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File: 1512256184024.png (1.35 MB, 960x958, chompykittymeow.png)

No. 436521

Kelly Ronahan is anywhere between the ages of 2 - 40 (depending on the day) compulsive liar and malingering attention whore from Kelowna, Canada. She previously claimed to be a medical mystery, as doctors couldn't understand why her blood was magically disappearing, though she has recently revealed the cause was simply heavy menstruation due to uterine fibroids the whole time!

Chompy is a 4-year-old cat. He's Kelly's trusty companion, a talented mouser, and an overall fluffer mckitty witty cutie wootie meow meow~ He enjoys sleeping and nommin' on ankles. What a funny guy. Oh my~~~ Kitty~~~

Kelly's hobbies seem to include ballet, her cat Chompurrs (Chompy), auto-exsanguinating, and inducing allergic reactions. Her strategy to avoid responsibility for her erratic behaviour is to claim DID (formerly known as MPD).

The Dynamic Duo were originally mentioned in the Over-the-Top Spoonies and Munchausens by Internet threads.

Munchies 1: >>181656
Munchies 2: >>201162
Munchies 3: >>237479
Munchies 4: >>300611
Munchies 5: >>345089

It quickly became obvious that Kelly had been lurking and was revelling in the attention and pretending to be upset about it on her social media. She made several obvious self posts and was banned twice, and has since been communicating with the farm via Facebook and Instagram.

In episode 1, >>>/snow/359452, we saw Kelly obsessively lurking the thread and learned she was posting as several different personalities (including her twin sister, various friends, her roommate, her pastor, and a nurse, among others). We also had the pleasure of learning she self-posted a number of personal images regarding her medical history, while she claimed (and continues to do so) on social media that she was hacked. You can see proof of her compiled posts here:


Now, ladies and gentlemen, episode 3!

No. 436523

Season two link.


No. 436527

Thank you for setting this up.

No. 436533

So $6,000 per month? I'd been wondering how a non-worker could afford branded clothing, car costs etc. Church or govmt funding,that's a lot of money. Meanwhile, veterans are sleeping on the street, old folk can't afford heating bills, starving children etc. Who makes these decisions? For someone who continues to live the same old lifestyle. Its a mad, sad world.

No. 436616

She is also on government disability.

No. 436691


How much do you get on govt disability Kelly?

No. 436750

File: 1512289488665.png (126.04 KB, 557x384, Screenshot 2017.png)

So she's dumb enough to think that the thread is gone forever. This blog post came with some nasty photos of her tongue and nose, I'd post them but I'm not sure how to mark them as a spoiler so they don't assault people without warning.


I've wondered this before as well, but when I brought it up people started saying it was Kelly self posting.

No. 436754


Oh good golly does this nutter know that you can get cold sores on your lips, tongue, and nose? Whelp, sounds like probably not.

Sage for nasty fever blister knowledge (and experience :( )

No. 436829

disappointing to see a third thread for this. most of the second thread was stale, and had lots of selfposts. a third thread isn't warranted unless something like admin exposing her happens. it will just be all the same old 'hi kelly' bullshit, blogfagging, and of course the retard herself bathing in the attention.

No. 436944


Not as many selfposts as you think. If you don't like the thread, fuck off, "noonesforcingyoutobehere".


Don't use any emojis/smileys or you'll get banned. It happened to me.

Don't forget to sage anons, if you view the last thread, it's obvious which belonged to the cow if you hide the saged posts.

No. 437066

Did she accuse someone at the hospital of posting her here again? I hope they're not actually entertaining her delusions.

There is no one from the hospital here. I'm from Red Deer. I used to live in Kelowna and I know the area, which is why it's been so easy to fuck with her, but I don't work at the hospital. I was the one who suggested she not add hospital employees to her Facebook, and I'm fully willing to expose my real name if she gets someone in trouble there.

Unless she's had a sudden change of heart about self-harming to induce anemia.

No. 437076

In the event that someone really does get in trouble, Admin can expose my big fat Red Deer IP on any post mentioning KGH hospital staff and social media.

No. 437222

I don't think it was your comment, but the ones about acetone. What is the whole acetone kerfuffle?


No. 437333

No idea. She brought it up after the wasp in her eye was mentioned. Maybe that's how she induced the reaction.

No. 437344

She said that someone lost their job and that she felt bad about it. She's not capable of empathising. Its hard to believe that a nurse/doctor from kgh would be stupid enough to use this forum. Red Deer anon, you don't need to give any of your own details here, just stay anon.
I don't believe anyone's job has been lost, I reckon Kel's just wanting to appear smug, she also said that she's only been allowed to talk about it because the lol thread has now closed.
The "Wasp/Acetone" situation is baffling. Kelly Fuckwit is capable of anything, however weird or fucked up. I think she also admitted she hadn't got sepsis ~ attention whoring. I read that G the puppet master is on a radio show tomorrow, to talk about how scary the killer volcano was ~ I remember her climbing volcanos to take snaps and not being affected by it. She even flew home on her original flight. Twintastic attention whores.

No. 437403


Pretty sure Kelly made it herself. Very convenient that both the post that linked this thread and the post here that linked the last thread are both not saged, which Kelly has a habit of doing. I, too, was hoping this shit would die. Of course, it’s like (very long-winded) trainwreck that won’t end and I cannot for the life of me look away.


Does she not know, in her mid-30s, what herpes is? Kelly - you have herpes. Get some abreva and get over it.


I’m calling total bullshit on her saying she got someone fired for posting here. She’s the only person to divulge her personal information on this website, and without some sort of high-up law enforcement involvement, which we would have known about already, she has no access to the IP addresses of any of the anon’s posting here. She’s a dumbass.

No. 437417

Herpes Zoster. An unfortunate condition to have, especially when you're a prostitute/escort. Kelly didn't set this new thread up, but she does know that it exists.

Which pregnancy will she be talking about next? The early one or the later one.

No. 437424

The herpaderp on her lip is definitely real, but the fingers look self-induced.

No. 437505


There is a nasty bastard called Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. That'll do 'er. It's an illness primarily spread at daycares, preschools, y'know, by little folks. A lotta of us parents have dealt with it. It's a bitch, causing fevers, and blisters in your throat, tongue, gums, as well as hands and feet, hence the name. Also, it is quite prevalent at dojos, gyms, and voila, dance schools. Just sayin'.

Sage cuz no1curr

No. 437562

If she is getting disability pay it's around $1100 monthly. I didn't look at it all so I could be way off. I thought she was in a different province though. If it is welfare she collects it is much less.

No. 437563

File: 1512395934971.png (320.99 KB, 1440x2286, Screenshot_2017-12-02-20-59-03…)

No. 437606


That is not how HFMD presents. That is very clearly herpes, and HSV1 is surprisingly common. Don’t make it out to be more than it is.

No. 437712

Herpes, yes. Most ppl get them tho usually on the lips. They can occur when being really run down too. Once you have had a cold sore the virus remains in the body for life, just one of those things, nothing special. The hand "injury" is just a cat scratch, but hey, let's make it super special for some much needed attention seeking. She should catch the blood from it, and transfuse it or drink it.

No. 437776

Ummm i didn't see the pics of kelly's issues because i didn't see them available to be viewed. I have personally had HFMD diagnosed 3 times by our physician when dealing with it with my kids. So….yeah, based on the original description of kelly's symptoms it sure as shit does present as HFMD.


No. 437812

Herpes, clearly.

No. 437898

File: 1512433235272.jpeg (225.08 KB, 1080x1920, 0803CA94-5D3A-43C4-A93E-D4964B…)


Well, uhm, you’ve been in this forum for quite some time, sagecuzno1currrrrrrr, so there’s no way you missed the link to her Tumblr page. But I guess I’ll save you some time. This photo is what she’s complaining about. It is not HFMD.

And stop writing sage at the end of your posts. It’s unnecessary.

No. 437916


Thanks. I appreciate the hideous, yet informative pic. I do not have, nor wish to download Tumblr, so therefore I couldn't see it initially. You are correct, anon, that is herpes, not HFMD, I apologize for uninformed speculation.

I would suggest, however, kind anon, seeing as you have apparantly been posting for a bit of time to please Spoiler your more repulsive images, and, seeing as this is an imageboard, please include said Spoilered images in the initial post in the first place. There are, believe it or not, some of us who don't Tumblr. Thanks a bunch!

P.S. Sage because thank you note.

No. 437983


Tumblr is not something you need to download. It’s a website, though it does have an app. The link has been posted and is open for all to see.

Also. I’m clearly not here to be kind and feel no need to censor a photo of a cold sore. It’s not worth that much.

No. 438290


If you're offended by a coldsore this forum isn't for you. GTFO and take your overuse of commas with you.

No. 438425

I'm a longtime farmer. My entire post was dripping with sarcasm. I know that sarcasm is difficult for the autist to pick up on. My apologies.

I'm not going to shit up this thread any further by going back and forth about this. It's stupid.


No. 438681

A longterm farmer would not keep on argung HFMD so aggressively without seeing a pic first. Your posts were obnoxious, not sarcasm. Fuck off back to Spoonieland, they're more suited to you and your hurt fucking

No. 439059

>>438425 - I’d have to be autistic to believe you were being sarcastic.

Anyway. Kelly is trying to claim that she got herpes in 2010 from a fellow inpatient who had “scabs everywhere” and took one off of his face and shoved it in her mouth when she was innocently sitting on a bench chatting with another inpatient.
Link for those without Tumblr ~~ https://www.dropbox.com/s/9wbkoh2nxlvpr34/20171205_134810.mp4?dl=0

No. 439078


That's fucking disgusting, but I don't think you can get herpes from -gags- eating it.

No. 439111

Actually it is very contagious, direct contact would be a sure fire way to contract herpes. What fucking disgusting incident.

No. 439136


It would be if it actually happened.

No. 439198

Andrew is a neat new character!

No. 439305

>Implying it happened
>Implying Kelly isn't making up yet another fantastic lie where she dindu nuffin and everybody else is an evil abuser

No. 439476

What is the other fantastic lie? I know the hacker bs. I'm not on a side here I just think a little to back up your suspicions besides the hacker. And what is karis? It pops up every once in a while along with "throw under the bus" This is obviously the same person, but would you please share with the class what the hell you are talking about. It's very difficult to understand all of this as of late, because people are simply just reposting her shit, I see it enough in the blog and Instagram. There is no true point to reposting her posts, or am I autistic as well?

No. 439507


Lurk more, read the threads and rules/usage info. Don't expect to be spoonfed.

No. 439564

In the interest of spoonfeeding someone who Googles Kelly Ronahan / Kelly Rowahan / Kelly Petrovich / Kelly Ronavich, her lies include but are not limited to:
-Saying she was hacked
- Saying her mom posts here
- Saying employees of the Kelowna General Hospital posts here
- Saying former members and staff of the Karis Society post here
- Claiming she is continuing to receive blood transfusions
- Lying about which phone she used to take certain photos
- Lying about editing the documents she posted here
- Creating hatefull Instagram accounts using material that only she had access to, and then claiming it was a hacker
- Claiming her Facebook was hacked
- Lying about her age
- Lying about her date of birth
- Claiming an innocent party by the name of Dorte had raped her
Unproven, but likely lies:
- She killed and ate a dog
- a man in the psych ward forced her to eat a scab and that's why she has herpes
- She has been abused in multiple cities by a travelling pervert named Paul

Other manipulative acts:
- Sending a years-old photo of her bloody arm to Sarah Wheeler. Sarah believed the photo to be recent and contacted her family. Kelly then used this as fuel to slander Sarah.
- Receiving blood transfusions for years when her condition was self-induced or manipulated. Kelly suffers from uterine fibroid, but when a young woman of 32 presents with severe anemia, her uterus is absolutely the FIRST thing they check. Kelly's doctors apparently missed her uterine bleeding for years. Kelly no longer receives blood transfusions since her family and the hospital have been made aware of her online antics. Kelly claims it is because she's on anti-fibroid medication now, but again, there is no way they would have overlooked or missed severe uterine bleeding in a young woman for years. Kelly has been fucking around with her blood.

Other farmers, please add on to the list.

No. 439569


I’m not even confident in saying she has fibroids. Because doctors wouldn’t have missed that unless Kelly explicitly kept that symptom from them, which isn’t impossible, but she also claims she mentioned it on a constant basis and that doctors legitimately ignored it. It doesn’t add up. She also hasn’t spoken a word about having an ablation which would and should have happened by now and claimed the hysterectomy was both dependent on the ablation treatment AND inevitable. Which doesn’t make sense either. Too many stories.

No. 439834

We posed as all of those people. Kek she's paranoid and highly suggestable. In all fairness we brought those people up just to fuck with her. For the life of me I can't find this Dorta rape accusation (if it's within here.) If it's on a different social media would anyone be willing to cap and share? For the sake of the autistic, her blog doesn't report eating the scab. Fibroids sure, but 3 years to discover them, Hell no. I suspect your comment is bordering vendetta posting. She exaggerates enough without a hurt spoonie ex-friend falsifying the already (speculated) falsehoods.
Take your bitch fight somewhere else.

No. 440012

Sure, Kelly. Go to the first thread, ctrl+f "dorte". The bit with the fibroids and how it took 3 years to find them is also in the first thread.

No. 440056

So kelly just put up more medical records on her blog, and the first page suggests that paul is bleeding her as part of a satanic ritual. This is a literal fucking soap opera.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 440069


Really? There’s literally a blog post called “Scab……” right on her Tumblr which links to a Dropbox video where she tells the story of how “Guy” gave her herpes.

No. 440079

And begins the Kelly not Kelly game. This is such a joke as of anything after the first thread. Not playing this round.

No. 440095

Promoting your blog again?

No. 440100

File: 1512709092746.png (221.13 KB, 1010x791, ewalt_and_abner_by_lotusbandic…)


Sorta blogpost here, but my ma had uterine fibroids bleeding her dry and the doctors investigating her case discovered the source of her bleeding in one week. ONE.

Sometimes I think Kelly truly hopes that we are so stupid that we are buying what she's selling.

No. 440106

Yes! I was wondering when Satanic Ritual Abuse was going to come into this. This is beautiful.

No. 440110

File: 1512711191243.jpg (232.46 KB, 1078x593, IMG_20171207_222401.jpg)

I can't wait until we get an updated list of her self posts from Admin-sama. It would make a nice Christmas gift.

If you skim through her self-posts:
she essentially implied, in a roundabout third person way, that her blood loss was faked.

Now she's gearing up to claim that she's been bled as part of a Satanic cult.

It seems like she's ready to give up the rare blood disorder act. If she needs to blame Satan, fine. I'll just be happy when I feel comfortable donating blood in the interior again.

Pic related, it's the most revealing Kelly post.

No. 440165


It would indeed be a great Christmas gift.
In her first blog a commenter mentioned SRA and Kelly denied it.
So she's picked up on using that as a reason now?

No. 440232

Could a kind Anon possibly post some still screenshots of her blog journal please? The ones where she's moving her shaky fucking phone over the pages please? I can't read them without kicking off a migraine. Thanks in advance.

No. 440235


The vlog with the "Dramatic Music".

No. 440303

>>440095 - Not promoting her* blog, just sharing the milk. I’m with >>440079. I’m not going to be accused of being Kelly every time I post something. Discerning her writing style from that of sane, educated individuals should be quite obvious by now.

>>440232 - https://m.imgur.com/a/61dHb

No. 440447


Cheers for the link. Most anons get accused of being Kelly, ignore it. You're right, hers are easy to work out.

No. 440557

No. 440590

While it is a fascinating and telling pdf, it has been posted here from the beginning of time. Lurk around. To articles of this nature, she will respond with complete denial. Her doctors have allegedly entertained the self induced theory. This (of course) was ruled out after an apparent span of observation. When was the most recent transfusion?
If she still requires blood for "fibroids" after ablation therapy should the doctors not be a little concerned, or friends, her twin or anyone? It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that would they let this carry on so long (namely the doctors). I'm waiting for her blog to expose the truth, or the new truth.

No. 440790

File: 1512805711598.png (283.05 KB, 809x603, wherearetheheadphones.png)

I was scrolling through her Instagram looking for previous mentions of Satanic abuse, and I stumbled across this little story she wrote about death and "butterfly signs" on dying patients' curtains who were apparently within arms reach of her bed:


>It's going to be a hard night. I got home from visiting Chompy to find that 2 of the people in my room are expected to die at any time. (butterfly signs on their curtains)? I'm very scared. I've never been in a situation like this. I have my ear phones in, but I'm so scared I'll hear death. I can't beleive it is going to happen within arms reach from my bed. I can't believe 2 people have lived as long as they will. I hope they aren't scared. I'm scared. Who will wake up and at some point in the day find out their loved one is gone. I'm scared to unplug my ears. This is way too real. Who decided tonight? Who decided that I should be here. Will I sleep? Should I go to the tv room? One day I'll die. I feel sick. I truly can't comprehend my feelings. I want to run. I wish I didn't see the butterfly signs. One is alone, the other has family at his bedside. I literally could touch either of them right from where I'm sitting on my bed. I want this night to be over. I wish no one had sickness and pain. I wish I didn't know what's going on. I wish I could erase this all from my thoughts. When can I unplug my ears? It feels like … Death in here. This is an unfamiliar feeling. I don't want to hear it, or see the lights turn on or notice empty spaces in the morning. Who I am I kidding. I won't be able to sleep. They are sleeping not peacefully right now. I feel confused and sick and sad and mad. I don't want to know this. I hate this. I'm freaked right out. I really want to go home now.

Rolling my eyes so hard right now.

No. 440811


Well…….I'm going to go against my gut on this one, and instead choose to believe that she means that there are actual, literal signs depicting images of butterflies on the dying patients'curtains. I would assume that this would be the facility's tasteful way to alert other patients (esp. those who are illiterate) to the fact that those patients with a sign featuring a butterfly on their curtains weren't long for the world.

No. 440886


Yeah that read pretty straight to me too.

No. 441059


Was going to say the same thing. My hospital only uses butterflies in the Women & Children’s unit, though, to depict fetal demise. It alerts staff who wouldn’t otherwise be privy to that information to give the patient space and connect with the nurse before entering the room for whatever reason.

No. 441062

File: 1512848530635.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, 6FD77279-DB56-4B22-B0C4-6117B2…)

Kelly is now claiming she and her psychologist have gone through over four years of medical files and claim to have found over a dozen instances where Kelly mentioned she had heavy menses to her provider(s), all documented and all ignored. They also apparently show most of her transfusions occurred during or around her time of the month. And of course, her newest and smartest doctor apolgized with tears in her eyes that it took them so long to make the connection.

I want to say I’m surprised there are no comments, but maybe other followers see through that bullshit story. But I don’t know, she has some pretty diehard “hope tribe” members.

No. 441109

She says family doctor, not psychiatrist. If you go to her story you will see the request for comments to be sent privately in reference to health posts. I think she disabled comments again because it was open yesterday. Claims that she will post "true" documents in her blog. I don't agree with automatically calling every thing a lie, I'm keeping an open mind for the time being.

No. 441129

yeah, you're right, it's pretty much down to a few vendetta-chans getting salty at each other and sperging about shit. there hasn't been much milk for most of the last thread, and now it is just another spoonie rehashing the same boring shit. this cow had so much potential but all the 'hi kelly' and a-logging ruined it early on. so yeah, I'm out. (also kek that you got banned for an emoji)

No. 441222

I just made a really weird connection. I used to have a friend on Instagram. She had been through hell with her abusive parents, who had been part of a cult, I think somewhat satanic? She had suffered from and recovered from anorexia, and had been in residential treatment for it. She was upfront about her experiences, and had really gone through them, she wasn’t making them up. She didn’t want attention or to be fawned over. She didn’t want to accrue likes or followers, SHE was real. She eventually got away from her parents and found her version of a road to a happy life. Her instagram was called “findingemily” (she left and deleted her accounts a couple years ago now).
The similarities are way too many to ignore. I don’t know if Kelly knew her, but it makes me wonder.

No. 441230


You mean you think Kelly might be copying her or others like her?

No. 441319

Not sure, but seems like a lot of coincidences. And I wouldn’t put anything past Kelly.

No. 441442

File: 1512892987672.gif (401.52 KB, 220x140, tenor.gif)

There are plenty of other cows to follow, anon. Thanks for your unsolicited opinion though.

No. 441630


I only watched it once, so, tomayto/tomahto - if her PCP never even made the connection, why would s/he care now? And what kind of PCP has the kind of time to trawl through the number of records she’s accumulated?

The screenshot I posted shows the little talking bubble icon which means comments are enabled. Not sure how long they were disabled for, but I suppose that makes sense if she closed comments when it was initially posted.

I don’t share your sentiments when it concerns Kelly. I am fully convinced by the ongoings of the last few months that she is, among many other things, a pathological liar.

No. 441649

I really struggle with people thinking mental health is deplored
And deserves iternet shame.Fictitious disorder is actually an illness in and of it's self. I have family members with mh and I hate the presumption that everything has to branch off from there. A person can (and commonly do) have mental illness as well as physical. So you stay in your little box, and I will try to understand her more. If she in fact was bleeding herself to the point of potentially losing her life, I'm sure she didn't wake up one day and "just because" bleed herself out. There is so much more to this. I'm willing to put up with some bull crap. We all have our own shit. since I am not her doctor or anyone she knows, I will stay neutral. Obviously something doesn't fit the criteria for munchhausen (according to the professionals that are actually hands on with her)

This isn't white knite drama, it's just my opinion.

No. 441678

> Obviously something doesn't fit the criteria for munchhausen (according to the professionals that are actually hands on with her)

Can you elaborate why you think that? Could the professionals have diagnosed her with munchausen and just not told her?

No. 441745

What would drive Kelly to start bleeding herself to the point of transfusions and to concoct a whole "rare blood disorder" narrative around it? Obviously you don't believe Kelly has a blood disorder, but you do seem to have some faith in her. How come? Why don't you think it qualifies as munchausen? Your opinion is a fresh perspective not previously considered on this board and I'd love for you to elaborate on why and how you think she's bleeding herself and what you think the doctors are doing with her. Thanks, Anon!

No. 441749


Shut up, Kelly. This has nothing to do with the actual stigma surrounding mental health. It has everything to do with you being caught in all your little lies made in your own little box and instead of fessing up like a grown adult woman, you twisted and turned the words spoken around you to fit your narrative and keep yourself a “victim.” I quote that because you haven’t been a victim of anything except your own doings. Everything is everyone else’s fault. You manipulate those closest to you and deceive the people who try to help you. There are people who really struggle with their mental illnesses, and you sit here on the internet fucking instigating everyone to be against you so you have something whine about.

I wish the other thread would have locked before you could have made yourself a new one. Get off the fucking internet already and stop wasting the time of every provider who has the detriment of having to care for you.

No. 441779

File: 1512947036686.jpg (29.92 KB, 480x360, hqdefault-1.jpg)


Does anyone else remember the Southpark episode called "Ass-Burgers", in which Cartman pretends to have Aspergers so that he may get away with atrocious behavior and swear loudly in public without anyone holding him accountable? In fact, all of the public who weren't aware of the ruse even sympathized with him, and showered him with positive attention.

That's pretty much what you are advocating, anon. Because she may have factitious-whatever disorder, then we should just forgive and even sympathize with her for her massive and numerous lies, in addition to her autoexsanguination. Bullshit. She is not a toddler, and even if she does have this disorder (which i highly doubt) she still must be held accountable for her actions. That is how society works. Otherwise we would have let Dahmer, Gacey, Bundy, Fish, and the rest of their lot be free in the world to murder more because awwwwwwww, the poor bastards suffered from socio/psychopathic disorder (a real mental illness) so it's not their fault. Poor guys.

No. 441915

I'm not the anon you replied to but wew, Jeffrey Dahmer? There's a difference between laughing at a cow and thinking of oneself as a freedom fighter of some sort. We are definitely the former here.

Kelly is clearly mentally ill, she wouldn't bleed herself if she wasn't. It's worth exposing Munchies including Kelly for the shitty things they do because they're so toxic, they tell terrible lies and do terrible things like take blood transfusions they do not need. She's not an innocent victim, at the same time she's not all there. Both states coexist.

But the Kelly threads have also been super weird because they've been about calling out a mentally ill person and engaging in circular, mentally ill conversations with that person. Much of what has been labeled 'milk' in these threads is just Kelly's mentally ill utterances. While we certainly can dog her about her sick practice of stealing blood, the rest of it's gone off he rails imo. Exposing sock puppeting is only fun when the person is mentally capable.

No. 442035


Kelly is mentally intact enough to know what she is doing, and the consequences of her actions. She is not suffering from catatonic schizophrenia, she is not a low-functioning autist, and I doubt she has serious brain damage. She has severe PTSD. Okay, maybe? So do I, so does my mother, and my sister, and brother. My bro and I are also bipolar. But we still know right from wrong, and can anticipate the consequences of what we do. Severe PTSD, BPD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and even DID do not give a person carte blanche in terms of actions/consequences, nor does it mean thry are a raving lunatic. Suffering from these mental challenges does not make one coo-coo crazy.

TL/DR: Kelly is mentally stable enough to understand what she is doing, and the potential consequences of her actions. Therefore I will continue to enjoy reading her sock puppet posts with a clear conscience. She suffers from some mental challenges, but isn't off her rocker.

Sage for a teensy bit of blog.

No. 442075

Exposing her with what evidence though. (Just making conversation) All the lies I have seen have to do with us and our speculations. What proof have we that she is faking any of it? (Again just conversation.) Where did it start?. I've seen a lot of "it doesn't add up" comments. But it seems like a few in specific are saying these things just to be hateful. Concrete evidence of fraud doesn't seem to exist at all. I understand she faked the hacker, but deceptive behaviours seemed to arrise only upon being tipped to here. Everyone has inconsistencies in one way or another, but self defence can change a person. Ex: two people in the water, one starts to drown and in panick grabs or cimbs onto the other person. If because someone has a condition (like Kelly) that has a different out come, should not discredit hers. And technically she has presented her diagnosis. I'm not sure at this point that speculation is even warented.

No. 442109


The lies were not construed from speculation, they were exposed from inconsistencies and evidenced by previous documents provided. There has yet to be proof of a blood disorder (because there isn’t one), there has yet to be proof of fibroids or treatment(s) of them (because there are none), and there has yet to be proof of DID (because there isn’t any). Simple copies of full-fledged and legitimate medical documents would make aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of this go away - how’s that for conversation? Until then, we aren’t going anywhere, hun.

No. 442331


I'm speculating that your poor spelling and WK'ing could create doubt that you're not Kelly. If you don't like this thread, GTFO. Concrete evidence is not required, take your conversation elsewhere to someone who actually gives a shit.

No. 442368

I mean, a quick scan of the first thread will show you exactly what she faked. There is plenty of evidence supporting the conclusion that she faked everything, and plenty of evidence proving that she is a compulsive liar. Of course, that would involve reading the first two threads, so I understand why you haven't seen it.

No. 442562


If you truly believe she is draining her own blood notify the police. That would be life threatening behaviour. Phone her local police. Make an anonymous call. THEN this would aaallll to away. End of story.

No. 442572

File: 1513068741089.jpg (6.1 KB, 180x216, 2017-12-12-01-51-09-.jpg)


I hope you realize how retarded this sounds without me actually having to provide an itemized statement of said retardedness.

Sage for being gobsmacked

No. 442607


Read ALL 3 threads, THEN you could possibly make an informed comment. Until then, nobody gives a shit. I don't think you are Kelly, but there are definitely some similarities with your spelling. There is NO end to this cow, there's so much more to come.


There's not enough space here to itemize the stupidity of some assholes.

Saged for similar kind of gobsmacked.

No. 442610

I'm curious as to why Kelly and others think this thread is shutting down completely. I understand "imminent locking" to mean that when an old thread reaches 1,200 posts, another needs to be created ie. K and C Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and now we're on the 3rd Chapter. Am I misunderstanding or could this show go on forever?

No. 442699

I can assure you that even if this thread did not exist and Kelly did not have an online presence, the authorities would be aware of her behavior and would still be unable to help her unless she was essentially threatening to off herself. Kelly understands this.

No. 442844

No, you’re correct. It was only closed due to reaching the max amount of posts.

I can’t understand why kelly is posting all of this questionable stuff online. There is no good to come of it, true, fake, or whatever. Doesn’t she realize that it’s out there forever now? That anytime she wants to apply for a job, or school, or make a friend or start a relationship or even start with a new dr or whatever, this will all sabotage her and she will lose those opportunities?

No. 442879

Google her name (s) she is permanently destroyed. Some times when a person feels attacked they react in a way which in fact fuels the fire. I think this should be locked. Agreed about the mental health conversation circles. She's not well in many ways, and I wish you or at some of you would let her be. Who cares how old she is, or how ugly or sick in which ever way you favor. This is irreparably damaging -(the for ever internet)-
She is undoubtedly sick which ever way you look at it. So harrassing her online isn't going to end well for farmers or "cow" I am not stating my official opinion either because I have no authority or greivances re: Kelly. You may find quite a bit of wk as you call it. It is the same in the current general as well. Also is this a girls only club? I heard in the GV that you are all gender f.
sage >>442844 Good idea. Big Brother? Z'at U? I can assure you that actual authorities would not be here, and would intervene. Learn the laws of our country (specifically your province) >>442699 A doctor will not tiptoe around to spare the feelings of a potentially terminal patient. gyhas!


