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File: 1646285433246.png (184.77 KB, 722x822, 1644337881015.png)

No. 1456358

Katherine McMahon is a 24 year old vulture of a woman from NYC that larps online as a burlesque dancer under the alias Katherine Harlow “The Park Avenue Pinup” and Madame Blush, a financial dominatrix.

Recent milk:

> The dive bar drops Kathy and her production from their burlesque nights >>1409005 >>1450186 and replaces her with the dancer she publicly harassed and defamed in the name of exposing from the first thread >>1453318 >>1265313

> Copes on losing her spot by blaming venues/others for not being ethical like her >>1441709 Believes producers should have their performers in masks when there is no mandate in place, while she did not have dancers in masks in her production when there was a mask mandate >>1441719
> Also copes by saying “being frequently booked is not the flex you think it is…” and calls paying your dues a “fake concept” >>1442391
> Calls a former full service survival sex worker a SWERF, a bigot, and says that she's "not in community" with her all because the survivor stated she didn't have the option to say no to clients. Dirty deletes it all when the woman asks Kathy who the fuck she thinks she is >>1429651 >>1429652 >>1429654
> Lies about being fired from NYU and Museum of Sex jobs >>1441908 when she quit the former and sued the latter. Claims NYU having her provide her own transportation, in a city full of public transportation systems, was ableist and a form of disability discrimination. Katherine has openly admitted multiple times that she quit her NYU job >>1441917
> Claims to have wanted to be a sex worker since she was a child >>1411419 because she watched The Girls Next Door and that sex work has saved her life >>1441910 because “institutional work is degrading”
> Sex work has saved her life yet since starting her “PTSD [has been] in full force”, she’s been “having night terrors”, “bad insomnia”, and spends “the whole day fending off intrusive thoughts and flashbacks.” >>1450045
> Is a radical anarcho-communist but is “looking forward to growing wealthier” from cease and desist letters and civil suits >>1422111 that her pro-bono gofundme tranny “lawyer” will be overseeing >>1444141 >>1445675
> Writes like she gets off from the prospect of suing people while calling the student loans her father took out for her and has been paying off for years identity theft fraud. Claims to have reported him >>1422553 >>1422568 >>1434810 >>1434836
> Contradicts the accusations of fraud and identity theft >>1441022
> Goes on multiple tirades against liberals whilst doing nothing; something she condemns them for… “will not be taking comments” about it, though, or explain why she has said views >>1435995 >>1414816 >>1414817 >>1419925 >>1422913 >>1433136 >>1441019 >>1441030 >>1451255
> Her radical actions are asking people to do all the work while she writes them thank you notes >>1436419
> Wants everyone else to do all the work for her when it comes to job searching, content ideas, social media interaction, and general motivation as well >>1417765 >>1418528 >>1423445 >>1426635 >>1435027 >>1451478
> States that she will not make friends with “vanilla people, straight people, liberals, or neurotypicals” >>1419114. Won’t even take imaginary work them >>1434681
> But you can’t be a “liberal or corporate gay” either >>1436074  because only she, as a radical, can be the only one who takes advantage of capitalism
> A black woman named Aubrion Rogers passed away from complications from emergency surgery in relation to her endometriosis >>1427022. Kathy, being the total piece of shit she is, once again makes a black person’s death all about herself, not even saying her name or sharing her story despite being a self-proclaimed “endo activist” >>1426974
> Makes victim of domestic violence Amie Hardwick’s death from two years ago about herself >>1440964
> Makes a fucking war about herself >>1451076 
> Tells “white providers” to stop using the word slave  >>1452026 . Turns around and uses it herself >>1454015 after dirty deleting the first tweet >>1453423
> Pedopanders >>1430252  while thinking old men taking advantage of “freshly” 18 year old girls is a flex for the girls >>1430490  >>1441050
> Is autistic now >>1438269 >>1438398 >>1441962 >>1450546
> Is illiterate >>1428066 >>1430971 >>1452251 and receives books for toddlers as a Valentine’s present from her neckbeard >>1442510
> Believes she does not have to put out content in order to make money as an online sex worker >> 1455366
> Adds ‘shop’ section to the burlesque site >>1428059  and makes a site for madame blush persona >>1448849

Active links:

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

First thread >>1259829
Second thread >>1299249
Third thread >>1348150
Fourth thread >>1405537

No. 1456360

Some catch-up incoming since there wasn't room in the last thread for all her recent BS

No. 1456361

File: 1646285794737.png (80.48 KB, 589x307, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 7.08…)

Has RACK/PRICK in her Twitter bio but is once again bringing a non-consenting party publicly into her kink fantasy

No. 1456365

File: 1646286313180.jpeg (169 KB, 1080x1349, 274888326_693356895025662_1496…)

Photos from her "centerfold" shoot were released. Serving grandma gone wild realness in that tired AP slip.

No. 1456366

File: 1646286378705.jpeg (369.12 KB, 2160x1346, image.jpeg)

(posted censored)

No. 1456368

Her makeup is the only thing that makes me believe she's actually mentally ill and not just lazy.

No. 1456370

File: 1646286833464.png (944.58 KB, 1403x726, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.52…)


Pinup Fetishist Boudoir Ignore

"Madame is dressing in Her boudoir: putting on jewelry, spritzing perfume, swiping crimson lipstick, and dressing in lingerie, and Her vintage, luxury wardrobe. You, voyeur, sit and watch as you ache over Her splendor, decadence, and elegance. Are you just going to watch, pervert? Or are you going to make yourself useful and send? Build Madame a designer wardrobe, no matter the cost, the time, or the sacrifice."

No. 1456371

Wait, she's 24???? Goodness I thought she was at least 35.

No. 1456372

File: 1646286931862.png (949.2 KB, 1360x747, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.51…)


FinDom Stepmother Turns You Into Servant

"Your new stepmother is marrying your wealthy, delusional father. She's staying at your father's apartment while he's on a business trip. Normally, you avoid Her, Her expensive taste and Her confidence intimidate you. However, this time, She acknowledges you, and unexpectedly, it's to blackmail you into being Her live-in, chaste, plugged, dressed-up service submissive. Serve and spend, or She's going to tell your father."

No. 1456373

File: 1646287104442.png (945.78 KB, 1389x728, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.55…)


Swarovski Glove Tease for Fetishists

In addition to being your favorite Financial Dominatrix, Madame is also a burlesque artist and showgirl. She just finished a new costume piece: a pair of pink, vintage, opera length gloves, hand-encrusted by Madame in Swarovski crystals. They sparkle like nothing you've ever seen before, and as you melt into subspace, you fantasize about worshipping them in person. Submit and surrender to the mesmerizing, dazzling, kaleidoscopic shimmer of Her gloves, and send in order to properly worship them. Are you Madame's good little glove slut?

No. 1456374

File: 1646287206947.png (885.65 KB, 1197x671, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 9.58…)


Leather Boot Fetish Ignore

Madame sits in shiny, inky-black latex and PVC, on Her emerald velvet couch. She reads Revenge, an erotic photography book of naughty French maids and submissive servants, by Ellen Von Unwerth, whilst Her long, tall, sharp, lace-up boots rest on the coffee table, right in front of your face. Sit at My feet, pet, whilst I ignore you and recline in superiority and leisure.

No. 1456386

File: 1646288344695.jpeg (847.94 KB, 3000x2000, CF6964CC-6AC0-44C1-A791-53297C…)

Literally what’s the difference

No. 1456387

File: 1646288476590.webm (2.96 MB, 1920x1080, Pinup Fetishist Boudoir Ignore…)

Local archive, I hope you don’t mind nona

No. 1456389

File: 1646288580449.webm (1.96 MB, 1920x1146, FinDom Stepmother Turns You In…)

No. 1456393

File: 1646288756577.webm (2.43 MB, 1920x1080, Swarovski Glove Tease for Feti…)

No. 1456395

File: 1646288854738.webm (3.14 MB, 1732x1078, Leather Boot Fetish Ignore.web…)

No. 1456398

Fucking hell her torso is like an ironing board and she looks like a double amputee. The framing is shite too(edges of mirrors and frames peeking in on the wall). The only good thing about this is her hair.

Thank you for this thread, OP!

No. 1456402

The photo on the left is actually not so bad - BUT she's turned up the contrast so much you can't see her face contours yet you can still see her skinnyfat folds. Hand position is really off too. Her face is nice, shame about the makeup.

One one the right has better positioning but face of Joan Crawford.

No. 1456403

Oh please, Kathy would never deign to sully her ten dollar gloves by going near someone's asshole.

No. 1456405

It's a rough 24.

Also, she has a face like a fucking budgie.

No. 1456407

No actually thank you! I was going to do it but I got tired of looking at her mug lol

No. 1456415

Oof. All the pasta and macarons are making their presence known in the left one. Girl doesn’t have an ounce of muscle tone on her.

Where did this eyeshadow look come from? It seems like she’s trying to do a cut crease but doesn’t realize that the crease shouldn’t literally touch your eyebrows. It makes no sense, I’ve never seen eyeshadow like this in a “vintage glamor” look

No. 1456455

Girl what the FUCK is that eyeshadow. I am upset.

No. 1456478

what the fuck is wrong with her shoulder

No. 1456485

Oh no, not the Bianca Del Rio makeup

No. 1456492

Something’s definitely off

No. 1456516

Kek she reads a picture book?!

No. 1456554

I can't with the "Hi there, loser." Her larping as a domme larping as stepmother is so painful to watch.

No. 1456565

Shes disabled anon

No. 1456637

She looks super stiff here, like she's trying to hold back crying or something. The opposite of leisure.

No. 1456649

Serving some 'Ampu-tease' poorly posed realness.

An actual granny would be more sensually convincing

No. 1456662

>What's the difference?
-Knows how to apply makeup
-A scrotal sense of Sex appeal™
-Still more likable than kapitalist kathy

No. 1456720


I highly agree anon. She is wide and flat. She is also gaining so much weight in her face.

No. 1456887

File: 1646338707920.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 564.39 KB, 1538x2048, B780C713-6952-4299-AE7F-2E9CEF…)

Deleted now but she posted this along with a caption referring to herself as Lady Godiva with blonde hair. Her lips are in the same condition as Shayna’s.

No. 1456914

Kek How do you think a Twitter slap fight between those two would go?

Her voice is so shaky.
And when she isn't talking her discomfort is even more apparent.

No. 1456924

File: 1646340166310.jpeg (575.53 KB, 1125x884, 0D12C106-F1ED-490A-ACFB-170114…)

I’m so curious to know how this shaking chihuahua filled almost 10 minutes with one glove

No. 1456931

"so today, fetishist, you're going to help me worship this…" kek what?

god, these are Shayna-tier

No. 1456955

I 100% believed the anon in /ot/ that said Kathy was a pill popper but this video cements it for me.
>SO TODAY……………….fetishist, you're going to help me worship these-
She looks out of it kek

No. 1456970

And don't forget, nonnies, she only has one of those gloves. Kek

No. 1457013

I'm a retard and didn't read the comment under >>1456924 properly. Excuse my stupid.

No. 1457051

File: 1646347059167.png (119.26 KB, 720x802, Screenshot_20220228-181121~2.p…)

These were from the 28th, she's really asking other people how to do her job for her again. She got no replies kek. I kept that last one in since they were all deleted.

No. 1457064

she has that slack-jawed look of a pill popper and she seems to be slurring in these.

No. 1457069

File: 1646348237151.jpeg (128.79 KB, 750x1334, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1Jl9uY19odD…)

No. 1457089

….She can't even pull a geezer on her own?

No. 1457115

File: 1646350165247.jpg (343.25 KB, 2188x1332, stories.jpg)

She sperged about boundaries and cutting people off again last night

No. 1457120

File: 1646350415433.jpeg (1001.77 KB, 2484x2048, image.jpeg)

God that makeup is horrendous. Where did she even get it from??

No. 1457126

File: 1646350581354.jpg (64.44 KB, 586x530, twitter.jpg)

Same anon, if you post shit like this people are definitely going to misunderstand you. So she's admitting (her) sex work isn't work? kek

No. 1457128


Nothing in this outfit goes together. Its just a mismatch of all of her fashion pieces

No. 1457140

File: 1646350846111.png (49.05 KB, 587x209, 1646196339072.png)

And then this gem from the end of the last thread, it's been dirty deleted now.

No. 1457146

All this says is that she doesn't have a life.

No. 1457147

This is severely autismo outfit coordination. Holy shit. This is horrific.

No. 1457166

Her Tweets are getting more ridiculous and indulgent by the day, I feel bad for her subs if this is the quality of interaction they're paying for
Kermit/Miss Piggy closet cosplay, the green handbag plus the feather headpiece are a horrible combination. iirc her femsub bought the headpiece which might be why she keeps wearing it, but most middle-aged women have a better sense of style than this

No. 1457275

File: 1646361426691.jpeg (132.23 KB, 750x1334, 275135997_343666321006984_5198…)

No. 1457279

Holy shit I never thought we'd get a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH storyline but I HOPE she starts posting all of her opinions IMMEDIATELY

No. 1457287

Oh please the bitch that lies and larps about being wined and dined by billionaires while thinking daddy making six figures is a flex would sell her organs if the exchange was her being able to be in the same room as an oligarch/their family.

No. 1457290

all of her outfits are like this, she just throws on all the random shit that she owns and calls it ~fashion. all of it clashes. also it’s been said that feathers are a bad choice for her, but when she wears alligator (?) skin, it reminds me that something about her is very reptilian too.

No. 1457292

File: 1646362215731.png (48.65 KB, 593x212, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 6.49…)

The jokes write themselves

No. 1457293

I'm fucking dead. HEY KATHY, please explain to me WHO the russian oligarchs are and HOW they came to be, you fucking moronnnnn

No. 1457339

now I try not to judge other women's bodies but why is her skin so saggy like that . Around her hips and in the leg crease she has that king of wrinkly you only see on elderly people or people who lost alot of wait. Its so loose. She's always been smaller though? I would understand larger rolls due to fat but the thin ones are strange for her size.

No. 1457415

File: 1646375157854.jpeg (120.81 KB, 750x1334, E7A24A2C-72A9-43DD-807E-7480F4…)

It is creepy how obsessed she is. If V was still alive, it’d be very concerning.

No. 1457432

If she ever truly wanted to learn anything about BDSM and domination, she would have by now. This isn’t the first post she’s made begging for resources. I don’t even think she wants free resources at this point. She just wants names: podcasts, books, shows, creators that she can claim she’s followed since the dawn of time, because Mistress Tacky already knows everything about domination and we the people should lick her crusty boots for Her game-of-telephone secondhand WisDom. If I were a betting woman, I’d lay my money down on her getting an actual recommendation, not engaging with it at all, feeling good about knowing it exists, and then blindly recommending it to her “fellow dommes.” The fact that she offers gratitude in advance for the nonexistent replies says it all. “Thank you” ? Hey sub, who’s licking who’s boots here?

No. 1457437

File: 1646379873181.jpeg (898.78 KB, 1242x1515, EF2D14B5-9C68-4E9A-B80E-B7B99F…)

Not a flex when a cellphone hardly fits into her tacky heart purse and whatever that green pvc “croc” atrocity is

No. 1457439

“Hey like, the deal with Russia sucks and everything, but America is like that too you know.” How the fuck are you going to make the war in Ukraine about your victim complex, are you that fucking high? I know it’s been pointed out before, but the nonnie who pointed out the discrepancy between her supposed clientele and her “political views” was dead on. Maybe it’s just more of a discrepancy because she’s proverbially stepping on the backs of literal dead Ukrainians in order to… I don’t fucking know what. It’s not helping her financial gain, that’s for fucking certain. Is she finally admitting that she only wants to take advantage of those already disenfranchised?

No. 1457444

You never made tips, Katie. Taking out $100 in $1s to scatter on the ground for tacky pictures doesn't count as tips.

No. 1457450

One plastic Laduree keychain to prove you like macarons from a chain store, sure. But three? It's like a middle schooler's backpack!

No. 1457451

What this says to me is she never gets bookings for anything because she never has to schedule. The absolute nonsense of calling herself a SW for having an OnlyFans like half the thots out there.

No. 1457464

She doesn't even have an onlyfans any more

No. 1457533

File: 1646399158435.jpg (67.48 KB, 723x738, kathys glove.JPG)

im begging, someone give her money so she can finally buy a second glove

No. 1457569

Monopoly money doesn't count, Kathy.

Doing my best not to a-log. It's so difficult. She is a truly disgusting human being.

No. 1457664

does Kathy have EDS? I know it’s a hot munchie diagnosis right now but obviously some people do genuinely have it & it would explain a lot. like the loose, stretchy skin & general physical awkwardness (poor prioperception)

No. 1457811

No, because if she had it we definitely would never hear the end of it kek.

No. 1457856

While it's entirely possible to have a mild case and not know you have it or have it bad enough to seek a diagnosis, I don't think she does. Her posture is stiff and weird, but she doesn't hold herself like she's had to walk keeping her joints in place her whole life.
Plus she's never mentioned any joints coming out of place which is the key feature. Skin definitely not elastic enough for a classical EDS diagnosis either.

No. 1457995

She has the second glove. She just has so much time not working that it's in fact too much time to glue on some Amazon rhinestones and call them Swarovskis.

No. 1457998

Exactly. Just like she had to tell everyone she's a Personal Floatation Device warrior so we'll know about her incontinence issues and loose bowels.

No. 1458112

Her wrists look like cankles kek

No. 1458186

File: 1646447969045.jpeg (91.1 KB, 587x652, image1.jpeg)

Bird woman will be making an appearance at an STD party

No. 1458188

this reads like a troon fantasy

No. 1458193

Pillow Princess confirmed (and that's not a good thing Katherine)

No. 1458194

This bitch was just "manifesting a second boyfriend" so why the fuck is she going to a lesbian sex party?

No. 1458201

File: 1646448766826.png (45.65 KB, 590x183, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 6.51…)

Just to watch because she's a predator

No. 1458203

File: 1646448902198.jpeg (66.04 KB, 594x530, image2.jpeg)

Like ok you could just be friends with someone instead? Why does everything have to be sexual or transactional with her? God she sounds just like Shayna in the worst way.

No. 1458219

The bit about her window shopping hobby makes me laugh ngl. So high class, so luxurious!

No. 1458228

ayrt. you both make excellent points & I take it back. There’s no way she’d ever let us forget about her cruel & abusive joints if she had dislocations kek

No. 1458239

Don't give her any ideas anon, I bet she'll be "reclaiming" the term pillow princess and adding it to her bio by tomorrow.

No. 1458332

Someone fund a glove quicky. that exposed claw pose is only serving aesthetic chicken foot.

No. 1458334

File: 1646461499860.png (460.29 KB, 482x817, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 10.2…)

>Wish I had more showgirl friends that I could leech off of and steal from

No. 1458336

From a distance those jewels make the fabric look moldy…

No. 1458343

oh god i can totally imagine Kathy staring at actually elegant fashionable women and working out how to Single White Female them. Uggggh she gives me the creeps.

No. 1458344

File: 1646462942224.jpeg (42.45 KB, 853x480, batscreen0051.jpeg)

Nah she definitely thinks it makes her sound like Holly Golightly.

No. 1458551

Something tells me that a lot of the "sapphics" will be of the XY variety knowing how Kathy actually acts toward women and the kind of company she keeps

No. 1458725

>gender envy

No. 1458732

Isn’t the whole point of skirt club to be discreet and private about “exploring”?

No. 1458760

there's a lot of things that make it obvious why she isnt successful as any kind of domme and this video encapsulates it perfectly. she's so self-conscious and visibly embarrassed to be doing this, which just makes it clear to even a first-time viewer that it's an act. everything about her body language, from her slouched posture to the way she moves to the expressions she makes, is extremely submissive. she has no presence whatsoever. there's nothing interesting or unique or intriguing about her, and she looks uncomfortable like she's wearing a costume and putting on a fake act. men who want to be dominated, especially financially, want women that intimidate them, especially intellectually. they hand over money because they feel like you'll spend it better than they ever could. they want to see their money used, especially in a way that includes them, e.g. fully funding a vacation without any knowledge or care of where they go or what happens, because that in itself is part of the power exchange that they find attractive. they want to send you into a store with a stack of cash and be surprised with the fashion show later, not reimburse already-purchased items with price tags attached.

the kind of scrote she wants is just a sugar daddy, who wants to be the financially dominant party. the begging for reimbursements creates the image that she's not financially stable/well-off, attracting the type of man who wants to be in control. she's naturally submissive, so she'd be much more successful in that route, but unfortunately she's ugly and flabby and has bad taste, so funko pop middle management neckbeard daddies is really all she's going to get. she could at least rope half a dozen of them into a sad greasy polycule and not have to hustle online for amazon blankets.

No. 1458772

File: 1646520706619.jpg (16.76 KB, 460x423, 1490220365119.jpg)

Good post nona – unironically insightful. I feel like an intuitive understanding of that middle bit is probably the core to 'successful' findom. I want to say the Park Bench Pinup could learn a thing or two from this but I think your read on her is right, and she's going to continue flailing with this sugaring-as-findom grift for the foreseeable future. Capacity for honest introspection was never one of Katherine's strong suits.

No. 1458788

File: 1646521749416.png (688.76 KB, 930x810, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 2.53…)

This comment >>1453863 from the last thread must've gotten to her but too bad her newly added "Sessions" section of her site just solidifies what the above anons said about her treating findom like sugaring.

>rendezvous with Madame at the bank or the ATM

>spend a day with Madame on Fifth or Madison Avenue, at Bergdorf's, Saks, or another boutique of Her choice, carrying Her bags, watching in the dressing rooms (perhaps in chastity), and of course, paying for everything, like a human credit card. Lunch or dinner dates at a fine restaurant will be considered for devoted pets.

That's being a sugar baby. Why is she trying to mask as a dominate findommme when there's the option of being a submissive sb? Rhetorical question because we know it's because she's too ugly and boring to be a sb in NYC.

No. 1458822

i think why she chases being a 'findomme' is that she doesnt want to give up the control of what she receives in return for her so-called 'work'. she's deathly devoted to this dated aesthetic because it's the only thing not completely basic about her personality/style, so she doesn't want to relinquish control over her appearance. if a 'sub' bought her shoes she didnt like, she'd make a post trashing them for daring to deviate from her wishlist and how they don't know her at all etc. it all makes her look like a spoiled child, not a dress-up doll to have fun with. no sugar daddy, especially not an extremely wealthy one, wants a demanding baby.
so instead she translates her demanding, particular, bratty attitude into so-called 'domme' behavior, which she doesn't have the spine to back up. she can only either compromise and take what scrotes will give her, or find a way to suddenly grow an interesting personality.

No. 1458831

File: 1646524341843.webm (1.14 MB, 720x1280, 9C42E5BA9D7C435A8F7FDD20B627D0…)

Hide The Pain Harold

No. 1458835

File: 1646524716271.png (369.99 KB, 594x702, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 3.54…)

They are not worth $1.5k, that's the sunk cost of them. The amount of money she wastes on stationary, business cards, websites, costumes that are left to rot that she's constantly re-doing is astronomical for someone with no job or life prospects.

No. 1458847

does this shit really cost this much? is it really just the swarovskis? the feathers look like cheap shit you could find online kek

No. 1458848

No, it does not cost that much. Katherine here has just re-done them a few times making the final total cost that.

No. 1458926

> Park bench pinup

No. 1458929

10/10 - nutritional read

No. 1458967

I agree with everything you've said here except the first sentence, although maybe I'm misreading you. She'd still maintain a high degree of control over what she receives if she did something like a basic onlyfans in the sense that she could set whatever price points she wanted. I think her fundamental issue is what other nonnies have stated in previous threads: that she doesn't actually want to do the 'sex' part of sex-work. I think it's extremely telling that even the fantasies she shares explicitly do not involve sex, e.g. being written into the will of a wealthy corporate man/stealing college funds/tricking a man into signing her into his will then murdering him ( >>1454594 / >>1436734 / >>1431241 ), or eating a fancy meal while her date starves as she spits on him ( >>1415012 ) – even at tonight's "sapphic" event the only concrete intention she stated was "people watching" ( >>1458201 ). I feel like this is her biggest problem: the market for a chaste pinup model may not exist today.

