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File: 1624062059209.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1389, BC5286CC-348B-469F-9422-D88D6B…)

No. 1259829

Katherine McMahon is a 23 year old self proclaimed Instagram advocate, Twitter findom, communist, living doll, retired sugar baby and burlesque performer from NYC. Claims that “much of the Forbes billionaire list” has tried to wine and dine her yet grifts for money and clothing online daily and lives with a neckbeard. A burlesque performer that refuses to put in any work; attempted to publicly shame an actual know performer for suggesting she take courses that would guarantee a showcase booking. Due to her values being “abolition and decolonization” and her being dIsAbLeD, she took offense to this normal and typical suggestion. Any venture to her Instagram will be met with “unedited” photoshopped Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? tier photos and extremely bad takes.

Highlights/brief summary:
>Went no-contact with “abusive” biological family this year
>Sued former workplace The Museum of Sex for sexual harassment because a couple asked her if they could have sex in the ball pit
>Has run several GoFundMe scams
>Recently quit job at NYU in order to become a “freelancer”
>Makes OnlyFans, Pateron, and SextPanther accounts for “freelance” work
>Becomes a Twitter FinDom that calls herself “the most expensive pet you’ve ever met” after nobody subscribes to other platforms. Still fails to get subs.
>Had a collaring ceremony in May with her hideous neckbeard
>Goes between calling herself a living doll and bimbo despite having the features or lifestyle of neither
>Claims to be a burlesque star but has only done a handful of kitchen performances with a three star rating on gigsalad
>Believes she has the best costume in the game solely because she threw some crystals on it herself
>Communist that buys mid-level designer clothing. Thinks everyone should redistribute their wealth to her
>Continuously posts about how much she hates other women because they are jealous of her hyper-femininity

https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Lawsuit info:

No. 1259835

File: 1624062297945.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, 47E5BADD-BC8E-4DFF-9EA0-0980B4…)

Today’s dirty delete

No. 1259847

File: 1624064878709.jpg (389.93 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210618-210411_Ins…)

ooh I'm excited for this thread. looks good, OP. I hate this fake communist, fake disabled HOP.

isn't she a "collared" bdsm weirdo with a whole boyfriend? imagine unironically typing the word "femmephobia" kek >>1259835

No. 1259862

Oh wow, so this is a type. I know of at least 5 basic white girls who are bisexual, models or sex workers, extremely online communists, and constantly rage-posting about how jealous ugly women are oppressing them for being too pretty. I don’t know what factory is churning out these weirdos but it’s a whole trend to look & act this way.

No. 1259886

It’s the only way fugly girls can get attention these days kek

No. 1259890

File: 1624068792457.png (3.44 MB, 1242x2208, C73F1095-1C06-47C8-876E-B59B95…)

First look at her account and she’s inviting people to what sounds like an tranny orgy kek

No. 1259902

You can tell she's a pick me ethos just from the way she hates cis women who have no problem being masculine. It's always weak willed, male attention seeking women who can't handle butches.

No. 1259915

Truth. She knows she'd look wrecked without wigs and makeup so she projects her insecurities onto women that reject them

Thanks for the thread OP, looks like a promising flake

No. 1259943

File: 1624075019459.png (Spoiler Image,7.99 MB, 1242x2208, F7550113-2EC0-4C47-9C29-F0FD62…)

Pic related is her without all the bells and whistles.

She used to just be a personal cow but she’s gotten so batshit in the last two months I had to make the thread kek

No. 1259948

I followed her for a while too. Thanks for the thread!

Its so surprising to see her unedited as in her latest photos

No. 1259955

Good thread OP, sounds like she's got a lot of potential.
who the fuck would ever want to go to this? What woman wants to hang out and masturbate with a big group of strangers?

No. 1259969

is this a type? i've met two girls who seemed to have a weird problem with my butch ass and i couldn't figure out what was happening because they were both very pretty and well-liked, and also not lesbians.

No. 1259984

>Works at "The Museum of Sex"
>Gets upset when people ask about sex

Always with these whores

No. 1259986

File: 1624087487122.jpeg (819.36 KB, 750x1115, 460C021A-3E8E-428F-88B0-E65A3C…)

Well, that’s me stone dead.

No. 1259990

Kek her neckbeard has bigger lips than her

No. 1260001

File: 1624094585652.jpg (195.47 KB, 1056x748, Screenshot_20210619-041546_Ins…)

How is she disabled anyway?

Endometriosis, complex post traumatic stress disorder, what the fuck is PFD? Google's suggesting Personal Flotation Device, Pediatric Feeding Disorder and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Frankly the only one of those that seems appropriate to put in your bio is the cPTSD so people know you're a BPDfag who doesn't like the label.

Please tell me she's not claiming she pees when she laughs as a disability.

No. 1260007

File: 1624096285795.jpg (189.85 KB, 720x1172, Screenshot_20210619-114130__01…)

She shared this. I Guess disability is an identity now.

No. 1260023

People have been fighting for decades to not have their disability define them and this sperg is really out here saying disabled is an identity. Just because you rely on fake disabilities for attention and validation doesn’t mean everyone else does. Imagine telling someone their wheelchair is their identity like wtf

No. 1260040

i wonder if the PFD thing is her excuse of why she doesn’t wanna have sex with her scrote.

No. 1260047

File: 1624104930948.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, D6770486-0A91-43DE-802B-12223D…)

Think this says a lot about that and the kind of relationship they have

No. 1260050

ooooo I'm trying not to a-log so bad rn anons. if most disabled people you know don't think they're disabled enough to CLAIM the IDENTITY? you probably don't know any disabled people.

No. 1260092

>personal flotation device
Will never not leave my memory. I have christened her PFD in my mind. Kek.

No. 1260439

neckbeard WITH utility kilt, no less

No. 1260459

Behind every one of these e-whores is a fatass neckbeard

No. 1260505

same anon and honestly? I feel like it is. They spend so much time and money being desirable - and there's nothing wrong with that, truly if it's for their own benefit - that when they see other women who are FINE not being traditionally feminine, it throws them off. It's confidence they don't think they could have so it's weird if any woman does. I've seen many many women who are very pretty and nice, but don't want to hang around butches. Whether it's because the butch can 'hang with the guys' better than they can or makes them feel weird about how often they have to look presentable to be seen by men/other people.

No. 1260506

Imagine building your entire personality around being attractive to men only to end up with that. Lmao, pick-mes always losing.

No. 1260514

File: 1624146789873.jpeg (372.68 KB, 1242x1752, EA56CB0E-C617-45C7-B4B9-3BDAC2…)

lol so you have all your “disabilities” in your insta bio but the NY Post reporting on your lawsuit against an NYC museum, which is public information, were the ones to out you. She’s insane.

No. 1260525

Exactly. They use makeup, hair, procedures, whatever else as a stand in for confidence in order to get male attention (which is worth nothing) so when they see other women, whether they be straight or not, NOT having to rely on those things they feel extremely threatened because god forbid a woman with confidence and an actual personality get more attention than them.

No. 1260530

Pick-mes are hilarious because they do the most to attract the fugliest men. Most women are smart enough to know they could score a fat badly dressed neckbeard without putting in any effort whatsoever, because moids have low standards. These chicks go over the top with wigs, makeup, plastic surgery, cheesy BDSM costumes and hypersexual e-whore personas just to end up at square one kek

No. 1260540

File: 1624149427796.jpeg (743.29 KB, 1242x1369, 381417A5-ECD5-4084-91F1-EE7514…)

She actually typed this and expected people to believe it kek great thread anon

No. 1260548

Imagine being bisexual and hating women this much. Especially women who might find you attractive. I can't with these whores and their male-centric "bisexuality"

No. 1260567

Also, who cares? Whoring yourself out to rich moids isn’t a flex if you end up broke & shilling for online sugar daddies and the only man who’ll commit to you is a greasy neckbeard. She’s a failure by gold digger standards.

No. 1260574

Doubtful. She looks like a young Woody Allen in drag. kek

Bisexual for the sake of the male fantasy. Typical pick me shit tbh.

No. 1260628

Findom is without sex, that's part of the fetish.

No. 1260630

That isn’t about findom nonnie

No. 1260671

Anon are you naive? Billionaires aren’t taking anyone to Michelin star restaurants for “findom” purposes (not that that happened kek)

No. 1260699

I'm not saying they do, and I obviously don't believe a word from that diatribe of hers. I'm just saying that supposedly the whole point of findom is paypigs enjoying being blueballed whereas whoring implies sex. Didn't she say she was a findomme?

No. 1260706

She just started findom on twitter like a week ago. She’s a “retired sugar baby” so whatever lie she wants everyone to believe would take place while she was doing that

No. 1260721

File: 1624182940210.jpeg (347.98 KB, 1241x925, 2D60CFAE-42AE-49ED-A1C2-CF1929…)

If it were not for the endometriosis, one would think she was an mtf thanks to the unfortunate mug and takes on femininity that sound like something straight out of a moid’s manifesto. Attempting to be exactly what the patriarchy and certain men want you to be is not the brave and radical statement she thinks it is.

She makes it very clear that she only considers femininity as outward things like cosmetics which is an atrocity. Definitions are being hijacked thanks to people like her so while the current definition may not resonate well, one thing they can’t change is the fact that if you’re a woman you are innately feminine. Femininity is not just about being barefoot in the kitchen pregnant or nail polish and blowouts.

Her hatred for women definitely comes from a place of envy and her “femmephobia” is just projection/a coping mechanism. Would love to see her in room full of actual powerful and confident women that don’t need the attention of “most of the Forbes billionaire list” for validation. She can’t compare with them and knows it but instead of bettering herself, she became a neckbeard’s living doll. How sad and pathetic.

No. 1260821

Choice feminism is exhausting. All this woke SJW word salad to justify the same old shit.

“My body, my choice! I do what I want! It just so happens that all my choices perpetuate shallow regressive patriarchal stereotypes of ‘femininity’, but you’re not allowed to question that or else you’re femmephobic, and also ugly and jealous!”

No. 1260893

alicia amira? really? just say you wanna look like a blonde dita von teese and go. like that's your whole aesthetic.

No. 1260902

AYRT and kek so do they not understand that "hanging with the guys" is not desirable to a lesbian in the way they're thinking of? i don't think anyone's happy about having to sit around at dive bars with a bunch of men every night

No. 1260945

what a coping retard. imagine thinking "the world" expects women to be anything OTHER than feminine

No. 1260981

File: 1624221405651.png (592.39 KB, 1242x2208, 7D59B1E1-DD84-4AE5-9E14-90E478…)

Here’s a fun one for Father’s Day. What she posted a couple weeks ago:

No. 1260983

File: 1624221457131.jpeg (278.85 KB, 1242x1275, EF82B3BD-5154-4D81-B004-AC13F9…)

vs what she’s posted today:

No. 1260994

What gets me is that she claims to “make some of the most exquisite costumes in burlesque history” when the only actual work she did on the one costume that she has is the rhinestoning. The rest is bought from other people and it doesn’t seem like she knows anything about sewing or putting actual garments together. As someone who has also glued thousands of rhinestones to things, it’s not at all difficult. The only skills needed are a basic technique for placing rhinestones and patience.
The average tik tok cosplayer is a better “costumier” than this bitch.

No. 1260995

File: 1624223421586.png (4.63 MB, 1242x2208, A574B422-31D9-4464-BEB4-CF107E…)

“DiE mAd AbOuT iT”

Her burlesque spergs are hilarious. Just because you type “best costumes in burlesque history” does not make it true. Like you said, all she does is apply rhinestones and she still manages to fuck that up kek the delusion

No. 1260998

File: 1624223725293.png (589.01 KB, 461x525, 3298293.png)

Are there any candids or unedited/unfiltered photos of her floating around? It's pretty obvious how heavily she edits and filters everything, she's almost "Lori Lewd" tier.

No. 1261001

File: 1624223969245.png (7.2 MB, 1242x2208, 5BF38C84-5DB5-422F-846D-13FB1F…)

No. 1261010

Damn she’s got a huge beak

No. 1261017

She greasy too

No. 1261023

I swear I have seen that lingerie set on shein.

No. 1261042

with all that money from corporate fathers of america flowing in, you'd think she'd be able to afford a nose job by now

No. 1261045

File: 1624231506393.jpeg (170 KB, 1242x836, 2F9818E2-DB7C-4D39-8F93-2F695B…)

What is up with these self-proclaimed communists online thinking they can sit and do nothing while other people are obligated to give them money? She would unironically be sent straight to the gulags in real life. Also kek at the zero interaction she gets on 90% of this crap.

No. 1261054

“your money is evil so give it to me”

No. 1261058

Communism is when you get billionaires to fund your self-indulgent lifestyle instead of redistributing the wealth so people can eat, apparently. Not a commie, but I don't get why all the terminally online ones seem to think that "resisting the system" not working so that others have to buy your shit for you.

No. 1261061

*"resisting the system" = not working

No. 1261064

“Redistribute your wealth to me so I can try to become more attractive to males. No I’m not going to redistribute it further to tose who need it. Fuck the poor lol.” The gall this ugly cunt has.

No. 1261067

This is a cow with real potential, thanks for making the thread nonnie.
She's channeling Shayna!
Why are twitter commies consistently some of the most braindead, shallow, consumerist losers online?

No. 1261070

File: 1624234373727.jpeg (450.16 KB, 1242x1829, 0ED62D2C-1DFC-426F-8176-32FD78…)

They really went into public like this. Way to expose unconsenting people to your sick sexual shit. Always with these BDSM freaks.

No. 1261072

Why does every single s&m couple look exactly like this

No. 1261073

>Soyjak in a Mandalorian shirt

No. 1261079

I swear its June & Greg 2.0
These dudes think that by virtue of being tall they don’t need to groom themselves or work out and these idiot pickmes fall for it.

Hint, being born tall is not a personality trait. The undeserved confidence of these dudes is astounding.

No. 1261081

File: 1624236359735.jpeg (60.49 KB, 500x699, D0658309-2943-44B3-ACCB-91D086…)

Nothing screams daddy more than a Mandalorian shirt /s

Photoshopped to hell and she still manages to look like Baby Jane kek also, isn’t she a dominatrix? Being pulled around by a leash in public isn’t very domme of her.

No. 1261082

If any couple came into my workplace looking like this, leash and all, I would laugh my ass off. What are they thinking? Where do neckbeards find the confidence?

No. 1261088

>The mandalorian shirt
>the chain
>moid's bemused expression

Amazing. She tried to remove wrinkles/smile lines in the edit and just ended up with a lopsided looking mouth.
She is cute compared to her large nerd, but basically anyone is cute compared to that level of low effort. Is it not embarrassing to step out in such jarringly different attire? Like surely you'd want a moid who glammed up with you instead of throwing a Star Wars tee on and calling it a day? Or you both wear nerd tees? This is just silly.

No. 1261089

kek anon. i was thinking june & greg exactly too

No. 1261090

File: 1624238011426.jpeg (173.94 KB, 901x902, 5472BC3F-C1E2-4C7D-8EFF-8BBCD0…)


I hope the waiter they have during their daddy’s day dinner doesn’t get fired for laughing so hard kek

No. 1261093

File: 1624238313738.png (497.21 KB, 798x670, Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 9.18…)

why would you post this on your "domme" profile page, im cackling. op thank you from the bottom of my heart for this thread

No. 1261095

OP, I’ve been following her for like a year for my own personal lulz. Thank you for sharing with the rest of the class

No. 1261109

okay, so I know those are probably supposed to be flowers clipped into her ponytail, but they look like roaches or something. so weirdly bulky.

No. 1261114

kek her nose is definitely not the problem

No. 1261117

File: 1624241446745.png (3.61 MB, 1242x2208, C241D532-581B-47EE-8773-59324E…)

She’s beyond full of shit. Never saw her actually post the man in picrel, but if we were to believe they did have some sort of arrangement, he’s far from being a billionaire.

I need to find some caps because I hate a source being trustmebro but her previous scrote that she actually posted around 2019 was a 45+ stoner that did live shower shoes on OF lol looked like an anorexic version of the current neckbeard

No. 1261118

derail but ffs how can anyone buy stuff off shein, fashion nova, etc. and have the gall to spout leftist rhetoric on socials? i left china almost 20 years ago and am still blown away that anyone could even buy an iphone if they claim to have a moral compass. idk it's just fucked. paying for shit off shein would be like cooking meth in my eyes, just why would you do it. like how tf are you tweeting human rights lgbt prochoice anything from your fuckin iphone

No. 1261120

*shows whoops

No. 1261146

File: 1624244816987.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, C5B4892F-4C4C-44D4-A576-1CF99D…)

Because a diamond wedding ring and fucking collar and leash are the same thing, right?

No. 1261151

>isn't he handsome
This chubby nerd with an unkempt beard, receding hairline and ill-fitting starwars t-shirt? No girl, he most definitely is not. But hey at least you got picked, right?

No. 1261153

I hate this fucking argument. BDSM is inherently sexual. Kink “gear” is inherently sexual. They agree and don’t shut up about it. An engagement/wedding ring isn’t inherently sexual. No one views a ring as sexual because it isn’t. Your dAdDy walking you around on a leash and collar is a sexual practice that does not belong in public spaces with unconsenting children and adults.

No. 1261159


Being in a straight "BDSM" relationship doesn't make you queer, dumbass

No. 1261170

no such thing as being queer, it’s called being an attention whore.

No. 1261171

File: 1624250116184.png (4.42 MB, 1242x2208, 942C21A5-8838-44EF-B02F-4B1F87…)

Don’t you know that being kinky makes you automatically queer?

No. 1261176

this thread really riles up my a-log bone, jfc

No. 1261184

>cisheteronormative used as derogatory
>Is a clear ciswoman with a clear cismale partner, both adhering to their relevant gender roles with stoic dedication (high femme doll aesthetic/too manly to care nerd neckbeard aesthetic)

Sure showed us, girl.

No. 1261185

>you don't get to consent

Delightful phrasing from a definite not-rapist

No. 1261213

I dunno anon, she hides it well in her edits but if you look at >>1260998 she has a whole witch's nose

the gays don't exist, got it anon. kek

Not to mention she's a cishet highfemme woman being submissive to a neckbeard man. She's just a cisheteronormative degen at best.

No. 1261222

>he has a man bun too
We're reaching nuclear levels of soy

No. 1261485

Plenty of people with “vanilla” engagement & wedding rings have kinky sex though, they just have the basic courtesy to do it indoors away from kids. Hilarious she’s comparing the two though. She sounds low key bitter the moid who “collared” her won’t marry her. And imagine believing a man pulling a woman around on a fucking leash isn’t cisheteronormative. Pick-mes stay winning kek

No. 1261520

File: 1624303151474.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, 965BF4FC-BE2B-4290-95B7-8AF315…)

FINALLY! I‘ve been following and rolling my eyes at her for ages. I started following her old account before it got nuked and then started following the new one when she advertised for it.
Didn‘t know how milky she became while she was gone.

Anways, picture attached is her newest story. Just a few days ago she said to not send those kind of replies and messages because her nEuRoDiVeRgEnT didn‘t understand those kinda DMs

No. 1261560

Real gay people don't call themselves queer.

No. 1261601

File: 1624310142032.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, F248E358-E5F2-4A91-9143-FD0A1B…)

Femmephobia is not a real thing and you are doing exactly what the world/patriarchy wants you to do.

No. 1261603

File: 1624310427500.png (5.11 MB, 1242x2208, 734F5C1B-4D62-4B3F-B250-7B2C61…)

Quit her job to do sex work online but she’s not doing anything for the male gaze, guys! Men are intimidated by her uwu hello kitty heels! This bitch needs to learn that just because you say something, that doesn’t make it true.

No. 1261604

File: 1624310620371.png (10.59 MB, 1242x2208, E7E7F55E-2F62-4B66-AC5F-74A56E…)

Picrel the hello kitty heels she got today mentioned in ^ kek soooooy intimidating

No. 1261606

That’s some extreme mental olympics right there. I would feel sad for her if not for the disgustingly patronizing tone. Holy shit what a shallow perspective.

No. 1261635

It's male attention, so no they don't lol. Most 'high fem' women already claim they have a tough time being friends with men because 'they all want to fuck me/ I'm too pretty to be a person to them." So being able to 'hang with the guys' a good portion of the time = 'I'm not like other girls, men respect me!'

No. 1261646

>ultra-woke chip-on-shoulder ''''feminist'''''' and disability '''''''advocate''''''''''''''''''' who's obsessed with looking "femme"
She's so similar to Pheobe Tickner and yet so different. I would pay good money to watch them interact. Sage for autism

No. 1261724

you can tell how much they respect lesbians by the graphic shit they say about their girlfriends in front of you

No. 1261745

They literally have been since at least 1990, this isn't anything new. At least brush up on your history before getting bent out of shape by twitter/tumblr tards. lmao

Her argument would carry at least a little weight if she wasn't some tubby neckbeard's "collared" toy. She's little more than a bimbo. Funny that she tries to project this hyper woke/intelligent persona though.

No. 1261749

We need a pickmes posting their Ls thread, complete with the kinds of relationships they get picked into.

No. 1261750

Shoe, gimpgirl, perdita, Kat Harlow, there's already so many. Would love that thread tbh.

No. 1261751

File: 1624326433005.jpg (106.24 KB, 738x1390, fakenews.jpg)

I have a hard time believing she has done any of this. She wouldnt be some e-begging bimbo with a neckbeard bf.

