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File: 1627736313449.jpg (492.5 KB, 1152x2048, E7YqI0MWUAIAJW5.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1287920

Lucinda Belinda (oswaldslunch) is a schizophrenic, bulimic cutter who is starving herself in her quest to become an 88lb unicorn.

previous threads:

>absolute trainwreck

>human shitpost
>not actually a bad person but she's a joy to watch crash and burn
>possible larper, possible autist, 100% insane
>vomits 11 times a day but is in uwu recovery and now only does it 3
>chronic oversharer
>24 years old
>lives at home
>diagnosed schizophenic in 2016
>hasn't had social interactions in 11 years
>uni drop-out
>cuts herself and shows it off
>mentally disabled with iq of 61 due to schizophrenia

Notable updates:
>wants to be a Youtube star and has uploaded a video of her going full retard while showing off her stuffed animals
>she's almost fully dependent on her family from internet use to taking a shower
>currently private on twitter due to apparently receiving boolying and death threats on curiouscat

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch

No. 1287924

No. 1287927

File: 1627737481554.jpg (233.29 KB, 828x642, IMG_0797.jpg)

No. 1287928

File: 1627737534381.jpg (259.33 KB, 828x705, IMG_0796.jpg)

No. 1287930

File: 1627737850167.jpg (632.84 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210731_092308_com…)

No milk just adding something to the IQ debauchery

No. 1287940

>i relapsed
Did she ever stop selfharming in the first place? Her drinking chemicals just shows her parents (and brother) don’t take proper care of her. Chemicals and dangerous things need to be locked away.

No. 1287968

I hope she's ok. Nobody hates her, there's just the one absolute weirdo messaging her on CC. I just wish she could see that anons are only pointing out what's best for her. Her followers are encouraging her to starve, which is basically just encouraging her to engage in life threatening behaviour. Anons have admitted they like her and talked about ways to help herself.

Idk if she lurks or if she will see this, but if she does then Lucinda I encourage you to look past the one anon who is being weird and read to posts that want you to take better care of yourself and heal properly.
Stop drinking chemicals for your own safety and the sake of your family, or at least tell someone irl because you need real life changes to get better

No. 1287969

Please can we not start start the IQ infighting again. It doesn't amount to anything except clogging the thread

No. 1287971

Apparently she did, her dad gave her a fist bump for not doing it. She could be b/p'ing on chemicals now to sh without them finding out through new cuts. When she's discovered for her relapses it seems to embarass her a lot and she even lied about it on her Twitter.

No. 1287980

Her cuts seem to be rather fresh

No. 1288010

Where are the moralfags of the last thread to blame us for this? She's posting this shit for all the internet to see, her account was public until now. Get the fuck out of lolcow whoever is here only to moralfag and blame us for her relapse

No. 1288037

The moralfags in the last thread was weird. Saying things like "look at what you did" or "please behave yourselves", literally have never seen another recent cow treated that way kek. I'm sure at least some of them are edtwt kids just finding out lolcow

No. 1288062

Exactly wtf. As long as you’re on the internet and you actively post public shit like that for attention, it’s bound to happen (regardless if lolcow is involved or not). I don’t see why she’s being treated any differently from other mentally ill cows like Abby Brown for example.

No. 1288068

It's probably people who are new to the farms and/or friends of Lucinda before the thread. Clearly failing at integrating. Anyway. It's no one's fault and no one's encouraging her to harm herself. IF anything her lovely edtwt followers are the ones harming her by enabling her behaviors and even saying she should get an unicorn plushie as a prize for when she reaches her goal weight.

No. 1288096

Are you kidding? Abby Brown's thread is peaceful and I've never seen a malicious comment there.
If you are going to act like a vile, deranged psychopath over a harmless internet stranger, don't be surprised that you attract "moralfags". Kick the chair.

No. 1288103

Ntayrt but it's weird that Lucinda isn't actually a bad person but people still insist on being allowed to harass her (which is cowtipping, against the rules) and will go out of their way to nitpick the same 4 facts about her constantly over and over even though it doesn't contribute anything (also against the rules). Threads are for milk. It's not a boxing ring for weird tards to throw hands over boring arguments. I can tell most of the thread are newfags because regular farmers bother to post actual milk and don't harass people

No. 1288114

Recap from the last thread:

