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File: 1698858483767.jpeg (217.14 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1395.jpeg)

No. 331950

ITT post shitty art. This can include:
>shit anatomy
>confusing compositions
>bizarre, autistic subject matter
>uncanny valley faces
>incompetent technique

Do not:
>Post loli, shota, or any other kind of fetish art depicting children
>Leave gross material (ex. porn, fetishes, gore) unspoilered
>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.
>Post AI-generated images.

Remember that there are other threads for art feedback ( >>>/m/187240 ), artist salt ( >>>/ot/1724516 ), and shitty comics >>>/m/314190

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No. 331952

File: 1698858702555.png (492.9 KB, 576x683, Screenshot_20231009-235140~2.p…)

This was made by a grown ass adult

No. 331954

i wish i had her confidence

No. 331979

File: 1698866874395.jpg (1.18 MB, 1458x2048, Tumblr_l_1988660476493763.jpg)

No. 332029

File: 1698879353941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.13 KB, 825x789, withered ass scrote.JPG)

what the hell is this body? he looks deflated. spoiler for aphrodite boobies.

No. 332034

File: 1698879890629.jpg (481.07 KB, 3700x2390, 668c1458ead71734ebb827cbff5be6…)

No. 332036

File: 1698880071082.jpg (384.69 KB, 1283x1941, Tumblr_l_65082132725006.jpg)

Is anyone familiar with Archie Comics?This is a real comic cover of one of the Archie comics featuring Betty & Veronica (yes,that's supposed to be them)so,so bad

No. 332038

File: 1698880329597.jpg (91.7 KB, 804x994, dipper_is_kenough_by_milledpur…)

No. 332039

File: 1698880384468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 366.26 KB, 1600x900, Tumblr_l_436436703309369.jpg)

No. 332040

Don't you hate it when artists draw a character's face like a bee stung their nose?

No. 332046

what is wrong with his eyelids

No. 332049

ftm signature

No. 332050

Shhhh they are pig nostrils

No. 332060

The original rendermaxxers KEK

No. 332064

File: 1698884459310.jpeg (227.06 KB, 736x921, 7A282022-3B4B-4FD5-A6B8-D96399…)

>inb4 this isn’t that bad!!! I like it!!!
I just absolutely hate how there’s people that will do anything in order to show the character’s butt, it’s so obnoxious, there’s so many cute poses that can be done when a character has skirts, but in the end most drawings end up looking repetitive as fuck because of course everyone needs to see the ass of a character 24/7.

No. 332071

ballhead autism sends me

No. 332080

This is such a shame. The actual Sulfus would have been hotter as a girl than a guy. This style looks so bland too.

No. 332084

File: 1698887117998.png (883.05 KB, 3000x1533, 2353190_magnasthecat_happy-suc…)

No. 332094

The fact he half assed the feet when they're in the foreground like that makes this look even more lazy and offensive

No. 332096

File: 1698888611387.jpg (536.7 KB, 2048x2048, F2Rv2oFb0AA2ZHw.jpg_large.jpg)

There is a bad fetish art thread…

No. 332098

>there’s people that will do anything in order to show the character’s butt
Me when drawing men tbh

No. 332101

It's just a really bad pin up, nothing to do with fetishes quit whining already

No. 332103

File: 1698889871814.jpg (99.2 KB, 749x1354, happy_valentine_s_day_by_lucky…)

No. 332119

File: 1698895347811.jpeg (66.8 KB, 1078x720, 647c0fbb0511b-large.jpeg)

No. 332120

kek he looks like the fat controller

No. 332150

File: 1698902381898.jpg (19.52 KB, 250x290, 1968229-a6324b20cb13497ed8c420…)

forgot to answer but no, he's… Uhh, extremely enigmatic. He is a Nigerian cartoonist who makes wildly varying content. Sometimes he preaches a moralistic message like "don't abuse women" or "don't steal," actually a lot are centered around treating women better i guess. He has many weird medical PSAs about reducing the stigma of random diseases, and some of his cartoons have a religious message. But he also turns around and does this weird coomer art style and has drawings that are just sex jokes. Some of them are absolutely indecipherable. They're all kinda awkward and it's pretty clear that he traces or recycles templates.
I heard that the awkward English he writes in is supposed to be a pidgin but idk if that's true

No. 332260

File: 1698949185606.jpg (87.3 KB, 881x907, pomni_butt_v1_by_maildanreseye…)


No. 332267

File: 1698950427467.png (255.82 KB, 576x703, Screenshot_20231102-151247~2.p…)

Do people not realize this is a downgrade? The art is not bad but imo the old one is way better

No. 332268

File: 1698950647104.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.62 KB, 326x349, E1Ma4b0WYAYaHlZ.jpg)

This is some nyan neko sugar girls fanart kek

No. 332269

it looks like it took more effort to draw but it doesn't look better to me.

No. 332280

this is everything i hate about westoid art, i will take 8000 generic over rendered anime pin ups over this cancer

No. 332291

The new pose and how the clothing/folds work is better, but everything else is a downgrade. It's sad to see they replaced the lovely soft coloring for a webcomic artstyle.

No. 332314

The style shift may be due to it being a comic? Doing a comic in the first painterly style would just be too time consuming.

That being said, style shifts like this also reveal how many artists draw in styles just to follow current popular trends, and their style doesn't grow organically from their own sensibilities and experimentation. What is the point of art to people like this, just to make money or get likes? Art on social media all feels the same, just everyone copying each other.

No. 332320

File: 1698960298532.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 1930x1735, 7a7e8a826ca989b2184f55653cccf8…)

There's nothing remotely attractive about Wally Darling yet the porn is so fucking weird and dumb .the tism is strong with this one lel.

No. 332336

File: 1698962315092.png (108.3 KB, 455x380, image_2023-11-03_085827313.png)

Stop posting Wally Darling porn here, go put that in the Bizarre Fetish Art thread jfc

No. 332345

>Constantly post generic porn. It should be only be posted if it is uniquely bad in a way that is funny or novel.
Calm your tits,if you don't like it,go to another thread or contribute or gtfo.(stop)

No. 332349

just use the other thread bc it's way too easy to clog this one with horrible porn

No. 332351

Nta but Stop posting your porn stash you coomtard you're only spaming the same shit you obviously like you retard moid

No. 332363

you've been poting generic porn from this cartoon consantly. go away

No. 332364

are you underage or just stupid

No. 332371

30 IQ moment

No. 332375

Can you all just shut up and post bad art already? you're all ironically clogging up the thread without adding anything.thx

No. 332378

File: 1698976486805.png (2.14 MB, 3696x2936, the_end_of_evangalion_.png)

No. 332388

File: 1698978741560.jpg (113.94 KB, 774x1032, daisy_flowers_by_r_thebluejayp…)

No. 332389

I can't tell if that hand is a perspective mess up or an anatomy mess up. But judging by the distance from her boobs to her hips, I'm gonna say anatomy.

No. 332392

File: 1698979508199.jpg (85.89 KB, 720x885, Snapinsta.app_327976138_691778…)

>"clogging up the thread without adding anything"
>anon literally doing that
Anyways, it should be a example of how sick anons are of other anons shitting porn here, it's not even funny anymore.

Image tax, I hate these shitty animecore artists

No. 332395

Thought the date said 9/11 at first which added a layer of additional comedy to this

No. 332397

File: 1698981713064.jpg (82.78 KB, 820x974, diane_foxington__dressed__by_c…)

No. 332442

i am so sick of seeing this thing

No. 332519

File: 1699031971223.jpg (108.74 KB, 1200x997, tumblight.jpg)

tbh i just want to share this, makes me laugh

No. 332553

File: 1699041211566.jpg (249.38 KB, 1072x1127, terrifying indeed.jpg)

usually i can appreciate stylization but this is just tasteless.

No. 332588

File: 1699045996088.jpg (97.67 KB, 850x478, 1698196351489541.jpg)

300k followers and 10k on patreon btw

No. 332607

File: 1699051361308.png (2.21 MB, 1585x817, 0834787654.png)

the art is generic tif shit but it's the prices that kill me. social media really gave every retard out there unwarranted self-importance

No. 332655

Without the filename, I would never have guessed that it's supposed to be Twilight. Interesting how they chose to uglify the hell out of the only nonwhite character when the actual actor was easily the most conventionally attractive of the three of them.