No. 1261758

We can collect smalltime online pickmes who don't deserve their own thread. I'm surprised Roma Army doesn't have her own yet.

No. 1261760

NYC is not an ivy and your failed OnlyFans that you just created a few days ago is not a successful business

No. 1261762

She’s referring to Harvard. Some very early posts from her first ig account (@parkavenuepinup) are pics around Harvard campus. I was gonna post proof but I just realized I unfollowed her first account and it’s now private

No. 1261764

File: 1624327419663.jpg (72.21 KB, 715x1370, fakenews2.jpg)


She posted this in the story before this one >>1261751 . Yale maybe?

No. 1261769


Wait never mind, her Linkedin said New York University. How is that Ivy League? Is she mentally challenged?

No. 1261772

“Went to” doesn’t necessarily mean “graduated from”. I say she’s milking every one of these for all that they’re worth. She was probably just a perfume girl at bergdorfs who was stationed by the christmas windows once.

No. 1261778

Kek she never went there. She has deleted EVERYTHING from back then. She toured the school nothing else and wound up being a 5th year at NYU

No. 1261779

She was lol she lies and exaggerated everything

No. 1261782

File: 1624329919652.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, EB1C7E26-7B6B-497A-A4F5-DCA617…)

She’s just as bad as him. Really needs to pick a lane because this collared bimbo but also findom dominatrix thing does not mesh with drinking out of a fucking bottle

No. 1261791

Oh my god. Thanks for posting her OP.

Before her old account got nuked at the beginning of the year, she reposted one of my Insta posts to her story calling it “fuckdoll inspiration” along with other highly misogynistic things. I felt extremely violated and creeped out by it. Never had interacted or seen her before so I immediately went private and blocked her. Looking back I should have said something but my first instinct was to block. Nothing about me is fuckdoll inspiration. My insta theme is vintage/pink. That’s it. Nowhere do I state that I’m a bimbo or anything similar nor do I look anything like her “hyperfemme” style. She had no consent to post me or bring me into her fucked up fantasy which makes her posting real interesting. She’s allowed to have dumb boundaries like “don’t send me emojis” here >>1261520 but has no problem crossing a stranger’s boundary by calling them “fuckdoll inspiration”.

Seriously fuck this cunt. She deserves everything coming to her.

No. 1261800

She also claims wearing a BDSM leash and collar in public is no different from an engagement ring, so clearly she has a thing for forcing her fetishes on unsuspecting people. Absolutely no one should hire her as a dominatrix, her ideas around consent are fucked up. Gross.

No. 1261809

scrolling through the front page I assumed this was about Shayna and Fupa kek

No. 1261816

Ah that's horrific, she posted a photo of you and called you a fuckdoll? Holy shit. I would instantly block too.

No. 1261830

File: 1624337144074.jpeg (735.51 KB, 828x1628, 7B607CEF-9CCA-4A7D-BA28-3759AA…)

lmao GIRL

No. 1261846

Her over editing gives me child beauty pageant vibes. Which would be more funny than creepy if she wasn't drinking out of sippy cups and acting like a child. >>1261782

No. 1261848

File: 1624339871375.jpeg (Spoiler Image,379.24 KB, 1364x2048, ABCB8607-D190-4AC6-8F13-EEB134…)

Well, when she calls herself a living doll she’s not technically wrong. She looks like a doll in Ed and Lorraine Warren‘s collection kek

No. 1261854

OT but I would love a thread for her. She has a good bit of milk and so much potential to be an entertaining cow, especially once she finds out she has a thread.

No. 1261855

not trying to be a bitch, but you’d think if she was going with this fetish enough to publicly attach it to her name she would get a nose job. like first thing.

No. 1261856

File: 1624342345576.png (181.11 KB, 581x452, 134531.png)

Photo vs video

No. 1261858

File: 1624342844272.jpeg (360.88 KB, 1242x1558, CE9D42C7-6A6E-4B76-926A-DAA95D…)

First thing she did was get some of the most common piercings lol most likely going to turn out like PNP’s nose job if she were to get one anyways. You can’t fully fix ugly.

No. 1261863

>I want to become a doll
>gets basic alt girl nipple tattoos and piercings
kek what. This sounds like broke bitch energy tbh. Does her neckbeard not make enough to fund her body mod "journey"?

No. 1261864

how does this bitch manage to appropriate the word femme so hard and hate lesbians so hard, while apparently having no clue what femme actually means and that it's a lesbian thing?

No. 1261870

Does she think it’s still 1977 and Swarovski glass nuggets are elegant or desirable and not typical mall jewelry? I know she’s going for high class but really thinks this nouveau riche tier shit is it. It’s the exact same quality as a string of beads from Kmart.

No. 1261871

File: 1624344534554.jpeg (368.14 KB, 750x982, 0F9C9742-EA73-4157-B187-2CEFA9…)

Looks like she wants one, just doesn’t have the money. I laughed out loud at her trying to make the process of funding her nose job sound sexy in this tweet.

No. 1261875

What cracks me up is she talks about being so spoiled and how much she loves Louboutin and other designers, but a scroll of her twitter is all cheap shit. Not to go 2007, but she is an absolute poser and it is super obvious. And totally agree with anon upthread, if she had money for a nose job one would imagine she’d had done it pronto. She’s cosplaying and it’s pathetic.

No. 1261877

this is every straight couple who has ever propositioned you for a threesome at the Rocky Horror Picture Show

No. 1261888

She thinks Swarovski, Louboutin, and Ladurée are the height of luxury. She really is just cosplaying what she thinks it means to be spoiled and rich kek

No. 1261893

File: 1624347533791.png (9.32 MB, 1242x2208, 333850A6-342D-4CE1-B094-BDEECE…)

$5,000 is $5 to a billionaire so why not just ask half of the Forbes billionaire list you claim have wined and dined you?

Leave it to an online self-proclaimed comminst to try to get a community funded nose job

No. 1261901

Kek get some Estée Lauder or a bit of Waterford crystal in there and she’s any spoilt middle class housewife from the early 80’s. The niceish brands your working class parents earned are the peak of luxury because she’s too ignorant about class to realise she’s ignorant.
You couldn’t explain a couturier to a girl who thinks a Michael kors bag or anything off the rack at a big box store is high fashion. She’s a kate spade bag trying to compete with Birkin.

No. 1261906

looking like ed wood as a leading lady

No. 1261908

>>1261601 I mean I do agree that being "feminine" is frowned upon in the sense that you get categorized a bimbo and there can be something powerful in reclaiming femininity, not letting people associate being feminine with being weak or stupid or vain…but it's not the revolutionary badass superaction that she thinks it is to be a white skinny feminine woman who wear heels and gets paid for it by men lmao

No. 1261910

>>1261856 any nice anon who could archive and post for future posterity?

No. 1261911

>>1261877 hahaha shit my side! Every ddlg couple on Fetlife too

No. 1261914

Imagine thinking that reclaiming femininity means being exactly what men want you to be. You’re not reclaiming anything, nonita.

No. 1261919

File: 1624352744721.jpg (214.43 KB, 1080x500, Screenshot_20210622-105052_Sam…)

I mean, look at those fucking nails. Details like that plus her shitty makeup and greasy, uncolored hair give her away 100%. She has endless beauty filters and luxury brand knockoffs from aliexpress at her disposal and still fails to pretend she's rich. She reminds me of a less gross Shayna in that regard tbh.

No. 1261923

honestly looks like a low-rent miz cracker

No. 1261944

This bitch is extremely mentally ill, the absolute delusion of this bitch.

No. 1262038

Everything about her face is so unfortunate. She looks like PnP pre-surgeries. Total witch face with the worst Beaker looking hook nose, shaped like a board and to top it off she's got that Lilee Jean smile. Absolute horror. I have a new found appreciation for my face after reading this thread.

No. 1262042

yeah christ come back when you're butch as hell and know what bars not to even bother going, or which apartments not to bother applying for. you don't need to reclaim shit if it's not costing you jobs

No. 1262103

I scrolled through her instagram, a lot if the "luxurious" things she has on there are photos from other people. She wears the same tacky jewel encrusted corset for most of her photos. She has maybe 3 other costumes, thats it. She is broke and it shows.

No. 1262109

File: 1624379803814.jpg (Spoiler Image,354.34 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20210622-123303_Twi…)

Her nipples look ridiculous. This just screams wannabe rich.

No. 1262125

File: 1624381627120.png (9.6 MB, 1125x2436, D74C93D6-C8A3-4490-B0DB-26154E…)

She has two costumes for her burlesque. She calls them “dripping in diamonds” and “powderpuff pink” (pictured) The second one is unfinished. I don’t think she has any pics on her public instagram wearing it. She’s currently asking her non-existant paypigs to fund the base that she will glue rhinestones to and claim to be her handmade couture.

No. 1262133

File: 1624382429026.jpg (423.83 KB, 1080x1502, 20210622_191206.jpg)

This woman has reached troonlike levels of reducing feminity to superficial self-masturbatory bullshit. She legit sounds like an AGP.

No. 1262148

>tfw you're at best an average looking insecure chick without makeup
>probably socially awkward and doesn't have a lot of friends, if any at all
>have either a nasty or nonexistent personality
>can only bag swamp creatures or mongoloids about twice your age
>they still end up not wanting to commit
>pickme as a massive cope for all of the above and try to spin it as some faux deep take on how ALL women should be just as much of a fuck up as you
>makes pennies on OF
>bedazzles corsets as a hobby-
>sorry, because she's actually a classy burlesque dancer and this totally isn't a larp
…Least she got picked?

No. 1262193

she's a tumlr tier quee-quee, they think "femme" is basically some troon or kink thing

No. 1262201

board game couple energy

No. 1262212

File: 1624392301334.jpeg (448.36 KB, 1242x1676, 203F04FE-6DDD-4AC3-8748-2C58F6…)

Second “costume” is beyond underwhelming. The delusion to publicly state you have the best costumes in burlesque history.

No. 1262220

Placing your pasties further up and in to hang out of your ill-fitting bra completely defeats the purpose. What actual revues has she been in? All I’m seeing is some woo woo “Beauty of Burlesque” that looked like anyone could join from a while ago.

No. 1262230

File: 1624394118918.png (6.86 MB, 1242x2208, 540FC03A-734B-44C2-99EE-0B2A5E…)

Why have “bi” in your bio then? Between her hate for women and the way she has to sexualize everything about women really makes her look like a troon.

No. 1262243

File: 1624395274273.png (7.17 MB, 1242x2208, 06AD4649-5E83-4DCD-9DF4-EF27EB…)

Sure Jan

No. 1262251

Is she really bragging about it…? This show is one of the most amazing short series. Pretty sure she said no because she looks different irl.

No. 1262255

Pretty sure it never happened

No. 1262258

Hijacking someone else's post about self care to humble brag about amazon most likely offering to hire her as an extra, which she thought was beneath her narcissistic ass. Such an advocate for mental health~

No. 1262262

File: 1624396908304.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, 8BB1DBAA-2F59-4DDE-A8BF-E58DF3…)

Taking other people’s posts and making them all about herself seems to be a hobby for her. Advocating =/= making poor me posts all day long.

No. 1262265


She wish she could get a man this attractive, kek.

No. 1262273

he's a manlet lmao

No. 1262295

>a man

Nonnie I hate to break it to you…

No. 1262310

Transmen are always so much more convincing, hats off to that guy.

No. 1262317

Turkish vaush

No. 1262320

File: 1624401690635.jpg (238.48 KB, 1161x1299, size4.jpg)

All I can think about is the scene from Cinderella when the step-sister is trying to get the petite slipper on her fat foot.

No. 1262328

She really needs to get her lies in order because she's gone from 5.55 to 4 3/4 to 4 in the span of a couple days. Also what a bizarre thing to lie about being smaller as a big bad domme.

No. 1262335

File: 1624402971199.jpeg (78.69 KB, 750x911, E4dASHqWUAMqmt6.jpeg)

Wtf is she even going for here? Calling yourself a luxury findom while posing with a stuffed animal in kate spade kitten heels is… something.

Also that nose tip photoshop job is topkek

No. 1262337

First thing I noticed. Looks like end fell off because leprosy.

No. 1262357

File: 1624404741174.jpeg (Spoiler Image,106.7 KB, 760x1064, 7A696197-B122-4A49-8A48-41381F…)


then she should know she looks like she has syphilis

No. 1262375

Her website is so strange. I can imagine her sipping box wine while writing her "routine" section and smiling slyly to herself. It's very underwhelming and seems a little early to have tabs dedicated to acts and outfits when you literally only have two. Something about listing housewarming parties as a reason to hire a Burlesque dancer really tickled me.

No. 1262379

File: 1624407725905.jpg (117.25 KB, 1169x756, avnstars.jpg)

Interesting, she is switching from OnlyFans to AVN Stars.I guess she thinks she will get more of a following over there.

No. 1262388


Isn't this a term used specifically for chunky gay men?

No. 1262394

She just made OF like a week ago kek guess that’s confirmation no one but her neckbeard subcribed.

No. 1262400

File: 1624410303291.png (6.91 MB, 1242x2208, EC11BF3F-83EE-47C0-B9E9-882866…)

Oh she’s seething HARD that her “daddy” would only collar her and not marry her.

First she gripes about wedding rings/compared them to her collar. Now she wants to use brides as “costume inspiration”. She is mental.

No. 1262405


Do we know much about her "Daddy?"

No. 1262406

File: 1624411060279.jpg (30.82 KB, 235x400, Elizabeth_Green_the_Stork_Woma…)

koo koo the bird girl lookin ass

No. 1262409

Had an Instagram fraenktheterrible but it’s gone now. Typical unemployed neckbeard. Not much older than her.

No. 1262421

It's not mental, it's pathetic. She wants to get married so badly but instead of being an adult and talking about it with her neckbeard, she'd rather be an nlog.

No. 1262422

Here is his some of the social media I could find


Tinfoil but it doesn't look like they live in the same apartment. His walls are textured and hers are not.

No. 1262423

File: 1624413725177.jpeg (639.43 KB, 750x1108, 198B2372-C553-4203-8A2F-A96D52…)

Yep, pelvic floor disorder lol. Posting caps for posterity

No. 1262425

File: 1624413756234.jpeg (333.39 KB, 750x894, F32E0847-AD41-4979-A489-81E2F1…)

No. 1262426

File: 1624413851255.jpeg (180.38 KB, 718x569, 6A55F209-FE0C-4BA9-B958-782B9A…)

No. 1262427

File: 1624413912871.jpeg (534.24 KB, 750x1063, 1FE6F9FF-0BDF-4E3E-A013-087AAE…)

Oops shame on me for forgetting to post the pic this caption was under

No. 1262430

No. 1262439

File: 1624417098180.jpeg (152.63 KB, 1080x1246, 113FE7A7-45CC-482A-B4D0-000C96…)

Interesting. 2016 he looked pretty normal and his current twitter postings are 99% sports related. He doesn’t post her at all yet has pictures of his ex still up kek

No. 1262449

File: 1624419156752.jpg (388.52 KB, 2048x1536, EmecnBjXMAA8lvw.jpg)

>wastedsuicide at tumblr dot com

His YT is very empty and the only two videos are almost a decade old, but posting the link here for anyone curious.


The guy seems to be a failed small time comic artist and twitch streamer. Into pseudo witchy stuff, alt girls, and radio metal. Typical neckbeard stuff really. Dude definitely doesn't have money either, this is his twitch setup last year. Kind of curious what he actually does for work since she doesn't seem to do much of anything. Funny that they don't even seem to live together. Is she still living at home?

No. 1262457

No. 1262458

For how special and queer she is she sure does have an npc tier consoomer "daddy". His twitter is an accumulation of everything on the front page of reddit and endless shoeonhead posts. How embarrassing

No. 1262463

She lives with another woman who’s seems to be in her early thirties and pretty normal. Claims her family is abusive the same way Shayna claims her mom is abusive. Tbh a few years ago Katherine wasn’t the complete mess that she is now. She posted normal things and actually had friends that she would go out with. She snapped sometime in 2019 and has just progressively gotten worse.

No. 1262465

Receipts anon? According to what I'm finding online, he appears to be 37, 14 years older than her. Which he honestly looks.

Tbh she looks older than 23 though. I would have guessed she was at least pushing 30.

No. 1262473

No chance she’s 23, sex workers commonly claim younger ages online to pedo pander. I’d be surprised if she was a day under 30. And I doubt this couple is going to last, he seems like a boring normie moid at heart who’s just accommodating her fetishes to get laid. He wasn’t posting all this weird Tumblr ddlg shit about his ex so clearly this “lifestyle” isn’t a huge priority for him.

No. 1262483

She is 23. She was born in October 1997. It’s in the lawsuit as well as other public info places. She looks old af but unfortunately for her, she’s not.

No. 1262500


Literally was about to post that she reminds me of her, but somehow looks more like a dude than Miz Cracker lel.

No. 1262587

I think she looks really pretty and having severe medical issues not taken seriously really sucks.

But holy fuck is she insufferable. Utter uncreative shell that doesn't understand even the base level things about the things she goes on about. Her delusions about herself are so pathetic too. Is hyper femininity really the hill she will die on? Because she could just get more scrote attention by being honest and just saying she hates women. Plenty of trad thots get paypig money. She should at least take some steps to just be honest. Her current shtick won't bring in any money.

As for the couture gown at some department store, she probably worked there as a shop girl and helped set it up. Window dressing is an actual art, but we all see how aesthetically deficient she is. Has anyone seen any work she does? Rhinestone application is time and effort consuming. I don't see her put in the effort, she probably buys pre-stoned ribbons and thinks making a mediocre bow counts as customizing. Detail work is also pretty hard on your body, back, shoulders and arms especially. Doubt her 'chronic illness' would allow for that.

No. 1262613

File: 1624450361728.png (4.82 MB, 1242x2208, 8BF7CE5C-9E41-46CA-8362-06D137…)

Might be a nitpick but the hijacking of Black women’s posts and her use of Ebonics is not sitting right. At this moment she has five black women in her stories: two of which she’s talking over and the rest are just… there? No comment or anything.

No. 1262614

File: 1624450446424.jpeg (Spoiler Image,413.65 KB, 1814x2048, 9CE40884-0F1F-4C10-8D33-EF61B5…)

>really pretty

Time to visit the optometrist

No. 1262617

Ew she even has the troon smirk

No. 1262621


Shayna Clifford vibes.

No. 1262623

Beat me to it, I was going to say she looks like Shayna's sister.

No. 1262630

she looks more like pixielocks in that pic than shay imo. either way she looks fine, just has a beak and bad makeup.

No. 1262636


Not to mention she just plopped the wig on her head. No styling what so ever.

No. 1262648

I don’t find her very pretty but there’s nothing wrong with her appearance, she looks like your standard issue e-thot. The milky part is how she goes on and on about how rich she is, how she’s the greatest burlesque dancer and her costumes are the best in the world when literally NONE of this is true. You can’t claim every billionaire in NYC is wining and dining you and then show up in a cheap Party City wig and basic drag queen makeup and expect anyone to take you seriously.

No. 1262649

File: 1624459246583.png (5.21 MB, 1242x2208, A1356042-4A60-4D8D-9D95-F3E3FA…)

This white girl really said “grand rising” after saying her one of her values was decolonization

No. 1262655

I guess being “femme” and “disabled” didn’t get her enough internet headpats so she’s a hotep too now kek

No. 1262663

File: 1624460312610.jpeg (29.41 KB, 235x234, 308475DE-6FC7-4E59-895F-C59825…)

Such a melanated queen!

No. 1262675

File: 1624461466296.png (2.11 MB, 1242x2208, 165F4FF3-82B5-4EED-BCEB-D99A38…)

Black people are just a vibe to her

There were many normal ways she could’ve worded this but at least she let her true intentions show.

No. 1262704

>white woman speaking over black women on her Instagram stories wow this doesn't sit right
and water is wet and god is dead, you don't expect white women to do this? or worse, are you a twitterfag?

No. 1262709

File: 1624466160656.jpg (336.31 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20210623-123320_Twi…)


The fact she is pretending to be so woke. Calm down nonny

No. 1262711

This. Please don't let this thread devolve into a pure nitpick thread. The whole point of mocking her is because she claims to be this hyperfemme highclass burlesque star when in reality she's just a pickme whoring herself online as a cope for shitty lifestyle choices.

No. 1262780

>black woman points out a new cow’s antics that haven’t been discussed yet in a new thread
>let’s call her a twitterfag for no reason

Bet you’re one of the anons calling her pretty kek

No. 1262799

this thread is already shit kek

No. 1262862

Big kek if she thinks online leftists have enough spare change to spend on her sorry ass

No. 1262945

File: 1624489285315.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2208, 7C885F52-C7C0-462E-AF6E-5DA350…)

What is with these communists/anarchists riding billionaires so hard? She’s not going to be your sugar momma kek

No. 1262972

File: 1624492933599.jpg (633.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210623-200103_Ins…)

brainless anarchist confirmed, which isn't surprising considering her zero percent grasp on marxist theory while also calling herself a communist

No. 1262975

wtf I hate McKenzie now

No. 1262982

File: 1624494805238.png (2 MB, 1242x2208, 9C7F1700-2F84-43CD-8FF4-D5A919…)


No. 1262990

rich coomers don't want this crap. i have no idea who her audience is and i dont think she does either

No. 1262995

She’s so desperate for labels to put in her Instagram bio. Everything she does is complete opposite of communism and anarchy. Really want to see her mental gymnastics of how reading a book or two on anarchy while being a greedy capitalist consumer makes you an anarchist.

