back up owing to GP, you'll vomit up whatever is put down an NG. Never mind the risks and side effects of an untrained moron self inserting an NG. It's easy for trained people to fuck it up and shove it the lungs and fail to detect it until it's too late. It also scars the nose, limiting future NG access when she might actually need it. Fucksakes.

TL;DR: she's a moron.

No. 349345

She doesn't have GP. She has somatic vomiting - something traumatic happened to her, and now she vomits subconsciously. They took her tube away when she went into therapy.

No. 349399


Thanks for the reply. I still don't get why these bitches need tubes if they're well enough to be trialling salads and sandwiches. I guess if you doc shop enough, you'll get what you want and they want tubes, not to feel better,

GJ tubes may not be permanent, as such, but it's still surgery, albeit minor surgery. It's not without risks, especially as these snowflakes are so sick and fragile as they state they say they are.

No. 349405

File: 1499622911601.png (477.34 KB, 2048x1335, IMG_0048.PNG)

"I'm going to prance around with a piece of medical equipment I don't need to make a point and elicit sympathy".

Fuck me dead.

No. 349409


To be fair, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies are incredibly safe and I've seen it performed on people who were very sick - anything from late stage CF through coma patients to end stage esophageal cancer.

No. 349410

Fair enough. It sounds like you know your shit, but even so, a decent doctor shouldn't allow this. These snowflakes are being enabled to show off their tubes on IG.

No. 349417


I totally agree. The problem is, it medicalizes their psychiatric problems. A tube is harmless. But what will they want next - another tube? A central line (very risky as it is a straight tube to a major blood vessel next to your heart)? An ostomy (major and risky surgery)? The way I see it, these guys don't tend to stop at tubes.

No. 349449


The pic she posted of her "boyfriend" 2 days ago is the exact same as she used on both
25th May, and 22nd of January - couldn't be bothered looking any further. It really must be long distance if the photos are identical

No. 349489

File: 1499631600239.jpg (472.92 KB, 3000x1500, andie.jpg)

old pics but I'm sure she's still up to her old tricks. On the left we have andie, and on the right is the person who is actually ill that she stole the picture from. Anyone following her have any recent updates? I can't even begin to explain her history of 'illnesses'. As soon as she's caught faking she usually makes new accounts with new illnesses or at least goes on a blocking spree and says her account was hacked. Sometimes she even makes fake accounts for her family members to post about how sick andie is and that she needs cards or online fundraisers.

No. 349491


LOLWTF that's a CT scan and an x-ray, neither of those is a PET scan.

No. 349492


She was probably the "Andrea" that was posting on the thread a few days ago…

No. 349497


Goddammit. She stole the photo of a young mother suffering from Stage III lung cancer. That's just beyond nasty.

What an asshole.

No. 349509

File: 1499632823409.jpg (163.46 KB, 742x1145, andie.jpg)


she steals so many pics, or uses anything she finds in images…sometimes with watermarks right over the picture lol. Then accuses other people of taking her pics. She posted a lot of selfies tho (like this one). When claiming she had cancer she eventually shaved her head, but just the front for selfies and hid the rest in a hat. When I questioned things that didn't make sense she blocked me :(

No. 349522


This often seems true with the latest trends but at the same time any doctor in their right mind wouldn't do any of that unless absolutely medically necessary..G tubes are really pretty simple and no big deal..they can place a G tube (PEG) during an upper GI..its outpatient and relatively complication free (there are exceptions to everything though) you can change your peg at home and the stoma care is pretty simple and easy.(again, there is always exceptions specially when you have munchies fucking with their shit)
The bigger changes like a J tube, central line and stomas are not handed out like pegs due to how incredibly dangerous they can be..a dr cannot legally give a patient that unless it's needed and often times, at least here, the drs opt for second or third opinions before going down that road if anything seems iffy..huge liability..unless it is an emergency of course and unless it's clear the patient needs it. But they don't hand these out like NG/NJ/G/GJ tubes.
However it's not uncommon to see them have these devices while in the hospital temporarily and that's when these munchies milk it like crazy.
There are a couple of munchies on IG that I feel like fake having a device by ordering it online and finding a way to attach it to themselves for attention..much like buying an NG online and placing it themselves.

No. 349542

Tubes can be very harmful especially in the hands of a munchie

No. 349598

File: 1499640714336.jpg (700.26 KB, 810x2030, 20170709_173846.jpg)

This is a bit older post of hers but
Your comment screamed this picture to me so I had to post it in reply. I do not know if this is an NG or NJ, but I believe she was actually home or in a PHP program when she had this tube.
She has not come forward with any "I'm dying from GP that my severe anorexia caused" bs that I am aware of…which is so strange for this munchie..maybe her appeal is keeping her super severe medical complications from anorexia a "secret" (non-existent) for more attention..like her last gofundme where her friend claimed she was dying and soon needed dialysis yet her insurance wouldn't cover her "legit" medical needs and she somehow magically cured of it all once taking like 3000$ from people and being served a reality check she wasn't going back to any precious treatment center and daddy wasn't forking over hundreds of thousands out of pocket again.

No. 349600


If you have gastroparesis that severely there is no way you should be "trialling" a salad.

(I have mild GP. I know what I shouldn't be eating.)

No. 349603

File: 1499641080639.jpg (648.48 KB, 2896x2896, 20170709_175649.jpg)

Surprise surprise..

Just going to leave this tid bit here

No. 349608

I reckon she's going to try and get diagnosed with EDS and mast cell Syndrome.

I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the eds bandwagon yet..

No. 349611


To be fair, if you have one you're fairly likely to have the other. But I reckon EV's just jumping on medication side effects.

No. 349622


Id love to have some sort of list on what she has truly been diagnosed with from her dr and what she lies about being diagnosed with online. And the real severity of her real illnesses, not her super the worst in the state bs..nor her lying lists she posts.

the picture is a screen shot of her failed youtube project and in this video a few seconds before the pause she says she suffers from "severe chronic anorexia purging subtype and a looottt of mental issues."
(It bothers me that she always refers to her ED as chronic) but the description is also a gold mine.

I don't understand why these munchies don't realize people will catch on to the lying when their bs doesn't add up.

Do they ever feel bad about hurting so many people and using precious resources millions dont have easy accsess to? They do enough research to be able to lie about illness online but that research should also show them how much people really suffer who have the illness they are faking..
It's got to be on the psychopathic spectrum to some degree..specially by proxy, yes?

No. 349623

File: 1499643173504.jpg (555.9 KB, 808x2715, Screenshot_20170709-182457.jpg)

Sorry I couldn't get it to attach!

No. 349628


No wonder her body rejects solid food if her shopping lists are anything to go by.

No. 349632


My guess is she is trying to find a way to say she is allergic to the medications being offered to her so that she can try to justify why she needs a tube at her upcoming appointment (and I am really surprised that she hasn't mentioned it at all).
That or she is trying to come up with a new fake diagnosis

No. 349650

File: 1499647064346.png (18.47 KB, 205x172, IMG_1801.PNG)


Side effects besides the possible GI upset from azithromycin are like beyond low in percentage … surprised she didn't read that while looking up the side effects …

No. 349654

Does anyone remember the Sarah Smith scam? Munchy extreme.

No. 349660


Nopes. Got a link?

No. 349662


Hopefully her doc is bright enough to insist on an ECG to confirm her 'palpitations' and tell her the rest will pass.

No. 349669

No. 349684


Cheers. Urgh, that's toxic stuff. Pro-Ana AND munchie.

No. 349692


She claims to have heart problems they can't figure out. She has had a lot of testing for that also but yet they don't know what is causing her heart problems….she threw a huge fit when they took her off her propanol..until they put her back on it to shut her up as she was whining nonstop about it and it's not going to hurt her anyway. Note her pcp put her back on it, not a cardio. She's had echoes, lots of ekgs, ultrasounds, 24hr and 48hr monitor and a 30 day event monitor tests yet they still can't figure out what is going on with her heart….her last appt went fine and her main comment was they still don't know and it hasn't gotten worse with a lingering feeling that upset her and upped her game.
Basically nothing is wrong. The most is side effects from her messing with it..probably meds and behind the scene type things. She's been on the heart issue since she went to treatment for the" most serious case of anorexia in the state"
To mls
You can't fake heart problems like some GI problems bby. Give it up and stop wasting Drs and their patients time resources and energy trying to fulfill your attention needs and go back to your psych team you claim to have and ask for the proper help before you endanger or kill someone else by using their needed resources please

No. 349715


Because famously all we do 24/7 is rank patients by severity. No, really. Even in conditions where status is not easily quantifiable, hospitals across the state spend all day discussing who the most severe case is. HIPAA clearly doesn't apply to that, because it's totally crucial to know who the most severe anorexic, gastroparetic etc. is in the state. They then get a gold star and a certificate signed by Hippocrates and Galen himself (and a lifetime pass to the psych ward).


No. 349738

File: 1499659670771.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170710-000645.png)

Has anyone stumbled across this one yet? I am cringing so hard.

No. 349741

File: 1499660258131.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2278, 20170710_001554.png)

Who in their right mind wants disability to be the CORE of their existence?

No. 349752

Why do these EDS faggots always pose in such awful, ugly positions all over their doctors tables and shit? This is like the tenth person I've seen doing this exact thing and they all look like the most immature, needy, tools. Why are they alone in their doctors office anyway?

No. 349760


Holy shit, I was in an ED treatment facility with this girl. Basically anything annoying you can imagine she has spammed onto Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Everyone was so tired of her shit.

I never thought she was well-known enough to end up here though. It's a small world in the ED treatment community I suppose.

No. 349764


OH wow, tell us everything you remember about her please? She's currently trying SO hard to get her doctors to give her a feeding tube.

No. 349767

Ntayrt but she says she is the most severe case of anorexia that has ever been seen in her entire state and purchased a Ng tube over amazon or something planning to insert it herself because she doesn't like water

No. 349769


If you don't like water you can still get enough by drinking diluted juices. JFC….

No. 349772

when you get diagnosed with eds they always always say don't over extend, don't do party tricks, force your joints to maintain a normal range of movement as much as possible. i'm sick of this eds phase., actually having it and the weird medical shit that goes with it is awful

No. 349773

Yeah but dani only wanted it for anorexia points so nobody could point out that she's not the most severely anorexic person in her street let alone her state. Plus she almost definitely has some developmental or learning disorder. Like, full on retarded level IQ.

No. 349774


Are you still the Anon that was in treatment with Dani? (I hope you're doing ok now!)

Did anyone actually believe she was The most Ana Ever?

No. 349775

Wouldn't doing all that lead to worse joints cause you're basically wearing out the already dodgy cartilage and ligaments/tendons?

No. 349781

Nah just seen her around for years and years. Since dani isnt big on privacy she accepts any account that adds her and overshares everything ever.
When it was pointed out how stupid and potentially dangerous it is to tune yourself for no reason other than thinking it looks sweet, she pouted and cried and called all the medical facts bullying.

She's the kid who got too much attention for getting a cast and now tries to fall off the monkey bats so she gets another cast everyone has to sign. Or the one who was out for a week with flu and tells everyone it was pneumonia

No. 349782


Yes, and this is why I wish I'd been diagnosed before my late 20s. My hips and knees are wrecked now because I was encouraged to play sports to ease the "growing pains".>>349775

No. 349783


Hi original anon here! I'm doing well thank you. :)

Her Facebook was the worst for me. It was a post nearly every day about some struggle that could have been made better if she didn't ignore the comments trying to help her and give her advice. One time a much older person was trying to offer some solidarity by saying what he had gone through, and she started talking over him and saying how she was practically dying.

I think she had several GoFundMe pages one of which was to get a service dog and another was to get a tattoo. I think there was a third where she wanted help raising money to color her hair again. It was terrible.



Anon, were you in treatment with her as well? You are right, one day she got upset at people calling her out for her before-and-after lowest weight and recovery photos saying how it was inappropriate to post them especially with people in recovery in her friends list and she called it harassment. She said she would stop posting on Facebook for "a long time" and I think posted again in a few hours complaining about some movie or book or how her hair color is fading.

No. 349785


The service dog idea (which included soliciting a donation from the Rotary Club) got dropped.
I have no idea why she thought she needed one.

No. 349786

No. 349789

Never in treatment with her, I just come across people like her everyday. (Mental health, home-based services for adults who require support managing their illnesses) lots of them are like dani, with suffering Olympics (a room full of borderlines for therapy is the biggest pissing contest you'll ever see) or insisting that they are far too unwell to live and need continued support and disability pensions.

The worst clients will be in and out of ER more than weekly. Once, a woman in residential decided that once the episode of Gilmore girls she was watching was over she was going to drive herself to the local er for psych triage. The only thing wrong was she was bored because it was the last episode of the season.

Dani fits all the usual hallmarks for malingerers and lazy opportunists who latch on to disability or mental illness as a lifelong excuse to be babied and provided for.
How often were you all help responsible for her feeling shitty in therapy? Bet you were 'bullies and singling her out' if you dared mention that she's being hugely inappropriate.

No. 349792

File: 1499664322312.jpg (206.98 KB, 582x424, thinkpositivebepositive_0.jpg)

>I designed these t-shirts.

No. 349794

File: 1499664366103.jpg (504.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170710-001939.jpg)

But how many times has she complained her doctors don't want her on disability for severe chronic anorexia? And then her mini little freak outs come time to redo the paperwork and all that to try to stay on it.
Yet here they agree and she doesn't even know why.
So what's the truth?
I'm thinking more of a slowness disability maybe..but she wouldn't need to fake being sicker for that like she does
Either way at least where I am you can't get on disability or Medicare/Medicaid, SSI, etc without proof from your Drs that it's a necessity.

No. 349795


This is all true. To be honest, people like this are one of the main motivators for me to recover. Just being around people like Dani is draining, and you clearly see what you will become once you learn how to take advantage of your illnesses like her.

You are very well-spoken, anon.


She changes her story to fit whatever new thing she wants to get attention for. Sometimes within the same day.

No. 349797


I feel the same way about the Spoonie community on Instagram. I am sick. I have multiple diagnoses. I sometimes post illness-related pictures. But the users that cross over into Munchieland really serve as a useful reminder that my life has a lot more in it than just being chronically ill.

No. 349801

Dani is very much a case of 'there but for the grace of literacy and good intervention go i' imo.

She's dumb as a box of rocks but she could still be doing so much better if she wasn't determined to cash in her soul for the pity that is (understandably) felt for those who are severely ill.

No. 349866

Hate to break it to you, but you're a spoonie. They would mostly describe themselves exactly like this. Kelly Ronahan, chronically_jaquie, all the big exploitative accounts in particular think they're more than their illnesses. Why do you post medical shit? No one needs to see evidence of your illness.

No. 349896

In defence of anon, sometimes you just need/want to talk about the hardships in your life. Sometimes you just need to vent, but I think they're saying their entire existence online doesn't revolve around their illness. Munchies claim they're so much more than that yet don't post anything outside of it. Do they have any interests outside of being sick? We wouldn't know kek

No. 349914

File: 1499691213493.png (214.21 KB, 477x521, ffsmorgan.png)

Can we move away from ana-chans and back to munchies? There's been an ana thread floating around, go find that.

On an actual munchie related note, Morgan McCastor has somehow recovered from the devastating blow of being denied hospice

No. 349943

File: 1499695077114.png (181.17 KB, 740x1205, IMG_9507.PNG)

Guess who's at it again…lol

No. 349952


Holy shit I had no idea she was a munchie. She dropped the cancer thing in the last month or so but has posted pictures on f fresh cuts and then deleted them. Does anyone know if her muscular dystrophy is legit then?

No. 349955

She's so proud of herself, what a fucking joke.

No. 349963


Isn't she though? Like come the f**k on…You are HAPPY with abnormal EKG?!? and being a "priority patient"

No. 349965


The girl is on like 52 different antipsychotics and anti-anxiety medicines, plus medication for pain, amongst other things… Ever think that maybe your chest pain and "abnormal" EKGs are a side effect of your anxiety and psych issues plus the medications that you take? Ugh she's annoying … just like Her bff Ali would feel sick or have issues on the days she put on a new BuTrans patch but ofc one had nothing to do with the other ….

No. 349986

File: 1499701119290.png (54.44 KB, 747x459, IMG_9508.PNG)

Hahahahahaha lmao

No. 349992


doesn't look like their friends anymore. maybe ali learned her lesson, or thought shelbie was a bad influence / was full of it?

No. 350005


They are ROOM MATES…imagine the odds of roomies both having EDS, GP, Etc. etc. It's honestly laughable!!!

No. 350007

File: 1499703435569.png (83.88 KB, 750x1066, IMG_1812.PNG)

Ali went of a deleting spree after her name appeared on here, because it was "damaging to her health" or whatever just like Shelbie did…or did she

No. 350009


Ali was in the midst of moving out or something bc she was entering the sooper special MBA program

No. 350012


MBA of spoonie university?! :D

No. 350021

>> 350005
>> 350009

ali moved out some time ago and I vaguely remember her wanting to do so earlier than she could to get away from shelbie. I think they became roommates because they found each other on an EDS support group, it wasn't random chance that two people had EDS and were roommates.

No. 350023


ali moved out some time ago and I vaguely remember her wanting to do so earlier than she could to get away from shelbie. I think they became roommates because they found each other on an EDS support group, it wasn't random chance that two people had EDS and were roommates.

No. 350026

so, two munchies living together? what could go wrong??

No. 350029


Exactly. LOL

No. 350031


There is a clinical term for it. Mass psychogenic illness aka foile a deux.

No. 350052

Oh, please. The existence of that phenomenon is argued. It's incredibly simple, misery loves company. They feed off eachother's 'illnesses' and get validation from eachother. They sought this living situation out, no coincidence.

No. 350056

foile a deux is incredibly rare and not applicable to the munchies we're discussing. you want a case of foile a deux? look up the eriksson twins who ran into traffic multiple times in britain. one even stabbed and killed a man that let her into his home.

No. 350133

File: 1499714574020.jpeg (Spoiler Image,40.37 KB, 733x485, hospice.jpeg)

She looks just like someone on their death bed. Pic related, it's someone on their actual death bed.

No. 350171



I'm guessing not legit. She always says it's progressed to the point she can only use her chair, then she goes back to doing her walks. Or she'll say she no longer has use of her hands then films a bunch of videos while holding her phone. So many things like that just don't match up. And doesn't she say she has a muscle disease that doesn't have a specific name? In other words, she's making it up as she goes haha. tbh I'm surprised she's been able to keep this all up for so long.

No. 350175

I'm pretty sure she gets all the self harm pics from google images LOL. All the pics usually have different arms, then pics of her that show her arms have no cuts. It's one of her really fucked up ways of getting attention. She usually pulls that one when people start questioning her legitimacy

No. 350178

When she ventured into munchie land she made this site pretending to be someone else posting but it was her.
"She has leukemia, a cancerous brain tumor, a rare autoimmune disease, and Bethlem myopathy, among other things."
Now she denies any of that happened or says it was a bully posting about her… eye roll

No. 350185


I'm really shocked. I was friends on FB with her and she posted a ton of overly personal things about abuse at home (will dig for screenshots) and then got into a group home. The first I heard of cancer was when she moved there.

The blog is odd, doesn't sound like her writing or words. She usually types in long run-on's.

I don't know what to believe about her 'muscle disease' it 'looks' valid with the walker and her gate etc. but obviously you never know.

No. 350193


Is it just me suspicious about the prevalence of 'some muscle disease' or 'medical mystery' or 'unknown mitochondrial disease' cases? It is not at all common in modern medicine to be undiagnosed for long, least of all when it's not some weird congenital disorder, many of which indeed do not have a name (we call them swans - syndromes without a name). In most cases, a 'medical mystery' raises questions of intentional deception, and of course you're a mystery if you refuse the obvious psychosomatic or factitious diagnosis.

No. 350230

"we call them swans" kek

Prove that you're a doctor and not a munchie faking it, please. As has been said in this thread many times, it's common for people with munchausen's to enjoy medical roles and to enact them, or to achieve a relatively unskilled role and then present themselves as more knowledgeable than they are. Multiple anons are doubtful that the "medfags" are really doctors at all. Sure you don't just enjoy feeling powerful compared to other posters… ??

No. 350262


It's true, though.

Can't speak for anon's medical credentials though.

No. 350263

Firstly, medfag =/= doctor. Secondly, there is more than one anon who works in the medical field who posts here. I've signed off as medfag on here before, I'm just a lab monkey and wouldn't dare posting anything that conclusively proves I'm in the field I'm in. I highly doubt any actual, patient facing medical professional is going to risk their entire career just to prove some people on a chanboard wrong.

Like, I get the scepticism but it's not that far-fetched to believe people from all walks of life post here. It's a chanboard tradition to be able to anonymously share the secrets of your job.

No. 350281

Yeah, I believe many of the acronyms and medfag details are true aka easy to google. But does anyone think the tragic blood cancer doctor who mysteriously also has time to post on the farms is a real person? fucking kek

saged because I'm embarrassed for those of you who fall for this shit

No. 350297


It's-a-me, blood cancer medfag. Not that I really care as to whether you think me or anyone else is genuine, definitely not enough to risk professional censure. I am a little puzzled as to how I became 'tragic' (got sick, was shit timing, got over it, life goes on), though. Also FYI: depending on speciality, there is a lot of downtime in medicine. It can get boring (though I'm pretty sure at least some of that is because the NHS is not profit driven and so things are a lot more leisurely than back home), so yeah, you'll find plenty of time to fuck about. I became interested in this thread because we see a lot of these people on a day to day basis and I think deep down every doctor, nurse and allied health professional is annoyed at their bullshit but it's almost a professional taboo to bring up how we feel about malingerers and Munchies. I don't know if the other medfags are genuine, but why should I care? I'm not asking them to operate on me, and as long as what they're saying makes sense, I don't care if they're a consultant neurosurgeon or a FY1 with a Walter Mitty complex.

