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File: 1493412381795.jpg (60.47 KB, 460x480, 63951b0e4e109bae0e2802535efb79…)

No. 300611

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #4
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/237479

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Some of the more notable cows from the previous threads:
LifeUndiagnosedd, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own threads now (original: >>197138 ).
MyLifeStruggles on IG
JourneyToEmma on IG
Jonzie08 on IG

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

LINKS to articles and info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 300612

File: 1493412533850.png (405 KB, 1252x630, 18120354_650401698498136_17459…)

Was waiting for someone else to make a new thread, but it's been three days and I obtained update screenshots concerning Eli, and couldn't wait any longer.

So far, seems he has a new kitten (What happened to all those different dogs he claimed to have?)


No. 300614

File: 1493412611704.jpg (29.99 KB, 360x640, 18197957_651548051716834_20058…)

Also, surgery? Seems he's keeping up with the bullshit of surgery and whatnot on his Facebook, but never mentions it on his Instagram. Seems fishy, honestly.


No. 300616

File: 1493412713129.jpg (27.02 KB, 360x640, 18191573_651704421701197_17327…)

An "update" on his "surgery".

Looks too clean, what the hell is that on his chest too?
Plus, from what I know of hospitals, at least in the UK, is that they have lights on at all times, even during the day. The lighting in his photo is off if he was in hospital, since it's a natural light, not an artificial one. He could very easily be at home pretending again, like the old days.


No. 300633

the thing on his shoulder is called tegaderm, but you can get that in every drug store. what is he claiming the surgery is about?

what is weirder to me is the oxygen tube. why would he need oxygen tube? that's only for people with heart or lung conditions, not regularely after usualy surgeries. And… every kind of piercings as well as ear rings are removed before a surgery. no matter what kind of surgery it is. He is flat out lying.

It's ridiculous. Just imagine how long it took him to prepare that shit at home and then making that facial expression for a picture. i wonder how many similar looking selfies he has on his phone right now.

No. 300645

I had day surgery at the alleged hospital to remove an ovarian growth and was made to take out every last piercing including facial ones before I arrived at the hospital to save time before surgery. The last thing on my mind was getting to put them back in as soon as I woke up.
The metal can cause interference with surgical equipment such as electrical burns from the equipment used to cauterize wounds.
Sage for blogging

No. 300670

My bf had an oxygen tube after a non dramatic op on his throat for around 5 hours after surgery (I'm in the UK). He had to take his piercings out and I doubt it he'd been in so much pain as on this munchies face he wouldn't be arsed to locate where the jewellery was, let alone put it back in. Also, the bf was on morphine drip for a while and zonked off his tits for half a day. He wouldn't have been able to take a selfie (if phone cameras had existed then). I say bullshit.

Sage for another kinda personal blog, but further evidence of lies.

No. 300677

He's claimed to have heart surgery in the past so the oxygen tube may be to do with that. Then again there were those old screenshots of him wearing a breathing tube and it being visibly taped to his arm in the photo, so it's proven he at least owns and has misused one before.

However, yeah, the piercings give him away. Might explain why he cropped it out in his Instagram post regarding it. That or he's just cropping the identifiable part of his face out as usual,

No. 300702

What is his IG?

Also, his mother and his aunt are both in his friend list on Facebook. Do they comment under those posts? How would be be able to post that stuff if it was fake without them getting on to it?

No. 300712

You can have settings on Facebook that make your posts visible to all but the people you decide can't see it.
Although it's evident his mother is in on it in some way, judging from the fact she insisted it was just his account getting hacked, and her statement to the newspapers that covered the story two months ago.

He has two Instagrams, one is private and inactive, seemingly (thepunkinthemonk), and the other is folie_a_you

No. 300720

File: 1493426912184.png (120.67 KB, 640x894, IMG_1008.PNG)

Does anyone follow this chick? I just found her today but holy hell is she obsessed with medical paraphernalia. The caption says she had to take this shit before takeoff so my question is why?? Why on a fucking plane. And why are you taking a photo of it and possibly blocking the narrow plane aisle. If you take away all the EDS WARRIOR bullshit items it'd look like the drug addict sampler platter

No. 300721

How is she even allowed all that shit on a plane? Did they just let her take it on as hand luggage?
Did she even say what it was?

No. 300732

medical geek here. Things totally wrong with this pic; 1. (As already mentioned) the piercing jewelry. 2. The gross discolouration of the oxygen tubing…classicly seen when patients have home oxgyen and dont change their tubing over regularly and it becomes old, yellowly/brown and manky looking. You should never see old and visibly dirty looking tubing being used on anyone in hospital - Indicating he probably is wearing something he has had a while at home. 3. What is that slightly black stuff to the very right edge of the pic? I have a cat and it genuinely looks like it does when my cat it accidentally slightly in a picture im trying to take!

No. 300737

It's just plastic syringes

No. 300738

I thought it could possibly be self harm scars or scratches or something. But now that you point it out, it looks less like that and more like his cat or dog has accidentally got in the frame. I know he got a new kitten, and they crawl about everywhere. Probably his kitten.

The lighting is absolutely a dead giveaway.

And… do you usually wake up naked after a surgery? Surely he would have some sort of gown on?

No. 300747

I think the black stuff might be a tattoo? He has that many, it's a possibility. Although it could also be the new kitten, it is the right colour for it.

It's true though, the lighting and the lack of gown are a giveaway that it's a bunch of bullshit. Everyone I've ever visited in a public hospital, unless brought clothes by their families, are in gowns of some sorts. He certainly wouldn't be topless after an operation, anyway.

No. 300749


he should be concerned that he "woke up" naked

No. 300753

File: 1493431151876.png (262.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170214-210349.png)

Some old milk from his old facebook

No. 300754

File: 1493431230542.png (251.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170214-205525.png)


No. 300755

File: 1493431266981.png (295.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170214-205532.png)


No. 300757

Funny to see how many diagnoses he gained between 2015 and the "doctor's" letter from 2016

No. 300767

File: 1493433086646.jpg (648.73 KB, 2560x1341, 1486334338228.jpg)

Dug up this in the last thread, it's even better if you look at the progression 2013 > 2015 > 2016.

No. 300912

File: 1493466809877.jpg (178.01 KB, 748x475, lc.jpg)

Used to be frequent ER flyer. Bitches about getting really bad Tn flares, but refuses to avoid triggers. And it seems like she has no clue how triage in an ER works: Chronic nerve pain is no emergency, so of course you can wait several hours! Especially when you're able to play with your phone and take pictures of other people with it while having unreal nerve pain.

She has no problem with publishing photos or full names of doctors, nurses, friends or other people on social media in order to defame them. Sometimes people even ask her to take certain photos down, because of this reason. Especially when they show the name(here her oh-so-bitchy doctor) of somebody.

No. 300930

File: 1493471424086.png (472.88 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20170429-090634.png)

She actually thinks she should be able to tell her doctors what to give her.

No. 300933

…don't people with cystic fibrosis usually die in their 20s?

No. 300948

Or sooner. And usually quality of life is low in terms of getting out and about, especially if you enjoy sports. Like lacrosse. Or karate.

With all of his supposed conditions I'm not saying that it's impossible for him to be alive, i'm just saying i rather fucking doubt he'd be such a beacon of shining hope and love etc. etc.

And just…ugh. Everything about him pisses me off.

No. 300958

In mild cases, they can have a near to normal life expectancy. Though, with this kid, everything is ~super extreme seriousness~. He posted on his blog (now deleted, a shame, it was a great source of milk) that they'd tried every antibiotic possible for his recurrent infections and he was now resistant to them all.
It's funny when you think that, having admitted himself his life expectancy is 20ish, he had a "heart transplant".
They don't give transplants to people that will die anyway in less than three years.

No. 300961

File: 1493478611277.jpg (140.84 KB, 620x465, Benjamin Denton.jpg)

>My body is a ticking time bomb

No. 300991

File: 1493483921817.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2075, Screenshot_2017-04-26-16-20-57…)

How can you be ~so exhausted~ from moving when you clearly state you had a moving crew?

No. 300993

File: 1493484878752.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2078, Screenshot_2017-04-29-10-50-53…)

Who is ready for some more oversharing and tag abuse.user is MadameMcWeed because clearly making your entire identity around being ill and smoking weed is a good idea

(Note, you can see the piss inside the piss jug due to lighting)

No. 300994

File: 1493484915652.png (191.26 KB, 1440x1250, Screenshot_2017-04-29-10-50-58…)

Caption with all the cringey tags.

No. 300998

File: 1493485583319.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2069, Screenshot_2017-04-29-10-59-11…)

This user is otherwise not milky but this brace thing is getting out pf hand.

No. 300999

File: 1493485612303.png (2 MB, 1440x2266, Screenshot_2017-04-29-11-03-30…)

No. 301001

File: 1493485651437.jpg (309.87 KB, 720x1280, 4ed3e617-c000-4625-a2d0-f53c37…)

Another bane mask

No. 301002

File: 1493485671003.jpg (203.9 KB, 720x1280, 9f6ef3e3-c068-4386-bdbe-635456…)

No. 301126

File: 1493498118357.png (663.35 KB, 961x534, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 21.4…)

Apparently she's on ‎Adriamycin and has been for 23 weeks. A chemo drug which causes near total hair loss…

No. 301130

Also who the fuck has enough energy or looks healthy enough to do a modelling shoot whilst having chemo

No. 301256

When asked how she could be planning college She said that they are reducing her dose of chemo because she's responding so well… yeaaaah… they do your full course and then assess you again.

No. 301280

Lol guessing youre a similar sceptic who has had almost identical convos with this particular cow
'Im so sick omg dying #beatcancer #dissociativeidentitydisorder #schizophrenia #beatana' whilst simultaneously asking for money to go to college and being super sketchy and evasive about any and all details pertaining to her 'cancer' and treatment

No. 301281

Talia Castanello, aka Taliajoy18. But she was trying to raise awareness for childhood cancer. Unfortunately, she passed away at age 13.

No. 301342

File: 1493523367118.png (54.59 KB, 600x570, joke.png)

ugh whatever. she actually had cancer though. im pretty certain anons post was sarcasm.

No. 301544

Yeah, she actually had cancer and the only reason she looked "well enough" to model was a shitload of makeup to make her look less like a chemo corpse and she had no hair. This chick is claiming she's having chemo, still has hair which is evidently growing quickly, conveniently "forgets" some of the drugs she's on and even claimed she's on a 3 drug combination when the treatment for Ewings sarcoma is a 5 drug combo. >>301256 LOL no doctor would ever do that. Do you have caps of her saying this?

No. 301592

Amazing how someone can go from having the occasional absence seizure without a known cause to magically having epilepsy diagnosed in childhood, dude must be a time traveler.

No. 301754

The case of the time travelling munchie, a novel by B. Ullshitter. I'm gonna have a snoop on some health forums, see if I can find any milk. I mean, he's BOUND to be on multiple

No. 301830

And from occasional absence seizure to Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a very severe and very rare form of epilepsy. Multiple seizure types that are very hard to control and is often accompanied by intellectual disability.

No. 301833


Yeah I am pretty sure doctors don't reduce the dose of chemo because you are doing well. They might reduce it when you aren't handling it well. There is a reason they don't just end chemo as soon as their is no evidence of disease and if you can handle the full dose they are going to want you to continue with the full dose.

No. 301834

There are caps of her saying that in the last thread.
I asked her what she'd been diagnosed and she left Aspergers off the extensive list despite making several tumblr posts about it

No. 301846

click on the post number you want to reply to, then that will appear in your post (like my reply to you here).

No. 301929

not a fucking hope in hell he has Lennox Gestaut. One of the diagnosing symptoms is moderate to severe intellectual impairment. Plus he would get worse ability wise as he got older. He chats such fuckign shit

No. 302014

Yes! Do it anon!

No. 302038

File: 1493644237829.png (182.91 KB, 750x951, IMG_0515.PNG)

Because this reply doesn't make you look crazy at all… also why would she email her doctor before she's even seen the neurologist? Couldn't she just tell the neurologist?

No. 302079

she seems to see someone at the pain clinic, so I don't think her GP or her neurologist are even allowed to give her stronger stuff for a weekend? And as far as I can tell it's kinda odd, that she always end up at the ER. Guess 2 weeks ago she went to the ER, because one of her roommates stole her painmeds.
And she was able to apply make-up and do her hair without having to cancel the trip. She often writes that this triggers her TN, epecially when people critize her behaviour

No. 302292

None of her conditions make her need the ear defenders…

No. 302552

File: 1493695384458.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2038, Screenshot_2017-05-01-21-20-40…)

No. 302634

Why would they give muscle relaxers to someone with POTS?!

It weakens the vagal tone and can cause the blood pressure to go even lower.

No. 302668

Littlemisswheeler appears to have deleted the doctors letter off instagram. Would be interesting to know if she was told or saw it here

No. 302680

File: 1493719142321.png (639.02 KB, 958x605, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.3…)

"I'm sooper sick, nobody is sicker than me!" Also amazing how the DID has taken forefront and the cancer has conveniently vanished… She's also claiming that no inpatient facility will take her because she's "too complicated." That's not how it works, if she was that sick she would be sectioned, end of.

No. 302681

saged for blogging, but i have been following these threads for too long now, someone actually posted to bring awareness to EDS and my immediate thought was another cow.

No. 302887

Guess she wanted to get more attention and no one gave her the comments she wanted to read. It happens quite often, especially on facebook.

No. 302997

I doubt anyone told her. She probably realized how stupid it looked.

No. 302998

Whenever I see ear defenders like that, I avoid the person because I assume they're some sort of shrieking spazz.

No. 303068

File: 1493765631663.png (232.68 KB, 750x1216, IMG_0543.PNG)

What health facility has nice china like that? And I doubt many places would share a staff member's cake with patients…

No. 303081

Staff absolutely don't share food with clients. Staff don't eat with clients. If a cake was brought in for a nurses birthday it may have been shared with staff and clients on that ward but not on fancy chinaware. It makes more work cleaning up and is a big risk if they're on a psych ward.

No. 303117

File: 1493770976388.png (110.73 KB, 520x397, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 23.1…)

No health facility has china like that, inpatient or outpatient. Hell, even I don't have china like that… She has a vivid imagination, her tumblr is a goldmine…

No. 303122

File: 1493771497858.png (149.62 KB, 569x562, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 23.2…)

Also what is this white people bullshit? "you don't need fancy oils or fragrances, they don't do anything for you." Has she looked in mirror lately, because if anyone needs to moisturise their hair and put some argan oil on it, it's her. Not everyone has basic white girl hair. Sage because I'm salty as fuck/blogpost

No. 303164

I was a bullied cutter in high school. My whole school knew, and nothing like this ever fucking happened. Nothing like this has ever happened anywhere.

No. 303209

The more of that the read, the more you go from "well that seems unlikely…" to "hahaha wtf are you actually trying to pass this off as the truth?!" Why would someone rip her sleeve to expose cuts? And I love that she's trying to say they followed her home while yelling at her or some shit. She is an idiot!

No. 303211

Not to mention how hard it would be to actually rip a sleeve…

No. 303241


Staff members are not supposed to share food with patients although I have worked in a few health facilities where some of the younger well-known patients always seemed to be able to get their hands on staff treats. That being said - I have never seen a health facility with fancy patterned dishes. Plus if it was a treat/snack outside of the meal and passed out to staff, it would probably be served on a disposable (paper/styrofoam) plate.

No. 303285

Why would you take propanolol the beta blocker for temporary pain? At most it'll be for migraines, but really it's a heart medication?

Like wtf? Also outer ear infections don't even need antibiotics they go on their own??? Why's she such a massive baby? It's people like her why we're all gonna die from mrsa.

No. 303287

A year ago
> I have hypermobile syndrome
>I have vascular eds

Sure okay.

No. 303368

But she's Dutch so "its different over there!" Which is basically her excuse for all the blatantly falsified shit she tries to pass off as the truth. Like the time she tried to pass of being sectioned in Holland whilst studying in the UK.
Yeah I've done varying inpatient stays and I don't remember one time staff treats were stared. We didn't even have glasses, they were all plastic tumblers…

No. 303372

File: 1493808006782.png (67.91 KB, 607x407, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 01.1…)

It's painfully obvious Hannah is sending herself anonymous hate too. I mean this DOES NOT read like a rape survivor who received a genuine rape threat. Her response is too predictable and calm for starters.

No. 303388

File: 1493810765782.png (96.2 KB, 865x232, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 12.1…)

"I'm sectioned but living abroad!" Yeah right.

No. 303400

wtf… that makes zero sense
nowhere does a foreign exchange for goddamn sectioning exist

No. 303457


She's not in a hospital or unit or anything I don't believe. She never said she was on Any of her recent posts. So please find some better milk! If she was a cow she'd be posting constantly about her being in hospital. And she's not.
Can we dig up more milk on eli instead. He's more interesting.

No. 303462

Really? Can you not find anything recent rather than something over a year ago?
We want to see recent milk.

No. 303546

I think someone tipped the cow as she's deleted her tumblr

No. 303552

Tumblr is shit anyway.

Doesn't mean she was tipped, maybe she just couldn't be bothered with tumblr.

I've had tumblr accounts, Instagram account and I've deleted them because I couldn't be bothered with them or I wanted a fresh start…

No. 303676

true, but her aspie asspats tumblr is still up. Yeah, tumblr is shit.

No. 303692

Are you selfposting? Or just WKing? Because Eli is old milk and boring af. Hannah has really recent stuff about cancer and DID and that cake picture claimed to be from a NURSE implying HOSPITAL which given the plate is clearly not the case. There is milk there and lots of it.

No. 303735

No im not whiteknighting.
I just know from personal experience that she may have just been out with friends or something and one of them could be a nurse. Doesn't instantly imply she's in hospital… she didn't say she was in hospital.

Anyway I went to one of the weddings of a nurse who looked after my sister. And I ate CAKE there!
So if I made a post with a picture of a cake saying "having a piece of the nurses cake" does that mean I'm in hospital too?

I have a lot of friends and relatives who are doctors, nurses, social workers etc.

Anyway as a kid my CAMHS worker use to take me out to cafes for our appointments and she'd buy me cake and a drink.
They do stuff like that a lot. All my MH workers have done that over the years.

Jesus. Stop jumping to conclusions there's no milk there.

Find someone who's an actual cow. I'm tired of hearing about her on hear.
I want you to talk about actual cows.
Like Eli, endlessvoices… people like them.

You're just trying to come up with conclusions because you can't find any milk. It's obvious.

Not trying to whiteknight anyone I just hate it when these threads are filled with boring people.

No. 303751

She has nothing to do with your brief camhs meetings since she's claiming to be sectioned to inpatient. Your defenses for her are weak, and don't work.

No. 303752

weird whiteknight detected

No. 303755

where is she claiming to be sectioned?

I just merely have scanned her Instagram after seeing her posted on here

No. 303757


Yeah because someone calling someone out on jumping to conclusions is whiteknighting for sure.

You're misunderstood what whiteknighting is.

No. 303778

Her Instagram is private, she's pretending to be given things like cake by nurses indicating being in a facility, >>303388
Here she claims to be sectioned AND not in hospital which isn't possible, but please, keep defending this lying creep by desperately reaching for anecdotes about seeing a case manager (entirely different to a nurse) and butchering English to attempt to make a point.

No. 303812


Read the date on that. How long ago was that?
It's not recent therefore it's not relevant.

And butchering English?
Fuck off, you're getting on my tits now.

I followed these threads for ages.

The people writing in these threads lately seem to be digging up old milk not new milk. I'm here to post about cows, RECENT cows, I've seen her Instagram and tumblr. There's no recent milk there.

Seems like you all are running out of cows to post about

No. 303819

Too bad friendo, the thread isn't here to cater to you. Bring some new milk if you don't like what's here.
And yes butchering the language. The fuck around you reached for about having some nurses cake was terrible. Bitching about current content is more boring than old milk. Bring something new to the table or find something else to do.

No. 303862


Wow is this bizarre. Makes me think you might be. ..Hannah?

So my mom is the charge nurse in 3rd Ward (psych unit) at a hospital in the U.S. I was even briefly hospitalized there (my mom had to move units while i was housed there due to the potential for favoritism, favors, and conflict of interest).

Which brings me to my point. Now, I don't know about Europe, but in America, to sit and share staff cake would be a huge breach in professionalism, and potentially be seen as a break in code of conduct due it being seen as favoritism (did everyone in Hannah's unit get cream cake? Or was it just the sooper-special-sick princess)? Singling one patient out for asspats and favors is very untowards in appearance (is there an inappropriate relationship going on, etc.) and would never fly in a psych unit in the US, ever. I need to ask my mom, but i am confident such conduct would warrant disciplinary action.

Don't even get me started on the glass plate. Hell's bells it was thick plastic sporks for you on Third Ward when n I stayed there.

Oh, and stfo about who is, and who isn't worthy to be in this thread. Scout out a new cow who is more milky or GTFO……Hannah.

No. 303874

Yeah the writing style of >>303735 is super similar to Hannah's. Especially the bit about the wedding, it reads exactly like the replies to her self-sent asks.

In the UK Nurses would not be allowed to share food with patients, staff could buy food for all the patients to share as a treat, eg on holidays, but to give one patient food is a MASSIVE breach of professionalism like you say, and would warrant disciplinary action. The plate is also a fucking massive nope. We had catering plates on the ward I was on which were hard (nigh on impossible) to break and plastic cups. I mean the water didn't even run hotter than like 60c..

Jog on, Hannah.

No. 304014

Then you rushed to Lolcow to tell everyone about how you questioned where she was and commented that the plates were nice, and now she knows for sure that you're on here. Great job.

No. 304154

RE chemo and getting out and about;
My step mum was flying interstate every week (or second week?) to teach at uni after having a double mastectomy and lymph node removal and then chemo.
She'd have her chemo, wait the 3 days til the worst symptoms abated, fly up, work for 4 days, come back down etc

And now my sister, who has a terminal brain tumour, is going back to work part time (she can drive again for now- no seizures for 6 months) even though she's also having multiple courses of chemo- I think she has a full week on then 2 weeks off for the next 12 months? IDK exactly.
But she basically experiences the same thing as my step mum, a few days of feeling like shit followed by feeling ok.

OBV it's down to what type of chemo meds you're having too (my step mum's was IV, my sister's is in tablet form) and how frequently you're having it, but they act pretty aggressively when managing a glioblastoma multiforme in someone as young as my sister just to extend her time and they don't fuck around with grade 2/stage 2 breast cancer either (my step mum's).

I mean, lots of people work while undergoing chemo, lots of people just have a few off days and then go back to work, rinse and repeat.

So it is possible to have some nice photos taken on a good day.

Mind you, both of my family members experienced hair loss, so that does make this chick's cancer claims seem shady as fuck.

sage for self blogging

No. 304253

File: 1493893171756.jpg (387.72 KB, 774x626, lc.jpg)

How can somene cry about being the victim of cyberbullying and act like this? Why are cows always telling people, that other people are just trying to get attention and that they are sick in their head?

No. 304254

When I first came across Nicole I thought she was genuine, but these days I just find myself wanting to bash my head on a wall every time I read her posts.
For example in this post if you have severe nausea and have been having for a long time you do not think oh not only do I need a massive main for lunch but soup too! I'm sorry no just no when you have had long term nausea for a good while you try easy stuff not eat masses in one go that's clearly going to end badly are you a freaking tard


No. 304261

Damn, your family are metal as fuck. Sorry about your sister fam.

Hannah is claiming she's on adriamycin IV, which is like the no1 hair-loss causing chemo drug, yet her hair is quite clearly not falling out. Plus treatment for Ewings Sarcoma uses a 5 drug combo and she only listed 3.

No. 304311

File: 1493902524112.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4695.PNG)

So randomly stumbled upon this account while searching for pro ana scumbags… holy shit this account is a munchie goldmine (1/2)

No. 304313

File: 1493902552928.png (220.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4696.PNG)

Here's part of the massive accompanying text!

No. 304320

Wow I don't even know how to respond to that level of crazy… hiw stupid is she?!

No. 304347

you don't have to put anything in the email field btw

No. 304350

Oops didn't actually mean to! Thanks

No. 304432

It's like munchie bingo, holy crap.

No. 304484

oh shit theyve got that chronic spontanous gastvolautonamia also you cant just "put" a rib or a clavicle back in place

No. 304498

Well you can put it into place if you know what you're doing. Most people with EDS relocate joints themselves.

Planned appointments for joint relocations however are something I've never heard of. That makes zero sense.

No. 304644

She probably just went to the osteopath, but couldn't say that cause everything has to be sooper srs cause she's the sickest of the sick (can't you see she's wearing a MASK!)

No. 304693

i really hope chiari malformation doesnt become a hip new faux-dx

No. 304737

Sadly I have seen it relatively often in the EDS and POTS crowds.

No. 304828

ha, thanks, they're pretty determined.
Watching a brain tumour take my sister is pretty hard negl (and our mum died a few years ago from cancer too)
Fuck cancer, for real
And fuck these munchie shits for playing with this- they should be forced to do the death watch with someone dying from cancer as punishment, bc that shit is traumatising as fuck.

saged for venting

No. 304954

File: 1493962376535.png (101.97 KB, 640x904, IMG_1212.PNG)

Definitely a munchie. All those tubes hanging out her cleavage, and half of them don't connect to anything. Draws the eyes away from the shaved eyebrows I suppose

No. 304960

Sage for samefag but did anyone see the JBN post about donating NG tubes to that stuffed animal program? It's a bullshit program anyway but the post disappeared before I capped and I'm wondering why.

No. 304968


She removed the post because someone told her what she was doing is illegal

No. 304970


As someone who actually has EDS and POTS all these munchies make me so angry. I don't know how they find the energy to milk all their drama on social media when I often don't have the energy to use my phone.

No. 304976

her tubes are connected to her fucking stoma dude learn to lurk

No. 305009

Yeah the feeding tube and clamp hanging closed are in use right now learn to use your fucking eyes before your mouth

No. 305062

Jesus fucking Christ, these pictures. It is SO uncomfortable to have your access lines pulled up and hanging out of your shirt like that, like WTF with these Munchie instawhore drama queens? I can't.
You only connect them when infusing food/IV meds/fluids or whatever, so that in and of itself isn't an issue. Hanging them out your fucking shirt is an issue!

No. 305094

And why do they always refer to themselves as pixies?