>>1280477 wants to be a deformed unicorn severely underweight and die from malnutrition and self mutilation
"The way i want to look it's my business, my body is my problem"
>>1280605 claims to have a 2 dogs, 4 cats, a pigeon and a snake. Claims to have had a mutation
>>1280764 claims to don't take the medication she needs
"Embracing my gifts, i'm done with labels, i have a special connection, other sense"
>>1280806 purged in a grocery bag
>>1280813 claims that before identifying herself as an unicorn she identified as various non-human beings: Lucifer or Leviathan, Spitter (a character from Left 4 Dead) and a Silent Hill creature
>>1280879 "when i fart while purging and then poop and pee i feel like i'm hitting a Street Fighter combo"
>>1280890 wants to have a complete body mutilation with a dolly face
>>1280905 claims to have had vomit in her hair, eyes and nose
>>1280985 got a giant fucking knife and uploaded photos of it
"Knife for protection and will also get a tazer for when i'm being followed"
>>1281154 uploaded her diagnosis, identification card, test results and other documents. Accidentally doxed her complete house adress
>>1281250 cringe tiktok of her dancing and shaking her ass awkwardly
>>1281524 >>1281527 wants to recover and be a "big bad buff, but a skelly first"
"Switch to orthorexia and become a bodybuilder, king of gains"
>>1281541 someone pointed that she had an 1D fan phase as "coffinofachimera" or "belialsmiracles"
>>1281688 >>1281707 drawings and smut +18 fanfics of her appear
The fanfics were in perfect writing. The first one was uploaded in 2016 and the last one in 2020. Some of them reached 50k-60k words
Some of the topics covered in these stories were:
Trannies, ddlg and pet play, crossdressing, deepthroating, dom/sub/BDSM, exhibitionism, and other kinks
>>1281984 someone cowtipped and she started suicidebaiting
>>1282542 came again with extreme happiness and loving everyone
>>1283364 >>1283496 >>1284014 suddenly bullshit about dimensions, aliens and cells
>>1284144 before and after of her shoops
>>1284704 "the antipshychs inhibit my potential"
>>1284715 >>1286339 made a video on Youtube having "tics", constantly winking, shaking, repeating the same word
>>1286416 claims that her brother it's her bestfriend and has access to all her social media, email, bank, online shopping and Twitter
>>1287763 claims to be a victim of bullying, harrasing and wishing death threats

No. 1288141

It's her enablers harrassing her and posting in this thread, or it's Lucinda herself. The old thread didn't even max out and a new one is up immediately. Seasoned farmers are not obsessed with cows to this degree. This is the work of some very young people who have nothing better to do, who are involved in an environment that encourages them to compete for the title of sickest and most frail. Oldfag farmers will comment that they think it's a LARP and move on to another thread, that's about as far as the "hate" goes.

No. 1288146

I saw some smoothbrain teen call someone "sis" lol, fucking twitterfags

No. 1288147

Ew calm your tits. It’s literally like two retarded anons that repeat mean shit (even tho there’s a lot of positive comments too but just ignore that and lump everyone together I guess).

> If you are going to act like a vile, deranged psychopath over a harmless internet stranger

Kek if you twist the words like that, you can say that for half of the threads here. The only difference is that they don’t have this many wk fags in them. Saying shit like “look at what you’ve done” and blaming the whole board is pure autism when most people just want to observe.

No. 1288159

are you lost? gtfo moralfag this isn't the place for you. if you're looking to recieve and give out ass pats go to twitter

No. 1288163

So does only one anon follow her, or are a few of you able to see her tweets?

No. 1288166

I want her to drink bleach and die.
And you all want it, too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1288172

i follow her, nothing new as of now other than the screens posted above.

No. 1288173

I follow her too
Uhm, no speak for yourself

No. 1288177

Don't take the bait. Clearly some "anons" are just here to fuel the ebil website narrative

No. 1288181

Get help

No. 1288183

Thanks mods for taking out the trash so quickly

No. 1288185

Tinfoil but this shit seems too out of place for a normal farmer to say. It’s done so purposely so it supports the “s-see she’s being bwullied by the meanie website!!!!” narrative.

No. 1288186

Is there a way for us to actually confirm that she is self posting? I feel equally schizophrenic looking for hidden clues in potential self posts

No. 1288193

reveal her post history so we can see if she's selfposting, this >>1288166 looks so obvious

No. 1288195

why isn’t the thread picture spoiled or use a different one, i’m not even about to complain about a trigger, no one here wants to see mutilated women unless they’re men wtf

No. 1288199

No shit. There's nothing board culture about "drink bleach and die". That's twitter vernacular

I suspect this is the case. She's alternating between wishing harm on herself and whiteknighting. The post in the last thread that accused us of being jealous because she's lost the most weight in a short amount of time said it all, really

No. 1288205

When I read that I assumed it was just one of the regular LCF anachans taking another opportunity to bone rattle. I was half right then, it was a Twitter anachan coming to "seethe fatty" us.