No. 1263001

The regression is real

No. 1263002

File: 1624497382811.jpeg (163.5 KB, 1242x704, 81513948-2BBC-40B0-A436-2C6AE1…)

>lounging at the revolution

As if she wouldn’t be murdered on site wearing her fake Louboutins during any revolution. No one lounges during a real revolution idiots. God these people make me want to a-log.

No. 1263003

File: 1624497454384.jpg (125.53 KB, 1167x1102, cuckbf.jpg)

More proof her "Dom" is a huge cuck that does whatever she wants.

No. 1263005

File: 1624497657801.png (1.06 MB, 1242x2208, E58BBA67-2735-4D10-B1E3-7CB9B3…)

She now barters kek she makes it really obvious she reads about something really quick and then tries to implement it immediately without any further research

No. 1263007

He does all that because she’s a deadbeat that won’t do it herself

No. 1263011

File: 1624497998994.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8621.PNG)

She's already dirty deleted all of these along with picsrel (1/3)

No. 1263012

File: 1624498101750.png (4.85 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8613.PNG)

No. 1263014

File: 1624498253800.png (5.73 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8617.PNG)


No. 1263031

Men who get off on abusing women is SO progressive

No. 1263032

File: 1624500201799.jpg (174.21 KB, 1159x861, Fake.jpg)


She probably takes pictures from other people instead of posting her own because she is laying around her PJs in her apartment. We already know her cuck runs all of her errands.

No. 1263033

File: 1624500409369.jpeg (367.38 KB, 1125x1851, 60FE8C18-4B1A-4D0A-9E9D-BCEE31…)

This is her explanation for why her consumerism totally meshes with being a communist

No. 1263035

man this shit makes my brain hurt. give her the gold for the mental olympics

No. 1263040

t. someone who does not know how communism works lmao

No. 1263042


You think she knows about this thread or other people have pointed out her flawed logic?

No. 1263044

Yeah, no. Huge problem here bitch is that you do not buy luxury handcrafted haute couture but instead crap off of Shein. You're a consumer that supports capitalism. Simple as.

No. 1263045

It's from her highlights not today so I would say other people have called her out previously

No. 1263047

Absolutely useless human being. What exactly does she think her role is in "the revolution"? Eye candy? She doesn't make infographics, doesn't donate to any causes, she just shares other people's posts and talks about herself. kek

The meme is male subs/ and female dommes, but regardless her equating satisfying male needs as important and progressive is still stupid. Her entire life revolves around male attention.

Realistically, if she was genuinely a real "communist", shouldn't she be donating those funds for the cause and into the community she is supposedly a "comrade" in? It's not femmephobia, it's acknowledging blatant hypocrisy. kek

She uses "femmephobia" much like some predators try to hide behind transphobia.

No. 1263048

Did she conveniently forget that Levi's were considered a luxury in the USSR and were impossible to get thanks to communism? Or is she one of those "communism has never been done right" plebs?

No. 1263053

File: 1624502558168.png (Spoiler Image,470.41 KB, 756x699, Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 7.41…)

Her AVN is now up now with a "BDSM and kink education and coaching" offer. She is the last person that should be doing that given her fucked up views on BDSM and consent.

No. 1263059

Literally the only correct way to be a male dom degen

No. 1263064

there was a human stampede in USSR because some foreign athletes were handing out Wrigley's chewing gum.
>commies in charge of understanding human nature

luxury is a relative concept like status and class. if everyone has it, it's not luxury.

No. 1263080

File: 1624506481040.png (5.21 MB, 1242x2208, 82470546-2687-47E8-A2A7-57E49F…)

Kind of ot but not really since she posted it to her story and thinks that doing sovis activism kek but damn there needs to be a burlesque cow thread because these strippers are something else.

Sorry to break it to you but you’re far from being the first person to use a lifesize makeup compact on stage and how are you going to sign a contact and then complain when said contract is enforced?

No. 1263085

Hilarious that she’s hopping on a post criticizing someone for making a powder puff-themed performance when that’s exactly what’s she’s (allegedly) doing the pink outfit?

No. 1263086

Yeah she named it “powderpuff pink” kek they are all unoriginal but want to think they’re creative geniuses

No. 1263090

Charitable of you to think she has any sort of coherent ideology. Just look at this shit >>1262709 it's random woke-signaling fodder with 'class politics 101' puzzlingly thrown in. # #Not that she's planning on reading any of them to begin with.# #

No. 1263092

File: 1624510970608.png (5.61 MB, 1242x2208, 42FBAE16-1719-4B2D-A7EF-45EE63…)

Under her commissions highlight she has picrel… I’m going to assume no one actually comissioned her for it given that she has her own two costumes under the same highlight but if someone did: I am so sorry kek

Stoning can be quite time consuming but it really is not that hard to have that many mess-ups on such an easy surface. She’s a novice amateur trying to sell herself as a seasoned professional. If she was actually smart she’d see how bad that’s going to affect her but she’s clearly not the brightest of the bunch.

No. 1263099

This has to be a LARP because there’s no way she’s serious about making money as a sex worker. Nothing about her online presence - the plastic wigs, the Tumblr buzzwords, the communism sperging, the gushing over her neckbeard Daddy dom - suggests someone with the knowledge or ability to make money as a domme. Not to mention her scary lack of respect for consent re: kink. I’d actually be worried about anyone who paid for her “services”, although I haven’t seen anyone dumb enough to fall for it so far.

No. 1263103

File: 1624514053966.png (7.6 MB, 1242x2208, 2D801575-BEB1-4E83-A1C5-3DA7DE…)

She was serious enough to quit her job without thinking of the repercussions

I’ll just leave these here for posterity lol

No. 1263104

File: 1624514103585.png (7.44 MB, 1242x2208, 846EF18A-F1D4-43D1-AD2C-1AAB15…)

No. 1263111


Bless you anon. Serves her fucking right.

No. 1263113

File: 1624515379788.jpg (130.09 KB, 887x1563, Screenshot_20210624-021337_Chr…)

No. 1263118

So she’s going to turn into Luna Slater 2.0, got it.

No. 1263124

Farmers, did we find his/her Fetlife accounts yet? They must be a goldmine.

Any usernames tied to her other than ParkLanePinup and KatherineTheDoll that I could try? I'm quite the fetlife degen myself so I'll have a go at finding them.

No. 1263125

Damn I posted too soon, just found her. Disappointing tbh, she just uses it to shill the findom stuff. I was hoping for the usual BDSM drama between her and her neckbeard.

No. 1263126

File: 1624516473220.png (410.75 KB, 489x607, wat.PNG)

okay what the everloving fuck is this lmao

the face
the pose

what was she going for here

No. 1263128

Don't be shy, share the link kek

No. 1263129

Sure, but it's really dull apart from the one pic I just posted. https://fetlife.com/users/13306536

You'll need a login to see it.

No. 1263130

She's a bratty domme! Isn't it obvious?? /s

No. 1263134

Something is real fishy about her financial situation. She claims to have no contact with her "financially abusive" family, but how else is she affording NYC living costs right now?

She quit her job so no unemployment. She's already abandoning her OnlyFans because it only managed to pull in about three subscribers (going off of like counts). Her findom twitter gets zero interaction. She's pulled a Shayna and posted a couple $10 cashapp donations. Her neckbeard doesn't seem to work or at least not full-time. She doesn't want to go on SSDI.

She's posting herself crying on insta so worried about her bills and medication costs yet quit her job abruptly losing all health insurance and is asking for $9000 on twitter for a purely aesthetic nose job. Things are just not adding up.

No. 1263148

So who's going to tell her that communism is extremely "femmephobic" by design?

No. 1263201

File: 1624534820983.png (735.29 KB, 1588x1172, Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 12.39…)

screenshotted it for any farmers who don't want to make a fetish account

No. 1263202

File: 1624534856428.png (288.84 KB, 1592x1094, Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 12.39…)

No. 1263223

>I wish I could go on SSDI but it's not livable
I mean tell that to millions of Americans who live off of it like me but ok. this seems like a cope considering I doubt she'd be approved for such a thing considering she's not as "moderately disabled" as she thinks she is.

No. 1263226

>still uses the wine n' dine'd by forbes millionaires line
>on fetlife of all places

No. 1263229

wow this cow really is something. wined and dined by millionaires. this girls not just retarded in her uterus.

No. 1263241

File: 1624542373070.png (1.36 MB, 1812x2048, Screenshot_20210624-064415.png)

>exceptionally beautiful
She looks like Miss Fowl from Jimmy Neutron

No. 1263251

So? She can sell her spectacular collection of Louboutins and Mikimoto pearls to survive then? Hit up the many billionaires who wine and dine her? Or just reschedule her nose job (kek)

No. 1263275

File: 1624551881968.jpeg (234.07 KB, 1125x1846, 830BD9E4-9D31-4004-BB0C-23B4F9…)

Trying to chat about the lifestyle she gloats about 24/7 is harassment

No. 1263277

File: 1624551932484.jpeg (234.78 KB, 1125x1812, A624813A-B2A9-4E03-AEFB-6F1004…)


No. 1263278

File: 1624552008824.jpeg (473.37 KB, 1125x1807, BBB3A8D4-108E-4C8A-8A14-707725…)

she also added to her “boundaries” lol

No. 1263279

Sounds too specific to be anything she's actually been told. She really can't help but out herself when she does all this posturing.

No. 1263283


Who would want advice from her, she is so bad at her job. She wants to get paid for giving shitty advice.

No. 1263287

File: 1624553414298.gif (610.21 KB, 480x228, 6B3F6406-DFAD-4F58-9328-8FB9E1…)

> marginalized, colonized, and traumatized people
Bitch you are 0 of these things… Also, she must have fun building a platform/finding actual sugar daddies to fund the life of her and her clearly broke fat fuck neckbeard. Probably trying findomme to save face or not hurt her daddy’s feelings, but it’s not working.

No. 1263292

Kek she really is PNP 2.0

No. 1263297

File: 1624554228052.jpg (541.46 KB, 2071x1431, image.jpg)

For being so "high class" her clothes don't fit her what so ever. If you are high class the least you could do is get clothes that fit or accentuate your body. She looks so flat chested in that gaudy corset.

No. 1263312

This makes no sense. How are you going to wear a collar in a fucking domme outfit. Painfully retarded

No. 1263362

File: 1624561797313.png (172.45 KB, 284x294, k.PNG)

every time I scroll past this thread all I can think is she looks like bootleg Dove Cameron, like someone drew her from memory while drunk.

No. 1263366

I can't believe someone who is 23 and wants to make a living off rich dudes doesn't understand the basic aesthetics of high class women. The left pic looks like a girl doing her own makeup for prom…

No. 1263405

File: 1624565640895.jpg (136.24 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20210624-161210_Twi…)

Wow just wow.

No. 1263410

Both of these are deleted now. Love how she thinks she knows “industry secrets” despite just starting findom this month. Imagine having zero subs / interaction and thinking you hold the knowledge of being a successful findomme kek

No. 1263411

File: 1624566158590.jpg (364.06 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20210624-161840_Twi…)

I would love for a real findom or bdsm expert put her in her place.

No. 1263414

What makes her think that she’s capable of offering professional, nuanced, and complex BDSM relationships? She has zero respect for other people’s boundaries and consent. She thinks putting on a black Amazon corset makes her a dominatrix. She is going down a very dangerous path by doing things irl like >>1263411 with the completely lack of knowledge she has.

No. 1263418

File: 1624566606044.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, 1885EDF3-DF6D-428C-81D0-071C03…)

Is she forgetting she sued The Museum of Sex because a couple joked about having sex in the ball pit? Or that she quit her job at NYU last month because it was uwu hard? This cunt is absolutely insane.

No. 1263424

File: 1624566932663.jpeg (63.36 KB, 622x596, 2AFAB37E-2852-449C-8B89-250A9E…)

No. 1263432

File: 1624567472443.jpeg (587.11 KB, 1242x1282, 0AE3E1F6-74E1-4FC1-A040-ECCEF2…)

No. 1263436

why do these women claim to be so woke, and then glamorize extreme wealth and 50’s aesthetics

No. 1263437

The implication that going toe to toe with demented and coked out male CEOs is somehow difficult is sending me, confirmed for never having spoken to anyone making over 250k per year

No. 1263443

File: 1624568389191.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, 99C6D503-7A0D-424D-8517-D9B7F5…)

Lol all that from someone who ends emails with “pwease apologize :(“

No. 1263449


Don't doctors have to see the patient face to face before refilling any narcotic prescription? I bet Katherine is refusing to see the doctor and just wants it automatically filled.

No. 1263452

kek does she even have the money to file?? She sounds more like a druggie who needs her fix.

No. 1263453

What was her job at NYU?

No. 1263457

No, she doesn’t kek see >>1263103 and now she’s announced here >>1263113 that’s she going to be mircodosing shrooms on top of her cannibis. She‘s a lazy druggie.

No. 1263459

Some kind of administrative work

No. 1263465

Inb4 she bitches about being fired as a patient

No. 1263467

> you think you can do what I do?
I would never, but yes and probably better if this >>1263126 is what you have to offer, Ms. Fowl.

No. 1263469

File: 1624570951276.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2208, 65B3C276-70E6-4FBB-8183-85941F…)

This has me rolling. Talks a lot of game about redistributing wealth but refuses to donate anything to anyone.

>if you GAVE… I will personally thank you.

Wow, what a generous comrade taking one second to personally thank the people who actually donated! What would the disableds of the world do without her gracious help of thanking people?

No. 1263470

Girl stay in your own lane, there is nothing complex or nuanced about coomers paying for foot pics kek

No. 1263471

She’s live y’all

No. 1263479

File: 1624571545408.png (6.03 MB, 1242x2208, 42D08019-0FE6-4073-9668-E7DBE9…)

And she’s high af with no makeup and a filter on saying absolutely nothing

No. 1263480

File: 1624571757446.jpeg (303.95 KB, 1125x1999, 39FBCFD0-2385-4639-8F7B-9C5063…)

ripping her bong on live lol

No. 1263491

Not surprised an nyu grad is a fake communist, same as everyone at that school

No. 1263495


Uploading some of her boring stream. One moment.

No. 1263504

It's not even sent lmao. How much you want to bet she deleted the email after writing it because she's too chickenshit to talk to her doctor like that

No. 1263530

File: 1624574984428.jpeg (325.4 KB, 1242x2208, AB1FBDB2-E23B-4B92-939E-7FECAC…)

>Yes, I’m this delusional in real life

No. 1263540

No. 1263549

File: 1624576855693.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, B0305598-1966-4F0B-8E4D-1393C7…)

All gone

If you “said what you said” then why dirty delete half of what you post like a pussy?

No. 1263550

Are these her only pair of Louboutins? I feel like we've never seen her show any others of her supposed "massive collection". Tbh do we even know if these are legit? I know you can buy these second hand for like $600, but these in particular look rather mishapen and unusually wide at the ankle.

Absolutely delulu. I guess she is taking "fake it till you make it" to heart. kek

No. 1263553

The shoes for her costume are also Louboutins, bedazzled by her

No. 1263558

File: 1624577869783.jpeg (712.91 KB, 1242x1701, 5CB86C03-DA41-4460-9ABE-66C95C…)

She has/had photo from like 2015 when she first got the boots on her old private account and tbh they do look fake lol the only other ones she has are the cheap old lady kitten heels. She doesn’t have a collection like she claims to.

No. 1263568

No. 1263571

Those are likely knockoffs as well, because who the fuck superglues plastic jewels all over genuine Loubs? Not to mention Louboutin does sell pumps covered in strass crystals which she could've just buy with her alleged sugar daddy money instead of doing her little DIY project. She keeps outing herself as a LARPer all the fucking time.

No. 1263578

The louboutins I’ve seen don’t have a textured grip on the bottom; it’s completely smooth. (pic from nyt)

No. 1263581

If she can't afford a basic set of drapes, she definitely can't afford real Louboutins.

No. 1263591

That could be a sole protector sticker but yeah, let's be real. She can only afford knockoffs.

No. 1263593

Yeah it a sole protector. What gives them away as fakes is the heel taps and heel shape.

No. 1263596

File: 1624580610817.png (926.24 KB, 946x648, yeowch.png)

is it a bad shoop or is the shoe to small for her?

real louboutins have smooth leather soles, not texturedones. definitely a fake, and a shitty one at that.

No. 1263601

File: 1624581192371.jpeg (458.36 KB, 1242x1159, 82687F8C-6E08-4562-8A01-1AFF9E…)

And those “revolutionary” values are? And what’s her trauma? All she talks about is femmephobia but that isn’t a real thing so..?

No. 1263602


Yeah Louboutins has smooth bottoms, and most of the sole protectors are smooth. those look like they are fakes with a painted textured bottom.

No. 1263605

File: 1624581557296.jpg (264.88 KB, 1059x1148, Screenshot_20210624-203738_Ins…)

Another shot of the shoes in question.

No. 1263608

File: 1624581703892.jpeg (155.91 KB, 1467x1466, 02E7D080-429F-438B-B93F-D46901…)

forgot to post the pic for reference oops!

No. 1263609

Kek total nitpick but she claimed to be a size 4… these are a 5 and he hoof doesn’t even fit them.

No. 1263611

Logo is way too big and the red is way to dark on top of the sole protector and heel taps being wrong. She wants to be nouveau riche so bad but is absolutely failing. She could’ve done leather character heels with actual crystals and that would have been better than these ugly things.

No. 1263612

anyone notice she calls herself auto sexual? as in sexually attracted to herself? self obsession but make it a sexuality

No. 1263614

Don’t know how when she’s trying to change every aspect about herself kek

No. 1263619

I swear, each time she posts about communism or revolution it makes me want to smack her in the head with a book. The very best she could hope for under a real communist revolution would be to get all of her frilly shit taken away and her ass sent to a reeducation camp where she'd be trained to become a model factory worker who contributes to society and raises children (aka future workers).
According to marxism all sex work is inherently capitalist and demoralizing, you dumb bint.
Yes, she sounds uncomfortably similar to an autogynephile troon.

No. 1263622

File: 1624582858481.jpg (279.61 KB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_20210624-205833_Ins…)

I doubt her daddy can afford fancy lingerie. Im looking for what knock off this is.

No. 1263627

File: 1624583188627.png (8.96 MB, 1242x2208, CD4F3D94-B6CF-4F9A-BDB5-6B053B…)

It’s not as big as a flex as she thinks it is kek

No. 1263628

$29 isn’t luxury

No. 1263630

File: 1624583350557.png (4.72 MB, 1242x2208, 877A4D49-61AD-401A-8590-F2EA1B…)

Forgot screenshot whoops

No. 1263631


Thanks anon, I literally found it seconds after you found it, lol. Yeah so "luxurious"

No. 1263646

When she said "do some praxis" she sounded like that one chick who made the comedy video ripping on Red Scare but somehow she's dead serious about it

No. 1263650

well, this puts her pretty much in line with the culture of the NK elite who carry around Chanel bags and use korean skincare.

more and more I feel like the only defining factor of socialism/communism for people like this, is their desire to coonsum capatalist goods being subsidized by the state, basically stay teenager forever

No. 1263651

File: 1624585347823.jpg (445.37 KB, 1076x1833, Screenshot_20210624-211325_Ins…)

What if there were children around? This is so trashy.

No. 1263652

File: 1624585382989.png (8.82 MB, 1242x2208, EECB9308-0791-4AF1-BBCB-E3F787…)

So where does her sitting around in her dim apartment all day in a baby yoda shirt getting high fit into the luxury femdomme living doll lifestyle she so desperately acts like she has?

No. 1263656

She got into it last week because she thought it was easy money, and has precisely 0 customers so she's too embarrassed to answer

No. 1263657


This looks suspiciously like Forest Hills Gardens in Queens. I grew up near there (in a different neighborhood) and houses are like 5m a pop (it's zoned only single family residencies), so maybe her scrote still lives there in his parents basement, but she does not

No. 1263658

Lol neither of them live there. She did a “photoshoot” with her ex there last year (that’s his dog). Only in her wet dreams and delusions does she reside anywhere near there kek

No. 1263659

Interesting she doesn't want inappropriate words, is this so her account doeesn't get flagged or is she giving away how disgusting she thinks sex work is? >>1263405
Which vanilla ex girlfriend of her current boyfriend is she repeatedly subtweeting with all this?

No. 1263660

Her address is in the lawsuit kek she’s so full of shit calling it her neighborhood.

No. 1263661

Her current private account got nuked for a few months because of soliciting so she thinks censoring will prevent this one from going down.

No. 1263663

File: 1624586508953.jpg (279.75 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20210624-214529_Twi…)

I don't think if you are in that kind of leather outfit you are the one wearing the handcuffs but what do I know, I'm just in a "vanilla relationship."

No. 1263664


technically there are some ghetto ass parts of rego park nearby she can live in if she really wants to live there, with uzbek bukharian neighbors that will call her a whore in russian when she walks by in the hallways. Super working class, much comradesl, I think one of the Chapo Trap House moids lives there now

No. 1263666

She reminds me a bit of Elsa Rhae with her facial expressions, I'm getting more of a hippy off-grid vibe from her too, which might be why she overdoes it with the glamour.

No. 1263669

File: 1624587475789.jpeg (438.28 KB, 1242x936, E0B447D9-EA75-4C6C-B427-069AD6…)

You’re not wrong

No. 1263671


I dont think the address on her lawsuit is her current address. Her pictures don't match the listing pictures.

