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File: 1664681005395.png (338.04 KB, 737x859, selfie cover image.png)

No. 1664422

From wikipedia:
>Polyamory is the practice of, or desire for, romantic relationships with more than one partner at the same time, with the informed consent of all partners involved. People who identify as polyamorous may believe in open relationships with a conscious management of jealousy and reject the view that sexual and relational exclusivity are prerequisite for deep, committed, long-term, loving relationships.
It's basically cheating plus self-righteousness.
So how does that work out?
At best, the relationship is never as strong as it used to be. Not everyone is so lucky.
>Man Who Featured in 5 Person Polyamorous Relationship Charged With Child Abuse
>Infant suffered broken leg, arm and skull fractures during vicious attack
Mostly, they make a lot of noise online and irl.
Why is it lolcow-worthy?
They see it as part LGB-related sexuality, part MLM recruitment scheme. They are extremely proud of their poor decisions and want attention for it.
Bonus lols: any selfie posted on r/polyamory
Points of Interest:
Heavily popular in the trans community with many crossovers.
Ridiculous buzzwords, Polycule relationship diagrams that look like STI tracing
Extremely convoluted drama
Common themes to look out for:
>getting pass on cheating already in-progress or "has one lined up"
>takes stable, long-standing relationship that could have been for life and nukes it, then wants it back the way things were before after some kind of poly mishap
>one party wants to relive youth only to find dating pool has dried up, then wants back into secure relationship
>long-suffering partner reluctantly agree, then meets someone, closes relationship sans original cheater
>Children being brought into dumpster-fire relationships. Drama regarding paternity.
>acting like their promiscuity is on par with lesbianism, demanding praise and special consideration for it in work and in personal relationships
>the advice is a big a dumpster fire as the original post
>they hate being called swingers for some reason
>everyone has STIs
Sources of drama:
There are also plenty of sources besides the above subreddits and plenty off-reddit. It's everywhere.

No. 1664423

File: 1664681304403.png (27.81 KB, 644x344, search results aligned.png)

This was the first time I made a thread. I hope it's okay! This community is one that I personally find hilarious but also sometimes sad. Picrel was a search I did for keywords, and the posts aligned perfectly.

No. 1664424

Ew I got a vag itch reading all this mess

No. 1664429

File: 1664681663142.png (75.73 KB, 744x391, poly worried about stis.png)

I swear, they act like STIs are the most common thing. Someone could make the ND copypasta about STIs and this community.
>Together for 30 years
>Husband putting wife's health at risk
>Husband prefers casual sex to the mother of his two young children
>Wife hurt and concerned about the future
I don't know how this could possibly go wrong! /s The wife should have put her foot down ages ago.
I'm technologically illiterate, and I don't know how to screencap anything longer than my screen so please forgive me for only providing shorter posts.

No. 1664433

File: 1664682010261.png (105.26 KB, 755x529, everyone is a mess.png)

This one has a lot:
>Together 12 years
>Husband wants wife to approve of his cheating with a woman from work
>Wife is a sex worker, but is also admits she can't stand the idea of others with her husband
>Wife retracted permission slip once she was pregnant, husband pursued anyways and gaslit his wife using her pregnancy hormones
>Their child is one month old
At least the top comment is telling her they're incompatible

No. 1664440

this thread looks promising, good work op! this community definitely needs a thread, it gross me out to read about though lmao

No. 1664447

File: 1664682937043.png (106.51 KB, 747x657, age gap coworker.png)

This one:
>Couple both in their 40s
>Together 18 years. Their relationship is old enough to vote or join the army.
>Husband got a hardon for 24 year old coworker 2 months ago. Now he wants a threesome that leads into (forces) a poly relationship.
>Wife wants to go to therapy first and figure out the logistics. Husband insists on just going ahead
>Calls wife jealous
>Jealous exists literally to encourage humans to avoid this kind of situation. It's bad and it feels bad. You're supposed to avoid it.
The commenters are pointing out what a giant red flag all of this is and that he's already cheating, at least emotionally. Polyamory is pretty much just an excuse for scumbags to coerce their partners into letting them cheat.
There're a couple books that all poly/nonmonagamous people use as their handbooks, including The Ethical Slut, as found on the wiki: https://www.reddit.com/r/polyamory/wiki/faq/#wiki_how_does_a_person_start_.28or_continue.29_a_poly_relationship.3F

No. 1664450

Therapy will not fix the XY chromosome..

No. 1664453

what a disgusting male ew. his poor wife. and i wonder how does the coworker feel? nothing in the post indicates that she likes the moid or has expressed any interest in him, it kind of sounds like he has a one-sided fixation? like probably she would be alarmed if she knew about her creepy coworker twice her age scheming to try to get his wife to okay him 'pursuing her'

No. 1664456

I don't want to derail this into a manhating thread (though I wouldn't complain), but notice how it's almost always the man who gaslights his wife/gf into polyamory, usually as an excuse to get away with his cheating.

No. 1664458

There are a fair number of women who can't keep their pants on or betray their husband/wife, but my small sample didn't pull them up. I think that the men who don't want polyamory are more likely to walk when their wife suggests it and women are more likely to be coerced, at least for a while.

No. 1664460

File: 1664683776321.jpg (85.25 KB, 747x1169, how many actually happened.jpg)

Thanks for the thread OP. These people have got to be living in some kind of fictional universe that's a hybrid of Disney and emotional abuse

No. 1664465

I hope his wife dumps him and he gets to brood alone after the 24 yr old rejects him too

No. 1664467

File: 1664684320452.png (2.81 MB, 2073x1293, gross.png)

i scrolled through the top posts on r/polyfamilies and wow. there are so many parents straight-up posting their babies faces on glorified kink subreddits, wtf? (i censored the faces of the kids myself because it feels wrong to share their faces here)
i feel really horrible for the kids being dragged into this lifestyle, there's no way it won't mess them up eventually. glorified cheating, likely perpetual relationship drama, new parents constantly being in and out of the polycule… this is so bleak man

No. 1664479

Women who don't demand men wear condoms are genuinely retarded, how the fuck is this so common? Did everyone forget getting pregnant isn't the only negative thing that can come from sex? Putting themselves at risk of contracting potentially incurable diseases just so their nigels can nut inside is insane to me. Even not wearing a condom with her other cuck boytoy who supposedly doesn't fuck anyone else is dangerous considering how common cheating is for men. You can truly never know. Ask any obgyn, they all have stories of women who had no clue how they could've caught something if they've been monogamous for decades and the answer is always the same.
It also pisses me off how many women are willing to get painful or harmful contraceptives that mess up your period and hormones just so their moids can nut in them peacefully. They're getting side effects like depression, weight gain, breakouts, etc but won't even ask their man to put on a latex glove on their one inchers for a few minutes. Grow a fucking spine.

Also kek at her realizing her hubby would rather fuck random women. Did she genuinely believe the polyamory proposal was about free love, of course it means your moid is no longer into you.

No. 1664499

Jfc why are the mass majority of poly people so unattractive?

No. 1664507

Sage as this is borderline blog but my ex of 10 years was trying to push a threesome/poly thing as a way to bang his coworker. He claimed I was too jealous and this would be a way for me to over come that.

I finally grew a pair and left.

No. 1664522

I almost believe polyamory works like some sort of MLM scam, like there is a secret rule in the community that they need to recruit at least two people whenever they enter a new relationship. Several people I know suddenly became poly after they started hanging out with someone that identifies as such, like it's some infectious disease, despite previously having strong and reasonable opinions against it. And what do they all have in common? Insecure and unhappy in their current long-term relationships but don't want to break up for a number of reasons.
There are so many reasons to why someone could suddenly believe they're poly that could easily be worked on if they actually allowed themselves to do some introspection, but I'm pretty sure the community is mostly led by cheaters that want an excuse to do it in the open and counter-culture idiots believe them.
Sorry for this post being so a-loggy, I just… really hate polyamory. It was fine when it was only some occasional oddballs that was into it but I hate how common it is now because of how it's ideology preys on insecure people.

No. 1664527

Thanks for making this! I replied to your original comment about the topic. I’m greatly looking forward to this.

No. 1664529

File: 1664691047605.jpeg (387.51 KB, 750x1027, 248114F9-5A8F-47B8-9F48-731AC0…)

I have to share this post I was reading. She’s literally trying to brainwash herself to be ok with polyamory.

No. 1664532

File: 1664691340930.jpeg (298.25 KB, 600x1033, 62FD6966-4188-40BA-9B96-1F5A7F…)

This comment thinks polyamory should be conferred the same status as being gay despite their admission it is a choice? Choosing to have multiple fucktoys doesn’t make you oppressed. Polyamory is already natural to scrotes. Society improved when they were finally shamed for leaving their families to have sex with barely legal women. Sorry to get MATI

No. 1664538

I have never, ever seen anyone who is “poly” or in an “open relationship” who isn’t a hideous, greasy, stinky looking hambeast whose parents were probably siblings. My favourite variety of these degenerates are the moids on tinder with a half court hairline and “ENM” in their bio

No. 1664547

What they're basically saying is:
> it's a bad move to continue to accept the paradigm that society doesn't have to reconfigure itself for the completely voluntary life decisions of a tiny minority of people who invariably tend to be privileged enough as it is.

Is it racebait to point out that all the photos so far are of white people? I'm willing to bet they're middle class too. Who else would unnecessarily complicate a part of life that is already a shit show as it is?

No. 1664563

Polyamory is just a new word for sex cult.

No. 1664565

Same reason kinksters in general are ugly, fat losers- they can barely sustain attraction to each other and have to resort to extreme measures to try and force some enjoyment into their sex lives. Attractive people don't need that because being with someone they genuinely desire is sufficient.

No. 1664597

Nice thread nona! This was one of the KF subjects I kept an eye on, nice to see it here as well.
What I find funny about poly is how men tend to initiate it yet get pissed when their wife/girlfriend gets laid more than him. Men just don't understand there's no demand and an excess of supply for penis and they won't be swimming in pussy when they open their marriage. I also don't understand how women even accept this, it'd be incredibly insulting to me if my husband was such a worthless cuck.

No. 1664598

>What I find funny about poly is how men tend to initiate it yet get pissed when their wife/girlfriend gets laid more than him.
I have watched 2 LT relationships implode this way, one of them a marriage with 2 kids. Even more frustrating is that 10 years ago the married moid told me about yet another relationship they witnessed end this way too, and he still made the same mistake while believing it'd somehow be different for him. Male entitlement learns no lessons.

No. 1664634

Same, this has literally happened to 3 families I know irl. Cheating scrote demands to “open up marriage”, wife gets way more attention, scrote gets jealous, marriage implodes. Their kids will be keeping therapists in business for years.

No. 1664639

Lots of people have open relationships. It’s just smug white liberals who label themselves “polyamorous” and make it their entire identity to feel like oppressed sexual minorities and gain woke brownie points. I’ve even seen some try to claim it makes them “queer” kek

No. 1664640

Why are these people never attractive? Do the attractive ones exist but aren't obnoxious about it or is poly purely for this brand of theater kid reject/Disney adult?

No. 1664670

Attractive people tend to be turbo normies and normies have no interest or reason to do this stupid shit.

No. 1664704

Because they think the more people you gave sex with/date = attractive. They get a high from feeling wanted.

I 100% do not believe it’s a real thing and it’s simply a self esteem related issue. They place their self worth in their sexual desirability.

No. 1664706

I love when it backfires. A guy I know IRL basically suggested it to his gf, she said okay and ended up seeing a new guy every week meanwhile he was begging for crumbs of attention from women and lonely kek. Scrotes using “ethical non monogamy (kek)” to get away with cheating deserve it when it backfires

No. 1664707

I don’t even think it’s attractive people, it’s just people who 1. Don’t get validation from randoms wanting to fuck and 2. Having decent self esteem.

No. 1664743

Thanks for censoring the kids' faces. That is a really great idea and the right thing to do
>MASS majority
Good on you, nona. Leaving was the right answer.
I agree. It's so sad how one person who "discovers they're poly" has to drag down at least one or more other person(s) into the cesspit with them. The desire to look enlightened plus being addicted to the coom is such a nasty combo.

No. 1664754

File: 1664726013107.png (105.7 KB, 716x724, jealous-distract yourself.png)

I swear, everyone who moves to Portland decides to become ENM and then divorces a year or two later.
So many advice requests get dumb top comments like, "You feel jealousy while your partner steps out on you? Distract yourself! Ignore your feelings!"
>It's not a competition
Yet OPs partner is one person with limited time and resources, and he's choosing to give romantic attention to someone other than the person he has committed to.

No. 1664763

“i worry i’ll be at home jealous” “okay so don’t be jealous” how is that supposed to be helpful? it’s crazy how any jealousy is seen as the woman being insecure or controlling when not wanting your partner to cheat on you is a natural instinct and the bare minimum in a relationship
i think you nailed it. someone gets into it and has to drag everyone else into it to justify their behavior, then it spreads.

No. 1664767

File: 1664727066611.png (91.4 KB, 750x554, jealousy again.png)

Poly group love to crow about how much they've evolved beyond being jealous, but when you inspect it, they're all desperately coping by reading their cult books and crying while their partner is out cheating on them.
OP got cheated on, and therefore does the logical and obvious thing and dates two people at the same time who are also dating each other. OP also has anxiety.
How is it surprising that favorites happen when there is more than two people in the relationship?

No. 1664785

File: 1664728570745.png (113.11 KB, 750x685, playing favorites.png)

This one is still relatively new, so here's a link so you can catch the comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/polyamory/comments/xtrpoo/am_i_being_paranoid_or_is_my_partner_35m_prone_to/
>"we're all still slowly unlearning every mono-normative 'instinct'"
Like they're deprogramming from a cult instead of joining one
>Man takes his girlfriend to a sketchy area
>Leaves her alone in the car
>Understandably, she's scared because she's alone in a sketchy area and calls him back while he's with the other woman
>He's pissed but only shows it to the scared girl.
Typical abuser behavior

No. 1664789

Blogpost I guess but I'm happy this is a thread now. When I was young and too accepting, my FtM ex tried roping me into some gross long-term poly relationship. She wanted to stay with her long-term stinky moid but also have me so she could "explore her attraction to women". She agreed to keep us separate and never talk about him but all she talked about was his problems and their sex problems. She raged at me when I finally wised up and said she only used me for her "lesban experience". I hope she sees this thread. They're all gross.

No. 1664793

it's so true

No. 1664797

oh my god, these women seriously invite this much stress into their life and act like its better than being alone and in peace.

No. 1664808

File: 1664729911921.png (54.24 KB, 767x377, std vector.png)

This could have been completely avoided if OP wasn't sucking strange dick. Also, gf needs to grow a pair and leave.

No. 1664845

Most sane people just admit it's cheating even if they're POS for it. That and attractive people can afford to be more picky. Ugly moids will literally fuck anything with a pulse. But you wont see some hot insta model in these groups unless the guy is a super rich influencer. Even then everyone is in agreement that isn't a relationship, it's a business transaction

No. 1664847

File: 1664732609879.png (584.97 KB, 1355x1080, wants her cake and to eat it t…)

>Married over 20 years
>3 adult children
>Wife coerces husband into poly within the last 4 years
>Husband wants a closed relationship again, ends his extraneous relationship
>Wife refuses and says husband alone can't fulfill her needs
It's a giant shitheap. OP has a bunch of comments putting down her relationship and her husband in the thread, but must have sanitized her posts because there aren't many of them. She doesn't want to leave her husband because that would be too much work. The husband wants to be a swinger, so he's not much of a catch, either. She seems to still be with her bf as of a post from 4 months ago. At least the comments aren't as bad as they could be
This one comment, however, really got me:
>In polyamory we accept that people can grow in and out of relationships. We often talk about partners being in our lives "for a season."
Imagine giving up growing old with the love of your life for the coom. Imagine splitting up a family with children because you want BDSM with an outside person.

No. 1664892

File: 1664734844483.png (315.38 KB, 745x2067, she escaped.png)

I feel like I'm mostly finding disaster stories and not the funny/stupid ones
At least this woman managed to escape before she was permanently tied to the mess. It's a shame the husband decided to stray in the first place. The comments say that the husband was OP's first and only relationship.
>The guys I liked quickly distanced themselves romantically as soon they heard that I was a married female in a non-monogamous relationship. It was hard. As for the the guys who were okay with my situation and pursued me, I wasn't attracted to them.
No shit, decent men and women want monogamy.

No. 1664903

It can be quite bad on TikTok too

https://www.tiktok.com/@openlycommitted - sad cope channel where she tells everyone she swears she's happy - her husband clearly came up with the idea

https://www.tiktok.com/@sailorstar/video/7013840491980524806 - don't even know where to start with that one, OP seems like a control freak

https://www.tiktok.com/@danaandthewolf another sad one, looks like the guy was never fully on board and the girl dragged him into it, very cringy 'humour'

No. 1664927

Oh am I excited about this thread!

No. 1664931

It's such a relief to read the end of this story to be honest. OP was really lucky to escape from her cheating moid. I bet him and his girlfriend didn't tell OP they were having a child until the girlfriend was already pregnant. Serves him right to only know about the abortion after it was done.

No. 1664935

This is really horrific and is an obvious abuse story…having to go through an abortion and then the stress of moving just because your husband was never really a husband? Jesus fucking hell…

No. 1664938

He’s either going to stay with them both and use wife as a punching bag and out girlfriend of a pedestal, or leave wife and start abusing new girl. Neither of them will ever win.

No. 1664939

In the second post of that one, a lot of the comments were calling her bad for "refusing to communicate" ever with her husband. Like he didn't force her into letting him cheat to start with. It was so gross

No. 1664948

Isn't this woman the exact kind of person they'd say polyamory won't work for? They're so cult-y they won't even acknowledge a world where some woman wracked with fear and jealousy over the idea of her husband dating/fucking another woman may not be the best candidate for poly shit? It's like they won't even say it's not for everyone, they're so brainwashed.

No. 1664952

samefagging to say I get super triggered by the women who say they want to "explore their attraction to women", imagine their nasty-ass scrote's getting so excited over the idea. Men in these relationships get to have their cake and eat it too, because men don't take lesbian sex/relationships seriously. It's all something to watch for them, so the idea of your Nigel getting to fuck other women and watch YOU fuck other women? It's ambrosial. And all for some bicurious girl to find out that yeah, she is attracted to women too. Girl, so fucking what? If you're unhappy, leave the relationship. Don't give some asshole pervert cumbrain scrote the thrill of a lifetime, and THEN leave. just go and be a with a woman if it's what you want.

No. 1664955

Here is another tiktok poly group that popped up on my fyp a long time ago. I kept watching their videos because it was like starring at a car accident.


its two men and a woman, she is married to one and the other is her boyfriend. they all live together and have kids. They also have an OF.

No. 1664960

Extremely based thread, thanks nona!

No. 1664967

And people really judge bisexual women for not wanting to date bisexual men. Men are not responsible enough to be fucking both sexes, they literally can't control their urge to coom and expose their gfs to AIDS and all kinds of shit. At least with a straight dude you're unlikely to get the worst STDs of all time unless he's fucking drugged out hookers

No. 1664970

he's not distraught and crying because he loves and cherishes his soon to be ex wife, he's crying because she busted up his retarded harem fantasy and took away a chance to spread his tard DNA. fuck him.

No. 1664975

Can you please upload the videos to this image board?

No. 1664982

polyamory is a compromise and normal people don't feel the need to do that. i had a roommate who claimed to be both asexual and poly and it was immediately clear that she was not either of those things, just very lonely and insecure and using those labels as a safety net and a way to stretch the meaning of an intimate relationship

No. 1665018

>asexual and polyamorous
so like… having multiple friends?

No. 1665031

i don’t get the distinction kek. what’s the point of having multiple romantic relationships if they’re just glorified friendships but you say “i love you”

No. 1665035

File: 1664744509292.png (157.49 KB, 747x1036, jealousy self awareness.png)

Yes. She is exactly the type they PSA to stay away.
Bonus "But monogamous people have unhealthy relationships sometimes so it should be fine to do it on purpose"

No. 1665045

It's apart of a known birth defect called being retarded.

No. 1665051

I must take my leave now. The cringe in this thread is too much for me. I must touch grass. Good luck scrolling up nonas. Stay sane.

No. 1665053

the thing is she was actually extremely sexual and ime that's par for the course with these types. it was very much a "if they don't want to fuck me (or i don't want to fuck them) then it can still count because i'm ace" sort of thing. schrodinger's sexuality

No. 1665065

>stems from the framework successfully used by the LGBTQ+ rights movement
so theyre literally admitting to riding on the coattails of the gay rights movement to make their abuse seem more normal?

No. 1665091

It's infuriating watching these people go on and on about 'marriage equality' for poly people. They're always saying stuff like this about gay people and try to conflate people rightfully calling them out for being freaks with gay people experiencing homophobia

No. 1665105

why are these ppl so hellbent on overcomplicating their lives for no fucking reason. bot to mention they seem very immature

No. 1665108

>they seem very immature
This. This is why. They can't think past getting off asap and make up a whole lifestyle-cult to justify it.

No. 1665130

There''s also societies where its acceptable (see Asian/African shitholes).
I guess if you want to do that go there instead.

No. 1665133

File: 1664751488923.png (46.87 KB, 351x596, what.png)

>tackling jealousy for the sake of people you love
this seems to be a really common theme in this community and it bothers me so much. jealousy is natural, and maybe polyamory… isn't? if your partner is dating other people and it makes you deeply insecure, sad, and jealous, the obvious answer would be to break up, not suppress and push through that misery to keep the "person you love." it's so unfair and culty. why are they just expected to put up with that?

No. 1665139

If you have to take effort to suppress normal, natural instincts in order to fulfill your lifestyle then that's not healthy. They work through so much just to function in their relationships, and think it's ok

No. 1665184

File: 1664757570585.png (169.79 KB, 720x1050, Screenshot_20221002-201357~2.p…)

"the deal" is quite simple: these people will take basically anything they can get and are casting the widest net they can to get laid. no need to make up retarded new words to explain this.

anons who say they're unnecessarily overcomplicating things are so right.

No. 1665186

File: 1664757585644.png (120.78 KB, 412x759, poly-adjacent.png)

the way that post is written makes being poly sound like a job you never get to go home from. it reminds me of when i used to use okcupid and there was a question like "is jealousy normal and healthy in a relationship?" and so many of these type of people would answer no and put that they'd only accept no as an answer from other people. semi-related, do any other bi/lesbian anons notice what feels like a huge increase in polytards on dating apps? especially on ones that market themselves to lgb people and troons like lex, it feels like every second profile is poly/"ethically nonmonogamous". also i can only speak for myself but it feels like there's almost an expectation to be more open to it if you're bi. sage for autist blog

No. 1665189

File: 1664757852206.png (449.45 KB, 720x727, Screenshot_20221002-201925~2.p…)

poly moment indeed…

No. 1665216

All dating apps are meat markets tbh. There have been articles that dating apps actually don't give you the best match possible because if you find a partner for life, you won't return to their app any more.

No. 1665347

I remember being put off by parents making their unborn child a facebook page and even farming likes with it, never thought I'd see an even worse version of it.

No. 1665428

File: 1664779111823.jpg (213.58 KB, 1984x2048, 1629648772248.jpg)

I'm going to bless this thread with this apt image

No. 1665454

I was trying to find this image to post here. Beat me to it, thanks nonna.

No. 1665568

>chaos femme
>Phd in literature
So many words to say she works at starbucks

No. 1665574

The screens and stories in this thread make me seriously sick - coming from someone who's been in what I call quiet open relationship for literal years. There's a difference between being sex-fuelled degenerates and a being a couple that doesn't actively seek out any other partners, but mutually agree if something like a drunken one night stand happens once a blue moon they will let it slide. I'm aware I'm nlog-ing but I really don't want to associate with any of these nasty people in any way. I know I saw some poly farmers around, I'd love to hear their stories and perspective.

No. 1665584

File: 1664801963546.png (276.2 KB, 1489x821, massive age gap.png)

>Massive age gap
>She has a family history of being cheated on
>Met the man when she was barely legal
>He talks about how attractive other women are to her
>Comments extremely careful to state the man isn't doing anything wrong

No. 1665585

>Comments extremely careful to state the man isn't doing anything wrong by cheating specifically

No. 1665595

Yup, cheating makes you queer now, didn’t you know nonna? Polys are oppressed sexual minorities, and it’s homophobic to criticize a moid for emotionally abusing his wife into letting him bang his 24 yo coworker!

