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File: 1640933203148.jpeg (525.68 KB, 493x594, she posted this on her own pro…)

No. 1405537

Katherine Harlow “The Park Avenue Pinup” (real name Katherine McMahon) is a 24 year old self-proclaimed burlesque dancer and larping findom sex worker residing in NYC.

Recent milk:

> The Brooklyn Dive bar has allowed Katherine to do a once monthly burlesque show. Originally the show was called “Petit Fours: A Taste of Burlesque” >>1360035 and is now called “Powderpuff Peepshow” >>1396284 >>1369649

> Being the creative artist with integrity that she is, on the first show poster she traced the pinups portraying the dancers from a known pinup artist thus grossly misrepresenting how the women actually look; making them bigger than what they are, less curvy, and lacking the proper skin tone while Kathy makes herself look better >>1362528 >>1362534 >>1362535 >>1361086
> Doesn’t want to pay the performers after the shows and instead wants random stranger’s to do so >>1363283 >>1396986 . Anon states that she was supposed to pay the dancers after the show but instead disappeared for the night with the money owed >>1374307
> Photos and videos from the few show appearances she made including her holding her feather fans improperly and looking absolutely miserable among happy performers >>1358127 >>1362817 >>1365101 >>1375464 >>1396881 >>1392269
> Throws stones at the burlesque community by telling them what not to wear >>1358854 and kvetching about how mean everyone else is in the community >>1382534 >>1382611 >>1404837
> Is in the never-ending process of making a new costume >>1404010 >>1370789 and restoring her “signature” one >>1352444 >>1355634
> Attempts to sell cheap pasties >>1372684 and failed costume pieces >>1362052 >>1365150 >>1365648
> She is a luxury experience. She is not for you. >>1370033 She will only talk to you if you are sending her money. >>1379738 Same rules apply for women. Still won’t talk to you unless you are benefitting her >>1379741 >>1379747 because obviously other women want to copy her >>1379040
> Continues the larp that her clients are all white cis male heteronormative corporate executives >>1356406 >>1365446 . Pretended to have a “gentleman suitor” for like two weeks >>1358855 >>1367127 >>1367129 and related her life to SATC, claiming to have had her own Mr. Big >>1395487
> Plays Performative Sex Worker >>1355123 >>1358846 >>1386218 >>1367789 >>1372103 >>1355123
> Continues to pay tribute to dead sex worker Mistress V by creating a black power alter >>1362426
> Reminder that her actual clients are a literal psych ward patient and sissies >>1390700 >>1403106 >>1403108
> Claims we are living in a very sex negative time because “vanilla” people can do things like wear wedding rings >>1348753 and hold hands while in public but people can’t practice and parade their BDSM relations in public. She doesn’t like to see regular relationships so everyone else should be subjected to seeing sexual scenarios played out on the streets. Once again shows warped views on consent >>1348926 >>1348928 >>1348930 >>1348932 >>1348937 >>1348938
> Despite all but outright saying she hates normal healthy relationships, she purchases wedding cake shaped candles >>1355809 and drops hints about rings she likes >>1355938 as a cope because her neckbeard won’t marry her
> Reminder that this is her wannabe twitch streamer funko pop collecting neckbeard >>1348976
> Speaks on things she knows nothing about in reply to others and then dirty deleting >>1357266 >>1384255 >>1384257 >>1384258
> Makes another twitter account, even though she “rejects the idea” >>1386661, under parkavenuepinup since she is “struggling with creating artwork and censorship” >>1404902 but the farm knows it’s because anons have been telling her to take discussions about greasy congested face >>1374208 somewhere other than her ~professional sex work~ account

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Archived links:

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

First thread >>1259829
Second thread >>1299249
Third thread >>1348150

No. 1405666

File: 1640966027215.jpeg (462.46 KB, 1125x1887, B5D40261-CD74-4782-856B-53CB52…)

Was waiting for the new thread to drop a recent 1-star review from her Gigsalad.(cowtipping)

No. 1405668

kek you wrote this you shady bitch

No. 1405696

Tinfoil: is that you Kathy?

No. 1405699

Literally only Kathy is stupid enough to believe this is a real review. If you have to interact with the cow, at least be less obvious, "Michael"

No. 1405708

Was not me, I’m just the messenger. Noticed it last night while checking to see if she took down the video of her performing. I did get a feeling that it might be from another farmer but then I figured if it was then they would’ve posted bragging about it earlier.

No. 1405714

It wasn't me either. It's sad if it was a farmer trying to cow tip but I don't think it's 100% unbelievable. The show was supposed to be 2 hours long but there were only 4 performers, one of which was Kathy and we know she only has 1 routine. Anyone with common sense who's seen Kathy in action and had the morbid curiousity of googling her name would be able to see her sad website and how she over exaggerates everything.

No. 1405857

She already got a bad review earlier in the year that referred to her asking for uber money and then having a friend drive her, so it's not unthinkable for her to get a second bad review about being scammy

No. 1405861

I think this sounds like a reasonable review of a disappointing show. I'd expect a farmer would attack her performance, appearance, etc.

No. 1405945

A farmer going by "Betty Bangs" left a comment on her youtube video (comment now deleted by Kathy) and it read similar to this so it's most likely a cow-tipper.

No. 1405946

File: 1640994311199.png (146.61 KB, 585x462, Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 3.44…)

Oh honey no….

No. 1405949

File: 1640994564910.png (174.31 KB, 594x394, Screen Shot 2021-12-31 at 3.48…)

lol and then she posts this on the other account. Ole girl is having a personality crisis isn't she?

No. 1405961

Wtf why the tiger balm is she trying to tell her Johns she has a headache or a cold??

No. 1405979

Probably the munchie thing

No. 1406033

What exactly is attractive about smelling like a musty high grandma?

No. 1406208

File: 1641041262007.jpg (738.48 KB, 1993x2793, tinfoil.jpg)

tinfoil but I think Kathy made this thread beacuse the pic choice is a bit sus… Why would any farmer pick one that is not funny or at least as bad as the others she posts? If I rembember well we even had some anon edits in the last thread. Hmmmmmm

No. 1406235

No retard. I made the thread and chose that image because it’s absolutely hilarious that she posted something so fugly on her own website in the “about” section. Last thread there was the futurama edit which is good but was for milk from months ago and a random one about pasta with her neckbeard. Not that serious lol

No. 1406252

File: 1641048800331.jpg (33.82 KB, 474x474, tinfoil kitty.jpg)

But this is what exaclty what she would say if exposed… Hm…

No. 1406255

> I chose that image because it’s absolutely hilarious that she posted something so fugly on her own website in the “about” section
Hmm… I think she posted a lot more hideous pictures on her own accord so this still is not explanation. You think the thread picture you did choose is so bad? How if confronted with almost all random pics she has ??? I'll keep my tinfoil on , thanks.

No. 1406284

Anon, pass the roll, because I believe you are correct.

No. 1406314

File: 1641057719707.jpg (90.5 KB, 570x466, more tinfoil anons.jpg)

I'm glad someone else can smell the stink.
You are now included in my pic

No. 1406324

It is an honor, bless.

It does seem a little too curated, idk why other nonnies are quick to snap

No. 1406325

File: 1641058707686.jpg (105.29 KB, 660x660, tinnnnnfoil.jpg)

> "the other nonnies"

No. 1406405

File: 1641068010849.jpeg (670.51 KB, 1242x1558, 94C9F040-8C5B-4AD9-8667-A3CF5A…)

Read any sentence in the op and it’s extremely obvious Kathy did not make this thread you retarded autists. Make better fan art next time if you’re so worried about a thread image.

Anyways, since you want to talk about “stink”, the other woman kathy did the brunch photos with sent her sub Kathy’s way to get some interaction on her new account kek reads as contrived as it sounds

No. 1406419

She's posted worse but it's still hilarious to see how bad she is at matching her foundation to her skin tone and she looks absolutely retarded in the screenshot

No. 1406520

Does anyone have screenshots? I saw that comment as well but I swear the person was really rude and unhinged, I remember cringing so hard

No. 1406576

File: 1641083409051.png (164.77 KB, 610x410, bstory.PNG)

This is sad.

No. 1406577

File: 1641083474080.png (54.44 KB, 601x460, followers.PNG)

Kathy should've followed her imo

No. 1406581

File: 1641083701183.png (18.79 KB, 485x203, jeezlouise.PNG)

As with everything, MAN this makes Katie look bad.

No. 1406635

Fucking kek her most praised sub is now trying to be a domme? Can't wait for this shit show.

No. 1406672

Lol so this is all just some kinda autistic teen roleplay for her. This "what I would smell like - it's different based on my persona!" is the kinda shit that little girls "design" in their journals for their imaginary alter egos when they're 12.

No. 1407477

File: 1641184708329.png (56.06 KB, 585x266, Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 8.32…)

She's a shitty privileged woman-child that went to NYU and talks about her daddy making six figures a year. The fucking irony.

Also, you're bringing children into your sex larp which is gross and even degen men would draw the line at SWers calling their children "shitty". Great business practice Kathy, keep it up!

No. 1407485

File: 1641185228257.png (322.62 KB, 581x765, Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 8.41…)

Only people that are broke with poor financial literacy use bnpl programs so I guess good for her for finally catering to her looney bin and sissy subs.

No. 1407489

File: 1641185426813.png (286.45 KB, 586x616, Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 8.41…)

She can not be serious with all this kek

No. 1407490

> Pay the bourgeois, capitalist tax
Kathy just go home to your six figures a year corporate father and live a regular middle class life instead of being a cheap whore online trying to be woke while also attempting to become upper class. How embarrassing.

No. 1407494

Just because you're not getting the items directly off Amazon doesn't mean they're not part of the fugly e-whore pink Amazon aesthetic lol

No. 1407523

It's so weird to me how obsessed she is with other peoples' families/spouses. Like literally just go solve your family issues and dump your gross boyfriend already.

No. 1407533

Right? She kvetches about married couples, their children, how she spends her holidays… she’s projecting and failing to see she’s part of whatever family drama she has, not just a victim.

No. 1407538

File: 1641192040436.png (1.73 MB, 1242x3062, 6907C58C-FDF1-4404-9539-6A618C…)

The original tweet didn’t hit days ago so why she felt compelled to send out four more today is a mystery

No. 1407540

Looks like the leftover spring time shit in a TJMaxx clearance row

No. 1407693

The CDC, apparently, recommends you to stuff her sticky, “champagne” soaked feet into three dollar tights and ‘smother’ yourself with them? This whole string of tweets is just, the epitome of how fake her larp is. This isn’t ‘findomming’ so much as it is a bad tumblr kinkpost, and it’s so obvious she thinks that sex work means getting paid for writing d level suggestive trash. And you wanna talk about privilege, bitch? kek, the irony.

No. 1407939

Uhhh wouldn't she want to tax the rich and not the middle class?! For a fake historian into pretending she's into fancy designer things, Katie sure is acting like bourgeois means the wealthy and not the middle class.

No. 1407945

The real irony is how she comes from a comfortable bourgeois background whose parents taught her the value of money and hard work, yet she thinks calling people names will get them to open their wallets to stuff her and her ugly bfs shoebox-sized apartment in Queens with dEsIgNeR things that she thinks they deserve.

No. 1407968

>parents taught her the value of money and hard work
Sure about that? If they did, it was lost on her. No one that values money and hard work quits their job with benefits in the middle of a global pandemic because a sex worker offed themselves. Also look what she wants to spend her money on… she has no financial literacy.

No. 1407969

File: 1641248315084.png (442.9 KB, 591x675, Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 2.18…)

Another month, another video Kathy will never release

No. 1407970

File: 1641248483112.jpeg (308 KB, 2048x1539, FINVVdgXIAADLMx.jpeg)

She also needs to stop interacting with sissies and whatever else because this look isn't "HyPeRfEmMe"; it's straight up troon

No. 1407972

I thought this was Miz Cracker kek

No. 1407974

Yeah and that's not a good thing kek

No. 1407987

Kathy is like a wannabe Regina George. Ofc she'd probably take being compared to Regina George a compliment, so let me be clear Kathy you are like the dollar store version.

No. 1407998

It's like one big BDSM pyramid scheme

No. 1408025

File: 1641252224546.jpeg (350.94 KB, 2048x1539, FINpTIHXIAUVpMN.jpeg)

Good grief girl woof

No. 1408031

File: 1641252663491.png (118.7 KB, 590x713, Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 3.29…)

It un-ironically is. Kathy copies the ones that jumped her in and now this one is copying Kathy because she jumped her in. It would be funny if it wasn't such an insidious thing indicative of bigger issues at hand.

No. 1408052

File: 1641254122759.jpeg (429.59 KB, 1125x1182, 36301F8A-CE51-4CD8-8C89-371FC1…)

>incredible styling
>3 different shades of pink

No. 1408061

I know she isn't the cow here but kek at buying a bag from the final sale section

No. 1408074

Everything about this is hideous and gaudy. The wig, the makeup, the neck roles and tattoo. It screams mtf.

No. 1408139

Why did she choose this image. The arm on the right looks like an actual chicken wing.

No. 1408153

glad we have a revolutionary Kikomi

No. 1408178

what’s the goal with this eyeshadow besides looking like she has 4 eyebrows?

No. 1408184

Kek someone’s thickening

No. 1408187

File: 1641268105557.jpeg (225.19 KB, 1242x943, B2AE7BBC-E2A0-4926-902F-4DB8D7…)

All that pasta and cheese is catching up with her

No. 1408189

File: 1641268331576.jpeg (246.15 KB, 1242x1238, CB91418E-8481-4E2B-A498-B7107C…)

The faux concubine aspirant is rife with sophomania

No. 1408194

File: 1641268596779.jpeg (390.71 KB, 1642x2048, B4598711-ABE5-449B-A066-17F888…)

No. 1408195

File: 1641268770213.jpeg (356.95 KB, 1582x2048, FIODS49WQAgzSEp.jpeg)

No. 1408197

That is one hurtin' broad

No. 1408199

>supine with ennui

shut the fuck up, lunchlady arms

No. 1408206

If Count Orlok and Mae West had an mtf child good lord

No. 1408222

Why does every self-proclaimed “pinup” have this extremely tacky and cheap looking bra? Nothing about it is vintage looking.

No. 1408227

You can find gnocchi and burrata at Wal-Mart too kek

No. 1408229

'Gnocchi and burrata are ususally available at speciality stores'

This bitch trying to sound fancy by sounding like she buys her food at boutique delis when I can go to the local ALDI and pick these up. As ever, the delusion of exclusivity…

No. 1408270

don't really follow this cow but did she actually try to lie through her teeth and say gnocchi was speciality food
you found yourselves a mouth breather nonis

No. 1408275

…wtf. Why would you advocate for denying children an education in favour of your own greed? As a communist no less? I don't think she realizes how incompatible her LARP is with the political ideology she's picked but clearly doesn't understand.

No. 1408277

Wire me your SSN right now. What's your mother's maiden name, capitalist piggy?

No. 1408281

kek anon thanks for this. So succinct.

No. 1408399

Kathy btfo'd by Walmart gnocchi

No. 1408440

why's she explaining what pesto is

No. 1408452

I'm not a pinup at all, but I also just bought this bra last month because it was super cheap all throughout December on Playful Promises' website. It's made by Bettie Page Lingerie, which is the go-to brand for women into cheaply made vintage kitsch or vintage-styled lingerie who either don't want to or can't spend more on something just to flounce around the house. It was literally only $30.
Also the pom poms are barely tacked on and they awkwardly stick out so Katie is just gingerly taking it off after her larp.

No. 1408477


She looks better with her weight gain but she better cut back on the pasta and alcohol before she balloons like big shaynus

No. 1408513

Has she even bought this or is it just a screenshot of the checkout page before handing money over?

No. 1408578

The variable size of the rhinestones gives a nice tryphobia effect here, I think one size of rhinestone is better on formfitted flesh toned clothing items for that reason, especially where they are quite spaced apart like here

No. 1408634

Kek that "swarovski" glove she's wearing looks so fucking cheap. She's just larping a findom to get easy money.

No. 1408636

File: 1641325047308.jpg (124.42 KB, 1071x798, 111161111611.jpg)

How unfortunate. Her arm is really pudgy, how is that possible to be that out of shape while larping as a renowed burlesque dancer/ sex worker. Why she choose this larp with that face and body is incomprehenseble.

>looking like picrel

No. 1408651

beacuse she learnt it like 2 hours ago after sperging about it for a year. The retard probably thought it was some ~ExcLusiVe MystEriOus ItaliAn VintAge Fruit gRowN in SophIa LoRen's SecrEt GardeN ~

No. 1408702

It’s usually a good idea when working with rhinestones to use a few different sizes so that they will catch the light in different ways and produce more of a “twinkling” effect, which is what I assume is what she was going for. But those quarter-sized rhinestones just look awkward and make her arm look bulky instead of delicate. This bitch really has no eye for design she just throws a bunch of shit she likes together and calls in couture.

No. 1408705

File: 1641329353835.png (316.51 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20220104-154156~2.p…)

>retweeting complaints about clients
>sailor moon reaction pic that screams insecurity
very professional, much domme

No. 1408731

The post she retweeted is so stupid. Imagine being a sex worker and thinking your clients give a shit about you more than wetting their own dick.

No. 1408734

already deleted kek

No. 1408744

Reminiscent of the time she had to do “research” to learn how to apply fake nails from amazon kek

No. 1408746

She didn't even bother bedazzling the other glove before playing dress up… It's giving me Michael Jackson vibes kek

No. 1408750

Of course kek every single time she has posted about a clip she’s never actually posted one. Too close to being sex work Kathy?

No. 1408757

File: 1641332924661.jpeg (353.89 KB, 1242x1485, 07E625AB-AFC0-45C5-9C85-630580…)

> please do all the work for me so I can feel validated
The zero interaction should tell you something. Also she isn’t wearing her robe so why is she tagging the creator? just Kathy things

No. 1408766


Does anyone know why she never uses hashtags? I don't use Twitter, but I always thought that you would get more engagement by using hashtags.

No. 1408955

File: 1641349647563.png (49.9 KB, 590x208, Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 6.25…)

She's such a POS. Imagine quitting your job with medical benefits at the height of a pandemic only to turn around and e-beg online for your expenses to be paid by strangers. Everyone is struggling right now retard; they can't help you and why should they? Get a job deadbeat.

No. 1408959

So this bitch really created a second account to do more panhandling? Go home Kathy.

No. 1408962

As a "domme", all she's doing by retweeting that is letting everyone know that she finds it difficult to manage clients/doesn't know what to do/isn't actually confident enough to handle those situations. Keep posting your L's lady, you tell on yourself more than any first-hand account or review ever could.

No. 1408967

>with groceries
Overpriced pasta and cheese. Your diet is really catching up with you Kathy.
>Medical expenses
Idk but I'm assuming it's munchie shit.
>Pain relief
She should be ashamed of herself. Just get a job.

No. 1409005

File: 1641353600121.png (82.78 KB, 822x789, Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 7.32…)

This is the third or fourth time she's tweeted about helping her during the surge. Tinfoil but the dive bar currently does not have a burlesque night lined up and in the previous thread she tweeted (now deleted I think) about not being able to perform during this surge. The dive bar has a pretty booked schedule so it's not like they're not doing any live entertainment. Did they already drop her?

No. 1409132

I think they did

No. 1409171

If they did it makes the last review she received more realistic

No. 1409172

She got that review removed somehow

No. 1409496

File: 1641417089847.png (50.49 KB, 590x194, Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 1.06…)

Lol she deleted her OF within like a month of making it; hard to communicate with someone and 'finish' whatever when your account is gone. Also how thick is she to still not understand that no true real life contingency or pro-bono lawyer would take her on? You have no case. Don't want it out there for discussion? Don't post it. Simple as.

No. 1409540

Pardon my sperg, but those fucking heart shaped Dutch ovens never sell and they're too small to really make anything in. Know someone who used to work at sur la table and all the heart shaped shit for valentines did poorly in terms of sales, that pot fetching a whopping zero before they were all tossed to I assume a discount store after the season was over. And when does Kathy even cook? Is that pan an ash tray or just a really shitty quiche dish? This shits so tacky.

No. 1409570

File: 1641421747063.jpg (35.58 KB, 588x204, 567890.jpg)

So she can't even style her own wigs. TBH I'm not surprised but still disappointed.

No. 1409712

Does…does she think that pro-bono is a type of lawyer? Oh, Kathy…

No. 1409722

Yes and it's most likely because that tranny her and Shayna interact with calls itself that kek

No. 1409725

File: 1641433205540.png (468.16 KB, 442x766, Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 5.38…)

Zero eye for fashion, zero eye for photography. What's with her and granny shoes?

No. 1409750

The fabric looks cheap and flimsy as hell and the different size rhinestones at the bottom make it look cheap. Why would anyone want to watch a video of her shoes anyway.

No. 1409755

These look like David's Bridal-tier shoes. Kathy, I thought you were successful? Where's your Louboutins?

No. 1409763

File: 1641437474549.jpeg (424.75 KB, 1242x982, B5B12920-EB5C-4C04-AE40-EA12FD…)

> Why would anyone want to watch a video of her shoes anyway
She had her grotesque mentor lie about her talents

No. 1409765

Thirsting over shoes is pretty capitalist. It's not very communist of you Kathy.

No. 1409781

Everything she does is capitalistic. Mass market ‘luxury’ brands, plastic pop culture tchotchkes, “Sex work is work”…. such an anarcho-communist queen though!

No. 1409785

File: 1641439465449.png (5.16 MB, 1242x2208, 3D3F0DB8-7262-4B4A-B704-76092B…)

I’m howling - she really thinks she’s somebody kek but it’s just her parents that are narcissistic, right? Stay delusional Kate

No. 1409797

I feel like this could be a cute idea if she had a following, but it just seems kinda crazy as is. The autograph probably could have used some practice.

No. 1409806

File: 1641441515558.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2063, 9FA652B5-0B7C-48EA-9108-D65034…)

She’s copying again lol yeah it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you were a known personality but when you average 50 likes a post on insta while begging for interaction on twitter…come on

No. 1409811

why is there always so much yiddish in her threads… ppl from nyc who know her or..?

No. 1409814

Explains why there’s a “lawyer” down and out enough to interact with those two. I didn’t realize University of Phoenix had a law program.

No. 1409830

…. there’s been one word that lots of people use. You good?

No. 1409840

No, yiddish has been used a couple of times (kvetch, tchotchke, etc). It's uncommon vernacular but not in New York, which led me to tinfoil.

No. 1409870

Are you a newfag or something because kvetch is extremely common on lc. It’s like tinfoiling over kek

No. 1409883

i think you're too autistic

No. 1409885

File: 1641449700492.jpeg (824.11 KB, 1242x1485, 9EC529C9-C679-458C-8B59-EB4EEB…)

Lol so her Instagram is no longer private and uhh …. Miss Thing really things she’s making history while holding her fans improperly lol

No. 1409886

nta but this is the first time I've seen this word and I've been here for years

sage for language sperg

No. 1409889

holy shit, the narcissism. also kek at "again"

No. 1409895

Fucking hell. This wouldn't be so bad to privately do on your own to look back on when you're older but to present something you wore randomly with no cultural significance as niche historical memorabilia is just delusional and narcissistic. DVT sells her worn out pasties and stockings to crazed fans on depop and calls it memorabilia but at least Dita did revive public interest in burlesque.

No. 1409897

Samefag but I want to ask burlesque anon if they're still here: do other dancers do this? I mentioned Dita because I've seen her do something similar as mentioned but other than her is this really something they are openly doing?

No. 1409921

LMFAO just when I think she can't sink any lower, this bitch FRAMED shitty-ass homemade pasties.

No. 1409940

File: 1641457614025.png (578.73 KB, 682x438, what is that jaw.PNG)

this is killing me nonna

she really posted it on her own socials

nobody made her post this


No. 1409993

Nobody in burlesque does this.
There's a burlesque museum that takes actual notable burlesque memorabilia, but even well-known dancers who went on to do big shows don't frame their shit, let alone after 10 shows. That's a baby burlesque dancer. And you have to be at the level of well over 50k followers and have a PR manager that pushes you to sell kissed prints to consider this. Otherwise you're just wasting time and money and looking dumb as hell.

