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File: 1628866412576.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2550x1758, parkbenchpinup.jpeg)

No. 1299249

Katherine McMahon, known online as Katherine Harlow theparkavenuepinup, is a 23 year old financial dominatrix pinup collared bimbo living doll age regressing little goddess princess who identifies as a hyperfemme She/Her/Hers bidemiautoheterosexual anarchist communist who’s disabilities include endometriosis personal floatation device and cPTSDSTD that works as a burlesque showgirl cultural worker disability advocate historian costumier retired sugar baby failed findomme sex worker.

Recent milk:

> Discovers first thread, calls LC a “far-right website that accuses survivors of lying”, threatens to sue (pro bono of course)

> Proceeds to dirty delete all sex work profiles linked to theparkavenuepinup and katherinethedoll monikers
> Goes private, blocks/deletes over a thousand followers on Instagram
> Former acquaintance, armed with screenshots, affirms that Katherine has lied about almost everything: education, work history, sugar baby stint, etc. >>1275050
> Gets kicked out of apartment by female roommate for zero contribution; blames it on the roommate for not understanding her ~disabilities~
> Asks followers for a place to stay despite being collared by a neckbeard
> New “Financial Dominatrix. Luxury FemDomina” twitter account is discovered
> New Madame Blush persona starter pack: Party City wig, ill-fitting $200 PVC plastic corset, tights as pants, vintage cigarette holder covered in Swarovski crystal, of course, Swarovski cigarette holder by Her
> Luxury reimbursements so far include $5 tea and the most expensive block of cheese she’s ever bought

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Archived links:

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

First / previous thread >>1259829

No. 1299254

File: 1628866951821.png (32.07 KB, 594x118, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 7.58…)

She's lurking kek stopped referring to her non-existent subs as "findom" and called them "finsubs" instead

No. 1299264

File: 1628868212571.png (705.4 KB, 1131x522, aintnobodypayingthat.png)

Why does parkbenchpinup think she can charge $50 a month on AVN when she couldn't even get people to pay $10 the first time around?

No. 1299265

File: 1628868506635.jpg (182.81 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20210813-112642_Twi…)

Do we think this actually some poor sap giving her money or her fat dom pretending to be a sub to get her more business?

No. 1299269

kek I wouldn't be surprised if she sent that to herself

No. 1299270

She already dirty deleted it but there was another screenshot of a supposed conversation and it read like she wrote it. This one does as well but not as obvious as the one she deleted. She has zero interaction so it's hard to believe it's someone outside of her circle.

No. 1299323

New link: her "wishlist"

No. 1299350

File: 1628880751905.jpg (247.54 KB, 2880x1578, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 11.5…)

Why someone would buy this is beyond me

No. 1299362

If I were a broke "luxury" findom, I'd request items I could easily remake - pose with the original and then sell it, keeping my home-made back up and pocketing the cash. Dunno if she's thinking that far ahead, though it is established she'll fake luxury goods.

No. 1299371

Dita Von Teese is insane for thinking anyone would buy a feather plume headpiece for $764 when one can easily be made for hundreds less.

Of course Katie wants it, though. She has zero originality or creative skills.

No. 1299381

File: 1628882767449.png (363.46 KB, 598x423, ew.png)

From her likes kek, luxury findom who thirsts for dumpster dick

No. 1299387

Totes Forbes billionaire status. She's disgusting.

No. 1299388

File: 1628883235137.png (82.42 KB, 597x418, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 12.3…)

We get it… you're lazy

No. 1299395

File: 1628883799966.png (112.1 KB, 592x450, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 12.4…)

Sounds like she got burned again kek

No. 1299401

She talking about herself?

No. 1299404

What the fuck? This is repulsive. He also looks like he's about to sneeze but trying to hold it in.

No. 1299414

In cackling

No. 1299425

did her neckbeard finally wise up and tap out?

No. 1299477

How long until she actually starts doing this since she clearly lurks here? Maybe soon if her dom daddy kicked her to the curb finally.

No. 1299479

people would have to buy her things first, kek

No. 1299493

File: 1628890990838.jpeg (216.99 KB, 1170x869, 0BDDE153-51DD-4B32-BB20-F29865…)

Recently posted. Am I the only one who finds it kind of weird that she’s….like, immortalizing a blank woman? It doesn’t seem like they were even close and she’s talking about Velvet coming to her in a dream ffs

No. 1299496

File: 1628891036000.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x1408, 15D2FEA9-CD4D-4C07-933F-CDFD1A…)

*black woman, sorry. Picture was with the post.

No. 1299500

Pretty sure there’s a screenshot in the last thread where she says something along the lines of “although we never met..” it’s absolutely creepy. Skinwalking saga soon.

No. 1299530

Eh it pretty much fits in with her hotep larping persona. Grand rising, Nubian Kween!

No. 1299641

File: 1628908232599.jpeg (334.06 KB, 1242x1743, 56EF62E4-0DD1-4242-8F8D-BD7D15…)

She’s droning on about how she’s an ~art collector~ that buys from ~international artists~ despite having only a handful of knick knacks on her single dresser.

She’s once again lying. She bought this for herself mid-June and posted about it to her story. Odd thing to lie about it being bought months ago by a sub, especially when everyone knows she just started larping as a domme. Anything to sound special and successful kek

No. 1299649

she's a pathological liar and fake, how pathetic

No. 1299656

I’m seriously considering reactivating my fetlife profile to see if she’s on there / if there is any milk to be had.

No. 1299658

then do it, because she checks this thread and may DFE if she has anything there

No. 1299659

So she wants people to believe she has all these items and was so excited to finally receive this one yet only posts the artist's photo of them, not her own kek such a fucking liar.

No. 1299660

File: 1628910465910.jpeg (Spoiler Image,471.74 KB, 750x1033, 732265FC-4356-4612-B882-8D84BA…)

She’s not on the platform it seems but was mentioned in this image :/ disappointing(emoticon use)

No. 1299661

Of course her narc ass has to be the only one with a face showing to the camera. Also… wtf kek this looks like a cheap bachelorette party.

No. 1299666

and her fucking boa/stole thing ??? You’re at a trashy sex party at someone’s apartment in bushwick babes.

No. 1299671

Look like it stanks in there

No. 1299673

It's weird how you can tell how trashy some of these women are just from looking at that image. Specifically the fatter girls on bottom right and top left, I get trash vibes from the dodgy tans, outfit choices and poses.

Katherine is probably pleased to be the only looker among them, hence being not like the other girls and showing her face.
The fetish community has always been full of ugly women trying to get attention by dressing (and acting) like trannies. You can shoot right to the top by simply being attractive, which is why Katherine thinks guys will pay her to simply exist.

No. 1299677

Say what you want about her being attractive, but the girl has nary a curve to be seen(sage)

No. 1299680

kek why would you post this? She looks like a little boy or a naked mole rat compared to the other girls with womanly figures & normal-sized asses.

No. 1299684

Competing with Shayna with the plank body and huge nose. No wonder her cheap corsets don't fit her. Also kek at those giant "size 4" feet.

No. 1299685

She is lurking HARD. She unliked this and the sex-repulsed tweet from the other thread.

No. 1299687

File: 1628914909680.png (74.25 KB, 592x448, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 9.19…)

Damn. She literally lies about everything. The first post on the lady's Instagram is a restock announcement of the thing she got. She wants to be special so bad which is hilarious given she's a carbon copy of every cheap wannabe pinup out there.

No. 1299688

File: 1628915140359.png (54.45 KB, 317x339, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 9.25…)

No. 1299741

Kek, not to wk, but maybe she thinks she’s above it all and doesn’t want to stare at the other girls ass. But she makes it look so obvious she’s uncomfortable.

No. 1299776

i get the point of the wishlist for these people are so they don't have to spend their own money and all, but so much of this could just be… saved up for if she had a normal job. they stuff under $200 could be bought one at a time with each paycheck, everything else you could just save for after a few.

it speaks such laziness and her deranged idea of what luxury is. luxury isn't a $200 latex dress. that's attainable for most people.

No. 1299783

Sorry nonny, it's a bust. I found her KatherineTheDoll profile, but she deleted it and doesn't seem to have made a new one.

No. 1299840

I was coming to post about this. That is hilarious she is using the artist pictures.

She sticks out so much because she is so pale and her outfit is so see-through. The other girls have bright colorful corsets on

Try her new name Themadameblush

No. 1299854

Good work announcing it instead of just doing it when the cow so obviously follows the thread. What is this retardation.

No. 1299873

From the previous thread, she does seem to hate other women so you're probably not wrong kek

No. 1299874

>luxury isn't a $200 latex dress. that's attainable for most people.

Exactly this but Katie here is special because she's crashing on, presumably, her scrote's couch so anything is a "luxury" like her block of cheese kek

No. 1300130

File: 1628977501770.jpg (235.99 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20210814-174425_Twi…)

No. 1300153

prosecco in a martini glass. classy, Kathy!

No. 1300165

LOVE the high-def clarity of her natural nails behind the false ones. Really makes the image.

No. 1300176

"the only looker" lmao bitch where

No. 1300177

this looks flat, warm, and sad, which is what happens when you serve cheap bubbly in a martini glass.

No. 1300190

The glass also looks to be very cheaply made. If you told me it was plastic I’d believe you.

No. 1300191

File: 1628984172604.jpg (340 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20210814-193252_Twi…)

I will work on finding these. It looks like she stole the pictures from the store's website.


No. 1300192

File: 1628984202517.jpg (276.21 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20210814-193309_Twi…)

No. 1300193

I don’t think she’s technically doing anything wrong - it’s not like she’s claiming these are her subs. But regardless it’s stupid that she’s buying fetish gear and expecting her (checks notes) 146 followers to reimburse just because she demanded they do.

No. 1300194

File: 1628984472224.jpg (362.46 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20210814-193828_Ins…)

No. 1300199

File: 1628985046012.jpg (235.1 KB, 1065x1976, Screenshot_20210814-194721_Ins…)


It's shitty for her to have claimed to purchase this with zero proof. All she has done is yanked the picture from the store's websites. Not to mention she upped the price $10 on this ball gag. She is a scam artist.


No. 1300218

Ugh, people who make their sexuality/kinks their entire personality gross me out. And they’re always so loud and performative about it, like getting spanked is a groundbreaking new concept. Congrats, everyone else fucks too, go get a hobby.

No. 1300219

Straight up looks like spit floating on top. “Michael Graves” too… girl what 2/10 restaurant did you or your scrote steal that from? Literally used to be sold in bulk at Home Depot to restaurants kek

No. 1300230

File: 1628987742966.jpg (175.55 KB, 1079x545, Screenshot_20210814-203552_Twi…)

cringing face emoji

No. 1300235

File: 1628988210471.jpeg (218.74 KB, 1242x1032, 2FD68EF3-4AEB-4E0D-8E0E-AD74ED…)

Lurk some more Katie

No. 1300342

Should read "for her theoretical subs". I seriously doubt that she ever dominated anyone.

No. 1300401

Katherine here really wanted the world to believe that actual billionaires were wining and dining her at Michelin star restaurants while drinking cheap sparkling white wine out of a coupe calling it champagne.

Also hilarious that she drinks frequently despite claiming that her ~disability~ flares when she has alcohol.

No. 1300404

The only time people are checking for you is to make fun of you. You’re still ugly and always will be; inside and out.

No. 1300523

File: 1629032208435.jpg (230.79 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20210815-085557_Twi…)

She sounds psychotic in these tweets.

No. 1300553

Yeah, is this typical findom stuff? Cause it's very cringe kek

No. 1300578

I mean, reading any sort of findom copywriting is very cringe. The funny thing is that she’s trying to sound big and bad like an actual Domme, but she doesn’t have the sex appeal or the self confidence for it at all.

No. 1300581

Like the other anon said, it’s all cringeworthy but this is going far. She’s trying really really really hard to drive home that she’s a ~domina~ now. The findoms with the highest following though are just like regular “vanilla” (hate that) girls who tweet out “I want coffee right now” kek

No. 1300614

File: 1629044407292.jpeg (178.85 KB, 1242x462, C303B815-C905-4441-A1CE-A827D5…)

Thought she was atheist?

No. 1300776

File: 1629067210677.jpeg (338.75 KB, 1170x1268, 60119A2F-110D-4DCD-9B60-67392F…)


No. 1300790

I like that her account is just her telling us what her recent purchases are and asking her invisible subs to reimburse her. #ShoppingwithKatherine

Maybe she could get a vlogging Youtube channel and link her kofi under it, might work better than this, as long as she wears stupid enough gear in the videos to get the men clicking. It's clear she will never actually post sexual content (since she's sex repulsed and thinks being a findomme is somehow feminist, communist and smashing the patriarchy) so I think Youtube wouldn't penalize her as long as she didn't include any findom keywords in the titles.

No. 1300829

> Generous reimbursement opportunity
> $15

Katie if a ten and a five are generous to you, perhaps not waste it on overpriced ice cream. You’re living above your means kek

No. 1300867

I think she's trying to say that she's being generous by giving the opportunity (I also think "gracious" would have been a better word choice). Funny though, since she's begging.

No. 1300869

More like #WindowShoppingWithKatherine; she never actually bought any of this stuff

No. 1300903

Maybe "benevolent"

No. 1301103

Omg i just went and lurked at this bitche's twitter, she has literally zero interaction on her posts demanding to be reimbursed for menial shit, like not even a single like or retweet from some womack-tier scrote. So embarrassing.

No. 1301349

File: 1629136323258.jpeg (116.37 KB, 1239x660, B1BA40DF-A1F6-489B-A377-372FD7…)

Findom idea: Send your goddess a job application to fill out

That’s the biggest service someone could do for her right now kek

No. 1301351

File: 1629136763973.jpeg (91.22 KB, 1300x977, 0525CED4-1E2B-4000-B1CE-408566…)

Love that she’s talking to the ether

No. 1301372

File: 1629139646377.jpeg (298.69 KB, 1125x866, 5F85E467-6DE3-470E-908A-D81A59…)

she lurks HARD

No. 1301374

What's funny is that people can just like. Not pay her to do that. Why would they? She's not providing any erotic content, not providing any Domination that would improve their lives. She doesn't own anyone. Why would they pay her?

No. 1301376

Lol Katie we’re never going to pay you and we’re your only audience. How does that make you feel? Get a job.

No. 1301383

I'm CACKLING. Love that she is using my suggestions but still using them questionably. Hope she's not still pushing the idea that she's Ivy League educated because her writing skills are sub-high school.

I really wonder why this dumbdumb lady hasn't, idk, ventured into a chatroom to see how one actually interacts with a sub. Her cringe-speak only works after you have an established relationship with the sub. She is so blatantly desperate and that is literally the worst quality you can have if you're attempting to dom anyone. Doesn't she get that part of the kink is you not needing them AT ALL? However dumb she thinks these men are, she's dumber.

No. 1301395

She’s one that thinks she can just make a Twitter and get money. The most attractive women in the world that also offer something can not do that, let alone frumpy here.

No. 1301410

Katherine has clearly embraced this thread and is using us for feedback
>Anon: Katherine thinks guys will pay her to simply exist.
>Katherine: Pay Me for my existence
>Anon: maybe "benevolent"
>Katherine: Pay Me for my benevolent discipline

No. 1301414

> My kindly discipline
God she really is dumb

No. 1301416

File: 1629145003495.png (32.38 KB, 599x116, Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 1.15…)


Katie you have to actually receive the money before you can consider it "devotion"

No. 1301417

File: 1629145184122.png (129.94 KB, 595x513, Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 1.18…)

I would never give free advice to online whores but I'll let comrade katherine know that something is off with her pricing kek

No. 1301436

What is $200 with a $50 tribute? Shouldn't that just be $250? So confusing.

No. 1301437

It's funny to me that she's using this thread for feedback and is missing the most glaring error - she's a broke and desperate sub larping as the exact opposite. No amount of constructive criticism can fix the joke that is her current incarnation. Really wonder why, if she HAS to be a whore, she didn't go the sugarbaby route - it's very obviously closer to the kind of "relationship" she's looking for and she has zero domme energy.


>pay me for my insight

KEK, lady you don't even understand the image you're projecting. You don't have anything to offer but a sad wig and a powdercake face. Seriously, go the sugarbaby route. You're not cut out for this.

No. 1301461

The 50 is a downpayment for her 200 skype call. Yes, I know how it sounds.

No. 1301491

no way is she actually 23. really?

No. 1301503

File: 1629155202765.png (527.23 KB, 608x1165, Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 19-05…)

Shockingly, yeah. She was a HS junior in 2013

No. 1301538

Then call it a deposit or something. I hate it when people use big words to sound smart but it just is more confusing

No. 1301614

Read the previous thread… she already tried to be a sugar baby and failed at it kek

No. 1301707

Maybe your math is mixed up anon, if she was a junior in 2013 she would be around 25, or that would mean she graduated/turned 18 in 2014. Not much of a difference, but still a difference.

No. 1301827

She’s 23, birthday is in October. Junior year would’ve been 2013-2014 for her. Pic is from December of that year. Anon’s math isn’t wrong plus people who knew her said it in the last thread + whoever started it.

No. 1301918

File: 1629216072725.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2391, D9200A76-B60B-4B82-82E3-2DFB4A…)

I love how she says she loves and admires erotic laborers but she didn’t even bother to attribute Mistress Iris in this photo. What a narcissist.

No. 1301953

She rarely credits photos and the few that she has on her main page, she credited the dumb tumblrs she got them from instead of the creators.

Also kek at her calling herself an “erotic laborer” and “artist” when all she does is attempt to grift on twitter and lug around at dive bars

No. 1301997

Hahahaha oh goodness and she dirty deleted this one.

Katie, since you're clearly reading: stop hiding from your mistakes. It just makes you look stupid.

No. 1302018

god you really hit the nail on the head with
>However dumb she thinks these men are, she's dumber

No. 1302026

File: 1629221314114.jpeg (222.28 KB, 1242x514, 0A4EC675-AEC3-4EEB-A552-E3BE91…)

Kind of OT but this is who Katie called her “greatest mentor” or whatever. No wonder she fucking sucks.

No. 1302054

>scooby doo

Yet these women still like to pretend they are taken care of and ~luxurious~

No. 1302057

>You work so I can couch surf, drink flat prosecco and eat $85 cheese

No. 1302062

leave android-chans alone

No. 1302065

No. 1302163

Where did you find this? The account seems to be suspended.

No. 1302180

The fucking hoops she's jumping through to avoid calling it sex work

No. 1302239

Hm still up for me. Go on katie’s account she’s retweeted her multiple times.

No. 1302285

File: 1629239496549.png (120.93 KB, 902x639, Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 18-26…)

A domme doing "inner child" photosets with a Baby Yoda plushie kek. Maybe she got a friend involved, though I doubt it. Guess I'll never know

No. 1302293

She didn't. All of these are on her insta. What a scammer.

No. 1302305

post caps

No. 1302320

File: 1629243874956.png (414.22 KB, 592x741, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 4.35…)

Really loves to make it repeatedly known that She™ is the one sticking rhinestones on all her crap. Too bad You™ are god awful at basic stoning kek

No. 1302328

File: 1629244880758.jpeg (216.04 KB, 682x1213, BE15C874-6DA9-4520-8BC7-E52602…)

So this is the $75 manicure she was gritting for yesterday? Might want to get a refund sis.

No. 1302329

File: 1629244990582.jpeg (517.85 KB, 1242x1136, 3C8CB29A-07A1-40AF-85C9-593656…)

Get a job Katherine and you wouldn’t have to ask for your groceries to be paid for on the internet.

No. 1302339

it looks like she photoshopped around her cuticles to cover her natural nails where they grew out lmao

god she's been wearing those dirty old press-ons while bedazzling sex toys and eating cheese wheels for how long now?

No. 1302340

File: 1629245794919.jpeg (595.06 KB, 1242x1379, 3EAE063A-4006-4167-9377-FCC64E…)

Sending an emoji to Katherine is crossing a boundary to her yet doing a sexual kink act in public is “fabulous”

No. 1302342

Holy kek she definitely did. The middle nail tip too.

No. 1302422

how is it owning the capitalists if this is literally their kink lmao

No. 1302701

I feel like that green couch/chair thing is going to get a lot of mileage as a background. You can tell whatever place she's crashed at is dingy as hell because all she can show without ruining any flimsy illusion of luxury she tries to create are closeups of shoes and stuff in front of various polyester fabrics and she had to go outside to do the trash bag corset photoshoot. Imagine downgrading from having a dresser as your only backdrop to this, and still trying to pretend you're rich kek.

No. 1302724

File: 1629295886786.png (1.88 MB, 1170x2532, 1A5F1B3F-7EAE-4DE3-A7B5-A9A008…)

This is one of the reasons I’m so suspicious of her disability. If I truly didn’t tell my boss anything about my disability, they’d think I was being rude and ignoring them because I’m fucking deaf. Telling them about my disability helps me get the accommodations I need so I can do my fucking job.

Maybe she’s giving this advice because the only accommodations she’s asking for is to straight up not do any work at all.

No. 1302725

File: 1629295986793.png (2.17 MB, 1170x2532, B5000D91-A50C-4B87-BFA4-97F3BC…)

Funny how she knows so much about how to win a lawsuit.

No. 1302736

> Telling them about my disability helps me get the accommodations I need so I can do my fucking job.
This is literally WHY anyone would disclose their disabilities. Because they need/want to work but may need accommodations to do so.

> Maybe she’s giving this advice because the only accommodations she’s asking for is to straight up not do any work at all.

You nailed it.

I wonder if she mentioned her disability in her lolsuit against the Museum of Sex?

No. 1302774

telling your employer about your disability gives you actual protections against discrimination, prevents them from firing you over it etc. keeping it from them they can actually fire or discriminate you and you have no legal case, there are actual laws that protect you as long as you disclose your disability god she is so dumb

No. 1302782

this goes without saying but these food lists are fucking hilarious. all of that for $80 isn't even expensive… that must've been a cheap bottle of ~rosé~

No. 1302783


Other anons already said it but yeah, it's best to tell your employer your disability. This is some of the worst advice I've ever seen.

No. 1302803

I work in labor and employment law. This is terrible legal advice.

No. 1302811

Also, this advice wouldn’t work for people who were clearly and visibly disabled? What if I was in a wheelchair? What if I was missing a limb? What if I clearly needed accommodations to be successful at work? How would refusing to communicate clearly and consistently with my employer about my needs lead to anything but getting fired?

