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File: 1659814477946.jpeg (434.53 KB, 1003x1399, D2EADFCE-BBDA-435F-BFEA-0B897E…)

No. 1609006


>trans and neurodivergent

>member from twitter's eating disorder and self harm communities (edtwt and shtwt)
>puerto rican unicorn starving and peeing everywhere
>terminally online, often daily posts naked photos to her mostly underage fanbase
>notorious self harmer, has visible cuts all over her body
>has eaten garbage, cat food, hand sanitizer and hydrogen peroxide
>purges 11 times a day
>medication is evil and schizophrenia is a lie, i have powers
>poor hygiene, needs a shower

>went radio silence for almost like a month at first
>prfags come into the thread mooing their theories and sharing their experiences with knowing her >>1576454 >>1575965
>twitterfag and fellow troon Aisling (@SkogensBarn) confirms she’s alive, just hospitalized >>1577147 >>1578879 comes together with other troons and twitterfags to send Luci some comfort items >>1578335
>Lucinda eventually returns >>1581867 and describes that after she had a heart attack she was in a medically induced coma, got a pace maker inserted >>1584930
>Less than a month later (like 2 weeks actually) Lucinda posts this word salad and has since disappeared! >>1599427
>We currently don’t know of her current circumstances, she hasn’t answered any of her twitter moots texts according to them.

#1 / >>1280424
#2 / >>1287920
#3 / >>1314398
#4 / >>1377207
#5 / >>1386142
#6 / >>1413321
#7 / >>1491173

Instagram: instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch
TikTok: tiktok.com/@r3velati0nz?
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEhJeNKRUv76j3dtwG5GLw

No. 1609008

Ok I did the best I could I’m hoping this is succinct for y’all kek

No. 1609009

Sorry about the broken links here are the attachments for them:


No. 1609091

You did ok nonnie dw

No. 1609092

Thank you nonnie!

No. 1609171

Kek, I love how she’s kinda posed like gigastacy in the thread pic. Much more interesting the thigh gap body checks posted endlessly by other skellies.

No. 1609715


it's been another eleven days of total radio silence

No. 1610712

anyone have any info on her?

No. 1610729

Nothing yet. Only source of information are the crazy prfags and there's no telling if they're going to update again.

No. 1611026

You know what? She probably is dead.
I can’t see anything else coming from this silence.

No. 1611492

I can’t find an obituary, but I don’t think her parents would put her in them to begin with

No. 1611558

i mean at least she has'nt to suffer anymore from all these bullshit now. she was literally asking death on a silver plate, now she got it.

No. 1611731

She wasn't dead last time. Chill

No. 1611763

I used to be friends with her a year or so back. Even then, she was absolutely crazy (her tweets are only the tip of the iceberg). I contacted her e-girlfriend and no word. Considering she was only 58 lbs, she's definitely dead

No. 1611768

Well when that comes out I'll be very sad. But until then there's no reason to jump to conclusions

No. 1611796

I know that she said she was 58 lbs and posted scale pics but…her thighs and arms were absolutely not that of a 58 lb woman kek. I’m not even trying to be mean, she was definitely underweight but 58 lbs is being way too generous.

No. 1611937

One should never try to stop a passing train. Or to catch a falling knife, btw.

No. 1611964

Any stories? Did you know her irl or just online?

No. 1611984


do you really believe that there is gonna be a happy ending? come on, be realistic

No. 1612118

not to wk but in photos were there's a decent amount of background, you can tell how tiny she was. she has a lot of loose skin but even with that you could see how small her frame was. it's just hard to tell when there's nothing around for perspective

No. 1612362

Realistically this was never going to end well, or even go out with a bang. Idk why but even though a sudden abrupt silence was always going to be the most likely end here it still feels weird knowing that there isn't going to be an actual "ending". I'm picturing a unicorn just flat on the ground and I think yeah the most logical and likely was just going to be Lucinda dying at random. We should probably stop expecting her to come back, archive the threads, and move on remembering her fondly

No. 1613090

está muerta. venía de sus padres.

No. 1613096

careful, you don't want the racebaiting retard to show up and say her famous catchphrase!

No. 1613103

Proof is welcome.

No. 1613116

proof? words are useless

No. 1613120

This is broken Spanish, just so you all know. The “it came from (her parents)” bit is machine translated.

No. 1613122

Eh, low quality bait. Post proof or gtfo, we all know what "so and so said" really means. The byuu situation was an example of it.

No. 1613314

This is a bit of a tin-foil but stay with me..
I think (like a lot of other anons i’ve seen) Lucinda wasn’t as sick/skitzo as she lead many to believe. She definitely isnt the skinniest ana we’ve seen and no way she was purging 10+ times a day every day. She would have been dead a lot sooner if she did everything she said she did.
I personally believe she is bulimic and self harming, and probably has schizophrenia but online she milks the fuck out of it and says that she is doing these things tenfold and is a unicorn and wants to die and gets heaps of attention for it and she thinks she gets away with everything with no negative consequences because she may have been thinking “well i’m not actually going to die soon because I’m not actually doing those things to that degree” but I don’t think she was expecting/prepared for her health to take a dive so soon. I think maybe she forgot that organ failure and the other negative effects of anorexia can strike at any weight and you don’t necessarily have to be smaller than Eugenia to start having total organ shut down.
I think as of this moment she is dead or dying. I think the first wave of silence was a hospital visit (maybe she fainted and hit her head, or her stomach lining got too fucked up and started leaking) but I do think it was the beginning of the end for her. I think she got home after the first hospital visit, found out that EVERYONE was talking about her and sending her gifts, got excited and played it up as heart failure for attention, then a week later purged again and her body finally noped tf out because girly is sick, no sane person is denying that, but I really believe she thought she could ride this for a lot longer than she did.

And there’s a lesson to learn with my tin-foil, and that is: death by anorexia can strike at any moment so don’t fuck around thinking you can get away with it because “you’re not THAT bad, you’re just playing it up for a bit of attention”. It’s gonna get you. RIP Lucinda.

or she’s not dead and she’s a bigger troll than I realised and she’s off in a mental hospital somewhere but decided not to tell anyone so they can think she’s dead and she gets more attention and gifts

No. 1613951

No one is a little bit schizo, anon. It doesn't work like that. I'm not sure if it was ever posted here but her various mental health conditions were confirmed in a letter from her doctor. I'd dig it up and find it but I don't feel like putting my boricua ass through 7 threads of race bait. It's available on the first page of her kiwifarms thread, however.

Lucinda is most likely dead and considering her mental state I think she did want to die. It's fucked up.

No. 1613985

yeah i don't know why some anons keep downplaying how fucking incredibly mentally ill she is. just because she could use social media/post things for attention doesn't mean she isn't like wtf kind of logic is that. schizophrenia combined with whatever else she has is some serious shit and i'm convinced that most people itt have never met one irl or studied any psychological illnesses

No. 1614001

going off topic here but it enrages me when anons make baseless claims about health. we all know ash has been abusing her body to an insane extent for AT LEAST fifteen years - she looks like she's already dead - but she isn't yet dead because human bodies are weird. there's no way for us to know how soon lucinda "would have" died based on her habits because nearly anything is possible.

that being said, i do also think she's either dead or in critical state at the moment.

No. 1614205

File: 1660340409459.jpeg (347.99 KB, 1170x1146, 00477506-63C4-4D1B-B1BE-85402A…)

No. 1614215

Anyone can print a "diagnosis" on a piece of paper and present it as proof kek

No. 1614233

It wasn't a piece of paper with "Deborah is schizophrenic" scrawled in glitter pen, it was an official letter of recommendation listing her conditions and asserting she was unable to care for herself. Think what you want, but at this point the "she's faking it!!!!" take is pretty fucking ridiculous.

No. 1614234

the paper had her full legal name on it, which imo gives it some standing. i dont think shed print her dox on something she was faking- or at least would think to cover up her name, considering she wouldve put effort into fabricating it

No. 1614239

It's not, she is a typical munchie. You understand you can google this shit and find dozens of examples? She literally lies about everything.

No. 1614243

She's not a munchie, you jaded fool. She's a skeleton covered in scar tissue and she's most likely dead as we speak. You're either an anachan yourself or a particularly insufferable contrarian if you can look at the state her body is in and think any of this is manufactured.

No. 1614274

Nta, this is what late stage munchausen looks like, you're both right, I hope she gets some necessary help beyond "schizo" pills or solitary confinement

No. 1614314

> concer:
> she no have no friend

No. 1614330

uh oh shes getting mad we dont believe her kek

No. 1614340

File: 1660351887708.jpg (423.63 KB, 640x480, teendigitaldivalobby.jpg)

she's still not home

No. 1614346

That's not what happened with kelly's legs, though.

No. 1614482

not to sound like a white knight or anything but i keep thinking about this shit and getting sad, she's my favorite lolcow

No. 1614566

I guess her parents sent her to the psych ward for good. Whether or not she's been pumped full of downers - It's better than having to watch her die before their very eyes, at home.

And btw fuck Twitter for not banhammering all those edtwt nuts.

No. 1615272

Honestly can’t believe this is how things ended kek

No. 1615319

why lol? it seems like a logical outcome to me. schizo bulimic gets committed, more at 11.

No. 1615360

>It wasn't a piece of paper with "Deborah is schizophrenic" scrawled in glitter pen
Wasn't it literally in comic sans with spelling errors and amateur formatting? kek

No. 1615365

Spelling errors and questionable formatting are rife on doctors letters here, why not the same in PR?
I had a panicked call from a doc once because he thought i was taking a street drug on a regular basis. Turns out the last one just misspelt a medication and it ended up in my file for years.

No. 1615367

but we dont have any confirmation it is how it ended?

No. 1615370

Just rumors during summer, the proof doesn't matter apparently.

No. 1615374

Not sure if it's relevant, but both her email accounts for her Main and other accounts got last updated on the same day lucinda "disappeared". She also apparently has discord, so I don't get why her supposed bff doesn't seem to know her on anything but twitter.

No. 1615401

How did you find this out? How would you know what the prior email was? How do you know when her settings are altered on twitter?

No. 1615407

Sage retard

No. 1615431

No kek we're never gonna get new milk again so I'm pretty sure bumping the thread to ask how someone received such private information is harmless

No. 1615458

The other anon is right, learn to sage. And the answer is using tools from the snooping thread. I didn't say anything about twitter settings either.

No. 1615460

Link to the snooping thread, nonita?

No. 1615708

If you knew she was updating her twitter accounts email, that means you had access to her settings because emails aren’t public. Instead of crying about someone not saging, stop lying about random shit you can’t prove just to bump the thread and keep it from dying, without even bumping the fucking thread.

No. 1615710

>Sage retard
Still can’t prove the claims you just made about our stewed beef Lucinda

and just for it I’m not gonna either kek…(unsaged retardation)

No. 1615749

Nta but she probably is dead to be honest. She's an anachans so in all likelihood she did succumb to whatever heart issue she went to hospital for, like a lot of anorexics do eventually. Something something heart issues something something anorexia having a high mortality rate. If we narrow it down with statistics and then throw all the self harm, purging, eating inedible things, only eating unicorn themed candy… it's sad but it was always the most likely outcome

No. 1615765

I’m not even the anon posting shit, I’m just tired of this thread getting bumped when there’s no actual news. Lurk more or kys, you absolute brain waste.

No. 1616053

You're full of shit, anon. Proof or receipts would be welcome but I've got a feeling you don't have any and are just being edgy.

Snooping thread is >>>/ot/955088

No. 1616464

>>schizo bulimic gets committed, more at 11.

The whole story so far, in a nutshell. Bravo, nonnie.

No. 1616863

schizo bulimic dies

No. 1616922

the puke, poo and pee street fighter combo tweet gets me every time

No. 1616965

For some reason I just spent an inordinate amount of time going through each of the Lucinda threads. Nonnies my brain is so full of fuck…

I do want to know the status of our uniqueen though.

No. 1617756

>just to bump the thread and keep it from dying, without even bumping the fucking thread.
You are the only one bumping here wk retard.

I just entered her account names with a "@gmail.com" in one of the websites posted in that thread and got the result I mentioned in >>1615374

No. 1617824

Epieos? Just seen it and tried, and what that tells me is that she hasn't used google services like maps/had location services on her phone. So her phone (certainly if android) could very well be off. It's not saying her twitter email has changed, it's saying that her google account hasn't been "updated" as in using services since that date. Just tried it with my own email and google maps and it's accurately updated to today.

No. 1617865

File: 1660672387940.jpg (162.7 KB, 800x584, emailupdatetwittertimes.jpg)

I know it doesn't amount to much, but it seems like she posted to Twitter after the last email update, unless I derped with timezones. Tried to keep it congruent.

No. 1618015

That does not explain or prove jackshit.

No. 1618027

It's not meant to prove anything - I was merely putting together a timeline. She hasn't accessed her google account in a way that triggers services (such as location services) since half a day before her supposed psychotic episode. It's making me wonder if her phone is off/not being used as she normally would.

No. 1618271


There were no signs of her on social media since then. Every dumbass who visits her Twitter can see this already. So what's your point anyway, calculating timezones and so on? That's completely useless baloney.

No. 1618283

Are you dense? I had to calculate timezones to figure out when the update to the google account happened in comparison to social media. I don't live in USA timezones. It's put things in perspective at least to me, not going to spoon-feed you.
Only reason i was even looking into it was to figure out what this shit was about: >>1615374
to me it just shows she doesn't have access to her phone, she.'s not being lulzy and hiding on another social media. Either had her phone taken or for whatever reason can't use her phone, it's not about if she's been active on her social media or not.

No. 1618289

>>I had to calculate timezones to figure out when the update to the google account happened in comparison to social media.

you have to touch grass, nonnie

and learn to edit your fucking posts

No. 1618291

Go back to edtwt anon and take your touch grass with you. You're welcome to do something to contribute and find out what's happening.

No. 1618370

That's pointless sperging. We still know nothing.

No. 1618378

Again, I was just trying to clear up what another anon misinterpreted from the results of a site from the snooping thread. Good grief. Indeed we still know nothing other than her phone hasn't been used as it normally has been. So she's probably not lurking (especially as a terminally online person). Whether she's dead, in hospital, or had her phone taken, it remains to be seen.

No. 1618416

Got a bad feeling about this one folks.

No. 1618447

Dunno much about that matters, but if she stayed in the ICU for three whole weeks by now, I guess it would be some real serious shit.

No. 1618454

Yeah I was hopeful until about last week. This doesn't look good, she might be in a coma or dead… or her parents have completely cut her off from the internet. Maybe sent her to a hospital in the USA. At this point though it's looking rather bleak.

No. 1618512

I feel like sending her to the states is a reach. It’s hard enough getting mh if you live here even with insurance (not including people affluent enough to plan their hospital trips like chicks in the proana thread). Even if they’re PR rich, flying her to the states, finding a hospital with room and not a waiting list, and affording months long care (cause she’s have to be there a while otherwise, what’s the point) seems highly unlikely. If she’s anywhere, it’s an institution in her country or locked in her room or 6ft under.

No. 1618693

They put her in the loony bin cuz didn't want to see her die before their eyes. Every body and every human soul has got some kind of breaking point.

No. 1618703

Yeah, that one! I know it isn't even the last login, but it's interesting to notice that she did this not only with her oswaldslunch mail but also with her lucindybelindy mail around the same time and date.

And again, if you scroll down you can see she has discord, so basing all her online activity solely on twitter and fucking letters is a weird thing for her "bffs" to do.

No. 1618706

You sure are mad for some reason, "nonna".

No. 1618789

Has that stalker squad rolled past her house lately (invitation for you to talk)? My only reason for asking is because someone mentioned it being a cultural tradition to put a black bow on the house door when a death has happened.

No. 1618896

Yeah I have to agree with you there, nonnie. I would bet ten doll hairs she's in a psych ward there. I figure if she did die we'd know by now. Admittedly I did check for obits and reported deaths in Puerto Rico but she didn't come up. Psych ward adds up as she's had several hospital visits and they probably had enough on file to justify an involuntary grippy sock vacation.

No. 1620108

>> that stalker squad

And what are we doing here..?

No. 1620540

kek okay next time i’ll elaborate the irl stalker squad.

No. 1620888

tbh between her brother managing her socials and the fact london is there at all i think it's pretty safe to assume we won't know much about her whereabouts from snooping on this website. i'm surprised we still know 0 about the brother tho considering how obsessed some people are with her, assuming he exists at all(and assuming him "helping" her manage her socials isn't bullshit itself)

No. 1620951

File: 1661019269408.jpg (28.39 KB, 400x400, yLJXic29.jpeg-1.jpg)

If you Google "ramos bodybuilder powerlifter" the picture she posted of her cousin appears lol. Unless she just looked up the same thing and picked a random picture but the picture she posted was so heavily edited it gives nothing on reverse Google images search so maybe the fact she put effort to do that shows she's related to him. His name is Tony Ramos.

No. 1620953

Do we even know for sure if there is a real (physical, human) brother of hers..? I would take everything that comes from a starving woman claiming to transform into a unicorn with a grain of salt.

No. 1620984

we've only seen the back of her dad who we at least know is buff so possibly bodybuilder but for a lifter he's surprisingly off grid since they're usually involved in groups and clubs and they record every lift and curl they do, and she's mentioned he goes to the gym.

honestly wild how little we know of lucinda's private life since she's not beyond livestreaming her bowel movements. even her supposed heart attack is a mystery.

No. 1621010

dont bump the thread with this. family members arent milk.. atleast sage

No. 1621050

File: 1661027698224.jpg (391.42 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20220820-162601.jpg)

found her abandoned facebook. hasn't been updated since 2010 and it's 100% her because it's the same location. unfortunately it has no selfies or updates besides profile pictures of circa 2010 tumblrcore pictures and memes, but it's at least confirmation she's always been an edgelord.


No. 1621052

File: 1661027789135.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1817, 20220820_162537.png)

No. 1621084

who’s that sickly toddler girl in her pfp?

No. 1621097

Nobody famous, that was just a popular photo at the time among girls

No. 1621379

wtf why??

No. 1621492

File: 1661072045225.jpg (120.72 KB, 1275x735, fat_luci.jpg)

Definitely one from the "Fat Luci" era.

No. 1621514

What we've got here is an instance of a Heisenberg's schizo cow.

No. 1622020

She studied in beato Carlos Manuel, which is a private catholic school in Bayamon rife with pedophilia allegations and lax rules against bullying. I wonder if she had a hard time there.

No. 1622245





No. 1622441

WELP, at least homegirl is either in treatment or relief.

No. 1622547

And with 'in treatment' we mean 'being full of hard tranquilizers, drooling on her pillow all day long'.

No. 1622665

I think she's hospitalized. If she were dead we'd know by now, considering the stalker gang and more resourceful nonnies in this thread. I really miss her fucked up tweets… hopefully she comes out and starts back on her shit without the whole starvation/self harm elements.

No. 1622710

Not surprised that she’s dead but very surprised it happened this quick considering how many single digit anachans are still living comfortably

No. 1622711

sage you fucking retard

No. 1622712

Honestly I don’t think it’s realistic to believe that her parents would put an obit out about her in the papers, or that that “stalker gang” even exists kek. Really it would be better if she was deceased instead of locked up in some Uncle Junior style nursery for munchies, when you consider the circumstances

No. 1622713

Oh no an unsaged post in a dried up thread
stop minimodding and get the fuck over it

No. 1622714

nta, no. sage your shit unless it’s about the queen’s health. i need to know if she’s alive.

No. 1622717

>I need to know if she’s alive
Then go to PR and look for her if you’re that obsessed lesbochan

No. 1622721

File: 1661202708602.jpeg (395.41 KB, 1284x960, A0CC294A-99E6-4ED2-874F-3F28D8…)

aisling confirmed that lucinda is alive!

No. 1622724

This doesn’t make any sense. If Lucinda is alive, why is she able to access discord but somehow not twitter? She probably just hasn’t gotten any response from Lucinda and doesn’t want to say something that she could get in trouble for. Don’t know why she feels the need to lie like that though kek

No. 1622726

oh stfu, that post should be saged because it's just retarded tinfoil. there's no proof that she's dead

No. 1622727

nah. just sage retard

No. 1622728

All these twitterfags learning the term “sage retard” trying as hard as possible to blend in kek. No actual farmers care that much. I made an unsaged post and now there’s milk on Lucinda. Coincidence? No because I fucking posted the milk kek. Leave if you’re so disturbed by someone not saging.

No. 1622732

>All these twitterfags learning the term “sage retard” trying as hard as possible to blend in kek.
oh that's why I sometimes get told to sage in threads that don't require it or retards telling me to sage when I did kek

No. 1622735

there is no milk here

No. 1622736

It's not that she doesn't have access to Twitter. It seems more like she just doesn't want to use it right now and is taking a break.

No. 1622747

I’m talking about the screenshot from Aislings tellonym letting us know that Luci is “alive”

No. 1622749

anon can't comprehend someone not wanting to be on twitter for more than 5 seconds

No. 1622752

She literally had a heart attack and went back to twitter as soon as she returned home from the hospital though. But of course what do I know she could just be taking a nice 26 year old woman step

No. 1622757

>anon can’t comprehend someone not wanting to be on twitter
I’m making an assumption based off prior evidence. You know. The way most logically thinking people do. She’s probably just on an alternate account because she’s tired of her posts being reposted onto here and kiwifarms.

No. 1622758

or maybe aisling just posted that tellonym a few minutes after? i dont think you manifested milk, nona. really, the tellonym is hardly milk without any proof, but we should respect her privacy. maybe her brother is restricting twitter access, but is okay with discord. we dont know.

No. 1622760

I didn’t say I manifested milk I said I posted milk please learn how to read I’m not gonna continue this conversation

No. 1622763

>maybe her brother is restricting her twitter access
Is her younger brother her legal guardian or something I thought she lived with her whole family

No. 1622764

he helps with her social media, allegedly. She lives with her mom, dad, and brother.

No. 1622779

perhaps she realized that it’s not very unicorn of her to be posting on social media. if there is one thing that motivates this COW more than attention, it’s performance of evolving into a fucking mythological character.

No. 1622800

So she's got some kind of access to the interwebs. If only her parents were smart enough to keep her away from Social Media. It really made matters worse.

No. 1622845

please kill yourself

No. 1622846

her social media just went private, something's definitely up.

No. 1622861

File: 1661214212793.jpeg (450.27 KB, 1170x897, BC85519A-5E8B-4CB3-9CE5-3EF40B…)

Was just coming here to post this. No way she’s dead if her and her friend are going private at the exact same time kek

No. 1622862

File: 1661214227180.jpg (122.12 KB, 1080x1895, Screenshot_20220822-200159_Ins…)


No. 1622867

Incoming fake death saga?

No. 1622868

Oh what the fuck?

No. 1622875

maybe if it was public tbh. but the socials going private followed by short vague announcement that expires means "someone" is trying to keep things lowkey or at least within people they think are her friends. whether or not it's lucinda herself i wouldn't be surprised if she really is having some kind of major surgery since her friend answered last week that she hadn't heard from her so either way she's been gone/away somewhere. hospitalization makes sense.