No. 1410091

Sage for nitpick but her cursive is so fucking ugly here kek, it almost looks traced.

No. 1410096

Same. sus af. Even the defensive replies are sus af

No. 1410098

My favorite thing about this is how close together they are. You'd think it'd be more attractive for them to be spaced further apart, to better represent what they looked like worn. Why is the kiss/signature so oddly placed? She has no eye for any visual art whatsoever; everything she does is lazy and half-assed.

No. 1410099

she's just that retarded

No. 1410268

File: 1641497783009.jpeg (27.09 KB, 600x315, smell.jpeg)

Her "sour lemon" face makes her look like Smell from This Is England.

No. 1410272

The kiss would look so much better lower and at an angle. She's lazy and has no eye, as others have said.

No. 1410333

File: 1641500835898.jpeg (527.26 KB, 2048x2048, 493ECC07-9FD3-454C-8CD7-447733…)

Had a good kek at her desperate sale on Instagram. The ‚original‘ paintings of who exactly? And she’s trying to see the dumb af swarovski bracelet she begged to be reimbursed for on Twitter

No. 1410351

File: 1641502342916.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3464x3464, EFE063B9-0380-4D2A-9EBB-F82D22…)

Love how this is a clearance sale for everything she’s been posting about on her failing Twitter

No. 1410354

She's trying to make money to buy new SwArOvsKis and costumes since she knows her shit sucks. Plus she lost her only gig at Marian's and probably is hoping better bases will mean a better costume which she believes is what's holding her back from Duane Park and The Slipper Room. Then when she can't get a gig at an established venue, she'll try again to create a job for herself by booking another bar, "producing" another show, and then get canned like the trash she is.
She thinks women are just jealous of her and doesn't realize how much of a joke she is in the NYC burlesque community.

No. 1410363

Selling all her shit so that she can get more expensive stripper stuff when dancing lessons are free on youtube.

No. 1410365

>reimbourse my 10min wikihow workout

No. 1410416

She probably thinks she looks soooo retro with her surprised bitter beer face, holding a modern company like AP and surrounded by her "ornamental knick knacks" (for the 2 anons who don't realize tchotchke is a word used worldwide). And kek at her not knowing how to customize a base like that bra and even failing to stone the back because she ran out of money.
The AP shit she's selling can easily be bought new with tags for the same price she's selling her used shit for. I'm just not telling her where.

No. 1410430

File: 1641507592005.png (51.12 KB, 590x222, Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 2.10…)

As if "sex-working ancestors" wasn't bad enough, she's calling Mistress V one of hers. Disgusting.

No. 1410431

File: 1641507620765.png (77.52 KB, 595x353, Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 2.10…)

No. 1410513

She posts harmful absolute sexist garbage like this and then cries about being posted here. Newsflash Katherine…

No. 1410597

>Trying to make money off someone else's name, cause they're dead and can't call you out

The next threadpic should just be her Grinch-walking to MV's grave, shovel in hand

No. 1410647

File: 1641523667193.jpeg (92.2 KB, 750x936, FId3T8dXIAIwX4k.jpeg)

No. 1410649

File: 1641523719350.jpeg (98.81 KB, 750x886, FIdrg_uXMAYjety.jpeg)

No. 1410651

File: 1641523971820.png (70.49 KB, 592x317, Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 6.48…)

She's filling in for someone who dropped out at another dive bar which is like 20 minutes away from her but sure, "traveling showgirl".

No. 1410655

It’s NYC: no one is glancing at you for wearing Baby Jane makeup while holding bags.

No. 1410672

The pasta and macaron diet are not helping her at all

No. 1410674

I mean, it helped her chest, which she seems pleased with kek

No. 1410677

File: 1641525950077.jpg (86.62 KB, 729x744, ace93c234dfef3c6fae56f60f7d55e…)

Why is she doing a blep? She looks brain dead.

No. 1410695

Holy fucking shit. The very last thing a recently deceased black communist survival sex worker would want is a middle class sheltered white woman larping as a sex worker calling them her “ancestor” while referencing her ~spiritual money manifestations and altar~. It was already bad enough that she put off her quitting her cushy job on their suicide. Let Dani rest in peace you cretin; you’re part of the problem.

No. 1410700

The ancestor part like she really wants to delete that and write predecessor because yikes, honey

No. 1410719

>our history will not disappear again
your history of caricaturizing yourself to a drawing of woman with walmart rhinestones on a Victoria’s bra, just for male attention and coin? it’s probably better if it does disappear again.

No. 1410796

Her cleavage confuses me

No. 1410799

Bitch balooned three sizes and her bra still doesn't fit, the absolute kek.
Also Kathy, you looked like an anorexic prepubescent boy, now you look like a skinnyfat troon. There's nothing sexy about you. There's never been.

No. 1410807

She’s getting fat girl tits despite not being fat (yet)

No. 1410819

The cleavage on the bottom means she's making her bra tighter to squish her breasts together to make the appearance of more cleavage.

No. 1410915

She's litterally squeezing her skin in .

No. 1411197

File: 1641588148702.jpeg (507.29 KB, 2048x1526, FIhDvKuXoAAy9GZ.jpeg)

Kathy with her life savings

No. 1411220

File: 1641589611381.webm (3.03 MB, 720x1280, E94F09CB692103ACCF874A0C50CD54…)

From last night

No. 1411226

no pagan witch calls rose quartz ‘pink quartz,’ neither selenite nor anything in the second tweet corresponds to money or manifestation, and ‘money drawing’ is a hoodoo/rootwork thing. one would think Katherine’s white sjw ass would be more cautious about appropriating terminology from a closed practice, but I guess that would involve doing more research than plugging “money spell” into tumblr & calling it a day.

No. 1411310

Pasty placement makes the bra look like it's sliding off because it's the wrong band size. I know she does it on purpose because fashun but she really needs to stop. Get one of those half-cup balconettes or whatever they're called so the pasty really does peek over or find a new signature faux pas

No. 1411321


No I agree anon, it looks tacky as hell.

She is so ungraceful when she strips, it looks like she is trying to moon the audience when she takes off the dress.

No. 1411363

Omg I thought this was a meme edit but she actually posted it herself… The way it's just her tits and cut off arms is creepy in an objectifying way.
It's not just the band, the cup size has always been too big. There are pics in past threads showing the huge gaps and it's really sad since it's her first and only costume. I think part of why she shows the pasties is to overcompensate for being basically flat chested.

No. 1411419

File: 1641601478557.png (87.52 KB, 594x392, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 4.13…)

Funny how this absolute cunt only lists off highly romanticized versions of sex workers. No little girl that hasn't been sexually abused wants to be raped for a living. The Girls Next Door wasn't even an accurate representation of being a Playboy bunny. Reminder Katherine that Hefner published Marilyn's nudes without her consent for his first issue. Has she even stepped foot in a strip club once in her life? She'd kill herself after working one night at fully nude one.

Praying that her endo surgery made her infertile so there isn't even a slight chance of her having a daughter.

No. 1411435

>I wanted to be a stripper even as a kid
I am scared to ask what kind of traumatic life this person has lead.

No. 1411441

…looks like she diagonally folded the hundred to make it look like its two hundreds

No. 1411509

She says “speak for yourself” as if CHILDREN wanting to be SEX workers is normal. It’s not; never has been and never will be. Watching the girls next door as liking that they were girly and finding burlesque when you’re a teenager does not mean you wanted to be a sex worker as a child. Quit pedo-pandering.

No. 1411527

I find it very strange that Katherine's commentary on children thus far has been

>children are better off separated from their parents

>children are spoiled shits who deserve to have their college funds given away
>children wanting to be sex workers should be acceptable

No. 1411529

Oh, can't forget that she dresses up like a child for sex. Altogether very weird.

No. 1411535

IMO, this all supports her claim that she grew up in a bad home. No normal person has those opinions. Well-off households can also be really messed up. The whole thing about becoming an adult, however, is that you need to learn how to fix your shit and stop the cycle. Basically, the opposite of what she's doing.

No. 1411561

And wanting to expose children to BDSM
While it may be true that she had a bad home life, her behavior seems more consistent with twitter pseudo-politcal coombrainery than some decades long journey to accept trauma via sex work

No. 1411728

Another hint is how her younger brother turned out. He’s actually making something of himself even with Katherine saying he was also affected by her dad’s alleged financial abuse. If he can do it, she can, and she was but she fucked it up by not wanting to be like everyone else. Not doubting her dad was probably a nightmare but most are and she’s following the middle class white girl rebeling against her parents schitck because she’s ~different~ and ~special~ like so many before her.

No. 1411742

Also can’t forget her subs, that she proudly wanted to be made publicly known, are majority grown degenerate men that are dressing as little girls for sexual purposes.

Purposely and proudly sexualizing your child self as an adult is an extremely huge red flag. Katherine and her ilk that are proclaiming they’ve wanted to be in sex work since they were little girls and specifying exactly what they supposedly wanted to do to their adult coomer audiences are 100% pedo-pandering. There is no excusing this behavior and with Katherine’s already spotty track record…. would not be shocking if she eventually comes out to support the “MAP” community in the name of being woke. If it walks like a duck and all that. As she likes to say: watch yourself.

No. 1411783

Looks more like she's stuffing her bra because that cleavage never appears in those embarrassing "burlesque" videos.
I love how dumb she is to use nipple petals as bases. You can tell they're not burlesque pasties because there's no conical shape.
I love how she's wearing a boring slip over her sHoWgIrL outfit. She can't even afford a cheap outfit or figure out how to design and make something.
I also just noticed her profile pic and of course she didn't do her own wig. She doesn't even put the clips in the correct places on the wig so she's just ruining the shape.

No. 1412138

File: 1641674012224.png (273.91 KB, 588x714, Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 12.2…)

Wasn't she just asking for an outrageous amount ($500-700) to 'redo' her fans?

No. 1412222

Yeah, a few months ago at most. They probably spend most of the time crumpled up in her tiny closet between her changing the burlesque world one spoon at a time performances so I can see why she keeps needing to redo them.

No. 1412228

File: 1641680251644.jpg (217.73 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20220108-170832_Twi…)

Looking for the cheap store she bought this ring from. I bet she didn't even pay $55 for it.

No. 1412230

that's like fucking old jc penny's garbage, grandma would be disappointed

No. 1412243

File: 1641681153014.png (5.05 MB, 1170x2532, 6643C23D-EDD7-4605-B722-3ECB4E…)

Found the store, but they literally just listed the rings. That isn’t her hand and she might not have been the person to purchase it anyways.

No. 1412516

File: 1641700987527.png (60.26 KB, 592x262, Screen Shot 2022-01-08 at 8.02…)

Lol I like how her sub can't even pay in full upfront

No. 1412544

What a scammer… the staves come with the threading and wire (not zip ties)

No. 1412549

I have a feeling she's the result of being called the "pretty one" throughout her childhood. She seems to have sold herself on being able to land wealthy guys, gifts, etc. on her looks and charm alone. I can definitely see her parents rewarding her for being pretty, slim, and girly growing up and it completely backfiring because she isn't the trophy wife material she thinks she is.

No. 1412557

We've seen photos of when she was a child and teenager… she was never called "the pretty one" by anyone.

No. 1412560

Like parents don't call their ugly kids cute all the time anon. Please.

No. 1412562

Abusive ones don't and looking how Kathy has turned out, not hard to believe her when she says they were abusive.

No. 1412580

Oh please nonny, Kathy doesn't have any real trauma. She's a bored and spoiled middle class girl who wants an easy ride off her mediocre looks, nothing more. Her delusions of grandeur and made up sex work stories aren't real life.

No. 1412631

She's the result of being jealous of the pretty, rich girls and since she's never been either, she's tried to come up with her own way of trying to get there… yet doesn't realize all the heavy makeup and larping as different personas won't get her anywhere.

No. 1412695

No one said she had ‘real’ trauma; not hard to believe she wasn’t called “the pretty one” her whole life when her entire online presence is her desperately seeking validation. Her daddy issues don’t stem from him praising her for being skinny and girly in youth.

No. 1412700

File: 1641728571155.jpeg (253.36 KB, 1242x569, 07A902FD-F05A-4DF6-A4BF-CAA21B…)

Lol did she watch a Grimes video or…? Things didn’t turn out well for her Kathy let’s not go down this road.

No. 1412702

Pedo-pandering, weight gain, and bizarre fantasy tweets hmmm getting closer to becoming like another cow we loathe

No. 1412766

"Modern Princess Di inspired rings"
Bitch what??
She's so delusional she's my fav cow.
ok cow

No. 1412840

Oh please that's just the myth of Pygmalion and Galatea.

No. 1413157

Trashy middle class white girls love comparing themselves to Princess Di for some reason, I have no idea why

No. 1413185

File: 1641763238464.png (267.63 KB, 503x865, Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 1.19…)

Kathy you are the liberal, vanilla, basic, straight people. Putting the anarchy flag next to your name doesn't erase that.

No. 1413435

File: 1641778983375.jpeg (88.95 KB, 750x1334, 271511727_453087402863658_2253…)

Didn't she already say she was one year contact free in the first thread…?

No. 1413494

her brother was sending her money on venmo just a couple months ago kek

No. 1413528

Still friends with him on there too

No. 1413533

File: 1641788582478.jpeg (607.26 KB, 1242x1557, 7834D061-3D87-449C-A181-894845…)

(This was in reply to her “I wanted to be a sex worker as a child” tweet)

Recruiting women into sex work. That isn’t insidious at all!

No. 1413536

To be fair, that chick she's talking to is too busted with that penis nose and shit hair, but maybe moids can pretend she's their demi moore wet dream only porkier.

No. 1414066

File: 1641854797450.png (Spoiler Image,241.33 KB, 597x468, Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 2.45…)

Cow crossover. When you are compared to Shayna, it isn't a good thing kek

No. 1414217

You don’t have to be attractive to be a sex worker nonna, just shameless

No. 1414466

Yeah Katie, it's never too late to be a sex worker and not just pretending you're one on social media via "reimburse me for useless junk I'll never actually buy, little bitch"!

No. 1414471

I'm sure anons will have different opinions, but it annoys tf out of me that Kathy believes she's involved in sex work. Traditionally, sex work is the exchange of sex services for money. I know stripping is now considered sex work, but it takes a lot more work and zero glamour to put on uncomfortable platform heels and a barely there lingerie ensemble, take it all of onstage, then spend 98% of your shift walking around on said uncomfortable heels trying to sell yourself via a lap dance or vip room. Kathy puts on her poorly stoned costume and paces back and forth in front of a supportive crowd of mostly women for all of 3 minutes. No one touches or talks to her, expects sex, or makes lewd comments. She also isn't supporting herself on 1 show a month ago so it's a hobby and not even a job. If it wasn't for her ugly bf/SiR, she'd have to get a real job or actually do sex work (which she'd never do).
I know anons will disagree with me because they want to bring Kathy down from her high horseface by likening burlesque to stripping or just because spoiled Dita tried to rough up her job by calling herself a "stripper", but let's be real here, Kathy couldn't handle stripping, which is even closer to real sex work than burlesque. Kathy wants the Hollywood and social media version of "sex work" without putting in any sexual services or work.
However, she could definitely qualify in my book as a sex worker if she was honest and admitted she fucks her gross bf in exchange for a roof over her head and financial support.

No. 1414483

Of course, it's always the ones farthest away from any actual sex (or work) that are more likely to adopt it as some kind of pointless and selfish clicktivism cause. Those allowed the luxury to treat it as a hobby, or a kink.

Normal people don't do that with their jobs, make it their whole thing to crusade for their rights to be respected as a strong, proud janitor or something. If they take a stand it's not about shit like their right to an identity they can flaunt online without being judged, but rather practical workers rights. Which anecdotally lines up with the sex workers I know of that do actual escorting to pay the bills, even the ones that take part in political discourse. They tend to focus on getting basic job safety, like anyone fucking would.

When your biggest concern as a "sex work activist" is that some made up straight people (who are ftr totes nothing like your hyperfemme self and your neckbearded scrotal provider) hypothetically could scoff at you if you call yourself a sex worker online, you're telling on yourself.

But, every single fucking thing this spoiled bitch claims to be is a total LARP, so sage for no news and personal pet peeve I suppose.

No. 1414780

File: 1641937400579.jpeg (419.18 KB, 1370x2048, E8C7A0E7-FC2C-487E-9961-E48C30…)

This is what she calls sex work… while also sperging to people on tiktok who told her she forget her clothes in that dog walking video that “it’s a costume!”.

Being a sex worker is a costume and burlesque is just about costumes to her.

No. 1414781

File: 1641937439144.jpeg (437.19 KB, 1476x2048, DD319F81-75BA-4DD3-AA21-8A154E…)

No. 1414792

the way she airbrushed her tits in this makes them look like pecs which just adds more to the bewigged ugly little boy look
like is she trying to look like that? or is is just unfortunate blocky shading with ham fingers? methinks the latter but the idea that Kathy would pivot to appealing to femboy fags is lolworthy.

No. 1414796

does she only own 1 stoned glove why is she Michael Jacksoning with that shit

No. 1414814

File: 1641939706450.webm (11.41 MB, 576x894, Snaptik_7052053191126551854_ka…)

It's worse in motion. Also hey Katherine, since this is sex work why are you posting it on an app targeted towards underaged individuals?

No. 1414815

File: 1641939765868.jpeg (34.73 KB, 640x1138, 1.jpeg)

Get ready for the most performative pretentious hypocritical bullshit she’s spouted yet (1/5)

No. 1414816

File: 1641939820964.jpeg (41.25 KB, 640x1138, 2.jpeg)


No. 1414817

File: 1641939936901.jpeg (62.83 KB, 640x1138, 3.jpeg)


No. 1414818

File: 1641940010926.jpeg (37.91 KB, 640x1138, 4.jpeg)

> No gatekeeping identities
> Burlesque dancers can not dress as dominatrices
> only SWers can wear shiny black boots and lucite heels

No. 1414819

File: 1641940141691.jpeg (35.08 KB, 640x1138, 5.jpeg)

In short, Katherine is telling her followers that they are ignorant because she knows more than them and what she knows is what is correct.

No. 1414826

Katherine Harlow is a neoliberal twit, larping and gatekeeping as a member of a few marginalized groups. She would nuzzle Tucker Carlson's sweaty sack everyday if she was lucky enough to get his attention and financial tRiBuTe.

No. 1414827

so many buzzwords to say so very little.

Kathy is as adept at performative activism as she is at burlesque. that is, not at all.

No. 1414828

wtf why is she telling people to ask for book recommendations instead of just giving book recommendations kek. oh yeah cause she's just making shit up. that whole post was fluff, she's the most obvious bullshit artist everrrr

No. 1414831


Jesus this is some uncanny valley shit. She has photoshopped the hell out of her face and her tits.

No. 1414843

Trying real hard to make it seem as though she's been 'educated, correct, and Not Ignorant™" for years. She is very obviously a woman that takes on whatever man she's with personality, views, and values because she's only been 'rAdIcAl' since she met the trailer trash druggie and neckbeard commie Frank within the last two years.

It is entertaining though that she wants everyone to listen to marginalized people while shouting over them, doesn't want "identities" to be gatekept while gatekeeping, and people to be "educated" while not providing any resources. That kind of BS is why farmers are nominating her for Favorite Cow.

No. 1414850

Kathy: DO NOT be condescending, rude, or dismissive

Also Kathy:
> does you the favor of educating you or correcting you
> many people are ignorant and liberal
> they think what they've been taught is correct
> they don't have the humility or curiosity
> you likely know very little
> being politically and socially conscious actually requires work

No. 1414856

lol people usually edit the music over the video so it sounds better but she's too lazy to even do that which makes it so much more awkward you're welcome for the free tip, kathy

No. 1414873

File: 1641945778150.png (768.19 KB, 633x678, unbutton.png)

Can someone explain to me why she's leaving her corset unbuttoned? I can't think of one reason.

No. 1414880

I cannot overstate how ghoulish she looks here wtf

No. 1414884

Must be the pasta and macarons doing a number on her.

No. 1414890

My guess is because of how cheap and ill-fitting it is, it come unlatched as soon as she moves.

No. 1414892

I'm curious which political podcasts she listens to now kek

No. 1414893

None lol this bitch loves to namecheck everything so if she was, she would've said which ones

No. 1414898

Shit, wrong post. Meant to reply to >>1414873

No. 1414967

The glitter she put in that ratty wig looks like dandruff ew

No. 1414983

File: 1641954492898.gif (859.17 KB, 397x206, aasdfghjkl;.gif)

Katherine has made it very clear that she thinks children should be exposed to kink and sex-play ("alternative relationship models"), so why would she bat an eyelash at posting her corny-ass one-gloved horrorshow on Tiktok? Also why the fuck did she ~encrust~ the palm? I have no idea how much time she sank into this one glove, but holy shit does it look cheaper than just A PAIR OF GLOVES with tasteful details. My favorite part was when she was "sexily" taking off the glove finger by finger as if it's some luxury experience, when all her lazy ass has to offer the world is a half-finished bedazzling project. Keep it up Kath, this is why we love you

No. 1415003

Probably Chapo and Red Scare if anything. Usual suspects for champagne commies

No. 1415012

File: 1641959551244.png (112.29 KB, 592x571, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 7.48…)

Spitting on someone after eating cow crotch with a side of french fries washed down with alcohol. Much luxury. Such fetish.

No. 1415039

the thing where she’s removing the gloves from her fingers looks so stiff and jerky. the whole thing does really. she oozes insecurity, which reveals the whole Me/My Hyperfemme Woke R@dical Domme thing as a shitty money-grubbing LARP.

No. 1415069

File: 1641966328831.jpeg (299.46 KB, 1242x1710, D51C88AC-CA9A-4C82-80D0-079B69…)

Ummm has her rib tat always extended onto her breast like that? Talk about a huge editing mistake.

No. 1415105

File: 1641970432076.jpeg (597.88 KB, 828x1276, 4BE21845-9292-4770-92D1-650E74…)

kathy finally decided to watch a burlesque 101 video and show off her new skills. good job, kathy!

the wig is fucking horrendous and she looks like one of those troons that wears the creepy rubber face mask and tiddies.

she looks like a nightmare tranny clown

No. 1415111

This is Katherine's version of some other tweet she liked a couple of days ago. The original tweet said something about going on a date with super hot guy, and then making bone broth with her leftovers for her sub kekkk. The "pommes frites" bit is so funny to me, I don't even get why she would include that because literally no one is like "ooo, she said 'pommes frites', so cultured, tres chic!" everyone knows she just means "french fries, except fancy". Like she takes evvvvery opportunity to puff up every little detail as much as possible, she's just so damn phony.

No. 1415122

Her face in motion is creepy! She's a total mouthbreather.
There's a lot of odd details about her outfit, but as if the nipple petals as pasties wasn't weird enough, they're over some weird clear, large rectangular stickers on her boob- probably tape so the petals don't lose their stickiness! Talk about a bad burlesque larp.
She needs a 34a instead of a 34b bra because her cheap nipple petals shouldn't be popping out of her bra like that.
And she can't even take off her 1 Michael Jackson glove properly, wtf. I guess when you have nowhere to larp as a burlesque dancer, you just do it for teens online, right Katie McMahon? So r@d!c@l!

No. 1415170

This beat in both stages and candid photos is terrible. The eyeliner doesn’t work with the eyeshadow doesn’t work with the lipstick doesn’t work with the wig doesn’t go with the brows. She’s painted like a 13-year-old girl in 2011 doing her first attempt at full face makeup with what she can find in her mum’s handbag, and yet she’s asking people to treat her like a professional. Her foundation is also super different to the rest of her body, but despite PSing her boobs and smoothing her face she didn’t even try colour correcting either of them. Sage for OT but every Twitter SW cow would benefit massively from fake tanning. Get a warm-toned spray not too far from your natural skin tone, and then buy any brand’s “beige” or “almond” foundation and they’d look that much better.

