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File: 1654910032602.png (295.25 KB, 595x496, manifesting 2 boyfriends i gue…)

No. 1556689

Katherine McMahon, also known online as Katherine Harlow, the Madame Blush, and the Park Avenue Pinup, is a 24 year old scam artist in NYC who forfeited the college education granted to her by her decently successful family to LARP as a disabled, autistic, downtrodden, salt-of-the-earth in her endless sage wisdom sex worker. Whenever she feels like pretending to have a job, she can be seen performing burlesque in her signature sweat stained, ill-fitting, tacky glue and rhinestone underwear. She is truly one of the best costumers in burlesque. When she isn't performing, which she usually isn't, she can be found offering her "luxury" services as a financial dominatrix on Twitter. Survival sex workers speaking about their personal experience with assault beware (!), as she is seemingly only 'in community' with a single dead, trans, black woman who never truly knew her, and is now too dead to tell poisonous bird women online to stop using her name and image for ally points.

Recent milk:

> After oh so subtly throwing shade at dommes who use their sub-funds to pursue a higher education >>1510534 Katherine continues to pander to her pedo "sissy sub", receives payment not in four figure purses, but rather a wooden spoon >>1510865

> Advocates for kind, considerate discourse online >>1511131 but only after claiming that her so-called profession "enrages civilian women" because they are sad, undervalued, insecure, and jealous misogynists, and that nobody should "come for her" unless they want to be "dragged through hell and back" >>1510835 >>1536571
>Ironically calls Amber Herd out as a fake survivor of domestic abuse >>1511567 only to claim that 'victims never behave perfectly' and that she feels unsafe speaking out as a survivor of domestic abuse after the trial has concluded >>1533744 >>1546420 >>1547361
> Claims that she is not classist because she glued her signature bespoke consume together herself. Anybody insulating that she and her channel button rings and four figure luxury spoons (not to mention The Block of Cheese) are classist, are actually just abled people trying to not talk about ableism >>1512111
> Begs in all of her nobility for burlesque performers to be allowed to wear masks during shows >>1512309 despite not wearing one when she performs, not to mention having a disease carrying pigeon of a boyfriend who in all likelihood gave her COVID when he chose to party at a bar instead of playing "1940's wealthy and loveless" house with her on his birthday.
>Took a 'course' on "ethical Findom" >>1513657 despite already feeling comfortable enough to speak both down to and for her 'community' on a daily basis.
> Continues to incest pander to the "sissy sub" >>1514166
> The autism self-diagnosis begins >>1517212 >>1530682 >>1531959 >>1531970
> Desperately cannot properly ration pain pills, blames the pharmaceutical industry for not providing enough opiates to people >>1517757
> Self-identifies as a poor person in survival sex work, again, >>1522848 despite literally having had every chance and opportunity that actual survival sex workers don't >>1521387 >>1518173 .Also claims in the same breath to have directly worked against classism and "done work" in mutual aid, only proof of her doing so is her barking about both of those things on Twitter while smoking weed and taking pain pills.
> Still cannot stop using a dead black person that never knew her to garner clout >>1524646 >>1527225 >>1529745 >>1530933
> Katherine still cannot stop taking advantage of legitimately disabled people >>1529270 but is furious when people take advantage of her because she is 'disabled' >>1508728

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

thread 1 >>1259829
2 >>1299249
3 >>1348150
4 >>1405537
5 >>1456358
6 >>1508644

No. 1557091

There's like 65 posts left in the old thread, so keep using that for now

No. 1559788

File: 1655168921633.jpeg (283.12 KB, 1121x1602, FE8FD80E-733B-44C0-9B29-5A709C…)

Her tattoo of two straight lines took 4 hours longer than she originally thought

No. 1559805

Surely that can’t be right?!

No. 1559807

File: 1655170249114.jpeg (60.37 KB, 750x1334, 7ABB8642-D65C-404A-8EBA-13BC24…)

What success? She can’t even get a line tattooed on her successfully lol

No. 1559829

File: 1655172701202.jpg (85.5 KB, 717x1279, kcvha.jpg)

while Katie was out making terrible life choices, her neckbeard was hosting his other girl

No. 1559849

The line itself is straight… but it wasn't placed directly in the center of her legs and it makes her knees and calves look slightly bowed.

And yes, a 4 hour tattoo can take waaay longer if the client is constantly bitching, asking to have a weed break every 5 minutes and keeps saying "ow ow ow staahhhhhp! Owwww!" You know that's exactly the type of client Katie is

No. 1559914

I think the problem is the lines don’t trace the curve of the leg the way real seams would. They just go straight up and down.

No. 1559936

This tattoo could be perfectly executed and designed and it would still look weird. It’s just not a good idea. Of course, it’s not well placed or designed so it looks even worse kek

No. 1559941

I just think these are a bizarre idea. If you want straight lines on the back of your leg, why not just put on a pair of stockings? Like other anons of have said these won't match up with any stockings she puts on

No. 1559950

File: 1655183052590.webm (831.13 KB, 720x1280, 2A442104A6282B83CC4B9FBA0E166B…)

No. 1559951

File: 1655183129778.webm (1.39 MB, 720x1280, 584F96B2113AED9B11223E0C639928…)

No. 1559953

File: 1655183382223.jpg (218.46 KB, 1075x2400, Screenshot_20220614-000631_Sam…)

Nothing about this looks good, not only is it not straight but it curves in places it shouldn't while avoiding everywhere it should curve to make it look realistic against her natural curves. I want to see what it looks likes with a pair of stockings over it.

No. 1559959

Wait wait… 7 hours and only one done…?
Was she bitching and whining the whole time or what?

No. 1559960

Yeah I mean it would make sense to draw the lines over a perfectly placed pair of seamed stockings in pencil rather than just draw straight lines with a ruler. Such a bizarre and stupid tattoo. So glad she got it.

No. 1559976

Anon…….. pencil doesn't show on skin……..

No. 1559986

KEK I knew this would happen! She went to an amateur artist who either used a ruler or a projector to place the lines. They have a disconnected floating quality rather than following and emphasizing her leg shape like stockings do.
I'm glad I resisted mentioning that as a common fail in these tattoos until she got it done. What a disaster lmao

No. 1560251

I have a fully-detailed tattoo that covers all my diaphragm and ribs and that only took 3 hours. How the fuck did two lines take 7? She has been well and truly mugged off.

No. 1560264

Hey this person hung out with her for less than $100 an hour, that's probably a good deal for Kathy who can't squeeze a second of attention from her own boyfriend.

Can't wait til her new tattoo high wears off and she names and shames the artist for "abusing her" in some abstract way. She didn't even tag them on Instagram so I think she's already unhappy on some level.

No. 1560272

She probably took lots of breaks for vaping/snacks or when she was in too much pain. To be fair to her, the back of the knee is a very tender point to get tattooed. It'll hurt even more when she's lasering them off lol

No. 1560273

Also it seems like the artist put the stencil on while she was lying down with her legs straight instead of when standing up so they could follow the natural contours. Whoops.

No. 1560435

File: 1655220464964.png (476.14 KB, 723x827, mistake.PNG)

No. 1560453

File: 1655222555905.png (180.7 KB, 504x348, kathy tattoo.png)

Kathy vs. Fully-Fashioned Seamed Stockings for those of us who don't know what it's supposed to look like.

No. 1560484

File: 1655223937906.gif (176.53 KB, 410x274, yr3n93y78.gif)

I can't believe it! The stupid bitch went and did it! This is the greatest news of my day - hats off to you Kathy! I'm so fucking happy that she actually went through with it, words cannot fully describe the joy I feel for her KEK. Such a chefs kiss excellent job done. Nothing but the best tattoo artist for my mistress! What's her next plan? She's truly the best at the art of the tease, I can't wait for what she has next in store for us.

No. 1560558


So unflattering!! So much for ever looking sexy in stockings.

Those perfectly straight lines have neutralized and destroyed any possibility of curvey feminine legs. Even if she gains weight.

Can't unsee the resemblance of gross blue vein on the back of a chicken drumstick. And yet, even chicken drummys have more succulent shape.

No. 1560565

Kathy seems like such a granny-ish nickname for Katherine where a young person would use some variation of Kat/Kate/Katie. Does she actually call herself Kathy?

No. 1560577

No, she has specifically talked about how she only allows her friends to call her Katie and that if you aren't close to her you shouldn't call her that.

No. 1560585

Huh, figures. I always found it weird that some anons call her Kathy instead. That's like a nickname for a Boomer kek ty though

No. 1560691

That's why we call her that

No. 1560692

File: 1655236357944.jpeg (177.87 KB, 750x1334, 288036132_430758031957841_1239…)

I don't have any tattoos but isn't there aftercare you have to follow?

No. 1560694

she should be washing and lotion it up diligently unless she's one of those dry healing idiots

No. 1560695

Uhh yeah, I wouldn't lay down on a blanket that looks like it has absorbed all the hair, dust and whatever other particles with essentially open sores. Can't wait to see how she ruins the tattoos in two weeks bc she can't be bothered to keep them clean, moisturise them and not fucking scratch and pick on them when the itching part begins.

No. 1560696

inb4 the sperging over kim kardashian's dress situation

saged for non contribution obvs i'm just looking forward to this kek

No. 1560702

the line already looked awkward as fuck in her initial photos but seeing the tattoo here, in a more intimate photo (nice job giving away feet pics for free, btw, you still have no idea how to market yourself luxury untouchable feminine mean perfect findomme) it just looks so sloppy and awkward. Gives off the same vibe as the wild who would draw on themselves during class.

No. 1560718

At least provide screenshots, anon

No. 1560729

anon said inb4, focus.

No. 1560755

It looks Like she had socks covering part of it, too. She’s such a dumbass.

No. 1560829


That short seam is solid proof she's not an autistic costume historian.

It's way too short and shitty to be considered anything resembling a backseam stocking.

No. 1560852

File: 1655248636002.jpeg (446.62 KB, 1170x893, AB4B74C5-06E5-4CF4-8FAE-7FCD48…)

What is with these women and pedophilia? It’s almost a given that a cow will be like this.

No. 1560854

can't wait she regrets spending 7 hours getting a crooked line tattoo'd to the back of her leg like a smoothbrain.

It doesn't even look like the seams of stockings, just a line. Hopefully she tried to line up her stockings with it one day and has a mental breakdown when no matter what she does, it doesn't work.

No. 1561041

I just tuned into her boyfriend’s stream to see what he was like and he was talking about the contents of his dog’s shit. I came back in about 15 minutes later and he was talking about wanting to shit in public and the contents of his own shit. Really riveting, intellectual stuff.

No. 1561100

How lovely. Only the finest of dialectician logician gentlemen for Katherine. In all seriousness though, that is the EXACT type of dude one would expect to be with a girl that gets “stocking seam” tattoos.

No. 1561172

That is literally a child’s foot.
I hate her

No. 1561192

Not the first time she's posted it either

No. 1561194

File: 1655275597427.jpg (151.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1085.JPG)

It is hilarious that as soon as anon's found out the neckbeard had another girlfriend, Kathy reverted back to calling him daddy kek for months it has been "my partner" and an occasional "sir". Now it's daddy this and daddy that. Picrel came after >>1559807

No. 1561197

File: 1655275855482.png (128.42 KB, 587x529, Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 11.4…)

Meanwhile he's doing this. She stays taking Ls.

No. 1561216

she's so pathetic it's unreal

No. 1561232

You just know she‘ll turn it into a "totally abuse" story and drag the artist through the mud if she ever turns around to hate the tattoo. Soon she‘ll be looking into "pay for laser removal" subs or what ever

No. 1561391

I thought her bespoke handmade best costume of all time bullshit was paid for by subs? She literally said it not that long ago so which is it…

No. 1561536

File: 1655308044429.jpeg (28.1 KB, 275x208, 8E84FB53-EB2C-4540-BB5E-868C83…)

she looks insane bugging out her eyes like that, nobody’s home

No. 1561607

Looks like she deleted it. I wonder if someone reported it or what happened.

No. 1561622

Kek every damn time

No. 1561701

it was recent too.

Subs = choosen family (aka friends) and her keeper/neckbeard

No. 1561771

File: 1655321331686.jpeg (300.81 KB, 1170x642, 95AEF839-4A8F-4F97-A6D7-5100A0…)

The math isn’t quite mathing here

No. 1561774

File: 1655321588881.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1367, 8C3F2871-6C3E-4EDD-85EF-5E731E…)

That line be wobbling girl

No. 1561777

It’s like she doesn’t want people to meet her or something

No. 1561780

i think this is the first good pic of her i've seen. the tattoo is…extremely unremarkable but the shot is well done.
inb4 holding an amazon boa in the next selfie

No. 1561787

Kek. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. You sure showed us kathy…getting something BOTCHED and PERMANENT on your body.

No. 1561793

File: 1655322770346.png (1.89 MB, 1508x1334, 8110F9E7-7258-4028-AB2B-5C9EE2…)

Her delusion has no bounds. Lana has a bad nose job herself and a completely different facial structure. Anyone who gets a “pixie” nose job gets a piggy one lol

No. 1561802

Kathy's nose job would probably end up looking like Belle Delphine's post nose job nose: unnaturally small and who-like.

No. 1561809

Not even a lanafag, I dislike her as a person, but she does not have a nose job. She does have filler tho

No. 1561812

Go to Lanaboards… they found both her lip injection and nose job before and afters.

No. 1561825

Samefag as before and tbh, I had only seen really bad comparison photos before, and by that I mean the "before" was after she already had her surgery. But looking at other photos from her teens, she probably does have a nose job. Wtf.

No. 1561833

Maybe it would improve if she ever toned her legs?

No. 1561842

She might want to take a crash course in aesthetics since body modification is her “biggest fetish” before getting any type of cosmetic work done because it’s not “I can do whatever I want” like she was going on about at the end of the last thread.

No. 1561846

File: 1655325404843.jpeg (99.97 KB, 750x1334, 845645D5-833B-4F50-9D92-A24A8A…)

Like she’d ever use it for anything but pictures

No. 1561855

What path is this bitch even on at this point? Looks like she doesn’t even know.

No. 1561862

Guess I’m going to have to be the one who tells her she got a witch skull

No. 1561882


Has her eye for aesthetics made you go blind nonnie? This picture is about as terrible as the rest of them, but it's slightly more interesting since she didn't include her resting bitch face or a bad wig I guess

No. 1561997

File: 1655333428332.gif (144.48 KB, 340x340, 1630024903609.gif)

Lol this bitch airbrushed her toes

No. 1562031

File: 1655335445138.jpeg (265.55 KB, 750x1334, 9F0C7967-CBF6-4C63-8A6C-DFC26C…)

Plastic wheel kid’s luggage. What happened to the LV luggage and $500 bags she was begging for?

No. 1562136

I’m surprised no one from the bodymod community has called her out for being full of shit since they’re a pretty haughty, gatekeeping bunch. I’m intrigued by what she means by “beauty mark scarification.” A beauty mark tattoo would make more sense, fellow queerbaiting malingerer Kiki Deerhoof even got one.

No. 1562152

This is the same woman that unironically calls herself a feminist and female supremacist

No. 1562153

That’s because she’s a nobody, nona

No. 1562157

I can’t fathom why someone going for the aesthetic that she is desperately grasping at would willingly add a scar to their face. Also there’s no way that a scar small enough to be considered a beauty mark will heal and stay a heart

No. 1562193

Scarification isn’t legal in the US which means she’s going to get it done under table which means it’s going to be a shitshow. She’s also ignoring… you know what, never mind. Miss Cultural Worker can figure out what I was going to say on her own.

No. 1562198

Can’t possibly imagine why she deleted these two kek

No. 1562219

I'm not very familiar with instagram, could an anon explain why she censors certain words? Is it just to get around filters/getting banned for adult content or is there something more? If it is just to avoid a ban, would that mean every time she does it is reportable?

No. 1562259

thing is, scarification is generally about the image/pattern being 3d or a new texture.
thats a full witch mole not a beauty mark.

No. 1562261

unpopular whores always assume they're being shadow banned for being a sw so they all censor anything "spicy" to increase their reach not realizing that they aren't being hidden, it's just that no one cares.

No. 1562322

The funny thing too is that typing something out on Instagram and then crossing it out in Instagram does absolutely nothing lol

No. 1562465


She's living her varicose vein fantasy

No. 1562470

File: 1655367442193.jpg (391.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220616-011554_Chr…)

Kek she chose the cheapest pink "vintage"one listed on Amazon. stay winning kween

No. 1562619

serving shaynacore realness kween

No. 1562671

It's definitely one of the better ones but she still insists on putting those stupid bling flare effects on everything.

No. 1562687

I just looked it up, it's one of those Chinese "brands" that are ten a penny on Amazon these days. Undoubtedly made by slave labor, and will fall apart after a few uses. But they're pink! That's what matters right?

No. 1562920

File: 1655408548131.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1875, 65A5A4D6-75BD-4051-BBEC-1595BC…)

From the person who did it page. The curve on the lower part of her left leg is jarring compared to the straight one on the other.

No. 1562935

>the kate spade bag shoved in the corner.

No. 1562940

I can't believe this cost $700! It's stupid and it doesn't look good. Kathy could've actually bought a decent handbag with that money or put it toward the nose job she wants, but she's committed to having aggressively poor taste.

No. 1562974

It wouldn't cover the entire nose job but it would help a lot. If she bought budget cheese for a while, stopped buying amazon bullshit and "redoing" her shit costume, she'd be able to save up for it in a few years.

No. 1563081

The difference between >>1562920 and >>1560453

No. 1563133

File: 1655423426665.jpeg (130.73 KB, 750x1334, 4B530367-AE1D-4759-ABAB-1C7E96…)

The fuck is “Barbie feet”? Giving Chinese foot binding.

No. 1563138

It’s a surgery for women who want smaller feet. I like how she says she can’t get it due to disability and not because it’s an absolutely insane procedure to pursue.


No. 1563142

I'm pretty sure NO ONE can get "Barbie Feet" surgery without becoming disabled. It's hard enough recovering from simple bunion removal let alone this madness. Her feet aren't comedicly large anyway, this is a stupid want. Even the women I know with huge feet (one wears a 12!) would say this is stupid. She should focus on the waist training because it won't cripple her, and it's something she could actually benefit from.

I do wonder what disability she's claiming that makes the ridiculous vanity foot surgery an extra issue tho. Endometrial tissue in the toes? kek

No. 1563146

I thought it meant the arch Barbie has so you can put heels on her. Too lazy too Google a reference picture lmao

No. 1563161

I wear size 10/11 and it's not hard to find shoes. It can be difficult if you have particularly wide feet, but if they're just long it's no issue. the people on that site complaining are so full of it lol.

Shouldn't she appreciate her working feet? Seems ableist to want to fuck up your feet for aesthetics when they work just fine and there's ppl out there hobbling or with prosthetics or elephant feet. fake ally kathy…!

No. 1563177

This is a radical surgery. I’ve had one foot done this way and with endo so that’s not an excuse. It was not for aesthetics but necessity and I never had the other foot done because it was horrible. I’d rather limp around forever than do the other foot. Any woman that wants this surgery for anything other than comfort needs a psych consult. They move bones around, fuse, plate and screw in this procedure and even afterwards I only see the difference not feel it. Katie couldn’t handle it and it’d be another disability excuse for not preforming or working anywhere.

No. 1563202

Why is she even discussing this ridiculous surgery? Get a rhinoplasty Kathy.

No. 1563212

I thought it was a surgery for women who wanted permanently arched and pointed feet? As to elongate the leg. Not surgeries that “simply” narrow the foot and if the patient opts for it, reduces it in size “a bit”.

No. 1563229

I think the pointy one is the oldtimey chinese one

No. 1563292

Fucking with your feet is one of the worst things you can do so of course Katherine would want to stick to her “4 1/3” or whatever shoe size larp.

No. 1563351

Honestly I'm surprised they can even ethically offer this surgery. I'd be less surprised if it was somewhere like Turkey or Bulgaria who love the surgery tourists, but Australia?

No. 1563372


She's outing her self as a fake disability advocate by even entertaining the idea of surgical barbie feet.

If you were ever disabled, why would you voluntarily further that state of reduced ability

This is Psychopath thinking.

No. 1563397

HWAT. Does Kathy not own a mirror? Fix the honker first. Or get boobs, whatever. How did she even find out about this lmao. “Incel jawline fixation” levels of unhinged kek

No. 1563417

It’s because the surgery is not offered. When you go to their “Find a Doctor” area, that surgery (or any other feet surgeries, for that matter) isn’t on their drop down menu. That’s not to say it’s not done but I doubt it’s as popular/in demand as that “article” claims. I
Are there women with conditions that require surgeries that happen to make the foot more aesthetically pleasing? Certainly. I just doubt regular women even know about this or care that much. All articles I find are incredible sensationalised.

No. 1563424

Kathy will do anything for "dollification" except getting her teeth fixed and learning how to do her makeup

No. 1563510

Damn for someone that act like her this is truly a disturbing and disabling surgery. Pretty obvious that she has no idea how living with an actual disability/chronic pain is, she’s such a fraud lol.

No. 1563569

I wonder what it will look like when her leg hair grows

No. 1563596

Isn't it obvious? She wants debilitating foot pain to have an excuse to do her burlesque act while lying completely stationary like a starfish. You know some of the best burlesque stars from history were comatose!

Also love that she's buying into the waist training meme. No steel boned corset is going to disappear fat from your waist girl, cut back on the munchies.

No. 1563634

You can’t do laser hair removal over tattoos so is she just going to walk around with hair lines down the back of her legs to compliment the black lines? Classy and really doll-like! It’s interesting how many painful elective things she wants to endure while having debilitating chronic pain that is so bad it prevents her from ever working a normal job.

No. 1563637

The funny thing is she’s already tried to make “bed burlesque” a thing for her so starfish burlesque wouldn’t be far out of the realm of possibility.

No. 1563747

Bone spur removal maybe? Bone spurs apparently can be painful and develop from wearing the wrong/bad shoes, but it's a different procedure. Recovery is supposedly hellish, though.
Good point. How is she supposed to be a burlesque performer if she can't stand? Is she going to have to transition to work where she is lying down?

No. 1563917

Yes extreme and painful bunions would fall under this type of reconstructive surgery and in the end the foot will be much more pleasing too the eye but it’s not worth the pain imo. I’m the anon that had it done and I typically suggest not doing it to anybody that wants it done because it will cause even worse chronic pain, too much can go wrong from infection, cut nerves, non join, blood clots and even breaking the hardware because of where it’s located. Katie is vain and loves to be disabled so I can totally see why she would want to do this. She would be truly disabled with a legitimate excuse.

No. 1564188

Kathy is inline to the psychopath narcs in Cronenberg's 'Crash', where they fetishize being in horrific car accidents and can't stop despite the horrific mutilation they each endure in the name of their obsessive fetish.

No. 1564295

omg the book is awesome and pretty fucking sexy, I can definitely get behind Crash, as a permanently maimed car crash victim myself haha

No. 1564297

seek help anon

No. 1564363

File: 1655509996729.png (340.35 KB, 592x690, Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 4.46…)

Trying to pass off e-begging as sex work will never not be funny. Isn't the point of having "pets" and "slaves" never having to pay for anything yourself? Buying basic shit and then asking to be reimbursed doesn't seem like financial domination to me but I'm not an e-whore so maybe I just don't understand it kek

No. 1564444

Learn2budget like a real performer, Kathy.

No. 1564448

Asking for money to buy tissues and hand sanitizer on twitter is so weird

No. 1564470

I believe she has/had endometriosis, purely because it affects like 10% of women. But she had an ablation and now probably pathologizes her regular period cramps. Not that she does anything the other 3 weeks of the month.

No. 1564667

File: 1655540755140.jpg (397.54 KB, 1080x2071, Mb nt.jpg)

From her new sext line profile. Her weird unsexy shopping list of "fetishes" always makes me chuckle
>average degens: I get off on spanking and humiliation
>Katie the Sex Worker: Guuuh I have a fetish for fluffy hats, estate sale bargains, picture frames and checks grocery list dental floss

No. 1564669

Kek she deleted this

No. 1564713

vintage objets and artwork… her potential subs don't give a shit about anything she won't use for sex why is she listing those there

No. 1564718

So by her own wording she is sexually attracted to vintage objects. Would it kill these whore cows to learn some marketing?

No. 1564728

Wanting to be referred to as “supreme” is giving the same vibe as her saying “good morning findoms”. Grammar is not her strong suit the neckbeard should gift her a workbook for that next.

No. 1565149

File: 1655582315888.jpeg (189.59 KB, 2250x1334, 85C29670-E51F-4AF2-8A81-A10209…)

Katherine out here having beef with instagram bot accounts that interact with literally every public account. Also love how she tries to make her hang-ups about people everyone else’s fault.