No. 1302813


other anons have said it but she probably gives this advice because she has no real disability to hide/have adverse effects of keeping it from an employer. if she told them about her disability they might actually try to make accommodations for her and then she'd have nothing to complain about.

No. 1302866

Kathy, just in case you're reading this, thousands of Americans including myself don't have fucking jobs and cannot work precisely because of our severe disabilities. please shut up with your LARPing, lying, able-bodied bullshit

No. 1302870

and apologies for samefagging but her "advice" is shitty and inaccurate regardless, considering she has zero material experience being an employee while disabled. this bitch makes me wanna a-log bad smh

No. 1302919

Oh no. Katherine has little room to talk about jobs, let alone any to give advice to those disabled, when she sued one employer for a customer's dumb but relevant to her job joke and just up and left the next because she thought doing sex work online would automatically give her money with no effort.

Her biggest "disability" complaint was them not sending her a controlled substance (pain killers) or letting someone else pick them up for her. There are reasons why you have to pick them up in person yourself but she's clearly a drug seeker so she doesn't care.

Her "advice" is screwed and honestly dangerous. She is a narcissist that can't see beyond her world and her own beliefs. Real ironic that she says capitalism wants to "extract as much from you as possible" while using that exact copywrite on her failed findom account. What an ignorant cunt. (yes I'm moti)

No. 1302921

File: 1629312231962.png (60.63 KB, 597x323, Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 11.4…)

Not an excuse especially when you become more of an ignorant twat each instagram story and tweet you put out

No. 1302937

File: 1629313221095.png (72.55 KB, 592x321, Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 11.4…)

Imagine the tackiness of cheap fake twitter dommes lurking around a department store's shoe section all day.

No. 1303043


lol this is such an embarrassing caricature of what she probably imagines rich people in manhattan act like

No. 1303313

File: 1629354393714.png (401.11 KB, 598x535, ShopVirginiaJoy.png)

If Katherine is looking for a grift, maybe she should consider where she puts HER money. You could make these "pearl" "cuffs" with $20 and a trip to JoAnn's. The website she gets these from is atrocious - as you can see in the photo she shared(which is, as usual, taken from the shop site), the woman doesn't even bother to iron/wash the fabric backdrop to get the wrinkles out and the mirror in other displays (used for some seriously summer camp level necklaces) is all smudgy and gross. I think it would be great if Katherine would stop with this embarrassing findom act and just start selling whatever tacky kink themed crafts people are apparently willing to pay for.

No. 1303397

File: 1629368921859.jpg (277.74 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20210819-062721_Chr…)


Not only did she steal the picture but she zoomed in and changed the color of the picture to make the model's arm more white.

Also she saying she paid an extra $5 for the cuffs. She is so cheap she is making her subs pay for tax & shipping.

No. 1303402

this shit screams aliexpress, who would pay 65 for this?

No. 1303461

File: 1629377883634.jpeg (403 KB, 1242x1708, 770B3C89-B455-4BBD-BDC7-7349E7…)

Good ole “Grand Rising, say it back!” Katie misquoting a black woman

No. 1303467

She brightened the whole picture, not just the model's skin anon lol

No. 1303477

>i'm a cold, confident, assertive dom who doesn't give a shit about you, you are nothing to me but a slave, a piggy bank for me to smash open
>oh-no i hope i didn't trigger you, i'm so sorry! this is a safe space and i will…
"dom" my ass

No. 1303488

>changed the color of the picture to make the model's arm more white.
Kathy what the fuck

No. 1303513


Thats what I meant, she brighten the whole photo but it made the skin tone more white, no matter what, thats problematic.

No. 1303517

Looks like Katie has found someone new to project her performative twitter wokeness onto now that Mistress Velvet has sadly passed

iirc this person has also been doing photoshoots for Katie and I really doubt any of it was paid for. I wonder how long it'll take her to run this relationship into the ground by asking for too much and offering too little as usual kek

No. 1303521


This is accurate to like burn out/mentally unstable faildaughters living off a trust until their 40-50s when they inevitably die from a drug OD. The wasted lives of these people is really end end stage late capitalism and its so bizarre to me that’s what she aspires to, shopping and doing nothing all day and creeps out about these subgenre of genz a sw/sugar babies, like they have no goals in life they want to pursue past being a empty void to fill with lifestyle consumerism. At least Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was vaguely trying to be an actress and could sing.

No. 1303607

File: 1629392909294.png (2.03 MB, 1242x2208, 35D79E21-FA9E-4914-B7BE-7A58E6…)

>little ones
Pick a fucking lane Kathy. You can’t suck on a bottle watching cartoons with baby yoda as a domme calling other people “little ones”.

No. 1303612

File: 1629393324994.jpeg (530.12 KB, 1242x1704, 98901C62-CA6F-4843-A13C-927DAE…)

>they have no goals in life they want to pursue past being a empty void to fill with lifestyle consumerism

You nailed it. Think this that she payed this morning sums that up pretty well. You have all the markings of vapid consumerism; faux fur, Chanel compact, “Barbie” pink nails, as for the sale of looking ~luxurious~. You can take the girl out of Long Island but you can’t take Long Island out of the girl kek

No. 1303619

That photo looks like what every Russian hooker was posting on insta in like 2015 kek Also nothing screams domme more than pink. She is so lost.

No. 1303636

BDSM sperg but those cuffs are absolutely useless. Very pretty to look at but they would never hold a doming session and break just by dropping them on the floor. Same for the ball gag, looks very unsafe for the teeth, usually you need to go for silicone, not hard material.
I'm surprised she got them when she's such a uwu kink pro. Jk, she's yet again a poser who thinks aesthetic makes everything.

No. 1303645

Not like she’s actually doming anyone so it doesn’t matter kek

No. 1303656

it's obviously just for aesthetic anon calm down
she doesn't even actually buy these things anyways so what does it matter? she says she buys it and begs for money from nonexistent paypigs for it so she can make a buck, if she actually owned them she would post pictures of them instead of using the store photos. she can't even pay her rent to her former roommate on time, she's definitely not buying any aesthetic uwu bdsm gear

No. 1303677

File: 1629397329558.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1771, C28E4F54-0734-406B-ABEC-346D3E…)

Yeah she found a new one to latch onto. Won’t last long.

No. 1303694

nothing says "luxury domme" like a cheap sunhat with "mistress" in the live laugh love cursive font

No. 1303699

I can't quite tell, but that looks to be just texted added on for the photo. Either way, I've never seen a domme in a sunhat like this so this is new. (read: stupid)

No. 1303703

It’s not. It’s on the actual hat.

No. 1303704

Next thread is live laugh love edition kek how much more out of touch with reality can she get?

No. 1303726

Ew. In that case this is giving me real 2005 Desperate Housewives vibes.

No. 1303747

File: 1629400471157.jpeg (763.26 KB, 1242x1145, 7284CB46-7F09-45ED-A172-AEB622…)

Lol and here’s who’s joining her: her “mentor” that only started sex work because she couldn’t afford insulin and a “reiki master” polygamist. What a crew.

No. 1304123

shut the fuck up, retard.
the sparkles made me think she'd bedazzled her sunhat.

No. 1304163

So this retard's advice to disabled individuals is to not tell their employer about their disability because capitalism bad and instead just sue… which is one of the most capitalistic things one could do.

She's a danger to society with her unsolicited "advice", and not in the deluded positive way she thinks.

No. 1304336

I think she just did that so it looked more like one of her own photos e.g. her arm, she's a lazy one

No. 1304514

if your employer was average and shitty you wouldn't have been hired in the first place.

No. 1304799

File: 1629485360419.jpg (243.45 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20210820-144119_Twi…)

Aka her wearing her Grogu PJ set with pit stains, plain jane face, cheap nails eating whatever she can afford. Do we have any proof of this performance?

No. 1304813

No because it probably didn't happen. She was tweeting and posting all day and said nothing about it. Another excuse to lay around and do absolutely fuck all.

No. 1304816

File: 1629486138451.png (123.49 KB, 586x533, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 11.5…)

So her fantasy is being borderline homeless couch surfing while begging for grocery money on the internet? Also there she goes again implying she has something when she doesn't.

No. 1304856

File: 1629488151507.png (4.79 MB, 1170x2532, 71AA97D6-F9C8-4B9C-B56E-BCBC63…)

No, she did have a performance yesterday. Another dive bar shindig.

No. 1304858

What's funny is that there's no way you can get these heels. They were an art piece, not ready to wear fashion. If she wants people to believe she's luxurious at least lie about something you can easily get.

No. 1304871

File: 1629489271110.jpg (288.41 KB, 1036x1352, Screenshot_20210820-154907_Chr…)


I did a bit of digging, she wasn't even the main event. She was a nameless no one in thus variety and burlesque show.

No. 1304876

File: 1629489800722.jpg (387.71 KB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20210820-160005_Ins…)

No. 1304896

I know that's her same tired wig, but in this light she looks like Violet Chachki.

No. 1304942

Another unoriginal burlesque cow. They all start looking the same eventually kek

No. 1304954

Wtf is going on with that huge gap between the ribbons in the middle of her corset lacing? It looks sloppy and emphasizes even more how ill-fitting it is. I can't believe she actually performs in that and how it's basically her only outfit too. Did none of her "mentors" talk to her about wearing clothes that actually fit?

No. 1305026

She's not going to actually tighten her corset, anon. She's disabled with 20 maladies plus rickets, it's a miracle she made it through the door of that capacity 6 club.

No. 1305473

File: 1629563635574.jpeg (365.25 KB, 1242x554, 9CE832B3-0612-4E3E-81EE-08FE1F…)

1. It’s funny these online whores don’t even do the basics of their jobs
2. It’s funny Miss Katherine Harlow here retweeted this given her broken website gives very little information outside of describing her one costume

And since she reads here, don’t give free advice on fixing it kek

No. 1305487

What’s even funnier is that miss madame blush doesn’t even offer any kind of online services so what website could people possibly not be reading?(emoji use)

No. 1305501

File: 1629565659661.png (58.24 KB, 595x366, Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 10.0…)

Her pinned tweet perhaps? That still gives zero indication of anything kek

She's doing it on purpose though because she doesn't actually want to do anything

No. 1305512

I guess? If I were a real submissive looking for a Domme though, I’d want someone who had actual stuff I could look at to know what they were like and how I’d benefit from submitting to them. Katherine puts in zero effort and whines about being depressed and broke and unsuccessful. The jokes write themselves, people.

No. 1305536

File: 1629569859525.jpeg (Spoiler Image,62.98 KB, 828x461, E89qAXZWQAAVXqr.jpeg)

Mentors are just as bad as her with the ill-fitting outfits kek

No. 1305538

File: 1629570237118.png (317.56 KB, 591x748, Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 11.1…)

She's got some nerve liking this when in the last thread she was talking about how it was "violating" when someone did it to her.

No. 1305552

File: 1629571430447.png (8.11 MB, 1170x2532, 3729D1DA-4876-4B1F-8AB3-3A0806…)


No. 1305592

bobbleheaded birdwoman chic

No. 1305602

Looking like a tranny

No. 1305694

damn, the heavy filter couldn’t save this one

No. 1305853

She is so ugly. She should ask for someone to pay for a rhinoplasty

No. 1306287

File: 1629663237433.jpg (298.96 KB, 1080x1865, Screenshot_20210822-160841_Twi…)

Aka she is homeless.

No. 1306288

File: 1629663280037.jpeg (664.83 KB, 1242x1472, 03392DCB-6E8C-4311-AFC3-034C52…)

She’s so full of shit she makes septic tanks jealous

No. 1306289

“Select clients” kek bitch you have zero clients. Time to go back to your corner in your conversation starting outfit.

No. 1306291

AKA I plan on never offering in-person sessions because I’m not a real domme but if I start using a “dungeon under construction” excuse people might think I’m somewhat legit

No. 1306295

I like how she says this because even some legit pro-dommes don’t have their own dungeons. Also, who is she Tweeting this to? She’s not even professionally advertising to subs anyways.

No. 1306300

Right? And it’s not like there aren’t pop-up dungeons all over NYC. She’s hoping someone will believe her lies and bite but she’s really just tweeting out into the ether.

No. 1306515

File: 1629681430397.png (450.58 KB, 593x767, Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 6.14…)

Very communist of you Kathy

No. 1306517

File: 1629681691399.png (237.03 KB, 880x765, Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 6.20…)

And of course she doesn't use her own image because she does not actually own the bag kek

No. 1306584

File: 1629686087425.jpeg (282.7 KB, 1168x1714, 6A92EA3D-EC42-46DB-8664-656592…)

She wants to be oppressed so bad….she didn’t have to do this work and I doubt she encounters any discrimination in her day to day life. She literally quit her job to do this, it’s not like it was her only option.

No. 1306587

sigh Yes, exactly. She up and quit her job before even making her first "sex work" account because she thought men would just hand money over to her as a findomme. She doesn't do any work other than list off things she supposedly buys… Why does she expect people to pay her "to do this work"? Get a job you retarded deadbeat.

No. 1306593

File: 1629687261414.jpeg (586.72 KB, 1242x1521, C85EDCB7-EE35-4C2C-ACBE-8081A7…)

These whores are too daft to understand that this “censorship” is actually because their online pimps are part of/allow CP rings operate on their websites. Keep thinking you’re just so oppressed as a fake findomme with no subs though.

No. 1306594

What violence does she face tweeting out her grocery list? Idiots like Katherine Harlow stay shouting over actual victims of sexual violence.

No. 1306616

the "starts with us and will get to you normies" thing makes me laugh. Like look around we're already censored to death you can't say certain words online without being banned or shadowbanned (at least not monetized). Some youtubers make up google docs for codewords so they could actually talk about important things like CP. It disturbs me that they don't seem to think it's that important (CP/revenge porn/public porn) and are more worried about themselves. The only people that truly don't get censored these days are celebs & even then. I truly don't think the legal sex industry is going anywhere

No. 1306637

Sorry to be ot but I’m the anon who made the thread pic edit and I never said thanks to op for including it so thanks! brings a genuine smile to my face as I was so nervous posting it kek

No. 1306672

File: 1629697371813.jpeg (437.07 KB, 828x1721, EB8D644B-0B08-46B0-A296-36C78F…)

Grand rising, Kathy! Time to educate yourself. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-58255865

And then say thank you.

No. 1306712

It's truly creepy that we now exist in an age where lazy formerly middle class porn models and their simp swarms are willing to attempt to cover up revenge porn, cp, and sex slaves just to keep their miserable $180/month coming in.

No. 1306759

Right? It honestly baffles me how little empathy they have. I know it sucks to have a mean of income disappearing but it happens to a lot of business owners for a lot of reasons (new laws, new competitors). What about all the people who worked in the wedding industry having to close during covid?

I guess I shouldn’t expect basic empathy and decency from online thots and porn addicts.

I’ve seen people react to the OF news by saying the org is just a bunch of puritans that are using the “Thing of the children” excuse to ban porn. And you know, not like, maybe really think of the very real trafficked children??
Fuck if I could save even 1 kid from being trafficked I would at all cost.

No. 1306888

File: 1629733506046.jpeg (239.8 KB, 1170x2532, 5CDCE61E-B478-4E0C-B122-2B5AD9…)

Ok….narcissism aside, this was a really sweet thing for someone to ask? Like in what world does someone have to feel like they can’t check in on a friend and they have to “learn from” a simple check in? Like does this girl not know how friendship works or what

No. 1306926

This is the reputation you’ve built up Kathy… Even when someone is kind enough to think of you, they feel they have to walk on eggshells around you.

No. 1306927

File: 1629738294552.jpg (213.33 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20210823-130320_Twi…)

No. 1306953

>walls with rugs

OT how is living in your grandmas shitty Soviet era apartment with wall carpets a sign of being trafficked?

No. 1306954

Stop. It’s not a joke. It’s a tactic traffickers use so location can not be determined.

No. 1306956

I don't think they were joking anon, it was also a common soviet practice for insulation. Poor russians still do it

No. 1306959


I don’t know if that’s true or not but when they say “rugs on walls” the only thing I think of is my friends grandmas shitty apts which is like 40% of all housing stock in FSU. Traveling across Europe also isn’t weird when you literally live next door to Europe. I’m willing to believe it but the way the article worded that just made me lol

No. 1306966

Is she even considered a sex worker? The closest she’s posted to porn was a pic with her nips showing (in the last thread) that she deleted almost immediately. She’s on a couple sexting sites but it’s really obvious no one has contacted her on them. She had an OF for a month where she re-posted the same barely provocative things she was posting on Twitter. Right now all she’s doing is tweeting out her grocery list so….? She’s not effected by OF booting porn and one could argue she isn’t even a sex worker.

No. 1306980

If "sex worker" by definition is someone who monetizes sex or sexual desire, or even sex appeal, then…no. Whatever she is monetizing is not that by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 1307016

File: 1629748541025.jpeg (228.92 KB, 1242x627, 0BCC1C3E-F499-44D4-87DC-404568…)

Top fucking kek

He’s not your husband… you’re “collared” to him with no legal bindings. Remember in the last thread anons talking about how she’s jealous of brides? Yeah, they were right. Funny how she went from saying wedding rings triggered and disgusted her to calling her neckbeard that she doesn’t even want to fuck her husband.

No. 1307018

File: 1629748945794.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, 62D424ED-E3BE-4A75-8CC4-B4A219…)

Lol she is coping hard. Never forget her calling brides costume inspiration and posting picrel

He is never going to marry your pickme ass

No. 1307027

I think she's "jokingly" implying that the woman's husband says that shit to her, but not to his wife. She's trying to come off a cruel, heartles domme or something, only to out herself as the clueless asshole that she is.

No. 1307032

File: 1629749911047.jpeg (156.99 KB, 1237x704, 82C689FA-E49E-4A66-B7F9-A49950…)

If that was indeed her goal here… why say it directly to (supposed) wife? Like you said it just shows that she’s a clueless asshole. Her “dealbreakers” are exactly what she does.

No. 1307052

Cringey (and confusing) implications aside, this does nothing for her branding. SWer clients are notoriously jealous. They HATE knowing a woman has a man they let into their personal life, which is why most sex workers stay completely mum about it. She's really dumb for doing literally everything you're not supposed to do to find clients.

No. 1307055

>lack of self-awareness
isn't it ironic, don't you think?

No. 1307077

I'd say it's because she hates other women, especially the ones that got picked. All ethots are seething misogynists under the thin facade of ~uwu~ positivity. And she's also really, really dumb on top of that.

No. 1307082

File: 1629754327410.jpeg (359.56 KB, 2048x1318, E9gPIdmXoAEf8tP.jpeg)

As if it wasn't obvious enough already that's she larping kek

No. 1307083

File: 1629754365152.jpeg (480.89 KB, 2002x2048, E9gP_jGXMAIBceX.jpeg)

No. 1307084

File: 1629754508051.gif (3.46 MB, 420x286, brigitte-nielsen-confused.gif)

No. 1307086

File: 1629754710714.jpeg (220.43 KB, 1594x877, E9gP_jGXMAIBceX.jpeg)

No. 1307087

Budget Cruella de Vil

No. 1307088

>ill fitting dress
>live laugh love mistress hat
>fake Chanel
>bad wig, bad makeup
>using women as props

Yep that's Katherine

No. 1307090

Everyone in this shot is more intimidating then her, including the fatty. She looks like a toy poodle in a straw hat. Such domme, much scary kek

No. 1307093

She didn't want to throw some polish on those piggies?

No. 1307125

getting banned from twitter isn't censorship you retard. Literally no one is censoring Americans from saying whatever the fuck they want. Is lolcow censoring scrotes when we ban them? The victim complex some of you guys have is insane

No. 1307131

Instead of calling it a cluster fuck this is a cluster B fuck.

No. 1307143

Lol did the site switch dimensions for a second or something?

No. 1307157

File: 1629761390506.jpg (253.59 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20210823-192423_Twi…)


Oh my gawd, i thought the word mistress was photoshopped onto the hat but that doesn't seem the case.

No. 1307161

Disregarding how terrible the photo is, it also just looks so busy?? Like I don't know what to look at here, and my eye is definitely not drawn to her.

No. 1307165

My eyes went directly to the half drank water bottles behind them kek

No. 1307167

Oh nooooooo. How much did she pay for these photos?? Why would anyone let those end up in the shot LOLLLLL(learn2sage)

No. 1307195

Knowing her, she is probably paying nothing somehow kek

No. 1307274

Same kek. I bet she'll post them again with them shooped out after lurking here. I'm really disappointed she changed calling her "clients" findoms >>1299254. That was hilarious and even more of a dead giveaway she doesn't get any business.

No. 1307545

File: 1629821969271.jpeg (368.14 KB, 750x982, 1624344534554.jpeg)

she tried but no one reads her tweets so it got ignored

No. 1307561

Kathy, that’s a sun hat. Sun hats are something you wear when you’re outside, in the sun. If you ever left your sty, you’d know this.
For someone who likes to larp as fashion obsessed, she really doesn’t know the most basic things.

No. 1307575

what is going on with the boob of the left girl? Where does it want to go?

Damn, all of the clothes look so cheap and ill-fitting. My dressmaker heart is crying over these cheap clothes of these women.

No. 1307589

Is this kind of thing normal for a "sex worker" to say? Why broadcast you're homely and need correction as a domme? Where's the power in that

No. 1307593

Honestly she's progressed from here, nothing says domme like er, teddy bears and asking for money for cosmetic surgery

No. 1307611

File: 1629828530901.jpeg (537.87 KB, 1242x1528, 7198A6FA-DF47-493A-9677-4CEC5F…)

Begging for pastel ice cream flavor labeled thongs. Such luxurious. Much domme.

No. 1307627

File: 1629829800108.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1170x1992, 418DB190-0EF1-4581-9C67-65EEFD…)

She’s had those up for a minute. Asking for it from her lady followers too(Emoji)

No. 1307630

The image of her saying grand rising while wearing the dark chocolate ones is sending me kek

No. 1307708

File: 1629835913102.png (15.43 KB, 598x138, jealousmuch.png)

I love that she's oozing with marriage envy while making herself such an embarrassing spectacle that no one will even take her out to dinner

No. 1307711

… if they want you to dominate them, wouldn't that make them not "vanilla"? Also yeah kek another evening of being stood up for dinner?