No. 1665619

i always wonder how they get the time to be all over the place harvesting stds/having ""dates"" and meetups. especially how many of them seem to be parents to young kids. i think wealth is the secret behind it…?

well, except for the t4t ones lmao. they give off broke vibes.

No. 1665621

File: 1664806656949.jpeg (376.07 KB, 750x1069, E1963D27-4522-4CDD-95D5-F270EA…)

apparently they don’t have enough time lol

No. 1665953

Think it's fair to say they're probably dogshit parents, nonnie. Probably shove the children off on babysitters (who they desperately try to include in the polycule) or grandparents (who are either deeply shamed or completely in the dark. I get a lot of public school teacher vibes from these perverts, and those fuckers get off work at like, 4:30. Plenty of time to fuck around, and 2 months off in the summer to suck dicks and be nasty.

No. 1666093

Lindy West (writer of Shrill, which became a TV show) is in a poly relationship. The video is incredibly sad, as she undresses while visibility distressed and her husband holds his mistresses hand.
Everyone in the comments picks up on all the red flags. Milky if you know who Lindy West is, I've heard her in podcasts here and there - very typical SJW fat Twitter activist.

No. 1666098

Wow, haven’t heard of her in ages. Always found her real holier-than-thou but hard to watch this, just as a woman with a heart.

No. 1666128

Yeah this video is fucked, poor Lindy. Her SATC 2 review was so funny, but then she went on to become a sex posi libfem Jezebel writer. Being a pick-me and humiliating oneself for ugly scrote Nigels seems to go with the territory in that crowd.

No. 1666207

File: 1664848749303.png (456.5 KB, 750x1670, 1588704074400.png)

They're so self-righteous

No. 1666227

Yes, the feminist principle of giving up your identity as a mother to someone who reads a book to your child & doinks your gay loser husband. And of course who can forget the suffragettes fight for the right to be abandoned by their loved ones whenever their “needs no longer aligned”! These people are bleak and hilarious in equal parts. This is Cope: the Comic.

No. 1666237

File: 1664850200916.jpeg (64.71 KB, 575x592, AFFA8A4D-D96D-47AF-B80F-1A3EEF…)

> if you only knew how bad things really are

No. 1666285

>"choosing for you… is not in his power to make"
>OP blatantly states that she told her husband to remain poly and just date again
i hate moids but i hope this guy left real quick

No. 1666355

I had to read her comments to be sure it wasn't the same as an almost identical story I read a few years ago. Let me guess, just like the other story, the husband earned jack shit and literally fucked around all day, and his girlfriend was younger and also a low level worker. He was weeping for his meal ticket. If the other woman had had money, he probably would have left his wife outright. Scrotes do this shit so they can fuck a dumb young bimbo and keep the earnings of their age appropriate educated working wife.

No. 1666359

File: 1664861664901.png (957.12 KB, 1058x459, Screenshot_20221003-223122.png)

Love how you can just tell the "homemaker" is female and the other two male. Very norm challenging

No. 1666363

>sort of Jew-in-progress
Another aiden convert. Genuinely raging irl right now because I hate aiden converts who think they can speak for all jews when they don't even put in the effort, believe in the religion, practice the culture, or have the ethnicity. I'm okay with actual normal converts who convert because their wife/husband is jewish but I can't look at aiden converts who convert for minority points without seeing red.

No. 1666380

Lmao it’s always those steampunk guys who do theater tech

No. 1666391

People on the left and right both absolutely LOVE pretending to be Jews. If it's not the dysgenic rainbow Tumblr crew, it's sneaky Baptists. It must be horseshoe theory.

No. 1666500

File: 1664875829237.jpg (24.9 KB, 1080x1040, 773b08b9ae4c90348173a43bfa8f8a…)

>makes being poly sound like a job you never get to go home from
From what I've heard of it, it is. Communication is a good thing, but they tend to be autistically obsessed with it and want to discuss every single little detail, create schedules so nobody gets jealous or whatever, rules about how and when you can show physical affection (talking about literally stuff like hugs here) etc. They aren't any more free or open minded than any other zoomer or millennial who managed to acquire (subclinical) bpd tendencies through society, culture, media, rapid advancement of technology so you can stalk each other easier etc. Though instead of just wanting to micromanage one person, they want to micromanage multiple. No wonder cheating still happens in their relationships.
Last year I went to a party and ended up talking to a group of poly ("asexual") millennials who acted more like a zoomer than me. Apparently one of their partners (all women, some are TiFs) should've remembered that per paragraph 3 section B or whatever, you cannot assume it's okay to give a hug after you (they did that at a party the previous day) all just played spin the bottle while choking each other and she should've "read the room".

No. 1666517

What the actual fuck is the point of marriage to these people? They're not committed to each other, they're obviously not exclusive… did they all just do it for the mortgage application or something? They're into edgy shit like bdsm play pod daddies but then they go and do the most basic normie shit like getting married. Not enough cool points being de facto huh?

No. 1666526

File: 1664880735947.jpeg (167.01 KB, 469x1087, 45B0757F-4ED9-4279-A93B-D9B183…)

you guys are gonna love this one
>poly slave master documentary
>”its actually totally normal. we are all in love”
>two years later scrote-head goes to prison for rape, cp, slavery, human trafficking, torture, sexual assault and more

you can still find the documentary on youtube despite this creepy bald fuck being behind bars now

mega cringe warning if you look it up. don’t say i didn’t warn you

No. 1666554

File: 1664884151947.jpg (15.1 KB, 254x280, cow-laughing-illustration-vect…)

>Apparently one of their partners should've remembered that per paragraph 3 section B or whatever, you cannot assume it's okay to give a hug after you all just played spin the bottle while choking each other and she should've "read the room".

HOWWWW did you not burst into uncontrollable laughter? i would NOT have been able to hold back holy shit

No. 1666562

File: 1664885157424.jpg (126.65 KB, 2500x1250, 5954b408c66525ad932faa693a647e…)

I was just sitting there like picrel. I legit started to wonder whether they were pranking me. I wanted to find community, other lesbians and I'm not a prude nor do I have anything against alternative relationship styles or something. The conversation was just so retarded, I felt like I was losing my brain cells at a rapid rate. It was so difficult to process and confusing, I couldn't even laugh. It just kept getting worse. Then they were complaining about how everyone thought they were zoomers, which I thought too due to the weird fucking conversation, and I almost fell off of the barstool.

No. 1666584

Probably for healthcare tbh

No. 1666638

So you chose to identify as one of these people to tell us you're different and better? Why don't you fuck off back to tumblr and ask them for their stories.
What the fuck did I just read.

No. 1666639

File: 1664892001820.jpg (576.09 KB, 1080x2152, leddittrueoffmychest.jpg)

was just casually browsing my drama subs on le reddit and came across this girlie talking about how she was so special to these cheating men and who totally didn't just use her for their own benefit.

>two types of men who cheat

>one of those is men who had an inclination to polyamory but never explored it
really taking all my effort not to a-log - babe, it's not a fucking identity. it's not inherent to their sexuality. those men are just cheating bastards.

other fave is
>these are also usually the men who were meticulous about their public image and put a lot of effort in presenting a picture perfect family

thats just plain a pillar of the community abuser wtf


No. 1666645

Whole lot of words to say that men who love their wives cheat on them, and men who don't love their wives cheat on them. Whatever helps the ethical homewrecker sleep at night, I guess.

No. 1666660

>> fat
>> unfortunate looking face
>> Oddly colored haired bleached to death
>> Weird fashion sense
>> upper lip nowhere to be found
>> desperately needs a shower

>> pOLy

No. 1666661

I don't consider myself but I have a long term FWB if that counts, I consider him one my best friends but not husband/boyfriend material
don't be mean for no reason

No. 1666685

Enbies and generally ugly ppl love being polyamorous because they think pulling two 5s mean's they're worth a 10.

No. 1666716

File: 1664899406141.jpg (1.5 MB, 3464x2552, proudandpoly.jpg)


yes and yes. the autism is also always palpable. picrel for quick insight, did not even have to put any effort into it.

tag yourself nonichkas, I'm
>I don't really consider myself a furry
>I refuse to tuck

No. 1666728

It pains me to watch her speak her unconscious feelings out loud and pretend it's not the truth.

No. 1666729

HOW has this not been posted?

The poly couple (isaac and sharon) are described as an abusive dynamic allll over the comment section. Sharon has stated on her instagram following this video that he's an abuser and that she left him.

All of these couples are screaming for help.

No. 1666745

File: 1664902615914.png (2.23 MB, 1772x1310, polyiswork.png)

I've had several fwb at different times, one was for years and ironically enough we were more monogamous than most relationships I've personally seen or heard about, we never discussed exclusivity, it just happened. Always were good friends and they're lovely women. I wouldn't call myself poly, it does sound more like a job.

No. 1666752

Basically the romanticization of corporate culture. The way poly couples work is not human-like at all. This is why it's becoming more encouraged to have individual friends instead of friend groups. Monogamous couples work because they're less stressful overall. You only are dealing with a single person, not scheduling to make equal time or start feeling bad for not giving another partner attention. It's easier to end a monogamous relationship, but it sounds like these poly couples can't handle rejection. Loneliness scares them because they have no sense of self, they have no idea what to do when alone, basically no identity. Which is why they hang so hard on the fact they're poly, because that's the only "unique" thing they could think about themselves.

No. 1666771

Why all of them look like they escaped from Arkham Asylum? Kek
>tag yourself nonichkas
Lol I am
>I am also a catenby

No. 1666802

I agree with you but
>Monogamous couples work
Considering the divorce and separation statistics, for all sexualities, not really. It seems like how people do either atm isn't working and poly just happens to be even worse. It's only been fairly recent since people can associate more freely, naturally there is still enough to work on and figure out.
>Loneliness scares them because they have no sense of self, they have no idea what to do when alone, basically no identity.
This sounds like a general common problem. Poly people are even worse with it, but there are so many serial daters who don't know how to be alone either.

No. 1666835

Tbh I think a lot of these issues will be solved if more people stopped consuming internet porn. It stops moids from staying in long lasting relationships because their brains are so used to instantaneous pleasure to the point where being with an actual human long term is not exciting for them. But yes, I agree loneliness and having no sense of self is a general issue. A lot can be traced back to internet porn useage unfortunately.

No. 1666869

I agree, but specifically lesbian divorce and separation statistics are even outperforming straights in my country and it's making me nervous. So it's bigger than just porn addiction, probably anything which sets unrealistic ideals and standards, which there is a lot of in media to sell people shit or get clout.

No. 1666963

Divorce statistics aren't what people actually think they are those numbers are skewed by people who have had multiple divorces. 'Half of all marriages end in divorce' doesn't mean half of all PEOPLE who get married get divorced. One person can have three divorces and another other couples marry for life and that's half of those marriages ending in divorce.

No. 1666995

The ones I was looking at was following the people who got married in 2010 for a decade and 1 in 4 got divorced by 2021 (the bulk falling off within 4 years). I'm not talking about lifetime.

No. 1667025

Attractive people swing, but only with other attractive people. They aren't polyamorous because they don't need validation from a polycule of fellow uggos to feel sexually desired, nor do they need a fakedeep degenerate kink to distract others from how fat, ugly, and undesirable they are.

No. 1667036

Something to consider when surveying the polycules ITT, people say attractive people don't do polyshit. That's true but also, kinda not. Dating for attractive people is polyamory, you're talking to multiple people every day in a semi-romantic way, you're meeting several people in the same week(s) with romantic intention, maybe sleeping with several people over a course of weeks or months, swapping between them. That's polyshit! But you don't need to put some complex cult-like system polyfreaks initiate, the reason why there is such convolution in polyshit's lives is they can't date the way attractive people do. Shit's a desert, the only way they can secure partners is by offering commitment. So essentially polyfreaks are imitating an attractive single person's dating life, by trying to offer a relationship rather than just a fling to secure the deal.

No. 1667050

I should add that both polyshit and serial dating are unhealthy behaviors, unironically people need to find and work on themselves alone rather than relying on others to buffer their self-esteem.
Insecure people offer nothing to others and create nightmare scenarios like the screenshots in this thread, people should be stable and secure alone first and join up with others from a place of stability, not as an emotional leech, but simply to add value to each other's lives, which neither polyshit not serial dating does for anyone involved.

No. 1667060

Oh thank fuck there's a read on poly people. Shits ridiculous and never even works out its just unhappy people whoring out together

No. 1667148

Are you saying that dating multiple people and polyshit is the same thing? It's normal to date multiple people you moron

No. 1667174

Serial daters are practicing monogamy because they're seeing one person at a time. They don't want to enter a polycule with all of their hookups. Poly potatoes seek out throuples so everyone can milk each other in pursuit of the perceived validation that normal/attractive people get just for existing.

No. 1667373

File: 1664943616276.webm (11.74 MB, 720x1280, fftRFZZ_kzFkXAzw (1).webm)

these degenerates have a child and I hate that so much

No. 1667394

File: 1664945539479.gif (4.13 MB, 498x498, 1659801644121.gif)

ive seen this vid like 20 times resposted and i still cringe with the Spencer guy. I just know he has committed several crimes. He is overcompensating way too fucking much

also Ana looks like an alternative Gabbie Hanna who is also a narc like her but focuses on poly shit cause her vine never took off

No. 1667403

File: 1664946420049.png (94.85 KB, 224x284, 89187C6C-8C5A-4BFB-A4CB-E28109…)

No offense nonna but you sound like an overthinking libfem or isolated NEET who unironically makes comics about picrel.

No. 1667413

>anna is dating everyone in the polycule
>no one else is dating in the polycule
>anna is loud, hovers over everyone, and is "in charge"
As incredibly off putting as each individual member of this situation seems to be, something about anna gave me an awful feeling.

No. 1667448

Serial daters do tend to monkeybranch and line up a relationship before ending the next one, meaning that there is usually a month or two where they have two relationships at once.
>It's normal to date multiple people you moron
NTA, but not anymore. Generally you have to get into an official relationship before you even meet up for a date nowadays.

No. 1667563

It's really hard to listen to Lindy trying to hold back her tears. I wish she'd taken a different path and become one of us instead of whatever she's doing now.

Even visually, she looks like the outsider in the relationship. Aham and Roya have a more similar style and attitude to each other and look way more like a real couple, I wonder if someone meeting them for the first time would assume that Lindy is the newcomer/side piece.

I'm the bigender dysphoric hell

No. 1667646

Aaaaaaagghrrh this makes me want to bang my head against the wall

So glad she escaped that situation but what the hell. Why do women tolerate this shit

No. 1667658

The whole dynamic is high-key disturbing. They remind me a lot of that “poly family” from FL where the woman got pregnant by one of her four male partners, and eventually one of them abused the baby and fractured its skull. I’m struggling to think of one high-profile/viral poly situation that didn’t end in abuse allegations.

No. 1667693

Yep that’s my biggest fear about these poly families. One step dad or boyfriend at a time is already enough for a child to be beaten or sexually abused but some of these women invite more danger to their homes. Poor kids, the person they should be able to trust the most bring the worst to their lives. Four men is more dangerous than only one, and considering that men who are into poly are not the most stable of the bunch, she should have known she was risking the kids life

No. 1667697

>Generally you have to get into an official relationship before you even meet up for a date nowadays
What the hell are you talking about? This is not the norm ime at all

No. 1667703

It's called hardballing and you should be grateful if you don't have to deal with it. It feels like a job interview via zoom.

No. 1667708

File: 1664980680728.png (103.9 KB, 1170x386, lp1.png)

this woman also defended the man who flashed his penis to women and children at the Wi spa

No. 1667713

File: 1664980931759.jpg (208.33 KB, 1125x1784, 1629224039958.jpg)

she put the blame on the little girl

No. 1667739

Yup, the risk of child abuse goes up exponentially if there’s a male in the house who isn’t the child’s father (boyfriend, stepdad etc.) Statistically with four moids in one home, she was basically guaranteeing her child would be abused sooner or later. “Poly” women who subject their children to these unstable situations are pick-mes on steroids.

No. 1667883

Poly strips so much off the relationships he's not even doing the magical ~communication~ with his wife but powerlessly vents to a subreddit. Poly is absolutely soulless, image you have a shitty day at work and want to go home to your ""nesting partner"" and they just say "oh, I'm booked to fuck Sarah, call up someone else in the polycule". It justs seems like the perfect setup to get rid of your partner whenever they're in a bad place to hang out with the fun, childless partner.

No. 1667894

It definitely looks like it rewards the behavior of not working through issues. Had a fight? Go screw another partner. Your spouse had a bad day and isn't pleasant? Go on a date with someone else. Eventually, you're only spending time with people when it's convenient and they're acting pleasant and the whole relationship falls apart. It destroys the idea of spouse as a support system

No. 1667903

>21F 40M
I honestly don't get why young women find men double their age appealing to date. It would gross me out especially if i'm in my early 20s

No. 1667912

NTA they try to fix that by treating it like work, having group meetings, votes, sharing their schedules online, planning everything and writing down rules. Which is also retarded.

No. 1667928

I literally thought this was a joke at first, their body language is so uncomfortable it could be acting. Kinda sucks, I used to look up to them when I was still a teen and struggling with my sexuality.

No. 1667931

But that's exactly how it'd lead to you abandoning a partner because you're following some retarded schedule. Or if you do have a rule about "emergencies" if a partner feels bad, it'll still lead to someone being "hurt" down the line. Also imagine being removed from a polycule because you can't keep up with schedules, group meetings and for having human emotions like jealousy. Anons are right, this is just a corporation pretending to be a relationship.

No. 1667934

All the reassuring how it is totally consensual and fun but they dont look happy at all.

No. 1667971

>we are such empaths
Usually people who have to mention how they are such empaths, kinda are the opposite.

No. 1667985

It almost feels like this was created because someone was challenged to write the most insufferable dating profile they could think of.

No. 1668031

i guess they're at least all women?? but wtf this is so uncomfortable

No. 1668041

>terminated her 15 week pregnancy because she let her husband cheat on her for years
Which countries even let you abort this far ahead in the pregancy?

No. 1668055

Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, over half of American states, most of Canada and Australia, and New Zealand. Might've missed one or two countries.

No. 1668056

>would advise child not to stare at genitals
>WITHOUT PERMISSION because it's rude
What the fuck? Why are you allowing any adult to give your child permission to stare at their genitals? deranged

No. 1668060

I’ve never seen someone so bad at hiding their pain. This poor girl needs to leave and find someone who cherishes her. The fact that her girlfriend is all smiley and trying to talk over her speaks volumes.

No. 1668104

>someone with a penis

No. 1668270

Let's face it, it goes up when the male is her father too.

No. 1668343

File: 1665028184751.png (61.96 KB, 416x957, when ebegging meets spicy stra…)

Kek the way she's making them all introduce themselves with a specific formula like they're filming a reality TV show. Everything about this woman's social media is so creepy, it looks like it's her fulltime job. Is her kid called something like Kayden or Braydyn by any chance?

No. 1668351

Yeah, never heard of her before but I'll probably skip her videos from now on. She's terrifying; you can see the personality disorder(s) raging and festering behind her eyes … (and Usagi Kou energy)

No. 1668356

the only hot poly people i know are all in LA. and what they compensate for with looks, they make up for in mental illness. iykyk lmao

No. 1668643

File: 1665064154416.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, DF983790-4316-49D7-AC02-9E47E0…)

bump for unwanted dick pic

No. 1668670

WHY do you retards keep bumping the dick pics?? That’s opposite of what you should do

No. 1668677

Nayrt but all threads in the first couple of pages have been spammed, so they’re already “bumped”?

No. 1668710

nta but retards? lol I don't think you know how bumping stuff works

No. 1668733

There was a dick pic right before that post, so the warning did jack shit


No. 1668737

It's bumping the thread so the dick pic gets buried, newfag

No. 1668910

spencer unironically jumpscared me i feel like im playing a shitty analog horror game and hes the spooky face. "it is coming" looking ass mf

No. 1668938

The fuck makes you think teachers have tons of free time? Their work isn't done when they're off the clock. They still have to grade papers, plan lessons, communicate with parents, etc. The spend the summers writing curricula for the next year, and because teaching pays so poorly, most public school teachers have to have a second job on top of all that.

Teachers already have it hard enough with retards like you denigrating them, Christ.

No. 1668943

Spencer is legit fucking terrifying, I’ll bet money he snaps and kills the whole polycule one day.

No. 1668968

I cackled

No. 1669014

who is this

No. 1669157

I can't wait to watch the Netflix docuseries on this in a few years.

No. 1669158

Nta but idk about where you're from but where I'm from public school teachers are fair game. Vast majority are fucking retarded agenda pushing spergs who would rather bully children they're teaching into submission because they themselves are maladjusted adults than actually teach them beyond reading a rubric 10 minutes before a lesson. That being said in my country the testing standards for becoming a teacher are abysmally low.

No. 1669198

Ah, sorry anon. I was going off of how teachers are treated in Burgerland. There are definitely agenda-pushing teachers here too, but they experience a lot of backlash from helicopter parents.

No. 1669482

Please tell me you’re not a burgerfag? If so, you might want to quit while you’re behind. Your country has a “severe teacher shortage” because no one wants to deal with the abuse anymore and your kids are becoming even more retarded as a result. Although maybe it’s by design, America needs lots of easily brainwashed cannon fodder for their endless war profiteering.

No. 1669522

The only ones that will take a job so shitty are the ones that want to do bad things

No. 1669905

What the hell is it with Twitter troons and claiming they're converting to Judaism? Rabbis are supposed to reject a potential convert three times. It's the strangest religion to convert to unless you're marrying a member of the faith, they basically actively dissuade potential converts.

No. 1670746

Having been in the position as the younger female partner (though not poly I hasten to add), I can understand it. Especially coming from a background of instability or abuse, an older partner can give that sense of security and reassurance. It was only when I was closer to 40 that I realised the power dynamic had been very uneven, even if it hadn't been exploited.

No. 1670748

Anyone who claims loudly to be an empath now just reminds me of Jude Valentine who did the same and got exposed as a malignant obnoxious narcissist.

No. 1670749

Is Jake's GoFundMe to help him go find his balls?

No. 1673231

File: 1665550369629.jpg (29.44 KB, 958x960, 271268882_1124126895024816_533…)

sage for no real milk, but there's this dating app called veggly, it's a dating app for vegetarians and vegans only, I honestly didn't know what I expected, but HALF of the people in my city were already in a relationship and wanted an "extra partner" now its been almost a year since I deleted so I don't know that current situation is like but its probably more or less the same

No. 1673232

do people really find things like that so important that they need dating apps around it?

No. 1673242

I don't understand twitter converts at all. Most don't even put in the effort to actually convert and are even atheists who just call themselves jews. But why? I don't want to chosen people-sperg but judaism discourages converts and one reason (of many) is because, at least for me and the jews I know, is there's a certain feeling of family among jews, like you grow up with the same culture even though you're surrounded with a different one which has been hostile towards you, you're invited to people's bar mitzvahs, weddings etc even though you barely know them just because you go to the same synagogue, you're expected to support the family (ie israel). I don't want to say that I'm a zionist but lots of jews are, I'd even say most and twitter converts go saying shit like, I'm a jew and I don't support israel, I'm a jew and israel shouldn't exist, I'm a jew and anti semitism has died out, BUT REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY'RE WRONG OR RIGHT THEY'RE NOT FUCKING JEWS so they why are they speaking for a group they don't belong to?? This is mostly a rant because I rage when I think of non jews speaking for actual jews so mods feel free to delete

No. 1673698

File: 1665597918307.png (158.57 KB, 732x1080, it s always cheating.png)

>Note the OP's username
>Top comments all say they don't check with their affair partner's spouse to see if it's actually okay.
>No conversation about what coercion might look like
>Some don't even want to be verified with if their spouse cheats on them.
It's always cheating. There. Easy.

No. 1673735

File: 1665599879879.png (164.44 KB, 753x791, wants nothing to do with it.pn…)

>OP's partner's best friend's wife watched the partner nuke his marriage with (presumably) poly
>Ex-wife thankfully noped out.
>Now OP is here and the best friend's wife doesn't want to be in the same room as OP.
>"She apparently holds the sanctity of marriage above all else (emoji, emoji)" Like it's a character flaw to build a lifelong relationship
>BFW clearly doesn't want this around her child and doesn't want to be in the same room as OP
>OP is offended and blames BFW. Partner is upset that he can't sleep around AND have his friend cheer him on for it.
I really hate the phrase, "she realized she is vanilla and monogamous." Like, how is it a realization that you don't want to be cheated on or choked during sex? It sounds to me like she tried to put up with her ex-husband's grossness to save the relationship but just couldn't do it.
It also sounds like Matt, the best friend, will soon need to choose between his friend and his relationship with his wife.

