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File: 1635653326653.jpeg (673.43 KB, 750x1250, 085FE0DD-9146-431D-A0EE-FB77B5…)

No. 955088

Official stalking and snooping thread. I really thought I would be able to find a specified forum devoted to this kind of thing but I couldnt.
What do you watch for? What tips you off? How do you dig deeper. I’d love to share me knowledge and for others to share theirs.

No. 955096

>I'd love to share me knowledge
get out of here Mr. Krabs

No. 955099

File: 1635654915990.jpg (25.89 KB, 788x699, deep throat helper.jpg)

i used to online stalk two diffrent people before i got bored of it. mostly i would just google thier full name, plus the state they live in, i also would find thier email and google the email, usually its attached to some profiles, finally people are stupid and use the same online handle over and over, so you might want to google whatever fake nicknames they come up with.

Also if you can find their friends or relatives you can usually find them on the friends list

No. 955100

I usually do the same rabbit hole. I’ve gotten in a new situation where I’ve figured out some one uses the same password for everything and so I’m just trying out all nefarious websites to see if I get a hit.

No. 955101

i like stalking, this is a nice thread, thank you OP

No. 955105

Where is the OP image from? Some kind of porn site?

No. 955107

>people are stupid and use the same online handle over and over, so you might want to google whatever fake nicknames they come up with.
You can also type them into websites like this one and it will check dozens of websites if the username is taken. Sometimes it's wrong but I've found someone's old deviantart and steam accounts this way. Also think about any variations of that username and what other type of websites they could have an account on based on their interests and check if they're on there too.

No. 955109

Every time I start snooping someone, suddenly they lock their account or change their username. Even if I'm on a burner or not even logged in. And I use VPN and incognito mode. There should be no way for them to know yet it still keeps happening. I feel cursed.

No. 955110

File: 1635656513415.png (106.23 KB, 719x870, bpd.png)

found this lol

No. 955111

I would like to know more useful webpages like this one.

No. 955112

I’m addicted to stalking people but no in the scrotey way

No. 955113

Another thing I do is search all names on ALL search engines. They all pull up different things. It would be cool to make a master post of all nefarious websites that do not show up on Google that one would have to search independently

No. 955116

This is a scrote im stalkings pornhub account. They can “unwatch” videos they’ve watched , which will disappear the video from their video and their video count, but if you break into their account, the number is still relatively viewable from this percentage.

No. 955118

If you need to cyberstalk someone on Discord it's almost impossible. Can't find out which servers they're in or join any server without a direct invite that isn't expired. There used to be a website called tracr.co or dis.cool that let you see which servers people are on but it was forced offline, I'm waiting for an alternative to come back.

No. 955119

File: 1635657481964.png (117.46 KB, 750x1334, 1ECBCAA2-494D-41BE-9FE4-41F9EB…)

I’d some one youre snooping is on reddit, a good place to go is messages and look at who is suggested to message. This is one of the few things on reddit that is cross platform. But it will track weird shit. I’m not sure what. It’s all user based, and maybe perhaps if you’ve clicked on posts by this person, or liked then unliked?

No. 955122

Samefag and I forgot to add that even if you can get into a server, often times the server has a "lobby" onboarding where you need to verify your voice or post history on another site before you can see every other channel.

No. 955124

I snoop on Reddit sometimes, but I just look at someone's post history and leave.

No. 955126

Would take an excessive amount of social engineering and patience to do. Interesting that the old exploits no longer work.
That being said if you have access to the users email it’s one of the easiest to break into. Barely even cares that you want a peek.

Some one hype me up to be mean to my scrote bf pls

No. 955127

Maybe we should specify on non access snooping and access snooping.
As in “I don’t have their login but I’m tracking them” vs “I’ve logged into a few accounts of theirs and want more”

No. 955128

How the fuck do you get someone's password that easy?

No. 955132

Social engineering, access to their computer, and the sifting through darkweb shit. For their easier password, figure out how to share a Netflix account. For other passwords, you need access fo their computer and then simply look through their browser saved passwords.
If you want bigger and better than that? You’re on a similar stage as me. Figuring out keyloggers or man in the middle attacks.

No. 955134

You can also do it in the command line.

No. 955135

Holy shit same. There is one girl I stalk her account and she is constantly turning it on private and off.

No. 955136

What the fock is snoop? Snoop Dog thread??

No. 955138


No. 955139

Is there a way we can see what social media/apps someone had but deleted?

No. 955141

The person could notice something weird or an unknown login and you're out of game. It's very difficult.

No. 955143

found a popular streamer's address and from there i found her relative's names and addresses as well. to be fair, her address was already leaked from people finding her house on realtor sites by a unique window in one of her tiktoks

No. 955144

The closest thing I’ve found requires access to their Facebook account. With that access you can find all of the connected accounts, and the date last accessed.
For Twitter, if you search in Twitter just their old handle it will bring up any old mentions of the account who mentioned them is still around

No. 955145

This is very true. You’re relying on how lazy the person is.

No. 955147

I think perhaps, if you know enough about some one you’re searching, ancestory.com may unironically be a good place to go to. It pulls up addresses and all kinds of stuff that could simplify doxxing

No. 955150

File: 1635659264960.gif (631.84 KB, 446x446, snoop-dogg-dance.gif)

No. 955151

Okay but I had enough with the eleet kiddie shit because I’m actually curious how do you get someone’s password? Like how do you do it if the person is very meticulous?

No. 955152

Legit then let’s learn together how to keylog because then I’m at the same end as you.

No. 955154

Saging bc I think I posted this in the mundane shit thread a month or so ago but I found all of what I'd consider embarrassing social media profiles for the enby that starts in two weeks at my job because they had some gijinka art on their FB and I just back-searched the image and found their DA, cringy cosplay ask tumblrs from when they were in high school/early college, and their fandom/art/sperg twitter.

… my boss did out me on the stalking when we brought them back for a secondary interview and it freaked them out when I said I found their twitter and they were like "oh, I don't post on their a lot" and all I said were three words: "the other one". Not even denial of there being another one, but a freaked out "HOW?!". I did message them on it to prove that I did actually find it and apologized if I made them feel uncomfortable, though.

No. 955155

Literally just don’t be a dumb shit that likes or follow or messages the accounts you’re stalking wtf

No. 955156

Why couldn’t you just send it to their bosses email on a burner email?

No. 955158

Stalking Instagram and Facebook accounts of classmates from middle/high school to found out half of them have like 2 children and aren’t with their baby daddy at 22

No. 955161

Man I miss dis.cool so much.

No. 955178

you ever just want to, hack someone's account, not for nefarious reasons, you just want to know what's going on when you're not around

No. 955179

Just going to throw this out into the universe because a lot of people aren’t aware. Depending on where you live, you can very easily find a person’s address through voting records

You are a godsend

No. 955189

so. anyone know how to find a data breach and see peoples password or whatever?

No. 955196

I also found a creepy fucking website that seemed American (not necessarily hosted there) that had addresses and possibly phone numbers of people in my shithole country as well. Of course they refused to tell where did they get their info. Seen speculation that only people who have started companies are there, but IDK. Still creepy.
Found my groomer that way, not gonna do it again though. It fucked me up

No. 955197

florida is a good example

No. 955244

If someone deleted a youtube video and it was up for at least a month, you can watch it on the waybackmachine. This is common sense I guess but it has helped me many times

No. 955273

And now thanks to this thread you should hopefully know not to use the same usernames crossplatform nonas, especially with anything connected to your real name

No. 955284

i used to cyberstalk an art girl from highschool. she had a blog, a tumblr, deviantart, youtube, reddit and gaming accounts. i liked reading her blog and imagine we are friends. she stopped writing the blog sadly. i sometimes check on her reddit. she posted photos and videos.
then there was a guy who posted thirst traps and cringey poems on his reddit. i found him by creeping on the sub of his obsession. his reddit is a gold mine. he keeps talking about his relationship troubles and travels. i have the heartiest keks.

No. 955300

File: 1635678980045.jpg (74.83 KB, 1200x1198, EsJ1W4SU0AAVFgJ.jpg)

So uh, any way to look at somebodies private facebook account without having a fb account yourself?

No. 955333

No. 955345

i was snooping on my ex, searched his full name, his mom’s full name. it was very easy to find his address. i also found out that one of his family members is a sex offender, was arrested for having CP.

No. 955350

Every day they become more pathetic.

No. 955434

This happens every time I lurk someone's IG account except they outright delete the whole thing. I don't even have an account myself and don't know them personally either so Idg what they're freaking out over.

No. 955509

how do people know someone is lurking though? should i be concerned lol, there’s some accounts i look at every day

No. 955546

Are you sure they fully deleted? That’s happened to me before where I thought they deleted, but they either changed usernames or temporarily deactivated

No. 955640

File: 1635706004359.jpg (312.4 KB, 960x1271, tumblr_3e7fc96cc2c7e9868e59be9…)

Lmao, this escalated into straight up hacking and illegal activities real quick.

No. 955674

Does anyone know where telemarketers get your address from? Every time they call me, they ask whether I live in a childhood address I haven't lived at for 15 years. I always thought they must be digging up old physical phonebooks or something because my grandparents had one when I was a kid, but I don't think that's it.

No. 955675

It happened to me on Instagram the most too. I remember I looked at someone's profile like 4-5 times on my main account and the next time I went they had blocked me specifically.

No. 955679

This should technically go in the "confession" thread, but this one seems more on topic: I stalked my current best friend for almost ten years before making a move. From ages 13 to 23 (we're the same age).

I've followed her across several tumblr blogs, dozens of discord servers devoted to a shared hobby (which is how I found her in the first place), found her Facebook, by sheer fucking luck discovered her Vent (which was an old app for complaining about your life, no idea if it's still up). The Vent was most useful to me because she said things on there that she wouldn't even tell her current best friend at the time.

It's weird and funny whenever she goes "holy shit anon you know me so well!" as if I haven't been painstakingly making efforts to chronicle her life so I could enter it like I've always meant to be there. I love her so much nonnies.

No. 955681

God I wish I was her

No. 955683

I need me someone like you.

No. 955686

Also: I would give stalking "tips", but so much of it is just utilizing google + key terms on whatever search engine exists on whatever site you may think your target is on and…patience. Eventually, they're going to let slip that they were on like, Neopets at one point with a cringe username relating to their obscure hobby and you (or I, rather) can spend a fun hour or so rooting them out and picking through their past.

Also: I say 'target' because obsessively following strangers/people I want to befriend is like a hobby for me. Love that we live in the age of putting everything about oneself on the internet, it makes things easier.

No. 955689

I was stalking someone who lives in Sweden and it turns out they have several online registries in Sweden which has info like people's names, addresses, the size of the apartment they live in, who they live with, their date of birth, the date when they moved to the place they live in, etc. A stalker's paradise.

No. 955690

Pretty sure it's not possible

No. 955694

Why, it's creepy and intrusive.

No. 955711

Because some people didn't get any love as children and need it desperately in their current years, don't judge my desire for a creepy friend.

No. 955723

I’m pretty sure there’s apps that people pay for that you can link to your Instagram and it tells you who has been looking at your profile

No. 955730

that’s interesting, i always thought those were fake/scams so never tried it. but i’ll look into it thank you.
i always lurk from a burner account though kek

No. 955775

I've never had obsessive tendencies, but sometimes I'll dig up random redditors' dox for sport if they say something particularly obnoxious or give away too much information about themselves. Haven't done it in years, though.
Once I spent an entire weekend tracking down a guy who posted heinous erotica on usenet.
…no? that's insecure as hell.

No. 956276

File: 1635763184949.jpg (54.64 KB, 500x365, tumblr.jpg)

i took a liking to this former coworker that i barely know because she sort of reminds me a little of myself except she's extremely tumblr. i've never owned a tumblr but i find the subculture and glamorization of certain things to be really fascinating. one of my former best friends from yonks ago had a "successful" blog and surprisingly it exposed her to a lot of my fairly niche interests, and the same goes for this girl. although as with a lot of tumblr users, it's like a toe-dipping level of exposure since they just reblog and faintly remember it.

for this girl, i find this persona of hers to be forced but it's still very amusing to me. i also like how she airs her dirty laundry out on her blog which is fun to read while i'm procrastinating.

we worked in a fairly big office but in different departments so we didn't cross paths often but she was always very friendly. she used to hang out a lot with this supervisor to smoke with who a lot of us assumed were dating but she mentioned her boyfriend fitting a different description so i just assumed they were platonic. i thought i felt some sort of sexual energy (not tension) between them but i dismissed it since the supervisor is married.

when i found this girls blog, i noticed her tagging his initials (but it was obvious who it was) on some sexually charged things which confirmed my suspicions. then i found her porn tumblr and it's just her tagging him in dirty reblogs and tagging that they're ideas for the elevator and him just liking it. i suffer from some regret from making out with a coworker in the elevator quite a few times since i find it so trashy but i feel a little better knowing that the cctv footage has those two on there as well. lmao.

anyway, looks like their friends with benefits situation or whatever they were fell through since her final reblog for him on her main tumblr was passive aggressive and talked about him abandoning her. i still like to keep up with her tumblr to see how she's going - she's depressed atm. i hope she reblogs more, it's quality entertainment. my favorite saga was her yo-yo dieting saga, i'm predicting we'll be seeing a 2022 rehash of it since she reblogged some stuff that seemed to indicate she's restricting.

No. 956288

There should be a thread for people who comment on porn videos and hentai websites. Those are always unhinged and they are also the dumbest, ugliest, and nastiest users on the internet. It's crazy.

No. 956311

This is sort of a confession but I cyberstalked my therapist when I was still in therapy and even saved a picture of him from his Fb so I could randomly look at it throughout the day

No. 956313

I know nothing about dating apps, can you search people's names on them? I want to see if my stalkee is actively dating or not

No. 956320

Yeah, that's the reason I have a different username on every platform, and whatever username I select isn't related to my actual interests or points to me in any way. I think it was drilled waaaaay too much into my head as a kid, since I've done this ever since I was 12 and got my first personal computer. I've had people chuckle at all the bizarre e-mail addresses I use too. Another good way to avoid snooping is if you use such a common word that snooping will bring up basically nothing of use.
As for my personal snooping, I really only snooped on men I've got to meet and had interest it, and then it's fucking creepy because I have this feeling that I've done something wrong and somehow still have this insane compulsion to talk to him about something he never told me, and reveal myself to be a creep.

No. 956331

>although as with a lot of tumblr users, it's like a toe-dipping level of exposure since they just reblog and faintly remember it.
I have always found it so fucking annoying when my favorite books, movies, manga, games etc. were reduced to cherry-picked clips that were fitting some aesthetic. You used to need to have actual interest in the thing before you get to see the good parts.

No. 956523

>but i dismissed it since the supervisor is married.
show his wife what you found

No. 956756

i'm 99.5% sure they're in an open relationship since he has very public lewd accounts and him liking the girls' lewd tumblr was on his main. she's also a small influencer (<50K instagram followers) so i think it's impossible for her to not be aware of it.

No. 956942

How to best deal with someone that swears up and down to be 'done' with people, block them, etc, but still obviously snoops and shares screengrabs, but is too much of a goofy bitch to just own up to it?
I know they still stalk me because like 2 to 3 of their 'friends' message me to let me know that she is still frothing-at-the-mouth weird about stalking me.

No. 957079

Confession: I used to stalk my ex friends Facebook messenger and I went a little too far.
Also some background this mf stole from me like electronics and items from my house, he also talked the worst shit about me. I think gay dudes are way cattier and sinister than any woman . Anyways I messaged a guy he liked “I will fucking rape you “ and then a candid of his face. His nasolabial folded droopy face.
The guy was like “you good bro? Wtf???” It was the funniest thing but I kinda feel bad still. He told everyone I was such a slut and made up random lies about me.

No. 957082

File: 1635840415590.jpg (96.17 KB, 1280x720, snoopingas.jpg)

Did the same thing for one of my exes.

No. 957105

The anons getting blocked/people deleting must be accidentally interacting with posts. Or those people have a good spideysense. There isn't a way for people to see who viewed their accounts, logged in or not, however if you use Instagram Story viewer websites I think they show up as random spammy accounts to the user which might be what happens in those instances.

No. 957120

some apps show you who is blocking you, so if you block/unblock someone make sure you’re not doing that on your real account!!

No. 957153

idk if this counts but i had a fallout with online friends as a teenager and they turned really nasty towards me. i still knew one of the girls' passwords on the weeb website where we met, so i always read her PMs to her (as in our formerly mutual) friends and knew exactly what they were going to do to mess with me. they never caught on but they were so incredibly upset that all their schemes failed and eventually they just stopped trying to bother me. i kept checking this girl's PMs though because she always tried to shittalk me because i was fairly popular on that site. so whenever someone new started interacting with me, i purposely said things that contradicted whatever my former friend had told her so my former friend looked like a freak and people stopped trying to befriend her because she was always spreading lies about me. felt good.

No. 957236

I'm >>955434 and the closest thing to that I've done was using a browser extension to download some images from the accounts.

No. 957262

I might be stupid, but is there a way to see Apple Music playlists if you’re not friends with the user? I can’t figure it out. My ex makes playlists that are fire but he moved to Apple after Spotify.
They are a piece of shit, but the playlists are pretty fucking good

No. 958159

File: 1635937117826.jpg (85.28 KB, 640x1136, catmechanic.jpg)

hey, how did you find out his pornhub account, if you don't mind me asking? I'm curious if I could do that for the scrotes I know

No. 958164

This is so fucking funny. Anon don't feel too bad about it.