No. 1307727

File: 1629837624191.png (84.25 KB, 644x363, Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 1.39…)

The only interaction she gets is from other fake twitter findommes kek

No. 1307775

File: 1629840939486.png (7.6 KB, 593x124, Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 17-18…)

Well that about answers it for me

No. 1307808

Does anyone else get major Andrew Cunanan from this chick? Everything from the deviancy to the delusions of grandeur + the compulsive lying and larping as a Manhattan socialite rings my psycho alarm bell.

No. 1307846

File: 1629846799766.png (62.27 KB, 592x264, Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 4.04…)

To directly quote Katherine herself from the previous thread:

>… it makes me extremely uncomfortable when someone befriends me and later tells me that they have a crush on me. It feels dishonest and it makes me feel violated.

She sure loves to aggressively and blatantly break her boundaries when it comes to other people but god forbid you send her an emoji.

No. 1307856

Honestly I get Anna Delvin more than anything else. Lies about her past and mooches off of others to get ahead.

No. 1307857

Did you mean Anna Sorokin? If not, she's like her too but with none of the cleverness. Katherine contradicts her own lies in the same breath sometimes kek

No. 1307879

I think Anna Delvin was one of the pseudonyms she used. I agree with your assessment of Katherine though - sure wishes she could grift like that.

No. 1307927

Anon where did I insulate that anyone is a victim? I also never said anything about anyone getting banned on twitter tf?? You could not have tried harder to miss the point, which still stands - censorship is already here and no one is coming for normies after sex workers. Dozens of sex workers regurgitate that concept and one specific poem to make THEMSELVES seem like targeted victims sure, including Katherine, but it's simply not true which was literally my point! The general sentiment amoung a lot of creators, especially those who do it for a living, is that there is censorship and it continues to get stricter. It’s censorship if you follow TOS, didn’t get falsely reported, and get your post taken down anyway. If you’re getting banned then you probably broke TOS (this applies for most sw). As for your scrote example It’s more like if you got banned for being an ignorant asshole and the raging scrote says to you, “see they banned you! I told you they were coming for you once they got rid of me!”. So many eurofags in these threads clearly have a giant hateboner for americans and act like you don’t have google over there and it gets really old

No. 1308350

Very few cows make me want to a-log, but she’s one of them. Instead of seeking painkillers she needs to find something to curtail her NPD. What a detestable being she is.

No. 1308355

File: 1629915527136.jpeg (223.93 KB, 1242x1522, 58610600-C348-4834-BA28-EFF9A6…)

Obvious that she hasn’t received any amount that she’s begged for but $750 for tacky trendy pastel synthetic bags? Kek okay girl. Keep thinking you know what luxury is as you post from whatever couch you’re crashing on.

No. 1308369

it's 550, not 750 kek

No. 1308370

She was begging for the pink one here retard >>1306515

No. 1308373

Instead of asking for chump change she should maybe first get better at being a Domme.

No. 1308405

>No interactions
I almost feel bad for her… Have she ever gotten anything off her twitter?

No. 1308433

God these are ugly.

No. 1308568

I don’t know how she would be getting one of these ugly ass bags but they are completely sold out everywhere. They are only popular because celebs are buying them. Calling it the ‘Brooklyn Birkin’


No. 1308570

I could see this whole sundress/sunhat look kind of working somewhere outside like poolside? What looks like a dimly lit waiting room certainly is a weird choice.

No. 1308586

She’s going to buy fake ones like all her other “designer” items kek

No. 1308634

File: 1629940728857.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x2073, 0251EDF5-4A5A-4B2C-8985-82EBEA…)

Looks used

No. 1308637

Looks like she probably just stole more pics but this time got smart and stole a picture of a used item instead of the stock image.

No. 1308652

No, this looks to be her room. If you look at pics from the other thread it is her room. Still used though.

No. 1308687

Kathy it’s not from one of your “pets” if you’re on Twitter getting zero interaction on Tweets asking to be “reimbursed” for it. Also, roommate is real fucking dumb for letting her back in. She has zero job and zero income… she’s not going to be paying rent or anything else again.

No. 1308702

you mean Anna Delvey nonnie, Kathy could never be as iconic and sxc

No. 1308739


everyone knows in an anti-capitalist communistic society you're given out free designer handbags

she posts this and then not even a day later she has it in her hands? i call bullshit lmao she reads this page religiously and saw everyone clowning on her not getting any interactions on her findom posts and wanted to show us that she really does get paypigs. she's so transparent and so easy to trigger

No. 1308758

This looks similar to >>1307157
but I don't care to study it closely, so at least this claim was true (?)

Then she first posted about this bag (she can't resist styling herself like a lady from the 40s while also trying to be a domme) a few days ago >>1306515 and again >>1308355
But she upped the price in the recent post.

No. 1308766

File: 1629959915426.png (89.84 KB, 590x489, Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 11.3…)

Damn she is one tacky bitch

No. 1308867


Wait i thought her roommate kicked her out, how is she in her old room?

No. 1308920

I mean for all we know this could be a Chinese knockoff, which could explain how she got it.

No. 1308950


Wouldn’t a pay pig have an incentive NOT to send her money for a nose job? Any man who would giving her his hard earned $$$ should be attracted to her first (in theory) and not want her to change. Also in my experience educated (ie wealthy) men are EXTREMELY anti-cosmetic surgery and other modifications like tattoos , fake nails/lashes, hair extensions ect

No. 1308963

From what I know, wealthy men aren't really into the bimbo, "fake" aesthetic. The women they date or find as escorts are beautiful, but just like….normal. idk what audience she's trying to appeal to but the educated, smart, wealthy audience is not it.

No. 1309107

I know she's trying to play into the role of a domme, but I took it as she was trying to offer them the power over her and the power to change her appearance (which I guess would be more of a sub thing and that contradicts the whole persona she's trying to push)

No. 1309283

File: 1630017704125.jpeg (140.61 KB, 1242x573, 7D0F1F51-8271-437C-8E80-29811B…)

Says the grown woman that adheres strictly to many traditional gender roles in a heterosexual relationship with a neckbeard that pulls her around in public by an Amazon leash and collar.

Sure showed them “vanilla” folk Kathy!

No. 1309298

She’s made her entire personality two things: sex work and being ~not vanilla~ yet she is not a sex worker and she is “vanilla” (hate that term).

These attention whores always turn to online sex work larping instead of actually developing interesting hobbies and skills. You’d think they’d learn but guess you can’t fix lazy and uncreative.

No. 1309299

I’d honestly have more respect for her if she was a sex worker because then she’d actually be doing something instead of whining into the internet void.

No. 1309307

gate-keeping BSDM fashion like people who are in the BDSM community are oppressed. kek never change kathy

No. 1309323

Anna Delvey is a queen. Kathy could never. I truly wonder how she’s affording to live. Her SW career isn’t making jack and she’s too ugly to work at hooters.

No. 1309335

that bag is fake. the real one is not that shiny

No. 1309336

File: 1630023649991.jpeg (460.68 KB, 1242x1829, 699437FE-7E2D-4295-B25F-2944BB…)

Something about a pot calling the kettle…

No. 1309339

File: 1630023989557.jpeg (139.33 KB, 1241x582, 8ECA1A8A-B728-42FA-BABB-A6F8A2…)

Kek and here she goes again talking to the void. The zero interactions should tell her the answer to that question.

No. 1309340

No. 1309352

She looks 40 in this photo

No. 1309363

That outfit looks like something a dorky kid would wear to their middle school orchestra recital.

No. 1309554

he wore his best shirt lol

No. 1309570


It looks like he doesn't even want to hold that stupid leash.

No. 1309753

File: 1630093148687.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, 04868355-B9D9-4AE1-B3D1-5F26A0…)

This wasn’t talked about enough in the first thread kek So ~disabled~ that she can’t pay rent on time yet is able to get railed by two men. You’re a liar and a whore Katherine.

No. 1309822

File: 1630097547481.jpeg (272.86 KB, 1228x1108, 99A364CE-831A-4265-A209-229554…)

There’s a lot of NPD to unpack here including lying about her birthdate (1/2)

No. 1309823

File: 1630097607648.jpeg (402.13 KB, 1240x1723, 88398526-A7F4-4737-83FF-BCCCE3…)

No. 1309880

File: 1630101137075.png (272.12 KB, 598x524, smonkinw33d.png)

Luxury domme begging for weed money

No. 1309894


Kinda funny how they are both wearibg some kind of comic shirt. Imagine these are the men she settles for while saying ahe was asked out by big money men

No. 1309938

No one would allow her to dominate them if they knew this was her “daddy”. No one would at all unless it was just a random dude, which should be her target audience, but never actually rich people. Posting this on her sw account was very dumb. It’s all dumb but this image stuck with me and I’m big mad about it

No. 1309975

she really needs to just find a sugar daddy. this is sad

No. 1309984

the telfar bag is either a fake ro second hand the bags sell out in minutes after drops and have been sold out in every colour for a while now

No. 1309992

Given how the leather looks soft and shapeless, and the stitching looks so cheap I’m leaning towards saying it’s fake.

No. 1310032

File: 1630116051385.jpg (81.3 KB, 828x952, Er2BbYwXcAEwDov.jpg)

She has that ultimate pickme logic. The only people impressed by her ability to "score" two gross ugly neckbeards who wear faded black Walmart novelty tees are very low status pickmes.

No. 1310122

the telfar is 100% fake. i have a real one and the fake leather has a matte finish. this one is shiny and yeah the stitching is fucked

No. 1310211

I know she is a shit domme, but how the fuck did she write that and in anyway thinking that sounds kinky. It sounds more like a scammy kickstarter.

No. 1310284

She sounds like every other twitter thot who tags their pics with paypig shit cause they think they can get paid for showing their tits.

No. 1310544

File: 1630176847389.jpg (458.55 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20210828-145218_Twi…)

Let's play a game,is this her picture or did she steal it from someone.

No. 1310570

looks like she's badly photoshopped that cash in lmao

No. 1310717

denominations isn't technically incorrect but kek at this dingdong not being able to remember the word "multiples".

>I want more

Then ask for multiples of $50, you dumb binch

I'm pretty sure she's trying to imply that she got the weed money she was asking for, but I won't believe it until I see that bag.

No. 1310939


No. 1311307

File: 1630264799982.jpeg (162.5 KB, 1242x657, E5B745C0-BA64-43C0-9E96-D1960C…)

>wants bdsm to be accepted and normalized
>refers to people as vanilla and normies
You can help “normalize” it by not using us vs them rhetoric retard or continue because no one like you degenerates

No. 1311330

Yes because getting turned on by drinking piss and spending all day cooming over fantasies about rape is mental fucking illness, dumb bitch. I bet she is the exact kind of retard who defends ddlg

No. 1311331

File: 1630267423842.jpeg (65.42 KB, 828x431, 1624782940402.jpeg)

She does. Read the threads, she talks about "little space" quite a bit.

No. 1311332

Why does Kathy latch onto degenerate things that she doesn't even partake in? Rhetorical question but kek she's a sex worker that doesn't do sex work and she's a BDSMfag who wears gear as a ~fashion statement~

No. 1311351

File: 1630269881433.jpg (252.83 KB, 1080x1559, Screenshot_20210829-120420_Twi…)

It doesn't work like that Kathy you pathetic excuse for a person.

No. 1311357

At first I read this as "is this her" and was gonna point out it's Bettie Page lol, no she most definitely stole this from some sexworkers page. Especially as she's an online sex worker, so why would she have all those 20s.

No. 1311386

Maybe because she knows deep down she's a straight white girl but that's seen as uncool and boring and it'd make her an evil cishet colonizer oppressor to the people she's trying to impress?

Or because she's lazy and doesn't want to work and she thinks she can get coomer scrotes to give her money for simply existing.

No. 1311395

Funny thing is she can't even find some desperate soul writing the usual "wow so butifol bob and vagene". Really the saddest cow

No. 1311449

They’d write that if she actually posted some sexy/interesting content or photos, but our queen stays lazy and just demands money instead.

No. 1311453

you are not oppressed for being an e-beggars, Katherine. And, no, e-begging isn't bdsm

No. 1311650

File: 1630313868720.jpeg (178.41 KB, 1242x973, 527FDB8C-CC52-41CB-93B3-96BEC8…)

Would it kill her to be sexy at least once? Begging for your groceries to be paid for isn’t part of anybody’s luxury domme fantasy; it’s only men who want control over broke, destitute whores that are into that. It’s what her lame fat ass “mentor” does though so Kathy just copies because she doesn’t have any originality.

No. 1311740


Her and Shayna truly are one in the same with the constant reIMbUrSe mE tweets

No. 1312046

File: 1630357196570.jpg (352.28 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20210830-164313_Twi…)

Someone should try to find her on these websites with her new name.

No. 1312078

File: 1630359247540.png (98.29 KB, 591x410, Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 2.31…)

Pt. 2 to the tweet that was posted a couple days ago… yes because Kathy wearing her amazon collar and leash is real BDSM and her neckbeard scrote dragging her around in public by it is love.


No. 1312140

File: 1630363066839.jpg (360.71 KB, 1655x842, Katherine McMahon aka ParkBenc…)

I had time today kek

No. 1312217

Topkek anon

No. 1312230

Love that the bitch who bragged about sneaking into her friend’s fathers’ beds at sleepovers and is okay with public displays of kink/sex wants to talk down to vAnIlLa people about “principles of consent”.

No. 1312285

>bragged about sneaking into her friend’s fathers’ beds at sleepovers
Wtf, did she really say that? Caps?

No. 1312327

Read the last thread nonita it was discussed there

No. 1312451

It's really the ugly font that got to me. Absolutely beautiful

No. 1312518

Already tried Fetlife, zilch. I imagine she got roasted on her old account in the group forums and decided not to bother with it.

No. 1313045

File: 1630470525627.jpeg (391.25 KB, 1242x1023, 3F3F21A0-89CE-4C8A-A652-C71224…)

She really doesn’t know how any of this works does she? Also this isn’t Monopoly which is ironic for Miss Communism.

No. 1313072

Again, how does she expect to gain followers and subscribers if she doesn’t put out any content? She doesn’t understand that to be paid for being sexualized, she needs to put something sexual out in the first place.

No. 1313084

great work anon. the fact that you used the same shitty font as her ridiculous "mistress" hat is sending me

No. 1313114

A “sex worker” that ignores the sex and the work part

No. 1313210

The fact that shayna is better at this despite being an absolute braphog slays me

No. 1313457

File: 1630531422936.png (378.81 KB, 588x678, Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.18…)

>$100 minimum
She really is just shooting in the dark hoping she hits something kek Why would anyone send $100 for absolutely nothing? No one is paying you just to exist. NO ONE.

No. 1313497

Not with that face, no one should pay for her to exist.

No. 1313516

File: 1630535613252.png (3.03 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-09-01_06-30-23_PM.p…)

Looks like she is showing off the cheap BDSM gear she bought from Virginia Joy. Wonder how she was able to afford it if she can barely pay rent.

No. 1313525


this should be next thread pic kek

No. 1313531

File: 1630536747498.jpeg (209.3 KB, 1242x519, 4CC83B55-B747-42E1-89E8-4A4CC1…)

Cheap is right… Such a luxurious professional domme with gear that she can’t even use kek

> PSA this is definitely more of a decorative/photographic piece of jewelry, and it may not hold up in rough or intense kink scenarios

No. 1313533

Wonder why she credited the “background images” but not the creator of her cheap and tacky gear?

No. 1313566

Are these even real pearls? Legitimately looks like cheap "pearl" beads attached to equally as cheap hardware. It looks like something you could likely throw together for $15 within a half an hour.

No. 1313575

No, they’re not. Website lists them as “acrylic pearls” which is just another way of saying plastic crafting beads.

No. 1313677

>$1 double ended snap hook
>$5 bulk acrylic pearls
So luxurious and high class. She could have made these at home for a tiny portion of the cost and have them look just as cheap. kek

No. 1313824

File: 1630572563409.png (424.24 KB, 588x756, DA2B2DCE-A158-4AB6-B66B-549995…)

Katherine really can not hide that she hates other women. It was discussed in the previous thread and partly here concerning what she has posted on Instagram but not so much what she posts on twitter under her faux domme persona. Under both accounts she has somehow managed to interject her hate of other women while pretending to want to dominate males.

Think about it: if your main target demographic is submissive males, why only post images of women in distress? She says she is open to “all genders” but not once has she posted an image of a male in compromising positions, bound, gagged, being tortured; only women. Sure, she’s retweeted other dommes dominating men but only twice. All of her personal postings are images of submissive women including her awful live laugh love mistress irl ones. Even the supposed decor she bought was of bound and gagged females figures.

Her new inclusion of sissies and “forced femininity” really drives it home. These men want to be humiliated and the most embarrassing thing to them is to be a woman - of course their version of “woman” being caricatures that rely heavily on gender stereotypes but that’s exactly what she does with calling herself “hyperfemme”. Katherine may pretend she is dominating them and getting the last laugh but in reality men have her exactly where they want her, at the expense of herself and the image of feminine misery.

No. 1313825

I noticed that too, nonnie. So embarrassing

No. 1313894

Someone mentioned this in the last thread, but it’s possible this is another example of Katherine truly being a sub at heart. She talks about degradation from the female perspective because that’s what she truly wants for herself - she wants to be the one being tortured and gagged and degraded. She isn’t naturally talented or truly interested in domination unless it re-enacts what she wants done to herself.

No. 1313903

I'm kinda worried that she'll end up Trooning out herself

No. 1314144

Kathy seems like the type of turbohandmaiden to claim that Ackshully ~cis women~ can be autogynephilic, too!!! remember when she pretended to be autosexual kek

No. 1314273

File: 1630621208303.jpg (293.46 KB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20210902-181519_Twi…)

I can't believe she conned someone into giving her $700. I wonder if she photoshopped this picture.

No. 1314285

Lmaooo, there is no way this is real. I doubt she even has $700 to send herself, I'd wager it's just pulled from Google images. No males interacted with the tweet and if a real male actually sent this, he would have interacted because it would get him a ton of interactions from other dommes. Sidenote: how bad is she slumming it for her to be using those same unflattering photos? No pics in how long? If only we knew how bad it really is.

No. 1314309

Kek she gets ZERO interaction. No one is sending her $700 out of the blue for nothing. The fact that the entire name is blocked out says a lot. It's either a family member bailing her out or a stolen image from wherever online. Also, sex workers know better than to use PayPal especially for amounts that high. Add on to what anon here >>1314285 said about a sub interacting… Bitch is lying once again.

No. 1314312

File: 1630624150393.png (86.56 KB, 585x424, Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 4.08…)

Only accounts that interacted with this tweet are the same fellow online whores that always like her shit lol get real Kathy

No. 1314385

File: 1630633137976.jpeg (158.39 KB, 750x1334, 8D48304F-7BE9-4E80-A3DC-35A65D…)

Something about her facial expression here is so funny to me.

No. 1314410

For me it's how she looks completely vacant, staring into the middle-distance while trying to project an image of strength/power. Although her crooked mouth was the first thing I noticed.

No. 1314447

File: 1630640035862.jpeg (190.85 KB, 1242x1242, 2E6B1BCB-5BFC-4CA3-B09C-5C233F…)

Shayna has the troon smirk, this one has an old witch smirk

No. 1314449

File: 1630640350349.jpeg (758.8 KB, 1242x1741, F4E5F65E-78A7-4F1D-94AC-0EB221…)

Aw someone’s lurking. She needs to pay us for the few bones we throw her kek also that last tweet… pick a lane Katherine. Do you want to wind up like Shayna Clifford pandering to every depraved fetish for pennies?

No. 1314472

Gloves are too small, corset looks like a garbage bag. I can't get over how ugly she is.

No. 1314484

barring her styling and makeup, she’s genuinely uglier than shayna

No. 1314706

I think shayna might be just a little bit uglier.

No. 1314756

She’s posted this before. This scrote was in a “vanilla” relationship with a normie girl before he met Kathy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was embarrassed to be seen in public participating in her uwu BDSM kween LARP.

So e-begging for groceries counts as “sex work” now? Kek

No. 1314797

At least Shayna has actual paypigs and gets 1 or 2 likes on at least one of her tweets throughout the week. The bar is on the fucking floor, and Katherine can't even seem to reach that kek.

No. 1314978

Why does she look elderly

No. 1315029

File: 1630702575570.png (124.82 KB, 590x690, Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 1.55…)

Isn’t it tiring to have to pretend to be dominant all the time?

No. 1315034

If she just uploaded some content, maybe she could lure in some coomers. I don't know why she thinks tweeting into the void will get her money/subs.

No. 1315042

That would require some work anon and the communist queen here can't have that

No. 1315046

very sus that someone as lazy and self-obsessed as she is can't even snap a couple of pictures of herself to exponentially increase the odds of free money

No. 1315052

It’s sus to me too. Like she can’t be dumb enough to think that her ship will come in someday with this kind of lazy panhandling. Sex workers all the time post shitty selfies because they know that dudes will get interested in even those. Why she isn’t posting photos is beyond me, even if she was just lazy.

No. 1315085

File: 1630708284904.png (336.6 KB, 498x556, MissTosh.png)

She's basically just a curve-less, dead-eyed version of picrel

No. 1315260

Katherine took a class from her in 2018 according to her acquaintance here >>1275050

No. 1315585

honestly something about katherine is so fucking funny.

maybe it's the way she gets 1-2 likes and zero engagement on a post requesting $100 for expensive cheese and fucking tabletop books she won't read.

maybe it's the way she pretends to be some bold femme dominatrix while posting pics of getting led around on leashes by some 3/10 reddit coomer.

idk why but she's involuntarily so comical. every time i read this post i have a good laugh at her antics.

No. 1316070

File: 1630811924366.jpeg (268.3 KB, 1242x584, FDFB9853-1C6A-402F-8816-329D21…)

Lol so what here triggered her the most the last couple of days kek?

No. 1316093

she's probably been reading this thread over and over again because she doesn't have a job or a hobby other than obsessively posting into the twitter void.

No. 1316121

File: 1630817868180.jpeg (794.23 KB, 1242x1701, 4930D0CF-966B-48C9-AA89-252CDF…)

She was big mad today. Cope harder Kathy and get a job.

Also kek at her never mentioning the dungeon she’s supposedly having built for her again. She can’t even keep up with her own delusional lies.

