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File: 1671244638377.png (55.67 KB, 389x347, kathy.png)

No. 1729166

Katherine McMahon, also known online as Katherine Harlow, the Madame Blush, and the Park Avenue Pinup, is a 24 year old scam artist in NYC who forfeited the college education granted to her by her decently successful family to LARP as a disabled, autistic, downtrodden, salt-of-the-earth in her endless sage wisdom sex worker. Whenever she feels like pretending to have a job, she can be seen performing burlesque in her signature sweat stained, ill-fitting, tacky glue and rhinestone underwear. She is truly one of the best costumers in burlesque. When she isn't performing, which she usually isn't, she can be found offering her "luxury" services as a financial dominatrix on Twitter. Survival sex workers speaking about their personal experience with assault beware (!), as she is seemingly only 'in community' with a single dead, trans, black woman who never truly knew her, and is now too dead to tell poisonous bird women online to stop using her name and image for ally points.

Recent Milk:
Kathy butchers another costume >>1626628 >>1627939
Tries to sell her stuff again because she's broke >>1635578
Wisely invests her money in more overpriced knickknacks >>1636260
she tries rhinestoning a menstrual belt-looking thing >>1644945 >>1645799 >>1656616
Kathy shares her altar >>1651145
Performs at a wedding that her boyfriend and his other girlfriend were invited to >>1656847 >>1658060 >>1658082 >>1663234
Attempts to sell her used underwear >>1663541
Kathy demonstrates she has no taste in jewelry >>1668279
Nonna makes a comparison between Kathy and a professional costume >>1674914
She doesn't know how to take care of her own hair >>1701022
Kathy's polyamorous Thanksgiving >>1709409 >>1709783
Kathy wants to produce her own burlesque show >>1724748

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

thread 1 >>1259829
2 >>1299249
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6 >>1508644
7 >>1556689
8 >>1624647

No. 1729167

I just realized that I forgot to greentext the recent milk I'm sorry about fucking up, guys, but we really did need a new thread.

No. 1729204

Thank you for thread!

No. 1729431

Thank you for the new thread! And to the anon who wasted the last post in the previous thread on asking if there was a new thread coming– You're a dummy and should be embarrassed.

No. 1729869

Thank you for the thread sweet anon and a merry, luxurious Christmas to you too

No. 1729871

File: 1671338138527.jpg (525.21 KB, 1080x1080, 20221218_053309.jpg)

What press ons costs $75?
Also, math is hard. That's no $400 but it IS some really tacky af jewelry.

At least pretend to have some taste big beak

No. 1729913

File: 1671346457866.jpeg (370.7 KB, 1170x1666, 6D14CAC3-E25A-4587-8EF4-42DB82…)

Earlier this week she claimed to be performing at a country club this weekend with a rate of $1,000. Oh to be this delusional.

No. 1729914

those press ons look awful too for that price. atleast get some with designs or rhinestones or acrylic sculpting.

No. 1729918

Assuming she's telling the truth, how the fuck is she capable of begging up to $700 a day?
She's a sub par (kek) findomme(?) at best, usually she's just her awful self.

Like, is she only taking advantage of literal tards or what's the deal here?

No. 1729923

I'm curious as to how she's doing this. From listening to the men on reddit talk about how "charitable" they are it seems like crudely asking for randos to pay for shit w/o promising anything in return will turn off most of the sexist cretins who use women as sex toys/for a fetish. I doubt that she'd tell us about what she has to trade in exchange for a "findomme" relationship but losing her dignity isn't nothing. It's always the dumb zoomers who delude themselves into thinking that sexual exploitation is emPoWErmENt.

No. 1729925

She’s not getting $700 in cash and it happens over a course of a couple days every couple months that’s how

No. 1730003

This is so funny. I know a couple of women who are what Kathy wishes she was, actual high end prostitutes. A couple years ago one was given a bracelet that was worth thousands. She had a copy of it made and sold the real one. Lmao at this cheese lover showing off cheap tacky rhinestones when the women she larps as are making fortunes from the real deal. How humiliating for her.

No. 1730067

Yes, stuff that you wear on stage has to be a bit bigger than normal jewelry stuff… but this is hideous and you wouldn't put it on someone who you want the audience to view in a good light.
Why does every single thing she post have to do with consooming more ugly plastic tat? Why can't she do some dance practice and then brag about that? People who try to buy a hobby rather than practice their hobby are so lame.

No. 1730617

>Why can't she do some dance practice and then brag about that?
How dare you suggest she do something actually productive related to her "career" choice. Don't you know telling her she should take some dance lessons is ableist?

No. 1731167

For an anarchist anti capitalist queen she loves upholding capitalist society/hierarchy and spending what little money she has on plastic landfill fodder. If she had any morals she’d buy secondhand or at least from an indie creator

No. 1731192

It's almost like she wants the blingiest most OTT accessories on stage to distract from her awkward facial expressions or her lack of talent. Like the fake "sparkles" she puts on every picture.

No. 1731258

She could have every accessory and prop Dita has, but doubly expensive, and it still wouldn't distract from how stiff and boardlike her movements are or how she doesn't even have basic muscle mass or any training on moving with grace. She could cover it up a little bit with longer garments in flattering, fluttery fabrics…but covering up more in a strip show? lol.
Money can't buy talent and money can't replace the hard work of practice. Practicing is free, so it's confusing why her broke ass won't pursue it, but it's obvious that she doesn't.
Thrifting would be too much work for her

No. 1731983

Narcissists don't actually care about their hobbies. It's superficial and they only exist to obtain forms of supply. To actually fully engage in and learn a skill would completely contradict their existence and false self.. How could they "learn" more about something they are already very very good at? It's fantasy and delusion, a place their disorder forces them to be in at all times because the opposite is existentially painful/traumatizing. We will never see Kathy actually trying to get further into something, and when she asks for "help" it's probably just to interact with people to manipulate them or something, I doubt it's to actually learn anything from them, not like she's ever done anything different to prove that. Sad existence

No. 1732796

she isn't getting $700 in cash, she's getting reimbursed or partially reimbursed for the junk she buys. so she could have a "$200 findom day!" where she spends $300 online shopping and gets a few different guys to send $50 each, leaving her $100 poorer and without any real income, but technically she was sent $200, so it still counts. also, the days where she gets actual money or substantial reimbursement are few and far between. also, she can always just lie to give the impression that she's more in demand than she is. "I need $20 for gas" is pathetic, "I TOTALLY got $680 today because I am a sexy successful domme, send me $20 to make it a round number" is more likely to actually get her the $20. not a bad plan tbh.

No. 1733029

No content, but coming to say i hope Katherine had a very happy Christmas with no contact from her family just like she wanted - no money or presents from them either - and that her boyfriend got the Goth GF a much nicer gift than she got. I hope she got coal. Or makeup lessons.

No. 1733785

I saw an IG story about the goth GF receiving some smut books from the moid, but Katie has been radio silent since them lmao

I just think it's really funny how this bitch is not even as good cow anymore, she has become so boring since she got the fucked up lines up her legs

No. 1734780

File: 1672473641642.jpeg (829.32 KB, 2340x2080, 7E05ACE3-33A3-4AC9-94C1-8A7CD2…)

Last thread anons were calling her out for buying extremely overpriced crappy lingerie in the wrong size and now she’s trying to sell it off along with useless pleasers kek

No. 1734792

She's so hung up on buying the smallest size in every brand. Honey birdette's sizing is notoriously horrid; most 25 year old women are not fitting into their XS unless they are ultra tiny. Stop buying size 5 shoes when you've been outed as a 6.5. She's asking for 00 clothing on her wishlist like girl please get real. She's not a deathfat but she's not all bones either. Nothing is wrong with buying your correct size.

No. 1734821

Empty champagne bottles as home decor? How classy.

No. 1734867

I find it very funny that she resumes posting her usual shit as lolcow slowly comes back to normal because when it was down she was radio silent

No. 1734888

She really thinks Veuve is high class when it’s $40usd a bottle. At least flex a vintage dom perignon or something that’s at least $600 from decades ago. Even then DP is still noveau riche

No. 1734925

File: 1672506909169.png (1.27 MB, 1070x1764, Screenshot_20221231-121015-292…)

Someone's lurking hard and trying to pretend she got Christmas gifts. I don't have the caps and it's deleted now but she tweeted a while ago that she was getting them for herself and asked to be reimbursed.

No. 1734926

File: 1672507107356.jpg (105.8 KB, 1080x1920, 321818316_1580345059100220_918…)

Meanwhile here was what the moid wanted to tell everyone on Christmas Day

No. 1734934

You know, I'm not gonna judge someone who really likes a dessert or whatever enough to get some trinkets of it, but two cases of fake macarons? That's just weird. Especially because they look like cheap Y2K clear plastic/resin boxes so they're not even that pretty to look. You just start seeing the cheapness the longer you look at them. Also why would you want to be reminded of macarons in the house when you could just have macarons in the house? Why not buy a nice serving plate to put your macarons on? It's classier and convenient for yourself. I get that she isn't exactly buying large amounts of them from a nice bakery and instead prefers to buy one or two of them from the food court of some random expensive NY store but she could at least buy a couple to take home with her instead of looking at plastic ones in a cheap case. If it was a phone charm it would at least make a bit more sense

No. 1734937

Kathy is really the most unloved cow on this site, I'd feel bad if she wasn't a raging twat.

No. 1734950

They're ornaments I believe. She posted them a few weeks back.

No. 1735011

Oh you're probably right actually. I wonder if her moid let her put them on the tree or if they've just been sitting sad in a box waiting for her to pretend they're new again

No. 1735073

The tard would make more money returning these items but she's too retarded to understand how that would work

No. 1735290

File: 1672567059088.jpeg (339.64 KB, 1467x2048, 1CFEA71B-D391-4B33-915D-6CD018…)


No. 1735293

What the fuck is even happening here? Not talking about the fugly mismatched items (very luxurious as usual Kathy) because it's on par with her image but the fit of the dress itself is atrocious. Why does it look so small in the upper portion but so empty it's sagging underneath ? You'd think a historical fashion/renowned designer/whatnot would be able to do something about it and not post that shit

No. 1735347

Just a reminder that she will have those awful line tattoos down her legs with this outfit.

I have an irrational hatred for mismatched pinks

No. 1735390

Oof, the lines. Is there anything she could wear with this dress that would hide those and not look bad? The black tattoos and mismatched pinks would give off a Luna vibe

No. 1735431

Kathy seriously needs to get her eyes checked for colorblindness, her choice of outfits (always something a bit clashing or off) combined with her belief her grey fans are lavender makes me certain there is something up

No. 1735450

File: 1672601656379.jpg (906.44 KB, 1080x1915, IMG_20230101_133132.jpg)

I wonder if Kathy went out with them for NYE? All he ever posts is the Walmart goth gf lmao

No. 1735459

>none of the pinks match or look nice together
>face different colour from body (which looks oddly red)
>mismatched cheap looking jewellery
>harsh red lip that doesn't go with outfit
>false lashes don't blend into the real ones and ends up looking like she's missing a chunk of lashes
>hair limp and lifeless on the right side, stuck to head on the left and doesn't look flattering
>chest of dress clearly not fitting and ends up giving her fat girl cleavage, especially with how it digs into breasts
>face looks like she got distracted by a fly in the window and is trying to remember what she was thinking
>all dressed down and nowhere to go, moid prefers Walmart goth
Absolutely bleak here Beaky

No. 1735500

The fact that she showed them only immediately after she got them says a lot. She really ruined herself.

No. 1735583

Telfar bags are fugly and that instathot sequin strapless dress is so incongruous with her "high class burlesque escort" LARP. It's such an eyesore.

No. 1736189

File: 1672704907115.jpeg (178.22 KB, 1241x1435, 9307A86C-8EB2-41A4-8E23-507417…)

The LARP kek

She can’t even get him to make her his main GF let alone will buy her a house.

No. 1736222

That is so embarassing

No. 1736234

Her makeup clashes with her outfit I couldn't even register how badly the pinks matches at first. It looks like she photoshopped her head onto someone else's body. Is she even wearing foundation or just white facepaint, in some attempt to skinwalk the goth gf? Kathy, copying her "thing" and just doing it worse is never going to make him pick you. Even if her burlesque thing is stupid, at least it sets her apart from the other gf a little, so she might as well lean into that for the sake of having her own identity. Her makeup is unbearable to look at in every way, and the red lipstick with that outfit is egregious.

No. 1736248

omg when he didn't even get her a christmas present? When her and his other girlfriend attended a wedding she was the entertainment at? Her life would make a good sitcom, I think we miss out on most of the hilarity as she tries to keep up appearances and larps

No. 1736250

File: 1672714919720.png (470.48 KB, 974x642, Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 7.01…)

Ah yes, the neckbeard who has to split rent with 3+ other people in order to to have a roof over his head is going to buy Kathy her own house. The man just straight up admitted he felt like he accomplished things simply by thinking about them and that was enough for him. In his world he already bought her a house kek

No. 1736253

File: 1672715769803.jpg (260.64 KB, 800x600, holi.jpg)

No. 1736254

maybe they'll buy a run down grey gardens style house so she can live her little edie delusions for real

No. 1736287

So the big question is: Did Katie get kicked out of her room at the apartment? I assume scrote and goth girlfriend are shacked up together since Katie was in a room all alone. If shes leaving it is probably because she can't contribute to rent so they told her she needs to make space for someone who works.
She has been surprisingly quiet about the bud tending job since the holidays, no way a low wage job gave her THAT much holiday less than two months in.
>>1736253 He couldn't even get that much near a city anyone would want to be in. Maybe if we get a rural Alabama arc, goth girlfriend can play cottage core. And Katie can live in a dog house out back.

No. 1736292

File: 1672724804556.png (793.95 KB, 1168x1262, Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 11.39…)

Wow Katherine why does your boyfriend get to laugh at sex workers without being "educated" by the dominatrix in his life.

No. 1736295

File: 1672725883124.jpg (1.55 MB, 4244x1816, happynewyear.jpg)

She was either at home playing dress up while he wined and dined the girlfriend that doesn't need myspace angles and a face filter, or she didn't even wear the dress out (which would be a smart move considering how badly it fit). I like how you can tell from his stories that he was at an expensive restaurant because he ordered only a steak with no sides kek

No. 1736314

Awe, the real girlfriend actually knows how to smile like a genuine human being! Cute. Wonder how it works out that the “Keeper’s Keeper” won’t buy her a steak but will an apartment and then a house.
After having a seemingly average woman in his life, I can’t imagine how healthy or happy it must be to remain in a relationship founded on some pathetic “master/slave” pseudo marriage shit. You can force a man to pose with you, holding a collar you bought on Amazon for yourself, but you can’t force him to buy you a ring. This is all so sad.

No. 1736342

File: 1672735273487.jpg (155.76 KB, 583x400, 400.jpg)

>she didn't even net 100k

No. 1736411

Shit even if she did 10k that's still under 900 a month kek in 2023 she needs to learn that "reimbursements" for crap she can't re-sell are not considered a profit

No. 1736442

Expensive restaurants don't plate steaks this barren-ly even if you don't get sides. They're probably at a casino in queens.

No. 1736447

they wouldve also sliced it for them in advance.

still even a steak house is more than Kathy got from him

No. 1736901

File: 1672795747381.jpeg (169.33 KB, 750x1334, 323499634_1645031082577993_549…)

Keeping it classy

No. 1736963

File: 1672805348896.jpg (120.17 KB, 843x842, 321101384_482090744008284_8561…)

No. 1736989

Those big carts are shit. They clog all the time. I’d love to teach Kathy a thing or two about cannabis.

No. 1737040

I suspect it's the rose tinted glasses she has on constantly when romantic-posting about being a sex worker.

No. 1737042

I like Telfar bags but they are everyday bags, I wouldn't take one to wherever you'd dress up like this for. Maybe she's trying to show she actually got a gift for Christmas? Usually she's flaunting her one Kate Spade bag.

No. 1737111

What is the difference between a "prodomme" and "findom"???

No. 1737200

>luxury high class findom
>dab cart
lmfao if she was as ~bespoke~ as she thinks she is she would smoke actual concentrates and have a unique, one of a kind hand blown glass rig to smoke out of.

No. 1737207

This isn't even a dab. This is just regular thc oil.

No. 1737283

Did he pawn his collection of Funko pops for a downpayment? Last I checked the neckbeard still worked at his dead end job with only a high school education and dreams of being a twitch streamer at the age of 38.
My case in point. Yeah, this definitely sounds like a man who's financially secure and has saved up enough to buy a house in NYC /s
Let's not forget she still had to get a minimum wage job after getting another roommate! This was right after her birthday too, she probably thought she was going to get lots of tributes and was holding out for as long as possible kek

No. 1737643

A prodomme is a professional dominatrix (of any kind) whereas findom means financial domination (which to Kathy means "give me money for doing nothing").

No. 1737693

Miss Luxury couldn't even spring for a pen with temperature settings? Maybe USA is different but it's literally only 40$ CAD (vs 15$ for this basic type) for a good temperature control pen that's compatible with the new bigger cartridges too. If you smoke as much as she likely does you should spring for a better pen, it's less likely that you'll run into clogging issues if you can preheat properly at the temp you like. And again, they're really not that much more expensive and will last you longer

No. 1738274

Ot, but you don't need a fancy mod for our thc carts. Besides, Toucan Katie is broke. You can even say she's well-versed in financial domination- As in her poor financial situation dominates her sad make-believe life.

No. 1738501

Pro dommes do stuff in person like pegging, spanking think classic stereotype of dommes, findommes are ebeggers who just say they’re entitled to it and wait for “tributes”

Pro dommes are prostitutes and findommes are ewhores. Both are gross but pro dommes at least ”work” for their income

No. 1738877

File: 1673044570556.png (1.6 MB, 1068x1837, Screenshot_20230105-175220~2.p…)

Posted yesterday and dirty deleted. Sorry about the weird framing, I didn't think she'd change her mind so fast. Dumbass couldn't even pretend to buy anything after hanging out there all day like a broke loser. She also tweeted
>Thanks for 2.8k followers perverts!
And deleted that because she's been losing followers for the past week and is under that now kek
Why isn't she just listing these on her findomme twitter? Surely she'd be able to get more
Same with this, why isn't she asking for reimbursement? It's content that's real and makes her seem less boring at least

No. 1739145

File: 1673085441765.jpeg (231.92 KB, 1170x628, D91EF044-241A-4488-A7D2-3A9990…)

She is so disconnected from every larp she has going on kek

No. 1739146

So whatever happened to her costume making business, rhinestoning business, custom pasty business, face mask business, false eyelash business, the books she was writing, and the subfunded variety show? Rhetorical question, obviously kek

No. 1739187

File: 1673099919635.jpg (96.87 KB, 1080x1920, 319882871_1339296136881088_398…)

Some thought provoking words from her partner, a man:

No. 1739191

File: 1673100147972.png (838.84 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20221227-204628~2.p…)

Dirty deleted. Way to show support to your "community" and someone who's helped you personally, for free!

No. 1739214

i wont pretend to understand findom but the whole 'reimburse' thing seems especially cheap and unsexy. it makes her sound like a poor beggar instead of some rich socialite whose every need is taken care of by simps.

No. 1739367

… this is the "talent" that Kathy thinks is going to net her a house.

No. 1739375

She knows it isn't happening. Remember, even Toucan Katie knows this is her "persona". She just makes the mistake of claiming things are happening and then forgets the plot and creates new autobiographical fan fiction.

No. 1739413

File: 1673133389056.png (84 KB, 1180x344, Screen Shot 2023-01-07 at 3.15…)

No. 1739439

I promise no one is asking about her job nor do they care

No. 1739520

That's exactly what it is.
When the whole twitter Findom thing first started ~7/8 years ago, a few e-whores managed to tap into what's a very niche market of men who genuinely enjoy paying attractive women money to be degraded.
Uglier, dumber e-whores like Kathy, jumped on this bandwagon years too late. The pitiful scrotes who throw her pennies do so because THEY feel a sense of power. This sad, beaky woman who has to beg for money for essentials on Twitter, is quite literally financially submissive to the few people who do throw chump change her way.

She can pretend to be a domme all she wants. If her benefactors finsubs leave, she'll either have to buck up and get a real job or go the Shayna route.

No. 1739534

I know that she's only capable of interacting with low-value moids, but imagine if she said this to an actual businessman and he tried to ask her about SPACs kek.
She's too low-class & uneducated to realize that her pretend title is a real thing already.

No. 1739546

File: 1673149215347.jpeg (199.71 KB, 1170x1119, 33E44663-B815-42F6-BAC5-353D47…)

How could she possibly forget about her “clip library” from a year ago on manyvids that includes such hits as FinDom Stepmother Turns You Into Servant and Swarovski Glove Tease for Fetishists? No interaction on the tweet yet by the way kek

No. 1739629

I've got some requests for the "clip library"!

1. Rolling her own damn joint
2. Doing makeup without that stupid drag queen eyeshadow and heavy false lashes
3. Giving us a real tour of the apartment
4. Doing an actual job

No. 1739635

And like clockwork it's deleted because she only got three likes from other e-whores in the three hours it was up kek

No. 1739763

If this actually happened, I would dream of the day someone who understands corporate America to ask any kind of follow up question to this response. Kathy would have a conniption.
That response does go against her beliefs too. C'mon Kathy, divestitures, mergers, and acquisitions are only here because of capitalism. Maybe think of a more anarchist response next time…so embarrassing

No. 1740090

Ugh she's such a tourist lol

No. 1740150

Such a luxury gentleman who is Uber cultured and ready to purchase her a home in the outdated and overpriced UES and take her to ciprianis to celebrate closing escrow

No. 1740152

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before but she imagines the world and the luxurious NYC life as it was in the early 2000s-90s like the first few seasons of RHONY. She’s not even larping as trendy rich. Everything she mentions just has this outdated air over it

No. 1740261

File: 1673263231965.jpeg (120.05 KB, 1170x695, 245528D4-46BE-42DA-A7C8-E31D76…)

I love it when loud and proud sEx WoRkErS show how sex repulsed they actually are. This isn’t the statement she thinks it is.

No. 1740266

…So does any healthy woman. Her point?

No. 1740278

JFC what woman would turn that down? Sorry Kathy but you aren't as special as you try so hard to be.

No. 1740316

File: 1673276081730.jpeg (247.71 KB, 1170x718, 35AED655-C02D-4270-9646-892D78…)

Sage because this is a nitpick but why keep watching something that you don’t like just because others say you should? For sometime who tries to present herself as ~vintage~ and different, she is quite the normie. She’s probably never even seen a movie that was made before 1980.

No. 1740317

She really needs to learn the difference between kink and fetish as well as not everything she does needs to be related to either; that’s thinking like a scrote.

No. 1740724

File: 1673313591365.jpeg (135.47 KB, 750x1334, 324160904_705819760943280_7750…)

She can't even send out Christmas cards in time

No. 1741141

File: 1673348709948.png (377.17 KB, 1170x704, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.59…)

Milk gods please have Kathy try another go at her "billionaires love me but can't have me" larp again

No. 1741155

She can try to pretend fucking random men from seeking arrangement when she was 20 makes her a high class courtesan but her dumb ass has tried to "expose" these men so now everyone knows they're just a random studio musician and a fake designer real estate wannabe.

No. 1741424

This hits differently knowing that she's publicly proclaimed her sexual attraction to Santa Claus

No. 1741526

File: 1673393392765.jpeg (247.95 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

She blocks all the men that follow her unless she knows them so what's the point? Also kek at "mas service top". Of course all followed by her e-begging.

No. 1741600

She needs to clean up her social media, her "all men are inferior to Me" findomme persona doesn't mesh well with her "I need a boyfriend" pickme persona. It's confusing.

Also "masc service top" = regular simp, change my mind. She's still e-just begging from moids however wokely she phrases it.