No. 1459028

Keeeek… window shopping on Park Avenue. Because all she could afford was to dream about the display items.

No. 1459031

I love how she doesn't know where to put the clips in her wigs and it just weighs down the curls in the worst way.

No. 1459032

They're with $750 tops. You can tell because of how thin each dishwater gray feather was when she was bedazzling them.
She didn't need aluminum staves either since she barely moves them and holds them wrong anyway.

No. 1459033

She really fucked up her feathers- there's pieces going in every direction!

No. 1459471

completely agree with the rest of your post about her not wanting to do the sex aspect, and you sort of misread me. i meant more in the terms of what gifts she gets in return, which was my point about how she'd snub a sub for getting her shoes that didn't fit her aesthetic. a sugar daddy might impose an aesthetic on her that she doesn't like, so she pre-chooses her gifts and demands compensation instead of taking what the sugar daddy gave her. in terms of just plain money, you're completely correct.

No. 1459503

Drag queen aesthetic doesn't work on smaller women like her. It just crowds her face and makes her look cartoonish.

No. 1459534

File: 1646598381203.jpeg (76.11 KB, 1227x325, 60F6E45C-2E6A-4C56-8BEE-A9E698…)

Just Super Successful Domme Things

No. 1459540

The opposite, actually. Skirt Club doesn’t accept you as a member unless you’re cis, bi, and conventionally attractive. They don’t even accept lesbians. It’s only for “exploring.”

No. 1459545

File: 1646598610114.jpeg (316.59 KB, 1242x1777, 84BA1962-33FE-4957-8528-D79518…)

Skirt Club has a no videos/pictures rule so of course Katherine had to break that rule

No. 1459547

Well that’s a lie because Kathy is objectively not conventionally attractive

No. 1459549

File: 1646598807220.jpeg (282 KB, 1538x2048, AFD18A98-69BC-402B-9A7E-C09381…)

No. 1459575

that amount of burring. Look at the crotch.

No. 1459586

So much editing but can't be bothered to match her foundation to her skintone

No. 1459589

her body looks like it's made of pink play doh and she's STILL doing that thing with the purple eyeshadow up to her eyebrows. WHY

No. 1459604

yes, that yellow foundation is my constant nitpick (saged) as well. probably because it is such an easy fix, and would work wonders. the wig's color here also helps to "bring out" the wrong yellow tone of the foundation. she should opt for pinker tones, perhaps even something with lighter coverage, as her skin is good. its not even a matter of "stage makeup". if she is adamant about opacity, at least match the color! this doesnt scream "porcelain", it screams troon latex mask.
also, unrelated, but damm, are those square rhinestones wonky!

No. 1459613

File: 1646603337016.webm (555.57 KB, 720x1010, qu-0kfjNm6PKTAtp.webm)

> Producers should still be having their performers wear masks… it’s such a fuck you to disabled, immunosuppressed, and elderly people.
Rules for thee but not for me, right beaky buzzard? Still the only one doing burlesque "ethically"? Wonder if the woman she got on full display in the background gave consent to be filmed and posted online since this was a private, no photography ordeal.

No. 1459628

she clearly said all that mask ethics shit as a cover-up for being booted from marian's.

No. 1459637

File: 1646606744796.png (60.51 KB, 590x252, Screen Shot 2022-03-06 at 1.37…)

No words

No. 1459641

I don't know much about the BDSM/Findomme world. But how would giving amphetamines to any submissive be appropriate? I know consent is massively important. But I feel like even if you consent, bringing drugs into it would/should be a no-no. Am I retarded for thinking this?

No. 1459658

tweaker womack saga when?

No. 1459659

Of course the pill popper would find that “ridiculously hot”

No. 1459661

File: 1646608877934.jpeg (518.64 KB, 1242x1172, B81206EF-5A2E-4779-BFA5-51E28A…)

Forgot I caught this before her dirty deleting it a few days ago. This cunt better never refer to what she does as survival sex work again.

No. 1459694

Kathy should charge us for business advice seeing as she suddenly added ‘content’ after I mentioned it and then expounded on what her ‘sessions’ were after another anon mentioned it as an example of her larping. She still just doesn’t grasp the mechanics of the service she is providing. Her radical left bullshit on top of wanting every cliche ‘rich’ seeming bag, clothing, shoes etc is fucking hilarious. How can you larp wanting to be a Park Avenue Princess while overthrowing capitalism. There’s no subversion there, she flat out wants to look rich and have money. Sadly one mentally I’ll woman and a few Twitter degens that send money then get annoyed at no service will not an empire make.

No. 1459848

I find these “no pictures/no videos” rules rarely work. The woman behind her also has a phone that’s clearly out in the open and being used

No. 1459854

If you pause just as she's starting to walk off, you can see how badly that tacky garter digs into her thigh. Gross.

No. 1459857

Kathy is a Prosecco Socialist.

No. 1459979

Taking pictures and videos isn’t the same thing as being on your phone but that wasn’t the point. It’s that Kathy never practices what she preaches.

No. 1459980

File: 1646629830677.jpeg (563.3 KB, 1242x1381, BCD99AD8-2453-47E5-ADE4-CEF49E…)

She’s mad today lmfao

No. 1459982

File: 1646629881189.jpeg (554.36 KB, 1242x1450, E55469B0-3A74-4E2E-8B2A-7F316E…)

No. 1459986

Sex work classism. Real nice Kathy. She’s just so much better because she doesn’t put out any content and expects money to be handed over to her, unlike other women who are not a ~luxury~. Would love for Kathy to expand on why findom a luxury compared to any other form of sex work. Same energy as saying burlesque isn’t stripping because lighting. What a waste of oxygen.

No. 1459989

I knew people who did SW in college and learnt its called the Whorearchy. Kathy absolutely looks down on actual sex workers and believes she's better than them because she's a "findomme" despite making next to nothing from it compared to the women she looks down on!

No. 1459999

the "pay me to send an initial message to me" thing is going to be the nail in her coffin. absolutely no male is going to pay for the chance at a response when they can go onto a sexting/chat site and get guaranteed responses for less. her constant whining and oversharing kills any kind of alluring mystery she could build. she comes off as prudish despite her rare burlesque post that actually includes her body, so that with all her ranting convinces any reader that there's no chance of getting actual nudes or sexual favors out of her. that's why she only gets sad female subs who can engage with her for free (by things like responding to her 'tell me your favorite x so i can tell you how i already knew about it' posts) and who want an emotional connection, not necessarily a sexual one. she only attracts the same kind of sad fat woman that shayna does, only she wouldn't dare let them bite her like an unwrangled tard. i've written too many posts already about why her business is failing at several fundamental levels, but seriously, there's enough to fill a novel.

No. 1460004

It’s fucking weird to see this generation of broke women literally gaslighting us/pretending they’re successful and making banks being “sw”. They’re such frauds lol

No. 1460246

File: 1646668254251.jpg (81.7 KB, 736x819, fully fashioned.JPG)

checked her pinup account and…
>fully fashioned
these are not fully fashioned stockings, kathy. they have a decorative "seam", but they are not stitched together at the back. any "stocking fetishist" she might be trying to impress would immediately be put off by her sloppy terminology.

No. 1460250

File: 1646668482296.jpg (52.42 KB, 534x750, tentation10-denier-ultra-sheer…)

for reference, this is what actual fully-fashioned looks like. notice how the seam is a real seam, and that there is a keyhole at the top (a result of the manufacturing process). it might be hard to see right away if the seam is real or not, but if stockings dont have the hole, they are not fully fashioned.
i believe the ones she wears are ""vintage inspired"" ones from playful promises.
saging my stocking spergery.

No. 1460266

Kek Those fucking heels, man. The least sexy option to pair with her "fully fashioned" stockings.

No. 1460282

File: 1646670400341.jpg (28.47 KB, 528x612, istockphoto-464514579-612x612.…)

No. 1460297

not to vintagesperg again, but she couldve gone for something with a different heel. sure, that height of heel is period-appropriate, but it doesnt have the right curves. thats what makes it read "granny heel", instead of "vintage".

No. 1460394

File: 1646676367929.jpg (300.74 KB, 2048x2048, FM0c72GXwAYi_KE.jpg)

Did she seriously photoshop out the texturedones on these knockoffs so that she could pretend that these are real Louboutin's? KEK

Another anon (>>1263596) pointed this out in the first thread. Amazing

No. 1460535

File: 1646682997411.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.97 KB, 750x935, kathy rope.jpg)

lol, enjoy this old kathy pic. funny how her "quality" went downhill so bad. actually wearing real stockings here, too. i miss her old self, before she went for those plastic wigs. now shes like a drag queen.
funnily enough, i think she wears these same shoes here, before she bedazzled them

No. 1460587

I think she’s also wearing the black bra she bedazzled to hell. Sad how downhill she’s gone so quickly.

No. 1460601

File: 1646688652810.jpeg (193.69 KB, 1500x1334, 1.jpeg)

Supposedly her family have reached out to her several times and she's mad about it, threatening to send a cease and desist which does absolutely nothing. Looks like she's forgetting her parents were paying the phone bill for that new phone and that she changed her name because of burlesque after going through several.

No. 1460603

File: 1646688849766.png (12.98 KB, 447x35, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.24…)

Which speaking of name burlesque name changes, I still have the link to her first gofundme where she begged for money to become a burlesque performer. Someone might be able to find it archived somewhere I'm not very good at that. Also a link for her "emergency housing" one which is kind of still live.



No. 1460605

File: 1646689057031.jpeg (390.76 KB, 1500x1334, 2.jpeg)

You know some of that money that she forwards, if she gets any, she's going to pretend was her contribution. Reads like her "pro bono lawyer" that uses other people's money to fund cases.

No. 1460608

File: 1646689352371.png (69.93 KB, 587x257, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.22…)

Never forget what these older men looked like kek >>1342070

No. 1460609

I'm shocked she didn't throw in some kind of reference to what's happening in the Ukraine right now.

"Something, something, Ukraine trying to separate itself from an abuser. Something, hurr durr, it's like me."

No. 1460616

Doesn't sound like she's on Ukraine's side

No. 1460622

>Literally what more can I do?

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but if she truly wanted to cut contact with these so-called 'abusers' wouldn't the next logical step be to file a restraining order? I'm sure her top-tier legal council could sort that out for her, no?

No. 1460651

She can attempt to file lawsuits all she wants but they'll never see the light of day because it is not illegal for your family to contact you after telling them not too. Reminder she considered her mom texting her that she hoped to see her for Christmas '20 harassment. Like >>1460622 said, why not get a restraining order if she truly experienced "a lifetime of physical, emotional, and financial abuse, including horrendous medical neglect"? There is way more to all this that Kathy isn't sharing and it's probably because it'll make her look less like a victim.

No. 1460824

File: 1646703784537.png (34.79 KB, 589x117, Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 5.42…)

If Kathy was actually giving her money to anyone else she wouldn't shut up about it. Taking other sex worker's money isn't being "part of that practice".

No. 1460832

The only cease and desist Kathy is going to interact with is one from Swarovski lol she very obviously is not aware of their new Brand Control Agreement.

No. 1460880

Her face is so much better here. The only issue is the stomach fat bulging out but that'd happen to any skinnyfat bitch in that position

No. 1460893

This sounds like a total scam

No. 1460955

File: 1646720085042.jpeg (389.42 KB, 1242x967, 65389CBF-7351-480B-86A9-68CA5B…)

The whiplash she must have going from “you have to pay to interact with me” to “but wait no you don’t! retweet me!!”

No. 1461119

Because the abuse was cutting her off after she got a job. The medical abuse was not letting her doctor shop and play munchie. She literally had normal parents. She’s a cluster B narcissist.

No. 1461208

Katherine Harlow will literally self insert her self into anything.

Kathy, Go virtue-signal and cluster-b yourself into a dilator and find yourself in the reality of your prop based larp.

No. 1461402

Tinfoil: her parents just fully cut her off and out of their own lives officially, themselves. So this is how she's responding to that.

I know I'm retarded and wrong. But, goddamn, wouldn't that be hilarious?

No. 1461426

File: 1646773922706.jpeg (100.52 KB, 750x1334, D6C26766-262A-4FDE-97ED-2502AD…)

She made international women’s day about herself while e-begging

No. 1461430

File: 1646773984515.jpeg (67.99 KB, 750x1334, 6B412F40-61AD-4513-9E37-DA0FFE…)

Also made cleaning someone else’s dishes a political issue

No. 1461434

File: 1646774033390.jpeg (522.14 KB, 1242x1429, AA857DE5-A026-492B-95A1-37E09F…)

And attempted to make something as mundane as buying new knives a kinky fetish kek

No. 1461453

$150 would get you one good chef's knife maybe, but we all know kathy doesn't give a shit about quality despite the constant wealth larp

No. 1461482

File: 1646776690666.webm (2.07 MB, 720x1280, 275227071_161458239566809_3994…)

No. 1461484

File: 1646776735640.webm (4.07 MB, 480x854, 275528876_1039028620371171_700…)

No. 1461488

Why does she insist on "performing" barefoot? It is so uncouth.

No. 1461494

that corset is so the wrong size. Look at that sloppy lacing shoved at the back too.

No. 1461501

How the fuck is that corset so tight it's squeezing her backfat together like a Mad fold in while simultaneously having a 2 inch gap from her tits to the bust holder.

No. 1461507

She managed to not only have nothing match but also nothing fit. Even the headband is always on the verge of falling off. The wig and corset are worst offenders though.

No. 1461519

She's a rectangle and the corset is made for an hourglass. She could solve that by paying for a bespoke corset. It's not like corsetmakers are hard to find. She's just a broke larper.

No. 1461520

Is it normal to perform burlesque with a huge grin? It's not sexy or alluring

No. 1461541

The absolute entitlement

No. 1461565

It must kill her that she has her mother's beak nosed sour-puss face

No. 1461667

File: 1646791189408.png (475.7 KB, 588x741, Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 5.22…)

She acts like the idea of her neckbeard doing the bare minimum is a form of spoiling. It's not. Neither is having strangers pay for your cheese kek

No. 1461684

if female supremacy came naturally to her, she wouldn't need to twitter domme. every time she mentions her neckbeard boyfriend (who she won't even take photos of because he's hideous and she knows it) it just reminds her audience that the guy she's actually performing what would be considered sex work for won't even reimburse her cheese or amazon blankets. she can't even "domme" grocery money out of this man, but she thinks she can get actually rich men to send her money. whether she's "submissive to him uwu" sugar baby style or a domme, it's embarrassing that she has any financial needs that aren't already taken care of by him. even if a good target was already reading this post (spoiler: they're not, she's not advertising herself in the right places), they'd laugh at how low her expectations are. she gets cheap, low-value men trying to engage with her for free because she's also low-value, just squatting in a lauduree-branded cardboard box. she already is so clearly willing to settle for the mediocre (or worse), so why would any high-value male actually pursue her?

"female supremacy" for celebrating your ugly neckbeard for doing one chore that's necessary for his own survival anyway. bleak.

No. 1461686

female supremacy doesnt exist and she's an idiot. Praising men for doing the bare minimum is why we wont rule the world

No. 1461805

Where I come from, mutual aid means prioritising people in need - not people like this cunt.

No. 1461811

You’ve seen her mom?

No. 1461814

File: 1646800167730.jpeg (810.64 KB, 1242x1710, 24065EC0-9460-4277-A9DA-346928…)

Dreamtime Creations isn’t Swarovski and no one funded that ugly ass shit but herself - four years ago.

No. 1461817

File: 1646800397031.jpeg (60.65 KB, 750x1334, A4D41B30-22F8-4ED8-AA8F-2FAABF…)

She’s lurking and seething but too bad that doesn’t fix an ill-fitting corset

No. 1461827

do you think she dresses and acts like a troon hoping they will worship her, or because she worships them?

No. 1461871

>paid for by female supremacists
Ah yes, men that pay women to objectify and degrade themselves for their amusement are definitely "female supremacists"

No. 1461874

through her mental gymnastics, she deserves mutual aid because she's disabled and can't work a normal job. of course that's complete bullshit as these threads have already said in detail, so scroll up if you need that repeated. everything about her image is contradictory in so many ways.

>you'll never enjoy my body
she can't even lie and pretend that any of her "fincucks" might get something in return

No. 1461881

Always amazes me how absolutely terrible she is at this, seeing a video of her. Can't dance. Looks ridiculous. She really needs to study burlesque more cause this ain't it sis.

No. 1461971


>posts a picture about corsets

>Can't wear a corset properly to save her life.

She looks so ridiculous wearing that corset in her show.

No. 1461980

yeah, actually a standard practice in the past. but her evil features make the intended flirty cheeky smile look like a malicious grin. cartoon villain lighting doesnt help.
its because shes disabled! (i jest)

No. 1462010

File: 1646828154981.jpeg (211.26 KB, 750x1334, 1E51CC9C-C629-4DBC-B880-BA801C…)

Funny how hours before this she posted on Instagram her cooking a struggle meal

No. 1462067

her scrote couldve cooked that for her tbh. my favorite part was dumping the raw asparagus in at the end.

No. 1462100

>You will never enjoy my body

The first true statement one can actually agree upon. The lack of bodily form does nothing for the poorly constructed bedazzled cardboard she calls historic luxury.

Tinfoil: thats chicken foot. The jnuckles never bend!

No. 1462340


No. 1462548

File: 1646873312336.png (415.93 KB, 585x735, Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 4.48…)

No. 1462712

I thought that texture was the person's skin at first and was horrified. Extremely cursed leggings

No. 1462802

Just catching up… she didn't legally change her name, btw. Legally her name is still Katherine McMahon.

No. 1462860

We know

No. 1462861

File: 1646905077048.jpeg (36.53 KB, 750x1334, 275415224_4787081841421411_781…)

She sounds like a wannabe incel mass shooter with the liberal bootlicker talk

No. 1462864

Bubble as in bubble butt? Nope, that is a THUTT. At this point Kathy is abusing this poor mentally ill individual.

No. 1462913

File: 1646912363258.png (470.81 KB, 588x567, Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 3.38…)

I find their whole dynamic and the coddling of the "femsub" here bizzare. Scrolling through her twitter makes me believe she is not an extremely mentally ill woman. Kathy is the only one she seems to be "submitting" to and she's attempting to be a findomme herself. She gets out of the house because she's posted herself with friends at events and she's also getting married (picrel), which is more than Kathy can say kek Something tells me the psych ward post was bait.

No. 1462955

i think it was genuine.
this is a vulnerable, easily manipulated individual. shes giving kathy money and following in her footsteps as a "findomme". very impressionable. doesnt seem to be very smart.
also probably getting married to someone equally unstable. shes desperate for some kind of "acknowledgement" from kathy. some weird friendship. i think shes lonely. and that she smells like cabbage.

No. 1462978

It's so funny when people like her don't understand they are just twitter liberals with an "aesthetic"

No. 1463051

Her stage outfit is so unflattering in like all of the worst ways. She doesn't have enough hips to make the little pussy patch thing look good and the corset makes her look fatter than she is.

No. 1463059

Let's hope she keeps it up.
Its funny when the narc larper become the larped - and with zero effort.

That purse sure gets a lot of mileage.

No. 1463284

File: 1646947746940.jpeg (37.37 KB, 750x1334, 275482741_171673041863585_2467…)

me me me me me me

No. 1463286

And here's the coddling

No. 1463288

File: 1646948002461.jpeg (106.92 KB, 984x854, image.jpeg)

This reads like another scam. Maybe not but it just isn't sitting right.

No. 1463297

Yes Katie, we know you've been a lonely, broke, unsuccessful e-beggar since you started trying to make money this way. You could have made $40k just by answering phone calls from your bed, but why do that when you can beg for money and still get nothing.

No. 1463302


> Kathy has a friend who is fleeing abusive situation w her kid.

> Kathy broadcasts secret location of the fleeing victim, lists her within 6 he radius of a major city.

> Has the nerve to update public that they have found shelter so she can continue to beg on her behalf for hero points.

Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of the vapid and virtuous.

No. 1463328

Sounds like she's taking the money under her burlesque name and then transferring it to her findomme name, which will be blocked out for ~transparency~. Not believing this one for a second.

No. 1463331

burlesque sperging incoming, but that "pussy patch" is usually the last thing to be revealed alongside pasties. you rarely (if ever) see anyone wear a corset with just that, because it looks awkward. the corset's modesty paired with the skimpyness of the thong isnt effective; shes fully clothed up there, while already revealing one of the lewdest areas. she could benefit from a tear-away skirt or something of the sort, and remove the corset first.

No. 1463336

She usually performs her fan dance in that tired robe too. Literally has no clue what the point of burlesque is lol

No. 1463409

She only loves her friends so dearly when it comes to money. Never does she post about them when not begging for money.

No. 1463410

No one has been doing well for a very long time. Welcome to 2022.

No. 1463448

welcome to the club, bitch. nobody has suffered like Kathy has suffered.

No. 1463551

File: 1646966433869.jpeg (131.97 KB, 750x1334, 275512454_317124620401243_8420…)

I'm going to start calling this Psych-Op pink. Why does every e-whore have an obsession with it?

No. 1463655

More like she could never keep up with that color, pink needs to be touched up so frequently too

No. 1463669

File: 1646975894646.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1508, E2062BEA-DE09-43C4-B701-CFF591…)

Fine hair would be the least of her worries. Pink doesn’t suit her at all as her cut rate drag queen wigs have shown

No. 1463831

File: 1646988856105.png (145.66 KB, 472x727, Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 12.4…)

She finally figured out lying about how you're using money is better than openly being desperate for groceries but she has not perfected the lie. If the shoes were bought for you, you wouldn't have payed for shipping kek let's see if anyone sends her the $95

No. 1463832

File: 1646989156998.jpeg (193 KB, 750x1334, 275447163_337138675032254_8681…)

Fucking lol

No. 1463904

sadly i don't have receipts, but i'm a long time 'fan' of hers. years ago she was asked on insta stories what unnatural hair color she would pick, and she said she is not interested in unnatural colors, but would probably pick hollywood bleach blonde. her recent dragification and being around 'leftists' really made her go downhill in terms of taste.

No. 1463928

This is better than what she usually does solely because she doesn't have that horrible "cut crease" and she's put together pretty cohesively. This is much better than what Shayna can do but that isn't saying much kek. She could have gone with a better wig though most definitely. Also, her eyebrows still look pretty bad and she looks like she has smudged makeup underneath her brows but I think that's just unplucked hair. Still looks kind of sloppy.

No. 1463995

It's giving me Albinwonderland. I bet those two would get along until Katherine started copying her and shitting on her behind her back.

No. 1464220

File: 1647028998506.jpg (193.75 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

I find it hard to believe she'd do this.

No. 1464226

File: 1647029232866.jpg (312.93 KB, 2160x1920, screenshot.jpg)

This reads as if the costume pieces are poorly cared for. Not a good look for a "luxury" showgirl to treat your stuff like crap.

No. 1464264

File: 1647032638010.jpeg (584.81 KB, 1242x1794, 18051562-6ACD-4ADD-A124-5D3067…)

She upped the shipping cost to $125. Is rent due or something? She’s desperate right now.

No. 1464279

Why would she advertise that it has stains?!

No. 1464288

It would look better if she said it was discounted for being worn and "much-loved", but the description there is gross.