No. 1415292

> marginalized people
> "we"

Oh Kathy. You're educated and white, and in what could only be very generously described as "sex work" as a choice. You ain't marginalized. Marginalized people don't quit their museum job because talking about sex at a SEX museum makes them uncomfortable.

Just having whatever vague medical condition you're claiming doesn't make you marginalized. Being a crap burlesque dancer doesn't either, it just makes you a basic white chick.

No. 1415354

what’s with the bruises/marks on her chest?

No. 1415404

I really hope some funny/creative nonny comes up with a term other than "sex worker" for this one because frankly, she does neither.

No. 1415447


Late but I can't believe how bad even the one glove looks. The stoning is atrocious. Even if gluing rhinestones all over a damn glove looked classy and not costumey, they're all different sizes and there doesn't seem to be any clear pattern. It looks like chickenpox. And look at how fat and uneven the finger seams are. Not the pose you'd want to strike if you're pretending your $12 Amazon "silk" gloves are real Cornelia Jameses or something. There's no way that thing is bespoke.

No. 1415454


Anyone can see that this "look" is super disjointed but I keep trying to put my finger on why. I think it's the chaotic mix of styles that do not go together. Extremely trendy hair color (and the wig is sloppy and dried out) with 2014 extremely sharp eyebrows and liner, 2008 metallic lipstick and spider lashes, and early 2000s white eyeshadow and chalky messy "smokey eye" (Kathy pls I'm begging you look up a smokey eye tutorial from this decade, we have much better products now). That's not even touching her cake face, which has never really been "in", but usually the case is that it looks cakey in real life so that it'll photograph well. This is why it looks like she's wearing a rubber mask in the video; there is seriously some "100 layers of makeup" bullshit happening on her face.

I hate this look so much because it violates so many basic makeup rules that are not hard to follow, like picking one statement (eye/lip/cheek) and not using half a bottle of full-coverage foundation and applying it with a trowel. No wonder her pores are so clogged she's asking Twitter for recommendations. Hell, if she would just pick an era and stick to it, she wouldn't look half as much like a hot mess. She thinks it reads Old Hollywood glam and it just absolutely doesn't.

No. 1415490

Everything doesn't go together because she doesn't know wtf she's doing and has no sense of glamorous, fashion, and can't even stone correctly. As other anons said, you're actually not supposed to pick the same size stones and can scatter it throughout since just doing them all side by side would look weird. There doesn't need to be a pattern either. But you can see she's doing a pseudo-pattern by putting a large one surrounded by 5 smaller ones in a cracked out flower, then just scattering the rest throughout. But she doesn't realize that the flower pattern is just making them looked bunched up in each section. If she wanted to do a pattern, she should've made the flowers stand out. The whole point of scattering them is just for a glitter that doesn't stand out too much and just catches the light. And stoning the palm of that cheap glove… oh Katie. Please stop pretending you're a successful pro when you clearly aren't since you have a Gig Salad account. Just take some basic burlesque classes, a stoning class, and be a stage kitten until you've learned enough to pass as a baby burlesque dancer. Everything from her lack of poses and awkward movements screams teenager alone in her bedroom pretending she's a big girl.
She's more like a no sex non-worker.

No. 1415522

File: 1642020934679.jpeg (113.45 KB, 1242x485, 057C1B47-7099-4CD9-8AB5-BD81D2…)

For a self-proclaimed burlesque historian she really knows nothing about it, huh? (1/2)

No. 1415524

File: 1642020962202.jpeg (396.14 KB, 1242x1688, 3B870A5A-0241-4DBB-A69D-BA9A42…)

No. 1415533

Actually though. She can describe herself as a lady of occidental persuasion all she wants, at the end of the day, she’s just another white bitch.

No. 1415534

Penis waitress
Assistant to (the) Regional Boners
Blowjob engineer
Director of Scrote Studies at the University of Get a Real Job

No. 1415537

File: 1642022153298.png (234.45 KB, 262x502, Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 2.33…)

No. 1415544

I like how she assumes everyone except her is vanilla despite them expressing direct interest in burlesque, which most people understand has ties to other live performance like bdsm, fetish nights, swinger/sex clubs and so on, like burlesque is the vanilla one of those things, but everyone understands the connection of a "sex show" and where that lies among fetish work.
Most normies actually assume burlesque is far more sexual than it is (the audience actually being comprised of gals and gays) so it seems shortsighted to dismiss someone expressing interest in sex/sexual work as a normie vanilla without actually knowing anything about the person.
Sexual exhibitionism is not a requisite part of sex, so we don't know people's lives. Stupid thing among many stupid Kathy things but her distaste for so called "vanilla" people is palpable despite everything she does falling squarely within acceptable social boundaries.

No. 1415551

Kathy doesn't think burlesque is part of sex work because she barely takes off her robe once a month and thinks it's all about the costumes. It's not. Burlesque is a form of stripping and is sexually driven. It's become commercialized and tamed in modern times but OG burlesque was raunchy as hell crossing a lot of lines and it's audience was men. She needs to educate herself better beyond Leslie Zemeckis' books. She is ignorant because she thinks she already knows all there is to know. She thinks what she's been taught is correct, and she doesn't have the humility or the curiosity to further augment what she knows and believes.

No. 1415552

Good god, I cannot believe that she has actually moved on to baldly parroting the criticisms made of her here to make her larp look more authentic (as is the goal in every endeavor of hers). Somehow it's also not at all surprising. This is so vain and delusional. She's so adept at regurgitating anything and everything that is put in front of her, so you would think that she would have been a better fashion/burlesque/history (or whatever she claims to be classically trained in) student, even just a little.

No. 1415587

File: 1642025516290.png (50.06 KB, 597x180, Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 2.11…)

Lol they are in denial about what burlesque is

No. 1415601

What happened to "No gatekeeping identities. No competitive or comparative suffering. No oppression olympics."

No. 1415614

File: 1642027885397.png (87.43 KB, 595x387, Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 2.47…)

Did she already forget this interaction with Jo Weldon that is a burlesque dancer that correctly refers to it as stripping and a form of sex work?

No. 1415738

I am once again asking Katherine to define what “vanilla” is and how she knows someone is “vanilla” through one casual conversation / how they look

No. 1415804

She's not aware that most people keep sex private so if they're not wearing fetish gear to the grocery store she thinks they're "vanilla".

No. 1415823

"Whorephobia! must be the new sport in the 2022 oppression olympics

No. 1415844

File: 1642049279349.png (15.29 KB, 551x195, sexworker.PNG)

just because a burlesque isn't a form of prostitution doesn't mean it's not sex work. wonder which sex worker/burlesque performer katherine's jealous of this week to prompt such an obviously triggered subtweet

No. 1415849

See, that’s what’s hilarious. They wanted so bad for sex worker to become an umbrella term and now they’re mad that it doesn’t just mean prostitute.

No. 1415851

From what I’ve seen, just like modern stripping, most burlesque dancers also have things like OF and sugaring going down on the sidelines. As much as I hate the term they are sex workers. Kathy’s narcissism is the only thing about her that shines.

No. 1415857

Lord… Color matching and color theory still apply to stage makeup Kathy. She looks like a cartoon parody of a drag queen.

No. 1416039

NYC burlesque anon here and it's actually not common for full time burlesque dancers to do OF and definitely not sugaring. There is just not enough time. Full time burlesque means Friday and Saturday nights and a Sunday night or matinee show. During the week there's costume repairs, making new costumes, rehearsals, contacting venues and other dancers to work out upcoming show details, finding new venues, new promo pics to take at a photo studio… professional burlesque is truly laborious and easy to get burned out on.
OG burlesque was much more risqué. Stage names came from women being afraid of their families being shamed from using their real names. Burlesque is not the dirty secret anymore. Jo Weldon runs an overpriced burlesque school and used to be a stripper, but she really comes from a pre-Dita era when burlesque was sex work. It's acceptable and women are not ashamed of it at all (yet Katie still uses a stage name to "fit in" with most dancers who create a persona). Hazel Honeysuckle started doing burlesque with us in NYC and now has a burlesque show at the Borgata in Atlantic City.
Regardless of whether you're using the definition of sex work as in exchanging sex for money or sexually explicit acts for money, burlesque now is like theater where showmanship reigns supreme and people casually eat dinner (Duane Park) while watching women dance to a live band playing modern his, under the skillful lighting of a lighting technician.

No. 1416042

NYC burlesque anon here and it's actually not common for full time burlesque dancers to do OF and definitely not sugaring. There is just not enough time. Full time burlesque means Friday and Saturday nights and a Sunday night or matinee show. During the week there's costume repairs, making new costumes, rehearsals, contacting venues and other dancers to work out upcoming show details, finding new venues, new promo pics to take at a photo studio… professional burlesque is truly laborious and easy to get burned out on.
OG burlesque was much more risqué. Stage names came from women being afraid of their families being shamed from using their real names. Burlesque is not the dirty secret anymore. Jo Weldon runs an overpriced burlesque school and used to be a stripper, but she really comes from a pre-Dita era when burlesque was sex work. It's acceptable and women are not ashamed of it at all (yet Katie still uses a stage name to "fit in" with most dancers who create a persona). Hazel Honeysuckle started doing burlesque with us in NYC and now has a burlesque show at the Borgata in Atlantic City.
Regardless of whether you're using the definition of sex work as in exchanging sex for money or sexually explicit acts for money, burlesque now is like theater where showmanship reigns supreme and people casually eat dinner (Duane Park) while watching women dance to a live band playing modern his, under the skillful lighting of a lighting technician.

No. 1416047

It’s still glorified stripping that is sexually charged. You don’t think people were eating dinner watching burlesque way back? Because they were. That’s how it’s always been. Don’t be in denial about what you do especially since you claim you’re not ashamed.

> full time burlesque is three nights during the weekend with errands during the week so no time for OF!!

It takes two seconds to see that even popular dancers have OF accounts come on now lol

No. 1416052

>It’s acceptable and women are not ashamed of it at all
Not you being just like Kathy in thinking that just because something is “acceptable” means that it is not sex work. That’s not how that works. It is sex work by definition of what sex work is. No wonder you get dunked on every time you post.

No. 1416057

File: 1642072933874.jpeg (235.21 KB, 1242x1451, 6AE510C8-401C-46FA-BD8D-9BE580…)

You’re really going to come onto lolcow and try to pass picrel, which is very recent from Duane Park’s Instagram page, off as just a dinner show of women dancing to a live band with ~skillful lighting~? Try again. It’s inherently sexual and is a form of erotic dancing as well as exploitation. You can try to wrap it up in a Swarovski bow but a spade is still a spade.

No. 1416181

Kek That's a lot of copium to say you do crafts and strip less than part time.

Burlesque dancers are strippers without a club to hire them because they dont fit the menu for average moid consumption. Without the feathers, it's still a women writhing her uncoordinated 'derriere' on sticky floor in a gstring glue gunned with ~real crystal~ svarkoffskies.

Their narcissism can't handle when their need to objectify themselves gets criticised - "muh expression is activism with hours of research, spaghetti, and skillful light technicians"

No. 1416215

Anon, the best thing you could do if you love burlesque is to not try to defend it here because only other burlesque anons are going to agree with you. Everyone else is gonna dunk on you. Just enjoy how bad Kathy is at it without trying to defend the honor of dancing in a g-string and pasties with paragraph-long spergs.

No. 1416220

burlesque anons are truly the nlogs of the sex work industry

No. 1416249

Samefag but also the last place I would want to bring up a respected collegue’s name is on lolcow.

No. 1416357

Total waste of time arguing with burlesque anon, unless you enjoy reading spergy walls of text about "muh lighting" and other "wE'rE nOt StRiPpErs, iT's KLasSy" NLOG bullshit.

No. 1416404

File: 1642106023041.png (22.16 KB, 543x216, bold.PNG)

these chickenshit vague-posts from "DOMMES" are sending me, grow a pair and @ someone you weak bitches twitter findom is so fucking cringe there should be a thread for it

No. 1416479

burlesque will always be in the same category of subculture cringe as steampunk, literal medieval LARPing, rockabilly and board games

No. 1416495

File: 1642113339090.jpg (213.12 KB, 841x879, burlesque hot dog.JPG)

yep. gentrified and diluted as it may be in its modern form, burlesque is still sexual in nature. that's the whole point of it. Kathy seems to think flashy costumes, wigs and makeup are what makes burlesque, but really its the sex. its stripping, not a drag queen show.
i think its important to remember how recently burlesque involved a lot more than slipping off your ~encrusted~ clown gloves and seductively winking at your audience of overenthusiastic fat women yassqueening you.
this is a screenshot from facebook page "Humans of New York"'s interview with ex-burlesque performer Tanqueray, who recalls what sort of things happened on stage as recently as the 70s. far from glamorous or empowering.

No. 1416505

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. They have several interviews with her that are very eye-opening. Really puts things into perspective…. Kathy is encouraging dancers to preserve their "history" by keeping their costumes yet doesn't even touch on the real history.

No. 1416514

File: 1642114329452.jpeg (81.89 KB, 640x1138, 1.jpeg)

No. 1416517

File: 1642114434393.jpeg (83.29 KB, 640x1138, 2.jpeg)


No. 1416523

File: 1642114572542.jpeg (64.65 KB, 640x1138, 3.jpeg)


No. 1416524

File: 1642114687236.jpeg (28.33 KB, 640x1138, 4.jpeg)


No. 1416531

obviously saging for sperging about stripper history, but i genuinely recommend reading about these 60s and 70s burlesque performers like monica kennedy and their acts, if anyone wants to understand burlesque better. it was not about being a "graceful and delicate luxury pet" or whatever Kathy calls herself. just sex, defined by whatever moral decency laws reigned at the time, like using pasties to get around the nipple-exposure law. modern "burlesque" is historical larping and a nostalgic revival of 40s-50s burlesque, that has evolved into a subculture of its own. but historical burlesque from the past? stripping. increasingly more explicit with the advent of the sexual revolution and loosening of moral standards in society, until it evolved into the pleaser-heel-clad pole dancing we think of today. if you think about it, the "normal" strippers of today have more in common with past burlesque performers than hobbyist modern burlesque dancers.
either way, Kathy doesn't seem to care.

No. 1416557

>Insuring my costume
I’ve always wondered where the ”confidence” of cows like her comes from, have they truly convinced themselves or is this more LARPing? Also notice the lack of her moronic capitalisation

No. 1416658

Didn't she just get that robe? Claimed it was from a "fan" too. I tried looking for the tweet but I can't find it anymore, something smells fishy.

No. 1416738

The pink one is the new one but the grey- sorry, powder lavender one is probably what’s she’s talking about.

No. 1416739

She had collarbones a couple of months ago, right? How many wheels of 80$ cheese did she go through? Also, why re-stone a bra that clearly doesn't fit?

No. 1416820

She looks so fat and stumpy here like a little fat baby kek

No. 1416862

The gray one is a Secrets in Lace robe. It's advertised as silver and is $200

No. 1416869

Nta, but you guys are sounding like bitter af literal assholes to an anon that might actually be doing well in burlesque and not just be a phony like Kathy. This is the same few anons trying to "dunk" on burlesque because Kathy will read it and be "put in her place". Median Noche who an anon posted is a seductive performer, but I can personally tell you that burlesque NOW, not in the 70s, is nothing like it used to be. I go to NYC burlesque shows and they're mostly women and gays. They're not selling sex, but sensuality.
Anon was pointing out that it doesn't matter if you call it sex work or not since it's all just opinions and everyone has them. It's much more about costumes and dance, with many girls coming from theater and even dancers from Disney cruise ships.
I'd rather have real burlesque anons on here dUnKiNg on Kathy than you bitter bitches.

No. 1416878

> I go to NYC burlesque shows and they're mostly women and gays. They're not selling sex, but sensuality.
It figures. What’s the issue? Burlesqanon is free to sperg all she wants and the other nonas are free to comment on her sperging as they see fit.
> I'd rather have real burlesque anons on here dUnKiNg on Kathy than you bitter bitches.
Who fucking cares what you specifically want?

No. 1416898

Are you lost? Do you not know what site you're on?
>They're mostly women and gays
>They're not selling sex, but sensuality
Cope harder. Sensuality is sexuality. Burlesque is a form of erotic dance that exploits the female form whether you like it or not. Stop living in la la land.

No. 1416911

File: 1642153566648.webm (Spoiler Image,265.41 KB, 1152x648, "seductive" doggystyle.webm)

Anon, stop. It takes one scroll on the woman’s both you and the other anon mention Instagram to find that what she does is not simply “seductive”; it’s her mimicking sex acts on stage. She’s is doggy position and groping her breasts in vidrel. The next two videos she’s taking of her bra and panties and grinding. That is sex. That is sexual. Just because people aren’t shoving hot dogs into a vagina current day doesn’t mean it’s not. Doesn’t matter what the crowd composition is either; something women and gay men watch can still be sexual. I know that's real hard for some of you to grasp.

Someone relaying the history of burlesque from an OG dancer is not being an "asshole" or "bitter bitch". Are you going to call Tanqueray a bitter bitch? You have women on stage in current day large productions cough cough DVT and Gia pretending to masturbate with a shower head as well as mimicking sexual acts while having OnlyFans accounts and escorting/sugaring cough cough Mosh. Every burlesque act has sexual components. It's literally in the description of what burlesque is. Seems a few of you here are in serious denial about what you do/the type of entertainment you consume. It’s not a broadway production of Wicked. Do some reflection.

No. 1417058

Okay lemme make sure I got this right… takes clothes off on stage, no nudity, no sex, audience doesn't touch the performer, and "mimicking sex" by touching yourself = stripper = sex worker, right?
Wow, Britney Spears is one of the highest paid sex workers/strippers of all time! No wonder why parents don't want their kids watching MTV! And the SuperBowl allowed a sex worker/stripper like Janet Jackson to perform!
And Tanqueray's assessment of 70s burlesque is relevant now, too? Wow, why do women even need an OF if they're getting paid $10k a week?! Mosh posts pinup style pictures on OF and doesn't do any sex acts nor does she have a sugar daddy, but she's definitely relevant to this derailed conversation somehow because she's a burlesque dancer and fetish model aka sex worker/stripper!
I'm so glad you guys are dUnKiNg on Kathy so she can now proudly call herself a sex worker like she's always dreamed of since childhood.
I've always wondered where the ultra-conservative women were on Lolcow and now I know they're all right here, dUnKiNg on the sinners!
Since you all clearly want to exist in this insular world that is dUnKiNg on burlesque and using conservative talking points instead of focusing on dUnKiNg on the cow, you might want to rename the next thread to something like "Conservative Anons Dunking on Themselves #1". That way the rest of us could laugh at Kathy while you 3-5 anons talk about the sex workers featured on MTV.(burlesque sperging)

No. 1417059

You must really be grasping at straws to be comparing singers to burlesque artists. There's a definition of sex work upthread. Burlesque is sex work. Please stop derailing, you can always take this dumbass argument to any other thread in /ot/ and I'm sure you'd have people excited to entertain it, but this isn't the place.

No. 1417062

Good job stroking Kathy's ego by putting Median Noche in her thread as if they're similar in any way.
Judging from the samefag language, there's actually only 3 anons bitter about the sin that is burlesque. At least 1 of you 3 also seems to be very insecure about successful women in burlesque. But I guess these sex worker strippers are making $10k according to the gospel of Tanqueray while she was speaking about what burlesque was like in the 70s.

No. 1417079

File: 1642175431716.jpg (207.92 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20220114-103959_Sam…)

Ntayrt but here's the legal definition of sexually explicit and you and the other couple of anons are basically calling a lot of performers sex workers. It's pretty hypocritical to say pop stars aren't sex workers/strippers because they're singers depicting and singing about sexual acts, but dancers are sex workers/strippers because you don't consider it dancing. You and other anons trashing on burlesque anons for having a viewpoint on their professions that differ from your own should take your advice and go to /ot/ because you're really dunking on yourselves at this point.
I don't do burlesque or watch burlesque and even I can see how hypocritical you are.(derailing)

No. 1417085

All of this bullshit is /ot/ . You're derailing shit because it's more important to you to trash burlesque anons than laugh at Kathy the Clown who will now really believe she's an oppressed disabled stripper. Good going, retards.

No. 1417114

Honestly who gives a shit what Kathy thinks though

No. 1417115

Can we please make burlesque sperging a bannable offense? Kek

No. 1417325

> takes clothes off on stage
> = stripper
Yes retard taking clothes off on stage is stripping.That is what stripping is. Pop stars doing it is also stripping; Madonna dedicated a whole tour or two to it. You do realize that not every woman in a strip club lets people touch her, right? Or that not every strip club is full nude? Sounds like some Whorearchy and coping going on here.

No. 1417327

File: 1642194377937.jpeg (141.4 KB, 1242x504, 6B8E47BC-1BF5-4D00-8A43-0D10EE…)


No. 1417339

Can we please make infighting and derailing a bannable offense?
Oh wait.
I came into this thread now hoping for some hilarity and I just see dumb anons bashing anons who actually are in burlesque.
And who cares what Kathy thinks? Really anon? I guess if it doesn't matter what she thinks, there's no point in any of us being here. Let's let her frame her tassels to keep her own history alive and let this thread die. You anti-burlesque anons aren't even laughing at a cow, but an entire industry of men and women. You 3 are the Bitter Burlesque Brigade and I'm a total outsider just here to laugh at a cow.

No. 1417351

How badly are you trying to derail to double down on mainstream pop women being strippers and sex workers?! You're coping with some low self esteem if you're assuming someone like me who's never done any kind of stripping or sex work can't see past your embarrassing behavior. Gtfo of this thread and take your derailing idiots so the rest of us can laugh at the cow. Your behavior is far more cringey than Kathy McMahon's.

No. 1417353

You started it with the popstars lol calm your tits minimod

No. 1417357

Your reading comprehension is as bad as your logic

No. 1417358

No one is reading all that chief

No. 1417362

"You started it" says enough for me to know that logic is useless against idiocy
Take your bullshit out of here

No. 1417370

Stop trying to minimod just because you don't like that burlesque is stripping lol

No. 1417389

File: 1642197790815.jpg (94.71 KB, 1164x630, boomer.jpg)

Jesus Christ stop with the in-fighting, no one cares.

I wonder why she is listing the careers she is larping. She is probably trying to get exposure on Twitter but is too stupid to figure out how to properly do it.

No. 1417397

She really has no clue like she replies to own tweets with it kek that’s not how twitter works

No. 1417411

First time in here and I heard about this thread from another anon that does burlesque. I have a funny audition video Katherine sent in i wanted to share but after seeing how many anti burly anons are here I'll just see my way out

No. 1417415


No please do! We would all appreciate the laugh.

No. 1417462

File: 1642204283301.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, EA3C7703-879F-476F-8648-C4B3CE…)

No. 1417467

File: 1642204632521.jpeg (568.51 KB, 1242x1361, F554D369-DEFB-4A33-929C-AFD8E8…)

Some costume inspiration for the burlyfags kek I hope Kathy does do something and uses the same fake money Shayna did

No. 1417572

Read site rules before dry squirting on here for attention.

No. 1417629

Y’all corny af

No. 1417655

File: 1642221942276.webm (755.61 KB, 720x1280, 9549DF0219FE8CA823E5EC2BB4EC7C…)

Severing bird woman realness on this fine Friday night

No. 1417661

that necklace is criminally hideous. the whole look is painful but that necklace is cursed enough to spontaneously induce goiter. this girl is blind.

No. 1417669

Does she not own any other dresses?

No. 1417701

File: 1642226781463.jpg (7.84 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

the #1 way we know she's broke is she hasn't gotten a nose job. this pose really highlights her male pattern balding hairline and fivehead too.

No. 1417713

Christ, can anybody explain why that earring looks like its holding on for dear life?

Look at our one and only Subbie Mistress, all collared up and ready to absolutely Dominate in her mismatched purple (eyeshadow?) and dated metallic walmart Hard Candy liquid lippe KEK.