(Also: SWANs is definitely legit, it is the more politically correct abbreviation for what the older consultants would have called FLK - funny looking kid)

Sage because holy fuck this was off topic!

No. 350348

File: 1499739334906.jpg (85.23 KB, 640x628, wboBlXtl.jpg)





No. 350349


What's your specialty, blood cancer medfag?
My best friend from school became an ENT surgeon which is pretty damn fiddly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350356

You people make me fucking sick. Grow up and get a life! Hateful, dramatic cunts with nothing better to do but bully sick people. Their lives are none of your goddamn business.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350360


If I'm not mistaken, many people posting here ARE sick people who are concerned that the attention seeking behaviors and diagnosis chasing of some "chronic illness warriors" will directly affect their own health care and that of others. See: faking cancer. See: taking money from others for treatments/service dogs that never happen. See: visibly mimicking others' behaviors and symptom patterns.

No. 350365


yah she could prob fake the gait, it was constantly changing when I watched her videos

No. 350366


Oh also it was kinda mysterious how her insurance never approves her walkers etc (maybe because they're not medically necessary?) so other ppl offer to pay or she does a fundraiser online

No. 350375

At risk of power leveling and blogging. The red tape that is required to get Medicaid and Medicare to cover equipment is about 2-3 months of waiting to see doctors to fill out the prescription, and then waiting for Medicare to approve it. I go through new canes every six months, and in my situation I would rather buy a new one at the drug store while I am there to pick up my meds too. Simple physio walkers are cheap as well and last years. $153 and three years usual mileage if you are doing 5000 steps a day with it.

No. 350453


I regularly visit black holes. You could say I'm a… wait for it… gastronaut.

I'm an interventional endoscopist. It's surgery for people who weren't good or arrogant enough to go straight for surgery. I do everything from ERCPs (super cool procedure that's part endoscopy and part fluoroscopy to fix issues with the bile ducts) through ablation of an esophageal condition called Barrett's esophagus to dealing with PEGs. Hence my intimate knowledge with tube-seekers.

No. 350706

Congrats on your super hard google search.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350720

Top kek anon, I agree.
Like becoming
> interested in this thread
because you frequent munchies in your "job" doesn't even make sense. How does a medical professional stumble upon chans like this in the first place?

No. 350762



No. 350769


(Last response on this point before I get banned for derailing)

Not sure what you think junior doctors do in their downtime, but it sure ain't looking at tee times (that's what consultants do) or read medical journals (well, maybe tryhards and people in actually demanding medical disciplines do, we don't). Imageboards are fun because they let you say the things you've been dying to say but couldn't thanks to professional conduct rules.

Also, I was an animefag who probably spent more time on 4chan than my textbooks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350776

Labfag upthread, I've encountered anons like this before all over chanboards. Basically the logic some variation of this;
>I'm a neet/in a low paid job/normal tier job
>Only people like me enjoy chanboards
>Only normalfags can be in X profession
>Therefore anon is lying about being in X profession

It's projection and not being able to understand that all kinds of people, even "Successful" ones, enjoy and know about chanboards.

No. 350782

I'm one of the anons doubting whether putative medfaggery here is real, and I'm not a neet, I work fulltime in the arts aka have a lot of time to fuck around on chan boards. It's not that implausible to me that the occasional lab person might be here, but I agree with other anons that there probably aren't any doctors.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350790

God, this discussion is tedious. Can we stop arguing about who is and isn't a doc and go back to munchy milk? It's pointless. Whether medfag is a doc or not, he won't show you proof - let's get real, you wouldn't, either, knowing it would risk your career. And it is quite irrelevant - the point of this thread is to discuss munchys, and if whatever medfag and labfag has to add is pertinent to that, fine, and if it isn't, it doesn't matter whether they're doctors or not.

Now, let's see some milk, please.

Thank you.

No. 350796


I'm pretty sure if I had to make up a fake physician persona for myself, it would be something more glamourous than digging in people's assholes and guts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 350813

File: 1499810179711.png (63.5 KB, 750x450, IMG_9513.PNG)

I just can't with this girl anymore…

No. 350837

File: 1499813704278.png (1.02 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_7307.PNG)

Anyone follow this chick? Doesn't look like a munchie, but sure is way over the top. Like nearly topless photos, and bought herself two backpacks for fluids (they're usually done by gravity so a backpack isn't going to do shit). Not many posts, but good god. Also, there's a video of someone feeding her the same popsicle, and she laments the fact that no one got a video of her coming out of surgery. Just as annoying as that Jacquie girl

No. 350841


Ambulatory fluids are done almost always using an IV pump and thus a backpack is perfectly ok. It is in fact common for people on TPN whose infusion times may be 12-18 hours a day to use a backpack holding their bag and a pump.

Not white knighting, just clarification.

No. 350871

Pretty sure he's just using it because it's a Fall Out Boy song name and he's ever so obsessed with them

No. 350883

Yeah most feeds/fluids aren't done by gravity, they're done by pump. Only bolus feeds are usually done by gravity.
Went to school with a guy on TPN who was hooked up to his backpack at least half of the day.

No. 350957

Feeds are, but for iv home hydration, it's common to have it done by gravity simply because iv pumps are a lot more expensive than a feed pump. TPN definitely needs a pump, but hydration doesn't. There's special tubing that adjusts the rate. Insurance companies don't want to have to pay for anything they don't have to. There's even special containers for iv medications that don't require a pump.

Sage for medfagging

No. 350982


Elastomeric pumps (balloon pumps) don't work for larger volumes and cheaper IVs. Typically they're used for chemo or abx, never seen them for fluids or TPN. For a long term fluid dependent person, it is absolutely paramount to have a controlled rate of flow lest they overload their heart and/or kidneys, and gravity kits are not very precise. Plus, especially with young people, providers now largely recognize that spending six hours a day hooked up to fluids is not fun.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 350994

File: 1499843680678.jpg (304.37 KB, 857x425, low.jpg)

"I'm in so much pain that I end up crying, let's take a good selfie to show people my tears"
I think it's really funny that she always snaps when people wish her "Get well soon". And she always replies with her sob story :)
She just got diagnosed with endo, but she keeps writing that she has it for 13 years. Getting your period might be painful, but how can you be so sure that you already have it for 13 years?
Recently she had 9 incurable chronic illnesses and now she only has 7? And what's really strange: What happened to her breast lumps and her chronic sinusitis?
Honestly I'd like to have a doctor who is able to cure incurable illnesses!
Suddenly her RA isn't just severe but "end stage RA" and thanks to it she has heart problems. Depending on the day she also has lung problems. My knowledge about RA is limited, but isn't it kinda odd that she's able to walk without crutches? And using your smartphone must be impossble during morning stiffness during the end stage, when your hands are so painful?

Her explanations for her selfies and sobbing? She wants to be an advocate for RA and other chronic illnesses!

No. 350997

I guess it's done differently in other places, my experience has been different from what people are saying. (Going to power level here, sorry) I do iv fluids at home, and don't have a pump, and everything was ordered by Mayo. There's a special valve in tubing controls the rate very closely, like a pump would, just with a lower maximum volume per hour. (Although being mobile would be awesome, I'm a bit jealous of people who have a pump!)

I still can't stand when spoonies turn their illness into a fashion statement and give medical things cutesy pet names. Guess it's more of a personal annoyance.

Sage for blogging
Sage for medfagging

No. 351019

File: 1499847481149.png (187.45 KB, 750x1137, IMG_0026.PNG)

pretty sure that Wagamama isn't the best diet if you've got soooper severe stomach problems.
everyone's got the right to be ugly but this girl is really pushing it.

No. 351042

Average time it takes to get diagnosed with endo is 6-10 years and theres a massive difference between period pain and endometrial pain. Still no need to behave like she does, she gives the rest of us a bad name. Plus if her endo was so bad they'd be putting her on shit like zoladex and if that failed surgicaly remove the growths. This girl is blatantly full of shit. Plus what is "end stage RA?" She makes it sound like her arthritis is terminal. I cant speak german but has she ever discussed any treatments shes having, or is it just how sick she is, all the time?

No. 351045

She has 7 posts. I'm smelling a self post or revenge post.

No. 351046

Thanks for all the googling you do in your posts, it's such a valuable contribution to the farm.

No. 351051

File: 1499854658654.jpg (173.15 KB, 1080x1375, IMG_20170712_121652.jpg)

Why does she have to milk that old broken arm so much???

No. 351052

File: 1499854858418.jpg (187.02 KB, 1080x1240, IMG_20170712_122008.jpg)

The constant asking for validation

No. 351053

She thinks that everything is Endo pain now, even though she also has Colitis and Fibro. And after her doctor diagnosed Endo via ultrasound she thinks that she really has Endo.
She never discussed the treatment options for endo? She only wrote that it can also be found in the lung and brain.

She's discussing her treatment for RA all the time. Someone only has to write "Get better" or "I'm so sorry, that you're in pain" and her answer to that contains every treatment she had so far and how many illnesses she has.
Sadly there is end stage RA. Most of the time she only posts what hurts. She is trying to talk to her surgeon since November or so, but she keeps claiming that she can't reach him. She only had surgeries for her elbow and wrist(right arm), which isn't that much.

Sadly a lot of people are supporting her. At the beginning she wasn't that dramatic, but now? Even followers write, that she shouldn't be on Facebook/Instagram, when she is in so much pain

No. 351057

File: 1499856560027.png (357.24 KB, 1894x1251, IMG_0069.PNG)

Half the 'cripple punks' are perfectly fine and obsessed with disability as another way of externalizing their super special queerness. Here's my favorite one, @littlelizardqueen. she has these telltale Munchie dramatically posed photos for just about every appointment she has ever attended. It's hilarious.

No. 351058

File: 1499856598968.png (343.39 KB, 2048x1333, IMG_0070.PNG)

Moar posing!

No. 351065

ISTR that she's one who goes on about being terminal a lot?

The ridiculous posing in that tag speaks for itself, though, more than any one account. robynlambird is my favourite because she's ragingly narcissistic and constantly calls herself a model.her CP itself may be real? but she's milks the hell out of it and loves the attention her disability brings her. She's playing on the munchie culture of IG in everything she does. "Athlete. Mentor. Youtuber." kek

No. 351067


The mentor part is correct. She's a mentor of sorts to Munchies and people with real disabilities who wish to milk the everliving daylight out of them. She has taken a lot of them under her wing, including some underage. I used to know one of them - mild EDS/POTS, gets by perfectly fine, lives and works and stuff. Suddenly this girl, who used to run marathons, decided she wanted to be a disability athlete, and whined until she got a wheelchair, quit her job and now her life is basically spoonie whining and activism. Thanks Robyn.

(Why are they always called Robyn?)

No. 351080

Post an image of robyn's with an example please!

No. 351096

You cannot diagnose endo via ultrasound unless its SUPER severe, amd if it was that severe she'd be having surgeries and hormone treatments for it, not just bitching about it online. I smell bullshit. And with the end stage RA, i doubt she'd be able to type with fingers that sore and deformed.she may have it but i dont think hers is end stage.Sounds like she needs to pull her head out her arse.

No. 351110

There is absolutely no such thing as 'end stage RA'. Short of every single joint in your body being frozen locked (ROM=0), there just isn't an end point or a final 'stage' of RA. It's a progressive illness and it is extremely rare for people in the developed world who have access to biologics and other lovely drugs to develop significant impairment. I'm calling bullshit here, not because I think she's not sick (she is) but because the severely disabling end stage RA she talks about doesn't really happen anymore.

No. 351124

File: 1499868710332.png (84.62 KB, 640x875, IMG_1178.PNG)

Looks like she is "thriving" without her tube! Why would you waste money on such a meal to then purge..no sorry signals get mixed up in brain and then purge!

The "I'm a beauty queen" shot!

No. 351171


bahahaha. Except she does have the tube in in this picture. But also, since she had the tube "Taken away" she claims all this malnutrition etc. yet looks like she hasn't lost as much as a single pound!


No. 351177


Yeah the previous dining experience photo looks like she is doing exceedingly well nutritionally and I would easily say fuller than when she had the tube!

No. 351188

There are quite a few IG spoonies with sooper serious GI issues who manage to be able to eat for special occasions. It's quite miraculous.

No. 351227


The new tool to purge all their food. Bulimia without the vomiting.
These spoonies use their fashion statement NG/PEG's to drain all their stomach contents out so they can eat like fattys and protest their innocence that they are so ill due to GI issues "look how much weight I keep loosing, I'm so ill".
Granted those with legitimate GP need to vent and drain but they don't misuse it!

No. 351270


That's why they're given Farrell bags. To save you the grisly detail: purging through a tube generally requires a back and forth motion as even high diameter tubes tend to clog up easily. On the other hand, if you have GP, theoretically all you need to drain and decompress is air and/or stomach acid with or without bile, which should come out neatly with the constant suction of the Farrell. Putting patients on a Farrell and making sure they don't mess with it is a great way to tell the bullshitters from the real patients.

No. 351271

No. 351295


You should read the shitfits some of these tubies threw about that. Because it would invalidate their precious 'muh chronic illness'!

No. 351296

File: 1499889568446.png (708.11 KB, 1878x1203, IMG_0073.PNG)

Lost the will to live at 'ICU Conqueror'.

No. 351297

File: 1499889616807.png (366.72 KB, 2048x1191, IMG_0074.PNG)

Why yes, if you shave your head to look like someone undergoing chemo, you will elicit more sympathy for your made up super severe EDS.

No. 351299

Does anyone find it odd that virtually everyone doing the #cripplepunk thing has EDS, POTS, GP, CRPS or a combination of these? It's almost as if these could be easily faked by kids desperately craving something else to be special about (nobody cares if you're genderfluid or genderqueer anymore, so they have to add something!). It's almost as if these 'conditions' left you with enough spare time to spend on activism, yelling about privilege and ableism and 'raising awareness' (of yourself and how super special you and your illness are).

No. 351303

those "crippled queers" give actual crippled queers like me a bad name

jokes aside, its amusing how quickly their stories fall apart. especially when faced with someone who is legitimately chronically ill and/or queer. there's also a difference between joking about/casually bringing up your conditions and sexuality, and what these munchies are doing.

No. 351305


It's perplexing. They seem to voluntarily decide to be the most disadvantaged minority they can turn themselves into then rant about discrimination, they intentionally dress and make up to the point of being obscenely intentionally ugly because fuck beauty standards but then rant about how nobody catcalled them, they force some well-meaning parent to buy them a wheelchair off the internet that they don't need and despite being able to walk just fine they get insulted if there are no disabled bathrooms available. As a disabled person using a wheelchair, they disgust me. To some, it's not an option or a phase or a toy to make themselves look super pathetic.

No. 351307


What the fuck is with those slightly gape-jawed poses? They're not even anywhere close to a person's face while unconscious, you can even see the strain of her trying to keep that face while selfying.

Also I call bullshit at her keeping her glasses while unconscious/in ER, ergo she's milking the situation t seem more severe. Whenever I've ended up unconscious around medical professionals, my glasses ended up being handed back to me after I regain consciousness.

No. 351310


THIS. Also the few times I was unconscious, I had my eyelids taped down to prevent exposure keratopathy. ICUs take that shit very seriously. No way she would have her glasses there.

No. 351314

I think it's because they sound very dramatic and scary even though they're mostly just annoying to have. People who have a lot of those specific illnesses are not even close to being totally disabled and usually they aren't fatal barring accidents, but the moment you say heart problems, dislocated, or paralyzed, people who aren't familiar with that specific condition freak out and pile on the sympathy. I feel like a lot of the ott spoonies may actually have the condition they claim and latched on to the attention but aren't nearly as severe as they pretend to be. The unnecessary wheelchairs, braces, and tubes are things they use to try and convince themselves that they're really truly the sickest, most disabled, cripple punk that ever made being sick part of their identity. Kind of like when some ana-chans want to be hospitalized so they can say they were the best at being anorexic.

If they didn't have whatever illness(es) they latched on to, they'd just be trying to become the edgiest youtuber, the most messed up heroin addict, or whatever toopoor is trying to be. It's kind of what makes them cows.

No. 351318

File: 1499891870240.jpg (88.16 KB, 660x495, cat.jpg)

Pic somewhat related

No. 351326


Ugh adults who make up hashtags for themselves like #teamaristrong make me want to puke and cringe. Totally normal and understandable if you're hashtaghing for your 7 year old daughter with leukaemia but to make up your own for a chronic illness is so attention seeking.

No. 351327


She clearly wasn't unconscious. She was just getting people to take pics of her.

No. 351343

If you want to check out a 'spoonie' who just weeps munchie, look at @missfelicityrose. girl has her own hashtags, renamed herself, asks people to use said support hashtags, and I'm almost positive she has self diagnosed almost all of her conditions. One time she told me she was jealous I had a feeding tube because she wanted one 'so she could get nutrition'. I would never wish a feeding tube on anyone

No. 351346

Can you please post screenshots?

No. 351377


Got any screenshots please?

No. 351382


Things were "touch and go", yet you weren't on a ventilator and seemed to be supporting most of your major bodily functions. Plus, you were wearing glasses.

No. 351386

Okay i just checked her out and damn.
She claims to have CRPS because of nervepain and tingling in her foot. CRPS are one of the worst pain condition ever, causing people to commit suicide. It's not just tingling, it's changes in skin color and temperature.
Yeez this girl…

Also if she had CFS as she claims, she probably wouldn't be able to dance on that level

No. 351389

Because for her bad attention is better than no attention. She is trying to bait people into asking about her arm or talking about her "severe" anorexia (I don't doubt she was anorexic but I don't think it was as severe as she makes it out to be).
I do think she has some sort of mental health issue but people tend to be more understanding/sympathetic of physical illnesses which is why she is clinging to anything she can think of. If half of these munchies would stop exploiting every ache and pain they may actually get the attention they crave.

No. 351422

Busy taking a ton of screenshots from her various accounts. Besides being a total munchie, she's weird as hell. She changed her name to that of an American girl doll, refuses to answer to her birth name, runs around dressed as said doll, has a wheelchair for her doll, etc. noticed that she says she uses a wheelchair to get around campus but that's it - she still dances. That's actually how I know her, we are members of a ballet group on fb. I'm also a dancer but struggle with getting to any and all class due to gastroparesis and pots symptoms, yet she's claiming she has 14 chronic illnesses but is constantly in a show or taking class. She just got a cast off and is going back to dance in a week or two. Totally not suspicious at all. Also, I noticed that about the CRPS. A lot of her issues started popping up right around the time mine presented, she's also obsessed with 13 reasons why and talking about all of her mental health problems she so severely struggles with

No. 351431

File: 1499899118642.jpg (228.72 KB, 732x1073, IMG_1398.JPG)

Just one of several I've capped so far from this account. I noticed she likes all of her own posts from a different account

No. 351475

File: 1499901447540.jpg (228.66 KB, 725x1165, IMG_1404.JPG)

I couldn't find the hashtag post, she must've deleted that after realizing how ridiculous it sounded. I'm still pretty sure her GP isn't real as I recall an earlier conversation where she told me she had been diagnosed with IBS and harassed the doctor into giving her a GES but he didn't think she has gastroparesis, so who knows. I never saw a post about having a tilt table done but suddenly she has pots and dysautonomia…I honestly don't pay much attention to her but when I was reading this thread she was the first person to jump to my mind

No. 351481

Cause she looks average here. The flat abdomen and ribs, to dani, are proof of her most severe anorexia ever. Plus hopefully some people might ask how she broke her arm and she can spin the story for pity like a fifth-grade kid.

No. 351503

pots is dysautonomia. dysautonomia is the umbrella term while pots is a specific ans disorder. i've come to loathe other potsies because all they do is whine about how crappy they feel. yeah like no shit, that's what pots is. just stop whining about it. some also forego their medications completely so they can just complain about being super symptomatic but the jokes on them. if they had tachycardia all the time and dont take their meds, heart failure will be in their future.

No. 351520

I swear, she's still trying to prove how ~severe~ her AN is. Like, posting 2 or 3 year old pictures for pretty much no reason (not that there ever really is) just pisses me the fuck off? She def does not have any serious medical issues, or she wouldnt be grasping at straws and trying to prove how severe her anorexia was. Maybe she has some chronic illness, but if she does, it's definitely not severe, and I doubt she even has any at all…

No. 351536

i know for a fact she doesn't have MCAS. she's never mentioned it besides this post, never referred to it at all. also i agree, if she had CFS she wouldn't be able to dance like she does - like i said, i'm unable to dance largely in part to cfs, pots, GP, and other illnesses. she's ridiculously functional for someone claiming to have 14 invisible illnesses, especially those 14 specific ones

No. 351556

agree 1000 percent.

No. 351558


Bingo. Like, I use a wheelchair due to EDS and because I'm not walking most of the time I don't need to use splints on my ankles or the braces on my knees any more. But these InstaSpoonies will combine every medical aid they can in order to look The Most Sick.

No. 351596


Same. I used to take ballet classes and had to give them up due to the amount of recovery time I ended up needing. Also her "diagnosis" of CRPS for tingling in her feet? When you do ballet your feet take an almighty pummeling. I don't know anyone who did pointe work for any length of time who doesn't have foot pain or numb toes.

No. 351598


Oh, and if she's a ballet dancer & munchie, of COURSE she's going to diagnose herself with EDS due to her natural flexibility. EDS isn't just flexibility, it's (real life example) reaching for your phone on the seat next to you and having your fucking shoulder dislocate.
Yes, that happened.

Sage for samefagging.