No. 1622876

>t. definitely not lucinda

No. 1622881

File: 1661215590477.gif (222.2 KB, 220x123, 0A45CAC4-55DC-43C0-9BCE-D68181…)

I’m excited for whatever nonsense comes out of this. Her timing is good, maybe she saw anons had been questioning the legitimacy of her brother (unless it’s supposed to be her elderly parents updating her insta).

No. 1622910

part of me thinks she gave her login to aisling, or another close friend

No. 1623101

there's no way any doctor would perform heart surgery on a skelly. they must've been trying to get her weight up leading up to anything that major which would account for her time away in what i'm sure was a serious intervention.

highly doubt it's a heart transplant since you have to be in recovery to even qualify for a waiting list spot, even though it's commonly suggested to recovered ed-sufferers in their 40s because their glory days gave them hearts too structurally fragile to handle the surgery needed to repair the fact they're literally falling apart. lucinda hasn't been bulimic for that long but she did drop 180lbs in 4 years via vomiting, rinsing her stomach, and drinking hydrogen peroxide(bootleg ipepac) before promptly pacing for 4 hours. no vitamins or potassium. whatever the heart surgery is meant to fix, it's unlikely that it will, but the fact it's happening at all means she put in some kind of cooperation to get better so she could've spent this time undoing enough damage that her heart won't just puff out a swarm of moths when they cut it open.

fucking idiot was purging with a defibrilator in her chest not even a month after it was installed. she got what was coming -shrug-

No. 1623110

sage for minor tinfoil but if this is from her family, it could be a slight language barrier issue. instead of a surgery, they could mean some sort of sterile procedure, like an ablation. i had to get one because of what my ed did to my heart, and i had to have a breathing tube, so i was put under just like any other "surgery".

No. 1623139

Tbh just confirming that the whole "I cannto wriet" thing is fake. Why the fuck should the family log in and post stories because she's getting surgery (or else as anon above me stated)? People are dying and their social media accounts are left behind, maybe not if they are cancer fighters who talk about their illness online, or if it's their personal facebook account. But definitely not her random ass instagram

No. 1623172


If this was really™ her family.
Her first name is not "Lucinda".

Oh, and good luck with that fucked up body of yours. All that starving and b/p'ing must have left a lasting impression on it.

No. 1623175

eh, I’d definitely ask my family or friends to give my followers/other friends a heads up if they were showing concern and I was going through medical shit

No. 1623178

You’re excited? You’re a freak

No. 1623185

> family gets actual physical mail asking about Debora’s well being
> family lets Debora know her internet friends have been asking about her
> Debora’s on her way to surgery
> “hhey ma ccan youo telllel thsose firendns to send m e goodv vibesz forr my unifnorn strenhghtht?”
> “claro, cariño”
> family logs into sfw instagram which is more digestible to log into vs the weird personal edtwt shit
> family posts sappy message to update everyone messaging and actually mailing them
Idk I don’t think it’s that wild. She’d get plenty more attention by posting on her twitter or doing something way more ominous, she’s the queen of freaking people out after all.

No. 1623190

OTOH you are not a unicorn, or are you..?

No. 1623193

There is still no evidence that there is a brother of hers, at all. She's a BS factory, for attention.
Contradicting herself (comfy chair/xtreme workout) all the time.

No. 1623201

she asked for it, she got it

No. 1623241

File: 1661247851672.jpeg (480.15 KB, 1284x1052, 78B1B5C7-9FB3-4D4B-80FD-60D558…)

another update from aisling, apparently she is in florida, likely for whatever treatment she is getting

No. 1623250

File: 1661248659268.jpg (16.49 KB, 655x102, fLoRiDa.jpg)

That vacation might cost her parents dearly.

No. 1623256

All that streetfighter combos for a round trip of 2500 miles she might not survive. Totally worth it.

No. 1623288

She could have gone to Florida for treatment. Idk the hospital situation in PR

No. 1623295

File: 1661254831624.jpg (56.68 KB, 685x455, LUCINDA edtwt shtwt ( oswalds…)

Oh woe is me
Where'd she get that from

No. 1623313

Ah yes, I’m the freak in the thread about a chick who’s transUnicorn. My bad.

No. 1623314

eh going private to post an ugly ig story to her account with the least followers instead of doing a unicorn princess pity party farewell extravaganza answering cc's up until the last 3 seconds she's under the knife is not the way this cow would do it. real surgery or not, she'd be milking this like she milked her 3 second recovery. you're forgetting she's a retarded womanchild who's family spoil her and not only know what she does online but also help her manage it. if she was messaging her friend she obviously had contact with her parents and likely begged them to update her followers. granted they made her accounts private and posted an ig story that actually leaves no trace on her feed itself ie no legacy or place to harbor pity comments.

No. 1623315

Well that’s a nice waste of money if it’s true.

No. 1623318

For being excited, yes you very much are

No. 1623320


>> likely for whatever treatment she is getting

Oh, I thought she just wanted to have a round of bingo there..?

No. 1623325

NTA but you could just, you know, hide this thread you dumb bitch?

No. 1623338

Huh. So they do have socials. I guess they know more than we thought.

No. 1623341

Was just about to say this. Luck claims to be 58 lbs, what anesthesiologist would put her under? That’s such a liability. Unless she was awake but I very much doubt it since most heart procedures require GA.(sage)

No. 1623343


And just to add: She brought on heart problems, got a pacemaker/icd,continued on purging and then what? She’s going to just keep destroying her body. Why would a doctor doctor do that on someone who is non compliant with anything?

No. 1623345

anon she means ana mia (anorexia bulimia) not anaemia

No. 1623361

maybe her parents got a court order to force her into treatment if they're also not letting her on social media. sounds like they finally put their foot down with the exception of allowing her private contact with one friend. the post did ask for prayers for her recovery so our schizocow might be getting a turnaround. i hope for her parent's sake it is because those hospital bills are gonna be ugly.

No. 1623365

There's a solid chance that in a few months we might actually see an extremely rare event that most people can't even think of an example of- a cow graduating out of their cow status

No. 1623399

I'd say that you can stick your skelly gobbledygook and shove it up your bony ass. It doesn't matter. She had it coming all along, with her heart failure or whatever sickness there is. So what's the point in playing the know-it-all??

No. 1623412

Or not.

No. 1623431

Damn wasn't there a point in these threads where people didn't aggressively hate Lucinda? What happened lol

No. 1623440

calm down man lol everyone makes mistakes

No. 1623461

It's the same ol' WK (probably the cow herself or her edtwt pal Moogle-Mongoloid), that's why she knows everything.

Laughing at her munchie lies isn't hate. Go back.

No. 1623477

Pointing out blatant holes in her story isn't hate. People were calling out her munchie, lying ways from the very first thread but as time passed it all got taken over by her, her wks and twitter fags.

No. 1623478

if all this is true, her family is spending a lot of money for someone who clearly wants to die. Kinda sad

No. 1623496

Make no mistake. They might have saved her life for now, but she's still a nut. She's gonna return to her unicorn routine once they've sent her home again. There's not gonna be some 'wake-up call' miracle, folks.

No. 1623507

To give her the benefit of the doubt I was in hospital a lot (when I was a teen and for non-mental issues but still) and I often had my dad post something on my accounts so my internet friends wouldn't think I was dead. It's weird that they'd say this instead of just saying "Lucinda is undergoing treatment and she'll be okay" though
>It's the same ol' WK (probably the cow herself or her edtwt pal Moogle-Mongoloid), that's why she knows everything.
Anamia is a commonly used term in these circles kek. Doesn't make them a know it all.

No. 1623564

they moved onto the farms or ended up following her on twitter to worship their kween. hell there's even a 58 year old woman there who stans hardcore because she's ~so endearing~. there's a new wave of newfags from edtwt who are still getting over the fact they're jealous of this arthropod looking bitch and call her a munchie because it's apparently shocking for a spoopy proana bulimic to be in a hospital. being uwu sick is still enviable in these wormbrained circles.

No. 1623574

Kek she was deemed a munchie for a schizophrenia LARP, selfposts/WK, attention starved plots and lies, not for her obviously real ED.

But yeah, we're all jealous fatties with a hateboner, wearing tinfoil hats…you keep saying that as a gotcha for months.
Make your samefagging less obvious.

Post reveal, when ???

No. 1623602

They all will have to suffer a lot more, I'm afraid.

No. 1623607

you do realize that like. the whole thread is discussing her antics as a schizocow. just wondering if you're perpetually committed to rewriting this exact same message in every thread in response to someone who says something completely different every time.

No. 1623616

so glad I'm not her

No. 1623693

nta, there's no concrete proof she has anything but an ed and self harms.

No. 1623725

She claimed to be 58lbs before she was hospitalized. Posting about missing her pre-hospital body a month ago should tell you she gained.
Why are you so mad when you're right that it doesn't matter? They're not a whiteknighting know-it-all, you're just a retard. Still doesn't matter
Lucinda brought us the high fat milk of the Ambrose saga, but that didn't last and now she's wasting medical resources on her beloved vomit addiction. Choosing bulimia while your parents dump money into buying you precious miserable time wont earn you much sympathy

No. 1623746

There's more than 2 anons on Lolcow. Take your meds, Moogle an/or Lucinda
(I know "hi [cow] bad" but it seems there's no mods left on that dumpster fire of a thread so…)

No. 1623807

>hell there's even a 58 year old woman there who stans hardcore because she's ~so endearing~.
God I don't hate Lucinda at all but the KF thread is so fucking creepy. Full of groomer freaks who get their rocks off on sick younger women.

No. 1623879

File: 1661303587975.jpg (72.55 KB, 576x1024, disaster_papo.jpg)

hey guys prfags here, its legit theyre in florida.. we checked a few weeks ago and saw dad and bro cutting grass but now theyre gone. no lights. no black ribbon either as shes still alive. but we can confirm bro exists, hes a normal skinny dude, not a bodybuilder like lucinda says. we didnt want to get shot so we drove really fast. dad has a funny weed sign in their garden lol thats about it

No. 1623903

its confirmed the parents are at home >>1623241. you need to kill yourself.

No. 1624070


nice try

No. 1624183

Sure there's some weird scrotes and creepy old ladies on her KF thread but there's also a suspicious amount of new profiles posting (guess her edtwt cronies goes there too)

Dear edtwt newfags and insane selfposters :
You can't pull stuff out of your ass and expect farmers to believe you. Post receipts, screenshots, anything to back up your claims or gtfo.
And no " Lucinda said this" and "Lucinda said that" isn't proof of anything.
Read the rules and learn to integrate.

No. 1624325

Bullshit lmao.

No. 1624327

Oh NOW they have discord and don't need letters to communicate anymore? After it was mentioned in this very thread?

No. 1624349

Do you all have selective amnesia? Her "bff" literally said above they have online contact, which means she has online access, which means there is 0 reason for lucinda to not just post that story herself - except for that it seems more dramatic to claim her family did it, just like the munchie likes it.

Why is she suddenly talking to her parents when she said one day before they were chatting over discord? none of this shit makes sense

No. 1624358

Unfortunately never, I fear.

No. 1624391

by that logic how is it not more dramatic/pity-inducing to make an official post on her unprivated feed followed by some children's book illustration like she always does.

No. 1624444

so maybe they've prolonged her sad life for a bit, at a very high cost. but she will ruin her body and ultimately die from that abuse.

No. 1624463

File: 1661361913386.jpg (53.67 KB, 500x500, artworks-000415907772-8vekjg-t…)

Her online presence is so bizarre nothing she does will ever prove or disprove anything. She posted a psych eval diagnosing her schizo and another one saying she had a double digit IQ and you could say she larped for it. Do we even know she's really bulimic? The puke queen thing could've been for a more grotesque persona. Is the brother real? Does she even have a mom? The ride never ends.

No. 1624554

>lucinda herself makes a post on twitter
>omg luci we're so glad, good luck, thank you for updating us, get well soon etc!!

>lucinda herself pretendsher parents are posting on instagram

>omg guise that means she's too weak uwu to post it herself, I wonder what is wrong (too bad she can't tell us details herself!), I'm so worried, I hope she doesn't pretend to die!!

No. 1624665

not if she tweeted that she was scared she'd die etc or that she was likely going to and she said her last goodbyes etc and to remember her fondly. cut to dramatic return. literally so many ridiculous ways she could've milked this if she wanted to. no one's even discussing her on twitter after the initial ig post. if this was her attempt at stirring pity it literally lasted less than a day lol. which is why i'm inclined to believe it. it's all so anticlimatic.

No. 1624787

Again, she has online access. There is no reason to give her parents access to her IG so they can make a story for her.

No. 1624795

Honestly it isn't too far fetched to imagine that all they know is she has online friends so they took her phone, opened instagram (I know of more older people using it rather than twitter so it makes sense they'd go for that) and posted a quick story thinking it was a good thing to do. Of course its just as if not more so likely she posted it herself. Either way I really dont think who actually posted it matters that much

No. 1625211

File: 1661420231171.jpg (350.25 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20220825-112350_Sam…)

Moogle (or whatever the fuck her handle is) is posting on KF for that sweet, sweet scrotoids attention. So, it's not that far fetched to believe that she posts here too (pretty sure mental-gymnastic anon is her)
And surprise : she's too a ~True and Honest schizo~ !
Basically, they're just two lying munchies running gayops on LC and KF for attention.

Can't wait til the new code is implemented and we have more farmhands. I predict a post-reveal of Sperg-chan/Kiki proportions.

No. 1625215

The KF is (still) a fucking cesspool.

No. 1625264

File: 1661430123536.jpeg (421.72 KB, 900x467, 008B1602-3D9B-4656-839A-C633BB…)

No. 1625276

File: 1661430661826.jpg (1.58 MB, 2560x1920, 22-08-25-08-25-23-730_deco.jpg)

uncanny resemblance lmao. they're definitely related. nice to see the self destructive hArDcOrE tRaInInG mentality runs in the family. i'm actually surprised she didn't become an anachan until her mid 20s.

No. 1625289

kiki spammed the boards with mutilated genitals so i doubt it

No. 1625443

are you retarded? lucinda's milk was always lukewarm skim at best. nobody but you gives a fuck about revealing some dying schizoid anachan's friend's posts, in no universe is this the same as the kiki situation.

No. 1625597

Kek. She literally just moved to a new country with her boyfriend and was talking about starting a new life and recovering from her nonexistent, she's morbidly obese and lost like 20 lbs and thinks that means she's anorexic ed, yet is already back to attentionwhoring on drama threads.

No. 1625603

Calm down moogle. Go eat a sandwich.

No. 1625739

>they're just two lying munchies running gayops on LC and KF for attention.
For real, this is the impression I have too. Nothing either of them claims makes sense.

No. 1625741

I would love to see a post reveal too and several others said the same for months. Keep seething.

No. 1625799

File: 1661464961572.png (112.03 KB, 1498x653, 1.PNG)

She's already becoming an active user, this really erases all doubt for me that her and Lucinda are posting here.

No. 1626005

her supposed best friend really made a whole account just to get attention off their interactions lol. like girl at least stay anonymous i'd be so embarrassed.

No. 1626030

I'd honestly drop her for this, that is going under the impression lucinda is innocent and isnt posting here

No. 1626121

Of course I'm just guessing, but she and her crony are VERY aware of our presence here.

No. 1626221

File: 1661517629660.jpg (1.31 MB, 1681x2664, pt2022_08_26_14_30_47_mh166151…)

From the "what's your real opinion on cows" on /ot (there's more but I'm too lazy to make a big ass collage of everything)
Munchinda and Fatty-Moogle are just 2 attention-starved pick-mes posting all day long on KF and LCF, astroturfing that weird "Yass Schizo-Queen" narrative.
I'm sure they posts on other threads too and quickly drop the ~uwu be nice~ when doing so.
The anachan one come to mind of course, but also Tuna's for some reasons. Remember when they tried to accuse Tunafish of copying Luci for wearing a retarded bunny headband?
Kek. They're so stupid and transparent.

No. 1626352

you do realize her kf thread is actually full of registered users and it's more or less entirely unlikely that no one pities her and it's just her astroturfing as everyone everywhere in every thread. you went from "she totally lurks and selfposts on lc" to a slightly unhinged everything-is-cake-tier conspiracy. chill. if you can't deal with people disagreeing with you in a discussion website without sperging on your high horse like you're the only one who's right go make a blog post.

No. 1626357

I'm starting to think that Debora might be lying about her weight. Her scale says lbs but it looks like a cheap one that possibly uses kgs.

I've seen scales like those recently which is why it popped into my head.
I mean, come on, even with all of that excess skin, she can't be close to a single digit BMI. I just don't believe it.
With that in mind, her BMI using the weight she stated in her bio on twitter would allign with the way she looks.

No. 1626394

File: 1661531086655.jpg (73.83 KB, 1024x762, e9e.jpg)

Nothing you said makes any sense mental-gymnastic "anon".
I know you're very salty you got caught selfposting but calm down, take a break for the internet, go to therapy maybe.

No. 1626458

Girl no one cares.

No. 1626550

You don't get to decide what can be discussed on that thread.
Go back to Twitter if you want to control the narrative that much and stop minimodding.
You don't care ? Fine, stop responding then.

No. 1626555

neither can you. think what you want but quit insiting you're the only one who's theory matters when none of us know anything. that's the point of a gossip board.

i never believed she weighed less than 90lbs tbh. either her scale is broken or she found a way to manually fuck with the numbers since it's a digital scale.

No. 1626674

I was also thinking it’s actually kgs and maybe she’s taller then she says? It’s kinda hard to judge anything when it’s her alone in a pic and she’s edited her excess skin out. I just generally shrug cause the scale debate is always just going to be just that, a debate, and it ends in infighting for some reason.

No. 1626690

This girl is really close to flatlining on the table while fat spergs are infighting over who’s more retarded…Lord the women you sent to populate the Earth are just populating the McDonalds line

No. 1626719

>Last night when I saw the story post I messaged to say that I pray for Lucinda every day and they responded that Lucinda has spoken to them a lot about me and that they video called to show her the package and were very grateful about it
What? I thought she was in contact with lucinda like she said in >>1622721

Yeah that screenshot was 100% one of them lmao. I only visited Lucinda's kf thread once but immediately noticed some account who literally just posted in that one thread and then dipped.

Wasn't that pretty much confirmed at some point when she posted a tiktok video of her dancing around and she looked like a completely different weight?

No. 1626744

Rattle harder edtwittard.

No. 1626749

now this post really convinces me that strange things are afoot in this lolcow thread, no real anon would ever argue against a post reveal for any reason, because no one would ever argue against gaining milk, even if it was for a thread they didn't really care about. If a anon truly didn't care, then they'd just scroll by and let the anons who like the thread have fun, not barge in, and make an angry post about it, as they'd have no reason to be mad, only uninterested. The only people who would be mad about the prospect of a post reveal are, well…. we all know.

No. 1626778

tbh i was just being an oldfag bc i find it absurd that someone would compare this to kiki. apologies for raging but unfortunately i am not the cow of which you speak.

No. 1626913

post reveal is one thing but comparing it to kiki is just stupid. she hacked every board to spam gore and infected coochies, lucinda's threads are just where edtwtfags come to anonymously discuss the shit her cronies would gut you for tweeting about publicly.

tbh i'm just waiting for tea from prfags. people here are very gossipy and i'm not convinced she had 0 friends or family outside her parents. someone must know something and whatever she's lying about would immediately fall apart. if she's faking the whole hospital narrative where the fuck is she? why would she abandon the fawning of her teenage anachan cult following to just do nothing? i feel like she really is hospitalized but likely just a psych ward.

No. 1626963

I for one support the theory "big-ass hospital on the mainland". We've seen what she did to her body since she appeared on our radar last year. she fucked up her physical health really bad with b/p. also, she might need a psych ward and some hard medication from now on to prevent her from doing the same shit all over again.

No. 1626989

I had a dream that I went to visit Lucinda and she was surprisingly normal in the dream, except she pissed and shit in a bucket and I was expected to do so too. Her mother was nice.

No. 1626990

I think that if she hadn't been obese before, her entire fat distribution would've been "ideal".

Her arms look slender but it looks like she holds fat in her lower abdomen and "lovehandles"
But, then again, she edits absolutely everything.
It is also likely she drags and pulls her skin to look thinner, plus posing in a certain way and sucking in her stomach like crazy.

I believe she might be at a BMI of 18-19 and lying about her weight. The real question is why.

No. 1626994

Maybe I may have misspoken (retarded ESL here), in which case I apologize but I was referring to Kiki in terms of the crazy amount, not the content of the posts.
I could have mentioned Raven, Creepshowart or Victoria Shingles but I'm a nostalgic weeb and Sperg-chan remains the absolute reference for me.
Your rage is still very suspicious imo, but I may be wrong.

>pr fags

There is absolutely no proof of their existence, except for a few shitposts. I know milk is rare these days and everyone is bored but taking everything at face value isn't the proprer Lolcow etiquette.

>Spill the tea!

Tell me you're a twittard without telling me you're a twittard

>Why would she abandon Twitter?

She could be on Discord for all we know (Moogle mentions that in her post)
I know that Twitter is everything for you edtwt people but not posting there doesn't mean someone is dead or locked up in a loony bin.
Perhaps she is tired of maintaining this ~uwu schizo unicorn~ image online? That woman is almost 30, it would be time for her to dedicate herself to other things than lying on the internet and seeking approval from randos (getting help for her ED and SH for example)

No. 1627014

>> The real question is why.

The real answer is "batshit insane".

You're welcome!

No. 1627027

Yes, doing all the things most mentally ill anorexics do

No. 1627091

i think people are referring to the time someone posted about a whatsapp group of prfags who came in the last thread to say she was in the hospital and it ended up being true.

also people find shit with enough creepy detective work(which is why i stay lurking tbh). like her cousin, ancient facebook, and abandoned private blog. even felice was found after years. i have no doubt she'll be back because cows like her literally live for attention. even if it's an alias. so it's worth checking out the facts to see if the story she comes out with checks out.

No. 1627190

you are retarded

No. 1627229

The so-called pr-fags didn't provide any receipt to back-up their claims (besides some shitty google-map screenshots) so we have to take their contributions with a huge grain of salt.
Sure, you can discuss things, make theories and stuff but don't take everything they're spouting as gospel. And please stop attacking other farmers when they're expressing some doubts or tinfoils you don't agree with.
I mean, we're all anon here and anyone can write anything so "Post proof or gtfo" must remains the farmers mantra in my humble opinion.

No. 1627324


All of her appearances are fabricated. Her heavily photoshopped portraits are distorted in the same way as her storys of comfy chairs, maybe binges and excessive workouts. But it's all real for her alone.

No. 1627408

>it ended up being true
Well, did it? We have yet to see the pacemaker she claims to have or any proof of her hospital stay, since she uncharacteristically has not posted any recent pictures of herself (only old ones to scratch the itch) or told any stories of how that experience was since then. And now she conveniently disappeared again with her friend giving confusing and contradictory information.