No. 1417763

Speaking of that… I possibly posted the caps in the first thread but when she was going hard with her “dollification” shit she listed off wanting an upturned nose job and breast implants. She went to the consultation for the tits and chickened out. Nose job she stopped talking about after but honestly her face would not benefit from one. Especially an upturned one like she wanted. She’d straight up look like a pig.

No. 1417765

File: 1642236592005.jpeg (76.09 KB, 640x1138, 73E54EA7-B492-4452-87F2-D5810D…)

She is so lazy. Also looks like she deleted >>1417655 lol

No. 1417783

>wanders into the Kathy thread when I haven't checked it for a few days
>burlesque fans/artists sperging out about whether it's sex work or not, not even talking about Kathy

Please, girls.
>I go to NYC burlesque shows and they're mostly women and gays. They're not selling sex, but sensuality.

I think this is kinda the point, men don't go there to jack off, there's a lot more intense and sexual things they can spend their money on than burlesque, which is more of a pretentious niche of #notliketheotherstrippers, it's not that deep

No. 1417840

These "burlesque anons" are just as bad as the camgirl anons that love to shit up the old camgirl threads. kek

Kathy honey, consider some bangs. Is her real hair even thick enough to hide her unfortunate hairline or do you think she'd end up with a combover sort of situation?

No. 1417929

I don’t know, or care to know, the history of burlesque but current day “artists” all look like podgy homely women who aren’t sexy enough to make any money in actual strip clubs. Their bodies couldn’t take the scrutiny that real strippers endure. If strippers are the Britney Spears of sex work then current day burlesque “artists” are the drunk aunties singing at the karaoke bar. This site is for laughing at deluded people, if you are a deluded people then maybe you shouldn’t come here and hurt your own feelings.

No. 1418004

a boob job would have been hilarious because then she'd fit even worse into her costumes. she's got such a teenage boy body it would look like two tomatoes thrown at a fencepost. the nose job and some flattering bangs are what she desperately need. her recovery arc would be as funny as momokun's $30k nose job with "no bruising".

No. 1418073

Ask me how I can tell you are a winemom tryina get the spark back in your deadroom with a groupon burlesque course.

No. 1418082

She's balding.
Wears aliexpress clothes modded with aliexpress shit.
Got fat.
Makeup got even worse.
>2022 goin good so far

No. 1418103

iirc she also wanted a hairline lowering procedure. I wish I had a screenshot of her original ~dollification wishlist~ because it started out long and specific (ie “fairy-like nose”, “teardrop-shaped c-cup implants”) and got more tame over time as she chickened out of everything and now she doesn’t even mention it anymore.

No. 1418108

Tinfoil sperg, but I am really starting to believe that the derailers totally hating on burlesque without even relating it to Katie in any way could possibly be Katie herself trying to kill the thread and take the heat off herself. She's said before how burlesque is the cattiest industry she's ever had the "displeasure" to (not) be a part of, she just posted looking for bookings the day after a burlesque anon came in here and said they had an audition video of hers… it seems to me like a very Katie move to trash burlesque anons to try to get the one or 2 burlesque haters to be so shitty to the entire industry of burlesque so any burlesque anons bounce. I really think she's in here playing anons like this >>1418073 to get them to put down any burlesque anon without even relating it to Katie in any way. That way the couple of absolute burlesque haters just constantly make digs at burlesque so anyone in here that can out Katie even more fucks off before they can drop us any real milk.
I could be wrong, but she seems manipulative enough, we know she reads here and isn't liked by anyone in NYC burlesque judging from the anons in here from that community, and she wouldn't be the first cow to do that tactic. Plus she then gets to anonymously hate on real industry women and pretend she has people in here on her side.

No. 1418113

Does "teardrop shaped" mean an attempt to make implants seem natural? All I'm envisioning is Katie with droopy tits which would accentuate her hooked beak really nicely.

No. 1418119

Kek at you really thinking strippers aren't pudgy and homely or that successful burlesque dancers look worse than strippers. They don't all look like doughy Kathy

No. 1418279

No. 1418293

Hoo boy, I feel like I'm seeing the start of some Shayna cottage cheese thighs in that vid. Kathy really is getting pudgy.

No. 1418314

The super short and adamant no seem quite sus

No. 1418317

Kek that's not Kathy. That's one of the "not Kathy's" hating on Median Noche who won Miss Exotic World several years ago. Kathy wishes she knew anyone even invited to that competition.

No. 1418321

Kathy can't even figure out how to dance, let alone do floorwork, let alone even audition at Duane Park. And even if she could figure out how to fill in for someone for 1 night at Duane Park, she'd sue the company for sexual harrassment since someone that works there is infamous for that.

No. 1418327

That kind of total derailing is why I wouldn't be surprised if Katie slipped in with the anti-burlesque anons. Median Noche has nothing to do with Katie nor does Duane Park. Katie trying to keep the focus on other burlesque bitches or venues- anything other than herself

No. 1418522

>won Miss Exotic World
Lol but sure it’s “hating on” and wrong to call burlesque a form of exotic dancing

No. 1418523

You do realize the only reason that other woman was posted was buecause “NYC burlesque anon” brought her up? It wasn’t “anti-burlesque anons”. Y’all are weird.

No. 1418526

File: 1642312407466.jpeg (808.79 KB, 1242x1511, C064BBD5-6922-4EA5-9DE1-96C381…)

Scammy Kathy was just re-selling the white hat she bought from the person on instagram… What kind of fuckery is this?

No. 1418528

File: 1642312578459.jpeg (64.64 KB, 640x1138, 742026FB-13D9-4214-8181-541455…)

She truly is lazy. You’re not a creative genius like she pretends to be if you have to ask your followers/peers where to get work and what content to put out.

No. 1418604

Nothing Kathy does is dancing or exotic so this is irrelevant

No. 1418750

I wrote one of these posts and I can promise you I’d starve to death before I’d beg sweaty trannies and mentally Ill women to buy me cheese. I have dignity, the only way I’d embarrass myself that way would be if I had kids to feed.


Lmao I love it for her that the man she sponges off of buys too many funko pops to be able to buy her cheap tacky hats.

No. 1418999

You are giving her too much credit. She is not that smart.

No. 1419109

File: 1642369356797.jpeg (20.69 KB, 640x1138, 1.jpeg)

She asks for interaction, ideas, and "motivation" almost daily and then pulls this. Perhaps don't ask your followers things like >>1418528 if you're just going to get mad they reply. What a cunt. (1/4)

No. 1419110

File: 1642369388297.jpeg (10.86 KB, 640x1138, 2.jpeg)


No. 1419113

File: 1642369717214.jpeg (19.72 KB, 640x1138, 3.jpeg)


No. 1419114

File: 1642369855158.jpeg (17.09 KB, 640x1138, 4.jpeg)


No. 1419126

Because she herself is most of these things or?

No. 1419128

She is all of those things, but tells herself otherwise so that she can believe she's different

No. 1419129

>Kathy larps as a domme which makes her not vanilla!
straight people
>Kathy is definitely straight since no gay woman could touch her scrotes of choice willingly
>Kathy's politics are just copy pasted from wherever she thinks makes her look cool, no actual strong beliefs in either direction
>Pretty sure she doesn't know what this means unless this is a sincere request for autistic (will wrote you 1000 words on a topic of interest) and adhd folk (will make friends with you, and then forget they even messaged you five hours later)
In summary if you are like Kathy do not message Kathy(!)

No. 1419138

File: 1642370854893.png (85.34 KB, 720x1164, Screenshot_20220116-101718~3.p…)

There was also this but she deleted it. I wonder if she couldn't handle the attention she asked for kek. Kathy is my favourite cow because she tries to put on a grand show but then always contradicts herself… What happened to wanting to find work, community and no gate keeping?

No. 1419144

Hopefully someone called her out on how creepy and fetishistic it is that she’s doing a casting call for token marginalized “friends.”

No. 1419145

I first doubted it until I looked back at all the posts hating burlesque anons and i now support this tinfoil. There's 1 or 2 legitimate anons ranting about burlesque but some posts egging them on or just bitching about burlesque with nothing about Kathy are extremely sus. I know anons are ashamed that they share similar ideas as a cow and I'm not going to catch a hi cow ban but i definitely see some posts that are similar to language she's used or things she's said.

No. 1419163

I am once again, for the hundredth time, asking Kathy to explain how she knows someone is kinky, queer, radical, or neurodivergent because you do not (typically) unless they have it in their bios. She wants privacy and consent; does she expect people to open every message to her with “I’m autistic and gay”?

No. 1419203

But be sure to pay tribute first!

No. 1419216

She didn't get fat, she just stopped looking anorexic, has neither muscle nor fat (despite doing 'physically exhausting' stripper-adjacent sex work, unless her view of burlesque has really changed. She has so few true convictions that it is just hard to tell), and desperately does not understand how to wear clothes that are flattering on her (boyish) body. Her lack of both taste and an eye for detail are a part of why she's interesting to gawk at.

There is enough retardation shitting up the thread as it is. Go to Shayna's thread if you want to kvetch about fat girls kek.

No. 1419228

File: 1642381823021.jpg (23.29 KB, 547x128, copium.jpg)

And they've all been dirty deleted, I'm surprised they stayed up as long as they did. Do y'all think she goes out of her way to search up tweets like this?

No. 1419234


Are you okay anon? There are multiple anons saying she has ballooned up. It's pretty obvious by her pictures.

No. 1419257

So no one messaged her, and her cover story is that she's too cool for the kind of people she attracts. I mean, not the most flattering lie but ok.

No. 1419263

Everyone can see that Kathy's supply far exceeds the demand and she hardly puts anything out, but ok Kathy, you're the one rejecting everyone. It's dumb stuff like this that makes her my favorite cow.

No. 1419343

She really has herself trying to believe that she is ~mysterious~ and ~an enigma~ when she has put most of her bland personality out there in attempts to look more accomplished and interesting than she is. You can dirty delete all you want but the internet never forgets.

No. 1419484

nta, but are ya'll bonerattlers or something? She's def put on weight, but she's hardly anywhere near fat yet. Give it another year and she might blimp up like big shaynus did. Would make for lots of new fun "muh oppression" posts in regards to fat shaming. kek

No. 1419597

she visibly fattened up. If you can't see it… ouch. I feel like your reply has more to do with how you percieve yourself than kathy…
>ib4 hit the gym fattie-chan

No. 1419617

It's obvious she gained weight but she's not fat yet. There's enough to laugh at with Katherine without making shit up like she does, anon.

No. 1419654

It looks worse/noticeable on Kathy because she has zero muscle tone from sitting around smoking weed and pretending to be an expensive prostitute on her phone all day. If she did literally anything (like, I don't know, dancing?), she'd have some muscle tone in there which would be an improvement.

No. 1419731

File: 1642442050080.jpeg (518.46 KB, 1125x1866, AD7F0FFB-A4CD-433F-8FBC-D80320…)

No one is asking her for NFTs aside from maybe possibly the crypto-bros who go into the DMs of every “content creator” they can find to try to enlist them

No. 1419902

This reminds me of how I like to say "Everyone knows…" before I say something I definitely just made up. Between this and the failed cry for friendship I gotta wonder what's next in the "Katherine Pretending To Be Popular" series. Will it be
>buying followers
>tagging people who are too big to even respond to her; cite her tag as evidence of a personal relationship
>photobombing other dancers and reposting photos like she's in the group

No. 1419923

File: 1642452968425.jpeg (61.52 KB, 640x1138, 268B9194-FC6C-414E-AADF-D2E137…)

The jokes write themselves at this point

No. 1419925

File: 1642453008706.jpeg (55.94 KB, 640x1138, FB755499-848E-42D2-BAFF-DFAD35…)

Katherine Luther King

No. 1419929

>bed burlesque
more like snooze-fest, amirite ladies

No. 1419936

File: 1642453237655.gif (320.68 KB, 220x218, 5B5B5ADD-B2E3-4782-82EF-B60EAC…)

No. 1419938

The neckbeard must’ve started ranting about “liberals” recently

No. 1419951

She’s too poor to buy followers. Imagine asking for reimbursement for it kek cheap bitch

No. 1419985

What the actual fuck. Her confusion about trying to be the ultimate in capitalism but also hero of the proles is always funny but NFTs? In this attempt at context? Pretending that people are asking her when no-one even gives a shit she exists? Again I say, what the actual fuck lmao

No. 1420049

Given what a scam artist she is, this post makes it incredibly obvious that she doesn't understand NFTs. Very like her to try claim the moral route when she is otherwise totally out of her element and has no idea what she's talking about. But nice hat trick Katherine, pretending to 1. understand NFTs, 2. have people interested in your production of them, 3. infer you're an artist. I guess 4.) implying there's any situation where she wouldn't grift someone is just a bonus.

No. 1420262

>baby pink, baby blue, and white
afab transgirl saga incoming?

No. 1420285

File: 1642491420068.jpg (709.16 KB, 971x3843, Screenshot_20220118-023309_Sam…)

She couldn't find a job so she went to a website that is a "community" for the chronically ill that offers speakers and classes and twice a month "movement classes" and she's going to… teach how to do burlesque. But in bed. For 25 pounds (didn't look up what the US equivalent cost is).
What a retarded vIsIoNaRy.

No. 1420481

$34 for what? Learning how to take a bra off in bed? The whole website seems a scam anyways; makes sense they'd gravitate towards Katherine.

No. 1420725

File: 1642538353900.jpeg (84.06 KB, 640x1138, 910ACB88-9E65-4E33-8128-951403…)

Katherine why would you post this?!??

No. 1420731

Damn, I thought I was in Shay's thread for a second. What is this angle? If you tilt the picture to the right she looks like a fat apple shaped troon wearing aliexpress garters. Kathy couldn't take a nice photo of herself if her life depended on it.

No. 1420736


does she do hard drugs like Luna? because I'm hitting the bong rn and this shit looks terrible. Weirdly pale, scrawny little twig thighs with the weird pouch, really showing off tht inverted triangle figure.

I see this pose all the time on Tumblr but I've never seen some make it look this unappealing

No. 1420742

When I saw this I thought it was a photo of a MTF

No. 1420752

Ew it literally looks like your dad trying on moms ol lingerie

No. 1420766

File: 1642541306355.jpeg (81.05 KB, 640x1138, 271936079_663746404655208_5212…)

How is her makeup getting worse? For a ~uwu hyperfemme living doll~ she doesn't know shit about beauty/aesthetics.

No. 1420768

File: 1642541419871.webm (970.68 KB, 720x1280, E64BCB6CFF208398125CC49933C207…)

No. 1420770

That wink makes it look like she needs medical attention kek

No. 1420774

I will never understand why she doesn't pluck her eyebrows.

No. 1420778

File: 1642541743057.jpg (297.34 KB, 878x1116, Screenshot_20220118-163425_Sam…)

There is no way she isn't retarded

No. 1420788

File: 1642542184279.jpg (10.76 KB, 300x278, 200804_lucille (1).jpg)

No disrespect to Jessica Walter whatsoever but all I could think of was the Lucille Bluth wink

No. 1420789

File: 1642542197580.jpg (164.63 KB, 800x968, Gall-dindi.jpg)

No. 1420791

She's just as dumb as one too lol it's uncanny

No. 1420825

File: 1642544217786.jpeg (380.2 KB, 1524x2048, FJaouSPWUAMuOOH.jpeg)

So uh, did she mess up her attempt to photoshop her tits? Wtf is going on there?

No. 1420827

File: 1642544298891.jpg (150.29 KB, 681x1023, 7165761660_97625aeacf_b.jpg)

This is the first time I've seen this… thing, but she's giving me bigtime medieval-forehead-plucking-for-beauty vibes.

No. 1420845

Does she have really bad teeth or something? Why else would she always do the same unflattering closed-mouth expressions?

No. 1420873

File: 1642547908325.jpeg (488.15 KB, 1169x2046, 1631025786337.jpeg)

Not that bad but she's obviously self-conscious about it.

No. 1420905

She has pasties with dangling beads. One strand of the beads got caught on the square tape she uses to affix the pasties. She is too lazy or doesn't care enough to fix this before photographing.

No. 1420926

it's been deleted kek

No. 1420954


That's exactly what I thought of too anon!

That or it looks like she photoshopped it poorly.

No. 1421018

I see it now lol we’ve seen her infected heart shaped nips and there wasn’t much so why use such large adhesive for pasties? Everything she does just seems off.

No. 1421195

She wears self-adhesive nip petals, so I'm thinking since her crusty ass eNcRuStEd them in cheap rhinestones, she's putting tape on over her nips so the pasties can be reused over and over for her performing alone in her bedroom. She's not getting dressed up for actual gigs so she probably thinks she's "prolonging" their life so her "history will not be erased again"!

No. 1421208

File: 1642579667615.jpeg (871.49 KB, 1242x1492, 926FA078-DA61-4B93-9DD5-878543…)

Once again making the death of a black person all about herself. At least add some niceties to mask your narcissism better.

No. 1421312

Don't you KNOW she's so totally rad!cal and communist that she wants the middle class to redistribute their wealth to her so she can appear high class with overpriced capitalist designer brands? Of course it's all about dead black men stepping aside to make her white woman pitchy voice heard!

No. 1421427

aka she's too broke to by more

No. 1421569

File: 1642616598365.jpg (133.19 KB, 720x955, Screenshot.jpg)

Kathy will retweet compliments about herself and even someone else's GoFundMe for endometriosis but can't be bothered to do the same for her sub's cry for help, how sad.

No. 1421594

File: 1642617434172.jpg (119.74 KB, 720x617, Screenshot2.jpg)

I found this gem too. Like I get she's larping but it's really rich coming from someone who claims they were in a years long abusive relationship and a victim of domestic violence.

No. 1421788

Not even an RIP just a non-story about herself wow

No. 1421798

Her "sub" can't be that broken hearted if she's only seeking "silent sends" from "$femmebitchesonly"
I thought that was her pay info but I Googled it and it's some other girl's Cashapp account. Kek

No. 1421824

File: 1642629249329.jpg (138.67 KB, 1620x960, 3screenshots.jpg)

Stitched together the latest 3 screenshots of vagueposting and hypocrisy. If being nice is free, admitting you'll block just about anyone is pretty ugly.

No. 1421840

Did she forget how she was a bitch and publicly dragged another dancer for suggesting she should take classes? What a narc.

No. 1421857

People don’t want their kids watching MTV you complete fucking autist. And people lost their shit about how sexual Brittany’s performances were when she was younger. Some politician’s wife made headlines when she said she literally wanted to shoot her because she found her performances so sexually offensive. So…yeah, super weird example.

No. 1421863

It's her lol she's pulling a Kathy and pretending to be a sub and a domme

No. 1422111

File: 1642650389012.png (94.32 KB, 592x369, Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 7.44…)

Lol k Kathy the capitalist queen good luck with all that irl and online

No. 1422128

is her plan to strike it rich by making it illegal for people to laugh at her or does she have more going on in her life than us

No. 1422137

She's been aggressively telling her followers for the last week that she'll indiscriminately block them so I guess she's going to serve people with civi suits for sending her emoji reactions? lol who knows with this nutjob

No. 1422138

All deleted like clockwork

No. 1422139

File: 1642654248320.png (45.94 KB, 584x213, Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 8.48…)

>first impressions are forever
>when talking to a Dominatrix, err on the side of formality
So this didn't apply to her when she was being snotty with those other twitter dommes?

No. 1422161

This has to be her silliest LARP yet. Sue them with what, Kathy? And for what? You have to e-beg for cheese, everyone knows you cant afford lawyers.

No. 1422177

Remember it'll be a pRo-bOnO lawyer!

No. 1422178

Welp, I guess all of us anons will be getting served with cease and desist letters!

No. 1422195

She's right about nfts though? Maybe you need to Google their energy usage info because you clearly don't understand them either

No. 1422230

Katherine just regurgitates what she sees on twitter; before this tweet she liked a tweet saying the same exact thing. She's "right" about nothing because she knows nothing lol

No. 1422249

She's giving advice for how to talk to a dominatrix which is really just speaking over dominatrices since she isn't one.

No. 1422251

She's not right at all. NFTs and all blockchains have a huge effect on climate change and an environmental impact. It doesn't make it harder for poor people like Katie to afford to heat their homes. She's just trying to look like a humanitarian when she really knows no one would even want an NFT of hers.

No. 1422254

Samefag, but she might as well get off the internet because the internet contributes 2% of the world's greenhouse gases which is waaaay more than NFTs.

No. 1422298

No pro bono lawyer in their right mind is going to waste their time with her. She admitted to having less than $900 in her bank account, she'll have to cut out the weed and wasting money on useless crap if she's serious about this kek

No. 1422317

You're absolutely right, I know she'd never be able to get a lawyer, but she certainly thinks she can!
I truly would love to see her go into a lawyers office with "there's people on the internet making fun of me! Find them for free OR a ticket to my next show, whenever I can get one, and make them stoooop!!"

No. 1422319

She's hoping a pro boner lawyer will be enthralled by her speshul ed wink. Or she'll handwrite cease and desist letters on pink paper and mail them out with no address, just "lolcow anonymous people" on the envelope

No. 1422325

> This year I’m excited to attempt, but ultimately fail, at using the US legal system as a means of profit

Spoken like a true entitled white capitalistic cisgender bratty corporate daughter of America. The cognitive dissonance and delusion to be a self-proclaimed communist displaying the anarchy flag emoji on your socials while threatening legal action every month…

No. 1422367

She gives me strong Karen vibes. She’s totally the type to call the police on random people while having #BLM in her bio.

No. 1422381

File: 1642689295435.png (215.46 KB, 720x1006, Screenshot_20220119-185115~2.p…)

Posted yesterday and deleted. God, the irony of calling people pro-capitalist bootlickers and then literally a few minutes later proudly proclaiming how she's going to be sueing sooo many people! Remember this is coming from someone who refused SSDI because they wanted more money. Inb4 she can't get anyone to take her on and cries about how the legal industry is toxic and unsupportive like she did with the "creative industry", whatever that means.

No. 1422420

>this is coming from someone who refused SSDI because they wanted more money
god, I forgot about that. what a vile little freak.

No. 1422447

It's hard to believe a grown adult woman is typing this shit. These are teenage tier "omg the GoVT dOeSn'T CaRe aBoUt Us GuYz" opinions. She so obviously doesn't know what to do with herself without daddy's money.

No. 1422484

File: 1642698549635.png (516.4 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_20220119-130231~2.p…)

This was also deleted. For a supposed historian Kathy didn't even bother doing her research before jumping on the bandwagon. The Twitter account the other person cited isn't even active and @voguemagazine had already released a statement hours before Kathy posted to her story. I love how she uses the death of a black fashion icon to complain about her old job and implies white supremacy had a role in what happened?! (Don't worry she made sure to make a different post, still made it about herself but took a farmer's advice of including "rest in peace")

No. 1422553

File: 1642704112432.jpg (192.7 KB, 1080x960, 2screenshots.jpg)

She asked people to screenshot and repost her story, so leaving these 2 here.
Hasn't she already been revealed as unsuccessfully trying to bankroll her family before begging strangers online to fund her? Fraud recognizes fraud.

No. 1422568

File: 1642704964880.jpg (29.14 KB, 540x960, underdispute.jpg)

Following edited screenshots (of her own unpaid loans?)and saying "This is an umpteenth reminder that abusers continue to think they are above the law" seems like telling on oneself as being swamped in debt.

No. 1422572

I'm confused, is she trying to show that her father took out federal loans for her schooling???

No. 1422576

That's what it looks like–and for student loans, those aren't much.

No. 1422582

calling bullshit. fuck off Kathy, those are federal student loans.

No. 1422590

I couldn't describe it better.

No. 1422592

the fuck is that poster in the background?

No. 1422595

Idk, that's harsh__babe's place. I don't think Kathy and her have hung out since K pretended that hb's tacky purse was her own tacky purse. Not sure if that's why they stopped talking though.

