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File: 1500936568384.png (667.44 KB, 597x601, chompurrskitty.png)

No. 359452

Kelly Ronahan is a 34-year-old compulsive liar and malingering attention whore from Kelowna, Canada. She claims to be a medical mystery, as doctors can't understand why her blood is magically disappearing. Kelly's hobbies seem to include ballet, her cat Chompurrs (Chompy), auto exsanguinating, and poking herself in the eye with wasps in order to induce an allergic reaction.

Chompy is a cat. He's Kelly's trusty companion, a talented mouser, and an overall fluffer mckitty witty cutie wootie meow meow~ He enjoys sleeping and nommin' on ankles. What a funny guy. Oh my~~~ Kitty~~~

The Dynamic Duo were originally mentioned in the Over-the-Top Spoonies and Munchausens by Internet threads, wherein it quickly became obvious that Kelly had been lurking and was revelling in the attention and pretending to be upset about it on her social media. She made several obvious self posts and was banned twice, and has since been communicating with the farm via Facebook and Instagram.

Chompy has not publicly shared his opinion on this thread, but when I asked him, he responded by showing off his chompers with a big meow. At first, I assumed he approved of the thread, but then I realized that I was eating a tuna fish sandwich.

Munchies 1: >>181656
Munchies 2: >>201162
Munchies 3: >>237479
Munchies 4: >>300611
Munchies 5: >>345089

(Important: Kelly and Chompy are no longer to be discussed in munchie central.)

Kelly has also been deleting and undeleting her social media so that she can claim she was hacked, and ordering syringes from Amazon and claiming a farmer sent them to her anonymously.

Kelly has claimed several different birth years. Because of her obsession with blood, some users have theorized that Kelly is a vampire with a poor memory. Others believe that she is suffering from munchausen syndrome, and/or a personality disorder, and is purposely exaggerating or inducing her symptoms in order to obtain attention and nurturing from medical professionals, her friends and family, and her church.

Chompy recently turned 4. What a good nice kitty he is.

No. 359463


Sweet Joysus, Kelly is going to be over the moon that senpai noticed her to the extent of a whole thread!

Maybe she'll come around to answering some questoins about her stays in the mental hospital.

No. 359465

Why the guck are you typing with an Irish accent?

Giving it 9 hours before this thread gets some sperging white knight posting every meme that appears when you image search munchausens or bullies. Kelly will be thrilled she gets to keep pretending she's gonna have the site shut down

No. 359468

Anon was referencing another snowflake, Joy Sparkle BS.

No. 359472

Ahhh, between joysus and questoins I read it as a weird version of scots.
Hey does anyone know how many WKs have come and posted about Kelly? It might be a new record

No. 359476

Just one with a VPN. Maybe two of her friends earlier.

I have some theories about who the spammer is. I'm sure it's just one person. The typing style, old lady memes and absurd edginess remind me a lot of a particular spoonie instagrammer, but I'm not going to accuse them just yet.

No. 359500

the spammer also has a weird fixation on the word "cunt." I'm embarrassed to admit it, but kind of triggers me tbh…

and yeah, it's just one person. they re-use some of the same shitty mëmës every time they sperg.

No. 359516

They gotta be someone 30+. Calling everyone cunts is super trashy. Reminds me of the psycho mums/nanas on Facebook who like to get involved in passive aggressive drama between minion memes.

No. 359524


or British.

No. 359534

Idk I've spoken with a lot of Brits and they only seem to say it that much on trash tv series like skins or that one about gross high school virgin boys. It's a meme for Aussies but we don't really use it that often either. Given the tone of the white knights comments I think they were just trying to come across as edgy and tough and just as mean as they think farmers are when discussing a cow. Between their collection of hastily googled memes and the 'fuck you you stupid jealous children you're a jealous cunt and not as smart and worldly as me, the adult' arguments they sound like irl they're basically some form of the soccer mum who screams obscenities at teenage girls in public, and acts as a holy gatekeeper of what is moral, right, and adult despite being a chimp with lipstick hurling shit at anyone who looks.

sage and sorry for armchair analysis

No. 359539


I've lived in the UK and seen it used anywhere from proper vitriol, to mild annoyance. But agree this is probably North Americans trying to cause offence as it's a far more loaded word there.

Saged for non-contribution. Except to analysis of swear words.

No. 359540

Lurk more and don't post until you know. Weird acronym I know but it's pretty important.

No. 359541


Read the fucking posting rules, newfag!

No. 359545

well there you go. If you lived there you definitely know better so maybe they are a Brit.
I'm pretty curious about the whiteknight, if only because they were so dedicated I was convinced it was Kelly herself.

No. 359551

>inb4 kelly's wk spams us with 40 year old aunt "cunt" kys memes

No. 359553


Poor Chompy. Can we at least acknowledge that he is stuck with her and therefore is probably a very good kitty in a bad situation?

Sage for absolutely no contribution

No. 359555

File: 1500943571677.png (163.95 KB, 639x805, IMG_9116.PNG)

Samefagging but the way Kelly vagueposts (with the whole "more later" bs) reminds me SO much of her.

Also, the comments on the syringe photo are enough to kill a person from laughter.

No. 359559

At least compared to day, lunas cats chomps is super lucky. Kelly is stupid and an asshole but she's probably perfectly fine with the cat. I don't doubt there's some munchie by proxy out there who would be exsanguinating the cat and not just herself. (Please don't let this give Kelly any ideas. Next thing she'll be in the hospital after injecting cat blood)

No. 359564

The cat was already sick recently, don't jinx us.

No. 359619

OP wasn't making fun of Chompy. He was mentioned because Kelly's obsessed with him.

No. 359620

I love this intro but it is missing social media links. Please review new thread posting rules before making a new topic. Otherwise, loved it! :)

No. 359649

No. 359675

Looks like Kelly deleted the syringe picture… I was going to post it because her scars looked extra gross

No. 359676

Q: Is Admin going to be tagging Kelly's post a la Kiki and Mystery.jpg since she's confirmed self-posting/banned?
I'm curious as to which posts were hers and the shit she's written, maybe not even necessarily in the Munchie thread alone if she's posted elsewhere..

No. 359681

I hope so!

No. 359693

I'm a new follower of Kelly and her bullshit so maybe this has been covered before but why can't she type? she always has a million typos in her posts, to the point that sometimes it looks like pure gibberish.

No. 359696

I think it's her version of crytyping.

No. 359697


Yeah, she doesn't do it so much in her regular posts but she does when she's upset or trying to seem so.

No. 359725

Just another way to seem desperate so she gets more attention

No. 359736


Long time lurker, first time poster. All those memes were just ridiculous. I've read all the threads. I say post the spammer and be done with her/him/probably Kelly.

I want to claw my eyes out after reading all those threads. Kelly…queen of munchie land.

Is her fb active? Link won't open for me. Insta is private so relying on you guys for milk!

No. 359739


Most people are locked out of everything now. Honestly I'm expecting the next new milk to be a news article about her brave crusade against the internet bullies…

No. 359740

I wouldn't doubt it lol

Would love to know who the spammer was. Who has that much time on their hands? Mental.

No. 359745

File: 1500965957230.png (32.12 KB, 593x126, munchexsang.png)

Checked some research…I knew I'd read about cases like this. Kelly's luxury, if she is in fact exsanguinating, is having venous access via her port, negating the need for autovenipuncture. Interesting.

No. 359747

Kelly's crackers, but i gotta say that Chompy is the best name ever for a cat. Well, second to my wittle Frankie Edgar McMuffinhead.

Sage for severe kitty wuv retardation and 0 contrib

No. 359749

Aussies are pretty well known for dropping the word a lot

(source, I'm Australian)

No. 359754

>>359749 I'm >>359516 and like I said, the white knight uses it way more than Aussies do even though the term is stereotype and nobody but bogan trash actually go around calling everything/everyone a cunt.

No. 359757

FFS can we stop with the spergfest about what country is the most cunthappy in their vernacular? Please take this shit to /ot/. We get it, the mad memebomber likes the word cunt. Now please stop discussing it because you're starting to sound a bit like a cunt.

No. 359766

No. 359768

Calm down, it was like four comments between three people.

Kelly has been pretty quiet and stayed far more private than usual since she didn't get the internet Stasi to shut down lolcow and her friends got sick of her constant vague updates on how she was prolonging the drama. the munchspergers wk was the most exciting troll since Kiki.

No. 359811

File: 1500981528044.jpg (112.45 KB, 640x960, IMG_0727.JPG)

Omg, you guys have no lives.
Judgemental sociopaths.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359820


Oh look, it's soccer mom spam chan!

You know who doesn't have a life? The pathetic fuck who thinks defending a deranged Munchie sociopath wasting a rare and vital resource is some kind of public service and makes her a hero of some sort. Sorry to disappoint, it only makes you a nuisance and an asshole. Are you secretly wanking to Kelly, or do you just want to be like her? Come on, tell us why you devote time to defending a sociopath you don't even claim to know.

No. 359822

I always find it funny the people who make the whole "you talked shit once like humans do you must live in a basement 24/7" are often the only ones with no life

No. 359824

You think I don't know Kelly?
Well you're wrong there.

Doctors don't just give you bags of blood for the fun of it or to 'shut someone up'

They do it because it necessary and needed for her health.

But I'll ask you some questions seeing as you have Kelly's medical records in front of you and you're clearly her doctor and you've examined her and stuff…

Have you read her medical file?
Have you seen her in person and examined her?
Are you qualified and trained in that medical field?

Clearly you're an expert and all on Kelly's physical health. Because you know her so well?!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359832

Sure, they won't give someone blood to "shut them up", BUT if they bleed themselves enough they're still gonna end up dying without treatment and doctors are obligated to give transfusions. That doesn't mean she isn't causing her own anemia.

No. 359836


You do not know Kelly and you have no proof or evidence she's bleeding herself.

It's all just speculation and accusation.

No. 359842


Of course kKelly needs blood to survive. Nobody here denies that. What's questionable is why this situation is coming about.

Now… you're half right and half wrong. I'm not Kelly's doctor. I am, however, a doctor who happens to know Kelly very well. Of course, I haven't seen her medical file and I haven't examined her, but that's a lame excuse. Do you know why?

Because I don't need to. There is a very limited number of etiologies or anemia. Fine, so maybe I'm wrong. In that case, you will have an easy time telling me where the blood and iron are going. Iron doesn't get excreted, it can only be chelated or removed with the RBCs.

So… if I'm so wrong, go on, tell me where Kelly's red cells are going. Is she bleeding two ounces every single day out of her uterus? Does she have a clotting disorder that does not cause any symptoms anywhere else? Or does she have an aplastic disorder that is not one of the known aplasias and was not evident in her bone marrow aspirate? Does she hemolyze without accumulating waste products?

Go on, tell me how I'm so wrong,

Your argument is that doctors don't give blood to patients who don't need it. That sounds good if you're not a doctor. Our job is to keep the patient alive and as such the primary indication for a transfusion is low Hgb, etiology regardless. Someone with low Hgb who autoexsanguinates is just as indicated for a transfusion, sadly, as someone who has aplastic anemia.

Really, all your arguments consist of 'surely they wouldn't do X if she weren't sick!'. But you don't know enough about clinical practice to understand why she managed to get away with it.

Oh and do tell me…are YOU her doctor? Have YOU examined her? Are YOU clinically qualified? Have YOU seen her medical records? If not, why do you think you know better?

No. 359843

Have you read her medical files / examined her / are you qualified and trained in that field then also?
If you know her then go get her some real mental help, you're not helping her here.

Sage for no real contrib/arguing

No. 359844


Ps. Yes, I am board certified in hematology and oncology as well as histopathology, I was a practicing hematologist until last year when I transitioned into research. I am not certified in psychiatry but have done a clinical psychiatry internship focusing on personality disorders. How about you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 359847


Yes, of course it is speculation. Except, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, once you start excluding the impossible then what you are left with is a fucking Munchie bleeding herself dry to get attention.

No. 359849

Nobody has ever refuted this! In fact almost every anon has been incredibly vocal about the fact that this is A GOSSIP SITE and in no way aspiring to be anything other than speculation/informed opinion and GOSSIP. If it's against your principles to actively participate on a GOSSIP board then simply don't do it, yet here you are actively GOSSIPING on an anonymous site, the irony is implicit.
saged for GOSSIP.

No. 359850


By the way, you will find that there are many scenarios, including in the forensic field, when physicians have to make decisions based on scarce data and usually no medical records. But of course your understanding of facts stops where it supports your friend.

No. 359869

Yeah, right.

No. 359882

that's a nice looking cat

No. 359883

File: 1500990087084.png (157.88 KB, 750x1143, IMG_1881.PNG)

Interesting how Kelly removed this post after someone pointed out the packaging looking a bit too similar to that of a medical supply company, rather than an "anonymous " package … she all but outed herself

No. 359892


Hey, asshole… you asked. Someone was bound to turn up who actually was in the field.

FYI: you have no idea how much of a matter of concern this is to physicians. One Munchie can fuck up our careers, lives, jobs and insurance premiums. Do you think that when Kelly's lies inevitably collapse as they will and as they have once before, her doctors will not be affected? We are responsible for our patients' welfare and that includes making sure they don't dupe us into giving them unnecessary invasive treatment.

No. 359916

You seem to spend more time following this thread than anyone else does

No. 359927


She has to… how else would she make sure she deletes images that she posted in her stupidity that turned out to be incriminating?

No. 360047


You aren't board-certified in shit. Your complete lack of coherency is evidence enough that you probably never finished your undergrad, let alone went to a fucking medical college. Cry about people wasting their time on here while you're frothing at the mouth as you wait for someone to reply to you.

Sage for no contribution other than to call out someone's bullshit.

No. 360140

LOL apparently I've been put out to pasture! What ever that means. Least I'm not permabanned again. But I just lurk here, we all lurk here. Everyone that's been accused of being a munchie. We look out for each other and watch the threads to see what bullshit is being said about us by a bunch of people who have serious psychological issues and no life!

No. 360150

The strangest thing about Kelly's blood "disorder" to me is that she isn't seeing a hematologist or getting blood from them. Always straight to the ER. You'd think if it was a serious issue she would go to a specialist, but no. Just the ER, which is classic munchie behavior.

No. 360165


Not wk-ing but study up a bit on Kellarina, she does go to one. Hes the evil doctor who called her out on how blood reactions do not last as long as she claimed one was going on, and the doctor who said she was "childlike"

No. 360170


You 'watch out for each other', my ass. Talk to one of the big name spoonies for ten minutes and bitching about somebody will start. It's all love and hope and sisterhood until you're alone. Then the knives come out.

No. 360171

because she saw a hematologist and he basically told her that she couldnt be having transfusion reactions and such.

No. 360186


I hope that lurking here will inspire you to get the help you need. We are on to you, and so will your doctors eventually. If you think we would never google a suspicious patient, you're delusional. I know plenty of colleagues go further and check instagram and Facebook for inconsistent behavior, asking about treatments and symptoms then pretending not to be aware of them, discussing how they want tubes and lines… I used to be around the spoonie community because they were very supportive when I was diagnosed with RA, but now it's an infantile crowd of Munchies who are more interested in appearing sick than in getting well, who are upset when someone compliments them by telling them they don't look sick instead of wanting to not look sick, who are competing with each other for the title of Sickest Little Spoonie, who have no ambitions other than getting praised and rewarded for the smallest accomplishments because everything is So Damn Hard(tm) for them, who in their 20s behave like preteen girls with their obsession with Finding Nemo and Disney stuff, reflecting the typical Munchausen's characteristic of self-infantilization and craving the role of the patient, wanting to be cared for rather than to heal. A bunch of you self-obsessed idiots have fucked up a supportive community that helped so many of us. Most really sick people prefer to shut up because if they tried to vent, some Munchie would try to one-up their suffering immediately. Several of us don't want to be around the spoonie groups because people have stolen our stories, gave our symptoms to doctors, violated our trust. And worst of all, amidst all the talk about being more than your illness, you all wallow in your disease all day, and revel in your newfound community, not realizing that however good it is to have a supportive community, it is addictive, and many don't want to get better (consciously or subconsciously) anymore for fear of having to abandon the lifestyle and circle of friends they made, deep down realizing that you had little more in common than illness, and once you really are trying to be more than your illness, there's nothing left anymore.

Harsh words, but I hope you'll think and find a life that's about more than this. You can live a worthwhile existence without constant support and adoration, can you live a worthwhile existence without purpose and being reduced to obsessing over your cats and your imaginary illnesses, constantly thinking about the next way you can induce symptoms or make them look worse to get the next tube or line or brace so as to look more disabled and sicker than the others, and win this stupid, imaginary contest of Sickest Spoonie in the Land?

Go on, give me your vitriolic response, tell me how I am hateful, try to figure out who I am and 'ruin me' as you did to so many other girls in our community who disagreed with your obsession or called you on faking, lying about or outright inducing symptoms. Send me threats as you did, tell me how you'll strangle my dog, I've seen it all. Tell me how I'm not really a spoonie and I must be lying, I don't care.

You ruined the community that kept me going when I needed it. You ruined it for me, but I don't need it anymore. What's worse, you ruined it for all the girls who do have genuine issues, now and for the future. Fuck you all, Munchies. Fuck you all to hell.

No. 360193

if you are you'd realize one of the first thing they tell you in class is to not diagnose random ass people, even in basic shitty high school psychology class all the way to college level psychology certification

the only reason you're supposed to diagnose people is if they are your patients

No. 360199

So confused. Who do you think I am? I'm actually allergic to cats haha. I'm not in the 'spoonie' community either.
I have various health conditions but I do not class myself as a spoonie. I get on with my life and I'm finally getting my life back on track after some soooooooper serious surgeries lmfao. I'm the type of person who likes to prove people wrong, if my doctor says to me I can't do something and will never be able to achieve something I'll go ahead and prove them wrong. Because I don't want to be ill and stuck at home being bored out of my head because it just drives me insane and it's so isolating,

I don't class myself as a spoonie otherwise people think I'm a munchie.
I rarely tell anyone about all of my health conditions because it's not their business.

However some people find sharing their physical health problems can help because they get support.
I understand there are people who do exaggerate or pretend they have certain illnesses but you all need to stop jumping on people and assuming they're a munchie.
You don't know that person. You do not know what their medical notes and test results say. You don't know everything about these people.

Some people you're all posting about are generally really unwell. And it's not nice.
And when you're going through so much already and then you're posted about on this site then it can really affect that person and their mood.

You're all hurting people.

Please just stop!

I can't imagine how I would feel if I was posted about on here and targeted.

No. 360213

This is an image board, not a place to bitch about everything and how the world is mean to you! Either someone post some milk, or stop blogging

No. 360233

Tell us more…

No. 360236

I'm not, so if anyone needs any milk, I'll be here

No. 360245


You know what? Nobody is forcing them to look here, and if they do, that's their problem. At the same time it's kinda cute how you're so concerned about them… have you considered showing any concern for

- the people in the spoonie community who needed that community badly, before these Munchies came along and fucked it up
- physicians at constant risk because they're being lied to by deceptive patients who if they don't get their way go to insta to defame them
- genuinely ill people who have to wait longer at the ER or for specialists because Munchie McChroniccondition lost ten followers and needs to create some drama
- people in severe incurable pain who arent taken seriously because doctors get used to histrionics so much, they equate a calm demeanor with low pain levels
- taxpayers/insurance payers who have to come up for the costs of psychologically maladjusted people's untreated addiction to being cared for
- people with chronic health conditions who don't want to share their stories anymore lest the immediate one-upmanship starts

I bet your spoonie friends are somehow more special and more valuable than others. It's so much easier to hurt people who don't have Instagram, right? People who don't publicize their suffering? People who are nonetheless people, and hurt by these actions, deeply hurt?

No. 360246

Wow so interesting and special I'm so glad you posted this can we please get your life story and a detailed description of every slight twinge of discomfort you've ever felt?

Your diary doesn't belong here, and if you were so afraid of being posted here you wouldn't be talking about yourself at length.

No. 360255


For fuck's sake. Yall aren't special little snowflakes, each different. Most diseases are the same in every person. You've seen one, you've seen it all. I don't need to know your life story to know that if you have a given disease, you will have certain symptoms and certain treatments will work for you and others won't. I don't need to know Kelly's life story or see all her medical notes to know that the only thing on earth that can cause iron deficient anemia without signs of aplastic anemia in the bone marrow or breakdown products in her blood (and I mean a fuckload of them! She should be more yellow than the Yangtze!) is exsanguination. It doesn't matter if it's Kelly or Donald Trump or you or me. Bodies obey certain simple rules and the argument as to 'you don't know her special case!' is incredibly dumb because I DON'T NEED TO, no more than you don't need to know everything about me to know that if I had, say, a blood glucose of 12.0, there is a limited list of things that can cause that. If I now came along and said my blood glucose was 12.0 because Mercury is in retrograde, whatever the fuck that means, you could confidently tell me to fuck off because we know that the list of things that elevate your blood glucose is limited and the position of the planets is not on the list.

You guys really have no idea of how physiology works, do you…

No. 360257

Yoooo, I am one of those people who a doctor didn't believe and told me it was all in my head. Then when my results came back I was basically booked in to have surgery and told I had to take a 2 hour journey to a specialist hospital. The doctor never even apologised, the doctor who oversaw my care after them said I was lucky to have my condition picked up this early because of it was left longer then I might not still be here.

So yeah I get where you're coming from and yes I hate people who fake illnesses, exaggerate them etc because it makes it harder for people to get the medical help they need because doctors sometimes doubt the patients.
Yeah it's not fair but you have to stop blaming the spoonie community for it because it's not the whole community it's only a select few.

It's just you're targeting people but you don't know for sure they're a munchie.

I've been told I was a munchie, I just showed them my medical files and they then realise they were wrong. They saw my test results. They saw my scans. They saw everything.
They then felt so guilty for accusing me that they sunk into a depression.
They isolated themself.

You don't know these people you're posting about!
You don't know the full extent of their physical health conditions.

It's speculation. And it's hurtful to those who are generally ill and not munchies

No. 360259

lol I haven't gone into detail about my conditions or my life so whatever.
Totally talked about myself at length jk ha.

No. 360263

yo dude i'm sorry you were sick but this isn't therapy. stop blogging.

No. 360265


It boggles my fucking mind.


You are not exempt from the rules of physiology. Get used to it.

No. 360266

stick your sob story up your ass, and stop posting irrelevant personal shit. Doctors make mistakes, whoop-de-doo. You were sick one time wow so interesting and incredible. It's a fucking gossip site. If you don't want to potentially be gossiped about don't have public shit. Same goes for every munchie and spoonie fuckstick out there acting like they are entitled to a total lack of criticism despite deliberately making their every fart as public as possible.

Your diary isn't special and you're not some fucking human rights crusader telling strangers off for questioning a story that was pushed into the public eye with a million hashtags and whatever else.

No. 360268

still not special, still not relevant, still no need to be talking about yourself. Make a thread all about you and your diseases if you want the attention that badly otherwise piss off and keep your diary entries where they belong.

No. 360270

Really? Oh lord. Haha.
Each person is different. Different people get different symptoms or reactions and their bodies react differently.

like I'm soooooooper speshal because the condition had different symptoms than other people with the same condition, I reacted the same just my result on the tests were different. They've only seen it in a handful of cases and there's medical research on it. My doctor said there are loads of conditions that they are yet to discover and give a name to.
They're finding new conditions, illnesses etc all the time. Technology is improving and they're able to investigate more deeply and study people and they're finding new conditions.

So you're wrong I'm sorry to say.

Also when people have conditions alongside with other conditions sometimes their symptoms are different than people with just that one same condition.

So don't be a retard.

No. 360278

Take your own advice; don't be a retard and fuck off back to your spoonie club where someone might care about your poor understanding of the human body. How obvious does it need to be made that nobody here cares for your opinion, anecdotes, ignorance, vitriol, or hunger for attention.

No. 360279

Wait, isn't this thread about Kelly? Go over to munchie thread if you feel the need to protect your buddies, there's a ton being posted over there

No. 360280

I think, in reality, you may have just stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

Sage for dumb

No. 360284

Jesus Christ farmhand. Stop banning me!
It's not going to work. I'm like an annoying fly that you can't get rid of. I'll watch and observe and then I'll buzz around and piss you all off.(Have fun with that)

No. 360287

I don't give a crap.

You've made a thread about Kelly!

Kelly's generally actually fucking ill you dumbwit

No. 360289

Dude no one cares about this thread as much as you do, I'm sure we'll survive your idiotic/boring posts

No. 360292


If I'm wrong, all of medicine is wrong, RCTs are wrong, the way we treat people is wrong, the way we develop drugs is wrong, the very fundamental ideas of pathogenesis that every doctor is taught in premed and then again in M1 is wrong.

Yes, there is some variability between patients and yes, sometimes there are extreme presentations. That does not mean anyone is going to present rheumatoid arthritis with a nosebleed and priapism.

Honey, you've been a patient a few times. Don't fancy yourself a doctor.

No. 360294

Yeah but her factitious disorder isn't the one faggots like you mean when you say she's sick. it's not like she's gonna be appreciative of you valiantly defending her obvious lies and poor researching skills. I mean you're clearly dedicated to being a white knight but wk for someone who will at least say thank you.

No. 360296


I agree. She has a very severe mental disorder that has caused her to autoexsanguinate, which has probably damaged her body.

Btw, are you her doctor? Are you the asshole claiming to be board certified in hematology? I don't think so. Are you medically qualified to make that judgment, or do you just see her instagram posts and perhaps met her a few times as she put on her best brave spoonie warrior face?

No. 360304

> My doctor said there are loads of conditions that they are yet to discover and give a name to.

That's actually nonsense. Outside of ID, there are very few conditions that are totally new, most 'new' conditions are conditions that were until then classified as some other disease. Consider NMO spectrum disorders. NMOSD is not 'new', they're just cases that were considered NMO but because they have different antibody markers, which is a recent discovery, they became a new disease.

However… even a new disease or an unusual presentation follows some basic rules. It's quite shocking that it's so difficult for you to get this into your head. Nobody with a broken leg will present with a headache behind the eyes. The reasons are obvious. There are equally obvious answers as to why Kelly's condition could not possibly be caused by anything other than autoexsanguination.

ALTERNATIVELY, please tell me where Kelly's blood and iron is going. She is losing about 2 shots' worth of blood every day. It's not hemolysed as she's not yellow and dead. It's not aplastic as no aplastic patterns were found in her bone marrow (if there had been, they would have started treatment for that!). So… go on, give me your best theory.

Oh, I thought so.

No. 360311

YES. Those poor spammers can't even think for themselves. Presented with even the most basic medical explanations, they still refuse to stop blindly following their golden child. Oh well, in the end they'll just get screwed over, but that's perfect since they love to play the victim

No. 360317


No, that's ok. I'm just a dumb medfag. Do educate me, please, sugarbun. How does Kelly's unknown, unprecedented mystery condition work? How is she magically excreting iron? Why does she have no breakdown products in her blood? Go on, teach, cleverpants.

No. 360323

Don't encourage them anon. They're not gonna become smart or sensible non matter how much you try. Lead a horse to water and all that.

No. 360324


Goodness me. Dial back the language, mom is going to be mad and won't take you shopping at hot topic again.

No. 360325


At this point, I'm curious as to how they rationalize a medically clearly impossible condition to themselves.

No. 360333

They don't. They just dismiss and attack because they're too stupid to see how they're wrong even when you point it out and slowly explain. They're too committed to the 'Le epic troll' act, thinking they're clever and patting their own ass

No. 360337

Don't respond, just report. Like a toddler, when they don't get what they want, they'll go away.

No. 360338

Remember bub, hashtags work for Instagram not here. I know it's hard not being able to tag your posts to get them more widely noticed but I'm sure you'll cope.

No. 360342

File: 1501021753067.png (8.38 KB, 464x212, IMG_1550.PNG)


No. 360346

The point is permanently correct. Cyber bullying isn't real.

No. 360352

File: 1501022708659.jpg (17.36 KB, 438x438, shitposting license.jpg)

God forbid there's conflict on the internet. How unheard of and unavoidable!

No. 360371


So basically: a fairly large volume of evidence suggesting she may be inducing her illness is wrong, despite the fact that there isn't really an alternate explanation that would fit with her condition, because, well, you don't know but I don't know either. That's pathetic.

I was kinda hoping you had some nice competing theory. Turns out all you have is being a fucking troll and some lame retort about psychiatric conditions. Hmmm… shall we talk about those? Hm, whom do we know who spent two years in a psych hospital but totally definitely should not be suspected of autoexsanguination? Oh, right, that'd be Kelly!

You're pathetic. At least if you knew what you're talking about and had an alternate theory, that I could respect. You don't. All you have is this dumb, fanatical belief that your friend is right, even in face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Have you considered joining Scientology? You would make a good cultist: you are equal parts dumb and fanatical

No. 360419

In fairness, some doctors do suck.