No. 443076


This is my favorite cow. Admin, please do not lock this thread just because a few snowflake anons have it in their heads that Kelly is not responsible for her actions and should be left alone. Kelly is by no means stark, raving mad and very much knows what she is doing, and the potential consequences. Please don't lock this thread because Kelly has bamboozled a few of her bleeding heart friends to come in and try to get the thread locked.

No. 443124

You must be new here. This thread isn't going to be locked. The Ashley Isaacs threads, for example, were never locked, and she's ten times as wacko as crazy.

No. 443125

Freudian slip:
>ten times as wacko as -Kelly-.

No. 443154


Watch the movie Charlott's Web. Don't get attached to the animals because they will eventually be - I'll just stop there.

No. 443249

File: 1513153549507.gif (955.33 KB, 500x281, anxiety.gif)


Alas, dear anon, I am not new here, I am just a very anxious person by nature, and the thought of this thread perma-locking makes my Agent Orange act up. I apologize for my neurotic posting.

Sage for free-floating anxiety

No. 443616

Is her blog real or fiction? Either way, how does she get to work with children? She teaches ballet or has done? She has claimed to still see her abuser…it makes me shudder.

No. 443646

She says it’s fiction, then says it’s real. She hasn’t worked with kids in years, thankfully.

No. 443667

I'm just going to leave this here.


No. 443672

>I'm just going through this … time. I really feel conquered. Friends have disappeared. And no matter what I say, I'm not worth anything. Anemia and psych and abortion… the situation leading total retardation. I can't. I'm going to die. I thought I could prove my self… My friends believe in me… I'm literally terrified of the ER. One Dr in particular makes no effort to hide her oppinion of me. I'm being broken off by so many people who care. they don't deserve to watch me waste away like this. I wish to never have been sick. Now I wish I didn't get help. Those things are genuine. it is part… the hardest part of my life. I've been in hell , or so I thought. So I came out with exciting news from a dr. answers and help. now I wish I was never born. I have fought for my life alongside many friends and blood donors. Now. I go to bed wishing to wake up from this nightmare, or not at all. I can't do this… I am no fraud. But now I am shattered. I've done things in response to this. made it worse. I'm not ok. destroyed.

What is she talking about?

No. 443673


It read to me (with the video) like she's making fun of herself, from the POV of the people who post in this thread.

No. 443676

File: 1513234507525.jpg (203.13 KB, 792x1094, tumblr_p0m42mOxK91wirdcio1_128…)

I know we've discussed this, but I'm reposting this here to archive it in case she removes it.

No. 443822

File: 1513264746334.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2208, B6533093-BE54-4AA0-BD37-C7C618…)


Why? So we can try to feel bad? I don’t.

No. 443945

I almost felt bad for her, then I remembered that she posted her damn self here.

No. 443979

I'm also not a sympathetic person however, I was a whole basket faggery. Her abortion story is quite daunting. Here comes the faggy part. I shed tears watching her dance and abortion entries. I am also not a worry for stupid people person. I'm worried. I've posted some fucking horrible things in here. I am having fleeting feelings of regret. Her recents are very raw, and I respected that. She doesn't claim to be superior or smart. She places her self as absolute dirt. I've been here for quite some time, and I'm actually sad. Farmers or haters or who ever we are. We do have hearts (Maybe not bleeding hearts). I don't feel right about this, her milk is mainly about how she's been coping with things we say. This is probably why cow tipping is frowned upon. I did a role reversal. I don't recommend it. I feel like a shitty ass who took someone's pain - thus adding more pain. I don't want to look forward to refreshing to a new drama. I can't go on getting joy from this. Did I actually just wk my self? Jesus. I'm following her blog- self interuption) I'm pretty sure we all know why she says it's fictional. I have to leave, because like kelly, I too have become a monster. I even dumb down my grammar to cause suspicion. She can be a bit of an attention whore I hate saying this: Two wrongs don't make a right. Sorry about the occasional blogging.

The music is sorrow provoking, I just pause on each page.


Jesus! I typed than manually as it seems I can't copy her link.

Is there any way to see the first post about her? I don't think she ddid it.(you)

No. 443982

I often feel badly for her.
Then I remember that what she says is never the real story, it’s what she constructs to get the maximum attention and sympathy. And that her woes are her own doing. And that she could have a positive life if she would just stop her campaign to try to get more attention and do something positive instead.

No. 443987


Same, anon.

No. 444092

No. 444097

That's how I feel about most cows honestly. It's like oh man they're so fucked up to be like this on the internet and have all these threads shitting on them and then I remember all the shady shit they've done and get over it.

No. 444098

>I'm literally terrified of the ER. One Dr in particular makes no effort to hide her oppinion of me.
Considering no doctor is actually here, it’s this must mean that they now have evidence that she has facticious disorder.

No. 444165

There are times when I have fallen into believing and trying to empathize with her story. Then something else gets posted by her or I look back on these threads and remember who she is and what she's done. Right now she's pissed as she smugly told everyone that lolcow was shutting down. She is smart, and manipulative. She's playing mind games with vulnerable people, many of whom are young and impressionable. That's wrong. I wish that she would get on with telling her story or shut it down. Her followers are trusting her and are being led down a twisted path. I had seen supportive comments left on her blog and she attacked them. Her YouTube videos, what can I say? Demonic and twisted. As for the anon who said to Google her name, which one? She's plastered all over the net, with stuff that she has posted. She wanted the attention, and she certainly got it.
Only a couple of weeks ago she contacted a radio station, she loves the attention. There is a definite pattern to her behaviors, currently she's been proven wrong by this thread not locking so she's pissed, and now she plays the sobbing card. Blah, blah blah.

No. 444188

Radio contact? Her sister was on the radio talking about a volcano
Christ Being in the news or radio does not mean shit all. The radio isn't going to have a symathy interview just cause. Some of you fucks really do come across as jealous. Show us why you think it was her that contacted the radio. like doctors, the radio isn't going to give ass pats and then air a dumb interview. kek people keep saying shit about her story, but once again "nooneisforcingyoutobehere" If her blog gets under your skin, fuck off from it. Or are you under duress?

No. 444200


You are not new here so read the fucking threads before you spout your "kek" shit. Its clear to see who organized it. No jealousy here little girl.

Saged and not prepared to spoonfeed little fucks.

No. 444228

Where was this posted?

No. 444242


Is that known as a fact? I hope to God that she doesn't. Somewhere on the last thread, she posted a pic of her teaching a group of very young kids. She claimed that parental permission had been given for their pics to be taken. I thought it was a recent thing. I'm betting that none of those parents had any idea of what was going on with Kelly in her own life - regular visits to Paul. It will always make me shudder to think of the link.

She wrote about Paul and her Mom medicating her, and I'm guessing that he may be her stepfather. Can any Anon confirm or deny this please? Actually, since she wrote those particular words, I've been told that her Mom has reactivated her Facebook. Hmmm…wonder why?

No. 444251


Hello…Mom is that you? Or…are you Kelly? The apple doesn't fall from the tree. What's happening in Silver Creek and Penticton these days?

No. 444256

She hasn’t taught kids in years. She never had permission to post any pics of any of those people on her social media, even years after the fact. Any release signed would have been for the school only and only for that given year. Not for an ex-assistant teacher to post on social media years later.

No. 444258

If it's so important for/to her to tell her story, why the hell does she keep deleting her blog posts? I didn't get the chance to read through the abortion one, can someone give me a brief rundown?

No. 444272


Stop talking in the third person.

No. 444277


Go to the YouTube video. It’s the description.

No. 444278

This has nothing to do with the mom and twin. If you want to get us show down talk about minors some more. Ding Bats. This thread is a shit hole. who is posting what, everyone addressing everyone as Kelly. She wants to read all of this. You spoon feed her from a Crystal dish.

No. 444288

File: 1513308974653.gif (986.54 KB, 500x211, snnr1.gif)


Go elsewhere if your conscious is troubling you so much. This is not a site bleeding hearts. If you choose to believe Kelly's lies and manipulations, that's on you. Don't come here playing your tiny violin, trying to make us all feel like monsters because you are naive enough to feel badly for Kelly, and we don't buy intoher bullshit. GTFO and go read your "Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul" while enjoying your own guilt trip.

Sage for eye rolling.

No. 444298

It was a lot of convoluted gobbledegook as the journal entries are. What I bothered to read of it sounded very standard, could have been taken straight out of one of several books I’ve read with similar accounts. I’ve never had one, but if I was trying to write as if I had, those are the details I would highlight. (Not saying she’s making it up, just that it was a very standard account)

No. 444301

save your breath anon, it's down to a couple of salty vendetta fags keeping it alive. like >>444200 ~so edgy~ and >>444288 (btw, it's 'conscience', you dumb fuck)
of course Kelly is lapping it up.

No. 444312

File: 1513310824515.gif (4.04 MB, 600x338, a3ca759.gif)

If your only retort is a spelling error on my part, then you really are grasping at straws. Pathetic, really. Again, kindly GTFO.


No. 444326

Enough with the fucking memes or gifs!


https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mbbq0v4tsdmck7/Video_20171213160739004_by_videoshow.mp4?dl=0 blocked?

Welcome lmw! >>444200(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444330


I'd really like to post on here once without being accused of being LMW or Kelly, you're more than welcome to have a mod check my IP address and see I'm in the Southwestern USA, far far away from Kelly (I don't know or care where LMW is located). Kelly did however delete the blog post earlier today and re-uploaded it with in the last 30 minutes.

Can we please stop playing this guess who bullshit?

No. 444338

Stop saying "Hi Kelly" and just report her posts. Every time admin bans her, she needs to connect to a new VPN which increases the likelihood that her phone will be infected.

Do not reply to Kelly.

No. 444350

Learn to fuckin sage newfags. Lurk more. Read the rules and usage info.
Those with a conscience, stop whining like dogs and GTFO.
Kelly edited her latest Instagram post, it's less whiny now.

No. 444355

File: 1513315070242.png (42.04 KB, 1306x892, kelly.png)

No. 444363

Actually there are doctors and professionals. I'm suspended over this ugly old bitch. I lost my phone and job. Walk away. She is not dumb but crazy as all fuck.

No. 444380

File: 1513319587690.png (889.03 KB, 1284x2033, Screenshot_2017-12-14-22-27-57…)

What changed on her recent Instagram? This lying is crap has to stop. unless you provide the "change" You're >>444350
adding to wasted time.

No. 444416


Please provide deets. I am so sorry you lost your job because of Kelly and her sntics. That is horrible. Were you one of her nurses? I cannot believe she actually caused this to happen.

Saged for no contribution

No. 444549

How is that possible over an anonymous message board? I call bullshit.

No. 444550


Agreed. Ignore and scroll past the crap. How can we hide the thread, sorry for slight autism.

No. 444579


Let’s say someone was fired. They would have to have been pretty fucking stupid to leave actual evidence including 1. unauthorized access of a patient’s medical files, and 2. illegal distribution of said files, as has been claimed.

We already know Kelly was THE ONLY person to post her records here, so no one was fired for that reason. Kelly’s email request, which she posted a while back, could have prompted an investigation that showed an employee looking at her files without permission or reason. In which case, Kelly can’t really be blamed for someone breaking policy and/or the law.

I doubt anyone would ever be fired because a crazy patient claimed an employee was posting mean messages about them on an anonymous image board. So anon, if what you say is true, Kelly might not be dumb but you certainly are if you were caught doing shit you shouldn’t have been.

No. 444651

It had nothing to do with this site. I didn't show a soul. This was from (as mentioned) an investigation prompted by a complaint from cow and two people not relating in any way. And I didn't get fired. If I decide to, I can return in March. My phone will be returned soon. Clinicians are bound from even texting between each other off shift. The main fucking offence is making a coocooo motion over my head whole patient wasn't looking. Paramedics saw. So mad, so so mad. And yes thank you, I am a human.
>>443676 I'd take that down. She can post it however she wants. Let her take the fall. Keep yourself safe. I understand she posted it elsewhere, but I'd suggest spoiler image If you don't have anything at stake. And linking. We can't do wrong if she's inviting us.

No. 444669

Now Coo-Coo Kelly is going to know you're posting here, unless she doesn't know which staff member had mocked her.

No. 444722

Kellster was implying that it was related to this forum. What a lying sack of shit. I'm sorry that happened to you, she likes to try and destroy people. That's how she gets her kicks. No spoilers required here, it's stuff that Kel posted and made public.

No. 444989

I call bullshit too. And if it’s not, that’s fucked up.

No. 445026

How naive to think medical personnel don't entertain them selves on the internet. This is child mentality. We all at one point thought our teachers lived at school. We do eventually go home you know, there isn't a clause: A doctor may not use the internet. WTF is that all about. Your doctor is probably googling you as we speak.

No. 445060

I think anon assumed it was bullshit not because the idea of medical personnel participating in this thread was absurd, but rather that there is absolutely no evidence to support Kelly's claim that anyone in the hospital had posted about her here, and especially nothing identifying.

No. 445081

>Your doctor is probably googling you as we speak.
Massive kek. My medical personnel are not googling me. My doctor hardly remembers my name most days. Maybe you should go speak to a psychiatrist if you’re that paranoid and filled with delusions of being that special to someone.

No. 445119

>>445060 and >>445026:

WRONG: >>444989 Meant that the whole idea that someone in the medical field was fired for posting on an anonymous image board was bullshit.
Quit mincing up the meanings of statements like fine autists.


Autist #3. >>445026 Was being SARCASTIC. >>445026 Did not mean that your doctor is actually Googling your name. It was a flabby attempt at sarcasm. So. Very. Literal.

FUCK ME Farmers, take your Rispiridone and relax. And 445081… Translation: I don't literally want you to have intercourse with me, I am being sarcastic. Wait. Maybe I do.(calm down)

No. 445138

I don't want to watch Kelly's dumb videos, can anyone summarize?

No. 445165

If new anons bothered to read the full 3 threads here you would know that there are medfags here. Don't be lazy, go read read them. They give great insight into the whole craziness. The recent assumption that it's just a bunch of salty female "Spoonies" from IG is bullshit. We're not all from Canada either.

No. 445198

A lot of us “newfags” have read the thread, and a lot of claimed medfags have explicitly said that they were pseudomedfagging. It’s delusional vitriol to believe that someone specifically from her hometown is stalking her to the extent of posting in here, not to mention the fact that nobody except her (proven by admin already, and mentioned like 8 times for fuck sake) posted her own medical documents. Unless admin says the IP address isn’t here, I’ll choose to believe that she is (yet again, shown in the other threads multiple times) posting under a pseudonym. At the end of the day, this is all just extremely sad (if that’s the appropriate word in this scenario).

No. 445218


Please make your response relevant to what I said or fuck off.Read all 3 threads, then ABSORB it. You probably didn't understand the medfags, they use big words. What the fuck are you talking about stalking for? Are you a group when you say "we"? Everything else you mentioned is old fucking news. GTFO. Go back to your other threads and wallow with your legit super sick frenemies and enjoy yourselves.

Saged for responding to a cretinous chick

No. 445279


Let me guess what pseudonym she's using…could it be…Anon?

No. 445372

>>444722 Giving yourself pet names is pretty much a giveaway.

I didn't say I was accused of posting here, I said it had nothing to do with cyber land. I doubt highly that she even knows of my "offensive actions". not am I the doctor that is spoken of in her YouTube. Wrong fucking gender.

No. 445379

I think she's basically insinuating that the abortion was somehow botched and caused the heavy bleeded that has somehow lasted for years and has caused her current predicament. There's some other drama (which is probably made up) about her telling the cops she's a murderer and resulting in a frisking, as well as a segment where she is trying to be deep by relating people in the ward to a box of chocolates.

Why can't she post a damn video correctly and not have it cut off abruptly when it's clearly not over yet?

No. 445393

Done deal.

No. 445426


No, I used the name as I'm sick of her real name.


You stated it very clearly. Remember there's a bunch of kids here who don't read the posts properly. The rest of us understood.

No. 445434

So she had an abortion injury and bled so much that she needed a transfusion, liked the attention, and began covertly bloodletting.

No. 445435

I'm sure 90% of the medical professionals she's come into contact with have something nasty to say about her.

No. 445440

Contacting police, unless she’s made an active threat to someone (herself or another person) is not only against the rules of this board, but pretty fucked up and borderline illegal if there’s no concrete evidence of her expelling her blood via her port or other self inflicted methods. I’m prepared for the “sure Kelly” responses but I’m serious. Not to mention that as >>445435 has pointed out, her medical professionals are likely guessing at what she could be doing (she’s made reference to them treating her like she’s lying), but they can’t actively accuse her without proof, and as mentioned in the previous threads, it’s hard to do this with a facticious disorder as they usually jump from hospital to hospital. Any behaviour considered abnormal in regards to that on presentation to a clinic or an ER would be recorded though.

No. 445457

Edited this for length. Stop derailing and being a fucking vicious cunt. My response is relevant in that I’m saying most doctors aren’t specifically combing the internet for their patients like another anon suggested. Insulting my intelligence when you don’t know who I am or what I do for a living is fucking retarded. So now I’m going to get back to actually being a normal human being which (apparently surprising to you) does not include “wallowing with your legit super sick frenemies” because I have a fucking life and I’m not an attention seeking cunt like most of you here.

Tldr: go fuck yourself.
Saged for fucking furious rage.

No. 445463

No. 445508

>and a lot of claimed medfags have explicitly said that they were pseudomedfagging.
Is this true? I have been here since thread one and don't recall this happening anywhere.

No. 445609

Kelly, is Paul and/or the Satanic cult in any way related to Banff/Canmore, a school, and GFR?

Just going on a hunch here. Nobody get too excited.

No. 445612

She just uploaded a video (https://www.dropbox.com/s/niiid5bwhl49cdb/2017-12-16%2020.14.25.mp4?dl=0) crying hystarically, claiming someone called the poliece on her? 1. I really want to believe that that wasn't someone here but >>445393 makes me doubtful, and 2. I still can't grasp why every time this woman is an emotional wreck, she says to herself "Welp, better pull out the camera and broadcast it on the internet!"

No. 445627

I don't think anyone here would call the police AND actually be stupid enough to mention it online.

No. 445629

How the hell else should she do it? If she posts here she's not Kelly if she posts somewhere else she's attention whore. For the love of God let's just observe for a while here. Cow or not, I want to hear from her, and if she's crying who the fuck cares? At least we know it's actually her saying things. Quit the damn nit picking! Jesus. She's unstable as hell. She posted in her blog, not her huge Instagram. So messed that no matter what she does she's condemned. Just sit back and observe.

No. 445644

Nobody called the police. She's acting. She posted telling us to call the police, and she probably also posted >>445393

She's playing a game.

No. 445650

Kelly, just walk the fuck away from Lolcow. Stop baiting us and this all goes away. Go away and go on with your life. It's so easy.

No. 445652

According to Kelly's new video, the age thing was just about dance.

I'm glad she's told the truth and it's just… whatever. It's so mundane. It's got nothing to do with Satanism or prostitution or appearing sympathetic to doctors. It's frankly just really silly and kind of endearing.

No. 445653

What are you on about? Where is this new vid? Link pls.

No. 445655

No. 445664

How and where did you find this?

No. 445683



No. 445898

File: 1513539672407.png (2.18 MB, 1440x2085, Grammy-Worthy.png)

Anonymous now No. 445896
"I'm the most hated person on earth." BINGO! Actually no, you're not that special. This is however one of the best fake crying scenes I've watched in ages. Kudos for acting skillz. I remember an anon made a Kelly bingo, would you kindly share it again?

No. 445909

She is giving herself so many wrinkles with her OTT crying. Like in the previous sobbbing video where she kept wiping/tugging at her undereye area with her hoodie sleeve.

No. 445910

>>445898 - It was glaringly obvious how staged this was. Absolutely ridiculous.

>>445655 - “There’s nothing I can do to prove anything to the people on L O L cow.” Actually, there is. I already suggested it. Get copies of medical documents that show specific diagnoses (i.e. medical coding such as ICD-10). Each code references a specific condition or disease, like F68.1 is facticious disorder.

You absolutely have PROOF, Kelly. It just isn’t going to show what you’ve been trying to get everyone to believe which is why you won’t provide it.

No. 445933

I don't hate her. But she is entertaining. Its about mind games. Her Instagram numbers keep dropping.

No. 446038

Nitpicking here. She didn't say she couldn't make lolcow believe her, she said anyone. Quit feeling so goddamn entitled. I'm sorry that some of you have awful discernment. In no way did her post seem fake. As far as wrinkles, I bet that's the last thing on her mind. Quit being such a fucking extremist, how many OTT crying video exerpts of hers have you seen? Even if a person has a "OTT" cry 10 times a year they would not develops wrinkles associated with crying. Only sperg about shit that's real. Some newfag will come here, and adopt the impression that this is routine. Cow or not, it is upsetting to experience these things. I believe it was a genuine plea to leave her alone. It's not like were ever going to stop, but fucking quit exaggerating/lying There is plenty with out adding your fucked up salty spoonie vendetta exagerations. I'm WK in the sense that she (however fucked up she is) is a human. Who ever you are, I have a fairly good idea which posts are yours. You are a shit disturbing vengeful spoonie cow in my oppinion. You have such an unhealthy relationship with the truth.

No. 446043

Do we assume her friends are fucking off, or she's cleaning house? Why do you count her following? It's Kinda borderline obsessive with a dash of stalker no?

No. 446092

Not so much endearing, it’s fraud, but whatever. It can’t just be about long over dance competitions though. She’s posted medical documents where she’s lied about it, and police documents where she lied about her age. No, this is just yet further attempts to construct… something.

No. 446100

What she been trying to get people believe? Are you a "seudomedfag" I have 2 diagnosed conditions, and not once have I seen codes like you describe. I'm in British Columbia too. Maybe the physicians get those notes, but we get written reports all forwarded to our primary Dr. Kelly You don't owe any explanation or PROOF to anyone. Those of us that care (including your doctors) have all the evidence (since she's on trial) they need. Just keep looking at that calendar girl! Health is yours to take, look forward to those things. These losers will fizzle and die. 40 something's are very known to be bitches!

No. 446104

Shhhh. Let her play it out.

No. 446113


A bit of both, and merely an observation. Possibly, and you?

No. 446145

This. I don’t know what’s going on in this thread lately but >>445898 and >>445909 and >>445910 seem like obvious vendetta posting.

No. 446203


how have you not learned to be less obvious by now?

>what's going on in this thread lately
you're cute anon. the vendetta-chans took over halfway through thread one.

No. 446211

Well her numbers are dropping mostly because she buys fake followers, which she will vehemently deny but which is obvious to anyone else who has ever bought followers.

No. 446216

It's fraud, but it's stupid fraud that literally no one cares about except dancefags.

No. 446281

>>446038 - Most of what you wrote after the first sentence had shit all to do with what I said. Vendetta - a prolonged, bitter quarrel or campaign against someone. I mean, it fits to the extent that retards, such as yourself, come to this page and try to make excuses for Kelly’s abborhent and selfish behaviours. So yeah, I will continue to quash your theories that Kelly be allowed to continue lying and wasting medical resources for attention when she is wholly competent.
Also, I’m a super healthy 27-year-old, physically and mentally sound. But working in the healthcare system, I see people everyday who are actually sick and don’t fucking want to be. It’s one thing to find a support community so you don’t feel alone in vulnerable times, it’s completely different to parade it around for likes and asspats. So Kelly’s antics absolutely disgust me to my core. Kindly go fuck yourself.

>>446100 - https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/health/practitioner-professional-resources/msp/physicians/diagnostic-code-descriptions-icd-9
Read it at your leisure. Your medical records are your right. You have access to them, so get them.

No. 446285

I don’t get insurance or diagnosis codesor any paperwork like that when I go to a GP or specialist. I get a payment receipt and appointment card for any follow-up visits. I’m not sure why you think she needs to give you anything to “prove” what she is being treated for. I don’t understand why you have such a hard-on for Kelly.

No. 446292

>>446285 - A hard on? Hahahahahahahaha. If commenting here makes me obsessed with Kelly, what does that make you? Why are you here, exactly, if not to discuss Kelly’s malingering? And why is your comment almost verbatim to one already written? Everything in Medicine is tied to a diagnosis. A diagnosis is necessary for reimbursement. I mean, I live in the US, and even lab requisitions have ICD codes printed right on them.

I don’t know how many people post here, or how many people have left because Kelly’s story is an endless cycle of utter bullshit, but this thread is not about me, or my supposed hard on or vendetta. It’s about Kelly. Please stick to the topic or leave.

No. 446301

More like what's up with the sudden influx of white knights who think a 34 year old compulsive liar with unknown yet undeniable severe mental health issues is for some reason going to truthfully going to tell her life story to strangers on the internet?

She's only upset that people don't readily believe anything she says anymore.

I don't understand why some of you think you will get something useful out of her. It's not going to happen. Even her sister is completely enabling her bullshit.

No. 446316

Why the fuck are you and your '2 conditions' here? Go away. You and Kelly are probably the two people closest to 40 posting in this thread and it's glaringly obvious. Your commentary is extremely out of place.

This is a website for discussing people who plaster their lives all over the internet. Kelly is still doing that. No one is going to stop talking about her because your crazy ass thinks Kelly is somehow vindicated by her blog and feelings.

No. 446343

So many people lie about their age. It starts at pretending to be older so you can get shit faced, And then it goes the other way as people age. I don't fucking care about her age. It is what ever it is no matter how many years are shaved or added. I also think that vendetta is heavy here. But that's just my oppinion ahem… Catch my drift? Idiots acting like they can't spell, or are new here.
duh where do I sage? Everyone is playing this thread like a fiddle.

No. 446366

Anyone seen her port lately? She used to show it off like a diamond ring, but I haven’t seen her show it in months. In all her videos she makes sure to cover up that area. Just wondering if the doctors got wise to her and took it away?

No. 446409

Port has been gone since before she posted herself here.

No. 446416

Are you not able to follow her accounts? She has it still which is why she has connection with community nurses. I still don't think her port was/is the problem. I say this because it was about 2 years into. formerly called "mystery anemia" now obviously fibroids. I gather it's not even a suspicion. I don't agree though that she flaunted it. Mainly using iv 3000 dressings. Of course it was featured during transfusions. I'm just noticing not less port, but less Kelly period. An anon mentioned weight loss as obvious, and I wonder if they are friends IRL. I wish one of her room mates or a brave real person could give us the low-down. I am actually the one responsible for the phone call to the police. Kelowna doesn't have police which is the strangest thing ever. I eventually contacted rcmp which is like police I think? They were pleasant but quite perturbed by my insistence to remain anonymous. I tried to describe this and that, but she said they will make sure everything's ok. Did they show up at the door, or give a call? I'm equally entertained as I am concerned. I'm also surprised that she just heard of her very own thread well into season 3. The legal stuff, are we protected? No threats that I've seen. I feel apprehensive and protective of my own identity being exposed.(vicious cowtipping)

No. 446422

>The legal stuff, are we protected? No threats that I've seen. I feel apprehensive and protective of my own identity being exposed.
Then why the fuck would you contact police? If you’re so concerned about your identity and all of that, why the fuck would you call the police? I know some of you will respond with “I’ll give them my IP” or whatever but I don’t want this mess from the little I commented following me around. You have serious fucking problems anon, moreso than most of these people.

No. 446426

I didn't know you could custom order friends? Look at the list of you have so much time to waste. Spoonies, ballerinas and cats. Oh and loads of "trolls" I doubt she's clued in at all that LMW has a number of accounts following Kelly. Kek! I'd ask for a refund!

No. 446461



No. 446511

I hope you are perma-banned, you dumb fuck. It is bitches like you who ruin perfectly good cows.
Didn't a call to the cops involving Pixyteri shut down our Queen for good, or am I just remembering incorrectly?

Btw I'm sure Kelly has been on RCMP's radar long before you made your call.

Please, please GTFO.

SAGE for hatred of cow-tippers

No. 446838

Jesus Christ. This is not what Lolcow is for. Read the fucking rules before participating.

Anyone else thinking of going out of their way to troll Kelly or anyone else in real life should kindly remove themselves from this site.

No. 447087

I hope this cow isn't permanently ruined now too.


No. 447362


It's impossible to remain anonymous when contacting the police as they trace your call automatically whilst you're speaking to them. You've fucked up in more than one way. I think your "hoped for" anonymity will bite you on the ass very soon. I hope you've been perma-banned too.

No. 448002

I hope you get permabanned for this. Interfering IRL is against the terms of service. What is wrong with you? This thread needs to be locked. It’s gone too far IRL too many times, and there is no milk left for this image board.

No. 448084

I agree about the perma-ban, but there is no need to lock the thread, and there is an ocean of milk left.


No. 448100

I think it needs to be over for a while. She's using it for self promotion. There are other forums to discuss her where she can't anonymously hate on herself, like Kiwifarms and even GOMI.

This is a total shit show.

No. 448130

File: 1513734572851.png (178.98 KB, 750x1334, B865DA47-B0A6-4DE3-8A30-1756B5…)

I agree. I posted earlier that it needs to lock in response to someone suggesting ways to mail things to Kelly without getting caught, and it had reminders that this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

The pussy deleted their post so they wouldn’t get put out to pasture. Luckily I took a screen shot.

There has been too much contact with and interference with Kelly and people in her real life. This isn’t what these boards are about. The vendettas and speculations have taken over.

If there is real new milk about Kelly, it can go in the regular OTT Munchausen’s board.

No. 448139

Yeah, I'm done.