No. 1741636

Does seeking a "masc service top" count as soliciting sex work? Quick, someone should report her kek
I don't think she cares, she posts contradictory stuff across her socials all the time. Like when she said she was "taking a break" on IG >>1720339 but then was tweeting like nothing happened literally 3 hours later >>1720596

No. 1741722

My tinfoil is that this is her delusional way of fronting like she's asking for someone of "any gender," despite the fact that she hates other women, especially gay women who make her feel insecure about her own sexual appetite for large, hairy neckbeards, what with how that clashes with her desire to be queer for special points.

No. 1743369

File: 1673576424240.jpeg (346.91 KB, 1875x1255, 8F9017D3-0210-4E16-89F1-8A71CB…)

LARP twitter vs performative instagram

No. 1743518

File: 1673595000796.jpg (64.97 KB, 540x360, 360_F_337620879_66w2xSnwB3SOPA…)

porn bump don't scroll

No. 1744033

File: 1673651940469.png (1.66 MB, 1176x1262, Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 3.18…)

Kathy flashing her portion of the rent

No. 1744050

>"My hands were made for cash"
And here's you with a bunch of TWENTIES. That's an ATM withdrawal just for a stupid picture. That money went right back into the bank or to whatever bill she has to pay. Come on now. She's too messy.

No. 1744054

And the 100% polyester gloves were made in Shenzhen.

No. 1744183

File: 1673661970647.png (209.58 KB, 1186x366, Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 6.03…)

Farmers have been telling her the crap she buys is not worth it but instead of listening she'd rather waste $400 >>1723000

No. 1744189

File: 1673662580387.jpeg (155.91 KB, 828x657, E28DC30F-ABCE-4D9D-9366-8C9DDE…)

a screen of a instant delete tweet she posted a few days ago kek

No. 1744320

Claims to be a domme but doesn't own a strap on yet.

No. 1744463

She’s been attempting to buy a strap on for like two years now

No. 1744922

File: 1673735455505.jpeg (284.5 KB, 1170x1329, DA622D30-EDE3-466C-AFA7-BBAEE5…)

The problem is men and a patriarchal society but she refuses to get over her own mommy issues so she blames it all solely on mothers. Truly a revolutionary reply on a post talking specifically about rape and pedophilia being amplified because of porn; it’s all the fault of women according to Katherine McMahon!

No. 1744934

>Literally. The problem is women.
She's bad at being a (fin)domme, she's bad at burlesque, she's bad at having a boyfriend, and she's bad at being a feminist! She's really like a talentless jack of all trades.

No. 1744937

File: 1673736095773.jpeg (136.52 KB, 1170x643, 762502F9-F9A9-4844-8F14-58BEC0…)

Follows it up with this

No. 1745077

She has a point. It's been proven that mother's are more lenient to sons and harsher to daughters

No. 1745101

And what do fathers do, nonna?

No. 1745116

Be a deadbeat or absent kek

No. 1745224

She does not have a point here

No. 1745227

Mothers being more lenient with sons does not mean mothers are at fault for the atrocities men commit

No. 1745237

File: 1673768861729.jpeg (319.3 KB, 1169x1753, C46E65DF-8575-40BA-9554-B75AA0…)

In one breath she blames mothers for the problems men cause with porn production and consumption then praises this. All deleted now by the way.

No. 1745321

Good moms are not really a rarity, but good fathers absolutely are. Most people have tons of trauma caused by bad fathers, whether it’s abuse, neglect or abandonment. I can count on one hand the number of people, male or female, I have met and know in life who have a really good relationship with their dads. I’d say probably only around 5% of people nowadays have really good fathers.

No. 1745395

Who counts? The invisibility of mothers as victims of femicide

>As these cases illustrate clearly, the victims as mother-carers were frequently not ‘seen’ by the services treating their sons and by the professionals they interacted with. They were often completely ignored, their needs were not considered and their concerns were not taken seriously.

>The victims experienced ‘intersectional invisibility’ (Purdie-Vaughns and Eibach, 2008), marginalised by multiple subordinate identities which together rendered them invisible and overlooked. They experienced intersecting structures of inequality: as women, as mothers of mentally ill sons, middle-aged or elderly, in some cases as Black and minority ethnic, and with their own health conditions and disabilities, which relegated them ‘to a position of acute social invisibility’ (Purdie-Vaughns and Eibach, 2008).

The problem is not the mothers of boys

No. 1745421

Ayrt and that was my point. Mothers get criticized because they’re the parents who actually stick around and raise the shitty boys, while the deadbeat/absentee dads get to escape criticism for utterly failing their responsibilities. I’m not buying it. Her “point” is misogynistic bullshit, but that’s Kathy for you.

No. 1745717

Her point also ignores that often men end up with poor views at the expense of their mothers, not at her direction. Generally, boys learn how women "should" be treated by the men around them and the mother's of abusers and monsters were often married to and the victims of similar abusers and monsters while raising said boy.

So is Miss Professional Abuse Victim blaming women for the side affect of generational abuse? Blaming women for not just leaving. (Ignoring that if the mother doesn't leave "soon" enough and the child does actually develop memory of the abuse, then leaving may not actually effect the son learning that woman are objects/there to be harmed.)

No. 1746425

File: 1674058840193.png (54.18 KB, 736x240, georgeglass.png)

Delighted to be back nonnies! Kathy has a totes real new finsub and she performed at a fashion store for her usual less-than-minimum-wage rate

No. 1746426

File: 1674058884475.png (330.47 KB, 737x685, popapastybeaky.png)

No. 1746427

File: 1674059090217.png (497.82 KB, 731x732, whydoyouhatewomensomuch.png)

couldn't be bothered to find out what this italian fashion party was exactly, can't be too nice otherwise she'd have namedropped

No. 1746439

Text book pick me. Loving the "stares from the men" and the "glares from their wives" like c'mon miss-man-hating-woman-loving-findom-feminist… she could have said something equally as catty without attacking or being rude towards the wives. But whatever. Not surprising coming from a poly-misogynist-pick-me.

No. 1746441

They were glaring at your back rolls and concave muscular degeneration ass arms.

No. 1746450

Her wig is even more sad than usual kek

No. 1746459

there is no way she's 24. she looks like a haggard vulture full of chromosomes

No. 1746486

Given that burlesque audiences are mostly women and she has no sex appeal to speak of, I would guess that some of the women were more interested in the novelty of a girl dressed in sparkles and feathers than their bored husbands

No. 1746537

File: 1674067477781.jpeg (206.17 KB, 750x1334, 0BB410C3-8BE9-43E5-9989-0F9F68…)

No. 1746554

>I hate men who stare. Men should have to pay me money to even look in my direction
Also Kathy:
>Teehee I love that all the husbands were staring while their wives glared at me
Doesn't matter though since it's been well documented here that she can't hold an audience's attention for shit kek

No. 1746557

File: 1674068787606.jpeg (925.98 KB, 2277x1334, image.jpeg)

No namedrop, no crossposting, not one thing from the actual "performance". All the pictures she posted besides this one clearly show women's clothing so it wasn't a menswear brand.

No. 1746575

Our Porcine Queen looking extra porky pink

No. 1746581

Mister Ed needs to e-beg for dental insurance next because that mouth is fucked

No. 1746587

I laugh everytime I remember she has those shitty tattooed lines down the back of her legs which she clearly regrets, otherwise she would be showing them off constantly

No. 1746594

She needs to get a better wig, that one sits so far back on her head it looks like she's bald!

No. 1746596

She looks like a knock-off Barbie you'd find at the dollar store. Weird proportions, strange plastic quality to her face that somehow seems aged beyond her years and ratty plastic hair. Yikes.

No. 1746610

File: 1674073263852.jpeg (350.12 KB, 700x944, SherryShowgirlforNet.jpeg)

Kek she really believes she's a Dan DeCarlo cartoon. It's like she has the opposite of body dysmorphia.

No. 1747875

Nona, you could have used a spoiler

No. 1747884

She managed to find an angle with no water stains on the ceiling panels.

No. 1747991

She looks like a cancer patient

No. 1748000

Bumping because of bot spam in snow.

No. 1748031

File: 1674104789355.jpeg (233.6 KB, 1242x1457, 9650F713-A0B2-4372-AA57-E6956A…)

Her imaginary sub closed a whole restaurant for her kek.

Even the high class escorts post pics for their Uber wealthy larps, she couldn’t even find a shitty pic of the food

No. 1748044

I'd wager good money on this being a fanfic, unless there's significant proof provided.

No. 1748059

Did she mean to say they stayed till the restaurant closed in a weird cryptic way or does she expect us to believe her 'finsub' privatised the entire thing ?
>My heart stopped when he kissed my hand
Kathy you're supposed to be the dominant one

No. 1748060

"Closed the restaurant" means that they stayed until the restaurant closed.

No. 1748069

Bump don't scroll nonnies CP

No. 1748122


That's such a weird way of saying it and it's so uneventful why even remark on it? It's like she forgot she was supposed to be doing her dominatrix larp and is now fully committed to writing herself this fanfiction with her very own prince charming. Also servers don't like it when you don't leave- not very anarcho-communist of her

No. 1748159

File: 1674133019911.jpeg (309.52 KB, 1170x1321, 29942287-535D-4418-860F-96DE24…)

Real or not, she’s once again fawning over a “sub” which shatters her entire larp. Also extremely funny that she’s talking about her heart stopping over a kiss on the hand when the other day she replied to picrel. So much for being high protocol.

No. 1748210

File: 1674142805590.webm (255.03 KB, 720x1128, Beaky.webm)

Unless she wants to have a literal bird mouth in a couple years, she should really get that tongue thrust sorted out

No. 1748225

sage for ot but does anyone know of a lip color close to this one? similar shade i used was discontinued and though i hate her makeup i do like this lip color for a classic glam look

No. 1748233

the mismatched leopard print is embarrassing

No. 1748242

Supposedly "queer" Kathy out here hating women again, I see. The majority of burlesque fans are female, so it's incredibly stupid to throw your main customer base under the bus for imaginary attention from a few moids. Men aren't the ones paying to see all this kitschy vintage fashion shit, they just go to strip clubs to see pussy.

No. 1748243

Serving heavy shay-tier mouth breather vibes with a side of pudgey bird hands, looking for scratch

No. 1748253

It's really not that weird or unusual as an expression. It implies that they were enjoying each other's company so much that they stayed really late. Second part you said is extremely true though- I work as a server, and people like this are the worst. If you want to keep hanging out, go to a bar or somewhere that stays open late instead of making the restaurant staff wait around while you giggle at each other's inane remarks.

No. 1748268

>People like this are the worst
Ayrt I know right! I am one too kek I feel like she wouldn't be a great patron between that and her pickmeism. Like she'd be the kind of guests that leave a shitty tip because you interacted too much with her scrote

No. 1748275

MAC Russian Red?

No. 1748307

She’s said before that she uses Nyx for her lip color so I would check that out

Only the best drug store brands for Kathy!

No. 1748379


Don't know which brand she uses, but I like Charlotte Tilbury's "So Red." I think it used to be called "So Marilyn"

No. 1748574

To be fair, NYX is pretty good for a drugstore brand.

No. 1748721

Holy fuck she is so goddamn stupid, there is nothing in 'the code' about kisses on the hand being obscene. Does she think nobody kissed in movies all through the first half of the 20th century? Has she even seen a movie made before 1980? Learn your fucking larp, Kathy!!!

No. 1748786

It's almost like she's a/b testing opinions by saying two opposing things at the same time to test out reactions, but I don't think she's that clever

No. 1748962

File: 1674233987269.png (256.83 KB, 1178x380, Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 8.57…)

We have to share a planet with these idiots

No. 1748968

It shows how righteous and soggytoast brain their values are in relation to their leech like tendencies to initiate coombrain for basic levels of validation.

Defective unit

No. 1749262

File: 1674266931004.jpg (120.94 KB, 1198x520, pic1.jpg)

Kathy needs to learn that she will never get picked. Also why would you want some random internet weirdo to research engagement rings when it should be the person you're getting engaged to?

No. 1749565

Prostitution exists for men, not for the women and children it exploits. The exploited are not valued, are judged harsher than the buyers, and the entire industry is built upon their boundaries being pushed and crossed in the name of “professionalism”.

No. 1750040

God I so want her to buy a ring for him to propose with and then steam for years while he never does it. Also I thought she was not only explicitly antiwedding, but also anti anything that represents het marriage. I wonder if the ogre convinced her it would be a great poly move to help him find a ring for goth gf, she seems they type who would think a hear ring is fun and off beat but would also still care about it being ethical. Not that this will happen no one in that apartment could afford a lab diamond (which are coming in to fashion for those with less money), much less specialty shaped natural ones.

No. 1750480

Only lab created diamonds because bitch is broke and her fat Steven Segall look alike loser js too

No. 1750509

File: 1674449594216.png (205.48 KB, 1178x368, Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 2.20…)

It's gross in general but she's not one to talk when she has a community shared boyfriend kek

No. 1750518

Lab created diamonds are so tacky. Of course Kathy would want one

No. 1750525


I swear to god, everything she wears is so aging. The old lady hair, the makeup, even that outfit somehow reminds me of an old lady bikini cut. It's not even that flattering on pretty girls who get into this stupid pinup/burlesque crap but on someone like Kathy it makes her look literally like a suburban 45 year old mother of 2 getting ready for her "sexy boudior" photoshoot that she made her husband buy as her gift for his birthday

No. 1750528

File: 1674453614005.jpeg (145.72 KB, 960x1280, 5-carat-heart-halo-diamond-rin…)

I have nothing against lab created diamond but 5 carats? That and with her taste it bound to look tacky and cheap as fuck like cubic zirconia ring purchased from Macy's.

No. 1750645

No. 1750726

Supporting exploitation and human misery is tackier, so I'm gonna give her this one.

No. 1750737

she can never afford a 5 carat diamond lab grown or not, she should stick to her swarovski

also lab grown is really tacky, i'd be embarrassed to be given a lab grown gem

No. 1750764

She begs for fast fashion that she tries on once and then discards but sure, diamonds that she does not own or ever will are the problem.

No. 1750768

File: 1674496725307.png (652.73 KB, 1172x1274, Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 5.13…)

Of course she dirty deleted this but it was hilarious

No. 1750769

Omg same! I only want gems coated in the blood of African children, it's kLaSsIeR that way.

No. 1750780

I got some news for you nonna…

No. 1750784

lmao you sound like such a pickme. stfu

No. 1750790

NTA but I don't think you know what pick-me means.

No. 1750835

Accepting shitty behavior from moids is absolutely pickme behavior

No. 1750863

We got a Kathy hypocrisy double-whammy here! Not only has she on multiple occasions talked down on those who offer "free tasks", but she had that whole "I shouldn't have to look at engagement/wedding rings" era where she compared them to collars kek

No. 1750899

Not wanting a blood diamond is accepting bad behavior from moids?

No. 1750924

File: 1674517512676.png (707.28 KB, 920x504, Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.44…)

No. 1750938

File: 1674518746239.png (136.17 KB, 1178x608, Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 4.05…)

>born with a silver spoon in her mouth
Pick. A. Larp.

No. 1750944

God how does she manage to make the least flattering choices possible. If this was a deep scarlet color it'd make her skin look paler and hide the flush, Instead she insists on this silvery white that brings out the pinks and makes her skin look like ham. Not even because this is a hate thread, my first thought was "she looks like a swine in that" and if she was my friend I'd tell her the same.

No. 1750953

>Born in Massapequa, NY with a silver spoon in her mouth
Doesn't hit the same, does it? kek

No. 1750967

Kathy: "I am luxurious in my jewels and was born with a silver spoon in my mouth"

Also Kathy: "I need rent money please send mutual aid"

I think, when trying to pull off a larp online, is that you only let your larp post about larping, and you keep your shit to yourself. You have to keep that image cohesive. Kathy reminds me of an old prostitute.

No. 1751300

File: 1674543374729.jpeg (90.28 KB, 1170x475, 109C8E4C-2736-4D02-A81E-23A8BE…)

She posts this after drooling over a submissive and saying she loves that men stare at her. Think >>1748786 isn’t far off.

No. 1751376

The arrogance it takes to look like this, and display this body while trying to maintain some kinda sex siren persona is mind blowing. I’m all for women loving ourselves for who we are, but she has tried to enter a scene that is based entirely on the male fantasy of beauty. She’s embarrassing herself so much and I’m glad because she’s a shit person anyway.

No. 1751521

>Born with a silver spoon in mouth
>Taste for platinum

Her breath smells like a roll of dirty nickels.

No. 1752385

File: 1674691439527.png (130.28 KB, 1176x810, Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 4.03…)

Oh she's not going to like these answers kek

No. 1752694

>implying scrotes have refined taste
she looks perfectly fine. she is posing to accentuate rounder hips, she "has her hair done". look at how autogynephiles dress themselves as women. they are not detail oriented. wigs on with hairlines in the middle of the forehead, mismatched accessories, but as long as there is effort put in and "femininity" performed, their dicks get hard. notice how men will see yellow hair with 2 inch roots but say "she is a sexy blonde". kathy is perfectly fine.

No. 1752706

kek even the most degenerate scrotes don't want Kathy, if they did her sex work and burlesque "careers" would actually make her money.

No. 1752790

Agreed, Kathy and agp femboys represent their misogynistic narcissistic copes by lazily utilizing the same disheveled characterized larp, despite their chromosomal differences

No. 1753212

File: 1674773208101.jpeg (266.05 KB, 1170x653, 0C100BB3-51F9-464F-AEBF-834A00…)

Kek then fucking stop posting the same three BDSM acronyms over and over like it reads as something deeper and more educational than a simple Google search. Nobody thinks you’re an educator, stop acting like you are one, you pterodactyl woman.

No. 1753491

These whores grossly overestimate their importance. "Porn literacy" also isn't what they fucking think it is.

No. 1753528

She wants a "masc service top", so a boyfriend who values her pleasure? Woah, she must be in an awful relationship.
She looks at least 30 here. Also, the plastic stones look so haphazard on her midsection.
Perhaps she's mixed it up with a dip kiss?
Porn literacy. You mean, "trying sex ideas you saw in porn is a bad idea"?

No. 1753606

It will always be funny how they set all these rules and “boundaries” in order to make themselves look professional only to never enforce them or even follow them themselves. The only one Kathy has ever followed is blocking every man (and attractive woman) that follows her instagrams which doing so to the former is totally ironic.

No. 1754041

File: 1674850348882.jpeg (330.1 KB, 1170x1361, E17994C4-8E96-4574-B9EB-3FF9E2…)

She puts them on payment plans because they can’t afford to send her a couple hundred at once but sure, they’re totes super wealthy men!!

No. 1754070

Get the narcan, got a copium overdose by a pretend sex worker on twitter.

No. 1754394

File: 1674877418032.png (183.34 KB, 1198x308, Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 7.42…)

… she can't honestly believe she'll get more interaction by posting the same thing a day later.

No. 1755868

It's all so convoluted too. All the SWer cows do this shit, as if a coomer cares that you need to read their carrd and buy a gift before they're allowed to coom to a photo. Men walk all over anyone stupid enough to put a photo of their ass online, they only follow these 'rules' if it makes them coom.
Oh my god you stupid ostrich, you sometimes get trannies to donate their spare change to buy you Amazon tat. It's not redistribution, you're just a leech.

No. 1756834

Are politically active, left-leaning men the findom customer demographic? Why doesn't she post bllurbs that target her customer's interests?

No. 1757157

File: 1675146427937.png (481.52 KB, 1174x784, Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 10.1…)

New braindead and quite frankly dangerous take just dropped. People can be against whatever they want to be for whatever reasons, ESPECIALLY when it comes to kink and sex. There's "stigma" around certain kinks for valid reasons. Who exactly does she think she is telling people how they can and can not feel about possibly harmful sex acts? Trauma exists. Guess in her fucked up world it suddenly doesn't matter because God forbid someone kInKsHaMe. Get the fuck out of here. Once again though rules for thee and not for me since she recently posted >>1750768. Why are you so judgmental towards consenting adults, Katherine?? Educate your ignorant self before being so judgmental!! What a fucking retard.

No. 1757172

Kathy is one of my favorite cows ever because she thinks she has a PhD in Kinks and Fetishes and she feels it is her duty to educate the ignorant lowbrow retards who follow her about Kink and Fetish code of conduct and what is and isn't okay and her word is gospel. The funny part is that her findomme LARP is so inconsistent and unconvincing and visually unappealing that you can't help but either roll your eyes or laugh. Kathy is hilarious, genuinely one of the funniest cows because she takes herself so seriously and it's never occurred to her that she comes across as utterly and completely unlikable, or that she's actually really bad at her job as a "findomme" AND her job as a "burlesque performer" AND her job as a "kink educator". She's a findomme in a ddlg relationship and her "daddy/owner" has another girlfriend that he clearly prefers to spend his time with rather than with the woman he "collared" kek. She's so lacking in self-awareness. She's like a homely, featherless bird that squawks and squawks and flaps its wings madly and even though you know that it will never fly and you know that it will never realize it will never fly, you cheer it on anyway. Ha ha, keep flapping and squawking you flightless bird. Ha ha.
Top kek.

No. 1757846

Kek, i dont know whats funnier. Kathy or the poetic way in which you described her antics. You put her in a perfect little nutshell. Now she is a squaking flightless bird in a nutshell.

Love you nona. Stay based.

No. 1757941

Isn't it something that the e-whores who are the loudest about kink are also always self-admittedly sex repulsed? It's almost as if there is a connection.

No. 1758945

File: 1675306400431.png (487.68 KB, 1184x930, Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 6.43…)

Talk about cognitive dissonance. Thisclose to getting it but at the same time had a whole ass collaring ceremony with her shared boyfriend she refers to as "daddy". Same neckbeard that posts memes about beating women for sexual gratification. What a strange statement though… so men beating women is okay if they are in therapy?

No. 1758949

She stole that last part from one of her older threads but anon said it better, of course.

No. 1759536

All the squawking she does about “educating” people on consent and boundaries yet not a peep about men making deepfakes of that female streamer. Guess she doesn’t care about it because she can’t relate it back to findom like she did with that other streamer in an abusive relationship.

No. 1762129

File: 1675668620286.jpeg (319.84 KB, 1170x1866, AEB79DBA-F44A-423C-A641-6AFCA9…)

Unfriendly reminder that you pander exclusively to pornsick men for shitty pink Amazon cookware.
Anybody remember when that pedo diaperfag was madame’s “best sissy” around the time she was bragging about helping clients “embrace their femininity?” Did screen caps of that ever get posted? Bitch, your so-called clients are literally bottom of the barrel, porn addicted moids and that one single girl straight outta the mental ward. Pretending to educate the masses does not change the situation you now find yourself in, neither does being delusional about it.
Anyways, the madame has decreed anew! Her manic wisdom knows no bounds, and naysayers should prepare themselves to no longer be “in community!”

No. 1762130

File: 1675668756975.jpeg (135.18 KB, 1170x718, 65EC1ECA-715C-4B38-BFBC-9C67CD…)

Katherine “the best sex I have been having has been through findom lately” McMahon

No. 1762137

File: 1675669471900.jpeg (204.48 KB, 1170x1042, 13A1318F-58F1-4552-B659-F7F37C…)

“Being a findom requires such a wealth of knowledge to know how to cater to clients specific kinks responsibly! RACK PRICK awareness! Very proud of my job as a sex worker and sex positive educator!”
“Why are moids on the internet trying to mansplain BDSM to me and not just buying me diamonds like I clearly asked for?”

No. 1762280

>Most relationships rely on unspoken social cues and norms that can be difficult to navigate
So she's telling us that she refuses to cOmMuNiCaTe with her moid? Or that he refuses to talk it out with her? lol

No. 1762846

In one of the earlier threads someone dug up an "interview" she did about sex and disabilities. In it she straight up said that it's not on the person with disabilities to "educate" their partner and instead the partner needs to do "research" on their own. She ends it with saying (about sex)
>Don’t express disappointment, frustration, or annoyance, we can tell even if it is not expressed with words
She lacks very basic healthy communication skills yet thinks she's able to eDuCaTe people.