No. 1316446

File: 1630863357228.jpg (70.17 KB, 1064x494, Screenshot_20210905-132335_Twi…)

Really hope this cease and desist is for lolcow, that would be hilarious.

No. 1316450

File: 1630863641652.jpeg (185.77 KB, 1170x2532, EE7B6A20-DF7E-4D4E-9612-AE63E6…)

Naw, it’s for the family she’s apparently estranged from

No. 1316474

do you know it’s family specifically? she must not be estranged from all of them, she had venmo transactions with a brother or something recently

also I suspect >>1314273 is someone’s half of the rent

No. 1316492

File: 1630867439499.jpg (410.22 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20210905-144334_Chr…)

i thought she had A Lawyer? hmmmmm

No. 1316551

And the Shayna parallels continue. Keep your personal shit off your “sex work” twitter idiot.

No. 1316567

well how else would she get those pity bux? then she might have to actually work

No. 1316669

File: 1630882294552.jpeg (286.44 KB, 1242x574, 2876128D-B6CA-4CC2-B0B2-56E8E3…)

That’s why you’re still begging for money for the Telfar bags two weeks later, right?

No. 1316673

She really capitalized me, pathetic.

No. 1316674

File: 1630882491529.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1540, 26935416-B3C0-4440-A182-6D64E4…)

And begging bigger accounts to retweet your pinned post kek way to tell on yourself Kathy

No. 1316682

File: 1630883022512.jpeg (531.69 KB, 1170x1796, 26D4528B-C8E1-417E-9709-291947…)

God as someone with a disability, I fuckin haaaaaate how much she sexualizes being disabled.

No. 1316688

File: 1630883299696.jpeg (237.22 KB, 1239x1066, 962432CE-DF70-4CAE-97B6-39AAA2…)

A luxury domme e-begging for weekly grocery, drug, and errand money at the age of 24. Beginning to think it would indeed kill her to attempt any form of sex appeal. What a pathetic existence tweeting this out after quitting your job while crashing on a couch wearing baby yoda pajamas.

No. 1316691

I cringe when I hear about people who send dm's like this but to do it publicly is on a whole other level! She has no shame. I hope she'll go back to posting pics/vides and realize it's hurting her business to not post content and we're not going anywhere anyways. I miss that cream from thread one lmao

god she's as bad as shayna. Sad she can't even afford her basic necessities and talk about being entitled. That's all these posts do - expose her broke ass. Again why pay she doesn't actually do anything!

No. 1316704

And what "chronic pain" does she have? She already had endo surgery.

No. 1316720

Lol so she couldn't even include something of herself whipping? Congrats on being the laziest ~sex worker~ cow!

No. 1316723

File: 1630886154270.png (70.88 KB, 600x320, day of the rope.png)

Sage because this is OT but she's been mentioned here before… Something from Katherine's "greatest mentor". No wonder she fucking sucks when she looks up to this absolute idiot.

No. 1316763

this is one of the least sexy things she's ever posted kek

>the amount of pain that I'm in every day with chronic pain

jesus christ

No. 1316771

File: 1630891234610.jpg (146.07 KB, 828x827, tumblr_10662402c362cbbbd15c6a7…)

Not from her DDLG set afaik, but just some classic Kathy 1/2

No. 1316773

File: 1630891264031.jpg (174.38 KB, 828x1033, tumblr_4322b9e1ae2fa777605b878…)


No. 1316776

File: 1630891583287.jpg (236.54 KB, 1242x1178, IMG_3930.jpg)

This is old milk from a twitter she had for like two days last year but this is what she considers abuse from her family

No. 1316778

Isn’t she from Long Island? That isn’t exactly a risky place to travel from NYC. Gotta love the virtue signaling here.

No. 1316832

will be staying home this yr but apparently felt safe spending who knows how long in a tiny nyc apartment with some moid tying her up and suspending her, with nothing more than a flimsy surgical mask, not an n95 and who knows if they were wearing one too. Yes such an aboosive family! Totally didn't inherit those shitty traits. /s

No. 1316856

File: 1630902443982.png (38.81 KB, 597x190, Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 6.34…)


No. 1316860

File: 1630902723290.png (286.12 KB, 589x626, Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 6.35…)

>My subs pay for my existence!1!!
>How do I attract the subs I want?

Imagine calling yourself a professional domme only to publicly ask an obvious and basic question about it kek Keep telling on yourself Katherine.

No. 1316918

me too, nona.

No. 1316922

File: 1630912276915.jpeg (488.54 KB, 1170x1425, 4101F909-1649-400F-AFEF-CBCA9E…)

I love her advice because this is exactly the opposite of what Katherine has done

No. 1316937

“I coach this… to the pro-domme” and “It’s confusing. Market to ur niche.” Holy shit she just read her into the ground kek

No. 1316949

File: 1630916858565.jpeg (525.67 KB, 1170x1424, C63F7790-B76F-41C0-8BD0-2B8600…)

This woman’s advice is basically “don’t be like Katherine” 1/3

No. 1316950

File: 1630916882599.jpeg (288.08 KB, 1170x642, 57AC6F05-068C-40AA-86E6-5C6FAD…)


No. 1316951

File: 1630916993857.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1626, D9877140-B63A-4179-A313-408F76…)


No. 1316960


Oh the irony considering she asks for money just to exist.


Why did she start lets with L/l. From my understanding you do the capital/ lower case letters when you talk about people, thats it. She looks unexperience when she types like that.

No. 1316986

She does the capitalization wrong because she thinks it shows a sub/domme dynamic but in reality, yeah it’s improper and she comes across as uneducated. Once again catering to whatever into the void.

No. 1316987

lmfaoooooo Kathy has to be crying from this

No. 1317056

She looks like a plastic bag that got stuck in a tree.

No. 1317219

File: 1630951084635.gif (1.28 MB, 352x240, haha.gif)

No. 1317315

File: 1630959032038.jpeg (195.93 KB, 1204x880, 7138A83F-401E-4E64-9E36-085DBA…)

She’s a pathological liar

No. 1317326

If she took that much money from them, wouldn’t she have posted about it when it happened?

No. 1317339

She at least wouldn't have made her header photo with all ONES kekekek

No. 1317346

Kathy read the list, determined it was too much effort and will continue doing exactly as she is doing. Honestly think she doesn't like men very much and would rather it is a bunch of women watching her, which is all it will ever be with the essentially cute content she puts out.
>wearing nice dresses
>here's a handbag I want
All things degenerate kinky men love!

No. 1317351

File: 1630964236698.png (17.81 KB, 912x269, Screenshot 2021-09-05 at 21-07…)

Interesting take; I get the impression that she just isn't threatened by other women. She likes men enough to try and make a business dependent upon men and she doesn't dislike men enough to post photos of them in degrading situations. I think she considers women "safe". I expect her to go fake lesbian soon enough; she does have a gig booked for what looks like a lesbian sex club called "Skirt Club".

No. 1317386

File: 1630968127704.jpeg (36.89 KB, 290x173, memed-io-output(10).jpeg)

you'd think miss anarcho-communist would mention things such as workers' right on labor day but nope. more proof she's just roleplaying

No. 1317474

makes ya wonder if she took a second to look over Katherine's account and felt the need to warn scrotes about where they put their $ lmao. While obviously not everyone will hit all those bullet points, especially someone new, this only makes it clearer how far she is from being an actual domme! Especially with her claims of working for billionaires - then she absolutely should be able to do all those things

No. 1317554

File: 1630985137183.jpeg (206.13 KB, 1242x981, 0A376E73-E6CA-4BB2-8ABB-175721…)

Looks like you’re not far off

No. 1317558

>the handbag chucked on the floor
> the view down the corridor
> random charger in the wall in the second picture

christ at least get a photographer who knows how to set up a picture

No. 1317578

yup pretty much I believe there was a skirt club/lesbian larp in the first thread too. It's not new to her sadly

No. 1317612

All this "domme/dom" shit is so embarrassing as it is, but this women really did take a look at Kathy's profile and annihilate her.
My god, how milky.

Bless you for this, nonny!

No. 1317701

Based on that weird gender orgy party she went to in thread number one and the kind of people she surrounds herself with, I would bet you anything the "beautiful woman" is a troon

No. 1317829

File: 1631025786337.jpeg (488.15 KB, 1169x2046, BCFC91B7-83E5-47FF-8FD4-2A1DF8…)

God she is ugly

No. 1317900

File: 1631031268273.jpeg (129.07 KB, 1080x1080, A688279C-F937-4A18-9254-D18DF8…)

No. 1317917

Scrolling through this person's socials, I think they're an actual woman, altough the blatant lack of skincare is throwing me off (picrel). They seem faghaggy and latch on to troon and drag queen esthetic though, so you're not too far off tbh.

No. 1317919

File: 1631032933103.jpg (669.96 KB, 1536x2048, E5i3cdVXEAcZq3P.jpeg.jpg)

Sorry, dropped pic

No. 1318327

File: 1631057510348.jpeg (96.14 KB, 1200x1200, 943F43C1-7D31-46D8-BDB8-AB4D94…)

Kathy shouldn’t wear fake nails

No. 1318528

File: 1631072886193.jpeg (238 KB, 1242x1043, 3FD1E58C-396B-42BA-8E74-B8632E…)

She embodies absolutely none of these and never will. Also, pick a lane bitch. The whore you’re currently trying to skinwalk already told you that.

No. 1318529

Surgery won’t even fix that good grief

No. 1318637

File: 1631083403837.jpg (88.98 KB, 334x512, IMG_0007.jpg)

she is totes the embodiment of the Bird Woman archetype

No. 1318653

File: 1631086288803.jpeg (87.26 KB, 672x736, 2B79B063-7947-45A8-BCF5-BAD701…)

Ironic because Koo Koo had more glamour and talent as a sideshow act on Coney Island than Kathy has as a wannabe NYC showgirl. Better costumes, too.

No. 1318831

There's the proof of her mental programming: a limited selection of curated internet personas.

No. 1319054


Anon, that’s her “evil” dad she’s talking about, no lie there kek

No. 1319138

File: 1631136391644.jpg (218.96 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20210908-171443_Twi…)

This is hilarious. If she was truly a domme she would know the well being/pleasure of the sub is the number one priority, not hers.

No. 1319157

I love how she continues shamelessly grifting even after the more successful Twitter domme read her scammery to filth. None of this sounds sexy or dominant in the slightest, it’s just obnoxious e-begging.

No. 1319169

>Fantasize about me and a girl like lesbians aren't already fetishized by perverted men enough

Thanks Kathy. Way to elevate gay women by making money off of fetishizing us, you absolute cuntwagon

No. 1319175

Don’t worry anon no one sent her money so while she’s still a cuntwagon, she didn’t profit off of it

No. 1319307

File: 1631147786361.png (37.61 KB, 590x152, Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 5.31…)

Lol Kathy once again using Facebook Hotep quotes. Also retard, it only leads to praise if you actually do something with whatever criticism you get. Not when you ignore it and rev up what you were doing before.

No. 1319430

>generosity begets generosity

you start then, bitch

No. 1319547

File: 1631177789789.jpeg (252.2 KB, 1241x1365, DE50B3DD-BFA8-43C9-B133-79E238…)

Oh fucking brother. This is laughable coming from Miss “billionaires wine and dine me at Michelin star restaurants”. It’s almost as if the legitimate wealthy people won’t fund your scam but your working class family is somewhat willing to throw you a bone occasionally.

>even friends

Sounds like Kathy is guilty of befriending people for their money and is mad they wouldn’t give her any. Again, real laughable coming from Miss “people need to be honest about their intentions when they befriend me!!”

No. 1319548

File: 1631177952562.jpeg (241 KB, 1192x1224, 3C7B1405-628F-4DDF-B281-3C4079…)

More ignorance from her on the topic

No. 1319567

"Findom" just means "I'm a broke college girl who doesn't want to get a real job"

No. 1319569

She’s not even in college kek

No. 1319614

She never even adds any smart discourse to anything

No. 1319615

'Oxbridge accredited' means literally nothing in terms of grandeur or authority. Oxbridge is a standard distance learning company and has nothing to do with either Oxford or Cambridge Universities, but is trying to sound like it does.

No. 1319623

>Oxbridge accredited
Ah yes, because taking a crash course from a website that offers printable certificates in riveting skills such as “makeup application” really means something. Even more when you apply it to your online whoring.

I know Kathy didn’t tweet that herself but Jesus Christ these whores really need to focus their energy on obtaining actual skills,degrees, and jobs. Nothing in that thread relates to actual ethics and reads like a whole lot of inexperienced coping.

No. 1319625

Literally a middle and high school certificate mill kek

No. 1319693

The thing that I find stupid about this is the way she says “if you respect them as humans, you respect their right to make stupid decisions, and the inevitability of the consequences of their actions.”

First of all, you can just say consequences, inevitability is unnecessary. Secondly…no? Like if you respect someone you understand that this work can be very emotionally charged for them and can lead them to making choices that are wrong or unsafe. You as the Dom are tasked with being a failsafe and making sure they are okay and not causing themselves long term harm. Shrugging your shoulders and saying fuckall to the long term safety of a sub is NOT being a good Domme. At all. These girls are ridiculous.

No. 1320017

What’s ironic is that they will have to face their own consequences. You can not call yourself a professional domme and talk about how you’re a safe space for subs then tweet ignorance like that out. No serious sub is going to get involved with you. At best you’ll get one off stragglers that are just seeing what’s it like that’ll send you pocket change. You can’t make a living off of hating on men while taking their money and doing/giving absolutely nothing. If that worked, every woman would do it, but it’s not how it works and with sex work men are always the ones in control.

No. 1320233

File: 1631234537139.png (363.62 KB, 594x762, Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 5.16…)

Clearly she has never been in auction house before but it also sounds like she hasn't even watched a livestream kek hint kathy: actual wealthy have people bid for them via phone and there's a dress code.

No. 1320237

File: 1631234869807.png (341.65 KB, 587x761, Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 5.17…)

No. 1320238

File: 1631235021246.png (329.4 KB, 586x729, Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 5.15…)

Someone needs to brush up on their anarcho-communism principles

No. 1320317

Regardless of gender, that really is rape culture mentality it’s just being repurposed on a man when he’s in a submissive position. She’s a fucking awful Domme and not in the way she would want, just ignorant and extremely vapid. I don’t understand how she has experience being a sub but can’t fathom how others experience sub space, and what they would want to experience through her as she does with her Doms, or whatever that large nerd holding her leash is to her.

Weird concept, if you give a shit about people who trust you and do things like refund money you know they don’t have, they will give you more in the long run if being a decent person and respecting the boundaries of informed consent has to be incentivized.

No. 1320364

im sorry, i hate this ugly goblin too, but you cant rape a john. We don't need to go full retarded here and start worrying about the consent of men that literally buy women for sex. If informed consent has to be incentivized, it's not fucking consent, is it?
The fact youre advocating for a woman to refund money to a man that paid her for sexual services is retarded. That's pick-me shit. Fuck these gross johns and i wish Katherine wasn't so ugly so maybe she could scam a few on her way down.

No. 1320560

If she actually Doms a real person in real life, she going to be enlightened by a bratty sub who sets her up for theft. She's another bossy begger w cheap plastic costumes and a gig.

No. 1321001


She's not a never will be a Domme in any sense of the word, she just larps one on Twitter. Nobody has to worry about consent, refunds or whatever you anons are blathering about. Also consider she's tiny and could do approximately 0 harm to any male sub (there will never be one, she's larping) even if he really wanted it.

No. 1321003

File: 1631322609898.jpg (450.16 KB, 1242x1829, 1624234373727.jpg)

Bringing back these images from the first thread as a reminder of who we're talking about when unprofessional/unsafe Dommes are being discussed.
1. Clearly not a fucking Domme
2. Too small to hurt a puppy, never mind a scrote (see scrote for size reference)

No. 1321004

File: 1631322680134.jpg (819.36 KB, 750x1115, 1624087487122.jpg)

Don't hurt me any more, Kathy! - the cake, presumably

No. 1321071

this looks like it was taken in one of those cabins they let the married prisoners fuck their wives in kek

No. 1321080

god he's hideous. iirc they were compared to shoe and preg earlier, but at least preg would look like a normal human if he lost some weight.

No. 1321223

File: 1631369637871.jpeg (500.84 KB, 1170x1860, 2DC5E902-3A8E-4711-AFA9-0D0D7E…)

So what happened to those inquiries on the manicure sub position, hmm?

No. 1321243

Hmm yeah cause those tacky stick on nails too big for her fingers for sure cost $70

No. 1321268

File: 1631376179307.png (1.95 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-09-11_11-59-46_AM.p…)

Those look like tacky stick on nails from Amazon.

Here are some highlights from her Twitter.

No. 1321405

File: 1631391168579.png (8.95 MB, 1242x2208, DCA6BB93-D103-461B-9C72-E97283…)

Those are the tacky cheap Amazon one-size-fits-all press on talons she had to “research” how to do in the last thread. Everything she types is a lie.

No. 1321415

File: 1631392310341.jpeg (441.34 KB, 1242x1722, 86914F3A-9641-42A3-9408-946AC4…)

She advertises herself as a domme that offers a whole list of fetish shit yet her in-person sessions are… salt baby antics. Girl just join seeking arraignment again.

No. 1321695

File: 1631420119012.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x1957, 229CF215-8A23-4D64-91F2-8E073B…)

>“Fashion fades, style is eternal”

Unluckily for her, she has neither.

No. 1321697

God she really doesn’t have any style or fashion sense. Committing to vintage style requires quite a bit of knowledge, a keen eye, tailoring, time, and money. If you don’t have that, you wind up looking a cheap mess like Kathy.

>location tagged Ladurée

The anarcho-communist continues her Marie Antionette larp. Makes complete sense.

No. 1321698

This wants everyone to believe it’s a costumer and historian that worked as personal assistant to mid-level designers… Yikes

No. 1321709

This bitch isn't a FinDomme, she's just a leech begging for cash.

No. 1321726

File: 1631424531531.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1786, EF520547-454C-4649-903B-F79FD7…)

You know she posted these back to back thinking it’s enticing or whatever when in reality it just shows that either just time wasters or nobody contacted her over the past week kek

No. 1321779

File: 1631431732180.jpeg (500.92 KB, 1242x992, 586B8BA3-427E-45D2-982F-5F8782…)

Keep telling on yourself

No. 1321820

the men contacting her (allegedly) probably did it while jacking off because it sounded hot and then ghosted when she started sending wishlists and paypal info kek
anyway that manicure looks like cheap amazon nails in that picture. even if it's an actual $70 dollar manicure, she makes it look like $5.

No. 1322030

File: 1631454099917.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x1963, 178293CD-9689-4E3A-BA2C-87EC11…)

Too lazy to look it up myself, but I’m pretty sure neither of these girls were there for her “birthday” last year. Did she burn her bridges with everyone else within the year?

No. 1322154

Is that strawberry dress the only one she owns?

No. 1322191

File: 1631468666234.jpg (319.15 KB, 1070x1707, Screenshot_20210912-132736_Twi…)

God at this point she has to know how ironic it is coming from her

No. 1322205

She talks about BDSM gear as if it’s some sacred Native American garment that would be culturally and religiously offensive if it was appropriated, not something people wear to bust a nut.

No. 1322263

bold of Kathy to refer negatively to vanilla BDSM larpers, when she clearly is one herself

No. 1322515

File: 1631488168014.jpeg (466.06 KB, 1242x2208, 4DB82795-70B7-421D-A7C0-A0FCD5…)

Katherine McMahon from Massapequa, NY you are the very person you are attempting to look down upon. You are the “vanilla” person wearing BDSM gear and missing the mark completely.

Kek at her calling Kim Kardashian vanilla, without knowing anything about her sex life, for showing up to Bound in a real leather ensemble when she showed up to pride with pink Amazon rope over leggings.

No. 1322522

File: 1631488596905.jpeg (394 KB, 1239x1146, 29F0A985-3C53-47F4-8409-415F1C…)

She had four decades of themes and thousands of gowns to choose from but chose four boring ones from the last couple of years that did not even follow the theme. Zero awareness and fashion sense.

No. 1322532

It’s bizarre. It’s some leather and a hood… there is zero cultural significance behind that dumb cunt.

No. 1322578

Those pit stains! Good lord

No. 1322592

Some hairlines are really just begging for a bang. Tragic.

No. 1322604

>'vanilla people emulating bdsm aesthetics'
oh, because you're just SO educated on bdsm. you begging for money from your six active twitter followers truly is what kink was always intended to be.

also weren't you a sugar baby, like, less than a year ago? keep it cute kathy! also buy some fucking deodorant, you sweat more than a junior high schooler in an arizona heat wave <3

No. 1322610

said the person who is considered as a scammer by professional domme

No. 1322635


and I thought I had a sweat problem. can't imagine letting a picture like that get on the internet. Oof

No. 1322674

Screw five-head, homegirl has a six-head.
I'm not sure if she's in more urgent need for hair plugs or a rhinoplasty.

No. 1322773

her engagement is so low it's honestly depressing. she's so desperate and fucking stubborn lol. i love this cow

No. 1322797

underrated comment

No. 1322805

File: 1631512264596.jpeg (235.11 KB, 1349x1041, E_GE0XIXsAIwoHk.jpeg)

Real bold of her to say these things when her "gear" is cheap aesthetic-only crap that can not be used in any real BDSM shit. Other gal in picrel couldn't even put Kathy's arts and crafts gag in her mouth.

No. 1322826

An old acquaintance popped up in the previous thread and they indeed said she's constantly burning bridges. Can't hold a friend down but it's easy to see why.

No. 1322948

File: 1631540387664.jpeg (166.19 KB, 1125x1120, 98A0CB4D-A9F9-4B9D-BCA6-1E27E0…)

the other photo from this tweet: nipslip? how has this world class costumier never heard of a tailor

No. 1322970

Not only that, but hasn't she heard of clothing that isn't made out of the cheapest plastic fabric? I've never seen this woman wear something actually bespoke or luxurious.

No. 1323019

I'm too hyperfocused on how absolutely cheaply and poorly made that "ballgag" is.

No. 1323189

didn’t she say she has heart tattoo nipples?