No. 1263672

The address listed in the lawsuit is a small 1 bedroom apartment, 2k rent in Lenox Hill. Definitely agree with >>1263134 that something is fishy about her lack of income in comparison to what she can afford though, even if her whole closet is full of knockoffs.

No. 1263675

She might have been living alone in the one bedroom, but is supposedly living with another woman now? Doubtful she actually lives in that neighborhood with no income.

No. 1263678

She just moved very recently with her friend (alexisandthebird) to another apartment in the same area. Not going to dox her but it’s an even shittier place. The apartment in the lawsuit was under her dad’s name so guess they aren’t as finically abusive as she claims.

No. 1263680

Samefag but I only know this because she doxed her own self when she moved. She’s not very smart.

No. 1263689

File: 1624589999814.jpeg (354.67 KB, 1242x1838, 023405B2-EF8D-40F0-96BD-765629…)

Was curious about her gofundme scams… look like the site seized the one she started at the beginning of the year kek absolutely shocked though that this faker was able to get $1,700 out of people.

No. 1263741

>Larps as a communist
>Flips out at randos on Instagram for trying to ask a simple question without paying up


No. 1263851

File: 1624620385190.png (83.2 KB, 314x223, Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 4.16…)

Is a self-proclaimed communist yet has a credit card emoji in her name on Twitter. The same Twitter that she says a monetary "tribute required for a response."

Her trying to be a "luxury finDomme" while spouting off about how much of commie marxist she is does not work. Everything she does is capitalistic. As anon here >>1263619 said, she would at best be stripped of everything and sent to a reeducation camp or shot on sight in a communist society.

No. 1263861

File: 1624621586544.png (2.32 MB, 1242x2208, 5B04CE8A-5BD5-4F19-AAE0-48830D…)

Same thing can be said about sex work you dolt

No. 1263864

>Guys Marx was totally just like me!!1

No. 1263890

>>1263622 AP is the swarosky of lingerie. It's expensive but fits awfully tiny, is bad quality and shitty boning for their corsets and waspies. Also, they are not size inclusive at all so funny Commie McComrade would buy from them when there are so many great indie luxury brands out there

No. 1263920

Y-yet you participate in society!

No. 1263994

File: 1624638126685.jpg (370.76 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20210625-121921_Chr…)

1/2 from her story incase she dirty deletes.

No. 1263995

File: 1624638150912.jpg (265.98 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20210625-121934_Chr…)

No. 1264053

holy shit she wears this dingy, cheap ass bedazzled corset thing fucking EVERYWHERE. it's in every single one of her social media pics and it's all she ever wears. it's embarrassing.

No. 1264070

File: 1624644926794.jpg (261.63 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20210625-124513_Twi…)

She is too disabled to work. She is so disabled she "needs" her tramadol as seen in >>1263443 but she isn't too disabled to get her nails done, to get dolled up and go to a nightclub. Makes perfect sense.

No. 1264082

File: 1624645824500.jpg (248.16 KB, 998x1801, Screenshot_20210625-142221_Chr…)

Instagram story dump, which one will she dirty delete

No. 1264083

File: 1624645851786.jpg (268.14 KB, 979x1763, Screenshot_20210625-142235_Chr…)

No. 1264086

File: 1624645982325.jpg (45.9 KB, 981x1727, Screenshot_20210625-142250_Chr…)

No. 1264088

File: 1624646133369.jpg (424.35 KB, 967x1761, Screenshot_20210625-142302_Chr…)

No. 1264133


All these people are obsessed with consumerism under capitalism, it’s so laughable lmao. My parents lived under communism and if everyone is equal then the quality of goods is equal for everyone, except for high ranking wives of beaucrats and other people in higher epochs of society of course. They got to buy imported things from the west. Even under the China model were free market has introduced imported and luxury goods, no one can afford it unless they actual have money from being rich.

Her desire to bag all these rich men in nyc is also hilarious, 99% of them are extreme normies that would nope the fuck out soon as she opened her mouth and started spouting all her tankie nonsense, she is also way below the visual standard of women you can see in nyc, ask me how I know lol

No. 1264186

File: 1624654004023.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, 6DC1BC8E-8DA6-4AA7-8F54-923146…)

>never uses trigger warnings
>completely uniformed on all topics listed
>freaks on people asking general questions

Gotta love ending it with “demands for unpaid labor”. All labor is unpaid in communism you crazy bitch.

No. 1264187

File: 1624654020623.jpg (149.85 KB, 708x1296, boohoo.jpg)

No. 1264198

File: 1624654944482.jpeg (231.65 KB, 1242x1238, 8A727F67-A4ED-4E3E-8326-31BDCF…)

No one is going to “book” her but this is how you get murdered. You just started findom this month and have little to none online experience but sure, ask complete strangers to book you for an in person meet! What could possibly go wrong?

No. 1264246


You can tell the way she double-posted this she got absolutely zero offers, why the fuck doesn't she just make a seeking arrangements profile?

No. 1264256

Her gross neckbeard daddy probably wouldn't like that. Her LARPing is hilarious though. Katherine is my favorite new cow since Phoebe disappeared, I hope she keeps posting so we can laugh at her.

No. 1264260

He looks like the lovechild of Vaush and Roosh, kek

No. 1264270

is this bitch really trying to equate (those are her red annotations right?) having endo with being in a fucking wheelchair? to Spina bifida? whewwwwwwww.

No. 1264271

I know those are supposed to be jewels in her hair, but it just looks like really gnarly dandruff

No. 1264327

wow shitlib that's a lot of CIA propaganda in one post!

No. 1264332


this is sarcasm right? Or you actually think iphone factory workers in China can afford to go shopping at prada or chanel

No. 1264340

as a radmarxfem I like dunking on libs too but your derailing is misguided in this thread of all places kek

No. 1264348

File: 1624664129746.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, 870D8260-DA6B-4186-89DC-E90FEA…)

>cultural worker
So, going by the very loose definition of what a “cultural worker” is, what culture does she think she’s trying to uphold/preserve?

She needs to get psychiatrics next time instead of begging for opiates.

No. 1264358

How long until she comes out as she/they?

No. 1264361

I give it a matter of days.

No. 1264364

She had She/Her in her insta name for awhile but took it out… will probably change it to Xe/Xem after going to her tranny orgy tonight kek

No. 1264380

File: 1624666395954.jpg (353.14 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20210625-200359_Ins…)

I can't wait to hear how she had to wait in line and the club are ableist.

No. 1264395

>BIQTPOC (whatever the fuck that is) and SWers to the front
What kind of brain worms make a person say something like this seriously?

No. 1264398

This is literally a club that makes people wait in line on purpose as crowd control because it is small and bouncers, unless this shitty fetish event hired their own bouncers, let their friends cut in line all the fucking time lol

No. 1264406

It sounds like they have lumped all gay folk in with all POC folk because your race and your sexuality are one and the same, nothing to see here

No. 1264416

File: 1624670509802.png (16.69 KB, 300x200, QTBIPOC_FLAG_ICON.png)


yes, it stands for "Black, Indigenous, Queer & Trans, and People Of Colour" which is also what the new flag was supposed to represent (brown and black stripes for "Black/Indigenous + People of color", rainbow flag for "Queer", trans flag for "Trans"

sage for sperg

No. 1264420

Oh no, definitely expect her to pull a fe/fae/femme . Gotta cash in on those oppression points! Decolonize gender!

You just know she was really loud and obnoxious about being a totally super queer and definitely legit sexworker to try to hop the line and get in right away. As if she isn't just some straight girl wearing knockoff designer heels with a failed OF. kek

No. 1264578

Yet you p-participate in society dot jpeg!

Do I pass for a twitter commie tard? Kek

No. 1264599

This chick is like if failed ethots Shayna, Stormy/Pumpy and Phoebe had a baby. She does the gross uwu bimbo shit (and has a gross daddy) like Shaynus, she’s a raging bitch/fake flexer like Pumpy (but I guess most ewhores are bitches and fake flexers kek). And she’s a hyperwoke SJW tard like Feebs. I’m genuinely excited to see where this cow will go.

No. 1264720

Someone even used that exact line upthread, it's so predictable lmao >>1263920

No. 1264749

File: 1624717802769.png (5.33 MB, 1242x2208, FE7EC089-9712-40B1-8CE6-47BBAC…)

No. 1264787

The mismatched, clashing pinks kek.

She is so cheap and trashy.

No. 1264788

File: 1624722926099.jpeg (197.05 KB, 1024x1536, 125A9673-0214-4BB4-A531-1FBF94…)


Pepper was just posted in the Shaynus thread. Seems apropos…

No. 1264816

File: 1624726181456.jpg (750.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210626-124530_Ins…)

I was digging through people's IG stories and i think I see her in the very right sitting down in this one. I think she would stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 1264957

File: 1624738845337.jpg (310.39 KB, 1154x1498, Urgh.jpg)

No. 1264961

File: 1624739201691.jpg (177.88 KB, 715x1393, sosexy.jpg)


She lies about the dumbest shit. Here is a picture from her instagram story this morning. Her hair looks frizzy mess.

No. 1264977

>Quit job and vent about not being able to make rent
>"Treat yourself" to custom bong and a hoard of ugly Walmart pajamas

No. 1264989

File: 1624741463356.png (388.36 KB, 640x640, tenor.png)


Im not that versed in the findom wolrd but I can't imagine any normal man with money would go for this shit. Even if they had a humiliation fetish, I would expect them to want to be humiliated but a powerful and beautiful woman, like sharon stone in basic instinct or something, not a cracked out weirdo that looks like a alibaba knockoff ariana grande

No. 1264991

File: 1624741583377.png (6.29 MB, 1242x2208, 2303B6ED-CE94-413F-A9BF-81D269…)

Keking at the fact that no one is there and her whole getup.

No. 1265005

>alibaba knockoff ariana grande
anon pls

been to similar events in nyc, her outfit would stick out as very normie and uncreative. but maybe that's just my femmephobia talking kek. and her nightie looks cheap and doesn't flatter her complexion at all

No. 1265009

File: 1624743084520.jpeg (290.42 KB, 1232x1300, 2F231820-BAA4-45BC-90A8-B86F7C…)

My mortgage costs more than $200 but keep thinking you’re a spoiled-by-billionaires high end hooker kek

No. 1265012

File: 1624743194887.jpeg (Spoiler Image,440.32 KB, 1242x1616, 83FC85D6-4097-4FDE-8E5B-8DDBC9…)

She really needs to pick a lane because she’s trying to cater to every mainstream fetish and it’s just not working. Spoiler for gross feet pic.

No. 1265014

And just like Shayna and Spongebob, Baby Yoda seems to be this girl's entire personality

No. 1265023

>Muh size 4 feet
Wow such sexy

No. 1265025

Actually cannot stand this lunatic wench. With her very limited brain cells she chose to wear a paper thin veil of findom and Marxist communist and make it her personality. She looks like a broken marionette that fell in a dressing up box and walked out backwards. Bonus material -Baby Yoda obsession, slug faced neckbeard attachment, and every boring thought that she arrogantly farts out of her lopsided Pepper mouth.

No. 1265040

Bragging about basic bitch designer labels, so ComMuNiSt lol. And “my outfit costs your mortgage payment” is hardly a flex. I think I’ll continue making my mortgage payments and building equity, and you can keep blowing money on depreciating assets and wonder why you’re perpetually broke and begging on GoFundMe.

No. 1265041


It's so funny to me that she acts like everyday people don't make large purchases all the time. TVs, phones, jewelry, etc…? Like, it's a luxury, sure, but it's also like…? Everybody buys shit that "coSts MoRe ThAn Yr mOrTgAgE."

No. 1265043


lol those are not size 4 feet.

No. 1265046

Fake Louboutins, polyester faux fur blanket, loccataine… she tries so hard to look rich by appearances only but forgets one thing: well-being is the number 1 sign of wealth. Instead of begging for pennies on twitter for new bongs and a cosmetic nose job she should be more concerned with being able to afford healthcare. Especially since she’s dIsAbLeD.

How is she going to pretend to be wealthy without even having a basic healthcare plan?

No. 1265047

Lol nope. Her shoes are a 5 and she’s busting out of them. What an odd thing to lie about.

No. 1265048

File: 1624746766087.png (1.66 MB, 2413x2049, mortgage.png)

half of it is from Amazon but okay Katherine

No. 1265058

Is she rubbing her bare sweaty feet on a fur coat/throw fresh out of a pair of pumps? Disgusting, her place must smell rank

No. 1265064

From what I’ve heard, findom is one of the hardest areas of sex work to be successful in. Moids who are into it tend to be extremely demanding and picky, and it takes a high level of emotional intelligence and patience to deal with their bullshit and turn a profit. A lot of SWers try to pivot into it thinking it’ll be easy free money and fail spectacularly, just like this cow is doing. Begging for clients on Twitter should be clue #1 you are not cut out for findom.

No. 1265074

She loves to drone on about how no one else can do what she does and how SW isn’t the easy way out. All the while failing at doing it because she thought it was an easy way to get money.

No. 1265081

I think I found her "expensive" ostrich feather clutch


No. 1265082

File: 1624748878476.jpeg (119.13 KB, 1241x899, E232892B-C542-4594-BE55-428016…)

Can’t wait for her account to be enviably nuked because everyone knows PayPal is not SWer friendly kek

No. 1265084

Nooooo it’s vintage French ostrich!1!!1! How dare you find it on amazon!!

No. 1265094

Pretty sure the handcuffs are also those same amazon ones that Shatnus and every other ethot has had since the days of ye old tumblr

No. 1265095

Yup, not to blogpost but successful findoms guard their client lists like the cure for cancer (and even poach each other’s clients) because it’s hard to find good ones who aren’t 1) cheap larping time-wasters, and 2) actually want to spoil a woman without demanding sexual favors or being a needy pain in the ass. Moids are moids, and they’ll still use their money to manipulate and wield power over women even while playing a submissive role. Katherine is making huge and obvious rookie errors, including:

- using insecure platforms like PayPal that could hold up her money
- setting up an OnlyFans and repetitively begging for business (looks desperate, turnoff to clients)
- introducing herself as a collared sub who wants people to pay her to “explore her dominant side” (lack of experience or knowledge, turnoff to clients)
- using her official SW account to post photos of her daddy dom and rant about money troubles, health problems and politics (unprofessional, HUGE turnoff to clients)

Her wigs and outfits are not the main problem, plenty of cheaper-looking girls than her understand the psychology of parting finsubs with their cash. If she was smart she’d keep her day job and pay an experienced domme to teach her the game, but she’s on too much of a “you plebs can’t do what I do” ego trip to compensate for her lack of success. I just hope she figures it out or gives up before someone takes advantage of her.

No. 1265098

Literally who the fuck wants a domme who's also submitting to someone lmfao. She's not cut out to be that. Successful (fin)dommes who aren't just larping service tops are generally fairly cruel women who know how to break scrotes.

No. 1265104

Problem is she is not smart and quit her job before even making an OF account. She bitches about people getting into sex work for easy money yet that is exactly what she did. She thought she would blow up on OF and Twitter but obviously that does/did not happen. She thinks findom is posting some black boots and asking for $75.

No. 1265113


Someone needs to take advantage of her and put her in her in her place.(scrote)

No. 1265134

I’m a successful findomme and I know that this girl isn’t cut out to be one. Kek

No. 1265144

The most telling thing here is that when she can namedrop (her $80 AP slip) she does. Everything else is just “I got it at the store.”

No. 1265147

Exactly. And if anything were "bespoke," she'd say who made it. It's all Amazon.

Even the AP set is like half off right now, and it seems to be one of the few pieces of lingerie she owns.

No. 1265150

the baby yoda shilling with the big bang theory on in the background kek

No. 1265153

Yeah she has no clue how to brand herself as a bitch goddess who scrotes feel compelled to worship, so she’s just throwing random shit at the wall to see what sticks. She’s larping as a sub, a domme, a burlesque dancer, a Star Wars nerd, a hotep Black woman, a commie SJW, a luxurious rich bitch, and a broke “disabled” druggie with no health insurance all at the same time. Ffs pick a lane girl.

No. 1265156

Good catch anon. She really gives the vibe of being the basic butterface pick me type that is the "hot girl" in a group of unwashed nerd dudes. It's no wonder she ended up with her daddy neckbeard.

No. 1265180

how did she even afford NYU and NYC without her parents

Isn't NYU 70K a year?

No. 1265197

She should dump her fat ugly moid and just escort. I know high end girls in New York uglier than her who do it well enough to get by. There is no way she would be a successful findomme with her collared submissive shit and constant complaining.

No. 1265204

I followed her on IG, didn't interact at all, refreshed, and she had already blocked me. it's a lurker account but it just looks like a normal woman's account.

does she just automatically block women who follow her? how femmephobic kek

No. 1265210


is she aware of this thread yet? Maybe that's why, a lot of cows panic when they discovered their threads and start banned/blocking everyone

No. 1265214

Her “femmephobia” crutch is such a fucking cope. She has never had a hate crime happen to her because she wears pink and a full face of makeup as a woman. At worst her outfits get made fun of because they’re tacky.

Imagine thinking you’re the victim because you follow gender stereotypes. I’m not lesbian or bi but if anything like her term exists, it’s butchphobia.

No. 1265217

File: 1624767721396.jpeg (130.82 KB, 1189x663, A2AEB3D9-CEBF-4F30-8861-946C45…)

What is up with these grown adults who get up late and proceed to do nothing all day taking naps? Rhetorical question because I know she’s a druggie and Shayna is an alcoholic but way to admit to the world you’re a complete deadbeat.

No. 1265224



Are some decent websites to view her ig stories without being seen.

No. 1265245

She really is just Shayna on uppers/opioids instead of tons of alcohol and weed. kek

Has she ever alluded to having an ED? Or is it the drugs keeping her super skinny?

No. 1265275

File: 1624775940905.jpeg (261.89 KB, 1242x1312, 06915C48-8AAF-4E69-887D-0EFC54…)

She’s new begging for $750 for a year long course on burlesque. Was not hard to find the course which is here: https://gingervalentine.com/strip-school-2021/

Sounds like a once weekly workout plan building up to learning a dance each month. The woman who does it toured with Dita Von Teese and seems to have been doing courses for years. Nothing wrong with what the other woman is providing but it is absolutely hilarious the self-proclaimed best in the business is admitting she sucks and has to take a year long course on the craft she has claimed to perfected kek

No. 1265285

This. Most anons in this thread going on about how "high" the "visual standards" of rich NYC johns are make me laugh.

Her problem isn't her ratface, it's that she is a nerdy tard who can't get rid of the "board game convention queen" vibe wafting off her. If she was fatter she'd be one of those rockabilly hamplanets.

No. 1265294

how is capital S She an "artist" in striptease if she's yet to even sign up for the striptease 101 course

No. 1265304

No ones talking about regular johns in nyc kek obviously she can pull that be men are dumb. They’re making fun of her because she’s claiming billionaires are trying to bag her which… come on. That isn’t remotely believable.

No. 1265305

File: 1624781156020.png (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, 49361CB5-DE07-4328-B4C8-B125C1…)

Says the person that self-identifies as “the expert” on several different topics kek

No. 1265306

this is real silk from agent provocateur. so expensive yet so cheap. and oh so communist.

No. 1265307

She heard “fake it ‘til you make it” and went all in, but she I guess she missed that last part.

Katherine McMahon is one of my new favorite cows.

No. 1265308

And it’s on sale for $118 and an additional 15% off kek

No. 1265309

File: 1624781926181.png (2.76 MB, 1242x2208, 79543972-36B4-409A-B266-99F0EF…)

She’s been trying to break into the burlesque scene since 2016 and is just now considering taking a basic course? Kek I have some screenshots that y’all are going to love because she such a fucking hypocrite.

First up is her stating she refuses to see any show that she is not cast in/being paid for because it’s “ableist” for showrunners to ask that she come see the production before auditioning to be in it. This is her excuse as to why she only does living room… I mean “expensive private events”.

No. 1265313

File: 1624782411806.png (9.25 MB, 1242x2208, 27F490FD-C6A6-45F7-BB27-67486B…)

Next up is her attempt to shame another burlesque dancer, as mentioned in the op, for recommending she take some dance lessons.

She posted all of the following screenshots on May 8th. This directly ties into >>1265275 because a little over a month ago she was saying it was “ableist” for someone to recommend dance lessons… and now she’s begging for money to pay for dance lessons. Screenshots are in order of original posting: (1/6)

No. 1265314

File: 1624782491381.png (1.89 MB, 1242x2208, 57858638-1A41-44DB-94EA-A8E70E…)

No. 1265315

File: 1624782588020.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, A7A78600-B2A4-4A20-9DBA-64F1D8…)

No. 1265316

File: 1624782700632.png (953.71 KB, 1242x2208, FBC4F297-EFED-4885-9D51-B3098B…)

No. 1265317

File: 1624782802247.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, FBF3537D-B3EB-4B34-9D15-12C9B1…)


No. 1265320

File: 1624782913809.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, AC9BBD96-F8D4-479C-BB38-54F078…)


No. 1265321

File: 1624782940402.jpeg (65.42 KB, 828x431, 0EF7E776-E057-44ED-BF14-32D419…)


No. 1265326

whats agere

No. 1265327


No. 1265342

I said it before but fuck this cow triggers my need a-log so bad. she is not physically disabled in THE LEAST. just for her egregious appropriation of actual disability I hope she at least falls and sprains an ankle soon.