No. 332656

I can see why someone would find this unappealing, but I actually really like it. My only issue is that Chrissy is staring off into space instead of making eye contact with him like a normal human being.

No. 332669

nta but of the two chrissy is def the best. she's at least facing him, eddie's body parts seem to all be facing in different directs. I like the style tho

No. 332675

File: 1699070512654.jpeg (102.84 KB, 1536x2048, F-C0GYfXEAAN4Df.jpeg)

Found on a Twitter thread about ~yooneek~ ways to draw titchop scars.

No. 332796

File: 1699128079960.jpg (131.25 KB, 750x1159, fionna_and_cake_by_kmebus_dgal…)

No. 332797

File: 1699128534562.jpg (122.72 KB, 786x1017, cammy___let_s_fight_by_hikarix…)

No. 332803

This would look okay if they didn't make the characters ugly. It looks like they went out of their way to make them unappealing. Bella looks nice in this artstyle

I used to think that you needed a lot of skill to get popular on social media as an artist when I was young, but looking at how popular artists fuck up anatomy has now taught me otherwise

No. 332804

File: 1699130955168.png (1.14 MB, 828x640, work_out_2__by_creatiffy_dfi13…)

Aside from the shitty furry coomer art.
The semi realism and rendering makes it so nauseating to look at.

No. 332817

File: 1699137961732.jpg (1.85 MB, 1287x1800, 239857fgsdl.jpg)

No. 332821

It's so goofy It's cute. But those are some middle-aged looking kids.

No. 332822

File: 1699139484829.jpg (74.97 KB, 650x1040, hana_uzaki_by_orly20_dg7p73f-3…)

No. 332823

File: 1699139541928.jpg (119.99 KB, 750x1127, the_fantasies_door_by_godzilla…)

No. 332828

Men who view lesbians this way need to be lined up and shot.

No. 332829

This looks more like a shitty photobash or even AIshit than an actual drawing.

No. 332833

File: 1699142067362.jpg (132.27 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

Found this on Redbubble

No. 332843

File: 1699144706285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1229x1800, 239998fgsdl.jpg)

No. 332844

File: 1699144745087.jpg (58.48 KB, 713x1121, 5e04e5a5ede2621e9a049eb0c53947…)

No. 332846

The original rendermaxxing indeed kek

No. 332850

File: 1699145542359.jpg (99.75 KB, 750x1125, ashley_graham_by_mikamipinup_d…)

Can't believe this is not AI…
Almost 100,000 watchers on DA.

No. 332852

File: 1699145941560.png (Spoiler Image, 1.87 MB, 1200x754, image_2023-11-05_115722314.png)

Tbf moid painters didn't typically use women as models, unless they had a wife or named the painting "Vanity" or something, so you get a lot of ball shaped boobs and weird man pelvises (picrel) and it's pretty funny to look at.

No. 332857

File: 1699147311587.jpeg (301.06 KB, 652x872, 2ab1c3d0045a95426f0d_small.jpe…)

No. 332862

File: 1699148930982.jpg (179.32 KB, 2480x3508, lcteqg9f65c61.jpg)

I thought his head was floating but it's just his collar blends way too much with the red background

No. 332873

kek these prices. i bet some moids buy this shit anyway because ooga booga big booba

No. 332901

Jesus fucking christ, it's like a live action movie adaptation of a Dr Seuss story

No. 332935

File: 1699190411801.png (840 KB, 1024x1024, ymmzFTc.png)

No. 332942

Now this actually looks like a demon from hell

No. 332967

i have no idea if this is fetish art of just a retarded joke

No. 333008

File: 1699206302686.jpg (85.82 KB, 1024x1024, F5xle8oXsAEhCpP.jpg)

No. 333018

This isn't bad art, it's just fetish art. We have the other thread for a reason.

No. 333020

That's not even what cel shading is kek.

No. 333021

File: 1699208148486.jpg (69.67 KB, 826x570, naruto_and_hinata_by_inusimash…)

No. 333022

This made me laugh out loud.

No. 333037

Tips on how to draw stylyzed cartoons like this without it looking like tumblr bullshit?

No. 333051

File: 1699210356039.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.72 KB, 827x446, yoruichi___bleach__by_wikusa_d…)

This is just terribly wonky and confusing
If I were an artist I wouldn't have a semi realistic style at all because then people would think it's AI made shit(spoiler nsfw)

No. 333054

I'm no artist but I recommend looking at 2000s cartoons art styles amd emulating what you like from them. Also coloring style/rendering can set you apart from dumblrians. Character designs and ideas, too.

No. 333055

This is straight-up nasty. I hope the artist that made this (provided it isn't AI) amputates his hands.

No. 333060

It looks like the head is copy pasted from an AI generation and they did the body themselves kek

No. 333071

File: 1699213902664.jpg (86.86 KB, 500x596, 203446fg.jpg)

title is injured jockey

No. 333099

Imagine seeing an injured man lying helpless on the ground, and instead of helping him, you stop and paint a painting of it. Sociopath behavior.

No. 333101

This is hilarious and great.

No. 333104

he looks flat i love it

No. 333105

Jojo's bizarre adventures part 7: steel ball run, Johnny falls off his horse, 1894, colorized

No. 333121

File: 1699218459261.jpeg (193.43 KB, 1606x2048, F8_bO2LaYAAjtzy.jpeg)

(spamming fetish art without discussion)

No. 333131

File: 1699219670415.jpg (Spoiler Image, 345.18 KB, 1280x2182, the_cenobite_childrens_by_souf…)

I'm obsessed with this guy's Hellraiser OC comics. Spoilered for typical cenobite imagery.

This is great, actually. I think I'm going to print this out and hang it in my house.

No. 333139

File: 1699221277170.jpeg (291.27 KB, 2048x1891, FnS_PYcX0AA2k5u.jpeg)

Typical pickme artist

No. 333147

File: 1699222682494.png (1.5 MB, 756x1080, jax-ragatha-and-pomni-thedansa…)

No. 333165

File: 1699227231665.jpeg (1.27 MB, 4096x3910, F7e74w0WMAA32KD.jpeg)

Oh nona… you just made me find my new personal cow.

>amateur art skill at best

>only ever draws herself, and hypersexualized at that
>claims to be bi, only lusts after men
>clopper and potential zoophile
I should post about her in the personal cow thread. She's active so the milk is fresh

No. 333166

This is based

No. 333176

jesus christ that fucking plushie is unsettling
>I should post about her in the personal cow thread.
please do, i will be awaiting your greentext

No. 333178

File: 1699231055837.jpeg (139.82 KB, 900x739, F3JVrfNXoAAkozB.jpeg)

Go for it! Nonnie
Judging by solely her art style I just knew she's a huge pick-me lol I saw her gross self humiliation porn obviously I'm not going to post that here
Also her sona looks nothing like her.that plushie looks like garbage,pity the fools who are gonna buy that.

No. 333181

This is definitely not a dad bod kek.

No. 333200

tranny porn doth not belong

No. 333245

File: 1699241107981.jpg (218.12 KB, 858x1209, Untitled.jpg)

the image was posted the other way and i flipped it because the body looked weird even upside-down. teen titans has some of the worst fanart

No. 333247

with some minor fixes it could be really cute

No. 333251

AYRT I think part of it comes down to mindset– using the Twilight pic as an example, just by looking at it I feel like you can tell the artist had something 'against' Edward and Jacob, but not Bella, which is why her design looks the 'best' and the two guys look unappealing and weird. A lot of these ugly designs are motivated by some sort of spite or bitterness towards the original (or an audience), which when combined with a lack of strong fundamentals and desire for uniqueness above all else, can net you tumblr ugliness. This artist also failed the 'design brief' for the male characters as they are supposed to be attractive in the story, something these kinds of artists do a lot.

Other tips would be to work on anatomy, flow, and your own shape language (how you simplify forms and how you decide to push and exaggerate them) by studying stylised characters/designs that you do like, saving anything with design elements you like to build up a reference library for outfits etc, and doing plenty of figure studies and gestures (actual knowledge of anatomical forms is where a lot of current cartoonists fall short and they will help to improve your draftsmanship as well). I also found the Force anatomy books very helpful, both the human and animal ones, when it came to approaching gestures and movement even in 'static' designs/poses, and reading up on the animation principle of 'appeal' might also be useful to you.