No. 1762848

What an incredibly sad and warped world view she has

No. 1763385

File: 1675815818221.png (59.32 KB, 800x190, hlp.png)

How does she not realize how out of character all of this would be for someone whose entire shtick is about financial domination and "being an educator".
Someone answered to her tweet recommending her accountant a "sex worker friendly" one at that but the price was 250 wich i doubt she could afford without an inmediate post about reimbursment

No. 1763390

Kek like she can afford any accountant at any price

No. 1763400

"All relationships are transactional"
Geez, that's telling. Has she ever had a fulfilling relationship with a man that hasn't come down to him using her as an easy non-commital lay and her coping with "I'm using him too!!!" while he buys her spaghetti for valentines? Tbh her whole findom shtick comes across as a cope to feel more powerful than the men she's been used by.

No. 1763422

It's so obvious she's not good at sex work if moids have never attempted to violate any agreements. Forget mansplaining, she's Kathsplaining.
KEK okay she just admitted she's had less than a year of professional experience. What are your educator qualifications again Kath?

Oof, shaming addiction, a mental illness, is a hot take for this disability advocate.

No. 1763499

File: 1675825589808.jpeg (65.14 KB, 828x506, 41BB6CED-1313-4A2A-A71A-1ECBF8…)

Don’t follow this cow but seeing her comment on Princess Mei’s previous sugar baby recruiter Colette is a mini cow crossover.
Why anyone chooses to associate with a woman who comments on her husbands sugar babies as “teen daughters you can fuck” is beyond me

No. 1763530

She’s been talking such big game for so long about how much of an educator she is to her community. Doing your finances in any sort of contract job (sw or not) is entry level shit. She’s such a larper and she keeps telling on herself in funnier and funnier ways. She isn’t even close enough to another swer to reach out to them privately and ask.

No. 1763598

As if asking that on social media as a 25 year old adult wasn't embarrassing enough… Doing it on your "professional" sex work account that focuses on financial domination is just downright retarded. Guess she spent too much time talking about ~sexualizing debt~ instead of getting any of her shit together not like she made enough to file anyways

No. 1764051

She posted this and something else saying
>yes sex workers pay taxes too
weirdly confident considering it's supposed to be her first time and she was asking for resources to do so
but she deleted both for some reason

No. 1764055

File: 1675901610485.png (129.3 KB, 604x1194, 2RetardsFighting.png)

Surprised this argument she had with some scrote wasn't posted, it was in response to this >>1762129
Kathy is wrong solely because of saying
>In order to avoid taking accountability for their own choices, behaviors, and actions, and instead project the blame onto providers, onto kink itself, and onto sexuality in general.
>We do men a disservice when we coddle them by not holding them accountable for their actions.
"Providers" literally coddle men by going along with their fetishes and everytime they fuck up they aren't held accountable for shit, they're justified with "Oh it's just a part of kink! Kinkshaming bad!". She also didn't reply about her thoughts on food addiction
She tried to finish the conversation acting like a findom but she had already wasted her time anyway

No. 1764082

>scientists agree
Sex addiction was added to the ICD but removed from the DSM because experts don’t agree
>food/sex addiction don’t real because deeper issues
Straight retarded. All addictions are indicative of deeper issues. The sheer pomposity of this broke beaky Becky to bill herself an educator on literally anything is breathtaking.

No. 1764094

>"Providers" literally coddle men by going along with their fetishes and everytime they fuck up they aren't held accountable for shit, they're justified with "Oh it's just a part of kink! Kinkshaming bad!"
Heavy emphasis on this part. These whores think they are doing absolutely nothing wrong when in fact the are directly contributing to the problem.

No. 1764100

This says to me "I am not a member of the community that I think I am". She's easily get help from a fellow SW if she actually knew some. She needs the Tax Domme.

No. 1764135

File: 1675911047009.png (1.04 MB, 1174x1006, Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 6.48…)


No. 1764213


she would be 75% less pathetic and probably wouldn't have ever ended up here if she didn't just take this self-righteous moral high ground. just acknowledge what you do is part of the "adult industry" and not inherently healthy or wholesome (like drinking alcohol or smoking weed) but that every adult has the right to decide to indulge in it responsibly. She shows all the classic signs of Low functioning, overt narcissism and that's why even the most pathetic subs dont want anything to with her.

No. 1764816

That's the opposite of what most disabled ppl would answer. We're not all the same, we have different impairments, abilities and stamina. I'd rather explain to a partner how we can safely do it myself, I'm sure most people would! But Kathy isn't disabled and doesn't have sex so it doesn't really matter to her.

No. 1764851

File: 1676001522630.png (2.41 MB, 1188x1322, Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 7.57…)

A sex worker who's content is pastry pics. How high is she?

No. 1764895

The giant watermark is sending me. Honey no one is stealing that, don't worry.

No. 1765389

File: 1676076782981.jpg (77.53 KB, 1080x330, 20230210_214534.jpg)

Apart from how contradictory she is with her posts it bothers me how she deletes posts just because
Watch her keep up >>1764851 with 8 fucking likes and i bet she will delete picrel with 19
She already had a post about
>Men are just dildos with wallets
Wich is, at least, on topic with her account and she deleted it to post a fucking pastry
I'd understand if she deleted unrelated posts/rants/stuff she eats, but why posts related to what she does with ok engagement? Is she really that Bad with social media management?

No. 1765537

File: 1676095816893.png (120.32 KB, 1176x192, Screen Shot 2023-02-10 at 10.0…)

>s she really that Bad with social media management?
Yes. Case in point:
>Thanks for 2.9k!

No. 1765766

This macaron is so fucking flat and unrisen. Imagine posting this AND watermarking it. If you want to larp high luxury at least beat your fucking egg whites properly and rise your macarons, god she's truly shit at everything

No. 1765952

You have so much faith in her to think that she made that herself. You can get them at the grocery store.

No. 1766155

File: 1676168372678.png (391.85 KB, 616x1209, Khat Woman.png)

She's doing some weird cat woman larp about robbing

No. 1766158

File: 1676168548364.png (45.37 KB, 600x368, Financial Beggar.png)

And then she just e-begs for 75 dollars kek
And idk about you anons, but i really don't think she's getting a reimbursment for mutual aid, maybe she spent some money on some bullshit and wants it back while also looking like an activist
Unless she said something on her insta

No. 1766201

God I saw that, the combination of the words “mutual aid” and “reimburse” made me want to remove my head from my shoulders and take it on a fucking walk. Go back to work Kathy.

No. 1766210

>rich findomme LARP
>asks to be reimbursed 75 dollars
>for fucking mutual aid
She continues to provide hardy keks.

No. 1766223

Still skinwalking Mistress Velvet I see

No. 1766463

>I am so fascinated by art forgeries and art theft
You mean aliexpress knockoffs?

No. 1766687

>repelling from heights
Miss Poised and Educated doesn't know it's rappel

No. 1766895

File: 1676256907281.png (325.4 KB, 614x540, Againandagainandagain.png)

She's posted the same shitty description a thousand times already

No. 1766897

File: 1676257314270.png (52.37 KB, 592x408, whatever.png)

Some more posts about totes getting money from her totally real submissive clients

No. 1767006

Admitting that she doesn't know how to file taxes because it's her first year filing as a sEx WoRkEr and making up BNPL finsubs just really validates her claim that "much of the Forbes billionaire list has tried to wine and dine" her. Her sex work persona is well thought out and executed as close to perfection as one can get. Incredible! /s obviously

No. 1767141

File: 1676286273421.png (48.01 KB, 890x827, the great jewel heist.png)

the thought of it is too comical.
fanart of kathy being "repelling".

No. 1767152

Holy shit kek next thread image for sure and needs to be titled something with "Kaht Burglar"

No. 1767159

kek anon this is a masterpiece! next threadpic for sure!
what the fuck would even be the point of her having nice things when she smokes weed in her apartment, everything is probably yellowed and stinks. couldn't even resell anything designer after it sits in her place.

No. 1767253

I know she thinks alliteration is witty or intelligent but it just sounds so tacky and stupid. How she got into a grad program is beyond me

No. 1767334

File: 1676307896124.jpg (69.63 KB, 1231x894, kathy loyalfans.JPG)

Her paid content profile literally only has 2 items, and it is stuff that she already posted in the past for free.
Her tea party session with the unwashed-looking femsub, and the park photoshoot in PVC "latex" where the pics are so overexposed that it looks like caspar the ghost.
I can't tell if she had posted them for the world to see out of narcissism, or if she made them paid content out of laziness.
She has "showgirl" in her profile description too, so it's not like her better quality burlesque pinup photoshoots couldn't go there.

No. 1767380

She looks like she qualifies for a retiree's discount in this image, but the composition is good. The metal shoelace hooks in a line lead the eye up towards her face and the corner of the ceiling in the background draws the eye to the same place. She should have chosen a red-gem parure with a background that isn't mustard because it does NOT go well with her picture.
This is a work of art. You even included the foundation mismatch and the ill-fitting bra

No. 1767392

Where are the shedding dishwater feathers REEEEEEE!!! JK this is amazing nonnie thank you for gracing us with this masterpiece.

No. 1767443

It's sad when Shayna works harder than you Kathy

No. 1767497

File: 1676324673502.jpeg (409.73 KB, 1170x1533, 393C6300-4333-491A-B069-7B3DB0…)

>”Pornography addiction is not a diagnosis”
> “It’s ackchyually called CSBD. Checkmate fear mongers!”
Braindead, the whole lot of them

No. 1767631

File: 1676340602402.png (656.34 KB, 1184x1170, Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 5.56…)

Or maybe Rihanna wanted to get pregnant again and was cleared by her doctor(s)? 18 months is the ideal but six months isn't out of the question or out of the ordinary. Celebrities have access to the best medical care anyways. Why is she making it as if the choice of pregnancy is entirely dependent on men? Maybe she should be more concerned about her scrote that posts memes about beating women during sex if she wants to talk about men endangering women's health instead of getting mad over a celebrity pregnancy.

No. 1767635


God she is miserable. She will make a woman she knows fuck all about pregnancy a negative thing while defending actually dangerous sex acts because it’s kInKsHaMiNg.

No. 1767638

Kathy doesn't have sex, so she doesn't have to worry about this possibility. The neckbeard is clearly into the goth girl.

No. 1767664

I’m sure international superstar Rihanna really cares what a bitter broke bitch like Kathy thinks about her personal choices…

No. 1767701

File: 1676348954198.jpeg (889.36 KB, 1170x1434, 2A9AFA40-9413-4AF6-A67F-21ABAD…)

Hair implants.

No. 1767705

Not the Lindt box you can buy at CVS lmaoo

No. 1767707

oh good god this is the worst picture i've ever seen of her, this is so incredibly unflattering i cant believe she posted this

No. 1767712

Not sure how to post videos, it’s like a 15 second clip of her licking both her glove and a chocolate.

No. 1767728

File: 1676352545985.webm (2.25 MB, 720x1280, grannyeatspralinewhole.webm)

This is definitely… something. Her hairline is catching up to the scrote's. Starting Valentine's Day off strong! Can't wait to see what he got his bangmaids this year.

No. 1767729

Kathy is a fucking racist. Of course she thinks a powerful black woman can’t make her own choices.

No. 1767734

she looks horrifying here. like some sort of emaciated old man wearing one of those latex woman face masks. horrible makeup and wtf did she do to make her forehead look so perfectly smooth and inflated? she looks like a creature attempting to be human.. saged for my retardation

No. 1767739

She’s a lot of things but idk if racist is one of ‘em

No. 1767752

the thumbnail makes it look like she has a gun in her mouth and the question is more of a threat she'll kill herself lmao

No. 1767760

Major nitpick but she really struggled putting that chocolate in her mouth kek

No. 1767781

That's my favorite part

No. 1767804

Why do all of these pinup wannabes obssessively do this stupid pouting with your lower lip kinda hanging? It's obvious that they think it makes them look glamourous but they seriously look special needs doing this, the attempts at "dreamy eyes" in combo with the pout ends up looking like a bad joke, as if you dressed someone who is completely out of touch with reality and made them try to pose without really understanding anything. Like a hartigan hooligan

No. 1767823

Doesn’t help that her eyes are so far apart she looks retarded

No. 1767879

>Gloves don't fit
>Bra doesn't fit
>Cramming hand in mouth
>Visible nips
>Play dress-up jewelry
>Photo cuts off the top of the subject's head and also the thumb on the right
How high was she that she thought this was a good idea? This is the type of shit a hater should post of her yet she, herself does it.

No. 1767929

she has a 5head but parting her hair like that makes it sooo much worse. I know its been said before but that tongue thing she does makes her look so special needs too. I'm no expert in old hollywood burlesque style retardation but surely it's not classy to pick up food and eat it with gloves on?? I know hers are probably amazon originals but the idea of getting chocolate on the material makes me cringe so much

No. 1767954

This has to be a new low. The most basic ass pralines, at least she could afford the bigger box. Thumbnail looking like she's trying to cram her entire hand in her mouth, wearing only underwear and ill-fitting, cheap polyester looking gloves really giving the vibes that she's on a late night binge and filming it for the feeder type scrotes. The huge watermark on the praline box picture is the last drop, honey I can guarantee no one wants to steal a picture of your plastic ring and a fucking box of chocolate.

No. 1767959

File: 1676390316225.jpeg (144.82 KB, 750x1334, D584FCEE-8B65-4BA9-B385-1F0412…)

It’s finally revealed what the Grammy-winning boyfriend did. Although there are 6 different people credited as playing bass on this album so I don’t think he can claim that as his Grammy.

No. 1767965

Oh, god it's even worse in motion. She looks like a man in drag with that makeup. Why is she rubbing chocolate on her tongue like that?
It looks like her gloves are too large so she had to twist her grip around so as not to eat the gloves.
Her hair could be an asset, if only she got bangs. Her face is, um, unique, and frankly I was surprised to learn she was Irish-American, but if she used a lighter hand in her makeup it would be a massive improvement. Also, https://www.mybrasizecalculator.com she needs it. The center part should lie flat against the bust. The high waisted bottoms make her look extremely squat, which could be remedied by changing the camera view or getting different ones or, I don't know, working out?

No. 1767992

If she cared about looking fancy she should have gotten a box of pralines from a chocolatier, this is just sad

No. 1768009

MASSIVE nitpick but like… why does every single clip she posts have to end with that weird slow-motion wink? Like to me, a wink like that conveys that you're in on a little secret together, but what about awkwardly twisting a piece of chocolate into your mouth makes that relevant?

No. 1768060

oof that underwiring digging into her looks painful

No. 1768099

not the first time she flexed these as luxury. i dont feel like going upthread, but its there lmao.

No. 1768133

Just about everything that anon from the first (or second?) thread has been confirmed - and some things by Kathy herself kek I wish they’d spill more

No. 1768204


Oh lord… that hair color is so fucking tragic.
I dont know what's it's called in the rest of the world but in muh eurofag country is what we would describe as rat-blonde

Very high end Catheÿ

No. 1768209

She's a New Yorker. She should be able to find a bakery or a chocolate shop with instagram potential.

No. 1768359

For such a successful findom living an extravagant lifestyle in NYC she only posts in the same dingy room. It's clear she never goes out.

No. 1768373

She's in NYC. Why is she staying in on valentines in her boring ass room taking awkward photos?
Shouldn't she have a reservation at a sky bar at least looking out over the city over a 5 course meal?
Maybe a bottle of champagne or two.
You know, for the luxurious madame this should be standard.

Maybe she's not just feeling well… lol

No. 1768377

She's also a sex worker. Shouldn't she be doing big business today?

No. 1768491

exactly! At this point I feel that instead of trying to look rich, cultured etc etc showing off the most ridiculous shit she should just make a new character: an igenue who is dying to try the best things in life, including the best men… who will be the handsome millionaire gentlemen who will show me the pleasures of the world? yada yada yada. That's more in line with what she is. She cannot sell the strong, commanding persona in any way, it makes her seem more laughable. If you're again here reading the best advice you'll ever get, Kathy: make a new sugar baby persona, no one buys the current one, ffs!

No. 1768735

Aw I actually like her hair! I think it's her strongest feature. The color is flattering to her skintone, and the length is shiny & healthy-looking. Her hairline is a bit unfortunate & she could benefit from some soft curtain bangs, but overall I find her hair very pretty.

No. 1769005

Even her hair is turning dishwater grey

No. 1769041

powder lavender, excuse you

No. 1772031

File: 1676844116208.jpeg (33.69 KB, 750x1334, 9DAC456A-9DA9-4F5B-85D7-313058…)

Oh she’s asking for it with this one lol go ask his real girlfriend Kelsey!l

No. 1772185

File: 1676855141028.jpeg (78.62 KB, 1242x2208, D2798CCC-1E8C-48EB-97FE-E11457…)

Meanwhile he’s fantasizing about being dicked down

No. 1774793

File: 1677123742687.jpg (438.77 KB, 1516x2048, FpnV5d0XwAQaDlY.jpg)

So incredibly tragic to look at

No. 1774854

Damn she's ugly

No. 1775845

File: 1677256459764.jpeg (124.03 KB, 1224x1080, 6B17AA79-E60E-44D3-8356-9AC6ED…)

Weed shop era is over with, she was working herself sick sitting behind the counter and explaining the difference between indica and sativa to customers. Poor baby, I bet they even made her restock the top shelf sometimes! I doubt the claim that she was planning on being transferred since there’s only 2 legal dispensaries in the city and I don’t think any of the sketchy weed shops have multiple locations.

Also what happened to her neckbeard being the one to pay her bills?

No. 1775852

I can't believe she posted this, looking like a tranny

No. 1775853

I like that she has two specific grifts:
>female followers on Instagram: pls donate or I'll kms! I'm a disabled neurodivergent femme!
>male followers on Twitter: I'm a domme rolling in money and admirers. Donate 2k to me so I can bedazzle these shoes and nipple pasties.

No. 1775862

File: 1677257952107.jpeg (315.95 KB, 1125x758, FDC2D3A1-6213-4C1E-AFB8-B93698…)

She’s teasing dropping her other form of income too

No. 1775869


"Form of income" kek. I'd love to know how much money she's actually made with her dom larp. I bet it's been less than a thousand dollars a year, except for that brief period where she had her mentally ill femsub perhaps.

No. 1776297

So once again she is choosing to quit her job and making it everyone else’s problem/fault for doing so. God she is stupid. It is hilarious that her brother is a financial analyst while she is completely financially illiterate. The timing of all of this is definitely related to her talking about doing taxes. She probably saw that she didn’t make squat and that the black lines down the back of her legs and overpriced lingerie collecting dust because it doesn’t fit her aren’t assets.

No. 1776430

Wtf is this? Why would she post this, even shatna has more sex appeal than this bald eagle looking weirdo. I love that she’s entering her real poverty arc. Such a luxurious dommina, begging for money on her socials so she doesn’t kill herself. Such a power move Kathy, you have those Forbes billionaires right in the palm of your claw. Selling your body has been a huge success lmao.

No. 1776555

damn she has no shape at all, and her attempts to hide it just draw attention to the fact

why does she do this with her face? she looks slack-jawed

No. 1776762

File: 1677365247732.jpeg (181.99 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

What level of narcissism is it when you believe suicide baiting for scraps is helping other people?

No. 1776799

>The timing of all of this is all related to her doing taxes
Agreed. If she actually made as much off of findom as she claimed in >>1736295 then she owes at least $1000 in back taxes. I would bet money she didn't think about any of that and saved nothing, and she's freaking out now that she's been reminded with tax season. I love how she never learns. She's always flaunted the useless shit she buys online like weed, pastries and overpriced clothes/lingerie that don't fit her and then will turn around and cry about how she's living hand to mouth and barely getting by.

No. 1776801

Jesus Christ. you’d think being a self-appointed neurodivergent advocate she would be familiar with the concept of a trigger?

she can’t genuinely think she is helping anyone with her suicide baiting.

No. 1776813

File: 1677369462733.jpeg (148.06 KB, 1218x790, image.jpeg)

>Every few months I think about disappearing from findom and never coming back
>A hiatus is coming
>I can't afford my bills
>I want to kill myself
>Give me money
>ANYWAYS I hope all that helped someone!
>Now give me over half a million

No. 1776908

File: 1677376102959.jpg (209.6 KB, 700x828, house-estate-for-sale-secret-d…)

No. 1777550

File: 1677400045356.jpeg (226.53 KB, 2250x1334, 2047E3E8-0765-4A65-8527-A5B278…)

And like clockwork she is once again crying “abuse” from a place of employment because… they want to know where she’s been the last couple days. She knowingly became employed at an under the table illegal operation yet wants to complain about lack of security and heating. Security isn’t a given at any job just in general and she overestimates what rent-a-cop and cameras can do. And heating? Again, she is knowingly working at an illegal operation. No shit they’re not going to pay for heating. Funny how “old white men never tip me” has suddenly turned into “old white men sexually harass me” as well.

Topkek at her listing off vague, meaningless “jobs” though. She is a mid-twenties woman with a degree living in NYC. Go find a job yourself. She acts as if she has zero opportunities and that isn’t true; she’s just lazy. And yes I’m calling her lazy because she can do remote work with her DiSaBiLiTiEs… she just chooses not to. Call centers are always hiring. So are strip clubs since she wants to play sex worker so bad.

No. 1777605

It's clear she wants to do fuckall while being completely taken care of and you know, that's fine. It's achievable. She's just not going to get it while living anywhere near NYC and being utterly insufferable. She could very much so live out her no work fantasy in Bumfuck, Nowhere with a blue-collar moid and make her larp more believable without complaining about bills. Save up overtime. But no she rather do… whatever the fuck she is doing… and complain day in and day out about it.

No. 1777676

Girl you’re working in a shitty bodega in Queens. What do you expect. Say hi to the cat for me

No. 1777786

oh so it's not even an actual dispensary? It's like a grocery store that sells weed under the counter? Katherine must be insane to say the shit she says on social media, admitting to be participating in an illegal operation is a sure way to get in trouble. Specially when she completely drops her marxist character and acts like a mini landlord saying she could close the place if she wanted to…

As the thread goes I'm more convinced that she is way more crazy and delusional than what we think, she lives a completely made up fantasy life in which she believes, and when nothing comes out the way she wants she doesn't know why! Because NOTHING she does is based in reality, on skills that she does have, real opportunities, actual contacts… Katherine, you are doing nothing in your life girl, wake up! like you >>1777605 said, she could achieve a version of this life she dreams about and pretends she has, but only if she acts within reality. she's not a beauty but look wise, there's way uglier and worst dressed sugar babies out there who make money and live exclusively from this, even doms. This sex work game requires waaay more than women than that, kat, in all senses. Want a real advice? You're not cut for this, try fashion school, looks more like your thing, you're more about this style than actually dealing with people in any sexual way.

No. 1777791

I love when the anarchist mask slips and her inner Karen comes out kek threatening to close a place down and complaining about lack of security. That's not very acab of you, kathy

No. 1777862

I don't think anon meant a literal bodega kek. I think she means a dispensary that was a bodega at some point or it's under a residential building and resembles one

No. 1777913

Nah there's tons of brand new smoke shops that are clearly selling weed popping up all over the city. I've seen so many new ones pop up all over the place and I doubt they're legal but no one really does anything about them. Kathy's probably working at one of them.

The whole "I'd call and get them shut down but I won't because weed is a service to the community!!" line is so stupid. Kathy, stop acting like shutting down one shop is going to do anything. Another one's gonna pop up in it's place or people walk down the street to the other new smoke shop for their weed. Maybe she's scared of retaliation since the owners would probably immediately know it was her stupid bitch ass that ratted them out.

No. 1777984

File: 1677450524692.jpeg (240.74 KB, 1170x1431, A1163BD3-3320-4C47-BC00-06C0B4…)

>People in general are never ready to hear the truth about themselves
The irony

No. 1777996

They're legit; New York just went recreational

No. 1778007

They’re not. Do you not understand what regulations are?

