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File: 1664340685345.jpg (842.12 KB, 1202x800, twatch.jpg)

No. 1660389

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1528381

Recent drama:
>Slicker steals money from both friends AND fans, including a cancer patient.
>CrazySlick accused of sexual assault and OTK and crew (emiru, maya, mizkif, mitchjones, etc) are suspected of covering it up
>bonbibonkers/emiru have been allegedly groomed by a discord mod
>Erobb was banned and SA allegations have been coming out
>XQC/Adept break up (again)
>Hasan backs down from calling Destiny racial slurs
>Anisa confirms idubbbz is going to be the main fight for CC2, still butthurt from losing to Dr. Mike

No. 1662235

File: 1664490459043.png (526.82 KB, 1029x719, 1663739693238323.png)

No. 1664137

File: 1664664217343.jpeg (1.98 MB, 4096x4096, 2DC1E900-2333-47E6-9A1D-D74ED7…)

Wish I was on anisa’s copium holy fuck. How do you go from “I don’t use filters or photoshop” to this lol

No. 1664151

maybe she just got hit with a shovel

No. 1666529

the phones more or less beautify by default now. it's a built-in cope co-processor

No. 1670874

File: 1665315176964.jpg (161.81 KB, 1170x1916, 20221009_133216.jpg)

His short vacation is over.

No. 1670882

File: 1665316032992.jpg (198.56 KB, 954x727, Justamoron.jpg)

Justaminx also pretending nothing happened. Back from "getting help" and "not having access to her phone". Surejan.

No. 1671046

File: 1665335595967.jpg (245.08 KB, 1079x521, 190654.jpg)

>>1664137 still simping over ricegum and sad cause someone took a pic of her and she saw it.

No. 1671056


I wanna know which picture got her "spiralling".

No. 1671131

Speaking of people coming back, lol

No. 1671179

this is the worst news, fuck

No. 1671180

File: 1665349393661.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1110, FC6FA206-5A00-4E1F-80A7-1EB860…)

I found this in her tagged. She’s been hanging out with sabina a lot lately(not in pic)

No. 1671183

I hope not. Have you all watch the stream when they broke up and then he called her to discuss? She was gaslighting him the entire time, it was cringe. X needs to gtfo already.

No. 1671186

The absolute state of this man. Look at his fucking hair.

No. 1671188

i havent seen that, can you link it?

No. 1671189

Yeah, I saw it. Don't what they see in each other honestly. He's dirty and likes watching coomershit, and she comes off as someone who doesn't know what she's doing or what she wants. I feel like they're only together because only they know what it's like to be degen streamers if that makes sense.

No. 1671195

I believe its this video. This drama stretched across multple days, so… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRlUsrLTc0Q

Idk, I was uncomfortable hearing them talk. She seems liek a manipulative gaslighter

No. 1671209

Have you ever used an imageboard before…

No. 1671230

It’s not gaslighting they’re both just childish af

No. 1671237

of course x and adept were going to get back together. who else is he gonna date? he's an awkward non-functioning little loser at the end of the day. she's a nobody and he's rich. all she has to do is bring him his meals kek

No. 1671327

You make it sound like adept is dependent on him, it’s the other way around nonnie. Who else will bring xqc his nuggies?

No. 1671397

Is it just me or is this outfit fucking embarrassing?
I’m surprised he still crawled back to her after she talked so much shit about his family during that call, that would’ve drawn the line for me.

No. 1671452

>Is it just me or is this outfit fucking embarrassing?
The fugly haircut is distracting me from it.
>after she talked so much shit about his family during that call
Wouldn't be surprised if they started shit with her first tbh, but if it was the opposite then yeah, that's weird.

No. 1671487

File: 1665386249471.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4096x4096, 29178519-E5C6-4C22-8BB8-BFCD20…)

It honestly feels like they’re going through a teenage phase and went to zumiez for a matching outfit. Kai also said during a party a girl came up to xqc, so adept immediately started making out with him.

No. 1671504

>so adept immediately started making out with him.

No. 1671546

File: 1665396113121.png (49.91 KB, 659x362, ripback.png)

So Twitchcon had a "foam pit" that was improperly set up, it was just some foam shapes over solid concrete and Twitch had a challenge for people to knock each other off of the podiums in it, three people (I can find so far) have received broken/dislocated bones: back, knee and ankle from using it although twitch made them sign a waiver that 100% will not stand up in court due to it failing basically any safety standard

No. 1671548

File: 1665396172755.png (411.42 KB, 668x615, ripknee.png)

No. 1671550

Lol, porn roastie got her back blown out, quite literally.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1671552

No. 1671553

t. salty beef flaps(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1671554

File: 1665397117217.png (57.14 KB, 482x713, 8522853290849795_3813812840.pn…)

People are literally getting injured at Twitchcon and these retards are complaining about getting "misgendered"

No. 1671559

Why are women willingly diving into that thing are they insane

No. 1671563

File: 1665399028706.png (165.56 KB, 500x414, foam_pit2007897.png)

from what I'm seeing people thought and twitch described/marketed it as an actual foam pit meaning the type with layers of foam and a trampoline underneath for impact since that's what they use in tv gameshows and other cons for those podium challenges not some loose foam and a straight drop onto concrete with a gym mat over it, why the fuck was Twitch offering this knock them down challenge as a major event for multiple people if they could and did get seriously injured? the announcer even tried to play it off when someone broke their back by saying "no no she's fine" in the videos of it whilst also trying to joke about it, what was twitch thinking with this?

No. 1671569

mizkif was always ugly but it feels like he got even uglier when he broke up with maya…(sage your shit)

No. 1671574

i literally said that

No. 1671577


I'm assuming they thought it would be as safe as the pits they have at gameshows and skyzone or whatever it's called.

Ya know, not foam blocks with a slab of concrete underneath. What the hell were they thinking? Whoever thought of the foam pit should be thrown into it from 3" high and then fired so they don't have insurance when they break limbs. I swear, corona made the retards even dumber.

No. 1671605

I'd just like to point out that nobody broke their back at Dashcon

No. 1671611

I would.

No. 1671613

I mean these people have been locked in their rooms since they were teenagers, and most of their audience is kids. Ofc they are stunted and act like teens well into their 30s kek.

No. 1671635

prnoun people are fucking dumb
>twitch only put she/her and not she/they noooooooooo

No. 1671641

heard that even after the incident, foam pit was still kept open and the girl that fell with adriana got sent to the ER too

No. 1671659

He’s not the best looking guy, but damn she’s so ugly and can’t dress for shit… I just can’t. Imagine leeching from a millionaire and still looking like that??? WHY ARE THOSE STRAPS HOLDING HER LUMPY LEGS TOGETHER?? There are no excuses.

No. 1671663

Kek how can you tell from a blurry picture with a shitty quality? Both of them look like losers.

No. 1671678

why cant these millenial millionaires do their paperwork and hire actual real professionals? this happens with both youtube and twitch people, they don't hire pr, they don't think about safety or insurance, they are just overconfidently winging absolutely everything and it makes them look so stupid and disorganized. maybe im just a jealous poor person but they all seem like buffoons who don't deserve their money. i hope they lay awake at night with imposter syndrome until one of them fucking hires a real manager.

No. 1671679

File: 1665414574623.png (6.39 MB, 828x1792, A0FE37F3-898E-4EF9-959E-336608…)

The pictures are all over her twitter. Not only are her outfits terrible, she won’t even wash her greasy hair. It’s like she bought all these bags and clothes but they look like a costume on her.
And yeah, they’re both losers. For some reason I expected more of her.

No. 1671684

>I expected more of her.
Why? She is a vapid titty streamer that keeps getting her lips blown up and is bad at video games lol. Why would you expect any more than what you see here?

No. 1671685

File: 1665415428749.jpeg (173.37 KB, 947x2048, 025FFF59-0A06-4D68-9665-197CEF…)

These outfits are a sin.
>that cheap shein spiked choker
You’d think xqc could afford to buy her some nicer quality accessories

No. 1671687

kek she photoshops 20kg off herself.

No. 1671691

If I was that girl I'd start crying, I only just wanted a picture, jfc. Anyway their outfits suck ass. Why doesn't she just start hitting him? The pants are fine but that fucking hot topic shirt and chain(?). Why is she wearing several pairs of knee pads?

No. 1671697

I think it would be stupid to be in a relationship with a millionaire and not use it as an advantage to better urself in any way possible. She puts no effort in her streams, she doesn’t work out or has a healthy lifestyle, she doesn’t cook or clean after her manchild (their living conditions are nasty and he orders fast food all day). What the hell does she do with her time? You’re right, shouldn’t expect anything. It’s just crazy to me.

Catfish angles lmao

No. 1671741

Holy shit I'm surprised she didn't yell at that announcer to stfu.

No. 1671746

File: 1665420594520.jpeg (589.01 KB, 828x1289, D3C87E98-901F-4FBB-BEA4-CBFDE1…)

>had no knowledge of a previous incident
Can they sue Amazon as well?

No. 1671747

File: 1665420615603.jpeg (810.45 KB, 828x1350, EFDFE0CD-65BF-4CCA-8BED-30716F…)

No. 1671749

File: 1665420730502.jpeg (410.53 KB, 828x1277, 1938D2FE-23E4-44A6-9DA0-18E06C…)

No. 1671752

File: 1665420894985.jpeg (594.59 KB, 828x1340, 39279C01-AC2A-4255-A9DE-B05872…)

No. 1671759

she's wearing a prada bag in the other pics. who knew twitch groupies would have bad taste in style?

No. 1671842

this one broke her ankle doing a balloon chase event thing, had nothing to do with the pit, people keep spreading that wrong story

No. 1671850

i'll say. it's pointing the wrong way

No. 1671868

i hope they sue the fuck out of twitch

No. 1671879

mizkif is already back and the community is welcoming him with open arms… sigh

No. 1671881

File: 1665433172071.webm (16.07 MB, 1920x1080, loooooooooooooooool.webm)

YourRAGE says Adept pulled XQC away from a girl he was talking to at the club and started making out with him in front of her… Embarrassing

No. 1671905

File: 1665435728185.jpeg (504.26 KB, 1125x1069, 524AAB37-0A8C-4854-84D3-9F49AD…)

Kacey blasting miz for his current stream. I agree with her but also wish it wasn’t kacey saying it lmao

No. 1671914

Kek won't this hurt them too because they're barely holding themselves up?

No. 1671978

She has the most fucked up fanbase

No. 1671988

File: 1665443645709.jpg (1.05 MB, 600x3416, wew.jpg)

No. 1671994

Does these people expect their own private lounge and service people when attending events jfc

No. 1671996

I mean If you can't handle standing in queues maybe your shouldn't go to a bunch of meet and greets. I don't doubt twitch should have been more accommodating but she needs to take some responsibility for herself and learn her own limits.

No. 1672001

if they had a separate line for that at Twitchcon, there would only be one line

No. 1672015

File: 1665448221521.jpg (615.39 KB, 1076x812, wtflmao.jpg)

Anisa stole all the shoulder from idubbbz lol

No. 1672060

Her arms are so ugly omg and they both look like they smell terrible.

No. 1672146

Which one of you xqcfags did this?

No. 1672178

meth-head aesthetics. Ian looks like he's about to ask me for a couple bucks.

No. 1672183

File: 1665469139935.jpg (94.98 KB, 1024x1069, pedo.jpg)

what the fuck was going on at Twitchon this year at this point its worse than Dashcon or even Rainfurrest

>someone molested xqc at twitchcon as well as people trying to get at/touch random streamers and security did nothing to stop it

>security not preventing people jumping on stage when Megan the stallion was performing >several people were seriously injured in the foam pit and staff tried to cover it up
>people in general (not just disabled people) were getting trampled and crushed due to lack of crowd control/not properly setting up queues to to see streamers
>people were getting completely wasted and causing problems (harassing random people and vandalising shit) but staff did nothing even when told directly
>people were apparently getting drinks spiked onsite
>some streamers stalker showed up and security did nothing
>multiple people were wearing graphic hentai/porn shirts
>they let Call me Carson the known pedo groomer into the venue but sykkuno was removed for some reason by staff
>didn't follow their own IDing policy (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult) they have up on the website so there were children wondering around unattended
>twitch overbooked the venue above its capacity

honestly with all this shit i'll be surprised if twitch can book a venue next year Cons have been blacklisted for less and staff did nothing about the vandalism, gave up on IDing people and then straight up let Call me Carson the pedo in

No. 1672205

>security did nothing to stop it
Convention staff are hired to manage lines and check badges, nothing more according to them. I’m surprised most people didn’t have their own personal security hired and miraculously nobody was murdered

No. 1672213

File: 1665472247656.png (80.87 KB, 800x701, balls.png)

they weren't even doing that, people were supposed to have a covid test badge and be verified 18+ or to have a guardian if under 18 but by the end of the first day they just stopped bothering, they didn't even manage lines either people were skipping queues by pushing their way through or trying to climb over things to get into the events

No. 1672269

Oh darn, looks like she won’t be able to make her degenerate porn and degrade other women for a long time. What a shame. Sucks she’ll get rich off the lawsuit. Why was this groomer allowed at a convention with kids in the first place?

No. 1672274

They let Callmecarson attended so they clearly don't give a fuck about that kind of thing

No. 1672340

What’s the stalker story, source ?

No. 1672408

Of course i know her, she's me.

No. 1672409

Had me in the first half security giving her trouble with her service dog, lost me in the second half with her autism.

No. 1672495

File: 1665501099745.jpeg (488.4 KB, 828x1169, B4014193-8009-4267-B76E-6D22A7…)


No. 1672496

File: 1665501231804.png (457.78 KB, 595x835, FDB73D4D-C223-44AF-BA48-AB2388…)

No. 1672497

File: 1665501359537.jpeg (234.55 KB, 1228x1203, 4305EDC1-0727-47A7-AF1E-84C9F8…)

No. 1672500

i really dont like hasan steroids AND trafficked prostitutes abuser piker but these are not news. some other nona mentioned it in old threads i think even with h3h3 he mentioned this recently too. its not a secret by any means just kinda shows hes a grifter of whatever is popular.

No. 1672501

What is tyt?

No. 1672506

not surprising, these people have no real identity and will change themselves to whatever niche that makes them most popular, Andrew Tate could have easily been someone like Hasan and vice versa

No. 1672507

He was a PUA

No. 1672511

left-wing news channel on youtube

No. 1672513

Internet Historian doc when?

No. 1672532

friendly reminder that hasan piker does not have any political opinions outside of "america bad" because i know there are probably commie girlies on here who watch him

No. 1672543

File: 1665505003210.jpg (121.87 KB, 675x900, Feu1EJVWIAAf8Ui.jpg)

>me and my friend are autistic and they said we could meet Karl, George and ranboo, we met ranboo then the staff turned around and said we couldn’t meet the rest, the sudden change caused me and my friend to go into meltdowns
>dyes her fucking service dog

Just no.

No. 1672682

Okay if you are this fragile and require this much special treatment to do something as normal as wait in a line, you literally should not be going to conventions. Just stay home Jesus christ

No. 1672739

Is one of the 'not allowed' pictograms literally 'no looking at my dog'?

No. 1672792

This got retweeted into my feed, from seeing her tweets and all the related rts and tweets I can confirm nobody attending twitchcon should be outside.

No. 1672817

Probably like, don't make prolonged eye-contact or just generally try to get the dog's attention.

No. 1672827

Hasan and Mizkif are two of endless examples that scrotes just get away with anything.

No. 1672831

I feel pretty bad for Maya, she's the only person who was consistent in her story during the CrazySlick drama and who seems to actually feel bad for how she acted. Now Miz is back with no backlash, her best friend QT is hanging out with Xqc after he shit on them, and her Halloween event is cancelled. She really got thrown under the bus.

No. 1673207

lmaoing @ xqc's mostly moid audience laughing at his story in the stream chat meanwhile the youtube comments are filled with "BUT IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED NO ONE WOULD BE LAUGHING!!!!!" as if the twitch chat is women making fun of him.

love to see moids bringing moids down

No. 1673226

a lot of the comments are shitting on his chat specifically though tbf

No. 1673230

also, I'm samefagging, and I hate x, but I do feel bad for him in this situation if he's telling the truth. He does exactly what a taken man should do in this situation and he still got aggressively harassed. Absolutely no shot is it a significant amount of women doing this shit compared to men, and I don't think this is a SEE WOMEN ARE FUCKING SHITHEADS TOO!! situation, but I do empathize. Hopefully one day men realize they are their own problem lmao.

No. 1673309

this is old as shit so I'm saging but I never saw it posted in any of the previous threads or mentioned at all.

No. 1673313

God he moves like a shadow of a man he used to be. Vidrel, he was awkward back then but holy fuck at least he seemed more confident than he does now

No. 1673318

>Why Idubbz Stopped Doing Edgy Humor
Should change it to fucking Anisa.

No. 1673320

She should stop slapping her horse's head to me to feel bad for her. Honestly, she should've known better and now she is blameless cos she is so small and innocent just a bird girl uwu. Annoying af.

No. 1673326

Is there a clip of her doing that? If that happened, I feel like she got her karma when she got slapped by Rick and Cyr.

No. 1673327

No. 1673328

And when she got shot in the air by the big chuck of lard.

No. 1673333

lmfao Twitch should just never have any events ever.

No. 1673695

I don't keep up with this thread and am not super familiar with the people here, so I'm not trying to wk her if you guys hate her but…what the fuck? I hate men so much. Why did they feel the need to slap her so hard? And then they're cracking up even though it looks like that really hurt. She didn't even slap them half as hard. I would immediately distrust a man who feels okay with doing that to me.
She may not be uwu smol and innocent but she is quite literally small in comparison to these dudes. Idk these vids just made me super uncomfortable.

No. 1673972

I think Maya just likes physical comedy and actually finds it funny to get hit and thrown and stuff, so she encourages it. Plus the whole point of the tortilla slap challenge is that it makes a really loud smacking sound but doesn't actually hurt.

No. 1674028

File: 1665617403291.jpg (114.3 KB, 2127x1176, Fe5PfiqUoAIm-FU.jpg)

looks like kaceytron weighed in on emiru defending mizkif the other day

confirming what everyone knows, she's been fucking him for the past year

No. 1674040

How can she feel so strongly about creepy moids but date one who tried to cover up for another creepy moid who was her friend and she didn’t apparently click once that he was a fuckin weirdo. I’ve seen the way Slick would hover around in her room while emiru is just trying to stream and do stuff. She acts so aware but she totally isn’t. She’s going to get hurt and most likely pretend to be blind and naive about it then move onto the next creepy moid.

No. 1674041

Really makes me wonder if she may have cheated on Darius before. I remember they had a public breakup meltdown on Twitter (mostly by her) for a few deleted tweets and a few months later they actually broke up.

No. 1674047

I’ve heard about this and cannot find any of the deleted tweets archived anywhere but apparently Dyrus said to Emiru that he didn’t really love her. I think he was in the midst of some mindfuck depression but shiet I wouldn’t say that to a partner of 4+ years lmao. Emiru flipped her shit and gave it another chance but then noped out later. Dyrus later on said he regretted how he handled it. I see absolutely no evidence of how she cheated on him but who knows.

No. 1674048

she just doesn't care, mizkif gives her clout and money so she fucks and supports him

just like dyrus before him, just like whoever she'll move onto next

assuming she can find someone bigger, mizkif is still holding high views and making bank so she'll keep sucking that dry

No. 1674050

yeah the tweets were about dyrus said something really fucked up to her, she never clarified what it was, but that she broke up with him for it, then they got back together when he apologized and she gave him another chance

that was in the spring, then they broke up around september, 2020 and she moved out in january 2021

was never a word about cheating from either party

No. 1674057

i think kacey is stating the obvious but actually has no insider information. kacey has been living in bumfuck nowhere with her family, she doesn't have clout like she used to. Also I don't trust her right now when she's pulling a Maya and trying to cover up her defending a sexual predator.


No. 1674061

she was just at shitcamp or whatever with maya and qt and has always talked to them, no reason to doubt she knows about mizkif and emiru

lots do, ludwig knows and booked them into one hotel room earlier this year, his nobody friend outed it on stream

No. 1674063

dude why do you keep bringing up dyrus ITT holy fuck, do YOU want to fuck him?

im not denying that emiru/miz are dating, im just saying kacey has a track record of lying for attention and we shouldnt use her as proof

No. 1674065

that's a post being negative about emiru, nothing about it is positive about dyrus, he's just part of the emiru story

nobody here cares about that fat loser, anyone who falls for emirus leeching deserves it

No. 1674302

anon you are a retard istg

No. 1674372

Right? Kek I KNOW there’s a dyrusfag ITT, if not the cucklord himself lol it’s like they’re scared that people will forget that Emi chose clout.

No. 1674452

I'm pretty sure it's him.

No. 1674529

Nonny, you are a delusional schizo. I am one of the anons who just brought up Dyrus because the only reason why Emiru got famous in the first place was because of Dyrus. This woman leeched off him and now he is leeching off a different one. Hopefully, fugly-kun Mizkif will quit Twitch because I don't understand how he got popular in the first place. I don't give a shit about Dyrus, I am just a LoLfag who used to contribute in old LoL e-girl threads. But i am glad you are standing a misogynistic queen, you go girl.

No. 1674633

you are out of your mind, there's not a single post stanning or even mildly complimenting that fat loser

every single mention is people just using him as ammo to shit on emiru, because he's the first big streamer she fucked for clout and money

he's a prop to the story, no one cares what happens to him beyond him being evidence of her awfulness from the start

No. 1674677

>brought up Dyrus because the only reason why Emiru got famous in the first place
Literally everybody knows this though, it’s just restating the obvious. Oh hey guys just a reminder WATER IS WET.

No. 1674682


pointing out someone has a track record of shit behavior by citing that past shit behavior to support current claims of more of it is standard and normal

otherwise you then get her whiteknights trying to act as if shes never done anything bad before and emiru is just a poor uwu girl and she's totally not fucking mizkif for clout and money she would never!

No. 1674850

yeah okay maybe if it was reddit, but we aren't fucking LSF, she has a thread here. WE KNOW. You don't have to bring your intro paragraph every fucking time.

No. 1674876

File: 1665710424644.jpg (343.25 KB, 1875x1182, mizkifsarapist.jpg)

new mizkif accuser, this one is saying he was both the assaulter and coverup artist

emiru taste in men continues to be proven awful, how many fake tears will we get this time

No. 1674911

I wonder how it would even dox her.