No. 305116

Her stoma as in an incision made to direct the flow of faeces and urine? She'd want tubes related to that hanging out of her shirt? Sounds legit, anon.
But mirroring what >>305009 said, they're closed, not in use.

No. 305278

Confirmed for not knowing what "lurk" means.

No. 305999

Where did nicole's acc go lol

No. 306008

She blocked yo ass.

No. 306187

She's maybe either deleted Instagram (thank God!) or changed her account name (not so easy to find)

No. 306234


She's changed her username.

No. 306467

File: 1494160372440.jpeg (215.35 KB, 750x1068, image.jpeg)

claims cancer is in leg

No. 306517

She's either going to claim its metastasised to her brain or its a chemo side effect

No. 306519

Also this post has mysteriously vanished from her IG, she's probably lurking here still.

No. 306679

File: 1494184849390.png (133.72 KB, 750x1071, IMG_1203.PNG)

How come he needs carers to come shower and dress him but can stand unaided to take a picture?

No. 306691

I can't see any evidence of braces either

No. 306761

Ah I am so glad someone brought up Juliet AKA paradoxicalperfection. She started all her chronic illness BS after she 'recovered' from anorexia. She has an extensive history of severe anorexia, binge and purge subtype. But claims her gastroparesis is caused by her EDS. She lives mostly off of her formula, but she does eat solid food at times…usually junk food. Then she bitches about how it made her sick.

No. 306764

Also wanted to add she always manages to have makeup on. When she had surgery to have her port put in she had makeup on in her preop pic. Right after surgery she posted a pic and her makeup was smeared. When she was leaving the hospital she took ANOTHER selfie and her makeup was all fixed up again.

No. 306772

File: 1494193297772.png (293.04 KB, 882x603, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 22.3…)

I'm sick therefore you CAN'T make me eat! Ngl she screams anorexic. Can anyone with medical knowledge debunk or explain these claims?

No. 306778

Is she claiming DID because in her IG bio its "system=stronger" after Cptsd?

No. 307184


I wonder if the "cow" OT that doesn't believe he needs a wheelchair or braces follows his social media.

No. 307378

File: 1494266700264.png (50.02 KB, 310x299, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.0…)

EDS does not leave you unable to feel your legs…?

No. 307387

what do y'all think about the narcolepsy camp?
for a disease that rare they sure do sprout like weed among young people.

No. 307395

>weird fucking dance to anime music

No. 307549


He also had functional neurological disorder. Look it up, it's erm fascinating.

No. 307705

Has anyone ever noticed ~spoonies~ who have had a blood clot and/or sepsis proudly display it in their IG bios? I.E. 'Sepsis Survivor. Blood Clot Survivor' ?

No. 307719

File: 1494292351811.jpg (383.59 KB, 576x739, lowcow.jpg)

When people doubt her or try to help her, she either blocks them or deletes their comments. And when followers point this out she gets all defensive, because she clearly is the victim here sarcasm off
Sadly there are still enough people who believe her lies and praise her for her braveness.

According to her the sinusitis only lasts some hours or a day, but how can a sinusitis frontalis only hurt for such a short time? Something is clearly wrong with her researching technique

No. 307915

I think about this a lot. Most notably imo chronically_jacquie and famous helper_dog_harlow. It made sense when it was just narcolepsy, but then she jumped on the EDS/dysautonomia/GP/mast cell/every other fucking spoonie snowflake syndrome that is the diagnostic equivalent of "I'unno-NOS"

No. 308264


I'm thinking cluster headaches may be next. I've noticed a lot of people suddenly have it, but don't take anything for it because it's not "that bad".

If you say cluster headaches are not that bad you clearly don't have cluster headaches lmfao

No. 308469

I really hope that with the new EDS Crimea, fewer people will be diagnosed and therefore, there will be less spoonie warrior zebra twattishness on IG.

No. 308473

Oops, EDS criteria!

No. 308484


She's clearly still very eating disordered and she could be lying but she claims she has classical EDS which a blood test cnfirmed.

I reckon her problems are 98% due to her eating disorder.

No. 308505

File: 1494365998057.png (286.27 KB, 504x571, 18426103_657006684504304_16398…)

Update on Eli, seems he's either legally changed his name to Hunter Cole Stiles, or has a fake provisional.

That, and if he had even half of what he used to claim he had, he wouldn't be allowed to drive. He'd be given a disabled persons bus pass and rail card, but he'd never be allowed to learn to drive.


No. 308506

File: 1494366018604.png (630.2 KB, 540x960, 18386863_657008381170801_44467…)


No. 308520

File: 1494366881115.png (48.66 KB, 507x398, 18379583_657017627836543_82019…)

Also could have literally just googled all this shit and rewrote it

No. 308616

Looks suspicious.

No. 308639

Doesn't he have seizures? Also there's so much red tape regarding driving with a prosthetic in the UK, not to mention his other health problems…

No. 308640

He used to claim he had lennox gastaut syndrome, which is severe epilepsy you're stuck with forever, or so he claimed.
There's that much red tape around that alone, can't have had a seizure within 12 months, has to be controllable through medication, among other things.

No. 308641

Also on that license what looks like its meant to be a hologram seems more like a sticker or embossment or something.

No. 308645

I thought so. Yeah and even then you have a medical provisional, which limits certain stuff etc. This kid could shoot for being convincing and end up on fucking pluto.

No. 308649

File: 1494374463231.png (168.87 KB, 623x641, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 00.5…)

Hannah has obviously been lurking on here

No. 308651

File: 1494374488936.png (118.55 KB, 629x445, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 01.0…)

No. 308758


Waiting for this asshole to claim he has sporadic fatal insomnia. When confronted with the obviousness of his lie he'll say, "whoops, my bad, upon further testing my ~team~ of doctors discovered that my super special variant can be fixed by two benadryl and a glass of wine before bedtime. Who knew? Well, off to see my psychiatrist!"

No. 308761


Yeah - when picking out which diagnosis you want on the internet you should probably not claim Lennox Gastaut Syndrome - the very rare and very severe type of epilepsy which is by definition not controlled through medication.
Just one of the many fake diagnoses that would make getting a driver's license impossible.

No. 309007

File: 1494415147972.png (719.22 KB, 943x597, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.1…)

wants to be a nurse but is triggered by ambulances, talking about mental health stuff aka basically everything medical. Also always blames everyone else for her issues, doesn't take responsibility and is bitchy as fuck.

No. 309031

She's already flipping out over it. Goddamn that was quick

No. 309123

She's seen this and put it on IG, but if she's seen it, it means she's been lurking here and more than likely posting about people. I mean she's constantly side-posting about people on IG. Some of us are actually in the recovery community and are sick of your toxicity to others, Lauren. Take some responsibility yourself and unfollow those triggering people instead of bitching about them without naming them.

No. 309140

Yeah, a lot of the people in the recovery community post shit about each other here, but freak out the second they're mentioned. I could name a few I know for a fact are here.

No. 309206

File: 1494430562734.png (392.46 KB, 943x601, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 16.2…)

Prove it, Lauren. We all know you lurk here. You're no different to us.

>>309140 please do!

No. 309215

File: 1494430825312.png (799.75 KB, 947x602, screenshot1.png)

Nice manipulating/guilt tripping of other people for your actions, Lauren. "may as well doing it right" - stop claiming self-injurious intent to make other people feel guilty. Just call them out and be done with it. Manipulating will get you nowhere.

No. 309247

We know you're a farmer, stop embarrassing yourself by denying it.

No. 309260

tbf provisional is just used as a valid picture id in a lot of cases. My bro has one and he's legally blind, will never be allowed to drive.

No. 309263

I wonder if she was the one who posted about rebuilding.gem on here despite Gemma actually being really unwell. Every time Gemma is feeling unstable you can guarantee Lauren will post a cryptic "thanks for triggering me" post or say about how unstable she is (which is far more than whoever posted about it first, naturally.) Stop being toxic Lauren, and if you are going to be, at least don't deny you're a farmer.

No. 309320

why does she believe she can be the only one that's ill all the time.

No. 309322

Don't know who's more fucking annoying Lauren or rediscoveringbethany bore attention whores

No. 309349

Uhh Chiari is really common with EDS. It's not something a bunch of people with EDS make up. It's common in the "EDS crowds" because it's actually common in EDS, the fuck.

No. 309354

Think you'll find you're more annoying!
This is a thread to talk about munchies, like the 'spoonie' community. Not just target people because they're 'annoying'.
Haha pathetic.
Come on find some cows with a lot of milk.the people who claim to have every xyz etc illness. Because they're 'chronic' special snowflakes.

No. 309356

As someone with EDS you should know how many complications can come with it. It's a very sad day when people with EDS (a severely underrecognized illness/syndrome!!!) starts hating on other people with EDS because they don't have i t "the right way." It saddens me how catty people can be.

No. 309357

But, but nobody can be sicker than Lauren! Also her going on about bullying and shit on the internet, yo Lauren, remember that time you got your followers to cyberbully an autistic girl because you didn't like that she called you 'curvy and cute'?

No. 309361

But she isn't a munchie. Do you have some personal vendetta or something?

This thread is for munchies, spoonies etc.

So please stop because she's boring.

I want to read about interesting munchies with lots of milk. Not hear you whinging like a little bitch!

No. 309371

The woman pretends to want to kill herself if someone even questions her then blames her borderline, how can you say she's not deserving of being on here???

No. 309415

>you're not different
She did one "different" thing I've never seen a munchie do… Back in her tumblr days when she was Still-comes-inpink or some shit, she used to try to get pregnant while on leave from the psych unit. Like getting pregnant while sectioned wouldn't be completely selfish and irresponsible. She'd get upset when she didn't get pregnant, she's far worse than most others I follow.

No. 309466

Oh shit. She's still obsessed with becoming pregnant and if you mention pregnancy within a ten mile radius of her she'll have an absolute chimp-out. She's not even infertile or anything so its OTT and unfair on people who actually can't have kids, ever.

No. 309545

why does just_breathe_nicole keep changing her IG name? is it because she's being called out?

No. 309573

Go on then

No. 309576

Nothing makes me angrier than this sole child and his uncontrollable spew of bullshit.

No. 309716


Yeah but he accompanied the picture of the post with text saying he was told he wouldn't get one until he was fit enough to drive and is trying to make it seem like all the sudden he has improved so much (despite claiming to have several severe and irreversible conditions which make driving unsafe and impossible).
And I don't know the procedure there but it seems fishy that he would apply for a driving license when he knew it wouldn't be approved because he was too sick and then they would just send it to him and let him know when someone finally signed off on it (you would think that whoever it was would have to discuss it with him first and then sign off).

No. 309880

File: 1494474496894.jpg (204.61 KB, 1080x1509, IMG_20170511_054547.jpg)

Anyone follow flimsywrists wrists too? Such a munchie. Claimed to have vEDS without having seen a geneticist. Also continually claims to get a feeding tube at her next appointment, which never happens.
The list goes on and on and on.

No. 309919

No. 310052

File: 1494496668187.png (161.93 KB, 750x1124, IMG_1268.PNG)

Not an entire munchie as its clear she does have some medical issues going on but she should be fun to discuss.
Claims to have 101 conditions going on at the same time, all causing different things, yet still manages to travel across the country mid crisis. Surely if you were that poorly you would delay holidays.
Also she pulls some horrible faces for a pretty girl, is super dramatic on instagram and during her last trip to Bali was taken home early due to medical problems to be rushed into ICU back in England, no evidence of that happening just some apparent plane drama.

Disclaimer- she obviously has some kind of medical problem that I don't deny but she's dramatic as fuck with it.

No. 310056

tbh I believe she does have cEDS and GP, and just milks the hell out of it. Same with most people in the chronic illness "community", it's no real community, just a competition to be the sickest.

No. 310057

When posting new cows please provide screencaps of something milky.

For the most part, this. It's sad.

No. 310139

I'm always wondering how she is able to afford all the trips? Does the NHS cover all the trips to the hospital in a foreign country? And why did she even fly to Bali in the first place?
And why on earth did a doctor gave her an okay for Bali or all the other places she's been to the last year? And how can you have so much energy and be so sick at the same time?

No. 310394

File: 1494546209664.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1674, IMG_0037.PNG)

Oh yes it's plausible she actually has these things. But as you said she definitely milks it. Three years ago she openly admitted her health problems were due to her ED. But now of course it has nothing to do with it. Proof attached post 1/2

No. 310397

File: 1494546306259.png (689.5 KB, 1080x1698, IMG_0038.PNG)

Post 2/2
Worth noting: she changed her IG username to 'eloquently.mending'

No. 310410

Ugh, why the hell is POTS so trendy now? you have to go to a cardiologist/electrophysiologist first and make sure you have no deficiences or other explanations. Anemia and thyroid issue can mimic tachycardia seen in POTS. THEN, you need to have a tilt table test and only after that, are you actually diagnosed with POTS.

Also, most people can pinpoint exactly when they started getting sick and the cause, because POTS almost always stems from a viral or bacterial infection months prior to the onset of symptoms. Sometimes it's triggered by puberty or pregnancy, but that kind usually goes away.

Sorry, just irks me because I have it and I've been living with it for almost a decade. And of course it's always the one accompanied by hypotension, it's never the hypertensive kind because I guess it's not cool enough or whatever.

No. 310436

File: 1494548721821.png (165.13 KB, 1076x1077, Rsff1nE.png)

No. 310495

So she also has DID now????

No. 310503


Do these assholes even realize how truly RARE multiple personality disorder is?! Psychiatry is still debating whether or not this is a real thing. What utter nonsense.

And completely nitpicky of me, I know, but i hate when people reiterate the same expressions time and again like ~~ugh~~. Try something else to express your disdain ya dumb broad.

No. 310532

Hw fuckin stupid do you have to be to 1. Still call it "MPD" and 2. think its super rare? 1-3% of the population have it. If you're going to be a douchabag to innocent people, at least get your facts straight.

No. 310535

You must be 18 to post here.

No. 310547

that's a very good observation, although, I doubt most of the people here are 18 or older. I don't know many people over 18 who spend their time looking at lolcow and fucking over people who have nothing to do with you.

No. 310556

Oooh 1-3% of the population have it. How dare someone call it rare when it is clearly not! For shame.

No. 310565

I called it multiple personality disorder paradoxicalperfection labled herself that, dumbass, and she added DID for good measure and spoonie points. Read the damn post next time before being so triggered.

Also, I will stand behind the statement that the condition is very rare, and to quote Psychology Today (and yes I know it's not a scholerly publication), "Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a diagnosis that is not without controversy. Experts in the fields of psychiatry and psychology publicly dispute whether or not the disorder even exists."

No. 310572

Bitch if you were a regular poster here you would know we took a survey and most posters here are 20-25.


No. 310578

There are plenty of legit articles and sites that agree with the 1-3% (well more like .5-3, i think. But i usually see the 1-3% statistic). It's a common disorder that is very much misunderstood. It's not a split personality, it is the failure of integrating the self as a child due to an outside factor (trauma)). I don't understand why y'all care so much about someone on the internet.

No. 310593

Lmao most professionals don't even consider it a legitimate thing, because it's not.

No. 310637

When did 1-3% become a percentage that means something is common?????

No. 310717

1-3% equates to 200,000 NEW cases per year. This is the internet, do you really think multiple people won't find each other?

No. 310725

I wouldn't say it's common, however, it isn't rare. From the articles I've read, it's about as common as schizophrenia or slightly more so.
It's also massively underdiagnosed.

No. 310766

Some sources say more common than schizophrenia

No. 310771

Alright DID spergs, settle down. You're derailing the thread.

No. 310820

So you are admitting DID us real. Thanks, that makes shit easier

No. 310826

No1 curr about your snowflake disease stop derailing

No. 310841

Sorry cupcake. DID is a very real.
How exactly do you think that a person who can survive years of horrific sexual, physical, and mental abuse is a snowflake?

Tell you what cupcake, you go get raped & beaten for a decade & then get back to me if your not in a heap in the corner screaming jibberish(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 310843

learn how to use this place

No. 310850

Whatever. Fuck you.(derailing)

No. 310956

Survived that, didn't develop DID. Worst thing is the people who abused me, despite being reported to the police, repeatedly, are still out there.

Sage for non-contrib to the thread

No. 310958

Is this your 6 year old "alter" typing, "cupcake"? If you'd been so badly abused would you really be telling someone to "go get raped and beaten for a decade"?

DID is fake for most of the ig/tumlrinas. It's the latest mental illness to have to be hip. Throw in SRA and WOW! cool factor +100.

No. 310982

Agreed, it seems to be one of the "fashionable" diagnoses, like EDS, POTS etc etc.

No. 311000

Why don't you go get help for your made up disease instead of embarassing yourself on the internet? Oh yeah, most providers won't treat a made up disease. I hear morgellon's is common too.

No. 311016

Know what that tells me? Either your "abuse" happened after the age of 6 or more likely your just to dim to develop DID.

No. 311020

Sweets, you're making a lot of assumptions about me and my diagnosis. Maybe you should hush cause you're just embarrassing yourself

No. 311023

>your just to dim
I laughed irl, thanks

No. 311032


stfu you spergs. no1curr about your opression points. you're both embarrassing.

No. 311036

Current literature and research assert that MPD certainly doesn't exist, and there's no definitive answer as to whether DID is real or not. It's a contentious issue between scholars, and no legitimate clinician would be telling you now, in 2017, that you are diagnosed with and suffer from DID. If your psychotherapist or doctor is telling you that, maybe double check that they're officially registered to be practicing. But don't stop seeing them quite yet because you've clearly got issues.

No. 311051

And there is even more literature that says it's real.

No. 311062

in your email field, instead of >:CHbu0
can you write sage please?

No. 311111

Protip: youtube videos where people change their hairstyle to introduce "alters" and tumblr text posts are not medical literature

No. 311113

Thank you, anon.

No. 311127

Hey faggots,

Continue ranting about DID in this thread:



No. 311137

Do you know how to actually do academic research? You do know that there is more to the internet than snapchat and youtube right?

No. 311185

File: 1494613069126.jpg (294.23 KB, 1079x1522, IMG_20170512_121549.jpg)

No. 311240

Just report the spergs, anons.

No. 311254

Report for giving facts and not acting like an internet troll? go ahead and report me…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 311256


Is schizophrenia real? It has a 1.1% prevalence rate - so by y'all's logice schizophrenia is not real either.

No. 311392

Oh take your "logice" and bugger yourself with it. Or, take this to the DID thread like suggested.

No. 311553


So your best argument is correcting my typo… and here I thought this site was going to be fun. smfh(listen to your Voice of Reason)

No. 311631

Oh good grief. I'm the poster who initially said MPD gasp and DID were rare and fake. I still stand by that statement, but I wish to God I woulda kept my mouth shut only to prevent this spergfest tirade of DID *~warriors~* from starting in the first place. STFU about it already. Lawdy I'm thinking of reporting myself at this point.

Now, I would love to hear about more crunchie munchies please.

No. 311648

There is now no longer a Dx of MPD.

No. 311662

File: 1494641933690.png (120.79 KB, 640x878, IMG_1338.PNG)

Man, as derailed as this choo choo was, I get some of the best chuckles out of the meta side of munchies.

Potential discussion topic: why do all #DID girls look exactly the same

No. 311844

File: 1494661059673.jpg (72.8 KB, 926x601, bad lippie job.JPG)

(Go to the DID thread. It's started up again. Munchie fans will get pissed off at derailing when there's already a thread for this lot. Btw, good question. Here's another).

No. 311879

Its called taking the piss, sweetheart. Now, read the other thing I said and take this to the DID thread, this is the munchies thread and I'm tired of you derailing shit.

No. 312081

Do you know how idiotic you sound when you say all DID people look alike?

No. 312097

Just report the spergs, anons. Don't feed the derailers.

No. 312991

File: 1494812995461.png (664.39 KB, 814x593, weirdassprostheticleg.png)

Back to an actual munchie to get back on track.

Dunno about you guys, but that's one weird looking "prosthetic leg" Eli has…
Almost looks like an everyday support bandage?

No. 313031

Looks like he's just pulled his sock up really high.

No. 313176

File: 1494843650851.png (925.9 KB, 1080x1279, 20170515_111751.png)

Thank the gods he's giving us more milk!

No. 313190

Let me guess…new tumor? Fuck you, lying piece of SHIT!

No. 313276

The bandage is below where he'd need it if he actually had a prosthetic…

>>313176 wasn't he reported to the police for this shit?!

No. 313460

i was in treatment with her and she was ridiculous. she made everything so difficult for the staff, just because they didn't always have time to bend over backwards for her and her super special medical issues (no mention at all of DID though?) she refused to eat most of the time and acted like her tube was a badge of honor. some people like that were fun to have around just because they provided comical relief, but she was just annoying. she left pretty quickly though because it was not the right place for her at all. i cant remember if she signed out ama or not, but she complained about the hospital the whole time.

No. 313488

So, has no one offered this information to the police? I know we're not supposed to cowtip or whatever but they're supposedly investigating him currently for fraud, and he's still just openly defrauding people of their time and sympathy?

No. 313493

Don't know the case number to refer to when phoning up, unfortunately

No. 313498

Do you actually 100% need that? Don't only people who're directly involved end up with case numbers? Idk man, it's really fishy to me and I reckon they've been able to get away with it because the police in the UK are tech idiots and have no idea this information is even out there.

No. 313542

A single screenshot of a location tag is not sufficient proof of fraud. He could have just been on the property and "checked in" with the implication he's getting treatment. Could be on their lawn for all we know.

No. 313554

I'm not talking about that specific screenshot, just the fact that he has a continuing online presence repeating the same lies he's supposedly under investigation for, under a fake name. I don't think the police know this profile exists or that it's him.

No. 313568

I was actually in treatment with her too and can confirm this. I would also add that she was constantly showing off her "GP belly" and complaining and comparing her treatment to everyone else's, and she would cling tightly to anyone with similar diagnoses or issues and talk nonstop like she was an authority on all things ED/chronicsickgirl.

No. 313580

Remember that claims of fraud have a significantly higher burden of proof than the typical case of outing fakers. There has to be evidence that he is receiving treatment for a medical condition that has been fabricated. And there has to be proof that he is receiving funding for said treatment under false pretenses. Pointing them to a new account without clear indication of what is fraud wastes their time because they have to sift through the junk, and they may start taking the case less seriously if evidence provided is vague. We do this in our spare time. They still have other cases to juggle as well. Don't tip on a hunch.

No. 313608

>There has to be evidence that he is receiving treatment for a medical condition that has been fabricated.
I'm pretty sure whether he's committing fraud does not hinge on whether he's managed to trick medical professionals as well as those he's taken money from. The fact he's falsely claiming to have cancer is enough. Social media in the UK comes under the same kind of stipulations that any written publication does, hence people being arrested over tweets. Soliciting people's time and money under false pretences or by deception is totally illegal.

>And there has to be proof that he is receiving funding for said treatment under false pretenses.

He's from Scotland. We have free healthcare in the UK. No one has even claimed this is the type of fraud he committed. He defrauded a charity for kids similar to Make a Wish, it's nothing to do with his "treatment"

No. 313620

I mean, no one can stop you from reporting it, just do it and don't tell us about it.

No. 313682

Fair enough. Our standards for fraud are probably different here because of insurance companies and self-pay. It'd still probably be a good idea to give them more substantial evidence than a general link to the account, at least to start with, to be respectful of their time and caseload. But as another anon said, if someone feels they must, keep the other farmers out of it.

No. 313823

File: 1494907661864.png (105.82 KB, 630x635, IMG_1712.PNG)

Sometimes I wonder if all munchies spawn from the same hellsite.

No. 313830

Nah, I'm pretty sure they all meet on sites like Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. Maybe places like Psych Central or other forums.

No. 313943

File: 1494926704160.png (226.66 KB, 882x346, taxpayers cash is my cash.png)

I get my news of the latest fashionable #spoonie illness with this one:

I've known of her for years and she's always jumped on the bandwagon of whatever was THE illness to have at the time.

She's now become a full fledged spoonie with EDS, POS, chronic fatigue, hypermania, dysautomania, "cardiac problems" and a bunch of other mostly self diagnosed crap.

Her family are loaded yet she claims poverty. Had a gofuckme for a normal wheelchair then decided an electric one would give her extra spoonie points so did a gofuckme for that. She's made loads of them.

Spends all her benefits on make up and plastic crap. Recently went on holiday to the States and around Europe.

It's Mental Health Awareness week, so she's started dragging up old illnesses to appear relevant.

She has a blog where someone pulled her up on how she wastes her money and expects others to pay for her spoonie paraphernalia. Still, it's her money to waste: "What I spend my money on is my business and no one else’s. People who aren’t on benefits don’t have to put up with this money policing crap and neither should we".

Oh, and she does ballet.

No. 313976

>under a fake name

I was thinking about that bit, the fact he has the same name on his provisional drivers license makes me think it's not a fake name, rather he has legally changed it? Although he has fully changed it, and the provisional could be a fake.

I had a thought that his name was maybe changed because of something along the lines of witness protection, but then his whole family would've had their names changed, he'd have had to have moved, he wouldn't be allowed contact with his old friends, etc…

Still seems fishy

No. 314255

File: 1494971348100.jpg (48.04 KB, 360x640, 18516288_660151887523117_13190…)

Where to even begin with this…

No. 314258


wat. i know (or hope i know) that he's kidding but that's fucking nasty.

this tacky little shit. jesus fuckall, he's disgusting.

No. 314265

I wonder if all these people were like, massive fans of House or something.

There's two mental illnesses which make it tough for me to feel sympathy for the people suffering from it; munchies and hoarders. All unpleasant fucking people.

Then there's narcs, but they're a cluster. Of shit.

No. 314326

File: 1494980380006.png (333.72 KB, 1440x1969, Screenshot_2017-05-16-18-17-27…)

Imagine the yeast.

In other news, yet another cow (SocialMasochist / Pixy_Led) expects their birthday to be special like fucking child.

No. 314352

I have no idea how much space is in those things, but I hope to God he put a glass or bottle in it

No. 314378

I would gladly dig the hole myself for this piece of work. I don't understand how changing your name means you can act exactly as before. I hope the police know he's doing this again.

No. 314394

This bitch doesn't have 'hypermania.' That's a symptom of bipolar disorder not a disorder on its own. Pulled that out of her ass with all her other ~spoonie problems~

Sage for mini rant/not contributing fresh milk.