No. 351604


i'm a dance major (when my health lets me, which it isn't) and still do pointe work. if she's having all these foot and ankle injuries + diagnosed herself with CRPS how is she still dancing? plus she's also diabetic…the tingling could be neuropathy, not a huge diagnoses like CRPS. i'm like you, i need a huge amount of recovery time between classes, so i'm not hugely optimistic about being able to dance still. i was diagnosed with EDS after noticing a huge increase in flexibility well past the age after flexibility is supposed to decrease, but you're absolutely right - a lot of dancers with chronic illnesses self diagnose with EDS. i think i screencapped a post of hers where she talks about subluxations and other crap she claims has happened to her due to her 'EDS' and i just rolled my eyes. there are so many red flags with this girl. did i mention she has a 'psychiatric service dog'?

No. 351608


I'm just so confused as to how she thinks dancing isn't going to end up literally crippling her if she believes she has all these conditions. Then again, maybe that's the point - she can be a tragic victim of her art.

No. 351613

Dani's definitely ill, but it's not with the disorders she wants. She'd probably be functional if she wasn't so obsessed with her instagram.
Some cognitive disability or ABI and some personality disorder imo, but I'm not gonna jump in on the medfagging junk going on rn.

No. 351617


not going to lie, i cackled. while giving up dancing sucks, i know my limitations. i'm not going to put myself in a wheelchair and braces before i need them…she's already had multiple casts and braces, uses a wheelchair for 'CFS' (honestly if you can't walk across your college campus due to CFS how the hell can you dance!?) and more that she's faking/glorifying/playing up. i'm surprised her ankles can still hold her up on pointe if she has all the issues she complains about

No. 351619

Yeah, I don't doubt that she could get some basic education and a real job if she applied herself. Something like working in a daycare or a nursing home would probably suit her. I don't think she'd like a lot of jobs, but something where she helps care for others might be a good outlet for some of her feelings. Instead of being the one seeking nurturing, she could give it.

No. 351624


Hmm, Beverly Allitt springs to mind…

No. 351625

Why do you think that?

No. 351628


Because Allitt went from Munchausens to MBP.
She even had her appendix removed unnecessarily when she was a student…reminds me of Robyn's "appendectomy saga". Then took a caring profession, and found herself mysteriously alone in the room with several infants when they had fatally low blood sugars, or unexplained heart attacks (she was injecting air into their veins). She still got to be the centre of attention.

No. 351629

Well. Fair enough. Maybe Dani could stock shelves at Wal-Mart instead.

No. 351631


Yeah, I'm thinking something that keeps her on her feet, occupied. But not where she gets the chance to talk to people about herself.

No. 351633


She needs something to keep her busy and give her an identity beyond being sick. (Being a caregiver in a nursing home would be terrible since its hard work with little thanks and she would gain access to all sorts of medical information and supplies she doesn't need).
I do think she does have mental health issues, possibly severe depression/anxiety or something of the sort that can manifest physical symptoms but is often misunderstood so she clings to the physical things since they gain more understanding. If she isn't intentionally causing her no so severe "severe" gastroparesis then it could very well just be an anxiety issue.

She seems like she would be fully capable of holding down some sort of job - if she got the proper therapy/medication combination. Her current therapist doesn't seem to be doing her any favors. It wouldn't necessarily be easy for her to hold down a job but finding a routine and identity outside of being sick would do her a world of good.

No. 351651

I also thought that it's impossible to reach that stage at 26 when you're living in Austria.
And as far as I know nobody ever confirmed that her heart is inflammed? Sadly she won't answer such questions.

No. 351663


Well, that affliction is conveniently invisible.

No. 351675

File: 1499922252584.gif (381.81 KB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

All of these posts are borderline blog-posting. Please stop. It makes you sound nearly as Munchie as the Munchies you are complaining about. Posts like these are attention-seeking in their own right. We don't need to hear about your personal experiences in order for you to make any points you care to articulate. Thanks much.

No. 351678


Sorry, Spongebob. I thought having input from sick people who did ballet was quite helpful tho? Also without lived experience of illnesses how can we tell the cows are munching it up?

But I also understand your need for milk, not discussion posts. Please don't pasture me. I have a good cow coming up.

No. 351679

Ack anywhere but with kids or caregiving!
She'd get into suffering competitions or just blab on about her own fake illnesses all day and probably get insanely upset if a little kid
in kinder decided they hate her that day.

(I wouldn't trust her not to steal medical equipment or drugs either tbh)

Dani needs a job with no interaction with sick peopleor medical anything. Feels cruel to say it but I think she's gonna peak at being a server or line cook or cleaner, etc.

No. 351686

File: 1499924823811.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170712-232824.png)

Part 1 of 2 of WTF

No. 351687

File: 1499924863682.png (772.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170712-232851.png)

Part 2 of 2 of WTF

No. 351693


i had both of those screencapped but got distracted from my phone. to me it just screams attention seeking - you're not being treated differently because you're in a wheelchair, you're being treated differently because you don't need to be in a damn wheelchair. the video got me as well. what idiot runs in a cast in the first place? you're just asking for more potential problems from that imo.

also, didn't mean to interweave my own issues, but i felt my own input as a dancer was helpful in pointing things out. please don't pasture me either, i'm sure i can find some excellent milk to make up for the discussion

No. 351695


"Don't run in a cast"
>> runs in cast, hopes no one copies her

If her ankles are that weak, that's pretty much the end of a ballet career. My guess is she doesn't know what she wants more- to be admired as a dancer or to be admired as a brave little soldier.

No. 351697


it gets better - she's a psych major and is majorly into theater as well

No. 351713

God it's that Bekah girl all over again

No. 351715

If you can run in a cast, you don't need a wheelchair

No. 351718


if you can run at all, you don't need a wheelchair

No. 351739

>>351675 yeah this, i stopped reading the thread (or enjoying the thread) when all these 'i have this and that illness but i don't go on about it' posts kept popping up. shush with that. More Eli Stewart please?

No. 351766


not whiteknighting, but, um, no. untrue and a very clouded way of thinking. there are definitely people who need a wheelchair that have the occasional day where they don't and can run for short distances. might be completely painful to them or exhausting, but they can still do it.

sage for blogging somewhat

No. 351775


Same here! What happened to this thread…?!

Anyway, in case anyone missed alithezebra, randomly found this gem where someone actually asked her if she's even been diagnosed with munchausens


No. 351779


OHMYGOD. That video! She's basically dropped off of all social media and doesn't talk to anyone really anymore, from what I've heard she hasn't even really spoken to Shelby.

No. 351783


It's just humorous that that video is from like two years ago or something and people were questioning her being a munchie back then as well!

No. 351785

File: 1499950624787.png (136.07 KB, 640x1038, IMG_1180.PNG)

Definitely needs therapy, doesn't like being well

No. 351787

File: 1499950726745.png (134.82 KB, 640x1005, IMG_1179.PNG)


When your posing for therapy but hate your body! Yeah attention please

No. 351788

No. 351789

File: 1499950890526.png (170.5 KB, 640x1045, IMG_1181.PNG)


Imagine being weighed with fluids, food and clothes on! Must take clothes off cause they clearly make me heavy

No. 351791

There would be more on Eli if he'd post more/there was someone on the inside on his Facebook. Unfortunately it seems neither of these things will happen anytime soon

No. 351814

No. 351818


Awww the video has "suddenly" disappeared from YouTube so either Ali is now watching this thread or one of the other munches are letting her know

No. 351819


Link isn't working

No. 351823

No. 351824

Hahahaaahaaaahaaaaaaaa Awww anon you're so silly.. you win wk snowflake of the day, congrats.
Wait, dammit.. is stupidity a thing now? ? Am I being stupidist?? Moral of story is; if it hurts don't do it ~ the world.

No. 351832


you're seriously telling me you don't do things you enjoy because they might have negative consequences? you must live a boring life ??

No. 351891

Why yes! Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. If something is going to cause me greater physical stress and/or extended recovery time/ exhaustion I tend to be a "grown-up" and cognitely choose not to knowingly harm myself for ridiculous sympathies. Ugh. I just can't… why can't any of these people catch common senseness… I mean we could rename it CS* and tumblerise it?
Sage for smh rage.

No. 351895


Oh, what bullshit. Half of those conditions, like precordial catch, literally are not diagnosed save to bill for it, because they have zero clinical relevance. The exception is when a patient is freaking the shit out that they're having a super serious heart attack and then it's just a false sensation and you have to somehow bill for the half an hour they wasted of your life.

Also, as a professional sick person, she should check her bills. It's good practice anyway.

No. 351919

She was one who surprisingly never claimed to be a professional patient.

No. 351925


"Fluids" - so munchie. Don't normal people call it "a drink"?

No. 351943


Eh, people with a medical or exercise physiology background often refer to hydration as fluids. "It's going to be hot, make sure you're pushing fluids!"

No. 351945

File: 1499974612058.png (402.76 KB, 1281x1444, IMG_0082.PNG)

Omg look at all the super serious meds she's taking for breakfast!

Zantac (OTC), lansoprazole (OTC), vitamin B (supplement), cetirizine HCl (OTC), paracetamol (OTC), some multivitamin (supplement), blocked nose relief (OTC)… the only real medications I can discern are the gabapentin liquid and the metoclopramide suspension. But yeah, whatever makes you look more like a walking pill dispenser.

No. 351953

Erm Yes but Dani doesn't have that. She's an unemployed munchie. She's not giving medical advice!

No. 351961

File: 1499977009662.png (705.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0028.PNG)

she pretty much admits that she went to the ED after being worried about nothing.

check the hashtags, she's watching this thread

No. 351962


>when most of your social interactions involve doctors and nurses, you end up using the same terminology.

No. 351985

Why, for the love of god, why can people not spell flare?

No. 351987

That's the freaking point! It's unusual behaviour and wording.

No. 352002

She started saying the munchie stuff after a doctor wrote it in her chart a while ago and she read it. Obviously this site's not the only one who finds her suspicious.

No. 352003


Omg this is hilarious. Nothing like a fake apology to be able to accuse people of bullying her. All she knows how to do is play the victim.

No. 352043

(despite this being an anonymous image board, I don't give that you know who I am)

This is Ali.
Yes, I have watched this board ever since I found out I was on it. No one tells me these things, but I just stop and watch the ignorance flooding into (many of the posts in) this forum. And because of this forum, despite how ugly it can get, I did learn something. But I'm not playing the victim (unless you see yourselves as bullies).

I genuinely apologized. I actual saw some wrong in what I was doing, for goodness sakes. I didn't write the apology to play the victim; you want people to stop doing what they're doing and realize what they have done is wrong, so there you go. I'm going to stop posting about my health in "munchie fashion". But I'm not going to stop getting the care that I need. I don't clog up multiple doctors. I rarely go to the hospital. I get diagnostics and treatments for things that my doctor has witnessed in office, not just things I've brought up to him. I pay for all of my crap (or insurance picks it up, which is paid for). I'm not using up resources that I don't need. And I would give ANYTHING to not be ill and go back to the life I once had. I don't want this life. Had you read the apology, you would know there is more to me than my illnesses but I never showed that side on an account I made to keep the embarrassing details out of my personal life. I HATE being ill and hate showing signs of my illness.

So stop. All you're doing is stalking me at this point. You're not getting the "milk" you want so you're finding any pathetic excuse to make crap up or dig into literally any place you want. Laugh all you want, think things are fake all you want, but stalking (looking for any possible content on me, trying to gain access to my private accounts, "we have spies on her personal account" → that'll go over well in defending yourself in me "playing the victim") and posting about me is unacceptable, especially when they are lies.

Anyway… my apology was sincere and I'm sorry some of you are too arrogant to see that. But you need to stop. Thanks.

sage for blogging(you can leave now)

No. 352046


in what possible universe was that an apology? all you said was "all my conditions are real, i'm not like those other munchies, i'm Special"

No. 352052

I apologized by saying I saw the wrong in what I was doing multiple times and that I was going to stop with that part of it? Never did I say or imply that I was better than anyone else or that I was "different from other munchies". Goodness.

No. 352053


Hey Ali. Please fuck off. Your post is replete with lies (ex: "I don't clog up multiple doctors. I rarely go to the hospital", as I seem to remember you had something like a dozen medical professionals on your now defunct tumblr page, refer above), and while I applaud you on your seeming glance of coherency, it is also very clear you are still delusional as fuck.

Whoops, bet you weren't counting on someone remembering your latest forays into diagnoses? I seem to remember you were diagnosed with delusional disorder, and eschewed the continuing diagnosis of BPD? Which is pretty clearly you have.

But yeah, no one's going to stop because you apologized. You're sucking up resources of people that actually need the medical care you don't need, such as for EDS, POTS, whatever. You just keep chasing diagnoses, sucking up doctors' time, and treatment slots, desperately hoping to get validation for the hideous black hole you have gaping inside you.

You vacuous nothing.

No. 352054


Or when you are a munchie who wants to make yourself look sick you purposefully chose that terminology. The fluids she is referring to is anything she had to drink. If she wasn't trying to score extra sick points, she would have just said "in clothes with the little I ate/drank".

She is really pushing for sympathy points right now and is trying to go the anorexia flare route since nobody is buying the gastroparesis route. She wants people to comment and say you don't look fat, you don't need to lose weight, you are beautiful.

No. 352057

File: 1499988761418.png (304.96 KB, 750x984, IMG_0029.PNG)

what. the. fuck.

why would anyone be excited about the potential of an MS diagnosis? it's a vile disease. and sorry Kelly, MS can be faked, just like you're doing now.

No. 352058

File: 1499988838788.png (61.57 KB, 522x615, wtfali.png)


Fuck, forgot to post what I could capture off your blog. Here ya go, numbnuts, in case you have seeming also developed amnesia about your careful collection of new docs! Gotta catch 'em all!

No. 352063

She must have seen somewhere that anorexics are sometimes weighed in gowns after taking a wee to avoid them tampering with their weight through drinking heaps of water or sticking weights in their pockets. Idk how she keeps making this fantasy up, afaik nobody in her real life is encouraging or enabling this

No. 352069

File: 1499990544816.png (169.91 KB, 750x1038, IMG_1823.PNG)


No. 352072

This is why we can't have nice things. Newfags and overly involved psychos who have to tip the cows so they can be involved.

No. 352074

How do you tell the difference between a munchie and someone who's actually sick but open about it?

No. 352076


Hence the current state of this thread …

No. 352082

Except that you can tell when someone is outright lying about having a disease or condition that they don't actually have.

Every time we get a munchie on here white knighting themselves or others, they stop replying after I bring up Eli. Are you even gonna attempt to explain how we were right about him? No. You're not. You'll stop posting just like everyone else has.

No. 352085

i'm new here, care to explain about eli?

No. 352088

You're just gonna get told
>Read the old threads
But I'm nice so here's some real news articles

Can't find the one about him being formally charged, it's probably in this thread or the last though.

We were talking about him for months before the police got involved, and they got involved because of someone completely unrelated to this website.

No. 352097


i'm going to look at the old threads but JFC that's fucked up. i hate people

No. 352107


Sorry, I'm slow tonight. Was Ali apologising for posting about others in here, cow tipping, or for being an InstaMunchie?

No. 352113

appearing to be a munchie

No. 352118

Appearing to be one? Why apologise then, unless she knows she's really faking. Suspicious.

No. 352119

I think she was apologising for her prior Instagram behaviour. I may be in the minority but I doubt she would clinically be considered to have Munchausen's. I could be wrong but my guess is she's just a young woman who is emotionally unstable and uses mild ill health as a source of attention. Same with the doll girl who was posted earlier (Felicity Rose?). I don't think either of them is on the level of "faking" a whole illness, more like exaggerating and being melodramatic. That's sadly become normal on Instagram although they are at the extreme end (I hope Ali does see how unhelpful I think is, I think she makes a fair point that following her around online after she's deleted her spoonie account is a bit pointless).

Then there are people like Kelly and similar who are more concerning IMO because they literally drain resources and have huge followings to manipulate and mislead. I agree with the anon above that she could be faking MS. They're often milkier than these young women who aren't set in their ways yet, in my opinion.

No. 352120

The medfags seem to have stopped power-levelling and imo it's always funny when a cow comes to cry about how they're not a cow.
If they weren't faking it they wouldn't feel the need to justify themselves to 'le stalking bullies'

No. 352121

sorry for my horrible typing, farmers, I meant "how unhelpful it is"

saged for incompetence

No. 352124


The "medfag" blogging was cancer.

No. 352150

To begin with, eli is actually a she. he/she/xir/durr faked all sorts of illnesses, comas, near death experiences, and anything that could be done to make herself look more pathetic. What really set her apart was when she faked cancer and defrauded a charity. She also edited in images of other people's scars to back up her bullshit, would delete everything and make new accounts with new names whenever she was found out, and routinely comes on here to whiteknight and claim that the police are a-okay with all of her activities. There's more, but I'm forgetting it.

No. 352153


Not white knighting, but I'm pretty sure Eli is a legit trans guy.

No. 352178

Yeah, not to get all Tumblery, but he's a trans he. I hate the dude, don't get me wrong, but referring to him as a "she" rubs me the wrong way. If he were merely a fakeboi then go at it, feminize the fuck out of his pronouns, but he's not. He's trans. He's a he. End-o-story.

Sage for Tumbling like a preschooler at gymnastics class.

No. 352195

File: 1500005169170.png (975.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1483.PNG)

Hah, I had vibes back in 2015 about Eli being a munchie.

No. 352197

When you google osteosarcoma in knee…exact same picture -_- he had just messed with the lighting.

No. 352211

assuming she's in her late teens to mid twenties, she's too young for MS. in most cases, symptoms don't start until late 30's, and even then it's still hard to diagnose and is usually written off initially as nerve problems, ie the numbness in the extremities and balance issues.

but in her defense, if she actually did see a doctor and get a diagnosis, it's probably false. as far as i know from the cases in my immediate family, it's also not something that shows up in fucking bloodwork. how she went from "blood disorder" to "MS" is outrageous. does she even know what the disease is?

sorry for the autism, my dad and his sister both have MS and it's incredibly severe and watching their decline over the years is heartbreaking.

bust still, it's pretty rare for MS to appear in people younger than mid-to-late thirties since it's a chromosomal thing triggered by stress/environmental factors/smoking. has she mentioned her symptoms anywhere else that could indicate she's telling the truth?

No. 352226

Both of you need to stop being cow-tipping faggots. This site is way more fun when the people we're gossipping about aren't aware that they're being gossipped about. When you let them know that we're talking about them, you spoil the milk. Lurk moar, integrate, and stop tipping the cows.

No. 352256

File: 1500014519968.png (561.14 KB, 568x534, bullies-from-coventry.png)

By the way, Nicola Anne Lulildia's new username is scrabble_queen. Way to bully strangers on the Internet, Nikki Lulildia. Since you're 20 years old, I thought you might know better. How terrible of you. You've really hurt a lot of peoples' feelings. I mean, I know you're probably really jealous of R and E being so successful in life while you're rotting away in Coventry, but do you really need to take out your anger on strangers? Not nice at all.

Motherfuxingdemons changed their username to le.mother.fuxing.demons? If you're going to send people hate, at least own it. Weird that both you and Nicola Lulildia are from Coventry. You don't seem like the type to hang out. I guess you two probably went to class together since you're both 20, but she's kind of plain and fugly while you've got the fake insecure "bitch" thing going on.

I hope nobody tells the lion what you two have been up to. She seems way too sweet to tolerate that kind of bullshit. I bet she'd dump your rude asses in an instant.

Don't tip the cows, dumbasses.

No. 352280

Found her current medication. It seems like she's taking 200mg Tramal, 8mg Hydal and 16mg Xefo. She also has/had Colitis, so it's kinda odd that she's taking Xefo. And I don't think Xefo is a good idea, when you tend to take Aspirin for a cold. And she's on Rituximab.
And when she's in so much pain all the time it seems a bit odd, that her doses are so low.

No. 352287

File: 1500021410447.png (515.54 KB, 1250x1826, IMG_0087.PNG)

Muh PTSD from doctors not giving me what I want!

No. 352289


Given she has slow GI transit, or claims to have, she meets an absolute contraindication to Xefo as it vastly increases the risk of severe GI bleeds.

sage for gastroenterofagging.

No. 352290

File: 1500021650485.png (238.63 KB, 1277x1654, IMG_0085.PNG)

Doctors not wanting to give you the tube you want? No problem, raise 10 grand so that some unscrupulous private surgeon can give you the plastic hose you so desperately desire.

This is like the poorfag version of Munchieing: they're not even self funding it anymore. #crowdfundyourmunchhausens

No. 352291

File: 1500021703493.png (482.97 KB, 1264x1831, IMG_0086.PNG)

Context to above.

No. 352292

added to which, NSAIDs are meant to be avoided in colitis

No. 352324

#mostgirlsonlyhave8holes… Yeah.. NO. WE HAVE 10. If you only got 8 girl, then your "health" problems are about to get much much worse… Sue your Dr's. Seriously. They done goofed with your dx. .
Do you even anatomy??? Fuuuuuck..

No. 352328

Fuck, it makes me angry to see that she's going to be siphoning money off genuinely sick people like Elise (in the comments).

No. 352343


NGL, I went around my body and counted.

No. 352344


She's Scottish. If she needed a tube, the NHS would pay for it. It's nothing about not being able to afford the surgery, and everything about her doctors seeing she doesn't really need it.

No. 352348

File: 1500034059197.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0030.PNG)

1. ice-cream is a NOPE in gastroparaesis, esp if it's So Severe that you're supposedly getting a week of specialist testing
2. perhaps a little less time watching box sets and a little more time cleaning your fucking house you absolute beast

No. 352360

File: 1500036088849.png (127.99 KB, 640x897, IMG_1182.PNG)

Why does all these tubies pose for the camera like it's right of passage to say ooh look at me and my tube! We get it you have a tube!

No. 352368


Tubes signify that you've entered Major League Sick Person category.

