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File: 1634293121234.jpeg (124.65 KB, 1200x675, whateverhappendtokatherineharl…)

No. 1348150

Katherine McMahon, known online as Katherine Harlow theparkavenuepinup and themadameblush, is a 24 year old self-proclaimed burlesque dancer, pinup, luxury financial dominatrix, muse, disability advocate, costumier, historian, hyperfemme collared living doll.

Recent milk:

> Once again attempts to threaten lolcow with legal action and law enforcement because she totally has recourse against a female gossip site discussing her publicly posted neuroticism and narcissism >>1329877 >>1335880 >>1329882

> Shows she has no contact with any lawyer by asking if anyone knows one for familial matters >>1316446 >>1316450
> Monetarily exploits the death of a black sex worker that she has never met because she is “spending out of [her] savings” as well as uses the situation as a scapegoat for quitting her job earlier this year >>1343096
> Furthers the exploit by bragging complaining about how daddy is a cto that has a six-figure salary but his money isn’t hers!! Also takes the comments about her being malnourished because all she consumes is carbohydrates and makes them her life story >>1343133
> Not even 24 hours later proceeds to brag/lie about how “well-paid” she currently is thanks to anons here, making lolcow Schrödinger's site as it simultaneously brings clients to her while also being irrelevant >>1344098
> Publicly asks a professional domme how to attract the type of clients she wants who answers her professionally while also reading her into the ground >>1316922 then goes on to use Katherine’s actions as a “what not to do” in other answers >>1316949 >>1316950 >>1316951
> Obviously peeved, Katherine tries to question the professional domme later about consent and boundaries >>1333667 while once again strangely relating wedding rings to BDSM gear; professional domme holds her ground >>1334209 and Katherine dirty deletes her original reply >>1337600
> Continuously spergs about and gatekeeps BDSM gear “as if it’s some sacred Native American garment that would be culturally and religiously offensive if it was appropriated, not something people wear to bust a nut” >>1309283 >>1335239 >>1322191 despite being the exact thing she’s reprimanding >>1309336 >>1322515
> Spergs about and gatekeeps fashion because she vaguely “studied fashion” >>1323731 >>1323734 while putting four plastic keychains on her tacky purses >>1324300 and wearing grandma’s hand-me-downs >>1347643 >>1321695
> Anon finds the caps of Katherine and her previous scrote who is a drugged out white trash dirty 40-something male sex worker; photos together as white trash as one would expect >>1342073 >>1342076 >>1342077 >>1342078
> alyssaedwardsbackrolls.jpeg >>1343529
> Does a photoshoot with three other women dressed as the live laugh love mistress >>1303677 >>1307082 >>1307083 >>1307157
> BTS candids of a “latex ladies who lunch” photoshoot showing Katherine looking like - as correctly told by anons - Mr. Burns in drag, Voldemort, Eustace Bagge, and Nose-feratu >>1346596 >>1346876

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Archived links:

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

First thread >>1259829
Second thread >>1299249

No. 1348154

File: 1634293596889.png (131.34 KB, 591x646, Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 3.24…)

Seems fitting to have the first post in a new thread be a double whammy of her e-begging and horrendous fashion sense totaling $2,000+ kek

No. 1348157

The irony in having a wedding brand jumpsuit as a "most desired" in her wishlist.

No. 1348692

Super sexy granny tier tastes as always.

No. 1348753

File: 1634369606319.jpeg (651.34 KB, 1170x1977, 80406820-D7AA-44BC-AF90-385917…)

She just doesn’t get it, does she?

No. 1348787

idk why she thinks she's so oppressed, collars are basically an everyday thing now with all the tiktokers that constantly wear them, and most people aren't going to flip out if you call your partner master or goddess or whatever. maybe a weird look but if that counts as being oppressed in her head, then she's off the rails.

this popped into my head, but i remember reading about subtle ways that you could 'honor' your bdsm relationship out in public and one of the things related was that you could kneel down to tie the persons shoe/fix an ankle bracelet. if you're going to have that shit in public, then that's the way to do it - subtle stuff that to everyone else is just you showing you care about your partner, but is more special to the two of you. idk why she thinks she needs to be so in your face about everything.

No. 1348799

She just wont shut up with this retarded take, damn

No. 1348926

File: 1634395474148.jpeg (637.87 KB, 1233x1146, D082FCA0-67E4-45FD-9F49-4D6079…)

Posting the entire twitter thread because it’s such a bad take full of actual retardation. Reminder that all this is coming from a woman that is in a heteronormative relationship with a man. (1/6)

No. 1348928

File: 1634395512100.jpeg (886.01 KB, 1242x1667, 51FE273C-09E5-4527-8F9C-D1F3A3…)


No. 1348930

File: 1634395610933.jpeg (635.38 KB, 1242x1212, 9C3A6BAF-C9AF-4AD0-92D7-305C71…)


No. 1348932

File: 1634395801125.jpeg (700.03 KB, 1242x1375, 3232D516-0A61-4A00-BD38-17BC42…)


No. 1348936

I hate millennials

No. 1348937

File: 1634396051772.jpeg (793.74 KB, 1242x1664, 629EF31C-0942-468F-BDB4-63FC75…)


No. 1348938

File: 1634396149018.jpeg (774.17 KB, 1242x1802, 78457F87-E38E-429E-8C87-B70F40…)


No. 1348942

File: 1634396390701.gif (5.16 MB, 640x410, 4C047DA2-6152-4710-8A7E-B5AF7A…)

Katherine McMahon drones on about consent then proceeds to state that someone saying they don’t like something/don’t want to see something isn’t a valid “argument” all while getting triggered over emoji reactions and wedding rings because she doesn’t like to see them. Talk about being dead from the neck up.

No. 1348944

Sex negative period? Where is this woman living? Maybe she should go back only 80 years, she would have to have children by now and the only thing she would know about sex is what her husband allows her to know.
And she is still talking about SW while everything she does hasn't got anything to do with "real" SW. I'd love to see her walking down the street waiting for the next car to pull over and a guy asking for her price…

No. 1348960

“Sex negative” is a patriarchal term used to shut down any woman who dares criticize, question, or critique the culture of male sexual dominance and violence just as ‘prude’ was. This is not the woke revolutionary take she thinks it is but instead the long-standing standard. Katherine is exactly where they want her.

No. 1348964

I love how she's genuinely triggered by wedding rings, she's never going to get wifed up by that bloated scrote and it pains her.

No. 1348969

She is so caught up on the term “vanilla” when that doesn’t even exist. Everyone that is sexually matured and functioning has kinky thoughts and/or sex during their lifetime. The fact that she thinks wearing that collar separates her from everyone who wears a wedding ring really shows how horrendous her sex life actually is.

No. 1348970

File: 1634398808167.jpeg (497.33 KB, 600x900, D2837625-BC73-4649-AE7E-A9B08D…)

This triggers her because she willingly sexually surrendered to the living embodiment of the coomer meme kek

No. 1348973

She’s been around the try-hard wokes for so long that she never learned that the freakiest people are the least suspecting.

No. 1348976

File: 1634399696669.jpeg (47.76 KB, 241x350, 92318037-79CE-4C38-A8E0-64624C…)

If Kathy got a real job and was being properly fucked by anything but picrel, she wouldn’t be saying any of this. She’s coping hard.

No. 1348977

File: 1634399758030.jpeg (28.68 KB, 360x450, 0E9DC7D1-A905-49B5-B2D8-B75F8D…)

No. 1349004


nta but she's gen z if she was born in 1997. that's when gen z starts.

No. 1349024

>I don't like seeing your relationship either
So if a couple holds hands or kisses around her she's just going to be seething and she thinks the other people are the ones being hostile? How the fuck does she go outside if she wants everyone she sees to be some kinkster freak>

No. 1349029

Why is she talking as if "vanilla people" is an actual identity people use in the real world

No. 1349038

someone take vanilla out of this bitches vocabulary. i’m sick of seeing her subtly(or not so subtly) shame anyone who doesn’t wanna be fucking beat up by a scrote or commodified by them. go to therapy kathy, jesus fuck

No. 1349051

Make it less obvious you are annoyed no scrote has proposed to you yet, Kathy. Kissing and wedding rings have no associations with being tied up in sex dungeons and whipped/electrocuted/stepped on/wax dripped/cut/whatever, hence nobody having a problem with seeing them in public.

How can you be so offended with tiny expressions of romance like wedding rings or kissing yet not understand why people might object to expressions of a more sexual and adult nature like collars and kneeling. (I'm assuming she means kneeling on all fours here)

No. 1349071

File: 1634408892262.jpg (103.88 KB, 1198x798, Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 11.2…)

This pisses me off. Living in a religious theocracy and being threatened with getting killed or jailed for being gay is nothing like people being uncomfortable with her kneeling to her greasy-faced sausage lipped moid in New York City.

No. 1349113

Hey Kathy, specify the parts of the world and why. See how long it takes for your own to eat you alive.

No. 1349124

Move to Saudi Arabia or some other woman-subordinate shithole & be done with it then, whiny ingrate

No. 1349129

This is such an inherently contradictory statement it’s fucking funny. She clearly understands that BDSM is a part of the kink scene. She wrote the word “kink” out herself, and still goes on to preach into the void about how “this is just a relationship model that is subversive from the norm.” Is it, Kathy? You call yourself a sex worker. You clearly understand that you’re desperately trying to insert yourself into and speak for a kink community (that you really don’t understand, or even WANT to) for financial gain.
That domanatrix who dragged her by the hair on twitter in the last thread said it best; practicing kink in public violates the cornerstone aspect of BDSM, which is that everything is negotiated and consensual, and the general public can’t possibly consent to being a part of your scene. Kathy deleted the snippy tweet that warranted that response though, so maybe she’s just trying to pretend she didn’t hear an (assumedly) respected member of the community talk about all of the reasons this take is fucking garbage. I think she’s just trying to come up with a “revolutionary” take on BDSM so that she can cement her delusion of being a domanatrix.

No. 1349226

File: 1634439702883.jpeg (304.78 KB, 1476x2048, FADD486B-933C-4EC3-9E3C-4AE176…)

The excessive poor photoshop makes it worse, especially when you’ve seen the candids kek

No. 1349240

kathy, real rich people buy designer bags without tacky branding because its, you know, tacky. take some notes from old money honey. shes prouder of this ugly bag than her stupid collar

No. 1349244

Lol most people who need photoshop try to edit away their double chin. But this earthworm needs to draw on a chin contour on bc of her overbite.

No. 1349261

If you’re going to wear a cheap pleather get-up, do not add more to it. The faux Chanel button jewelry, Kate Spade bag, and ugly leopard hat make everything worse. What’s next, a Michael Kors’ watch?

No. 1349264

File: 1634443206955.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1518, 53AB3812-6A0E-4813-9A7F-44D5DF…)

Here’s the not as edited version the photographer posted. Way to point out your huge insecurities to everyone by adding a couple extra layers of editing kek

No. 1349348

Oh ok. She said "young people" so I assumed she was older.

No. 1349404

Is the person holding the perfume bottle a man?

No. 1349414

Love how she said one of her principles was decolonization yet she edits her skin at least three shades whiter (on top of editing her whole face in general smaller). Really dismantling Eurocentric beauty standards Kathy!

No. 1349415

It’s a woman. Specifically the first one in this absolutely lovely tweet >1341916

No. 1349504

anon they even say "gen z". Try to keep up.

No. 1349685

File: 1634501721153.jpeg (427.87 KB, 1638x2048, FB7Bm-SXoAIsVO-.jpeg)

The only replies to this are talking about the dog…

No. 1349718

obviously, it's literally the first thing you see, katherine and her friends are just background characters. they wanted to use the dog as a prop and it backfired cus it has more stageprecense than they ever will. way to own yourself

No. 1349726

There’s no cohesion or framing in this photo. Like even the most basic photographer would understand lighting or framing or angles, this just looks like they did it in a corner at a convention center.

No. 1349735

Why couldn't they match anything with anything? And cute dog

No. 1349750

File: 1634506106284.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1242x1505, EFC1DE51-6356-4C53-883E-C8EED5…)

The whole thing fucking woof

No. 1349752


Why is her face so out of focus? Or is it all the Photoshop.

No. 1349753

the camera is set to focus on the dog and maid, based photographer didn't think katherine was worth capturing

No. 1349754

Nitpick but damn, the couldn’t even set up a tea party tablescape properly. There is nothing visually pleasing in any of these photos.

No. 1349757

right, who are they even trying to appeal to with these? no one is going to look at these messy, busy photographs and think they want to be there, only maybe so they could save the dog from this degeneracy. and katherine looks like a sour fucking bitch, and not in the way she wants to. she's just overall repulsive to look at

No. 1349758


What is going on with the tea or lack of tea coming out of the tea pot. It's just a photoshopped blur.

No. 1349759

She or the makeup artist put highlighter on the bridge of her nose for this shoot and boy was it a mistake. This is the only shoot I've seen with Katherine where her nose looks genuinely bad (I like larger noses generally) and that's why.

No. 1349762

In addition to the visual garishness, there is no sexual energy in these photos. Everyone looks stiff, bored and overly posed. For someone who claims to love BDSM, Kathy sure makes it look/sound tedious af.

No. 1349763

This photographer is terrible, no eye for composition whatsoever. Just a huddle of random people and objects where the focal point appears to be the dog.

No. 1349769

File: 1634507303870.png (132.6 KB, 251x207, tea.png)

No. 1349770

File: 1634507438532.png (39.06 KB, 148x147, tres_chic.png)

And why is there a perfume bottle there?

No. 1349775

~LuXuRiOuS lAdY tHiNgS~

No. 1349777


This all looks so cheap. Like they got all the food props from the clearance section of Target, gas station wine and the first photographer they found off fiverr.

No. 1349779

File: 1634507911212.jpeg (222.1 KB, 1364x2048, CACE8A12-89E1-4C76-9636-A69891…)

Tried to be sexy by captioning this with “Fingers in the frosting” but she’s not even doing that. No one cares about your faux Chanel button ring.

No. 1349784

Why didn't she actually dip her fingers in the frosting then? And that ring, outside of being ugly, is so out of place with the pvc

No. 1349789

File: 1634508699734.jpeg (406.86 KB, 1366x2048, C6A42FEE-75CC-4358-BB00-2BC5BD…)

Sorry not sorry, they both look trans

No. 1349792

File: 1634508927408.jpeg (312.47 KB, 1365x2048, 6CFB400A-EC7D-4A5D-955E-9BD2E6…)

They need to stop posting because the photos are getting progressively worse each time (or keep posting because it’s more to laugh at kek)

No. 1349793

No actual tea, won’t put her “fingers in the frosting”, not actually putting the fruit in her mouth… sounds like they didn’t want to actually use the food they bought. Talk about being broke bitches.

No. 1349794

No one thought to pose the maid or…? God the lack of sex appeal these sex workers have. Who is their target audience with this crap?

No. 1349796

Kathy if you’re going to edited the human out of yourself, at least touch up the other person in the photo with you so it looks somewhat consistent

No. 1349798

Again showing off this purse, doesn't even make sense in the scene. The maid needs to waash her hair
Why the fuck aren't they using the food? it's not like they will return it… right?

No. 1349800

File: 1634509322753.jpeg (419.52 KB, 1242x826, 168C1269-953E-4E6D-B1BD-92AECE…)

I love how she’s thanking the sub and not the other way around. She has no clue how to be a domme.

No. 1349801

I like how Kathy is clearly airbrushed here but the maid character still has visible skin texture. This whole shoot needs some Gaussian Blur and color grading stat.
Idk how they can't see how bad these photos are, this being one of the better ones composition-wise, which isn't saying much since it's still absolutely basic.

No. 1349803

File: 1634509586712.jpg (492.85 KB, 1366x2048, 1634508699734 (2).jpg)

Pls no ban farmhands, but for example I spent ten seconds editing the colors and added some mild blur on my phone here, and I think this looks better?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1349805

Go back to Shayna’s thread

No. 1349807

File: 1634509711445.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 262.54 KB, 1365x2048, 7AA85C81-2D2C-4E12-B8C1-81A591…)

What. The. Fuck.

No. 1349809

File: 1634509771729.jpg (407.12 KB, 1365x2048, 1634508927408 (2).jpg)

Samefag, another ten seconds to not make it look like it came straight from the camera raw. Mild blur and color grading.

No. 1349810

File: 1634509798571.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, sdfjhbhaha.gif)

No. 1349811

Stop retard

No. 1349812

I avoid her thread like the plague, thank you. Too ugly for my eyes.
So unsexy and badly composed, what is even happening here.

No. 1349820

File: 1634510257412.png (802.09 KB, 1742x849, kek.png)

Did she pay 90$ for this shitty ring? Lmao so LuXuhRoUhssSs
not tacky at all

No. 1349827

what am I even looking at. I love that the photographer left Kathy out of focus (again)

No. 1349831

she just wants to ensure that she looks the best, she doesn't care about the other 2 women in the photos

No. 1349834

Not that tattoo together with all of this, how embarrassing. Also now that someone said Kathy looks like Mr. Burns I can't unsee it

Geez, I thought it was some $10 DHgate shit, I hope she didn't pay almost a hundred dollars for a fake plastic ring that only fits her finger when she has gloves on

No. 1349839

Chanel button jewelry will always be some handmade flip but the price range is right. Anyone can order replacement Chanel buttons from a boutique or can pluck them off a ruined vintage piece. It has the branding and is technically “authentic” with none of the prestige/price tag. Very on brand for Kathy tbh.

No. 1349846

Are they pulling roses out of her ass or putting them in? Either way it's having the opposite effect of "sexy".

I really hope this wasn't a paid shoot.

No. 1349853

I can't get past that the gloves are way too small for her, she cant even pull them all the way up so they're bunched around her wrists

No. 1349859

Kek nonnie she’s supposed to be slapping the sub’s ass but it really doesn’t look that way at all

No. 1349868

i'm fucking dead. also can she stop making this face in every photo, it's not seductive, she just looks retarded

No. 1349881

File: 1634517822478.jpeg (185 KB, 1196x889, A38A06FE-309B-442A-9C72-4041EF…)

Being a lazy deadbeat isn’t sexy

No. 1350001


why are they sitting around a cocktail table at a shitty wedding.

No. 1350012

So lazy this bitch can't even wake up and open her eyes for a photoshoot.

No. 1350094

File: 1634532280722.jpeg (341.12 KB, 1332x2048, FB9C84cXMAEwLCn.jpeg)

The comments about her being out of focus must have gotten to her kek in focus in this one but edited all the human out of herself

No. 1350096

File: 1634532309330.jpeg (374.37 KB, 1517x2048, FB9C84aXsAMKtPS.jpeg)

No. 1350112

nitpick but why does she have frosting or whatever on her finger? she already took a bite of the macaron so it would be weird to have a dollop of frosting on her finger…is she supposed to have just wiped that off her mouth? gross.

No. 1350132

File: 1634538840131.jpeg (804.45 KB, 1242x1022, 4CF32B03-A6A2-4792-BF8A-87EE21…)

Professional dommes and a professional sub doing a paid professional shoot, everyone.

There’s a lot to be done but a simple start is to not be high because your shit turns out like this. What an idiot.

No. 1350140

File: 1634540064465.jpeg (425.33 KB, 1222x1512, 04000655-6BEC-4C26-BFA3-3FDAFE…)

What the sub posted. Why does Kathy edit out her barely there tits?

No. 1350146

For some reason I’m getting major stock photo vibes from all of these. So posed, so plastic, so unsexy.

No. 1350154

Yes it’s all very sterile

No. 1350368

late reply but the unfinished ribbon edges on the person holding perfume are really sending me. are those her prized bespoke king gear pearls? from someone who doesn't know fray check and lighters exist apparently.

No. 1350388

She changed the ribbons on them herself. What a fashion expert.

No. 1350389

File: 1634569654795.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x2240, 6E3AA569-780D-41A3-8D78-C05B82…)

Photo evidence

No. 1350434

Lmao is she really here tweeting about "vanilla" people (ie she really means cis-heteronormative, really ironic since she's proudly "hyperfemme" and a collared sub to a man) as if they aren't also subject to polite societal norms? If I don't want to see people making out or groping each other in public, straight or otherwise I'm not denying their right to exist or have a relationship. I want them to control their urges for a more appropriate time and place where I nor others are involved without consent. Note how when a "vanilla" person wants to enforce consent boundaries they are "co-opting and weaponizing language" and "policing and disappearing" others.

…do you even know what kink means

>take responsibility as an adult with agency and employ some self control by unfollowing, muting, or blocking content that makes you uncomfortable
>you are entirely responsible for that decision you've made
How am I supposed to do any of that when you are the one going outside like >>1261070 and >>1263651. Who's responsible for your decisions to go out in public like that?

I love how she brings up bad faith arguments and then equates anyone being uncomfortable with her desire to grossly ignore boundaries and practice BDSM in front of an unconsenting public and possibly minors to fascism, homophobia, misogyny, anti-choice and religious extremism. Why do you assume it's only ignorant, "vanilla" people who are objecting and not informed kinky people. How do you know your BDSM isn't triggering to a SA survivor? Apparently if they object due to trauma, which also boils down to "I don't like this and don't want to see this", it's not a valid reason according to Kathy. As someone who claims to be a survivor herself this is a huge issue that's conveniently never brought up.

This is basically a pseudointellectual rant about how she's not allowed to do whatever she wants when she wants and how unfair it is to her

>she’s just trying to come up with a “revolutionary” take on BDSM so that she can cement her delusion of being a domanatrix
This 100%, she needs to keep tweeting to stay relevant because she hardly puts out content, it's mostly e-begging and copying others with the occasional basic Women and Gender Studies 101 concept. Note how she's too cowardly to @ the professional domme who graciously answered her dirty deleted "friendly question", the answer which she's obviously railing against in the thread. Instead of trying to have a proper discussion with a seasoned professional and showing that she is educating herself and willing to learn, Kathy would rather tweet into the void for validating likes from the same three followers.

Sorry about the huge sperg but we all know she lurks so I couldn't help myself.

No. 1350945

why is the maid porung *~champagne~* in a M U G tho… kek

No. 1350988

File: 1634629417066.jpeg (648.56 KB, 1242x1535, 58888D08-4A72-438F-AF11-79847A…)

Kathy sure loves to bark but has zero bite. Also not these two e-whores acting like cosmopolitan magazine is anything but complete rubbish that is known for its shit advice on sex.

No. 1351007

File: 1634632889549.jpg (430.19 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20211019-103404_Sam…)

Lmao, they're flexing that $22 prosecco like it's real champagne. I saw that same exact brand at my local wine shop once and it was a 2 for 1 deal for €17 (so equivalent of $20) iirc.

No. 1351122

That got me too. Bitches can't even afford two champagne flutes kek

No. 1351128

That shoot is full of the most unintuitive decisions possible. Most people would be like "So we got this bottle for the shoot, where can we get some flutes?" "We have this tea set let's brew some tea or put another liquid here for the pics" "should we put this empty perfume bottle on the table? No wait, that makes no sense"

No. 1351202

That and also Kathy keeping the ugly Kate Spade purse on her elbow the whole time. You know, as you do when you sit down for tea prosecco in a teacup and cookies.

No. 1351242

kek, i was thinking she same. she thinks fashion iss flexing as many logos and brands as you can cram into one photo. all of her looks are messy, cheap, badly matched and always with way too many accessories and statement pieces at once.

No. 1351320

File: 1634670410608.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1804, 8BED60D6-030F-4FE8-8767-92C9F6…)

> Champagne water boarding
It just keeps getting worse

No. 1351324

File: 1634670511066.jpeg (250.34 KB, 1410x2048, DB97DFE8-4D29-49CD-A113-D38DD5…)

She tried to edit these photos like fanart anon did kek didn’t work Kathy… still looks unprofessional and cheap (1/2)

No. 1351325

File: 1634670564707.jpeg (317.55 KB, 1711x2048, F854B481-C23F-42AE-9105-0B0FA7…)

Coloring is still horrendous (2/2)

No. 1351353

The way she holds the purse is so awkward and unnatural and makes her look tiny and weak, not like a Domme at all.