Hope any of this helps and good luck!

No. 333277

File: 1699245034589.jpg (1.82 MB, 1342x1964, FrhnmvNWIAIKSIm.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 333278

File: 1699245086013.png (88.46 KB, 400x323, tumblr_po2tasds4M1wu2trf_400.p…)

This is old but gold

No. 333282

File: 1699245325575.jpg (126.9 KB, 850x1226, sample_152bc187a9daac16248ba8a…)

So much wrong with this
The boobs look like grapes

No. 333283

It does help nona, thank you! I'm the kind of artist who tends to put aside her emotions to draw as objectively/perfectly as possible, so venturing into stylyzed art and drawing "with my heart" is gonna be challenging, but fun. It's bound tl go well when you're not a bitter tumblrfag kek
I do know shape language but not the Force books, so gonna look to get those

Thanks for the tip, I'll try to use drawings by Craig McCraken and Lauren Faust as reference (respective creators of Powerpuff Girls and MLP)

No. 333284

File: 1699245644457.jpg (480.23 KB, 1079x1176, Screenshot_20231106_054120_Gal…)

Fixed it (it's her legs now)

No. 333285

i love you nonna

No. 333286

File: 1699246739911.jpeg (79.75 KB, 1000x721, db1728837f62acafc77768a856e3c8…)

No. 333287

File: 1699246894395.png (2.22 MB, 1280x818, tumblr_66e0accecfb9dc06a355d2f…)

No. 333290

this is giga autistic but i admire the skill and effort put into it

No. 333306

File: 1699248602413.jpg (62.13 KB, 540x497, tumblr_c68e58fdf2272206b724d79…)

No. 333357

>Cell shading
People have been using this term incorrectly a LOT lately

No. 333382

Me and who

No. 333387

File: 1699276897203.jpg (63.34 KB, 773x1000, 61ueGb 0FRL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

No. 333388

File: 1699277080852.png (931.96 KB, 1080x1069, image_2023-11-06_232507031.png)

No. 333391

I follow this guy on Twitter for some reason, and have been for years. I think the "joke" is that the guy with brown hair (his main OC) is a mega asshole. But yes his art is bad and has not improved in years. Now he has a patreon where he posts NSFW and I can't imagine it's any good kek

No. 333393

>what horrors art tho seen baby buddy what horrors

No. 333395

File: 1699279862900.jpg (61.89 KB, 773x1000, 61oKFH-obrL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

i was so curious about the horrendous illustration here i had to look her up, she has a ton of books, looks like a middle-aged lady doing her best with tracing clipart and real-life references lmao. i kind of love her

No. 333397

File: 1699281881858.png (29.17 KB, 772x1164, 0a9a2424ed.png)

i hate this coomer's art so much

No. 333402

I like how the joke is just “silly woman thinking men see her as anything but a pornified object of fantasy”

No. 333428

File: 1699293155873.png (800.02 KB, 860x900, 139-1399777_moon-clipart-emoji…)

No. 333461

Ugh i hate this weirdo too, i think he is a soyjak.party/qa scrote.

No. 333462

kek honestly if this was a recent painting that someone uploaded on twitter or something it would totally be made fun of for weird anatomy

No. 333487

File: 1699303686935.jpeg (272.89 KB, 1242x1607, 5437B146-E58A-4547-8727-2F6EA3…)

No. 333488

this is a masterpiece

No. 333492

File: 1699305969870.jpg (90.03 KB, 750x1071, ada_wong_by_onishinx_dgbaax1-3…)

No. 333493

File: 1699307009532.jpeg (287.04 KB, 1391x2048, F-RYpxMXEAAN98L.jpeg)

No. 333494

File: 1699307247017.jpg (113.88 KB, 889x899, ash__but_black_by_tauruscookie…)

No. 333496

Her mangled paws break my heart she didn't deserve this!

No. 333527

kek she looks like jeremy strong in a wig

No. 333535

File: 1699321877181.jpeg (317.17 KB, 1092x1611, IMG_5825.jpeg)

No. 333585

Does boosting your posts on instgram just mean buying bot likes? Because those like numbers are insane.

No. 333622

File: 1699358925105.jpg (175.77 KB, 749x1355, the_horny_board_game_tg_tf_pag…)

Weird af

No. 333630

Sometimes when I'm broke as hell, I contemplate about becoming a NSFW fetish artist. A lot of these artists are objectively terrible yet still get that cha-ching anyway—if they can do it, why can't I?

But I just know it'd be terrible for my mental health.

No. 333635

I think they're ironic likes kek

No. 333657

well I feel now's the only chance, cause I predict in a year or two most low-skilled porn-artists will be replaced by AI porn engines.

No. 333669

File: 1699375709182.jpg (506.75 KB, 2048x1356, F95TqtXWAAA7-TY.jpg)

No. 333674

They already are for the most part lol. Only thing that keeps them from being completely obsolete is because coomers are either retarded and dont know how to use AI or they need something extremely specific or a character drawn accurately (which most unskilled generic coomer artists lack the skill for).

No. 333685

it means they show up as adverts in other people's feeds

No. 333700

I kinda like the vibe of this, too bad for the fucked up face.

No. 333709

What's wrong with this?

No. 333739

who's the artist? i really like this

No. 333756

File: 1699391148287.jpg (148.58 KB, 762x1048, the_heeler_family_by_2riversal…)


No. 333757

File: 1699391214047.jpg (165.83 KB, 874x914, 2023_color_wheel_by_chillguydr…)

No. 333758

File: 1699391278055.png (551.41 KB, 1750x1250, df2dgjy-d8a59448-9c49-4358-82e…)

No. 333760

File: 1699391921103.png (206.27 KB, 784x744, de2209z-92e9deca-9f4b-480a-ac8…)

No. 333765

Vendetta posting tbh

No. 333794

File: 1699395075167.jpg (200.55 KB, 1280x1280, 1645395274.ech0chamber_japan_e…)

Another example of retarded coomer brain rot

No. 333844

God that is depressing

No. 333851

kek i dont feel bad about my own stagnant mediocre art anymore

No. 333889

File: 1699405374009.jpg (187.87 KB, 800x1177, _sacas_-11-loba-apex.jpg)

No. 333891

File: 1699405489009.jpg (320.28 KB, 1217x2048, 1693252146_boobzone-pro-p-sexy…)

No. 333900

Why is it that some people just can't improve no matter how long they draw? I mean In know in this case it's clearly autism, but I've noticed this in a lot of people where they hit a plateau and can't ever get any better than that. Meanwhile I think for most people (this has been my experience at least) if you put in enough effort you can continually improve to a basically limitless extent.

No. 333916

File: 1699408498785.jpg (54.44 KB, 784x744, 16acef4ec022c6c5e3e000a1a006e6…)

The 2018 one was waaaay better,why does he have digitigrade legs now??

No. 333920

I am always amazed by these types of artists that legit think they improved kek I wonder what causes this

No. 333975

These people don't improve (get better at anatomy, color, composition etc) they just change styles every couple of years.

No. 333994

They just don't study fundamentals or leave their comfort zone

No. 334036

Grotesque. There's so much… happening here kek. Hate that I could still recognise the character despite everything, just from the hair

No. 334037

The other anons are right, but sometimes I think people also mistake drifting from the canon style and starting to implement their headcanons in their art as raw improvement, too. I think this is also why the 'tumblr art style' spiral into hideousness happens sometimes with fanartists, especially with any level of non-human character (or characters all being conventionally attractive if the cast is all human)

No. 334059

Why is he anorexic

No. 334131

File: 1699475036564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.24 KB, 1200x1800, il_fullxfull.5464235153_myct.j…)

I don't know why anyone would buy a body pillow with him on it.eughh

No. 334141

he is built like a dorito

No. 334148

File: 1699479143048.png (458.86 KB, 640x573, image_2023-11-08_160750502.png)

No. 334199

File: 1699489774343.jpg (101.25 KB, 828x690, commission_sheet_by_space__rif…)

No. 334444

File: 1699586481147.jpg (98.28 KB, 720x900, fubuki_by_zoestanleyarts_df4wt…)

This would have been great if it wasn't for the broken finger and the waist…

No. 334453

I think this artist is 'thebleedingpervert' and all she draws is lactating women and weird fetish art

No. 334456

even without the coomery it still has that ugly westoid style and a boring composition

No. 334463

great is a strong word

No. 334646

They massacred my girls…

No. 334755

File: 1699677856631.jpg (393.42 KB, 1024x768, 1697727420.mrgarchomp_dragonit…)

No. 334769

whats the lore of this who is the piano guy

No. 335016

File: 1699744817659.png (115.9 KB, 500x263, img7-856453.png)

half empty toothpaste ass

No. 335031

Is that Twisted Wonderland…

No. 335044

File: 1699753503510.jpeg (243.88 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_5285.jpeg)

Sorry for coombait but this made me lose it

No. 335048

Lack of talent.