I was venting once to a doctor because I'd had a vomiting bug and then immediately got tonsillitis when I started back at uni and the doctor I saw was so rude. I was only there because I'd been too sick to go into school for over a week, and had been to an outpatient walk in and already been diagnosed with norovirus. It was as if they thought that I was there wanting something other than a piece of paper explaining why I hadn't been in. Literally, I just burst into tears and said how I hadn't been able to take my meds because I couldn't swallow which was affecting my mood and she was like what do you want me to do, administer them rectally? In an aggressive way. I was like woah no, I wasn't asking for IV meds or rectal meds or anything. So it really does affect doctors treatment of innocent people. They become skeptical everyone is out to get something, when sometimes, people just breakdown and vent to their doctor when they're in a tough place and are literally there for no more than a confirmation note.

No. 360426

File: 1501027880997.jpg (19.94 KB, 469x314, IMG_1551.JPG)

No. 360427

From the looks of her social media, she has had Several docs. I doubt all these docs suck or that she's a medical mystery anymore. But we only see what she chooses to share.

No. 360437


Her hematologist is one of the best hematologists in Canada and a specialist in clotting disorders. So it's kinda funny that she allegedly loses a pint of blood a week but one of Canada's experts in clotting disorders couldn't find a cause for it.

Medical mystery, haha.

No. 360471

Go back to Tumblr if you're offended by the fact that it isn't real, retard

No. 360479

Newfag, get it right:
1 - You don't have to fill in the name, email, or subject part (unless you sage something, which you put "sage" in the email section)
2 - Fuck off with the blogging or at least get to the point quicker without the sob stories. Lolcow is about milk, and discussing milk that the cows provide, not blogging in depth about how you cried to an asshole doctor (which we all know there are shitty ones).

No. 360484

Is there any way to reach her doctors and let them know about this BS going on? I'm sure they're aware but not to this extent. No reason to let her keep wasting their time when actual sick people need care.

No. 360487

I'm pretty sure they know. Before I had my suspicions and before Kelly herself turned me to lolcow (where I enjoy the milk) she would complain a lot about her doctors not listening to her or taking her seriously because she self harmed. The nurses wouldn't let her keep her port accessed. She commented they thought it was for drugs but why would she ever do that? I'm pretty sure she's deleted a lot of it. Like someone else said though, she does eventually need blood but it's by her own doing not a disease, so the doctors don't refuse to treat, they just do what they have to. She talks a lot about seeing her Psych but then not much comes of that.

No. 360488

Yes, but if you do it don't tell the farm about it. We're not about ruining anyone's life. We just want to sit back and watch her make a fool of herself.

No. 360489

Kelly needs a job. Wtf does she do all day besides make up illnesses? Who pays all of her bills?

No. 360491

I wouldn't really blame somebody for life ruining if they just told the truth and exposed how she's a liar who's soaking up resources better used by people who need them.

No. 360506

No one would be talking about Kelly if she wasn't such a goddamn attention whore. She's not only lying, she's getting praise and attention as a result of it. I care less about her getting the right kind of care (since it's suggested psych has already tried), and more about her being held accountable for the lying and manipulation, since her form of self harming has direct results on others. She is entitled and self-centered (even if she is mentally ill), and those kind of people are a leech on society

No. 360507

In a different situation, yes. But she's not going to change, she's getting the attention and sympathy she wants. People with mental illness don't get the sympathy that comes with physical illness

No. 360508

Kelly lives like the world revolves around her, the hell to anyone else. It's all about what she needs and wants, without regard to others. Even her "raising awareness " was just another opportunity to put herself in the spot and keep that sweet, sweet attention coming

No. 360516


There are so many examples of this but one of the most painful ones was demonstrated in one of her youtube videos.

She was going around a blood donation clinic giving all the donors goodie bags, just little ones filled with candy and "her story" about why she needs blood and why they're "saving her life". None of the donors seemed excited, they seemed kind of bothered actually especially because Kelly had a friend there FILMING everything. It was so awkward. It was like she felt like some kind of saint worth applauding, because she was "giving back" and at the same time telling them all about her suuuper speshal story that everyone obviously cares about because she's so rare and undiagnosable. She wasn't even there as a part of a blood drive event or anything official, she was just there because she wanted to be.

No. 360517


No. 360519

I mean, it's up to you, but if you decide to do that it has nothing to do with lolcow.

No. 360520

Yeah maybe she wants people to ask about it so she can say it's her MS getting worse. Probably from all this stress. Or is this post giving her ideas? I guess we'll find out…

No. 360523

Probably the government

No. 360531

We have a rule against interfering with cows offline. Don't. We can discuss here, that's it.

No. 360613


The thing is, dealing with Munchies is notoriously difficult. Assuming that a doctor receives information about one of their patients being a Munchie, and is convinced: what is he going to do? I don't know if the situation in Canada is different but we are pretty much hamstrung when it comes to all this. We can't even talk to other doctors to coordinate the response, and nothing keeps her from simply requesting her files (which we have to give her) and just going to a different doctor. We can refuse to treat her, but we would risk quite a bit, and she would be almost definitely able to sue us and/or publicly shame us. We cannot get a psych hold on her as it would be very difficult to show that she's a danger to herself or others. We cannot force her to see a psychiatrist. Our powers are so severely limited in this case that there is virtually no response to a Munchie that we are legally able to mount. What's worse: we are in a double bind, to wit if we do not treat her, we might be disciplined and unless we can convincingly prove that we knew she was making it up and the board agrees with us, we will be treated as if we had undertreated a legitimately ill person. Even if the board agrees that she is a Munchie, they will judge us based on what they think we thought at the time. But if we do treat her and she comes to serious harm and there's an investigation, then if they conclude that she was a Munchie, they will expect us to have realized that in almost every single case, regardless of how masterful their deception is, and even though it's common knowledge that Munchies would just go to a different doctor, we would be expected to have called them on it - and there goes our insurance premium! Bottom line, Munchies don't get away with it because doctors are gullible, they get away with it because the law is disinclined to put the power to allege someone is a Munchie into the hands of mere fallible doctors, and so most of us try to treat them as if they were legit, avoid risky procedures, try to pass them on to another doc and hope for the best.

No. 360636

OMG! YES! DING DING DING we have a winner! Give this one a cookie!
Dipshit, that is what lolcowchan is for! SPECULATING! Why do you care so much since we're "just speculating"? No one is going to Kelly's posts and abusing her. If you or she decide to come read here, welcome to the speculation zone. It's what we do. Don't like it? Don't read it. Simple as.

I think they do know and are thus doing maintenance while grappling with an appropriate method of intervention. They know where she is, what she does and are able to treat it. Beyond that all we can do is hope there is a plan in the works. I have a feeling she may have been placed in a clinical double-bind with the hysterectomy already. Of the 3 most common ways to intervene with a suspected Munchie, this one goes like this: We suspect you are either autoexsanguinating, or it's your uterus. These are the only two options left. We will give you the hysterectomy, and the outcome will determine which is true. If your bloodwork improves, it was the fibroids. If it doesn't, we have no choice but to assume you are exsanguinating. This simultaneously lets the patient know the docs suspect them and gives them a face-saving out.
There is so much we don't know and that has to do with Kelly's tailoring of what she reveals. Discussions which may have happened between her and healthcare professionals, evidence in her records (given her known psych and self-harm history and further investigative evaluation of suspected etiology etc.) have had to have led to Munchausen at least being on the radar by now. In fact I believe she read it in PMH/DDx already? You are right about notoriously shitty prognosis hereafter. No easy answers. Hate to say it but I am glad she's not my patient.

No. 360646


> In fact I believe she read it in PMH/DDx already?

Actually, I don't know which part of her notes it came from as it did not show that, but yep. The hysterectomy is clever in that it's two kinds of intervention - a therapeutic double bind and a face saving opportunity - rolled into one. Just, at what a terrible cost, right?

> You are right about notoriously shitty prognosis hereafter. No easy answers. Hate to say it but I am glad she's not my patient.

Gosh, I'm with you on that one, all the way. I love speculating here but I have no fucking idea how I would manage her, especially given her attitude and how on the edge she is. I sure don't envy her docs!

Sage for medfag talk.

No. 360730

Sage for OT

How much blood would one need to be losing vaginally if it was fibroids causing such severe anaemia? I mean, is it really fucking obvious - beyond a horrifically heavy period?

No. 360738


After she was diagnosed with the fibroids she said something about how she'd been telling her doctors for years about her huge problems with periods etc. But I think if that were true the doctors would've investigated that sooner? An ultrasound is literally the first thing they'd do in that situation. It's so fucking common to give an ultrasound to a woman dealing with problem periods if she's also having other health problems, let alone sever anemia. They could've gotten her an ultrasound within two or three weeks probably, they'd see the fibroids immediately, and begin treatment. Not that hard.

Someone in the last thread estimated how much blood she'd be losing in a day. I can't remember what it was, but it was definitely enough that she'd be noticing it and having to use a lot of pads etc, basically a very abnormal bleeding event on a daily basis. Something that'd be impossible to ignore or not continuously mention to the doctors/hospital.

Like… You're needing blood transfusions every two weeks… You're bleeding out your fucking vagina an insane amount every. day. What do you do? Let it go on for 2 or 3 years? Nah man. If you were going through that and you were legitimately dedicated to recovering/curing your illness, you fucking DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

No. 360755

(I'm the anon you just replied to)

Lol yeah exactly! That's no way to live either. If she really was losing all that blood vaginally, and purposefully not doing anything about it, that's fucking weird. When I'm on a heavy flow day I barely want to get up off the couch let alone go prancing all over Kelowna. It's also just gross. Even if she showered every day she'd probably smell pretty bad.

I just can't believe that's what was happening all these years. Not believable at all. And if she really was experiencing that and keeping it to herself so she'd get more attention and more transfusions, that's some really fucking insane behavior. What's worse, constantly bleeding from your vag and keeping it secret for the sake of attention and claiming a "rare undiagnosable blood disease" or autoexsanguinating to claim a "rare undiagnosable blood disease??

No. 360781


About 3 fl.oz. a day or a little less than a pint and a half a week.

No. 360789


The part that Kelly's moronic defenders screeching how we don't know her soooper mysterious existence don't get is that it doesn't really matter. Whatever the details, you cannot lose the amount of blood she loses in the time she loses it unless it's something blatantly noticeable… or autoexsanguination. They complain that we speculate, but the fact is that we merely follow evidence to the sole conclusion left after excluding all impossibilities.

Or, you know, Kelly's white knights: explain to us the etiology and pathogenesis of what she has, and maybe I'll believe it's not autoexsanguination. Until then, fuck off with your lame 'you don't know heeerrrr!' crap.

No. 361006

I guess autoexsanguination counts as a rare disorder, how many other people do you know of that drain that much blood out of themselves? But it's sure not a blood disorder kek.

No. 361017

I wonder how she does it. Does she just suck blood out of her port while she's at home?

No. 361020

It should go without saying that this is gross.

No. 361045


Yes. I've seen all of two cases of it in my whole life. Both women in their 30s, both dancers. It must be in the water. Both had a power injectable port, one a dual membrane port.

You start by making a big syringe of hepsal. You instill enough of it into the line so as to fill the access set and the reservoir. Then you use a large syringe, 20 or 50ccs, and gently start sucking. Lather, rinse, repeat. One of the cases of this that I had the displeasure to witness used to be a PACU nurse. So she stole threeway valves and pushed a few mils of hepsal every 20ccs of blood drained or so. They drained about 100ml twice a week then hung a bag of IV saline. This gave them that cherished low Hgb, low Hct presentation.

No. 361050

Oh jeez.

So why doesnt the dr take away her port and then see what happens after it's removed? she says she's "improving" on that new med anyway.

No. 361055

File: 1501094570184.png (1.35 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_8253.PNG)

Looks like she is totally better all of a sudden! It is crazy how quickly she dropped everything once she found out people weren't buying her story anymore. She is awful.

No. 361061

Kelly could probably get an equal amount of sweet, sweet online attention if she just made a kitty insta and interacted with the pet community on ig.

No. 361068

That and if you do that a lot of us don't condone that. I know I definitely don't support it. If anything I want her to get caught by them. Somehow that's entirely more satisfying than them being told. Especially to see her scramble and lose it. Sperging out is the best.

>I love speculating here but I have no fucking idea how I would manage her, especially given her attitude and how on the edge she is
This. Her attitude is through the roof.

Gross and I'm gonna sage for blogging but my mother has fibroids (really bad ones) and she can go through 3-4 pads in under an hour. She's severely anemic. And even then she isn't running to the ER like Kelly, and they haven't offered her a hysterectomy even given she is older than Kelly. It proves the autoexsanguinating point.

Don't give her any ideas/tips lol

I don't know how she'd be getting back to doing that, honestly. Going to get a degree is one thing, but being around children if you're suspected of being a munchie (especially by professionals) is another. It was already suspicious to me that when she was on the hook for possibly lying that her cat got sick. It makes me wonder if she is a munchie, would she turn to munchie by proxy and start hurting others? Her cat? Children she could teach (if she plans on returning to school)? Just speculation obviously but it makes me concerned.

No. 361076


The problem with taking ports out is that they're expensive, a pain to take out, a pain to put back in and leaves the pouch as a lump of scar tissue, meaning that you cannot have an unlimited number of ports the way you can have an almost unlimited number of Hickman lines. After the fourth port or so, it'll get hard to find a good site for them.

No. 361077


I think by teaching, she means ballet. She's never even been to college, the idea that someone in their 30s could suddenly decide to become a teacher is ludicrous.

No. 361100

Okay but clearly she doesn't need the port because her problems are self inflicted..on purpose. she needs a port because she's a munchie. no port = no way to suck out blood from herself, thus ending a need to take up er and hospital time.

No. 361105

You can still bleed yourself discretely without a port. There are videos on YouTube explaining how.

No. 361108

Kelly has likely been bloodletting since before she had the port installed. The port was installed to make transfusions easier.

No. 361182

yeah but then she can be called out on it, though I guess it won't do much.

No. 361202


Eh. They're worried, legitimately IMHO, that if she bleeds herself through the conventional route, they'll have a tough time transfusing her as her veins in her arm may be scarred due to her cutting and IV access for a transfusion is a tricky business.

No. 361205

sorry i'm behind on this saga can someone explain how kelly jumped from medical mystery to 'oh my vag has been bleeding for an extended amount of time' because that doesn't make any sense

sage for being a total moron

No. 361207


Any doctor - in fact, any medical professional - would absolutely ask an anaemic woman of menstruaring age if she has heavy periods. It's one of the first questions even if mildly anaemic, never mind as badly as Kelly.

No. 361240

Actually, uterine fibroids that cause anemia don't necessarily bleed out the vagina. It can actually gather and cause all kinds of issues, and then you bleed out most of it that time of month.
I suspected her to be a munchie and saw this site from her IG..
But I've got a sister with fibroids, she had a few transfusions and after a hysterectomy it gave her her life back. And like Kelly at one point a fibroid was so large, it blocked her bladder and she was unable to pee.

In my opinion Kelly posts to social media because they have become her family and support system. It's not necessarily healthy but it worked for her up to the point of her learning about this blog.
I also think that she is just being genuine, and she doesn't need to share absolutely every life detail.

No. 361249


>In my opinion Kelly posts to social media because they have become her family and support system. It's not necessarily healthy but it worked for her up to the point of her learning about this blog.

>I also think that she is just being genuine, and she doesn't need to share absolutely every life detail.

By that logic, wouldn't you be able to say that about many of the social media spoonies, then?

No. 361259

When I look at other spoonies posts they usually seem to have family, as I have followed Kelly she has never mentioned any family. Only room mates and her cat.
Who cares anyway I don't need to know every detail about her.
She clearly stated that she was in some kind of danger and as soon as she said that I stepped away from looking for milk.
Plus this has died down a lot, and Kelly hasn't posted lately and deleted Facebook. It's like she is waving a white flag.

No. 361277


The interesting thing about this is that Kelly's sister posts things with the two of them. If Kelly's not talking about her family, it's a choice she's making, since at least the sister's around. Plenty of reasons not to include her sister, maybe she she just doesn't want to share the spotlight

No. 361278

What the fuck are you talking about?
Kelly talks about her sister all the time.
That, and before she started talking about how much "danger" she was in, she self-posted joking about how it only takes one slip up to expose your real age.

No. 361294

Does Kelly maybe have an acquired brain injury of some sort? It's just weird to me that she's so underdeveloped compared to her twin sister.

No. 361299

File: 1501120182749.png (10.27 KB, 281x185, wtf.png)

I know this is highly off topic, but do they have a secret twin language?

No. 361305

File: 1501120786497.png (172.86 KB, 724x1112, IMG_1900.PNG)

(Newfags, trying to be nice about it but seriously read through the threads, know about Kelly and learn how to sage before posting)
Kelly's followers still accuse the thread of bullying! So if Kelly was to disagree with say her sister or one of her roommates, these people would consider that bullying? Everyone who has an opinion that differs from someone else's is a bully?This site is OPINIONS and pretty much GOSSIP, (seriously take it more as flattery if you want that people are concerned with you at all) and the fact that Kelly is the one that introduced a lot of people to this site, I mean just c'mon already! Kelly please get some proper help, stop with the lies and go off to your new screen name but it's highly doubtful that people will suddenly start believing your bullshit again, you hurt a lot of people who genuinely cared

Sage for repetition,annoyance, and bloggishness

No. 361310


I think she's talking like she's Chompy and her sister is responding as her cat. . . Something about wearing a grumpy cat shirt all day

No. 361311

I forgot she had a sister, sorry for not being obsessive about her :P
I'm done posting, if Kelly really is sick, thank God she is getting answers. If she's faking it this website is obviously not going to change her mind.

No. 361341


Oh for the love. I am an identical twin. This made up language thing is a load of garbage. Me and my sister spoke nonsense to eachother when we were toddlers, but it was cause we were weird little kids. It wasn't a language. Anyone who believes that really happens frequently in real life has been watching too much t.v. Also, if kelly is claiming it is then she is lying to look ~mysterious and special~.

Lots of sets of twins are half loser and half winner. Fuck, just cause you are clones does not make you literally the same person. I am sure that is the case with kelly and her twin.

No. 361342

^^forgot to add that just cause one twin was a loser doesn't mean there is, omg, BRIAN DAMAGE, like >>361299 was asking, lol, jeeze.

Sage samefag

No. 361347

Also, this is so ignorant. . Lots of adults go back to school and start a whole new career in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. Stop eating the retard sandwiches.

Sage, samefag, and no1curr

No. 361349

This isn't a blog, newfag, it's an imageboard. You also saged incorrectly. You put "sage" in the email field. Don't fill anything else out. Sage for explaining when it's in the fucking rules/info.

No. 361357

Sage for samefagging here as I know Kelly reads these boards obsessively: Kelly, my comment here >>361068 that you posted on your instagram is entirely hypothetical. You could be completely normal. I'm trying to look at it from the perspective of skepticism. That in itself is not bullying. Stop trying to make this a bigger thing than it is.

No. 361436


No matter what, science doesn't change. I think it's been pretty obvious that her symptoms don't line up. Sure, maybe she is mildly sick, but there's for sure manipulation going on.

No. 361554

LOL, Kelly's new account… goes on about filtering all the people but has over 1,200 followers. And at least one of them is your beloved Milkman.

No. 361590

File: 1501166996108.png (121.79 KB, 750x838, IMG_1903.PNG)


So much for laying low moron, u know she lurks why would you announce yourself? Unless Kelly herself is announcing this

Sage for speculation

No. 361610

Surely by now you must realize that people who come here who aren't living here 24/7 like you assholes don't read the rules or give a shit about them because this site is a complete fucking joke.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 361617


That would be 6 pints of bleeding per month.

That's also 6 pints of fluid somewhere in the body.

I don't think you thought it through. Fibroids can cause anaemia and there's some bleeding and all that, but not 2x3 bags a month kind of anaemia, which is a LOT even for people with serious blood disorders.

No. 361717

File: 1501185585847.png (790.92 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_9523.PNG)


She solved the mystery, guys.

No. 361747

Hahahahaha she's so full of shit. She's never getting better, simply because she just loves being sick.

But really. We know you read every single post. Why so obsessed with us, Kelly? And fyi, heart transplants are totally a thing. Unfortunately you were right about the brain, so no hope for getting rid of that ol' paranoia. Also, you're really not that interesting.

No. 361754

I've not really followed this drama that closely and I don't know/care how or why Kelly is losing blood. She clearly has additional mental health issues though, quite badly. I wonder why she never posts about them on IG as most people usually do.

No. 361761


Mental illness just doesn't get you the attention physical illnesses do, especially ones serious enough to require blood transfusions. Her overreactions are the main reason she's still a cow

No. 361770

File: 1501189064599.jpg (62.95 KB, 600x480, IMG_1906.JPG)

This site drives her insane and her reactions are what keeps me coming here and made me unfollow her because just the fact alone she feels the need to have to prove herself makes it obvious to a lot of people who follow/unfollowed her that she thrives off drama, and that indeed something just is not right with her! Why is she so desperate to prove her illness to the people on this thread if we are in fact so idiotic, and here's a shocker to her IG commenters too- doctors and nurses and other people in the medical field DO discuss patients, we do not reveal names, but if something seems questionable or off, we do seek advice from others to protect ourselves as well as our practice and/or others. Just because a doctor or medical professional treats you ("…first do no harm…")or if test results reveal something dangerous that needs attention it will be attended to! It does not necessarily mean that they don't suspect that something shady is occurring

Sage for venting & possible repetition

No. 361786

Actual factual doctors… reminds me of 'actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf'.

Like most people, she does not understand how much medical diagnosis depends on an accurate history. And that whatever a million actual factual doctors say, it is NOT possible to lose almost a gallon of blood each period, full stop.

You know, Kelly, you might as well screenshot the facts for your followers. You claim a blood loss of 750ml per week yet one should believe you don't autoexsanguinate. You have been a psychiatric inpatient for two years. You have deep and complex psychiatric issues. You confuse idioglossy among twins, which is not a language but a highly attuned nonverbal communication via nonsense, with a genuine language (no, honey, two kids barely out of their diapers and without the grasp of the primary building blocks of language do not go out and invent one… languages either evolve over a long period of time or are invented based on a deep understanding of linguistics, no third way of quickly inventing languages without the knowledge of how languages work exists). Your life is devoid of significant successes - you barely managed to finish school! -, so you chose yourself a path where you would get approval and asspats for the simplest, most trivial things. Your ballet skills never got you out of the great cultural capital that is the Okanagan, so you latched on to your sickness narrative to be admired and loved for your resilience, still doing splits despite being oh so anemic and sick.

I deeply hope that you will recover and leave this life behind, but you have hurt many people, and you will have to make amends. You've hurt good friends of mine who shared their story with you and suddenly you started showing their symptoms. You have no idea how violated that makes someone feel - of course you don't, you're not actually sick! So, Kelly: get well, get healthy and become a better person. You've already hurt too many people.

Of course, that won't happen. You know that these people who all fawn over you will leave you as soon as you stop pretending you're ill, and you'll be back to the world of hard work, no rewards or praise for doing normal things, no glory for your Kelowna standard ballet, no news segments for a Kelly, no thousands of Instagram followers, and who would want to throw away her carefully constructed palace of lies for that (and to hell with who it hurts!).

Kelly, you know fully well that your doctors know. There's no point in pretending. Just so you understand, you're being offered the hysterectomy as a therapeutic double bind, a way for you to save face but stop Munchieing without overtly calling you on it. And just as intended, you have been buying into it 100%.

But the thing is, like most Munchies, your understanding of medicine is a caricature, much as your understanding of disease is one. You believe you can lose three liters of blood a month through your uterus when the whole volume of it would not hold that much unless massively distended. You think a transfusion reaction is like a bee sting on one eye, and bees are taken to the hospital by ambulance with bee sting allergic patients. To us in the medical field, it is so evident what's going on, it feels weird that you continue being able to fool so many people…don't worry, though. Your 'friends' won't read this because you only screenshot stuff that lets you appear like a poor victim, and they know (from you, no less) that we are haters and so they won't visit this website anyway. So you are safe.

But no deception can last forever.

No. 361864

if real live doctors diagnosed her stupid uterine bleeding those real live doctors would've removed her uterus because if it bled that much she would've been at risk for a prolapse. i'm sure she'd LOVE that! more atenshunz for her! give it up kelly no one believes you anymore. get a grip. get your port removed. and stop illness-jacking actual sick people.

sage for blogging - ranting - not contributing

No. 361955

She asks who the fool is, then deletes the post. In true fashion. I love how she thinks she's so clever but doesn't realize we aren't going to stop calling her out on her bullshit. I wonder what the panic she feels when she notices her story is falling apart feels like.

No. 361957


So the blood stuff I understand now how it's physiologically impossible thanks to the posters upthread.

What I don't understand is the MRI results suggesting MS? Someone up thread said MRI results can be faked which I don't understand how.

But I also don't understand why there's been no movement on the MS "diagnosis" since she had the scan. Wouldn't she be booked in for an urgent appt after a MS result?

No. 362022

I don't know how MS would be faked, but her report doesn't even state that there is a consensus of a diagnosis. The impression (or "findings") revealed spots on her brain that are (key words here) "concerning of MS", just as a lump could be "concerning of" cancer. A diagnosis would concretely state an MS diagnosis (eg. MRI of the brain has shown [spots that were shown on her MRI] consistent with MS). I don't know if she's doing a follow-up, but if they are truly concerned that it is MS, they need to do repeat scans to correlate findings to concretely prove she has MS, and get her on medication immediately.

No. 362026

What is she saying about twin languages? It almost sounds as though she's calling them BS, but then claiming to have one.

No. 362048

The twin language thing is totally bonkers. They just change the spelling of words so it looks like gibberish to everyone else. If you say the words like they might sound if you pronounced the letters differently to how they were intended, but still sound phonetically, roughly, "fuq" is "fuck" "gnoyeen" is "annoying" "gnuh" is "gina" "timmaraihs" or whatever it was, is "tomorrow" etc. They're just fucking with the spelling, but it's far from a language. More like some elementary school kids "making up a language" to pass secret notes in class.

No. 362057


I'm confused too. Is she being sarcastic, and if so does that mean she was also being sarcastic about having a head injury? If not, I wouldn't be surprised. Also having head injuries that might possibly explain the lesions on her brain. I don't know that might be far off. But if so, the MRI results would put it down to the brain injuries and not MS so I suspect I'm wrong about that. I hope she was being sarcastic. Even though that'd be an insensitive thing for someone to joke about.

No. 362097

As I said, I am an identical twin and the "twin language"thing is bs. I have researched this as a layperson (wanting to learn about other freaks like my sister and me) and like this anon said, it's just alternate spellings and gobbelty-gook. It's a good story on television and all that, but in reality, nonsense.

Sage for OT

No. 362146


A lot of people, including many with migraines, have small T2 hyperintense spots.T2 hyperintensities alone do not prove MS, they merely indicate a process that MIGHT be demyelination going on. This might be MS, or another demyelinating disease, or nothing at all.

There are some patterns of lesions that are more characteristic to MS and others that are less so. She does not seem to show the characteristic juxtacortical and periventricular lesions (Dawson's fingers). In her case, I would be intensely dubious with that MRI unless she also has a positive spinal tap with OCBs and a positive SSEP/VEP. Which oddly do not seem to have been conducted, from which I infer that her doc looked at her film and said 'relax, Kelly, at the moment, this is not MS'. Because MS is characterized by dissemination in time and space, in a case like Kelly's, they would repeat the test in a year and see if the lesions have gotten bigger and maybe then diagnose.

TL,DR: she didn't fake the MRI, but the MRI does not say what she is trying to pretend it says. It's an MRI showing what is more likely than not a normal human aberration.

No. 362209


Thanks for explaining this. Oh my god, I can't believe she made such a big fucking deal about having an 'ms diagnosis' when it's not even conclusive. I remember she was hinting at it for days before the big reveal like some kind of exciting plot with cliff hangers and "tune in next week!" type of suspense.

No. 362224

Right?! And then she just quit talking about it once it was brought up here, full stop. Nah, not suspicious at all Kelly.

No. 362398

MS is an autoimmune disease, so wouldn't they find those markers in her blood? It seems like something that would be identified way earlier if she's getting test after test

No. 362400

Anyone up for a Robyn-style chronological saga in here?

No. 362440


Reading the post you're responding to, yes blood tests can be done to help diagnose MS. SPEP (serum protein electrophoresis) is a blood test done to identify proteins found in serum and results are compared to proteins found in CSF (so a spinal tap is typically performed when MS is suspected - don't recall Kelly mentioning that being done).

There is a set of pretty specific criteria to diagnose MS, and Kelly seems to have only mentioned one of them (and it isn't even accurately described). She had a single brain scan - MS cannot be diagnosed by a single brain scan. Period. Why? Because the spots that show up, "concerning" for areas of potential demyelination, need to be proven as actual demyelination and not artifact, and also that the damage, if present, occurred at different times.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 362449

It seems like most munchies do this. One test shows maybe something, better add another illness to my list!

No. 362466

Yes. They either lie about seeing a specialist, or actually see a specialist once for 'appointment cred.' Then, regardless of whatever transpired in that single appointment or whatever test they took, POOF! "I was diagnosed!" Illness claim appropriated. Most don't post again about said doctor/specialist.

No. 362484


Not quite, according to the Macdonald criteria, in some cases, SPATIAL dissemination is sufficient, and no TEMPORAL dissemination is required, hence a single scan can be sufficient. However, that's not usually the case, as you rightly said.