No. 1464320

It sounds gross but when selling things online, it’s better to be straightforward rather than skirting around issues with whatever you’re selling. Hate to be devil’s advocate but at least she’s being honest with how shit she treats her stuff.

No. 1464391

not the bootleg kelly… so ~luxury~

No. 1464426

File: 1647040911648.jpeg (75.58 KB, 750x1334, 275585140_994568228160374_8597…)

She's gaslighting herself because girl that is YOU

No. 1464427

The correct thing to do is take a current photo showing its condition and an additional photo for the brand and fiber content tags and one of each flaw, not use one single, likely outdated photo to advertise.

No. 1464428

She deleted it so it doesn't matter lol

No. 1464819

File: 1647065316363.jpeg (538.91 KB, 1242x1295, 7324C234-3B00-41DA-B2CF-77DDE0…)

Sex work is real work though, right? No? Oh.

No. 1464886

Tone deaf and frankly quite bizarre that she is saying this to her mentor that has hundreds of videos pertaining to findom and has “AVN nominated Pro Dominant” in her bio. Kathy made four videos over the course of a year that she advertised but never posted, all of which are under 20 minutes and hardly sexual, and complains about people not paying her yet still thinks she doesn’t have to put out content to be an online sex worker. She is scarily delusional.

No. 1465000

kek. you might not be making straight up porno content, but you need to make CONTENT. for those men to begin an obsession with you, develop a fantasy, they need to feel like they have insight into your existence. they need something to idolize and idealize. not words on a screen.

No. 1465494

File: 1647120626974.jpeg (249.58 KB, 1242x1125, 235B5215-264D-49D8-98C5-E27DBC…)

She’s going hard with the sissy shit now kek so much for Forbe’s Billionaires and Wall Street Yuppies

No. 1465500

File: 1647120953115.png (44.25 KB, 590x196, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 1.35…)

No. 1465501

File: 1647121005386.png (334.69 KB, 591x542, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 1.35…)

Too bad the sissies can't even afford to buy her an under $200 lingerie set upfront

No. 1465506

File: 1647121274690.jpeg (426.12 KB, 1125x1035, 1DFA7B9E-D333-4F56-96BA-5DBFED…)

Remember when she was complaining about “hateful” lesbians who were jealous of feminine girls like her?

No. 1465509

How many lesbian tomboys and butches want to be treated like a fucking sissy? There can't exactly be a booming market for this.

No. 1465512

"Lesbians", obviously.

No. 1465556

Even the actual successful "pro" online dommes seem to end up doing mostly content related to fetishes like sissydom, small penis humiliation, forced cum eating, forced pegging, forced bi, cuckholding etc. In other words, weird fetishes that lonely mentally ill men with extreme self esteem/gender identity issues that have never learned any coping strategies that aren't cooming use as some bizarro scrotebrained form of selfharm. If you've ever looked at those ex-coomer boards, a lot of them admit that they ended up compulsively consuming content like that out of porn addiction / mental illness and not any actual desire to be submissive. The whole idea of the banker chad that pays for a girlboss domme to let out his secret submissive side has always mostly been a LARP. These dommes are the equivalent of a McDonalds food worker selling burgers to morbidly obese fatties to cry-binge on while they eat themselves to death. Nobody wins and it's all very pathetic and sad and grimey.

Clear, this won't bother her though, since she was so damn proud of pressuring money out of her just-out-of-the-psychward femsub.

No. 1465573

File: 1647124893706.png (53.75 KB, 588x197, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 2.40…)

Can't wait for this shit show

No. 1465674

File: 1647132027310.jpeg (551.85 KB, 1242x1222, 7FD1C5A8-B39C-4C00-9989-449B61…)

She sure spends a lot on that neckbeard only for him to repay her by doing the absolute bare minimum once lol

No. 1465715

No, you don't get it nonny. Unlike those evil corporate worker males who submit into capitalism, her boyfriend is a revolutionary who is against such evil thing as working. Ofc, he is a minority because capitalism hate him, that's why he needs funding from the capitalist drone to support the liberation of workers! /s

No. 1465718

why does she think her "customers" (her lone customer) want to hear about her ugly neckbeard?

No. 1465742

File: 1647134910077.jpeg (86.65 KB, 750x1334, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1pYWQzLT…)

Lol she's telling on herself by asking outright like this. Are you even allowed to directly solicit clients like this on Instagram?

No. 1465750

She’s delusional if she expects all that for $500. Wasn’t she just on a rant about how she’s paid $1000 for a three minute performance at private parties?

No. 1465752

File: 1647135254954.jpeg (84.31 KB, 750x1334, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1pYWQzLT…)

And some more uwu snowflake bitching

No. 1465757

File: 1647135341346.png (302.66 KB, 588x462, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 5.31…)

While she's fantasizing about dropping $500 for the scrote's birthday, he's simping for other women. Still has yet to post a single thing about her.

No. 1465761

Exactly. She expects $1000 (which she is not getting) to take the same three steps while holding rotted feathers wrong for three minutes but God forbid she pay other people well. We already know she has a history of disappearing with other people's paychecks.

No. 1465766

No and this is exactly how her Instagram got nuked this time last year. An awful way to market yourself though, and show the world how desperate you are even if it was allowed on Insta.

No. 1465771

This white bitch is once again speaking over black voices. This post wasn't for you Katherine McMahon; you're not marginalized and your language hasn't be appropriated. Nah fuck this cunt I'm not letting her forget that she herself appropriated by using Grand Rising.

No. 1465780

File: 1647135971577.png (5.21 MB, 1242x2208, 1624459246583.png)

Want to talk about privileged people appropriating language again? Dumb cunt.

No. 1465813

She always has such weird troony ideas. Pillow fights? You aren't in a movie from the 90's

So her repeatedly saying cuck in that tweet was just her projecting because she is a cuck?

No. 1465815

File: 1647138030966.jpg (20.76 KB, 547x117, screenshot.jpg)

Does this count kek

No. 1465863

File: 1647141575077.png (119.06 KB, 591x546, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 7.15…)

Thought she couldn't stand the sight of nOrMiE vAnIlLa engagement rings? Cope harder Kath he isn't going to marry you. Why would a 25 year old want a 30-something unwashed neckbeard that gets drunk on twitch and simps for other women online constantly? Couldn't be me.

No. 1465897

So her neckbeard is making her prostitute herself online to pay for her own engagement ring? How romantic lmao

No. 1465981

She deleted the ring one lmafo

No. 1466004

File: 1647152297483.jpeg (54.31 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

There is so much wrong here… She mostly blocks random women, so much so that she re-directed a few here because of it (in thread 1 and 2 I believe). Why would she block men when that is her target coomer audience for both burlesque and sex work? How does she know someone is cishet? That would be implying that anyone outside of that looks a certain way. Not very woke of you Katherine! She's full of shit though because her follower list is full of creepy neckbeard men kek

No. 1466008

File: 1647152793710.jpeg (74.65 KB, 593x488, image.jpeg)

Did the sissy she was fawning over this morning already show his true self?

No. 1466012

File: 1647152883995.png (81.94 KB, 593x418, Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 10.1…)

She's on one tonight so sorry but these are too cringe not to post

No. 1466014

Anyone else notice that her guy is always simping for these big titted curvy bimbos like Jessica Nigri and Amouranth? As a narc, knowing she doesn't have that that must drive her absolutely insane. If she keeps spiralling, she's probably going to end up asking her sub"s" for a boob job kek.


He's a lazy neckbeard but I think he's also principally ignoring her to drone out all her narc sperging. She's acting as a demure bbgirl on Twitter when it comes to their relationship but given how she's treated her family I can't believe that she's not also a manipulative trainwreck nightmare in any romantic relationship. Neckbeards that ignore her is the best she's going to end with up unless she drops the "sex" "worker" larp and commits to serious long term therapy (unlikely).

No. 1466018

Your clients are extra needy and emotionally exploitative because your entire online presence screams and projects needyness, emotional volatility and desperation, you idiot. For this whole goddess findom larp to actually work you would have to stop tweeting about your scrote, your personal problems and need for grocery money and cheap tat on your "work" acounts every five seconds. The successful dommes keep details of their personal lives and problems tightly under wrap for obvious reasons.

No. 1466036

File: 1647154988699.jpg (120.59 KB, 594x934, screenshot.jpg)

Yes, pic rel kek. At least they know how to cater to their audiences and understand that they need to constantly create new content, unlike Kathy. (If you go to Amouranth's twitter, her profile literally just says "Content Creator")
Kathy already tried to beg for a bunch of plastic surgery including a boob job and a nose job but failed, caps are somewhere in the older threads

Nitpick/science sperg on that high schooler level trying to be deep tweet, but shooting stars aren't rare at all (a few times per hour). You can't see them usually because of light pollution. Many meteor showers happen on a yearly basis that increase the chances of seeing them too.

No. 1466056

File: 1647156478808.jpg (256.52 KB, 1228x1130, IMG_5195.jpg)

My tinfoil is that she calls her mouse brown hair whatever shade of blonde because the neckbeard interacts with blonde bimbos and fake redheads like pointed out above and it makes her insecure. Would be interesting to get a sampling here of what hair colors anons that she blocked have because there seems to be a trend. She blocked me before the threads were made and I'm a natural blonde.

No. 1466057

Always telling on herself lol. In what world can you organize a party with food and dancers for anywhere near 500???

No. 1466066

In Kathy's gibs = mutal aid world

No. 1466085

>So her neckbeard is making her prostitute herself online to pay for her own engagement ring?
This is too tragic wtf, I have to stop reading this thread.

No. 1466121

"if you crave the emotional connection which is the basis for submission for most people, i wont give it to you. just pay me. i am only doing this for money. i am incapable of pretending otherwise, and do not care about providing the service of fantasy which you want to buy"

No. 1466154

I know this isn't a thread for her, but—brush out your damn curls, girl

No. 1466163

Appropriating language lmao, go back to tumblr with that shit.

No. 1466184

Is that supposed to be wine or champagne? Either way it's hilariously unclassy.
Ends up looking like a glass of piss.

No. 1466193

The bitch is ugly as fuck and won't go to a guys house to play domme. How delusional is she? Mfg.

No. 1466216

Because the dancers and servers are all going to be other smelly bdsm degenerates who they're going to pay in chex mix and clumsy photo ops

No. 1466298

This is so hilariously sad. Her hair is blonde and Trump has a natural looking tan. What the fuck is she on?
Slight ot/kind of a tinfoil:
I'm waiting for her to do some kind of DNA test, have .2% of some non white race and then just lose her mind at the opportunity to try and then take up a new cause (read:start demanding reparations).

No. 1466455

Granted, I don't know anything about dom/sub things but how is "I showered" supposed to be hot…

No. 1466538

File: 1647204955233.png (86.68 KB, 590x357, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 1.52…)

Kathy thinks men hate sex workers because they're ~jealous~ of them and not because they don't see them as human beings. The lies these women tell themselves.

No. 1466541

File: 1647205033640.jpg (184.89 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

I would accept similar wording from a disability activist when it doesn't center the person writing.
This treats others' experiences as something she gets extra credit for witnessing.

No. 1466544

File: 1647205361558.png (73.52 KB, 589x269, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 1.52…)

I would accept similar wording from a disability activist that didn't minutes after this post that "she's not in community" with people who did not fully understand their disabilities. The narcissist greatly lacks empathy.

No. 1466665

So the millions upon millions of female sex workers that have been brutally murdered throughout history were so because of males being jealous they don’t “do as well in it”. Does she not hear how absolutely retarded and ignorant she sounds?

No. 1466688

File: 1647214167045.jpeg (339.29 KB, 1214x1275, 0425574A-942F-44EE-9C57-B43B7B…)

Does she think if she keeps saying the same thing day after day it’ll somehow magically become real and sexually appealing? She might want to learn proper grammar first as well as learn about the historical figures she compares herself to because these illiterate tweets about showering and Lady Godiva aren’t hitting.

No. 1466700

Please don’t tell me Katherine thinks Lady Godiva was a sex worker….

No. 1466822

i just looooove when she hides her weird beak in these posts, makes me laugh everytime

No. 1466828

So much cope in one screenshot, the person who thinks sexwork is merely being hot and cool and not pandering/giving personal access to degenerates and stalkers, and Kathy who seems to lack any understanding of the causes and dangers of misogyny.
To be a sex worker who is so in denial about the nature of males is concerning, but self explanatory.

No. 1466860

> Most men want to date female sex workers while also hating sex work because they are jealous of female sex workers.
This level of cognitive dissonance should be classified as a mental illness.

No. 1466896

File: 1647226760765.png (42.16 KB, 586x166, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 7.17…)

She has a giant hole in her larp. The whole point and what she advertises her services as is that she is a bratty mean girl that will dominate people out of their money, right? So why then does she rampage daily on non-payers for free while fawning and doting on her few subs that pay her? Makes no sense that as a domme she would berate people for free while calling her subs “sweet” “precious” etc. while praising them for buying her something. Doing all that for the subs makes her the obsequious one when it should be the other way around. It also makes zero sense that she would mock potentials, again for free, for being broke in one tweet and then state in the next that she doesn’t care how much money they have because she has options for every budget, including free “tasks”. She is horrible at this larp. It’s not rocket science lol

No. 1466930

File: 1647229508064.png (103.64 KB, 590x485, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 8.42…)

So why does Kathy treat her subs like friends and why does every findomme put out content? So close yet so far away. Brain worms.

No. 1466954

this is such a weird nitpick.

No. 1467099

there's a lot to say here but the choices in rhinestone (and i do mean rhinestone) are really something else
i dont think most people would make that connection at all

No. 1467453

File: 1647280638688.jpeg (73.53 KB, 750x1334, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1taWEzLT…)

Looks like the tributes are just pouring in! /s

No. 1467459

what is her “art”?

No. 1467475

So much for her finsubs.

No. 1467478

File: 1647282250090.jpg (166.4 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

And she's again begging her audience to do work for her.

No. 1467480

File: 1647282537410.jpg (543.74 KB, 2160x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Forever in love with (checks notes) a guy who pays more attention online to popular "pretty girls" and never acknowledges her or their relationship publicly, even though she keeps trying to show him off.
It doesn't look good.

No. 1467494

I think I know exactly what grant she's going for. A reason as flimsy as being a "cultural trendsetter" counts to apply so I hope she doesn't actually get anything.

No. 1467503

“Send me links so I can take resources away from actual artists/sex workers/disabled people!”

No. 1467598

This is her half-assed attempt to attract hair fetishists anon

No. 1467628

File: 1647289271474.png (32.62 KB, 592x118, Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 1.18…)

Her larp is so bizarre. No sub is getting off to the fact she has basic American household appliances and brands.

No. 1467631

im sorry but his stupid fucing outfit gets me. is it a wizard robe? is he a priest? game of thrones?what the fuck is he wearing. manbun and soybeard aside.

No. 1467634

She's not getting shit. Quitting your job during the middle of the pandemic in order to pursue your non-paying hobby does not qualify as you being an artist that lost their income during the pandemic.

No. 1467639

File: 1647289771575.png (73.34 KB, 597x288, Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 1.28…)

So Kathy is full of shit, as usual. Her neckbeard that she is forever in love with would rather livestream on Twitch on his birthday than entertain her quasi-BDSM party. We also have his age now which makes both even more pathetic.

No. 1467649

Damn he really does not give a shit about her. Given what she has said about oLdEr MeN, she thinks a man using her for sex = love. Pathetic is right.

No. 1467651

>dresses like this >>1467480
kekkkkk nice catch, Kathy

No. 1467655

Knowing her she was probably just larping in order to try and afford him a birthday gift

He'll post about his dog and other actually successful ethots but never her kek

No. 1467668

as horrible as she is as a person, i cant help but think "she deserves so much better". really shows how much i dont like this guy, huh.

No. 1467990

Why does he want to livestream is birthday party when he has literally 22 followers? He is not popular at all


No. 1468135

Because those 22 followers mean more than spending his birthday with the OnE he likes enough to tell her to buy her own fake engagement ring

No. 1468440

“Look at me! I showered! I cooked a basic meal with basic kitchen appliances!” You’re 24 years old Katherine. This is how every other functioning adult operates. You’re not special and it’s not sexy to post this shit on your whore persona Twitter account.

No. 1468909

File: 1647369786608.jpg (87.61 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

I feel sorry for her that her guy would probably be way more into the dogs than he'd be into anything involved with her.

No. 1468914

Not to be a killjoy but there's a possibility he might be doing a separate party on twitch and 26th is not his actual birthday. Though I'm saying this mainly because I hope Karty will throw her $500 "party" and we'll get to see the pictures kek

No. 1468915

His text doesn’t even sound enthusiastic

No. 1469012

HAHAHAHAHA oh no please do not tell me this is her man. What the fuck is he dressed as? Is he that guy who studied the blade? I cannot believe this bird looking weirdo thinks she is going to larp her way into some rich guy taking her to 5th avenue when in real life she has to beg for food because her man is some sort of bullying victim who walks around in robes haha fuck off I can’t cope with her. A Rothschild will message you any day now won’t he Kathy? Only the best of men for you.

No. 1469016

Really wish she'd stop using this artist's work and calling herself the artist's muse

No. 1469020

File: 1647376657921.jpg (353.89 KB, 800x1200, medieval-tunic-and-overcoat-3.…)

I think I found it. It's a medieval/iron age tunic, but he fills it out too much with his flab

No. 1469114

File: 1647382536662.jpg (112.15 KB, 600x630, 95798521624.jpg)

Her lack of consistency and ability to tell on herself constantly never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1469121

Pink champagne aka rosé cava/prosecco.

No. 1469177

The many e-begging personalities of Katie McMahon:

"It's not the amount but the sacrifice!"
"As if I'd remember your $50 even though I'm clearly remembering it by posting about it." (except it's not even real)
"I don't have to work and lay around all day getting doughier by the minute because I'm a FiNDoM."
"Anyone recommend any grants to me for disabled people not on disability, artists who don't make art, chronically ill people who don't have a chronic illness ir anything else at all besides recommending work because I can't even afford to pay attention to what I'm saying!"

No. 1469193

Sage for major 'tism but the Medieval era was thousands of years after the Iron age. Iron age took place during early human history. I'm sorry I couldn't help myself kek

No. 1469223

Applying for some funds for domestic violence victims to buy weed is a scumbag move

No. 1469234

File: 1647386456747.jpeg (985.23 KB, 1125x1721, 4DACD133-97B7-4EF4-B4C7-9A2A26…)

It actually is champagne this time! Although it’s the smallest bottle they make. And she didn’t get it to drink… (1/2)

No. 1469236

File: 1647386507394.png (Spoiler Image, 6.1 MB, 1125x2436, 463EBC29-DF80-48AA-8080-96A83D…)

She got it to pour over her weird little feet! Stay classy, Kath.(2/2)

No. 1469247

Who the hell pours champagne all over their jewelry? No wonder her feathers are rotting and her robe is stained, she treats her things like shit.

No. 1469252

KEK get a load of this doofus flexing a tiny ass moet as if that's something an actual rich person would do. Top tip for you Kathy: if you can't afford full size just buy a bottle of cheaper decent champagne. It's still going to look classier than showing off a tiny bottle they put in gift sets.

No. 1469303

File: 1647389017019.jpg (191.22 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

A half-eaten Ispahan from Ladurée is not a flex like she thinks it is.

No. 1469308


moet isn't even that expensive in the first place by rich person standards, i swear to god she's just working from some type of prototype of what she thinks ~classy~ rich new yorkers Might Do


No. 1469309

Did… did she drink the foot runoff out of the glass after? She probably can't afford to waste it, but still

No. 1469316

File: 1647389768957.png (530.85 KB, 720x850, Screenshot_20220315-201434~2.p…)

Speaking of a lack of consistency, looks like she's ok with NFTs now

No. 1469341

File: 1647390514443.jpg (160.24 KB, 750x1334, from scratch.jpg)

Trying to flex making salad, of all things, "from scratch." Congrats Katie, you made dressing. Very luxurious and high class

No. 1469357

File: 1647391058961.png (Spoiler Image, 551.84 KB, 720x1129, Screenshot_20220315-203526~2.p…)

You forgot the part where she admits she couldn't be original and copied someone else anon!

No. 1469363

This looks like something that Nourish to flourish would make. So please spoiler this vile shit next time.

No. 1469376

I guess she thinks she's being ethical and promoting other creators but all she really does is show her total lack of creativity

No. 1469403

why does the dressing look like someone cummed on it that consistency is grossing me out.

No. 1469453

File: 1647398801600.png (62.28 KB, 720x337, Screenshot_20220315-223856~2.p…)

She deleted that first tweet and posted this. Must be a slow night if she's lurking this hard kek

No. 1469473

File: 1647400187604.webm (Spoiler Image, 9.26 MB, 676x360, YCVV0UWZ8NMGfaLe.webm)

No. 1469488

nitpick but isn’t a caprese supposed to have basil?

why does she keep copying this guy’s photos? >>>/snow/1448049

No. 1469516

Maybe a nitpick but, does the tab really need to say "acid"?? Like, it's a little square on someone's tongue… I think people will get the joke

No. 1469559

Most of this is fat true to Katherine form. Garlic cooked in a lot of oil, one veggie, more fat, vinegar, more oil. It's supposed to be a light salad not cheese and tomato in gravy.

No. 1469577

File: 1647407191723.png (233.5 KB, 592x587, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 10.0…)

Sure Kathy. If it's real and not photoshopped, it's daddy sending her something since she literally has no hot water kek the IRS is going to be all over her though because of the amount if real.

No. 1469604

she moves like there's a gun behind the camera. yikes.

No. 1469774

I can believe she has a Womak of her own who'll eventually dump her and she'll throw a hissy fit.

No. 1469826

Keek she stuffs her bra in pictures, but while performing when she knows she can't get away with it, she has a gap in her bra and no tits. Way to be consistent, Katie.

No. 1469829

Considering it's private, I'm sure it was her brother or dad.
And jokes on her because Cashapp is now reporting any money received to the IRS so she's going to have to pay taxes on her family's money sent to pay her bills.

No. 1469832


i just do not understand how someone who is this awkward and unnatural in front of a camera ever thought it was a good idea to become an online "sex worker"

No. 1469844

Taking pictures in her kitchen… I have the same exact chair (and probably table) from Ikea! Stay classy, Kathy.
Those tables and chairs were also among the cheapest at Ikea kek
Not to mention she's having champagne for breakfast on a week day in her home? She's gonna turn into Shayna over here.

No. 1469856

ewww(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1470452

File: 1647462835481.png (146.18 KB, 591x682, Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 9.41…)

She has more Tweets of her complaining than anything else yet it's just her "musing" kek girl can't even be honest with herself about her own actions

No. 1470764

> cutting the cake

wait, are they married?

No. 1470795


To be fair, endometriosis is a chronic illness. But if she was so desperate to be shot of it, which anyone with severe endo would surely be, she’d have kept her paid job for the insurance so she could afford the ablation surgery.

No. 1470820

No it was a “collaring ceremony” lol

No. 1470822

She already had the surgery a couple years ago.

No. 1470831

Exactly. She acts like she has an illness that makes it impossible to live when she's had surgery successfully already. She has no excuse to try to claim disability or "chronic illness". The only illness she has is that she's mentally ill.

No. 1470834

File: 1647479434793.jpeg (83.58 KB, 750x1334, 68C44E2A-F2FE-4E53-B9B5-EA4EAB…)

So her mom has tried to contact her three times in the span of a little over a year… not real sure if anyone would count that as harassing especially since one of those times was her wanting to see her for Christmas. Is it really shocking a mother found her daughters address when it’s extremely easy to access that information online for anyone? Kathy really isn’t telling the whole story.