No. 314497

The way his left trouser leg looks, it appears he's made it look like he's an above-knee amputee, but the "prosthetic" is below knee. Also if you look at the thickness of the left leg there's a kind of lump on the inner thigh which makes me think he's kneeling inside the trouser leg. Suspicious. Also why is it white? Most prosthetics are flesh coloured. It looks like a large glass wrapped in a support bandage.

No. 314506

>The way his left trouser leg looks
uhm. isnt the prosthetic for the right leg?
at least it looks like a shoe for a right foot, or am I seeing that wrong?

No. 314522

I think they mean our left, not his left? Which would be his right. It does look like a right shoe.

They do have a point about it looking like a cup of sorts being wrapped in a support bandage though. And cups that would look like that certainly do exist

No. 314547

Yeah I meant our left, not his. There's just no reason the whole prosthetic would be bandaged. You can see fabric wrinkles about midway up it.

No. 314588

It also looks too short, if you compare it to where the support bandage is on his leg in the other picture.
And the only reason I can think that he'd have his leg amputated is to do with the "cancer in his knee", which means it would definitely be too short.

Not to mention this is only a recent thing? All his photos from a few weeks back on instagram, where you can see his legs, he's mainly wearing tight fitted jeans and it's obvious that he doesn't have a prosthetic limb?

No. 314613

Isn't it him (forgive me, I get these munchies mixed up) that shows off really bad wounds and such? If he really was an amputee wouldn't he be the kind to show it off for maximum pity points? Kind of feel like an arsehole questioning something as horrible as this, but if I've learnt anything from these munchies, it's that they are sick enough to actually do such disgusting things that cause me to question something I normally wouldn't. Ugh

No. 314646

It might be, he was the one who took a girls scar and photoshopped it onto himself for pity points, after all. And did the "totally not bad make up, totally a legit wound" photo of his leg (the now "amputated" leg too, iirc)

No. 314648

Gotta love how his supposed prosthetic leg is the same shape and size as a fucking pint glass

No. 314656

File: 1495032678874.jpg (43.68 KB, 600x600, 162u-glass-beer-boot-mug-b6_1.…)

Holy fuck they sell boot steins at Spencer's too.

No. 314657

Pint glasses like that are pretty easy to come by too.

On another note, I'm unsure whether he's actually legally changed his name from Elliott to Hunter or not, since the Electoral Roll still lists him as Elliott (and another listing for the same address with his deadname too…)

No. 314659

I highly doubt he's actually changed his name. I've been waiting for some Irelandfags to show up and tell us how and why his provisional is fake, but I guess there aren't any lurking this thread. Sadface.

No. 314660

Well it isn't hard to get fake provisional for about £20 online if you know where to look? Why Irelandfags tho?

No. 314726

Considering he's Scottish and not Irish, you're going to be waiting a long time

No. 314738

File: 1495042863825.jpg (89.65 KB, 720x549, 18527932_179989799191613_26489…)

If you actually look at the full image, it looks as if he's just kneeling on his leg. What the fuck are his trousers doing?

No. 314762

Lieutenant Dan?

No. 314775

File: 1495048407204.png (241.84 KB, 1176x950, B6A9DE67-19E5-4CB4-9D21-1D6E0C…)

It's been pretty much proven he's lying about having a prosthetic, look how shit that fake scar is! Fucking dreadful

No. 314895


Especially since he just posted about choosing a silicone exterior for cosmetic appearances - why would you cover it in white if you wanted it to look more realistic. And while I am sure it exists, I haven't seen too many prosthetics without a visible ankle joint.

Additionally, it looks really short for a below the knee prosthetic. There doesn't appear to be enough room for a functional socket and the ankle/foot hardware. I believe an amputation at that height would actually be fairly difficult to deal with if only one leg was involved because it hard to accommodate for the space needed for the foot/ankle/socket hardware and not have the prosthetic longer than the other real leg.

I call baloney on this one.

No. 314906

That looks so fake it hurts.
The blood would have turned dark, it wouldn't all be the same color down the entire thing. You can clearly see it was a legit line painted up the leg and then they used a sponge or paper towel to dab the "blood". They used like liquid latex to build up the skin to look raised.

No. 314927

This is brilliant. Just realised the person who screenshotted the pic of Hunter's scar is Hypermobileguy, check out the icon.

No. 314928

Especially since it goes through the knees and the wound tissue density remains consistent and disregards muscle, bone and other aspects that would effect how the wound looks

No. 314931

ooooooh shit

No. 314962

He screenshotted it for people who asked, and glad he did because otherwise we wouldn't have the image since he deleted that Instagram.

No. 314998


They know/knew each other in real life, i enjoyed watching their bitchy fight on instagram at one point, I never screenshotted it though unfortunately

No. 315060

Tell that to his friends who insisted they'd seen it and that it totally wasn't fake.

No. 315499


Found Eli's new twitter. Claims his last chemo treatment was on the 27th April, which contradicts his post on Tumblr saying he'd been in remission for 4 years.
Also he wouldn't have been allowed certain surgery if he was still having chemo treatments. Not to mention his doctors would have strictly advised against him getting tattoos.

It just never adds up with this boy.
Plus, if his post about being in remission on tumblr was true, I'd have expected him to make a huge song and dance about his cancer being back if it did come back.

No. 315540

UK fag, the provisional looks legitimate, and it's actually the new design which looks a bit different to the older ones. I'd have called it fake if I hadn't recently ordered a new provisional to take my driving test, but it looks exactly like mine; it could be an expensive and clever fake though because in a picture you can't see if there's a holograph or not.

What I think is more likely and explains his name on the electoral register is that he has legally changed his name - it's pretty easy and relatively inexpensive to do - but this scummy NEET hasn't bothered to re-register to vote since changing his name, meaning that he's not intending to vote on June 8th as you can't vote if you've changed your name and not re-registered.

No. 315629

I hate him even more. What will he do when there's no more NHS and he can't milk it for sympathy? (rhetorical question, he'll inevitably set up a gofuckme account)

No. 315643

how the fuck do all these kids have the energy to do all this shit and still claim they have chronic fatigue? they never seem to talk about the times you need to do things like go to the bathroom and literally have to crawl there due to how tired you are.

>sage because REEEEEE

No. 315690

File: 1495134370043.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1591, 20170518_140227.png)

This just pissed me off.
She has no need for more shit, specially free shit and she's got plenty of bags as is.
She has no reason to try to win this bag for tube feeds because she doesn't need a frigging tube. Yet she's okay going for a chance to win this when there are many who actually need this type of bag for their real tubes and ugh it just really isn't right.

No. 315696

File: 1495134626296.jpg (612.42 KB, 2896x2896, 20170518_140003.jpg)

These were posted in the same time area. So much pain, so sick, dying to a sudden cure for her to go get dressed and go for this walk..

No. 315704

File: 1495134982709.png (254.56 KB, 1056x1699, 20170518_141121.png)

When does she ever clean her apartment anyway?
No other mention of boyfriend since this, and I don't get why she is buying his shit (if he is real) because he works some..ugh. frustrating! I believe this was posted not long before her sudden "I'm so sick" posts I guess she figured if she does well she won't get attention.

No. 315707

File: 1495135162088.jpg (588.35 KB, 810x2314, 20170518_141847.jpg)

No. Just no.

No. 316765

File: 1495227406057.jpg (63.18 KB, 360x640, 18579153_661407630730876_13463…)

So Eli posted this and whilst the calf does look weird, I'm not convinced it is weird enough to be a prosthetic leg? Looks more like a few support bandages on there. Or a good photoshop.

Not an expert on it, but I'd assume if he actually had a prosthetic leg, there would be some form of seam between it and the stump showing through his jeans.

I'm probably not going to be convinced until I see the lower leg with him wearing shorts, though.

Anyone else got any ideas on it though?

No. 316822

Looks like a biologically female's shapely calf with a sock under her jeans and pressing it against the seat to make it look bigger (more like a prosthetic leg).

I used to work with a bloke who had a prosthetic leg and he only ever wore baggy pants. He had loads of problems where the leg used to rub on his stump (ulcers, infected blisters) and anything tight around where the leg was would've be painful. Idk if the false leg was ill fitting and that's why he had all those problems, but if this Eli's was a false leg then wouldn't s/he want to complain about blisters etc. being a munchie and all that?

No. 316824


It still looks too low on his leg for me to believe it. I think that every below the knee prosthetic I have seen has come up to the knee, regardless of how much residual lower limb there is. I am not an expert, but I assume that it has something to do with ensuring that the socket fits properly. His only seems to come up to mid-calf, which I would assume would be a very hard fit. In the event that was somehow possible, I would guess an outer sleeve would be necessary to hold it in place, and that would likely go above the knee and I see no lines above his knee. His prosthetic pictures always seem to indicate that it has a straight/flat top, which isn't what I have seen for any prosthetic.

It looks more like he either has squeeze a boot or a bandage under his pants.

Also, for someone who has a history of having no problem showing off his "scars" (or at least the ones he stole from someone and photoshopped on himself or the ones he painted on himself), I find it odd that he would be trying to bring attention to his "amputation" but not showing an uncovered picture of it. Given his history with pictures and photoshop, if it was real he would have posted a picture of it.

No. 316827


And yes to this too - in addition to skin irritation problems, people who wear prosthetics also have difficulty with the prosthetic causing extra wear and tear on clothes, particularly tight fitting clothes. Some people still choose to do so but the preference tends to be for looser fitting clothes, particularly for men.

No. 316828

>every below the knee prosthetic I have seen has come up to the knee, regardless of how much residual lower limb there is

This. I wrote the comment above yours. That guy I know had his leg shattered when a lift dropped (I know right) and his leg was amputated up to the knee so the prosthetic leg fitted prorperly.

No. 316836

okay, this might be a dumb question, but is Eli actually FtM?

No. 316842

i was just about to post this … is Eli a girl? i never heard this before

No. 316845

He's a she.

No. 316849

shit how do we know this?

No. 316850

File: 1495233862175.jpg (48.59 KB, 610x465, pronouns.JPG)

No. 316858

thank you for this i had no idea.
makes perfect sense though. what a fucking car crash.

No. 316865

sage but any thoughts on why munchies and spoonies are nearly always female? including eli. theories pls.

No. 316868

Why are you namefagging?

No. 316933

Eli is FtM, yes. Doesn't mean you should stop using the correct pronouns. I don't know whether he's actually taking T or not though.
Pretty sure the fact he has a deadname was mentioned in >>314657, too.

HypermobileGuy is also FtM iirc.

Newfag, please stop namefagging.

No. 316981

Just because the spoonies and munchies discussed here are often female does not mean they are almost always female. The ones we discuss here are just a tiny sample, and don't really show a true trend as the numbers are far too small.

No. 317073

So we know he still apparently had a leg at Christmas given the photos. Now for an interesting few things from the NHS

>>It can take several months before you're fitted with a prosthetic limb (if you're a suitable for one), so you may be given a wheelchair to help you get around if you've had a lower limb amputation.

>>Prosthetic limbs aren't suitable for everyone who's had an amputation because an extensive course of physiotherapy and rehabilitation is required (see below).

Adjusting to life with a prosthetic limb takes a considerable amount of energy because you have to compensate for the loss of muscle and bone in the amputated limb.
This is why frail people or those with a serious health condition, such as heart disease, may not be suitable for a prosthetic limb.

>>If it's thought that you would find it difficult to withstand the strain of using a prosthetic limb, a purely cosmetic limb may be recommended. This is a limb that looks like a real limb, but can't be used.

Tl;dr there's a waiting list for prosthetics so no chance in 5 months you've gotten one, done rehab and gotten back to work. But also due to your cancer and Fuck knows what else you claim to have, you wouldn't be given a functional one, would be wheelchair bound and thus not able to be a barman at a nightclub with no disabled access because it's in a loft and the first bar is at the top of about 30 steep stairs (Catfy regular buddy)

No. 317121

yeahhh I work in an environment where I see a LOT of amputees, and none of them would ever wear skinny jeans cos it fucking rubs, especially if the prosthetic is new. you're given a list of things that are recommended and skinny jeans are not advised.
also as >>317073 pointed out, they wouldn't have a prosthetic by now anyway, an above the knee amputation would need at least 6 months to settle down in my experience, and then you've got to be fitted for your prosthetic, before which you'd be on crutches. amputation stays are normally 2- 3 weeks in hospital - did they post during that time? they're definitely just fucking lying lmao trying to fake an AMPUTATION is wild, one of my colleague's granddaughters died from what eli's claiming to have and it fucking sucked watching her lose her leg and still not make it.

No. 317173

Some of the photos show him with a real leg as early as 12 weeks ago, which further proves your point because if 5 months is too short, 3 months is even shorter.

Everything he posts always contradicts previous things he has posted. Drivers license? If you had Lennox Gastaut, that'd be a no. Terminal cancer that had also somehow been in remission for 4 years. Prosthetic leg but no real photos to prove it and his previous claims of illness would have made getting one impossible.

He needs to do better research on things, and get his story straight. Possibly also admit to the lying but that'll never happen.

No. 317247

Anon from >>317073 here. I learned more about prosthetics in 30 seconds via the nhs website than any research he's done!

No. 317703

He claims to have had his amputation because of his osteosarcoma, right? Which was in his knee - If the cancer was in his knee, why would they amputate mid-calf?

No. 317717

Don't actually know why he "had his leg amputated", he's never specifically mentioned it being due to the osteosarcoma he also claimed to have. However speculating that is what he'd claim it'd be from since it's the only leg related thing he's ever claimed to have.

But yeah, he claimed the osteosarcoma was in his knee, so one would assume they would have amputated mid thigh if anywhere, not mid calf.

No. 317852


You can actually be fitted for a prosthetic as soon as the wound is healed and your surgeon gives the okay. I have know individuals who begin the initial fitting within six weeks. However given all of his other "illnesses", it is unlikely that he would be healthy enough for such a fast recovery. I have also heard that the NHS does have a shortage of people who can fit/make the prosthetics so there is a longer waiting list (I haven't heard of this being a problem in the US). Additionally, the first year of having a prosthetic can be tough as you have to learn to use it and getting the proper fit can be difficult initially due to the residual stump changing.

That being said, with no reasonable explanation for the amputation other than the cancer, it would be unlikely that he would have the kind of amputation he claims to have. His "amputation" looks really low and if they are going to have to resort to amputation to ensure the cancer is gone they aren't going leave so much residual limb, particularly when it wouldn't be super advantageous for that type of amputation.

Now if he wanted to get real special snowflake points and fake amputation, he should have gone with a rotationplasty!

No. 318018

Wonderful news, Eli has been charged with fraud for lying about his cancer to a charity!


Can't wait for his denial of it though.

No. 318019

About fucking time.

No. 318038

File: 1495370337764.jpg (247.97 KB, 551x591, sofreaking.jpg)

So freaking deformed fingers, huh?

Her new obsession? Moles. Now she wants to get them checked out. Besides that? Her breasts. She wants a mammography, because they hurt so much. And she is making a big deal out of her oh-so-freaking-serious endo. Her period lasted 16 days, which is normal after starting hormonal therapy. She is 26 and living in austria and doesn't know how hormonal treament works? So much for advocate or professional patient.
I'm still wondering what happened to her brain problems? And especially her restless leg syndrom. And her heart problems :)

(it's rheuma_esgibtkeinzujung :D A real drama queen)

No. 318108

Everyone's fingers are slightly crooked, and the problem with her toe is a bunionette.

No. 318130

File: 1495387254939.jpg (110.67 KB, 581x767, elileg.jpg)

Rare picture of Eli's prosthetic leg without a sock on.

No. 318227

Good! Hope his new name gets leaked too, she shouldn't be allowed to hide from this

No. 318559


Hate this guy as much as the next anon, but he's a he, a HE.

No. 318627

Still wondering if her rheumatologists feds her delusions.
It's kinda sad that munchies are allowed to interact with other people on social media, because in her case a long break from instagram and facebook would help a lot. She is so obsessed with everything health related and even when she is just posting stuff in groups(not related to any illnesses) her introduction includes all of her illnesses.

No. 318691

About fucking time he gets charged. It makes me so furious to see people lie about this shit. Why would you want to be sick? Sage for off-topic rant, but I recently was diagnosed with an anterior-mediastinal tumor, and let me tell you, it's fucking terrifying. Lying about cancer, let alone anything else, is fucked up. These munchies make my blood boil.

No. 318828

File: 1495461496359.png (603.19 KB, 499x566, 1324234321685.png)

Seems like he's trying to act as if nothing is wrong on both Facebook and instagram, by using photos that were already posted on the opposing account:

No. 318829

File: 1495461544567.png (694.34 KB, 934x600, 1324234321686.png)

Honestly I just want to know when the trial is to go along and attend, to see what bullshit excuses he tries to come up with, and to see first hand what his punishment will be.


No. 318884


They don't "respect pronouns" in a womens jail AND shafting a charity is always treated harshly is all I know.

No. 318919

Assuming he'd be sent to a women's jail. Also seems like you replied to the wrong anon but ok

No. 319162

Finger slip I know he's a he

No. 319164

I'm actually not sure, would be interesting to find out where they would send him. I imagine it would be a women's jail

No. 319225

In the US it's dependent on your gentails even if you've had your gender changed on your ID and birth certificate. I've never heard of an FTM being put in men's prison though, only MTF because that "gender reassignment surgery" is more common and easier to go about than building a dick/getting rid of a vagina..

No. 319246

The fraudster is biologically female and in the UK would get sent to a female prison if you haven't got a gender recognition certificate.

Maybe this one's got one if that provisional license is real.

No. 319249

No. 319260

Doubtful, names on provisionals are easy to change by a paper deed poll alone. They're pretty lax with the name on it, actually.

No. 319359

lets be real though he probably wont be going to jail
most likely he'll get community service and a fine of some sort… maybe a suspended sentence at best

No. 319367

Considering how serious what he's done is, maybe not. Defrauding a charity is serious, and the distress he caused many people, including the family of the girl whose scar/injury he photoshopped onto himself.

He's certainly not remorseful about his actions, considering he kept lying about various illnesses even after the first report about him being investigated was made. Probably more sorry he got caught than anything else. A fine would just allow him to go back to doing it all over again under his "new name".
I'd love to see him get the maximum sentence, honestly. And his mum, for essentially being an accomplice in it.

No. 319552


Defrauding a charity is serious. I don't know all the details of the charges but it seems like he is mainly being charged with getting a $1000 guitar from the charity after claiming to have cancer. He may have taken other things, but ultimately in the grand scheme of criminals $1000 isn't a lot. He definitely hurt the family of the girl who's scar he took, but I don't think he targeted the family so I am not sure there would be much of a case their either.
Faking diseases online is a scummy thing to do, but I don't think its actually a crime (unless you do it to get people to send you stuff, which is why what he did with the charity is illegal).

If he ever admits to faking cancer, he will probably blame it on a mental illness (hasn't he already?).

The fact that being transgender would likely make putting him in jail more complicated and the low value of the things he stole, I would doubt he would get prison time.

No. 319677


My thoughts too they would probably have him at too much risk to mental health to send him to jail. He's alright tried to take his life in a half hearted attempted imo.

No. 319711

Then he may be sent to a mental health institute and locked up that way until he is "fit" to properly serve his sentence.

>The fact that being transgender would likely make putting him in jail more complicated
Wonderful to know transgender people can skip out on prison time just for being trans…Send him to a womens prison, he'll be safer there than in a mens prison.

>he will probably blame it on a mental illness

I'm pretty sure he tried to word it like his schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder (if he actually has either) was to blame but neither of those things would cause him to fake cancer, knowingly take someone else's scar to shop onto himself, constantly be dying and then not dying. Those things aren't "symptoms" of either of those mental health issues.

No. 319732

anon pls. its not like this will be the first time a prison has had to face a transgendered offender. its been a hot ticket since the 1980s and they have their guidelines. its the sexual and physical abuse and potential segregation from general population that becomes the issue

No. 319769

Don't most men's prisons have sections for the faggots?

No. 319790

i know at least that rikers island in the us has a gay section of the prison but im not sure if that is the standard. ive heard at least that a lot of the time they are just thrown in there and if problems arise its come down to just segregating them.
im sure things are changing now because of how much of a hot topic it has become but its prison, not a school or restaurant. you get basic rights and even those end up being questionable.

No. 319795

sage for samefag but i am not familiar with the prison system in the uk. in the us though the basic sentencing is you go to a prison based off the gender on your birth certificate. but of course different jurisdictions, different guidelines. plenty of people have died because of trans abuse and whatnot, its not the worst thing in the eyes of a prisoner unlike a chomo, but there are plenty of cases where a transgendered inmate is beaten to death.

No. 319877

He'll probably be sent to a young offenders institute considering he's under 21 anyway. At least that's how things typically go in Scotland. One is mixed, and the other two are female only, so he'd probably be in the mixed one anyway.

No. 320309

File: 1495592883088.jpg (564.01 KB, 2896x2896, 20170523_212548.jpg)

No. 320315

those chins, fucking kek. much ana. such skeletal.

No. 320322

How is this thing only 30? She looks like a middle aged mom.

No. 320324

While it is from this past April 15, and she is currently all over her super severe "gastricparesis" living on sip of water and sucking on plain ice and looking soooo much weight, i dont buy it. What she has lost is likely just water weight and probably laxative other than her rx.
Her "boyfriend" was supposed to take her to a different ER because he was so concerned about her that he is "making" her go. So they were supposed to go the next morning to the out of state ER an hour and half away.
She never mentioned it again. And is obviously still just at home plotting ways to get more attention.
She contradicts everything. Everything while crying everyone judges her and gives her third degrees on everything.
She's such a mess lately…more than she's ever been that makes me
confused why she's not been mentioned much here lately.

No. 320351


I wasn't trying to imply that transgender people skip out on prison time. In fact, at least in the US, individuals who are transgender has a higher incarceration rate than the general population (for a variety of reasons). I am sure its not a foreign issue to most prison systems (not that they handle it well).

Overall, he presents as a high risk individual who is barely considered an adult and is being charged with a crime that wouldn't cause him to consider being a risk to others (now granted he did cause emotional harm to the family when he photoshopped the scar but he isn't likely to attack someone on the street). We know that he constantly fakes a variety of illnesses but its not a crime unless he tried to get people to give him things (which is why he is charged in the case of the charity giving him a guitar). He will likely paint a picture of himself being mentally unwell and not in control of his actions (hell he can say the voices made him do it).

He is a wretched human being but I just don't see him getting jail time. He has done a lot of terrible things but I don't think that most of them actually count as criminal offenses.

No. 320374

Thicc is a hell of a drug.

No. 320393


Can you please tell me what thicc is?
Google only got me to the lock up video "girl you thicker than a bowl of oatmeal"

No. 320511

It's the new way of saying a woman is thick, as in thick thighs, big butt, etc.

No. 320523

Urban Dictionary's good for finding all the latest kids speak. Got to admit I had to go there to find the meaning of thicc the first time I saw it

No. 320543

File: 1495632207522.jpg (112.57 KB, 999x666, BLJ.jpg)

By thicc, I mean obese.
Pic related, THICC

No. 320584

lol, is that James K from My 600 Lb Life?

No. 320640

she's one of the worst munchies i've seen. she doctor shops like no other. i'm so surprised she even got the gastroparesis diagnosis. i wonder which one she'll try for next.

No. 320939

File: 1495664252771.png (849.53 KB, 921x587, what the fuck.png)

Did anyone else see HMG publicly admit to pissing himself?

No. 320981

File: 1495666564112.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170524-173826.png)

Umm….well..i guess I am surprised this one hasn't been so obsessively seeking attention seeking as of late but I think this pic alone sums it up.
Nice shorts.
..if we could actually see the shorts.

I just don't even know where this one belongs anymore! Her ED obviously is her life and treatment hopping the past years,faking illnesses, faking injuries, lying, lying about her story etc over the past few years to finally getting the plug pulled and hoping her rich daddy refuses to pay out of pocket for more, to crying to charities and having other people try to raise money for her treatment and her gofundme. Account her friend was doing that got about 3000 in before she shut it down before getting in trouble for the fraud (still would love to know what she did with that money..i hope she at least returned it or donated to a cause or something..) one of the last updates from her friend was she's a victim of cyberbulling (ironic. She's a bully to others specially in her Texas children's stays…prying on more vulnerable much younger kiddos..) some people spoke up to her B.S. and shy cried cyberbulling and suddenly needed treatment asap because her kidneys are failing and may need diaylsis and insurance is refusing to pay for it umm…if anyone was actually sick with kidney failure and need dialysis, it doesn't matter who they are or even if they have no insurance, you get medical treatment when needed..actually needed and not lies*….planning her funeral in the description was just icing on the cake) but without intervention she's doing the best she has ever at home.
I didn't think that shit. Would last long.

Sorry for the recap here..i just don't know what's worst or where she goes these days.
I just don't understand this type of shit. How does she sleep at night hurting so many people for no reason other than being so extremely wrapped up in her own pitiful self?

No. 320984

File: 1495666590195.jpg (3.71 MB, 3923x5898, fatwave.jpg)

Have some fresh OC.

No. 321239


Yeah, UTI would be diagnosed super fast. Also usually (American here) they will give you the RX without the lab (criteria must be met, like no you didn't have unprotected sex from some rando). In fact, if you're in the US download the planned parenthood app (varies by state) and you will have access to birth control. Uti help, and std screening. All done through the app (Mail for labwork).

Anyway it's suspect that they would wait given that an untreated UTI could lead to kidney infection which is serious. Also usually (not always) a UTI is gonna cause some ummmm discomfort…

No. 321432

Literally, in the UK all they do is pee dip then give you antibiotics, then and there. No waiting, no labs. Losing bladder control indicates spinal/nerves, not UTI.

No. 321741


Yeah I believe in the US they would give you an RX for a general antibiotic if you had a UTI. I think the only reason they would need to do further testing is if you had a history of chronic UTIs that didn't respond to general antibiotics in order to figure out what medication would best target it.

And since he already has so many other spoonie badges he has to announce that he is so ill that he requires adult diapers. Not exactly something that your average adult would want to admit.

No. 322500

File: 1495848653273.jpg (532.94 KB, 810x1353, 20170526_202708.jpg)

With a crop this is totally perfect for a meme!!

Good for them I guess?
I'm a little disturbed that it's family dessert night and tagged with food open.

No. 322530

Food porn* not open, sorry.