No. 1674972

Having the information go out someone as a sexual abuser and coverup artist versus NAAAAH IM JUST GUNNA VAGUE HINT ABOUT IT ON TWITTER

This is why men don’t believe women. Come right out and say it dumbass.

No. 1675037

Outside of Emiru/Miz, Valkyrae/Hasan, Fuslie/Blaustoise are there other major streamers that are "secretly" dating?

No. 1675071

He has Covid.

No. 1675117

you sound like an aggressive wk kek

No. 1675169

Fuck I hate this kind of vague tweeting. Does this bitch understand how not credible it makes her look? No one will take her seriously.

No. 1675210

>Adriannah Lee is labeled as a clout-chaser

>Maya gets railroaded off the platform

>All the large male streamers go back to business as usual

Many such cases

No. 1675224

Always has been. Nobody even cares anymore because they had a new thing to pretend to seethe about this week. Female streamers on the other hand will get no respite until they Break and leave.

No. 1675254

Maya could come back and be totally fine, and Adriannah actually is a desperate clout chaser obviously since she collaborated with keemstar among other things. Crazyslick is completely cancelled and excommunicated

No. 1675263

Maya cancelled herself like Jenna Marbles.
She could easily just come back and stream like normal if she wanted to.
All she would have to do is ignore the whole situation and ban people questioning it and she would be fine.
It worked for Giantwaffle and other people.

No. 1675516

did anyone catch why rich and cyr were denied entry into singapore? i tried watching cyrs stream yesterday but he's insufferable

No. 1675540

More like tired of the vendetta moids bringing her up to segway into asking for her underage nudes

No. 1675617

no one here is asking about those, you're the only one who keeps bringing it up and it's weird. others are focused on what a piece of shit and grifter she is. where the fuck did all these wk's come from?

No. 1675621

agree, that person is a wk bringing that shit up again when its not even in here to try to distract from the real shit about emiru in this thread

that she's fucking and defending a sexual predator like mizkif for clout and money for instance

No. 1675758

>where the fuck did all these wk's come from?
Gooners on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube. They're everywhere. Anytime I see a comment that criticizes her, they're always in the replies with one worded insults like uneducated children. She happily caters to them though.

No. 1675935

I was accused of wking for emi before but I think women just need to stop using gendered attacks against each other. She is a grifter who has slept her way to success no doubt. She's also annoying af and has a lot of internalized misogyny. She needs enlightenment.

No. 1676029

Somehow being a pick-me is worse than being the scrote who directly enables abuse

No. 1676173

>gendered attacks
where do you think you are

No. 1676535

File: 1665893264927.png (302.29 KB, 1208x1293, ayumi story.png)


her story was posted, it is sexual assault but i don't know that people will treat it like they should

mizkif is a pig

No. 1676613

Amouranth is live exposing her husband for being abusive and controlling. He had been controlling her finances, threaten to kill her dogs, verbally abusing her, threatening to close her social media.

No. 1676618

crazy that she's talking about millions. anyway i hope she can get out of this situation. her husband is nothing but a leech in every aspect

No. 1676621

I knew nothing of her before but this >Vice clip almost made me cry. She makes millions but seems so deeply unhappy and out of it

No. 1676623

His existence has been known for a while and always was a bit sketchy but the level of control it seems he had was insane. He's totally unhinged like she's actually in danger right now

No. 1676632

Wtf.. hope it gets better for her.

No. 1676712

File: 1665927211984.png (820.08 KB, 1393x634, wtf.png)

I had no idea who this is, so I googled and saw that her youtube is full of "trying on sexy lingerie" videos. How sick if it's her husband who made her do this and profited of it.
I hope she is safe, poor thing.

No. 1676717

has anyone seen the men who are saying amouranth's meltdown on twitch "feels fake" ?? it "feels" like the men saying that shit are extremely dangerous and need to be alone forever

No. 1676719

There is such a dissonance in still being dressed in full titty streamer garb while you cry about your husband being controlling when no doubt the crowd she panders to are carbon copies of the husband

No. 1676721

Holy fuck… I don’t like Amouranth’s content obviously. I’m genuinely shocked. She was going through so much all this time. She was subjected endless hate and harassment for years from the outside and behind closed doors. She didn’t even have the security of money…
I know abused woman syndrome is a hell of a bitch but man how the fuck did it ever get this bad. Surely she can find the right help and I hope she heals. Kill all men seriously.

No. 1676724

scrote file names and unsaged cumbrain posting, go back to LSF

No. 1676728

Yeah the scrotes reaction is disgusting. I’ve seen so many basically being like she deserved it, she’s a dumb bitch, and that they’re not surprised that she’s abused.

No. 1676731

Fucked up I’m sure she doesn’t feel like anyone would get in her stream to hear her if she didn’t. This woman has been treated like an object by everyone around her 24/7 for years. If you ever came in her chat out morbid curiosity you’d immediately want to kys.

No. 1676732

The victim blaming is completely disgusting. As if abusers aren't manipulative and good at acting nice as well.

No. 1676733

File: 1665928990498.jpeg (125.11 KB, 720x830, D81326B3-F80B-4F2F-BFB9-4145E6…)


No. 1676736

Yeah, that's why I'm not surprised most of her subs don't care about her and thinks she deserves it. She's not a person to any of them, just a means for an orgasm or money. I wonder how the other OF girls are going to react.

No. 1676739

silly moid. to be so jealous of a woman that gets money doing what she does… so undignified of you

No. 1676740

I hope the OF girlies wake the fuck up. So many of them are in relationships with a moid and paying for his life. The happy sex worker doesn’t exist.

No. 1676741

Don’t engage with the attention whore.

No. 1676742

This makes a lot of sense in that it's always been hard for me to believe that Amouranth was doing all of her degrading content willingly. The hot tub shit, the ear licking shit…it's crazy to have confirmation it was all a scrotes idea, finally

No. 1676744

I genuinely doubt she’ll stop once she leaves him though. While I’m not surprised shes been in this type of relationship and obviously the scrote should delete himself, I doubt she will stop shilling her ass for minors on twitch and will continue down the path she is on with or without the aid of a scrote in her personal life gaslighting her to do it.

No. 1676746

I believe that she will, tbh. Or at least do it less lewdly, and will do more things that is gaming/animals because I know she really likes animals and horses.

No. 1676751

It rubbed me in such a wrong way when men say stuff like she looks dead inside. They’re always so completely devoid of empathy for women, only rabid hatred for “whores”. I knew she always looked sad and dissociated to hell and back. I knew she can’t possibly be mentally okay when dealing with the worst of scrotes constantly. Male degeneracy is extreme health and occupational hazard.
I hope when she’s ready she elaborates on how she ended up with no control over her finances or even social media without any safety precautions. At this level of wealth she ought to have financial advisors and such.
Yeah sadly, I believe this too. She built her whole brand on this… the saddest part is her numbers will probably never recover from this. Amouranth has exposed herself to be a human being with feelings and trauma, “baggage”. That gets in the way of the coom. Even her most devout simps only operate in delusions, totally conditional. I hope all the rich fuck streamers come through for her, so many of them also exploited her for views.

No. 1676754


I don't think she'll stop either since that's all she knows, but I think it will be less sexual if that makes sense.

I'd hope so too, but probably not. No one's boyfriend or husband would ever do that to them, until it happens. Personally if I was a Sex worker I'd want nothing to do with men outside of their money. Any man that's okay with their partner doing sex work is automatically scummy.

No. 1676757

isn't this the pickme who abused her cat? regardless, no one deserves to be in an abusive relationship and i hope she gets out.

No. 1676760

File: 1665931916329.jpg (72.48 KB, 640x757, amourant_husband_nick_lee.jpg)

>how she ended up with no control over her finances or even social media
She married him 7 years ago when she was 21 before she was famous. It's become clear he was a huge part of her operation and controlled basically everything from her surgeries down to her working hours. He even convinced her it wasn't legal to have her own separate bank account when she was married. The level of control was so extreme it's highly unlikely she has her own financial advisors or lawyers. It kind of seems like she doesn't even have her own real friends.
No that was Alinity. Amouranth's lifelong obsession is to fund animal rescue centres or something like that.

No. 1676767

File: 1665932809177.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.11 KB, 953x838, tumblr_nhqf3j5SGM1r2ev9ro1_128…)

lol what, I thought this was some super deep secret but theres pics of them online? why are the scrotes that spent thousands of dollars on her acting surprised now? i guess i shouldnt be surprised considering theyre retarded enough to believe they can win titty streamers heart by throwing money at them
spoilered for cursed content

No. 1676772

She was just a nerdy horse girl. You can see her awkwardness and introversion in non-sexual irl streams or collabs. This freak quite literally pimped her out.

No. 1676775

File: 1665933555428.png (521.26 KB, 500x702, vk27782g80c11.png)

Most people are not completely detached from reality and are just pretending to be mad, or ironically offering to wk for her. Of course she does attract a lot of morons too. There was a lot of drama about it years ago, especially the fact that it's an AMWF relationship. There was also this infamous hilarious leak of a conversation with one of her mods. It seems fake but it was actually completely real. I don't think anyone knew it was abusive until today though.

No. 1676776

>Free! fujo
Based. I hope she has a support system and make it through this.

No. 1676778

It's so weird seeing her real face. I wonder if he made her get all the plastic surgery too

No. 1676779

I remember her reacting to this on the h3 podcast and saying its fake (understandable) but holy shit reading it again is a ride
>let the wildebeests roam…
>you may not know this but I actually do watch her streams after yours are over
>things are looking up for me (and down for you)
For my own mental health I have to believe it's satire

No. 1676781

Their faces in this pic are legit terrifying

No. 1676802

wow its almost as if sex work is super predatory and not this empowering "job" that men want women to think it is
hope she gets the help she needs, genuinely worried about her

No. 1676809

File: 1665936342175.jpg (90.43 KB, 750x516, a.jpg)

Sometimes I wish I could pretend that people who think like this don’t exist, of course women get into abusive relationships for the “drama”

No. 1676810

This is why you shouldn't date men with small dicks. They have a juvenile mentality

No. 1676829

Some women are addicted to the drama tbh. There’s always those couples who brag about how psycho and jealous they are to everyone.

No. 1676830

Based husband helping them both get rich. She should thank him.(male)

No. 1676831

Why did she stream it? That was cringe. Almost as cringe as the whiteknights pouring in afterwards while she ignores them. Kek.

No. 1676832

Wow she used to be so ugly

No. 1676835

Obvious ploy to get more simpbux donations. Anyone who can’t see through it is low IQ.

No. 1676837

I don't know if the conversation is being hijacked or what, but I've seen lots of people dismissing this. Even on lsa they were acting all, "don't believe her. White women etc.".
I bet if she was a Troon being abused they'd believe that no question asked or a scrote claiming to be abused by a woman.

No. 1676838

The problem is that she’s a woman and I don’t respect her( male)

No. 1676843

For her safety, you decrepit emotionless fuck. And also because she has been doing this for so long, with the schedule she had, she doesn't exactly have a lot of friends. It is possible to have money and attention and be sad, I feel like people just cannot compute those two co-existing because they crave money and attention so badly themselves.

No. 1676844

How can she get more simpbux if they don’t like she has a husband? Kek
Tbh I think it’s fair that she’s airing it out on stream. She’s obviously not happy with what she’s doing and want her fans to know it’s not actually her.

No. 1676846

Heres the vod for it, it happened after like 13 hours of streaming
She walks away with her phone around 55:00, comes back at 2:27:30 (you can see shes been crying), plugs her phone in and hits unmute at 2:28:56. It seems like she was trying to get him to repeat himself on camera, which is a smart move
There's a bit about threesomes at 2:31:50 which I didn't see anyone clip? He asks her why she'd only want to have threesomes with men, to which she replies she didn't want to have threesomes at all (sounds like he wanted to fuck another girl and got mad when she wasnt into it, typical moid behaviour)
I'm not gonna watch the whole thing now but the dude sounds actually insane

Continuing to stream while you walk off to talk on your phone would be weird for other streamers but she literally streams all day so I guess huge pauses like this are normal

No. 1676847

What the fuck is wrong with men? They lack empathy, they’re probably sympathizing with her husband.

No. 1676849

I’m watching the stream. If she’s faking it then she’s better actress than half of the hollywood which I doubt

No. 1676882

>Sexy woman doesn't go for me (a complete stranger)?????? Then she deserves every misery that befalls her! If she had chosen me none of this wouldn't have happened you filthy sloooooot.

tl;dr: moids go apeshit towards their object of desire when said object of desire doesn't notice them back.

No. 1676885

I mean she was really candid in a OTV chat where she revealed she really enjoyed crossdressing and being a cool guy. She said she got fake tits and did lewd things because she wanted to fund her cosplay life, which I thought was sad at the time, but now that I know she was being forced to be sexual, it makes the whole situation even sadder. Honestly would not surprise me if she transitions, being a woman is suffering.

No. 1676895

Yeah I can see how someone could be suspicious after watching the couple clips but if you actually listen to the whole call and watch the stream it's obviously real. They didn't even clip some of the worst parts imo
If you can only watch 10 minutes I recommend skipping to 2:46:40. I love it when he realizes she was streaming the call and starts stuttering, what a piece of shit.

No. 1676896

Obvious ploy to get more simpbux donations. Anyone who can’t see through it is low IQ.

No. 1676903

Fuck off femcel/incel.

No. 1676907

this is why i hate it when some anons are brutally hateful towards sex-workers because even the successful ones like her will still have a pimp boyfriend who controls her.

No. 1676930

File: 1665947829236.png (44.79 KB, 275x174, 1658034688985.png)

Scrotes really come out of the woodwork huh. Fuck off back to reddit, better yet commit suicide.

No. 1676931


No. 1676937

Preach. At the end of the day, all us farmers hate men

No. 1676945

all the fucking moids believed emirus fake ass crying but say ammouranth is fake ??? lmao

No. 1676947

Nah I’m pretty sure they called her weirdchamp for crying for miz too. It’s anti-female everywhere

No. 1676951

This entire site is built on shitting on women, most of the bigger cows are sexworkers. Why do we suddenly pretend we care about them? Lol. I don't give a single fuck about Amouranth or that she has to dry her tears with 100 dollar bills. Call me a scrote, whatever, I don't feel bad for women who chose to prostitute themselves. Saying none of them would do it without a man puppeteering in the background is just wrong and dumb and honestly kind of patronizing.

No. 1676953

agreed. bunch of simps in here

No. 1676955

File: 1665949988358.png (3.03 MB, 2545x1121, dextero.PNG)

No. 1676958

She didn't choose to do this, he got her into this, he is like a Romeo pimp. He's controlling her money the whole time. Nobody is saying none of them would do it without a scrote puppeteering in the background, but this is literally a case where it is, you hear him say it verbatim. So what the fuck are you on about?

No. 1676962

IIRC aren't there screenshots from years ago of her husband bragging about bagging her on some incel forum? He had also posted their dms and photos of her. Always felt like a huge red flag to me.

No. 1676963

>it's okay for women to be abused if they're rich and show their tits!!

No. 1676964

If Shayna or Moo said that a man is making her do her porn would anyone here suddenly feel bad for her? Would you call to delete her threads? Nah because they are grown ass women who make their own choices. By saying she would never do porn if it wasnt for a man you are robbing her of all agency, which is ridiculous. She is just getting older and having whores regret, same as Trisha Paytas is currently. They all eventually regret it and then it's always "I was groomed, it wasn't even my choice!" Bullshit.

No. 1676968

She didn't just "say" that, she shared the whole phone conversation and the guy outed himself. She doesn't even get to keep her own money, he controls the bank accounts, so what do you think she's getting out of this? The only one who robbed her of her agency is her husband, not any of us. Stop protecting pimps.

No. 1676969

>whores regret
I can smell your dick cheese from here, neck yourself.

No. 1676970

boo fucking hoo. She's a grown ass woman who made poor decisions.

No. 1676973

>worthless male seething
Imagine coming to a woman's website to shit on a clearly abused woman because the stench of your own sausage-infested shithole site even puts you off. Get the fuck out of here, cockflaps.

No. 1676975

No because there's proof of years of shayna choosing this fucking life. So no, most wouldn't have sympathy or believe Shayna. I don't know about moo, but fuck off eith the Shayna comparison. She's not the same as this Twitch lady in fact shayna would probably be shitting on this girl if she had enough followers to geta away with it. Holding scrotes accountable and calling out the dark side of sex work is the exact opposite of what Shayna stands for. Shayna cries abuse at anything that doesn't go her way

No. 1676976

>They all eventually regret it and then it's always "I was groomed, it wasn't even my choice!" Bullshit.
how can you say that and not realize that most of them are indeed victims of pimps and a system made to brainwash them into thinking they're empowering themselves? her husband sells her on the idea of streaming something she enjoys doing anyway while he handles the business side and suddenly he's controlling all of her accounts and wants her to do more and more depraved shit
in the end even the whores that pick it for themselves don't deserve as much hate as the men who allow the system to work in the first place

No. 1676982

low IQ. You're too emotionally invested in this.

No. 1676990

You've been making multiple posts trying to convince people you're a woman and that they shouldn't care about a scrote abusing a woman because "muh shayna/moo". Stop projecting your IQ and obsessions.

No. 1676992

>thinking we're the same anon
Like I said, low IQ.
>projecting your IQ and obsessions
you're so lost lol(infighting)

No. 1676993

such moid posting style. either you ara a scrote, or the most pathetic woman on this site. kek

No. 1676994

I believe her, a lot of these hot tub streamers' and onlyfans girls' "boyfriends" are probably just abusive pimps.
how else can a man accept selling his gf's dignity for money? amouranth's pre twitch pics are so jarring compared to her now

No. 1676995

Yeah, I saw the "N-Not the same anon" shit coming a mile away. Not fooling anyone, no one from this place would take offense at a scrote getting his LARP exposed except the scrote in question or his fellow failed online tranny. If you actually do have two X chromosomes, you're literally licking men's asses for nothing lmao.

No. 1676996

>ITT nonnies don't know what a classic pimp and hooker situation is

No. 1677007

>take offense at a scrote getting his LARP exposed except the scrote in question or his fellow failed online tranny
lol your poor brain

No. 1677010

Of course a scrote wouldn't understand "shitting on woman just for the sake of shitting on her". It's valid to criticize sex work, it's scrote shit to excuse male violence and abuse because a woman got brainwashed into selling sex. Fucking die already all of you.

No. 1677012

File: 1665954264534.png (116.28 KB, 601x508, FS4hjFeWYAEh7YR.png)

Malding and balding

No. 1677024

you know malding means mad and balding, right? Ty for proving my point, again.

No. 1677027

There are tons of cows on here that have boyfriend pimps that still get shit on, like Belle. Why is Amouranth different? Sorry but I just don't feel bad for sexworkers, especially Onlyfans hoes, they aren't traunatized the same way women in porn or prostitutes are. You are crying cause you took pics of your ass in your own bedroom for years? Boo fucking hoo.

The moralfagging ITT is ridiculous since there are so many sexworker cows on here that none of you feel sorry for.

No. 1677030

they're her paypigs kek

No. 1677037

Anisa is a “sex worker” and I don’t feel bad for her because no one is forcing her. She constantly cries about how sexwork empowers her, cures her dysphoria, and gets her paid.

I feel bad for amouranth because she doesn’t want to do this but her husband forces her too. Simple as.

No. 1677038

You keep getting baited into replying, your brain is frying like an egg kek

No. 1677044

I don't sorry for her, but hope she will do better in the future.

No. 1677048

Grown ass women get taken advantage of all the time. Abusive boyfriends becoming pimps is a tale as old as time. You would know that if you were a woman.

No. 1677065

Being pimped out is not something all women go through, retard.

No. 1677073

The fact you couldn’t use Belle Delphine as an example lol. She’s clearly being controlled by her man too.

No. 1677075

yeah anyone with their husband as a manager is sus as fuck. Also besides the fake nudes thing from when she was a teen, there's no milk about her. Her threads are just circlejerk psychoanalyzing her butthole, who cares.

head ass it happens all the time so we should allow it to keep happening, suck a cock

No. 1677084

god i fucking hate men

No. 1677096

Of course the guy is asian american. They feel like they all have that psycho abuser streak the moment they open their mouth and talk really fast.
Figures he was also the guy pimping her out and forcing her to fart in microphones and do a onlyfans.
The sex kitten gamer gf is such a scrote fantasy.(racebait)

No. 1677097

>head ass it happens all the time so we should allow it to keep happening, suck a cock
nta but i think they meant that just because someone is a grown woman doesnt mean they cant be taken advantage of

No. 1677112

They get shit on for being cows in their own right. You fuckheads on the other hands are saying she deserves no sympathy for being abused. If any other cow spoke up about being under absolute nightmare scenario like Amouranth, women here would react the same way: with empathy and intelligence. Examples being Taylor, Onision girls, Heather, even Shuwu or Shayna etc. No amount of “muhhh sexwork muh whoresss” sperging is gonna hide the fact that you’re a misogynist, grossly overestimating your ability to astroturf womens space. Janny mop up these tourist skidmarks.

No. 1677119

>jokes on you! I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 1677120

Yeah I can’t stand the anons on that thread but at least they roast her sketchy bf. Amouranth’s husband and Belle’s bf seem to have a lot in common that’s for sure.

No. 1677121

You’re right, anyone who’s been on the site long enough would remember how farmers have always responded to these situations. Even with Shoe, almost everyone was shitting on preggory for how he cheated on and mistreated her, almost everyone was cheering for him to crash and burn except for those freaks who thought he was hot I guess
It doesn’t even take us learning a woman has been getting abused and pimped out for us to empathize with her over some loser scrote. This thread always gets invaded by scrotes whenever something big happens, and they never get any better at blending in.

No. 1677133

It's called making good choices. Seems like you didn't.

No. 1677145

I’ll nitpick Shuwu’s shit eyeliner till the cows come home but during the breakup arc I was cheering for her so hard. Female solidarity is important even if the women in question is dumb.

No. 1677151

I honestly feel so terrible for her, and it pissed me off to see scrotes on social media like "hurrdurr Amouranth has a husband? No more donations/gifts!". I hope this all doesn't put her in more danger.

No. 1677156

but plenty of women get into abusive relationships, amouranth's just ended with her getting pimped out. others lose friends, become bad moms or get their careers stalled.