One anon hit the nail on the head when she pointed out a certain screenshot lined up perfectly with the time zone of Puerto Rico

No. 1288210

We would need to know Lucindas IP to figure out her self posts, I think. I'm bad with tech shit so I'm not even sure if what I said is absolutely retarded or not but someone ITT probably knows the right tech shit to confirm her IP

No. 1288223

And the wk anon came down hard on them for investigating the posts, as if that sort of thing hasn't led to outing cows for selfposting numerous times before. It's all very suspicious

No. 1288234

you are more schizophrenic than her

No. 1288245

ntayrt but how so? I thought the time zone/screenshot incident was a pretty blatant confirmation. How can you be so sure that it’s not even a possibility when she 100% knows this thread exists

No. 1288247

File: 1627763672161.png (1.73 MB, 1920x5725, lucinda.png)

There would be if I would've acted quick enough to put her selfposting at >>1283179 on video instead of screenshots
So it's all on the staff now but at the same time, a reveal might cause her to private or stop tweeting for a longer time (if she doesn't do that anyway to fake a suicide due to ecil lplcwers).

>a certain screenshot lined up perfectly with the time zone of Puerto Rico
It's not only that, but the account she used for it, frag1leb0nes, was likely her previous one. And she seemed to have ditched it right after the oswald account was made in May and it has the same kind of spelling as her instagram name(R3velati0nz). Besides the timezone and name matching, the account also has the same mental illnesses as lucinda, also seems to have hot cocoa among their liked daily food ( >>1285828 ) and didn't even follow or ever interact with lucinda or cartoonivia, so it doesn't even make sense for them to suddenly like one completely random tweet of them like they claimed in >>1283203 .

The account was locked after she used it here to cover up her selfposting, but you can find fractions of it on google cache. (If it shows locked and not the version from july 2nd, reload the page and it should work)

I'll stop now to not cause more infighting or accidently arguing with the cow, I just wanted to add this since that's something I also noticed.

No. 1288253

good finds anon

No. 1288267

Doing the lord's work, anon. She's clearly obsessed with the farms. Probably discovered it through the anachan thread being linked on twitter, then decided to up the ante by posting about herself. It's part of the munchie MO to use lolcow as a tool for sympathy. I hope mods can track down her self posts.

No. 1288268

she outed herself as a farmer, this is just too good, lmfao

No. 1288269

File: 1627765554787.jpg (42.24 KB, 272x350, large_woman_tin_foil_hat.jpg)

No. 1288271

Feels great to know there's screenshot proof that Lucinda posts here, what do you have to prove she's actually a smol bean retard that couldn't possibly be lying about herself on the internet?

No. 1288272

>>1288247 in this account "Katie" is tweeting a lot about going to walk, and the steps she walks, the same that Lucinda does. There must be other proof/coincidences that i'm not noticing.

No. 1288275

Ok so now, once again, we have an anon who is extremely quick to mock anons who theorise on Lucinda self posting. You say an anon is more schizophrenic than Lucinda for looking at things more closely when this is the bare minimum of identifying self posts.

So, hows the weather in Puerto Rico? I'm sure the summers are lovely in such a warm country, Lucinda.

No. 1288277

We can't rule out the possibility of Katie's tweets being similar due to all this being pretty typical of pro ana accounts. Imo I think there has been self posting going on but it's good to keep an open mind

No. 1288284

Learn 2 integrate before you start false-flagging dummy
She's probably posting >>1288247, but there are for sure a couple of people from edtwt aggressively white-knighting her too.

No. 1288286

>>1288275 lurk, selfpost and write in perfect grammarly. Truly cow behaviour. She's more intelligent and autistic than we think.

No. 1288290

It's curious that "Katie" stopped posting as soon as the Lucinda account went live, and then somehow found the post that Lucinda liked the minute she unliked it. If they are the same person, this woman is more deranged than I thought. Creating several identities to see what sticks, employing multiple typing styles, it's fascinating. Good job, Lucinda

No. 1288291

plenty of ana accounts go inactive every month due to the diet trend dying out, i find myself unfollowing inactive accounts constantly. honestly you just don't sound familiar with edtwt. the steps, food, b/p hauls, etc, are painfully typical of myproana and edtwt. and the numb3r wr1t1nG is also on trend. n3k0b1t3s is an emo anachan who popularized it and she had 1m followers on tiktok.

love the idea of the milk tho. unfortunately it seems like tinfoil.