No. 448152


Are you a Farmhand or Admin? No. It's not fair to shut down this thread because a few assholes don't follow the rules. Kelly is my favourite cow, and I'll be damned if two bad anons ruin the milk for me. Fucking pissed.

Sage for being furious

No. 448170


I agree with you. If this thread gets locked down, Kelly gets what she's wanted all along. I do not want to see her smug chops claiming success in her attempt to "shut lolcow down". Fuck that.

The dick that deleted their post about mailing her church, I think we all know who that was. There is more milk to come. I'm sure Admin can see who posts the cowtipping crap and feel sure they will deal with as necessary. Just because they deleted it doesn't guarantee not being put out to pasture or a ban. Admin sees everything,

Those who think it should be locked, you know what to do. GTFO.

No. 448174

The syringes. I wonder if that picture has a clue.
Again, sage goes in the email slot. >>448152 >>448084

No. 448186

Who are you talking to? Both posts you referred to saged their post and neither mentioned syringes.

No. 448208

Agreed. Mailing her and outright harassing her like that is not okay at all. That is unnecessary and clearly a spiteful vendetta chan. I came here to discuss the inconsistencies in her stories, not make fun of her, nitpick at her appearance, or harass her in real life. She can log off and take time away from here, and probably does, but mailing her? No, that’s never been what lolcow is about. The milk has run dry because all I see are people vendetta posting. None of it actually is milk anymore and none of it is relevant, what’s left of you (it seems like two people) are just circlejerking each other with your hate boner for her. Those who are angry, get a grip and go back to reality for a few days like I did, it’ll do you some good.

No. 448243

Tumblr update of the day: she's claiming someone hand delivered a port needle to her home?

No. 448260


Is she still doing things in a non linear style? Because I'm sure that's happened before.

No. 448267

File: 1513749109368.png (730.81 KB, 1146x1101, portaporty.png)

I'm surprised that she isn't screen capture hoarding and posting (the awful parts) of this to Facebook. I didn't send her a port, we use something way different. I've never seen one, but thé needle is missing? Or am I blind and missing it?

No. 448268

Good for you. Did you miss the part saying local? SO much hijacking in here. No one curr about your little needle. I'm so sorry you are a sick port obsessed spoonie. God bless.

No. 448299

See, now she's building on the actual harassment with the police and pretending it's worse than it is. Nobody local has a port needle to give to her just to mess with her.

Christ all mighty this fucking thread.

No. 448396

File: 1513770062685.jpg (39.99 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1513767243248.jpg)

She has a photo of her holding this on one of her Facebook posts. She's just fucking around with it. I call bullshit, nobody "delivered it personally" as she already had it. I can imagine her having a cupboard full of stolen medical items.

I remember when she claimed someone sent her syringes, absolute bullshit.

No. 448535

She almost has Lolcow's sympathy, and then she pulls this stunt. 10/10

No. 448565


The needles bent over. Could this be the cause of blood letting? Repeated use could cause the nasty infections.

No. 448578

Best cow to mind fuck! She's crazy enough that eventually she will be blamed! That is the best part of it, and then watching those numbers plummet till she does have to buy a following.

No. 448746

Massive kek!
One of you fags sent me (I'm sure a cp of the same was sent to her whole friend list) a warning letter regarding the cow, but you're preaching to the preacher. You might want to maybe slow down with the anon mail, or start braving for a WK army. The posts that say spoonie, hope tribe or sympathy can easily be linked to lmw. She uses those exact words in her own oh so tremulous posts.

No. 448759


Can you please explain? More details?

No. 448823

What the fuck is this word salad? Nobody gives a fuck about LMW. For the love of Father Christmas please stop trying to insert yourself into this thread! And, if you do, at least make a little sense. So fed up. Please stop shitting up this thread. LMW, give us a Christmas miracle and kindly fuck off.

Sage for feduppedness

No. 448840

You received an anonymous warning message about Kelly and you think it was copy pasted and sent to her entire friends list? Do I have this correct?

Was this on Facebook or Instagram?

No. 448849

Soo Kelly is live on instagram and talking about her groin/labia going numb, she thinks it's dissociating.

Saged for adding info no body wanted about the cow's vag.

No. 448882

And that she hasn’t needed a blood transfusion since early summer.

No. 448902

It could actually be pelvic congestion.

No. 448906

Screenshots plz. How many people got it? Why is LMW desperately trying to insert herself into Kelly's series? Fucking Cousin Oliver.

No. 448915

Female priapism? I don't think she's dissociating "down there", but whatever she's experiencing doesn't sound nice.

No. 449139


I chose not to sage. Also study "the bends"

Educated and horrified medfag

No. 449196


Uh, Kelly uses #peoplehopetribe all the time. What’s your point? Also, brave for a WK army? Fucking lol.

No. 449214

Polite question: What is peoplehopetribe? Aside from three words smushed together in a hashtag?

No. 449220

it's a popular spoonie support group for spooniegramers… But I think you would describe it better.

No. 449224

She's a SCUBA diver now? "lol" is not used here on a regular basis. So go back to your tribe and have a good lol together.

No. 449264


I'm having sympathetic vag pains just reading this. What kind of reckless idiot notices that their groin area has gone numb and advertises it on social media instead of seeking medical attention? Seriously, Kelly. If your Little Kelly is still numb today, go to a walk-in clinic. Yikes.

No. 449265

File: 1513887183918.png (6.13 KB, 431x204, bloodtransfusionsetc.png)

>However, the most common cause of VAE is iatrogenic.

No. 449402

File: 1513898563540.jpg (7.58 KB, 166x304, images.jpg)

What the fuck us going on? Why do I feel like I'm I'm all alone on the outside of a retarded inside joke? Someone, for the love of Mike, please explain wtf is going on, and if it has anything to do with you LMW, I swear I will send some bad juju your way.

Sage for bad juju.

No. 449515

You're not the only one. The farmers have all but abandoned this thread and it's become infested with spoonies.

No. 449666


Scuba diver…? I don’t get the reference. I’m not LMW. I don’t use kek, unlike Kelly who read it once and won’t stop using it when she posts here (“massive kek”). Not gonna defend myself every time I post something - as I’ve said before, this forum isn’t about me. Never made it about me. Just cos this cow’s running dry doesn’t mean you can come try and suck on my tit. I’ve got no milk for you.

No. 449718


On the outset you say that you are not LMW. A few sentences later you say,"Not gonna defend myself every time I post something - as I’ve said before, this forum isn’t about me. Never made it about me. Just cos this cow’s running dry doesn’t mean you can come try and suck on my tit. I’ve got no milk for you."

So, which is it? A random anon is not going to refer to themselves in this manner. Clearly you are LMW. So, I will say it again,fuck off and stop trying to insert yourself into this thread. You are a boring SJW spoonie. Begone.

Now, will a different anon please explain to me wtf is going on? I come here to read about Kelly, and all I get is incoherent jibberish and desperate attempts at relevancy by she who shall not be named. Needless to say, I am getting very frustrated.

Sage for pulling hair out

No. 449761

Kelly is on trazodone, according to her newest video. So yeah, she probably just had an erection last night.

No. 449784

File: 1513923275365.jpeg (162.51 KB, 1440x704, received_10159896153500193.jpe…)

She didn't mention pain, but numbness. This tldr business is why you sound like a fool.

No. 449788

Kelly's entire life is tl;dr.

No. 449792

File: 1513924075667.png (1.36 MB, 752x1351, tumblr_p1bv78KNmr1wirdcio1_128…)

What the actual fuck.

This was allegedly written in 2000, when Kelly was just 17. Notice that she lied about her age back then, and was claiming that she was only 13. Regardless, if this is real, it's incredibly fucked up and the likely origin of the cow's tendency to lie. I hope this isn't real. I'd rather believe she's a liar than that she experienced something like this as a 17 year old homeless girl.

No. 449813

>I don’t use kek, unlike Kelly who read it once and won’t stop using it when she posts here (“massive kek”).
Kek is part of board culture, but you’re oblivious to that because of you being an absolute retard of a newfag. Those posts were by me, not Kelly, but I’m not going to play this stupid “hi Kelly” game that went on last thread. Lurk moar and adhere to board culture.

No. 449827

Where the did you get this? I certainly hope she hasn't been "hacked" again. If this document was discovered by malevolent means counter to The Rules then it needs to be removed. However if she posted this herself it is very interesting indeed. It reads like bad pulp fiction and I am dubious of how factual it really is. It has been observed on multiple occasions that Kelly lies, and I believe lives a good portion of her life in a fantasy of violence and threat of harm around every corner. It makes her the star of her own melodrama, with the police, family, friends, psychiatrists, and therapists as supporting actors.

All I can rightly say is that ifeel sorry for her roommate.

No. 449906

The police report is on her blog.
Her DOB shows as 1988.
Her witness signature date looks like 01/01/13.
It doesn't make sense with these dates, and part of the statement looks like it's been fucked with.
I hope she posts the other 2 pages.

Wonder who "not Steph" is?
Can anyone read what the drug was as I can't make it out?
There's a photo of her and a friend showing their "beaten up" faces on the blog.

No. 449969

>>449718 - It’s exactly as I said - I am not LMW. As I mentioned (see >>446292 for reference; that’s me, my name is Kim), this shit isn’t about me. Stop making it about me. Sorry my posts aren’t as easily discernible as yours, but saging doesn’t require us writing it at the end of every reply we make with some sort of lengthy reason for it, so I don’t do it per the rules.

>>449813 - No shit? I did say Kelly read it which implies it’s used by others. Just pointing out that many of her posts contain “massive [fucking] kek” in the midst of her incoherent rage ramblings. I don’t have to use kek just because I’ve been been here for the better part of 5 months (since before Kelly got her own thread). Thanks for the advise, though!

This back and forth bullshit is so damn old. And honestly, it seems like only maybe four people are posting regularly, that includes me, and probably Kelly. Nothing interesting is happening anyway, so I’m out. The other two of you who lack reading comprehension and have some sort of aggressive need to stand out and above the others here can have fun deciding who’s Kelly and who’s LMW amongst yourselves.

No. 450109

>>449969 Hi there "Kim" why don't you go ahead and silently fuck off! When you over defend yourself you come across as highly suspicious and likely not intending to fuck off at all.

No. 450141

I’m >>449813 and no worries. Just saying that not all of those ones with “massive kek” are Kelly. Some of us have been here since Felice Fawn days. I agree with this. The milk dried out long ago. I’m out too, which likely will leave just whoever it is that has this bizzarre vendetta fetish against Kelly, and god knows, probably Kelly herself.

No. 450213

Kelly, set up a P.O box, I'll buy you a flatbed scanner so you can stop using your phone.

No. 450274


That's so kind of you, please wrap it carefully and add on a red bow so I can recognize it in the PO Box named Kelly. What would you like for Christmas?

No. 450580

The dates are not written in the usual order, so I believe the date is Jan 13 2001. The drug is called T&R's the "R" for Ritalin I think.
A scanner is a good idea, but I think I missed the inside joke. It does seem as though were milking eachother, and it's disappointing as this could be the best cow. Why should we feel that anonymity is the fault. Fuck the highjacking posts and move on. Sage the bickering for the love of God.

No. 450599


Thanks for explaining the dates and drugs. I'm unaware of any inside jokes and honestly don't understand why you suggested a scanner,so my response was just facetious.There's a lot of derailing and information that's not being shared on this board. Most posts are nonsensical. I believe this to be the best cow too, disappointing that there are a group of assholes here with vendettas There is milk to bring forward but until this group of dicks fuck off, I'm out.

No. 450611

No inside jokes, I don't think.

It's hard to read the things she wants to share sometimes because she photographs them with her phone. If she used a scanner, it would be easier to read.

No. 451347

Janiece is in the hospital right now having some legit medical issues. So I'm calling it now, Jaquie's gonna have a medical emergency too.

No. 451366

Wrong thread

No. 451521

No. 452017

File: 1514183497729.png (3.39 MB, 1420x2230, ssung_sc_1233.1238.png)

Merry Christmas Kells,
And many more! Just kidding, here's to hoping it's your last.

No. 452035

This is vile. I love the Kelly thread, but shitposts like this are ruining it. Kelly, you are coocoo as all get out, but the sane farmers, including myself, do not want you dead. Sorry for the degenerates among us. Kelly, I sure hope you aren't responsible for this post.


No. 452165


It looks suspiciously like a self post, I hope Kelly posted it.

No. 452224

If this isn't Kelly, fuck off.
If this is Kelly, grow up.

No. 452225

File: 1514237658081.png (197.23 KB, 312x217, mq8DjEA.png)

So many of these posts are just her talking back and forth with herself. It's kind of hard to tell who feels what about any of this because it all just seems like her. But to be honest, I highly doubt there are actually many–if ANY–vendetta-chans. Just Kelly.

Sage because it's not news to anyone

No. 452226

From the filename this looks like a photo from her old samsung, so it's just Kelly trying to make herself loom bullied. Or whoever took this photo. Maybe Gina.

No. 452344

Once again all fingers are pointed in the wrong direction!

No. 452346

File: 1514251305082.png (1.53 MB, 1096x1320, Nokia_reah_diarrhea-1.png)

Once again all fingers are pointed in the wrong direction!

No. 452505

Grow the fuck up, idiot. No one wants her to die. That's sick.

No. 452607


Merry fucking Christmas to you, aren't you just a ray of fucking sunshine. Isn't it against the rules, to wish death on someone?
Who are you then? GTFO this thread.

No. 452688

I'm pretty sure it's her especially kind twin sister. God damn, I think the family. I wasn't able to get a url. I guess one could enter it manually. It's 10 or fifteen minutes of emotional and verbal abuse. If she's been the underdog in her family I can see why she wants to be coddled (Don't mistake this as me condoning her other activities) Question: Can screenshots in Tumblr be detected? Same IG story's. The whole vanishing pictures thing is stupid. She actually put up a poll asking people to click "bye" or "I'm staying". I hope the results will be shared. I think she must have had a shitty day. And I agree wholly that the passive aggressive shit has to stop. I'm sensing that the shit posts belong to her sister. Her words and writing style are undeniably similar.

No. 452791

Fuck. You know what? I noticed the similarities in writing too.

No. 452821

>>452791 >>452688

Is there any way to share the link, or the context?

No. 453738

What are you even talking about? 10 to 15 minutes of what? Context would be great

No. 453854


It's the video entitled "I Give Up".

Gina's been orchestrating this whole thing. What the fuck. I feel so bad for Kelly right now. With family like that, who needs enemies?

No. 453858

File: 1514330287802.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1304x1628, 6_150848_COLLAGE-1(htp).png)

If the fact her sister is named here is wrong, I apologize and hope it can be removed and that I can stay. I doubt this link will work. I think she has shared it as sensitive material or what ever it's called so it can't be seen by kids or something.


No. 453859

When it says finished, it's not. it is 22 min.

No. 453953

??? We all know her sisters name and it's been posted many times. It's not like it's a secret.

Anon above, why do you think Gina is orchestrating everything? I haven't really been following her Tumblr but I don't see anything pointing to that…

No. 453980

Perhaps "orchestrating everything" was a bit of an exaggeration, but I've definitely seen a few posts on this thread that read like Gina's Instagram and contain small daggers and digs at her that I don't think any Internet stranger knows enough about her to come up with.

Then the have a fight on Christmas and some post with an original filename shows up wishing death on Kelly, it just seems way too personal.

No. 453985

Remember that they use "twinspeech" always. Their bond cannot be broken. They feel each others feelings. It looks staged. Their "row" doesn't use twinspeech and it's mostly legible for us to read easily. I almost fell for it, nearly felt a twinge of sympathy, then my cynicism corrected me.

No. 453987

Maybe because Gina is angry and doesn't feel like wasting her time typing in their personal style.

No. 453991

I take it as Gina ridiculing Kelly for the extent of her involvement in all of this. In previous screenshots of messages to other people (I can't remember who but they're in previous threads) Gina just says something along the lines of she isn't involved and it's just Instagram to her.

Who knows, maybe you're right and they're both nuts.

No. 454010

She's watching this thread and laughing. Anything to take the heat off her.


She's always insisted that they only talk and text using twinspeech. That would imply that their predictive texting would be working in twin style. Watching Kelly reply to Gina, it would be autopilot twinspeech right? Kelly didn't sound angry or flustered in her video, yet she typed in a language WE understand. I don't expect you to agree with me, I'm just looking at the bigger picture

No. 454034

File: 1514353607354.png (84.3 KB, 1295x487, gina.png)

I'd bet my left testicle that this is Gina.

No. 454252

You don't know that. I mean unless you actually do? It seems more like a disgruntled health professional (like that woman "Kim") who watched this go down than her sister. I do see where you're coming from and I understand about the twinspeak but there's only so far predictive text can go if you're working with fake words. It doesn't work for other languages unless you switch your phone to that language so I don't think it would accommodate jibberish too well without trying to fix everything to proper English.

I honestly don't know what to think anymore. I'm just kind of sitting back and watching the shitshow

No. 454287

I'm an identical twin too. You don't use twinspeech if you intend to show others what you have written as well. We're not retards. This is Gina I'd bet as well.

No. 454300

File: 1514401947826.png (1.32 MB, 1304x1628, 171227_100403_COLLAGE-1_Ip-6.p…)

They claim to have a language but I doubt they use it all the time. It was clear in the video that they were using weird writing for some words, but as soon as it got intense they reverted to mature language. My thoughts are that it's only used when they are getting along, or tring to fool people. Note the 100% "twin speak" switch very suddenly. Top half stupid, bottom half english for the most part. "Urr" and "u" are all too familiar here. Maybe they both have DID

No. 454307

I may have thought the same, but it seems Gina says what ever she wants right to Kelly. She has no need to be anonymous.

No. 454457

File: 1514416160912.png (790.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171227-180749.png)

Doesn't this mean she posted this purple comment? And she just said she hasn't posted on this thread

No. 454491

I know she didn't post that one, but what do the different colours mean? Some "anonymous" are different colours as well. Farm-hand maybe?

No. 454500

It means she clicked on it. Lurk moar.
It means some sage and some didn't. Integrate.

No. 454617

Gina does have every single right to be angry. I'd be beyond embarrassed if my sister was acting like this. Remember, Kelly duped her too. She's probably feeling absolutely humiliated and disgusted with this whole thing.

No. 454651

Theory: Kelly is autistic. Discuss.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455082


Old news. What's your point?

No. 455106

Firstly that was hardly a death threat. Furthermore, the comment you a referrng to is ancient and who ever posted "I hope it's your last" didn't post it "right after". As for rules, Kelly didn't instigate them; it is common sense not to post minors or death threats. She has issues, but no one sane (mentioned above ) wants her dead. Also there is no need to make obvious truths into lies, once in a while she is truthful. Of course anyone saying that gets accused of being Kelly. If everyone is bickering and discrediting everything posted in here or her blogs, this discussion is useless. I believe lots of what she says (not all) and would much rather discuss her. I'm not here to talk about farmers. Can we please get back to the subject.

No. 455173


>>455082 was my post, which of my 4 words were WKing?
>>455071 post was old fucking news, irrelevant and pointless.

Anons, please make your posts clear and current. If you're unable to do that then GTFO. You're ruining any real discussion.

Saged for repetitively asking assholes to stop fucking derailing this thread.

No. 455558

File: 1514505523108.png (595.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1948.PNG)


No. 456007

Only an idiot would be psyched for an MRI of that length. I had to get an MRI once and the gadolinium made me feel really weird. I know it was nothing but I don't ever want one again.

No. 456011

I feel like this chick is committing suicide slowly and on the taxpayers dime and it annoys the shit out of me. One day one of her procedures is going to go wrong and then she'll be sorry. I have an uncle who's a regular doctor, just a family care guy and he's always like 'Want to stay healthy? Stay out of the hospital!' He's only partially joking.

No. 456109

File: 1514537917005.jpg (114.37 KB, 700x400, pipealiens2.jpg)

I just had a cerebral spinal mri with AND without contrast. Like yesterday. It took max 45 minutes. What is she on about, 1.5 hours? And what'fer? Sorry Kelly, coo coo crazy doesn’t show up on mri. I felt like Bishop going down the pipe in Aliens. It sucked. Nothing to get pumped about. She infuriates me to no end. Sorry my North American brethren, but I am glad you Canucks got her and not us 'Muricans. We got enough to worry about.

Sage for kinda blogpost (sorry)

No. 456187

I don't understand at all. Did she have a private discussion with you? "!" Is this why you warped it into stoked? An exclamation mark can be used in a huge variety of contexts. Go back to school! I'm stoked that you're dumb.

No. 456188

yes, do explain for us

No. 456419

The explanation is simple but you’re all too fucking retarded to connect the dots. The jist and relevancy is that Kelly previously called police about lolcow, to which they said “can’t do anything, there aren’t any threats and you’re not a minor”. Then, someone in this thread alleges they called police on Kelly. And now recently someone appears in the thread to say they wish Kelly would drop dead and it’s vague enough to be seen as a-logging. But apparently you’re all autistic and need it explained to you in simple terms, so I’ll dumb it down for you: Kelly posted >>452017 because she wanted there to be a threat in here so she could take down lolcow and be seen as the triumphant amazing spoonie she is and be glorified within the community.

No. 458256

File: 1514766458439.png (1.88 MB, 1304x1628, prntscrn_160858_COLLAGE-1.png)

Excerpt from the blog (2001) Could this in any way be connected with her brain lesions? Has anyone heard about her MRI last week? Now she suspects a "phleb" from her hospital is posting here. I ask this out of pure curiosity/ignorance, are there set boundaries or regulations for non professional relationships between patients and professionals?

No. 458282

How do you know she suspects a phlebotomist?

No. 458424

It really depends on what is being investigated. When someone shows up with obvious brain injury, if suspicious spots were detected it would almost certainly be assumed and treated as such. Hers were obviously not serious enough to query any other conditions. She does write that the Doc also said it could be a different condition. I imagine a current image would be comparable. She seems to be in and out of the hospital's quite often then too; but for not serious but legitimate non mysterious problems.
I'm not a med >>458256
fag but I have experience in radiology. I'm the guy that gives you a warm blanket after your pictures are taken.

No. 458609

As far as I’m aware in most countries you have to have a 2 year period post-treatment/clinical interaction with a patient before assuming any further non-professional relations. This can also vary in other countries too, where some limit this to 5 years instead.

No. 458991

Spoonie… Happy New year Sarah. You posted that because you were bored. "Take down" Is that not the name of your sooper speshul spoonie group. GTFO

No. 459138

1. Not Sarah, lmao.
2. You make it painfully obvious it’s you, Kelly
Do you know how to speak like an actual adult? You know you can use full sentences as well as cohesive grammar and punctuation, right? You don’t need to angrily mash the keyboard to write acronyms as responses.
3. My post was relevant. Stop derailing.

No. 460147

Do you suspect a phlebotomist and who have you shared this suspicion with? Did you post it anywhere?

No. 460566

File: 1514993007643.png (118.2 KB, 1337x611, ellipsis.png)


Oh. Then why is "lmao" in your first very mature adult sentence? Are you also not an adult?(infighting)

No. 463519

"101 Dalmatians" What the hell does that mean?

No. 463619

Context, dipshit.

No. 463834

Where are you anons reading about phlebs and dalmatians? Hoping she's not making coats from dead dogs.

No. 463851

There hasn't been mention of phlebs or dalmatians anywhere on Kelly's social media. It's just her posting random shit to stir the pot.

No. 463883

File: 1515292214442.png (Spoiler Image,309.4 KB, 1440x2147, IOS_2017-12-31-07-38-08-1.png)

I posted it here then quickly removed it. (dec31) I didn't know the context behind it. I think it's malicious to be honest. And I missed the Dalmatian post which was likely Instagram. I'm a part time local for my own health conditions, but seeing Dalmatians and suspected phlebotomist is crazy. I know exactly who she is referring to. I highly doubt a "phleb" is wasting time in here, but there is someone who seems to confidently know Kelly's transfusion history ie- "it's been month's since she's needed blood" In response to Kelly passive transfusion indications. So it stirs a bit of suspicion that a hospital insider is posting here.

No. 463903

Sounds more like she's upset that someone got fired than that she suspects her "favourite phleb" of posting here.

No. 463909

Cheers for sharing that post >>463883 She's speaking highly of kgh in her Instagram now. Shame she's still fucking about with her social media, they each show a different side of her. I was beginning to believe what she's putting out on Tumblr, there are clues to what may have happened in the past. Then I remember she a pathological liar.

Saged for temporarily believing her bs.

No. 463913

Is it safe for someone with DID to drive? Is it even legal? How about working with kids if you have DID? Genuinely curiosity.

No. 463946

She doesn't post loads of hospital shit posts, I've followed and find them quite ass kissy. I think I believe the blog for the most part, which may contribute to what ever she's got going on now. >>463834 I'm just going to be honest here, I don't think it's right to reference her abuse situation so lightly. I think it's kind of low, but I guess it shouldn't matter if she isn't lurking.

No. 464133


I think it was a joke regarding Dalmatians in response to her posting random shit to stir the pot. She has posted many many shit posts re kgh. Suddenly she's ass-kissing them - perhaps feeling bad for someone losing their job? I believe her blog for the most part too whilst understanding why others don't. If she was consistent throughout all her social media, her story could be credible for all. It is sad. She is lurking and this forum is 90% low, don't be surprised if you don't like what's being said here.

No. 464393

Unless someone can provide a screenshot mentioning 101 Dalmatians, it's a red herring and speculating about it is pointless. Could be her and Gina's favourite movie as kids. Could be her safe word. Could be how many times she's had a transfusion. Couls be reference to her teenage acne. Could be a lot of things. It probably means nothing.

No. 464547


Who is she referring to and why?

No. 464682

The person who drops hints ie: My name starts with an 'S' maybe a couple of Zs. As for Kelly, she claims to have 14 brain lesions. That's not even possible.

No. 464692

>The person who drops hints
Are you the person who posted >>463519? Is it a hint that you're dropping?
>It's not possible to have 14 brain lesions.
Yes it is.

No. 465349


Try educating yourself before commenting. A person with MS can have dozens of lesions on the brain. Or did you already know that and your just throwing out numbers for attention because the thread's gone silent?

No. 465695

I don't need any attention, I was simply ignorant about MS. I've now educated myself and was surprised to find that some people can even have an MS diagnosis with no MRI findings. I don't know what to believe any more. I am however very curious about the anon who "knows for sure" about her transfusions. You could only be a hospital insider.

No. 465735


Some brain lesions can heal themselves too. MS affects people differently I guess. The anon who knows for sure could also be her friend, sister, parent, lover?

No. 466121

Does she have a lover? Sorry if that's already been brought up. I just think it would be pretty easy to mislead her friends and sister. She just needs to piss off for a few hours and say she was at the hospital. Because she does have transfusions often, I don't think her friends would doubt it, or find it unusual or note worthy. She's probably said "I'm going for a transfusion" as much as the average person would say they're doing laundry. I think someone knows more than they should. Looking back over the threads there is an anon that says with no doubt that she doesn't need blood anymore.

No. 466212

She's still with Paul.

No. 466501

Did anyone save anything from the first blog? If I'm remembering correctly, her and Paul weren't in a consentual relationship. I'm not sure what the legal age of consent is over there, but I'm sure it's not under 16. Here it's 16 but only with a person of the same age. I don't really understand it so please correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 466612

File: 1515599978571.png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1304x1628, IP6_180_DCIF_COLLAGE-1.png)

Who let this happen? It's fucking twisted. I'm completely OT but this is not right. The system failed her over and over. Just a thought, maybe all of her current bs is a a form of revenge. Maybe she's trying to get the help that she didn't get then? No one cares about her obviously, so it could be that she found a way that people have to care for her. The news article she linked a few weeks ago said Regina has prostitutes as young as 11. "state of emergency" You're right, it doesn't sound like a mutual relationship.

No. 467029

Yeah, Saskatchewan is total fucking garbage. This kind of thing is constant there, because no one cares at all. Not race baiting, but Kelly is lucky that at least she was cute and white. If she were Native, she'd be dead, and that's just the reality of Saskatchewan.

No. 467157

Because we assume she is lurking, can a direct question be asked? Or is this engagement with cow? I'd like not to be banned although I haven't seen much admin work these days.

No. 467166


I agree anon. She got let down badly when she needed help and i think what we're seeing is the long term psychological fallout of that.

saged for utter speculation

No. 467202

I haven't been banned for asking her direct questions here, at least.

No. 467206

The age of consent in Canada is currently 16. It was 14 until about 5 years ago.

No. 467250

If a cow comes here and makes contact of their own accord then we are allowed to interact. We just aren't permitted to engage with them off-site.

No. 467565

Agreed. The system failed her big time. Where were her parents in all of this?

I've asked questions here and Kelly has more or less answered them in her blog.

No. 467779

Why wasn’t she living st home? What happened?
What is her goal posting all of this online? Is she hoping people will think oh she got a bad deal, so it’s ok what she’s doing now? Is she hoping for a book or movie deal? Because none of those things are likely.

She had a rough start at life, yes. If she can be believed, she’s had bad things happen to her. So has almost everybody else. But what matters is what you do with it, how you change, who you become, how you use it to change things or help people. Posting endless, meandering journals with little point 20 years later is of no benefit to anyone. If you want to matter, use your experiences in a positive way to make something, do something, inspire someone. Don’t just endlessly dwell on them, dig for sympathy and wallow in the “poor me”-ness of 20 year old experiences.