No. 1351394

Lol all she did was make her outfit blend into the background and put all the emphasis on that cluttered day-after-Christmas looking attempt at a tea party spread. They couldn't even find a proper matching tea set to shoot with…

No. 1351397

She's photoshopped her nose straighter here right?

No. 1351407

Yeah she edits out her bridge bump

No. 1351412

File: 1634676547208.png (826.25 KB, 886x1430, and_then_you drown_yourself.pn…)

No. 1351491

File: 1634683784902.jpg (149.58 KB, 1436x1920, builtlikemom.jpg)

why's she built like this

No. 1351499

File: 1634685652921.jpeg (520.62 KB, 1242x1198, 34ADE8C8-FDCD-48B2-AD7B-EA8DEB…)

Katherine according to you any amount is sufficient enough because it’s “the service that matters, not the amount” and you have nothing stating what your initial tribute expected is other than “tribute to exist”. You’re an ugly broke bitch faux domme who wants easy money. Hang it up already.

No. 1351509

It says prosecco right fucking there, you dingus. Jfc the whole photoshoot is so sloppy. At least turn the label away from the camera if you're going to pretend you're rich. Better yet, you can buy an empty bottle of Moët on ebay to use as a prop. Fill it with diluted apple juice if you need to pour something from it for the photo. There you go Katherine, I await my $50 "tribute" for "educating" you.

No. 1351527

The word twits makes her sound like a Roald Dahl villain kek

No. 1351544

oh ouch, lmao, the cattiness of blurring every inch of her own exposed skin and leaving the other girl COMPLETELY untouched.

No. 1351593

she holds it as if she's a little kid playing dress up. so strange and off putting.

this whole photoshoot feels like a real skinwalker trying to imitate an old Hollywood starlet. she's scaring me.

No. 1351614

why is this so spot on

No. 1351627


Where are these pictures coming from ?? I follow her on IG and I don't think she's posted them there. Are they on OF or patreon ??

She just seems so uncomfortable and out of place, like maybe she doesn't even want to be doing this. It's sad how try-hard the whole thing seems.

No. 1351699

Twitter. Hers and the other women’s.

No. 1351702

File: 1634704557615.jpeg (499.53 KB, 1242x1052, 459B7F34-17AF-4B98-BF31-5FD9F2…)

So close yet so far from self awareness

No. 1351885

bad look for a domme to admit she doesn't even believe in her own larp

No. 1352229

File: 1634763220038.jpeg (313.04 KB, 1365x2048, FCKyrocWUAEXH8y.jpeg)

Special needs "tea" party

No. 1352235

Kathy shopped her nose again

No. 1352249

I can't with the prosecco in the tea cup and the sub looks sweaty

No. 1352255

this open mouth thing they have going on isn't really working for them kek as you say they just look speacial needs

No. 1352260

I'm not trying to nitpick the sub since I have no idea who they are. But why does she look so unposed in every photo? In >>1349792 she is hunched over like a troll. No one thought she should do something nicer with her hands or face in these photos?

No. 1352278

File: 1634767575794.png (154.71 KB, 646x479, A69C4543-C5B6-449D-BB31-919B83…)

Literally what?

No. 1352313

The sub looks brain dead and Kathy is legitimately the worst model I have ever seen kek

No. 1352426

File: 1634779706609.jpeg (309.62 KB, 1637x2048, FCLbvSVXoAso1g_.jpeg)

Such a proud sex worker yet posts zero sex. She honestly thinks it's just "imposter syndrome" she's experiencing and not the real world fact that no one is going to buy her $20,000+ wishlist full of crap just because she occasionally posts clothed photos of herself.

No. 1352444

File: 1634781706801.jpg (505.58 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211020-215459_Ins…)

It just tickles me that she is "preserving" her old costume. That seems unnecessary.

No. 1352450

Just say you're re-making your one and only costume. Also topkek at her still believing it's worth enough to be insured or stolen. What would she even do if it was? Go to the robber's place and confront them? Call the police? Good luck Kathy.

No. 1352452

This new makeup is somehow leagues worse than her previous look. Looking like a tranny with down syndrome.

No. 1352470

Really want to know how/why she intends to replace ALL the thread in her costume with fishing line. It’s strong, sure, but is it worth it?

No. 1352481

Same, can any sewing anons tell me if that makes any sense? The quick google search I did is basically saying "if you have no other material at hand, you can try it"

No. 1352488

no, its dumb. i feel like if i say why she wont do it though, and thats no fun

No. 1352494

Replacing every thread with fishing line really does not make sense. It’s not even the strongest thread she could use. It’s actually hilarious that’s she’s re-working an entire costume that supposedly, by her own accord, is the best in the industry after only using it a handful of times. If you did it right the first time with good materials and properly took care of everything… you wouldn’t have to re-do the entire thing. No doubt it’s going to turn out even worse the second time though given that horrendous 2011 rave bra mess she “made” in the last thread.

No. 1352497

Yeah don’t she gets enough good free advice here as is

No. 1352557

I’m pretty sure she means she’s replacing the ostrich feather fan threads with fishing line, which makes a lot more sense. That being said, fishing line is a common material in burlesque for feather fans, so idk what kind of expert she thinks she is if she’s not using literally the most commonly accepted material to keep her fans together.

No. 1352565

I see, that's interesting, I learned something cause of Kathy

No. 1352653

The accuracy anon. kek

Her makeup and hair here make her look absolutely ghastly.

No. 1352993

The costume isn't even on, she's holding it up to herself.

No. 1353043

This is probably just a ploy to save face before she tries to redo her costume (which wouldn't make sense to her followers since she's always been so proud about it and has no outward reason to change it) as anons making fun of how tacky it is have finally gotten to her, and by extension she knows most people are really thinking the same thing kek

No. 1353148

this slack-jawed face she always does really accentuates her jowls.

No. 1353157


Regular thread can get shredded by sequins or beads or crystals over time or with heavy use, fishing line is a cheap alternative to beading thread that doesn't wear down as quickly.

But aren't her crystals glued on top of her costume, not sewn in ?? So it shouldn't make a difference

No. 1353323

sewing anon here (worked as a dressmaker). It's bullshit. It's a little bit stronger, yes, but normal polyester thread will last as long as fishing thread or even longer and it's easier to sew. I once used nylon thread and I can say that it will tear easily if it's old or get's older. She could just use a thread one step thicker than the one she has used before. That wouldn't work if her fabric is thin or something like silk, you just have to use a thread that fits to your fabric. Fishing thread is also way to slippery and there is real nylon thread to sew with, not fishing stuff. Only reason to use it is because it's mostly invisible, but a standard thread in the right colour would fit more.. Saying that, it's bullshit to replace every seam, you still have the holes from the previous seam and the fabric won't recover from that, except you have enough seam allowance and make your clothes bigger…
She doesn't know what she is doing, she doesn't have any education in sewing, style or manners, she is just a rich chick with stupid ideas.

And if she meant to replace the thread for the crystals (which she is gluing on the dress, so no thread for that), it's still bullshit. Yes, you can use it, but fishing thread is cheap and there are better alternatives that will last longer.

Sry for that long post, I just hate people telling stuff and other people believing that they know what they are doing.

No. 1353487

>she is just a rich chick
Not even close kek

No. 1353490

File: 1634879297876.png (61.04 KB, 590x377, Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 10.0…)

Her diet is carbohydrates and cheap sparkling white wine only. Still makes zero sense why she said she doesn't like to drink when she clearly drinks multiple times a week if not daily.

No. 1353496

Is she really trying to pass off dinner for two with champagne as only $55? That might cover dinner with tip, but definitely not drinks. Even if she ordered a glass of prosecco, that would be $12 per drink on average. Pasta is anywhere from $15-30 per plate depending on where she went. Either she is lying as usual, or she's going to some nasty, bottom of the barrel joint and not tipping. I know she's broke, but it's almost sad seeing her e-beg for what's most likely a white wine spritzer and a shared single order of pasta while trying to pass it off as a proper meal.

No. 1353515

I like to imagine her in full latex at like an olive garden

No. 1353522

does she ever eat anything other than pasta? she's gonna start ballooning soon if she doesn't eat a vegetable

No. 1353534

Thank you for the sewing information, 'non!

No. 1353560

Pasta and pastries with the occasional fruit is all she’s begged for online. Those carbs will 100% catch up to her one day given she’s pushing mid-twenties now.

No. 1353681

don’t forget fancy cheese

No. 1353700

Isn’t alcohol bad for you when you have endo because it causes inflammation even more? Why is she drinking so much alcohol when all the literature about her disabilities recommends avoiding it to reduce symptoms?

No. 1353774

Considering how an anon above pointed out that she's merely holding up her costume instead of having it properly on >>1352444, I think that one day is right now kek. Lay off the fucking pasta Kathy. She's probably remaking her costume just because she can't fit into it anymore.

No. 1353820

File: 1634932166911.jpeg (215.21 KB, 1242x491, 02CDD446-EC70-4515-841F-6648BA…)

Her Kathy-isms are always off. Like you know what she’s saying but it just reads weird kek

No. 1353826

I've seen this saying making the rounds with other SWers, she's just copycatting someone else with no originality.

No. 1353964

I know that she isn't rich, but she has more money than most of the people that have an education in the stuff she claims to know (like sewing) and therefore she is "rich". She should just shut up and get someone professional to do her costumes, wouldn't cost more and would look way better and instead of "preserving" her former work, she could just get a new one, that fits her need better…

No. 1354001

File: 1634946897553.jpeg (736.94 KB, 1242x1793, 08CB8FD6-6540-4D36-9B65-B0B5F9…)

Absolute cringe

No. 1354007

What's that Kathy? You can relate to a song about an unreliable man who'll never put a ring on your finger? Well, I never!

No. 1354010

Such a thespian connoisseur of the arts

No. 1354197

She’s a decade late and too old to be having a LDR druggedoutsugarbabylostinthrhoodoldermenugh phase

No. 1354200

did she really have to include the four lines that say blue banister?

No. 1354263

She could’ve at least posted better lyrics lmao

No. 1354604

File: 1635043303974.jpeg (372.94 KB, 1242x645, 0D7C1E88-018D-4179-94DF-AEA1B6…)

Fuck all these online whores

No. 1354607

Post actual porn Kathy. Seriously. Do it. You’re a self-proclaimed member of the LGBTQ+ community and sex worker that loves to drone on about sex worker rights and porn but you don’t post anything sexual. Ever. Post yourself getting railed in a threeway with your boyfriend’s friend like you implied here >>1309753 . What’s stopping you? Those evil “public morality & family values” concepts? How evangelical and puritanical of you!

No. 1354612

Porn isn’t a sexuality. Porn has done more harm everyone including the queer alphabet. Kathy take a few photos involving other women in a half-assed attempt to cater to the male gaze and she thinks she knows better than anyone else. You don’t Kathy and you never will.

No. 1354613

I think her absolutely never doing anything sexual and having 0 sexual energy is one of the reasons she's an amusing "Domme" to watch (among other things, like requests that people pay for her cheese and pasta)

No. 1354614

The idea porn helps queer people is laughable since the sexualization of lesbianism is and has been a very real problem for decades. But online whores want to tell us our relationships being sexualized, commodified and demoted to fap material is helping somehow.

No. 1354623

Our relationships being sexualized, commodified and demoted to fap material is helping but straight people wearing wedding rings is a problem. The brain rot is something else.

No. 1354624

Yeah no shit that’s why it’s ironic she posts anything in support of porn when she herself doesn’t even partake in it kek

No. 1354669

File: 1635053327940.jpeg (361.49 KB, 1242x873, DF79A1ED-33FD-417D-88C7-5B5FA8…)

Kek at her thinking she knows anything about lingerie when she claims her size is “always” ____. She’s someone who is stuck on what a size tag says and not the fit. No wonder she always looks awful in whatever she wears.

No. 1354671

File: 1635053701689.jpeg (760.3 KB, 1242x1800, 782E9819-85C3-4711-A33A-F83AF1…)

Yes roll around in while huffing the filthiest thing on earth

No. 1354736

Oh my god get a job you lazy pig. The cringe with this one is too much. You are not attractive enough to be typing out these fantasies. Getting minimum wage workers or people with learning difficulties to buy you cheese is your lane, ugly.

No. 1354751

File: 1635068156342.jpeg (37.31 KB, 622x462, 78CEA8F3-60A6-4C70-A1A3-1BAC51…)

> minimum wage workers or people with learning difficulties

No. 1354789

I suppose at least that's one less thing to ruin her future prospects, unlike the other e-whores we see here

No. 1354791

someone as perpetually sloppy as this woman should never wear seamed stockings

she refers to herself as aUtOsExUal and claims to have a visceral "cash fetish," and that's how we can tell this is a shitty roleplay

No. 1355123

File: 1635119290606.png (79.64 KB, 589x345, Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 4.44…)

"Stigma" isn't killing sex workers; MEN are killing sex workers. Men have always killed sex workers and always will but Katherine (and others) want to pretend the people they cater their entires lives to aren't the problem but instead other women who call out the dangers of sex work.

No. 1355159

I can't believe that this woman thinks that exodus cry, an anti-trafficking group is killing sex workers, and not… johns. This is her worst take yet.

No. 1355224

Sex workers die from Johns fucking murdering them you ignoramus, not because of not getting enough e-pats on Twitter. One of her dumbest takes to date.

No. 1355227

Ah yes, a cash fetish to go along with her luxury goods larping. Doesn't clash with her communist claims at all, nope.

No. 1355231

to claim that an anti-trafficking group is killing sex workers when they risk so much just to save women from danger is beyond disgusting. I don't even think her bird brain could understand the horrors of trafficking and must honestly and truly believe those poor women in 3rd world countries are doing it for the so called empowerment too.

No. 1355278

> I cannot go to another funeral

I wonder how many actual in-person full service sex workers Kathy has ever known? She seems the type to count herself apart from the adultwrk hookers and street workers because she's an ~artist~ while also claiming the same amount of prejudice and danger. When's the last time someone hired a burlesque dancer then murdered them?

No. 1355368

File: 1635147198896.png (38.57 KB, 598x157, Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 12.3…)

witch larp saga upcoming kek

No. 1355377

She hasn't. She didn't even actually know Mistress Velvet and absolutely did not attend the funeral in Chicago either even with all her "me me me" posts about their death. What other SWers deaths has she even mentioned other than the one that went somewhat viral online? We all know she wouldn't attend anything, especially out of state, without making a scene about it.

No. 1355380

Is this cow seriously trying to compare herself begging for plates of pasta on Twitter to actual prostitutes who are raped and murdered on the street? I fucking hate these privileged cunts making themselves out to be “sex workers”. They do not give a fuck about the women who have to put themselves at risk every day. They just want the sympathy and oppression points from larping as them. I don’t know how they can live with themselves.

No. 1355400

Cannot go to another funeral? Bitch when did you ever go to a funeral for SWs in the first place lmfao. She really does just bullshit non stop.

No. 1355441

A shame really, imagine the ridiculous thing she'd wear to it

No. 1355448

For real, absolutely disgusting. Being pro-human trafficking to own muh vanilla normies is not a good look for anyone

No. 1355627

Still want Kathy to answer two questions: what makes her a ~sex worker~ and how does she know someone random off the street is ~vanilla~?

No. 1355634

File: 1635189234769.png (265.06 KB, 390x756, Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 12.1…)

No one's biting to re-do her one and only costume. Also Blue Laws also haven't existed in NY for decades; she's over 21 and can walk into dozens of full nude strip clubs in the city and attempt to do a traditional fan dance but we all know she won't because that would require very minor some effort.

No. 1355712

I still can't get over how much like Shayna she is with the reimbursement shit, these two are the only people I have seen ask for everything they spend to be paid back to them on twitter. Yet somehow Shayna actually gets people to do it for her and Kathy is just begging into the void.

No. 1355719

Probably cause Shayna at least makes (gross) porn and might actually be less repetitive than Kathy, I just started keeping up with her and I think I already saw all her outfits

No. 1355743


does she even know any SW personally enough to be invited to a funeral? Kind of sick to pretend that deeply when there's so many working girls who get killed and buried in some random woody area/left at the side of the road without anyone knowing what happened to her. How many SW even get the luxury of funerals when their jobs are that dangerous?

No. 1355798

> How many SW even get the luxury of funerals when their jobs are that dangerous?
I was going to bring this up. The amount of “sex workers” from all walks of life buried on Hart Island is direful and those were the lucky ones who may not be identified but at least found. The amount that have never been found or ever will be should be enough to give anyone pause but nope; a credit card company is where they’d rather focus their online effort and anger.

No. 1355809

File: 1635209040539.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1784, CA4CA264-5144-44F5-B03B-6C6B06…)

Kathy has zero right to speak on issues facing prostitutes when she’s using the term ‘sex worker’ in guise of begging for completely frivolous items. If she cares so much, how come she isn’t helping out the woman who took some of her photos supply food to black sex workers who need it? The woman is continuously crying out for help with it while Kathy sits back asking for expensive candles pretending to care about her supposed ilk’s problems. What a cunt.

No. 1355820

Kathy those molds are available on dhgate and alibaba. You could’ve made all those for $10 max kek

No. 1355856

There are things SWs' friends can do to make it safer for them, but I'm willing to bet Kathy has never been a friend's "safety contact" and would balk at the thought. She'll virtue signal all day about how in danger her friends are though.

No. 1355862

File: 1635214326429.jpeg (64.3 KB, 1200x648, nightynight.jpeg)

She'd only go to be the centre of attention. Picrel for fans of British comedy so dark it feels wrong.

No. 1355882

She wants to decorate her bedside table with wedding and birthday cake shaped candles why exactly? This girl really has no taste.

No. 1355929

No one wants to marry her, so it's as close as she'll get to a real wedding cake kek. Also, you know her broke ass won't be able to afford new candles every time she burns them, so even if someone buys these for her, they're just going to get all musty on her table.

No. 1355938

File: 1635221753652.jpeg (632.3 KB, 1170x1969, 67E3B004-8F80-4DBD-B8D0-EC71E4…)

“Seeing your engagement ring in public is triggering to me!!1!1!”


No. 1355943

Going to scare him off by buying wedding cake shaped candles and getting specific with the type of engagement ring you want when it’s clear he will never marry you. She’ll be back to kvetching about vAnIlLa PeOpLe ThInGs shortly when he blows her off again kek .

No. 1355946

File: 1635223149011.jpeg (805.46 KB, 1242x1444, 35BB80BF-D3C0-4BE6-AA98-1E3C60…)

> the kids know more than the adults just like I did teehee
Don’t know what show she watched but that certainly wasn’t the plot line of one of the most popular tv shows of all time. Katherine quit her job because they wouldn’t give her drugs on demand but sure, she knows more than most adults and doctors guise! Can’t wait for her reality bubble to pop given her age.

No. 1355983

Rees about "normies" and "vanilla people" constantly but her favorite shows are Stranger Things and The Mandalorian while buying mid-level fast fashion brands like Kate Spade and Selkie. She is the epitome of consoomer kek

No. 1356156

File: 1635262598944.jpg (141.8 KB, 1436x1920, Kath.jpg)

you inspired me, anon

No. 1356246

Literally every kid thinks they're smarter than adults. It's the single biggest trope in young adult media for a reason, you low-culture pleb. Most kids grow out of their indigo child mindset before high school. Elementary if you're mature. University if you're a late bloomer or coddled. Narcs never grow out of it though. Kathy will go her whole life thinking she was a "gifted" kid kek.

No. 1356393

TOPKEK, anon. glad to be of inspiration.

No. 1356406

File: 1635288059573.png (62.62 KB, 598x288, Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.39…)

Sure Jan. That's why your neckbeard is hispanic male and your one and only sub was a non-white female. Patrick Bateman doesn't want you and never will kek

No. 1356408

File: 1635288262375.png (85.29 KB, 594x357, Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 3.41…)

The fact that she posted these one after another… the cognitive dissonance

No. 1356409

sEx WoRk is inherently capitalistic, especially findom. How come they never acknowledge that?

No. 1356410

The only white cis male executive she's "robbing" is her own dad

No. 1356412

Imagine thinking "cis white male executives" throwing chump change at you to fulfill their gross dehumamizing coomer fantasies is somehow a win. You're not "robbing" anyone dumbass, you're e-begging for weed money from predatory scrotes who wouldn't hire you, give you basic human rights, or piss on you if you were on fire.

No. 1356415

Because at least Shayna sticks dildos in her asshole on camera instead of pretending sEx WoRk is about sanctimonious Tumblr lectures and stiff, sexless fully clothed photos. Kathy hasn't even figured that part out yet.

No. 1356461

If rich blokes cared about communism & equality, they'd be throwing their money at women who actually contribute to the world - who study, research & work in industry. These hypothetical meritocratic finsubs would NOT be financing toucan-nosed leeches who sit around all day begging for purposeless luxury goods on other people's dime.

Obviously that's assuming that any rich man is actually aware of her, let alone paying her lol. She's not attractive enough to make up for her lack of value.

No. 1356525

>Not understanding the harm human trafficking causes, particularly as a woman is… upsetting.
ftfy Kathy

No. 1356540

File: 1635303867603.jpeg (758.06 KB, 1242x1545, 706709FF-D48D-4C56-9306-521390…)

Another video that she will never post kek what happened to the shoe collection video?

No. 1356541

File: 1635303912593.jpeg (457.33 KB, 1562x2048, FFC1440B-9708-4EA7-BC84-4B4D33…)

No. 1356542

File: 1635303963049.jpeg (384.67 KB, 1588x2048, CE0C651E-4466-48C4-8766-913B84…)

No. 1356545

She’s gained weight which is alright for now because she looked sickly before but it would be hilarious if she ballooned up like 99% of burlesque performers kek keep on that carb diet and it’ll hit her before she knows it

No. 1356548

File: 1635304543060.jpeg (162.51 KB, 828x1228, 9F1923A1-D583-4324-BB0D-434D6F…)

sorry but

No. 1356552

Oh my god topkek

No. 1356647

File: 1635327157929.jpg (97.31 KB, 654x743, Screenshot_20211027-113014_Sam…)

Get your nails filled in, madame

No. 1356673

what is wrong with her neck, that strange fold is creepy

No. 1356710

did she Edit a cleavage onto herself

No. 1356722

File: 1635341304866.png (527.13 KB, 576x593, wattle.png)

You bitch, that's her wattle!

No. 1356777

Tinfoil but that’s why she’s on a huge kick to change all of her costumes. The best costume in burlesque history doesn’t fit her anymore kek

No. 1356951

That warped netting around her nose though.

No. 1356979

File: 1635367898673.png (34.97 KB, 591x133, Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 1.50…)

The zero replies should tell you enough

No. 1356984

File: 1635368320839.png (88.38 KB, 588x384, Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 1.50…)

She talks game about "robbing" money from men on the "Forbe's billionaire list" and from "cis white male executives" yet tweets quite consistently about about broke individuals who should take on more work for her as well as wanting disabled, queer, poc subs. She really tells on herself because it isn't the eViL wHiTe MeN that would be going broke but instead the disabled queer pocs kek what a woke communist cultural worker queen!

No. 1357210

File: 1635394788413.jpeg (309.33 KB, 1365x2048, 05702976-8E82-4431-9AF1-A50272…)

As another anon said, each new photo from this set is worst than the previous kek we know Kathy is a wreck but good to know she surrounds herself with her equals

No. 1357211


Not only did she edit cleavage onto herself, she did it with like the first free option for the cleavage sticker on the Peachy app. Lol.

No. 1357219

Argh I don’t support sex work but if you insist on doing it, at least be professional. She has her whole job ass-backwards. You have to start MAKING CONTENT to attract an audience in the first place you lazy clown. No wonder she can’t hold down any type of “vanilla” job either.