No. 1470859

What’s interesting too is that her “chronic illness” has never made her quit a job or drop out of a gig. She quit multiple jobs on her own volition and has been dropped from gigs and venues by whoever. If she had to drop out of a gig because of pain, she would never shut up about it. She thinks throwing out “chronic illness” as a vague blanket statement should get her everything she wants; she wanted NYU to figure out transportation for her (and probably pay for it) and expected to be casted by showeunners without auditioning or even seeing the show. All because of her “chronic illness”. Nope sorry she’s just lazy and expects everything to be handed to her. Nothing to do with any chronic illness or disability she claims to have.

No. 1470983

Wow three emails in one year? This bitch truly is an insane stalker! Kathy needs file an immediate restraining order, this is frightening. Poor Kathy.

No. 1470988

Thanks, nonny, now I’m paranoid about my own bio mom finding my address. Anyway, since Kathy did make a very clear ‘do not contact me again’ request, mom could actually get into legal trouble because that’s stalking under New York law.

No. 1471012

Imagine believing anything this feathered personality disorder posts.

No. 1471030

All I’m saying that if she did actually go NC and mom continues to contact her, mom is technically breaking the law. Kathy’s probably too dumb to have actual physical evidence of her telling her family to kick rocks, so she can’t take any action. It’s pointless whining.

No. 1471049

File: 1647491662097.jpeg (329.45 KB, 1242x883, CB8BFC1E-E579-4619-8022-14EA7A…)

Things must be grim because she’s trying to ~manifest~. I’m not a woowoo so I’m not real sure but aren’t you supposed to like no tell anyone what you’re trying to manifest? Next post is going to be about her fabled crystals and altar watch lol

No. 1471050

We’ve seen Kathy’s “lawyer”… even if she was breaking the law that case isn’t even reaching the courts.

No. 1471480

Oh she got another glove! But how are her movements so jerky, it looks like she's having a mild seizure at the same time kek

No. 1471639

File: 1647538735170.jpg (67.92 KB, 1014x900, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGV.jpg)

If she isn't lying about the situation she's at the very least trying to milk it for drug money.

It's not real/all a lie obviously because the timing of her tweets doesn't make sense. If someone sent $1000 (who isn't family) she would have been over the moon and bragging about it right away. Instead, a couple of hours later she's trying to solicit new clients and telling them to send $25? Which contradicted her claim the day before that she's "approached by dozens" of people a day and that $50 isn't enough for her ~LuXuRy~ FeTiSh (dirty deleted after it was pointed out) >>1469114. Then she finally posts about it after waiting almost half a day? And then an hour after that begs for more money, "no matter how small" (also dirty deleted) >>1469453. It's obvious she's lurking and desperate, she's taking advice from farmers but also throwing out whatever to see if it sticks. She doesn't know what she's doing and isn't successful, so she's massively insecure and constantly second-guessing herself, which results in the constant dirty deleting and shitty larp that can be easily seen through.

No. 1471775

File: 1647543810170.png (348.15 KB, 400x585, 0a51dc53e1fed7efeed08c51e9cf95…)


i'm new to corsetry but can an actual corset-nonnie please confirm just /how/ catastrophically fit this corset is on her? i don't know for whose frame it was made, given how short she is but she's definitely kgs and kgs too wide for it.

No. 1471807

How is there a gap at the hip and the underarm yet it's still laced tight enough to give her a second asscrack?

No. 1471817

I feel like I say this on every thread, but you could always try getting a fucking job Kathy

No. 1471818

File: 1647547114094.jpeg (289.93 KB, 1125x1902, 5C502B2B-8753-4469-99FF-08A8D0…)

It essentially means that the corset is way too curvy for her little boy body. She’d prefer put all that time and money into a pipe-dream corset and destroy it rather than buy one that fits correctly from the start. Picrel

No. 1471819

She needs to make separate accounts for her oppressed disabled socialist e-grifting and her luxury findom larping, they do not work together AT ALL. It just makes both of them seem unbelievable. It's Scammer 101 to keep your grifts separate.

No. 1471820

it's also interesting that she's just now talking about filing restraining orders, after that point was raised earlier in the thread. she won't actually do it, of course, but all this corroborates your point that she lurks and this thread has an effect on her.

No. 1471829

File: 1647547911235.png (2.4 MB, 1500x1334, 64B3F966-3816-4AB8-B0CF-C0964F…)

Wait until she finds out why her precious Wall Street is called that kek Indian Giver larp soon?

No. 1471851

File: 1647549297219.png (94.58 KB, 590x397, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 1.34…)

She's borderline stalking the person she replied to here. She's been attempting to parrot what she says.

No. 1471865

File: 1647549982243.png (324.87 KB, 598x683, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 1.43…)

I don't think this tinfoil is that far off because remember when she saying she looks like Anya Taylor Joy? Yeah well the neckbeard is a simp for her too.

No. 1471920

File: 1647552248834.jpg (36.95 KB, 590x302, 174278120.jpg)

She's been lurking since the first thread, proven by her/a white knight's spergout
and mass blocking, which she still does to this day since she's still being posted ofc.
Let's not forget when she stopped calling people "financial domination" kek
There's also the regular posting about things like how she doesn't care what other people think of her, people needing to mind their own business, etc, picrel. She's unemployed, terminally online (probably because people don't want to be around her IRL) and a narcissist who needs to find reasons to cry victim so people will send gibs, ofc she can't resist lurking.

No. 1471924

File: 1647552497478.jpg (19.08 KB, 588x120, 460489319.jpg)

Same anon, some fresh cringe.

No. 1471932

File: 1647552853417.png (84.91 KB, 589x350, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 2.33…)

Just musing again?

No. 1471969

File: 1647554382261.jpg (103.51 KB, 1498x1334, 275340417_642299440174097_2620…)

She's complaining about not getting hired for gigs because of a lack of "diversity" now, what a cope

To be fair she did, those were from her personal IG. She made another one for the "Madame Blush alter ego" but doesn't post as much, it's all recycled content/reposts from the Twitter account. She openly advertises on her personal account though so I wonder how many people follow both and see the huge inconsistencies.

No. 1471973

Love the second post
>Book new artists (ME), Black artists, POC artists, disabled artists (ME), artists of all different genders (ME INCLUDED)

No. 1471983

>Black artists (ME when I’m channeling the spirit of Mistress Velvet. Grand rising!)

No. 1471986


No. 1471992

Did she not have the same 5 people in her failed dive bar show? kek For starters, burlesque is still pretty niche. There isn't exactly a ton of actually talented ready-to-book dancers in any given area. She was also just bitching about how "being booked frequently isn't the flex you think it is" and what she deems as low pay. She also said she's not in community with 99% of dancers, producers, and clients so no shit no one wants to "support" her.

No. 1472053

File: 1647558391689.png (337.59 KB, 451x812, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 4.05…)

Sure Kahty, throwing up for hours that's why you were out of the house buying your drugs and bitching non-stop on all you platforms. Serious seeking behavior.

No. 1472055

That is 100% why she was comparing herself to her. That other actress too. God she's pathetic.

No. 1472061

Kathy, the only place you're ill is in the head.

No. 1472082

maybe it was the foot champagne

No. 1472291

Kek kek kek

It's so obvious she reads here I'm really curious what she thinks of everyone calling her out. Is she narcissistic enough to think you're wrong, or would she be pissed for someone pointing out the truth and for the liar she is? Maybe she'll let us know…

No. 1472302

>wants to detach from capitalism
> ebegs for shoes from Paris

bitch please

No. 1472315

File: 1647566560625.png (90.51 KB, 588x441, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 6.21…)

Kathy didn't pay rent for months after stupidly quitting her job but sure, the other woman was the problem like always.

No. 1472319

Her excuse was that because everyone is magically equal under communism and there is no such thing as 'luxury', it's okay that she wants to buy things under capitalism. She's mental.

No. 1472338

Yeah she lives in this magical fairy land where “everyone has equal access to luxury goods under communism!” and fails to grasp most of these goods couldn’t exist without economic & environmental exploitation. Her political understanding is as deep as a puddle.

No. 1472439

Going "no contact" to Katie just means not calling or texting her family until she wants something. And even if she really said "leave me alooooone, Moooom!" like an angsty teen, there's no law saying that person is going to get into legal trouble from Katie's Twitter "lawyer". Her Twitter lawyer has surely not even sent good ol' Mom a cease and desist letter, although I bet we're all going to get one very soon. Kek.

No. 1472445

Her mom emailed her no-work "work email" that's available on her "work website" using her "legal name". I bet she had to dig through all those non-tribute messages and other "work offers" to get to it. Katie really is beyond delusional if she really believes the stories she's posting on social media. I'm really hoping she knows how obviously fake she's being or she's really beyond crazy.

No. 1472449

File: 1647574832795.png (136.38 KB, 441x812, Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 8.40…)

She doesn't have a house nor businesses so…?

No. 1472450

Business and service are two different things and she doesn't even provide her "services" properly at that.

No. 1472459

And Katie's is a WKD, which she probably secretly likes because it's her namesake, but mostly because her dumb ass would rather pay for a name brand OTR corset than pay a little more for a custom one.
We've all seen her body without a corset and she's built like a rectangle so a curvy silhouetted corset that's "18"" that just shows off her 27"+ waist is hilarious.
It's not abnormal to have a buttcrack on your back in corsetry, but that's also what modesty panels are for if someone isn't fond of that look or doesn't find it comfortable. She clearly doesn't know or care about fit though, even judging from the half inch gap where her lack of hips are.

No. 1472462

Good thing a real anarchist wouldn't let a little shitty lock stop them from liberation for the people!

No. 1472472

There's a lot of burlesque dancers in NYC. But Katie's just not even decent enough to be competitive so she says all of those butthurt comments ragging on burlesque dancers that get booked. She'd take a $50 gig if it was offered to her, she just doesn't even get that.

No. 1472480

She's just saying she's bummed she missed the chance to e-beg for pink KitchenAid products like a true anarchist/ communist

No. 1472576

>WKD, which she probably secretly likes because it's her namesake
no, this idiot just used her real first name as her sEx WoRkEr name.

>she's bummed she missed the chance to e-beg for pink KitchenAid products
she begs for this stuff constantly already, without any real occasion or accomplishments.

No. 1472655

As an anarchist, why is she posting random apartment block courtyards on social media with text overlays telling everyone she’s an anarchist that’s sad to see “landlord greed” instead of taking any sort of initiative regarding community gardens? Kathy can’t be called performative at this point because she can’t even be fucked to pretend she’s taking action. She just wants to label herself with as many things as possible.

No. 1472770

>we should celebrate women for getting advanced degrees that take years of hard work and dedication to accomplish

Kathy: “but why aren’t we celebrating ME for starting several scam ‘businesses’ that involve hitting bong rips and e-begging on Twitter from my couch??”

No. 1473098

File: 1647629815201.jpg (333.65 KB, 2156x1920, screenshot.jpg)

(1/2) Incoming regurgitation of someone else's valid survivor-focused and abolitionist practices, but cherry-picking parts that suit her fantasies of suing her parents.

No. 1473117

>nuclear family was invented by the state
Then how does it precede government
>the legal rights parents hold over children is unconscionable
who does she think would have legal rights over the children if not the parents it would be the state, retard interesting stance for an "anarchist", to think people should be property of the state from birth

No. 1473121

File: 1647630467436.jpg (2.19 MB, 4296x3736, screenshot.jpg)

(2/2) Here's the full-on regurgitation of someone else's survivor-focused and abolitionist practices, which she used in cherry-picking parts that would suit her fantasies of suing her parents.
And the end part shows she wants people to think she's some kind of educator or expert?!

No. 1473188

aka Kathy's parents didn't get her cha cha heels for Christmas

No. 1473209

File: 1647636702864.jpeg (47.48 KB, 592x372, image.jpeg)

Let's not throw stones now, Katherine, especially after posting >>1473098 and the bottom tweet in picrel as well as all the Tweets glorifying older deadbeat men taking advantage of you at 18.

No. 1473222

we get it katherine, you want to involve your dad in your fetish. you're really gross. please seek help.

No. 1473229

She has her brother on her Katherine Harlow Venmo but she just can not figure out how her family knows her new public and private information.

We already know she's an ignorant peabrain but she just reached new levels: imagine thinking being a ward of the state at best or a feral child at worst is better than being with "bourgeois" parents that took them on frequent vacations, put them in sports and other extracurricular activities throughout school, paid for their college education, paid for their first apartments, all because they didn't let them run wild as teenagers. She thinks the "legal rights that parents hold over child are unconscionable"? She's never seen what the state does to children, especially disabled ones. If both her parents died, Katherine would not be an NYU graduate playing sex worker online nor would her brother be a Penn State graduate working for Citi Bank. She's a narcissist and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so it's not hard to believe her parents are too but her upbringing was not worse than that of most children in foster care.

No. 1473234

An anarcho-communist that greatly supports capitalism by abusing it's legal system and consuming from Amazon and overpriced "designer goods" made by slave labor, believes in hierarchy, and wants children to be taken care of by the state. Make any of that make sense.

No. 1473238

For a historian she really does not know any history kek the nuclear family got it's name in 1950's America but it was around loooooooooooooooooooooong before that. The state didn't invent shit and it doesn't exactly benefit from it compared to single-parent households (where abuse is more common, by the way).

No. 1473244

The term nuclear family first appeared in the early 20th century. Merriam-Webster dates the term back to 1924,[7] while the Oxford English Dictionary has a reference to the term from 1925; thus it is relatively new. While the phrase dates approximately from the Atomic Age, the term "nuclear" is not used here in the context of nuclear warfare, nuclear power, nuclear fission or nuclear fusion; rather, it arises from a more general use of the noun nucleus, itself originating in the Latin nux, meaning "nut", i.e. the core of something – thus, the nuclear family refers to all members of the family being part of the same core rather than directly to atomic weapons.

No. 1473246

Do you not know how to read? The term is new, the concept is not.

No. 1473248

You're the one saying it got it's name in the 1950s, dummy.

No. 1473251

Goddamn this is delusional. They truly believe that if they abolish family, communities of strangers that care and take accountability for each other and themselves will arise? D E L U S I O N A L. You're not going to erase 6 million years of human evolution and natural instinct for everyone just because you don't like your parents.

No. 1473252

That's when it became popular. Way to miss the entire point though just to focus on semantics. Part of her ilk are you?

No. 1473253

You're wrong and illiterate. Please practice your reading comprehension before accusing people of your sore spot.

No. 1473259

File: 1647640462095.gif (947.03 KB, 341x180, tumblr_mbmz4gkto81r4q8tc.gif)

Do better the next time you expose yourself kek

No. 1473261

>kek the nuclear family got it's name in 1950's America
Wrong. And then when it's pointed out to you that what you said is incorrect, you sperg. Get help.

No. 1473269

File: 1647640909150.png (60.88 KB, 593x252, Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3.00…)

The zero interaction on Kathy's tweet is so telling lol in her own terms, they're not in community with her

No. 1473271

Can she at least try not to make every single thing she does on the internet some kind of projection?

No. 1473278

> before accusing people of your sore spot
Someone’s mad about the thread title kek

No. 1473302

What exactly does Kathy inply her parents did to her? I'm curious, does anyone know? She talks like someone who was sexually abused but I'm sure that's not true or she'd have outright said so.

No. 1473333

Her main thing is them being financially abusive but she's never expanded further on that other than "daddy's six figure salary isn't mine" and them taking her off of the family cellular plan. We know her dad paid for multiple apartments and her college education; when herstopped paying for her apartment, she claimed abuse for being "housing insecure" and now the $8,000 or so left in student loans she's claiming were fraudulently taken out after he paid most of it off and she graduated. She claimed her mom was medically abusive because she told her period pain was normal and said medical treatment was withheld despite her talking about going to doctors "for years" before her endo surgery and saying she "knew more than the doctors" as a kid. Outside of that, she hates on them for being middle class and corporate like >>1473098 and >>1473209 . There was a post from a former friend in like the first thread that knew in irl and Kathy was still talking to them as recently as 2018 when she was in her 20s.

No. 1473346

> Posts someone else's tweets
> What's something new or unexpected that you've learned from me?
Holy shit what a narc

No. 1473348

I think you’re really mad at your mommy, but come on the Internet aiming at other women

No. 1473479

File: 1647651276656.png (313.65 KB, 596x510, Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 5.47…)

No. 1473480

File: 1647651321256.jpeg (337.51 KB, 1538x2048, FOLEbH0XMAkQMzu.jpeg)

No. 1473482

File: 1647651395025.jpeg (351.72 KB, 1542x2048, FOLEbHzWQAUVT6d.jpeg)

No. 1473553

File: 1647655220264.jpeg (344.18 KB, 1222x1207, D1AF564F-1DC9-400F-97E5-234BAD…)

No. 1473554

File: 1647655242463.jpeg (437.5 KB, 1362x2048, 0D13EA18-D2BA-472C-8E79-708500…)

No. 1473555

File: 1647655278497.jpeg (389.53 KB, 1346x2048, A49826D6-98F0-4308-A19C-7A64F5…)

No. 1473559

The fucking eyeshadow WHY

No. 1473565

She looks like if Rodney Dangerfield did Glen or Glenda what the fuck is up with the crackhead wide eyes??

No. 1473574

File: 1647656628748.jpg (199.76 KB, 808x1200, screenshot.jpg)

Oh, it's the Ispahan she was using to pedo-bait on IG, with putting a sparkly filter over Nabokov!

No. 1473576

For picking on intellect, a quick Google search shows that set's not even emerald–the colorway was called "Shady Spruce".

No. 1473577

File: 1647656771692.jpg (127.62 KB, 657x614, Utilyolyp58y9495peltk.jpg)

What the fuck is going on here? I just want answers.

No. 1473593

File: 1647657953823.jpg (132.43 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Again claiming she's autistic…

No. 1473597

Honestly after looking at this >>1457120 I'm beginning to think she's onto something with the autism self diagnosis.

No. 1473633

Anon, don't pull a Katie- use a dictionary. She used to go by Katie McMahon all throughout school, now goes by her full name Katherine, and probably enjoys WKD has the same name as what she used to go by/the shortened version of her name. Like I said, that's her namesake.

No. 1473642

I like how she takes pictures on one day of the same pastry but tries to stretch it out like she has more than 1 day of a NY pastry.

No. 1473649

You know she would have tagged this sIssY fInSuB who's so international she buys boring sale lingerie from a mainstream label. It's nice having less than $150 in spending money since your chubby "Daddy" pays the other half of the rent by working part time at GameStop- I mean a Forbes billionaire who works on Wall Street!

No. 1473652

Her attempt at a 1950s era cut crease while widening her eyeballs in an attempt to make her beady eyes look more like doe-eyes, or at least proportionate to her hooked beak nose

No. 1473667

File: 1647662593554.jpeg (359.43 KB, 1242x810, 24EC40AF-DFFD-498B-A2D4-9C0019…)

She is just like Shayna

No. 1473678

I thought “sissies” were men?

No. 1473688

They are but they think being a woman is degrading and get off on that so "she"

No. 1473734

Is no one gonna point out the slight dandruff in her hair or am I gonna be gal? The only bright side of this photo is the bra looks like it fits for once

(Too late)

No. 1473786

That nose is truly horrific and look like a birth defect but the fact that she has the possibility to learn to be better at doing her eyeshadow and just doesn’t… is mind blowing lol

No. 1473820

File: 1647681504851.jpeg (499.35 KB, 1536x2048, FOL26D9XIAEluaI.jpeg)

She looks utterly insane. The raised eyebrows, psychopath eyes, and wtf eyeshadow… She seriously looks insane. Is she also now trying to tap into the feeder market? Why is she holding out a pastry? Nothing about this cow makes sense.

No. 1473822

File: 1647681710834.png (72.09 KB, 338x480, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 2.14…)

The caption on the above again made no sense. Kathy is constantly reminding everyone that findom is a fetish. If findom is a fetish, anyone partaking in it wouldn't be "vanilla". The hamster in her head must've died because girl can't even keep up with what she's spewed.

No. 1473848

Her makeup looks like it's for an evil stepmother in an amateur dramatics production. And those lashes are as worn out as her fans

No. 1473859

File: 1647692343309.jpg (94.47 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1621595651.jpg)

She's like a fun sized Lady Dimitrescu

No. 1473866

Hey now, she has a nice smokey eye going on. Kathy could never

No. 1473869

I'd be genuinely surprised if she's not. It would explain so much.

No. 1473881


Small nitpick, she forgot to photoshop her neck rolls.

No. 1473883

that and she made it clear repeatedly that doesn't want to interact with the icky straights and vanillas, so how could she possibly take them as subs

No. 1473884

Lady D doesn’t deserve this slander

No. 1473903

Question for makeup enthusiasts. Is doing lines like that with eyeshadow a thing or is it just her doing it?

No. 1473931

I think she’s trying to do a cut crease. She just fucking sucks at makeup period. Her eyebrows are over lined, she doesn’t tightline or put eyeliner on her water line, her eyelashes look crusty one and two like they’re going to fall off. She’s just really bad at doing her makeup

No. 1473969

Hahaha holy shit, I hadn't even noticed the eyebrows! What on earth was she thinking…

No. 1473975

>>1473931 >>1473903
to me it looks like she's gluing down her natural brows, the texture looks so bad. the eyeshadow shape is not flattering, but no eye shadow will look good over her oatmeal brows. it's very clear on the profile of her face on the left side of the pic. her natural brows could be plucked into a nice shape why is she doing this…

No. 1473997

her eyebrows aren't just overlined they split in two. did she do this with no mirror?

No. 1474064

File: 1647711044314.jpg (41.73 KB, 430x275, beak.jpg)

That isn't even her nose's final form.

Aka getting kicked out after not paying rent and continuing to freeload after begging online for a place to stay and being fortunate enough to have been taken in by her scrote

>leaving my job
Which one, the Museum of Sex that you tried to sue and failed for "sexual harassment"; or the one at NYU that you quit, first claiming it was to pursue sex work, then it was to mourn the loss of "your friend" Mistress Velvet, then it was because of ableism, then you claimed you were fired?
>changing my name
You mean your last name for show biz purposes. You kept your first name the same, that doesn't sound like someone who's fleeing their family and doesn't want to be found.
>changing my phone number
Because your daddy stopped paying your phone bill after you got a job.
>changing my address
Because you got kicked out for not paying rent, as mentioned above.
Also real classy, openly admitting that she wished/es her parents were dead since she was child "because life would have been so much easier". God what a privileged and delusional idiot, not even mentioning the confidently incorrect sperg about nuclear families.

I think at the end she's begging for validation. You know she's spiraling bad when she has to directly ask for attention/compliments like that.

No. 1474076

File: 1647711516240.jpg (70.43 KB, 598x593, 82d69aadbd2ee095a0aa70f58b80b0…)

There are lots of ways to do a cut crease, but typically the dark line will continue on to the inner part of the eye. Why she does that wild angle and takes it up to meet her eyebrow and then just STOPS there—I have no clue. That's the most baffling part for me.

No. 1474082

Samefag, after zooming in on >>1473820 there is a faint blue line on the inner half of her eye. I think >>1473931 is right and she's just incompetent at doing her makeup

No. 1474186

File: 1647718461728.jpeg (277.63 KB, 1125x669, ECAF8D84-DFD8-4E3F-8D39-2DCE63…)

Keep projecting, Kathy.

No. 1474307

She copies tweets every single day so she's not one to talk. Also no one is checking for her like that… The 900 bot followers do not care kek

No. 1474308

File: 1647723212017.png (54.84 KB, 597x211, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 1.51…)

Oh Kathy

No. 1474313

File: 1647723473046.jpeg (169.55 KB, 586x1318, image.jpeg)

What tweets are non-findom people copying? Because all she does day in and out is bitch and complain

No. 1474319

File: 1647723912135.jpeg (94.99 KB, 750x1334, 276014225_158806343238549_1791…)

Kathy has been eating the same pastry for the past week, let's a neckbeard pump and dump her, has no hot water, and can't put eyeshadow on correctly but sure, everyone wants to be her kek she's not autistic she's a delusional narcissist.