No. 1422597

>you would think the expenses stop when you leave domestic violence
Excuse me?! God forbid Kathy ever experiences real domestic violence and has to flee her home with just the clothes on her back and start a new life. This comment is even weirder because yesterday she acknowledged that it's harder to estrange yourself from your family if you're financially dependent on them. So much cognitive dissonance here.

If she didn't take the loans out, how did she manage to pay for school and graduate? We know she doesn't have any money. I wonder if her father was aware of her scammy ways and insisted that she take the loans out first, and would pay them after she graduated. Would have been a wise choice considering how she dropped out of her Master's. Or maybe she took those loans out herself with delusions about how rich and successful she'd be and ended up pocketing the money. It would explain how she's been able to get by without her family's help (supposedly) and also her frivolous spending and overall poor financial sense.

No. 1422601

Nah there's receipts in previous threads that her bro venmo'd her money so she's still on the family bankroll.

She can't call up one of her millionaire clients for a little less than 10 grand to pay them off? The interest rate on federal student loans isn't terrible either (highest is just above 6% for direct plus loans). Actually, maybe these are those parent plus loans and she's mad daddy won't pay them for her?

No. 1422609

So is her angle that she was financially dependent upon them, but they were actually secretly using her for money… to pay for her expenses? And now she wants the money back because if she had known she was responsible for the student loans, she wouldn't have gone to school? Sorry if this is spaghetti-brain, I really can't tell what she's getting at here

No. 1422634

Yeah that's why I said the (supposedly) lol. Is there a deadline for when the loans need to be paid back or do they just collect interest forever? Where I am because of CoVID they've paused interest on student loans so it's interesting to see Kathy concerned about them now.

Maybe? She's claimed her father makes 6 figures so why he would take out fraudulent loans for a few thousand each in her name is baffling. But she's a narc and constantly lies so who knows what sort of mental gymnastics she performs in her head to justify anything

>telling on oneself as being swamped in debt
The moment she un-privated her Instagram was a huge tell IMO. She knows she can't keep grifting in her closed off safe space and needs exposure. She's a terrible findom and must have a reputation in the NYC burlesque scene by now. She can't throw any sad dive bar shows for the time being. She collaborated with a random disability advocate from the UK who has a subscription based self-help site (remember when that was an influencer trend and they were all scams?) and also sells socks. Now she's threatening to sue anyone and everyone for looking at her the wrong way. Stable people with a reliable stream of income don't need to do these kinds of things.

No. 1422640

Interest and payments for federal student loans have been paused, I think they just extended the pause into May 2022 too. You pick a repayment plan with a timeframe after you graduate (I think the standard one is like 10 years and there's an extended one for like 25 years), but there's also other specific repayment plans where it can be forgiven after 20-25 years.

She should've just blanked out the loan name/type kek. Student loans, especially for private schools like NYU, can be devestatingly high, but they really aren't the worst kind of loan and barely play to sympathies with her current balances.

No. 1422644

Two different jobs. One at the Museum of Sex and one at NYU.

No. 1422651


Ohh never mind… Im slow.

No. 1422656

I'm so confused. Isn't the US university system meant to be expensive? Those are nothing. I'm from the UK and my total student loan came to around $60k when I had finished. Online it says $80k for NYU per year?

No. 1422657

The loans are 6 years old so part or most of it has most likely been paid off. Those are just the current balances shown

No. 1422667

So if those loans were taken out in her name without her knowledge, but someone aside from herself is also paying them off, what does she have to worry about? (Answer: Nothing because these are all lies and she’s a scam artist)

No. 1422671

File: 1642714591843.jpg (26.81 KB, 496x580, hicow.jpg)

She's lurking. Reposted her tweets about threatening legal action too KEK

No. 1422691

I can't believe she's bitching about her dad co-signing on student loans for her like it's the same as a parent taking out a loan or credit card in their kids name to buy for themselves. This is so tonedeaf and privileged that it's hard to wrap my head around.

No. 1422703

why is she crying? That's not a lot of money if you're a professional Dom and burlesque dancer like Kathy is.

No. 1422710

what if that's pell grant money for classes she failed kek

No. 1422712

Kathy, you're under 25 he is allowed to claim you as a dependent and it is very obvious you have not been paying all of your bills on your own.

Called it in the first thread: she calls her family "financially abusive" because they stopped paying for everything. Wish I had the caps but the financial abuse allegations started when they stopped paying her phone bill.

No. 1422727

File: 1642720526617.png (106.86 KB, 588x599, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.11…)

This tone-deaf idiot really called sex work a luxury. Tell that to the women you interact with that openly talk about doing survival sex work as well as the millions of women and children being brutally raped, drugged, and murdered daily.

No. 1422728

File: 1642720815311.png (78.5 KB, 594x427, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.16…)

Get a real job Katherine McMahon. Expecting this of men, let alone bottom barrel coomers, is completely delusional. (1/2)

No. 1422729

File: 1642720905411.png (127.06 KB, 597x758, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.17…)


No. 1422736

File: 1642721628450.png (71.99 KB, 765x115, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.29…)

>You are never entitled to SW services
Tell that to the 80% of female "sex workers" that have been raped. The number is most likely higher but women in "sex work" are 60 to 100 times more likely to be murdered so it's hard to report being raped when you're dead. Or when you're being trafficked. Or just being a woman since 2 out of 3 go unreported for an array of reasons.

No. 1422751

Verbal abuse, physical assault, rape, homelessness, PTSD, STIs, STDs, and god knows what else doesn't sound like a fair trade off to be a ~luxury~ for men.

No. 1422802

File: 1642728415695.png (23.8 KB, 587x220, wertyuiop.PNG)

It would be nice if Katherine's liking of this post could be taken to mean that she's going to stop making assumptions about the sex lives of people she doesn't know. Unfortunately, I think this is just Katherine self-victimizing about why she isn't more accepted into "the lgbt community". Sure, it's because you "look straight" and not because you're fucking weird

No. 1422913

File: 1642740661824.jpg (622.04 KB, 1616x2878, screenshotthread.jpg)

"Censorship" isn't dirty deleting her own stories, like this thread's Bernie bro-levels of bitching about electoral politics while doing nothing, and then quoting Mao Tse-tung's definition of "liberal" without realizing it defines HER for prioritizing her individualism and privilege and failing to live up to professed values.

No. 1422942

File: 1642744088724.gif (1.71 MB, 352x264, F6AEB59B-1527-428F-8926-1CB095…)

>I will not be taking comments on this thread
Lol k. Echo chambers aren’t a good thing Kathy and if you’re not ready for people to challenge your beliefs after publicly challenging other people’s beliefs well…..

No. 1423018

When has this performative bitch ever fed and clothed the poor or organized or attended a strike?
She must be asking followers to buy her pasta and cheese and buy her D'lish and Angela Friedman lingerie, and attend her "burlesque show" which is a strike against "patriachy"
There's your new talking point, horse face.

No. 1423089

Kathy, plz make a follow-up thread posting out any time at which you have done any of these things.

No. 1423090

But my hobby is laughing at ugly women thinking they’re beautiful and elegant enough to charge incels money to talk to them online. I enjoy it because it reminds me that even though my life of paying my own bills and having loving successful relationships with women and men might feel repetitive at times, it is way better than embarrassing myself on Twitter.

No. 1423152

you haven't seen the women who successfully charge money to do this and it shows

No. 1423227

ocrap findomanon incoming? pls fight to the death w burlesqueanon. or start a thread about findoms who suck and sperg in there that would be so much fun

No. 1423240

i gladly would but unfortunately im not her or involved in the industry in any capacity. it's just common sense, idk where farmers of all people get the idea that in order to be a "successful" hooker/ewhore you have to be an ethereal beauty kek. you have two eyes, go look at what the top grossing ones look like lmao

No. 1423242

But that anon isn't talking about the successful ones… They're obviously talking about the larpers with no talent who flail about like Kathy.

No. 1423275

true but (x) doubt that it's her looks. uglier whores have better outcomes lmao

No. 1423364

File: 1642799266190.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1829, EB6FCC4A-F672-49D5-85CA-98C51D…)

She was scared to post some dumbass political take yesterday because of cEnSoRShiP but thinks a sex work account will stay up? That $8,000 in student loan debt daddy won’t continue to pay for her must be due.

No. 1423391

File: 1642801541304.jpg (170 KB, 1077x960, screenshot.jpg)

Squatters DO have rights, and people of lesser means can be more generous in caring for each other as a community, but this is hilarious coming from a grifter who got kicked out by her former close friend for not paying rent.

No. 1423392

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't student loans still paused for now? She doesn't have to pay back yet?

No. 1423445

File: 1642805019762.png (111.07 KB, 720x773, Screenshot_20220121-174131~2.p…)

Maybe she'd get better engagement if she didn't bitch at people who send her emojis and want to ask questions (because apparently it's asking her to perform "unpaid labour") and stopped constantly posting polarizing and contradictory spergs

No. 1423468

That "certain amount of time" is ten years straight, dumb bitch. And comes with a lot of requirements. It's not just haha I broke in and slept here for a week so I own it now.

No. 1423558

File: 1642812528311.png (67.78 KB, 589x294, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 4.43…)

I'm howling at the fact that the only person Kathy could get to interact with her was her psych ward "femsub" turned faux findomme ho has even less engagement than her. None of her subs have done what she said by the way, not even the "femsub" kek

No. 1423559

Doesn't spamming engagement like that do the opposite?

No. 1423637

Follow her for what? The same pics she's already posted a million times? Weird that as a domme, she doesn't understand the concept of "incentive"

No. 1423645

File: 1642819557712.png (27.02 KB, 555x225, 023493424u23423.PNG)

This seems ill-advised

No. 1423647

is pimping… legal?

No. 1423751

nice larp kathy! now try paying your bills

No. 1423772

She truly hates women. Why not “slut out” one of your sissies? Why is it always images of women in distress? Why are the ~fantasy~ tweets involving men about draining their bank accounts but the ones involving women are “slutting” her out? Fuck you Kathy, hating women isn’t the progressive revolutionary take you think it is.

No. 1423781

So is she admitting she isn't a well-off, wealthy Findom or that she is selfish?

No. 1423814

>it's just such a shame that poor people struggle. le sigh Now reimburse me $50 for another cheese wheel you ungrateful peasants. mistress hungers.

No. 1423833

File: 1642845375714.png (102.21 KB, 266x223, 318CAD56-D6CF-4F15-B5EB-89481A…)

>my ~poor~ friends
Super embarrassing and shameful is right. Learn to read a room.

No. 1423835

Actually my line of work brings me into contact with lots of women who do shit like this. The ones who look like Kathy are not making a living from just existing or for sending shitty nudes like Kathy seems to think. The only way they make money whoring is by letting the scrotes stick their unwashed dicks inside them. The beautiful ones tell me they get decent money for just only fans but Idk if I believe them.

No. 1423838

Lol at her thinking the same >20 people interacting with the same >20 pictures after begging to them is engagement. These e-whores (larping or not) make social media their livelihoods while not knowing a thing about it (or business management).

No. 1423841

kekky af

No. 1424320

Kek it sounds like Kathy's new goal is to be a misTrEsS influencer since she's begging for engagement. She also is probably hoping more engagement will give her more exposure to land a rich "finsub". God just saying the word finsub makes me feel stupid.

No. 1424321

Looks like she has a multiple personality disorder since she's responding to herself. It's especially funny that she's telling herself she's so weak.

No. 1424440

Kek and then that finsub will have a downline finsub under her, until Kathy’s created a whole findom MLM

No. 1424536

And then Kathy can "slut out" her entire findom pyramid and have them send her all their money!

No. 1424968

File: 1642977340277.png (32.47 KB, 588x142, Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 2.27…)

She's desperate for engagement yet won't do the one thing that actually gets you engagement: put out new content regularly. Even Shayna has better work ethic than this malinger.

No. 1424986

What else helps is not being a dick to followers and she fucks that up big time.

No. 1425204

why does she keep separating people like this? it's so off-putting lmao

No. 1425210

Lol I think you've misunderstood, she's not going "hey vanilla people!!". She's just copying an actually successful twitter findom she follows. Iirc they claim that vanilla (as in non-sexual) engagement is good for the algorithm and also keeps their accounts from getting flagged because technically Twitter doesn't allow sexual content.

No. 1425272

Sorry for the double post but it was bugging me since it felt wrong. I went to check and sexual content is definitely allowed on twitter so I'm not sure what the accounts would be flagged for, maybe sex botting? Although Kathy doesn't even put anything out to worry about that.

No. 1425373

Actually within NYC that certain amount of time is only 30 days

No. 1425424

You're referring to the length of time someone has to squat at the address to be considered a squatter. They have to receive mail at the address for 30 days and after that the property owner has to go through the eviction process via court. What >>1423468 is referring to how long the squatter has to reside at the address uninterrupted before they can file for adverse possession- which only works if no one else claims ownership of the property.

No. 1425468

Ohhhhhhh got it kek excuse my retardation

No. 1425485

most hookers, supermodel looking or unspeakably ugly, will always have to fuck to make money. you have to look at the top grossing ones, and believe me there's little correlation between how pretty they look and their success kek

No. 1425658

File: 1643056400179.png (3.44 MB, 1242x2208, DE25614E-C2BA-4BDF-9B5B-234212…)

She says this like current day Mugler isn’t just as bad as the other brands listed because all this ~fashion historian~ knows is his Fall 95 collection lol

No. 1425890

sharing the post from her drag wig-styler lol

No. 1425939

lmao ok Kathy.

No. 1426008

File: 1643081631035.png (72.95 KB, 587x339, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.31…)

Lay it on thick for your female psych ward sub Kathy (1/2)

No. 1426009

File: 1643081671831.png (88.51 KB, 591x385, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.31…)

No. 1426012

File: 1643081715541.png (535.1 KB, 585x747, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.32…)

No. 1426013

File: 1643081751048.png (49.67 KB, 595x261, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.32…)

No. 1426045

Kathy projecting her bitterness because Dad is making her pay off her own wasted student loans

No. 1426114

Huh, I thought sex work was work. So work, bitch.
If you went into a dry cleaners and said, “hey, will you be able to dry clean my silk blouse?” And they replied, “Maybe, hand me a ten and I’ll tell you,” you’d fucking leave. Because that’s not how businesses operate.

No. 1426166

the debt line at the end makes this into a dril tweet

No. 1426635

File: 1643144627079.jpeg (33.02 KB, 750x1334, 272464252_355479556068901_3141…)

Ah yes because strip clubs would totally accommodate mobility issues. Keeping LARPing Kathy.

No. 1426637

File: 1643144687775.jpeg (108.41 KB, 750x1334, 272635296_256540223281373_4197…)

No. 1426645

True. I love how her attempts at being a domme have the same energy as a troon trying and failing to emulate a 'sexy' woman. It's not even about a particular thing she says, it's just her complete and total lack of poise and charisma that shines through every time. Get a real job Kathy, you can't pull this off.

No. 1426708

She dirty deleted this already kek

No. 1426714

File: 1643148688779.jpeg (148.2 KB, 750x1334, 272714788_296911602412906_1493…)

How is she going to call herself hyperfemme while knowing nothing about lash extensions? These are extremely basic questions you'll get the answers to in seconds on google. She wants everything spoonfed to her but expects people to pay her for her horrendous political takes.

No. 1426819

File: 1643156063262.jpeg (64.08 KB, 750x1334, 272656461_1087761482016782_810…)

Lol yeah she's lurking hard today because both of these are deleted. She also posted this retardation which is just a cope for probably never being able to afford to buy property.

No. 1426823

File: 1643156231869.png (55.95 KB, 587x285, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.16…)

She's back to wanting a "pixie" nose job despite having a witch skull (1/2)

No. 1426824

File: 1643156265724.png (136.93 KB, 592x668, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.16…)

No. 1426836

She will never get the money to do it but I wish she would get a PiXiE nose job because she'll straight up look like a pig.

No. 1426839

File: 1643157248346.png (535.42 KB, 592x688, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.33…)

The delusion

No. 1426844

What does that have to do with dommes?

No. 1426851

Remember, she won't have a conversation with anyone unless they are paying her and that goes for dommes too (her words)

No. 1426864

File: 1643158167212.png (21.01 KB, 685x215, aaa410872401892734.PNG)

>things that turn you on, turn you on? how original
This is so fucking retarded, I'm positive she just got a bag of weed and is high as hell.

No. 1426974

File: 1643163805300.jpeg (55.71 KB, 750x1334, 272636045_4647588708609580_373…)

>Don't send me x!!

No. 1426975

File: 1643163832498.jpeg (39.28 KB, 750x1334, 272528951_5193010364139863_611…)

>Proceeds to share post about x

No. 1427005

Like anyone is truly interacting with this bitter cunt. And way to make ANOTHER person's death all about you, Kathy.

No. 1427022

File: 1643168038053.jpeg (120.92 KB, 1080x1080, FJ8Gr7qX0AQmLRO.jpeg)

Kathy you are a worthless piece of shit. That "person" was a black woman named Aubrion Rogers who was "continuously… denied care over and over again" and died during recovery from emergency surgery. You had to scroll past five slides sharing her story to be able to re-post >>1426975

You're not an advocate for endometriosis; you're a raging narcissist that can't even type out a victim's name because you're too busy trying to make yourself the victim.

No. 1427029

She was told the same thing when she publicly asked a prodomme on Twitter for advice when she was starting out and didn't acknowledge it at all

Someone probably reached out to her and she realized she couldn't afford it kek

She begged for $110 for weed a couple of days ago so yes

Wait, so she had no problem talking about André Leon Talley and Thierry Mugler when they died recently, and repeatedly brings up Mistress Velvet, but can't even be bothered to acknowledge the name of the person who tragically died from the same medical condition she has?! Holy fucking hell, way to show your narcissism Kathy

No. 1427066

File: 1643170071301.jpeg (Spoiler Image,585.19 KB, 1538x2048, D00D1A17-C9D9-4FDB-91E9-197B3C…)

No. 1427078


I am sure this is photoshopped to hell and back but her makeup still looks shitty. Her lips are overdrawn and her eyeliner is uneven and smudge. Jesus.

No. 1427092

nayrt but that’s old so not sure why they posted it now but if anything it shows how much she’s regressed makeup wise kek

No. 1427215

Manicure and pedicure biweekly? Lmao bitch is really desperate. Her fat neckbeard scrote must have lowered her allowance, ence this biweekly talon grift

No. 1427264

Like he ever gave her money in the first place lol

No. 1427272

Wow she really is bottom barrel. She went out of her way to make that poor woman’s death completely about herself. Since everything has to be about Katherine, what if that was you after your surgery? What if you died and self-righteous “advocates” didn’t even mention your name and just referred to you as “a person who died”?

RIP Aubrion Rogers

No. 1427280

>Aubrion Rogers, a black woman who was repeatedly medically ignored, dies after emergency surgery related to endometriosis where multiple organs were removed

>Katherine McMahon, a white woman that calls herself an endometriosis advocate who did not die after endo surgery: “don’t talk to me about the person who died from endometriosis because of my ~medical trauma~”

Would’ve taken the same amount of time share a pic from the post where her story was shared but no… ol’ Kathy here had to make sure no one was humanized just so she could be the main victim

No. 1427547

I bet her "medical trauma" was her "abusive" dad refusing to continue paying for her health insurance and telling her to get on Medicaid after she dropped out of school. Quel horror!!

No. 1427617

There is no coincidence that Kathy has made the death of three black people (as well as one’s birthday) all about herself

No. 1427757

File: 1643240522240.webm (1.48 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik_7057359883532029231_ka…)

No. 1427784

Kek. Nothing but a vanilla copy of so many washed-up "dancers".

No. 1427807

It's hard to be washed up when you were never in the realm of "dancer"

No. 1427810

>I wouldn't be photographed
>And then… I found Photoshop

No. 1427817

She shortened the first slide caption from "Watch me learn to love taking selfies alone in my bf's apartment while wearing a poorly bedazzled outfit that I wish I did burlesque in but no one will hire me because I suck: An Ode to Capitalism"

No. 1427825

Why doesn’t Kathy just go the tradwhore route? She specifically hates on liberals, clearly hates other women, talks over black people, is very capitalistic, let’s her neckbeard- I’m sorry her Sir- drag her around public by leash and collar, gets wet over yuppies, and has her whole hyperfemme gimmick which is just her attempting to adhere to traditional female gender roles and beauty ideals.

No. 1427838

Not trying to wk, but it wouldn't matter because she would be dead. I get the point you're trying to make, but it's a retarded question to ask seeing as 1. no ones gonna give a fuck about her and 2. the dead don't give a fuck about anything because they're dead.

No. 1427924

Anon stop, Kathy is a narcissist and it was a rhetorical question based off of that

No. 1427938

File: 1643251694617.jpeg (713.87 KB, 1242x1581, AC4FEF5E-3E72-4B8F-B6E4-E9D3B4…)

Zero artistic integrity. Zero originality.

No. 1427945

>full illustration = logo?
nonnies help I'm a graphic designer as a day job and I'm foaming at the mouth having to see this misunderstanding even in my free time. Put me out of my fucking misery. I didn't know this cow before and I don't need to know anything else about her I already hate her just for this.

No. 1427971

You should know one more though lol: she straight up traced another artist’s work for a show poster and just listed them as “inspiration”

No. 1427972

File: 1643253942412.png (14.75 KB, 562x168, dontthink.PNG)

>don't think ill do it for you
>wait what am i supposed to think

No. 1427976

A logo for what? The work she doesn’t put out? She’s already using someone else’s work as her parkbenchmalinger logo. God forbid she thinks of or does anything herself… that’s not being a domme hun, that’s just being an fainéant.

No. 1427992

File: 1643255456316.jpeg (490.09 KB, 1242x954, 7BD7ED6A-3B1C-4ABE-AC79-5E0CEC…)

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. They’re coomers. You’re a sEx WoRkEr. They use you to get off they do not care about manners. (1/2)

No. 1427996

File: 1643255637412.jpeg (445.76 KB, 1242x949, BCE70394-3327-4DC8-92FA-896568…)


No. 1428001

Once again, it’s a woman in distress. Illustrated by a male. If she wanted to directly lift someone else’s work to advertise herself she could’ve gone with one of his singular domme illustrations but no. She tells on herself left and right.

No. 1428005

Bold of you to assume anyone would give enough of a shit if she died.

No. 1428052

File: 1643262780641.jpeg (369.24 KB, 1125x2041, C3F659B1-8F72-4BF7-9D3E-EF2CA5…)

Happy to see that she finally admits that her costuming abilities are strictly limited to glueing shiny shit onto other shit

No. 1428059

File: 1643263667076.png (458.21 KB, 1117x499, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 10.0…)

And she can't even do that right yet…

She opened a "shop" section on site where she is offering it. Pretty scammy too to literally just go live and have half your products listed as bestsellers kek

No. 1428061

File: 1643263968885.png (298.62 KB, 843x800, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 10.0…)

Here's the listing for the pasties which she is now charging $30 more than what she was advertising on Twitter last month. The "available colors here" link takes you directly to where she gets her rhinestones dreamtimecreations.com kek very professional!

No. 1428062

File: 1643264051521.png (425.15 KB, 842x796, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 10.1…)

Add an extra $5 for imitation craft pearls

No. 1428066

File: 1643264687000.png (293.46 KB, 594x788, Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 10.1…)

Grammar left the chat for her ~bespoke~ listing which is not for the service itself but instead just the "intorductory" consultation. Yes she is asking $150 just for a consultation yet can't even be fucked to spellcheck her listing.

> Katherine Harlow, the Park Avenue Pinup, is widely known for her costumes, particulary for her rhinestone work. Due to popular demand, she now offers a bespoke rhinestone service.

> This product reflects the cost of one intorductory consultation with Katherine, in which you will have one hour to discuss your rhinestone project or idea. Please provide your email address, and Katherine will reach out to schedule the consultation (available in person by request, Zoom, or phone call).

> Katherine will then send you a quote in seven business days with the approximate cost for your project (minus the $150 consultation fee). If you do not agree with the price, or cannot afford it, (etc.) you are entitled to a 25% refund, of $38 (leaving Katherine $112 for her time and expertise).