No. 1357261

Yeah you don’t start by asking the void what type of content you should make. She didn’t want to work a real normal job and now she doesn’t want to put any effort into her Kathy hobbies. She’s a lazy glorified neet.

No. 1357266

File: 1635401894208.jpeg (563.76 KB, 1242x1249, B1F1B8AA-E8F4-41AA-AC8E-28F51C…)

This exchange sent me. The other woman asked where to find “specialty gourmet” food items and Kathy, queen of the Bronx farmer’s market, just lists off random food items not answering the question at all. Kathy has to “think on that” when asked again where to get those items. She’s not even good at her Marie Antionette food larp kek

No. 1357271

not even a neighborhood, a single upscale store or street. kek.
(but why the fuck is she advising to freeze macarons?)

No. 1357282

She’s broke and over-pays for pastries so she tries to make them last as long as possible by freezing them. Her ‘advice’ comes from the assumption the other woman also can’t afford fresh macarons weekly kek

No. 1357287

Each thing she listed has differences in terms of quality and price point which is exactly why the first one asked specifically what brands people suggest and where to buy. Kathy really needs to learn to stop speaking on things she knows nothing about just because it fits with her larp.

No. 1357295

Top kek! I always love it when Kathy blatantly tells on herself with no awareness whatsoever. This is a nitpick, but macarons are inherently a French pastry, there's no need to say "French macarons" (I know she probably meant to distinguish them from macaroons but it just reads as ignorant to me)

>I'd have to think on that
OMG, Kathy couldn't even at least suggest Laduree for "French" macarons. That just proves even further those tacky key chains she has are knock offs. She couldn't even give the name of where she gets her overpriced cheese smh

She could also be buying large quantities of cheap mass produced macarons from places like Costco and has to freeze them because she can't eat them all in a reasonable amount of time. Or she's buying the even cheaper kinds of macarons that are sold already frozen. The fact that her sad photoshoot only had 2 different flavors of macarons makes me think those were definitely lower quality store bought ones

No. 1357336

What I don't get is that she could have easily quickly googled some brands and replied as if she knew. She's too lazy to even attempt to lie.

No. 1357440

My only conclusion is that Daddy must still be supporting our uwu brave communist princess. You can’t afford rent in NYC, let alone a daily overpriced junk food habit, by sitting around smoking weed and half-assed LARPing online as a sex worker with zero content to sell. Either that or she’s full on escorting, but that would involve actual work which Kathy is allergic to.

No. 1357442

>or she’s full on escorting
I really can't see her doing that, the clients wouldn't be millionaire executives and probably not subs either, she actually comes off as averse to sex work

No. 1357574

Diabetes doesn't care that your caramel butter is ~gourmet organic fair trade~ you carb-addicted tard. I love how her idea of luxury is just cookies and sweets lol.

No. 1357576

>freezing macarons
She's full of shit again. Macarons are the single type of cookie that get notably BETTER when you leave them out. The recipe suggests it. The outside 'shell' holds up better if you let them cool and leave them for a day before eating.
If Kathy ever actually did anything productive with her time like, I dunno, baking, or educating herself, or producing something, ANYTHING of value rather than just living solely to consume then she wouldn't come off so uncultured.

No. 1357591

I’m tempted to reply “you filling out an application to get a real job”.

No. 1357842

The yellow ruffles on the maid outfit makes it look urine stained or something.

No. 1357886

If she was escorting you know she wouldn't shut up about it. I fully suspect she's just a trust fund kid. Her parents and brother are both very successful and she seems to come from the right type of upbringing for it. She's probably just coasting by on that and whatever scraps she can get from whatever ugly old dude she's currently "collared" by.

No. 1357936

Irrelevant but she reminds of a wannabe version of @ihateblonde on Instagram, she’s an influencer model who lives in NYC does art in the street, models for lingerie companies, wealthy, thin, always eating out. This chick seems like a cow too but she at least hides it by being faux positive online

No. 1357967

File: 1635498455195.png (50.17 KB, 590x202, Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 2.04…)

Nobody in burlesque has originality, do they? kek Dita Von Teese already copied GRL with the luggage… Kathy wants to be a copy of a copy kek

No. 1358123

as if two balding fans, a tiny corset and a pair of knock-off louboutins require two suitcases to carry them.
WHICH costumes, Katie? you literally have half of a costume to your name.

No. 1358127

File: 1635526776593.jpeg (357.51 KB, 1170x2532, 0FF984BB-F0C1-4142-9F39-5C12C6…)

Nonnie, don’t be mean, she has 1.5 costumes! Also, she’s clearly gained weight because that bra does not fit her well.

No. 1358229


She has definitely gained weight. That bra is barely big enough and she is sucking in her stomach.

No. 1358274

Oof. Her body type is so boyish. I guess at least she's not fat, but that's really the only thing she has going for her. Burlesque dancers are supposed to look incredibly feminine. Watching someone try to 'tease' a body with no curves at all, hips the width of a prepubescent boy, and the complexion of a naked mole-rat is just comical.
The boy body combined with heavy makeup reaaaaally makes her look like a twink on drag race.

No. 1358275

Samefag but for someone who's so short, she really looks… sturdy. She has the kind of body that looks like shit after even 10 lb of weight gain because she's already built short & stocky & none of her fat goes to feminine places.

No. 1358421

Ngl, her profile screams escort more than legitimate model nonny. She ain't even that cute. I can see the parallels though, especially the randomly parading around the streets in their underwear part. kek

No. 1358469

What the actual fuck. She looks so horrible and trashy. I’m not a burlesquefag but even I know that you don’t just use regular bras and panties for your costumes. She wants to show off her pasties so bad yet insists on wearing a full cup bra so she has to squish her barely there tits up and together unnaturally to show them. Her panties are piss yellow. The gloves and the jewelry make zero sense. Not even going to get started on her Baby Jane Hudson paint job. Pick a new hobby Kathy this isn’t your ticket and your body is beginning to reflect your shit diet.

No. 1358476

Hooker Big Bird vibes. Is she really trying to pass off her abandoned powderpuff ‘costume’ as something new?

No. 1358535

>a twink on drag race
KEK, spot on. and not one of the cute ones. the one who can't sew or do makeup and goes home in the first episode.

No. 1358846

File: 1635647487856.jpeg (201.86 KB, 1125x2012, 2F6FFE30-0F25-49BA-9070-758720…)

Dirty deleted

No. 1358847

>Me reading: extremely marginalized group of people (what could she be talking abou-)
>Next line: black shiny boots and lucite pleasers

Oh, you're oppressed because you pretend to be a Domme online, I remember now

No. 1358851

forgot to screenshot the one before but she was asking burlesque dancers not to do dominatrix-inspired numbers

No. 1358854

File: 1635649740331.jpeg (176.5 KB, 1170x2389, 71BF8977-26FC-49F6-B1AE-C6EC41…)

I gotchu nonnie. The heart after “please don’t” is sending me kek

No. 1358855

File: 1635649873768.jpeg (404.01 KB, 1170x1567, 2754A149-34F9-49A0-89C6-0AEE21…)

Samefag but yikes at this dinner. Why is she listing her food off like it’s so impressive?

No. 1358870

Does she not know people can do whatever the fuck they want? Or is she salty another dancer did a dominatrix act better than she ever could?

No. 1358877

File: 1635653199685.png (231.78 KB, 750x910, dinnermenu.png)

Her larp knows no bounds. She isn't even a SWer. She doesn't actually have any subs (minus the long distance one she had online for a whole week), doesn't even post nudes or porn online. What exactly makes her a SWer again? She's barely a burlesque performer as it is. kek

It's kind of funny that she goes on to list everything like it's peak luxury. The menu doesn't even have "burrata and peaches". I'm assuming she ordered the heirloom tomato salad with "whipped ricotta and peaches" and mixed her cheeses up. Also, after ordering both the salad and the entrée she listed, she'd only have been able to afford two glasses of their cheapest champagne unless she didn't tip well which is plausible. So much for "lots of champagne". This is, of course, if she even went. Most sugar babies at least post photos of their meals and gifts. All she has is lists and the occasional bootleg bag or shoes.

No. 1358896

File: 1635657880228.jpeg (284.48 KB, 960x1440, 5B1A9B1C-53E8-4594-BD12-EAD22B…)

Out of all the faux activism she could have done, she chose to gatekeep shoes? Wow, such a hard hitting issue; SWers seeing “civilians” in lucite heels and black shiny boots. How dare 76 year old civilian Helen Mirren wear lucite pleasers. Thank you Katherine for speaking up on such a difficult topic!

No. 1358897

File: 1635658192536.jpeg (92.89 KB, 640x640, C73688C1-59E3-41C7-A784-B93CC5…)

Did Kathy forget this was her Halloween costume (just add a black wig) a couple years ago while she was ‘identifying’ only as a submissive? She’s a historian but hasn’t a clue about the history of burlesque. Just say you’re envious of other performers that are able to do everything you can’t.

No. 1358898

She is going to balloon up big time kek

No. 1358907

File: 1635659669938.jpeg (189.64 KB, 552x800, 2D7D74FE-962E-49B5-AE7E-7485E9…)

The black shiny boots aren’t for you either Katherine

No. 1358954

does she start seething everytime she sees a woman in shiny, black boots? which is probably farely often, considering that it's normal attire for women that "dominatrixes" doesn't own. kek. keep doing that kathy, it's funny to watch.

No. 1359138

File: 1635707902803.jpg (74.86 KB, 640x640, tumblr_p7uylblqyp1r2z5nto1_640…)

holy shit this is amazing. suburban hetero white girl wants to be oppressed so bad she has to make shit up about being personally victimised by patent leather

No. 1359157

>extremely marginalized group
shut the fuck up, katherine. how are you oppressed for posting cringe photos of you in cheap drag race attire? even if that made you oppressed, you could just… not do that. as opposed to actual marginalized groups, like disabled people or sexworkers who were forced into the industry.

No. 1359186

>vanilla people

Perhaps stop using dichotomy and you wouldn't feel so "extremely marginalized".

No. 1359188

Kathy's logic doesn't even make sense. Not all sex workers are dominatrices and one could argue that burlesque dancers are sex workers because they strip. Kathy's biggest triggers are engagement/wedding rings and PVC.

No. 1359572

it must be exhausting for Kathy to feel constantly victimized by nothing like this. that’s her true disability. chronic fatigue from chronic imaginary oppression.

No. 1359770

This cow is too fucking funny, I need another similar thread to read

No. 1360001

it was long ago now but go read the Phoebe Tickner threads, she was a hell of a time before she left the internet. Probably my all time favorite cow.

No. 1360035

File: 1635820801738.jpg (134.06 KB, 720x1053, Screenshot_20211101-223240_Ins…)

She announced the line up for the burlesque show she is producing and it looks low budget to me.

Can't wait to see the outcome of this.

No. 1360044

Burlesque performers ARE sex workers you fucking idiot. They’re basically just pretentious strippers.

No. 1360062

It is low budget. It’s at the same tired Brooklyn dive bar where absolutely no one goes. The crowd will once again be just the other performers. It’s fine to make your own posters for events but come on Katherine you can’t do a handwritten mock-up and then just take a picture of it. Then again it’s lazy and unprofessional which is a good indicator of what people should expect kek

No. 1360065

So she can’t draw, can’t design, can’t act (see first thread for that video kek), can’t dance, she’s posted herself singing before and she can’t do that either. Showbiz ain’t for you hun.

No. 1360070

Love how she drew herself with big boobs, a tiny waist, and long cascading hair when in reality she has the boy body of Desmond is Amazing, no tits, and wears shoulder length wigs. Also love how she gave Rita a bulging hanging stomach kek Really says a lot about her.

No. 1360132

Literally no one else was drawn as flatteringly as she was wtf

No. 1360146

the french has a basic grammar mistake too, it should be "petits fours". typical uncultured bitch, thinking mangled french makes her sound fancy
she really fails at everything she does

No. 1360156

File: 1635838993793.png (1.34 MB, 840x877, nycmartist.png)

I'm honestly surprised Kat isn't deeply insecure performing alongside Emily Shephard. After peeking at her IG, she seems somewhat established as an alt model/performer and she looks like this.

No. 1360159

Eh she’s a cow too. Kathy stood by her a few months ago when she was reeeing about another woman doing a burlesque act featuring a compact prop at the place she used to work. It was in the first thread. Birds of a feather and all that.

No. 1360166

she's sticking her hip out so far it's giving me sympathy pains

No. 1360169

for some reason reeeing like this is a rite of passage in butlesque. they all copy their uwu idol dita because she freaks out anytime someone uses a martini glass

No. 1360282

i didn't even notice that belly. what the fuck??? why is it drak like that? looks like an afterthought >ohhh woops i forgot she's fat

No. 1360284

Also, with the way that she drew the thong, there is no way someone's belly would hang out like that.

No. 1360288

kek Kathy thinks she has the smallest waist. You can tell exactly how she sees herself compared to the others & it's hilarious.

No. 1360301

i'm sure she is insecure, just look at her drawing. giving herself the smallest waist and longest hair, giving the big woman a weird ass belly and she even gave this woman the same boring mousy haircolour as kathy has, instead of a more golden toned blonde as in the photo you posted.

No. 1360314

not to mention Genie Adagio is a black woman and the only indication of that it’s a tiny amount of brown shading, otherwise it looks like she’s supposed to be white

No. 1360375

File: 1635880902268.jpeg (629.62 KB, 768x1195, AECFA82D-A493-4F2A-95BA-4ADCC8…)

….. Kathy the Cultural Worker strikes again

No. 1360429


Wow I had no idea until you said something. The crazy part is she put her part of the poster on her Instagram. Just why would you do that to yourself?

No. 1360549

File: 1635899316597.jpeg (514.01 KB, 1242x1377, FBC9E8F2-27CC-4477-B45B-811BD4…)

Her diet is absolute shit kek Might as well be eating bags of chips and cookies because there really isn’t much of nutritional difference between that and her ~gourmet farmer’s market~ e-beg

No. 1360550

File: 1635899390126.jpeg (547.07 KB, 1242x1298, C559B58C-6C4E-447D-A34C-17EFF7…)

Also the fact that she tweets this and proceeds to ask for $130 in grocery money is hilarious and shows her pathetic reality

No. 1360554

Like they would even let her in the shop

No. 1360563

her stories are so funny, my favorite comedy writer

No. 1360584

The bitch got butter, two types of pastries, two types of cheese, and Italian ice cream - and a few “other things” which are 100% pasta and Prosecco. No wonder she’s getting fat.

No. 1360595

i feel like she buys this shit mostly because she thinks rich people eat like that. just eat a carrot, it doesn't matter that the food you eat has fancy french names if you end up looking like shayna

No. 1360650

Love that her content is just various grocery lists. Very sexy.

I am looking forward to her being the ~luxury model~ Shayna in a couple years time tbh.

No. 1360679

Is she trying to attract a feeder audience? Because I don’t know anyone else who’d find all these random lists of high carb junk foods sexy or interesting.

No. 1360707

Can't even make a professional looking poster yet has her rate $400+ on gigsalad. Add in the videos of her just lugging around on stage and it's no wonder why she doesn't get booked kek

No. 1360713

Forget her dumb wishlists, what's really telling is her food tweets because they show that she hasn't a single clue about nutrition and money management; both things the wealthy have cornered. Her idea of luxury and wealth is not seated in reality and it's hilarious. Keep trying to falsely prove yourself to the void Katherine.

No. 1360796

Oh, we're not eating bread and cheese and cookies. No we're eating FRESH (not stale!) honeybuns and ~white truffle~ cheese and MACARONS (gasp. how difficult to procure, such luxury). Gotta let everyone know that you think being a fatass is high class.

I'll never get over how Kathy eats so many macarons that she literally keeps them in the freezer like a smoothbrain living on Costco coupons instead of just baking them, like an actual high class woman would. It's just icing sugar, almond flour and eggs. I guess because they process the sugar & flour into extra fine powder, Kathy thinks she's not being a massive fatass by eating cookies every day?

No. 1360805

>freezer macarons
Guess that's why she feels she needs to specify that she's eating her baked goods fresh this time kek

No. 1360908


No. 1360915

lmao, this is too funny. The enormous hanging belly is so mean. Kathy really is a shit person.

No. 1361080

File: 1635969584256.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1790, B35FE5A2-1391-4E23-B300-535BDE…)

Kathy is so lazy she just covered breast petals kek also comes in second for worst nails here

No. 1361086

File: 1635970238057.jpeg (358.14 KB, 1242x2208, 96B14A3A-E28A-43D4-A47E-65A61C…)

It is mean. Not going to pretend like Rita is skinny but she isn’t that bad. Neither is Emily who is way skinnier and taller than Katherine but she insisted on making her very bottom heavy. What a narcissistic cunt.

No. 1361099

I'd be raging if I was any of these other dancers. Kathy deliberately drew herself skinnier and more shapely even though she's the most shapeless one of the lot, and the big girl doesn't even have a protruding belly. Just when I think her misogyny can't get any grosser…

No. 1361100

That's Rita? I was expecting someone at least twice her size lol

No. 1361105

Thanks so much anon, reading through them made my evening. I see similarities between her and Katherine, I wonder if Katherine will incorporate a wheelchair into her "act" for her disabilities.

No. 1361106

>Kathy thinks she's not being a massive fatass by eating cookies every day
I feel like what makes it more embarrassing is that they're cookies everyone CAN eat regularly. They're not hard to find or make - they're just intended for rare occasions.
It's like how Tess Holliday thinks that it's luxury living to eat cake ever day. Macarons are meant to be enjoyed once in a while, not every day. It's like 200 calories of pure sugar with a bit of flour & lard in the icing. So classy.

Also I find it funny that she's only obsessed with (what she thinks are) luxury carbs & dairy.
I've never seen her purchase a high quality premium cut of meat. Is a fifty dollar steak too expensive for the carb guzzler?

No. 1361107

File: 1635972545457.jpeg (524.16 KB, 1500x1875, 1.jpeg)

Another shot of the girl, wow what a bitch

No. 1361108

LOL. Kathy, look in the mirror. Get real with yourself. That illustration is just sad. Everyone can see what you look like irl. You look like a chubby, pasty little boy next to Emily and her real woman's figure with hips, boobs, an actual waist & a flat stomach.
Hell, even the fat one mogs her because of how awkward and frigid Katherine looks.

No. 1361109

File: 1635972978707.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1081, CaviarClub-Silver.png)

This is true. How come we've never seen her with picrel if she's so high class?

No. 1361177

Kek nope carbs only because… Marie Antionette? Who didn’t even say “let them eat cake”? Who knows with her and her larps.

No. 1361210

She's going to lurk, see these posts, then go out and get the cheapest caviar aka salmon roe.

No. 1361315

This is a total nitpick but I can’t get over Kathy being such a fatty at heart that she named her dive bar show after one confectionery then proceeds to draw another on the flyer.

No. 1361375

her shading is so weird. why is rita's buttcheeks red?

No. 1361378

File: 1636004940226.jpg (197.91 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20211104_064849.jpg)

maybe she is disabled after all. that leg can't be healthy

No. 1361426

I hope we're getting some candid videos from that event because I can't wait to see Kathy shuffle around with a stick up her ass while the three other women perform way out of her league. It's going to be her karma for the shitty poster.

No. 1361820

File: 1636061483982.jpeg (356.97 KB, 1125x1834, 23ECCDD9-F7F6-4977-95E4-819F5E…)

You would think that the greatest burlesque costumier would be able to lay down a straight, even stitch line. Oh wait, she can. She just isn’t Kathy!

No. 1361830

Okay look, not saying burlesque dancers are the most artistic out there because they’re not but most are better than this with some sort of coherent style and basic sewing skills. Stitching an even straight line is not at all hard and usually comes natural. How she can be a failure at all this and still believe it is the right field for her is astonishing.

No. 1361835

If she had known better she would’ve done this by machine. Why hand sew a trim if your stitching is this bad??

No. 1361836

There’s no doubt in my mind that if she had used a machine, her hand would’ve been part of that fringe kek

No. 1361838

it's almost as if she has no shame because she's uwu disabled, of course she can't sew a straight line!

No. 1361840

Ah yes forgot that endometriosis affects the hands /s but seriously that’s exactly why she has no shame. She hides her failures behind ~disability~

No. 1361855

KEK, a child could do better than this. How is she not embarressed? Didn't she make the best burlesque costume in history?

No. 1361890

With a machine, all she'd have to do is take it slow and keep the beads out of the patch of the needle. I can't for the life of me figure out where on the body this is supposed to go, but if she used elastic (the black part?), the elastic won't stretch anywhere the "straight" stitch is, even if the trim itself is stretch. It looks a bit like a lazy version of the back stitch by hand, for added sturdiness? which would make sense because usually stage costumes go through hell but idk if that's necessary in this situation. From the videos I've seen, she just kinda strikes 5 stiff poses to some music and that's the whole routine.

No. 1361923

didn’t she say she was going to re-stitch her entire costume? lol can wait to see that

No. 1361973

It looks like it might be a choker attached to another part of a larger body harness?

No. 1362033

Why not use black thread? Does she want babby's 1st hand stitch to be visible?

No. 1362051

File: 1636092552776.jpeg (570.85 KB, 1242x1364, F251640F-B1C2-4AA7-8BEB-909A87…)

Some serious “How do you do, fellow dommes?” going on here

No. 1362052

File: 1636092555169.jpeg (614.06 KB, 1170x2079, F93AF4E3-48EB-4841-B879-B786D0…)

It’s worse than that

No. 1362054

Oh Kathy no, this is not it. Couldn’t even be fucked to get matching fake pearls.

No. 1362055

File: 1636093085822.gif (969.9 KB, 500x290, 30C426D5-5612-4815-8ECA-4A8382…)

No. 1362062

Didn’t know what to expect but this is so much worse than I imagined. It’s the word “pasty” in a picture.

Like what the fuck Kathy, you’re actually going to wear that? She’s so tacky and tryhard. The cringe is physically painful.

I haven’t checked the threads in a while and am kinda shocked to see she’s been overeating and packing on weight. I had her pegged for an anachan. She’s not fat yet, but after watching Shayna pork up anything is possible. If Kathy has a fat girl saga I am gonna laugh my ass off.

No. 1362120

I would be ashamed to wear something like this for a one-day cosplay con, much less as a Professional Dancer and Costumer. This woman wouldn't know wealth, quality or taste if it punched her in the face.

No. 1362156

Putting that uneven stitching in such a prominent place, perfect. I assume she used the same thread for the beading and attaching the beads, which was not necessary. She could've used black thread at the join, considering people will definitely be able to see this…best costumes in the business or however she describes her outfits.

No. 1362201

this is ugly on its own but even more embarrassing with how much she spergs about real fashion, quality textiles, her talent for making costumes and gatekeeping materials. this is just absolutely fucking terrible. at least use black thread if you're going to sew like you have parkinsons

No. 1362239

Wow, Kathy really hates other women to make the Emily chick on the left look like that when she's way more fit than her. I agree with anons about expecting Rita to be way huger from the art too, but I find the Emily one far more shocking since she actually looks like someone who works out.

No. 1362251

Please, tell me she'll wear this in her performance with the other women

No. 1362275


No. 1362279

This looks soooo homemade and bargain bin.
It's fine if you can't afford to buy quality costumes Kathy, but do you have to make your homemade ones look so crafty and unfinished? Learn to sew, first of all. That stitching is comical even to people who don't understand sewing. And get enough pearls to actually form a curtain. It just looks like you couldn't afford any more from the dollar store craft section.

Also, the panties look like she just hot-glued the same dollar craft supplies to some fabric. Drag Race unconventional challenge vibes.

No. 1362314

the audacity of this bitch!