No. 1778013

They’re not legit, dumbass. There’s only 2 legit dispensaries in the city so far. NY dropped the ball on legal dispensaries after legalizing the consumption of marijuana and illegitimate weed shops moved it to fill in the demand to buy weed. A lot of times the product is counterfeit. Police for the most part turn a blind eye but they’re still raided fairly regularly. Some are long-standing bodegas that sell under the counter, some are smoke shops that also started selling THC after it was legalized, some are new businesses that try to brand themselves as legitimate dispensaries, but again, there’s only two real ones in city. Judging by Kathy calling a mid-tier weed brand “top-shelf” in a previous post I would guess that she’s working for option 2. Trust me, I’m your friendly neighborhood NYC stoner. An article that can explain the whole situation way better than I can: https://www.forbes.com/sites/willyakowicz/2022/02/20/cannabis-grey-market-new-york-city-wild-west-of-weed-empire-cannabis-club-uncle-budd/?sh=734ef4c44e4f

No. 1778016

I should clarify when I say there’s only two legitimate dispensaries in NYC I mean recreational. There’s a ton of medical

No. 1778017

I was talking about the state of New York, calm down

No. 1778152

File: 1677472304965.jpeg (437.08 KB, 2250x1334, F140FF98-F67B-476F-97CD-F3B390…)

All this for ratting on the dispensary or what? She’s so far gone kek like imagine actually posting this on social media

No. 1778153

Not her posting an empty bottle that’s been sitting on her bookshelf as decoration for years

No. 1778154

Can we talk about how weird it is that she uses black imagery for EVERYTHING

No. 1778155

Strong “black women are my spirit animal!” aura

No. 1778157

File: 1677473200782.jpeg (35.44 KB, 640x640, B4769C03-81A6-4667-9A07-74C25B…)

> little old me, in pink, slits your fucking throat legally and financially
> Celebrating my just and righteous bloodlust

No. 1778312

>sexual harassment from old men

Oh no, did one of the customers try flirting with her?

No. 1778316

I just know she's including herself in 'marginalized people' here. Kathy you are white, grew up financially comfortable, went to college (squandering it was your choice), your disability got sorted out surgically and everything else has just been your own shitty decision making and selfishness.

No. 1778390

Endo sperg; it actually can grow back so I wouldn't be surprised if that was happening.

No. 1778501

>Dispensary work rants
>Revenge voyeurism via netflix
>Brags of being qualified to Legally slit throats

She speaks like a cop! Is little miss marginalized aligning with oppressors by bragging that she can legally murder someone if she sees it as justified?

Assuming she's talking about her grey/red-area dispensary place of work, it reaffirms the pinup Karen as a true cow.

No. 1778661

File: 1677536192224.jpg (95.36 KB, 750x1334, 333209878_1237343007206030_488…)

It's not weird when you remember she's your typical privileged and self loathing white woman snowflake.

No. 1778749

File: 1677545973647.jpeg (117.73 KB, 750x1334, 333631726_901683387806590_3306…)

She read here and tripled down on this… She's such a creep.

No. 1778771

You just know she took the money and put it back in her wallet as soon as she took the picture because that's probably all the money she has. She couldn't stop embarrassing herself if her life depended on it.

No. 1778905

Trying to directly profit off of a deceased black woman’s image and calling it “tribute” is peak Kathism.

No. 1779011

I never noticed the crystals on her Mistress Velvet shrine, she's got a typical tumblr girl ~spiritual space. This bitch is using a dead woman as decor to dress up the shelf she dumps her consumer spiritualist merch on. Can't wait for her to add a black/african tarot deck and incense holder

No. 1779143

Okay that's fair. It's just she hasn't mentioned it specifically and I am sure she would if she could actually name her "disability".

No. 1779479

File: 1677621537963.jpeg (612.59 KB, 1163x3748, 18083BA1-388D-4EA0-9674-53D976…)

The stereotype she is talking about comes from retarded transplants like her. Los Angeles is huge… if all you come across is “fakes”, honey you’re one of them.

No. 1779585

Nah I agree with her take LA fucking sucks and the people are some of the worst I'd give anything to not live so close to the entirety of California in general

No. 1779840

Found one

No. 1779992

Kek I'd sooner drink fresh Ohio water than live in California go snort your kombucha and choke on a metal straw Kathy knowing Californians are the scum of culture isn't a compliment to her it just means she isn't outright blind

No. 1780206

File: 1677705494571.jpeg (540.63 KB, 1170x2804, B7C90322-5AC8-4A3E-A67A-5BD5C4…)

>it’s not thoughtful to talk about x because y happens
Can’t get much more braindead than that

No. 1780209

File: 1677705673809.jpeg (226.4 KB, 1170x947, B37FA273-EA07-4F44-A14F-EDF963…)

And the response. Shocked she hasn’t started a four day tirade over it yet.

No. 1780286

i think kathy wishes she was groomed. she loves daydreaming about old men taking advantage of her. too bad that in real life, their beloved "pets" are disposable and worthless. if she actually experienced that, she would know this.

No. 1780423

Everyone that isn't a woo-woo retard knows that Los Angeles is spiritual poison, anon

No. 1780662

I’m LA born and raised and i honestly despise most of the people around me and would like to move out of the whole fucking state of California, but that’s mostly cause of the insanely priced housing market here instead of the rock bottom quality of its citizens

No. 1780724

Oh look, Kathy is in the replies of butches again stirring shit! These two look like fucking idiots derailing a tweet about something completely different because they want to talk about themselves and their "careers"

No. 1780727

It’s funny because she would fit right in with people like that. Who exactly is using a complete non entity who has no personality for marketing? She can’t even sell herself to a robe wearing 40 year old professional twitch streamer, so what market does she appeal to?

No. 1780735

What exactly is so bad about LA? Sure a lot of awful people live there but so do a lot of regular people. Are you saying all the Asian and Mexican immigrants out there are being spiritually poisoned and need to live somewhere else in the country? Unless you’re one of the people who think big cities are toxic and people should all live in the suburbs.

No. 1780738

Nothing is bad about LA (aside from the cost of living) it's just that horrible people like Kathy move here to "make it" without realizing it's like any other big city - if you move here with the idea of becoming famous in mind you're going to come off as fake and only meet other fake people with the same goal. People with this opinion of LA are just telling on themselves that they're clout chasers

No. 1781116

File: 1677795733164.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x6482, D2DF32F2-2FF3-49E2-B83A-631A86…)

And here is the rant that will go on for days! All this word vomit because she and the other woman lacked nuance and didn’t like the reply they got after interjecting with “think about the sex workers and queers!!” when the conversation was about men being sexual predators.

No. 1781280

LA only being bad because clout chasers is an insider opinion. A large portion of America dislikes people from California in general because of how they drive, how they treat people, how they idolize styles of living, and how every time they leave California to live elsewhere, they drive up cost of living to a disgusting amount. Californians just suck and the only people that don't think that are Californians are people that wish they were a Californian

No. 1781285

Relating positivity towards sex health with doing it for a job is so fucking brain dead
Like yeah the LGBT community is tight and they look after each other but that's not relatable at all what SW is and it's so gross she keeps saying it is
It's like she doesn't understand that LGBT to an extent is identity and sex work is necessity and often extremely dangerous/harmful/deadly
Sure they both have "no choice" in the matter but Kathy seems to believe all SWs chose SW because they liked it or felt liberated and not because they were being victimized/abused/used by society/moids

No. 1781315

I don't get her point here. Is sex negativity against people being sexual in public? How is that a bad thing?
>Kink is the reason why you have elders
What the hell does that mean???
>Dealing with technology, censorship, travel restrictions, police/state violence
She deals with none of these things other than not having money to travel or buy new technology because she's horrible at her "job." If you need mutual aid, you're bad at your job or should think about a different career path. But god forbid you actually have to put in effort to challenge and better yourself and learn new skills to advance yourself.
Kathy and the rest of the Twitters whores are so lazy. I can't wait to see where they'll be in 5 years.

No. 1781320

What I find most curious is: in which way she is a sex worker? because she likes glamorous vintage sexy shit and is trying desperately to get men to see her as she sees herself and give her crumbs of their earnings? She isn't producing content for onlyfans or similar, she doesn't fuck for money, she's not on chaturbate, she works as a clerk in a bodega. Burlesque dancing is not sex work, a lot of burlesque dancers would like to have a serious conversation with her about that…

you see it the same way I do: Kathy grew up in a white middle class suburban home, she doesn't have what she seems as a cool NYC suffering, tormented, grew up in the streets backstory to fit in within the group of leftist marginalized artistic people she wants to, so she exaggerates every little aspect of her life that has even some little issue. Endometriosis becomes disability, having parents who suck and think they own you because they have money turns into being a domestic violence SURVIVOR.
I can't with this girl, she is completely out of reality

her responses have NOTHING to do with the original subject! kek… she's just trying to sound like she is the detentor of more power in this discussion. remember you are not a sex worker, katherine.

>Kink is the reason why you have elders
she means that the kink community (leather dykes and leather daddys) are the ones who took care of people who were dying of aids in the 80's, so it's because of them that gay people are alive today, not doctor.
she's so dumb

No. 1781514

File: 1677823324599.jpeg (45.38 KB, 750x1334, 97B664A4-626B-4D15-B306-10EB5D…)

Jfc “I wonder who all this “concern" is really for” is rhetorical about perverted men vs teenage girls! The conversation was about how men are calling young girls/young women prudes because they’re not getting as much access to them anymore because the girls are burnt out from being sexually exploited.

She can squawk all she wants about how she doesn’t do anything for male validation but she posted and dirty deleted picrel a couple days ago. Nothing more desperate than a 25 year old woman wondering how guys she went to high school with a decade ago would perceive her now. >> 1780209 is right about how Kathy wishes she was groomed. Her making up stories about how she used to get into her friend’s father’s beds at sleepovers, her Lolita and DaDdY pedo-pandering, dwelling on guys from high school (remember when she posted that bizarre “poem” about a guy she dated in high school?), bringing attention to her having possible underaged sex, and talking about how she’s wanted to be a sex worker since she was a young child all point to it. I think back to the anon who said she used to be way worse with all of this online….

No. 1781654

They’d think: “Kathy who?”,kek.

No. 1781858

>"Kathy who?"
> Katherine McMahon, remember, from debate club?
>"Ohhhh, Beaky!!"

No. 1782357

File: 1677920304314.jpeg (216.61 KB, 1198x1437, image.jpeg)

Tinfoil: Kathy has lied so much that she has brainwashed herself into believing what she posts

No. 1782371

OT but her talking about "male friends" gave me a vivid flashback to the horrible picture of her sandwiched between her scrote and his buddy implying they had a threesome. I'd go find it from a previous thread but I don't think anyone wants to see that again

No. 1782511

Way to tell everyone you peaked in high school

No. 1782558

Believing in your lies is a symptom of psychological fantastica. Also known as pathological lying.

The fact that she gets super defensive when her ideals and views are challenged and will make ridiculous claims to "prove her point" is also a symptom of psychological fantastica.

No. 1783411

I’ll post the caps in a bit since she has dirty deleted everything but the other day she got into a fight on twitter with a FSSW who is also a landlord and proclaimed at one point “I'm a disabled, chronically ill, neurodivergent survivor of horrendous domestic violence and I participate in community organizing for free to help people. I'm a survival sex worker. You're a landlord.” The only truth in that statement was “you’re a a landlord” but believes her larp is real.

No. 1783503

the entitlement. they're leaving precious cali in droves and shitting up everywhere else.
for example, they're flooding the south, acting like theyre better than the hicks, while simultaneously opening up their shitty trendy faux-southern establishments. they perform local culture as a costume, while acting "above" it. not to mention weeding out less trendy local businesses that had survived decades. they fetishize poverty. the stereotype of the "empath" manbun hipster didn't come from thin air. wherever they go, they bring gentrification. not only is it painful economically, but is also insulting. augusta is a californian colony at this point.
sorry for the offtop.

No. 1783520

You need to realize that most of the people leaving "cali" are not from California to begin with so…? The bad rep comes from outsiders. Native Californians don't give a single shit about fame and aren't fake like the ones several anons are describing.

No. 1783941

File: 1678146979733.png (181.47 KB, 1066x306, Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 5.10…)

A survival sex worker that takes "breaks" every other week. That's not how that works Katherine

No. 1783942

File: 1678147053696.jpeg (12.97 KB, 750x1334, 334603157_730851491864714_2775…)

No. 1783944

File: 1678147193106.jpeg (39.85 KB, 750x1334, 334296526_928722771644381_9949…)

But her little break didn't last long because she followed up with yet another post about taking legal action against someone. For an anarchist/communist/whatever she calls herself, she sure loves capitalism and it's systems!

No. 1784646

but shes not working as an educator here (lol)… she is expecting "free labor" (lmao) from her followers. she probably expects some "comrade" to do the suing for her. because she deserves to be spoiled. as fun as power-tripping is, the time spent doing your own research is better spent getting high on weed and abusing painkillers.
but i dont like "native" californians either. i read grapes of wrath once, and decided to hate californians. simple as.

No. 1784920

I want to say I'm shocked she hasn't paid for a verification check mark on Twitter yet, but at the same time she's way too cheap and can't afford the monthly fee kek

No. 1785020

File: 1678290957036.jpg (49.05 KB, 583x438, 1621308960164.jpg)

>i read grapes of wrath once, and decided to hate californians. simple as.

No. 1785034

So weird seeing people complain about cali. Everyone here is so nice and simple and down to earth but i live in the valley. Not the coast. So i guess location location location. Also kathy looks like a seagull more than any bird. Same bald looking forehead and beaky nose.

No. 1785044

It's the coast. As former inhabitant and native (I don't share that fact with people frequently lol) all the inland folks are great people. The desert hippies/ufo nuts are strange but usually harmless. That's where I lived kek. Northern California is stupidly gorgeous and filled with friendly adventurers.

No. 1785088

It's the ones that move out of CA and then try to change everything to be like CA in the place they've moved to.
I'm curious what kind of malpractice she experienced. Was it a doctor who said no to her (extremely likely), or was she actually mistreated (unfortunately possible, as doctors serving low-income people can be extremely shitty). Also, who tf brags about filing malpractice?

No. 1785106

as someone not from the US I find this, well, bewildering. California is huge, it's as huge or even bigger than many European countries and you have different places and people in most of those smaller, European countries. How can you say that one whole state is bullshit while you have so many different possibilities there, let alone the nature and weather you have in different parts of California. But sure, one bad experience and the whole state is bullshit.

No. 1785112

im assuming it's something to do with endometriosis. doctors notoriously disregard women's symptoms.
or she just wanted pills and didnt get them lol.

No. 1785156

Replying just to say that she’s inadvertently correct—she repels men from (building) heights.(sage your shit)

No. 1785308

It's probably the university pharmacist that wouldn't refill her painkillers on demand kek

No. 1785313

i'm desperate to know too sorry to blogpost but i'm a law student looking a medical malpractice in class rn and i really would love to see what kind of "claim" she has, especially considering the outcome of her last few lawsuits

No. 1785468

File: 1678360965025.png (84.34 KB, 1194x340, Screen Shot 2023-03-09 at 3.22…)

Happy International Women's Day from Kathy

No. 1785534

Kathy, we have seen your scrote & he's more like the need for chlorine in the gene pool.

No. 1785542

She deleted it but she tweeted “dominatrixes has the quality of submissives gone down in rhe last decade” I think she DD’d because it’s a flat out lie she’s been a “domme” for 10 years, miss submissive baby girl kitten 5 years ago wouldn’t even consider domination kek

No. 1785593

Wouldn't she have been literally 14 a decade ago? God what a weird fucking larp

No. 1785642

Makes me think of that saying:
"If you run into one asshole today, you ran into one asshole. But when everyone you ran into was an asshole, maybe YOURE the asshole."
Or something like that. Kek

No. 1785661

Reminds me of when she claimed that she was living in Manhattan at a time where she would’ve been attending high school and Massapequa

No. 1786028

She would've been 15 kek it's funny because before she nuked her madame blush website, which doesn't matter because it is documented and archived here, she was at least somewhat honest about being a sub for like seven years and just recently getting into "dominant" roles. All that is out the door because she's trying to rewrite everything. Starting over wouldn't be a bad idea but she has never done it properly.

No. 1786029

File: 1678447559523.png (327.01 KB, 1186x524, Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 3.18…)

You would think someone who has/had endometriosis wouldn't base anything off of what is "officially" diagnosed/recognized. Her porn addiction isn't real!!! stance is a bizarre one.

No. 1786037

I can't understand her attachment to saying that addiction to pornography doesn't exist. What is the purpose? I mean, this emerging discourse about pornography addiction is really retarded, because everyone focuses on the wrong side of the issue (that men can't lift their pathetic penises) and forget about the main thing (women being raped, trafficked and sexually exploited), but I doubt Katherine can have that level of reflection. My tinfoil is that her coomer boyfriend probably made up that he's addicted to pornography and now she's doing it out of spite to prove him wrong.

No. 1786117

Mabye the US doesn't acknowledge it but sure is internationally in the ICD-11


No. 1786295

We already knew they didn't have an argument here but this just solidifies it wow

No. 1786391

File: 1678500241613.png (211.56 KB, 1186x390, Screen Shot 2023-03-10 at 3.23…)

George Glass is back

No. 1786437

>beg to cover the bill!
Something tells me that not only did nobody beg but that nobody even sent her a dm.

No. 1786476

There's also: "if everywhere you go smells like shit it's time to check under your shoe"

No. 1786661

Part of me feels like she’s gotta have some delusion based mental health disorder because you can tell by her lies and larps she has a different idea of reality and her own loved experiences don’t match up ever

No. 1786662

Will he give her 4.99 target ginger ale and discounted Lindt pralines

No. 1786664

Honestly if she just got some moody restaurant or jewellery/shopping haul photos off Pinterest she’d be able to pretend like she’s spoiled. Coomers aren’t going to fact check and most whores lie too

No. 1786690

Megarich boyfriend is taking her to an expensive French restaurant yet

> pay for this, serfs!

Something doesn't add up.

No. 1786989

She’s already tried that lol

No. 1787130

File: 1678600989078.png (103.81 KB, 1180x1054, Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 9.50…)

She's still going at it. The fact that she is heavily basing everything off of a singular American organization's lack of classification is quite amusing honestly. She knows nothing and her argument in previous tweets (which I will post next) uses shoes as an example. Bird seed for brain.

No. 1787139

File: 1678601595520.jpeg (379.04 KB, 1194x2917, 2.jpeg)

>Could you imagine how delusional I would look if I were to lead a charge against the shoe industry?
Kathy doesn't have to imagine how delusional she would look acting like the porn industry isn't a problem in and of itself that has created problems amongst the general public. The porn industry profits predominately off of the sexual exploitation of women and children. Seen by 300-500 people yet can't even break 20 likes. Great argument she has comparing a shoe company to the porn industry! Retard.

No. 1787294

Dipshit needs to go back to school and actually learn something about addiction

No. 1787425

So, she is telling everyone that there is no such thing as a shopping addiction or a video game addiction and if you are addicted to something, you just have to try very hard and will be free of said addiction. The whole sex industry is a problem and responsible for a lot of suffering and maybe she should start educating herself. But sure, the shoe company is like the porn industry and the alcohol industry is like the stuffed animal making industry.

No. 1787559

File: 1678658681035.png (1 MB, 1188x1392, Screen Shot 2023-03-12 at 2.57…)

She wants people to listen to her bad takes over actual sex workers because she claims to be a survival sex worker, meanwhile the only media content she's put out over the last few months have been a horrendous video of her eating gas station pralines and random pictures of pastries.

No. 1787719


Ok, it's a expensive resturant but nothing heart attack inducing if you have a normal paycheck and definitely not if you're a upscale Manhattan whore.
This is the kind of restaurants she should be having her Tuesday luncheons at according to her LARP.

Also, we wanna see food pics Birdie, did you go for the lobster? The scallops with caviar or did you have a sandwich in bed whilst RP on twitter as usual?

No. 1787854

Why is she putting her sex worker watermark on pictures of food kek

No. 1787892

One word: retard(one word: sage)

No. 1787895

I finally realised what the water marks remind me of: the "daily relax with blackhead and acne removal" videos on YouTube. Considering that videos of removing dirt from someone's pores can net millions of views and here Kathy has negative amount of interaction on her bad pastry pics I feel like she maybe should consider researching content that people are actually willing to watch and engage with

No. 1788030

Love how Kathy has to clap back at her fellow ewhore at the end there. Good job biting the hand that feeds you Kathy - we love to see women supporting women!

No. 1788174

Ah yes, insisting kink and BDSM is practised "sane" is mental health shaming. I'm almost entirely sure it actually refers to "don't do this shit when you're out of your mind on PCP and not able to make informed choices".

No. 1788237

kek at first I thought that éclair was some celery and peanut butter. She's so good at making stuff look tacky, it could almost be considered a talent.

No. 1788256

File: 1678773531157.jpeg (283.39 KB, 1500x1334, 625F42A1-FA98-4E4A-8599-73813F…)

Ah, how cute: Kath is going to be part of a Retard Revue at another dive bar next week.

No. 1788286

File: 1678777127995.jpg (35.91 KB, 500x500, 51e53df723d26b95a3e7c5d6be5fc3…)

bump dont scroll

No. 1788372

wtf is her disability? being lazy?

No. 1788395

Its a mental disability. Shes retarded. Kek.

No. 1788454

File: 1678813169490.jpg (31.57 KB, 480x480, backrolls faggot.jpg)

she does suffer from endometriosis.
but so do many other women who don't identify as disabled because of it.
it is a pain in the ass and hinders the sufferer in their daily life, but it's nothing like being blind or permanently wheelchair-bound.

No. 1788615

i have endometriosis too and i don't call myself disabled

No. 1788717

Okay first of all take the fucking clips out of the wig Kathy it's not cute it looks ridiculous. Also should we start a betting pool for how long into the event it takes her to start subtweeting about how "unprofessional" other artists/organisers are? She alienates and pisses off everyone around her in the industry with her attitude.

No. 1788770

Well her current shit talk speedrun record is pre-show dressing room so I'll bet on the train there this time kek

No. 1789467

Sage for speculation, but I am 99% sure this is Katherine who called into this advice podcast, starts at 19:10. She says she's a burlesque performer/findom in NYC, has a streamer boyfriend, and talks about weed unprompted. The advice she needs is what other job to get because she doesn't make enough money, kek. Sort of sounds like her at >>1456393

No. 1789473

It is her. I'll check if I still have the cap but she posted about this maybe two weeks ago. She tried to make it look like they reached out to her for an interview, not her calling in kek

No. 1789475

Bird bitch will do anything and everything except get a job. Pathetic.

No. 1789476

I thought so, of course she said it was an interview kek. She definitely just called for the attention and was not interested in their advice. I don't follow her so I didn't know she posted about it.

No. 1789494

File: 1678942523507.jpeg (32.8 KB, 828x407, 51FB7C6F-C34C-4073-A849-08C7CF…)

Got you covered nona

No. 1789526

Damn we all know she is delusional but this is next level. She never has been and never will be the world famous burlesque star that moonlights as a dominatrix for wealthy men that she pretends to be. She best be careful too because LC is nothing compared to the wrath of the general public on social media; if she starts trying to get her shit out like this, she is going to be sniffed out real fucking fast.

No. 1789539

It's such a contrast to hear her actual voice riddled with insecurity as opposed to how she posts publicly. In one fell swoop, she has exposed her LARP for the failure that it truly is.

No. 1789684

His advice was literally that she should get a stable job or Doordash on the side and her only response to that is 'maybe I'll get a job at a dispensary' so she can roll joints. She refuses to do any job that's beneath her or requires her to actually work

No. 1789993

I quite like her voice and I hate myself for it. She's absolutely bullshitting about everything though.

No. 1790053


It can be disabling,but really if that's bad just get a hysterectomy. The hysterectomy is less painful.

No. 1790128

File: 1679047797741.jpeg (76.37 KB, 1656x587, 1.jpeg)

Such a pro dominatrix admitting that you've never met up with anyone in person, your name "blush" came from the fact that you're shy, and giggling every two seconds. Love that the hosts straight up laugh at her and immediately start asking "if you're a financial dominatrix, why can't you just ask for a grand?". "I'm just a baby domme! I've only been in the industry for two years! I'm just trying to get new sparkly things!"

You know it's killing her that 2/3 comments referring to her are telling her to work at a sex shop kek

No. 1790309

Wow she really told the world her larp is garbage.