No. 322543

She is literally the ugliest person i have ever seen

No. 322626

She looks like such Jersey trash holy shit

No. 322825

Why have their faces been err drawn over? You can still see them clearly…
Also, her family look pretty normal, and dare I say good looking
TF happened to Ariana in the womb!

No. 322944

why does she look like she has no teeth? i think that's what bothers me but i'm not sure.

No. 323993

File: 1496016320820.png (103.46 KB, 686x449, IMG_4705.PNG)

Basically summarizes this… snowflake? She's been on the internet since lj and gaff days, but only really started the Munchie stuff when her parents passed away. Legitimate reason to be sad as hell, but not a legitimate reason to induce seizures by injecting herself with too much insulin to get more pity points.

I'd like to also bring up that the person leaving this comment on the article I'll put up below was one of "Gwyn's" nearest and dearest friends since the early internet days. She refers to Gwyn using various fake names; her real name is Judy, she's currently 49 years old, but she's gone by Winter Rose, Rose, and Gwyneira.

No. 323994

File: 1496016662961.png (64.03 KB, 503x509, IMG_4706.PNG)

This is the article aforementioned. How much of "Gwyn's" illnesses are legitimate, self-induced, or simply faked is unknown. Her husband plays (and has played along) for their entire marriage. Her friends are all ardent supporters, until they aren't. She's claimed to have Type I Diabetes- of some type she has, I have no doubt from the absolutely numbing amount of sugar she seems to consume, but I suspect it to be Type II. She's claimed epilepsy, then a seizure disorder, and now temporal lobe epilepsy, though she later admitted to inducing her worst seizures with an overdose of insulin. She also claims fibro, bulimia, and BDD. Her Facebook page is awash with her constantly fishing to be told how "magical, tiny, delicate, and faerielike" she is.

Photo in article is heavily filtered and shooped.

No. 323995

File: 1496016772165.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4660.PNG)

She actually looks like this.

No. 324035

nobody looks like that irl with that amount of smooth tooling (you literally can't see her nose at all), but jesus christ >>323995 is terrifying. what the fuck?

No. 324311

File: 1496055065919.png (285.36 KB, 750x1041, IMG_4693.PNG)

Gwyn admitting her self induced seizures. Says she was trying to an hero, but "luckily survived" aka was actually just creating a crisis situation in which everyone would coo over her and tell her how brave she is.

No. 324378

Ugh this woman reminds me of someone I unfortunately got tangled up with back in 2000. I was a kid at the time and -I will call her A- claimed to be 14.

Long story short myself and many others cottoned on to her bullshit. It was a sexual abuse survivors forum. My friend (a lot older, and who 17 years later I am still in touch with) wouldn't listen when we kept pointing out how odd A was etc. How she was clearly lying and faking for attention about some really fucked up shit.
Her abuse HAD to be worse, her life had to be worse. You get the picture.

It put a rift between me and my friend in a way for several years. A accused me of harrassing her and bullying her and all sorts of shit. None of which was true of course, but she wanted my friend all to herself.

Everyone eventually went their separate ways. I stayed in contact with my friend, but she also stayed in contact with A. I gave up trying to tell my friend how dangerous A appeared to be. I wasn't fooled for a second she was "only 14". It just led to arguments between me and my friend, so we just continued our friendship without speaking of A.

This went on a good 10 years maybe.
A few years ago my friend told me the truth. She had found out who the REAL A was, the year before. But was so distraught she didn't know how to tell me, and she felt so conned etc she was ashamed, and didn't want an "I told you!" Sigh….

Turns out A was a 60 odd year old woman! I fucking know! I knew she was over 30 or something but over 60??? I still cringe thinking back, cause of how fucking disturbed this woman was. She's dead now, her obit was online, and nobody went to her funeral. My friend says she will NEVER forgive that bitch for all those years of lies. And honestly, she put my friend through some real shit.
She pretended to be a social worker looking after A, and actually spoke to my friend on the phone as the social worker!
She was harming herself, or someone was harming her. Just crazy crazy shit.

I've never trusted anyone fully online since. I got burnt early!

sage for long waffle

No. 324597

File: 1496083699634.png (147.74 KB, 743x634, IMG_4695.PNG)

You mean like… aside for deliberately injecting yourself with insulin? Probably all the fucking sugary as shit food you eat despite being diabetic- even being diabetic can cause seizures if your glucose count it too high ffs

No. 324598

File: 1496083898971.png (145.39 KB, 749x1135, IMG_4641.PNG)

Sorry these aren't in chronological order, I just capped a bunch of stuff and ran like hell. In here, she described undergoing a surgery for an experimental treatment. Is she for real? Who really knows~ (btw notice how she positions her hands by her sides so it gives her an illusion of actually having a waist instead of a beach ball for a torso)

No. 324600

File: 1496083965906.png (219.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4704.PNG)

Here she describes her procedure more… in depth? Can any medical anons let us in and tell us if this sounds legit?

No. 324607


EDS and all these other issues are real. Grow a pair and stop targeting people

No. 324609

File: 1496085064920.png (225.44 KB, 750x1051, IMG_4637.PNG)

Not going to give up yet…

No. 324610

File: 1496085120932.png (63.19 KB, 750x295, IMG_4630.PNG)

Alternates srs medical posts with this bullshit.

No. 324611

In the UK you need not only a dip test but it has to be sent to a lab.. by given antibiotics to someone already on meds can mwsa everything up

No. 324612

Also wtf, this is almost exactly what happened to me???? She never tried to really lure me in, but she always pretended to be around my age when I was in my early teens. As a 30 year old, I find her behavior horrifying.

No. 324619


If you look at where he is.. he's sandwiched between a wall and chair.. seen his house and it's possible.. I also take him out for days out. Stop bullshitting

No. 324692

Hi HMG, who tipped you? It was that awful Nicole wasn't it sat on her high horse

No. 324696

You would never have a cast because of blood pooling in her legs lmao that's a great way to get a blood clot

No. 324698

File: 1496094676426.png (182.15 KB, 750x987, IMG_9835.PNG)

Following whack job insta profiles to look for munchies and good milk, has anyone followed this one? I've not seen a post about it, surprisingly

No. 324701

File: 1496094823756.png (925.57 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9836.PNG)

I meant to post this one lol

No. 324703

She actually seems rather ill, her account is private though so drop milk you think she's a munchie

No. 324704

Hypermobileguy found out about this thread an hour or so ago.

No. 324706

awkward >.>

No. 324710

Well who ratted?

No. 324714


That was my post.

I didn't say a word about EDS as I have it myself.
I said that FND is interesting. It isn't well known and it used by some munchies. Hypermobileguy, I wasn't talking about you, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

No. 324715

I think whoever said that was meaning because of the earlier threads regarding him and his fake eds

No. 324721

He must of been scrolling for ages as he replied to a post that was 22 days old lol

No. 324748

File: 1496098273225.png (133.15 KB, 640x821, IMG_1736.PNG)

chronically_jacquie eating in the ER despite coming in for anaphylaxis.

No doctor with a brain would let a potential severe unknown allergy patient eat outside food, and that isn't even all- since this post in January she's moved on (through mast cell, POTS, EDS, etc) to gastroparesis currently. She travels the country blantantly doctor-shopping: one day claiming new disabling symptoms, the next day seeing a doctor who tells her she's both somehow a completely unique case AND somehow the worst symptomatically, usually followed by radical medical interventions that are highly visible. (So far: walker, wheelchair, face mask, service dog, infusion port, glucose monitor; currently weaseling for a feeding tube despite being visibly heavier in recent pics.)
She's a dairy farm.

No. 324750

She's eating hospital food not outside food fam.

No. 324780

Tasha isn't a cow. Disappointed that this has turned from shitting on munchies to just shitting on sick people, where's the fun?

No. 324790

File: 1496101007937.png (Spoiler Image,218.95 KB, 750x1174, IMG_9838.PNG)

Paralyzed and can't sit up without assistance constantly needs money for this or that, asking for gifts, can't use hands and needs full time care staff and was in the hospital for 6 months "because she can't do this stuff with her hands" but does full make up, has many pics sitting and one standing, and makes clay models

No. 324795

and yet you aren't showing why you think they're a munchie. you aren't going to provide reasons why you they're milky, get off the thread. this isn't an image board for your personal vendetta shitposting.

hey hmg, welcome to the thread. let me guess, nicole tipped you, right?

lurk moar and learn how to reply ffs

that's hospital food, not outside food, and most places will authorize food in situations like these. unless you have more milk to share than this, boring.

now this one is interesting.. any claimed diagnoses? or just vague general "my hands don't work" bs?

No. 324808


This seems like a personal vendetta unless you have more info. I scrolled through her IG and yes there are some typical spoonie pictures, I didn't see anything about a full time staff, not being able to use her hands, or asking for money/gifts.

No. 324826

File: 1496103929449.png (200.83 KB, 640x899, IMG_2317.PNG)

No. 324829

It says right there her doctor allowed it. It's not like she ordered a big helping of what she's allergic to.

No. 324844

Why are people whiteknighting for chronically_jaquie of all people? She's one of the worst munchies out there. I wonder what she gets out of it considering she's okay looking, and could have a pretty normal life if she's wanted. Is it just all about the attention for her or is she hoping to monetize? She's the Aly of the Munchiesphere.

No. 324855

File: 1496105948548.png (190.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9839.PNG)


This is the beginning after stealing people's gastroparesis and eds stories. She has no diagnoses but claims them. The hands state are from "Me" that she's also not diagnosed with. Most milk is on fb. I just got ybdriended

No. 324890

god what is it with some of these people finding these boards and posting about their friends to spite them?

??? what exactly are we supposed to be gathering from this? her doctor allowed it?

pretty sure we're just confused because we don't see the milk dude and you're sperging out. unless you have some solid evidence of milk, why are you blasting her?
>She's the Aly of the Munchiesphere.
nah dude, that title goes to either MLS or folie_a_you aka hunter aka cancer munchie. this sounds more like a raging hate boner than actual milk.

No. 324895

dude, provide examples of her "stealing people's gastroparesis and eds stories" or "no diagnoses but claims them" or gtfo.
>I just got ybdriended
so, raging hate boner. gotcha.

No. 324896

I hate it when they hashtag everything. Who the hell even searches for those tags?

No. 324957

I found out from someone he has a friend on facebook who uses this site. At least he knows now we know his eds is a lie

No. 324959

People who want inspiration for their next big fake illness

No. 324960

Hypermobile guy is Luke Murphy

No. 324961

Was he not friends with the Eli dude who got caught faking to the charity?

No. 324970


yeah but years ago. They fell out.

No. 324980

they fell out after Luke accused eli of faking his illnesses

No. 324986

at least he was right about that

No. 325010

this thread fucking reeks of newfags who don't know how to reply. sage for OT but lurk moar, jfc.

No. 325039

Someone wrote out a really good expose of Angie Dong on tumblr with her constant fundraiser for being bed bound. Angie responded but is still justifying her constant fundraising as her only way to survive since she is estranged from her family and does not want to be found my her presumably abusive father. Did not address the former $70,000 she raised since 2014.

Does anyone know anything about the AUS healthcare system that can verify what she's saying is all legitimate, because we know according to documents and info she does not seek proper placement and instead stays at hotels and the like, and up until last year used airtasker for people to run her errands and clean instead of actual workers. I think she definitely needs help but I think she's also delusional about her condition.

No. 325075

Australian healthcare worker here. She would definitely be eligible for funding for equipment and would receive support from care agencies to the amount that she has been assessed as needing (which is obviously nothing). If her needs required constant care she would go into a government funded nursing home either permanently or have respite admissions. There is quite a lot of funding available for genuinely disabled young people. Of course it's not perfect, but no young person I've ever worked with has had to use airtasker. For a start, they would hire a personal carer but most of them would get funding anyway

No. 325166

Why don't you try posting a cap of the expose you're talking about and losing the name when you post here?

No. 325167


Sage but I know a transsexual who went to prison here (UK) and although she was MtF and had completed surgery/was on hormones/ had new birth certificate - she was put in the mens prison to begin with. She was not accepted there by the other inmates and she was eventually just put in solitary until release (was only a short term). They didn't consider putting her in the womens prison. This was a couple of years ago, in London.

No. 325299

diff anon screen capping the the first post, its p long and the op as a few other posts with new info-let me upload the first batch then i'll come back with some real interesting dox I dug up on Angie this morning lmao

No. 325304

File: 1496160288667.jpg (102.47 KB, 735x849, cHZAhZl.jpg)

No. 325305

File: 1496160351889.jpg (79.84 KB, 509x800, OePHeoG.jpg)

No. 325307

File: 1496160387249.jpg (80.34 KB, 529x799, 5KYpIYG.jpg)

No. 325308

File: 1496160415626.jpg (57.71 KB, 566x643, Er5WT1X.jpg)

No. 325326


heres the url to the original post,
im honestly really impressed at how thorough and utterly damning this is, they really did their homework and compiled a lot of shit I the of the links are really underwhelming but FUCK did op do their homework

The rest of Op's Angie tag is def worth a look, especially since Angie replied by claiming OPs is "preying on my disability by trying to isolate me from the only community I have, to cause me serious physical harm." lmao



No. 325327

fyi you don't need to fill in the name or subject field

No. 325413


Thank you so much for your input. I don't understand why she keeps going to stay at hotels claiming they are the only place worth going regarding accessibility. Taking a look at the links that people gave does this seem like a fraudulent case to you?

I do think they are disabled in some way or believe they are but definitely are not in need of so much money when there is support out there.

How long generally would it take for her to be accepted into respite housing or nursing home?

On airtasker she did have people delivering medical documents, investigating ramps or translating medical documents from Chinese which might explain why some of her documents seem off.

No. 325456

File: 1496172626399.png (289.57 KB, 742x1197, IMG_9845.PNG)


No. 325496

lololol someone is lurking here and regurgitating shit to cover their fraudulent claims

No. 325504

yep. there's always someone on here who feels the need to post about their friends and simultaneously tip the cow to make themselves feel better about posting on here.

No. 325631

I think you'll find that 80% of the spoonie/ mental health community know about this website as everyone knows everyone nearly. So most people have a friend/ follower who have been posted about on here.
Also if you google usernames you can finding the lolcow thread you've been mentioned on. Doesn't take a genius. You just have to know your way around the internet.

No. 325832

trust me, that's how i found this website, by googling someone's username. of course it was another slimey community (pro ana scumbags), and boy, that community has its own issues in and of themselves. sage for OT.

No. 325998

Well i'm in the "spoonie"/chronic illness community myself and heard about this site through some whiney munchie - haven't left since

No. 326107

Unfortunately I think it's unlikely that Eli would face a custodial sentence for defrauding a charity of only $1,000, especially as people seem to think he has stopped lying about his medical conditions.

But if the police in charge of the investigation were to find out that Eli is continuing this charade by changing his name, starting up other profiles and lying about new conditions they may present that evidence to the judge to show Eli's true lack of remorse and lack of insight into his actions, and that could tip things in favour of him actually doing some time.

IDK if there are any UK farmers who would consider alerting the relevant people about this information but imho it could result in this shithead actually facing real consequences for his fucked up actions, and that would be pretty fucking brilliant.

No. 326109

If you were honestly incapable of caring for yourself you would be quick to be placed in a nursing home (a couple of weeks). If you're really unwell, generally you will stay in hospital until placed or will have significant home care provided. I know my elderly patients have a fall, break a hip, are deemed unacceptable for rehab and are in a nursing home after a couple of weeks. Also the government would be able to translate your documents for you. When I worked in hospitals and you had a foreign patient, you could easily book a translator for the same day.
I'll read the tumblr post and see what I think

No. 326144

Screenshots of his continued lying were passed on to one of the "victims" of his case, who've turned them over to the police.

No. 326161

I'm considering phoning crimestoppers about it, 'cause it's anonymous and you can just direct them to info.

No. 326254

learn how to reply newfag. lurk moar.

No. 326257

if someone could compile a masterpost of files of the lies and scams he's done it would make it a whole lot easier for them. someone should do it before he attempts sudoku though. most munchies like this who get caught end up attempting sudoku, especially with his history.

No. 326353

lol at luke being in hospital after being called out

No. 326473

Eh, it's likely he took more than he's letting on though. The articles also mentioned that they hadn't received the money from his "charity" gig, and iirc he had a gofundme a while back for his SUPER EXPENSIVE WHEELCHAIR that he needed since his cancer treatment was going to make him unable to walk.

No. 326475

File: 1496271306241.png (59.88 KB, 640x410, IMG_4637.PNG)

did he say something about someone else? cause this comment to me seems pretty interesting.

No. 326484

Wouldn't be surprised munchies love to accuse others of faking to cover up the fact they're faking. Wonder how this will play out.

No. 326500

That's probably true about Eli taking more than he's admitted to.

I have my own experience with court (in Australia but we have a similar set up) for a much more serious crime and I quite easily avoided prison time because I was a first offender.

The reality is that age, character references, first offences and the claim of being deeply remorseful will more than likely see Eli stay out of prison.

Most judges are usually reluctant to send a first time young offender to jail if they can help it because the kid is a lot more likely to reoffend if the do go inside.

So judges usually just hand down a suspended sentence, probation or something like that unless the crime is really abhorrent.

But, I would think that the police being able to hand in a brief showing Eli's continuing deception, even after he has been charged with the other offences, could definitely see the little shit being held more accountable.

It should be more enough to show the judge that Eli has absolutely no remorse or insight into his actions and is at a high risk of reoffending considering he is literally in the process of committing the same sort of scam while waiting to go to court.

Judges loathe being made a fool of by anyone, but especially if they feel that the defendant has tried to pull the wool over their eyes. And a pissed off judge is a lot more likely to give a harsher sentence.

No. 326506

If someone can be bothered to compile into a pdf or googledocs or something I'll call crimestoppers, possibly police directly if I can do so anonymously. I don't really wanna use this forum as a source 'cause we look batshit to outsiders.

Even just a list of fake names, usernames he's using and a brief timeline of events would be good, also any sites he's used to fund raise or lie to people.

No. 326509

that's a very kind offer anon, I hope you can get the relevant info

No. 326518

Huh… I was looking through his facebook to get you that information, and I noticed that he's deleted all mentions of the surgery and his check in to the Beatson. And his post about prosthetics.
He's seemingly deleted EVERYTHING.

No. 326525

And his instagram. Wonder if he's realised he's digging himself into a deeper hole?

No. 326532

he's probably planning to try and purge his existence online and/or attempt sudoku. has anyone thought about contacting the folk from organizations like http://www.warriorelihoax.com? they're usually more credible than sites like ours

No. 326542

Eh, least I can do really. I don't want this fucker to get away with this.

The thing is, as everyone should know, you can't delete shit from facebook. Everything you upload stays on their servers forever, and all the police need is to request that info from them. I don't think they even technically need a warrant if the website is happy to comply, which they usually are.

You can actually still see "deleted" image posts on a lot of websites if you have the direct URL to the image.

I'll definitely mention that he's deleting all the evidence to crimestoppers, might get him slapped with an additional charge of interfering with or impeding police investigation.

No. 326576

i'm compiling a short list for you as we speak. most of it is from previous mentions in threads and archives online. nerd/ITfag here, that shit is ALWAYS archived.

No. 326589

welp, short list turned into long list, oops. here's some of the milk from this thread >>237479 for you or anyone to compile a starter list (this is a huge post of lolcow links to the images/posts, i've just made it a bit quicker to go to each screenshot, and i've noted what the milk is):

>>245476 (eli tries to explain how he's not the bad guy in a facebook post)
>>245477 (pt2)
>>245494 (mother of daughter who died of cancer and eli shooped her wound onto his own body makes a facebook post about eli and said shooping)
>>245539 (fake leg cut, unrelated or?)
>>245569 (change in claims of diagnoses)
>>245593 (previous FAKE letter of consultant)
>>245645 (fake bleeding stomach cut)
>>245654 (fb post screenshot)
>>246014 (comparison of a photo eli tried to claim was HIS osteosarcoma which was actually a google search image result)
>>255406 (eli stewart makes new facebook and becomes eli carter)
>>265422 (eli makes new instagram as hunter stiles)
>>266880 ("hunter" posting about his "cancer" on IG)
>>266885 (someone calls him out on faking cancer on said IG post, he deletes it)
>>268723 (proof his tumblr URL is his previous instagram, confirming hunter is eli)
>>278425 & archive.is/p72Ya (archive of him posting about his "cancer" going into remission)
>>282192 (more proof "hunter" is eli: mutual fb friends, workplaces, etc.)
>>282193 (cont'd "hunter" fb profile)
>>282363 (his fixed coverup of cancer tattoo ONLY after to hide the before)
>>282365 (before/after coverup tattoo)
>>290480 ("hunter" threatens suicide on IG)
>>295413 (screenshot + farmer notes "hunter" claimed terminal cancer on his tumblr which was later switched to remission)
>>296753 ("hunter" claiming prosthetic leg)

No. 326593

>(fb post screenshot)
was of him pretending a nurse was writing out messages to people he loved because he was "dying"
also, edited link: http://archive.is/p72Ya (archive of him posting about his "cancer" going into remission)

No. 326955

All the posts about Angie Dong have been deleted with no explanation why.

No. 327008

DMCA probably.

No. 327043

File: 1496341712303.png (176.68 KB, 735x1113, IMG_0171.PNG)

I miss MLS, she's one of my favorites and her need/desire for medical attention, or attention in general seems to be increasing.
>I don't think you're dying if you're playing with Snapchat filters
If ER staff see you fucking around on your phone and taking selfies, they're not going to take you seriously, esp a frequent flyer like Danielle.

No. 327045

File: 1496341944926.png (227.11 KB, 750x1048, IMG_0172.PNG)

>I'm slowly starving to death
And yet consistently gaining weight, fascinating.

No. 327053

File: 1496342667023.png (1.32 MB, 1284x1800, IMG_4712.PNG)

she had a minor change in HR/BP from laying, sitting, to standing (a normal and expected amount) and someone made this comment. i think her problem is that even when provided proof that she's fine, she insists she isn't. and thus, the definition of a munchie.

No. 327055

Ooh a whole 8 on your sys and 6 on your dia you're obviously dying. Try going from 110/70 to 65/34 sitting standing and then see just how much like death you feel.

>sage for blog

No. 327057

Jesus. Nothing changed. My heart rate can spike from 60bmp to 100bmp just by getting up and going to the bathroom and afaik I am not dying.

No. 327062

right? mine has gone to 150/200 before but do you see normal people posting it on instagram? no! sage for rage/blogpost but these munchies make me so fucking mad. that is a perfectly healthy normal heartrate.

No. 327063

If she's trying to imply POTS, she's looking at the wrong number, and the only thing I can think of is she's saying she has postural hyper/hypotension. Which is what my example was of (hypo).

Hell I'd kill for a dia/sys and pulse that normal.

No. 327064

File: 1496343936457.png (1.09 MB, 1800x1493, IMG_4715.PNG)

kek. why do munchies always pretend they're leaving only to post nearly immediately afterwards anyway?

No. 327068

whoops, didn't clarify bc rage. my bp was 150/100, and my hr was 200bpm. regardless, it irritates me that munchies always try to get more diagnoses. i'm guessing she's probably going to chase after a POTS diagnosis now which will be a fucking laugh. how many doctors will she see next?

No. 327074

Girl needs to get a hobby/job to take up her time. She's clearly very bored.

No. 327075


I'm just waiting for the "Ehlers Danlos" diagnosis.

No. 327085

Considering he either fully deleted or deactivated his old account that all the lies about having cancer were initially on, I'd call that destroying evidence.

No. 327101

i'm betting she'll go for vascular eds because of those recent HR/BP posts

he can try and destroy evidence but that shit still exists on servers if the police want it. everything is archived these days.

No. 327105

why would the police give a fuck unless he actually misrepresented himself in order to get money? being a dumbfuck liar on the internet isn't a prosecutable offense

don't go full warriorelihoax and become a holier than thou binch

No. 327112

pretty sure he's far past the dumbfuck liar phase at this point. as >>318018 pointed out, he's been charged with fraud for lying about his cancer to a charity: http://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/teen-fraud-after-misleading-13066991

stop whiteknighting a pathological and scummy shitbag, munchie

No. 327113

No. 327114

I think the point is more that this evidence can be used to show he is not remorseful for his actions, and was hoping he could get away with it - failing that he had set up a new identity to continue lying to people.
It can lead to a harsher sentence, at the very least, as it would prove that, given the chance, he would continue to lie about having different ailments that could lead to him defrauding more people.

No. 327138

you also have the fact that vascular is much ~deadlier~ than "normal" eds. people with vascular are only expected to live until 40, which to someone in their teens/early twenties seems like such a long way away (spoiler: it isnt).

No. 327144

MLS is 30, but so am I and 40 still seems far enough away that if I were to fake an illness that could get me asspats for years (not that I'd want to), one that would kill me in 10 years would still seem long enough to get the sympathy I wanted.

No. 327151

Someone is behind…

No. 327165

that's why i said vascular, because MLS (and any munchie really) loves to be The Sickest™. they thrive off being those people who say shit like "oh, you have 8 illnesses? that sucks, i have 20".

refer to my prev point ^ munchies LOVE being the sickest™ of the bunch. they love being the one who is the rarest with having it the worst off. the problem is that a lot of them lose it in inconsistencies and aren't able to prove their claims because they're not actually fucking sick lmao. it's why we see so many of them fuck up because they have no way of proving they have X disease or disorder because (1) they don't actually have it, (2) they pick the rarest and hardest to prove (eg. cancer, vascular eds, etc.), and (3) they don't have any actual docs to prove it (documents AND doctors).

that or someone is either the cow or tipped the cow. no one flips out like that over a munchie, especially one who fakes having 3 different types of cancers at once amongst other illnesses.

No. 327166

forgot to add that that's why i think MLS will pick vascular eds. plus she seems kind of mentally stunted anyways so she seems like the type to be like "uh…… vascular eds!" and not realize that it's pretty fucking hard to prove. then again most of these illnesses are hard to prove when you don't have them to begin with.

No. 327168

I kind of want to introduce her to thefitveganginer. I think they'd get along. Ginge would probably try to "cure" her.

No. 327189

what even happened to ginge? i miss her but i really don't. her weird concoctions made me want to puke. sage for OT.

No. 327193

No. 327200

pretty average. too bad. it seems so interesting to me how some of these cows like to purge their online existence and previous posts once they're posted on here. again sage for OT.