No. 335115

Not so much talent (that helps to improve faster though) but just people being too lazy to actually make studies and improve because muh style. Other times they just saw their current level gives them money & decide to stop at that because why work on improving when it works already

No. 335136

File: 1699798226748.png (210.56 KB, 576x519, Screenshot_20231111-155624~2.p…)


No. 335141

I think the right looks better. the pose is a little bit more dynamic, and the character isn't just staring dead-on

No. 335191

I like the new one.

No. 335253

the look the same

No. 335267

File: 1699843069253.jpg (435.48 KB, 1280x852, Tumblr_l_1659051298556424.jpg)

Look at how small the bodies are KEK. Other than that it's beautiful, a shame that the artist didnt pay attention to proportions

No. 335276

>>335044 This is so gross, I hate when people make porn of sanrio characters.

No. 335277

File: 1699848944903.jpg (96.66 KB, 852x938, cool_girl_sonic_tg_by_classics…)

No. 335279

this pic goes hard

No. 335302

File: 1699854913958.jpg (92.25 KB, 500x651, 202156fg.jpg)

No. 335311

why is there so much "rule63/TG" fan art of sonic? there was so much of it on DeviantArt

No. 335336

File: 1699874654076.png (5.68 MB, 1448x2048, IMG_0351.png)

reminds me of picrel, it could actually be good art if the proportions weren't so fucked. they all look like midgets with giant heads

No. 335354

What if that really is a depiction of a theatrical troupe of midgets or something?

No. 335362

Don't be fooled nonnie, this is obviously a drawing with irl photos slapped over where the heads should be. The artist painted the photos over so it's not too obvious

No. 335369

This looks like a painted over photo manip, zero artistic skills required.

No. 335375

Aw that is so cute, they fixed the leg and put sparkles behind her. This is killing me lol

No. 335377

Average /g/ anon

No. 335384

it's the characters from succession.
mind you the concept actually makes sense it's just a shame about the achondroplasia

No. 335409

I love how Connor is the only one who looks relatively normal. Conheads stay winning kek

No. 335429

File: 1699926809158.jpg (176.7 KB, 800x1200, 8vwvtzwd7je71.jpg)

George Alexopoulos can't draw for shit

No. 335432

he's a scrote with a rotten brain, of course he's shit at drawing

No. 335434

File: 1699928864644.png (470.15 KB, 875x1053, 5194260_180055_reymonr_untitle…)

Lol the anatomy on this one

No. 335437

File: 1699930365216.png (385.37 KB, 640x703, image_2023-11-13_215158103.png)


No. 335581

File: 1699992760795.png (1.28 MB, 2110x1980, XxaCOhcLq85uOpF4aqWMyD5QwvCwqz…)

I don't even know what to say

No. 335583

File: 1699992888479.png (3.58 MB, 4500x3400, RJrOCLs6ykw1zRLdPcyIKp22dHHlSa…)

No. 335589

File: 1699993319708.png (459.78 KB, 929x1200, o8TPt0LvpUCGQ8CENvAjX9yxXrQTcS…)

This is now a kweer art dump. Keep in mind these were all made 100% un-ironically.

No. 335590

File: 1699993424315.jpeg (482.8 KB, 1197x1487, k56n9tdcQNmu5C9eeIKx1cw15nCEmj…)

No. 335591

File: 1699993525762.png (3.65 MB, 2500x2000, 0GktbxUNtbRjTIybtjUOakFg6fYGpS…)

No. 335592

File: 1699993639653.png (413.12 KB, 1000x1000, lbvk5IAgrfS8RsPtjyLB3ieizlrSZP…)

No. 335602

File: 1699997227330.jpg (63.79 KB, 544x680, E9LagodWEAo0Tpx.jpg_small.jpg)

Peach looks disabled

No. 335604

File: 1699997267001.png (196.66 KB, 826x360, my_design_evolution_by_jingryb…)

How do you go from worse from worse?

No. 335606

File: 1699997310250.jpg (72.36 KB, 827x522, how_tall_we_are__by_jingryblue…)

Same artist

No. 335612

File: 1699997489435.jpg (48.02 KB, 400x400, tumblr_47248ddfa1c896dfb7d639d…)

No. 335615

File: 1699999772502.jpg (184.29 KB, 978x1280, 1652375828.lilfatpepper_mewtwo…)

No. 335625

File: 1700003839283.jpg (397.59 KB, 4096x2333, 1700001818937.jpg)

The creator of Valerian High drew this,their heads doesn't go well with the bodies it's basically just lazily drawn coomer trash.

No. 335627

File: 1700004734746.jpg (914.96 KB, 4096x2815, F5mTPI3WUAIfGHt.jpg)

What the fuck is this? Why did you say "the creator of Valerian High" as if everyone knew what that meant? Is this shit popular on tik tok or something?

No. 335629

What did they do to Spongebob…

No. 335630

Some anons are talking about it on the animation industry cows thread so that's why I mentioned him.some of his art is bad though like the one provided.

No. 335636

spongebob finally got those bolt ons he's always wanted…

No. 335655

File: 1700011632325.jpg (248.87 KB, 2048x1638, F4Ep4UYWUAAQnZ-.jpg)

Kek only some of his art? I feel nauseous scrolling through his twitter. Can you show me an example of a piece of his that you like

No. 335656

She literally doesn't have a head in the first picture?

No. 335659

I saw it as that little rectangle being a very stylized small head, with the necklace being the mouth, but now that I'm looking at it again I think it's supposed to be her neck and her hair should cover the rest but it's too long and the space on top is too small kek

No. 335675

the pretentious signature on that ugly fucking coomer ppg cartoon art on the left is infuriating me to no end

No. 335727

This is so visceraly disgusting to see moids can't make anything without any coomer shit. Why is everything so fucking coombrained

No. 335729

File: 1700051204468.jpg (156.57 KB, 2042x2048, IMG_20231115_141323.jpg)

looked up the creator and apparently he made these "joke designs" for april fools this year. they look leagues better than the current designs and would actually be practical for animation (i couldn't stomach more than 15 secs of the "pilot" but to me it looked more like a glorified slideshow than anything)
moids would choose the ugliest most pornified designs over anything even slightly appealing just as long as they are able to jerk off to it. bleak

No. 335758

File: 1700064414475.png (1.31 MB, 1171x1114, bruhhh.png)

No. 335759

artists really into drawing cripples and amputees like this creep me the fuck out

No. 335774

KEK, this looks like a parody. How is he 40 years old and looks like he's in his 80s? This is like somebody discouraging TIMs from transitioning because they'll end up crippled, with a hormonal imbalance and weak joints by drawing this and saying "this will be you". There's no way this is unironic.

No. 335776

Why are they draw so unsettling? Their faces are long, their eyes are small and why the hell is this one's head a square?
KEK these were traced from these picrews

No. 335810

File: 1700079866823.jpeg (561.28 KB, 2048x1646, IMG_1150.jpeg)

almost cried laughing at this crap…i don’t know why. with the new show coming out next february i can’t wait to see all the queer headcanons, troonwashing, thinkpieces and shitty leg booty fanarts that come with the new influx of fans. and by cant wait i mean i’d rather gouge my eyes out than subject myself to those

No. 335814

This is the bad art thread, not the headcanons I don't like thread, vendetta chan. Post it here >>>/ot/1724516

No. 335815

I'm tired of pretending this painting isn't shit

No. 335826

No way, avatar Ghandi just dropped

No. 335834

No. 335848

The mustache is sending me. How does he look so gay in the one on the right?