No. 1677252

Its super creepy knowing that it was Amouranth's husband that was making her do the "be my boyfriend" baiting stuff.
She'd talk nonstop about being single and wanting a boyfriend badly. Even told the viewers on twitch (and patreon) that if they donated high amounts that she might meet up with them at a con to go on a date. Even had that as an reward on her patreon. I cant believe her husband was forcing her to do that shit.

No. 1677260

>seething, testerical moid replies hours later because he can't let shit go
>still couldn't think of anything clever to say
Can't make this shit up, lmao.

No. 1677262

I watched the stream and I feel so sorry and worried for her. She never wanted to sell her body out, but it's so easy for women to keep being in abusive relationships, especially if you are married (thanks to the society pushing shame onto women for wanting to divorce). The end of the stream terrifies me because it ended right when the door got open, and her manager baited her reaction by asking if she took any meds, and even she got surprised about it. I feel like her husband is going to pull Britney Spears on her. The entire fact how he took her phones everytime she tried calling for help and cracked a door when she tried doing that is insane, not counting the way she was screaming like a hysterical baby during their call. I hope she is alive. I never hated her but to me, she always seemed so dead inside, and I always felt weirded out by the fact that she would spend 14hr streaming everyday.

No. 1677276

I hope she does so useless cumbrains like you finally rope

No. 1677278

Based nonna.

No. 1677280

She seems normal but I have such a disdain for seeing her constantly promoted the few times I go on twitch and checking her out only to see cringe microphone licking and boob bouncing or some shit. She should just retire at this point and start the animal sanctuary she wanted, she has way more than enough to be comfortable forever so why continue? It might be easy money but it has to end at some point and it’s not like it’s making her happy. Idk it’s sad her boyfriend is shitty but she has enough resources to fuck off and not let anyone tell her shit, hope she gets away safe.

No. 1677281

i think you missed the part where her husband has control over all her bank accounts. so no, she cant fuck off with the money.

No. 1677284

Just got that part after watching the whole video, maybe she could transfer it to another account or remove his access? Like if you’re that rich you could tell the bank to lock your shit up for protection or something. It’s sad she’s venting to her stream as if they’re friends when most are just looking to jerk off and then insult her for being a woman with human feelings.

No. 1677291

Amouranth says she makes $3 million+ a month. She'll be fine. Even if she has to give half to her husband.
While I think her husband is absolute trash, I hope she leaves him and takes some accountability for her actions. I know she says her husband made her scam people and lie but hopefully she shows some remorse for the shitty stuff she's done.(learn2sage)

No. 1677294

She could easily go to court with the proof of his texts and all proving financial abuse and threats. And wow that’s way more than I thought, fucking insane.

No. 1677297

>short Asian male gets with shorter white female and controls her life to feel like a man he will never be
ntayrt, she said he has his number linked to the accounts. Is it still possible somehow?

So, is it her that owns the inflatable pool company and the gas station or is it him?

No. 1677308



No. 1677325

i think andrew tate has a small part in all of that. he constantly brags about how rich he is off of making girls cam for him. i wouldn’t be surprised if some stupid scrotes heard that and decided to manipulate their girlfriends into selling their bodies.

No. 1677328

I don't think any abusive chud needs that chinlet to tell them how to exploit a woman.
It comes natural to them.
That being said, where all the handmaidens now at who claim onlyfans is empowering and not just another tool for scrotes and pimps to prey on women?

No. 1677332

Listen, I know legally speaking women are allowed to have our own bank accounts, but you also have to deal with extremely misogynistic bank staff. The moment you get married to a scrote, you risk them not allowing to transfer without his permission, even if it's not a situation where the husband wants to control the bank account. Nevermind that he probably DID set it up in a way that they will do jackshit without his permission. So no, she can't just do that, at least not without a lawyer and how was she supposed to pay one of those? Right. Plus everyone going "hurrdurr she will be fine with just half", that money is long gone, as if he hasn't already transferred, invested it and transformed it enough and early enough to not even be seen as a form of deception by the court. She's probably not going to see a dime from the money she already earned.

No. 1677333

This is horseshit btw. Did your husband tell you that stuff?

No. 1677335

File: 1665986261072.jpg (849.18 KB, 3092x2852, peachjars.jpg)

>where all the handmaidens now at who claim onlyfans is empowering and not just another tool for scrotes and pimps to prey on women?
Still defending sw lol

No. 1677337

File: 1665986380310.png (86.09 KB, 627x596, peachjars.png)

No. 1677338

File: 1665986530556.jpg (564.88 KB, 3797x1874, marzbar.jpg)

No. 1677340

If they found out she was fucking miz they would shit on her. But they’re are too retarded to see what’s in front of them and think they have a chance so they suck her cock

No. 1677345

If he would do those things after the divorce proceedings have already started, then yes he violated a Standing Order and an attorney would be able to file for a Motion of Contempt. However, he probably has been hiding the money for years and only taking some out for her when he wants her to get bigger boobs. Secondly, you can just go look up the policy of banks, he can set it up in such a way that no, she won't be able to get anything out of there without his permission. Never mind that misogyny is still a thing, the financial world is generally about 30 to 40 years behind with the rest of the world and will whine and cry about having to abide by "new" laws (which again, have already existed for decades). So the bank staff won't be moved by any of her cries or pleas, never mind that they will find her sus in the first place because her money comes from sex work. Financial abuse wasn't solved in 1970.

No. 1677351

Why tf are you posting her feet?

No. 1677352

Just report retarded moids.

No. 1677360

File: 1665989887956.jpg (25.11 KB, 564x564, 8c4a51e005629a084505649079b0a9…)

farmhands are working fast today!

No. 1677362

I have nothing of value to add but I just want to thank you nonnies for believing her and not resorting to assuming that she's faking it for the views and exposure. The combination of inceldom and male narcissism really breeds the absolute worst kind of men; it's the kind of man that would see an abused woman and immediately perform the mental gymnastics needed to ensure that she's responsible for it somehow, no evidence needed.

No. 1677379

The amount of replies that insinuate that she deserves it or why she just doesn't leave with her money are honestly making me rage. That man abused her into becoming her pimp while she's so sleep deprived she probably doesn't have time to even think about leaving.

No. 1677391

If men are so prone to violence, should they not be kept in cages?

No. 1677393

there's still time for you to kys and make the world a better place

No. 1677395

By the men in my life that are not pathetic losers like you, and guns. Go back in your fucking cage, you subhuman piece of shit.

No. 1677402

A bit redundant but for anons with short attention spans, this one compiles a few clips

Comments under vary from sympathy, claims that working sex work and customer service for 14 hours a day "isn't a job" to "why would you stream this" - for evidence, bitchass, this is the best kind of evidence she could have made. It's like the reveal in a murder mystery or something.

No. 1677415


what is wrong with you

No. 1677419

File: 1665998316911.jpg (65.59 KB, 1200x674, 9k=(3).jpg)

this is not a male friendly board, shoo

No. 1677428

Imagine coming up with the idea to threaten to kill someone's beloved, innocent pets. Absolutely subhuman behaviour.

No. 1677429

This white bitch sympathising with dogs LMAOOOOO(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1677430


No. 1677433

I knew he was an emasculated male but why did he have to be the stereotypical asian, kek.

No. 1677435

All female streamers who are prostitutes on the sides' bfs are guilty lol

No. 1677436

An unhinged guy like him will kill her if she leaves. Its not about the money its about the control.

No. 1677437

He threatened to kill her dogs. Maybe it wasn't to spite her. Maybe he was just hungry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1677455

there's a special kind of place in hell for people who make really horrible clickbait out of the lowest point in these visible women's lives

No. 1677457

fucking this

sure there's plenty of abusers in this thread who understand the abuser mindset very well. it's always about having power over the other person. that's what the threats achieve.

No. 1677464

yep, or people who make reaction videos to it like its funny twitch drama such as cr1t1kal

No. 1677466

i saw his video and of all people he was actually serious about the entire drama, which is surprising, considering how much of a coomer he is. he also called out people who don't believe her.

No. 1677475

This. If you're a true crime loser you know that this is exactly the sort of escalation that leads to murder, especially starting with hurting their partner's pets. If a man does this or chokes you, he is psyching himself up to kill you. I hope she gets out. No woman deserves to be abused. Female solidarity is the only way we're going to survive this new wave of misogyny.

No. 1677487

Nothing to believe or not believe, I watched the stream now and it’s all caught in camera. He admits he controls her finances, social media, admits he will lie to destroy her, admits he said he’ll kill her dogs and basically screams abuse for 30 minutes. How can someone try and blame her is beyond me even if someone hates her or women in general.

No. 1677490

He seems like an r/hapas posterboy

No. 1677500

Hate to bring races into it but the sole Asian manlet I dated was abusive in an extremely similar way, I wasn’t aware there was this stereotype
Yeah his vid was pretty good

No. 1677527

>still thinks im a scrote
you're really struggling aren't you

No. 1677542

the amount of moid manipulation and framing in these comments, holy shit

No. 1677547

Asian men are unfortunately more misogynistic just in a less obvious way. Japanese men do the least amount of the house work in the world for example.

No. 1677595

Careful girls. I was just banned for mentioning that he's asian american and how typical this abusive shit is for american asian masculinity sperg bfs.
Either one of the mods is an asian scrote or some yellow fever handmaiden.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1677612

or maybe it's because this thread already attracts a lot of infighting and moids who are eager to derail about race

No. 1677613

Linking it here for anyone who hasn't seen it. I'm watching it now, and aside from Charlie's occasional exaggeration that he likes to throw in in all of his videos making fun of people, he does do a very good video on the whole situation.

He also shows a clip where Amou says "you used my body to build this empire" or something very similar to those lines and it just breaks my heart. Charlie also mentioned that she's said she's previously called the cops and has tried to compile evidence of abuse on her own, but nothing came out of it (and her husband took her phone away) and that was why she ended up airing it all out on stream. I haven't seen the last part about her previously call the cops and whatever mentioned before. I know Ludwig did a video on it but I didn't watch the end so I don't know if he mentions it, he didn't mention it when he spoke about the situation on his live yesterday.

No. 1677614

Or you could just hold the racebait in

No. 1677617

I can’t believe none of her streamer friends knew any of it? Nobody saw anything or felt anything was off? She just didn’t trust anyone enough to confide in or her husband must have had every aspect of her interpersonal life on lock. Maybe Twitch is just a big circle of users.

No. 1677628

Considering how he controls all of her finances and life with an iron fist, I'm not surprised she never told anyone about it. Isn't that like the most common abuser tactic, isolating their victim from friends/family?

No. 1677646

knowing she was basically being pimped puts Amouranth's G4TV appearance into stark relief. Talk to em, Frosk!

No. 1677657

people are praising this man saying he is such a good friend to her but literally all he did was call 911 once bc she got locked out of her room. He has clearly known about the abuse and has kept fucking quite this WHOLE TIME but now he is being told he is a good guy, he didn't do shit for her, he was just as complicit as everyone else and i hope he feels terrible.

No. 1677664

yeah what about hassan's whole "amouranth is a friggin genius" bullshit? were they not close enough for him to have met her husband? is he friends with her husband and helping with the facade? he acted like he had secret insider understanding of how smart amouranth is about her business (because he said stuff like "you guys might not think so but she's a genius") so what does he actually know? has he commented at all about this?

No. 1677679

Her husband sounds so insane, i hope she manages to leave him.

Isnt Hassan really pro sex work and pimping out women? He's just as scummy as her husband

No. 1677684

I think they really didn't know about the husband. She goes everywhere with her assistants, not him

No. 1677687

He talked about it on yesterdays stream for about an hour, to sum it up:
>said it was incomprehensible to him at first that such a "beacon of independence" was getting abused
>he only watched the clips, not the whole thing, so he missed some key points
>said he had no idea about the husband, knew there were rumours she was taken but didnt care enough to pry (said they werent that close)
>only ever saw her with her assistants or the camera guy
>he and multiple other streamers immediately reached out to her and offered asylum but amouranth hasnt gotten back to them, alinity sent a wellness check
I dont keep up with him or Amouranth but she spoke about her insane schedule, having no days off and never being able to do anything fun without streaming or recording it so I don't find it hard to believe that no one close to her knew, like another anon said he was making sure she was isolated and had no real support system outside of him.
Im aware hes a porn sick degenerate, but is the consensus that hes one of the retards who genuinely want to believe SW is "empowering" or is he just playing dumb?

No. 1677720

>hes one of the retards who genuinely want to believe SW is "empowering"
He literally believes and preaches that

No. 1677724

hassan is a fucking idiot.(sage)

No. 1677725

other wise he wouldn't be able to live with himself for what he's done

No. 1677736

Amouranth has a long time history with lying and faking stories. Not saying this current stuff is fake but please be careful with her.

No. 1677739

kys fat fuck

No. 1677743

Blatant moid take. I’ve watched the clips and it is extremely clear they are genuine. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be fake because this whole situation would be a horrible business decision.

No. 1677747

It’s the most plausible explanation and the only people who see it otherwise are brain dead scrotes. The only thing I’d seen of her before this was her interview with Anthony Padilla and she seemed so awkward, like it was obvious that there were other things she would rather be doing with her life. Knowing now that she was pushed into it makes so much of the stuff she posted (the birthday streams, the sexy outfits, the streams of her sleeping) so much more frightening.

No. 1677755

This, and men will intentionally go after hot mess chaotic BPD women because they have no sexual boundaries (“crazy bitches with daddy issues amirite??”) yet somehow never get accused of going after dramatic or toxic relationships.

But when they get cheated on and it all crashes and burns they cry about it and want ass pats. Personally I think society should ruthlessly victim blame men every time they get dumped by a woman kek

No. 1677756

File: 1666030907139.webm (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, Bonnie Decided To Copy Esfand …)

Bonnie and Esfand are fucking

No. 1677766

Kek hello Nick.

Also… where's the room to 'fake' anything? He literally screams at her in this unhinged psychopathic way on the phone call and it's not a way that you should ever speak to anybody let alone someone you love, she shows the text messages and says she's got much more, there is nothing for her to lie about because the moid's tiny dick chimpout is right there.(hi cow)

No. 1677780

Alright anon, let's assume that is true. Why don't you post screencaps about these previous stories where she is lying? LC never had any milk on amouranth, unlike other people mentioned in this thread.

No. 1677784


No. 1677786

are you her husband or something? kys dumbshit

No. 1677787

wow if anyone still believes awhoreanth after this they deserve rope(Bait)

No. 1677797

Nonny you are an idiot. I sympathize with Amouranth but I just tried asking this random anon question. If this anon actually cared about 'calling hero out' instead of spreading something, they could have easily sent everything they know. Regardless, her husband is a dick and I hope she will be able to divorce him. And you need to take a chill pill.

No. 1677803

File: 1666036570896.jpg (21.11 KB, 372x372, b56274251a4294497a7178985ca81e…)

No. 1677814

I feel the same. He was more worried about getting his bux than her safety this entire time. What a dumbass, what if she would've gotten murdered way before? He still would've ended up jobless. Once again, men showing they are useless.

No. 1677832

No. 1677833

Other than the fake dates, the only think I've seen Amouranth lie/scam is her OF. Her latest OF post said something along the lines of "My first penetration video. No fake dildos here." then its a video of her in her bathing suit putting lotion on. hahahhaha But lets be real, if simps are buying porn then they deserve to be scammed. All power to Amouranth for scamming scrotes.(sage)

No. 1677836

A fool and his money are easily parted. I don't give a fuck about moids.

No. 1677837

elaborate nonni(sage your shit )

No. 1677839

Same anon, she always put me off because her angle seemed so gross and male-gaze-y and part of me thought she couldn't possibly be doing it willingly. I now know she put me off so bad because it was all a scrote's idea. It makes so much sense

No. 1677885

File: 1666042267076.jpg (61.93 KB, 536x900, 20221017_233005.jpg)

This idiot literally blames her for something her husband told her to do, to pretend to be single.

No. 1677891

How is it scamming to say you’re single kek it’s your own damn fault for thinking some rich thot would ever give you time of day irl, the chances would be the same regardless of her relationship status. Male brain moment to think throwing all your money for attention or nudes entitles them to anything real.

No. 1677893

amouranth just went live for 30 mins and then typed "cops are here, be back soon" now streams over. sorry i didnt clip anything nonnies it literally just happened and im not one of her followers, i just saw her on front page

No. 1677894

This guy never misses an opportunity to be a raging misogynist with the tiniest dick imaginable.

No. 1677897

Uh what we are not gonna do is pay any attention to this faggot who is famously known to be an histrionic attention whore
Yeah I just saw that too…

No. 1677901

File: 1666043588963.png (883.41 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20221017-175145.png)

No. 1677911

I’m so tired nonas

No. 1677912

File: 1666044264678.png (407.9 KB, 1080x2187, Screenshot_20221017-180335-239…)

The fucking audacity of men

No. 1677917

>is already one of the most well known names on the platform and on the internet
>is incredibly financially successful
>for some reason chooses to reveal relationship status with a NOBODY, knowing it will cause irreparable loss of simp bucks, knowing men will harass her even more, taunt her, laugh at her, knowing it will disrupt her business on every end
>risking career suicide and social exile if caught lying
>all for lolz I guess????
Men are so low IQ. What can she POSSIBLY gain from this? Her husband is a nobody with no wealth of his own, there is no clout or money for her to gain. She can only LOSE no matter how this shit pans out. Why would she affectively dismantle her whole empire as being built on lies and abuse? Why would she destroy her whole brand and name? It makes no fucking sense if the supposed motivation to lie is money. WHAT MONEY? Pity donations do not last, internet sympathy and outrage will die after one week. Why destroy your steady stream of millions in income for what would be “internet drama” for most people. It is unthinkable that anyone motivated by money would sabotage their whole operation like this.
Get destroyed by logic and reasons, dumb fucks.

No. 1677919

File: 1666044712407.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.67 KB, 540x338, 1663345969578.jpg)

men try to have human empathy challenge[impossible]!!

No. 1677921

Shes been wanting to reveal that she's married for years and show husband on stream. He was the one who made and pushed the idea of pretending to be single and do everything you mentioned. He is a pimp.

No. 1677922

File: 1666044949800.jpg (130.66 KB, 1169x1352, FfPrOf6WAAAxWRU.jpg)

He's now backtracking because hes getting hella shit on twitter for this, about fucking time.

No. 1677923

>why didn’t she just hire a hitman to kill her husband lole
>therefore she must be lying
I wish men would instantly disintegrate

No. 1677927

Nazi scrotes talk so much shit but no one has committed hatecrime on Keem? fucking cowards

No. 1677929

File: 1666045262459.jpg (48.2 KB, 800x600, tumblr_15f08cfe9dd5b9fbba5366a…)


No. 1677938

File: 1666045508718.png (312.49 KB, 828x786, IMG_7993.png)

look who was getting in on the fun, too

No. 1677939

File: 1666045512336.gif (348.28 KB, 320x180, 1564900086369.gif)

>he's scared of bigjoel

No. 1677941

File: 1666045593834.jpg (183.38 KB, 606x1669, shut it keem.jpg)

I am gonna be laffin if this is what ends keem I did not expect this amount of traction-mostly because keem says dumb shit on every day ending with a y but his comments on this have really hit a nerve with many people

No. 1677945

Ugly men shut up with your dumb opinions challenge. I love how the internet has disproven the old stereotype of women talking more and men being all stoic and mysterious.
Like how the fuck is it scamming for your abusive partner to conceal himself specifically to increase the simpbuxx? They got scammed by him if anything, even though lying about relationship status doesn't even qualify as a scam and is very common for public figures.
And the second part sounds like keemfuck is cheering for the abusive scrote to take her money in the divorce, since obviously it takes a genius tier iq to come up with the idea of doing hot tub and microphone blowjob streams and she wasn't the one putting all the actual work in.

No. 1678066

she didn't even lie. i remember very clearly a few years ago when one of her mods outed her for having a boyfriend and in their messages, she clearly tells him that none of her followers ever asked and it was none of their business. just because one moid had some delusion about her and him ending up together does not mean that she scammed all her followers.

No. 1678067

Thank god, Amouranth seems okay.
She sent out a OF dm and has been on all day

No. 1678068

File: 1666056431482.jpg (952.34 KB, 1172x2600, am.jpg)

sorry i forgot to attach the message

No. 1678072

>hidden husband behind the scenes making all the moves
Crazy how he can acknowledge this but still doesn't get it.

No. 1678073

Ummm well that’s bleak, I hope she retires soon

No. 1678076

this is not okay wtf

No. 1678081

Probably posted by the husband

No. 1678082

If this really was posted by her, this is really sad.

No. 1678083

was about to say, I don't buy it was posted by her

No. 1678086

Finally time that Keem got blowback that didn't involve his family as collateral.

No. 1678096

Jesus Christ this is terrifying, shit was probably nonconsensual as well.

No. 1678117

Enjoy your ban

No. 1678121

this makes it worse, her husband is def posting

No. 1678125

Her inbox must be filled with messages from simps offering to save her. I wonder if she's going to date one of them next?

No. 1678128

why would she immediately send this out while the drama has just started? if she was in on the grift, that wouldn't make any sense, it's obviously the moid

No. 1678129

Exactly the kind of thing my ex-abuser would have done if there had been a platform for him to do it. This is so fucking gross and clearly meant to humiliate her and take away her credibility. I am filled with rage on her behalf over this whole thing and I used to dislike her because of her content….anon upthread said it best; it’s like you could just tell there was something off about the coomerness of it. Plus she has always had those lifeless eyes that iykyk.

No. 1678130

This is definitely her husband posting. She said that he has everything of hers linked to his phone.

No. 1678132

lmfao stupid piece of shit can get charged for revenge porn now, dig your hole deeper, moidpig

No. 1678137

moid hands typed this
are you mad she won't date you? lmfao

No. 1678139

File: 1666060205289.jpg (48.9 KB, 510x680, media_Enc3vlGXIAUDc62.jpg_name…)

No. 1678145

File: 1666060484924.jpeg (290.85 KB, 1170x645, 684775A4-057D-426B-9AAF-DD3396…)


begone, moid

No. 1678146

That is a picture of him but that twitter account is set up by coomer scrotes look at the link in the bio

No. 1678151

Any idea if it's actually porn? Is Nick just making their sex tapes public now?