No. 327267

File: 1496364021213.png (12.78 KB, 284x140, fidgetspinner.png)

Why doesn't it surprise me that she has a fidget spinner? I can just see her unwashed ass sitting in the ER with her fidget spinner, shrieking about how she's slowly dying of starvation while intermittently taking smug snapchat selfies.

No. 327268

(Can any artfags please draw this?)

No. 327339

she hops on every trend. anorexia, gp, and now she's constantly on the "muh BP/HR" despite it being absolutely fine.

someone PLEASE make this happen

No. 327350

File: 1496368924119.png (347.54 KB, 639x807, IMG_4735.PNG)

MLS wants to be a tubie. kek.

No. 327362

Yep they're totally going to give someone with normal bloods a tube ? Meanwhile I managed to fuck up my potassium enough to need hospitalisation after a big-ish night drinking recently and I am perfectly healthy. So she's cleaarly "not keeping down anything"

No. 327366

She's the only person to ever look at just_breathe_nicole and think, "goals".

No. 327367


i can't believe this woman is 30 fucking years old and types like this. like a child. try some punctuation, maybe.

i just imagine that she cry-types fucking everything.

hideous woman.

No. 327369

To be fair, she's mentally about 15 and intellectually about 10.

No. 327384

File: 1496372523982.png (1.43 MB, 1262x1800, IMG_4742.PNG)

normal bloods and normal stats in general. here (attached image) she is sperging about her BP/HR again (she's become obsessed with it) and people have pointed it out.

speaking of her, she defended MLS on one particular post (i'll attach that after this one, i'm on mobile lol sry)

because as >>327369 said, she's mentally like 15 but intellectually 10. i wish i saw more crytyping with munchies but i don't see it with a lot of them sadly.

No. 327386

File: 1496372968151.png (90.47 KB, 640x803, IMG_4743.PNG)

it started with her making a post about checking her blood sugar, and just got weirder from there.

No. 327387

File: 1496373015319.png (135.64 KB, 640x718, IMG_4744.PNG)

No. 327390

File: 1496373128841.png (161.42 KB, 640x959, IMG_4745.PNG)

sorry for the multiple single posts.

i cannot believe how weird she is. she's constantly checking her HR/BP, constantly checking her blood sugar, and now she wants a tube? w t f

No. 327392

I wish there was a popular spoonie with an -ostomy bag, so that could get trendy.

No. 327431

In response to the mentally stunted thing, I agree but something that baffles me is for the amount she claims to read, her spelling and grammar is effing terrible. It just doesn't make sense. Now maybe she has a learning disability, but she claims to go through books super quickly (lie?) I don't know… it's just something that's always really bugged me.

Safe for blogging or whatever that was

No. 327434

Sage, sorry.

No. 327443

File: 1496383273365.png (14.73 KB, 281x212, shelber.png)

hey.shelby of all people is getting salty with mls

No. 327444

File: 1496383390234.png (21.67 KB, 291x257, ehlerdanielles.png)

i hear such a whiny, smug voice in my head when i read her posts.

No. 327470

as much as i hate her, she isn't wrong in what she wrote. MLS is quick to claim the GP diagnosis, and as discussed previously, it can be pretty easy to gorge on junk food and cause that delayed emptying. she also still eats major garbage and things that cause GP flares. she posted a grocery list not too long ago and it was pretty bad for someone with alleged GP.

No. 327474

File: 1496387729751.png (1.35 MB, 1800x1482, IMG_4753.PNG)

33 comments on this one post and she got absolutely slammed for it. i live for this shit (munchies being called out).

No. 327476

peep the ~i want them to take me seriously so i'm going to make them take me seriously by making myself ill~ shit. absolutely revolting.

No. 327490

Wow. I'm pretty sure the next illness is bad spelling

No. 327508


I have never seen hospital portions so huge. That's so much food.

No. 327518

it's literally one plate of food? why are we dissecting the amount a hospital would give a patient? jfc i know some of you have hate boners but keep it in your pants and discuss real milk.

No. 327534

Yeah this doesn't work, it will just show the hospital how much of a munchie she is. Also surely she's
got to have some form of learning difficulty, she seems slow af

No. 327544

>being a dumbfuck liar on the internet isn't a prosecutable offense

The venue doesn't matter - if he were standing out in the street collecting money from people it wouldn't be any different. If there were physical written statements which in which he claimed to have cancer, and then he later destroyed them it would be the same. The fact is he gained money from people by pretending to have a disease is the part that matters. The fact it was online is pretty inconsequential.

As a kind of similar example; pretending to be homeless is a crime in the UK, if I sat outside with a sign that said "Homeless please help" - was arrested, and tried to destroy the sign, that would heavily count against me.

There's also the fact he had a gofundme account.

Oh, I just googled and found this which is pretty interesting

She was arrested for catfishing, essentially.

No. 327625

She's not wrong at all. You know you must be doing a bad job of faking when Chelsey calls you out. There are a few other prolific retards crawling around her page, but most of them seem to be kissing her ass.

No. 327741

Autocuckold is not my friend

No. 327753

exactly. thank you for the info. also, don't feed the whiteknighters. it's most likely someone he knows irl or the cow himself.

not really, most of the comments are pretty like "wtf are you doing that for?" while erring on the side of caution since she tends to sperg out when people question her. no wonder doctors hate her. slightly OT, but why the fuck does she use the hashtags if she's private? no one will see them lmao

No. 327816

File: 1496432398427.png (2.55 MB, 1788x1428, IMG_4807.PNG)

she needs to stop eating crap that you shouldn't eat when you (allegedly) have GP.

No. 327886


"I was just craving something healthy" but all I have been eating is smoothies and gatorade. Umm - I doubt that is all she has been eating. And while it could be the roasted red pepper hummus, it looks more like the supremely spicy hummus - definitely what her "tummy" needs to give itself a break.

No. 327935

Random anon passing by and holy fuck idek who this chick is but I hate her

No. 327971

Is that red fucking pepper

No. 327975

File: 1496446585420.jpg (55.35 KB, 1048x251, IMG_20170602_173555.jpg)


No. 328041

File: 1496453949811.jpg (88.06 KB, 639x1000, IMG_4832.JPG)

it is the spicy roasted red pepper. i buy the same one all the time.

also, look at one of her past grocery list posts. she's intentionally starving herself. this shit really pisses me off because she's self sabotaging herself. she's restricting, and then she binges on foods that are trigger foods for GP, like jesus, fucking french fries? hummus? lemonade? syrup? it's all junk food. she fucking whinges about everything under the sun and yet will eat this shit, and then whinge about how ill she is. like, no wonder??? because you keep restricting and eating like, ice cubes, and then you binge on actual garbage. sage for rage as hell.

No. 328045

Slightly OT, but it bugs the shit out of me when anyone over the age of 10 uses the term "tummy". It's your stomach ffs!

No. 328154

Her orthostatics are unremarkable but her heart rate is low, I'll give her that.

No. 328163


I highly doubt she truly restricts at all any more..even when she was inpatient for her super special and severe anorexia her lowest weight wasn't that super special low she likes to pretend. Her special severe health problems she had in treatment were induced manipulated and exaggerated..she had told many that she couldn't get her insurance to cover treatment but just like the others, insurance stops covering treatment when you don't need treatment and especially if you've got a frequent flyer thing or if you've got non compliance going on. At least she has been honest about being a B/P anorexic, but this health B.S. has been consistent. All her grocery lists she posts and her food pictures I don't believe they are honest and true to what she actually gets and actually eats..i feel like they are just another attention seeking post for her because she knows exactly what is going to get a rise out of her followers at this point.
She's been starving to death because know one will help her and treat her for over a year while gaining weight and looking healthy with absolutely no hospital admissions and with the amount she goes to the Dr, she would have been admitted several times if she was as suck as she claims. The one time she was admitted was a fluke that got her hopes up, lying about vomiting and shitting blood up and ended with her whinning they did Nothing and she had to yell to keep her there overnight for nothing. Duh. It's a very simple blood test to show if you have lost any blood anywhere and she posted her lab results, normal as usual.
It's just a long curly road of repeated B.S. with her.
I just love her claim to be slowly starving to death because they won't treat her super severe dying health, while just ballooning then randomly claiming to throw up everything but sip of water for so long and then having normal lab results..doesnt add up. I don't believe she lost weight. She would have put so many scale photos up if she had just like her dying BP/HR….not to mention her super severe GP is so mild that it's clearly easily induced by someone who has been chasing that diagnosis for years and it's not even classified as gastricparesis. She has delayed gastric emptying which is reversible and treatable..she knows that but I guarantee she's going to push and push and push until she gets what she wants…a feeding tube.
Then she will push and push and push until she gets a port..because for some reason she believes her life threatening delayed emptying means she gets a tube and a central line.
Its sickening and an insult to those truly fighting for their life with these illnesses munchies like to fake..sickening.

No. 328164

Look at her medication list.

No. 328218


No. 328272

Just watched endlessvoices' instagram story and HOLY FUCK HER VOICE IS SO IRRITATING

No. 328389

As someone who eats that shit by the tub (don't judge) that is def the supremely spicy hummus and not roasted red pepper. She is retarded for eating that with GP.
Sage for hummus sperging.

No. 328432

she has tubed herself before so i suspect that she will try again when she doesn't get what she wants. sadly she's stupid enough to post that she does it herself because she likes to say her doctors don't care or whatever but it's pretty clear you're a munchie when you're self tubing and don't need to be. i wouldn't be surprised if she tries to cut herself open to insert a tube in her stomach next.

no judging here my dude. i love that shit. i thought it was the same hummus i get but i expanded the image and you're right. it's the spicy shit (good stuff). kek, hummus sperging.

No. 328433

File: 1496505738042.png (817.87 KB, 633x843, IMG_4850.PNG)

is it this?

No. 328537

If MLS stopped eating complete garbage and stopped going to the hospital and getting pumped full of medication every week, I bet she'd feel a lot better. All she really needs is a glass of water and some food she's cooked on the stove instead of in the microwave. It's really no wonder she feels like shit.

No. 328588

lmao that's hella stupid, you can put the tube into your lungs by accident and cause all sorts of problems. She's so fucking dumb.

>>328537 Bitch needs to go on the FODMAP diet. Although no doubt she'll claim she cannot alter her diet in any way because it'll trigger her ~sooper srs anorexia~

No. 328610


What the fuck is wrong with you, America? I had the same amount of morphine after having a huge reconstructive surgery. It helped. She gets it for "tummy pain"?! Wtf. No wonder she loves going to the ER!

No. 328611

Maybe the doctors are trying to kill her so she stops annoying them.

No. 328620


Pls learn to sage

Sage for rant

No. 328621

The doctors know she's just there for the morphine.

No. 328650

File: 1496535776716.jpg (551.99 KB, 800x1050, Screenshot_20170603-201955.jpg)

Have you guys seen this stupid giveaway she's trying to do? It's a bunch of garbage basically. I'm including a screenshot but I'm on mobile and I'm also retarded and can't into collages. You get the gist though. Why is she even bothering to do this?

No. 328669

This looks very similar to the script I got when I was admitted with a pretty bad case of food poisoning that made me utterly miserable and in pain. I got a bit of morphine (turns out the worst of my pain was from my gallbladder doing something), antiemetics, antacids, lots of fluids etc. Not really sure what the Benadryl is for, could just be to make her chill out/calm down? My point is, it's not an unusual combination for severe food poisoning/ stomach flu? Not so much for gastroparesis, the only things that might be given there is the motility drugs (the Reglan)? While it sucks, its not an uncommon or super-scary thing to end up in the ER for uncontrolled vomiting from flu or poisoning. Seems like she's trying to make 'the pukes' seem dramatic.

Also, sage for blogging, but this shit makes me so damn sad. I have real chronic medical conditions and struggled to be heard before I was diagnosed by a specialist. I have genuine sympathy for those who are in my position as well and I try not to judge because illnesses present themselves in different ways sometimes. Chronic illness sucks. Glamorizing it, and hospital trips and medical supplies is not cool.

No. 328735

File: 1496552669713.png (698.24 KB, 639x906, IMG_5089.PNG)

why does she walk with a cane? ugh she is so itching to be disabled which astounds me. woe is me, my body is falling apart, let me self tube, run to the er multiple times for no reason, let me buy canes + a BP monitor + a blood sugar monitor, and let me fake every disorder known to fucking mankind. what's she going to claim next? cancer? is she just going to start going "my body is falling apart, i know it's cancer even though the doctors won't help, i'll make myself have cancer! that'll show them!!!!"

No. 328736

I'm so triggered by
>different kinds of fluids
Drink water bitch. Holy fuck.

No. 328737

>If the doctors don't believe I have a brain tumour I'll go microwave my head until I get one!

No. 328754

File: 1496555720152.png (303.12 KB, 1440x1396, Screenshot_2017-06-03-23-20-36…)

So there's a support group I'm in for medical stuff and someone made an overwhelmed suicidal post. OP is probably genuine because I've seen her talk about the circumstances before, but this bitch in the comment section is going kill someone.

No. 328755

File: 1496555740987.png (359.15 KB, 1432x1450, Screenshot_2017-06-03-23-20-57…)

No. 328757

She also has the most dubious gofuckme I've seen in a while. Donated to by exactly 2 people, both sharing her first name and photo with a different last name.


No. 328788

OK, she is shitty…but how is she a munchie? This shit does not belong in this thread.

No. 328792

>OTT Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General
hijacking someone's need for support to make it about yourself, then the gofundme seemed really dubious.

No. 328972


Cane wouldn't even do her much good in a grocery store - she could either borrow one of the motorized cart that can be found at almost any grocery store or she is going to be pushing a cart in which case the cane will just sit in the cart (unless she decides to carry a basket which is unlikely if she is buying "different kinds of fluids" which would be heavy and difficult to handle with a cane.
Basically she is bringing the cane because she wants people to look at her an see how much of a special snowflake she is.

No. 329052

File: 1496603267820.jpg (188.48 KB, 809x1406, Screenshot_20170604-200409.jpg)


i didn't know if you were over-exaggerating or not but wow, i don't know if this is depressing or laughable

No. 329105

ok, but can you provide more info? like links to said fb group? i get that this is an image board but you didn't give much to go by. does she have any info about her conditions or?

that's exactly what i was thinking too. a cane really doesn't do much in that scenario. it also seems pretty weird to me that she (yet again) has no diagnosable reason for using a cane. it's just yet another ploy for attention.

ok but it also seems to me like she made another facebook to donate it herself to make it a kind of "update" to encourage people to donate. not whiteknighting, i just don't see the milk.

No. 329116

File: 1496610622009.png (117.65 KB, 640x914, IMG_5137.PNG)

translation: i'm starving myself and purging so that i can go to the hospital, get meds for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance (from said purging), and pretend to be more ill than i really am.

and i know she reads this so MLS, if there was something wrong with you, they'd find it. your bloodwork and everything else came back normal. stop intentionally making yourself sick and stop begging the universe to make you sick.

No. 329143


If they really were concerned about her blood levels she wouldn't have to look them up online in a few days. She is just going to look for anything that is a smidge away from the normal limits.
Also - looks like a normal sized IV bag to me. I may be wrong but I believe that if you need a lot of fluids you get more than one bag - not a bigger bag.
As a frequent flyer, they probably just give her the fluids to get her to be quiet and go away.
If she truly has a chronic illness, she won't find a diagnosis in the ER, which is meant to solve acute issues.

No. 329177

I don't get the point of taking a cane to the grocery store either.
Literally everyone that uses a cane is happy to push the cart since it gives you more support than a cane by itself and is far easier.
She literally just wants people to look at her

No. 329332

hospitalfag here, they gave her an IV glass of water essentially. If she was hooked up to anything else it would be on the same portable pole. That is not a large size bag, either. Wish it weren't so blurry but in terms of size, it would not be a medication of any sort.

No. 329363

>If she truly has a chronic illness, she won't find a diagnosis in the ER, which is meant to solve acute issues.
yeah but she is convinced that her any slight twinge in her body is an acute and dangerous abnormality that needs to be immediately treated. that's the problem. in her mind, it's like: headache? brain tumour. arm pain? blood clot. stomach pain? cancer. she wants it fixed immediately and it can't be fixed because she isn't sick. which is why it won't show in her blood, and why they let her go from the er constantly and so quickly.

not a hospitalfag here but also pretty sure it's just saline. it's also a normal sized bag, so i don't know why she said it was. i've seen bigger bags.

No. 329470

Glass of water with salt. An iv bag is saline solution. The body requires saline and potassium in order to absorb said "glass of water."

Middle school biology.

No. 329478

Its great your biology skills are at middle school level, along with your reading comprehension.

No. 329618

Someone tipped MLS again. Expect an influx of sperg warriors.

No. 329667

wouldn't be fucking surprised if it was JBN. that girl loves to fucking tip every cow on this website.

No. 329682

This makes no sense.
May I speak to your special ed assistant? They might be able to help translate.

No. 329935

I agree with everything else on this thread but for some reason this seems mean in a purposeless way. It's like when a kid gets their parent something for christmas on their own, it's the best they can do and they want to feel like they're going to make them happy. Idk it's kind of sad I think :( sage for having a soft spot for low income gifts

No. 329937

because they said "essentially" douchetard. They weren't literally saying it was an IV glass of water.

No. 330039

I agree completely anon! I felt the same sense of sadness at this.

No. 330727

File: 1496840178385.png (123.35 KB, 640x898, IMG_5280.PNG)

>muh gastroparesis…. cannot eat at all…. need feeding tube…..
i cannot stand this chick

No. 330881

Is she really this dumb? How?

No. 330895

But if it's gluten free then it must be healthy. Right?

And she keeps complaining that the doctors don't take her supposed gastroparesis seriously because of her history of anorexia. Maybe try not screaming "my ana" every three minutes.

No. 330943

unfortunately yes

>Maybe try not screaming "my ana" every three minutes.
or maybe she needs to stop eating garbage that hurts her alleged gp, stop purging, and to just stop claiming go every time she feels ill because of her own self induced harm. she'll purge, eat crap, restrict, and keeps doing it (clearly eating disordered behavior) and then claim she's physically ill but the blood tests and other tests don't reflect that. hmm, i wonder why? and then she has the nerve to say she needs a feeding tube when she's making cake? also, i give her a few weeks until she claims she has celiac disease.

sage for absolutely blinding rage

No. 330944

>claiming go every time she feels ill
oops, i meant gp.

No. 330977

File: 1496867675395.jpg (1.31 MB, 2896x1702, 20170607_153318.jpg)

Her story today in this order…..

No. 331011

THIS is what fucking irritates me. she'll complain about being fucking ill and then she'll make herself ill. guaranteed she'll do this and then she'll take herself to the er to scream at doctors to help her "or else" because she's totes dying and she ~doesn't know what's wrong~ with her.

No. 331024

I hate people like her. So much. Actually sick people need hospital beds, and if she didn't eat atrociously she wouldn't have abdominal issues. If she's in the US then how does she afford it?! There's no NHS or anything. Tbh I think she wants a tube for A: attention and B: because she probably thinks it'll make purging easier. But mostly for attention.

saged for excessive saltiness

No. 331038


I can assure you that she's accumulated massive debt that she never intends to pay because she has no aduly responsibilities and that debtors are hounding her parents. I'm not entirely sure she even understands the concept of debt. She clearly has a learning disability or something, which explains some things, but absolutely does not excuse her attention-whoring.

No. 331047

Don't namefag, especially when hellweek just started. There's a link right on top of the page that tells you how to post properly.

Anywho, Dani does make me wonder if she's got some learning disability or if she's just dumb as doorknobs. I'm legitimately desperately curious to know if she can read a novel or is only functionally (and barely) literate.
I wish her doctors would bust her taking these smug face selfies while she's supposedly starving to death and in 10/10 pain all the time.

No. 331048

i agree 100% as >>331038 pointed out, debtors are likely coming after her. also, this is an anonymous image board. no need for nicknames.

No. 331055

so far this is everything she claims is wrong with her or what she's done (feel free to add to this if i've missed anything):
>preemie (gotta get those extra sad poor me pity points even when it doesn't affect how you are now)
>sooper suhvere ana (worst in all of her state)
>heart problems (supposedly low blood pressure)
>claimed dysautonomia (of course)
>has a cane for absolutely no reason except "bad legs" (what does that even mean?)
>tried to get a service dog (for what reason i don't know why)
>claimed previous sexually and emotionally abusive relationship
>supposed gastroparesis (yet eats total garbage and still purges)
>self tubed
all of which have been proven fine through bloodwork and what must be hundreds of trips to the er. she takes selfies constantly at the er, especially smug ones when poor doctors who don't know how delusional she is fall for her pity party. most of her doctors turn her away constantly (smart of them) and i can see why.

No. 331064

I think she's claimed some depression/anxiety and some personality disorder.
I used to follow her and she spoke to me and shit but it was too much trying to decipher her captions or scroll past twenty selfies all crying until you get the smirkmindicating doctors gave her an Ativan to shut up. I teeter between hating her and feeling bad for her because she seems to belong in a group homemfor disabled adults not alone with access to tubes and the ER.

No. 331093

There is no mystery here. She is on her state's version of Medicaid. Meaning the taxpayers of her state are paying 100% of her healthcare bills. Lucky them. I used to work in eligibility so I would bet my right ovary when I say this. This is how she can "afford" her countless forays to the ER. And yeah, no debt for her!

Also, pretty sure this whacko has her own apartment (I think it was stated somewhere earlier in the thread and I'm too tired from a 12 hour day to be bothered to find it). Again, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that it is paid for through HUD Housing. Thanks again taxpayers! And don't forget disability and SNAP Benefits! Cause you know dis bish don't work.

No. 331177

Fibromyalgia and scoliosis too kek

No. 331305

I bet my right tit her next diagnosis will be EDS and heart issues because she has ~bad legs~

Oh fair, thank you for explaining!

No. 333382

File: 1497110329503.png (216.24 KB, 750x1242, IMG_1573.PNG)

That leg tho

No. 333385

Only reason he would have a fake leg is because of his supposed knee cancer. Which would be an above the knee amputation. Which would mean a knee joint on the prosthetic which would look nothing like a normal leg like it does here.

Although all the other stuff seems to indicate it's a below the knee amputation, but that doesnt look likely either…
What an idiot.

No. 333413

It's also the wrong leg

No. 333444

Kinda just looks like he's wearing a welly boot. What's the big deal? Are ya'll gonna stalk every post he makes because he's pretty boring at this point.

No. 333456

I've known Eli for years. Knew his Mum and his brother. Used to go to an outreach program and became quite close to him. I ain't gonna whiteknight him or anything like that because I know that people hate that. I want to get my bit in about this whole situation because I know exactly what happened.

Cancer first off. I can pretty much tell you that he didn't have cancer over the last five years. He hasn't exactly lied though. He thinks that he actually does and it is down to serious mental health conditions. I see other munchies, they know they're healthy and fit but they want attention. That's not Eli. He is completely convinced that he has it.

The other thing is the chest scar, it's not photoshopped. He actually does have that scar but it's very old. The only "major" operation that he's had recently was one threeish years to fix a broken pacemaker wire. That's literally it.

The leg amputation. He was walking about with a stress fracture on his shin for months. The one thing that I know about him for definite is that he never goes to the doctor unless he's made to. Unless he's really ill and it's down to his mental health. He's ended up with a splint to support it and he calls is his fake leg. That's just his understanding of things.

He doesn't have a grasp of the situation but I can guarantee to all of you that he doesn't have Munchausens or any other factitious disorder. He is seriously mentally ill (which is being treated). This has nothing to do with his Mum either. Honestly she's just as upset about the whole thing as anyone else but she hasn't made him like that. She's been trying to get him mental health support for the past two years or so and it's been really difficult.

I am really sorry for ranting and if it seems like whiteknighting, I'm also really sorry. I don't condone anything that he's done but he also doesn't believe that he's lying either. This entire situation is a result of how ill he is. Otherwise, he is honestly a really lovely kid. He'd never intentionally hurt anybody, he just doesn't have a grasp on the same reality as us right now and I completely expect him (when he's better) to apologize for it.

I didn't think this would be as long as it has been but I wanted to get it out there.

No. 333467

Why did his mum tell the newspapers he did have cancer, though? And, instead of blocking everyone who calls his bullshit out, why not explain his situation? And, splint for stress fracture, none of which looks like the "fake leg" he took a picture of himself drinking from?

Unless you got proof, what's to say you aren't bullshitting?

No. 333476


Because that's the papers. The papers did write a load of nonsense. Saying he hadn't paid a charity when he absolutely did. He was given a guitar through a vulnerable person scheme, it wasn't anything to do with his cancer. It's not my place to put ALL of his personal information online but the outcome of the case will be the proof of it. I agree, the actual splint doesn't look like what he was drinking from and we did have a discussion about it with him and why it's not appropriate to put things like that online but he doesn't understand. He's completely mentally psychotic. You're only seeing the medical posts, you're not seeing the journals he's written which talks about him being stalked by pharmaceutical companies and being experimented on. He is seriously mentally unwell. He himself has went through all the emotions associated with having a terminal illness because that is what he truly believes.

About blocking other people, he was told to do that. Not to cover himself or anything like that but he was previously abused by a friend (physically) when he told them exactly what was going on in his mind.

I wish so much that you could speak to him and actually understand. He's honestly not a bad kid and the whole situation has been underlying since he was around 12/13. He didn't intend to hurt anybody or gain anything, he is terrified because he firstly believes that he's plagued with diseases, secondly believes he's being hunted by pharmaceutical companies and thirdly because he is being wrongly accused of something that he hasn't really done.

I fully understand why people on here are angry but I do want people to understand, this isn't something that he can stop.

No. 333480

"Papers did write a load of nonsense" and yet he's still being charged with defrauding a charity? And that still doesn't explain why she said he had cancer, and not that he had mental health issues.

Him deleting posts about his illnesses that make him seem guilty also don't help his case. Insisting he had been to the Beatson when in fact no one there knew who he was. Among other things. Plus, I don't know of any "mental illness" aside from Munchausens and Factitious disorders that lead you to believe you're truly ill, so if you wanna divulge what he's supposedly diagnosed with so we can do some light reading on it to see if it sounds about right, please do. Otherwise, still calling bullshit because look at the lack of proof. Chances are you're Eli trying to WK yourself…

No. 333484

How was somebody this mentally ill cleared for FTM surgery (I guess on the NHS?) - that is a complex psychological assessment process but he seems to have sailed through that at quite a young age?