No. 335850

The hair should've been taller to make it clear that her head was obscured, but a running gag in PPG is that they never show Ms. Bellum's face. The idea is that she's a faceless entity that actually controls Townsville, and that the Mayor is just a figurehead.

No. 335851

Zillenial moids draw (1) thing without their dick in their hand challenge. They literally cannot draw a woman without pounding on their desk and screaming "BOOBA BOOBA," can they?

No. 335853

Looking at this seriously makes me feel like I'm having a stroke. You could post this in the AI-art-fuckup thread and no one would question it.

No. 335855

Read a book, then.

No. 335859

File: 1700088927628.png (620.34 KB, 676x696, 56342222.png)

Is that fucking Lionel Richie?

No. 335860

a headcanon is supposed to be something that can't be proven wrong by actual canon. I hate how people (mainly troons) use it for blatantly false stuff instead of just calling it an AU

No. 335864

File: 1700089401919.jpg (144.5 KB, 1200x960, EZ33q7HXkAgwUAt.jpg)

This is old yet so hilariously bad

No. 335869

File: 1700089557006.jpg (185.29 KB, 1280x1107, tumblr_6a0434dbb28cd0f1b77f333…)

Their recent art

No. 335871

>female hips and boobs
what does the term even mean anymore?

No. 335889

why are the heads..like that?

No. 335899

coomer corporate art style

No. 335901

>linking to an old thread

No. 335905

Yeah, this isn't really a headcanon, it's an AU or re-imagine. I am not offended by this because the artist doesn't stray from the look and feel of Avatar. Aang isn't wearing a miku binder with dyed hair and pronouns.

No. 335931

File: 1700104919382.jpg (125.46 KB, 1005x1200, FltMOtVXwAMdb56.jpg)

Stares directly at your soul

No. 335934

File: 1700105143532.png (1.76 MB, 936x1280, 3277207_johnfoxart_spider-woma…)

Probably the worst version of gender bent Miguel o hara I've seen so far

No. 336006

The tracing is strong with this one

No. 336032

File: 1700143393584.jpeg (357.98 KB, 1390x1880, clamp ashura rg veda.jpeg)

I love CLAMP but this one always bothers me when I see it.

No. 336097

File: 1700164027867.jpg (162.96 KB, 895x1174, F-Qc1azXoAAp-Ma.jpg)

His lower torso looks wonky as hell, he's built like a half used toothpaste tube.

No. 336124

File: 1700169903963.jpg (46.23 KB, 563x797, 0de284b4a35426646d21a26828438f…)

>he's built like a half used toothpaste tube

No. 336166

AYRT and I agree, it's so fucking bad in comparison to some of the art being made around the sme time

No. 336264

Vendetta post tbh

No. 336282

File: 1700215148733.jpg (823.35 KB, 1113x945, Tumblr_l_2963141109178462.jpg)

No. 336283

File: 1700215252540.png (1.96 MB, 1262x1000, tumblr_e1043d6f0a838dfe2e6c199…)

No. 336284

File: 1700215416856.png (244.48 KB, 346x797, Mori_and_Ogre.png)

I'm samefagging, but first and foremost I'm providing

No. 336285

Why are the tits so uneven

No. 336292

There’s nothing wrong with this

No. 336298

>Lust's face
>Lust's left hand
>the boob veins/stretch marks
>Dimitrescu is overweight

No. 336300

File: 1700226169687.png (133.65 KB, 388x467, m_ - Bad Art Thread 24.png)

kekkkk i'm dead

No. 336303

with things like the boob veins here it can almost feel like a vendetta against an attractive character by an insecure artist– I don't care if they're a real thing, either, vellus hair is too but it would look awful if you tried to tastefully include it in something too stylised, which is why we leave a lot of things considered flaws or that overcomplicate something out of art.

No. 336306

You sound so annoying saying this kek in this case those details don't look out of place because they aren't more or less realistic than the rest of the image. It's jarring when very simple and flat 2D cartoon characters have those small details, but it works here.

No. 336308

Seconding, i don't see anything wrong with it either

No. 336312

File: 1700229774097.png (144.94 KB, 234x411, 1700215252540.png)

Nonnas please…

No. 336334

>with things like the boob veins here it can almost feel like a vendetta against an attractive character by an insecure artist

So you're offended your oversexualized waifu was drawn a little ugly kek >>336283 looks cool and creepy and stylized well for a horror story. Way more interesting to look at than another shiny animu coomer drawing of them.

No. 336344

File: 1700234155346.png (779.19 KB, 1280x1297, tumblr_d80d2772ede0a2811ac3779…)

What's your point? The artist has a painterly style and it works well, I have no idea what the claws are supposed to look like in the game or whatever.

No. 336346

lmao no, Dimitrescu is boring, her monster design is more interesting but still not a fan. If the art had a more realistic and detailed style I wouldn't have even commented, I actually really like horror/grotesque art. I should have worded it better I guess, but I was just trying to make a broad comment about this kind of thing in fanart in general when it involves characters that are considered attractive/heavily thirsted after, it sometimes feels like the artist is trying to nullify that (another example would be some of the sailor moon art posted in previous threads) by slapping on 'flaws', especially when these details are applied to areas such as the face and bust of female characters. I did not expect this to get so heated kek.

is this by the same artist? if so it works a lot better in general. I like it!

No. 336360

File: 1700236881783.jpg (106.07 KB, 712x694, Tumblr_l_16485266332379.jpg)

Catra x adora

No. 336361

nta but I think it's just the easiest way the artist thought to show her "age," since veins are more visible on certain body parts as people grow older. The breast veins in particular do tend to be fixated on by fetishists, so it's not completely paranoid or baseless to be put on alert mode by that detail, I think. But it's probably like you say here, it's just an "ugly" detail that was included for some quick woke points, like giving a cartoon stretch marks or detailed body hair.

No. 336378

You do realize you can draw Alcina the way she looks in the game, right? Accurately and neither a hentai version nor an uglified fat gendie version. That drawing isn't even fit for horror, the only horror-like thing about it is Alcina's face because of the creepy eyes and fangs. The style reminds me more of those bad YA dc comics, like I Am Not Starfire and Nubia, only with more rendering.
Also I don't get why her face is detailed while Lust's face looks like those low-res background characters in anime

No. 336394

File: 1700244536012.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 9rJ9gBUU5tJbxveksuvQ36.jpg)

You sound so obnoxious, it's obviously not a piece that the artist poured weeks of work into and artists don't have to just copy game screenshots.

Her design has those though

No. 336404

oh true, she does, haven't actually seen her in a while. guess I'm both too used to seeing similar canonical traits get ignored in fanart but also too used to seeing them added to designs in fanart to 'diversify' them or something and jumped the gun, sorry

No. 336411

Do women have veins

No. 336413

No. Women are smooth an beautiful inside and out

No. 336418

File: 1700249300844.jpg (79.51 KB, 1300x957, ritratto-di-ridere-giovane-don…)

Depeeeeends… who's asking? A vampire lady? Hahaha jk… unless?

No. 336424

Women have super smooth 4k skin. Did you know if you have any veins or fat or stretch marks or wrinkles, you no longer cease to be a woman.

No. 336471

File: 1700264246472.jpg (266.49 KB, 1430x2048, tumblr_b9e0b0c649bec1c2ead6e81…)

Almost 5k notes on Tumblr
This is supposed to be Jessica Rabbit

No. 336476

>built like a half used toothpaste tube.
KEKK nonna. I can't stand these tiny headed men with shiny pecs

No. 336478

Tbh I actually like this one specific part of the drawing, looks really good and creepy but you can still tell who it's supposed to be. The rest of it is just borderline racial caricatures though KEK

No. 336494

>no longer
>cease to be
I know what you're trying to say but this is very funny

No. 336512

File: 1700273040620.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.06 KB, 736x1296, 후방-마음에들엉-189.jpeg)

Usually I expect a little bit of fucked up proportions in coomer art but this is just bad. This could be fixed with basic anatomy knowledge.