No. 1627434

>> her friend

a.k.a. "some twitter user from another continent she never met or spoke to in person"

No. 1627488

File: 1661632469095.png (620.98 KB, 465x708, Screenshot.PNG)

Tinfoil but I feel like "moogle" is taking advantage of Lucinda for e-clout. Lucinda may be over ampliyfying her symptoms but she's very clearly not well, at the very least she's anorexic and her brain is fried. Meanwhile Moogle is just a fat girl who likes that "sooper spoopy sick quirky anorexic" tumblr aesthetic and is coherent and mentally well enough to support herself, make money, and move across the world to live with her boyfriend. Picrel is her for any anons who (like I did before lurking her profiles) thought she was another schizo anachan.
I could just be retarded but it rubs me the wrong way. Mentally stable fat girl speaking for a deranged anorexic that still lives with her parents, she also didn't seem the least bit bothered about Lucinda's latest vanishing and her entire feed was full of her doing fun shit in sweden with her boyfriend and talking about how great life is and how she's finally happy.

No. 1627504

This is kind of a reach

No. 1627555

Let her ride her good.

No. 1627639

File: 1661642615310.jpg (335.7 KB, 1424x1864, shutterstock-editorial-6575299…)

their "friendship" is so funny to me. selena x yolanda vibes.

No. 1627649

Look skellybones, log off edtwt for a minute and eat a sandwich. Moogle is a healthy weight, that pic in now way indicates anything in the overweight territory. She's just a failed anachan, not a fatty

No. 1627668

File: 1661647203681.png (1.18 MB, 860x872, isleofrats.PNG)

Cope harder, she's obese.

No. 1627669

File: 1661647315875.png (998 KB, 654x846, isleofrats2.PNG)

If this is a healthy weight to you I worry about your eating habits.
this also goes to the anons calling Lucinda a healthy weight kek, two sides of the same coin.(nitpicking)

No. 1627932


rattle rattle

No. 1627948

nonnie must think that anyone who isn't sporting a glorious 32" waist or larger is an ana-chan.

No. 1628195

Why are you people so weird and dramatic? She said the bitch might not be morbidly obese, she didn't detail her opinions on what the perfect weight should be. You're being a black and white thinker for no reason you sped. Moogle is porky- that's it. She's not a fucking contender for Peurto Rico's biggest loser or some shit kek

No. 1628316

I don't wanna derail the thread any further with weight sperging cause it's boring af, but the ~uwu sick frail ana schizo~ larp falling apart is very funny.
If the mysterious raging "anon" is actually her, she was just projecting like crazy when she accused everyone of being a jealous fatty. Quite poetic in a sense.

No. 1628524

This saga of Lucinda is majorly backfiring and I love it. She repulses me to my core, but I have an admittedly low tolerance for munchies.

Sure. The concern and peak interest over her disappearance was probably a wet dream for this pseudo-Schizo tard, but now the pieces are becoming clearer and people are seeing her for what she truly is — less Schizo, more munch. You can tell that a lot of anons’ interest in her is turning into irritation. Idk where she thinks she’ll take this recovery saga now, can’t keep tricking people into suspecting something has happened and get the same reaction.

No. 1628698

meh it's the typical cycle of all of her threads. she makes absurd general statements without elaborating which leads to speculation where no one can ever decidedly settle.

No. 1628717

Her friend making a kf is what made me not like her. She talks like a farmer in her posts which just proves to me that at the very least, she is posting in here. Wouldnt surprise me if Lucinda was too.

No. 1628763

i geuss we wuold haev recnogiezd Luincda by hre typeing

No. 1628832

Same nonna. I knew she was a munchie from the get go so it's weirdly satisfying to read that thread now. Still wish to have a post reveal though.
Btw, the super agressive wk-chan is now very silent since the Moogle pic dump…makes you think.

Kek nah, the quirky retard-typing is part of her larp, she must drop it when selfposting here.

No. 1628908

time will tell tbh. i still don't buy that the disappearance was an elaborate munchie hoax because her body looked like a roach abdomen and i genuinely believe she was a hardcore bulimic who prided on never taking supplements, so having a medical emergency of some kind when she essentially bragged about destroying her body from the inside out and being suicidal is like. the least surprising thing. if not exactly what i expected tbh. maybe i've just read too many mpa threads where girls just drop details about their severe medical problems like it's nothing. granted they were like 40 but lucinda is almost 30 herself and being morbidly obese her entire life probably meant her health was bad to begin with.

No. 1629102

People tend to forget she was aggressively self destructive. Both mentally and physically. And the test results she posted showing she was retarded were from way before she was ever on Twitter, and obviously her parents saw it so she's retarded to them. It's more than likely they just had enough and took control thus why the accounts are private.

No. 1629453

>> the quirky retard-typing is part of her larp

Also, it doesn't correspond with all her drawings, if she would have a motoric twitch like she alleges.

Same goes with her tard stuttering in her vids, that seems to be artificial and inconsistent, like some nonnies noted back then.

No. 1629466

Didn't that 'record' say she had an IQ of 60 or something? If all the other things like schizophrenia are true she could have never even made a twitter account let alone post on it. Her being a retard is a crock of shit, maybe slightly below average but nowhere near 60. Also her saying she went from 160 to 60, I know that psychosis damages your brain cells but I don't believe it can to this extent. I think she's just half a munchie.

No. 1629504

she said her brother helped her manage her accounts and that her mom even helped her shower. still doesn't change the fact her family are aware of those results and actually drove her to that place to get them done since they don't authorize them without a referral from a doctor. larping for internet points is one thing but pretending to have a double digit iq irl full time for no audience betrays the core principal of the entire theory.

however unlikely it seems that she really is mentally challenged, it's even more unlikely that she somehow drops the act offline when her family believe she's schizo and mentally challenged too. the internet monitoring and daily assistance would be a given.

No. 1629531


We don't even know if there IS a brother at all… Maybe all of that is just part of her wicked phantasies. I didn't take her shit at face value at all.

A bit of an exception are the cutting scars. Yeah, there are cutters out there and that comes with a broad variety of mental fuckups.

No. 1629591

I don't know, the comic sans evaluation paper, riddled with typos and very unprofessional phrasing like "she has no friends, poor baby" looks super fake to me.
Munchies can go to great lenghts for attention (hello Kelly Rohanan!) so, fabricating some diagnosis papers isn't outside the realm of possibility.
Also, the way the raging WK keeps bringing that so-called proof in every thread is sus.

I don't doubt that Lucinda is suffering from various mental illnesses (Bulimia, self-harm and Münchausen by internet) and I hope she'll get the help she needs, but the "2 digits IQ retard-schizo pissing on her comfy chair" stuff is just a ploy for attention imo.

No. 1629619

Why would she use comic sans if she went through the effort of faking a professional diagnosis? You're also forgetting she denies being schizophrenic and never talks about it which beats the point. She wants people to think she's an epic folkloric creature not a cringey loon embarrassing herself. All she does is glamorize herself, promote ed's to her child following, and insist that anyone who goes against her dangerous lifestyle has ~dark hearts~. It's annoying how no one talks about that toxic influence she has on kids.

No. 1629624

I'm not claiming that my theory is correct at all, but it is one possibility among others.
Maybe I've become too cynical from witnessing the Munchies' bullshit over the years, but I'm always very suspicious in these situations (not trying to instigate infighting either, I'm just stating my humble opinion)

The Munchie subject had been banned from LCF for a very long time because of the large number of selfposts/vendetta so my tinfoil isn't really injustified.
Also the "Yass Kween Slay" twitter-speak on these threads is obviously coming from newfags. No real farmers is speaking like that unironically and nonnies here are usually very tough with suspected munchies, and for good reasons (look up the Pixielocks threads for example)
Drinking milk is all fine and dandy but it have to be organic and that's why we need proofs.
If anons here would come with receipts proving that she's not faking, I'll gladly take the L and admit I was wrong all along. But in the meantime, I'll keep being wary.

No. 1629725

File: 1661792775879.png (82.07 KB, 293x230, Capture.PNG)

No. 1629753

>she said her brother helped her manage her accounts
>her mom even helped her shower.
Do you seriously still believe this after the past 7 threads of her posting naked selfies on her twitter, claiming to do extreme workouts and happily posing and dancing round in her house, writing several fanfics, having no hand-sensory issues with literally anything else like editing her pictures or writing letters and having previous second accounts where she writes completely normal?

Nevermind we don't actually know anything about her family, let alone how they view her so I don't know why you claim it as a fact that they believe she's schizo.

No. 1629859

She's leaning towards the chubby side. Just sayin.'

No. 1629890

shes already posting about how faint and sick she is, 2 days into her tragic relapse

No. 1629964

She needs to grow up, she's pushing 30. She can't keep faking having anorexia for pity points. I'd be mad as fuck if my gf moved to my country and then started refusing to eat because some people pointed out her weight (that she literally said she was happy with a few days ago.)

No. 1630369

She frequents this site and kiwifarms and actively posts. Long time farmer

No. 1630394

“Make money” she is on disability and never held a job if you been following her Twitter with lucinda. She’s a drain on society resources just like lucinda and unfortunately going to live it up in Europe because Europe encourages laziness even more

No. 1630399

>never held a job
She worked at McDonalds! I wonder if she pays taxes

No. 1630403

Lucinda did. Not moogle. As far as I am aware anyway. She tweeted about being on disability and her parents taking care of her

No. 1630406

Ah sorry for my confusion, she mentioned saving money so I had just assumed she actually had a job kek.

No. 1630490

Leaning? kek. She's obese.

No. 1630579

>Moogle is a healthy weight, that pic in now way indicates anything in the overweight territory.
nice reading comprehension, retard.

No. 1630656

>won't somebody think of the children!?
Lucinda is not some pretty girl parading proana in nondisordered spaces like EC trying to gaslight under-13s into believing this is normal, Lucinda keeps her attention-seeking freakshow in spaces for screwups who are already like her on some level. Unicorn pajamas don't make the monster from Amnesia appealing to anyone with two braincells left to rub together, so if you look at our stinky puking piss goblin and say "yeah, I want to see more of that" you're pretty far gone already

No. 1630688

>several fanfics
Is she on ao3? Link?

No. 1630745

If you look at the rotting, discolored remains of what was once a normal human body and think she is glamorizing ed then idek anymore. 2014 tumblr kneesocks black and white thigh gap type shit is glamorizing anorexia. Lucinda is literally a living scared straight campaign. She registers as absolutely repulsive to anyone not balls deep in the most depraved death cult niches of ana

No. 1630834

Does anyone have any proper updates? Don't get me wrong I appreciate speculation and tinfoiling with the best of us, but I'm genuinely curious as to Debora's current state. Still can't find anything so I assume she's either strapped down in recovery being pumped full of lithium, or she and her cronies have gone underground to avoid the growing heat.

No. 1630850

I'm sorry, I don't want be a minimoding tard (and making fun of fatty-Moogle is funny) but maybe it would be better to bring that discussion to the proana thread?

I think there's some links in the first thread, nonette. I think she wrote 1D smut (or was it Hannibal ?) and there were no trace of her super quirky tYpngi at the time kek

This. Unless there's proof of her having inappropriate/sexual exchanges with minors, she is no more guilty than any other edtwitards in terms of bad influence. It is up to parents to monitor their children's access to Twitter.
Running an astroturfing operation with her lil munchie gang is where the real milk is imo.

No. 1630857

I’m not convinced she isn’t trying to glamorize it in her own fucked up way, posting disturbing pics of her naked bod with glittery unicorn makeup and sucking in her stomach as much as she possibly can. I think she glamorizes the anorexia aspect but also the fact that she’s withering away and how “magical” her experience is. It should be a deterrent but she’s eye candy for all the attention whores who want pity points and to be fawned over, like Moogle. Moogle posted about how she would drop the bulimia bit when Lucinda was presumed dead or dying but immediately took it back up and advertised she was “back in her ED era” as soon as she had a reason to. She probs wants to be as withered and helpless like Lucinda because they’re all munchies. Doesn’t take much and what happened to Lucinda isn’t enough of a warning.

No. 1630939

File: 1661881549763.jpg (261.92 KB, 1029x921, Screenshot_20220830-194415_Sam…)

From the other farm (that bunch of scrotes and old ladies are so dumb) 1/2

No. 1630941

File: 1661881633313.jpg (236.36 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20220830-194247_Sam…)

Fatty relapsed and but got enough energy to post and seek scrotoid attention.

No. 1630993

Everytime I go on there and see her online time it's always been like at the very most a few hours ago.
I went on like KF a few hours after it was back up and her profile said she was active an hour before that. She was definitely keeping an eye on the status of the site and waiting to go post again.
She's gonna get dogpiled by her edtwt "mooties" if she keeps this up kek. KF is currently having a massive campaign against them for being troonphobic and racist.

No. 1631020

File: 1661884987744.png (459.18 KB, 614x801, 1.PNG)

>Definitely not a pickme

No. 1631027

File: 1661885297984.png (838.7 KB, 986x817, instagram.PNG)

Lucinda has been liking Moogle's posts lately.
Kinda weird considering her story was referring to her in 3rd person as if it was her family, but this shows she has access?

No. 1631034

Imagine treating lolcow as a female safespace and that if anyone uses kiwifarms they're a scrote or a pickme. Heaven forbid you enjoy that they actually keep things archived better than here.
LC also always ends up under fire when shit hits the fans with kiwifarms, it's just how it goes. We're seen just as bad of with being a "bullying" website.

No. 1631036

I just think it's funny how she can claim to hate drama boards and have "so much light and love in her"
Then spend all day on drama boards.

No. 1631215

Moogle has a history of drama if you saw her tweets. That’s why she’s so “against it” but apparently that doesn’t apply to anonymous boards. What a hypocrite

No. 1631295

>she wrote 1D smut (or was it Hannibal ?) and there were no trace of her super quirky tYpngi at the time

she was diagnosed schizo in 2016 and the fics are from before that. and she actually mentioned in comments for one of the fics that she was diagnosed with a "neurological disorder" that was making writing difficult. no mention of schizo tho.

just sayin'

No. 1631384

Nonna the hannibal fics were like a couple months ago.

No. 1631443

My guess is that she does have some neurological twitch or tremor (it’s not the uncommon) but overly embraces it to the point that her writing is worse than it actually needs to be.

No. 1631611

So let's all hope that Moogle gets her few minutes of fame on the KF…

No. 1631654

>she was diagnosed schizo in 2016 and the fics are before that
>she actually mentioned in comments for one of the fics that she was diagnosed with a "neurological disorder"

Are there caps/screenshots of these claims in the previous threads ?
"Lucinda said so on her CC" isn't a valid proof my dear nonna.

Kek yes. The worst farmers can do here is mocking the cow and making memes and shitty edits. I mean yeah, we're catty sometimes but that's pretty much it.
But wait til the unhinged kfscrotes find out she's lying on their precious forum…they don't play nice.

No. 1631672

They seem to be sickenly sweet to her (it did make me wonder if it even was her though, she's not been verified), but then again they are to Lucinda too.

No. 1631673

Sorry for the doubleposting, but great catch anon !
Why Lucinda's parents (or her fictional brother) would go on insta to like some random online friend's posts, especially while their schizo daughter is supposedly going through a very serious medical intervention ? Don't they have other things on their minds right now ?
Something doesn't add up.
My tinfoil is that Lucinda just went hidding on other platforms, like Discord (and probably LC too, but she's camping here since thread 1 and never left so…kek ) and let Moogle do the show for edtwt/kiwifarms asspats.

No. 1631735

that moogle pic she liked is from a week before the alleged surgery announcement, couldn't find her interacting on any posts from after.

No. 1631756

File: 1661949262075.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x2560, 22-08-31-08-12-19-186_deco.jpg)

it was mentioned in one of the previous threads but i found at least two. the fanfic where she wrote she was recently diagnosed was about bible shit which iirc she said were the central themes of her initial schizo delusions(back when she acknowledged she had a problem). not sure how much the timelines add up beyond that though, if they even do.

No. 1631955

lucinda is definitely playing up the typing quirk to an extreme, but i think these were written during a time when her weight wasnt as low. former anachan tinfoil, but when i was at a super low weight and not consuming much food, i lost the ability to move some of my fingers. if shes just spouting off tweets without trying to get the autocorrect to work, or trying to type slower, it could be that she cant hold her phone properly and it leads to all of the typos. i notice her pinkies are unbent in most selfies, which is how they get stuck when circulation problems happen.

No. 1632045

She likes a lot of her posts before that too when she was allegedly "missing" while moogle was talking about how much she missed her. It's odd. I think maybe they knew Lucinda was getting heart surgery and they both decided to hype it up instead of just telling people normally.

No. 1632168

they're both little sick attention whores.

film at eleven.

No. 1632307

she probably just spam liked what she didn't once she got internet access

No. 1632823

goodnight, sweet princess

No. 1632881

Wait what?

No. 1632899

Ignore them. Everyone is obsessed with Lucinda dying when there's no proof. It was an unsaged tard, probably the same one shitting up the kiwi thread

No. 1632969

File: 1662061181855.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.69 KB, 1601x909, luci_obit.jpg)

i hope you feel better now..?

No. 1632980

>that picture
She could've made it to make everyone shut up about her.

No. 1632982

This is fake, I just went on the site and made one for myself kek you get points for trying though.

No. 1632985

fake lol anyone can make one of those no proof of death needed. bad trolling attempt

No. 1632990

why would none of her family or friends acknowledge it if she had died? why would they use that picture? she was also spam liking her friends' posts 2 days ago very recently upthread

No. 1632991

OMG and I hoped that she would be getting better

No. 1633000

Omfg does that say tinfoil or am I……..tinfoiling

No. 1633001

Why would someone else than her parents post an obitury?


No. 1633007

Ah yes, seems legit, what with all the details of her life and mentions of who she’s survived by and all that. Can you fuck off now that you’ve scared the brainless?

No. 1633020

Some heart failure and an emergency rescue to the U.S. mainland are enough reasone to believe.

No. 1633055

Either shes dead (rip) and no longer suffering or shes faking it and hopefully going to stop living terminally online.

No. 1633056

smh i can fake my death better than that

No. 1633061

This is like a "Bella Janke saying she is Isabella but not that Bella" quality of a gayop

No. 1633079

My brain just went straight to Full Metal when I saw alchemist lol. Either way, I dig your jive. I appreciate you, Nona.

No. 1633114

How is this even found by anyone? If she did pass, it was definitely an online friend who made this because her family would not pick a closeup selfie for this

No. 1633233

OT but whatever they've been compared dozens of times
it's weird everyone is calling this obituary fake it is but was so willing to believe Sorens, even after her death was proved fake kek. All Lucinda has to do next is get her brother to make a RIP post saying she showed him mental illness is real

No. 1633335

>selfie as image
You're full of shit lmao

No. 1633341

Again, she literally said they had discord contact mere days ago, why does she suddenly need to talk through parents and her brother to have contact with Lucinda? Is she just making shit up?

No. 1633438

What a shit-tier attempt, have you never seen an obituary before?

No. 1633459

To be honest I'm not even sure if that'd be enough (if it was to lucinda's accounts, not his own personal account) it could easily just be her posting sort of thing, or gay ops if the brother wanted to help her break clean from the account and persona. A post on a personal account where family and friends would see would be more solid. If you look at the whole byuu situation we have fags trying pretend that his suicide is real yet there's been no real-life evidence pointing to it, no family, no listing on the death register for US people overseas. etc.

No. 1633577

Can you imagine if she tries to treat this disappearance as a metamorphosis and comes back pretending to be a unicorn. I’m not convinced that’s the outcome, but part of me does think it’s going to be something equally stupid or along those lines. The only thing that is certain right now is her and Tubby are on the threads trying to plot their moves in a never ending thirst for attn/drama.

No. 1633585

File: 1662129751792.gif (4.22 KB, 275x214, 1646717717327.gif)

I'd rather she did that than come back and actually be a unicorn. If you think her typing is bad now, wait until you have to read text-to-speech tweets from a phone struggling to decipher horse vocalisations

No. 1633621

That's not gonna be a whinnying combination, I guess.

No. 1634292

File: 1662192498318.jpg (324.07 KB, 1080x1469, FattyKiwi.jpg)

Fatty is still attention whoring on Twitter, CC and KF (the fake obituary wasn't posted there for some reason) and all this while her bff is supposedly "super deceased and dead for real this time, u guyzzz"
I don't understand the point of that little operation. What's the end game ? If Munchinda wants to put an end to this ridiculous saga, all she has to do is leave the internet or change her handle.

No. 1634293

File: 1662192536335.jpg (368.49 KB, 1986x1453, SaltyFatty.jpg)

Part 2

No. 1634374

File: 1662211103742.jpeg (Spoiler Image,43.77 KB, 211x209, 4E9CDD90-94E3-4320-B3B2-461D98…)


No. 1634523

Her only sense of worth is having a skinny friend it's honestly sad.

No. 1634737

Lmao this is a direct answer to >>1633341

No. 1634877

File: 1662247490488.jpg (618.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220904-012441_Sam…)

Nonas I think this one is real though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1634883

File: 1662247603328.jpg (362.31 KB, 960x1440, p14921_p_v8_ad.jpg)

No. 1634903

Oh fuck

No. 1634939

I can’t her obituary on the site, am I retarded or is this another fake one?

No. 1634941

Calling bullshit on this

No. 1634943

Fake imo

No. 1634945

KEK shit photoshop job retard

No. 1634947

File: 1662248831564.jpg (109.6 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20220904-014637_Chr…)

I found it?

No. 1635059

Mooglefat is probably seething now that KF is down and she's lost all her asspats for simply being friends with Lucinda

No. 1635079

I just found on a legal text that Lucinda has no brothers, just one sister. Idk why she says she has a brother (unless the sister is a MtF, which I don't know)

No. 1635099

No. 1635246


This is basically the other one but in Spanish. Try again. Or rather don’t. (Not saying it’s you, op, just whoever the fuck keeps doing this stuff). I can’t imagine what it’s like to have someone making faking obits for your kid. And man if it’s actually Luci playing these games, she really is insane. Cause again that’s just shitty.

No. 1635281

> legal document
The one in regards to the house?

No. 1635498

They might know some photoshopin', but not much about human anatomy.

No. 1635501

Thanks, that post (and the downtime of the KF) made me smile and happy.

No. 1635505

File: 1662274104096.jpg (73.86 KB, 962x526, 1662248831564.jpg)


Photoshopping obituaries is no way to get through life, anon.

No. 1635525

I guess so, but I don't really know what it is about, tbh.

It says that in 2015 both of the sisters were over 18, which means that the sister is older than Lucinda (who was born in 1997).

The document doesn't mention any other sibling and, from what I've read in other documents of that mortgage company, they even register in their legal documents if their clients have illegitimate children.

So, I don't know about this brother of hers (again, maybe it is a case of FtM that we don't know).

Some of you say that this brother helps her with her social media? Could be another family member as a cousin? Or someone who she calls him brother but they are not blood related?

No. 1635556

WTF is wrong with those people, honestly?

No. 1635654

You’re on lolcow
Also kek that forehead

No. 1635671

Or maybe her brother is just a schizoid delusion. At this rate, we may never know.

No. 1635705

Or one of her many, many Munchie lies.

No. 1635706

He's as fake and non-existent as her stuttering and teh wya she tpyies on hre kyebroad are.

No. 1635715


But does she tell something about having a sister? Or maybe her sister is not living with Lucinda and her parents.

No. 1635741

Damn, the other farms has been set on fire by the loons/keffels. I'm guessing an anon with too much time on their hands is doing the fake obituary.