No. 333485

Samefagging because I forgot to add:

If it is a splint for a stress fracture, why is he kneeling on the leg that is supposed to be fractured, making it look like he only has one leg in >>314255 and >>314738
And don't splints typically go OVER skinny jeans, not under them, like in >>316765 ?

Your story stinks, anon

No. 333486

Samefag but I didn't mean to just write surgery, I also meant the hormone treatments etc. They surely would have identified these issues and not allowed him to proceed based on his distorted perception of reality/self… SURELY?

No. 333487


He's just doing his own thing now. Working with animals, fostering dogs, he's in a good place and surrounded by people who know what's really happened. Some of those people are people who were devastated when they thought he was dying, but they don't hate him or think he's disgusting. They know he's ill and he's trying the best that he possibly can but he does still slip up. The biggest difference now is that he doesn't write any of those thoughts on social media anymore, he puts them in other places offline so believe me when I say that there's progress. He isn't a munchie though, he doesn't understand that these illnesses aren't real and are the result of a really awful delusion.

At this point, why lie about him? There's so much out there about him that I'd just rather the real truth was out there and his Mum has never hidden the real truth from anybody. If someone asks she'll tell them but if they've already made up their mind about him, she won't. She doesn't want him to be bullied and ridiculed for something that he doesn't have any control over.

No. 333488

I dont think he has had the surgery? Just binds his chest and the like

No. 333490


Oh okay, hes not on hormones or anything? Is he overseen by a gender therapist, and if so, are they aware of this other unique problem (as Eli / Hunter himself is describing it here) and how this will clearly overlap with his perception of self.

No. 333492

Honestly I don't know if he's on hormone treatment or not. He certainly wasn't the last time I physically saw him, but that was at least a year ago.

No. 333498

He hasn't been charged with anything. There's been a report filed to the PF but he hasn't been formally charged.

He was reassessed for his transition and they've continued his hormone treatment only because messing around with hormones could cause more upheaval with his mental health.

I'm not whiteknighting him, I just don't want false news going around about him. Eli doesn't look after himself, he never has. He'll wear the splint under jeans when he isn't supposed to, trust me it's caused some issues.

People with any sort of illness feigning syndrome know that they're physically fine but they lie for attention. That's not what's happened here. He's still under psychiatric evaluation for schizophrenia. His delusion runs really deep and these illnesses that he believes he has are barely scrapping the surface.

You ask for proof but all the proof that you've provided backs up what I've said. You know and I know that he doesn't have cancer, hasn't had a transplant, doesn't have a prosthetic, he believes he does. He didn't post those things to get people to feel sorry for him, he did it to write it down, not knowing the impact it would have.

Eli actually does have autism so it complicates things more than you'd imagine. He has an advocate from the NAS who have been working with the mental health team. Something that came as a total surprise to me is that apparently this isn't something that's uncommon and if you don't believe me, you can phone the NAS explain the situation as I have and they'll tell you, they've heard it before.

No. 333502

Has anyone mentioned manic-ghoulette yet

No. 333504

>He hasn't been charged with anything. There's been a report filed to the PF but he hasn't been formally charged.
despite the papers saying he has been….but of course the papers are clearly lying

No. 333506

If he truly was delusional, it would be extremely hard for him to filter his thoughts enough to write about having cancer etc. in a journal rather than online. Because he doesn't know he's delusional.
It's like saying "write your delusions in this book", but how can you when you believe everything is real?

You definitely seem like you're whiteknighting. It's not just that he's claiming to have cancer or be terminally ill, but his actions go further to the point where he's trying to convince OTHER people he has cancer. That's not a delusion.

No. 333512

If Eli were that delusional, he'd be locked up for his own safety. Not working a job and volunteering at a dog daycare…

Calling bullshit

No. 333514

Agree. This is Eli/Hunter trying to justify this huge mountain of complete unforgivable criminal bullshit. People with Autism generally find it difficult to see/ work with anything apart from truth/fact (disclaimer, I write generally, I work with people with ASD and fully understand every case is unique but am surprised the NAS think this is something common).
And as stated, this is all double dutch as he clearly knows he doesn't have these medical issues and his mother is clearly an enabler.

No. 333518

Even if Eli was delusional enough to believe he's genuinely dying, he wouldn't go to the extent of manipulating the facts and making people believe he's unwell.
Photoshopping a dead girl's scars, pretending to be a nurse and a doctor, stealing signatures, using SFX makeup to make it look like he's had surgery, all of these are very intentional and were done to make other people believe he's sick.

No. 333533


You're telling me he actually thought he had 3 types of cancer simultaneously?

No. 333542

I don't use much social media, but has anybody ever come across somebody named Zach Bowen? He's spent the past few years making threads on 4chan's /sci/ board about how he has cancer but no doctors will confirm it.
Search "Lung cancer" "Stage 4" "Pancreatic cancer" or "Colon cancer" on warosu's /sci/ archive, and you can see how delusional he is.

No. 333554

and that long, detailed letter from his 'primary care physician' which would have taken a decent amount of conscious effort to fabricate.. he didn't know he was making that stuff up? if he didn't know why did he think he had to fabricate the doctors letter?

No. 333573

Your son is actively lying about having serious illnesses online and has committed fraud. Nobody is lying about Eli except Eli.

No. 333621


Omg great find anon, this guy is insane.
He hadn't even seen a doctor yet dx himself with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with 6 months to live.

No. 333674

He has though. So far, he's gotten an xray, a cat scan, and a finger up his butt. None of them found cancer.

No. 333761

Screenshots pls

No. 333767

If you're assuming the image of the lung x-ray used in one of the OPs is his, think again. Did a reverse image check, it's a generic image from google.

No. 333810

No. 333812

You have to copy and paste the link for it to work. This search doesn't include all the other threads he made when he thought he had pancreatic/colon/brain cancer.

No. 333839

File: 1497199513419.png (188.95 KB, 938x873, IMG_1583.PNG)


There's way too much to screenshot effectively, the posts are relentless

No. 333993

Does anyone else feel like Eli/Hunter deserves his own thread at this point? He's different than the rest of these munchies and definitely a lot milkier.

No. 334019

Yep. I come here solely to check on him, don't care for the rest of them.

No. 334026

Not to mention that is not a splint that you would get for a stress fracture. You'd be in a moon boot…

No. 334335

Ah, if only that Eli whiteknight anon would come back and try and explain their way out of all the fallacies in their logic that people have pointed out. They always jump ship when they can't keep up the lies.

No. 334464

Ditto this.

Someone do it? :) It seems like as long as he remains in denial and sends sockpuppets in here, this cow will just be the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 334718

That CFoxy29 girl definitely may be ill, but what's with the bloody faces she pulls in most of her pics? And all the hashtags?

No. 334754

Screenshots, motherfucker.

No. 334934

File: 1497356622746.png (190.32 KB, 661x1176, IMG_1592.PNG)

Sorry, don't know why they didn't attach

No. 334963

And what makes you/this person a munchie? Making silly faces doesn't mean a person is faking their illness for pity points, so can you please clarify as to what is hilarious about this pathetic old lady?

No. 334987

Was in response/agreement to post No. 310052, amongst others, not sure why it didn't tag it and why original photo didn't tag it… new to this site, I apologize

No. 335183

lol she turned up the contrast to make her skin look even worse and older than it is

No. 335193

Cool. What has this person done that makes them a munchie? What illnesses are you faking?

No. 335301

File: 1497404190056.png (600.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1597.PNG)

No. 335758

File: 1497498518519.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4908.PNG)

Ugh - spends all day asking for advice on how to talk to her doctor about what her options are for her "gastroparesis". She makes it sound like it is super severe and she is about to die but also admits that her weight is stable (except interestingly enough claims her swimsuit doesn't fit because her boobs are so big - would have thought she would pick to say it doesn't fit because of either weight loss or distention)
Um - your options are stop eating crap that is counterindicated with GP. No doctor in their right mind will give her the precious NG tube she wants if she is maintaining her wait and has normal blood results.
Also isn't a NJ tube indicated more in GP - a NG tube will just fill the stomach up, which the body still won't be able to digest.

No. 335830

File: 1497520032674.png (362.9 KB, 1125x1655, IMG_4985.PNG)

that water bottle is filthy

No. 335833

Orange juice is super high in sugar

>my weight is jumping up like crazy

Hmm I wonder why.

No. 335838

the way the medications are conveniently in shot

such munchie milk

No. 335865

I agree he's probably deserving, he doesn't spew out much new milk nowadays though

No. 335898

File: 1497543493239.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1600.PNG)

Even Tina has had enough of MLS's shit lol

No. 335911

File: 1497546684085.png (256.86 KB, 741x1094, IMG_0266.PNG)

>even Tina has had enough of MLS's shit
she let MLS know it too and of course, her response is shes going on a "social media hiatus" bc how dare anyone point out the obvious.

No. 335912

File: 1497546874627.png (255.6 KB, 740x1122, IMG_0267.PNG)

The way MLS spends $$ drives me crazy. Why would anyone buy used young adult books, which she could get at the library for FREE, when they don't have the $150 to turn their air conditioning on for the summer? Among all the other junk she buys.

No. 335968

Her hiatus will last less than 24 hours.

No. 335970

Her parents didn't tell her no often enough as a child.

No. 336156

Ugh, her face is so punchable. She is one of only three cows i can legit say i hate.

Tried to "sage" in the email field but it never seems to work for me. Sorry anons. But I am trying again. Saging for A-logging.

No. 336254

Not to mention drinking that much at a time would cause everyone distention and pain..yet she posts pictures of her bloated self whining about it knowing full well she just did it to herself

No. 336255

But her self tube NG job she did was because she couldn't and wouldn't drink

No. 336259

I love how she listed energy drinks as something that makes her sick during her diet talk today..what about that sick heart?

At least she finally got off her I'm passing out room spinning phase, I just wonder how long her GP phase will hang around before it mysteriously disappears too..shes only had one test for her GP btw. She spent years chasing the diagnosis and then "yelled" at one of her GI s until he ordered the test.
She has only done a single botox treatment for it while continuously doing everything she can to induce that terribly severe tiny ass delay..meds, diets, faking
A lot of this comes up in the comment dramas today..my phone is being weird and not letting me post shots….sorry guys.

No. 336279

i was cheering her on until she lied about her tube. she's so full of shit about gi symptoms

No. 336294

File: 1497588106087.png (6.84 KB, 284x112, screenshot_061517.png)

She's so unnecessarily sassy.

No. 336296

File: 1497588302914.png (649.2 KB, 924x600, suchpain.png)

No. 336324

MLS is already back

No. 336333

Her "hiatus" was just her being without internet because she was babysitting.

No. 336361

Yep, this is the face of a woman in terrible pain. She may look like a corn-fed farmer's daughter smiling vacantly in the camera but let her assure you she's in terrible gastric distress, what with her healthy weight, ability to dress and accessorize after a fashion, and babysit. No, no, she is clearly very, very ill.

I swear to god she and Ariana Magro need to take Staging Illness on Social Media 101. They're the equivalent of men who claim to be transwomen while still dressed as a man and sporting a long beard. They don't even try. At least put some work into your dumbass lies.

No. 336520

Any recent Ariana milk?

No. 336543

File: 1497630328415.png (275.22 KB, 750x1210, IMG_0280.PNG)

I've always thought the mysterious boyfriend was fake too.

No. 336545

has anyone seen this documentary? it's about a girl who was a "munchasen by proxy," and ended up killing her mother. sorry if it's already been discussed.

No. 336839

no but someone recommended it to her on one of her posts which gave me a massive kek

also sage for rage but what makes me so mad about MLS is she doesn't want to help herself at all. as a few people pointed out, she'll drink raw fruit smoothies, drink energy drinks, eat pure sugar (like cake) or french fries, and then claim sooper suhvere gp. then she jumps to restricting her intake, waterloading, and (most likely intentionally) vomiting. she doesn't want to change her diet at all. she is so so intent on being ill, and i seriously think she will stop at nothing to achieve that. so she eventually gets the tube she craves, then what? she already has a cane that she doesn't need, a blood pressure monitor, AND a blood sugar monitor that she also doesn't need. honestly it's fucking revolting. and we know she reads this, so dani: get some fucking MENTAL HEALTH help.

No. 336841

File: 1497675736248.jpg (462.38 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20170616-235337.jpg)

Think she will actually go?
Girlfriend is going to end up in such deep waters but maybe they will be able to offer her the help she needs for her true illness and that would be so nice to see her getting real help.

No. 336844

Large part of me feels she will either make excuses to not go realizing that they will peg her off the bat (no car/Money/Gas Insurance issue, too special super severe gp they can't treat) or if she actually goes and throws a fit because they "refuse to treat her because of her special anorexia that's tots in the past yet every discussion is brought to the point she is still struggling with it and wants it)

No. 336987

I think she will go because in her mind they are sending her to a specialist because she has a super special and serious case when in reality they are really just trying to dump her one someone else - it will probably take a long time to get an appointment with the specialist so she can revel in the need to go and the current doctors can say they can't help her until she sees the specialist and get her off of their back.

No. 337311

idk, sometimes i wonder if they actually are doing that, like if her doctors even exist. she says they blame it on her alleged anorexia but it makes me wonder if they're telling her she's a munchie and to stop seeking out doctors etc and she's lying to the internet about being sent to multiple doctors. because all we ever see is the stuff she takes home from the er. like, all of those medications are when she goes to the er for dehydration (which in my opinion is probably from her intentionally throwing up). so i wonder if this "they're sending me here" bs is just cover for "i actually only have a general physician and i'm faking this shit online" to y'know, play up the medical mystery drama.

No. 337451


She'll probably complain about having to wait a long time too. Because she's "too sick" to wait that long.

Meanwhile if you're really super ill you'll get an emergency appointment and won't have to wait months.

Also an NG tube for gastroparesis? Really?????

No. 337535

File: 1497800015985.jpg (321 KB, 1068x1237, IMG_20170618_093101.jpg)

She makes everything sound like such an ordeal.


>Only has $23

>Spends it on juice and pudding.

Water is free, bitch.

No. 337538

Jolty. JFC. She's still using lolcow to find internet "friends" then.

No. 337541

I think mls's biggest problem (aside from the obvious) is that her mother never taught her how to feed herself properly. Everything she consumes comes from a package or a bottle. No wonder she has food issues. She eats like an Obese.

No. 337550

Saw this a couple weeks back.
This story was the gift that just kept on giving. It has everything - extreme Munchausen by proxy to her daughter since birth who had no concept of what was or was not actually wrong with her, was told she couldn't walk, was pushed around in a wheelchair for years, fed by tube for no reason, told she was mentally incapacitated - nothing was actually wrong at all. Gypsy (the daughter) went on facebook at nigh after her mother was a sleep, met a guy, into cosplay, ageplay, multiple personality disorder you name it, between them eventually plotted to kill the mom. Did so.
just watch the docu or just google Gypsy Rose Blanchard and sit back and prepare to be amazing on a multitude of levels. If you are gripped by munchie milk this will be the best (worst) thing you ever see and its all true.

No. 337571

It's pretty sad how she ended up with 10 years in jail just because she wanted so badly to escape from the abuse and literally no one would help her.

No. 337594

yeah, i would have thought a few years in psych rehab and setting her on a good path to future allowing her catch up on her education in there and learn life skills, would have been better. the girl seemed so sweet but obviously, there may be some residual issues. thank goodness that her father and stepmom seemed to have her back.

No. 337722

File: 1497836553908.jpg (345.83 KB, 750x1092, FullSizeRender.jpg)

I'm very glad that i screenshot this post of JBNs earlier because it's been deleted now. thoughts?

No. 337795

Bitch needs to exercise.

No. 337801

Is she the one with the somatic vomiting disorder? If so, she probably engaged in ED behaviours and thoughts without realizing it, and therapy is actually making her aware of something she was doing subconsciously or didn't have a name for.

No. 337831

Seems Eli's been deleting posts again.
Specifically, the post on his tumblr about being in remission for 4 years has vanished (there is an archived copy). Looks like he isn't as innocent as his whiteknight would like us to believe.

No. 337866

Bitch oatmeal is easily digestible and is like $2

No. 337925

File: 1497888836032.jpg (538.4 KB, 1080x1183, AirBrush_20170619163224.jpg)

I couldn't find the other examples of JBN's 'confusion', but this doesn't seem quite right. I'm not sure why she would lie though.

No. 337990

File: 1497901011881.png (69.07 KB, 640x956, IMG_2262.PNG)

Other examples

No. 337992

File: 1497901216317.png (126.6 KB, 640x882, IMG_2264.PNG)

No. 337994

File: 1497901278525.png (88.7 KB, 640x854, IMG_2263.PNG)

Other day example

No. 338005

Not being funny but she's hardly overweight, she's a normal weight. I'm a similar body shape hence why I'm saying she's a normal weight

No. 338015

Looks to me that someone is trying anything (pretending psychosis, deteriorating physical status, inability to take in nutrition on her own) to get her NG tube reinserted. After all, it did define her whole existence. Now, she's a "nobody", amirite?

Take your HAES-ish blogpost elsewhere. Nobody cares about your body shape.

No. 338029

Nicole's idea of psychosis is ridiculous. It's also funny how she suddenly "became psychotic" after Shelby made some very similar posts.

Gas all the spoons.

No. 338057


She's screen shotted the thread and put it on Insta.

Someone should give this munchie queen what she wants and start her own thread.

No. 338061

Screenshot of screenshot plz.

She doesn't deserve her own thread.

No. 338065

She's deleted several posts in the last few minutes, including that one.

No. 338066

It's hilarious that Nicole lurks here so hard that she notices the second she's posted. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the one shitting all over MLS or is, at the very least, into the Eli drama.

No. 338068

She follows literally every munchie cow, too. Even the minor ones.

No. 338072

File: 1497912288930.png (709.76 KB, 750x1334, 519604996.983884public.png)


The internet remembers

No. 338074

File: 1497912813208.gif (96.44 KB, 300x100, hinicole.gif)

No. 338078

You guys need to get on a real cow and not JBN, seriously. In the words of lolcow itself, "she's not a cow, she's boring." So gtfo it(whiteknighting)

No. 338080

File: 1497913459023.png (159 KB, 304x295, nicolemunchie.png)

Hey, hey, we're the Munchies
And people say we malinger around
But we're too busy faking
To put anybody down

(Hi Shelby.)

No. 338083


Nah fam, she's hilarious I love her "psychosis" episodes, ongoing tantrums when doctors try and get her off her NG and obvious sabotage of her counselling program she was so desperate to get into.

No. 338090

I don't even know who shelbie is because I don't keep up with this shit (nor do I think she and jbn are friends?) but okay wiseass

No. 338091

Sorry forgot to hit reply but as stated above - but you're not even close I'm not even talked about

No. 338092

File: 1497914481874.png (136.4 KB, 300x259, NG-Tube-300x259.png)

Literally no one cares who you are. Get banned.

No. 338093

This art rocks anon! I hope admin adds this banner upthread, too. >>338074

I think posting JBN's lulzy munchie antics is fine in this thread but in no way is dis bish worthy of her own thread.

No. 338094

I didn't actually draw it, I stole it from a blog.


No. 338154

No, they should just keep banning her. All she does is start trouble then attempt to hijack the thread. Nxt she'll be offering her medical records here again.

No. 338272

Aaawww shucks, I'm just thrilled JBN enjoyed my little take on her recent "confusion, hallucinations, whatevs", aches and pains, and tummy troubles. It must really be embarassing to be so damned transparent, I guess. Gotta get that NG tube back or i might not win anymore pageants! Gotta get dem sympathy points with the judges!

Sage for unabashed gloating

No. 338312

File: 1497961799487.png (240.08 KB, 678x1206, IMG_1617.PNG)

In hospital yet again on a day she's supposed to have therapy

No. 338367

Nicole probaby just has an extreme form of rumination syndrome from a prolonged flu. She can prevent herself from barfing by doing exercises after she eats, but she wouldn't want to.

No. 338370


Read this, Nicole. I just cured your ass.

No. 338384

File: 1497975833649.png (187.33 KB, 1040x1090, Screenshot_20170620-171516.png)

Meg/Alex has finally moved on from having a chest infection. Now she has super severe allergies and isn't allowed sugary foods. But yesterday she posted a photo of her ice cream (covered in sweets) on her personal account

No. 338400

I'm diabetic and have recently had chronic yeast infections that have lasted for months, and my doctor didn't say I couldn't have sugar or sugar free foods full stop. Keep it to a minimum, but you can still have some. Seems like a MASSIVE exaggeration.

No. 338407

Looking at one more step and her confusion doesn't seem very real. It seems very forced. Like I don't know if she's seen confused patients, but I've worked with them, and I've worked with patients with dementia, and it's not stilted like that. Like she wanted her to ask what was wrong before saying she is having bad confusion and might need to go to the hospital etc. Most people don't overtly highlight being confused, they pass it off as 'oh I'm just tired or something.' I don't know many people that announce to people they're confused every second they get the change. If you're reading this, just a tip to make your stories more believable in future.

No. 338413

File: 1497979667480.png (1.1 MB, 1078x1494, Screenshot_20170620-171541.png)

Surely everything either contains sugar or is sugar free? Either way, I'm sure this contains a significant amount of sugar

No. 338418

Candida diet allows no sugar though, my sis had to do it for 4-6 months because of an oral fungal infection and that was on top of antifungals and other things.

No. 338472

File: 1497989810691.png (235.86 KB, 1080x1227, 20170620_211556.png)

Oh that's a bit awkward anon I just checked and they don't have a smoöy in Ireland so she had it on holidays and she didn't see the dietician until she came back. My brother was on a diet for Candida before and wasn't allowed sugar for 4-6 months too so I agree. Maybe Alex isn't a munchie how boring

No. 338476

Her symptoms seem more fake than rummination

No. 338480

It's also really weird, that she is able to access certain apps and write proper words, or?
And I don't think it's wise too eat the stuff she is. Why is she even allowed to order food? And how can she stay hydrated, when she keeps throwing up? Or do pageant stuff, when she tends to get confused or have no energy? Her story makes no sense at all

No. 338498

Do you mean order the hospital food she posted? Or do you mean her meals out?

No. 338511

Both. Even her hospital meals are kinda odd. Isn't it better to eat easy to swallow/throw up food? Or mild food like mashed potatoes? They also offer really mild food in the hospital(mashed potatoes with mashed meat/vegetables).

And why is she even deleting post, when she has nothing to hide or is telling the truth?

No. 338516

This. In addition, her "confusion" is only displayed when convenient. Suddenly she is fully coherent when responding to "bullying". Huh. Also, yeah, how can she be coherent enough to use her computer/phone to go on social media, but can't even string two sensical words together? Damn she wants that NG tube back. Nicole form a fucking identity beyond that damn tube down your nose. You're hurting your family and everyone around you with these antics.

No. 338523

I'm interested now, what she do to your friend?

No. 338531

Nicole is so…exasperating? attention seeking too, but I'm just tired of her stupid antics, esp. the beauty pageant crap. Nicole, you are an adult, not 12. Grow up.

No. 338535

I want more dirt on her. I'm new to this but been following the bitch for ages now and finally found a thread to describe all her pathetic behaviours >>338531

No. 338545

Is Nicole's dad really dead? Also was he ill? Or was all that bullshit too?

No. 338606

Also when she done 5K on a treadmill, just after complaining about having "no energy".
If I don't eat for a couple of days, I can barely walk 1km, never mind 5.
Sounds like she's only confused or lacking energy when it's convenient for her.

No. 338609

Somehow Nicole seems to weigh more now than the old pictures she posts. I don't think that's possible if you're throwing up everything you eat. Unless you're binging, maybe, and not actually throwing up every time. Girl's pretty far from starving to death. I feel sorry for the people that have to put up with her.

No. 338610

File: 1498005630168.png (195.07 KB, 667x1186, IMG_1621.PNG)

Yes , her dad passed from poly cystic kidney disease …

No. 338615

I'm sure JBN will develop symptoms of that too now but it will be a super speshul case bc she's only in her 20s…

No. 338626

Brutal, but I kek'd heartily.

Is this a recent post? Quit lurking, Nicole. I see your dumb ass.

What did the post you replied to say?

No. 338643

Are these paegents onemorestep2 does for chronically ill people or just anyone? She probably just gets pity points for wearing a tube in them lol

No. 338646

Did anyone notice she's posted about her dad in a recent post AND posted more about her fake confusion? Like 'this happened last night so must be proof it's not fake' lol no

No. 338650

It's because she hangs out here and laughs at everyone else in the spoonhead community, but as soon as she's mentioned here she flips the fuck out. She's refreshing this page as fast as her chubby fingers can handle.

No. 338687


I love that she keeps on getting admitted during her appointment times so she can't go to them.

Also the confusion spells are hilarious. It's like a child who watches to much Greys Anatomy and tries to get out of housework would think confusion is ?

No. 338709

yea it's recent, June 12

No. 338771

File: 1498020614229.png (188.82 KB, 750x1114, IMG_0311.PNG)

>how would that work if the site is anon
You request everyone mentioned here, or at least the ones you aren't already following.

>obviously on the website which is creepy

You're probably on here more than most jolty.

No. 338789

Jolty's such a cow addict, she even follows Margo.

No. 338798

Someone posted saying "She does more than hurt her family she hurts my friend all the time" that's the post I replied to as I was intrigued to find out what they did to they're friend

No. 338802

Skagra's such a fake cow. I want to see her lies exposed. Kek. If you read over all of her "medical documentation", the doctors basically say that the bedbound bs is all in her head. Like there's no reason she can't walk. In older posts (and "documents") she talks about her family "abusing" her - they were literally trying to get her to walk and stop being such a dramatic hog! Omg ABUSE. And yeah, she has said that medical professionals have abused her. Guess what, they were also trying to MAKE HER WALK. Angi said the big bad medical meanies tried to have her committed before. I guess that's what happens when you're delusional and trying to milk this for everything it's worth. So weird how she's bedbound but manages to be on Tumblr all day, or watching tv. This cow needs to be locked up, she's mental.

No. 338818

Sigh. Please post screenshots. This is an imageboard. Thank you.