No. 1362328

File: 1636134585685.jpeg (38.79 KB, 680x378, 1594710210156.jpeg)

No. 1362377

What's sad is that it's most likely going to be made worse by her covering the straps to match the panty. We've all seen how shit she is at stonework kek bless her heart

No. 1362383

File: 1636139121510.jpg (1.6 MB, 1242x1763, IMG_2143.jpg)

So Kathy is advertising this dive bar performance tonight as her "first ever burlesque show" but the dive bar is calling it burlesque night and using much more accurate photos of the women instead of her first draft printer paper poster kek

No. 1362399

What happened to her only performing at "expensive private and corporate events" >>1265309

No. 1362419

They picked such a shit picture of her kek. The longer you look at her face, the more weird and deformed it looks, like some sort of optical illusion.

No. 1362423

File: 1636142833733.png (73.14 KB, 801x552, jhejbhjkwqnej.png)

is it the 5th or 6th? on their website it says 6th and there's that shitty kathy's pic

No. 1362426

File: 1636143380693.jpg (350.89 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211105-161238_Ins…)

Did she know Mistress Velvet personally ??

Cause this seems like a lot for somebody you only knew over the internet.

No. 1362433

i don't know what's worse, the horribly incorrect french, the almost nip slip, the hulking fridge in granny undies, kathy looking like koo koo the bird girl in a wig or the one with the lopsided bolt-ons

No. 1362435

this is the single most performative bit of bullshit i've ever seen lmao

No. 1362446

… this is fucking creepy and the black power book just thrown in really tops it off.

No. 1362486

The korilakkuma really ties this fire hazard together.

No. 1362495

Lol the bottom right girl dunks on Katherine just by existing

No. 1362496

Because mental illness, prostitution, and transgenderism were clearly such a winning combination for Velvet… Kathy’s blatant white guilt fetishism is so creepy.

No. 1362497

A literal shrine to some random black chick that bears no relation to her, what in the white guilt bullshit is this

No. 1362528

File: 1636151836200.jpeg (710.39 KB, 1125x1561, 5A293162-863E-4F0C-98C9-108E6A…)

I was convinced that these drawings were too good for our Kathy to have come up with all on her own. Low and behold!

She even tagged the artists that she traced from in her post. Queen of telling on herself.

No. 1362530

I thought that she was trying to match the trim base color (but then why use black elastic when you could use flesh or even white?) yet here she is using the mismatching white thread/black elastic(?) as the outside. >>1362052
We have white thread, black straps, cream pearls, bright-white pearls on a black background (why do this it'll look like vajazzled unshaven pubes on a pale girl), and a few rhinestones. LOL Pick a color and put it on a flesh-color base.
It was probably purchased trim. I highly doubt she beaded the leg things herself.
Great find!

No. 1362534

File: 1636152512549.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1125x1808, B5B45F79-86E8-4EF9-8C46-6BDABD…)

The other two:
No clue why she tagged multiple artists when she referenced from one person

No. 1362535

File: 1636152548454.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1703, 09F0C8C4-4D5D-4EEE-8E11-2EB0EC…)

No. 1362548

Tracing someone else's IP to use to make money is a huge no-no. Am I right in assuming that Kathy is paid for her performance? What's the penalty, if the artist chooses to persue?

No. 1362550

The nerve of this bitch. Her and Emily were both bitching in the first thread because someone used a compact in their act yet here Kathy is straight up stealing someone else's artwork to advertise a performance both of them are doing. Now we know why the dive bar chose not to use her poster. What a piece of shit.

No. 1362551

So this is why she gave poor Rita a hanging stomach when she doesn't have one. Fuck you Kathy.

No. 1362554

It is trim; you can see it on the underside.

No. 1362556

"Inspired by" does not mean traced… that is stealing. She has no integrity as a person, let alone as an artist. Shame on her. Not encouraging cowtipping by any means but since she tagged the artist, I hope she sees it and takes action.

No. 1362572

I checked the website just now and it says the 5th. It should be starting pretty soon, I hope we get some video!

She traced that but still managed to screw up the foot as pointed out by another anon, top kek

No. 1362720

Nothing because Kathy Fakes over here doesn't have any fucking money to take in a suit.

No. 1362741

Oh dear, no.

No. 1362743

I'm so excited for this. Especially as those hot-glued diamantes are going to go flying. I hope some of the pearls fall off too, and she falls (flat)ass over (tiny)tit in her (only to be worn by true and honest sex workers)lucite heels.

But more than that I hope someone films it.

No. 1362745

It's like a fucking altar of virtue signalling, except adding the Korilakkuma toy shows she's more concerned about aesthetic than anything to do with dismantling white supremacy (don't flame me, I'm talking about what her weird display looks like)

No. 1362746

a compact?

No. 1362813

File: 1636178877100.jpeg (351.61 KB, 1242x1778, 180397AF-E23F-4EF9-AC19-42A3D5…)

Yeah a lifesize makeup compact kek something dita did almost two decades ago

No. 1362817

File: 1636179547750.jpeg (140.7 KB, 637x1133, 450BD939-171C-46A9-BB6C-E921BF…)

No comment kek

No. 1362844

Aha she made a shrine with candles placed directly in front of a book…made from paper. I think a black power book being burned as an effigy might send the opposite message as intended here.

No. 1362852

Artists get their work traced, copied and "inspire" others on the daily, nobody does anything about it since the legal time and effort for a small artist isn't worth it. The only companies who pursue and win are huge ones like Disney, who ironically are IP thieves themselves (finding nemo being a good example, based on a French artist's children's book, that artist sued Disney and lost despite it being a clear rip)

tl;dr seeing your work borderline traced like this is just another day as an artist and there's not much you can do

No. 1362853

Hahaha I love seeing her next to normal women. The girl in the back looks so naturally sexy in a long silk robe & hair pulled back. Then there's Kathy living in the own world, with her hard-hairline plastic party city Halloween wig and her chicken cutlet thigh sticking out of a poorly-stitched cheap string panty.
She sticks out as such a poser.

No. 1362885

She really needs to hit the gym. Look at that. That's why she was so mean to curvy or fit girls in her poster. So fucking mean and lazy

No. 1362892

I promise her black "friends" hate her. no one can stand this woman in person.

No. 1362907

And the divebar published only Genie's performance on their insta. I wonder why not Kathie kek

No. 1362994

All I can see is her witch nose. Holy moly.

No. 1363208

File: 1636234013856.jpg (406.36 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20211106-171923_Ins…)

I would not pay for pasties from her. There are much high quality makers.

That being said, how much would you pay for some of the best costumes in the industry or whatever she claimed.

No. 1363211


The bar did acknowledge her I their stories.

Also, she just posted a clip of her performance a few hours ago. It looked as unfortunate as you would assume.

No. 1363216

File: 1636234389718.jpg (109.32 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20211106-172943_Ins…)

No. 1363217

File: 1636234423083.jpg (126.03 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20211106-172948_Ins…)

No. 1363219

File: 1636234452031.jpg (93.67 KB, 720x1288, Screenshot_20211106-172958_Ins…)

No. 1363221

File: 1636234488120.jpg (110.68 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20211106-173011_Ins…)

No. 1363234

can you post a screenrecording? i want to laugh at her awkward dancing

No. 1363278

This cheap ass is literally using breast petals as a base and can't even finish her multiple started 'costumes' but wants to sell pasties? Get the fuck out of here.

No. 1363280

Lol the kitten didn't even do her job with all that crap on the ground

No. 1363283

File: 1636241287952.png (53.2 KB, 589x274, Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 4.24…)

Kathy doesn't want to pay the women out of pocket; instead she wants to be "reimbursed". Let's see how long this monthly thing lasts before she gets sued for unpaid wages.

No. 1363285

She keeps making it known that she ~PRODUCED A BURLESQUE SHOW~ like it's an actual revue in an actual theater when all she did is DM a few women to perform at a dive bar.

No. 1363389

Not to mention that she keeps making it known that she's got 0 experience producing/performing before.

No. 1363397

>reimburse me for paying people
did she not charge for tickets?

that's.. what that's for

No. 1363464

The dive bar did charge $10 a ticket but Kathy is a low life

No. 1363604

Did any of the followanons save her video from the show?

No. 1363662

Don't forget about the time she got hired for a gig and asked for extra to cover the uber and it turned out she had her friend drive. She also didn't perform or stay for the agreed upon time frame and left early. Exaggerating/lying about expenses and the amount of effort she puts into things has always been a Kathy thing, but it also seems to be a common findom tactic that's only emboldened her.

No. 1363703

File: 1636304647844.png (419.88 KB, 457x625, Screenshot 2021-11-07 090309.p…)

I feel like her face could work if she was taller perhaps, a bit more mature and regal. Knowing that she's like 5'3" really just gives her bird girl energy.

Also it's nice to see her sort of dressing more in line with her self proclaimed aesthetic (domme/vintage glamour?). Not saying this is a great outfit, but it's definitely better than her soft pastel uwu looks that she seemed to have a lot of in the last two threads. She should really avoid pink.

Also she is really obsessed with that hat right now kek. It's almost as if she doesn't have a large and luxurious wardrobe to choose from???

No. 1363846

the bar has one of u go to the reels tab

No. 1364003

in no world is she fat, but size zero my ass

No. 1364085

Anything is better than the e-whore pink amazon aesthetic but like it's been said several times, dressing vintage requires a lot of knowledge or else you look stupid; buying an ugly 80s repro hat and pairing it with cheap costume jewelry and fur that hasn't been properly taken care of doesn't work. The best style for Kathy would be millennial business casual because it's easy and boring just like her kek

No. 1364109

Hey, she's got to afford her farmer's market cheese somehow!

No. 1364111

This single image is pretty good, for Kathy.
Nice pose, an illusion of curves, and an actual smile not a smirk or heaven forbid "coquettish" expression. I bet she's clunky AF in the video though.

No. 1364793

File: 1636413672335.jpeg (1009.17 KB, 1242x1470, 9B1FB00D-7F40-44BF-9DF6-AEA7FE…)

>youre welcome
For what? Posting the same photos you’ve already posted?

No. 1364798

File: 1636414393643.jpeg (979.55 KB, 1242x1783, EBE119CB-02AB-4402-A609-C10575…)

Also kek at her being called out for being completely unoriginal for wanting LV luggage and changing the bag

No. 1364800

File: 1636414717960.jpeg (827.1 KB, 1242x1338, 69AE7368-C378-42C3-8E6F-23BC65…)

Another video she will never post. Bets on if she’s holding a performative woke book or not kek

No. 1364802

File: 1636414976260.jpg (48.08 KB, 478x479, IMG_20211109_004217.jpg)

whose granny is this

No. 1364814

Somehow even her mousey hair looks old

No. 1364815

Katherine they are making fun of you for using that font. You're not "owning the haters" by using it but instead making your already shit content look even worse. Nothing about the live laugh love font is luxury dominatrix but guess it does fit her 24 going on 60 looks.

No. 1364818

I didn't even catch on to her using that font holy kek she's retarded

No. 1364827

Mr. Burns is back

No. 1364831

it’s a book of fetish photography by Ellen von Unwerth called Revenge

No. 1364836

dat earthworm overbite

No. 1364843

File: 1636419888192.jpeg (129.38 KB, 560x770, df9gje-98016482-b2eb-4d75-be2e…)

No. 1364877

it’s deleted now kek

No. 1364888

I’m sure it’s a thing but lol at ‘ignore’. my favorite sw move is when they specifically pick fetishes that require absolutely nothing from them. even findom is just ebegging with extra steps.

No. 1364918

When I’m really bored I like to read SWer complaints on their forums and shit and they are always complaining about how extra needy the men get when they do things like ignore sessions kek it’s a men and sex…. you’re never going to be able to do nothing.

No. 1365020

What a pussy. She’s advertised like three-four videos now but has deleted all the tweets referencing them. What’s the problem Katherine? Don’t want to post actual sEx WoRk content? You’re not getting two $500 bags posting a selfie once every three weeks kek

No. 1365021

File: 1636445955599.jpeg (948.08 KB, 1242x1646, D59C6B5F-78C6-40D4-9938-186EDF…)

She’s trying to pass the button ring and earrings off as real Chanel jewelry. Honey even if they were real upcycled buttons, they’re just that… plastic buttons, not fine jewelry kek

No. 1365034

ignore kink and findom kink for minimum effort, leather/latex/boots kink just to get the adrenaline rush when she orders off amazon and aliexpress. burlesque to stroke her ego.
then she wonders why she doesn't get anywhere. it's totes because she's a disabled kweer woman!!!

No. 1365070

Even for the odd coomer who IS into findomme (much rarer than these bitches let on - Kathy isn't getting clients), they don't give a shit what brands you're buying. They care that it's expensive, they don't give a shit about female fashion brands. No scrote is out there nodding his head like "oh, it's a Chanel? The corset is PVC? Wow, I'm so turned on".
Kathy doesn't understand scrote brain, so she's trying to flex her garish outfit in a way that only women care about.

No. 1365071

samefag but also kek at her trying to flex a pvc corset

No. 1365101

File: 1636462749970.webm (9.27 MB, 1080x2340, Screen_Recording_20211108-2246…)

No. 1365102

File: 1636462802091.webm (7.93 MB, 1080x2340, Screen_Recording_20211108-2246…)

This was other of the burlesque dancers she was performing with

No. 1365107

This wig makes her head looks huge, she should get rid of it

No. 1365124

Idk if black girl's routine is good or not but at least she can move. Her performance is amazing compared to Kathy standing there stiffly, struggling to make fluid movements with her feather fans. I can't get over how weak and awkward she comes off as.

No. 1365150

File: 1636469529628.jpeg (928.68 KB, 1242x1749, 6EB41430-269C-4B69-9021-8C99C4…)

She‘s trying to sell her crappy arts and crafts project. Who in their righr mind would pay money for something like this?

No. 1365151

How did she custom make something that didn't end up with her new costume? She wanted to flaunt that she made it herself but she ended up making something that doesn't match? Dumb as bricks.

No. 1365153

>normal bmi
>midget height
>27" waist
kek. Not everyone can have a feminine figure I guess.

No. 1365154

Wow, she bruised both elbows and tore her achilles tendon lifting those fans and now suffers from severe PTSD. Just be grateful she can entertain the fans of true dive bar burlesque.

No. 1365155

Burlesque; because you're over thirty and your metabolism slowed to a grinding halt.

No. 1365158

All the other flaws aside, it didn't fit even her, it looked awkward as fuck and no way was it expensive to make. Just throw it away

No. 1365176


How could you not realize something doesn't match your costume until you make it? Just looking at the pearls themselves made it obvious it would never match

No. 1365206

Ok, this is actually kinda sexy though? At least compared to Kathy's rigor mortis grandma moves.

No. 1365210

She's built better than Kathy and has better moves.

No. 1365221

So matching the bar's lighting was the reason for the out of nowhere purple wig choice? I guess she knows she'll be performing there for a long time kek.

Look at that grin that's plastered on her face and the way she just stares straight ahead into the audience. She's getting off so much on being the center of attention that she can't really concentrate on giving a decent performance, as decent as she could give anyways. It looks so much worse when compared to Genie, someone experienced who actually knows what they're doing.

This is what happens when you could never make it through auditions for a legitimate burlesque show (and probably burned those bridges by publicly REEing online, crying ableism and targeting a well known performer with connections in the industry and leaking emails in an attempt to "expose" them which just exposed your own entitled, cow behavior), you have to start your own.

No. 1365236

Oh absolutely, this chicky actually has appeal and has well practiced, fluid moves that are cheeky and flirty. It just feels like every city has the same thirty year old ex-rockabilly curvy girls doing burlesque. (At least they aren't built like linguini like Kathy lol.)I can go downtown tonight and find eight or nine, it's become a stereotype. It really speaks to her inability to make friends because she could learn a thing or two from those other ladies, but that would require effort and most importantly a willingness to learn/admit to herself she isn't the bestest of all time ever. So she's gonna be a stiff ass stork on stage forever. Perhaps a big bird cage prop with sloppy rhinestones is appropriate? Some tail feathers would be good to hide that flat ass.

No. 1365295

File: 1636481506012.gif (1.35 MB, 275x161, aaaaaaaahhah.gif)


No. 1365351

For someone who talks so much about how smol and delicate they are, her boob shoop looks absolutely massive

No. 1365444

File: 1636493078261.jpeg (636.25 KB, 1242x1525, 868EC6DA-29AE-4A10-AD45-E267FC…)

She really needs to get her act in order because that couple thousand dollar wishlist isn’t sending the men she’s claiming to target into bankruptcy

No. 1365446

File: 1636493152604.jpeg (699.79 KB, 1242x1802, 42F219CD-9547-463B-93BE-CEE697…)

And then we have this extremely ignorant and tone deaf mess

No. 1365450

Fetishizing disability, how woke of our kween!

No. 1365451

lmao Kathy dear, this is just the saddest LARP

No. 1365458

Your daddy issues are showing Katherine. She wants attention and validation from “cishetero corporate men” just like her father so bad it’s beyond pathetic. Her narcissism really led her to believe men like that, especially in her age bracket, would chose her over a blonde 20 year old instahoe on OF.

No. 1365460

…what took her so long to get vaxxed?

No. 1365463

There are very successful and well known Domme’s that are older than her, but it’s obviously based on skill.

No. 1365465

File: 1636494051202.jpeg (988.18 KB, 1242x1796, 7D761A49-E2AB-4351-A075-542822…)

Reposting the image because I sent it with the wrong text but this was just a booster and flu shot (according to what she said yesterday while ebegging for panties)

No. 1365466

Uh she's in her early 20s, I don't think age or hair color is the reason cishet corporate men aren't picking her, anon…

No. 1365468

No one said there wasn’t but it is delusional to think the majority of 20-40 year old “corporate” men casually looking for sex workers online would choose someone like Kathy over the fresh 18 year olds that are getting groomed.

No. 1365470

She legit look like she has Treacher Collins Syndrome

No. 1365471

You missed the instahoe part anon

No. 1365474

>27” waist
Maybe at Old Navy and other places that do extreme vanity sizing but definitely not designer clothing kek

No. 1365480

Right? That’s typically a size 4 or 6 in jeans which obviously isn’t fat but not the size 0 she keeps claiming to be.

No. 1365544

File: 1636501006083.webm (959.54 KB, 1060x720, TNuVlekHk6OI2l9X.webm)

The level of try hard is something

No. 1365547

I wonder if kathy will ever get a new outfit.

No. 1365572

Is she balding? That hairline is concerning.

No. 1365648

File: 1636508420359.jpeg (816.48 KB, 1125x2106, 9BF8C525-9823-43BE-BB8E-311925…)

well some poor sucker bought it… and by the looks of it she redid the stitching in black to hide her sloppy work.

No. 1365653

File: 1636508890493.png (429.43 KB, 711x734, Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 5.46…)

This cishetero corporate man bought it /s

and not her acting like this isn't the very first thing that falls into any of those categories that she's sold via instagram

No. 1365683

File: 1636511208852.png (52.26 KB, 586x233, Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 6.26…)

She really tries to conceal her laziness by passing it off as a fetish for other people kek trashy, tacky, and lazy

No. 1365685

Just what Kathy needs: more dead in her act.

No. 1365688

They both suck but at least the other one is putting in effort. I'm not into burlesque but even I can see Kathy isn't holding those fans right and doing the act in the wrong order.

No. 1365702

Bitch please. I lived in the Arctic 5 years & unless you have buddies who hunt then (1) good luck (2) poser af and (3) fuck you for clearly buying off some old-ass white man Southerner who came out & hunted foxes immorally in the 60s. I thought you were a commie, bitch?

No. 1365719

File: 1636514061239.jpg (39.43 KB, 600x399, 5cdcc169271312532f1a149be49b42…)

The capitalist foxes deserved to die, anon.

No. 1365727

She thinks buying vintage furs makes everything oaky but fails to see the cultural and environment implications as a self-proclaimed "cultural worker".

No. 1365734

> pay me to ignore you and find it sexually fulfilling

> I'll be in bed resting anyway but pay me for it

No. 1365736

Can anyone decipher what her self-description is on her business card?

No. 1365740

She's definitely not going to get what she asked for, and when she breaks down and buys it herself, it's not going to be new. The big ones cost hundreds for pre-owned.
>Katherine Harlow
>The Park Avenue Pinup
>Burlesque Showgirl
and her social media accts

No. 1365835

File: 1636526077229.jpeg (385.24 KB, 1242x863, 55940F1F-DADB-4BD9-A32F-F2C62F…)

Stuck on the fact that she logged into this account for the first time in over a month just to take a phone call and not speak. Does she not understand she’s registered on a explicit phone sex site? I could see a video chat “ignore session” somewhat working but an actual phone call? She’s out of her mind.

No. 1365957

File: 1636548295037.jpg (128.86 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20211110-073844_Ins…)

How she describes herself is wild to me. 1/4

No. 1365958

File: 1636548316290.jpg (184.25 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20211110-073841_Ins…)

No. 1365959

File: 1636548354003.jpg (161.55 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20211110-073836_Ins…)

I have no words. 3/4

No. 1365960

File: 1636548428381.jpg (173 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20211110-073833_Ins…)


No. 1365961

>signature act
>just did her first show a few days ago
The way she writes is so contrived lol. Does she ever practice her performances? I wish she'd post things like that for the laughs, would do her some good to actually post content too

No. 1365964

where are these men who give a fuck how lavender her costume is lmao

No. 1365974

>a thong encrusted in pounds upon pounds

Maybe one of her fictional finsubs could tribute a fucking scale.

No. 1365975

Nowhere. I don’t think Kathy makes any effort to appeal to scrotes (or even knows how.) Her entire LARP is a flex to impress other female sex workers.

No. 1365989

> I don’t think Kathy makes any effort to appeal to scrotes (or even knows how.)
She doesn't, but I'm still trying to understand if she's aware of it or not

No. 1365994

File: 1636553078564.jpg (240.51 KB, 1074x926, ninas shop.jpg)

>muse for Nina of Boutiqiabe
First of all, it took way too long to look up the shop because I am hard-wired to put a u after any q in a word, and thus got tons of non-relevant search result so it sucks to be that shop.
The art is pretty cute and the artist has developed a consistent style and branding. The word choice on the web site isn't too over the top but still conveys the brand, imo. (They aren't shouting about how refined and luxurious they are, for example)
This is the shop that made those cat-themed cards she was using in previous threads. I think some people attributed the art to Kathy instead of the shop? The shop has a commission option, so I wonder if Kathy was the muse at all or if she just commissioned something from Nina.
I did a very non-thorough search of the products available on the website, and didn't find on the pinup-looking cat drawings any note reading "Inspired by Kathy" written in the description so maybe it's on insta and someone with an account can go find where Nina calls Kathy her muse.
This is the first time in my life I've seen someone brag about having a crusty thong

No. 1365996

>a burlesque historian

Her lies are getting more and more extravagent, show me the books Kathy! Where are your published works?

No. 1366025

>5/10 she dont even answe dms
Maybe she would if you buy her an $80 cheese wheel lol

No. 1366034

She has to be aware by now since she’s making no money, but she’s rationalizing it as “cis hwyte male capitalists refusing to pay reparations to uwu brave disabled femmes.” Her inner pickme is still trying to earn daddy’s attention. She can’t admit that moids are simple beasts who dgaf about burlesque history and just want $3 asshole pics.

No. 1366042


>Her entire LARP is a flex to impress other female sex workers.

This! The things she brags about aren't things cishet males would even be concerned with.

She wants to dunk on other women while play acting a woke, disabled feminist advocate.

It's sad.

No. 1366062

>a thong encrusted
fucking KEK this had me wheezing. what a terrible choice of words.