No. 1673755

Gosh this story makes me feel sick. Even though I oppose polyamory and am happy that dynamic ended for the sake of the wife and the husband's child (blegh), it makes me sad to read about an abortion after the husband was already expecting a baby. You can blame the husband for everything, but the wife had plenty of time to escape or end the situation before getting pregnant and ending the life of a baby. She's lucky we live in today's world

No. 1673766

Very late but you're retarded and should go outside

No. 1673842

>ending the life of a baby
*aborting a fetus

No. 1673875

At 15 weeks you don't even know if the baby will be viable (anatomy scan at 20 weeks). There's no saying if the fetus would have even had a life.

Besides moids like to use pregnancy to trap women into their abuse because it's harder to run away. The influx of hormones could have triggered a realization that this is not okay and she does not want to be tied to this moid for two decades

No. 1673879

Don't feel sorry for him, he's incapable of feeling love or even positive emotions for anyone outside of himself. If he had a soul, he wouldn't have been involved in cheating and bigamy in the first place.

No. 1673942

I remember when the tiktok activist, Modern Warrior, got cancelled for dating multiple women. They found out and made it public

No. 1673987

have you tried Grazer? seemed promising but in my part of the world no dice

No. 1674013

File: 1665616706731.png (30.03 KB, 1096x198, image.png)

We've got a bitter betty in the comment section.

No. 1674024

A lot of casual Christians feel the same way about their churches, where it's as much about the community as the religion itself. I wonder if some of the younger people who only remember church from their younger days are converting to Judaism trying to get that feeling, but just don't wanna pick the icky mainstream Christianity for it.

Then again a lot of them are anti-Semitic and might just be trying to latch onto the conspiracy that you know a good chunk of them actually believe in.

No. 1674031

As they should, most of them are nasty groomers.

No. 1674042

The simple act of being married isn't an identity nor an accomplishment; anyone over the age of majority can get married to someone else on impulse at Vegas. That said, building a functioning, loving, and supportive relationship and then maintaining that through the ups and downs of life, for both of your entire lives, is definitely an accomplishment. One that people like that commenter are not capable of doing because they're too busy chasing "new relationship energy"

No. 1674098

She has a lot of internal misogyny. She was itching to bust out "hitting the wall" lore against the evil Stacies that mock her "lifestyle". I hope one day she opens her eyes and sees what is really happening in polyamory and how somehow it's always the women getting the short end of stick in this deal.

No. 1674139

Yes anon, that's the technical term for that stage of development in the baby's life.

No. 1674229

>Tranny calling women a commodity
Typical Reddit

No. 1674233

No. 1674234

The husband is a prick and he deserves to suffer. Oh boo hoo, a scrote doesn't get a free baby when scrotes put zero of the work in for one anyway! Cry me a fucking river.

She's based for getting an abortion. If she kept the pregnancy, that scrote would've ruined her life.

No. 1674237

No. 1674423

File: 1665667776600.jpg (55.77 KB, 439x1200, dcf47iq-c672e8c4-facc-4dee-b2d…)

I know someone who really concerns me because of their attitude towards poly relationships. He's trans (AFAB) and has had a history of serious abuse happen to him with problematic men, but in the last five years he's just ended up in more and more unhealthy poly relationships that I think "You need to stop" because they sound shitty and HE sounds shitty, like gets jealous and insecure if any of his main two partners get dates but then has one of those partners running around to prepare things for his fuck heavy date with ANOTHER date he's seeing. I don't know how he doesn't see it as self-sabotage but then he gets loads of money from all of them. He clearly isn't happy because he always posts depressing posts and doesn't feel validated enough and I always think it's not how many of them validate you, it's that you're in some toxic fucking relationships that are enabling YOUR toxic traits.

No. 1674425

Go back

No. 1674426


He (but not really)

No. 1674431

Sage your shit
>tells a story of a woman who got into abusive relationships and now is stuck into a poly one. Tale old as time

No. 1674467

Anon your friend is a traumatized woman who is continuing to be abused and traumatized. Calling her “he” here isn’t doing her any favors, just tell the story straight if you want advice.

No. 1674477

She must be really fucking miserable if she fell down the polyshits asshole.
Get her a gym subscription, doing some exercise, losing that weight she probably if not surely has, specially after taking T, and making new friends that won't enable her delusions like you (I'm calling you a shit friend btw) will do her wonders.

No. 1674479

File: 1665673665247.png (197.21 KB, 1452x751, what if he loves her more.png)

And a sampling of the top comments
>"What if he loves her more? (emoji)"
>"Love isn't a measurable thing" Okay but time definitely is and most working adults have very little free time and parents have even less. Imagine splitting that and still trying to keep multiple partners happy.
>"Love is not a thing you or he can control" Once again, you can still control how you spend your time. If you feel like being around a particular person could end with you destroying your marriage, don't spend time with that person. It's not complex. Also, this comment has a serious "Muh uncontrollable lust" vibe. Does this commenter live solely on instinct alone?
>Comments intended to make OP feel wrong and bad for feeling insecure while OP's partner cheats on them.
I loathe those big-eye emojis. Almost every other comment dissolves into twee bullshit.

No. 1674575


They haven't taken the T and they have a lot of stress so they don't work out. I really want to burn every man they are dating and tell them to go to therapy though.

No. 1674622

Your friend is a woman, there’s no need to humor her made up special snowflake gender identity on lolcow farms dot com. Sadly, most people who get trapped in a cult (in this case your friend’s transgenderism) and in abusive relationships can’t be talked out of it, they need to hit rock bottom before they decide to leave on their own.

No. 1674642

They're probably just trying to co-opt another identity they can use to bully people into thinking they're deserving of special treatment.

No. 1674680

working out is great against stress though… i'm sure it would do her good. + dropping all those losers, also, ofc. you're not doing her any favours by playing pretend, though.

No. 1674736

This. Is not that deep. Since they can't change their skin colour, they change their religion to an "oppressed" one : judaism, islam. Also most jews are pretty liberal, compared to muslims that are overly conservative. As such, picking judaism doesn't put in question their wokie beliefs.

>but then he gets loads of money from all of them.
Is your friend getting sex-trafficked? It's extremely sus to be paid by your "dates".

No. 1674924

There's got to be some element of masochism going on here

No. 1675095

My ESL brain goes bonkers when people use the themlet pronouns kek

No. 1675120

Why post on lolcow if you're a retard who believes in ~gender feelings~ I don't get it

No. 1675948

File: 1665834915976.jpg (1.44 MB, 3464x1929, sapphicpanic.jpg)

a couple of fun posts from the FB bisexual fashion group, here again proving
>it's never who you want to be polyamorous that are polyamorous


No. 1675951

File: 1665835195199.jpg (741.94 KB, 1079x1910, SmartSelect_20221015_125953_Fa…)

and here a totally healthy relationship where everyone totally loves each other
>I love our polycule
>6 months with gf and never been intimate
>she's fucked my bf on her period
>some autistic pokemon bullshit

No. 1675956

>they way they do a happy little dance when they're about to eat
Is he dating a retarded person?

No. 1675962

Half of these poly redditors are also gendy-bendies and/or on some ageplay shit so it's entirely possible. Self-infantilization is a huge epidemic amongst these failed-to-launch terminally online kinksters.

No. 1675967

It's just another shallow character-building kink autists use to claim moral superiority. I'm not out there like "NO, YOU NEED TO BE MARRIED OR DIE" but that's how they act. A lot of these things feel like they're just for the reaction of it. Like they're testing to see if their parents love them and what they can get away with. People need to be more dismissive about it. No one seeks a freakish identity that people don't notice or care about. My sister is a ftm and it's so obviously for attention. She was a very boring person most of her life and now suddenly she is a flamboyant trans gay man trapped inside a girl. I had to stop feeding into her shit and just get bored everytime she talked about it, and more excited talking about her art. She stopped talking about it and mainly talks about her art now and honestly it's way healthier to have a measurable skill to identify with than a delusional anime-based "head canon" identity no one else sees in you.

No. 1675986

Your girl is being cheated on day in and day out and she’s brainwashed to the point of not realizing it

No. 1676165

Why is it always with predatory men who LARP

No. 1676178

Why is it always newfags who don't sage

No. 1676288

it's probably an obese goblin doing some happy stimming at the sight of their wedding donuts

No. 1676345

>"goth/metal fashion"
>normal fat guy in a black shirt and black shirts
>normal fat woman in overalls

>Since they can't change their skin colour, they change their religion to an "oppressed" one: judaism
yeah pretty much, sage for blogpost but i unfortunately know a wokie tif "jewish convert". she latched onto me and got really clingy when she found out half of my family is jewish bc she "needs more jew friends", but she has never actually done any of the formal work to convert, never even visited a synagogue or spoken to a rabbi. the extent of her knowledge on judaism comes from following jewish meme accounts and the jewblr tumblr tag. she has "jewish convert" in her bio, but she also isn't religious. jewishness being both an ethnicity and a religion is convenient because converting to judaism is almost an acceptable form of being transracial. people will assume that they mean converting to the religious beliefs, when in reality they've just… decided that they're ethnically jewish now, have no plans of following jewish religious practices, and just want to "hello fellow jews" their way out of being seen as privileged, culturally rootless white usamericans

No. 1676473

Sounds to me like they're dating a dog.

No. 1676506

>screams bi polyamory

surely a woman being so opposed to having sex with another woman screams straight, if anything? as far as posts in that group go i find this one pretty sad

No. 1679990

File: 1666261428221.jpg (161.48 KB, 828x1792, 666260675737.jpg)

healthy and sustainable isn't it. it's all about communication!
honestly feeling sorry for this woman considering changing her whole fucking medication because she is being gaslighted (gaslit?) into thinking that feeling jealous about her fag fiance fucking a dude is a "her" issue and not him just being a cheating dick

No. 1680096

Married to a guy who bangs dude? This woman is getting a STD!

No. 1680106

This gave me a feeling in my stomach that no horror novel before it ever could have. Reality is always scarier than fiction though but holy shit, that physically pained me to read it.

No. 1680112

This poor woman is the fag’s beard

No. 1680115

they're fucking, and you just sucked his dick. girl you're a fleshlight for a couple of homosexuals, GET OUT!

No. 1680130

Is op for sure a woman?

No. 1680160

Bisexual men: not even once, nonnas

No. 1680163

I just looked up his reddit and no, this is a man (a fat man with foreskin apparently). 90% of hhis posts are about having diabetes, being bipolar or being poly. Found a post where he mentions topping someone and something about his foreskin but had to go back a bit to find it.

No. 1680212

kek well tbh, another day in the life of a gay man. Do they even count as poly? Is it consider NRE when you get jacked off in an airport bathroom?

No. 1680269

These dumb girls don't realize this happens because their "partner" sees this as an easy way to get extra pussy and the idea of having to do any relationship work, something they even hate doing in actual relationships, for some girl they don't care about makes them irrationally angry

No. 1680373

My sympathy just evaporated into thin air, scrotes being scrotes I guess

No. 1680427

lol sorry for causing a ruckus nonnas I didn't even check and was projecting hard onto the mento illness aspect

No. 1680714

ayrt and I knew it kek, I figured it was three gay guys because the op was comparing himself so hard to the other dude

No. 1681050

File: 1666393577152.jpeg (497.61 KB, 1267x882, 06852677-26CD-4FBF-A76C-54DDD6…)

Relationship goals

No. 1681052


he's turned on by the result of her childhood trauma and all he could actually say about it was 'damn bro that sucks'. Gotta be a troll post

No. 1681103

Moids are way more depraved than you think.

No. 1681104

> he fetishizes her promiscuity
> she cheats on him
> he cries about it on reddit
> she tries to use CSA as an excuse
> he has no real sympathy
sounds like they deserve each other tbh

No. 1681105

Never disclose any traumas or vulnerabilities to men, they literally get off on it. I once told a boyfriend I’d been raped and our sex life got really weird after that. Once they see you as damaged in some way, they feel it’s a geeen light to cause further damage. Don’t do it. And if a scrote ever asks your “body count”, run the other way and never look back.

No. 1681108

>my wife is:
>addicted to sex
>a cheater
>has some childhood trauma she hasn't dealt with
>but she's slept with a ton guys and that's really hot, so what can you do.

No. 1681112

This woman sounds like a mess but he doesn’t really seem to care about her at all. He seems fine putting up with all of this as long as he gets his sick wet. What a sad existence.

No. 1681116

once a guy was told i was physically abused as a kid, he started choking me and hitting me in bed. scrotes are scum and don't deserve to know shit about women.

No. 1681117

Holy fucking shit, OP pic is someone I’ve met. Went to college together, complete fucking idiot. Sad because she tried to an hero a couple years ago, but the immediately got pregnant in purpose five months later. Left her bf (husband? Maybe same dude??)

No. 1681159

just from the post history i wouldn't be able to tell if this was true or just another coomer using a throwaway account to roleplay some kind of elaborate cuck fetish fairy tale. it says he's in his 40s with kids, i'd believe that much

No. 1681228

yeah, I looked up his account and he only posts on bimbo fetish and cuck subreddits, this could very well be another instance of coomer creative writing

No. 1681409

Wait, so she had a baby? I feel so bad for all children who live with these poly groups, it's so dangerous and disorienting for them to have new people around them all the time or not know who their parents are supposed to be

No. 1681437

That is so fucking evil, holy shit. I'm so sorry that happened to you anon, hope he gets hit by a bus

No. 1681515

>dates an unhinged addict
>is surprised she is an unhinged addict

men, every time.

No. 1684384

bringing a new man in increases the likelihood of a child getting abused by a lot, and that's just a "mom is dating a new guy post-breakup/divorce" situation. these poly situations are legitimately extremely dangerous for children, especially since the people getting involved with them are uwu genderspecial types who are likely to have some insane fucked-up views about what children should be exposed to.

No. 1689784

File: 1667208283646.png (548.5 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_20221024-123817.png)

They love to create a strawman, when in reality everyone thinks their unwashed nesting practices are abhorrent.

No. 1689897

so much for "it's just a fetish, nothing to do with real life"

No. 1689933

This. I know one person that was "poly," but the second she had her son, she realised that shit wasn't healthy or stable for her or the kid, and she wasn't even happy being poly.
>and then she married the guy she thought was the kid's dad only to divorce later because the kid was actually the other man's
If you're going to be poly, the least you can do is make sure your dumb ass doesn't get knocked up. Baby's put strain on normal, healthy relationships, let alone ones where you have to have a fucking spreadsheet to see who can spend time with whom.

No. 1689987

Why would he want a handjob from his ex when he's probably a normal enough dude who can go on hinge for that? Only uglies need the extra shit. Hot poly people don't talk about it.

No. 1690526


Tumblrfags always try too hard to seem like they have life experience

No. 1690591

Being in a relationship isn't the be all end all.

>random straight guy

As if most poly men don't identify as "bi" (attracted to women and women who use they/them pronouns)

No. 1694147

File: 1667614114538.jpg (539.3 KB, 649x1806, Screenshot_20221103-070323_Chr…)

> "how do I get my partner to show less love for me in the name of poly?"

No. 1694153

>i (20m) bf (19m)

not bragging but this was all it took for me to clock her as a fakeboi kek. not even one sentence into the post

No. 1694247

File: 1667622235159.jpg (379.38 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20221103-064243_Chr…)

Weird crop to get it all on my screen but this one makes me sick

No. 1694292

There aren't any hot poly people, being a lumpen blobfish is practically a prerequisite. The good looking ones are swingers who partner swap with other hot people and skip the unwashed nesting entirely

No. 1694336

These are the worst type of pickmes by a country mile. Not only are you allowing your husband to betray you constantly, you’re enabling him and giving him the opportunity to inflict himself on as many women as possible. Also way to tell on yourself that you married a man with zero game since you have to write his tinder messages for him kek

No. 1694481

it means he’s a hypocrite. ‘Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.’

No. 1694495

It's not enough for the dude to cuck. He has to truly embrace the cuck mindset with his language and thoughts, too. Sick.
So she's faking out lesbian and bi women on dating apps who might be interested in her and pointing them at her husband?

No. 1694645

I never really used dating apps but I'm genuinely scared of chatting with a woman, we click and then she mentions her nasty ass husband

No. 1694699

File: 1667673064420.jpg (328.39 KB, 733x1080, polyrings1.jpg)

Side Chick in Denial doesn't want to admit she's the side chick #1
>Side chick of 6 months to an engaged couple
>The couple, whose relationship predates the addition of OP, are closer to each other than to OP
>OP cries it's not fair
>Lots of talk about how to achieve "equality" in the relationship in the comments
Like…I'm not sure what this OP expects, deciding to get involved with an engaged couple. Sure, getting engaged and then becoming poly makes the couple's relationship a farce, but you're not going to create the history of a probably years-long relationship in 6 months.
In the comments, many others experienced the same situation and describe it as "painful". Seriously. There's not a shortage of men. Just get your own. Quality is obviously not a requirement for these pickmes.

No. 1694708

File: 1667673732726.png (97.27 KB, 771x544, run OP.png)

Obvious woman "NB" OP is jealous the other woman got a bigger ring
First of all, note the age gap and how young mentally ill OP was when they got together.
Now, this predator has gotten a second, slightly younger model and added her to his collection. He seems to value her more than OP. Engaged after 8 months.
At least the comments are pointing out the huge, glaring red flags? Just another example of using poly as a veneer to cover predatory behavior.

Pretty much any search term pertaining to signifiers of exclusivity in relationship will yield a horror story. I bet there are some real gems under "valentine's day" or "wedding dress" or similar, too. I don't want to be the one to screencap the ones with children involved, personally, because I find those too sad.

No. 1694712

Apart from her being a cuck, top kek
>Forever engaged
>Open relationship before you're even married

No. 1694714

>be a young bisexual
>set your dating profile preferences to “Men & Women”
>bombarded with hundreds of crusty old couples looking to “spice things up”
>rope immediately

No. 1694715

This. Why do women even bother with being forever engaged ffs, just be a normal ass couple if some dude's not going to conmit or better yet dump his ass. All these pickmes give me secondhand embarassment.

No. 1694717

She’s disgusting, and sorry but women on dating apps KNOW what you’re doing when you “casually” slide your moid into the conversation. You ain’t slick and you’re shitting up the dating pool. Sorry your husband is ugly and you can’t stand having sex with him, but it’s really not fair to pass your burdens onto unsuspecting women.

No. 1694749

>want to support my hubbys quest
Why is the bar so low for heterosexual women

No. 1694761

File: 1667678976062.png (51.77 KB, 636x396, Captura de Tela (4634).png)

At least the comments are based but i doubt she and moid are going to stop harassing women

No. 1694841

no for real nonnie, trying to navigate female dating apps is hard enough already when they’re full of straight girls looking for an experiment if i matched with someone and they messaged me talking about their poly husband who wants to fuck me i would throw my phone out a window

No. 1694862

Lainey got a Reddit account lol, on the real tho fuck women who do this bait & switch shit.

No. 1694866

>m45 seeing two early twenties girls
>one of which has personality disorder
>manipulates them with gifts
Lord give me the strength to not a log the men who participate in this nuttery…

No. 1695180

No. 1695330

File: 1667752823390.png (100.32 KB, 752x600, what are you supposed to think…)

An old post where OP is distressed that people are familiar with the definition of polyamory. Also, a lesson in why to never talk about your private/sex life at work, particularly around crusty scrotes.

No. 1695352

File: 1667756212266.jpg (179.07 KB, 700x1023, cuck queen.jpg)

imagine being in this scenario
>landwhale because coping with stuffing her face every time hubby fucks gf
>unwashed genderfuck with greasy blue hair. probably dyed hair to get hubbys attention
>huge bags under eyes from not getting sleep at night while listening to hubby fucking girlfriend
>soyjak smile to hide the pain and posting the pic to reddit because this is normal in poly relationships…they will understand right?…right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1695374

Why did she think it was appropriate to talk about polyamory at work in the first place? What a retard. Pamela from Accounting and Jim from IT don't care about your gross ass sex life.

No. 1695405

>the metamour is narcissistic
And this is why i feel no sympathy for these pickmes who get treated like trash.
They always go attack the other woman and not the fact that her creep old boyfriend is dating that girl the same age when she also started dating him.

No. 1695407

NTA but holy shit I love you nonita, I ked'd aloud.

No. 1695544

>it's becoming the main reason why I don't talk about polyamory at work
Good. You shouldn't talk about your private life, let alone sex life, at work. Your coworkers are not your friends, you can be friendly but you're there to WORK not to act as middle schoolers hanging out ffs

No. 1695599

File: 1667781742084.png (154.67 KB, 752x792, gross warts.png)

Scrote exposes a woman to genital warts because he can't be bothered to inspect his own penis before sex.
One of the comments had this to say:
>If you care about warts so much why are you only looking at his junk after sex?
Like it's a bridge too far to expect your partner to be STD-free and care about your health. And his health. I swear, polyamory is all people with rock-bottom self esteem having sex with people with rock-bottom hygiene standards and pretending it's awesome and fulfilling.

No. 1695654

Poly people are absolutely retarded. The fact that this woman found out her new bf lied about his sexual health & then continues to have unprotected sex with him? Seriously? Youve been with the dude for a couple of months & dont bother to use protection? Also looking in the sub holy shit. The amount of these "poly" people who sleep around without condoms is astonishing. I'd love to find out the STD rates among these losers.

No. 1695661

The std rate is: Yes, they have stds.

No. 1695731

This kind of shit makes me itchy inside the skull. I actually have no clue how people accept the risk of STDs at all, let alone knowingly continue having sex with pozzed meat dildos. Unprotected casual sex is something I'll never grasp.

If I ever found a wart on my twat I'd probably peel all of my skin clean off, so the amount of mental fortitude they have in regards to exposing themselves to random cock pathogens is actually kind of… enviable? She probably wouldn't be afraid to retrieve her phone from raw sewage with her bare hands, or something like that.

No. 1696020

File: 1667845457065.png (86.38 KB, 606x867, romanticcapitalism.PNG)

Do you just type out how a random normal thing is actually capitalism to get a social sciences phd in burgerland?

Thread link: https://twitter.com/JennMJacksonPhD/status/1588925188523319296

No. 1696031

>relationship escalator
>hoarding affection and care
This cannot be real. I'm never reading any Black Feminist book about community struggle EVER if that's what this parody of a human recs

No. 1696032

>Resources are finite
>All organisms have to choose how to allocate them

Leftoid on life support

No. 1696035

It's not surprising they're so sexually loose and stupid. They don't respect themselves, so of course they're raw fucking everyone and everything.

No. 1696050

I'm glad someone else said this because I thought it was just me who noticed. A lot of people I've seen in poly relationships tend to be more on the unattractive side. Though i actually do remember a case where I saw a conventionally attractive woman claim to be poly but most thought she was lying because she hadn't been in a poly relationship and then when she got a boyfriend, their relationship was monogamous.
So yeah, I can't recall ever seeing a conventionally attractive person claiming to be poly. "Open" relationship? Sure. But never poly.

No. 1696057

lol, you can make similar argument about polyamory - hoarding partners, affection and stds, believing that more is better and feelings are some kind of product that you can switch and tailor to make a perfect polycule, where you have to make schedules to meet needs of all partners just like a big corporation.

No. 1696063

Academia here is completely under the control of leftoid shit, it’s actually insane. It’s why somewhere around 11% of kids here are now homeschooling.

No. 1696065

>Feels awful, and acknowledges he made a huge mistake
Okay, pickme but is he offering to pay for any treatment you might need? Fucking embarrassing.

No. 1696070

You know how a few years back, "white feminists" with pro m*le takes overcame and infiltrated everyday feminist discourse or at least masqueraded for the grift? The same has recently started happening in black feminist spaces and unfortunately faux academic word salad like this is becoming more and more common. But most black feminist discourse doesn't involve this Twitter shit, which is probably why she's stuck being a "doctor" on Twitter.

No. 1696122

You can care about people without fucking them.

No. 1696141

Honestly, if a guy knowingly gives someone an STI, he should just be tossed into a volcano. No amount of apologizing would make me forgive a scrote for that.

No. 1696149

>pozzed meat dildos
>random cock pathogens
I love lolcow

No. 1696153

>>1696020 poly people are so fucking retarded

No. 1696202

Strictly limiting who you're intimate with isn't "hoarding affection," it's called having healthy boundaries. Ffs.