No. 467812

Take it easy buddy. Breathing is good. To be honest we kinda of helped her destroy herself. She was very positive and rarely pitty seeking. If I had a story like here I'd want to share it to. The way she does her blog (minus the masses of grammatical confusion) is brave. I don't get a poor me vibe. We don't have to nitpick everything to the point it seems like horse shit. As we have the right to the way we post in here, she has the right too post her way in her pages. Don't hate just to hate. Everyone has shit in life, but it's hardly fair to think that just because you dont air dirty laundry online that you are the be all end all. I'm enjoying her higher level of honestly. I'd be in jail if I had a day in her life. The only relevance of the time between now and her past is the Statute of limitations. I think she is doing fine. I'm not meaning to infight or white knight, but hating just for hell of it is dingy and you should stop.

No. 467915

Anonymous now No. 467910

You fucking fag. She wrote and is reading and sharing that shit to help herself you fucking arrogant "world revolves around me" piece of shit! She doesn't owe the world fuck all, so take a hike! Too bad someone's story couldn't make you better. Quit thinking about only how you can benefit from this or that. I read Anne Frank and it didn't make me a better person, it made me sad. I'm glad she had a means of expressing herself. The dumb shit you wrote changed me for the worst. Fucking waste of time, no milk and feeling sorry for you. Move on! And, as a matter of fact her story is helping me. Go read the comments. She's doing good for what she's been or maybe maybe "been" through. So go back to your sheltered useless life and warm your damn bottle and rock while sipping from the pseudo nipple.

No. 468125

All of this (and more I didn’t even bother to link) is beyond fucking retarded. The milk has run dry and now this thread is 80% irrelevance, 10% infighting, and 10% obvious self posts (the whole “we’ve been horrible to her” shtick is pretty transparent). I feel bad about some posts I’ve made in the past on here, but wtf is the point of then backtracking and being like “some of the posts I’ve made have been so awful, no wonder poor Kelly did X/Y/Z”

No. 469091

File: 1515870048025.png (1.26 MB, 1304x1628, Ip6_171052_COLLAGE-1-p.png)

Is she saying she started ablation, or just vaguely putting it out there so her naive followers believe it? Kelly can we see your scars? I assume you had a laparoscopy?

No. 469094

What is the criteria for "milk" I just posted above and am now second guessing it.

No. 469257

I'd say that's milk. Anything that is direct screenshot of her blog or IG are fair game. Do post more if you wish!

No. 469513

Wow. 100% transparency in her blog right now.


No. 469618

I can't read it. Anyone able to enlarge and post? Broke my damned glasses so can't read shit.

No. 469678

Most of the document's too blurry to read. The few words I saw could be significant. Kelly, are you willing to post again in an easy to read format? Or another kind Anon?

Can you share the transparency?

No. 469686

File: 1515914507973.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-01-13-23-16-38…)

No. 469687

File: 1515914556423.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-01-13-23-19-11…)

No. 469690

File: 1515914670092.png (1.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-01-13-23-18-38…)

No. 469692

File: 1515914777802.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-01-13-23-19-54…)

No. 469694

File: 1515914930806.png (1.93 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-01-13-23-17-08…)

No. 469697

File: 1515915467216.png (815.72 KB, 779x1444, Screenshot_2018-01-13-23-18-29…)

Please find her an app! This is shit and I feel like I missed a part or doubled.

No. 469704

these are from her FB which oddly was not censored and less blurry. Maybe look there?

No. 469707


Are these from two separate visits? The date dictated at the bottom is BEFORE some of the dates it mentions in the reports.

No. 469712

Many thanks for posting those. They're written oddly though. Incomplete sentences etc. with recurrence of a single word(mid-sentence) written singularly on a new line. Written by patient or doctor?

I'm struggling to understand how these "cult abusers" have got away with this continual abuse? Where's the safeguarding? It doesn't make sense. It doesn't add up.

No. 469722

I agree. All signs point to Kelly somehow having fabricated these documents herself. Her "cult members" are continuously abusing a patient and cramming fucking razor blades up her cooch and the authorities are not alerted in any way? According to this document this is a normal occurance, and, y'know, freedom of religion and all that. Remove the sharp, pointy objects from patient's baby chute and send her on her merry way, back home to her sadistic cult members.

Point is, I think that these documents were written by Kelly herself to provide backstory for her numerous transfusions. Perhaps we will finally learn that the cult was bleeding her on the regular,
like the Masai bleed their cattle as a food source. Boy, when we read sbout that won't we all feel like monsters for doubting her.

Bring on docs Kelly, I am waiting with baited breath. Seriously Kelly, I wish you would abandon this constant need to be the victim, and instead go live life! Life can be beautiful.

No. 469777

Suspicious wording and clinically nonsensical notation…sideways, posted without context…this is driving me crazy! Is there an order, rhyme, reason or context to these images? Anon when you post milk it helps to provide context, i.e. do these pictures come with captions from Kelly? As usual I am irritated and confused by the non sequitor, piecemeal dissemination. Kelly, are you wanting to be understood? Because this is a clusterfuck of epic proportions. I just don't get it.

No. 469797

why do people do this? it's a fucking image board.

No. 469814

These most certainly are legitimate doctor notes, they're usually dictated and can be choppy at times. As far as letting her go back to the cult; unfortunately she's an adult, and therefore entitled to make decisions. I believe she wrote (blog a or blog b) That there is no screaming help or resistance, just compliance. Even though she's succumbed with fear she will "willingly" do as she's told. I will look for non biased article explaining brain washing. Unfortunately she is not under age the medical and legal people's hands are tied. In order for rape to be declared, she would have to be under age or have resisted. The system is flawed and seeing these things carry on is sad.

No. 469819

In her blog it was organized, just a bit blurry. She captioned "I'm videoing this so it can be seen with no alterations" So as sideways milk provider suggest, we should find app that she can use.

No. 469878

Others must be thinking this and it needs to be said. What if she did it herself? To make rape painful for the abusers and to injure them? Possible though not necessarily true, speculation only.

No. 469880

Yes she's an adult, but safeguarding vulnerable adults is law. No way would a hospital ignore that abuse.

No. 469926

Which is why she got stuck in psych for so long. Agreed, a hospital wouldn't ingnore, but there is only so much they can offer. This adds reason to her psych story though. Also we don't know what the hospital did afterwards as this was just the gynecologist report. I don't think it's just oh ouch let's treat it and send her home. I'm impatiently waiting for her next entry, and hope the fuck she has a better way to share that is not painful on the eyes. >>469880

No. 469939

File: 1515954149252.png (866.29 KB, 1304x1628, nok_screen_19967_j18.png)

Now I'm paranoid.

No. 469964

She has a really cool app for making documents clearer. Maybe she'll use it and post the images. Up to her, I guess.

No. 470027

What if she did it to herself, in order to injure herself?

No. 470185

It would equally sad. Either way, something isn't right. Yes it was called office lense or document lense.
And Kelly: just to warn you, we may not believe a thing you say. Ever. I'm not interested in hurting you, so if you know there will be upsetting controversy just don't look.
And pictures are fine (better quality) but just don't alter it. Most of us can identify a compromised document.

No. 470273

That would be the saddest thing one of our cows has ever done.

No. 470277

I believe some of the awkward wording in Kelly's documents come from having been dictated into a speech-to-text program by her doctor rather than typed.

No. 470377

What's a "spiritual abortion"?

No. 470403


These reports were written in 2016? She was in psych in 2010 for 2-3 years? So this a recent thing. The thought of the hospital and police not doing anything about it makes me shiver with disgust and disbelief.

What really worries me is that she's still "with" Paul. She's been with him since she was 15 - that document about "bad tricks" mentions that she described him in that. (Which one was he Kelly?) She's been teaching ballet to little kids. What if he's watched her doing that? He's proved he likes his girls young.

Footnote to Kelly: Please understand my concern, it's not a dig at you. You are still with him, what's stopping him from trading you in for a younger girl? Has this crossed your mind? He's a fucking monster and capable of anything. Who is he? What's the cult called? Why do you go back there? I get that you were brainwashed, but not anymore.

Saged for apologetically asking questions but her blog doesn't accept questions.

No. 470943

File: 1516039485180.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1825, 2018-01-15 11.56.33.png)

I guess my confusion stems from matching the dates in the reports she posted to the dates on her Instagram. She was admitted she said on June 8,2016 and this report was dictated on June 9, 2016 from the Women's Health Care Clinic.

No. 470955

I guess my questions are wouldn't her severe fibroids been noticed during these ultrasounds and procedures? Unless maybe she didn't follow up. Also, how can she need 3 units of blood, be admitted, and then be at the women's health clinic on this date?

No. 470960

Go into witness protection, Kelly. Seriously.

No. 470963

File: 1516040636885.png (1.48 MB, 2560x1440, 2018-01-15 12.14.51.png)

I meant to post this image with the above post. My apologies.

No. 470995


She's omnipresent? Yes, fibroids would have been visible.

No. 471079

The women's clinic is actually in the hospital here. Her actual abortion was 2010 or 2011 in Vancouver. I think the recent 2016 was a concern of pregnancy but thankfully the sample was negative.

No. 471337

Exactly. So many stories. Originally she had said she was in the hospital for blood that time because a period was a crisis for someone with anemia. So many different stories, who knows what to believe.

Unfortunately she hasn’t shown that she wants out of the situation, so other than psych her up, there’s little they can do. She don’t get out of it until she decides she wants out, then they can help her. Right now she’s willingly in a situation, much like a domestic abuse case where the abused isn’t ready to leave. Given her psych history, I almost wish someone would commit her, it’d get her out of the bad situation and get her more treatment at least. She’d be safer.

No. 471340

*patch her up. Though “psych” might help too.

No. 471733


Witness protection is the only way to escape such an evil cult abuse. I think Kelly's story is most likely true, but there's always going to be an element of doubt.

She posted the medical reports on her blog yesterday - the same reports that she posted here on lolcow, and went on to IG/FB claiming she'd been hacked. I'm unable to forget that she lied to more than 18,000 people. Shit like that sticks.

Any local anons here tonight? Where is this cult? Any possible connections to the horrific Silver Creek Farm situation? I read about the Pickton farm horror, and that Pickton stuck guns into dildos and other fucked up acts. I get a feeling that there's a link. She talks about bodybags, coffins, near drowning etc - is it all cult related? There's a sex worker body dumping ground that is apparently watched over by RCMP. Fucks sake. Its disturbing as hell.

Sageing this and relocating myself on witness protection programme for having read far too much about this.

No. 471879


No connection to the farm in Salmon Arm.


This is what happened. No cults, just some fellow who lived in Maple Ridge while Kelly was being abused in Regina. He's only two years older than her and her abuse has nothing to do with the horrible acts committed by this one man.

I obviously can't know for sure, but it seems much more plausible that her "cult" is linked to drug and human trafficking rather than any sort of religious group. There are many businesses in the Okanagan/Thompson area that are funded by the drug trade, and the whole area is known to be a meth hotbed.

No. 472081

File: 1516086250406.png (1.49 MB, 1111x1292, Nok_2018-01-15-23-00-4ba.png)

Where does 18k come from? Kind of feeling a bit convicted/regret that we took her on. She lied because she was trying to protect herself from us and our accusations. I hate to say it but I think we fucked up. Upon reading the reports it makes total sense that she would bully herself. No self worth. The lie that's spoken of; the "hacker" thing? No one here can say they've never lied. I just keep feeling sick in the gut about this. Sure there are inconsistencies, but that hardly means she's lying. As she feels ready she fills in the gaps. There have been so many cows, so many and not one was I ever worried about. I've noticed that the truth does come from her eventually. I know I'll be chastised for this post. I can't remember where someone posted "show us your compete medical records and 'this' will allll go away" Ok, but here we still are? We know she'll never stop destroying herself, but at what point should we stop? I'm not white knighting, I'm like a dirty shit riding a fucking donkey. I am worried about my mental health, I though this was fun. A Joke. Sorry for microblogging. I don't see Kelly any more. I see a tired thin woman who is desperate. For what I don't know. Her Instagram posts used to make me laugh, and chompy is too cute for words. I understand the world is more than the internet. I came here only because I thought it was interesting, and speculating was just for fun, and it was. I never believed the self bleeding thing and fake MS, yet I'm responsible for some of the worst posting in here. Fuck. I posted as well Kelly for one, but I was Gina lmw a Karis copy cat. I got so excited when I saw her feeling more and more abandoned, I loved watching her followers drop out then buying foreigner followers and watch how defensive she got about it and different farmers posting about it. Now I feel like Satan. I'm out.

No. 472195

She had 18k instagram followers. Why the fuck were you ever born? Everything you wrote makes you a loser. I doubt anyone will find what you did funny. "Why not" you might ask, and the answer is simple. You pretty much broke every rule.

No. 472280

No. 472473

Is thin an acronym that I somehow missed?

No. 472755

No anon, >>472280 is just an anachan who is trying to imply that Kelly isn't actually thin, and that you are retarded to think so. Much as I disagree with the majority of your initial post, I will concede that yes, Kelly is indeed thin (anons, please don't get the European vs 'Murican weight debate, it is so tiresome).

No. 472800

You guys are acting like she's emaciated. She's average. She's the same size as her sister, maybe a few pounds heavier. She's not some frail waif wasting away into dust.

No. 472817

I said she's thin, not emaciated. There is a big difference. Check your reading comprehension skills anon. And if you disagree with that analysis then i would squarely peg you as an anachan.

Sage no1curr

No. 473200

How is it that this thread started because everyone was skeptical of all of her blood transfusions for legitimate medical reasons yet all of a sudden when it turned to dog sex and a religious cults everyone takes it at face value?! Something is seriously wrong with this whole thing…

No. 473205

Because (a) it didn’t start off as blood transfusions for a “legitimate medical reasons”. Kelly claimed she was a medical mystery among other claims. Read the previous threads for fuck sake. And (b) because all of the other anons have left, Kelly is now likely self-posting. There have been multiple whiteknights in this thread, much more than usual, all akin to sucking up to her and talking about how badly they all feel for what they posted, which I highly doubt are any real farmers. Most wouldn’t bat an eye at this. The thread may have milk but it’s sour, and full of shit. Admin needs to just shut the thread down. At this point I would say 85% of these posts like >>472081 are by Kelly or her little gaggle of minions.

No. 473220

Yes I guess I should have clarified "legitimate medical reasons" as being her legitimate reasons. It just seems that this thread has lost it's original purpose as being the transfusions…it has taken a serious 180 just like her Instagram and nobody is questioning it?! Like this all must be real even though it is 100 times more unbelievable than the original reason for the thread?!

No. 473227

And yes if actually did start as a result of the questioning the blood transfusions…I have been following since the beginning

No. 473342

Kelly has an interesting live on insta from last night.
Apparently she was grocery shopping when two people (females) found her, called her "murderer, waste of blood" and began chasing her, in the store. Her live is from her car where she's in tears saying she no longer wants to be alive. End of first live

She then starts another, calmer this time and goes on to say that the manager has detained a guy and a girl and the police were on their way. She also says she has it on video (?). Appears to notice someone coming and says she has to go.

Also, all the comments were people asking if she was ok…. Lol.

No. 473444

It's Kelly who turned this thread around. She couldn't prove her need for blood and she admitted that she was dramatic and mysterious. Following the failed hacker situation, she swung her main story round to mental health. I think she started her first blog back in August, so here we are 5 months later…and she has everybody's attention. She leaves herself open to speculation because she never explains anything. She gives hints, snippets of information, she backtracks, posts fucked up YouTube videos, deletes posts, pretends to hate her twin…and so much more. She has succeeded in confusing her Instagram and Blog followers, but not here on lolcow.

How were you unaware of 18k Instagram followers? Your reasons for being here and impersonating others should make you concerned about your own mental health.

No. 473812

Is this lolcow.farm's own mini satanic panic? I really doubt any of this is real, like Soren. The big mystery is what's going on. I can't believe people are feeding into this. Then again, it might not actually be real people discussing this. Just Kelly.

sage for real person post

No. 473814

meant what's going on with her blood, sorry!

No. 473832

Shhh. Shhhhhh. Just let it happen. Suspend disbelief for a moment and let the milk wash over you.

No. 474042

File: 1516242591028.gif (899.29 KB, 300x251, latest.gif)

Yeah, I've been here since day one, and I call shenanigans on the cult thing. Total bullshit. So, that bespeaks three things in my estimation:

1.) The author-anon of any documents and posts speaking of a cult is Kelly herself (guess she loves making apologies after being called out).

2.) She is also, in my opinion, the anon who has been posting the oh-so-many and out of the blue WK posts as of late.

3.) She is also likely to be the author of so many posts insisting fervently that this evil and hurtful thread be taken down immediately! Second best would be to just lock it because, c'mon, there's just no milk to be had (Really?! I think this thread is just getting interesting).

It's all very suspect.

Sage for more speculation than has-been old bitches on daytime T.V.

No. 474082

Well she didn't say she wasn't writing it did she? It is her blog. And you highlighted one of my comments as hers. Maybe dampen your your ego, your all knowing fascad is embarrassing.

No. 474116


Ummm, yeah, it is Kelly's blog, so she does write about stuff that happens to her, but I'm clearly saying that anything written and posted about in this thread regarding a cult is likely to have been posted by Kelly. I'm saying that the hospital records were probably fabricated by her, and that she posted those make-believe records on Lolcow. I don't know how I can be more clear.

And which comment that I "highlighted" was yours? Are white knighting Kelly? Do you feel badly for the mean things you've posted about her? Do you believe that a scary cult is coming to shove razorblades up your cooch? Or do you want this thread shut down because you are bored to death with it, and gosh darn it, if you're done with the thread, well then EVERYONE ELSE ought to be done as well.

And the word is facade, btw.


No. 474146

I'm just kind of safeguarding myself. I've zoomed and apped the ever loving shit out of those doccuments, I can see where they've been altered. And it was usually the age drama. Way OT for a second (observation and slightly bloggish) R eading her journal writing is almost nostalgic. Besides loads of grammatical errors, her journals maintain the integrity of the English language. Lol wtf omg. I'm waiting to see when they leak in. I almost forgot that "lol" was "haha" etc. Just a neat observation; and her handwriting! Texting and typing screwed with my manual penmanship. And pay phones don't even exist. If someone were to say "pay phone" I would think the person was ESL, and I'd check to make sure I'm paid up.

No. 474185

Why don't you and Kelly exchange phone numbers so you can call her up to kiss her ass instead of doing it here?

No. 474294

>R eading her journal writing is almost nostalgic.
Nostalgia (n.): a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Hi Kelly.

No. 474311

I’m going to get blasted for blogposting but I‘m going to make some points and I’m responding to you because one of them references a few points you made about the live video bs.

I posted in anger on these threads because of the constant trips to the ER, and simultaneous complaining about the help she received and posting publicly about her care and her physicians names/etc (which is illegal to do without their knowledge and consent) because they didn’t treat her exactly how she wanted and were sometimes (perceived by her) as mean/cruel. I got tired of the threads because all I could see was a trainwreck of lies (like posting her own medical records while claiming she had been hacked) and meltdown rage by Kelly. But god, the WK posts lately. Do I hate what I posted out of anger? Sure, some of it, but I posted and can’t take it back, and at the end of the day I was only speculating and posting about how it agitated me. Kelly’s account on the other hand was public for ages, and she openly and willingly shared her extremely detailed posts about her medical care, as well as bashed medical personnel on here, on her instagram account, and posted her own medical info on lolcow claiming she was hacked and then admitted to posting it herself. To top it off, she hasn’t deleted the account, taken a break from social media, and has shared even more personal medical information (as well as names of medical personnel which is illegal) on her blog. It’s not okay.

If Kelly really was harassed IRL, that shit needs to stop, and I’ll state right here that I don’t want to be associated with that shit. It’s not okay, at all. I highly doubt it happened though, statistically, because Kelly isn’t a famous celebrity. She’s just a girl with a lot of bought followers on instagram that lives in a small, rural town in Canada. She could easily take a break from the internet and would be forgotten by lolcow and everyone would stop (except for the few weird vendettafags which would be easy to ignore), but she doesn’t because she’s very clearly using it as a coping mechanism. She needs to talk to her therapist, and find ways to stop constantly obsessing over this and any vague symptoms she has. She refuses to take care of herself. It just makes me annoyed that she fuels her own anxiety spiral by continuing all of this to do what? Prove us wrong? What’s the point? In the end we all die and are forgotten. None of us are special.

Kelly, you aren’t dying, and all of this is madness that can be easily fixed by taking a break and/or not posting medical information. Jesus, you don’t need to share 100% of your private life online. Just find a way to live a normal, healthy, sane life, and move on from all of this, and if you’re legitimately under duress from some cult or whatever (statistically highly unlikely), reach out to the authorities and find a safe place to stay.

Sage for long as fuck logic-point blogpost

No. 474363

File: 1516270289661.png (1.81 MB, 661x1574, ptscreen_mcbk_1_436.png)

yes she's lost weight. Don't turn it in to more that.

No. 474398

File: 1516277316808.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1516277178460.jpg)


I thought you didn't want anything to do with this site or drama, Gina

No. 474399

Preach. It's all her continued, desperate way of getting attention. That's her trademark; you mentioned it, we've all seen it over and over again on all her platforms. She'll never take our advice so the thread lives.

No. 474481

While I understand most of your post, I don't get how you are crazy enough to admit (heavily indicated) that you work in the ER. It's Not worth it. Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath (or similar) Kelly didn't sign shit. Unless the patient asked, you shouldn't be photographed but as far as her charts, she can do whatever it is she wants with them. Most prints have a footer disclaimer, but it means professionals, like if you duplicated her stuff to use for other motives. But We all know she posted them here and other places so don't fret. I'm a foreigner, so please feel free to tell me if Canada is different.

No. 474631

Ruh roh.

Not saging because the ~angelic twin~ has fallen from grace.

No. 474776

File: 1516309543707.jpg (153.96 KB, 1176x1017, mixed_messages.jpg)

No. 474963

Multiple people with multiple opinions is what it is.

No. 474977

I don’t work in the ER lmao. Your paranoia is on high levels. I’ve been to an ER as most people have. I’m simply pointing out that Kelly has done loads of illegal stuff. In most places you cannot post about a clinician on a public social media account and give their full name. It’s a fact.

No. 474979

Top comment is mine, don’t know who the bottoms is, and I also don’t know why you’re comparing them.

No. 475013


>In most places you cannot post about a clinician on a public social media account and give their full name. It’s a fact.

Citation needed.

No. 475030

>Most clinicians would strongly prefer you don't post about them in a negative light on a public social media account and give their full name. It’s a fact.


No. 475036

Oh my fuck, stop the infighting over some irrelevant fucking crap. It may not be a fact, but I highly doubt it’s acceptable. Kelly has been posting her own records with clinicians names. If she falsified any of those documents as some previous anons have speculated, THAT is illegal. Jesus this thread is a shitshow.

No. 475040

I wonder what happened to the money she raised to go to a naturopath?

No. 475045

>Citation needed.
Carlotti v. Petta.
McKee v. Luarion.

You’re welcome.

No. 475057

Gina? Oh Gina? Where are you now? Tsk, tsk Gina my twin senses tell me that you have scuttled back to the darkness in light of your betrayal and shame. I'd love to hear your explanation of this.

No. 475063

I thought Gina the puppet master was the intelligent twin. I wonder if she shit herself when realizing she'd been caught out and that she had missed the 30 deletion deadline?


She probably added it to the $6,000 she gets from a church each month. Or, it could've paid for a nice holiday, somewhere exotic, with a volcano.

No. 475064


"30 minute deletion deadline"

No. 475068

>Or, it could've paid for a nice holiday, somewhere exotic, with a volcano.

But Kelly didn't go to a volcano. Who went to a volcano? Did Gina go to a volcano? Wow, why did Gina go and not Kelly? Weird.

No. 475074


Look again. The rulings in favor of the physicians in both cases were subsequently overturned.

No. 475109

Why do you care so much about Kelly posting badly about her doctors and defending her decision to do so to the high heavens?

No. 475156


Asking for substantiation of the claim that "in most places you cannot post about a clinician on a public social media account and give their full name" is not defending Kelly.

No. 475177

>>475036 I'm certain with the amount of time IP she knows the rules. A mature person would just ask her to stop, not bitch for a week in here about it.

>>475040 an anon told her "this" would end if she posted in full her medical notes. Weeks later she's told that "this" would end if she would STOP posting her files.

>>474311 present the post please.

>>474979 $600 a month. You know how to navigate the internet so educate before more shit spews from your mouth.

Did you just post actual names?

>>475045 did you give her money? Then it's none of your business. You love to stir the pot.

Did she post one? I'm pretty sure I've seen many smiling Kelly/nurse pictures. It's not like you're the special sauce at KFC. You took an oath, Kelly didn't. Live with it, and please do share a screen shot not of her notes, but if her shit talking with a name attatched. I feel very uncomfortable about this. What did you do that would make your career end? If you didn't do any freaky shit then quit worrying and further more politely tell her you're uncomfortable. You made a mountain out of mole hill, and I feel like digging around and getting answers. Is it you who uses her GP by his first name? Darryl?

>>475045 No one thanked you.

No. 475212


Several of your responses do not make sense. Are you sure that they are matched to the post numbers correctly?

No. 475267

Why are you continuously pushing for some sort of mystery that I work at a hospital? What is with this thread lately? I never said I worked at one, and I don’t. I literally have a part time job at a coffee shop and that’s it. I’m not even in school. But go ahead and continue to fuel your paranoia. It’s like a dog chasing its tail at this point.

Sage for OT explanation because an anon is paranoid as FUCK that I’m a medical professional, which I’m not.

No. 475435

fuck are they ever mixed. I'll straighten it out.

No. 475439

>>475040 Did you contribute? People who donated are updated.

>>475063 $600 not $6000.

>>475030 Most clinicians would ask the patient not to take pictures or share stories, not bitch in here for a year about it.

>>474979 They are compared because they are telling Kelly to either "post full" documents, or "stop" posting doccuments. Both claiming that "this" will go away if she is compliant.

No. 475443

You seem very personally upset about her posting names. Why are you so invested? >>474311

No. 475588

And you seem overly fascinated with blatantly pursuing this idea that a physician in posting in here, which they said they weren’t. Stop nitpicking and drop it already. Anon said they aren’t, gave a brief description of what they do, and I’ll take them for their word just like every other idiot in this thread that posts something very Kelly-esque and then retorts with “I’m not Kelly” because some of you likely aren’t.

Then again it’s suspicious that you’re so focused on this and not letting it go - that you Kelly?

No. 475689

"kelly-esque" what the fuck is
this shit? So Kelly is special enough to have a writing style that's uniquely and exclusively her own? admin should change "anonymous" to Kelly. What an absolute waste of time.

No. 475698

Someone is jealous. That you, Gina?(hi [cow])

No. 475870

Yes, Kelly-esque Fuckhead. I am not even the anon that used that turn of phrase, but your strange fury fascinates me and I had to respond. I would think original anon neant "writes like Kelly" when saying "Kelly-esque". Yes, Kelly has a style of writing all her own, just like you and me. Quit chimping out about it, or don't. It's entertaining.

No. 475877


So touchy, triggered much? Are you the puppet master?

>>436460 clearly states $2,000 and an additional $4,000. That equals $6,000, not $600. Paid by church members in good faith? Why are you so invested?

No. 475891

This is fucking mental. It’s pretty clear (unless you’re genuinely retarded) that >>474311 was making a point that Kelly shouldn’t be posting negatively about her physicians online on her public instagram with 18k followers where they could then be harassed because of it. She continues to lurk and vaguely threaten people about legal action on here and it’s fucking annoying, not to mention she posted herself on here and admitted to it. So fuck off with the whiteknighting, baiting arguments that go nowhere, and insinuating that people in here are doctors. Kiwifarms dropped her a long time ago (inb4 that thread moves again because Kelly read this and decided to self post there again too), so previous different anons proved their point. But let’s sit here and debate each others’ identities which isn’t what the thread (an IMAGEBOARD) is about.

Admin asked before to label any as suspicious, well here you have it:
>>473832 (you really want us to buy your story, Kelly?)
>>474146 (makes 0 sense)
>>474481 (that anon did not “heavily hint” at working at a hospital, stop paranoia blogposting)
>>475057 (well Hi Kelly)
>>475689 (name checks out, Hi Kelly)

No. 475899


I am not Kelly. I don't think that I have even posted in her threads before. I certainly will not again after this experience.

My posts:


No. 476213


>>475891 These are mine (yes people other than Kelly can fuck up a post). I sure hope you have other hobbies.

No. 476246

>These are mine
>I feel like digging around and getting answers. Is it you who uses her GP by his first name? Darryl?
>I sure hope you have other hobbies
The irony is too much. That person made it clear that they aren’t medical staff and I don’t think they aren’t the same person who allegedly lost their job. So what’s your agenda? Why are you insistent on finding out others’ identities here?

No. 476510

Paranoid schizophrenia?

No. 476521

I cannot bring myself to listen to 15+ minutes of blog drivel. Anybody able to give a brief note on the latest copyrighted blog clip?

I'm copyrighting my anonymous post.

No. 476556

Thanks for reminding us about your blog!

No. 476890

Why does it look like Kelly edited this on her Macbook to make it look like her sister was posting shit about her? Just curious, because it looks like it came from a Macbook, probably from Staples in Kelowna, although that last part is just speculation.