No. 1366065

drink everytime kathy says bespoke, utmost, exquisite, send, farmers market, or swarovski

No. 1366078

File: 1636559882082.png (69.71 KB, 924x286, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 10.5…)

sage for sperg but not even at old navy kek

No. 1366082

Yup. Her ENTIRE public persona is about dunking on other women. From “butch lesbians are threatened by my hyperfemme beauty” to shitting on her fellow burlesque dancers at every opportunity, Kathy is the ultimate pickme. She’s a spoiled little rich girl LARPing as an uwu disabled kweer sex worker for IG woke points, but her inner mean girl can’t help but seep out when dealing with actual marginalized people. She can rail wokely against “muh cishet capitalist CEOs” all she wants to, but she can never cut daddy’s purse strings. For all her flaws, even Big Shaynus is more rational and self-aware than this absolute cow.

No. 1366157

Yeah, at least Shay doesn't try to pretend she caters to anyone but bottom feeder old men. I wonder how long will it take Kathy to realize that's what she's going to have to do as well. Her desperate conviction that millionaire CEOs are going to throw money at her twink-looking ass for doing nothing (aka "ignore sessions" lmao) is hilarious.

No. 1366216

File: 1636571489032.jpg (85.7 KB, 2346x516, Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 11.1…)

I want to talk about this absolute bananas cancellation/deposit policy she has on Tryst. Like no escort in their right mind would implement this, because no client would want to book with this kind of policy in place. She sounds like a complete scam.

No. 1366221

So…assuming the black machine zigzag stitch on the folded material is also by Kathy, then there's a way that she could do this entire thing faster, without any hand stitching at all, and produce a more professional result. I'm not going to explain how because fuck you, pay me Kathy.

No. 1366285


wow she's just Shayna with better hair isn't she

No. 1366313

Just what everyone wants, a crusty thong

No. 1366359


Anon please, no one is jealous of Kathy's ugly mousy brown hair.

No. 1366360

I think it's a prebought garter belt with a zigzag stitch or zigzag pattern on the fabric, and that probably threw her off since the surface is uneven, hence dodgy stitching over that (also because she's an amateur)
I gave this a quick look and the artist's most recent IG post tags someone (too lazy to click) and Dita as her inspirations. So we can assume the burlesque cat theme is due to Dita, not Kathy.

No. 1366389

File: 1636586168400.jpg (380.69 KB, 1080x1614, Screenshot_20211111_001622.jpg)

idk if this was posted before, but i just found it on her website and it's just hilarious to me that she would even bother to share this, especially on what's supposed to be her business website. i'm sure plenty of people will see this low res photo of a special needs looking woman wearing an ill fitting bra and foundation with the wrong shade and think it'd be a good idea to hire her! and then the cherry on top is that she looks like she's peaking on molly with those pupils. very professional, she's got such a good eye for details

No. 1366393

Tbh hair is the only thing Shayna has over Katherine. She may have turned her body into a dumpster fire, but the natural curls are cute when she takes care of them. Kathy got stuck with the most boring, grey-ish brown-ish mousy, thin white girl hair. You can tell she hates it. Most women with that hair type do, and I can't blame them.

No. 1366400

nta but no.. shayna's curls might have been cute if she took care of them but she never did. it looks fucking crispy when loose and like a turd when she puts it in a bun. katherine's hair looks healthy and i'd choose that over dehydrated hay any day, even if the colour is boring. both could take steps to get prettier hair though, katherine could dye her hair a warmer and less boring colour and shayna could get a haircut and use proper products meant for curls.

No. 1366411

The wrong foundation combined with the party city wig, her boxy ribcage and her deadpan expression make her look like she's a troon wearing one of those terrifying silicone masks. Like you said, I can't imagine putting this picture up on a business site.

No. 1366418

baffled why she replaced nice, professional quality photos on her website with this

No. 1366544

What the actual fuck. This looks like a screenshot from a shitty insta story video, not something that would be on a website advertising yourself professionally. Don’t know what type of dolls she played with as a kid because she looks more like a bloated corpse than Barbie. Creepy.

No. 1366545

They were edited to hell but much better than whatever these are. She also has clips in her wigs still in all of them. Why? Makes zero sense. Extremely unprofessional.

No. 1366555

She did one show under a misspelled French title at a dive bar but has the gall to lie about producing a monthly show called The Powderpuff Peepshow… Just because you say something, that doesn’t make it reality. Can’t wait until she’s crying online about how mean the other women in her “show” are when they wake up to her bullshit.

No. 1366716

Oh so she's going through the phase that most people hit at 15 where they're trying to beef up a bare resume by milking the shit out of their "most proficient excel capabilities" and how they "co-organized large-scale productions with hundreds of attendees" (ie. they were in the school play)

No. 1366763


Not to WK but the bar that she "hosted" the last show in invited her to put on a show monthly and she did a poll in her IG stories to pick the name of that show and chose "Powderpuff Peepshow".

So that's not technically a lie, even if she's only done one show.

No. 1367014

The point was she’s advertising something she hasn’t even come to yet. She’s making it sound like she’s established when she’s not. Very easily could have hyped it up as a new monthly show coming soon, which is what it is, but instead chose to jump the gun and make it sound like it’s been going on which it has not.

No. 1367031

> a burlesque historian
> months of detailed research
Not how that works. Pick one.

No. 1367127

File: 1636666538492.png (118.73 KB, 589x547, Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1.27…)

If any of this is true, congrats Kathy a scrote took you to a department store where he bought you nothing and cheaped out by taking you to their in-house cafe followed by taking you to a hotel where many john's take their whores kek and did she really try to make Bergdorf Goodman sound like two different places?

No. 1367129

File: 1636666638745.png (46.54 KB, 593x211, Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1.36…)

She also finally caught on that asking for her "dates" to be rEiMbUrSeD means whoever made her pay originally kek such a luxury sugar baby findomme living doll

No. 1367136

kek I love how Kathy thinks that going out in public in jewels and fur are things that say "wealth". No dear. That says "costume" and "tacky". You look like a beak-nosed theatre kid.

No. 1367138

Especially when the "furs" is one ratty vintage fur shawl and the "jewels" are DHgate "Chanel" buttons

No. 1367147

If there is a guy chances are ten to one that he's also wearing a Star Wars shirt like her bf

No. 1367156

She makes burlesque sound boring as fuck. It's just stripping, no one gives a shit about "research" and long ass descriptions about her costume.
Even the fancy, high class rich people with "refined taste" she wishes she could do business with, will not care about any of these things. This is NOT how you sell a show that's supposed to be sensual and entertaining

No. 1367165

So Kathy got hired for a threesome?

No. 1367213

>enjoying Italian
This bitch and her damn pasta! I can't believe she lives in NYC and all she can eat is pasta. Surely the glamorous, cosmopolitan thing to do would be to expand one's palate?

No. 1367215

Sure, if by "hired for a threesome" you mean "got high and bullshitted on Twitter hoping some desperate cuck will send her a dollar."

No. 1367253


She really is the pumpkin spice latte of the burlesque world, so utterly basic.

No. 1367423

She needs to watch those 'how to look rich when you're not' videos on tiktok or youtube. She always looks so tacky.

No. 1367578

what a piece of fucking shit. I've always hated her fake disabled ass but wow. need to stop before I get an a-logging b&.

No. 1367788

not to white knight, but it makes sense for the vintage aesthetic to wear furs and all that. its just that when she blends it with modern tackiness, it looks larpy and bad.

No. 1367789

File: 1636748926412.jpeg (612.56 KB, 1242x1577, 614ECFCB-916B-4529-8ECC-4FE560…)

Doing her “How do you do, fellow sex workers?” performative act again. She talks a lot about porn and how it’s okay for someone who hasn’t posted any porn online. Don’t be so close minded and classist Kathy.

No. 1367790

How many more times are you going to say “not to white knight” followed by something that misses ayrt’s point?

No. 1367796

Kek it’s like Shayna’s thread where the other e-whores make themselves obvious only here it’s burlesque and vintage fags as well

No. 1367859

File: 1636756116949.png (312.29 KB, 589x527, Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 2.27…)

> $30 for beaded tassels

Those are earrings but okay Kathy

No. 1367942

File: 1636765713775.png (347.76 KB, 592x660, Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 5.02…)

This tranny and Kathy don't understand that pro bono work loses all it's meaningfulness when you have other people paying you for the legal fees. That's not how pro bono works at all.

GOD PLEASE have this tranny try to take up a case for Kathy against lc… Doing that just might make her cow of the year kek

No. 1367946

File: 1636766023276.png (10.88 KB, 261x69, Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 5.13…)

Shayna's fucking name is under the donation list but not Kathy's wtf

No. 1367965

File: 1636769447735.png (43.46 KB, 590x177, Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 6.09…)

i don't think anya taylor-joy is particularly attractive but Kathy… you're fucking delusional.

No. 1367968

File: 1636769606734.jpeg (952.11 KB, 3950x2633, anya-taylor-joy-attends-the-20…)

Just because you wore an ugly hat that looks similar, doesn't mean you actually look alike. Anya is odd but unique looking with a small-ish nose and doll-like eyes; you have a giant nose and weasel eyes Katherine.

No. 1367969

She looks like Jorge Paulo Lemann and is worth .00001% of what he's worth.

No. 1367971

This might be a controversial opinion but I thought the pillbox hat was cute when I first saw it, but Kathy doesn't know how to coordinate anything so it ends up terrible anyway. Also, who the fuck would say she looks like ATJ

No. 1367983

In general, posters here will express themselves freely when the cows wear something they don't like and keep quiet when the cows wear something they do, for fear of looking like a white night. The thing is, though, in most cases, it's not just about the hat (or whatever). It's about the entire presentation plus a terrible personality and actions. In Kathy's case, she also can't style for shit and applies makeup and filters terribly. Someone above even mentioned that she doesn't care for vintage furs correctly which detracts from her overall look. She's lusting after expensive goods from very successful brands, so obviously the stuff has wide appeal or else it wouldn't be sold in large quantities- it's the way that she puts it together while begging for followers to buy her stuff that makes her the cow. Don't feel guilty if you like a particular piece just as long as you don't try to emulate the whole package.
(I can't stand the hat though lol)

No. 1368012

kek, for those who don’t know this tranny is/was a big supporter of shay and pops up in her thread sometimes

No. 1368031

it's like if she thinks she plants this idea in people's heads for them, that will make it true. I've never seen a single photo in which she resembles Anya Taylor-Joy, but keep dreaming I guess.

No. 1368045

I googled Jorge Paulo Lehmann and now I am ded

No. 1368056

… that ugly hat isn’t from a successful brand sold in large quantities because of wide appeal so wtf are you on about? It’s an 80s repo; who cares if one likes it or not. Some of you need to integrate better.

No. 1368059

File: 1636783779055.jpeg (608.29 KB, 1242x1533, 7B6A6B3F-5674-420A-9A64-DB4589…)

She really is just as bad as Shayna bragging about pennies. $80 doesn’t get you shit in NYC especially when you’re like Katherine and don’t know a thing about money management.

No. 1368096

i refuse to believe anyone told her that. that's just offensive to anya. i find anya so beautiful and katherine is just ugly so it doesn't make sense.

No. 1368195

Her entire twitter account sounds like she just read The Secret and thinks she can ~manifest~ her LARP into reality.

No. 1368200

I think one person said something like "Katherine would wear something like this but in latex" in regards to ATJ's outfit posted above and she ran with it

No. 1368558

File: 1636870966482.jpeg (562.17 KB, 1242x1365, 2FD9A7D3-FD66-46D3-A093-2430AF…)

I don’t doubt that some scrotes get off on women ignoring them but it makes more degenerate sense doing so in person, not on a phone call. Like how utterly unsexy is it to have both parties dead silent with only the mental image of Kathy doing crafts kek

No. 1368565

yeah this doesn’t make sense unless she’s on camera, which she won’t do. she’s a sEx wOrKeR who doesn’t do sex or work.

No. 1368737

She should put it towards a gym mat and weights or save up for a dancing class. Her body is her tool of making money and she does nothing to invest in or take care of it or increase its appeal to potential customers. Instead, the money'll be more cheese, carbs, and alcohol. Maybe a worthless trinket for her own ego.
I'd be amazed if she has any male clients at all. She has no idea how to write things that appeal to anyone other than herself. Why would they care about the color of the cord on your corset or the details of the g-string?
Is her family secretly funding her behind the scenes or is she maybe flipping burgers offline? How does she make enough money to live in NY?

No. 1368769

Her consoomer neckbeard probably pays the rent, so long as she buys her own food. I assume that's why she begs for groceries every couple days

No. 1368941

Highly doubt that. He doesn't seem to have a decent stable job and lives separately from her. Slim chance he would pay her half of the rent as well as his; even smaller chance of him being able to afford it. Remember she was crying about having to use her savings so it's either that or daddy.

No. 1369074

File: 1636940116643.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1803, 8497D700-26A4-4FA0-86CF-6F9551…)

Katherine must have caught a glimpse of Russian/Ukrainian hookers when she was sleazing around hotel bars while under drinking age or something because when you pull back some of her layers, she is very poorly attempting to catch their aesthetic alongside her vintage larp. That “dollification” crap fits as well with all those Soviet Barbies that used to get some media attention. Her old LinkedIn that the former acquaintance provided showed at that point she was even trying to learn Russian.

No. 1369120

File: 1636946189445.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1777, E0AE7B86-1144-41AC-BD41-23846A…)

Why would she advertise this on her luxuryprodommesexwork account that supposedly targets wealthy cishetero corporate men? Rhetorical question; it’s because her whole larp is an attempt to flex on as well as impress female sex workers like another anon said

No. 1369132

It's simple, she's a trust fund kid. Her parents probably set her up to be successful like they are, and her brother is, but Kathy decided being a woke twitter domme was more important I guess. I almost wonder if it all began when she toured Harvard then couldn't get in.

Gross. Kind of funny to see her pandering to the super woke, but then also being a fur fetishist. I guess it can't be helped though. She could never appeal to the animal rights/vegan crowd considering her diet seems to be about 90% cheese.

No. 1369155

Eh I wouldn’t call her a trust fund kid. Seems like while she was at university she was getting some stuff paid for by family like her phone bill but that was cut off not. She calls them financially absuive which, regardless of what that actually means, implies that she’s not currently getting any money from them and hasn’t been. Nothing more publicly came of the lawsuit so they probably settled with her out of court and that’s what she’s been scrimping off of (which would also be why she’s constantly advocating for suing because she got shut up money kek).

No. 1369365

because her whole life is a larp. she sees herself as the spoiled femme fatale, sucking the money and life out of rich men. everything she does along the way is a way of ~manifesting~ this maladaptive daydream. with it, shes convincing her own self of the lie, more than anyone else.(sage)

No. 1369607

Holy crap those things are $100+ shipped. For aliexpress breast petals, glue, and plastic decorations. She wants a wheel of cheese for every set. Is this normal pricing for burlesque costume pieces?
Also, who is she selling these to? Her paypigs?

No. 1369612

>a wheel of cheese for every set
anon pls, I choked

No. 1369635

File: 1637023202852.jpeg (205.22 KB, 1242x1008, 0D75CF54-E254-46F2-B119-C82C41…)

I’m not in burlesque but I’ve done costumes for a few dancers; $65-120 is the normal price range for quality handmade pasties that have stable bases and could have real crystals and leather… not the fake crap Kathy made. Those should be $12-$20. Looks like this has been deleted but she was asking to be reimbursed $60 for breast petals, $20 for faux pearls, and $55 for rhinestones. She once again grossly overpaid for all that and that’s why her price point is beyond what they’re worth. She’s quite retarded when it comes to money management and any aspect of business.

No. 1369645

>Reimburse my $15 g-string
This is just sad

No. 1369649

File: 1637024348005.png (8.6 MB, 1170x2532, C1529851-8323-4781-9E37-C1D5C3…)

She dirty deleted the stuff about her other recent show, I wonder why

No. 1369660

Is this reimbursement for stuff she's going to wear or diy projects she's going to sell?

No. 1369662

Assuming it’s for the stuff she’s selling because the list matches them and she tweeted it out right before announcing that she’s selling pasties and then deleted it.

No. 1369663

No one wants to work with her that’s why

No. 1370033

File: 1637099850656.png (92.63 KB, 587x486, Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 1.49…)

Did she not do any form of actual research before attempting to be a twitter findomme or…? Even the known ones complain about men wasting their time constantly. What did she expect, especially when she puts nothing out there?

This is what men do to sex workers; they waste their time, they want everything for free, they want the women to do all the work, they degrade them, they harass them, they feel entitled to them, they hurt them; going after subs and claiming to be ~luxury~ isn't going to change that. You're still a larping whore.

No. 1370038

> materially improve My life
What a woke, brave, communist queen

No. 1370047

>I am a financial dominatrix
>I am not for you
>I am a luxury experience
Kek the delusion. You're sex WORKER sweaty. You've got to WORK for that reputation and whatever kind of manifestation you think you're doing ain't it.

No. 1370126

she's not a sex worker. she's not even sex. she's nothing but a beggar. and no one wants to help out a cunty beggar that feels entitled to your money and screeches when you make conversation

No. 1370132

She calls herself a sex worker but clearly does not want to be a real one so associating her name with it is what she needs kek no one here thinks she's an actual sex worker

No. 1370161

right kek
so wild to me that someone would pretend to be a sex worker. what kind of retarded woke bullshit..? idgi

No. 1370253

The way she always capitalizes words referring to her is bewildering. Even in out-of-larp sentences like "I date in My personal life", this is embarassing. Talk about narcissism and lack of selfe-awareness. Again accompanied by her blatant misogynist and pick-me attitude. ("I'm a luxury, not a peasant whore. I only want men who treat me right but don't care how they treat the peasant whores, yaddayadda")
Massive cope for probably not being treated right by a man ever, I get it. It's just so ugly and also not working.

No. 1370272

The funniest thing is when she writes O/our or W/we. Just casually putting other people below her.

No. 1370275

Was the bitch not just on her Professional Luxury Sex Work™ account talking about a "gentleman suitor" aka john taking her out along with another whore? (real or not doesn't matter) Does she not have a pinned tweet about in person shopping trips and upscale dinners meets? These men will never refer to any of that as "in person sessions"; they are going to call them dates. That's what johns do. It's part of the fantasy that you are selling retard as a ~luxurious unattainable financial femdomnia~. She can't even larp as a whore correctly good grief.

No. 1370277

Was going to say one weekday shift at a LES strip club would teach her some valuable lessons but she's an actual textbook narcissist so she's fucked for life. Sucks to be her but great for milk kek

No. 1370364

>I am a luxury experience
>went googoo gaga over a female sub sending her $12 home decorations from her amazon wishlist

kek luxury indeed kathy

No. 1370435

You know how people say 'manga is a luxury, you can live without it. Can't buy a volume? Don't read it' when sperging about online piracy?

No. 1370731

File: 1637198386855.png (64.64 KB, 584x314, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 5.14…)

Love how she tries to fish for actual quality high end brands while acting like woman hating Louboutin and granny Christmas 1982 Manolos are a flex

No. 1370732

File: 1637198544288.png (283.84 KB, 587x743, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 5.15…)

No. 1370736

File: 1637198670682.webm (4.58 MB, 720x1280, Pktx_avjqO1VhzpF.webm)

No. 1370738

Looks like smallpox ew

No. 1370784

File: 1637204058227.png (651.67 KB, 592x767, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 6.51…)

Here are the pasties she's trying to selling for $95 + shipping

>small business

on her whore twitter account kek

No. 1370789

File: 1637204284571.png (253.22 KB, 584x761, Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 6.52…)

Also take note of the tassels on the heart ones; they are extremely similar to the ones she's having made by another woman.

Either Kathy failed as usual doing them on her own, stole the other woman's concept, or a mixture of both. Horrible business practice whichever way though. She's a stealing lying scammer.

No. 1370801

So in other words

>I'm having other people make my new costumes so I'm selling off the shoddy pieces I made from the costumes I gave up on.

No. 1370926

Does she really not see how strange it is to be e-begging for pasties made by someone else in one post and advertising her made ones in the next on a sex work account?

No. 1370959

File: 1637238630893.jpg (118.75 KB, 720x1304, Screenshot_20211118-072838_Ins…)

Haven't heard about her guy in a while. Glad he's doing well. /s

No. 1370968

Kek, first thing I thought was that it looks like a diseased arm. Then it made me think of a lizard

No. 1370973

I keep forgetting he exists, I guess she at least keeps this daddy bullshit mostly out of her luxury findomina macaron persona.

No. 1371090

File: 1637258168624.png (44.01 KB, 698x252, Screenshot_20211118-125300~2.p…)

Probably only because other anons pointed out how stupid it is to talk about your daddy on your findom twitter and how she needed to pick a lane. Here's this from last night, make of it what you will lol

No. 1371098

I like how her engagement on these kinds of things is absolute trash. No one gives a shit.

No. 1371105

File: 1637260412122.jpg (69.57 KB, 593x487, pickalanedumbass.jpg)

Not even two days later she's tweeting about "date ideas" (bonus points for flaunting how she doesn't care about the notion of consent in the general public, again). I went to check if she had the sense to delete that high handed findom sperg but she didn't, top kek. Kathy's self-awareness has never been great, and anon from >>1370926 pointed out another one of the latest examples.

Business is obviously booming if Kathy has the time to vent on twitter about time wasters and start a small business selling high quality, handcrafted pasties/s

No. 1371113

I'm dying. This shit makes me almost believe she is a troll. She can't be flexing this ill fitting, cheap plastic party city gloves with that plastic rhinestones puked all over. Right????????

No. 1371124

Damn, she’s even gorging on cheese on her “findom fantasy dates”? Get you someone who loves you as much as Kathy loves cheese. Her farts must be off the chain.

No. 1371135

File: 1637263533510.jpeg (69.39 KB, 352x786, sped.jpeg)

god she is insufferable. imagine this thing waking you up to ask you to take the macarons out of the freezer kek

No. 1371157

File: 1637265264760.jpg (97.39 KB, 1054x712, madamewhine.jpg)

No. 1371161

File: 1637265750098.jpg (8.71 KB, 200x200, 1465274203570.jpg)

No. 1371183

File: 1637267725209.jpg (22.17 KB, 547x227, icant.jpg)

>I am a luxury experience
>Expect a luxury price tag
>please pay for my $12 roll of purple craft store ribbon

No. 1371215

I was just thinking this lmao. Who just eats barrata? It’s always on or in something. I’m just picturing her going to town on a chunk of liquidy cheese with a spoon

No. 1371225

No wonder she piles on the makeup.

No. 1371250

File: 1637274674320.png (34.02 KB, 592x108, Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 1.43…)

Too bad French men are notoriously cheap and would not put up with any of her shit. She can't even sell her fantasies properly I love it.

No. 1371560

File: 1637306503350.jpeg (187.03 KB, 1242x399, 55732CB5-56A7-481B-B6B6-79B908…)

This alone could be her next thread pic

No. 1371595

Somehow it's the panties UNDER the sheer panties that are sending me the most.

No. 1371846

File: 1637346301700.jpeg (336.45 KB, 1242x1899, 222D7956-B0C6-4C2D-8C2D-8F2CF9…)

Not only did Katherine lie about the price of the tassels she’s having made; she hasn’t even purchased them yet.

No. 1372070

File: 1637366717569.png (374.57 KB, 585x746, Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 3.41…)

Everything she posts is for other women kek how are you going to post about your crop and then proceed to not show it but instead focus on your ugly plastic ring?

No. 1372100

She has zero sex appeal and has zero clue how to even fake being into sex

No. 1372101

File: 1637370104347.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1760, 6966D9E0-49E6-4947-A76C-ED71EC…)

She’s lurking which brings us to this…

No. 1372102

File: 1637370113373.gif (142.6 KB, 400x300, oruchuban-ebichu-oruchuban.gif)

Relatable to be fair

No. 1372103

File: 1637370205825.jpeg (174.63 KB, 1242x644, DD60C610-1F31-498B-B70B-1CF5D0…)

… You should be paying us for the advice we’re giving you kek

No. 1372105

What fucking expertise does she honestly think she has in regards to sex work?? Men sending her messages without paying her first has her sperging paragraphs complaining about it. What a fucking joke.