In practice, MS blood tests aren't widely used due to low sensitivity and specifics. Commonly, CSF studies and evoked potential studies tend to complement the scan.

What's bizarre is that since her so called diagnosis, she has not commented on being seen again, on getting meds prescribed etc.

No. 362511

Yes! Please do it!

No. 362523


You would be a god among farmers, anon

No. 362556


Ah, the Robyn method.

> I totally have temporal lobe epilepsy guys!

No. 362630

Looks like she may have deleted her Instagram! How long do you think she'll be able to keep her new one private for? She's got less than 1800 followers right now, a tenth of what she had before.

No. 362636


I'm hoping that one of those followers carried over gets sick of her shit and starts posting here. After all, she's given them the website address…

No. 362639


i managed to get onto her new instagram, don't worry anons, i'll deliver with any milk i see

No. 362654

Well done, anons!
I look forward to the milk.

No. 362655

File: 1501295979043.png (173.45 KB, 745x625, IMG_1912.PNG)


I'm following her new account as well, somehow her original IG AND her FB became deactivated? Thought only the owner of the page was able to deactivate, unless someone did actually manage to hack her accounts?
Favorite sentence of her post, " I just kinda learned the hard way that there is no privacy of the www!"
(Kelly, im really hoping you were trying to be humorous there?!!?)

No. 362659

I'm new to posting here.
Sorry if I ha e done this all wro g!
I am on her new Ig. I love how her old account is gone. We know YOU deleted it yourself honey. Things don't magically disappear.
I'd also like to point out that some of her sisters IG posts are oddly very Kelly like

No. 362662

Is she really trying to claim she had a 105.8 degree fever? Wow. I'm pretty positive that you'd be almost dead or at least in some severe shock for that. Is she trying to claim sepsis?

No. 362669


> chronic

> unidentified

sounds familiar…

No. 362676


Kelly has neurolyme in 5… 4… 3…

No. 362677

File: 1501298550985.png (226.9 KB, 750x1075, IMG_3652.PNG)

No. 362691


ROTFLOL that's gonna be no use. There are several absolutely legit spoonies I know who will keep posting here, and all of us are still in. Kelly, you might not realize this, but a lot of fairly high profile actual, really ill spoonies think you're a fraud, and are going to supply the requisite milk.

As said… your only choice is to admit you have been lying about your health and ex sanguinating. Talk to your doctors, admit everything, seek mental help, and this all will stop. One day, once you're better, you might even think of us with gratitude.

No. 362705


Just to clear something up, no one here is picking on Chompers. He's a good cat, you just seem bloody obsessed with him so he had to be included.

No. 362708

There's no use giving yourself away by dropping hints as to who you are. You'll end up being deleted/blocked from her profile and will lose milk. Just keep posting the milk. Also, no need for the intense "ROTFLOL", it just makes you look like Kelly with that lingo.

No. 362709

Sage for samefagging but can all the newfags in the thread please fucking sage their posts so this thread doesn't get bumped unnecessarily? If it's not milk (screencaps, info Kelly posted, etc.), sage it by putting "sage" in the email section.

No. 362710


Yeah… I personally know someone who had a 39 (almost 40) degree fever… She nearly died. Had to be put in a coma in the ICU, covered in ice packs and wet towels with a fan blowing over her and they were pumping her full of drugs and chilled saline.

Her thermometer is broken lol. Or maybe she's an invincible superhero.

No. 362713

It varies for people. I had a 104.something freedom unit fever when I was 8, and I just wanted to sleep all day and felt shitty for a few days.

No. 362714

Kelly, what you and those that are freaking out in your comments need to understand is the following:

1. This isn't bullying. No one calls the cops when people online talk about any celebrity or anyone in any kind of spotlight. You amassed over 18,000 followers, with that comes people that just won't like you (though this isn't just people that don't like you, it's people being affected by your lies either directly or indirectly). Deal with it.
2. This also isn't bullying because the shit discussed here is true. Everyone here is trying to understand your "conditions" because you fooled many of us and now we're left feeling gutted and stupid and trying to make sense of it. Also, trying to unconver the truth is important here because you're taking resources from people that actually need them.
3. As another anon said, there's a few of us here that are part of the "chronic illness community" (or, like myself, previously were but have left since discovering your dirty tricks). You've lied. You've taken the stories of genuinely sick people and used those details for your own personal gain. You've fooled a lot of people that actually cared for you and that's fucked up

In short. You're not being bullied. Especially since you CHOSE to share details and amass such a large following. Stop hurting people. Stop hurting YOURSELF. Get the help you need and come clean.

Sage for rage blogging

No. 362722

File: 1501302046185.jpg (11.62 KB, 480x360, phil.jpg)

We're anonymous.
Kind of a shitty way to get attention.

No. 362724


Sorry, what's a "freedom unit"?

saged for OT

No. 362726

>Nowhere did I say my sites were hacked

Yes you did. You claimed someone hacked into your Instagram and temporarily deactivated it.

No. 362727



Lay your (you)s upon me, bby

No. 362728

You have to be old enough to remember 9/11 to post here.

No. 362729


I was 15 in 2001, but I'm not from the USA if that helps my case.

No. 362731

It's a reference to how America decided it hated France and referred to French Fries as Freedom Fries.

No. 362732

Make us?

No. 362734

I really wish I could. Cause this is not how you treat other people. It's just not right.

No. 362740


No. 362741


And what Kelly is doing, has done to others, that IS right?

No. 362767

File: 1501304692713.png (434.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7067.PNG)

You created your "mystery blood disease" by exsanguinating (I know you want "proof", read the threads, it's the only logical explanation and your doctors know it too) You've exaggerated numerous symptoms and diseases. You've stolen the stories and details of genuinely ill people and used it for your own games. You've lied over and over on things as petty as your age and as serious as your diagnosis. You've taken numerous resources that others actually need. You've taken time with doctors away from people that actually need help.
I know there's more to list and I'm sure other farmers will have no problem reminding you of the other things you've done

No. 362768

File: 1501304845190.png (337.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7069.PNG)

Yes exactly what you set out to be with your "sooper speshul mystery disorders"

No. 362769


Literally, this will not be the last interaction we will get from her. She can't stay away from the attention.

No. 362773

I really thought this too when I first started reading these threads. But I'm glad I came here and read because now I realize how fake Kelly is. She will not stop using people and manipulating her followers to make herself feel better and to get the attention she craves. Read through here anon and you'll realize how messed up she is

No. 362777


She is messed up, yes. Mentally messed up, manipulative, desperate for attention. She needs proper therapy not asspats from her followers!

No. 362778

She also selfposted and posted about other "spoonies" here

No. 362816

>a whole forum

She fucking wishes.

No. 362827

Meh, I'm a fever-runner. I got a fever of 105.4 F on Christmas Eve 2 years ago from strep throat. Nothing happened; took ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and a cool bath to avoid the ER right before Christmas and ruin my fams holiday. Some people just cook.

Sage for mini blogpost

No. 362834


Hey, Y'all-chan. Gtfo. At least have a valid argument besides, "All y'all, y'all are meanies, and leave Kelly alone!!!1!". Not going to happen until she admits her lies or disappears off of social media. Given that she will never do either, we should be supplied with freshmilk for a good long while.


No. 362897


It's ok, darling. The doctor will be here soon with your medicine to make it all better. Just a little needle and you'll feel all sleepy and calm again :)

No. 362961


No. 362964

Hey Kelly you're the one who NEEDS to get a life. You don't work. You don't contribute to society. You drain medical resources. Judging from your posts you have no family, they probably got sick of your shit. You're a leech on this planet. Those of us who work and contribute have a right to be angry that the government supports your sorry ass.

No. 363491

Sage goes in the email box.
Name - remains EMPTY.
Email - tyoe the word "sage".
Subject - remains EMPTY.
Comment - pretty self explanatory.
When you've saged the word "anonymous" changes colour upon posting. For the love of triggered anons globally just SAGE. Then you tap "New Reply" and the magical farm does the busywork.
Ughh saged for epic hypertensive sage rage.

No. 363542

File: 1501436375626.jpg (18.75 KB, 236x165, IMG_1916.JPG)

I was lead here after becoming bored with the constant I'm being bullied posts on IG but would really like to know where the supposed "bullying" is towards Kelly on here? I've read through this thread, as well as the other and all I see are people's opinions and people who were hurt by her (when Kelly used their stories or asked about how they were diagnosed/their symptoms, to develop an "illness" of her own!) She thrives on the drama and people are lacking brain power as to not see that basically all this thread is is gossip and/or other people's opinions?
(I do have to laugh though, wtf is a high profile spoonie?!)

Sage for questioning & repetition

No. 363603

Literally go fuck a t-Rex with hemmoroids about your damn rules.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 363636

Are u bored during your blood transfusion Kelly?

No. 363671


Kelley's "getting transfusions as needed" now. Seems like not at all considering she hasn't posted any photos of herself receiving any recently (or no one has shown us any). Maybe she finally got tired of trying to keep up with her charade? Realised she couldn't find a way to lie anymore? Too many of us know her act now, and it's all thanks to her desperate need for ass pats!

No. 363679


"As needed" so not at all as long as she stops exsanguinating herself…

No. 363693

File: 1501456250992.png (186.74 KB, 726x1014, IMG_1918.PNG)

Guess today was one of those "as needed"

No. 363694


I think what the poster meant by that are the well known names in the chronic illness community. The ones with lots of followers etc. There is undoubtedly some level of stratification based on popularity etc..

No. 363699


Ummmm… either she's the goddess of make-up or something, but that's NOT what I look like when I've got a Hgb of 8. She's the healthiest looking anemic person I have ever had the privilege to witness.

No. 363709


I've been pretty severely anaemic (three kinds at once, huh!), but even when only a bit unwell I'm basically paper-white. I don't understand that either, obviously her tests show she's anaemic but she doesn't seem affected by it at all.

No. 363712

So sad you can't spell, lemme guess it's a chronic illness?? Can you get a speller helper??? Or maybe
download a screen reader dictionary?? See.. we're not trolls here, we just like to help where we can…. We don't bully we share…

No. 363794

No. 363876

>>363794 Ooops forgot to link… >>363603
it's ok though imma blame fibro/gp/eds/pots/gp/me/intermittent narcolepsy/we/laziness.. Sorry!

No. 363886


What are the fucking odds, hahahah.

No. 363896


She's actually really pretty. I'm sure she could make something of herself and of her life. She's in her 30s, not 70s. If she deleted social media, maybe went back to school or got a job or even volunteered, I reckon she could be so much more than someone who gets blood transfusions.

No. 363897


She's actually really pretty. I'm sure she could make something of herself and of her life. She's in her 30s, not 70s. If she deleted social media, maybe went back to school or got a job or even volunteered, I reckon she could be so much more than someone who gets blood transfusions.

No. 363938


But that takes work. And as we know, if there's one thing our Kelly couldn't stand, it's work.

She has been angling for that diagnosis that sets her up for a lifetime of welfare when she will be able to live off her spoonie gofuckmes, her dancing and prancing and her other antics, getting all that love (however superficial) and having to do none of the work!

Kelly has already decided she has no future. She doesn't want one. She wants one eternal stretched out childhood when she is babied by her fellow spoonies and healthcare professionals.

She's got the offer of a hysterectomy as a therapeutic double-bind. At this point, I'd be surprised if she took it.

No. 364159


Unless she milks that by interfering with wound healing like our fave British munchie of times past…

No. 364163

>She has been angling for that diagnosis that sets her up for a lifetime of welfare & asspats etc
This. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't lied about having cancer. Then again that's "too far" for some munchies (cough but not Eli).

I wouldn't be surprised if she did

No. 364177


It will either not be curative or she will develop some other horrific disease in the process or she will react badly to hrt or she will finally graduate to what she has always alluded to - putting shit (possibly literal shit!) in her tube.

No. 364194

Depends on your general health as well. I'm healthy but had a haemoglobin of 62 and didn't start looking unwell until I hit low 70s. As she's so chronically low her body must be so well adapted to coping it probably doesn't know any different any more, until she hits critical low. I imagine if she was to ever have a 'normal range' haemoglobin she'd feel amazing.

No. 364204


I just don't get it tho. I've been seriously anaemic, but not quite bad enough for hospitalisation/tranfusions. I couldn't even walk up my stairs without getting breathless so how the fuck can she pirouette around a hospital?

No. 364338

People who have chronically low hgb (due to chemo treatments/radiation/aplastic anemia/etc) tend to get used to running on lower hgb, as it becomes their new normal. Going from 120 to 60 quickly would make you pass out a lot, but hovering around 60-80 gets you used to it.

No. 364521

File: 1501580877355.jpg (681.58 KB, 1536x3313, IMG_0197.JPG)

If you think Kelly is a harmless Munchie and it's 'her business what she does on her Instagram', I'd like you to look at this photo. And then look at it again.

And then consider what this kid will feel about the world when it inevitably emerges that Kelly self-induced her anemia.

Just let that go through your heads, wks.

No. 364522


I had chemo and now have a form of aplastic anemia, and no, I cannot exist normally on 6.0 and most definitely don't pirouette around at 8.0. 8.0, which I have been on for months at a time, is just about enough to spend 10-12 hours awake but not moving a lot, getting winded just from walking to the shitter.

No. 364688

Yea, I mean I had aplastic anemia and I lived between 60-80 before I had my bmt. I definitely felt exhausted a lot and slept like 12 hours a night. I could still do some normal life stuff, but going to a 50 minute class would exhaust me. I can only imagine how shitty you'd feel getting it after chemo, I hope you're doing okay!

Sage for blogpost

No. 364747


Kelly's Heroes? What is she, a brave child? Ugh hardly.

No. 364759

Is it typical to just adopt a "wait and see" diagnosis with MS? That seems like a weird thing to me.

No. 364770


No, it's most definitely not.

Sometimes it's possible to have a single episode that never recurs. However, current wisdom is to start aggressive treatment IF clinical signs and radiological evidence warrant it.

No. 364833

That's what I thought, doesn't make sense to let a disease that gets worse as it progresses to just "wait and see." Very strange/suspicious

No. 364839

I agree to an extent 6 is the lowest I've got and I was hospitalised so I wasn't doing much but when I was in 70s I was working and doing normal stuff without being too symptomatic albeit some breathlessness with stairs. And 80 became my normal for a while a doctor once told me 80 was good for me, that really knocked my confidence. So if you consider how long Kelly has been low for, 80 would feel good for her and below 60 wouldn't, it'd be a fine line from experience but I imagine she can cope quite well being so low.

No. 365112

File: 1501671667286.png (297.27 KB, 2048x1101, IMG_0201.PNG)

U guise, Kelly is "dying"!!!!!

Well, we know why you're dying, you moron. You're dying because you're autoexsanguinating secondary to factitious illness secondary to a personality disorder. Boom.

No. 365142


She's the healthiest dying person I've ever seen. Ngl her post gave me a legit chuckle. I can practically hear the melodramatic hand wringing. She went pretty quick from "I found a cure!!1!" to "sob I'm dyyyiiiinnng".

Just can't stay away from dem asspats can you, Kelly.

No. 365144

Can't watch;didn't watch… Ughhh most dying people don't have the chance to "change their perspective". Children will lose their parents, parents will lose their children and d'ya know what, it's not fucking glamorous, it's not instagram worthy and most don't want people's pity nor attention, they're not "warriors" they're just another tragic set of circumstances living to the best of their ability. You wanna blog some more about dying eh?? Maybe upload a video of you pirouetting around during Anaphalaxys or fannying around with a concealed uterine bleed/abruption?? We're all fucking dying, just some of us sooner than we should. I'm off to tell my small son that he's going to be ok when I leave him because there are so many more people sicker than me.. I didn't realise how fucking fortunate I was until now…
Sage for unfair REAL death rage.

No. 365145


"Guys I'm dying so much!!! Look at me dying!!" (here's a photo of me dancing. In mid air. I had to jump around a lot to get the perfect photo, but don't I look fit and strong?) "Guys don't be mean, I'm fucking dying ok?"

No. 365176


I was dying for a few months. Ok, to put it better: I was sick with a condition where doctors gave me 5% maybe, and told my parents to get a priest and think about a funeral. Nice sensitive guys, them doctors.

I didn't dance around the ward or instagram my 'journey' because I was so fucking out of it with multiple organ failure due to infections everywhere and severe anemia thanks to aplastic anemia that I had maybe ten lucid minutes a day. I spent those trying to make sure that instead of releasing balloons, everybody would throw eggs at this kid at school I hated, then have a big ass cake fight. Over my coffin. So I was pretty lucid, eh.

Dying sure is a process, but there are no stages of the 'pirouetting dead'. Some people experience a drawn out terminal stage during which they're lucid, ambulatory and try to live a normal life, but this is not only relatively rare (just because you're out of treatments and will die in the next few months doesn't mean you're dying!), it's also very different from how Kelly takes it. In the study of Munchhausens, it's referred to as 'la belle indifference'. Do you think this is how someone, even in denial and even trying to hide it, would act if they were dying?

As a physician, I've had the privilege to accompany quite a few people on their last journey (making me wish I had not chosen GI oncology, where most cases tend to eventually be terminal). Everybody dies differently, but I've never seen anyone be so blasé, so disinterested, so oscillating between excitement for magic cures and despondency over the possibility of passing away. It is odd to say the least, not the least because of her lack of preoccupation with what concerns people at this stage of their lives (sorry Kelly, no tips!).

Bottom line, she's fine, and she's presenting the fact that she has a manageable illness that she will in all likelihood die with, rather than die of, as 'dying'. This is disgusting and exploitative and a lot of other bad things.

Most interestingly, the way transfusion dependent anemics tend to die is by hemochromatosis. That's a nice way of saying 'iron overload'. For this reason, anyone receiving a lot of blood is out on iron chelators like deferasirox or deferoxamine that help them stave off the inevitable. But Kelly's iron levels are not dangerously high. Do you know the only scenario that can possibly explain that, other than Kelly magically converting iron into stupidity? A bleed. She must either bled profusely, around 800ml a week (at almost 115ml per day, that is unimaginably much!)… or she exsanguinates and replaces it with D5W, NSS or something similar, hence her low Hct.

No. 365231

Bizarrely due to my particular set of circumstances, I've been on life support more than once, my organs were shutting down, one by one, I have no recollection of actually feeling ill though, I remember talking lucidly with my family and wondering why there were so many machines attached to me, this was just after a hidden placental abruption at term, I've suffered multiple Osteoblastoma's (One malignancy the rest benign) and am currently fighting off lower limb amputation as a result of chronic osteomyelitis (I've got the obligatory vac!), I live a relatively normal (but shortened) life, I'm under no illusion that munchausen's is a terrible disease however it should be neither tolerated nor enabled to the extent it seems to be, I see the unrestrained glee in far too many "patients" at ortheopedics who are desperate for referrals for undiagnosable pain and cannot wait to be given many and varied aides and I honestly can't understand why people are so desperate to claim death, why aren't people like this forced to visit end stage victims (I use the word intentionally) and their families, why does the medical profession choose to allow this continue?? I read these threads purely to feel morally superior and to gigglerage internally at how ridiculous these people are but having said that I'm pretty certain I'd swap my life for theirs, I'd happily dance my way through corridors if I had the chance with various baggies of blood/plasma/antibiotics attached to me, death isn't fun, it never has been it never will be. There is no inbetween, you're either terminal or you're not… anything else is just an inconvenience. I think the uk is a lot stricter with Munchies, we're a far less tolerant nation, which is why you see so many hurt feefee's from ukmunchies and their nasty mean doctors.
saged for non intentional self pity post.

No. 365240

File: 1501690525235.png (460.78 KB, 1242x1159, IMG_9528.PNG)

Welcome back, Kelly!

No. 365243


Errrrr, so what happened with the super urgent hysterectomy?

No. 365391

Fucking MASSIVE kek, is she really comparing herself to a celebrity? Hun you aren't that speshul, sorry to break it to you.

No. 365399

File: 1501703407731.jpg (18.73 KB, 300x250, IMG_0133.JPG)

Stop blogging. Get to the point quickly (a good example is >>364688). Sage for OT and samefagging.

No. 365424

My favourite part of that new post is how she says she 100% comes to this forum cos it's so hard not to read the gossip, then follows it up with "I don't need the latest gossip."

No. 365554

I thought those blog posts were pretty good perspective, TBH.

But wow, I had not considered the outcome of her meltdown that she would UP her Munchie game to "dying".

And to the Medfags here - COULD she be replacing her lost blood with NSS or something else? Can she access her own port (remembering the surgical needles that were "sent to her anonymously).

No. 365632


Yes, her HCT is low enough that she's either pushing oral fluids or using NSS. Both port needles and NSS and gravity kits can be obtained without a prescription, or at least I think that's the case in Canada.

No. 365649

File: 1501728845585.png (146.86 KB, 2048x987, IMG_7655.PNG)

This just in…

No. 365650

File: 1501728869483.png (1022.56 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_7656.PNG)

Also this

No. 365786

Holy fuck I never realized how ugly she was. Guess not a lot of posts here showcase her appearance.

I can't believe she's 30 something and needs this level of attention. Why tf wouldn't they do this about a kid or something the hell

No. 365822

B..but.. she's a boootiful graceful YOUNG ballerina whose life has been cruelly terminated by those mutant iron eating blood cell munching aliens, Ridley Scott is currently filming her life story, Sigourney Weaver is fighting Winona Ryder to the death to portray this amazing woman's battle with the unknown. She's a hero and an inspiration don't ya know. Fuck those stupid other people with real illnesses, they'll never truly know hardship nor instafame.

No. 365937


Well, this makes sense since she is probably Western Canada's most prolific user of Blood Services.

No. 365998

Wow, Kelly is everywhere in terms of blood donation awareness. If it came to light that she was doing this to herself, it'd be in the media and she'd never get away from this. It'd ruin her life.

No. 366021

It's also pretty awful because people may also shy away from donating if they see that so much blood was wasted on someone. Canada has a blood shortage already, and upsetting people who donate is the last thing the blood supply needs.

No. 366037

Kelly has likely received my blood. I find that so disturbing.

No. 366065

Steal some of hers so you're even.

No. 366126

The real question now is: combining all her transfusions, has she gotten enough blood to fill an adult sized human being?

Because that's when you've reached tipping point of no return.

No. 366190

She kind of reminds me of PT here…

No. 366221

She's had enough blood transfusions to fill several humans worth

No. 366451

File: 1501848972919.png (387.73 KB, 1870x1195, IMG_0206.PNG)

Kelly baleeted everything… here is her dramatic last message.

No. 366452

File: 1501849017491.png (232.11 KB, 646x1040, IMG_0207.PNG)

Moar of the drama

No. 366454

This last outburst proves to me more than anything she was faking and has realized that if she keeps on doing her Instagram Presence, she will be rumbled IRL.

No. 366459


Aaaaannnd she's private again. Good lord Kelly, just fucking move on with your life. If we were actual trolls, like /b/, we would be telling you creative ways to end your life. And negging you.

Instead we're rationally discussing how much of a crazypants you are, a point you skirt around addressing being you know you're indefensible on that point, and instead entrench yourself as firmly as possible in denial.

Grow up. Get a job. Find something entertaining that isn't obsessing over an imageboard and do something productive with your goddamn life.

No. 366911

File: 1501920867971.png (488.3 KB, 1856x1200, IMG_0212.PNG)

In which we are treated to a phallic cucumber and some inane insults.

No. 366966

I love how Kelly is treating this like we're on her ass for something super inane and petty, like if we were slamming her on her fashion sense or some other small shit.

She seems to forget or willingly ignore the fact we're appalled at the abuse of medical services she is regularly subjecting her area medical facilities to. That we're disgusted that she would rather jeopardize other peoples' real need for blood services by ignoring her pathological mental status and instead reinforcing it by continually reinforcing her self-generated need for blood.

Here's the thing Kelly: you are one of the most despicable people I have ever known, because you have access to resources to get better, but instead choose to harm other people by taking resources that could be used for them.

You are a horrible person, and I hope you reflect on that for a long, long time.

And I hope you live a long, long life remembering how much of a malingering scumbag you are.

May you live in interesting times.

No. 366983


She wouldn't have this much time to focus on what we say if she'd go out and find an actual hobby, or better yet, a job! Do something other than leeching off of your friends, community, and country.

No. 367190

File: 1501968017816.png (158.41 KB, 750x1079, IMG_4879.PNG)

No. 367193

File: 1501968067646.png (167.46 KB, 750x608, IMG_4880.PNG)

Following the thread again I assume

No. 367245

What a fake post.

What annoys me most about Kelly is how she won't ever ignore anything. If she had completed disregarded everything that was being said in this thread about her and said nothing about it publicly on her instagram, I'm willing to bet nearly all of them wouldn't have a clue it was going on. Some obviously would find out that way, but by announcing the gossip publicly she's announced that people are doubting her which causes more doubt to form.

No. 368136

Ok, I'll bite. Why were you in a psychiatric facility, Kelly?

No. 368175

I really, really wish an artfag or ananon with photoshoopy skills would make a portrait of Kelly as a bucktoothed vampire. It would make me giggle. My birthday is coming up. Would a kind and skilled anon please make this happen for me? Thank you in advance!

Sage for art-begging.

No. 368186

I didn't get to record this, but Kelly went live on instagram yesterday and said her hemoglobin and iron are normal now. What a coincidence.

No. 368240

File: 1502111768317.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2378, 20170807_071435.png)

Your wish is her command!

No. 368332

It truly cracks me up that she lurks this board so hard! It's like she wants us to talk about her! I would have never known this place even existed if it wasn't for her posting about it!

Sage for smh

No. 368342

File: 1502124209257.png (322.27 KB, 1604x1182, IMG_0215.PNG)

I wonder why her super low bloods aren't shown, only her absolutely unremarkable CRP.

Dear Kelly, a hsCRP of 50 means fuck all. CRP is what is called sensitive but nonspecific: if something's wrong with you, it'll definitely be high, but if it's high, there's a good chance there's nothing wrong with you (we call these 'false positives' and they are the lifeblood of 'my glucose spot level was 6.2, #diabetesfighter #warrior #donatetomygofuckme' breed of Munchies). In general, we interpret lab values, especially those that tend to ambiguity, by reference to physical examination and of course other information: rest of the lab results, imaging and so on (the same reason why you don't have MS just because you have three possibly demyelinating spots in your addled brain). In other words, there is nothing wrong with you, stop sperging. You can start worrying about line sepsis when you have leukocytosis with a left shifted differential.

That'll be $500, please.

Sage for Dr. Anon.

No. 368362


Not medfag but if you had sepsis, surely it'd be in the hundreds?!

No. 368433

Same! Maybe if we keep it up she'll tell us why she was in a psych hospital.

Sage for curiosity

No. 368448

This is hysterical! Oh thank you so much kind and talented anon!


No. 368469


No anon made that pic… Kelly posted that on her account after lurking

No. 368582

File: 1502147359188.png (34.07 KB, 750x370, IMG_1944.PNG)

Hmmm "not Kelly " kek

No. 368922

File: 1502214839816.png (137.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7165.PNG)

Trying to prove she has a job that she's never really mentioned before in response to farmers telling her to get a job.
I wonder if she got permission from the parents of these kids to post their faces to her nearly 18K followers. I would be livid if my kid's face was on her page.

No. 368928

File: 1502215135824.png (130.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7166.PNG)

Someone called her out on continuing to post on the other account still and she denied it. Wow.

No. 368948


She erased the comment!

No. 368969

Eh she's mentioned it before. There's other pictures of he teaching, you just have to go waaaaay back in her insta. Although from the looks of it, it's only a part-time thing.

No. 368974

File: 1502221323381.png (172.43 KB, 640x1021, IMG_9943.PNG)

No. 368975

File: 1502221356935.png (146.44 KB, 640x1018, IMG_9944.PNG)

Sage for old pics.

No. 369017


I love how she keeps on going on that she was hacked by her haters no one here cares enough to do that. ?

No. 369079

File: 1502239498905.png (95.62 KB, 640x887, IMG_0134.PNG)

Ummmmmm??? Has anyone else seen the page she's referring to?…. little bit too far imo…..

No. 369081

That page that one of you made is absolutely sickening….. taking it too far. It's different when it's kept here.. I feel bad for her, sorry to say.

No. 369100

Agreed. That's too far. Where did they even find those photos!

No. 369119

lbr the last 2 posts are probably someone samefagging but because im a nosey cunt, here's what they're refering to probably? where the fuck did these come from, hacked her cloud or something?


No. 369126

That shit's not ok. I'm all for calling out munchies, but I'm not comfortable with it going this far.

No. 369128

Unfortunately, I think we have to wonder if this is another page started by Kelly. The page she herself started, me_and_the_mr, is suddenly "not Kelly" but still posting as if she is. She says she has forgotten the password, but it's been like.. A week? Why not start this new page and claim its an anonymous cyber bully. Easy way to draw more attention. Either way, it's seriously fucked up, whether it's her or someone else.

No. 369131


If it is Kelly doing the new page, then that's just as not-okay. She's going off the rails!