No. 476954

That definitely stands for “print screen macbook”. Pretty good detective work anon. Maybe this is why Gina wanted to be left out of it? If it is Kelly, I wonder if she has always been doing this sort of thing? It would make sense especially in terms of these replies
Sounds like Kelly is jealous of her sister. Looks like multiple self-posts again. This is just sad if it is her.

No. 477090

>I still can't grasp why every time this woman is an emotional wreck, she says to herself "Welp, better pull out the camera and broadcast it on the internet!"


No. 477287

If you look at the area around Gina's icon, and consider the hard edges, it really looks like it was done by an amateur. Same kinds of mistakes that Kelly made when altering her medical records.

She's such a garbage attention whore.

No. 477411

File: 1516593321598.png (1017.14 KB, 1305x1378, picsay_paint-sc-jpeg-3-21.png)

I'd like to believe this is the product of her autist spelling.

No. 477422

She is just as deserving. No one is starving on the streets because of one consumer.

No. 477457

File: 1516598071050.jpg (174.08 KB, 630x1200, MV5BZjA3YjdhMWEtYjc2Ni00YzVlLW…)

Maybe she's just a fan of classic comedy.

No. 477468


Yup! I suggested she post everything. See, I’m a firm believer in facts. Everything here has been speculation from what sparse evidence we’ve been able to collect from her shitposting and rageblogging. When she was heavily invested in this thread, and identifying herself regularly, she was constantly posting contradictions. I personally think she’s completely full of shit, a pathological liar, and don’t trust a word that comes out of her mouth.

I will only ever believe her when she’s able to post true medical documents with associated diagnoses, which I’ve been told is ~impossible~. That makes me a vendettachan or whatever, don’t really care and makes me laugh like hell, but it’s why I stopped posting the last few weeks. I was (and always have been) trying to get to the truth, and that very suddenly made me some oh-so-horrible anon who couldn’t get a word out without being turned on by the influx of white knights and/or Kelly (it’s seriously hard to tell these days), but more annoyingly, being accused of being LMW. It’s been a nice break, though. I think I’ll take off for a few more weeks, but wanted to throw my two cents in. If she wants to be believed, she needs to have evidence to back up her claims, and I believe this would stop - can’t reallt argue facts. But, she could also just get off the fucking internet and no one would have anything to talk about, so, both suggestions are valid.

No. 477879

>>477468 Just who the fuck are you to grant her such an expansion of options? No need for you here. To follow in the spirit of the paranoia around here, how do you know her notes aren't true? A botched birthday, she faked her fucking age. So what? It smells like fucking magnesium in here.(infighting)

No. 478024

File: 1516655273091.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, cff.png)

No. 478028

No, it smells like fucking carbon monoxide in here with people like you whiteknighting Kelly and tearing any farmer like >>477468 for example to shreds. Why are you even here if you’re just going to defend Kelly? I’m honestly so fucking confused as to why admin hasn’t shut this shit down. None of us can get a fucking word in without 100 whiteknights jumping down our throats. Fuck this, you got what you wanted Kelly. I’m out. I truly hope you get some help with your emotional issues and stop exaggerating the truth like when you called yourself a medical mystery (I’m playing devil’s advocate for the last time in the hopes that you haven’t been lying about draining yourself of blood).

No. 478078

I think other farmers are just reading because we don't know what the fuck to say. At least that's what I've been doing because this is ridiculous. Are all the white knights maybe just someone which a VPN? Who knows!

No. 478477


$72,000 pa - a charitable donor would hope a consumer was helping themselves get out of illegal activities and changing their lifestyle choices. As deserving as who? War veterans,So many honest genuine human beings that deserve it more. One consumer taking the piss, could feed thousands of starving people. As for the GoFundMe, a massive pisstake. Probably laughing all the way to the bank.

No. 478606

It shows if it's be cashed, and it hasn't. Deserving because she is a human. Find in page "Kelly" This is not even about her anymore. Coming here is a choice just as much for you and me as it is for Kelly. If something makes you mad (this thread) and you have a solution (not reading this thread) Use it! You're hurting yourself and enabling BS.

No. 478616

Must be a Veteran isn't criteria for PTSD, nor will one consumer set back the next. Why is Kelly an exception? The pathological ones are here. You all believe your little lies and have and then treat her according to your speculations.(wk)

No. 478631

No one said being a veteran is a criteria for PTSD. Your whiteknighting is pretty pathetic.

I'm out, this thread is a shithole.

No. 478640

Does anyone know what her “Arrested | poor quality intentionally” post on her blog was about? I can’t be assed to download dropbox to look.

No. 478834

I think you can open it in a new window, I'll go see. It's just teenager talk though. Sad how kids don't know that their future is impacted by their now.

No. 478839

The little paper airplane (left icon at the bottom) it will ask you where you want to share. I said Facebook and only me and it worked.

No. 479260

File: 1516743203157.png (2.3 MB, 1304x1628, SNG.screen_cap_2018_1_221.png)

Her math! What grade did she even complete. (photo cred: G's FB)

No. 479389

I've noticed that whenever people start to become sympathetic towards Kelly, she pushes things even further to the point of becoming unbelievable. Ie: Lolcow was mad that someone called the cops, she pretended someone handed her a port needle. Lolcow shakes their head at her sister's attitude, Kelly shoops a screenshot to make it look like her sister is posting about her.

Her fake bruises, her fake ages, pretending that she didn't know why she needed blood… She does have drama in her life, but she always needs to push it so far that it becomes unbelievable. She's like a person who gets a legitimate injury and tampers with it to make it worse.

No. 479447

And she takes the cake again! I don't have shit to worry about because it's all "Kelly" Everything you "know" you actually don't know. Those are my (I'm not Kelly nor female) contributions. There was no needle on the port, nor the syringes. Am I the only one having fun around here? Throw in a couple of misspelled words, … purposely botch a photo edit amongst other things. Oh and a "kek" now and then. I double win because I'm mind fucking her and you!

No. 479456

You handed her a port needle in real life.
It happened to be the exact same model that she uses.
She got so flustered about something hugely dramatic that was evidence that Lolcow is harassing her that she bawleeted everything.
Sounds legit.

No. 479489

I don't even understand what your saying. You cannot expect people to read your mind and you sound like an obsessive creep.

No. 479490

I did not hand it to her. A mutual friend delivered it to her mail box. She received 1 of the whole 2 choices of huber, and the the needle was broken off.

No. 479496

The point of this isn't to derail and confuse people further. Do you understand that or are you legitimately retarded? You're the reason no one is bothering anymore!

No. 479499

Who is your mutual friend?

No. 479562

Are you sure you're not joshing us around? Where did you get the -nullified- port needle?

No. 479619

A previous anon called it earlier in the thread that she would falsify IRL harassment so that police could get involved and wouldn’t you believe it, now she’s trying it. And yet that anon got harassed on here for posting that.

No. 479650

So was Kelly really chased around Overwaitea too then? Was that you?

No. 479733

The store involved the police. I'm pretty sure the grocery store had surveillance. Didn't you see the follow up? Her tormentors were minors so no information is legal to publish.

>>479650 What kind of store is that? How do you know which store anyways? We don't have that store here, so it wasn't me, or her for that matter.

No. 479756

So? What does she expect to come from this? To get this thread/website taken down? It’ll likely just move to kiwifarms or any other imageboard like that if people are truly invested in her. I don’t know why she’d want to have it taken down anyways, she’s getting attention, she just didn’t realize it’d be negative attention. It’s also just another shitstorm because of all of the shit she’s done in here that contradicts that victim narrative she’s trying so hard to push, like posting previously as other people (oh wait my bad, that was the big bad hacker who apparently got into her house to post badly about her on the internet).

Fuck off with whiteknighting her. We get it, you love her or whatever, just go write in your diary about it, not here.

No. 479832

Overwaitea changed its name to Save-On only a few years ago. It's suspicious that you don't recognize the name, as a lot of people still use it to refer to Save-On, and there are still several locations called Overwaitea around the province.

How convenient that her tormentors were minors and "no information is legal to publish". What a cop-out. Kelly would have had to have filled out a witness statement, and the police always give you a copy of it. Why doesn't she share that? It isn't illegal. She could blur out the physical descriptions of the individuals involved as well as the case number and the officer's name.

No. 479835

It made 100% sense for her to shit talk back to you all impersonated. I'd do the exact same thing. people have impersonated everyone important to her. She just played right back. Rules 6.1 That's exactly what this whole thing is. One person begrudgingly put out the idea of munchhausen syndrome, and lured her first, then her friends here. It's one big fat vendetta shit post thread. We all know she doesn't bleed herself, but as you saw how defensive and "milky" as you say, you took it further. What she did in here is completely understable and human. It's ridiculous, absolutely stupid. You are bottom feeders who are weak and gain life by hurting people. Everyone knows Chronicallybri Tipped her about this place, we all know the Wheeler put the first post of her. Kelly's new behavours and weak personality traits can be linked right back to here. Take a look, I'm surprised she still exists. SERIOUSLY THOUGH read all the shit and lies and accusations, then come back and say you wouldn't have done similar. It lends no further reason to the munchhausen claims (her being so defensive) You can say you would ignore it or laugh or what ever the fuck you think you would do. If the tables turned, thumbs would be sucked all over the place. Don't feel proud of yourselves, you have not been victorious you have been losers.(whiteknighting)

No. 479843

Suspicious you know where she lives, and what store is nearest. And I'm saying with confidence she did write a report. If they weren't kids I'm sure we would have heard all about it. I don't think any of it sounds "convenient" at all.

No. 479851

File: 1516771069313.png (39.58 KB, 765x421, begrudgingly.png)

>One person begrudgingly put out the idea of munchhausen syndrome


>Suspicious you know where she lives
It says so in the header
>and what store is nearest
Kelly isn't the only person who lives in the Okanagan, dingus.

No. 479870

Why does it seem like the person who sent her the needleless port needle, the syringes and the person who edited the screenshot to frame her sister is now white knighting her? Le epic troll xD indeed. Le epic multiple personality disorder xDDD?

No. 479939


I'm assuming you're talking to me, it helps if you include the post number of the anon you're responding to. I'm talking about people from a church who sponsor a person who has needs. They donate $72,000 each year. When it's for someone who chooses not to improve their lifestyle, that's wrong. I'm not talking about the GoFuckMe BS. How exactly am I hurting myself by being here? How am I enabling BS? I'm stating facts and figures - did you know that $72,000 could buy nearly 15,000 mosquito nets and would probably save the lives of tens of thousands of people in Africa who have absolutely nothing? Starving people who through no fault of their own, are barely even surviving.
Yet again my point is that a consumer who constantly takes the piss, lies, continues to lead an extremely dodgy life (which could well put others at risk including minors), most definitely impacts on the next person stuck in a bad situation. Why do you think I'm angry? Calm as can be thank you. It's my rightful point of view and I'm not going away. Stop projecting your madness elsewhere, try owning it. You say she's deserving as a human being, and I'm speculating that she's a pathological liar with vampiric tendencies. Not of this world.

No. 479970

So is this thread going any where? A grammar instructional. Are we just fucking assholes to everyone?

No. 480206


Kelly "begrudgingly" posted here. We speak the same language dingus.

No. 480278

No, just to Kelly and her multiple personalities and white knights.

This. Give her some money to get her back on her feet. Eventually, though, you have to cut her off.

She's like an adult child who refuses to get a job and sits at home playing video games all day. You could encourage her to start living her own life by slowly weaning her off the teet and taking away financial support. Or you could cook all her meals, give her free room and board, and let her continue taking advantage of you until you die and suddenly she's 50 with no life skills.

No. 480462

Kelly should send some headshots to a talent agency because her acting skills are incredible and she's demonstrated how many different roles she can play.

No. 480516


With a generous amount of government disability added on top of that. And then starts a GoFuckMe account. She will always have the skills of acting, storytelling, role play and excellent stage make-up. When she hits 50, will she still be 24?

No. 480612

File: 1516842209604.jpg (10.24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


Heheheh. Dingus. I see you, Anon.

No. 480676

Well… We can't know for sure. Do you actually think that she is acting? Not really a rewarding life she's living. Everyone has masks they wear, you can't play mom at work etc. That's not acting, it's mirroring and blending with the masses. Can you imagine losing time and then finding out you sat on a carpet playing with barbies? I got to sit home all day today (not a gamer, and I don't suspect kelly is either) I spent way the fuck too long in All of Kelly's threads and social media. I was called a lazy ass hole because when I don't understand things I just abandon it and resent it. I don't think trying to understand makes me a WK. I have followed all of this with my mind made up. She is a lying munchie waste of blood fraud. Anything I read or posted was through that lense. While lots doesn't add up or what ever, is because as well as having the worst possible writing, and off and on censoring. I had an open mind, and so much more fit! It's our posts that are confusing. I'm neither here nor there, but I didn't let the vendetta/imposter or wk posts pollute everything. If you go far back (FB) you will learn about her actual brain damage, massive police investigation and all of her attempts to escape. If she survives this, it would be miraculous. The accusations of munchhausen seem more and more ludicrous the more I listen to her minus us. Her doctors notes are authentic asside from her age changing. This isn't a bunch of bull, it's a bunch of shitty things a human experienced. She expressed hope off and on. Now never. This is not some shit post story if you open your mind a bit. Indeed there is a local ass hole harassing the shit out of her. We are ass talking each other because she isn't in here! She is taking her life back.(whiteknighting)

No. 480739

How do you know so much about this? Are you the local asshole harassing her? She's gonna out you. She's gonna post the police report and her friends will find out who you are, I bet.

Also, Kelly has survived way worse. Why are you so negative? Don't get so down on her abilities like that.

This post is creepy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 480783

This! If it's all true, then this is not bad at all for her. I would never go as far as tampering with her mail. It's so confusing. If I ever find out for a fact any truthes I will be apologetic. I think some of you need to read the rules. We don't literally fuck up a cows life. What we do is in here and a cow can walk away. Some of this is borderline stalking. If you are a kid and do something shitty, you will be punished accordingly by the law. Age, either way is not a free pass to be a lunatic. Could you please expose what posts are yours? No names bla bla, but you are actually freaky. >>480676(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 480789


Taking her life back how? By continuing to do the same shitty things? Fuck off. You are creepy. Are you part of her "club"?

No. 480884

Read what you just wrote. Wow, why did I deserve that? What you just demonstrated is exactly what I was talking about. Your mind is made up without any consideration.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 480910

>Wow, why did I deserve that?
Freudian slip?

God why are you self posting and talking to yourself in here? Do you genuinely not have a life and feel that you have to make up a conversation between you and yourself?

No. 480965

This is some obsessive-ass shit. I hope for your sake AND Kelly's that you're Kelly, otherwise you need severe help before you hurt someone. Yikes. If you're not Kelly, you should probably just stay the fuck away from her.

No. 480967

>Wow, why did I deserve that?
Wat. Why did who deserve what?

No. 481071


>Fuck off. You are creepy. Are you part of her "club"?

I am not Kelly or Freudian slipping. I was told to fuck off by >>480789 for no reason.

No. 481196

You were told to fuck off because you were implying that Kelly can "take her life back" by continuing to malinger and take money from the church, which is bullshit. She can't take her life back without making an effort.

You were also told to fuck off because you sound obsessed with her, and it's disturbing that you spent your entire day off stalking her social media. Make some friends.

She could always take baby steps and get a part time job. Ie: Start with 3 hour shifts at a movie theatre or something. This is coming from someone with mental illness who did just that.

No. 481345

Why is "church" you're top subject? Her health conditions are real, so even if someone says or thinks different, She is candidate for the support she receives. I believe in the general thread she indicated that she has a job. She isn't teaching ballet right now so no need to worry for the children. She actually had a business of her own creating and selling necklaces. She currently does secretarial work (data input) for a business. Like I keep telling you, your mind is made up. Kelly is a fake/useless pile of shit. So in fact there is no reason for this conversation.(whiteknighting)

No. 481375

>Her health conditions are real
You’re either Kelly herself, or one of her weird, obsessed followers. Stop WK. This isn’t a thread to talk about how much you love Kelly etc. No one here is going to say “I agree, I think everything Kelly did is real” unless it’s Kelly herself or one of her insane followers. So leave. Create your own little Tumblr blog or whatever where you can talk about how wonderful you spoonies are and how much of a raw deal you got from life because boohoo life is unfair and there’s nothing you can do about it. No1fuckingcurr bitch.

No. 481438

File: 1516924039125.png (461.44 KB, 1304x1628, frfx_srch- SC-1.565.png)

I have a different thought here. Does she have addiction problems? not her Gravol obsession but street drugs. This was my post way back, I just haven't been following much. She described symptoms that were quite odd and not usual for her. I put some of her symptoms into a search and came up with 'The Bends' I knew she didn't have compression illness but read the article. It went on to say it's not very common, but that people with a CVAD are getting the bends. Maybe it's not what she takes from the port, but perhaps what's going on. It could even just be air. (I am almost positive I sound nuts and way off track. I'm going to get a good link. Back with link shortly. Also I'll see if I can find the post about her symtoms.


No. 482157

Kelly needs Jesus. Or, a church family.

I actually think becoming religious and actually participating in church would help her.

Why doesn't she attend?

No. 482363

Oh. I was under the impression she does attend. She mentions her pastor enough. What does she do socially then? Maybe back at the gym, but she would post about it I think. Church family like as in congregation, or like mom dad and dog.. I mean cat.

No. 482364

Kelly has stated multiple times that she is a member but does not attend often.

No. 482369

What exactly is white knighting. seriously just questioning. If you have a fact or truth about a cow can it not be posted? Can a correction be made with supporting evidence? The rules are vague about it. I'm not saying "kelly is a good person so quit being a big ol meanie", but can fact based truthes be posted if there is supporting evidence? I mean I get it, and I'm not the OP, Besides the grammar police, can one farmer correct an other, and if there is a difference of oppinion can it be debated? I don't want to WK, but can we disagree.(ban evasion)

No. 482468

>Global rule 3
>3.2 Do not whiteknight (defending a cow without arguments (e.g. “this is bullying”)

So, obvious newfag, lurk moar. All you’re doing is sitting on these threads talking about how you believe Kelly and how she’s like, so inspirational or whatever (no1curr) and how she’s Taking Her Life Back (no1curr x 2) and then say you’re not whiteknighting?

>The accusations of munchhausens

Hm. I also I find it incredibly ironic that you are whiteknighting Kelly to hell, saying that if you provide proof (how would you, a stranger, provide proof?) that she’s not lying that you won’t be whiteknighting, AND you’ve spelt munchausen incorrectly like Kelly does.

No. 482489


I don't know how to make the green texts so please bear with me but:

"Fact based truthes"

"Can one farmer correct an other?"


Hi Kelly.

No. 482533

You seem to know exactly what WK is so why would would you start out playing dumb asking what it is and then try to justify why you are doing it? Obviously you and anyone else "can" post/say whatever they want to. This is evidenced by your posts showing up on this thread. Does that mean that anyone besides you cares what you have to say? No because that is not the purpose of this site. So take your WK "not WK" elsewhere.

No. 482536


Lurk a lot more before posting. Google the terminology for better understanding. If you're offended by being told to fuck off then you're in the wrong place. So far you've only conversed with the nicer farmers. Correct a fellow anon by all means, but prepare yourself for backlash. Read previous threads, lurk more, much more.

No. 482540


Are you visiting this thread from the future?

No. 482549

No. 482608

so kelly continues to shit up her own thread to keep it alive, and half the anons take the sock-puppet bait. awesome.

>This is coming from someone with mental illness who did just that.
nice blog, preacher.

No. 482641


Fuck, Kelly's fucking around with dates has finally given me number dyslexia. Thank you for correcting me, no backlash here.


>>482536 was for you.

No. 482762


And score! I know all of Kelly's idiosyncrasies and it's fucking hilarious "af" to see you all running around like chickens with your heads cut off! Munchy was going to be in my next "not Kelly" post! Kek for real!(ban evasion)

No. 482773

So all the presumed self posts, where munchhausen is spelled correctly were not written by Kelly? You honestly think she just posted here for the first time?

No. 482795

My theory is that she had two devices and she spelled "munchhausen" wrong on one of them, so it autocorrects to that spelling now.

No. 482800

I have a very hard time believing someone is this invested in her.

No. 482806


You do know you don't have to type in the number manually?


Why is my comment >>482540 in this list?

No. 482929

She has several bits of kit. We've seen the phone and laptop. She could have dozens of them.

No. 483137

It’s so painfully obvious it’s you. Even the way you’re talking here. That glaringly obvious “I tricked you all!” attitude seeps right through, even without your spelling errors. People may have ate it up before, but it’s pretty clear that these farmers
are aware that it’s you self posting about yourself again to gain notoriety. You ask yourself why it continues? The real answer is because you cannot let it go that you aren’t getting sympathy anymore. You admitted to lying about posting here not as yourself before and now that you aren’t posting about your illnesses on instagram (because they’ve been solved) you aren’t getting the same compassion you admit you wanted from those nurses in the hospital. So you continue to self post in here, and now you’re playing the game where you pretend you’re someone else again. You said you’d be honest when you admitted to lying, so why are you doing it again? Let go of the need for sympathy and being wanted and I’m pretty sure you’ll find you’ll be much happier.

No. 483155

She doesn't strike me as a sympathy seeker. The more you respond the more attention she actually gets, so quit engaging with cows. Banned cows infact. >>483137 >>483137

No. 483304

File: 1517099707373.png (473.76 KB, 589x785, 1517092002783.png)

Repost of something that was immediately deleted. Wtf is this?

No. 483512

Kelly S from a Karis home.

No. 483526

Considering the bottom middle panel is what looks like Gina and Kelly’s twinspeak, I’d say a collection of messages between the two. A few of the messages look like (presumably Gina if this is between them?) is encouraging Kelly to stop and get help and to stop posting here. I agree wholeheartedly, and that’s something I never thought I’d say to someone on here that isn’t a farmer.

No. 483648


She doesn't strike me as a sympathy seeker.

I really hope this is sarcasm…

No. 483908

File: 1517155285603.png (3.08 MB, 1440x2033, tosh_2018-01-28-07-52-25-1.png)

What is with the alternative dates. This is disgusting.

No. 483920

Disgusting and deluded.
The information comes from a delusional conservative's weird religious conspiracy website:

Kelly, this isn't what people mean when they tell you that you need Jesus.

No. 484090

Posted on her blog few days ago. SRA. Still denying it's satanic cult. Claiming not to have participated in all of those rituals, but which ones? The dog killing, body bag, white dress, coffin etc. Ritual blood loss not anaemia? The church helps her in a massive way yet she continues going back to the dark side. I'm open-minded. This shit does happen. It's rife worldwide. I read up on it and barfed. Her storytelling is so haphazard creating confusion, doubt and fucking with people's minds. She's not stupid, she's fucking crazy but not as dumb as she makes out to be. Her ulterior motive? Other than attention and pity, maybe she's dragging others down to her level of darkness. Other thoughts anons?

No. 484119

>I'm open-minded.
“What is whiteknighting?” don’t ask what it is, then have a farmer explain it to you, and you continue. No1currr if you believe her. This isn’t the website for that.

No. 484144

Did you read what anon wrote? She didn't say she believed Kelly's fucked up story telling, she said that people have been abused in the world.

No. 484147

I absolutely agree. Kelly has been hurt, and her mind is a dark place. This Satan business is an expression of the darkness inside of her. The way she treats other people is a projection of her own hurt.

No. 484425


Different anon here, I explained the WK to the other anon. I said I was open-minded and open to discussion. You appear to not want to discuss anything, just aggressively attacking anons who want to exchange opinions. The SRA may be true or false, and it may or may not answer a lot of questions. It may be the reason for blood transfusions. That is not whiteknighting, it's a reasonable speculation having seen the recent blog about SRA. Looking at a bit of information/evidence and creating an open forum to see what other anons think about it. Also, a bit of educating myself by researching it to make me more informed and to share it. If other anons choose to disbelieve what's right in front of them that's ok. No need to be so aggressive about it or assume that you know which anon said what because you don't.
This thread would be completely dead if opinions and information weren't brought forward and shared. I feel there's so much more to come so please don't spoil it. Way too much infighting here, and that's not the point of these forums. Give it chance to play out or maybe try another thread. Or bring something forward worthy of discussion instead of repeatedly telling farmers that "no1curr".

Saged for taking a chill-pill and calmly explaining myself rather than infighting.

No. 484740

You should check drop box settings. The set up atm let's the viewer see and edit any picture and save. You're not getting hacked, you're files are opened to the public.

No. 484825

No it doesn't. I'm confused because you can't edit another person's dropbox files unless they give you permission. You can download and view the files she links to in her blog, but that's what she wants, isn't it? I don't think there's a way to view anything she hasn't linked directly to.

No. 484929

She hurts people? Where who? if it's showing in here then it's because of how she's been treated in here. I know Kelly and Kelly S. Kelly treats people way better than they deserve. You've put out an accusation, now support it. not vague or vast. What has she done to you?

No. 484931

show us.

No. 485290

Exposing farmers by name for starters, is treating people like shit. Her whole blog is an example of he r shitty personality (s).

No. 485589

Ask the women she lived with at Karis. Ask the woman she accused of rape.

No. 485770


She lied to me. She lied to all of us. Over and over and over again. She’s threatened us, harassed us, insulted us. And before you go all “well you guys were big fat meanies to Kelly, first!~” Uh, no. No one invited her here (in fact we came to the conclusion long ago that it’s most likely she brought herself here so she would have something to cry about). Maybe we insulted her, but no one here threatened or harassed her except herself.

No. 486249

You want a list? Here we go, since you apparently haven’t read the previous threads at all:
>1. She herself posted her medical documents on the thread posing as someone else and simultaneously telling people she had been hacked on Facebook and Instagram, then later retracted this and admitted to posting it herself
>2. She lied about being a medical mystery (it was never a medical mystery why she was bleeding, she admitted that they found out it was fibroids) and lied about the details of her blood problems (at one point someone mentioned that she said her blood doesn’t clot properly)
>3. She pretended to be multiple different people on here (admin showed that it was posted at a Kelowna IP address and under a particular phone), all of which are hers
>4. She posted in poor taste about nurses at her hospital a few times on her Instagram and 2 doctors too for her apparent poor treatment by them
>5. She claimed karis society were the ones who made this thread
>6. She made a rape accusation towards a Karis member
>7. She made a rape accusation towards someone she was in hospital with
>8. She claimed staff from her hospital were posting here
>9. She made insinuations that she was being treated by doctors as if she were being accused of faking
>10. She posted photos in a public domain (the hospital/ER/shared rooms) that specifically prohibits that behaviour
>11. She made money from a gofundme that we’re still discussing about what she did with it
>12. She claims she was forced to eat a dog among other gross, weird ritualistic stuff that can be horrifying for her followers to read

And that’s only a bit of it. So stop the whiteknighting. This isn’t an open forum where we’re going to sit back and be like “aw, poor Kelly, she’s had a hard life” bitch other people have had hard lives too. None of us are sitting here doing what I just listed (and if you are, please get help, seriously!)

No. 486427

I think it's best to leave her blog out of this. And slow down the 2nd and 3rd party offence bs. Let others talk for them selves or this just becomes a turkey vendetta he said she said. "no1curr"

No. 486430

Haha calling the kettle black.

No. 486453

How am I calling the kettle black? I gave a list of stuff you’ve done Kelly, but you’re clearly agitated that I listed what you’ve done. Stop fucking ban evading. Reporting you for infighting because this is fucking retarded already.

No. 486457

Do you have any idea how idiotic you sound? She defended her self towards the people YOU impersonated.(ban evasion)

No. 486472

Honest question: did you even read that list?

No. 486493

>Do you have any idea how idiotic you sound? She defended her self towards the people YOU impersonated.
Do you have any idea how idiotic you yourself sound? She pretended to be people on numerous occasions and then proceeded to publicly admit (on instagram) that she posted what she initially said she had been hacked of.

>>484929 asked
>She hurts people? Where who?
Well, if my reading skills are accurate, I’m pretty sure these people
gave a lot of examples of what happened. This is excessive infighting and nit-picking if I’ve ever seen it, and obvious ban-evading. I hope other farmers report you. I, as well as others, are done explaining the basics to you. You know you’re whiteknighting.

Farmers, or those left anyways, just ignore, report, and move on.

No. 486519


The actual fuck? Kelly is the only person who has impersonated here, as the following: her twin sister, her pastor, her roomate(s), a nurse, a doctor, numerous various IG supporters and Facebook friends (general white knights as is still occurring), LMW (though I do believe she did post here, I think Kelly also pretended to be her to fight with herself in yet another attempt to gain sympathy), uhm, law enforcement once, and that’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

No. 486566

This is disgusting. Not what Kelly did or didn't do, but the guess who game. It shows quite clearly that you've done things to hurt her, and plan to do so continually. Revenge, or what ever it is you think this is Will be biting your ass one day. Dorte is a mature married lesbian, and you keep bringing wild accusations up. You aren't hurting Kelly, you're hurting Dorte. If this is Dorte then you know what's what, but if not, the ass hat who shoves it in her face all the time needs to fuck off. It's a very unusual behaviour. Almost criminal. If you have been hurt by someone so bad, then tell them. Pushing an emotionally un stable person person to this point is sick. No one is perfect, but Kelly certainly is the satanic person you've created for your fantasies. If she saw all of this… actually I think you want her to see so you can fuck with her mind. It's not ok. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do, but with absolutely no questions asked what you do here is wrong and against the law. What ever she did she has to deal with too. But not under some guise of being the be all end all. Get your names back, do step 5 or 6, which ever one you're at if you're not in denial still. This here, these pages would absolutely be used in the event of suicide or stalking

No. 486578

the hack thing is all you have to hold on to. You had to make sure that she was lying about something as munchhausen didn't work out. It seems you are all histrionic. And o(are you okay anon)

No. 486612

Um, who the hell is Dorte and why do I care that she is a, "mature married lesbian"? Is she part of Karis or something? This is so bizarre, I just, I just don't know where to even start. There is a reason this is my favorite thread: whacked out mystery guest appearances from beyond and cryptic messages from anonymous word-salad-spewing Sir Galahads. Feels like Scooby Doo.