No. 336517

they look like water balloons. i want to pop them

No. 336519

i wish they didnt feel the need to racebend bc some of these have potential to be decent & i think their style and characterisation is interesting

No. 336523

I hate this coomer game

No. 336563

I like Toko, Komaeda, the Incest Guy, and Owada. Unironically if it wasn't gendieshit and racebending I'd like this a bit more. I also wouldn't mind that Junko if it was supposed to be a wannabe successor rather than actually being Junko

No. 336603

>is this by the same artist? if so it works a lot better in general. I like it!
Yes, it's the second image posted with >>336283

No. 336617

File: 1700299137422.jpg (532.55 KB, 1079x1345, Screenshot_20231118_093208_Ins…)

Rendermaxx strikes back, ft. Baby Grinch

No. 336618

File: 1700299288558.jpg (441.15 KB, 1032x909, Screenshot_20231116_132523_Ins…)

Clawdeen's fucking face

No. 336619

they made her hair look like literal anal prolapse

No. 336621


No. 336626

Ah yes, monster high with real monsters: crossdressing AGP little brother wearing your old clothes from highschool, fat girl that gets liposuction exclusively in her arms, face and neck, and last but not least Rupaul from Rupaul’s drag race.

No. 336661

well, they ARE supposed to be monsters

No. 336664

File: 1700329481370.jpg (191.72 KB, 1575x1242, beta junko.jpg)

It's based on one of Junko's beta designs, in which she has curly hair and dark skin, a reference to ganguro, a sub-subculture within gyaru culture who would wear blackface

No. 336666

they're not wearing blackface kek it's meant to (or was meant to) subvert what jpn society considered attractive. so dark skin and curly hair versus pale skin and sleek hair

No. 336667

those are his egg sacks you bitch

No. 336678

The style was all about being trashy and provocative, it was the 90s, things were different and I'm not trying to cancel them or start a fight but the very dark skin, white lips and sometimes tribal-like designs were very obviously going for a certain thing. ffs, the name almost certainly comes from smashing together the words gan (face) and kuro (black).

No. 336685

Imagine if they'd gone with this design. All the American zoomer fans think she's supposed to be blasian despite older fans trying to explain the ganguro thing, then the danganronpa 3 anime or something includes a shot of her putting on her fake tan and world war 3 breaks out

No. 336696

File: 1700336521343.jpg (197.65 KB, 749x1068, truly_marvelous__by_theguywhod…)

I know coomer shit shouldn't be posted here a lot but this one is just gross and ugly,retarded moids can't stop sexualizing anything for 5 minutes.

No. 336724

it's so funny how they tell on themselves that they never interact with women, always drawing them grabbing other women's boobs in awe. i've never groped another woman in my life nor know any woman who has. are men just drawing it because they grab each others' dicks all day?

No. 336744

File: 1700350978398.jpg (117.39 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20231118-173919_Ins…)

No. 336745

Monster high when to shit since they made Frankie a they/them.

I wanna know how to render folds like these so I can draw cute shit instead of things like whatever this is

No. 336753

the two textures: silk and the cold plastic skin of a realdoll

No. 336776

this shit looks ai generated, the hair looks very inconsistent

now frankie actually looks like a they/them

No. 336795

File: 1700365539908.png (137.78 KB, 374x369, circus_act_with_a_volunteer_by…)

No. 336798

File: 1700365971244.jpg (38.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Looks like a cat high on catnip

No. 336833

File: 1700384086669.png (1.24 MB, 1500x1500, geeter.png)

So I posted >>336282 and I see we are all equally fascinated by that artist's Nagito, that melted vaginal discharge looking fucker. Nagito Cumaeda. The Geeter.
I know i'm not meant to self-post but i'm posting this fanart here because it's where the legend was born. He'll be at the foot of your bed at 3:33AM tonight.

No. 336834

that artist is my biggest guilty pleasure, he's really good at rendering clothes but sucks at hair

No. 336835

>this shit looks ai generated, the hair looks very inconsistent
it should be bannable to call any artist you dislike ai-generated because you have adhd and are too retarded to look at it for more than 5 seconds

No. 336855

I wish you didn’t shade with black. As for the drawing you posted it looks pretty interesting, I can’t bring myself to hate anything about that style.

No. 336862

I think "it looks ai-generated" is a valid comment. In AI art, one tell is when you see a pattern/shape repeating itself nonsensically. In the case of >>336617 the swirly hair bits look pasted on randomly.

No. 336868

Nta, but it's becoming a boring insult at this point, tbh.

No. 336869

File: 1700403003402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 301.47 KB, 908x880, Tumblr_l_17423216793037.jpg)


No. 336870

I actually shaded with dark blue but i should've gone with a green maybe. Either way I'm glad you like it, melting Nagito must live long

Oh god i thought plane fetish art died back in like 2018

No. 336873

Me when I eat an egg ngl

No. 336880

Kek the droplets on him. He looks like he's up to something

No. 336926

File: 1700421432035.png (3.19 MB, 1754x2101, 1673625307.saikotic_samuszerom…)

No. 336992

The hair looks like foreskins what about that

No. 336998

it looks nothing like AI you are just retarded

No. 337038

File: 1700449530065.jpg (76.37 KB, 1923x1031, erb8x27n2za21.jpg)

Ah yeah, because being forced to do "patty-cake" with Marvin to frame her husband, because she was drawn to be a "sex symbol" when she's just a cartoon and because she loves Roger because "he makes her laugh" do mean she doesn't enjoy sex. Totally an asexual icon!

I bet many of the adult jokes went over their head.

No. 337045

File: 1700451103834.jpg (101.46 KB, 1200x571, EibL3NqVgAA5KTf.jpg)

This artist has an eye popping fetish btw

No. 337047

File: 1700451615105.jpeg (215.89 KB, 1242x1200, F4AA6081-3369-49E1-8082-9F966B…)

>popping eye fetish

No. 337050

ngl i think they're all kinda cute and accurate to the characters except plankton should look older

No. 337051

File: 1700451894759.png (68.54 KB, 220x230, Untitled.png)

help i went to their page to look it up and this is possibly the dumbest fetish ive ever seen

No. 337054

File: 1700453250432.jpeg (105 KB, 1280x710, EB021F79-110E-45F9-9EE6-A73DE4…)

I agree, the cleavage is excessive but it’s actually way less coomery overall than what one would expect from a moid with a bizarre fetish. I especially like squidwina
this guy in particular has some pretty disturbing ones, see picrel. if scrotes develop paraphilia they should really just be put down

No. 337056

how does this even develop as a fetish. like why does he like it. at least with some of the really weird ones i can kind of understand them but this is inscrutable

No. 337057

I mean its nothing overtly offensive unless you just hate the "2010s Calarts" style

No. 337101

out of everything in this pic, spongebob's hair bothers me the most

No. 337228

File: 1700528186821.jpg (232.04 KB, 800x1081, lumi-meraki-mion-commission.jp…)

Found this on Art Station
Artist is a creepy pedo as well

No. 337237

Just so you know… it says “Afro twin tails” and “black person version” (黒人バージョン) in plain Japanese on that picture of yours. So whoever made that drawing (idk if that’s fan art or something official) had the intention of her race being black.

No. 337258

yeah, apart from the flaws mentioned, it's cute, tho patrick(a)'s arms being so skinny at that weight is also bothersome

No. 337271

File: 1700543310062.jpg (127.14 KB, 1200x571, a.jpg)

pardon my tism i just wanted to fix some stuff bc i like this otherwise lol

No. 337274

beautiful nonna.

No. 337290

i still hate spongebina's hair and i don't know why

No. 337336

File: 1700566926736.png (890.77 KB, 1392x2890, Emiliev1.png)

Blueycapsules' take on Henry's wife is blatantly coomerish, it feels like a joke.

No. 337353

Tranny vibes

No. 337409

File: 1700605652476.jpeg (349.39 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_5303.jpeg)

Would you believe me if I said this wasn’t AI

No. 337414

>A child
Man I hate Touhou fans (moids), the female ones are sweet though.