No. 1635759

In the beginnings nonnies said Lucinda is a lot like Soren. Well, Soren faked their death and even had an obituary posted and was successful in this until someone found they were active on Pinterest still. Have we considered that Lucinda might be doing this to seperate herself from her notoriety? It's well established that she is coherent enough for this sort of thing. This isn't necessarily a bad thing if it's true, maybe she just wants to move on from being Twitter famous

No. 1636030

likely just a troon since there's a confirmed older sibling of some sort. she said they shared similar interests so we know she's not a normie, especially if she's helping her manage her socials and apparently beta'ing her smut fanfic.

No. 1636185

You sure about that?

No. 1636232

Am I sure Lucinda would fake her death? Somewhat. She clearly never liked her notoriety with the exception of LCF exposing Ambrose since it worked in her favour. At some point you have to throw in the towel. She's already unstable with enabler friends, so what makes you think she wouldn't do something as crazy as fake a death?

No. 1636813

File: 1662375861626.jpg (61.83 KB, 990x586, fakeandgay.jpg)

As long as the tone of the thread was ~Yaass UniKween, Slay!~ and that she was able to control the narrative, samefagging with her little fatty pal, she loved every minute of it.
But since more and more farmers are now able to see through her lies and mock her fake stuttering/tpying/brother she may fear to be definitely perceived as the munchie she really is.
So she came with that new scheme to make those evil meanie farmers feel guilty (picrel)
Btw, it's funny the fake obituaries have not been posted on KF where everyone lick her butt, and that Moogle is still active there, along with the slew of new profiles that are active solely in her thread.

She could have just deleted her profiles but no, she really wanted to become this tragic and beloved figure. So, faking her death was the evident conclusion for that whole circus.

No. 1636879

your theory kind of falls apart when you point out everyone is giving her continuous asspats on kf, it's stupid to cut it all off short with an obviously fake obituary when she would've at least used an unseen picture for legitimacy for. i think you're giving the trolls trying to freak out her lurking friends too much credit. she's probably just in a psych ward.

No. 1636919

We still haven't got any kind of confirmation.
I support the psych ward theory. Gorl got herself in danger for the 2nd time in a row and she might receive some bullet-proof medication to keep her down and out, at least for a while.

No. 1636922

Yeah that's what I was thinking. If she was to fake her death she'd 100% use a picture from a family photo album and crosspost as family.

If there was a death, real or otherwise, there would be more effort. Or at least involvement from her own account. I highly doubt she's dead and the lack of actual continuity in this "saga" leads me to think she really just has no internet access. It's easy to cook up any number of theories around pure absence.

No. 1636924

Right like even if she's a munchie her keloid sh scars prove she's unstable and anyone who looks at her won't stand by without taking action for long.

No. 1636965

I mean, her schizo diagnosis, crytyping, stuttering and retard flailing/stimming already looked super fake imo, maybe she's just a moron, in the typical Pixielocks fashion kek

In my opinion, the fake obituaries were not posted on KF to just not interrupt the pity train.
And given the general tone there, I highly doubt they read us.
Also, if Moogle is to be believed (which is questionable, since she's also a mentol ilness larper) , Lucinda is still on Discord (plus her activity on Instagram) I doubt she's locked up somewhere in a facility with no internet access.
But I must admit that I have no idea how these things are in PR and may be wrong.

That's why farmhands should investigate further to identify the samefags, supposed selfposters and/or those who post hoaxes (the infamous PRfags and tripfags)
That would definitely put an end to the crazy tinfoilings (which my autistic ass is also guilty of)

No. 1637136

Seconding this, nona! I don’t believe for a second that Lucitard isn’t puppeteering this entire shitshow but, even IF she’s holed away in a padded room somewhere, then at very least Tubby is manipulating the farms for attention purely on her own behalf. I’m sick of these idiots feeling powerful on our terf. EXPOSE THEM.

No. 1637611

>then at very least Tubby is manipulating the farms for attention purely on her own behalf
Nonnie, you may very well be on to something here. It never occurred to me that Moogle could potentially be playing this up for attention. People of her ilk are attention whores, and having a friend who died/committed suicide is fucking irresistible to people who want pity points

No. 1638125

Hey can someone sum up everything after the surgery i have no idea wtf is going on with the obituary stuff(don't ask to be spoonfed)

No. 1638342

What documents? This is an imageboard.

No. 1638348

Samefag, but what do you think is the reason for her locking her twitter account?

No. 1638614

…or whoever locked her twitter accout?

No. 1638691

I think her parents took control. Having a daughter that has an online facade of a decaying schizo unicorn must be so embarrassing.
I think Lucinda is just a full on schizocow, anons say she a munchie but I think it’s full on psychosis

No. 1639155

Her parents should have taken control roughly one and a half years ago?

No. 1639173

I whole-heartedly believe that she is a munchie. I do not buy this pseudo-schizo bullshit. Please nona, open your eyes! There is no tragedy here.

No. 1639368

File: 1662497487500.png (30.24 KB, 594x243, tuby.PNG)

Honestly sad to see this attentionwhore shit only get 1-2 likes. She wants to be like Lucinda so bad but is 100 lbs too heavy and not at all convincing in her schizo larp. The only time people care or talk to/about her is when she brings up Lucinda.

No. 1639370

anyone who talks about an “ana coach” is a wannarexic weirdo. she’s talking about an eating disorder like it’s a diet

No. 1639372

File: 1662497754709.png (96.83 KB, 599x879, proana.PNG)

This is the post she was talking about that "kept her on the right path" kek. Isn't she 27?

No. 1639376

romanticizing ed’s and abusive relationships all at once is really gross. i can’t believe an adult woman is engaging with this content

No. 1639380

>weightloss is so easy guys just create an abusive anime husbando who likes to rape you
What in the 2006 emo scene black hair floppy fringe Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Way is this?

No. 1639489

I just found them searching on Google. But again, there is no evidence of a brother, but a sister instead.

No. 1639897

post the link evidence retard

No. 1640040

Has her fakeboi twitter bf posted anything regarding luci? I feel like she never talks about her

No. 1640252

File: 1662520329245.png (2.24 MB, 5180x2160, 01.PNG)

Nonita, you’re right, and I’m sorry. As far as I’m aware, her parents’ names have not been shared. I >>1635281
had no way of verifying this was truly our cow. I decided to err on the side of caution.

If her name is Débora Ramos Reyes, and she lives (or lived at some point) in Bayamón, then it is a fair assumption to say the document discussed >>1635079
relates to her. What is relevant to us is that they mention her and, more importantly, her sister.

I have translated some bits to give other nonitas an idea of what was discussed in the 24-page document. I have censored the full names of everyone but Débora as I don’t know (yet?) if this is her.

- Ramos and Reyes are very common surnames. This might not pertain to our cow.
- In all (?) In Spanish-speaking countries, the naming custom uses two surnames/last names. Usually, the first surname is the father's first surname, and the second is the mother's. You will notice the first surnames of her parents are not censored. Since we already know her last names, I figured it was pointless.
- There is no ambiguity in her sister’s name. She has an obviously female one.
- The case numbers have been partially censored in case this truly is not her family.
- I translated “FULANO DE TAL” literally, but it’s more “JOHN DOE”.
- Legal documents of (most?) Spanish-speaking countries, especially Las Americas, are very formal and “stuffy”, and I kept the translation close to the original, sorry if it sounds bizarre.

No. 1640254

File: 1662520481581.png (2.38 MB, 5031x2160, 02.PNG)

This segment is even more telling as it discusses their adult daughters and their names. I doubt the courts would’ve misgender him. I leave it to our resident Boricua nonitas to explain how Puerto Rico is concerning gender malarkey, as I know very little.

No. 1640461

Of fucking course it’s a Childe simp. This is pick me girl bullshit with extra steps.

No. 1640511

Money problems? What about it?

No. 1640513

Mortgage. They were appealing a verdict in which they were to lose (?) their house. There are at least three advertisements announcing the auction in early 2013 in the newspaper El Vocero.

No. 1640573

No. 1640615

Munchie or Schizo there’s definitely no tragedy, that I can definitely agree with nonny

No. 1640634

Her image is way too perfectly curated (shitty cosplays, photoshop, makeup, circle lenses, poses…) for someone actually suffering from delusions.
She's your average tumblr-uwu-schizo (aka : a munchie)

Good job nonnita! Thank you for sharing.
If the documents are legit, this would confirm our theory that the "muh super special brother is helping with social medias, fanfictions, showers, youtube and sexy unicorn cryptkeeper selfies" was fake as she is.
It was just a convenient excuse to explain why she's was able to do all these things despite her crippling menthol illness.

No. 1640677

>>It was just a convenient excuse to explain why she's was able to do all these things despite her crippling menthol illness.

e.g. photoshopping the hell outta her self portraits including breasts & genitalia, dilated pupils 'n shit while allegedly not biegn albe to tpye in a chorehent wya

otoh I can see no intentional malice there, and her adult life will be fucked up with no real chance of betterment, let alone no real life friends

No. 1641393

i'm thinking her sister is a troon.

No. 1641518

it’s always possible but is there any evidence for that? wouldn’t be the first skelly discussed here with a tranny ‘brother’

No. 1641741

literally. it's not that deep.

No. 1641795

If you believe everything she says, her parents/family supposedly already new about her twitter for a long time. C'mon now.

No. 1641852

schizophrenia-related mental retardation per se isn't the same as downs syndrome or autism low iq. she's fully capable of doing everything she learned to do up until her 20s, she's just not reliable in terms of actually doing it. a lot of people who live with schizos recount how they had moments of pure normalfag before suddenly running away and chewing at walls. it's about having a severely altered state of mind with no discernible pattern. treatment only helps with the psychosis so no one gets hurt, basically. but schizophrenia is halfway between a brain injury and an actual mental illness and not enough of either for treatment to be effective. unless you're on the high functioning spectrum(like an aspie) in which case you're lucky.

scoring low on that iq test could mean anything from she was extremely distracted to seeing spinning shapes on the test paper. she said her mom helped her shower because she was prone to chugging chemicals to purge them. sounds more like a lack of impulse control. the actual family assistance could just be because she could hurt herself(apparently worse than she already gets away with).

she's always said she was capable of typing well. she just said the garble was easier, which could mean anything from severe tremors to a quirk. her photoshopping was always atrocious and sloppy to me and people pointed out she used a preset for the eye edit anyway.

she literally doxxed herself. fully. she's always come across as genuinely fucking stupid to me. she humiliated herself daily to a level i just can't comprehend in someone with like. any ounce of awareness. she listened to fucking house music and watched chicken run and lifetime movies on repeat. there's just shit that only occurs to the legitimately wormbrained. there's a reason she gets compared to pixyteri who is also exhibiting paranoid behavior and cringey troonery. something about schizos just makes for golden comedy.

No. 1642056

>she literally doxxed herself
You know who else has doxed themselves multiple times and keep humiliating themselves every day on online with bad facetune, filters and gross photos?
Tuna "Haïti earthquake tights" Slater! Is that enough to qualify her as a schizo too?

>there's a reason she gets compared to pixyteri

The only people who dared to make this comparison were newfags trying to impose Lucinda as the ~new queen pt uwu~ but who were obviously ignorant of the lore behind her "coronation". It was forced and very obnoxious (same thing with the references to Soren or Eugenia Cooney)

>she listened to fucking house music and watched chicken run and lifetime movies on repeat

If having an obsession with shitty medias is enough to qualify someone as schizophrenic, 90% of Lolcow is (including nonnies)

I don't know who you are: Moogle, the cow herself or one of her edtwt friends but you seem very emotionally invested in Lucinda's defense and systematically intervene in the thread (+ the real opinions on cows one in /ot) to try to justify her lies (your writing style is very recognizable : no capital letter, mental gymnastic with a touch of Twitter lingo, take everything she says at face value, never post proof of anything, come across as very agressive sometimes with the jealous fatty and mean bullies accusations…)
I assure you that I'm not trying to confront or infight you, (and I'm sorry if it come accross like that sometimes, clumsy ESLtard here) after all, you're entitled to your opinions and have the right to express them.
I'm just curious. What's the endgoal of these WKing operations, and on a Bangladeshi Cow Breeding forum of all places ?
I'd be mortified if I found out that someone had posted me here, so it's always weird for me to see that some people actively seek attention from places like this.

Inb4 "You're a mean fatty bully, and a vile hater" :
I don't hate her, in fact, if it was revealed that Lucinda was this master troll all along and that she managed to dupe KF, Edtwt (not that hard since they're all mouth breathers but still) and even some naive farmers, it'd be hilarious and I'd had mad respect for her.
Many munchies tried that before but never succeeded.
My personal tinfoil is that Lucinda is quite a seasoned farmer.
When Soren died, she put that little gayop in place to try to take her spot as an horrorcow (look up the first thread, there's a ton of suspicious references to Soren)
The way that litteral who was forced on several threads was very weird, and nonnas even suspected selfposts at the time (her following was tiny and I doubt she had enough fans/haters to be posted here at that pace)

That's why I'd like to see her and Moogle post history, it would put all my autistic theories at rest (they can see when someone is samefagging even when there's some VPN at play. Look what happened to Erin Painter kek)
I really hope farmhands will spoil us with a good Milkmas day as soon as the new code is here and that there's more mods. A nonna can dream kek
Sorry for that autistic rambling my nonnas, I'm gonna shut up now

No. 1642112

her being schizo wouldn't stop her from being an attention seeking cow. that's how she's gotten 8 threads. it's just an opinion that she isn't of the munchie variety, not a wk.

No. 1642126

Okay but she denied being schizophrenic and even retweeted things about schizos being spiritually enlighhtened shamans who were misunderstood. I admittedly didn't scroll far through her Twitter but she never talked about schizophrenia at all. Her whole schtick was bulimia and cosmic 5D astrology shit she claimed to have visions about.

No. 1642187

That's actually a thing? there was a schizo on youtube who went off their meds past year or so (certainly since lockdown) and someone convinced them they were a shaman. Haven't kept up with his videos but it was a "oh here we go" moment. Is it a common belief then?

No. 1642314

Please for the love of god look at some examples how actual unmedicated schizos speak, move and write. I can't believe we're still having this retarded discussion after 7 threads of this.

No. 1642318

samefag but nevermind,I see it's the "anon" who magically remembers every detail of everything lucinda ever said while justifying her obvious bullshit again

No. 1642428

>how actual unmedicated schizos speak, move and write

Schizophrenia is a spectrum, retard. That's like saying "how actual autists act" as if they all act one specific way. Besides there's still the question of whether or not she's simply been an autist this whole time.

No. 1642555

I constantly see people try to signs of schizophrenia as autism because they can’t possibly believe a schizophrenic person can be medicated or in some sort of space of self control, and I’ve noticed condescending know-it-alls online get really, really upset at the possibility that people can be schizophrenic with basic autonomy and not sperging all over the place with religious imagery. They also seem to love the argument that people would rather identify as schizo instead of autistic because it’s “cooler” and they get more online points but that isn’t rational or true, it’s just spiteful. Autism is in trend right now.

No. 1642571

Wow anon, it's almost like she just looked up the symptoms of schizophrenia. I don't think she's completely faking it though, I think it started off as faking but she got too deep into it and started believing her larp. As other anons have said, she has lots of parallels with Soren.

No. 1642721

TIL that in order to have a disorder or illness of any kind you have to talk about it online

No. 1642922

link to those vocero newspaper articles?

No. 1643014

Articles? It clearly states they’re advertisements. They’re in the wanted ad section of the newspaper, which seems to be common when a public/government auction is held. The ads are (1) old and (2) don’t contain any information in regards to Debora/Lucinda and are merely a result of >>1640252

No. 1643305

>that's how she gotten 8 threads
The constant samefagging, selfposting, low quality posts like "Yaass! Kween! You're so cute and perfect! Not like the other troons and munchies!" plus weird hoaxes and baits (the fake obituaries, the PR faggots) are the main reasons of these 8 threads
The fact that we're understaffed for quite some time help with that too imo. It's emboldened the most narcissistic cows to come here to defends themselves (the weird WK in Luna's thread or even Heather Steele asking farmers to donate to her shitty gfm)

>It's just an opinion, not a WK

True. Expressing your opinion is OK in my book, but attacking everyone who dare to express some doubts, point holes in her schizo narrative and ask for proof IS WKing, nonna

Anyway. Good job ignoring most of my points. Trying to communicate with you was pointless.

No. 1643325

You're the only one who's been attacking everyone who disagrees with you and taking offense when anyone points out you don't hold all the answers.

No. 1643333

ah yes because pointing out she's a deranged freak glorifying being a mooching parasite when she denies being schizophrenic at all is a whiteknight. read the fucking room. obituaries posted within the last month are the reason she's had threads for a year? you must be a bpdfag who secretly aspires to be some sickly schizo freak to even think pointing her delusions out is a compliment.

No. 1643381

Any medfags with knowledge on heart surgeries? Curious if she's gonna pop up with the surgery recovery angle while conveniently vowing never to be naked again so she doesn't show the obvious lack of literal surgery scar lmao.

No. 1643404

literally no chance a doctor would perform OPEN HEART SURGERY on a 60lb bulimic with a pacemaker already installed. might as well be wasting a heart transplant on a supermarket pork shoulder. her sh cuts have been short quick scratches at best and heart surgery scars are almost a foot long and not to mention require stitches. she won't be able to fake one herself with whatever amazon razors she uses.

No. 1644337

>No u!
>You must be a jealous BPD-fag!

Who's attacking who here?
I wasn't agressive or anything, just stated my opinions and raised some points you keep ignoring on purpose.
You two are just acting in bad faith, whoever you may be. I'm done. Have a nice one talking to yourself on a lolcor thread, may the Milk Goddess bless us with a post reveal some day.

No. 1644907

medfag. Depends on the surgery type. Open heart surgery will give her a scar from near collarbone to the bottom of her sternum, but no self respecting surgeon will do open heart on a 60Ib bulimic mess and no anaesthetist will be willing put one under. She wouldn’t survive the surgery. If she comes back and claims she had open heart but will never show her scar, the one sign will be if she’s gained a bit of weight. She’d need to be intensively stabilised before they take her for that kind of surgery. People can survive for long enough for that to happen on medications and the like before going for heart surgery, especially in a hospital.
In other cases, heart surgery can be done through arteries in the wrist or groin, so she wouldn’t really have a noticeable scar. It really depends on the procedure she claims to be having.

No. 1645252

kek well now her and tubby have an idea of what to claim.

No. 1645255

Do we have any evidence of her really having a pacemaker, apart from than the classic "Lucinda said so"?

No. 1645373

File: 1662912696679.jpg (6.92 KB, 174x237, median-sternotomy-cracked-s.jp…)

she could've googled "heart surgery scar" and found out herself anytime. not that she's gonna cut open her sternum and be able to fake that kind of scar herself, no matter how many cat scratches she's loved to show off. watch her days of being naked be over when she magically comes back to have an excuse to never show her squeaky clean chest.

No. 1645803

I wrote unmedicated for a reason. Again, meet some actually schizos and not twitter teenagers self diagnosing.

No. 1645829

No visuals, no, so that’s still up for debate. She went awol the first time which is when they claimed the pacemaker, and then she never posted any pictures on her brief return. But she did make a post about missing her pre hospital body, so i reckon she might have been forced to gain a bit of weight. The pacemaker is visible on most average sized people so it’ll be visible on her if she ever comes back.

No. 1646058

File: 1662980629312.jpg (277.31 KB, 1710x1346, ShutItDown.jpg)

From the complaint and suggestions thread in /meta. Weird.
In my humble experience, a thread is only closed when its subject has died for real (that Plaastic girl, LilBoWeep, Soren, Kadee…) or when it's an obvious vendetta or self-post (kek)

Friendly advice to these "anons": stop posting fake stuff, Wking and attacking everyone with your bs. Let the thread die, don't create a new one when this one is full.

No. 1646575

>>whatever amazon razors she uses
Sage sorry but kek

No. 1646699

Plaaastic didn’t even die though kek

No. 1646745

ONE LAST TF: The second y’all stop posting in here, Lil Debbie will make her comeback.

No. 1647053

"Lil Debbie"

Holy shit nonnie I just snorted my coffee.

No. 1648119

i don't wish her bad but things would be easier if she just died already

No. 1648129

she probably is tbh. it's been like 3 months i doubt it's a psych ward at this point.

No. 1648167

kek thats harsh

No. 1648180

I'm the first anon in that post, and I was also one of the first anons who wanted her to have a thread to begin with. I like the Lucinda threads. The problem is that there's no Lucinda anymore and there hasn't been for a while. The thread should have died when the milk stopped flowing instead of being a dojo for infighting retards to battle it out over tinfoiling about her schizo shit. There's literally nothing to talk about anymore kek she is gone

No. 1648202

File: 1663190786170.jpg (369.2 KB, 1080x1973, 20220915_001713.jpg)

I want Luci to live so she can watch Chicken Run 2

No. 1648207

Who bumped the thread and got my hopes up…

No. 1648211

what? where can i find that information i havent been keeping up sorry

No. 1648213

She came out years ago and admitted she faked her death not gonna derail though

No. 1648216

Old news. She faked suicide in October 2017, but then she killed herself for real in December 2018. Her brother posted the death/funeral info, so confirmed. You can read up on this in Plaaastic thread here on lolcow or find archive of her PULL thread on Wayback Machine. just saying.

No. 1648220

if you don't want to derail, then just don't do it

No. 1648227

I didn’t kek. Maybe next time sage your non shit

No. 1648266

It's always the bitches who don't sage that wanna minimod

No. 1648267

Why not? I mean, you can be in a psych ward for months even a year. It is a possibility.

If she really had passed away, I'm sure we would have known.

No. 1648297

>If this random woman who doesn’t know us passed away, I’m sure one of her parents or friends would’ve gone out of their way to log into an imageboard that bullied her to notify us of her passing

No. 1648370

if she and her friends don't know us then who is phone?

No. 1648554

No we wouldn't kek I thought the bloody month long infighting from nonnies speculating her death would be enough to tell you that. Lucinda was never going to live long and we knew that from the start, there was always going to be a very adrupt end and then silence forever (like now). We might as well take this as a sign and leave it

No. 1648577


Also, there is more internet out there than this imageboard, other anon. There is KF, Twitter and so more, where her friends would announce it to be portrayed as the saddest of all.

So yes, we would have known.

No. 1648581

File: 1663226564395.jpg (17.3 KB, 636x456, stevie-wonder-i-just-called-to…)

i just called

to say

i love you(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1648633

Here we go again : unsaged shitposts, weird spacing and overall retardation. Brace yourself for the inevitable racist posts, fake obituaries and attacks that will come, nonnies.
Guess our munchie cows are bored and want to revive that stupid thread once again. Boring.

No. 1648744

>If this random woman who doesn’t know us
She was caught whiteknighting herself in the very first thread. Nevermind when she was active on twitter, she constantly "answered" things shortly after they have been brought up here. Something her supposed frienf also does, only a few posts upthread.

No. 1648849

That girl's whole life is an unsaged shitpost. Just sayin'.

No. 1649805

crazy or not i think she really did have heart surgery since her ed was legit and bulimia is extremely brutal on your heart, and she purged so often she got to the point where she didn't need her hands anymore. i don't think a psych ward is that likely anymore with how long she's been gone as well as no longer contacting her besties. she was just too attention seeking to be content with being gone THIS long when she was at peak attention from that grandiose heart attack comeback. she was gone like 2 days max when the ambrose backlash happened. i scrolled through the thread around the time she first disappeared and there wasn't even drama to trigger some drama-fueled hiatus. the timing of everything is just…. off.

i don't know. this is all just bugging me.