No. 1323198

File: 1631562396779.jpeg (Spoiler Image,363.76 KB, 1080x1644, B81F231E-172B-461B-8199-3FB8A3…)

Here’s her poorly done nipple tattoos. One of the only nudes she’s ever posted kek

No. 1323203

File: 1631562629142.jpeg (314.41 KB, 1242x1759, 27711C91-3C31-4754-8DBA-9D4392…)

If this message is indeed real… Kathy, honey, that’s not something you share with the world kek “here, have my last pocket change”

No. 1323212

Maybe the only designer one. It's THE dress a lot of influencers were wearing for a while, but without seeing the front hers might be a SHEIN ripoff.

No. 1323217

They look better than most nipple tattoos tbf. But her piercings are wonky.

No. 1323221

How many people do you think paid her for a nude she gave for free?

No. 1323230

her piercing holes looks crusty

No. 1323238

I know this is about her nips but those LASHES good lord. Tight lining exists Kathy.

No. 1323255

I think it's because she's squeezing one and not the other, moving the tissue and the nipple placement. She should be worried about cleaning the crust off of her nips though

No. 1323282

No. 1323412

…im sorry but is that piercing hole YELLOW? i'm gonna fucking vomit.

No. 1323584

File: 1631601128378.png (49.59 KB, 586x173, Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 11.3…)

The nerve to retweet this after posting >>1321695 and going out in public like >>1321003

No. 1323618

that's a dumb, pretentious, gatekeeping take anyway. and ofc this means knowledge of western high fashion history, not very progressive of her

No. 1323731

File: 1631622223508.jpeg (310.58 KB, 1170x2411, 08B8E6B8-BF3C-4948-9523-4DAB99…)

She’s also big mad on her Instagram. What’s funny is that she talks about how elitist universities are until she’s blue in the face, then she exhibits the same level of elitism herself.

No. 1323733

She’s MAD mad we called out her shitty plastic pearl ballgag, huh

No. 1323734

File: 1631622720375.jpeg (288.63 KB, 1170x1989, 9735816A-9891-420C-A223-A734A2…)

Like, hasn’t she stopped to think that maybe this is one of the few times people have accessible exposure to fashion? What about people who don’t have access to higher education? What about people who don’t live in NYC? Shouldn’t she WANT people to have a chance to talk about fashion and art, instead of bemoaning how her delicate “I went to an Ivy League during a summer in high school” brain has to look at all of our plebeian, uneducate takes on Met outfits?

No. 1323857

Kathy is one of the few cows in /snow recent history that genuinely has NPD. Every time she kvetches, it is a direct projection of herself. You have a self-proclaimed anarcho-communist who’s values are abolition and decolonization that wears crap from Shein and Amazon trying to gatekeep fashion under the extremely vague premise that she “studied fashion”. That means absolutely nothing, especially when one has nothing to show for it other than a couple month long retail internships that anyone off the street can get, and goes against everything she supposedly stands for.

No. 1323866

File: 1631632147873.jpeg (236.99 KB, 1283x1927, 673AEBB6-F34F-4F52-A4A0-E92DD1…)

Since you’re oh so educated and know more than the plebeians, please Katherine tell us your informed opinion on the rivieting fashion seen at this year’s met gala such as picrel

No. 1323883

File: 1631633139636.png (8.66 MB, 1242x2208, 8B38C24C-A1CA-4809-91E4-F235C3…)

Make sure to put in an iota of effort yourself the next time you attempt to gatekeep and be elitist about fashion

No. 1324051

if she knows all about fashion, she should tell us the whole history of the fashion piece "t-shirt", where the cotton comes from, how the cotton has to be prepared to become a piece of fabric, the pros and cons of cotton and the labour behind all that and then, please, I want to see her sew one simple t-shirt. Oh, maybe she can make the sewing pattern herself? She knows nothing about fashion a "normal" person couldn't learn by reading one simple book.

No. 1324075

It just occurred to me upon seeing this picture that she probably asks for masks in her bookings (whether she gets any or not) not because of her being extra woke about covid but because of the nose. That's actually kind of sad.

No. 1324147

File: 1631650809983.jpeg (209.8 KB, 1242x552, BC5F074A-1369-4A54-8841-E9C451…)

You don’t have your own money anyways

No. 1324200

Sorry to be that anon, but who is this

No. 1324243

I had to do some digging to find it but Eaddy Kiernan; contributing editor at Vogue that has a big hand in creating the fucking met gala kek

No. 1324245

File: 1631659973601.png (85.66 KB, 587x415, Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 3.50…)

Love how this is just another way of her saying "I will consider anyone who throws a penny at me a submissive"

No. 1324253

Not to summon the sex workers but is this actually what findom is about? I thought the point was to have a rich sugar daddy without sex, not to take the average man’s couch cushion change?

The picture of high-end luxury and glamour is ruined by you begging for scraps, Kathy. If he has to take his bike to work to pay for your Amazon press-ons and luxury cheese, maybe let him keep his money.

No. 1324286

I can only handle reading a couple posts from this thread when it shows up, this person is too fucking much. There are fashion houses that peasants started, and designers constantly rip off poor people and cultures. You can access whatever she learned in books but she will never have taste or the right attitude. She tries to Domme people off Twitter into buying her shitty knock offs ffs. If this was a weird persona that wasn’t fleshed out, ok, but this is the real her.

Dommes also aren’t this insufferable it’s about being an alpha female and cruel in the ways that are stimulating and specific to the client to provide pleasure. Any actually educated or rich person wouldn’t be able to stand her. I don’t understand why she can’t just approach this in a much more minimalist way and make clients actually work for it, unless she does this larp just for herself. She seems like such a bitch because she can’t afford a nose job but because she’s white she can larp being rich with no credentials or behavior, and people are supposed to accept it. It’s obvious she doesn’t have the self esteem to find and learn from more attractive women who are doing what she wants because no one acts like this for a reason.

No. 1324288

She would be able to show how pleasurable it is for them to take care of her, that it’s a rare opportunity to do so. She doesn’t have a cohesive persona and that’s the first problem. There’s another woman named Charlotte Charms who is part of the sex workers thread here who used to be a very put together brat type (because she came from money) but then gained a ton of weight and very bad tattoos, etc. and she still managed to Fin Domme someone abroad into paying for her plastic surgery. If you have the mind for it it’s kind of hard to fuck up, but she is.

No. 1324300

File: 1631664873581.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1646, E713F631-CF33-4786-89D4-C4F672…)

She hates people who don’t know anything about fashion or labor or textile production, and yet she posts this.

No. 1324312

Is she fucking kidding? How daft can one get?

No. 1324317

She can't pick a lane, she's a DDLG Dollification Sub Domme Sugar Baby Burlesque dancer all at the same time, with a side of hippy, Star Wars fan, communist weed smoker.

No. 1324319

File: 1631666263261.png (33.01 KB, 587x94, Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 5.36…)

Yes because her fat ass child porn denier "mentor" is worth quoting and totally isn't parroting typical findom bad copywrite.

No. 1324330


How fitting, It's so cheap and tacky just like her.

No. 1324340

File: 1631667104687.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.94 KB, 768x1024, 2D46D39B-F289-4B26-97B7-52123A…)

You mean this lady?

No. 1324342

>fake telfar bag
>three laduree keychains
>giant weeb resin keychain
What's that about most people who comment on fashion don't know anything about it again?

No. 1324358

She is so annoying. What does she even DO? I looked at her Twitter and she doesn’t make videos or even have an OnlyFans. I feel like that is the bare minimum for an ethot. All she does is sit around and panhandle and wonder why she doesn’t make any money. Maybe if you actually made stuff for the coomers to buy you wouldn’t be such a broke bitch.

No. 1324503

File: 1631686001991.jpeg (167.69 KB, 1235x1121, 20FDA021-7E27-4045-B1F8-D7C077…)

Will never understand how the most narcissistic people are also the ugliest (inside and out). No one is sending you $300 for your birthday other than your grandma.

No. 1324527

If she was good at anything she's trying to do she'd have people wanting to send her money, not her having to beg her 5 twitter followers every damn day

No. 1324560

how do you know its fake? aren't telfars not that amazing anyway?

No. 1324565

Scroll up. Already been discussed.

No. 1324579

the eiffel tower keychain really took me out

No. 1324593

Something tells me she’s never seen the fake one in Vegas, let alone the real one in Paris kek

No. 1324807

Fake laduree keychains too. IIRC; they’ve never made one with that extra macaron on the chain and real ones always have a gold brand emblem too

No. 1324825

File: 1631725173312.jpg (355.52 KB, 832x1342, hyperfemme.jpg)

Thank you Daddy for doing the bare minimum of decorating my apartment with cheap trash for my birthday.

No. 1325005

Dollar Tree decorations…much luxury,SO Park Avenue. Kek. Kathy, you have less interaction on social media than SHAYNA.That isn't a big red flag that you're a failure…it's a blaring siren.

No. 1325089

File: 1631740501868.png (49.73 KB, 1440x611, Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 2.13…)

Another failed endeavor. She does nothing and offers nothing to world except bad takes and begging. Seriously get a job Kathy.

No. 1325099

File: 1631740958358.png (54.38 KB, 587x307, Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 2.16…)

Such communist talking about an invisible person being double exploited. Arbeit macht frei, right comrade?

No. 1325108

this was the only place where she was actually posting “content”, wasn’t it? not sure if anyone bit but she had more posts there than her AVN Stars or OnlyFans. guess any work at all was just too much.

No. 1325109

I want her to make a Youtube channel, seeing her Domme Sugar Baby DDLG Star Wars Commie Burlesque Doll vlogs would surely be entertaining. I think she has potential which is not being met sufficiently by the panhandling.

No. 1325119

>would surely be entertaining
She doesn't actually do any of those things so it would be more nothing from vanilla kathy kek

No. 1325131


Tinfoil is that even her photo? Could she have jacked it from online?

No. 1325145

$0.75 is still a three figure number yes?

No. 1325150

I more believe that this is her fawning over her Daddy giving her an iota of attention than her taking the time to search for a subpar photo and posting it.

No. 1325155

It does look like her dingy shared apartment that she adorned with butterfly stickers.

No. 1325164

File: 1631744748691.png (102.38 KB, 592x421, Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 2.24…)

Keep lying to yourselves. It's sEx WoRk; men are ALWAYS in charge and you are ALWAYS the product, domme larp or otherwise.

No. 1325174

Lol, if these guys were even capable of being "better members of society" they wouldn't be paying for porn or egirls, they would do something nice for their girlfriends or wives, or donate to charity.

No. 1325188

Nothing more respecting than sex work and spelling women as “womxn” /s

No. 1325193

File: 1631748557744.jpeg (262.93 KB, 1219x1281, 555F4E2A-3E9E-4EB2-A48A-E8DD04…)

> Care to watch me pig out while doing drugs and reading fanfic, voyeur?

A wet rag has more sex appeal than her

No. 1325225

I thought she was homeless? Seems weird the kitchen is painted purple but who knows

Not going to be clean linen if you are eating in bed kek.

No. 1325227

just looks like bad lighting and cheap window treatments to me

No. 1325228

smoking indoors and eating smoked meats, stinky cheese and crackers on your bed. très chic kathy

No. 1325234

File: 1631753376403.png (375.22 KB, 588x761, Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 5.46…)

Wanted $300 this morning just because it was her birthday and is now currently expecting $610 in ~rEiMbUrShMeNtS~ but will "generously allow for partial reimbursements". Get a job Kathy. No one is going to give you $900+ in one day for existing fucking loser.

No. 1325240

File: 1631753976266.jpeg (343.28 KB, 828x896, 1CDD4D1D-2527-47E9-9866-85ED37…)

Is she wearing that “ballgag” as a necklace? Kek

No. 1325251

This was sperging out yesterday about people knowing nothing about fashion. You know she paired this groundbreaking look with this >>1324300 atrocity, too.

No. 1325252

The background kek. You know she didn't leave the house in this. Get a job, Kathy.

No. 1325255

File: 1631754975466.jpeg (65.04 KB, 1080x608, C269C67E-9D21-40FA-B7F6-F95516…)

plus that one Agent Provocateur set she got on sale

I get big Baby Jane vibes off her

No. 1325256

at this point why won't she just make an account on some sugar baby site? clearly nobody is actually sending her money and she's either stealing photos or going into debt to keep up this ~luxury findom~ larp

No. 1325260

Why did I read this and thought this was Shayna’s thread?! kek, this two could be fucking best friends

No. 1325291

That would require some work and effort and god forbid she work or put in any effort. She’d only find a salt daddy that would only pay for her meal at bubba gumps at best anyways.

No. 1325305

File: 1631759305873.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1791, DE925EC0-1A18-46BD-8277-7FAF37…)

Sadly, she did

No. 1325307

those shoes are so ugly and ill-fitting

No. 1325310


Right, I am surprised she didn't pair a pair of her fake louboutins with this look.

No. 1325336

It never fails to get me that this woman is completely obsessed with money and image, and can't help but look cheap as hell.

This full face is so dated and prom-y. If this is what she thinks anyone who is within a stone's throw of real money looks like, she's never been around it.

Bare legs really undercut the glam vibe she's grasping at. Looks incomplete. inb4 Kathy starts begging for silk hosiery.

No. 1325351

So her Luxury FemDomina birthday look was
>Knockoff Hood London hat
>Arts & crafts faux pearl ball gag as necklace
>Clearance AP bra hanging out
>Overpriced & overexposed low quality dress
>Weeb phone case
>Fake Telfar bag with tacky charms hidden (interesting)
>Fake Louboutin flats
Topped off with Baby Jane Hudson makeup, no hairstyling, and a black mask. She “studied fashion” but clearly flunked. Get a fashion book with words and watch a damn makeup tutorial Kathy.

No. 1325352

File: 1631763738454.png (7.79 MB, 1242x2208, ACB428CC-CB14-4116-80DB-26040F…)

Wonder how hard the staff laughed when she walked in

No. 1325359

Well, at least she's wearing real Selkie so that's an achievement.

No. 1325362

lol she tried to get “reimbursed” for the largest size of that bag, not the smallest one. Still believe it’s fake though but either way, scammy Kathy at it again.

No. 1325384

I had a look at the wishlist site she uses, it doesn't work like Amazon where it sends without the gifter knowing the giftee's address. So for her 900 dollar shoes and shit is she just going to give randos her home address?

(I mean in a hypotherical world where they buy her 900 dollar shoes)

No. 1325400

Yeah, the site is just essentially a conglomerated wishlist to just show what the person wants from all over. She’s expecting scrotes to view it, look at the prices, and then send her the amount for whatever item. That’s a surefire way to never get sent anything though because no scrote has the patience for that.

No. 1325401

Is it though? She could have spent that $300 on a cheaper outfit that looks entirely less awful. That dress is doing her no favors.

No. 1325418

I don’t think it’s an achievement to simply spend money if it’s not flattering at all.

the mismatched shoes and mask are really killing me, plus the bare chicken legs - the bird face - the feathers. fuck, y’all.

No. 1325422

i actually like the silhouette of this dress but then she ruins it with this mismatched pink lingerie off the clearance rack hanging out

FASHION, kathy!

No. 1325502

Every time

No. 1325550

File: 1631797086739.gif (1.52 MB, 500x374, e2a6dd33d117f6a7b6849c8edd678d…)

I know I've said it before but the resemblance simply cannot be understated. bird girl realness.

No. 1325682


why would you pair a black mask with your pastel princess themed outfit? Couldn't even go to f21 and find something pink?

No. 1325931

File: 1631823790408.jpeg (1002.19 KB, 1242x1358, CABA019D-3519-463F-B4D9-51EBC5…)

Retweets the bitch who has her neckbeard drag her around in public via an amazon dog leash and collar.

No. 1325975

File: 1631827795068.jpg (701.38 KB, 1242x2208, 0ABA3A5A-8291-4C12-963A-AB2E89…)

No. 1326076

A bra sticking out of your dress is the least classy thing I can think of.

No. 1326102

Tinfoil but I want to believe she isn’t wearing her stupid collar here because her Daddy dumped her ass and she’s just been lying to us this entire time

No. 1326119

double wrapped tinfoil: she's wearing a ballgag to advertise her availability as a sub

No. 1326135

File: 1631839143534.png (338.44 KB, 587x492, Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 5.37…)

Her "gear" is seriously shit-tier quality. She would have been better off making everything on her own but she possesses zero talent or creativity so she's stuck overpaying for junk.

No. 1326152

File: 1631840828554.png (2.46 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-09-16_09-03-28_PM.p…)

Here are some pictures from his Twitter. Both backgrounds are her apartment.

No. 1326230

File: 1631848140723.jpeg (284.45 KB, 1242x803, 321686A2-21AD-4365-A53B-A4D067…)

>Because I don’t have my own money to spend


No. 1326249

File: 1631850733475.png (131.89 KB, 583x693, Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 8.46…)

Kathy, copying what the other domme that shaded you tweets out doesn't mean you have a "high skill set and experience" nor is a real domme ever going to give a reference for you. Your pedo hambeast mentor does not count.

No. 1326252

File: 1631851009926.png (67.69 KB, 586x251, Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 8.55…)

She is actually fucking retarded. No wonder her "old hollywood" try-hard look is so ugly kek

No. 1326271

File: 1631854853798.jpeg (290.31 KB, 1170x1596, 8F459BE4-E847-4125-8B10-E87EC1…)

You wouldn’t post about it if it didn’t actually hurt, Katie

No. 1326276

so unbothered! sooo then why did she lock down her insta, delete most of her followers, delete accounts (if I'm remembering right), and almost completely stop posting pics of herself altogether???

No. 1326279

those are like the most hurt people ever they just have no morality when it comes to retaliation against the smallest of tiniest of unintentional slights to their egos. if that’s true then the person who said she’s npd may be correct. she obviously does not care about being any better than them though which is weak and surprising she’s mentioning this. if you were a psychopath you obviously wouldn’t advertise it.

No. 1326283

And she thinks she is excluded from that? Miss I have the best burlesque costumes in the world and make everyone jealous look at all my fake achievements? She’s textbook NPD and it would not be shocking if she was also a psychopath. She shows zero emotions for anyone but herself and what directly benefits her.

No. 1326291

Kek does she really think she has two threads in /snow and is the laughing stock of multiple burlesque communities just because people want to hurt her fee fees? No honey. No one cares about you that much. You’re a batshit narcissist who’s bullshit is so outrageous that it’s a form of entertainment. No one cares about your feelings or hurting you.

Waiting for the next public call-out of ~other dommes~ being mean to her. You know it killed her that the somewhat professional domme directly read her and then continued to shade her in other advice tweets. She would have followed what she said if it didn’t bother her, not continue being a cow x10. Burn more bridges Kathy!

No. 1326423

I'm fairly sure kids who are/were raped by their parents would beg to differ, but do be the constant victim.

No. 1326454

Being diagnosed psychopathic isn't a thing, it's called antisocial personality disorder or sociopathy. Also way to tell on yourself Kathy.

No. 1326470

lmao art

No. 1326715

Lmao even Yumi would put up a less cheap looking version than this shit

No. 1326944

I liked Anna Nicole Smith but you can't exactly compare her to Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake, Bette Davis et al

No. 1327165

File: 1631929770386.jpg (751.4 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210917-214135_Twi…)

This looks really cheap.

No. 1327193

i haven't finished reading katherine's threads and usually don't comment anything before i'm done, but i just read this and i just need to let out how angry this shit makes me. just like anon i am also deaf and it will literally not get me anywhere in life if i refuse to tell people this and if i make bosses and coworkers etc the enemy from the beginning. sure, i do meet ableist people from time to time and sure, i do have chances of getting discriminated against, but this is not how to handle it and obviously katherine doesn't know what real ableism and discrimination is cus to her it's being told to show up for a job interview. i do not need this disability larper to tell me what to do, to record conversations without people's consent etc. katherine, shut the fuck up with your "advice" to disabled people, none of us get by by being stubborn, lazy bitches. i'm nice to people at my job, and they're all nice to me. sorry not sorry to burst your bubble but not everyone hates disabled people.

No. 1327269

File: 1631946119365.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1996, 8B0268BC-E6E6-460F-B27C-9EB3D9…)

Our commie princess that studied fashion would never purchase anything “cheap”. It was almost $200 from an online ~boutique~ that uses bespoke sizing such as small, medium, large so obviously it’s luxury /s

No. 1327281

It's honestly incredible how much money she throws into looking so cheap. It's almost as if she doesn't have a basic understanding of materials, silhouette, or coordination. kek

No. 1327418

it looks cute in the model pic but Kathy styled it horribly >>1327165 as usual

wow it’s amazing that both parents were diagnosed with NPD and were forthcoming with her about it despite their horrific abuse!

>diagnosed with psychopathy

No. 1327464

The thing I love most is that this has three different shades of red clashing together, which I spotted immediately and I don’t even care about fashion at all

No. 1327488

the actual corset is cute imo, but yep she doesn't realize that the super shiny, vibrant red underwear she paired it with make the corset look worse automatically.

No. 1327764

ribbon corsets can look great when executed properly but this is wrinkly and has no shape… could have gotten herself an OTR cincher that actually does something for her body for much cheaper but i guess that's not ~fashion~ enough

No. 1327858

File: 1632018141787.jpeg (883.58 KB, 1242x1703, FEB480B5-7754-4B03-95B8-5A4E23…)

“Studied fashion” and went on a whole tangent about it yet lists the trendiest and most basic mass market designers and brands kek Since she is a know-all about fashion she should be aware that Louboutin hates women, Chanel was a Nazi, YSL was a pedophile, Balenciaga despised people just like her, and that Hood London, Fleur de Mal, Telfar are outrageously overpriced fast fashion.

How becoming of the communist advocate queen to list these capitalistic corporations.

No. 1327885

I don't give a shit about ~fashuin~ but I recognize this as pathetic

No. 1327929

File: 1632024679745.jpeg (266.02 KB, 1242x1355, 00AC2A87-4FCA-43AF-8483-CC9993…)

Can’t wait to see this mess

No. 1327939

doesn't have a job, doesn't do anything for anyone, but expects people to "reimburse" her for her kathy hobbies

No. 1328555

The constant twitter begging & posting of small expenses that she can't afford without someone else's income just screams "low class pov bitch".

Also, profiting off of someone else's labour/job without providing anything of value yourself so that you can buy overpriced non-necessities & sit on your ass on twitter all day seems like it's pretty much the opposite of communism, but what do I know? I only work for a living & contribute to society in a tangible way.