No. 958170

The most annoying thing in the world is trying to snoop on old friends/acquaintances Instagram and Twitter only for it to be on private. Ugh.

No. 959488

Do you think stalking cows is dying out as people are becoming more aware of internet privacy? Or will there always be retards?

Most of my classmates deleted their facebook accounts and went fully private, which is a shame because they had juicy drama.

No. 959500

Probably, but that's due to the "culture" shift or whatever it would be called rather than privacy concern. I mean some classic, well known cows such as Felice, would most likely be considered boring now since everyone edits their pictures.

But yea, attention whores and retards will always exist

No. 959565

There will always be tards who reveal too much online, just look at how many of the calves in the Shayna thread have orbited her disgusting content with their full legal names. Unless online privacy becomes so automatic that it doesn't take any configuring on one's own, there will always be people who do stupid shit on the internet without considering how it might come back to bite them. And even then, there would still be people who would do stupid shit publicly just for attention.

No. 959692

People encourage less privacy if anything

No. 959715

Have you ever catfished someone to get more information from them?

No. 959736

What did you do kek, give us the deets

No. 959998

I think kids and teens growing up right now have way more internet literacy than the preteens and teens of the 2000s and are much more aware of their online footprints. Social media will always encourage mental illness and oversharing but teenagers are getting better at foreseeing long term consequence to what they post online

No. 960072

Literally the opposite. Zoomers don't even know how to torrent.

No. 960439

I disagree completely; I feel like the kids who were born into the internet era are much more absent minded about what they share to who they share.
I think older generations who grew up with AIM/ MySpace/ chat rooms /etc had a better understanding of anonymity as teens. Also, they didn’t grow up with smartphones; they got them in their teens. (We had t9 pads for texting, at 10 cents a message)
You couldn’t live update all the time back then, and I think gets who geo tag their every move now are prime picks for bad people to hurt. Now with platforms like insta and snap, it’s is a whole new game of vulnerability.

No. 962457

What's the oddest shit you've seen when u stalk people you know? I found out my Catholic irl has a Twitter porn account LOL & that my coworker is into furry inflation

No. 962465

The Miyavi cheating tour thing going on in the Jrock thread is pretty interesting, but it's mostly insta not twitter. idk if I believe it though.


No. 962478

Anyone with a teenaged sibling can tell you this is bullshit. They get very defensive when you tell them to stop posting private information online, too.

No. 962492

A co-worker whose twitter I stalk looks at pornographic fan-art of Nintendo games, seems to have a thing for Princess Peach in particular. I'm wondering now if he has a side account for this shit but I have no idea how to find out. Not sure if I wanna dig any deeper either kek.

No. 962508

Is there any way to see who/how many people someone follows on onlyfans? I imagine it’s built for privacy. I made a burner account to check but numbers and usernames of followers seem. to be very private.

No. 962975

There's some guy from uni I've been "cyberstalking" for a few years to laugh at him. Basically his best friend posted a link to his professional twitter, I clicked on the link, saw that the guy was following him because he uses selfies as icons, and then I found his unfunny and now abandoned tumblr. This guy posts way too much information online and uses the same pic for all his social media including Linkedin. If he ever shit talks his managers on twitter again I VERY easily tell his managers even though it's been years since we talked to each other.

By the way, I followed him for a long time on my previous twitter account just out of curiosity and not only did he follow me, but he wouldn't stop trying to start conversations with me because he legit expected me to act as his sassy black girl yes man stereotype I'm not black but in my country there's a similar stereotype applied to girls from my ethnicity idk how to translate that because he never recognized me. I mean, he did fit the "unfunny bit trying hard to look sassy white twitter gay" stereotype to a T.

Since then the best friend deleted his account and recently created a personal one. He posts pics of him half naked that makes him look taller than he actually is, also tmi on his sex life and sometimes he spergs about how dysphoria is fucking him up and makes him work out all the time because he dislike being a manlet. Even though he was known for laughing at everyone around him for the stupidest reasons and thinking he's superior to everyone. A real retard.

No. 962986

Yeah. If the playlists are public, you only need the name of one of their playlists. From there you can get their account and the rest of the playlists they’ve published. You can even save it to your library without notifying them. SOL if their playlists are private though.

No. 964357

I hate that the guy I stalk for amusement has become so boring and predictable. I’m careful and I don’t know him irl but fuck it’s bland now.
Guess I need a new hobby.

No. 964359

new hobby or a new person to stalk? kek

No. 964360

I would say both, but probably a more fulfilling hobby. Le sigh.

No. 1012442

How can I use a phone number or email to reverse search for social media?

No. 1015417

File: 1641321624714.jpeg (173.75 KB, 658x900, R (4).jpeg)

Anyone else likes to use iknowwhatyoudownload.com ? My neighbors are downloading shit ton of porn, sometimes I also see some ip adress who have similar taste than mine in movies . The website doesn't work perfectly because ip adress are no super exact though.

I also wanted to talk about the website because I wish more women knew about it, it's always good to know if you neighbors are cdangerous or not. One time, I used the website in the gigandic student building where my best friend lives. At first we were having fun, looking at all the bad movie taste of people but we were shoked and disguted to discover that someone was downloading child porn ( the website is very based because it will actually highlights that fact in red. My biggest regret is not having done anything about it that day ).

You can also send a link to anyone on the planet and if they clic on it you will be able to see what is being download at their ip adress, I've never used it though.

No. 1015424

Apparently someone in my dorm watches a shit ton of South Park lmao

No. 1015425

File: 1641321998663.png (4.61 KB, 67x895, hell.png)

kek nonnie, much better than my dorm

No. 1015429

interesting… one neighbor downloaded a game launcher. another downloaded an incomprehensible file (unwilling to investigate) and I downloaded old movies

No. 1015438

someone downloaded spiderman no way home around me, at least i have normal moids

No. 1015444

Wrestling and Taskmaster. Only one pornographic film from like 9 IP addresses, I'm impressed

No. 1015445

the people around me are so wholesome downloading The Polar Express and every episode of Fraiser kekkk

No. 1015453

How does CP look? Not like >>1015425, right? It has marked the Titane (2021) torrent as porn kek

No. 1015462

I live in a 3rd world shithole so there's a lot torrenting regular stuff here. Mostly movies and games. One person is downloading Encanto and a bunch of other animated movies awww. Out of dozens of addresses I found only a couple pornos (both casting couch shit for some reason). Not bad for repressed muslim men

No. 1015466

Thank you, I will keep an eye on that. Only 1 porn movie around me, but not many people are downloading things apparently. I wonder how valid that CP alert is? I wouldn't want to report something that is just regular porn, since it may be difficult to get the police to understand how I know etc

No. 1015468

File: 1641323621338.jpeg (210.86 KB, 828x770, E3FE00AA-67E8-4C20-9785-B4DA1D…)

what disgusting shitholes do you guys live in where the moids around you are downloading CP and porn?

No. 1015472

One neighbour is downloading hundreds of gbs of what seem to be TikTok compilations and pageant shows… Trying not to assume the worst.

No. 1015475


wtf anon, I didn't even know people downloaded pageant shows

No. 1015477

Clearing out the spare room for you to move in post haste. Sorry you're surrounded by absolute degens, anon

No. 1015480

File: 1641324114240.jpeg (116.67 KB, 841x1050, 9F6CAEA6-AB4E-4918-83D6-B284E7…)

my area is so boring kek

No. 1015481

NTA and I'm very late, but if you know his email you could try your luck here: https://tools.epieos.com/email.php it displays all accounts that the email is linked to. Doesn't tell the username sadly, but it's a start and you know if it is or it isn't registered.

No. 1015487

why are you under the impression that only third worlders torrent regular stuff kek?

No. 1015488

File: 1641324654208.png (315.71 KB, 1536x2048, 3A40B4BF-BDB2-46F7-BCD8-39693D…)

I live in an old-person area, so everybody here just has movies downloaded like picrel. All except for one guy who downloaded 99% incest porn, 1% all the Matrix movies.

No. 1015495

Someone near me downloaded a shitload of Game of Thrones and another one had a GTA game

Now that is incredibly suspicious

No. 1015498

Nta but omfg I just put my exes email in and found he's on quora giving out advice on fisting, both receiving as a man and giving to others, including his current partner, descriptions of his sex life. Talking about how he values her pleasure (dude didn't make me come for 3 years)

And he has a twitter account that's just him retweeting fisting porn day in and day out. Thank you anon.

No. 1015501

Sounds horrifying, but glad to help anonita.

No. 1015503

I didn't mean it like that. It's just that the stuff people normally pay for (Streaming Services, games, etc) are pretty much all torrented by everyone here, so I'm assuming that the ratio of regular stuff/porn would be higher

No. 1015509

Wow. Pretty disappointed my bf wants to quit his job so he can play an anime girl game all day. Fucking idiot. Thanks anon.

No. 1015521

checks out lol

No. 1015525

File: 1641325845453.png (6.11 KB, 1164x87, scary.PNG)

Kind of weird, no I'm not going to click it.

No. 1015547

I'm either using the website wrong or 2/3 of my neighbors haven't accessed anything since new years.

No. 1015569

someone downloaded every episode of Emily in Paris, the rest is regular movies and a bunch of Korean stuff, probably since we have lots of Korean students in my dorm. only one person downloaded porn apparently.

No. 1015571

File: 1641327803623.png (14.7 KB, 1191x217, l.png)

I found someone who downloaded Morrowind GOTY edition, freakin based. I found one i am very smart person too

No. 1015576

why did i immediately assume this was a lesbian, based either way

No. 1015582

All mine do is download movies. I live in a small village so it's boring.

No. 1015584


is all porn highlighted in red or just CP because someone's been busy around me apparently…

No. 1015587

How do you know? Call the police maybe?

No. 1015589

Looked up my IP and found a fair share of porn and some other stuff I sure as hell did not download. And the Sims 3 fitgirl repack, which was the only thing I did download myself.

No. 1015590

the fact that the moid isn't using any VPNS, his ISP probably already knows by now kek

No. 1015591

File: 1641328633749.png (3.96 KB, 418x111, Cap-1.PNG)

Holy shit, i clicked through some addresses in my area and there was CP too. it's disgusting to think someone like this may be my neighbour? Is it possible to report this?

No. 1015599

samefag, I've found some thread on it possibly not being very accurate, it's a mixed bag. Not accurate whatsoever for my own address - shows downloads from the time I wasn't even at home so IDK, maybe I got upset for no reason.

No. 1015601

Damn, people during the holidays were just pirating movies and the office holiday special.

No. 1015606

Everyone around my ip is just downloading normal stuff like the latest Bond movie and Dune, only one dumb moid who downloaded one porn (one of the actresses in the title has a similar name to me, should I be worried) out of 10 nearby IPs. God bless.

No. 1015607

How does this website work? I seriously can't tell, I see nothing beyond tens of ads

No. 1015612

Idk for my IP it seems accurate as I'm the only one in my house who torrents and it shows all my downloads on our IP, nothing else.

No. 1015615

I hope someone never sends me the tracker because I use VPN and the IP I use is filled with a bunch of porn.

No. 1015626

File: 1641330663197.jpeg (Spoiler Image,332.15 KB, 1242x1935, E0B4796D-A437-4103-9B9B-8561C0…)

Omg I’ve never heard of this website. I have a vpn and the results from whichever IP address I am using right now are revolting and disturbing. I will add a pic. Wtf anons?

No. 1015633

I think it's a very fair assumption because I would unironically dowload those two books too

I have tested it in several areas and it was always super accurate when I was in the countryside. However when I'm in a city things get a bit more messy because several people share similar adress I think. Also all the terrible stuff that you see in your adress could be downloaded by someone far away using a vpn too.

No. 1015636

I'm not exaggerating when I say 2 in 3 men at least have downloaded child porn before. Do not ever trust any males with female children.

No. 1015637

File: 1641331240085.png (18.87 KB, 1133x173, collect_data.png)

I don't know if this help but I found this

No. 1015639

Yeah, i've read up that it's common in residential blocks for the same address to be used so it totally could be my neighbour. Thankfully normie stuff like Dune or Matrix; I had some laugh seeing in someone else's a huge log of porn titles and "euro truck simulator" lost inbetween; classic gamer vibe

No. 1015645

I'm >>1015433 and I reported them to the cybertipline. It can be done anonymously. I recommend you do the same.

No. 1015646

mine shows nothing even though I've been downloading books non stop for the past 3 days kek

No. 1015650


I need a citation on this one. I know scotes are degenerate but uh .. hard to believe that many of them are into little girls

No. 1015652

Why can’t I get it to load?! What am I doing wrong!

No. 1015663

oh fuck off with this fearmongering pink pill shit

No. 1015687

File: 1641333069376.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, ECB93A62-99AF-42A1-8128-6B8BA9…)

Go away pickme dont you have uncles and brothers to cap for in the courts when they get charged with assaulting a child?

No. 1015695

Nta but how is that far fetched? Look on the watchdogs site to see how many pedos are in your area. It's extremely common. That has a lot to do with porn as well. Let's not forget the amount of men who would rather have an 18 year old versus a 40 year old woman. Don't be naive.

No. 1015700

yeah let's not forget the amount of women who would rather have an 18 year old than a 40 year old, rofl. nobody likes geezers…

No. 1015707

Women generally don't want to date teenagers or much younger men because we don't want to spend time with morons, men specifically aim for immature women when they want to use and abuse them before wisdom kicks in, hope that helps.

No. 1015711

Anons how does this website work? I'm getting no results at all but idk if I'm using it right. Then again I live in a very rural area so maybe it doesn't reach here.

No. 1015713

That's not the norm at all. Also if you're a bit older than 18 and want to date a teenager, then that's really disgusting.

No. 1015714

or they're just attracted to them. hope that helps.

No. 1015715

Anyone know how to retrieve the email address linked to an Instagram? Or Facebook or Pinterest or youtube or pretty much any other website. I've got the accounts, just need the email address.

No. 1015718

Begone, scrote.

No. 1015719

How do I use this? It's only giving me basic info about the gmail account, how do I see if the email is linked to any other websites?

No. 1015723

Scroll down. If it doesn’t show any websites, then the email you have is a dud.

No. 1015727

Hmm…I know for a fact he uses it on some websites though…

What is the holehe tool? Am I suppose to use that too?

No. 1015735

speaking of men being vile, i was stalking my ex and found out one of his family members (uncle or something like that) was arrested for having child porn and is a sex offender

No. 1015753

File: 1641336865686.png (11.08 KB, 1129x143, baba.PNG)

all it shows in my area are my own downloads. wonder if torrenting really is that unpopular here

No. 1015756

Haha who tf near me is downloading so much ed sheeran related material

No. 1015757

I looked up 2 exes and 1 new crush using it, only 1 out of the 3 really showed results. The others it purely showed their gmail username and was a dead end.

As far as I can tell the sites shown were mostly ones where breaches happened in the last few years? Wattpad, amazon, samsung, spotify, pornhub, quora. His twitter didn't show up on the list but I got there after a lil digging round in the others.

Like anon said, make sure you're fully scrolling down if you're not already. I nearly missed some results that way.

No. 1015767

>52 gb of Friends
What a waste

No. 1015799

I was excited and all I found were random movies from neighbors and me downloading sims 4. I was hoping for more action since I live in a flat downtown

No. 1015900

Seconding this

No. 1016107

Is there nothing we can do about this?

No. 1016112

How do you get usernames?

No. 1016145

Would also like a source on this, I'm happy to distrust men but I don't think that percentage of men are even downloading porn when they could easily watch it for free, I highly doubt 2 out of 3 men are downloading illegal porn. That is an outrageous number.

No. 1016170

My neighbor had something similar. Maybe it's like a default title? It was 26GB too..

No. 1016185

Feels about right, kids cartoons and russian music mixes. Not surprised about the lack of interesting stuff because people don't really torrent here anymore. For shame!

No. 1016403

File: 1641375295826.jpg (163.85 KB, 1458x900, agatha.jpg)

I wouldn't call myself a snooper or cyberstalker, I haven't cyberstalked anyone since I was a teenager. In recent years it's just been googling full names, looking at Instagram accounts and peoples follow/following lists to try and find other people, like the guy I liked's gf to try and find his account, but that's all public so it doesn't count in my mind.

Someone who lives by me is really into Agatha Crisitie, everyone else is just downloading movies. For my IP it's just games my brother is downloading. Does this only count torrents?

I'm sickened that many anons have nonces in their immediate area, that is disgusting and apparently this is way more common that I thought. How depressing.

No. 1016411

mine has all the spiderman movies downloaded with some other family like movies: mulan and the muppets. it was all done on new years so im assuming a mom/dad was getting ready for company over.

No. 1016412

Surprisingly only one porn download nearby for Mature Muslims. Most were disney movies, some popular shows and someone downloading every marketing self-help book ever

No. 1016427

…. jesus wtf. I didn't know it was so easy to find out what other people were downloading. I thought you'd have to be some kind of experienced hacker for that. I almost never download anything other than retarded memes and PDFs but I'm too scared to check what my neighbors are downloading tbh.

No. 1016447

what the fuck? in my area it was just a shitton of movies.

No. 1016519

Anyone know this?

No. 1016526

Is there any way to view Tweets from a deleted Twitter account? Wayback machine doesn't work

No. 1016645

Maybe I'm just dumb, how are people seeing what their neighbors are downloading? Is it on the default page where it shows your IP? Mine is blank, is just nobody pirating shit in my area?