No. 1372106

I’m not a BDSM-fag and even I can see that none of her “gear” is useable lol

No. 1372109

File: 1637370745146.jpg (89.19 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Lmao, I love how she phrases it as if it was a recurring problem while being a non-entity that can hardly get more than 10 upvotes on twitter.

No. 1372125

this stoning is so sloppy. it looks like she made this at an adult daycare.

No. 1372152

Why would you choose this photo to advertise? So stumpy looking. Cutting off the wrist at that part, the angle of the hand, and the position of the fingers? It's all maximum gracelessness.

No. 1372153

What is she even advertising? Without that caption no one would know kek

No. 1372175

Why does she use this fugly green background constantly? Is it a pool table?

No. 1372212

the cardinal problem with her plan is that the type of dude she's fishing for isn't going to compete with her neckbeard boyfriend, as nonexistent as he is. that level of simp servitude exists, but the devoted ones who'll humiliate themselves for you aren't looking for a shallow relationship with a twitter sex worker. it's the same reason kpop/jpop idols and titty streamers hide their boyfriends to avoid pissing off the neckbeards so singularly obsessed with them that they drop whole paychecks in service. the payoff for these walking ATMs is that they're purchasing something – they're serving or steering the building of their ideal partner, or bringing their toy along where it can be shown off. they have to have something that belongs wholly to them to show off, whether it's the beautiful/classy/intelligent trope she wishes to embody or some bottom-barrel bimbo fetish, and it's just against male nature to invest in another man's woman. the top percent of findoms might be able to live the fantasy life they claim, like the top 1% of an MLM, but the majority of these average hoes need to settle for success they can actually reach. she could find a better neckbeard with a high-paying career and choose between ugly and sane or moderately attractive with incel vibes. she's no looker, but for how ugly her current man is, she wouldn't have to downgrade much in that department if she played her cards smart.

the other half of her problem is that she's too much of a pick-me who's content with cheap and knockoff garbage, so she'd never have the discipline to bully a man to the point of obsession and low self-worth that he hands you his paychecks in full. she can't even sound powerful in her own twitter roleplays, kek

No. 1372227

File: 1637392792331.jpeg (738.41 KB, 1242x1716, 5F1FC229-BBE0-44F3-B88F-52478B…)

Lol you mean you bought the crap your “femsub” wouldn’t off your amazon wishlist for yourself? Her kitchen is going to look like a children’s Easter playset kek

No. 1372230

Nothing says luxury and dominance like pastels in a cruddy apartment. She deleted the amazon wishlist tweets but they’re still in the last thread… she’s seriously going to make her place look even more like a cheap nursery with random Grogus thrown about.

No. 1372231

Grogus? Grogi? I don’t know kek baby yoda crap

No. 1372266

Like she knows how to cook. All she does is order take out.

No. 1372336

Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to that “femsub” Kathy was lovebombing for a minute? That woman fell off the map quick, I wonder if she caught on to Kathy’s scamming ways.

No. 1372420

Spot on analysis nonnie.

No. 1372680

File: 1637456593029.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1782, AA724C94-8BC0-42D5-96A9-FB46CF…)

Is she colorblind? Her bases are not “powder pink” they’re fucking beige kek at least she’s admitting this is her only costume

No. 1372684

File: 1637456736058.jpeg (367.54 KB, 1242x1735, A941D9FB-924C-4CBE-BCAA-9076FA…)

And who gives a shit about you sending out junk. No one wants all that. All that will go just immediately into the garbage and then spend the next 20 years rotting in a landfill.

No. 1372695

Who would buy this when you can just go to the dollar store, get some pearls and rhinestones and get the same results for $2?

No. 1372707

File: 1637458563776.jpeg (1.13 MB, 930x1470, 39105FCA-2C4D-4668-9491-FA83C3…)

God her costume is so ugly I’m sorry. This cow has got me looking more into burlesque and this costume style is very common… but as picrel shows hers is just downright bad.

No. 1372724

File: 1637461102137.jpeg (216.83 KB, 1242x1023, 8B99F41D-E44D-44EF-A607-FB4F2E…)

Beyond unprofessional, true or not. Unless she’s using burlesque as a way to prostitute herself out you do not do this. Katherine has a zero regard for anyone’s boundaries (but we already knew that).

No. 1372728

Again with bragging about her crusty thong

No. 1372729

File: 1637461606954.png (111.4 KB, 784x386, C667C1BF-9D14-4565-8251-0ADE14…)

Yeah sure Kathy. That's why your only real review on gigsalad is 3 stars from a birthday party as well and they thought you were awkward and rude. In their words "she had very little personality or interest in entertaining us. she texted us a few minute prior to arriving asking us to cheer her on."

No. 1372734

File: 1637461830539.png (10.2 MB, 1242x2208, 4C2AA029-C25E-46DA-9635-40A91C…)

She has to be because none of this matches and the only thing lavender is the new shoelaces she got for the corset kek

No. 1372736

The only talent Kathy possesses is being tacky

No. 1372770

Oh shit lmao, I'm surprised she hasn't had a public meltdown on any of her socials over this yet
>she had the audacity to post pictures from our event on Instagram with instructions on how to tip her
Her massive ego and scamming is going to put her out of business for sure

No. 1372817

God, I’ve always hated that fugly yellow cast that corset seems to have to it. It almost looks nicotine stained. Am I seeing shit? I don’t think Kathy smokes anything other than bespoke luxury cannabis picked by the smooth and milky white hands of Norwegian communist orphans.

No. 1372827

File: 1637470949975.png (10.13 MB, 1242x2208, F12FA683-D0EC-4785-A794-24F830…)

The encrusted thong has it even worse

No. 1372831

File: 1637471448854.jpeg (236.87 KB, 1242x2208, 63539F33-BBB8-475B-B50F-92DF5A…)

She should be real embarrassed for posting her crusty used thong and thinking it’s anything but yellow beige. Her Shayna lie about the oddest things.

No. 1372928

File: 1637488705389.jpg (1.47 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1637488365297.jpg)

She didn't even use Swarovskis. You can tell she's just using cheap Amazon Swarovskis due to the greenish cast of light the stones give off and lack of depth in the stone in the last thread's up close picture of this cOsTuMe. Kathy's stones just looks faceted, but not actually deep like a faceted cave.
Her "powder lavender" aka gray fans are the cheapest of the Asian manufacturers found on eBay/AliExpress, since they're only single ply and using thin, poorly graded feathers, no more than $300. Fans made with grade AA ostrich feathers can be purchased for no less than $700 and will look much fluffier. She also doesn't know how to clean her feathers, lending to the thin look of her feather fAnS. She's lying like a mf too about her fan "reimbursements" she's begging for. Aluminum and acrylic stave sets are only $100, not the $200 she claims. And new feathers are around $400-$600 not the $100 she posted. Her asking for $700 means she's trying to buy new fans.
I can tell she's looking at successful burlesque dancers in NYC and copying aspects of their costumes in the cheapest of ways. The rhinestoned Dita bra and pasties over the top of a bra are copied directly from artistmnyc aka Emily Shepherd, who has a gray and clear Swarovski'd Dita overwire bra that was rhinestoned with much more precision. Emily also wears a lot of Agent Provocateur onstage and one of her old outfits that she wore in photoshoot in Inked magazine showed a demi-cup Agent Provocateur with pasties over the top. Katie, an overwire bra goes over the top of your tit, so how would your pasties come over the top unless your bra is too small or your pasties are glued over the top of your tit?
Sorry for the burlesque sperg, but now I can see why this broke ugly bitch is begging for a paypig when that's what her ugly bf is clearly supposed to be used for.

No. 1372950


Thank you for confirming a lot of stuff. Nice to hear it from someone who knows what they are talking about.

No. 1372992

As a dedicated Horse Anon of this site this image is sending me in absolute hysterics. This crop looks like the cheapest of the cheap you can find at your local sports store. Really? A string-wrapped rod and a cord wrist keeper? You couldn't find something with leather to fit your Dominatrix Madame aesthetic, or replace the wrist keeper? Are your subs fat ponies at the local children's riding facility? Can we expect you to soon post images of you sitting your ass in a Swarovski crystals-encrusted saddle to match that delicious crop of yours?

No. 1373059

I think that she is using her beauty photo filters on nude-colored clothing which makes it look like a washed-out, weird nicotine-stained-ivory color. She normally lightens the heck out of herself, and probably applied the same thing to her costume. "Powder pink base" is a bald-faced lie.

No. 1373210

File: 1637526222539.jpeg (356.14 KB, 1242x720, 542AAE53-1D40-4F82-86CA-898A83…)

Good summary of what’s been discussed in these threads. Here’s her excuse as to why she has her pasties hanging out of her too small bra kek

No. 1373212

File: 1637526276722.jpeg (364.78 KB, 1242x1786, D5E02CDE-F22A-4B6C-9177-869FFD…)

Some white savior performative BS this afternoon (1/3)

No. 1373215

File: 1637526322253.jpeg (429.67 KB, 1242x1772, 64F9198C-7B41-49B6-B99C-71181D…)

No. 1373217

File: 1637526451827.jpeg (201.41 KB, 1242x496, 55AD147F-A9CC-45F8-B6F1-0B7DEE…)

She ends it with a quote from Walt Whitman who the woke crowd was semi-recently trying to cancel for being racist. The fucking irony.

No. 1373224

So which woo woo book or article did she lift all this from because that is not her brevity

No. 1373233

File: 1637527987974.jpeg (541.1 KB, 1242x1191, 21F88ABC-7350-4F4D-9349-D2E187…)

Katherine, a white US citizen
>Research the disparity in wealth between white and Black people in the US

Also Katherine, a white US citizen
>My daddy makes six figures
>My savings account
>My 10K costume (lie but still)
>My $80 block of cheese
>My $100,000+ e-begging

You can not pretend to hold these values while larping as the very thing you’re supposedly against.

No. 1373395

File: 1637552215742.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1803, C676B018-2518-4790-884B-784C79…)

How is she queer? Does she really think because she takes money from a female Hispanic that makes her queer?

No. 1373398

She's certainly not chronically ill either. I'd bet a wheel of cheese that she's referring to some basic bitch mental illness that everyone has like depression.

No. 1373402

Ah yes because when the Cis-Herero Corporate Fathers of America, or any scrote for that matter, that Kathy claims is her demographic search for whores to spend menial money on online, they choose the self-proclaimed chronically disabled queers that are estranged by choice from their families.

How is Kathy so retarded that she doesn’t realize advertising herself as all that is just attracting more time wasting extremely manipulative abusive men?

No. 1373404

Translation: "I'm a broken leftist skank - send gibs"

No. 1373407

She really thinks she’s special, doesn’t she? She wants Patrick Bateman’s attention so badly because of her daddy issues but is completely failing at seeing how this just disgusts him further. Absolutely pathetic kek

No. 1373418

>She really thinks she’s special
A lot of women in the vintage/pinup/whatever community are like this. The ones who are “traditional” and the ones that are “vintage style not values” are the same when it comes to pickmeism; they think the are just so different! And classy! And… NoT lIKe OtHeR gIRlS! Though they pretend they’re above that. They’re not and for some reason they think because they wear red lipstick every waking hour they magically are.

No. 1373426

Their patron saint Dita is the prime example of this. She makes sure to remind everyone in every single interview that she was just a regular plain blonde girl from a farming town in Michigan (even though she grew up in OC kek) and it wasn’t until she dyed her hair BLACK and started wearing RED LIPSTICK shocked emoji x10 that she got attention!!! Because you know, she’s still a total bore but the hair and lip color made her special not the fact that she was a stripper that MM used as an accessory for like a decade.

No. 1373581

Begging with extra steps and less results

No. 1373596

Kek "bespoke lingerie". She bought ready to wear bases and put on her Amazon glass rhinestones.
The best part is to "polish" the stones, you just spray a rag with windex and rub them a bit after hand washing the costume. But Katie doesn't perform enough to need to do that.
The fake pearls and rhinestones on her one cOsTuMe is copied from Glorious Pasties, which is called Canova Design Studio now, I believe. She did Emily Shepherd's pasties and thong for the cover of Inked Magazine and Katie directly copied it.
OT, but I want to clarify earlier about the "copied" compact act. What Emily complained about is that the compact that Enzo Iron (formerly of Brooklyn who now lives in Las Vegas with his wife Raquel Reed aka Emily's best friend and fellow burlesque dancer) forged himself was left at the venue Duane Park. Emily regularly performed there and was repeatedly sexually harassed by a male staff member, which she reported multiple times and nothing happened. She didn't go back immediately to get it and instead of returning her prop that her friend made, they kept it and asked other dancers to use it onstage.

No. 1373602

File: 1637574528630.jpg (1.43 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1637573898023.jpg)

Samefag, here's the picture of Emily in Glorious Pasties' design against Kathy's nip petals with glass rhinestones and Amazon pEaRlS. Emily actually contracts respected artists for their work and also sews a lot of her own designs. She actually produces shows and flew to Australia last year since she was hired to produce a show there. She started performing at 21 since she was broke af working at a restaurant and wanted a side gig, but eventually made enough and built a reputation, even becoming the muse of Ellen von Unwerth and collaborating with brands like a hat brand, BM Franklin and Co. She never larped as a sw or begged for money.
Katie can't afford to buy the real thing so she just copies the original designs in a cheap way. It annoys me how much of an unoriginal fake she is. Instead of creating her own image and designs, she bites other artists.
And anons are right, she doesn't know how to hold her fans correctly. She flipped them upside down when it was over her head. She just tried to copy Sally Rand's old af style, but isn't doing anything with the fans to add movement to them. She needs to take a dance class or a fan class. This shit is pathetic.

No. 1373656

We get it, she’s a slightly more expensive whore

No. 1373680

If I remember correctly, she says she suffers of endometriosis, but endometriosis symptoms can vary a lot and usually isn't considered a disability, tho the pain can indeed be incapacitating. I always find weirder when cows claim to have an illness and don't milk it for attention and Kathy is kinda vague about it

No. 1373811

>submissive task: engage in mutual aid

i mean reimbursing some broke bitch for groceries is much more in line with mutual aid than findomming, so maybe that's her new cheese fund angle lmao. it's hilarious that she posts a screed telling simps to put their money elsewhere then is going to post "burrata in the subway, reimburse 42$" tomorrow

No. 1373813

she gives away how broke she actually is when she puts numbers on things like this. she couldn't even fathom an $80 block of cheese. she thinks having an appetizer at a tourist steakhouse is luxury and definitely couldn't even pronounce prix fixe. 10k is like one purse in the stores she claims to malinger in. she's so broke that she's never even touched the price tags of things someone as rich as she claims to be would find normal. she can yap about french macarons and vintage corsets all she wants but the grogu t-shirt slob within comes through every time she mentions a dollar value.

No. 1373920

Thanks for the insight nonnie! I love reading your posts to see where Kathy rips off all her shit from since I'm not familiar with the burlesque world.

No. 1373929

Lol you need to integrate better. We know Kathy copies it’s been talked about for three threads. No one cares about Emily.

No. 1373940

She’s keeps vague about it because she had surgery for it a couple years ago. Not saying she doesn’t feel pain ever but she’s not chronically disabled.

No. 1373995

She’s acting like Emily (herself kek) isn’t another copy of a copy of a copy. It’s burlesque; since it’s inception bitches have been copying shit from each other and outside factors like movies.

No. 1374099

starting to sound a lot like a selfposter

No. 1374166

I agree that 99% of burlesque dancers are copies of each other, and most creative circles I've observed are obsessed about who thought up an idea, to the point where sometimes people will point at each other as idea-stealers in a class where they're all sketching the same model, however, I am definitely learning some details from burlesque anon that I don't think I'd have heard otherwise. I appreciate that and I think that anon's attitude itself also provides some insight to how the burlesque world is. I imagine Kathy is like that but turned up to 11, but coupled with a shocking lack of knowledge, creativity, or desire to improve herself.
I would more confidently guess that someone within the NY burlesque world found this by looking up Kathy after a bad interaction and is using here to vent.

No. 1374203

Integrate better. No one cares or is learning anything from paragraphs that have summarized things that have already been discussed by using Emily and the exact companies she uses. Therese multiple burlesque and sewing anons here they have given actual good advice as well as insight; Emily ain’t one of them.

No. 1374205

It is. She hasn’t been talked about since Kathy traced over another artist’s drawing and now that Kathy isn’t doing a show anymore with her posts about her in detail start popping up. It’s really obvious.

No. 1374208

File: 1637640118462.jpeg (727.6 KB, 1242x1787, 1B6822F3-D7B0-4709-A15A-43FF53…)

Tweeting about your greasy congested face on a sex work account. Real smart and sexy; all the corporate men love that /s

Her routine is shit and cheap and she needs to stop fishing for free advice by asking “do any dommes know….?” several times a week. Her laziness is something else.

No. 1374220

>I lean on the oily side & struggle with pore congestion
Just what every man wants to read when looking for an attractive woman to hire. How erotic, luxurious and decadent would it be to glimpse at madame's oily congested pores!

No. 1374227

Cleanser is one of these two probably, $14.99. Someone tell me if SA is good for skin daily because that stuff can get really drying and iirc, is for spot treatment but I'm no esthetician. https://archive.md/RYX4J https://archive.md/5Qih6
Cetaphil Clay Mask $10.01 Again I'm pretty sure clay is hella drying so I hope this isn't used too frequently. https://archive.md/cxtef
Witch Hazel $13.95 Points for non alcohol version. Good job. https://archive.md/7TQQo
Paula's Choice $29.50 Someone tell me about BHA and how frequently you're supposed to use acids in conjunction with other acids and also clay masks. https://archive.md/Bxz1N
Rose Eye Cream $41 for 0.5 oz which goes further since it's an eye cream but is still a ripoff. https://archive.md/a8yc0
Rose Lip Balm $24 for 10g which is probably comparable to other fancy stuff you can get at Sephora. It probably smells nice? https://archive.md/Su7N9
Fresh is a brand for middle class, middle age women. It has a pretty packaging and the branding is generally pretty. The bottles feel heavy and the products feel nice, but they don't DO much at all. If you want a HA eye cream, there are so many for cheaper. This brand would be her splurge.
Hydro Moisturizer $16.79 Probably a good idea when you consider all the drying acne treatments above https://archive.md/WOfEy
Tea Tree Oil No brand specified. I know that you supposedly can use this particular EO undiluted which is probably how she spot-treats.
It's not the worst routine you could have, price-wise. Idk about how good it is for you; someone else will have to weigh in on that, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's making her oily skin worse by trying to full-force dry it out instead of treating it carefully. I bet that she can get most of her products at her local drugstore/wal mart which is what most people do but doesn't sell the luxury domme brand of her sw account. I have to wonder, why doesn't she have a personal account to discuss this stuff and use the account where she sells her body to maintain that particular image she wishes she could convey?(sage)

No. 1374229

…this is obsessive & autistic

No. 1374234

File: 1637643414953.png (85.51 KB, 250x190, 1A8A961D-BA48-4970-BD31-4CACD4…)

Sage your spergs buddy retard

No. 1374235

File: 1637643564500.jpeg (300.89 KB, 1242x635, FE457677-CC1D-4EFE-B82F-B6AB01…)

Great first things that potential clients see when on her page right now kek gross Kathy

No. 1374269

This thread is just getting funnier
>Kathy talking about her skin in gross detail on her sexworker domme account
>Emily's blatant selfposting
>deranged skincare nonnie

No. 1374271

>She started performing at 21 since she was broke af working at a restaurant and wanted a side gig, but eventually made enough and built a reputation, even becoming the muse of Ellen von Unwerth and collaborating with brands like a hat brand, BM Franklin and Co.

C'mon now Emily this is no different to the paragraphs Kathy writes about herself, at least try and make your selfposts slightly less obvious.

No. 1374284

Right? The farms aren’t your personal resume Emily kek

No. 1374307

Same anon- I'm not Emily, so I'm sorry to misrepresent myself, but I've worked on shows she's produced and respect her so sorry for my autism.
I just hate seeing the exact copies of other dancers and costumiers because the person copying designs is too cheap to pay for an original design. Glorious Pasties/ Canova Studios is very original and has a very unique look to her designs, which Kathy is biting hard. The other anons are right though, the NYC burlesque world is very small and tight knit and you find out a lot about other dancers.
Emily is actually the one that told me that Kathy didn't pay out the dancers at the end of hEr sHoW. All of the dancers are supposed to be paid at the end of the night in every show, even professional venues like the Slipper Room, Duane Park, etc. Not the next day or days later. Kathy disappeared at the end of the show and the dancers were pissed because they didn't get paid. She didn't immediately respond to messages either and then messaged everyone the next day that she'd Venmo/PayPal or mail a check, then I see her bullshit about depositing the cash on Twittee. That's a surefire sign that she pocketed more than her share since she didn't count out money and hand it to the girls at the end of the night. She did this to dancers that know better and are actually making a living off burlesque and not begging for money on Twitter. I went on my rant since I initially couldn't understand why anyone would be so fucked up if they're trying to break into burlesque. I Googled that stupid park avenue pinup bullshit and found this thread. As an avid lolcow reader for multiple cows, I was excited to see a burlesque cow. I read the whole thread in 1 night and then went off. Sorry anons and I'll keep on topic about Katherine the Fake.

No. 1374313

BTW, the "Park Avenue Pinup" lives in Forest Hills aka Queens.

So she's really the Queens Pinup Larper.

No. 1374348

There’s three threads and >>1374313 is already known. You could have just spilled the not paying out milk, which was suspected so thank you!, earlier instead of wking for Emily. There’s no problem talking about other dancers but just keep it relevant. Her not paying out immediately is extremely milky and the fucking audacity to tweet out about depositing and wanting to be “reimbursed” before even paying the dancers is something else. What a scumbag. No wonder she dirty deleted everything about it.

No. 1374351

File: 1637666041328.jpeg (381.9 KB, 1500x1500, 241408FE-1E5E-4941-96E1-629632…)

They must not have been too pissed because the other two are back for the next one along with four more. Why anyone would still work woth her is questionable especially when they have experience and basic talent while Katherine can’t even stone or hold fans properly.

No. 1374361

>they have experience and talent
>all fatties & in-your-face vulgarity

No. 1374362

Agent wednesday isnt a cow, but i know her from the ny scene. she supports sex work all the same though

No. 1374366

If it’s not really you, your buddy exaggerated her resume, just like Katherine does. For example, there were no Australian shows she could have been flown to “last year”

No. 1374367

That sounds fairly bovine to me

No. 1374403

So Kathy supposedly didn't pay the dancers when she should have and, when she did, she most likely took part of their money, but except Emily, they chose to work with her again? Kathy might be shady but I don't know if I trust the Emily fangirl either

No. 1374495

Nta but someone being okay with whores isn't milky unless you're from PULL. Sw is fucking stupid, but beyond that there doesn't appear to be anything on her.

No. 1374591

File: 1637697443973.jpeg (134.19 KB, 1242x608, 77B0EBD7-C2A9-4DB3-9275-B0547D…)

Roll Tide! But seriously Kathy this doesn’t read the way you think it reads. This bitch is such a nonstop cringe factory.

No. 1374592

It took reading this so many times to realize she didn’t mean to marry her own father. Christ she is stupid.

No. 1374610

same kek
banjos in the distance

No. 1374620

This is some shit Shayna would post but with less words spelled correctly

No. 1374625

File: 1637699271087.jpeg (109.01 KB, 788x1053, Profile_-_Lady_Tremaine.jpeg)

Incest fantasies aside, on the bright side at least Kathy is now LARPing as someone she actually resembles

No. 1374760

File: 1637705362523.jpg (59.84 KB, 591x319, dxfcgvh.jpg)

I wonder what a typical day for Kathy is like, seriously wtf is the thought process behind these tweets. Who the fuck is she trying to appeal to here? Cucks with Oedipus complexes who like lazy women?