No. 1649949

Open heart surgeries are no joke. And that's on someone with a chance not a mentally ill anorexic/bulimic who looks like Gollum.

No. 1650014

Maybe this anon can help, she was checking for obits and reported deaths in Puerto Rico.

No. 1650069

Slight ot but theres some evidence Soren may not dead, theres been activity on her pinterest. Someone documented it on kf I believe

No. 1650079

So… you're saying there's a chance my personal favorite horrorcow brings milk again?

No. 1650095

That was established a little while ago, I actually believe I found out about it posted somewhere here on LCF but not in the Sodom threads (the 4th being locked obviously). Soren is also my fav horrorcow and I have my fingers crossed that someone will find her in the wild leaving Amazon reviews bragging about being an uwu guro snuff film starlet

No. 1650120

That was already confirmed to be linked to a data leak at Pinterest. Hackers sell passwords for inactive accounts all the time

No. 1650221

Reminder yet again that Soren is dead as a doornail and the “activity” was just other people updating things Soren pinned. When someone updates a pin you’ve added, it will update the folder you put it in.

No. 1650322

The nail in the coffin wasnt wasn't pinterest it was depop, she was liking items that were recently listed and adding them to lists.

No. 1650333

File: 1663584198778.jpg (281.3 KB, 1080x1446, LyingTubby.jpg)

Grabbed some stuff while our little farm was down.
Fatty is still posting on KF, lying her ass off as usual. We all know she's lurking and makes weird Wking posts here.

No. 1650335

File: 1663584380735.jpg (511.17 KB, 1078x1672, 20220918_170027.jpg)

>If this random woman who doesn’t know us
Old caps but here's proof that Lil'Debbie knows this place very well and probably posts an awful lot too.

No. 1650339

Nonnie, were you around for the early threads? Of course she's aware of us because another nonnie admitted to cow tipping her and linking the thread so she could see it. We already know she's aware of our presence but that doesn't mean people are going to come here and inform us if she died because we don't know her personally. We're complete strangers. The only time we even sorta interacted was when she thanked us helping with Ambrose

No. 1650342

… is she even alive…?(sage your shit)

No. 1650347

My sister in christ, will you sage?? This thread has 0 milk you don't need to bump it

No. 1650367


It just creates false hope that maybe someone updates some real good milky news, but no. Not even once.

How do people survive in here without knowing to sage?

No. 1650392

File: 1663590613672.jpg (201.73 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220918-165449_Chr…)

Coming from the girl who came to shill her patreon in here (picrel : fictionnal brother made that for her? How nice !) I expect anything.
And yes, I was there for the first thread and there was always a fair amount of suspicion regarding a potential selfpost.
I personally believe Lucinda is a long-time farmer, but that's just a feeling and nothing says I'm right.

But it's possible that Moogle is the only one keeping up this little charade today after Debbie went AWOL on purpose (and it's understandable, being an idol for retarded edtwt people must be exhausting), after all, it seems that being friends with Lucinda is the only semblance of relevance she has left.

No. 1650517

No she wasn’t. Same shit as Pinterest. Things were being edited, updated, deleted from the list. Go back and read.

No. 1650586

NTA but anon, someone from here literally DMed someone who put up a listing in her Depop wishlist and they verified that it was originally listed after she died

No. 1650602

Seeing Soren discussion with Lucinda is very interesting. They were similar in a lot of ways, even Sorens bedroom was just a more edgy Lucinda with all the kidcore stuff. The issue here is that I don't think Lucinda has a history of jumping between places with a new alias every few years which seperates her from Soren significantly. She also doesn't have a carefully tailored back story that keeps changing

You know she faked a suicide before, right? This is part of a pattern with her. She faked her suicide, someone found out that she was alive because she was updating her Amazon wishlist, and was discovered alive and well when nonnies applied autism to track down an account that turned out to be a very much alive Soren posting under a different alias

No. 1650691

The only real fragments we have of Lucinda's past are the One Direction fanfiction accounts and some mysterious Blogspock, and they both have (debatable)evidence of her schizophrenia. I think the mystery behind her despite being so glaringly… ridiculous is frustrating. And it's a breeding ground for speculation.

Unfortunately it's making the thread annoying with her being completely gone right now.

No. 1650703

Just throwing this out there in the spirit of Soren discussion- has anyone considered that this isn't the first Lucinda? The Soren we knew wasn't even the first or second Soren, it was the third one. She started on an MCR forum, changed for tumblr, "died", and came back again. Lucinda could have been around under different names with the same shtick

No. 1650783

an old twitter account that could potentially be hers was brought up in an older thread. to my knowledge, nothing came of it. i can't remember which thread it was mentioned in and can't be fucked to find it.

No. 1650798

she didn't even use her own face in her facebook profile back in 2010. she must've been ugly tbh.

No. 1651034

No kek. It was this April when it happened and the seller verified she listed the item a week prior
Honestly I could see Lucinda jumping on the fake trauma train for more pity points.

No. 1651056

>Honestly I could see Lucinda jumping on the fake trauma train for more pity points
Maybe but not in the same way Soren does. Lucinda is mildly believable whereas Soren actually fr wanted to push the narrative that "the warehouse" had a torture wheel that they put Sam in and then Vlad the Impalered the mfer on a spike and made Soren chainsaw her head off kek. At least Lucinda is half aware that it's all in her head and can out her money where her mouth is when it comes to her self harm and ED

No. 1651070

I am gonna pretend Luci is still alive and never faking anything, because I want to and there is not yet enough proof for me otherwise.

Now on that thought, I wonder if she was in a mental hospital in PR if she flipped absolute shit due to the massive storm knocking power out. Events like that cannot be fun for schizos.

No. 1651209

Yeah thinking about that makes me sad…I hope she’s being taken care of and is getting healthy.

No. 1651342

Unless someone has a legitimate update, please stop bumping the thread for ffs. All this tinfoil and occasional "oh dear I hope she's okay uwu" posting is really getting old.

No. 1651368

Who bumped? Its all saged i think

No. 1651503

Soren genuinely 41% that is why the thread is locked idk what you want from this topic.

No. 1651584

I'm choosing to believe Lucinda is alive until it can be verified that she died. We will likely see her som when she returns from wherever she is, but honestly I hope we don't see her other than a goodbye message. Her Twitter stand have been enabling/encouraging her to do the worst things to herself

Please refer to >>1650602 and >>1650586. Soren is an established suicide faker who got caught on her lie the exact same way she did the first time- updating her wishlist. This is confirmed by a nonnie who contacted the seller of one of the items listed and said they had made the item available a long time after Soren allegedly killed themself. Unless her ghost is still active on Depop then idk what ti tell you

No. 1651690

This >>1142306 is the ladt post about updated amazon wishlist. Last updated 2020. Before supposed offing date. Let's not play the telephone game.

No. 1651697

Smashing detective work nonnie but the post people are talking about was 1) on Depop and 2) obviously not posted on any Soren thread because the info came out ages after they were locked

No. 1651710

MANIPUKATOR is officially my new favorite word of all time.

No. 1651776

Jennifer Lopez is tweeting about Peurto Rico exploding or something. If things are reaching emergency levels, would a mental health hospital/ward (or similar institution that Lucinda could be recovering at) send her back home for safety reasons? I hope she's alright, it would be so shit if she was on the right track to getting better and a disaster spoiled it

No. 1651797

If she gets out due to the storm, she'll likely attribute it to her unikern powerz..

No. 1651821

If it's a psych ward or heart surgery, she'll be at least 30lbs heavier and will immediately be back to her enabling ed minions to drop the pounds and return to her anakween glory. She's a schizo retard with no friends and was fired from her first job in a week for probably b/p'ing on the job. Life is easier puking at home, posing naked, and basking in the attention for shooped selfies and weight loss tips.

She's another Eugenia, a lost cause unworthy of sympathy or government esources.

No. 1653111

Someone keeps making unsaged posts and deletes them immediately in order to bump the thread. It's weird.
There's no milk, so stop doing that you attention seeking tards.

No. 1653196

That's what I thought was happening. Until ol schizocorn shows her face again or we get death confirmation, no1curr. Whoever is bumping the thread, knock it off.

No. 1653223

i don't think it's that, i keep seeing spam posts before they're deleted. & they're not gore or pr0n like usual, they're links to weird websites. super annoying regardless tho

No. 1653637

There was a previous account linked to her selfposting here, it was called frag1leb0nes on twitter. It got locked and mysteriously completely stopped posting after being caught here (sounds familar? kek). Someone also tracked down her possible previous tumblr.
Account names mentioned here so far are:

No. 1653922

File: 1663814230475.jpeg (589.48 KB, 1125x1304, D44074C6-6428-4789-A390-37CB56…)

After a bit of detective work I found moogle’s private. Seems like something is wrong with our cow after all?

No. 1653968

that account was inactive before oswaldslunch was made

No. 1654253

health emergency always made the most sense. she was a reckless bulimic who was "rinsing" her stomach with water after everything she threw up ffs. she was also clearly emaciated. i just can't imagine what was cooking underneath. even bulimics who are careful with electrolytes and potassium have pretty bad health scares.

No. 1654268

>who was "rinsing" her stomach with water after everything she threw up ffs

How the fuck? Did she put an enema tube in her mouth?

No. 1654273

“Rinsing” just means to repeatedly drink water + induce vomiting until empty

No. 1654289

File: 1663857417197.jpg (161.4 KB, 720x560, 20220922_101013.jpg)

it's also stupid as fuck

No. 1654322

On top of that she said she avoided drinking water and tried to stay dehydrated as long as possible because she was convinced water made her fat.

No. 1654358

File: 1663861388990.jpg (283.87 KB, 937x1206, 478654467.jpg)

Wrong (see picrel), lurk moar "anon".
Fatty is not a reliable witness (she said Munchinda was alive on KF some days ago).
She spends her time lying about everything: claims she never lurks or posts here (kek), larp as a frail schizo ana-chan when she is just an attention seeking fat cow…

No. 1654485

So what is Moogles deal, exactly? I feel like she's an unreliable narrator too. My impression of her is that she either was ways friends with Luci for weird girl clout OR she realised she could inherit some of the clout left behind from Lucinda by being a messenger for Luci. After all, an attentionwhores biggest fix will always be to have a gossip site talk about them. It's not entirely out of the question that she's doing this so we talk about her

No. 1655105

I fully believe she had a hand in making Lucinda worse. After all, she's literally (or, was, not sure what happened after she got outted for it,) in a cult that wholeheartedly believes that you shouldn't take medicine, which goes along with Lucinda not taking her meds. She definitely pushed that shit onto Lucinda.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3AE661pltA This is the head of the cult, btw

No. 1655325

They also tweeted about having younger sisters and jogging in the snow. Also no schizophrenia. Usernames with numbers are common on edtwt and so are things like chocolate/coffee/almond/Quest bar food mentions. Not shutting you down just pointing out why that theory was never a slam dunk.

No. 1655360

File: 1663936878853.jpg (332.7 KB, 1080x1685, Screenshot_20220923-143851_Twi…)

No. 1655361

File: 1663936904572.jpg (348.41 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20220923-143904_Twi…)

No. 1655363

File: 1663936928157.jpg (339.88 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20220923-143909_Twi…)

No. 1655365


bitch knows nothing

No. 1655383

File: 1663938661157.jpg (936.08 KB, 2252x2269, pt2022_09_23_14_49_15_mh166393…)

Sage for old milk, but Detective Anon had come to this conclusion because the post was "mysteriously" unliked after it was brought-up here (picrel)

I didn't know that Unicorn-Unikron stuff was still a thing. That Nicole woman even tried to shill her weird cult here many, many moons ago (there's a thread somewhere in /snow) and the general consensus among farmers was "Don't give her attention"

From the speed of her reaction, it looks like Tubby is spending her time refreshing the thread and is probably responsible for all these weird WK tirades.
B.b.but fatty! I thought you stopped reading here cause we were too ~unhinged and mean~ for your taste? >>1650333
Kek, good catch sweet nonna, it's hilarious. Let's hope she'll keep her word and stop her little astroturfing campaign.

No. 1655401

File: 1663940962781.jpg (100.15 KB, 1080x512, 1663936928157.jpg)

Sorry for the doublepost but I was on the fence regarding the identity of mental-gymnastic anon, you know, the rabid sperg who attacked everyone with her famous catchphrase "Tinfoil hat! Jaelous fatty! Hate boner!"
Picrel confirms that it wasn't Debbie after all. Even if she probably posts and lurks here too, she's smart enough to change her typing style. Unlike Tubby-chan kek

No. 1655476

Must be fun to have no life or job and to spend all your time seething on the internet over shit you got yourself into.

No. 1655541

>It’s put so many gross eyes on me so I’m gonna keep talking about it and tweeting about it to squeeze as much attention as I can out of it

No. 1655557

Oh yeah, Nicole is doing LSD at ‘uniretreats’ in Mexico, crying over broken crystals, and posting about ‘spiritual psychosis’ on TikTok. She needs a new thread.

No. 1655804

Why in the fuck would she out herself as lurking here when people already suspect she's posting?

No. 1655907

>I never encouraged Lucinda

Assuming everything Lucinda says is true, you became close with a schizophrenic woman who has such severe delusions about turning into a unicorn that she starved herself until she developed heart problems so that you could piggyback off her twitter clout, then introduced her to a "cult" that fed into her delusions about becoming a unicorn whilst she was off her medication and in a very fragile mental state.

Ig she's right, that seems more like abuse than encouragement

No. 1656018

This. Whatever you want to say about Lucinda faking whatever she has, she obviously has something and is in a vulnerable state. Mooglefat or whatever her user is, is disgusting for encouraging Lucinda to that extent. Especially considering she's a completely normal chubby girl, looked through her families' socials as well and she's never been skinny like she claimed she was. Always been a cow.

No. 1656038

Moogle acts like we are awful but is on kiwifarms kek(sage your shit)

No. 1656047

I saw moogle’s family socials as well and they seem to be well off. how are you fat and rich

No. 1656196


sage your idiotic shit posting

No. 1656256

Same way you can be fat and poor, stuffing your gob with high calorie shit. Granted the true poverty stricken are never fat. It's just another way for the morbidly obese to claim that they starved themselves into obesity as if thermodynamics don't apply. Swear they need to be on secrets eaters or something, oh to be a fly on the wall of the HAESers.

No. 1656395

Found moogle’s tumblr nuuskamuikkunen.tumblr.com

No. 1656430

Oh hell no is she finnish??

No. 1656465

I was hoping it was going to be somewhat interesting, it just seems to be aesthetic reshares and generally related to a swedish/finnish character. Minutes of my life i can't get back, damn.

No. 1656494

Not Finnish she met some sad European on Reddit

No. 1656552

This is a thread about Lucinda. Take the moogle girl to the EDTW thread.

No. 1656706

I found moogle’s weird self ship blog https://lucaships.tumblr.com

No. 1656707

File: 1664053814754.jpeg (510.11 KB, 1125x1889, 9CAFF2F3-BED0-4D37-8894-667DDD…)


No. 1656714

Why are you such a hooker?

No. 1657181

Are you moogle herself or just some very weird stalker chick

No. 1657193

Nta but it seems like the thread topic has shifted to moogle entirely, so it's not insane to have a nonnie looking for milk on this person considering everyone here insists in talking about her anyway

No. 1664375


Not sure if anyone else noticed the bottom right image is a screenshot taken on/by frag1leb0nes account? Interesting(sage)

No. 1664386

I hate opening this thread thinking lucinda died or something and its just some faggot who forgot to sage

No. 1664395

Fucking die or learn to sage

No. 1664511

Polite request to stop writing "Anon, I…" in every thread, it's basically namefagging at this point

No. 1664656

Read the rules and learn to sage (write "sage" in the email field when you're not posting any new milk and leave the other fields empty)
But yeah, this was something detective-anon pointed out at the time but it was immediately buried by the insane amount of selfposting/samefagging. Lucinda and Fatty were the main contributors of these threads, anyone with half a brain knows that. Still hope for a post reveal one day, but since the thread is pretty dead…there's no chance.

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted (and insanely frustrating too sometimes) but unless there's new milk, there's no point of posting there anymore.
I really hope Debbie grew tired of that "seeking LC/KF attention at any cost" saga and is now getting the help she needs.
Godspeed, unitard. You were a cringy selfposting munchie but I hope you found a better purpose in life and are happy.

No. 1667552

any chance her parents put her in a mental hospital after she almost died?

No. 1668070

They should've done that long ago.

No. 1669416

At this point I'm for auto saging this thread. Keeps being bumped by some idiot

No. 1669728

Some scrote was posting dick pics, so it was bumped by that and not some random anon

No. 1670172

no backseat moderating, plz
are u paranoid?

No. 1674373

you guys lucinda just accepted my request to follow her on instagram, is she back on the internet?(Sage Retardo)

No. 1674380

>>1674373 …i know she accepted mine too…(Sage Retardo)

No. 1674436

Same here, guess she isn’t dead unless her “brother” is over here playing social media manager

No. 1674535

someone on twitter said she responded to a message on insta so it seems she's back. her follower count on twitter went up by like 1k so it's safe to assume she's made 0 effort to recover and will be back on her proana ways.

No. 1674976

File: 1665720286145.jpeg (555.94 KB, 828x1322, 5D8AD181-18AE-405E-84D0-514482…)

Unicorn kween is back

No. 1675327

File: 1665767125540.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x391, ec93ba77dc5201a97103163e138dae…)

One cardiac arrest and heart surgery later and this bitch still has edtwt and shtwt on her bio. Literally nothing is ever going to be a wakeup call to get help for her delusions and recover from her ed. I feel bad for the doctors who wasted months of effort and for her parents who spent thousands and suffered just for her to pop back into twitter determined to purge and cut like nothing happened.

Absolute lost cause.

No. 1675393

File: 1665772290553.jpeg (423.66 KB, 828x1426, 52F7A31F-BD8E-4697-975F-FC6E74…)

New updates for the uniqween

No. 1675394

File: 1665772323905.jpeg (287.4 KB, 828x1267, 13899246-B128-4B1A-BCF3-2CE99D…)


No. 1675434

Nonnie that's kind of a nitpick. She's been back on twitter for one day. She probably just hasn't thought about her bio.

No. 1675461

>One cardiac arrest and heart surgery
We don't even know if any of this shit is true.

>Unikween UwU
Go back

No. 1675541


The unicorn-ballerina stuff doesn't sound so recovery to me.

Anyway, I'm really glad that she is fine, but tbh I don't know if she is ever going to be recovered for good.

No. 1675699

She's back and already liking deathspo on her twitter, so it's all been an enormous waste of time and money for her parents and doctors. She should do everyone a favor and consider a DNR order at this point.

No. 1675828

File: 1665815881785.png (Spoiler Image,408.39 KB, 757x541, bodycheck.png)

she just posted a bodycheck, already

I thought she might actually start to recover this time, idk, doesn't even look like she's gained any weight

No. 1675830

Welp, she just posted a bodycheck on twitter.
Lucinda is back and worse than ever, it appears.

No. 1675839

you can see the heart surgery scar as well. jesus.

No. 1675840

Wtf is that shoop ?! Girl needs to calm down with the editing, her jaw looks like a roblox character kek

P.S: Thanks farmhands for autosaging that dumpster fire of a thread.

No. 1675841

>3 minutes ago
Nice selfpost btw.

No. 1675893

she will carry on with her routine as if nothing bad happened and probably die soon.
well what did you expect..?

No. 1675894

File: 1665827814170.png (902.19 KB, 1100x620, Screenshot.png)

Don't be so shy.

No. 1675895

I imagine this is Lucinda herself posting her disturbing selfie bigger and unspoilered because she's so proud of her state and likes freaking people out with her looks. So she keeps flaunting it every second she gets. Her hair looks nice though, it fits her better than the cheap wig.

No. 1675928

So many $$$ for heart surgery, transport and everything else, all pissed in the wind. Fuck her.

No. 1675941

ed's are about control. it makes sense that after months of being at the mercy of doctors she'd canonball into her eating disorder like nothing changed. even ~uwu recovery kweens~ are just bodychecking in ip and playing up the #struggle for pity points. fully recovered anorexics are a myth.

lucinda is like. the last person i would expect to even attempt getting over their ed in any way. apart from untreated schizophrenia she's just…. old lol. shit's wired into her rotting brain at this point.

No. 1675966

Lucinda's not old though? isn't she like early 20's? The brains not fully developed until 25 so i'd assume there's some room for development/change. Unless regarding age it's in comparison to wannerexic teens who huddle on edtwt nowadays. Granted I have no idea about the success rate for recovery for older adults compared to kids, it's normally always best to get it young before it truly takes root.

No. 1675968

As if two close calls w/ intervention weren't enough and now she just continues with her death circus once again…

No. 1676099

Man oh man I am so happy Luci is alive but she actually does look smaller and I did not think that was possible? And if she just had surgery wouldn’t more people be watching her? It’s so confusing

No. 1676120

This. The selfposting cow is back
see >>1675828
Hooray !

No. 1676195

One might get the impression that her recent flirt with death didn't really impress her much.

No. 1676234

Newfag, Lucinda is almost 26 years old.

No. 1676256

File: 1665865512207.jpg (741.67 KB, 1080x1716, IMG_20221015_152346.jpg)

More shit from ig

No. 1676257

File: 1665865547473.jpg (555.04 KB, 1080x1815, IMG_20221015_152304.jpg)

Uses for moon water

No. 1676258

File: 1665865577383.jpg (848.66 KB, 1080x1794, IMG_20221015_152323.jpg)

Witch rules

No. 1676260

Not a newfag, but okay. She's still very young, and I hope she manages to turn things around. It gutted me to see that she didn't really come back from hospital in a better-looking state, being plumped up a little might have bought her some time.

No. 1676268

Im honestly surprised there’s a surgery scar. Most definitely she was quiet so long cause she was busy puking away hospital gain. Expect a cavalcade of shooped bone checks til her heart gives out for real. I hope her family didn’t dip into their savings for her.

No. 1676318

I wonder how did the doctors let her leave in that condition.

No. 1676339

wouldn't be surprised if she's in some kind of hospice care tbh. just sent her home to die.

No. 1676635

File: 1665913274109.gif (2.52 MB, 640x360, hooley-hooley-drinks-milk.gif)

fresh, fresh milk..!

No. 1676636

stop being delusional

No. 1676756

Delusional about what exactly? I was hoping she was actually going to get help, but by sounds treatment is shit over there and the outlook for a schizo probably worse. Just like anorexics with the 'tism, too retarded to help themselves. If it's about the age, sorry but she's still young, unless you're a 13 year old and your thoughts are edgythen yeah she's probably ancient. (Don't look at the 30+ community on edtwt, you might have a heart attack).

No. 1676825

File: 1665937973229.jpg (49.74 KB, 652x327, luci.jpg)

she didn't get better at all

No. 1676924

Between refeeding syndrome and heart surgery her legs must be the size of melons from the edema.

No. 1676954

I don't see the refeeding part anywhere.

No. 1676956

Also, where are the anons that claimed for real that she had passed away? Do they have anything to say?