No. 1474332

The constant whining & bitching really gives away that this is all a LARP. Real pro dommes are about their MONEY, and have screening systems in place to quickly & efficiently sift out time wasters. They focus on their paying clients and don’t give attention to people who contribute nothing to their business, especially on their professional accounts. She has few paying clients and no sense of professionalism, so of course she has plenty of time for the trolls in her inbox.

No. 1474335

File: 1647726010769.jpg (42.91 KB, 430x275, holy hairline.jpg)

What is this hairline?

No. 1474465

>concept of the nuclear family
I'm wheezing, did she read that somewhere or did she come up with it all on her own?

No. 1474467

as an autist i feel insulted

No. 1474552

File: 1647739574032.png (58.33 KB, 592x277, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 6.25…)

>Keep FinDom expensive
>$25 tribute

No. 1474593

>Your submissives are so lucky
–said no one ever.

…because there were none

No. 1474650

File: 1647745760609.png (236.9 KB, 590x432, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 8.08…)

She's been nibbling at the same pastry for one. Two, uh pastries everyday isn't a good thing fatass lol no wonder none of her shit fits her she's gained at least 20 since the threads started.

No. 1474656

File: 1647746114142.jpg (197.27 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Well, her half-hearted guy got her diet soda.

No. 1474666

File: 1647746479212.jpeg (198.91 KB, 750x598, B47011B6-EE1E-4138-A409-628F65…)

How is it even physically possible to be so close, yet so far away.

No. 1474701

File: 1647748148987.png (51.37 KB, 588x198, Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 8.47…)

She stole this Tweet from another domme. What was that earlier about people supposedly copying her tweets? Yeah like I said, can she at least try not to make every single thing she does on the internet some kind of projection?

No. 1474736

she's pretending to be successful - successful dommes have their tweets copied

No. 1474793

File: 1647755097655.png (48.03 KB, 229x378, wowhowlux.png)

lmao, so posh

Has a beak, everything she says is something she heard someone else say, adorned with feathers. Actual bird.

No. 1474872

That is so embarrassing. She traces over other people’s artwork, fails at attempting to “recreate” other people’s photos, copies other people’s tweets, sloppily tries to remake other women’s burlesque costumes, and takes credit for other costumers work. The only thing remotely original about her is her horrendous makeup which no doubt is also a copy but she’s so bad at it no one would know the reference kek

No. 1475315

File: 1647807791091.jpeg (106.07 KB, 750x1334, D6D4DA0D-47D3-4787-9284-AE9BC7…)

Because the first thing people do after waking up from a severe PTSD nightmare is go on social media for attention and validation

No. 1475352

File: 1647811949104.jpg (386.48 KB, 4293x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Speaking of wanting attention and validation, she only wants to be admired. Anyone asking questions about her creative process means they want to copy/steal what she's done.

No. 1475383

She has done all of what she has listed but go off Kathy. Regardless though, asking what rhinestones someone used isn't "demanding… unpaid knowledge and expertise". It's fucking rhinestones. You don't automatically know what you are doing, as Kathy has shown, just because you use the same shit someone else does.

No. 1475388

File: 1647814261017.png (31.09 KB, 590x115, Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 3.09…)

The bitch is constantly asking other people for their "knowledge and expertise" from media recommendations to finding her people to work with. She really can't stop projecting kek

No. 1475401

Sure Kathy! Read "Beauty and Misogyny" by Sheila Jeffreys

No. 1475409

Jeffreys is a "butch lesbian" not a ~hyperfeminine femme bisexual queer~ so she wouldn't understand the nuance of tattooing female nipples into hearts /s

No. 1475454

File: 1647818303864.png (71.03 KB, 588x304, Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 4.17…)


No. 1475632

Maybe she is autistic. Those are perfectly reasonable questions to ask and those people were probably trying to make conversation over shared experiences, not try to steal her ideas. She's out of practice of having friends, I'm sure.
I wonder how many people she turned away who were trying to be friendly and get to know her kek.

No. 1475739

>I wonder how many people she turned away who were trying to be friendly and get to know her
I hate to reveal and call myself the "former acquaintance anon", but I am so I'm speaking from experience. She does this with everyone because she is extremely insecure about everything. She perceives someone asking her those mundane questions as a threat because it means someone could be better than her using the same products. She pretty much has admitted that. I can't even call her competitive because she's beyond that.

There was a life event. The girl group was all dressed up in some kind of glam pin-up vintage way. She couldn't handle the others getting attention for it. She didn't feel special and different. She was miserable and made sure everyone else was too. I wish I had the photos from this with her in them but everyone has deleted them, not just from social media kek You could really see it in her face in every photo. She was stewing in it. Several things wound up happening and she lost the remaining friends from that group very quickly afterwards.

My friend that was friends with Katherine (which made me an "acquaintance") already posts here occasionally but wants to make an actual post about it all because of the 'autistic' thing. She's not autistic and truly is a narcissist and their short lived friendship really shows it.

No. 1475753

I literally laughed out loud when she called the less than 10 burlesque performances in 2 years as her "living". She hasn't even recouped the cost of her $800 fans, let alone her non-Swarovski rhinestones. She makes a living off taking "mutual aid" when she lies about her fake illnesses or fake domestic abuse survivor stories.

No. 1475767

File: 1647834972967.png (33.36 KB, 592x135, Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 8.32…)

>Who’s aesthetic do you love in domination or in BDSM generally? Tag someone below so I can stalk and attempt to copy them

No. 1475768

File: 1647835030656.png (192.79 KB, 590x574, Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 7.50…)

e-whoring for her dog. perhaps don't have one if you can't afford to take care of it?

No. 1475775

"who is aesthetic" guys her grammar is bad only because of her long nails

No. 1475776

It's 'whose'. What an illiterate cretin she is.

No. 1475777

This is just next level pathetic

No. 1475792

File: 1647836586856.jpeg (148.06 KB, 590x1048, 5427700B-F1F8-4882-BBE5-35F5EE…)

Here’s some ancient milk since I’m bored lol she’s been asking people to hand feed her advice since the beginning

No. 1475795

File: 1647836617094.jpeg (98.45 KB, 588x1048, 7CEEF6B7-5AA9-4D26-8CCB-E43837…)

From her OLD saga

No. 1475801

File: 1647836842228.png (1.28 MB, 1176x1048, ED0ABC44-B9DC-458A-9F3C-2F4D03…)

She’s also been bitching since the beginning. Here was her sperg over an IKEA commercial. She was working at the Museum of Sex at this time so she gave herself the title of ‘sex educator’. She was also still hooking up with random men, as shown above with her OLD, so she was projecting. She has major mommy issues.

No. 1475804

I mean he asked it in a stupid way, but it's completely normal, and even smart to ask if someone wants kids before getting into a relationship with them…

No. 1475807

From the picture he looks way older too so it's not that odd if he doesn't have any already. Looks like she deleted messages in between so who knows how the conversation really went.

No. 1475826

I hate the term Karen but uhhh
>I felt compelled to complain to the company by tagging them in an insta story

No. 1475958

Kek didn't the luxury princess know that Louboutins are super uncomfortable and hard to walk in before getting them?

No. 1475983

That explains why she now wears the low (most likely fake) ones and definitely sold these on eBay. She has no fEmMe bone in her clumsy body.

No. 1476081

I'm just catching up but the bottom tweet contradicts her statement here >>1422553 where she stated "I had a very unpleasant morning fight all of the loans that my biological father took out in my name without my knowledge or my consent." Not milk but thought it was worth pointing out. Still laughing at her being unable to pay the remaining ~$8k, and it was very gracious of her father to pay the other $242k for her.

No. 1476327

File: 1647887287213.jpg (72.07 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Along with her BS on making people uncomfortable, she was also trying to fish for companionship yesterday.

No. 1476330

File: 1647887397283.jpg (126.44 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Of course she can relate so hard to con artists. The difference is that she's not particularly good at her own con.

No. 1476403

This woman does not know of any other pastrie than those damn macarons lol.

No. 1476432

Whenever she describes her family, she describes herself lol

No. 1476502

>names herself after Park Avenue
>attempts to project the image of old money New York
>stages a whole photoshoot around a $10 pastry
>openly treats being in Manhattan as a special occasion
Katie's LARP is just so, so bad. She radiates bridge and tunnel

No. 1476539

File: 1647904598373.jpeg (197.17 KB, 3000x1334, image.jpeg)

Once again asking everyone else to do the work for her. There are solutions to her problems but they would require her to stop sitting in her apartment doing nothing but getting high expecting money to be thrown at her then ranting when it isn't all day and a lot of introspection. Can't have that though, no, instead it's all society's fault. She has a degree. Figure it out on your own. It's really not hard.

No. 1476543

people are desperate for workers right now. anyone who can't even be bothered to look for a job themselves doesn't deserve to have one, and especially not just handed to them.

>arts, advocacy, fashion
so she's only willing to work in these fields. and she doesn't have any experience in them. and she only wants to work part-time. but send opportunities to her!

when most people want to get a job, they post their CV, not a sob story on how they're so disabled they can't even find a single work-from-home part-time job in the arts or fashion and the only way she can survive is by crowdfunding. not our Kathy though!

No. 1476545

File: 1647905160852.png (33.19 KB, 439x145, Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 4.23…)

Time to stop leeching off of everyone else and get real job Kathy

No. 1476550

>dissolve this persona
Oh shit I wonder what her new rebrand persona will be.

No. 1476552

She can "barely do the work" of once every other month small-time burlesque and not even bare minimum online freelance domination She won't go on SSDI because it's "not enough" and wants someone else to find her a job in "arts, advocacy, fashion, etc" but is only willing to do part time. "Crowdfunding to survive" though is a good option to her. Sounds awfully choosey for someone that is desperate, disabled, and living in one of the highest cost of living ares in the nation. There's a reason why she hasn't actually taken any action against her parents $$$$

No. 1476556

And magically this will all go away when people who don't know any better start giving her money. She needs to learn from Shayna. This scam only works so many times.

No. 1476589

File: 1647908796666.jpeg (31.54 KB, 750x1334, 276277700_546896456680619_6333…)


No. 1476591

Lol we told you Katherine that having mentally unstable subs wasn't going to end well

No. 1476594

The one I'm familiar w/ from this thread liked a tweet of Katherine's as recently as a few hours ago

No. 1476601

Okay? We've seen their profiles from when she had them write under her pinned tweet… they're all mentally unstable lol

No. 1476609

We also told her not to fawn over her subs when they send her pocket change. She has zero clue how to be a proper domme.

No. 1476610

Bet you this was a sissy

No. 1476612

Then who is the obvious question, dumb bitch

No. 1476615

Ask Kathy

No. 1476619

File: 1647910143060.jpeg (43.33 KB, 800x522, take-chill-pill-cartoon-hands-…)

No. 1476653

Cranky anon AND Kathy both aren't paying for the expertise of others and therefore don't deserve answers.

No. 1476656

File: 1647911795588.jpg (29.31 KB, 480x360, download (4).jpg)

No. 1476661

Please, Kathy's threads have been full of bitches since day one. Stop samefagging

No. 1476669

>May have to quit my larp that I claimed to be so successful at
Might as well quit now, especially since she just outed herself for being fake as fuck to the 3-5 Twitter followers that might have believed she makes money off of this.
She's awful AND choosy, except she's not actually disabled. All the problems about her pain and fatigue (despite endo-memememe not being an issue anymore) can be handled through her free medicaid. She has doughy 2 arms and 2 shapeless legs and will make more money working a cashier job at a basket, plus free fatty pastries, than any of her other "businesses" that aren't legally registered businesses.

No. 1476675

You're definitely cranky if you think calling anons dumb bitches for no reason will only result in 1 anon laughing.
I haven't samefagged at all today, but I'm the same fag that posted 2 days ago.

No. 1476679

File: 1647912759635.jpg (34.97 KB, 593x216, 131843045.jpg)

No. 1476682

Loads of the high femme/burlesque staples are of the 'suffer for fashion' variety. Heels, corsets, decoration on the outfits that feels uncomfortable or digs into to the skin etc. I know one burlesque dancer who did some routines with pointe shoes too!

Kathy wants the gain without the pain, not practising walking like a pleb, or corset training like some kind of amateur.

No. 1476696

>Where are all of the true, through-and-through finsubs?
They don't exist. How is she not seeing that? There isn't a single findomme making bank that isn't also doing hardcore porn and outcalls/incalls. Anyone claiming to be making thousands a day doing literally nothing is a liar and Kathy's dumb ass is falling for it. Sex work isn't real work but that doesn't mean you can exclude the sex and effort part. What other 'projects' does she have anyway? She acts like she has this great catalog of skills to choose from. Wasting money on costumes she just chucks into a drawer doesn't count.

No. 1476708

Samefag, but these unicorn subs are going to go to established that dommes that know what the hell they are doing. Not Kathy who hourly shows she hasn't a single clue. Want serious true through-and-through subs? Be a serious true through-and-through domme.

No. 1476735

File: 1647915924656.png (21.33 KB, 577x146, Screenshot 2022-03-21 192120.p…)

She has never made an original tweet in her life I swear

No. 1476747

You’re two days late >>1474701

No. 1476755

File: 1647917698976.jpeg (526.53 KB, 1242x1218, E49C2A2C-07FA-4D29-BF52-364C67…)

No. 1476758

shoot, my b

No. 1476764

>L/let's play
This one's a stretch. If you're going to contract the first letter of the pronoun, you can't just randomly attach the capital letter to the front of the verb?? It makes no sense.

No. 1476780

why would you bother with the L/l when it's the first word of a sentence anyway?

she clearly hates this and doesn't understand why it's not working for her, just give up Kathy

No. 1476787

File: 1647920974135.jpeg (332.44 KB, 1242x634, 90E97AF7-6079-4CE8-BA1F-637DED…)

Cease and desists do nothing when you’re a broke bitch without something worth legal protection and a team of lawyers on retainer

No. 1476789

File: 1647921084162.jpeg (280.33 KB, 1242x725, B7EA031E-27EE-4189-B785-D66810…)

No. 1476791

She's obviously keeping to the theme of this thread title nonny!

No. 1476795

This is why you have work accounts separate from personal accounts and don't share personal information on the work account.

No. 1476796

Here’s hoping the finsub comes on here and spills on what horrible breech of etiquette caused Kathy to manically dump her main source of cash.

No. 1476799

File: 1647921711920.jpeg (229.26 KB, 828x771, 2001E677-43FC-431B-B19D-109A30…)

hey @femmefemdomme, come spill!

No. 1476807

File: 1647922400118.png (218.72 KB, 1500x1334, 64CCE1F7-A028-4922-9DFD-C065A0…)

It’s the fat psych ward patient confirmed

No. 1476811

File: 1647922539931.jpeg (456.15 KB, 1242x1093, 586C47C8-D5DB-415F-B259-FD76A0…)

You’re a pedophile Kathy… and still illiterate. “Other ways of having sex are BDSM”

No. 1476814

Cishetero couples partake in BDSM and fetishes too dipshit. It absolutely does not belong in a classroom though. Just because she was groomed at 18 doesn’t mean 10 year olds should be.

No. 1476815

Kek. What was Kathy expecting to happen? This is why you don’t financially exploit lonely, mentally unstable people.

No. 1476818

Crazy that a mentally ill woman who was admitted to a psych ward mid-femsubbing, and has given Kathy thousands of dollars for nothing, would act in weird stalkery ways! Nobody could have seen this coming!

Remember girls, sex work is empowering and there are no downsides or risks.

No. 1476821

In Kathy's own words sex work has done more for here than anything else!

No. 1476836

File: 1647924318788.png (83 KB, 588x404, Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 9.44…)

No. 1476945

This fucking leach “makes a living” off of exploiting lonely mentally Ill people and acts shocked when they still want to talk to her when their money has run out. I honestly hope that poor woman posts all of the messages Kathy sent talking her into handing over what little money she had in exchange for a friend. Shame her right off the internet “femsub”.

No. 1476964

anyone else think it’s shitty and gross that our sex work queen is exposing this woman’s (presumably) real name to her followers? afaik she mostly interacts with Kathy on her own sex work account.

No. 1477179

She should really keep posting all the red flags to warn others of the real sky lard.

As a small disabled sex worker, she immediately deserves justice and validation for presenting life saving information to the world.

No. 1477210

PIV, cishetero sex? Not for me, thanks. I'll have ~fetish~.

No. 1477394

File: 1647976303461.jpg (176.77 KB, 748x1035, screenshot.jpg)

All of these tweets together, in this order, make it glaringly obvious that she doesn't know WTF she's doing and is dealing with what people call "the consequences of one's actions".

I can't help thinking that she's maybe not being harassed, but she's probably now dealing with a very persistent, clingy response that someone vulnerable would have after realizing they got used and dropped like garbage, or straight-up ghosted.

No. 1477459

They're with the true, through-and-through fInDoMmEz, Katie McMAN.

No. 1477474

The "I no longer have bandwidth to take on submissives with serious mental health issues" is absolutely sending me. As if it would be ethical anyway to tell mentally ill people to send you their money?

"it's a beautiful day to scam men"
>it's a beautiful day to scam everyone naïve enough

There I fixed it for you

No. 1477484

It's not grooming if Katie was the one chasing the older men around hotel bars and hoping they would buy her a pastry so she could one day say she was sparkling wined and pastry dined by a Forbes billionaire.

No. 1477492

File: 1647982363572.png (159.09 KB, 720x1076, Screenshot_20220318-072558~2.p…)

Some dirty deleted milk from last week, posted between days of constant complaining about subs who don't know how to follow instructions. I don't get what she expects when she says stuff like this, especially when your clients are supposed to enjoy being dominated/humiliated. Plus some bonus desperate manifesting for money and drugs.

TOP FUCKING KEK. I knew this wouldn't end well (the femsub was supposed to visit in February right?) but didn't think it would implode so soon.

She's really out here posting all her Ls on her ~LuXuRy FeMdOmMe GoDdeSs~ work twitter. All this does is show how unhinged and bad at her job she is. Taking legal action against your family isn't the flex you think it is.

No. 1477521

Normal 18 year olds do not go after men in their 40s and 50s. Also naive of you to think any 18 year old girl in that situation holds the power in the relation. She was groomed by something.

No. 1477534

The evil girlies here on the alt-right site known as lc told her over and over again how taking on psych ward patients, sissies, and suicide baiters as subs was going to turn out but did she listen? Of course not. Now look what’s happened. It’s almost as if healthy men and women don’t seek out newbie dommes doing niche fetishes online. She obviously reads here because we’re the ones that called them severely mentally unstable but she stil doesn’t get it.

No. 1477554

File: 1647985163602.jpeg (178.77 KB, 1242x345, 5F7745B8-B208-4381-BEEC-D75645…)

MTS’ situation is a world of difference from Kathy’s but still, why does this anarchist commie queen think threatening to sue people is anything but trying to be a Bourgeoisie capitalist Karen?

No. 1477597

File: 1647986645975.png (41.05 KB, 588x213, Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 2.53…)

Then stop referring to yourself as their 'mommy'. Stop writing letters to subs while they're at a psych hospital. Stop praising and fawning over them. She just keeps showing she has no idea what she's doing. How can she be shocked that people take their fetishes seriously? maybe don't advertise that you cater to mommy, smoking, heels, boots, gloves, corsets, hats, furs, latex, stockings, financial, female domination, service, submissive training, worship, feminization, sissification, dollification, bimbofication, as well as chastity and denial fetishes if you can't handle people that actually have those fetishes.

No. 1477607

File: 1647986915915.png (33.17 KB, 720x249, Screenshot_20220322-180733~2.p…)

Get the popcorn ready!

No. 1477629

File: 1647987960231.jpg (59.13 KB, 589x510, 172867653.jpg)

Dirty deleted.

No. 1477650

File: 1647988413439.png (65.47 KB, 590x312, Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 3.31…)

She already publicly called the femsub's private personal account so…? Also why announce it to the world only to pull out last minute? Bizarre.

No. 1477677

File: 1647989315276.png (147.38 KB, 596x609, Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 3.48…)

Any second now Kathy is going to regurgitate this on her instagram lol

No. 1477810

File: 1647995126276.png (34.37 KB, 585x153, Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 5.23…)

She's retarded. She encouraged this with the fat femsub.

No. 1477823

Said the girl who claims "wanting to send her sissies and femmes" to do the job for her money.

No. 1477847

File: 1647995934889.jpg (96.57 KB, 970x970, EL-Arroyo-AQUILA-Commercial-1.…)

Call it vIcTiM bLaMiNg all you want Kathy but everything that has happened is because of her own incompetence, desperation, ignorance, and greed. It's only going to get worse because she refuses to see herself as the problem.

No. 1477932

In this comparison, Meghan's record company is the pimp. Kathy is an independent failure of a luxury sex worker who has done the music industry equivalent of putting a few tracks on Soundcloud and expecting a contract.

No. 1477960

does she really not understand her target audience is inherently full of fuckups? there is no overlap between people who seek out findom stuff on twitter and people who have their shit together

No. 1477996

File: 1648002990827.jpeg (565.27 KB, 1242x1292, 4B2DEF50-0B91-4003-AA71-D45698…)

Did she learn that from her course?

No. 1478029

File: 1648004101226.jpg (165.79 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She didn't learn that it's rude to control how people communicate.

No. 1478036

Yeah this confirms for me that she is not autistic.

No. 1478239

File: 1648014255695.jpeg (271.4 KB, 1242x1267, DAB3042F-0788-471B-AC30-014280…)

Big fucking yikes. At least she’s showing her true colors now for everyone to see since she also reposted this to her story. What support are you giving in return Katherine? Oh wait… she has no offline real life friends. The only support she can give is her being a bang maid for a neckbeard. How bleak.

No. 1478245

Damn. She really is a textbook narc. Vaguely self-diagnosing herself as autistic is the ultimate coping scheme. It’s not about being overwhelmed or boundaries. She wants control over every single thing while not lifting a finger. You can’t get much more transparent than “I only want people in my life that give me material things and can further my non-exist life for nothing in return.” Makes her allegations of abuse, stalking, and harassment hold less weight when you know her true intentions. Every day she seems more like the abuser, stalker, and harasser herself.

No. 1478251

File: 1648015219561.jpeg (355.89 KB, 1242x705, E793E353-D358-493A-B65D-209BCA…)

She’s 100% repeating whatever she read in the “ethical findom course”

No. 1478253

Next week she’ll be crying about how everyone is mean to her and she can’t understahd why because she’s just a wittle empathetic caring doll. Followed by a four paragraph rant about why she’s not in community with xyz. What an insidious cunt.

No. 1478264

File: 1648016391164.jpeg (505.43 KB, 943x1429, 55495E9F-CE80-4D5E-A771-0E2CC3…)

Uh taking two years to make a costume because you couldn’t afford it (and didn’t know how to properly do anything) and then another two and some change years to break even on it from performing isn’t the flex she thinks it is lol

No. 1478285

>I no longer have the bandwidth to take on submissives with serious mental health issues
>Has posted several times specifically seeking neurodivergent/POC/disabled/etc people as subs

Pick a lane, as always Kathy, just pick a lane. Nobody who sends thousands to a stranger for doing literally nothing is mentally well. You will get someone on the vulnerable to stalker scale. You should never have been taking money from someone who was institutionalized while being your sub, it was clearly a mistake but you only realize that when shit hit the fan, not when the morally dubious choice was currently being performed by you.

No. 1478496

Kathy should be the one who’s blacklisted. sex workers have definitely been canceled for sharing real names of other sex workers. she can’t be trusted.