No. 1265345


This is so insane. producers ask girls to come in and see the show to get an idea of so many ephermeral things you cannot get off the internet like the energy of the space, environment, how it is managed by non-performing staff, personalities that are part of that scene and come to that type of show ect plus it shows your seriousness and willingness to learn and take direction, and get a leg up on lazy idiots like her. Im not even in the preforming arts and I know these things. Who the fuck would ever audition for live show they haven't seen in person, that's like auditioning for a movie while blatantly refusing to see any of the director's prior films. If she is so supposedly disabled she has difficulty commuting on the nyc subway where you mostly just sit or stand (now mostly sit cause ridership has gone down drastically), maybe dance and performing arts aint for her.

>Severe muscular disorder

This is new, what is this referring to?


A nobody in a small niche scene and already burning bridges kek. I'm somehow reminded of the Martina Markota/Lady Alchemy milk of tradthots past, even though they have basically diametrically opposing world views

No. 1265347

a good excuse for her shitty performance?

No. 1265352

File: 1624787431530.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, 64E9536D-2F8B-40D2-A05F-224FC5…)

We’re dealing with a person who thinks if someone has ever compared about having the flu, they could never handle being disabled. As if the flu doesn’t kill people and magically avoids people with disabilities. She’s a headcase who would probably get a wheelchair for a sprained ankle.

No. 1265382

File: 1624795396774.png (2.68 MB, 1242x2208, 91DF3F5B-78DA-45D6-B722-469829…)

Her hate for other women is very strong this morning

No. 1265406

If it’s “ableist” to the point of making her “extremely sick” (from what? Endo? PTSD? How?) to get on a train and VISIT the potential employer as expected for any audition or job interview, how does she expect to actually PERFORM in the show every night? Her “disability” seems to come and go depending on whether she feels like doing something or not.

No. 1265424

“I work in community organizing, activism and liberation work”
Where? Who has she organized? What activist work has she done? No wonder she can’t succeed at any real job if she considers ranting and playing the victim on Instagram “community organizing work.”

No. 1265434

This really pisses me off, the way she leeches off the disability community and uses it as a springboard for yet another “you normies could never do what I do” ego tripping rant. One of the central tenets of disability studies is that there’s no such thing as an “able bodied person”, people move in and out of ability/disability throughout their lives. So if you’ve ever had a cold or flu, you do know what it’s like to be disabled and that’s why you should use your voice to support and uplift people with severe, chronic disabilities. But instead she just talks over those people so she can position herself as the most super-special victim snowflake ever. What an insufferable cow.

No. 1265460

>>1265275 Ginger Valentine is a respected industry veteran that actually oozes sex appeal. The contrast between the two would be absolutely tragic hahaha

No. 1265525

File: 1624809932927.jpg (247.17 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_20210627-120330_Twi…)

I know some people are into this type of thing but it seems dangerous.

No. 1265623

this egregiously dumb bitch. I want to run over her shitty fake red bottoms with my wheelchair.

No. 1265629

she has already deleted this topkek

No. 1265640

Holy shit she’s dumber than a box of rocks. Does she expect to get bookings if she’s burning bridges with everyone in her community and refuses to take lessons? A literal retard. I think I might actually dislike her more than Shayna, and that’s impressive. Talk about a total lack of self awareness.

No. 1265656

sorry, what is "a-log"?(google.com)

No. 1265674

File: 1624821396106.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, E63715BF-EF35-4839-975D-A03EA3…)

Great. She deleted this and replaced it with “give me money for being xyz”. The way she tries to cash in on sexuality and disability is sickening.

No. 1265682

>Independent groups aren't accommodating
>Corporations are better because they benefit me personally
>I'm a communist

No. 1265689

She appropriates the struggles of black women, disabled people and the queer community for ca$h all while being a basic white girl with a daddy dom boyfriend, a huge ego and a raging victim complex. I’m surprised no one who is actually part of these communities has called out this audacious grifter yet.

No. 1265690

It’s because she’s a literal nobody. The only reason Rosie Cheeks noticed her is that she tagged her directly, just to stir shit.

No. 1265696

Ok, as a bi femme myself I’m going on record as saying there’s no such thing as “femmephobia.” Women are expected to look feminine and socially & materially rewarded for performing femininity (as Katherine herself agrees, with her whole “pay me to look pretty” sales pitch.) The fact that we’re also fetishized, degraded and attacked for it (especially if we’re queer) is just plain old misogyny and homophobia. If anything, butch & GNC women experience much more hatred for their gender presentation, although I’d argue misogyny and homophobia are at the root of that too. And if other women react badly to her it’s not because they’re jealous and “femmephobic”, it’s because she’s a raging asshole.(Nobody cares )

No. 1265700

File: 1624823209200.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, BBBC90F7-CD70-458E-8BD8-6001A7…)

She looks like a troon

No. 1265704

I see she graduated from the Shayna Clifford "make sure your wings always touch your eyebrows and throw on ALL the clashing pinks" school of beauty.

No. 1265712

File: 1624824104217.png (7.91 MB, 1242x2208, 660971B2-4495-4B16-B26B-6BE9CB…)

Talks like one too

No. 1265715


She said she was going to a pride parade today. That's some outfit.

No. 1265717

holy shit she is grasping and contorting SO hard to try to make Pride about her. I'm not one of those people who believes bi women in straight relationships aren't really bi, but at the same time I really don't see the point in making a fuss about it and making it your whole identity if you are. doesn't she feel any shame co-opting Pride for herself? I have a feeling she looks down on other bi women in hetero relationships because they're not as GAY as her.

"autosexual" kek. just say you're a fucking narcissist and go.

No. 1265721


Miz Cracker is that you?

No. 1265727

sage for no contribution but I can’t stop thinking of her as some strange and slightly more literate alternate-universe version of Lillee Jean — feet pics included!!

No. 1265731

She’s like a combo of a few milky cows here which is quickly making her my new favorite cow kek

No. 1265740

>Ok, as a bi femme myself I’m going on record
Look around you, read the way posts are written.
If you're responding to something a cow did or anons said then please quote it to contextualise what you are replying to, because otherwise this just reads like a blog entry nobody asked for

No. 1265759

And me, anon. She is utterly batshit. For me I am getting strong Shaynus, Hagther, PnP combo. I love to laugh at this utter cunt.

No. 1265760

File: 1624830297079.jpg (273.63 KB, 867x1541, Screenshot_20210627-121607_Chr…)

No. 1265766

File: 1624830631847.jpeg (197.46 KB, 1208x1219, B23C0A26-FC10-4AD1-9B3C-C9B886…)

The only somewhat believable lie is the Grammy one. Those are as useless as her because they give them out to everyone who works on a song kek

No. 1265769

It’s most likely a lie but regardless, imagine thinking going on a singular date with a highly abusive geriatric washed up actor is a flex.

No. 1265775

Yeah, I'm sure that random instagram college dropout ethots definitely know exactly as much about medicine as someone who spent a decade in school learning about it. Totally checks out and makes sense!

More like three lies in a row

No. 1265793

File: 1624832009838.jpeg (14.59 KB, 300x168, E37074B7-4BCD-4376-8D35-C45AA1…)

Girl… This coke-bloat mess is nothing to lie or brag about.

Anyways, it’s really telling that she has zero problem with her moid pulling her around town by her neck, going to pride events, dinners, etc. but can’t be fucked to see a production before auditioning to be in it because she’s “dIsAbLed”. She needs to admit to herself that burlesque isn’t for her and it’s not due to other people being “ableist” but instead her lack of talent.

No. 1265800

I mean when no one knows or gives a shit about you, you can say whatever you want online kek. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there are 3 lies.

No. 1265806

Alec Baldwin is super into Spanish girls right? And bimbos? That’s like…his weird thing. She is neither kek

First one I can believe. Hardly impressive.
Second made me laugh because she’s basically admitting to being a prostitute which isn’t really cute. Either way, all of these things are embarrassing to brag about kek

No. 1265825

I am very confused. Is she a university grad? Does she come from wealth, or is this all delusional and she's poor white trash?

No. 1265841

File: 1624836136024.png (6.56 MB, 1242x2208, 8B342B3C-CB51-4AEE-988B-0818B4…)

Not even her friends like her kek

No. 1265842

File: 1624836271435.jpeg (166.18 KB, 1237x860, A038FF75-EC7A-481D-A558-E8A1F5…)


No. 1265843

Images you can smell

No. 1265847

Two lies and a truth - she dated a session musician on an album that won Best Contemporary Folk or some irrelevant category. If she's getting 5k for head why is she e-begging?

No. 1265850

hooking to afford a single bedroom in an apartment with a roommate. still begging for money online. sad.

No. 1265851

File: 1624837204938.jpg (99.27 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20210627-193833_Twi…)

She keep bumping this, probably because no one is giving her money.

No. 1265876

lol this manly-ass pickme has cliffhangers even in closed-toed shoes

No. 1265883

She’s such an obvious liar lmao. She’s trying so fucking hard and it’s pathetic. She is NOT a looker and no one in the upper class is going to waste their time with her. If she had the clout she claims, there is no reason for her to still have that hideous honker. Is her credit to bad for CareCredit or what?

No. 1265884

5,000 in Indian Rial

No. 1265886

kek every category of the grammys is irrelevant

No. 1265900

Is this bitch retarded? Any sane normal person would b disappointed but try to be polite, thank that person and maybe even look into more dance lessons.
Bitch went scorched earth and quadrupled down on her idiocy.
She’s really claiming that if someone dare criticise her, even not knowing of her “disability” (also nice how she loves using that word bc it makes people think she might have something for real), then they’re still assholes? Newsflash, you are actually allowed to criticise disabled people. In fact, you are actually allowed to tell a disabled person to work on their skills if they’re not up to standards. Pretty sure that real disabled people want to be seen as regular people and not coddled like toddlers.

Let me guess.
1. She dated someone vaguely involved in something that won a Grammy eons ago.
2. Someone on the internet said they’d pay 5k to eat her pussy. Didn’t happen but the guy said he’d deff do it so it practically happened right?
3. She once saw Alec Baldwin somewhat close.

No. 1265914

File: 1624844721027.png (2.2 MB, 3360x1892, featured.png)

she has 'featured in Chicago Tribune' on her website (and it's the only thing in her Press highlight kek), but when you look at the article it's just this

No. 1265944

File: 1624848106316.jpg (208.92 KB, 881x1566, Screenshot_20210627-223500_Chr…)

Ig story dump

No. 1265945

File: 1624848173472.jpg (334.79 KB, 879x1579, Screenshot_20210627-223525_Chr…)

Those pit stains just screams high class dom.

No. 1265947

File: 1624848281097.jpg (239.47 KB, 872x1551, Screenshot_20210627-223536_Chr…)

No. 1265950

Buy fucking deordorant you mouth breather

No. 1265951

File: 1624848446436.jpg (194.11 KB, 844x1571, Screenshot_20210627-223548_Chr…)

No. 1265952

File: 1624848486375.jpg (435.54 KB, 1072x1847, Screenshot_20210627-224624_Chr…)

No. 1265957

File: 1624848796428.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, AB949E4D-8F96-41C9-9135-5C1717…)

Just because some people online said police weren’t invited doesn’t mean NYPD isn’t going to show up a mass person event.

No. 1265958

I wont do it but god she'd be so fun to cowtip

No. 1265959

What a narc. What justice has she actually fought for?

No. 1265961

I stay FAR away from cops because I'm a white girl who smokes WEED and wears KINK GEAR from AMAZON to PRIDE I'm very HARDCORE okay fuck the NYPD

No. 1266039

File: 1624858948220.png (171.42 KB, 500x371, cinderella step sister slipper…)

She exaggerates absolutely everything. It's probably more like:
> I once gave a handy backstage to Usher
> A john once paid me $50 just to eat my kitty
> Alec Baldwin and I were in the same room once

This pic of her foot mashed into the way too small size 5 shoe gives me cinderella's ugly stepsister vibes. kek

No. 1266040

Is she four feet tall? she has the midget proportions of LJ, just skinny

No. 1266042

File: 1624859593559.png (952.65 KB, 1119x526, sweaty.png)

The shay parallels continue

No. 1266051

Certain dry is $5 on Amazon. You’d think these uwu bimbos would buy a bottle.

No. 1266064

Fucking Titanic Sinclair is a "Grammy-award winning musician," hardly an exceptional flex. Plus, plenty of musicians will fuck anything that moves.

No. 1266130

Honestly she kind of makes the Shay picture look less rank by comparison

No. 1266141

if I saw her looking like this, caked in makeup in 100° weather, stomping around NYC in black leggings and cheap Hello Kitty kitten heels, sweating like a pig in a pit-stained shirt that says hYpErFeMiNiNe, at a Pride parade of all places… I would simply assume this is a autogynephile MtF trans dude, and not a very good one.

also, I think her beak nose could actually be cute, but for some reason the winged eyeliner makes it look SO much worse.

No. 1266274

Exactly, her face is fine (I think big noses are cute, everyone doesn’t need a rhinoplasty) but her makeup is baaaad.

No. 1266321

File: 1624902056429.jpg (92.23 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20210628-133920_Twi…)

No. 1266481

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Katherine's shirt is soaked, but at least it's all the same color unlike Shayna's multiple-stained used-to-be-white shirt.

No. 1266534

File: 1624915025077.png (5 MB, 1242x2208, 83DFFF65-B6B1-4A05-B1A1-BAF54D…)

Everyone’s seen your work… you absolutely can not do anything and everything with rhinestones kek

No. 1266547

File: 1624917795370.jpeg (320.88 KB, 1242x2208, D9A709FE-F85E-4580-950C-E462C9…)

Looks like she got burned already

No. 1266557

tell us you just started doing sex work without telling us you just started sex work

cooomers can smell the desperation

No. 1266559


She is finally realizing 70-80% of men you attracted in the online sw industry are penniless losers and the perverts, and that’s when you are actually offering some kind of sexual services. If she wants to get paid just to exist she needs to mend fences with daddy (the real one) if she grew up on park avenue her parents clearly have money.

No. 1266569

File: 1624919164358.jpg (95.08 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20210628-182249_Chr…)

What is this caption.

No. 1266576

This cow is so new to the game she hasn't even figured out how to filter out cheap coomers and time wasters yet, but she's offering her services as a "BDSM coach" to teach other people how to domme. That alone shows you how delusional she is kek

No. 1266620

File: 1624923681789.jpg (141.54 KB, 868x1379, Screenshot_20210628-193813_Chr…)

She is really pushing the narrative that she is disabled.

No. 1266625

because people who are truly disabled have to "disclose" this fact. sure.

No. 1266631

Dumb cunt fails to realize that 99% of actually disabled people do not make their disability their entire personality and do not want their disability to ever define them.

No. 1266632

Dumb cunt fails to realize that 99% of actually disabled people do not make their disability their entire personality and do not want their disability to ever define them.

No. 1266634

File: 1624924545177.jpeg (61.58 KB, 500x500, EFC82E4C-AE35-49D0-83D0-1E4E94…)

Grand rising black queen

No. 1266647

File: 1624925165488.jpg (298.54 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20210628-195316_Chr…)

Either she is not that disabled or she has hired a dog walker to take her dog to the park. If it is the latter then where is she getting her money from?

No. 1266648

It’s her scrote’s dog. He either takes her or he has a dog walker.

No. 1266655

File: 1624925746405.jpg (255.83 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20210628-201210_Twi…)

That's not his dog. That's her dog. Again I don't think they even live together.

No. 1266665

They don’t live together and it’s not her dog, it’s her roommate’s kek it’s not that serious

No. 1266689

File: 1624929174811.png (1.98 MB, 1242x2208, 0381D2D8-A633-42EA-A72A-3AA26C…)

I bet you do kek

No. 1266699

File: 1624930346251.jpg (86.78 KB, 849x1404, Screenshot_20210628-212817_Chr…)

Aka lie to get pain medication.

No. 1266710

am i being retarded or is she trying to imply that she designed this dress for saweetie?
it's confusing and could go either way.

No. 1266719

that’s how I interpreted it at first too. she has a thing for implying that she’s more skilled/in demand than she actually is.

No. 1266736

File: 1624932108874.png (9.84 MB, 1242x2208, 4FCA4FC6-BBD3-4B25-9A3C-B52153…)

She’s definitely trying to imply it but it’s obvious the dress is vintage. If you’re going to lie about rhinestoning something, maybe not choose to lie about doing a vintage dress that is missing stones kek

No. 1266739

Haven’t seen a pic of her with her neckbeard from this party. Wonder if he flaked out and made her go alone?

No. 1266748

What the hell is with his hairline?

No. 1266755

I think their relationship is more of a sexual arrangement than anything

No. 1266756

She should hit up Onion and Lamebot, I hear they're looking for a third…

No. 1266758

File: 1624932786835.jpeg (143.62 KB, 750x1000, 0E13A5D7-56D1-455A-A0E3-BE37CC…)

No. 1266764

she's such an obvious pill seeker it's insane

No. 1266768


Do you have proof of this milk? And it's not serious but my point is how she affords shit if she is jobless & disabled.

No. 1266774

Her roommates username is alexisandthebird. She’s posted “my roommates dog…” before as well.

No. 1266781

Not owning a dog is not milk kek you really think this cow would have a regular dog and not an eMoTiOnAl SuPpOrT one?

No. 1266791

it looks like he shaved his widow peak to try to make his balding not as noticeable, but it really makes it much more noticeable kek

No. 1266968

All now deleted. She’s worse than Shayna when it comes to dirty deleting. Either she’s reading here, getting slack on instagram, or a combination of both.

No. 1266978

File: 1624945581075.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, 1A3684E9-ADFC-40C8-A50E-C3AEF9…)

Absolutely keking at this cow’s wishlist that she’s posted in her highlights. She’s awfully transparent posting herself crying, quite literally, about being broke whilst having a wishlist of inessential items totaling $2,401.90.

Her family is still supporting her. If she were truly distraught about not being able to pay the bills/rent, she wouldn’t be begging for Selkie dresses and a $750 striptease course.

No. 1266983

Sage for no caps, but she’s been simping for @dominatrixiris for a while and has tagged her asking to collab. Iris was in nyc for the party. No pics of them together at the party, then the next day Katherine posts asking if anyone is in NY to collab… someone didn’t get noticed by senpai. That’s probably why her neckbeard wasn’t there, she was too busy hoping to get picked
God I love it when a personal cow gets a thread lmao

No. 1266992

She seems miserable to be around. Shayna is my other favorite hoe cow to hate on since Charms started flying under the radar. At least with those two you could theoretically smoke a blunt with them and tolerate them for like an hour at a time. But Katherine exudes insane Karen energy. I know she’s trying to fake it til she makes it… but what she isn’t doing is making anything coomers want to pay for. Sorry princess, if sec work is work, you gotta put the phone down and figure out how to make something that will pay your rent.

No. 1267101

>or thank me for my work
For what work…? Posting instagram stories of her pit stains?

No. 1267187

Anon with the old screenshots: do you have the one where she said she used to fuck her friends’ dads? That one is my fave I wish I grabbed it when it was up a few weeks back

No. 1267217

File: 1624976512881.jpg (131.65 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20210629-101444_Chr…)

Thats why I've been trying to screenshot every story

No. 1267220

File: 1624976681465.jpg (238.88 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20210629-101512_Chr…)

Urgh she is over exaggerating again.

No. 1267221

File: 1624976739824.jpg (281.99 KB, 1075x1911, Screenshot_20210629-101535_Chr…)

No. 1267224

File: 1624976775299.jpg (135.48 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20210629-101915_Chr…)

No. 1267304

File: 1624980552397.jpg (129.48 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20210629-112658_Twi…)

No. 1267355

File: 1624983672016.jpg (189.82 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20210629-121025_Chr…)

She is performing at this event

No. 1267363

File: 1624984149812.jpeg (237.02 KB, 750x918, 60F19C98-E50C-45DB-9032-4934E5…)

Her LinkedIn profile. Surprised no other farmer noticed this lol. Dump incoming

Just FYI this story is referring to subway attendants no longer accepting cash because it puts them at risk for covid delta variant, but you can still use put cash in the fucking machines which is what 99% of people do anyway….,The park thing refers to new 10pm curfew in ONE park where lately there has been huge issues with drug dealing, gangs hanging out and violent fights. This entire post is such cheap grab for tankie points it grosses me out. So theworking class poc who man the booths on the nyc subway should get covid because your too lazy to press a couple of touch tone buttons?

No. 1267365

File: 1624984194715.jpeg (203.84 KB, 750x710, 7BE1F1FA-F862-4DD7-8850-1FCC52…)

No. 1267366

File: 1624984219855.jpg (271.61 KB, 1080x2238, Screenshot_20210629-121730_Ins…)



At first glance this event looks like it's just a bunch of kinky straight women getting together.

No. 1267369

File: 1624984380478.jpeg (210.5 KB, 750x802, 78ABDCDC-16A6-43ED-A5BB-3356C7…)

No. 1267374

File: 1624984584180.jpeg (195.32 KB, 750x751, 0F66C6B3-161A-4BFD-9DA3-A07DDC…)

No. 1267377

exaggerating and, again, making an irrelevant situation about herself. kek though at her being soooo ableist to those disabled ppl with NPD/APD.

No. 1267385

Here is a video of her performing ( Sorry its on Facebook)


And here is a podcast she was on about being disabled.