No. 1565164

> I’m not in community with w, x, y, z. I hate a, b, c, d. If you’re not materially and financially contributing to my life, I don’t need you. You need to agree with my opinions and political point of views; brainwash your friends if you have to. Everyone can go fuck off and fuck themselves or else I’ll get a restraining order and sue you because you have zero instagram followers.
Also Kathy:
> it’s so hard for me to make friends because everyone I meet winds up being a toxic abuser. I never feel safe.

This projection of hers is so big, aliens are going wtf

No. 1565169

>I never feel safe
>stay away from me
>I dont have the bandwidth
>I won't tolerate anything from strangers

Oops, Katie forgot sex work is super healthy and empowering and definitely doesn't erode your mental state to the point you feel like a hollow husk and interacting with anyone feels exhausting and terrifying

Attention starved middle class libfems always think they can enter prostitution on a whim and it won't wreck their souls. Even Katie who thinks she's clever by being a no-sex sex worker, no nudity, literally being paid for NOTHING, still exposes you to the constant overwhelming bullying of johns who want more and more for less, and think they own you because they followed your "free sub task" of 5 retweets.

No. 1565237

File: 1655592186972.png (89.38 KB, 588x431, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 3.42…)


No. 1565251

Untreated personality disorders and weed don't go together.

No. 1565258

Literally giving free goods out and then whining she attracted a bunch of poorfags. God I haven't seen someone this retarded since Vicky Shingles. It's amazing she spends the majority of her uh "working hours" being irritated that horny entitled johns won't respect her bOuNdARiEs when the whole system of prostitution makes women objects with no boundaries

No. 1565276

She's lurking hard today because she deleted the rant and also part of >>1565149 after being called out

No. 1565277

She can't handle bots following her, she's going to freak out the second any naive john actually wants to pay her to spank them.

No. 1565286

> cuckolding
The only one being cuckolded is Kathy herself - and by a neckbeard at that.

No. 1566062

Last year on Father’s Day we got the public collar and leash photos. What will the milk gods bring us this year? Hoping it’s a double whammy since it’s also Juneteenth.

No. 1566306

File: 1655687631543.png (327.05 KB, 591x708, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 6.13…)

Not Kathy getting up on her high horse when she's just as bad

No. 1566359

Kathy has posted a clearly underage child'd foot…multiple times and labeled it with her pedo pandering "kink." It's pretty rich of this worthless cunt to question what others are posting.

No. 1566388

File: 1655692191073.jpeg (33.63 KB, 750x1334, 288876389_571179124606049_1075…)

The voices are getting to her again

No. 1566404

KEK whatever happened to being a totally valid autosexual?

No. 1566443

File: 1655696182492.png (101.96 KB, 589x502, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 8.36…)

They're turning on her lol

No. 1566461

Drawing seams was traditionally during the war when nylon was scarce and women faked having stockings on. But paying money to have seams poorly tattooed on permanently AND paying for stockings is just pathetic, even for a fake fashun historian.

No. 1566479

File: 1655699157001.png (232.08 KB, 1440x1082, 86557.png)

She's Tweeting about her "stalkers" again, is it her former subs turned bad or what? She reels off incels, femcels and SWERFS which makes me think she still believes every weirdo she interacts with is from lolcow, despite spending her time collecting weirdos via being a "findominatrix" and cowtipping being against the rules+frowned upon here. (If anyone is cowtipping you're lame, but I suspect it's ex-subs)
Like that guy clowing her right above, who is on a findom account, clearly not a lolcow user >>1566443

No. 1566481

Le epic anarchist who is not in community with the working class kek

No. 1566484

Did she…ask people to RT and then cajole and block the people who did?
>I have restraining orders against my entire biological family

I…what are the chances someone's entire family are shit? Even in the shittiest family there's like a nice grandma or little cousin or something. At this point it seems like Katherine is the problem.
She has a bully personality but also appears completely ineffective at actually bullying anyone or organising any kind of group together to rule over, probably because everyone (including her entire bio family) gets on her nerves before long, including all her subs, friends, family, colleagues and so on

No. 1566487

File: 1655699767133.png (91.49 KB, 592x581, Screen Shot 2022-06-19 at 9.32…)

She's definitely talking about ex-subs because she has interactions with the one above. It's almost as if exclusively taking on openly mentally deranged subs for pocket change isn't a good idea. So empowering though, right?

No. 1566558

God, I love it when she talks about her "stalkers" because it makes her sound schizo as fuck.

No. 1566574

Like every lolcow, they insist they have stalkers and not just people who cringe watch from afar. Kathy, you’re an animal throwing it’s own poop in a zoo. We’re laughing at the info you post publicly.

No. 1566680


Oh here we go. Thanks, Kaitlyn Tiffany.

No. 1566745

>Man is publicly rude to her
>If you're broke, just say that cry laugh emoji

God she's such a pussy. Or rather a sensitive little nutsack lol. Where's the ruthless cold dominatrix energy she keeps advertising? She goes in guns blazing on burlesque women but with a man, she can barely manage a passive aggressive twitter clapback.
And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't insulting a known finsub as broke basically working for free since she's a findom? Why dignify it with a response before blocking. She's so desperate for attention lol

No. 1567033

File: 1655753453754.png (97.39 KB, 594x465, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 12.2…)

Okay Miss "Unlock Fee is $300"

No. 1567034

File: 1655753475532.png (91.81 KB, 592x389, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 12.2…)

No. 1567039

I will never do SW but sometimes I think I'd clean up if I ever tried it. The complete lack of basic professionalism these cows have is hilarious. She can't even focus on making her money and logging off, just endless rants about how moids who buy women aren't nice enough (shocker!) on her business account. Of course these guys don't respect you, you're literally a whore. Do you want the job or not?

No. 1567078

File: 1655756114933.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, 92217115-8409-4B7D-BEF5-D88E29…)

I think her Scrote is reading here kek

No. 1567121

She wants the job ONLY as long as it’s strictly on her terms and she’s treated with perfect respect. She hasn’t figured out that she can’t have it both ways. This isn’t a fantasy world where you get to handpick only the finest, richest, most gentlemanly fetishists. You either compromise on your principles or you don’t make money.

No. 1567289

Kek. Balding moid gets outed for shittalking kathy on here when?

No. 1567372

Tinfoiling he wants to end their relationship but is too checked out to do it in person so he posted this knowing Kathy will see and break up with him.

No. 1567477

Yup. You can't jump in and be Belle Du Jour instantly. You need to build up a client base and a reputation whatever your area. She wants the reward without doing the work.

No. 1567568

Huh, Katie says >>1567034
> Sadbois are manipulative and misogynistic with no boundaries
Meanwhile her neckbeard, who got another girlfriend while leading miss thing around on a collar, posts >>1567078
> I'm so ugly, so hideous, I'm uhhh joking but please somebody tell me I'm not a sasquatch

Something's gone down in that house lmao. We often forget she has 0-1 client at a time, so usually when she's complaining about clients it's veiled criticism of her boyfriend

I'm still cracking up that she made a whole fanfic about a "tall dapper rich boyfriend #2" who never materialised, right when we found out about neckbeards new goth gorl.

No. 1567571

File: 1655802538027.jpg (30.6 KB, 421x401, You're bald.jpg)

Greasy moids who cope with a thinning crown by growing their sad surviving hair long are bottom of the barrel kek
Next stop, perma baseball cap

No. 1567611

File: 1655809048384.jpg (85.86 KB, 1077x1055, Screenshot_20220621-124730906_…)

MUH ETHICAL FINDOM Catering to literal diaper wearing scrotes. Helping pedos get off as long as she gets a few bucks on CashApp.
Here's the sick fucks profile https://mobile.twitter.com/MaCa40971717

Katie you're a piece of shit, I know you read here because I keep giving you hot tips about your "work" and you jump to make changes like I was your boss. Here's some feedback:


Ban me for alog idc. She's a greedy unethical bitch who can rot in hell

No. 1567697

You’re right and I don’t see why you’d consider this is a-logging.

No. 1567861

Glad that he's owning the title of bigfoot and ogre, this means he's also seen one or two of us saying Katherine can do better kek (she can)

Pedopanderers like to cope by telling themselves they are preventing pedophilia by giving these men an outlet, so unfortunately miss woke commie queen won't listen to your logic. Same as people who think child sex dolls "help" rather than encourage pedos further down the path.
'Reinforcing an illegal and dangerous fetish actually discourages it' - hoes

No. 1568154

File: 1655845493573.jpeg (213.78 KB, 1170x958, 165A7B3A-5D45-4107-9801-61A592…)

This is a direct contradiction but the retard still thinks she’s right

No. 1568160

> it’s not catering to men!
> it’s catering to men for money!
Just because men throw you a pittance doesn’t mean it’s not catering to them.

No. 1568215

File: 1655849509430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1170x1606, 36C9B83E-F3B2-472D-AD82-FE3186…)

Picrel is from “little baby’s” twitter, I might not be an educated domina but I actually think Kathy’s right on this one. Mistress doesn’t cater to men- she panders to fucking creeps.

No. 1568237


I absolutely wish I didn't unspoiler this and I want to delete your post.
The worst part is that these pedo pandering whores are never the ones to get harmed. It's an actual kid who has the misfortune of being within 100 feet of these creeps that suffer more. I'm really scared for the little kids growing up in a society that's trying to normalize pedophilia and catering to their fetishes under the extremely thin veil of "feminism" and "financial independence for women". As if it would be so hard for women like Kathy to get a two year degree and just be the office pickme. She could even keep her neckbeard.

No. 1568253

Not surprising. She's interacted with literal pedophiles before. There was a sissy in the second or third thread that posted real underaged girls with his gooner or whatever it's called text across their pictures.

No. 1568254

File: 1655852597405.png (421.13 KB, 592x700, Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 3.59…)

I know she isn't trying to pass off Marie Antionette's bracelets as her own kek

No. 1568305

i feel the same way about future generations in regard to polyamory now that it's so normalized too. young people won't get to know acceptable boundaries in healthy relationships and it makes me sad

No. 1568306

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but from the documentaries I've seen about these adult babies and sissies, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with them being attracted to children. The women they chose weren't pretending to be young girls, but rather adult women. The interviews showed that these men were into more age regression shit because of their desire to go back to simpler times and enjoying the basics of being cared for.
I'm not a sissyologist so maybe there's other types I'm not privy to, but since when is there a correlation between getting a grown woman "babysitter" to humiliate a sissy and raping children?!!

No. 1568308

“The woman who turns heads.”
The same woman being ignored by her scrote boyfriend. The same woman, who during a performance where all eyes should be on her was obviously boring her audience as they were all looking at their phones.

She is so bitter there’s absolutely nothing special about her.

No. 1568348

Go put your straw man back in the fields, farmer, because nobody called Kathy a pedophile. We called her a pedo panderer. Nobody gives a fuck about hypothetical documentaries you have seen. This man is cumming buckets to those little fucking gloves they put on babies to keep them from scratching themselves. Kathy continues to post, what, the promo art from the movie Lolita? As a part of her sex worker larp? If you don’t see why people are wigged the fuck out, grossed the fuck out, and see this as pedopandering, then maybe go change your diaper cause I think it might be full of piss.

No. 1568367

> The woman who turns heads when She enters the room
I’d look if Katherine entered but definí not for the reasons she thinks I’m looking.

No. 1568544

I got RSDS/CRPS (pins n needles chronic pain that makes me unable to even wear clothes 1/3rd of the time) and Kathy here makes my skin crawl with this stupid crap.

RSDS is so painful I gotta deal with it all over my body and I gotta be on disability bc of it.

She has just… no idea on anything.

No. 1568722

Nta but learn to read. Anon was asking how farmers are getting that sissies are suddenly child rapists.
No one is saying Katie is a pedo.
Learn to read before taking anons questions so personally. You also might want to learn what a straw man is because Katie also uses that accusation incorrectly and it's annoying af

No. 1568834

>Begging money on the internet is not that far from romance!

No. 1568835

Hej she said she turns heads, she did not specify in which direction, LOL.

No. 1569250


oh, so they're only into women pretending to be children, toddlers and babies? And that's perfectly okay behavior right? go back

No. 1569432

Anon, the other women aren't the children, clearly. >>1568215
I'm not the sissy whisperer, but from what I've seen, the sissy thing always depicts the toddler sissy cared for by grown women (who sometimes humiliate him). We might not get what sissies do but at least don't pretend we're looking at a scene from Rugrats where there's only (adult) babies.
Besides, Katie's annual "good little pet" clearly isn't attracted to children because Katie looks like a middle aged witch with smirking puckered lips that further deepen her smile lines. Katie's sissies like the matronly look

No. 1569632

Only a scrote could defend a random moid with this level of energy. The sheer retardation is giving me contact autism.

For the record. Pedos commonly have these "role switch" (gag) fantasies, it's been documented in paraphilia studies, a lot of which has been buried by twans movement but it's out there. Look up Debra Soh's early work. And it's common sense. It's socially acceptable now to jack off in little girl clothes on twitter. It's not about comfort or safety uwu, because they could just get a weighted blanket and watch movies like a human being. This is a fetish they can get away with. Why make the scenario sexual if it doesn't have a sexual purpose? They just switch roles and fuel their fantasy that the child in this dynamic WANTS to be abused. You see the same pattern in BDSM where people enter the scene as subs and switch to dominate when they're more comfortable.

No. 1570458

File: 1656045286075.jpeg (376.79 KB, 1170x885, E00DD061-CF11-4962-9F22-413A45…)

Lol the most Katherine has ever got out of anyone is a terrible tattoo that a man paid for only because he wants to see her wreck herself

No. 1570465

File: 1656046235957.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, A6E69BC5-360B-4BCE-A95C-9E6DE1…)

I won’t be able to tune in but I would love for some nonas to go on twitch and ask him about Kathy kek

No. 1570795

>just switch roles and fuel their fantasy that the child in this dynamic WANTS to be abused

Exactly, there's nothing innocent about a man pretending to be a baby getting sexually abused as his fetish.

No. 1570822

Even fucking VICE knows that it’s bullshit. Letting pedophiles access child harm materials, even simulated child harm materials, encourages them to offend. The ONLY solution is chemical castration/imprisonment, since apparently euthanasia is seen as “immoral” (good to know where our priorities are)


No. 1570871

> from the documentaries I've seen about these adult babies and sissies

Lmao who sits around watching “documentaries” about sissy porn? You’re so obviously a diaper scrote here to defend your fetish, it’s hilarious how badly integrated this is. Go CashApp Kathy $5, maybe we can avoid her hourly meltdown about how cheap her simps are.

No. 1571017

File: 1656104566107.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.48 KB, 626x562, 330A877C-B5DB-498E-A264-F03B41…)


Glad another Nona was able to put it into words, I’m embroidering this on a pillow as we breathe kek, glad to see other nonnies call the obvious scrote obvious (and I think the smart money’s on it being Kathy’s recently burned ex-sub kek). In addition to all of that; diaper-defender-supremo is irrelevant as well because nobody cares about some coomer’s precious fee fees and them wanting to feel “simple” or “cared about”.

No. 1571152

Allegedly, we don't know that she didn't just harass her neckbeard or use a credit cardfor the tattoo money. It was only $600.

No. 1571264

She flashed the cash and showed Venmo or whatever. This is the one believable thing because she admitted he had been paying/saving for it over months kek

No. 1571641

“Born to work?” Very communist of you, Kath.

No. 1571917


Some of the women I work for are the kind of women this ugly freak wishes she was and I wish I could introduce her to them. Not that I support or excuse how they make a living, but they are the kind of women who’re paid to fly out to rich scrotes, and who get to shop in separate rooms in designer stores. Let me tell you anons, she could never. She is so far from their league looks wise that she’d be lucky to get a job cleaning the scrotes floors, never mind have them pay her to exist. That doesn’t happen anyway, not with the hookers who actually make good money. That’s a fantasy. I don’t know if she is larping because she genuinely thinks it happens or if she’s trying to manifest it. She should understand that to be in the world she wants she will need a new face, body, attitude and she better be prepared to do disgusting things.

No. 1572456

File: 1656231427254.jpeg (669.84 KB, 1170x1291, 16625DB5-0642-49FC-B616-7CC4DC…)

> if she is larping because she genuinely thinks it happens or if she’s trying to manifest it
At this point, I think deep down she knows it will never happen for her so her entire larp is just one giant narcissist cope. She is desperately holding onto the “youth” factor like in picrel from this week because it’s the only thing on paper that would be attractive to some wealthy men. In reality though she’s 24 and doing step mother quasi softcore porn because she doesn’t look young kek The “billionaires have attempted to wine and dine me” is a delusional self service because she knows the best she’s ever done and will ever do is meeting deadbeats off seeking arrangement and in hotel bars when she was in her late teens.

No. 1572506

If only she knew how embarrassing she is. As if rich old men are getting their thrills buying her cheap tacky shoes to post on Twitter. Her market is greasy middle aged autists spending their minimum wage income to get some sort of interaction from an actual woman. The only people falling for her Wanda Mitty act are other larpers. It’s quite sad how they are all pretending to each other. I think you’re right that she knows it will never happen for her and that’s why she’s trying to move into the lgbtqia2.0 sphere with all the other too ugly to get paid “sex workers”. You’ll never make yourself happen Kathy. Get a fucking job and buy some self respect.

No. 1572514

Her left leg looks like a Troon arm in the second pic lmao. Hideous grandma shoes. She has no taste, no eye, she's aesthetic-blind as well as tone deaf.

No. 1572523

Triple digit? So these shoes don't even cost over 1000$? What a luxury domina trying to brag about shoes that cost maybe 199$ kek.

I wonder why she doesn't have a picture of her new shoes showing also her brand new tattoos. Please Kathy, show us how those are healing kek

No. 1572533

File: 1656243444428.jpeg (27.12 KB, 750x1334, D63EAAF9-F93C-4E66-A9A3-DF5A22…)

She’s been awfully quiet which is totally out of character for her. Women in America lost some rights this week and all she had to say was picrel and some protest safety tips. She deleted it pretty quickly even though it was a moment of clarity. Staying silent on this pretty much cements the fact that she hates women.

No. 1572541

As much as I’m weeping for my American sisters right now, I’m loving watching all of these pricks trying to make it about themselves. Queer is homosexual. Homo sex will never ever lead to pregnancy, only hetro sex. All these gay culture appropriating freaks are doing is showing the world what they really are. Straight people who are so boring they have to pretend to be gay because they think the gay community is a haven for ugly people.

No. 1572547

File: 1656245000490.png (6.4 MB, 4096x3072, Pink Monstrosities .PNG)

So, “somebody’s father” bought you secondhand shoes? All Miu Miu brand new shoes I’ve found are over $1000. Perhaps a shoefag can chime in. Meanwhile, enjoy how truly hideous these are.

No. 1572573

File: 1656247399874.webm (589.02 KB, 640x926, geriatric wink.webm)

No. 1572587

Not this filter making her eyeshadow the same colour and texture as her hair lmao it looks like she glued flyaways on her eyelids.
Also her constant cOoL GiRl pOtHeAd schtick is such a good reminder that smoking weed 24/7 is loser behaviour. I'm not against social or occassional use. But she's constantly high to numb how pathetic her life has become. Her place must reek.

No. 1572607

These are from the Miu Miu Fall 2016 collection. Because nothing screams class like a secondhand shoe that is six years out of style and the wrong season!

No. 1572722

I know I always say this, but she really has the shittest taste. This look really dated akin to TJMaxx. Glued fake pearls on satin is not sexy. No one likes visible toe cleavage either.

No. 1572862

File: 1656267683951.jpg (183.08 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20220626-111821_Chr…)


No. 1572931

This is old milk

No. 1572939

File: 1656273806697.webm (800.3 KB, 720x1280, 0D4A227155C60E31E5AFFD3707E1D7…)

This bald bitch wants to talk about fashion being dead while going out in literal granny repo lingerie and a plastic collar.

No. 1573000

That hairline is tragic

No. 1573018

Imagine trying to get men to pay $500 to go to lunch with you and you can't be arsed to pluck your eyebrows, just draw a new shape slap dash on top of the old one. Between that, the receding hairline and hardware store collar. She looks special needs.

No. 1573068

There's no logical explanation as to why someone would willingly go out in public wearing this.

No. 1573089

Is that necklace made from parts from Home Depot? Kek. Imagine having a hairline like that & continuing to make it worse on purpose.

No. 1573115

What prevents her from getting some bangs cut in? All of her fashion choices are so incompetent that it's difficult to understand unless she is on the spectrum or something.

No. 1573231

File: 1656298849699.png (12.25 MB, 8185x2160, old milk.PNG)

Bless. This is why they look so dated to me.
She reposts a lot of her content so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had mentioned the shoes in the past, I don’t recall. However, she posted >>1572456 and >>1572573 within the last few days. Some cows are repetitive and pointing it out is par for the course.

No. 1573347

I mean, maybe spare a thought for the 5% of "bisexual" people who actually sleep with both sexes.

No. 1573349

Glued fake gems? That's Kathy's look tho!

No. 1573371

She has mentioned the shoes in past; it was a whole discussion here of her begging for and getting them >>1463831 Another anon already pointed out her reposting the smoking video months ago >>1435564 Read the threads, especially if you're a summerfag.

No. 1573828

File: 1656357430619.jpeg (377.28 KB, 1170x1580, EDBB0D9D-94AB-4B43-A01D-D95DE6…)

Commie queen back at it with the pro-capitalism

No. 1573866

Between the secondhand gift shoes and the random "sends", and taking into account how much time she spends tweeting and entertaining these losers in the DMs all day, I wonder if this "luxury Domina" clears minimum wage.

No. 1573869

She doesn’t

No. 1573930

File: 1656364132821.png (38.63 KB, 587x158, Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 2.08…)

It's almost as if…

No. 1574014


also Kathy: teehee I’m such a preddy liddle gwol I need my weedies and my 80 dollar blocks of cheesies to live I’m such a princess I need mooooonieeees

kathy, you can’t claim to be an anarchist and then fucking pull shit like this. Roe V Wade was just overturned and instead of “redistributing” your excess money you’re blowing it all on bullshit. I fucking hate larpers like this with every fiber of my soul.

No. 1574021

Would’ve loved to see her full pride outfit this year after the hot mess she turned out last time

No. 1574022


Instead of sharing/collecting resources for mental health for sex workers, this community leader is taking a nap! But don’t forget to pay her. She’s the most marginalized of the downtrodden, a 3/10 washed-up formerly spoilt weed smoker who’s boyfriend doesn’t want anything to do with her and who is constantly kicking herself out of any community she tries to leech onto.

No. 1574024

she definitely didn’t go out. Spending all that money on her shitty line tattoos and ugly TJMaxx shoes blew her budget for the next few months. If she was at Pride we would have been assaulted with proof.

No. 1574036

Most real sex workers can't take a break Katherine. Want to talk about how it's a luxury again? Want to share why they are "passing away lately"?

No. 1574172

File: 1656378490379.jpeg (73.16 KB, 750x1334, 9A7B12F2-F038-46EE-85C6-2CFA5E…)

Would it kill her to acquire taste? Beginning to think it would.

No. 1574173

File: 1656378511005.png (2.16 MB, 828x1792, D45545EA-3A6A-495E-BFC9-C92BBC…)

Looks like goth gf has the Scrote tonight

No. 1574182

File: 1656378848919.png (6.54 MB, 1170x2532, 2EB7F8D2-0612-4E39-9060-4BD88E…)

They all spent the day together yesterday. That looks like Kathy’s hovel though. If she’s partaking in threesomes with those two… that’s fucking pathetic as hell kek

No. 1574188

>Black leggings pulled up to rib cage showcasing panty lines topped off with male pattern balding
So much for being a hyper-feminine woman that turns heads and steals husbands away in public. Bet he made them split the cost of the ice cream lol

No. 1574197

File: 1656379869048.jpeg (39.32 KB, 362x507, B8AEE89A-8D19-4112-9DB3-393111…)

>wearing all black in the summer for the neckbeard
>not showing off her new tattoos

No. 1574212

I suppose it's better than the pit-stained t-shirt and leggings of last year's pride "look" at the very least?

kek at her pandering to the scrote and wearing all black though.

No. 1574272

>all black outfit
Is she trying to out-goth the goth gf? I though Kathy only wore mismatching shades of pink, beige, and "lavender".

No. 1574297

I feel like such a nitpicker for pointing this out but other gf has much better casual queer style.

No. 1574374

I find it really telling that Kelsey has multiple posts on her Instagram and stories of her out with other friends while Kathy never has any. In the poly community it’s encouraged for metas to be friendly and interact with each other and Kelsey seems to at least be attempting to be friendly. Kathy has no idea how to be friendly to women whatsoever. Also I bet the moment kath reads this we will get a deluge of forced photos of her and Kelsey interacting.