No. 1678155

how does someone let themselves get manipulated by their partner into getting surgery though? that's so extreme. is the money that important? does she have like 0 family members to run to?

No. 1678156

idk but seems like this is what he meant with "destroying her", probably won't be the last thing he'll do then

No. 1678159

Anon….do you have any idea how common that is with abusers?

No. 1678163

no I've never heard of the forced to get surgery stuff as an abuse tactic

No. 1678174

body modification is lesser common method of mind control implemented by abusers, most commonly in the form of tattoos, but also demonstrated in forced breast implants, hair cuts, and eating disorders
this form of abuse causes loss of identity in the victim

No. 1678188

Exactly this. Some abusers make them change so much of themselves that they no longer know who they are (See Onision). Some throw acid onto their victims to make them hate themselves and make it so that no one else will want them. Anything to make a victim no longer recognize their former self.

No. 1678198

Well fuck
> Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point

100% would not surprise me. I wish she’d divorce, delete fucking everything and live out her horse girl dreams and fund some animal shelters indefinitely. Go full cottagecore with a farm fuck it. Moids would seethe but who cares


>legion of simps ready to die for her
when in reality we’re seeing these simps insult her and get angry for being fed up over her abusive husband. “Ready to die for her” means nothing

No. 1678208

>Go full cottagecore with a farm fuck it.
And have a wonderful area for her animals. I hope she moves her horses somewhere else so he doesn't try to do anything to them.
>“Ready to die for her” means nothing
Not just that, but those retarded incels were constantly telling her, that she, "Needed a real man" during the whole stream. These idiots seriously thought that she was already ready for a new relationship when she wasn't even out of her abusive one yet. Incels are fucking dumb and I'm glad that she told them she's not looking to mingle and is done with guys for a while. I can guarantee you that they're pretending like they didn't hear it. At least she's starting to take back control of her life. Her abusive husband didn't even respect her enough to think that she would ever stand up to him.

No. 1678216

I mean, Eugenia Cooney is manipulated by her mother to starve to death. Also there's Courtney Stoddern as an example.

No. 1678224

You could tell the news hit Esfand really hard as soon as he started playing WoW. Esfand looked really sad. I think Bonnie really considered moving in, but the idea of being cooped up in a house just streaming oneself everyday playing videogames isn’t appealing. There were numerous instances where Bonnie asked Esfand to spend time/have fun with her offstream, but he just wants to stay online all the time.(sage your shit)

No. 1678226

wasn't that too obvios

No. 1678230

what are you even talking about

No. 1678245

His headcanon

No. 1678250

See >>1678129
How the fuck does coming out with abuse get her more simpbux if simps solely operate on the fantasy that she’s single and available? I know you’re brain dead but the whole reason why her husband forced her to hide her marital status is so it MAKES money. Coomers hate when their jerkoff material has a relationship or especially if they’re traumatized, it makes those women “damaged goods” in their mind. Exercise critical thinking instead of your gay ass male emotions.

No. 1678260

File: 1666069217098.png (1.16 MB, 1040x729, amo.png)

she's streaming right now, I missed the start but she mentioned
-she is going to sleep for 8 hours (she's been on 3 a day for a while)
-she is happy she gets to see her animals for once and spend time with them instead of through her phone
-her dating life is going to suck now (sounds like they broke up?)
-she doesn't want to date she needs a lot of therapy

No. 1678261

found a clip of what i missed earlier and she said that she has access to all of her 2fa accounts and finances again. her husband is getting help (she believes that him hearing himself on that call helped him understand he was an asshole) and she's seeking legal and emotional counsel.

-she says she hopes people will still watch without so much tiddy showing.
-she's thankful for the support

No. 1678263

This is some good news, she really needs to just go ahead with the divorce and never look back. Also hope she changes her profile pic and deletes her OF.

No. 1678265

File: 1666070057762.png (422.26 KB, 703x798, ARx9YUz.png)

>she confirmed that she was the one who tweeted stop it in pic related. @therealmarzbar is a money hungry, clout chasing scrote like you guys called out and knew about the abuse for a very long time. he enabled it to continue making money. only when amo exposed her husband did he switch sides to act like he's WUNOFDAGUD1S
>calls out the people who ask why she broadcasted everything, she says she hid it for 6 years.
>she also mentions that she had called the police several times and they don't do anything unless it escalates to physical violence.
>she says she wants to dedicate her stream to more animal stuff, irl streams, hanging with friends and traveling. stuff she wants to do.
(i really hope she continues in this direction. as long as her finances are not too fucked, she's probably at the point where she has a decent amount of passive income to fund the gigantic animal sanctuary she's always wanted)

No. 1678266

apparently she had to turn down invites to shitcamp and girls' trip because "it's not good use of time, could be home getting more conversions and money" (imitating him)

No. 1678267

cute sweater, she already looks more comfortable? I think she could get lots of new female viewers to replace the shitty coomer ones.

No. 1678268

ikr! i've been staring at it the whole time. the gradient on the sleeves is super cute. someone id it so i can consider buying it

No. 1678270

I hope it works out for her and she gets to do the content she wants to make.

No. 1678274

she looks really pretty now that she's not forced to do the porno egirl look anymore, was it ever confirmed that she was forced to do onlyfans?

No. 1678276

Her man can get all the help she wants but at the end of the day men don’t change. She needs to cut all ties and send him packing.

No. 1678277

OF and all her other nsfw sites and photos on her media. She'd feel so much better.
Wow, he can die.
Honestly, yeah. I'd become one after seeing her old nerdy self. I hope she can find herself again one day.

No. 1678282

File: 1666072169260.jpeg (819.22 KB, 1170x1772, D871F191-E627-49DB-AC3D-D73827…)

I KNEW IT!!! Fucking scum bag

No. 1678284


No. 1678285

File: 1666072440007.png (361.58 KB, 520x422, firefox_UJ6UBPbr5l.png)


Why is nobody even mentioning the fact that they all walked through the foam "pit" to get up to the platforms where she jumped off from? Surely they felt the lack of padding and the fact that it was only like 1 or 2 foam cubes in depth? You saw people standing up in it constantly and it barely reaches their knees.

Sure, the foam pit was bogus from the beginning and if you can't manage to make it safe you shouldn't have it at your event; but let's not pretend that she wasn't an oblivious retard doing a cannonball onto what should have been a known surface to her, trying to do a mid air spreadie for the cameras.

It's like I'm witnessing a mass psychosis reading about this.

No. 1678288

>i really hope she continues in this direction. as long as her finances are not too fucked
IIRC she owns a few gas station/corner stores those can make a lot of passive income. So even if the incels leave her she won't be hurting too bad.

No. 1678290

Farmers never miss. Whatever Kaitlyn does from now on she needs to hire people who aren’t scrotes.

No. 1678293

go back to reddit you fucking faggot

No. 1678294

Does anyone know anything about the assistant? Did Amo bring her up?

No. 1678295

lol love bombing sack of crap. Hear himself??? he has texts that make him look insane and damage to the house.

No. 1678299

Asian obama lookin ass

No. 1678300

File: 1666074067673.jpg (73.63 KB, 960x862, gyne.jpg)

i wouldn't be surprised if they're jointly owned by her and her husband, sadly.
starting to feel bad about this, too. i really hope her discussing her future dating life means that she's done with him forever. i hope she isn't buying that her husband is genuinely going to change. the cycle of abuse is a mess.
there aren't recent photos of her husband but i found this and noticed the steroid tits. i hope she doesn't fall for the roid rage excuse and just works on separating their finances.

No. 1678304

And viewers that actually respect her.

No. 1678306

For not knowing how to sage you newfag

No. 1678308

File: 1666074903094.jpg (45.78 KB, 557x551, dogs_are_safe.jpg)

>i wouldn't be surprised if they're jointly owned by her and her husband, sadly.
This is going to be a legal mess and it wouldn't surprise me if she hopes he'll change, partially to avoid having to go through the full separation process. At least her dogs are safe, but I'm actually starting to worry that he only allowed her accounts back for now and access to her animals, until he has her back under his control. I hope whatever legal counsel she seeks, it is separate from him and not anyone he suggested, also not anyone who could have a massive hateboner for her.

No. 1678312


No. 1678337

I have the same one but I got it many many years ago at disney land and it looks like disney doesn’t sell them anymore. Sorry nona

No. 1678347

File: 1666082308959.jpg (83.3 KB, 720x960, yikes.jpg)

nah, her soon-to-be-ex husband is fatty now lmao

No. 1678348

Y’all…she has several people that run her Onlyfans, she makes the content, that’s it.
She has sexters paid commission to stay in her inbox all day + a queue for mass messages.
Husband could be directing them to keep working/ make the sad caption, but that’s not her grifting lol.

No. 1678355

> y'all
fucking twitterspeak gtfo or integrate(infighting)

No. 1678368

I feel bad now for hating her for being a titty streamer when the cont she made wasnt under her control

No. 1678373

I hope she can get out of there and start anew. It's no surprise this persona she portrayed was dreamed up by some nasty degenerate scrote.

Good, hope he continues his descent into a fat slob and she gets to keep most of the money SHE made.

No. 1678374

you KNOW he has a micropeen so has to control a beautiful woman to stroke his own ego. males are so cringe and predictable. she deserves so much better.

No. 1678380

Motherfucker I’m in my 20’s and from the south, I started saying it ironically as a teenager and it stuck around.
Kill yourself and stop shitting up the thread with nitpicks, I saged and integrated just fine.
Normally I wouldn’t reply to bait but people like you are so stupid and negative for no reason.(infighting)

No. 1678387

there is a vast and large female nerd streamer community that would welcome her back in with open arms. Hell, even Jnig posted/reached out about this situation. If Amouranth wants to still do sexy cosplay stuff, aligning herself with the likes of Jnig wouldn't be all that bad of an idea.

If not, like I said, there are a shit ton of female streamers who would take her under their wing. She needs to surround herself with like minded individuals who truly share in her interests and want to help elevate her instead of bringing her down.

No. 1678427

The amount of simping in here is almost tangible. Wipe the slobber from your mouths.(not this shit again)

No. 1678438

you are an obese scrote and i cannot wait for the day to come when you inevitably blow your brains out because you are too obese to hang yourself from your ceiling fan. retarded fat fuck.(responding to moid, a-logging)

No. 1678448

you sound mentally unstable

No. 1678471

Imagine being a male virgin lmao

No. 1678486

Scrote logic.

No. 1678491

File: 1666102065674.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, 1_HI4kj-TPAQrfQkAdrw2KTA.png)

can we stop infighting or responding to scrotes? by the end nobody will be left of us. Farmhand is probably tired of tard wrangling (sorry)

No. 1678494

Thank you farmhands for the efforts, esp u with the funny red texts

No. 1678515

A-log rule is for cows janny-chan, bolstering male suicide rate is legal and encouraged

No. 1678590

sounds like he started as her boyfriend but ended up as her pimp. disgusting

No. 1678594

File: 1666112282186.jpg (131.62 KB, 957x932, RomeoPimps.jpg)

They're called Romeo Pimps or Loverboys. Their tactic is to usually first buy them expensive shit, complain about financial problems, then guilt trip about it and say "well there's one way you could pay me back" and then suggest "sex work".

No. 1678595

How is he not embarrassed to look like this next to a woman that looks like her? Scrotes really have no shame and would rather beat down someone else's self esteem than actually try to better themselves.
>she believes that him hearing himself on that call helped him understand he was an asshole
We all know that's a load of horseshit. Abusive men like this do not change. Therapy won't make him a better person. It'll only give him better tactics to manipulate people and play the victim. I hope she has someone in her life to help her through this right now so she can go full no-contact with him save for legal matters. I hope the video evidence of the threats would be enough to for her to get a restraining order. Though if she's been under his control for so long, he'll surely guilt trip her into not doing that.

No. 1678600

Depending on the state, animals are considered property. There is no joint custody of pets or farm animals. She can rest easy if she is legally considered their sole owner in a divorce case

No. 1678633

IDK if he's the same guy as years back that she was with, but, Amouranth pre-work done looks plain af. She looks 99% nothing like she does now. Guys like him could easily see themself better than someone with her old looks.

No. 1678753

She looked fine anon, just kind of plain? He was okay looking at best back then too, but while she now looks the way she does, he's clearly gotten fat and lazy on her dime. The inner ugly seeps through.

No. 1678791

File: 1666127949839.jpg (227.98 KB, 1935x1085, Capture.JPG)

Amouranth is streaming right now and is actually with her horses she was kept away with and talking extensively about horse knowledge as she walks around the ranch. It's relaxing and interesting, and it makes me happy to see her actually happy and smiling and talking about something she loves. Hope this continues and she stays the hell away from that scrote pimp

No. 1678833

The few times I ever watched her for a full hour is when she did horse stuff.

No. 1678841

I'm not saying she was ugly; just she looked really plain/unremarkable. The kind of woman the internet wouldn't pay any mind to at all. No boobs or curves to speak of. Just plain af.

Guys who look "okay" and abuse their women can still think themselves better. Something they can/will hang over them. "I can find better than you" kinda language.

No. 1678843

Okay? so what is your point?
>The kind of woman the internet wouldn't pay any mind to at all
You must have a very specific idea of what type of woman that is. Please describe, cuz I’m trying to see if I’m right about you.

No. 1678845

Men think they deserve better whether you’re a 5 or 10 hello?

No. 1678846

when is amo going to delete her OF

No. 1678850

If she really plans on retiring from SW, which she may or may not, she might do what other “retired” girls do which is leaving old content up for purchase but not producing new stuff.

No. 1678861

>talking about horse knowledge
>lead rope wrapped around her hand as she walks on the wrong side of her horse

Oh amo I hope you continue to learn and grow during this new chapter of your life.

No. 1678947


No. 1678983

the way she worded the video was way too rancid and explicit, it literally sounded like she was about to post porn? is she suffering from bipolar or bpd disorder maybe? would explain her assistant asking if she's taken her meds and amo suddenly cutting the stream when it was brought up. her going through all of this shit, but on the other hand also posting explicit crap on her onlyfans and making her trauma sound like its nothing (i'm sad… anyway here's penetration porn) just doesn't seem stable

No. 1678993

Ofc she is unstable she just escaped a seven year long abusive relationship with a narc. Amo you’ve got a lot to deprogram in you babe just do some stardew valley or someshit if you desperately need to stream

No. 1679000

Absolutely this. I don't know why people expect an overnight change. Overnight changes don't and will never happen. I'm surprised she's still streaming, but at least it's doing something she likes. She's basically trying to start all over again while having to sort through what she does want in her life. And from the sounds of it, her husband still seems to be in her ear which is honestly gonna hold her back until she cuts that cord.

No. 1679051

you sound like a scrote nonny, stop trying to think like them. It's exactly as >>1678845 said

Agreed. It's pretty obvious she's still following his "business model" to some degree. Hopefully she's just playing nice until she can get a divorce.

No. 1679128

The thing is, everyone knows and always made videos about Amouranth getting OF money without making actual porn it, it has always been common knowledge and even people like this guy made a vid about it because he was surprised at how much she earns. Is that supposed to be milk?
Honestly not to tinfoil here, but it is weird of her to continue making such content. After all, it must be triggering, wouldn't it?

No. 1679139

It's going to take a while for her to stop doing OF and titty streaming. Divorce doesn't happen over night and her husband is a POS pimp. He's not going to just give her sole ownership of accounts that have millions. In fact the dumbass has been draining their money.
I hope she opened or has her own private bank accounts and is currently just stockpiling money for herself. That and, she got rich and famous from this. So it's going to be hard for her to stop.
Though funny enough, I think she would do extremely well as a cosplayer and a nerdy youtuber. I mean, look at SSSniperwolf. She's talentless but does pretty well

No. 1679169

She produces content in large batches to periodically send out. She’s not literally making new content. I’m the anon earlier who mentioned it’s q’d.
It’s always the same shit “ my first EVER penetration” “my ONLY fully nude video!!”
She is never fully nude. There is never penetration. It’s an endless carrot dangling act to get guys horny enough to sext with her and unlock her 50,100, and 200$ DM’s of her “masturbating to them” (it’s all prerecorded and you don’t see anything).
Not a scrote, I’m in a lot of telegram groups with OF girls that look up to her strategies lolllll. They do work, men are fucking stupid.
You’d think they would all scream “scam” and dip, but no. They STILL keep falling for it.
I cheer on that kind of fuckery tbh

No. 1679180

Some of her recent stuff the closest she gets to actually being sexual with another person is sucking her husbands dick for 0.3secs. Scrotes will literally sign up to those scam onlyfans/twitters that are so obvious, you’re so right!

No. 1679186

Big question is how much of that personality of hers that all the scrotes fell in love with is actually just her pimp's script.
So technically all the moids fell in love with a metaphysical tranny, because it wasnt really her real personality but her acting out whatever her azn boyfriend pimp cooked up for her.

No. 1679193

That is the case 99% of the time with any of that stuff. It's funny that Andrew Tate didn't get more hate for it lel, or maybe that's the real reason everyone banded together to get rid of him, scrotes included. Scrotes seething that they had been jacking it to baldie's script. There are lots of other misogynists online who didn't get run off the internet in the same organized capacity.

No. 1679203

So she's back, claiming her husband is getting help via therapy.


What are chances this is also part of his script and he never left, just changed the nature of his grift and somehow manipulated her back in line?
I've seen tons of handmaiden crawl back to their abuser to get even heavier abuse and intensify their toxic relationship.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1679214

unless she goes no contact with her husband, she won't be able to recover. i had this same shit. only total no contact works. they fuck with you for so long and weasel their way in to mess with your head over and over. i feel for her so much.

No. 1679215

Thanks for reaffirming emiru posting is just bad faith scrotes venting their incel rage

No. 1679218

I think a nonna already called this? He gave her dogs back and allowed her access to the horses and her accounts again, so in return she keeps the act up and has to redeem him in the eyes of everyone. Also for herself, because she probably feels a lot of shame for even getting with him in the first place and allowing to get this far. He's just lovebombing her for a bit, doing the typical "I'm going to change" thing until he can ramp the control up again. He's going to hold this over her head and will tell her that nobody will believe her or have sympathy for it next time.

No. 1679220

So you're saying it's all a lonelygirl15 fake? OK tinfoil chan

No. 1679241

yeah in situations like this the target of abuse feels a lot of shame, where obviously the abuser should be ashamed of how they were behaving towards the victim. god i just want to smother that tiny dick loser fattso
look at this piece of shit. he's the person screaming at the top of his lungs at his wife and threatening her. just delete the whole moid, revoke his ability to interact with women entirely

No. 1679243

I could imagine him going "wow so sorry, I just lost my temper, maybe my histamine intolerance was acting up so sorry, how about you go and play with your horses while I get THERAPY? Meanwhile you go fix that big ol' missunderstanding, right my cute little babygirl?"

Like what's therapy even going to do:
"So you surgically altered your nerdy horse girl gf into a pornstar gamer gf dream pixie, pimped her out for the entire internet, forced her into porn and farting on microphones in public, but now you had a sudden change of heart in the span of a day and will be a good boy with no more bad thoughts?"

No. 1679247

I can't believe how many of you are falling for this obvious publicity stunt.

No. 1679250

Calm down, you’re sounding retarded. Kaitlyn never showed much personality to begin with. It’s obvious she has to dissociate and grey rock 16 hours a day to stream.

No. 1679251

Publicity for …what? Better give the class a good answer.

No. 1679253

File: 1666186803459.jpg (106.52 KB, 1600x900, amouranth-fart-jars-twitch-fan…)

That's what I'm saying. All the "teehee my cutie patootie farts that I'm selling" bullshit came straight out of her pornsick moid's coombrain.
To what extend do her fans even like "her" when "her" is just the construct of some weirdo controlling psychopath who basically constructed her entire persona.
She's his porn frankenstein. Her streamer persona is not herself, its his fantasy and that's what people bought into.
A coom-golem cooked up by some crazy weirdo pervert.

No. 1679254

>publicity stunt
>for someone who's already making hundreds of thousands off coomers

No. 1679259

In her stream from 2 days ago she said stuff like 'I guess I won't be dating for a while.' suggesting she is very much considering a divorce. It is just going to be a whole legal headache considering how their assets are going to be split. All we can do is hope for the best.

No. 1679261

Agreed. The amount of cognitive dissonance is hilarious

No. 1679268

Exactly and her sw income literally hinged on coomers thinking they have a shot. How does it help her that everyone now knows she has a husband, won't date anytime soon and now is giving him a second chance?

No. 1679284

>All the "teehee my cutie patootie farts that I'm selling" bullshit came straight out of her pornsick moid's coombrain.
Ethan Klein, who has a scat fetish, suggested this and I guess she relayed the idea to her husband. Amouranth was on Leftovers in December 2021.

No. 1679356

>has a scat fetish

wtf. i know this is ot but where and when did he admit this?

No. 1679376

its a conspiracy theory from people fortunate enough to not have been exposed to toilet humor. he just thinks poop is funny like every other scrote

No. 1679388


longtime SW here, I'll take my ban; admitting you have a secret abusive scrote is actually very common and does NOT kill your target demo. If anything, it makes your coomers double down and shower you in pity tips. I see it all the time.

Coomers are stupid, after all. The disgusting mfers probably see an opportunity to trauma bond, make it better with kind words, gifts, money, etc. You might notice a pattern with online whores crying all of the time… pity tip farming is legit, & I don't blame any girl in this situation who takes advantage of it.

No. 1679390

Thanks for confirming that these threads are a-logged by seething camgirls jealous of the more popular girls' income I guess?

No. 1679396

classic sped throwing insults when emotionally charged argument is dismantled. why is my speculation any less valuable than yours? why the fuck are YOU so invested in a twitch whore?

No. 1679403

If this is just common internet whore behavior, then it's par for the course. Her scummy customers are getting what they paid for: the illusion of a chance. Why should anyone here with two x chromosomes be pressed by it? The only difference seems to be that other SWs who might do this are markedly less popular/successful and make less money doing the same thing, but that's just the risk a person takes when they dedicate time and energy to pandering to coomer scrotes.

No. 1679410

Same reason Shayna hates girls that only have to sell footpics or catfish as a celebrity for money… They can't pull it off themselves, then try to make it seem like the issue is taking advantage of coomers.(sage your shit)

No. 1679411

Who cares? The people here probably aren't the ones giving her money. It's not hard to believe a scrote dating a sexworker is an abusive peace of shit.