No. 1696234

File: 1667867396875.png (175.88 KB, 762x1077, cult lingo translated.png)

Translating from Coomer to English:
OP is in an established relationship where they live with their partner. They're also in other relationships/fucking others. In this case, NP = nesting partner (not nurse practitioner. I was so confused lol.)
The partner OP is living with is no longer comfortable with OP whoring it up and wants them to stop. Says that anything OP does after being told to stop will be considered cheating.
>so now I feel any time I'm physical with my partner, I am doing something wrong and awful.
OP didn't even try to stop a little bit. Wants to keep being able to do whatever and whoever they want.
The comments are playing relationship lawyer, saying that the partner "NP" only has the right to veto if it was discussed previously, saying that the "NP" can't tell OP what to do, very emotionally mature stuff. /s.
Obviously, this relationship isn't going to work out. The comments have me floored. People actually think like this. Act like this. How did we get here. What a cult. Imagine having so much disdain for your spouse, who you
live with, that you can't be bothered to stop fucking others when they say you're cheating on them.
>I don't think I can break my heart and theirs (sidepiece) just because NP said so, you know?
It's pretty obvious that NP is no longer valued by OP and this other party is getting all of OP's positive attention. NP probably is associated with mundane things like splitting the domestic labor, paying bills, and scheduling maintenance on home and car whereas that other partner has no such demands from OP.

No. 1696334

Diversity win! They even give retards PhDs now!

No. 1696348

poly people would be a lot more tolerable if they didn't act like they were so morally superior for choosing to be poly. but they always do, they can't resist it

No. 1696355

File: 1667876273819.png (370.55 KB, 1545x2000, relationshipmenu.png)

"What's wrong babe? You've barely filled out the relationship menu I gave you"

No. 1696360

I'm sorry, but knowing my personal likes and dislikes is going to be off-limits in this relationship.

No. 1696361

I'm starting to think that maybe I don't have autism. Because this looks like pure autism in its most unapproachable, unappealing form. If you can find one person to bump uglies with, why do you need to go through all of this stress by finding more?

No. 1696372

>condom use
>ability to express disagreements or hurt feelings
>sharing stories about past and hopes for future

Those are off limits folx! If you don't like it then yikes, you might be a romantic capitalist engaging in monogamy culture

No. 1696392

I like how orgasm is just a thing detached from the other sex stuff

No. 1696398

File: 1667882379141.jpg (182.54 KB, 600x900, tumblr_nyr2fxtYxM1spe4pno1_640…)

don't forget the polycule chart

No. 1696404

that looks like something your porn director would hand to a new victim/newbie in the industry

No. 1696423

Same. I'm undiagnosing myself. Wondering according to this partner application, are men who just want sex with no condoms and nothing else so progressive because it's not a "typical" relationship? Are they queer? Do they schedule and micromanage their entire week to fit everyone they date? Do you get kicked out of the house if it is the other partner's turn? This level of autism is so intense it's radioactive.


I love this image. What did Soliloquy do?

No. 1696426

Check orgasm as a must-have, make all other sex acts off-limit to really challenge your partner!

No. 1696435

File: 1667889508733.webm (2.13 MB, 240x426, nuclearcringe.webm)

Watch this with caution, incredibly awful and dirty fucking feet appear at one point. This "family's" whole facebook and tiktok profiles are a goldmine, act like they're on a high horse for doing this shit and of course have a kid.

No. 1696450


Samefagging but I forgot to post this. I hate how this bitch treats this topic. The only valid person is the polyamorous one and the other person has to educate themselves until they accept polyamory. The narcissism, the holier than thou attitude, the ugliness, the condescension…

No. 1696451

I don't have a tiktok but could you link their other socials? Do they have more like this, this is like a train wreck I need to see more of. I hope that kid ends up okay.

No. 1696452

You just linked it! Thanks, nonnie. And of course her "nesting partner" looks old and he's going bald. Are there any poly couples that look normal?

No. 1696476

File: 1668024098898.png (104.18 KB, 500x706, hiv-furstm-chain-of-infectiorn…)

it reminds me of this chart lol

No. 1696702

KEKK i cant believe this exist

No. 1696736

I have to know the full story behind this image

No. 1696830

The Chart from the L Word but cursed

No. 1696889

You just reminded me to update sephius dox again, kek

No. 1697909

File: 1668195687935.png (38.54 KB, 754x319, mentally healthy.png)

OP is having trouble finding mentally healthy partners who are also polyamorous and has no idea why that might be

No. 1697972

File: 1668198006844.jpeg (260.39 KB, 1074x2048, poly unicorn.jpeg)

No. 1697974

This is just plain sociopathy. It reads like it was written by someone who never met another human being before.

No. 1698102

File: 1668209240111.png (97.33 KB, 571x670, failed_unicorn.png)

No. 1698223

a friend of mine fell down the poly hole and recently chimped out about a guy wanting to use condoms with her when he doesn’t use condoms with his fiancée. Apparently this boundary is them exercising “relationship privilege” over her, and is an example of “toxic monogamy.”
Condom-averse friend also has multiple current “fluid-bonded” partners (each with multiple other partners), and has slept with 100+ men.

No. 1698244

…that's just not healthy. Men are walking bioweapons towards women. Women have to be smarter than that.

No. 1698250

does your friend use they/them pronouns by any chance?

No. 1698265

Why are you friends with someone like that? She’d probs fuck your bf or gf and justify it cause of her “sexuality”

No. 1698346

Why are you friends with a walking cum receptacle, with that type of behavior there is no way she isnt a personified STD in both personality and body.

No. 1698382

>being friends with a STD-ridden walking biohazard
Nonnie, being friends with the Chernobyl reactor would be more safe kek

No. 1698399

Fluid bonded. Thank you for the horror this sentence holds

No. 1698419

its hard to see your friend with a sex addiction and not want to help, ofc there is a limit to how much helping you can tolerate

No. 1698529

she wants a white seme for her twink asian uke self, probably doesn't even realize that she's perpetuating another racist sexual stereotype

No. 1698547

AYRT no not yet but presumably it’s only a matter of time. She’s got the hair & the transphobia rants down already kek
way harsh Tai. Her pedo dad abandoned her & imo she’s trying to fix the damage he did through pickme self-harm. It’s really sad. Further abandonment isn’t gonna help. I think her behaviour is degen & harmful but she’s my friend & I care about her. Hopefully I can help her out of this pit.
yeah this. I would help if I could but imo she’s gotta hit rock bottom first. She followed me into sobriety of her own accord, which is an excellent first step. She’ll get there. The poly cult brainwashing is an obstacle that I can’t force her to clear any more than I could have forced her to quit drinking.
Sad but true; harsh but fair

No. 1698553

Drop her like a sack of rotten potatoes. This is repulsive behavior that will only result in accidental transmission of STDs via shared spaces with this creature.
KEK ily nonna.

No. 1698558

why are those two couples just there at the bottom

No. 1698574

You should cut her off for your own good. I could never be friends with a walking cum receptacle, ew

No. 1698576

why do you keep repeating ''cum receptacle'' , try to make it look less like you are a obvious moid

No. 1698602

I just can't wrap my head around all these pure autism. How is any of this better than a monogomous relationship or hoe'n around? If anything it just feels like you have to deal with a higher chance of catching STDs, shittier men, and pure unfiltered autism. Even with the stigmas behind sleeping around and cheating, it has to be better than the sheer insanity that is polyamory.

No. 1698616

How does sleeping with hundreds of scrotes not make you a cum receptacle? You sound like a cumdump yourself lol.(get help)

No. 1698630

Moid detected

No. 1698631

Believe it or not, most women don’t define themselves or other women based on your shriveled dick or what shoots out of it.

No. 1698740

File: 1668299896563.jpeg (742.66 KB, 1640x1898, 5E0DED10-E1A1-492D-ACD3-61E186…)

Do they really think that anyone wants this?

No. 1698745

Next Pickton in the making

No. 1698748

Board games for hobbies is a red flag nowadays

No. 1698750

the government should start stepping in with this insane shit

No. 1698752

Can't wait for the Netflix doc on this one

No. 1698762

Even though most moids are notoriously easy to fuck, "slept with 100+ men" is still a little hard for me to believe. Not impossible though I guess. Does she not have a few pregnancy scares?

No. 1698764

I want to believe that this is horrifying fan fiction but everything about this post reeks of self-righteous cringe and narcissism. I would bet my left tit that this “30 hours a week work from home” job is entry-level freelance/contracts coding and they are barely scraping by with no savings in a dilapidated Canadian mobile home.

No. 1698774

>She is a teacher.

No. 1698827

>expect to be used regularly if I am home
My ovaries just shriveled and died from reading this sentence alone.

No. 1698829

Sometimes I wish women were as degenerate and murderous as malea just so there would be a palpable risk of moids like this one getting raped and murdered in their own home. Praying that he finds his unicorn "breeder" and she memes him out of existence.

No. 1698830

there is a 99% chance this guy wears a utilikilt and floppy hat constantly.

I decided to look the thread up and surprisingly, the poly board is having none of it and all the replies are just people calling him out on being a rapist, cult-leader wannabe pedo.

No. 1698851

File: 1668329167778.jpg (434.35 KB, 2035x2048, FhbVPvhWAAMYGAg.jpg)

Really loosely related, but the CEO of Alameda Research Caroline Ellison is apparently a poly cow and basically what a Gigabecky would look like. Pic related is allegedly her dating profile top kek

For those unaware, it's boring cryptocel shit related to FTX going under and bankrupting many neckbeards (happens every other week in crypto):

No. 1698852

File: 1668329210624.jpg (390.94 KB, 1800x1456, Ellison.jpg)

Here's the gigabecky herself, displaying peak polyamorous physiognomy:

No. 1698853

File: 1668329389634.jpg (240.82 KB, 942x1417, 10 points for Gryffindor.jpg)

And here's the type of Becky shit she would post on her tumlr:

No. 1698855

Oh my god that woman is the pickme supreme

No. 1698858

I want to believe that she's just fleecing moids by telling them how logical they are as they continue getting scammed in crypto, but nah. She probably really believes this retardation as most Beckies do.

No. 1698869

Well now her lack of hygiene and self care make much more sense.

No. 1698871

This… this has to be satire right?

No. 1698876

>> daddy dom
>> entry level IT job
>> “Dad” body aka fat
>> Speaks on behalf of wifey
>> I like goth girls hehe

I can smell the dick cheese from here. Also we don’t even know if that woman really has a breeding kink or it’s all in this man’s head and he’s trying to turn her into an accessory in his fetish party.

No. 1698878

If that guy’s dreams come true, and he has a dozen of kids running around that house will turn into a ticking time bomb with the dude running around naked and multiple unrelated kids of both genders living together. Some poor baby will be abused

No. 1698892

Oh, wow, McDonalds-eating Manson family just dropped. It's funny because all, all of them are overweight/unattractive people. That Canadian Jabba the Hut (I really doubt his wife wants that) is a fatass with a shitty job wanting to fuck and impregnate hot redheads, goth girls and asian women, because of course he fetishizes asian women.
>from Canada
Damn, that country is truly a cursed place, I feel bad for the maple nonnies.

No. 1698910

Tbh it’s worrisome that she’s a teacher but I’m not sure if the woman has fully consented to this anon

No. 1699048

I don’t know why I did but I read the rest of his comments on Reddit. He is an active member of multiple fetish boards and makes really over the top, cringey comments that physically hurt to read. I really hope this is a larp because even if they don’t get their fetish farm going, he certainly is a ticking time bomb for abuse.

No. 1699049

Disgusting. Since I am a redhead and tragically bi, before I met my wife I made it my business to stay the fuck away from any moid who specially mentioned liking them. Women aren’t gross and weird about it. The fact that it’s one of this freak’s preferences is not shocking in the slightest. I hate fat ugly scrotes who think they’re entitled to Stacy level women also, like check yourself and back off.
>McDonald’s Manson family
Kekkkk nonna you’re a diamond.

No. 1699129

It's like she is using the same word salad generator Grimes does, lol.

No. 1699157

Moids really manage to finally afford some hovel in Bumfuck, Alberta and think they're Elon Musk. This is why no moid should have wealth.

No. 1699171

File: 1668368980762.jpg (242.34 KB, 1079x547, Screenshot_20221113_144854.jpg)

Apparently was a tardthot too? lmao

No. 1699185

Bitch looking like she suffers from Progeria

No. 1699197

How does a pick-me of that level justify having multiple partners? Doesnt she know only men are allowed to have harems!

No. 1699219

#crypto social conservative blogging
This hashtag gave me cancer

No. 1699340

Is this screenshot from OKCupid? I'm kinda surprised kek, from the pic of her below she doesn't look like she smokes at all and definitely doesn't seem as tall as 5'8, mostly because her face looks so weirdly young. Are both the polytards she's with men or is one a woman?

No. 1699368

>HSV positive 1 and 2
at least she admits upfront that she has herpes

No. 1699395

Pickmeism is ugly girl game, and she maxxed out hard. Maybe gimpgirl was right.

No. 1699433

I’m sure it makes no difference, anyone desperate enough to join the “harem” of this fashy goblina isn’t going to be deterred by a little crotch itch

No. 1699959

File: 1668472159010.jpg (226.21 KB, 1635x902, caroline.jpg)

Her boyfriends

No. 1699972

File: 1668472811314.jpg (126.27 KB, 950x1200, FhUdRVVXkAEqfop.jpg)

Some of her other boyfriends. The crypto scam polycule.

No. 1699974

File: 1668472969468.jpg (37.25 KB, 1236x90, 7545.jpg)

They live together.

No. 1699976

>jealousy is unavoidable
then don't do this shit

No. 1699981

File: 1668473419462.png (8.74 KB, 634x65, 525235.png)

>apartment cum office
OK I'm an uncultured redneck and I know it's latin but I'm still laughing

No. 1699994

File: 1668474121891.jpg (119.11 KB, 955x291, 78545.jpg)

No. 1700005

File: 1668474848929.jpg (106.16 KB, 1384x484, 785546.jpg)

What a cow. She needs her own thread.

No. 1700036

You know what? This is better dick than what some of the "hot" pickmes are getting… lmfao I'm dying based Stacy Becky

No. 1700047

File: 1668476539192.png (509.54 KB, 624x528, FhTsF86X0AAx50x.png)

No. 1700049

For real that Indian dude kinda alright looking

No. 1700062

what is the benefit of having 1+ boyfriends if they are ugly as these ones? id rather have just one cute boyfriend

No. 1700106

Please respect yourself more
Epitome of "10 1's is the same as a 10, right?"

No. 1700109

I pity you :((:()

No. 1700111

Every time I think I've seen the most Redditarded post on Earth, someone here comes along and manages to find something even worst. Male Redditors need to be rounded up and tossed in a fucking volcano.

No. 1700127

please love yourselves. these moids look like typical sexual market failures.

No. 1700167

regardless of everything else, this post could have just as easily been written by a gayden

No. 1700192

Lmao I’m screaming. Worried about what type of food people have at their houses while letting a cabana full of sweaty male autists run trains on her, girl worry about yourself kek

No. 1700196

Kek you love yourselves, imagine reading that post and getting "those are very hot men" out of it

No. 1700297

Everyone I know who's polyamorous is either an obese anime incel in their first relationship, so desperate to keep the relationship but also has years of pent up sexual fantasies that suddenly seem achievable because they got ONE person to fuck them. Or they are a BPD nightmare looking for 24/7 worship who are attracted to the "boundaries are toxic" undercurrent of poly. Neither of these types make sane relationship decisions. t. Spent some regrettable time on the kink scene, very poly adjacent in my city, with these pube bearded men and women trying to lure me to their board game nights. It's a stereotype for a reason kek
thought bottom right was NileRed for a sec and had a little parasocial jumpscare

No. 1700419

lmao of course they were in a polycule, that whole scene is redditpilled to the core

No. 1700604

File: 1668540033231.jpg (275.66 KB, 726x1652, rationalist.jpg)

I'm pretty sure that image is a Photoshop. Someone posted the original on 4chan a while back but I didn't save it.. someone just edited Caroline's picture over someone else's profile.

The Tumblr posts about polyamory are 100% real, though. She fell down the Bay Area rationalist/effective altruist rabbithole. For some reason California tech nerds are really into polyamorous relationships.

No. 1700611

File: 1668540487843.jpg (249.72 KB, 1080x1258, cryppo.jpg)

Caroline deleted her Tumblr but there's an archive here:

No. 1700627

young and hot
bitch where. She looks like a board game night personified.

No. 1700633

I love this post because Caroline is exactly the kind of (unpaid) "plate" "alpha guys" can ever hope to spin

No. 1700637

holy shit this is the hardest i’ve laughed at lc in a while.

No. 1700658

File: 1668546119682.jpeg (217.44 KB, 1284x752, 2FD98187-541B-46AE-B40B-616EBA…)


No. 1700685

While I don't think anyone can call any of these dudes hot, a few of them are at least average looking and not fat? Some kind of educated and successful? Hilarious this lil goblina has a whole harem of nerd boys though.

Who is this? Is this bubba really wealthy or something?

No. 1700689

massively underrated comment, thank you anon i snorted

No. 1700691

No he’s just a fat old dude who this pretty young girl who probably spends an hour putting makeup on in the morning decided to get with because she was memed into dating guys for their personality.

No. 1700724

Average LSA poster

No. 1700725

They're fug but definitely better than what notable "attractive" pickmes like Ashley Coffin or shoeonhead ever managed to bag (not to mention mid pickmes like Dasha Nekrasova). And she has a whole fucking harem of them simping for her. And they're (were) rich.

So yes,

>All this effort and board game crypto horse girl mogs you

No. 1700741

>sexism cw
at least she’s self aware?

No. 1700746

Before the incident happened I chatted with the Christopher the bio father (the ginger) on IG telling him that Ethan clearly was unhappy about being in that setup. Christopher kept denying that he (Ethan) was unhappy. Afterwards, the baby was born. Only several weeks later, Ethan injured the baby.

No. 1700846

Any updates on these people after the baby abuse stories came out? Is Ethan back with the polys (I hope not)? Are they all still together? Anything.

No. 1700869

Soyboy smile could almost be decent looking tbh. She punched above her weight and won, but I think the owner dude is fat now.

No. 1700963

ben shapiro dude looks kinda ok too

No. 1701074

5 x 2 = 10 ?

No. 1701373

I know you will call me a scrote for this, but I don't care. What self-respecting woman does this? She is not in a "poly relationship", she is just being a cumdumpster to 5 ugly guys. Tragic af.

No. 1701498

What's his instagram?

No. 1702217

File: 1668711286452.jpeg (47.47 KB, 750x952, received_507726637963338.jpeg)

No. 1702219

samefag because I'm an idiot kek. I think this is a joke but why do poly people legit have this attitude

No. 1702240

Someone just shoot this idiot and put him out of his misery.

No. 1702272

>handle is a reference to autogynephilia
At least he's self aware kek

No. 1702727

This was mentioned by ColdFusion as well at 3:16. Video of her talking at 7:00.

No. 1702861

Obvious joke tweet nonna

No. 1703090

This is what autism presents like in women lol

No. 1703518

black feminists have always been male-identified. Especially big names like bell hooks.

No. 1703528

"m*le" lmfao

No. 1703548

File: 1668860884105.jpg (189.9 KB, 555x990, Screenshot_20221119-052727_Chr…)

Oh my God she's so bizarre looking. She's got a balloon head and recessed chin and a pursed in mouth like an old person but she also looks like a little girl, the big head on the tiny shoulders. maybe that's what she's got going for her. Pedoscrotes. She talks and looks like a bird too. She probably took all those guys virginity.

No. 1703938

File: 1668891731754.png (410.61 KB, 603x307, Screenshot_20221119-125752.png)

Please let's have a thread on Caroline, her archived Tumblr is peak cringe for me. I went to college with soo many nerdy girls like her, and her 2012 Tumblr humor and desperate 'cool nerdy hot girl' larp is delicious milk.

No. 1703940

How the fuck does someone manage to simultaneously look 19 and 90, kek. And she’s got mouth herpes and genital herpes… what a catch.

No. 1703964

File: 1668893759253.png (458.05 KB, 599x788, Screenshot_20221119-125417.png)

For all Caroline's poly talk, her later posts reveal that she was just desperate (enough to advertise herself on her Tumblr blog, which apparently her coworkers read).

No. 1703998

No joke, the only time I hear "ree white feminist" is when troons or colored moids are being held accountable.

No. 1704039

Caroline is not the kind of girl that would benefit from having a scrotation (a herd of orbiters doing stuff for her in hopes to become her monogamous partner). Besides, most of the time those women simply cheat or have options lined up instead of making it into some sort of an honest equal opportunity poly arrangement with autistic scheduling. Their lack of investment and the whole "you'll be replaced in 5 minutes" is what makes them attractive.

Girls like Caroline are not something men have to share with other men. Instead, she has to share the men because she has no bargaining power. Of course if she could get into a monogamous relationship, she would. She's also obviously a jaded romantic so the idea of leveraging her money and status to get high quality dick is horrifying to her.

No. 1704052

File: 1668897455637.jpg (489.43 KB, 1920x1080, 1385885108376.jpg)

>a scrotation

No. 1704104

Make a thread, nonnie. I support you!!!

No. 1704199

File: 1668908924510.png (189.92 KB, 797x461, 3e53e66848e60621adb55c56bf82ba…)

This is from her Tumblr. It's so funny to me that someone as ugly as her is obsessed with genetics. All the libertarian/Silicon Valley men and women who obsess over superior genes are either ugly as shit (Elon Musk and this Gringott's Bank employee), unacceptably autistic (Elon Musk again, also Grimes), or both

No. 1704258

Why does her appearance give me Gypsy Rose vibes…

No. 1704351

The jowls + nasolabial folds. How olds is she?

No. 1704408

File: 1668927179370.jpg (Spoiler Image,365.34 KB, 1700x1700, Simone-and-Malcolm-Collins.jpg)

Literally only ugly deformed people are obsessed with 1) genes (not professionally but as some race hbd retard) and 2) passing them on. I have never encountered an attractive well adjusted person who deeply wanted to reproduce based on "muh genes", and it's no surprise it's mostly a moid thing because they're all defective.

There are no (and I can't stress this enough) non-subhuman gene spreading enjoyers. Pic related is a great example. No, you don't need to wonder if they look like a board game couple. Sage for off topic.

No. 1704461

File: 1668937462527.jpg (618.41 KB, 1076x1082, Screenshot_20221120-033914_Ins…)

Two+ years ago bf's last gf decided at 40 she was autistic, non binary, poly, changes name to some random noun, they/them,etc. Tells bf he needs to "check his possesiveness and jealousy". Bf not into it because he's straight and monogamous, ends things. She leaves town for a catfish that ghosted her when she moved across the country for said catfish. Decides to move permanently to that city with only the things in her car. Vents to bf about her new failed relationships every month. He meets me 6 months after all this. Tells me this story. Find her on tiktok and laugh with my friends.

She comes back to town a year after she left to "get her things" from his house finally. Wants to move back in because she failed at being poly and can't even keep one person interested for more than 30 days. Bf says no. He stays at my place during this time. She arrives at his house, visible evidence of me existing everywhere - clothes, bathroom stuff, etc.

She flips the fuck out. Texts him, says it's betrayal because he didn't tell her he had a gf. Is "traumatized" that I've been sleeping in "their" bed in "their" room and existing in "their" house.

Felt so proud when he replied "you need to check your possesiveness and jealousy."

>why are polys the fucking worst hypocrites

No. 1704556

I need a thread on her. She's weird as fuck and can tell she has a lot of milk

No. 1704575

File: 1668955404138.png (1.27 MB, 912x1094, Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 9.41.…)

samefag but I'm going on a deep dive. This is so entertaining.

>Meanwhile, on her Tumblr, Ellison also purportedly penned several other entries about her sexual desires.

>“I’m less hedonistic and more masochistic. I get a lot of pleasure from doing things that are hard, unpleasant, physically taxing, or emotionally painful,” the kinky CEO allegedly wrote in one post.
>In a separate entry, she is said to have declared that growing up in the 21st century was not a good time for sex, quipping: “Born too late to have ten kids, born too soon to have four-dimensional upload orgies.”

No. 1704601

File: 1668957719844.png (86.49 KB, 1528x444, Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 10.08…)

>having personal relationships that are as ambitious and world-changing as your work
So, unethical and bankrupt?

>I’ve come to decide the only acceptable style of poly is best characterized as something like ‘imperial Chinese harem.

No. 1704697

kek, i love a happy ending.

No. 1704701

Can you please make a thread?