No. 486730

Websites like 4chan, 9gag, thedirty, kiwifarms, etc. have always existed and always will. Suits against them always prove to be difficult to get removed or have anyone charged with users using VPNs. That and freedom of speech is a tricky field when people are posting opinions, and where some evidence could be factual. Real farmers on here have said Kelly can turn her life around and have given many suggestions. She doesn’t need to resort to suicide, but it’s clear that saying that points to her emotional state, which we saw through her instagram posts were already affecting her life before this thread (eg. getting angry/crying uncontrollably at medical staff for doing their job allegedly incompetently according to Kelly). But many people who were subjects on here have moved on, and their threads died. Why? Because they stopped the behaviour that caused their threads in the first place. At this point, many legitimate previous farmers have gotten bored, agitated, and left. I know I am after this post because of people rubbing each other over how lovely Kelly is.

Lastly, being a vendettachan is stupid because it doesn’t change Kelly’s actions. It just makes you look like an obsessive idiot. You want your fix of people like Kelly? Go to the spoonie/OTT thread, there are plenty.

No. 486732

Also, Kelly: don’t kill yourself over a stupid fucking website. At the end of the day it’s just a website. So fucking what? Take the other farmers’ advice and try to do something good with your life.

No. 486840

Kelly knows this. She has all the help in the world at her fingertips. Much more than your average depressive on the street. We can all stop with the Heathers tier, "Teenage suicide, don't do it!" PSAs at this point. Please and thank you.

No. 486956

No. 487020

Shes been crying suicidal for years, evidence shown in her blog.

No. 487024

this thread is weird. people go through fits of 'hi kelly' for every second post, then it flips and obvious kelly posts get these long and earnest replies.

No. 487112

That isn't a "good" sign.

I agree, first her blog is one fat joke and called out for lies. Then suddenly it's true?

>>486956 Admin was being facetious, no ones cares if you are ok or not.(samefagging)

No. 487153


Not intended as a good sign. Pointing it out to >>486566

No. 487175

File: 1517344779531.png (85.04 KB, 713x537, block lolcow.png)

Here, Kelly.
Get one of your roommates to do this for you so you can't reverse it that easily.
This site is obviously hurting you, so block it from your life.

The site also has instructions on how to block it on your devices.

Block it on your router, and block it on your devices as well.

I know the temptation is a lot to handle, so just. block. it.

No. 487195

In one of Kelly's videos, she mentions that Paul takes her somewhere and she's not sure where it is.

I'm not sure if she's familiar with Google location services, but since she has an Android phone, she could use it to find out exactly where he's taking her. She might have location tracking on already and not even know it. If she doesn't, she could easily turn it on, and then next time she has to go with Paul, she'll have proof of where he's taking her and she'll be able to take that to the police. Easy peasy. I hope she does it. It would sure show us if this all turned out to be real.


No. 487304

her an incompetent witness to her own case according to the RCMP. It sounds really fucking practiced and planned out. He is ensuring he won't be caught, or that if it was busted it could be written off

No. 487315

She's not stupid. She seems to be fairly advanced with technology. Why would she choose to block this site when it brings the attention she craves so badly? She set up her blogs knowing that it would come here,whilst managing to create added drama and mystery.


Her blog may be the best explanation of her character, why would we ignore it? Its posted publicly, fictional or not, it says a lot.

No. 487386

The first bit of your comment was deleted.

No. 487662


Share more details plz?

No. 487847

>>487304 Drop it. You keep saying the same things. you've been heard. This isn't a nice place to be the COA.


in blog 1 she writes that her phone is immediately taken and dismantled. Her and her worker at the time introduced a decoy phone. with in a few minutes, he had some how triangulated the one she was holding in the trunk. She says the emergency trunk release is also deactivated. a few months ago she took a defense course and apparently were learning about directional inertia, and how to count in true seconds even if in a panicked state. The fact that she is dissociative, according to the police deems her incompetent witness to her own case. It sounds really fucking practiced and planned out. He is ensuring he won't be caught, or that if it was busted it could be written off as s&m fetish.

No. 488213

I followed her first blog but never saw that anywhere. She said on video that he couldn't be charged because she was willing and didn't say no. Called herself a willing victim. Any screenshots? Does she really have DID? She drives, yet could dissociate at any time? She's said that flashing lights cause her to dissociate. This is one of many things that don't add up. I begin to understand her a bit, then she does something that contradicts her story.

No. 488403

>Does something ? I think she is scattered in the way she posts, but I think it will come together. Do you have captures from the other blog you could share? I think DID is probably the most solid of her diagnoses. I doubt pity is the motive in this. Is there an ulterior motive? To me it sounds like she's given up, Fuck it. Legacy isn't the word I'm looking for, but I think she knows something and can't just say it. I don't know. Kek I guess in a way she's coming out of the closet. It is strange how she agrees with the said abusers that she is shit. That not my opinion, I just have a hard time imagining her writing or orchestrating this, and for so long. I hope to hear more about the investigation and self defence course. I just saw that insane cult calendar and she was writing about this shit way back before that was published.

No. 488404

Why is my post green?

No. 488603

It's because of the arrow you used at the beginning of your text. One arrow is to create green text.

No. 489831


No caps which is why I asked for screenshots. Legacy? She knows something about what, her own story? Lurk moar…that's why your post is green.

No. 491599

What the hell is that God awful noise in the recent blogs. Is it intended as background music? It's louder than her words, plz turn it right down or better still, off. Am dragging my fingernails down a blackboard to recreate the ambience.

No. 492446

It is specifically to annoy us. I'm not phased by it.

No. 492453

File: 1517720732423.jpg (95.18 KB, 585x1040, 20160224_173221.jpg)

Keep your assholling in your binder in your locker at school. I think the music works. Even if I didn't I'm not going to come post pointlessly asking for a person to change their diary for you. Get your ears checked. The way it's done is actually quite good. Kelly if you're reading this, I mean that in the most theatrical way. So no, it's not a personal compliment.

No. 492473

The best part of this is the infighting and the scewed notion that we are superior. Ages ago an anon offered himself as evidence! That post gives me strength during graveyards. Now we've given her options and also for free we offer journal editing! She should thank us. We're the good cult with more freedom and a way out. No one lurks. Come on. The music in her blog is not milk. I hope for the wellness of both farmer and cow that a new thread isn't opened.
Ohh dear sweet deaf anon, I don't think your post was valid. I'll report myself now for infighting and I'd suggest breastfeeding a wee bit longer.

No. 492651


No. 492926


I am hard of hearing so I prefer words.


Good for you. No need to check my ears as I know I'm mostly deaf. Enjoy your whiteknighting, nice warrior beads, intended for sick children, not adults. Of course she's reading it, and she frequently takes note of requests and adapts her blog accordingly. Ridiculing a deaf anon is salty.


Which anon offered himself, which post? 95% of this thread is lactose/beastmilk free, that's why I saged my post. Thank you for acknowledging my disability, then ridiculing it.

Saged for defending a genuine disability to easily triggered salty anons.

No. 493421

Maximum exclamation marks and fragmented, indecipherable wording=Kelly. I hate the "Hi Kelly" too, but she just makes it so damned easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Sooooooo, hi Kelly.

No. 493864

File: 1517849675656.png (262.68 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-02-04-23-03-46…)

I'm not stupid. Have fun figuring this out, and maybe you'll have a better understanding of who's posting what, and who's taking the fall. I'm local, I am quite capable of doing what I want. It's been fun watching you all running around frantically blaming the wrong person, and each otherrr! #whenyouseeit

No. 494052


Are you literally trying to claim that you’re Gina? lol

No. 494216

Still using G's IG ac. #hackersbeware #kellylikestoovershare

No. 494237

Holy shit, I can see it! The picture of Chompurs, he's got a fucking halo. So he really is a spirit cat. Has he come back from a sacrifice, is that what we've been running around like headless chickens looking for? Thank the Lord I have now finally worked everything out and can rip.

No. 494737

Believe what you want. I'm confused about this black and white thought pattern though. The good twin bad twin is bull shit. There is no one accessing my IG but me. Y the fuck am I on this fuckin pedestal? There is no fuckin hacking, so carry on with ur games and shitty wasted lives. Ur on the same level of stupidity as Kelly which is y her name isn't in my bio any more. None of u have lives to brag about. Go cry now w
/ Kelly.

No. 494818

File: 1517896525370.gif (2.12 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Gina,keep sticking to the tired old chesnut of, "Farmers have no lives, no professions, no spending money, no families, are obsessed with Kelly, no children, no happiness." I am not going to tell you my profession 'cause it's none of your fucking business and I choose to be very low profile on the Interwebs. But I do really have a job, and a very lucrative one at that. I choose to read Lolcow at night before bed for a lark. That's it. I can give Kelly lessons in discretion if you'd like. Nah, that's too hard, amiright? Doing so would also lead to a reduction of asspats. So instead, keep flying the flag of, "Farmers Equal Lowlife Losers." Whatever makes you sleep at night, Precious.

No. 494833


"Farmers Equal Lowlife Losers." Sorry capitalizing lowlife losers is "Magical" With the exception of Kelly, my family and I have all been legally successful re: lawsuits, so mind ur manners Mr. Ass Hat with the Low profile. Nope u suck at that for sure.

No. 494923

Ok Gina, you sound like you're rearing for a fight. Got your panties in a knot because you got called out? I've mostly lurked in this thread from the beginning, and I have seen shocking little evidence that you are much different from Kelly, barring the whole blood thing. Im an identical twin too, and as a twin we can do one of two things in our lives. Copy eachother and remain inseperable emotionally, perhaps codependentally, or we can branch out, and become completely different people. You claim that you are the successful, stable twin, however I have seen precious little evidence to support this. You may not autoexsanguinate for attention, however I am sure that if I talked to ex and current partners, coworkers, friends, etc., and if they were honest that I would discover some vein of deceit, some fundamental flaw in character that causes you to lie or hyperbolize (I know, a made-up word) minutiae in your life to garner attention and make yourself seem larger than life. This could be in your DNA, it is hard to say, but it is your cross to either accept or refuse–the choice is yours. Stop being cruel to your twin, Gina, it only makes you seem jealous and weirdly evil, in my estimation. That is your clone, be kind and help her in an actual tangible way. Don't throw stones at glass houses and all that. Sorry to ramble but as a clone myself it hurts my heart to see you stick it to your twin sister when she is down. It's disgraceful.

Sage for rage

No. 494926

P.S. Gina, I'm not a "Mr.", I'm a "Miss". Quit assuming my gender!!!1! Lol, just joking, but I am a woman. Most of us Farmers are. I'm surprised that you didn't catch on to that. Get a grip Gina, your writing is all over the place. Perhaps both of you need to get some treatment together. Sounds like you may need it, and I'm not joking.

Sage for samefag, sorry.

No. 495192

I can’t believe anyone believes Gina is here posting. Still loling.

No. 495242

If you don't believe it then you're a fool. Both twins are here on the regular because they are both self-obsessed. Ball don't lie, and writing style don't lie.


No. 495431


I have no evidence of Gina being here other than Kelly crying about how mean Gina is to her, which, if I had a sister as batshit as she was I wouldn’t take it, either. Kelly claiming she’s here doesn’t actually make it true.

No. 495515

Puppet/puppet master = same DNA.
Nobody put you on a pedestal.

No. 496226

File: 1517986863955.jpg (Spoiler Image,686.7 KB, 1924x1925, losers.jpg)

Ur all fucked in the head! F U
I am your main "farmer faker" Cunts! If u want to read all ur bull shit again I will tag all my comments. Ur all just fags n cunts.(k)

No. 496315

I have had a hard time with this for a while now, how can you stab your twin (of all people) in the back? Sure, Kelly is a cry baby, but I have not see more than a flicker of you "giving a shit" about her. I trend to the belief, that as big of an attention seeker she is, and how ghastly annoying it can be that she isn't causing her illnesses. I think that when she became unwell, that no one (family) was supportive. As it all progressed, she naturally clung to the people who cared. It is sad, because at the end of the day she feels loved by her nurses etc even though they probably don't think about her at all. Honestly even if she did exsanguinate you should have been there. She posts about you all the time and worries while you travel the globe; from a fucking hospital bed. What the hell is all of this? Do you know she gets beaten? Does it happen to you too? What is the story about last names, age hiding and safety issues? I have a brother who is just over a year older than me, and I wouldn't give a shit about crazy I would never imagine turning a blind eye. Sorry to come down on you so hard, but what the hell is going on? Never mind the hospital, how about ballet? Is she lying or have you never seen her dance?Farm hands please just let this one slide, I know the interaction rules, and cow reporting etc but I just had a few questions. I have seen several "goofy" pictures of you pretending to punch or choke her. Ill share the pictures i'm referring to.

No. 496375

No. 496389

It’s funny they claim we have no lives but it’s all just Kelly/Gina/Whoever self-posting vaguely in here. Just ignore, report where applicable, and move on.

No. 496458

Well duh Gina, we all figured out you hate your sister ages ago. You're the worst.

No. 497019


It is actually a faily normal response for the "healthy sibling" to experience animosity. It probably feels to G that no one gives a shit about her. Though seriously cruel, it's not uncommon. If you (Gina) are in fact posting and feelings this way it is understandable. It might be a good idea to tone it down a bit. Maybe you could answer some of the questions above, or your view about certain opinions or perceptions. I hope that if she isn't being deceptive, that nothing this fucked up has happened in your life.

Vendetta posters piss me off for trying to twist shit for people IRL. Obviously they both have issues, but don't play them against each other. That would be cruel.


No. 497167

It's ok that shes pissed off, she has most likely had all kinds of shit flying her way from Kelly's fans and haters. Having made your presence known G, can we ask questions?


I agree, they already play off each other so it shouldn't be done here in this thread. Vendettas will carry on doing it though. Am hoping to see You tag her posts.

We're not all fags n cunts. Ratio of men to women probably 70/30.

No. 497324

I'm not saying she shouldn't be mad. Some of the things sge says though seem a bit more than just sibling rivalry. Say the whole thing is exposed, Kelly didn't lie about a cult, the bleeding was body problems. I just know I would feel horrible. I read the supposed self posts, the ones that she apparently played G. It was WK postings. Why did she wk herself on behalf of her sister? Recent posts are not wk. A bit of farmer hate and general nothingness. I wonder what G knows, what is real? I just want a bias opinion. G probably knows more than she says. Which is fine, but G if you read this I am curious about your side. No pressure though. OT Did Kelly post her 20 minute thing?

No. 497581

Gina doesn’t even type like that. Why is everyone so retarded all of a sudden?

No. 497997

Obviously you are new here. Lurk moar. They have some gibberish twin talk, probably some English and When G is raging she cant be bothered to use full words. Example: "nvm u and ur friends r a waste of time FU! Or maybe its low blow and she is dumbing down to Kelly's level. Who knows, but yes she does write like above. OT rant time. What is this new fixation with revealing anons? Why should G be exposed? I think the milk isn't supplied because there is looming threat of exposure. Things have changed for the worst in here.

No. 498712


Ha, I’m not new here. I’ve actually been here since Kelly started in the munchie thread, so since last summer? Probably longer than most of the people here.
“Gina’s“ post doesn’t even resemble their little “language,” so maybe you should lurk more*. It’s just you and your replaced with u and ur. Since Gina has the ability to type coherently, evidenced by her IG captions and such, I’m gonna go out on a super short limb and pin that post on Kelly. Once again trying to make people feel sorry for her or show that she still has white knights or whatever her reason for pretending to be others is.
So yeah, stop being retarded.

No. 498907

Gina types like that when she's chatting casually. It's Gina. Some people have different ways of typing depending on context and audience.

No. 498962

You've been here that long but you haven't seen her differing writing styles, really? Pay more attention and lurk moar. Itz super legit obvs that itz Gina coz u can c her fucking face.

Sage for fucking rage that morons need to be spoonfed cuz they're cuntz.

No. 499133

I just so happen to have some wonderful caps of a conversation that was undeniably a messenger conversation between them. You jump to the conclusion that only Kelly, no chance in hell her identical twin could also have the crazies. Think again. I'd rather meet slow obviously retarded kelly in a back ally at night. So predictable and stupid. Gina has the same fucking crazy as kelly, but also a functioning brain. I've seen it all along, the batshit crazy one is Gina. Kelly's just retarded and misses social cues. Pictures coming up.

No. 499136

Hold that thought, I'm pretty sure I saved parts of that or at least the link. >>499133

No. 499228

>>454300 is a a perfect example of varying writing styles. Easy to create an Instagram that's well presented. Easier to type randomly when angry and not spell checking. Then there's the "twinbabble".

No. 499326

Okay……make with the goods or GTFO.

No. 499433

I had to open a dropbox account so this shit better work. This is sickeningly mean. I don't see mp4 files here often so it might take a few tries.


No. 499468

Reported this. Sick move.

No. 499591

Didn't know where the link can be pasted. I'm A friend of kelly, I don't want to get whatevered. She just can't get in here. Not sure if I can because im at her place. She loves her sister beyond comprehension. I got the ld and I hope this place can stop with extra drama. The whole by proxy with lots of people is mean too but interesting. This page makes my stomach sick.

No. 499609

this has been obvious for a while. it's why the thread won't die, where most of the milk-like product comes from, and even half the infighting. wouldn't be surprised if the one is helping the other with the self-bleeding.

No. 499751

Holy samefagging, I have no idea what is happening here. Anyones does ?

No. 499758


This thread is so over-run by self-posting by Kelly and Gina that no anon, including you, can be trusted. I don't even trust myself in here.

No. 499802

I always try to read this thread because I think I'm interested in Kelly and her shenanigans? But it's like watching a foreign film with no subtitles. As soon as I think I can comprehend what's happening, the next scene plays out and I'm left going "wait.. What the fuck?"

No. 499840

In conclusion, Gina used this thread to manipulate and hurt her sister and we all played right into her hand. Incredible orchestration, but I'm left feeling a bit frightened and ashamed of myself for falling for it.

No. 499853


Because no way in hell Kelly has photos of her twin sister, right? Must be Gina.
Ahhhh, why the fuck did I come back to this cesspool? Out again. I’d rather be a cunt than a retard, haha.

No. 499911

So what's going on is that G has been fucking her sister around in here. Why are some so obsessed with the fact that gina is a straight person? It seems like some are "team gina" solely because they don't like Kelly. It needs more exploring, because at this point it seems very much a possibility that this is actually Gina's game. Thanks anon for the Gina talk clip. I noticed also, that Kelly's not getting the attention gina thinks she traded her in for, not instagram thats for sure. Her blog several days ago (lengthy not relevant to much actually said something about feeling bad for gina. Dropbox anon could maybe grab a chunk of it?
>>499853 This cunt and retard reference as well as laughing at us dumb low lifers has that Gina feel. If so, you actually taunted kelly to expose it. So you just needed that public offense "kelly exposing you" (but falsely) to make an official victim of yourself with evidence to back it?

I hate some people too, even family, but I wouldn't even treat Satan himself that way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 500320

Apparently I'm kelly. Banned.(ban evasion)

No. 500412

Let's see if I got this straight;
>Two twins from Kelowna
>One (Kelly) is special snowflake. Mental illness, bleeding disorder(?), raped, some other shit
>The other twin (Gina), possibly with mental disorders, jealous of attention Kelly gets for all her issues
>Gina verbally abuses Kelly
>Gina decides to start Lolcow posting to get a personal army against Kelly
>Lolcow adds her to Munchies threads/starts Kelly and Chompurrs show
>Kelly finds our Gina is behind Lolcow posting

About right?

No. 500424

I thought this was another general munchie until the past few days and I'm legit so confused

No. 500429

Last I was here it was a Munchies about Kelly bloodletting, now I'm seeing shit about cults, dogfucking, and Gina being behind all of this

Someone needs to do a tl;dr

No. 500457

File: 1518335738462.png (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1304x1628, artsandcrafts.png)

Her screen shot vs my edit.(kelly)

No. 500460

Maybe Gina is in the cult too, and she's now trying to be a distraction.(kelly)

No. 500472

Who’s screenshot and edit? What the hell has gone on here in the past week or so?
I decided to check in on here and I’m so confused.

No. 500484


It’s not that I’m team Gina, necessarily, but again, we have nothing to base the idea of her being here on anything other than Kelly shitposting supposed screenshots of their conversations. So the fuck what if Gina is mean to her sister? How does that translate to her coming to this site and instigating this shitstorm? Because she knows about it? I personally don’t believe she wastes her time here. We know almost nothing about her aside from the one-sided version Kelly has played off, which has been just as inconsistent as everything else she’s ever said on this forum. Suddenly you think you’ve been interacting with her? Was that before or after Kelly was proven to be writing as Gina to (poorly) defend herself?

The only thing I personally believe about Gina is that she enables Kelly’s neurotic and childish behaviors, but they’re both adults and Gina is her sister, not her mother. As someone who has a sibling with a tendency to ignore every sane piece of advice received, I can see how something like this would get out of hand and how helpless the situation ultimately is.

Kelly is so fucking old now. All of the people who were here intially to discuss Kelly’s attention-seeking, manipulative and deceitful antics have left. Now it’s just people who think “this is just the beginning,” “I wanna see what happens,” “there’s so much more.” No, there isn’t. But if you feel that way, follow her Tumblr and talk to her directly. It’s about time this thread was closed, because no one has anything worth anything to say anymore.

No. 500639

Why is it team Gina 's team Kelly? The whole point was the anonimity. Male or female who gives a shit. Just get back to the whole reason this is here. If Gina posts about her we shouldn't care or need to figure it out. They are twina, ones a snowflake the others a bish. On the flipside, I think Kelly posting about Gina in her blog or Tumblr should absolutely be considered milk and shared here and not automatically as fake bla bla. It's not impossible for Gina to be a bish. So upwards and onwards. If there is milk please share, if an anon annoys you oh well, if you think there is ban evading report. Admin can handle it.(kelly)

No. 500774

Tl/dr these (most of them) are self posts, and we’ve all played into it. She was initially a medically mystery (her words) but now that it turns out to be just fibroids it has to be more complex, so now it’s a ritualistic dog-fucking/eating abuse storyline. I’m making like I did with other friends who’ve done this shit and leaving. Lies after lies and it makes you feel insane because you can’t determine lie trom truth anymore. This may be revolutionary to some, but you don’t have to lie to make people like you.

No. 500849

Initially this thread set-up because of the blood transfusions and wasting valuable resources. Not surprising that she no longer needs them as she was rightly outed. Fibroids,really? Nope, Drs don't miss that blood loss - even the bad Dr's don't miss that. MS? Don't know yet, waiting for more of the bullshit milk though highly doubting it. I'm fascinated by the pathological lying, the twin thing (puppet and puppetmaster), the whole craziness of this disfunctional being.
It's interesting to scroll back up this thread and see the comments added by admin which help to read between the lines of the apt analogy of "a foreign movie without subtitles".
Those of you who keep saying you're out, why are you still here? If the thread annoys, scares or pisses you off you know what to do.
Sidenote- anyone else notice her Mom's reactivated her FB? Wondering if she does post here as suggested way back.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 501029

File: 1518403580280.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-02-11-15-49-34…)

Maybe the most important word is consistently overlooked.(kelly)

No. 501193

So if you’re not Kelly, why do you have an edit function for Kelly’s blog? You really need to stop making it so obvious that it’s you posting about yourself.

No. 501289

kek good catch.

kelly, please just stop coming on here. you're not helping yourself at all. bumping your own thread talking shit about yourself isn't okay. it's just sad at this point.

No. 501295

Sorry, I wasn't trying to be anyone else. I don't know if admin can figure out for sure which are mine. I'll tag them. >>437563

I will VPN back and finish. Say mean shit. I'm good I've burned bridges lost everything all to try to prove I'm not blood letting. Take what you want from my blog. I get it. fuck off. So I will. If my sister has posted in here it's devastating. Again I went too far same shit expecting different results(kelly)

No. 501314

You're pathetic.

No. 501324

can you mark all your other posts while you're at it? there's gotta be more

No. 501388

>I wasn't trying to be anyone else
You posted 25 comments talking about yourself in the 3rd person to defend yourself and continue to speculate and make it look like there was more to come. I’m pretty sure that counts as pretending to be someone else.

No. 501401

>>501324 - My thoughts, exactly. No way she hasn’t posted here in a month.

>>501295 - You know Gina isn’t posting here, so stop trying to make people believe she is.

No. 501640

>>501314 did you miss where it will be completed tomorrow.

And you're not.

Again, learn to absorb more than one word out of every post. The la I'm sorry you see things that
don't exist. Look again, where is there a claim of being anyone? Yes Gina posts here. More than you could imagine. Well, you could probably imagine anything in your low life mind.

No. 501803

>where is there a claim of being anyone?
You spoke about yourself in the third person pretending you were someone else and not yourself. For example >>442562 (a post you labeled as your own) you said:
>If you truly believe she is draining her own blood notify the police. That would be life threatening behaviour. Phone her local police. Make an anonymous call. THEN this would aaallll to away. End of story.
You’re pretending like you aren’t you there, thus the “claim” of being someone else. What do you not comprehend?

No. 501823

Samefagging here but why the fuck would you ask us farmers to call the police on you claiming it would all end, then when some ~farmer~ allegedly does, you flip out and act angry about it?

No. 501860


Eh. Not a low-life. College educated, work full-time in a laboratory. I’m recovering this week from surgery so I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. :)
How would you know Gina posts here? Has she told you, Kelly? Can you show us that screenshot? At least our speculations about you have some evidence to back them up. You just thinking Gina is here because you desperately want us to feel sorry for you doesn’t make it true.

No. 502159

Any future posts made by you will now be banned and marked. Congrats, Kelly.

No. 502251

I don't care about the naysayers, things are just getting interesting here, in my opinion.

No. 502338


Haha. They really aren’t.

No. 502349


No. 502390

What about past posts? I think we could all use a list.

No. 502412

Thank you, finally. Can we mark previous posts too?

What exactly is getting interesting? There has been no milk aside from Kelly self posting 25+ times. What are you on?

No. 502535

No. This whole thread was just kelly baiting people to say mean things about her so she could play the victim. It's not interesting. It's the most pathetic thing I've seen in my life.

No. 505084

Actually, quite the contrary. This has been played in a way which promoted -Kelly is (please read intro) worthless. Let's hold hands and bond while we trash Kelly. This understandably caused retaliation.

No. 505233


Fuck off with that nonsense. This isn’t the place for coddling. She had nothing to retaliate against - she brought and kept herself here. No one went out of their way to talk to her. In fact, we’ve been telling her for months to go the fuck away.

No. 505658

File: 1518830404571.jpg (166.35 KB, 720x774, IMG_20180216_160824_154.JPG)

Doesn't look manipulated at all to me. >>505233 I think there is way more honesty than speculated. There likely just some crusty nurse that is bored and shit posting.

No. 505661

File: 1518830542793.jpg (102.79 KB, 703x677, IMG_20180216_160753_561.JPG)

No. 505771

Right? I cannot believe this is still going on after Kelly admitted to all of this stuff. But what is even more ironic is how the thread dies for almost 3 days and then someone conveniently comes in to WK Kelly.

List of stuff she talked about (and admitted to) through her >>501295 post:
>>440590 (On her doctors)
>”Her doctors have allegedly entertained the self induced theory. This (of course) was ruled out after an apparent span of observation.”
>”If she still requires blood for "fibroids" after ablation therapy should the doctors not be a little concerned, or friends, her twin or anyone?”

>>441649 (Hinting at there being more to her than self bleeding (with her stressing the hypothetical “if” she does it))
>”If she in fact was bleeding herself to the point of potentially losing her life, I'm sure she didn't wake up one day and "just because" bleed herself out. There is so much more to this.”

>>442075 (Admits to faking being hacked):
>”I understand she faked the hacker”

>>442562 (Encourages farmers to call police on her):
>”If you truly believe she is draining her own blood notify the police. That would be life threatening behaviour. Phone her local police. Make an anonymous call. THEN this would aaallll to away. End of story.”

>>442879 (Threatens legal action):
>”harrassing her online isn't going to end well for farmers or "cow"”

>>446343 (Talks about age):
>”I don't fucking care about her age. It is what ever it is no matter how many years are shaved or added.”

>>450580 (Says she could be the best cow):
>”it’s disappointing as this could be the best cow.”

>>452688 (Admits she wants to be coddled and has this to say about G):
>”It's 10 or fifteen minutes of emotional and verbal abuse. If she's been the underdog in her family I can see why she wants to be coddled”
>”I'm sensing that the shit posts belong to her sister. Her words and writing style are undeniably similar.”

>>454307 (…But later admits G wouldn’t likely be posting here):
>”I may have thought the same, but it seems Gina says what ever she wants right to Kelly. She has no need to be anonymous.”