No. 1267405

Ugh she is such an obnoxiously incessant grifter. She needs to start creating some content if she wants anyone to pay her for her “work.” Offer custom photo sets, fetish videos, anything. Smoking weed, popping pills, e-begging and bitching on Insta about how hard you have it is not a job. No matter how much black slang she appropriates or how many uwu special labels she invents for herself, she’s sooo obviously just a spoiled, privileged basic Becky who still hasn’t figured out the world doesn’t function like daddy’s wallet and no one is going to pay her just for existing.

No. 1267415

lbr it’ll probably be full of coomers and troons

No. 1267432

And this is why someone would suggest dance lessons. She moves like a sleepy version of Ariana PnP.

No. 1267433

File: 1624988324796.jpg (361.2 KB, 1079x1323, Screenshot_20210629-132425_Chr…)

oh Jesus Christ, I'm hate-listening (she refers to endo as her "most prominent" disability kek) and just realized this Andrew Gurza moid thinks disabled people are owed sex specifically via "sex workers". not to derail or blog but ffs as a disabled woman he and this take is revolting. picrel is a quote from his article here https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5ca21581e4b00ba6328062d8

anyone else listen to the podcast? while Gurza is incel-teir gross, it's nuts to me that she has the audacity to talk about her self-diagnoses, and what muscle spasms are, to a severely disabled man with cerebral palsy. and just for keks, note that she exclusively refers to sex/relationship partners as men. I don't even think calling her a bihet is accurate, girl is just a lying str8

No. 1267436

exhausted by ableism in sex but nowhere else?? yeah im sure you suffer from "ableism" aka people looking to avoid pathetic moids like this.

No. 1267437

>She needs to start creating some content
after seeing >>1267385, I disagree. Holy fucking kek, how stiff and awkward. She barely does anything other than waddle around the stage and tugging at her costume. No sex appeal, no elegance, no suggestion. Maybe her massive beak is throwing off her balance so hard she's unable to perform. Truly a disabled queen

No. 1267458

File: 1624989331689.jpg (211.25 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20210629-135441_Twi…)

while he is a blanket disability advocate I've noticed 85% of his "activism" revolves around sex, excusing paid rape, kink and complaining about gay men not wanting to fuck him. sorry for derail but I really hate this cow and couldn't be less surprised that she did his podcast

No. 1267474

File: 1624990323367.jpg (339.59 KB, 856x1582, Screenshot_20210629-140825_Chr…)

No. 1267513

I know people in the burlesque scene in LA and my friend works close with Egypt. I'm going to have to go ask if she actually worked with her. I doubt it, or if I'll get any milk but it's worth a shot.

No. 1267524

>absolute couture


No. 1267533

She’s so stiff and awkward. I’ll get shit for this but looks-wise I don’t think she’s ugly. Personally I think she’s pretty and her body isn’t offensive. Her personality is complete garbage though. She sucks at performing. I see she enjoys it but damn girl, take a few lessons. Your movements are almost robotic and sarcastic.

Most women dance like this as a joke in their house wearing scrubs, and All That Jazz is on.

No. 1267534

She trained under Ginger Valentine but she’s begging for $750 for Ginger’s burlesque 101 course? >>1265275

No. 1267549

she prob took one class each from everyone she named 3 years ago and is calling it formal training

No. 1267553

Anyone can download the vid? I don't have fb

No. 1267562

She just looks like she's checking herself out the whole time, guess that's the "autosexual" thing coming through

No. 1267566

Anyone else gets Blair Waldorf wannabee vibes from her? lel

No. 1267572

I s2g "ableism" has to be the most retarded invented oppression of them all. Many mental illnesses make you fucking evil and more likely to victimize than to be victimized. Crippled moids are not owed sex slaves. What the fuck is this INSANITY lmfao

No. 1267575

>expecting a sentient cum cart's "politics" not to default to "gib fux"

No. 1267605

Imagine using someone else’s trauma as a platform to talk about yourself and not realize you’re a narc as well.

No. 1267608

File: 1624999696080.jpeg (150.55 KB, 1208x648, 22CD00C9-D80B-4E99-A746-13897C…)

This bitch really has a hammer and sickle emoji next to an anarchist flag emoji in her name now topkek

No. 1267613

Pick one whore

No. 1267615

Uhhhh aktually shitlib comminism jsut automatically happens once the capotalist neoliberal state is gone because human nature is cooperatiom

No. 1267618


What else do we know about her family?

No. 1267619

File: 1625000731044.png (12.03 MB, 1242x2208, B5EB3E84-856A-4183-B17A-9ABD8F…)

Her Louboutin collection is insane!!! /s

No. 1267627


Her obsession with stilettos is the #1 thing that makes me suspicious of the level that she claims to be disabled in terms of mobility. If she IS as fucked is as claims on her podcast, I feel bad for her, but dance is not for her and burlesque/striptease is fundamentally dance. If she just wants to look hot she can be a retro Instagram influencer and sell steamed stockings. Life isn’t fair.

No. 1267643

>2 kitten heels
>obsession with stilettos
Anon… kek

No. 1267651

Louboutins in particular are known to be impossible to walk in. They're just made to be as uncomfortable as possible, and it has nothing to do with heel height. There are taller heels by other luxury brands that aren't torturous to wear at all.

Tl;Dr cool story kat

No. 1267655

at least try to make your tankie spergings legible next time

No. 1267658

None of the heels pictured are louboutin though; they’re kate spade and fucking hello kitty kids heels kek

No. 1267661

Lol, I know. That's exactly the reason for this glaring mistake in her fake cripple narrative.

Normal healthy and fit people can barely walk 5 meters in those, let alone someone "disabled". Of course she wouldn't know, because she has never even tried them in the store, let alone owned them.

No. 1267663

read a book lib!!!!(infighting)

No. 1267677

File: 1625004998204.jpg (298.5 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20210629-181400_Twi…)

No. 1267678

File: 1625005035630.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.24 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20210629-181231_Twi…)

No. 1267680

wow so domme! cucks shaking in their chastity cages!!!!!

No. 1267682

i know she says she's a switch but the way she mixes "powerful domme" and "bratty sub" within the same tweets is so confusing. how does she expect to build a following with this shit?

No. 1267684

lmfao she won't even entice the "dethroning" fags because she's dethroning herself for them. Like what is the point here

No. 1267685

Does she not know what a cuckhold is? Parkavenuepinup needs to pick a fucking lane and stay in it. She’s a submissive little that sucks on a bottle… this domme stuff is a poor attempt at a money grab.

No. 1267696

From what I've seen, pickmes have the hardest time larping as dommes. They can't even conceptualize a state of mind in which they're not desperate and subservient, which is why they end up as shitty service tops who convince themselves that "the blowjob giver has all the power". She will never get any sub money kek.

No. 1267762

File: 1625014959249.jpg (254.92 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20210629-205454_Twi…)

I dunno where to start with this horrific video

>Cheap wig

>Chewing gum?
>Awkward movement
>Awkward speech

Girl what are you doing.

No. 1267777

>wish this was you
>to bad
kek. Very professional, super smart, high education domme here. I wonder if she'd screech about ableism in regards to her shit grammar.

Ngl, she has Pumpy's body/looks, Shayna's failed wannabe bimbo energy, Lori Lewd's absolute shit personality/narcissism and a pinch of PNP's utter lack of sex appeal. Katherine truly is some kind of milky amalgamation of some of the top cows right now.

No. 1267782

No wonder she has like a 3.5 rating, this is 2 minutes of her moving from point A to B in an ill-fitting corset.

No. 1267783

Kek her and Shayna even have the same dog

No. 1267785

File: 1625018135941.jpeg (270.39 KB, 1538x2048, 9C80BB1C-71A5-4F85-8379-6655C0…)

No. 1267786

File: 1625018187836.jpeg (336.15 KB, 1538x2048, 553B7B54-0B81-4EAD-884E-A4D7CB…)

No. 1267788

File: 1625018418314.webm (3.39 MB, 534x360, Gkf2cy8d85iedYDE.webm)

C'mon anon. I love these updates, but at least post the video.

No. 1267794

Every movement is so insecure and anxious. This is painful cringe.

No. 1267796

>terrible blonde wig
>ill fitting pink heart ap sale bra
>pink amazon collar
>baby jane makeup
>generic ‘my way’ tattoo

Do these girls not see that they are a dime a dozen kek

No. 1267799

What's with the random blurred out frizz on top of her head? Must be her disability preventing her from brushing out that party city wig

No. 1267800

I agree she’s not ugly, she’s just awkward and her costume isn’t fitted right. The Ginger Valentine person actually gave her good advice to take more dance lessons. Unfortunately her ego won’t let her take the steps she needs to improve, since she’s already a world class dancer with the most exquisite costumes in her own mind.

No. 1267803

File: 1625018759147.webm (10.17 MB, 400x224, Katherinedancing.webm)

video of her "dancing" for all the non-FB anons to enjoy.

No. 1267804

Jesus Christ. Everything about this is just wrong kek Zero confidence, zero sex appeal, zero domme energy, going off of a script that reads like bad copywriting, cheap amazon getup… it never ends.

She wasn’t doing well selling herself through pictures and text posts so why the hell she thought a video would be a good idea is lost on me.

No. 1267807

Yeah she’s not getting any subs (at least not any high paying ones) with this confusing shit. Posting images of herself tied up naked under generic domme copypasta is just schizoid marketing kek

No. 1267830

File: 1625020799262.jpeg (Spoiler Image,291.78 KB, 1502x2048, CBB28BA5-6DB6-49A4-85B4-84A413…)

No girl, just no

No. 1267834

She wants to convince people she owns Louboutin heels but lets the dog get that close to her "collection". Yeah okay.
A collared Domme feels like an oxymoron, why would anyone want to be controlled by someone who is controlled by someone else?
This reminds me of Toddlers and Tiaras where you see the kids walking on stage and doing their poses while the stage parent is in the back doing it with them, except with an adult woman and no offstage guidance. Besides the bad moves and outfits, she has no stage presence, she's… not that interesting to look at as a performer.

No. 1267836

can anyone decipher what her tattoos say?

No. 1267841

>So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
From the Great Gatsby on her waist. Not sure about the other one I can see.

No. 1267842

kek anon ilu

No. 1267897

File: 1625025700262.jpg (17.32 KB, 343x300, casting-suite-audition.jpg)

this gives me the vibe of an audition video for the local town play, like picrel

No. 1267916

>>1267788 the vibe in this video is the same as Fupa wearing those gloves and pretending to be a dom

No. 1267921

Thanks anon. There's two other random quote tattoos by the looks of it. One on her back and one on her upper arm.

Arm tattoo begins with "I found" >>1267786

No. 1267924

Arm tattoo is the lyrics to My Way as mentioned above
>I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way

No. 1267936

No worries. The genre of tattooed quotes on her is sort of embarrassing, but that's down to preference I suppose. 20's glitz and glamour, Frank Sinatra… though the melancholy of the Great Gatbsy line is nice enough. I didn't know she had such a passion for literature.

No. 1267948

Anon great gatsby is required reading in ny high schools kek

No. 1267951

>passion for literature
>the great gatsby
Anon please… Do any of her apartment photos show a book collection of someone passionate about literature? Kek no

No. 1267953

File: 1625031665002.jpg (247.45 KB, 1062x1712, Screenshot_20210630-014005_Twi…)

No. 1267954

File: 1625031686110.jpeg (365.76 KB, 1242x1763, 25822AD0-1419-4028-B61B-BB0E8D…)

She’s really feeling this ill-suited wig. Even made it her new pfp. Each photo she posts from this set is more edited then the last too lol

No. 1267955

No now what the actual fuck is this?!?

No. 1267956

Not just in NY fellow burger anon, just highschools in general kek. I'd be more impressed if she had something from Marquis de Sade or other degenerate scrotes like him.

No. 1267959

>impressed by Marquis de Sade
Nonita no lol

No. 1267960

It was sarcasm, because she got a tattoo of an overdone Great Gatsby quote. Thanks for your reply though.

No. 1267963

Is this the same fuzzy pink rug Shayna used to take similar floor shots with? The only difference is the lack of fairy lights and the red velvet instead of pink cotton. kek

No. 1267967

It’s similar which is absolutely gross because we’ve all seen what the mixture of pet hair and snail trails turn them in to. She has just started posting content and it already is low tier like Shayna. Amazing.

No. 1267975

I can not imagine the personality and existential crises she has each morning before she says Grand Rising being an age regressing little goddess princess dominatrix pinup collared bimbo living doll who identifies as a hyperfemme She/Her/Hers bidemiautoheterosexual who’s disabilities include endometriosis personal floatation device and cPTSDSTD that works as a burlesque showgirl cultural worker disability advocate historian costumier retired sugar baby findomme sex worker.

No. 1267984


The burlesque/old Hollywood hair and makeup just ages her 10+ years, she has kind of an older looking face to begin with but this style just doesn’t look good on her, and most men don’t like this style anyway outside of neckbeards and those weird pseudo-altright aging goth dudes. Not the type of people to have dispensable income.

No. 1268030

i’m shocked at how unfortunate her face and body are. somehow she manages to look 10x uglier than skinny shayna

No. 1268037

> I'm the most luxurious thing you could ever hope to afford
> wearing amazon $10 bdsm choker

No. 1268062

It's a shame, all this cheap shit would fit a 60's down-and-out ex-beauty icon. She could do trash glam. It's not like she'd need to change very much.

No. 1268075

File: 1625049149342.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, B43BC4EE-AEC4-4702-8D67-1408F7…)

Posted this one here >>1260981 then have the other two she posted. This was when I started screenshoting because it was such a wtf moment lol

No. 1268077

File: 1625049287762.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, F877F2DA-A811-47F6-B05F-7A0293…)

No. 1268104

bitch what

No. 1268106

Jfc, not the "I'll fuck your dad" bullshit. She really is Shayna in a different package.

No. 1268127

Nothing says dominatrix goddess like a girl in a cheap costume wig and cheap costume accessories stammering her way through an insecure monologue while being afraid to touch her own riding crop

No. 1268129

Wtf? This is not a flex, ew.

No. 1268134

Katherine wants people to respect her boundaries by not sending her emoji reactions on Instagram yet had no problem breaking an extreme boundaries with her friends by sleeping with their dads and then posting about it on social media. What a awful person she is.

She’s most likely lying though since everything she does is an attempt at being a depraved moid’s fantasy. Still makes her an awful person.

No. 1268147

Today in "things that didn't happen" like if anything that's sexual assault to just randomly crawl into married men's beds while ostensibly staying with your friends. But it never happened so shrug

I can't believe how much milk this cow produces on a daily basis, it's like she's trying to be ridiculous.

No. 1268187

I almost had a stroke reading that, thanks anon kek

No. 1268191

File: 1625061582459.jpg (17.7 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

What if it's all just an experiment trying to create the perfect cow? We can't prove she isn't a farmer.

No. 1268199

>>1267803 thanks anon! What a yawn

No. 1268202

>>1267975 this is the funniest thing I read today, anon I love you

No. 1268208

it must really make her seethe she has such a fridge body when she's going for the pinup lewk, lel

No. 1268213

So true anon, she's psyoping us

No. 1268242

File: 1625068099903.jpg (210.69 KB, 889x1580, Screenshot_20210630-114055_Chr…)

She really does try to muddle & confuse about her life. She is trying to make it seem they just got the frenchie but that isn't the case as seen in >>1266655

No. 1268244

File: 1625068160052.jpg (171.08 KB, 875x1556, Screenshot_20210630-114125_Chr…)

No. 1268246

>>1268202 agreed, love you >>1267975

No. 1268250

idk nonnie that looks like a different dog, look at the muzzles

No. 1268265

ya I think he just got a second dog

No. 1268293

At first I was gonna call you both crazy but then realized neckbeard's dog looks older than the puppy. I wonder if they both just have dogs they occasionally take out of the neet cave or if neckbeard's dog died and they got a replacement.

No. 1268302


Coloration on a dog can change as they get older. Its seems irresponsible to get a second dog when you are jobless but I wouldn't put it pass him to do so.

No. 1268315

File: 1625073224130.jpg (141.01 KB, 645x772, ethot bingo1.jpg)

This cow is such a delightful combination of other ewhores that she inspired me to make this bingo card. Feel free to use the card for your other favorite sex work cows as well.

No. 1268348

holy kek bless the anon who created this thread. this girl is bonkers and radiates ScorpioAssHeaux vibes before she got all of her work done.

No. 1268354

This is definitely not out of the realm of possibilities.

Yeah that looks like a different, new Boston Terrier to me. Cutie tho.

Jesus fucking kek

No. 1268443

This is brilliant. Just forgot “collects pets but doesn’t take care of them” since a ton of e-thots do that too.

No. 1268464

Great card anon, good work!

No. 1268484

Valid point, anon. Should I swap out "Bimbofication" and "Handmaid for troons" with "Neglects Pets" and "Clown-tier makeup"?

No. 1268510

Maybe swap for one of the quotes, a few are a bit repetitive (money makes me wet, pay me for doing nothing etc.) But this is really good work!

No. 1268528

Can mentally ill be switched with "BPD/Narc-chan"? I'd also switch "Bi" but only dates scrotes with 'totally Queer'. 'Still bitches about highschool' with 'No friends'. Abuses filters text should be faded and if you do put clown-tier makeup, just put a picture of a clown instead.

No. 1268615

File: 1625099784441.jpeg (156.79 KB, 1242x960, A015182C-6041-4A46-B890-19FD93…)

Which translates to: I’m baked af and going to veg out for the rest of the day

No. 1268659

File: 1625104861355.jpg (249.45 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20210630-215744_Chr…)

No. 1268665

Just came here to post this lol girl go to Duane Reade if you’re really not feeling good and get some NyQuil for $4.

It’s a Ironic too because did she forget she posted this? You’re compliaing about a cold so by her own words she can’t handle be disabled >>1265352

No. 1268666

jfc ironic, not “a ironic” my phone hates me kek

No. 1268669

a copay? for a cold?… ok

No. 1268678

Bitch you have 300 followers and I doubt that even a third of those are male. Who is she trying to reach with these tweets? This may be the first time I've ever seen someone LARP as an online sex worker. She activates my autism so hard holy shit

No. 1268699

What’s also interesting is that her “back up” Instagram has twice as many followers as her public one… like, why not swap to that one?

More followers=more chances for engagement=more chances for whatever, right?

No. 1268705

That account got nuked for a few months and is most likely shadowbanned. She loves attention so that’s not going to work for her kek

No. 1268788

You don’t have a copay unless you have insurance… it’s literally what you pay up front in addition to what insurance pays, hence COpay. If you don’t have health insurance they bill you.

This bitch really tells on herself in the dumbest ways.

No. 1268807

Uhh did she get the 'vid from attending that event a few days ago? >>1264991

The delta (indian) strain is super catching and healthy people are likely to experience it only as a mild cold symptoms. Or it could be a literal cold from walking around in lingerie in public.

No. 1268985

what the fuck does muggle sick mean? ties into her belief that non-disabled ppl can’t get sick?

No. 1269089

She’s entitled to be under her parents insurance until she is 26 or until 30 under NY state law, unless her ebil parents canceled it out of spite. I don’t know who would cancel their retarded kid’s health insurance just because they temporarily (?) brainrotted themselves with stupid ideologies, even if they were on NC terms.

No. 1269138

File: 1625168631084.png (4.45 MB, 1242x2208, 04DCF334-EFDF-4A65-AC83-1C4A70…)

No. 1269140

File: 1625168747555.jpg (342.3 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210701-154309_Chr…)


She wrote an article in this small overpriced magazine.


No. 1269141

File: 1625168883358.jpg (345.09 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20210701-154238_Chr…)

No. 1269152

It’s a term used in the spoonie / zebra / munchie community to describe when they get “normal person” sick (cold, virus, etc.) as opposed to their usual chronic illness (which I guess is wizard-sick bc it’s very cool and magical?).

No. 1269160

Pointe shoes are available for different skin tones. They have been for years. Can’t wait to tell my cousin she’s racist for wearing pink pointe shoes and white tights instead of ones that match her skin tone for aesthetic reasons kek /s

No. 1269188

This is one of the most cringey things I have ever heard

No. 1269206

Her parents would still have to pay for her to be on there and family plans are expensive. So if they were truly estranged, she could be been dropped. But who are we kidding? It's just a money grab.

No. 1269213

Katie McMahon grew up in Massapequa, NY

not quite Park Avenue kek

No. 1269233

File: 1625173205696.png (134.46 KB, 300x194, 5E380891-FB3D-4EFF-BDED-E0B101…)

Found pics of her from high school without all the glam…. she’s really not much to look at (apologies for the shit quality)

No. 1269234

File: 1625173232383.png (149.78 KB, 374x210, 5C346A49-1AC7-4126-A77F-626700…)

No. 1269240

No. 1269241

Anybody know this cow personally? I would love some more background on her. Loving this thread kek

No. 1269244

99% of the people who do the pinup look are beat plain janes. Look at Dita Von Teese… she's quite ugly and boring without the heavy makeup and hair. Katherine is no different.

No. 1269246

It was. She never was enrolled at Harvard but is pretending that she was. She's full of shit.

No. 1269254

File: 1625173815467.jpg (43.16 KB, 138x415, MockTrial_121914A.jpg)

No. 1269256

File: 1625173837956.png (268.59 KB, 278x838, f41b74aa5389f4db1c0d089cebfa83…)

No. 1269260

>I went to an Ivy League school
>actually just visited Harvard once

No. 1269261


Why is she lurking in the back. Also why is she wearing pink when most of the other women are wearing black? She had to be a special snowflake?