No. 352370

File: 1500038560274.png (1.26 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0084.PNG)

JESUS CHRIST STOP THE GOD DAMNED IV POLE POSING! Also stop demanding everything to be compounded and parenterally administered so you can have more pumps on your pole than the other spoonie asshole! Seriously, I have come across a girl who demanded we compound Calpol (very digestible and very easy to swallow paracetamol/acetaminophen/APAP/wtfeveryoucallit) just so she can have another IV bag and a pump. I overheard her telling her BFF over the phone that she now has six IV pumps! Because that sounds serious as fuck now!


No. 352371

this is probably the most ridiculous thing i have heard in this thread. calpol is fucking delicious.

No. 352373

Most of the sickest people I follow aren't tubed, probably because (being actually sick) they realise that getting extra unneeded shit done would be completely pointless, and would carry extra risks. And only a tiny minority NEED tubes. The people I follow on IG who are really unwell and have them for genuine medical reasons never pose with them or show them off.

Saged for blogging.

No. 352375

It really bothers me seeing how many people seemingly fake serious medical issues. One thing that I've seen a ton in the spoonie/ill community online is people who seem to get diagnosed with something after one test/one doctors visit. I had severe aplastic anemia (year and a half post bmt from my brother to cure it!) and it took a month and a half, three bone marrow biopsies, and multiple different blood tests before they finally diagnosed me, even though it was pretty clear it's what I had I went into the hospital with a Hg of 49, platelets of 15, and basically non-existent white count). Furthermore, as someone who was basically just putting off dying for a few months while I waited for my transplant, I still went to university everyday (cell bio degree :)), I did my best to do light work outs that wouldn't cause any dizziness or fainting, and I honestly only ever made a few posts about it. People who fake serious illnesses make me sick, because I had to fight to get people to believe I was sick, so people faking it is really just making it harder for legitamely sick peoples to be recognized. I really hope that these people get the mental help they seem to need.

No. 352386

File: 1500044922137.png (114.64 KB, 750x1138, IMG_2165.PNG)

The other thing I hate? Fucking Vogmasks.

Now, masks are appropriate in the severely immunosuppressed (post transplant, immune deficiency, chemo, etc.) and in rare circumstances during pollen season they might anecdotally help people with atopy, though the point of atopy is that if it gets in touch with their skin or eyes, it can still provoke a nasty reaction.

Now, these situations are rare. People can be on heavy duty immunosuppressants as we give out say for Crohn's disease or various other autoimmune diseases (say 2-3mg azathioprine per kg body weight) or even cytotoxic chemo and not need a mask. The reality is that these masks are not in any sense justified when at the same time you keep touching shit other people have touched without gloves (people who are immunosuppressed often wear cotton gloves for this very reason), eating random shit that no one with serious immunosuppression should (milk, uncooked meats etc.) and generally don't care much for separation.

And don't even get me started on the bullshit explanation about being 'allergic to everything'. The eosinophilias that would cause that are insanely rare and present very differently than just being allergic to everything (sorry, not gonna give Munchies tips here).

No. 352387


Hi fellow aplasticfag (mine was post chemo though and not as severe as yours). Hope you are ok and life is good now. Glad to see you had a donor for a BMT.

No. 352414

Her bio says she has pots + Dysautonomia. Pots is a form of Dysautonomia. She tries to make it sound like two separate conditions.

No. 352428

Honestly I talked to one of my doctors about if I really needed to wear one, and he told me that they aren't even sure that they do all that much to help. I only ever had to wear mine while walking around the hospital, as that's where you're most likely to catch something anyways.

No. 352435


I'm sorry… But does anybody else find it strange that all these spoonies/munchies just take the first diagnosis given especially if it sounds super devastating (I mean I guess that's why they're munchies) Like if you were supposedly diagnosed with MS, or have lesions in your brain that could correlate to possible MS morphology, would you not seek out a possible second opinion since MS can be such a devastating illness? SMH for real

No. 352447

File: 1500050173738.png (136.99 KB, 1242x1014, IMG_1409.PNG)

Why are you so excited about having so much medical shit in your bedroom and doing a tour?

No. 352448

L.O.L,, vogmask actually has this disclaimer on their site:

"vogmask is NOT classified as Masks to prevent disease – Regulated under CDRH/FDA as Class II medical devices subject to premarket notification 510(k), classified as surgical mask 21 CFR 878.4040. Surgical masks are not PPE, they protect the patient and the surgical area from contamination. Surgical masks prevent droplets being expelled into the environment by the wearer and protect patients in surgery from these being transferred to the operative site.

Helps to protect from non-oil airborne particles such as dust, pollen, shavings, and particles found in air pollution.

Does not eliminate the risk of illness, diseases, or infection"

any immunocompromised person would not wear a mask that doesn't even work at preventing illnesses like colds and flu.

No. 352454

thanks for confirming this :) In february and I guess march she was still blogging about Colitis and suddenly she stopped mentioning it.

No. 352456

Yes. I do. I know when a doctor has ever said anything serious to me or a family member or even a pet second opinions have been seeked even if it was just to confirm. I'm always super uncomfortable when a doctor diagnoses with just initial blood work or exam then proceeds to script heavy duty meds.

The website even says it's just for filtering scents and the like. I don't even understand how the hell they can wear them all the time they are hot and gross.

No. 352466

File: 1500052834489.png (152.37 KB, 740x883, IMG_1825.PNG)

Hahahaha this stefy girl "reported" every post on this thread about Kelly, Kelly is loving this attention it's great…

No. 352467


I have a mask that I only wear if I need to (allergies) and these people wearing it the whole day make me cringe. It is hard to breathe through them and it's not comfortable at all.

No. 352471

She is so freaking fake. I really doubt that's she even has the conditions she's claiming - prime munchie territory imo. I follow her just for lulz but never give her any likes because I'm petty af. She lives for attention, kek

No. 352479

Alright sage for being a dumbass but I can't figure out the tenth one! Lawl. Ears, nostrils, mouth, eyes, ass, vag?

No. 352483


No. 352487

I hate watch her as well. Though it super pisses me off that her doctor just seems to hand her everything she wants when those supplies could go to someone who actually needs them.

No. 352506


Omg, why just why?!

No. 352512


Not since they made it sugar free :(
"Banana antibiotics" though? YUM


I have a mask because I have bad asthma and live in a polluted city. But wearing it in a hospital won't do much - Vogmask instructions state it's more for larger particles/pollution than microbes.

No. 352516


I missed out eyes and went for nipples!

No. 352517


Does this YT cow have an instagram?

No. 352528


She (assuming you're talking about Kellerina) doesn't even have typical MS morphologies like Dawson's fingers. She has spots that might suggest demyelination, which may frankly be anything, from migraine spots to incidental findings. I have those spots. My ex-girlfriend had several. A friend has a few. None have MS or any symptoms suggestive of it. She did not even consider that her issues might be her brain shutting down from lack of oxygen due to severe anemia - no, she went straight to MS when tbh most of her symptoms are not very specific. Sure, she had bladder issues, but that's associated with cord MS, not brain MS, as far as I'm aware (my remit is the other end of people). She never reported Lhermitte's, meningism, anatomically confined paraparesis (i.e. limited to a dermatome rather than a random area) or, most importantly, optic neuritis. It is very rare for someone to have a completely healthy optic nerve and great eyesight but have MS.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 352529


Yewtoob link pl0x.

No. 352533


The following is from my friend, who works as a child life specialist (basically, sort of a cross between social worker and psychotherapist to children who spend long periods of time in hospital, including those who may never leave). Her commentary:

"We explicitly discourage this. When parents go home with a kid hooked up to vents and tubes and IV lines, we explicitly tell them to make the room look as friendly as they can and not turn it into a hospital. Parents who are a little too keen to do that are dodgy, by the way. Children who are surrounded by medical equipment and feel like they're in hospital even at home are at risk of getting institutionalised and they have a tough time to function in other environments once they recover. I'm not sure how this translates to adults, but even in the case of teens we encourage an environment that is far from the cold clinical environment of a hospital. Often we see kids who have grown up with parents who built a hospital room at home pretend to have issues so they can be admitted because the only environment in which they feel at ease is a hospital."


No. 352534

File: 1500059572763.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1411.PNG)

No. 352539


How easy is it to get a helper/assistance dog in the USA? I've seen Instaspoonies talk about getting their dog accredited at Petsmart!
Here you can't buy your own dog, you have to register, meet super strict criteria, then be matched with a suitable trained dog.

(I'm a wheelchair user and we've considered applying for a service dog to help with various things both practical and medical, but I only just meet criteria)

No. 352543


There's no legal category of assistance dog in the USA. Thus, anyone can call their pet an assistance dog, get a suitable harness, etc. You can call your pet etc. an assistance dog, there's nothing that prohibits you from doing so. The so-called assistance dog registries are scams.

Legislation on access encompasses all animals, whether they're called sssistance dogs or not, who fulfill certain conditions. Animals who don't are generally considered 'emotional support animals' which is a nice way to say 'pet with an idiot for a handler'. As such, it's not the registration or the harness that makes an assistance dog, but what it does for the disabled person. However, owing to the minefield that ADA and access legislation is, most people just look at the dog and if it has the harness or the handler has an ID, they assume it's legit.

No. 352551


not gonna lie i follow kelly for the same reason, her stories are so inconsistent and attention seeking. and her obsession with her cat is disturbig

sage for OT

No. 352555

ADA doesn't recognize "emotional support" animals I believe, but I've seen stories of people throwing epic tantrums because they want their special baby with them in areas where they don't belong

No. 352571


I follow Kelly for the same exact reason! It's like a train wreck you just can't look away from! Like I thought she was genuine at first and then things just started to not add up and it definitely became more obvious of psychological issues(which can be very real don't get me wrong hence psychosomatic syndromes) Even a doctor noted in her chart (that was left in the room with her) about her obsession with her cat…

No. 352572

In the USA you can either owner train your dog or mini horse to specific stuff in the ADA law. Like they need to be well behaved have tasks to mitigate your disability a long with a bunch of other stuff. It's a lot of work and TBH I feel most owner trainers shouldn't be owner training and also a good lot of them don't even need a dog. You can also get one from a program which is a whole different thing and you have to raise to give the program money. But there is no registry in the USA for service dogs. Also therapy dogs and emotional support dogs and other non dog and horse support animals are just pets and have no formal training and cannot have access to any non pet friendly places.
Sage for blogging and

No. 352574


A manager!? Now that's a "professional patient"! I've been interviewed about accessibility multiple times, maybe I should get one - oh wait, I'm not a knobhead.

No. 352576


i've seen the post where she read her chart and was butthurt and complaining for weeks about it but i totally missed where the doctor noted about her cat, i'm dyinggg oh my god. i thought she was genuine too, i know other's with blood conditions but when she started reacting and they started treating her poorly and questioning her i started questioning it. i believe you can be diagnosed with MS in your twenties, but i think she's around 24, not in her late 20's, plus it was a very sudden diagnoses. also, who in their right mind would give a 20 something a full hysterectomy after one consult? that's completely unheard of

sage for possible blogging

No. 352578

Who is this Kelly person I need to go read the train wreck

No. 352580


Instagram kelly.ronahan

No. 352582


Eh, to be fair, it was not really about her obsession with her cats, it said she had a collection of cats. Because cats can carry toxoplasmosis, their presence tends to be considered medically relevant enough to make it into the charts.

No. 352585

Hey guys I'm new here but I just wanted to clarify the thing about service dogs in the USA. So, currently there is no official registry or anything like that for service animals, therefore anyone can buy a harness or "ID card" and pass their pet off as a service animal. This is non-compliant with the ADA and they're attempting to pass laws (starting in Massachusetts) that enforce strict rules about what classifies as a service animal. So - it has to be well-trained by an approved school/training facility and won't allow "emotional support animals" into restaurants, aircraft cabins, etc. I know this because I'm blind and have a trained service animal that is there to perform specific tasks.

Sage for medfagging

No. 352587

File: 1500064508329.png (252.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2036.PNG)

A terminal case of 'the world is out to get me!' syndrome.

No. 352588

I agree they look retarded but
>Why are they alone in their doctors office anyway?
Is probably a good contributing reason to
>Why do these EDS faggots always pose in such awful, ugly positions all over their doctors tables and shit?

After my nurse is done with measurements and I have to sit around for ages in a tiny dull room waiting for my doctor to come in, I could totally understand why people would do some retarded selfie poses or other dumb things just to pass the time. I'm not an impatient person and don't have ADHD, but something about waiting for the doctor in their office just drives me mad with boredom, much moreso than being in the waiting room.

No. 352589

File: 1500065112623.jpg (249.99 KB, 734x1199, IMG_1427.JPG)


Her hysterics are getting even more ridiculous by the minute

No. 352592


This thread is getting bizarre. I feel like several of the cows are lurking around here, getting their attention high on everyone talking about them, even if it is negative. We know Ali is here, and now probably Kelly.

You guys do realize that we find you repugnant, right? And think you are aggressively mistreating yourselves physically in order to garner attention from medical specialists?

On a different note, those of you feeling the need to open up about your different medical paraphenalia, please shut the fuck up. I don't give a shit if you need a wheelchair, an IV, or a fucking VOGmask. You're dangerously close to edging into the lolcow territory yourselves, as oversharing your medical plight without obvious reason makes you pretty obviously remnants of he effluvia of the worst of the "spoonie" community.

No. 352596


kelly's either lurking or someone is sending everything to her, but considering the girl read her entire medical chart i wouldn't put it past her to be reading and then be posting about it on her IG to whine and garner sympathy

No. 352598

File: 1500065886384.png (201.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2167.PNG)

Ok, not sure if this is a cow but almost definite some of this is bullshit. The probability of three inoperable spinal tumours (yet not a trace of her undergoing cytostatic therapy or radiation or anything…), MS AND CRPS is rather low. Sure, some diseases (POTS + GP + EDS) may travel together, but these are three different conditoins with altogether different aetiologies.

I'm calling bullshit on this.

No. 352599


Thanks, that's really interesting and helpful. Sounds like they're going to bring it in line with what we have in the UK = a far more controlled system for service animals.

LOL @ all the munchiechans who will lose the ability to take their "emotional support goose" to class tho.

No. 352600

Agreed. Please stfu and focus on the cows.

No. 352604

File: 1500066697106.png (535.25 KB, 939x544, wtfchristina.png)


Tbh she definitely feels like a lowkey cow, but probably doesn't have the high volume mental disorders that uber cows like Ali, Shelbie, and Kelly have. But going through her insta is kinda chilling because she's just lowkey enough that I'm guessing her doctors trust that she's not faking.

She claims to have developed MS at the age of 14, so she's absolutely a cow, and has that same trend of spamming the hashtags with every single illness she claims to have. Pic related.

Oh– the "spinal tumors" she has are spinal arachnoid cysts, which according to senior Google, "Many spinal arachnoid cysts cause no symptoms at all. However, if the cyst is large enough, it can compress the spinal cord and surrounding nerves. In these cases, patients may experience pain, weakness, or numbness in the back, arms, or legs."

So yeah. It's not like fucking cancer or anything.

No. 352605


Haha arachnoid cysts are not tumors… what the fuck is she going on about? Lol.

No. 352608

File: 1500066960072.png (226.12 KB, 750x1136, IMG_2173.PNG)

Meet Brynn. She's one of the pied pipers of the spoonie community. Nobody really knows what's wrong with her but she does the whole complement: wheelchair, NJ, assistance dog,… and reinforcing in everyone who has a mild cough or sore joints that they are now part of the sisterhood and deserve their special spoonie rights. Anyone who has ever gotten close to her has rapidly deteriorated (check out her friend Ashley Anne, who went from running marathons to a wheelchair).

No. 352609


Tried wiki'ing AMPS, got nowhere. Medfags?

No. 352610

File: 1500067115334.png (205.59 KB, 750x1235, IMG_2175.PNG)

Chanel 'tubefedwife' White is not a Munchie in that she is probably actually ill (scleroderma, an autoimmune disease). However, the fact that she seems to have no parcel of life that is not pervaded by her obsession with her tubes and chemo and oxygen and TPN, and the near childish way she uses coping mechanisms devised for children (naming your tube and Tubie Whoobies are for 7-year-old girls with cancer who need to undergo the pain and indignity of a G-tube, not grown-ass adults, you obsessive fucks!) is just… insane.

No. 352611

She's 31 I believe. A CBC article from last year said she's 30.

No. 352612


Amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome. It's a synonym of CRPS, basically.

No. 352614

File: 1500067222745.png (205.61 KB, 936x547, wtfchristina3.png)


Oh fuck me, I lied. Christina is a fucking psycho. Her story of the girl who accused her of faking all her illnesses having recently died from the flu is tinged with the kind of disbelieving jealousy that churns my stomach.


No. 352615

File: 1500067232376.png (197.55 KB, 749x1278, IMG_2169.PNG)

Activismcow. Smashing sexism wasn't enough, she needed to rage against ableism… so she quickly found herself a 'disability'.

No. 352616

AMPS is a condition that can cause nerve pain in any part of the body. it's like CRPS but often triggered by psychological factors (CRPS like pain without any physical findings like temperature and skin changes)

No. 352617

File: 1500067337228.png (246.38 KB, 750x1263, IMG_2176.PNG)

Put here without comment. That doctors treat someone with psychiatric symptoms as extensive as hers for what could easily be considered psychosomatic issues is baffling. Fucking American healthcare.

No. 352619

I believe she's really ill but that how she portrays herself is a total exaggeration. Same for Brynn, maybe?

Kelly and Jaquie are probably faking most of it, though. The Jacquie YT channel is sick, and KElly's reaction makes her seem more suspicious, not less.

No. 352621

File: 1500067463364.png (808.1 KB, 903x436, hmg2.PNG)


Childish affectations. Like Ali's "hospital bag" even for day trips with the toys and blanket, and Hypermobileguy's fucking "Tubie friend" which he probably made himself.
(I hope he made it himself, otherwise that's a comfort that didn't go to a sick child)

No. 352622

Brynn and NatashaCoatesGB are friends? Maybe there give each other tips on social media LOL

No. 352625


Chanel is definitely grating, and I can't get over her treatment of getting a stem cell transplant to alleviate her mixed connective tissue disease. (Which is like… a fucking nightmare hodgepodge of different autoimmune conditions.)

To be honest, her feed scared the fuck out of me because I'd rather die from my lungs turning into fibrous masses than go through half the shit she subjected herself to. Like damn, go on some hydroxychloroquine. Drink some water. Take a nap. Lay off the chemo.

No. 352628


I keep seeing (American) spoonies talking about stem cell transplants for EDS and … is that even a thing?

If it was, would these cows even want them? They want to look like they are seeking a cure, but they also get the kudos for being The Most Sick. Dilemma!

No. 352629

File: 1500068169707.png (291.39 KB, 749x1292, IMG_2177.PNG)

Ok, it's official, I'm calling it Anonmedfag's sign: photos of your pills intended to show how sick you are where at least a third of it are over the counter or vitamins are proof you're fucked in the head.

No. 352630

Even if that is a thing, you need to be almost dead to get one, just like with organ transplants.

No. 352631


Definitely not for EDS, but it can treat connective tissue inflammatory disorders and anything autoimmune… the same way you can treat syphilis with arsenic, just, why would you do it?

No. 352632

>> >>352630

No. This is different from cancer BMTs. Because these are elective procedures, and because they're often only partially ablative (not all of the bone marrow gets wiped out), it is actually recommended to do it when you're still fit enough to survive conditioning myeloablative chemo.

No. 352633


Man, who fucking knows. I think they're throwing scary sounding treatments at what is essentially a connective tissue disease that won't respond to a stem cell transplant like other connective tissue diseases do. EDS isn't because your autoimmune system is attacking the connective tissues. They're just fucked up for other reasons.

Other connective tissue diseases, like scleroderma, are because the autoimmune system is attacking your healthy connective tissues. Which I guess is why a stem cell transplant MIGHT work in resetting the fucked up autoimmune response. I'm guessing the EDS munchies are stupidly equating EDS with other connective tissue diseases.

Final Christina post, as she shit talks doctors for not recognizing her pretty recognizable conditions? I guess she's not getting treated for her imaginary shit, so she's feeling salty.

No. 352634

File: 1500068457639.png (294.27 KB, 749x1289, IMG_2181.PNG)

This is from chloeschronicles_of_illness, who claims to be 'vaccine injured', having ME and all sorts of stuff induced by a HPV vax. Oddly, she improves with reiki and CBD (cannabis oil). She now wants £100k for interventions that are either a crock of shite (reiki etc.) or which she would get from the NHS if she were legitimately ill (IVIG, wheelchair).

People! Fund your own fucking Munchhausen's!!!

No. 352635

If someone won't publicly list what their meds are and just say things like "new med is working/didn't work" is that munchie or normfag?

No. 352636

File: 1500068474986.png (382.02 KB, 939x519, wtfchristina4.png)


Forgot to attach the pic.

No. 352638


In my experience, most people mention the medication, especially when talking to another sick person - they might want to know what to look out for or what meds to prefer.

Sage for personal.

No. 352639


Oh what the fuck.

No. 352641


I have an idea it's because EDS is genetic. STEM CELLS WOO.

No. 352643


Exactly!! It's not like insurance won't treat her, she just wants things she doesn't medically need.

No. 352644


Though reiki reminds me of someone I saw on instagram whose child was disabled and she claimed they were getting miraculous results from acupressure…

No. 352645

Spoonies love service dogs, those dumb masks, feeding tubes, ports, etc. That's the rea sickness. It's one thing needing those, but the constant flaunting them is disgusting (the people, not the devices). It's a fucking competition for them. Having EDS doesn't mean you need a service dog, and those dogs are ridiculously expensive. I feel terrible for people who actually need dogs and other devices but can't afford them, yet don't whore themselves out online to get them just for extra spoonie points.