No. 369158


It's her. That was the first thought I had.
Notice how nobody has a clue this new account exists until she makes the sad post from her other account saying please delete the photos? Notice how that post was up until it was posted about here and then suddenly it disappeared?
This new account wants people to DM pics, it's her trying to find out who people here are. Those pics are pretty graphic and nowhere on her social media so where did they come from?? It's her, if put money on it.
Gone way to far.

No. 369174


And just like that, the post is back. Interesting indeed.

No. 369180

I doubt it. She's too sensitive to make an account and call herself "the worlds biggest cry baby."

That account is pretty sick. It's one thing to talk about the stuff she herself posts, but getting the password to her cloud and posting things she's kept private is way the fuck too far.

And ironically they're pretty much only posting pics that are impossible to fake. It's obvious that she was having some pretty bad allergic reactions there.

No. 369181

Samefag, but…

Kelly, since you read here: change the password to all your cloud accounts, and to your email account.

AND look in the settings of your cloud account to see if there's an option to "log out all sessions" or something like that. That'll make any place in the world where your account is logged in log out.

No. 369210


She was caught by admin self posting in the other thread negatively about herself and other munchies. I wouldn't put it past her to start the account because the drama has died down around her.

No. 369265

File: 1502275984614.png (237.07 KB, 1242x1844, IMG_2183.PNG)

She created the instigram account and many more. Anyone care to work out the names she uses and the meaning?

No. 369278

Does anyone have screenshots of what's happening? Cannot find the new account.

No. 369328

File: 1502284138582.png (109.48 KB, 638x900, IMG_0137.PNG)

Guys, I hate to defend the person y'all can't stand, but I HIGHLY doubt she would make that page. For those of you "so sure" that she made it herself, there is no way. Photos like that could ruin any career she plans to have, relationships, etc etc. Some people are so good with computers they can find shit like that. Those photos are extremely personal and it is very wrong of whoever made it. She definitely didn't make that herself. I reported the account a bunch of times from 2 accounts and thankfully others did too, so now it's taken down. It was under the handle "kellyronahansfans". It's deleted now, thankfully.

No. 369329

File: 1502284201353.png (125.87 KB, 640x912, IMG_0138.PNG)

Another screenshot.

No. 369406

I seemed to have missed all of this so I have to ask…. what were the photos of?

No. 369411

I missed everything that went on on IG however I am sure Kelly is behind it, and next she'll be claiming defamation or something, too coincidental after saying that she didn't have access to that me and the mr account and denying it was her and then admitting it was her? She's mentally ill, I mean the people on this thread she may consider "mean" for questioning her etc but I highly doubt anyone on here cares as much as she'd like us to to do something like hack her accounts! I mean maybe she did someone that's close to her dirty and it's them that did it, but I doubt it's someone on this thread


No. 369453


They were of her when the bee stunger he eye I think? Either that or someone's been beating the shit out of her. There was also one of her arm all stitched up from her cutting her self, and oddly one of her ironing.

No. 369456

Is it just me wondering if she's actually fucking dissociating?

Also, I'm wondering what was in that account now… wow.

No. 369470


Lol, you're so adorable, Anon.


There were a few photos were of her after an allergic reaction. Some were straight-on and some were of her profile, so it looked like she was using them to measure her swelling from one day to the next. Not even that milk-worthy, but it was obviously personal and not for public consumption.

I'm only mentioning that specifically because she's posted photos on @kelly.ronahan of her face after allergic reactions, so it's not a topic she seems to mind sharing.

The other photos were about other stuff, but I don't feel comfortable talking about it since she's never posted about that stuff before. Wasn't even that exciting really, just sad.

No. 369577

File: 1502313321445.png (287.82 KB, 1125x1555, IMG_8682.PNG)

I don't even know what I am reading anymore!?!? She seems to have gone off the deep end…such bizarre posts. I can't keep up with the weirdness of it all…

No. 369584

She said that that the swelling pics were from a bee sting, and said thanks for not posting screenshots of it. And something about privacy concerns.

I kinda do want to know the story behind the vacuum cleaner pic tho…

No. 369586

I think she is replying to >>369470 and noting that no one on this thread shared screenshots of the Insta page.
This whole thing is really freaking weird.

No. 369589

So the implication is that someone is indeed posing a danger to her.
At first I thought 'poor kelly, i know what thats like'
>those pics are 2 years to current
Means that whoever she is implying is hurting her KNOWS who she is, where she lives, how to access her, how to find her etc… rendering the whole keeping her identity and age thing private an utter waste of time. That is what you do AFTER you get out of the scenario in order to keep it that way, not before.

Kelly, if youre bullshitting again to try and get people off your back, that is an absolutely sick and twisted thing to be bullshitting about.

No. 369597

No one that is in "danger" has a social media profile with 18K followers. I really believed her at first but if she really needed to keep her identity and age secret, she wouldn't be trying to be "internet famous"

No. 369611


See that's what raises so many questions…

Another example being when she posted a pic of the syringes a while back, saying someone from here had sent them to her anonymously. She thought it was hilarious and said she was using them for water fights with her friends.
Now if someone was so concerned with keeping their private details a secret… wouldn't you freak out if things anonymously showed up at your house? I know I would. If I remember correctly, as soon as someone questioned it in the comments poof post disappeared.

No. 369712

Kelly's in witless security: we're laughing ourselves witless at her bullshitting about her security.

I've…. come across instances of issues when people had to use different names for safety reasons. Here's why a lot of this doesn't rhyme with me:

1) You do not get to change your birth date. Ever. Not even new identities will have a different birth date, and definitely never a different birth year. This has to do with the way Common Law countries register births and how these records cannot be altered, only reissued.
2) She stated at some point that she was given a different last name from her twin sister at birth. Now I'm no lawyer but I can't imagine a Registrar looking kindly at that attempt.
3) It took me about ten minutes to find Kelly's actual mailing address, and I'm not even THAT talented. If anybody posed a risk to her, she'd be dead by now. She's the embodiment of anti-PERSEC.

Stop lying, silly girl. You have no fucking idea about what people who do live their lives in fear of asshole exes, criminals they testified against, repressive regimes they escaped from, former operatives of national security organisations etc. are going through to keep themselves safe. They sure don't advertise all their stupid ballet crap on Instagram. If you truly are in protection, you definitely suck at repaying the people protecting you by turning your life into a bizarre Munchie public spectacle. But hey. Bae needs blood, eh.

No. 369720

File: 1502328479017.png (427.12 KB, 1109x1572, IMG_8684.PNG)

I can't…I just fucking cannot with this crazy person. Didn't she post saying someone anonymously sent her those syringes???? Then when called out…she deleted the post. She can't even keep up with her lies…it is legit INSANE!

No. 369729

File: 1502329124963.png (170.49 KB, 1125x819, IMG_8686.PNG)

Sorry for posting so much but I can't help but share the downward spiral of Miss Kelly!

No. 369769

What the fuck is happening? Can't keep up.

No. 369798

File: 1502337171346.png (1.01 MB, 1440x2452, 20170809_214902.png)

She's getting herself all riled up. No one was talking about her so she made another post. Hmmm, interesting.

No. 369801

I don't have the same last name as my mom, but I have literally never heard of anyone not sharing a last name (on the birth register) with their TWIN.

No. 369818

Actually the naming twins different last names is common, google it. But yeah I believe for her own safety she should check in somewhere atleast for awhile

No. 369826

One last name could be dad's, the other moms? Would be a bit weird, but it could happen.

No. 369844


One of the leaked images gave it away, if you saw that. Didn't look like anything to do with protection, just a family thing.

No. 369867

Is this thread autosaging? No matter who posts when, it is staying waaaaaaaaaaay down on the catalog page. Anyone know what's up with that?

No. 369871

Fuck now I am curious. Well Kelly, since you read here (and you've posted here plenty), take this as a clue that we aren't evil life-fuckover people or that shit would have been posted here on blast. Since you're continually inserting yourself into our dialogue anyway, and you seem to be interested in filling in some truths where we are allegedly wrong, please do share about your psych hx. Why were you in IP so long?

No. 369875

ngl I actually legit laughed at this

No. 369887

Has she deleted her account can't find it?

No. 369904

I truly wonder what the parents of her little dance students think when they read this shit. I wouldn't want my precious little tot enrolled in this foul-mouthed, kookoo lady's Romper Room tier dance class.

Also yeah, I would LOVE to hear your psych history Kelly, since you clearly check this thread frequently. Please, set is all straight.

No. 369915

jesus christ thats not how you sage newfag/kelly/whoever you are
lurk more before posting

and yes she does seem to have deleted thank fuck, that who saga was just bizarre, even for kelly

No. 370377

File: 1502422864216.png (254.44 KB, 1407x1438, Capture _2017-08-09-20-39-25-1…)

Did everyone see this already? gone for a day and she's even more out of control. I missed yesterday's excitement a screen shot would make my day. So she's probably saying her can page was hacked!

No. 370385

File: 1502424003481.jpg (6.74 MB, 5312x2988, 20170602_214817.jpg)

I think I just threw up in mouth a bit! her poor friends. take a picture of me doing ballet. take a video of my feet? urrrg. I did some research today and found some sick attention seeking pictures
but I flood the thread. unless anyone wants to see. I don't know if this link will work. I'll delete it it's a no. and heads up, her old fb is open once in a while. more.https://www.instagram.com/p/BEcMNRpubQ2q5yQHuqo3oM6AyUDnfvBM9zw49Y0/

No. 370393

File: 1502425688030.png (718.46 KB, 1440x2108, Capture _2017-08-10-21-23-42-1…)

I don't need to paraphrase this. She said it all. why oh why do they let her get away with it! I'll chill out on the over posting now

No. 370397

So is she saying that the hospital staff is officially saying that she is faking her symptoms? When she refers to "the notebook" does she mean her patient file? Her word salad is extremely hard to follow. Does this mean that the hysterectomy is on hold? Is the hospital now saying that the charade is officially over? So many questions need to be clarified.


No. 370450


I just looked… that post was from over a year ago

No. 370531

Please do keep posting! New milk is always appreciated, especially ample quantities of it.

No. 370532

Yes keep on posting please!

No. 370536

>screenshotted 23 SECONDS after posting
…Hi Kelly!

No. 370552

oh my god. So this is all she does, refreshing the feed every 20 seconds! Kelly do you even have enough time to feed your cat?

No. 370606


What's stopping you from looking through her Instagram yourself?

No. 370630

That me and the mr account is "not found" and there isn't any new milk on her Kelly.ronahan account only stuff that is months old (like posted above…) are you posting old shit to stir things up Kelly?

No. 370642

Actually I posted that. I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I enjoy sour milk. But if it's a farm from I shall stop serving expired milk.

No. 370795

File: 1502481756267.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1403x1344, Capture _2017-08-11-12-32-17-1…)

Kelly: I don't think you have a clue about all the friends you duped. I didn't think I could reach such a dark place. You know how friends say "your secret is safe woth me" I said that to you. but I take it back. kelly has been pregnant 2 times. of course she made up stories about it playing victim. I have wondered often if you caused a miscarriage to get attention. And you did get a lot.I also know that you are claiming your extra heavy impossible bleeding on it. People are figuring you out so fast. Your secrets are NOT safe with me! the funny thing is, is that you're going to rack your brain for who I am. but you've screwed over so many people that almost everyone in your life hates you. you hurt people in such a sick way.Now go on and share this with all you're bleeding heart friends They'll probably learn the hard way too. Good luck with life

No. 370803



Are those pictures the same pregnancy? When were these pictures taken? How far along was she when she miscarried? Did she miscarry both pregnancies?

No. 370840


? wow! She has mentioned quite a few times that she has no desire to have children, so this is quite surprising!? The second picture looks like she is quite far along!

No. 370861


OMG she looks far along. That's not a miscarriage, that's surely a stillbirth. Very sad.

No. 370865

still birth in 33rd trimester. second unexpected pregnancy she had an abortion. She used to want kids… after the first one she became almost phobic of pregnancy and babies. she tells everyone and their dog she never wants babies. but she actually does … Thinking of kelly as a mother gives me the shutters.

No. 370881

File: 1502491763747.jpg (57.11 KB, 541x600, IMG_1960.JPG)

Was the loss of her pregnancy and the attention she got from it the possible start of her munchieness? Or did she have unknown "medical" issues before that (not her psych issues) I mean known psych issues and craving attention could lead to munchausens most definitely

No. 370900

Holy motherfucker.

Not WKing but losing a baby is just awful. Might go a long way to explaining her issues now though. Lots of people don't ever get over such sad losses.

No. 370914

second pic looks like she just shoved a ball up there. it's too perfecty round and sitting up high unlike the lady on the left. plus where are the pregnancy boobs??

No. 370918

good call! She got "sick" within 3 months! She did receive a blood transfusion due to hopefully not fake blood loss. Its kinda coming together? She must have loved that blood so much that she decided to get some more. like 300 or more units! I'm doing a bit more digging but I can assure you it happened.

No. 370919


Holy. Shit. This is crazy.

Sage for just utter shock.

No. 370921

WTF is going on with this thread? How come it is always waaaay down in the catalog despite fresh unsaged replies?

No. 370922

Jesus fuck…I am shocked af and heartbroken for those babies! How come people think she did something to hurt her unborn child(ren)? How has she screwed people over? Events like this could definitely send someone off the deep end. I have so many questions. Now more than ever. Fuck dude is this why she was in a psych ward? Definitely need more info here because this is a whole other level of catastrophically fucked. I mean that is a weighty af accusation and terrifying if this went into MSP territory. Damn…just totally blindsided here!

No. 370949

I've seen the photo of her and the other girl on her fb I think it was and the caption specifically said she shoved something up her shirt to match her friend who was actually pregnant. She wasn't pregnant there. Can't speak for the first photo but could be a food baby.

No. 370970

just because she is a cringy munch now. not everything about her is fake. I was a friend during this te if her life. it's not made up.

No. 370982

File: 1502502356012.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9104.PNG)

No. 371032

File: 1502508010057.png (5.67 MB, 1400x2275, Capture _2017-08-11-19-55-42-1…)

I would never share these things it she didn't have them sprawled across her fb. I almost get the impression that files like this a trophies for what shees been through. some of it already sounds grandiose.I saved most of the fb pictures she posted. Idont think she was taught not to air her dirty laundry on line. But she did. once an attention seeker always an attention seeker. I'm digging in my picture folders… One of the pregnancies happened while in psychiatric care. if I shouldn't share more from her album just let me know because I have a lot of high interest information as I said already that she shared publicly

No. 371039


Erm so some sick fuck lied that she was pregnant and had a stillborn?! WTF is going on here??!!!

No. 371044


Experiencing a late miscarriage or a stillbirth could easily put someone off trying to have children due to fear of such a traumatic thing happening again.

No. 371045

File: 1502509928092.png (5.33 MB, 1344x2093, Capture _2017-08-11-19-54-14-1…)

I didn't lie. You can't expect to understand everything in 5 seconds.

No. 371052

She posted this on her Facebook before??? Shit.

No. 371066


Wow, there is no way I would post my psych notes up on Facebook. Why did she post these?

No. 371075

If it was shared publicly it is fair game. Please share all you have and any relevant background information.

No. 371080

Sigh Okay, this reads like how a Munch would write a psych note…it's too verbose, sensationalistic and not clinical enough. If she posted this it is very possible she wrote it herself.

No. 371082


I did wonder that with the "horrific history" of abuse, and the "worst case of PTSD".

No. 371086

I kinda feel bad rightnow. I should have explained better. She was only starting second trimester. From what I understand she was buying maternity clothing. The whole psych and pregnancies were very hard on her. I'm still on the hunt on my computer of pictures and emails she sent. I can't figure out why she would post such personal information. Early onset munchhausen I guess. after this she was not the same. I don't really care if she is lurking and figured out who I am. I don't have her on ig.. But I'm just waofing for a rebuttal. Things wouldn't be so stressful if you just told the whole truth. I hate her little "teaser" sentences. I already feel less bad lol. such a drama queen!

No. 371088


Do you think she is lying about her blood disorder symptoms, or making herself ill?

No. 371089

No, no, no.
>exhibited, exhibited, exhibited…
>symptomatology, symptomatology, symptomatology…

>The ~*most extreme ever seen!*~ OF COURSE! With no specifics. Oh Kelly. This is not how clinical notation works.

Which is it? First you said 3rd trimester now you say 2nd? Look, it's fine and good for you to reveal info but please do it in a factual way or GTFO. Stop the dramatics.

No. 371099

File: 1502516555402.png (2.01 MB, 1328x747, Photo Editor_YHmf0a.png)

I am not kelly! seriously calm down!

No. 371100

"this writer?!" THE FUCK? Never have I seen a med or psych notation written this way. WTAF?! This entire "excerpt" again reads like an overly-verbose caricature of an assessment report. She has to have written this shit herself.

No. 371102

Not saying you are Kelly. Chill.

No. 371104

File: 1502516979388.jpg (6.85 MB, 5312x2988, 20170811_132010.jpg)

holy calm down
I'm not kelly!

No. 371109

wtf? just because she caught the munchhausen bug doesn't mean everything is a lie.I regret breaking her non private confidentiality. if you her into her fb or cloud, you will be shocked by how many documents she posts

No. 371112

"This writer" or "The writer" is standard jargon for documentation….

No. 371118

Feel free to share more but please provide context. To clarify, no one is calling you Kelly. We are questioning the validity of her posted documents, not your sharing them here.
Do you know of any other substantive evidence of this stuff being factual beyond her posting documents? I am genuinely curious.

No. 371120


"If you - WHAT? - into her cloud"? Are you hacking her? Cause that's not okay.

No. 371123

This. Thank you.

No. 371124

I'm not a medfag, so I'm legit asking here. Is it even possible to fake low hemoglobin? A quick google says hemoglobin is measured by how much is in a decilitre.

So my uneducated guess is that you really can't fake it, because no matter how much blood you take from someone, that won't change the ratio of stuff in the blood. Like if I pour myself a glass of orange juice, what's left in the carton isn't going to be any less orange-y.

Not saying she isn't dramatic as fuck, but I don't really think she's faking the blood disorder. Only because it doesn't really sound possible to me. But again, I'd like to hear an actual medfags opinion.

Sage for speculative blather.

No. 371125


Jesus Christ anon.

Since you read here, Kelly, go to Walmart and buy an external hard drive and get your photos off the cloud. Get a lock box for it too, in case it's one of your roommates doing this. Apparently some of the tards here have no boundries.

No. 371127

Ummmm yeah…I'm pretty sure that's the point of this tread?!

No. 371128

Okay, using your analogy, say the carton is filled with water up to the previous volume. Then the concentration of OJ is reduced throughout. Your body will do its best to achieve homeostasis and if you exsanguinate and then rehydrate, your blood volume can be restored but the concentration of RBC's/Hgb is less per dL (or mL depending where you are and how your country measures it). In short, yes it is possible and many cases have been documented extensively in clinical literature.

No. 371131

The entire basis of the thread is this…read it before commenting!

No. 371136

That makes sense, but then shouldn't all her levels be low? Not just the hemoglobin and iron?

No. 371137

Have you even read this fucking thread? This shit has been explained in exacting, explicit detail. Myself and other medanons have written very thorough explanations.

No. 371260

Would anyone be interested in a letter she shared publicly on Facebook? It's directed to her fb friends. She wanted feedback on a letter she had written to her doctors and nurses. It is from 2010, but very interesting and informative. A few on FB suggested that it's a bit rude. So I'm not sure if she revised it before handing it over. If you want to read it, I have to warn you that it is quite long and may need about 5 pictures to share.

No. 371263

Yes please post!!!

No. 371277

File: 1502554793740.png (1.8 MB, 4000x2666, photostudio_1502553347333.png)

ok page 1! And do I have to blur out names? She only uses two. and only first name.

No. 371279

I have to figure this out. it looks blurry. But I'm on it!

No. 371282

File: 1502555474874.png (705.18 KB, 2000x1332, photostudio_1502555260294.png)

No. 371283

File: 1502555774801.png (752.52 KB, 2000x1332, photostudio_1502555648288.png)

I'll put the rest in a bit. gotta make money! Kel you should try it!

No. 371299

She is likely making dramatic posts about this on her Instagram. I'm blocked.

No. 371302

Actually she's been pretty boring the last few days, nothing of note

No. 371322

File: 1502560128511.png (741.51 KB, 2000x1332, photostudio_1502559871537.png)

more to come

No. 371326

Why would she say in one paragraph she was pregnsnt, but in another that she had never been pregnant?

No. 371328

File: 1502560590579.png (807.07 KB, 2000x1500, photostudio_1502560345827.png)

She actually went into denial. it might make more sense soon. Don't forget who we're dealing with here! The most absolutely messed up Kelly. I have never known a person like her. interesting, Traci and fricking insane!

No. 371329

Traci was supposed to be tragic.

No. 371338

File: 1502561369605.png (727.55 KB, 2000x1332, photostudio_1502560819771.png)

almost done.

No. 371340

File: 1502561644380.png (700.01 KB, 2000x1332, photostudio_1502561556153.png)

God this is long! I doubt the drs read it all. one more after this.

No. 371346

File: 1502561858405.png (276.68 KB, 1359x1706, Capture _2017-08-12-08-24-48-1…)


No. 371350

some how I mixed up the order of this. but it's all up. Her fb ppl maybe 5 responded (some saying it was rude) I doubt she was satisfied with the reactions. Nurses and doctors have work to do! they can't spend all day reading a whole book written by kelly!

No. 371353


I don't know if it's a difference between Canada and other countries, but it reads very… odd… to… me.

The second psych note is clinical, detached and measured. The first note is odd, exemplifies her strengths, also "x to y po qhs prn' is not only not regular prescribing, it is borderline failworthy. Not saying doctors won't do it, because not everyone is a prescription nazi like I am, but seriously. QHS PRN for sleep meds is pretty much discouraged for starters. It's also very odd to start with Rispies for someone with anxiety and dissociation, especially as it's the antipsychotic with the most empirical support for use in PTSD, so why not just call a spade a spade and say it's for her PTSD? She's not in America, I bet in Canada off label prescribing works similarly to the UK (to wit, "it's my party and I'll prescribe if I want to").

I am also extremely, EXTREMELY wary of doctor's notes that mix proprietary descriptions of drugs (Cipralex = citalopram, Serax = apparently oxazepam? There are people who still prescribe that shit?!) with nonproprietary names (risperidone, trade name Risperdal or whatever the fuck Canucks call it). The point about her being 'wary of medication' is the sort of shit she'd put in. It is also beyond implausible, however skeptical someone is of medication, for someone with PTSD to be on a single mild first-line antidepressant and some therapy. Oh fuck no. Having had PTSD, I had to be literally fucked up until my eyeballs with drugs before I was even cogent enough to say who I was. And if she has not received that very mercilessly swift psychiatric first aid, we may be seeing the psychiatric analogue of someone who broke a bone once and it never got properly set and now grew all kinds of bent.

Counterpoint: a lot of the things here are, frankly, true. FII, BPD, fuckelseknowswhat, she does definitely have PTSD-y signs, as well as what can be construed as proof of dissociation. The risk of psychodiagnosis in case of PTSD is Ganser's syndrome, the insanely rare (don't you even get ideas, Munchies, or I'll lop your mainly non-existent balls off!) form of conversion disorder that manifests in badly implemented caricatures of mental illness (so cool, no? An illness where the mind expresses its pain through the body, specifically through the brain, which runs the mind. It's like the mind self-harming out of stress.).

Sage for medfagging and power level. But wow.

No. 371357


Counterpoint: I am not a psychiatrist, but I read the shit they put to paper. While none of them would be caught writing shit like "worst case of X" since Sybil, 'horr.*' is ok, unless you're saying "the patient was a horrible brat". Since patients do get cc'd in to many of these or can be expected to eventually see them, psychiatrists tend to feel that acknowledging the pain of someone very manifestly in a lot of it will help the 'therapeutic alliance' and is therefore ok.

And with that, I'm basically out of all I know of psychiatry, and off to pray in gratitude I did not go down that route. Imagine making your money dealing with these people.

No. 371360

File: 1502562922252.png (755.35 KB, 2000x1425, photostudio_1502562775953.png)

found it. this goes right before the last post.

No. 371363


…is totally ok for medical documentation not written by a physician, but is bad form. No, the faxed Hillside ones look legit so far.

No. 371374

tough crowd! If posting the charts in full is a breach please remove them. I.really can see what kind of a wreck she is these days. I've read some of her replys in here saying she's not that smart… She is being serious. I doubt she can even interpret her charts. well it's kind of obvious she can't… Or she would have likely never made an fb album with it all.

No. 371378

File: 1502563906805.jpg (1.23 MB, 1796x2783, 20170811_132102-1.jpg)

whoa! I think I need to get my brain checked! I forgot to post a pic with the last post. smh

No. 371380

Well, holy shit.

I was angry at Kelly, angry in ways I have never been. She has violated my trust and violated my confidentiality in a profound and frightening way, and it was at that point more than the game little girls play for toys and tubes on Munchie Central.

I wish I had known that yes, she was exploitative and abusive to those who fed her, but fuck me, I can after 10 years of inner city medicine see when someone is really, really hurting, and there is a pain and human tragedy in that letter that can't be effectively faked.

Please, anon who posted it, if you have gotten it off somewhere you shouldn't have, delete it. If not, well, she shared it, but still. Gosh.

OK, sweep-up of questions that remain:

- When did she get on the Munchie train?
- When was she really born, and what's it with that aspect of her safety?
- Why does she have a different last name from her twin?
- Her Munchieing: how, what, when, why?
- W/her history, I would expect a medical phobia, why the attraction instead? Is she trying to recreate the situation as it was, and somehow change it to one in which she is fostered and nurtured? If so, perhaps the blood thing is symbolic, but IANAPsychiatrist.

No. 371385

File: 1502565328965.jpg (1.01 MB, 1997x2503, 20170811_132642-1.jpg)

sorry for the double post! When I have time I'll share some other things she posted publicly. I'm a bit embarrassed for her. like how do you not know that?

No. 371410

tbh I dont even care that Kelly has mental health problems. What I have a problem with is the fact that she's a munchie and won't get help for it. she's taking up hospital resources and donor blood for attention.

No. 371421

You're totally wrong about the medication/therapy thing for ptsd. Your personal experience is literally one person's experience - there are very, very different approaches to management. I don't want to blog in any detail so I'll just say I have a ptsd diagnosis (not self diagnosed) and my meds are minimal.

Sage for just being a correction to someone's stupid blog

No. 371422

There's your date of birth answer, she's 35
Some questions, Is Dr.Paul the same Paul she's referring to in her letter?
Who is Jonathan?
I'm also not convinced she's been pregnant twice.

Sage for ???

No. 371435


I agree, seems to have only been 1 pregnancy with dnc complications?

Saged for feeling bad?
She had to deal with something that traumatic not once but twice on top of already dealing with severe mental health issues and so much of this explains a lot of her munchie issues like not being able to pee? (If you read through all those notes and letter she said she was watched while using the toilet etc) and her eagerness- sad enough - for a hysterectomy… she is severely mentally ill it seems

No. 371436

I can assume that you don't believe twins can gave individual last names? It's just that you are wrong. As far as hospital bands we can take auite a few precautionary measure for the welfare of the patient, especially a patient who is targeyed. The only ones privy to the Legal information are the RCMP as well as her attending doctor. It is very possible that kelly is eitherolder or younger than the name band states. sorry to seem rude.

No. 371441

word. i'm sorry that bad things happened to her, but i can't excuse her using hundreds of pints of blood that she doesn't need, and thousands of hours of medical staff time.

No. 371444


Not saying it does not happen, but I have in ten years of medicine never even heard of this happen, never mind seen it happen, incl. practice in places where I would expect this to happen. Looking at them they look like fraternal twins, and yet only one of them seems to have a closer relationship with Mr P––––– (sister's last name). Really not arguing, more mystified than anything. Is this a Canadian thing?

No. 371452


Are you in acute crisis? I doubt so (if so, please call someone). There are as many types of PTSD as there are people with it, but those who do have crises, of the kind Kelly seems to have had that precipitated her admission (←- Munchies, that's a nice turn of phrase you can use in your faked med reports!) are generally put on heavy duty antipsychotics and the best (usually sedative) antidepressant they can give them that they're unlikely to off themselves with.

How you treat your PTSD is your business, how we (= every UK hospital) treat it when it comes through the ground floor doors is this. We can argue about the merits of different approaches until the lolcows come home, and I'm sure there are people who manage a crisis without medication (some better than others, including self-medication and things people do in lieu of medication), but I have yet to hear from a hospital who upon first assessment with PTSD don't come down pretty hard if there are no medical contraindications.

No. 371457

I'm not going to blog/share my own specifics, for many reasons. You're sounding kind of OTT spoonie-like yourself at this point. All I'm willing to say is, of course I'm not in crisis currently (hi, am on the farms rn), but yes, crises have been managed with fewer meds than you imply. You're just wrong that that is the gold standard; accept it. eyeroll

No. 371498

File: 1502580600309.png (15.29 MB, 2666x4000, photostudio_1502577921282-pics…)

I've been lurking here since it started. I was waiting the perfect time to put this out there. This is for any fool who feels sorry for her.