No. 338845

File: 1498038654999.jpg (490.99 KB, 802x1275, Screenshot_20170621-194304.jpg)

MLS is back and posting about soldiering on, like a true spoonie warrior. Anyone notice that ever since she got called out for smiling in every 'so much pain' selfie ever, not a single smiling selfie has been posted.

No. 338943

File: 1498056987188.png (736.44 KB, 936x544, jfcjbn.png)

Man these little tidbits JBN keeps dropping about epilepsy drive me up the fucking wall. The (highly doubtful and very manufactured) confusion. The "non-epileptic" seizures that she's trying to get diagnosed as epileptic.

As someone who's had auras for epilepsy consisting of intense disorientation, I can damn well attest that once your confusion hits the point of "not being able to communicate", you don't fucking hop onto chat or your phone and make those keys smoke with your gibberish.

I don't think she quite understands how neurological confusion works, especially with seizures. Once you've lost the ability to understand where you are, what time it is, etc, other parts of your brain that are used for much more abstract purposes (i.e. using your phone for communication) is absolutely a no-go. I mean, once you've stopped being able to produce sensible speech because of seizures (such as aphasia), like that's it, you're done, your verbal skills are now shut down.

It's not like mental disorders, where you can produce communication, but it's compromised due to other processes going on in your brain.

No. 338974


quick clarification. JBN was originally diagnosed with epilepsy and prescribed anti-epileptics after her initial seizures. Recently (I think once the whole somatic vomiting diagnosis came about) they began to talk about the possibility of non-epileptic seizures, which would make more sense in her case.

I can't speak for whether she's aiming for a conclusive epilepsy diagnosis so she can drop the non-epileptic diagnosis but just wanted to make her history clear. Apologies if correcting you comes across as rude. I've been following this thread for so long I feel like I know these munchies histories lol

No. 338977

No. 338996

File: 1498064945125.jpg (570.81 KB, 778x3102, Screenshot_20170621-120704.jpg)


No. 338997

File: 1498065019496.jpg (403.34 KB, 1070x1648, Screenshot_20170621-120422.jpg)

And then this one was posted.
Her typing is just fine..maybe her bad migraine fixes her grammar

No. 339001

File: 1498065209554.jpg (716.96 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20170621-120503.jpg)

And finally…..this one.
I am very curious how this will turn out.

No. 339002

File: 1498065488805.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170621-121640.png)

No. 339003

Sorry, I meant to post this picture to your post.>>339002

No. 339052

if we keep posting about JBN she will eventually sperg out and post 18+ posts in here about how awful we all are. while she is munchie as fuck, i'd rather not listen to her whinges about how absolutely hard it is to be her. if you all want to make a thread for her, go at it, but the girl is top tier nuts.

i am as well. although i highly doubt anything is wrong with her. who wants to place bets she will self sabotage so she can get another diagnosis?

god, what is she trying to hint at now? dysautonomia? i'm so sick of her. MLS, you're fine. take your followers' advice, put a cloth on your head, and lie down. you most likely have a bad migraine. it's normal and you aren't dying. there's no need to rush to the er over a headache ffs.

No. 339072


And I am curious to see if she is going to try to do some sort of stupid fundraiser (she was the one who tried to do some sort of t-shirt thing in the past) to raise money for a hotel stay. I wouldn't be surprised if the "weeks worth of tests" really is just some sort of test on day one with the results back in a week.

I am so scared about my blurry vision so the best thing to do right now would be to post multiple times to social media
Umm - if your migraine is so bad maybe stay away from the screens for a bit. Also if you are truly that unwell maybe you shouldn't be babysitting (who on earth lets her babysit)

>>338845 At least she has been listening and is making an effort not to make smiling "I'm soooo sick pictures"

No. 339079

File: 1498074869691.png (160.96 KB, 725x1110, IMG_5102.PNG)

And really - browsing your phone and posting this pictures during an episode of "severe migraine and dizziness" because you liked the outfit. You can barely see the outfit - this is just fishing for "oh no what happened sympathy comments" or building up to whatever diagnosis she has planned next

No. 339082

File: 1498075164397.png (153.17 KB, 750x1200, IMG_5103.PNG)

And the comments
- what did you do to your arm
- I self harmed and had to keep it covered
- you don't need a sling to cover a wound
- oh that arm - I hurt that one doing something else

Why would she assume they asked about the other arm in the first place!

No. 339142

Nicole is so far keeping it to her Instagram, despite lurking/posting here constantly. If she does start self-posting again, it's easy enough to report her.

No. 339179

So as far as confusion goes, I have a type of frontal lobe seizure that makes me super confused as a complex partial seizure before I have a tonic clinic seixur and I something's do post in a good friends chat b cause I don't know, I'm broken, lol. So that IS possible. I know she has hypoglycemia as well, can't that cause confusion? I just think it would be r ally hard to get admitted to hospitals? Plus with anything somatic (she has psychogenic and epileptic as far as I kno) symptoms can be weird AF. I don't know guys.

Mls and healing planets have been acting up lately but the screen shots were posted

–sorry for typos wet phone

No. 339220

How has healingplanets been acting up?
Mls is always acting up

No. 339228

Anyone have access to nicole.2292 yet? I requested her and she just blocked me.

No. 339238

File: 1498094929202.jpg (963.75 KB, 808x4928, Screenshot_20170621-200647.jpg)

I feel like she's going to use this in the near-ish future….or this week will be reduced to a single appt.
I do love how she had 1 GES she fought forever for with more than 1 dr, self induced the results for barely delayed emptying (not even close to GP rating in this state) had 1 round of botox (supposedly. I have doubts it happened because that is not usually the first step and she hasn't been on any of the medications properly and long enough to show any results and her little delay would be corrected by the proper course of meds which we know she wouldn't do for anything..and a repeated GES would show an improvement with the meds and stopping the self inducing crap)
And this one test was more than enough for her dr, who did not want to run the test in the first place, to diagnose her with gastroparesis and not have any doubts about it.
So much is wrong with that statement she claims.

Also, places like this usually have a connected place out of town/state patients can stay at or near by hotels with discounts and free shuttle, but the patient must fit into the program requirements (aka actually deserve the discounted room by mainly being truly and honestly sick)
Disability will provide her transportation to and from her appts, including this one only 1.5hr away.
So her money and car honestly shouldn't be an excuse but I feel it coming..its already surfacing.

I wish they would just admit her that week, start from scratch and monitor her 247 so they know exactly what is going in and out of her when how and why for these tests so she cannot manipulate them.
Motility wise it would take way more than a clean week to reset her system and I doubt anyone would be able to admit her for that lengthy time needed.

In treatment she had a scope and complained forever after about her throat because they had to stretch it some. She hasn't made any complaints in a long time but u wonder if they will have to stretch it again. (Barretts for sure omg)
Also, they can usually tell if someone has GP during a scope by the times your muscles contract..shes had a bunch and it's not once been mentioned.

Sorry for the length.
GIfag here..i could go on forever with her.

So interested in what's going or not going to happen

No. 339247

Anyone else laugh at Nicole's pathetic attempts at trying to convince people she has a dead dad and also giving the whole sob story about his years of battling ill health? Like cry me a river for God's sake. Someone's got some serious daddy issues right there! What's the betting that he couldn't stand his disgusting excuse of a daughter and ran away because of it?

No. 339251


Her dad probably did die of PKD. Traumatic events like that can trigger a munchie.

No. 339256

wtf is up with this pose, mls trying to look spoopy thanks to her ~super srs weight loss from super srs GP~ or…?!
she just looks fucking retarded jesus christ

No. 339260


They could have a McDonalds house or their type of charity place that helps with such things. The fact that she's thinking hotel stay makes me feel she's lying.

Also don't munchies LOVE to list every single test they get? She's so vague on that end.

No. 339264

I think she is just experimenting with different "I'm so sick" and "I'm in so much pain" poses since she has been called out for smiling while claiming to be in excruciating pain

No. 339266

I think it's very suspicious that she is being so vague. Plus (and I could be wrong) don't most specialists try to schedule patient tests for the same day or couple of days - especially if they know the patient has to travel for the appointment.
The "I need a lot of tests over a period of a week" seems very vague.

No. 339274

Its a popular pose amongst the ana community, pushing your shoulders forward to exaggerate your collar bones and make you look thinner. I don't think MLS realizes that it is terribly obvious and ridiculous on her weight restored frame (and when she takes the selfie from that angle).

No. 339488

Who are you talking about?

No. 339531

Nicole is a munchie, but man, I think the dead dad thing is crossing a line. People die all the time. Her dad is probably dead.

No. 339541

File: 1498153430715.png (135.23 KB, 582x1035, IMG_1640.PNG)

Agreed, she is definitely a munchie to no end but her dad really did pass (or so she has said in the past) Moms remarried though and Nicole even left feeding tube in as maid of honor (looking for attention much?) but find it interesting that JBN has taken down all her posts that even mention her father…

No. 339546

Pretty sure he is dead but others have family members dead too and don't go on about it or behave like her. No positives tests for any of her "diseases"

No. 339593


I agree

It's normally sick parents or siblings in childhood that start munchie behaviour later on in their lives.

No. 339693

I think she wants to lie to make it more convincing like other munchies, however I think she has learning difficulties and lacks the ability to make up realistic stories with convincing details.

No. 339709

I don't know if it's been posted before, but JBN has a blog.

No. 339766

Another thought - she has Medicaid. She is also claiming that this motility specialist is out of state. I believe that it can actually be pretty difficult to get Medicaid to pay for doctor's visits outside of the state. Medicaid typically doesn't want to pay for doctors visits out of state unless they were due to true emergencies. I am not an expert and I know its not impossible (I know people with Medicaid who have been able to go to out of state specialists when they have a very rare disease that only has 1 or 2 hospitals/clinics in the country that specialize in their disorder)
However, her "gastroparesis" is so mild (or in her words it is mild with severe symptoms) that I doubt it would be so easy to get an appointment with an out of state specialist with her insurance. They would at least want her to find someone in-state even if that person was farther away.

No. 339853

This actually explains a lot of her behavior.

No. 339854


While I cant call BS because some tests are done over time, it's so unlikely that her level of insurance would cover something like this without every single other avenue being taken first.

If it were real she would be "OMG they have to check the levels of this or that! Soooo sick!"

No. 339857


It's tough at her age to still claim medi, but believe that if she were she wouldn't be expected to stay in a hotel for a week. They would know straight away she couldn't afford it.

At her age with no kids she would be special needs level to get it. And they STILL would have her go through every single cheaper option!

No. 339873

File: 1498198067116.png (140.57 KB, 640x1104, IMG_6273.PNG)

fucking massive kek, MLS made a gofuckme account (https://www.gofundme.com/3yvtleg). wouldn't be so enraged if i didn't feel like she wasn't going to immediately spend it on shit like fucking fidget spinners.

No. 339885

Ayyyyyyyy someone called that earlier on in the thread the second she mentioned her motility specialist appointment

No. 339891

>I have an appointment August 14th and they want me to stay a week for constant tests everyday. But it is all outpatient so they don't admit you. I love hour and half away and it would b easier to stay in the city for the week. So I'm making this fundraiser to help me afford the hotel and bus/uber fare for the week.

Just drive you lazy bitch. Half an hour is nothing!

No. 339895

*sorry correction, an hour and a half still isn't that bad though. Having trouble getting through MLS's cancer hold on the English language

No. 339945

she may be having a colonic transit study, which does take 5 days, but I still don't see why it would require her to stay there, she'd just need to come in, be scanned and leave. It's not like she's going to be there all day.

No. 339973

Once again, a GoFuckMe, and for what? A thousand dollars? You get a fucking motel 6 nearby and you take a cab or an Uber. Her Medicaid would probably arrange the transportation for free. You don't need be a thousand dollars. You don't need to stay at some fancy fucking hotel.

No. 339989

If she is really Medicaid, she can get rides to medical appts and hospitals for free, she just has to call to arrange it, and if you get government assistant usually the bus is reduced and/or free! She just doesn't have the mental capacity to understand her benefits most likely. MLS also posted that the hospital already gave her the names of some motels in the area that are discounted etc. I'm curious to see if people are actually going to give her donations when most likely she won't even end up going due to some reason or another

No. 340010

If she is on disability, and iirc she is, she can remain on medicaid as long as her little heart desires. I used to process people for these programs for a living, so i would know. She is such a scammer.

No. 340013


She either has it for disability or she has some sort of equivalent for having low income (if she qualifies for food stamps I would imagine she also qualifies for healthcare). Also according to the GoFundMe (totally called that one) she is in New Jersey. I would imagine that there is an in-state motility specialist she could see that insurance would prefer before sending her out of state.
I just can't imagine there being a scenario where she would have to be there every day for a week (maybe something where she needs to be there at the beginning and then later at the end - in which case just put up with the drive).

No. 340088

There is no Medicaid spend down in your state? In NYS, if you make above ~750ish you have to work at least part time, even if you get ssdi.

Unless you're institutionalized, then you're off the hook.

-actual spoonie on ssdi in nys who has to work to keep Medicaid benefits.

No. 340095

No. You have to work in order to keep Medicaid if you get over ~750 per month.

I meant buy in program, not spend down.


No. 340115

File: 1498240585902.png (153.69 KB, 750x1183, IMG_5112.PNG)

Found her FB once she posted her full name on her gofundme. Was just amused by the "not many of you know I suffer from severe chronic invisible illnesses". The only person who would put that on their FB intro is someone who constantly tells everyone about all their illnesses.

No. 340141


if someone is getting ssdi they are eligible for medicare after I think two years.

No. 340146

So it seems like Nicole has figured out who I am, because a bunch of munchies just blocked me.

No. 340149

Her "job" is being on disability. I mean, she does put a lot of effort into it.

No. 340159

ssdi here. Medicare for life. When you have something like polymyositis, there's needs for mris which cost $1.5k-2k if you're feeling a little pain in your leg.

Stick a genetic condition which causes random tumors growing on your bones at random, and it can get pretty expensive with Medicare only covering 80%. The spend down is calculated monthly, so if I'm in remission for a few months, then flare again, Medicaid isn't going to pay for shit unless I am working during those remission periods.

Medicare only covers 80%. For a munchie on ssdi, those er visits can add up pretty quickly into bankruptcy, unless you have Medicaid to cover the rest when your disease is active.

If their disease is active all the time, they will be given a case manager through their county, who will visit them at their home, ask them to perform daily living activities under observation, and then the Medicaid case manager makes a decision on whether or or that person is too disabled to work.

The case manager will also help you with adaptations and make referrals to occupational therapists to help you "get your shit together."

No. 340163

how can people work out who you are on here?

No. 340177

People can't. The website is anonymous.
Because like people say, we hide behind it because we say shit we'd never say to their faces!

And tbh it's fairly easy to work out who's writing about certain people. Usually people only realise someone from here is following them when the idiot puts up a post saying 'ohhh Nicole's, Alex, endlessvoices blocked me'. That's how they figure that one out or the idiot doesn't crop the screenshots and everyone can see their profile picture in the corner of the screenshots.

No. 340178

Right, but what you're talking about is being dual eligible which is different than just being on Medicare or Medicaid. I have expensive medical needs too and get both as well. I just wanted to point out in general that ssdi = medicare while ssi = medicaid most of the time because people confuse the two.

I'm a spoonie too so I know what it's like and it succcccks. I hate people like MLS and whatever who just want people to feel sorry for them and then either make up or exaggerate their health for pity points.

No. 340180

thanks- suddenly had a fright that someone might be able to work it out some how that there might be somewhere they can track you.

No. 340199

Someone's onto me yet I've never given any inclination that I'm posting here. Nicole's blocked me on both accounts yet I didn't actually follow her and have never posted anything which could indentify me

No. 340200

There will always be the possibility of them finding out who posts here. Especially ignore you're down with the lords of technology and hacking it's as easy as anything. But everyone here runs that risk so we can enjoy the munchie entertainment.

No. 340205

She goes through phases of blocking people and then unblocking them- probably to get attention as the blocked person once unblocked might start up why did she do it!

No. 340206

Yes I know who you are!

Ha jokes. No its probably someone guessing. If you talk in the lolcow kinda code, or know too much about the site then it's 90% chance you post on here. It's really not hard to figure out!
Maybe one of them is in bed with a technology/ hacking nerd and they've figured you out!

You do hide you IP address dont you?
I do.


But I actually do hide mine to be on the safe side

No. 340207

I honestly love when Meg goes on blocking sprees. I followed her but never once posted about her (until right now) because she's boring - with following the trends of gender identity and whatever the illness off the moment is, or being vegan/vegetarian or suffering from mental health issues, she is just a lonely little girl! She has no real life friends and the people she believes are her nearest and dearest on instagram are actually the ones who talk behind her back!

No. 340296

Has anyone who has been blocked gone to any of their blogs? If so, one of them probably found your location via IP address and lined it up with your instagram account.

No. 340329

If Meg is boring why you posting about her? She's not even any good for this thread, there's no proper munchie gossip on her lately only some of you pulling at teeth which IS boring!

No. 340374

Not that it matters al but think that anon was referring to the munchies - like Meg - who are trying to figure out who is posting on here or believing they know who is posting on here meanwhile usually they don't have a clue.

Anyone notice MLS was mia today? I'm sure she's setting up for something good

No. 340436

File: 1498280264344.png (226.56 KB, 849x600, stephidemic3.PNG)

has anyone mentioned Stephidemic yet? Rapidly went from "I have chronic pain" to "I might have leukemia and the doctors don't care".

No. 340437

File: 1498280319897.png (514.05 KB, 930x450, stephidemic2.PNG)

an EMG is a muscle function test BTW

No. 340438

MLS has probably been following the conversation here and is trying to figure out answers to the questions like what tests is she having done, why is she being seen out of state with her insurance, why does this specialist require her to be away for a week which she estimates will cost $1000 in expenses hence the go fund me. That's a lot of internet research for someone who isn't the sharpest tool in the shed

No. 340439

File: 1498280358236.png (604.95 KB, 819x604, stephidemic1.PNG)

Also sorry I posted these in the wrong order.

No. 340445


This is unrealistic to the max. No doctor would tell a patient they may have leukemia and then ignore them, not organize proper dx/ddx, follow-up by an onc service or referral to a hem/onc. It's a blatant liability issue. The part that pisses me the fuck off? I worry that someone who is worried they might have a serious health issue won't come to see us because they worry they'd get fobbed off like Munchiechans.

No. 340446


I'm a GI physician. I have never heard of an outpatient or partial outpatient GI work up. A full GI work up is always done as IP, not the least to weed out self-inflicted issues and shitty nutrition. This sounds like she has to travel somewhere to get a series of Sitz markers done, which is a form of GES that involves x-rays over a period of a few days. I would be surprised as to why that would not be available in her home state though. Ahhhh, Munchies!

No. 340464

Oh thank you so much for your knowledge and insight. Would you pretty please explain some of the acronyms you used (not IP or OP though, I understand those). >>340437
Just had an EMG conducted on my left leg to test the extent of nerve damage from a ruptured disc. There is NO WAY that an EMG would cause the arm paralysis that she says she has. It is impossible. The voltage is simply too low. Felt like the shocks used on me were no stronger than those dime-store gag lighters that give you a shock when you compress the lighting mechanism. If your arm were to fall limp like she says, the nerve damage would have to be preexisting. And we all know that THAT is a Munchie crock of horseshit.

No. 340466

Yup. It's like someone who can't count to 11 without taking off their shoes trying to fine the value of x

No. 340467

Find not fine …

No. 340682

File: 1498328659105.jpg (384.72 KB, 777x595, lc.jpg)

Knows a lot about RA, but can't tell the difference between water retention and swollen joints.
And it's kinda amazing, that she keeps telling people how aggressive her RA is, even though there are even worse cases out there. Do they have RA from hell, or what? She clearly wants to be sickest cow ever on planet earth.
(She asked why one of the insect stings turned into a big hematoma and now she deleted the post. In one of the comments she wrote, that she is extremely allergic to insect stings. Shouldn't she go to the ER, when she is so allergic?)

Today she complained, that people are stealing her images and therefore she has to put a watermark on them. She keeps stealing a lot of stuff and puts her own watermark on them. Some cows are so dumb!

Even people who are living in the same house are questioning her now :) Well you aren't that sick, when you can spent a lot of time outside or walking the dog or go grocery shopping. And she keeps telling people how bad her pollen allergy is, but she doesn't need to wear a mask while walking the dogs.

No. 340692


GES = gastric emptying study. It's a generic term for the Cheap Version (Sitz markers, see below) as well as the Real Deal (which involves eating a radioactive omelette and a tech using a gamma camera to watch the radioactive eggy gunk slither through your intestinal tract.

Sitz markers are small (about 2mm diameter) circles made of radioopaque (showing up 'white' on X-rays) plastic scored in 2-4 parts. A dozen or so is put into a soft gelatin capsule. The patient is asked to swallow the capsule with a lot of water (it's a big ass motherfucker of a cap!) and then we take X-rays at predetermined intervals. This will allow us to see how fast the stuff moves through the intestines. There's an even cheaper version, where the patient takes three capsules with each differently scored markers in four hour increments. That way, a single X-ray can sort of determine gastrointestinal transit time.

Neither of these, incidentally, is cheap. Definitely not $1000, least of all with a motility specialist, who are few and far between.

No. 340862

File: 1498354399217.png (203.35 KB, 738x1310, IMG_1654.PNG)

Anyone follow alithezebra? She may have things wrong with her possibly but in muchie fashion she goes fishing for that diagnosis. . . Doesn't believe any doctor besides her PCP who as she says is "ten specialists in one" and like the rest does not only have 1 gofuxkme she has 2 or 3 in hopes of getting a Svc dog and one to help pay her medical bills(but unlike some this girl does work and goes to grad school)

No. 340864

File: 1498354497510.png (275.27 KB, 706x1256, IMG_1655.PNG)

Alithezebra…After going to ER for chest pain

No. 340890

She's "besties" with that other munchie (mentioned somewhere in this thread ) flimsywrists

No. 340892


No. 341013

Oh thank you so much! I always appreciate it when expert-farmers are around to share their knowledge. And Cows like to say we farmers are just fat incels living in their mother's basement secretly hate-fapping to pictures of Moomoo, lol.

Sage for thank-you note.

No. 341068

lol, it's probably just acid reflux or something.

No. 341082

File: 1498400397565.png (203.46 KB, 750x814, IMG_1661.PNG)

Seriously? One of her diagnosis is chronic nose picking?!

No. 341144

this is bs. you cannot be diagnosed with pots if you have electrolyte imbalances because those in itself cause a lot of dysautonomia like symptoms.

No. 341151

Angie / Anqi Dong has been sensing death threats to Kirri and that's why the call out posts went private.

Also, Angie keeps screaming about how she had to change accounts often because she was doxxed, then LINKS TO HER REAL NAME OVER AND OVER in her proof documents.

No. 341237

You can, if previously diagnosed with POTS before the electrolyte imbalance occurred. Not that she's not a Munchie cos that is one clusterfuck of a list!

No. 341266

File: 1498424421280.jpg (419.02 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2726.JPG)

Flashback fun - when HypermobileGuy decided to pretend he had cancer then mysteriously it was never mentioned again

No. 341296

File: 1498427201244.jpg (423.71 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2725.JPG)

No. 341325

No, I know that. I have hyper POTS myself. But it has to be ruled out as a cause for arrythmias.

No. 341343

Hypermobileguy is a new one to me…what's his deal? He can't walk because of his EDS? And for someone with stomach issues,his diet is crap! (Guess he follows the same meal plan as endlessvoices) and for someone who doesn't seem to work he sure has a lot of crap,(I mean toys,) in a private flat and a electric customized chair?

No. 341344


Fucking love it when professional spoonies know their clinical guidelines to the point of telling us what we are supposed to do for them. Little do they understand clinical guidelines are just that - guidelines to be considered as part of clinical judgment, not hard and fast rules to replace clinical judgment. Safe to say few would run the contrast CT she thinks is due her every time she's got heartburn.

No. 341347

He's not new to the thread. He used to be waaaay more munchie than he is now. He just kind of mopes in his own bought wheelchair and talks about how crap his life is. And yeah he did fake leuekemia about the same time his friend (at the time) Eli/hunter was spewing his fake cancer story all over instagram.

No. 341350

? Thank goodness for medical farmers,you rock! You so have to follow this girl bc she thinks she knows everything and is constantly diagnosing her friends, and accompanying these friends to their doctors appointments to "help" them get their diagnoses!

No. 341355


he claims to have "functional neurological syndrome" so he can't feel his legs, and has apparently been told he'll never walk again

No. 341358


To be fair, UK wheelchair services have had some pretty hefty cuts lately so the criteria for getting one from them has also tightened. My partner is a wheelchair user and we had to pay privately too even though she needs it for anything more than a few metres. But if Hypermobile Guy can't walk at all then he should have been given one by them. Suspicious…

No. 341369

I doubt anyone would fake functional neurological disorder- look at here talk about Nicole's functional vomiting. People often see it as similar to being a munchie.

No. 341391


True, but he's definitely bullshitting about not being able to walk at all (see: standing up selfies) and that he's been told he'll never walk again. No neurologist would say that to someone with FND because of how suggestible that could be. FND can be helped, but it's with therapy not medical intervention.

No. 341539


Oh God I know both of them and they are both absolutely not as ill as they want. They both need wheelchairs but can go ice skating just fine etc etc

No. 341542


Here they do the ring marker test outpatient, but a lot of the other tests are inpatient so that they can monitor you and make sure you're not making yourself ill.

So it seems weird they would just do a week of tests and not admit here. Especially since a lot of GI testing requires pretty intense preparation.

No. 341601


I used to do what you call cow tipping, I believe. I had/have an instagram following the worst of the lot, and checked if any of them checked themselves into a hospital where friends worked. And yes, I did tell them to go check out their instagram. Professional spoonies are a walking, talking liability lawsuit waiting to happen, and I don't want any of my buddies losing their licence because they either refused to do invasive surgery/insert tubes/administer risky medications on Spoony McMalingeur or ultimately relented and did what the patient demanded only to predictably cause them harm.

if just one of the dozens of drugs that Robyn the Fake Epilepsy Chick makes pill art (Jesus take the wheel!) with ended up hurting her, guess who would be on the hook. That's right, her poor physician. I have heard horror stories of spoonies threatening to make various nasty accusations unless they got what they wanted. It's incredible.