No. 352647

File: 1500069068467.png (356.26 KB, 938x453, wtfchloe.png)


This girl would be hilarious if it weren't for the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS she is managing to waste on woo-woo and overly expensive tests.

Some vaccine illnesses I get (like getting a fever from the chickenpox vaccine), but getting rekt from the HPV vaccine? Unfuckinglikely.

No. 352651


In the UK's there's a whole controversy over whether the HPV vaccine has caused ME/CFS/narcolepsy in a load of girls.

Mind you, we had this after the swine flu jab went out, too.

No. 352653

What a crock of shit

No. 352654

Daaaaamn, I used to follow her but I unfollowed because she was getting so annoying. Wtf, she's begging for money now? She's IN THE FUCKING UK. She doesn't need any money! All her needed care is free. What's a greedy way to exploit people.

No. 352657

Wait, isn't she in the U.K.? So shouldn't NHS be paying for (necessary) medical care? Suspicious…

No. 352659

File: 1500069729590.png (637.8 KB, 940x537, wtfchloe2.png)


Aaannnnd the hits just keep on rolling. Chloe is clearly thriving off the community energy directed at her. Gasp, she has people getting tattoos! And doing marathons! All for her poor little sick self! Apparently everybody more or less ignored her until she started posting on Facebook about it.

I'm thinking she couldn't cope with not being the prom queen anymore after graduation, failed to establish a path to a healthy adult identity, and decided she would rather be stuck in the infantalizing grip of a bed bound illness her entire life. I'm physically nauseous about this, ffs.

No. 352661

Not to go back too much into the gastroparesis talk, but I'm pretty sure that if she was that dependent on a feeding tube long term it wouldn't be in her nose

No. 352662

I know many people in the UK who have fundraised or part-fundraised for wheelchairs, because the wait for wheelchair services is so long or they don't qualify under new strict criteria brought on by Government cuts to health services.
But that's wheelchair services, not essential treatment!

No. 352663


Read what she wants. She wants IVIG for a condition for which it is not effective. She wants private blood and saliva tests (these tend to be absolute scams: https://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Tests/tests.html), more cannabis oil and a lot of other shit that the NHS doesn't cover, and for a good reason - because they don't. fucking. work.

No. 352664

Never mind I missed her first showing-off-her-tube pictures

No. 352665


I find CBD oil okay for moderate baseline pain. It's no miracle drug (for pain, anyway).

No. 352667

Having Munchausen is just not worth it. Do you want to be escorted out of the hospital by security while all the nurses, doctors, and mental health professionals look at you? I don’t know about you but I’d look like a complete fool. For what? Just some medical attention which double your odds at getting caught.

You better be a damn good liar. Inconsistency only increases your paranoia at getting caught. So what if you got all the terminology in the world and research? That’s not enough to save your sorry ass when you finally find the hospital that will catch you while you make a fool out of yourself. It won’t be long if you want to hit other towns.

How long do you have to wait? You better be patient in that waiting room. At any time the doctor and security will rush you and you’d better be ready to lie once again and explain yourself once again to save your sorry ass. And if you make it far enough it’s more waiting for beds to clear. It can be up to six hours and up than you could end up getting transferred and wait some more.

How are you going to get medical attention now? There’s not much really when you’re trying to get in there besides your lying and staff has to input stuff in computers and have meetings. They don’t have time to test you. There are more important things to tend to than some patient that really isn’t priority. That’s not medical attention. Nurses will do their thing as always but there
are nurses everywhere what makes them so special in a hospital?

The groups are common sense and you don’t need a degree or background experience to teach it.
You better figure this whole medical attention out.

There are better ways but even its short lived because you will never simulate a mental illness or physical problem that will come close to anyone that would give you enough medical attention to make you feel like it’s worth it.

It’s no simulation when everyone has to rush in and give you finally medical attention. This is called a hoax. That means you went too far. People will know right off the bat because you will never get it right when you’re arrested and have to go through the justice system. You will get more attention in jail. But how are you going to go hospital hopping now?

No. 352668


I remember a documentary about Munchies in which a victim of a Munchie described them as 'emotional vampires'. It's scary how well that fits for her.

No. 352672

File: 1500070102241.png (476.94 KB, 855x542, wtfchloe3.png)


Look, we can play munchie bingo with this twit.

+ A gofuckme fundraiser (in a country that has free healthcare for essential treatment)

+ The evil old specialist who doesn't believe her sooper special serious condition!

+ Doctor hopping to a more receptive specialist.

+ The fucking mysterious seizures clustered around the effort of social interaction that are as psychogenic as they come.

+ The undisclosed eating disorder she seems to have suffered from since high school. Christ this girl.

No. 352673


She claims to be on fentanyl. If she has pain that fent can't touch but CBD can, it's in her head.

No. 352674

Wheelchair services will get you a wheelchair if you really do need one. Otherwise… well, there a plenty on eBay for a few hundred quid. Peopledo self fund but that's because they want sparkly fancy ones for IG and they want the rush of someone else paying, not because WS isn't doing their job

No. 352676


(sorry I know we're not supposed to blog)

I fundraised the last 1/5th I needed for my powerchair because I didn't want to wait 18 months for an appointment to be told I didn't qualify because I can walk 10 paces.

My husband works fulltime, so a manual chair I cannot push myself wasn't really an option.

No. 352677


Maybe the CBD oil is for the "mysterious seizures". She might have read about parents of severely epileptic children finding it helps stop them having quite so many.

Obviously this won't work for functional disorders like psychogenic seizures.

No. 352680

File: 1500070909116.png (719.8 KB, 814x541, wtfchloe4.png)


I love how fucking ignorant she is to how the smaller components of her made up disease actually work. Bitch, if you had 12 seizures yesterday, you sure as shit would not be smiling with perfect coiffure and makeup.

And that "paralyzed hand" thing is bullshit. Todd's paralysis due to seizures doesn't just select a fucking hand, it's closer to stroke like symptoms with the same lack of dexterity and mobility, except it clears up after a few hours. Even your fucking tongue goes numb.

If you had 12 seizures the day before, you wouldn't even be selfying. You wouldn't have the muscle control, and you'd probably be in status epilepticus. Hence why her neuro is probably thinking she is full of shit.

No. 352681


I suspect she's refusing to accept a PNES/FND diagnosis because claiming epileptic seizures gives her super srs medical condition more clout.

Again, see also: Hypermobileguy

No. 352689


Yeah, I am surprised the eating disorder thing hasn't been raised earlier with her. It's really quite obvious in the way she poses and how she used to talk about food (if you scroll back).

No. 352690

The tenth is the urethera. Yay for ladyholes n girlbumps… Poor old ure; always gets left out… it's probably developed some type of udid by now… #PeeTSD ?

No. 352693

File: 1500072118164.png (580.26 KB, 810x597, Screenshot 2017-07-15 00.40.42…)


Look at her fucking excitement. Jesus.

No. 352709

God damn, do any of you on here have day jobs? What happened to each and every one of you that made you so bitter and hating towards people that have absolutely nothing to do with your lives? You guys making this thread is just giving everyone more attention…. maybe you all should worry about your own lives instead of others. I bet almost none of the people on here have medical degrees or anything close to a higher education. Why not focus your time on positive things instead of bringing people down? I doubt any of you will actually read this because you're all too fucked up to care, but it's a shame you're all wasting your lives on this site trashing people you don't even know.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352711

Whatever, no one cares about your blogging. People are approved for every kind of wheelchair if they DO meet guidelines, that's the point. No one's saying you can't buy one for yourself if you really want to, as long as you pay for it and don't beg like these people with gofuckmes are doing. That's what's gross about their behavior.

No. 352716

File: 1500074118431.png (213.19 KB, 735x1159, IMG_1827.PNG)

Guess Nicole isn't feeling the love lately..

No. 352720


Oh boy, a cow emerged! Is it Kelly or Ali? Probably Kelly, Ali has more distinctive typing.

Also no. Ripping on you is extra cathartic. For every time I have had to spend several hours in waiting rooms waiting for one of you long-winded blowbags to stop holding up the doc past your appointment time, this is your payback.

I hope you realize that your shenanigans have only an abstract effect on other people. The senior doc in one of the places I go to actually told the PAs and junior docs they were sending out for testing too much for diagnostic purposes. And seeing the morbidly obese, clearly mentally unwell, but otherwise well nourished and mobile people in that waiting room, I'm honestly not surprised the senior doc was trying to cut down on the tests many of these people demand.

So yeah. People like you literally are a waste of my life.

No. 352721


Sorry, meant to read: "I hope you realize that your shenanigans have more than an abstract effect on other people."

No. 352726

LOL wut, you don't need a medical degree to post here. Not that my level of education is relevant but it's high enough to to know this; if you want privacy, don't splash your personal business over the World Wide Web. Lock down your social media and only accept people you actually know. Except people on here won't do that, why? It's a choice. The internet is not your private spoonie safe space

No. 352728


It's actually really hard to get accepted for a wheelchair in lots of places and the waiting list is hella long. I know this because of my job working with disabled adults. That said, no excuse for the gofuckme bollocks. I hate that shit.

No. 352734

Oh my god, no it's not. Not if you have critical need. They don't hand them out like candy because they know too many people would give up and rely on them. Witness the lolcows we've looked at, for goodness sake.

There's shopmobility and eBay as other options, but young people on IG don't want those as they don't have social currency. Both of those help fill the gap for people whose needs are less severe.

saged for boring wheelchair debate

No. 352738

If you have pain fentanyl can't touch aren't you basically on palliative care at deaths door anyway?

No. 352746

Jeez.If I wasn't already against sharing with people about my medical issues this would thread would convince me to shut up and keep to myself. I'm already a hermit, easier to hide your illness that way, or people will just gossip about you like this. Thanks for the reminder. ?(ok ?)

No. 352753

A lot of people here actually do have chronic illnesses and are sick of the oversharers that dramatically overshare and have tons and tons of inconsistencies in that over sharing that are basically word for word from easy google searches.

No. 352755

Most of the farmers who read this thread have chronic illnesses and realize it's possible to vent without the extreme theatrics and that bawwwing on Instagram for attention won't make you feel better.

No. 352758


Gastroenterology/endo fellow, actual medical degree, unlike you and your spoonie fans who think they know everything better than their own doctors because they googled it and checked it out on WebMD. I see you and your ilk clogging up the system and hurting genuinely sick people because you so need attention. Your shit kills genuinely ill people… and why? Because being babied by doctors and nurses beats working? Because you are so afraid of the real world that you have to hide yourself in a fake hospital room at home? Because you realized that you couldn't be the best so instead of being just good at what you're doing, you decided to whine until someone punched a hole in your abdomen and shoved a tube in it?

Fuck you.

Oh yeah, I too was sick once. Suck it up.

Sage for rage.

No. 352762


In general, yes.

There are some exceptions, e.g. fentanyl doesn't do shit against neuropathic pain (methadone is the only opioid that works for neuropathic pain because of its effect on NMDA receptors) or pain from a conversion disorder. But for any legitimate pain that is not fixed by a decent dose of fentanyl, it's unlikely that there's any other way to fix it short of something brutal and ill-advised, such as epidurals, nerve root blockades with lidocaine, conotoxins like ziconotide administered intrathecally, and so on. Fentanyl is also not the strongest of the opioids - it is the most potent by mass, but an equivalent dosis of diamorphine (heroin), which is only permitted in terminal palliative care, is much more euphoric and has a stronger effect on pain (equianalgesic doses are actually calculated based on acting on the same number of receptors - an equianalgesic dose guarantees no withdrawals but the pain killing effect of one drug at the equianalgetic dose with the other might be stronger, significantly so in fact!).

Sage for medfagging.

No. 352773

I'm terrible at IDing meds but I fucking lost it at the Biotin.

No. 352776

File: 1500080763821.png (125.05 KB, 290x200, hurrdurr.png)

One eye on the social media, one eye on the streets

No. 352777

She is definitely an oversharer and dramatic but I don't think she's a munchie. With RA they aren't just going to hand someone over humira without having high inflammation numbers in blood work.

No. 352803

lawl sounds a lot more like a dissociative episode than a seizure. Call psych!

No. 352843

Again with the spoonie (disguised as "experience" to illustrate your point) blogposting! Just stop it, we know what you're on about FFS! No one gives a flying fuck.

Sage for growing rage

No. 352846

It's like a munchie check list, seems oddly familiar, like I've seen it elsewhere cough Kelly cough

No. 352855

File: 1500096603604.png (77.67 KB, 1115x444, munchieswiki.png)

It's actually pretty neat to read some of the research that has been done on Munchausen by Internet. I think it'll eventually be in the DSM.


No. 352872

Terribly sorry to inform you but I am in no way a spoonie. I was sick, I got medical treatment, and now I'm back to living my normal life. I don't even post about my experience much, my ig has 2 posts about it, both thanking the people who helped me. Not everyone who chooses to share their experience is doing it for the validation/attention like many of the people discussed on this forum are, it's literally just meant as a point of view as someone who was sick commenting on munchies. Stop being a dick ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352875

If you're not a spoonie quit detailing your medical history because it adds nothing to the conversation and n1curr. Bawwbaww all you want, no way you're going to convince me you're not doing it for secret spoonie points. Next time I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut and report you. You're welcome for the advance notice.


No. 352903

File: 1500110766018.png (247.85 KB, 750x1287, IMG_2184.PNG)

Look at that fucking pill collection… almost all of which are OTC supplements.

No. 352904

File: 1500110906921.png (221.03 KB, 750x1288, IMG_2187.PNG)

This is Hannah. Her YouTube channel, in which she selflessly raises awareness of herself and her condit… nope, just herself, is basically a whole dairy of bullshit.

No. 352905

File: 1500110950747.png (165.84 KB, 750x1287, IMG_2189.PNG)

More Hannah. Look at me. I have more IV pumps and syringe drivers than you do!

No. 352906

File: 1500111125446.png (220.12 KB, 750x1282, IMG_2192.PNG)

Oh fuck off Courtney. If you had 8/10 pain, you could not focus enough to fill in the fucking form without shaking! Also, she gets around just fine yet rates her disability level at 80/100? Bitch, there are people who would kill for your mobility and function.

No. 352907


Her pain doesn't fucking make any anatomical sense. It does not coincide with dermatomes - the definite sign of pain that's in the brain.

No. 352921

His facebook is pretty boring these days, to be honest. Mostly just photos of dogs.
There was one update saying he was in hospital, but that was months ago and has since been deleted. He's either giving up the munchie shit OR is laying low while the investigation continues (no guesses for figuring out which one it is)

No. 352923

File: 1500118127284.jpg (288.33 KB, 745x493, cow.jpg)

Shows of her port every tuesday.
Gets magnesium iv for her migraines and trigeminal neuralgia and has a port for this.
Suddenly shows symptoms of MCAD after people asked if she has it.
Films herself while applying some creme on her wrist(there were some pimples/rash).
And suddenly she experiences throat swelling/tightness.
Makes photos every time she has red cheeks or a rash.

Real reason why she got rid of Beau? Beau kept peeing on her bed and he refused to obey. They got rid of the 2nd dog, because the dog prefered her mum.
She's on disability for her RA, TN and fibro and claims that she can't work at all. So how can a person like this look after a dog?

No. 352927

Omg these people and saying I have angieodema attacks. You can't have a fucking attack of a damn symptom. Chronically Jacquie does that shit too oh my angieodema is acting up. Bitch it's a fucking symptom. Which you wouldn't be talking because your damn face would be swollen and you'd be fucking miserable.

No. 352936

It's starting to seem like a competition amongst the munchie community now as to who can make it into this thread ….

No. 352941

File: 1500123398847.png (735.93 KB, 818x547, wtfcourtney.png)


Tru. But I have a feeling you're a lurkcow yourself, as your weird ellipsis patterns are similar to >>352709

On a cow related note, Courtney is a fucking barrel of laughs, pic related. Yes, Courtney, "a connective tissue disease" is, in fact, a diagnosis, not that I want to give you any validation. I think she wants her rheumatologist to amp it up and give her the mixed connective tissue disease diagnosis she's jonesing for. She's seeming to get everything from the doc aside for the actual words, which is what she's craving. Plaquenil is generally one of the safest drugs to give to someone with UCTD/MCTD that have symptoms on the lower end of the spectrum, as it's not nearly as toxic as other anti-malarials that are traditionally used. Because that shit will make your liver have a very bad time. I'm guessing she wants some hard core corticosteroids, which are like if Satan came up from hell to whisper in your ear every moment of the day.

Also her whole "raynauds" thing is hilarious. Raynauds is more or less harmless, unless you have the ulcerating variety, in which case you would be more worried about the dying flesh at the end of your digits, rather than sticking it on your profile to get the sweet spoonie points. You can even have Raynauds all by itself without any other condition, so it's possible that she may never get a more definitive condition or a more definite diagnosis.

No. 352944

File: 1500125059152.png (205.81 KB, 730x1228, IMG_1828.PNG)


Kek, Actually no, been on this site awhile-through Robyn,JBN,MLS, Eli/Hunter - cows like Kelly putting the link in their profile have brought the munchies here to compare their sooper speshul stories -that no one cares about

Anyone else notice that after HMG was posted here with his tubie stuffed animal, JBN made a post about hers?

No. 352954

All of you people have a fucking illness if you think this is funny or even okay. Just disgusting. Hope all of you get an illness that cannot be figured out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352960


It also doesn't correspond with Arthritis which is a joint disease. Some people are morons.

No. 352962

Yeah, the insta spoonies are the ONLY people in the whole wide world who are sick.

Fuck off with that shit. Most people on here are sick; we just don't flaunt it for attention, to compete with other internet strangers or to falsify information such as; those stupid vog masks do NOT protect you from infection. Taking photos of one makes you look silly, you're gonna get called up on it. ;)

No. 352966

Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Was led to lolcow after Joysus and the Spergleberries rubbed me the wrong way weeks ago, and just discovered this thread last week, and I probably shouldn't have been surprised by how widespread this particular type of attention-seeking is. I suppose we all know a couple.


(The real show happens on Facebook, and possibly on Instagram but I am unable to follow and it's completely private.)

Meet my personal favorite munchie-cow. This lovely lady has been imagining illnesses for years in (relative) privacy before she took to the internet in an attempt to literally be Dina Niels (a young woman with RA who refused to give up being a triathlete over it). I've been following her for years under a previous alias, and it's amusing to watch her revise her own personal history to prove that she has always had [trendy disease du jour] undiagnosed and now is permanently damaged because of it. She actually claimed several other things in the past before deciding to stick with first celiac disease, then various types of arthritis, and so on, then did some doctor shopping to get the diagnoses she wanted despite inconclusive tests. Makes a big deal about how she's "literally one in a billion" because of her sooper speschul extra-rare youneeek subset of said arthritis. (Her blog really illustrated that, but seems to be down indefinitely. She has a twenty-year-old angelfire page that is still accessible, so I didn't even think to try to back it up.) At this point she's been doing it so long I always wonder whether the latest symptom is imaginary, psychosomatic, or if she's having real side effects from the powerful drugs she's taking for diseases she doesn't have.

She has recently started posting again after a leave of absence, so may be one to watch.

Some examples of her bonkers:

Her celiac is the literal worst celiac there is. I have on at least one occasion seen her refer to it as "end stage." End stage celiac disease. Went off on someone for implying their anaphylaxis was in any way as serious as her end stage celiac disease for which she was having seizures on a thread elsewhere too long ago for me to find. (She has never had a seizure to my knowledge, and certainly hadn't then.)

She has more rare diseases than anyone! Spoiler, afaik, she actually does have one of these things. If I remember correctly, it's a common type of cyst that is usually found by accident and doesn't actually do anything besides show up in radiology. It's the visible proof you can point to that she's always wanted, and I think they day they found it was like a second Christmas to her. She may have recently upgraded it to an adenoma, but that may just be a new additional thing she claims to have. Who can keep up? I also suspect she has a real running injury that she just won't let heal properly. She took up running the minute she was able to get a diagnosis of arthritis, because they told her not to, and immediately started training really hard. She freely admits this.

I am the most inspirational! And the most humble! (This one might be just a little BEC, sorry.)

This is just an example of the infrequent posts that give a sense that she always tests negative or inconclusive for the disorders she claims to have. After reading back through two years on her main post looking for two other posts in particular that made her look even more suspect, I'm settling on this one and quitting because now I am bored.

Of note: This spoon-muncher at least makes a token effort to "raise awareness" and has raised small amounts of money for her various illnesses, and to my knowledge has not abused gofundme. The former is most likely just virtue-signalling + SEE HOW SICK I AM YOUGUISE and the latter is probably only because she managed to marry rich, but I'll give her credit anyway.

However, also of note is that she spent the last decade telling everyone her (totally normal child who eats normal food) is borderline for celiac, has eosinophilic esophagitis, and has an insensitivity to sugar. She's mentioned at least the former two on her facebook page, though I think I only caught her saying "disaccarride intolerance" one time elsewhere, and may have decided to not run with that one.

Tbh, she often comes off as more of a gigantic hypochondriac half the time than an actual munchie. I've been debating with myself for years over which it might be. Can it be both?

I apologize that I am not able to post screens atm. I was debating whether to mention her at all because her following isn't even that huge and she periodically fucks off for weeks at a time before remembering her sympathy machine at all, but hey, it's Saturday. If anyone else finds her as irritating as amusing as I do and has the time, feel free to fix this issue for me.

P.S: Also talks about having Raynaud's phenomenon (without ever showing proof) like it's a big effing deal. And likes being photographed in Vog masks and while self-injecting drugs.

No. 352967


I already have an illness that can't be figured out. I just don't need the pity points.