No. 1679416

yeah i really couldn’t care less if she keeps the OF. i think it’s debasing what she potentially is doing, using a traumatic experience to get more money but then again it’s also kind of stupid to delete one of if not the top selling profiles on OF when scrotes will be even more willing to give her money out of “sympathy.”

No. 1679422

Iirc I saw some women in her chat donating to her out of pity.

No. 1679428

>The people here probably aren't the ones giving her money

No. 1679452

Fuckin tourist. No men allowed on this website.

No. 1679455

One time pity donation of $10 doesn’t mean women make up even 3% tier 3 OF subscribers. The only women subscribing to OF whores are other OF whores to mutually leech each other’s sub counts.
>longtime SW
Lmao you must be shite at your “”job””. Successful whores would have bagged a rich man and quit by now. Only the Shayna’s of SW get stuck in it.

No. 1679471

>One time pity donation of $10 doesn’t mean women make up even 3% tier 3 OF subscribers.
Yeah wasn't implying that, just saying what I saw. You're right. Idc that she's draining scrote wallets, but it's a bit shitty to see her potentially "pity tip farming" women in her Twitch chat, even if it's a one time thing, if that SW nonna is right (though idk how trustworthy her word is kek). Comes across as friendly fire, even if those women are misguided for donating to a millionaire (when/if etc. she has access to accounts).

No. 1679473

Idk, the fact that she is leaning into selling her OF and streaming all the time even after all this… Makes me think the whole abuse scandal might have been fake?

Idk why. I guess if it were me who were abused and forced to stream (and even body mod?) the last thing I would keep doing once it all came out is to… Keep streaming and selling myself on OF. Does anyone else find the whole situation weird?

No. 1679486

File: 1666208910898.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221019_214657_Sam…)

Amouranth is taking an indefinite hiatus

No. 1679489

>taking a break
>posts boobs


No. 1679491

She deserves a break, she should be rebuilding her support system. Hopefully she updates on legal stuffs.

No. 1679494

I thought she wasn’t going to post with her tits out anymore after she streamed with a long sleeve shirt on.

No. 1679496

Why do some “people”, heavy on the air quotes, expect abused women to curl up inside themselves, especially if said women had scandalous extroverted public image. We can all see how you think; you have a very specific idea of what a victim is supposed to look like. A victim is supposed revert into a quivering little girl, wearing gray oversized hoodies, no makeup to show eyes swollen from crying, jumping at her own shadows, helpless, a shell of her former self. Trauma is a male fantasy to you.

No. 1679498

They don't even look like tits anymore at this point.

No. 1679499

Well, no. It's not so binary. There is a big difference between what you described and what she is doing, you have to admit that?

No. 1679500

File: 1666209761992.png (68.49 KB, 250x250, 0B9F2EE9-760A-4390-9743-581A35…)

>samefagging about tits to distract from the fact that a hiatus means you’ve been fucking wrong
LMAO transparent and embarrassing

No. 1679502

They either expect that, or they expect the opposite where suddenly she snaps out of years of trauma and negative self worth, gets a job with dignity, has normal supportive friends, no longer believes anything he's ever told her, feels confident and has lots of healthy plans for the future etc etc. Like, her continuing a lot of her old behavior while trying to change some of it with varying success is the most normal and predictable option yet people are calling it "weird." It's just inertia.

No. 1679508

Exactly. Just the fact that they are unable to understand how pursuing different ventures from the one she poured years of slaving into doesn’t happen overnight. They have no concept of cash flow. No concept of operational costs. OF has been generating the capital to keep the whole thing going, if she wants to pivot into different business, she still needs a significant stream of income while she makes new moves. Just proves these newfags are all underaged and low IQ.

No. 1679520

>a-actually her refusing to wear a t-shirt that covers her chest after literally revealing that she's been pimped out for months is a feminist statement!!! stop fetishising female trauma you patriarchy-pilled misogynists!!!
get real

No. 1679523

Amouranth also had announced earlier this year that she was retiring in June then when June happened she claimed she just said that for advertisement.

No. 1679534

File: 1666211906934.jpg (265.36 KB, 585x857, Image2.jpg)

Amouranth's changed her videos to say "friend hookup" and her fanclub name to "friends with benefits" now. Also said on live that if you join her OF she may hook up with you!

No. 1679558

Are you retarded? There’s an anon above gushing about how she can’t stop staring at her fucking shirt.

No. 1679566

Not samefagging. You’re just paranoid.

No. 1679567

>rape victim wears a skirt means she lied about rape
Incel spotted. No one said it was feminist, don't attempt to switch up the narrative. You're one implying the age-old clothing discredits a woman's voice.

No. 1679570

The anon saying she likes her sweater? lmao are you retarded?

No. 1679604

>ogling at a streamers outfit and coming to a gossip board to share how long you stared at it is completely normal behavior
100% anons in here have donated to her

No. 1679618

File: 1666214679275.png (54.86 KB, 300x300, 16544984346.png)


Anyway, who's got better bait, my vyvanse just kicked in

No. 1679621

why is that possibility so hard for you to grasp?
ah makes sense

No. 1679623

Thank god for the supporters out there. Amouranth raised $62,000 so far on her tip thing from yesterday to help with her abuse. I hope it helps her get away from her husband

No. 1679628

Are you fucking stupid or something? Do you know how much she makes on that dumb bullshit? She's never stopping, just pivoting to less hardcore material.

No. 1679629

She made 30 million last year

No. 1679633

Right. So any argument about "lying for money" makes 0 sense because she makes 10x that pity donations just posting softcore.

No. 1679652

Incel baiting and seething.

No. 1679660

and yet you still responded to it

No. 1679666

Yes, to help warn other anons who might not be paying attention to ignore it and not take it seriously. Incels can cope and seethe forever.

No. 1679738

didn't she get access to all her accounts now? this is so gross if it's still her husband posting. otherwise it's sus.

No. 1679780


It’s not her husband posting, Amouranth confirmed that she started the Friends With Benefits VIP club today because she’s not ready to be in a relationship but if you buy her VIP club she might be a friends with benefits with you.

No. 1679782

Prostitution roulette?

No. 1679794

I get “getting the bag” but using your traumatic relationship problems/divorce to act like you’re giving incel neckbeard coomers a chance is cringe. The whole act of leading them on creeps me out, she’s even said that obsessed people are an issue with her. I have sympathy for her situation but Jesus Christ she does not need more money, she’s richer than most celebrities.

No. 1679816

Damn bitch you been refreshing this thread for 10 hours straight. Her OF is all clickbaits. The “Amo do prostitution” fantasy is the same level of delusional as the “Pokimane will be doing sexwork to get by”. Just admit you’re horny as fuck.

No. 1679867

not trying to nitpick but this is clearly an old photo, you can tell by the length of her roots. She probably just grabbed any pic she had and posted it.

No. 1679881

They look like ostrich eggs

No. 1679908

File: 1666247068356.jpg (35.99 KB, 500x389, 1023736238-expectations-vs-rea…)

It unironically looks like the knee cleavage thing in photos for some reason. Could've saved a lot of money, hurt and potential breast implant illness if they would've gone that route instead kek.

No. 1679940

I thought she was taking a break & not dating for awhile? Is that even real wtf?

No. 1679942

Nonna, who would be envious of fake tits? I support Amouranth for breaking out of the abuse cycle but her chest in a picture is not looking good, and I think she was open about having multiple PS.

No. 1679943

File: 1666253697793.png (299.88 KB, 828x1792, 09950569-8708-48C5-952F-6F2D97…)

She just posted this 11 minutes ago, I’m so confused? Apparently she’s on a break 15 hours ago, something feels really off.

No. 1679947

Fuck off scrote.(ignore and report)

No. 1679949

do e-thots bait like this all the time? how do coomers keep falling for it over and over?

No. 1680014

Apparently she has a year of OF content saved that she just uploads periodically to keep subscriptions flowing. Sounds fair considering >>1679486 is clearly an old photo due to her roots showing.
If she's getting a divorce and she's not going to be streaming, I'm not surprised she's using all that backlogged coomer content to make "passive" income. I'm pretty sure she has assistants that sockpuppet her OF for her, too. Best case scenario, she filed for divorce already and is funneling the future OF money into legal fees, therapy and whatever expenses she has.
Worst case scenario is that she fell for the narc lovebomb, he's all good after one therapy sesh and they're back together.

No. 1680058

the whole way this is written is so degrading and scrotey, is this how she usually posts? I still feel like her husband has to be involved here but maybe I'm just optimistic about her level of self-respect

No. 1680065

>naked nude tits

No. 1680079

I think you're taking it too literally. It's probably letting 99 dollar simps send her a pic/vid of them jerking onto a pic of her.

No. 1680166

She said she queues posts months ahead AND has assistants upload and do captions/DMS for her, she just makes the content and hands it to the two female assistants to edit/upload likely using her scrotes nasty script.

No. 1680168

I know many nonas can’t accept this but she’s not going to fully quit ewhoring until she’s fully divorced, she even said she has no qualifications or transferrable skills (said in a vice interview), she has bills to pay and likely still has to make mortgage payments, prep her tax bills and keep paying her staff plus her pets.

She’ll quit soon though, I think this was real and not some bait because she doesn’t need to.

No. 1680182

I’m pretty sure moids are the ones seething that she hasn’t quit yet because it’s the one thing the “lying about abuse” allegation hinges on. The rest of the sensible anons can discern many reasons she might keep the sw cash going until other venues pick up.

No. 1680228

> She’ll quit soon though
*She says, I don't owe him nothing, but if he comes back again
Tell him to wait right here for me or,
Try again tomorrow I'm gonna kick tomorrow
I'm gonna kick tomorrow*
the song is somehow sadly applicable

No. 1680234

The major issue I have is I would rather she take a hiatus until he doesn't have access to HER earnings. It's basically his money still and he can still donate every cent she makes or buy whatever he wants. He has everything to gain and nothing to lose if she continues to post.

No. 1680309

Amouranth said she makes around $2 million a month on OF. And then $1 million+ on twitch/etc. she said she has over $50 million saved up and owns over 10 gas stations around the world plus multiple other businesses. She said she’s on her way to have $100 million in social security/investments by 50. Hopefully the husband doesn’t take it all. I know she was asking for donations on her of to help out so I don’t know if she has access to any of it

No. 1680316

she said he already gave her access back, but we'll see how it plays out

No. 1680926

>something feels off

Yeah, this entire situatin. The abuse is fake, it is all fake.

No. 1681111

this is such a retarded take. the majority of her income comes for turkey, them finding out she's married AND abused turns a majority of them off. It's opposite of a good business move.

No. 1681382

>the majority of her income comes for turkey
Why? How?

No. 1681514

Except now she has attention from even more people, because people are engaged with the situation. She will have opportunities opening up to her because "poor girl, lets help her out". And tons of scrotes are still paying for her OF content because they are hoping that now she will be single! You are the retard here for refusing to see the obvious.

No. 1681598

File: 1666463914169.jpeg (387.79 KB, 1170x2108, C3C2766B-B97F-4574-9DEB-E0D1B8…)

Kaceytron arguing with viewers who take what their streamers say at face value and don’t accept reality (lots of deleted tweets from her so don’t have caps of that) but lol

No. 1681645

the majority of her TWITCH income is turkish because porn is banned so they all sub and donate and jerk off to her there instead

i dont know that the stat holds true for her other platforms and thus overall total income though

No. 1681859

Oh wtf that's weird as hell. Thanks, anon.

No. 1682084

based Turkey

No. 1682320

no, you're retarded if you don't remember the rise in titty streamers was because turkish lords with a fuckton of money would drop 10k like nothing on these girls. you can google a tit or go on pornhub, amou does not appeal to americans like that vs turkish people. fuck off

No. 1682794

wanna talk retarded takes?
you seriously think muslim moids in Turkey will care if the women they're paying to degrade is married and/or abused? they probably do it to the women in their lives already. you're so fucking out of touch it's unreal.

No. 1682807

Nta and I just got here and have no clue what your talking about but you're right, Turkish men are sociopaths.

No. 1682961

did you read anything in this thread at all?
no fucking shit, we're saying the same fucking thing

No. 1683237

File: 1666619801450.png (1.25 MB, 899x1218, amou.PNG)

Break is over, she streamed last night. I only popped in for a little bit and heard her say that her 5 day break is the longest break she's taken from streaming that wasn't because of a ban. Then she played overwatch.

Pic unrelated, just haven't seen anyone post it yet.

No. 1683352

yeah and I'm replying to that one poster in particular. are you new or something?

No. 1683416

No. 1683425

I dont get why its so hard for people to understand that part of the reason she was controlled for so long is that she liked streaming and interacting with her audience (the non-creepies im assuming). it also fits the "why didnt she just leave" argument. because there was lots of aspects of her career she enjoyed. when she was with this loser, he did actually help her grow bigger. and she probably thought or was threatened that she would lose it all if she didnt listen to the neckbeard.

No. 1683447

Apparently Destiny the fat malding hamplanet thinks Amouranth is lying

No. 1683483

I watched Amouranth’s stream last night and she got more subs than she has ever before and the donations were going crazy. Not to mention her OF has triple the activity than it’s ever had if you look at the likes on each post. Coming out about the abuse was a huge money maker for her.(sage your shit)

No. 1683487

It makes sense, moids are quick to forgive her hiding a husband now they know she is both single and super vulnerable

No. 1683499

I hope she'll milk these suckers out of all their worth then fuck off with the money to open an animal sanctuary or whatever fucking dream she has. They'll mald at her no matter what she does anyway.

No. 1683540

Lol her animal sanctuary dream was a lie. She got enough money and instead bought a gas station. She said she didn’t have time to manage an animal sanctuary(learn2sage)

No. 1683543

No. 1683748

Good for her tbh, with the shitty way her simps reacted to the abuse she deserves to drain them all dry

No. 1683805

actually 20 gas stations lmao nothing milky about that

No. 1683812

And? Gas stations are a better investment.

No. 1683831

please use your brain, do you really think the husband was going to let her buy an animal sanctuary? or would he push the gas station idea?

not being able to/allowed to buy her animal sanctuary or farm or whatever else doesn't make it a lie

No. 1683926

you guys her husband is a huge retard environmentalist/animal lover like amou. its not far off the realm they actually bought it

No. 1684380

Amouranth's husband pretends to want a animal sanctuary too. He constantly talks about wanting to donate and his threat to Amouranth was that he was gonna take all their money and donate it to his favorite bird sanctuary. They are both liars and just try to act like they want this stuff to "keep appearances up" (his wording)

No. 1684814

emiru trying to convince everyone again that she eats a super gamur diet of mountain dew, sweets, doritos and instant noodles when she obviously has an ED.

No. 1685113

kek never change, Emi.

No. 1685370

clearly has an ED, fake as hell, trying to manipulate people into thinking mizkif is a good guy because she’s sucking him dry, she annoys me to no end.

No. 1685600

File: 1666822331387.png (36.47 KB, 596x363, Screenshot.png)

No. 1686748

fuck off incel

No. 1686750

everything they said is true and well established emiru lore, go read her thread

wherever you emiru white knights keep coming from please fuck off back there

No. 1686777

she just went on that trip to meet his family in nj because they’re really good friends! they’re not hiding it because her scrotes will dry up if they know!

No. 1686779

Learn to sage. You are acting like being scrotes cumrag is admirable when she is also protecting Miz. For what? Little bit of worst mizkids on twitch?
"Fuck off desperate pick-me"

No. 1687234

they are NOT dating(sage)

No. 1687236

wow you really are a desperate white knight, did you claw your own eyes to avoid seeing the obvious truth?

emiru has been fucking mizkif for almost a year now, i'm sorry it wasn't you :(

No. 1687331

I miss Maya.

No. 1687374

same, her content was fun and easy to watch. some guy in her chat tried to sexualize her because she was wearing leggings while working at Alveus and she told him she hoped he'd get hit by a bus kek.

No. 1687707

kek makes me miss her even more now.

No. 1687714

its insane she's not streaming when mizkif is

but she also did carry out mizkif's intimidation orders on the girl so i dont feel that sorry for her either

No. 1687785

she was never really interested in being a "streamer", she just wanted to do animal conservation education.

she mentioned that making tiktok reacts, doing desktop streams and that kind of content was more of a neccesary evil to get sponsors and keep the viewers up. in the months leading up to the drama, she was really wondering if having to "sell her life" was worth the viewers for her animal conservation streams.

after everything that happened i think she just decided that its not worth the drama of "being a streamer" to be able to get funds to run Alveus and do the animal conservation streams.

with her experience she could probably easily get hired by san diego zoo or one of the other large organizations working with animal conservation and still get some of that satisfaction from saving animals.

No. 1688054

You people sound a lot like the low IQ simps in her chat. Of course there is more to life than onlyfans and rolling around in a tub for 8hours a day for money. Of fucking course her personal life is a mess.
I remember opening her stream a few months ago and thinking "damn this girl doesnt look happy". She's a mess, her personal life is a mess and no shit her boyfriend/fiance/husband(whatever he is) is a piece of shit too and you don't need to be a particular gender to see the hollowness in someone.

BUT this is scripted shit for drama. Even if there is some truth behind it, she streamed it and showed it to the world for those sweet sweet sympathy dollars.

No. 1688094

retard moid take, nothing was scripted

he was abusing her over the phone this time, as he often did, she took the opportunity to unmute and expose the abuse and get away from him for good

burning him publicly like that was the best shot she had and she took it, who cares if she capitalized on the attention after that, it doesn't change what she'd been through

fuck off

No. 1688236

>she streamed it and showed it to the world for those sweet sweet sympathy dollars

Ok, no. Why are moids so fucking retarded, if you were keeping up with hearsay she clearly already tried to bring the case to the police and they were extremely unhelpful and ineffective at solving the issue. This is a common problem women face trying to reach out to the proper channels to report their rape, sexual assault, domestic abuse, all sorts of problems that people are ready to tell them to go and report and when they do, they unfortunately turn away from the doors of these places with no sign of hope. A large amount of braindead sociopathic lazy fatfucks in law enforcement who can’t be bothered to actually file it and do an investigation and always foster a culture within their jobs that is always suspicious towards the general public. That’s probably the only option she ran to at the time through the heat of a justified emotional breakdown from years of emotional/financial abuse. So what was she going to do? Let that whiny hairy human booger continue to drain her money so she has no where to run or go, continue to prostitute her for hot tub stream bucks, let him possibly spread all of her extremely personal confidential information and ruin her life? Hopefully I thought she would have gone the Amber Heard route and beat his ass from all of that years of demeaning from a partner you were probably emotionally attached to. What the hell goes inside of the male mind where it seems impossible for you to come to these easy, 2+2 logical conclusions where it makes me confirm that men are genetic wastes. Kys

No. 1688242

Let me play a sad song for this rich bitch on the world’s smallest violin. There are survival prostitutes out there selling their actual bodies to get by but boo-hoo, poor Maya had to monetize her life so she could live out her Steve Irwin larp.

No. 1688254

she didn't have to. that's why she decided to stop when it didn't feel like it was worth it anymore.

No. 1688814

File: 1667135064913.jpeg (72.9 KB, 681x1200, D3733BD6-01F2-4673-8169-1E67F7…)

If I was dream I’d just kill myself at this point

No. 1688837

He looks like my friend's druggie trailer trash older brother who got himself into major debt in his early 20's. I just know his hair smells like the most rancid unwashed dog you can possibly imagine.

No. 1688863

I almost respect how little he cares

No. 1688877

I'm pretty sure he cares

No. 1689109

he needs a teen movie style makeover

No. 1689347

> she took the opportunity to unmute and expose the abuse and get away from him for good
Except she didn't leave him, did she? How can you be so dumb, nonna? We are supposed to be smarter than an average moid, and yet you and so many other Nonnas think this was not scripted and faked. Jesus…

No. 1689348

he's about 40kg lighter, Shane. kek.

No. 1689358

she mentioned how her dating life was going to be a mess after this. i take it that she's put him out of her life, or was there new information suggesting otherwise?

No. 1689367

no new info otherwise, that person just hates her

probably a moid

No. 1689636

amourath gives off professional victim vibes sorry

No. 1689637

because the first thing you think about when you get out of an emotional/physically abusive relationship is dating, right? don't you retards see the issue here?

No. 1689668

emiru is a VICTIM

No. 1689674

is this satire?

we all saw her chase dyrus to fuck him and leech fame, and we've all seen her do the same to mizkif

it's who she's always been, desperate for fame and will fuck gross moids to get it

No. 1689684

eugh… okay, let me unpack this.
first of all, she literally said she would be done with men for a while, whilst being spammed with text-to-speech 'you need a strong man like me hehe' / 'please go out with me now that you're single' from moids.

second of all, there is no way to deny that her husband is extremely volatile and abusive, judging by that phone call. he is an unhinged lunatic.

lastly, just think about the situation for more than five seconds. abusive relationships form over the course of many years, and as much as your excellent advice of 'just leave him lol' is super helpful, those relationships aren't easy to leave! the abuser has everything to gain from keeping their victim around them, and the victim has been brought down by constant belittling, insults and gaslighting to doubt what is reality and forced to cope with the abuse in any way possible.

the moid doesn't want to let go of his golden goose. he's not the one working and in the spotlight, so his life didn't change at all by this entire situation. all he has to do is keep her working and making him a fortune. sure, he's let her go to a few parties now, but i imagine this comes with a price as the abusive man wants to retain control at all costs.

good on you for never being involved with a horrid, abusive man, and i don't wish the experience on anybody, but it's not quite as simple as breaking up with a nonabusive partner.

No. 1689701

They look so cute together, they are fucking 100%
Bonnie is so lucky!

No. 1689715

wouldn't be the first time bonnie fucks for money, i guess

No. 1689721

File: 1667200861857.png (6.22 KB, 709x66, emirubonnieesfand.PNG)


emiru confirmed in her chat tonight basically, she was talking about her and mizkif (and their beard brendan) going to japan next week, and said since esfand can't go neither can bonnie

No. 1689750

they all have terribad fashion sense lol

No. 1689834

scrote logic

No. 1691125

No. 1691138

File: 1667331939998.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.36 KB, 1179x1095, 0F31FA45-78D3-4C69-8149-ADD7E5…)

Logwig’s balls.

No. 1691160

why did he show people this??? saw a gif of it on twitter

No. 1691166

man… his balls look like a miniature ass

No. 1691175

EW why did he show thi? was it a mistake?