It's even funnier now to imagine her twerp lil pickme voice speaking over full-service sex workers

No. 1790399

She continues to give a strong impression that she would be way more successful dating geriatrics on seeking arrangement than pretending to be a dominatrix. I've even heard that old people appreciate heavy makeup because they can't see well and the makeup makes features more discernable.

No. 1790449

Seeking is just a bunch of fake salt daddies so she'd fit in perfectly as a salt baby kek

No. 1790494

I mean, she's happy with toddler books and boxed easy mac as gifts how rich do they really need to be?

No. 1790538

Oh please. She quit her dispensary job over apparent sexual harassment, not to mention when she quit the Museum of SEX over the same thing. She's so uptight she'd never handle the customers in a sex shop.

No. 1790708

File: 1679163069126.jpeg (83.5 KB, 1170x1504, A643BE43-CD1F-485F-A691-28531C…)

This is such bullshit. Literally one of the first things a doctor tells you when you’re preparing to get an IUD is to take a bunch of ibuprofen and take it easy for a few days. She talks like she’s an expert at this but she’s telling blatant misinformation and is so hateful about it.

No. 1791561

What a pill seeker. It's not fun to get an IUD, but you can knuckle through it without whatever pills Kathy is looking for. Time it close to your period so it's easier to deal with your cervix. It's not something anyone would do for recreation, but you know what would be even more painful? Childbirth. The point of an IUD is that it's long-term and the woman can rest assured that there is no tampering with it or forgetting to take it. Unfortunately, we don't have utopia technology where all things are pleasurable, but an IUD placed by a competent doctor with the patient's consent is not a human rights violation any more than getting a shot administered would be. Proper IUD placement is not any more harm than any other uncomfortable medical test or procedure. Using these inflammatory words diminishes actual human rights violations, many of which happen to women regarding their reproductive systems.
Kathy is unwilling to withstand momentary discomfort or pain (except for tattoos) for a long-term wellness benefit. It's not surprising that she has zero muscle tone on her body. She can't even bring herself to do a squat or a calf raise.

No. 1791702

The only reason she is parroting this misinformation is because it was recently popular on TikTok and she can connect it back to her pill seeking ways. When women's rights were actually being violated and taken away last year, she was silent. To say that a consensual in-office procedure is a human rights violation because they don't administer something stronger than lidocaine cream is extremely ignorant. Not getting people addicted to pain killers would be part of their oath to do no harm.

No. 1791748

There are some doctors who intentionally damage the woman's reproductive organs while placing an IUD. There are some doctors who get paid for a removal and replacement and fail to remove the first IUD and put a second one in after it and cause permanent damage to the woman's health and her fertility. There are various nightmare scenarios you can find in the news, in legal proceedings, and on women's discussion forums. There are all sorts of horrible things being done to women specifically because they are women, but "This medical procedure is uncomfortable" is not one of them. It would be great if it were less painful, but getting a bone set, having a colonoscopy, getting a tetanus or rabies shot, and pretty much every other medical procedure also sucks. I wish we'd save the awareness campaigns for real crime and mistreatment because this haranguing undermines the seriousness of womens' issues.
Does Kathy have an IUD/want to get one, or is this another bandwagon thing?

No. 1791785

Had she talked about the actual horrific medical violence against women like you did, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt but she's practically word for word copying what she saw on TT so it's definitely a bandwagon thing.

No. 1791787

File: 1679278946966.png (35.21 KB, 1180x534, Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 3.41…)

As if her content is popular enough for this kek

No. 1791842

She’s such a fucking larper. “We keep us safe” is a phrase used by community defense orgs to denote that the police will not help people and so we need to help each other. These groups engage in weapons and medical training and interact face to face and are active in their communities.

Kath, people having an age verification on their profile isn’t doing shit. What would actually be keeping your fellow SWers safe is having an online black book of violent johns but since you don’t actually have any community, you’ll never have access to anything like that.

No. 1791895

File: 1679293889919.png (347.4 KB, 1194x1080, Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 3.43…)

Kathy's work ethic is unparalleled. It is so devastating to see an exceptionally creative person such as herself suffer through the hardships of survival sex work. It may take her months, even years, to come up with new concepts for content but with this as the result? I dare say it's worth the wait.

No. 1791898

kek at her holding a donut over her velvet furniture and calling it dominatrix content.

No. 1791905

I'm just a tourist to this thread so I don't mean to nitpick, but wouldn't it have made more sense to use the eclair to allude to a penis? Dicks do not look like macarons.

No. 1791909

you would think so, but kathy’s brain has shown itself time and time again to be almost utterly bereft of anything resembling common sense, as if this thread and the ones preceding it weren’t proof enough of that.(sage your shit)

No. 1792038

File: 1679321537804.jpg (619.96 KB, 2183x2948, IMG_20230320_095849_edit_78113…)

She should have tweeted something more along the lines of her eclair being bigger than his instead of trying to equate it to the macarons which would be more like balls if anything. Also I swear the only way this woman could have made this tweet less sexy is if she actually posed the éclair and macarons together like picrel to imitate a penis beaky has made me crave macarons for an annoying length of time, didn't end up baking so finally bought some at a patisserie

No. 1792052

She did originally post "cock" instead of macaron >>1787559 but yeah she's being retarded in this case

No. 1792089

The ellipses are giving 2004 wine mom on Facebook, which I don't think is what she's going for

No. 1792096

I wonder, what if the advice guys knew she meant *this when she said she's having a hard time as a baby digital dominatrix.

This= Posing sticky pastries next to furniture, making less-than-weak dick puns and then saying 'pay for it'

Internally cackling at what that call would be like

No. 1792117

Well if you ask me nonnies, this is all the proof we need that she doesnt experience endo pain the way she claims. If she had even a bit of the endo pain i have heard people complain about, she wouldnt even BLINK at the pain of an IUD. Some people have endo pain so bad, they vomit and cry and have to have their uteresus removed. But yes beaky is the queen of the world and an expert on everything. She is simultaneously the biggest victim, and the best hero. Everyone clap.

No. 1792533

File: 1679391376174.jpeg (330.18 KB, 1539x2048, FruDRHPXwAAldDc.jpeg)

Kathy blended right in with the drag queens and trannies tonight at the gay men's dive bar. She probably thinks that is a compliment… it's not. What she's doing is really low but guess you can't expect more when you absolutely refuse to take any sort of dance lesson and attempt to cancel anyone who dare suggests that you do.

No. 1792537

she's the most ordinary looking woman when she's not wearing a whole pound of hooker makeup

No. 1792576

So much for her bespoke elite costumes she's spent thousands of dollars and hours on. Sucks to gain weight

No. 1792622

The color clash between her bodice and hair feather abomination is seriously driving me up the wall.

No. 1792625

Madame BLUSH. What is the only makeup not spackled on her face? She looks like a corpse with that color scheme.

No. 1792978

File: 1679452525811.jpeg (Spoiler Image,195.48 KB, 1125x2000, 4F22244C-9B6A-4C41-8D9E-4FE08D…)

When your entire schtick relies on how you look, your physicality needs to come first. How one can read almost ten threads about herself packed with decent advice and wind up looking worse because she ignored it all is lost on me. She has zero knowledge about color theory, her plastic wigs are atrocities, her makeup is worst than Baby Jane’s, she’s not fat yet but she doesn’t do a damn thing to tone her body, and those crooked black lines down the back of her legs look ridiculous. Spoiler because she’s bare assed. The more you zoom, the worse it gets.

No. 1792999

File: 1679455600491.png (110.42 KB, 421x500, grandmano.png)

Woof. She definitely looks like she's been putting on some weight on with all the cheese and sweets she eats. She doesn't look like she's at an unhealthy weight or anything either, but her absolute lack of muscle tone definitely leaves her looking kind of saggy and old. The face made me kek the heaviest tho.

No. 1793006

She’s not even fat, just completely untoned. You can tell she leads an entirely sedentary lifestyle smoking weed and eating cheese, which isn’t really great for a dancer trying to make money off her appearance. I foresee an incoming Shayna arc.

No. 1793019

Oh yeah, she's definitely not fat, I'm just a little surprised by how much she seemed to have gained if anything. It doesn't look like she can even lace her corset where it should be anymore either? The back of that thing is laced open pretty wide.

No. 1793026

Her stocking line tattoos are truly the worst things I’ve ever seen and they always make me kek.

No. 1793050

>>1792533 is it me or does it look like she cut out her face, photoshopped it, and then pasted it back on?

No. 1793064

yes. yes it does seem that way.

No. 1793103

Those are not the legs of someone who dances for a living kek

No. 1793125

File: 1679480789361.jpg (38.03 KB, 742x541, fat_and_fugly.jpg)

That ass of hers is as undefined and flabby as it gets.
That's what you get being a lazy hooker.

No. 1793147

She has such a rat like face. It’s a very weird shape. Also I know plenty of people who dance as just a hobby and there is no way Kathy does any kind of regular dancing with that flat ass.

No. 1793177

she likes to act like queers are some last bastion of glamour and glitter-encrusted "creativity". doesn't realize that drag queens are PARODIES of "glamorous women" and "old hollywood" (as well as femininity itself).
they don't want to BE you, cathy. they are mocking your kind.
ugh. love it when she is bare-arsed despite being in full costume. keep those "assets" to reveal at the end. this isn't good stripping. other burlesque performers can afford tear-away skirts or bigger panties and dont start off in thongs.

No. 1793251

Looking like a flabby grandma. That's a grandma butt. I want to laugh at this but it's just so pathetic.

No. 1793258

Omg that poor corset, I still can't believe she chooses to perform in it. I wonder how much side eye she's gotten in the dressing room over the years for it, particularly last night kek

No. 1793389

File: 1679517202934.jpg (139.54 KB, 800x1132, bodyweight exercises.jpg)

>other burlesque performers can afford tear-away skirts
Anyone can afford a tear-away skirt. Get a $9 skirt from a thrift store, cut down the side (use pinking shears or bind the seam if you want it to last), then attach big, sturdy snaps or velcro. It'll look better on certain styles of skirt, and you might have to be specific about the placement of the velcro, but anyone can do it for cheap.
I also don't she why she doesn't get a pair of bloomers or tap pants and cover them in her rhinestones. She doesn't have to dress this way and bodyweight exercises are still free.

No. 1793391

File: 1679517534772.jpg (62.75 KB, 736x735, pcos bodyweight workout.jpg)

And there are workouts specifically for PCOS which is what her disability is iirc. Bodyweight exercises which won't cost her money.

No. 1793394

it's endo, not pcos, but yeah she can easily tone up for free

No. 1793396

Wait wait wait… this woman is on disability for endo?? How???

No. 1793411

So she'd benefit from walking and yoga plus a little bit of strength training each week.
If she doesn't want to go out in bad weather, she could get one of those stationary bikes or treadmills off craigslist. Even out here in nowhereville, they're often available for free or $20. She lives in a city and should be able to find one in a week.
I don't see how she can claim to make her living off her body and her looks without doing a single thing to make it nice to look at.

No. 1793464

She is not on disability for anything and has in the past said she refuses to be on it because the amount given is "too low".

No. 1793469

File: 1679527009547.jpeg (150.83 KB, 989x1001, 337445581_917448176130999_3431…)

Gotta love it when the jokes write themselves

No. 1793501

Now let's get up all the times she said she will only take on four figure private corporate gigs because legit shows do not pay her enough for her level of talent kek

No. 1793503

Ahh I see. Thanks for the clarification.
KEK this is too good

No. 1793507

Dying over the fact that the drag king butch presents as more feminine than Kathy the ~uwu hyperfemme living doll~

No. 1793703

"Spot the retard"

No. 1793810

As lame as a kweer burlesque suite at a dive bar is, I can't help but feel more embarrassed for Kathy than anyone else here. Most of the other performers seem like they have a reason to be at disability drag night, Kathy just seems like she needed an event where she'd easily be the most polished by comparison.

No. 1793826

She looks so out of place it's genuinely funny. A drag queen who raided his sister's closet from 2010s, one who mixed up a cosplay contest and a burlesque show and the pair with almost normie tier clothes. And then there is Kathy who looks like she purposefully crashed an entry level show with her "professional" costume and totally real professional burlesque career. It's like the Mean Girls Halloween party but inverted kek. Somehow I'm still totally convinced she would have lost a dance competition to the one in wheelchair. So embarrassing.

No. 1793864

I can pretty much guarantee she would never have been able to close that corset. It's way too small for her. They don't come in one size, she probably bought whichever was cheapest or matched her "color scheme".

No. 1793910

she looks so comically witch-like

No. 1794068

File: 1679616704685.jpeg (57.64 KB, 750x1334, 1F514374-B2B3-4AB9-8C98-3F5883…)

Only Kathy would think someone should pay to know what color something is. Real bold too when her “expertise” in color is thinking dishwater grey is lavender kek

No. 1794079

I don't think anyone's asking her, but if they are, the answer is "aliexpress" lol

No. 1794083

She sure didn't value femme labor and intellectual property when she attempted to knock off Miss Tosh's costume. Or when she tried to take credit for Christina Manuge's panty design. Or when she stole several female artists' work via tracing.

No. 1794185

yeeeeah sometimes these questions can be too numerous but if any rando buying the same supplies can produce the same results she gets to she's not that much of an expert

No. 1794301

Where the fuck does she get her confidence from? Is she honestly expecting people to pay her for advice on how to look like this >>1792978

No. 1794540

It's not confidence.
It's defensive insecurity disguised as grandiose gatekeeping. The same gatekeeping that she claims being a victim to.

No. 1794625

never expect confidence if there is greed.

No. 1795082

I know this is hella old (I dont check this thread so often) but I just wanted to pop in and mention how much of a bald faced lie this is that she didn't call the cops on them b/c "cannabis being available to the community" Nyc is absolutely OVERRUN with weed shops rn. Even a lot of regular bodegas are selling it now next to the Juul pods and lighters. You cannot walk 2-3 blocks now in some areas and not see a weed shop; I dont know how they all stay in business frankly. And that doesn't even cover the delivery services that have their fliers tacked all over the city. She wont do it because she is a coward, doesn't actually want to deal with law enforcement asking her real questions and knows she is full of shit.

No. 1795083

I know this is hella old (I dont check this thread so often) but I just wanted to pop in and mention how much of a bald faced lie this is that she didn't call the cops on them b/c "cannabis being available to the community" Nyc is absolutely OVERRUN with weed shops rn. Even a lot of regular bodegas are selling it now next to the Juul pods and lighters. You cannot walk 2-3 blocks now in some areas and not see a weed shop; I dont know how they all stay in business frankly. And that doesn't even cover the delivery services that have their fliers tacked all over the city. She wont do it because she is a coward, doesn't actually want to deal with law enforcement asking her real questions and knows she is full of shit.

No. 1796024

File: 1679909021875.png (498 KB, 735x715, hooker.png)

No. 1796027

Ngl I would have paid to this burlesque show

No. 1796044

File: 1679911828516.jpeg (335.89 KB, 1513x1080, LAND_16_9.jpeg)

Your usual target audience.

No. 1796599

File: 1679967803082.jpeg (100.11 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

When your dAdDy is the living embodiment of the coomer meme right down to the receding hairline and jokes about beating women for sexual pleasure, you're the one with the off judgement of partners. Doesn't matter though because no self-respecting woman would ever be in a polyamorous relationship with men. They all deserve each other in the end yet she thinks she has some moral high ground here kek

No. 1796679

File: 1679971744622.png (21.82 KB, 184x204, bird.png)

>I want that one!
>But Andy. You know your scared of birds, maybe we can try something else instead?
>No! I want that one!

>I don't like it

No. 1796792

What phenotype is this?

No. 1796913

butcher shop attendant

No. 1796994

File: 1680007431643.jpeg (114.24 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

Dumping recent dirty deletes because I'm done with this ignorant ugly cow

No. 1796995

File: 1680007500935.jpeg (92.04 KB, 750x1334, 335770542_219001420612060_4612…)

No. 1796996

File: 1680007592696.png (236.28 KB, 944x1420, Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 1.28…)

No. 1796998

File: 1680007704414.png (22.74 KB, 934x378, Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 2.19…)

No. 1796999

File: 1680007738083.png (106.42 KB, 1190x1358, Screen Shot 2023-03-26 at 5.05…)

No. 1797033

But she's not in a job where people are telling her what she can't post on a personal account? We're just telling her she's an idiot for putting her "poor, disabled community member who needs donations" posts on her account designed for advertising the porn, burlesque, and sexting "rich girl" persona she's selling as a product to coomers because it pulls the curtain back and shows the sad reality nobody is paying for.
I mean the words are good beaky but this woman's skin is pulled so tight on her face she's starting to look like the bugman so not the body positive message you probably want
Escuse me?? The absolute audacity to either invent giving 100$ to a homeless person for cashback grifting or giving a couple bucks with the intention of receiving the money back and more. I laugh at beaky's lack of empathy but she really is giving true NPD energy.
Not charging sex prices for penetrative sex? Damn hookers are dumb these days. You'd think the progressive beak would not just include PIV sex as "full sex" but I can see her being a "strap ons are a lesser substitute for cock" kinda lesbphobe

No. 1797101

This is the message left over from keeper-moids birthday… He must have spent it not with Kathy.

No. 1797144

entitled white inbred

No. 1797148

Wow just wow. There is a lot to choose from but this stands out to me as the worst thing she has ever posted. Lots of people give to charity, buy things for home/houseless people etc. Most people don't make a fuss over it, or seek approval for their good deed. She's not seeking approval for her charity, though, she's seeking REIMBURSEMENT. How fucking vile.

No. 1797380

File: 1680036608246.png (614.54 KB, 1170x2532, 1D02A297-D6E8-4999-9540-884857…)

He spent it with both

No. 1797807

She has a pegging fetish for sure. She can shoehorn her "how do you do, fellow sex workers?" spiels all she wants but it's grossly obvious she wants to fuck a man up the ass.

No. 1797854

I don't think it's a fetish for her more something she feels every self-confessed kinkster should have done, and she herself is about as kinky as a McDonalds soft serve.
Most of us who do/have done pegging just DO the damn thing instead of waxing poetic about it for endless tweets. I bet she's never gotten as far as working out what kind of harness she wants. She's too squeamish.

No. 1798072

Paying for a whore that doesn't even let you fuck her.
What a nice business idea.

No. 1798361

File: 1680130462226.png (154.61 KB, 954x1336, Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 3.43…)

Remember when she would praise Victoria for being such a great mEnTor in the first threads? Also Kathy is no doubt referring to Velvet as the friend who died. She just can't let that woman rest in peace kek

No. 1798379

File: 1680131368449.jpeg (141.18 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

Playboy hasn't been in publication for three years. Good luck becoming a PBP "muse" with zero connections though kek the bar is in hell but not even they would work with Kathy

No. 1798442

Is she even capable of taking a photograph of herself that doesn't feature either her dingy gray feather fans or a novelty macaron cushion? Just start an OF like everyone else, Kathy.

No. 1798530

File: 1680144168136.jpeg (38.01 KB, 283x838, 1679452525811.jpeg)

Delusion is a helluva drug. Playboy magazine is out of publication but that doesn't matter because she never met it's standards. Playboy Plus is for porn stars, ex-playmates, celebrities, and popular e-whores that do shoots with trendy professional photographers. Centerfold is their answer to OnlyFans but unlike OF they vet creators by follower count and overall appeal. No those flabby patsy gams aren't getting her in.

No. 1798557

Like she's ever pegged anyone or done any real sex work. What a bitchy response to that other person too!
She thinks she's capable of Playboy? HAHAHAHA
She already tried to make an OF and gave up after like 2 weeks

No. 1798690

File: 1680156929974.png (24.19 KB, 587x473, 1644622839553.png)

25/26 is not old by any means but it's always dark to see the women who pedo-pander start to change their tone about age once they hit their mid-twenties because you know it's because men start treating them differently. Not too long ago she was mocking older men's wives because they're jEaLoUs of her ~youth~ and attempting to brag about being with middle aged men at 18.

No. 1798724

Based take, she seems to be learning a lot over her short time as a "sex worker" as anon's comparison shows >>1798690
Quickest way to pinkpill yourself I guess.

No. 1798831

dumb thing about it is: your're not eighteen any longer, and no teenage body in sight.
her current hubby doesn't look like big money but drug problems.

No. 1798878

Sorry, canckles. Your gams aint it.

No. 1798891

That lie is a Delusional Cope.
She made a money joke to the old balls she freely gave her 18 year old body to. She now thinks that's enough to confirm her mental delusions and false identity of being a wealthy community Dominatrix who is allowed to speak over and verbally abuse real-sex workers as she pleases.

No. 1798916

howow, she doesn't have cankles, she has a thutt. Thigh-butt.

No. 1799050

inb4 she realizes how cringe these tweets are and deletes them only to LARP another equally cringey cliche and then cycle back to this personality when nothing works. Bonus points if she suicide baits to her enablers on IG because she can't afford rent again

Anyways, wasn't she supposed to be moving this month? The moid mentioned it as well so I don't think it was a delusion this time.

No. 1799059

don't worry, sugar daddy is able to afford another little whore…

No. 1799061

File: 1680207347800.jpg (202.32 KB, 750x1334, 338448421_1425161768235727_899…)

No. 1799064

Because nothing says "class" like borrowing your shit.

No. 1799150

Checked out of curiosity and these are indeed the first amazon result for "latex lace boots". Good job kathy, really giving off that "middle aged couple failing to ignite their sex life" feel

No. 1799189

Those are old tweets

No. 1799216

I guess she doesn't fit into her latex any more because of all that pasta, cheese, and grocery store luxury frozen desserts

No. 1799418

Oh whoops I'm dumb lol, thanks for clarifying

No. 1799757

'Cankles' confirmed via thread name and in the shapless foot pics from last thread. The ratio curve from calf to foot is 1:1 with no distinguishable boney landmarks of tib or fibula

'Thutt-haver' also checks out.

No. 1800177

File: 1680314130343.jpeg (54.06 KB, 750x1334, 339150256_761163685641863_2729…)

Druggie cope kek

No. 1800294

"hurr-durr I could stop any time I wanted to, folks."

No. 1800351

No 25/26 isn’t old, but it’s way to old to be living a life larping as a high class hooker, when all she does is flap around dive bar floors with other ugly people. It’s also way to old to be begging Twitter to pay your rent and buy you cheese using made up stories about abuse and shit. She’s the most embarrassing cow on these boards. At least the others try to live the life they pretend to have.

No. 1800364

Since she does no research herself, she should know that the harm reduction coalition has a whole handbook on how male prostitutes can keep their and their male client's penises "safe" while providing absolutely nothing in regards for female safety; bodily or otherwise.

No. 1800399

This insufferable privileged attention whore needs to get put in her place so badly. She has never experienced anything remotely challenging, the fact that she calls herself disabled because she (allegedly) has endo is straight up insulting. I know several women who deal with that shit daily, some went through absolute hell with the US medical system, begging for a hysterectomy which no one wants to deal with bc it puts you into early menopause, and they were still pulling themselves through without being condescending ebegging cunts. Oh and you wanna talk about harm reduction Kathy? Take your skinnyfat ass out the house and go volunteer at a needle exchange. Or just get a job and shut the fuck up you abysmal waste of space. Sage for sperg i can't fucking stand her.

No. 1800414

>> dive bar floors with other ugly people

Old proverb, or is it the truth: If you want to appear really beautiful, make sure that there are plenty of ugly people in the room.

No. 1800784

I mean, my morning joe isn't usually cut with fentanyl or runs the risk of causing overdose or abscess… I do tend to agree that alcohol is more harmful than it's given credit for, though.

No. 1800921

File: 1680425732925.jpeg (175.23 KB, 1080x1349, 339120613_174181428781514_7073…)

What. The. Fuck.

No. 1800964

Does she really think that those brass towel hooks are teh sexay..?

No. 1800969

File: 1680439827449.jpeg (4.7 KB, 190x126, 428A6BD9-61F3-4E78-9AAD-F24B54…)

She’s definitely tweaking

No. 1800984

Toot, toot! Steam ahead to your thirties with nothing to show for…

No. 1801205

It's time to lay off the pastries when you gut sticks out more than your tits, Kathy!