>>454300 (Suggests G has DID):
>”Maybe they both have DID”

Why are we still defending her again? She literally admitted those were her posts, did none of you reread them? Or are we just now also ignoring this stuff?

No. 505836

I have a hard time with it because she or whom ever made the self post tags, for sure didn't write 2 because they are mine. Not feelin so hot? Must have taken some time, and it's 10:00 on a friday. I read most if it, I'm just not interested in samefag posting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 505848

File: 1518845756371.jpg (322.67 KB, 960x640, gPIJJii.jpg)

No. 505851


Kelly, you aren’t honest. You have shown us time and time again that you aren’t an honest person. For instance, I am certain I have seen that document before, but only the second photo. I don’t believe I have ever read the paragraph where you admit you’ve had “significant menorrhagia” coinciding for the entire duration of your transfusion requirements. That statement insinuates that three separate hematologists, among however many other physicians/medical professionals in general, ALL missed an incredibly simple and treatable diagnosis.

Can you show us the absolute earliest record of you making that statement to those hematologists? Or perhaps the practitioner you first spoke to that would have referred you to the first hematologist? I’d be interested in seeing how they were able to document that claim without following up on it and/or how they decided excessive uterin bleeding had absolutely no relation to a hemoglobin level that so frequently “trended into the 50s.”

No. 505852


You seem to be in Kelly’s time zone. Interesting.

No. 505870

That doctors letter looks doctored, excuse the pun. She's quite good at fucking around with documents and photos. The latest blog entry of a journal supposedly dated 2000/1 looks like it's been done with an app to make it look like old teastained paper. She talks about tricks, hooking, drugs, yeast infections and also a problem peeing-hmmm, methinks she's written it yesterday to try and fit in with her current urinary problems associated with her "MS diagnosis". I call bullshit. And I call batshit fucking crazy.
The bleeding bullshit is wearing thin. No Doctor could have missed menstruation, it's just so basic. 219 transfusions. I'm going to slowly process that number.

No. 507796

File: 1519000301869.gif (1.59 MB, 400x221, giphy.gif)

Oh my god. Give it up, Kelly.(shitposting)

No. 508743

You just had to make sure this thread won't die.

No. 509441

Its been a week admin and still not fixed.

No. 510193

It might be because a farmhand promised it and not the admin, but I hope her posts really do get marked, not just because it'd be really amusing, but because she needs a little justice, warriorelihoax-style.

No. 510339

What is this "hoax" you are obsessed with exposing? Do you have evidence either way, or is it just because you are sick of day time tv. Lets see the proof, and feelings don't count. Cold hard evidence brah. Back it up, prove it and share it. Not the shit list of people saying blood waster, attention whore or liar. Put your shit on the table. Maybe I'm kelly(…) Call me what you want, but congratulate yourself for being creative, but dumb and empty-handed "af" >>510193(kelly)

No. 510532


Kelly, you are the one who makes claims. It is therefore up to you to provide “cold, hard evidence,” brah. I told you some time ago, that all you need to do to get people to believe you, is upload medical documents that show a diagnosis. You have rights to access your medical files - all of them. Instead, you decide to post diaries that maybe show in part why you’re batshit crazy. And several of the supposed documents you’ve actually shared here are either incomplete or outright fabricated. You have the power to end all of this by either going the fuck away or by sharing legitimate records that prove you’ve had fibroids for the last five years and also have MS. And since you can’t do the latter, I suggest you do the former.

No. 510989

You're really still trying to make this thread a thing? It's over, brah. No one wants to talk about your sick fantasy life anymore.

No. 511758

God this is the epitome of pathetic. Stop talking to yourself Kelly. Let the thread fucking die.

No. 513035

She talking to her different alters? Threads died. Served its purpose, no more transfusions.(kelly)

No. 513792

Rats. She was my favorite cow for a minute. sniff

Sage for playing my tiny violin.(kelly)

No. 515455

Are other anons havin technical issues?

No. 516351

I can post but the reverse screen is still an issue(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 518777

How many other anons have been wrongly accused of being Kelly? There's a technical issue with the router permaban system they use for incels'. They won't or can't fix it. I'm posting this here because Farmhands don't respond to questions asked via the reporting system, as suggested in the usage and rules section.

Kelly's now claiming Lyme disease instead of MS. I'm calling bullshit.

No. 518943

File: 1520025604906.png (319.86 KB, 1440x1792, t-mob.prntscrn.32_32_18.png)

Share your source of info so those blocked from her feed can see what's actually happening.(kelly)

No. 518947

No one is blocked?

No. 518966

I'm sure many are blocked from Instagram. >>518947(kelly)

No. 519403


Oooooor we stopped unfollowing you because you’re a liar, manipulator, don’t have MS.

No. 519613

You only follow people with MS? Can you provide evidence or are you just some crusty nurse bored out of your mind counting down the hours till your hair is "natural" again. Everyone here is a manipulative ass hole. If you feel so strongly confident in your conclusions, or oh so hurt boohoohoo Then grow the fuck up and say your shit. Anonymous means nothing but coward. My name status with X or Q, and I'm genuinely hurt. Too bad so sad, good luck ever resolving your lingering grudges. Try being honest. Oh wait you can't because you're an active participant in a shit post bully (yes bully) forum.
So many of us are accused of being (Kelly) so kelly, have a lovely day.(kelly)

No. 519647


I’m the one boohoohooing as you write a long pissy post. Am I still getting under your skin? Admin warned you about marking your posts and went through with it. Sorry you can’t talk back and forth to yourself anymore to make people think there’s still interest in your absolutely pathetic tale of so-called medical ~*mYsTeRy*~.

I unfollowed you because you’re a liar and manipulator, and I was dead tired of seeing your bullshit everyday. You don’t have MS, never had a blood disorder or anything even remotely close to it. When someone makes a claim, it is their responsibility to support that claim with evidence. You made he claim that you have MS and have shown absolutely no proof of it. My claim is counter to yours, but I don’t need proof because of that reason. It’s called burden of proof. Google it.

Also, not crusty or a nurse, but I am in the medical field. I’m a laboratory professional. Called you out on your blood bank shit months ago for, once again, making claims about stuff you clearly didn’t understand. It’s easy to fool people who either don’t know how medicine works or who think like you that they know every because they “have” everything. Hypochondria and Munchausen’s runs rampant and platforms like Instagram give you all a way to get together and feed each other’s sad, attention-seeking behaviors. Keep feeling sorry for yourself. You’ll continue to find people to stroke your massive, psychotic ego. Just not us. Byeeee.

No. 520314

File: 1520154956496.png (89.84 KB, 836x384, 2018-03-04 03.11.00.png)


>counting down the hours till your hair is "natural" again.

No. 520451


Are you fucking kidding with this? No one gives a shit about your beef with LMW. Get over it already!

No. 520599

i think they were just pointing out kelly in this post >>519613 making the natural hair comment was probably aimed at that instagram chick. kinda wonder if that means kelly thinks that chick is posting here.

No. 520823

If it’s true, it’s another Emily and Ember all over again, shitting up the threads with their self involved feud.

LMW, if you actually are posting here (highly doubt it from all of Kelly’s confirmed self posts) stop and talk with her. Kelly, if you have her blocked and aren’t mature enough at 30 (closer to 40) something years old to talk to her, then stop posting here and obsessively scrolling this thread and self posting waiting for someone to bait you. No1curr anymore. If LMW is posting here then she’ll fizz out if you stop giving her the attention. But she isn’t because it’s you, so stop.

No. 521262

File: 1520269736861.png (Spoiler Image,412.55 KB, 540x635, Ftfy..png)


No. 521543

Admin, can we just lock this shit? It's pathetic.

No. 521589


I second this motion.

No. 521609

And that’s how pathetic and ridiculous this has become. Not even the people here want to talk about this saga, because everybody (even the “mean internet bullies”) now knows it is just ridiculous, useless, and pointless. Nobody cares anymore, despite obvious continued lying, grabs for attention, and new fabrications. It’s just that bad. It’s like, the penultimate in pathetic. What do you do when even the mean internet people don’t care anymore?

No. 521819

Quit talking about how much you hate talking about it. How much time have you wasted not curring?
Does your browzurr automatically direct you here?

(kelly)(thanks for marking your own post kelly)

No. 521945


I think everyone has finally come to realize that they’ll never get the truth from you. You’ll continue to banter on about how oh-so-sick you are and people will listen cos they have zero critical thinking skills. The saga of your absolutely pathetic life reigns on. Be happy, Kelly, not bitter. You can finally peddle your bullshit without interference from the mean and horrible iNtErNeT “bulliez.”

No. 522107


Omg where r u going????(kelly)

No. 522126

Kek, Kelly referring to herself as her own favourite cow. It's so surreal when people come here and post repeatedly insulting themselves. This is above and beyond PrincessDoll insanity though.

No. 522593

And she’s in her late 30s by her accounts. At least some of these people with threads have partially or completely snapped out of it, but she continues to self post to try and make people think she’s still receiving hate when the only one posting any “hate” to revive her own thread is her about herself. Kelly, get over it, nobody wants to talk about you anymore.

No. 525249

This is no where near true. I can see what's what too. She has not posted nearly as much as people think. The reason I'm certain of this, is because as I have more more than once been accused of it. It seems as though anyone who doesn't believe she is all lies gets called out for wk posting or being kelly. I know I'm not the only one.

No. 525587

that's faulty logic. anons being retarded with the 'hi kelly' shit doesn't mean she was posting less, just that it got lost in the noise. and since she has been caught out doing shit like changing IP, it's not hard to see that she's been posting here a lot.
>doesn't believe she is all lies
those people get called out for being retarded, as they should. the only thing self-bleeder knows is lies.

No. 526812

It's not what was taken from her port, rather what was put in. In her posts here there are many clues. Nothing could ever come from the port. You could say the word blood and it would clot. Tpa all the time. Not one successful lab draw. While blood return is important, it is usually still able to be used for infusions. The fibrin sheath makes her port a one way access. I assure you her anemia was not self induced. I am also certain what she is doing will lead to an early grave. So while you are correct about using the port, the use is input. She asked herself if she does drugs, talks about the bends which is relevant to cvad's.(kelly)

No. 526892

>I assure you, my dudes

No. 527374

So what did you put in your port?
Port wine?
The beans that you're itching to spill?

No. 527987


So, the your weekly blood draws over the course of four years were all done peripherally? That sucks. Your veins must be scarred to shit.

No. 528904


brings a whole new meaning to blowing air up somebodies ass. Is an baiting an anonymous imageboard really THIS important to you? The sooner this thread fills the sooner it's gone, it's pitiful to witness. It's time to let it go kelly.

No. 528918

The hospital phlebotomists aren't qualified to access anyones port. It has to be a nurse, and they have to have had specific training. So the tests are close to always peripherally collected. Veins are shit yes, the only cooperative sites are found on my buckles and hand palms. If cultures are needed from a port a nurse has to draw the blood and the lab quickly injects it into the appropriate tubes. However even that was problematic. So it could only be assumed certain infection was port related which means nasty antibiotics "just to be safe". The ports that had staph wasn't even tested until it was removed, and my blood work fine, slight swelling, but hard to determine as it was placed deep. Ultrasounds were fine. The infection was in the tube. While I am not, not have I ever induced blood loss, there are other things that a person can go through. I wish I was a malingering attention whore, because ages ago I would have dramatically sought help. No, I'm in a secretive personal hell. I needed "attention" for anemia. And that wasn't fun and games at all. My overly exuberant, sometimes fake positivity was a coping mechanism. If there was a possible diagnoses I'd go from zero to 10 in a minute. I suppose it looks like a lie, but I didn't have to take or steal symptoms. Anemia is not a diagnosis but a red flag. My physical symptoms would be like anyone else with anemia, my blood work was consistent, and my Dr thorough. How could I not be frustrated and angry that he said "pnh" or or "be" and then weeks later tested negative. I agree I sparked some awful conversations regarding this, but I can't control what other people say
Also there really are some shitty medical personnel. This isn't isolated to my little experiences. Mostly they were neutral, objective
and professional. And like any patient, they don't "know" me. They get people with high intensity stress and fwar and anger, so not exactly a fair judge of character. Why am I wasting my time posting here? No fucking idea. Obsessed. I already know I'll see unpleasant responses. I know what this thread isn't so no one needs to waste time explaining to me how I'm a munchie and you're all heartless ass holes. Some may be educated, but I think you would have figured shit out by now.(kelly)

No. 529029


I don't hate you, I don't know you, all i know is what I've read both positive and negative and whilst I understand how awful it must be to be ridiculed/questioned on a corner of the internet, I also understand that you have a largely supportive following online, whatever mental or physical problems you have that are outside of your control can be largely dealt with in a positive manner, however the ones that may be in your control will never be dealt with positively whilst you keep this thread going. Focus on the people who like/love you not on those who don't. It's within your power to close this thread, don't ever forget that.

No. 529094

File: 1521050054461.jpg (174.45 KB, 1823x350, fuck off idiot.JPG)

I do hate you because you're a lying piece of shit who uses up valuable resources that could go to genuine patients rather than seeking the help you actually need. You're a piece of shit.

the only way this thread is going to die is if admin finally puts it out of its misery. attached is what she posted then deleted earlier.

No. 529948

>>529094 - responding to the deleted post.

My problem with this whole shitstorm is this:
>I have no idea what others consider a heavy period.
It doesn’t matter what you consider heavy, it matters that you actively hid that symptom from your doctors. No way in hell did they not ask you about your menstrual flow. And since they did, and you “didn’t know” what a heavy flow was, then you must have told them your period was fine. Despite the letter from a different provider only a short ways up this thread stating you have mentioned time and time again how heavy your periods are and how you practically never stop bleeding.
You want to claim your hematologists had IAA and PNH in their differential?? They would have had to rule out a source active bleeding, from the uterus, the GI tract, or some other type of internal bleeding. This is why I don’t like you, Kelly, and will never believe you. Could one doctor miss it? Unlikely but not impossible. Could multiple? No. So two options - you lied to your doctors or you bled yourself, both of which led to a complete waste of time and precious resources. That’s it, and that why you will never, ever have my sympathy.

No. 530456

Also responding to this post.

What exactly are you looking for Kelly? You wanted everyone to stop talking about you, they got bored and they did, and now you’re changing course again because you want us to believe you? What would it change? Nothing. It’s not going to make you feel better. Having people pity you and sympathize with you isn’t going to cure you and make any illnesses go away, mental or physical. There will always be doubters, especially when you have over 10k followers. Even if everyone in this thread agreed that you weren’t faking, you’re miserable and your posts before this thread prove that. You posted numerous times about how many times you went to the ER/hospital sobbing and crying about how you felt like you were dying etc., and/or left upset because you weren’t treated the way you thought you should be, and/or were accused of lying or treated like you were lying. You’d even accuse nurses and physicians of being cruel or that they were insinuating you were exacerbating symptoms (you yourself said here >>440590 that your doctors have suspected you were self bleeding). You’re unhappy because you’re unhappy. Obsessing over this dead thread to prove yourself is not going to change that.

Just live your life. Take advantage of the fact that you woke up today. Go for a walk, paint, stay off social media, join a club, make some new friends, write in a physical journal, enjoy life. There are people (little children ffs) dying of cancer who would absolutely love to be you. Take advantage of that.

No. 533601

My life is actually was not miserable. My posts before this thread were raw. As they are now. Be fucking redundant idiots" go on and write non time wasting reports on what a waste of time I am. Tomorrow shit gets real for you guys. Not a threat. Admin has a shitty root fucking exposure app. You naively think admin is the be all end all. Not even close. Laugh all you want. Someone just blew their whole academic life and future. You have no idea of the shit going down because to each other you are anonymous or accused of me. After I expose you for being cruel and wrong (by name) I will be dead before I can get shit on again. Unless the dog I "faked" eating comes to shit on my grave. Your mistakes will be known. This isn't you winning, don't be mistaken, I've won. Mentally unstable, retarded even liars don't deserve this. I'm fucking amped. It's been amazing growing up on and off the streets and being enslaved to Paul. You took it too far. Now it's over. Call me what you want. Do more of what ever you want. Infiltrate my 'real' life some more. Oh tomorrow will be shitty
, but the rest of my life is so short that I don't give an ass if you or or Paul take one last shot. Refresh your page "fags" refresh your godamn page. No one gets to hurt me.(call your therapist kelly)

No. 533662

>no-one gets to hurt me [except me]..

you're right you know, only you have the power to allow or deny that, just like the rest of us.

Suicide baiting is not a "game". Why keep necroing a dying thread? Within 4wks this thread will be p 10 in /snow, in 4months anons won't know who you are, in 4yrs you'll be a thumbnail in a catalogue on an obscure anon site, let it go. Get irl help, you have the ability. Hug your cat, tell him you love him and he'll always make things better for you, why hurt him to prove a pointless point.
Kelly or notkelly close this tab, block this site and live your life because however bad yours seems somebodies is ALWAYS worse. You're one of the "lucky" ones, you're still alive so try and keep it that way if not for yourself then for those who haven't had that choice.
Protip it never really gets easier. Not for any of us.

Saged for floofy cat sperg.

No. 535573

Just drop it and let her keep self posting. If she really is threatening to doxx someone here >>533601 she should know it’s illegal. Then again she’d claim a gossip forum is, but tell that to 8gag, 9gag, 4chan, kiwifarms, and all of those similar websites. If she’s threatening legal action, she actually has to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt that she isn’t lying about these things (and thus has to have proof that Paul actually forced her to eat a dog or whatever that shit was in this chaotic nightmare thread).

No. 536513

No those things are not what's being investigated. Why would a fictional blog be investigated, what relation does it have to this forum. Kind of seems like you are confused. I've been doxxed and slandered and impersonated. So Karen F. Just be patient. A university paper that was published is having it's turn right now, so when Brian from msu Minnesota is has had his turn then the party will move to Alberta. Then, Christine aka Christy is up. Then suzette can have a taste.(don't forget to call your therapist kelly)

No. 536538


I'm so confused. I thought you admitted and it was proven that you yourself posted all your documents here as proof to help you prove you weren't lying about your anemia. Would you please point out what documents were posted in this forum that you say means you were doxxed? Obviously I don't know about if you were impersonated but didn't you yourself impersonate other people here as marked by self posts when you were talking about yourself in the third person? As for slander what about how you slandered the Karis society and people there? If your blog is fictional then why post here that Paul can't hurt you anymore, among other things?

No. 537018

>Why would a fictional blog be investigated, what relation does it have to this forum.
So you admit that Paul and all of that is fictional (fake) yet here >>533601 you say:
>It's been amazing growing up on and off the streets and being enslaved to Paul.
So which is it Kelly? Is Paul a real person who made you eat a dog or is it fictional? Because you just contradicted yourself by admitting the blog is fictional and thus lied. Why would any of what you have to say hold up in a court of law when you’ve been proven to lie about such awful things? And like how >>536538 pointed out that you yourself admitted here >>501295 to posting pretending to be other people? Or how you yourself admitted here >>501295 that you faked the hacker (specifically saying here >>442075 ”I understand she faked the hacker”)

No one doxxed you Kelly. You made your profile public, racked up 18k followers, and posted extremely private medical and personal information about yourself on your public instagram/tumblr/wordpress accounts. Even if people were encouraging you, you did so of your own free will. Doxxing is searching for and publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual online, such as when a politician’s home address is leaked online, or their private cell phone number. Kind of like what you just did, posting peoples’ names and identifying information without their permission.

No. 537021

Sage for same-fagging but I also just wanted to add that this is pretty ridiculous. You wanted us to stop talking and for it to go away, but then you continued to self post pretending you weren’t you, and now you’re angry at us and want us to stop again? We were. Threads die out and get moved to the bottom of the barrel and nobody remembers. But for some reason you can’t seem to let go and let the thread die. It’s like you want vengeance for people speculating on stuff you PUBLICLY posted yet you act like you were hacked when you yourself admitted you weren’t. It’s very weird. I guess I’m just confused as to what exactly you want from us.

No. 537121


Do me next! Who am I??

No. 537158

Don't forget Sheryl, Faith and Zeynep.

No. 538323


I'm out.

Get the help you need kelly. You can't manipulate honest people either off or on anon. Let this thread go, it's time to end this.

Kelly fill this thread with self posts/cat pics then it's locked and archived. Problem solved. Live.

No. 538585

File: 1522070666759.png (1020.8 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_p5z8n9cg8S1wirdcio1_128…)

She has this posted on her "fictional" blog, apparently claiming that someone sent her a zip lock bag of clotted blood that the police are taking very seriously and DNA testing and running for a match. This is the actual pic she posted and I downloaded it. I have no idea why she posted a screenshot and not an actual picture of the so called blood.

No. 538639


Exactly how can “home blood” be ruled out? It’s not like it can be instantly DNA tested. If it were to be real blood, fucking doubtful, she very easily could have put it there herself. There’s no way for them to prove right away she didn’t do it herself.

No. 538708

Things that totally happened:
A dishevelled and manic woman with scars running up and down her arms and a history of filing false reports shows up at the police station sobbing and holding a ziplock full of clotted blood.

No. 538784

I also love how this conveniently happens after >>537018 pointed out the inconsistencies in her stories.

No. 538975

File: 1522106730840.png (Spoiler Image,3.01 MB, 1426x1869, Screenshot_2018-03-26-11-53-58…)

(you need help kelly)

No. 538984

You lasted a whole four days before you couldn't resist posting yourself again. Take the farmhand's advice and get a good therapist, Kelly.

No. 539096



1. It's your blood.
2. It's fake blood.
3. So you went to the butcher and asked for some blood to make black pudding. It's pig blood.

No. 539122


>It's found to be quite old and likely from a large farm animal

If that's the case then why did you say it was being DNA tested?

No. 556025

After much tumbleweed in recent weeks, theres been a Port removal for her 'survival' - or are they removing it so she/he can't fuck with it anymore.

Guess what? She's fucked with her wound again. For someone who insists they're a germophobe - at least clean your dirty finger nails and stop touching the damned wound! Jesus Christ! STOP trying to cause fucking sepsis.

Have the laparoscopy if you legitimately want answers. As suggested by your Instagram follower, you'd certainly do it if you had a camera crew in with you!

And as suggested in a 'jokey' comment,is that cat the cause of the 'anaemia'? As it bites you so often and you clearly don't discourage it is it safe? Has the cat had all vaccinations?

No. 556034

File: 1523780181293.png (418.21 KB, 648x820, PcggWV4.png)

>be me
>just a desk jockey cop trying to do my job
>mentally ill woman runs into the station
>thrusts a plastic bag of blood at me
>biohazard all up in this bitch
>don't want crazy lady to splash it around and infect everyone in a 20 mile radius with whatever's wrong with her
>m'am we're taking this very seriously, do not open that bag
>ring a lab guy
>asks me what the fuck
>mutter something about a fucking cow and a bag of blood
>mfw schizo lady heard me
>uhhh it looks to be… some sort of farm animal… possibly bovine
>after much ado, lady leaves
>someone else's problem now
>mfw i saved the day again

No. 563762

Surprise surprise
Drop the disguise
Old port is done
And a new illness has begun…(???)

No. 575234


Is this being flagged as Kelly?

No. 577676

Is the blog now private? Anyone got a link?

No. 582242

Kelly took our advice and fucked off. She deleted her blog. Good for her. I hope this is a step towards getting over this Munchausen business.

No. 586334


No, it's still there with the same kind of fuckery it always had


No. 587016


It had disappeared until this question was asked, now it's public again. She must be following this thread, attention starved. I've got some questions about current situation and speculations if anyone still checks in here and is Up for discussions.

No. 590736

Blog pic shows many bruises and appears to suggest further abuse.
Instagram claims something different.
Port was taken away and unsurprisingly, a new "thing" surfaced.
Any links available for the university case study?

No. 595409

Go ahead, shoot.

No. 595561

File: 1527471321111.png (1.68 MB, 1440x1787, channeling littlemisswheeler.p…)

When you see it.

No. 595971


Is this the big secret - she's a man?

No. 596467

When you see who she went hooking with at the Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597293


No. 597314

You went hooking with the ghost of Kadeelyn Konstantino?
I don't get it.

No. 597987

That's not Kadeelyn. What the hell, prostitution? Where do you find this shit? post pics.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 598106

File: 1527726923486.jpg (323.69 KB, 1200x1920, PSX_20180531_005959.jpg)

As the blog pic has been altered since I mentioned it yesterday, here is the original pic. You said no other family was involved. I thought maybe you had a friend with the same name but as you've removed it, I guess not.

No. 598310

Do you really think your having a conversation with kelly? Or, you're Kelly trying to be distracting. That picture was in her WP blog in a video and it looks the exact same. She did a vlog where she decribed several instances that she would solicit because her sister wanted money.

No. 598324

It's Kelly talking with Kelly about Kelly's made up version of Kelly.

No. 598327

File: 1527748333311.png (132.58 KB, 260x307, eekapenis.png)

Wait… I think I see it.

No. 598648

We're still watching, Kelly.

No. 601515

This wound in particular looks almost mirror image, one side necrotic and the other a simple scab. They seem like chemical burns, maybe Paul?

No. 601518

File: 1528087896522.png (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1440x1674, iphone6_sc_01-1.png)

Forgot to post the picture.

No. 601529

cigarette burns??

No. 602876

Many more we're this come from.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 603014

wtf is this

No. 603028


I have reported it twice since within minutes of it being posted.

No. 603036

I have reported it too. Farmhands are sleeping.

No. 603042

honestly beast porn now kelly? go to bed and take ur meds ffs

No. 603060

Time for therapy again, Kelly.

No. 603063

He/she used an onion engine. I went to the page posted above because it looks maybe like Kelly but not 100%
It's Kelly. I don't know why police cant deal with this, Paul is fucked up. I don't excuse her behavior, but my heart goes out to her for going through that. I think we need to find out if it's a self post or someone else, and go from there. Either way this isn't right and I think this should be removed before she gets tipped.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 603067

Can you please please please mark her posts again? And my post was said to be a Kelly post, so is there a way to guarantee hers vs other anons?

No. 603100

1. What the fuck is an onion engine and how did it give you "mirror image wounds" where one is necrotic and one isn't?

2. Why the fuck did you flood your garden and film it? Nobody was "caught on camera", but you're right, it was the same person that has been leaving things in your mailbox: You.

3. You need so much therapy.

No. 603112

File: 1528264450927.jpg (290.69 KB, 1079x1529, IMG_20180605_235327.jpg)

Oh no…

No. 603113

File: 1528264517348.jpg (484.85 KB, 1076x1672, IMG_20180605_235346.jpg)

You are a sick fuck, Kelly.

No. 603116

File: 1528264876482.jpg (485.11 KB, 1075x1684, IMG_20180606_000031.jpg)

This scares the shit out of me. It really does.

No. 603281

is she munchausen's by proxying her CAT? please tell me it wasn't poisoned or something….

No. 603389

What a bunch of bullshit. If you knew her more than the sick fantasy scenarios you create here, then you know she wouldn't hurt her cat if her life depended on it. Malicious accusations like that can go a long way in damaging a person if that's what you're going for. Haha your Photoshop doggie porn is such a beginner job, obviously no talent or life. Someone needs their meds, what flooding, mail? Wtf are you going on about. This thread has absolutely no purpose, it's not even funny or even slightly realistic. MFW my post gets a Kelly tag. I guess they are stupid. End this shit thread, leave her alone, leave spoonies alone, take your meds and turn off your phones.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 603396

File: 1528306028185.jpg (334.94 KB, 1079x1798, IMG_20180606_112504.jpg)

The garden flooding is in your blog.
Where's the doggy porn you keep referencing?
Your cat is acting like it was poisoned.
You hurt yourself and lie for attention. Cat's just the next step.

No. 603408

You're not talking to Kelly you idiot, do you really
think you're psychic? MFW someone thinks they have x-ray vision. Have a nice day Jeff.

No. 603411

Where's the "doggie porn"?
If you're really not Kelly, and you're defending her, you are in for a big surprise, Jenny.
Ask to see the security footage from her garden. It doesn't exist. None of this exists.

No. 603742

Oh come on. That's the kind of shit that classifies us as bullies. What do you have to back your claims. Cats get sick, and Kelly is a good cat mama. Actually how does she meet criteria for ott or attention whore? As of late she has been very consistent and is doing well in my opinion. So keep shit pos>>603113
ting and let the thread die.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 603751

Maybe you should look into getting a new therapist, Kelly. The one you have right now doesn't seem to be working out for you.

No. 603813

Why did Paul make you eat a dog but hasn't made you eat Chompy yet?
Maybe Paul poisoned your cat.
Where's the doggie porn? Was it posted here or in her blog? Do you have any screenshots to prove it existed?

No. 603828

I don’t doubt for a minute she’d hurt her cat for the asspats. Since her MBI scheme got foiled, she could very, very easily jump to MBP.

No. 603842

I definitely get Lacey Spears vibes from her. Lacey loved her son to the moon and back. Still hurt him.

No. 604027

Mark her posts? she didn't hurt her cat. Sick that you can conjure such malicious speculations. It's obvious you have hurt animals you sick fuck. >>603828(kelly)

No. 604065

Whatever kellynotkelly's problems may be, I don't think hurting chompy is one of them, he loves every molecule of her being unequivocally, he's her one constant, he's a good clever kind gentle loving boy (sry for catverbsperg).
If her vet has any due concerns they would contact the appropriate animal welfare agencies.