No. 1691274

This has got to be fake.

No. 1691290

he did it on a podcast, not his own channel

No. 1691295

Okay so is this real or not? Those are some weird looking balls…

No. 1691304

He did it on the Cold Ones podcast because drunk and they told him they would blur it, but forgot to do it on the patreon version.

No. 1691337

why do scrotes wanna see other scrotes's balls?

No. 1691346

Shane using dream to get more attention back on him and his new retarded video about jeffree again even though the audience that focuses on dream is gen z. And gen z still hates shane kek

No. 1691444

Because they are secretly gay, next question.

No. 1691460

my bf thinks they're doin' it
max and chad that is
healthy bromance or tounge-punching each other's assholes? only time will tell

No. 1691566

His balls look like normal balls where the skin is being pulled taut. Remarkably hairless, I wonder if he waxes. First kissing all the boys now this. Tinfoil and I don't really believe it but some part of my heart thinks QT is a tim.

No. 1691619

What is with your reddit spacing retard

No. 1691753

>Tinfoil and I don't really believe it but some part of my heart thinks QT is a tim.
Not saying I disagree, but was it something she has said and/or clips that makes you think this?

No. 1691761


No. 1691830

QT was raised mormon and has way too much female-specific trauma to be a TiM kek

No. 1691864

File: 1667414864364.png (1.06 MB, 1440x813, Screenshot_20221103-074711~2.p…)

So are Adept and XQC officially done?

No. 1691869

they look normal (actually they look good), they're just gently pulled down and squeezed.

No. 1691901

or they are all three poly or they are in an open relationship or they are on and off or why do you care?

No. 1691957

wtf looks like his twin with eyeliner in this cap.

No. 1692020

They don't forget to blur, that's why people sub to the patreon, though mainly it's chad's ass and balls.

No. 1692075

XQC's new relationship seems like it's going to be as batshit as his last. It's funny how I saw a comment saying, "Finally someone normal," when her personality seems to be all about pandering to coomers. This should be interesting.

No. 1692103

File: 1667430174047.png (248.19 KB, 451x451, N3au4fDdQ8d5JNgbaIVQ_noHSXP9wW…)

Searched her and first pic i found made her look like a troon and i was so terrified kek. The drag queen make up style needs to die. Anyway she seems like a twitch thot, if you search her up you get bombarded with uhm questionable pics. She has an only fans and its not hard to stumble on her nudes. She does have a nice body, seems not plastic like nor does it seem like she has bolt ons.

No. 1692106

File: 1667430274297.jpg (43.24 KB, 680x523, FgY9y4uWAAE2Jn3.jpg)

XQC seems to really enjoy women who need someone to increase their relevancy. Maybe he likes that advantage in a relationship. Also, coming out that he has a new gf 3 days after adept randomly shows up and kisses his cheek on stream? Afterwards he muted and argued with her on stream kek.

No. 1692108

lmfao wtf. I know Adept was probably punching her head over these new clips. Move on! He watches coomer TTs. There's nothing to miss.

No. 1692194

Omg yeah I didn't want to sound like I was jealous but in the screenshot upthread I thought he was kissing a guy with makeup

No. 1692201

>kissing a dude with an anime girl on his wall (unless it's hers? which is still cringe)
Talk about zero self respect lmfao. These two look like two bleach headed troons anyway.

No. 1692202

Those are really small and why are they hairless? Abnormal.

No. 1692204

it's his, chat chose it for him along with an anime coomer bait figurine

No. 1692208

Why do dumb bitches even bother with these manchildren? It's on the same level as those my little pony dudes. Bet he's totally mature for a relationship and can definitely make one last.

No. 1692295

They're mid looking girls going after a mid looking guy because he has cash and clout. A woman who does "18+ secretary roleplay" and sleeping streams doesn't have much room to grow without fucking a moid unless she branches out with content. But why do that when you can fuck a man who once played in a gaming league? We see it all the time.

No. 1692300

bruh this is literally the twitch general? hell o? lmao(sage)

No. 1692349

File: 1667453500420.jpg (43.82 KB, 664x708, Capture.JPG)

Ludwig asked them to blur it, Chad "misread" the message and didn't blur it.

No. 1692350

I guess they're just laughing it off but damn I'd be pretty pissed if I was him. Whole internet just seen his balls and now it's online forever. But I guess he did pull them out in front of the camera so idk.

No. 1692364

how tf did Chad misread that? lmao(sage)

No. 1692401

as the years go by chad somehow gets more and more retarded

No. 1692480

>XQC seems to enjoy women who increase his relevancy

Bingo. His retarded fans are too dumb to realize that, he is a little drama whore that secretly likes to concoct chaos kek as many scorpios like to do. I always suspected he was a little sociopathic in that regards, using people as a means to increase his twitch career and get what he wants as no one is disturbed how he constantly brings his “ex” girlfriend on to his streams just to use her for content and have the entirety of their fan base constantly demean her for every little thing she says and does. I have always suspected that he manufactures these fake dramatic moments for his fans to latch on and think they have a say or even a clear lense into his actual personal life. His moidbase praising the new girl because they were manipulated into disliking Adept are going to get a rude awakening when he does the exact same bitch-made thing to the girl he’s “dating” now, all for “content”, that’s the only thing these people value. They are going to absolutely hate her when her personality begins to outshine his or call her “quirky” or some shit. I can already see this being a giant mess in the future and I can’t wait

No. 1692486

Honestly it’s the perfect relationship setup for manipulative fucks like him. The new chick will ride his cock like her life depends on it. The moment he’s ready to discard her, every single one of his fan will readily excommunicate the clout chasing whore, because well, he makes sure everyone gets a good show of her playing that part so well.

No. 1692531

He deliberately chooses women who don’t have as much clout or a following as he does and it’s because of that exact reason anon kek, to make it easier to kick them to the curb when she no longer has any use for him because it’s always going to be his say over hers in a male-dominated space

No. 1692542

you are giving him way too much credit, lol

No. 1692545

i mean, who else is going to date him?

No. 1692596

Kek, it's what he deserves for being a creepy coomer

No. 1692624

Btw I don’t know why people are surprised about Ludwig doing stupid shit like this, he’s a massive faggot addicted to kissing other men on screen I’m convinced most of the men in these spaces are secretly bisexual

No. 1692815

It's super obvious he loves to make drama and idk why some people pretend he doesn't. I'm saying this as his fan + I have a massive crush on him. He likes to whine that everybody in the chat is so parasocial and weird but then he purposely tells the chat every detail about his life kek. Tells chat they're so parasocial towards his drama with Adept but he's the one who told chat every detail about the breakup. Also brings his new girlfriend on to show everybody. It's all to get views but I admit it works very well

No. 1692846

it's probably covered in mizkif's cum, have at it big boy

No. 1692983

Why the fuck are there so much scrotes who occupy this thread? Get a life you cock-owner

No. 1693031

I think it's a joke/staged for views, and he chose her because of the twin-like appearance. He kisses people like it's nothing all the time, men and women, it doesn't prove much neither him presenting her as his girlfriend.

No. 1693178


Fucking gross. What kind of faggot do you have to be to admit having an ecrush on some scrawny coomer only good for OW plays? Quit foaming at the mouth you fucking weirdo. Imagine desiring the spot of ugly adept or the new girl who looks like a tim.

No. 1693279

Probably kiwis coming to flap foreskins when their website intermittently gets nuked by ddoses

No. 1693291

You are so right and I don’t understand how there are so many xqc ass kisser nonnies itt. do you have no self respect?

No. 1693423

saying you think he's cute doesn't make you an ass kisser. also, he reminds us of retarded guys in hs we had crushes on. that's his appeal.

No. 1694146

xqc is making out with an onlyfans whore every single stream and also casually egging his fanbase against his ex because of a fucking car (that is hers and she drove him around for years because he's a manchild without a license). what kind of appeal you see in him is fucking beyond me you must've liked actual morons in high school

No. 1694197

people have stupid/guilty crushes all the time + xqc is mildly attractive (cute face, accent, tall) streamer-wise which partially makes up for the fact that he's a toe nail eating coomer(sage)

No. 1694222

We all know X's new relationship isn't going to last. It'll be maybe a few more weeks until they're done sucking the literal clout of each other and she'll make a big announcement like she's moving back to the UK or he's moving to Canada or something. They both can't do shit on their own, none of them can cook, handle their finances, or be responsible in any way. Adept was the only one willing to put up with X and handling all his shit for years. As soon as he starts dumping that expectation on Nyxxii, she's out of there.(sage)

No. 1694307

The car is HIS, always has been. He is a retard with no licence so the car was put in her name because she was the one with a licence. She literally stole a car and refuses to give it back kek.

I guess she has to hustle since she is a busted titty streamer that is about to fade into obscurity now that she is not attached to autismo supremo, but… Like have some respect, give the car back.

No. 1694357

bruh you're really blaming her for taking the car thats in HER name.
its not her fault the idiot put a CAR in his GFs name like ffs. a lot of blood related family don't even wanna do that cuz of all the ramifications it can cause let alone just a girlfriend, he's retarded

No. 1694361

The scrotes at LSF are already turning against the new girl because of some collab stream. Terminally online viewers failing to live vicariously through their millionaire streamer always astounds me. They only know what is shown on stream and half of that isn't even genuine or serious, yet they vacillate between thinking this girl is the 'one' to calling her disgusting names within 2 days, lmao.

No. 1694521

Yes, because I have integrity and would not do that. Both of them have been referring to that car as his. She as well. All it takes is being a decent person to give that car back and buy her own or something.

No. 1694541

File: 1667658513988.jpeg (87.48 KB, 1200x800, ruoes3ozcaagk9gerwti.0.jpeg)

The scrote suckers are becoming cows themselves LMAO. Quit self reporting and go back to twt. We don't give a fuck that you're so desperate your pussy drips for this guy.

He's not even mildly attractive, he's borderline skelly so it negates the tall aspect and … accent? Homie says "ohmyfuckinggawddud" quickly and this is the accent you choose to simp for?

>>1694521 "MAH INTEGRITY"

Get fucked, he probably still has his car he spent way too much money on to not be able to drive. And if Adept does take it because the retard put it in her name then that's hilarious.

I don't know where all the simp and ball lickers came from but we don't wk over coomers cars here.

No. 1694546

That's the appeal
>says faigisfajfubesgjoaighuio
That's the appeal. Anyway he fell off. He will never find love.

No. 1694575

I hope she keeps the car, seeing his coomer fanbase rage over her having it is satisfying. Tinfoil, but her keeping the cars could be a result of a settlement agreement where they agreed she could have ownership as compensation, maybe for years of behind-the-scenes work she did while they lived together (managing contracts, leases, etc) or for agreeing to an NDA.(sage)

No. 1694698

you can have your integrity while she can have her car lol. the fuck…

No. 1694716

who cares, he's literally a multi-millionaire and can buy another one(sage)

No. 1694756

I don’t know anything about him but he’s constantly in my recommended with an insane amount of views. Easily he’s probably the highest earner on there making millions per fucking week or some shit. He can buy a car every fucking day.

No. 1694766

fully tinfoil

he doesn't have a garage at the house he's in, he's not going to park a $300k car on the street

she's just keeping it until he sorts out his license and garage shit, which could be tomorrow, it could be forever

but this idea she's stealing it or being paid with it (as if she were getting paid she wouldn't want actual money) is silly

No. 1695212

why the fuck does he want the car back then if he cant even drive it kek

i can see why nonnies would think hes cute, hes cute in a ugly way. However he is such a huge autist and is legit fucking nasty. This guy cant clean after himself and also he isnt even funny. Its alright to think he's cute but they shouldnt wk this scrote, i hope his ex gf keeps the car. Its what she deservers after having to be his mom for so long

No. 1695282


There's a difference between caping for a scrote (I don't, I think Xqc is gross due to his mysoginy he dislpays on the regular) and calling out shitty behaviour. The fact you nonnas cannot see this tells me you are as autist as the many scrotes we shit on here. Sad, rly.

No. 1696413

this. she is getting groomed

No. 1696414

Shes 24, owns a house, and sent nudes to subs. Shes a sociopath adult. Shes not a victim, she’s just retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1696416

this is the stupidest thing ive ever heard, emiru is the one that goes after big streamers to fuck for clout, just read her thread

No. 1696481

new drama video on mizkif and his sexual assaulting the ayumi girl, and other things

No. 1696625

Not new, worthless scrote selfpost. Learn how to use the word regale correctly.

No. 1696629

videos new and definitely not a self post, just the only coverage the issue has gotten so i posted it

not the best, but it's all it's gotten - go complain to the moid in his comments

No. 1696638

i know the milk itself isn't new, i was trying to distinguish the fact that the video is new, and the only thing really talking about it anywhere so far

so the fact that someone is at least trying to cover it is new(s), for as little as it'll probably be worth

No. 1696649

not an interesting story, sorry…

No. 1697784

Didn't we learn last time? How is this any different from the time he and jinny were youtube algo's favorite couple?
Not trying to compare the two of them, just their (lack of) relationship with Esfand.

No. 1700650

So now she’s saying she got groomed by reckful?

No. 1700656

she's talking about reckful primarily but i dont know where you're getting groomed from that, what she's describing sounds more like she's considering it in the sexual harassment area

No. 1700660

I must have misheard the part where she said they “made jokes about” grooming her mb

No. 1700673

its ok, she's playing up the 17 thing anyway, she only actually started streaming in December 2015, she turned 18 on January 3rd 2016, so she was only a "streamer" at 17 for a month

and she never talked directly to reckful until he quested her which was in march, when she was 18 (but his retarded chat told him she was 17 so he did then proceed to joke about it)

but she was still in high school for another five months or whatever so that aspect is true

reckfuls a piece of shit for plenty of reasons but emiru always embellishes that entire sequence of events

No. 1700715

Isn’t this around the same point in time she was posting nudes on 4chan or whatever?

No. 1700735

still doesn't give anyone the ok to groom or harass

No. 1700737

I don't like emiru, but having some dude 10 years older than you do a "emiru quest" when you are barely legal is still creepy as fuck. Also stop reddit spacing this is lolcow.

No. 1700750

File: 1668552709840.webm (2.48 MB, 420x330, 1668549142317340.webm)

pokimane has a wardrobe malfunction

No. 1700757

ugh I bet coomers had a field day with this

No. 1700765

If it's Reckful or Dyrus, then she talked about them both in this infamous video >>>/snow/341708 (updated mirror: https://web.archive.org/web/2oe_/http://wayback-fakeurl.archive.org/yt/NxoMlxkqXsA).
>12:11 Claims that she started streaming to attract Dyrus' attention and that the Reckful stuff was "harmless"
Similar stuff on the old Tumblr post archived in her thread >>>/snow/340487 . Of course, it's possible she wasn't entirely honest at the time for whatever reason.

No. 1700766

I feel awful for her. This would be mortifying and she has a fuck ton of creeps watching her. I hope shes ok.

No. 1700781

You're a fucking idiot if you think this wasn't planned for attention. What was she doing, breastfeeding? You think she can't see herself on the monitor or feel the air on her nipple? You think chat wouldn't have immediately said something? She keeps having these "accidents" and we keep talking about them.

No. 1700786

was going to ask how the fuck she didn't feel this, but it's pretty obvious that she's wearing large silicon pasties.

Does seem like a really stupid outfit to wear on stream. She also came back with it pulled down? The pasties also seem like she had thought of the possibility of this happening and how to get away with it without getting banned. I dunno, it's weird.

No. 1700790

File: 1668556026399.webm (2.43 MB, 1440x1060, 1668549765071063.webm)

the way she reacts to it is off as well.
>oh look, my tit is out haha

No. 1700791

File: 1668556027486.jpg (27.43 KB, 622x541, notice me.jpg)

reckful was always a creepy piece of shit yes, but emiru also always exaggerates the story. and its hilarious she mentions "5-10" years older than her, because december of 2015 is not only when she started really streaming but also when she threw herself at dyrus who was 5-6 years older than her too, but doesn't mention that on her little podcast, maybe these other guys saw her tweeting at him hmmm

she was 17 in 12/2015, tweeted the attached, he replied and they played league, she turned 18 on january 3rd 2016, and she flew to LA to fuck him on january 6th.

none of which excuses the creepers but nobody should be pretending that emily was some pure innocent soul at the time either, she was scheming her way through those same old creeprs and fucked one for years to get e-fame and cash

No. 1700797

Who the fuck has breasts that small that somehow just plop out of a top like that with minimal movement? I get if it was in a scenario with exercise or dance but come on kek.

No. 1700800

pasties are probably bc she went braless and didn’t want her nipples showing. but your reason also works.

No. 1700803

I just don't understand how she comes back with it pulled down. what the fuck was she doing? How do you not feel the shirt pinched up like that around your boob kek

No. 1700806

Me too anon, you can 100% feel when the material is sitting under your breast like that instead over over it. The other side is completely fine which would have caused tension that would have alerted her to the situation before coming back on cam after whatever ~extensive dancing~ was taking place off stream, kek. I genuinely just think she's boring and desperate enough to pull it down to create a scandal. Like why did we not see the slip happen organically like genuine accidents tend to?

No. 1700807

If you have a baggy tank and small boobs sometimes they pop out when you straighten the tank out

No. 1700810

agreed. I would have noticed that immediately. Honestly wouldn't put it past her to do this for attention. LivestreamFail seems to be nuking every post regarding this though, go figure.

No. 1700814

The tank doesn't look baggy to me, there's a bunch on tension created by the other side sitting correctly. And how did she manage to straighten the tank so wrong it was completely diagonal? Her breasts although on the smaller side are heavy enough to completely wedge the top in that position and fill it out when worn correctly. It just doesn't check out to me. Speaking from experience even if what you say happened the chances of not noticing for as long as she did are slim imo.

No. 1700844

picrel is not even one of the first tweets she tweeted at him, i remember she would tweet random horny thoughts under his tweets like some One Direction stan.

No. 1700849

She is getting groomed(learn2sage)

No. 1701000

damn she hit the wall so hard
making me feel better about turning 27 this year and seeing laugh lines

No. 1701021

File: 1668575751113.png (25.37 KB, 591x292, 654564534.png)

Maya's coming back

No. 1701052

i miss her

No. 1701076

Has anyone got a clue where I can see her old vods? I wanted to see her swatting aceros head again.
>add water to the horse feed
>offer not yet smushy food to the horse
>horse tries to eat it
>keep swatting at horses head and calling it stupid
her streams are honestly bit stressful

No. 1701131

Moid mentality

No. 1701132

She is a fucking bad animal keeper and it drives me nuts she's the face of twitch. She has problems with everything she does. It's clear she grew up on a shitty petting zoo and not a real farm or anywhere that takes proper care of their animals. She should've stuck with birds.

No. 1701158


Pathetic simp. What she did is just as bad as mizkif

No. 1701169

You're 27 and you're this emotionally retarded? That's embarrassing. I understand that aging is existentially terrifying, but seeing signs of entropy in others isn't going to exempt you from undergoing the exactly same process, it's just going to ensure you fall deeper into denial whenever new wrinkles or saggy areas appear, and then you're going to chase/try to retain your youth through getting fillers that make you look like a cast member of Planet of the Apes. If you're a 27 year-old fully formed woman and you derive satisfaction from a streamer your age "hitting the wall", idk if there's any hope of you doing something meaningful in life

No. 1701310

Also I find it quite annoying/weird that when she started her sanctuary process she got two ferrets, she used to have 2 dogs. I think the dogs lived on sanctuary grounds, but she didn't. And since then we have heard nothing of them? Comes across very wishy washy old animals out > new more exotic ones in.

No. 1701319

the dogs live with ella at the sanctuary since they have a lot more room to run around there. she is there most days of the week, so there is no reason to try to have the dogs and the ferrets at the apartment.

No. 1701327

Americans seem to have all these 'animal sanctuaries' which are basically just exotic pet zoos and it's extremely normalised in their country so they don't even notice how weird or wrong it is. It's like a lighter version of Tiger King. They all delude themselves into thinking they are doing good, meanwhile collecting as many rares as they can as if they are Pokemon.

No. 1701341

alveus is not open to the public, its just like a large studio for doing animal conservation education on twitch.

No. 1701436

>hit the wall
Male hands typed this.

No. 1701485

What do you expect, nona? nonnies here buy any low-effort grift these streamers make. Just scroll higher up in this thread…

No. 1701503

and then they call you a scrote when you question it kek.

No. 1701767

>I have pets they just live with different people
She has a private zoo and one day when get shut down for hoarding or neglect.

No. 1701803

fyi I am against all forms of plastic surgery for myself and it's super weird you went off on that tangent nonnie, it's pretty autistic.
I was just joking that most women start to "hit the wall" ie. show signs that they're nearing 30 by that age. jesus fucking christ, lighten up a bit and unwad your panties, shit must hurt.

No. 1701824

>damn she hit the wall so hard
NTA but this was scrote speak even if you pull the "I was being retarded on purpose" card. kek

No. 1701888

I just saw this and this looks so intentional. I guess she's getting old in moid years and needs to spice up her streams

No. 1701919

i dont quite understand why you have this desire for alveus to be a bad place :\ its kinda weird.

during her stream yesterday it turns out she has also moved to alveus now, so I guess that means she is living with her dogs again, which it seems like you care about for some reason( :\ )

No. 1701953


Who cares about her nonprofit tax shelter scam, her parents ran the same grift for decades and became multi millionaires. Ms. Sexual assault coverup artist gets to hide behind her nonprofit tax shelter and cute animals, doesnt address the coverup at all, and as predicted the sub 80 IQ morons at twitch start donating again. Its pathetic and disgusting. And she dont even need the money, she can ask her rich mom at any time to fund Alveus for the next 200 years. Its a geift, dont you understand?(learn2sage)

No. 1701957

Do they only do twitch? I honestly don't know. Seems like it?

>more room to run around
only time they are heard (not even seen) on stream when they were barking exessively behind a massive fencing. So we don't know how much "freedom" they actually do get. Sounds sad life to have the "freedom" but no socialization with you owner.

So where the ferrets live now? Or her pitbull mix and hunting dog co-exist now in tiniest trailer/tiny home? Or the dogs still live outside?