Sage for sorta blogging

No. 352968


Err, speaking from that corner (with the difference that rather than whiling away my days at home feeling sorry for myself, I was actively dying): if you have an illness that can't be figured out, you should be aiming for palliative treatment. That's the difference between actual sick people and spoonies. Spoonies want a diagnosis they can flash on instagram, and want one that is currently trendy (used to be mito… what happened to that? It's EDS and MCAD and *CTD and CRPS now…), not treatment for the symptoms they have. It's not uncommon for the cause of a person's illness not to be identified for months, but in the meantime, they can get treatment for what bothers them. Which most spoonies get: pain relief etc. Honey, your beloved spoonies and yourself don't suffer from magical conditions. You suffer mostly from trivial physical illnesses compounded by a histrionic psychopathology. For this, you do what histrionics do best and make everyone's life hell: doctors, your family, your loved ones, your spouse, other genuinely sick people. All of you need to take a long hard look at yourself and think about what's broken in your lives so that you seek attention at the expense of others, and then try to get treatment for that. With a lot of DBT, there's a chance you may start having normal human relationships rather than the abusive relationships in which you suck people emotionally dry and ragged with your constant drama. Maybe then people will actually love you rather than be chained to you by the sudden acute exacerbations of your nonexistent illnesses every time they try to break free.

Harsh, but true.

Please don't pasture me. Sage for rage and small power level.

No. 352969


top kek anon. she really thinks she's some kind of celebrity huh. "i am the face of arthritis"

if a doctor tells you not to do endurance sport, and you continue to do it anyway, i don't think you get to complain about how tough MUH DIZEEZES are

No. 352971


In her case she wasn't continuing to do endurance sports; she took them up AFTER getting the diagnosis she wanted BECAUSE they told her not to. She decided one day she wanted to be Dina Neils, and took the necessary steps, I guess.

No. 352972


Also, she has two different kinds of arthritis and *CTD. That does not exist. You either have arthritis or UCTD/MCTD. You literally can't have both.

But wait, there's more! She claims to have EDS and dysautonomia, too! Now, if you don't know shit about medicine, that makes sense. Autoimmune diseases do happen in bunches and having one predisposes you to having another. However, EDS is not an autoimmune disease, it's a congenital deficiency of collagen synthesis/folding. The chances of having one set of inflammatory rare diseases and another set of congenital joint diseases is fairly low, so the two co-occurring are what I will now term Anonfag's Second Sign: a person diagnosed with a genetic joint disease and an autoimmune inflammatory joint disease is almost definitely a cow.

No. 352975

And she's only trying to reduce the symptoms by applying cremes or swallowing medicine instead of changing her diet. As an example at the BBQ she ate Shrimps, which is kinda weird for someone with a possible MCAD diagnosis. Her last rash looked like something caused by a bracelet. Wondering how long she will pretend to have this illness

No. 352995


& here I was thinking the new trendy one was chronic Lyme/neuro Lyme.

No. 352996

What the fuck did I just read? Do you people not have jobs, friends, family, responsibilities ANYTHING to fill your time other than sit on this site and abuse people? The people you're attacking here have NOTHING to do with you. Stop making their lives your business and find a real hobby.

I have a chronic illness. I talk about it, occasionally post about it. I see my doctor and follow my treatment plan. I still work and have a life. A lot of us with chronic illness do. Just because someone decides to chronicle their journey doesn't make them a munchie. Awareness is important. It's dumb fucks like you that give us all a bad name. Back off and find a real life to live.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352997

There's no reason to get so defensive if you're not one of the losers faking it.

No. 352999

File: 1500140329552.png (874.28 KB, 933x602, wheeler1.PNG)


LMW's "angioedema attack" montage.

No. 353000

File: 1500140392128.png (721.64 KB, 914x605, wheeler2.PNG)


& bonus "I wish my port wasn't showing".
Of course if she really wished that she'd have taken a photo of her necklace with the port covered up.

No. 353001


It was throughout acknowledged that several people who 'chronicle their journey' are legit.

And a lot of people are drama queens and fucking Munchies. So the question is, do you defend them because you are one of them, or because you want to be one of them?

BTW, it's funny how the new Munchie contention is along the lines of 'don't you have jobs?' Is that not a little nasty to ask of people some of whom might have genuine chronic illnesses precluding them of work, you ableist piece of shit?

No. 353003


Angioedema is not a fucking autoimmune condition, it's an IgE mediated allergic reaction. Fuckwit.

Munchie better, moron.

No. 353005


Maybe she's angling for "idiopathic".

No. 353007


Nah, Lyme is so late-2000s! Most Lyme Munchies realized that anyone not getting better after antibiotics is basically out of treatment options and thus of attention generating crap, while also being fairly unpleasant. EDS on the other hand is a lifelong ride: if it's not orthopaedic issues, it's POTS or MCAD or their poor GI system or whatever they want to whine about that given day.

No. 353008


In her case, that would have to include another 't'.

No. 353009

Chronic illness comes in all forms. Some can work and some cannot. My problem is with all you hateful cunts who have nothing better to do than destroy the lives of others. Find a more meaningful way to fill your time. Spending all day on these boards is pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353010


I thought Bella Hadid's ability to model while being ~super sick~ with Lyme had caused a resurgence. (Also widely believed to be made up by her mother.)

No. 353011


I very nearly responded to this with a well thought out, reasonable post that treated your points with humility and respect.

I'm glad that I came to my senses, because your multiple personality disorders and/or jumble sale assortment of mental disorder preclude you from doing anything but spew vicious remarks in kind.

See, here's the thing: we have a problem with you because you suck up medical resources that you don't need. You hate us because we call you accountable for that behavior, and make you examine your pathological patterns, which just makes you feel worse about yourself.

Go fuck yourself, in short.

No. 353014


Do you know what's hateful and cunty? Lying. Saying things like "oh my immune system, I need a vog mask". You know what else? People like this who make it harder for genuinely ill people because we all get doubted. You know what else? Calling us names, yet wishing ill health? You know what else? Slagging off Drs who are actually trying to help, not indulge.

No. 353018

Biggest question: Did she see the allergist or did she only bothered him per mail?
And what's the point of her selfies? In one she's sucking in her cheeks and the rest aren't even frontal.

How can you write such a long text, when your throat is "super swollen and it hurts to swallow"? Is it a superpower that comes with being a munchie?

No. 353026

Yay, I found her blog and a couple of the posts I had forgotten about. http://captainangrybones.blogspot.com/2014/10/johns-hopkins-field-trip-1-in-7-billion.html
TL;DR: Her disease is the rarest disease. One snowflake spoonie to rule them all. Also, daughter somehow has sooper rare unrelated illness, too. Because every stomachache is HerpesencephalAIDScanceritis. And now I'm extra, extra done because I didn't realize her FB shit went back that far, and old milk is just not the best milk. There is other old milk elsewhere, but I'm not sure I want to risk revealing all and tipping my personal heifer. Sorry for the mini-sperging. I'll be over here praying to Moschel for fresh milk.

No. 353032


Ew. I only made it through two of the links. I have a friend who calls this "terminal uniqueness", i.e. 'my life is so terrible and I'm the only one and no one can understand or be in as awful a place as me'

No. 353037


You ain't MY "face of arthritis" love. I have Rheumatoid. I'm normal; go to full time work, see my friends, take my medication and it isn't my identity. I'd much rather see normal people living their lives instead of this shite.

No. 353046

Wow. You all need to find something more productive to do with your time. You can't prove that any of these people are faking their illness. You don't know them, their doctors, or their family. You don't live in their bodies, you don't know how they feel. You have no right to judge. You'll be a lot happier when you're not obsessed with the lives of perfect strangers. Banning people who don't share your bullshit opinion won't do a damn thing either, it just goes to show how insanely immature you all are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353056

File: 1500146159159.jpg (166.64 KB, 960x960, IMG_20170715_044108_772.jpg)

I think no missed something. So has Kelly had her lady bits removed already. Or is she a mefical miracle? She must know people have figured her out because I was lurking and the her Insta went ptivate! Any one else notice she switches between private and public? I was shit close to having the best screen shots. She knows without a doubt that we get milk there. She responded to some of our topics in here under her last few posts. And I think her fan club is annoyed with her… She wrote in brackets (no lectures) so she knows. People are figuring the whole thing out! And wtf is with being to "sick" to have a job, but well enough to jump… What crazy show off things she does! I wonder if her coddlers know that as soon as she's alone she's not sick!

No. 353070


Ugggg yes so much exaggeration. Like I'm guess she's had some bad reactions but some of her photos in the ICU etc are so not right. one access line & never been intubated? and some of the flush or reaction pictures look like anyone after exercise

No. 353071


Honey, if you love being abused, go delude yourself that these people are actually sick, these people don't block critically scarce resources, they aren't exploitative emotional vampires. Your choice, darling.

But please fuck off and leave people who have been burned and stung by these assholes and want to openly discuss them alone.

No. 353077

File: 1500149344550.jpg (109.42 KB, 960x960, the face of arthritis.jpg)

Ladies and gentlecucks, I give you: The Face of Arthritis.

Someone needs to introduce her to Joysus.


No. 353083

What about @greeneggsnspoons and @myblondeboyage on Insta? The latter apparently got bipolar disorder from her lyme disease ?

No. 353084

sorry it's @myblondevoyage ?

No. 353085

K this makes me sick! Kelly did a commercial! She will take attention she can get. But one day when "illnesses" are proven fake, she going to get sued or something! Her commercial is just a huge time wasting lie! Any seen her YouTube yet. I'm embarrassed for her. I'll get the link.

No. 353087

Everyone knows that running in heat and humidity works out so well for people suffering from Dysautonomia. I bet if and that's a big IF she passes out, she goes to the ER and milks that for all it's worth.

No. 353088

Serious lol! She's playing the poor
And the kind of fumbles her words when talking about her Dr and "non diagnosis! I'm a blood donor, but not in Canada thank f! K link.

No. 353089

No, no. She's female. "Trans male," still means female. Go back to tumblr.

Are there any actual, biological male munchies out there or is this some exclusively female phenomenon?

No. 353090

you don't need to put your email in, buddy

No. 353093

File: 1500150420475.png (159.2 KB, 936x544, wtfemma.png)


Wow, Emma is bag of laughs. This just in: Lyme disease can give you bipolar. (I'm oversimplifying her post, obvs, but bitch please, Lyme disease is just as likely to give you exclusively psychiatric symptoms as malaria is, i.e. not fucking likely.)

Browsing through her feed, she apparently takes up a hospital bed, while receiving vitamin infusions and claiming her immune system is suppressed. Though this clinic she's at seems like a munchie's wet dream. It's a private medical clinic that treats shit like allergies and Lyme disease. Augh. I shudder to think of the cost of this.

At least she isn't in the regular healthcare system.


No. 353094

Long time lurker, first time poster here. I think the real munchies are you lot running these threads. You're so jealous of the chronically ill and want the sympathy, treatments and tests they all go through but your doctors see through your bullshit so your only joy is tearing apart other people instead of dealing with your own psychological issues.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353099

Baah like I care bout email lmao. It's one from like 2008 I use for silly non personal stuff anyway ?

No. 353103


Pfft. I got bipolar from a toilet seat. Prove me wrong.

No. 353104

But for real tho. These people are nuts. My friend got diagnosed with lupus last july and poor thing literally went through mental health hell and identity crisis cause mostly what they knew bout chronic and AI illnesses was the representation that exists on insta by these morons. took months to come around, mentally tho ? i think these people are very very disturbed and i guess the attention is their goal and it does baffle me how their kidneys don't fail from all the meds ? my friend is very functional today and laughs at this munchie mess when we happen to mention it. these people use their "illness" as an identity but campaign that their illness doesn't define them like bitch what ?? JBN is the worst and Kelly is like, sooooo angry ?? u guys are amazing for exposing those idiots keep going. Also I found this place thanks to munchies so I mean, they are really dumb ???(???)

No. 353107


What creeps me out is how otherwise healthy she looks and seems. She's not at all lethargic, she's not remotely frail, not even when she's in a hospital bed with pale lips– she looks lucid, with normal energy, has the energy even for a bit of misplaced humor by doing a normal pose for a photo.

And that range of movement, fluidity and flexibility even on bi-weekly transfusions more or less flies in the face of unexplainable blood disorder. When you're as anemic and/or hypovolemic as she claims to be, you simply can't do that kind of physical stuff.

I think someone before suggested Kelly accesses the port to drain her own blood, which I'm thinking more and more to be likely, rather than some kind of destructive process going on in her body. She would have way more constitutional symptoms.

Which makes me so mad, looking at ALL OF THAT BLOOD that is shown hooked up to her. And she does this every two weeks. My fucking god.

No. 353111


Haaahaha. We should make this the new munchie craze. Mount our own anti-munchie campaign, claiming to get mental illnesses from improbable contact with physical objects.

Ex: I got schizophrenia by sitting next to an oak tree. insert picture of me, sad faced, in a park, next to that horrible oak

No. 353112

Statistically speaking, it's impossible to really estimate what percentage of munchies are female and what percentage of munchies are male because they jump ship and refuse treatment for being a munchie. Makes it a lot harder to estimate actual prevalence rates and how effective treatment is, so the disorders are often studied as case studies instead of larger studies with actual subject pools. I'm sure male munchies exist, they're just hard to find and pin down. Especially online for some reason. Not sure why MBI seems especially popular among women.

No. 353113

Hey errbody. I dk if anyones noticed but our girl Kelleeyh is adding "this little thing called anxiety" I guess they all have to add mental issues too cuz obviously it is popular to not be ok today….

No. 353114

When I have a fucking headache I can't bring myself to hold the phone to my face let alone type paragraphs explaining complex medical shit and whatnot
Fucking jokes(sage needed)

No. 353115

It seems to me that oversharing in general is popular among women, so it's entirely possible there's a huge contingent of male MBI sufferers who only make their local ER suffer instead of every person they've ever met via social networking.

No. 353120

That's by definition not MBI but regular old Munchausen's. MBI is specific to the internet and various social media platforms like Instagram. Mental health professionals still have difficulty pinning down precise prevalence rates and demographics of Munchausen's because of the termination of treatment issue. So it's pretty much all speculation at this point.

No. 353125

I love the dramatic pining about the lives of blood donors and how they're totes saving her life every two weeks. Yeah, sounds legit.

No. 353126

I was confusing the MBI with the garden variety webmd hypochondriacs. I still think it's mainly the tendency of women to overshare in general, as well as the fact that women are more likely to want to fall into that helpless role than men. Now I kind of feel like it's our duty to find a male munchie.

No. 353134

This might be unpopular…
I'm not going to touch whether his stutter is completely genuine or not, so let's say it is. But here's the thing, his entire schtick is I Have a Speech Impediment and a Service Dog. Why does a person who has a severe speech impediment make the decision to get a career in public speaking?

No. 353136

This right here! Get help you fuckwits. You all are the real munchies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353144


I don't use Tumblr. But this thread isn't for picking apart peoples' gender ID, it's for exposing and analysing their fake/exaggerated illnesses. Everything Eli has posted that I know of involves male pronouns so I'm going to go with that.

No. 353147

What do munchies and those tumblrinas who pose in tricked out wheelchairs despite being perfectly able to walk plan on doing once they get bored of playing victim? Do they even think that far ahead?
Obviously a lot of them aren't right in the head but I've noticed a lot of them seem to be tumblr users who use their imaginary medical conditions for attention or as an accessory.
How do they plan on explaining that they're no longer 'chronically ill'?

No. 353149

Really hope it doesn't become the norm so that people with actual conditions are expected to 'magically recover' like the munchie community does.

No. 353150

She's a fake sick person and a fake man. Everything about her is a lie.

No. 353153

I agree with >>No. 353144
Eli's pronounce has nothing to do with this thread

No. 353154

File: 1500155434794.png (623.57 KB, 935x545, wtfemma2.png)

Emma manages to even make getting mono sound like a fucking death sentence. She calls it "glandular fever" and manages to make it sound like something you'd catch out of a Bronte novel. Get over yourself, woman. Get a life, get a real career that isn't milking a common disease for fake awareness.

Hey, I can play this game– I have the consumption. No, not that one, it's another of the half dozen conditions that were called "the consumption" in the early 1800s.

No. 353156

That's the normal name for it in the U.K.

No. 353159


Treats mono with herbal woo. Seems legit. Made up illnesses get made up cures.

No. 353160

Another one who likes the 'pills and bottles' aesthetic.

No. 353165

File: 1500156787049.png (2.79 MB, 1440x1942, Capture _2017-07-15-14-59-26-1…)

These beads tho. Every time I see a munchy collecting little token beads for god knows what. I cring. I'm gonna collect bathroom beads, and every time I take a crap I'm gonna put a brown bead on a string and post it for the world to see! This to me is munchy competing. I bet they count them to see who has the most. I get that this could be helpful for a kid or an actually sick person. Honestly Kelly… Blech. This is like proof that she likes being sick… And wants the world to know! Lol to her commercial!!! I bet donors do so wonder where their blood goes, and fortunately for Kelly they never find out! I've been "following" her for agessss! And her volunteer work. It makes me sick. Haha she calls it "giving back!" I'm checking constantly for those short Windows of time where her profile is public! Honestly she is so milky!

No. 353166

File: 1500156798696.png (208.25 KB, 935x539, wtfemma4.png)


Noted; she's still a moron. (You'll have to forgive my initial skepticism, most munchies like to call mundane conditions by obscure or abstruse medical terms.)

Emma also exhibits quite a bit of institutionalization. She claims to crave what's the the IV drips she would get from the private clinic; whether it's the contents or simply having an IV line is left ambiguous, but I have a feeling she really like the attention of getting privatized care for Lyme and mono.

No. 353175

Are vog masks the new NG tube in insta spoonie land? What's the deal?!

No. 353180


shes public now

No. 353181

Yep. Easier to get hold of and hide from docs. Theres a post a little way back from the vogmask website explaining how they don't actually protect from most chemicals etc. It just removes smells. So only really useful for particular neuro issues, not allergies

No. 353184

File: 1500158754419.png (2 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-07-15-15-37-46.p…)

Sweet Jesus! She bullshits the police too! So wrong. It looks like she was a "victim" in a hugely sick way! Even if something "happened" who the f would post a picture!? I need to do some investigating! This is too epic to leave as a mystery. And annoying thing I notice.. Munchies tell their story with hash tags! They try to act discreet and ashamed. Clearly she wanted to be asked "what happened to the poor girl?" Lying to the cops is huge. Anyone know about what this is about?

No. 353185

I don't see it on her ig, she probably deleted it.

No. 353199

File: 1500160189463.png (778.16 KB, 1000x1000, photostudio_1500159871855.png)

It must be a "spoonies" right of passage to post a picture of pee. Read her post! Everyone is so done with her selfish bs. Well minus me! Her bs is almost fascinating. SMH

No. 353210

File: 1500161164336.png (1.47 MB, 1440x1523, Capture _2017-07-15-13-01-32-1…)

I'll chill out with all the posting now! Sorry for the Kelly flood! K fine her MS is probably real, but why is she happy about? Nvm munchy. They love being diagnosed! And I zoomed in to a vid of hers, and name band says born 1992. She's too old for these games! I don't really understand ms, and all the diff terms used in this report. But I'd bet 100 bucks she has googled the shit out of it! K sorry for over posting

No. 353219

Kelly was born in 1982. One time she forgot to blur her birthdate on a pic. 34.

No. 353224


Gosh, Kelly, you finally have a (very tentative) semi diagnosis! Of course it's not some super serious special rare mysterious blood disorder. Just plain old MS. Bleh!

Then again, it might not be MS. The paper does say "concerning for" rather than "conclusive of". Sounds like the docs are going to keep her on the edge of her seat waiting for that sweet, sweet validation.

No. 353242

I'll get screen shots. I also scrolled her twin too. Twins usually have the same bday!.maybe she tampers her bands too! Good times

No. 353245

The whole bead thing is only okay if you're a child. An adult shouldn't need the validation of a tiny bit of plastic to commemorate every tiny medical thing.

No. 353247

File: 1500165629739.png (84.17 KB, 709x459, IMG_0073.PNG)

No. 353249

Wow, she's really gone of the deep end! Although I guess posting pee pics shouldn't be too surprising for her. Still, why would she think anyone wants to see that?

No. 353261

File: 1500167893697.png (361.83 KB, 709x560, Capture _2017-07-15-18-10-44-1…)

Wtf! Haha what a mess she is! Obviously hates her self for what she is and does! One lie after another for this one!

No. 353263


Especially suspect since she was at a private ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE clinic. Craving those homeopathic vitamin drips…

No. 353264

Anddddd private again!

No. 353269

File: 1500169869069.png (150.65 KB, 750x1127, IMG_1834.PNG)

This article from 2016 says Kelly is 30? The blood bag says '82 the letter says '92? Why even lie about age?


Also, in the blurred part of the Dr's notes where it reads "child like in her speech and becomes easily upset when discouraged"

Is this real life? I really thought she was legit once, I think I need counseling for ever believing her problems (maybe not all of them, but definitely some) but weren't psychosomatic or self inflicted somehow. . .

No. 353274

File: 1500170373716.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-07-15-18-51-11.p…)

Kelly's fb! I'm noticing that she's had special mental health issues for ages! Didn't get her enough attention I guess… I can't look away! Should I piss off already Or what?!

No. 353304

Wtf how did I miss that Kelly is 34??? That makes the whole thing so much worse. Can anyone provide details about the evidence bags she posted a pic of??? I can't find it on her IG. I wasn't sure what to believe, but man it just seems like she is straight up bat shit insane.

Sage for no contribution

No. 353306

File: 1500175180104.png (2 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-07-15-13-28-08.p…)

We should have her on her own personal crazy thread! This is getting crazy interesting!

No. 353307

I think she's 24?

No. 353308

But the news clip says 30!!!