No. 1478510

Yeah Liam Neeson in the 90s Lolita movie

No. 1478565

Even if she broke even on the costs to make it she still hasn't made up for all the time she wasted on making it. Could've made a lot more if she working an actual job instead of gluing sequins to a corset

No. 1478571

Definitely, she's never "dominated" anyone, let alone in person. If she tried it would just be ignore sessions. Then she'd get all huffy and screech online about boundaries if the client asked for anything more.

How much did she say she spent on her costume, 1-2k? If it took her that long to make that back from burlesque alone, all she's doing is telling on herself about how unpopular she is. Plus she only has the one costume and routine, who's going to hire her if she's just a lame one trick pony? How much time and money is the next costume going to take, if it ever happens? Nevermind the fact that she's totally tanked her reputation in the local scene.

I forgot about that. Kathy truly is scum and needs to be raked over the coals.

No. 1478859

You were honest with her by… promoting her sex work account and giving her your second ugliest purse? Do I have that correct? Because what it looks like is you encouraged her, at every step, to be a bad, uneducated domanatrix (like you are, because it is all that you know) so that she could funnel more money into you; like the entitled, greedy, opportunistic cunt you are (and not in a way that gets anybody wet, you childhood gymnastic hairline having, borderline homeless, allergic to work of any kind, grifter Scam Likely motherfucker).

No. 1478873

Taking bets on how long until Kathy realizes that 90% of her spending money comes from that one poor girl and oh so benevolently welcomes her back.

No. 1478999

That wasn't Liam Neeson lol

No. 1479098

File: 1648069381744.jpeg (41.57 KB, 324x470, 11.jpeg)

Exactly. For months she has been calling for more mentally unstable subs while alienating multiple groups of normal people in all aspects of her life. What did she honestly expect? Seriously. She saw the femsub go inpatient shortly after they met, wrote her letters, doted on her every single time she sent her something, encouraged her to become a domme herself in order to syphon more money… bitches even had the same purses and Katherine kept feeding into the fantasy of them meeting in person. She can not be shocked that she wound up being unstable when she's known that from the beginning but didn't care because the femsub threw money at her. What happened to not all money is good money?

No. 1479137

> my signature costume

Her single costume. She has one costume and one act to show for her "career" in burlesque. It's kind of pathetic.

No. 1479174

File: 1648072259004.jpeg (22.24 KB, 750x1334, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1hdGwzLT…)

Kathy's shitlist is neverending. Pretty ironic how hateful she is towards so many people she doesn't even know when she turns around and openly complains about strangers doing the same to her.

No. 1479178

File: 1648072495629.png (88.06 KB, 720x506, Screenshot_20220323-174114~2.p…)

It seems like she's still talking to them after they've been "cut off"

No. 1479203

Her ignorance abounds

No. 1479236

She sure loves segregation, doesn’t she? Imagine being that closed minded and hateful.

No. 1479275

She hasn't met enough people if that's how she feels.

No. 1479290

File: 1648077360289.jpg (108.14 KB, 1080x789, screenshot.jpg)

$20. So expensive.

No. 1479291

File: 1648077426275.jpg (299.64 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Shirt's not wrong on "desperate".

No. 1479317

File: 1648079171930.jpeg (46.57 KB, 1072x189, 11.jpeg)

There isn't a single original thought inside that hollow cavern between her ears

No. 1479331

She's the worst type of handmaiden my god how retarded do you have to be to wear something that misogynistic as a woman and show it off

No. 1479333

>teen-age addicts - and their desperate search for thrills!
It's also paedophilic

No. 1479340

"Here is a pitiless study of a young girl enslaved by the dope habit, revealing her every thought … every facet of her warped life … every nuance of her disturbed relations with other high school kids, with older men." This book is beyond Tug the Pup reading level kathy's abilities but come on cunt this is disgusting.

No. 1479437

>a pitiless study of a young girl enslaved by the dope habit, revealing her every thought … every facet of her warped life … every nuance of her disturbed relations with other[s]… with older men
I thought you were roasting Kathy's social media presence for a sec kek

No. 1479465

File: 1648088132561.jpeg (57.64 KB, 750x1334, C63EEC33-AE68-406B-BB8F-DCEDD5…)

Lurking hard yet still doesn’t comprehend a thing

No. 1479940

File: 1648140681839.jpg (106.85 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Considering that she's circulated misinformation and stigma, it's another round of projection and hypocrisy.

No. 1480092

No shade, but I think it’s pretty fucking obvious when straight people pose as faggots, and as a queer, pussy slurping little fag myself, I cackle to think of Tacky Kathy gagging on scabby scrote cock every night and then pretending to want women for internet points. Get fucked, Hairline. This is so fucking infuriating. She just wants somebody’s addict grandpa to dick her down and fix her daddy issues once and for all, and she’s lying to herself if she thinks that she comes of as anything else.

Have fun being “in community” with the cesspool of twitter queers, Fivehead. Clearly that worked out for you so well last time. Such an eye for women, honestly. It must come from your superior sense of taste in every other aspect of your life.

No. 1480121

> What’s the worse that would’ve happened?
Has she been in Shayna’s threads? That’s what happens when weed fries a 15 year old’s brain.

No. 1480158

File: 1648156248122.gif (714.58 KB, 220x220, D3262149-9D5D-4804-B39A-D16DE8…)

I love you, anon

No. 1480341

File: 1648165820727.jpeg (363.67 KB, 1642x2048, 1.jpeg)

No. 1480342

File: 1648165849623.jpeg (363.75 KB, 1674x2048, 2.jpeg)

No. 1480345

File: 1648165936996.jpeg (373.75 KB, 1588x2048, 3.jpeg)

No. 1480373

No the plastic dhgate Chanel and Dior rings kek there isn't a damn thing that matches here

No. 1480379

That hair sure is dark blonde

No. 1480381

And you're very very correct kek

No. 1480388

GIRL STOP the brows. 1 point for not putting as much purple in them but that's where he points end because wtf is going on there? If you're going to redraw them on… you gotta cover what you got. Drawing right above them is just stupid.

No. 1480543

That's what always annoys me about her. You're larping as a lady of luxury but you're wearing logo button rings like a teenager? Not even shiny Diamantes or CZs for the pic? It doesn't fit the vintage burlesque style she's going for or the lux style she's also somehow going for. They clash so hard. Rich people don't wear costumes like this that aren't well thought out or well made. She looks like she bought those rings from a corner store and the rest from a second hand shop. It's embarrassing. At least she's not wearing that crunchy wig I guess.

No. 1480554

File: 1648176964403.jpg (280.44 KB, 3204x1888, screenshot.jpg)

Taken verbatim from these stories, with no self- awareness:
"certain people continually harm other people as a pattern"
"they keep showing us exactly who they are"
"people who co-opt language that doesn't belong to them to infiltrate communities that they shouldn't be a part of"

No. 1480565

You weren't going anyway. Why bother with all this inflammatory accusation shit for a party that you were not attending and that you obviously weren't missed at? Seeth in silence and watch your boyfriend play video games or whatever boring thing it is that you basic bitches do instead.

No. 1480594

How does a straight person constantly trying to larp as gay say this without even a twinge of self-awareness?

No. 1480608

That last one doesn’t even make sense with what she was ranting about but alright.

No. 1480610

Her allegations of abuse can’t be taken seriously when, in her own terms, she believes a person not “tangibly and materially” contributing to her life or sending her an emoji is violating her boundaries kek

No. 1480644

She’s struggling to keep up the rich successful dom and being a poor disabled queer at the same time. The cognitive dissonance is hilarious

No. 1480772

I’m dying to know how this person violated her consent, and what her other two “finsubs” did too.

No. 1480778

>Rich people don't wear costumes like this that aren't well thought out or well made.
this is horseshit lmao. i'm a poorfag but worked with/for rich people for years and id say 80% of them literally have 0 style. just slap brand A top with brand C jeans and some utterly expensive sneakers even tho they don't go together at all.
kathy does not have style either, it's a larp and everyone can see it. but let's stop pretending rich people have some inherent sense of style (unless there are stylists involved ofc but even then, stylists don't have the last word)

No. 1480896

Has she had bigger bust earlier or does she really have no idea how to take her measurements and choose the clothes based on that?

No. 1480913

Kek is Kathy holding her bedazzled bra up herself from the back because she gained too much weight to close it?

No. 1481058

kek nonnie you took the words right out of my mouth

No. 1481308

File: 1648240087485.jpg (72.5 KB, 456x766, screenshot.jpg)

No. 1481324

What do her tattoos say, and are they faded and illegible because of the thousand filters, or because they're shit and blown out?

No. 1481327

File: 1648241307699.jpeg (258.92 KB, 1242x1092, 6A361189-84DC-421E-B5C0-2F6DDB…)

> “It doesn’t matter the amount subs send because it’s all an act of service”
> “send me $20”
> “Subs that send $5-$20 instead of $100 are selfish and and generally useless”
Don’t even know what the fuck she was trying to say in the bottom tweet lol

No. 1481329

Great Gatsby and My Way quotes lol

No. 1481331

File: 1648241660548.jpeg (89.96 KB, 800x800, 3607F9A9-FB2B-4974-8D34-7E491E…)

No. 1481368

she's not saying that subs who send $5-$20 are useless, she's saying that subs who send five dollars to twenty different dommes (so a total of $100 but spread across multiple recipients) instead of $100 to one domme are useless.
I think the second tweet is complaining that the demand for dick in indie porn is making a bunch of scrotes think that they're professional porn stars instead of glorified dildos.
while it can generally be assumed that anything Kathy is tweeting is probably cringe/narcissistic/delusional/etc, at least try to understand what you're griping about.

No. 1481373

you know what, same anon as post above this one, i just want to say i have no idea why i came at you so aggressively over nothing. sorry nonny, bad day i guess.

No. 1481422

Newfag to this thread. This is lolcow, there’s no need to apologize to anyone here, ever.

No. 1481439

It sounds like she's just rephrasing something she already copied from someone else without giving credit >>1479317 since thinking of her own completely unique thought is too difficult. All forehead and no brain, tsk tsk.

No. 1481474

Bottom tweet is just Kathy getting mad that people doing porn for money and calling it sex work, because she thinks complaining about wagies on twitter is the true experience of sex work unlike doing porn.

No. 1481513

Kathy has never seen a friend fail to come back from cannabis psychosis.

Personally I don't mind the odd smoke, but no point pretending it doesn't harm some people.

No. 1481516

The best part is, if someone was going to send the larger amount to one domme, then Kathy wouldn't get anything at all.

No. 1481624

You don’t have to explain what she meant. I got it. I’m making fun of her for using a retarded made up phrase like “stunt dick” and insinuating that people who do actual porn aren’t sex workers while she does nothing and yet calls herself a sex worker. Lighten up.

No. 1481987

File: 1648301815087.jpg (304.28 KB, 3228x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Check out these dirty-deleted stories.
Someone's projecting hard about being called a cunt by people, including her own use of digs, passive-aggressiveness, and demeaning people.

It's hilarious that she used "bootlicker" as an insult to the "dominant culture" when she's LARPing as a fucking dominatrix who demands people pay her for the privilege of licking her boots.

No. 1481996

>I’m only in community with radical KwEErS

While literally seething every few weeks about her neckbeard daddy dom boyfriend refusing to propose

No. 1482293

>I'm not your mother but I'll roleplay your stepmother for money
Ok Kathy

No. 1482302

File: 1648323464013.jpg (42.33 KB, 470x353, x.jpg)

whoops, dropped the pic

No. 1482470

File: 1648332582930.jpeg (109.51 KB, 892x551, 1.jpeg)

What happened to the at least $500 BDSM play party? Kek he doesn't even want to be around her it's hilarious.

No. 1482502

You can smell them through the screen. No wonder she hates actual sex so much.

No. 1482688

oh he's having it, just not with her

No. 1482804

He's managed to get uglier. Even the our little Park Avenue Parrot can do better than him. C'mon, Kathy, he is fucking hideous. There is nothing luxe about a neckbeard.

No. 1482925

File: 1648355050589.jpeg (160.11 KB, 750x1334, 277401433_514369020394831_2547…)

Pulled out all the stops with Ritz crackers and bottom shelf liquor

No. 1483006

File: 1648357620104.png (67.54 KB, 589x315, Screen Shot 2022-03-26 at 10.0…)

She is pathetically desperate to be seen as a pro domme lol they're not in community with you Kathy

No. 1483047

They look like a Vegas magicians convention, I can smell the ego, BO and Axe body spray through the screen. And this is who she’s calling Daddy and being a massive pick-me for. Kathy have some respect for yourself.

No. 1483317

Oh no, the way she holds her hands makes it look like she has a gorilla suit on or something

No. 1483417

Is her neckbeard even a coochie board kinda guy? Seems like he just wanted to go out and drink with his friends, and she’s just doing this for herself. I actually feel a little sad for her kek, just imagining her in her lonely little apartment, wondering why her scrote won’t pay attention to her after she’s catered to her own interests in the name of doing something nice for him. Oh, how very tragic.

Then I remember how she’s not even “in community” with her own grubby neet because he’s not larping as a twitter queer and I go back to cackling.

No. 1484640

File: 1648449445377.jpeg (93.37 KB, 750x1334, B6A84248-3C38-41B1-8F50-AE0724…)

> pwease give me gibs for carbs, drugs, and alcohol because performance opportunities are sparse after I stated I refuse to be booked by anyone straight, white, or vanilla, think being frequently booked isn’t a flex, and am not in community with most dancers and producers. I also had to blacklist two mentally ill subs that boundary crossed by expecting some form of sex and work from me as a sex worker. Love you (unless you’re not tangibly and materially supporting me, cis gendered vanilla straight white, liberal corporate gay, landlord, solider, cop, trafficking victim, etc.)

No. 1484755

Ohhh she wants help because of the "surge" that happened back in February, the shows Katie can't get booked for, the free therapy Katie gets from calling herself a sex worker, the free healthcare because she's unemployed, and for choosing to stop being friends with the only 2 benefactors (actually just 1 that had a friend who tagged along) she's had as a findomme.
So she basically wants other people to aid her (she'll never mutually aid anyone for these nEceSsiTies) for the food she can't buy with EBT and weed.
Sounds like you're thriving there, McMaaaanThatsPathetic. She'd make more money working customer service from home for her favorite fast fashion and rhinestone supplier Amazon.

No. 1484769

She needs to start being honest with herself about why performance opportunities are sparse for her. The entertainment industry as a whole is finally getting back on its feet. She’s being left behind because she lacks the talent and professionalism that actual performers have. There wasn’t many but she alienated almost all of the clients and colleagues that were aware of her. Sucks to suck.

No. 1485041

File: 1648486708564.jpg (48.65 KB, 599x321, screenshot.jpg)

No. 1485049

I don't understand her insistence on this """cut crease""" she's doing. The gray eyeshadow makes her look jaundiced and the crease is so fucking high it melts into her eyebrow.

No. 1485055

File: 1648488064120.webm (7.23 MB, 720x1280, 277135027_1430933157361417_889…)

Well said anon. Here's the recap post of the bar's burlesque night after they dropped Kathy. Compared to Kathy's lackluster show >>1396881 the difference is like night and day. Knowing that it's the established burlesque performer she tried to cancel after she didn't a get a free pass for her "disability" makes it even better.

No. 1485089

get that pasta money, qween

No. 1485188

I wish she would at the very least pluck her eyebrows into the shape she's going for. Those thick, wirey hairs jutting out in patches from below the eyebrow pomade look nuts. I think it's my biggest Kathy pet peeve.

No. 1485358

File: 1648510604175.jpeg (54.44 KB, 750x1334, 0D2D5BEA-BD20-4E43-8469-D4E811…)

She hates herself so much kek the projection really shows it

No. 1485364

File: 1648510958243.png (340.59 KB, 749x893, AABE6353-0560-452D-899A-A42278…)

This one was a reminder that she’s lied about using mobility aids before

No. 1485382

Grammar has once again left the chat lol but grand rising Katherine McMahon! Let’s not forget when you told black people what their opinion on Shaun King should be!

No. 1485413

Aren’t sugar and alcohol flare foods? Why is she constantly eating fatty foods and alcohol and sugar if she claims she had to modify her diet for her disability?

No. 1485489

This just sits wrong. "Boundary crossing" to actual sex workers is dealing with unwanted sex acts that weren't part of the agreement, or clients trying to wedge themselves into their personal lives which can be an actual safety issue. For Kathy, "boundary crossing" is talking to her online without paying her first. And now she has NO income because she's an idiot who can't keep a few people happy to fund her sad lifestyle.

No. 1485491

IKR? Brow gel exists, Kathy, and they even sell it on Amazon.

No. 1485493

Silly you. Kathy's "flare foods" are anything not bought at a farmer's market or patisserie.

No. 1485562

File: 1648523695833.jpeg (91.77 KB, 750x1334, 277331671_368026682041335_3403…)

The dumb bitch doesn't even know what the meds are called. She also already had endo surgery so what else could they do besides a hysterectomy?

No. 1486034

File: 1648573809046.jpg (139.33 KB, 597x927, screenshot.jpg)

She's all over the place with this.

No. 1486039

File: 1648574098821.jpg (150.62 KB, 2160x1704, screenshot.jpg)

She dirty deleted these stories where she was blathering about politics all sucking and asking people to do the work for her half-assed activism.

No. 1486041

File: 1648574423848.jpg (610.85 KB, 3240x1920, screenshot.jpg)

This is something. She's begging people to nominate her for a "Cultural Changemaker" grant.

No. 1486103

>I have a group of stalkers
Is she talking about lolcow or is there a gangstalking arc approaching?

No. 1486134

File: 1648580466106.jpeg (62.18 KB, 602x291, main-qimg-c00ff34279ef382c620e…)

Sorry for hairdressing sperg, but she's a level 6 which is actually called "dark blonde" in the hair world.

No. 1486139

not one mention of how she would actually use the grant. I also can’t think of a single time where she actually helped anyone.

No. 1486143

File: 1648580996535.jpg (184.52 KB, 1198x738, 8324972017.jpg)

Idk, this one seems to be of a similar ilk to Kathy. Despite the luxury findomme twitter persona she's living with roommates and thinks a $40 bottle of whiskey is expensive.
I don't get it, isn't this exactly what's meant by "redistribution of wealth", or did she finally wake up and realize she's not a commie? The fact that she's constantly complaining about these smaller tributes just shows how unpopular she is.
>I'll learn each and every one of your weaknesses and exploit them for my financial gain, you can use a safe word but probably lack the self control to do so anyways uwu
She just made a big deal about how she was "harassed" and had to drop a mentally ill, "boundary stepping" sub, conveniently omitting the part where she encouraged the sub to do sex work together with her for Kathy's own gain. Now she's right back to posting shit like this? Unbelievable.
>what's the point of being beautiful if not to take money from losers?
I clearly recall a night where she was lurking and in response to farmers being critical of her hypersexual pickme washed up wannabe bimbo style, posted "I dress how I want to for myself, not men!!" type stuff to her social media kek.
What happened to all of those free meals she was going to make as mutual aid?

No. 1486170

File: 1648582031811.jpg (342.14 KB, 1912x1116, M44vbOpe8G.jpg)

Nta, just thought it would be a good idea to include the full posts in case anyone was interested in reading all her lies. When was Kathy ever homeless?!
She probably considers her own family stalkers, it lines up with the "for years" claim

No. 1486210

She’s in such a dire emergency situation yet refuses to get a job. Hardly anyone wants to work jobs they don’t like but guess what? We have to. Suck it up Katherine and get a job you can’t make a living off of “mutual aid” and no one will ever give you a grant because you’re a fraud.

No. 1486253

File: 1648586259136.png (52.53 KB, 691x275, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 1.27…)

She doesn't have a single shot at winning this grant. She doesn't even qualify for it.
>The first of its kind, the Nightlife United Culture Awards is about uplifting extraordinary New Yorkers within the nightlife community who have made incredible contributions in one of these four categories: Sustainability, Social Justice, Safe Spaces, and The Good Neighbor Award
>You have and will continue to contribute to building a nightlife where both patrons and workers thrive. Whether socially, economically, culturally, environmentally, or otherwise, you are driven to make NYC nightlife a place where people and community come together
Reposting other people's social media is not an "incredible contribution" to anything. She's complaining about not being paid or credited for other people's work while claiming to do it all oUt oF tHe KiNdNeSs Of HeR hEaRt. Get real. Building a community? Katherine has blatantly stated she's not in community with pretty much everyone and has zero plans to be. The site also states
>This is not a popularity contest and multiple nominations don’t improve your odds
and what is she doing? Trying to scrounge up as many nominations as she can. She really doesn't have any chance of receiving this.

No. 1486254

>I do this for free out of the goodness of my heart
Hm, I seem to recall from earlier threads that when anyone would ask her anything she'd go off on Twitter/Insta rants about it that amounted to "fuck you, pay me."

No. 1486284

does she know that a grant is not just free living money? she can’t spend it on rhinestones and pasta.

No. 1486303

File: 1648589394798.jpeg (250.02 KB, 1125x645, 19A01FED-797F-4CF1-807D-EB6C92…)

Her disgraced sub took care of her to the tune of a couple thousand dollars and was kicked to the curb for asking for some friendship but sure, Kathy will take care of you.

No. 1486329

File: 1648592450769.jpg (70.67 KB, 672x505, screenshot.jpg)

Since it was a follow-up tweet to this meanness, the neglect and punishment don't read like she takes care of others as a domme.

No. 1486373

of course this retard believes in acupuncture. probably goes to the chiropractor too.

No. 1486387

anon please, there’s a pretty big gulf between stuff like acupuncture and like, homeopathy and crystal healing. but we all know it’s just part of her chronic illness larp anyway.

No. 1486390

File: 1648597328189.jpeg (167.44 KB, 1242x574, 26AA0A18-CA9C-4C0A-B35D-C1693F…)

No. 1486391

File: 1648597517735.jpeg (158.38 KB, 1242x703, DCE1A57A-DDFA-4652-9C1A-9633A1…)

Kathy isn’t aware that anyone can mark an item on those wishlists as bought kek that doesn’t mean they actually paid

No. 1486394

I never said it’s not alternative medicine. It just seems funny to call her a retard for something at the mainstream end of the spectrum. and at least give me a source.

No. 1486400

Did you forget she also has crystals, ~manifests~, and has a black power altar? She’s retarded for it all.

No. 1486411

here you go, bud https://quackwatch.org/related/acu/
if it helps, it’s placebo. which is a real thing, but it’s taking advantage of retards like Kathy.

I love when she exposes herself as an amateur at one of the lowest tiers of work imaginable

No. 1486468

File: 1648603383481.png (129.41 KB, 583x745, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.22…)

Real ironic that she liked these tweets when it's about exactly what she does. She's beyond lost and delusional.

No. 1486475

File: 1648603866414.jpeg (190.43 KB, 1125x1989, 7D9FAC63-C45E-469F-B1C4-6A9C1F…)

At this point she’s just fucking with us

No. 1486480

File: 1648604258175.jpeg (63.05 KB, 750x1334, 277475451_124514026841993_4784…)

"can't and never will be able to work" she's just fucking with herself at this point kek the people providing that grant are going to see how much of an entitled mean brat she is and laugh her right out of ever getting any legit handout

No. 1486484

she’s drunk. can someone translate?

she needs to stop. is she doing survival sex work or is she a thriving luxury Dommmmeee? pick a lane, Kathy

No. 1486487

File: 1648604694923.jpeg (259.46 KB, 593x1861, image.jpeg)

Bringing back this interaction where she told a full service survival sex worker survivor she wasn't in community with her since Miss Not All Money Is Good Money We Say No All The Time wants to call herself a survival sex worker now

No. 1486491

File: 1648604946401.jpeg (83.84 KB, 750x1334, 277450854_343569427735666_5230…)

Sorry this is actually hilarious. Her family was pretty much fully financially supporting her up until the end of 2019. She's the one that quit her decent job last year because she drank the kool-aid of e-whores claiming they make millions online doing next to nothing.