No. 1676987

fuck no, they were either trolling or trying to get the thread shut down. i'm glad she didn't pass

No. 1677103

I agree with most of what you said but Lucinda definitely isn’t old lol. She’s unlikely to ever recover because her entire identity is being a sickly, scary, photoshopped weirdo. All she is and all she has is ED.
>>1676924 Not refeeding syndrome as that’s easy to prevent in the hospital, she just means the act of being refed.

Who knows how compliant she’s actually being but being allowed to walk for 30 minutes per day and do some gentle stretching is perfectly reasonable. Not moving leads to deconditioning and blood clots.

No. 1677106

Lucinda should play Genshin Impact! I think she'd really like it

No. 1677169

Shut up moogle

No. 1677199

Holy shit the chicken run pissing queen made it out of surgery. Annnnnd she's not changed at all. Fascinating schizo behavior.

No. 1677236

so it's forced recovery with heavy supervision. i wonder what the general outpatient plan is for a schizophrenic with so many medical issues. i highly doubt she's compliant to anything. her whole ~follow your dreams~ thing likely means she's extremely stubborn.

on an unrelated note it's interesting how the popularized anorexia girls of youtube, insta, and twitter are eugenia, ash, and lucinda, respectively. all altfags who like skeletons and ghouls. usually looking like shit is the wakeup call for a lot of anorexic girls. woonyoung is the biggest ideal among the youngster ed crowd. femininity and youth and beauty are still major concerns. you never really get to deathspo levels unless you want to look horrifying. i guess it's easy for the ones who love looking like actual cave goblins. it's less about the eating habit and more about vapid self obsession. it's more akin to plastic surgery addicts who want to look like cartoon characters and rubber toys. ash and eugenia types just use starvation to live out their living jack skeleton goals.

No. 1677307

But those three you mention aren't just that famous solely because anachans. They are also followed by farmers of different places, by a huge amount of perverts and by people who are just curious about the phenomenon.

I wouldn't say they represent an ideal among pro ana communities, generally speaking, they are more like a freak show of the 21th century.

No. 1677350

I don’t think their is one specific ideal shared by either the pro-ana losers or actual anorexics. Most anorexics do not aspire to look a certain way. The anon you responded to is impressively ignorant.

No. 1677376

I'm pretty sure that chonkster wannerexics from the edtwt community are obsessed with kpop idols too (guessing that's what woonyoung is), not just youtube. The obsession with another culture, just like weebs/japanophiles, that borderlines creepy has me rolling. It's like the rhino on a treadmill trying to become a unicorn. Just like troons, you can't change your bone structure.

No. 1677431

File: 1665999649832.jpg (440.81 KB, 1239x3342, SockpuppetFatty.jpg)

The MunchieKween and Fatty are also back on Scrotefarm with their army of sockpuppets. See, most of these accounts praising her lying ass are from January/April 2021, posts about their ED and follows anachan or fatty cows. Sure there're some creepy scrotes here and there but they're not the majority.

When Debbie went silent, I really thought that she was done with her LARP and was trying to live a better life. But no, she's still an attention starved retard, selfposting and shooping like crazy with her little fatty friend.
The "she's super mega dead for real" stint didn't work (pretty sure Mongoloid and her were behind the fake obituaries) so she's back at her usual quirky type posts and overedited spoopy pics.

Yeah right, dying people in hospice care spend all their day posing for ugly pics, carefully edits them and seeks validation on lolcow.
Now you're just disrespectful af.

No. 1677434

You already tried to shill your twitch here months ago and no1curr.

No. 1677472

At this point she's just pure deathspo, so why bother.

No. 1677516

the fact she identified with this video is fucking hysterical. lowkey appreciate her general lighthearted vibes.

she's obviously deeply and unapologetically proana. yet it feels significantly less damaging than the #edwarriors of instagram and clock app who bodycheck in ip and lie about how hard their uwu dainty bodies are fighting for life with 5000 selfies with the tube.

it's curious how both her and eugenia are both anti recovery deathspo spoops who push the positive vibes influencer thing but ironically lucinda gets away with shamelessly glorifying her decay when eugenia doesn't even talk about being sick and stays in her lane and is treated like the cause of anorexia itself.

No. 1677529

at least Lucinda is somewhat honest and authentic, she glorifies it in writing sure, but she shares such gross aspects (meanwhile Eugenia swears up and down that she's fine and doesn't have any issues) that it automatically puts you off from wanting an ED kek. Plus Eugenia is constantly pandering to coomers and "cosplaying" as kid's cartoon characters, more likely that kids will come across her.

No. 1677553

nta but most anorexics die late 20s early 30. the 27 club exists for a reason, our unicorn is 26 and with the abuse she's been putting her body through her time is running out. even if she started eating and being normal-ish, at this point it's a done deal hence another anon calling you delusional. it's simply too late for her

No. 1677577

> A munchie
> Honest and authentic

No. 1677588


»honest« = »batshit insane«
»authentic« = »near death«

No. 1677620

Even people on edtwt laugh and call her ugly and scary looking and they're supposed to be sympathetic given that it's a space for people with eating disorders. But I guess that's the zoomer wannarexic wave lashing out every time they have to restart their fasting app.

Not everyone is suited for the pathology behind anorexia. Which is a fucking blessing. They should feel lucky that they have a chance in this world but it actually frustrates them that living off black coffee and plain oatmeal in a heart shaped bowl is fucking miserable.

No. 1677680

edtwt is absolutely not a place that functions to be “sympathetic for people with eating disorders” I hate to break it to you

No. 1678495

Edtwt is just fat wannarexic teens with the Intermittent Fasting app projecting their self hatred through Regina George and Patrick Bateman larps. It's definitely the most openly foul of the ed communities, which is funny since they're just angry fat girls on a fad diet. Edtiktok is all about recovery pity parties. Instagram is ruled by the Russian skellies oblivious to their own illness.

No. 1678659

God it's all just so fucked.

No. 1678718


No. 1678891

File: 1666135954347.jpg (7.27 KB, 190x265, images.jpeg-13.jpg)

same energy as anneliese michel tbh. if i'm not wrong she said she was diagnosed with ednos shortly after the schizophrenia diagnosis. there's no escaping her eating disorder so long as she's as psychotic as she currently is. sounds like she had piss poor psychiatric treatment and all the recovery efforts went into her cardiac surgery.

hope she gets to be a ballerina tho. i'll be hollering if i see the unicorn live to be in the nutcracker.

No. 1679115

File: 1666160556053.jpeg (775.76 KB, 1170x1241, A7008587-1EC1-4F47-9663-0EF472…)

No. 1679116

File: 1666160618908.jpeg (756.91 KB, 1170x1162, F0B8A0CA-CAAA-45C6-82E8-ED206A…)

No. 1679141

> 4 minutes ago

1) You're a cowtipping retard
2) It's Luci selfposting again

No. 1679144

It's incredible that there are still people who take anything Lucinda-related at face value (tbh it was obvious she was munching from the start); the people who believe that she's been on the brink of death for over a year now and emerged from cardiac surgery with no visible change but a red mark on her chest are unironically scarier that Lucinda. I hope she's getting a laugh out of how gullible her followers are

No. 1679152

On the road to hell again.


No. 1679181

Whilst imagining this skellie wannabe unicorn flopping about attempting ballet gave me a hearty kek it's also a sinister image

No. 1679225

>b-bbut Lucinda is different from other EDfags! She misspells words and uses cute emojis!! She radiates positivity!

No. 1679240



a cut up ballerina, purging and tumbling on stage

how sweet

No. 1679264

File: 1666188065351.gif (2.65 MB, 800x362, deer-size_restricted.gif)

She's back..!

No. 1679336

At least she doesn't pretend to be in recovery.

Tbh I like her, and I don't know why. But it's so sad her state of mind rn, it's a shame that being in the hospital was a total waste.

No. 1679469

She just pretends to be a frail and dying schizo. Much better.

The same two samefagging retards (fatty and munchie) are shitposting again, trying to bury any contestations or criticisms. Nice.

No. 1679565

Some of you need a reality check and to turn your phones off

No. 1679586

i used to vaguely "like" lucinda, or at least had less antipathy towards her than other ED cows, but seeing her piss away intensive medical treatment that people die each day from not having has made me despise her. She deserves all of this suffering.

No. 1679744

i wouldn't say she's pissing it away. she revealed she's eating 4k calories a day and is being compliant enough with whatever program she's forced into that her body is healing. ballet might be the textbook inpatient-to-athlete faux recovery pipeline but at least she's being honest about it. and thank god she isn't waxing poetic about challenging fear foods and smiling with ensure bottles in a hospital bed.

didn't see the ballet thing coming though. but i look forward to the milk from her inevitable failure to make it in ballet as a 30 year old skelly who could barely walk a year ago.

No. 1679771

Unfortunately she looks more skeletal (and also goes out of her way to look like it with the makeup), but that scar looks like semi-fresh selfharm, not a several week old heart surgery or several month old pace maker scar. There's no way in hell she would return like this from a hospital.

No. 1679779

>There's no way in hell she would return like this from a hospital.

But she said she had cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure, which means she HAS to have either died or gotten surgery. Who are you to question her??

No. 1679835

Debbie would be an excellent Cenobite.

No. 1679892

Shut the fuck up omg

No. 1679920

My apologies but are you retarded…I have her tweets sent to my phone for the purpose of getting fresh milk. Underappreciative faggot. Provide some fucking milk yourself.

No. 1680047

i just don't think insurance would cover the level of treatment she needs. she said she's carrying 9kg in fluid in just her legs it's possible the hospital just decided that counted as bare minimum weight restoration and released her. with water retention like that it sounds like the problem is her stomach's ability to process the volume of food she's getting.

No. 1680057

I dunno I did some research on cardiac surgery scars, the positioning and thickness seem legit. Not everyone comes out of that kind of surgery a mutilated monster. Fortunately for Lucinda she went in that way so she had nothing to worry about.

No. 1680082

is that an op scar?

No. 1680124

Calm down, nonna. There were numerous instances of selfposting by Moogle or Lucinda in the past (Fatty is also back on KF right now btw), so some of us being wary isn't that ridiculous.

Also, mundane tweets and taking everything she says at face value isn't milk.

No. 1680134

File: 1666278006004.jpg (306.5 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20221020_165133.jpg)

Sage for doublepost but here's Fatty attention seeking again on KF, at the exact same time the thread in here is active again (Fatty was caught addressing anons questions directly on her twitter weeks ago).
The timing is interesting, to say the least.

No. 1680154

She also said she can't walk, can't stand long enough to shower without aid, can only sit in a chair and needs a wheelchair and then posted tiktoks of her dancing through the room.
>Who are you to question her??
Go back to twitter

No. 1680173

kek at least i'm not the only rageanon in this thread

probably but there's not really any definitive proof, considering she's self harmed on her chest before.

No. 1680226

To be fair it was two 15 second videos. Not like she ran a marathon. I imagine it's like landwhales who swear they're healthy because they can pull off a viral dance routine but won't show you how they waddle 23/7 while gasping for air.

No. 1680240

Some seconds of dancing, that's not a biggie, yeah.
But not for a person telling that one is full of pain and weak. That makes it somehow unrealistic and seems fake.
Same goes for her comfy chair/workout routine.

No. 1680348

File: 1666301438910.jpg (359.29 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20221020-171719.jpg)

>pneumonia and water retention
>compares it to video of a cyborg begging to be killed

So tempted to armchair. Video is from a movie called Robocop where a cop is turned into a cyborg. Unicorn cyborg is a new one. But the general sentiment is obviously that she's trying to take cOnTrOL of her body throughout the rigorous feeding program and post op recovery. She's as disordered as ever man. The possible ballet saga is amusing but nothing good can possibly come from it.

No. 1680350

Video in question

No. 1680370

Why are we acting like this hospital trip is going to magically make her mental illness go away? She needs serious psychological intervention which I doubt she's going to get considering where she lives. Her body will never recover until she gets her mind right. The surgery/hospital stay or whatever is just a bandaid her parents put on trying to keep her alive. It would be a miracle for someone like her to recover even in a better part of the world

No. 1680472

File: 1666316213443.png (516.99 KB, 599x433, Screenshot (338).png)

> Unicorn cyborg is a new one
kinda metal ngl

No. 1680649

That hospital trip should have been the ultimate wake-up call for those surrounding her. For the lack of real friendships, that means her family.
They will know by now that she is going to kill herself very soon if they let her go unchecked.

No. 1680720

As the anon above me said, there is nothing she can do by herself, as she is so deep in her illness.

It should be her family and the doctors who, somehow, convince her to stay in the hospital. Anyhow, I don't think that she is ever going to recover, as hard as it may sound.

No. 1680913

Where are these tiktoks? I need a giggle.

No. 1681069

File: 1666395170593.png (507.45 KB, 751x737, Screenshot 2022-10-22 002605.p…)

wtf is going on with her eyes in this one lol?

No. 1681072

those shooped on brows are new, they give her extra uncanny valley/cartoon vibes

No. 1681082

her makeup's always been sloppily drawn on but the skelly brainrot has really made it atrocious. her arm looks like fucking beef jerky.

No. 1681085

yeah i was thinking rotisserie chicken wing lol, i think i'm hungry

No. 1681674

File: 1666472053349.jpeg (474.51 KB, 828x1209, 846540AE-E40F-4DA8-88A4-C8E95C…)

No. 1681698

Wish she wouldn't glorify anorexia but BMI 13 makes sense given her appearance. She looks more skeletal than ever. Still not sure why she claimed to be 58 lbs for so long though. Maybe her scale was just broken?

It's been said countless times but her condition is so sad and grim. I was hoping that Florida (didn't she go to Florida?) would have better medical treatment than this. Guess not.

No. 1681778

she said she's gained 20lbs in fluid retention in her legs so i think she's just counting that as weight gain thus higher bmi than before. fat wise it does seem she's lost. i think she's done so much damage to her stomach it doesn't even process the nutrients in the food she's eating and it's just purging via feces.

No. 1681833

Ah, makes sense. What's crazy is that I remember looking at her recentish pre-hospital photos thinking that there was no way she was 58 lbs (which I still stand by; with her heart issues she'd never be alive at that weight, hardly anyone would). But now after being hospitalized for a month she somehow left looking closer to it than ever before. Just so grim.

If she lived in the mainland US she'd be in a state hospital right now. As awful as those places are, long-term confinement is possibly the only way to save (or at least prolong) her life. I'm surprised that there isn't anything like that in Puerto Rico but I also don't know much about it.

No. 1681858

Shooping, mental illness and emaciation.

No. 1681934

File: 1666497115257.jpg (212.74 KB, 600x780, 20221022_233133.jpg)

Ngl it's hilarious how half of Brazilian edtwt is flooding the qrt's calling her ugly, gross, and scary like her entire Twitter page isn't full of buttfuck ugly fantasy dolls. Picrel is exactly the energy Lucinda gives. Pointing out she's an ugly corpse is like watching a horror movie and complaining it was scary.

Truly a cope. People like Ash and Lucinda are reminders that ed's destroy your looks and youth and rot your brain. Ludinda's shameless joy probably kills their motivation. When rexies get that underweight it's comforting to watch them suffer so they can feel superior for staying desirable. Lucinda loving every minute of anorexia destroying her looks terrifies these Lily Rose Depp wannabes.

No. 1681940

She would not be in a state hospital lmao. It’s nearly impossible to hold anorexics against their will as it’s not considered an imminent threat to self or others.

No. 1681949

ayrt yes she would, what are you talking about? She has untreated schizophrenia and is killing herself via starvation. If anorexia was her only problem, sure, you'd be right, but it's not. Her condition rn is worse than the average patient in a mental hospital.

No. 1681967

You are wrong. Anorexia can be lethal, sure, but it doesn’t mean anorexics are all round up and force fed. I don’t believe she’s actually schizophrenic at all but even if she were you’re still wrong. Being schizophrenic does not enable the government to strip you of your rights and effectively imprison you. The criteria to force someone into a mental hospital in the United States is strict and varies by state.

I’m totally convinced this thread is full of fat teenage Twitter wannarexics. Non-stop retardation and ignorance of how anything works in real life.

No. 1682052

You’re right in that it varies by state but it isn’t that strict, nonna. The state put me in involuntary for over six months and I wasn’t nearly as fucked as Debbie here. She’s a walking nightmare even without all the shoop.

No. 1682102

lol major W for the unicorn for not giving a shit. ironic how not even the ~hate sites~ torment her as hard as her own community.

caroline reed from in her skin energy.

No. 1682145

>> "not considered an imminent threat to self"

You must be new here.

No. 1683059

File: 1666598418008.jpg (Spoiler Image,373.56 KB, 1080x2039, Screenshot_20221024-034702__01…)

She started liking self-harm content again. I feel so bad for her parents. So much time and money wasted on someone like this.

No. 1683507

Maybe they can use her room for something useful once she's gone for good..?

No. 1683727

i hate this. the number one reason i got out of my self harm/anachan/mental illness hell was to stop being a burden to my parents, and i never went through a health scare as bad as hers. she is so entitled and clearly gives no fucks about her parents' feelings. honestly evil.

No. 1683766

health scares don't cure untreated psychosis. there's a reason most homeless men are schizos. their familes literally can't handle their behavior and stop chasing after them. lucinda benefits from looking cutesy and frail enough her 70 yr old parents perpetually baby her and put up with all her bullshit.

good news is they'll die soon in peace and the unicorn will likely sell her cooch as a homeless woman and take up meth. unless her brother takes over in which case god help him.

No. 1683781

it's really a shame they haven't just injected her with long-acting antipsychotics

No. 1683880

i told her about moogle's kiwifarms clout chasing at the expense of her literally dying in a hospital and she did not sound pleased lmao

No. 1683983

File: 1666676395206.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.32 KB, 577x721, 731664AC-F8BF-4118-BA1C-4CE61B…)

Clear view of the scar. Somehow her frame is smaller than before.

No. 1684082

Jfc back on her bullshit for that sweet dopamine hit.

No. 1684096

what antipsychotics r u talking about? if there was one real cure, there would be no schizos.

shooped and filtered. her only known skill btw

No. 1684137

Sorry for being a minimod autist but cowtipping is against the rules nonna, don't do that.

No. 1684158

Is it just me or does this picture seemed photoshopped

No. 1684163

definitely shooped and nothing on this pic looks like a surgery scar to me

No. 1684177

Moogle has always been a complete fucking creep to me after she made a whole account just to ride off the attention of Lucinda's illness. I wouldn't want anyone like that as my "friend". If that's the shit she does in public imagine privately? Like. I hope this means she drops her ass soon.

No. 1684187

she looks the same weight wise to me. only difference is now she doesn't use the kawaii brighten/soften whitewashing effect she used to and wants to look full cadaver.

No. 1684199

You're not the only one. As soon as I saw the pic it looks suspiciously altered. I think she used the burn tool to shoop in some ribs, darken her old scars and other bone shadows.

No. 1684209

Pretty much everyone on edtwt is a creep.
Posting creepy shit cuz they are nuts.

No. 1684230

File: 1666707850928.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.4 KB, 652x448, lunaci.jpg)

She's iNsPiRiNg her audience again…

No. 1684235


I’ve had major surgery on my abdomen. Unless she did some intense photoshopping…that’s not what surgical scars look like this early. Even a year later.

No. 1684257

Question for medfags: can intense surgery really be done on someone so underweight? The body has to be strong to survive such things, let alone recover. I can't imagine doctors would risk heart surgery on a full skelly

No. 1684260

Exactly! Also especially with someone this skinny, you would be able to see the pacemaker she allegedly got under her skin

No. 1684261

Maybe it's just a hand crank.

No. 1684271

Not necessarily. You get ICD's after cardiac arrest not a pacemaker and they're like 2x as big so they usually go on the side or under the muscle unless you're fat enough it's got protection.

No. 1684298

i mean shes clearly always applying makeup to enhance the sunken eyes shes got. whats putting it past her to start attempting the same via scars? it just seems like logical pattern at this point.

No. 1684373

this is gross spoiler pls

No. 1684377

injecting her with pretty much any long-acting antipsychotic has to be better than her refusing to take her meds/puking them up. i don't think she's ever adhered to a medication regimen for any significant period of time. i happen to have a schizophrenia spectrum disorder myself and while i'm opposed to using injectable antipsychs in like 99% of cases i think it's justified with her.

No. 1684426

no one gives a shit about you being a schizo, so stop blogposting

No. 1684477

Some of y'all need to learn what blog posting actually is. The other anon gave relevant information and kept the parts about themselves short and sweet.

No. 1684505

Med sperging like that doesn't make you a doctor. They have sent her to Florida for a reason.

No. 1684513

how the fuck is that anon medsperging? they're just speaking the truth. lucinda needs forced treatment or she's gonna die

No. 1684572

You edtwitards needs to integrate or gtfo. Anon is right, blogposting is against the rules in cow boatds. There's /ot if you wanna write about your munchausen antics so much.

No. 1684577

Ok, so report it and move on instead of shitting up the thread with ayrt.

No. 1684657

File: 1666729889792.jpg (61.78 KB, 553x680, unicornreal.jpg)

she posted this pic of herself without makeup its so sad shes actually so beautiful until you see her body

No. 1684907

this photo is still altered, anon. she never wears makeup, it's all the burn tool.

No. 1684972

At this point they should te her that it helps her stay skinny and she eill adhere lol

No. 1685136

She's not ugly by any means, beside the retarded cosplay, but that pic is shoop to hell and back, nonna.

It's as true as her schizophrenia and brother kek
I wish edtwt refugees would stop taking everything she says at face value, especially when they're writing the OP or tries to force some narratives down our throats. Imagine if we did the same thing with Jillian and her DID larp ?
>Oh nonna! She's very mentally ill, she said so on Twitter ! She's cute and popular, your jealousy is showing !

No. 1685184

Nobody thinks you’re jealous but you’re obviously fucked up if you look at someone like this and decide that they’re just making up schizophrenia like the amount of hubris you possess is sickening

No. 1685193

>tries to force some narratives down our throats

several people hold an opinion while having a discussion in these threads. condescending essays ending in 'kek' that we're gullible retards because you continue to disagree is fucking annoying. none of us know anything. if you can't handle gossip go rant on your twitter.

No. 1685216

Calm down. I wasn't agressive or anything, just stated a point :
In every other cow threads, farmers have to post proof to back up their claims. Same with blogging, samefagging and jumping at anyone's throat to defend your precious unicorn.
There's rules, why you should get a pass ?
Sure, you can speculate but it's just that : speculations and tinfoil theories. Not some truth you have to write in the OP as such.

Also, the fact that her brother doesn't exist and that she lies about him helping with pretty much everything (naked selfie, costumes, photoshop, patreon…) was verified months ago when nonna posted caps of legal documents. There's also proof of Debbie and Moogle posting here and adressing directly anon's questions. I know it's bothering you but we're allowed to discuss her highly probable munchie status.
Ignore the posts you dislike, it's not that hard.

No. 1685255

Someone posted that she had an older sister the brother is just a troon since Lucinda is a fakeboi herself? Others have brought up similar alternative theories to the shit you claim as proof has been debunked. We get it you don't like her.

No. 1685259

Proof of her sister being a troon ?