No. 353310

File: 1500175572316.png (1.05 MB, 1406x1636, Screenshot_20170715-222204.png)

[[REMOVED]] 's medical document listing her DOB as 9/10/82…(Kelly's twin sister so unless [[REMOVED]] was born 7 days early…)(no personal info on family members)

No. 353314

File: 1500176174006.png (841.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170715-223144.png)

Post from when she was having reactions to the blood

No. 353319

Lol Kelly opened her ig page for public! It's a must see! LmFao

No. 353320

Sorry I'm slow! But what about that reaction pic! I don't wAnna miss this

No. 353324

good Lord. She's off the deep end. "safety" issues over her age?!
You can't fake the hospital dates/papers they check it with every unit of blood - it's 1982.

No. 353328

She is a VERY complex person anon, gosh!

No. 353330


Ugh don't give her or any of these ppl their own threads. That makes them think they're even more sooper speschel when they're just as average as everyone else in the world.

No. 353331

Does she not realize that this is the internet? pretty sure she's getting off on all the attention, just like Ali and JBN

No. 353333

Not my bday either! But don't pasture me!. I don't care what other entertaining things go on in here. In fact I get life

No. 353334


Her IG profile says she gets bi-weekly transfusions. So two a week.

No. 353336

may be in the minority but I see the difference between Kelly's need for attention vs Ali's (can't base anything on JBN since theyre not posting here or about this). see Kelly seems to be craving it from this site by purposely providing what she believes is milk, Ali would be posting more here or would be making a separate account to get more followers of her escapade if she continued to want the attention. especially since no one really mentioned her until now, she wouldn't be getting that much attention = new account. but alas nothing. not saying she isn't batshit crazy but I don't think she craves the attention of this thread like some of these other morons

No. 353340

Biweekly = Every 2 weeks

No. 353341

Wait, holy fuck, she's from Kelowna? She's 4 years older than me (if she's really 34) but I grew up just outside of Kelowna. I wonder if we have mutual friends. I hope so! I'm going to ask around and see if anyone knows her.

I love local milk. Support BC dairy.

No. 353342


Unhelpfully, Wiktionary gave me:
"appearing or taking place every two weeks or twice a week"

Either way, she's taking up a HUGE chunk of her local blood reserves.

No. 353343

File: 1500180543474.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-07-15-21-20-34.p…)

Did anyone else see this??!! It's gone now. It's so hard to know what to do about the safety safety … I didn't cry wolf every other day maybe if believe hee

No. 353345

Confirmed for being born 9/10/82.

No. 353348

>haven't openly divulged

except you posted pictures of "your" medical records with your birthday on the internet so you have?

No. 353351

It's funny she forgot to blur. Normally it's all hidden!

No. 353353

File: 1500181880836.png (1.49 MB, 1260x1794, Capture _2017-07-15-22-06-55-1…)

I have only seen them all blurred out! All it takes is one slip. Poor shmuk.I thought she was like 18-20 lol!!! I wonder what other bdays she has!

No. 353354

Lol it doesn't even matter about her age! She's still be a nut job!

No. 353356

Devils advocate here. What if there is danger? I could care less for her… Can we even get in trouble? Haha I shouldn't even think twice hey? She lies about everything… Stoked to see how this unravels!!

No. 353362

Thanks for the milk anon, but would you kindly lay off all the exclamation marks, mmmmkay? It makes it sound as if you were 10 years old, and we all know you can't be under 18 to post here. Thank you.

Sage for pet-peeve

No. 353364

On second thought please go take ur ritalin and take a breath. You really are over-posting now. Your same-fag is massively showing.

Ironically, I am now same-fagging as well

Sage for samefag

No. 353370

what if the "danger" is something to do with Kelly's birth parents? She's never once spoken about them. Even when talking about support from friends and family, all she talks about is her room mates and her sister. She talks about it like she has no other family.

No. 353372

> Haha I shouldn't even think twice hey
Confirmed for British Columbian or Albertan.
R u Kelly?

No. 353375

Haha! Joking right?

No. 353380

File: 1500185840910.jpg (54.04 KB, 736x538, 62096fb4999e6a5bd615ccb1e02c88…)

I mean, joking to the extent that I reported your posts to the site admin to see if you're located in Kelowna too. I sincerely hope you're not Kelly, although part of me hopes that you are because it would pretty much confirm that her 34-year-old ass is malingering.

No. 353385

Could be, but if there was a valid threat I feel like she'd be more careful about posting her medical files.

No. 353404

File: 1500187419438.png (121.62 KB, 603x409, conjoined-twin-myslexia.png)

Could the dead 34-year-old fetus in her brain be the cause of her obvious learning disability?

No. 353420


What the fuck did I just read.

No. 353421


What if the threat is the other way - rather than her being the victim, she might have fallen foul of the law somewhere!

No. 353428

for what it's worth i have access to both kelly's facebook and her instagram for endless milk

No. 353429

Please share.

No. 353431

File: 1500193233797.png (1.2 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0102.PNG)

We know Kelly used to self-harm. She stopped when she 'got sick', and claims she now has 'alternatives' to self harm. What if Munchieing is her maladaptive coping response?

No. 353432

File: 1500193262002.png (1.25 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0103.PNG)

Above cont,

No. 353433

File: 1500193670417.png (396.79 KB, 1032x872, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 4.26…)

sage if this has already been posted but i checked her instagram and it hasn't…i think this was the saga she went to the ER for and it was absolutely nothing

No. 353436

File: 1500193971853.png (81.79 KB, 1018x318, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 4.31…)

part 2…the dramatics increase

No. 353437

File: 1500193999787.png (106.39 KB, 1008x390, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 4.31…)

and part 3 of this trilogy

No. 353442

I am curious about the image that went along with this. Are her scars that dramatic?

Status dramaticus…literally!

No. 353450

File: 1500197378854.png (891.1 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0104.PNG)


Dramatic is relative, but they are not paper cuts.

No. 353451

Kelly is clearly in her mid 30s. I am properly laughing at those who think she's in her 20s. She has a mature face but even without that, she's not young,

I don't get why she is so weird about her actual birthdate given she overshares absolutely everything else in her life; even her urine output. Then again, I don't know much about adoption and Canada. Maybe there are genuine safety concerns.

No. 353452


There's an extremely revealing aspect to this that Kelly might have ignored. she might just have given the solution to her own mystery.

You see, there are basically two kinds of anemia - one where you lose blood (hypovolemic anemia) and one where you just don't have the cells you need to keep you going (such as aplastic or hemolytic anemias). Now, aplastic anemia simply means you don't produce enough to keep up with the natural death rate of blood cells. Hemolytic anemia means something is attacking your red blood cells and breaking them into little pieces. Both of these are slow gradual processes - it takes at least the lifespan of RBCs (6 days give or take) to have a noticeable effect.

Now, as your blood counts start to slowly go down, you start to experience tingling and numbness. That's because your body is no longer adequately supplied with oxygen. Your muscles become weak and feel like they're on fire.

But if you simply suddenly suck a shitload of blood out of your port and replace it with fluids (or not) then go and have a transfusion (if she had the transfusions without sucking out the blood, she would have iron overload and get seriously sick, also seriously tan!), you don't necessarily experience these symptoms long enough to be aware of them. Which means that if these symptoms are new enough to Kelly to make her scared about having a stroke, she probably does not have a long slow onset anemia. Which proves the Farmer's Hypothesis of her using her port to bleed herself.

What a fucking selfish trainwreck. One lie piled on top of another, and for what? Because cutting didn't get her enough attention and having a mysterious disease where your blood disappears without a trace (and I do mean that… most anemias leave some evidence - hemolytic anemias can be detected by looking for the waste products of hemolysis, aplastic anemias can be detected by looking at immature cells and reticulocytes in the bloodstream as well as bone marrow biopsies which she has had, as far as I'm aware) is so much more exciting.

There's a tiny part of me that feels sorry for her - she could have a much better life if only she got help and fixed her evidently long standing and complex psychiatric issues. She is still young and she can still have a life and she can do so without having to hurt herself. At the same time, I understand that she fears that because of the blood she has used up that could have been needed for someone else, she would be judged. That's between her and her shrink, I just hope she gets the help she needs because this is not good for anyone,

No. 353453

So sick and scared that she is narrating it on Facebook. Shouldn't a professional patient like this know that it's not a medical emergency if you can give a shit about or use your phone/computer.

No. 353454

jesus christ you're the fucking munchie whisperer

No. 353455

The managing hospital also bears some responsibility for letting it drag on. They should have admitted her as an inpatient and placed her under watch, (probably) caught her bleeding herself, and then they would have been in a strong position to insist on psychiatric care. It's ridiculous that they've just been pouring their blood bank into her because she wants it.

No. 353461


She took it down the minute some of her followers started questioning why her d/o/b is a "safety" issue .. the girl (over) shares everything in public domain, I mean if there was a true safety issue you think she'd stfu

Sage for another Kelly post

No. 353471

It's always been really intriguing to me that these people tell themselves they're having a major medical crisis, a stroke on this case, and yet somehow find the time and energy to post in-depth real-time updates on social media. I get the munchausen thing is because the person wants lots of attention, but the utter lack of self-awareness given the level of navel gazing these people do, is simply breathtaking.

No. 353477

Wow, damn. Those are pretty serious scars. Well, one thing is certain: she is certainly capable of hurting herself. I do feel sad that she is suffering with mental issues, but am no less livid that she sucks up critical, limited medical resources in her current medfuckery. She really does need help; just not the kind she thinks she needs.

Pseudomedfag detected. Please don't.

>it takes at least the lifespan of RBCs (6 days give or take) to have a noticeable effect.

No. Red blood cell lifespan is ~115 days anon. RBC maturation via erythropoiesis takes ~6. Lern moar.

>You see, there are basically two kinds of anemia - one where you lose blood (hypovolemic anemia) and one where you just don't have the cells you need to keep you going

No. There are more than 2 kinds of anemia; the most common of which you have neglected altogether (deficiency-related malformations anyone?).

>Now, as your blood counts start to slowly go down, you start to experience tingling and numbness. That's because your body is no longer adequately supplied with oxygen. Your muscles become weak and feel like they're on fire.

>you don't necessarily experience these symptoms long enough to be aware of them. Which means that if these symptoms are new enough to Kelly to make her scared about having a stroke, she probably does not have a long slow onset anemia.
The fuck? I don't even know where to begin with this. These symptoms (paresthesias, etc.) are related to acute panic attack sequelae; not those typically experienced from anemia. Further, you would not have a 'grace period' between exsanguination and transfusion before symptomatic onset. Just no.

I am certainly not white knighting Kelly; I am 99% sure she is exsanguinating…but I will call out bullshit "medfagging" when I see it.

-actual medfag

No. 353479

You caught me cryface
Get ready for the debunking of your life…
1- ha, I got a wheelchair prior to dicharge (nhs)
2- Diamorphine manages pain rather well #floaty
3 - Bastard siezures knock my teeth out/take involuntary chunks out of my tongue/piss myself #suchfun
4 - Dammit I may be a munchie #mylifereallyISover
5 - Anaphalaxsis causes you to go blind minutes before shock renders you unconscious, it's horribly scary.
6 - End stage means exactly that. THERE ARE no fucking updates on instagram, there is no tomorrow on tumbler #buhbye world.
7 - when you're dying you have no idea you're dying, if you THINK you are you're probably not.
8 - I'm fucking angry. Munchies can fuck right off you bastards.
Written with love from fucking jealous cunt, although you are correct about the no life thing, I can concede that one… I straight up love this thread, check muh illness privilege.
Sage for ranty blog munchie rage, is the grass greener on the other side?? I may be off to pastures new… sorry!!!

No. 353495


LOL I had half of my response typed up when I saw this. This makes everyone seem dumb. Stop pseudomedfagging.

At the same time, it's painfully evident she has had a simple anxiety attack. All the more evidence her issues are primarily between the ears.

No. 353499

File: 1500213660571.jpg (680.25 KB, 1657x3149, IMG_0111.JPG)

One thing more reprehensible than fake spoonies? The 'alternative clinics' that prey on them with useless bullshit treatments. Case in point: the 'stem cell' injection for Lyme, which is absolute bollocks. No proven efficacy etc. but spoonies milk it like they just received a bone marrow transplant (confusingly also called a stem cell transplant, specifically a haematopoietic stem cell transplant).

No. 353502

File: 1500214183102.jpg (328.79 KB, 1536x1838, IMG_0112.JPG)

Oh Jesus the self pity.

No. 353517

Nope. Even then I still wouldn't believe you.

No. 353519

File: 1500217394100.png (2.13 MB, 1800x1208, IMG_8181.PNG)

does anyone else find her behaviour very peculiar? i know when i'm at the ED the last thing on my mind is cracking jokes, making outrageous ballet poses, and bringing props. i'm there because i'm under severe distress and medical reasons. and the whole bringing a weight to the hospital to shame an anon who questioned her for working out when she claims to be so ill is so weird to me. i'm just so perplexed by her behaviour.

No. 353520

File: 1500217526657.png (22.36 KB, 640x151, IMG_8182.PNG)

sage for samefagging but this comment is so applicable

No. 353522

What's the deal with her and her "twin" sister. They have different last names and birthdays I guess?

No. 353524

I guess it depends on what you're doing there. If it's something bad, cracking jokes may alleviate the situation. but for Kelly? it's totally for attention because she's a drama queen.

No. 353525

i mean yeah, cracking a few jokes is normal, but going full-on ballerina doing the splits and other poses and bringing a weight to a hospital?

No. 353526


It's actually more mysterious that you CAN lift weight when you are as anaemic as you claim. Unless of course you're ok right up until you venesect yourself. Incidentally, having some time off my shift, I PubMed'd 'factitious illness' + 'venesection' and apparently it's far from rare and frequent in people with central vascular devices.

The whole thing feels a little like what people with eating disorders do. They bring weights into treatment or heavy objects to be able to exercise and burn off calories while doctors are desperately trying to get them to gain. At this point, I'm rather mystified why a hospital allows her to do this bullshit and even considered a hysterectomy (what's with that, Kelly?) before just putting her under a week of one on one in the psych ward where she belongs. For her own sake, I hope her doctors find this - there's no cows to tip anymore here and I strongly believe her medics should be informed of what she's doing before they maim her unnecessarily. I don't want any other doctors to have that on their conscience or professoinal indemnity insurance.

No. 353527

I don't get it. If she admits her "symptoms" might be in her head then she's headed in the right direction! She didn't try to prove any of her lies. So though she is crazy (same with miss beauty pageant) in this case she didn't fake it. All of those symptoms scream anxiety! I would however, bank on her hoping to be treated like a real emergency in ED. There are pills for drama queens and their "panic attacks" but Ohhh no this had to become a big scene for her enjoyment. tbh I'm embarrassed for her!

No. 353528

I think she was getting transfusions way before she got a line. So who knows how she's pulling it off.

No. 353529

I actually have a close friend who started his nursing career at Kelowna General. I'm going to ask him why this bullshit is allowed.

Damn, I'm just so stoked about my local cow. She goes to the same church as my parents.

No. 353530

yeah, that is ridiculous and unnecessary.

No. 353538


No. 353547

I think Kelly's hospital are negligent. If they can't find out the reason for her anemia, they should just freakin' admit her.

No. 353551

File: 1500222694434.png (893.14 KB, 1422x1794, Capture _2017-07-16-09-26-12-1…)

In her fb there is an an album called "the way it's been" this nut already lived in a psych institution, it's called Hillside in kamloops B.C. I looked it up and it is for the worst of the worst. Wow Kelly. She documents it quite well. Interesting to check out for sure.

No. 353552

File: 1500222784774.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-07-16-09-25-56.p…)

She claims it was close to 2 years in psych. I'm mind blown. How have we missed so much?

No. 353554

Several times she was admitted and was able to prove that she is not doing it to herself. I'm so confused. She is a tru nut job. But I think honestly that she would have been "caught" by now. Just an oppinion. She is top drama queen, but maybe she is sick, but milks the hell out of it for attention? I'm not trying to defend her, it just seems that bull shit that huge wouldn't be enabled for so long. I agree she uses her "sickness" in a huge way. I'm even saying I'm decided on my own thoughts. Just really trying to put this all into some sort of understandable order

No. 353558


Honestly, given the Munchhausens suspicion, they might just be concerned that if they start treating her as the mental case she is, she will just go to another hospital. At least here they have some degree of oversight over what she's up to and can track her. The biggest problem with Munchies is how they can 'get lost' to the system.

Medfagpowerlevel: the hospital I worked at had a frequent flyer who had hypoglycaemic seizures despite there really being no good reason for that (female, middle aged, normal weight, not diabetic, etc.). Eventually it turned out that she stole some of her elderly mother's insulin and injected herself to induce hypoglycaemia and seizures. Some of these were fairly serious, to the point of her needing fairly involved neurological rehabilitation at a national specialist centre (pretty expensive and hard to get).

Eventually a nurse found insulin and insulin syringes in her bag, together with some sux that she managed to steal from a crash cart (fuck only knows how). Her doctor, plus one of the SpRs and the consultant in charge of the unit as well as a psych SpR visited her in her room and told her that she was faking and they were visibly mad with her (a justified, but still highly contraindicated, reaction to discovering factitious illness). They offered her a psych stay. She discharged herself against medical advice and was lost to our radar. A year later, she was found dead of an insulin OD. She kept doing her stunts in different areas and at one point, she overdosed - intentionally or accidentally, nobody knew. What we did know is that perhaps if the news had been broken to her more gently and less accusatorily (or even not broken to her at all, see below), she might have lived.

A great comment on this from Jeffrey Keller MD, who runs a pretty popular blog on correctional medicine, might explain the hospital's approach (in the context of nonepileptic seizures aka pseudoseizures, but the points apply overall!):

> There are three problems with these patients who are, admittedly, faking their symptoms. The first problem is that the suspicion that a patient is faking their seizure invariably engenders lots of negative emotions like anger, frustration and contempt. These can not only ruin what might otherwise have been a fine day, but more importantly, they can (and do!) get in the way of good medical practice. If you are feeling angry and contemptuous towards your patient, you are unlikely to provide very stellar care for them.

> The second problem with “fakers” is that most of the time, you simply cannot know for sure whether this particular patient really is faking or not. As we have seen, psychogenic non-epileptic seizures are not fake—no more so than a panic attack or a headache. Responding to PNDS as “fakers” will be as effective as telling the woman with the panic attack to “stop faking.” It will be ineffective and counterproductive.
> The last problem with those truly faking their seizures is this: even if you are right and the patient truly is malingering, accusing them of faking will not usually make them stop. To the contrary, malingerers who are accused of faking tend to redouble their efforts to convince you that these are real!
> Fortunately, there is one very good solution to these problems and that is to not care whether the seizure/pseudoseizure is faked or not! In the long run, whether the patient is faking or not is irrelevant. Give up the judgmental attitude. You’ll feel better and, more importantly, you will practice better medicine.

> And keep this in mind: The single worst thing that you can do as a medical provider is to assume that a patient is faking—and be wrong. If you have done this and the patient ends up having a bad outcome, you are toast. Do not take this risk with something as hard to sort out as seizures/pseudoseizures.

> Instead, remember what your overall medical goal is in these cases:

> You want the seizure-like activity to stop. You want the patient to stop having them in the future.

> Whether these are true epileptic seizures or PNES or malingering, it doesn’t matter. You want them to stop happening. And the first key to achieving this goal is to give up the labels (“Faker!”) and give up the emotion (“Jerk!”). These attitudes get in the way of achieving your goal—having the seizure-like episodes stop.

Sage for lots of medfagging.

No. 353559


More importantly, how did her doctors miss so much?

No. 353560


I'd be inclined to agree with you if her symptoms made medical sense. They don't. There are very few unknown mysterious disorders these days, especially in haematology. An anaemia has got to have some cause - broken/misshapen cells (would show on a smear), an autoimmune process (would show on autoantibody tests), blood loss (but where is it going? We are talking a significant quantity) or decreased production (would show on a bone marrow Bx or aspirate). There aren't any possible magical unknown diagnoses anymore that she could have. And once you exclude the impossible…

No. 353564

The blood is in her uterus. So it's blood loss, not bad blood. So they figured out the source or so they hope. Bets on her still mysteriously losing blood even after a hysterectomy? If this continues after that surgery then the doctors have got to see what's going on. It shouldn't even be questioned. If she needs blood after the supposed source is fixed, I would send her right back to her special hospital

No. 353565

File: 1500224896458.jpg (185.24 KB, 1079x1703, IMG_0115.JPG)


I am pretty damn sure she is not bleeding a unit a week (a pint of blood or so, assuming unit sizes are the same in Canaduh) from her uterus without someone noticing. That's 70ml or two shots of blood a day. It's not something she wouldn't notice.

It's quite telling that her hematocrit is so incredibly low. It's almost as if she were in isovolaemic anaemia, which we see a lot in people who lost a lot of blood but did not get a transfusion (we do not routinely transfuse above a Hgb of 9).

No. 353571

At least a hysterectomy would prevent any crazy spawn from coming into the world.

No. 353579

so do you think she's getting the blood out of her port like other anons have suggested?

No. 353585

File: 1500228219661.png (758.43 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8190.PNG)

i think they already have. she has previously made numerous posts about her "mistreatment" at hospitals, talking about how professionals have suggested she's faking, and she did up and leave the hospital.

No. 353587

Any medfag to explain how bladder retention would work? If there's no blockage and they could get a tube up there to empty it, where the problem would be?
(Damn, that's some munchie dedication if she was just holding it up all the time. It's uncomfortable af and so is a fucking catheter being inserted and removed every day)

No. 353588

not a medfag but maybe some kind of psychosomatic thing?