No. 371515

I am starting to possibly believe that some photos that have been posted here today are not meant for the public eye and may have been taken without her knowledge (obviously) I certainly hope no one has gone as far as hacking her iCloud or whatever! The girl may be ill(and this very last post may explain whoever Paul may be or who she is "hiding" from) however that would be taking it way too far and I'm now stepping away from this thread bc this i WAY too much. Kelly I know you lurk, I don't know if this is you self posting or what but please get help for your mental health and make sure you reset your passwords for any account that contains photos you do not want public!

Saged for believing this is getting a bit out of hand

No. 371518

How severe are her disassociations I wonder? Could she be doing munchie behaviors while in a disassociated state and then when she's more coherent not have recollection and try and seek help?

No. 371522

Agreed! I'm out too
Sage for this is getting way too personal

No. 371526

Not W/King but what gain is anyone getting from knowing she was severely mentally sick? We kinda knew from her pics off FB that she deleted.

Feels really intrusive now.

No. 371537

File: 1502585219941.png (1.15 MB, 1440x1965, 20170812_184537.png)

I'm almost 100% sure kelly is posting these things. Look at the sheets, they're the same.

No. 371562


Just wow! You're right, didn't even pick up on that and I've pointed out self posting from her in the past! Some of this is like crazy personal stuff! Wtf Kelly!?

No. 371570

fucksakes! sorry so disappointing.I'm not "kelly" A bit offended. It really must suck to be suspicious all the time. you might actually be very surprised if you discovered who I am. so ffs. I will continue to share the things that p
display attention seeking fake! Till you get screwed over by a lunatic, you have no idea of how absolutely theraputic is is to make her feel screwed over. or caught

No. 371572

That makes no sense. Of course those pictures are from Kelly, so they'll have the same sheets. The person here is getting them from Kelly's Facebook or some shit.

No. 371578

Yeah, that's a good point.

Whoever is posting these pictures, can you post a screenshot of the facebook album? To prove that they're coming from a public source.


That just makes me sad. According to the date, she was just 18 when that happened. Poor girl.

No. 371602

I think it's sad too and shouldn't be posted. That's probably not her correct DOB, though.

No. 371626

wow, she was lying about her DOB all the way back then… Why I wonder?

It is interesting that shortly after someone here questioned Kelly's experience of trauma (legitimately since nobody who is actually hiding or afraid of being found would ever post all the things she does on social media, or collect followers like she does, or post all about her life and location), she completely freaked out about that on IG, and then that random IG account pooped up with pictures of her injuries. Then that disappeared, and somehow evidence of her experiences of trauma started to be posted here.

And she hasn't commented on that fact at all, anywhere.

No. 371629


She doesn't have permission to post pictures of other people's children, or other adults.

Even if a waiver was signed (not everyone does), it's only for the use of the studio, within that year only, and for the promotion of the studio. Not to be posted on the social media accounts of a former assistant teacher a decade later. So not appropriate and not ok.

No. 371665

This has to stop. I have known kelly for a very long time. Pretty much nothing on here is true. Take the pregnancy photos for example. I took that one and it says right on it that its not real. We were shopping for maternity clothes for the friend in the picture and the store provided strap on belly bumps for expectant mothers to try clothes for different stages. Kelly was goofing off wearing one and it states it on her picture. But you all are so smart you build great and glorious lies around it. The pictures posted of her hurt were never made public and again neither the doctors ones or letters. every account she has has been hacked and posted on here from many years gone by and with all sorts of glorious twisted lies without and ounce of truth. What kind of evil people do this? Stop trying to destroy someones life with lies and very stupid speculations. For those of you who have said this is gone too far thank you. You are right. But this whole page is too far. Please people still involved in the lying slander search your hearts and act as you hopefully not hidden from anonymity. Please stop the ridiculous and harmful lies and speculations and hacking and smearing private things way out of context.

No. 371674

annnd another close friend of kelly
The fact that you actually got her notes is messed up.but the fact that you read them yet still carry on is alarming. You are truly hurting her and I'm berry upset. she doesn't have fun any more. she stays in her room.it's us her friends that told her not to read it. but I'm glad she got a tip.you clearly have no soul. the Legal document? who for that? who for her letter. never was any of that public. you can expect to hear from me again. you can count on legal action if this isn't taken down. 100% too far

No. 371677

Hey guys. I know Kelly and I am not here to make fun of her. I just want to let you know that she does not need to tell you about her past and just drop it. I've got some milk..
Tbh if she was a munchie she would have a lot more to say. And I can only say that meeting Kelly she helped me through the worst years of my life. If you only see her accounts it's hard to know the real her. It's hard not to like Kelly, I definitely see her differently in person then on social media… Not saying she is faking it online but face to face she has this amazing sense of humor.
I would go from a crappy day to hanging out and just cry laugh with her. It didn't matter if she was having a tough day, she just loves making her friends smile.
Spending time with her she doesn't even like talking about her health, and I can't speak for her but it is a lot easier sharing her journey rather than answering the many friends she has seperately. When everything started everyone constantly talked about her, but social media gave her the chance to not have to constantly talk health with her friends…

And I don't know how this works.
Sage for positive milk?

No. 371695

I'm just letting you all know if Kelly has read this, it has the potential to retraumatize her.
As someone with ptsd I take prove pictures of some of my medical records, so I can hide them on a hard drive and not see them. Re reading it throws me into a spiral and it's what has almost killed me a few times.
If you have any heart please someone at least delete those posts if anything… They are really not something that should be publically viewed. They can trigger so many others and not just Kelly. Kelly would never post anything that would hurt someone else. She could be saying a lot worse about you guys

No. 371704

I see the Kelly Defence League has appeared.

Where were you when some of us shared our own records with her to help her make sense of her symptoms then suddenly she started taking those? Have you any idea how violated many t us have been throughout this?

Go. Fuck. Yourself.

No. 371722

Ummm, if it triggers you so much how about DON'T READ IT.

While I agree that Kelly is a conniving, lying,fake, and has caused much hurt, I don't see how this particular document is supposed to make us hate her. So she got charged with prostitution. That just makes me feel badly for her, not hate her. Sex work is not something to be vilified for. Wasting precious blood to garner sympathy=sack of shit. Prostitution=sad.

No. 371724

I just looked through her FB albums. None of these photos are there.

This is way too uncomfortable now.

No. 371728


Are you fb friends with her? Maybe they're only viewable to people who're on her friends list.

Even so. It seems extremely unlikely that she'd purposefully share these documents with her fb friends. I wouldn't be surprised if these pics are coming from the same person who hacked into her cloud. I just can't believe that she'd share all this so publicly.

Then again she's not exactly in a stable head space. Who knows. If whoever posted those pictures of the files can post a screenshot of those pictures in her fb albums, then we'll have proof.

No. 371774

hands down this is the most ignorant and arrogant thing I have read. I'm not a kelly fan to say, but I find some of what's in here absolutely ridiculous! you've posted before and I've kind of been waiting to hear more ludicrous comments. Haha you can't steal anyone's illness! you arrogant fuck! if you have an illness, chances are so does someone (s) else! And that means you're not special! omg someone has the same symptoms as my sorry ass! I'm the only one that can feel this way. SO I guess there is only one case of anemia or ms, and you got it first! It's not a finders keepers kind of situation. very conceited of you to think that anyone displaying similar to you is an illness stealing fraud. I think you need to go for another MRI… Though it won't detect stupid. Have fun with your special little symptoms. And I'll best up anyone if they copy you. I've showed your comments like this to a few friends and now its an ongoing joke. shhh… I'm secretly learning how to fake this incredibly rare illness called a cold. So far I have the coughing mastered. I doubt if anyone can pin point who stole who's symptoms! hahaha! This truly is one of my favorites! #quitstealingmysymptomd

No. 371788


I'm not sure if you've been following along properly… these people (or person) are claiming that Kelly never mentioned anything about any of these MS symptoms or whatever, until after she'd been talking to someone else about their MS. It was like she didn't have any symptoms, (or never spoke about them, and she spoke about a lot of health stuff) then talked to these people who were being open about their MS, and Kelly was asking questions like… How do you get diagnosed, what did you tell your dr, what should I tell my Dr etc, but she'd never said anything about having these symptoms until after she'd heard about it from these people and after she was getting MRI results that shows SIGNS of MS. She hasn't conclusively been diagnosed yet, she just has some things that could indicate MS but which also could be from a number of other things.

This person isn't claiming that Kelly is copying them because they both have the same illness. That would be ridiculous indeed. But if you read back through this thread, and the older threads, you'll see there's a lot more information which backs up their theory and I agree it's pretty suspicious how it all happened.

You're welcome to your opinion but I'd suggest maybe reading back a bit and getting more information before you jump to conclusions.

No. 371802

holy damn. long time lurker here on this thread and the general munchies. I haven't scrolled through here for a few days. And I think I'm out. I've also reported all of those posts. This is the kind of thing they make cyber bullying documentaries about.I am not going to be attached to this when there is legal intervention. if she's 30 or 20 or 40 is not protection. just because she is an adult does not mean we can torture her. bullying is mild compared to this. The munchhausen bit used to be interesting and sometimes funny. Did who ever posted all of that read it? it somewhat adds truth to her story and anemia or blood loss or what ever. Quite frankly I even have found she is faking her illnesses. when I saw all of this today, the ones that sound and act mentally unstable are us! So I'm gone. Kelly I feel bad about what's happening here. I don't know you per say but I see you are physically and emotionally unwell. Remember that this is just the internet. Though I haven't made a post about you or participated in a chat, I have been around. I should have went with my gut feeling. Gossip sucks. torture sucks and this forum sucks. I've seen others bullied in the general to the point of deleting account. I'm ashamed of my self.

No. 371810

I agree! The things that have been posted in the past day or so most likely have come from somebody hacking one of her accounts and that is definitely stepping over a line of some sort! I have reported those posts as well because especially the last one … Kelly seriously change your passwords and take down any photo that you do not want made public! If you are self posting the stuff Kelly, just stop it's gone too far!

Saged for can admin tell if it's selfposting from Kelly??

No. 371829

Okay, discussing stuff she has shared on SOCIAL MEDIA is one thing. I too am concerned that these documents were not posted to social media. Where are the captions that go with the pics? Where is the proof this shit came from FB and what was that fucked-up post which suggested "if you check her cloud"? Fuck that. If you are hacking her shit you are way out of line. We speculate here based on public info, we do NOT invade people's lives or hack people's shit. Whoever is posting full-page psych charts needs to STOP. These documents should be removed. This is going too far. None of the excruciating details of her psych hx are relevant to our discussion of her current munchie antics.

All of this said, I do have to voice a nagging bit of skepticism that Kelly could very well be doing this herself. We know for a fact that she has posted here before as a "bully" talking shit about herself, and she has also spoken at length about making it her mission to take this site down. What better way to do it than post these things and accuse someone of hacking her? I just had to voice that. It is also suspicious AF that she has not said a single word about ongoing posts here and we know for a fact she reads here and reports everything we discuss to her followers. Why no outcry over this? It's very out-of-chracter.

Either way though these documents should be removed.

No. 371836

umm I am pretty sure if she could post in here she wouldn't be sending you messages via her fb status.

No. 371849

Umm she can post in here, and has done so multiple times. Admin has already revealed that. Lurk moar faggot.

No. 371864


Not "friends" with her on FB and she has self posted multiple times on various threads

No. 371877

I asked a little bit upthread if the anon posting could prove they came from Facebook. Never got a response, so they must be private images.

Tbh I think it should be a rule to post screenshots, not just the pictures, so that it's clear that everything is coming from public sources.

This is all way out of line. The farmhands need to do something.

No. 371893

I'm MS anon she talked to.

Person who sent me that ragey post: you, please, go fuck yourself too. You apparently don't seem to have an idea of how frequent incidental findings of spots on T2 and FLAIR that Gad enhance weakly or not at all are. You probably have at least one. That's why symptoms are so important, which are pretty hard to guess, so knowing what someone's dx symptoms were CAN, and indeed DOES, decide between asymptomatic incidental findings, CIS or MS. By the way, at the very most with the radiological findings she described she would qualify only for CIS so far. That's why she hasn't been started on DMDs.

Bottom line: when you have talked to maybe ten people other than your doctors about your illness, and one of them started claiming the same exact symptoms (and given the location of a lesion, a very unusual one included) a few weeks later, I think you have the right to feel at least a little violated.

Sage for medfagging and Stuff.

No. 371899

Whoever posted that screen shot it's either from a hack or a completely made up thing. Who cares, take it down. That's going way too far. You all likely have private medical info, that's why Dr offices exist.

No. 371901

They cant take it down now, only admin can do that.
Lurk more and read the fucking terms of use newfag.

No. 371903

I think a presumption of innocence goes both ways. If a Kelly claims something evidently not from Facebook etc. is on here, then she is entitled to ask for that to be removed, but equally, just because something is on here that does not have a Facebook frame around it does not mean it is automatically stolen from an illicit source unless she confirms that is the case (and ideally proves it).

Btw, filenames do not look like Facebook. They look like autogenerated time stamps from mobile phone (not iPhone) photos, or possibly screenshots. They are not directly from any medical information system I know, as those have a different prefix.

No. 371906

What psychic course did you take? You wasted your time and money there. She has been taking Aubagio 14mg daily and some huge dose of vitamin d. I'm just a friend that cares…. I just might know her better than you. And as far as symptoms. She has had them for years. Sorry she didn't copy cat your special MS or what ever you "have"

No. 371924


Does ANYBODY find it extremely odd that some 'friend' knows her exact medication and dosage? Aubagio is neither well-known (in fact, it is one of the least known MS meds), it is not a first-line med (Copaxone aka glatiramer and interferons are the first line, but often omitted by more, uh, malleable doctors as they're both injectable only), and is a remarkably bad fit for her (it can cause very serious blood dyscrasias, and never in a blue moon would I consider giving one of the strongly myelosuppressant MS drugs to someone who has a chronic unexplained anaemia and is long term tx dependent. I like my liability insurance low and steady, thank you very much. Apparently, somebody doesn't.

But seriously.

My spouse doesn't know my medications and she's a doctor (admittedly different speciality than my meds are for). Is it just a little odd, this influx of friends that care… and know your exact meds?

No. 371984

I with you, anon. It's probably just kelly self-posting lie she always does.

No. 371991

people have someone in important appointments! Sounds like you And your spouse have a great relationship!and if you've ever even heard about ms you would know that each person has different symptoms! I'm sorry you keep exposing your ignorance. And I'm sorry your message sucks! Friends support each other. It's weird at all that I know some of her medication! I'm starting to think mayyybe you ought to tell your spouse which medication it is that you take. Then you'll have at least one person that will notice you're either on the wrong meds, or forgetting to take them. Antipsychotics right?

No. 371999

Those documents are absolutely Kelly selfposting. She's probably trying to give credibility to her claims she was "hacked" or looking to generate sympathy. I highly doubt any anon here cares enough about Kelly to hack her, there are plenty of more munchies to follow that provide better milk.

No. 372043

Kelly is not alone. I also know a guy who was falsely accused and humiliated. When it was all done his blood was flowing out of his sides and he continued to love his haters and accusers and is now one of kellys biggest fans because he knows her. He like the rest of us friends who know her in person know the truth. Read on: ,

"For all have done evil and come short of the being able to be with God." We have all done evil. We have all done things that hurt others and thus are displeasing to God. There is no one who is innocent. The wages of doing evil against God and man is death: a total separation from God and His love. but Gods wants no one to be without His relationship and life so the gift of God is eternal life with him through his sons blood ..Jesus Christ our Lord." The punishment that we have earned for our hurtful deeds is spiritual death. Not just physical death, but eternal death."but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." Romans 5:8 declares, "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners dping evil hurtful things, Christ died for us." Jesus Christ died for us! Jesus' death and loss of blood paid for the price of our evilness. Jesus'rose again he is alive and his Holy Spirit is alive and well on earth. Jesus resurrection proves that God accepted Jesus' death as the payment for our evil.

Now God declares "that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Because of Jesus' death on our behalf, all we have to do is believe in Him, trusting His death as the payment for our evil - and we will be saved! Romans 10:13 says it again, "for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Jesus died to pay the penalty for our evil and rescue us from eternal death. Salvation, the forgiveness of evil, is available to anyone who will trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

"Therefore, since we have been made right through faith in Jesus blood, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." Through Jesus Christ we can have a relationship of peace with God. Romans 8:1 teaches us, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Because of Jesus' death on our behalf, we will never be condemned for our sins/evil thoughts and deeds. Finally, we have this precious promise of God from Romans 8:38-39, "For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Would you like to follow the Romans Road to salvation? If so, here is a simple prayer you can pray to God. Saying this prayer is a way to declare to God that you are relying on Jesus Christ for your salvation. The words themselves will not save you. Only faith in Jesus Christ can provide salvation! "God, I know that I have sinned against you and am deserving of punishment. But Jesus Christ took the punishment that I deserve so that through faith in Him I could be forgiven. With your help, I place my trust in You for salvation. Thank You for Your wonderful grace and forgiveness - the gift of eternal life! Amen!"

No. 372044


I'm a neurologist turned neurooncology researcher. Please educate me about MS.

Anybody who told you MS is different for every patient is a moron. There are significant differences based on lesion location etc. but MS is pretty predictable. It does come in three sequential modalities and we now understand it is actually a spectrum (with NMO), including conditions marked by anti-MOG, anti-AQP4 and both and neither.

I know it's hard to believe but sane people don't discuss their meds with others. They just pull up their big boy/girl panties, swallow the nice colorful pills and get on with their lives. If knowing their meds schedule is a sign of a relationship, I must still hopelessly be in love with the granny in Bay 3 from god knows how many years ago whose meds schedule I still could recall, fuck knows why.

No. 372045


Ooooh fuck no.

Nononononononono no.

If this shit was posted from a hack, then please go fuck off. This is so not ok, and I'm hardly a Kelly fan.

No. 372046


Ok, the Kelly :: Jesus Christ analogy is taking it a little too far, Pastor. You can tone it down. Much as her psych history is none of the public's business, there's not a shared of proof that she did not cause her own blood loss. At the same time, the hacking is not ok. So not ok.

No. 372051

Kelly is loved by all who know her. She is trustworthy inspiration, she is a helper of others, a fighter for good, an over comer of so much pain, she is a delight, an amazing friend, funny, wise, musical, artistic, she brings life where ever she goes. She is truly amazing and that is the truth.
The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus comes to give life and life abundantly. Jesus knows the truth about Kelly. He is her biggest fan along with all the rest of us who know her in real life and aren't lead astray down the path lies . Think before you write unfounded speculations..they are real people with real lives and real feelings. everyone on here knows what they do here is harmful and not something you would do without being hidden in the web.
One more time . kelly is awesome and loved and trustworthy and supported by all who know her in real life.

No. 372060

This thread was a lot less fucked up when it wasn't between Kelly's entire fan community vs some asshole who hacked her.

Nuke this thread plz.

No. 372063

Seriously admin close out this thread, I'm not a Kelly fan either but now some asshole has gone and posted hacked bs, not cool in the slightest …

No. 372067

If Kelly really was on the MS medication, wouldn't she just snap a pic of the prescription bottle and post it as proof like she did with her fibroid medicine???

No. 372128

Who here is her neurologist? right. And we give ppl shit all the time for posting stupid pictures of ther special pills.

No. 372138

slander is spoken, libel is written. just saying

No. 372143

Less mentals, more blood please.
And no hacking, because that's crossing a huge huge line.

No. 372152

What the actual fuck is wrong with you?! HACKING IS NOT FUCKING OKAY. GTFO with that shit.
Kelly, I am so sorry if this is legit not you. No one on here supports this or would ever go there. THAT shit is way way over the line.

Nah, this thread shouldn't be nuked. The fucked-up hacker and all psych chart files should be deleted. Public IG munchie antics, however? That shit has every right to stay.

No. 372158

File: 1502690103424.png (430.6 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-07-25-06-20-42-p…)

if she commits suicide wetr all i screwed. I mean at kgh. how did you think this was a good idea.

No. 372269

File: 1502719822200.png (103.18 KB, 750x593, IMG_6822.PNG)

bish be lurkin

No. 372270

File: 1502719836223.png (143.34 KB, 750x840, IMG_6823.PNG)

No. 372272

File: 1502720009712.png (112.31 KB, 750x667, IMG_6824.PNG)

samefag, but she has another FB account

No. 372279


Farmhands: this confirms the imgs were obtained illegally and were not public. As such, I think the case is made that they should be deleted. I loathe Kelly but she does not deserve this. Nobody does.

No. 372285


How does this confirm that Kelly did not self-post?

No. 372288

File: 1502722049781.jpg (86.07 KB, 800x552, Collage 2017-08-14 07_43_20.jp…)

The worst case of "anorexia" I have ever seen. smh Is there anything she wont do for attention?

No. 372291

Wtf where is this coming from!?

No. 372299

let me guess….. This was also on Facebook? No. Just stop

No. 372324


Stop posting hacked photos

Sage: you admitted hacking her account and that goes above and beyond this thread discussing her public posts

No. 372345

agreed. This recent stuff is just cruel. I'm blocked from her accounts, but kinda want to know how she's taking all of this.

No. 372418

I'm skeptical. How do we know Kelly isn't posting these herself? It all seems really strange to me. If she isn't posting these, yeah, it's screwed up but idk… My gut is telling me something fishy is going on. She addressed the photos here

I mean, wouldn't this be a great way to get attention? She gets it from her followers and now, from us. If it is her, I gotta say it's a pretty impressive plan.

No. 372460

This is cyberbullying even before the hacked images were posted. Even if she is a "munchie" she does not deserve to be cyberbullied. Let the professionals who she deals with handle her case and decide on the treatment administered to her.
Even if she is faking you are all way worse. I pray she does not do anything to herself because of this thread or that she does not have a psychotic break. If she does… You are to blame.
No one deserves this, you're all bullies and you should all be held accountable. The line was crossed way back when you started this thread.
I don't even know her or any of you (I hope) but this whole thread should be deleted. Shame the on all of you.

No. 372467


Discussions/Opinions and questioning behavior is not bullying

Sage responding to wk

No. 372544

File: 1502744397160.png (1.37 MB, 1440x1554, she wanted it-1.png)

This picture is like definition of an attention whore. lol her caption! just all of it! #fail

No. 372574

You think? I can understand where she's coming from. With her PTSD and allegedly being the only female and everything I can understand wanting a lock. Obviously you won't get one in a psych facility but I get it.

No. 372592

Fuck this thread went to shit.

It's damn cruel to post those pictures, it's not even milk it's just plain horrible.

No. 372609

I am starting to believe that Kelly is self posting…Every time there's a comment in her favor or the thread just slows down in general, all of a sudden there's a new post from her supposed hacked account!

Sage for : Kelly, if it is indeed you posting, you know it will be proven by the administrator that it's you! What is the overall point?!

No. 372643

the file save name for >>372544 is "she wanted it" so either it's someone with a seeeeerious vendetta, or she's self posting. I've seen that self hating/blaming behavior before in people with mental health issues. Either way admin, shut the thread down. It's gone too far.

No. 372645

File: 1502754387329.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 2592x1944, IMG-20121126-03739.jpg)

Haha… I'm not Kelly. But what's exciting is this picture of a lil drop of blood in the loo!

No. 372772

This this this. The whole thing is OTT. A taunting 'hacker' who refuses to stop? Literally NO ONE here condones or supports this. A lot of these posts are written in a similar way using structures very similar to Kelly (I won't mention specifics). Also as soon as anyone asked a question regarding the photos they kept sperging about how they are "NOT KELLY JEEZ!" I wonder what kind of tools Admin has besides IP.

No. 372805

Wow this thread is making kelly look like a real monster. I'm her twin btw. I don't often get involved in this kind of shit. but omygod you guys have hurt her. firstly she does not have munchausin .I had no idea how bad this was till now… I've never seen kelly like this so I thought I would come look. and it's as bad as she says. we are twins, we were given different last names at birth and our age is a sensitive…. any ways. after all the notes you posted and read I presume. kelly has had such a tough life. it's killing me as well to see the way this is happening. I'm worried… I'll be back unless I get kicked off. I'm very worried. and actually po'd

Kelly is super semcitve so I thought this whole thing would fizzle out. Also why would you accuse someone of being a fraud just by some picture or what ever sent you guys into such an awful… There arent even words to describe this. I read it all, and one other thread. I'm convinced you will think I am her. I'm going to be honest here. if I knew all this dhiy is what she's been dealing with I would have been in here ages ago. My twin fucking sister! Never fuck with a twin. and I have read some of her comments saying she did have it ruled out about purposeful blood loss. Its the internet ffs.no one tells everything. and since kelly will see this apologize for this. and I'm sorry that I'm going to say some things. Over 2 years ago the idea of purposeful bleeding arrose. she did exactly what they asked in that she was put in a psych icu for a week. 24/7 she was watched. her blood levels were monitored and stayed consistently declining! So while you all fuck around with a person's emotions,her doctors have no suspicion of that. I'm probably blocked after this, but put youself in her shoes
pure hell. I can't even try to imagine who you are or who knew from Pomona etc. The more I suspect certain ppl the more furious I become.

No. 372845

File: 1502830552034.png (28.75 KB, 503x241, xEm07CL.png)

Here is a list of comments posted from the same device in Kelowna:

I can't be assed to dig deeper right now, but there's more. You can still stop this by simply not posting anymore.

No. 372853


I'm so confused.
Medfags, whats the possibility of multiple personalities.
At this point, I can't think of anything else that can explain this

No. 372854

The only other theory I have is since it's the same device, it could be someone in her house is using the same computer. Or she selfposted all of it. Or a combination. Either way- wtf?

No. 372873

Ugh calling herself an inspiration, saying jesus is her biggest fan. That's not someone depressed or traumatised that's a straight up vain asshole.

No. 372874


it probably is kelly. kelly makes the same typing errors….

No. 372877

Wait so she is posting all that herself?

No. 372878


So all those "hacked" posts of personal stuff from iCloud came from the same device in Kelowna.

If it's not her then she's in a share home it could be some flatmate whose sick of her drama who knows her iCloud password?

No. 372882

doesn't kelly live alone?

No. 372883

She sure is. Claiming that the psych hospital she was in is for the worst of the worst because she's so special, insane ramblings about god, and this weird mish-mash of praising herself up as the most inspiring precious brave fighter to ever have lived and then bringing up her abortion and miscarriage and other shit to make her seem especially crazy and edgy and interesting.

It looks like she will pretty much say or do whatever it takes to get some dregs of attention, even if it is from us gossipy fishwives.

No. 372892


No she's in a large share home. I forget the exact number of flatmates.

No. 372896

A group home? gotcha. Thanks. For some reason I thought she lived alone. Very strange for a mentally competent [meaning not low iq or developmentally disabled] to live in one.

No. 372914

Holy shit, that's an incredible number of self posting she's absolutely bonkers

No. 372915

Alright, let's look at some possiblilties.

First, >>372872 plus all the other posts from the same IP really belong to Kelly's twin.

Secondly, a "friend", the one with the "hacked" images, and from her city and has been chronically posting in this thread.

Thirdly, Kelly "hacked" and leaked all of her own info, made a ruckus on fb about it to stir the pot some more; and has in this thread both ridiculed and whiteknighted herself.

A thing all these options have in common is that no matter who is posting they are not pro-Kelly. Rather, this person seems to have an interest in "stoking the fire" - posting info almost near instantaneously and redirecting the thread to possible older milk as well. And honestly, at this point, I'm pretty sure who it is.

No. 372916

It's cheaper, I know lots of people who house share, especially if they're not from the area

No. 372919

House sharing and group home are way different, anon. Group homes are for people with serious disabilities like Down's Syndrome, autism, or people who require care that others can't give like people with dementia.

House sharing is just a bunch of people living together so I wonder if it's the latter or former.

No. 372921

JFC, so she "hacked" herself and posted 90+ fucking selfposts? This is so fucked up. She is clearly psychotic.

No. 372922

The possibility of DID is certainly there. It usually develops a defense to severe trauma/abuse. Especially when that trauma/abuse began in childhood. It is still considered relatively rare, but DID Tumblrinas will tell you otherwise.

Sage for licensed mh professional (but not a Dr) fagging.

No. 372923

It usually develops as a defense to trauma/abuse** is what I meant. Stupid fat fingers here.

No. 372933

I think DID is reaching way too far. This is really just run of the mill pot stirring with Kelly pretending to be multiple people in order to play the victim of "bullying" on Facebook.

There's zero reason to think she has an exceptionally rare mental illness like DID

No. 372934

or she's just starving for attention?

No. 372980

I agree with you. I was responding to someone who asked if it could be a possibility. I suppose I should have just written 'maybe, but probably not.'

No. 373000


Kelly is obviously sooper sad she's not a hot topic any more, and is trying to revive her own thread. Sad. She's boring now anyways, it's be rehashed so many times how she's faking and real just a mentally sick munchie. There's so much milk out there, Kelly's just old.

No. 373015

Well didn't this thread stem from the Munchie thread?! I thought that was the entire point. Why are you bothering to read and comment if it's "old"?