No. 1428068

you deleted this how many times but kept the reddit spacing? damn

No. 1428069

isnt green and black for anprims could she seriously not look up what the colours mean come on

No. 1428070

Kept it how she wrote it

No. 1428146

How tf is she neurodivergent ? Does she has dyslexia or something, which would explain her bad spelling ?

No. 1428196

File: 1643285750330.jpg (578.48 KB, 1076x1416, Screenshot_20220127-071230_Sam…)

Katie must have gotten this Agent Provocateur bra on sale because look at the major gap between her tit and the bra. She says in her sizing details she's a 34b, but this is definitely a 34A. She would probably actually be a 34AA but AP's smallest cup is an A

No. 1428197

File: 1643285776432.jpg (218.84 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20220127-071213_Sam…)

No. 1428198

File: 1643285868361.jpg (244.21 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20220127-071127_Sam…)

No. 1428199

Why does she write it like „W/we“ what is the capitalization for??

No. 1428210

File: 1643287083996.webm (6.09 MB, 720x1104, XRecorder_Edited_27012022_0726…)

This ShitTok was before the video where she showed off her Michael Jackson-esque glove with the eNcrRuStEd crusty palm. She proudly shows off her inability to move and how she can't figure out how to hold fans at another dancer's show at the Gitano Garden of Love.

No. 1428212

It's her thinking it shows off the dom/sub relationship without really understanding that's not how it's done
For such a "professional", she literally does everything wrong in the industries she aspires to be in because she's too self-absorbed to learn from real professionals.

No. 1428214

Not a degenerate so I might be wrong but I think it’s because she’s speaking as the dominant person? So she uses W/we because some of her audience might be submissive. She capitalises everything referring to herself

No. 1428262

It's so…halfhearted. She has zero stage presence at all. It doesn't even look like a performance. It looks like she's being forced to go through a routine for practice. Kathy needs to take some form of dance class to improve grace and skill, which she won't, because she won't do basic workouts to tone her body so it photographs better.
Reminder that this is what she's trying to be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLeHZPGeyHc

No. 1428297

So capitalism made Katherine Harlow the confident collard little burlesque dominatrix.

The park Avenue pinup needs to abolish the fan routine and get into zumba

No. 1428526

Does she need to go back to primary school? Her bad grammar and lack of care to proofread her site is, though, a great reflection of her poor stoning abilities.

No. 1428601

File: 1643319606336.jpeg (426.58 KB, 1242x1136, 914DAE90-5EB3-48D2-A238-677315…)

Would it be too much hope assuming she finally came to the realization that sex work (even though she barely does anything) is not an easy job where money just rolls in and men are kind?

No. 1428612

File: 1643320773070.jpg (68.56 KB, 1080x960, screenshot.jpg)

She says on her burlesque account that she'll still be doing spicy work because she "has to", but announced taking a hiatus as the spicy persona. Each account being on hiatus according to the other account does not add up.

No. 1428621

Guess she considers telling her followers to “send silently” still doing work? Or she’s going back to being a salt baby meeting men at hotel bars. Shouldn’t have quit her cOrpOrAtE job since she’s complaining about having to possibly do survival sex work blah. Not so empowering now is it?

No. 1428623

That’s anti-semitic rhetoric Kathy

No. 1428628

I'm working on editing down this ridiculous 45 minute interview she did on a disability podcast she was on a couple of years ago. Some of the things she said:
- she's "food sensitive" due to having endometriosis and can't eat dairy, chocolate, sugar, or gluten (she must be eating vegan cheese, gluten-free pasta/gnocchi and sugar-free macarons, kek) and mostly eats fruits and vegetables
- mentions the "abusive" family and says mom told her that her pains during her period at age 12 were normal and she barely graduated due to these pains, but teachers should have called to check on what's wrong with her
- Ginger Valentine was one of her "burlesque mentors" (her profile is private, but has "strip school" classes and 8k followers) who must be one of the "legends of burlesque" (that is not a legend or popular at all Katie) was mEnToRed by
- Katie is limited with her body's mobility issues and therefore uses "large arm movements that [she] learned from being a ballet dancer" - watched Gypsy with Natalie Wood and realized you don't have to be "acrobatic" "or do the splits like most girls [in burlesque]"- You can have "charisma, poise… and making a lot of eye contact" and that her style is "slow burn burlesque"
- But because she doesn't move enough, producers tell her to take classes and "assume [she's] inexperienced". When the podcast host asks how long she's been doing burlesque, she answers "about 5 months", but then says she's really been studying and researching for years
- her costumes (more like singular costume) took 2 years to make.
Once I get it edited down I'll post it because honestly it's a struggle to get through. Just wanted to give the Cliff's Notes version while I'm cutting everything down to the parts mentioned above.

No. 1428630

Of course, as soon as she snags a male sub she's "going on hiatus". Can we finally dispell with the notion that she's in any way gay? Yes, Katherine will entertain women sexually so she gets Bisexual Oppression Points but that's it.
Bless you. I had that whole thing typed up notepad and my computer died before I saved it kek

No. 1428675

She probably knows and that’s why she said it. Leftists hate Jews.

No. 1428682

File: 1643324142208.jpeg (17.74 KB, 750x1334, AF7B2281-7C7D-4A29-919D-E55EBF…)

She went private again on her main instagram and posted this again on the other

No. 1428688

>5 hours later
>a day and a half later
she really is soaking up that woman’s death, huh?

No. 1428697

Considering that she's probably been talking off the ear of anyone who will listen about how that "could have been her", I would imagine she's talked herself into quite the mood.

No. 1428717

>her costumes (more like singular costume) took 2 years to make.
>When the podcast host asks how long she's been doing burlesque, she answers "about 5 months"
If she was making the costume for 2 years, she had 2 years to practice and get better. Instead, she spent 3/4 of the time not doing that.

No. 1428729

So she was only doing burlesque for five months at that point in time yet expected producers to believe she was anything but inexperienced? Doesn’t matter if you’ve been watching YouTube videos about it for years because it’s not the same as being on stage and actually performing. She’s still inexperienced.

No. 1428849

I smell a scam brewing

No. 1428914

3 years now and she's still working on it. It just gets progressively worse because she doesn't know how to do anything other than glue more shiny shit onto it. Idk why she's so committed, she could easily get a new base if she saved up, one that actually fits too

She wanted a free pass because of her ~disability~ but never told anyone that she was disabled. When a professional told her to take lessons she agreed to their face but then went online and stupidly @them and cried ableism

No. 1428999

She even says on the podcast how she "requires accommodations" due to her invisible disability and claims some people accommodate her and she hopes other producers will learn from her requests and ask other pErForMerS what speshul accommodations they need.

No. 1429006

File: 1643342968721.jpeg (604.1 KB, 1242x1447, 5F64AF59-9C27-49A1-B4EC-44916C…)

Her hiatus didn’t last but a few hours

No. 1429037

I’m sorry but she’s not physically disabled in a wheelchair. What possible accommodations does she want them to provide for her? Ignore that she’s a horrible dancer? That isn’t because of endometriosis Kathy, you’re just talentless.

No. 1429040

File: 1643346676306.jpeg (263.58 KB, 1242x1115, D70B5FE0-2893-4D0C-9E56-17C814…)

No. 1429042

File: 1643346873711.jpeg (272.16 KB, 1242x1265, 046DC048-CA87-4E08-8A4F-A9F835…)

Here’s to hoping whatever woowoo zine she’s posing for in someone’s studio apartment tomorrow sees her calling having to do it “bleh” and cancels last minute on her

No. 1429114

Kek she isn't getting paid to do it I'm sure. It's like the days of Model Mayhem where it's free photos for plastering on social media and in exchange the amateur photog gets new pictures for their actual portfolio

No. 1429186

Haha this is hilarious. Does this dickhead think anyone is gonna pay her over $100 for a “consultation” about fucking rhinestones? Oh god the embarrassment. Really rich women don’t even pay high fashion houses for a consultation about their fucking wedding dresses, but sure Kathy, fat twitter larpers are gonna pay you for a house of cringe meeting. Get a job you utter drain on society.

No. 1429332

People on Etsy have actual reviews, are much better at stoning and are professional, don't charge for a consultation, and all you do is pay the price on the listing up and can message back and forth until you're happy with the design. And if you get a shitty finished product that isn't as described, the seller usually will let you return it to be reworked, or contact Etsy for a refund. Kathy doesn't have any of those advantages and the only pictures of "finished" products are her own ugly poorly stoned items on bases she didn't even make. The only kind of artist Kathy is, is a con artist and she isn't even successful at that.

No. 1429445

File: 1643399686645.jpg (76.37 KB, 1080x960, screenshot.jpg)

The planned hiatus is pushed back just as money was sent…someone's covering their ass.

No. 1429502

So she's admitting to being a drama queen that blew things out of proportion yesterday. Congrats on the new toaster and microwave Kathy kek

No. 1429511

File: 1643405160728.jpeg (62.31 KB, 595x485, rebrand.jpeg)

Looks like she's trying a re-brand on Twittter. The Christmas profile pic was a choice. Doubling down on findom being a ~luxury fetish~. The irony in telling other people to get a job while e-begging kek

No. 1429513

File: 1643405241201.png (44.06 KB, 595x198, Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 1.27…)

No. 1429514

File: 1643405280136.webm (1.61 MB, 720x1280, 21212.webm)

Yes everyone worships your Baby Jane looking ass

No. 1429515

Say goodbye to daddy ever paying off the rest of your student loans lol

No. 1429517

Renters insurance is important, anons

No. 1429519

File: 1643406005171.png (380.01 KB, 592x490, Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 1.39…)

Not her trying to pass off the looney sub paying for her microwave and shit as a tribute

No. 1429531

File: 1643407457295.jpeg (126.48 KB, 750x1334, 272859413_470044184489801_1457…)

She dirty deleted these already lol also what's the point of having a separate sex work account when you're bringing it onto your main?

No. 1429544


No. 1429579

oh god i hope that’s the makeup she wore

No. 1429623


If you are renting usually the apartment comes with the appliances, that doesn't make sense the landlord wouldnt replace them. Something smells fishy.

No. 1429628

Like the other anon said, her "subs" probably just bought her a toaster and she's pretending they dropped big money on fridge/stove level appliances. Another day, another exaggeration.

No. 1429651

File: 1643417190511.jpeg (202.41 KB, 594x1457, k1.jpeg)

Katherine really showed her true colors with this interaction. She, of course, deleted all her replies because she called a victim a SWERF, a bigot, and that she's "not in community" with her all because she said she didn't have the option to say no.

No. 1429652

File: 1643417249189.png (126.12 KB, 597x554, k2.png)

No. 1429654

File: 1643417353804.png (103.73 KB, 593x407, k3.png)

No. 1429661

Wow. The karma she's going to get for that is going to be a hell of a lot worse than her apartment kitchen flooding. What a waste of air.

No. 1429667

Don't be mean but I get to condescend to you! This dumb bitch is as irritating about "sex work" as the other cows who sell pussy pics so there's her community. These women who come from backgrounds of financial stability and live secure lives projecting their experience on women who dare deviate from twitter politics need to be culled.

No. 1429669

LOL a bigot? Kathy is making a fool of herself.

No. 1429675

If anyone there is a bigot it’s Kathy

No. 1429678

> no one likes being projected onto
Yet Kathy projected heavily onto a complete stranger calling her a SWERF, bigot, and whatever foot solider without even fully comprehending what she was saying. It’s ironic because Kathy loves to talk about how much she hates capitalism and how she was exploited by it… and this woman said the same thing and Kathy jumped to “trafficking and sex work aren’t the same thing!!!”. What an idiot.

No. 1429789

twitter is that way >

No. 1430019

i will seriously never get over how awful and ill fitting her drag makeup is. how the hell does she lack this much self awareness to realize it looks ridiculous

No. 1430252

File: 1643490098103.jpeg (46.77 KB, 750x1334, 271359934_652018869548645_7805…)

Pedopandering. You're 24 Katherine.

No. 1430276

kathy found a new low. nice!

you know damn well that's a child's foot, you awful bird-woman

No. 1430285

Inb4 she defends it saying she has tiny feet.

No. 1430416

What a dumb bitch.

No. 1430474

More like pedi-pandering
Not sure where this unoriginal pic came from but I doubt it's a child's food judging from the heels. Looks like a dude with a big hand since the ratio of the nail polish brush is similar to the foot and looks super small in the hand.
Regardless of who the foot belongs to, you know Kathy is just dreaming someone would pamper her.
I'm still working on the podcast editing, but she mentions that she likes being a sub in the "princess" subset since she likes being cared for.

No. 1430490

File: 1643509696202.jpeg (88.64 KB, 750x1334, 272754047_1114060862704329_351…)

It's literally artwork for Lolita. It is a child's feet with heels… that's the point. She also posted picrel before this one but now both are deleted. She's pedopandering.

No. 1430494

It's inspired by Lolita, anon.

No. 1430497

Piss off.

No. 1430503

She follows dd/lg tags on Instagram and has posted herself drinking out of a children’s sipping cup. It’s not just about being pampered.

No. 1430516

What an abhorrent cunt.
>le sex work and trafficking aren’t the same thing so you’re the one speaking out of turn hun
Also I never noticed it but I hate the way she spaces. Fucking reddit ass typing style.

No. 1430580

File: 1643526523332.png (52.67 KB, 594x250, Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 11.0…)

Took Kathy seven or eight months to make less than monthly nyc minimum wage kek

No. 1430716

God, where do people get the money to sink it into these bitches pockets?
I've wondered for the longest time with Jake Munro too.
The people who give them money seem young and are often mentally ill (proven with Katie's sub) so what kind of lives do they lead that they can shill 2k for a zoom call with the blandest person imaginable?
Like I get that people do the most ridiculous things for sexual gratification, but to me her femsub just seems lonely and in need of validation, not jacking off to Katie's non-existent figure.

Katie's femsub, if you're reading this: please love yourself more. A spa day would be better for your self-esteem than feeding this dumbfuck's 100% carb diet. Cheaper too.

No. 1430795

Taking money from mentally ill women… Katherine Harlow / parkavenuepinup is a capitalist!

No. 1430806

Oh please. She all but suicide baited to get this and admitted a chunk of it was going towards her karmatic waterlogged kitchen >>1429445 >>1429519

No. 1430816

her entitlement for someone with NO legitimate experience other than larping as a fucking burlesque performer- it's always jaw dropping but this is next level. She actually deserves a fat slap in the face for this

No. 1430891

Thank you anons, I didn't know! I appreciate the screen cap too since it's important to save Katherine McMahon's stories/posts due to her cow love of deleting.
Not all anons have watched every film/heard every song on Kathy's "Great Inspirations of the 20th/21st century, pissy pissfag.

No. 1430971

File: 1643578479882.png (35.14 KB, 587x130, Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 1.33…)

She is actually illiterate no wonder she dropped out kek

No. 1430972

No. 1430993

File: 1643580818955.jpeg (243.18 KB, 589x1379, askjhf.jpeg)

Praying to the Milk Gods this actually happens. A psych ward hamplanet and doughy narcissist larping together… kek

No. 1431000

Man the fucking harpoons holy shit

No. 1431002

Good Lord they're extremely obese!! Like larger than Luna Slater!! This is a mutually beneficial relationship where psycho finsub/new findom feels like she's getting friendship with someone prettier than her hamuniverse ass and Kathy sub/new findom can spout ridiculous rhetoric and feel pretty and thin for once in her basic bitch life.
Can't wait to see Kathy eating cheese off Pig 1 and Pig 2's sausage rolled back as her flat tits are put on display in a bra 2 cup sizes too large.

No. 1431003

Kek their feet look like tiny hooves compared to their dirigible bodies!
And their thighs are so fat they can't even put their cankles together!!
I'm sure they get their money from living at home while getting crazy money from the government. They certainly don't work.

No. 1431007

I don't know what would be a more hilarious ~professional collaborative shoot~: Kathy and Fatty pretending to be sub and domme or both pretending to be dommes.

No. 1431149

File: 1643596006663.png (115.81 KB, 206x277, Screenshot 2022-01-30 9.26.21 …)

Kek did Kathy give her the tacky purse?

No. 1431241

File: 1643606885610.png (51.94 KB, 591x255, Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 9.26…)

She's running out of ideas so she turned to murder fucking kek

No. 1431244

File: 1643607414141.jpeg (56.57 KB, 589x529, who will snap first.jpeg)

She has a new looney to add to the bin. Seriously, all her subs are very mentally unstable individuals. It's especially embarrassing since she's she larping that rich, attractive, wealthy, wall street men are throwing themselves at her.

No. 1431273

Kathy getting murdered saga incoming if she isn't careful

No. 1431313

File: 1643620220464.webm (4.33 MB, 480x856, Snaptik_7059226075552812334_ka…)

Where does she get off on thinking she's educating people on how to lace a corset when she has an off the rack one that doesn't even remotely fit properly?

No. 1431390

shayna vibes

No. 1431398

Okokok, I'm confused. Is she a "dominatrix, findomme, bossbabe glamour queen".. or a "poor widdew abused uWu pick me"? Pick a lane…
Should be real easy on that flat chest, hook nose, 5 head..

No. 1431414

File: 1643633842154.jpg (52.02 KB, 728x562, cashmere for the scrote.JPG)

why would any "finsubs" find it appealing to finance her pet scrote's sweater?
it makes no sense from the point of view of the fantasy she is trying to sell. she's supposed to be an unattainable glamorous mistress, a starlet, and theyre to shower her with gifts as though a legion of starstruck secret admirers. her being open about smoking weed and being a leftist also kills that vibe tbh. breaks the illusion.
cant wait for the "reimburse my man's captain marvel funko pop $150" story arch.

No. 1431415


This isn't very educational, she just states how to do it, doesn't actually show how to do it.

No. 1431436

Kek wouldn't a cashmere sweater for an overweight man cost way more than $115?

No. 1431464

i hope she tries dolling him up soon and posts photos

No. 1431504

years back I had one guy paying me for telling him what he was allowed to eat and stuff like that, I stopped that very fast because he was like that guy. Somehow I think you have to be mentally unwell to pay money to be treated like shit, especially from a person like her.

it's a normal price if you buy something like that at cheaper companies with not so good cashmere quality. But what am I saying, she knows everything about fabric, fashion, quality, she would never buy cheap or low quality things…

No. 1431572

I know it's said often, however she really has the most unfortunate face. Her photos online look NOTHING like >>1420825 her tiktoks.

No. 1431577

This bitch doesn't even lace properly! You never pull both the top and the bottom at the same time. You start at with the bottom half and then do the top! If you do them both at the same time you get the crap shape she has. Fucking kek…

No. 1431615

I’m starting to think men who reimburse sweaters and toasters on twitter in order to cum might be weird or something

No. 1431655

>how to
>doesn't even turn around once to let the audience see what the fuck she's doing

It's stupid to expect anything from Kathy but still kek. The fact that she gave actual instructions contrasted with the lack of useful video is so… her.

No. 1431667

That's not even how to lace corset, kek

No. 1431668

Only $115 for a cashmere sweater? Way to cheap out Kathy kek

No. 1431673

Exactly! That's like making a how to lace boots video and just tugging the top, ignoring the rest of the laces.
She can't even larp correctly
And the face she makes when tugging the center like she's saying "ooooh", accentuating her fucked up chin hanging off her jowls.

No. 1431674

Because she doesn't know how to and just wanted to make a video showing her newly deconstructed otr corset

No. 1431676

Shopping from Amazon like a good capitalist

No. 1431690

File: 1643663999775.jpeg (192.57 KB, 750x1334, E7003CC8-0936-4CFF-823D-34FADE…)

No. 1431695


who's she handing these out too?

No. 1431706

if I would see the length of her mail address I would feel annoyed and tired and never write her, easy access is the key, people don't have time to write and check such long names

I also find the "costumier, historian" very funny, she couldn't sew herself a t-shirt and doesn't know shit about history

No. 1431712

File: 1643665984113.gif (808.99 KB, 500x213, tumblr_mimdfuDzo21rb528ko1_500…)

No. 1431733

File: 1643666844518.png (409.17 KB, 590x717, Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 2.05…)

Meanwhile her boyfriend (funny how she didn't call him sir this time) is simping hard for professional e-thots kek

No. 1431744

File: 1643667636648.jpeg (93.79 KB, 1200x900, c3b8ce486e625cc5b9950fef06c2b9…)

She obviously can't do makeup, we know this, but what always sends me are her lips. What the actual fuck is going on there? Is she just so bad at applying lipstick that it comes out crooked or are her lips just naturally that fucked?

No. 1432032

Why does the “finsub femdomme” look so awkward and so much less domineering than her friend? I love how for the longest time, Kathy didn’t know the difference between the words finsub and findom, and now she’s roped her only sub (an openly lonely, mentally ill woman who seems desperate for attention and validation) into doing both at the same time. What a tasty little chapter 2. Considering how she so shamelessly shits on rape survivors for personal gain on her business twitter, I don’t think it would be all that surprising if she were, ahem, taking advantage of the mentally ill for personal profit.

Oh, and you can totally see the foundation line on her neck here, and it doesn’t help that she’s trying to be more pasty and “porcelain” than she’ll ever really be. Ah, well. Between wanting (and desperately failing) to appear paper fucking white, and making a black person’s death about her on her “professional” twitter, maybe her larping with a whip in hand isn’t entirely uninspired. Stupid, opportunistic bird cunt.
God, I’m still pissed about what she said about the survivor the other day. I cannot wait until the energy that she puts out into the world comes back at her, tenfold.

No. 1432037

File: 1643700019571.jpeg (121.89 KB, 750x1334, E1166017-87BB-468C-999D-B4ED03…)

Illiterate and bad at math; we’re going on two years of the pandemic

No. 1432090

? it is the third year

No. 1432173

Kathy loves using other people's words to describe her own issues. For such a wannabe intellectual, she can't even think up her own way of bitching about life.
And I'm not surprised she isn't doing great… that's that good ol' karma fucking her in her vanilla butthole

No. 1432363

March 2020 anon

No. 1432581

File: 1643769100296.jpeg (339.68 KB, 1242x1057, E49B3062-B8EF-468B-85F4-86D7A8…)

In Kathy’s la la land 1k is close to 10k and a club is one person

No. 1432650

It's extremely uncomfortable that she's so blatantly taking advantage of a disadvantaged young woman. Meanwhile she talks about mutual aid kek. What a hypocrite.

No. 1432709

Right? Didn’t this girl just get out of a mental hospital? And yet uwu commie “drain Wall Street CEOs and redistribute wealth to poor disabled femmes” Kathy is taking advantage of her. What a nasty little scammer she is.

No. 1432738

Right. '20 was the first year, '21 was the second, and now we're heading into the third

No. 1432769

No. It’ll be two years in March. March 2020 to March 2021 was one year. March 2021 to March 2022 will be two years. Come on it’s literally in the year y’all can’t be that dumb.

No. 1432772

File: 1643792220271.jpeg (251.17 KB, 1242x1135, 2E814558-B717-49FE-BD5B-82792F…)

They can and they are(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1432798

You might want to learn basic counting anon. The first year anniversary stars around april 2021. You don't count 1 year before the first year is even over(derailing)

No. 1432887

Wow. She is gonna get cancelled so hard when the mentally ill woman comes out of whatever psychosis she is suffering with and realises that this middle class rat has been happily taking her money. Seriously, that’s actually such a low down dirty thing to do. It’s one thing to exploit incels for cheese money, but this finsub woman is clearly in desperate need of a good friend and mental health support. What does woman of the people comrade Kathy do? Takes advantage of the poor woman’s time of crisis to line her pockets and buy her ugly man ugly sweaters. Big oof for that karma, what an utter scumbag. I hope the woman one day posts the messages, I’d bet they’re full of coercion and pressure on her to part with her cash.