No. 1704777

>Hard, unpleasant or physically taxing
So "banging a crypto neckbeard hamplanet" then

No. 1704794

major drop out vibes, yeesh

No. 1704811

im ngl this people actually scare the fuck out of me, like wtf is wrong with them. i just immediately imagine these people as fitting into those absolutely dystopian hellscapes. they're always ugly and have worm for brains rationale on the best way to "live"

god she is particularly ugly, not in a "girls who don't fit the beauty standard" ugly, but as in actively repulsive

No. 1704858

thread here >>1704831

No. 1705624

lol i bet youre unemployed

No. 1716369

File: 1669955298496.png (38.44 KB, 635x207, howisbabbyformed.png)

What could possibly go wrong?

No. 1716374

imagine your boyfriend and his side chick using you as a broodmare. bleak.

No. 1716387

What a gross and alien way to describe how your side piece had a baby. Genetically related to two of them but carried by the third person? Is it a surrogate situation? Poor mom being used.

No. 1716392

yes, definitely surrogacy. i’m surprised they allowed the poor woman to be the legal mother. usually surrogates are just considered walking wombs.

No. 1716397

In the US, the legal mother of a surrogate baby is the pregnant woman

No. 1716431

yes by default but they rarely are. most surrogacies have the couple pre-fill out the birth certificate to give them legal rights.

No. 1716492


Everyday we stray further from god’s light

No. 1716718

A friend of mine hasn't gotten into the poly thing hardcore and is posting mansion party photos. Everyone is ugly and overweight or ugly and anorexic.

No. 1716795

What in the Handmaid’s Tale?

No. 1718269

Post pics with blurred faces for the keks

No. 1719166

File: 1670262789832.jpeg (432.34 KB, 1268x754, 72746402-4E83-403D-AAAB-C74805…)

It takes literally two minutes to scroll down this goldmine of cringe

>closeted bf brings home misogynistic fags to fuck and doesn’t give a fuck that they verbally abuse the pregnant gf

No. 1719301

File: 1670274903979.png (1.32 MB, 910x1432, degenerates.png)

I'm not enough of a zoomer to figure out how to attach tiktoks, but remodeledlove came up on my feed with a video where her husband's meeting his discord kitten for the first time and her young kids are already calling her mama. Then obviously she has multiple meltdown follow ups about how the only alternative to this degeneracy is a horrible divorce and passive aggression. I can't stomach more of it today but I bet there's some great thread material.

No. 1719417

File: 1670284224515.webm (8.03 MB, 576x1024, NpRyngLS.webm)

Zoomer here. Was this the video?

No. 1719424

NTA, but the autism made me curious. I found the full video.

No. 1719502

File: 1670289591320.png (340.99 KB, 574x699, cope.png)

kek they have to use a still from The Dreamers because they couldn't find a real life example to prove their point

No. 1719517

God, the faggy way he jumps around when he sees her… Beta male energy to the max. Whole thing is cringe af

No. 1719518

Lmao but they overwhelmingly are ugly fat fucks. Hot people just cheat and sleep around because they can get away with it.

No. 1719519

The level of cope in this headline, hilarious

No. 1719520

>Hot people just cheat and sleep around because they can get away with it.
Right, if you're attractive you can sleep around or even date multiple people at once and nobody bats an eyelid. Only polyfreaks make a whole cult out of it, rules, schedules and shit because sleeping around isn't available to them

No. 1719527

It's so incredibly faggy, I can't even begin to understand how bad a woman's self esteem has to be to watch a man she's had children with dance around with manic toddler glee about the opportunity to fuck some other woman. Heterosexual women are attracted to at least SOME modicum of masculine energy, right? Like poly shit is always retarded and unjustifiable but the sort of caveman society where a scrote has multiple wives were generally macho males who killed competition, not wimpy excitable betas. This guy screams gay, I don't care how many wives he has. Really I've never seen a macho poly freak, I guess it has to do with this >>1719518, a desirable person just fucks around for as long as they want without putting a name and rules to it.

No. 1719528

Isn't that the movie where the siblings fuck?

No. 1719542

sage and…okay sorry for blog posting but it is relevant and i cannot rant about this to anyone w/o them thinking i am the asshole.

i've had a friend since middle school, i've been kind of wanting to cut her off for a while due to her lacking personality and never wanting to do anything fun. but this recent poly relationship is the last straw. i haven't even met them and it is so uncomfortable, i don't WANT to meet them. if i am ever forced to endure that i'll report back here lol.

first red flag is she is 21 and they are both 10 years older. female coworker invited her to the relationship with her and her husband. i'm worried as she has never had a serious relationship before and now it is just…this. i'd feel worse but again i don't really like her. it sucks because i'm pretty sure she thinks we are like, best friends, but i cannot deal with this fuckery. i can't pretend i'm happy for her like my other friends. she is also the exact stereotype of the sort of person who would enter a poly relationship. and an enby. i have so much else i could say about her but it's not super related to the recent throuple lmao.

but it is still unfortunate to see someone so young and inexperienced be sucked into this shit by someone who has already been married for years. for her it is a serious thing and for them it's probably just a way to spice of their sex life.

No. 1719552

yep. they would rather have insestuous representation than show what real polyamory looks like

No. 1719636

Ntayrt but I was shocked to find out it was actually the woman who insisted she wanted to be poly and her husband being against it at first. She also has a video about how she doesn't want to fuck her husband anymore, everything is fucking public. I feel so bad for the kids, their names and faces are all associated with the parents's weird public sex talks.

No. 1719910

Polyamory and kissing your kids on the mouth? Pick a struggle.

No. 1721031


That's the one, thank you nonna!

No. 1723007

This is so weird. I'm sure a lot of marriages end up being sexless with one or both partners getting some on the side, with the other being aware of this fact. They act like they invented some brand new type of relationship or like this is a point of pride.

No. 1723714

Honestly, if you're not that close to her, you should just be honest about what you think. It's obvious her "partners" are unicorn hunters who just want her for sex. Best case scenario, they get bored and dump her. Worst case scenario, the scrote ruins his marriage and family to be with your friend. Not worth it.

No. 1733336

File: 1672256334903.webm (760.86 KB, 320x568, E1tNMwc4rhrZccEs.webm)

This managed to somehow physically hurt me

No. 1733355

This one just screams reddit

No. 1733358

Wow, is this what negative self-respect looks like?

No. 1733463

why do all poly men look like that

No. 1733600

when i say this physically pained me to watch, i am not kidding

No. 1733623

She's like a Stepford Wife robot.

No. 1733724

I felt my my heart drop

No. 1735454

File: 1672602121659.jpg (120.95 KB, 945x2006, p1.jpg)


No. 1735465

File: 1672603211884.jpg (96.25 KB, 945x2014, p2.jpg)


No. 1735478

are we ever getting the rest or..?

No. 1735479

File: 1672605663789.jpg (118.81 KB, 945x2008, p3.jpg)

sorry nonna i cant stand the floor detect thing

No. 1735480

File: 1672605708275.jpg (101.86 KB, 945x1991, p4.jpg)


No. 1735481

>rejection dysphoria
Now you have to date someone you don't want to. Consent doesn't anymore folks. Literally incel bullshit

No. 1735483

rejection dysphoria kek im gonna use this one

how detached from reality can a person be

they did it sooo nicely as well, you cant ever appease these kind of people

No. 1735484

Are you sure this isn't a 12 year old or something

No. 1735485

Samefag, but holy shit, ignoring the genderspecial bullshit, nothing about this girl's answer (I am guessing it is a tif) is offensive or rude. She just said she is not interested. What else they want?

No. 1735487

no idea, i saw it on a group chat so i have no clue who op is. but its fucking funny.

No. 1735497

KEK she dodged a bullet, what a psycho

really hoping the comment section is ripping her a new one

No. 1735498

>turned off comments
nevermind I'm sure that's exactly why she turned them off lmao

No. 1735507

Why are these 13 year old gendies so obsessed with being in poly relationships with their online friends? And they're always "asexual" or "aromantic" like dude that's just called "being friends"

No. 1735532

no idea but my kids wont even be given the chance. no wifi in our house.s

No. 1735788

what sucks is that the term comes from a very real phenomenon called rejection sensitive dysphoria, which is defined by being sensitive to criticism and low self esteem, and often coincides with adhd. this persons just using it to be a raging incel tho

No. 1735859

I hate the fact that words are created for absolutely every "condition"
no shit people with low self-esteem don't like rejection, I don't know anyone who likes rejection. why does it need a word?

this isn't at you specifically nonny I just keep noticing people collecting "conditions" when it's literally nothing unusual, and the fact that now it's a "condition" means they think that never have to learn to cope and now everyone else is expected to bend for them

like that idiot

No. 1735974

File: 1672684771939.png (897.84 KB, 1453x719, polycope.png)

So apparently moving past exes is "unhealthy" according to enlightened anti-sexual-capitalist polyfags. I personally dgi because all of my exes are ugly and regrettable but a lot of people (men) will cheat with exes if they remain in contact so the no-exes rule seems to be a good standard.

No. 1735980

Late but why do moids always do this? They risk their own relationship for a woman whom doesn't even show interest in them, it's like they assume they can get any woman they want or they're doing that thing where they mistake you being interested in them for their interest in you. Imagine if women just started hypothetically ending their own relationships for a man they just met at work under the idea that the man will just reciprocate interest

No. 1736013

its hilarious. my ex left a 5.5 year committed relationship to chase a woman who dumped him a month later. ended up moving back with his Dad. fucking loser.

No. 1736190

Cheaters will cheat no matter what, whether they're friends with their exes or not. A no-contact rule seems really drastic imo. Sometimes you realize you are not romantically or sexually compatible with someone after dating them for a while, but you find that you can do well as friends and it's not a big deal. This post is annoying because it seems to say that only poly people have a monopoly on friendships with exes, when literally anyone can be friends with their ex if they want to be. They always claim that they the inventors of things like friendship and communication, like monogamous people are incapable of them.

No. 1736208

It’s just unnecessary drama, most exes are not worth the insecurity and turmoil they bring in relationships with current partners. We can act like everyone is so much more mature but jealousy and insecurity are valid emotions if someone keeps their ex around even though you are uncomfortable with them.

No. 1736257

why would anyone want to stay friends with an ex that did you dirty or cheated or something. its healthy to just move on and live life. polyfags making problems where they don't exist

No. 1736704

literally a predator holy shit. And you know if the other chick was successfully pressured into it, she would be treated like shit.

No. 1742683

File: 1673529549597.jpg (106.92 KB, 1125x1583, dw3kcerzsym81.jpg)

but I could though

No. 1742701

that's not polyamorous, bitch thats paramore

No. 1742707

File: 1673531366322.jpg (151.4 KB, 1500x1120, 151607156.jpg)

delete this immediately

No. 1742708


No. 1742715

I kekd

No. 1742817

Im late but if you feel like it plz post more in the personal lolcows thread, I would read.

No. 1743265

Women should literally do this, because they're more likely to succeed. Anyways, moids do this because:

1) Males are biologically programmed to be delusional about their sexual prospects and the degree of women's interest in them. There is no evolutionary benefit in males exercising self awareness or doubt. If a male dies because he overestimated himself, it's w/e - same outcome as not reproducing. This is ultimately why they're the unimportant, expendable sex.

2) Males actively cultivate the attitude of everyone gassing them up and feeding their muh skulinity, which is a textbook narcissistic false self. A common narcissistic lie men tell themselves is that monogamy is them doing the woman a favor, and that they're the ones being held back from sexual opportunities by settling.

3) On top of that, when a man gets in a relationship, he is mollycoddled by his woman. This compounds into truly epic amounts of psychotic delusion about how interesting they are to other women and what their actual value is on the dating market. At least initially, they wholeheartedly believe that they can "upgrade" any time without any effort. Men who willingly and unironically open their relationships thinking they'll "win" at it fall into this category.

4) Moids who did this at least once with predictable consequences may learn that they're actually extremely lucky to cuff a becky, and that the only access to consistent sex for a man is enforced monogamy. They tend to change their strategy to "cautious cum peddling from the safety of an established monogamous relationship" rather than "leave becky for greener pastures". Statistics also show that men are more likely to cheat when they're happy and secure in a relationship (the reverse being true for women). Open relationship moids, via visceral sting of cuckoldry, learn that preventing women's access to sexual variety is a vastly more important male evolutionary objective than expanding his own sexual options. Additionally, 99% of PUAs and polyfags will immediately renounce their lifestyle if any woman above 7 shows any interest in commiting to them.

No. 1744522


please tell me that was unintentional, because it's beautiful!

No. 1771269

File: 1676758927642.png (971.12 KB, 518x2582, yikess.png)

this NY Post article was trending on twitter with people calling the deadbeat leech based for having 3 wives or calling the women 2,3/10 because this scrote couldn't "find a 10 to settle with". if this is what awaits me for being a career woman I'll happily stay single, thanks.
sorry for the image size/quality, I quickly made this collage on my phone and idk if there's a better app for that

No. 1771273

Good god - what the actual FUCK is wrong with these women???

No. 1771291

The women all look the same. Huh…? It's like they're all skinwalking this idealic 20 year old girl the man wants and when one ages he gets another.

No. 1771296

Wow. That'll definitely end well.

No. 1771317

The reverse of this is my dream. Well, aside from way younger men, I’d just like to have a small collection of loyal moids my age who work full time to support me. The thought of dating someone in their teens or early or fuck even mid 20s is just nasty and I’m not even 30. Scrotes really are pedos, the lot of them.

No. 1771325

Now you just KNOW he spends all his days online cyberbullying black women on twitter. I can feel it. These women are absolute clowns, i will never understand being this desperate, you should just kill yourself if it gets this bad.

No. 1771350

Sounds like his first wife is procuring vulnerable and naive young women for him so she doesn’t have to fuck him as much. Gross

No. 1771365

So is this scrote queer according to poly activists?

No. 1771462

Yes as long as they aren’t religious

No. 1771480

Oh fuck I watched him on the new season of Seeking Sister Wife and he basically just stays at home and listens to podcasts all day??? And they all sleep in one fucking bed. That show is so milky

No. 1772001

If they are practicing polygamy traditional way then the scrote should be the breadwinner. But no “the king” is a man baby who needs three mommies to take care of his dick. Pathetic.

No. 1772102

Not to be misogynistic but honestly when women let men treat them like this I really have to wonder why we should expect any "good" guy to be out there. No wonder men treat us so terribly when women with spines are in the minority here. The majority of women dating/seeking out men are pickmes who would try to make it work if their partner proposed this shit. I'm convinced there is no hope for women with dignity because men know women like these ones exist and while they enjoy breaking the boundaries of a 'strong' woman, they know that if it's too hard they can just fuck off and find a woman with less self-esteem and self-respect fairly quick.

No. 1772376

It's not a "woman" thing, it's people who suffer from disorders or are just that vulnerable due to their upbringing. Lots of people are people pleasers to their detriment. This to me sounds like a narcissist who was very charming(or fulfilled something in these women's lives/desires) and essentially created a minicult. The women just seem really emotionally stuck and vulnerable, coping real hard just to stay with him. I don't think you should worry so much about what people think of women, in patriarchy women will always be at fault even for the very things they are taught to seek out since they were children like male attention and validation. They only act in the ways that are rewarded because they know nothing else, and anything else is scary and can lead to violence, women learn that young.

No. 1772405

>the few that were
kek why do these types of women always gotta point shit like that out to make themselves look special for attending a metal concert? OT but i went to their “NYC” concert last year and there were plenty of beautiful women flashing their tits. get over yourself
sage for sperging

No. 1772458

Whats funny is that if this is true all of these people are hideous looking irl. Redditeurs always pretend that they are sexy and fit but it's a bunch of ogres rubbing together.

No. 1772462

oh and bi moids feel entitled to a hetero relationship with a good woman and biological children. and then they cry on le reddit about how evil straight women won't commit to them. like no shit, women have an instinctual aversion against procreating with bi moids.

No. 1772469

bwahahahah this is a fetish self insert fanfiction. oh i am sure he would love to have that as he is a typical moid. but it's obvious that this is some acre-less wifeless loser with titties reaching from under his armpits to his back

No. 1772533

Thats actually disgusting they are including the kids in all this and getting them to call her second mummy before they even met her.
Any of these poly degenerates need their fucking kids taken away.

No. 1773203

This, shitdicks are always infested with sexually transmitted diseases. They can even make you infertile, so naturally no straight woman wants them. Gay men also fucking hate them because they’re insecure little testerical boys who can’t handle being ‘compared’ to women by the bi man. They’re literally the bottom feeders of the sexual food chain. So they lie, lie, lie. They say they’re fags to men, and effeminate straight boys to women. At the end of the day no one loves them.

No. 1779164

Why deos the chart even continue past lilly sherman emma and alex. the rest is just emma's exes and their partners.

No. 1779179

wait homeschoolingforfree.org what?

No. 1806888

File: 1681218679139.webm (3.62 MB, 320x568, wUK5O3NNPDlQsOX6.webm)

This just sounds like being a cuckqueen.

No. 1806897

I’m a bi woman and I’m scared to date bi men. “Downlow” men are a huge issue where I live (conservative religious area) and the #1 cause of STDs in women. At least comphet bi women tend to settle down with one Nigel. Bi men just use their Nigelinas as human shields while they suck & fuck their way through the local population.

No. 1806898

lol I saw this on the gram yesterday. polyfags will reeeee through gritted teeth nonstop about how ~natural~ and freeing their dynamic is and then write post after post with advice on how to drown out your screaming emotional alarm bells when your "partner" is off fucking other people.

No. 1807443

File: 1681298415545.jpg (31.87 KB, 582x426, FtJ3X2sXgAA-GAH.jpg)

No. 1808706

lol what a retard

No. 1812508

File: 1682050010424.png (48.06 KB, 552x1080, pretentious cope.png)

>they have sacrificed a lot of their desires on the altar of a respectable fairly conformist existence
How can someone type something like this and not realize that they're projecting? They're so sociopathic that truly believe that muh society is why other people don't do this shit. Have they never just… looked around themselves and noticed that "polycules" never last and often end in shambles, typically with only a normal couple consisting of (you guessed it) just two people intact afterward?

Human beings are serial monogamists. We don't mate for life, but our style of romantic intimacy is such that were prefer one person at a time. When people cheat, it's because they've lost interest in their original s/o. Anyone who actually tries to juggle two "equal" relationships at the same time is just a sociopath or cluster B. Fucking a bunch of people at the same time isn't the same as actually having romantic bonds with each of them, which is why some couples manage not to implode because of "swinging."

Making these observations isn't us trying to "ruin the fun" of the "non-conformists" because we've "sacrificed our own desires." We're watching your retards fuck up your relationships and coming to the reasonable conclusion that "poly" relationships don't work. It's also extremely annoying that a bunch of sociopathic straight Redditors are trying to tack their polyshit into the gay rights movement. Dating multiple people at the same time and sawing your dick off shouldn't be part of the goddamn gay rights movement because they're both things that straight people do.

No. 1829404

File: 1684387316905.jpg (176.7 KB, 687x1997, Screenshot_20230518-002159_Chr…)

Why is tabletop/d&d such a meme in poly circles? It's so obnoxious.

No. 1829458

old af post but i dont see anything about the divorce on their socials. wondering if they didnt

No. 1829519

chris fleming did see the correlation years ago
the answer might be reddit

No. 1829523

File: 1684416317949.jpeg (88.55 KB, 1024x576, IMG_1993.jpeg)

>respectable fairly conformist existence
KEK that poster sounds like picrel

No. 1829608

What else is a big group of nerds supposed to do with their evenings? aside from jerking each-other off and watching cartoons

No. 1829883

File: 1684443308634.jpg (336.98 KB, 829x1996, Screenshot_20230518-154706_Chr…)

>40 year old couple of 11 years go poly, have many pro-poly friends
>Wife starts dating Dee, who lives with a roommate and takes contacting jobs for work
>Dee loses job, one of the couples poly friendly bbfs agrees to let her stay until she gets a new contacting gig
>Dee never gets a new job, never contributes to the household, bpd-lite with being a perpetual victim and generally messy
>Pro-poly friend kicks her out and she's forced to move across the country
>Instead of the wife breaking up with her, she doubles down and plans to get flights and hotels back and forth to spend the weekends with Dee, without listening to her husband's worries about the money sink it inevitably ends up being

No. 1829890

It's what they do instead of normal dates. They have to do "group" activities instead of "couple" ones, and because they're all a bunch of autistic shut-ins, DnD is the obvious choice.

No. 1830188

Bump cp posted dnt scroll

No. 1830217

File: 1684486832040.jpg (164.25 KB, 1024x768, 1681602829628542.jpg)

Can someone please make one of those charts like picrel but for polyfags? Istg there's archetypes when it comes to them

No. 1830520

i guarantee Dee is a troon. i guaranfuckingtee it.

No. 1830572

There’s always an overlap between polyamory and hobbies that attract socially awkward weirdoes and ugly people. It’s partially because the people (some, not all ofc) who do nerdy hobbies already have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for romantic partners, because lots of the people who are the most active in nerd scenes are (their fellow) unattractive shut-ins. Maybe some of the polyamory people with nerd hobbies tell themselves that banging two 4s is like banging one 8. Also, I think that since a lot of ugly nerdy people have low self esteem (due to being ugly and nerdy), they’re more willing to agree to poly shit when their partner wants to sleep with other people, because they don’t want to get dumped. If you’re an ugly nerd guy with an ugly nerd wife, you might be more OK with letting her fuck around on you because the alternative is that she divorces you, and then you become a single ugly nerd guy, and that’s even more lonely.

No. 1830753

Among the poly people I know, it's gaming of all kinds, LARP, queer academic studies etc

also they're pretty much all autistic

No. 1832371

Okay but what about the fact that its mostly men who persue poly shit and convince their wives to take part in it.

No. 1833275

what archetypes are you thinking of? off the top of my head i'd probably put in the spicy straight alt woman, the not like the other scrotes leftist softmoid and basic soybeard

No. 1834291

Listening to reddit stories on youtube about partners that try to shoehorn polyamory to their spouses always ends with an ulterior motive by the instigator. r/slash in particular mentions how it always ends in a shitshow when someone talks about polyamory on reddit. And inevitably there are comments that always claim "It's not all poly couples!" and give out their anecdotal evidence to say otherwise. All I hear is cope, cope, cope and can't help but to think they're fat and/or ugly.

I can't wait for the poly meme to die down.

No. 1845307

File: 1686590214599.jpg (81.33 KB, 500x687, tumblr_obqg41LTC51vvglsjo1_500…)


Autobiographical lesbian comic about a horrific polyamorous relationship. It's a great read.(sage your shit)

No. 1845467

File: 1686607854012.jpg (92.99 KB, 500x694, TAQVMCR.jpg)

this comic is over 100 pages long… girl could have saved herself a lot of time drawing if she had just dumped this nasty whore on page 6 when she got this email

No. 1845506

The moral of this story is: have a normal haircut so your dating options aren't restricted to bottom of the barrel trash

No. 1845737

>"I don't think you get it. The whole point is that I need to live WITHOUT boundaries. I need freedom."
her response to this should have been, "okay, sounds great! You are officially no longer dating me. have fun being single."
No boundaries = no relationship. simple.

No. 1845934

All poly people I know are BPDchans (even those who had different psychiatric conditions or even appeared normal have gotten diagnosed with BPD in the end). Seriously, it's unreal, but makes sense. No one else would be willingly involved in this steaming pile of poly drama shit.

No. 1846629

Just wondering where does one meet all of these BPD poly people?

No. 1846776

tinder and other dating apps?

No. 1846897

File: 1686819014479.png (43.2 KB, 670x737, Screenshot 2023-06-15 104418.p…)

>nearly 20 year age gap
>he can fuck others cuz it totally turns me on!!!1
>pregnant/post partum
>hmmm is it a lil weird that my husband totally ignores me while sexting, flying out, and fucking someone else? Am I overreacting?

Her other posts are her saying how she thought she found the one ("I always felt smug reading r/breakingmom because I had such a catch") but when they had a kid surprise surprise his old ass just NEEDED polyamory and porn to stay sane - and now she posts in r/deadbedrooms and r/loveafterporn. Enjoy your geriatric dead weight.

No. 1846900

My god, her post history is just an endless scroll of the most pathetic Ls. My favourite is her posts worrying about teen porn, like she's not enabling the moid obsession with youth by being with an old man in her 20s. What the fuck did she expect?

I have no sympathy, at a certain point you're just willing bad treatment to come your way and women like this give men the impression we should all accept the same lot in life.