No. 1574385

Kathy keeps taking Ls, this is her hottest most scandalous attempt at a daytime hooker fit and she looks dumb and sweaty in lingerie and Target leggings in the park.
Also this is petty but that long suffering Kate Spade needs to be thrown out girl, it's literally faded and greying. Miss Muh Luxury Handbag Fetish doesn't have a single black bag?

No. 1574486

Despite wearing all black and having her leggings pulled up to her head, it still shows that her pasta and cheese diet isn't doing wonders for her kek.

No. 1574695

Miss "Vintage Hyperfemme" would be way better off in an A-line dress and some basic shapewear lol

No. 1574803

Her fashion choices wouldn’t even be that bad if she wasn’t such an asshole about her being a fashion historian/queen/best costumer in the history of burlesque. She makes newbie mistakes that give off transgirl vibes.

No. 1574950

File: 1656455511628.jpg (844.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220628-153051_Ins…)


No. 1574990

>>1574950 Rolex bands go to 9 and a half inches so I don't know what he's talking about lmao

No. 1575034

The ring is going to cut his circulation. This man is so embarrassing. Both him and Kathy both think they're superior, interesting people

No. 1575120

They really do deserve each other kek

No. 1575133

File: 1656471335097.gif (217.14 KB, 220x126, E7314100-1036-44B9-8B92-DABB6A…)

> self-titled anti-capitalist anarchist satanist jerk
> buys fake Rolex and Cartier items
The jokes write themselves. He’s just like her

No. 1575278

A match made in heaven. Or hell, if we're being generous enough to respect his "religion."

No. 1575297

She has fridge body like ready to glare does lmao.

No. 1575364

How can she not see how bad a scraped back high pony looks with her huge egg head? I'm sure she's going for Ariana Grande but she looks like a billiard ball. Also lmfao imagine sharing her cringe ugly scrote with another woman, absolutely tragic.

No. 1575411

Those are leggings i would only wear as pyjamas, and she's tried to wear them with a superglamhighfemme retro bra? I want to see what shoes she tried to wear with this mess. It looks like a last minute Madonna halloween costume put together by a blind person

No. 1577198

File: 1656638383576.jpeg (257.93 KB, 1562x2048, FWinlHvXwAYnmna.jpeg)

She should've just reposted the one without her head becasue jfc. Looking like Desmond Napoles the drag kid and Koo-Koo the bird girl kek

No. 1577208

File: 1656639346188.jpeg (56.29 KB, 311x410, beetlejuice-beetlejuice-the-mo…)

No. 1577218

Aesthetic blindness personified.

No. 1577239

File: 1656641265189.jpg (24.2 KB, 381x550, b459137d9775606b29994dbc3a6a63…)

Every single photo where she's showing off the stocking tattoos would have looked way better if she'd actually just been wearing seamed stockings. It was so unnecessary and stupid to get them. Even the hella ugly 2008 rockabilly bow tats would have been better than just a line.

No. 1577246

She seriously couldn't spare some loose change to buy a pair of cheap seamless stockings so her tattoo doesn't look worse than it already does? And if she's going stockingless why leave her feet in frame? For an egghead she sure is retarded.

No. 1577492

>weird comb-over hair
>piggy hotdog shanya-esque french tip nails
>pearls on shitty overused earrings going in and out of focus
>cheap colorful paper decor
>generally awkward body

this is honestly one of the least sexual photos ever taken jfc kathy

No. 1577512


The hairline is actually shocking, I can't unsee her as a gay scrote with hair only left on the sides of his head. How on earth did she think she looks good. She looks like Balloony.

No. 1577550

Her signature muppet lashes casting shadows on her face that look like eye bags lmao

Wonder if she has a female balding fetishist on the books, why else the awful new egghead style when her hair is imo her best feature?

No. 1577559

I'm a sexy diva dominatrix! Worship Me!
>Clutching prolapsed macaron pillow like a security blanket
>Pusheen nursery stickers or bunting in the background
>Still scawed to pluck her drooping eyebrow tails off because she only puts on makeup twice a month

honestly the seam tattoo being fully 15° off the center line of her thigh is the most "sex worker" thing about this photo, bad tattoos aside she's just a mediocre 25 year old NEET eyefucking herself in public.

No. 1577693

As a girl in my 20s like Kathy with an unfortunate hairline, I have one word for her: BANGS. They stop me looking like I'm actually balding, but I guess she wants to look severe/polished even if it means doing a Schlitzie impression in every photo with her natural hair up.

No. 1577702

File: 1656685161445.png (73.9 KB, 282x208, yikes.PNG)

Kathy please, I'm begging you, stop pulling your hair back

No. 1578343

File: 1656734752749.jpeg (191.64 KB, 1170x1563, 1A96444E-DB8B-46CB-B95D-145508…)

“Findom is a luxury fetish” yet all she gets is cheap heels and ugly hats. At least get your rent paid for entertaining the lowest of the low.

No. 1578347

File: 1656735120627.jpeg (148.11 KB, 1500x1334, 541AE7F5-9280-4C01-86CE-937E6E…)

> gift a disabled person money. If you don’t know anyone, I can recommend someone. That someone is myself.
So fucking insidious, especially when her “work” only consists of reposting a few instagram posts from other people to her story and bitching.

No. 1578366

>All tips will go to cheap tacky shoes and hideous hats.
Here, Kathy. FTFY.

No. 1578460


Moving costs she says… ooof trouble in retard paradise?

No. 1578557

Nice inconsistent line weight on those sEaMs, Katie

No. 1578560

Anyone else notice she switched how she positions the straps on her shoe after an anon mentioned here she was wearing the straps backwards?

No. 1579622

File: 1656876312984.jpeg (33.84 KB, 750x1334, 291495042_541607494328775_6696…)

The neckbeard and his goth girlfriend gave Kathy a rash

No. 1579645

Dermatitis isn't contagious, you idiot

No. 1579648

This is so vague. She needs a doctor; nobody can help her with such vague information. Did she switch skincare/detergent? Is it in a place that gets friction or sunlight? Does it go away when she cleans up her diet of carbs and cheese? Did she switch medication?
Stop posting for attention and seek a medical professional, Kathy.

No. 1579677

I couldn't find the comment you're talking about? That'd be hilarious if true.
Maybe it's the new tattoos. Anons pointed out how weird it was she had covered them up to go out on a hot summer day. I find it odd too, instead of constantly flaunting them, we've only seen them in a couple of over photoshopped pics when she was playing dress up in her room.
Yeah, what happened to that free health insurance. She bragged about having a $1k day recently on her findomme twitter, why isn't she just going to a medical professional?

No. 1579695

You're not supposed to expose new tattoos to a lot of direct sunlight. Even healed tattoos should be covered with sunscreen.

No. 1579740

the amazon cushion and cheapo polyesteer couch are bad enough but i can't stop lolling at these plastic-ass sandals. miss luxury findomme shoe fetishist can't even afford real leather

No. 1579765


I honestly find it so perpetually funny that this chronic liar has so quickly moved on from autism to auto immune problems because of supposed rash related reasons. Girl always has some new diagnosis, followed by “can this be triggered by stress?”. Katie kat, I thought you were the utmost authority on both disability and chronic illness? Does that not automatically grant you a doctorate in auto immune illnesses as well? Or is this just your way of announcing that by next week you’ll be talking down to the masses about auto immune disease. Let’s be real here; once Tacky Kathy works through the first three paragraphs on the auto immune Wikipedia page, it’s over for you uneducated whores ♥ !

No. 1580002

Because you should 100% believe the cow that constantly lies and self-diagnoses, right? It's a joke, get over it.

No. 1580003

File: 1656915040140.png (58.2 KB, 587x233, Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 11.1…)

She contradicts herself every couple days kek

No. 1580048

Does she forget that she talks constantly about her johns? She tells us they have to save to buy her cheap tacky cushions from Amazon, then in the next post claims they are at the top of the corporate world. So these guys have money but think all you’re worth is $70 slippers Kathy? Has there ever been a more unsuccessful Twitter prostitute? Even the death fat ones get more than her.

No. 1580079

If anyone knows how to actually drain moids its the feedee deathfats. Maybe katherine should consider entering that market

No. 1580176

I love how she demands someone tell her how dermatitis is connected to autoimmune issues like she's already made the narrative. It's probably her skin reacting to the cheap Chinese made jewellery and costumes she wears.

No. 1580200

She is really a walking contradiction, isn't she?

No. 1580397

File: 1656966243588.png (517.06 KB, 1500x1334, FC2AEF85-FFF8-421D-A831-0F3DDB…)

Already was called out but still won’t name names even though she tells everyone else to do so

No. 1580487

>high femme
She could just say that men target women instead of keeping up the woke word salad to avoid acknowledging women exist

No. 1580588

Reminder that she worked at a privately owned museum. She acts like she fought it out as a FAANG engineer.

No. 1580594

That and a pittance job at NYU before she dropped out kek

No. 1581074

File: 1657044696052.jpeg (210.51 KB, 2250x1334, corporate .jpeg)

Interesting that the only gig she talked about in May was one she labeled "corporate" and she was shit talking the dancers as soon as she got into the dressing room. No one is booking her so her narc brain has to once again change the narrative.

No. 1581190

Also did she not get blasted for not paying performers at her own show?!!

No. 1581858

File: 1657131485465.jpeg (263.35 KB, 750x1334, 4BDF9A33-928D-440C-A634-E4AE11…)

Kathy’s next dOlLiFiCaTiOn thing should be getting her eyes checked because that dishwater grey shit has never been lavender

No. 1582152

File: 1657147482833.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 635.78 KB, 2324x1231, 4EEFC3EB-B3C3-4BEC-B8D2-9FCED2…)

No. 1582166

File: 1657148277725.jpeg (132.81 KB, 750x1334, 292102868_438088908208003_7977…)

Sure bitch

No. 1582261

translation: confirmed the invisible disorder they planned to fake having for attention and pity, helped them get weed, was smoked "up" for the "emotional labor"

No. 1582313

I’ll assume she asked this as anyone who has been following her for a second knows about the fucking grey corset.
I’m choosing to read this as ‘I validated another faker’s imaginary condition, they were able to get drugs and “kindly” gifted me some for my “emotional labour”; I’m glad they quickly understood if they hadn’t, they’d be abusive’.

No. 1582472

You know that hack job stitching isn't even knotted in between each stone so if one rips off, a bunch will follow.

No. 1582529

File: 1657180920227.jpg (228.74 KB, 1032x1695, SmartSelect_20220707-031511_Sa…)

Picrel bc I saw this on Amazon and thought of her lmao

She could have easily got one of her subs to buy this instead of those tattoos

No. 1582619

Even the seams on those amazon tights from China are straighter and cleaner looking than the tattoo, that's so bad

No. 1582655

Putting this here since there hasn't been a lot of milk, I was stupid and didn't think to save it but a couple of nights ago she was triggered over a news article that was critical of weed. She went on a big rant about how you can't trust the media and how weed is a NeCeSSarY PaInKiLLeR!!. She also posted the female reporter's picture and twitter handle. It was all deleted by the next day.

No. 1582725

Kek. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

No. 1582912

File: 1657221337080.png (787.16 KB, 508x851, Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 12.1…)

She's trying to sell one of her DOA sets kek

No. 1582913

Imagine buying someone's used thong.

No. 1582940

All I thought about was her sweat stains

No. 1583047

File: 1657232879597.jpg (152.93 KB, 1200x630, amateur burlesque.jpg)

Is this her used stuff or is this an attempt at starting a business? because if it's the latter, has…has she noticed the size of most (non-Dita) burlesque performers? 32B/Small isn't catering to the majority of her customer pool.

No. 1583054

Did anyone cap her tweets from a couple hours ago?

No. 1583164

I can only think about getting a yeast infection, ew

No. 1583582

Real smart trying to sell used underwear after talking about your rashes

No. 1583636

lol isnt this from her "powderpuff" costume? gave up on that one? i was excited to see it finished…

No. 1583876

File: 1657331211398.jpeg (107.93 KB, 1024x1820, 7D499E8D-4820-4A87-9B8F-6183E5…)

Neckbeard posted this. Real romantic!

No. 1583879

He's walking into some accusation from Kathy later on since she likes to accuse literally everyone of abusing her in some way

No. 1583880

File: 1657331718993.jpeg (498.92 KB, 1170x1992, C08E8EB9-F668-436D-98E8-C228D4…)

She should read The Strange Life of Peggy Lee. Not because she possesses the talent, confidence, and fame that Lee did but because of the lies she told herself - the lies about her life that consumed her and turned her mad. Kathy is living the same way. No one wants her crusty used underthings, let alone view them as collectible items. If she put the effort she expends pretending online into actual real life actions maybe she could have a sliver of the life she so desperately wants to have.

No. 1584295

File: 1657397091435.jpeg (135.03 KB, 1500x1334, 123123123123123.jpeg)

She was an unpaid intern in that office for two months. She doesn't know shit lol

No. 1584324

free tip, kathy: if you want this to have more appeal to someone who fetishizes starlets and showgirls, actually post this with a (good, pro-looking) photo of yourself wearing it on your body. for authenticity. on stage, for a stronger effect. a flat lay with no showgirl pictured in the listing is detatched from the showgirl fantasy youre trying to sell.
saged for my free emotional labor.

No. 1584342

TIL Kathy doesn't think the Irish are white
tl;dr: Irish made lace to sell to the rich to get enough food to maybe survive that famine of theirs. It's a huge part of their fashion/artisan history. Who does the hard or tedious tasks always has been stratified by class, but to call the Irish brown is a bit much. Way to go, Kathy, for using that fashion history degree or whatever she calls it now.(derailing)

No. 1584346

Ironic given her last name

No. 1584357

If she's a POC disabled sex worker, she gets more woke points, though, right? She's practically like that one black sex worker she worships!

No. 1585065

File: 1657483967066.jpeg (181.82 KB, 750x1334, 292504283_129177843140054_3411…)

Why doesn't she ask her "pets", the billionaires that wine and dine her, the wall street men that throw themselves at her, or her neckbeard? Lol welcome to reality Kathy

No. 1585090

She posted this because of Pierpaolo Piccioli bringing out the atelier workers at the end of the Valentino show and but uh, they were all white lol

No. 1585115

Find a new therapist because this one sure as shit isn't working. Pain management AKA- plz buy my lazy ass weed.

No. 1585179

File: 1657499368171.png (365.07 KB, 592x668, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 5.27…)

> pwese gib me monies for weed and therapy. I need it real bad.
> Give me $$$$$$$$ to buy disgustingly overpriced Chinese junk because I'm anti-capitalist
Pick a lane jfc

No. 1585181

File: 1657499510356.jpeg (142.58 KB, 750x1334, 292735124_1089223195325775_614…)

So messed up

No. 1585199

File: 1657501878977.png (41.43 KB, 594x193, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 5.26…)

Kathy and her neckbeard proudly showcase their thisclose to abuse relationship yet she wants to LARP as a big bad domme that degrades men for wanting to do what her man does. Her egg head is huge but has nothing going on in it.

No. 1585226

Her sales technique is really fucked lol. That’s not really what rich submissive porn brained men respond to, and the bar is pretty low but you have to design yourself and dialogue based on something, nearly anything, but with intent and that demographic in mind. Shockingly, with sex work you have to actually understand sex, performance, and psychologically how male sexuality works, which isn’t something I would wish on anyone but she chose this. Doesn’t mean she can’t prioritize her desires as a Domme, but I’m not sure why she thinks straight/porn brained men would choose to answer to this rather than someone who is actually fully comfortable in that role which includes awareness of the other person’s sexuality and what would addict them. Fat doubt some dude with 843 tabs of porn open trolling twitter for a Domme would be like, oh, poufy princess delusion dresses with no shape or suggestion of sexual fantasy to them, and the only fantasy that is being suggested is that I rudely buy them (no fantasy accommodation or implied male humiliation), sure let me drop over a grand to someone who is arguably asexual whose idea of sexual domination is “Do this, thou sub”.

Like girl knock it off do something that actually turns you on or you believably are laughing at/getting pleasure out of. It’s not complicated.

No. 1585230

This take could have very easily been formed into humiliation, which is what those men want. Pull at a thread, convince them obviously it’s not enough and how you know, how that turns you on to know you will always be superior and that you will keep their submissive secret. Men can’t handle patriarchy either but they can’t admit it, zero shame in presenting that normal insecurity as a way to frame a new sexual release for them. Far more men, especially patriarchal presenting ones, secretly are begging to be dominated, but yeah you have to have style and nuance. Don’t think this catholic nun guilt trip is working. I’m sure everyone posting already knows these things since these threads tend to attract people who understand or have worked in sex, it really bums me out when women think like this and buy into male visions without knowing how to hold their own, violence aside obviously. You would be surprised how many men want you to take control but you have to understand pleasure, specifically your own first.

No. 1585257

How, in good conscious can she ask for ≈$2500 >>1585179 while at the same time begging >>1585065 her Instagram followers (who I bet are mostly women) for ~mutual aid~? Mutual implies she’s done this and/or would do this for someone else. How can she aid anyone if she’s constantly being bailed out?

No. 1585315

So you admit you don't like being dominated? Does this shitass story post >>1583876 refer to his other girlfriend then?
Beg for money on Twitter as a domme and beg for money on Instagram as "mutual aid" - I think this is the definition of hustling kek

No. 1585333

File: 1657519857290.jpeg (771.18 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

She really just told her followers you have to give me money continuously with that last line. Get a fucking job. It's seriously not that hard. If she can stand to get tatted and beaten by her shared boyfriend she can stand to get a WFH job.

No. 1585335

She is so full of shit

No. 1585338

She's trying to completely rewrite the story wow. The middle one makes it sound like she was prevented from doing anything by her family when in reality she was in school, which was being paid for by dad, and had multiple jobs - all of which she quit on her own. It's a long term project that needs continuous financial support yet she's bragging about getting cheap perfume and plastic heels on Twitter.

No. 1585456

These people make me sick. Mutual aid because she’s a lazy, talentless cow who is too ugly to fínese men. The “aid” she is taking should be going to some poor single mother who has to turn tricks to feed her kids, or a woman fleeing actual physical violence and has to sleep in her car in between tricks. This fucking bitch is taking from them, not dirty old scrotes. I hate her.

No. 1585550


Her delusional worm brain needs it spelled out, yet again:

Go streetwalk those fake red bottom 1" pumps like a true dedicated anti-swerf sex prol and earn your mutual aids like the elite pipe sucking whore ye' flat arse claims to be.

Shut yer macaroon hole and get to work, skidstain!

No. 1585551

If that's the case, how did she feel about her neckbeard leading her around by a leash in public? Why does she own so many plastic collars?

No. 1585598

This is why it’s fucking stupid to use her “professional” SW account for unrelated personal rants and grifting. Get a private acct ffs, it just destroys whatever illusion of a “classy luxury domina” she’s trying to project when every other post is e-begging for groceries & weed or bitching about random burlesque people.

No. 1585615

In my experience “mutual aid” is kinda bullshit without strong articulation of boundaries & expectations. My city’s local online mutual aid group is filled to the brim with CashApp e-beggars like Kathy who never offer anything mutual in return, or who claim occasionally tweeting SJW catchphrases is “activism” and “emotional labor” they should be compensated for. The groups eventually dry up because there’s a limited supply of white liberals who feel guilty enough to fulfill daily aggressive cash requests from people too lazy to get jobs.

No. 1585945

The ting that bugs me is: if Kathy is so in need of mutual aid, why not go through the appropriate channels. There are actual mutual aid foundations set up that you apply to and they will look at your need and send you money. That is the safest way for everyone, donors and recipients.
I mean other then the fact that any actual mutual aid fund would laugh at her bogus claims so begging is her only real bet and that it is so much easier to post on IG with someone else's pics saying "cash app me I need the money for real promise" instead of providing real monitored documentation of need.
This way is quite literally taking money from those in need by fooling idiots into believing that sending $5 to some random want to be whore is as good as helping a community.

No. 1586100

File: 1657586746801.jpeg (125.62 KB, 1500x1334, image11.jpeg)

She can not be serious right now kek everyone is a stalker and hater because she's such a kind person that totally doesn't create an extremely hostile and sexist space around herself

No. 1586162

Someone pointing out you're boring and unoriginal isn't stalking Kathy.

No. 1586194

Bu Kathy, how do you know that the woman commenting isn't Autistic and being straight to the point? That's the excuse you always use anyways.

No. 1586195

File: 1657600025259.jpeg (27.26 KB, 750x1334, 292824584_165551629331660_9960…)

Like herself? Does she not remember when she told disabled woman all they're good for is sex work?

No. 1586251

I find it really gross that fake leftists like Kathy love to beg for money and donations and have the audacity to call it mutual aid. It's just not what mutual aid is. The term has been grossly misused by these kinds of people in the recent years. We saw real mutual aid programs with the black Panthers for example. It was not just random money donations for "pain management" aka weed lolol

No. 1586279

The audacity of this bird beaked lazy fuck. She’s never anything but unnecessarily nasty. She sits on her Twitter, having flopped around a couple of dive bar dance floors in her appalling outfits and believes she can decide who is and isn’t in the “sex work community”. Ostracising desperate women who speak out about their experiences of being exploited and telling them they know nothing from her privileged position of living in other peoples homes and having mentality Ill young women paying her weed bills. How can someone have such a lack of self awareness?

No. 1586404

She is unironically one of the most misogynistic women I have ever seen online, but ok Kath, whatever you think

No. 1586420

This worm brain accused her friend of domestic abuse when they decided to complete a nursing exam instead of clean Kathy's post-endo surgery kitchen.

She's a malignant soul sucking narcissistist and ruins everything she touches because of her grandiose vulnerability kink.

She needs a community to shut her leech ass down.

No. 1586433

Yup, real mutual aid is community lunch programs, diaper banks, vegetable gardens etc. Poor people pooling & distributing resources equitably to ensure everyone is taken care of. Kathy is grossly misusing that term if she thinks it’s about e-begging for money to buy weed & cheap Amazon shit while giving nothing back to her community. Someone should call her out in the comments to ask how much mutual aid she’s distributed herself, but she’ll call them haters and stalkers and claim her contribution is “disability activism” (i.e. social media slacktivism)

No. 1586708

File: 1657657377639.jpeg (74.83 KB, 750x1334, 8A938BE6-4A6B-4BAF-B582-A7ABB4…)

Except… she DOES have a handful of so-so costumes kek her website is a graveyard full of them and she was just trying to sell one. The delusion.

No. 1586742

Obviously a good fit isn’t one of her standards

No. 1586748

File: 1657661180666.png (349.14 KB, 589x635, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 2.25…)

Ah yes she never compromises on quality. That's why her single costume is, in her own words, deteriorating.

No. 1586824

File: 1657668009127.jpeg (57.62 KB, 750x1334, 293124952_732339371421895_3812…)

No. 1586835

sure, 10,000 dollars, for that you get a professional dressmaker and all the stuff you need for a costume and still have money left for shoes and other things. The way her one basic costume looks like, I would say it was around 1,000 dollars maximum, and that after all the stuff she put into it over the time. She doesn't know anything about the production of garments and the prices.

No. 1586862

Honestly she frequently makes me think her screencaps are in the mtf thread when I see one the front page

No. 1586868

TIL no one discussed misogyny until 2017. Mary Wollstonecraft who?

I’m assuming the $10k figure is materials plus her time. but this lazy bitch doesn’t have a job or any skills to speak of, so her time is literally worth less than minimum wage.

No. 1586877

File: 1657673015099.png (1.69 MB, 1267x1807, 25 dollar costume.png)

She could make a new, stage-worthy burlesque costume for $25 if she removed her head from her luxury anal cavity first.
Sage for the autism, but picrel is how she could make an endless number of multi-look costumes with minimal skills that still looks good enough for her skill level. Add an extra $15-20 if she wants to add trim to everything. A swishy skirt would also help her body shape and make her movements more graceful. If she spent one wheel of cheese on materials, she'd have enough costume pieces to mix and match so much that she wouldn't wear the same look the same way twice for a year with her frequency of show bookings. She could change it up for every photoshoot. She could even pretend that she's using real silk.
I'm sorry to effort post here but it's super frustrating to know how easily she could fix things and see it just…not happen, while she complains about it.

No. 1586891

that's exactly why I said she could hire a professional and would still be under that 10,000 dollars, even while paying a proper wage for said professional. She just doesn't know anything about sewing, nothing about patterns, nothing about fabrics, nothing about prices.
Somehow I hope she would use real silk, it would show everyone that she knows nothing about fabric and it would be ruined after just one wear.
Also, what about her masks? Did she finally sew some or hasn't she got the right fabric and is still waiting for it?
(and I loved your post, nona)

No. 1586893

File: 1657674278624.png (32.81 KB, 590x114, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 6.02…)

> friendly reminder that misogyny still exists
It sure does and Katherine directly contributes to it

No. 1586897

Adding details about someone that do not matter to the situation really says a lot about a person.