No. 373065


That's the exact thing! Every time this thread went silent Kelly(oopsI mean the mysterious account hacker)posted something to get it going again … she just can't stand the lack of attention, time to grow up Kelly, get help for your past and other issues, put effort into working through it and move on!!! (shes basically just another JBN at this point with the "my past traumas" bs)

No. 373086

File: 1502851987836.png (978.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-15-21-38-06…)

She said she was given a different last name from birth and always had a different one from her twin, Gina Petravich. This picture she posted on Facebook though has her under Petravich in school.

No. 373094

Exactly! I can't see any regular poster of this board taking part in this. Yeah, we're gossipy bitches but this is insane. I said it once and I'll say it again, I'm super skeptical.

No. 373127

File: 1502855214807.gif (11.36 MB, 640x360, YOU HAVE AUTISM.gif)

Dr. Anon, phd in Internet Medicine and Psychology from /cow/ university here.
Allow me to explain Kelly's situation with this simple image.

No. 373133

I can't see properly now what the fuck was that stupid flashing shit anon you broke my retinas

No. 373161

Admin, please send this one out to pasture

No. 373195

This has gone way, way too far.
And FYI calling this thread not bullying is more than a lie. It's cyber torture. Calling Kelly a sack of shit is not the same as calling her a munchie. It's much worse.
It's obvious that the post is not from her socialedia at all and the person who posted it really really took it to another level. Posting that crap does not make you a better person at all, and I hope that shit gets this thread taken down.
I don't think anyone could be a worse cyber bully… I hope some lawer is able to sue the shit out of this site or something so that it gets shut down.

No. 373209

File: 1502875945282.jpg (22.49 KB, 266x400, IMG_1635.JPG)

Yes this is torture. Calling a sack of shit a sack of shit is exactly the same as waterboarding.
namecalling is basically a felony right?

No. 373225


Did you NOT see the part where Farmhands basically proved Kelly is self-posting?? Sweet jesus, you're dense. I mean you're probably Kelly, but it's too late to pull the "you're all a bunch of meanies" card here.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 373229

Hot damn, I'm loving this thread again! Wow, Kelly has really bought her ticket on the Crazy Train. I'm so glad to know that Kelly self-posted all of that "hacker" nonsense. I was worried for a sec. Kelly, you are now outed. Please respond to the craycray.


No. 373239

Kelley stop.

No. 373246


Make sure the Lawyer doesn't forget Kelly for all her self posting about herself and others.

No. 373249

File: 1502883375407.png (139.4 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7190.PNG)

The latest on her Instagram

No. 373250

This whole thing is so bizarre…

No. 373257

See > https://lolcow.farm/kellyposts.html

Then repeat the phrase "I am a shite white knight" ad infinitum.

No. 373268

kek. I mean, it says it in OP's post.

>> Kelly Ronahan is a 34-year-old compulsive liar

No. 373272

Nahhh she's not psychotic, she's far too coherent with her "3rd person"/"not kelly" posts nor does she suffer with DID although HPD seems credible.

No. 373273

Plot twist but without any actual plot or twist >373195 is still kelly… This really is getting old kels, go big or go home.

No. 373314

File: 1502895330040.jpg (196.98 KB, 1080x1565, IMG_20170816_225249.jpg)

Well… Her last self-post was on Aug 15th and she only got banned on the 16th. Will she try again from another device?

No. 373342

Good morning, Kelly.

No. 373347

>One issued in 1983
>One issued in 2010

No. 373353

Meh, that's not unusual. Plus it's better to have the newer ones anyways, they have more security features on the paper, and they're made with longer-lasting material. The stuff those old blue ones are made out of is bullshit.

Sage for useless info

No. 373357

Most providers now have dynamic addresses, clear cache/history sweep privacy and switch wifi on and off again and you're back in. Unless epic admins have had to painstakingly remove her static address [she] could easily ban evade I think??
Saged for being technophobic and possibly embarrassingly wrong.

No. 373365

Her screenshot shows post.php which means she did try to post again… But I swear I'm not selfposting guise!!!

No. 373387

File: 1502902778955.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-08-16 11.55.16.jpg)

I guess her school messed up because Kelly doesn't lie right?

No. 373432

No. 373442

File: 1502909161911.jpg (71.65 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1502078829425.jpg)

We can't just keep forgetting that this is the kelly annndddd Chompurrrs show.

No. 373466


No. 373508

Inb4 Kelly claims Kelowna anon stole her phone and posted all those mean comments about her. Christ this is funny and not at all surprising. I want to see all the posts she made from her other device, but I understand that Admin has a life and can't spend all day on lolcow the way Kelly can.

That'd be because she legally changed her name from Petrovich to Ronahan in 2010. Interesting fact btw - her mom legally changed her last name to Ronahan in 1983. Obviously it would be against the rules to post what her original last name was, but it wasn't Ronahan.

No. 373518

I love how Kelly plays "sweet little church lady" while simultaneously pulling a John Lennon and understand herself to Christ and constantly swearing and taking the Lord's name in vain. I know she became a Christian later in life, so it wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't actually believe and is just pretending she does because she wants the religious community to accept her. She is very un-Christ-like. I hope her friends are doing some serious praying for her. I hope they're asking themselves and the Lord if this friendship with Kelly is a positive thing.

No. 373519

*comparing herself to Christ, not understand. Auto cucumber is not my friend today.

No. 373525

File: 1502919330854.jpg (219.71 KB, 608x810, IMG_20170816_153420.jpg)

No. 373544

File: 1502920622171.png (155.56 KB, 749x727, IMG_1975.PNG)

I see Kelly has found a new device to post from top kek

Sage for no contribution really just amazement at her need for attention

No. 373571

File: 1502923394214.png (335.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7209.PNG)


No. 373573

File: 1502923444001.png (112.54 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7210.PNG)

Insinuating her Facebook accounts have been hacked or someone has attempted to hack them

No. 373581

Oh god Kelly, this is so easy to do. You are demented.

No. 373586

Kelly thinks her close friends are pretty stupid, eh? At this point, the lady calling for a lawyer must be so embarrassed.

No. 373597

You are painfully wrong. Do you know her mother? You can change your name, but you can't change your birth certificate dum dum! Kelly lost her b certificate. again dum dum it's not like if you lose it your fucke d. she obviously just had a new one printed in 2010. And interesting fact. their mother has not changed her last name even once! Do your research!

No. 373600

>Dum Dum

Fucking kill yourself oh my god.

No. 373605

Ok Kelly

No. 373606

k wait I'm confused. You hacked her accounts?

No. 373614


I think she's one of the classic munchie enablers who get sucked into the cycle of drama. Christians are the perfect target for them because of the whole love your fellow man teachings.

No. 373617

Thank you Admin-sama. When you have time please do a full reveal. I am very interested in learning the rest of the details and I know I am not alone in having both personal and professional curiosity about this.

No, pretty sure they meant it is easy to generate one of those 'someone may have logged into your account' messages. They do that every time you login on a new device. In other words she is full of shit yet again.

No. 373618

Nobody hacked her. It's been her selfposting the entire time.
She also gobbles up even the shittiest most obvious bait because she's a little bit touched and feels important when being discussed by a handful of strangers.

Her accounts being hacked was only ever kelleys piss-poor attempt at damage control and covering up her 900+ self posts.

No. 373629

No, "dum dum". When I had my name legally changed, they issued me a new birth certificate.

You should ask your mom who Ms. Fro**ge was, then.

No. 373643


97+ posts on this thread are self posts from Kelly, no one hacked her accounts! Like another anon said, every time the thread was quiet or milk was lacking Kelly's need for attention was ignored so she started posting shit on here then crying on her FB (since everyone on her IG has heard enough and ignores her whining or tells her to stop looking) that her accounts were hacked however it was her posting it all the entire time! She was banned from one IP but has reappeared yet again claiming "but I'm banned and can't get on even if I wanted to blah blah blah" she'll take any sort of attention she can get negative or positive. I'm sure people have looked here since she draws so much attention to the thread and have read that she has self posted but I'm sure in her sick twisted ways she's convinced them somehow that "it wasn't me guise!"

No. 373692

>…consistent with recent conceptualizations of complex PTSD, particularly with regard to the extent of Ms. Ronahan's reported trauma history, its longstanding course (particularly during childhood and adolescence), and the interpersonal nature of the abuse (including a primary caregiver).

Holy fuck Kelly duped this psych so hard. With what we know about her, as well as the descriptions of her over-the-top behaviors in these documents, I think it's reasonable to doubt that she even has PTSD.

No. 373704


Not only that, but she keeps purposely going to farmcow.lol which you can see in many of the screenshots and then claiming "It can't be me, see? Everything is backwards!" Like, really Kelly? You might be a fucking idiot but we aren't.

Sage for pointing out sheer stupidity.

No. 373733

Why does everyone think its a hacker? You can't just 'hack into the cloud'; This isn't Hollywood. It's obviously Kelly herself posting it and she's gonna spin it to make herself the victim of 'ebil cyberbullys'
Remember all that plotting and finger-tenting she was doing, with her 'plan' to shut the farms down?

No. 373744


Admin already proved it was her self posting. . . anyone who is still saying it's a hacker is probably Kelly just self posting again. . .

No. 373757

You have put some of my posts in her file. I have written the "religious" posts.

No. 373759

Nobody thinks it's a hacker. Not even her "supporters" on Facebook.

No. 373760


No. 373765

You can literally change your birth cert. People who are trans change their gender marker, and a lot of individuals who are adopted change their parents on their birth cert.

Sage for expaining?

No. 373766

Are you Kelly's roommate?

No. 373781

Oooh-kay, I think I get it. Hello, Justine. Games are fun, aren't they?
God bless.

No. 373855

Hi kelly.

No. 373861

Did you use Kelly-chan's phone to post those messages about Jesus-tōryō? Are you saying that our Admin-sama made a mistake?

No. 373869

Justine, I don't believe that you're a real person. If you're legit, please post a photo of yourself with a shoe on your head, holding a hand-written sign that says "sup /snow/" and today's date. You can cover your face if you want as long as you show your mouth.

No. 373877

She's so inspirational isn't she? Attention seekers everywhere wish they were half as special as Kelley.

No. 373879

Oh wow it can't be Kelley they put another name in the name field you guys. We've been bamboozled.

No. 374000


Exactly!! Long story short, my mom gave me her maiden name at birth and had it legally changed to my father's name when I was around 7. Got a new birth certificate and social security card to reflect my new, legal name.

The fact that Kelly chose two different documents to prove she and her sister are twins AND were born with different last names wasn't at all convincing to me. That and, I don't know if the Canada is like the US in that aspect, but say it is - she can show that crap all day and it just doesn't prove a damn thing.

Sage for somewhat blogging.

No. 374005


>No, pretty sure they meant it is easy to generate one of those 'someone may have logged into your account' messages. They do that every time you login on a new device.

Kelly wiped her device history from her Google account and can now self-post until she's banned yet again, dynamic ip's r cool.
Just(in)e y'all are too smart for this board, do you have any food allergens? I hear kiwi's are a good source of iron(y)….

No. 374120


What exactly is this showing?

No. 374123

I think OP is showing someone on Facebook that lists Kelly as her sister. Looks like they have the same dad according to the screenshot. Anon didn't do a great job of blurring out the names and I found this person, she no longer has any family listed except her kids. Might just be what I'm able to see, but as far as I can tell, within two hours she knew this was posted and removed Kellly as being listed as her sister.

No. 374127

I bet right now the poor lady wishes she could remove Kelly as her sister IRL.


Let's not bring her ino this. She has nothing to do with her little sister's theatrics.

No. 374139

Hang on, So S* is op's (M**'s) mother and kelly is op's sister?? Meaning that the op is a direct sibling to kelly and is posting here?? To what end??
Saged for confusion over intent and relevance.

No. 374145

I'm confused too. I thought the only other female sibling was G.

No. 374165

She has a half sister. It's irrelevant. She could be posting here, but I doubt it.

No. 374180

So it unlikely that it's m^^^^^?
Curious and curiouser. Her fb IS private but she needs to lock down the rest of her social media, either kelly has upped her game or somebody's a trollin'… I'm not interested in doxxing relatives but there's undoubtedly somebody out there who is… I'm looking atchu kels… jealousy isn't pretty now is it?

No. 374197

Oh wow. I forgot about this thread since it was in autosage and wtf? Kelly self-posted documentation about herself hooking, getting beaten up, getting locked up in the psych ward and raped for fucking attention?
… That shit is fucked up and I have no words.

No. 374207

If this thread is autosaging is it possible for a kind anon with more time and better computer skills to please cteate a new kelly thread? I thank you.


No. 374224

she actually has has 4 sisters and a brother… brother and sis have same dad as kelly. 2 have the same mom. the the twin.

No. 374227

I can get into both her ig and fb.

No. 374228

It has been off autosage since Admin-sama came in to reveal Kelly's selfposts.

No. 374239

There is now a KF thread about Kelly. I'm not going to post the direct link and I hope no one else will (we should try to keep the cow confined to just one field for now, lest she become bloated with attention from all that extra grazing), but it's extremely easy to find.

No. 374281

It wasn't her birth mom that vanished, it was her "adoptive" mom. It wasn't ever figured out who the woman actually is, and the twin never mentions her so it may just be Kelly's "adoptive" mom only. There was a theory that it was just an older woman that she met somewhere and started calling her mom. Maybe in the psych hospital or a group home or something. Anyone else have more details on the "adoptive mom disappeared right before the mystery illness started" situation?

No. 374337

this post is from over 3 years ago. Actually this was probably one of the first posts I saw when I first started following her. It seems like she took off though. I read the posts shortly before and after but none of It was related. Weird to begin with though. can you adopt an adult

No. 374340

Sorry, I should have worded post better, I meant kelly's half-sister's fb & social media uploads.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to drop pics/sources of family members but the likelihood that kelly's sister posted here is almost zero.
Saged for being cowardly anon.

No. 374344

Shit! I alluded to it in an earlier post, I presumed the farms were forming a kelly-cooperative union. Sorry.

No. 374526

File: 1503027992540.jpg (47.98 KB, 640x480, 266.jpg)

>I am so sorry you are so dumb
Says the 34 year old woman pretending to be sick and pretending to be other people and leaving info in their pictures that's identical to kelly's selfposts.

>And I guess we are ok with posti pics of others now.?


No. 374557

File: 1503031768761.png (301.97 KB, 692x389, Photo Editor_s92VhG.png)

God bless

No. 374560

Is it Kelly and all her imaginary friends sharing the connection?

No. 374565

File: 1503032659378.png (417.8 KB, 692x389, ENHANCE.png)

A: Reverse image search shows the sauce for that.

B: Even swirlman could censor pictures better than you.

No. 374571

Why do you keep the Ronahan last name when you have disowned the Ronahan parent?

No. 374593

Wow Kelley. You need to stop.

No. 374594

It's her number one fan, Jesus. He's posting from her IP to protect his bestest sickest follower.

Does anyone know what group home she lives in?

No. 374602

Foster's Home for Imaginary Illnesses

No. 374807

File: 1503070671617.gif (220.8 KB, 500x375, HoYp1cA.gif)

my reaction to reading through this thread…

No. 374919

This is kelly

No. 374926

bloody hell youre like the fucking undead you just keep resurrecting yourself
take what little is left of your dignity and GO

No. 374930

File: 1503086902592.png (840.08 KB, 1051x535, Photo Editor_tovyO6.png)

just tryin to stay on top of the self sabotage.

No. 374936

This reads as highly highly suspicious. A doctor doesn't write like that in the slightest. This reads more as wish fulfillment.

No. 374937

Hmmm… I wonder maybe she was observed in psych isolation. #thesedoctorsarewayaheadofyou

No. 374943

File: 1503087894593.png (1.03 MB, 1219x808, #heresyourmilk.png)

No. 374946

I love how nobody is giving a shit but Kelly is still trying to stir shit.
No one even care anymore, it's just too pathetic.

No. 374979


No. 374983

Isn't a letter pointless? It's futile if she's already in organ failure or dead. Letters take too long. Doctor should be picking up the damn phone.

No. 374988

Now she'll upload a recorded conversation pretending to be her doctor leaving urgent messages with specialists.

No. 374991


No, Kelly, YOU'RE obsessed as fuck. It was PROVEN you posted all that shitty shit about yourself in hopes of getting sympathetic ass pats from all of your Instagram spoonie-loonies. What do you know, it kind of worked! "Why is it that people love to pick on you no matter what?" Haha, maybe bring them here again so they can see how fucking childish and pathetic you are.

You. Need. HELP.

No. 375146

This reads like, "Kelly is bleeding herself and we can prove it", but written nicely so the patient doesn't flee.

No. 375163

so she did stay in isolation. And that is not suspected any more

No. 375180

Apparently they did not prove it, but per this dictation transcript, they definitely indicated wanting to try. It's tricky because you need definitive evidence. If, say, they caught her with syringes and needles, or saw venipuncture marks, then that is enough to call them out. If she is…more covertly exsanguinating, being in isolation alone would not necessarily be enough to catch her. Kelly claims she spent 3 days in iso under obs. Not long enough to r/o bloodletting. Sorry Kelly, this proves nothing other than we arrived at the same suspicion as your own docs did.

No. 375210

It's really annoying that Kelly's mysterious roommate keeps deleting their posts. Is it possible to have post deletion disabled for this thread?

No. 375212

File: 1503125384987.png (11.74 KB, 283x199, poorg.png)

Poor Kelly. Her sister doesn't even care about her at all.

No. 375220

Start screen capping if we see them get posted, I guess?

No. 375221

Pretty sure her room mate was never the one posting fam

No. 375222

Word. It's Kelly of course, but still maybe we should start screencapping posts that look like they come from her, just in case. I hate all the gaps too.

No. 375251

Oh yeah archive the fuck out of her shit. someone with access to view her accounts will hopefully take screen caps of any drama missed

No. 375291

File: 1503143245827.png (1.11 MB, 1422x913, Capture _2017-08-19-04-43-47-1…)

yep it is confirmed. I even was watched in the bathroom and while I sleep. #itsafact Understandable from a Dr perspective. So just another thing to be ruled out! It's how you get a diagnosis. They don't just see anemia and decide there is nothing to medically investigate. so there is no suspicion!

No. 375297

Organ failure due to a concealed blood loss is quite nice, I'd choose this again over a more macabre suicide. Fuck off kelly. You have a life and you're pissing on every terminal patients grave with this shit. Jack Black will find you eventually, he finds us all. I'm past caring wether it trollz or Munchies at this point. She'll just be another statistic soon enough, a forgotten insta account,not even a vague memory within a decade of death.
final sage for idiotic attention seeking death rage.

No. 375300


I think this is a great idea. And then my little outburst wouldn't look so ridiculous, haha.

Also forgot to sage that post (<374991).

No. 375308

File: 1503147035920.jpg (612.31 KB, 1632x1632, IMG_9604.JPG)


See? Look at all the "oh nos" and "awws" and "sorrys" you're getting, Kelly. Because you have all of these people believing someone hacked you. When are you going to apologize to them, and let them know you posted all that shit yourself?

Funny how one of your friends admitted to coming here on Wednesday, when you were caught self-posting on Tuesday. She recommends you file a police report. She's either just as dense as you are, or she's trying to call your bluff. Hope for her sake it's the latter.

No. 375357

Who here is one of Kelly's doctors? #nuffsaid

No. 375382

File: 1503161725187.jpg (35.47 KB, 412x294, IMG_1982.JPG)


Stop with the ridiculous self posting! Wouldn't it would be great if your little cult knew that half the posts on here are from you? Think it's about time somebody (Who has access to your Facebook or Instagram) spammed your thread with proof that the only bullying going on is through the posts that you put up! (I'm sure she'll try to erase it but if it's constant somebody is bound to see it and realize that you cause your own drama!) Most of the people who were originally on this thread, haven't been around or posted in quite a while and you just cannot stand the lack of attention! Hell, even your followers and friends are sick of your obsession with this site, and the whining that you constantly do about it!

No. 375425


You walk past the scene of a horrific car crash. You see one of the victims decapitated, with several steel beams sticking out of his chest. You say, "holy crap, that guy is totally dead".

Do you have to be that guy's doctor to know that people whose head is missing generally don't tend to be alive anymore? That people who have steel beams sticking out of where their heart normally is are usually dead?

Of course you don't. These injuries are incompatible with life, and it is absolutely medically trivial that there can be only one outcome of decaptiation. Hell, you don't even need to be a doctor.

To a non-medical observer, the idea of a mysterious blood loss might seem like a common occurrence, or like the stuff that happens on House, or like one of the unknown mysteries of the human body. When in reality, anaemia due to its importance is fairly well understood,

Based on that understanding, a first year resident would be able to tell you that what's happening is far from mysterious,

It's not haemolytic anaemia because we do not see the clear evidence of haemolysis and the much higher CRP than Kelly's pathetic 21. It's not aplastic because the bone marrow aspirate would have shown evidence of one of the known aplastic patterns. She is not bleeding into her guts, her stomach or her skin. If she had a clotting disorder, she would look black and blue before losing this level of blood - I once had severe thrombocytopaenia and I had skin bruises long before I lost blood internally. She lacks the typical petechiae and other signs of a clotting disorder as well. After four years, there is still no answer as to where the blood is going. With all due respect, this isn't TV, there are no magical mystery anaemias that she could have that we would only know if we were Kelly's doctors - if she did have one of the rare and complex anaemias, she'd be at a national level competence centre or one would be involved from a distance.

In addition, she has been receiving vast amounts of blood without requiring iron chelation therapy with deferasirox or deferoxamine, meaning that the iron is leaving her body in some other way. Iron is not excreted normally, and high iron levels (haemochromatosis) can tan the skin and eventually become fatal. Needless to say the idea that she loses it through menstrual bleeding or otherwise through her uterus is nonsense. We are talking profound blood loss here, about a quarter of the total circulating volume every two weeks. That volume of blood loss would be, to say the least, conspicuous.

I know you prefer the idea that she has something rare and weird going on with her and that we are all wrong. It makes you feel safe. I know you're hoping she's not bleeding herself, and you prefer to think that her doctors somehow know that she's actually got something physically wrong with her. The fact is, they aren't, and quite probably the only reason this charade has gone on for four years is not Kelly's legitimate need for blood, it's her mental instability and the need to take it easy with her lest her life is endangered.

Look at the facts dispassionately, and ask yourself: if this were anyone else, would you be able to escape the conclusion that she is bleeding herself?

No. 375470

selective listening or blind and dumb. No one including kelly is trying to find the puncture holes or weird mystery blood disorder. So this story is over. heavy uterine bleeding! diagnose by a real doctor! No mystery! so if you could learn how to digest info that isn't from your munchausen repertoire you might find that your theories are shit and your brain is small! very tiny little brain.

No. 375472


Kelly just stop…and don't pull the stupid "this isn't Kelly" bullshite

Saged for I don't even know anymore except she pisses me off

No. 375480

Fuck! off! Kelly! Also! Your! Exclamation mark! Use! Is! Superfluous! And! Highly! Annoying!

As an aside, I frankly couldn't care less about your ~heavy uterine bleeding~, what Im more interested in is why you felt the need to post theoretically highly personal documents (if they werent faked, that is) on here and then pretend to be hacked. Or indeed, as proven by admin, the many many random posts 'sockpuppeting' various different personas on this thread. Like… what gives Kel? Thats super fucking weird dude.

sage for addressing the cow and just generally being perplexed by this whole thing

No. 375509

File: 1503177717031.png (281.28 KB, 1390x1483, IMG_1372.PNG)

Kek, this got me thinking of how she types, so I made a bingo card for us to readily identify her (as if that was hard to do in the first place).

Here you go folks.

No. 375513

I hope Kelly has filed a false police report and J*nl** keeps pestering them until they finally charge Kelly for wasting their time.

No. 375572

File: 1503185564442.png (159.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7243.PNG)

Kelly's latest post is about a kid she speaks of sometimes that volunteers for the Canadian Blood Services. She has interacted with him quite a bit. Imagine how this kid will feel when it comes to light that Kelly has been lying so much, bleeding herself, and posting things about herself and others on this forum. Poor kid won't ever be able to trust again. Way to go kelly.

No. 375574

File: 1503185805359.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.33 KB, 512x384, 1362542003444.jpg)

you are wrong!!! #fail But feel free to hate me too! smh fucking loser has enough time to make a shit ass bingo game??? and, once, again, I am the "weirdo" who posts her personal docs….. And I dont plan on stopping! And its fucking hilarious that you take this shit out on her!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 375577

Sure, notKelly, you totally talk like a farmer and you're totally a top-notch hacker for posting all of these 'documents'.
God, you'd think lurking that much she would have picked some slang, but nope, it's still that good old stale memeing Kelly.

No. 375584

I know right?!

In order to 'hack the cloud' you need pretty advanced hacking skills - something not found in someone who
1. Is stupid to the point of being semi-illiterate and seems to have a standard stock of about 20-30 phrases and insults.
2. Is totally unfamiliar with the language of message/imageboards.
3. Has still not provided a legitimate explanation for why they, as the source of the pictures and 'hacked' documents, are also the source of multiple other random posts/sockpuppets.
4. Somehow expects us to believe that they are smart enough to hack the cloud but dumb enough to get caught by our very own admin-sama for using the same device. Newsflash Kelly- if you were a fantastically adept hacker YOU WOULD ALREADY HAVE FORESEEN THAT AND TAKEN PREVENTATIVE MEASURES.

sage for aggressive eyerolling

No. 375597

File: 1503188861914.jpg (33.92 KB, 797x609, OranQkp.jpg)

Hi everyone! I considered deleting all of Kelly's future posts, but I would like to hear your opinions first!

Please see pic attached! Thank you!

No. 375599


'Very heavy uterine bleeding'? How interesting. A cursory search of PubMed found about a handful of people whose uterine bleeding was on the order of magnitude (mind you, ALL much less absolute!) as Kelly's. One of them developed hemochromatosis from the transfusions and died (old article, presumably before deferoxamine was common), and all of them were found to have a clotting disorder (one factoropathy, two lupus anticoagulant, the rest had autoimmune thrombocytopenia).

Look, I get it. You're not in the medical field, and so this all sounds very plausible to you - real doctors in real labcoats said it! Mystery closed! Kelly said so! Except, you know, to those in the field, this explanation is just as crap as the 'you're not her doctor!' one. Both are hopeless wannabe excuses.

Here's for some reality: Kelly is losing a constant amount of blood with no inter-month variation, which is uncommon in uterine bleeding, which is usually linked to the menstrual cycle. She does not hold on to iron. She loses an extreme amount of blood, too much to be able to be lost without having a small puddle under yourself on a constant basis. And most importantly, uterine bleeding is not an explanation, it's at best a specification of the issue. Why is her uterus bleeding this much, a volume that has not anywhere been seen in the literature with fibroids except where there was an autoimmune antiplatelet effect or where there was a concomitant clotting disorder. And if it really is uterine bleeding, why was something so trivial not discovered earlier? If this is indeed the cause, why was she not put on tranexamic acid, which has a long history and great effect on women with heavy menstrual flow?

I get it - Kelly told you (I assume you're not pathetic enough to be Kelly!) that real doctors rather than some lolcow crazies have told her that it's her uterus, and the mystery is over, surely the real doctors know best, blah blah. And frankly, it might sound believable if you don't know much about how modern medicine works, but to those who live and breathe this field 24/7, this sounds like absolute bullshit, and the more desperately you repeat the dumb excuse about Kelly's doctors having diagnosed her, the worse it sounds.

No. 375618

! kek trawl lawl speshul sooper speshul

No. 375625


Part of me wants to say yes, because she's obnoxious and creepy as fuck. But part of me wants to say no, because her defenders should be able to see her batshit-crazy antics here. I don't know. I'm not helpful.

No. 375626

keep her posts but mark them with some dope banner like kaka or mystery

No. 375649

Let the artfags design banners for her. Then mark her posts with your favorite.

No. 375659

Please don't, this shit is like a real life mystery novel.

No. 375668

Did Kelly just post a picture of herself taped to a chair to try to make it look like someone kidnapped her?

No. 375681

Probably just some sick ploy for attention… tie me up and then take my picture. Very similar to … take my picture with this IV bag. She was probably the one who created that Instagram page with all those sick photos too. Wonder if those were self inflicted?

No. 375690

Prediction: When Kelly's church friends finally call her out for self-posting, she's going to claim multiple personality disorder.

No. 375697

No fucking way, don't delete her selfposts; this shit is gold. I was initially appalled when we thought she was legit hacked, but now we know she is doing this herself, fuck it. You have warned her MULTIPLE times to stop. She is all but begging for you to label them. Let those among her followers have the ability to see what she has really been up to here.

No. 375701

neat. I am a church friend. We have been praying for you to have a revelation of how awful these things are to post.

No. 375711

Please let them stay! This is the most enjoyable mess since keeks

No. 375713

Admin please just do your magic and label her self posts with "Kelly posted" or something akin to Ember and other's self-posts.

I'll add "Lawl" to that bingo (>>375639, Hi Kelly).

No. 375716

Have you seen this:
Kelly posted those herself. Kelly posted all of them. You should be praying for Kelly.

No. 375721

I'd like to see the posts signed:

~Kelly Ronahan, Kelowna BC

No. 375725

kelly is sensing her end is near. this is great.