No. 337427

i would kill to be able to rendermaxx like this though

No. 337428

so much coomshit here but the most disturbing is the armpit

No. 337432

File: 1700615519911.jpg (919.47 KB, 2297x1604, 1680783187.yellowfunfungrape_f…)

The rest of their art is so disgusting fetishizing nearly all of the Bluey characters and finding Bluey hot too

No. 337433

i once saw a video of a furfaggot crying because the bluey fandom wouldnt accept them due to their degeneracy

No. 337434

Eww just noticed it. Also the ear placement kek

No. 337446

File: 1700620132789.png (480.5 KB, 900x1024, 5202494_191150_deadlyhomosapie…)

Anxiety from Inside Out 2

No. 337447

I thought fear and anxiety was the same emotion kek

No. 337450

File: 1700622644104.jpg (98.52 KB, 848x942, bismuth_and_pearl_by_gev51_dgg…)

No. 337451

File: 1700623863501.jpg (164.25 KB, 1024x696, the_calamity_trio_by_doraeartd…)

No. 337474

anything to avoid drawing the other eye (or hands) kek

No. 337521

Pussy armpits

No. 337524

Does the armpit have a incomplete vulva?

No. 337552

Even the rendering is sloppy and amateurish as hell, anon, you can aspire to be better than this come on now

No. 337555

can't even spell anxiety

No. 337604

File: 1700687469079.jpg (73.2 KB, 680x638, FUWWRvrWIAQytM5.jpg_small.jpg)

This is just lazily drawn

No. 337607

File: 1700687971409.jpeg (257.66 KB, 1000x1500, 8d9.jpeg)

Why does Knowyourmeme have such shit taste in choosing fan art?
>Uneven balloon tits
>Old lady face
>No muscles whatsoever
>Doesn't resemble Miguel O Hara one bit.

No. 337622

File: 1700692037015.jpeg (375.94 KB, 2048x1749, Fm4EqrFXkAE-T0T.jpeg)


No. 337624

Who sees Daisy and thinks " wow, Doom guy's pet rabbit is sexy" Coomers are weird as fuck.

No. 337625

Because the page is run by moids. I had the displeasure of even seeing lolishit recommended next to normal entries.
>B-but nonna, it has boobs!! AND ass!!!

No. 337629

I wonder if men realize drawing balloon tits is equivalent to drawing a basketball size bulge on men. Which women never do in their sexy art because their sexualities aren't broken.

No. 337665

to be fair women have been drawing ''man boobs'' like inflated balloons for a while now.

No. 337667

File: 1700709149475.jpg (104.76 KB, 800x1143, sam-runner-spider-gwen-1-2.jpg)

No. 337685

File: 1700718045865.jpg (569.63 KB, 2048x1638, Tumblr_l_1497254077615529.jpg)

No. 337721

Miguel is an ugly old moid so the face fits

No. 337722

Anyone can upload to it, I had an account years ago just to contribute all the images of an obscure husbando I could find. When you google him it’s mostly the images I uploaded, it’s a powerful tool for autists and waifufags/yumes.

No. 337744

File: 1700760326688.jpg (124.38 KB, 567x768, Lilla The Accidental Witch.jpg)

I'm a library worker and one of my tasks is finding new graphic novels for our collection. Why do all the ones under the tag "LGBTQ+" look like shit? Who looked at this and decided this was the final image for the cover?

No. 337918

this doesn't look bad for a kid's book

No. 337938

This sort of loose, anatomically incorrect style would work better if it was done traditionally. This artist isn't skilled enough to pull this look off digitally, it just looks like they can't draw. The colors are awful too.

No. 337944

I agree and think the loose style for the characters is okay and would look better done in a traditional medium (eg watercolour or coloured pencils, even), but what really bugs me is the book in the girl's hands missing its back and pages (or it just has severely broken perspective, pick your poison kek)- that's the kind of mistake that makes a loose drawing look unfinished or unprofessional. There's other problems, but I can't stop seeing the book lol

No. 337947

File: 1700847013418.png (266.14 KB, 600x474, huh.png)

No. 337961

Pewdiepie (loosely) tried to learn to draw and immediately descended to moeblob, despite stating early on that:
>i really liked this style because it wasn't anime style (@2:50)
1) It was, in fact, 100% anime.
2) It turned all of his drawings into same face moeblob, making it absolutely hilarious any time he would proudly point out a drawing of Marzia he did, because it's all the same thing.
3) In the end, his big discovery is that he loves drawing anime and only had fun when actively drawing from anime.

The saddest part for me was when, at the end, he went back and genuinely cringed at his first drawings (like the one in the thumbnail), despite them being far better than the shit he ended up with. Anime really continues to rot people's brains.

No. 337962

He's a huge weeaboo (despite him trying to show that he appreciates "japanese culture", he only ever cared about anime, games and other anime-related shit) so of course he's consider a moeblob better than anything else.

No. 338032

File: 1700877353534.png (22.53 KB, 800x800, jesuschrist.png)

from what happens next, a funny tif webcomic discussed in the tif threads.

No. 338033

File: 1700877377841.png (41.1 KB, 1200x800, whathappensnext.png)

No. 338034

File: 1700877469963.png (44.07 KB, 1200x800, whathappensnext1.png)

No. 338035

File: 1700877584613.png (32.79 KB, 1200x800, whathappensnext2.png)

No. 338037

File: 1700877742521.png (42.7 KB, 1200x800, whathappensnext3.png)

im stopping here but the comic is a goldmine for shitty art that checks all the genderspecial tumblr user boxes. its also unintentionally funny.

No. 338040

This pose only works if their elbows are leaning against something kek

No. 338046

This webcomic has been my guilty pleasure for a while kek i’m glad anons have picked up on it i’ve been waiting for analysis of it that isn’t by troons

No. 338052

File: 1700881794053.jpg (892.75 KB, 4000x3000, 3252496_kirbyjack_mabel-re-red…)


No. 338063

can someone please make it's own thread already.

No. 338077

I've been waiting for this thread since it was mentioned in the tif thread, please make it nonnies.

No. 338123

you can really tell she draws the characters first and then just slaps on a background, they never look properly connected to their environment. I kind of like the nirvana school shooter aesthetic girl on the left, it's a cool design with the yellow glasses and teeth and the acne/self harm scars

No. 338154

is nature healing?

No. 338163

I wish I had this much self-confidence.

No. 338195

File: 1700956352942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 245.73 KB, 1273x1920, tumblr_0dc7e34c684e0d59dc34fc9…)

Definitely the worst thing I've seen today, absolutely disgusting.why would someone make the old guys from Gravity Falls trans??unspoiler at your own risk.eww

No. 338197

congrats to whoever drew this because it makes me genuinely uncomfortable. the weird scars, the nipples, the flabby old man body… it makes my skin itch when i look at it.

No. 338227

You could use the thread requests thread in /pt/, I’ve been waiting for the comic to even get on anyone else’s radar.
The scars are there to distract you from how he has no neck, his ear is connected to his shoulder and the 0 effort put into the lower body.

No. 338247

I don't hate anime but I am actually so tired of seeing everyone draw stuff im the same anime style constantly. It's always same face syndrome. A lot of anime isnt even distinct enough to tell it apart from anything else.

No. 338273

File: 1701014975834.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.33 KB, 1280x1463, 1000005813.jpg)

Found this while browsing for balalaika fanart on tumblr

No. 338278

speaking of which is it just me or has anime art gotten even more homogenous in the last decade? everyone has the same rendering - same brushes, same lighting, same overlay layers, same filters, same color schemes - and the same proportions and facial features. anime art always had some degree of samey-ness but in the 2000s/early 2010s even moe and bishoujo art had variety. you could tell artists apart by the way their coloring styles or the degree of stylization. now, its like there's only 2-3 canned styles to choose from.

No. 338280

File: 1701017310276.jpeg (271.95 KB, 800x1000, 3573A5ED-CF7E-4A4B-9ADD-D2AC24…)

Literally what the fuck is this. The colors show some competency with drawing but if you know the character it’s “??????”

No. 338282

oh no not this pic again kek. iirc the artist went on spiels about how this design is better than the canon one or something as well

No. 338294

ugh this… i found it on another site…
I get that some losers can't draw mature women properly but not even her scars are on the right side.
She looks like a random blonde waifu from those gun/ship personification mobile games…
Also i've only seen her smoking cigars.

No. 338295

The arm of the couch is right there, why didn't she just draw the character leaning on it? Bizarre.

No. 338312

Why the arm hair? Why the bigass hands?? I hate this so much I hope someone takes her tablet away. You just know a tif made it too.