No. 1586899

File: 1657674459272.jpeg (36.59 KB, 750x1334, 293374453_1265958597546262_536…)

She truly thinks she's a little angel baby that does no wrong kek

No. 1586903

lol. I don't think she'd get past cutting silk, at least not silk satin. She'd throw it out in a fit of rage it's so fkkin slippery even when you're careful not to rustle it too much with the scissors.
There's just no justification (to my mind) for her to use LuXuRy MaTeRiAlS to make her stage costumes. Stage costumes get beat up, sweaty, they touch the floor (if you're stripping like Kathy) and they get packed up and moved around and you (should) wash them after every performance. Pay just enough to get the look you're after, and put the rest towards some actual dance lessons or something. If her costume costs $10,000 or even $1,000 at her skill level and frequency of doing shows, she's either an amateur hobbyist and only doing it for the ego or she's making a serious business mistake.
Likewise, she should be doing regular checks on the condition of her costume and regular maintenance, preferably as a routine before and after each show to prevent a mishap. She made this whole drama about redoing her "Nana's Obnoxious Costume Jewelry Corset" when she should have been taking good care of it the whole time. She should have practiced with her wig and headband plus feather fans so she could have caught the mistake ahead of time when her fans knocked off her headpiece.
It's all these little things adding up that makes me believe that she believes she's so special that she can just spend money and show up and wiggle her fans to be in the level of Dita. There's no dress rehearsals with her- if there are rehearsals at all. She's not putting care into practice or costume maintenance. Everything is half-assed and disappointing.

No. 1586904

Katherine is obviously a POC who happens to be ageing backwards.
Making sure she ticks the appropriate boxes for Twitter.

No. 1586905

> put the rest towards some actual dance lessons
According to Kathy, it's ableist to expect her to know how to dance as a burlesque dancer and warrants a multi-part Insta story expose of how bad you are

No. 1586910

You also have to cast her without her auditioning or seeing the show and the cast better be all people she likes

No. 1586929

and everyone has to wear a mask except for her

No. 1586936

I know non-lesbians won't notice/care but she makes herself look so stupid with her misuse of the term "high femme". "High femme" means a lesbian in a relationship with a stone butch lesbian who doesn't give during sex, only receives. She thinks it just means a really feminine woman

No. 1586950

Can someone kindly remind me what all costumes she has made over the years? She took her costumes page off her website and I can't remember anything other than the corset thing but I'm trying to make a comparison. Thanks in advance.

No. 1586952

File: 1657680277772.png (79.6 KB, 588x325, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 7.43…)

She's laughing through her tears because that's the life she wants but will never get kek

No. 1586957

Seeing young women call older women Karens is some of the most embarrassing pick-me behavior. It's literally just the PC way to call a woman a "bitch". Do you not realize that you will some day be middle-aged too Kathy? In 20 years you'll get called a "Karen" too

No. 1586963

File: 1657681520340.png (2.02 MB, 1119x2445, what you ordered vs what you g…)

Can Kathy make a single, original costume?
I'd like to preface this with the acknowledgement that there's nothing new under the sun and burlesque has a very distinct aesthetic unless your particular niche is sexy pirate from outer space or something. Dita shaped a lot of the Look for the subculture since she's someone everyone knows. Some things, like rhinestone shoes, could conceivably be used as stage shoes by any burlesque performer. That said, Kathy should probably try a little harder to come up with her own version of what her idol does rather than make a shoddy copy.
I will give her this- Dita used a feather boa, not feather fans, according to my brief internet search. Kathy's fans are her spin. If only she learned how to use them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mOFBi74o6Y
Kathy's Costume Pieces:
Sparkly Pox Gloves- Dita's Martini Routine 2018
Pink Feather Boa- Dita's Martini Routine 2018
Nana's Obnoxious Costume Jewelry-Crusted Corset, Bra, Thong,Garters, Pasties, Rhinestoned heels- Dita's Martini Routine 2018
All here. Basically the only thing she didn't copy here is the dress because that would be too expensive. In the past, Kathy used a regular slip in performances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSrPZ5hbeiU
Cut Crease Makeup but it gets worse every time.webm- Dita Von Teese - Art of the Teese Australia 2018 Promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGu7eK9tuRs
Kathy's "Lavender/Light Gray Robe that she later tried to sell off: https://www.instagram.com/p/BNFcS-GA7Tw/
She took her costume feature page off her website so I scrolled through past threads to get this. RIP. I didn't go all the way back if anyone's interested in picking up partway through thread 4.

No. 1586967

File: 1657682153809.jpg (229.69 KB, 1080x1084, b92268ec2708c5b1ee90ff4a765426…)

the fact that she thinks this is “stalking” and “harassment” shows she’s never been stalked or harassed in her life.

can’t forget Miss Mosh

No. 1586969

File: 1657682276263.png (3.05 MB, 2032x1912, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 11.1…)

No. 1586974

Look at that, lavender (or at least the lightings make it appear as such)
“Winter” thought she did something, huh? And leave it to misogynistic Katherine to laugh in agreement.

No. 1586975

File: 1657682938060.jpg (88.12 KB, 663x1001, miss tosh.jpg)

If you meant Miss Tosh, wow does this all look familiar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjB9PRkZL08
Notice how this performer has nearly the same nude sparkly getup as the Martini Routine in >>1586963 and yet even though both routines are alcohol-themed, they are each different because the performer does something unique to them (rather than stand, pose, strip, stand, pose)

No. 1586980

File: 1657683795452.png (2.06 MB, 2184x1550, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 11.4…)

wow, I meant Miss Mosh, not Miss Tosh, but this is even more damning kek

also notice how this absolute nobody is trying to sell her prints for more than both Dita and Miss Tosh kekkkkk

No. 1586981

> "Karen"
> age shaming women
> back to the kitchen joke
Friendly reminder that misogyny still exists and that women with internalized misogyny are not safe people for young women and girls to be around

No. 1586986

She has her garbage bag corset from Amazon that she's wearing in her Twitter pfp. I don't think she's "made" anything aside from the corset, the bedazzled used lingerie she's selling upthread, and her bedazzled grandma glove.
>She strips out of a….thong encrusted with pounds upon pounds
Kek at the thought of a thong being encrusted with multiple pounds of anything.

No. 1586989

Oh, look. It's Kathy's giant gaudy rhinestone jewelry but better. Also notice how this performer's underwear item(?) goes up high on the hips and is strappy like how Kathy yanks up her crusty thong.

No. 1586995

Spot on. She really can't help herself.

No. 1587013

She's laughing through her tears because her parents would never do that for her. They starved her, remember?

No. 1587015

File: 1657690307662.gif (4.13 MB, 380x380, 67830597-F442-4B81-80CC-6A396B…)

That’s the stone cold shade I come here for thank you nonna

No. 1587184

At least that Karen has someone who would eat her food - Kathy tried to throw a party for her nerd bf and he decided to run away with his friends lol

No. 1587188

she doesn't need to wait that long. She's already an uber bitch. She's like the definition of "Karen" in my mind, just the woke version.

No. 1587194

>Makes a bunch of posts about misogyny
>Unironically finds basic chauvinist back to the kitchen jokes funny
The call is coming from inside the water damaged apartment

No. 1587208


Peak pickme retardation when Kathetor makes fun of women with family, stability and purpose.

Her feminist pride is being leashed and collared to a neck beard who lusts over ethots, while he cultivates BV and HPV with more interesting people and she pretends to be high-femme pansexual Bi-lesbian

No. 1587218

She's peak 'karen'.

"Karen" is played. Might as well start referring to 'karen' behavior now as 'kathy' behavior. Great for leftist meltdowns

Like a Karen in the wild, kathy has the same melt down response when confronted with her own problematic behaviour and resorts to the same Karen victim card when faced with her actions. As a coward, she unloads on socials indirectly to past employers, but not the irl manager like the stronger 'karen'

No. 1587284

I think the most amazing thing about Kathy is that she actually seems to think that “submissive” men are actually into serving women/submitting. She’s been larping as a sex “worker” for some time now ffs—does she actually have some kind of learning disability we don’t know about, and that’s why she’s so married to disability activism? Male fantasies are ALWAYS about being served and performed for. Think about the quintessential sex act for femdom—pegging. Women don’t have nerve endings in strap ons—even though she’s “topping” him, she’s basically laboring to massage his nasty scrote prostate. All femdom activity is the same—she puts time and effort into feminizing him, she puts time and effort is to spanking him, she puts time and effort into mommying him. “Dominant” or “submissive,” men just want a mommy bangmaid. Kathy is somehow retarded enough to think that these fucking moids want to buy her dress up clothes. They don’t, Kathy, even the ones who really are into findom—they don’t want to buy you retarded ugly Ali express dresses, they want you to spend hours and hours and HOURS doing the degrading labor of “degrading” them, talking them off, pandering to them, stroking their male sexual ego in just the right ways.

No. 1587287

So, you're telling me that she'd have more luck getting stuff bought for her with, "Buy this for me and maybe I'll let you wear it sometimes; isn't it embarrassing to have this in your cart/on your bill?"

No. 1587366

That’s a great thing to post on your sex work twitter that is supposedly all about female domination and female supremacy! God forbid she ever shame a man on there that isn’t her father.

No. 1587375

File: 1657738885264.jpeg (194.49 KB, 750x1334, 292922094_739220193981784_6771…)

This is from a day ago but once again, rules for thee but not for me! Neither her or the neckbeard's girlfriend had masks present when they hung out >>1574182. >>1572939

No. 1587380

File: 1657739092239.png (43.6 KB, 595x180, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 12.0…)

lol not moment goes by where she doesn't contradict herself. That goes for >>1587375 too

No. 1587384

Correct, you dumb bitch, none of the moids you interact with are “female supremacists,” none of them are interested in empowering women/you

No. 1587392

File: 1657740118588.png (69.97 KB, 597x375, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 12.2…)

She's lurking but still doesn't get it. She deleted her original tweet but kept the misogynistic joke and her laughing at it.

No. 1587402

File: 1657741133645.jpeg (128.33 KB, 1500x1334, image1111.jpeg)

Oof the self-aggrandizement is off the charts this afternoon. This is the same person who called a powerchair bound woman with a lifelong chronic disease that worsens over time fatphobic because she made a self-deprecating joke involving a celebrity.

No. 1587447

This is all spot on, she’s a retard who truly thinks a man calling himself submissive makes him some kind of turbo woman respecter…even though she herself hates women and only talks about ‘respect’ in terms of following her orders and buying her things. Her brain just doesn’t work right.

No. 1587489

File: 1657749683799.jpeg (209.67 KB, 750x1334, 293307187_602319104656464_8871…)

No kidding kek

No. 1587490

File: 1657749715714.jpeg (165.28 KB, 750x1334, 293576039_746170373242174_7410…)

No. 1587535

I have been thinking about this. Mutual aid implies that kathy would give YOU (who is theoretically paypalling her money) something in return. Yet she never does, so how is it mutual aid? It's just begging. Can't believe no one has called her out for it.

No. 1587546

She thinks her virtue signaling stories are educating and raising awareness and that is her contribution. There's a story posted a bit back but I'm not going to go looking for it.

No. 1587549

File: 1657756954589.png (23.8 KB, 606x54, Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 5.01…)

Posting someone else's work to your insta story that disappears after 24 hours is not reciprocal. Neither is bitching.

No. 1587552

Imagine Kathy repairing stuff or cleaning out areas, pulling weeds in a communal garden, handing out sandwiches to the disadvantaged, or doing any sort of actual community service.

No. 1587562

>pulling weeds in a communal garden
She posted an alleyway once and said it'd be a good place for a community garden!! Pay her now for her labor.

No. 1587576

This is her only way of making money and shes wearing off the rack corsets. First of all they are dangerous to wear long term or do activities. Plus they're low quality. You actually save more in the long run, long term use wise, just shelling out for custom or learning how to sew one.

No. 1587632

She doesn't have to worry because she doesn't wear it but for a minute every couple months

No. 1587769

She also doesn't tighten it so there's no harm that'll come to her disabled body in her OTR What Katie Did $250 MSRP corset. It flops around with an inch gap everywhere but the waist.

No. 1587770

She'd have to learn how to sew first. Maybe she can start on those masks that will never be made.

No. 1587800

kek at this dumb libfem drivel mentioning SWOP and their supposed "mutual aid". Awful fucking organization. Never heard of them helping prostitutes exit the sex trade; only the opposite

No. 1588104

File: 1657828752965.png (682.93 KB, 1170x2532, 271B5179-94C1-4D28-8379-5D0FA3…)


No. 1588108

>I'm wondering how to stay protected going forward
Police yourself like you do everyone else

No. 1588122

wear a ffp2 mask while going outside? Wash your hands? Make a test after you have been around a lot of people? Works great for other people, I know some that didn't have Covid since the start, just following those simple rules, maybe she should try that.

No. 1588169

File: 1657834883398.png (102.64 KB, 590x429, Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2.39…)

Uh, what?

No. 1588191

>Signal is safer than many messaging apps because it uses end-to-end encryption, which ensures that no one (not even Signal) can intercept and read your messages.
Is signal the name of the app here? I know absolutely nothing about this app but I found this article which looks relevant.
Kathy is riding on the back of prostitutes here and claiming their problems because prostitution is illegal and such activity would need to be concealed, so that group would necessarily be privacy-focused.
Not sure how this is relevant to Kathy or why she is commenting.

No. 1588195

File: 1657837508741.jpeg (88.43 KB, 750x1334, 293109539_1367833317060224_256…)

For someone who used to claim to have CPTSD from domestic abuse she sure lacks any compassion when 1 in 3 women worldwide will experience some form of sexual/physical abuse, when 90% of rape victims are female, and at least 80% of adult women have experienced some form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, in their lifetime. Those are just the reported numbers; they are without a doubt higher. The victim blaming is out of control.

No. 1588197

> If you are not loudly against abuse, you are likely enabling it
> If you are not loudly against abuse, you are likely enabling it
What. The. Fuck. No Katherine McMahon if you are not loudly against abuse, you are likely experiencing it or have experienced it and are afraid to speak out. Imagine honestly believing women who are not challenging abusive men publicly and loudly are most of the time purposefully supporting him. These people are sick and a danger to women's safety.

No. 1588198

Unsurprising as everyone who Kathy interacts with is low calibre, but Signal is not considered to be actually safe and is funded by the US government (iirc)
They chose not to disclose a safety vulnerability (external keyboards logging conversation) and denied it for a long time, plus the action of alterting your contacts when you download the app is in itself a safety violation since, as these people Tweeted, it suggests you are going to have some sort of illicit conversation.
People use Signal when attending protests or whatever but the safest thing to do is simply leave your phone at home since it's incredibly easy to identify people via geolocation.
Seems irrelevant to Katherine since nothing she does is illegal, just more sexworker larping as usual.

No. 1588201

They are sick. These are the people who also proudly support the sexual exploitation of women/girls and will aggressively attempt to silence the victims of it. Kathy thinks she’s an expert on sex worker safety because she sits on twitter all day e-begging and calls it sex work. She is more of a danger to women as a whole than anyone she’s ever tried to call out.

No. 1588203

So it’s disgusting someone’s ex joined an app for whatever personal reasons but not that the app that boosts safety sent out a notification to their contacts? What planet are these morons from?

No. 1588211

Kathy you loudly enable sexual abuse stfu dumb cunt

No. 1588224

>If you aren't virtue-signaling every chance you get, you are part of the problem.
Holy shit, Kathy. It it opposite day or something. >>1588197 has it right. Kathy should go try and get booked for a show rather than waste time trying to look like an activist.

No. 1588246

This is real interesting coming from someone who vaguely alludes to abusive people she supposedly knows

No. 1588248

File: 1657841199560.jpeg (97.64 KB, 750x1334, 293470805_1940507373006204_145…)

It is so obvious she is back on whatever mix of drugs because she is right back on her narc performative bullshit after being quiet. Guess her "pain management" e-beg worked.

No. 1588673

As a disabled person, I guess this means I can declare Kathy's disability as bullshit then. Oops, must be my 'internal ableism' showing.

No. 1588696

I'm disabled too and Kathy here makes us look bad and she needs to stop. Ugh.

No. 1588904

File: 1657915910346.jpeg (90.81 KB, 750x1334, 05E8A4AE-2432-433C-B6E7-E4B07D…)

She put a warning out for her followers about her narc space! kek

No. 1589115

File: 1657933963510.png (893.02 KB, 1500x2668, ED8574B8-2CF3-424C-A454-285836…)

These are now all of course deleted

No. 1589516

Kathy makes only herself and others like her look bad. So, people with mild health problems who are seething jealousy at actual wheelchair users because they have “visibly disabled privilege”. In Kathy’s world, the more oppressed you come across the more sympathy and gibs you can get. It’s the opposite of how most actually disabled people function, and as much as I detest her I hope she never has to actually learn how the disabled community manages.

No. 1589518

So Kathy tries to LARP as a sex worker and then complains that another SW,
asked her to have sex with a client? Which she was then allowed to refuse? Horrendous. Clearly she is the most abused woman ever, it must be because no one respects high femmes.

No. 1589651

>I haven’t received an apology from people who tried to assault me
That’s what she cares about when throwing out accusations of rape, assault, and sexual coercion. No wonder no one believes her.

No. 1589655

File: 1658002419392.jpeg (80.82 KB, 750x1334, 6B28C557-6B8A-48F1-A276-156604…)

If she’s talking about lc she’s straight out lying because no one here has ever shared her current address, let alone communicated with her mother. She was complaining about her family finding her long before the treads were even made which anons have posted caps of. She posts the entire interior of her apartment and then gets mad when people can find her. That’s her fault, no one else’s. And lol at the mutual aid part. Bitch you ask for drug money and e-beg on twitter for overpriced things you do not need. That’s not asking for mutual aid.

No. 1589659

File: 1658003117089.gif (27.1 KB, 558x55, picasion.com_g4mp.gif)

>I'm broke from leaving in the first place

No. 1589670

Oh please she posted about family showing up at her front door several times before she was mentioned here. Her family knows her social media handles and finds their information straight from the source because she’s dumb and posts things that give away her locations. She complains about being broke while also bragging about getting thousands from her “pets” and showing off worthless things they send her and being adamant about never getting a job. She’s her own worst enemy and the some reason for her downfall but she’s a narc who has to put blame on everyone else.

No. 1589689

File: 1658005527074.jpeg (224.01 KB, 750x1334, C0413EED-2A0C-4A78-9204-15166F…)

She asked for “mural aid” the other day. She received some money. She bought weed with the money. Confused as how lc affected any of that? Not prioritizing putting any money towards a moving fund is a her problem. She disowned her family, moved away, had several jobs that she either quit or sued before the first thread so once again… what does that have to do with lc?

No. 1589694

Would like Kathy to give the thread number and/or post number where her mom came and got her current address from us. She can't because it never happened. Her mom knew her address before the threads were even made like other anons pointed out.

No. 1589695

File: 1658006102823.png (376.47 KB, 1500x1334, 10374C05-A1D3-4451-9A66-FC3C1A…)

Here’s the rest of her rant

No. 1589702

When was she ever doxxed. She on a bender or something?

No. 1589704

she talks about having to move because of her ~abusive family every couple weeks. get a new grift, Kathy.

No. 1589705

sure, Kathy, you never grew up with an abusive, narcissistic mom, so only women are horrible and every man is amazing. Guess what, that's what my mom told me and she is the worst person in my life and reminds me of you, dear Kathy. No one here posted your address, where you are and where you go is all over the internet, even I could find where you live if I wanted to and I've never been in your city. If you don't want to be found, maybe don't overshare the information you give.

it's typical, if you can't admit that you did something wrong and it's been your fault, everyone else is responsible for it. Typical behaviour of a narc person, never wrong, everyone else is out there to get them.

No. 1589718

File: 1658008726529.jpeg (286.95 KB, 834x1757, 0D9EAB9F-75C5-4E6C-9645-AC0683…)

>especially trans women
Oh no! Not the poor men larping as women! Someone think of the men these EVIL ABUSIVE WOMEN make fun of online

No. 1589723

Oof the projection. What was that again about brainwashing friends with her ideals and disabled women only being good for sex work?

No. 1589725

What is it she thinks she’s doing here by literally making it about men?

No. 1589745

Women being against the sexual exploitation of women and girls is not worse than silencing a victim of sex trafficking which is exactly what Katherine herself has done

No. 1589765

And she’s posting that she hates women on her female supremacy account because….?

No. 1589788

Boo fuckin hoo, if you post yourself on the internet, publicly trying to insert yourself into every marginalized group under the sun, you’re going to get laughed at. If you (repeatedly, and without an ounce of irony or grace) try to assert that the single, bargain bin, rhinestone and hot glue conglomerate of ill-fitting garments is one of the best costumes in the game and worth $10,000- you’re gonna get laughed at. You don’t get to control every narrative you insert yourself into, and as it stands, you, as a “professional entertainer” need to know how to cope with your biggest audience coming from a gossip site full of women who think you do more harm than good every time you get drunk and high and rant on twitter. Bitch is so fuckin woke but can’t even acknowledge that she comes from a position of privilege, and so has to rewrite every narrative to paint herself the victim.

Oh, and to the Nona who gave the peggy lee book recommendation? Great read. Couldn’t ever be Kathy, but great fuckin read. The parallels between them and their self-destructive self-delusions are sad and uncanny.

No. 1589799

Even aside from the victim blaming, this is so tone deaf considering the precedent the Depp/Heard case set. You can be 'loudly against abuse' without even naming names and get sued to hell. Calling out abusers in your scene is now a whole lot more dangerous than it was, and it already sucked for the victim.

No. 1589812

File: 1658021764307.jpeg (435.46 KB, 1170x939, B3FC95EA-170B-4F8C-A923-657B93…)

“Tangeible violence” yes because people calling her out online about begging for drug money has caused her physical violence. She really does not understand the mutual part in mutual aid. She feels she’s entitled to other people’s money just because she asks for it. You’re not deserving of money for weed, expensive pastries, and cheese just because you ask for it under the guise of mutual aid. That’s entitlement.

No. 1589816

File: 1658023249919.jpeg (487.51 KB, 1170x1624, E93706DB-12B6-4F11-AB60-3120C7…)

Why is she so angry? According to her, people did send her money >>1585181 the other day when she asked for it and today she’s bragging about picrel. Let me guess: people aren’t sending her the amounts she wants so it’s a gossip site’s fault people aren’t sending her more? Totally not because everyone is struggling right now in some form and don’t have funds to send to a random woman asking for money online.

No. 1589821

>It's none of your business who needs what. And it's not up to you to decide who is "deserving."
Except it is. If you’re giving money to someone, you’re going to want to know what it’s going towards most of the time. People can decide on their own who is deserving of their money and who isn’t. I know she’s a faux commie queen but you can not force people to give you resources. They’re allowed to critique it as well. Like above said, why is she so angry when she go money out of people? Is she truly this mad because she’s being called out for it? Tough shit. She’s not the only one allowed to voice her opinions on the internet despite what her narc brain tells her.

No. 1589949

Narcissists really cannot help from being permanent victims, it is so hilarious and pathetic. Everything is about "stigma" and "attacks". No, other people pointing out that begging is not the same as mutual aid does not mean theyre hoping for a dv victim to stay in abusive homes, lol what a reach. she could've afforded to move with the total amount of money she's spent on weed.

No. 1589981

I think she’s angry because she’s lying. I don’t believe anyone is giving her “mutual aid” money. I don’t believe men are giving her money for existing either. The only people giving her money are mentally ill women and men, and she thinks that’s our fault for calling her out rather than understanding that people can see right through her pity me act. This actual freak never shuts the fuck up about mutual aid. When have we seen her working at a program for kids clothing swaps? Doing a shift at a food bank? Asking for donations of white goods for women and children fleeing actual real violence? I don’t want to blog but these are all things I’ve done this week alone because unlike her, I do care about the most marginalised and vulnerable people in my community and I want to help them. So yeah Kathy you ugly cow, I am qualified to decide you’re undeserving because you’re a selfish waste of oxygen who couldn’t attract the rich man you always thought you’d get, so you take everything you can get you grubby hands on from the poorest people you can find. Everyone knows it, they don’t need us to tell them.

No. 1589986

Shut the fuck up, Kathy. You're "libfem" trash that caters to men. I would feel bad for you if I didn't hate you so much

No. 1589991

>History will remember these women
Aw Kathy thinks we're that important. Lol at her thinking being called homophobic, transphobic, and ableist by her is the ultimate 'bad thing'. Hint: it's not.