No. 1846901

File: 1686820286067.png (88.26 KB, 1089x704, CAPTURE.png)

This is genuinely so depressing.

No. 1846911

>"like it feels vaguely disrespectful"
uhhhhhhhhh this entire relationship is extremely disrespectful, especially for the kids. wtf was she thinking lmao. she needs to love herself, when will women stop dating perverts? they should stay terminally single and rot alone.

yeah he doesn't care because you enabled his coombrain and porn addiction by staying with him instead of dumping his ass the second you found out.(sage your shit)

No. 1846947

File: 1686831154857.jpeg (112.51 KB, 1186x776, IMG_1993.jpeg)

She just made a new post, Jesus this is depressing. This is not even polyamory it's just being married to someone who openly cheats.

No. 1846991

Adult Friend Finder, Fetlife, and similar sites

No. 1847010

Ngl pick mes like this get what they deserve

No. 1847038

File: 1686844932607.png (24.3 KB, 1135x289, image.png)

She has two kids that she left with the father (another wealthy man) to larp as a tradwife on a homestead with this man, and given the kids' ages, she's been at this her entire adult life. She's sacrificed her autonomy to be a coomer's pet and now she's trapped, sucks to suck I guess.

No. 1847061

Yeah and from one comment she says her husband used to find partners on Seeking (sugar baby tinder basically) so it's possible she's his former sugar baby he got tired of. Another cautionary tale ig

No. 1847063

>She has two kids that she left with the father (another wealthy man) to larp as a tradwife
idk. did she leave them or did the ex use his money to keep her away. sounds like she got fucked over by her wealthy ex, had no money or support, so she fell in with this guy who offered to save her, who was the only option she had to not be poor and homeless. She clearly should have picked homelessness, because at least she'd still have her self-respect, and could have bettered her circumstances, but it sounds like she got taken advantage of by both of these men.

No. 1847069

Making bad decisions doesn’t mean someone is being taken advantage of. She could’ve gotten some sort of career training after her divorce but instead she found a significantly older man to barnacle herself too. Being financially dependent on a man already ended poorly for her once but she’s doing it again and even started another family with him. She’ll probably never be any different.

No. 1847072

>it sounds like she got taken advantage of by both of these men.
She did, but she was likely taking advantage of his wealth, given that she coincidentally married and quickly had children with two wealthy men and her comments about "lifestyle". If that's not the case and she was just pursing love or whatever, then she's still at fault in her second marriage because she failed to learn from her mistakes.

No. 1847116

File: 1686857451307.png (17.03 KB, 251x275, 1654220220581.png)

Amen sister

No. 1847239

>No career or prospects of her own.
>4 kids at 28
>cuck quean
> trad larper
>coombrained moid husband who doesn’t care if she lives or dies.
On a larger note when moids try to scare women from having a career and how they end up alone and lonely with 5 cats blah blah blah this is how they want women to end up, trapped unable to leave and secretly dying inside at all times.

No. 1847374

This woman is my new mouth-agape morning read.

No. 1847489

Ideal Shoe0nhead relationship kek

No. 1848023

Nona thank you for finding this! Her whole post is so depressing. Another cautionary tale of how geriatric perverts will always be the same.

No. 1848072

File: 1687007169028.jpg (49.81 KB, 650x999, f04424b8209317714a72e3ab493d64…)

some of these women need to just (picrel)

No. 1850304

go to jail?

No. 1865224

File: 1689469899827.jpg (170.36 KB, 1392x1136, 7u.jpg)

Late and annoyingly I can't draw but I feel like there are a few fairly specific polyfag archetypes if any anon was going to make one

Spicy straight alt woman
>genderfluid, pronouns are she/her and sometimes they/them
>discovered she was queer after nigel told her he thought it'd be hot to watch her make out with another woman
>ideal poly relationship revolves around her bf/primary partner, enjoys extra compliments from moids but only other women are allowed to join the relationship

NLOM leftist softmoid
>"i'm a queer sex positive vegan marxist feminist anarchist lover of earth. decapitate all terfs"
>most likely to have stds and lie about it
>thinks monogamy is a form of white supremacy, is white

Regular soybeard
>bi because he likes women and women who use they/them pronouns
>sometimes dating spicy straight alt woman
>loves the office and reddit, doggo parent

Miserable couple
>became poly to try and save their relationship

15 year old zoomer
>"read my carrd about being poly"
>xim/he/its/bark pronouns, "gay mlm" dating other tif on internet

Pic not related except it makes me wonder how much influence fandom has had on an increase in people calling themselves poly(learn to sage)

No. 1865256

No, but did anyone make a queer alignment chart? I feel like if someone did I would remember that. Maybe poly would be a part of the alignment, for example, chaotic poly. If nobody has made a queer chart yet then I might as well take a crack at it with your ideas in mind.

No. 1865280

AYRT I can't remember seeing any queer alignment chart, at least not on lc. Not sure what ideas I'd have to add to it rn but I love the idea if the chart originating from the TIF threads is anything to go by kek

No. 1865304

I'd keep the lawful-chaotic part ofc, as for the other three alignments, best I can think of is 'poly' 'kinky' maybe 'ace'? Maybe someone would have a better idea for what they should be.

No. 1865397

kek perfect
there's also the chronically online adult version of the 15yo
>straight but either totes gay ftm or asexual demiboy
>thinks she's poly because she roleplays sex with at least two different discord users in DM
>kink expert bc she wrote a threesome smut fic on ao3 once

No. 1865507

>i love asians of all types
of course you fucking do. Free east asian (despite saying “all asians” i doubt this man means west or central asians since they dont fit his hentai fetish) women from the shackles of western coomers

No. 1866936

File: 1689625508654.jpg (1.12 MB, 946x8192, Ldl8ei1lcT.jpg)

Why would you ever admit this.

No. 1867107

This is the most unfortunate-looking man I've ever seen. Lost the genetic lottery for sure. His personality is not even any better.

No. 1867575

File: 1689718478113.webm (3.99 MB, 360x640, de298a7c-1bce-40d8-a73a-5193ea…)

Kat Blaque is a trans YouTuber that's been around forever, and came out as poly after having a messy breakup with his fat normie bf of many years. Said bf married a straight white girl like a year later. I've been watching this cow on and off for years, and Kat's turn to poly seems transparently rooted in him being insecure and desperate, at some point he had 5 poly boyfriends (sex flings) during the pandemic. This video just reinforces that Kat just wants a strong and stable relationship with someone who encourages and love him.
Does anyone else follow the Kat Blaque poly saga?

No. 1867580

Congrats to Kat’s ex on getting out!

No. 1867601

Do you have any pic of her normie ex? I've tried to get into Kat Blaque lore but it's hard to pin down. Or maybe I'm just stupid lol

No. 1867604

why would u say this? two men could've been making each other miserable (kat and his ex), but now his ex is making some random biological woman miserable.

No. 1867608

Pretty sure it was Kat making him miserable and using “twansphobia” to guilt him into staying; the troon didn’t count on his BF leaving him for a real woman and wifing her up which makes this even better because it means she got something that Kat never will kek side note is Kat’s ex black? Not trying to racebait, I’m just curious because from what I have seen that community is less accepting of troons and might explain why he married quickly

No. 1867628

File: 1689724932573.jpg (109.34 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_ndzc0l8AYA1tw83g5o5_128…)

This is him, he was nicknamed Beardy in all her videos for years
Tumblr bf tag from long ago: https://www.google.com/amp/s/katblaque.tumblr.com/post/100878205834/beardy-and-i-recorded-our-boyfriend-tag-yay-3/amp

No. 1867648

LMFAO bless you

No. 1867677

Kinky and poly for sure, those are goldmines. Ace seems like it'd work well as a third option too but I can't say I know much about asexual shit just cause my brain refuses to retain that particular kind of information for some reason kek

There's definitely some overlap of those kind of people and people who base loads of their online activity around being proshippers

Clueless about this whole thing but looks like a rare appearance of a soydditor who genuinely likes dick

No. 1867708

This faggot constantly deletes everything after going on retard rants so it’s hard to keep track.
Holy shit imagine your cis white male bf having way narrower shoulders and neck than the tranny on hormones lmao. He also looks like spazkid3D

No. 1867844

Oh he for sure traded up if he did marry a white bio woman.

No. 1867846

of course he got married quickly. He was dating his "fetish" like Fupaul was dating Shayna but quickly moved on to marry a woman who he wanted to be seen with and could ruin her life further.
It's like every dude who openly dates troons looks like this (redditor scruffy "twanswomen are women" types) or if they are attractive, it's because they are visably gay/bisexual scrotes or scrotes who have dated/slept with men before so they aren't even pretending to be "Straight" just getting dick from someone with different pronouns. Or they sleep/date them in secret.
Didn't Kat say that he didn't date black men because they don't like him or something? Or did he say that about not wanting to date bisexual men? I haven't followed Kat in years but I can swear he said something like that?
Anyway, the type of black scrotes who'd openly date Kat probably aren't what he wants. Trust me when I say that, the men he'd probably want to date won't date him openly and if they do, it'd be some secret type of situation. I feel like he's the type thaty if he dated a black guy he'd want to go for the super straight kind thats not claiming bisexual. Those are rare as hell, unless they are already openly gay men.

No. 1867847

I feel bad for his wife, these dudes never stop craving dick. He'll probably be cheating on her non-stop with transwomen.

No. 1867856

That’s not really true, especially if he got therapy after leaving Kat, and it sounds like he did.

No. 1867924

File: 1689789619391.jpg (57.37 KB, 980x735, transgay400.jpg)

Kat does delete so much, but also has a lot of the True Tea videos still up about bi guys and races he will/won't date, and how he was sleeping with older guys as a teen and hypersexual etc.
I watched a post-Beardy breakup stream a lot time ago and now I can't find it, but Kat says that Beardy wanted a sexy but respectable trad wife that would cook and clean and give the full woman experience so that's who Kat morphed into while dating Beardy. But there was some controversy when someone in his family found out Kat was trans and Beardy didn't do enough to defend Kat- OH and also Beardy stopped having sex with him. In the stream Kat mentioned that he would walk around in bdsm/sexy lingerie around the house and try to temp Beardy after he came home from work or while played videogames, but Kat didn't get da sex so turned to FetLife and emotionally cheating.

No. 1867927

Once a bisexual moid, always a bisexual moid. You can't therapy away the cravings for dick. Males can't be trusted to be respectful, intelligent bisexuals most times.

No. 1867934

Nah. It’ll be a matter of time before he starts working with CHANGED Movement or similar. Lots of moids do this after escaping abusive relationships with other moids.

No. 1867959

it's so weird imagining two scrotes larping like this. Kat's brolic ass in lingerie trying to be a "Trad wife" to some depressed Redditor who is either
>A chaser
>A scrote who can't find a woman because he sucks, so he settles for a pick me deseperete troon who lets him fuck him in the ass quickly.
Also, I can swear
Therapy for what? Liking dicks? Because thats what this is about. Bisexual moids are always hypersexual cheaters, especailly trans chasers who are even more wreckless and degenerate. He doesn't neec consueling because he's bisexual. Is there any proof he's abused or are you some moid who thinks, that even man who gets with a troon is some poor tricked/abused/traumatized man who just needs to be "Fixed" by the right woman or doctor. He's just not straight and he sounds misoygistic and like a loser to the point where if he wasn't attracted to troons, that he had to go find one to play out this retarded bangmaid fantasy.

No. 1867964

I hate that I know this but Kat doesn’t like using his dick during sex and only takes it up the ass. He rants about chasers hitting him up on dating apps asking to to be dominated by his “bbc” be he doesn’t like being dominant or using his shriveled up wiener.
Soy boy got sick of fucking a stinky butthole and seeing a nasty tranny cock everyday he realized there’s more to life than sex and settling for tranny isn’t worth it.

No. 1868026

For whatever nightmare shit Kat put him through. We all know the exposé is coming as soon as society stops worshipping trans people like deities.

No. 1868103

This. Pornsick bisexual scrotes are all the same and the story ALWAYS plays out the same. Can't believe some people are jumping to portray him as some poor injured deer.

No. 1868318

File: 1689859131143.jpg (481.45 KB, 955x2048, F0VAuaAAIyAKav1.jpg)

I do not understand why this man is ever online? Literally everyone hates him, people on the right hate him because politically correct, in a poly relationship, and he calls out "Nazi dog-whistles" and people on the left dislike him because he's a unironic Zionist who believes in landback and that Jews have a right to be in Palestine. so he gets clowned by everyone and yet he comes back every time.

No. 1868575

They broke up.

No. 1868610

Not too familiar with these two but I did some digging. Apparently Bria only wanted to do poly because of Chrissy, and Chrissy eventually broke things up with Bria to date the girl that they had been both been dating. However, according to this video, Bria is still poly and is dating two women at the same time right now. Let's see how that goes

No. 1868658

no but i used to watch him until a friend told me how dirty and loud he is irl. said you could hear him from outside yelling for youtube videos and that he'd get kicked out of places for not paying rent, which is probably why he wants stability. without a man, he cant seem to take care of himself.

No. 1869848

File: 1690145217074.png (765.13 KB, 1302x1292, Screen Shot 2023-07-23 at 1.49…)

As seen on R*ddit

No. 1873539

File: 1690776713180.webm (3.51 MB, 406x720, shorts polyamory nonmonogamy…)

I spent the last hour watching their shorts and they're insane. They coerce partners into being poly and constantly exhibit passive-aggressive narcissistic behavior, but it's novel to me because it's an episodic series and you can see how fucked up their dynamic is in real time.
Not sure how to upload webms but in case it doesn't load:
> https://www.youtube.com/shorts/To1_tQ9V-1c

No. 1873664

Pedo who coaches volleyball and also in a poly relationship looks exactly how you think. Into a bunch of disgusting "kinks". So typical.

No. 1873846

Ugh, I have a friend like this. Has never dated or even kissed someone before, but is certain she's poly. Also claims to be "pansexual" when she's only ever expressed sexual interest in men both irl and in fiction. The poly-sperging is particularly annoying because I can tell all her knowledge comes from people talking about in in a fandom context. I guess this is better than her getting her knowledge from the BDPchans and doormats who practice it irl, but god damn.(blogging)

No. 1883737

File: 1692359560769.webm (2.41 MB, 320x568, YZHLbMFfHm7TomBK.webm)

Why are they always obsessed with tabletop board games

No. 1883746

Because they're vain and self absorbed, and DnD lets people like that larp as sexy half elves or whatever and power trip in their fantasy about being good looking, brave, and powerful when in reality they're fug soy losers kek.

No. 1891129

File: 1693460939348.png (501.01 KB, 518x885, hrtee.png)

I cannot believe that this was made with 100% sincerity.

No. 1891184

File: 1693481902343.jpeg (87.99 KB, 888x499, IMG_7760.jpeg)

>m/f/f pairing

No. 1891265

>Literal unicorn hunter throuple being shared as "progressive" and "sapphic"
Have they romanticized man-with-many-wives polygamy yet? Also kek at the cover art, no polyam people look that normal or attractive.

No. 1891310

>Have they romanticized man-with-many-wives polygamy yet?
Looks like it

No. 1891313

samefag I'm not exaggerating that this is the funniest and saddest thing I've seen all year, everything about this is perfect, It feel like a scene from a sketch sitcom, but it's 100% sincere.
I'd be willing to bet that these three would be milky enough to have their own thread if someone did some digging.

No. 1891329

>We got together at 16 and wanted to get married to each other since our first date !
>but then he came along and that changed
>cut to them centering their affection on the dude

This is just depressing, I don't think I can go any further. It sounds like a cheesy "converting the lesbians with muh dick power" fantasy

No. 1891332

Tbf they actually seemed unhinged even before they met him.
>Cassie Brooks (20) and her partner Dallas Bowling (21) met on Tumblr in 2013 and instantly fell in love, with Dallas even moving from her home state of Arizona to Florida, USA, two years later to be closer to Cassie.
That doesn't seem healthy or normal for 14 year olds.

No. 1891335

at around 15;40 they mention they brought him in cause they were so bored with their relationship and just wanted "some fun."

No. 1891344

so LUGs realisising they're not actually into women but still wanting the queer cred. many such cases

No. 1891352

File: 1693508856115.jpg (1021.26 KB, 2184x1676, Polycollage.jpg)

Here's an article I found about them

>Cassie Brooks (20) and her partner Dallas Bowling (21) met on Tumblr in 2013 and instantly fell in love, with Dallas even moving from her home state of Arizona to Florida, USA, two years later to be closer to Cassie.

>Growing up, Cassie was home-schooled alongside Matt Sichterman (21) but they slowly drifted apart as her and Dallas’ relationship grew more serious. After months of not seeing each other, Cassie bumped into Matt by chance at an event and their childhood spark was reignited, and as Matt grew closer to both Dallas and Cassie, the three decided to try and become a triad, which works the same as any monogamous relationship.
>“We haven’t always been in a triad. At first, it was just Dallas and I. We met on Tumblr in 2013. We have been together since we were teenagers, and Dallas even moved here from Arizona to be with me in 2015,” explained Cassie.
>“Matt and I were home-schooled together, so we’ve known each other for years. We used to be best friends, but we drifted away for a few years, right around the time Dallas and I began dating, before running into each other at an event in late 2015.
>“We were both excited to see each other and felt that spark that had always been there between the two of us, it was an intense teenage crush we’ve had on each other that just never went away. It was palpable.
>“We reconnected, but Matt and I still hadn’t talked about that energy between the two of us; how could we? I wondered how I could feel this way about Dallas and also Matt, so I kept it to myself, hoping it would pass.
>“Dallas and Matt were becoming close, and Matt started hanging out with Dallas and my friends as well. We had a few nights where Matt crashed at our place, a tiny studio apartment, and so we all wound up sleeping in the same bed.
>“One morning, we all woke up intertwined, cuddling, and holding hands. I think that was when we knew there was something bigger here and it wasn’t going away. That was when we started researching three-person relationships, triads and polyamory.
>“We really didn’t know anything about it, and we weren’t seeking this sort of thing but it just fell into our laps. We decided it would be stupid to give up this opportunity and decided to try being a triad.
>“It’s literally like any other two-person monogamous relationship; there’s just three of us. Plus a lot more talking. And lots of lists. And more financial freedom, since there’s three of us contributing.”
>Theatre teacher Cassie, baker Dallas and musician Matt are all in accordance that their relationship ensures that they have the constant love and support of two people.
>The three plan to get engaged soon and hope to become parents. Cassie went into detail about how their families have accepted their relationships.
>Cassie went onto discuss how they deal with any feelings or jealousy that might arise and the reactions her and her partners receive when out in public.
>“Jealousy is not really a huge issue in our relationship, because we are always communicating. I don’t think we struggle with it any more than people in a ‘normal’ relationship do,” she said.
>“Jealousy is always a warning sign that something is not right, or someone’s not talking about their emotions, so we just try to dive past the jealousy, and focus on the root of the problem.
>“People always ask Matt, ‘Do your two girlfriends know about each other?’ and then they usually gas him up and think he’s cool for having two girls. They think he’s some type of hotshot.
>“People’s reactions to Dallas and I are different, probably because of sexism, honestly, they usually say, ‘Oh I could never share!’ or, ‘I would get jealous.’ But once we explain how our relationship works and they see how in love we are with each other, most people start to get it or at least get that it works for us.

No. 1891354

File: 1693508938697.png (189.41 KB, 954x567, q9Kd5NN3Brkz.png)

And here are their social media links if anyone's considering engaging with them.

>cassie - Theatre teacher

>Dallas - Baker and cleaning lady
>Matt - a freelance "musician"

No. 1891393

The male is so fucking ugly too. I can't believe he's only 21.

No. 1891813

File: 1693579400063.jpg (533.27 KB, 1058x1583, Screenshot_20230901-153939.jpg)

Old milk I guess, but the chick from that polycule with 4 men where one of them ended up beating up a newborn baby is non-binary now. Her boyfriend (the ginger one who was the biological father of the baby) trooned out too and now identifies as a woman called Rayla. He's a weeb (unsurprisingly) who posts memes about being a trans woman. Surprisingly they seem to still be together. No idea about the other two dudes she was with.

No. 1891834

How do they even make money? The bank of mom and dad?

No. 1891865

They live in a cramped one bedroom studio apartment and one of them does seem to have a real job(as a cleaner)

No. 1891960

>y is masculine i is feminine
Why are these people so retarded kek

No. 1892017

I mean also they were "in love" as fake-gays. they're straight girls who bonded over reading the same fanfiction.

No. 1892109

Maybe it's because "Tory" brings to mind right-wing britbongs instead of whatever this poser thinks leftism is kek.

No. 1892154

What's with TIFs and the name Atlas? This is the third one I've seen calling herself that. You'd think it wouldn't be such a good choice because it might remind people of Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged

No. 1892212

they look like siblings wtf

No. 1892247

what's even weirder is two of them grew up home-schooled together, so they probably did think of them as siblings.

No. 1892288

People who cheat and women who are side chicks always have a "woe is me" story that explains their actions. They will always include the parts of their character/story that arouses pity, such as their shitty relationship with their parents or their mental instability, but they RARELY admit to the fact that no, it's not just weaknesses that led them to make the decisions they've made in life; it's also entitlement, narcissism, a desire to be cruel to other women, a lack of virtues/character, a desperate need for male validation, and a self-esteem so low that you need to poach the mates of others in order to feel valuable. Somehow, though, they never seem to admit to or even recognize the potential, darker motivations of their actions, which is why I don't believe these people genuinely change - they just age and eventually lose their desirability as well as their confidence to cheat

No. 1895523

File: 1694266173398.jpg (282.32 KB, 1124x1116, FplsEt7XsAMoW2G.jpg)

Well this not the least bit suprising

No. 1895593

KEK this is about as damning as the user overlap for r/actuallesbians.

No. 1895604

File: 1694281751721.png (65.92 KB, 1432x575, Screenshot.png)

I thought this was an edit so I decided to look it up and the full results are even worse

No. 1895633

>r/ftm & r/nonbinary
So just abused traumatised women conned into polyshit by their partners.

No. 1895748

r/survivinginfidelity paints a picture of men convincing their girlfriends and wives to turn their relationship poly instead of the guy having to keep up serial cheating too. r/bisexuality overlap is probably the women being gaslight into believing they should bring another girl in for "their" experimentation

No. 1895900

One of them is pregnant… I hope that kid comes out ok because I can’t imagine growing up in an environment like that

No. 1895935

which one?

No. 1896897

Shit like this makes me feel like you have to kill off part of your attachment to someone, and not in the cool buddhist way these people likely imagine, but in the way of losing all the depth of feeling and making them less important to you, just so you don't care when they do shit like this. These are cardboard cut out people going through the motions of relationships.

No. 1898550

File: 1694760584269.webm (3.61 MB, 320x476, cuckqueen.webm)

don't be silly, this is totally natural and not just a coping mechanism.

No. 1898560

The fuck does "words of affirmation" mean? Like what's up with the poly crowd and using weird corpo speak to describe their relationships?
Like the fuck?

No. 1898562

Copium iff the charts

No. 1898581

You've never heard of the five love languages? It's a pretty normie thing younger people talk about


No. 1899045

File: 1694844509118.jpg (41.24 KB, 468x329, article-0-01F8EABA0000044D-770…)

Second wave-era feminist Erica Jong, famous for her novel Fear of Flying, meme'd her self into an open relationship with her third husband, Allan Jong who looked like picrel. Unfortunately for her, the infidelity and emotional pain caused by his fucking other women were too much for Erica to bear, leading to a bitter divorce and ultimately custody battle with Allan. Interestingly, it was the failures in her own mother's relationships that influenced Erica Jong's daughter Molly to a path of becoming a staunch far-right advocate, now working for the Daily Beast.

No. 1899046

The cover of that book sounds like how an autist would describe a romantic relationship.

No. 1899047

Her husband is simply another male looking to exploit feminist thought to get laid. He looks like a creep, too. In the 70s, scrotes fetishized the idea of feminists because they thought thought women rejecting traditional roles automatically equaled promiscuity. Guarantee you, that was the exact flavor of loser Allen was. Then he emotionally abused her into thinking that it was "empowering" and "breaking gender roles" to let him cheat on her. Then he had the nerve to demand custody. Doubt the daughter would be a right-winger if her father was less of a dirtbag.

No. 1899050

interesting, a lot of black feminists(from the UK and US) wrote similar things with regards to black men in leftist movements who used it as pretext to sleep with white women, I think it was Alice Walker who said that after the 1970's it just became a pretend fantasy of revolution for everyone, while democrats and republicans were the one's with the ability to make actual power.