No. 1017258

I really want to know how it knows if it's child porn or not

No. 1017820

File: 1641481424806.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.48 KB, 1113x908, wtf.JPG)

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. This fucking IP is near me and I tried to find out where this IP was located. Turns out this IP probably belongs to a public library near me, meaning that a fucking random scrote went there using the library PC's and or Wifi to torrent this shit. I want to beat this scrote to fucking death. Literal fucking subhuman.

No. 1017828

Report this to your local library or the police

No. 1017830

I found someone that apparently had the exact same idea as me to download adobe software.

No. 1017835

I mean, the titles are quite obvious, but maybe some poor bastard has to look at the first 3 seconds of the videos.

No. 1017848

This website is showing that I torrented a course but I haven’t torrented anything in a long time. No one uses my computer.

No. 1017850

I don’t believe this website is legit

No. 1017852

there was a website that lets you reverse search images very well. What was it?

No. 1017872

Can you inform the library so maybe they can keep watch on wtf people are doing? IDK how possible that is, but maybe the peso comes back

No. 1017910


No. 1017912


No. 1017913

They might take CP more seriously but I've heard stories in the US of men literally watching porn in public libraries in front of children and nobody does shit about it because there's no law against it. God I hate men.

No. 1017917


No. 1017918

Hey can we turn this into a female friendly thread and warn each other of cameras that get hacked by pervs? I’m no IT fag but I’m aware there’s retards who hack at house surveillance cameras in the hopes they can catch some jacks. It’s unfortunate and horrifying how people who thought a camera that protected them from the very same thing they want to avoid actually doesn’t. So yeah, eggsplain to us how scrotes can do thAt and how we can avoid it.

Female stalkers are BASED.

No. 1017920

File: 1641487431176.jpeg (11.99 KB, 250x180, 6D704E1C-B1E7-4948-99AD-341DDD…)

>watchdog sites
Can you name a few. I’d like to know if they’re any creeps in my area

No. 1017923

>can we turn this into a female friendly thread
It already is. You're on a female-only imageboard.

No. 1017925

How did you find his quora account when the site doesn't give usernames?

I want to see if my abuser is still doing skeezy stuff online but unfortunately I think he's one of those smart paedophiles that can cover his tracks online well, but I still want to try

No. 1017930

By doing this and taking care of male stalkers we’ll be even more female friendly

No. 1017936

NTA but when I was really young they told us about https://www.familywatchdog.us/ in school or something. I think it used to tell you why they were arrested/on the list in the first place, or maybe it was another site that I can't remember. The site is only for US nonnies unfortunately.

No. 1024216

anybody know if there’s a way to find out if someone has multiple instagram accounts?

No. 1024230

Horrifying, I could only read three titles before I noped out. Definitely let the library know, there could be kids there when he's there.

No. 1024232

When people torrent they can connect to a public or private tracker. The public tracker logs all ips and this website uses the logged ips to generate a list of ips similar to yours and what they recently connected to public trackers with.
You won't see your usual browser downloads on there, only specifically public tracker torrents.

No. 1024275

About iknowwhatyoudownload, are the suggested IPs likely neighbours or just somewhat nearby IPs? I looked the IPs up and they were like tens of kms removed from me if the location was accurate. But when I look up my own IP it also doesn't show the accurate location either so.

No. 1024448

The whole website is just fake. I was at my grandparents and it’s trying to say they’re fucking downloading Emily in Paris on Christmas Day, they don’t know how to download anything.

No. 1024459

Honey. IP addresses are shared.

No. 1024488

File: 1641991680598.png (5.4 KB, 643x115, horrific.PNG)

This is just in my immediate area, I feel sick. I had no idea there would be so many.

No. 1024777

mine shows nothing at all, and the similar ips just show books

No. 1024781

Nothing came up for my neighboring area. Seeing the vile shit some anons' neighbors were torrenting made my stomach churn. And those are the ones who don't use VPN or seedbox to cover their asses. Thinking about how many more are out there who do know how to hide is nauseating.

No. 1037315

I don't like how I act like Joe from You or whatever sometimes. I always track my boyfriend's followers/following, so it is usually easy for me to find out about any new friends he makes. I found the profile of a girl he had been talking to and researched her. I found where she worked so I went there a few time and was kind of spying on her and whatnot and now that I'm back home it reminded me of the show, which is somewhat irksome.

No. 1037345

How invasive is that? considering people LOVE to over share one line, geo tag, update incessantly. Its not like you talked to her, right? Idk I feel like people can’t be shocked when other people observe them publicly., especially with the constant broadcasting of real time location.

No. 1037393

I stalk my crazy aunt’s social media. We are in the process of getting a restraining order against her too. Whoops.

No. 1037400

File: 1642891313495.png (31.09 KB, 658x330, killallmen.png)

this fucker lives really close to me and now i'm tempted to empty my cat litter bag on his front porch.

No. 1037505

File: 1642897492840.jpg (192.94 KB, 750x935, Tumblr_l_13525915368417.jpg)

There's multiple wife beaters, CSAM possessors and 2 rapists near my future home. Let's all wish death upon them and your local degenerates together with me, nonnies.

No. 1037526

Ew I just looked up for my area and I found one who lives a block away from me. Wouldn't it be fun to print that out and mail it to everyone within the area?

No. 1037532

I wish we had public records like this in my country. Has there ever been an American serial killer who targeted pedophiles off of the sex offender registry? that would be pretty based i think (in minecraft)

No. 1044199

I keep tabs on the people who’ve wronged me. They make it so terribly easy. They can’t help but constantly share their lives for anyone to watch.
So now and then I run a criminal check and scroll their social medias. I found out an ex who I broke up with for flirting with a TEEN at 26 has pending domestic charges on him and I know there’s a young kid involved. Why is his partner so stupid? He had a few charges previously and this is no surprise. She chose to bring a kid into a volatile situation, and didn’t think to find out who the guy is first.
It takes such little effort to look into people, please, check the men you are dating. Look into their past. Make sure you want to risk building a life with someone who is dangerous and violent. It takes less than an hour.

No. 1044211

File: 1643326881102.png (13.74 KB, 800x67, Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 5.39…)

I live in a relatively small area too wtfff. near my home are two lady pedophiles and a dude from my graduating class (rapist)

No. 1044219

Probably not too relevant since most cases are male on male but I just discovered this registry map for offenders in the furry fandom
This would be nice if it existed in other popular hobbies and fandom communities too. There are so many creeps in every nerdy community and it would be nice to have a collection of proof or records of any predators

No. 1044287

I wish I knew more about how to protect yourself from people doxxing or stalking you. I'd love to do simple cooking or cat blogging but I get so freaked out about how people can doxx bloggers from windows and stuff. I have no idea how they really do it… I try to not share too many details of my life online, but I also am a freelance artist so I use the same user across several social medias unfortunately.

No. 1044389

I like to keep tabs on my ex serial rapist and abuser boyfriend but he's pretty internet savvy and pretty much wiped himself from the internet when #Metoo started gaining traction. He recently reactivated his facebook but that's all I have on him, it's pretty privated and we're not friends on Facebook as I just have a burner account. Is there a way to obtain his email address so I can look up if he has other accounts? I saw that website posted earlier but I'd need to find out the actual email first.

No. 1044396

Yes, basic background checks will at least show his main ones. But he could have burners too

No. 1044406

But how would I obtain the email address from what little social media he has out there? To give more context, he's evaded the law thus far which is why he isn't in prison, he just keeps a really low profile and lives somewhere in the suburbs of my hometown.

No. 1044819

Bround checks do show emails nonna

No. 1053051

Dunno how useful this may be, but I know my ex's reddit account and keep up with his deleted posts with this https://camas.github.io/reddit-search/

Does anyone have a way of recovering deleted imgur photos? Might be a lost cause since wayback machine doesn't have it.

No. 1053220

Thanks for the link, anon. This is a great help to me since there are a few of someone's deleted reddit accounts I wanted to read posts from

No. 1053316

File: 1644101988298.png (7.23 KB, 1129x110, image_2022-02-05_175756.png)

i definitely do fear that this is CP but i'm so fucking curious it's hard not to just soft-download and open it in my torrent program to see what it is, then just remove it after. will i died?

No. 1053330

Not me looking at my old deleted account and seeing I commented on one pussy eating gone wild audio post in 2019 when I was a virgin

No. 1053334

Now I’m curious too, update us if you download it!
I looked at my neighbors and all they’re downloading is Windows and the TV shows 1883 and Peacemaker. Boring.

No. 1053345

No. 1053355

File: 1644104649299.png (42.02 KB, 1216x780, image_2022-02-05_184053.png)

okay so apparently if you click on it it just shows the torrent into in the site so i think we're good, just looks like assets to a video game, maybe COD?

No. 1053373

File: 1644106271773.jpeg (144.57 KB, 898x671, F4CD7077-E9AE-4574-AF24-F6C0D2…)

I just wanna know where is felice fawn now???? Where did she go? Ive only found dead ends but i cry over the dried milk. I love that shes dodged all the creeps this long, including me.

No. 1054803

How do you do a background check for free?

No. 1055490

Plenty of sites offer trials, use that search engine and figure it out.

No. 1055515


No. 1056653

I don't care if someone who downloads this shit has never touched a child themselves, they need to be publicly executed and the people who make it need to be brutally tortured.

No. 1056816

I talked about it long ago, I used to lurk a former classmate from uni's twitter and tumblr because he was my personal cow and he shitted talked a lot of people despite being worse. I blocked him on twitter because I couldn't stand this rich white faggot posting about how transwomen are women and terfs are bad, and I haven't looked back since like a month ago. It wasn't even an effort on my part, I just stopped. His best friend, a pretentious straight guy who thinks being a manlet is ruining his life made his instagram and twitter private long ago and I've never bothered trying to follow either account. I should thank him for that I guess, I was also lurking out of morbid curiosity and he wouldn't stop posting pics of his abs and pecs between his tweets of him complaining about his shit career and his supposedly shit self-esteem.

I feel like I'm ready to move on from this shit. Last time I've seen the fag posting he was sick of his job, was told last minute that his job contract wouldn't be renewed, and he was struggling to get job interviews. I hope he's still looking for a job. I'm not going to look it up on linkedin because this site is an abomination.

No. 1064450

File: 1644768682672.jpg (223.91 KB, 1920x1080, exwives.jpg)

So Ive been listening to picrel and although I nearly hated it at first Ive come to enjoy hearing about fucked up things that the ex husband "Ben" (name legally changed) has done. Its gotten me curious enough to snoop for a few hours last night trying to find any trace of him on the internet. So far I found his real first and last name (wasnt hard), Brandon Johnson, age 43 years, hometown of Aberdeen WA, though it looks like he lives in seattle now; and his mom's facebook, which has 2 photos of his face on it as well as the reveal of his daughter's real name (changed legally in the podcast as shes underage) But I cant find any social media and I'm at a dead end. Any suggestions? Is there any way I could use the face photos to find more pics? Or can I use his ex wives names in combination with his to find legal records? I know he has at least one DUI.

No. 1074242

Anyone know what happened to her? I tried to follow the trail, but cant find her

No. 1074995

Dont you hate it when you're investigating someone, and the trail goes cold?? My obsessive nature needs someone to investigate at all times. I get a rush from finding the clues.
I guess, my question is, what tools/techniques do you do when you get through the basic public records and social media? What other avenues can i take?

No. 1075095

I mean…what exactly is it you’re hoping to find?

No. 1092628

There's a website called storiesdown that will show you public insta stories without the user being notified. Just type in their handle (no @)

No. 1095780

Is that why I’ll sometimes see my story has more views than actual viewers?

No. 1095989

Can't a viewer watch your story more than once? Would that up the views?

No. 1096063

They can re-watch but only the first watch counts as a view

No. 1100387

does anyone like to use these sites to essentially snoop on yourself? every year or so I usually plug my name, family member names, and our emails into google, etc and see what might come up. i am an oldfag so i rarely use the same username and never use my real name on social media if i ever make an account. i stopped really using social media in my early 20’s except for youtube and instagram burners so there really isn’t a lot out there. i am really private/semi-reclusive and don’t have friends so i am always curious what other people might see if they look me up since i can tell when coworkers or peers have been trying to find social media.

i think the most i have ever found on myself or my family are newspaper clippings, patent licenses, and all the awards my grandfather was given, some weird stuff about our income/tax bracket, and my voter registration plus the usual things like street addresses and phone numbers. i was surprised to see my grandmother’s year of death was listed as we didn’t post any public obituaries and had a private funeral and people only knew she died by word of mouth essentially. other than that, i like to snoop on my neighbors and in college, i used to dig up the craziest shit on some of my professors and peers who didn’t like me. i remember i found this one professor’s ancient Flickr account with her ugly, blobby, semi-nude pics and doing hardcore drugs at underground parties in los angeles. it is always weird what you can find on people who you would think should know better to hide their past.

No. 1100416

social security numbers that are reported for the deceased pop up on websites so that's probably how, if you're american

No. 1100433

I wish the fake links from iknowwhatyoudownload weren't so…obviously fake kek. Who's gonna click on a link that looks that seedy?? Anyway I love this thread we're all nosy creeps together

No. 1101308

>plus the usual things like street addresses and phone numbers

No. 1103423

You're right. Some people use the same password on all their accounts, and some people use pretty dumb passwords like "insert name-insertnumber". Add a dot or a underscore, and there you have it. Change some letters fro numbers even. When it comes to email accounts, some people use REALLY old accounts for everything, like microsoft messenger old, and other people use their literal names as accounts. Even if they have some secret questions, some are easy to guess. It depends on how much you're invested anon.

No. 1103432

I found out a guy in his late 30s that harrassed me for a while, went on a tirade on a forum talking about how a figure of Madoka was a "goddess" that gave him hope after he got divorced. It was so cringy.

No. 1103447

I do this too. There is hardly anything online about me and that's the way I like it. I've always been a lurker everywhere I've been online, even as a teenager, so there is really nothing at all to find… as far as I can tell. I closed my facebook account back in 2011 but I imagine everything I posted on there is still on some server somewhere. There were some cringe Bebo (popular social media site in my country years ago) comments from back when I just left school but they can't be found now. I like it this way but at the same time I do wonder how many people have googled me and been concerned with the lack of insta, facebook etc and thought I was weird because of it. I've heard of people not making it to the interview stage of a job application simply because they're untraceable online. I'm like you in that I'm semi reclusive and friendless and I wonder if I ever made some friends if they'd find it odd I have no internet presence kek. that's crazy about your professor, you could've blackmailed her with that (I'm kidding before anyone comes for me)

NTA Idk what country you live in but in the UK you can often find addresses and telephone numbers using the electoral register.

No. 1107974

I know this post is old, but since /m/ went down idk where else to post the stuff. There's a lot more to post about now, but idk about making a whole new thread for it all. The google hangouts Miyavi "Lee" is still active though and keeps saying he'll make a deal before going offline again.

No. 1119009


New temp JMusic thread: >>>/m/193740

No. 1147142

File: 1650886852098.jpg (28.13 KB, 1080x1076, 84826765_1836391553158037_3497…)

Need linkedin data breach

No. 1147155

You could always just create a fake company profile and use it to check their profile, anon

No. 1147221

File: 1650890117347.jpg (23.41 KB, 640x456, SmKZYe-82qE2mHCH-bg7OAHt75gysG…)

I have, still unable to find their email

No. 1147330

Have you tried any of these Chrome email finder tools?
>One of the easiest ways to uncover an individual’s email address on LinkedIn is to simply use a Google Chrome extension.

>Google Chrome extensions are apps that can be added to your browser. They’re largely part of an email finder tool suite, which is why they still require a google account. Some tools, however, are specifically Google Chrome extensions.

>Here are the best options available:



No. 1147331

samefag, I adore your pic btw kek

No. 1147482

File: 1650902363805.jpg (274.84 KB, 1032x1421, 1636569806872.jpg)

I've tried that already, didn't work. Hence I'm asking if anyone knows where I can find a linkedin data breach

No. 1147505

No. 1147510

Haven't checked if it's valid though, it's a big ass file and takes hours to download

No. 1148236

this is happening to me too idk what to do other than replace all my shit

No. 1148264

Hire someone smarter than me to help.

No. 1148266

Its gonna take a bit, why does this keep happening with no repercussions?

No. 1148268

How did they find you

No. 1148273

How does this happen and how do I know if this is happening to me or not?

No. 1148287

Ah. . .

No. 1148289

Being female and using the internet puts you at risk. You shouldn't have to be anon but it really is the safest way to minimize your stalkers. Keep a low profile no facebook or identifying info or pics anywhere online. It just sucks we even have to go through this at all like we're not even people but little objects or characters in these fucked up men's minds.

No. 1148290

You're not making my paranoid ideation any better nona

No. 1148295

I know for a fact its happening to me they can even change my youtube algorithim I don't know how but they do I swear I'm not crazy. Like I'd take a piss and 5 minutes later on my youtube recommends I see a song called "mellow yellow". All types of "coincidences" like this. I kind of have a feeling I know who it is but it could be multiple people I don't know. I also know other girls I talked to that its happened to. Its not a joke this is real people that you're stalking and getting off to without their consent, it should be illegal but nobody cares about women's safety at all. We need feminist hackers and tech savy people to fight for some type of legislation to get this shit cracked down on its fucked up. it probably happens to kids a lot too.

No. 1148305

So the new update is supposed to fix all that so if i get a new phone should I be fine?

No. 1148317

Yeah I'm thinking of switching to android at this point I need a new phone anyway. God this sucks though, I really don't understand the enjoyment someone gets out of watching and tracking your every move. I'll stalk peoples public info if I'm curious but I'd never think to hack into someone's webcam, phone, google account, etc. That's just abuse at that point you're abusing a person when you watch them without their consent and hack into their stuff.