No. 1589993

File: 1658053248907.png (Spoiler Image, 418.29 KB, 592x665, Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 3.20…)

She's trying to sell single nip photos on her regular twitter

No. 1590002

File: 1658055074910.jpg (74.34 KB, 765x588, bespoke.JPG)

"bespoke", yet we all know how badly it fits her body.
selling a fantasy would be easier if only it looked the part…

No. 1590008

File: 1658055782756.jpg (38.23 KB, 741x222, fakedom.JPG)

"i have zero concern for the satisfaction of my clients". not only she admits it, but boasts about it, too.
tip, katherine: being a successful dominatrix is not about actually ruling over men, but playing along with their fantasy of being ruled. dominatrices are the ones providing the service. you are the prostitute. you need to do the work of getting inside his head, toying with his pornsick psyche, getting financial gain from HIS pleasure. no man will give you free shit unless he feels that there is something in it for him.
most of male subs do not care about "submitting to female supremacy", but get off on the humiliation which comes from being ruled over by an inferior woman. it is inherently misogynistic.
sage for giving kathy free advice.

No. 1590020

Mr Pearl would have a field day with this one if he suffered fools

No. 1590024

It’s literally from the RTW section of that site but okay kek

No. 1590071

bespoke, funny "Prices for bespoke corsetry start at £7500.00", got that from the official website of Julia Bremble, it includes fittings and stuff like that, guess who is lying again.

No. 1590174

Really well said. Also lots of ex Dom stories where the woman is traumatized by what the John makes them do to him, often some kind of horrific gory injury. And they get off on it, like the corruption aspect of it, super fucked up. Prostituted women are not meant to be real people to men in the equation, libfems just do not get it.

No. 1590222

She can't stop talking about her and her own self.

Even "the misogynistic enemy" in this grandiose post is a projected version of her own self and thoughts.

No. 1590555

It’s not even like this is an original take from her. First thread and she’s bitching that lesbians don’t like her cause she’s too feminine. Nothing new, other women are still the biggest problem in this femmephobic non-prostitutes life

No. 1590600

She had already left her alleged dv situation when the threads were made so what's with the last comment?

No. 1590779

She's trying to capitalize off these threads for her next uber grift.

It's like a narc abuse by mommy move… Look what you made me do. These threads/stalkers are making me do something ridiculously expensive and unnecessary.

No. 1590782

That's hilarious. These threads aren't polite, but there is no doxxing or harassing allowed and frequently anons give actual business/life choices advice to Kathy for free. There is no contacting of the cows allowed. She could completely ignore this thread forever if she wanted to, but she knows that it makes up the bulk of her views and she's mad about that.

No. 1590862

Example of grandiose excuse making:
> "My stalkers literally put me in this position"

No Kathy, your public self-posting larp as a disability activist/luxury dominatrix gave you the public platform you pandered for – making it extremely easy for anyone to find you.

Asking for any internet attention is an extremely stupid and dangerous move for someone who claims to have traumatically fled from domestic and family abuse.

This proves that she's internally diluded about the domestic/family abuse in which she claimed to have 'escaped' vs what she projects for pity points aka mutual aid.

In Kathy's books, diminishing Endo is enough for anyone to get labeled as a capital-A 'Abuser'.

Based on her track record, her main priority is screeching at wrongthink as a vulnerable pastel capitalist.

No. 1590872

I really, really hate this specific "outfit". The panty looks like she folded the end of a giant, decorative utensil up over her puss and called it a day. It looks highly fucking uncomfortable and extremely unattractive. Especially compared to her corset covering every inch of her cheese-gut, then there's just this bizarre diamond shape. Idk. The "panties" just look so absurd and out of place

Amen nonny

No. 1590953

File: 1658174889584.jpeg (758.86 KB, 1170x4200, C1A77EA2-A8CC-4CFB-BA1F-DE6BB7…)

Sure Jan

No. 1590956

Yeah okay Kathy whatever helps you sleep at night. Does she have a nurse fetish or something?

No. 1590958

Rich coming from the idiot who basically doxes herself on a constant basis. Don’t worry Kathy just because you’re too stupid to not be doxxed doesn’t mean everyone is.

No. 1590959

and that nurse's name? Albert Einstein

No. 1590960


Lol, bitch can't even afford weed, how she gonna afford a lawyer. Is it her in a fake mustache?

No. 1590961

She’s so hung up on cease and desists because she has zero chance of winning any actual legal action especially with the tranny that claims to be an attorney. Restraining orders aren’t handed out like candy, either. If she was actually abused in her life she’d know all this. Instead she wants to LARP.

No. 1590964

File: 1658176368546.gif (456.88 KB, 480x228, 28EC9765-8ECF-4B5E-BF64-04B710…)

>their hate has no basis in reality
>I hope he asked for a divorce
>Please go find help before help finds you

No. 1590968

Remember when she tried to call out KF for bullying when she hadn’t even been mentioned there? Same energy. She stays lying, delusional, and in her victim complex.

No. 1590970

The Onision-tier cease and desist harping is incredible

No. 1590971

The cause and effect comment is real ironic here kek

No. 1590977

The mommy issues glow with this one

No. 1591013

So idk if she pulled some random identity from her ass, but Walnut Creek is a nice Northern California town. I don’t know what she has against nurses, that is a great career and far better than hers. Both of those things are accomplishments that Kathy could never. Claiming a couple would end their marriage instead of laughing at this is so disconnected from reality. For someone that is supposed to be humiliating men, she goes after successful women who have every right to be entertained by Kathy’s content on their off time. Idk if this was a big fat larp but isn’t her sexwork twitter supposed to be for enticing clients? What is sexy about this story

No. 1591015

File: 1658179893680.jpeg (210.05 KB, 1170x1308, 730F9426-F2AF-4BBC-AACF-E96480…)

Pack it up nonas, looks like we were wrong about the sheer level of craftsmanship that goes into making one of the best costumes in the game. She stitched the big ones on herself! If only the rest of us talentless whores could overcome disability like madame has.

I’m currently cackling at the obvious back and forth going on between the farm and our beloved bedazzled cow. It must be so infuriating to have your biggest audience be yet another group of women you hold can only seethe at.

No. 1591047

Did she… photoshop out her nipples??? Is being a nippleless freak supposed to attract buyers???

No. 1591085

>still does the stupid captilization while threatning some literal who with a cease and desist

No. 1591098

She wants someone to pay money for the nipple version.
And how exactly does that appeal to her not-actually-johns or customers or whatever?

No. 1591101

Yes, the straight coomers you pander to are all deeply invested in your skills as a seamstress and want to hear ALL about your ugly corsets.

No. 1591102


lmfao she does not have enough money to pay a lawyer for a fucking C&D. She barely has weed money right now

No. 1591106

Walnut Creek is a very nice suburban town with a downtown that has high end stores Katie would love to have a rich man take her shopping at. Neiman Marcus, Saks, expensive condos… if this fictional woman was a nurse in WC, she most likely has a cush job at the Kaiser Permanente there. If this woman actually existed, it would make sense why bitter Katie hates her and wishes a divorce would happen- then she wouldn't be the only one no one wants to be with.

Too bad none of this is real.

Hey Katie- I'm glad you read my comment from 12 days ago and wanted to use it to make yourself sound too legit to quit >>1582472

No. 1591137

Oh, only the big ones, so if a small one falls of, every other small one will get undone, too?
I'm still waiting to buy some masks sewn by her, where are they, will we see them before the summer ends?

No. 1591182

also still waiting for the master costumer to produce more than one costume. It's in her budget if she does >>1586877

No. 1591205

Nona, keep up. Madame uses only the finest E6000 glue to attach each individual Swarovski crystal to her work, and she does all of this with her (always perfectly manicured) hands! If you really think about it, Mistress having to do all of this bespoke work by herself is almost worse than the bespoke Taiwanese children having to make the bespoke Amazon garbage she loves so much.

No. 1591249

File: 1658202530636.jpeg (232.31 KB, 1170x1095, C17E13CB-311B-498D-8CF9-31F7A8…)

Saw that she liked this exact post made by another woman captioned “literally me rn” but posted picrel and unliked the tweet. Can’t come up with anything original, Tacky Glue Kathy? Sage because it’s not milk, just extremely fucking funny. Luxury domina, round of applause, somebody nominate her for a fuckin Peabody award for her activity on twitter.

No. 1591276

File: 1658205435815.jpeg (75.25 KB, 750x1334, 2B4931E4-54E3-4227-970A-997EC9…)

She literally did this multiple times. The call is coming from inside the house Kathy.

No. 1591288

it’s outside Kathy’s realm of imagination that some women have tried her schtick, and found it to be depressing and degrading. and that’s still nothing like the survival sex workers who do it every day.

try again, Kathy!

No. 1591298


This right here is why she has a problem with being criticized and laughed at. She called a prostitute who survived on the streets for eight years a SWERF, and would rather that history forget. History may not remember the work of milkmaids (as it fucking shouldn’t) but nonas have receipts to kek at for eons.

No. 1591311

>me, sleeping until noon, because I'm a deadbeat who can't be fucked to do anything except waste air and bitch online

No. 1591317

File: 1658210196645.jpeg (169.83 KB, 1242x2208, 294012525_783194473024608_5591…)

If the neckbeard is living in her apartment, seems wasteful to put the dog in "doggy darecare" when she's home 24/7. If not it's funny how he'd rather this than give her moving money.

No. 1591350

>complains about stalking and doxxing
>admits to finding out not easily accessible information about someone on the internet
Pretty sure this about the instagram anon from a few threads back. The one Kathy left rude comments about on her old workplace's instagram account. IIRC her husband didn't care about her being on here.

No. 1591387

>the bespoke Taiwanese children
kek nona

No. 1591632

Katherine McMahon aka Katherine Harlow aka park Avenue pinup is a malignant misogynist, diluted by her self-absorbed attention seeking while masquerading as a hermit community ambassador that speaks for vulnerable populations.

Her labelling females who are against real life penis-to-orifice sex-work to be the same evil as the patriarchal men who have no regard for female safety, is cognitively stunted lunacy and awful anti-female (misogynist) rhetoric.

All from her phone, living a larp-life within a cheap plush safe apartment, with no job, John or client in sight.

I didn't think it was possible, but she got uglier.

No. 1591641

the merkin is supposed to be the last thing revealed; the closest to nudity, alongside pasties. it looks wrong with the corset, as a full "outfit".
sage for nothing new, but kathy obviously has no idea about stripping.

No. 1591658

> merkin
It took me far too long to realise there’s another type (?) of merkin. Thank you for explaining the purpose of the “panty”. I also thought it looked absurd with the corset but didn’t get why. You’d think that a connoisseur of Katherine’s calibre wouldn’t be so mediocre at everything related to her craft. Kek

No. 1591668

>Couldn't Be Me

says the woman who had active jealousy for her friend who was a permanent wheelchair user… what's that if not a kind of ableism, hating on disabled people because they get the "free stuff" that you want?

No. 1591684

I keep forgetting this bint literally tattooed her areolae into heart shapes. What an idiot.

No. 1591689

She's projecting, and making her detractors (just LC afaik) out to be boolies of anyone living in abusive homes, when in fact we're just laughing at her specifically. I don't have anything in general again abuse victims, disabled people, hookers, burlesque dancers, weed smokers or pickmes, but when they're all distilled into a package as bitchy and unlikeable as Kathy then call me a misogynist kek

No. 1591740

Probably because she never does any actual sex work, despite calling herself a sex worker in order to feel like a legitimately disadvantaged individual. I wonder what her family must think. It might be less shameful if she were actually a prostitute. She’d still have chosen prostitution over NYU, but at least then she’d have a real job.

No. 1591867

The bespoke bejewelled sanitary pad always makes me laugh.

What I don't understand is whether that is the actual shape of her hips or whether she's squeezing her legs together to hold the thing in place

No. 1591914

I’m not sure but the way her arms are too yellow and her legs are too pink is making me sick

No. 1591933

I could be wrong, but I feel like there's some adhesive fuckery involved. Burlesque anon should come back and tell us what's up

No. 1591988

File: 1658284086911.png (3.08 MB, 828x1792, 8583EC6D-D70D-4E27-B002-5D819F…)

She posted and then deleted after an hour this story claiming a designer is being unethical by doing this despite the maker of the robe reposting that image proudly on her page

No. 1591992

File: 1658284673669.jpeg (278.57 KB, 828x1623, BAAE07E0-415A-44A8-A303-5B2453…)

Catherine D’Lish post that Katherine also commented on (1/2)

No. 1591993

File: 1658284730699.jpeg (126.28 KB, 828x782, C85F290A-7295-4D2B-9637-07F3EB…)

Her comment that’s still up (2/2)

No. 1592005

How fucking retarded can she get? If Catherine d'Lish is posting about her robes being GUEST STARS on the runway… they had permission. Who does Katherine think got the order? Real interesting too how she refers to her as a "small artist". Guess she doesn't know her burlesque or fashion history.

No. 1592009

File: 1658286319000.png (728.45 KB, 533x695, Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 8.03…)

Samefag but Dita's Madame X bras were featured in Alexis Mabille's showing a couple years ago. Is she going to attack the male designer for stealing from a "small femme designer" too? For someone who claims to be the know-all end-all on fashion, she sure doesn't understand how partnerships, friendships, and sponsorships work in the industry kek

No. 1592012

File: 1658286485571.jpeg (95.42 KB, 1500x1334, image123.jpeg)

She's on a dirty delete spree tonight. Here she is being extremely tone-deaf.

No. 1592013

File: 1658286579605.jpeg (98.7 KB, 750x1334, 294413962_857401895233125_4344…)

Her Instagram is now a political space? Idk. Get fucked.

No. 1592015

File: 1658286893002.jpeg (183.5 KB, 750x1334, 294295938_610238630432687_1358…)

Here's her new ~boundaries~

Can't wait for her to complain about the lack of interaction after this as well as giving her "subs" the "free task" of liking her posts kek

No. 1592016

I bet she seethes when she sees models who pair hyper-feminine pieces with more androgynous/masculine styling and features (read : not sopping fucking wet to gain the admiration and approval of scrotes online who have one single fucking outdated take on femininity looks like) and still look beautiful doing so.

Who fucking asked her to wk for a more successful designer that is obviously proud of the reach her work has? God she’s so fucking annoying, she just has to make everything about her and talk down to everybody she can seethe and kvetch about, incessantly. Somebody put this yippy little ankle biter back on a leash. Moid and goth should hold an intervention.

No. 1592018

File: 1658286951688.jpeg (64.53 KB, 750x1334, 294359821_588982989403780_3451…)

Reminder this is all because someone commented "why do you wear the same thing?"

No. 1592019

Why is she enraged on behalf of someone else when the woman posted positively about it? She's truly the eternal victim.

No. 1592020

>I do not give free advice on burlesque
>I mentor BIPOC burlesque performers for free
How much more performative can this white savior get?

No. 1592023

Katherine, you publicly tried to pass your delusional wet dream of being fucked by billionaires, bankers, and capitalists as reality. You're not allowed in your own space by your own bOuNdArIeS

No. 1592027

Kek she definitely believes she's friends with this lady because she bought from her before. Not how that works Kathy. Boundaries, remember?

No. 1592031

does “pelvic floor dysfunction” mean she pisses on herself? she does look like she smells constantly of pee

No. 1592044

All this for an account that averages 30 likes and zero comments kek this is an odd thing to post in general like that isn’t going to stop anyone from commenting what they want. Oh no you’ll block them??? It’s the end of the world!! Block and shut up bitch.

No. 1592065

she knows so little about the fashion industry, kek. If you are a small business and a more known designer buys stuff from you, they won't claim that it's made by them (except they are assholes with amazing lawyers) and it's the best thing that can happen to you as a small business. You can't get better and cheaper advertisement than that. She should rather be enraged about the conditions the seamstresses mostly have to work in or how her "lavender" bullshit or the fabrics she bought for her masks were produced.

No. 1592083

Funny how fakes are in abundance on Amazon but she doesn’t say a thing about that

No. 1592117

She should make another set of business cards with this printed on the backs

No. 1592123

File: 1658298308406.png (654.74 KB, 909x788, Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 11.2…)

She updated her website. She went from asking for a $25 initial "tribute" to $100

No. 1592130

Deposits are non refundable because mistress velvet became an hero and Katy never got her money back kek. Reparations are the only reason she continues to milk her name and image for clout, because now she’s been burned and learned. I’d call her a whore if I realistically could, I swear.

No. 1592137

File: 1658301740388.jpeg (195.66 KB, 1170x621, 77F4A0D1-1E1A-4355-8FD2-F99BB9…)

Usually the person acting as a waste of space in somebody’s life has to pay for that, but apparently in Katy Kat world every day is Opposite Day. I guess if the people in your life don’t care enough about you to take care of you wholly (which, appropriate, considering you’re neither a child nor paraplegic, disabled as you claim to be), might as well see if you can find yet another mental ward patient to take advantage of and give you several thousand dollars at once.

Kek, let’s not forget, the last time somebody gave you thousands of dollars at once, it was a mental patient you made into a “dom” to funnel more money into your pathetic, nothing existence. You stupid pimp whore, did you forget about that from up there on your high horse? I’m sure your “sub” hasn’t.

All pimps should rope effective immediately. Especially those that act like victims.

No. 1592213

Love how she puts 0 effort into these calls to action. So mid and genuinely milquetoast to be like "send 2000 dollars bc ur so obsessed with me". All engagement is 1 like from a fellow online whore. This is so sad

No. 1592223

Coincidentally, her posts also make me question the collective intelligence of humanity

No. 1592302

>why is high femininity considered unprofessional?

Because Kathy must always be the victim.
Does she even know how women have been made to dress at work? Heels for staff who are on their feet all day, obligatory makeup, figure-enhancing clothing. It's almost like professionalism has historically forced women to appear MORE feminine.

No. 1592330

I think she was probably talked to about the god awful way she dresses herself at a previous job and is still seething about it. In her brain she's the pinnacle of fashion so it must be that her boss hated high femininity.

No. 1592335

What happened to hating landlords, Kathy? Asking for rent is class-traitor talk.

No. 1592554

Most people would not struggle to respond with what is professional dress for either of the sexes. It’s pretty straight forward. Could you imagine a man in a bubblegum pink Selkie dress on the stock exchange floor? You’re not entitled to companies changing age old styling just because of your “gender expression”. There’s a reason why professional dress is what it is Bizarre take from her anyways given certain hairstyling, makeup, pencil skirts. and heels are considered professional for women; all are attributed to being feminine.

No. 1592557

File: 1658347430505.png (941.26 KB, 2250x1334, DB21B17D-ED59-406B-B9C1-840BBC…)

Spoken like a true capitalist piggy

No. 1592562



said the little capitalist piggy on her way to the market

No. 1592563

File: 1658347901482.jpeg (40.99 KB, 600x566, 709A49EF-BE33-464D-9B6A-5F5C3E…)

>Having to pay damages (S$$$) in a private/civil lawsuit

No. 1592572

>stop cyberbullying me! I’m calling the police!
never change, Karen Kathy

No. 1592618


I get why she won't get a real job. She's too stupid kek.

Kathy, doll… I think they had her permission to use the robes…

No. 1592682

She’s trying to deter people but if anything it’s antagonistic. If KF could be assed to care they would pester her just to knock her down a peg because there’s genuinely nothing she can do about people making fun of her on the Internet. Her little kindergartner clarifiers of “permanent record” and damages are funny too, like everyone is as stupid as she is.

No. 1592694

File: 1658359089741.jpeg (59.89 KB, 750x1334, 6E5CD824-791A-4691-B100-13E66A…)

Fucking lol

No. 1592701

Has there ever been a month where this "luxury femme domme" could cover her rent without e-begging? KEK.

No. 1592702

Slow sex work month because she's not a sex worker and does nothing but sit on her ass and third wheel with the neckbeard and goth

No. 1592704

Actual Park Bench Pinup saga incoming?

No. 1592707

File: 1658360194358.jpeg (122.71 KB, 1242x2208, 294800467_469624211661818_9021…)

Damn he just roasted her

No. 1592711

Isn’t it embarrassing to say you’ve had a slow work month when you are the product?

No. 1592712

“Never been under on rent before” didn’t her roommate kick her out because she couldn’t make rent after quitting her job???

No. 1592720

The roommate jumped ship and moved out. Kathy not paying her part of the living expenses was one of many reasons she did so.

No. 1592727

File: 1658361592137.jpg (46.39 KB, 750x1334, ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).jpg)

That's why you GET. A . JOB. Burlesque is a hobby. You can't rely on it alone for full-time income. Imagine trying to rely on something to pull through from months ago. How about you just sue 'em?

No. 1592824

File: 1658367126816.jpg (230.6 KB, 1536x2048, ip4BLuJ.jpg)

These were posted just hours apart. Rocks for brains.

No. 1592904

Fucking kek. I'm in NYC Kathy, and I'm a lot closer than you think I am! Come find me and serve me my very own C&D. Oh wait, guess you can't afford to if you're short a measly $350 on rent kek.

She needs to really reread her own tweets because this makes no sense at all and makes her sound more dim than usual. She should just stick to the stupid bimbo act because intellectual, intimidating dom isn't doing much for her.

No. 1592957

You don’t understand: the tranny Shayna refers to as mommy will do it pro bono after starting a gofundme for the legal expenses! It’s all totally legit!

No. 1593115


Maybe sell a pair of those fine, luxury, bespoken shoes and you can pay both this and next month rent in advance….

No. 1593199

For real. I know SWs who make bank on that alone, but the burlesque dancers I've known usually have 'day jobs' too, some which even involve the skills needed like fitness instructor or costume maker!

No. 1593260


Go on anti-swerf kathy, put that sexworker bod to use go suck some fresh dick.

See how much sex-work-is-work™ it takes to make $350 for rent.

No. 1593291

Kathy from the block better hurry and bespoke some BICOC before everyone else does.

Rent day comes real quick, not like when a BBBJ turns BBBJNQNS and you cant say no, stop or the bespoke consent language.

No. 1593506

Right? She claims to be a "survival sex worker" but she won't do any sex work to survive. She literally has no job skills beyond sitting on her ass smoking weed, grifting and e-begging. I have way more respect for escorts & hookers, at least they're offering a service.

No. 1593706

File: 1658440574600.jpeg (68.57 KB, 750x1334, BA7AC5CE-EC83-4039-A9CA-3B0944…)

4. Ugly Hispanic men

No. 1593732


If she's frustrated about not being paid on time with her burlesque shit, she'd be so fuckin triggered if a John decided he wasn't paying her.

She needs to put her money where her mouth is and actually do some survival sex work for a change, maybe she'll gain perspective, call her parents and get a fucking job.

No. 1594036


Her type: epitome of ultra male dominance and representing symbols of that male systemic/biological dominance

The lust for patriarchy is strong in Kathy.

Femdom is cope for that

No. 1594108

File: 1658474153113.jpeg (498.04 KB, 1170x1068, BB514AE1-EC0D-45FB-AA00-F470DE…)

Great priorities Kathy

No. 1594139

I never understand this criticism against her, most online domantrixes are "dom for pay" essentially, most prefer normal relationships outside work

No. 1594153

Kathy is not normal and does not have normal relationships lol. And she boasts about how she loves the bdsm type lifestyle crap that's not "vanilla". The criticism here is that she believes that she is empowered for being a femdom but in reality she only loves being below these kinds of hypermasculine weirdo archetype. The irony is that female domination is only a cope, women never hold power in sexual situations whatsoever, they are only ever ALLOWED to dominate.

No. 1594190

Idk who is the more unsuccessful “sex worker”. This freak or big shayna. Seriously, always e-begging for the bare minimum of living expenses is not thriving. She’s a lazy pig, get out and suck some dick for rent since you’re such an in demand prostitute. What a waste of oxygen.

No. 1594192

>The irony is that female domination is only a cope, women never hold power in sexual situations whatsoever, they are only ever ALLOWED to dominate.
that's called consent, you can only dominated guy who wishes to dominated, if they wanted to leave they'd do it

No. 1594241

No, I'm not talking about consent. Consent is something people use to justify sexual abuse while not really analyzing what REAL consent is ( which is a lot more complex than just getting a yes or no ). The point I am making is that a man allows himself to be in that position, but at any given moment he can stop all that shit and you'll be the one in trouble. You never had the power to begin with. It can be the other way around. You want a Dom to choke you for a bit, but he has the ultimate power and choice to strangle you to death if he wanted to. He only allows you to continue living. Bdsm isn't real or safe in any capacity, it's just cope and they love talking about rules and consent and blah blah. It's just not real and solely dictated by men, who in reality have sexual power. That is the point. Prostituted women know this and live it, that's why we see Kathy portraying the opposite, she does not have lived experience

No. 1594276

You are both autistic and the point here is that Kathy is demonstrating opposite-of-domme behavior on her domme account where she is supposed to be making money selling the fantasy that she's some kind of luxury product that puts men down in their place so they can coom.

No. 1594374

Just admit no one can stand you and you have no friends, instead of making a miles-long list of professsions you pretend you won't associate with. We all know employers is one of them because this lazy bitch won't get a job.