No. 1899156

File: 1694876397435.jpg (16.71 KB, 359x400, 9781469087313.jpg)

Even today, radical academic Big Men are always always priapic scrotes in their personal lives

No. 1899213

what does this book have to do with my comment.

No. 1902898

File: 1695481273016.png (815.33 KB, 1174x943, Fit Throuple.png)

Well at least this one had a happy ending.

No. 1903077

>Why I Broke Up The Throuple
We can take a few guesses on our own.

No. 1905094

File: 1695807506010.mp4 (1.47 MB, 320x568, gCWnIKfkHkD8oycJ.mp4)

Frankly, being a sugar baby would be a better gig than whatever this sorry excuse for a relationship is.

No. 1905153

Do I have to spell it out for you nonita

No. 1905179

different anon but you have to spell it out for me too. graeber was a polyfag? idc about him either way

No. 1905217

Sage for OT, I guess, since this doesn't really have anything to do with polyamory as a subculture, just the general theme in the specific post I was responding to of "leftist" men being piggish scrotes. But he was the classic horny male professor (I was undergrad at a school where he taught, a friend of mine slept with him and one of his TAs told me it was an open secret that his male Ph.D. students were expected to serve as his wingmen.)

No. 1905240

Imagine payrolling a freeloading moid with another woman

No. 1905246

I'm sorry that I'm not aware of some random left-wing author.

No. 1905252

Oml Cyraxx got his eyes fixed!

No. 1905373

is his username really @decolonizinglove kek wtf

No. 1905575

File: 1695872375722.mp4 (4.2 MB, dDfmrt4YW2VOHTrR.mp4)

actually his girlfriend(the woman in vidrel) runs the account, she's one of those 'non-white people's had diverse expressions of gender and relationship before white people forced monogamy and the gender binary upon us'

No. 1905580

I swear it seems to be a pattern that non-white women who date white males always have the most desperate low self esteem personalities and cringe tendencies (spicy white women who date black men and act ghetto are the second worst)

No. 1905584

You can’t be in a feminist and be in a relationship with a moid. Sorry, but you literally can’t.(bait/derail)

No. 1905587

Its not even good or even mediocre looking white men, its always guys who like Vaush.

No. 1905590

I know, it’s actually sad. Ethnic women love yourselves challenge.

No. 1905593

I think she's trying to overcompensate for dating a white guy(and being culturally "white" herself) by playing up her woke identity, which leads her to meme herself into this awful relationship dynamic.

No. 1905630

I guess I'll have to tell Mary Wollstonecraft and 99% of the suffragette movement that they weren't real feminists.

No. 1905942

No. 1906082

she's roleplaying being a whiny bitchy cuckquean getting manipulated and lectured by a fred armisen character in a 2 minute long video while wearing… a big venus symbol on her necklace and giant africa earrings. L

No. 1906134

The pro-Israel/genderqueer mix is an odd one.

No. 1906141

memeing herself with those giant Africa earrings

No. 1907844

File: 1696271594283.mp4 (2.47 MB, 720x1280, AmV3iVUidxP.mp4)

Absolutely pathetic. And if anyone's wondering, their child was born about a year ago and they have put him in front of a camera since the hour he was born, and the mother frequently shares videos of herself in revealing clothing while interacting with the child.

No. 1907845

Why are the men always ugly. You'd think some handsome men would take advantage of getting two girlfriends, but I've never seen a handsome poly guy.

No. 1907850

The men are ALWAYS ugly af!!!! Imagine having such low self esteem you let your man cheat in your house in front of you while you’re pregnant. I’m so disgusted by these types of people tbh

No. 1907854

Don't be silly; she clearly wants this because she's "bisexual" and so she appreciates the women her husband brings over.

No. 1907878

Attractive men have better looking options and also don't want to have to deal with the emotional, physical and sexual needs of multiple women. Poly shit would probably be a nightmare for an attractive pretty boy who could just sleep around and get all of the positives of a poly lifestyle without any of the negatives. Polyamory is the ugly, insecure mans game. It makes him feel powerful and desired when in reality only extremely insecure women who don't have much other options for one reason or the other (or think they don't have other options) will go for that shit.

No. 1907950

i assume handsome men simply cheat kek

No. 1908033

or just date and hook up
if you want sex with lots of different people, just date/hook up like a rational person

No. 1908081

Okay, going through the account, it seems to get worse and worse. The ugly moid and the tall blonde women are the main pairing, and the short woman appears to be the main girlfriend of the "throuple". However, the husband will have other fling girlfriends as well, whom the wife and girlfriend will often select for him. He's so fucking ugly as well, and also
>The wife grew up in a small town and connected with her husband when she was 20 on MySpace.
>The husband is an upper-class jew who speaks really weird.
>The wife tends to belittle herself, expressing that the husband is too good for her.(which is just ridiculous)
>the entire channel is basically a promotion for their softcore porn business and a method to attract other young woman.

No. 1908103

This is so fucking bleak. God someone get that women some self esteem and therapy. What is she doing with this cretin?

No. 1908263

There is a huge influx of genderspecial views in the jewish community

No. 1908270

I mean you can basically justify anything with in Judaism, cause the entire thing is just commentaries upon by commentaries by different rabies, due to historic conditions the Jews were in, so its the most flexible faith on the planet.

No. 1908287

The simple answer seems to be that she's a sugarbaby, but is unwilling to call herself that and so she goes on this LARP and denies reality she lives in.

No. 1908319

(Sage for random tangent)

There’s this creator I used to follow back when she was a fairly popular cosplayer. She was always openly lesbian, then I guess discovered she was bi and married a man. A few years later she started to claim she was autistic, agender, and asexual (kek), then convinced her husband to go polyamorous so she could date women. She made this her entire personality for a while, launching her scifi writing career with a cringe novel about polyamorous gay romance in space and starting a YouTube channel where she gave polyam relationship advice (vid related). Made a big deal about being BFFs with her ‘metamours’ and everything.

She dumped all of the polyamory stuff when she divorced her husband. Went from making it a huge part of her professional branding to not a single peep about it. Despite all her posturing about embracing the “lifestyle”, it seemed really obvious the entire time that she only wanted to try the poly thing because she’s more into women. I speculate that she had zero desire for her husband after a while (they used to do lewd cosplay photoshoots before she suddenly discovered asexuality kek) and was only too happy to have another woman on penis duty.

I can’t help but assume something similar to that is always going on when a married couple goes poly. Basically prolonging an inevitable divorce.

No. 1908339

genuinely curious, what's her current relationship status?

No. 1908347

Unknown since she went super quiet on social media and just posts pictures of her dog. She either is single or keeping any relationships private. Either way it looks like she decided polyamory was a phase and is trying to re-brand.

No. 1908348

Well good for her in that regard at least.

No. 1908518

Sorry to armchair but it seems like she convinced herself she was into dudes but once she actually had to be sexual with them and didn’t like it she tacked on a sexuality as a way to “get out” of intimacy with her husband. Then after being in the half cope of polyamory she realized she just wasn’t into dudes and gave up on it. But who really knows. Hope she’s found peace now.

No. 1908935

Oh, wait, I was wrong! Even though they've been together for 14 years, they aren't legally married. So, if that goblin suddenly decides to kick her to the curb, she and her child are left high and dry with absolutely zero legal protections. How convenient for him.

No. 1910078

What is genuinely wrong with her?

No. 1912055

File: 1697043727721.jpg (543.92 KB, 810x2360, iEZflgT43R.jpg)

I just knew this was inevitable! Shit straight men, resorting to "poly" rhetoric to justify their incompetence as partners and their own cheating tendencies.

No. 1912057

I hope the coworker rebuffs him and is like ew what I thought we were work friends. You just know this dude is ugly af too.

No. 1912060

“Dear Reddit: I want to cheat on my wife. How can I gaslight her into being OK with it by using ‘muh sexuality’ and ‘muh LGBTQ rights’ as an excuse?”

No. 1912091

Why do straight people think wanting to fuck more than 1 person makes them lgbtq? We have fucked up by allowing other letters onto the lgb

No. 1912097

Wait, so not only has he devised a whole scenario where the woman he wants at work (who is probably only chatty in a workplace way) wants him just as much, but he has this whole plan where she enters into a polly relationship with him and his as yet unaware wife? Wtf this dude is middle aged, what is wrong with him? That’s actually really creepy.

No. 1912109


He's been with his wife for 10 years and married for 4, yet he loves her and the random coworker 'equally'. I'm going to vomit

No. 1912112

Right like it’s sobering how many moids imagine that women reciprocate their feelings (sexual urges) just bc we’re being friendly or polite. It’s a fuckin joke, he’s saying he thinks he’s IN LOVE with her!!! LMAO he thinks he knows her well enough for that? Nah he wants to fuck her. I hate men.

No. 1912118

dont be shy, whats the title

No. 1912165

>I have been poly my whole life and never told anyone
Oh don't worry we know ugly straight men are all aspiring whores. That's not why you've spent your life failing to fuck multiple women.

No. 1912176

>Not only is she different than what I have
Why is he talking about these two women, one of which he's married to, like other degenerate moids talk about Funko pops? Women aren't things for you to collect. Fucking gross.

No. 1912259

Why polycucks always want o fuck their coworker(usually much younger than them)? Are they retarded? Most people know better than fucking their coworkers since it usually end horribly.

No. 1912271

I found it for you. Dumb-ass posted this in relationship advice instead of one of the poly subreddits so he got blasted. Also, he was 31 and his coworker was 21.


No. 1912273

File: 1697078292905.png (235.87 KB, 1914x636, Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 7.37…)

At least the top comments are kinda based and calling him out

No. 1912285

smells like he’s going to troon out. Also, “I love my coworker as much as I love my wife”?? Fucking unhinged

No. 1912294

I hate how he is trying to play up his conservative religious family as if sects of ultra-religious abrahamic religions have a social structure with men having multiple wives. It's also curious how he assumes that the coworker is on board already, men really do treat women like NPCs.

No. 1912302

At least one comment straight up told him he's a weirdo for that. Because he is. I'd be in HRs office so fast if some random coworker moid said that shit to me

No. 1912319

do most polyfags think being poly is a choice or not? the wording of this reddit moid's post seems to imply he doesn't think it's a choice and compares it to being gay/bi which isn't a choice, but then on the other hand a lot of poly people seem to approach it like it's a lifestyle that needs active commitment.

No. 1912432

Of course she’s 21. She 1000% does not reciprocate and I hope she somehow sees his creepy posts and does go to HR. Imagine finding out some guy you know at work who’s old compared to you (how I thought at 21) thinks he’s in love with you and that you’ll want to be his mistress. I wanna hurl

No. 1912451

I don't know what the percentage is but a lot of them think being poly is a sexual orientation like being gay or straight.

No. 1912454

File: 1697111538252.png (213.05 KB, 1024x1342, coming-out.png)

looking through the polyamory subreddit seems to show that yes, they do think it makes them "queer", also interestingly it seems to be mostly women who care about this.

No. 1912468

>i think my coworker is into me too
>be honest with cowroker about how I think she might feel
>then tell my wife if it's mutual
First he projects onto her and is planning to tell HER how SHE feels. The fuck? Only a moid could be this retarded.
And he only plans to tell the wife if the side chick has already agreed to it behind the wife's back… disgusting. I hope people encouraged him to tell the wife just so she can leave him.

No. 1912478

RIGHT like is he gonna corner her at/after work and be like “hurrr sooo I think you like me/are in love with me; rebuttal?” or what??? I would be beyond enraged and disturbed if a coworker ten years my senior at the young age of 21 did that to me. Imagine how uncomfortable. Imagine if he has seniority over her at work in some way and she feels like she can’t tell him the fuck off? This is just deeply gross to me.

No. 1912498

They’ve been told by their “queer” friends that being a “cishet” makes you a bad, boring, evil oppressor, and they listened to Lady Gaga’s song “Born This Way” a few too many times. Being woke is like a religion for these people, and being straight, white, and “cisgender” (aka being “privileged”) has become akin to being born with “Original Sin” in the woke religion, so woke people are desperate to identify out of it by any means necessary.

No. 1912515

Like the dude from Sister Wives? Kek
I’m a desister and this is the exact reason why I ever got involved in the first place. No one is evil by virtue of being “cishet” and the fact that polytards try to weasel their way into the acronym is laughable at best.

No. 1912609

He should tell his wife so she can leave him, then tell his coworker, so she can reject him. Then he should die alone and wallow in regret.

No. 1912783

File: 1697158574466.jpg (211.78 KB, 1901x806, F1UNHwG.jpg)

Anyone know about @/Yazthehuman aka Yasmin A Harris. She's torontan nonbinary who has been grifting from fashion blogging to journalism to being a queer sex guru. She managed to score presenting a dating show for kinky people. It aired on tubi tv kek. Everyone on it looked like they belonged in this thread. She's in a poly relationship with 3 other enbies.

No. 1912785

the dating show

No. 1912848

of course his throwaway username is a fucking rick and morty reference, he's trying so hard to take the intellectual high ground here. fuckin pottery

No. 1912893

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty

No. 1913990

File: 1697393466902.mp4 (1.62 MB, 480x660, 697393384004.mp4)

polyamory tiktok "humour"

No. 1914030

Every time.

No. 1914044

File: 1697401135745.png (1014.09 KB, 1358x1394, Leanne Yau.png)

I had assumed this was supposed to be mocking poly-fags, but to my surprise, it turned out to be sincere. She proudly identifies as a 'non-monogamy educator' of all things and seems to have made being asian and polyamorous her entire identity.

No. 1914045

I wonder if she realizes that she is saying the being poly is just being a huge slut. Way to reinforce stereotypes.

No. 1914056

>>1914045 she’s also reinforcing the stereotype that they’re only about sex, and shock value. ms. Girl clearly isn’t like the rest of them KEK

No. 1914060

File: 1697402529146.png (1.7 MB, 1352x2348, Happy Polydays podcast.png)

And she has a podcast where she talks with other "poly activists and educators". All of these people seem like the most insufferable human beings imaginable btw.

No. 1914139

File: 1697412531814.jpg (963.61 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20231016-002553.jpg)

this chick tries to charge people for seeing the faces of her polycule members uncensored on patreon. she says she doesn't show them on her public accounts to protect their privacy, but anyone who pays up can see them (I don't know why anyone would want to).

picrel of her wearing grandma lingerie that one of her flaps is hanging out of to a family friendly music festival where most people in the background of her pics are wearing t-shirts and shorts.

No. 1914172

I always wonder with women like this how many of the partners are TIMs

No. 1914231

File: 1697427688371.jpeg (547.69 KB, 1548x935, IMG_2361.jpeg)

The scariest thing about the online culture of it is it’s so easy to just lie and say your couple is poly to get away with affairs, picrel is an example

No. 1914243

>therapist (in training)

No. 1914376

This chick looks insufferable but I don’t see what is inappropriate about her wearing this to a big camping festival like Glatsonbury. Isn’t it the Coachella equivalent in the UK? I’m baffled at why so many people are subscribed and paying her.

No. 1914411

I love that straight men who try to cheat on their wives with barely-legals are now claiming to be kweer and oppressed kek. At least no one in the comments was buying his shit. These are the exact type of dudes who coerce their wives into “open relationships”, and then cry & demand sympathy when the wife gets laid left and right while all the young girls tell him to get lost and he sits at home with his dick in his hands. They will literally destroy their own families for the coom and still feel like the victims. Men stop overestimating your sexual market value for 10 seconds challenge.

No. 1914430

Reminds me of the one time I went to a party held by Burning Man people to raise money for their camp. The person who invited me I knew to be poly. While in the middle of a normal conversation with someone I'd just met, another person came up and started talking to them, in front of me, about the play party they had attended the week before.

As if it wasn't already obvious by what he'd been saying, he made sure to turn to me and say "We're talking about a sex party." They love making people they don't know uncomfortably aware of their detailed sex lives

No. 1914518

Idk if I'd call it the UK equivalent of Coachella. It's a big music festival that people from basically every demographic go to, including families and older people. Lingerie isn't a common outfit choice. She was the only person dressed like this in every picture she posted from there.

Even if she was at an EDM festival or somewhere where skimpy outfits are the norm, the frumpy grandma teddy would still be a bizarre choice

No. 1914621

At this point I cannot take anyone who uses the terms educator and/or advocate seriously anymore. Like what does that even mean? What are you qualifications? Do you actually do anything that contributes to those groups?

No. 1914727

File: 1697495030945.png (146.39 KB, 1266x443, Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 6.22.…)

Kek, reminds me of these folx

No. 1914890

File: 1697508479542.jpg (3.19 MB, 8774x5932, polycule-1.jpg)

Found another one of these, they always fascinate me with the storytelling through the fucking squiggly lines and retarded cutisifed avatars of people you know look absolutely atrocious in real life. There's a lot to unpack here - the gray haired dude is presumably the other guys father ("family by origin") … why the fuck is your son on the fucking polycule chart? What in the everloving fuck does "family by choice" mean? Why the fuck are the dogs on the polycule chart? (I know why, but still weird) What the fuck does "comet" mean? God fuck these people and their autistic self-obsession, literally roleplaying irl.

No. 1914892

File: 1697508646625.jpg (58.49 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Samefag but always makes me think of this

No. 1914926

The fuck does the comet even means?

No. 1914952

File: 1697520816481.png (74.44 KB, 674x577, Screenshot.png)

>Polyamory Under Late-Stage Capitalism
>Polyamory as Revolution
How are ugly frumpy nerds having sex with each other supposed to be revolution or be challenging capitalism?

No. 1914953

File: 1697521075441.jpeg (182.57 KB, 828x633, IMG_1073.jpeg)

looks like it's a plain ol' LDR
except super extra special because they need quirky terms for everything, else how will people know they're so unique and original?

No. 1915022

In this context it means unemployed person who rants about themselves on social media all day and demands strangers CashApp them for “emotional labor.”

No. 1915134

>his story as a victim of abuse
$10 says his "story" as a "victim" was him being absolute scum to his girlfriend and all she did was express discomfort at being emotionally abused and cheated on. why are all these poly couples always ugly men having their cake and eating it too?

No. 1915167

wasn't expecting to see this poly influencer grifter. no milk but the relationships are for clout and IG content - the guy on the last photo is their long term partner.

No. 1915184

If anything, I'd think this lifestyle promotes capitalism. More anniversary and birthday presents to buy, more dates to pay for, more vacations to plan with more people including trips to see their "comet" partners. Then there's books and workshops about how to be poly and fun merch to tell the world you're poly. Aren't a lot of these people big consoomers too?(derailing)

No. 1915195

capitalism forces polyamory for a lot of people too. people who can't afford rent alone and don't have time for deep relationships fucking their roommates and calling it a polycule, couples deciding to add extra people to their dead marriage because they can't afford to get divorced or live alone, disabled people looking for extra partners to take care of them because they can't afford a nurse and their primary partner can't care for them alone, parents who can't afford a nanny looking for another woman to help with childcare who comes with the bonus of being able to bang her on the side. the increasing popularity of polyamory is a reaction to economic difficulties.

plus a big poly talking point is that your needs can't be fulfilled by one person so you need extra people to fill a different "need." treating people like commodities that exist to satisfy every need they have, instead of building a deep and meaningful relationship about being there for each other and serving each other(derailing)

No. 1915230

File: 1697568410131.png (118.72 KB, 685x725, Screenshot_2023-20135.png)

Thankfully she transcripts her episodes.
>Roy: Hey, Leanne. Yes! So, I am 51 years old so that means I’ve lived quite a life, and by the time I discovered polyamory, I had already lived in 3 different continents, travelled around the world , had a long career, was in a marriage — long term relationship, with a child — a lot of the things you’re supposed to do on the relationship escalator. And it was really the fact that I felt like I was failing at it because my marriage ended, my relationship after that ended, I I felt like I just couldn’t hack monogamy and I didn’t know the reason why. So, I began dating again in my early 40’s and didn’t know what to expect basically what else I could do. I didn't even know what polyamory is. I never heard that word. Never heard about ethical non-monogamy. I had in the past tried to have a Don't Ask, Don't Tell type situation with my ex-wife when our own sex life was basically floundering. But we, you know, it wasn't really helpful in any way. You know, it was basically this whole diatribe that you're trying to fix your marriage by going to have sex with other people. That doesn't really work if you have, you know, core issues.
>So what happened was that I went on a date with somebody from OKCupid and we had a really high match score like 99%. And I was very excited about meeting her and when we met we had really instant chemistry. And I didn't expect it, but she told me on the date that she was non-monogamous and explained what that means for her. And she said that she was already married before, she had an adult child. She just didn't want to be exclusive with anybody she wanted, she liked to have freedom, wanted to live alone, etc. And I just really connected to it mentally. I just thought, “Yeah, that kind of makes total sense. I really like this person and to date her, that's basically the price of admission, right?” Because that's how, you know, she kind of set her boundaries very clearly. And I just took it on board and said, “Yeah, let's try this.” And I haven't really looked back since. I never really wanted to go back to monogamy at all.
>Yeah. So that was basically the beginning. She told me about some books to read like The Ethical Slut and Sex and Dawn, and I started doing some more research because I like to read and understand more about a topic that I find interesting. And around about 2014 I met someone on speed dating, that was for people who are kind of kinky and poly and non-monogamous etc. and we hit it off. We started seeing each other, we were both seeing other people all the time, and very quickly realised there's a lot of compatibility in our kind of kinks and the things that we like to do together, etc, and activities. So we ended up moving in together within like six months of meeting and that was the first time I was in a nesting polyamorous relationship.

So this man had a failed marriage and actually blamed it on his inherent "polysexuality". and when he was 40, he discovered polyamory and thought, 'Yep, this is going to be my thing now.'

No. 1915340

File: 1697583725419.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1344191994.png)

>capitalism forces polyamory for a lot of people too

No. 1915389

File: 1697592083591.jpeg (648.08 KB, 828x1177, IMG_1071.jpeg)

while looking up the definition for comet i came across these two. the jokes really write themsleves don't they

No. 1915391

File: 1697592542534.mp4 (3.77 MB, 480x852, 3lUWnWndLLLa8LyO.mp4)

Oh it's her >>1905094

No. 1915398

this pisses me off in ways I didn't even know was possible

No. 1915403

This feels like a Psych 101 class assignment where you pair off and come up with a skit demonstrating abusive and imbalanced relationship dynamics. That poor woman, jfc

No. 1915439

Even with the terrible stilted acting, this video did a great job exposing the manipulation tactics poly moids use to gaslight their wives into accepting infidelity. I especially commend the male actor for inhabiting the role of an emotionally abusive sleazy scumbag like he was born to play it. The wife’s depressed defeated body language at the end was also a nice touch. Great PSA, keep getting the message out!

No. 1915479

how is this derailing? Retarded polyamory advocates shilling their shitty books absolutely contribute to consumerism, and these freaks buying woowoo therapy sessions for their shitty drama-filled polycule when the only sensible advice would be to break up is fucking peak consoom for the urban middle class larping as anti-capitalist.

No. 1915482

The worst part is, She's the one running the blog and writing this stuff, she's portraying herself as an insecure pick0me being lectured by a smug liberal white guy with a beanie!

No. 1915552

Are they implying to be zoophiliac also or

No. 1915578

I love how they are trying to make him a good guy who does the right thing by communicating but he just seems like an emotionally abusive and controlling asshole. The body language, wow.

It is probably because they are their fur babies uwu and considered family.

No. 1915758

>white man dismissing and gaslighting a black woman into ignoring her discomfort so he can continue to fuck around

No. 1918772

File: 1698170945937.png (268.2 KB, 283x425, Janet Hardy.png)

So I was looking up the history of polyamory movements, and I think I found the two progenitors of 'feminist polyamory' theory as well as feminist BDSM, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy. Now, I'm not trying to be mean, but one thing that struck me about them was that they were really kinda ugly. Not exactly hideous, mind you, but definitely below the mediocrity line. It got me thinking, it seems to be that embracing polyamory and BDSM is just a refuge for the aesthetically challenged and somewhat nerdy souls out there.

No. 1918791

File: 1698175343204.png (58.24 KB, 540x353, unknown.png)

once again verifying the theory

No. 1918798

She does seems that way, taking about her kidnapping rape bdsm roleplay in front of a crowd of people without any sort of shame.

No. 1918881

The third circle should be "fat"

No. 1918910

i read somewhere that people who are very conservative and prudish are trying to hide how sexually weird they are and people who are openly deviant and hypersexual are trying to hide how sexually boring they are.