No. 604079

you're blinded by your catlady tendencies, anon. of course she poisoned the cat.

No. 604087

>Surprise surprise
>Drop the disguise
>Old self harm is done
>And a new victim has begun…

At the very least, she's completely exaggerating about what happened. Cat foaming once for a few minutes = neurological pain and seizures? Come on.

Plus, how do we know Paul doesn't have access to the cat? If I were a creepy cultist who wanted to torture Kelly in the name of Satan, I'd totally fuck with Chompers.

No. 604132

it's not the vet's job to play detective and try to figure out whether the cat is sick from something it got into itself or it was poisoned on purpose.
people take their cats in to get checked out all the time when they get into things like detergents, cosmetics, etc. that doesn't mean the vet is immediately going to jump to the conclusion that the owner purposefully did it to the cat.
however, i am jumping to that conclusion because this is kelly.

No. 604136

also, i think it goes without saying that kelly can be very persuasive with medical professionals. she pulled the wool over how many doctors' eyes for how long? certainly a vet would be easier to manipulate for her.

No. 604184

How the hell do you think Kelly can out-smart all of her doctors, nurses and now a vet. This whole thing is more offensive to the professionals involved in her care. You're basically calling us stupid and accusing us of negligence. If we know someone is hurting them self, we're not going to dance around it. There are obligations and protocols. If a person presents with munchausen then we support them from that angle. The chompurrs thing is ridiculous, paying out the ass for emergency treatment is not characteristic of mbp; She's on welfare. Give it a rest.(kelly)

No. 604189

So you're saying Kelly really does have the illnesses she's claiming to have?

No. 604210

> it's not the vet's job to play detective and try to figure out whether the cat is sick from something it got into itself or it was poisoned on purpose.

Ummmm that's pretty much exactly the vet's job.

If a veterinarian believes abuse is a possibility then they are able to involve appropriate authorities.

However, could kelly have poisoned her cat? Possibly.
Will she continue to? It's unlikely.
She's crazy but she's not an animal abuser (yet).

No. 604228

that's still not playing detective.

No. 604238

what reason would she have given for the vet to believe abuse was a possibility? a cat can come in with a broken leg and the vet isn't going to immediately jump to the conclusion that the owner is the one that broke it.

No. 604255

This is why this feed sucks. I know I'm not the only one getting falsely accused.(sure jan)

No. 604401

File: 1528396461175.jpg (204.38 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_p808ofRgHY1wirdcio1_128…)

While we're filling the void in Kelly's borderline heart with delicious attention, can we discuss how Paul dripped cranberry juice and clone tools all over her poor leggies? I wonder if he tied her to an onion engine or something.

No. 605634

Stop posting bestiality porn.

No. 605668

Jesus Christ.
So she actually photoshopped herself fucking an animal.
She really is an idiot, isn't she.

No. 605725

Yes, she is.

No. 606658

What is the beastiality business, and why is it deleted? If she is actually adding her self to porn pics why are they removed? Was farm hand the only one who saw. Is there a website url?(time for therapy)

No. 607298

Fucking hell Kelly if you are so desperate to show people your art, post it on your Kiwifarms thread or your blog. I know you must've worked really hard on it, and it's a shame you're having so much trouble sharing it.

Hey, maybe you could post it on Facebook and Instagram too, and then claim that the garden flooder stole your phone, fucked with your accounts, and then left your phone in the mail box. Your enablers and IRL friends are retarded enough to believe it anyway. Hey, maybe I should become a munchie too. I bet I could out-munch you.

No. 609143

Ok good idea! I haven't been able to share my art there because my pussy is broken. But I really REALLY want to get ass pats here too.>>607298(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 610048

I'm coming clean. I lied about everything and I'm a lesbian pedophile. I burned myself and then rub poop on myself. That's why my port was infected.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 616155

Can anyone who is a bit more Reddit savvy than I am introduce Kelly Ronahan to https://www.reddit.com/r/illnessfakers ?

She'll have a much harder time bullying herself and attention seeking there.

No. 626552

File: 1530478257643.png (921.18 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20180701-163715~2.p…)

Does anyone else find it weird, the relationship Kelly seems to have with her psychiatrist? Strikes me as pretty odd that a psychiatrist would be giving her advice for her skin, let alone telling her to stop all medications over something she has said is a rare occurance. Is it common practice for a psychiatrist to be giving her medical advice via text without seeing her fave to face? Or that she is texting her in her off time?
I'm no doctor by any means but this just screams fake news.

No. 626553

File: 1530478287634.png (984.56 KB, 1072x1851, Screenshot_20180701-163720~2.p…)

No. 626556

File: 1530478362142.png (978.36 KB, 1069x1849, Screenshot_20180701-163726~2.p…)

No. 626557

File: 1530478413658.png (986.35 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20180701-163732~2.p…)

No. 626626

File: 1530485317024.png (252.27 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20180629-163728~2.p…)

Also, had a conversation with Gina.

No. 626628

File: 1530485362858.png (235.85 KB, 1056x1849, Screenshot_20180629-164539~2.p…)

No. 626632

File: 1530485671875.png (132.67 KB, 1068x887, Screenshot_20180629-230042~2.p…)

No. 626633

File: 1530485699288.png (232.88 KB, 1062x1856, Screenshot_20180629-230103~2.p…)

No. 626787

I think it's fucking weird that she's in the ER and hospital all the time for her "mystery" ailments and yet her psych is the only MD who has prescribed any medication for her?

No. 626974


Did Gina change her profile photo in the last 24 hours? These messages seem to fit her typing style - kinda lax but definitely coherent as opposed to our friend Kelly. But her current Instagram photo is not a close-up selfie.

No. 626977

Strange. She did change it within the last twelve hours.

No. 626979

I'm pretty sure she made a post a few weeks back describing an ER trip where they prescribed some medications.

No. 627408

File: 1530577102511.png (Spoiler Image,966.13 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20180702-200047~2.p…)

God Kelly. Play your sad, tiny violin a little louder, why don't you. All I know is last fucking thing I'd be doing with craters and blisters all over my hands and body would be pity posting about lolcow and how unusual it is that my twin hates me. If she put half the effort into bettering her health that she did into raking in insta likes and comments maybe her fucking fingers wouldn't be falling off.

No. 627421

File: 1530577514946.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1078x1846, Screenshot_20180702-195936~2.p…)

And seriously, why the fuck is her physc giving her medical advice on physiological problems? Seems oddly unprofessional. I have a sneaking suspicion Kelly is doctoring these messages. Possibly texting herself and deleting the original outgoing messages? Idk, I used to do that as "proof" of where I said was going to be as a teen, kek.

No. 627422

File: 1530577663605.png (940.44 KB, 1072x1851, Screenshot_20180702-195944~2.p…)

No. 627425

File: 1530577683659.png (310.44 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20180702-195957~2.p…)

No. 627669

>I have no gain. There is nothing functional here.

Sounds like her psych is aware of her munchausens.

No. 627689


Am I the only one who noticed the blister shape is the same on both her fingers?

No. 627690

File: 1530602216388.png (Spoiler Image,1021.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-03-02-14-48…)

Same open area and almost identical outside blister lines, except one is healing

No. 627776

Seriously though, that would be the furthest thing from a normal persons mind in a situation like this. There's a reason she reiterates this so much. I think she's picking at them to make them worse. I haven't seen her receive any blood for a while, so she's gotta habe something to feed her spoonies.

No. 628043

Lmao, and what ever happened to this shit? Did your big bad internet abusers get what was coming to them yet, Kelly?

No. 628301

File: 1530667654907.jpeg (303.84 KB, 750x1141, 9EE701FF-5906-474B-8CBD-527115…)

The comments calling her out

No. 628349

File: 1530673275575.png (Spoiler Image,967.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-225032.png)

I absolutely love how Kelly uses her Instagram as a battleground for her family issues, and posts it along side gruesome photo's for some extra attention. How fucking dysfunctional is this.

No. 628350

File: 1530673329904.png (Spoiler Image,657.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-225036.png)

No. 628448

What the fuck. Is she burning herself now? She is seriously messed up. I believe her that she's rubbing feces into these wounds. Oh my god. She needs to be back in the psych ward. How can her family sit back and watch this display of obvious self harm and not call the cops?

No. 628924

Looks like it. It honestly looks like she grabbed a curling iron or something.

No. 629861

File: 1530842942025.png (897.94 KB, 935x603, disturbing.png)

This is unbelievably fucked up. She needs to be back in the psych ward before she accidentally kills herself. She is going to die of munchausen syndrome.

No. 629893

File: 1530845025903.png (900.64 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20180705-223211~2.p…)

If you're so sick Kelly, try focusing your time and energy on actually better and healing yourself. Instead of wasting all your time and energy convincing a perfect stranger that all of this isn't self inflicted. "im o so sick cough hack look at me, beeleave meeeeeee" Anyone with half a brain already knows the truth. Why do you care so much about the opinions of strangers?

No. 629999

Jesus fuck. I haven't checked this place in months, and now I am just blown away. So, she got caught with the anemia fucktardery and now she's going to try and go for…EB!?! No, Kelly. Just NO. I really do wish she'd get some serious mental help, but she's addicted to drama and this shit is so sad.

No. 631292

This is the kind of person whose accidental suicide ends up on Documenting Reality.

No. 631883

Not even slightly possible dumbfag! I'm not a goddamn munchie! You are all just jealous cunts because I get so much attention.
P.s. My sister is a cuntyfag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632058

You don't die of Munchausen Syndrome you idiot. So what is it, the Munchausen Rash? Also read the caption and you will see this isn't a case of the munchies. And the "goddamnery" fucking reeks of same faggism, why is everyone saying jesus fucking tap dancing christ all of the sudden.


It's pretty risky posting your personal conversations no? Unless this is Gina herself sharing her private conversation then I think you blew the anonymous bit and not to mention confidentiality. We know Gina is willing to sue (sew as Kelly would write) anyone who rubs her the wrong way and post about it in her social media stories.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632418

I think we're all just stunned by how far you've taken things. I can't even make fun of you, Kelly. At this point you're just a horrifying car crash. The other cows on this site, even the anorexic ones and the addicts, they all have something funny about them. You're just so absolutely pathetic and scary.

Check yourself into the psych ward. You are not a doctor, you do not understand the human body as well as you think you do, and you are going to make a mistake and either end up losing a limb, horrifically disfigured, or half-retarded from a heart attack. Your life might be shitty now, but you're going to make it worse.

There are so many other ways you could seek attention. This is just sad. You're only 36. You're cute. You're smart, or at least manipulative. You can still change. You can still do something else with your life.

Start by getting out of your house. I bet Jen could help you find a nice volunteer position. I bet kids would like you, or animals.

Just get help. You are worth it, and this is coming from the person who has probably been the most active in this thread.

No. 636798

File: 1531635954422.png (318.7 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20180714-132357~2.p…)

This one cracks me right up.

"Prednisone would help me, but I don't wanna get fat. So I'll pray away my wounds instead."

Seems practical. Take the fucking prednisone Kelly. What are you trying to prove???

No. 638439

It looks like she has tied a string around them very tight and left it on for days Idk how else to explain this it's insanity. Kelly please get psychiatric help. Having watched this unfold from the very beginning… this is absolutely ridiculous.

No. 638779

The way they've blistered and turned black looks like 3rd degree burns. The placement looks like she may have grabbed a hot curling iron, or at least laid something scorching hot across her hand.

No. 639165

They seem too dry and smooth to be that kind of burn. Also, compare her leg wounds with images of cigarette burns and they are not alike. I think there are a few things going on here because her toes look infected, but almost as though they were cracked open. The openings are not linear and it seems like flesh is missing. Truthfully, her legs do look like EB but it's curious that the wounds become necrotic as opposed to a healing scab. This could also all be Vasculitus including the fingers. She claims to have no feeling in the two fingers with eschar which can be caused by blood clots or infections such as endocarditis. I'm a no one, this is my uneducated opinion, but I do think it needs medical attention.

No. 639915


I’m calling bullshit on an EB diagnosis right fucking now. Not only is it an extremely rare genetic condition, but it is even more rare to be diagnosed later than infancy. The only form that may go undetected is simplex, which occurs in 6 in every ONE MILLION births. This is Kelly we’re talking about here. Entertaining this idea is absurd. She is clearly burning herself with something. Through heat or chemicals, but it’s something. And she’s clearly leaving the wounds untreated, which would absolutely lead to infection and/or tissue necrosis. She needs to be escorted to the nearest psychiatric facility and put on an involuntary hold as she is an obvious danger to herself. This is ridiculous.

No. 640036

It is ridiculous, how can it be that the doctors and other staff can't tell by now that this is all attention seeking? If I was in the hospital every week here in the US with obvious self harm scars all up and down my arms and a record of psychiatric issues with signs of current self inflicted wounds not healing and showing signs of being tampered with all over places only I can reach I would be sent (while still in the hospital) to a psych evaluation immediately.

No. 640212

Maybe she's admitted they're self-inflicted to the doctors, and is just pretending they're some rare illness to everyone else?

No. 640524

I don't know about Canada, but here in the United States she'd be in intense psychiatric care for sure. Maybe she is and we just aren't getting the whole picture.

No. 641049

I really hope so.
Canadian mental health care is shitty, but I hope it isn't shitty enough to let Kelly munch herself to death.

No. 641954

File: 1532059609768.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180714-133622.png)

No. 641991

File: 1532061517277.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-19-22-37-54…)

Holy shit.

No. 642257

File: 1532092896513.jpeg (Spoiler Image,424.19 KB, 750x834, B268C4F5-4DCE-4EF3-8F8B-6245EB…)

Anyone else notice these finger shaped bruises?

Kelly please you need help …. if you are picking at these other wounds you are going to end up with major systemic infection most likely including endocarditis…I have not commented in a long time because it has just become scarily absurd, get help!

No. 642290

That bruise looks like her hand did it the way it is angled. If it was someone else's wouldn't it be placed differently? Maybe tinfoiling there.

No. 642476


Or someone grabbed her from behind? She needs to be observed on a closed psych unit

No. 642508

I don't think Kelly is going to live much longer. It's pretty sad.

No. 642911

Yeah it's really fucked up

No. 643068

This is a picture of her getting help.
Where did that come from, and die from what?
The bruises would be bigger on the right if it was her own hand. If she dies, then she's out of mysery, and the whole system can go back to helping people that matter.

No. 643296

File: 1532184567442.jpeg (245.69 KB, 640x959, F22F20FF-B810-4563-9F73-BD75BC…)

She’s not getting as much help as she should be. Apparently she refused to be admitted to the hospital.

No. 643350

She's going to die of sepsis, or she's going to make a mistake while inducing symptoms and end up killing herself by accident.
Her enabler roommate Jennilee or garbage sister Gina need to call the cops or something. They're guilty as hell for sitting back and watching this and refusing to do anything.

Jenn, since I know you lurk, next time you take Kelly to the hospital, just tell them what she's doing. Just TELL them. She might be mad at you, but you're saving her life. Don't let your mentally ill friend die.

No. 643406

Why panic though? Scared of not being able to fuck with the self induced wounds? If only her new fans could see her true personality that she displays here.

No. 643613

To those who love Kelly and lurk here, please read this carefully.


If you don't feel competent in taking these steps, ask another one of her friends or family members to help.

She will die without intervention. I promise you this.

No. 643735


Birds of a feather Gina. You could have shared our private conversation here as YOU and you would have received no hate. (You could start a photo shop business with kelly. But I'm assuming I'm the only one you had this exact convo with. Wait, maybe you copied the same script to all of your contacts, or more likely it is an evil hacker. You are just as twisted as Kelly says you are.
These are not self inflicted. All of this shit would be glaringly obvious to HCP. If two doctors agree, then she would be involuntary status. This is not white knighting, it's just a good ol' reality check.(time for therapy)

No. 643823

I just want to step in and say that she definitely must have sent the same messages to you, because this was not Gina who posted this. Huh, all the messages were word for word? Gina somewhat struck me as genuine but, who knows. They're whole dynamic is pretty dysfunctional.

No. 643932

The bruise looks like photoshop. It goes off of her arm.

She's getting the attention she wants from her self harm, but she still needs to throw her abuse narrative in somehow. She's really unwell.

No. 643941

Why would she throw on some random bruise? People get bruises like that all the time and it's not from abuse. Quit trying to make shit fit. Her wounds all started from bruises, so it looks just like the rest of it. It's old too, I noticed it in her story a few days ago. Haha, all I asked gina was "how are things between you and Kelly?" How did your conversation start?>>643823(time for therapy)

No. 643947

All of these images should have been behind a spoiler. Bans will be handed out if it's not used in the future.

No. 645076

I think she’s injecting some caustic substance into her fingers, those are burns. She also obviously picks at her scabs trying to infect them. The doctors know she’s a self harmer which is why they have her do outpatient and don’t admit her. But jhc she needs to be on psych!

No. 645078

^^ meant to say chemical burns

No. 645696

File: 1532399677087.png (30.05 KB, 597x281, junkie.png)

This is some pretty classic borderline behavior right here.

You are an attention-junkie.

No. 645710

If she wanted an infection she'd have an infection. Wounds like that can get infected even if you just talk about shit around them. These are not new wounds, so I would bet she prays not to get infected. Also does no one else understand that she has a psychiatrist whom she sees several times per week? Not to mention the hospital wanted her to be admitted. This is not self harm, she is a cutter. This doesn't make sense in here, I'm not convinced she has munchausen by any of these theories. Let it go already, it doesn't add up. If not for Kelly, for her doctors, are they really that dumb?(therapy time)

No. 645714

Not really, again trying to make shit fit your narrative.(time for therapy)

No. 645725

Okay, what do you think is wrong with Kelly?

No. 645727

Honestly not much is right, but I don't believe she created it. I believe there is abuse and that it has more to do with this than anything. I think her doctors are aware of this, but like any battered wives circle, it's not going to end.(therapy time)

No. 645729

I think she wants attention and comfort for her physical pain. She wants her struggle to be acknowledged, but isn't ready to instagram it. I think she knows, and the doctors too. Truly my assumption is that everyone knows except for social media. It's human to want support for what you're going through, but not everything can be shared. I get it I think. One day she may express this publicly and honestly, but in the mean time she needs the attention to keep head above the water. Just my opinion.(therapy time)

No. 645739

So you think that Kelly's wounds are not self-inflicted, but that someone else is doing it to her and she's not admitting to it? And everyone knows it but is afraid to say anything?

What do you think the person abusing Kelly is doing to her? Why would they do this to another person?

No. 645803


Are you new here? Genuine question. Or WKing?

No. 646016

So do you think that there is truth to Paul?

No. 646452

I'm confused, is this Kelly self posting still?

No. 646503

Looks like it to me.

No. 646579

No I'm not Kelly, but I assume we use the same VPN. Or, because I'm interested in exploring outside of munchausen I get the crazy card ban and sent to therapy. Who knows. But I'm the 2 "therapy time" posts above. And I'm relatively new here, but not new to Kelly, but it turns out that this isn't a debate, or image board at all. Spoiler pictures, one track thought processing and nothing is allowed to be fucking talked about. I was in the middle of conversation and was banned twice for my amswers. How fun is it if we all agree anyways? What's the point then. I'll get a ban and a sure-Jan for saying something other than "she needs psych" no one is engaged here.(time for therapy)

No. 646589

File: 1532487587393.png (Spoiler Image,319.45 KB, 640x1280, IOS_XWAsiN_1-pics.png)

I spoke to Gina also.(therapy time)

No. 646612


You seem to know an awful lot about the way people speak in this thread for someone so “new.” So yup, I’m surejan.jpg-ing the fuck out of you. You suggesting you somehow have the same VPN as Kelly while not being Kelly is hilarious, Kelly. The farmhands warned you long ago that they’d be showing every post you make. You think taking a small break would make them forget? Still retarded as ever, and slowly killing yourself to boot!

No. 646852

Prove you're not Kelly. Write "Hi Lolcow" and today's date on your arm.

No. 647104

You sure type an awful lot like our friend, Kelly.

No. 647307


You are more articulate than Kelly, maybe you are posting on her behalf? Your posts are not saged and you're White Knighting - read the rules. If you read this thread and Season 1+2, you will find evidence of what's already been "debated". If you are really " not Kelly", prepare yourself. If you're looking for fun on this thread, you've missed the point. We are engaged here, but you're raking over old shit that's already been ditched. Lurk more,no spoonfeeding here.
>>646852 Best way of proving not Kelly

No. 647533


The above post was for you.

No. 647549

File: 1532571179355.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.76 MB, 4160x3120, at&t_1_1.jpg)

Maybe everyone should have to post pictures of their arms? One of you could be Kelly trying really hard to point in the other direction. And I've read both priors and I'm still not convinced. What other sites can I explore, I need to widen my horizons. Are there arguments in favour of? I saw that a university paper was mentioned, now where is that?(pure autism)

No. 647561

File: 1532571590695.jpg (310.21 KB, 1042x1487, IMG_20180725_201908.jpg)

Thanks Jennilee.

No. 647587

No. 650025

File: 1532837203271.png (25.05 KB, 555x449, multiplewhat.png)

Forgive me if this was posted already, but when was Kelly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

No. 650082

Aw fuck, no way. That GoFuckMe account was originally about that fibroid drug that supposedly cost $400. She asked for money to buy it. However, on a Facebook post, she was told she could call the pharma company and get the drug for FREE. If I recall correctly, a few of her friends told her the same thing ~ I bet she didn't share that on any updates. So, what did she do with the money? She'll no doubt delete that FB post now, I screen capped it if anyone wants to see it.

No. 650651

Please share!

No. 651938

File: 1533037884004.png (656.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180731-075002.png)

No. 652178

She is definitely injecting something into her legs. Maybe she's secretly on heroin like Kadeelyn.

No. 653286

Those look nothing like track marks. Especially deep tunnels. And people are checked for substances in a urinalysis regardless of how they presemt to the ed. The toe looks gangrenous. I think it's abuse, she might not even know. I aggree that there looks to be an autoimmune component. But leading to death? Not even close.(hi kelly)

No. 653966

How would she not know if it was abuse? Is Paul sneaking into her house and jabbing her with frozen shit daggers while she sleeps?

You're injecting poo poo into your legs, Kelly. Poo poo.

No. 656614

File: 1533415843541.jpg (267.95 KB, 1079x1542, IMG_20180804_144745.jpg)

Ugh, Kelly, advocate for yourself. This place is unsanitary.

No. 656617

File: 1533415938580.jpg (358.1 KB, 1079x1515, IMG_20180804_144912.jpg)

You're going to end up with that MRSA you want so badly.

No. 659115

The derm biopsy will show if it is autoimmune if there’s antibody deposits in her skin. I’m quite curious as to the cause of these deep lesions…

No. 659144


The results will be whatever she feels like they should be to corroborate her sordid tales. It doesn’t matter what the results really are, cos we’ll never know them.

No. 659485

I hope it's morgellons. Or cat aids.

No. 660693

File: 1533841335866.png (699.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180809-150124.png)

No. 660737

Ken that’s hilarious given that ecthyma is effectively just a medical term for a type of skin infection.

> Ecthyma is a skin infection. It is similar to impetigo, but occurs deep inside the skin. For this reason, ecthyma is often called deep impetigo.

Ecthyma is most often caused by the streptococcus bacteria. Sometimes, staphylococcus bacteria cause this skin infection on its own or in combination with streptococcus.

The infection may start in skin that has been injured due to a scratch, rash, or insect bite (OR SELF HARM kek) The infection often develops on the legs.

No. 661010

File: 1533871383406.png (369.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180809-231400.png)

"… as he's never personally had a condition like this in his clinic"


"Normally It's a 10-12 month wait to see the #dermotologist I'm seeing!"

So this renowned dermatologist has never seen a case of Ecthyma?

Kek Kelly, y u so dum

No. 661254

I'm gonna go with Chompy's fleas/bedbugs are doing what parasites do best, (she's got all that tasty extra blood hanging around now after all).. he's probably incredibly anaemic and lethargic, poor kitty.
De-flea yer cat kelly then de-flea your fucking home. Make another "miraculous" recovery just in time for autumn when you can't flaunt your parasite bites for internet sympathies anyway.

No. 662101

File: 1533988412272.png (318.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180810-205738.png)

"He used to do general/all skin condiditions. He now has a private practice where he mainly does varicose veins and cosmetic dermatology (which is why he said he doesn't see conditions like Ecthyma OFTEN)"

But also previous quoted saying;

"(The doctor) even took pictures as he's NEVER personally had a skin condition condition like this in his clinic"

So which is it Kelly? He's never seen Ecthyma or he hasn't seen it often? It's clear your lurking, so let's hear it.

Here's what I think. The dermotologist your seeing obviously has seen a case of ecthyma, just not one left for so long and cared for so horridly. I bet he's blown away that you've done nothing about this UNTIL your fingers almost need to be amputated. Why do you have to exaggerate absolutely fucking EVERYTHING. People like you are the worst.

No. 668661

How long til she fucks with her stitches? A biopsy will show up any scratching picking or fucking with, so I'm gonna assume that any diagnosis or report will have been doctored before being shared with her gullible new fans.
Did anyone else notice the comment left by a doctor on a recent post? He offered to heal her scabs, and his Instagram account shows him to be a a herpes doc.
What's the purpose of the blog? It's been a year,the same regurgitated journal entries,yawn. I'm calling bullshit, Paul does not exist. One of her longtime friends said that her shrink wasn't real, that she was part of her imagination. She got deleted fast and the comment vanished.

I see other "Spoonies" are talking about dissociating now, and some have even started playing "spoonie bingo". Munchie fucking madness is cuntagious.

No. 670046

Thanks for your assistance in solidifying my decision…I guess you can go find another person to break to the point of suicide.(go to therapy kelly)

No. 681543

File: 1536165153557.png (5.59 MB, 1242x2208, E4AC9275-99FE-4FBB-984D-D0DB8C…)

Oh look. Yet another RARE diagnosis. Kelly, you’d should consider playing the lottery!

No. 682053

I doubt those are her papers.
Although, is this something she could have gotten from having had so many blood transfusions?

No. 682057

File: 1536201424411.png (16.27 KB, 271x283, behetscomment.png)

No. 682063

It looks like she’s repeatedly picking at those spots till they bleed, then introducing some form of bacteria to make them infected, rinse, repeat. Kelly, you’re boring.

No. 682259

The deep wounds and the way they look reminds me of the desperate people who try to treat their own skin cancer with that corrosive black salve stuff that eats away at the flesh

No. 682345

>Hepatobiliary disease includes a heterogeneous group of diseases of the liver and biliary system caused by viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections.
Hmmmm, who knew rubbing fecal matter into open wounds could do longterm permanent damage?? Kelly knew! Fortunately so do kelly's drs given the latest diagnosis.
Munchies are the absolute worst at munchieing.
Do better kelly.

No. 682427

Yeah, that's probably what it is.

No. 682440

I suggested it was black salve months ago and then freaked out and requested for admin to delete my post in order to avoid giving Kelly potentially fatal ideas. At this point I'm so convinced that it is black salve that I don't think it matters, plus Kelly's going to find new and extremely dangerous ways to harm herself regardless of what we discuss on this forum. The bloodletting was probably worse than inducing tissue necrosis anyway.

No. 682525

File: 1536267558852.png (524.39 KB, 1080x1080, textgram_1535950903.png)

Bechet's does not get diagnosed that fast.

No. 682717

It’s not Bechet’s, so there’s little point in being concerned about it. Kelly is rubbing shit into self inflicted holes she makes in her skin. Tbh I don’t think she’d even bother with the salve when she has a toilet filled to the brim with a substance that will work just as well. It’s pretty basic, depressing stuff.

No. 682739

Filled to the brim, anon? Have you been peeking around Kelly's absolutely disgusting welfare apartment?

I'm just kidding, but I wouldn't actually be surprised if her toilet was actually filled to the brim.

No. 683580

File: 1536375408662.png (243.88 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_2018-09-07-21-52-07…)


She clearly still follows this page closely and made sure to quickly reply to this on her Instagram.

No. 683605

She can stop saying she has MS now because Behcets would explain the demyelination.

No. 686795

File: 1536787155343.png (1.85 MB, 1125x2436, 009D48AB-805A-4B6D-ACA9-299AA8…)

What does this mean?

No. 686861

It means the wounds presented are superficial (i.e don't penetrate the 6th layer of epidermis, non invasive, shallow abrasions) it also states that no internal bacteria was found. Tl:dr the wounds are self inflicted and only surface bacteria has been detected as opposed to blood borne, which leads to the conclusion that infection was introduced to the site instead of the site being infected.

Source: bone cancer patient with a number of gangrenous ulcers formed at surgical site.

Giant sage for powerlevel and fucking disbelief at the ignorance of notkelly.

No. 687082

Of course no infection. 3 weeks of antibiotics can do that. If you want to see bone, let me know. Fucking idiots.

You guys need to cut the shit. You legitimately have destroyed lives because i did splits in the hospital. Local "anon" better say a prayer because you and the ppl closest to you are dead. This isn't a joke. And i know who 2 local farmers are and it's going to get ugly. Not a threat, a promise(time for therapy)

No. 687083

Call your therapist, Kelly.

No. 687294

Oh do tell. Who are the local farmers? Initials only, please.

Is enteric bacteria intestinal bacteria? As in they know she is smearing feces on her legs as previously admitted on this board?

No. 687312

File: 1536854235473.jpg (203.91 KB, 1078x1063, IMG_20180913_095630.jpg)