No. 1594412

>It's called consent

Ken Invoking 'consent' doesn't magically return the dominant power to the person who normally holds the least.
It's not like ctrl+alt+del to undo any compromising position you've ended up in.

Obvi it's more expected with attraction that isn't transactional or paid.

But when there's a transaction of money for sexwork, the one who pays holds all power, which he will always use should he decide he's unhappy with what he was sold. Be it a big Mac or oral.

We know the stories of uwu sex work empowerment and netsec is real but Katherine isn't a real sex worker and even those pro's have nightmare johns on the regular who disregard the bespoked consent.

To brag how NLOG she is, she tells on her self in stories - her choice in men and male-gaze tier femme women confirm she doesnt have any natural or biological sign to confirm the slightest eminence of a dominant female.

She's just a beta girl who copes by being a bossy narc with aesthetic preferences. A bratty sub would instantly eliminate her performative pseudo-confidence and she would resort to defensive agitation (an attempt at dominance) or naturally submitting to get it over with.

After that she can whine to garner sympathy, and make new rules on her social stories to cope with her deeply felt inferiority.

No. 1594416

Actually disgusting that she’s begging women & sex workers in her social circle for $350 in “mutual aid” rent money while sub-funding ugly dresses that cost the same amount. She should be using her “sex work” to cover rent instead of taking advantage of people in her own community. She is 100% a spoiled capitalist rich white girl who can’t fathom a life that doesn’t involve sponging off poorer people. All this leftist commie “mutual aid” babble is desperate cope.

No. 1594568

This pic has the same vibe as the ones they take at those six flags “antique” photobooth lmao. Fashion historian my asd

No. 1594603

Keep in mind that she constantly inserts herself in queer discourse, talking so much shit about relationships that occur outside of social norms, when all she really is is a pathetic narc pickme who’s wet to find a daddy that will finally be able to supplement all of the male attention she clearly didn’t get in her adolescence. She’s a collared little basic who thinks she operates outside of a societal norm because daddy holds the leash. It’s fucking funny. Vanilla with a dash of cinnamon. Nonny who originally responded to you is based but should drink some water.

No. 1594653

File: 1658519349556.jpeg (282.95 KB, 1170x1172, 6A36BBF8-D710-4EF4-926A-C30BDA…)

Itchy unlined fast fashion that’ll fall apart after a few wears - so luxury! Who’s going to tell her price doesn’t indicate quality?

No. 1594661

the complete lack of effort. she should do like succesfull e-whores do and actually get herself one or a few guys she has actual 1 to 1 contact with to strongarm into giving her money. these calls to the void are not going to get her anything

No. 1594714

Why can't the master costumer, fashion historian, and creator of the best burlesque costume ever make her own dress collection just like those for less than $100 of polyester chiffon yardage?

No. 1594728

File: 1658523934788.jpeg (79.75 KB, 750x1334, 294666535_751094706153106_6044…)

What was that thing about befriending with ulterior motives again?

No. 1594741

> Calls for a companion object (aka 'friend')
> That companion object "friend" is what she deserves

Little Miss Narcissist Incel

It's now official

No. 1594749

She tried to "manifest" a second boyfriend last time and instead the neckbeard got a second girlfriend. Sounds like she needs to work on her ~manifestations~

No. 1594852

File: 1658535144831.jpeg (89.74 KB, 750x1334, 295620579_912051356322555_1129…)

Thruple trouble?

No. 1594853

File: 1658535310626.jpg (163.43 KB, 1300x867, 4981202.jpg)

Let's not forget Kathy's other boundaries:
>"asking invasive questions or feeling entitled to information from marginalized people will not be tolerated"
>"especially feeling entitled to private medical information from disabled people"
Kathy literally in the same post:
>If you are undiagnosed and disabled/chronically ill please tell me all about it! Or if you have chronic pain/endo/pelvic floor dysfunction/PTSD! I won't charge you for it, I do it out of the goodness of my heart despite having no relevant education or training!!

No. 1594867

Oh no Kathy don't pick a fight with the only person willing to pay irl money for your presence you're short on rent this month!

No. 1594870

Lol sounds like someone isn't happy with the neckbeard and his goth girlfriend

No. 1594995

lmao at kathy admitting she has never had a best friend

No. 1595062

Even if she has, they weren't a HIGH FEMME best friend so they don't count.

No. 1595279

>poly relationship leading to feeling unappreciated and/or unwanted
Wow, who could have possibly seen this coming?

No. 1595331

You might enjoy Kiwifarms' thread on /r/polyarmory

No. 1595576

File: 1658608303280.jpeg (72.13 KB, 750x1334, 2.jpeg)

Her weekly weekend meltdown is here. She started it off with medical advice because she has the authority and education regarding that, right?

No. 1595579

sage for blog, it does work. i take it for chronic pain, she's just saying that because she excuses her weed addiction for pain relief.

No. 1595583

File: 1658608587902.jpeg (179.77 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

Then she went into a spirituality/white women bad rant because her friend had crystals and posed with a Buddha statue. Reminder Katherine e-begged for crystals and has a BLACK POWER alter in her apartment.

No. 1595585

It's almost as if different painkillers are used for different types of pain and disorders and shouldn't be taken just because you have access to them. This druggie is sharing dangerous misinformation.

No. 1595589

File: 1658608832766.jpeg (299.23 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

Continued rant, this time she includes 'tenderqueers' and cis men. She makes sure to add her nurse fetish in there too.

No. 1595592

File: 1658608974567.jpeg (199.89 KB, 2250x1334, image.jpeg)

The answer to why she has no friends is right in this bluster but she's too much of a narc to confront that about herself.

No. 1595600

File: 1658609362854.jpeg (129.38 KB, 750x1334, 11.jpeg)

So she's jealous of a girl from high school. Got it. Kek

No. 1595626

Sounds like she's also still seething over her former "best friend"/nursing school roommate who wouldn't be her maid. I'm guessing she did her weekly Friday drug deal and is stoned out of her mind all alone at home on a Saturday kek.

No. 1595659

No. 1595673

Not a medfag but as far as google tells me, they're both hormone blockers; Orilissa uses elagolix as it's active ingredient and Lupron uses leuprolide acetate. From what I can tell the difference is elagolix is a capsule, doesn't require add back therapy to mitigate hpo axis dysfunction like the injection leuprolide does, and is more cost effective. The only "danger" is possible lower bone density which just happens when you have low hormones and why neither of them are meant to be used long term. They both have the same side effects similar to menopause otherwise. And endometrial ablation is used to destroy small bits of uterine tissue. Treatment for endo is only meant to manage symptoms which all this does.

No. 1595674

the only treatment for endometriosis is a copious supply of opioids and weed, right, Kathy?

what’s your degree again?

No. 1595675

This whole "white people must only promote white cultures" thing she's on does not go where she wants it to go.

No. 1595689

It’s a Saturday night post-pandemic in New York City and she’s sitting at home seething on instagram about ex-friends. Why doesn’t the successful burlesque performer have a gig booked? Or why isn’t one of her billionaire suitors taking her out on a fabulous date? Maybe if she put as much thought and energy into her work as she puts into seething about evil white women she wouldn’t be late on rent this month kek.

No. 1595704

Who is she constantly lecturing to? Does she think her followers read this nonsense?

No. 1595715

File: 1658616702528.jpg (42.73 KB, 750x1334, kwtRiayQka.jpg)

Dirty deleted (1/2)

No. 1595717

File: 1658616729960.jpg (46.59 KB, 750x1334, KY2f3uY0Sk.jpg)

No. 1595733

Is this whole string of tantrums how she deals with her pet neckbeard having another girlfriend who he is currently monkeybranching? Why doesn't Kathy just date a different balding nerd in his 40s?

No. 1595748

Agreed, it does a lot for nerve pain as well. And it's great for getting high on, but Kathy just wants opiates.

No. 1595785

Wow, she actually criticized men for something more meaningful than not giving her money instead of just using her accounts to belittle women for once. Doubt this will become a trend.

No. 1595791

Ablation… absolutely does treat endo? It doesn't CURE it, but nothing does. It involves entering the pelvic cavity with surgical implements and a camera and ablating the endometrial implants visualized there. It's one of the most effective ways of treating infertility in endo patients, which is a common complication. Sure, the implants might grow back in other areas, but ablation is a great way to lessen the burden of countless implants all over the pelvis.
sage for medfaggery

No. 1595957

So her drug-fueled rants so far this weekend boil down to
>it didn’t work for me / I heard it didn’t work for some people / I never tried it so no one do it because I stereotype nurses as high school mean girls as an adult woman and think their degrees mean nothing. I have no medical degree but listen to me. I have no friends and here is the list as to why

Fucking pathetic but real milky

No. 1595985

She is literally talking to herself. Notice the last sentence on that left most screenshot, she said "..and you deserve better than that". She is literally talking about herself to herself lmfao. Her narcissism is showing so genuinely here it's so funny

No. 1595990

I love how this positive disabled warrior always spews such angry negativity. The only people that would follow someone like her are farmers and other grumpy, bitter bitches.

No. 1595999

If Kathy is the pink blob in this pic, why isn’t goth the black blob? Makes perfect sense for that to be you two, unless you can’t actually con the prettier one in the thruple to listen to the endless, holier-than-thou, privileged but somehow equally disadvantaged larp-tier retardation you spout blindly on a daily basis. Can’t wait for moid to dump her ass. Milk’ll be especially sweet when she finds herself still jobless, friendless, and now partnerless in the big city. At least she’ll still have miss velvet.

No. 1596000

>I need people, especially white women to understand that a patchwork of items and practices from various cultures blah blah blah

Kathy the Karen is talking to herself again.

She's literally 'that white women' about burlesque, fashion, kink, queerness, sex work, disability, bipoc allyship, socialism and men.

She should give up larping as a prostitute and be the clown she already is

No. 1596002

>"If you can't be FRIENDS with a disabled person in real life, you should NOT be treating us or in charge of our care."

>If you're disabled and you get an infection or frostbite that may result in amputation of a limb – PLEASE reject the advice and services of any orthopedic surgeon who doesn't pass your vibe check! Cute med school degree lol but a radical high femme bestie is the BARE MINIMUM.

This girl is too weird, almost like a bot. All the right buzzwords, but no one is fooled because its obvious she doesn't understand how anything works. Poorly larping disability with rants that show she has no significant medical struggles. And no concept of what a disabled person's actual priorities are.

No. 1596007

>Friends who challenge me

Aren't those the ex-friends that end up getting called out online for being 'Abusive abusers' for questioning the experience and knowledge of the bespoked?

The plug must have came through because she is projecting cis white man levels of cognitive dissonance

No. 1596489

File: 1658696992862.jpeg (45.31 KB, 750x1334, DD09D8FE-CB3A-4832-AEFE-66AE0D…)

Grammar has left the chat and another drug-induced rant has entered

No. 1596501

Most people would agree that burlesque isn’t sex work but uh, you can’t stop people from wearing character costumes in their acts. You can’t appropriate what strippers wear as a more accepted form of stripper kek

No. 1596525

“PLEASE reject the advice and services of any orthopedic surgeon who doesn't pass your vibe check!” Holy fuck lmao

No. 1596535

so… she’s mad another burlesque performer, who doesn’t pretend to be a dominatrix on the internet, wore a ~domme~ outfit for her act. and Kathy’s pressed because she thinks she owns it. gotcha

No. 1596545

Sex workers aren't a race, Kathy. It's not cultural appropriation. It's a profession; her complaint is on par with being mad at sexy nurse/secretary outfits.
If Kathy were obese, she'd be one of those HAES Fat-Identitarians who think that "eat less" is on the same level and n-bombing.

No. 1596561

kathy, crystals and the study of gem properties ARE european. marbode of rennes? rolling in his grave. all of crystal pseudospirituality is based on the content of european lapidaries.
also forgive the sperge, but "white" is an anglo-centric term originating from anglo-led conquest, to differentiate anglos from africans, indians, and other colored folk they encountered. a very vague term, anthropologically speaking. social sciences consider the concept of "white" a "construct".
i bet in her eyes this "white" guilt for anglo shenanigans also applies to slavs, caucasians (from the actual caucasus), the irish, and other "white" european creeds that had nothing to do with this anglo/western-euro mess, arguably drew no benefits from it for posterity either, and even were actively victims of it alongside the nonwhites?
and ancestors are not just the political construct of creed. even if the anglo-saxon race committed atrocities, they were atrocities committed by politicians. you may argue and assign passive responsibility on the bourgeoise too, but i doubt your working class ancestors who had no say in the matter hold any responsibility. they are your grandparents raising their families, your resilient grannies living through sexism, grandfathers working their ass off to provide for their families, etc. do you condemn them too?her narcissitic individualism is showing.
by this goofy logic of condemning an entire race (in its broadest definition), middle easterners should spit on their own ancestors/race too, because the barbary slave trade and the ottoman conquest of europe were a thing. but thats not nice. i believe holding this opinion comes under 'islamophobia', doesnt it? telling people of european descent who come from a working class or rural background to feel shame for colonialism is almost as stupid as telling muslims they should feel personally ashamed for isis.
get your head out of your arse, kathy.

No. 1596563

Not to summon the burlesquefags but is it not literally stripping. Dancing and taking your underwear off is what strippers do.

No. 1596598

it appears that she knows nothing about European history, well, she knows nothing. Maybe someone should educate her that not every white person has/had the same rights as others, but sure, everyone is from a wealthy background like her and has to be ashamed that they are a white woman with white ancestors. Would love to see the background of her ancestors, I'm sure there are some skeletons in the closet.

No. 1596599

too late. i have been summoned. dita von teese, who worked as a normal stripper before her burlesque career, calls it stripping, and corrects anyone who implies it is somehow "above" stripping. this is because burlesque is the ancestor of modern stripping. modern burlesque is a nostalgic homage to the romanticized past: the past of stripping. when society was more uptight about sexuality, there were more rules, so in honor of past strippers, modern burlesque dancers wear pasties and thongs or merkins. "mainstream strippers" dont need to follow these rules, as they are not emulating history. both, however, are strippers. the original historical burlesque performers were the strippers of their times.
but just because formula one exists nowadays, it doesnt mean that enthusiasts of vintage cars are not "racing". the historicity is part of the spectacle, of course. but the essence is there.
saged and sorry for autism.

No. 1596650

this is pretty interesting, thanks! just visiting this thread & learned something from your explanation!

No. 1596662

It doesn't really matter if it's stripping or not because #1, it's a matter of opinion and, most importantly #2, Katie doesn't get hired to strip or do burlesque or do any sex work. She doesn't get paid at all so there's no need to start a debate of opinions that really don't even apply to Katie.

No. 1596672

OT but burlesque dancers wear coverings either due to Blue Laws in some states or simply due to the type of club it is. Strippers don't cover their shit because the club applied for a different permit that allows nudity. It has nothing to do with paying homage to history and everything to do with avoiding permit violations in the form of heavy fines. That's sweet an anon thinks that pasties are in honor of nostalgia keeeek.

No. 1596686

It does apply to Kathy's constant haranguing about how burlesque isn't stripping though. I don't want it to turn into a whole debate but I personally enjoyed learning from >>1596599

No. 1596705


> when society was more uptight about sexuality, there were more rules, so in honor of past strippers, modern burlesque dancers wear pasties and thongs or merkins. "mainstream strippers" dont need to follow these rules, as they are not emulating history. both, however, are strippers

If >>1596599 was factual, then yes, it would be a great thing to learn.
Society is uptight which is why nudity isn't allowed in regular clubs. There's also more permit requirements for places that sell alcohol in regards to allowing nudity. Sweet summer child anon made up the entire part about "emulating history" and "honoring past strippers".

No. 1596732

Dita Von Teese is also an obnoxious lolcow but she's been in it long enough that anyone with half a brain would trust her burlesque takes more than Kathy's

No. 1596771


Lol Kathy is gagging on her cognitive dissonance.
This makes zero sense.

she's requesting Strippers, to not dress like sex workers ?

And kekx, What the fuck is a mainstream stripper anyway?

So, no one can emulate the act of dominating a sub, unless they are pro dominatrixes.

What about your entire act, kathy the karen?

Her drugy lil proclaimation stories are great entertainment!(learn2integrate)

No. 1597387

File: 1658780657593.jpeg (21.65 KB, 750x1334, 295654090_565265475340748_5232…)

The fuck

No. 1597389

File: 1658780763967.png (72.19 KB, 593x270, Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 1.26…)

Cope harder with your "degree in fashion". You can learn from experts for free online.

No. 1597397

Sewing isn't a lost skill, wtf. Just because these two cows can't be fucked to learn doesn't mean something is lost.

No. 1597404

oh Kathy, want to come over and be my apprentice? Work 8 hours a day below minimum wage with horrible customers? Sure, I can teach you stuff, but you haven't even got around to make those masks, don't think you would be suited as an apprentice. And then the time you would need to "recover" because of your disabilities, sorry, no one in the fashion industry could use you.

No. 1597409

Lol. This lazy bitch can't even be bothered to read a free online guilde to learn a game to appease her D&D neckbeard scrote.

No. 1597412

File: 1658783010124.jpeg (171.25 KB, 1500x1334, image12.jpeg)

The Eternal Victim in the Oppression Olympics

No. 1597415

File: 1658783145792.png (41.87 KB, 595x167, Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 2.04…)

Why would someone learning for a hobby be paid a living wage? Her entitlement is off the charts.

No. 1597417

File: 1658783316959.jpg (25.5 KB, 400x357, tinfoil cat.jpg)

Sewing is a lost skill in the general public…that you can easily find for free in libraries, blogs, and youtube videos. Kathy wants to be spoonfed and probably would throw a fit the first time her machine snarled the stitches. Take some free dance lessons, Kathy, and then read a couple sewing blogs. It costs nothing and it's not like you have employment to get in the way of your self-improvement efforts.
NOBODY wants to pay a whiny druggie to ruin works in progress, Kathy. Learn on your own time for free or pay for lessons. An apprentice may not have specialty skills (they're there to learn those), but we've seen the stitching on her garters, and she doesn't have the basics necessary for apprenticeship down yet.
My tinfoil is that she sees the goth girl and the neckbeard having better chemistry in certain areas and wants to shoehorn herself into those.

No. 1597425

What a hypocritical cunt. She will not answer any questions for free and wants people to give her money for a "consultation" >>1592015 but also expects to be paid a living wage while learning from other people. That's not how that works. Respect artists and their works you fucking loser.

No. 1597427

She's immunosuppressed now? I don't remember her having an HIV arc, and she's not on chemo. What's going on there?

No. 1597434

Just to reiterate because it's so outrageous: Kathy expects people to pay her for knowledge on skills she admits she doesn't possess while expecting people who do possess those skills to pay her to learn them

No. 1597442

>Literally why?
Because literally 95% of cases have been spread by men having sex with other men

No. 1597461

File: 1658786650039.jpeg (140.05 KB, 750x1334, 295435176_449369660443500_5613…)

How is it a university's random staffers duty to give her housing and food on top of estranging her from her family? She was an adult attending something completely voluntary and optional.

No. 1597467

KEK I'm losing it over this. Is she worrying she might have sex with a gay man and get infected?

No. 1597470

NYU is a private institution people pay to go to. They don't have to accommodate poor students. Imagine being the random worker in financial aid, who is probably also a student, having this retard come in complaining about being financially abused while records show daddy is paying for her education.

No. 1597474

>emailed EVERY single department in the ENTIRE university
Oh to be a fly on the wall in those offices kek bet they were happy when Karen the park bench throwup dropped out

No. 1597479

File: 1658787350126.png (1 MB, 1000x750, pattern corset compilation.png)

I'm not paying you shit, Kathy, but class starts now. Picrel are just a sample of the corset patterns that you are NOT using to make yourself a bespoke corset. After you've made your own pillowcases a couple times, buy one and make it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow even for beginners learning alone. If you have trouble, there are 1500+ blogs where women are writing about sewing those patterns. You can put trims and stones and shit all over it so that nobody can guess which bespoke pattern you bespoked your bespoke corset from.
There are underbust, overbust, halfway-up-the-bust all in the image. There are add-ons in some of the patterns for bloomers, slips, pantaloons, and chemises for the rest of your costume getup. I came here for costume milk and all Kathy does is talk about costuming without producing any new garments.
Too poor to buy spring steel? I refer you to >>1586877 go make a costume for $25 by looking up, "how to sew circle skirt" and "circle skirt calculator".
College is expensive, but I'm still calling bullshit. There are way more resources for a college student in an abusive situation with unstable housing than are available to the general public. If anyone's in that situation, talk to a professor in charge of planning your major with you or a counselor, have them flag you as a "retention risk" and they'll pour resources on you to keep you enrolled so that you don't ruin the stats the college uses to brag and get money. You may get special permission to stay on campus during holidays, notified of summer jobs and internships with housing and food included, extra therapy and leniency while you sort yourself out, or whatever of those are available in that particular college at that particular time. There's even paperwork that you can get to throw at FAFSA so that you don't have to include your family's income for aid. It's doable, Kathy, but only if you actually try rather than sit on your flat ass and complain.

No. 1597481

File: 1658787437378.jpeg (75.37 KB, 750x1334, 295924107_521841439690943_4828…)

Everything in her life has 'traumatized' her

No. 1597484

File: 1658787647714.jpeg (76.31 KB, 750x1334, 295865319_145213661460288_3713…)

No. 1597485

Why didn't she drop out sooner if it was just so bad?

No. 1597487

File: 1658787889009.jpeg (85.82 KB, 750x1334, 295479214_792358248569862_3694…)

No. 1597494

File: 1658788120295.gif (2.58 MB, 498x203, adams family values.gif)

I don't know much about Dita von Teese other than she was married to Marilyn Manson and left him, and I'd be interested in a thread on her if anyone's willing.
pic related

No. 1597498

There's been several threads made on DVT but they get deleted every time pretty quickly. There's some tinfoil going on with that lol

No. 1597502

File: 1658788379937.jpeg (36.17 KB, 750x1334, 295649677_396859822329605_2535…)

She just invalidated everything she said about abuse by calling sex work and being a sex worker "a gift"

No. 1597505

She can not be fucking for real right now. Karma is going to wreck her.

No. 1597506

Massive cope. You're not operating outside of society. You're operating at the mercy of mentally unstable violent men who will snap your neck if they're not satisfied with the trick

No. 1597509

What does this even mean?
Interesting. I guess one of the mods is a fan or something?

No. 1597510

Telling disabled people not to seek a higher education… real progressive.

No. 1597519

>I shouldn’t have to suffer in order to succeed

Idk what to even say anymore, it’s no wonder nobody can stand her, she’s a nasty spoiled little princess who thinks if people don’t drop everything to hold her hand and live her life for her it’s aBuSe. She obviously is used to getting her way by making demands, and now she’s surprised and offended that she can’t whine more money into her bank account or whine a master’s degree onto her wall. Everyone’s life is hard, everyone goes through tough shit because that’s how shit works, it’s not some big conspiracy or -ism that everything isn’t handed to you on a plate.

No. 1597529

She calls everything but sex work abuse when sex work is one of the most abusive things towards women as a whole. Government giving gay men a vaccine for a disease they predominantly get? That’s abuse. Women being at the mercy of men who use and violate their bodies? That’s a gift.

No. 1597540

NYU gave her a job. A job that included some type of medical coverage because she posted herself getting mad that they caught onto her pill-seeking. She really loves to change her stories to match whatever narrative she wants.

No. 1597566

>notified of summer jobs
as if this lazy bitch would ever work a REAL job. kek.

No. 1597594

I want to see what her email to the Africana Studies and French Literature departments looked like

No. 1597662

File: 1658798041580.jpeg (46.5 KB, 750x1334, 295420346_828165594788969_2731…)

Damn she projects hard

No. 1597719

The vast majority of all people everywhere are very busy dealing with their own problems in their own lives, Kathy. This is why advocacy for disadvantaged groups is such a Big Deal- there are people who devote their free time or even their entire lives to convincing others that something that doesn't affect them is still worthwhile to care about.

No. 1597722

Every time she refers to ‘people,’ ‘others,’ ‘victims’ etc I just mentally replace it with ‘me’ and shit starts to make a lot more sense. The only suffering she’s concerned about is her own.

No. 1597838

She's not even a sex worker.

Being a narc bitch online to mentally ill doormats who Venmo and gift you wooden spoons is not sex work.

Kathy the park bench Karen is a scamming panhandler with social media accounts.

Suck dick and spread your ass for random men for money. That's sex work, dumbass.

No. 1597851

She doesn't even have to buy a pattern; there's a former garment tech who does nothing but draft corset patterns and put them up for free online along with a ton of tutorials on how to construct and fit a corset pattern with any budget. It's not like she's hard to find either, Kathy is just lazy at the end of the day.