No. 1148322

Do you cover up your device cameras when not using them? I tape mine but my coworkers prob think I'm sctizo gor doing so

No. 1148336

Why do they have parody accounts of you? Who would even care if you're not a notable figure? Can you tell me more about your stalkers motivations?

No. 1148355

please just give a quick rundown, jealous scrote or some psycho schizo girl?

No. 1148362

No. 1148367

are there any online safety guides you found helpful?

No. 1148370

Government is full of misogynist boomers and they move slow af anyway. So good luck with that legislation change.
Have you talked to a lawyer about this? It sounds like there's so much evidence that even the most retarded stalking laws could apply.

No. 1148375

I'm not even sure who my stalker is at this point I wonder if its just a group of people but I'm not passionately radfem or anything like that and never talk about trans people like ever. (Not the anon with the twitter accounts I'm youtube algorithim anon btw) I just wish they'd stop cause its weird.

No. 1148380

My unhinged narc ex logged into a storage account of mine 2 years ago and I only discovered it recently so reading these last few posts is making me lose my shit. Trust nobody, nonnies.

No. 1148382

idk there's just been a lot of coincidences, I know of at least one person that found nudes on my google drive (retarded i kno but im not smart)

No. 1148383

men are scary, why did he do it and how

No. 1148390

We were involved over 7 years ago. I blocked out most of the memories so I'm not sure how. I gave him a lot of things for free because he refused to work, so I might have given him an old phone or something? I saw the log in session from his location and it said 2 years ago, no idea why he did it then but I wouldn't be surprised if he still wasn't over it and wanted to fuck with me. I know he's an imageboard user too so for all I know he was sharing my pictures and info with his other friends or has some deeper connections. Fuck my life.

No. 1148394

Thankfully I didn't have any but plenty of pictures of me and some personal documents, so just my luck

No. 1148398

The funny thing is this guy has seen me pick my nose, masterbate, not shower for days, he's seen my ugly mug up close and personal, he's seen my whole family up close and personal, he's listened to and possibly seen me take a shit, yet I don't even feel embarrassed about it like he wants me to I'm just appalled anyone would even think to do that. Where's the enjoyment in all of this? Is it a power thing? Is it a sexual thing? I don't get it?

No. 1148401

I'm the OP of this chain, did you reply to the wrong message anon?

No. 1148405

I'm the anon who doesn't have parody twitter accounts I think there's three of us posting here now, I just have random stalkers and I think I know one of them but I can't be sure if I'm right about whose stalking me though I have to wonder why a man with money and status would even care to stalk wittle ole me.

No. 1148406

I covered my webcam with a reeses wrapper and guess what shows up on my youtube algorithim..yeah a bunch of videos on reeses. I swear I'm not crazy, the white coat squad can't hurt me anymore.

No. 1148420

I get that the algorithim targets things based on what you look up on the internet or talk about but I started noticing signs of being stalked before its just that the algorithm always synched up with weird shit they were doing and if I'm right another wealthy white man will be outed as a psycho pervert or a pedophile soon most probs.

No. 1148465

Don't use banking apps. I don't care if everyone thinks it's boomer tier, just don't. Use an atm (inspect the machine beforehand, don't let anyone stand staring behind you), normal paying with card, use a digipass for online banking, but please no app. Many banks are scummy with this shit too and won't give you your money back when hacked.

No. 1149165

Ok I don't know how to explain this but my phone, laptop, and google account got hijacked by a guy and he uses this shit to bully me and I don't know how to prove that I got hacked but I know that I did. He wont stop and now I have third parties (flying monkeys) handling some of the bullying as well. I can't take it anymore emotionally its led me to at least one suicide attempt. Can someone much more tech savy than I am give me some advice? If I give you an email or reddit account to message me at can you do that because I'm losing my mind I know that I'm being harassed I know that I'm being bullied and I know a lot of younger people are going to use the Tyler meme but that shit is how kids think, its never ok to gang up on somebody ever. But I don't know how to gather evidence that someone really did indeed hack me can anyone help? I just want them to stop attacking my looks and making fun of my family.

No. 1155594

File: 1651272496343.jpg (44.15 KB, 640x332, wqo5po87a8b71.jpg)

Bump. Still looking for that linkedin breach. Any alternatives to raidforums?

No. 1155630

Good thing I keep my played songs private. Unless there's something else I'm not seeing?

No. 1158993

I do not know but I want to… why did you post this specific site? looks like it just gives interesting lastfm stats?

No. 1162308

Apparently tiktok shows users which people saw their profile? I use a burner account but I stalked people who are friends so they could connect the dots about who I am.

No. 1162403

You have to have an option on your account turned on that allows others to see your views in order to see who views your profile. It's not a default setting, so if you haven't gone into your settings and turned that feature on they shouldn't be able to see you, only other users who have profile views enabled.

No. 1173351

Is there a trick to view all of a company's employees on LinkedIn without signing in?

No. 1173869

Is there a way at all to view an android text message and then set it back to being unread on the main page of text convos? I want it to look like I never even opened them. I know it can be done to emails

No. 1174689

Download a tracker on the phone.

No. 1175918

If any of you want to deepdive on a redditor, maybe a deleted famous account or something, I've found out a lot of info using the sites I'll link.
For searching purposes
To see deleted posts from accounts
If any of you have any other tools I can use to snoop on reddit like figuring out their alts or other accounts connected to the same mail, let me know.

No. 1175971

Samefag, is the anon who doxxed a redditor still around??

No. 1177165

How can I learn someone's email or other into from their skype id?

No. 1177344

File: 1652306077191.jpg (109.72 KB, 927x290, Screenshot_20220511-235353_Sam…)

You can't, unfortunately

No. 1177945

Are there any compilations of stories from the side of people who have been stalked, or even confessions of the stalkers themselves?
Hearing these stories helps me to feel less alone and also make smarter choices but all the podcasts and YouTube videos are from normies for lack of a better word. They don't understand any of the complexities of modern online stalking.

No. 1178968

If you're looking for confessions from stalkers, there's a unhealthy obsession thread on LC >>204455

No. 1182360

File: 1652644112063.gif (6.21 MB, 540x491, tumblr_67f25d9f747da22239d68dd…)

Dutch anons, how do I find a Dutch citizen's address/phone number if I know their full name, birth date and the city they live in

No. 1182374

You could try detelefoongids.nl by name and city for the address, it's the digital version of the yellow pages. It does seem to list house phonenumbers but I don't think you'll find 06 cellphone numbers on there.

No. 1182378

Tor services.

No. 1182382

Idk I saw a chrome add on that allegedly shows the email (?) maybe I'll try that. I don't wanna get into tor stuff, that's too much and I'm only doing this out of curiosity.

No. 1182402

Programming and coding is really the only way to take it to the next level besides social engineering. Check github as well for similar extensions.

No. 1182838

I know this is really basic but you could try searching it on the Dutch Google and see what comes up?

No. 1182842

Nta but do you mean searching it on one of the Tor search engines or do you mean using a specific Tor service?

No. 1182880

A bit different topic but: how do I know that there are no snoop softwares left on my phone?

My previous workplace had a byod policy and we had work softwares installed on our personal phones. After a while I noticed that every time I do anything on my phone in worktime, a little app icon pops up that wasn't there before (and I assume it made a screenshot every time I fucked with my phone). After I stopped working there I obviously uninstalled them and the little icon also stopped popping up but I can't escape the feeling that remnants are still on it

No. 1182894

Too late now but never, ever install workplace software onto your personal device, ever. Suppose you could do a whole reset. Use a github scanner to check for any leftover suspicious files on a backup.

No. 1182900

Very very very disturbing thread.

No. 1182904

No. 1182914

If yall knew what was in store in the next two years you would become maxlvl schizophrenic

No. 1183135

I love internet clairvoyants, please share

No. 1183739

please spill nonnie, either here or in the tinfoil thread!!

No. 1184651

It isn’t clairvoyance it’s just basic knowledge of tech and what is generally being hidden from us (the gen pop.)

Encryption will not exist in any capacity. Everything previously encrypted will not be anymore. The amount of our data currently being sold and brokered extends far beyond what we allow ourselves to believe, veering into conspiratorial territory. There’s a decent chance as a woman that your entire cellphones contents are being shared on ~teh darkwebz~ already, no it doesn’t matter how interesting or attractive you are or not. Apple has so many exploits readily available for anyone with decent programming knowledge to take over your phone remotely with no indication on your end that giant hack corps won’t even buy new exploits for it anymore. Every single thing we say around phones in any capacity is permanently in the technological ether and it’s going to be used for blackmail and extortion soon. Unfortunately not schizo delusions and actual reality.

No. 1184677

This sounds like the telescreen in 1984, except it's not the Big Brother that's watching you, it's some companies and shady individuals.

No. 1184688

The problem isn’t even the companies per se. it’s the fact that stalking has become so incredibly easy and unregulated now that the scrotes are practically monopolizing everything and profiting immensely off of selling the contents of womens devices online for any desperate chance of getting bitcoin. Remember the fappening? That’s still happening only now there’s a paywall and you’ll never, ever find out if you’re behind it. It’s like that shitty movie with Ashley benson.

No. 1184710

Do you have any idea how they choose people for this? Do scrotes do it to women they know personally? Through social media? I don't doubt the tech giants are watching my every move but I don't have any socials or talk to men IRL so there's no way they'd have my contact info or Apple ID or whatever, which AFAIK is the entryway to remote into a phone.

No. 1184720

Don't use apple, don't get on mentally ill people's bad sides so they don't stalk you. Also check the unhealthy obsessions thread or this thread to learn how average people stalk so you can avoid those.

No. 1184726

This is giving me Q Anon vibes

No. 1184740

That’s fine. It’s true tho. Pizzagate something something adrenachrome is all I know about Q.

Scrotes do that shit for fun, you don’t have to really cross paths. This is becoming a rampant issue. The resources required for all of this are so simple to acquire that many terminally online autist programfags do it as hobbiests.

No. 1184748

>Scrotes do that shit for fun, you don’t have to really cross paths. This is becoming a rampant issue. The resources required for all of this are so simple to acquire that many terminally online autist programfags do it as hobbiests.
but how do you know this?

No. 1184750

What are your sources for that? do you know where they organize or hang out?

No. 1184774

File: 1652786447078.jpg (79.01 KB, 1280x720, marijuana-joint.jpg)

No. 1184777

Give it a year or two.

No. 1184787

>Give it a year or two.
Bitch I want the info now!

No. 1184791


Apple tries to pass these exploits off as only targeting high interest individuals but that isn’t true. There are dozens of very simple backdoors in Apple software that can make even script kiddies remotely take over your device just for fun—and they routinely do. A lot of it has to do with kernel security. I’ve noticed that women focus mostly on social engineering, as also seen here. Men on the other hand prefer programming and just taking over with ddos, injection, remote mirroring etc. You don’t find out about because you aren’t in #theboysclub. If the commonality of these attacks were shared it would cause panic and then apple couldn’t sell their products. There are programmers who regularly beg apple to fix exploits and they are ignored for months and years.

No. 1184799

I'm asking for the source of where the males who gangstalk you in your phone are. Where do they reunite. Where do they give each other tips.

No. 1184800

>You don’t find out about because you aren’t in #theboysclub.
And you are?

No. 1184803

No. 1184808

Nta but they don't stalk all women. Chances are, it's either an ex or someone who found out about you either irl or on social media who then moved onto stalking you because of their obsession.
Most women experience getting stalked in their lifetime, whether is be an obsessed ex following your social media accounts behind a fake account or an autist who actually spies on you to extreme lengths.

No. 1184812

It always appalls me when anons aren’t aware that it’s a real, tangible, active issue. Give scrotes the ability to do things without consent and they’ll have a field day, same goes for technology.

No. 1184815

Where is the place where they organize? I'm not asking for a random apple article about security, I'm asking WHERE are them? You keep saying "the programmers" ok but where tf is the forum where they speak to each other? Why don't you report en masse if you have this knowledge of where they hang out?

No. 1184827

NTA and I'd also like to know where they congregate, but violent males in every country get away with rape and murder, you think law enforcement would care about cyberstalking?

No. 1184832

This is naïveté. Do you think the kind of people who do this sort of thing just hang out on a forum the way we sit our asses on image boards? They use signal, they use telegram, they operate on tor and law enforcement doesn’t give a single fuck because it doesn’t serve them to worry about these things. Do you really think cp and drugs is the only thing they sell on ~teh deepwebz~? Reporting it isn’t going to stop it especially since nobody gives a fuck. The pandemic has made it easier since wfh and remote is becoming normalized. You’re free to view it as some conspiracy but it’s just a fact of our current reality. You can easily do your own research.

No. 1184863

I'm asking you for info and sources since you seem very knowledgeable. Telling me to do my own research is lame. I was buying your conspirancy, but the lack of a source and "lol just search it!!!" makes me doubt you. I want to believe you.

No. 1184880

I don’t care if you doubt me. No, I don’t want to sit here for hours and type a spoon feed about programming/ coding/ hacking and the way it’s currently propelled into a monster, sorry. And yeah, if it interests you it’s something you can look into yourself, I do not give one single fuck if you put any stake in my claims lol I am not going to be the one to type out that encyclopedia here.

Anyways, data brokers and bounty hunter middle-men are the future. Our phones data is considered a very valuable commodity no matter how uninteresting we think we are.


No. 1184900

>data brokers and bounty hunter middle-men are the future
sounds like you are one

No. 1184912

Is there a trick for seeing who viewed your Facebook profile? or who searched for it?

No. 1184919

Because women aren’t allowed to become informed about a current issue LOL okay anon

They may come up in your suggested friends, but that can also happen if you were in a similar location or you searched them first, mixed bag

No. 1184920

i think it's elaine larping again kek

No. 1184930

>I am not going to be the one to type out that encyclopedia
I don't think you could, anyway

No. 1184932

Reverse psychology yas girl

Who is Elaine?

No. 1184935


No. 1184936

Thank you for sharing the video and this article. Having a name for this kind of thing helps springboard research.

No. 1184938

I hope no one spoonfeeds you, miss "I'm not going to spoonfeed you and write encyclopedias about it"

No. 1184941

No. 1184947

Go back to twitter, tone indicator user.

No. 1184958

>pretending ironic tone indicators haven’t sarcastically been used by anons for ages
You’re just assblasted I won’t give you an itinerary of juicy screenshots of spooky d33pw3bz forums that give you a fleeting hit of dopamine because you’d rather read a creepypasta-format thread than do the bare minimum of research on the hardware of the devices you use every day.

No. 1184966

Whatever larp helps you sleep at night

No. 1184973

>you're just JEALOUS of my very ~special~ secret l33t h4ck3r knowledge

No. 1184982

Yeah that’s about the reaction I’d expect from anons who ask if there’s a way to view who views your fb profile kek

No. 1185047

ntayrt but you're the one who is positing the conspiracy theory; the burden of proof is on you to support it with evidence, but you just keep deflecting with sPoOnFeEdInG. you bring up some valid points about data security but are saying some really outlandish stuff about "in 1-2 years EVERYONE IS GOING TO GET RID OF ALL DATA ENCRYPTION AND YOU WILL GET BLACKMAILED FOR YOUR POSTS ON LOLCOR!!!!!!!" with no evidence to support it, so naturally people are going to question you.

No. 1185053

Oh, to elaborate on encryption being nixed, that will be when quantum computers are refined and completed. They’ve been working on quantum computers for awhile and once they make their debut, encryption just won’t exist.

No. 1185474

your concerns are real but realistically quantum computing won't be refined for at least a decade, and will never be able to be mass produced or available to the average man due to lack of helium supply.

No. 1186781

I still check upon an internet girl I was friends with, we stopped talking in 2012 when I was eleven. I don't even know why I still remember her full name. She seems to be kinda low profile because the only things I can find are like official stuff, and so far I've been creating an entire personality for her based on her university entrance tries lol

No. 1222226

I think actively giving instructions on how to do crimes is against board rules

No. 1223481

My ex boyfriend was a groomer who assaulted and raped me from the ages of 14-17. I'm not his only victim, I've known multiple women who've told me stories of him abusing them, assaulting them, etc.
I don't think about him often (it's been years since I last saw him/we last spoke) but for some reason I dream about him a lot. This caused me to look him up on facebook (which I've done before) but this time I had a closer look at a cover photo he posted late last year. It's a balcony view of a clinic and a mcdonalds. I decided to look up all the clinics in the city I was fairly sure he was living in (my home town) and I managed to find the one in the photo, across from the mcdonalds. I don't know what to do with this information. I wouldn't be able to figure out his exact address, but given the angle of the photo I have a pretty good idea where it was taken from. I've heard rumors he's dealing meth. Any ideas nonnies?

No. 1223844

i have a love/hate relationship with cybersnooping on my gf's ex. stems from my disdain for the way she treated her and some feelings of insecurity. searching her up gives me an adrenaline rush. thanks to >>1175918 i just found out her new gf dumped her bc the ex is ftm and she wanted an actual woman, feelsgoodman. she does not deserve happiness.

No. 1269583


Are people on instagram able to find your other accounts? I have a bunch of accounts under one email and one I use for snooping and I was wondering if people would be able to trace it back to my main account

No. 1269590

What else could you do other than reporting him for drug use/dealing?

No. 1270395

Here’s a list of resources about open source intelligence


No. 1275577

They will likely be recommended to people who have your email address saved in something linked.