No. 1374776

File: 1637706185470.jpg (85.95 KB, 588x449, cringe.jpg)

Same anon, here's Kathy's ultra erotic fantasy of forcing you to give her the worst pedicure ever and then sticking dirty money between her paint covered toes

No. 1374797

File: 1637708109277.jpg (32.97 KB, 720x344, youtube.jpg)

Sorry to triple post everyone but it looks like Kathy started a Youtube channel just last week. That would explain the motivation tweet kek. I hope she actually follows through for the milk (but wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't)!

No. 1375073

Agent Wednesday is the only one that is well known in the NYC burlesque world, but none of these girls are full time burlesque dancers and just take work where they can. Isn't Gina the only one returning from last time? From what I've heard, Katie apologized to everyone and blamed her skipping out early on a "medical emergency". The fatties in the show are just hungry for money and Agent Wednesday is a cartoonist/artist professionally, so they might not be privvy to Kathy's cow status. And trust me when I say every NYC burlesque girl supports sex work because they want to believe they're sworkers due to their sExUaL performances and stigma of dancing in pasties and g strings or c strings (those u shaped things without straps).
I like how Kathy only has her one pseudo professional picture.
I don't want to get pulled back into wking Emily, but the last thing I'll say about her is it was called Strut n Fret. Kek at you thinking you know all the revue shows produced in Australia.

No. 1375074

That one tweet reads like "can someone motivate me to be productive and attempt to make my own money?"

No. 1375100

Kathy is so unoriginal that she steals from here kek ever since an anon made fun and joked about Kathy using her sex work twitter as a manifestation bored or whatever, she’s been tweeting about manifesting.

No. 1375102

File: 1637748164292.jpeg (372.89 KB, 1462x2048, F4C0A7D0-7649-4FD3-B2F4-479E78…)

If it wasn’t for those post-op endo surgery pics and scars I would not believe this to be a biological woman

No. 1375103

File: 1637748207158.jpeg (381.63 KB, 1560x2048, 5807668C-1BCA-48DB-AB1D-C9E516…)

No. 1375105

i thought this was violet chachki. she's doing the same awkward posing to hide the manshoulders + giant shnoz + ridiculous eye makeup.
ultimately violet is much more polished and interesting than katie kek

No. 1375106

this pose looks extremely uncomfortable and she really needs to close her mouth. sorry kathy, that isn't sexy

No. 1375110

File: 1637750078368.jpeg (343.61 KB, 1546x2048, 4A31EA04-79F8-43A9-9A7C-36FF7A…)

The longer you stare at this one, you know the rest kek the failed attempt at a cut crease going directly into and through the sparsely filled unkempt eyebrow, crusty false lashes, poorly draw oversized wing… what a wreck

No. 1375117

That angle is making her look like she's missing half her brain. Well, the way she's acting it wouldn't be surprising if she actually did kek

No. 1375142

What's this pic meant to convey? Nice cutesy grandma bell tho, very sexy

No. 1375160

Isn’t this a grandma easter decoration bell from the dollar store lol? This is not what she thinks this is

No. 1375163

Who is seriously paying to watch these ugly women flopping around a stage? It’s got to be people taking the piss out of them, I mean wtf are the two top left ones supposed to be? I thought burlesque was all about fantasy lmao it’s too sad. The one on the top right is the only one who looks even halfway pretty. She should remove herself from these losers in Ill fitting cheap costumes, I’m so embarrassed for them all.

No. 1375174

i can't with the crusty grey eyeshadow she keeps doing. saddest colour i've ever seen. not to mention how terrible the rest of her makeup is as well. we live in an age where makeup tips and guides are easily available, there's no excuse to be this bad when your "job" is based on looking "good"

No. 1375191

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA lmao what the fuck is this Kathy? This looks like when pre-teens take 'photoshoots' dressed up in their bedroom.

No. 1375203

Kathy, you're just highlighting your thick-ass manly thumb neck. Some girls just weren't blessed with the neckline to pull off updos or sideswept hair. You are one of them. If you minimize your manly bits then you might look like less of a transvestite.

Also nice bell. Where's the rest of your gram's porcelain figurine set? Was the porcelain cat or the cupie doll couple too cheap to hold up compared to the Easter bell? kek. I'd love to know exactly what was going through her mind taking these.
You can tell by how posed it is that she spent the whole afternoon alone in silence in her living room, taking & retaking the same pictures in full drag. Sad.

No. 1375230

File: 1637769591445.jpg (87.56 KB, 1080x660, Screenshot_20211124-095438_Chr…)

Omg just get a nose job kathy, those shops look ridiculous at this point, that eye looks so wrapped.

No. 1375250

File: 1637779990722.jpeg (567.77 KB, 1242x1239, 218B39B8-0C1E-4886-9AA4-D5EC8E…)

She publicly pines for men that are her father right down to the same age and profession. Daddy issues. You have daddy issues, Katherine and it is not attractive. For a narcissist she really hates herself; no healthy self-loving 24 year old woman wants to fuck their father’s copy.

No. 1375261

File: 1637781253498.jpeg (718.82 KB, 1242x1583, 5910148E-6E9B-42D4-B2B5-7376FB…)

Miss Proud Sex Worker really doesn’t get it, does she?

No. 1375264

Because sex workers having to do uncomfortable things and show off their bodies is rare /s Most dont have a choice you imbecile.You’re actively enabling this rape culture Kathy but god forbid it happens to you.

No. 1375265

its a fetish party u dumbass. they might want u to perform nude. where does she get this budget to be so lazy and picky about taking jobs?

No. 1375269

File: 1637781848783.jpeg (375.16 KB, 1242x797, 0CE230B3-2862-4FA2-BFCE-09919B…)

>>1375261 Lol what? Kathy all you do is a half-assed fan “dance” don’t act like you have such a large repertoire.

No. 1375272

looking wildly unhinged here.

No. 1375276

Fetish party wants to see how their adult entertainment looks nude… how unprofessional! What does she think she calling herself a sex worker entails exactly; baking cookies for the elderly?

No. 1375285

Yeah, I am not in the business so dunno, but I'd think that asking for nude pictures would be standard for this kind of thing

No. 1375367

why does that "hat" look like a jaunty placemat

No. 1375451

File: 1637799858765.jpeg (703.07 KB, 1242x1797, 3B25AF6E-A56D-4C5C-852E-75D23A…)

This is the only interaction this selfie got and um well…

No. 1375455

File: 1637800126581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.25 KB, 745x1112, 79590E7B-5D88-4A9F-9333-F9B03F…)

Will forever clown on Kathy for being so delusional about wealthy success “corporate” men wanting anything to do with her when Shayna level freaks are what pursue her

No. 1375460

“Exquisite at any age” right, Kathy? How is this not a giant red flag or wake up call for a ~luxury financial dominatrix that few can afford~?

No. 1375464

She has an unlisted video that she is using on her gigsalad page. I saved it because I know she’s going to delete but here it is in the meantime; fully clothed fan dance from her dive bar show.

No. 1375470

You shouldn’t. They haven’t provided anything to back up their claims. At least the anon in the first thread had the screenshots.

No. 1375477

Just for comparison. Kathy should take a few dance lessons instead of spending all her money on cheese and posing stiffly and waiting for applause.

No. 1375480

The part where her headband gets caught on her fans and then she has to awkwardly tear it off and throw it to the side had me rolling

No. 1375506


Saged but I think this freak is outside the King of Prussia Mall in this pic. Show the suburban mommies and tourists your sissy getup, hilarious

No. 1375512

I know this is days old but I’m an esthetician and her skin care is shit. Almost no one needs a clay mask unless your skin is extremely oily. And no one should be using straight witch hazel on their skin ever.
sage for autism

No. 1375567

Nah, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. SNCTM is a creepy group. No one should be taking jobs with them or sending them any nude photos.

No. 1375568

Ok well now you have to drop some tips!

No. 1375586

File: 1637821908569.jpeg (419.38 KB, 1242x914, 7DC805CE-B024-4D3D-A1B9-BCE22E…)

Do actual work, find your own ideas, and stop parroting dumb woke points and you wouldn’t be posted here. Not that hard.

No. 1375587

Umm I don’t really want to post it but he’s using a child for his fetish in one of his disgusting pics. That’s who you want to be associated with, paedophiles?

No. 1375613

had to check his profile; he's using a picture of a very young-looking girl (looks 12) holding up a phone on which he photoshopped his "sissy" humiliation picture. barf

No. 1375645

I didn't know I'm supposed to record conversations with a friend about shady bitches just in case I happen to find a thread about said shady bitch and need to post proof, when I didn't know this thread existed until 2 days ago.
And I'm the one that's saying that it's usually a sign of stealing more than your share when you disappear at the end of the night with the money, when everyone pays performers the same night, unless it was decided beforehand, and it wasn't.
I know how lolcow works and anons definitely don't have to believe me and I understand if you don't. Just letting you know what's up in the NYC burlesque world from my side and my friends.

No. 1375682

Shut the fuck up, Kathy. God forbid you summon the deranged skincare anon from a couple of days ago. If you’re surprised to hear that witch hazel isn’t good for your skin, google is your friend. Er, in this case, maybe it isn’t.

No. 1375724

never saw a fan dance before and i would never have guessed that it could look so beautiful from watching katherine's attempt. wow. she will never reach this level

No. 1375727

samefag but i got curious and watched a bunch of fan dance videos and noticed how everyone uses them to tease the audience by repeatedly revealing and covering their body with the feathers, wearing either ligerie, tight or sheer clothing - something that shows the movements of their bodies. then katherine is over here just entirely covering her stiff body with a grandma gown. kek

No. 1375737

File: 1637855395048.png (Spoiler Image, 431.61 KB, 866x933, averageautogynephile.png)

Might do her some good to interact with autogynephiles and see that these are the brave twans women that she keeps virtue signaling for. If she had half a brain she'd realize that men aren't intimidated by femininity, they know it's degrading for women to be "hyperfemme" and perform femininity from head to toe. That's why men except it from women, and that's why "sissy bimbo" autogynephiles fetishize it.

No. 1375739

This guy really resembles that one really cursed AGP scrote who identifies as a little girl (I don't remember his name). It's sad that Kathy is not even getting attention from the average porn sick moid, but rather this.
>I didn't know I'm supposed to record conversations with a friend about shady bitches just in case I happen to find a thread about said shady bitch and need to post proof, when I didn't know this thread existed until 2 days ago.
Now you know

No. 1375844

File: 1637870723768.jpeg (294.39 KB, 1242x575, 9EA970AC-C5CA-4528-8AA7-199BFC…)

Happy Thanksgiving to the anons that celebrate it… she dirty deleted this yesterday kek

No. 1375918

No. 1375968

What does that even mean? Friendsgiving is a huge thing where I live, and plenty of people don’t have the means or interest to travel to biological family and spend the day with other people. She’s just desperate for any reason to feel oppressed because deep down she knows she’s just a basic spoiled “cishet” white girl.

No. 1376012

Or maybe you’re just annoying as hell and had to let everyone know how ~special~ you are by not spending the holiday with your family. No one cares what your thanksgiving plans are Katherine.

No. 1376046

My reading level is quite high and I still need to read her Tweets a couple of times to understand what the fuck she's saying.
Nuclear family is a descriptor which means the same thing, "cishet biological family" just sounds clunky.

No. 1376057

>My reading level is quite high
You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1376754

File: 1637982830537.jpeg (203.42 KB, 1242x1178, EE341C0F-8EAF-4194-B072-2A010C…)

Kathy begging to be reimbursed for ornaments bought at Walmart kek so luxury!

No. 1376866

She’s a lame and loser broke bitch asking for $65 reimbursement but those are probably “worth” $65 on Etsy because they’re not from walmart

No. 1376874

File: 1637987256799.jpeg (782.13 KB, 1242x2075, 4E11BE15-B4E5-4536-8146-955DEA…)

They are though lol Kathy may have got them on Etsy but they aren’t ~special~ and most likely come in bulk from aliexpress. No need to wk her over some ornaments.

No. 1376892

A lot of Etsy sellers are scammers who get their “handmade” merchandise from the same Chinese wholesalers Walmart does.

No. 1376899

Are you okay anon

No. 1376912

Literally lol’d when I got to
>send $65
Especially after referencing Tiffany’s ornaments. My fucking sides

No. 1377099

File: 1638038363395.jpeg (561.71 KB, 1170x2439, 364C9135-E2B0-44D1-AA14-FE667A…)

She would never be able to afford these even if she wanted to kek

No. 1377154

File: 1638045286992.jpeg (636.28 KB, 1242x1517, 8C17253C-3B32-482A-841D-885403…)

Interesting how she went out of her way to delete this photo but not the pedophile’s reply or her reply to him on it. Very telling.

No. 1377161

File: 1638046252941.jpeg (582.18 KB, 1242x1796, 86D8A824-D0A0-498C-B194-BF80D4…)

Lol so she was boasting about having a monthly show that ~she produces~ after doing one show (where she possibly jipped the other dancers) and now guess what… there is no show.

No. 1377186

it says “burlesque night” on the 18th, anon

No. 1377192

Is it hers though because they deleted the ad for it that anon posted a few days ago off Instagram. She had a whole name for it and everything and this is just “burlesque night”.

No. 1377196

File: 1638052859632.jpeg (567.13 KB, 1170x1370, 096D348F-0375-4341-891F-6E8443…)

It’s literally that same night. Do your research before posting, nonnie.

No. 1377226

Her account is private and she blocks any female that tries to follow her, nonnie. This post is also from ten days ago… the dive bar had a post up too but now it's gone. It looked suspicious.

No. 1377242

>she blocks any female that tries to follow her
Guess I'll set up a "cis-het white 40 yo cheese factory owner businessman SW history appreciator" account

No. 1377395

Don't worry, I'm sure she didn't buy them, considering they're just screenshotted. Seems like her tactic is to claim the money is for something she wishes she had when it's really for something that she actually bought, like more cheap glass rhinestones and some tampons and panty liners!

No. 1377398

Her "business account" is private- what a smart pRoFeSsIoNaL

No. 1379040

File: 1638293995157.jpeg (353.67 KB, 1242x1096, 8BE8C1B2-34BA-473D-861B-BCAB4E…)

She is the most insufferable cow on this site.

No. 1379090


Wtf is a “formally trained historian”? She means she has some kind of a degree in textiles/material culture? Did she get any kind education whatsoever in NYU or did she take a bunch of random liberal arts courses?

No. 1379103


Don't quote me cause this could be a part of her LARP but didn't she get a Bachelor's in fashion or costume history and was in a Master's program for something similar while working at NYU?

You know before her abusive employers refused to respect her chronic illness /s

No. 1379183

So is she mad that people are buying the one-of-a-kind vintage stuff that she can't afford or is she mad that other people have mass-produced pink "vintage" cookware? I can't tell.

No. 1379196

given that one of the tragic suspender belts she sold was a 27" waist, dresses that size in good vintage condition are either prohibitively expensive or get bought up super quick. She's just mad because everything she likes is sold out but that's how it is 90% of the time in vintage collecting

I can guarantee you that any anon on here can learn more than Kathy with a few hours to kill and the right youtube channels

No. 1379202

Per the first thread >>1261778 she went to NYU and here >>1263459 someone said she did administrative work for NYU prior to her lawsuit. >>1343386 said that she was got her BA but dropped out of her Master's program if she ever got into one.

No. 1379348

She can not be serious. The narcissism is off the walls with these. She has a couple hundred followers; no one is checking her like that. She “sources” everything from regular department stores, Amazon, and Etsy. Several of the things she’s posted like the pleather corset and gloves are from Chinese distributors being re-sold on Etsy as vintage. Taking one course in college about fashion history does not make one a formally trained historian and finding vintage fox fur coats on Etsy isn’t labor and expertise. You wear Shein and Kate Spade for fucks sake Kathy. Get over your ugly self.

No. 1379354

Even when she’s bitching to the void she makes sure to capitalize my, myself, me. What a narc.

No. 1379372

The screenshot is most likely posted in the first thread but reminder Kathy said that anyone can titled themselves because….. equality and white supremacy or some shit lol “formally trained historian” is just a title she gave herself without any meaning.

No. 1379380

File: 1638308742044.jpeg (592.56 KB, 1242x1528, F5389C83-B17F-4FE7-9416-6C3B4F…)

She really lives off carbs and weed. Can’t wait for the Shayna level weight blow up. it’s already creeping up on her kek

No. 1379441

That's more part of the domme larp imo

No. 1379476

No cheese wheels, Kathy?

No. 1379738

File: 1638319422575.jpeg (565.35 KB, 1242x1391, 0798A2F4-6CA6-4497-88C7-BAB239…)

I love when Kathy goes quiet for a couple days because when she comes back, she always comes back kvetching about something. She honestly still believes that people will just send her money without any prior conversation and thinks telling people to fuck off is good business. She really has no clue how sex work works.

No. 1379741

File: 1638319637554.jpeg (528.47 KB, 1242x1786, 3C37F92E-A74D-4226-AC14-965028…)

Top tweet is worded like she’s trying to dominate dommes. Bottom tweet is highly ironic given that on multiple occasions she has attempted to start shit with other dommes and has even interacted with their subs. Keep it to yourself first Katherine before telling other people to do so. (2/3)

No. 1379747

File: 1638319923728.jpeg (431.05 KB, 1242x894, E10CA2DC-A310-483B-A65D-3D7608…)

No. 1379792

She really thinks she’s untouchable high up on a pedestal, doesn’t she? You’re a narcissistic degenerate druggie Katherine.

No. 1379846

I don't believe for a second any dommes or subs are trying to commission her for anything. She's still not realizing she gets nothing but time wasting larpers in her inbox because she herself is an obvious larper.

No. 1379983


This has the implication that dominant women have an errand boy to do all their chores. Is this what she thinks a domne is? A woman who can't do her own online shopping?(sage)

No. 1380018

File: 1638328127321.png (482.11 KB, 587x793, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 7.05…)

Lol did she forget that she tweeted out already that she bought the bag herself? And not her trying to pass of the Chinese counterfeit scarf and keychain as real and handmade.

No. 1380024

And she's no doubt still confused as to why her inbox is consistently dry.

No. 1380027

I will never understand her obsession with macarons. Yet another thing that makes her look cheap and tacky. The fact that she obviously thinks they're fancy or high class just gives away how poor she really is.
It's pretty sad to LARP having money when you make less than minimum wage, and only make that pittance by begging people with real jobs who contribute to society (yas commie kween).
I can buy macarons every meal of the day with the $30/hr I make at my real job. Are you jelly, Katherine? kek
Think about how many wheels of cheese you could buy if you had any actual talent or skill to contribute to the world!

No. 1380056

File: 1638331358251.jpeg (162.17 KB, 512x794, 0794B61A-4C5F-4B55-91A7-7FB897…)

Ew clean your keychain Kathy. This is Luna level grime.

No. 1380267

That bag looks cute and she ruined it with the macaron keychain and a cheap scarf that doesn’t match. I refuse to believe this woman was in any kind of fashion program because her sense of style, color, and design is so abhorrent.

No. 1380374

does this tard realize that it's public knowledge Swarovski doesn't sell to private/individual artists anymore?

the fact that's name dropped them a few times already despite it being awhile since they decided to stop selling to artists is so fucking funny to me

No. 1380412

Swarovski crystals are available in every craft store

No. 1380525

That's just the paint rubbing off because those are probably knockoffs too

No. 1380618

she can't even put in the smallest amount of effort to make any of this sound enticing. she could at least post a photo of herself with the item along with some purple prose blurb telling the simp to imagine they're behind the camera. sure, most of this either never happened or is far less glamorous than she's pretending it is, but she could at least steal photos off google to add for attention. looking at these posts is just like reading her bank statements, and the consistency with which she posts them paints a picture of a sad life that's even more of a turn-off for these men.

also lmao @ saying "cannabis" to try to make it sound classy. only the highest shelf of bodega "free-with-purchase" greenery for this princess.

No. 1380733

>also lmao @ saying "cannabis" to try to make it sound classy

yes what's wrong with saying marijuana. is the mexican language not classy enough for her? she is a racist. and capitalist. she preys on the marginalized by trying to pretend she likes them
then she says you better not speak to Me though know some manners and shut up and
then asks.them to send their money to her even if they are poor working hard at their minimum wage jobs everyday, they can just buy her cheap plastic shit or carbs, maybe they can't get better jobs cus they're marginalized and never got the opportunity to go to college and they're broke but at least they have the money to send to Her so ya send all of your money to Katherine The Not so great cus she's so great that talking to her is a privilege that should cost money …. but dw she's your ally and actually also one of you she's queer and disabled and never had any opportunities in life she worked her way up to the TOP baby but is also totally equal with you she's a real communist you know

No. 1380921

Not quite the same thing though there are wholesalers online but you’re taking a chance.

No. 1381711

File: 1638417310165.jpeg (368.53 KB, 750x859, ME16384117499787_feed__8vaBc.j…)

Another great composition by Kathy! /s

No. 1381742

File: 1638418558536.png (1.89 MB, 1202x1166, Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 2.05…)

BITCH LMAO. I thought this was one of those low-res joke images that get passed around the internet where it's just ghetto randoms flexing small amounts in a silly way.
The steep angle gives away that she has no one to take pictures for her. Already a pathetic admission, then combined with the outdated, chunky grandma heel honestly just makes this look like a joke. The fact that it's a pathetic $120 American dollars is absolutely icing on the cake. That's not even a days' wages ma'am! Are you getting by ok?? No wonder you can't afford a single wheel of cheese! And you're stepping on your "high quality, luxury" costume there. Nice.

No. 1381872

Burlesque anon here. Swarovski sells at a steep discount directly to authorized dealers only in large batches, but the whole reason is for those dealers to sell the products to the public and craft stores so they can make a profit. This is common with name brands that are essentially putting a fancy name on having you do their sales work without them having to hire you. It is the exact same Swarovski brand whether it's from an authorized dealer or Swarovski direct.

No. 1381879

File: 1638432203267.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 583.4 KB, 1229x805, 4AF9E24C-8CD8-41DD-B30B-6B76FF…)

cute lotus feet, Kathy

No. 1381925

Lol it might be the Swarovski brand in craft stores but if you think these places are carrying pure stones and not just “elements” you’re just as retarded and cheap as Kathy.

No. 1381926

Her obsession with wanting small feet is something else lol

No. 1382051


Now now Kathy, no need to step all over the very little money you have. She probably withdrew it for rent but decided to take a picture first.

No. 1382153

Withdrew it for 1/10 of rent, you mean

No. 1382199

Maybe that's why she's really in chronic pain all the time… In past threads anons have pointed out how she's got a habit of proudly showing off her feet in too small shoes.

No. 1382240

File: 1638463371146.jpeg (491.87 KB, 1123x1876, 4A7D2CF1-E709-4591-A0A0-04FD2E…)

Someone must’ve finally called her out for her shitty work

No. 1382271

File: 1638464030351.jpeg (916.84 KB, 1125x1546, 00203B20-786F-423D-8831-E5AF06…)

you left out the best part, anon! trying to pretend the cash she took out 100% to pay her dealer (her “cannabis reimbursement” was $125) was hand-delivered by a mysterious male suitor/finsub

No. 1382280

this bitch is wearing Funtasma shoes right now.

No. 1382323

So she offered to do a paid service when she (obviously) couldn’t do it. How big can one’s ego get? Just because you give yourself a title doesn’t make it true Katherine. You’re not a master costumier and never will be.

No. 1382349

The complete lack of self-awareness… it’s not that the fact that she has no experience or talent, no, it’s the other people’s work that’s the problem. How pathetic. You can’t offer to do something for money and then go “oh no that’s too hard for me whoopsie” after the fact.

No. 1382534

File: 1638473521729.jpeg (150 KB, 1170x2064, 6E42BDB2-BAC4-4EE3-8CF8-3EF03D…)

“Everything is everyone else’s problem except mine” part 1

No. 1382545

Who could be more unprofessional than her for posting this/the way she acts in general?