No. 1598001

>Voluntarily going to grad school is financial abuse
KEK what? This has to be more pillposting

No. 1598008

File: 1658845889489.jpg (88.02 KB, 750x1334, Md3gAY0C1L.jpg)

Way to tell on yourself and how you don't have any real friends and have nothing else to look forward to

No. 1598038

Wow! That set of patterns was amazingly easy to find and they look gorgeous. Thanks for the tip.

No. 1598114

It's been deleted, she must have been overwhelmed with RSVPs /s

No. 1598364

File: 1658869625953.jpeg (183.66 KB, 750x1334, 3CDAF862-049A-4DCB-992F-050EC0…)

No. 1598390

omg, Kathy, stop doing pills and posting rants on social media and do a couple how-to-dance yt videos

No. 1598424

File: 1658873948663.png (3.73 MB, 1170x2532, 34788C7B-9791-4770-B4C4-056E88…)

> freelancers
> unionization
If only she had a working brain

No. 1598432

File: 1658874302040.jpeg (236.41 KB, 2250x1334, 3E901757-56D6-4605-ABF7-23176D…)

She should pill-seek some lithobid next

No. 1598435

But, Kathy, you're not part of that nightlife. You don't book shows. When is the last time she performed again?
>Blocking men automatically
How is she a sexworker?

No. 1598444

Exactly. She is not a sex worker.
She's a ebegging panhandler with aesthetic excuses.

Her boyfriend must be bonding with his primary girl so she's obsession posting nyuniversity for attention.

No. 1598472

File: 1658877217638.jpg (93.01 KB, 300x400, 1e1e58ae-f28a-49cd-acb4-5fcbce…)

HAHAHA she sure is wallowing in her abundant lack of self worth tonight. I wonder what happened. Maybe it's the realization that she'll be 25 soon with nothing good to show for it? No friends or a partner who prioritizes her, nor a stable job. No progress in any of her hobbies either. Just a ruined reputation, regrets and her myriad of physical and mental health issues.

No. 1598479

>>1598472 I think what happened is what >>1598444 said. The goth gets along better with the neckbeard than Kathy does, likely because they appear to have more overlapping interests. Turns out people don't want a relationship with a histrionic pillhead who is allergic to self-improvement.

No. 1598546

she keeps implying she has a bachelor’s degree. where is it, kathy?

No. 1598609

I can't with this bitch. She's acting as though being blocked by her is the end of the world and as if Instagram is going to do something about someone having a finsta. They do not care Kathy. Neither do your followers because not even 10% interacts with your shit. Would love for her to answer how she knows someone is a cishet man because the answer would open a whole can of progressive worms kek

No. 1598854

File: 1658909608450.jpeg (739.9 KB, 1170x1210, 74788B88-94ED-48E4-85E8-6F3CE1…)

Nah but why the scrote be retweeting this about hidden disability and still stay blind to the blatant disadvantage between those who are hiding tubes under skirts versus those that don’t have to do anything of the sort.

No. 1598862

What about the part of your supposed fanbase that is made up of regular people who wanna follow for the aesthetic, who genuinely could like you for what you post but not wanna be terminally online, huh?

No. 1598920

Let me guess, the disability center asked for some kind of documentation of her 'disabilities' in order to provide help for her and this was traumatising and discriminatory because Kathy didn't have any.

My own college would send students to subsidised psychs, doctors etc to be diagnosed (or not) if they didn't have one on paper.

No. 1598921

I guess financial support from her parents was dependent on staying in education and not playing a whore on the internet.

No. 1598922

I guarantee she's never heard of Ed Roberts for all her Disability Activism. Girl needs to shut up and learn herself some history.

No. 1599112

as someone who was actually financially abused, this bitch makes me want to a-log.

No. 1599564

File: 1658968165148.jpeg (81.28 KB, 969x846, image22.jpeg)


No. 1599595

File: 1658970978365.jpg (38.86 KB, 750x1334, eyr1RViNmu.jpg)

Here's the last part of those posts nonnie, dirty deleted within an hour. She actually resorted to blaming the restaurant too KEK. Interesting how she's claiming that one gig stiffing her in May is responsible for her now being late on rent two months later in July >>1592727. Let's not forget she was flaunting the $700 she used for those shitty stocking seam tattoos last month >>1559738

>I'm not here for work for free for ANYONE

Way to contradict yourself Kathy >>1592015, proving >>1592020 anon right

No. 1599599

File: 1658971467619.jpg (20.61 KB, 750x1334, mTJICmDfkS.jpg)

Sorry for the multiple posts but I'm on mobile and she's on one tonight. She actually expects people to still come to her despite everything… (1/2)

No. 1599602

File: 1658971622054.jpg (34.65 KB, 750x1334, EOBeguoSz0.jpg)

And she's lurking HARD. Posted 10 minutes ago. (2/2)

No. 1599609

File: 1658972105265.jpg (43.07 KB, 500x438, a3b8e86cebbd4e4dce55b80a55e44a…)

Annnnnd dirty deleted! Sorry I'll stop now kekeke

No. 1599623

Thank you for grabbing these so quick, nonna. She truly is hypocritical, I mean didn't she also take forever to pay the other dancers in her show that one time?

>domestic abuse survivor

Her constantly using that infuriates me

>burlesque community is so toxic

Sounds a lot like Shayna. Both bitches need to stop venting on their "sw" twitters kek

No. 1599720

If it’s typical, why did you take it? Rhetorical question obviously. 99% sure this was a private birthday at a restaurant she is talking about that she did with that Emily woman. Expecting a restaurant to feed you as talent booked as a third party for a 10 minute appearance is ridiculous. Expecting a restaurant to have a dressing room is also ridiculous. >>1599599 tells it all though… she knows nothing and is in the wrong industry. If Dita doesn’t have it easy after having her career paid for, she isn’t. That’s showbiz for niche strippers.

No. 1599918

>ISO people In show business with a conscience, integrity and values

A good long hard laugh to this naive and delusional take from such a talentless hobbyist.

It's funny how kathy the Karen thinks she's in show business.

You gotta earn it and do real gigs, not just the equivalent of a burlesque open mic every 4 months at dive bars.

It's sink or swim unless you dedicate your life and soul to your maintaining and improving abilities. But that's ableist…

And that's showbiz - kid.

No. 1599944

File: 1658994756147.jpeg (717.92 KB, 1170x1896, 2035EAB9-D5CA-4E01-8D61-07415A…)

So burlesque dancers aren’t sex workers but pinups are? Oh Kathy. Nice of her to talk about how she’s always wanted to be a sex worker once again - really original and not creepy at all!

No. 1600093

Kek, this is sooooo naive. Stripping is hard work, and most of the time NOT glamorous. Kathy is romanticizing the “Hollywood film version” of the stripper, not the reality.

No. 1600105

How has she been interested in this stuff her whole life and still can't dance or perform her way out of a paper bag?

No. 1600203

>somehow I'm the bad person
If they are treating her as such it's probably because she is not just asking them but going on unhinged drug-fueled rants about how marginalized she is like she does on insta, but in their email. If they really aren't paying her that's sus, but that's the kind of company she's gonna keep being a beggar and scammer herself so why is she surprised?

Does she think this will make it easier for her to get hired in the future? Her whole online presence is one big red flag even for "show business" employers

No. 1600388

>You gotta earn it and do real gigs, not just the equivalent of a burlesque open mic every 4 months at dive bars.
kek anon, the accuracy

No. 1600425

We are not making it out the patriarchy when girls grow up genuinely admiring strippers and whores. Which boy grows up admiring ancient greek male sex slaves or eunuchs? They look up to kings. Meanwhile little girls are encouraged to look up to whores

No. 1600447

She's so proud of this ultra-vanilla take.

She idolized make believe stories that hollywood created for the male gaze, created a shallow inauthentic personality from it, yet she constantly shames inauthentic musings or creative crossover within the ability-based communities she claims governing membership too.

New stage name: 'Kathy the Vanilla Bootlicker'

No. 1600593

File: 1659040098332.jpg (56.14 KB, 750x1334, DTGATwYm6d.jpg)


No. 1600596

File: 1659040220214.jpg (65.83 KB, 750x1334, BixZJojztZ.jpg)

No. 1600612

can she stop talking about sex work? She isn't doing any or is she standing on a street, waiting for a guy to give her 30 € so he can get a blowjob in his car? No, she just is on social media all day long and that's all.

No. 1600617

That's mighty rude Kathy, you don't know if she's struggle while living on disability and $1 was literally all she could send to you in support of you! How dare you assume the situation of another woman.

No. 1600647

File: 1659044653094.jpeg (54.83 KB, 775x331, image123.jpeg)

This is 100% one of the "subs" she dropped/that dropped her. She admitted it. The fact that she automatically jumped to "I hate you civilian bitch SWERF women" says a lot about her when she's burned several very mentally unstable people. She's still trying to vaguely say it was a "civilian woman" on Insta despite admitting it was an ex-sub. What a fucking retard. So much for her boundaries as well kek

No. 1600650

Human trafficking is at its highest now, I don’t think she understands sex trafficking and how it’s all online too. Not only that, and many other reasons but I’ll keep this short, the youngest possible girls are targeted for sex work that their brains are not developed enough to understand, and encouraging them to continue growing within the extremely fucked up world of sex work is the most anti-woman thing. Sure there are adult woman who make choices about sex work, and they are responsible enough to talk about how dangerous it is. At the end of the day, men benefit the most from this and turning women against each other is not the answer. Women on both sides of this have experienced actual real sexual violence, and they both equally need to be listened to. It’s such a complicated and nuanced social issue that is controlled by the criminal impulses of men, for example one of the main reasons there is an argument to legalize prostitution is so that they can get the trafficked women out of there without having to arrest them so they can help them.

She was just waiting for the moment she could say how much she actually hates other women. Like shut the fuck up, learn the ability to understand other perspectives and that not everyone has to accept how your behavior affects someone else, they can say no to you and you don’t get to throw a mantrum and go on about “hating bitches” like some incel.

No. 1600659

File: 1659045367813.png (109.47 KB, 592x452, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 2.53…)

Most of the replies talk about seeing it in media. Bet if you questioned them irl about why it's okay for little girls to exposed to that they'd be stumped.

No. 1600672

File: 1659046086969.png (126.97 KB, 593x735, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 3.06…)

Kathy can dirty delete all she wants but evidence of the raging misogyny will live online forever

No. 1600680

She's just disgusting. I know sex workers, I know people who have entered sex work voluntarily, but it was never something that anyone dreamed of doing. Never an aspiration. Goddamn I hate to ALOG but I really want Kathy to fuck around and find out.

No. 1600682

She's a female supremacist posting this shit yet can't figure out why men continually treat her like shit. Its almost as if the constant woman bashing and images of women in distress don't attract men that are into female domination.

No. 1600693

>Finding submissives in the wild is exciting and fun.

She's obviously the submissive in the wild here, considering she let some fugly neckbeard put a leash and officiated collar on her like a mutt dog.

Little miss misogynistic incel loves any excuse to use her platform to justify her deep hatred of women and women's emancipation from sex servitude.

No. 1600695

File: 1659046704853.jpg (53.2 KB, 750x1334, T5K7aC3aBY.jpg)

Now she's regurgitating months old salt. Keep seething for everyone to see and laugh at, it sucks to suck!

She's also making a lot of assumptions and being pretty heteronormative here, not that Kathy would speak up about it and correct the record though

No. 1600697

I can't even put into words how sick it is to have a thread going about wanting to be sex workers as little girls next to a thread calling regular women losers, cunts, bitches, and dumb while lamenting about how much better they are because cheating men send them pocket change.

No. 1600703

Notice how the language changes to "person". She couldn't be more blatantly obvious if she tried.

No. 1600708

Do better and maybe you'll get casted one day. Cope and seethe cunt.

No. 1600713

File: 1659047150476.png (65.69 KB, 591x251, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 3.25…)

Completely normal and acceptable

No. 1600718

What an outrage that producers keep casting good, reliable, professionals.

No. 1600732

Absolutely the coldest of ice cold takes to blame cheaters and coomers bad behavior on their women. The utter megacope of this unsuccessful failure of a cheap whore to blame some random gf or wife for her man paying bottom tier whores for temporary thrills. Remember that these women can't even cough up rent most of the time because they're this unsuccessful and unwanted. Successful whores do more than sit on their asses on twitter all day calling into the void for "tributes" on posts liked by 3 people at most, 2 of which are their whore friends and the other one is some broke bobs and vagene guy. They wish they were "civilian"

No. 1600740

But it's not about men and getting their crumbs of worthless attention though, right? Pathetic. And then it winds up being a man that did it in the end.

No. 1600751

That screenshot said "Diana" tho

No. 1600755

Please tell me you're not serious lol

No. 1600768

Ah so it was a moid pretending to be someone else? Or do you think that she straight up lied/faked a screenshot? I thought it might have been that psychotic femsub from a while back

No. 1600773

This is the most insecure shit out there. I can agree in theory it’s an ice cold take, but in application if you jump at shit like this you’re weak as fuck. She had an opportunity to humiliate the man and demonstrate some skill, but she further reinforces a Madonna/whore complex by chastising his partner for not “doing better” at not being a whore, and also not being a good enough mommy to teach him restraint while being responsible for all of his mistakes.

No. 1600783

Wait I'm a dumbass. I've realized what happened, it all makes much more sense now

No. 1600793

This single screenshot contradicts everything these women claim they are doing / are against. They are the biggest losers.

No. 1600976

File: 1659065823029.png (46.41 KB, 592x207, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.20…)

Katherine fucked around and found out tonight on Twitter with several other dommes/SWers. She of course is dirty deleting but I caught all but one tweet. Caps coming shortly; have to get them in order.

No. 1600978

File: 1659065929993.png (55.76 KB, 592x217, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.39…)

No. 1600989

File: 1659066502943.jpeg (170.83 KB, 586x1133, image.jpeg)

No. 1600994

File: 1659066815583.jpeg (179.31 KB, 586x1331, image.jpeg)

No. 1600996

File: 1659067064184.jpeg (179.94 KB, 1091x742, image11.jpeg)

No. 1600997

Doing God's work, nona

No. 1600998

File: 1659067264337.jpeg (238.27 KB, 589x1980, image.jpeg)

No. 1600999

File: 1659067335557.png (125.89 KB, 592x556, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.32…)

No. 1601000

File: 1659067370026.png (64.2 KB, 591x226, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.32…)

No. 1601001

File: 1659067448794.png (71.17 KB, 592x276, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.32…)

No. 1601003

Sloane has 12k followers. Kathy has…. fewer. And crucially, no work.

She's being catty and rude, but she is at least making money from her proclaimed profession. Kathy's just insisting on wedging herself into the community she wants to be in, without having to touch a dick, and hates being called out for it.

No. 1601009

File: 1659067974414.jpeg (189.7 KB, 589x1364, image.jpeg)

No. 1601010

File: 1659068098138.png (109.49 KB, 589x502, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.30…)

No. 1601012

File: 1659068170572.png (134.37 KB, 592x582, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.06…)

No. 1601013

File: 1659068192026.png (66.39 KB, 592x270, Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 8.57…)

No. 1601015

File: 1659068252707.jpeg (51 KB, 750x1334, 296017895_464511875115035_8492…)

No. 1601019


Wait are other mistresses and dommes publicly roasting her now?

No. 1601020

File: 1659068589488.png (304.16 KB, 557x293, Screen_Shot_2018-03-28_at_11.3…)

That's it… for now lol she'll be on one again tomorrow no doubt

No. 1601025

FUCKING LOL This bitch stuck her nose somewhere it didn't belong and the thing she gets the most mad about? Her makeup being roasted.
>Is no one honest to people's faces anymore?
She just was bitch by calling you Sunday Adams; a joke she didn't even process. Fucking hilarious. Thank you nonnie for catching all this.

No. 1601029

Kathy's narcism has her believe fighting with a random domme online over her makeup is doing something compared to a woman who's actually offering counseling for female sex workers.

> evil eye
Was she not just telling other white women "practices stolen from different cultures and then re-packaged to you as "spiritual" IS NOT spirituality"? She can't go a moment without contradicting herself.

No. 1601038

Full decrim has been proven not to function in this way and has made it harder for trafficked women to get out, and to spot even. Ive seen the loudest/most followed people who advocate for the abolition of the sex trade and uplift traumatized women's voices are Marxist women. All from places with really bad fucking trafficking problems like Hawaii, Philippines, India, Germany, etc. Kathy is really making it extremely hard for me not to alog, I have literally never felt this way about a cow before.

No. 1601068

>no ethics, values, integrity, or morality

So she apparently has no ethics, values (having ethics), integrity (being ethical), and morality (what ethics is the study of)

Bitch just said ethics, ethics, ethic, and ethics

No. 1601071

Calling sex workers providers sounds very wrong

No. 1601076

Thank you lol
I don't care if western women want to throw the eye (it's actually protection from the evil eye) around to prove how spiritual they are but at least don't pretend to be against appropriating things while doing it.

No. 1601077

> how can you be a provider (sex worker) without having my own super special code of ethics values morals bla bla

Sometimes a job is just a job, jesus h christ.

No. 1601111

LMFAO at Kathy whinging about kindness when Stormi's initial comment was perfectly fine and civil. She even implicated herself when she didn't need to by saying, "We."

Kathy is the one who immediately chose to be a dick. She always does.

No. 1601112

Samefag but I misremembered the wording of Stormi's initial tweet.

It was the "I'm not the only one" part.

No. 1601118

> Actual sex worker kindly tells a poser to hold herself accountable
> Poser proceeds to bitch at actual sex worker to be kind and hold herself accountable

Bonus misogynistic name calling from High Femme Krone. The grandest of risings.

No. 1601128

File: 1659078285283.jpeg (847.38 KB, 1170x1859, 0F68ADB1-C046-4021-AA71-1D7DEB…)

E-whoring is revolutionary

No. 1601130

Ah yes because a child knows and is able to conceptualize the whole lifestyle of prostitution

No. 1601138

File: 1659080044582.jpg (158.89 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_2022-07-29-02-34-00…)

This shit's so gross. Sage for blogging but my grandmother and aunt were both prostitutes and saw nothing but hardship over it. I've grown up pretty entrenched in the sex industry and there's a myriad of reasons that literally all women aren't flocking to it. I resent Kathy's constant promotion of a lifestyle that opens so many women up to violence that she herself has stayed insulated from. It's fucking disturbing. Anyway, this fanart is way too flattering.

No. 1601141

“Digital sex workers” are hardly working. The real sex workers are the ones probably like your aunt and grandma that are out on the streets actually sleeping with their Johns.

No. 1601146

Bless you anon. Your contribution has been very nutritious.

>Survival worker

>Psychiatric care for burnout
She actually says this to working bipoc sex workers?!

What a gross little worm brain!

No. 1601147

>Pick me sex workers are so embarrassing

Kathy the Karen, you don't see that you are the biggest pick me?! So embarrassing because you're not even a sex worker. Just a lazy whining incel with bad makeup.

Cope, seeth, and keep karening on!

No. 1601183

File: 1659091502516.jpg (187.51 KB, 1080x1421, Picsart_22-07-29_06-44-20-453.…)

This should be the next thread image.
Made this to be more accurate

No. 1601267

You forgot the massive honker

No. 1601328

File: 1659112094912.jpeg (387.57 KB, 1170x1992, 46FCED23-D9C1-4CB7-821D-6DFCC4…)

Not sure if I saw the cap with Kathy calling Stormi a dyke above, but this made my fucking jaw drop last night.

No. 1601334

File: 1659112513151.jpeg (174.06 KB, 1170x894, 5D9AF482-B460-4CF1-87D3-4AF37C…)

Other women not wanting to be sexualized in the eyes of scum? Nah, Kathy’s here and stays missing the point to an almost insulting degree.

No. 1601340

File: 1659113495359.jpeg (5.78 KB, 224x224, images.jpeg)

Kathy is now openly admitting that she's behind on rent while e-begging and having public tantrums daily. After a year of living irresponsibly she has finally blown through all her savings. The realization is finally setting in that she's terrible at SW/findom/burlesque/whatever hobbies she copied from others or pulls out of her ass and cannot make a living from it. She is getting very desperate, but not enough to be accountable and try to improve through hard work. Instead she is doing what she has always done, blamed others for the situation she has gotten herself into and rightfully deserves. She has blamed her family, past partners, a former roommate, her past workplaces (the Museum of Sex and NYU), the government, institutions, banks, capitalists, liberals, landlords, doctors, nurses, men, "civilian" women, other queer people and even a restaurant.

SWers were the only group of people who had anything to do with her that she hadn't blamed and claimed to have respect for. Until now.

No. 1601342

>Women who get cheated on just need to be better and then men won't cheat
Imagine having an IQ so far in the negative range you believe this

So she can't go on her own account anymore? Because she clearly has never had an iota of empathy for other women

No. 1601343

question. does anyone else with endometriosis refer to it as their “disability?” I know it can be debilitating at times, but I know a few women with it, and not only do they not think of it/refer to it that way, I feel like they’d be offended if you did call it a disability.

No. 1601349

Again with the "sex work is a great career for disabled people". Also "be your own boss" when she's having to beg for money constantly.

No. 1601357

File: 1659115560193.png (432.65 KB, 1080x1421, batshit dykery.png)

Gave her a cute little button nose, nonnie!

No. 1601360

I don't have endometriosis, but I know women who have it and none of them calls it a disability, they also work full time and take care of themselves. Another example would be people with migraine. I have a women at my workplace that has it every now and then, sometimes even in the middle of a working day. Only one time she went home because she couldn't see anymore and she wanted to go home alone, even though she couldn't see. All of these women would be offended if someone would tell them that they are disabled and need special treatment. Kathy is just over dramatic and hopes that someone else will take care of everything in her life.

No. 1601387


This isn't very female supremacy. Can't wait for her scrote to cheat on her and then send her this tweet in a text message.

No. 1601394

Speaking of the scrote what's he doing with goth girl right now? Kathy is really off her rocker these days and it has to involve them somehow.

No. 1601397

Kathy, your makeup sucks. Take the criticism, and maybe you can make yourself look nicer than a cross between Mimi from the Drew Carey show and an ostrich.

No. 1601413

kathy finding submissives in the wild, like all those forbes list billionaires who buy her ugly shoes and take her to nordstrom and hand-feed her burrata cheese

No. 1601435

"Use a distraction or a grounding technique" is the new "fuck off." kek.

No. 1601438

More like agp sissys who tribute clearance bin wooden spoons purchased from WiLlIaMs sOnOma

No. 1601464

Any job can be done ethically or not, Kathy demanding ethical behaviour while saying this rando doesn't deserve kindness, k
>are you a dyke too
Wow kathy's """"bisexuality"""" fell apart pretty quick there
So she agrees her clients are perverts kek

God she's been going off on Twitter this week, do her meds need a refill?

No. 1601472

File: 1659127039771.jpg (38.15 KB, 750x1334, JYJX9jocc1.jpg)

You heard it here folks, not getting involved in her twitter catfights to defend her is just as bad as actually abusing her

No. 1601477

File: 1659127328943.jpg (34.7 KB, 750x1334, qTV2S7QJgI.jpg)

Fighting for the right thing does not always make you the bad guy. It just sounds like you personally always end up being the bad guy. Also kek at this roundabout way of telling people that they need to defend you no matter what, especially if it makes them look bad. Makes you think hmmm?

No. 1601483

>Are you a dyke, too?
bitch what?

what was she saying about ~discrimination~ against HiGh FeMmEs? (which she is not)

No. 1601486

Did this fucking malnourished featherless ostrich really call someone in all seriousness a “dyke”? Are you fucking shitting me???

No. 1601488

She cries about "high femme hate" and pretends to be bi because the neckbeard has a second girlfriend all while actively being lesbophobic. Sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, lesbophobic… what else can we add to the list?

No. 1601491

Untalented and steals other, more successful people's ideas

No. 1601499

June: does "flagging" nails to be performative for pride month
July: DYKE

No. 1601503

Definition of a Karen: resorts to slurs when challenged and blames everyone else for not stepping in to defend her toxic 'in the wrong' whiny self

These tweets must be directed to her neck beard for not coming to her defense as raged on someone who disagreed with her.

No. 1601505

She is real threatened by butches, isn't she? Sounds like she has some sexuality problems that she needs to confront kek

No. 1601511

By her rules, Miss Bisexual 'high femme advocate of the meek' should face consequences for this disgusting homophobic bigotry.

No. 1601516

File: 1659129424705.png (315.8 KB, 495x892, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 2.14…)

Meanwhile the neckbeard is mocking a man for respecting his girlfriend. Kathy stays taking Ls and takes it out on other women.

No. 1601522

It's really rare to be able to make a living via OnlyFans or camming. The focus on the "lucky" few has made idiots like Kathy think it's super easy.

Except what does she actually do for SW online? Take money for ignoring people? Receive gifts and then ignore the sender?