No. 375728

Not Kelly, yet enraged at the bingo? Sure, NotKelly. But why are you acting so insane? If it doesn't affect you, why are you acting like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum and using every curse word (eg. one: cunt) they know to sound sooper scary?

No. 375732

Ignore them and they'll go away.

No. 375736

File: 1503205705403.png (295.93 KB, 847x599, .png)

Oh my gosh u guise. Kelly is so emaciated from her anorexia that the bumps on her spine are showing.

No. 375737

This is really funny to watch considering it all gets deleted and logged. This thread was starting to die off, and every time it does, you self post on here. Give it up Kelly. Get a job, a hobby, a life, just like you tell us to do. I hadn't been on this thread in weeks, and I come back to see admin post all of the self posting you've been doing, and it is honestly crazy. You accuse us of being obsessed with you, but why are you doing this? Why are you self posting? Why do you hate yourself this badly? Just go talk it out with your psychiatrist.

I just ended up reporting them. They're ban-evading though so it'll just keep repeating. It's pathetic honestly.

No. 375739

Did she shoop her thighs smaller?

No. 375740

She shooped them into something that doesn't even look human.

No. 375766

You guys, I'm so sorry that Kelly turned out to be a fraud. My heart is shattered into a million pieces. The only thought in my mind right now is WHY. WHY KELLY?! WHY?! We believed in you, although in retrospect we should have known… There was just too much that didn't add up.

No. 375770

For any of her friends and family that need support, find it in each other. This may be of little comfort, but know that Kelly is not the only one who has done this. I've found an article where another fraud explains her motivation behind her actions. It might help the healing process if you're able to visualize and understand how Kelly was thinking when she made up these stories.


Stay strong and stay safe.

No. 375808

if she's legit draining her own blood regularly, it's not munchausen-by-internet. it's plain old munchausen syndrome.

No. 375824


And with that, I'm cranking the 'people I know of whose emotional lives were shattered when Kelly turned out to be a fucking fraud' counter up to 14, or if you include myself, 15.

I'm sorry for you, Kelly Friend Anon. :/ been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

No. 375827


The underlying mental processes and motivations are the same though.

No. 375830


So what does your church teach about the awfulness of lying and leaving droves of people you deceived broken and unable to trust? What does your church teach about the morality of using a scarce public resource to meet your emotional needs?

No. 375832

You guys, do you know what we haven't heard shit about? Kelly's impeding hysterectomy that she was going on about left, right and centre. Or her MS. LOL.

No. 375909

File: 1503250004690.png (419.33 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_9609.PNG)

Read top comment and bottom comment. Wish I could tell that girl how fucking fake Kelly is.

No. 375910

I only share that with my friends. and you not a fried.

No. 375918

my grammar is shit and everyone knows it. I think you must be an arrogant ass hole to think that this shit hole forum will stop me from sharing. just not for you! my friends know where they can find me!!!!! #kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 375964


Oh hey Kelly! Would you mind directing your Instagram back here so they can see all of the horrendous posts you made about yourself? That includes the photos you claimed were hacked from your cloud. Thanks!

No. 375985


Hi, Kelly.

Oddly, I am a 'friend'. Oh, the things I shared with you… and the ones you shared with me, which I am not going to echo to this board as they were not public. But let's just say I know quite a bit about you. And you'll never guess who I am. That's the funniest part. You've wronged so many people, you could sit there for hours and wonder "shit, who could she be?"

So yeah, lame excuse for how you are 'doing'. Almost as pathetic as that fake "I think she's killing herself by refusing blood… I'm gonna check on this in two weeks lol" letter from your psychiatrist.

No. 376039

Hi Karis bitch!

No. 376085

File: 1503272538673.png (193.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-08-20-16-36-13…)

No. 376087

go get high bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 376125


Annnnnnnd… that's not me. Keep blocking random people, maybe someday you'll find out that people much closer to home than you think are on to you and your little lies.

We know, Kelly. And we have seen all the vile stuff you posted here, pretending to be the victim when you yourself stoked the fires here. We know.

No. 376136

Why on earth do you have so many people blocked? I've been on Facebook for 10 years and I've blocked 2.

No. 376139


Hahahah, this must be driving her crazy!! I'm really glad to know people close to her aren't falling for her bullshit anymore. Thanks for sticking it out, anon!

No. 376143

EMBERRRR! Karis bitches!

No. 376147

File: 1503276804566.png (203.47 KB, 507x521, stillfriends.png)

You still haven't figured out who I am. You probably won't. I've wasted entirely too much time and money on you, Kelly.

No. 376150

actually I didn't post the vile shit. and have no fear that person had to stop. sorry I'm boring …. dam….

No. 376152

Then who posted it? Your roommate? Your sister?

No. 376153

Yes, some of your KSS "friends" are on to you. Good job, little one.

No. 376163

this all goes to Peter! have fun!

No. 376173

I'm not even in contact with Peter so go ahead.

No. 376174

Anybody wanna let us in on your weird, private conversation?

No. 376177


Please. Like anybody gives a shit about that. I get it, you want to blame everything on others, but this is all on you, girl.

And more and more people are on to your little lies - about the blood, about your past, about the reason you're doing all this, eh?

You know, the one person in all of this I really pity is that kid Maddux. I'm thinking we oughta give his parents a heads-up so that they can be prepared for the time they will have to explain all of this to him. Poor kid, he'll be crushed.

No. 376178

Kelly is throwing out wild accusations and hoping she's right. She's wrong. She's now threatening to report this thread someone who won't be interested in the slightest.

No. 376182

File: 1503279251044.jpg (13.49 KB, 300x168, IMG_1647.JPG)

This is incredible what is happening here!

No. 376184

They've already got a pretty good idea about who Kelly is. Maddux is doing this for his dad, not her.

No. 376185

File: 1503279559416.gif (875.05 KB, 232x320, frank.gif)

im settling in for my nightly kelly meltdown too. its ugly, but pretty amusing

No. 376187

File: 1503279791026.gif (990.6 KB, 500x281, anigif_sub-buzz-9729-148839406…)

This might even be a better episode than tonight's Game of Thrones.

No. 376191

Y'all are making me want popcorn.
Sage for hungry

No. 376197

Madge is the only one who helped me financially. and she is not the kind of person that would be in such a thread. I already know of Kaylee..Oh thank God it's just a few addicts!!!!at this point I finally know how such a cruel forum could exist! you've fried your brains! sick. soooo sick you guys are! and the best part is you don't know shit!!! And posting my private filrs! I hope you all can recover some day and stop projecting your self hate to someone else! lol kss awesome

No. 376199

omf! I want popcorn so bad too!

No. 376210

Madge is not the only one who helped you financially, oh my god Kelly. Smh!!

Fuck off about Kaylee. She's not here.

No. 376211

### smh donara would never do this either! please remind me other financial help?

No. 376213

>And posting my private filrs!

It's already been confirmed by the site admin that you posted your files by yourself.

No. 376214

What happened to not being Kelly, Kelly?

No. 376215

You are just so infuriating. All you do is use people and then discard them when they can no longer help you. I just… I can't even with you anymore. You make me want to bash my skull in with a hammer.

No. 376216

sure, but there are distinctions in behaviour which lead to them being distinguished by name: a) harming your own body; b) harming another such as a child; and c) harming audience by lying to them.

No. 376217

maune I'm still not Kelly! example of fonavial help..
Kelly wants to know

No. 376218

>I'm not Kelly

>Admits to being Kelly

You screwed yourself over there big time hon. You realize you just confirmed your IP address, thus confirming your previous posts? Congrats. I hope Admin labels all of your self posts so others who genuinely thought you were being bullied come here and see what you've been posting about yourself (oh and others).

No. 376225

hope you know your not genius just because you can pin someone s ip address to any post or picture you want

No. 376226

File: 1503283654486.jpg (61.4 KB, 443x332, IMG_1649.JPG)

All Kelly's posts being marked would be so goddamn good. This level of crazy and self obsession mixed together is really fun to watch.

No. 376244

File: 1503284901515.gif (11.24 KB, 92x27, kellyblinkee.gif)

You literally can't.

No. 376276

File: 1503287121043.gif (2.41 KB, 180x20, kellyrainbowz.gif)

How do you know that Kelly wants to know if you're Not Kelly?

No. 376305

File: 1503289228230.gif (29.37 KB, 131x87, oie_floaties.gif)

No. 376417

Nobody has called themselves a genius, but it definitely doesn't take a genius to recognize your autistic posts when we see them.

Stop with the fucking cancer inducing posts, jesus christ. This isn't your 40 year old Facebook page. There's enough retard in this thread thanks to Kelly's endless self posts to begin with.

No. 376471

Nah, I thought 40-year-old Kelly could use some graphics fitting for a 40-year-old to mark her selfposts.

No. 376472

So, Peter hasn't destroyed the Farm overnight. What now, Kelly? Who will you next threaten us with?

Next time at Church will be funny. Fewer and fewer people there believe you're the poor unfairly judged Second Coming. Thanks to some of us showing this board to many of your most ardent supporters.

Just own up to it already.

It'll be easier to own up than be forced to admit your lie. Everybody knows anyway, it's just about waiting for you to show some backbone.

No. 376489

I am curious, your post seems to indicate you know more than we do and know her IRL. Do you have more info or proof about what is going on with Kelly? You say everyone knows. What do you mean by that? Is she seriously found out locally?

No. 376532

The person talks nonsense.they do not know any truth about kelly . seeks to make it out like they are on the inside but aren't. The only truth on here is the amount of gullible people who have no lives and need to seek out to destroy others. Just wanted to say the whole self posting shit is a hoax too. All my posts are also listed as posted by kelly. Oh and as for her real friends and her church and her family we aren't effected by this thread of stupid lies. When you know someone personally and you see them all the time in person and attend dr. And hospital with them you know the truth about her health, her family dynamic and her name etc. We know because we know her . we are close to her what all this stuff is about that you all are speculating and making stuff up about. We know its just people being stupid and acting with ignorance on here.

No. 376541


Feel free to fool yourself, then. It's your right.

Kelly let you see what she wanted you to see. You know from her psych history (come on, complex PTSD is just a nicety to avoid saying BPD!) that she can be manipulative and deceptive. You've been shown a facade, and because you think that facade is more in line with how you think, you have convinced tourself that you know the real deal. In reality, you have been given a carefully designed trickle of information Kelly wanted you to have, guiding you to your conclusions.l

And you fell for it. As did I, in the beginning.

Start seeing, please. You know you cannot avoid the pain of realising you have been duped. You cannot avoid it, just postpone it, but it will only be more painful.

Go pretend this isn't your beloved Kelly, and tell me what you see.

No. 376543

sweatin there kelly?

No. 376547

File: 1503329823876.png (239.8 KB, 1429x1804, Capture _2017-08-21-08-35-10-1…)

you forgot yo do your reading

No. 376548

does someone get to call bingo now? my grammar mistakes? What's the prize

No. 376551

1Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God,

To God’s holy people in Ephesus,a the faithful in Christ Jesus:

2Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise for Spiritual Blessings in Christ

3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. 4For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love 5heb predestined us for adoption to sonshipc through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will— 6to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. 7In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding, 9hed made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10(May the Lord be with you)

No. 376601

The person isn't speaking nonsense, and neither am I. You thought Cass was Kelowna anon. She wasn't, but niw she knows about this yhrrad because I told her. You blamed Kaylee and Ember. Ember couldn't care less about you, Kelly. She has way more important things to do right now. And Kaylee? Haha, that's rich. You really think KAYLEE of all people would spend this much time shit-talking someone like you? You threatened to tell Peter L. Kelly, you are so effing far from the truth right now and you're just pointing fingers at random people. It shows what kind of a person you are, honestly. It's sick. You'd throw anyone under the bus, wouldn't you?

No. 376649

File: 1503340098570.jpg (14.32 KB, 639x199, IMG_1511.JPG)


No. 376662

Kaylee also wrote awful shit on Kelly's fb last year.

No. 376669

>Someone made fun of me a year ago, so obviously they're still interested in me.

Damn Kelly. What's it like to be so borderline?

No. 376679

That's not BPD behaviour pal, that's straight up narcissism, and probably HPD, given her antics (prancing around the hospital)

No. 376691

I've been watching this thread from the beginning, and I've been a follower of Kelly for several years. Honestly, I'm heartbroken. After reading everything I'm sure that she has no physical illness. My personal theory is she's having dissociative episodes during which she drains blood because she wants to be cared for like a child.

I also want to just thank the farmers for helping me realize how stupid "spoonies" are. I have cEDS/POTS that are fairly severe and I was totally buying into the special snowflake thing, when really I just needed to move on with my life! I deleted my instagram and I'm going to college in a few weeks. Still in a wheelchair but I legitimately need it, but I took off the duct tape decorations.

Sage for diary/newfag

No. 376700

lul, 'duped'
Like anyone believed that somebody 'hacked into her cloud! omg you guys please stop!!!'
Anyways, thanks for show. It was an all right ride. 4/10

No. 376728

Shit, dude. Decorate your wheelchair all you want. Awesome that you've opened your eyes a bit, though. The whole community is full of Kelly's. I, too, was part of the "spoonie" community until I realized that it was stopping me from growing as a person. Once I stopped focusing on my symptoms so much, they didn't affect my life as severely.

I hope when Kelly reads posts like this, she's capable of understanding the kind of emotional pain she's put people through. Honestly, I don't know…

No. 376764

what's it like to be so mean? I'll keep asking for a really good reason you think I duped anyone? Not just that you're mean and need to trash others to feel good about yourself. a real reason. I also maintain that I'm not a fake. I will also remind you that everyone but you knows it. So please let me know what "prove" to you I'm a fake
I understand karis did a bpd class, and like little kids at school you want to practice your new word. And dissociative blood letting?? really???? Do carry on being ass holes because you've made unresolvable mistakes in your life. Kaylee… your poor kid…. so young and yet so exposed to the unstable life that is yours.

No. 376774

Next thing someone will be sending caps of this mess to Kelleys halfway house staff. Someone always gets a bit too involved, but goddamn it would be interesting to see if Kelley buttoned up immediately or not.

No. 376789


It's hilarious how wrong you are as to how I know you. Told you it's not where you'd think.

Also, compared to the wounded Kelly who cries to all and sundry on her Instagram about how hurt you are by all the nasty people here, you're showing your real face here: supercilious, vindictive and oh so dumb. That's what always disturbed me about you: how below the sunny attitude, you always had a vain, self-obsessed little narcissist who thought herself several points of IQ above what she indeed was. You talk about unstable lives but yours is a trainwreck, and you're trying to turn it into something else, something therapeutically redeemed by way of your heroic struggle with your 'illness'. Too bad all you have wrong with you is in your psyche.

So lash out, Kelly. You have lied and deceived and hurt people. Some have contacted me with their stories and wow, I've never thought you would be capable of the thints you did. So many have opened their hearts to you, and you rewarded it by lying and by creating these fake health crises, hoping that it will keep them in your life. The three fans you still have will stick with you forever… but the rest of us has seen the light. You know the truth. Unburden yourself.

No. 376805

Three damn letters for you, Kelly.


No. 376812

We have a Salmon Arm photographer in common.

No. 376816

Is this even English?

No. 376842

File: 1503364014850.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9616.PNG)

The language and sentence structures of this post (>>376532) are quite similar to Kelly's so-called psychiatric note. The one she fully believes has absolved her of the bloodletting theory (it hasn't, Kelly).

And what do you know. She's discovered who her bully is and conveniently turned off her comments so people can't call her out on her lies.

Kelly, you are a disgusting person. To purposely adopt a lifestyle of hardships and glamorise the struggles of legitimately sick people, all for the sake of virality and feeding your own overblown ego, is truly enraging. Fuck yourself.

No. 376845


Plus it's completely unethical to put pictures up online of other people who were in the halfway house. They don't have an online presence like Kelly.

No. 376849

File: 1503365039322.jpg (2.06 MB, 300x170, ok334n.jpg)

god bless this mess.

No. 376853

Canadian English.

Now excuse me while I ride the ogopogo all the way to Peachland.

No. 376857

Of course Kelly had to be front-and-centre in this shit.

How does it surprise her at all that the people who lived with her are sick of her histronics? Just look at this photo. It's all about Kelly, as usual. Each of these people has their own story, but none of them are as harrowing or as interesting as Kelly's story.

What the fuck, Kelly.

No. 376868

It's funny how not even 2 months ago Kelly was in and out of hospital for blood all the time and now she's suddenly fine. She really truly was taking her own blood how can anyone not see it. Sage for non contribution & stating the obvious yet again but seriously just find it so funny…

No. 376875

thanks to her spergy contributions to this thread and some other places, people are starting to become aware to the fact that she might actually be absolutely full of herself. she created an image and a story that got too big and insane that was too wild even for her addled mind to keep up with that now her munchie empire is crashing down on her.

its a hot garbage fire and she knows it.

No. 376879

I hope they see this, see her self posting, and take her down for defamation of character and invasion of privacy. Her doctors would be able to as well considering she has posted their full names and hospitals they work at as well online.

No. 376882

Wait, Kelly was in South Hills?
I thought she was in Hillside.
How many psych wards have you been in, Kelly?

No. 376888

Besides munchie posting, what else has Kelly done to make enemies?

No. 376925

maybe she is still in and out for blood but doesn't share it with you was fucks!

No. 376926

No. 376928

File: 1503374386683.png (47.67 KB, 879x430, lostfollowers.png)

Kelly lost 485 followers between July 16th and August 19th.

>you fucks
>doesn't share it with her friends and followers
>is calling her friends and followers "fucks"

No. 376929

the pics came from a karis website! lol quit trying to find fault

No. 376930

damn… thought I deleted more…

No. 376931

only fucks I know are here

No. 376932

File: 1503374564851.gif (2.7 KB, 90x128, kellyjoepetrovich.gif)

Don't you mean,
>Damn, I thought Kelly deleted more

Oh wait, I get it. You're the hacker, right?

No. 376933

they took for ever to deleye

No. 376934

You got any more of Kelly's personal files, Mr. Hacker?

Which of Kelly's primary caregivers sexually abused her?

No. 376941

File: 1503375132294.jpg (28.23 KB, 604x453, FB_IMG_1503375043205.jpg)

Head of the table too!

No. 376943

File: 1503375217067.jpg (68.58 KB, 736x601, oie_QmJLxKA9yCoZ.jpg)

Kelly rn

No. 376994

and Ashley it wasn't your money it was your parents. You always judged your self and others about money. we're not all inherently rich.

No. 376998

Hi Dorte.

No. 377000

How dare you.

No. 377006

File: 1503388014940.gif (497.99 KB, 500x236, giphy.gif)

No. 377008

For those watching at home. Kelly was caught self posting about herself and other munchies on the forum and posting her personal details pretending to be "hacked". More here https://lolcow.farm/kellyposts.html

It looks like there is 1 or may 2 other posters here as well that know Kelly from their shared time in a halfway house and they're in the middle of a catfight.

We're still waiting to hear any more about the urgent hysterectomy and MS Diagnosis

No. 377016

File: 1503391061452.png (770.71 KB, 1053x1775, 2017-08-22 03.30.05.png)

How is this a sudden diagnosis and her hysterectomy is "urgent" when she posted these two pics 59 weeks ago on Instagram???

No. 377017

File: 1503391163172.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1842, 2017-08-22 03.00.13.png)

No. 377027


I guess in the meantime Gina, too, realized that sending Kelly to Dana-Farber would be pointless, she's got nothing wrong with her bone marrow.

What's funny is that Kelly thinks it's only her halfway house staff who are upset with her and posting here. Not the case, Kelly. I'm totally unrelated to Karis House. But you consider me, to this day, a close friend. And guess what, I used to consider you a close friend, too, until I realized that you have been lying and deceiving people with your faked blood disorder.

You know, you could be worthy of love and you could be worthy of support, just for who you are. But no, you just HAD to pretend to be the sickest little spoonie ever. Now you're a star, you're in CBS commercials and you've got your little fan club. Meanwhile your lies keep your life derailing and preclude you from getting the support you need. Good job, Kelly. You traded the concern of the people around you who could have helped you for being an online spoonie star. Why, Kelly? Why did you lie to all of us? Did you know how much it would hurt?

(Also, I get it, you liked your Karis House friends, but to say they're the 'people you consider family' is fucking insulting to the people who cared for you the rest of the time.)

No. 377031

Question for Kelly's IRL friends who now believe Kelly is doing bad things, did your doubts start with finding this site or did you suspect Kelly was doing something to either make herself sick or worsen ailments?
Besides munchie posting, what else has Kelly done to make enemies? I mean, you guys are kind of having an inside convo but on a public forum and this member of the peanut gallery is hereby confused!

No. 377085

Is this the part where every anon stands up and says " No..I'm kelly ronahan" yet?

Saged for blood is lava rn.

No. 377097

jealousy's a bitch

No. 377099

Jealous is a real bitch…

No. 377105

Jealousy is a real bitch

No. 377109

kek you got there eventually
definitely not jealous of your grammar

No. 377110

What? You asked a question about yourself. I though maybe you forgot so I reminded you

No. 377125

What's there to be jealous of? You've squandered your youth, your talent as a dancer, and most of your relationships, all so you can play at being the sickest girl on the internet.

I get you have some mental illness. Advice from a dispassionate and non-involved stranger: get further psychiatric help and deal with the black hole of a personality disorder you have, because it sure isn't doing you any favors.

No. 377130

Karis does not run this thread.
>just a few addicts
You are making a huge mistake.

No. 377149

I cringe at my grammar too! autocorrect can only do so much! kek! And I'm fully aware that karis doesn't run the thread… It's run by high profile spoonies! #doublekek

No. 377151

Karis junk came in when I first posted about this site. #mybad

No. 377193

File: 1503425143294.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x1635, 20170822_120322.jpg)

So, kelly is just going to blatantly lie to her followers then?

No. 377200

no no. They like me are not stupid. the farm is probably older than Karis. they know that that there are "real" spoonies who are jealous too! kek

No. 377202

>not stupid
uh huh … this whole thread says otherwise

No. 377203

I see a psychiatrist 2x a week! She knows way more about personality disorders. you just feel intimidated and small which is why you are cruel to so many ppl. I think it's high time that the anonymous internet gossips and bullies need more psych help. I'm just being honest. I would never want to hurt someone. maybe one day you'll thank me. And to the families of these farmers, I hope you can support each other through all of this. you're not alone. Actually cyber bullying is quite common. I'll post a how to video soon to how to be a bully. everyone is on to you so for your own health week help! you could have actually made something out of your life. instead you adopted a life of getting life by hurting people. You could be worthy of love if you had a heart or a name for that matter.

No. 377205

this site is a hidden piece of shit! so what ever opinions you all share mean shit all to me! Now I just find your downward spiral amusing

No. 377212


oh, so that's why you're obsessively posting here? got it.

No. 377214

Thanks for this delicious new copypasta.

No. 377220

>Karis junk
So Madge is junk to you, Kelly? Oh my god.

No. 377221

File: 1503428176178.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1838, 2017-08-22 03.11.19.png)

In May of 2015, she is asking how Dystonia gets diagnosed. Now wait for it….

No. 377222

Go make a public post on Facebook about how the ladies from Karis are "just a bunch of addicts", Kelly. If that's how you feel, make it known.

No. 377223

File: 1503428350431.png (845.19 KB, 1080x1839, 2017-08-22 03.17.35.png)

June of 2016 "What is going on?!" (as if she doesn't know). The whole comments section is filled with oh honey, that's Dystonia. And by the way, Kelly, it's been a "few days" but you still haven't taken it down like you said.

No. 377225

Imagine Kelly setting up the camera on her end table and then calmly walking over and rolling around like a retard.

No. 377231


Kelly, perhaps you need to see her more often.

It's funny how you are playing the supercilious, arrogant know-it-all who is so much better than everyone here. You will find that most of the people here have seen behind your facade already - all of them. The sick girl, the grandiose arrogant psychopath, the poor bullied Kelly who has self-posted things to make her look much more bullied…

With every day you carry on with this nonsense, you're sinking deeper and deeper, and the further you go down this road, the less likely it is that you will have a future that doesn't consist of living alone with your cat having alienated everyone around you.

No. 377234


In her defense, if she did bleed herself down to 50, she might have spasms that resemble dystonia, I've seen it in anaemia before. Doesn't normally respond to benztropine though.

No. 377235

You need to stop blaming your IRL friends for this mess, Kelly. It's you vs. Instagram strangers.

No. 377240


Well, them plus a lot of her IRL friends. A lot of us are annoyed as hell with her, betrayed, shocked, hurt, exploited.

No. 377243


That is not how dystonia looks. At. All.

No. 377253

I feel for you.

(Not to blog, but I had a friend pull this kind of stunt on me by pretending she'd had a baby who passed away. She faked pregnancy pics and actually "borrowed" a baby relative for photos. I still don't think she feels any remorse.)

People like Kelly are missing something inside. Empathy? I'm not sure, but it sucks for everyone they encounter.

No. 377264

File: 1503433178824.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_2017-08-22-02-43-38…)

Her caption says it all. I think we all know that this is why she does it.

No. 377265


Honestly, I think they lack self esteem. It's like they don't think anyone would care about them if they didn't make up such ridiculous lies. Or maybe they never grew out of the childish mindset of "everyone is super special!" but also realized nothing actually made them special, so they made something up

No. 377268

Why would they otherwise?

No. 377272

File: 1503433938159.png (902.23 KB, 1080x1740, 2017-08-22 14.09.54.png)

This is one of my favorites… She starts the day in trauma for an allergic reaction, ends up having abdominal pain while in the trauma room, and gets diagnosed with ulcers. How do we end such a day? Why by eating greasy potato chips because they are PERFECT for ulcers.

No. 377275


>I see a psychiatrist 2x a week! She knows way more about personality disorders.

Really. Does she know that you are posting here, and what you've posted, and how you've posted? If not, why haven't you told her?

As for the rest of your comment, I'll ask again: what is there to be jealous of? You didn't answer that, and haven't answered it in all the various posts you've made.

No. 377333

I tell her EVERTHING the good bad and ugly. in fact she comes here once in a while. just out of curiosity. She is a very intelligent docto. I really have been blessed along the way

No. 377342

no no. I've had ulcers for a few years! but don't you worry about our dumb little doctors who know nothing compared to you!!!!!!! #nowthatshystrionics

No. 377348

Nope, try again, although ideally dont take 3 goes to get it right this time.

No. 377350

She's just getting her jollies here. Gross.

No. 377351

Prove it. Have your psych post a picture of herself with a shoe on her head.

No. 377354

and ask her what she thinks of your ridiculous self posting as evidenced by admin-sama

No. 377364

I love how she comments about the ulcers but doesn't reply to the screenshot about her uterine bleeding being recognized over a year ago. Poor wittle Kelly.

No. 377370

you're really doing a great job of showing how much you don't care, Kelly. and of course your psych reads here, what self-respecting professional wouldn't? oh right … all of them.

No. 377377

red fig family tree embarrassment.

No. 377392


You know, you say that all the time, that dumb line about how we think or pretend we are smarter than your doctors.

The fact is, as a physician myself, I'm pretty sure your doctors are very smart. I've never doubted their competence. However, I seriously doubt that what filters through via Instagram is at best a fraction of what they said or diagnosed. You're a compulsive liar, a grandiose mythomaniac and a self-obsessed histrionic. You lie about what your doctors tell you, or rather, about what or what your doctors tell you filters down to your modest intellect (I know, I know, I'm sure I must be jealous of how clever you are), and a lot of the time, it sounds so implausible to any physician that we wonder what the hell is going on. You have manipulated your doctors day in, day out to the point that most of them could not even figure out what's wrong with you… and I'm sure that's part of your sick satisfaction. That's your art. The failed ballerina with a mess of a life who will, realistically, never have a career compensates for it by showing to herself how much smarter she is than all those doctors, while at the same time bragging about how her doctors know way more than some moron on lolcow (never mind some here are actual physicians, etc.), which is the spoonie equivalent of 'my dad can beat up your dad'.

By the way, the answer used to be yes. They would have taken photos with you, sick or healthy, at some point. But few of them will take a photo with someone who lied, cheated and deceived her way to vast amounts of a very limited public good, then publicly campaigned a cause that she was harming. If you haven't been very publicly busted, it's because many worry it would adversely affect blood donations, and that would unfairly punish the innocent for your lies.

Will anyone want to take photos with you after your inevitable public busting (eventually, the whole charade will collapse and your whole 'family' will have to bear the burden of your lies… but you go, girl, get those instagram followers!)? I don't know.

You know, it's a pity, because there are people who could, would have loved you at some point, even with your flaws. But not with your lies.

No. 377410

File: 1503441574226.jpg (1.03 MB, 500x280, vf36e0n.jpg)

This thread fucking reeks of Kelly self-posting

No. 377420

>I'm not Kelly
>Responds to another's question directed at Kelly
Sure you're not.

I wonder what other professionals who have encountered her have found this thread?

No. 377506

File: 1503448017923.jpg (131.53 KB, 1031x550, IMG_20170822_182302.jpg)

That stunt you pulled by accusing your entire Karis family resulted in a net loss of 28 followers in one day.

It isn't Karis. I'm telling you. It's the Instagram spoonie community mixing with some salty cosplayers. Or, at least, it was until you self-posted hate and then showed your IRL buddies how "mean" people are to you. Lol self bully? Give it up.