No. 1801227

File: 1680477406815.jpeg (532.42 KB, 2250x2668, 84EBF58D-0B08-47A0-B00F-25EB85…)

She’s once again lying about LC and what is posted here. Her parents are hardly mentioned and no one has ever “joked” about them “finding and hurting” her. Lol at her thinking public information she has shared with the world is doxxing.

No. 1801238

What does she plan to do with that thing? Does she throw that into the audience like a missile? Does it slide around unsexily during her 'dancing'? It looks so cheap and clunky, what the fuck made her think it was a good idea?

No. 1801261

Frankly I'm amazed there's a photo of her that doesn't have her apartment clutter in the background or at the very least no tacky macaron shaped cushions!

No. 1801278

She's not lying about Lolcow, she's pretending the other farms gave a shit about her. I've seen her mentioned on there but she wasn't considered worthy of even their derision. Still wants to play the victim though!

No. 1801289

She’s talking about her threads here. She’s been calling lc an “alt-right hate site” since she found it. She called out the other farms by name and they literally-who?ed her kek

No. 1801372

What's up with her dragging this random "Margeaux" into this? Does she know this website has multiple users?

No. 1801381

She wants to be marginalized so badly, acting like she's not also a white woman who is privileged enough to get to lay around and eat macarons all day instead of working

No. 1801396

File: 1680491744984.jpeg (176.38 KB, 1500x1334, 1.jpeg)

From what they've posted so far it seems like they were mutual followers of each other, possibly have chit-chatted before. Margaux eventually called Kathy out on whatever bullshit, Kathy probably flipped out on her, Margaux blocked her and shared what happened with other people. Word got back to Kathy so she decided to "expose" her and accuse her, lolcow, and KF of things that have never happened. Doesn't sound like Margaux came from here originally; more like she found the threads after whatever happened between them. Kathy claims to have "screenshots where she admits to participating" but doesn't share them which is telling.

The best part though is Kathy showing that she has zero understanding of how the internet works. She thinks filing DCMA requests with Google removes the threads and gives the name of the person who created them when all it just delists the URLs from Google search until they are recaptured kek (1/2)

No. 1801402

File: 1680492368375.jpeg (318.41 KB, 2514x3299, 2.jpeg)

What's publicly published are her requests. No, this isn't doxxing Katherine. Don't like it? Take it up with Google. (2/2)

No. 1801409

File: 1680493141466.jpeg (129.22 KB, 750x1334, 338945883_914161626403281_4706…)

As predicted Kathy has zero proof that Margaux was/is a farmer. Margaux doesn't even think the threads still exist kek Being aware that there are threads of Kathy means absolutely fuck-all given that she herself openly talks about them. She's literally doing it right now. Can't be mad at a mutual for knowing something you told them yet here Kathy is.

No. 1801412

File: 1680493438399.jpeg (557.59 KB, 2250x3335, 39CF00C6-C0C9-417A-957C-9280AA…)

No. 1801428

Kathy using Silence of the Lambs as a comparison is beyond ironic after just talking about her twans fwrends

No. 1801445

>white womans feelings
she's throwing a 14 stories tantrum over someone exposing her shitty behaviour to like…the 1 friend she has
She's so far gone into her "opwessed", black womans best friend ands spokesman, marginalized sex worker, that she literally separates herself from white women. God she's delusional

No. 1801451

This has been fascinating to read as someone who was in community with her. Lots of puzzle pieces coming together. Unfortunate for her that shes leading people to this. Thats a dumb move on her end but I guess attention is attention. I feel bad that all this scrutiny is probably terrible for her mental health but shes said some really horrible shit and lies through her teeth

No. 1801452

File: 1680502390563.jpeg (350.77 KB, 1196x2600, 112.jpeg)

Katherine is the one that started all of this. This is the first thread she made on Twitter:

No. 1801453

File: 1680502425812.jpeg (554.48 KB, 1188x4524, 115.jpeg)

This is the second one:

No. 1801454

>white woman
>single white female
Oh fuck off, you ARE a white woman. Seriously.. why are you using that as some derogatory slur, as if "white" and "female" aren't just biologial traits which just so happen to apply to you as well. And I bet you cry yourself to sleep about it every single day

No. 1801456

File: 1680502509699.jpeg (172.56 KB, 1184x1390, 116.jpeg)

Then one from the other person:

No. 1801457

File: 1680502633065.jpeg (151.56 KB, 1180x1485, 117.jpeg)

Kathy has left it on this for now:

No. 1801459

File: 1680502792342.png (26.61 KB, 1178x294, Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 8.55…)

After the DARVO tweet, she posted this then quickly dirty deleted it:

No. 1801461

File: 1680502942662.jpeg (215.38 KB, 2250x1334, 118.jpeg)

Over on Instagram she posted the following with the same Pearl image:

She also dirty deleted a few of the caps above from her story

No. 1801476

Never question anything Katherine McMahon aka Katherine Harlow The Park Avenue Pinup posts. She is a white woman with a degree from a private university that had surgery for her illness that many women are denied/can't afford. Disagreeing with her political commentary would be "harassing marginalized people". She is an "educator" that does not interact with liberals or democrats and will not "hand hold you and your white woman feelings". You should be honored that Katherine insulted you, indicated her disapproval, and unfollowed you.

No. 1801480

File: 1680505938559.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3750x6670, 1.14.jpeg)

Here's the complete 25 story long rant she posted on Instagram. All because someone months ago disagreed with her, blocked her, then shared their experience with others. Nothing is more pathetic than a narcissist who's ego has been hit.

No. 1801487

File: 1680506902231.jpeg (25.88 KB, 512x298, Single Marginalized White Fema…)

No. 1801506

File: 1680512566738.jpeg (335.25 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

She's still going kek

No. 1801521

Hey guys, did you know Kathy is disabled? and a survivor? of domestic violence????
Also I still can't believe "whorephobia" is an actual word these people use unironically, jesus christ

No. 1801561

>Been using social media platforms for the past 15+ years
Way to show your white woman privilege, Kath. She's what, 24? People who are impoverished and have hard lives don't have electronic devices to use the internet as a 9 year old kek

No. 1801564

So tired of this straight woman claiming to be queer or bisexual or whatever. It's like she fetishizes her own gender and feminine stereotypes and thinks that's bisexuality

No. 1801646

kek, so much drama about that wobbly gnome…

No. 1801650

I loooooove when Kathy says other people are liberals and that she's "radical", what the fuck is radical about her? She is literally so fucking status quo, I understand uplifting people's voices but she only uplifts people who say sex work is empowering lol anyone who says it was abusive and horrible gets called a swerf even if they were deep into it for survival, what an absolute liberal freak

No. 1801663

Kek does Kathy even know enough t words to suicide bait? I know it's been mentioned that mistress velvet was nonbinary or whatever and that Kathy has troons and sissies all over her replies, but she never really seems to engage with people outside of her ogre polycule irl

No. 1801685

but constantly threatening to sue people and yelling at people online is soooo radical!

No. 1801729

File: 1680552517268.jpeg (229.83 KB, 3000x1334, 99E4B720-C7E3-4889-9B78-81E61F…)

She publicly starts a fight with someone else online on two social networks and is shocked she’s getting random accounts viewing her stories. Then she turns around and shows that she’s doing it for attention. 30+ insta stories and multiple twitter threads because someone doesn’t like you after a political disagreement is absolutely drama and entertainment and even her followers are viewing it as such kek

No. 1801733

That would be my alt account she’s sharing screenshots of not the chick she is fighting with. What an idiot.

No. 1801785

File: 1680557926273.jpeg (406.63 KB, 1062x3420, 1.jpeg)

There is way more to this than Kathy is sharing. Seems like it's all going back to whatever the mentor did and Kathy's affiliation with her. She said something about her a couple days ago but that was it >>1798361 (1/3)

No. 1801796

File: 1680558538328.jpeg (176.87 KB, 1281x658, 114.jpeg)

From what she blocked out it looks like Margaux called her Katie. Possibly said McMahon but the part that isn't crossed over looks like a K. She goes by Katherine online anyways so…? Doesn't matter though because referring to someone by their government name is not doxxing and is absolutely not a crime that you have "legal right to press charges" over. She must be forgetting the times she posted medical bracelets from the hospital with her full name and date of birth as well as pill bottles. (2/3)

No. 1801799

File: 1680558868391.jpeg (54.4 KB, 750x1334, 339653388_1292134118315249_221…)

>she has no chance at winning this case
No one can win a case when there isn’t one to begin with. It is funny though because continuously threatening legal action is illegal and can be a punishable crime kek (3/3)

No. 1801809

File: 1680559442716.png (102.86 KB, 1048x1052, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 3.03…)

She thinks posting the other girl's DMs and posts are a gotcha! moment but she's just making herself look worse. She's the one that's going off the rails and veering into harassment territory. She's the one that is proud about making rude remarks and name-calling.

No. 1801813

Taking bets on how much longer it'll be before she starts using this as an opportunity to e-beg for mUtUaL aId

No. 1801819

File: 1680560742275.png (61.06 KB, 631x711, milku.png)

All hail Elsie, queen regent of the ruling class

No. 1801821

“This isn’t drama”, she squawks as she posts her 35th post regarding a situation that she chose to take public instead of just DMing the parties involved privately.

No. 1801836

B-But nona, your metadata! Beaky is going to find you and sue you!

No. 1801848

File: 1680564117133.jpeg (138.41 KB, 1062x1306, image.jpeg)

And here Katherine lets the mask slip completely as she herself calls what she's doing to Margaux abuse

No. 1801856

Gee, with tweets like these it sure is impossible to see why Margaux would have to reach out to other people after interacting with Kathy.

"You spoke up about me so you deserve the abuse" is victim blaming

No. 1801861

Does she know that random accounts will watch your stories even if you just post art or whatever? It's just part of being on Instagram, doesn't mean they're haters. Could very well be bots since 0 follower bot accounts send advertising stuff in the dms.
But of course everything is a personal attack and not just something that happens to everyone on Instagram.

No. 1801863

File: 1680565567612.jpeg (231.96 KB, 1060x1639, image.jpeg)

She isn't stopping but that's okay because she's just digging a deeper hole each time she posts. "People dislike me once they see the real me" is not the statement she thinks it is.

No. 1801869

Not to wk Margaux but uh, she has 81 followers and mainly retweets random cute things. She may have given you a handout but how is what she doing stealing marketing? What marketing does Kathy even have??

No. 1801870

If you want to catch her on a technicality this would mean that whatever "marketing" information she shared with her was absolute dog shit

No. 1801914

File: 1680571660760.png (166.3 KB, 1058x878, Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 6.28…)


No. 1801979

keep proving us right kathy, zero self-awareness.

No. 1802057

rattle elsewhere skelly

No. 1802083

Ntayrt but sounds you should maybe put down the snacks too

No. 1802143

Worst thing about it is, there are some terminally submissive dumbfucks around who will gladly obey.

No. 1802147

Kathy has actually zero muscle tone; it's amazing. She lives in walkable New York yet her calf muscles are that of a wheelchair user. She has a diet of carbs, pills, and weed. What would be a healthy weight for others isn't healthy on her because of how little muscle she has: it's all fat. Her bf% is probably unhealthy like an overweight person if she got measured. It would be an easy fix and cost $0, but she chooses to look like that while also trying to make money off her body.

No. 1802174

>"You dont need to pay rent this month"
The typed script of her digital dominatrix larp is pure Republican neoliberal economic shame and wishing poverty on people.

No. 1802199

She can only validate herself by using violent language to stigmatize mental health and shame women who set healthy boundaries as a shield from her abuse; calling her names, sharing her full legal name, threatening legal action on women who disagree. If it happens to Kathy, wow. Rules for some, but not for one!

She truly is a poor man's baby Jane but even more than that, she is the run-of-the-mill average textbook narcissist who pretends to be a sexworker.

No. 1802205

Christ, she has shit taste. I'd love to see what kind of clown ass outfit she'd make with these hats and her 3 sex worker larp outfits since we all know her wardrobe is actually just shitty athleisure

No. 1802244

She tells on herself constantly!

There is no way the person posting these 25 'highly-bothered' stories has actually sold her body/mind to a satisfaction-seeking male. Ever.

Her paper thin ego is in direct conflict with her righteous chinwagging. It's clear that she really needs people to believe she is a successful NYC dominatrix and not just another sensitive neoliberal white woman.

No. 1802477

When she claims to be a radical then demands someone send her money for luxury goods. It's demented.

No. 1802479

> I barely have time to take care of myself and survive

You mean she has gainful employment now that she's not planning to quit or sue? I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 1802483

Margaux's banner has some feather boa and long gloves with diamantes on them on it.
Kathy thinks she owns those things as an image, her "original costume" etc.

No. 1802493

Ah yes how can I forget that Kathy is the pioneer of the tattooed-white-woman-who-likes-quasi-vintage-aesthetics look

No. 1802501

File: 1680665043205.jpeg (64.16 KB, 750x1334, 339188930_193571040086427_2209…)

I'm stealing this from the first thread because it's relevant to picrel that she posted today:
>How does this bitch manage to appropriate the word femme so hard and hate lesbians so hard, while apparently having no clue what femme actually means and that it's a lesbian thing?

No. 1802506

She has gone on tirades over people wearing leather and latex because "vanilla people don't educate themselves on BDSM garment's culture and significance!!" yet thinks it's okay to ignore the entire history behind the term femme. It's not for troons and queer-baiting straight women retard.

No. 1802692

Plus harm reduction is an oxymoron when it comes to drugs; it’s just enabling with a more PC name

No. 1802765

File: 1680717285879.jpg (439.25 KB, 1920x1920, InCollage_20230405_135426576.j…)

I don't think beaky should be bringing up style stealing and skin walking…

No. 1802896

OT but not really. HIV and other infectious diseases/bacterium affect communities beyond just their druggies. Preventing their spread with needle exchanges and the like ends up being a net good. Kathy is using the term incorrectly, as usual. Harm reduction is in no way tutting about how coffee-drinkers are the real junkies.

No. 1802920

File: 1680738314301.jpeg (315.06 KB, 1174x2447, image.jpeg)

Trannies on twitter and the voices inside your head are not real therapists Katie

No. 1802964

> Some people are unable to be rehabilitated

For someone who screams about being so leftist and radical, this is the most conservative-ass take I've seen

No. 1802978

File: 1680745638875.png (86.17 KB, 1182x1322, Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 4.40…)

No. 1802995

File: 1680747857350.png (112.07 KB, 1180x1072, Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 4.13…)

Except you did know because we told you from day one. Should start listening to farmers instead of calling us alt-right extremist terrorists.

No. 1802999

I know this is nit picking a little bit and that Katherine is a fucking idiot, but does she not recognize how ridiculous this sounds when she bases so much of her persona on restorative justice? Many restorative justice models quite literally do build in rehabilitation plans for sexual abusers, predators, and other people who perpetrate harm. Doesn't mean it isn't pie in the sky retarded, but the amount she tells on her self blows my mind.

No. 1803023

All she does is complain about the few johns she gets. Yes Kathy, we know coomer moids are disgusting & predatory. But you call us “swerfs” for pointing it out, so go lie in the bed you made.

No. 1803166

She's lumping her favourite word, stalkers, that she uses to refer to the farms, in with literal rapists and saying karma will deliver. Shes so unhinged

No. 1804119

It's almost like sex work isn't an enjoyable career move.

No. 1804199

iirc she had multiple sissies in her replies like a year ago or whatever and spoke fondly about them at the time. She seems like someone who has to stick their hand in the (metaphorical) fire to check it's hot rather than using her common sense.
Men dressing as women because they get off on how "degrading" it is to wear clothes intended for women are assholes, more news at 10

No. 1804240

File: 1680817173510.jpeg (103.87 KB, 828x1205, FE4E70A9-C436-4C52-913B-5F7CA3…)

Um ok kathy, use none of your critical thinking skills or reading skills to develop an opinion yourself- just ask twitter

No. 1804355

Her opinion doesn't go beyond "white rich man bad" so she needs twits to validate it

No. 1804389

What in God’s name is she talking about

No. 1804450

File: 1680835825683.jpeg (362.59 KB, 3783x1334, 0000.jpeg)

Because tattoos and scarification are great for pain

No. 1804452

She should fix her nose first, and get that tongue thrusting thing addressed.

No. 1804468

She's capitalizing disabled now? Girl get a grip.

No. 1804477

Sounds like something AI would spit out kek

No. 1804481

File: 1680841367890.png (103.71 KB, 1194x1272, Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 4.13…)

Referencing her fucked up family while pretending she is a completely normal person that totally doesn't have any personality disorders will never not be amusing

No. 1804485

wow! i can't believe that old porn addicted misogynist pervert johns are bad people! who would've thunk it?
her dumb ass probably imagined she'd be elegantly giving a decent-looking man her old lady drag makeover instead of getting dick pics of old geriatric creeps in tutus and chastity cages. she genuinely thinks that men have sissy fetishes because they appreciate femininity and want to be empowered or whatever and not because they find the idea of being a woman degrading and humiliating. she doesn't live in reality.

No. 1804500

She really believed these perverted old johns saw her as a “Goddess” and wanted to “submit” to her for real, and reality is starting to set in. Nope, they just use their money to manipulate dumb broke young women like you and use you to enact their gross misogynistic fetishes. They don’t care about communism or redistributing their wealth toward femme labor or any of the bullshit you use to justify your job. They respect you about as much as a dirty sock, because that’s all they see you as. Just something to facilitate the coom and get thrown away.

No. 1804633

"no outlining, no black ink"
so it's gonna look like a blurry piece of shit within a year tops, great thinking Kathy

No. 1804666

File: 1680876406252.jpg (31.94 KB, 525x311, dommetomororw.JPG)

did she delete her comment?

No. 1804910

She did kek

No. 1804916

File: 1680901450080.jpeg (226.44 KB, 750x1334, 46960283-A674-433C-B59E-077C87…)

>female supremacist
>calls neckbeard boyfriend her “owner”
Pick one Katherine

No. 1804920

What luxury…hardware from Home Depot & pearls from the craft store. Maybe this Baby Jane looking bitch IS disabled…blind.

No. 1804930

Damn she hasn't even had that thing for two years and it looks like utter shit. She doesn't take care of anything she owns.

No. 1804934

That means it's been at least 3 years since she's escaped "domestic abuse."

No. 1804957

Ok, I understand the implications of "daddy" and "owner," but what the fuck does "handler" entail?

No. 1804958

Ok, I understand the implications of "daddy" and "owner," but what the fuck does "handler" entail?

No. 1804967

She's using low grade hobo wear as a backdrop for her hilarious owner/handler shoutout.

This gives big 'kathy the Dumpyard dog' energy

No. 1804981

It's just a more polite way of saying "tard-wrangler," beaky is special needs, but very brave!

No. 1805035

I would pay good money to have her brother come in here and spill the tea. She paints her family as violent, abusive, controlling, neglectful.

No. 1805036

I'm still wondering what makes this style specifically "Korean". Also a bow, how tacky. It was tacky back in the mid 2000s.

No. 1805267

Anon just google Korean tattoos. SK tattoo trend is super realistic single-needle microtattoos. Also the artist of the tattoo she posted is literally based out of Korea.

No. 1805294

My sides..the literal hardware kekkk

No. 1805701

It's really weird that it's coming from a narc like Kathy, but she's completely right in that regard. Some people cannot be rehabilitated and that's not a conservative idea. Real leftists realize there is still a need for confinement, imagine dangerous psychopaths who literally cannot be rehabilitated because they refuse it amongst the general public, it would be horrifying and pretty illogical. There's rehab and treatment where possible but there simply will be those who refuse it completely due to disorders. Crazy coming from her who probably has manipulated therapists before, bitch probably drops out so quick too lol

No. 1805766

File: 1681043518661.jpeg (29.2 KB, 347x405, Sid_Vicious_1978_(cropped).jpe…)

heres some additional inspiration for you, gorl

No. 1805822

Maybe if someone puts it in the thumbnail next time, she'll stop wearing it. I don't think I've seen her in her cat print hat since the start of this thread.

No. 1805865

In that case can we combine it with the awful clips-in-wig she insists on doing?

No. 1806175

That's why the quarantine model is preferable. Criminality is treated like an illness that could harm the wider population, so the criminal is quarantined and treated until they are safe to be back among the general population. They are not demonized or dehumanized, they are simply treated like they have a sickness that requires care (which is accurate).

No. 1806516

File: 1681160871119.jpeg (68.88 KB, 750x1334, 340490755_191402683656707_1036…)

She is so tacky. Black lines down the back of her legs bows, and fucking diamonds scream trash… not ~luxury porcelain doll~

No. 1806519

She truly is Long Island white trash

No. 1806569

Oh Kathy, if you want non outlined tacky jewels and ribbons with loads of white ink shoved in, there's a fellow chronically ill cow over in pt that you should hit up!

No. 1806644

File: 1681176283859.jpeg (90.23 KB, 750x1334, 340318588_775459763795672_4836…)

Learn facial harmony first

No. 1806678

She renders her fashion degree useless by not having a single clue about aesthetics. Elective plastic/cosmetic surgery isn't like getting tattoos; it is something she absolutely should not dabble in. I've posted about this before but she did go in for a breast augmentation consultation a couple years ago and backed out. Luckily she's pretty much dropped all talks of ps but she's stuck on this "pixie" nose bullshit going as far as using women who had botched nose jobs as references. She's also used people's fan art. Not good at all. A drastic rhinoplasty like that would leave her with a pig nose no matter what and god only knows what other complications.

Her nose is bigger, yes, but she has almost ten threads full of really good advice that would really benefit her but she chooses to ignore all of it. Her makeup, hair, style, and retard tongue thrusting has only gotten worse. Doubling down on terrible styling because you think a botched nose job, scarification, and tacky trailer trash tattoos will make it better is beyond backwards.

No. 1806699

this super pointy nose looks so bad omg. she's gonna look like michael jackson

No. 1806701

File: 1681182518412.png (107.72 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20230410-230848-957…)

I lost it at the 3rd tweet

No. 1806703

File: 1681182642839.png (107.94 KB, 1170x1132, Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 6.56…)

They type these things out yet do not see the absolute irony. Tragic.

No. 1806719

Kathy out here taking Ls from herself lmfao

No. 1806722

She's talking about getting scarification from someone who isn't a body mod artist, and even half of those guys are butchers. For someone who talks about her disability and protecting her body so much she's really playing it fast and lose with necrotic tissue and dying of infection

No. 1806740

File: 1681187503122.png (123.25 KB, 472x834, Beaky's magnificent find.png)

This is probably the funniest post she's made in a while, she's clearly reposting someone's instagram picture posed for sale and acting like she happened across this at a vintage store and potentially bought it instead of just browsing instagram vintage resellers and posting a picture of something she just happened to like among already curated goods

No. 1806767

File: 1681190943026.jpg (96.71 KB, 750x1334, 338927340_1680674162352284_760…)

It was listed on Etsy for almost $300, I think she actually bought it. It was even funnier last week, she posted it for the first time in her stories and then proceeded to sperg out about being "stalked" by Margaux and was all "I don't understand how people can be so hateful when I'm just here barely surviving uwu" >>1801729

No. 1806777

>black pantyhose line tattoos, heart nipples, and diamond tattoos
All she's missing is those ugly bow tattoos on the back of her thighs and a "bump it" in her hair.

No. 1806793

Ah, Beaky squawks standards? What's on her playlist? My money's on:
>My Funny Valentine
>Stella By Starlight
>Body And Soul
>Love For Sale
>Take The 'A' Train (for Mistress Velvet, obvs)
>Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
>You Go To My Head
>The Way You Look Tonight
I would recommend she also use
>Don't Get Around Much Anymore
>It's Only A Paper Moon
>The Lady Is A Tramp
>I Can't Get Started
>The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
>I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
>Lush Life
>But Not For Me
And perhaps my favorite
>Tea For Three

No. 1806870

"its only a paper moon" always reminds me of blanche dubois. how fitting.