No. 1328767

File: 1632110224614.jpeg (86.35 KB, 1219x419, 2A40EFFC-939A-4B87-83CE-0A2D2D…)

She was on a sex work kick today despite not being a sex worker (1/3)

No. 1328769

File: 1632110319939.jpeg (281.68 KB, 1242x1281, BF94CB0D-13BF-4EF7-B25C-A847C8…)

No. 1328775

File: 1632110537837.jpeg (241.84 KB, 1240x1263, 444839C1-7E32-45F9-8945-A01FF3…)

No. 1328784

File: 1632110781169.jpeg (179.55 KB, 1242x872, 75446D94-5160-4C2B-B102-9525C9…)

And then she tops it all off with this. There is A LOT to say about these tweets but you ladies here already know so I’ll just leave it at Katherine, “sex work” is violence against women and you’re advocating for it. You are an advocate for violence against women. You’re a piece a shit and this is exactly why you’re on this site. You’re the problem, not the victim.

No. 1328788

What the hell does the y/you stuff mean?

No. 1328789

All her donations are probably from sympathetic sex workers hence the sudden wave of praise.

No. 1328796

all the women and girls I see daily on the street near my flat will read that and appreciate her words… wait… they are busy working in a degrading job, standing on the street for 8 or more hours just to get by, they don't have time for her bullshit. I she values that work so much, maybe she should do it herself.

No. 1328805

>maybe she should do it herself
Fucking this. She posted one pic of her tits and immediately deleted it. That is the closest she has ever gotten to sex work and that isn’t saying much. She would not last one second doing anything some poor women are FORCED to do multiple times a day.

No. 1328808

She's doing that to suggest that anything relating to her is holy, like how in the Bible they will capitalize "He" when referring to God. Idk why, but it reminds me of when I was a teenager and thought that if I had just the exact right taste/style, people would know I was a REAL punk and definitely not a poser.

No. 1328810

That’s a good one but unfortunately she’s seriously not that smart. She’s doing it to emphasize dom and sub relations. Absolute retardation either way though kek

No. 1328812

File: 1632111978941.jpeg (359.11 KB, 1242x1821, 044A4CD4-BEC5-4781-A8CE-4B0B70…)

New profile / link


I absolutely do not think she will ever meet up with anyone in person but if she does, she is going to get hurt and will have no one to blame but herself. In her own words, watch yourself.

No. 1328846

Pleasuring men at their own expense is ~magic~? That’s a new one.

Kathy joined an escort site with zero experience… well, I always thought pnp would be the first cow to die by the hands of a john. Looks like she has competition.

No. 1328873

Is adultwork still around? At least use one with a good feedback system Kathy!

No. 1328881

Every single one of these middle class airheads who pretends to be a "sex worker" on twitter deserves to be slapped around by a real john.

No. 1328889

File: 1632123959039.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1497, 109C52CF-3335-476D-88C7-D07B7E…)

Her larps never fail to send me and that’s exactly all this is; a larp. There is a one in a million chance that a John is going to take a prostitute out to a $300+ per person dinner and Kathy is not that one in a million. Stop thinking Pretty Woman is anything but a Hollywood story and stop thinking you’re an elite escort… you post yourself in baby yoda pajamas. That ain’t luxury.

No. 1328962

>BDSM crigelord who posts the kind of shit that makes women feel like they need to be hurt during sex to not be "boring and vanilla"
>stop violence against women!!
You can't make this shit up

No. 1329071

File: 1632148112464.jpeg (222.96 KB, 1170x2532, 616161F4-8452-4DD1-9FE3-A0AC94…)

So a woman is missing and she makes it all about herself and how triggered she is? Typical Katie behavior.

No. 1329079

What a piece of shit. This narcissist can not do anything without making herself the center of attention.

No. 1329087

There are many ways one could word this without bringing themselves up and many ways one could talk about going through domestic abuse without taking the focus off of the missing/presumed dead young woman but no, Katherine Harlow theparkavenuepinup has to make it all about herself because it ~triggers her~

No. 1329090

Glad she brought up how she does not believe some people are redeemable because she herself is unequivocally not.

No. 1329094

What’s funny is that transformative justice believes that everyone is redeemable. Even the worst of us. This just goes to prove that she’s an SJW kween only when it is personally convenient to her.

No. 1329109

File: 1632150851595.jpg (420.27 KB, 2048x1229, chainherchoker.jpg)

>decadent kink gear
From the website:
>sources materials from regular craft stores
About the pieces she's bought and requested reimbursement for:
>may not hold up in rough or intense kink scenarios
Very decadent and kinky, Kathy!

What's funny is that the original ending of Pretty Woman wasn't a happy one. It involved the guy throwing her out of his limo into a dirty alley, throwing money at her and just driving away. She decides to blow the money by going to Disneyland with another prostitute and the final scene has her sitting on the bus staring blankly ahead. That one's a lot more fitting imo.

No. 1329112

>the statistics of violence from cishet men are unmatched
>that’s why last night I made myself available on an escort site for men to hire

No. 1329123

She believes in female supremacy and violence against women triggers her, that’s why she actively posts material made for men to jack off to of women getting beat. The cognitive dissonance is unmatched.

No. 1329175

how much do y’all want to bet she was the one diagnosed with NPD, so she accused her parents of being narcissistic gaslighters instead?

No. 1329182

The very idea of sexual healing is just a lie made up by men to guilt trip women into having sex with losers. Men don't need sex, they need to put the big boy pants on and go to work to buy their own therapy.

No. 1329442

on the other hand, personality disorders tend to be pretty heritable iirc so if you go around saying both of your parents are diagnosed narcissists it's more likely you're one too

No. 1329456

File: 1632177487673.png (58.52 KB, 592x209, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 3.34…)

Real bold of Miss "I wear conversation starting outfits so men will stop me on the corner". That gun would be used against your scrawny sex worker ass so fast you wouldn't even know what hit you. Time to brush up on personal safety dumb bitch.

No. 1329474

implying she's ever shot a gun in her life

No. 1329482

File: 1632178666279.jpeg (116.97 KB, 900x720, fellowkids.jpeg)

No. 1329508

Her constant efforts to look badass are so boring. She's literally fantasizing about how she would look with a gun, as opposed to actually researching and BUYING ONE.

Heads up dingbat, when you say stuff like "a handgun" vs "my handgun" it makes it really obvious you don't have one, which is probably bad info to have out there since you're on Tryst and prostitutes such as yourself get robbed, raped and murdered on the fucking regular.

No. 1329531

File: 1632183030328.png (40.95 KB, 590x135, Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 5.08…)

Topkek Katherine is such a fucking loser that not even her fellow SeX wOrKeR friends want to tip her with their own money

No. 1329550


Next thread pic please

No. 1329614


Seconding this

No. 1329620

some of you a-logging retards need to touch grass. She's an ugly little moron but she doesn't deserve to get beaten by some worthless scrote. The helll is wrong with you pick-mes, sitting here rooting for johns.

No. 1329633

Only gun she’d ever get her hands on would be illegal. She doesn’t meet any of the handgun license requirements for any of the five boroughs or nassau/suffolk county.

No. 1329657

Nowhere did I say she deserved to get beaten retard. Learn to read.

No. 1329674

At least this shows self awareness(or hypocrisy?) immediately after anons pointed out the risks in irl meetups >>1328846 >>1328881

No. 1329689

I can't find the article right now, but I've seen a pretty convincing theory that narc parents make BPD children.

No. 1329831

top fucking kek

No. 1329873

File: 1632208299741.jpeg (224.91 KB, 1240x1201, 1BAC66F3-96B3-4B4B-906E-55673D…)

She sure loves to take quotes from black twitter and make them her own, doesn’t she?

No. 1329877

File: 1632208896238.jpeg (740.17 KB, 1242x1412, A531D0C7-2706-4F21-A73C-6E6878…)

Kathy’s takedown already failed and when kiwi farms inevitably finds her, she is going to find out real quick that none of that is true kek

No. 1329882

File: 1632209160660.jpeg (167.34 KB, 1242x573, 9A3AFB64-4CC1-4CD7-BB9B-70175A…)

Love how her first line of defense is always to sue. The anarcho-commie’s favorite thing to do is the most capitalistic. Ironic isn’t it?

No. 1329887

File: 1632209806821.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, 69619E39-DDF0-4DC5-A1AA-7E74D5…)

Lol bitch was just kvetching about cops being at pride and told the nypd to go to hell for being there but now wants to go crying to them because people have challenged her publicly posted shit? Kathy, whatever sticky note the receptionist jots your insanity down on is going straight into the trash before you even exit the building or hang up the phone. Now is a real good time to get familiar with Isabella Loretta Janke. Her glowie parents couldn’t do shit and neither can you.

No. 1329889

>Hello, NYPD? All cops are bastards and fuck 12 but there’s a female gossip site that keeps reposting my tweets and stories… what? Why are you laughing? You can’t do that!? I’m going to sue you with my pro-bono lawyer that I totally have and wasn’t asking for help finding two weeks ago. This is triggering!!

No. 1329900

Imagine posting subtweets directed at your female gossip site followers on your financial dominatrix Twitter account, like at least make a personal Twitter to put this shit on. Aren't you supposed to be giving men boners or something? I can't imagine a single-braincelled moron who wants to jerk it to fake Twitter doms wanting to read this stuff.

No. 1329901

>Kathy: go to hell nypd!
>Also Kathy: The law is on your side

No. 1329923

Is daddy an ambulance chaser or something? Her obsession with wanting to sue everyone is strange. Same goes for the pro-bono shit. All of that goes against everything she claims she stands for. What a spoilt little brat.

No. 1329928

Katie makes an escort ad with zero experience but thinks her biggest threat is a female potato farming forum. Good luck with that.

No. 1329994

oh no, i'm so scared that i'll suffer legal consequences because i opened my internet browser and called some random woman from the other side of the world a hoe and looked at pictures and information she willingly put on the internet for the whole world to see. hvad skal jeg dog gøre

No. 1330083

File: 1632235268243.jpeg (270.23 KB, 1170x2532, D4335985-A1A7-4B33-9ED0-5BA711…)

Our unmasked kween and her daddy in the wild

No. 1330107


The more I look at this the worst it gets. Is she bare foot?

No. 1330385

She looks like that drag kid Desmond kek

No. 1330410

File: 1632255163417.jpeg (951.66 KB, 1242x1524, F79626DD-278F-456D-90EB-8C4C63…)

When will she learn to not tell on herself? When you tweet this and retweet your month old “looking for ____ subs” one after the other, it’s very obvious you have no subs.

No. 1330551

honestly bless his adorable autistic heart. how long have they been together? i have a feeling she has lipstick on her teeth even though i can’t tell.

No. 1330698

File: 1632268017436.png (35.17 KB, 585x136, Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 4.43…)

The prostitute was just complaining about men >>1329456 staring at her in public but yet today posts this. A whore and an attention whore. Also kek at "bespoke" and kink gear… we know it's a Shein dress and her diy pearl gag.

No. 1330709

you're not "teasing" anyone the way you think but i'm sure you're giving someone a good laugh and/or cringe

No. 1330719

Actually this is the only tweet of hers that sounds believable, with her lack of content and the unprofessional way she conducts herself I can imagine the only “subs” in her inbox are time wasting coomers. She should’ve rehauled her entire business strategy after that successful professional domme read her for filth, but her ego won’t let her.

No. 1330729

Wow, it sure didn’t take much for our Grand Rising Nubian Kween to go full Karen. “Hello, police? Someone said something mean about me on the internet!”

No. 1330795

More like homeless men given Madison Ave has recently been taken over by them kek

No. 1330990

Yes. I have never seen a burlesque performer do an act in bare feet. Heels are standard, unless they have a speciality - I know one who incorporates pointe into her routine so often wears ballet shoes.

No. 1330991

She's not a prostitute. She's not had any clients.

No. 1331039

She has joined an escort website. Don't want to be called a prostitute? Don't join escort sites.

No. 1331068

What was she even going for here? No shoes, chunky anklets, chunky bracelet, headband… none of this screams burlesque except the fans which are an unfortunate dishwater grey color.

No. 1331217

On her website she describes them as “powder lavender” bitch those are GRAY

No. 1331348

tbh the girl from hereditary doesn't deserve to be compared to this disgusting narc cunt

No. 1332390

agree, that girl seems lovely and cool. Kathy is absolutely fucking insufferable.

at least she’s good for a laugh though!

No. 1332496

File: 1632434614521.png (70.66 KB, 593x336, Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 3.00…)

She's "robbing rich men" of grocery money again. Also no wonder she looks like a child… girl you're malnourished only consuming fruits, cheese, and chocolate.

No. 1332501

I’m fully convinced that she has no muscle definition because she’s lazy/doesn’t exercise/eats poorly, not because of any disability.

No. 1332521

Good of her to support local farms (by buying out-of-season fruit and imported goods)

No. 1332614

>I found some gorgeous
She couldn't be sexy if her life depended on it but she sure can be a narc. Imagine acting like buying some fruit from the farmer's market is some great discovery you made.

No. 1332623

We love Millie Shapiro, don't worry anon!

No. 1332681

Katherine is my favorite cow because of the several half-asses larps she has going on, especially her Marie Antionette one. She is so broke broke that she genuinely believes living (or making it look like she lives) off of pastries, fruit, cheese, dark chocolate, and pasta while buying $100-200 trendy fast fashion is luxury. It’s 2021 and you’re in a major U.S. city; access to foods of all types and actual sustainable luxury fashion is easily accessible. Buying raspberries and Telfar is far from being the flex she thinks it is.

No. 1332693

at least she's supporting the lolcow farms by providing imported quality milk

No. 1333056

imported from Long Island kek

No. 1333073

File: 1632494174314.jpeg (227.87 KB, 1242x1004, 4F9155F2-8466-46F6-A5DB-D8895C…)

Someone needs to tell Kathy that taking an elective class for credits for a semester is not the same as studying something.

No. 1333089


For me it's how Katherine generally doesn't outright LIE, but she exaggerates so much that she might as well. So every time she says something, I have to divide it by 10 and then factor in whatever persona she's going for regarding the statement in question. I feel like the reason she bases it on some kernel of truth is because she's actively trying to reframe her life in a way that SHE believes. I've dated a bullshit artist or two; they're all like this. They connect it to something real so they can believe their own lie, which, to them makes it "True".

No. 1333106

anons getting so retarded in this thread they don't understand what the word "study" means anymore. A-log.

No. 1333142

Stfu we all know what studying means. Mad your 10 hour course doesn’t count? Seethe somewhere else.

No. 1333145

Anon must not be aware that Katie has lied about studying 20 different things at colleges she didn’t even go to kek

No. 1333152

File: 1632499564932.jpeg (754.53 KB, 1242x1783, 6339ACAE-2C12-4B29-B518-C39F9B…)

This dress will be $80 at Nordstrom Rack by Christmas because no one wants to support a shitty brand and it’s ugly lol

No. 1333259

File: 1632508302842.jpeg (183.64 KB, 1170x2532, F336523E-3070-4CE1-9E25-2D4F21…)

Like who? Your 2 Twitter followers?

No. 1333280


She doesn’t seem to distinguish the difference between men staring because they find a woman attractive and just regular staring at someone looking like a freak in public. It’s funny because they could find thousands of neck beards that would find her hot, but she wants to believe consultants and hedge fund managers in their 40s living on the upper east side want her. Typical narcissist with delusions of entitlement/grandeur

No. 1333354

Lmao if there’s one thing that really gets men off it’s cheese. So fucking sexy.

No. 1333355

Katherine has zero comprehension of discretion. She thinks she's hanging around Madison Avenue showing these men something they haven't seen before? If the moneyed men she's yearning for are into BDSM, they're definitely not going for her cheap/flagrant ass. They'd go to someone they can trust to keep private things private.

No. 1333643

>consultants and hedge fund managers in their 40s living on the upper east side

It is absolutely hilarious that the faux woke commie wants the attention of neurotic yuppies. They don’t want you; you’re not the ~exotic~ woman you think you are plain jane

No. 1333649

File: 1632540012063.jpeg (273.67 KB, 1236x1418, 312C9B38-6976-4C7C-9AC6-5F54FF…)

Guys Katherine McMahon, a random e-whore, and her hambeast mentor are totes just like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and Elizabeth Taylor! They were all findommes too that were given fruit!

The delusion is worse than Shayna. At least she only compares herself to porn stars, not historical figures that we actually know little about and critically acclaimed actresses. How pathetic.

No. 1333655

….. do they really not see the difference between being gifted something as a (for all intents and purposes) regular woman vs begging online for crumbs as a sex worker? This is one of the biggest copes I've seen.

No. 1333663

File: 1632542191996.jpeg (303.95 KB, 1125x1999, 1624571757446.jpeg)

I don't remember Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, or Elizabeth Taylor begging for grocery money or doing anything Katherine has posted online.

No. 1333667

File: 1632542720027.png (303.28 KB, 589x684, Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 8.59…)

Someone is still big mad no one is ever going to propose to her kek Love how she is questioning the real domme who is being respectful of boundaries and consent. Imagine attempting to challenge that and thinking you did something.

And here's the answer to your question: no man is kneeling when a women says to do so in public out of "respect"; they're doing it to get off. Therefore it's sexual and bringing sex acts into public spaces is a violation of everyone's consent and boundaries. Fucking moron.

No. 1333669

Once again Kathy, wedding rings are not at all sexual unlike your ugly amazon collar. You can not compare the two.

No. 1333671

This is the cunt that says sending her emojis is a violation of consent and boundaries

No. 1333692

File: 1632546793578.jpeg (82.7 KB, 1000x1333, 8B9122EA-4A31-42D5-9018-2F515D…)

>We are inundated with their relationship model
She acts like people who partake in BDSM are an oppressed group opposed to something that almost everyone dips their toes into somehow during their lifetime. “Vanilla” people are usually the biggest freaks behind closed doors. She wants to be seen as *~different~* so bad but it’s also a huge cope because her pushing 40 neckbeard scrote won’t even post her on social media yet still has pics of his ex up.

That “relationship model” has been natural since the dawn of humans with wedding rings going back to at least the Romans. If picrel is triggering, that’s a you problem.

No. 1333711

She’s mad and trying to start beef because that lady exposed her as a lazy scammer kek

No. 1333747

She's like a reply guy for that woman, angry passive-aggressive replies demanding an answer! When OP's post was self explanatory.

No. 1333762

File: 1632554910697.jpeg (222.79 KB, 1242x1040, 4457CC1E-0E2D-4D6A-8628-2BA298…)

Per the last thread, she is a self-proclaimed cultural worker who’s values are abolition and decolonization yet she wants personal slaves. Keep lurking Kathy because you make yourself look even dumber by running further with comments made here like the Marie Antionette one.

No. 1333767

File: 1632555584343.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.11 KB, 900x478, 589067FA-9305-4502-BC92-044915…)

She’s a “historian” so she should know how her larp ends

No. 1333769

I don’t agree with her line of work but this Simone lady has given decent advice and seems to practice BDSM more consciously than most. Katherine could have learned a great deal from her but instead chose to be a complete idiot and let her NPD take the reigns.

No. 1333851

Kathy "studied" Marie Antoinette alright…she watched the Sofia Coppola movie. A supposed communist wants to be someone who lost her head because she was playing dress-up in her playhouse while everyone else could hardly afford a loaf of bread. And what women's historian wants to emulate a time when 14yr old girls (MA) were married off and seen as NOTHING but disposable and replaceable walking wombs.The more she tweets the more she tells on her uneducated self.

No. 1333922

File: 1632580875340.jpeg (595.15 KB, 1170x1398, 4EED5E16-455A-4505-B693-FA0F58…)

Gatekeeps fashion to hell and yet she can’t make straight lines on her costumes so they end up looking so cheaply made.

No. 1334082

How does one manage to not keep a straight line going when the bra has lines to follow?? Way to make an old dita von teese bra even more tacky.

No. 1334209

File: 1632607139316.png (50.92 KB, 581x192, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 2.57…)

Get her Simone kek

No. 1334214

inb4 another kathy rant that includes key words like wedding ring, vanilla, and principles

No. 1334221

I get the feeling Simone is being polite for professional reasons, but will not hesitate to pull Kathy’s receipts and fuck her up if she keeps trying her. Regardless of your stance on sex work, it’s stupid to come for an experienced senior professional in ANY field as a novice with no reputation. It looks petty and messy. I can’t believe what a cow this girl is, she moves SO loud and SO wrong at all times kek

No. 1334225

Still fuming her neckbeard won’t marry her, I see. He’ll probably propose to a “vanilla” woman as soon as they break up kek. Imagine letting a man drag you around in public by a fucking LEASH with no compensation or guarantee of protection. Moids will never respect women who present themselves as BDSM sex dolls no matter how much they rant about being eMpOwErEd KwEeNs on Twitter, because it’s just such a stupid way to live.

No. 1334237

File: 1632609482617.png (47.7 KB, 595x181, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 3.23…)

She has the gall to tweet this out and then challenge a seasoned professional, who gets paid for their advice, about it.

Katherine you are the vanilla person you keep talking shit about. Stop projecting.

No. 1334243

it seems like she wasn't sure if she should put the crystals on the folds or between the folds and I'm not even sure if these are those "real" Swarovski crystals she tried to get money for, after all the original ones are more expensive than those from aliexpress.

No. 1334246

this is such an educated and well thought out response from someone who clearly knows how to hold herself professionally. her maturity is the exact opposite of everything kathy is. i bet she's seething kek

No. 1334257

The fact that she challenged her like this after she read her the first time is so spiteful. The contrast between Simone's tweets and Kathy's reply is beyond telling. She completely exposed herself as an uneducated newbie.

No. 1334263

File: 1632611551617.png (23.76 KB, 614x262, 965148544564.png)

>Tried to schedule with me
Kinda doubt that, lol. Also, why wouldn't she RT this for her followers

No. 1334266

Oh I don't doubt a fellow scammer wasted her time kek those are the only kinds of messages she gets

No. 1334278

File: 1632613008380.jpeg (165.22 KB, 1242x845, 036E1E64-40E5-4E1A-807F-BFF158…)

narc narc narc narc narc narc narc

No. 1334283

Is this the same person who said her favorites were a bunch of basic ass designers?

No. 1334284

Yes here >>1327858 kek

No. 1334287

File: 1632613496292.gif (768.84 KB, 320x180, 52909B88-CC09-4B6D-9B21-C01CB7…)

Being down to earth but unapologetically Long Island trash would have made her a more worldly connoisseur than this fake pretentious me vs them snob shit she has going on.