No. 1701981

I agree that responding to bait is autistic, but you can't blame me for thinking you were serious when your "joke" wasn't funny at all and nothing indicated that it was one. That's completely on you and your inability to be funny. What you wrote sounded more like something women who are severely mentally ill tend to write about other women to feel better than a joke, and since this site is riddled with the former, I assumed you were one of them rather than someone with a schizoid, bottom of the barrel sense of humor

No. 1702035

ntayrt you sound mentally unwell.

No. 1702069

You can always tell people who know how to handle animals from the ones that don't. I pray for any animal you decide to "rescue."

No. 1702258

I do think Maya is genuinely interested in animals and has a lot of knowledge about them but I've always gotten the impression from her that she lacks empathy which is important when you care for animals. I wish I could remember more examples of what I mean but the only thing that comes to mind is when she was talking about going on a date with a guy (an early-on date, possibly first or second), and she talked about pretending to be offended by an innocent joke he made and storming out of the room and slamming the door. When she came back in the room she was surprised he was concerned and wasn't laughing because it's "obviously a joke". People in the chat were saying it's not okay to do that to somebody who barely knows you and she was genuinely bewildered.

No. 1702270

why on earth would i attempt to rescue an animal? i have no experience handling animals at all. let the professional handle that shit.

No. 1702344

I enjoy being condescending towards who calls me autistic for not understanding their "joke". Complete insanity - send me to the psychward asap

No. 1702350

honestly, Emi doesn't deserve what's happening to her, just because he works with bad people doesn't mean she is bad.

No. 1702358

she is bad, read her thread for plenty of other past things, but she just went and did a whole pr crying stream to defend mizkif who covered up his friend sexually assaulting a woman, and mizkif sexually assaulted another woman himself, you white knighting scrotes need to be banned get out

No. 1702362

Samefag, continuing
I've gotten that impression too but I haven't really been able to pinpoint what it is about her that make her seem like she lacks empathy, because her streamer persona should make me associate her with emotional warmth and kindness but I just don't. She doesn't seem like she's a cruel person at all though, she just seems emotionally detached and self-involved. Then again, most big streamers seem like they have issues empathizing with others to various degrees, and it might just be a side effect of fame or a persona they adopt to prevent parasocial relationships. The joke situation sounds pretty mild to be fair, and his reaction sounds way more unhinged than her joking about it. Anyways, I'm curious: Are there any big streamers who come off as being kind and empathetic? Maybe you can't be too kind once you've gotten to a certain level due to the amount of incels and crazies that might latch onto you

No. 1702406

I enjoy Maya's content but her "love" for animals is not genuine.(sage)

No. 1702411

>Are there any big streamers who come off as being kind and empathetic?
unironically lacari, but to a stupid degree. literally got hacked because he felt bad for ignoring the messages of a long time viewer. doesn't want to milk his audience with ad incentives, so he chooses to spend less time with his girlfriend in order to stream more which is fucked on its own.

No. 1702428

do you think she would spend $500 000 on an animal sanctuary if she didn't love animals?

No. 1702488

I don't understand how this is a valid argument. That's her investment into her career. She will make that money back + millions more over time.

No. 1702497

File: 1668731633379.png (230.59 KB, 868x448, Fht5nGIWQAA8J42.png)

So Nyyxxii and XQC have split (obviously)
>Adept was involved but ultimately, he says it was because friends told him of stories about Nyyxxii and when he confirmed these were valid, decided to end the relationship when she was back in the U.K.
>Adept went to XQC's house to accuse him of cheating on her while they were still in a relationship. He provided her with his phone so she could go through the messages between himself and Nyyxxii, and when she found them talking shit about her, decided to call Nyyxxii and confront her about it.
>Nyyxxii's mod leaks this DM and everyone freaks out

Glad to see this dumpster fire of a relationship finally end. All of his relationships are trash, I don't really care what happens to any of these people, but man does it warm my heart to see his toxic juicer fanbase wriggle and seethe now that their e-girl juicer Queen is no more.

No. 1702567

I'm so confused. So they broke up, and then Adept told Nyyxxii to not speak to him and blocked her on all of xqc's accounts? And X just… lets Adept do that? And he isn't even getting back with Adept? The fuck

No. 1702664

File: 1668751745133.jpg (1.46 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-11-18_17-04-14-898.…)

Had a good kek at lilfuncakez. She's the epitome of titty streamer with the fake high-pitched voice to boot but sperged out the other day when someone pointed out her obvious grift, than proceeded to post a blatant ass pic directly after. I remember seeing her posted here a while back for larping as Korean when she's a white girl named Kayla Servi or something? I don't normally give a shit what other women post it's just kinda humorous considering the
>Maybe I just have them and exist?

No. 1702766

It's not only burgers.
Kek way to keep up the toxic Latina gf stereotype, Adept.

No. 1702787

>cropping the bottom to hide her flat ass

No. 1702819

>I enjoy
yeah, seriously doubt that. You come off as extremely autistic.

No. 1702841

But.. Why would he even let her control his life to this extent if they weren't involved? It makes zero sense.

No. 1702854

>no you
too low of energy from someone who says they "enjoy being condescending"

No. 1702922

File: 1668791519816.jpeg (86.08 KB, 491x1063, F2749EAF-331F-4E09-9856-3663AA…)

there has to be a reason…

No. 1702957

I feel like since both are toxic as shit they can't get away from eachother.
Adept is living inside one of his houses and drives his 3 cars (the maclaren, tesla and bmw) and also uses his credit cards (he told on stream he had to freeze many of them because of her).
She says she doesnt want to be envolved on drama but kept posting on instagram photos with his mclaren and bmw with flowers inside to stir drama. (Made people think she was going out with other while xqc asked for her to not drive anymore the cars) But it seems she was just doing her "little trolling" to catch attention and keep relevance…
She is very manipulative with a bunch of red flags (who the fuck calls on your ex phone someone you are reading a bunch of private messages? why is he such a wimp to let that happen). He even said that when she was about to call he wanted to cut off the wifi so she couldnt finish it instead of getting the phone out of her hand.
xQc is the epitome of manchild who can't do anything on his own. He said even on stream that he feels alive when those type of shitty drama happens. Most likely the Mclaren is a bridge to keep talking to Adept as he still didn't bring the fucking car to him and makes a bunch of excuses. Most people watching the stream knew it was just a fling him and nnyyxx but the man couldn't end the relationship with her at his house and did it over discord. While he can't get away from adept lmao.

No. 1702966

tyler1 unironically

No. 1703206


No. 1703354

kek has she stopped the korean larp? I tried watching her a long time ago and she doesn't even engage with chat. Just sat there with her titties out playing a game quietly

No. 1704102

If XQC wasn't fuckign her, she is the type of a girl he would make fun of on his stream.

No. 1704105

i can't believe this isn't edited. how unfortunate

No. 1704126


But maya isnt bad who actually did the sexual assault coverup in the first place? So if criminal runs an animal farm grift its all ok? Weird logic

No. 1704305

if you deny that women start to age around the age of 30 your a fucking retard or in denail. I'm not a moid because I aknowledge the reality of aging. You can't and don't HAVE to look 20 years old forever. The autistic femcels on this website make me feel better about myself each time I post here.

No. 1704420

I can tell you're a malding moid just from your multiple typing errors kek

No. 1704467

aging isn't bad but "hitting the wall" is clear moid speak anon

No. 1704480

I mean, everyone ages throughout their entire life. It's kinda unavoidable?

No. 1704483

This. He seems to have a great relationship with Micaiyla.

No. 1704529

scrote logic
so only moids can use this phrase? how low iq are you?

No. 1704614

Hitting the wall means not just aging, it means becoming undesirable to moids for long term relationship and other red pill garbage propaganda. So yes if you use this term as a woman you sound like a moid or a pickme.

No. 1704646

No one is trying to deny the reality of aging, but it applies to men too and the idea that you, as a woman, hit a wall after a certain age (30) where you're no longer valuable to society or men is absolutely associated with misogyny and red pill rhetoric. I think it's way more autistic and femcel-like of you to still argue about this because your wall "joke" wasn't received particularly well. No one disputes the fact that women and men age, or that sexual attractiveness decreases with age. No one is in denial of reality. What I don't buy into are concepts that stem from red pill ideology, the wall being one of them. Also; for someone who seemingly likes accusing people of having low IQ, you come off as quite unintelligent yourself and like you don't have good control of your aggressive impulses at all.

No. 1704694

I mean sure, a woman could be like this, but then you'd have to be some sort of a batshit femcel of near mythical status. I'm being courteous by assuming you're a moid, anon.

No. 1704753

you thinking im the same anon who made the "hit the wall" comment is definitely low iq.
>I'm being courteous
you're being retarded for thinking only scrotes use this phrase.

No. 1704765

Both of you sound like femcels, so that's a you problem.

No. 1704772

>Thinking it's some singular incel tier phrase that makes you sound like a moid
Moid behavior. Want some free passing advice?

No. 1704778

nta but just wading in to say if you are actually a biological woman and unironically use the phrase "hit the wall" to describe other women, I hope you enjoy magnetically attracting the worst males to you forevermore. Which would have a worse effect on your life than not having dewy baby skin until you're 50

No. 1704789

Oh boo hoo. How mentally unstable do you have to be to believe every anon who hurts your fee fees is a moid? Anons use this phrase all over the site to describe both men and women.

No. 1704795

Yeah it's definitely the women who call out misogyny that are mentally ill, and not the pickmes walking around comparing themselves to Twitch streamers and repeating moid rhetoric. The issue is if you internalize all the ugly incel rhetoric, you will end up (or already do) value yourself only on your sexual attractiveness. Which leads to a miserable life even for those who rate highly for attractiveness. Every ethot and egirl looks absolutely miserable and dead behind the eyes.

No. 1704796

>another transparently moid reply

And you don't even know what's making you clockable kek. YWNBAW

No. 1704803

moids live in your head rent free.

No. 1704833

Another timeless moid classic. Yeah, you'll never pass, this is terminal.(infighting)

No. 1704847

Rent free anon.(infighting)

No. 1704859

Least projecting moid

No. 1705297

It was so obviously planned lmao. She would’ve felt her whole boob out of her shirt, it also looked like she had a slight pasty over her nipple too. She would’ve seen on her monitor and chat would’ve said something

No. 1705353

I don't think it's a pasty.
Looks more like her filter's blur smoothing tool being so strong that you can barely see it

No. 1705357

File: 1669011602140.png (Spoiler Image,71.52 KB, 725x670, pasty.png)

pretty sure it is a pasty you can see the more defined edge of it, the second lighter line way further out is the edge

No. 1705359

I can't believe people actually realized this was planned and carefully crafted with the pasty. I can feel when my whole damn boob has spilled from my tank top. She was either heavily medicated or complicit in it, but either way she had a camera pointed at her and a monitor reflecting her image… wtf.

No. 1705360

Samefag, meant to say ^haven't actually realized^

No. 1705373

yeah, no reasonably big streamer would go online without either some pasties or silicon strapless bra, if they are ditching the regular bra for an outfit

No. 1705419

The clips of Emi and Miz together in Japan make me shiver lol

No. 1705481

Yeah don't post any for us to see what you mean! Go girl! Give us nothing! Whats an image board anyway.

No. 1705542


The Japan streams seem just boring.

No. 1705775

Yep, nothing like a bloated alcoholic Cyr punching the shit out of a cardboard likeness of you to make you feel welcome.

No. 1705789


Makes you think that Cyr and Schlatt often have violent thoughts about women. Now it just occurred to them that they can be violent because it's a piece of cardboard.(sage)

No. 1705878

emily is used to being beat up by men for clout and money, but normally it's just her pussy taking the beating

No. 1706047

FUCK off incel

No. 1706049

no moids here love, just facts, read her thread, it's what she does

No. 1706088

Males will always be chimps no matter how domesticated they come off or think they are.

No. 1706470


Generalizing so broadly and the need to dehumanize someone like that is generally a sign of low Iq.(male)

No. 1706552

Imagine being on LC and saying that lmao

No. 1706579

So is not being able to sage

No. 1706601

File: 1669121993390.jpg (14.21 KB, 275x185, 1667003469085.jpg)

fucking KEK

No. 1706730

Kek! Knew it was a sad chimp which is why I didn't bother replying.

No. 1706761

If people seriously thought that childish fake relationship would last and thought it was real then damn people are really stupid. XQC is not a genius, but it’s like he made a messy trashy reality tv show plot for his audience to eat up. Most of this crap is fake, he “dated” that girl and played into it like an actor on a television show because he’s a manipulative, opportunistic person. Take everything these psychos say with a grain of salt, Adept and XQC are two retards that are truly made for each other but it’s obvious they keep igniting this drama because it’s the only thing keeping these people’s careers in headlines and thumbnails. Everything is done for “content”, they blur the line between reality and fiction constantly and streaming is no different from the movies and shows you watch.

No. 1706901

File: 1669150483924.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1389, E49065ED-EFA1-47AE-85EE-B615E7…)

Anisa got rid of her boobs lmao so much for "it cured my body dysphoria!"

RIP Anisa's tits

No. 1706902

Kek she's gonna need a lot of help in the face department now that she's shaped like a fridge again

No. 1706913

She looks much better at least

No. 1706920

I didn't expect that to happen tbh, but good for her! Those things must has weighed a ton.

No. 1706923

i agree, but knowing Anisa she's going to complain about her body image issues over lack of breasts again.

it's just so fucking wild idubbbz will drop all kinds of money on whatever whim Anisa wants(boobs, boxing event, house in seattle, etc) but he won't invest in her therapy. she is clearly going through her daddy issues and grief and is not addressing it

No. 1706925

Agree. Anisa is a whole hot mess otherwise haha

No. 1706935

Honestly happy for her, they looked so painful. I was wondering where she went

No. 1706969

Late but I have no idea anon. She gets next to no engagement on anything she posts so maybe she did stop larping as a Korean girl named Hyuna and moids moved on.

No. 1707225

File: 1669184244289.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4089x2794, 4F105501-21AF-46A5-86BD-153C11…)

Anisa is just the type of cow that gets better with age, two years ago I would’ve never foreseen she would drink the troon koolaid but we are getting closer every day

No. 1707309

>takes out fake boobs
>dresses more masculine
you're sick and retarded

No. 1707433

File: 1669215460284.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1415, CB4CE662-6DCE-4D0A-8222-CD1FC8…)

Good for her, her body looks a lot more normal now, big tits only messed up her proportions.

No. 1707451

I mean it’s not ITT but if you kept up with her socials, she constantly talks about gender/pronouns and how she admires keffals lately. It’s not out of the realm of possibility

No. 1707454

But that's literally what the thought process for tranny retards is like.

No. 1707887

Does Jerma985 give anybody else Onision vibes? I've never actually watched any of his streams, but every time I see clips of him it he reminds me of a life Onision could have had if he became a Twitch streamer and hadn't fucked up his life.

No. 1708623

I think that Jerma is just playing into a psychotic persona for his community, the only person on Twitch that I get Onision vibes from is Cyr obviously… It's just odd that Cyr hasn't been cancelled for his past and he's also now aging horribly at a very alarming rate.

No. 1708727

Jerma does not give off those vibes to me at all. Onision in his “prime” always came off as really mean and aggressive to me even when he was trying to be silly or funny, whereas jerma goes out of his way to not come off as judgemental or mean. Sometimes he can be hyperbolic about his opinions on junk food or whatever but it seems like he’s just playing it up for laughs

No. 1708731

File: 1669323791891.jpg (6.58 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

Jerma is a 37 year old man pandering to 20 year olds, he's old enough to understand how to stay relevant and created a very loyal fanbase. There is a lot of wholesome compilations videos made by his fanbase who clearly have a lot of love for him. He also seems smart enough to not fuck around with his fans romantically.

Cyr on the other hand is an unhinged Johnny Depp skinwalker who is secretly begging for one person to make the comparison. He's had a lot of red flags but people have gotten so used to him acting this way it's not considered weird anymore. Tragic.

No. 1708896

99% of clips are taken out of context by kids/teens finding his extremities funny, a usual Jerma stream is actually pretty chill, recently he does seem to be playing it up but I don't blame him kek
Sorry to break it to you anon but he's dating a fan, there's more about it discussed in the Youtuber thread, but she was a mod & fan for awhile. Imo she seemed to of kinda weasel her way into his life & live her delusional Y/N fantasy at 30 but it's definitely not an Onision type of shit. I agree with you major on Cyr tho, he gives off the most ransom vibes

No. 1709972

File: 1669422182915.png (1.26 MB, 1485x942, Untitled.png)

It's funny you say unhinged because it looks like Cyr is a Jeffrey Dahmer skinwalker these days… Suits him perfectly with his meth teeth and groomer allegations.

No. 1710982

>woman who made a career out of being sexualized and objectified is now unable to divorce her body from said sexualization and feels severe discomfort with it
are we surprised though? I wish her peace and I hope she doesn’t do anything permanent.

No. 1717304

File: 1670058635209.png (14.13 KB, 287x357, msedge_LDH5S2u5QK.png)

mizkif currently moping in bed while running twitch plays pokemon for """""content"""" and his mods are banning anyone for calling him out for it lol

No. 1717312

File: 1670060608149.png (87.24 KB, 679x640, miz art.png)

stupid egotistical moid edited the game files to insert himself as the main character and other otk people as well, emiru made the art for him and made him look like attached loooool

maybe if we're lucky he'll get reported to nintendo for fucking with their files, i hear they're picky about that stuff

No. 1717313

We used to sodomise men for shit like this. Sigh

No. 1717323

Thats crazy she says that when here


She says its harmless fun(Embed)

No. 1717342

pretty clear his mental is lowest its ever been. the dude lived to hang out with is friends and then his friends turned out to ditch him the second shit got hard

No. 1717434

Grew out of Jerma. He changed throughout the years but unironically much more after Doll House and started hanging out with douchebags. And the dating way younger fan thing is sus.

No. 1717450

I use to watch jerma a lot and I always hated the irl stuff and mainly lost interest when he started doing collabs with mizkif and the likes. Although tbh the negative reaction people had when he revealed he was dating a ‘much younger fan’ is ridiculous because she’s 30 and he’s 37

No. 1717593

Stopped watching after the Non Binary cat boy shit with Shitwig.i started watching again but only when he plays things he likes. I notice a lot of streamers like Vinny are doing more collabs lately. Also jerma has users who only spam Trans right shit every few 2 mintues. He could've shut that shit down as retarded spam that has nothing to do with the stream

No. 1717596

File: 1670095201415.jpg (430.37 KB, 1536x2048, FiayQHQX0AE5-fl.jpg)

he is probably using steroids

No. 1717605

you must be joking if you think that is someone using steroids

No. 1717634

NTA, but absolutely knew a guy who was using steroids and wasn't even this big. So it's not impossible.

No. 1717648

i think he's roiding or using atleast one substance, it's becoming more common for gamers and crypto bros to use some type of ped, the reason they dont get big while using roids is they don't eat enough or lift hard enough like people who traditionally use steroids and spend all their time in the gym and are determined to get bigger than they could naturally

No. 1717663

I only see gross huge traps like that in guys who use steroids

No. 1717795

Agree. Leaving aside how 'body building' muscles look stupid compared to real athletic muscles, his look too big and defined like fat burning and fake muscles provide.

No. 1717798

File: 1670111318820.png (23.24 KB, 460x270, emi break.png)

emiru having to take a week or two off again in january to tend to mizkif's emotional problems even more now

wonder if she regrets signing up for fucking this mental case yet, is the clout and views worth it

No. 1717822

>fake muscles
opinion discarded. post bmi

No. 1717830

i mean its prob just the vacation most content creators take for january because content does poorly after the holidays and then kicks back up

No. 1717950

yeah, if you are gonna take some time off as a creator, january is a good month. all the companies spent their entire ad budget in december and ad rev will be shitty in jan (as usual).

No. 1717956

she says in that picture its because she's fried from dealing with mizkif and other peoples bullshit its not a usual vacation

No. 1718047

If she would have watched clips of Miz draining Maya's energy from early in their relationship, she would have thought twice before jumping the gun.

No. 1718646

She went from “i want to stream everyday in japan! and do sponsors and have soooo much lined up in december and January!” To going on vacation with Miz, to being sad, depressed and miserable and cancelled and flaking all her streams that arent big sponsors like blizz or spotify.

Theyre both immature children who never outgrew high school mentality and are seeing their money dry up because miz sexually assaulted someone and covered it up, and emi needs that money train so she backed her bf.

You know its bad when shes saying she might “gift” herself 3000 subs to “add emotes” and totally not inflate her numbers like miz and esfand do.

No. 1718698

oh im not defending her im just saying ive seen so many people clickbait "im taking a break" posts/vids and the real reason is adrev drops

No. 1718717

Losing sponsors because your boyfriend covered up a SA and committed one years ago, while having to fear hes going to show up in chat or bully someone in your “room” during a stream probably can weigh have heavily on a mediocre streamer who admits to trying to kill herself before, but also lives with someone who constantly says hes going to kill himself

No. 1719149

Dude we can read the thread, no one is defending miz. You don’t have to reiterate your points we all agree with

No. 1721548

File: 1670455466373.png (296.05 KB, 593x765, 564564.png)

Sodapoppin and Veibae are having a scrotelet

No. 1721562


i can't tell if you can't tell that's a joke or not

(they've never even met in person for those unaware)

No. 1721675

I knew it was a joke about cucking nick I just forgot to sage I'm dumb

No. 1725996

File: 1670895380927.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1229, AB38EB8D-3B60-44F4-85A6-386B6A…)

Idubbbz has always been ugly but holy shit he legit looks like a homeless dude now LMAO seen at Ludwig’s event

No. 1726248

Looks like a hick.

No. 1726323

File: 1670934584638.png (559.64 KB, 675x895, Tiny House Tour.png)

Really glad to see Maya doing well. Meanwhile Miz is doing his PewDiePie book club thing, lol.

No. 1726488

miz being his good ol' suicidal self, lol

No. 1726729

File: 1670973269023.jpg (188.48 KB, 946x2048, FjzaI9lWACIJyrf.jpg)

Macaiyla is currently being cancelled on twitter for being transphobic. Lots of league streamers speaking up against her. People want Tyler1 to make a statement about not being transphobic like his gf. Lol

No. 1727052

Macaiyla TERF Queen 2023

No. 1727520


She isn't shitting on actual trans people - MTF is 'she' and FTM is 'he'. The people who go by 'they' in the singular aren't trans in the vast majority of cases - they're either attention-whores ('look at me, I'm different!') or weirdoes in general.