No. 1685331

if you lack the proof, don't make assumptions

No. 1685534

It looks like she's taken makeup and just drawn a line across her chest.

No. 1685558

Go back to twitter.

No. 1685565

So the pacemaker was really just her bullshitting lmao. Also what >>1684235 said.

No. 1685617

There’s no proof, it seems to be the consensus after >>1640252 and >>1640254 which “confirms” Débora has a sister.

No. 1685906

if she edited like this instead of the dead rotting unicorn thing and typed normally she could be edtwt famous in a way this isnt fully "lmao look at this schizo retard who thinks shes a unicorn and types like shes seizing" imagine alternate reality luncinda

No. 1686027

defibrilators go under the muscle these days for cosmetic purposes especially on young folks. the pictures of giant boxes glaring through the skin you see in google images are procedures from like the 90s on the elderly who don't care about looks.

No. 1686272

File: 1666897847467.png (36.9 KB, 434x96, image_2022-10-27_201055461.png)

The big scar here is correctly placed to be a pacemaker scar, idk if she had it before she allegedly got the surgery and I can't be bothered to look.

Picrel, her vs a pacemaker surgery scar from google

No. 1686364

File: 1666906996959.jpg (52.05 KB, 500x500, heart-surgery-incision-healing…)

No. 1686407

that looks healed enough in 1 month and lucinda's heart surgery was 2 months ago so i guess her scar is just not as grim as people expected. she's acting like it didn't even happen all things considered so it's not like she orchestrated some great pr stunt to answer q&a's about her frail skelly condition.

No. 1686446

It won't necessarily look as gnarly as her self harm scars despite being so deep, because they often internally stitch surgical scars as well as gluing them at skin level.

No. 1687543

File: 1667006638438.jpg (57.41 KB, 459x631, FgKO7VLVIAAwWl1.jpeg.jpg)

the new wig(?) suits her so much better than the tacky white one. she really is quite pretty

No. 1687553

How can you say she's pretty when she shoops her pics to look like… that

No. 1687575

I’m not gonna lie she is really cute (even when she was fat) she just has a pretty conventionally attractive face. It sucks that she ruins it with fugly makeup and photoshop ( + bulimia cheeks )

No. 1687637

File: 1667018125335.jpg (409.42 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20221029-003339.jpg)

she's giving off moors creature vibes so i just see it as her retard version of fantasy makeup. it's a welcome change from the e-girl falshies and rounded lip combo.

No. 1687654

So is she going to gain weight for the ballerina thing?

No. 1687713

File: 1667026976263.jpg (267.29 KB, 553x680, Picsart_22-10-29_03-01-59-314.…)

If EDtwt hadn't gotten to her
A picrel story

No. 1687720

why did this jumpscare me more than the actual pic

No. 1687743

Bc u prolly were shocked to see her having any meat on that face lol

No. 1687762

oh yeah, let's discuss the hairstyle of a terminally ill person, that sounds resonable

No. 1687763

"They found Amanda floating at the bottom of her pool, two weeks after she went missing."

No. 1687764

So what are we allowed to talk about then?

No. 1687772

She wears a wig, so what.
And her so-called pretty face is photoshopped up to the hilt.

No. 1687784

File: 1667041926708.gif (991.46 KB, 352x224, monkey-mad.gif)

This thread

No. 1687795

Imo it's because the white wig is for cosplay and doesn't seem to be one of the particularly good cosplay wigs. This wig looks like it's meant to be natural so it doesn't look so "odd". I does look better but I'm saying that not that as a wk, I mean to say she looks more adjusted and self aware

No. 1687861

does anyone follow moogle on her private? i'm curious about how her and luci's relationship has been since anon cowtipped on moogle's creep behavior while she was gone.

No. 1688206

I do, but you need to leave her out of this. This thread is about Lucinda, not her.

No. 1688334

I don't believe she would actually go to a ballet class. She might order a tutu online and take Black Swan style pics.

No. 1688769

guess she'll look stunning with all her go-faster stripes

No. 1689821

File: 1667214171133.jpg (40.84 KB, 652x447, LUCINDA edtwt & shtwt on Twitt…)

Before it gets better, it's getting worse.

No. 1690722

>you're my inspiration
but Lucinda is tooootally harmless she isn't glorifying anything she's showing everyone the downsides of eds!!

No. 1690978

so sWeEt aNd iNnOcEnT!

No. 1691024

Not trying to WK because she could absolutely do more to try and deter people from being "inspired" (or she could just not post at all but yknow) but she isn't exactly responsible for how some retards take her clearly deranged tweets

No. 1691025

she's online glorifying the illness. literally. she could just not.

No. 1691035

Not saying she isn't. What she does is gross but the internet isn't some safespace, people are gonna post idiotic fucked up things. If someone sees that and decides to be inspired it's on them. I do agree she could just not but that's clearly not happening any time soon (not trying to fight with you btw anon just stating my feelings about it)

No. 1691036

I wonder if she'll croak before Eugenia..

No. 1691114

If she carries on with all this bullshitery I have a feeling she won't last past the new year if everything that has been said to have gone on is true. And if she does survive this year by some miracle she definitely won't live to the end of 2023 which feels grim to type

No. 1691205

>she could just not.

and then anorexia would be cured? felice fawn and shmegeh are both gone and teenage girls are still dying to be spoops because kpop has normalized looking like slenderman. not like she can influence anyone to be as deranged as she is to actually vomit on command.

No. 1691247

it's so nasty seeing her larp as a schizo, i have multiple firsthand experience with people actually diagnosed schizophrenic.

someone pointed out in the thread that schizophrenia is a spectrum and it is, but this girl is hilariously missing the mark. her brains 100% fried from her ED and she just acts autistic and straight up retarded. the pretending to type badly thing is just sad and pathetic. ive been lurking for a few months and she's 100% a munchie (faking mental illnesses anyways), no doubt in my mind

No. 1691255

i get what you mean but she technically has a professional diagnosis that was made months before she ever had an internet presence. imo she has some sort of brain damage with psychotic delusions as opposed to actual schizo.

No. 1691275

real or not (i've seen people arguing the legitimacy of the diagnosis, i have no idea about that), misdiagnosis happen all the time, especially if she was intentionally trying to get diagnosed schizo before she made her twitter.

i don't know how mental health care is where she lives, but getting professionally diagnosed usually involves a doctor who may hire people to do tests over several days that could be total of 3-12 hours. it's probably tinfoil, but munchies are known to just go in and out of doctors to get what they want and then parade around that they got their diagnosis. if she is a munchie, i can see her intentionally faking schizophrenia during testing, and that's even if the document is real. they also do IQ tests to rule out other stuff when doing neuropsych exams and she could have just straight up been larping as retarded right then and there.

but even if she was just being her normal self, misdiagnosis are extremely common in mental health care so a piece of paper isn't really solid proof of schizophrenia to me

it's not like she became a munchie along with her internet presence, im sure it's been present a long time.

No. 1691277

sorry for the double post, i meant to say i agree with the latter half, i think she's just brain damaged and delusional and not a schizo

No. 1691294

Could you explain why you think she doesn't have schizophrenia? I'm unfortunately well aware of how the condition manifests and I've long suspected the same thing. What's confusing about Lucinda, though, is that she's actually more impaired than a lot of schizophrenics are, even unmedicated ones, which is why everyone takes the diagnosis at face value -like, 'If she's THIS crazy, she MUST be schizophrenic.' But I think something else is going on.

No. 1691321

some kind of degenerative brain condition that's just being waved off as schizophrenia because she self harms and is anorexic is like. a million times more likely than typical schizophrenia. not even lucinda says she's schizophrenic. she never talks about it or even jokes about edgy psycho delusions so a larp is pointless. everything she believes is 100% real to her or some kind of magic/new earth shit.

would be so fucking wild if a massive misdiagnosis is why she's never gotten better. or drugs. didn't she say she drank household chemicals and shit? could that not have caused brain damage?

No. 1691372

Damn I'd never considered a misdiagnosis being the reason for the lack of improvement but that makes a lot of sense. She definitely experiences psychosis but yeah it's never manifested like schizophrenia. Though her true IQ definitely isn't as low as she scored on the WAIS, brain damage would explain the stark divergence in scores (iirc, her verbal IQ was in the normal range, which makes sense since she writes very well - and in two languages - when she's not crytyping). Schizos do score lower than average on IQ tests but their scores tend to be more uniform.

She also said she banged her head a lot as a child… so there's that.

No. 1691396

sa Not to medfag too much but a big reason why I never thought she had schizophrenia was her lack of negative symptoms - getting a job, dancing around, purging nonstop, maintaining a twitter/instagram/patreon page, etc. - not to mention her hyper presentation. Apparently psychosis secondary to brain damage is a lot less likely to cause negative symptoms compared to a primary psychotic disorder. Won't improve her outcome, sadly, but it explains a lot. Actually she's almost better off with schizophrenia because schizos tend to be too unmotivated to self-harm to the extent she does.

No. 1691568

>> she definitely won't live to the end of 2023 which feels grim to type

It feels even more grim to watch her wasting away like that. I do not see a happy end with that cow either, but won't state a real date until she croaks.

No. 1691591

File: 1667389481080.jpg (99.3 KB, 970x430, madhorn.jpg)


- still purging
- evil doctors
- had 53lbs
- wants to be a ballet dancer

No. 1691717

So basically she's supposedly free of diseases and wants to join a ballet company. All is well, I see.

No. 1691727

back to purging and completely in denial that either her mental or medical conditions exist. phew.

No. 1692092

She could join a Freak Show as a ballet dancing unicorn but that’s about as close to a ballet company as she’s gonna get. I’d be interested in her posting an “audition” on her YouTube for the keks tho.

No. 1692426

File: 1667470942797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,101.51 KB, 569x743, B18E148C-C941-4C24-BF6F-85FFD0…)

New bodycheck

No. 1692427

File: 1667470975981.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.09 KB, 644x644, 9A9CB47E-B392-4CB2-B9AA-7C45EC…)

No. 1692680

Maybe Satan has a barcode reader.

No. 1692980

Has anybody noticed that now Google doesn't suggest "lolcow lucinda" anymore?

I always enter here via Google, but the "Lucinda" suggestion stopped a few weeks ago even though it suggests and it works for other words. Idk why did this happened.

No. 1693157

interesting, duckduckgo still comes up with it as the first suggestion it when i search for it.

No. 1693476

Her teeth look remarkably good for someone that pukes her life away but I guess she just remembers to shoop them.

No. 1693566

My guess is the stomach flushing she does with water after vomiting doubles as rinsing her teeth.

No. 1693599

1-1 and 2-1 look kinda artificial. Different color. I wouldn't want to see her molars.

No. 1693637

There's not much bile to throw up if you do it immediately after eating

No. 1694392

It's not about bile, it's the stomach acid. There's always some of it inside.

No. 1694398

Aren't those the same thing?

No. 1694565

Nope. Bile comes from the liver and goes to the intestines. Gastric acid is present in the skin folds of the stomach all the times. A pH of around 2 makes it a strong acid that attacks the enamel.


No. 1694723

File: 1667675652097.jpg (113.34 KB, 720x864, IMG_20221105_150652.jpg)


No. 1694746

File: 1667677426550.jpg (12.91 KB, 549x72, 1626789354005.jpg)

Her tooth decay is old news.
From July 2021.

No. 1694817

I actually like her clothes (not the unicorn nonsense ofc). It's so sad.

No. 1694845

why would you dress like that in your mid-20s.
she's a sped, dressing like a sped.

No. 1694847

it's just a hoodie and a shirt…? what is possibly wrong with that lmao

No. 1694850

little hearts as buttons. get a grip.

No. 1694856

i don't think having minor childish details in clothes like that is a sped thing, it looks cute. you don't have to completely lose all sense of whimsy when you hit 25. it's when you're entirely decked out in weird pedo-pandering lolita shit and that it goes into sped territory

No. 1694976

That forced recovery relapse really came at her with a vengeance. It's sad how she tweeted that she just had the happiest day in months when she looks so gravely ill. Even just comparing her face here with the thread pic you can see how much weight she's lost.

Sigh.(sage your shit)

No. 1695036

this is totally off topic but it pisses me off so much when people assume women who wear cute things in a relatively tasteful way are ALWAYS doing so to sexualize children. it's so transparently misogynistic, to ascribe sexuality to everything women do no matter what, and it blows my mind that nobody understands what i mean.

No. 1695151

I agree with you 100%. We dont dress for the male gaze. Would Lolita dresses be considered "sped" clothes or fine to wear?

No. 1695153

I would also like to add the following, "Associating revealing clothing with sex is a symptom of hetero misogynistic patriarchal society. Bodies are just bodies, decorate it however you want."

No. 1695334

there are plenty of women that misuse lolita styles for weird ddlg shit though and that's what i meant, not actually well-done, tasteful lolita

No. 1695816

File: 1667815636891.jpg (78.59 KB, 970x423, day.jpg)

her having a realalu happy day

No. 1695820

>> tasteful lolita
just fuck off

No. 1695847

Claims to be under constant supervision by her caretaker family and under strict doctor's orders, yet she's able to work out all day and then vomit their food at night? Something ain't right here. Either she's lying or her parents are pretty careless and coddling her to death.

No. 1695874

If she goes on like that she's gonna need a really fast ambulance driver, or no ambulance driver at all.
Either way, she's fucked.

No. 1695881

How about you fuck off?

No. 1695911

if you read her recent tweets you can tell her family has just given up on her. she "celebrated" 3 days of b/p'ing so i'm guessing it's that recent. like she was in a program and she put up too much of a fight.

No. 1696009

I hope I would never "give up" on my children, whatever they are struggling with.

How can they do that? Does she threaten her parents with more self harm? Or even worse? I just don't understand.

No. 1696030

File: 1667846079058.jpg (40.32 KB, 652x347, burn.jpg)

That sounds rather

No. 1696036

You cannot really force her to eat. She's Ana and schizo. Her parents can only do so much. Girl needs thorough therapy but doesn't get it.
She'll be going down.

No. 1696039

Severe anorexia recovery is very expensive and tiresome. I don't personally believe that the unicorn has nearly as much free time as she says, and I do believe that she's under some consistent supervision, but I'm sure her parents are exhausted. It can cost upwards of thousands of dollars per day of treatment in the US to keep a bed in a reputable inpatient or residential program. If her parents have only just seen her leave palliative care that likely drove them into debt, only to continue trying to purge, I wouldn't blame them for being exhausted. Lots of severe ED patients with rich families end up back in the same facilities multiple times over before ever beginning to see recovery. Lucinda's family might be comfortably middle class, but unless they're sitting on some millies, I can't imagine providing for her treatment is financially/emotionally easy.
sorry for the sperg, Lucinda is a true horror cow and recalls some of my former roommates

No. 1696159

Also her parents are over 70 years old. She's obviously coddled but money doesn't grow on trees and there's no cure for her. Anorexia is hard enough to beat without actual psychosis plaguing one's perception of reality. She always sounds immensely paranoid and said the stress of her entire hospital stay has made her mute. So much is wrong with her but unfortunately I don't think her body would live to see her cured of mental illness alone.

No. 1696465

My sibling is borderline autistic and has only ever secured a job twice in their life, doesnt know how to drive, never leaves the house and is in their early 30's still living with my disabled and elderly parents with no contribution to the household, not even chores, frequently disrespecting them and draining their bank. I think in theory it's easy to assume you would never give up on your child but after about 10 years straight of bullshit you kind of do just give up as I've witnessed.
I hope Lucinda's family doesn't grieve too long over her loss when she's unfortunately inevitably gone, it would break my parents heart to see my sibling go regardless of how much they spit in our parents face.(sage your blog next time)

No. 1697689

she's not autistic…

No. 1698027

File: 1668201733690.jpg (56.19 KB, 582x499, i-wish-all-x-a-very-y-meme-tem…)

Looks like Lucinda's milk has run dry and is nothing but generic proana thinspo, deathspo and thirsting for @sk1nnybunx0. Long gone are the days of wacky unicornhood and enter the sad path of body-deconstructing herself to death. I truly wish she would find a better path, but it's all fruitless when not even heart failure can scare her straight. Wish her all the best, truly.

No. 1698359

let's not forget about all the hello-kitty-shit and general toddlercore madness.
she snapped back into her fluffy lifestyle of b/p and blissful ignorance. if her parents were practical thinkers then they'd be looking for a casket by now.

No. 1698941

Harsh but true

No. 1698983

File: 1668353393586.png (30.29 KB, 970x199, cc.png)

unicorn transformation is going well

No. 1699222

File: 1668374809863.jpg (455.59 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20221113-172203.jpg)

she continues to be the edtwt it girl tbh. no one will ever top her level of whatever the fuck her appeal is.


No. 1699226


No. 1699229

The amount of times tweets talking about her pop up on my TL ever since she returned is genuinely amusing. I guess these are just new accounts who find Lucinda's fuckery a novelty concept because she's waaaay less active than she was pre disappearance.

No. 1699265

It looks like she glued her face on her skellicorn body in the bmi 13. “Metamroephosis SLAY” made me laugh tho.

No. 1699358

They are both scary, kek.

Some people is calling her "he" in the comments. Is Lucinda Mtf?
I "understand" the they thing but now I don't get the "he" part.

No. 1699366

iirc lucinda mentioned being nb? I don't remember her using "he" at all, and she's def not mtf kek

No. 1699429

Nah she claimed to be FTM or some form of genderspecial (can’t remember, it was awhile back)

No. 1699456

I think she said she was a tranny because she had a unicorn brain and was trapped in a human body lol

No. 1699472

The recent spate of South American (predominantly Brazilian) bone rattlers dragging her on twitter was wild, people were straight up calling her hideous. I dunno if that gets a pass when it’s not in English but I feel like if it was they’d all be banned for boolying or hate speech or whatever
People have been addressing her as “he” for ages and her “fans” screech at anyone who “misgenders” her, the whole spectacle of her existence on the internet is a flaming dumpster fire (to state the obvious)

No. 1699670

once you get to queen spoop levels of anorexia you get bombarded with the wannarexics' wrath it seems. they worship the bmi 19 girls who struggle with losing weight but the bonelords of edtwt whose weight loss comes effortlessly get tormented.

No. 1699876

>is lucinda mtf
No but her first appearance on lolcow was being mistakenly posted to the mtf threads. She would occasionally post about being a bloke but her body was already so twisted by that point people couldn't tell what she was

No. 1700977

File: 1668571788296.png (921 B, 127x34, (@oswaldslunch)__2022-11-15_23…)

It's literally on her account that she also goes by he pronouns.

No. 1701104

who gives a shit about misgendering a cow that wants to transform into a UNICORN???

No. 1701504

sage for blog butI watched Killer Sally on Netflix and it shows how incredibly disordered the lives of bodybuilders are and how it affects their offspring. Lucinda never had a fucking chance.

No. 1701556

care to elaborate nonna? ed sufferers almost always grow up in dysfunctional families. i've always wondered the impact her dad's had on her ed even though she said she grew up fat. i could see her dad enabling her because he relates but idk enough about how bodybuilder logic would be in the presence of a skelly. there's similarities in the psychology behind it for sure.

No. 1702095

File: 1668700126708.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1216x1020, 1668652115459.png)

For how long will she last..?

No. 1702099

File: 1668700297299.png (625 KB, 1234x862, 1668652530701.png)

Deathspo sperging.

No. 1702129

If she goes on like that she'll be pushing up the daisies in some months, I'd say. Doesn't seem as if her parents can stop her any longer. There's b/p, exercise purging and a recent heart condition, so there it goes.

No. 1702136

> leegs srill big fluid from after howpital of edema aand refeed and aurgery
almost Joycean

No. 1702228

I still remember the seething failed ED posters who used to come here to sperg "She's not even THAT thin omg", these threads have always been wild

No. 1702238

>seething failed ed posters make low IQ posts
Don't be too hard on them nonna, their brains are deprived of nutrients.

No. 1702732

now that twitter is dying, i wonder where all the edtwt/shtwt are gonna go

No. 1702733

Why'd they leave now that there's "free speech" or whatever going on there?

No. 1703520

File: 1668856228201.jpg (61.68 KB, 639x361, omfg.jpg)

still alive, but how

No. 1703523

well from the sound of it , next dr visit will be the last.

No. 1703562

wont survive the trip to the ER

No. 1703577

She'll be totes on the verge of death a year from now and you marks will be none the wiser.

No. 1703579

If she goes on like that, it won't be a year.

No. 1703583


right lmao. eugenia, ash, and lucinda are truly feats of human survival. i wish science would study these ghouls.

No. 1703584

can't really compare those three, except for the weight of course

No. 1703597

File: 1668868260795.jpg (604.43 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20221119-101737.jpg)

The whole thread was pretty grim. But everything about her has always been bittersweet. It doesn't sound like she's medicated or complying with treatment of any kind.

No. 1703599

File: 1668868292617.jpg (362.97 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20221119-101800.jpg)

No. 1703600

File: 1668868410914.jpg (487.65 KB, 1080x1188, Screenshot_20221119-101813.jpg)

No. 1703601

It's already been there >>1703520

No. 1703602

File: 1668868518650.jpg (375 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20221119-101826.jpg)

No. 1703606

File: 1668868652380.jpg (595.58 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20221119-101840.jpg)

No. 1703612

File: 1668869059729.jpg (289.3 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20221119-102324.jpg)

On the bright side she continues to have galaxy brain takes.

No. 1703614

This is a funny post. I hate that she’s killing herself, but at least she’s honest about it and has some humor as opposed to all the pro-ana cows with fake “recovery” accounts who demand headpats & sympathy while they waste away.

No. 1703624

File: 1668870774063.jpg (214.31 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20221119-102431.jpg)

I think it's the deceptiveness of people like Eugenia and the faux recovery spoops that ends up doing damage. As delusional as Lucinda is she does seem to acknowledge she's dying soon which ultimately scares off the wannarexics who see anorexia as a fad diet to be uwu dainty.

No. 1703625

I fucking love her and her wild sense of humor! She will be missed, fuck. I still wish that she could find a way of living as a unicorn instead of dying as one.

No. 1703626

File: 1668870827124.jpg (357.27 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20221119-102453.jpg)

No. 1703627

It's not a 'wild sense of humor' if you just copy edgy pics on edtwt…

No. 1703659

nah lucinda is definitely more of a shitposter than an edgelord

No. 1703687

what ever happened with her and moogle?

No. 1703740

the thing that always happens when two attention whores meet on one spot…

No. 1703773

thinnest lucinda hater

No. 1703779

Since you reacted like this to a Eugenia post in the pro-ana thread, I’m guessing you’re just posting this in all the threads or just ones with Ed chicks?

No. 1704530

It's hard to tell with her posts always being written poorly, but it looks to me like her language skills are deteriorating? In the past, I could mostly understand her posts but I'm struggling to read any of her latest ones

No. 1704613

Maybe? I mean she’s claiming she’s mute now so maybe there is something going in the speech part of her brain. It’s hard to know what’s legit mental illness and what’s lies with her.

No. 1704804

for sure. if the schizo(or tinfoil misdiagnosed brain disease) was butchering her writing at a higher weight it's no wonder she makes no sense at all in her current state. it's one thing to mispell but the shit she's writing is paranoic word salad.

No. 1704815

OMFG she won't survive that for long. That one became a true horrorcow.