No. 1279025

does anyone have an idea how to get an e-mail address of an instagram account, which is just a normal one and not an influencer etc.? (is that even legal? I hope so)

No. 1279050

jesus christ. try talking to your boyfriend instead of sNoOpInG, and go outside instead of looking at some retards socials.
and don't give me that "noooo you can't just talk to bf he liiiieee" then break up with him you double retards.

No. 1279112

kek, I am too tired to read all that before me (>>1279025) but do you mean me? I wanna snoop on the bitch that made my life a hell in school, but okay

No. 1279114

You get the first and last letters by trying to reset the password.

No. 1279124

Never. I will snoop until the day I die. I am upfront about it, too. I don't allow my bf to have passwords or anything secret. Don't like it don't date me

No. 1279125

>is it legal
Depends on where you live but I highly doubt it.

No. 1279138

>I don't allow my bf to have passwords or anything secret.

>"noooo you can't just talk to bf he liiiieee" then break up with him you double retards.
also not wrong tho.

No. 1279201

File: 1658934739738.jpg (39.63 KB, 700x683, 88545600d59f5c762294ac5dbbaba6…)

>mfw people are more concerned about data hunting bc of their embarassing posts and not the fact that our goverments are criminalizing our rights
Imagine not even having to worry about the end of encryption because the people collectively came together to stop prosecution for stupid shit in the first place.
Everyone wants to live in their own bubbles though and hope it's not their ass next.

No. 1279209

kek this is my set up too. He doesn't care about not having my passwords but is fine with me having access to his.

No. 1279224

Based, me too anon

No. 1279293

any ideas on how to retrieve a username from an email?

No. 1279307

What do you mean, do you have access to the e-mail?

No. 1279319

>>1279307 i meant that im aware of their address and sites its used on, but cant get into it

No. 1279321

how do I tell if someone is stalking me online? I'm pretty sure someone is but I have no ultimate proof of it.

No. 1279416

Can there be a crime thread general? I could use some shoplifting tips

No. 1279445

Are you a poor?

No. 1279468

Shut yo fat ass up, snooping is based and you’re more likely to find stuff rather than just saying “hey babe, you’re not subscribing to onlyfans thots riiiight?”

No. 1281998

If one of the websites has a databreach, it's surprisingly easy to get your hands on hacked databases. That's stuff is out in the open on the surface web.

No. 1282799

Anyone have any advice for viewing a private instagram account? I set up a legit looking fake account but they didn't accept it…

No. 1284433

There’s probably not a way to view someone’s private Instagram without them accepting a request anon. Sometimes it just takes patience to wait for them to change it to public. It may take a while but a lot of people who previously had it on private will change it to public, at least for a few days or so before they change it back. People are attention whores and can’t help themselves sometimes. If you’re really desperate though, you can make a fake account pretending to be their friend or family member who doesn’t already have an insta account. Or pretend to be the backup account or an art account of someone they already follow. Might not always work though but it’s worth a shot

No. 1284866

nta but the website does that somehow

No. 1302278

Any anon know if there's a way to see instagram activity like the good ol' days? I looked around, but couldn't find much.

No. 1304268

omg nonita create one i need to try it one day

No. 1305010

I know so much about this one cow it's fucking insane. A decade of oversharing online really has fucked her over, she's lucky I snoop just for fun and dont actually hate her because I could tear up her life with the info I have kek

No. 1305838

I thought it was on this thread but apparently I was mistaken, but anyway can someone tell me a site that lists every social media linked to an email? I remember seeing it on lolcow some time ago but I forgot

No. 1305853

No. 1305880

What info? (without name ofc)

No. 1305885

yes, thank you!

No. 1307094

How can you get someone's email address from their LinkedIn page? And how can you find out when they created their LinkedIn profile?

No. 1308828

I want to know more

No. 1312063

Can you see the name and/or email someone used to make a youtube account?

No. 1326963

Maybe this is common knowledge already, but if you're opening a new tab in firefox and just press Ctrl+Z you can scroll through the things you've typed in there, even if you've never sent it and it's a clean new window. There was a way to scroll back up, too, but I don't remember it. I mostly use it for looking through things I wanted to google but then got distracted from, but I figured it might be useful in this sense, too lol.

No. 1327849

i know shit like this exists but seeing it actually terrifies me
how do i protect myself from being stalked? honest question nonnas

No. 1345004

Is there any way to access Australian death records online? I mean recent ones. Asking for a friend.

No. 1345925

The easiest way is to never get involved with strangers online and don’t give extra attention to moids you don’t know irl. Honestly even then, women are chosen at random all of the time for one bizarre, convoluted reason or another, and I’m not going to victim blame because avoiding being stalked is actually incredibly difficult if someone genuinely wants to stalk you. The most generic thing I can advise is just to take some time out of your week to research protecting your network, laptop and/or pc, what’s considered bad security etiquette etc. Honestly the most vulnerable is your phone, especially if you have an iPhone. Keep your security up to date, avoid Bluetooth as much as possible (yes dongles are annoying but they’re better than AirPods as a whole), never give our your iCloud id, don’t connect to public Wi-Fi, don’t attach a card to your account, etc. It doesn’t matter if your photos are uploaded to the cloud or not, they can still be stolen off your phone so don’t have anything you wouldn’t feel at risk if a stranger saw. Use strong passwords, understand that 2FA isn’t foolproof, avoid mobile banking. It’s actually exhaustive the precautions you would have to take if you were actively a target for a stalker.

No. 1346357

As someone who is new to the world of digital privacy, I’m already unbelievably overwhelmed. I feel like I’d have to do years of research and spend a hell of a lot of money just to gain even a little bit of protection. Very unsettling and depressing.

No. 1347465

Nonita my dearest I don't know if you're being srs but don't shoplift if you're over 18 and if you do don't do it anywhere you go frequently

No. 1348426

Yeah unfortunately moids run the world and live for exploiting women and there is no exception to this in tech.

No. 1365929

anyone know how to get around facebook's shitty algorithm hiding posts? i regularly search for someone but less and less is showing up because the algorithm has started to fuck me over and hide stuff even when i know there's more public posts there. tried from both my main and an anonymous side account. no mutual friends on either. doesn't work on new accounts either or they get zucked right away.

No. 1365930

nonnie this has never happened to me. have you considered they may have deleted the posts?

No. 1365931

it's not just her posts it's also public posts and photos from her friends & local places. she's a semi-public figure locally.

No. 1366368

Snooping through the profiles of people I have a crush on sometimes is the only thing that can make my little brain release some dopamine.
Right now I have an intense crush on a guy I’m kind of friends with and having the worst time because he is a healthy person who has very little social media presence. I wish I could find something on him, like profiles on websites that host obscure hobbies, or even a reddit account, but it’s really hard and to be honest I’m not so good at it. I’ve tried instantusername with his instagram handle but found nothing, and when I search for his full name all I get is a review he made on a local business website about an item he bought 5 years ago. I don’t wish to find any “doxxing”-like info about him because I already acquired most of it naturally through our friendship, and even if I hadn’t that’s the kind of detail that wouldn’t be so useful to me personally. I think I’m just obsessed with knowing stuff about his past and interests because I want to feel closer, I collect them like little treasures. I don’t allow myself to get too in touch with him in real life because he has a girlfriend (even though it’s an open relationship) + he is one of my ex’s best friends. I’ve read most of the replies of this thread and tried to apply the tips I saw to him but no luck so far.

No. 1367336

Hmmm what can be done with whatsapp? Is it crackable?

No. 1367342

>TFW the guy I have crush on has no social media for me to stalk

No. 1367845

This type of limerence is really bad for you though.

No. 1377818

im tech iliterate, what are some of the basic stuff i need to know?

No. 1377864

late but this is tough. Australia doesn't make this sort of information as accessible as the US. You can always search obituaries online, but that's really the extent of it unless you pay.

No. 1382575

File: 1666412938381.jpeg (469.94 KB, 1280x853, i heard you like sugar.jpeg)

this thread was really disappointing

No. 1393013

is there a way to find a home owners name just with their address?

No. 1393016

every site i try is outdated to someone who used to live there or you have to pay

No. 1421628

how do i retrieve someone's email from an account?

No. 1421646

I'm trying to cyberstalk this guy but he's very secretive. I know a lot about him irl but I want to find all the hidden fucked up shit I know he posts online. I know his real full name (its obscenely common which is annoying when searching stuff up), and was able to snatch his phone number from the internet through searching him up. Also have his linkedin with place of work and shit like that. Ive been to his place but don't know the address, live in a large city so searching through pics of every apartment complex is difficult to say the least. I also have his discord from when we would talk on there. However, when he failed out of school he left every discord server related to the college we go to and unfriended everyone he knew from there including me. Basically has dropped off the face of the earth. What I really want is to find the other discord servers he's in. I know there used to be a site called dis.cool that would show this but it got taken down unfortunately, and my attempts to find another tool like it is useless. He mentioned having a youtube where he posts vlogs but it must be under a username like the rest of his social media accs. Basically, what's the way to "reverse dox" someone? Find their social media through their irl identity? I've tried to snatch his email using a whole ass discord alt doing a "survey" but he didn't take the bait. I guess pretty much my only hope is finding a way to snatch the email through discord. Guy has done a damn good job of separating his irl and online life lmao

No. 1421650

Why are you obsessed with him? He left the school and obviously has no plans of keeping contact with anyone there

No. 1421664

>>1421650 Because I have a weird interest in learning more about fucked up horrible people. This is far from the first person I've stalked just the most difficult one which makes it more interesting I guess. This is an entire thread about stalking it's not like this is a particularly moral place anyway

No. 1421679

what do i do if i want to contact someone but all i have is their spotify? we follow each other but i cant even make them a collaborator on a playlist, much less share a song directly. i have no other way of contacting them, what do i do? i remember spotify had some kind of direct sharing function but fucking removed it

No. 1421689

Leave them alone as nature intended.

No. 1421696

>>1421689 why you going after a person silently following someone when people earlier in the thread were straight up talking about hacking accounts

No. 1421700

i was friends with that person as well, they just disappeared off the face of the earth lol. i just miss them. ty nona

No. 1421706

Since this popped up here I'll link a list of tools for other nonnies interested in this type of stuff.


This is my hobby, idc if it's creepy. I love putting together the little puzzles.

I would see if he duplicates his username anywhere else if it is sufficiently unique, and go from there. Not always foolproof but it's often a quick shortcut. See if there's any reference to a birthday, location, etc., anything might help.

No. 1421713

Yeah me thinking it’s retarded that you want to bother someone on Spotify has anything to do with the entire thread

No. 1421737

thank you nona youre a godsend

No. 1421745

this thread is perfect kek i've always snooped on people i know online and in real life. idk if it's wrong/invading people's privacy, but i never do anything with this information and i don't even care about having it, i kind of just like the challenge. i've found the names/addresses/schools of a lot of my online friends and they don't know i know. the funniest thing i found was one of my irl professors on reddit and she is active in polyamory communities.

anon i love you

No. 1430645

tool for viewing older tweets: https://tweettunnel.com/reverse.php

No. 1430647

lel this is why I use a different name on every website and never post any private infos not even age or gender.

No. 1430718

I know this is an old post but I was also the same. I obsessively stalked my ex gf for two years before making a move. I'm kinda relieved someone out there is as weird as me lol. Kindred spirits, anon.

No. 1430780

How can I see exactly when a LinkedIn profile was created?

No. 1430953

Impossible unfortunately

No. 1436974

friend of bf said that bf had mentioned having a secret coomer Twitter account that even he doesnt know. I want to find this account, I have some of his throwaway Gmail he could have used, how do I go about doing this

No. 1437013

I found my exes secret accounts by simply checking in extra gmail accounts they could have and social media spam/updates will just straight up give you their username

No. 1437103

I would never waste time in a relationship where I had to do this again but if you need your closure heres some things i did to find things out (and remember- don't go snooping unless you're ready to leave him bc u will not like what you find)
So when guys are doing dirt they will usually go to some lengths to hide it, clearing their history etc. One way I would always find dirt is checking the clipboard on his keyboard. Just open up a message or any place where you can enter text, hold down the clicker like you want to paste the last thing he copied, and select 'clipboard'. it will pull up a whole list of things he's copied. I've found phone numbers, suspicious links, social media handles etc this way. You can also just start typing letters and see what comes up on his suggestions, ive found the names of girls he was constantly looking for on Facebook this way and even his personal usernames he was typing often on different platforms kek. Through the settings (if he has android) you can also see all the accounts he's made on the phone, even for removed apps. For example I could see that he had 2 snap chat accounts, a pornhub account, and xxnx account, a nutaku account, 2 reddit accounts etc. Any weird numbers in their contacts i would usually run through cash app to see who it was, a lot of people tend to use similar usernames for most of their social media accounts. I always check for hidden albums in the gallery and check the calculator app.

No. 1437108

Only way to know is to check the email he used to create the account and find the confirmation email from the day he signed up, if you're ever able to get his phone in your hands. I usually just type whatever you're looking for in the search bar in the email in your case it would be "LinkedIn"

No. 1443981

Is there a site where I can creep someone's facebook without having to log into my regular facebook profile, I don't want my account being suggested to them in the "find friends" section or whatever if I look through all their photos

No. 1444148

just log out and browse their page

No. 1444373

this is old, but is there anything similar to this for european countries?

No. 1444790

You can't creep someone's page when your logged out, but I googled a bit and found out facebook doesn't do the "suggested friends" for people who are silently creeping someone's page now so cancel my post

No. 1479514

Can anyone give me some advice? I was recently proposed to and I want to go through his phone before I say I dos. He has an iphone with face I.D and I can't get into it. We have a "privacy" pack where we will not have access to one anothers phones. I want to go through it unprompted without him knowing to see what he gets up to. I just want to make sure he isn't a freak.

No. 1505088

Does anyone know how to see someone's instagram likes? Ideally I'd just be able to log into the profile but that's easier said than done. From what I've researched on snoopreport they're pretty shady but that's the exact kinda thing I'm looking for, so if any of you anons have any kinda experience with that particular site or know any alternatives they'd be very appreciated

No. 1505234

Fucking late reply but facial recognition is shit, you can probably use a photo of him and it'll work.

No. 1505670

Thank you! I'll give it a try.

No. 1505950

It's not easy. You basically have to try and make yourself obscure, or allot accounts to different purposes. It won't guarantee you won't attract a stalker. Stalkers in general at their worst will do all they can, and some of them have more resources at their disposal. As someone who's both stalked and been stalked, you must ask yourself what makes someone "stalkable" and avoid acting that way.

Do not make yourself known for one niche thing on an overt public account and don't avatarfag or be too personal in public on social media that concentrates everything about you. On more anonymous accounts and sites known for misogyny like reddit, don't ever post your face. Create multiple accounts of you need to, one for the more personal content if you want and one for more anonymous activities: trash talking, fandom, etc. seriously, do not show your face or reveal your voice if you want privacy. If you make a name or face for yourself or a reputation that's in anyway linked back to what you look like, your voice, anything overly tangible it will increase your chance of being stalked, especially in moid adjacent communities.

No. 1505998

>do not make yourself known for one niche thing on an overt public account
Very true. This is embarrassing, but I gained a stalker in my teens by using chanspeak on public accounts, with my face attached of course. Mega cringy, but I was a stupid teenager. That pretty much made me a target for this very unhinged moid. It's been more than a decade and I think he's still on it, but I'm really private nowadays as an adult. But in the end, you can't always help it, it's always the stalker's fault and they can have really unpredictable reasonings. Everyone should take their internet privacy and security very seriously though.

No. 1506179

Anons - if your scrote has an online presence at all, the best way to get to know him is talk about him and mention him casually to strangers (don't seem forceful though). I knew so many women who dated streamers that were exposed as cheaters this way

No. 1507097

https://www.tumbex.com/ - for viewing tumblr blogs without an account. (tumblr asks you to make an account now after scrolling past a few posts)

No. 1507303

I wish I never fucking snooped

No. 1507667

Dont go there/ spammed with porn ads!!!!

No. 1507671

No. 1507688

Isn't this primarily used to look at porn, hence the porn ads?

No. 1507706

What did you find nonny?

No. 1507709

i have an adblocker so i didn't see any ads. sorry about that

No. 1507715

nonnies that snoop random people on internet: have any of you people ever tried to be friends with the person you stalked? it worked out? I really want to become friends with this person without seeming too direct or suspicious

No. 1507759

I’ve done this a few times. I have 2 pieces of advice:

1. Try not to come on too strong right out of the gate. A lot of people may be put off by a total stranger who’s trying too hard or seems to know more about them than they should

2. Be ready for disappointment. I’ve done this 3 times in the past, but I’m still friends with only one of them. Some people present a persona of who they want to be online, rather than who they actually are in their day to day life. The one I’m still friends with was exactly the same irl as they were online. The other two, one turned out to be a flat out crazy bitch and the other acted like she was very open and wanted to make more friends in our hobby’s community. When I met her irl though, she was really full of herself and cliquey

No. 1507818

Very judgmental coming from a stalker

No. 1507896

No. 1508070

Lol I was very aware of the irony of calling someone else a crazy bitch, but idk what else to call someone who was actively supporting rapists and self-diagnosing new illnesses every week

No. 1508448

can you call the next thread "online snooping thread"
i hate getting excited for a snoop dogg shitpost thread and then scrolling to see the description

No. 1514544

I was friends with starpowerrrr for a bit until she dragged me into some insanity and we blocked each other kek

No. 1515885

File: 1678075705377.jpeg (39.15 KB, 450x300, 3B3B3FE4-D66D-41E1-BF36-974147…)

Is there an app or something that allows you to be notified when a person posts on tiktok? My personal cow is a chronic post and deleter. And yes i’m already aware of the in-app setting but that’s for lives only.