No. 1334289

I could show here clothes from a professional tailor, handmade, sewed with care and knowledge and she wouldn't see any difference to her cheap stuff, because she knows nothing about the things she did "study".

No. 1334290

Ah yes she is such a connoisseur of the world buying from amazon, wearing overpriced fast fashion, and eating $20 cheese while drooling over Christian Dior designs.

Your interests are shared by millions of others. You are not special. Your superiority complex shows just how inferior you are.

No. 1334297

seriously, kathy. where are all the connoisseurs?

No. 1334314

File: 1632615358905.jpeg (617.17 KB, 1936x1936, 652E34AF-D829-4FCC-9D9F-98B05D…)

No. 1334323

i saw this on the main page and thought it was nourish2flourish

No. 1334327

File: 1632616437207.jpeg (268.58 KB, 1239x1213, 3D41F526-BEDC-4F4D-B1D2-EB9A21…)

Prostitution is illegal in the majority of the United States. Moving the transaction online does not make it legal. If you think a stranger paying you first online is safer than first getting into someone’s car from the conrner, you’re either one step closer or ten steps further from realizing the real problem.

Porn is not a right. Access to other people’s bodies is not a right. Prostitution largely illegal. Why get mad when these things are handled as they should be?

No. 1334328

Damn wtf are these proportions, her head is so long

No. 1334338

It’s what happens when your only food groups are dairy and sugar kek

No. 1334341

It really seems to me that she believes that BDSM practitioners are oppressed because people want them to keep it in the bedroom and not involve non-consenting parties. Newsflash Katherine, people who aren't pornsick want ALL sexual activities to stay behind closed doors, not just BDSM. Additionally, how does she not understand that the world exists for children too, and they shouldn't have to have their innocence stripped away because dumb bitch Kathy over here has decided she's an oppressed class who can only correct this injustice by being lewd in public.

No. 1334345

Dont do my gurl nourish like that. I'd sooner spend a day arranging half cooked meals on n2f's stained bedroom floor than a second with Park Bench Pussystank.

No. 1334349

File: 1632618376636.jpeg (556.77 KB, 1242x1520, 62F1DD06-3149-4EC0-8DD2-3B2ADD…)

>how does she not understand that the world exists for children too, and they shouldn't have to have their innocence stripped
She uses children’s toys in her BDSM. She has zero regard for anyone, especially children.

No. 1334354

File: 1632618589711.jpeg (20.05 KB, 559x423, 1B11D2C8-85F9-4D78-92A2-2C4B1C…)

No. 1334365

what's this tongue out thing with all of them, I don't understand it, they just look stupid

even if prostitution is legal in a country there are rules. In my country it's legal, but no way you can just do everything you want considering this job field. And in the end she would never work the jobs the girls around here work, she would never stand on the street in the middle of the night presenting her body to old, stinking guys paying her 30 bucks for sex.

I hate her Baby Yoda things and wish she would leave that subject alone. Even if you enjoy it as an adult, it's mostly for children and the narrative is that Baby Yoda is a child, so leave it out of your vanilla BDSM bullshit.

No. 1334366

File: 1632618986200.png (10.59 MB, 1242x2208, 0F6967AE-0579-4359-9A07-3AFC12…)

Says the bitch that wears halo krity dress up heels from aliexpress

No. 1334368

is she really wearing green briefs under the pink sheer ones? such a creature of raw sexual insticint and definitely not like the other repressed inhibited vanilla girls
this is so bizarre. bondage with a paper surgical mask and cheap nerd toy? what demigraphic is it even supposed to appeal to?

No. 1334380

File: 1632620210473.gif (177.36 KB, 500x343, giphy (1).gif)

kek omg, I know nothing about this bitch other than that she's tacky and poor but this is the kind of thing that sends me to the verge of existential crisis, that the current world made it possible for such a pic to even be produced. There is so much to unpack in this pic, she should try to pass it off as some commentary on consumerism and commodification of women and children

No. 1334391

That's what it looks like, a highschool project about consumerism
>Don't buy into the big brands like Disney
>They silence small creators
>Represented by these binds and mask

No. 1334394

File: 1632621039768.jpeg (446.42 KB, 1242x2208, 9BDFDB73-486B-47FD-9E16-AC75C2…)

What you ordered online vs what you received

No. 1334399

I unironically wants this shit hung in some art gallery, perfect representation of the zeitgeist, so succinctly everything I hate about online culture. 10/10 would use for money laundering

No. 1334594

File: 1632638223555.png (148.23 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_2021-09-26-13-33-55…)

Fashion is ill-fitting dress + pasties, kek.

No. 1334607

I am so confused by this. Everything just looks wrong. Did she place the pasties up high or are her raisins on a corkboard just that fucked up?

No. 1334611

>She acts like people who partake in BDSM are an oppressed group
Because she has deluded herself into thinking they are

No. 1334622

>what demigraphic is it even supposed to appeal to?

maybe other fail-scrotes like her large-adult-son Acacia Strain bf >>1321003

plus she’s desperate for anyone to bite, and that includes pedos

No. 1334815

File: 1632667585752.jpeg (487.51 KB, 1165x2388, 26EB5858-4F7A-460C-B9F4-89D6E0…)

The thing I love about Katie is that eventually, all her lies are unraveled. (See: her friend’s/date’s room, with her friend’s/date’s Telfar bag that suspiciously looks like the one Katie’s “sub” “bought” for her)

No. 1335063

Damn lol if she’s not lying, she’s skinwalking. She also retweeted for like the fifth time in a month the tweet begging for the two other colors. She is desperate for those ugly bags kek

No. 1335093

File: 1632688943599.jpeg (662.85 KB, 1242x1415, CDA4D787-5B77-4CCE-88F6-85806E…)

Not the narc implying she’s taken LSD and had “magnificent ego deaths”

No. 1335110

If you’re using the word “magnificent” to describe your ego deaths, then I have news for you.

No. 1335115

>claims to have the best burlesque costumes in the industry
>believes everything should be handed over to her just for existing
>makes birthday shoutouts for other people about herself
>makes the death of other women about herself
>gatekeeps BDSM and fashion

Doesn’t sound like ego death to me

No. 1335134

File: 1632690739251.png (73.1 KB, 587x289, Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 2.08…)

She wants everyone to believe she is a professional domme but also asks basic questions about it publicly on her supposedly professional account

No. 1335239

File: 1632698093456.jpeg (289.7 KB, 1219x1646, 74777338-F0A4-4FB9-91DF-FECEF7…)

Because bdsm freaks are the only ones who can ever wear latex because it holds cultural significance for their ~community~

Kathy really ain’t right in the head and is projecting hard. She would combust if she had to do any form of sex work or any form of real bdsm.

No. 1335241

Shes really trying to claim wearing bdsm wear or even latex is cultural appropriation FUCKING KEK shes gotta be the most delusional cow on this site and given the calibre we have here thats saying something.

No. 1335242

I don't even follow this thread but Jesus lmfao

No. 1335250

Kinksters want to be victims so damn bad, acting like wearing a collar and barking like a dog is as culturally significant as sacred Native American traditions.

No. 1335253

You sound like a vanilla colonizer

No. 1335266

File: 1632700024293.jpeg (168.6 KB, 912x1400, B5F8781A-598E-4450-9020-408CC2…)

I want to know how she can judge whether someone is “vanilla” or not given that you absolutely can not tell what someone’s sex life is like from off the street.

She’s also a fAsHiOn HiStOrIaN but is failing to recognize that outside of BDSM, things like latex and collars have been around a looooonnnnnngggg time in fashion. Even her precious Dior has done in several times in different decades.

No. 1335289

>claims to have had “ego deaths”
>proceeds to tweet this

No. 1335292

This is real?? I can't believe she included THE consoomer insignia plushie into her cheap-but-trying-to-be-expensive trashy poser porn, jesus

No. 1335309

File: 1632702551731.jpeg (66.15 KB, 434x450, 34376852-54B3-4425-B9E6-2F2397…)

Seeing BDSM people in work gear makes Me sad.

The least you can do is read about and respect the cultures/communities that this gear comes from.

It wouldn’t hurt to also fight for worker’s rights, and to push for unionization if you really need to wear that latex piece.

People love to appropriate hard work and craftsmanship, never to celebrate it.

Never to de-stigmatize it.

Never to fight for it.

No. 1335318

Nonita knows her history kek

No. 1335378

File: 1632709734316.png (174.04 KB, 588x754, Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 7.28…)

Sex work isn't real work but she really thinks findom is just demanding money from the void

No. 1335380

Get a job Katherine

No. 1335383

This is embarrassing on so many different levels. Get a personality and identity that is your own.

No. 1335460

File: 1632723479736.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2058, 19F305D8-D24F-48F5-A3B8-4DC3AA…)

No. 1335464

File: 1632723574528.jpeg (393.65 KB, 1235x1736, 8E55509A-34EC-43B4-AFD9-A11C58…)

>In person sessions, in her exquisite dungeon are coming soon

No. 1335471

Is her end goal to get murdered? Because that’s the current track she’s barreling down.

No. 1335564

>in her exquisite dungeon
This should be good

No. 1335585

File: 1632743908081.jpg (363.8 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20210927-075339_Twi…)

>size 4 feet
>00 petite figure

My sides, who is she trying to fool.

No. 1335597

The face that needs a paper bag until her rhinoplasty

No. 1335601

File: 1632745656366.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, 3379B217-71B5-45E6-8499-A3C1BF…)

If she’s going to go the “ill fitting clothes” route, she should go baggy since it’d at least go hand in hand with the “woe is me, I’m just SO petite that all clothes are too big!!” act. Well, I guess not because she’s also larping as a rich bitch who can afford bespoke clothing and yet…

No. 1335610

this "Start sending." shit is so fucking funny but so pathetic and desperate. i don't know a thing nor do i give a fuck about findom, yet her larp isn't fooling me, so it's certainly not going to fool any scrotes looking for a genuine domme (jc, i cringe everytime i type any kink-related words, cadeau to kathy for willingly typing like she does without feeling embarressed)

No. 1335612

Now I'm going to think about this bitch every time I wash my dishes, wearing latex gloves

No. 1335628

00 figure and yet posts a pic that shows that is a complete lie. "The face that sent a thousand ships" is supposed to be "The face that launched a thousand ships". Much historian Kathy. This bint really thinks she is something. First Marie Antoinette and now Helen of Troy.

No. 1335633

>>compares herself to Helen of Troy
Tell me you're a narc without telling me you're a narc

No. 1335870

File: 1632776375867.png (16.27 KB, 598x138, wah.png)

She can't even get people to do stuff for her for free, lol
>listed as size 5 on Tryst kek

No. 1335871

File: 1632776388079.png (48.48 KB, 533x445, Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 1.55…)

She really needs to keep her shit consistent because she's been a 5, 4 3/4, 4, 5.5. She is clearly none of those sizes given she very visibly crams her hooves into every shoe.

Also 00 and figure do not go in the same sentence and your hair isn't blonde; it's the mousiest brown one can have.

No. 1335873

> B cup
> 00

Keep lying to yourself Kathy

No. 1335880

File: 1632776679928.jpeg (467.39 KB, 1170x2532, 4AAED486-326F-467E-AEEE-FB4931…)

Love our selfless, activist kween /s

No. 1335886

Freudian slip, anon. She is so ugly that she sent ships running away.

No. 1335894

Damn she is highly reactive for someone larping as self-assured. It's almost as if her self-image hinges on people literally and figuratively buying the lies she sells.

No. 1335897

>This is being handled legally
Lol Kathy seriously look into Isabella Janke. You don't have a legal leg to stand on and any lawyer that says you do is taking you for a ride.

She has zero clue what doxxing means and honey, you have threads here because your advice to disabled people is "the entire world hates you. do not tell anyone about your disabilities, especially your employer." Fuck off with this woe is me crap.

No. 1335918

This. She pretends to care about disabled people while giving advice that would get them/us in trouble and make our lives miserable. I know that endometriosis can be very disabling in some cases, so I'm not even going to tell her it doesn't count, but having a disability doesn't automatically give someone knowledge and ability to give (legal) advice. Her advice is straight up harmful, so I don't give a shit if she has endometriosis or is missing all limbs.
I also want to add that even though I do think endometriosis CAN be disabling for some people, she is the kind of person where it's easy to think she is exaggerating because she never complains that she can't go to some event she really wanted to, it's responsibilities and simple and normal requests as showing up for a job interview that suddenly makes her bedbound. That's weird and suspect as fuck.

No. 1335989

The way this is worded is appalling. It's all "me, me, me"; other disabled people show ableism towards me, lolcow of course also are ableist towards me, no one thanks me, who holds everyone else? me. She couldn't be further up her own ass if she tried. She is not an activist and has never put anything on the line for anyone ever. She doesn't even do the bare minimum of online activism. Personal opinions and ignorant advice is not activism and never will be. Like the other anon said, her "activism" is telling disabled people that communicating with your employer about your disability is the worst advice she has ever come across because capitalism hates them and instead they should threaten employers with the most capitalist thing of all: legal action. She is a detriment to society, not a benefit.

No. 1336002

I could not imagine going through life thinking you’re the victim of everything.

She’s a worker at the museum of sex but the customer’s jokes are harassing her
She’s bisexual but butches are femmephobic and mean to her
She’s disabled but other people are ableist towards her
She’s a burlesque dancer but showrunners are also ableist towards her and other dancers are jealous of her
She’s an activist but people online are stalking her

Part of NPD is having a victim complex as a line of defense for their grandiosity and projections yet Katherine still thinks it’s only her parents who supposedly have it. Good luck with that.

No. 1336251

File: 1632812204863.jpeg (482.99 KB, 1242x1377, 77B934A2-3654-4698-948C-8624D1…)

Except you’re a dangerous individual who wants sex acts in public places where kids and unconsenting adults are presents and challenge professionals who rationally say that’s not okay. It’s not fantasy when you’re doing it in public spaces and your Twitter header says 18+ yet you don’t mark your account as NSFW.

No. 1336254

I hope she realizes that vaguetweeting like this does not make her look interesting or enticing as a Domme. Congratulations on using your work Twitter as your own personal diary.

No. 1336258

File: 1632813621732.jpeg (83.98 KB, 1242x391, 366CB549-70F9-4ADB-83B4-4DB413…)

Katherine you let men abuse you under the guise of BDSM outside of your “fantasy” domme twitter account. You and your scrote strictly adhere to your relevant gender roles going as far as calling yourself hyperfemme and letting him drag you around by leash and collar. Your relationship is as “vanilla” and heteronormative as one could get.

No. 1336259

Her and Shayna are very different in terms of aesthetic and content but so much alike in their poor sEx WoRk practices. At least Shayna has a couple coomers to show for it though.

No. 1336260

BDSM has been going on for thousands of years and is a form of sexual violence against women. Our male ancestors did it to our female ancestors for generations. It is nowhere new or revolutionary and is inherently misogynistic. She wants a cookie so bad for being submissive to men and thinks by wearing that collar she’s anything but vanilla. What a headcase.

No. 1336266

Kek, she's still seething so bad after getting BTFO'd by that lady. Kathy please, try to wrap your weed fried brain around this: normies don't want to look at ugly attention starved people who go outside in BDSM gear because that's embarassing. It's also not comparable to a relatively discreet wedding ring that most people don't even notice. It's only you that watches that shit like a hawk because you're painfully aware your hairy scrote will never propose.
I'm not going to cowtip but the urge to make a burner account and spam her with engagement photos of the whitest tradcon couples I can find is real. Cope harder Kathy.

No. 1336344

they're scrotes so who cares? they probably wasted the money on alcohol and beat their wives(integrate better)

No. 1336421

Except a “vanilla” person is literally just someone who believes in keeping their sex life private and not forcing the public to participate (i.e. consent.) You can’t speculate on people’s bedroom activities just because they don’t wear ugly plastic Aliexpress collars in public. The other domme tried to gently explain this to her, but she’s too busy seething at women who are married and don’t have to wear a leash to keep a scrote’s attention.

My favorite Kathy-ism is “lateral ableism”, i.e. actual disabled people with life-altering conditions telling her to stop whining and get a job.

Nta but it’s satire, anon.

No. 1336458

File: 1632841864501.jpeg (550.49 KB, 1170x2085, 6130A3AA-EEFF-4F05-86D1-7E7E5B…)

The lack of self awareness she has drives me up a wall.

No. 1336470

I swear to god, I used to think Shayna (or maybe Vintage Taylor) was the most infuriating person on this site but Kathy takes it up to 11. She’s so confidently wrong and unbelievably arrogant.

Her IRL sessions will be a disaster. I doubt she has much experience topping and you know she is too good to watch tutorials, read up on BDSM safety, blah blah. And she consistently alienates herself from her “community” so I doubt any actual pros will want to give her advice.

ALSO no scrote is gonna pay to take her out shopping at random. She’s a literal nobody, maybe another e-thot could pull it off but some rando browsing escort sites isn’t looking for that.

Men are pigs, they’ll want something sexual out of the encounter and a “hand me money” encounter ain’t gonna do it kek.

Kathy needs to expect to touch some pp, even if she’s not actually fucking them. She’s in for a rude awakening.

No. 1336485

>…people who have doxed, stalked, and harassed me on the basis of my disabilities.
lolcow.farm, a forum for cyberbullying people with endometriosis

No. 1336513

It's so obvious she's salty about people displaying wedding/engagement rings in public because she's never had one kek

No. 1336514

Kathy is an idiot. Findom is a difficult area of sex work to succeed in. The clientele tend to be obnoxious, clingy, cheap and even more psychologically fucked up than the guys who want a straightforward exchange of money for services. There is NO such thing as free money from moids, they ALL believe you owe them something. And male subs are just as misogynistic and controlling as male doms, another thing she will soon learn. They all see you as a sex object to fulfill their fetishes and nothing more. I hope Kathy sticks to online e-grifting, because she will quickly get in over her head doing in persons. Arrogant, naive and delusional is not a good combo when dealing with moids and transactional sex.

No. 1336517

Imagine going full pick me for some dorky neckbeard, even calling him master and letting him drag you around on a collar and leash(!) in public, and he still refuses to propose and keeps pics of his “vanilla” ex up on his tumblr. It’s sooo obvious where her repressed rage really comes from kek

No. 1336524

> the face that sent a thousand ships

and the fat fold from the wrong sized dress that sent a thousand gag reflexes

No. 1336525


No. 1336639

The fact that she's crying about people laughing over her publicly available information … she's got no idea what she's in for. "paypigs" are a creepy bunch who pay for access into your life, and they prey on stupid, desperate women to make their stalking easier. To most of these dude, there ain't shit funnier than a "strong woman" who is dependent on them, making themselves vulnerable for cash. They see this shit for the laugh it is, they aren't worshipping you, they're playing your ego.

No. 1336649

> is nowhere new or revolutionary and is inherently misogynistic.

I thought this about polyamorous relationships this week after seeing a photo of one of those poly cults on Twitter. Repackage some ancient abusive practice as innovation and subversion, works every time.

No. 1336664

The NPD is getting stronger. She is projecting harder. This is exactly what she does. Also retard you’re appropriating the evil eye and it only works if someone else gifts you one which no one ever will because no one likes you kek

No. 1336670

Says the dumb cunt that doubled down hard when the pro domme told her she's doing everything wrong.

No. 1336675

I'm stuck on her thinking telling everyone how smol she is on her ~fantasy~ domme twitter is a flex. Yes Kathy the men who want to be dominated want to know how frail and underfed you are.

No. 1336679

Eh, there is a market for short, mean bitches. The whole "you're so tiny and I am so strong but I am beholden to you because of your feminine prowess" thing. Still think Kathy's trying to tease a daddy out of the woodwork tho.

No. 1336710

Right, the kind of creepy men she will meet online who would pay to meet her would make a women's gossip board laughing at her look like a walk in the park. If she were literally stalked she probably wouldn't use the word so lightly though.

No. 1337431


so wearing plastic clothes in public is "cultural appropriation" if you're "vanilla" but her privileged, uncultured American ass using the evil eye/nazar bead is not? get out of here you cultural imperialist!

seriously though, many thanks to whomever first posted her on personal cows. she reminds me of Phoebe Tickner so much and fills her void so well: a fake woke, superficial, narcissistic bitch who tries unsuccessfully to look way more educated and sophisticated than she is. truly a guilt-free laugh.

No. 1337482

File: 1632936744511.jpeg (326.46 KB, 1170x1994, 2958C0A7-8C3C-42B4-B1E4-958843…)

She also posted this. She sees no problem with cultural appropriation if she’s the one doing it. Didn’t know protection altars were part of Long Island culture.

No. 1337498

It's part of cringe culture, which she's a definite participant of. I see no appropriation here.

No. 1337541

Instead of wasting money on rocks for a “protection alter” she should have put it towards something to actually better herself like real groceries or a dance lesson but no, the narc has to play the victim non-stop. Also kek at her once again getting into something with zero knowledge and making her followers tell her what to do.

No. 1337573

Kathy's all about sinking time into unrealistic shit and trying to get something for free from the void. This is just par for the course. Kinda satisfying how she's so consistently retarded imo

No. 1337580

Funny how when she gets called out by multiple people it’s suddenly just a fantasy guise!! despite wholeheartedly believeing men will give her money just for existing and begging for it daily. It’s not fantasy and is indeed real life when you publicly try to bring others into it retard. She’s so transparent but is also so blind to her own bullshit.

No. 1337600

File: 1632944558904.jpeg (376.52 KB, 1242x773, E070DD1B-877E-4DD4-8916-E67DD9…)

Lol guess what tweet she dirty deleted

No. 1337660

Lol Kathy doesn't even have the class to thank Simone for her response, or even at the bare minimum "like" it

No. 1337691

She should be grateful that Simone was nice enough to give her free game, but instead she covers her ass (badly)

No. 1337763

Classic Kathy kek. I was looking forward to seeing how this played out because I 100% knew that Simone wasn't going to give her the answer nor validation that she wanted. Really ironic seeing how Kathy has cried about subs that don't know how to follow instructions and the importance of showing sex workers appreciation. Guess it's only a problem when other people do it to her and not the other way around. I hope Simone doesn't bother wasting time on her any more.