No. 1433092

File: 1643832100547.jpeg (534.8 KB, 1242x1209, C22AE5F0-6609-4B7C-B78A-77DBE8…)

The obsession continues

No. 1433097

File: 1643832247796.jpeg (36.55 KB, 750x1334, 09414307-BFF6-4656-B96F-50AC47…)

Interesting quote choice given she did not survive

No. 1433100

File: 1643832387908.jpeg (45.7 KB, 750x1334, F41B0954-62DB-4516-93D3-7F0940…)

If she’s going to continue saying she was financially abused by her family, she might want to get the math down. It’s an obvious weak point for her kek

No. 1433104

I know she’s slow but did she not see this implies she is now the financial abuser? Or is it suddenly okay to financially abuse mentally ill people because she’s doing it?

No. 1433112

The same finsub who recently spent time in a mental institution? Nice morals you got there Kathy.

No. 1433120

Even if “Mistress Velvet” were as important to Kathy as she claims, how common is it to reference the death of a close friend, a mentor, a confidante, every twenty posts? Why does Kathy refuse to say their name, if Velvet really made that big of an impact on her? The bereaved must feel so insulted. Hopefully grimy little Kathy is such a nobody that she hasn’t caught those actually impacted in her crusty, jagged beak.

No. 1433136

File: 1643834709425.jpeg (531.28 KB, 1242x1170, 73A1429F-77D0-4806-9D33-E6738E…)

Does she think admitting to not voting is an impactful radical move? Because it’s really not lol she needs to be shipped off to China or Cuba for a month to experience her praised Marxist–Leninism

No. 1433168

You're retarded but she's even worse because most communists are anti sex trade, she's just an extreme terminally online nobody who knows nothing about politics

No. 1433182

She’s retarded

No. 1433189

She needs to be put on a government watch list

No. 1433270

File: 1643844676938.jpeg (66.64 KB, 750x1334, X25jX2h0PXNjb250ZW50LWF0bDMtMi…)

Poor Kathy, traumatized because her parents wouldn't let her fend for herself and work in a coal mine when she was 4

No. 1433388

And which one of these applies to her?
>ability to pursue education
She graduated high school and attended NYU
>ability to work - and/or job training
Her narcissism had her put her entire work history online
>movement - basic necessities
Her dad got her an apartment at 18 and she's had multiple since. She wasn't homeless in high school.
>credit - finances - economic resources
All we have for this at the moment is her breaking down over them not paying her phone bill at 22 years old and student loans that are 90% paid off.

This supposed financial abuse looks more and more like Kathy being pissed she's getting cut off and that her parents didn't let her live her Gossip Girl/SATC fantasy at 15. Can’t fault your parents for not letting you run wild on your own as a minor.

No. 1433482

File: 1643861839818.jpeg (976.22 KB, 1242x1751, C7D8ADFA-2A69-478D-B81F-E6445E…)

I wonder how much she seethes on the inside when posting things like this knowing the image looking back at her is heavily edited and none of it is true

No. 1433492

Her eyeshadow colour and placement is so tragic

No. 1433505

What is with these pinups and their never ending obsession with being whitest of the white? She has an average skin tone and mousey hair… why she lies to herself that she’s some ethereal blonde being is beyond me.

No. 1433591

How is her makeup getting worse? She looks like she's mid transformation into a bird.

No. 1433657

File: 1643892829851.jpg (29.87 KB, 514x514, 1669e1e807acc9e102ea8c8547d6ca…)

Do you want an egg?

No. 1433670

Sorry to nitpick but everything about her face looks so wrong in this pic, from top to bottom; receding hairline, brows too short for her eye look, bizarre eyeshadow shape that looks like it's half-finished, chunky liner angled incorrectly making her eyes look down turned, bird nose, mismatched lip shape.
Some of that is just her being ugly, but for someone who's whole delusion is being ~glamorous and beautiful~ her makeup skills are atrocious. She doesn't work so she has no excuse not to practice doing her makeup and get better at it.

No. 1433996

File: 1643930579333.png (869.26 KB, 1242x2208, 95F49F93-7E83-43B9-ABEE-A264EC…)

She can change her site address but leaves “particulary” and “intorductory” what an absolute sped

No. 1434051

File: 1643935783163.jpg (99.79 KB, 421x445, LadyLucieLatexParkAvenue4_9d83…)

No. 1434158

She looks like a frail 70 year old man in his granddaughter’s wig

No. 1434251

File: 1643951515088.jpeg (42.39 KB, 750x1334, 2EDFF82B-B91F-459A-8189-2DDF76…)

She’s claiming to have ‘chronic PTSD’ now

No. 1434262

She’d be great as one of the ugly stepsisters in Cinderella. She really has hat that wicked witch look about her.

No. 1434284

I don't get her. This isn't something you should post on a public account. It's very personal and serious that should remain in dedicated communities and services. Also, no trigger warning? Tsk tsk

No. 1434289

That hairline is TRAGIC

No. 1434367

File: 1643969158413.jpg (175.97 KB, 1600x899, HT_tea_flego_grandmother_livia…)

She's clearly just a lazy spoiled girl who feels her parents owed her more than the comfortable middle class life they provided her with. It shows in her delusions of grandeur and her absolute inability or desire to work. She's even too lazy to actually do SW beyond begging for cheese wheel reimbursements on twitter. lmao

she really does remind me of one of those "glam-ma" makeovers.

No. 1434375

nta to this thread but i love makeovers like that, it's so sweet to see a woman taken care of considering that a lot of them stop taking care of themselves the moment they get a husband and a child since it's a lot of work (most of them also have a regular job but scrotes forget about that and say that it is bad that women get a man and stop caring)

No. 1434376

It's sad and humiliating imo "taken care of" by smearing a bunch of shit all over her face so she's the most fuckable granny at the home? You're unwell if you think women need pounds of makeup as part of their daily care routine.

No. 1434377

there is no need to get angry over someones personal opinion. I for instance like to wear some makeup, have my hair look nice and nails done - I do it for myself and it takes a lot of time not everyone has. Many women like those things and it has nothing to do with being the most fuckable, honestly this kind of mindset usually comes from women who don't want to be like other women who take care of themselves or from scrotes who believe this is all done for them. I don't think women need makeup at all i would never wore more than mascara and bb cream and feel great without it, it's just that most women don't have time for skincare and other things like that but the wish they could do them regurally - i know this from many overworked women who told me actually lmao I can't believe that the first thing you thought after reading about being happy for women getting to feel good was "the most fuckable ggranny at the home" - this is the humiliating part(derailing)

No. 1434428

if you think you are doing it for yourself you've been brainwashed, it's such a cope

No. 1434443

you just seem insecure and mean, it's okay to not like some things. I know very well what I do for men and what I do for myself.

No. 1434470

Please stop derailing the thread, take it to /ot/ or /g/

No. 1434681

File: 1644004264425.jpg (85.42 KB, 1080x960, screenshot.jpg)

The "not like the other girls" telling on oneself continues.

No. 1434691

So she is comfortable taking money from nutjobs that she's tried to turn into whores, but not from the people she claims to dislike. Man, it really pays to not be "in community" with her.

No. 1434747

File: 1644008001481.jpeg (96.85 KB, 750x1334, E2B064FB-78C4-4CDB-B620-6E456F…)

Not in community? The thread caps don’t lie; she’s been talking about being fucked by her boyfriend’s male friends from the beginning as well going on rants about how she isn’t monogamous. Also love how she just umbrella terms all her ~chronic illnesses~.

Also the entitled irony in posting about not taking on any work followed by thanking friends sending you money after e-begging. They don’t learn ever, do they?

No. 1434777

File: 1644011018486.jpeg (864.41 KB, 1242x1428, 17A06247-41B3-4032-B009-08D49F…)

Just going to leave this mess here

No. 1434786

Kek nonnie spot on
I truly hope those caps (I don't remember seeing them ) were larp. Thinking she gor brainwashed into fucking even the friends of that greasy wojack of her boyfriend is bleak

No. 1434810

File: 1644013499832.jpg (166.26 KB, 1618x960, screenshot.jpg)

She's again telling on herself in her stories with the encouragement of "using" exploitative systems while lip-service decrying them.

No. 1434821

If Kathy was truly interested in dismantling systems of oppression, she’d know you can’t do that while also taking advantage of them. What a woke commie kween /s

No. 1434830

That’s the tranny Shayna calls “mom” kek

No. 1434832

File: 1644015989811.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, 1630093148687.png)

Guess it could be a larp but this is the most concrete cap… complete with disgusting pedobait emoji

No. 1434836

File: 1644016356226.jpeg (27.25 KB, 750x1334, 272043453_4552855684837591_153…)

The only thing Kathy will ever bankrupt is herself lol

No. 1434845

File: 1644017494850.png (12.21 KB, 437x42, Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 3.31…)

Sure as hell didn't bankrupt the Museum of Sex as it didn't go anywhere and here's what real lawyers thought of her case: https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/sexual-harassment-in-the-nature-of-the-69462/

No. 1434853

this, this shit

I don't understand why she's so adamant about excluding straight people, it's absolutely bizarre, what the hell makes her burlesque "queer-only"? lmao like, purposefully turning away money JUST because they're straight? her priorities are wack

No. 1434873

She sits on her ass all day, flattening it even further, typing out fantasies on twitter of taking money from the odious cis white population yet when the occasion supposedly arises in real life gasp NO! She would NEVER take their money! Instead she gushes about taking money from ~queer disabled severely mentally unstable women and POC~. Really sticking it to the man Kath.

No. 1434888

She really has no clue how anything works. Idiots like Katherine love to go on about getting back at corporations and the government but only attack individuals they feel have done them wrong. You are not anti-capitalist if you get wet thinking about how it's systems could fuck other people over for you. Reporting your dad for tax fraud isn't going against the government; it's feeding it.

No. 1434899

Remember when it was "complex" PTSD? Like what does that even mean?
So people know she doesn't have a lot going on and call her last minute when the original performer cancels and they can't find anyone else kek.
I think she knows she can't cut it with people who have normal standards. If these middle class swingers are willing to offer her a lot of money, it's a double edged sword because they're going to expect a high quality burlesque act instead of Kathy's awkward fan dance undressing and disabled ass shaking. We've seen how unsexy she is, she'd get ripped apart in online reviews.

No. 1434910

The emoji is fucking disgusting but I still don't think the pic means what she wants us to think it means. She seems to me pretty repulsed by sex. I also think the dynamic with her slimy scrote would not permit that. Idk just a feeling. What do you think?

No. 1434932

Complex ptsd is enduring multiple acts of trauma without any return to safety or normalcy, your nervous system and brain get damaged differently than a singular event that causes ptsd because they are sustaining themselves beyond their means over a long period of time with no stability. It’s called complex to mean other than the singular, and because it causes developmental issues and issues that require some form of attempted adaptation to a dangerous environment. Think of long term sexual abuse, living long term with abusers, kidnapping, trafficking, etc.

It’s only officially recognized in the UK though, but it’s been studied in the US for a while. There are major differences between ptsd and c-ptsd, a really important one being treatment. Ptsd can be effectively treated with exposure therapy, with complex ptsd it actually makes it a lot worse. Professionals can address complex ptsd differently, but again it’s technically not in the DSM yet because it’s a ridiculous system. There’s a lot of misinformation, and they want to keep convincing people to be on expensive drugs designed for the male body that have very damaging side effects, instead of providing the physical care people need to heal from their bodies and nervous systems. Limiting social media is a great start, as is exercise or buying a book written by a medical professional on the subject instead of asking her followers about nightmares. Social media is designed as high stimulation and can simulate chaos, so she should take it seriously instead of waiting for it to cause more long term effects.

No. 1435027

File: 1644034096185.jpeg (161.17 KB, 750x1334, 1613CE52-C08A-4963-8CC7-76F260…)

She’s constantly asking for #free# ideas. This is your job Katherine and you’ve been in a creative block for almost a year; common sense would say this isn’t the job for you if you can’t figure out how to do some nudes.

No. 1435100

File: 1644044801906.png (344.75 KB, 1500x1334, C1CE1CAD-255F-4A0D-A759-D3578B…)

Someone outside of here must’ve called her out for dirty deleting. This is her excuse.

No. 1435103

File: 1644044919649.jpeg (74.75 KB, 750x1270, D77D046C-A571-4A6B-B0F5-A6F5C2…)

She’s also reposting things from 2-3 years ago because she’s a lazy bitch but that’s okay because now everyone new can see atrocities like picrel

No. 1435128

Ayrt, thank you for the explanation. That would make sense as it fits her narrative of being "financially abused" since she was a toddler. If the nightmares are real that's really sad, and could explain why anons who have known Kathy for a while say she's gone batshit crazy within the past year. We know she lurks and she's too addicted to social media to ever leave, look at how long she lasted on her "hiatus". Instead she should e-beg for money to pay for therapy instead of weed and purses.

Kek at her telling on herself again and admitting the only ideas she had for nude shoots were copied from Playboy and cliche 1950s sex icons (with really tragic lives, see spoilers if you're interested). She mentioned on Twitter how she has an Art History degree but hasn't found it useful in her line of "work". I'm suspecting Kathy paid someone to do her assignments for her because I don't get how she could make it into a related Master's program with the total lack of creativity and drive she has.
Derail about Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page:
Most of Marilyn's childhood was moving around different foster homes as she didn't know her father and her mother had schizophrenia and ended up getting committed. She was sexually abused by her foster father at age 11. Her shitty life made her want to pursue acting as a way to escape. She started to pose nude at 23 because she was broke. (She never consented to being in Playboy and never received any money from them btw) Even though she ended up being a successful actress, she wasn't treated well by the studios and was tired of being typecast into sex roles. She would struggle with addiction and died at 36 from an overdose.

Bettie also had a rough childhood, her father was a convict and she had to live in an orphanage for about a year when she was 10 and her parents divorced. Her father (mother was desperate for money and rented a room out to him) started to sexually abuse her when she was 13. Like Marilyn, she wanted to be an actress and moved to NY when she was 24 and was sexually assaulted by a group of men within days. Eventually she started erotic modeling and became popular for fetish/BDSM stuff (which she didn't care for and was only in it for the money). A few years after she was featured in Playboy she stopped modeling, became a born again Christian and expressed regret about her photographs. Later on she stabbed her elderly landlord, attacked another one, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and throughout her life spent over 10 years in various mental institutions.

No. 1435136

This is lies. I don’t believe for one second that any non freak tried to book her to come to their party. As if she’s gonna turn down money when she can’t even afford her own pasta, lol shut up ugly.

No. 1435163

Thank you for the ot about Marily and Bettie it’s truly interesting.

No. 1435195

this is all good & correct, just wanted to add that another difference between PTSD & C-PTSD is that the former can usually be treated with a short course of EMDR (eye movement desensitisation & reprocessing therapy) but the latter cannot because multiple memories have been encoded wrongly and EMDR can only really treat one. C-PTSD treatment is a three-phase process, the last of which focuses solely on reintegration into society. The distinction between the two conditions was originally made to empower and successfully treat people that had been through child abuse, domestic violence, sex slavery etc. it’s fucked up that it’s been co-opted by munchies like Kathy. Now a lot of medical professionals see it as nothing more than a polite analogue for BPD, which is a real shame for true sufferers. Cheers Kathy!

No. 1435384

i like how even with their faces cut off and most of their bodies hidden by sitting, you can still tell they're fat, dumpy manlets. just look at those thicc wrists, lmfao. "moid in cheap jeans and graphic teeshirt" always screams "i have a funko pop collection and a gamestop rewards account i use regularly" but the shitty band + juvenile vidya graphics is just peak. even without having seen the picture of his desk earlier, i could have drawn it for you after seeing just this pic, and vice versa. i guess she's trying to sell the fantasy of a threesome but that's just being the mayo layer in an overstuffed ham sandwich. nothing she does manages to come off as classy or alluring no matter how hard she tries because her own basic, shit taste shows through every time.

No. 1435499

Man has white mascara on to try and make his eyes wider as well as white under the eyes, give up beadyeyes. Also he looks shit as both, get some standards Kathy.

No. 1435564

File: 1644096893245.webm (664.85 KB, 640x910, YlrvrBfC47MNz8tG.webm)

Out of all the things from years ago to repost, she picks this?

No. 1435606

File: 1644100863376.jpg (139.64 KB, 708x1280, kathy is microchipped.jpg)

checked her story highlights out of boredom. she wasnt bluffing with those air tags LOL. now nobody will steal her michael jackson sleeve to harvest its luxurious swarovskis.
also, her media highlight is a true testament to her ego. aside of a single chicago tribune mention, it is inflated with boutiqiabe's art.
sorry if old milk, but it had me kekkin'.

No. 1435619

File: 1644101627305.jpeg (251.37 KB, 750x1334, 175487017_450885389348922_1627…)

Her shit stays thrown into her cheap particleboard dresser 99.999% of the time. They're going to die without getting any actual use. What a complete waste just to stroke her ego and delusion of being a "costumier".

No. 1435643

Is it okay to put stuff on top of the feathers like that?

No. 1435696

the only realistic part of her LARP is that someone might run off with her costume pieces, solely because she only brings them to sketchy dives or private parties where someone is likely to see her knockoff burando bag and snatch it thinking there's anything of value inside. at least she'd find it all dumped out nearby when the thief realized she'd already spent her weekly cheese allowance and there was nothing else inside worth carrying away.

No. 1435698

No, it's not. At best, she's flattening any fluff the feathers had and bending strands out of shape. At worst, she's breaking the spines of the feathers and pulling out strands that get caught on her big clunky gems. The best way she could've stored them was in a separate plastic storage container with some moth balls.

No. 1435752

File: 1644113138865.png (69.88 KB, 592x349, Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 6.02…)

Kath is so desperate to show she's getting pocket change thrown at her that she doesn't realize the monetary problem with saying "better luck next time" and "too slow"

No. 1435995

File: 1644144063442.png (1.77 MB, 1242x2208, F5EF2E92-6680-4BE1-95FB-7DDC87…)

If you can’t explain why you have the views you have then…. anons have been saying she takes on the views and such of the men she’s being used by and it honestly looks that way. She has no opinions of her own that don’t involve herself.

No. 1436065


I bet all of that stuff is going to be mangled when she finally goes to use it.

No. 1436074

File: 1644157805806.jpg (60.63 KB, 1076x960, screenshot.jpg)

Hypocritical word salad again from someone who wants to play into and succeed in capitalism and respectability politics with the way she wants to present herself.

No. 1436078

File: 1644158125417.jpg (78.45 KB, 540x960, screenshot.jpg)

Trying to sound thoughtful and instead coming across as thoughtless.
Even non-glass crystals have to be cut well to sparkle and have "fire".
"What is a crystal without sparkle?"

No. 1436112

she loves whining about who she is and isn’t „in community“ with. kathy, shut up. you’re a straight woman, you’re not in community with ANY lgb person. subtle homophobia towards gay men who don’t fit your standards isn’t okay kek. while im writing this, i remember that she also subtly shitted on lesbians. she’s fucking gross and cringeworthy, trying to be apart of a group of people she clearly hates

at this point, im convinced she’s only into this radical crap because it makes her seem special and unique. she’s not, of course, but she has this idea that anything and everything she does is revolutionary and radical and different from the norm - but the bigotry (one of her fav words) genuinely just seeps out. you can tell from a mile away that she’s bitter and hateful and narcissistic. sorry for my mini sperg nonas but this is the first time through out her threads that i’ve genuinely been annoyed at this cunt and her audacity

No. 1436115

I like tattoos normally but this one ruins whatever she’s going for. Not like she got ur anyway.

No. 1436116

Sage for the sperg but, wth is she storing the shoes like that? All the dirt from the soles is going to end up as well in the clothes

No. 1436123

>No straights, only gays
>The right kind of gays

I mean if she wants money from her """community""" she shouldn't ostracize the liberal and corporate gays since they'll be the ones with money. Also ironic how she tries to shit on capitalism while taking advantage of its trappings like probono laywers to try and sue her dad and former employers kek >>1434810

No. 1436140

>liberal, corporate gays
You have to pick one or the other these days if you’re under 26, anon.

No. 1436211

Why does she think she’s radical even? Because she’s „selfemployed“? Or she went to pride one day? I don’t get it

No. 1436227

File: 1644170816569.jpg (109.57 KB, 1620x960, screenshot.jpg)

More generic statements passed off as wisdom and trying to say "nobody be mean to me".

And based on the last story where a conversation about the relationship threatens it…the guy still hasn't obviously committed to her.

No. 1436276

File: 1644174145718.jpg (30.96 KB, 540x960, screenshot.jpg)

Victim-blaming sucks, but this is…not about that.
The announcement of leaving advertises her departure in a way that says she wants people to flood her DMs with supportive messages and beg her not to go.
If she wants to get off social media, she can, at any time.

No. 1436279

The vaguepost stories remind me of heather explores, like what is this even about

No. 1436291

File: 1644175479244.jpg (21.55 KB, 540x960, screenshot.jpg)

More vagueposting!

No. 1436318

what amused me is that her second "powderpuff" costume is in the slide before the one you posted, also in its designated drawer, yet we have never seen it on her. im still waiting to see that one in action, or her bedazzled black dita bra with the mismatched white and cream pearls…

No. 1436330

File: 1644177758180.jpg (62.33 KB, 750x1334, X25jX2h0PXNjb250ZW50LWlhZDMtMS…)

She's having a meltdown because people are finally seeing her for her true colors.

What is it that they say, "if everyone you run into is an asshole, the only asshole is probably you"?

No. 1436366

File: 1644179739248.png (556.05 KB, 616x460, bigbird.png)

>Use the system of the state against itself!
A few days earlier >>1433136
>I don't vote because I'm a RaDiCaL
Ok Kathy.

Lol at her telling on herself for getting called out for her bad takes and being unable to make it make sense to others

Dirty deleted. I'm betting money the gays came for her with pitchforks, hence the following meltdown.

No. 1436372

This baby Jane looking bitch talks about PTSD more than combat vets. Daddy not paying your way isn't abuse!

No. 1436419

File: 1644182570780.jpg (237.18 KB, 1080x960, screenshot.jpg)

"Earn It" has a lot of shitty implications, explained in a TL;DR version here: http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/blog/2022/02/earn-it-act-back-and-it%E2%80%99s-more-dangerous-ever

However, here it's used as another example of taking a larger issue and making it about herself.
She wants to get messages and send out stationery, while being stationary herself.

No. 1436467

This is actually ridiculously pathetic. She has two Twitter and three Instagram accounts and there isn't a single post doing anything she's telling others to do. Where is Katherine tagging and publicly making politicians look bad? What pressure is she putting on anyone? Others are clearly calling her out for her BS because of her posting shit like >>1435995 but what else does she expect when she is poster woman of performative slacktivism? She wants praise for sending worthless letters to people who are actually doing the work. Her narcissism is off the charts.

No. 1436469

This is definitely all stuff she bought for her failed pasty business

No. 1436475

File: 1644185866838.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1242x1735, 1637456736058.jpeg)

It is. Here's the cap of her listing it all off kek

No. 1436622

Avoidant attachment styles can stem from abuse, but we wouldn't expect abuse larper Kathy to know that
I think the no corporate gays thing combined with her telling people to use the system against itself, like what is self awareness? She's all talk and nothing she supposedly stands for can withstand the tiniest bit of scrutiny, how can she say to use the system against itself while villainizing corporate gays who are doing just that.

No. 1436623

File: 1644197525753.png (700.06 KB, 1500x1334, 2D9A8C01-625E-442D-926D-ED4171…)

Next target: other disabled people. She’s really sticking to a certain theme today. Get off your soapbox Katherine.

No. 1436638

File: 1644199354441.png (75.59 KB, 590x289, Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 6.01…)

Next target: other dommes. Many people must've called her out this week (rightfully so) because she's attacking everyone else while taking zero accountability for herself and playing the victim.

No. 1436664

File: 1644201361855.jpg (361.6 KB, 2976x1332, 465972414.jpg)

She's throwing herself a pity party now. Note how instead of coming up with something original she uses black women's words as her own. Keep posting your L's Kathy with no accountability whatsoever and let's see what happens!