No. 341602


My psych is not necessarily up to date but body focused repetitive whatevers are symptoms of OCD, not a separate illness. Also, any non-medical patient who knows the Latin term for compulsive nose picking is a big fucking red flag for Munchy.

No. 341603



Mainstay therapy for FND is reassuring patient that they will recover. I've trained in the UK and I've done enough neurology to know the last FY1 knows not to give a prognosis, least of all an adverse one, to an FND patient.

Where FND is genuine, it often takes the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The patient's outcome is contingent on whether they're treated as a recoverable case.

What puzzles me more is who greenlit hormone treatment for someone with this extensive a health history, esp. where there is such a significant mental component.

No. 341604


We did that until we saw a few assholes taking scopolamine or propantheline to slow their gastric transit so now if the case is even slightly Munchie-suspicious, we give them the fancy observation room where we can check on them.

No. 341610


The things these people will do for false test results are truly shocking g. I knew a girl that used to go on fastfood binges, stopped taking laxatives and drastically upped her opioids just so the tests would come back positive.

They only see a feeding tube as a reason for more pity points. They don't care about all the bad sides.

No. 341611


And Jesus, the prep. For months, they collect tubie pads. God damned tubie pads. And cute heart shaped NG/J stickers. There are plain bland tubie pads for adults, but they must have the cute ones designed for kids because muh aesthetic. I've once come across a cow who posted about going to shop for new makeup to go with her tube. It's like it's a fashion accessory cum status symbol, indicating you're now Big League Sick.

These people fuck me off.

No. 341631

Holy crap, anon!

I know Munchausen's is a mental illness and all but I wonder also aside from attention, how many Munchie's also do things so that they can collect disability and don't have to work.

No. 341661


None, technically (GImedfag from earlier here). There are a handful of different syndromes that are similar. In malingering, patients have a clear outside objective, and are entirely aware that they are deceiving others to reach that gain by assuming the sick role. Munchiechans don't do it for the gains. They don't even do it for sympathy (many are very vocal about not wanting it because, as a Munchie patient of mine once admitted, the one moment when they feel really guilty is when someone expresses genuine sympathy towards their suffering). They do it to be seen as brave, strong and exceptional, usually when there's either been such a demand on them all their lives or when they have fairly little to make them appear such. Few Munchies are particularly talented or exceptional. They're literally sick of their averageness. A few get a rush out of 'outwitting' us. As in, 'it's ok I did not get into med school… look at that asshat intern trying to figure out what's wrong with me, lol'. I have relatively little sympathy for this aspect but understand that to many of them it's a rush, and probably the only one in their lives.

Then there's a weird animal that is much less understood. A few Munchies start their career as being genuinely somatically sick or unwell with conversion disorder. The concept of 'morbid gains' is used to describe when someone is subconsciously 'encouraged' to continue being sick, get sicker, neglect treatment etc. because of what they're getting out of sickness, be it drugs or sympathy (you'll find physiologically the two are quite the same!).

No. 341663

File: 1498492102320.png (429.18 KB, 811x592, 1.png)

Just keep sucking in that stomach girl, you might actually trick people

No. 341666

Yeesh, she really does have flimsy arms.

No. 341668

This is the only sort of cow tipping I support. These turdburgers are delaying treatment for genuinely ill people, and I have zero sympathy for them and I hope all of them are confronted with the truth.

No. 341671

>delusional disorder
well obviously

No. 341694

File: 1498496092328.png (97.68 KB, 746x1044, IMG_1666.PNG)

Like an ad for a bad porno… flimsywrists and alithezebra I guess have a YouTube channel or something

No. 341722


This is some horror movie shit

No. 341730

>>No. 341694

they do, it's called "Connective issues"

No. 341731

File: 1498503841798.gif (1.25 MB, 268x200, okshia.gif)

Click on the number of the post you want to reply to. Just click it. Very easy. Why do so many people lately not know how to use image boards?

No. 341735

Oh thanks, that so much easier haha

No. 341831

Because they've all found their way here from JBNs Instagram.

No. 341846


What IS her IG now? Onemorestep2 seems to have disappeared, or have I been blocked?

No. 341878

File: 1498519194781.png (106.26 KB, 743x856, IMG_1667.PNG)

It's still onemorestep2 sooooo my guess is you have been blocked

No. 341895


Omfl that was legit hard to even watch more than 3 minutes of and I love how the one girls lips move while the other one is reading lmfao

No. 341921

She's been on a mad blocking spree lately.

No. 341934


Oh well, there's still LOLCow for my milk fix.

No. 341970

Simple. Damned summerfags.

Sage for snark

No. 342245

File: 1498586239806.jpg (73.76 KB, 1080x783, IMG_20160622_145029.jpg)

Guess who suddenly doesn't have vEDS anymore and has a much shorter list of diagnosis. Hilarious

No. 342252

File: 1498587321869.jpg (257.95 KB, 1049x916, 1yGHmDv.jpg)

New list on the left, old on the right. Magic

No. 342255

File: 1498587802406.png (399.74 KB, 512x512, safe_image.png)

She got the munchie posing down too, hell

No. 342298

Somehow a lot of Munchies have Fibro and essential tremor.
Where is the neuropathy and tremor on the new list? How can you get rid of ET? It's really akward that her list got so short

No. 342338

V-EDS is diagnosed with genetic test, not by criteria. And all her EDS-related illnesses aren't connected to vEDS. Her main issue is that she's an idiot.

No. 342343


Literally everyone has reactive hypoglycaemia, Munchiechan! It's not an illness or a symptom, it's the consequence of the blood sugar regulation's hysteresis due to insulin production lagging behind blood glucose levels a bit. Jesus. What's next, your uterine lining occasoinally detaches and causes you to bleed?

No. 342351


Oh look, someone is trying to make themselves look like they've got the classic raccoon eyes of chronic illness… by pressing their skin against the bottom of their eye socket. Real dark rings around the eyes are rings, not wings, as I was taught on my ER rotations. This is classic munchie crap.

No. 342388

5'10 and 101lbs? that would give her a bmi of 14.5….
the sheer weight of her bullshit must add at least another 20lbs though which I guess might account for the distinct lack of being even remotely underweight, nevermind severely and life threateningly so.
jesus fucking christ. these munchies.

No. 342389

It's because fibro can't be proven. Dysautonomia, vascular EDS, etc can't be diagnosed without positive results. But anyone can claim to have fibro since there's no concrete test for it.

No. 342390

File: 1498600578317.png (230.59 KB, 750x1004, IMG_1678.PNG)

I love how flimsywrists accompanies her munchie buddies to their appointments to help "peruse an EDS diagnosis"

No. 342438


shes not up to date with the medical conferences, it's now "hypermobility spectrum disorder״…. tho munchies want EDS not HMS(D) because it sounds so much more exotic

No. 342443

File: 1498606843008.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1677.PNG)

Alithezebra had a tilt table test today but posted this last night… cuz I'm sure in no way did that have some sort of efffect on her results today since Valium lowers the BP and who knows what time she took it at or how much …

No. 342444

That's fucking infuriating!
"Loading up" on Valium… aargh!
Hopefully they do a proper review and she's honest about it. I somehow doubt it though.

No. 342447

Also that looks like a "staying in hospital" bag (blanket, obligatory infantilising plush toy). I'm not in the USA so maybe if you have insurance there they keep you in overnight for a simple test? Seems weird.

No. 342453


No it's just for a test and was only at the hospital a few hours or whatever! She seems to bring a blanket and stuffed animal each time she goes to the hospital!

No. 342455

File: 1498608421829.png (242.08 KB, 734x1080, IMG_1679.PNG)

Her post about today's TTT

No. 342457

File: 1498608493610.png (255.89 KB, 746x1164, IMG_1680.PNG)


Second part of her post

No. 342462

I've had the tilt table test two times and it really is like torture and I would never want to do it again, but if you pass out the test is stopped, period. And if it's an EP lab, they will have a crash cart in case and they'll also let you lay down for a bit until you feel better. bs that there's no place to lay down. she could have laid down on the table for 30-40 mins first.

No. 342468

Poor baby threw up a little stomach acid. Go drink some water or electrolytes, you don't need to waste nurses time getting a fucking bag of IV saline.

No. 342486

there's no way she was 5'10 and 101lbs like that. her bmi would be like 14.5. what is with these freaks?

No. 342544

File: 1498622682822.png (160.23 KB, 734x784, IMG_1682.PNG)

Lmfao! Thinkinf someone called her out on he bs? The table was facing a wall?

No. 342546

File: 1498622781970.png (128.32 KB, 719x602, IMG_1683.PNG)

No. 342572


Lol bitch if they let you stand for half an hour you're fine. I've had the test adjusted because the doctors were too afraid to completely tilt me. So I only went to 30 and then 60 degrees. No way they will let you stand for half an hour if you're symptoms are that severe. Unless you're full of it and your vitals are completely fine.

Btw she is the first person I know to make it the whole 30 minutes, lmao

Sage for blogging

No. 342578

someone already said that
read the fucking thread properly newfag

sage for being a grumpy shit

No. 342604

File: 1498639634122.jpg (215.97 KB, 1080x1522, IMG_20170628_104616.jpg)

Has the tiniest bruise: #teammysteriouslegbruise

No. 342605

File: 1498640029142.png (793.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170628-105253.png)

If you have such severe allergies you probably shouldn't do bathbombs love

No. 342666

>Vitamin deficiencies, vit D
> Vitamin Malabsorbtion, vit D

This is so…
What the fuck. You would have rickets?! your legs would be so fucking bowed if you had a vitamin d deficiency with any level of significance or severity.

No. 342798

Nah man pretty much everyone in western society has a vit d deficiency. It's common and unremarkable.

No. 342802

That is wrong. It's over if you pass out. If you hr stays elevated and you're concious, they keep the test going.

And why was a nurse there? mine was done only with the EP doc in the room both times.

No. 342806

I actually disagree. I have hyper POTS [aka POTS with high blood pressure from too much adrenaline] so I don't pass out. I still had to do the whole thing, even though it was positive the second I got tilted up. But I also wasn't a baby about it even though I felt quite ill.

No. 342809


I agree! But if you're fainting (like they say they did) or 'nearly dying' they will stop the test

No. 342813

File: 1498679655716.png (218.17 KB, 750x1102, IMG_1690.PNG)

For a girl that is so ill and constantly in pain, her first time having IV morphine in a hospital and is high off her ass

No. 342819

Oh, most definetly. Besides it's a crappy disease to have so IDK why anyone WOULD want it.

No. 342820

if you're on morphine, there's something seriously wrong with you and you wouldn't be taking selfies. just saying.

No. 342841

ehh I take morphine daily and I definitely take selfies, just not pity selfies. Most people on morphine aren't public about needing them because of munchies and junks

No. 342848

Right, but you're making yourself the subject of the picture, not the morphine. I can only speak about my experience in that when I've had morphine, it was for things like maaaajor surgery and I was so messed up from both the morphine [which makes me barf] and the surgery I just don't give a crap about anyone or anything else and want to be left alone to sleep.

No. 342858

Do you all lack reading comprehension? It's not a selfie

No. 342866

that's not quite true. My family have chonic vitamin d deficiency as a result of very light skin. My numbers have been close to zero and i had almost no symptoms. Many don't even realize they have it.

No. 342874

Yeah, my vit d level is 8 and I have no symptoms.

No. 343011

File: 1498697722110.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5136.PNG)

Granted it could be an old box but someone who has no money and "severe" gastroparesis, I don't think she needs to be receiving boxes from Candy Club. I can't tell what the other subscription box is. I do believe it's okay to treat yourself every once in a while but several monthly subscription boxes seems excessive for someone who has no money (and yes they could be old or they could have been gifts but still).

No. 343012

File: 1498697816971.png (202.37 KB, 745x1092, IMG_1692.PNG)

This girls too much … maybe it's the fact you're on a shit ton of medication you probably do not truly need, or the fact you "loaded up on Valium " the night before your tilt test…

No. 343035

File: 1498701727047.png (67.89 KB, 824x398, disbitch.png)

Holy shit this chick is entertaining, a true goldmine. Check her tumblr about page (same handle as her insta), I love how she brags about dropping out of school four times. Because she was sick. Fffff.

The screenie is her recent pouty temper tantrum about carting her ass to the ER, and then the doc going "welp, gotta let you go", because clearly it is SO UNHEARD OF that a healthy young woman would have low blood sugar after not eating all day (she even lays out the calorie count), but all the rest of her bloodwork is normal. But you guize, she is so frustrated no one is believing she is sick!!!

Trust me bb, if your body were working on kicking your ass while you weren't looking, your blood work would definitely show it. And trust me, even when it's fucky, your doctor won't really do something about it until it's consistently abnormal for a while.

Due to a weird autoimmune thing, my blood calcium levels were abnormal for a solid 6 months before my doc was like "Yeah that's worrying." Of course they didn't do anything, because short of treating the underlying cause, you can't do shit for weird blood values. Which is the point with these weird Munchies hyperfocusing on one or two weird blood values. Nobody's going to validate your weird need to be so sick.

No. 343036

Is it just me or does this nutter look like a balding middle aged man?

Sage for nitpicking

No. 343115

File: 1498710140216.png (988.75 KB, 934x601, hmg.PNG)

HypermobileGuy is now so "bedbound" he's trying to convince OT to give him a sling to get out of bed.
But here he is in a car! oxymoron face

No. 343171


Valium doesn't merely lower BP. Valium is a relaxant, which means it also slows down the body's normal ability to regulate blood pressure depending on posture (the O from POTS). She's clearly shown she knows how to mess with the tilt table test and the fascination with messing with tests and 'outwitting' us is a typical Munchie trait.

No. 343182

File: 1498715585431.jpg (268.01 KB, 1080x1202, IMG_20170629_075203.jpg)

Both she and flimsywrists claim to be terminal. I don't think they know what that means….

No. 343187

File: 1498716180659.jpg (233.77 KB, 1080x1065, IMG_20170629_075951.jpg)

No one takes you seriously because your labs are normal. Starvation shows up in labs, especially if you're as nearly dead as you say you are.

Since she can't update I'm guessing her phone was taken away, which sounds a lot like she's on a psych ward. Kek.

No. 343192


Oh get over yourself Ali, we're all going to die one day and no one has said you're in any danger of doing so soon. God she makes me so mad, wanting to be ~the most speshul sick snowflake~.

No. 343269

Looks kind of like Ash with eyebrows

No. 343306


Oh ffs. At risk of powerlevelling, I came down with a rare blood cancer that left me with virtually no intestinal motility, low immune system and hooking up 12-14 hours a night to an IV of nutrients called TPN. I've done that for three years, through most of med school. You are, in no sense, terminal just because you stand a higher risk of contracting something nasty. Moron.

There is a very distinct difference between someone with Stage VI pancreatic cancer with mets all over his body on one hand and Little Miss 'something may even kill me someday!'

No. 343307


Stage IV, not VI. Sage for correctofagging.

No. 343323

File: 1498739575490.png (102.78 KB, 681x362, disbitch2.png)


That's not how Abilify works. Look bitch, please don't pretend that we don't have access to google at the very least. Either you're incredibly fucking stupid or willfully blind to the fact your doctor sees you are INCREDIBLY mentally fucked, and is trying to get you to take your psych meds by presenting them as a WAAAAY off label use of Abilify.

Or you're counting on US not questioning that Abilify isn't used for gastro issues. Like wtf man.

That seems to a running theme with her. She'll get incredibly nonstandard treatment for her sooper serious sickness (Botox to relieve her gastropareisis???), get a letter from her insurance saying they won't cover it, so she gets to cry about being neglected.

What the fuck is it with her?

No. 343339


Her dr wants to start her on injections of abilify since she throws the pills up or whatever her fuxking issue is … she's a mental case that needs psych help more than anything ….

No. 343373


From when is that? Since it's the end of the month now? Do you think she's in a mental hospital instead of an admission for her GP?

No. 343381

File: 1498749592881.png (169.18 KB, 750x1166, IMG_1694.PNG)


Funny thing is flimsy mental case went to the er for low BP the other day but then posted cryptically on her story, " see everyone in 3 days" I'm guessing she's on a psych hold …

No. 343384

File: 1498749800997.jpg (284.87 KB, 1080x1353, IMG_20170629_171902.jpg)

NSAID's are not supposed to be prescribed if you have vascular EDS since your stomach will be more likely to rupture….

No. 343385

File: 1498749841142.jpg (137.03 KB, 1080x614, IMG_20170629_171927.jpg)

You may also get hit by a meteorite and die. Stop the drama.

No. 343390


Not even severe allergics 'die' from skin testing. Contact allergies don't normally cause anaphylaxis and most such testing is done with epinephrine at the ready to reverse effects if need be. What a whiny bitch.

No. 343391


Wait, she's speeding over an OTC dose of a mild NSAID that tbh she shouldn't even have w/her GI issues? Lol.

No. 343403

File: 1498751747801.png (202.79 KB, 735x1151, IMG_1695.PNG)


Lmao she is only allergic to one thing … propolis (bee's wax)

No. 343407

Yes, itt's common to have lower levels of vitamin D, but if she had malabsorption as well as a deficiency she would have rickets. It's the fact she lists the combo.

>that's not quite true. My family have chonic vitamin d deficiency as a result of very light skin. My numbers have been close to zero and i had almost no symptoms. Many don't even realize they have it.

Okay, well that makes no sense considering the fact that light skin evolved in response to lower levels of sunlight further north - melanin blocks the absorption of sunlight and stops you from being able to manufacture vitamin d. Black and darker Asian people suffer from vit d deficiency in northern climates because of their dark skin. Light skin = more vitamin d.

Unless you're saying you have such light skin that you literally can't go out in the sun without protection i.e. you are leucistic or albino you are absolutely chatting out of your arse.

I wanna add that I'm a biology/medfag and I know what I'm talking about here.

No. 343420

Thank you!!!!

Also many people have a vitamin D deficiency. That's why we have supplements. It's not like it's incurable or something….

No. 343515

Someone tipped that Ally girl off

No. 343517

yeah, i saw that too…

No. 343518

legal action lmao

No. 343524

yeah LOL legal action HAHA. Her Nicole and Shelbie are all freaking fakes and make me want to hit them!

No. 343526


WTH are you talking about?

No. 343529


oh shite didn't the image post? one sec lemme find it again. She's saying she is going to go the cops. Good luck with that.

No. 343533

Nicole's new account is Nicole.2294

No. 343535


I pity the cops.

No. 343538

File: 1498767438300.jpg (149.3 KB, 1080x1377, 19451876_1418618698221056_5750…)

No. 343541

Anyone have access? It's a private account

No. 343544

She certainly has a lot of energy for being so "sick"

No. 343546

File: 1498768214240.jpg (144.82 KB, 1080x1348, 19619200_1418618671554392_1218…)

No. 343547

File: 1498768242322.png (604.55 KB, 1080x1920, 19576788_1418618678221058_1855…)

anyone can tell who was the tipper?

No. 343549


I'll put $25 on Nicole, tipper extraordinaire

No. 343550

You are probably right…my money is on Nicole too

No. 343557

for anyone claiming that alithezebra doesn't have all she says she has, she has posted multiple times before trying to ward people like you off by posting pictures of her health portal as well as physicians letters with her diagnoses listed on her tumblr before she deactivated for bullying.

and if you tell people that they can't go to school because they are ill, then fuck you because she is trying her hardest. even if she is "mildly sick" or "really sick", she still has the right to go to school and still has the drive to actually succeed despite putting exxtra strain on her body

get a life.

No. 343560

RULE: 1. Do not say, do, or threaten to do anything illegal under United States law.

Many things posted here are harassment, cyberbullying, and libellous material which are all illegal under United States law.

You may not think so, but you are harassing disabled people whether they are truly disabled or are disabled by Munchausen's.

"Bullying, cyberbullying, and related behaviors may be addressed in a single law or may be addressed in multiple laws. In some cases, bullying appears in the criminal code of a state" In many states, cyberbullying is explicitly included in criminal code.

You may not believe it, but you are actually involved in deformation of character. You're lucky you, as the site, and the individuals posting haven't gotten a lawsuit against you.

No. 343561

Look at the rest of this site. Nobody cares. Boohoo. The internet is anonymous and people have the right to be assholes. If she can't take it, then she should stay off social media and find local support groups.

There is paratransit, Medicaid cabs, etc. The internet is not your safe space. There are community groups for a reason.

No. 343562

Any decent judge will tell you to seek therapy to deal with it, or avoid things that upset you. You have a choice to go to this site. If it upsets you that much, than try to take it down, you'll only put a bigger target on your back.

No. 343568


Considering her being a huge cyberbully herself and regularly claiming everyone else is faking I'm not going to give her much of a chance.

Also I think the tipper might be breatheDucky from what I can see on the top.

No. 343569


People's reaction like this astounds me. Like, are you living in so much of a bubble that you and your friends really do think your comportment about your "sicknesses" deserve to get a pass from critical examination?

The answer is no. Trust me, I don't think I'm doing this for the public good. But I do want you to think twice about next time you need to spread your bizarre need for endless validation about all of your imagined struggles.

But you're too entertaining, so I'm not going to dissuade you too hard. I mean, we have people who are cancer survivors, rare autoimmune disorders, epilepsy, all sorts of things. And strangely, none of them are flailing around the internet acting like fuckwits like you.

Oh wait, why might that be? Maybe it's because they actually understand and abide by the societal expectation of not acting like drama whores! Carry on.

No. 343571


Errr… libelous (one l), or rather, defamatory? For one, defamation requires a statement of fact. 'You're an asshole' is not defamation, nor is 'you're making your shit up'. Least of all is objective commentary on whether someone does appear to be faking it or not. Google Sullivan v Times, Munchiechan.

As for whether it's harassing… depends on state laws but in general it'd be surprising to see comments that you had to be explicitly shown as harassment.

Gotta love how Munchiechan fancies themselves a big expert on law but doesn't even know how to proceed in a situation like this. Ffs.

No. 343573


So how does that work? She has the right to go to school (paid for by yours truly) but also the right not to work because she's a super fragile sickypoo (once again paid for by yours truly)?

No. 343576


Deformation of character? I don't think that girl has enough character left to deform.

No. 343580

Go see your family doctor or GP. Tell them that social situations makes you nervous to the point you can't concentrate enough to be able to focus on a job.

Win free cash for life, and free school. When you're still too lazy to actually work, cry to doctors more, continue to win free cash for life.

No. 343592

Lol, sorry. Thanks for correcting me - i meant to say RED HAIR and very light skin. I know light skin makes it easier to absorb d-vitamins, but apperently mixed with red hair it makes it impossible. I'm honestly not sure how it works all technically tho

No. 343601

You and all of your Munchie compatriots disgust me beyond words. Spending my money to further your need for attention with all of your made up bullshit makes me sick. There are actually sick people out there who truly are brave and silently and valiantly struggle every single day. Your vile charade takes away resources and the validity of the brave souls who truly are sick. It astounds me that you vermin have anyone who loves you left in your life. I couldn't stomach your sheep-bleating for five minutes irl.

Sage for rage

No. 343608

ali pays for her schooling herself (through private loans) and is paying for her medical bills on her own even though she used to have a youcaring but only got stuff from her family, so how is she using YOUR money exactly? 0.0

No. 343612

File: 1498775204575.png (22.01 KB, 850x97, name.png)

what do y'all think this says?
looks like it has an e in it

No. 343621

The girl actually does work (supposedly, but had to cut down her hours bcuz she was having some sort of issue) and pays for her own schooling… But she has three gofuckme's set up to try to raise money for a service dog and help with her medical bills… Gee I wonder why no one has donated very much to either

No. 343623

>I've experiment real life and cyberbullying before
looks like -
p, b / i , l / e / i , l , t / y , c , k / e

can't tell after the last e

No. 343624

Wow, you're just as pathetic for falling for her "oh, poor me routine." These people live for the attention and you're giving them exactly what they want. Keep whiteknighting, anon, or maybe go out and get a life?

No. 343626

>> 343621
somebody beat you to this

>> 343623

now you're just being pathetic. as if you never made a typo in the heat of the moment before.

No. 343627

Such utter bullshit. No young person with a part time job could pay for her mountains of unnecessary tests without help unless her last name is Hilton or Trump. She is either on Medicaid or mommy and daddy are footing the bills.

In addition, she is taking up a hospital bed from someone who is actually sick, and that's enough to get my Agent Orange to act up.

Private loans my ass. No one does that. The interest is too high.

If you were before me I would laugh in your face after spitting in it. There are people in this world in dire need of medical help and cannot either afford it or have no access to it. And here she is playing with this luxury as a hobby. Screw you.

No. 343628

File: 1498776223047.jpg (31 KB, 236x236, IMG_7275.JPG)

No. 343629

>I'm honestly not sure how it works all technically tho
That's because it doesn't work like that. Whoever told you this is a liar, or they thought you were too stupid to understand the actual explanation because it's completely untrue. People with red hair and fair skin are at risk of sunburn, that's literally it.

No. 343632

You guys need to stop! You don't know these people and you don't know their lives! They are already having a rough time with all their health problems and they do NOT need you harassing them to be added to their problems. Some of the people you are harassing are people that I know who are MY friends and I know for a fact that they are truly sick. So go get a life and stop harassing people just to be mean.

No. 343635


I know them too. They deserve it.

No. 343639

Someone get this white knight out of here, they are obviously a moron

No. 343642

Um, some of us have health problems, too, but we handle them like normal people. No one needs three gofuckmes.

No. 343643

If you can't handle the truth, stay off the internet

No. 343645

On the internet, the law that applies is wherever the server physically is, not where the person posting is.

Guess where the lolcow server is? In some shithole third world country that couldn't give a single fuck about united states law. We are not doing anything legally wrong by posting the things we're posting.

No. 343646

File: 1498776910012.png (60.55 KB, 735x436, IMG_1699.PNG)


And what about the people that know them that are calling bs?

No. 343654

she doesn't have three. she had one for medical bills and one for her service dog. the one for her service dog was recently deleted and the one for her medical bills has been down for a long time

no actually she does pay for it all. she's in a lot of debt, but her part time job pays well and she's able to make payments. she has a personal loan but i don't know why bc you're right interest is horrid

No. 343658

>>>you're right interest is horrid

hahaha, look it's shelbie! Babe, you use the word "horrid" way too damn much for a 23-year old chick from KY.

Stop and go away. Just accept you have the energy to tantrum all over random strangers throwing you shade on the internet. If you had ANY of the issue you love to lament, you definitely would