No. 1382596

It's funny because others probably thought the same when they saw her name. Corporate gig? I can't wait to see the milk that comes out of this, she hasn't even announced anything about it and she's already being terrible

No. 1382611

File: 1638476454432.jpeg (169.13 KB, 1170x1740, CC7D4257-393C-4952-ADC9-4D838F…)

“Everything is everyone else’s problem except mine” part 2

No. 1382623

>we need you
LOL. More like, "I need you because the community is small and more and more people are becoming aware of my performative woke bullshit and lack of talent"

No. 1382645

If you meet nothing but assholes everywhere you go, maybe you're the asshole.

No. 1382650

Talking shit about your colleagues on social media is pretty unprofesh too, Kathy. Imagine if you hired her for that gig and found this post. It would probably "make your heart sink" to know you hired a drama queen who might cause problems with the other performers you hired.

No. 1382703

this is so unprofessional and if I were managing that “corporate show” I’d kick her off the cast for pulling this petty shit. talk about internalized misogyny. but if I were her, I’d absolutely abhor myself and other women too.

she is so insufferable.

No. 1382722

Kathy: publicly lusts after corporate men on her "domme" account
Also Kathy: "Wahhhh, corporate men are hiring whores that I don't like!"

No. 1382865

Wow, who would’ve thunk all those things she listed in paragraph two would exist in a profession that relies heavily on looks, sensuality, and men’s pleasure! Wait until she finds out what actual sex work entails.

No. 1382912

File: 1638490726254.webm (3.12 MB, 636x890, BtR4fK4Vd9rmnfpe.webm)

In the near future she's going to be begging for money to re-do her gloves because she doesn't know how to take care of costumes properly but will say whoever funds it will become part of history or whatever for funding the "most exquisite costumes in burlesque" kek

No. 1382917

Why in the world would you unironically show yourself treating your costume like shit

No. 1382918

I love that this is the extent of her "sex work" now. Her spoilkatherine account was a wreck and great for keks but at least she was posting lewds occasionally. Now it's just this crap yet she's up the hello fellow sex workers spiels.

No. 1382919


she's really out here flexing weed money because she doesn't even have rent money to flex with. These types of pictures only work when there's a bunch of bills and the image is blurry so you can't tell if the bulls are real or fake.

No. 1382921


it's even more pathetic in motion

No. 1383061

This might be a nitpick but… wtf does her domme persona even mean? Madame Blush sounds like something she got off of an online character name generator. “Making grown men blush” like okay? Grown men blush all the time but seeing your grandma heels on some 20s isn’t what’s making them blush. Did she forget she’s grown as well? Not a bratty teen anymore. This whole larp is just downright sloppy. No thought behind any of it other than “me me me money money money”.

No. 1383074

congrats kathy, on stepping up from those stripper singles to a gen-u-ine three figure salary

No. 1383108

ew >>1381879 is even more accurate

maybe this is part of her historian larp?

No. 1383229

File: 1638515927784.jpeg (580.01 KB, 1242x1524, 0138F367-CCC0-4A8F-AB02-E712D9…)

Once again e-begging for overpriced clothing that’s wholesale from China. She has no style or fashion sense; no wonder she has to lie to herself about being a “fashion historian”.

No. 1383276

It means she took it from something else, like everything she does, right down to the copied costume with glass aka preciosa rhinestones

No. 1383280

Kek at the glass rhinestones with no more than 1/10th being actual Swarovskis.
There's no such thing as a Swarovski element. Swarovskis are are simply glass treated so they're more durable and cut in a more faceted way. The only time you're at risk of buying fake Swarovskis is if they're dirt cheap and you get a pack that is more than 144 stones from an "authorized"-but-not-actually dealer. Some people on Amazon misrepresent their stones, but the telltale sign is the 144 stones in the pack. I've taken classes from Swarovski dealers before and learned this, but you're welcome to research it if you don't believe me.
Some anons really think all burlesque dancers are as scammy, dishonest and stupid as Kathy.
Kathy isn't wrong about performers being catty, but they will incessantly talk shit about entitled "dancers" that act like they know everything despite being a complete newbie.
I think Kathy is really trying to pretend she's seasoned at all these things like burlesque and being "a pro domme" so people hire her, but she can't fake it after that and people find out quickly that she's lying and she kills her hustle. She's better off being honest.

No. 1383301

File: 1638527370931.jpeg (28.01 KB, 400x400, 47298C63-6CCC-4542-97BF-6CE824…)

Yes there is such a thing as Swarovski elements. You really think $10 necklaces at discount stores and $3 OPI nail art (as two exact examples) that say it are using full on stones? Think again lol

No. 1383303

>Some anons really think all burlesque dancers are as scammy, dishonest and stupid as Kathy
Yeah and you’re not exactly helping with your rhinestone and Emily spergs. No one cares that you went to some classes; either bring something to the thread that isn’t already known or quit attempting to powerlevel.

No. 1383698

Seriously, where do these sw anons come up with the delusion that anyone besides them likes bedazzled cheap-looking theatre costumes? I don't care how much you overpaid for your rhinestones - they're rhinestones. You look like you're wearing a child's craft project. Almost all burlesque looks cheap & tacky. Which isn't surprising really, given that it's a dead hobby. None of these bitches are making minimum wage from this "job".

No. 1383886

Pretty sure the point is that Kathy is misrepresenting herself and anon is providing details about how

No. 1383989

We don’t need paragraphs about how anon took classes on rhinestones and what magazine covers Emily Shephard has been on. That isn’t adding details on how Kathy is misrepresenting herself plus we already know she does that.

No. 1384255

File: 1638582785003.png (85.49 KB, 590x366, Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 5.50…)

Kathy is on one today, this is just the first thread. Wasn't it just two or three days ago she was telling people to "fuck off" from. talking to her unless she's getting something out of them? Well here she is inserting herself into something that has absolutely fuck all to do with her or sex work.

No. 1384257

File: 1638582899648.png (78 KB, 593x331, Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 5.50…)

Last person who should be talking about consent. It's okay for her to drag people in public into her sexual acts but it's not okay for people to DM her emojis. (2/3)

No. 1384258

File: 1638582972342.png (71.72 KB, 595x260, Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 5.50…)

I wish just one person outside of here would not so nicely put her in her place when she wrongly inserts herself. (3/3)

No. 1384261

File: 1638583118725.png (100.38 KB, 591x435, Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 5.57…)

The irony in all of this is truly lost on Kathy

No. 1384269

I love when cows think they are above anons here kek Katherine, a day ago you were kvetching publicly about “other dancers” that you don’t like on Instagram which was not the first time. Let’s also never forget you told your followers to fuck off unless they’re paying you and that disabled people should never tell their employers about their disabilities and that their best option is legal action.

No. 1384271

Fucking kek at the top tweet canceling out the bottom tweet lol you’re no better Katherine and quite often worse than anons here

No. 1384277

Wait wouldn't spreading around dick pics with the name of the person attached also be harassment and a form of revenge porn?? Or am I totally wrong here?

No. 1384278

Yes, it would be

No. 1384308

Yeah. You can most definitely say "Hey so-and-so is sending sexually explicit photos to un-consenting girls" but spreading the picture with it would be under the umbrella of revenge porn. Katherine also didn't think because why the actual fuck would you warn other people about a man sending dick pics…. by sending them the dick pics yourself???? Her views on consent are so warped.

No. 1384331

>the internet can be a grizzly place
this coming from a SEX WORKER, my sides
can't you just… log off? kathy, haven't you thought that maybe your ability to turn your phone off and your "sex work" with it, might indicate that you have some level of "privilege" not afforded to women who actually prostitute themselves? you are not the same

No. 1384347

File: 1638593917684.gif (3.26 MB, 500x313, 91C4B55A-E1C8-4B99-AA25-526406…)

kek this dumb ho

No. 1384393

GRIZZLY? It's spelled 'grisly' you cretin.
Proper use of grizzly lol cute but deadly

No. 1384442

File: 1638599254397.jpeg (242.8 KB, 1242x567, A53A4C1D-D2B3-431E-83EE-E5B7C7…)

Another “sex work” video that will never see the light of day

No. 1384529

Maybe we'll be lucky enough to see her poorly peel off her ripped off design costume gloves while she gives an expression as stiff as her body… or maybe she'll demand a "tribute" aka your pocket change to see it. Then one nobody sends her $1, she claim someone did and then post the embarrassing video in all its awkward glory.

No. 1384552

a lot of the scrotes have a humiliation/exhibition fetish and WANT their dick pics posted. they’ll even send their ID and ask you to post it, too. they get off on it. IDK.

Kathy is advertising this as a SeX wOrK account and then getting mad when people treat her as such kek

you can’t freeze your macarons and eat them too, Katherine

No. 1384575

File: 1638610126408.jpg (252.01 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20211204-042221_Sam…)

Ntayrt, but stop talking about something you know nothing about. I use Swarovskis in crafts and never heard of "Elements" so I looked it up and Swarovski Elements are when companies use genuine Swarovskis in their designs. Like you can go to the Swarovski store and buy a ring made entirely by Swarovski or someone can forge their own rings and put real Swarovski stones in it. The person just using their stones would put that their product is made with Swarovski Elements, meaning the stones are 100% Swarovski but the entire item is not a Swarovski product. Pic related.
You're so busy trying to be right that you don't realize how dumb you sound.

No. 1384580

This is Kathy level dumb to think Swarovski would ruin their name by making a half quartz, half fake af stone to sell a cheap version for poor people.
Maybe do your research before being like Kathy calling out someone in the industry when she's totally outside of the entire industry.(derailing)

No. 1384636

Seriously shut the fuck up about this already. Nobody cares about the quality of rhinestones and nobody cares about anyone here being “in the industry” when they’re bringing nothing but Emily Shepherd and rhinestone spergs to the table. Provide milk or move the fuck on “bUrLeSqUe aNoN hErE”.

No. 1384650

>Swarovski would ruin their name
It’s overpriced colored glass, not precious stones with actual value. Stop using this thread to feel better about your tacky costumes “burlesque anon”

No. 1384671

kek nona it’s okay, i use flat back swarovski too. they’re always called elements/swarovski elements. it’s because they are the range of crystals available to the mass market for personal or commercial use.

No. 1385037

Nta but I've been lurking since this discussion began and your comment is retarded. Someone called Kathy's bs and yet you're on their ass for doing so despite the fact that every goddamned thread has someone (usually) who points out when a cow is lying out their ass about something. And nobody even gives a fuck about Emily, she was mentioned like twice as an example. I swear, had anon used Dita as the example instead you'd be sperging that she's self posting on a cantonese throat singing board.

No. 1385147

Obnoxious ass “burlesque anon” didn’t call Kathy out on anything; they were trying to powerlevel over another anon about fucking rhinestones. Dita has been brought up several times and no one did that. If the retard didn’t write literal paragraphs about Emily being just so much better, they wouldn’t be accused of self-posting.

No. 1385150

Holy shit calm down it's discussion about a bedazzled toucan sex worker it's not serious.

No. 1385171

All because burlesque anon got mad another anon said something half wrong about their prewicious whinestones kek

No. 1385190

File: 1638668854022.jpeg (789.87 KB, 1242x1766, 84B4FF78-19ED-4F9D-943E-A567EC…)

Anyways… the illiterate bitch dirty deleted her replies from this >>1384255 thread already. Probably was a farmer but someone replied to it saying “this you?” with the caps of her publicly posting the private correspondence with Rosie Cheeks kek

No. 1385207

BA could've been ignored easily if they were wrong about colored glass, but no, bpd chan over here >>1385147 >>1385171 instigates then screams at others for telling her to shut up. This shit looks too much like Shayna's thread where some anon will completely sperg the fuck out over a reply which could've been ignored and yet nobody tells their clearly off meds ass to calm down, but instead dogpiles others. Its either samefagging or retards looking for an infight.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1385215

Shut up about it already

No. 1385216

>nobody tells their clearly off meds ass to calm down
Anons have been saying it but you don't listen

No. 1385225

Wonder what made her delete it; being called out on the misspelling here, being called out by him, or the "this you?" reply

No. 1385372

At the wrong anon, but sure.

No. 1385384

I'm the anon who wrote
To these irate anons assuming any anon who mentions a rhinestone is burlesque anon:
Dumbasses don't realize that there is more than one anon that uses rhinestones. I don't do burlesque at all. I use Swarovski rhinestones to make masks and resin jewelry. And there's a huge difference in quality between Swarovski and the cheap glass ones Kathy buys on Amazon. I think that's what burlesque anon was trying to say before some salty anons started barking about her like she's Kathy. I didn't read anything like anyone was "powerleveling". And honestly, we do ALL powerlevel over Kathy because we CAN tell she's lying about using Swarovskis when she isn't now. I wouldn't have known that without burlesque anon just like I learned something new about the Elements term when you use Swarovskis in your designs.
It isn't necessary to infight when you're wrong. Ignorance is when you're presented with the information and evidence stating a fact and you insist on wanting to be right and arguing just for the sake of arguing, like Kathy did to the pro domme. Let's not pull a Kathy.

I fully agree with you anon!(derailing)

No. 1385387

Cantonese throat singing board, keeeeekkkk

No. 1385390

File: 1638690933564.jpg (612.57 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20211205-025345_Sam…)

Not sure if this is where Kathy stole her name from but Madame Blush is an art piece with paint splattered on a pseudo-French royalty painting.
Kathy isn't original at all so she definitely stole it from somewhere.

No. 1385395

Oh my god shut up already NO ONE CARES

No. 1385397

ayrt… damn she probably did steal the name from this because she's done her poor man's Marie Antoinette larp a few times. Too coincidental.

No. 1385404

File: 1638693045517.png (82.12 KB, 587x389, Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 12.2…)

She's liked a few tweets talking about having autism… please milk gods let there be a touch of the 'tism saga

No. 1385462

oooo Kathy found a new excuse!

No. 1385987

File: 1638749462260.jpeg (540.25 KB, 1242x1156, 18D48AB3-59D1-4F25-8D00-166CF8…)

She’s been reeeing for a few days now about unfollowing and blocking “consent”. Wonder what happened

No. 1386063

It was definitely the "this you?" call out. If it was just about the typo she wouldn't have deleted all of the replies and the guy wasn't really calling her out for anything, she was able to steer the convo in a way that allowed her to virtue signal to his audience of 8k+ followers.

It sounds like she's running away from someone's hard questions and using "consent" as a shield. You can see the pattern of avoiding responsibility/accountability with those aforementioned tweets and the countless other dirty deletes when she doesn't get the desired reaction. Look at the thread >>1379738 and >>1379741 from a few days ago. She starts off by saying there's no reason to be messaging her unless you're giving her money and to fuck off otherwise. Immediately afterwards she makes sure to stress that it applies to women as well. Then she's weirdly and pre-emptively defensive about any potential criticism from unknown dommes she's trying to "befriend". I think another domme attempted to reach out to her about how shitty she is, and Kathy being Kathy didn't want to hear about it and ran with her tail between her legs. Now there's beef and she's broadcasting how salty she is about it.

No. 1386067

this bitch looks so old. not even because she tries to be vintage,you can be vintage and not look like a granny but you have to do it right and not look like you found all your clothes in some cheap musty second hand store or in the costume closet of a high school theater. and not apply your make up like an old woman trying to look younger ala baby jane (no shade to baby jane/bette davis, katherine could never be her but bette davis intentionally tried to make herself look unhinged when she did her makeup for that movie and katherine just does it willingly as a twenty year old something trying to look sexy and erotic) anyways katherine looks like a fucking granny. or a granddad in drag. good luck with your burlesque carreer grandpa

No. 1386070

samefag but you all look stupid arguing about swarowski crystals and katherine is just going to tell herself that lolcow is just a bunch of whores sorry I mean strippers sorry i mean burlesque dancers from NY who are all jealous bitches out to sabotage her so i just want to make it clear to you, kathy, i have nothing to do with burlesque and i live in a tiny european country and I randomly found your threads and it was immediately clear to me that you are dumb and ugly on the inside and the outside. so there's that

No. 1386078

Maybe she had a bad experience as a sex worker? She recently interacted with >>1375451

No. 1386213

Still waiting on her American pro-bono lawyer to contact my Swedish lawyer and for her ‘exquisite’ dungeon to open

No. 1386218

File: 1638778075011.jpeg (362.6 KB, 1242x1747, 93B77B35-9A2D-41B0-A1D8-D643C5…)

They groomed you when you were a “civilian” with someone along the way very obviously lying to you about it being easy money because that’s how you treat sex work. Did they educate you on the horrors the majority of sex workers who are forced to be so endure multiple times a day? Or did they just wax poetic about how your privileged trust fund white girl ass can sit in the safety of her Forrest Hills apartment larping as financial dominatrix?

No. 1386220

>I would be nothing without the labor and kindness of sex workers
Oh please. She was more of a something when she was working for minimum wage at the college. Yeah who fucking groomed her into quitting her job with benefits to do this shit? Her lord and savior Mistress Velvet?

No. 1386222

Well, she certainly blamed their death on her quitting.

No. 1386249

Well she's definitely not talking about the "catty" burlesque world and her absolute "displeasure" with being a part of it when she doesn't have to be! Kek

No. 1386264

….. I think she is the only person I’ve ever personally seen larp so hard as a “sex worker” while putting out zero sex. Bad copywright does not count; a 14 year old’s fan fiction is more sexually appealing. The concept of larping as a sex worker while putting out lewds on OF isn’t lost on me but Kathy’s larp to be seen as one while doing absolutely nothing truly is.

No. 1386391

File: 1638804584851.png (339.34 KB, 720x873, Screenshot_20211206-102425~2.p…)

Instead of putting effort into making more content Kathy's resorted to begging for rocks for magic rituals, I can't.

No. 1386401

File: 1638805717683.jpeg (52.79 KB, 600x449, 82D09F8B-8ADE-418E-9223-0CC922…)

Hey Kathy, I know of one guaranteed way to manifest money.

No. 1386425

Why green stones though and not that "lavender" she usually obsesses over?

No. 1386431

lmaooo confirmation that her public LARP is just her delusional ass trying to manifest shit

No. 1386435

green is the color of money

No. 1386437

kek so Kathy's been praying to dyed quartz alone in her bedroom, make believing she can cast spells like a 10 year old autist who just discovered wicca

No. 1386451


She's not even being a crystal crunchy right. Where's the tigers eye for success? Bitch just picked green crystals cuz green=money lol

No. 1386506

Hej scandi søster!! Jeg er vild med at vi begge sidder på den anden side af verden og griner af en irrelevant ko

No. 1386509

Ah, our communist queen supporting the crystal mining industry!!!! I love to see it

No. 1386621

She does not know what being indebted to someone means. She’s really out here asking some rocks on an lcd screen to have people owe her money “threefold” like she’s a collections agency or something.

No. 1386623

File: 1638823347731.jpeg (702.57 KB, 1242x1790, B8229B4B-B0BD-43A0-9824-E5ECA0…)

Okay Kathy Clifford

No. 1386632

What a massive non issue, but on the bright side I can't wait for the many burlesque festivals that Kathy will totally go to

No. 1386661

File: 1638825768742.png (48.12 KB, 589x169, Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 1.14…)

You literally do though Kathy kek You have two Instagram accounts under the parkavenuepinup moniker and have had several findomme twitter accounts under different names; none of which are under your legal name. Oh the irony.

No. 1386664

That's the capital sex workers taught her kek

No. 1386689

No. 1386772

File: 1638832810750.png (757.06 KB, 1170x2532, 75E89A2E-BE07-4AC1-892B-8CE035…)

No. 1386823

i keep reading this and understanding nothing

No. 1386833

Sounds like Kathy wants someone to approach her and do all the work for a kink shoot where she is the sub.

No. 1387128

much domme

No. 1387170

oooooh! i forgot that heteros are using gay lingo now(bait)

No. 1387393

While the gay leather daddies of the 50s coined the terms, are you actually unaware that the top/bottom/versatile slang has been used by the BDSM world since the 1960s? It sounds like you think it's only been a gay term until the eViL "heteros" of today "stole" it.

No. 1387497

>daddies of the 50s
>has been used by the BDSM world since the 1960s

No. 1387512

who fucking cares

No. 1387570

File: 1638913371516.png (26.72 KB, 270x388, 1638913308804.png)

yes i'm unaware about the history of your gross fetish and no i don't care about hetero people using it, i was making a joke sweaty, calm down. and take this

No. 1387667

File: 1638922292277.jpeg (89.39 KB, 1242x342, CA2AA817-70DE-4B20-A1BF-FD1487…)

Howling at the fact that ultra woke cultural worker Kathy tagged herself as white on her sextpanther profile like it’s a selling point kek

No. 1387741

why would you post this? like are you proud of knowing that?

No. 1387799

File: 1638933370450.jpeg (339.11 KB, 1242x774, D32D3715-AB72-4B5B-95B0-B9E37F…)

Did she forget all of the schoolgirl giggling she’s done online about men supposedly ogling over her in public?

No. 1387804

Lol got to let ‘em know she is WHITE and BLONDE (yeah okay honey) and speaks ENGLISH. Making me laugh too she’s so tone deaf it’s great.

No. 1387816

File: 1638935589255.jpeg (344.48 KB, 879x1579, E70EDBF4-3B10-406F-B433-935CA6…)

they’re staring because you stink, babe

No. 1387824

File: 1638937810166.jpeg (98.34 KB, 828x263, 44917038-E84E-4AA4-94FE-849D06…)

it is when you look like that…

No. 1387828

Is this a real picture that she actually posted out of free will? It's so bad kek

No. 1387831

File: 1638938841960.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, 1624823209200.png)

No. 1387839

People must have thought she was a diminutive transwoman overcompensating with the hyperfeminine shirt

No. 1387857

Scroll the threads for pics if you want a serious good laugh because she’s posted worse than these lol

No. 1387880

>armpit sweat stains

No. 1387921

and built like a 10 year old boy

No. 1388060

god this is the worst picture of her I think lol, her head and neck are so completely ill proportional

No. 1388204

it's almost scary how well she passes as an underweight tranny with dwarfism. I'd stare at her too tbh

No. 1388314

File: 1638999367247.jpeg (320.28 KB, 1242x768, 1B5464EF-BBB9-4AE9-8934-302C8D…)

There a reason she’s being a cunt? I don’t know who she’s @ing and she’s the only one with a reply like that so…. follow your own advice Kathy

No. 1388414

File: 1639008918433.jpeg (387.48 KB, 1558x2048, CB6485B6-405D-4125-945C-BA8369…)

Suburban mom having a mid-life crisis boudoir shoot realness oh my god Kathy honey this is not it kek

No. 1388416

File: 1639008950816.jpeg (459.56 KB, 1682x2048, E7B0CF51-6D97-4D1D-8779-1C0B6C…)

No. 1388421

Who’s uncle is this?

No. 1388429

….. strong sequel to Glen or Glenda vibes here

No. 1388430

You’re telling me that’s not Ed Wood in a wig?? Kek

No. 1388448

Kathy flexing 50% of her outfits kek. It's hilarious how she only has this and the PVC garbage bag corset. She's giving some strong Lillee Jean vibes wearing the same things over and over again.
They live near each other, maybe they can hang out and do a collab. They can talk about how they're the worst of the worst in their respective crafts kek.
Please please please take this advice Kathy. She took the advice of never wearing the blonde wig again or referring to her fake subs as" findoms" kek.

She should be an egg next Halloween. Her face looks just like one so it would be really easy for her.

No. 1388463

Everytime she posts a new pic I feel the need to sperg about how nothing matches, she just throws the same few pieces together and calls it a day, I guess I shouldn't be complaining cause at least she's not wearing that Chanel button ring this time

No. 1388465

#blonde literally where? That’s as Lena Dunham mousey brown as you can get