No. 1918913

That makes me wonder if she’s low key shading her husband or if the TikToks are a cry for help. Because there’s no way she thinks this makes either of them look good…

No. 1918921

File: 1698199018838.jpeg (33.43 KB, 321x450, C3372AC3-0590-4D81-AD79-F023E0…)

Omg I got a minute in and this old weirdo is talking about roleplaying prom queen and “juvenile delinquent”, wtf is wrong with these freaks? This is Shaynus tier pedo degeneracy. People like this need to be in sanitariums. Pic for reference, I despise when women are moid-brained like this.

No. 1919050

eh, this isn't really pedo/male pornsick shit as much as it's lame fantasy reliving shit. boring ugly nerd women who clearly wanted to be popular using polyamory and bdsm to enact their dreams of being able to be young and attractive and promiscuous.

No. 1919107

File: 1698244279151.png (71.36 KB, 975x831, and fat.png)

No. 1919189

Not everyone ugly or annoying is fat.

t. spoopy fuggo

No. 1919702

i know you're a sooper speshul anachan for whom the world would stop but believe it or not, not everything is directed at you!

No. 1920697

File: 1698489754938.png (73.7 KB, 673x551, bottom middle anachan.png)

she's right though, it should actually be venn diagram with three circles overlapping. i'm just not sure what the other sections would be.

No. 1921058

>annoying and fat
spicy straight woman

>annoying and ugly

troon and/or anachan

>fat and ugly

not sure

No. 1922033

fat and ugly should be fujo or "gay" TIF.

No. 1923600

File: 1699038573387.png (452.28 KB, 1089x695, TLF.png)

This feels abusive somehow

No. 1923683

It feels like an advert for a cult that's also an MLM

No. 1923790

When I looked them up, the women just seemed like standard Instagram models selling themselves. The man is utterly unhinged though; here he is eating raw bull testicles, and this is the second time he has done this, I'm also convinced this is some escort deal and he's their pimp.

No. 1923810

I hope he gets a parasite

No. 1924174

That's fucking vomit inducing. This shit NEEDS a spoiler, please.

No. 1924377

EWWWWWWWWWW WHAT THE FUCK. SPOILER THIS SHIT! On that note, I won't deny that this scrote is poly, but for men. The insta models are just his beards.

No. 1925519

File: 1699445836682.jpg (16.53 KB, 720x696, FB_IMG_1699445664374.jpg)

the admin of polyphilia has been suspended from instagram. I guess she talked about having orgies in detail one too many times

No. 1926405

At least he's honest.

No. 1926649

Saged for blog but I have to put my story in here. So before I met my ex his girlfriend roped him into poly after cheating on him. Her premise was that she couldn’t not cheat and thus must be poly. She played wingman for him, letting him sleep with the girls she picked up, so he was fine with it. Then he started to pursue me. I’m straight and didn’t want to be with the gf but me and him did mess around casually. When I wasn’t interested in sleeping with her she wasn’t cool with it anymore and he was betraying her by being with me. They broke up and he started to pursue me romantically. I was extremely clear up front about not being poly and he said he was ok with that. After we got together I moved in with him and once I had settled in he started pushing the idea that poly was his true sexual identity and that by not accepting him sleeping with other women I wasn’t accepting him for who he was. Laid a huge moral grandstanding guilt trip on me, made me out to be small minded and emotionally stunted, comparing me to his ex, and gave me the ultimatum that if I wouldn’t accept his lifestyle I would have to move out. So whether I stayed with him or not I was going to be living in that one bedroom apartment while he fucked whoever one thin wall away until I could move. I can admit I was pathetic about it back then but I’ve been out of that situation for a long time now. As a result I absolutely loathe polyamory and the ass holes who leverage it for their selfish bullshit. The whole concept is manipulative garbage and the people who promote it are all narcissistic shallow shit bags.(pathetic blogpost)

No. 1926766

There’s always a really culty, pushy tone to it. I’ve experienced people going from talking about how happy and enlightened because of being poly, when that doesn’t make me interested it turns into “live a little”, “you never know if you don’t try it” sort of bargaining, then it turns into insults about being small minded, a prude, boring. It’s so fucking creepy and predatory. Just a trendy way to manipulate people, and make it so people aren’t “allowed” to say no to them because in their eyes, relationships are the only valid barriers and inconveniences keeping them from being able to access you. Happy you’re out of that situation though nona

No. 1926881

>I started dating a poly guy who left his gf for me
>He wanted to be poly with me too
>Shocked pikachu face

I mean did you honestly expect a different outcome

No. 1928168

Going from private school and studying law at Oxford to this feels like a very big "fuck you mom and dad" indeed

No. 1928397

File: 1699985228105.mp4 (3.57 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_162883115_…)

and she's back.

No. 1928447


This is one of the rare times where I agree completely with the mod's red text.

No. 1928923

Hi reddit!

No. 1929420

File: 1700141285230.jpg (167.79 KB, 1125x1609, F4n1oZTWoAIyH85.jpg)

Holy pickme.

No. 1929580

File: 1700159268888.mp4 (2.47 MB, 320x568, bydkRPqxMoKXMsTZ.mp4)

He's really something.

No. 1929604

this guy is like a parody

No. 1929628

why do they all look like this

No. 1929672

File: 1700171109719.mp4 (5.65 MB, ssstikio-1700170823901.mp4)

I mean, he's every RW nutjob's stereotype about liberals come to life. He's a Renaissance re-enactor who is also a 'historical educator' and talks about there being tons of non-white white people in medieval Europe. But he's also an unironic Zionist, and he's polyamorous as well. He feels like he's playing a character, but he's not. He genuinely is like this.

No. 1929738

If he shaved he would look like daniel larson. What an ugly cuck.

No. 1929766

This dude's masculinity is so secure that he felt compelled to take time out of his day to make a Tiktok to tell some random internet troll that no! ackshually he is NOT a cuck! And in fact he is MORE PROGRESSIVE and ENLIGHTENED than you!

No. 1935677

File: 1701356351823.png (3.77 MB, 1231x2048, Z3UNjmp.png)

why are poly people always fat and unattractive?

No. 1935682

These people look ai generated wtf

No. 1935683

Actually if the woman lost some weight, these 3 wouldn’t look near as bad as most poly freaks.

No. 1935692

why are the two moids so short and subby looking?

No. 1935704

They're probably gay for eachother, and she's just their breeding sow
She deserves better

No. 1935713

they really airbrushed children and a baby KEK what the hell, as if they weren't already freaks

No. 1935721

kek, I meant stocky looking, but honestly this works as well.

No. 1935738

That’s the impression I get looking at this picture.

No. 1935780

good for her, I hope she's getting both their incomes kek

No. 1935865

That’s an actual woman right? I get a gay vibe from the men seeing them together but her makeup is also throwing me off. I’m guessing she had the drag makeup done by some gay moid makeup artist.

No. 1935965

The kid in the middle has a weird look. He’s probably seen to much to hide it anymore

No. 1936055

Nah, she's just a fujo. She's living every fujoshi's wet dream.

No. 1936135

>She's living every fujoshi's wet dream.
Being the breeding cow of two fat men, that's the fujoshi wet dream?

No. 1936157

A perverted male feminist professor who groomed one of his teenage students, then threatened to abandon his wife and children if his wife did not accept his new mistress. that's so empowering. His wife and mistress weren't 'hot lesbians with each other' either, they were heterosexual women who were both charmed by Marston.

No. 1936160

I'm sorry anon but I read your description and then watched it and was already laughing in the first few seconds because of how retarded this woman is. The stupid dancing on top of glorifying an abusive groomer as "polyamory history" makes it an unintentional comedic masterpiece. She's such a fucking idiot I'm crying.

No. 1936212

File: 1701456869793.jpg (49.36 KB, 480x382, Marston_Family.jpg)

Since this is on-topic, The poly relationship of William Marston was really fucked up. The basis of Marston's social ideology was that sexual submission and domination were inherent to human beings. However, men dominated too much while women dominated too little. To address and end patriarchal imbalance, Marston believed that BDSM sex and free love were the only solutions. In reality, the relationship resembled more of a man with a wife and a live in mistress. Marston and his wife Elizabeth were working professionals, while Olive, his mistress (who was 19 when she met him), lived with them as their live-in nanny. Olive took care of their four children, two of whom were from Elizabeth and two from Olive.
Olive's children were never informed about their real father until they reached adulthood. Instead, they were raised to believe that their father died in war and that Marston's was a generous man who sponsored their upbringing.

No. 1936485

>"Men have too much sexual power thats why I need to force my wife into accepting my mistress"
moid logic is truly something

No. 1936646

but nonna he occasionally liked being tied up by, that makes him a feminist king.

No. 1936746

File: 1701540312346.mp4 (1.64 MB, 480x852, IHYpctolflHfdiWc.mp4)

I had hoped this has been a bit she was doing, but now it's at its worst possible conclusion and if it's a joke it's not funny anymore, this is genuine Lynchian horror.

No. 1936750

Feeling isecure and unsafe seems golly great during pregnancy, that stress surely wont impact the growing fetus or the mother bonding with the baby later

No. 1936775

imagine growing wity your father being some STD ridden manwhore and your mother a neurotic cuckqueen.

No. 1936780

I can't wait to hear her advice on how women can overcome the irrational and closed-minded feelings of jealousy and neglect that arise when you're changing diapers and losing sleep while he's out railing every teen girl stupid or fat enough to fuck a polyfag, and how actually, sitting at home in misery while 'processing' these feelings will make you feel BETTER and HAPPIER and MORE secure than if you had a real husband who loved you

No. 1936795

I hate this specimen and her broccoli hair

No. 1936869

fucking Blue Monday as the background music? this is beyond parody

No. 1936988

god i hate this ugly retard and her goofy ahh "sexy" dancing

No. 1937289

File: 1701623377587.mp4 (6.9 MB, 480x852, -K0PgV-36BY_FuUa.mp4)

and she made a response video about us ignorant people judging her partner and her totally not fucked up relationship.

No. 1937310

She sounds on the verge of tears every word. Her self-esteem has to be so low it is actually sad.

No. 1937337

File: 1701628237341.jpg (2.14 MB, 3000x3000, disgustang.jpg)

>in what world does a person totally forget about their pregnant wife just because they meet someone they like?
She's gonna be asking this question again for a different reason in 6-12 months, max. also, a prize to anyone who can find a picture of her husband without his face censored, but her substack confirms that she's doing all of this for an uggo who isn't even tall.

No. 1937341

>goofy ahh
Go back to tiktok, retard.(unsaged infighting)

No. 1937346

if its so great why does she have such a pained expression and why does she have to convince us the suffering is all worth it?

No. 1937348

File: 1701629254263.png (150.4 KB, 883x846, number one dad award.png)

Just so you know it's even worse than it already looks, she's been trying to get pregnant for years while he's refused to be the father, tried recruiting other boyfriends who then backed out, and finally decided to have a kid with a random guy she met at a festival. and only then did this one say "call off the sex with a random stranger, I'll impregnate you." What a great choice for the father of her child. I'm sure he'll be playing catch and watching soccer games for years to come.

No. 1937351

I was just to post this, she wanted him to the father of her child for years and he refused and then she got pregnant by another man(maybe also to get a reaction out him) and he still didn't seem to care one bit.

No. 1937367

In a parallel universe this same woman is making a cutesy Tiktok video reminding us that displaying total submission to your husband's desires, even when they come off as "abusive" is how to correctly live a godly lifestyle as a traditional Christian woman.

I wonder if part of her making this video, dancing with her pregnant naked stomach on display, is a subconscious attempt to dab on her babydaddy's side piece, to say "Bitch you are just fucking him - but I have been blessed with carrying his seed"?

Honey the only person you are trying to convince with this video is yourself. Also, I love how she said the word "wife" but put the gender-neutral word "partner" in the subtitles for the woke points.

No. 1937555

im 30 i dont have tiktok i just grew up in the ghetto unsaged sore ass polyfag

No. 1937861

File: 1701712243764.mp4 (2.94 MB, 320x690, mI-W7mtT0ivqR0yV.mp4)

The situation seems worse and worse, she desperately wanted a baby while he didn't. She found a random guy to be the sperm donor, and her husband genuinely doesn't seem to care either way. Come on, girl, please get up and just see he doesn't care about you and he won't care about the baby.

No. 1937973

Mwahahaha this is the best thing I’ve read in lolcow throughout the whole year of 2023.
But wait, is the husband her baby daddy or they got another kid with Sal the festival impregnator?
JFC I thought my family sucked. Poor kid.

No. 1937974

To be fair Christian submissive women aren’t a whole lot different than this one, they’re both handmaids in different ways

No. 1938002

I read somewhere that Elizabeth and Olive kept living together after he died. Is that true? If it is, I'm just curios what kept them living together.

No. 1938016

Nonnie that’s the point I was trying to get across with my comment - liberal poly women who excuse their moids cheating on them and conservative religious women who excuse their moids beating them are 2 sides of the same coin. Both admonish women to be submissive to men, but with different ideological justifications.

No. 1938026

holy shit that poor child is being forced into this "family" for the sake of this stupid selfish woman. She's also potentially fucked for child support when her husband inevitably leaves her. There are no rules that this guy has to support someone else's child and I bet you this random sperm donor isn't expecting to have to pay anything either. The child is so fucked on every level. If the husband doesn't divorce like a month before the due date the kid will be raised around a dude with no connection, love, nor want for them and watching his mom pathetically vie for the man's affections while he's sending his love elsewhere. Again, before the inevitable divorce when mommy suddenly has zero income wondering wtf to do

No. 1938196

>There are no rules that this guy has to support someone else's child
I think it is his child. She was going to go with the sperm donor friend and then her husband changed his mind and knocked her up while she stayed just friends with the potential donor. The whole thing is needlessly convoluted so it's hard to tell just what the fuck is going on, though.

No. 1938387

NTA but in polygamous relationships, especially back in those days, it wasn't uncommon for the wives to still live together after the husband dies.

Main reason is for practicality, i.e. keeping a roof over their heads in a time with limited job prospects for women, as well as helping raise the children. Most of my knowledge is about Mormon polygamists but I imagine it's similar in any poly culture.

No. 1938881

happens in Islamic nations, one of my distant uncles died a few years back and he had two wives, both of them still live together(granted I guess it be easier for them, cause their cousins)

No. 1941401

File: 1702293000166.png (5.19 MB, 2955x1644, Screenshot 2023-12-11 060811.p…)

So apparently giga-soy breadtuber Destiny and his Swedish import wife Melina are currently going through a divorce because of their polyamory KEK this was the same blue haired libtard, mind you, who spent years trying to convince us that he had it made by having an open relationship

No. 1941406

it was only a matter of time

No. 1941410

File: 1702294886480.png (52.32 KB, 990x494, image_2023-12-11_034027026.png)


after about a year, this woman is another step closer to divorce with a condom ultimatum

No. 1941418

File: 1702297307348.mp4 (1.88 MB, 480x852, X3eGeg0nYn4FC6E0.mp4)

This old clip of him also went viral.

No. 1941478

This is written like an arithmetic word problem.

No. 1941649

wow what a shriveled up, dusty ass, rotten banana dingaling ass mfer. may his wife find someone better

No. 1941985

why does this read like a Professor Layton puzzle

No. 1942173

>How can these people best resolve this situation?
Why not, you know, have everyone wear condoms with everyone? If he can't get it up with one on, that's his problem for being a pornsick degenerate.

No. 1943073

Great, now all the mras around him like Fresh and Fit or Sneako will go "see, this happens if you're a leftist feminist cuck"…

No. 1945524

Just goes to show that poly people are exhibitionists more than anything. They just like getting attention for inappropriately bringing up sex, and play victim whenever anyone calls them out on it

No. 1945932

File: 1703182944527.mp4 (3.64 MB, 960x1702, 7OQAPHd.mp4)


No. 1946158

"sometimes I want an hispanic or an asian"
talking of girls like they're takeout. Yuck

No. 1947149

File: 1703511872431.mp4 (18.67 MB, 1080x1920, Sarah Stroh.mp4)

GET OUT, If not for your sake, think of your baby.

No. 1947164

that is some high octane cope. blink twice if you need help

No. 1947165

also hoooooooly fuck I hate therapy speak so much

No. 1947173

File: 1703519772145.png (Spoiler Image,614.98 KB, 596x764, jd6hs.png)

The Hoteps have discovered Polygamy.

No. 1947178

You're late, this has been going on for an incredibly long time. I haven't been checking up on that space for a really long time, so the names escape be unfortunately. Hoteps are quiet different from the people on this thread. Their motivation for doing it is because they think that by having multiple wives they can build a nation and that black men must be worshipped as gods by their wives. They also pose the argument that monogamy is inherently Eurocentric and to adhere to it is to be a victim of white supremacy, even though polygamy isn't as common in Africa and non-western culture as they pretend it is. Even so, the extra wives are literally just glorified servants and prostitutes. The women that go along with this do it because they have intense internalised misogyny and feel like this is the only way they can succeed at being a tradthot. They throw out a lot of spiritual and philosophical nonsense to try to justify this lifestyle, but the reality of it all is because these men just want to be able to sleep with multiple women whilst not feeling tied down and they need to trick as many women as possible to accepting this lifestyle so that they can have as much options as possible for women to suck into their little narcissistic cults. There was one guy who's name escapes unfortunately who was arrested a couple of years ago for reasons i cannot remember, probably to do with fraud since this lifestyle is expensive. He hauled around his harem around south america and there was numerous videos on youtube clowning him.

No. 1947184

I don't know about Africa but happens a lot in Muslim nations, in my my countries it's associated with old feudal lords in the south, even the Islamists consider these guys degenerates.

No. 1947224

Polyamory is so strange to me because in theory, I have no issue with people engaging in relationships with more than one partner as long as it's consensual. But why is it that every "polyamorous" person is either a disgusting predator or a pick-me that backtracks instantly out of jealousy?

No. 1947253

Polyamory is dating around/hookup lifestyle for ugly people, normal looking and attractive people don't need to use such convoluted framework to try and lure in multiple partners, all they need to do is date. Uglies and weirdos struggle to find one partner so they hold onto the one while trying to have their cake and eat it and do their version of "dating around" which is poly

Seems pointless because the extra partners are usually pretty similar to the one they have already.

No. 1947549

it’s people that need constant validation and attention- at face value polyamory doesn’t sound horrible, but when you’re actually around these people they’re deeply insecure emotional vampires who want to feel desired above all else

No. 1947792

for someone who's totes fine with getting cucked she always look on the brink of crying

No. 1948750

Maybe next thread, someone can add to the OP /r/openmarriageregret as it's a nice aggregator for these stories.

No. 1950307

Probably because most healthy people experience jealousy and can admit that to themselves. They understand this applies for their partner as well and dont want to potentially hurt/lose them. Also there would be more all kinds of drama and arrangement issues (like who to spend the day with or who to live with) when more people are involved that would make it not worth it. The people left are narcs who want the validation of multiple partners, doormats who want to please their "primary partner", people who are in relationships for other reasons than caring for the partner (like gold diggers for rich poly scrotes) and of course fugly losers who have no other choice.

No. 1956558

File: 1705602348375.mp4 (9.57 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_video_10000000_3…)

She's just in complete denial of reality, she refuses to acknowledge what is happening to her and the pain it clearly causes her.

No. 1956576

I have a friend who's into that crap. He's married, even.
Oddly enough, he's a fun person to be around. He has the same weird kinks I like. He's very open about sexuality.
But his house is a mess and he made it clear he doesn't want monogamy. That's why I keep turning him down when he asks for sex - and he does it a lot since he's as oneminded as you'd think of a moid.
On the plus side, he never lied to me. He could've easily lied about being married and the polygamy crap and I'd have slept with him. That's why I respect him and we're friends.
But wtf, tho. Just why.(not your personal blog)

No. 1956579

File: 1705605266225.png (163.31 KB, 603x1268, Screenshot.png)

I don't always agree with Jen Izaakson, but she made an excellent thread on polyamory, illustrating what at least 90% of poly relationships are like.

No. 1956639

I actually do think they're having sex. I don't think they're having good and fullfilling sex though. There is so much attention you can give, when you divide it among others it becomes messy. I don't think they can form actual relationships because they don't want to put in the work to show love and find a person that will reciprocate. It's far too instantly gratitous and convenient to be involved with multiple people and ditch them after a simple disagreement instead of putting in the work.

No. 1956739

Leave attachment styles out of this, how your parents treated you has no bearing on becoming a polyfag kek

No. 1956883

I'd argue that it definitely does.

No. 1956886

Tbh I doubt that the polycule fuckers don't get sex. They're not going to hang around each other just for fun and company, most of them are NOT asexual. They're just mainly too weird/ugly/degenerate/self loathing to get into a normal fulfilling relationship with a normal person, so they cope by getting into polyamory. You can get a couple 4's for half of the effort it would take to land one 8.

No. 1957208

I think you have to be really stupid to think these people don't have sex. It's not an accomplishment. The whole point of these types of people having rock-bottom standards is so they can have easy access to sex.

No. 1957489

File: 1705788884200.png (474.34 KB, 666x667, iTSnOcY.png)

The article

No. 1957491

File: 1705788932481.png (2.9 MB, 1439x1448, wThYGoB.png)

>what the author of the article looks like

No. 1957520


I have never met a single polyamorous person that looks even remotely close to any of these models. Not just in natural looks, but just general basic grooming and hygiene

No. 1957522

File: 1705794976038.jpg (430.64 KB, 1079x1096, Sigh.jpg)

This image always comes to mind kek

No. 1957548

No. 1957556

a bunch of horny nerds tbh

No. 1957592

looks aside, i feel like these sort of poly relationships (m/f/m) hardly happen at all, at least i never seem to see them in the wild. most of the time it's two straight/bihet women and one soymoid

No. 1957619

Check tiktok. I've seen some on there and i don't have a tiktok account so I can't search for any.

No. 1957649

File: 1705822023611.png (264.16 KB, 454x454, the o in a million throuple on…)

ive met lots of gay men who are "poly". basically they have a bf/husband they actually like but fuck randoms sometimes because moids are moids. but its always gay men, i don't think i've ever met a lesbian poly couple.
these "poly" relationships between one guy and multiple women is almost always some predatory moid thing. i mean look at onision. these "couples" are so rare because in order for them to exist you need multiple women to agree to have sex with one unnatractive creepy moid and one unnatractive sad woman for "fun". this like, almost never happens unless said women are very young or mentally ill. almost all the cucks on reddit posting about being poly basically mean they have a threesome one time five years ago. theres a reason everything in this thread is likely lies, lies because they have a fetish, or relationships where the actual couple lives together and a third person fucks them occasionally (just one of them though 99% of the time) and not all of them actually living this "poly 24/7" like they claim they claim on reddit because telll me how many of these poly 24/7 people have you met in your life?

No. 1957838

lesbians don’t need to be poly because all of their exes become their best friends and date each other, so it’s equally fucking annoying without the annoying fucking

No. 1957953

The wording of that phrase creeps me out too. "Is your relationship ready" feels like they're implying it's the next logical step in a relationship.

If your partner suggests going poly, your relationship is already dead.(sage your shit)

No. 1958130

Most "bi moids" go for fakebois and think they're special for it or think it's less threatening to their actual gf

No. 1958184

Kek they go for TIFs because they're the easiest targets. Any overweight greasy incel can get a heckin' hansum boyo into his polycule by calling her a 'he'. And you're right about them being less threatening to the women these moids are somehow already in a relationship with. A greasy retard with pronoun pins and no tits will make anyone look good by comparison.

No. 1958187

I mean, I known a few and most are just porn-addicted degens.

No. 1958197

gay men might be the only people who actually live the poly lifestyle, and even then it's really just high promiscuity without all the annoying claims to have a radically different lifestyle.

>i don't think i've ever met a lesbian poly couple

i know one, they're not milky aside from the fact that one is an unattractive polilez who's super into queer identity because she rarely gets attention from men. she would probably drop the act for an attractive moid. typical poly person

>not all of them actually living this "poly 24/7" like they claim they claim on reddit

kekk exactly, it always comes down to them fucking each other once a month and having super convoluted drama and bitterness because they're quite immature. the poly 24/7 thing is really just groups of maladjusted nerds hanging together with none of the good sides of a relationship (cozy moments, growing together, planning things etc)

No. 1958250

at least in the poly-world, or even among spicy straights they use poorly passing fakebois to cheat with and when the gf questions it the moid gaslights her or she isn't allowed to say anything since people around her will accuse her of being transphobic

No. 1961117

File: 1706673445787.jpg (654.61 KB, 1080x1489, Screenshot_20240131-035655.jpg)

Poly moids are a plague