No. 1807064

"I ride the fatass scooter at Walmart's because I CAN." [insert some dumbshit emoji here]

No. 1807159

File: 1681251334697.png (134.93 KB, 1186x1146, Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 6.55…)

Kek and then the other one roasted her styling

No. 1807353

The third tweet reads as a Mary Sue describing her looks in a self-insert story a teenager wrote kek

No. 1807523

this is so dire. I actually feel bad for them. a bunch of failed hookers in an oversaturated market desperately deliberating how to tweak their personal styles (arguably the last remaining thing that brings them joy in their life) to sell themselves better to men they admit are pornbrained and wont appreciate their busted burlesque styles for shit

No. 1807714

This made me depressed, how much do they even make from pretending sex work is real work? Why not get a WFH job answering calls if you want to be degraded so bad? At least that's consistent income and you don't have to change your look every few weeks to keep up with the competition. I know Beaky is bleak but the women who make just enough to scrape by are even bleaker, like MLM victims who sell their cars and homes to 'invest in their business'.

No. 1807783

>Why not get a WFH job answering calls if you want to be degraded so bad?
ily anon

No. 1807822

Phone sex lines are still a thing. She could always get a job as a phone sex operator.

No. 1807857

With her shaky voice and lack of sensuality? Even they have standards higher than that kek

No. 1808289

File: 1681428994824.jpeg (81.96 KB, 1500x1334, lol.jpeg)

Bet this is about that goth woman the neckbeard had on Twitch that was taking pictures in Kathy's room

No. 1808299

I’ve always found it odd how she brags her boring flash tattoos that every alt basic bitch on earth has are actually LuXuRiOuS and ExCLuSiVe. Next she’ll get a 2009 Tumblr mustache finger tattoo and claim it’s a witty & sophisticated play on gender that only the classiest johns will understand kek

No. 1808364

File: 1681437631868.jpg (25.26 KB, 750x1334, 340977073_114867391575655_7333…)

Here she is telling on herself again. She claims she's a victim of domestic violence and was abused by her parents from a young age, yet only became cynical a few years ago? The exact timing of which happens to match with when she went no contact with them and stopped getting their financial support.

No. 1808456

Don't you forget about your flabby bum, snowflake.

No. 1808905

File: 1681553551296.jpeg (113.32 KB, 1170x1001, IMG_7365.jpeg)

Her billionaire delusions are seriously my favorite. The only time male billionaires “lose” any money due to women is during divorce settlements - and even then they don’t “lose it all”. They especially aren’t losing it all over wannabe twitter sEx WoRkErS. Since she’s so educated on prostitution she should already be aware that real hoes hate extremely wealthy men because they’re cheaper than any other clients.

No. 1808915

istg the only thing Kathy thinks is "how could I make this about Me". How do you look at that tweet and decide it's definitely about your stupid LARP. She's so bad at everything she claims to be - this tweet would have been a great one for her communist LARP and she could have replied something about guillotines but instead she had to make it about her bullshit "multiple Forbes 100 list men have tried to fine and dine me" daydream. Not to mention that not a single billionaire has ever lost everything for a woman. She has zero grasp of reality and it shows.

No. 1809210

at least they can afford a decent escort…

No. 1809259

She needs to start writing shitty romance novels about a poor keweer disabled wealthy Marxist femme submissive dominatrixe and her many millionaire suitors. It's the only way she'll be able to make a living and she spends all her free time writing this shit anyway.

No. 1809299

She's bitched about men that make $100k being cheap and demanding… what makes her think billionaires are any better? She should read more about Trump and Stormy Daniels because men like that eren't spending their own money on these women kek

No. 1810030

Kath keeps forgetting that most businessmen are proven psychopaths. The only thing these cretins like about beautiful women is that they are desired by others. They have no actual concept of attraction and beauty. It’s so cringe.

No. 1810172

File: 1681707742723.jpeg (260.55 KB, 1500x1334, m.jpeg)

For an anarchist anti-capitalist queen she sure loves dumping money she doesn't even have into overpriced fast fashion mircotrends she'll either never wear or only wear once. Nitpick but selling this crap through stories is so tacky especially when you know she's doing it because she's too lazy to list shit on ebay.

No. 1810263

She's selling it because she's gained weight

No. 1810286

god, it doesn't even look good on the tall skinny model

No. 1810337


I know people like this who peaked in their late teens-early 20s during the 2000s and still live in some mental cryogenic 2000s suicidegirls/blockbuster video bubble dreamstate but this doesn't apply to he because she is about 10-1 too young. I know early 2000s shit is popular with really young zoomers but I thought it was more paris hilton and tmz and 9/11 crap? not rock of love tier shit kekeke

No. 1810581

She's going to be 26 this year so it's not like she was a toddler when this stuff was popular.

No. 1811493

File: 1681914130491.jpeg (561.41 KB, 3222x3222, FDAF6CB3-32D0-45FA-A9BC-A110A8…)

If anyone was curious what she looked like when she was younger and less doughy, it isn’t much better. You can see she’s wearing both the dresses she posted, so clearly she’s too fat for them now

No. 1811498

It's such a shame. Her hair is nice; it's shiny and long. She just needs any kind of bangs to make it look good, but refuses to get them. (someone said because her mom had bangs? There are so many styles of bangs!)
Her makeup makes her look like she's in her 30s in those photos though

No. 1811801

File: 1681940900644.jpg (106.48 KB, 2250x1334, image (1).jpg)

Really sticking it to the man! You sure showed them! Pathetic.

No. 1811823

That's a great idea. Piss off the person who is in charge of coordinating repairs for the place you live. You'll totally be able to talk him out of raising your rent now.

No. 1811828

This bitch just cannot help but burn bridges and ruin relationships. I bet Grunk daddy is having a fucking blast with chubby mallgoth while Beaky Becky seethes about her landlord on instagram.

No. 1811842

File: 1681943571311.jpg (218.83 KB, 1170x2053, image (2).jpg)

True narc behavior telling people no one will be there for them just because she doesn't like them. The world doesn't revolve around you beaky and will in fact still turn when you're not here. Her hard on for landlords is funny though.

No. 1811871

File: 1681946081917.jpg (71.7 KB, 1170x2080, 341558847_2326034447586763_424…)

>I bet Grunk daddy is having a fucking blast with chubby mallgoth
He is kek

No. 1811879

I mean you're definitely right that she's a miserable bitch no one wants to be around, but lets also keep in mind there's a 0% chance she actually said that to her landlord.

No. 1811890

I don't care enough to go back and look but she definitely claimed to have said this to at least one other landlord kek she's a liar who reuses stories because she has zero imagination

No. 1811911

It’s always the most useless Twitter addicted shut-ins who sperg about all the badass things they’re going to do during the “revolution”, huh?

No. 1811924

Can someone explain why someone who owns enough property they can rent it out to others would also need to rent out their body? And why would a sex worker tell their John about their other forms of income?
Would it be considered an upgrade to go from looking like a neckbeard to looking like better-fed Rasputin?
She can't be bothered to do bodyweight exercises idk what revolution she thinks she'll be participating in

No. 1811942

Ironic because Kathy absolutely strikes me as the sort of person who would be a landlord, sorry, someone who “invests in real estate” and “manages properties.” She’s allergic to actually working for a living.

No. 1811954

It sure conflicts with her millionaire clientbase. People with money own and profit from real estate.

No. 1811972

I would say if she had the funds she would jump at the chance to become a landlord/invest in properties but she believes Swarovski crystals are a valuable investment so… The concepts of money management and wealth are completely lost on her.

No. 1811980

File: 1681958519003.jpg (1.57 MB, 2250x2668, image (4).jpg)

None of this makes sense. She starts off the rant singling out sex worker landlords yet ends it randomly with queer landlords. Since when are landlords overlords? What does Elon Musk have to do with landlords? Why does she still believe coomers care what their jerk-off material thinks about them? What revolution is she speaking of? Why does she think she wouldn't be the first to go during one? kek

iT's GiViNg schizophrenia, especially when she has picrel's mess posted on her story at the same time

No. 1811981

Past threads indicate that she gets political when she gets medicated

No. 1811990

File: 1681959906534.jpeg (233.43 KB, 1170x1617, IMG_7601.jpeg)

Followed up with a grid of designer logos. Very anti-capitalist anti-consumerism anarchic-communism of her.

No. 1812009

Completely schizo. This is the same person bragging about “Forbes 500 billionaires wining and dining her” yet rants incoherently about “queer landlords” - bitch who do YOU think is more evil from a Marxist viewpoint? And then there’s the incessant >>1811990 fetishization of bourgeois status symbols even though she’s a “communist.” It’s giving mentally ill.

No. 1812021

File: 1681963356768.jpeg (25.09 KB, 249x275, IMG_7600.jpeg)

> Are you really that horny to be subjugated by your capitalist overlords who would not even blink if you dropped dead?
Her retard drug brain must’ve forgot that this is the exact premise of her larp. The line right after her claiming to be perused by billionaires was about wanting subs to worship her alleged designer shoe and jewelry collection. She puts out fantasy tweets where the sub/client dies and she gets all the money. She has quotes on her pages about how greedy she is. Her entire larp is her trying to be a “capitalist overlord”. She should be ranting about the corporations buying up properties, not pedestrian landlords that live in poverty right next to her.

No. 1812030

Honestly it's easy to see how she can see "I suck your wallet dry" as a way of sticking it to those "capitalistic overlords". She's just too stupid to realize it makes her almost as bad as them when pretending she bathes in their blood money

No. 1812071

When will she realise that showing off the logos of luxus brands is so tacky and no one who is actually wealthy wears clothes and accessories plastered with the Chanel logos. It's like buying the cheapest trinket from a luxury brand in order to claim that you own said brand while being piss poor. Show us some actual Class, Kathy.

No. 1812094

what gets me is that the dress on the left isn't even ugly or visibly 'off-trend'. like, it's a pale pink, gauzy dress in a classic feminine style - the only 'out there' thing is the little glittery hearts, which really isn't that insane. it could be a perfectly cute little statement piece for nice events and parties and it wouldn't look tacky or stupid like most tiktok trend items do (aka the dress on the left). what a waste

No. 1812112

jfc get a job katherine

No. 1812190

God damn get some work done on that beak. look, I'm not all pro plastic surgery, but when it's the first thing your eyes fixate on, there's a problem.

No. 1812196

Kathy marking-up the forward and introduction so the highlighter soaks through the pages says it all: dumb and righteous

No. 1812197

Love that she's highlighting she only read the first 3 pages

No. 1812200

Kathy marking-up the forward and introduction so the highlighter soaks through the pages says it all: dumb and righteous

No. 1812216

>Pretend'Gotcha Landlord' fantasies
>Ew Queer landlords
>Ew SW landlords

Kek- Kathy the comrade is really on one.
How dare marginalized people aspire to owning their own property and renting it out to non-homeowning strangers.

No. 1812487

File: 1682046521631.png (38.36 KB, 1076x721, Screenshot_20230329-234407~2.p…)

Why would you share your delusions of an uprising against the upper class on your luxury findomme twitter?! Also did she really just imply violence against queer people is justified if they're landlords? She did the smart thing and dirty deleted all of these. Here's a couple of deleted ones in a similar vein from the end of March, it's like clockwork now.

No. 1812522

How to tell when Kathy remembers she'll never be able to afford a penthouse in NYC

No. 1812523

I am a librarian, and it makes me want to cry. Textbooks can be highlighted, but standard paperbacks shouldn't. Use a pencil!

No. 1812533

File: 1682055282537.jpg (22.23 KB, 273x357, 71-9elozuzL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Tinfoil: rent is due

No. 1812539

This is so obviously pointed at someone. What landlord sw is she jealous of?

No. 1812540

yeah i wasn't convinced before and thought it was just the weed but something is definitely wrong with her head.
what's important is the content of the text, not the book as an item… if at least it makes her read let her scribble

No. 1812542

At the same time she posted >>1812487 she was bickering with a fssw who was also a landlord. I wish I didn't delete the caps because the fssw called out Kathy's woke bs. She immediately dirty deleted everything and has been bitter about it ever since kek if anyone has a twitter account you could probably find the other woman's tweets

No. 1812743

File: 1682096462239.jpg (121.69 KB, 819x1024, long-hair-with-bangs-2021-styl…)

Free Hair
She could take one of those harsh lipsticks and melt it down with some vaseline, or oil + beeswax, and make a tinted lip balm from it. She could use a lighter hand to apply the eye makeup. I know I'm a bit late on this, but she doesn't even have to spend money to look better. It doesn't matter that I'm posting this on here because she does the opposite of whatever good advice is in her thread.

No. 1812971

I get you anon. Her natural hair is so good it's a damn shame it has to fight it out for attention with the shitty drag queen eyemakeup and bad costumes.

No. 1813001

File: 1682130813022.png (32.6 KB, 1180x496, Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 7.29.…)

Landlords are the problem but not her calling "chefs, pastry-makers, chauffeurs, masseurs, physical therapists, tailors, couturiers, benefactors, investors, etc" servants. K.

No. 1813005

File: 1682131279665.jpg (45.07 KB, 345x534, 6b9a15fef5cebeef154c82a611dafd…)

No. 1813018

Why would anyone be investing in her if she doesn't have any skills?

No. 1813101

Her sentiment isn't a strange one. We all would like to be more comfortable financially. But fucking christ, even in Star Trek where there is no money, people gotta do something meaningful and productive. Bitching on twitter isn't meaningful or productive. Ill fitting shitty domme wear isn't meaningful or productive.
She needs to realize she's a very small and ugly fish in a big pond. Move the fuck on to a secretarial type job or something.

No. 1813142

Kek shit like this is what makes her my favourite cow. The sheer levels of delusion are unprecedented. Girl you barely make enough money to get by, you really think actual professions are gonna be begging to offer their services to you??
>only offer yourself for use if you’re actually useful
Pure insanity coming from a woman with literally no skills, very little employment history, who can’t even dance despite the fact she’s been larping as a glorified stripper for the last few years.

No. 1813145

File: 1682156644053.png (31.07 KB, 1192x540, Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 7.30.…)

She says this as if her only content isn't pictures of stale pastries

No. 1813158

Sqeezing that flabby, undefined ass into some spandex won't solve your problems, my dear…

No. 1813186

I can’t believe her Wishlist (wishtender) has a million dollar home request as if someone is going to pay $100 for her let alone 1,000,000. I love her delusion

No. 1813239

So is she about to buy a second outfit or something? Also how is she about to go full rubber fetishist as the Dom when it's the sub who gets all the restrictive gear? Is she going to hire men to model restrictive clothes while she acts dommy to them? Or is she just going to buy some overpriced plastic shit off a Chinese reseller and add it to her already messy Dom outfit?
Also for real, if we were to have a communist or anarchist uprising what would beaky even contribute? It can't be hookering or selling her body in any way. Her ~fashion~ skills are useless if she can't actually sew clothing or at least design a practical outfit made from fabric scraps or something

No. 1813257


This will be glorious. Just imagine her aliexpress rubber outfits w her Amazon latx boots.
This will be TOP. KEK

No. 1813293

It amazes me how bad she is at this KEK
IMO all this means is she's going to repost more of other people's content in the laziest attempt possible to rebrand and get more engagement without doing any real work. She couldn't even borrow anything to cobble together an outfit for a photoshoot she wanted to do a few weeks ago >>1799061

No. 1813469

File: 1682210439124.jpg (152.31 KB, 1080x1350, 342726112_1525081844566463_328…)

She edited out her chin. Interesting choice.

No. 1813473

Did she try to edit her nose too? It looks wrong and shifted left to me (but my depth perception is trash so excuse me if I'm totally off)

No. 1813478

>Twisted bra strap
>Where did her collarbones go
>Face shape edited to Cinderella's pink dress stepsister including the nose lines and slight jowling
>Bra band weirdly loose even though the cups fit
>Tattoos edited into ghosts
Man, she really needs to bite the bullet and get bangs. That angle is not flattering.

No. 1813483

File: 1682212281575.jpg (37.79 KB, 750x1334, 342734020_922227225659821_8418…)

Oh now she doesn't like catcalling after treating it like a flex for years? kek

No. 1813485

She really takes pointers about femininity from troons; bird feathers, Amazon polyester outfit, chipped nail polish, Baby Jane makeup

No. 1813515

>if you're a man and don't call out other men for harrassment, we're done
Kind of specific… is she trying to refer indirectly to her caveman daddy? I wonder.

No. 1813518

File: 1682216327433.webm (460.76 KB, 720x1280, spiderus.webm)


No. 1813558

The outside certainly reflects the inside

No. 1813712

Oh no, did she actually go out public in this underwear looking top? She really needs some sort of intervention in her life.

No. 1814045

File: 1682305953328.jpg (144.04 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpg)

Landlord rant continues kek tinfoil because it may not be intentional but she worded this like she went to Columbia when she didn't

No. 1814058

My least favorite of her bullshit
>no resorted
Girl wtf is a resource to you other than someone coddling you and telling you you're too pretty to work

No. 1814065

NYU employed her and were providing her prescriptions which were no doubt either low cost or free on top of her family paying 99% of her tuition and rent. But sure she had no help, support, or resources because how dare the school not give her opioids whenever she demanded them!

No. 1814081

Shock horror, large university needs to own a lot of real estate.

No. 1814222

No one on Earth should be shocked an American university that pre-dates the fucking declaration of independence has a decent real estate portfolio that is majority institutional. She wants someone to buy her a $750,000 house via the internet with zero interaction but a university having 19 libraries is "unconscionable".

No. 1814225

Her private university degree that she didn't even pay for belongs to someone else if that's how she views the education she received

No. 1814248

She is the poster child for white privilege, some part of her has to be aware of it and make her seethe to oblivion. Queue all her virtue signaling and self serving nonsense. It's truly impressive how one can gaslight themselves into the most victimized person on the face of earth while somehow having one and a half functional braincells that must must remind them how full of shit they are.

No. 1814853

File: 1682411858679.png (819.73 KB, 1178x974, Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 1.38.…)

Third time is definitely not the charm for this tired ass tweet she keep recycling

No. 1814942

File: 1682434121592.jpeg (41.85 KB, 736x920, E167E32F-8909-419B-B13D-179A5D…)

Her hairline was always tragic, but it kills me to see how she went from having some potential for an elegant, feminine sense of style to dollar store knockoff Barbie.

No. 1814979

God Beaky has such a tragic body type for someone trying to do the classic pinup/burlesque look. Girl needed to eat good and actually exercise but guess she couldn’t bc muh disability kek

No. 1814992

At least this time she learned that the éclaire is the better dick reference as opposed to macarons kek

No. 1815013

Endometriosis doesn't prevent people from eating healthy or taking walks. She looks the way she does because she's entirely sedentary and subsists off weed and carbs. Lifestyle-wise she's Shay 2.0, including LARPing as a domme while orbiting ugly neckbeard moids.

No. 1815211

File: 1682464477910.png (664.89 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20230425-191217-712…)

I like how she had nothing better to do at 1AM on a Tuesday than go through her own timeline and reply to old tweet from over a month ago, with the same bad joke she made back then (but I'm assuming had deleted for whatever reason)

No. 1815232

File: 1682466283059.png (31.28 KB, 1080x740, Screenshot_20230425-081947~2.p…)

Same anon, here's a deleted tweet from this morning where she's talking about what she supposedly did during the weekend, ofc with no pictures or any interesting content. I wonder if it's because it never happened or she realized how un-luxurious it made her look (hanging out at Central Park with your boyfriend… instead of going somewhere that costs money). Even funnier in context with some other deleted tweets announcing her grand weekend plans

No. 1815241

File: 1682466978512.png (45.76 KB, 1080x914, Screenshot_20230414-234017~3.p…)

From a couple of weeks ago and deleted before the weekend started. Again, either it never happened or she realized how unsexy it was to basically say her luxury LARP version of "I'm going to Macy's and picking up my dry cleaning" along with "teehee I don't do hallucinogenic drugs spontaneously!"

No. 1815242

From the looks of this post >>1813518 he took her to a dive bar with karaoke kek ultra-glamorous Michelin star status!

No. 1815262

File: 1682468645918.png (813.05 KB, 1080x3774, Screenshot_20230425-202204-831…)

More cringe from today with a side of gatekeeping.
Good catch anon! I didn't see the video, thanks for pointing it out KEK. So that means she wore this out >>1813469. Why couldn't she share her obviously superior sense of style for all the Twitter findommes and finsubs to marvel at when she is clearly an authority on the subject? Hmmm

No. 1815319

She looks like a toddler taking a dump with that pose.

No. 1815462


Can someone more well versed in e-whorery explain to me why she always ask for such small amounts.
Does she think $125 for a lunch is a lot of money or does she ask for it because she know she ain't worth more?

And when do we get to see the LV bag she's posing with?

No. 1815520

She's got the mind of someone raised in poverty. Weird, since her family is well off. She thinks that anything over $25 is a lot for food (see her constantly parading pastries around like trophies) and she's not self aware enough to understand that this is both hilarious and embarrassing.
Also I don't think the bag is hers. I'd bet on her taking photos with a real LV at the store, then buying a fake if she wants to continue the luxury LARP. She lives in New York, she can LARP a life of untold luxury on a shoestring budget if she uses her brain, but we all know she's too stupid for that.

No. 1815530

She doesn’t have the mind of someone raised in poverty; she’s a broke adult (due to her own actions) that grew up lower middle class in Long Island who has based her entire larp around what she thought was luxury as a ten year old in 2007 because that’s what she has romanticized

No. 1815607

You're more likely to get multiple reimbursements on a smaller amount.

10 guys send you $100 > 1 guy sends you $500

No. 1815723

just like some blowup doll, congrats

No. 1815745

File: 1682538967499.jpeg (269.1 KB, 1242x2016, F5A6BB1E-8259-41E9-86AC-1C9D5B…)

i’m sorry, but this is really tacky-looking tbh….

No. 1815749

File: 1682539301556.png (42 KB, 1242x2208, 05995517-CBDF-4D79-B3F4-34CDBC…)

I’m sorry, but those ladies tied to heels sculptures are so trashy-looking imo

No. 1815758

Didn't she go to NYU? No lower middle class family is affording that, even with scholarships. Kathy's gotta be at least regular old middle class

No. 1815860

She went to a public high school and grew up in a regular house. Her dad took out loans for her tuition. For Long Island, she’s lower middle class. For the city she’s broke as fuck.

No. 1815868

NYU is such a trashy overrated school

No. 1815934

50k a year of trash

No. 1815956

>No lower middle class family is affording that
Nonny this is extremely braindead

No. 1816048

File: 1682570807799.jpg (226.54 KB, 3000x1334, image (6).jpg)

Deleted from last night. I don't give a shit about Apartheid Clyde's feelings but she continuing the pattern of telling people no one will be there for them. She really loves to tell people things like that. Projection much?

No. 1816063

Lesbian Visibility day and not a peep from the bleeding heart sjw woke queen

No. 1816212

For someone who screams so much about social justice, she does not have a single kind bone in her body. Like it’s almost unnerving to me how genuinely nasty she is.

No. 1816227

There really is a pattern. All nine threads have multiple instances of her telling entire groups of people that they are hated, unloved, unworthy, disposable, only good for sex, and so on. She thinks she is taking the high ground every time but the reality is she is a very bitter and spiteful woman.

No. 1816797

File: 1682667929448.jpeg (36.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7895.jpeg)

Bet the ‘malpractice’ is not giving her pills on demand just like last time

No. 1816905

People like Kathy will get into beef with everyone they encounter and claim everyone is “abusive” before they’ll ever self-reflect. She’s fallen out with every employer, health care provider and community she’s ever been involved with, but she’ll never acknowledge she’s the problem.

No. 1817172

Yep, another pattern is she'll find someone or something to take advantage of and she'll sing their praises… Only to turn around and start trashing the other party when the relationship inevitably sours because of her. She did it to her former "best friend"/roommate, her former femsub, and now this clinic that gives free healthcare to LGBTQ+ community. Who's next I wonder?