No. 1516673

Is there a working alternative to Twitter Join Date? It's been down for a few months now.

No. 1516809

this is me

I'm 99% sure I'm being snooped back now

No. 1517219

what makes you think so anon?

No. 1518758

The snooper becomes the snooped

No. 1537014

This may be against the rules so forgive me if it is, but does anyone know where I can download a keylogger that's safe to use and won't be seen on someone's computer? I'm not a creepy stalker I'm trying to see if my dad is looking at cp and I'm 99% sure he is but I need some proof.

No. 1537812

Why do you have suspicions? If you suspect you might have something solid, just report it anonymously.

No. 1548564

can someone help me make sense of this? im combing through someones tweets, specifically from june 2022. a tweet from that month of 2022 shows up with the right keywords in the search bar. however when i scroll all the way down the earlier tweet that shows up is september 2022 and it stops there. idk how else to view their tweets from march 2022?

No. 1548653

File: 1681432606554.png (123.04 KB, 750x508, unknown-63.png)

I love this thread. I haven't been a snooper/stalker in many years, but it formerly was a very very heavy hobby of mine. Way back in my childhood I began by looking through the phone books to find the phone numbers and addresses of my crushes. Then when myspace came around, it changed the game entirely. I'm happy I've moved on from this hobby, but I still remember the thrill of finding out new pieces of information about people of interest.

No. 1548654

Is it possible to view someone’s private instagram without paying for a program?

No. 1548717

Old ass reply I know but Are normies really noticing it that much? I’ve been blocked only once which is obvious but I thought the constant private/unprivate is to get new followers. Most people don’t have the mindset of this thread and usually only notice things once they get super obvious.

No. 1552816

Anyone know of any messaging apps that uses neon green text bubbles for the sent messages? Also the background is AMOLED black.

No. 1552871


No. 1552891

kik? whatsapp maybe also?

No. 1579253

what can i do with a phone number? im trying to find out if its connected to other social media but cant seem to find anything

No. 1579257

There are websites online where you can submit the number and they'll look up accounts for you. For most of the legit sites, though, you do have to pay a fee, I believe? It's been a long time since I did it so idk more than that, and the internet has changed a lot since then…

No. 1579259

its been a while for me as well, are there any sites you remember? but yeah itll be hard to find one for free. thanks, still.

No. 1579274

Most sites (i.e. twitter, instagram) have an option that lets people find accounts if they know the phone number connected to it.
But it only works if there's a phone number attached and also if the owner didn't turn off the option to let people find them.

No. 1579282

Kind of related, but anyone knows if those instagram bots still mean someone is viewing your story or if something has changed?

I read somewhere that the bots now interact with your story, on their own, to avoid bein deleted

No. 1579366

holy shit I didn't know that, rip to my ex

No. 1579854

File: 1684304760929.jpg (58.1 KB, 569x649, 54556464.jpg)

felt compelled to make this

No. 1579875

it's not "stalking" it's OSINT. gosh

No. 1579876

I feel so validated rn. I have been kind of spiraling cyberstalking my abuser. I found court documents that led me to believe he was a snitch in a situation, which lines up because he’s also mentioned being in protective custody while in prison. He wasn’t named in news articles about the incident, and he didn’t get time, but the other guys did. Lengthy sentences. Somebody was murdered. And he was deemed liable in the civil case. But he didn’t seem to get much punishment at all when the other guys did. one of them got life.

I also found his address. He posted a picture with the fucking crossroads behind his house. He lives next to a stop sign and it was visible in a picture taken in his backyard. Complete idiot. Some time on Zillow and google maps I got the house figured out in no time.

I also had a background check on him saved I did like 2 years ago, and honestly free public records can get you farther than a lot of these online background check sites, but they’re helpful for possibly finding new emails or phone numbers. found his new email, one that wasn’t on the last background check. used epios and yep. active.

I already had a lot compiled on him from before. mostly stuff he would post himself and things he had sent me, as well as the criminal records I didn’t have to dig so hard to find. I didn’t think I could know any more and god damn 2 years of cyberstalking have paid off. I knew I was looking for something, I knew there was way more to the story of him than even the horrific things I already knew.

2 years of dedication and I found his dirty secret: he was a snitch. within a weeks time I’ve found that as well as his current email and address. I also saw the face of someone whose life was lost in part to this man’s criminality, and his family left behind, I’m horrified. He made me feel like he was telling me so much but I knew so little. It was like constant lies by omission. He’d say a little bit but not tell the whole story, or combine stories together.

I’m doing radical background checks from here on out on any partner. I won’t ever be the type of person to go through a partners phone, I’m not jealous. I’m hyper vigilant because I slept with a fucking criminal and let him live with me when all of that information was right there, I just didn’t know how to find it. I won’t go through peoples things but I will see what information is out there. And if a time ever comes to speak some of my truth, I won’t be sharing anything that isn’t already public. What is already public speaks for itself.

I’m so grateful for some of the resources I’ve found in this thread. Cyberstalking ftw. Protect yourselves

No. 1580439

I've had several men to some really fucked up shit to me together and one of them was an elder millenial retard and I spent months paying someone to create a gigantic zip file of everything about him that could get him fired from his job and exiled online entirely, the entire time he was doing super fucked up shit and we got ahold of old gaming friends of his and that spawned a trove of material from the past 15 years or so. And I have in my possession multiple videos of him saying slurs, threats, super fucked up disgusting shit that would completely outcast him online and off, etc. He has an extremely distinct voice too that would be impossible to mimic or recreate with any kind of ai as excuse so any time he continues to mention me or shoehorn me into things I contemplate unleashing it to all his fake "friends." I've been patiently sitting on it for the right moment. Men will do genuinely horrific things to you and others and truly believe they'll get off free from it all, it's a special and sick kind of hubris. Its cathartic when they don't realize the street goes both ways and that when they're exposed like that, you get to see that they are always far more pathetic than who they abuse.

No. 1580574

I have tried to take legal action against my rental agent but been unable to do so more than file a complaint. A few months after I move out, I want to sign her work email up to as many spam email bulk services as possible. Does nagome have recommendations? P

No. 1580577


Wtf weird typo.

No. 1580628

sorry for Reddit but this post has a ton of links, not all of them work anymore, but you can sign someone up for hundreds on some of these sites


Don’t forget religious newsletters. Church of Scientology, Jehovah’s witnesses, some weird local cult.. etc

No. 1580803

File: 1684418643042.png (164.71 KB, 2046x2048, Screenshot_20230518-090223.png)

the issue is due to governmental reasons in many places, many sites will send a confirmation email before you sign up to something. five, ten years ago this was much easier. you can just start posting the email online, leave comments on random articles with it as the display name or sites like pastebin. if you have an office (or home) address you can look for free magazine trials, websites that you can request free stickers or info packets, sign up for random freebie sites like formula or coupons, that way the name and address gets sold to advertising companies and can get spammed that way too
also, if you sign the email up for any Dotdash Meredith website they will never be able to unsubscribe unless they jump through some hoops. they have their unsubscribe link "non-working" on stuff like allrecipes, people news and they send that garbage out several times a day. https://www.iac.com/brands/dotdash
they might send an email confirmation thanks for signing up, but look for giveaway sweepstakes where they are a sponsor, like a trip to some country or a KitchenAid set or something. if you sign up they automatically sign you up for multiple of their emails and there is no escape.

No. 1581239

File: 1684451573912.jpeg (4.14 KB, 224x224, download.jpeg)


Using the link above, I managed to find out that this shy dude in one of my classes in college is/was a secret furfag. I recommend searching by email once you locate an email. Most people have a full name email and then one that they use to sign up for recreational stuff–if you can find the second one then you're golden.

No. 1581308

this site is very interesting because it shows that ebay sells your purchase data to some company somewhere

No. 1581352

Super interesting resource, anon. Is there a way to check the 'documents' listed, or is it just listing the ID of what they took the info from?

No. 1581408

Does it? I make a lot of purchases on eBay and nothing of it came up for me.
From what I can tell it’s not documents but mostly hacks and leaks. There were some records that were almost census-esque that I found for select homeowners within the United States. They also appear to have VINs which I haven’t found for anyone that I’ve looked up. Most of it is just results of the breaches and stuff which gives you emails, passwords, and usernames. It’s pretty embarrassing stuff for those of us who grew up online and have questionable pasts on obscure sites. This site links my name to a recognizable username that you can Google and find screenshots from when I was like 10 arguing with other kids on some dress up site like a little brat. Hahahah fml.

No. 1581411

Samefag but sorry I misunderstood your question in my last response. They give you the ID from the file and the information associated with it listed. You can click each entry to see other entries that have high similarity scores (like similar usernames, same email, etc). The original files that they come from have probably millions or more of other accounts on the same sites which is why that site links the accounts across breaches based on the similarity score. It’s scary how accurate it is.

No. 1581413

Lol a random online game i played once back in like 2017 sold my (nonexistent) data apparently. it has my birthday (day month is correct, year is wrong kek) this is a fascinating find nonna thanks for sharing

No. 1581424

Immediately checked my brothers email because I just knew his shit would be leaked. His full legal name and his DOB and home address is listed in connection to some nerdy yahoo email address that I came up with the name for when we were teenagers (which is why I haven’t forgotten it). Wow…. Now I’m afraid to look for myself lol

No. 1581433

I’ve been obsessively cyberstalking someone with my friend for years and I feel like him or his circle may know because when my friend saw him irl she said he looked visibly panicked

No. 1581437

Oh Lord, I was able to find my dad's foot and pregnancy fetish YouTube account…

No. 1581439

Ew. But at least there's no teen/incest shit that'd prove him to be a pedo.

No. 1581440

i’m so sorry that’s fucking disgusting. i will never seek out the search history of any moid i know for this reason, hope you’re feeling okay

No. 1581442

File: 1684480760207.jpg (59.25 KB, 642x911, -momynz.jpg)

>tfw my throwaway email I've been using since 2008 is associated with my real name now because an online learning platform got hacked in 2012

No. 1581445

It's all good, i already knew of his degeneracy, it's funny to see it still going strong.
Also, I found my cousins Neopets account because he was using my old email account.

No. 1581447

No. 1581599

File: 1684505765173.jpg (64.21 KB, 640x474, Christina Aguilera - Follow Yo…)

I couldn't find anything on anybody. I guess I should be thankful.

No. 1581690

I'm retarda and don't understand how that site works. I typed in some e-mail, it showed my two incomprehensible text strings.

No. 1581754

Oh my fucking god my shit is leaked so bad my passwords are all "cock123" "dickster43" and shit fuck my life how can I remove this

No. 1582624

File: 1684603159990.png (16.29 KB, 1024x411, 3_Illicit_active_diana_dehashe…)

article on how to find information about an employee of a company using linkedin and other sources


No. 1582625

either email/message miyoko kindly or pay 1.25usd for each

No. 1582628

File: 1684603426250.png (40.94 KB, 1138x844, inteltech.png)


Michael Bazzell has a book about osint but also has a bunch of possibly useful tools to search up information about anything, videos, websites, people, social media, businesses, etc

No. 1583401

File: 1684685189852.png (587.36 KB, 1519x2048, bellingcat map search streewvi…)

you need a google account to access this, but it is a tool that helps narrow down an area to search for on open street map, google maps, based off of criteria you are looking for in a photo, such as roads, water features, buildings, parks, farmland, sidewalks, and others. so if you have a photo and want to know where it was taken, you can narrow down likely areas with this tool

No. 1583449

guys im not really tech smart but theres is any way i can acess leaked accounts list? i searched my father email (his email is very uncommon) on this site >>1581239 and he got on adult friend finder 2016 list with a username "asking for underage pussy"… can you guys help me acess that list? if i search about it i can only see newspaper talking about the leak but not the leaked list it self. please someone smart help me

No. 1583452

You might be able to find a torrent of it or it might be for sale on a forum. I am on mobile but when I get to a computer I will look.
As a note you can also check haveibeenpwned.com to see other accounts associated with the email that have been breached too.

No. 1583457

i tried on this email illicit site and i got disqus/adultfriendfriend and when i tried this haveibeenpwned.com site i only got the disqus breach. can it be a error or something like that? i really hope so and i will try to find the list on torrent just so i can see if its true or not i cant believe it
>I am on mobile but when I get to a computer I will look
please do and thank you anon

No. 1583471

File: 1684691886501.gif (64 KB, 400x400, meteor_begone.gif)

i searched a few forums and cant find it on clearnet easily. after pompompurin got van'd you cant access breached anymore. check https://intelx.io/, it might only be accessible by a pro account but worth a look.

No. 1583484

yeah i tried this site too and it shows the adultfriendfinder/disqus breach but i would have to pay 2500 euros to have access to the actual list… but thanks for the help anyway nonny.

No. 1583497

File: 1684693358233.png (28.56 KB, 969x459, reference solutions.png)

If you are in the united states, you can use a library card number to access reference solutions to find information about individuals as well as businesses and homeowners. for individuals you can search for name, address, phone, age, metro area, and "consumer info" like religion, language spoken, census info, income, etc.
many libraries have a subscription, you can look at the library website or search "Reference Solutions library access" to get an idea of which ones that do. it is also not too difficult to figure out a fake card number or even a real one to access. you can find a photo of a library card somewhere to get an idea of what it starts with and how many numbers, then start typing strings until you gain access.
it might also be possible to use a digital library card, like https://resources.overdrive.com/library/apps-features/instant-digital-card/ but i have not tried or checked if they subscribe to referenceusa

No. 1583570

I watch some girl's reddit vid and her voice sounds pretty, click her profile, she has her whole divorce drama with her wife on her profile, where she works, her city, what games she likes, her drug use, pics of inside her house, her pets, etc. People are really out there treating reddit like their personal facebooks and it blows my mind. I would never

No. 1583588

reddit is my favorite for snooping for this exact reason. Does anyone else just snoop just to collect information for your own entertainment? It's kind of mind boggling to me people use it against others, like how or why even?

No. 1583606

Kinda wish someone was interested enough in my dumbass to stalk me for innocent reasons like their own nosiness

No. 1583666

Sometimes if I don't like someone I snoop through their post history and post them in the reddit hate thread

No. 1583883

How do I stalk her now that all her public accounts have been deleted? All I have is her Discord. Any tips?

No. 1583884

You sound like a lost creepy scrote

No. 1583891

This is the snooping thread. Of course I’m gonna sound creepy.

No. 1583893

You want women to help you stalk a woman with no context, no info, just good faith when you're obviously a pest? Kys(alogging)

No. 1583918

Calm the fuck down

No. 1583960

the site that let you see what servers a user was in, based off of popular bot data, was taken down years ago. you can search discordhub.com to see if there is any useful information, however unlikely. outside of a data breech you presently cannot gain more information openly. however i guarantee there are still people in closed spaces using bot api to find out servers
at best you can see see if they have any information linked on their profile.

No. 1584006


No. 1584012

If you are who I think you are: Leave her alone. If not: Never mind.

No. 1584102

That means nothing since idek who you are, kek.

No. 1584645

It doesn't matter. Rule of thumb: leave her the fuck alone.

No. 1584651

Does your name start with an L? If yes, there's your answer. If not, forget I ever said anything lmfao
wtf did I do?

No. 1584672

terrifying lol

No. 1585302

It doesnt start with an L lmao

No. 1586305


Site creator here, glad you like it :D(:D)

No. 1588599

nonnies what is the best aproach for me: i have his number, twitter, instagram (private and i dont want to follow him yet). he goes to the morning college classes while i go to the evening classes so i cant talk to him irl. i know his personality and i think we could be friends but i dont know how to aproach this indirectly and without making me look like a creep.

No. 1590902

File: 1685350348634.gif (682.41 KB, 200x295, IMG_0009.gif)

Does anyone know of any career paths where cyber snooping is a valuable skill? I want to work in cyber security specialising in educating kids on how to keep their data safe online, but a very devious part of me is thinking of how I could make money selling snooping services to companies/political parties to see how solid their staff or candidates are, or finding dirt on their opponents. I’m sure in the age of cancellation there are plenty of dinosaur chairmen who want to know if their shiny new CEO said something problematic on twitter six years ago before it becomes the trending topic of the day. Open to any ideas!

No. 1591006

I am pretty sure I am getting snooped on while simultaneously snooping on someone else. I occasionally check an ex-coworker's profile on LinkedIn and I've noticed that in their 'People Also Viewed' section, there is always someone with my exact name from a completely different field, as if someone who checked my coworker's profile wanted to find me as well but could not. In the past 3 weeks there had been 3 different people with the same name as me. I am creeped out

No. 1591567

You're literally doing the same thing, so why are you bothered that an ex coworker is looking for you too?

No. 1591568

This already exists and is oversaturated. Everything you think you're gifted with is being done to a much more extreme degree by techbros who sell this stuff on tor and moonlight as whitehats.

No. 1591574

File: 1685406490255.jpg (29.72 KB, 542x516, FxE06UcWAAQghKd.jpg)

I have posted before about wanting to share a dossier with a collection of screenshots, screenrecording, and resources about the buying and trading of women and children's entire lives on the dark web via their cellular devices, home camera systems, and computers. I was very sure that I would share it here last year but as more time passes, more cp raids happen, and more men larp as women on here to sow discourse and chaos I dont think it is a good idea. I hate that what I am saying is objective fact and I am being dismissed by skeptics or those more naive to the internet that I need to "take my meds", but the thought of moids finding the doc and deciding to use the information to contribute to the problem worries me more. On one hand, I think women should be aware of what is really happening and what is possible to be done with their smartphones–on the other, I couldn't live with myself knowing I'm handing mentally ill terminally online men a handbook on how to stalk whoever they want online. I feel like I'm stuck.