No. 1601529

words of someone who doesnt seem to care for the wellbeing of his girlfriend(s) at all and wants to openly leer at other women

No. 1601530

Disability is judged on how it affects someone's ADLs (activities of daily living)- ability to work, sleep, retain relationships etc. For sure there are women out there whose endometriosis affects them to the point where they can't work, and I'd call them disabled by their condition. However they are in the very unlucky minority, and the ablation surgery or even a hysterectomy have proved to be helpful for many sufferers.

TDLR: I won't judge women calling it a disability when they are so badly affected by it, but I will judge Kathy using it as an excuse not to do actual work because she's had the surgery and still claims it affects her entire body. She's just using it to chase pills.

No. 1601532

She actually posts more unhinged shit when she's got some Tramadol in her.

No. 1601535

The guy in the video says "I can't rate my girlfriend because she broke my scale. She is so beautiful" and that sent this troglodyte into a rage. He's truly out here calling a man juvenile and a child just because won't give a thot the validity she wants at the expense of his girlfriend that he very obviously loves. He gave Kathy dead flowers and children's books for Valentine's Day so he really should not be talking about other men and their relationships.

No. 1601541

Let's not forget the box of instant mac and cheese anon! KEK

No. 1601546

Oh my god how could I forget the ~fancy~ off-brand mac and cheese he bought for her dinner kek

No. 1601551

File: 1659130961386.png (60.21 KB, 592x288, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 2.42…)

She got some of her drugs she'll be off her rocker again tonight

No. 1601556

Ugh why is it always the ugly bridge-trolls who wanna be poly so bad. It's not juvenile or childish to respect your significant other, quite the opposite.

No. 1601566

File: 1659131605584.png (1.33 MB, 1126x1236, Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 5.53…)

No. 1601568

Yuck. I don’t even go on this thread but what a disgusting ugly creature.

No. 1601569

File: 1659131705241.webm (4.16 MB, 720x1280, F14144462EC632F1B751D472569844…)

No. 1601572

File: 1659131971515.png (29.69 KB, 650x720, 1604608720043.png)

Two women are letting this thing put his worm in them what the fuCKKKKKKK

No. 1601577

Sin List
>Slipknot in 2022
>No muscle mass for being that fat
>Manbun balding
>Arm tattoo
>White sneakers with a black outfit
>Pseudo-Alpha posturing with fire
>Being a faggot

No. 1601602

Let's not forget her "fighting for the right thing" is literally all done on Social media, which isn't the real world. When's the last time Kathy ventured out of her apartment to fight the good fight? Or even pick up a ladle at a soup kitchen? She's performative and empty through and through.

No. 1601614

>those obese X legs.

No. 1601626

I was gonna say he looks top-heavy, dude certainly sits at a computer all day.

No. 1601710

> smoking a joint from a long cigarette holder

As an pretentious asshole who once had a cigarette holder, how the fuck is a joint gonna fit into one of those? They're made to hold manufactured cigarettes, not handrolled.

No. 1601713

Be fair anon, he's not giving it to Kathy these days

No. 1601723

why does he act like he is putting his cigarette out on his arm and doesn't go through with it? Is he a chicken (sry, I don't want to insult chickens)?. He is so not attractive, does he have any other qualities?

No. 1601861

He's a man and an ugly neckbeard one on top of that, what redeeming qualities could this ogre possibly have?

No. 1601984

File: 1659163001758.jpeg (261.63 KB, 1170x1300, 89D2D4C9-9FCA-4547-8916-D202C1…)

>Acronym primer- Wait! I forgot about consent!

No. 1602023

File: 1659166485636.jpg (146.25 KB, 750x1334, 8bxzyC50gw.jpg)

Interesting how someone who claims to have abusers and stalkers harassing them will post a picture of themselves detailing the time and date they'll be working at a certain place.

No. 1602026

what does DYKE mean, Kathy?

it’s because she FINALLY booked something, so she must brag

No. 1602067

File: 1659177247110.jpeg (306.4 KB, 1481x2048, AD3B3159-25DA-4D48-ABDC-701486…)

The ugliness really radiates from the inside out

No. 1602068

File: 1659177360251.jpeg (307.62 KB, 1494x1944, 8BBCBE01-CB3E-4519-AC7B-640F7C…)

No. 1602070

File: 1659177603886.jpeg (140.71 KB, 750x1334, 39EA7F13-6FE4-4A85-9D71-9DA74E…)

Already asking people to give her money for it a month in advance

No. 1602087

Wow 7am NYC time on a Saturday! She's keeping a healthy and responsible sleep schedule- that's very rare for lolcows! It's almost like she's not a performer or a sex worker at all…

No. 1602090

As much as she sucks I actually feel sorry for Kathy seeing images like this. Early-mid 20s is supposed to be prime time for your health and beauty and she looks like not particularly attractive 31 year at best. Add that old timey burlesque pinup hair and drag queen marilyn makeup (which makes even the most attractive women look retarded and older) and some of the photos she posted makes her look like an in shape 40 year old.

No. 1602094

File: 1659181250078.png (820.55 KB, 996x691, bangs terrible photoshop job.p…)

Okay but what is stopping her from getting bangs? Even with the unfortunate muppet makeup, the bangs at least fix the hairline issue. Her hair looks quite healthy and shiny and is a good feature, if only she didn't fall for the gymnastics ponytail trend and reveal the 1300s-style hairline she has.
Sage for photoshop quality literally anyone could do a better job than I did.

No. 1602122

She should ditch the wannabe 50's styling and go full 80's kitsch. She needs bangs and a perm, stat. Not even joking I think she could pull it off better than whatever she's doing now.

No. 1602135

I am begging these weird twitter women to realize for once that the reason minors keep ending up in their fetish communities is because the men in those communities are the ones finding them and luring them in there. The men they defend in their pro-kink rants are groomers. I know Kathy is just one of the many people like this, but how is it not fucking obvious that it isn't the fault of the kids and that the call is coming from inside the house?

No. 1602147

This made me finally connect the dots, I've been wondering why so many people insist they are oh so disabled and now I realised it's because they think a chronic illness = being disabled. Any kind of symptoms causing slight inconvenience? Disabled. And apparently disability is the only thing that isn't a fucking ~Spectrum to these retards, like if you have any sort of limitations in your life you're automatically entitled to every resource and to special treatment.

No. 1602149

File: 1659186859026.jpg (94.05 KB, 667x1000, 80s revival.jpg)

You have a good point there. If she did her makeup but SOFTER, with softer hair styles and such, it would be much more flattering. Maybe someone has one of those try-on-hairstyle apps they could use?

No. 1602151

No offense to you personally anon but those type of heavy bangs look super dated to me in an elder millenial kind of way; and not in the way that's hot with zoomers right now. I haven't seen anyone wear those in years, which just makes kathy look even older than usual. Like photoshop a black velvet fedora into there and you could easily pass her off as a 37 y/o trying to cling on to their glory years of following babyshambles/the killers on tour circa 2004

No. 1602158

lol That's fair. I searched "clip-on bangs" and chose the one that would be easiest to use with my shitty free photoshop knockoff.

No. 1602167

File: 1659188583167.jpg (33.46 KB, 336x225, xx.jpg)

Excuse the 'tism, but she's really using her only costume in her advertising, and it doesn't even fit despite her claims she spent years and thousands of dollars making it. ffs no wonder everyone in the community knows she's bad and laughs at her. Whoever's producing the show will find out soon enough.
Lol at her using her arm to squish a boob all the way against herself for the illusion of cleavage. Her go to pose.
Photography sperg incoming:
I will say at least this one is shot and framed nicely, but it highlights how poorly the gloves fit and the messy smallpox stonework. How similar the color of the gloves are to her own skin tone while not matching the bra is also creating an uncanny look to the whole thing. Also lol at how she's either holding the bra against herself or it's halfway off onto her ribs and stomach.
Sorry to burst your bubble anon about milk freshness but I checked and these were all posted last night.

No. 1602226

Pre-rolls will fit into cigarette holders

No. 1602231

NTAYRT, she isn't trying to appeal to zoomers. She admits she has a thing for older men and it would fit into her old school glamour LARPing. Not meaning to give her free advice but she wouldn't have to shoop her hairline anymore kekeke

No. 1602265

File: 1659199486425.jpeg (1.69 MB, 3464x3464, 1BD6AA4A-088A-4618-822E-A5CE9E…)

Excuse my autist edits inspired by >>1602094 but she already looks a lot better with less exaggerated eyebrows, no eyeshadow crease and softer lip colour…

No. 1602267

File: 1659199581400.jpeg (1.77 MB, 3464x3464, 8E6B2BC5-1639-4506-83B2-B495FD…)

and she could almost look nice with bangs

No. 1602274

I like the bottom left one, the edited eyebrows are a serious improvement too.

No. 1602281

Yeah bottom left looks cute honestly, I wonder where her current hairstyle idea comes from

No. 1602300

>I wonder where her current hairstyle idea comes from
Jessica rabbit but make it drunk, trailer park auntie.

No. 1602307

Her own eyebrows are there under her painted on ones. I'd love to see her define them in their natural shape.

No. 1602316

Whoa, the bangs and softer makeup kind of make her look like young Kate Bush in this photo. Massive improvement.

No. 1602405

File: 1659210472512.jpeg (244.25 KB, 1578x2048, 105116FA-E538-40A9-A94E-85C065…)

She should really get that bird tongue thing she has going on fixed

No. 1602408

did she and lillee jean get the tongue idea from the same place? why do they both do it, it's so creepy and weird

No. 1602463

File: 1659215055838.png (172.21 KB, 650x164, dksjfksdjflskdfjlskdjfsdjfksld…)

kek she edited out her real eyebrows after anons pointed it out

No. 1602473

I’m sorry but anything that covers that shiny dome would be an improvement, her hairline is so far back it looks like a mean photoshop

No. 1602723

These are so well done!

No. 1603070

Stop making fan art of Kathy. She isn’t ever going to get bangs because 1. she’s not going to look like the edits posted and 2. her mom has/had bangs and if she were to get them she’d be her twin and there’s nothing more than Kathy hates in this world than her mom

No. 1603079

File: 1659249452973.jpeg (378.47 KB, 1170x878, C4480F3F-CF77-450F-BECD-4E7D57…)

They can not be this dumb. Please say sike.

No. 1603081

The commodification and sale of genitalia is what’s wrong with paying for sex. Fucking retards.

No. 1603105

would love to hear this bird girl bitch's definition of "logic"

No. 1603229

File: 1659270347900.jpg (143.17 KB, 750x1334, 2l2XgtVQLw.jpg)

She's relaunching her failed pastie business and pretending it's the first time again. I wonder what happened to that gullible soul who pre-ordered a $75 reusable mask a few months ago…

No. 1603243

Fan art anons should go take a break. Kathy doesn't deserve your time in bang or eye brow edits. No one cares about her improvements or what nonnies suggest.

Let this putrid chicken foot failure find her way and continue drawing eyeshadow to eyebrows

No. 1603279

>If I ignore all the harm then it doesn't exist, fax and logic guys
Hahahahaha wow

No. 1603354


She needs to stop shooting her pictures from below, ugly girls can never look flattering that way. Aiming the camera above herself will create the petite illusion she desperately wants, AND bring the eyes away from her bird nose.

No. 1603565

She has a hooked nose and it probably is more noticeable from above

No. 1603703

If you take her at her word, PTSD and endometriosis that affects her entire body.

No. 1603771

File: 1659298665875.jpeg (68.62 KB, 750x1334, 8092E26D-C3AB-4E7E-B75E-92C569…)

Learn the difference between restricted private information and publicly available information. Is she going to sue White Pages for doxxing her? How about the few publications that wrote about her public lawsuit with her real name?

No. 1603777

File: 1659299000208.jpeg (761.81 KB, 1170x1641, 2234A0B4-A4EE-4E20-8E91-FA2108…)

>”give me $300 for rent”
>spends $65 on refined sugar

No. 1603798

She twisted her chanel button ring to the side of her hand so the logo photographed head-on.

No. 1603844

There was a point where she pretended she couldn't eat these kinds of things because of her endo.

No. 1603846

whatever you say, Katherine McMahon from Massapequa, New York

“French” macaron kek

No. 1603855

Already deleted KEK

No. 1603870

She’s also guilty of ~DoXxInG~, according to her definition >>1590953 ?

No. 1603880

Her hands look like chicken feet. Every single time.

Google: 'chicken feet' to confirm. I'd post a comparison photo but I can't imgur.

No. 1603885

File: 1659304967078.png (1.12 MB, 2134x1324, Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 6.02…)

she still thinks she looks like a doll lolll

No. 1603889

File: 1659305275660.png (2.03 MB, 2124x1320, Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 6.05…)

speaking of her French macarons, the plural of ‘petit four’ is petits fours. lrn2français, Kathy!

No. 1603900


Doxxing cIviLiAn women is excused in Kathy's pea brain, hence her doxxing nurse-hate rant from >>1590953

In Kathy's mental dissonance, only sex workers deserve protection. Meaning if you don't [pretend] to sexually service the male population for money then you don't require the same precaution from publicly accessible information.

No. 1603904

Love how the singular comment is from a tranny who "made" his body by getting bolt on implants

No. 1603926

File: 1659308546132.png (1.67 MB, 1908x1020, Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 7.02…)

he’s doing about as well as Kathy is at dollification

No. 1604005

Mental retardation.

No. 1604127

Petit fours means "small oven" in French and is used to describe small pastries and confectioneries. It's a common term for European tea time bs like in England. "lrn2français" anon

No. 1604130

Learn to sage retard

No. 1604132

File: 1659327237052.jpeg (295.31 KB, 1170x1277, 3432C270-2D2A-46FE-93FD-693CEB…)

Kathy can talk for hours about how her two bird hats sexually turn her on. She is a master at fetish worship because she has small pox Michael Jackson gloves and macaron pillows - items that she studied in school and is an avid collector of. They are her fetish.

No. 1604137

Does this mean kathy gets horny anytime ol memaw is in her sunday best?

No. 1604138

File: 1659328188377.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.32 KB, 1024x1024, 0017-37364-CL-01-Native-Americ…)

this is so funny to me that she claims to have studied this shit and talks big on cultural appropriation without at all acknowledging Zuni fetishes that are 100% used in cultural appropriation debates. not arguing the validity of the debate, just funny she doesn't seem to know this. fake woke as ever I guess

(picrel spoiler for size)

No. 1604148

yes, we know what ‘petit four’ translates to—and the plural is petits fours

No. 1604152

File: 1659330430772.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1526, 54229F0D-CBD6-4AFB-8CD8-B318C3…)

Kathy’s eye for aesthetics is a bit off

No. 1604155

those “baby blue” “””””Tiffany”” petits fours are so fucking tacky. almost worse than her Chanel button “jewelry.” it’s all so white trash.

No. 1604160

Pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth is a very common “posing tip” given by people who don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s supposed to make your jawline look more defined by engaging the muscles there but it really just makes you look like a sped.

No. 1604162

Lives in Brooklyn. How long until Kathy accuses him of stalking her?

No. 1604163

Nah, she's just materialistic. She is the ultimate consoomer, literally cooming over her possessions. Way to be anti-capitalist, Kath!

No. 1604166

>dressed this table for a photoshoot

As a photographer I would wonder where she got her set dressing experience because this is going to capture horribly. The tablecloth blending into the drape is the worst but the whole thing looks a mess.

No. 1604172

It was already captured a few threads ago. You’re going to be appalled by the modeling and photography skills these bitches brag about lol

No. 1604179

File: 1659333822574.jpeg (524.77 KB, 1170x1153, 0201A063-9018-498F-8932-72C6A2…)

No. 1604181

I’m sorry what the hell are they talking about? White people make brown children afraid of blue skies how?

No. 1604182

Tell that to a high percentage of bodies on Hart Island

No. 1604191

File: 1659335016594.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1990, A488E454-E133-496C-BDA1-50DC7E…)

She’s “soft launched” her pasties and bEsPoKe services five different times in the last year. If it didn’t work when people still had stimulus money, what makes her think it’ll work now with inflation and a recession? There’s one way she could make it work but my “femme labor” practical business advice isn’t free.

No. 1604194

File: 1659335426722.jpeg (291.59 KB, 1170x1628, 0ADDBD5B-F89C-4CF2-8611-7A692E…)

Not to derail but I wouldn’t even try to make sense of what this person is saying given all their tweets are vague ramblings kek

No. 1604199

These look like someone just spat on the sheets and shone a light on it there's no pattern or symmetry to make the design purposeful or pleasing in any way

No. 1604211

speak when you’ve actually done sex work, or any kind of work, Katie

remember that meme about trypophobia lotus pod boobs? these would look like that irl

No. 1604216

File: 1659338623170.jpg (1.05 MB, 1668x2511, 375f32_143e9ac96d394dac9ec26b4…)

>no pattern or symmetry to make the design purposeful or pleasing in any way
If you've ever looked at Kathy's costume closely it wouldn't come as a surprise

No. 1604360

This tweet is in reference to the white fridge= ghetto/cheap apartment meme. I think she was using an outrageous example to get her point across with the white people can make brown children fear blue skies thing.

Kathy should stop sticking her nose in the business of PoC FSSW, she's literally the type of snooty Karen this chick is referencing. You know she's the type to call the police if a brown man makes her even slightly uncomfortable, and if she was prettier and got chose by a white collar business man, she'd be the type to stick her nose up at sex workers without understanding why sex work is actually harmful to women.

No. 1604423

Imo it's one thing to be abhorrently lazy with her costume but to then make these equally shitty pasties for the purpose to sell them is where I draw the line. Inflicting her shitty skills on others says how terrible of an "artist" she really is

No. 1604463

Maybe she should pay attention to those pasties when designing her own.

No. 1604530

These tweets feel like proof that twitter gives you brain damage

No. 1604556

Sex work is the closest thing we have to socially accepted modern day slavery (human bodies being bought and sold for monetary gain, during which the person being commodified barely earns anything) but what do I know I’m just a haggard SWERF.

No. 1604656

File: 1659390532511.jpeg (42.44 KB, 750x1334, 6BCCA636-8B66-462C-8678-C034D9…)

Katherine’s lack of talent is everyone else’s fault

No. 1604717

did she already get dropped kek

No. 1604725

She says this knowing full well if someone said that to her, she’d have a multi-day breakdown across all her socials

No. 1604750

File: 1659397700261.jpg (157.99 KB, 750x1334, CqRkwuvRn6.jpg)

>crying online because you're short on rent
>constantly complaining about how no one wants to hire you
>getting into arguments with sex workers on twitter
>being openly misogynistic and homophobic
>posting pictures of your feet for free in hopes of men sending you money
>begging for drugs
Ah yes, everything little Kathy had always dreamed of!

No. 1604825

If she did, it seems like she tried to demand more money for what would be one of her few shows this year. She'd try to pass that off as exclusivity, but really it's because she's terrible and bone fide venues have standards.

No. 1604842

File: 1659410578738.jpeg (86.86 KB, 750x1334, 2D2112C9-8E80-49F9-B1C4-46CDEB…)

She’s back to being autistic

No. 1604846

Normalize telling nobodies they don’t have the talent and abilities of a performer that producers are looking for.

No. 1604872

File: 1659413985826.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1666, CB00624A-CC45-4702-BD3B-237E5F…)

I asked my partner if she thought these were the feet of a goddess, got only giddy cackling and “look at those short fucking wrinkly big toes!” in response KEK.

No. 1604892

No one wants to see your bloated white canckles, Kathy.

Next time Spoiler that shit

No. 1604893

wait what are the foot beauty standards

No. 1604896

>It's a tipped show

Aka the venue is a Mexican restaurant and shes getting paid in carnitas.

Specialty performers have more than one dishwater fan routine and always have ablist abilities like dancing or delivering a captivating performance.
Narcissism is one hell of a drug

No. 1604903

>My partner is a footfag
>He told me that he can't masturbate to Kathy's feet

Weird flex, but OK.

No. 1604916

Nayrt but they said their partner was a woman and never said anything about her being a foot fetishist lol calm down and learn to read

No. 1604924

Samefag, and the anon you replied to, never was about her ugly piggy toes being cum worthy or not, just thought the response was funny considering someone who doesn’t lurk thought what she thought. Don’t be Kathy and assume everybody on these threads is getting plowed by a moid.

No. 1604926

File: 1659423423147.jpeg (392.58 KB, 1170x946, 792E8175-9FF6-47F2-A380-189CC1…)


No. 1604930

Why is she asking for free femme labor?

No. 1604931

Umm, maybe just bother to grow them out in the first place? Half of your ‘professional’ pictures are with your shitty, bare, short, malnourished natural nails, assumedly when your rent is short and you can’t pay someone else to put plastic on your hands in a way that convinces people you are actually capable of taking care of your natural nails. Idk maybe invest in a hand cream first and foremost.

No. 1604938

Aren't her nails usually those cheap press-ons she buys of amazon anyway? Is she pretending to forgo such a ~luxury~ under the illusion of avoiding monkeypox?

No. 1604941

Nail salons have sanitary guidelines lmao, when Covid affected them it was because that shit was airborne not because the virus survived the barbisol. Press on nails have been a trend for years now but she can’t even get those for her shoots so wtf is the point now. If she wants something to protect her natural nails it’s not that hard to google it and actually learn something decent.

Focus on your brain inflammation Kathy, slow down.

No. 1604997

Isn't having an "unblock fee" the definition of compromising your morals for money? Especially for someone who screeches as much about boundaries and abusers as Kathy does

No. 1605125

She could have at least pointed her toes a little bit so so they photographed more gracefully (they look flexed so she did the opposite lol) and she could have picked a better angle to make it like the viewer is seeing her feet while approaching, as according to her image description, so the toes would be at the bottom of the screen if that makes sense. She took the laziest approach.
Shitty press-ons coming soon? She doesn't strike me as consistent enough to take vitamins and do cuticle cream, buffing, general upkeep, etc.

No. 1605214

All of these look like lush bath bombs for some reason lol.

No. 1605279

idk fuck all about the conventions of table dressing but why would there be a perfume bottle on a pastry spread? Make it make sense.

No. 1605380

I'm pretty sure that the 'afraid of blue skies' thing is that kids in places affected by US military interventions learn not to play outside when the weather is clear, because that's when the drone strikes come. Drones can't work when it's cloudy. No idea what that has to do with any of then rest of it though.

No. 1605492

File: 1659481196412.jpeg (511.21 KB, 1170x1580, 44F3DB4E-0259-42D8-A710-E58091…)

Her most prized possession is a keychain and the “loving” neckbeard won’t even replace it. Bleak.

No. 1605509

>muh luxury boudoir aesthetique

No. 1605538

I cannot get over how fucking tacky these are, and she hooks like 5 of them to her ugly bags at once. money can’t buy taste, but Kathy doesn’t have either of those things.

No. 1605549

For $75 she could get all the materials to make a complete new costume or several mix-and-match costume pieces. She desperately needs a costume that fits her correctly. Too bad she's not smart enough to invest in one.

No. 1605558

I think they're cute little tchotchkes, but Kathy goes for overkill and has multiple of them dangling off her tired Kate Spade bag which looks tacky. It'd look cute on a larger, darker coloured bag.

No. 1605578

This tacky bitch is always putting her necklaces on her cankles. You'd think by now she'd own an anklet or would diy herself another piece of shit

No. 1605777

This bag charm is one the tackiest things she owns. I don’t get why she’s so obsessed with it.

No. 1605971

You can’t tell me that a professional Findomme would unironically post something like this. In one tweet she just torpedoed what little was left of her brand.

No. 1606094

If she had an ounce of creativity in her she could have spun this as some cheesy first gift she got from her very first sub or just given any kind of story that gives a history and some sort of meaning to the otherwise meaningless, tacky and ugly keychain that really doesn't fit a LuXuRY DomMe. But in addition to being a bad sex worker and bad in the luxury shit she's also an incredibly bad storyteller. I'm too poor to be educated in this field but I'm still pretty positive that there are actual luxury keychains that go for thousands of dollars. She can't be so dumb that she thinks $75 for ugly plastics on chain is actually expensive…

No. 1606101

Cankles needs to create an illusion around everything so she attaches tackiness to distract from the ever lacking appeal, thinking it will drive subs wild.

It's why she had 2 horribly straight chicken veins tattood to the backs of her legs

No. 1606286

File: 1659564658393.jpeg (139.82 KB, 750x1334, 2EBFDD06-8F30-4FF1-A5D5-6ABC70…)

>I really don’t know what to do
>so lemme take a selfie

No. 1606292

File: 1659564938632.jpeg (236.01 KB, 1170x1251, 6E761A44-7387-4222-88AB-B86409…)

Bryona Ashly’s sissy has given Kathy a one word answer twice so she’s ranting about it. For anyone that doesn’t know, Bryona Ashly is a burlesque performer and OF whore who is a cow herself that is constantly embroiled in drama in real life.