No. 1436674

File: 1644202619160.jpeg (24.56 KB, 750x1334, 273385962_229336856078479_1782…)

And then admits it was for a crumb of validation

No. 1436680

File: 1644203188280.gif (2.9 MB, 300x300, giphy.gif)

Cognitive dissonance and narcissism go hand in hand and boy did Kathy put hers on full display this week. She smugly bragged about reporting her father to the government while fantasizing about “bankrupting” people, “prosecuting” doctors, and “filing lawsuits” against employers. Then told people to use capitalism to their advantage to go against the government, corporations, and individuals because “you deserve to be compensated” - just her opinion! But wait, no, if you’re a gay liberal working in the corporate world that does not apply to you; she’s only in community with radical queers and “liberation through capitalism… is not possible”, even though she just told everyone to use capitalism to their advantage and being openly gay in the corporate world is historically radical. Reevaluate and ask yourself why you have the opinions and views that you do but don’t ask her to explain her views because she “outgrew that, with stronger boundaries, and less patience for nonsense” and “that’s a you problem, not a [her] problem”. Wants everyone to “tweet, tag politicians, make them look bad publicly, and add pressure” while she sits back and does nothing except send letters to those that can prove to her they did something because stationary!

Says the sex work community is toxic: tells a full service survival sex worker she is not in community with her as well as a swerf because she said some women in sex work don’t have the opportunity to say no, challenges dommes before understanding what they say, accosts dommes for “extreme misandry” (the fucking irony) because “transmisogyny and bioessentialism”, doesn’t want to talk to or make friends with anyone in the community unless they pay her/buy her stuff. Says the queer community is toxic: has on multiple occasions attacked butch lesbians because ~femmephobia~ (‘what pretty girl hurt you in high school?”), attacked lesbians for not wanting to be with women that have been with men because ~biphobia~, and she’s “not in community” with liberal corporate gays. Says the burlesque community is toxic: see all four threads for how she treats women in that community. Bonus content: says disabled people are the biggest abelists because they don’t “make necessary room for themselves” so they “will never extend that room to you”. She says this after telling disabled people not to tell their employers about their disabilities, which would be not making room for themselves, because then they’ll be able to sue their employer for not accommodating them. She actively creates a hostile and toxic environment everywhere she goes in order to live in a echo chamber but has the audacity to ask “can I be okay and held and seen anywhere safe?”

She’s giving herself those PTSD nightmares by the constant olympic level mental gymnastics she has going on in her head

No. 1436702

Katherine really thinks living in era where there are more lgb people getting a stable job, having a stable relationship, not homeless, and/or not whoring themselves because more people accept lgb community is a bad thing.

No. 1436720

Now that you mention it, it sounds like Kathy is resentful about the fact that plenty of queer people are able to succeed in capitalism and live the materialistic lifestyle she has always aspired to/felt like she has been owed. To quote the communist manifesto Kathy linked in a recent sperg:
>"People who are liberals look upon the principles of Marxism as abstract dogma. They approve of Marxism, but are not prepared to practice it or to practice it in full; they are not prepared to replace their liberalism by Marxism. These people have their Marxism, but they have their liberalism as well–they talk Marxism but practice liberalism; they apply Marxism to others but liberalism to themselves. They keep both kinds of goods in stock and find a use for each. This is how the minds of certain people work."

No. 1436734

File: 1644207817722.png (258.84 KB, 590x618, Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 8.21…)

She is resentful about a lot of things. God forbid anyone goes further than her or has a decent family life.

No. 1436738

that is honestly just bleak, wtf is supposed to be hot about that
>spaces to be aware and thoughtful
bitch what you run a pretend porn blog

No. 1436754

Fuck you Kathy, we are not "in community" with you. She's really working overtime to burn every bridge around her this week.

No. 1436764

retards like Kathy never know what bioessentialism actually means but libfems and TRAs using words they don't know the meaning of is no surprise. also kek at the notion this hettie hates men.

No. 1436777

>portrays herself as a nasty, two faced villain who lied about who they were, victimized themselves to get what they wanted, antagonized whoever stood up to them, and falsified their appearance to be blond and beautiful
…she didn't do that on purpose did she?

No. 1436778

File: 1644213189082.png (31.86 KB, 591x133, Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 9.50…)

Huh? She's manic today isn't she kek

No. 1436780

File: 1644213398270.png (98.71 KB, 589x436, Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 9.55…)

Her source is a bimbo page on instagram

No. 1436793

Kek @ Kathy parroting the notion that the plain fact most pedophiles, rapists, and murderers are amab (and also commit the majority of crimes in general), is a "cisheteronormative idea". It's sad how low Kathy is willing to stoop to antagonize other cis women (pick me, pick me!) in order to pander to the troons, although it's not surprising because she's burned every other bridge.

No. 1436800

yawn, lazy MRA tier shit-twisting from 10 years ago

>so are you saying women are too weak to kill and rape? huh? HUUUUH?

No. 1436832

bimbo theory is an AGP rapehon lol

No. 1436853

This. Bitch. She makes me so annoyed. She is literally financially abusing a mentally kll woman, pushing her into sex work to send the money to her. SHE is an abuser. All this bullshit about not wanting to do middle aged swinger sex parties because she’s much to queer for that while she herself is hooked up with the most world of Warcraft plying looking neck beard dude you could imagine.
Calling him Daddy makes me fucking snort laugh. It’s just awful watching this poor fat mentally not all there woman get groomed into sex work to buy Katherine tacky crap for her house while she sits around posting about how radical and anti capitalist.

No. 1436898

File: 1644239665067.jpg (84.56 KB, 540x960, screenshot.jpg)

A missed screenshot from before, of her again attaching herself to the idea that SHE'S the one being harmed instead of the one causing harm.

No. 1436958

File: 1644247588013.png (60.54 KB, 720x257, Screenshot_20220207-102508~3.p…)

I checked them out and, um

No. 1437175

Aha I love that she quotes an account called Bimbo theory with a straight face.

Also shoutout to Kathy for indirectly calling transwomen men affected by misandry, twice.

No. 1437735

File: 1644315010461.jpeg (370.94 KB, 1538x2048, A248A60B-6873-4BF2-A4F1-A332BF…)

No. 1437738

File: 1644315091508.jpeg (386.85 KB, 1482x2048, 9C386ACF-5859-4BEA-BA1A-EA00FF…)

No. 1437739

File: 1644315175255.jpeg (435.22 KB, 1538x2048, 00F2C9C1-18D6-49A9-86A2-C0FBD4…)

No. 1437742

it's scary how much she resembles a crossdressing man in one of those latex masks made to look like a woman's face.

No. 1437767

it looks like she has four eyebrows… the make up is atrocious

No. 1437793

Wow, not only her shoes are grandmacore.
Girlie, you're too thin to have such gross jowls, get off the carb diet. Your hooked nose and drooping cheeks make you look like a yassified by faceapp senior citizen. Not to mention unflattering outdated poorly applied makeup and the grossest mousy brown (looks more like muddy gray) hair.

God, I am not often going on about how ugly people are, but she is an epitome of ugly with how she styles and presents herself. Luxury experience? Maybe in a nursing home, you beak-nosed witch.

No. 1437854

Despite the lolcow thread, the cruellest twist of fate is that none of her friends have told her this look is dogshit. Not a single one.

No. 1437857

File: 1644332337128.jpg (113.31 KB, 750x1334, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1hdGwzLT…)

All bought with the femmesub's money.

No. 1437858

The outside really does reflect the inside doesn’t it? That all carb diet is catching up with her fast. That hideous frock only draws attention to her lunch lady arms, jowls, and neck rolls. The makeup and hair are lost causes at this point; don’t know how one could call themself a hyperfemme living doll luxury pinup and a ~researcher~ while not having single clue about how to do basic flattering hair and makeup. Crusty eyelashes and unkempt eyebrows with eyeshadow going through them… I can’t with her kek

No. 1437859

File: 1644332937829.jpeg (429.07 KB, 1242x1538, 6009DFD3-97CD-4FCD-9DDA-6C3D91…)

She truly thought she ate lol

No. 1437860

File: 1644332962162.jpeg (441.37 KB, 1242x1523, 6CE7B389-DA01-4CE6-AF5E-338DBF…)

No. 1437861

File: 1644333153878.jpg (90.24 KB, 588x746, 6023245.jpg)

No. 1437862

what in the fuck was she thinking with this make up

No. 1437863

Kek at the blurry patch over her neck

No. 1437865

Maybe it's the animal print, but all I'm seeing is Carole Baskin

No. 1437866

File: 1644333347366.jpg (41.52 KB, 383x166, 34567865432134567890.jpg)

No. 1437880

Are we absolutely positive this is a 24 year old woman and not a 60 year old transvestite?

No. 1437881

File: 1644334485311.jpeg (424.41 KB, 1242x967, 6F8E680B-B19C-4737-9659-8745FE…)

Guess she’d be in excruciating pain if she had to actually style hair that wasn’t thin and fine. She hypes herself up over the oddest things. Your arms hurting after holding them up for a few minutes isn’t a flex but here she is trying to make it one.

No. 1437883

File: 1644334582757.jpg (134.27 KB, 591x879, 852661.jpg)

No. 1437888


I don't understand how someone who literally doesn't do anything can look so old and tired.

No. 1437890

Aunty-capitalist definitely has what they call 'bingo wings'.

Not a good sign at this age, when her neck beard paycheck is already posting ethots n anime.

No. 1437891

Tweets like this of hers become even funnier when you remember that she has sperged about what she posts online not being real, just fAnTaSy. In reality she takes him out on dates and buys him shit while he streams to absolutely no one on twitch drunk and simps for e-whores daily on Twitter.

No. 1437899

File: 1644335545345.jpg (98.71 KB, 469x934, 340419.jpg)

This is week old milk but she even made her boyfriend's dog getting neutered all about her KEK

No. 1437902

Not even animals are safe from Kathy’s raging narcissism geez

No. 1437908

I can't tell if her skin is flaking or if her eyeshadow job is just THAT patchy.
Gross gross gross in any case.
If you say you're luxury, at least TRY to act it, Kathy.

No. 1437920

KEK at the fact she acts so worried while her scrote doesnt give a fuck looool. from how she makes it sound, it seems like the dog was to have something serious done to him. i think she deliberately omits what "surgery" it was.

No. 1437924

File: 1644337881015.png (184.77 KB, 722x822, le goddess.png)


No. 1437926

She looks like a thirty year old granola mom here, but I honestly think that she looks better when she looks older. She doesn’t have the closet, taste, or style to be giving old Hollywood starlet glam, but “back of grandmas closet trash-glam” might actually be attainable for Kathy. Just admit that you like costume jewelry and tacky vintage clothes, stop shitting on actual sex workers and survivors, get a job, get a therapist, get off of fucking twitter, and move the fuck on with your life.
Beautiful edit nonnie kekekek

No. 1437959

I can't get over how cheap she looks. I agree with that other anon, she'd be far better off leaning into the "thrift store granny" aesthetic she clearly loves and stop her unconvincing LARP as a high end SW. That purple eyeshadow all the way up your browbone insanity is fooling NO ONE honey.

No. 1437976

>That purple eyeshadow all the way up your browbone insanity is fooling NO ONE honey.
What's the illusion even supposed to be? The only thing that made sense to me was that she was trying to distract from her nose

No. 1438052

erases eye creases and blurs out jaw because??

Your edits are terrifying Kathy, you have to leave normal things like jawlines and eyelid creases in if you want to look human and not like a fetish larper wearing a mask as observed by this anon >>1437742

No. 1438078

I CAN'T WITH THE 4 EYEBOROW sHIT. too much. Why. Where did she see this .

No. 1438141

File: 1644355269424.jpeg (34.66 KB, 750x1334, 273517592_473734760941947_9220…)

That former acquaintance anon said Kathy couldn't keep friends and Kathy just proves her(?) right

No. 1438155

My vote for next thread pic

No. 1438179

shes seriously only 24?? do we know shes not lying about her age because ive NEVER seen a 24 year old who looks like this and i knew one who was close to having no teeth

No. 1438200

If Monty Burns and Woody Allen had a child woof

No. 1438256

In the first thread there’s evidence of her being in high school in 2014.

No. 1438269

File: 1644364330381.jpeg (482.8 KB, 1125x1129, 732AD0F0-DE01-44CD-9144-D14E28…)

She’s autistic now? Also love the fact that she had to toss in the “some of the nicest restaurants” claim as if that has anything to do with what the person is asking about.

No. 1438312

Not eating sushi doesn't make you special. Plenty of people just don't want to try it. However, most of them in NYC are above 65 years of age so I guess that fits Kathy's glamma aesthetic.

No. 1438340


Why are the feathers so blurry?

No. 1438355

She knows there are plenty of options at fancy restaurants that aren’t fish right

No. 1438398

File: 1644373357703.png (81.05 KB, 587x352, Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 6.15…)

>She’s autistic now?
Remember she knows more than medical professionals so her self-diagnose is obviously correct /s. She won't admit that she is an actual narcissist so implying she has autism/asperger's is her cope. Not the first narc to do so. Picrel are her last two likes on Twitter kek

No. 1438717

File: 1644416288442.jpg (Spoiler Image,825.93 KB, 1080x1407, uri_mh1644415705499.jpg)

Fixed for you Kathy. Get a real job, any job, and stop taking advantage of mentally ill retards and save to fix that honker. Maybe follow some models/influencers to see how actual rich people look and do their makeup. The 50 year old balding trans makeup isn't cute. Sage for pure autism fanart

No. 1438762

Should have done her arms

No. 1438999

File: 1644440404258.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.96 KB, 576x1280, photo_2022-02-09_20-25-08.jpg)

i wonder what type of person would be willing to pay 50 dollars to see this lipstick-wearing ghoul's teats, yet alone hang the photo above their bed

No. 1439064

No one wants to see Nose-feratu's infected AA tatted tits. Also birthday suit would be full nude Kathy.

No. 1439067

File: 1644444885212.png (57.9 KB, 590x210, Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 2.13…)

She still hasn't settled on a shoe size lol

No. 1439070

File: 1644445012975.jpeg (209.47 KB, 750x1334, 273504609_2086108518222811_421…)

No. 1439075

File: 1644445403782.png (278.72 KB, 330x587, Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 2.20…)

The photos were bad but the video is even worse. Crackhead grandma with a bad vocal fry. Much luxury. So domme.


No. 1439085

Very dominant and much sex appeal. Her voice is as fake as her jewelry.

No. 1439095

Why is she, as a dominatrix, whispering? Afraid to wake up her neckbeard or something?

No. 1439098

She has pasted over her natural eyebrows with foundation and then drawn over it. What the fuck. Girl just PLUCK THEM.
All of her makeup is like an AI did it, it's just uncanny and weird with some really bad choices

No. 1439109

File: 1644447135316.webm (2.6 MB, 720x1280, Granny Needs Money.webm)

No. 1439113

She doesn’t need to even pluck them if she doesn’t want to but maybe reconsider where she applies things. She looks better without this new eye shape (?) she’s trying. I’m wondering if we’re entering a Shayna-like standoff

No. 1439204

File: 1644453817661.jpg (63.2 KB, 600x397, cinderella-wicked-stepmother-s…)

That pink feather looks familiar

No. 1439257

File: 1644458812191.jpg (362.29 KB, 807x1138, Screenshot_20220209-210349_Chr…)

the contrast of the kabuki makeup vs her natural pink undertones is beyond jarring

No. 1439264

File: 1644459657731.jpg (126.88 KB, 1589x582, pralines.JPG)

these exact pralines cost like 10 dollars. unless shes chomping down three boxes, shes inflating the prices again. its even more comical considering that this can be so easily checked.

No. 1439265

Kek I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone attempt to larp as a munchie. You either are or aren’t one. Kathy here has one prescription next to birth control and everyday otc medicine. Can’t even do her ~chronic illness~ larp right.

No. 1439270

you dont understand, the hair skin and nails gummies are also crucial to easing her pain kek

No. 1439273

File: 1644460444803.jpeg (227.4 KB, 418x959, 4D157B4C-6970-4E18-B07A-B97EEB…)

Ah yes how could I forget those and the knockoff yankee candle!

Picrel for >>1439264

No. 1439280

She really needs to lay off this stuff, the fancy cheese & pasta, because she is well on her way to lunch lady arms in that video. I'm really supposed to believe rich men are sending money to what looks like the busted lovechild of Baby Jane & Little Edie. Kek. Ok, kathy.

No. 1439294

File: 1644463768473.png (406.5 KB, 587x725, Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 7.28…)

"A few times a year" these are literally from three years ago.

No. 1439305

Why does she look like Mr. Burns kek

No. 1439337

She's really out here trying to sell old pics (Christmas in February? kek) where she airbrushed out her collar bones…

No. 1439387

Kek at Carole Baskin. I vote this eyebrows pic for next thread pic

No. 1439566

File: 1644505163448.png (149.43 KB, 313x362, cawww.png)

She reminds me of Big Bird here. That dollar store mop of feathers on her head in no way matches her dress. This is tacky and embarrassing.
The dress is also pretty tight and is showing off her new "curves" in all the wrong places. Better cut out some of that pasta and cheese, Kathy.

No. 1439622

File: 1644508725721.jpg (60.63 KB, 577x562, graphic design is my passion.j…)

I thought these recent things were funny when all grouped together

No. 1440008

File: 1644527687422.jpeg (91.31 KB, 750x1334, 273657591_2133835150101066_706…)

She's lurking lol

No. 1440023

File: 1644528309205.jpeg (127.74 KB, 588x880, image.jpeg)

No. 1440025

Long-Covid-themed munchie saga incoming

No. 1440026

Is it truly a consensual personal choice when you do not have or feel you do not have another choice?

No. 1440035

File: 1644529204972.png (96.73 KB, 594x373, Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 7.26…)

Do they idiots really not hear themselves? Comparing your online whoredom and e-begging to your grandma who actually had to work hard to not only make something of herself, but to break barriers is beyond tone deaf. Reading between the lines here, Kathy thinks men giving money to women is ~radical~ because we “weren’t able to work” but are able to now. She’s once again telling on herself because if her neckbeard was actually paying for everything and if she had more than one loose cannon male sub, she wouldn’t think men giving women is radical. Men have historically provided (read: control) finances.

No. 1440070

>What are immunosuppressed people supposed to do? Or people with other illnesses?

I'm sorry, did this sick bitch really just imply that the only thing those groups of people can do is online sex work? There are many things that people do from their homes to make a living but Katherine doesn't have the creativity or the ambition to even imagine doing anything beside selling herself for pocket change.

No. 1440171

File: 1644538520896.jpeg (570.28 KB, 1494x2048, FLRkFv8X0AI4RqP.jpeg)

No. 1440172

File: 1644538542198.jpeg (568.36 KB, 1428x2048, FLRkFv8XIAMfhvH.jpeg)

No. 1440185

File: 1644539977672.jpeg (398.58 KB, 1344x2048, FLRe9KgXwCADQ9Y.jpeg)

No. 1440186

File: 1644540006175.jpeg (460.2 KB, 1650x2048, FLRe9KkXwBE4n8t.jpeg)

No. 1440193

File: 1644540428033.jpg (19.75 KB, 406x612, gettyimages-1197358215-612x612…)

Her starving baby bird mouth is fucking annoying

No. 1440251

the pin head; the sad, limp, mousy brown hair; the bird face; the mismatched animal prints. what a look. imagine if she weren’t a fAsHiOn HiStOrIan kek

she should never wear feathers. it’s a bit… on the nose

No. 1440260


More like a bit on the beak.

No. 1440277

Kathy,stop. No one is paying for this…the beak nosed lovechild of Baby Jane & Little Edie with 100% more mental illness & daddy issues. A blind person would make a better fashion historian than this bitch claims to be.

No. 1440296

Legit thought this was DCmediagirl in a costume

No. 1440352

File: 1644551903759.png (79.79 KB, 592x481, Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 7.58…)


No. 1440412

Why are these losers telling on themselves like this omg… not a flex

No. 1440416

Didn’t cap it unfortunately but she posted that it was up to $25 kek

No. 1440494

sage for sperg, but kathy is talking about social norms, and not the legality of women working. its just that her wording is a feminist caricature of reality; women COULD work, but many chose not to, or their husbands didn't want them to work. but both working women and women relying on male money can coexist at the same time in the same culture, depending on who they marry (or not marry). and exploiting men financially still stems from traditional gender dynamics (that, and the "chivalry" of spoiling women with gifts), even today.
also kek for "world war eleven"

No. 1440496

File: 1644573559545.png (90.9 KB, 300x300, ongina.png)

she looks like ongina

No. 1440526

You’re just repeating what the other anon was saying

No. 1440530

File: 1644580521443.jpeg (559.33 KB, 1242x1286, 74DCFADC-61CB-48DF-A145-1F20BC…)

Not her posting this after boasting about $10 and consistently begging for carb money

No. 1440600

sure, her taste is expensive, that's why she brags about middle class pralines. She probably never went to a small, exclusive store and bought ones that were handmade instead produced by a huge company.

No. 1440661

Ah, yes, the unattainable luxury of Ralph Lauren, known only by those soccer moms with the funds and know-how to source their fine products from Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and outlet malls around the country.

No. 1440675

File: 1644599515269.jpg (98.19 KB, 374x405, how to feed your baby bird.jpg)

forgive me

No. 1440719

World War Eleven?!

No. 1440735

Katie's dream is to be cared for like this

No. 1440740

this happens if you don't know anything about roman numerals or history. If my grandma would read that she would beat their asses and tell them to go run, because the bombers are coming, destroying their city. The funny thing is, the cheeks of my grandma aren't as saggy as Katie's and my grandma is over 90 years old.

No. 1440833

yeah. considering that she would constantly harp on about luxurious "french pastry" from chain-store laduree (and moreso, the store itself), this comes as no suprise.
sorry nonna, it's the lack of sleep

No. 1440947

File: 1644616579331.jpeg (127.11 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 1440964

File: 1644618089066.jpeg (73.99 KB, 983x872, another one.jpeg)

She once again made someone else's very tragic death all about herself

No. 1440965

So who is she fighting with?

No. 1440999

File: 1644619798180.jpeg (75.44 KB, 750x1334, 273673949_860114048122577_4051…)

No. 1441012

who is stalking her? Her dad?

No. 1441019

File: 1644621340162.png (129.83 KB, 591x647, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 3.12…)

She's on one today. Who/what triggered her lol? When has she ever grown food, made meals, or broke people back into apts? Never. She sits on her flat ass all day seething.

No. 1441022

File: 1644621381465.png (53.29 KB, 592x257, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 3.12…)

No. 1441024

File: 1644621477826.png (441.5 KB, 591x732, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 3.13…)

Sure wasn't talking about Harvard being "built by enslaved people" when she was pretending she was once enrolled there kek

No. 1441028

Jesus fucking christ. "This person I didn't even know death is really triggering to me!! Pay attention to me, not the actual victim!!"

No. 1441030

File: 1644621750316.png (47.47 KB, 592x217, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 3.13…)

>How embarrassing
Irony is so lost on her

No. 1441050

File: 1644622839553.png (88.78 KB, 587x473, Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 3.38…)

I'm dying. She's putting all her daddy issues out today kek not a flex Kathy

No. 1441051

Don't you have black women to go say Grand Rising to as a form of social reparations? Why is she dragging herself? She wishes she was petit bourgeoisie. Her major contribution to the proletariats is literally nothing but empty gesture tweets. She's peak fucking liberal. True Communists would eviscerate her bird ass for even trying to use Communism as an online aesthetic. She should stick to being an anarchist cause at least her sedentary lifestyle where she does fuck all but whinge is in line with the western "anarchists" she's idolizing. I'd be amazed if she could name any other prominent Communists in history besides fucking Marx and Engels, if that. She's so transparently fake and desperate.

No. 1441059

You sleazed around hotel bars Katherine McMahon. No one was even sending you an Uber kek

No. 1441071

Kinda just sounds like Chili's and a Tiffany bracelet from a pedo won you over and you though "omg I never want to work or try for anything again this is great I just have to get raped by this old man who wants freshly 18 year olds"