No. 353590


Usually it happens because either the sphincter refuses to open (this might be due to a nervous system issue) or the muscles in the bladder wall don't exert enough pressure to squeeze out the urine (this happens in certain neuromuscular conditions and when taking drugs that relax smooth muscles, such as muscarinic antagonists and opioids).

No. 353591

little interest in finding out what's going on? no way. the hospital staff are probably on to her and they've stopped caring.

No. 353593


Not much dedication needed. There are over the counter meds that you can take that won't let you piss the natural way for quite some time. Sorry Munchies, not going to give advice here. ;)

No. 353594


Judging by that, they have concluded she has an anaemia that responds only to transfusions but is not of any recognized medical origin. In other words - they know there's nothing wrong with her and are now passing the buck trying to see who can/will talk her out of this nonsense.

I would not be shocked if she started to escalate some other condition, such as her fake MS (the MRI is very inconclusive… spots suggestive of demyelination happen in healthy people too!).

I worry for her. Please Kelly if you read this, please please please come clean with your docs. You are young. You can have a long and happy life with Chompy and the rest. They deserve better than losing you because one day you go too far. Get off instagram, tell your doctors what you did. They won't be mad. They'll try to help you. Just, please come clean.

No. 353596

File: 1500229746274.png (481.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8208.PNG)

she's already had a bone marrow aspiration. unless she's some rare, rare 1 in 7.5 billion, i'm confused as to how they haven't identified what's wrong with her

No. 353597

Well. OK, but it's still would have been really uncomfortable to have that much in. Plus the whole catheter thing. It's kinda painful and really humiliating to have a doctor look at your snatch to find a peepeehole.
But then again, maybe it's nice if you're attention starved enough. Who knows.

No. 353599

She apparently needs the attention, any attention, all the attention. All the time. Nothing is ever enough.

Last year when she had urinary retention she left the hospital because they didn't believe all her issues, and she was taught to self-cath and was catheterizing herself at home. Then just recently she had urinary retention again, and made a big deal about having to have a home nurse teach her how to self cath. Again. When she had been taught and was doing it successfully. She seemed gleefully happy about having to go through the humiliating teaching process. When she had already been taught and done it. And NO ONE called her on it. Either her followers don't pay attention, or nobody stays with her long enough to catch her repetitive issues.

No. 353609

She is sick. And I don't mean physically but mentally. Really? you need that much attention you take a picture of a procedure that's horrible uncomfortable? god Kelly, you're so pathetic. No wonder your twin wants nothing to do with you.

No. 353610

What even the fuck? That's a whole other level of masochistic shit. It's bordering of creepy and kinda makes me wonder if she gets off on the humiliating feeling of showing herself so vulnerable and helpless.

No. 353612

File: 1500230703404.png (6.79 MB, 1800x1800, IMG_8217.PNG)

I mean no one talks about how many photos she takes doing this either. I get wanting to crack jokes like a normal person, but I legitimately think she enjoys being there. Who takes that many photos of themselves prancing around a hospital doing ballet? Half of the munchies in this thread look miserable, and then she's doing this.

No. 353614

No, I think that's screwed up as well.

No. 353615

So she's practically dying but can do ballet? She's in the wrong kind of hospital

No. 353619


Image more relevant than I could have ever hoped. http://new2.fjcdn.com/gifs/Attention_14473d_927036.gif

No. 353620

I would completely think that… But someone said she didn't even have a port for the first 2 years. But I keep switching back and forth with my belief. 100 % drama and liar. But I get there rather uncomfortable thoughts. Maybe she isn't doing it to herself. If we could some how have actual proof of it. That would help. And I hate when ppl say "for safety" but again this uneasy feeling. We know she is so mentally over the top. But we really don't have actual proof that everything is a lie. I dont know how it works for legal shit here? Again I'm half on half with this.I'm going to see if I can figure out more on sisters feeds. Not white I'm not trying to white night her… I'm actually more worried for my own ass. I pretty much depend on this forum for life giving milk.

Sage for no actual point. Just speculating

No. 353621

Black Interrupted Swan Girl. Without the ability to ballet with any degree of elegance.

No. 353622

(what is an image board)

No. 353623


This board won't let you attach gifs. Try it for yourself.

No. 353634


Trust me, even if some fragments are true, the overall picture is a big fat lie. -
And you do not need a port to exsanguinate yourself. As a cutter, she would know where to cut to bleed like a fucking pig. And that's just one example of a dozen ways she could have done it. I'm really uneasy discussing other particular methods lest she takes it as a suggestion.

No. 353635

Kelownanon here: I get how Kelly is able to malinger like this because I'm from there, chronically I'll, and it's probably the best area in Canada for this kind of thing.

Health care in the Shuswap/Thompson/Okanagan region, especially mental health care, is extremely lacking. Before Hillside opened up, there was really nothing unless you were an addict or 80.

The area is kind of isolated. Kelowna is really the biggest city in the area, and it has nothing. Kelly's gotta go to Vancouver or Calgary if she wants real help.

There are a good number of very talented and competent doctors in Salmon Arm and Vernon, but they lack the equipment and funds to really do anything with their talent. The whole region's system is really geared towards the elderly as it is a good place to retire.

Off topic, but of you guys want to see something neat, Google "tranquille-on-the-lake kelowna". It's an abandoned mental institution and it's real neat.

No. 353636


She fucking deleted it!!!

No. 353637

>tranquille-on-the-lake kelowna
Whoops, I mean Kamloops.

No. 353638


She does.

My money is on childhood trauma. The doctor describes her as friendly but almost child-like in the 'cat collection' note. Her voice is like a child's. She never talks about her childhood. Maybe her traumatic childhood meant she never experienced a supportive, loving, fostering atmosphere and is trying to recreate it by turning herself into a constant patient, surrounded by the caring of doctors and support of a virtual fan community worldwide. Many MBI and Munchhausens people have a similar traumatic background.

No. 353640

maybe kelly has borderline personality disorder. would explain the self harm, lack of relationships delusions, the eating disorder, etc etc.

No. 353641

Doesn't surprise me. It's pretty obvious she lurks this thread.

Let's not do the whole BPD debate, it brings out the tumblerinas with BPD who lurk here who defend themselves until their throats are raw. If anything she shows signs of HPD.

No. 353642

well I'm not bringing it up so other people can sperg out. But kelly's definetly mentally ill. maybe she'll go the way of kadee and kill herself by accident. her body can't just keep functioning with low levels of blood. sometimes low counts can cause heart problems. low hemoglobin counts cause the heart to work harder due to lack of blood and oxygen.

No. 353662

>It's pretty obvious she self-posts on this thread

No. 353674

I mean likely that too, but I'm not her haha. Admin can confirm that. I can't ever imagine being as miserable as she likely is.

No. 353683

kelly's private again, so what was the point of going public? to call us out? we're not the ones with the problem, she is.

No. 353686

Not WKing but I do think Kelly has some sort of blood disorder. Yeah, she flaunts it in total munchie fashion and she probably exaggerates and induces stuff for "insta fame" but surely, if she was releasing blood from her line, the Drs woulda figured it out by now?

No. 353690

that's the thing though. it's pretty much impossible to prove that she's bloodletting from her line, but all other options have been disproven. this girl fucks me off no end. there are people dying for lack of blood and here she is doing fucking ballerina poses with her IV pole.

No. 353691

File: 1500241817497.png (263.69 KB, 749x1087, IMG_1846.PNG)

JBN in A&E - but doesn't want to be admitted bc she has therapy this week though she's been 3 times in less than 2 was so I'm sure she will be this time! Also check out the tube she's hinting towards in her post! Maybe she's feeling unloved due to lack of mention here …

No. 353692

Maybe her Hbg is naturally on the low side, which makes it easier to exaggerate it? It doesn't take as much draining to push it below transfusion limit if that's the case. Also it's pretty easy to drain blood without having a port, but that leaves marks that the docs surely would've seen considering how often she apparently needs transfusions. I don't get how she hasn't been caught by now.

No. 353693

Judging by her IG, she's been managing to eat well lately.

No. 353694


Stop going to A&E then! It annoys me when people whinge about not wanting hospiral admissions but repeatedly take themselves to the place where they are likely to be admitted. Obviously, if you're genuinely in need, that's another matter but somatic vomiting - is that really best managed in an emergency setting?!

No. 353695

never understand people who go to A+E with functional symptoms…what the heck do they expect A+E to do for them? (unless they're drug-seekers ofc)

No. 353696


If she does, it's way more mild than she says. Other than her pity posts, she doesn't seem sick. But her doctors' notes don't seem to agree with a blood disorder, so who knows. No matter what, she's using up so much blood that could be saving lives instead of supporting her sooper speschel ballerina antics

No. 353698


she posted on facebook that she 'got through to the admin' here and she says she can't see the page anymore, but people are still to send her screenshots

No. 353700

What I don't get is that people here say she is letting blood from her port but didn't she need regular transfusions before she got the port? It doesn't add up.

No. 353701

Oh admin-sama, please confirm whether or not those very-Western Canadian-sounding ADHD !!! posts were Kelly or not. heart emoji

No. 353702

Ok what about the seizures? The being unable to pee? The random allergic reactions to blood? And now the sudden mysterious stroke-like symptoms she thinks she's having? She's also had test upon test and hasn't even mentioned contacting the mayo clinic. If she's really that rare they usually can find a diagnosis. I don't know. I just find it all so weird.

No. 353703

File: 1500243274545.png (265.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8297.PNG)

Samefagging here, but yup. Also I'd love to know who "revealed" themself, kek.

No. 353705


Yeah I dunno, it's a weird one. I can't figure it out, I don't see Kelly in the same way as some of the others though. I think she's legit got health issues. I could be wrong. I think the ballerina stuff around the hospital is just insane though.

No. 353708

I'm not even sure she's "fake" because let's get real. They would have figured it out by now. But the sick part is, is how she reacts to being sick. And attention seeking.

No. 353709

Not wk but whatever idiot made the comment about kadee in re: Kelly, you're a moron and it's been mentioned before, there's no reason for mention of Kadee in any threads any more

Sage: chk yo self

No. 353711

Is she trying to hint admin gave her some ips or some shit? Or maybe she's talking about local anon. She must be over the moon about all this sweet, sweet attention.

No. 353713

Kadeelyn "Lying Obese Heroin Addict" Konstantino.

No. 353715

I think she's got some genuine health issues, and many many serious mental health issues. I also believe she is doing some things to make her condition worse or create new issues so she gets more attention. And a lot of her issues are caused by her mental health and inability to deal in healthy ways - e.g. her seizures are non epileptic and are caused by "stress".

No. 353716

One more point that adds to the confusion. A while back she was literally confined to her bed for2 days and the whole thing on camera. I'm one of those posts she wrote about her blood tests during that time and it was. Consistently getting lower. Also. I am not sure the hospital is going to put all that time and tests if they thought she was falsifying.. All I'm trying to say, is that there is more evidence of her health being genuine than not. So she's annoying and dumb ballet poses etc. But that is petty. I'm a bit in her defence just because of actual facts. And don't think that just because I'm defending her that I am her. I'm just being logical. Don't ban me for my oppinion please

No. 353717

She seems to think that this isn't a salty fishwives' online gossip market and that Admin must frown upon "bullying".

No. 353719

I don't know, because she referenced >>353642 that post, and not the one who was talking about being local to her here >>353529. Who knows.

No. 353720

You're WKing the fuck out of this thread though….

No. 353722


If she can't see the board anymore the helpful admin blocked her kek

Coulda worded that better, in some people's eyes that could be taken the wrong way and there seriously was no need to even mention Kadee

No. 353724

Wtf? Now that the word suicide was mentioned. This is getting kinda lame. I too feel she is genuinly sick not munchy sick but obviously seeking attention. Remember were not here to nit-pick and what not. If there is a milky picture or something share it, but we can't just decide that everything she posts is bs. Lol I think it's more offensive to her doctors than to her. Does anyone know if does drugs? Is she a med seeker?

No. 353728


Wait, is she hinting towards a surgical tube?

No. 353729


3 times in half a week?! That's just asking for it. Fine, if you've genuinely not kept down even a sip of water in several days, you do need medical attention. However, she's basically taken herself every day and the whined when they suggested admission. What the actual fuck?!

No. 353730

>I'm whiteknighting for Kelly because I follow her and I too feel rewee rewee bad for hurrr
FTFY. No1curr for your whiteknighting. Why are you here if you feel bad for her and think she's genuinely ill?

No. 353732

I never said Kelly's going to kill herself. I said that long term, her anemia could mess with her heart and she may inadvertently do damage to it so if she is making herself sick on purpose, jokes on her.

No. 353733

No but how can we pretend to be psychics? Who here actually knows. If there were proven things. I for 1 am not interested in sick ppl. Nor do I want to make their life harder! Let's get back to the topic. Munchhausen

No. 353735

>talking about ways a cow could easily fake her ~mysterious illness~

>anon: let's get back to talking about Munchausens!

No. 353736

Then why are you here? This imageboard is entirely speculation, and direct evidence or "milk" that the cows post themselves. We speculate based on that. So I don't know why you're here newfag. This board is speculation on who is a munchie. I've reported your posts and I encourage others to do, because this garbage is retarded.

Kek, exactly anon.

No. 353737

File: 1500246829271.png (526.57 KB, 819x546, wtfemma5.png)

Another Emma post– here it shows how Breakspear allows munchies like Emma to design their own treatment plan. By creating "vaccines" that include shit like vegetables, spices, and random vitamins.

I just… I have no words. I'm partly gleeful that this shitty private clinic is clearly catering to the most neurotic of the histrionic heath group, and partly horrified it's actually considered treatment.

But Emma is also being an attention mongering nimrod with the whole "ooo I'm like a kid out of school, tee-hee!" ft. Lyme but not really Lyme, look at my ana body.

No. 353746

File: 1500247359712.png (68.6 KB, 640x848, IMG_8307.PNG)

Accidentally deleted. Right, so how does any of that work, at all? I'm assuming she's hinting at pressing charges, but there are many people here from many countries and cities. That, and there are so many websites like this that exist, and most of these are just literal observations. Sure, some of them are nasty personal digs, but for the most part this is a general discussion of observations?

No. 353749

Either she thinks she knows who local anon is, or she's making stuff up. I'm leaning towards "it's bullshit".

No. 353750

Is CHBC gonna do a story on Lolcow? Snrrk.

No. 353754


i was literally about to post this, what the hell does she think she can do?

No. 353757

File: 1500248233618.jpg (39.99 KB, 600x450, 1rzhQaL.jpg)


You seem to have too much time on your hands. Instead of spending it in this thread, maybe consider enjoying the beautiful Kelowna countryside.

No. 353760

File: 1500248441564.png (34.58 KB, 279x337, IMG_1847.PNG)

Besides the person who poorly worded a post,(>>353642) Kelly's profile is not private and is on so called public domain (the World Wide Web is not your personal diary) even the poorly worded post makes no direct threat, no threats have been made, we are just stating our opinions after observation, there are no copyright infringements etc. (you can't just put a "c" or "tm" on your stuff and think that copyrights it, there's paperwork to fill out and it takes quite awhile kek) The server for lolcow is in some little unknown foreign country most likely, and people posting here are scattered all over, so unless she has an exact name with actual bullying that involved a threat of some sort, the police will tell her there is not much she can actually do! They'd be annoyed for wasting their time!


No. 353761

How is somebody smiling in the hospital milk? And pageant success… That's not Munchhausen or milk at all. I used to come here all the time when it was legit munchy land. Now we're all just gonna get shit for bullying people. So not worth it.

No. 353765

File: 1500248987422.png (60.18 KB, 598x514, IMG_8309.PNG)

Top kek. No one is bullying anyone here. Observations of inconsistencies in a person's posts on their very public profile is anyone's domain. And last time I checked, Kelly was doing ballet in the hospital, not just smiling. Nobody said it's not okay to smile in the hospital, but when I'm doubled over in pain and/or generally in bad enough shape that I need to go to the ER, I'm not going to be prancing around doing ballet.

No. 353766


What the shitfuck is a vaccine against dopamine and serotonin?!

No. 353767

I mean, at this point the cops are going to see that she's posting herself anonymously.

She's already wasting a lot of medical resources. I truly think she's selfish enough to post a whole bunch of horrid comments about herself just so she can report them to the police and launch an investigation. The problem with that idea is that the police don't fuck around, they're not stupid, and if they do investigate this, they'll just end up investigating her.


No. 353771

The fact that anything close to hinting suicide has come up and you're all still going still going at it is fucked beyond belief. The fuck is wrong with you people.

No. 353772

File: 1500249612903.png (92.25 KB, 639x907, IMG_8311.PNG)

Kek. Okay.

Suicide was mentioned because Kadee, a person posted on here, killed herself from an accidental overdose. Go WK elsewhere.

No. 353774

Peace! Good luck with everything. And for the record. I don't have Munchhausen syndrome!

No. 353776

is everyone just ignoring this ooooorrr

No. 353777

Legit what was your motivation in cyberbullying yourself? Did you do it so you could call the cops on something you thought they couldn't solve? I'm dead curious.

No. 353778

Thanks [[Removed]]

No. 353780

Fyi I'm not the only person who lives in Kelowna here! Lol self bully. Give it up.(you need to stop)

No. 353782

Kek, Hi Kelly! Get some help!

No. 353785

She's definitely not the only person who lives in Kelowna who posts here, but she's the only person who lives in Kelowna who posts here with that particular typing style and desire for attention. I noticed she took a screenshot of one of the posts in her typing style that Admin pointed out as coming from Kelowna and posted it on her Facebook. This makes me think that she hasn't actually gone to the cops, and that this is yet another one of her ploys for sympathy that is ultimately going to backfire once her supporters realize that she's doing it all herself. She also wrote on her Facebook, in response to someone asking whether or not the site was taken down, "With suicide there is 0 tolerance". There were no mentions of suicide, though, except for a very inappropriate dig at Kadee Konstantino, who accidentally overdosed and did not actually commit suicide.

I have a feeling that this is going to backfire horribly for Kelly.

No. 353787

Awww shit. Did you watch Netflix again… schizophrenia is kinda the mental illness du jour and bang on topic with the whole pronoun shit being flung around. For the love of all things munchie say it ain't so… it can't end like this. The tumbler cry of 2017 "did you just assume my identity???"

Extra sage for schizo points rage.

No. 353794

At least learn how to reply to posts properly if you're gonna whiteknight so insistently.

Word to the wise: The shit you're doing will only annoy the nastiest members and they will start doing worse shit. You are making things worse.

No. 353797

Wheeew, farmhands have their work cut out tonight/today (ukanon with no clue about timezones) Thanks for keeping the crazy under control. We don't normally get to witness realtime farmhand intervention, y'all are true board ninja's.

No. 353800


Since Kelly is advertising this site to her supporters on Facebook, take a good look at the way confirmed-Kelly posts have spelled the words "munchausen" as "munchhausen" and "munchie" as "munchy".

Note that one of those posts, as well as this (>>353642) post from Kelowna in her similar typing style, mention having been here for quite some time.

I don't know about you, but to me it looks like Kelly's been cyberbullying other people and pretending that she's being cyberbullied. I hope it isn't true, but the evidence is pretty compelling. Of course, that'll probably be up to the police to decide.

It's funny that one of the posts from her area ( >>353184 ) also mentions that she's been bullshitting the police. If they trace this back to her phone or computer (which the police can absolutely do if admin gives them the IP address that these were posted with), not only will they probably charge her for cyberbullying, but they'll also charge her for filing a false report- maybe even two. And if she's defrauded charities or the church? She's got fraud charges on top of that.

I'm sure the cops will also be aware that before she was Kelly Ronahan, she went by Kelly Petrovich, which is also public domain since that name is linked to her current Facebook account, as well as mentioned as image credit in this news article:

Of course, this is just speculation, and I'm sure her followers and the cops will be able to deduce the truth.

No. 353805

I think Petrovich is her real last name. Googling [[REMOVED]] Petrovich got

me this: [[REMOVED]]

if you look at the picture, it's a carbon copy of Kelly since they're twins.(no personal info on family members)

No. 353812

File: 1500253842814.png (21.64 KB, 485x268, leavekadeeoutofthis.png)

>Implying Kadee killed herself

Kelly, you are just digging yourself further down into this hole. You need to quit before you end up damaging your reputation beyond repair. I'm serious. This is just a gossip site. We're discussing and speculating on things that you have made public. None of us want to ruin anyone else's life. I think you want us to want to harm you, but we don't.

Why are you actively sabotaging yourself? We know you're self posting. Your friends know you're self posting. The RCMP knows you're self posting. What is the goal here? I know you want attention, but are criminal charges and possible jail really the kind of attention you want?

No. 353813

Kelly also follows those people that the posts in here are about. I just looked. If that's the truth, that she has been posting in here, wow.

I still don't understand how the police would ever get involved in this, as mentioned before, this is all public domain?

No. 353814

>"nitpicks and bullying"
very similar to >>353724

sage for samefagging

No. 353816


Further googling [[REMOVED]] Petrovich (sorry [[REMOVED]], you don't deserve to be dragged along your crazy sister's train wreck) reveals an old MySpace page, which confirms the birth date to be '82.

[[REMOVED]](no personal info on family members)

No. 353821

File: 1500255598391.png (34.43 KB, 640x160, IMG_8316.PNG)

This thread is fucking cancer level retarded now. Can't wait for the police to show up at my house so I can say "I have the right to free speech and my opinion about things publicly posted online" and to show them that you're posting in here too, but enjoy wasting resources for us. Anyway, I'm out. This fuckjob was cute for a giggle, but now it's full on psycho. I'll leave this image for the WKers and Kelly who's probably lurking hardcore.

Oh and here's a good example of another website that came under fire and is still running: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/hamilton/news/the-dirty-on-truth-freedom-of-speech-and-online-shaming-1.3063308

No. 353822

Careful, don't mention cancer or Kelly will think she has it now.