No. 1817234

When there are issues everywhere you go, you're the problem

No. 1817237

File: 1682723959648.jpg (77.74 KB, 750x1334, 343631589_170874552234645_2821…)

Amphetamine abuse arc incoming

No. 1817239

It's the weed causing you sleep problems moron

No. 1817279

Eagerly awaiting her sudden crackhead anachan arc that makes her go bald because she lost like 20 pounds within a month high on adderall.

No. 1817315

Pill seeking doctor shopper

No. 1817364

She needs to go on a walk a few times a week, or learn kpop dance, or even better, pilates or ballet. Just a little bit of exertion will help her sleep at night and feel awake during the day, and will help her atrophied physique. Youtube workouts are free.

No. 1817404

File: 1682743292732.png (62.43 KB, 1190x1394, Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 6.26.…)

Remember this when she's begging for rent

No. 1817420

She has the worst taste in everything.

No. 1817435

You need money for a money clip to fulfill it's purpose

No. 1817437

>Doesn't have a social life
>Doesn't exercise
>Doesn't have any hobbies
>Partakes in drug use daily
>Must be narcolepsy!

No. 1817450

If this dumbass actually got a narcolepsy diagnosis (which I doubt she did), she’d know that some of the best things to do is improve your sleep hygiene and get physical exercise. You know, instead of sitting on your doughy ass tweeting nonsense at 2am.

No. 1817461

The only sleep related thing she's ever spoken about is nightmares caused by her alleged CPTSD. Sounds more like she was trying to get an Adderall script from Callen Lorde >>1816797 and they were having none of it. If any doctor suspected she had narcolepsy, she'd be doing in lab testing and studies; not asking randos on Instagram about it.

Here's her list of supposed aliments so far:
Complex post-traumatic stress disorder
Pelvic floor disorder

No. 1817487

Let's not forget
>doesn't have a job
>doesn't have a consistent schedule
>terminally online

No. 1817642

Narcolepsy? Kek. The only thing this flabby bitch has is untreated personality disorder.

No. 1817669

File: 1682799631325.jpg (38.01 KB, 750x1334, 343592962_1509478149868955_848…)

>she'd be doing in lab testing and studies; not asking randos on Instagram about it
She's lurking hard

No. 1817684

File: 1682801787263.jpg (15.57 KB, 381x254, b8edcfd6dd79720249b61853c178e8…)

If she had to find out that she should get a sleep study from her instagram followers I wonder if she'll sue this doctor for negligence and malpractice too kek

No. 1817712

File: 1682805464556.png (20.98 KB, 1176x420, Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 2.57.…)

No. 1817730

Wtf does she gain by posting this

No. 1817773

Kek its for us anon

No. 1817777

File: 1682815890155.png (23.13 KB, 1184x502, Screenshot 2023-04-29 at 5.48.…)

Right because kinky can only mean getting beaten by your boyfriend while he fucks his other girlfriend. Just because that's your pathetic reality doesn't mean it's "mainstream" and "barely kinky" for everyone else. Some serious pick-me brain rot right there.

No. 1817784

Men beating women isn't revolutionary

No. 1817791

I see she's still trying to get KF and illnessfakers to talk about her

No. 1817821

Kek not everyone is a degenerate cuckette like you Kathy

No. 1817836

Hypervigilance, paranoia, anxiety and depression can all be bundled under CPTSD (if she actually has it, I'm doubting it because the people I know who've experienced PTSD have prioritised therapy above all else as it's no fun to live with)

Then again munchies and attention seekers like to expand their diagnoses so every symptom is its own disorder.

No. 1817837

Yet we are getting the most out of it, not her internet friends and certainly not her "clients" kek

No. 1817853

>her internet friends

No. 1817946

So brainwashed by scrotal fantasies that she truly thinks men are frequently having MFF threesomes. Get a grip Katie.

No. 1817952

Deleted now. Someone's lurking!

No. 1818256

Oh come on. 100% chance of being a munchie, a junkie or both.

No. 1818633

I wonder if she thinks it's a gateway to Adderall on demand. If she's angling for narcolepsy, though, she's shit outta luck. Provigil is nowhere near as amphetamine like.

No. 1819567

File: 1683090540290.jpg (106.1 KB, 750x1334, 343981158_796410425183426_7921…)

Kathy sure had a lot of negative things to say last year about the Met Gala yet this year she told people they need to "respectful"

No. 1819570

File: 1683090689635.jpg (70.37 KB, 750x1520, image.jpg)

Also announced it was her third year with the neckbeard. He of course posted nothing about it

No. 1819620

huh? anything about the international workers day from the anarchocommie queen tho?

No. 1819830

She says this meanwhile she takes this thread's advice all the time.
Even when it comes to fixing her innuendos from >>1791895 to >>1814853

No. 1819836

She still refuses makeup, hair, and clothes advice from here, though

No. 1820003


Her calling her fat goth tard "Mr BlUsH" will never not be embarrassing as fuck

No. 1820083

File: 1683162110708.jpg (221.04 KB, 3000x1334, image (6).jpg)

Kind of. This is what she posted.

No. 1820084

File: 1683162273907.jpg (363.71 KB, 3000x1334, image (5).jpg)

Going to do some dumping. Sage because not really milky. More things she wore once for a photo and now is trying to sell. Can't get rid of those two dresses kek

No. 1820085

File: 1683162366965.jpg (279.97 KB, 1500x1334, image (1).jpg)

She reposted Madonna praising her mother which was bizarre given given how negatively she has talked about her mother. Guess she needed mommy's money.

No. 1820094

Gendering labor. Real nice.

No. 1820098

Narcolepsy is a super common condition for junkies & pill poppers to munchie about, not only for drug seeking purposes but also because it provides a convenient excuse for nodding off/spacing out/being high as a kite all the time. I think she’s on something way stronger than weed, it would explain her erratic behavior and also why local hospitals don’t want to serve her anymore.

No. 1820135

$1,100 USD for a grand total of 5 wears. what an anticapitalist queen.

No. 1820138

I can’t tell if she’s just pure contrarian or a handmaiden above all else. She can’t possibly be pretending to just have not seen all the controversy around the Karl Lagerfeld theme right now, not when she lives on Twitter 24/7. Not very ally of you Kathy.

No. 1820250

You don't get a simple "sleep study" done for narcolepsy. That's usually done for actual sleep disorders like chronic insomnia or sleep apnea. You get a daytime drowsiness test, which let's them watch your movements during the day, and sometimes they have you take a nap to see how you respond to day sleeping. Early onset circadian rhythm disorder or excessive daytime drowsiness are more common than narcolepsy, and especially with cataplexy. Nice try Kathy, but no. Lie better. I don't know what kind of drugs you think you're going to get, but provigil is nowhere close to amphetamines.

No. 1820336

Yes, highly skilled people that got paid shit. The fashion industry is horrible and if you pay a lot of money it doesn't mean the people actually making the patterns or sewing that stuff are treated well or earn well. The only person getting praised in high fashion is the designer, while mostly the other people surrounding that person do all the work. She also seems to know nothing about the history of "sewing" as a job. I don't want her to celebrate the working class or my field of work, because she never has been working class or really worked in that field.

No. 1820353

Kathy is confusing the number of visitors to a temporary exhibition in 2018 with the nearly triple number of people who visit the museum's main collection each year.


No. 1820364

In my lifetime Madonna has been more of a celebricow than anything else, but this was a genuinely moving post.

No. 1820464

These 3 fugly dresses would be the character dresses for the 3 mean fugly and poorly shaped stepsisters.

Madame blush has awful tacky taste in fashion and aesthetics. The fit is unflattering even for the most idealistic of bodies

No. 1820470

Genuine question: What did he do this time? Insult fatties again?

No. 1820539

He died in 2019 so presumably not much, people are probably dragging up past crimes as they love to do on Twitter

No. 1820540

He died four years ago but the met gala this year was themed after him so Chanel would sponsor them.

No. 1820554

she literally has nothing to wear for her "luxury domme" larp anymore. i think she's gonna retire her madame blush persona and go full munchie grifter soon

No. 1820708

File: 1683240870233.jpg (152.01 KB, 3000x1334, image (2).jpg)

Some 'how dare a black man not act the way I expect black men to act!" and deep delusions today. Kathy tries real hard to make herself believe the two troglodytes in her DMs are billionaires. To say a majority of sex worker clients are rich and powerful men is erasing the reality of the majority of sex workers. She'd change her larp real quick if she walked the blade for a few minutes.

No. 1820712

The word you're looking for is discreet Katherine

No. 1820749

She must've already forgot that she exposed herself and said she doesn't have any clients when she called into that random podcast. If she was in contact with real billionaires, politicians, and journalists she wouldn't shut the fuck up about it because she couldn't shut the fuck up about the two men she name dropped from seeking arraignment years ago.

No. 1820815

This is how you know Kathy has never had an actual client for anything more than being an obnoxious overpriced paid companion.
Actual sex workers know they need to be discreet because they also rely on their clients to keep their identities a secret. If they start leaking information, it is likely their own lives will soon come under scrutiny and it's way too much of a risk. Discretion goes both ways.

Kathy is the kind of person who would 100% rat out someone in any situation to get herself an advantage.

No. 1820956

She claims to care about sex worker safety yet tells sex workers that they should out their rich clients. News flash Kathy: it's not the male clients the general public will go after. She's beyond ignorant.

No. 1820969

Fucking yikes on that first part. Actually racist. Saying a black man is acting like a white man implies black men act a certain way. He is acting like a black man because he is literally a black man. Just because you don't agree with him doesn't mean you can make statements about how he acts in relation to his race.

Also unrelated but NYT is the most woke ass newspaper wtf is she talking about lmao. "Most of our rich people, politicians and… journalists"? Lol journalists aren't exactly known for having a lot of money, that's such a random profession. Also whos "our"? still with the high class escort larp, bitch you beg for rent and candles online

I don't like her but I genuinely feel bad about her romantic situation

No. 1820972

Fucking yikes on that first part. Actually racist. Saying a black man is acting like a white man implies black men act a certain way. He is acting like a black man because he is literally a black man. Just because you don't agree with him doesn't mean you can make statements about how he acts in relation to his race.

Also unrelated but NYT is the most woke ass newspaper wtf is she talking about lmao. "Most of our rich people, politicians and… journalists"? Lol journalists aren't exactly known for having a lot of money, that's such a random profession. Also whos "our"? still with the high class escort larp, bitch you beg for rent and candles online

I don't like her but I genuinely feel bad about her romantic situation

No. 1820980

File: 1683259281134.png (123.82 KB, 1180x1232, Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 8.42.…)

A few figurines bought off of Instagram is not an art collection

No. 1820981

File: 1683259215118.png (123.82 KB, 1180x1232, Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 8.42.…)

A few figurines bought off of Instagram is not an art collection

No. 1821109

File: 1683280192824.jpeg (102.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8079.jpeg)

What skills? What hard labor? What very specific special interests? She can’t even keep up her vintage larp and is an extremely poor copy and paste of other burlesque wannabes aesthetic wise. She thinks she’s special but she’s not.

No. 1821111

> She can’t even keep up her vintage larp
She can’t because she has no real interest in it but she keeps the label in order to feel ~special-. Farmers have made more references to old movies and music in these threads than she ever has. Her interest doesn’t go beyond reposting pictures of well known old Hollywood personalities once every two months. She doesn’t even talk about og burlesque stars anymore. What she has shown internet in pop culture wise is extremely mainstream like Stranger Things and Lana Del Rey. She’d be so much better off leaning into being akin to a nerdy manic pixie mary sue than whatever she has going on now. She already has the polyamorous neck beard kek

No. 1821142

God how many cows have suddenly become “autistic” in the last 2 years? I just cannot…

No. 1821152

this woman is truly delulu. Heather Sparkles is more "autistic" (kek) than this dork.

No. 1821162

The way she thinks sex work is scarce- if she had half a brain, she'd know that rich assholes can get sex from anywhere. They don't need these sex workers for anything. They're just the easiest.

No. 1821165

She can't think she's actually anyone notable on social media, right? She has piss poor engagement why would anyone copy a flop

No. 1821294

I would feel bad, because she's obviously the less preferred partner in this situation, but she has let herself become totally dependant on her neckbeard while painting the relationship as some kind of 'sugar baby' pampered princess bullshit.

No. 1821297

Her specific special interests? Yeah because vintage fashion, burlesque and fake designer goods are so unique.

No. 1821310

Why is she so fucking nasty and rude ALL of the time? She thinks she's some elevated artist when she has shit fashion sense, shit taste in aesthetics, she's HORRIBLE at dancing, she has horrible people skills, she's shit at burlesque, shit at findomme, shit at keeping an actual job, etc. She's not even working on any costume right now, she isn't working on a burlesque routine, so what the fuck could this mystery person possibly steal from her? She's only "autistic" and she only has "special interests" when she's off her tits on pills. Kathy's such a great cow because her insane self-obsession and delusional ideas of how talented she is knows absolutely no fucking bbounds. Bravo Beaky, bravo.

No. 1821323

kek, hard labour, what was that about sewing face masks some months ago? Did she ever even get close to a sewing machine? She is doing nothing, she knows nothing and her skill level is like non existing. Why can't she bake macarons by now or has made her own corsets? All she can do is complain, insult others, play the victim and get high, don't know who would want to copy her.

No. 1821377

File: 1683321661760.png (77.78 KB, 690x513, sewing machine price.png)

I don't see what's preventing her from owning a sewing machine. Entry-level ones are cheap and portable and don't take up much space in storage. She's in NYC of all places, so she could get a good one secondhand for cheap. There's a billion sewing videos on youtube if the instructions to thread it are too confusing or written stuff isn't her learning style.

No. 1821728

but nonna, she is disabled, disabled people can't sew, how can you even suggest something like that. I somehow assume she owns a sewing machine, tried it and realised it's not as easy as she thought. And after all, tailors should worship her and give her stuff for free, so why should she even have to think about learning something.

No. 1821854

Lol I went to a clothing exhibit at a museum once and there was a handkerchief sewn by a woman in her 80s as she was going blind. The part where her vision was intact, the stitching was invisible. Once her sight went, the stitches were like 1mm visible.
Sewing, embroidery, and spinning are classic activities for when your body doesn't work because as long as you can use your hands, you can still do it. I know you're joking here but once again Kathy has no excuse.

No. 1822965

File: 1683537874832.png (50.68 KB, 1180x934, Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 2.22.…)

This seems extremely backwards for a dominatrix but okay kek

No. 1822978

File: 1683540134438.jpg (25.96 KB, 360x640, 345245671_190590977257079_5130…)

She's getting bored/lonely/desperate for attention again.

No. 1822985

File: 1683540951264.jpg (22.72 KB, 360x640, 345068256_254549773764439_5665…)

Same anon, interesting how she doesn't say anything about restricting diet to help with symptoms. Proof that whenever she talked about not being able to eat certain foods because of her endo was just another way to be special and get attention.

No. 1823017

These munchies with their "education" and pictures with horrible graphics. I thought Kathly loved art and the finer things, not this drivel.
>You don't have to go to medical school to be a nutritionist
Technically right, but you do have to go to some kind of school or education path that involved some insitution.
I can't even identify any of those foods in the graphic except for the cookie in the middle. Is the top right a fortune cookie, or a mouth guard? I'm also keking how the cultural food picture is the outline of a pig

No. 1823021

why do you always look like some cheap barbie ripoff from albania?(sage your shit)

No. 1823064

They're all Mexican pastries

No. 1823076

File: 1683557791576.jpg (67.41 KB, 1079x1285, SmartSelect_20230508_165706_Fi…)


That wig is getting bigger by every photo. Give her one or two more photoshoots and she will look like she has barbazoo on her head.

Pic related

No. 1823200

File: 1683570504434.gif (9.21 MB, 449x432, ezgif.com-resize.gif)

Let's just hope that it won't impede her pErFoRmAnCeS!

No. 1823398

>it is okay to eat food within your cultural context
what the fuck does that even mean

No. 1823410


It takes less than two months to heal from a hysterectomy. It is literally covered by medicaid in New York.

Bitch has no excuse its like she wants to have endometriosis bc it's her excuse to not do anything.

No. 1823525

She definitely uses it as an excuse for everything. She had the surgery years ago.

No. 1823894

This French anon appreciates the reference.

No. 1823895

It means that if you are, using the picture's example, Mexican, you can eat as many pastries and as much fried shit as you like without feeling bad about it. Obesity is genetic you know.

No. 1823896

She didn't have a hysterectomy did she? I thought she just had some endometriosis areas removed?

No. 1824062

Yeah, she had a laparoscopy

No. 1824187

File: 1683684188885.png (42.72 KB, 1172x592, Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 8.05.…)

Same woman that used to post "do not befriend me if you are attracted to me" frequently

No. 1824197

She actually said that? All I remember is "don't respond to me with emojis because I'm too autistic to understand" kek

No. 1824262

File: 1683699679695.jpeg (57.27 KB, 750x1334, 1625255445600.jpeg)

Here's one instance

No. 1824530

I sort of understand this from just a female perspective, it's annoying when you think someone's become your friend because you have stuff in common and get on well, but it turns out they're just hoping eventually you'll fuck them. But ofc she's a professional NLOG so it has to be her special demisexual status that makes it so traumatic for her. And if someone dares develop a crush on her over time she'll accuse them of violating her boundaries.

No. 1824654

Sage for OT but are you seriously implying Mexican food is solely fried shit and pastries? Have you ever been outside your own house before?

No. 1824661

The image is specifically using Mexican pastries come on use your brain

No. 1824845

File: 1683775893336.png (76.67 KB, 1178x1102, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 8.29.…)

But Kathy darling, didn't you just inform everyone that a majority of sex worker clients are high ranking Corporate America Males™? The least she can do is get her larp straight. Not like she has anything else going on.

No. 1825043

I like how she says “corporate America” as if she’s ever been there. you were a guide in a sex museum. was it technically a corporation? probably, most businesses are, but you had no place on the corporate ladder.

this is exactly the same as someone calling a McDonald’s fry cook a “corporate job.”

No. 1825351

>I don't understand submissives who top from the bottom
That's because they're not submissives Kathy, they're johns. They don't really believe the whore they're paying to enact a humiliation fetish is superior to them; quite the opposite. In their minds you're still the "bottom" because they bought you. Welcome to the wonderful world of sex work.

No. 1825495

File: 1683852342505.jpg (60.68 KB, 2250x1334, image (1).jpg)

Looks like she took >>1821111 to heart because she did a "burlesque history" dump on her story today. Of course she's calling it research, as if she's not just finding images online and reposting them with copied captions kek that's not how insomnia works either, Kath

No. 1825498

Last week it was narcolepsy. This week it’s insomnia. Can’t wait for next week’s parasomnia episode!

No. 1825677

That thread pic is a real masterpiece and I have to giggle about it almost every time I see it!
Just sayin'.

No. 1825690

Most men do not view most women as human so where do these wannabe whores get off on thinking they are exceptions to the rule when even women view them as bottom barrel? Some serious copium right there.

No. 1826135

File: 1683936447186.png (106.22 KB, 944x1644, Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 10.44…)

Uh oh. Tell the neckbeard to run because she may be plotting an abuse arch kek (from her likes)

No. 1827222

File: 1684098946577.jpg (134.18 KB, 1178x878, image.jpg)

Can not forgive them for what? Being victims? Such a compassionate abuse advocate she is! Not how that works. If she has ever associated with real abusers she would know how they operate and how easily some people can fall victim to them despite what other people say about them.

No. 1827228

What a completely out of pocket and context reply that is. She is never positive. Ever. She ties everything back to how she's been "wronged" in some way.

No. 1827273

The way this woman manages to make every single thing about herself is astounding

No. 1827296

File: 1684107885307.jpg (16.45 KB, 270x300, kathy downer.jpg)

>Feel free to ask me about the people I've worked with!
>Good luck with that. I am unable to forgive victims of abuse that fell for an abuser's deception because they made me feel invalid.
Expecting people to come crawling back to her after being abused and getting off on telling them she "doesn't forgive them" for "dismissing" and "invalidating" her is abusive. The more finger pointing she does, the bigger her red flag becomes.

No. 1827353

File: 1684117020558.png (24.56 KB, 1186x300, Screenshot 2023-05-14 at 7.17.…)

So Kathy rather "call out" the girl she warned instead of the abuser? Says A LOT about her, none of it good.

No. 1827356

Kathy outing a victim because she didn't act the way Kathy expected is actually horrendous WTF

No. 1827376

God she’s fucking vile. She oozes misogyny toward every woman she meets. Absolutely scrote brained.

No. 1827427

the woman she’s “calling out” has >40k followers while Kathy can’t even break 4k. I doubt she even notices Koo-Koo the Bird Girl’s squawking

No. 1827436

The private DMs Kathy posted when she was fighting with that random woman last month >>1801796 were right about her having a "laundry list of victims". Not at all shocking.

No. 1827439

The whole "block anyone at anytime for any reason" thing doesn't count when it's against her, huh? What a cunt. We know how rotten she is with other people… she got blocked for more than a warning about someone.

No. 1827590

File: 1684154470013.png (392.89 KB, 828x1792, IMG_5394.png)

Sage for OT but this came up on my Explore page and it reminds me of Kathy KEK

No. 1827595

Why? She is a married lesbian with several actual disabilities.

No. 1827601

File: 1684155128510.jpeg (52 KB, 1170x514, IMG_8415.jpeg)

Like any would give a shit about her approval

No. 1827634

Which jiggalo hurt her kek? They at least actually do the work part of sex work even if they are just scrotes taking advantage of lonely women with money to burn

No. 1827706

Her random angry sperglets are getting more and more erratic and nonsensical. How is she going to say this while being associated with her chimp of a moid who's no doubt more in love with chubby mall goth at this point. Any time she talks about men it's pathetic as hell considering she's still the discord kitten of the missing link.

No. 1827737

It's the beak, the aesthetic, and the disability talk. My first thought was that Kathy was the Dollar Tree version of this woman. It's not that deep.

No. 1827838

who is she in solidarity with? no one wants solidarity with you, Kathy.

No. 1827853

File: 1684184284992.jpeg (57.14 KB, 1170x418, IMG_8418.jpeg)

She truly hates women. All she’s doing with these replies is taking the heat off abusive men.

No. 1827862

She's fairly cowish in her own right, but not in the same league as Kathy. At least she's actually disabled for one.

No. 1827875

Congratulations on invalidating and dismissing abuse from men like the pick-me you are Kathy. Just straight up telling women the abuse they've received from men isn't that bad because ebil women. Fuck you.

No. 1827919

Ooh, how so? I watched some of her videos when I was looking for vintage hair tutorials. Thought she was a bit ditzy before I learned she was disabled

No. 1827954

Women in the actual porn industry have been coming out about abuse from males in the industry so Kathy, who has absolutely nothing to do with any of it, felt she needed to open her beak about it.
Tell that to the millions of women who died at the hands of male abuse. Braindead retard.

No. 1827977


She is deaf but lost hearing later in life so she doesn't sound like many deaf women so there's many who call her a faker. She's not really MBI material, it seems like she actually tries really hard to be a good mother and puts forth effort you don't see from people in the munchie/spoonie/ online oppresion Olympics team.

No. 1827980

Lots of disabled people i know think she's a bit phony. Making an aesthetic your whole lifestyle in your 30s is cow behaviour.

No. 1828028

Actual POS take. A woman "protecting" (you know protecting is used loosely with her) is not worse than an actual perpetrator of abuse. I think by "protecting" shes refering to not calling them out, this sounds directed at plantgal666, did she get a big boost in followers or something lately? Kathy's tweets sound like jealousy sperging

No. 1829242

File: 1684361324029.png (37.39 KB, 1160x412, Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 9.35.…)

Not milky but her liking this made me laugh

No. 1829291

File: 1684368459167.png (35.99 KB, 1186x544, Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 5.07.…)

Someone is desperate

No. 1829308

So is it pills, weed, rent, or costumes off aliexpress this time?

No. 1829349

File: 1684376791230.jpg (193.51 KB, 1180x1211, image.jpg)

You're not a real prostitute Katherine. You don't have any online clients currently and have never met up with one in person. Why does she want to be seen as a whore so bad?

No. 1829486

>Why does she want to be seen as a whore so bad?
she thinks sex work is work and refuses to admit she’s unemployed and begging