No. 1706494

File: 1669102503970.jpeg (541.14 KB, 828x1297, 0B3227E2-FA8A-4DEA-9023-6ED25C…)


No. 1706495

I don’t think she was obese, just a little chubby but it’s so sad seeing her like that vs now. She could of been beautiful.

No. 1706513

That picture was when she was like 16 are quite certainly obese that’s like 10-13max, you can’t even tell because of the fat. Imagine no discipline for a few more years after that, there’s pics. Then voila loose skin unicorn queen once actual restriction becomes something and fatty realizes what is actually feasibly achievable. Obese is the perfect description for that weight at her age/height she’s not morbid or a death fat so not most won’t find it shocking in the slightest except for a damn that’s a shitty fam/“genetics” brief pity thought

No. 1706542

maybe stop rattling for five seconds and actually go eat something before your brain shrivels even further into nothing. your post is literally incoherent

No. 1706823

ntayrt, but you're sounding a little triggered and projecting there. lucinda was objectively obese before she started restricting, you don't have to "look obese," as in, a walking tub of lard, in order to be CLINICALLY obese. that doesn't mean she isn't a skelly now and objectively on death's door and anyone who calls her previously obese ass for what it is, is a bone rattler. you're just trying to feel better because you're similar to her size when she was obese, or bigger. maybe google what clinical obesity actually looks like, fat girl

or just look in a mirror tbh

No. 1706868

Kill yourself skeletard.

No. 1706871

go eat another mcdouble, ham hands

No. 1706883

go back to twitter you fucking retard

No. 1706893

looking pretty wide over there, ms. piggy

No. 1706908

NTA but stop shitting up the thread with this cringy shit

No. 1706928

>a-anyone who disagrees with me is a fatty!!!! okay fatty!!!!! fat girl!!!! s-stfu fatty!!!!!!!!!
big words from the brain-damaged retard on her way to being bald at 20, unable to walk at 25, and dead at 30 thanks to being too retarded to eat food. cope harder and go eat a burger, you ghoulish bone-rattling dipshit

No. 1706933

if they're so bothered by the mere mention of lucinda being previously obese (which she was btw) they deserve to be called out for their fatness. the only people who would get that triggered by the dreaded O-word are ham planets and skellies, but since they're slinging around the skelly term, i think it's safe to assume they're just a landwhale who took someone's genuine analysis as an attack

oink oink, wide girls, i'll enjoy being average-bodied while you seethe over being actual giants

No. 1706939

Attention retards: this isn't milk, we already knew she was heavy in her teens

No. 1706940

it's apparently news to some anons
>how does one disagree with clinical obesity?

No. 1706994

Forget her weight as avteenager, who cares about that?

She has a big mental health problem now, and I don't believe that has anything to do with being overweight or not in her teens.

Imo, something must have happened to her to being in this state of mind. That's really sad. I hope she can recover one day, even though it seems kinda impossible now.

No. 1707211

Just fucking kill yourself already

No. 1707355

File: 1669207516394.jpg (54.02 KB, 652x301, vomitburger.jpg)

the little joys in life

No. 1707361

File: 1669208237289.jpg (41.61 KB, 970x221, suicidal.jpg)

she thinks it's funny

No. 1707567

Why is the name of the image you posted "vomitburger", if there is no mention in the tweet to burgers?

No. 1707576

are you fucking retarded, nonnie

No. 1707945

But still you don't answer.

Why did you name the twit caption as "vomitburger"? Usually, the names of the screenshots are like that "screenshot" or the date…

It looks weird the name chosen to save that tweet.

I might be retard, but you are not answering.

No. 1708389

Her parents work hard to bring food home and she shamelessly vomits it all into the toilet while being a retarded neet. Hope she fucking dies fr. with a ruptured stomach covered in piss, shit and vomit. Not the way unicorns are supposed to die.(a-logging)

No. 1708417

That's not a-logging, it's the fucking truth, modtards.(ban evasion)

No. 1708542

>Hope she fucking dies fr

You don't know what a-logging means, right ?

Read the rules before posting and attacking farmhands, edtwitard :
5. Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging)

No. 1708556

That neurotic schizo bag-o-bones will drop soon enough. Let's watch and enjoy.

No. 1708569

It's because you're giving an edgy, cringeworthy monologue and you sound extremely retarded. You should try killing yourself instead.(calling out a-logging by a-logging)

No. 1709254

the obese neckbeard energy you exude….

No. 1709607


I'm trying to memorise this phrase, I definitely want to use it someday.

No. 1709980

File: 1669422556315.jpeg (307.13 KB, 1125x634, AB3DBEB4-A52A-49AD-80F4-E5EFBF…)

Happy belated thanksgiving

No. 1709997

File: 1669423286800.jpeg (930.43 KB, 1125x1479, BDA234D3-9BDF-4307-A780-4CD2A8…)

No. 1711466

File: 1669556057715.jpg (45.44 KB, 652x317, deathwish.jpg)

life goals / death goals

No. 1711639

I don't get it, she's obviously already a skelly but the right image's arms are ridiculously shooped.

No. 1711758

don't think so

No. 1711958

File: 1669589175661.jpg (60.77 KB, 482x427, m87udrkzeqq51.jpg)

Absolutely heartbreaking. This is someone's baby. I can't imagine how her mother must feel to know that her daughter is puking herself to death every night. Their enabling is just making things worse.

No. 1712198

What more can they do? Either she B/Ps at home with her family, or she’s on the street. They can’t afford to keep her in treatment stateside any longer and it’s been established that PR doesn’t have good ED treatment.

No. 1712223

look at the top/bottom half of her arms, as well as how oddly straight the line of her upper arm is. she thinned down her upper arms a lot, so her lower arms look super bulky in comparison. it's too disproportionate to be an angle trick.

No. 1712297

it is an angle thing though. straight up top at the angle she's leaning over and forward, and the lower arms are reaching towards the camera thus looking bulky in comparison. on the right train but you're at the wrong conclusion, try it yourself in an angled mirror

No. 1712427

since independence is impossible for someone as deranged as this girl, what exactly can she expect in the future? maybe applying for euthanasia is the saner route. certainly better than damaging your organs so much it ruins your quality of life.

No. 1712520

Come on nonna, Debbie herself admitted she use photoshop.
I mean yeah, she's spoopy but she also shoop a lot (makeup, eyes, scars, different jaw in every pic..), and she was pretty honest about that in the past.

No. 1712618

well let her do this shit on the street then

No. 1712650

By her new post regarding her weight, she was definitely lying about it initially. Now she’s somehow 75 lbs but looks worse than ever

No. 1712657

Exactly that. If she died right now, her parents would be better off. Her mentulz will not be getting better.(a-logging)

No. 1712662

once this burrito nïgger is dead she will be forgotten in an instant(global rule 7)

No. 1712677

Wonderful, the same retarded a-log and racebaiters are back !
1) They're some jealous wannabe ana-chan from edtwt
2) Luci and Moogle trying to revive that dying thread and play victim on Twitter

No. 1712702

she said the weight she gained was mostly fluid in her legs which is coincidentally what she never posts. in her new picture on the scale her feet look fat as fuck. her kidneys/liver must be shot.

No. 1712773

i just find it curious how she apparently gained… around 20 pounds? of fluid?
this means that she lied about ever being 50-something pounds(which was clear from the start) and i honestly think shes lying about it currently as well(which is to be expected).
love when schizos hyperbolize their illnesses. cheers lucinda

No. 1712883

I don't know what I would do. Maybe watch her 24/7 and medicate her till she could only eat and sleep, for weeks.

I know she is an adult but there have to be some ways, some medication, idk. I couldn't stand to see my child like this everyday, it would kill me.

No. 1712945

Like honestly you can’t though, you can’t watch her 24/7 and keeping her drugged up like that is only possible in a hospital setting with IV, she’s too good at puking otherwise, and her organs probably can’t handle all that medication via ingestion at this point.

All they can do is provide what is essentially hospice care, and try to give her as good a life as possible while she’s still here. It’s tragic but she’s just too ill. Also, I will steal a katana from Grimes and personally fight anyone who gets nasty about our Unicorn Queen in this thread.

No. 1713364


Med fag ton foil, saged for autism

It’s probably not her kidneys or liver- it’s probably her heart. When the heart has been damaged it won’t pump fluid in the body and you’ll retain water in your lower extremities like that. Our girl looks like she has congestive heart failure. Bleak.

No. 1713604

Why on Earth is this disgusting spic still alive?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1713670

File: 1669740007023.jpg (29.89 KB, 652x228, 1happybulimic.jpg)

some edtwt fan service

No. 1713779

Tbh, I don't understand how she enjoys bulimia. People I know that they are bulimic hate it, they always say that maybe in the beginning it was a relief, but then it's a nightmare you can't stop.
I don't get how she seems to be happy about it.

No. 1714137

Some people have no real problems and still want to play the biggest victim card. Some people are just retarded.

No. 1714206

the food comes out automatically when she bends over due to irreperable bodily damage which means the actual torture of choking herself until her eyeballs bulge out is nonexistent for her. she can also purge anything since there's no gag reflex to depend on. no failures. girlie's living the bulimic dream where she can satisfy her binge cravings without ever getting fat.

No. 1714281

gaining 20lbs of fluid when your heart, liver, and kidneys are basically dead is absolutely possible. you have to remember she's like 5'6" too so 20lbs isn't really a lot. however judging by how bad she looks now it definitely does seem like she was lying before

No. 1715960

File: 1669922480598.jpg (241.25 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20221201-012754__01…)

Why does her dad do this?

No. 1715967

>>Why does her dad do this?
Exactly, that's what I don't get.
I mean, I know that they are old and all, but what they do with Lucinda does not make sense. It's like they don't care about her at all.

No. 1715971

They could be ridiculously stupid or just expecting her to croak any day now so they just let her do whatever.

No. 1716020

Maybe he needs her room for his own little gym at home.

No. 1716491

Or she may be lying. Who knows ?

No. 1717335

If she dies, it will probably be very fast.

No. 1717438

There's no way that she really burnt 800+ kcals.
That's just her usual lying/exaggerating.

No. 1717447

well it’s defiantly doable. I mean it takes like an hour and half to an hour 45 to burn 1000cals while jogging in place so she could probably pull it off on a treadmill or elliptical tbh. That being said, everything she says is lies or exaggerated so it’s a toss up if she went through with it or even went to a gym. Spoilered to avoid retard ana ramblings being on full display

No. 1717461

what gym staff is gonna sit back and watch this freak give herself a heart attack on their equipment? I know PR doesn't have great mental health resources but come on.

No. 1717496


No. 1717835

Tinfoil hat time they're leaving Lucinda there to get an injury and sue the gym to get the money back on her medical expenses. Joke, but honestly the insane thing about letting Skelly Minelli here use gym equipment is that it's dangerous as shit. She's either so close to fainting that she could pass out and fuck her shit up on a machine or her body will just cripple itself trying to lift something

No. 1717994

1 hour of cardio is 1k calories minimum….

No. 1718137

I find it hard to believe that someone as ill as Luci can walk let alone jog on a treadmill.
Not so long ago she moaned that it hurt too much to move from her chair, and that she peed herself because she’s incontinent.
Since then she’s had heart surgery and a stint in hospital.. working out all day my ass. She’s probably imagining working out while hallucinating about binging and purging.

No. 1718146

nta but this might be true for some able-bodied, physically fit anon.
but she's an emaciated bag-o-bones with heart trouble.

No. 1718220

she's probably just going by whatever the machine she's using says. exercise bikes and treadmills have a default weight set at like 150lbs which would tell her the burned calories are 3x as much as what she's doing.

No. 1719048

File: 1670252640160.jpg (498.89 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20221205_065908.jpg)

She found this little kitten and named him Christmas. Hope he can prove to be slightly therapeutic.
That's probably wishful thinking though.

No. 1719074


No. 1719091

I had a feeling that the thread bumping was just gonna be a notification about her death or something but seeing that she found herself a little animal to hang out with and hopefully keep alive is really good news

No. 1719111

Why? This isnt her first cat and her other orange tabby cat is fine. This is why i dont openly identify as an animal lover. Spergy af whenever a cow is pictured with an animal (giving a pass to cows known to mistreat or neglect pets)
No it wont. As i just said, this isnt her first cat. It wont do shit for her mental state. Just become a photo prop like her other cat.

No. 1719126

what is that fucking whiteknighting all about

No. 1719142

She gonna swallow that cat whole and puke it up like a nightmare Kirby. Just watch.

No. 1719143

WKing where? Being annoyed because of pet sperges and people acting like she gonna skin her cat alive or starve it? Retarded non-milk nitpick bullshit.

No. 1719176

do you even actually browse this thread? 70% of the people here wk her. this is one of the few threads not dedicated to indiscriminately hating every single thing a cow does imo

No. 1719694

People forget she's a legit schizo. She might have one of those bug leg delusions again and hurt the cat thinking it's a spy robot from the government or something.

No. 1719866

Give her some plushies but not a real animal… Hope that mom and dad take care.

No. 1720230

I would trust Lucinda more than her parents into taking care of another living creature, tbh.

No. 1720710

Lucinda is absolutely fucked mentally but she hasn't actually hurt anyone even really expressed hatred/outward violent impulses. I'm surprised nonnies think she would attack the cat

No. 1721022

Me too especially considering there's already a cat in the house and she's posted pictures of it sitting, seemingly content, on her bed hasn't she?

No. 1722860

File: 1670574959186.jpeg (224.21 KB, 1152x2048, FjaZNLdXkAAe7cF.jpeg)

He doesn't, she is lying. At this pointjust treat everything she claims with a grain of salt. Pic related is her last image, compare it to >>1706494

No. 1722988

How do you know if her father let her exercise or not? Are you living with her or something?

No. 1723143

File: 1670609653014.jpg (18 KB, 427x780, 61yOOilXVfL._AC_UY780_.jpg)

are you aware of how onesies are supposed to fit

No. 1723949

File: 1670685228614.jpeg (30.2 KB, 600x356, 1670574959186.jpeg)


No. 1724211

Photoshopping and filtering, like she always does…

No. 1724261

Winnie the Pooh.

No. 1724751

Anon you can't be serious

No. 1725640

Careful nonnette, you're gonna summon the crazy WK.
> UwU Munchie-Queen is perfect and never lies

No. 1725826

batshit insane. will be dead next year.

No. 1725935

File: 1670888409675.jpg (563.96 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20221212-193403.jpg)

she's posted pictures on the scale reading 75lbs and you can tell she has a spoopy frame

No. 1725939

I don't hate Luci, but she does Photoshop her pics, she can Photoshop a scale too.

No. 1726213

Looks the same as ever but no longer dainty uwu 58lbs? It was all BS all along, who would've thought.

No. 1726285

Because I use common sense.

No. 1726291

Lurk moar WK.
She use photoshop an awful lot and and says so herself.
Do you really think her ever-changing jaw shape, giant eye pupils and stupid makeup are real?
I knew newfags from edtwt were delusional but not that retarded.

No. 1726306

No matter how hard she filters her pics. Her body is a mess and won't take that kind of abuse of b/p and exercise purging for much longer. That calorie deficit will eat her heart muscle up and that's gonna be the end of the story.

No. 1726308

I mean. It's just edema. She already said the weight gain was water retention in her legs. Between the bulimia, heart failure, and refeeding program that shit wreaks havoc on the way your body holds fluid.

No. 1727838

File: 1671095464286.jpg (401.02 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20221214_233828.jpg)

Probably one of the mentally ill children she interacts with asking a suicidal anabulimic to post mukbangs. She says she gets her brother to help her edit videos, right? if true I would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Sage for pinching the teat but no milk yet

No. 1727840

File: 1671095605132.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2374, Screenshot_20221215_031053.jpg)

this too

No. 1727842

Her online presence is so annoying I don't even want to think what she's like irl. I'd get exhausted immediately if she sperged like that constantly and got over excited about everything. Good luck to cybercat if luci ever actually moves to NY and meets her.

No. 1728127

No matter where you go, you'll always take yourself with you. In this case, a schizoid, delusional dumpster fire.

No. 1728695

If it’s true then her family is really over watching her die. Unless she’s gonna be institutionalized, the Luci in the states saga is gonna end in heart failure with her face in the toilet mid-purge.

No. 1729459

>> heart failure with her face in the toilet mid-purge

Street Fighter combo..!

No. 1730829

File: 1671472355980.jpg (57.33 KB, 652x329, beepee.jpg)

All is well in the state of Puerto Rico.

No. 1730842

what the fuck. truly a miserable existence

No. 1731340

File: 1671817378418.jpg (60.14 KB, 652x374, views and likes.jpg)

I guess all hope is lost

No. 1731345

File: 1671818002158.png (148.79 KB, 652x512, fuckedup.png)

more silliness

No. 1731736

File: 1671921054594.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.28 KB, 720x1020, FkryXWaWABAn9tD.jpeg-1.jpg)

Spoopy as ever as well. That heart surgery scar is so unnerving I cannot believe it was all absolutely for nothing lmao. Even she admits she's worse than ever.(spoiler this shit ffs)

No. 1731737

File: 1671921388391.jpeg (45.59 KB, 720x585, A4F6CF65-AD21-43F4-AF0E-36BACB…)

Please spoiler that shit.

No. 1731738

spoiler that shit its on front page

No. 1732821

She won't have another year, New York trip or not. A hellbound schizo, no hope.

No. 1735296

ngl…i hope she doesn't go to the other extreme and becomes fat. "constant dreaming of food"??

No. 1735340

>ironically lucinda gets away with shamelessly glorifying her decay when eugenia doesn't even talk about being sick and stays in her lane and is treated like the cause of anorexia itself.
She does not get away with anything, on edtwt everyone calls her disgusting, and here we have deranged nonas who accuse her of being a munchie and lying about her weight and mental issues, so they focus on that instead of the "glorifying" stuff. Also she is not as well-known as Eugenia, I don't think those people even know that Lucinda exists.

No. 1735349

Stop WK'ing, retard.

No. 1735429

did she actually die this time around? I can't see any updated info.

No. 1735898

just read her twitter, dumbass

No. 1737086

File: 1672835745125.jpg (334.67 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20230104-081507.jpg)

Edtwt zoomers had another unsuccessful attempt at getting her cancelled, this time citing her replying to an anonymous cc from 2021 of someone saying she was inspiring them to stop taking their meds and her replying "YAY" as her "telling minors to stop taking their medication". They also threw around the usual gen Z woketard buzzwords groomer/pedo/predator for her censored bodychecks. Even though she posted sc's that her profile is marked 18+ so kids shouldn't be able to see her page lol.

Don't mind if I chuckle. Actually love how the websites who expose actual problematic scum love Lucinda while a supposed safe space for the mental ill draw the line at a schizo bulimic for not looking like a dainty Dior girlie posting strawberry Biscoff oats.

The unicorn took it with grace as usual for another W.

No. 1737087

File: 1672835845024.jpg (144.8 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20230104-081535.jpg)


No. 1737089

File: 1672835910468.jpg (369.43 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20230104-081631.jpg)

No. 1737090

File: 1672836479629.jpg (408.53 KB, 1080x1020, Screenshot_20230104-084109.jpg)

No. 1737093

File: 1672836949220.jpg (462.97 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20230104-085233.jpg)

In other news her other cats are still alive and the new one as well, she posted some cute pics. The rest of her presence has been usual delusional empty promises of a Youtubing career and her celebrating being bmi 11.

No. 1737094

File: 1672837070344.jpg (395.44 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20230104-085242.jpg)

No. 1737104

>bmi 19

never fails

No. 1737131

wtf this is just a list of reasons Lucinda is based

No. 1737134

moogle wishes she was dating lucinda

No. 1737157

File: 1672847159403.jpg (351.67 KB, 2880x2880, 20230104_173346.jpg)

Wtf is wrong with these kids?
Stop smoking weed, Halo.
Sorry your fasting didn't work out, Sven.
You'll never be iconic like Sacred Unicow Lucinda.

No. 1737177

they wish they were actually insane and interesting like lucinda but instead they just rehash the tired yandere gimmick with some cringe jokes about voices to sound edgy

No. 1737261

>brainrot kids on twt who smoke tons of weed
Where the hell are the parents

No. 1737335

I can see why Lucinda makes these edtwt kids seethe, she’s everything they’re trying to be. She’s genuinely thin, genuinely ill, genuinely crazy & eccentric & interesting. They’re tryhard larpers, she just is a unicorn.

No. 1737406

File: 1672876837221.jpg (28.14 KB, 389x648, f37eea310e15fd31e5e79ca331c89e…)


lucinda is probably the closest thing this world has to an actual eastern european folkloric creature. like the wholesome kind that live in your backyard and steal your household buttons. picrel definitely reminds me of her. i can see why people find her scary but there's such an old fairytale charm to her.

No. 1737746

You guys are fucking weird in this thread

No. 1737835

File: 1672936892409.jpg (602.99 KB, 1920x1200, 919761-widescreen-unicorn-back…)

She reminds me of an European folkloric creature too.

No. 1737841

That's way cooler than the unicorn thing, she should identify with this instead. (What is that called, btw.)

No. 1738309

Just take your fucking Lithium and piss off. Stop glamorizing this pro-ana trainwreck.

No. 1738462

Ok fat

No. 1739082

File: 1673073680748.jpg (380.18 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20230107_083943_org…)

So cute ♥

No. 1739651

File: 1673164675190.png (360.89 KB, 576x471, Screenshot_2023-01-08_02-57-05…)

Of course she had to comment.

No. 1739824

I made the thread and I still feel so retarded for the
>We currently don’t know if her current circumstances

How many times did I have to say currenlty

No. 1739842

File: 1673198734909.jpg (472.3 KB, 1600x2048, FlHndW-X0AIMmbs.jpeg.jpg)

it's always the ones who look like bad lucinda cosplays that talk the most shit

No. 1739971

That is a cosplay, though.
And to be fair, she wasn't exactly talking shit, and defending Lucinda's makeup and unicornness.

No. 1741222

File: 1673361271669.jpg (294.65 KB, 1080x1502, idoldecay.jpg)

@halocals was banned, good riddance.
Also it's obvious that Natalie is jealous of Lucinda.

No. 1741274

take your shitty little vendetta elsewhere.

No. 1741346

Where did you get that from any of those tweets? Because she's posting ED related things on an ED account? She clearly doesn't have huge beef with Lucinda anymore or else she would've been far more hateful here >>1739651

There's no milk to be had with her, at least not connected with Lucinda. I don't think she's actually talked about her outside of that one retweet since the Ambrose War.

No. 1741399

She was a cow even before Lucinda was discovered, newfag, and even had a thread here.
Because she is fat.

No. 1741537

implying this isn't just natalie herself whiteknighting kek. anyone ~calling out~ lucinda always has a string of self-hating tweets lamenting their weight gain sitting on their profile just before trying to cancel the edtwt it girl. lucinda has to be the only cow who's avid haters actually are just jealous and fat.

No. 1741602

>and even had a thread here.
So take it to there, then. There's no milk between her and Lucinda anymore. I'm not trying to whiteknight her, she IS a lolcow, but it's poor milk, I'd agree with you if she actually tore Lucinda apart, but she has a point with the medication thing. I love Lucinda but advocating to stop taking pills is bad in an already unstable, unhealthy network.