No. 1337777

Saged for BDSM fagottry but ive been in the scene for a few years and unfortunately, nearly everyone is like our dear Katherine. Narcissistic, cancel culture vultures, with strange childlike consumption based hobbies. The whole rope scene (which Katherine is semi involved in) went from artistic displays of flexibility and talent to a bunch of fat women whining that nobody has subscribed to their only fans and or popular scene figureheads don’t want to tie whales. It’s really disappointing- the NY kink scene really took a nosedive in 2020 and it doesn’t seem to be getting better any time soon :-(

No. 1337803

File: 1632962106278.png (71.03 KB, 589x377, Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 5.32…)

Katherine needs to learn that being spoiled and taken care of is getting money BEFORE you spend it without asking; not begging for it AFTER.

No. 1337804


Shayna gets naked and fucks herself for change. that's pretty much their only difference. this girl will eventually either suck up her pride and give the scrotes what they want or have to get a real job.

No. 1337806

According to her this is all fantasy and not real life but she's not selling a fantasy at all and is begging for real life everyday expenses like groceries. She has zero sex appeal and not even the bobs and vegana tier scrotes interact with her shit kek

No. 1337813

they’re. not. consenting. don’t know the specifics of this argument but what she’s is rape culture, and i’ve heard similar arguments from men that “took advantage” of me or people i know. i’m so mother fucking sick of people like her, who are usually men, pulling shit like this. most people are drawn to bdsm because of trauma and the negotiation and consent is specifically why it can be so powerful.

that really fucking sucks.

No. 1337830

The funny part is, she complains about people not consenting, but that's the whole point. The point of BDSM is that if someone doesn't want to be involved in something, they don't have to and it stops there. She literally does not get it.

No. 1337838

File: 1632965701987.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.56 KB, 600x1200, DELUSIONAL.jpg)

This is autistic but that tweet is still sending me

No. 1337860

Girl, you're just advertising all the bills you can't pay for with these embarrassing tweets.
Get a job, poser.

No. 1337862

File: 1632969143450.png (51.35 KB, 608x526, bigbraintime.png)

Why she wants to pretend to care about consent idk, since she considers it well within her rights to subject people to her sexual activities. Oh, right, she doesn't "consent" to witnessing a ring on a finger which is totes the same as people wearing kink gear and playing sex games in public. Dumb bitch can't even fall back on the idea that her kink gear is ~fashion~ and not sexually adjacent since she's trying to say only Certified Kinksters can wear it lmaooo.

Unsurprisingly, after this thread read her for her willingness to subject children to kink, she liked the tweets in picrel which are just too dumb for words. She clearly doesn't understand that most love their children and if their parents WHO MADE THEM aren't responsible for them, that leaves the kids to be property of the STATE.

No. 1337889

Jesus fucking Christ Kathy, you partake in dd/lg and little space which is based on being dominated, controlled, and owned by your “daddy” neckbeard. You are DIRECTLY contributing to relating - you know what, forget it. These borderline paedophile degenerates will never get it which is part of the reason why they are posted here. Never feel guilty about laughing at scum like her.

No. 1337893

File: 1632973026532.jpeg (688.51 KB, 1242x1488, 0E2A3197-CB4D-4421-9A65-49FA55…)

One modern day figurine, the same couple sale lingerie sets, two keychains, and using an online acquaintance’s drawings is considered avid collecting? Sounds more like basic consumerism but keep lying to yourself!

No. 1337896

She’s an avid collector of fucking baby yoda mass market crap. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 1337907

File: 1632974799937.png (685.32 KB, 1242x2208, 7653F315-F4E1-43AF-BA3C-E0F714…)

Going through some screenshots and found this. Back in April she supposedly caught covid but of course it wasn’t her fault, it was the governor’s! Kek (1/2)

No. 1337910

File: 1632974937589.png (1001.8 KB, 1242x2208, 66D25810-E04F-49B0-AA35-649042…)

>regular person sick

No. 1337911

She can never miss an opportunity to be a special snowflake, as if “regular people” don’t get endometriosis or chronic pain kek

No. 1337914

File: 1632975274112.gif (1.76 MB, 268x275, B283B7D5-6D29-418A-9165-F2E08C…)

That would be implying those of us with disabilities aren’t regular people. Such an advocate and activist for us disabled freaks!!

No. 1337915

Does anyone know why exactly her Disability After Dark episode was taken down?

No. 1337916

She could have very easily said “I don’t know if I can handle being sick on top of it” to get her point across but no, princess snowflake has to be ~different~

No. 1337918

What I find so strange about her is that she always asks people to reach out to her. Like she doesn’t have friends or acquaintances to talk to privately? Why is it always that she complains and asks people to talk to her on her Instagram stories? Why not just reach out to people on your own?

No. 1337923

The acquaintance anon from the last thread said she burns bridges with everyone in real life so that might be why she turns to online so much but even then she can reach out to whoever she knows online first still. Probably gets more attention doing it this way and lord knows she needs attention kek

No. 1337924

>hair colour: blonde
Is she seriously going to show up to every meet with that god awful plastic blonde wig on? kek

No. 1338050

Collecting shit and having no genuine interests or hobbies - name a more iconic duo.
How about you actually make something for once, Katherine? You're an adult woman. It's about time you started producing instead of consuming. You've been leeching off the teat of society your whole life without contributing anything of value. You are communist, aren't you?

Under communism, sugar babies & 'findommes' are some of the first to get the rope.
Get a job, Kathy.

No. 1338111

Thank you, anon. This is the reality check

No. 1338141

Loving this Simone chick for effortlessly exposing Kathy’s scamming and lack of ethics every time Kathy tries to come for her.

No. 1338142

Exactly. Shayna at least understands the basic rules of her profession, i.e. that scrotes always want something for their money. They don’t “send” for the pleasure of buying you overpriced cheese Kathy, they send to see butthole.

No. 1338293

No. 1338558

File: 1633048518467.jpg (89.6 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20210930-203123_Twi…)

Oh the irony…

No. 1338569

44:36 - "So, you're into DDLG…"

No. 1338635

It’s almost as if your “clients” are men who will always be in control as long as they’re paying and will always look down on women; especially whores.

No. 1338638

My guess is he was trying to steer the situation towards what he was paying for, since she's pretty inexperienced. Or messing with her… since she's inexperienced. Either way, couldn't have handled it worse, love that she advertised her incompetence/inability to take control of a situation.

No. 1338729

They’re men Katherine and you’re the lowest a woman can go. They will never respect you and they will never give you full dominance. God she really knows nothing and loves to flaunt her ignorance. What a pathetic excuse of a woman.

No. 1338747

The fact that a scrote put a collar on her instead of a ring is the only reason why she treats BDSM gear as sacred garments. Her relationship with her scrote is as traditional a couple could get with them both strictly following gender roles dynamically and aesthetically. She has had to put so much emotional weight on that Amazon collar because she knows it is the only thing that separates her from other women. Well that and letting his friends rail her. It is the ultimate cope and a pathetic level of pickmeism.

No. 1338934

Confirmed: kek she gets dommed and owned by bratty subs but is too narc n' vapid to get the Dom nuance!

No. 1338957


As if she has clients lol. Someone probably sent her DM that wasn't just "here is your cheese money oh pasty goddess" and because she's not a real domme she had no idea how to deal with that.

No. 1338964

She hadn't even been on tryst in over a week when she posted that tweet, so you're probably right

No. 1338968

It might also be a "spicy" Tweet meant to engage other Dommes to rally around her, but she has no understanding of how to make a good take that sounds interesting and confident.

No. 1338977

Not very progressive or communist of her to support the crystal mining industry.

No. 1339089

If there is one book that Katherine should actually read instead of just posting on Instagram for woke points it’s “Lost Girls” by Robert Kolker. It hits very close to home as it is about the Long Island Serial Killer’s very petite prostitute/escort victims. Some of their backgrounds and their actions leading up to the murders are eerily familiar.

No. 1339354

File: 1633138103803.jpeg (429.72 KB, 1688x2048, FApuKTUXEAIp3iE.jpeg)

Now I know she isn't using that raggedy ass blanket as an accessory kek She went ham on editing too

No. 1339357

She shrunk her head so much so that she gave herself troon shoulders lol really nailing that "cheap whore who asks for grocery money weekly" look

No. 1339367

she looks like ever generic drag race contestant that gets kicked off by week two. why do these biological women want to look like that?

No. 1339377

File: 1633141551823.png (68.24 KB, 622x404, Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 7.21…)

This is the only "sub" that ever interacts with her stuff and… well…

No. 1339384

How old is she again? She already has saggy jowls and her skin is so red.

No. 1339385

Just turned 24

No. 1339390

good god that foundation looks awful. it's so yellow and doesn't match her skintone. you can literally see the edges of where it's applied. so much for "high class beauty" kek

No. 1339431

It doesn’t help that her content as a “dominant” involves getting tied up with kids’ toys. Doesn’t exactly strike terror in the hearts of coomers.

No. 1339433

Her makeup skills are horrifying, she ages herself 20 years with that caked on crap. She would suit a fresher more natural look.

No. 1339448

File: 1633156853266.jpeg (454.12 KB, 1170x1725, 96D4674D-47FC-48BC-8BA8-25EA08…)

Incredibly underwhelming costume but I hope she realizes her natural hair would be way better as a Domme than whatever party city trash she wears.

No. 1339454

Is it just me or is the stoning down the middle of both of the breast cups completely fucked? It looks like she added embellishments in between the rows of stones on one side but not the other.

No. 1339458

File: 1633159024023.jpeg (384.29 KB, 1236x1635, 5923F997-4A63-46E1-BFA6-DCBE3F…)

She made an okay looking vintage inspired DVT overwire bra look like a 2011 yandy.com cheap stripper/rave one. She looks worse than the women that hustle on Figueroa.

Absolutely nothing she has thrown some stones on has come close to being “the most exquisite costumes in burlesque history.” She isn’t even mediocre; she is a talentless failure.

No. 1339462

There is zero excuse for being that shitty at something that is supposedly your career at 24 years old. Time to rethink your fantasy Kathy because this ain’t it.

No. 1339564

Got Shayna's kk slider brows and off tone foundation going on.

No. 1339583

if she says she is making those costumes, does she mean sewing them herself? Or is she just gluing stuff on already made clothes.

No. 1339590

kek, the bra strap peeking out. so exquisite

No. 1339607

Did she ever finish that pink costume or is it just sitting abandoned in a drawer now?

No. 1339612

File: 1633185727033.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x2137, B8C70077-2780-4F11-851B-C1593C…)

No, I think she thinks she’s finished with that one

No. 1339624

>Those pasties
For fuck's sake can she make/wear something that fits for once?

No. 1339625

She looks like she rubbed her face with softball/baseball field dirt
In before she never wears the blonde wig again. You are welcome, Kathy

No. 1339655

After going to the Dior exhibit she posted on her story that decided to abandon the pink one to work on a “New Look-inspired” costume and blamed her dropping the powderpuff one on “supply chain issues”

No. 1339685

File: 1633194015550.jpeg (708.51 KB, 1170x2250, DC98F29C-399F-4962-9656-BB81E3…)

Oh boy

No. 1339779

Her hair looks really nice in these ngl

No. 1339820

I think so too. The color looks like dishwater, but it looks healthy and well styled

No. 1339824

File: 1633205345928.jpeg (501.57 KB, 1242x1265, BC3D0D55-EDE5-4634-8E12-33DA55…)

Miss cultural worker abolitionist has zero clue has nazars work

No. 1339833

This is like witchblr “reblog to cast, like to charge” shit kek

No. 1339834

This lying, scamming, degenerate thinks that the people who oppose her shit are evil lol.

No. 1339862

Are you sure you want to do that Kathy? Because you sure do put a lot of miserable hateful energies out yourself.

No. 1339877

She's probably doing it between bong rips while watching children's cartoons

It looks more like gaps/a cutout effect that's part of the bra itself to me. Katherine makes some very questionable fashion choices at times but I don't think she'd be that dumb/daring

I'm just thinking about how after she was criticised about her costume craftsmanship she went on her IG story and told people to "die mad" kek

No. 1339944

I’m still waiting on your lawyer to contact my lawyer, Katherine!

No. 1339956

Second one, she's buying cheap shit off Amazon and gluing even cheaper rhinestones all over

No. 1340000

and why does she need $600? She could get a perfectly tailored dress with a nice fabric for around 200 (if it's simple, also she doesn't need much fabric at her size) and then she could add the rhinestones, would make 300 to 400 in the end. I don't get it and I hate that she acts like she is making the whole thing herself while she wouldn't even recognise a good fabric and a fitting pattern and doesn't acknowledge real craftsmanship.

No. 1340089

>and why does she need $600? She could get a perfectly tailored dress with a nice fabric for around 200
Because she doesn’t care about anything but the price tag and label. That’s why she continues to blow money on way overpriced fast fashion instead of investing in quality pieces. And no Kathy, Alice + Olivia and Louboutin are not quality investment brands.

No. 1340099

> tells disabled people everyone hates them
> tells people to die
> tells people they don’t know anything about _____
> makes people’s birthdays about herself
> makes a woman’s murder about herself
> makes practically really anything about herself
> publicly “calls out” showrunners over a her problem
> publicly “calls out” other dancers over a her problem
> publicly “calls out” previous partners over a her problem
And the list goes on and on but yet she believes people who call out her bullshit are the problem and that some evil eye emojis will fix everything and bring her connections. NPD is a helluva drug.

No. 1340109

I liked the part where she said the producers told her she could use some practice (because they didn't understand her disability)

No. 1340114

File: 1633233834048.png (9.53 MB, 1242x2208, 585552FF-F26E-44FB-861C-C4E9DE…)

Gabby Petito wasn’t the only woman’s death she made about herself. I have no caps because it was years ago (former acquaintance anon) but when Kate Spade passed, she posted her “collection” of like three dresses as an homage to her.
> RIP lady. Here’s my collection of your dresses I need to show off for social media.

She makes the death of that tranny mistress about herself constantly too. Never met them but she’s just so heartbroken that she has to post herself crying!!

No. 1340116

Yeah there’s screenshots in the previous thread of it also. The reality was that Kathy wanted to be put into shows without any talent or experience and without auditioning. Cried muh disability thinking they would let her in then but they didn’t and now she has a vendetta kek

No. 1340203

sage for no milk but she looks so much better like this, without the party city wig and drag makeup

No. 1340216

Take away the heavy filter like the pics upthread and it isn’t actually much better kek

No. 1340241

She looks more like this >>1334314. I didn’t recognize her and honestly thought those pics were of some unattractive friend lol

No. 1340247

Learn to tightline Kathy you dumbass

No. 1340249

Why is she wearing underwear under the sheer lingerie lmfao

No. 1340348

File: 1633271796543.jpeg (466.09 KB, 1170x2095, 462778BB-628B-4334-94E2-05901E…)

Why she posted this on Instagram is beyond me

No. 1340576

At least she seems to have jettisoned that awful platinum wig.

No. 1340596

She has no biters on her domme twitter so she had to move it to her regular Instagram. She’s desperate.

No. 1340646

File: 1633300819034.png (61.93 KB, 590x239, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 3.39…)

Her lack of self-awareness is the only astonishing thing about her

No. 1340673

These "hi-def" photos do her makeup no favors, stick to potato quality pics kathy, and that face makes me kek.

No. 1340688

File: 1633306338903.png (85.47 KB, 590x373, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 5.08…)

Kek at "champagne and takeout" only being $60… sparkling white wine isn't champagne Kathy.

No. 1340693

File: 1633306694882.png (215.88 KB, 591x624, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 5.09…)

She wants $650 for cheap, low quality ugly Shayna-tier decor from Amazon.Go to Home Goods or TJ Maxx at least. Could not imagine kvetching and reeing about muh communism, luxury, and fashion history only to turn around and proudly beg strangers to by you over half a grand worth of crap home decor from Amazon.

No. 1340695

Tinfoil: she’se redecorating because she’s moving.

No. 1340720

damn, we knew her taste was shit seeing it all lined up like this…

No. 1340734


>two bath mats


this broke ass bitch cant afford a place with two bathrooms in NYC.

No. 1340738

File: 1633312105293.jpeg (766.21 KB, 1242x1654, 1CE2D38C-BF26-4064-848F-9E3EF5…)

The other tweet with more crap

No. 1340739

Such luxury, bespoke items from respected craftsmen kek

No. 1340743

Get a job Kathy. Then you can take on extra hours, tighten your budget, save up, and be there soon enough to buy $700 worth of child labor Amazon shit.

No. 1340753

the sweatshop children make more money than Kathy does, and contribute more to society

No. 1340773

File: 1633317963381.png (52.32 KB, 594x219, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 8.25…)

She is laying it on THICK tonight for her new one female sub that will probably last two weeks top kek (1/3)

No. 1340805

it pisses me off that a woman is funding any part of this lazy bitch’s life.

No. 1340807

File: 1633321819042.png (110.64 KB, 592x504, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 7.44…)

No. 1340809

File: 1633321926635.png (74.97 KB, 591x319, Screen Shot 2021-10-03 at 8.24…)

No. 1340828

She tells on herself so much by tweeting any time anything happens to her. Triple subtweeting this rando makes it obvious that she's never had a female simp before. And with how desperately often she tweets out her dollar store wishlist, I highly doubt she's made more than a waitress does in tips in her whole """career""".

>almost all genders

No. 1340829

That’s a funny way of saying Narcissist

No. 1340848

Tinfoil: She's asking for decor because her new sub has funded it for her primary domme lol

No. 1340850

File: 1633328209333.gif (2.01 MB, 498x275, 1B2D8B8F-7F31-43A4-B1F5-AAA011…)

No. 1340852

File: 1633328393525.jpeg (410.96 KB, 1242x884, B0384905-A9E3-47D1-947F-A55329…)

>thank you for listening
Cunt they made the original thread in 2019. That was two years ago. She really thinks she’s that influential and important, huh?

No. 1340853

File: 1633328445584.png (1.61 MB, 1242x2208, 2F7C9809-72C6-49CF-A136-8B20E2…)

*Partially funded. Congrats Kathy you got >$50 of junk.

No. 1340944

One would think Kathy is the sub by all the doting and adoration she's giving this chick. You can not go from "fuck you, pay me" to "omg thank you so much you are so kind and lovely and beautiful and romantic" when someone does fall for it. That's not how being a fin/domme works. Her and Shayna are so much alike it's hilarious.

No. 1341173

File: 1633379195630.jpeg (548.88 KB, 1125x1447, 367749C6-0E50-4D0D-AC77-B3C2FD…)

>claims to be luxurious and sophisticated
>buys body jewelry worth less than the starter jewelry at the piercing shop

No. 1341185

File: 1633380466300.jpeg (895.96 KB, 1242x1392, BB24F285-678C-4D5B-B45E-F1F7F6…)

No hip measurement Kathy? Gee, wonder why kek Looks like she’s finally settled on a shoe size.

No. 1341187

Settled on a shoe size but not a height yet. Tryst says 5’2 lol

No. 1341188

File: 1633380708475.jpeg (328.65 KB, 1242x1502, 3A2AE98F-60D0-4374-979D-ED59BC…)

Curse the anon that said she should start making YouTube videos. Obviously she’s going to try to sell this non-porn narc shit on porn sites but same video concept. No one cares about your shoe collection especially when everyone’s seen your same five pairs over and over.

No. 1341192

File: 1633381942825.jpeg (70.52 KB, 640x799, F25A886C-20B0-40D7-8B77-44870D…)

Kek she looks like James Charles

No. 1341208

Now I don't know anything about BDSM but this does not sound like Domme behavior to me. Sounds like one of her female Instagram followers sent her some blogposts about themselves and reimbursed some Amazon shit for her.

No. 1341213

LMAOOOOO I thought this was fake based on the thumbnail. Oh god, Kathy gives me so much second hand embarrassment.

I also can't get over her nose. What a beak…

No. 1341220

File: 1633384353094.png (12.03 MB, 1242x2208, 0331BBBC-A01F-4D33-B5A2-11360D…)

Why does she feel the need to brag about her tired old lady “collection”?

No. 1341222

File: 1633384399180.png (84.41 KB, 596x371, Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 2.53…)

More keks incoming

No. 1341239


She looks so off in this, I think its the makeup

Didnt she use this picture already? Do we think the roomate with the dog is still there or she got tired of Kathy's shit.

No. 1341247

The dog pic with the shoes was from the last thread. Was just making fun of her because we’ve already all seen her crap lol

No. 1341254

File: 1633388427809.png (58.42 KB, 576x249, Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 3.59…)

Such a ruthless domme. Kathy wetting her panties over some pocket change from this "sub".

No. 1341255

I hope Katie realizes that cheap nip jewelry and knockoff lingerie means nothing if she doesn’t have a savings or long-term goals.

No. 1341273

She even does the "W/we" thing in the beginning of a sentence. No one but Katherine is good enough for uppercase letters, not even when it's the grammatically correct thing to write! What a fucking retard

No. 1341292

This. What the fuck is she even gonna do for "content" review the Mandolorian or amazon/shein tier lookbooks, I mean affordable dominatrix gear when you're a neet on a budget.

No. 1341308

File: 1633396411753.jpeg (459.71 KB, 750x1067, 9876FA42-3189-46F0-A60C-C6C781…)

No. 1341317

File: 1633397905580.jpeg (779.48 KB, 1242x1590, 77F4FE3E-3AB2-4F75-B188-9982C6…)

Why are you trying so hard to be “them” then? If “they” ruin everything?

No. 1341318

Kathy this would make it easier for you to access your precious drugs.

No. 1341335

File: 1633402015889.png (17.79 KB, 598x134, 69231298123.png)

She's known this chick two days and is planning in person visits, could she be more desperate? With the money this lady is saving on a hotel, she'll probably come out ahead tossing Kathy a couple bucks for tacky decor. Good for her!

No. 1341345

File: 1633402957112.jpeg (186.99 KB, 1242x952, 2DFA09DC-3C45-4D0D-BFB3-AF0F62…)

>It’s not always the amount.
Except it is. It’s financial domination, not financial donation. The whole point is that whatever they send will never be enough. This broke bitch is fawning over this woman for buying cheap home decor off amazon (not even her whole wishlist.., just a couple things), cheap nipple piercings, and fucking tea. Even other faux dommes know that you make fun of them for sending next to nothing or ignore, not go full on praise over less than $200 for two days. An extremely far cry from the dining at Michelin star restaurants, designer goods, and world travel she likes to talk about.