No. 1269282

she’s trying to be Elle Woods without the personality

No. 1269319

There's nothing wrong with how she looks, she's just a basic Becky. Which makes it extra special to see her larping this hard as an uwu oppressed genderspecial disabled black kween.

No. 1269345

kek is this poppy

No. 1269373

anyone from the area could tell this bitch is not of Park Ave pedigree within 5 seconds. The people with that kind of money don't need to flex, and if they do it's definitely not with Agent Provocateur. Of course she's from Long Island kek, the epitome of basic bitch

No. 1269382

Exactly. There are buildings where the average apartment price is $16 million. She’s gritting for snack money online and thinks L’occtaine is luxurious kek There’s selling the fantasy and faking it until you make it and then there’s being a delusional liar. She’s the latter.

No. 1269385

File: 1625185286310.png (9.04 MB, 1242x2208, 3465288C-1BD9-437C-B462-597F13…)

She no doubt got sick at pride kek

No. 1269420

lol the "colds" going around are pretty much all untested covid. some people are testing negative but it's often from being vaccinated which means that need an actual lab test I can't remember which. Sorry but I have a hard time believing with the US's response to covid that colds are around again. Whatever it is I'm sure she'll be crippled by it but still able to somehow dress up and post content

there's a subject on the munchie/ott (over the top) reddit that always uses the term "muggle sick". I wonder if she got it from those accounts which would be even funnier because they're almost all as ott as her

No. 1269530

File: 1625202565131.jpeg (368.34 KB, 1242x949, 041AC364-20D8-4A13-B813-5B938C…)

>belly piercing
>laser hair removal
>tattoo removal

Those are entirely normal things/upkeep for a lot of people. She’s just like Shayna but instead of calling normal things bimbofication she’s calling it dollification. Nose jobs are generic too but since it’s the only thing she wants that would permanently change her face it barely gets a pass.

No. 1269532

for a supposedly high class“park avenue” woman, the belly piercing is an interesting choice

No. 1269546

File: 1625203763633.jpg (542.72 KB, 1886x1621, image (1).jpg)

She asked for people to ask,confess, share but then posted these.

No. 1269549

File: 1625204321881.jpeg (480.48 KB, 1194x1002, E9864393-FBAC-410D-8CE6-3503CF…)

She talks about body modifications a lot but isn’t really doing anything extreme. Everything she listed is quite normal. As much as I can’t stand the bitch, at least you know Alicia Amira actually has a fetish and makes it clear her only goal is to be a breathing fuckdoll.

Katherine wants to be a living doll yet the only time she talks about it is when she wants money for a mundane procedure. Don’t expect her to exactly talk like picrel but you would think she would talk similarly especially since she’s a self-proclaimed autosexual.

She wants to be a special snowflake so bad but is just like all the other gossip girl wannabes from Long Island kek

No. 1269638

>"dollification" is literally just asking for basic cosmetic shit
It's such a weird thing to larp for too, I'm sure if she said "help me get double d breasts!" she could scam scrotes with ease.

No. 1269661

File: 1625223537715.jpg (401.21 KB, 1536x2048, waxfigurerealness.jpg)


No. 1269662

File: 1625223643524.png (553.14 KB, 894x673, corset.png)

Surprised no one has posted this video yet, it's so stiff and awkward

No. 1269667

File: 1625224105588.webm (7.33 MB, 1020x504, MYbKSIQ8Wxkig59X.webm)

>>1269662 hope the video works

No. 1269670

how did she look at her face in this photo and thought it was a good idea to post it anywhere

No. 1269675

she moves like a hooker NPC in Second Life

No. 1269683

This is a damn crime. Also it looks more like she's trying to make that monstrosity of a corset shimmer so she can stare at it rather than trying to be sexy and show off her waist.

No. 1269686

It cracks me up that this high class park avenue living doll has virtually no backgrounds to pose in front of, other than that dresser. Keep telling on yourself Katherine.
kek, she really does

No. 1269693

Sorry for samefagging but is she really keeping her her fake Louboutin flats on her fucking dresser? Next to her makeup and perfume? Gross.
Also, totally what rich, sphisticated women do. Keep all of your "luxury" shit in one place in order to show it off in your increasingly desperate twitter posts.

No. 1269695

File: 1625227576192.jpg (27.6 KB, 251x235, 20210702_140455.jpg)

Ugh, dropped pic. I'm really on samefagging roll today.

No. 1269696

It might be an 18 inch corset but there's no way it fits her fully closed. She's moving so stiffly because she's trying to squeeze into something too small for her.

No. 1269705

>tfw your whole face and outfit clash
Is she too much of a poorfag to find amazon shit in the same shade?
I love whenever sw/pickme cows try and make themselves sound like absolute degenerates only to post shit like this and further prove they're no different from the "vanilla normies" they mock.

No. 1269707

>>1269667 Another common point with a cow, just like Pnp she thinks something mediocre is grand the minute it's SHINYYYYYYYY

No. 1269777

File: 1625235764070.jpeg (348.65 KB, 1125x1016, F7A9145F-5217-4844-AE93-550655…)

lol she’s basically admitting that she’s failed at attracting any subs and that her only revenue comes from other women who enjoy her aesthetic and fall for her begging posts so they throw her a few dollars

No. 1269831


maybe it's just because she has the proportions of a midget but her waist does not look 18" in these

if it is 18", it's because she's barely 5' tall.

No. 1269841

She’s gotta be a midget with her “~size 4~” feet.

No. 1269845

File: 1625241885734.jpg (105.02 KB, 634x916, 48EC558D00000578-5357501-image…)

this is what a normal-sized woman with an 18" corseted waist looks like.

try again, katie!

No. 1269856

File: 1625242568203.png (533.03 KB, 2602x1874, Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 12.1…)

No. 1269862

Slight a-log but this is why baby burlesque dancers look so fucking awkward, they have to learn to properly touch themselves. The hovering hand and just barely touching yourself with your fingertips doesn’t look sexy but just extremely uncomfortable and unsure of yourself. She really should have paid for those dance lessons

No. 1269869

File: 1625243927512.jpg (471.95 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20210702-123508_Ins…)


I think you are right. In this picture, she can't get the corset fully laced.

No. 1269873

File: 1625244119639.jpg (534.07 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210702-012809_Chr…)


She deleted this probably because no one interacted with her

No. 1269880

File: 1625244893914.jpg (430.49 KB, 2155x1827, image (2).jpg)

No. 1269881

File: 1625244925999.jpg (381.43 KB, 2155x1808, image (3).jpg)

No. 1269882

File: 1625244973235.jpg (133.91 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20210702-124719_Chr…)

No. 1269885

I sincerely hope that corset isn't expensive because she is going to ruin it lacing it like that. You can tell it doesn't fit her right because the top of the corset it closed and the middle is gaping open.

No. 1269902

File: 1625246279532.jpg (380.12 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20210702_151846.jpg)

No. 1269904

It is legitimately always healthy, able bodied people who are the most annoying disability advocates. I’d love for her to make a friend (if capable) with someone who is physically disabled yet still living their life like a normal fucking person.

No. 1269906

Good luck, she’ll never be able to get onto pointe if she keeps screaming “ableism”. It take years of training to strengthen your ankles and feet to where it’s safe to do pointe, good teachers won’t allow you to get a pair unless they feel you’re strong enough. Hope she likes broken ankles…

No. 1269921

>tfw ur a luxurious glamorous expensive perfect findomme whom much of the Forbes billionaires list has attempted to wine and dine, who is also financially unstable, insecure, and sits at home bedazzling cheap lingerie to try and fool bottom-of-the-barrel coomers who don't know any better

her larping as this worldly princess is made so much more entertaining by her complete transparency about what poor white trash she is. No fashion sense, no eye for quality. Even if you're poor you can look classy and expensive if you get your priorities straight, but of course her entire idea of luxury is tacky as hell.

No. 1269924

File: 1625247783457.jpg (299.44 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20210702-134024_Twi…)

No. 1269926

File: 1625247833770.jpg (421.11 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20210702-134046_Twi…)

No. 1269930

I can see people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility actually legitimately struggling with accessibility. But again she's just hijacking the conversation to make it about herself and her struggles of not having… free water? I guess? She's clearly able to walk around just fine and uses no assistance devices, chooses to wear heels while walking the dog, etc. She doesn't even commit to faking things very well.

No. 1269966

She has no idea who her target audience is, does she? Coomers don't send money to findommes to wokely support #disabledfemmes or because they're so "generous", they're CLIENTS paying for a service. And so far you're serving nothing but bad wigs and bitter Karen rants, so the moids aren't paying up. Girls like her & Shaynus are always screaming "sex work is real work" until it's time to get off the couch and hustle, then it becomes clear their idea of "work" is spending the day cheefing, dabbing, Tweeting, whining, scamming and grifting.

No. 1269967

Forget about all the homeless people dying under bridges. What about meeee, a disabled femme luxury findomme burlesque dancer?!

No. 1269973

File: 1625250524723.png (1.27 MB, 1936x1936, Photo_2021-07-02_02-24-16_PM.p…)

No. 1269980

File: 1625251028088.jpg (115.01 KB, 1073x1908, Screenshot_20210702-140758_Chr…)

Do we know what pay app she uses? I dunno if its because she is blocking out the name but the screenshots look weird.

No. 1269987

a woman clearly sent this

it’s Venmo btw but she uses PayPal and Cashapp too. can’t wait to hear her cry about how PayPal is discriminating against disabled sex workers when she gets banned. the only reason she hasn’t yet is because she’s a nobody.

No. 1269998

No. 1270009

File: 1625252211880.jpg (384.1 KB, 1080x2115, Screenshot_20210702-145616_Ins…)


No. 1270010

She saw one black domme do this successfully and is now trying to copy it for wook points. However I just went to look her up for the comparison/screenshots, and it looks like she offed herself. Damn. The Park Bench Pinup doesn’t stand a chance.

No. 1270016

> $44
Forbes billionaire vibes

No. 1270019

Did she finally discover her thread?

No. 1270023

File: 1625252580064.jpg (172.66 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20210702-144902_Ven…)


I believe you are right

Top kek

No. 1270028

in my humble onion I really hope she stays away and does not try to befriend an actual disabled person who faces actual oppression. imagine how fucking tiring that would be for them

No. 1270030

File: 1625253110139.jpg (110.26 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20210702-150858_Chr…)


I await for the threatening letter from her fake lawyer demanding to take this thread down.

No. 1270031

Always the lolsuit threats first thing

No. 1270055

>Hello is this the police
>Yes hello, I would like to report a crime
>Yes it's a female gossip website where they laugh at e-girls and sexworkers
>officer puts down the phone to laugh
>Yes officer, they said I had a big nose and questioned my survivor story
>muffled laughter
>Uh sure Ma'am we will look into this right away

Also already had enough of her calling herself disabled for the hundredth time when she has a pelvic floor dysfunction? She can walk, dance, work, is not a spoonie, like there are so many disabled people struggling and she is honest to god appropriating their struggles by claiming disability this many times.

No. 1270057

If she cares about domestic violence survivors, how about stop sexualizing men walking women on leashes? Like in those awful kidnapping cases? At least don't post about it online.

No. 1270075

wait damn who was it?

No. 1270081

Oh realistically I know and agree with you, but imagine her saying this shit to the face of a paraplegic person confined to a wheel or power chair. Much less one who has a job, hobbies, friends, and generally lives quite decently and independently. Ya know, without incessantly begging for attention and money.

No. 1270083

Get a job, Katie!

No. 1270087

File: 1625255371603.jpg (262.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210702-154749_Twi…)

Her cuck privatized his Twitter.

No. 1270088

File: 1625255445600.jpeg (63.47 KB, 750x1334, 6518372C-AF5A-4AD9-8209-49ADD4…)

didn’t see this one posted

>abuse survivor

>sex worker
>telling me you have a crush on me is violating


No. 1270093

File: 1625255696350.jpeg (539.49 KB, 1242x1875, CC05D78D-00B1-4A55-A703-2E89D8…)

Mistress Velvet. I remember this article making the rounds and even checked out her Instagram when I saw it. Not a fan of the line of work obvi, but she was actually fairly professional and successful, even while making weird old sissy moids read feminist and communist theory kek

No. 1270097

Crushes can develop. Her goblin looking ass wouldn’t know though because that usually comes once you get to know someone and their personality and she is utterly insufferable

No. 1270101

I watched a video of a one-legged woman (leg completely gone and no prosthetic) doing doing salsa dancing or some shit. She was amazing and moved like she had two legs. This fake ass bitch is using her uwu muh disabilities~ as a way to do nothing to better herself and to scream ablism at anyone who tells her she needs to improve herself.

>I’m a victim of life
You’re not special. Stop hiding behind labels. It’s pathetic. As if being a victim and being disabled disqualifies you from any sort of criticism or opinion.

No. 1270120

File: 1625256912825.jpg (155.71 KB, 1079x1227, Screenshot_20210702-161321_Ins…)

She privatized her Instagram

No. 1270149

>take the trash out for me
Like Mistress Velvet did? Interesting choice of words there, Katherine McMahon aka theparkavenuepinup

Also kek at her referring to lolcow as an alt-right site and saying a pro-bono lawyer can it down. She really needs to be medicated for her delusions.

No. 1270150

File: 1625258411541.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2208, 0FCF470B-4600-4C12-887E-4151E6…)

She’s going off on a marijuana sperg

No. 1270167

this was already posted >>1269881

did she dirty delete the rest? >>1270009

No. 1270229

She's such a whiny little bitch. Imagine getting offended and triggered at such basic everyday things as someone having a crush on you or asking you to take a train to an audition kek

No. 1270266

The anons who first knew/posted her were already following her since her old accounts so I doubt this will change much

No. 1270288

This bitch really said “the word marijuana is racist” and then censored it by changing it to cannabis in a black woman’s tweet. K.

No. 1270321


Yes, thank you! I was like 18", for her waist? No way.

Also is it just me or does her corset seem ill fitted? Like the bottom doesn't look flush with her hips, it looks like it's got about an inch of space. Tinfoil, but I don't think she knows how to lace a corset correctly. She never does show the back lacing which is kinda odd considering her ""fanbase"" is coomers and a common-ish BDSM fetish is restriction.

Sage for retarded tinfoiling.

No. 1270330

It is horribly fitted. She either didn’t break it in correctly or it is the wrong shape for her in general.

No. 1270342

Isn't she just censoring so she doesn't get shadow banned by insta again?

No. 1270361

File: 1625272797734.jpeg (138.07 KB, 828x451, 28390636-23C3-4E18-810C-B7ADAD…)

wonder why she erased her name on IG?

No. 1270373

File: 1625273996741.png (504.1 KB, 512x512, 57cbc36d39e12.png)


>>Park Bench Pinup

kek anon, my sides

No. 1270402


She thinks if she deletes her name it wont tie to her social medias.

Here is a video I found where she rambles about BDSM.


No. 1270423


Her account is unlocked and indeed she deleted the stories about lolcow. Some assertive dom she is.

No. 1270426

As someone unfamiliar with NYC (Eurofag) her username makes me think of a hooker who hangs around the local park, probably not what she was going for

No. 1270482

Sorry but this is really dumb. You can remove your name on instagram all you want but when people search any of your names, this thread is going to come up. Maybe if she thought twice before publicaly hating on women, lying, and slandering otber people she wouldn’t be posted here. Cows don’t get a thread for being perfect little saints. Hopefully she pulls a Dua Lipa and takes the advice here but in all honest it’s not looking too good.

No. 1270498

She’s built like a plank so best bet is it wasn’t made for her unfortunate body type.

No. 1270502

File: 1625287926368.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1536x1848, 21E4A4C1-35AA-43F4-BD55-C594FE…)

removing her name won't do shit since she has it listed on other websites.


No. 1270525

Oh but posting about people being “fuckdoll inspo” without their consent and having your neck beard drag you around on a leash is public around unconseting people is okay? She really needs to get her head out of her ass and live in the real world for a moment. Imagine thinking someone having a crush on you is violating but nothing you does is.

No. 1270526

>June 22, 2020

This disabled queen was performing burlesque at parties during COVID in NYC. Inspiring!

No. 1270527

>best way to show your support is sending me money for bring a disabled femme
This bitch really has no clue what communism is kek

No. 1270557

>>1270482 Wait what happened with Dua Lipa what have I missed

No. 1270581

ot but dua lipa said that people making fun of her dancing made her want to become a better dancer. the joke became “bullying works!” so I was just saying Katherine here should learn from that and take some of the advice given in this thread.

No. 1270584

Someone being disabled and/or a survivor of domestic violence does not magically automatically make them a good person that is exempt from any criticism. It’s so telling how she uses “but I’m disabled!!” and the like as an attempt to get out of everything.

No. 1270588

>far-right website that accuses survivors of lying
Here’s the thing theparkavenuepinup Katherine Harlow, you are lying. You’re lying right here with this sentence in order to make a women’s imageboard sound like an extremist hate forum so you can get some money out of people for being uwu builled by the far-right for your online political “activism”.

She’s telling on herself by saying that it’s slander to post her Instagram stories. If you stand by what you say and post, you shouldn’t care your Instagram stories from the “past” (past being two months ago kek) are being posted. Perhaps you should have thought twice before posting about how you supposedly used to crawl into your friends’ dads’ beds at sleepovers and before you publicly shamed someone for saying take a dance lesson.

No. 1270598

She seems like the type of person who never admits to herself she can be wrong based on her superiority complex and constant doubling down, so I doubt she will absorb anything. Plus she's already decided it's "alt right" and against her tankietard politics to not kiss troon ass, so she already has a convenient excuse to not accept any valid criticism

No. 1270651

Park Avenue is a street in downtown NYC with lots of famous buildings and luxury stores. She's trying to sound upscale. Not a eurofag but I think it would be like the equivalent of some french girl that grew up in the suburbs of Paris calling herself the "Champs-Élysées Pinup"

No. 1270675

Yes, lolcow, the… notorious alt-right site? If anything most of us are radfems but ok. At the end of the day, we are all here for one reason: laughing at idiots who can’t log off. ParkAvenuePoser needs to stay in her own lane and stop being so embarrassing. She’s up there with Shayna in terms of self righteous cringe. PS: if you wanna come off as luxury, buy clothes that fit, dumbass.

No. 1270761

Congrats Kathy! Welcome to the lolcow fold

No. 1270785

>>1269869 oooooof that is a very ill-fitted corset. Makes my ribcage hurt just looking at it

No. 1270832

File: 1625342070012.png (616.12 KB, 1242x2208, 75D174E6-9005-4A49-AE35-D8976E…)

She’s trying hard to clean house but has forgotten that once it’s out on the internet, it’s there forever. She blocked about 360 people on insta, disabled her spoilkatherine twitter, AVN Stars, and niteflirt, took down her pictures from SextPanther, and took down the “naughty” section from her website. Her onlyfans is still up but she changed the username… but not the url kek

No. 1270837

Let this be a wake up call. I’ve never seen someone go about pursuing femdom work in such a completely incorrect way.

Where did she publicly post her exchange with Rosie Cheeks? I’ve seen Rosie perform countless times and I can see why Katherine would be jealous.

No. 1270838

File: 1625343696779.png (7.17 MB, 1242x2208, 48F4C9D3-BAD4-4F3D-9A21-8062F5…)

The farm never forgets Katherine lol

No. 1270845


She should be so lucky that her particular brand of cringe didn’t fall under the interests of kiwifarms

No. 1270851

File: 1625344967285.webm (1.99 MB, 1080x1920, winkwinkwink.webm)

For posterity: Katherine Harlow theparkavenuepinup attempting to be sexy by winking like a maniac

No. 1270856

File: 1625345542550.png (14.19 KB, 260x113, Screen Shot 2021-07-03 at 1.52…)

She's archived/deleted all her content on her original page too. She's scared kek

No. 1270859

It's like Eve took the bite of the apple and became self-aware and embarrassed.

Looking at the tagged Tweets 100% of her interaction is from other females, this whole shebang is clearly not what men are looking for.

No. 1270873

I think you mean Katie McMahon of Massapequa, NY aka thestateparkwaypinup

No. 1270874


It's pointless to destroy all of her sex work websites, what is she trying to accomplish? Here are some news articles she wrote in high school.


No. 1271005

It looks like her instagram is completely gone. What are the chances she will come back under a different name?

No. 1271010

it's not gone…

No. 1271016

Getting Vicky Shingles vibes from this. Gross

No. 1271036

Not gone, she probably just blocked you. She's blocked 100s kek

No. 1271128

File: 1625381134928.jpeg (164.81 KB, 1197x334, 3FBE772A-6E10-4C92-8001-18AE59…)

she was a guest on a podcast "Disibility After Dark" for episode 171 but it is not available anywhere. i wanna know what she said and why they ended up pulling it???

No. 1271130

File: 1625381210564.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1536x1798, 224EFBA2-965B-43AE-89A2-CFE854…)

im stupid and made a typo but heres a screenshot from Stitcher and it's nowhere to be found

No. 1271134

File: 1625383933268.png (145.31 KB, 1018x617, khpod.png)

Damn you're right, I thought I'd find it on Spotify but it's completely skipped over.

No. 1271146

No. 1271184

What’s with the damage control? Is she really so thin-skinned that she can’t take criticism, or is she worried her “estranged” parents will find out? Goes to show she wasn’t actually making any money off this gimmick if she can afford to DFE.

No. 1271214

Nah, I tried that link too just now, I get an error message. I tested it out by playing a few of the other episodes on that link and they worked just fine. Her episode was very specifically pulled.