But sure, keep burning those bridges.

No. 377513

File: 1503448333987.jpg (103.77 KB, 1074x1286, IMG_20170822_183041.jpg)

I guess nobody let poor Nicole know that Kelly trash talked her, too.

No. 377517

you airheads! I posted what you believe to be kelly self posting. You guys are sacks of shit but we share disgust about her games. You put almost all of my content in her self post archive.

No. 377522

Oh yeah? And who are you, and why do you have the same IP as Kelly?

No. 377525

Shoe on head, holding a sign that says "I posted hateful comments about Kelly on the Internet."

Then I'll believe you.

No. 377537

who all knew that Dorte is gay? That's sick. molestation of a vulnerable person is just low. And for Ember to spread it around. wow

No. 377579

Did everyone suddenly forget how to sage? Or is Kelly having conversations with herself?

No. 377582

You might think you'll Thrive, but you're going to end up burning the Bridge if you don't smarten up real soon. I'm warning you.

No. 377583


I'm voting the last one

No. 377587

as much as she hates this im pretty sure kelly is loving the idea that this is her own personal chan or something. but its resulting in people actually hating her.

No. 377603

File: 1503455270457.jpg (2.61 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5279.JPG)

I just didn't imagine you ever being a part of such a thread. I didn't put the comment that is there. I'm not Satan. anyways my heart is broken that you believe these things. I know you hate me, but I miss you. and the circle of 5ths
The way it all turned out is horrible. and I get that you got way worse about it than me. You d0my have to accept my apology… But I am saying with my whole heart that I'm sorry

No. 377605

I'm pretty sure Kelley has been having conversations with herself. As far as I can tell she's playing at least four seperate roles, it's wild.

No. 377615

Sweet Dörte. I'm so sorry that Kelly is treating you like this. You don't deserve it. And for the record, I never believed that you "molested" her. There's nothing wrong with being gay, despite what Kelly's church crew might be telling her. I've always liked you.

I'll let you in on a little secret. Kelly doesn't even believe in God. She uses it to manipulate people.

Don't waste your time missing her.

No. 377641

She has officially hijacked this thread. Who are those people? >>377605
I think you're right.

No. 377703


It's like she realised she made the mistake of sending insta-fans back here so she's trying to make it harder for them to scroll all the way back to where her self posts were called out. Not to mention hide the bizarre splurge where she was posting even more personal medical records CLEARLY as herself.

This entire strange multiple person convo she's got going on just reeks of "FUCK why have I directed people back here when it's so blatantly clear I've done this to myself?!"

No. 377707

why the fuck would you write these things in here! so ducked up. You're goal here is to smash me not expose other ppls lives. I think that comment should be removed. if you have always liked her then delete that shit. She wouldn't hurt an effing flie. she is not a molester. so keep that shit out of here. most of you really don't mind hurting people. leave her the f out of this. Nothing disappears from the internet. be very careful what you say. especially if you care for the person. being gay is not a sin. delete any thing related to her in that way. it's her info to share it not! so quit trying to fuck up ppls lives. You're anonymous, yet you think it's ok to throw other people's names out thete! and with such personal stuff. quit trying to hurt people in this passive aggressive way. not cool.

No. 377712

Kelly said it. I was saying it isn't true. Dörte has done nothing wrong, being gay is not a sin, and Kelly is an unbelievably horrible person for bringing her into this. She was not posting here before. Dörte is completely, 100% innocent and Kelly never should have brought her into this. Of course she's not a molester. She's a fucking angel!

No. 377718

Nigga it's almost 2am why are you self-posting on Wizardchan For Girls shouldn't you be tucked in with your cat reading one of those tacky grocery store romance novels

No. 377749

Apologizes on anonymous

I'm inclined to believe this because it's Kelly, and faking a molestation story and multiple conversations doesn't seem too far-fetched given this shitstorm of a thread and what has come to light. If that's true (I'm talking in IFs, total speculation), it's beyond fucked up. It's also borderline defamation to accuse someone of a hideous crime like that. That would be beyond BPD, HPD, NPD, even ASPD. Kelly, if you're lying about that, I hope you get some real fucking help. And I hope if your therapist sees this (like you admitted here >>377203 & >>377333), they have the decency to get you on the road to healing (true healing). For the sake of neutrality, the style of writing between these "people" is completely different than "Kelly's" posts (the ones she evidently responds as herself and the ones admin labelled). The grammar is more cohesive and fluid. The sentence structure itself is more solid, and lacks Kelly's typical writing-style. I want to say it's not Kelly, but I wouldn't be surprised if she used the bingo card that she was raging about earlier in the thread to pretend she's another person, or multiple people (admin could enlighten us I'm sure).

Sage for OT/semi-linguisticsfagging

No. 377752

Sage for samefagging but I'm positive that these posts (see below)
>>376197 ("my private files")
are directly from Kelly, as she responds to people asking questions to her. I don't know admin's capabilities, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were posted from the same device (eg. android phone that Kelly has). This would be better to be able to determine if it is Kelly repeatedly posting from her device (it'd be hard for her to argue that someone keeps taking her phone to post blasphemous things about her at that point).

(Feel free to add onto this, she deleted a few but I grabbed the ones she responded to as herself)

No. 377886


You're not being cyber bullied. You are not, and have not, been directly contacted. Nobody forces you to be here. There's an open discussion about you, and in particular, whether your use of a very scarc public good is intentionally wasteful. You're not clever, but I'm sure you must have known that you cannot fake a blood disorder forever just by exsanguination. And now your time is up, and the house of cards that was the fictitious life of Kelly Ronahan, the ballerina stuck by a mysterious blood disorder, oh so inspiring, is collapsing.

And the best part is, you could have stopped this long ago. You've been offered to just admit what you've been doing. And you never did.

You need serious help, Kelly. Busting you to KGH & Darrell might not be the best for you, but you keep rejecting all the offers of a soft landing. Imagine never being taken seriously ever again because you endangered a doctor's career by lying to them day in, day out, wasted blood, wasted resources…

You're a selfish, sociopathic monster. And to think all you could have been…

No. 377894

Kek what's she said about Nicole?

No. 378013

She's not conversing with herself. I've been here since Stamina Rose, but she's my first local cow and I'm having way too much fun fucking with her.

No. 378073

Then why are you not only using the same IP, but also the same phone model and mobile browser Kelly is using?

No. 378075


No. 378080

bless you Admin-sama!

No. 378087

omg Osama bin Laden! thank you! you are not the most knowledgeable computer tec! I am not in Kelowna. Get some hacking skills

No. 378124

jesus christ we have already established that there is not a wonderous 'hacker' on this thread because if you were genuinely a decent 'hacker' you would know better than to leave both your IP and source model the same as those of kelly.

also anybody who is a legitimate 'hacker' has enough knowledge of boards to know better than to insult admin

aaaaaand once again with the superfluous use of '!'

(hi there kelly)

No. 378136


Best.thing.ever. You rock!

No. 378143

In my experience, hackers tend to be halfway literate. Kelly, this is just getting pathetic. Stop it, stop the lies and come clean. It will be better for you. It will be so much easier.

No. 378160

File: 1503525799178.png (986.42 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_2017-08-23-16-57-48…)

No. 378167

This talking to herself cracks me

No. 378169

Either youre Kelly or youre a fucking newfag, you are contributing nothing new so sage that shit.

No. 378181


My bet is still Kelly. I've been following along since like three Munchausen threads ago. Never seen this amount of posts about Kelly without a sage. What a fucking lunatic.

"It's the same IP and the same device but I swear guise I'm not Kelly! I swear! It's not me!" Yeah, okay notKelly. As mentioned, hackers are literate. You can't even sage a fucking post.

No. 378188


Ive never in my life seen a more accurate personification of "any attention is good attention" it's totally Kelly, making sure her sooper speshul thread stays bumped.

I've seen some shit in my time but my god this is the most bizarre set of events I've ever been glued to.

No. 378193

Kelly didn't mean to say, "I am a hacker." She meant to say, "I am a hack."

No. 378195

>Gina, can I borrow your phone? Mine's uh… broken.

No. 378208

File: 1503531538095.jpg (134.4 KB, 1075x531, IMG_20170823_173358.jpg)

Kelly's losing followers like crazy. She should go on TV again so more people Google her name and… follow her Instagram account. Yeah, that's what they'll find when they Google her.

You're going to have to change your name again. May I suggest Frocklage? Alternatively, Kelly von Munchausen sounds pretty neat.

No. 378219

File: 1503532717163.jpg (362.28 KB, 1632x1632, IMG_9619.JPG)


Just about pissed myself when I saw this. Thanks for the laugh, Kelly!

No. 378220

Newfag I'm across the us but follow this thread.

Sage for not sageing /not contrib

No. 378222

File: 1503533018184.png (432.79 KB, 1242x1204, IMG_9620.PNG)


Wouldn't want to forget the caption, though!
Tears, people.

No. 378225

so awesome! thanks for sharing?

No. 378244

lmao she bought herself a trophy? oh wow

No. 378253

Admin, you are a god/goddess! I knew there'd be a way to tell it's her 100%.

Fucking kek, who wants to bet she bought herself both the award and t-shirt?

No. 378258

Hi again Kelly. Sad you were proven to be self posting? Maybe you should've thought about the fact that your IP address isn't the only thing that can be labelled like that, but your phone model/type too. Shame you're back to spam with your shitty memes and rage like the 4 year old you really are, because at the end of the day it does nothing. Why don't you go tell the girls you posted about how much you hate them? Better yet, why don't we?

No. 378279

You mean you? Did you forget your posts here on the munchie thread about the rest of the spoonie community? I hope admin labels those fucking posts along with all of your self posts. Take the L, you deserve it.

No. 378301


She received a package from the happy package project (on instagram)which according to their bio sends out packages to "warriors battling illnesses of all kinds" Sorta bothersome when adults receive these, I mean there are legitimately sick adults and everyone deserves encouragement at times, however, when people like Kelly or other mbi'ers receive them it's just another sticker on the "I'm so sooper speshul sick" chart

Sage for complaint

No. 378306

Where can I get my own Kelly Strong t-shirt? Do they coke in blue?

No. 378312

uhhh why is it all cool for you to talk shit about people then you act all appalled if you think someone else has. weird. fair question no? oh and a second question? Have you ever been wrong? if so did it make you feel bad or are you sociopathic?

No. 378315


This directed to Kelly (and her numerous alters/personalities)??

No. 378384

File: 1503549103609.jpg (128.47 KB, 600x600, Facts-Finder.jpg)

>uhhh why is it all cool for kelly to talk shit about people then she acts all appalled if she thinks someone else has. weird. fair question no? oh and a second question? Has she ever been wrong? if so did it make her feel bad or is she sociopathic?

No. 378406

File: 1503553701322.png (52.3 KB, 582x164, kelly.png)

Is there any way Kelly might have access to chemo drugs?

No. 378421

File: 1503556409425.png (175.92 KB, 1344x528, dahliaschronicle.png)

No. 378443

File: 1503560445915.jpg (29.42 KB, 575x323, IMG_1702.JPG)

Speak English and maybe we'll understand you better.

This is interesting. Methotrexate can actually be surprisingly common to grab ahold of, as it is also used for disorders such as RA (psuedomedfagging, my cousin has severe RA and takes methotrexate).

I'd be interested to know if any medfags know anything about how the reaction described in that book forms as a result of autoexsanguination.

No. 378487

My housemate is a medical resident, I just asked her about Kellys blood reactions, turns out you can get immune reactions the more blood transfusions you get and over quicker time periods - it's just apparently a thing that can happen when you're getting strangers blood put in you constantly, and people can have transfusion reactions and develop antibody sensitivities etc

No. 378489

what exactly is it thay you want? I get that hospital valley pictures annoy you and my crappy grammar is gag worthy. But what is this for? And when will it be over? What can I do for you? seriously what do you want what is the desired outcome? Don't say I'm stupid and should have figured it out by now. just answer in a way that a relatively stupid person can understand.

No. 378518

Ssshhh… its ok.. all I want is for you to learn how to sage. It's really very simple. That's all any of us want. Once you sage this all goes away.. quite literally.

Purposefully usaged to be petty and now neurotic ocd will punish me forever.

No. 378524


The amount of MTX to bring your bloods down to transfusion levels is a LOT, and it causes pancytopaenia. So all her counts, not just her bloods, would be low and she'd be getting one opportunistic infection after another. I was on chemo including MTX and my white count dropped way before my red cell count got anywhere near bad.

No. 378525


Correct. Which is why it's a dumb idea to do what she does… you don't want to get blood after a car crash then have to deal with a transfusion reaction because you have so many antibodies.

No. 378528


Stop wasting blood.
Admit to your docs, not just your shrink, that you have been bleeding yourself.
Never set foot in a hospital save a mental ward unless you are actually ill.
Apologise to everyone you duped with your stupid drama.

No. 378555


Methotrexate is fairly highly controlled due to the risks. I'd be surprised if it was easy to get hold of unless you have a very clear clinical diagnosis of autoimmune disease or maybe very obvious severe case of another disease like eczema which you can't fake.

No. 378556


Get help and live your life..? You're young enough and you're not dumb, you can obviously dance. Go be a ballet teacher and maybe inspire some little kids in a positive way.

No. 378558

but would you even believe me if I said I did those things? One more question. are these threads intended to be seen by who ever is being discussed or is it supposed to just be a conversation between anyone with the same opinions.

No. 378559

Wait she actually admitted she's doing this to herself purposefully? Have I missed something? Sage for potentially being an idiot

No. 378563


(Except you didn't sage)

No. 378566

Sorry I'm new to this and thought all I had to do was write sage can you tell me how to do it properly for future reference?

No. 378576

No. 378578

Thanks sorry for being an idiot

No. 378598

You've told your shrink and doctors you've been bleeding yourself?

As far as the rest of it, live your life. You have a talent, dancing, which is being wasted. You are not going to be a prima ballerina– but you don't have to be to have an impact on someone's life. Teach. Or, if you like hospitals that much, do charity performances or something to help kids.

Also: this board is an image board used for discussion. Whether or not the person under discussion sees it is irrelevant, but I usually find it interesting if they respond. (Others don't like it, though). So the answer is, it is not intended to be seen, but sometimes it is.

No. 378614

Ummm.. who are you talking to? Are you questioning a random poster or a supposed acquaintance?, are you seeking validation or approval from an anonymous board? Is somebody trying to hide self posts amid randomness or is this another cohesive disassociation?? Cute idea!! Just like the ban evasion??. I have an awful feeling this is going to go so very very wrong and I think I like it.. Stay anon, anon.

No. 378664


You admitted to your docs and your shrink that you autoexsanguinate?
That was a brave decision, and perhaps the first truly heroic thing you have done. It saved me a very difficult conversation with Darrell and some others whose licenses and whose very livelihood you are endangering.

Though frankly, I'll check on this. I'm sorry if I don't believe you immediately, Kelly. You know… slow change.

No. 378666


In either case MTX toxicity is very easy to detect by its metabolites.

No. 378683

Am I the only one who noticed that she said "if" and not that she did admit to it? "People" are saying she is brave and that she can be a dancer, etc. I'm sorry but it just looks to me like another attempt by Kelly to manipulate others. On one hand it makes this forum believe she is done lying while on the other hand she could tell her Instagram oh I never said that or those bullies are pretending to be me. I won't believe it until I see a public post by her with a picture of her holding a sign that says I'm sorry I lied.

Sage for just my opinion and nothing new to add

No. 378700

File: 1503595100427.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-24-12-13-44…)

Am I the only one who noticed that she said "if" and not that she did admit to it? "People" are saying she is brave and praising her apparent sudden awakening of morals. I am sorry but it just looks to me like another attempt by Kelly to manipulate others. On one hand it makes this forum believe she is done lying while on the other hand she could tell her precious followers oh I never said that or those bullies are pretending to be me. I won't believe it until I see a public post by her with a picture of her holding a sign that says I'm sorry I lied. Sidenote, this happened while she was posting on her Instagram story pictures from the toilet. I believe that is definitely an appropriate place for her "sudden moral awakening".

Sage for just my opinion and nothing new to add

No. 378703

I'm sorry for jeopardized jobs
I'm just one of many patients and don't want to ruin a carreer or life .my life sucks but I honestly didn't know id be e hurting any doctors. Sorry . The hospital felt safe and likei had family. If only you could see how empty and hopeless I am
And I haven't wasyed blood in 3 months. I just wanted some 1 to care if I live or die. Its not working because I have to want to live too. O dont have much in my life so my nurses felt like a family. It's annoying that I'm feeling sorry for myself right now. Hardly anyone

No. 378707

Except you still didn't sage correctly. You put sage in the email field. Read the rules or fuck off.

No. 378708

File: 1503595497538.jpg (181.12 KB, 828x659, IMG_20170824_112350.jpg)

Why don't you try volunteer work? I think you'd be suited for it.

No. 378710

>Apologizes on an anonymous image board
If you really were sorry, you'd apologize publicly on your social media accounts.

No. 378715

File: 1503595718902.png (284.6 KB, 1080x1511, Screenshot_2017-08-24-12-25-19…)

Actually I did read the rules. Maybe you should brush up on them.

No. 378721


lets see some of those facebook and ig receipts of admitting your malingering munchie psychosis. we all know your full of shit, show everyone else and atone for your stupid mistakes

No. 378724

> And I haven't wasyed blood in 3 months.
Yet instagrammed about infusion day around 20 July… ???
Unsaged due to confusion over smelling manure..

No. 378728

File: 1503596802628.png (284.57 KB, 668x1005, Screenshot_2017-08-24-18-38-02…)


No. 378733

Kelly, this is what I'd ideally like to see happen:

First, I want you to delete that horrendous post about the Karis society. Those women are not running this thread.

Phone Jennilee and Gina. Get them to come over. I don't want you to be alone right now. Ask them if you can stay with them, or they can stay with you, for a few days. Explain to them what you've done. Explain to them that you're ready to tell the truth and that you don't want to be alone.

In a public Facebook post, apologize for what you've done. Explain how you induced the blood loss, explain how you induced the allergic reactions, and explain that you know it's wrong. Apologize to Dörte, Kaylee and Ashley in the post. Apologize to your mother.

I then want you to record a video for Instagram and YouTube explaining what you've done. You can disable comments. I think it's probably best if you do.

Lastly, I want you to start making plans for the future. Look into volunteering around the community. Look into maybe getting a part time job in retail or teaching ballet. Ask Gina if maybe the two of you could travel together.

I really do want to see you succeed, Kelly.

No. 378744

Apologize to Ember too.

No. 378756

So what's being proposed is that kelly induces a media frenzy VOLUNTARILY creating an incredibly hostile environment for both kelly and her family/caregivers/support network instead of allowing this to play out privately with the due respect the people around her have earned?? At this point I have no clear understanding of what the goal for recovery actually is, this seems incredibly well orchestrated but what do I know? I'm just another spectator, dying quietly a continent away. If you have the chance to live then take it.

No. 378759

I agree. She's already not well. The backlash would do more harm than good. Eventually, it would be wise to come clean but when she's not in a vulnerable mental state.

No. 378762

Kelly is not notable enough to create a media frenzy.

No. 378823

I'm not overly fussed about the backlash for kelly, however her family/hosptal/drs are those at risk, she may be unwell but what she's about to unleash on every innocent person she's ever come into contact with has the potential to be highly inflammatory and without any type justification.
I think this may finally give her the notoriety she craves, maybe not nationally nor globally but there will be a number of people adversely affected by whatever this turns out to be, I'm still hugely skeptical about this tbh, something just seems off… I find it very hard to believe that this is where it ends.
Meh.. I guess time will tell.. being genuinely terminal ill is a bit of a hinderance when it comes to instagramming and well, living.. One question though.. Isn't this type behaviour a crime?? Wouldn't there be a prosecution of some type??

No. 378841


Personally I don't want a personal backlash on her. The fairest would be a public prepared statement in which she explains that it was her sole deed and responsibility, takes responsibility for it and deletes all her social media.

Let's be fair, a lot of people will be hurt when this gets out. Which WILL sooner or later happen just as every lie collapses. What would be great is if farmhand could authenticate the message in the first place.

A lot of people will be hurt and I know what it'll feel like - it happened to me, I was a close friend of Kelly's. And we in the medical establishment have never ever cast aspersions on a physician duped by a Munchie. But a painful truth is superior to a pleasant lie.

In the worst case, it might help her recovery to know that if she were to try it again, there'd be hell to pay (I don't know, not sure - I am not a psychologist, I look at gastric ulcers and tubie Munchies all day).

No. 378854

She's not going to do any of that because it won't fill her need for attention.

No. 378877

Everyone involved in this horrible thing better pray really hard that Kelly is ok. This is beyond funny or speculative this is harassment,stalking and the belittling. And I will tell you this: I have zero reservations about sharing this with the police. I don't care what she did or didn't do, this is absolutely inhumane. Keep your fingers crossed. Those of.you that actually know her if anything happens I will see your heartless bodies in court

No. 378879

I understand where you're coming from but wouldn't her consultants/dr's/nurses/support be implicated in a huge negligence case based on the known fdis guidelines, this would surely be an ethical nightmare for everybody but kelly, it seems as though she would be allowed to walk away from the carnage and devastation relatively unscathed, and with the possible advantage of becoming the poster child for FDIS, to kelly it fits her narrative far too perfectly, the victim once again… I genuinely am sorry that you were an unwilling participant in this whole shitshow and I hope that your colleagues have as generous view as yours, rock and hard place spring to mind.

No. 378880

I would like you to share it with the police. Kelly posted her own harassment.

No. 378884

For the record I'm more than happy to give out my details should they be required and to point any post accredited to me, would Ms ronahan offer to do the same? I have no clue as to why a person would have continued to self-post such vitriolic content, especially one who courted social media so effectively. Unless you're of the opinion that kelly was in fact hacked, and has been compromised for the past three years?

No. 378885

File: 1503608605357.jpg (683.91 KB, 1920x789, PhotoGrid_1503608147497-1.jpg)

Side by side, these two messages have notable similarities in punctuation and sentence structure. Notice the periods and spacing throughout and the lack of period at the very end of both. Kelly, if you are being sincere and actually going to come forward I will keep you in my prayers. However, I can't help but think these are just more calls for attention.

No. 378886


They meant you need to put sage in the email field, you placed it in subject field (some oldtimer farmers can be a little cranky when it comes to this)

No. 378895

File: 1503609351941.jpg (211.34 KB, 639x902, IMG_1660.JPG)

Sure. Just realize that (a) 90% of the worst posts in here were self posted by Kelly herself, and (b) by going to the police, you are singlehandedly providing the Karis society and countless other professionals/clinicians with the ammunition to sue Kelly for defamation? She publicly slandered them by claiming they were the ones who created the thread (eg. organization itself), as well as posted private information about her clinicians. But sure, they're going to take people down who speculated on a gossip website. Some of the farmers on here are ruthless and definitely went in. But the majority are genuinely asking for Kelly to get better. Also, good luck with people using VPNs.

No. 378913

Kelly is on Instagram video live. We're 'hell bent on ruining her', denies the authenticity of the previous comments. Claims she's not faking what 'this' is.

No. 378914

Kelly, I'm Kelowna Anon. I really do want you to be okay. I want you to give up this bloodletting, and I want you to apologize to the people you've hurt, but I also want to see you turn your young life into something amazing. I'll pray for you. Stay strong.

No. 378915

Claims she has been getting transfusions but she 'can't comment on it'. Apparently, she claims cows have been going to her pictures and tagging other spoonies.

No. 378917

Well dang.

No. 378919

Cows or farmers?

No. 378925

Wait. Where did her Instagram live just go?

No. 378928

Hell bent, yet the thread started to die, and then she started rapidly posting about herself and pretending she was multiple people.

Why do you insist on this facade? It was already proven by admin here >>378073 that it's the same phone model, ip address, and mobile browser posting here. There is no Kelowna Anon. Stop.

No. 378931

I think you've misunderstood. I'm most definitely not Kelly, but I do know quite a few of her friends.

I'd ask admin to check my IP, but ironically I'm also the person who made the banner telling people not to do that.

I mean what I've said, too. Kelly has the ability to choose between being a total waste of resources and a successful volunteer, ballet teacher, etc.

No. 378936

I don't see a live….

No. 378981

File: 1503616048071.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2099, 20170824_170311.png)

No. 378982

File: 1503616124995.png (604.31 KB, 1440x1658, 20170824_170502.png)

She's continuing to manipulate to get attention from every avenue she can.

No. 378983

File: 1503616189349.png (250.68 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_9621.PNG)


She wants to post here and act like a victim, and like she might actually want to come to a reasonable resolution, only to turn around and fuck post to her followers who believe every lie she tells.

This right here is the person you'd like to see succeed - a selfish, narcissistic professional manipulator.

No. 378986

She is legit the worst human being…..I watched her live video and I can't even stand the sound of her crying. It is all such a sick act….and people have no idea how fucked up she is and what she says here. I cant believe this level of bullshit. Kelly, you are a shitshow.

No. 379001

She hasn't actually admitted anything…has she?
What video? Link and screenshot/transcript please!

I wrote this before she posted her recent denials. I will leave it here because I think someday maybe someone with FD might read here, and they should know that help is out there:

This is a delicate situation and honestly I am not sure what benefit a very public confession would do. We have already discussed the potential negative ramifications of this getting out to the media and resulting in a more suspicious public who thought twice about donating blood. It is fucked up either way. Personally, Kelly, I think the best thing would be to talk to those closest to you and to your therapist. If this is seriously happening I have major respect for you. The irony is that this is a mental illness with so much stigma against it and if any awareness needs to be raised for an illness, speaking out about FD would be, in actuality, brave as fuck. A disparity of information exists in the literature about conditions like this because patients are so resistant to admitting their compulsion, and even consider treatment. I would suggest writing to Dr. Marc Feldman, who is an expert on FD and invites patients to contact him online. He can help give you some information as to how to proceed from here and seek help. Potentially you would be helping the medical and psychological community by daring to be honest and open about one of the greatest psychosocial stigmata in existence. It would be a win-win situation: getting the attention one craves from clinicians, and helping us better understand the inner workings of the illness. Please consider it, if you believe you may be legitimately dealing with FII and are ready to be open about it.
More info: http://munchausen.com/

No. 379003

File: 1503617015111.png (755.79 KB, 1730x1800, IMG_1761.PNG)

Not everyone holds as strong as a belief that she didn't self post most of these comments.

No. 379008

Kelly has asked previously in this thread "what do you want" and honestly I just want her to stop publicly slandering clincians just because they don't bow down to her. Those poor clinicians spend countless hours working tirelessly around the clock to help change lives, and they have their own problems, like watching patients die in front of their eyes, and troubles with interpersonal relationships from stress and mental health struggles. Some don't even get to see their children grow up because they're working 70-80 hours. Not to mention some of those clinicians are probably struggling with chronic illnesses themselves. And then the minute Kelly perceives someone as a bit rude, she blasts them on her social media platform with 18k followers. Kelly, if someone treats you poorly, you report it to the appropriate staff, and you move on. You don't shame them (or the hospital) on social media without them knowing their name is being slandered. Same with Karis society. Just stop.

No. 379022

File: 1503618726876.png (153.39 KB, 749x1122, IMG_4008.PNG)

I wonder if Kelly will finally come clean and admit that she has been majorly selfposting on here to try and garner more attention..

KEK as if thats ever gonna happen. No doubt she will either delete the post, play the victim, spin it to all be some 'horrible misunderstanding', blame it on a 'hacker' again or start selfposting another bunch of random crap.

Admin doesnt make mistakes Kelly/Kellys followers. I can assure you they are infinitely more tech savvy than Kelly but also have no vested interest either way so have no reason to go to the effort of compiling posts and sourcing IPs and source devices simply for the sake of it. Admin is impartial and Im afraid that Kelly has been lying to you all. I cant say for sure about her illness, but she has DEFINITELY been posting here, frequently.

No. 379026

File: 1503619078177.png (17.83 KB, 296x374, krig.png)

this is getting amusing. she certainly stirred the pot but its backfiring

No. 379030

Anons start thinking logically, I'm still pretty certain we're being trolled, what was it kelly said? An eye for an eye or whatever else godjebus told her?? Re-reading the last 3 days worth of posts, I'm certain there's a purpose to this as mentioned previously, wether it's to swamp the self posts, to confuse newcomers or to just disrupt and derail as much as possible. Ughh it's late and I'm shagged…
Saged for confusion/disparity and tiredness swirling around with far too much morphine/benzo's.
obvious trollz are not so obvious sometimes.

No. 379051

File: 1503620086570.png (602.78 KB, 1440x1989, 20170824_181403.png)


No. 379060

File: 1503620645703.jpg (259.79 KB, 1078x1249, IMG_20170824_182342.jpg)

No. 379067

File: 1503621202637.png (20.8 KB, 640x145, IMG_1764.PNG)

To everyone reading coming from Kelly's profile, she publicly slandered a lot of the other spoonies in the community (see the other munchie threads, I specifically think it was #4 or #5), as well as the Karis society, and she also said a lot of horrible stuff about 2 of her doctors as well as some nursing staff at her local hospital. If she really has lawyers involv