No. 1591686

>mfw searched for someone who really hurt me 2 years ago and found them within 5 minutes

my bpd has been sated

No. 1591755

Wait so you’re saying that moids can give a name and then there’s a source on the dark web that has access to all cameras and devices in their household? Does the guy need to be a master hacker or pay a shit ton of money? If they really can just give a name and some basic details and get all of your camera feeds, that’s insane.
Personally I really want to know what is possible as a woman who has been stalked in the past to try and protect myself but I also understand your worry about scrotes using the information. Maybe just obfuscate necessary details that might give a “how-to” side of it and focus more on prevention than the information on where/how to find this stuff?

No. 1591779

Yeah it's possible. It can take a moderate amount of money but not always. And yeah, the camera feeds of anyone's household is accessible anyways, there are mulitple websites on tor dedicated to streaming them under a monthly paywall. Deep web also has plenty of guides on how to stalk and gaslight victims and get away with it, how to induce psychosis in your target, all along with the creepy pedophile and rapist guidebooks. The problem is that the only effective prevention currently is not using technology at all, and these terminally online men are extremely pleased with themselves and their ability to essentially exploit anyone they want without consequence.

No. 1591781

Just write and publish the doc. I am not surprised this is a thing and if some scrote wants to watch my fat ass pick my nose while watching TV that's their problem, but by being this vague and mysterious about it as if your little document can make things worse just makes it seem like you're lying and fearmongering.

No. 1591788

This. It kinda smells like bullshit or at least hyperbole. If this was actually a real thing then wouldn't you see this appear on the news or see more people talking about this?

No. 1591789

Oh anon…

No. 1591796

Nta but post the fucking doc, what's the point in writing paragraphs of the same shit over and over if you're not going to do something?

No. 1591804

Nta but
>If this was actually a real thing then wouldn't you see this appear on the news or see more people talking about this?
This is so naive nonnie

No. 1591865

Agreed. I have no doubt that these things happen, but if people are going to act mysterious as if they sit on some big secret that would cause the end of womankind if published, I'm inclined to believe they're just seeking attention and don't know shit about the thing they're talking about.

We have to stop being so afraid of these things. It sucks to know that your entire life might be out there for people to see and that your privacy has been invaded, but then again - so what? Fuck it. Let them waste their time on the mundane events of your life. We should all take measures to protect the privacy of ourselves and our loved ones, but the fear and paranoia is exactly what these type of people are after. Stay safe, know that the world is a shitty and unfair place, and pick your ass with reckless abandon in spite of it.

No. 1591887

nta but the reason people can access your cctv is most people use the default password and then leave their cameras online. You can run cctv offline to a monitor and completely avoid all that shit.

Other stuff is probably to do with hacking cloud storage since most people backup photos, call log, messages etc so all that's accessible to anyone who can access your cloud.

I don't think you need to avoid all tech, just don't use cloud backup for personal data, and keep your cameras offline, you avoid most issues this way.
Other stuff is more to do with irl abusive moids who can install stuff on your devices, but in terms of stranger moids just keep your files and cameras offline.

No. 1591959

NTA but keep as much of your life offline as you can. Be careful about what you post on any social media. Do NOT post photos of where you live or work, such as the view from your window, landmarks around your home or workplace including nearby shops and restaurants, or even the interior of your home if you can see enough of the layout (sounds retarded, but that's how corpsehusband was doxed). It's easy to find someone through their IRL connections so bear that in mind. Go through your social media and delete/untag anything that gives away a location or other information you don't want a stalker to know, like photos of a Christmas work party, which shows where you work, who you work with, where it was held (and therefore roughly where you live/work).
And do what >>1591887 said and keep everything offline.

No. 1592244

How do I de-hash a hashed password?

No. 1592281

also NTA but I don't think it's naive. People are already paranoid about technology (especially boomers) and love to hear creepy stories about stalkers. News stories about people hacking webcams get a lot of attention and the average person already is open to the idea that advertisers at the very least listen to devices microphones. If it's really as easy to do this as the other poster says and you don't need to be a master hacker, just pay someone else, then that would be a massive news story and loads of people would be interested in it. If average men are doing this and sharing how-to online, then it makes sense that someone will write about it. People could even make money from that, as in selling services to check if it's happened to you. Fuck, there are already plenty of businesses selling webcam covers because people are afraid of that exact thing. Just saying "this is happening men are doing this all the time people are watching your every move but i won't tell you any details other than it's definitely happening to YOU" doesn't really build confidence that someone is telling the truth, and it's not naive to wonder why no one else is talking about it if it's so widespread. Nonna genuinely sounds mentally ill in some of her posts. If it is real obviously I want to know.

No. 1592397

I miss the good ol days where most of our social sharing happened between people we trust in person and not through a way strangers on the internet could eavesdrop in some way, whether it be by hacking or clicking random profiles. Bring back photo albums that we cherished to only share between ourselves and our loved ones and good friends.
Anyways, my job is doing a digital threat assessment training course soon and there's going to be a lot of OSINT resources we're going to be given and tips to prevent yourself from accidentally providing leakage of your personal data. I'll post links and helpful paragraphs here when it's all over.

No. 1592563

It's still extremely easy to hack regardless of if you have default password or not. These are Google/Youtube University boomer educational takes. There's a very successful market on the deep web to Crack home security systems just to watch them. They create directories and tag them like a porn livestream. So if you pay the monthly fee, you can surf by country, state, area, down to the house or IP address of the cameras. Popular streams are flagged so more people are inclined to click them, ie a nursery room where a woman breastfeeds, or a private bedroom where people don't realize they are leaving themselves vulnerable to scores of strangers. No, it doesn't really matter if you have a strong network. Kris Jenners closet camera being hacked was the tip of an iceberg. For now it's a monopolized niche and doesn't have a clearnet site anymore to prevent leaks or victims being notified.

I wish it were hyperbole. I don't understand why this isn't considered within the realm of reason just because you don't know how to enter these spaces. Have you seen even a sliver of what goes on under clearnet? You really think all of this just mysteriously stops at drugs and cp? Lol

No. 1592571

>so what? Fuck it.
I am a victim of this. It is humiliating, disgusting, and life ruining. Once a mentally ill hacker scrote is obsessed with you, they do not care and do not treat you or your life like a human being. People like you are so ignorant and naive that I don't even know what to say to you tbh. If you have never been a victim, you can't pretend to know how you would feel or that you'd be ~sooo strong~ and brush it off. It isnt "fear mongering" to be worried about retaliation when you have already been violated in the worst way possible. You aren't being motivational.

The hesitation comes from being a victim really, not anything else. When you already deal with sociopaths who go out of their way daily to cause you distress, you don't want to put any more targets on your back. It isn't a news story because it would cause hysteria, that should be obvious. If you trust multi billion dollar tech industries to be telling the truth you're choosing to be ignorant. I feel like I'm going in circles all of the time because I worry if I say anything here, I lead more fucked up scrotes to seek this service out and I also make my personal situation worse by angering the men who make a livelihood off of this. Am I mentally ill? Sure. Am I suffering schizophrenic delusions? No, I am merely a woman who has been repeatedly abused by the same small group of people for several years. That is a fact. I dont believe I am chosen by some messiah's chosen, I dont post word salad, and I dont wear tinfoil hats. I vent about it because sometimes it does feel really helpless knowing so many men who do this get away with it and rely on victims appearing crazy when we aren't, theyre just trying to make us crazy. It's frustrating being so tired all of the time of what I deal with personally on top of feeling a personal responsibility that these things should be known. I don't care if I sound crazy currently at all because there are DOZENS of cases dating back decades where women have screamed into the void online only for their testimonies to be substantiated years later. If I wanted attention I would be posting about it publicly, not on a generally tech-ignorant basket weaving forum i frequented when I was 19. I have been seeking out ways to share it in female-only communities, but so far discord doesn't seem like the best idea yet. It isnt some creepypasta teaser, that's why it's something I get nervous about. I don't namefag or avatarfag and I post here pretty seamlessly with everyone else a majority of the time, I just wonder what the right thing is to do. When you are under a microscope you don't consent to, you tend to worry about making a consequential mistake or jumping the gun.

No. 1592959

You're not making a mistake, sharing the ways moids go about buying and trading women and children's entire lives on the dark web. This is in the same category as letting parents be aware of what websites and apps their child might run into when exposed to the internet, even if it has some kind of parental control protocol. Screenshots cannot be traced back to you, especially if you're browsing not logged in or in incognito mode. It's wise to change any file names to keyboard smashes in case certain software has a default name. Links cannot be traced back to you if you use the Tracking Token Stripper add-on available on most browsers. If you'd like to, use a thesaurus to interchange words in your statement.
I think the biggest thing for you to take in is the fact you're not alone in this experience. It may be a small group of moids trying to torture you, specifically, and your internet presence, but the ways they're doing it are not exclusionary to you. They go about their ways of targeting you because they learned from someone else, who learned from someone else, who learned from someone else.
It's only paranoid to believe revealing how someone's abusing you will put a spotlight on you. I learned this pretty quickly after telling my story of my experience with my troon ex, was that many had an almost beat for beat experience. If all you want to share is the websites they're using and how to navigate through those websites, you're safe.

No. 1593455

what are some non-obvious things to look up when snooping through someone's phone?

No. 1593473

Apps disguised as notes or calculator apps. Check for multiple email accounts signed in. Look at deleted and sent emails. Look in archived and trashed texts, pictures, and other documents. Texts and calls from numbers that aren't saved in contacts. See if location history is available in Google, if they have an Android.

No. 1593924

You've already said enough to send any curious scrotes down the path to find these resources, but not enough to help any potential victims. If what you're implying is true, it would be best for it to blow up and become public knowledge.

No. 1593944


You can't "unhash" a hash, but you can try your luck searching "online rainbow tables." Simple passwords are more likely to show up.


You're being dumb. Exposure levels the playing field so prospective victims have a fighting chance in knowing what threats exist. Information asymmetry reinforces abuse (silence is violence…).

Right now this vaunted knowledge is known only to you and a bunch of sadists who, by your own admission, are willing to network with each other. Those are the only people you're protecting by playing coy…

No. 1593962


Ignore the other response about saturation. The only oversaturated market is internet vigilantes ignoring CFAA to foment outrage for internet points. Doing it for money is harder since you have to adhere to law and ethics, which is not easy so it filters out 90% of your competition.

You're describing a private investigator role. They're literally professional stalkers. Law firms also sometimes have someone around (or contract to PIs) to procure evidence for cases, especially disability/insurance fraud. Social media betrays a lot.

Don't go into cyberforensics without expecting boundless horror. The worst of 8chan will be a typical Tuesday.

No. 1594065

Look for messages that are worded strangely, especially if there's a pattern of the same words or phrases being repeated in conversations where they don't make sense. Check the phone numbers of anyone you recognize and see if it's the correct number for that person. Look up any phone numbers you don't recognize. Look at the data on photos to see when/where they were taken vs when they were sent. Look through promotional and spam emails. Go through their browsing history, they might still be logged into any sites that need a password and you can get a ton of information that way. If you do get into any accounts this way check the email they signed up with and the name/username and age they used, chances are you'll be able to find more accounts where they use the same email, username and personal information.

No. 1595037

found my brother in law follows a bunch of OF thots on twitter. his twitter account is like abandoned, but he follows a bunch of OF thots that made their accounts as recent as this year. my sister just had a baby last year.
do i tell her? fuck.

No. 1595043

You should tell her, but be wary of her not believing you, shooting the messenger is very real.

No. 1595068

remember to take screenshots of everything because she most likely won't believe in you or he will manipulate her into believing you're lying.

No. 1595150

Yes, tell her.

No. 1596827

What kind of algorithms does Instagram use to show other people’s followers list now? There’s an order that defaults when I first check but if you refresh enough it switches to a different list that seems more chronological.

No. 1596872

Lmao it can tell you where I live and my name just by an email. Never using the same username twice again.

No. 1597826

How much would it cost to have someone investigated privately/ receive the info found? Anyone know?

No. 1598327

Now you're just asking to be spoonfed a question you can easily google

No. 1598588

I feel this would greatly depend on where you live, even city by city in the same country might be wildly different. Be mindful of scammer, nona.

No. 1607107

Has anyone else been annoyed by insta lately? They banned my entire ip, after i viewed one story on a new account, wtf. I just want to laugh at the dumb crap this guy I used to know posts and how much weight he's put on.

No. 1611325

i tried the linkedin extensions and they are not working. currently stalking my rapist, i have his facebook, insta and linkedin + one of his family members socials. I can't follow him back on social media even tho i want to because it would make me look bad but i really want to snoop on him. tried googling everything and it just led me back to his highschool + college

No. 1611326

i tried the linkedin extensions and they are not working. currently stalking my rapist, i have his facebook, insta and linkedin + one of his family members socials. I can't follow him back on social media even tho i want to because it would make me look bad but i really want to snoop on him. tried googling everything and it just led me back to his highschool + college

No. 1611459

Nonnies should I make a proton mail account so you guys can send me the names and general locations/ages of the folks you’re trying to stalk? Especially if y’all are burgers. I’ve had really good results doing this and have a truthfinder account that I paid $20 for, but I only have it for another week and a half cause I’m not resubbing. Also if you know what county or counties they live in I can usually easily find if they have any court records or own any property.

No. 1611730

They did that to me too. I asked my bf to make me an account because he lives in a different area but they blocked all of my e-mails l maow

So he created a new gmail and IG account for me, gave me the info, and it successfully worked when I signed in from my IP.

No. 1612148

ayrt yes please, i also have a proton mail account

No. 1612245

File: 1687204638074.jpeg (80.68 KB, 620x1200, 786F5EF9-222F-426B-BDBB-53B4D2…)

Does anyone know of hilarious sites I can use to sign my enemy’s email up for?

No. 1612431

Please! Let me know

No. 1613032

Having a bit of a schizo moment, is there any way I can find out who private quote tweets me on Twitter? I used to have a stalker both online and off when I was younger and I'm really scared of something similar happening in this case.

No. 1613034

Damn I did this too for an account and I think they just fully deleted. Other blocked accounts show up but not this one, I feel very dumb.

No. 1613192

I wish there was a way to snoop on private instagrams and twitters

No. 1613216

haha good one nonnie, do what i did to my college room mates and put out craiglist ads for fetish meetups involving scat play and poetry recital

No. 1613329

Me too, it’s not fair

No. 1618300

Is there a way to look up mugshots for free?

No. 1618379

kek just found my former bestie turned bully had a flop attempt at camwork and onlyfans and two guys i knew were on adultfriendfinder

No. 1618382

forgot to mention her huge trampstamp lol

No. 1618419

I can't find anything on the few people I'm interested in because they're all too smart and private…

No. 1626552

Kind of the opposite of this thread, but to keep yourself safe from snoops are sites like aura.com good at protecting you, or just exposing you more?

No. 1629975

don't know that site but these things are aimed at people who can barely turn on a computer. if you're posting here, chances are you can do that stuff yourself. ai isn't that great yet

No. 1632532

illicit.services got shutdown nooooooooooo

No. 1636847

File: 1689647959211.png (166.94 KB, 640x1136, 25FB197F-E4D2-4071-A835-7F9B9A…)


No. 1638661

There are false positives I use my own usernames it is saying I have a tinder account and meet me when I never did and chances of someone having a massive long name like mine is slim. This only good for some websites

No. 1641430

No. 1642072

>Have cute professor
>He’s kinda nerdy and seems like he repels technology
>Stalk him on Insta for shits and giggles
>12 followers, mostly his family and his friends
>Except for random ass FFXIV roleplayer
>I stalk her account and she has an open invite link to her roleplaying Discord server
>I join
>Easily find prof’s account because it’s his first name
>It’s all shitty memes and NSFW catgirl creampie rps
I have to fucking take this guy’s class next spring.

No. 1642076

kekkk anon you did that to yourself. You could convince yourself that discord account might not be his unless unless he has an uncommon first name.

No. 1642078

what a fucking loser, now you can lower him from the pedestal he was on and see him for the pathetic degenerate he is.

No. 1642093

It’s 100% him, he posted a selfie (although his face was obscured by a mask) and I could tell it was him because he has really distinctive hair.

No. 1642097

Is there a similar alternative to this? Epieos isn't showing jackshit

No. 1655781

whats epieos?

No. 1655951

I knew a married professor who had a fetish for being humiliated by brown girls specifically which he again roleplayed about. Imagine a 30+ year old man typing out a detailed roleplay, kind of sad ngl.

No. 1655985

All nerdy men are like that

No. 1655998

one of the snoop sites where you can reverse engineer to find accounts by email. it doesn't show the usernames most of the time though

No. 1659830

any resources for snooping on someone from canada?

No. 1686915

File: 1693791332831.png (11.04 KB, 593x67, likes.png)

First time I've seen this on twitter, the likes can be hidden now for paying users. You can tell a lot more about someone by snooping through their likes compared to what they post, so this will reduce a lot of snooping opportunities. Although most normies you know irl probably aren't going to pay. This will affect the more terminally online people you want to stalk (it isn't just weirdos paying the $8/month anymore, a lot of users do it now)

No. 1686918

Samuel Jackson will be pleased to hear this.

No. 1720654

fyi, illicit services is back up albeit without passwords. still useful though.

No. 1720660

It would also show passwords??

No. 1720674

Nta but yes

No. 1722146

Nonnies, I'm looking for a website used by degenerates to post their contact info, like sites and discord names. It's almost similar to 4chan but without images. From what I remember it's a simple white with black text site.