No. 1271235

Us lolcow gossip boarders may have given her a get out of jail free card
>Try being a findomme
>Absolutely no takers except sympathy donations from other women
>Also get a thread on female gossip site lolcow.farm
>The only people watching me are women and I'm getting hardly any money from this findomme shit
>Abort mission
>Claim an imaginary alt-right forum is the cause, not the utter failure of her findomme attempts

No. 1271296

can someone who listened to it give us a summary? it must've been pulled recently…

No. 1271301

She is serious about deleting everything. What is the best way to save the youtube video and put it on here?

No. 1271343

I was wondering the same. What she is hiding? She deleted everything not just privatized her IG like most cows do. But all her “sex work” pages. Kek she must not have been making anything if she nuked it like nothing.

No. 1271350

I’ll be sad if we’ve truly lost a budding new cow but hopefully this will teach Katherine McMahon a valuable lesson in internet privacy and give her motivation to get a real job instead of leeching off of other pickmes and coomers.

No. 1271362


She’ll be back anon. Give it a week. It takes an average of like ten dramatic internet suicides for a cow to go offline /felicefawn

No. 1271414

File: 1625425966041.jpg (207.62 KB, 1727x930, 20210704_151103.jpg)

Tinfoil but I was just googling and this came up. Not sure if this was an old account or just a fan account that was following her.


No. 1271420

She has litterally zero fans tho

No. 1271495

So much for being oh so vulnerable and made of glass! She's extra shitty for doing this.

Yes I'm tired of her using it as an excuse for everything shit about her. It's incredibly juvenile and only serves to perpetuate negative stereotypes about the disabled and those with PTSD.

this is what I hate most about her also how she acts like she's an expert on everything while clearly be an immature. It's okay to not be the best at something. We all start somewhere

yikes at her deleting everything considering she was using her full legal name as if it isn't the WORLD wide web. Her not caring about losing those followers makes me think her entire lifestyle is funded by the bank of mom and dad

No. 1271561

she deleted me, is anyone still following her on instagram or twitter? also yeah what the other anons said, if she quit this quick she's def living on mommy and daddies dime

No. 1271620

She has been living on Daddy’s dime. Mommy is pretty much a SAHM, which isn’t bad, but she’s not getting money from her for sure. She’s blocked another couple hundred people so you were probably part of that. How pathetic. If she’s so sure of herself, she wouldn’t be doing this.

No. 1271642


Do we know what her parents do? She definitely didn't grow up on park avenue if you look at her parents house, kek.

No. 1271692

Her dad once wrote a whole “she’s great” thing about her on LinkedIn kek I have the screenshot, just give me a minute to find it. He’s not a CEO or anything but also not pennies poor.

No. 1271699

I hope you're right anon. She's so milky.

No. 1271875

This girl is such a coward. She was a-ok publicly bullying that Rosie woman for making a very mild and accurate observation about her need for dance lessons, but she can’t take any scrutiny for the dumb shit she spams every day? Guaranteed she’ll be back though, she’s way too self-absorbed and attention hungry to stop being performative on social media.

No. 1271890

You are all some miserable ass little girls bullying someone because you don’t like her. You are no fucking better than you she is. You’re all hateful and the fact that you little cunts spent 2 weeks obsessing over her is ridiculous. I hope she doesn’t come back so that you boring bitches will get a life you bunch of stalking ass twats

No. 1271894

>shayna eyeliner
>vicky-tier overlining
>iconic kaka 5-head
>lainey's infamous mcdonald's archbrows
I swear, if someone told me took makeup advice from the farms' cows… I'd believe them.

No. 1271895


So do we think this is her or her scrote bf? Ohh no you really told us, we are totally gonna change our ways….fuck off dickhead.

No. 1271899

No. 1271900

You are worst nightmare!

No. 1271902

I’m neither her or her boyfriend. I’m the bitch that’s going troll your asses. Since y’all miserable bitches love company. I’m going to sit at the head of your fkn table.

No. 1271903

Why so bitter, ESL-anon?

No. 1271904

Anonymous bullies are soooooo tough.
Y’all going out of your way to dox and put this girls safety at risk. Y’all must’ve had your asses kicked in high school. Hell some of you may still be in high school because this is some childish shit.

No. 1271905

thanks for fixing your grammatical mistake you are worst nightmare

No. 1271906

No. 1271907

Does the Jewish Association serving the Aging know you're spending your time fucking around on an "alt-right forum"?

No. 1271908

You’re the bitter one spending 2 weeks stalking this chick and anonymously posting about her. That right there is some coward shit. You’re all a bunch of scabs.

No. 1271911

Who knows. There are many emails to use. Try again

No. 1271912

File: 1625503169095.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)


Just report these idiots.

No. 1271914

Not as fun when someone is trolling you is it?

No. 1271915


If you think this is trolling then you are a retard.

No. 1271916

Qué horror! Pobrecito!
Is retard all you can come up with as an insult? That just further proves you are ignorant and child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1271983

i love when cows come to defend themselves or someone whiteknights for them tbh. it's always hilariously bad

No. 1272017

Same. The posts are always the same, too, regardless of the cow; they're deviations of, "You're all miserable bitches, you have no lives, you're bullying, etc." Like have you been on the internet before, or what?

No. 1272022

The funniest thing is her obsession with calling us children… boohoo whatever will we do now that a retard called us immature?

No. 1272026

File: 1625514966731.jpg (265.7 KB, 1321x1268, poser1.jpg)

despite the poor review for being a grifter >>1270502 Katie McMahon still has a 4.5 star rating on gigsalad. Upon closer look, two of her four reviews are from her personal friends, picrel

No. 1272027

File: 1625515013176.jpg (382.93 KB, 1313x1268, poser2.jpg)

No. 1272036

>tfw you have your roomate/friend act as your personal chauffeur bc you're too much of a poorfag to afford an uber

No. 1272039

Grand rising, Katie!

I noticed from her Venmo that it’s almost 100% just other women sending money to her. Hardly any men, and she’s also not sending out money to anyone else. She claims to be such an advocate and communist, and that the best way to support the “disability community” or whatever is to send HER money, but she doesn’t share with anyone else.

No. 1272040

speaking of her being a poorfag, she does NOT live in the glamorous neighborhood she tried to claim >>1263651 I'm not gonna post her address but she lives in a regular-ass apartment nearby, with a roommate, OUTSIDE the gated community with $3m Tudor-style houses (which is full of wealthy high-strung old people and families who would definitely not appreciate some poser from Long Island strutting around in lingerie on their lawns)

No. 1272042

That’s how her “findom” Twitter was too. You can still see the people who replied to her and it’s all women.

No. 1272048

She’s now deleted/blocked almost 500 followers on Instagram. She really panicked didn’t she kek you know she only got rid of female followers, too.

No. 1272050


Good catch anon. A quick Google search shows her roommate is from Massapequa as well.

No. 1272057

Kek the cow is seething

No. 1272058

man this is sad to watch. also that '18-inch' corset is CLEARLY too small for her, look at all the marks the boning is leaving on her stomach after she takes it off. You can really tell that she's trying to skinwalk Dita with the vintage showgirl stuff and the ballet obsession but girl, squeezing into a corset 2 sizes 2 small for you and then letting the laces just DANGLE OPEN in the back like that (did she even have it laced up to start with??) is something you'd never see in a professional performance.

No. 1272059

File: 1625518219781.jpeg (523.93 KB, 1242x1530, 2205486B-6751-4DF4-A6C2-6351E8…)

Alexis is her long term roommate and Topanga was her ….pseudo-girlfriend? It was weird whatever it was.

No caps of her with Topanga, sorry but do have Alexis and two other friends (1/3)

No. 1272060

File: 1625518274679.jpeg (518.84 KB, 1240x1528, 79FE2960-4120-4337-BB9C-539FC7…)


No. 1272061

File: 1625518431485.jpeg (248.38 KB, 1232x503, D4766218-9D23-4276-ADC6-C53473…)


No. 1272063

why am i not surprised
katherine seems like the type of girl who would surround herself with friends who are fatter than her so she can be the 'prettiest' one in the photo, whatever ego boost that's supposed to give her. but also who asks people to show up to their birthday party in lingerie?
oh i'm sorry, 'first birthday' party, which implies that it's not even her actual birthday, it's just a date she arbitrarily decided represented the anniversary of her getting her shit together. which she clearly?? has not actually done, either.

No. 1272066

yeah, kind of explains why she thinks she's such hot shit despite being average at best in every way. sorry Katie, the hottest girl in Massapequa (being generous) is still a nobody on Park Ave. this pic just screams Long Island

No. 1272069


Do we know much about her "abusive" ex?

No. 1272072

Not an ex, she’s talking about her family

No. 1272073

She’s not even the prettiest in these pics which isn’t saying much but her plan didn’t work kek

No. 1272074

Do we know her reddit?

No. 1272075

Very abusive of her father to write fake references on her linkedin

No. 1272077

kek did my post here >>1267433 making fun of her trash podcast episode trigger her that much?

No. 1272080


Wait wait wait she means the abuse from her parents? Top kek. She really is a piece of work.

No. 1272086

Yes lol there was a time where she was calling it domestic abuse before she settled on financial abuse. Something tells me she thinks her parents supporting her whole life made her not prepared for the real world so it’s “abuse”.

No. 1272089

>has to loiter around a gated community while in her underwear just to keep up the larp
kek this couldn't get anymore embar-
>vanity photoshoot with fatties in shein lingerie
>all of them are unfortunate looking
top. fucking. kek. I know the "first birthday" is supposed to be symbolic or whatever, but out of context it just makes this look like a tacky baby shower.

No. 1272093



That’s $18 Prosecco kek

No. 1272095

lingerie is a theme for showers such as this.

No. 1272097

>lingerie is a theme for 1st birthdays
You good?

No. 1272099

>tacky baby shower
that is absolutely the vibe i get from the 'decor', if you can even call it that. like she just went to party city and decided on the title 'first birthday' because that baby shower letter pack was on sale. except then the champagne and lingerie still don't fit in.
honestly like i get it, kathy, you're trying to fit as many items as your concept of #luxury consists of into literally any random get-together so you can project this glamorous image, but this is not what people living luxury lifestyles do. go to like a nice brunch place in a cute outfit and get your selfies having mimosas there. Whatever this is is just LARPing as a wealthier person than you are.

No. 1272101

Btw skirt club is a all woman’s/bi curious sex party in nyc (like people having sex in back rooms). Not that it matters to me, but I have yet to see an actual evidence of her ever working a single “high end” or “corporate” private gig.

No. 1272102

don't they also do a screening process before they even let you attend one of their events? generally the application process makes it seem like they want people with high-ranking/paying jobs, not 'instagram models'. she would have had to blatantly lie about herself to merit any kind of invitation.

No. 1272105

Nonnie, it was not for the real Skirt Club kek it was a knockoff event by her friend

No. 1272108

No. I got hired there to do coat check a few years ago by the dude that was hired to find djs vai text “are you free bah bah evening we need coat check”. I just showed up, was never interviewed by anyone, got paid im tips. It was just mostly middle aged woman, a lot from New Jersey/Long Island I feel like, wearing those eyes wide shut masks and Victoria’s Secret robes and woman in their mid-late 20s, like idk how to describe it, kind of short Jewish girls with big butts and blonde balayanga , just nondescript people that looked like generic humans. Only about 25% actually went into the sex room, the rest just hung out and drank champagne. Maybe it’s changed since then but it wasn’t a “celebrity” sex party for sure.

No. 1272109

Oh lol I didn’t even see that before I posted. That’s sad. the real one is not even that big of a deal

No. 1272111

And from what I’ve heard it’s very straight. Like the girls are scared to touch each other they just wanna have a wild night out performing lesbianism. Which tracks for Miss Katie

No. 1272112

the implication that i got was that they expect the guests to be in a higher-income bracket, nobody said anything about celebrities. but they probably have very different standards for the people that they hire to check coats or entertain than for the people who are actual guests, you're right, and the comment above makes it sound like she was just hired to give one of her 'sexy' walk-arounds at a knockoff event instead of the real thing anyways.

No. 1272114

I guess maybe not first birthdays after domestic abuse, but for birthdays in general as well as bridal showers.

No. 1272123

File: 1625522814153.jpg (393.23 KB, 1336x1303, skirtclub.jpg)

NTAYRT but commercial sex parties very often try to present themselves as exclusive and high-end, that's usually not the reality though. I totally believe anon's account of it being mainly straight middle-aged women from NJ/LI who want to feel sexy and rebellious (but not actually touch a vagina eww gross).

picrel is the knockoff event by her friend

No. 1272124

i guess i personally have never heard about it for a birthday or a baby shower - bridal shower/bachelorette party would make more sense. maybe this is an attempt to recreate those experiences since she hasn't managed to achieve any of the milestones that normally prompt those celebrations, though.

No. 1272129

yeah, i don't doubt that at all & didn't mean to imply otherwise. i do get the impression that they're trying to keep out people who are say…trashy sex workers, but the stuff about the primary audience ending up mostly being straight middle-aged office workers looking for a joyride doesn't surprise me. tbh, if i went to any of these sex parties and it was just full of hot young millionaires, that WOULD be a shock to me.

No. 1272133

File: 1625523312300.jpeg (975.13 KB, 1242x1786, B4F97F0C-F700-45F1-8D7B-EADCA8…)

They only events she does are house parties with her friends and woo woo bar talent shows where the audience is the five other people in the “show”. She’s a nothing nobody. She ran her career into the ground before even starting because she took “fake it ‘til you make it” way too far.

No. 1272136

Here’s a rly good article by a lesbian sex worker who was hired to perform at Skirt Club. Confirms that it’s all straight girls looking for a thrill https://www.autostraddle.com/lesbian-sex-parties-for-straight-women-388554/

No. 1272149

Lol I remember seeing these posted. You can literally see the performers on the barstools from pic to pic waiting for their turn

No. 1272281

Literally NOBODY wants to hear woke whining except other women. She is retarded if she thinks that waving commie books in moids faces and moralfagging about wealth distribution will make them pay up. Scrote fetishes revolve around exploitation and injustice, you're not getting findomme money unless you make them feel legitimately exploited and disrespected. Not this "a-akchualy this is praxis, pay me because Marx" shit.

No. 1272399

She littarelly can't grasp this concept.

No. 1272442

Thank you. She could’ve done the slightest bit of research into findomme and realized there was no market for her gimmick. Even the Mistress Velvet girl mentioned upthread introduced black feminist theory to her existing clients, i.e. people who were already loyal customers. Absolutely no one is paying a spoiled Karen to e-beg and screech about Marx, let alone one with zero domme experience who is actually a sub lol. Back to the drawing board, Katie.

No. 1272454

Im really hoping the next part of this saga is a letter from her lawyer.

No. 1272526

Best cow I've seen in a long time. Please, if anyone is holding onto a personal cow of this caliber, I implore you to create a thread. Unmatched cringe is found in findomme wannabes

No. 1272603

Her account on instagram is still live. Are all farmers purged?

No. 1272707

I’m not. She hasn’t posted anything.

No. 1273167

File: 1625694693451.jpg (150.58 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20210707-174329_Chr…)

She keeps deleting followers.

No. 1273211

she leaved the link to her website up in her bio but the site is down too. kek

No. 1273241


The website is still up for me?

No. 1273259

How is this in any way going to help her "business"? She doesn't have many followers as it is

No. 1273369

She's not deleted me yet. y'all aren't missing anything though cuz she hasn't posted. Katie is a weirdass coward.

No. 1273423

File: 1625741664187.gif (1.96 MB, 500x240, ground-breaking-devil-wears-pr…)

Wow, so she read Howard Zinn once?

No. 1273845

She’s blocked another 250 people now and for what? What does blocking almost 1,000 followers when you only had 2,000-something do? Like five farmers are/were following her. Would love to know what her criteria for blocking is since she’s clearly blocking people that genuinely followed her kek

No. 1273870

File: 1625812234600.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, 95342968-D7A5-46C5-AE01-F50225…)

She made three posts today on Patreon that are just photosets she’s posted on Instagram and the deleted Twitter. Absolute coward for a cow that talks a lot of shit and always says “I said what I said!”

No. 1273877

She got out a flamethrower to kill a fly, there would've been max 10 norwegian sewing forum attendees on her follower list and she still has a few anons left, so her criteria is jank. Probably deleting every female or neutral account with no or few posts because it must be an ebil rightwinger on a fake profile!

Although the friend that appeared a few days ago ITT would suggest Kate knows full well it's a female gossip board, that anon was clear that we are all female.

No. 1273883


Did this anon ever find those caps? Looking at this guys social media, he seems way too high class for her. He has his own clothing line and real estate business. I believe it more if her ex was a 45+ stoner neckbeard.

No. 1273907

I haven’t yet, unfortunately. It was so cringe too. She had two pictures of him choking her, one of which he was doing it on a motorcycle. There was also one where she was bound and he was just… like there? In the back? and the facetune on it was turned up to 100 kek god I really hope I find these because they are so milky lol

No. 1273943

are you sure it was him in the pictures?

No. 1274115

>Looking at this guys social media, he seems way too high class for her. He has his own clothing line and real estate business.
She was 18 at the time anon, old predatory bdsm scrotes don't really have standards when they are actively seeking out "barely legal" playthings.

No. 1274134

It wasn’t the Christopher Korey guy, it was the old ass stoner

No. 1274171

File: 1625863333601.png (6.78 MB, 1242x2208, 7C728DC5-2A85-4F8F-ABB8-21BC2B…)

Was deleting/trying to find the cringe ex photos and came across this.

Had to make it about herself even on someone’s birthday because she’s just a poor girl that everyone hates and is jealous of because she’s just so gorgeous :( kek

No. 1274182

It always makes me laugh when people who are super toxic think that everyone dislikes them because they’re beautiful.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who was deemed beautiful and instantly hated them for it kek.

No. 1274189

I wonder if Rosie was the one who “bullied” her

No. 1274211

She seems stuck on Rosie. She doesn’t do actual shows so it’s not like there’s a lot of other women she could be alluding to.

Sounds more like Miss Katherine is the jealous one. At least Rosie gets gigs, has costumes that fit, and has some semblance of stage presence. She’s big mad Rosie told her to take dance lessons kek

No. 1274418

Wow. So both her parents allegedly have NPD and she thinks she doesn’t? She has to make everything about herself, even if it means talking over other people. She claims to be this highly educated and well-read person when she isn’t. She says she has the best costumes in burlesque history yet can’t do stonework and wears an ill fitting corset that she can’t even lace up properly…

She needs to take a real hard look at herself and adjust if she wants to actually make it in this world.

No. 1274448

File: 1625903566319.jpg (506.93 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210710-035145_Ins…)

No. 1274449

File: 1625903698376.jpg (506.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210710-035155_Ins…)

No. 1274450

File: 1625903788779.jpg (482.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210710-035131_Ins…)

this able-bodied, walking-ass bitch

No. 1274451

So she took away absolutely nothing and will continue to be a whiny ~victim~

Kek at her pretending she wasn’t also an eViL iNtErNeT pErSoN

No. 1274502

File: 1625919340518.jpg (313.45 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20210710-035201_Ins…)

No. 1274507


Oh god this is so funny, she knows we’re watching now. trying to prove to that umm aktually she IS into woman and not chronically LARPing for pity donations from other tragic nobodies

No. 1274533

She loves the word sapphic. On her old account she posted a pic of a woman with her head in another woman’s lap with the caption something like “feeling sapphic today uwu” She treats sexuality like an aesthetic.

No. 1274535

is she a polyfag now or does she call a meeting with a friend a 'saphhic date uwu'?

No. 1274540

looks trashy as hell with the bra peeking out like that

No. 1274543

I’ll bet you my mortgage that someone who was genuinely interested in women 1. wouldn’t call it a sapphic date, 2. wouldn’t post about it online

No. 1274578

shh anon, it’s the only bra she owns. be nice to our disabled lesbian queen.

wonder what her neckbeard “daddy” thinks of all this.

No. 1274588

File: 1625935381458.jpg (125.69 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20210710-122801_Chr…)

Weird she put her name back in her instagram profile.

No. 1274617

even with 2/3 of her face covered, the terrible eyeliner and cheap aliexpress collar tells you how ugly she is. F.

No. 1274642

She’s definitely just meeting up with a friend but also she’s a wannabe polyfag just read the thread kek

No. 1274650

the pandemic is the best thing that’s ever happened to this toucan. she should stick with the masks even after it’s over.

No. 1274654

She took the hammer and sickle emoji out kek such a comrade!

No. 1274660

why isn't her mask actually tied?

why is she balding?

why can't she afford AirPods?

why does she still think white eyeliner on her lower lid looks good?

No. 1274664

File: 1625948703562.jpeg (199 KB, 1047x1047, A98BA9CB-BB2B-4848-A547-EFBBF1…)

Lol welp, her removing me as a follower and then blocking me almost immediately when I tried to re-follow is what led me to this thread. Stopped watching stories in general on insta so I never really saw the full scope of her crazy.

Really don’t care if she knows who I am since she’s decided to block for literally no reason so I’ll leave this here. Not “milk” but she dropped talking about endo besides having it in her bio once she got enough money from very kind people for surgery and is instead now focused on vaguely saying she’s disabled.

No. 1274670

So her flamethrower approach of blocking 1/3 of her followers despite there being only a handful of anons active in this thread is actually bringing people to the thread? Oh dear