No. 1486493

File: 1648605039883.png (161.38 KB, 528x688, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.50…)

No. 1486498

>it’s so unfair!
>muh privacy and safety
Kathy complaining that THIS is ~unfair~ and violating her ~safety~ casts all claims of “surviving abuse” and “stalking” and “homelessness” into doubt, just saying

No. 1486504

Reminder that Kathy shits on sex workers for doing jobs frequently instead of "just working once a month then ask to be paid more than 1000$" because it's not revolutionary.

No. 1486507

She's "in a very emergency situation regarding finances" yet is concerned about a singular dress someone may or may not have bought her a month ago. Priorities!

No. 1486510

I work in the arts, and artist/creative grants are just that - emergency funds to help artists & musicians survive who lost gigs and exhibition opportunities due to COVID. There isn’t enough money to go around and tons of workers who desperately need it. It’s NOT designed for long term grifters who are too lazy to apply for disability. This is nearly as vile as scamming mental patients. For all her “communist” larping about robbing Wall Street bankers and CEOs to feed the poor, she sure loves taking money from desperate & vulnerable people.

No. 1486520

File: 1648607083152.png (38.49 KB, 590x174, Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 7.23…)

Why doesn't she have this energy for herself? Sexualize your own 'very emergency situation' Kathy Lol ethical findomme my ass

No. 1486521

“Survival sex workers” - sure Kathy, smoking weed & tweeting on your couch definitely entitles you to grants for abused street walkers and human trafficking victims, you utter asshole

No. 1486549

This is why attempting to uphold the image of wealth with tacky mass-market designer items when you don’t even have a job or savings account is plain retardation. While the authenticity of some of her items is questionable, she could sell off what she does have. What’s the point of having multiple pairs of outdated Miu Miu heels when you claim to be struggling daily? She could get a couple hundred for the lot. If she was truly that desperate she’d get smart and sell off what she can online - and not though Instagram stories. Of course she won’t do that though because the larp is too important to her narc ass.

No. 1486556

IDK nona, sometimes reading this thread is the only time I laugh all day

No. 1486559

I'm pretty sure she's hoping the grant will cover the expense of redoing those ratty gray feather fans that will see approximately one poorly-attended show a year.

No. 1486564

If she can go to sex parties in different parts of the city where she lugs around in a circle with feathers in her hands, she can get a remote part-time job. Calling people bootlickers and looking down upon them for doing what they have to do in order to provide for themselves and others while she has nothing isn’t being radical. Leeching off of others and funds not meant for her isn’t making the statement she thinks it is.

No. 1486568

Why doesn’t she just call up one of her Forbes list billionaires and have them redistribute their wealth to her?

No. 1486570

So bad copywrite like >>1486520 is considered survival sex work now? Interesting. Also where does the neckbeard dAdDy stand in all this? Hope no one still believes he’s throwing even a dime her way after he had her e-beg for his dog’s toys lol

No. 1486632

File: 1648616742198.jpeg (304.76 KB, 1169x1899, 51846C52-AF41-40E2-AD12-74AFE5…)

Caught in yet another lie
> which left me with no savings
Oh really? Because not long ago “spending out of my savings” was brought up.
> struggle daily to have my needs met
Marijuana isn’t a need yet she drops $400 a month on it. Ladurée isn’t a need. Feather fans aren’t a need, even in burlesque. $85 blocks of cheese definitely aren’t a need. What she needs is to get her shit straight like every other 24 year old woman.

No. 1486646

File: 1648619568754.jpg (98.68 KB, 591x550, 230768612.jpg)

If Kathy's beak wasn't so far up her own ass and had any sort of reading comprehension, she could have nominated Venus Cuffs instead of herself.

No. 1486705

File: 1648628095172.jpg (647.42 KB, 541x4152, wow.jpg)

>Kathy: emojis and one word messages cross my boundaries because there's no real point to them and wastes my time, it's an accessibility issue!!
Also Kathy: puts bare minimum into twitter interactions doing exactly what she said not to do
(please forgive my autism and the very long pic, these are from the past month alone)

>Struggling anarchist communist disabled autistic PTSD queer financial abuse survivor failed burlesque performer personal instagram:
>Luxury spoiled brat bimbo sissy stepmom grandma shoe foot fetish failed findom femdom prodomme twitter:
>Bank fees are sexy!! Pls send gibs. emoji

No. 1486753

Holy fuck is she ignorant

No. 1486774

It never really clicked that she does the one word / emoji only replies that much holy shit. What a hypocrite.

No. 1486848

I fogured that's who they were for. She could apply for disability but she wouldn't get it because she's definitely not disabled in any meaningful way. Most women in her position work terrible jobs they hate that don't make them feel glamorous or artistic~

No. 1487037

File: 1648662028717.jpeg (77.76 KB, 750x1334, 0794281B-BE67-4CD8-A6BF-BF8573…)

>lush and vivid imagination
>an attention to detail that I believe makes me the artist that I am
What a delusional self-diagnosing narc kek she can’t even glue rhinestones on properly. Didn’t Shayna use the attention to detail line before as well? Scary (read hilarious) how different yet so much alike they are.

No. 1487081

Yup. She hasn't applied for disability because she's not disabled, and the federal government is much harder to scam than mental patients and small nonprofits giving grants to starving artists

No. 1487093

Her neckbeard daddy had her e-begging for her own engagement ring while he flirts with thots all day, he's playing her for a fool kek. It really speaks to her level of retardation that she can't even make rent doing sex work (i.e. a fallback "career" for women with no education or job skills) or keep one SINGLE solitary sugar daddy around to help her out. I know she's no beauty, but uglier women than her are getting their bills paid all over the world. Her commitment to being a useless failson is truly stunning.

No. 1487094

Shay also publicly blew up at a sex trafficking victim on twitter for misrepresenting how empowering sex work actually is uwu. Maybe they should hang out.

No. 1487099

I'm officially shipping them. They can lay around smoking weed, eating cheese and getting high on their own farts together. Shayna might even be able to teach Kathy how to e-grift, since she's at least able to extort a few tricks enough to keep her in AliExpress & McDonald's drive thru money

No. 1487153

>Sexualize loans
>Sexualize overdraft
>Sexualize debt

She should definitely make this her motto. Make t-shirts and capitalize off this take.

Disabled sex workers and sexual abuse survivors everywhere will thank her.

No. 1487213

File: 1648673034454.jpeg (4.82 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpeg)

Don't assessments cost thousands of dollars? I seriously doubt "struggling to survive" Kathy could afford it, especially without insurance. If she was ever officially diagnosed for real she'd never shut up about it and would have gotten in line for her 'tism bucks a long time ago.

No. 1487248

it looks like kathy seems to think "survival sex work" means that its your only source of income (therefore "survival"), rather than doing it as a hobby.

No. 1487312

nigga she's 5, light brown

No. 1487313

Is very introverted, very sensitive to stimuli, and very reserved around people which is why she chose sex work and burlesque as hobbies where she exposes her body to strangers, is subjected to bright and flashing lights, loud music, and heavy constricting costumes. Not to mention also going to complete stranger's homes sometimes to do so. She really is confusing narcissism for autism all because she thinks she knows more than all doctor's kek

No. 1487317

File: 1648678960160.png (34.03 KB, 586x116, Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 3.22…)

Why is she dominating men for free?

No. 1487319

File: 1648678997065.png (81.02 KB, 589x374, Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 3.15…)

No. 1487326

Who cares if she’s dark blonde or light brown? Absolutely retarded nitpick

No. 1487334

This is the difference between you and actual “survival sex workers”, Kathy. They’re not internet larpers who claim their job is a “luxury” and simply block clients when they get bored. They have to take any client who shows up so they don’t starve, experience drug withdrawals, or face abuse by pimps and traffickers. That’s why it’s called WORK, something your lazy ass can’t comprehend.

No. 1487397

At this point I am 100% sure that she's only with him because it gives her a place to stay. In a way, that's survival sex work. Kudos Kathy, you're finally oppressed but only because you quit your job out of hubris.

No. 1487401

> sex work is a luxury

Holy shit what a poor take. Tell that to the woman selling her body for $50 who then has to give most of that to her pimp. That's not luxury, that's scumbag johns taking advantage of exploitation because the cheap whores don't have the power to do anything when they smack them about or rape them.

Sorry for the rage, but I have experience in this and Katie's gilded view of prostitution is so offensive. Despite her proclaimed anarcho-commie status, she's trying to claim a position at the top of the Whorearchy.


No. 1487435

This a cow thread- not for posting links on an imageboard got

No. 1487506

They don’t live together

No. 1487513

File: 1648693060047.jpeg (433.6 KB, 1242x1082, 11016823-B365-43EC-9557-926DD5…)

In Kathy’s world everyone obsesses over her. Everyone stalks her. Everyone harasses her. She needs a restraining order against everyone. She needs to sue everyone. Talk about narc paranoia kek put down the bottles and bong for a second geez

No. 1487514

>find a hobby
Get a job Katherine

No. 1487518

Aren’t her new meds supposed to help with this?

No. 1487546

My apologies nona. I just thought it might be useful to explain to people who didn't know what the Whorearchy was.

No. 1487745

What’s with this new “for years” thing?

No. 1487755

File: 1648704576143.jpeg (320.23 KB, 1242x715, 863EAF3B-8465-425F-AC5C-995A30…)

That’s actually not what stalking is defined as legally but okay. What else did she expect from a literal mental case that she wrote letters to and took money from though? Sex work is a luxury guise!

No. 1488009

its relevant, nonnie. she regularly advertises herself as "blonde", trying to cram herself into a box of some fantasy beauty standard, while barely fitting it. same with her making a big deal about having tiny feet, while wearing visibly too tight shoes. its part of her cowness.
kek. we are "obsessed" with her as we would be with a tacky soap opera to watch while doing house chores. she provides us with cheap laughs. so in a way, she truly is an ~entertainer

No. 1488338

File: 1648758460091.jpeg (256.23 KB, 1242x1603, 96082B26-FCDA-4CB8-8337-29E839…)

She’s now calling people that fall for her poor-me-scams “vanilla admirers”

No. 1488368


>Sex work is a luxury

Oh, Miss. Harvard? I think you mean being able to access and use the services of a sex worker is a luxury. Because, as someone else mentioned, there are far too many sex workers being exploited by their pimps/John's/captors/porn agency for what you just said to be true.

I wish cows like her and Shayna would go viral for having a stupid hot take. They post so many everyday ,it's almost unfair.

No. 1488390

File: 1648761573536.jpeg (160.24 KB, 750x1334, D6B9D287-A6CF-4ABF-9264-4001F5…)

Lol did she get mad anon above said the scrote doesn’t throw even a dime her way? Trying to pass off something old as something new as if drug paraphernalia is a flex.

No. 1488395

Yeah but it is from Alessi? kek

for someone who says a $25 'tribute' is necessary just to talk to her, she sure shows off her basic tastes a lot. I honestly don't doubt she shows off literally every single thing anyone including her neckbeard buys her. Which means she's hardly getting anything!

No. 1488511

File: 1648768909086.jpeg (455.42 KB, 1242x1006, 4EA47F55-A3A7-493D-AD97-EBFE7E…)

Ah yes because Kathy is so much so a radiant youthful beauty that old haggard women have to keep their husbands away from her

No. 1488520

File: 1648769432659.jpeg (328.13 KB, 1242x2208, 8AE94E30-FFCB-4475-8B2E-4B22A2…)

No. 1488523

The internalized misogyny in that thread is horrendous

No. 1488530

They go from “men shouldn’t be able to look at me for free” to “a man’s wife stopped him from ogling at me for free. whatt an old frigid jealous bitch” real quick

No. 1488551

No. 1488584

next thread pic

No. 1488615

>"cant resist"
so insulting to the people who, out of the goodness of their own heart, take pity on someone who presents themselves as vulnerable.

No. 1488639

By older, she probably means those who are 70+ years old. With her makeup and style choices, she's basically a granny with no wrinkles or droopy skin. She has the muscle tone of a 90 year old.

No. 1488736

I don't believe either of these people lmao. No one does that shit.

No. 1488759

Internalized misogyny is Kathy's only defining personality trait. Older women, butch women, femme women, sex workers and "vanilla" woman are all threatened by Kathy's superior beauty & femininity, at least in her deranged little world. She reminds me of those asshole people who constantly claim everyone is "jealous" of them, when really people avoid them because they're off-putting. The insecurity and projection are off the chain here.

No. 1488763

It's hilarious how inconsistent her LARP is. If she really was a traffic-stopping hot luxury domme who dined with Forbes billionaires, she'd already have a stable of sugar daddies throwing money at her. But she's e-grifting and running GoFundMe scams to pay for weed and food.

No. 1488919

channeling Vicky Shingles vibes here

No. 1489175

File: 1648837608205.jpeg (104.37 KB, 1242x482, 88215D34-1601-4506-9A8C-6E279E…)

No. 1489178

File: 1648837686676.jpeg (230.24 KB, 1242x874, 47564911-B757-4484-9588-5FAD37…)

No. 1489193

Sex repulsed sex worker

No. 1489220

Sex work is real work, but she's not really working lol

No. 1489248

the sexiest outfit for her would be a potato sack from head to toe. Still can't believe she isn't at least in her mid 30s.

No. 1489353

File: 1648846035637.jpeg (141.85 KB, 1170x2391, C90A9761-B446-4462-8905-4DDD9E…)

For someone who constantly demands attention online, she’s such a bitch when people are nice to her.

No. 1489411

It’s called empathy, something she does not have. How are you going to do all but suicide bait all week and then make fun of people when they throw you some change and ask if you’re okay? At least try to make the scam seem real.

No. 1489449

What the fuck is a fetishistic hat? I

No. 1489534

>implying she makes enough to report for taxes

No. 1489577

Is reporting someone to the IRS considered cowtipping

No. 1489720

No. 1489824

File: 1648884299149.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 374.51 KB, 1241x1543, E6046D4A-E28D-47AA-8679-629BA7…)

Low hanging fruit but her body is just so unfortunate even after running it through an editing app

No. 1489860

That good ol' stuffed bra makes another appearance

No. 1489862

She's holding her flabby butt up with her HANDS to create lift and shape, kek. Her ass needs that bra more than her non-existent tits.

No. 1489878

You can see her holding up/squishing her right tit lol

No. 1490095

File: 1648916783418.jpeg (775.82 KB, 1242x1543, 146B18CC-F995-4AD1-ADA1-3D1C9B…)

Dare I say it was better when she was complaining about having to see wedding rings than whatever this is? He’s not marrying you Katherine. Ever. And that’s probably a good thing for you but you can’t see past a rock.

No. 1490374

File: 1648931914106.jpg (465.26 KB, 4302x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She's telling on herself again!

No. 1490438

these people’s minds are warped beyond repair

No. 1490469

Ah yes, the incarnation of luxury and wealth…e-begging for a measly 5k

No. 1490532

File: 1648939151416.jpeg (313.64 KB, 1242x1558, 57B8E936-99A4-401B-8AA4-56A364…)

Way beyond repair

No. 1490542

Kathy talking about comphet when we've seen the state of her boyfriends, no way a gay woman would touch those men

No. 1490566

Did this parent just admit to basically coercing their kids to be gay?

No. 1490650

do you think kathy knows who Adrienne Rich is & what she stood for? or has even skim read the essay she’s referencing here? Rich would have hated Kathy for so many reasons kek. You can’t just throw random buzzwords together and call it praxis, Kathy. Read the source material instead of embarrassing yourself with these garbage takes.

No. 1490718

please don't instantly fall for clickbait headlines

No. 1490896

File: 1648951004456.jpeg (80.43 KB, 750x1334, 277699369_108941904985230_3623…)

She is now claiming to have COVID

No. 1490910

File: 1648951386894.jpeg (80.98 KB, 1500x1334, 1.jpeg)

And is blaming it on producers and private clients for not having their performers masking despite her not having a recent performance. Her last performance at skirt club, where she was maskless on her own regard, was a month ago. The last dive bar production where she didn't wear a mask and had other dancers maskless was months ago. If she is sick, and there's about a 1% chance she is and isn't lying, she didn't catch it from a performance. What a cope either way.

No. 1490914

What work has she done? This cunt has done absolutely nothing except QUIT her job during the height of the pandemic. She didn't catch covid from sitting on her couch bitching all day long.

No. 1490918

Ntayrt, are you sure about that? I think they do.
Didn't her "daddy" go clubbing for his birthday last week? She also said she was going to Manhattan recently.

No. 1490923

They don’t. The apartment he posts from is completely different. Not hard to find online either.

No. 1491090

File: 1648964194919.png (58.09 KB, 587x283, Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 10.3…)

She says she is on the brink of homelessness struggling daily to get her needs financially met but wants a $500 boa for a costume she isn't even going to wear for the foreseeable future because she's taking a "break" from performing because she claims to have gotten covid from a performance a month ago. Make any of it make sense. If you're going to run scams, at least try be good at it.

No. 1491099

I’m sure one day she’ll figure out the perfect tweet that will make her desirable. Any day now.

No. 1491123

File: 1648968774183.png (69.7 KB, 590x290, Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 11.5…)

Maybe one day. That day definitely isn't today though kek
> coffee subs, dessert subs
What happened to findom being an ~expensive luxury few can afford~?

No. 1491205

nonnie she constantly begs for 10$ why does this surprise you?

No. 1491250

File: 1648992694105.jpg (139.16 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

I'm not surprised Kathy follows this shit, and this shit is especially damning for the "radical" abuse apologism the person shared holds.
SPERG INCOMING, but considering how Kathy never wants any commentary except an echo chamber of glowing praise, this is relevant for context.

Besides how fucking basic and ill-informed the shared post is, Clementine Morrigan, the person shared, has a lengthy history of abuse and harassment in various zine and social justice spaces, both for being an abuser and enabling or defending a partner who's notoriously predatory.
CM presents an online persona as some punk queer anarchist who used to mainly speak as a self-proclaimed expert on "trauma-informed polyamory": basic, barely-informed info on CPTSD from easily found books, plus personal stories as if CM is the default person to be in relationships or some shit, all while saying people need to take personal responsibility in relationships, which sounds victim-blaming as fuck for people harmed by someone using non-monogamy to hide abuse (sadly common in those spaces).
In the past few years, CM has started posting a lot and making a podcast with the predatory partner where they go on about being against "cancel culture", openly say they support abusers and predators, discourage people from informing one another about harmful people as "bullying" (doesn't that shit silence and isolate victims?) and openly flirt with alt-right recruitment ideologies, while the people that have been actively harmed by CM and the partner have been harassed offline for trying to call attention to what happened.

Kathy being a fan of the "cool" abuse apologist is on-brand, considering how much she harms people too.

No. 1491378

Sage for veering a bit off topic, but this gives more context to Kathy's blind reposting anyway. I haven't been able to find any info on Clementine Morrigan. I listened to a bit of her podcast several months ago, and besides her writing, podcasts and some crackpot websites asking if she's in QAnon, I can't find anything about her on Google. Wondering what she's actually done to earn being "cancelled," and why, if she radically rejects "cancel culture," her actual deeds have seemingly been scrubbed from the internet.

No. 1491561

File: 1649012152082.png (38.24 KB, 621x113, Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 19.53…)

I did find this, nonnie.

(for any anons not yet aware, NXIVM is a weird new age "self actualisation" cult that turned out to be a way for the head of it to select his new fucktoys, people including actress Alison Mack went to prison for this shit).

No. 1491724

File: 1649026278202.png (78.57 KB, 592x370, Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 3.47…)

Pedophiles. Why do they always turn out to be self-sexualizing pedophiles?

No. 1491744

>no resources for DV/trauma six years ago
>the Recovery Toolkit was first delivered in 2007 and is based on trauma-informed cognitive behavioural therapy specifically tailored for victims of domestic abuse

She knows less than nothing, but we knew that already.

No. 1491757

I must be missing your point because I don't understand how a kid taking money from another kid has anything to do with pedophilia.

No. 1491804

Nta but adult sex workers talking about how they’ve had a sexual kink for money since they were kids, emphasizing on being tiny and little, is pedopandering and gross.

No. 1491910

File: 1649041920362.jpg (97.5 KB, 1080x1920, screenshot.jpg)

People who lack ethics sexualizing ethical behavior, fucking weird.

No. 1491919

File: 1649042116740.jpg (447.28 KB, 3236x1920, screenshot.jpg)

More political misinformation that says "don't participate in politics, that's truly liberation!"

No. 1491938

File: 1649043922701.png (66.5 KB, 592x332, Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 8.41…)

> engage in mutual aid and direct actions
she only asks for mutual aid for herself and does zero direct action
> learn skills
she can't read, write, sew, glue rhinestones, cook, etc.
> grow food
miss farmer's market isn't growing food
> divest from reliance on corporations
supports amazon
> build self-sustaining communities
she's "not in community" with 99.9999% of the population

Please align your actions with your values, Katherine

No. 1491946

She calls herself a domestic violence survivor while telling other women to just leave! align your values with your actions! you're the problem not the man! Rotten bitch.

No. 1491975

She finds comfort in possessions because her neckbeard doesn't give a shit about her, whereas most women would happily go without fancy dates, surprise gifts etc just for quality time with the one they love.

Love yourself, kath.

No. 1491995

I think Katie is just using the word "fetish" in a way that emphasizes her obsession with money. We all know that bitch is less sexual than a barnacle and twice as clingy.
The other idiot was just responding to Katie's dumb ass trying to get engagement by asking how everyone started playing with cash.

No. 1491998

She has the face only a mother could love and she shits on her mother so we can't expect that filthy anal gerbil to ever love herself.

No. 1492003

It’s still gross to talk about your child self on your sex work account

No. 1492043

Why do deadbeats like her always speak as if they’d be some intelligent heroic leader during whatever hypothetical event they fear monger? In the real world they would be immediate casualties. Where does she get off on telling people if their political views don’t exactly align with hers, they’re ‘obstacles’ that need to be educated? There’s a term for that belief but it sure isn’t radicalism kek

No. 1492234

>worried about infrastructure collapse
>"grow your own food"
>lives in NYC

If she thinks that rat infested city that is the most populated city in the US isn't a bad idea and isn't actively working to live rural and become self sufficient what is she even talking about. When collapse happens NYC will be a bloodbath. No one is going to work together and have cutesy rooftop gardens. If she's not slaughtered she will become someone's property in a rape stable.

No. 1492249

lol I dare her to grow one plant and cook one fucking thing

No. 1492254

She’s exactly the kind of woman she’s talking about. What a hypocritical bitch.

No. 1492259

>if you love your friends you’ll let us brainwash you into becoming a lefttard
What the actual fuck? This is cult shit.

No. 1492436

Pretty rich coming from the woman who has a "partner" that won't buy her engagement ring or even spend his birthday with her. Her talking about collapse & community is also rich AF. Keep thinking there will be a place for a lazy lard ass that contributes NOTHING at all to society & those around her. Might want to read a history book, Kathy.

No. 1492850

She's right with these tweets, but it is just rich coming from her. Imagine being a cumrag to a useless soyjack ass man more than a decade older than you, who doesn't even do the bare minimum of being in a relationship.

That other faux-leftist shit is so amusing. All of these people make these huge declarations about societal collapse and the rebulution while doing nothing because they know the rebulution is not coming. It will never be coming, and they have 0 intention of even changing their lifestyle a little bit and just want to perpetually complain without doing anything even on a minor-scale (this is where "voting doesn't matter mindset" is coming from). This is how Kathy can yap on her instagram and still behave like a consoomer and think nothing of the major cognitive dissonance. Bitch you cannot even sustain being in a burlesque community.

This is what will sustain them through their young adult commie phase until they get older, and then they'll become apolitical or republicans and then normal progressives that are left over will have to clean up the mess that has been made with these loud ass gamer-chair internet leftists shitting up all over the place.