No. 1722153


No. 1722282

Yes! Thank you nonna!

No. 1736860

Sweet, found my long lost Neopets account

No. 1738194

Thanks to the random hacker of an old email account for making fake data for me without me even having to lift a finger kek.

No. 1750417

Is there a way to see dates the person accessed the accounts?

No. 1782622

Is there another one that shows passwords?

No. 1782668

Scroll up.

No. 1782676

I want to skip trace someone without tipping them off. I just want to know what state they live in because I just want to know it’s no longer my state so I can relax. I have a potential state and potential list of universities. Any way to get a class list or anything from a university? No social media or real mutual contacts to speak of.

No. 1782682

>The complete guide to real estate finance for investment properties How to analyze any single family, multifamily, or commercial property

No. 1782697

A few of my friends and I have been in this dynamic where we try to e-stalk and unearth info on a specific one of our online friends. Just for no reason I guess. The thing is, he's aware and pretty much cool with it, and it's just a casual running gag that we're trying to datamine him and will occasionally surprise him with info we found. He's usually busy but we'd still talk and play games as normal friends sometimes.
But honestly, we haven't got much because he doesn't seem to have much public online presence, or maybe he's got more hidden than he lets on. We have his first and last name, middle initial, city, high school, various photos of him, his ex gf's name and socials, an old email, several one-off usernames, the hair salon he used to go to in 2020, his dad's profession, and I think that's about it.
We're trying to get his address and are banking on him voting or buying property soon so we can find him in records. We also have a video of him outside a building that's possibly his house, so we're looking into that. One friend actually drove across multiple states to go to his real life city in hopes of meeting up, which was pretty unhinged but the guy was too busy to even notice until long after, so the trip was uneventful.
overall it's retarded and autistic but it's honestly really fun how he's just ok with it and we've been slowly growing our knowledge of him

No. 1782919

Why are you bragging about your autism? You're lucky he doesn't care because most people would call you out for being obsessive and having no boundaries. This isn't a flex at all, you're infatuated and it isnt a 'gag'.

No. 1784447

Hi nonitas, i have exhausted all osint resources- paid for spokeo- im trying to help my friend gather evidence on her pedo ex. we have phone number and emails. what can i do

No. 1786250

Anons I’m kinda freaking out. I think the person I was stalking on Instagram somehow figured out I was stalking them. The account I made to stalk them did not have my phone number attached to it and only had a dummy email address. My name and handle were random and in no way linked to me. I had no followers/following. Their account has always been private and I never attempted to follow or DM them. But I found out they blocked me a few days ago. I’m guessing somehow they were able to see who was viewing their account. Maybe a third party app? But I feel pretty gross thinking they saw how many times I looked at their profile page. I really want to figure out how they knew I was stalking them. I thought I was pretty careful to leave no trails/never interact with them.

No. 1786881

Thank you very much.

No. 1786883

Did you look at their stories?

No. 1786885

Im sure she stalks their stories.

No. 1786887

Why does this thread exist isn’t stalking illegal(confused newfag)

No. 1786889

How interesting could she have been like what makes someone want to stalk another individual what the fuck kek(posted on lolcow.farm)

No. 1786903

Severe mental illness.

No. 1786959

Red text kind of stupid. There's a difference between archiving readily available, publicly posted content and actually stalking someone

No. 1786961

IP/location indication maybe? I don't use IG anymore so I can't check what info it exactly shows. Next time just use one of those anonymous in-browser viewers.

No. 1786962

Read the thread moralfag, nobody is getting "actually stalked".
What were you viewing if their account was private?

No. 1786966

Really mods? I’ve been on this website for years. Posting about people who purposefully attention whore on the internet is not at all the same as constantly “checking in” on someone or keeping tabs on somebody who is not doing those things. The cows posted on this site put themselves out there for the whole purpose of a thread being made about them on this site, being they relish in the attention. This thread is really unnecessary, and the moid mods know it.
>Official stalking and snooping thread in the bio
>stalking verbatim brought up multiple times across several posts

No. 1786986

How did you stalk them if their account is private and you never requested to follow

No. 1786989

But it took you two years to finally start complaining about the thread

No. 1786992

Again tell me who's actually getting stalked. You felt the need to add the "actually", so you're aware lurking on someone's instagram doesn't constitute REAL stalking just because users ITT use it loosely

No. 1787001

You think I’m on every day? I saw it bumped this morning. Why else would I respond.

No. 1787003

I think regularly lurking on someone’s instagram is a type of stalking, and it’s weird. It’s a by-product of having open internet access in your hands that gives you access to everyone else’s business for the last decade. It is not healthy for your brain, there’s no arguing that. It’s better to focus on yourself than obsess over other people.(hide threads you don't like instead of posting in them)

No. 1787009

Watch out, I'm gonna stalk you next

No. 1787014

I have your IP

No. 1787053

I checked on their account every now and then to see if they ever went public with it and didn’t request a follow since they had such a low amount of followers anyways. Probably not healthy like other anons say but eh.

No. 1787064

welp i hope it's a coincidence. if instagram shows profile views the same way tiktok does im going to be very embarrassed

No. 1787080

the mods are acting like children about this, that redtext is kind of a dumb response to someone making a very true statement. A redtext-free permaban wouldve been better.

No. 1787083

My guess is you showed up in a "People You May Know" section for them and your account looked like a burner so they blocked you.

No. 1787871

nonas, I have a question regarding the wayback machine. So I was trying to find if there were any archives of this one deleted twitter user, and when I would look up the url for that account, it initially said that the exact link hasn't been archived, but there were archives of separate posts from that person. I'm curious if that person archived all the links themselves or does it get archived automatically. I've noticed that it doesn't work with every twitter account I've checked, but it does with some others.

No. 1788403

If their name is unique enough, you can use this to find their address. If you get multiple results, you could also use process of elimination by looking at the backgrounds of posted photos.

No. 1788405

To find their home address? Seriously?(brain damaged tourist keeps coming back to hurt herself)

No. 1797474

A person is harassing me through a fake account on Snapchat can someone please tell me how to find out who it really is, they aren’t sharing their location and they aren’t through my contacts

No. 1797484

it might be better to just block and make your snapchat story unavailable to anyone to just friends you for a little while, make sure it’s not public. It could be dangerous to try to find out who it is, since you don’t know their motives for watching you.

No. 1797500

You can try and send them an IP grabbing link

No. 1797642

Nta but why would it be dangerous?

No. 1797645

Because you don’t know what their motives are for watching you, who told them to watch you, who gave them access to your social media profiles, why they’re continually watching you from afar. It’s better to avoid them completely than feed them.

No. 1797659

Which ones are those

No. 1797666

I wish illicit. Services was still up

No. 1797695

But would you rather know who is watching you so you can take action if need be? It seems more dangerous to not know and do nothing.

No. 1797716

Dont listen to anon, theyre probably the type of person who stalks people from empty accounts so scaring them into thinking it's dangerous to seek out the identity of your stalker is beneficial to him or her. If you aren't seeking out contact with them there isn't anything dangerous about it unless you're the one doing something wrong

No. 1797719

Yeah I’d actually rather private my accounts and block anyone I don’t know, because that’s kind of a baseline of internet safety
>why should block the account? you must be a stalker

No. 1797721

>thinking it's dangerous to seek out the identity of your stalker is beneficial to him or her.
nta but this doesn’t make a ton of sense. If they’re just watching your story and looking at your posts, does that really qualify as stalking? Unless you do have a history with this person, or they’re watching you in hand with harassing you online/in person, there won’t be a ton to report to the authorities if you find out who they are.

No. 1797726

Stfu if someone wants to find your identity they can. There is nothing 'dangerous' about doxing an empty account

No. 1797738

>Yeah I’d actually rather private my accounts and block anyone I don’t know, because that’s kind of a baseline of internet safety
I mean sure, but that still doesn't make the whole "it's dangerous to know who's watching you" thing make sense

No. 1797741

Finding out who they are doesn’t do much, it depends on the severity of the harassment. If they’re threatening you or blackmailing you, you can just take the username and messages to the police or FBI and they can trace the location of whoever is contacting you to bring them in for questioning, but that doesn’t at all involve you finding out who they are or seeking them out on your own accord without protection.

No. 1797776

So they were like telling lies about me and they were pretending to be someone I know who actually doesn’t have Snapchat, it wasn’t like I’m adding random pajeets, I found their number and general location but I got like none else

No. 1797778

Does the FBI really care that much?

No. 1797779

Like I said it depends on the severity of the harassment, the content of what’s being said, the volume of contact, a wide variety of factors.

No. 1797790

No. 1797792

Stalking is notoriously hard to prove and authorities tend not to give a shit until it’s too late.

No. 1797793

local authorities can assist a lot quicker, because you’re a citizen of the immediate area who’s being targeted

No. 1797941

No. 1799829

Anyone have websites meant for viewing twitter/instagram accounts without needing to login?

No. 1799830

Nitter and proxigram
Look on github for the list of instances (some are down sometimes)

No. 1799916

wait… instagram profiles know when you view their profile? how? i basically have someone’s page up 24/7. do they know i’m stalking them? i follow them and i’m not using a burner account….

No. 1799969

There is an account called influxy, it’s legit. You can see who blocked you too and everything. It’s kinda sketchy tho so be cautious if you use it

No. 1808542

Instagram videos/reels don't show who views them like tiktok does, do with that what you need to do nonnies

No. 1808543

insanony for stories

No. 1808606

Correct me if i’m wrong, TikTok doesn’t do that unless certain settings are turned on. Profile viewers can only be seen if both parties have that setting turned on, and I think there is a setting to see if your “friends” view your new videos which also lets them know if you viewed their videos. Favoriting and liking a video will also notify the creator, even if those are private.

No. 1808634

I'm talking about the video posts specifically tiktoks lets you see everyone who has watched your videos, instagram doesn't they just show the total number of views

No. 1810301

Please help a technologically retarded girl with a grudge out. What can I do to scare/blackmail a dude who hurt my ego by suddenly ghosting me after somewhat lovebombing? I have his reddit, discord and Spotify. I know his hobbies and favorite artists. I know which state he's from and what his major is so I can take a guess which university he goes to. I have plenty blackmail material so I at least want to threaten to show people his nsfw texts/nudes but I have no actual proof I can actually send it to anyone since idk any of his friends or classmates. He's ex christian too, his entire community is religious and he's mentioned he'd feel humiliated if anyone knew what he sends me so I definitely wanna use it against him. I'm working towards trying to find his Facebook based on the info I have alone but no luck yet. If any nonnas could help out I'd appreciate it.

No. 1810331

How? The only thing I see for that is, I have videos with almost 20k views and when I go to the video and click on the views it tells me “Post view history will only be available for 7 days from the post date”. I mean I guess I could test that out by uploading a new video but it’s 5AM and i’m lazy. Going to the video’s analytics and clicking around doesn’t show anything either.

I’ve also reported many videos and accounts that post human+animal gore and the alt accounts just for that purpose have never been detected by the accounts I report who like to post “ay who reported my account bruh”. So I know at least that no one has seen my views because I don’t have certain settings on or that it’s a thing not many people know how to access.

No. 1810367

Nvm you are right, I thought tiktok had perma views kek

No. 1810397

No one here is going to help you blackmail someone just because you feel jilted or hurt.

No. 1810577

This is literally a stalking thread where multiple people have asked and received help to stalk others for no reason other than being cringe. If you don't wanna help, move on, but don't act morally righteous on the stalking tips thread

No. 1810584

What are you even asking for? You have his socials, the rest has nothing to do with being tech retarded or tech in general. Make sockpuppets and harass him, gaslight him, drop hints towards his secrets here and there. You don't need to be a leet hacker to psyop some random christian moid

No. 1810616

I already stated what I'm asking for, ways I can find his irls like getting his Instagram or Facebook accounts so the threat will actually seem genuine. Yes I can harrass him, but who the fuck am I gonna threaten to send his nudes to? A random redditor who commented on his post 5 years ago?? I'm obviously looking for people he knows irl and would actually give a fuck finding out what he sends me. Having his discord and reddit isn't having his "socials", they're practically crumbs.

No. 1810624

I have an idea: go to kf, and post what you have about him in one of those "cows that don't need a thread" threads, or whatever. Make it sound milky. Some kiwifag might take interest in it and dox him.

No. 1810629

Find out his email and the rest will be easy. Google around for shit to help with that, look around github etc. this stuff isn't hard to do it just looks intimidating. Follow instructions and scam some reverse lookup sites, nobody can tell you anything unless you want us to hold your hand through it which kinda just makes if seem like you're not dedicated enough to be a datamining stalker

No. 1810669

try searching up his username and see if he's active on any other sites. a lot of people use the same username for their socials. if you can find his phone number or email you can try looking it up on illicit services. you need to collect as much information as possible. there are a lot of good links in this thread and you can also google osint resources for more.

No. 1810699

That's what I'm already doing, it's not about "wanting to be handheld" or "not being dedicated enough", I wanted to know if there was a quicker/easier way to get that info since I've never stalked anyone before.
That's actually a pretty fun idea lmao, even if no one does it'll add to the humiliation that I posted his personal shit on KF. Thanks, nonna

No. 1817388

Is there a way of finding instagram comments outside of Google?

No. 1819026

Is there any way to see Twitter followers in order?

No. 1829325

Is there any way to see private IG following lists without following them?

No. 1832350

File: 1703811445836.png (68.46 KB, 800x500, ETV8V2KWAAQ1Wja.png)


> try this on me and longterm partner

> nothing except old tumblrs and 8tracks

> search abusive creepy ex who wants to work in website design and tech

> full name and email linked to dodgy Russian porn site



No. 1832359

NONNY I was trying to find this site again so much I even tried ctrl f in this thread a while back to no avail, you saved me. thank you

No. 1873296

File: 1706735671350.png (50.94 KB, 343x266, IMG_5088.png)

>tfw nitter is down
anyone know any alternatives to it lulz

No. 1873300

Not that I'm aware, the other alternative was taken down. They were using a particular exploit that is now patched or deleted from what I read and it rendered Nitters functionality useless

No. 1873305

ugh one of my oldest emails has my whole name attached what the fuck

No. 1873398

Does anyone know how to view the full contents of a Facebook page without having to make an account? I love being nosy, but I don't want to give Fuckerberg any more of my info than strictly necessary if I can avoid it.

No. 1873438

Huh so that's why the main nitter has a time wrong error.

Have you guys never used the other nitter instances before?

No. 1873493

The other instances are going to go down soon since the guest account API was removed, they only last 30 days
Best to host your own local instance with a burner if you're able to

No. 1873520

I've been looking at how to do this and I can't figure it out either. I've tried to use those third party sites and photo downloaders similar to the Instagram ones and all it gives me is 404 when I paste a url

No. 1873539

I'm so glad this site is finally back up, I swore it died for months kek

No. 1873540

Oh, thanks for the info nonna. That's unfortunate. RIP nitter

No. 1908186

I don't understand why this isn't really working for me. Whenever i use my information it barely gives me something if anything at all. I don't even get stuff i registered using my real name, it's just someone else.

No. 1908459

File: 1709353175447.jpeg (41.68 KB, 272x185, IMG_5310.jpeg)

call me unhinged all you want but i literally just found an old friend who got me into animaljam and other furfaggotry from 3rd grade using that fucking tool. man is she fucking retarded… literally who tf uses the same goddamn email and username for every social media imaginable lololol… turns out she's a nonbinary freak now… can't rlly say i'm surprised but wow… found out so much shit just from a single tool. god bless osint

No. 1908518

We don't care

No. 1909224

File: 1709397543767.jpg (181.25 KB, 1284x1267, 18756976769.jpg)

No. 1923525

how to find out when someone has liked an instagram post?

No. 1923529

RIP, the site got shut down.

No. 1923532

If you're following them you can usually see if they liked it as the _____ and __ others liked unless the author is hiding like count

No. 1923533

No, I mean the actual time when they liked the post.

No. 1925839

My old iTouch still has the version of Instagram that has the following "activity" tab still enabled. It's extremely spotty but it still works to show when and what people liked on the platform. Check your old devices, if applicable. I don't think there is currently another way unless you're able to get their data downloaded.

No. 1934892

File: 1711119821224.png (5.08 KB, 243x208, IMG_3615.png)

how is it possible that we still cant see someone's private instagram? i need to see. i need to see.

No. 1953060

gimme their account i'll do it

No. 1954431

No. 1958974

it has shut down for good, but the person who ran it released this https://github.com/MiyakoYakota/search.0t.rocks for people who want to create their own version of the search engine

No. 1958986

i just want to vent about this. as we know, search engine usefulness has rapidly degraded, but for snooping purposes they're almost completely useless now. ten years ago you could find so much simply by searching some variation of a username on google. now there are ZERO results. even visible follower/friend activity on instagram and facebook was incredibly helpful for women trying to prove their moid partner's infidelity. a recent blow is you can no longer search for a deleted user's messages on discord. the search functions on everything have gone to shit. i can't even view full follower lists on instagram anymore. normies have become way too clued in on internet privacy. they want everything to be tied to your real identity too. luckily i made all of my burner accounts a long time ago.
i do have a tactic that's still very easy though. one time i was in my college library and a guy sitting very close to me was talking to a friend about women in an extremely demeaning way, and that he was cheating on his girlfriend. i opened tinder while i was there so that my location would ping, and soon after, he appeared. i found out his name, all of his social media, his family, and even his girlfriend. i have used this tactic for multiple men i've encountered irl.

No. 1962370

How do you protect yourself from smart phone camera hacking? Is there no way to tell it's happening?

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