No. 338354

File: 1701045005754.jpg (68.97 KB, 548x680, E_2NBsGVQAo2tXO.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 338368

Maybe they played the game in some alternate universe where Larian made her an ogre

No. 338415

File: 1701094246280.jpg (98.42 KB, 894x894, kyle_with_flowers_by_charlotte…)

No. 338426

File: 1701099060826.jpg (153.96 KB, 850x960, 1700943477772355.jpg)

how can you be so good with folds but shit with anatomy

No. 338429

File: 1701100369344.png (301.17 KB, 512x394, can-u-see-this-shit.png)

No. 338435

I bet people ate this shit up too. sees deformed girl but with gigantic detailed sneakers for the 500th time so cOoL and UnIqUe

No. 338439

wow i know stylized anatomy is a thing but this just looks ugly

No. 338441

The final boss of stylized anatomy
> Anime dog side profile
> 2d fighting game sized hands and feet
> Kingdom Hearts sized shoes

No. 338446

File: 1701107382200.jpg (66.98 KB, 850x944, __original_drawn_by_nao97122__…)

From the same artist, picrel has 2.4k likes on Twitter kek

No. 338478

File: 1701115416040.jpg (578.1 KB, 2048x2048, 4d25649e14ca477be17c78ceaf8547…)


No. 338480

Are you sure this isn't at least partially AI? The folds are almost nonsensical and the hair in the second one makes me suspicious with the randomly sized strands sticking out. Though it could also be a weird case of tracing/closely copying a reference for shoes and outfit separately while the hands and face are drawn freely. Very displeasing in any case

No. 338482

The big feet and hands are cute but the tiny head ruins it. Doesn't look like the artist knows how to stylize consistently.

No. 338485

Now that you mention it does really look at least partially AI generated, I know lower skilled artists struggle with hands but the hands on the two images look especially fucked and inconsistently drawn. Maybe they're tracing generated images?

No. 338490

File: 1701121710731.jpg (195.16 KB, 1367x1562, F_dGTfhbQAASK6e.jpg)

His art is so grimy and disgusting to me, it literally feels soulless. It reminds me of pathetic normies tracing random images to put on shirts that they then advertise over instagram where no one buys them. No thought or care in anything and I feel sad thinking about the wasted time

No. 338520

Speaking as an artist who has experienced this it really looks like a case of “I suck at drawing hands and this one I drew isn’t naturally posed and doesn’t match up with the arm, but its kinda posed and not immediately horrible on its own and don’t want to waste it, so I’ll use it”

No. 338526

KEK are you me? I have a canvas filled with passable hands waiting to be used in actual pieces.

No. 338528

I think this is just someone with a sneaker fetish who’s drawing fucked up anime girls attached for the sake of having something there to post. Moids with kinks are always making the object of their desire comically large and hideously detailed in art, everything else low effort, and it always looks soulless, so it just makes sense to me.

No. 338533

He’s also aping off another popular artist who draws huge shoes that is way more skilled. Don’t have the name but they exist. This guys art is not only hideous but unoriginal and soulless as fuck like >>338490 says

No. 338572

That's insane. I don't want to imagine what kind of art you two make.

No. 338614

Absolute shit art KEK

No. 338660

File: 1701199446985.jpg (1.93 MB, 1650x2550, 104903227.jpg)

No. 338671

Nonas do you not sketch the hands or look at any references?

No. 338675

File: 1701208572386.jpeg (1013.34 KB, 1775x2091, F_tXy3NWwAArLol.jpeg)

>can draw quite feminine pics.
>This recent pic of Sailor Moon looks more like a TIM cosplaying her.

What went wrong?

No. 338676

Lesbian/bi Marlin Monroe???

No. 338678

File: 1701212719134.png (940.64 KB, 948x1280, e35f3b20-bc74-4e59-89c2-fbd4fb…)

The feet lol

No. 338683

seems like beginner art

No. 338718

who tf are they? all i see is lucius malfoy with an aborted fetus

No. 338728

Well I’m a pro now so. I should clarify, I meant when you’re an amateur drawing a character (especially without reference) and you spend a lot of time drawing the hands trying to get one that looks right, you’ll get one “close enough” and use it, like what it appears like in that guys arts. I don’t have a canvas of unused hands like the other anon but that’s not really that insane kek

No. 338742

I'm high and this made me fucking lose it

No. 338872

File: 1701299171015.jpg (27.05 KB, 414x310, rubi_and_saffire_renounce_ther…)

No. 338874

genuinely better than other pieces posted in this thread

No. 338877

File: 1701300479854.jpg (2.09 MB, 1980x2200, Tumblr_l_3624936983351216.jpg)

No. 338881

I can see what fandoms the artist has been in so clearly within my mind's eye.

No. 338882

File: 1701301967692.jpg (177.42 KB, 960x1280, 1659488919.nixit_sfw_commissio…)

No. 338883

File: 1701302064839.jpg (177.26 KB, 768x1024, 1701009203.gator.mcgee_ff8400d…)

Artist is also a diaperfag
Who would waste their $5 for poorly drawn Ms paint tier crap?

No. 338885

This thread cheers me up so much. Everything from innocent amateur hour (very cute to me) to the delusional inability to see reality from people who have been drawing for years and need to just keep their “art” to themselves. It’s delightful.

No. 338886

what's bad about this? looks pretty good.

No. 338899

File: 1701306680622.png (475.68 KB, 1280x1243, tumblr_71c2df76f2873a5ca129b4a…)

This is egregiously bad,this is an example of a bad commission sheet too.

No. 338901

Slight OT but god I fucking hate commission sheets laid out like this. Give me actual examples of your work for others not something you probably shit out in 20 minutes just for this. Why is the text so fucking tiny too and on such a dark background? Who scrolling is going to stop for this? And for the love of god noone needs five options for each fucking shot jesus christ I hate the zoomer mentality that anyone can just start doing commissions.

No. 338902

They didn’t include mecha in things they won’t draw, what is happening with the world

No. 338903

i dont get why they always put sketches as an option when most of the time it looks like shit. they would do better if they priced the colored art cheaper because im sure potential buyers would rather get something that at least looks finished.

No. 338904

File: 1701308696031.jpeg (570.71 KB, 4096x2205, F3nAComXEAIuTie.jpeg)

No. 338909

No. 338919

File: 1701314009659.jpg (159.22 KB, 1024x1304, renamon_waifu_by_kitsune85_dgi…)


No. 338932

Find it weirdly charming to see 'no mecha' all the time, warms my heart, though I also felt so powerful when I included it as something I'll draw on my own commission sheets kek

No. 338936

File: 1701321835775.jpg (93.69 KB, 720x1100, certified.jpg)

He's 38 years old, and that image was posted three days ago.

No. 338938

Turd tail
Can you list them? I can see omori and dangonpora

No. 338943

File: 1701326511286.jpeg (339.01 KB, 848x1200, FcKm91JXgAAHGUY.jpeg)

crisalys, right? that's the first thought that popped into my head, but I also couldn't remember the name.
crisalys' art suffers from poor anatomy, too, but at least it's more appealing to look at.

No. 338946

I was thinking Danganronpa and the last couple Persona games, but Omori is also an excellent guess.

No. 338959

Oh he is definitely trying to copy her kek that explains the saturated colors he uses and the random stuff he puts in the background

No. 338961

I have no idea what this is supposed to be but they look like Blasphemous NPCs to me which makes them sorta appealing.

No. 338974

File: 1701347015507.png (275.2 KB, 1049x1126, ud5XyCl.png)

No. 339002

The stray lines are pissing me off.

No. 339008

File: 1701362599463.png (234.94 KB, 2701x2162, GABOeH9asAASCVn.png)

On the topic of bad Dragon Ball art: it hurts to know that this is drawn by a woman.

There are aspects I like about this artists' stuff but her inability to draw faces pisses me off so much. It's not hard.

I really really like everything about this style. Sorry to the other anons, but this artist is competent and innovative. Also, I feel like I could immediately clock her as Russian kek

No. 339034

File: 1701375506387.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.67 KB, 794x1006, eula_by_fenrox_dg38lb9-pre.jpg)

She's shaped like a dick.spoiler because coomer anime shit.

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