No. 1493755

File: 1649194251377.png (37.48 KB, 589x155, Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 2.28…)

Katherine got kicked out again

No. 1493758

File: 1649194427347.jpeg (226.16 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

Followed by a vague rant. Hint Kathy: you're still not anybody

No. 1493786

File: 1649196432024.png (384.92 KB, 592x730, Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 3.04…)

Drops $200 on yet another logo that will get no actual use but wants a $5,000 grant she doesn't qualify for because she's "struggling".

No. 1493801

Lol was this her way of paying it back to the artist after ripping off their work?

No. 1493839

christ she really never does anything in a remotely sexy way.

No. 1494227

It's not $200 I'm sure… Katherine "I'm Not In Any Community Yet I Constantly Rant About Who's In Community With Who" Mc-MAN just felt like inflating the price of the artist she didn't tag
Awww, shucks. That collaring hootenanny really helped her secure her upcoming penthouse with her super slender Forbes billionaire who is oh-so-popular on Twitch.
Katie didn't need to tweet about her moving expenses being bitch funded, since we already know that bitch has no other options than to fund her own move.

No. 1494820

File: 1649282401576.png (44.79 KB, 588x189, Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 2.57…)

> I'm only interested in people who want to support me tangibly and materially
Also Katherine:
> it’s fucked up to see someone only for what they can do for you and to be unempathetic to their experience. respectfully, fuck off

No. 1495414

File: 1649339214771.jpg (27.81 KB, 713x213, kathy fap.JPG)

very dominant, kathy.
im sure that giving your scrotes such a pathetic and desperate mental image will make them stroke themselves into a frenzy and empty their bank accounts into your amazon wishlist.

No. 1495458

this is the first time she’s even referenced anything sexual in a while. much sex worker.

No. 1495469

i find it kind of funny, actually. notice how she first went for this self-congratulatory "burlesque diva superstar adored by men!!!" larp, influenced by fantasies of being an old hollywood starlet. then, as she became a leftist and hung around the modern day cesspool, she went into the findomme larp, because thats the "modern" equivalent of how she perceives burlesque stardom.
is she "detoriating" into more and more daring and defiling sex work? this tweet could suggest so. but really, she doesnt interact with johns much. her photos arent really advertising anything. her image is what gets her off. it was never about sex work. it was about this almost auto-sexual auto-gynephilic (if you can call it that) fantasy of being worshipped by fans. its an extension of her narcissism.

No. 1495510

Lmaooo the sheer projection from Miss "I don't care if you're poor or mentally ill! Sexualize going into debt and becoming homeless to buy me weed and cheese"

No. 1495667

File: 1649365848371.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2208, B6782CC7-83DC-4C1E-9FB8-F64A38…)

Something is saying she got evicted

No. 1495790

Why is she tagging orgs based in the village when she lives an hour ride on the subway from there? Queens mutual aid exists but I guess it doesn't have the same cachet for a poser from Long Island like Katie

No. 1496138

File: 1649422579105.jpg (73.16 KB, 677x449, screenshot.jpg)

Of course she's spinning the eviction/kicking out differently.

No. 1496143

wow! this grifting bitch.

No. 1496145

File: 1649423490668.jpg (266.69 KB, 677x1671, screenshot.jpg)

Meanwhile, on the domme RP, among her usual blathering…
Is she now playing "guess my shoe size" because she can't keep the measurement straight?

No. 1496147

File: 1649423605534.jpg (90.36 KB, 677x749, screenshot.jpg)

Again begging for engagement when nobody's paying attention to her…

No. 1496148

File: 1649423742074.jpg (53.57 KB, 677x341, screenshot.jpg)

Silly words coming from someone who doesn't create things, just shoddily rips off everything she aspires to in others.

No. 1496165

File: 1649425258364.jpg (39.5 KB, 364x547, screenshot.jpg)

Again positioning herself as some safety expert when she wouldn't always remain masked for events.

No. 1496456

File: 1649452062619.png (70.33 KB, 581x291, Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 2.07…)

He's never going to marry you Katherine. Also "vanilla wedding"… brain rot x100

No. 1496467

oh fuck I can't WAIT for this consoomer neckbeard nightmare trash!

No. 1496498

A little OT but this argument from anyone is a load of shit. Like yeah have respect for the work put in something, but you can still criticize things you haven't done yourself or don't know much about. Example: The Park Bench Pinup creates a series of photos that she planned. Our pointing out how tacky and sad her little schtick is still a valid criticism even if we aren't making our own photo sets. Eat an ass flavored macaron.

No. 1496507

File: 1649456798786.jpeg (265.45 KB, 1125x790, F91D73F9-8DA5-45B7-9A37-FDD4D3…)

You left out the part where Miss Classically Trained in Fashion describes periods in terms of 21st-century media instead of, you know, actual fashion from history.

No. 1496509

Also a huge fan of her misspelling Regency. I can’t believe this bitch claims to have gone to Harvard.

No. 1496588

File: 1649466590631.jpg (1.17 MB, 3236x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Back at it again with gluing more rhinestones onto the same piece and insisting this is somehow museum-worthy.

No. 1496594

File: 1649466952572.jpg (48.45 KB, 748x293, screenshot.jpg)

I don't know if she's aware that any square scarf can be tied and worn in multiple ways, or if she's again drooling over the idea that owning a name-brand scarf or several will somehow get her taken more seriously by people who outclass her in many ways.

No. 1496605

"I don't need to be a helicopter pilot to know the helicopter shouldn't be stuck in a tree."
Is she engaged yet? Has her neckbeard bought her a ring yet? If not, this is just wishful thinking. I thought that her line of work requires her to look available to her customers- not spoken for and in a relationship.
There're a million infographics for this shit and if she's so cultured, she should be collecting silk art scarves from museums. She could probably actually afford a couple secondhand as she is now.

No. 1496702


Scuse me for dumb, but I don't see a collar on her in any pics in this thread. As I learnt from the nasty ass Kevin Gibes thread on the other farms, the whole point of being 'collared' is that the collar never comes off like a shoving-your-kink-in-folks-faces wedding ring.

No. 1496704

I'd love to see her convince her seriously ugly chunky monkey to marry her flat ass as she's dressed like a pre-beheaded Marie Antoinette and he's dressed like he got lost on the way to the Renaissance Faire, with a swashbuckling sword attached to his childbearing hips

No. 1496725

File: 1649480026152.jpg (57.07 KB, 360x584, screenshot.jpg)

The handmade mask market has been over-saturated for a long time now, and wouldn't embellishing them reduce their efficiency as protective gear?

No. 1496750

Rhinestone glues typically have toxic fumes so I can’t imagine it would be a good idea out put it near your mouth

No. 1496777

Instead of wasting all this time, energy, and money for nothing in return she could have just… got a job. Why does she think there is demand for her shit made masks two years after the fact when mask mandates have been dropped and everyone is aware “interesting fabrics” don’t do shit for protection? So delusional and desperate.

No. 1496791

Everyone on planet earth has created something in their lifetime. Everyone has the right to critique. It would be awful having to live with her mind since she only wants to exist in Katherine’s Echo Chamber 24/7. No wonder she’s so miserable.

No. 1496795

> track this costume down and display
She’s acting as though this sad excuse of a costume isn’t going to live in a particleboard dresser drawer until the end of time.

No. 1496827

File: 1649488384927.jpeg (420.91 KB, 1242x2208, B2C580DA-F812-4667-8344-CA58EF…)

For $75 you can take home a mask created from Katherine’s impeccable choice of fabrics and colors with rhinestone and ribbon accents but act fast because she’s only making one of each!!

No. 1496831

File: 1649488578060.jpeg (17.96 KB, 750x1334, 910EAE60-AFA1-4BE4-B426-A41E2C…)

No. 1496856

> is $75 reasonable for a basic cotton face mask made by someone who can’t even sew a straight line?
Bitch can never talk about greedy corporations again. Remember all the people who rushed to make quality masks for everyone for free during 2020? Forget them. Park Bench Puke’s $75 masks two years into the pandemic is the true ~cultural work~.

No. 1496861

She puts her $15 Amazon one on everytime she goes out with her fRiEnDs… when she hung out with her "sub" of 2 months and… well, that's the only time she's done anything, but that's also because she had no friends. Luckily Katie doesn't know anything about the groups she wishes she was in community with because she'd probably get lead poisoning if she wore that cheap thing 24/7.

No. 1496872

I just Googled showgirl fabric masks and a professional costumier is selling a deadstock vintage fabric mask with a large dancing showgirl, 2 layers of tightly woven quilters cotton, interfacing for lining, and 2 options for loops over the ears, all carefully sourced with optional rhinestones added for free… for $25.
Katie doesn't know how the fabric will even feel since she hasn't bought it yet and only wants to make 1 mask with each fabric so that she can wear them when no one buys them. This is another of her bUsInEsSes that will be as successful as her pastie, burlesque, modeling, and finDumb bUsInEsSes! Let's see how far she gets on this. I'm going to be generous and say she makes 1 mask and it's glued together with fabric glue with rhinestones slapped on the edges. And then she'll wear it in a million ugly photos with her skin over-smoothed and call herself the designer of a luxury accessory line.

No. 1496983

what the actual fuck is with her eye makeup

No. 1497010

File: 1649517194135.jpg (234.75 KB, 592x1612, 849732489.jpg)

>"thank goodness for findom or you'd never know how gorgeous women like me look undressed"
>acts as if the twitter ethots she retweets and interacts with regularly who do it for free or even plain old porn doesn't exist
>chooses to use pictures that are awkwardly zoomed in to try and hide the fact she's holding up her tits and butt cheeks and failing
>I'm delusional because I'm so beautiful!!
Top kek.

>tacky pink printed shit
The fact that she's only planning on making 1 of each (if she can even make one, she barely knows how to sew) makes me think she bought a cheapo sampler pack from the craft store. Also, I thought she was moving? Buying a sewing machine and bolts of fabric for a new at home studio doesn't sound like someone who's "struggling" and getting ready to move because of "stalking/harassment".

No. 1497216

If the amount of delusional you're allowed to be is directly proportionate with how pretty of a girl you are then Katy should know she can not be "give me $3316.16 of worthless shit" delusional.

No. 1497257

File: 1649539842706.jpg (58.32 KB, 361x587, screenshot.jpg)

Judging by the "KH" I think she's trying to market her own knockoffs again.

No. 1497259

??? these are extremely ugly prints. Maybe that's subjective, but I do think even objectively speaking these types of prints are what you'd expect to find for cheap at Walmart/Target or the drugstore or whatever, and the macaron one actually looks like it's for small children. Just bizarre choices… you'd think a 'luxury' face mask would be made with like… satin or heavy, good-quality fabric in sophisticated muted colours?

No. 1497264

first of all, spandex is lycra, just another name for the same stuff. Satin isn't the fiber of the fabric, it's the weave. Second thing, why the hell would you use a fabric with lycra for your face masks? Or only cotton? If you produce good masks that will actually have a function, you have to use cotton and fitting interlining, to emulate something like a ffp2 mask. Everything else is just fashion and won't have any effect. And she only now got a sewing machine, so until she figures out how to use it, the pandemic situation will be solved, right?

No. 1497271

They look like Lularoe prints kek

No. 1497301

I can't stop staring at that terrible foot, the random torso lines, and the hair shape

bitch is referencing someone else's work hard and it shows

No. 1497314

>>1497257 the alleged left hand looks like a right hand and the right hand is hidden in the least subtle way imaginable, obvious tells of someone who doesn't know how to draw

No. 1497349

Can we please talk about this godawful neck?

No. 1497476

KEK exactly this. If kathy really wants to start a ~BuSiNeSs~ MLMs will take any unemployed dope!

No. 1497548

Why doesn’t she get a real job? Seriously. She claims to have multiple disabilities yet attempts to take on both mentally and physically draining hobbies that she makes 0% back on. This retard truly doesn’t realize she is putting in more effort than she would doing like a WFH phone job that abundant right no? She really thinks she is special as a NYC 1 with zero skills. Bless her heart. At least the neckbeard has a minimum wage job.

No. 1497627

Those hearts are from aliexpress. I ordered them in white and red to decorate a kimono but they were too cheap feeling and looking that I threw them out.

No. 1498012

notice the makeup style and the purple wig. this is a self portrait, or an aspiration at the very least. this is how she sees herself. as violet fucking chachki.

No. 1498094

File: 1649627282161.jpeg (106.22 KB, 750x1334, 1.jpeg)

Huge "disabled people are the most ableist" sperg incoming about a previous roommate that had muscular dystrophy who is the worst person ever because she made a few random comments.

No. 1498126

File: 1649627801000.jpeg (342.51 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

Kathy "trauma dumps" every single day on social media and creates a "hierarchy of disability" while calling the most severely disabled ableist kek also TRIGGER WARNING FOR INTERNALIZED ABLEISM, ABLEISM, ABUSE, AND FATPHOBIA because the roommate called millionaire comedienne Rebel Wilson fat after she made a joke about MS.

No. 1498128

File: 1649628057532.jpeg (243.54 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 1498135

Fascist power chair rant was next fucking level embarrassing. It was joy.

This turd though. "Fatphobic". All for a self deprecating fuckability joke when you're bound to a powerchair for life.

Based disabled community for spreading the truth while Harlol goes classic fake-news neoliberal calling the warning a "conspiracy"

Hilarious retardation.

No. 1498146

The only "disability" Kathy has is untreated personality disorder. Also, her wanting to cover a walking stick in her cheap plastic "crystals". Kek

No. 1498157

There is a hierarchy of disability and she's seething over it. Retard doesn't see that in the end what she essentially said was the woman bound to a powerchair with MS wasn't allowed to complain or talk about her disability because it ~triggered~ her.

No. 1498164

File: 1649631381602.jpeg (137.43 KB, 750x1334, 4.jpeg)

I forgot t0 add the best part - she once again begged to be nominated for the $5,000 grant because she doesn't get thanked for infusing her values into her daily educational ranting and calling severely disabled people ableist

No. 1498194

Doesn’t she realize mentioning that she’s not working in nightlife at the moment make her less desirable as a recipient of a nightlife grant? This bitch never stops telling on herself and has no clue what grants are for.

No. 1498203

is this dumbass bitch seriously saying that a wheelchair-bound person with an incurable lifelong illness somehow has privilege over her and is less discriminated against? jfc trying not to alog

No. 1498224

lmao she is just incapable of shame, she truly thinks as a straight, able-bodied white woman she’s actually the expert and anyone with real lived experience who contradicts her must have internalized whatever-ism. You can’t say you champion minorities and then refuse to listen to them when they disagree with you. She’s always so condescending and dismissive towards the very people she claims to support, it’s incredible.

No. 1498235

For someone who talks a lot about lateral ableism and believing survivors of violence/harassment/etc., she's really going out of her way to equivocate her criticism with fucking hate speech, saying some horrifically ableist shit in implying that people who think anything vaguely critical or unkind are severely mentally ill, and then victim-blaming that those people's lives deserve to be ruined.

In a paradox of tolerance, intolerance shouldn't be tolerated. Like bigotry, like hate speech, like this manipulator's twisting of social justice language into saying very harmful things.

No. 1498252

File: 1649639369609.jpeg (518.29 KB, 1242x1122, BAE4EFF6-F095-4072-8A41-87263A…)

She’s changed her narrative to “just left domestic violence” in order to look more vulnerable than she actually is. Claiming financial abuse from her family when she was a kid wasn’t getting her money. She treats real life like a play-pretend game and then plays victim when people catch on to her never ending lies. She needs help. Professional help.

No. 1498255

> she acted as if she was the only disabled person in the home… didn’t think the concept of boundaries applied to her
Remember how she called her last roommate ableist because the roommate wanted Kathy to pay her portion of rent after months of not paying under the excuse of being disabled?

No. 1498261

Begging a poor person for money on her findom account kek. She doesn't have another Twitter account she can do this on?

No. 1498325

File: 1649647502190.jpeg (295.27 KB, 1242x1312, A1005C1E-2994-4167-841A-03AD15…)

We’re begging Katherine just be sexy one time

No. 1498367

Looking for more costume designs to rip off lol? She’s so predictable

No. 1498427

this bitch makes me want to alog more than anyone else on this site. first she was entertaining because of her burlesque/sw rouse but the more i read, the more i can't stand this woman. ofc there is a disability hierarchy. the roomate has a serious debilitating lifelong fatal illness and she has heavy periods…

No. 1498465

File: 1649664426549.webm (1.94 MB, 720x1280, cRmmkZdyk27L2u9X.webm)

… the box is empty. She really just opened a box full of tissue paper.

No. 1498496

Apologies for PL, but I also have a disability as defined by whatever is needed to say that. I don't think there's anything wrong with decorating a mobility aid to go with your style but I'm wondering why on earth Kathy needs a walking stick if she's able to perform in those heels.

No. 1498499

does this mean that the Reddit sub has started posting about Kathy? kek

No. 1498508

I don't follow other sEx wOrKeRs, is it common for them to bring up their personal problems all the time like Katherine does? Seems like such a turn off for potential subs. Doesn't it destroy the sexy illusion of the dominant luxurious mommy who's totally in control of you and your finances if every day you make crying posts about how broke and disabled you are?

No. 1498510

I think she was allowed to complain or talk about disability - as long as she acknowledged that Kathy's multiple invisible/nonexistant disabilities were just as disabling as something like Muscular Dystrophy.

No. 1498553

Has she been posted there? Is that what’s triggered this?

Shayna and Pumpy do it but idk if they’re representative of what general sexworkers do because they’re both over sharing cows themselves.

No. 1498633

how much do you want to bet Kathy was jealous of her roomie’s MD, since it meant she likely received SSDI? I can see Kathy throwing a fit when rent is due because she has to “work” for it and they’re lucky enough to have a disability kek.

No. 1498642

I tried looking on the sub but can't find a post in the last 15 days so no idea what triggered her

No. 1498663

Kathy’s goal is to be iN cOmMuNiTy and receive money under the guise of mutual aid. The sex work part barely factors into it, I really do think it’s just a larp so she can feel included among other insufferable twitter activists

No. 1498784

File: 1649699085346.jpeg (156.1 KB, 1105x847, A9B38D7B-32F5-4BED-9B23-960D26…)

I think that she learned the subreddit from this twitter thread that she posted her replies to in her story >>1498094 and took it up as a personal cause so she could cry about lolcow without actually directing her followers here. Picrel is the tweet that mentions r/illnessfakers.

No. 1498869

File: 1649706273066.jpeg (500.25 KB, 1242x1202, F02DD972-FB31-4D6E-B96C-704515…)

“Political/philosophical kink” lol no it’s just a version of raceplay

No. 1498876

File: 1649706827289.jpeg (90.1 KB, 750x1334, 6B561593-5044-48AB-BA37-B33DF7…)

Wtf is cop watching? Also love how she begs for money daily and pretends to be on brink of homelessness but won’t acknowledge that she is the one that’s low-income lol

No. 1498885

These gray background insta stories are getting more unhinged by the moment. She’s starting to sound like a skinny kelly lenza, an insufferable narc vomiting out incomprehensible socjus word salad kek

No. 1498892

File: 1649708152867.jpeg (139.53 KB, 750x1334, 477193BA-D41E-49A4-8F64-AAB4CC…)

She’s fucked up on pills again that’s why

No. 1498902

Smart ones don’t. I did phone sex briefly due to unexpected personal circumstances, and the clients I interacted with thought I looked different, lived in another state, had a completely different name, life, etc…
I realize that cam girls, etc., don’t have the same ability to hide their appearances, and FSSWers obviously have a harder time hiding their locations, but there’s absolutely no reason a non-cow SWer would use their real name or life experiences at all. People like Shayna and Pumpy are using SW for the attention first, and the money second—that is the ONLY reason you would share personal information with degenerate scrotes.

No. 1498916

File: 1649709604970.jpeg (341.25 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

The insensitive ways she exploits Mistress Velvet's death in order to push her opinions and ideals is sick. It's also sick how she believes sex work is the only option for women financially struggling. It's not and farmers constantly throw out accessible jobs. How can you discuss men financially controlling women in the past when the industry you're dying on this hill for thrives due to women relying on men for money? That's a form of financial abuse and limiting women's freedom. For someone who claims to have experienced financial abuse she's awfully blind to it.

By the way Kathy - the women who fought tooth-and-nail to have basic rights were called prudes and puritans in order to demean and diminish their actions. You're part of the problem of history repeating itself.

No. 1498932

File: 1649710088919.jpg (749.06 KB, 4292x1920, screenshot.jpg)

She's acting as if regurgitating things others said far more eloquently makes her some kind of expert.

No. 1498945

Only studied fashion in college so yeah, no shit you learned more from online stranger’s life experiences. She’s so bizarre. She doesn’t have a savior complex because she does fuck all to help other people (bitching about other disabled people isn’t activism) but she wants to get the praise for it. Strong narcissistic behavior.

No. 1498948

File: 1649710994115.jpg (614.21 KB, 3228x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Most of what she wrote isn't about sex work or fighting for sex workers' rights.
She spends the bulk of her words on whining how nobody rewarded her with a lifetime of easy handouts when she tried to be a good status quo bootlicker, and her "radical" act comes across instead as a piss-poor attempt to demand the world to fall at her feet and give her everything without her making an effort for ANYTHING.

Her attempts at trying to be a radical figurehead show she's just attention-seeking.


No. 1498952

File: 1649711385388.jpg (338.37 KB, 2152x1920, screenshot.jpg)

Even more "sharing topics 101 as if she's some great educator"

No. 1498954

I follow some escorts for milk as I used to be in the industry and the unstable/immature ones typically vent about their personal life when literally no one cares. the smart ones just stick to posting lingerie photos, tour dates, retweeting “sexy” content. I knew one really high end girl, a close relative of hers died and she took a short break with no complaining, explaining, or venting about it on her sw twitter

No. 1498955

She’s drinking her own kool-aid. You do know what happens when you drink the kool-aid, right? Katherine McMahon is so disconnected from reality that she believes the realest thing she has ever stated was that sex workers make yearly salary in only a few months doing hardly anything. She states this as she’s a self-proclaimed sex worker with no net worth. Her fucked up ways of thinking are going to either get her killed or make her Kermit - but don’t say she is a victim of sex work if it happens.

No. 1498960

Only the top 1% of 1% of sex workers make bank and guess what? They aren’t “hardly” doing any work. They are having done to them by men extremely degrading acts that affect them mentally and physically for life. This retard really refuses to see that $5 blowjobs are the norm, not $50,000 weekends where the man just wants to cuddle.

No. 1498968

She’s out of her doped up mind. The average female sex worker makes $40,000/yr and is disproportionately abused compared to her counterparts working for corporations for the same minimum wage amount. Kathy herself is living in poverty because she somehow still believes the lie that you can make $100,000 tweeting “give me money”.

No. 1498981

> I don't understand the stigma around SW at all because when you think about it, 80% of prostitutes are women, 82% want out, 60-100% are more likely to be murdered, 45% will be murdered, all will experience some form of physical violence… but the truth is, who is truly being degraded?

No. 1498989

but they get to work less, see

No. 1498991

I'm pretty sure it means that she films cops with her camera (hopefully) from a distance while the cops are doing stuff just in case the people interacting with the cops need the video for legal defense reasons. Not sure how being on her feet and near a possible confrontation meshes with that debilitating and mysterious health issue.

No. 1498992

File: 1649714249904.jpeg (170.66 KB, 602x677, CA928737-5D8E-4CD6-AE41-84017D…)

No. 1498995

That is retarded

No. 1498999

Which is still a hilarious(ly scary) claim made by her given prostitutes working in legal brothels in the US work 12-14 hours a day, five days a week and we can all agree that what they have to do is physically demanding. She’s so off base.

No. 1499008