No. 1727543

These tweets make me feel like she could be a TERF just can't outright say it because of her boyfriend. Has she ever said anything else based before?

No. 1727560

Are you a tranny sympathizer? There is no such thing as an actual trans person.

No. 1727563

Somebody has the balls to say it.

No. 1727566

File: 1671067868953.jpeg (593.72 KB, 1284x1286, 65AE8D98-56DF-409F-9769-00095C…)

Does anyone know what this was about

No. 1727575

It was a video about the try guys where is said that he thinks people are taking the ned situation too far by comparing him to a rapist according to what people are saying the in comments section.

No. 1727601

They always bring up race lmfao.
tinfoil but I kind of always had a feeling she browses here.

No. 1727794

Uh based

No. 1727795

Based. I’ve only seen a few no context clips of hers before and thought she was funny in them but I had assumed she was another standard pickme. Literally not a single scrote has the nuts to say this, even the ones caught making rape jokes lol

No. 1727798

Her tiny house is really cute and nice, I'm jealous kek.

I really hope she sticks to her guns and doesn't let people shout her down.

No. 1728005

I never watched him and never will because he panders to troons

No. 1728013

Has Tyler1 ever even taken a political stance? Does he even have the mental capability to have a single thought?

No. 1728045

I don't like his content but I wouldn't say Tyler is stupid. He streams what he wants, doesn't get involved with other streamers drama, and lives within his means.

No. 1728559

You can be transphobic and a pick me though. theres plenty of normie girls who share the same ideas macaiyla does but they just wont publicly share them unless they know they wont face backlash for it or if they dont give a fuck like macaiyla.

honestly i wouldn't be surprised if someone like pokimane was anti tranny. but why tf would she say that if it'll fuck up her career/reputation.

No. 1728693

No. 1729022

File: 1671234809805.png (399.38 KB, 1074x2073, Screenshot_20221216-185126~2.p…)

Rich Campbell raped someone and resigned from OTK

No. 1729040

No. 1729045

>Asmongold really created his own Blizzard Entertainment
Kek. I hope every single one these scrotes dies but god damn twitch groupies do not share a single shred of self respect and survival instinct amongst them.

No. 1729046

so first mizkifs roommate outed as a sexual assaulter

then mizkif

now rich who lived in mizkifs closet doing a subathon for a month, when we know he fucked multiple girls in that closet (alinity, mercy) and he met mia there

mizkifs house is ground zero for molesting moids

No. 1729054

Only followed him once for some twitch drops and thought he has such a rancid frat guy vibe. Muted him the whole time.

No. 1729300

Ok nonnies who called it? Most people were saying Cyr was next but I remember some nonnies calling it was gonna be this rich guy

No. 1729302

someone must have, rich had a parade of girls through mizkifs house he was sleeping wtih and he always makes creepy sex jokes, had a pedo stache, etc. its more surprising he wasn't on a watchlist already.

No. 1729327

Edwin and Mina have already tried cancelling Cyr multiple times, but all that's happened was his ex-girlfriend Dasha ended up getting cancelled instead. Rich Campbell has always seemed like a sexual predator just like CrazySlick was, so it was only a matter of time before a twitlonger was written about him…

No. 1729646

so now that it's been a month and amourath is still doing titty/hot tub streams (and is even dating again) can we all agree that she purposely blew up a bad breakup out of proportion for clout? Still no charges filed, etc. And she's still doing what he "forced" her to do before…

No. 1729655

she did it and he kept all her money to himself. now shes her own boss and isnt streaming 24h in order to please him, she has a way to get a ton of income easily. youd be stupid to not keep doing it on your terms nonnie.
she got a rid of her abuser and kept her income. shes a bossbabe tbh

No. 1729656

for any women that talk to streamers here: dont
secondly when a scrote starts jerking off in front of you RUN

No. 1729691

>degrading yourself for men online
sorry, you lost me bro

No. 1729712

making $1-2m a MONTH because horny retarded moids want to throw cash at you makes her the extremely clear winner in the situation

No. 1729728

File: 1671319909077.png (353.54 KB, 601x709, kek.png)

literally the day before kek

No. 1729730

that post is what caused her to tweet, it seems like …

No. 1731729

Miz is still showing up in streamer's YT videos and Hasan is thriving even though he was at a brothel yet Rich and that other tard is seen as the devil now. Are their friends okay in the head?

No. 1731763

Most Twitch scrotes only make it look like they've stopped associating with whichever one of them has been (rightfully) dragged through the mud that week, and those are the ones who've bothered to stop associating with them at all. It's all for views and subs. Asmongold spoke out about Rich but had a twice-convicted abuser on his stream yesterday.

No. 1731765

File: 1671927600077.jpg (76.02 KB, 1080x778, 43FJDU54739RE.JPG)

No. 1731861

Damn, and all his moid fans paint him as some god.

No. 1732135

File: 1672034064038.png (422.48 KB, 726x908, Screenshot from 2022-12-26 00-…)

No. 1732899

Her breasts look more saggier after she pulled out those implants than b4 she even got those implants, what was the point of her getting them even

No. 1732901

Sage your retardation pls

No. 1732908

Her breasts look fine and not saggy at all, are you a moid?

No. 1732911

When you lift your arm like that the skin makes your breasts lift themself (atleast on my body) so her look saggy imo

No. 1732950

Sorry about your wide ass breasts

No. 1732978


not defending her, but sorry to break it to you, nonnie, but gravity does exist, and many women with naturally large breasts DO not exist outside the normal realm of gravity.

also, breast implants can make you sick, and not everyone looks into the full extent of that before surgery, so maybe she liked them, but liked being healthier more.

No. 1733089

File: 1672209599622.jpg (509.42 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20221023-132146__01…)

Moids will literally simp for a car's exhaust pipe. Its fun to celebrate the retardation of scrotes getting grifted, but I wouldn't call a 5 with bolt ons a "boss babe" for exploiting herself for cash no matter how advantageous. Fuck her ex though, what a faggot.

No. 1733202

Based nona

No. 1733569

i hate that the argument all of them will use is that if they're gonna be exploited anyway, why not make money off it

No. 1733849

Purrblind, a small e-streamer and cosplayer, reacted to a clip of Maya Higa making fun of her lazy eye as aheago and misgendering her.

Clip starts at 2:37.
Purrblind's response: https://mobile.twitter.com/purrblind/status/1608294512366944257

Icing on the cake is her dropping the v-tuber cutesy baby voice and raging in her normal tone kek. Purr is already pretty milky and desperate for attention, more in the cosplay community than streaming where she keeps a relatively low profile, so seeing her react to a clip from June 2022 screaming about ableism and being misgendered is pretty rich. She used to stream live but I guess her voice got sore from screaming at chat for misgendering her obviously female appearance and dress.

No. 1733895

Who cares? Fuck that moid. She should exploit the situation and the sympathy of coomer moids if she's going to degrade herself online.

No. 1734018

That’s not her real earnings you dumbass, exaggerating donations and earnings is a common tip to get more attention via outrage tweets and news articles

No. 1734186

I hope she doesn't address this controversy at all LMAO. I'd feel more bad for the blind girl if she wasn't crying about being misgendered too. Also she complains about being sexualized for being crosseyed, which would be sad if she didn't do sexy cosplay for a living.

No. 1734229

>makes tiktok in a bathing suit, legs spread apart and squatting, to look sexy to viewers
>"People wonder why i switched to vtubing these days and its literally people like this who think im doing something out of my control to be "sexy""

hmmge i wonder why maya would assume this retard's lazy eye was a poor attempt at ahegao to be sexy. truly a mystery.

No. 1734243

Trannies gonna tran and cry victim no matter what, it's all they have

No. 1734717

Purrblind is a massive cow in the cosplay community in her own right.

No. 1735549

she hasnt released any nudes post removal yet

No. 1738194

File: 1672961852775.jpg (450.56 KB, 1536x1640, Disgust.jpg)

This bloated sack of potatoes literally thinks he's the hottest thing in the world. Pathetic

No. 1738916

Cyr is probably one of the ugliest Twitch streamers ever… Bloated face with a pregnant stomach and takes horrible care of his teeth.

No. 1738974

Jovi Pena went to Kai Cenat's New Years party and was raped by one of his friends.

>Jovi says she was drinking at the party and near the end of the night was drunk and tired, so Kai offered her one of the bedrooms upstairs to sleep. She felt this was safe enough as Kai has security guards and it was Kai's party

> Jovi says she awoke in pain to someone on top of her and she called them a rapist, but they told her that she was in his bed, so what did she expect to happen
> The rapist asked her to keep it a secret and just pretend like nothing happened.
> Kai originally invited her to the party and hours after what happened, she told him and asked for his help in identifying the rapist. Kai pretended he didn't know who she was talking about, even though she identified key features about the rapist and the room. She was ignored and he had his legal team contact her
> She did her own investigating and found out that the rapist was Djigiu Seck. Djigiu is a friend of Kai's and they have been friends for years, going on vacations and parties together.
> Kai's legal team also confirmed the identity of the rapist.
> Jovi was having further pains and went to emergency. She also had a rape kit done.

Jovi is now dealing with the wave of hate from Kai supporters (and scrotes in general) who think all women are manipulative, evil liars. She has also stated that she was anally raped, which is what caused the severe pain and bleeding. Even with her rape kit done and immediate action, which is one of the biggest things scrotes say against women who come out with rape allegations, she is still called a liar. She has had support from other women who are connected with Kai Cenat's friend group, saying that his friends are nothing but 'horny predators'.

There has been no response from Kai Cenat or any of the men involved as of yet. Kai recently posted on his twitter about his UK visit.

In related news, XQC has been making another ass of himself trying to downplay Kai's responsibility in the rape compared to how vocal he was about the Mizkif/Adrianna situation.

For what it's worth, at least there is more support for Jovi than the other woman who came forward with allegations against famous streamers/associates. It seems like people are finally coming to understand that the problem wasn't the women, it was the men all along.

Jovi's twitter for more details: https://twitter.com/thejovipena

No. 1738979

Reporting a rape barely even makes a difference sadly. The conviction rate for reported rapes here in the uk is like 1.6% or something and it’s probably similar in the us. Sad but not surprising.

No. 1738981

I barely follow this thread and don't know who these people are, but I wish every moid named in this post a horrible agonizing death.

No. 1738996

File: 1673056938459.jpeg (889.42 KB, 1055x1390, C913EB6B-EE25-4BA5-87AA-E528B6…)

Thought this was anisa lmao

No. 1739855

File: 1673200160787.jpg (138.45 KB, 1080x1080, Consequencesofmyownactions.jpg)

XQC and Adept were actually divorced, not just split. There is also a restraining order, but it's not clear who it's for (probably XQC ordering Adept to stay away)
> Adept showed up to XQC's house needing access to an account (maybe for the car, bank account, etc) because a friend needed help.
> XQC changed the account or forgot the password and wasn't going to fix it for her at that time
> Adept wouldn't leave until he fixed it, saying she was going to call the police for his violation of a court order.
> According to XQC's roommate, the problem has been resolved and it wasn't a big deal

Video link to stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-e6Wz_-BL4 (the only relevant stuff is about 1 1/2 minutes. Mizkif appearance warning at 1:51)

If they got married it was probably only for convenience so XQC could have a green card allowing him to live in the US and for tax purposes. He obviously never considered a pre-nup, even though he was probably married during the climb or height of his career. I'm not familiar with American family law, but in Canada, if there is a divorce it's generally a split of all assets gained during the time of the marriage, depending on what each spouse contributed. It also lays down the groundwork for spousal support, in the case just like this one where the amount of money one spouse is making trumps the other. If American law is similar, this would mean that Adept would be given a huge payout of XQC's assets, as well as access to some other items like bank accounts, cars, etc and possibly spousal support. Especially if he used her American status to purchase things (he couldn't purchase the cars because he didn't have an American driver's license or bank account), these items could go back to her exclusive ownership.

I have a soft spot for XQC, but I really don't have any sympathy for him. I'm relieved she's gotten a large portion of his money because he would have just wasted it on gambling or something just as stupid. And whatever your personal feelings are about Adept, XQC was able to make the connections and growth he was partially because of her. She gave him a place to settle in the US and basically took care of him for years. With all his access to lawyers, it's incredible he never thought of a prenup to protect himself, but I guess it's just his trusting nature.

Adept was already getting flamed for her weight and appearance by XQC scrotes, now they're dogpiling on her being this vindictive, greedy woman. People are mad because "how dare she show up during his stream to interrupt with this?! How dare she do this to XQC?!" I would be so fed up with dealing with his dumbassery after he made a fool of himself with his World Cup gambles and embarrassment of a relationship with Nyyxxii.

No. 1739875

PL or blog idk but wtf who pays that much for an oil change my god how embarrassing. she got scammed.

No. 1739939

Ikr lmao, imagine posting that to tiktok as a flex.

No. 1739944

After his decent into gambling I stopped watching, mostly because it's boring as fuck and his obvious addiction was frustrating to watch. I miss when he actually played games, but that was forever ago

Adept helped him out a lot, but I don't necessarily think she helped build his career. If anything he grew her stream. But she did a lot of important practical things for him. Either way, under California law she's going to be legally taking home a lot and he deserves it for not signing a prenup and acting like a dumbass

I'm kind of confused about the Temporary Restraining Order though. If she made the request and then showed up at his house, it will come up in the Orders Hearing

No. 1739950

its pretty obviously a joke

No. 1739951

divorce is in Williamson County, Texas. so not california law, idk how its going to wind up in the end

No. 1739964

i cant find the og tiktok anymore but the girl did not seem like she was joking

No. 1739965

Makes sense why she has his cars and stuff. It’s pretty gross he let his fans make up shit that she stole them from him or whatever, instead of telling the truth that she has them in the divorce agreement

No. 1739969

i totally agree she should get compensation for all the babysitting she had to deal with but damn she is not doing good internet pr, everyone hates her rn

No. 1739992

>he made a fool of himself with his World Cup gambles and embarrassment of a relationship with Nyyxxii.
Is he still in a relationship with that pornstar? I'm so glad that Adept is getting a good amount of money, it's what she deserves after taking care of that autist for so long.

I also stopped watching when he started gambling. Honestly I've always hated his community but lately it's gotten even worse, only reason why I watched him was because he looked cute so it's not a big loss to me.

>everyone hates her rn
I mean it's just twich users who follow Xqc or people inside that circle who dislike her. Most people don't even know who she is, she could honestly just go on with her life without social media just fine.

No. 1740045

According to XQC, they aren't married. She's applying for a divorce in Texas because they recognize common law marriage, as apposed to California. So basically a court is going to have to determine if they were or weren't married.

The video is annoying because he also can't directly name or talk about her because of the restraining order (supposedly), so I can't understand half of what he's trying to say. He talks about the marriage doc at 7:30

No. 1740100

File: 1673234851135.jpeg (320.07 KB, 651x990, D3F13A5C-4C15-4F4C-8E58-98249B…)

Man Texas laws are great kek If you even call someone your dating your wife/husband/partner/ and you live with them they can ask for a divorce and alimony pay through common law marriage. Slight blog but knew a woman who had a boytoy scrote and would call him her husband while letting him live at her house. The scrote never worked and she basically spoiled him with her lifestyle so when she kicked him out he sued her and asked for a “proper divorce” and now he gets alimony money to make sure he lives the lifestyle she got him used to. Hopefully Adept can screw this nasty scrote over I’m tired of seeing his 24/7 money grabbing streams and seeing braindead males shit on women

No. 1740244

Based. Even if she was the nicest lady in the world, men are always gonna villainize her regardless when a woman breaks up with a rich moid. I hope she takes as much as possible, these fucking children clearly don’t comprehend the level of wealth he has. He is just making a stink because scrotes are spiteful scrooges.

No. 1741179

She has every right to get some compensation after being his nanny/caretaker for years on end. I hope she actually moves on this time though. She’s done this a few times now and always came crawling back to the gamba moid.

No. 1749382

Hahaha just kill yourself male

No. 1750367

she was also a fan for many years before meeting him and working for him.

No. 1750471

File: 1674444440071.jpg (51.69 KB, 310x267, 1221213214.jpg)

Anisa is finally a queen according to the kiwis lol, she should be proud

No. 1750677

I'm disappointed by the lack of pear iconography

No. 1751640

File: 1674597844369.jpg (4.31 MB, 2200x3400, hfhgdhd.jpg)

Creator Clash 2 matches released, can't wait to see idubbbz lose again in 3 months

No. 1751659

Literal whos

No. 1751680

she wasn't a nanny or caretaker though, xqc has maids and cooks for that

No. 1751720

really? Jarvis Johnson signed up for this shit? Alanah Pearce too?

No. 1751724

then why couldnt he get some actual food for that bullshit "double date" stream he did? they ate one cold rock hard piece of meat and some macaroni. this man does not employ people you pathetic simp.

No. 1751760

>this man does not employ people
lol. k

No. 1752331

File: 1674688437593.jpg (103.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1) (5).jpg)

>has maids and cooks
>defending a moid with no sage when his table is picrel with junk from deliveries
Yeah, sure. 99 of the big twitch streamers just order takeaway and go with their day.

No. 1752880

xQc may be a manchild who has gotten shockingly far in life without having basic adult competencies, but I can’t imagine siding with adept on this one. I get that extreme wealth disparity streamer relationships are a different ballgame than normie relationships, but this woman seems to have done absolutely nothing with her life other than half ass a streaming “career.” If you’re banking your financial future on continuing to be with an immature dude you met in your early 20s who has frequently talked about how he has no interest in or desire to get married then you’re just retarded. The desperate attempts to take him to court are unhinged, have some pride, move on, and actually do something with your life imo

No. 1753538

File: 1674792381199.jpg (590.58 KB, 999x831, pppp.jpg)

Who do you think will come out on top in all this?


No. 1753578

It’s stupid to even call it a divorce proceeding. They weren’t married and my prediction is that the court will dismiss her claim to common law marriage. Couples who seemed a lot more married than they ever were have gotten denied over common law marriage claims in Texas

No. 1753721

If she has lots of money, maybe she can get a lawyer capable of proving it was a marriage and then it all depends on whether the judge and jury will support her or not

No. 1756452

File: 1675078983420.jpg (179.71 KB, 1080x1224, SmartSelect_20230130_114056_Re…)

Did yall see this? Moids will be moids I guess, but he's literally looking at his best friend's partner's photoshoped noodz.

No. 1756459

Who’s his friend? He’d be textbook soyboy betacuck if he doesn’t beat his ass.

No. 1756465

File: 1675083822283.png (44.39 KB, 685x807, 1iLa6zj.png)

List of all the streamers that gets deepfaked on that site, some of them are barely legal

No. 1756469

it's lud lmao
Damn mbb? Didn't she only just turn 18? they're probably using pics of her when she was underage to make the vids too, why does this shit exist? Moids are so deplorable.

No. 1756482

She turns 19 in like 3 weeks so not just turned 18. Still gross
Even the Tourette’s tard?

No. 1756495

File: 1675087299830.jpg (105.06 KB, 614x818, 20230130_140131.jpg)

ah sorry guess I'm misremembering. But yeah she's still a teenager and I can guarantee that at least some of the dudes paying for these videos are in their 30/40s.

I wish we could just live in a world where females could exist normally and not be sexualised for just breathing. I'm sure these girls feel like they're fighting a losing battle trying to scrub this stuff from the internet or discourage the consumption of it. Also I guess even acknowledging its existence on your platform will mean it gets exposed to even more people. It's all so depressing, I hope they're all okay right now. Esp QT and Maya who've been vocal against this stuff, even if you don't like them as people, none of them deserve any of this.

No. 1756511

isn't he also married? hope his female friends distance himself from him because i would be hella uncomfortable

No. 1756539

Lud is a faggot

No. 1756548

Fuck gross, if Ludwig doesn't do anything he's a fucking coward. Hate how deep fake sexualizes women so much, all the moids who watch that stuff need to hero

No. 1756584

File: 1675098081241.jpg (334.05 KB, 1080x858, SmartSelect_20230130_165244_Re…)

Check out this hard watch… Dude in front of a camera crying pathetically cause he got caught watching degenerate porn of his coworkers girlfriends, while his FUCKING WIFE IS IN THE BACKGROUND KEK

I hope she divorces his ass and runs away or something. A man watching porn in a relationship is bad enough but literally paying money to deepfakers to get videos and pictures of girls you work with naked… ewww! Personally I wouldn't let that slide if I was her.

And I'm not buying this whole "I'm just interested in AI, bro!" lie. If that was really the case, he'd just google some articles/write ups about it or some shit. Not pay money directly to this Bavfakes guy.

No. 1756601

Piece of shit. watch all the men support him no matter what. she needs to leave his ass and take a good chunk of money. Can the women who unwillingly were in those pics/videos sue? I dunno how that works, but that's massively creepy.

No. 1756607

Falsified porn shit is a special kind of psychotic. Hah of course Lud is on Twitter actin like nothin happens. Limp wrist weasel. I bet him and all these scrotes are the same, they aren’t above looking at digital sexual violation. They all fancy themselves cucking each other.

No. 1756611

Literally how can any woman retain even a shred of attraction for a moid after something like this

No. 1756631

Do we know who he was looking at? Was it definitely QTCinderella? It's bad either way but obviously worse if it's someone he actually knows.

No. 1756635

The thumbnail he got caught with were of pokimane and maya so atleast those two. I don't see any reason why he'd stop at just those when he payed for access to all of it anyways

No. 1756659

I've come across videos of Lydwig and he comes off like a fucking attention whore who wants to be everyone's friend and in everyone's face.
He also ruined Jermas stream adding his non binary retard shit. I doubt he'll say anything

No. 1756730

File: 1675110503263.jpg (362.25 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20230130_202755_Chr…)

QT's response.

No. 1756737

Atrioc apology video. The original stream is only 14 minutes and is still up on his twitch channel.

I feel like they're glossing over the creepiness of the videos being of people he possibly knows and the fact that they are Non-Consensual.

No. 1756738

I love how it's always "stop talking and giving attention to it" as soon as the drama is about themselves. Yeah it sucks for QT but there's just no way people are not gonna talk about something this juicy

No. 1756763

as much as this scrote deserves to be exposed, I understand what QT means. talking about is basically free advertisement for that website. coomers will to flock to it and others will do the same out of morbid curiosity, but it will be mostly other coomers.