No. 1288292

Now it's all in the mods, if they want to show the history or not, if that happened we would know exactly what posts are from her or not.

No. 1288293

It would be tinfoil if the inactive Katie account hadn't gone back to like Lucinda's orbiter's post the minute it was documented in her thread that she had selfposted her own like. That's pretty much a smoking gun

No. 1288300

200 IQ mastermind farmer. She's playing 5D chess.

No. 1288389

Most people dont use social media to try and forget about their failed diets. Try going for a walk, its better to see the number on the scale drop than following list.

No. 1288417

it's certainly a bit weird that lucinda's account just started posting at the same exact time frag1leb0nes stopped. They're both trans, into cutting & edtwt or whatever but who knows for sure until the admins confirm

No. 1288431

File: 1627781098941.jpeg (204.51 KB, 828x509, 7FC6714F-DBD4-40D5-A769-CAC038…)

Well, she isn't private anymore, but she went from her 1,500 followers to now just three? Unless it's a glitch on my end

No. 1288433

File: 1627781174544.jpeg (279.2 KB, 828x762, D30B2847-BDA4-4188-9513-82BC48…)

And deleted her recent tweet about how she was feeling, now it's just this picture

No. 1288434

nah i dont see her followers either. i reckon she removed everyone?

No. 1288435

Also shows only 3 followers here but must be a glitch

No. 1288446

yeah, it says 8 followers now for me. but when i click to see who they are it says she doesn't have any followers. weird

No. 1288449

Repetitive comments about her appearance and violent a-logging feels like self-posting in here. not to "hi, cow" but it's so out of place. You can spot them. She makes a tweet bawwing about people calling her "ugly and disgusting" and suddenly 2 posts on lc about her being ugly appear. Highly suspicious, imo.

No. 1288489

she might have temporarily deactivated her twitter account and we missed it, i did a while back and when i reactivated my follower count was messed up for the next 24 hours. not sure why it does that but yeah

No. 1288515

>>1288433 i love how she wants to die because of ~booling and harazinmng~, disappears and then appears again one day after loving everyone, positive vibes and wanting to be happy

No. 1288518

Anon she was

No. 1288534


I adore your autism anon. It's what I dream of. Can we get you in the Vicky thread to dig up stuff, she's been so dry lately? Kek

I agree that the fragilebones account seems like the Lizzy Grant-equivalent dead account that didn't take off before she became Unicorn Del Ray. The drawn avatar also correlates to artistic ability. I'll trawl through the cache and see if I can dig up anything further too (yes that's pathetic, but I'm on vacation lmfao)

No. 1288539

No. 1288546

nice, how'd you find this?

No. 1288547


Damn, I take it back, I think this proves she wasn't larping and her whole timeline matches up. God I hope she gets help. This sounds miserable.

No. 1288548

File: 1627793257389.png (34.81 KB, 592x292, The-Canister.png)

her dad is 70 apparently? that explains why he has no idea about her internet presence and just lets her do whatever. poor dude cant even retire in peace

No. 1288552

File: 1627793722620.png (10.69 KB, 589x154, Capture.PNG)

Delusion posts going all the way back to 2017, and a clear decline of her coherency. Guess it really isn't a LARP. She also talks about her brother helping with her 1D blog all the way back in 2017 so that checks out.

No. 1288554

File: 1627793816810.png (8.22 KB, 569x58, The-Canister (3).png)

the rest of this post is just a massive amount of delusional religious shit about some movie, but is she saying she wants to look like a victim of auschwitz??? i know she's crazy but using that as thinspo is fucked up. maybe i'm interpreting it wrong though, it's hard to tell what she's saying.

No. 1288555

This could've been all written on the same day. You can change dates on blogspot.

No. 1288556

yeah, but how likely is that?

No. 1288559


How likely is it someone just happened to find it?

No. 1288562

You don't think a larper would make a fake blog to get people to believe their LARP? It being dropped with no context or explanation is a little strange too.

No. 1288563

she changed her @ to cindascanister and revelation13.1 before going back to oswaldslunch. thought it was worth checking out. she said she used to be on blogspot so.

it would say the copyright at the bottom is 2021

No. 1288564

should've clarified. on instagram. it seems inactive now so i checked it out.

No. 1288568

even if she is fully larping, it would still be a crazy thing to do - wanting people to think that you are crazy. no sane person wants that, people who lie for attention usually want positive attention. i do think she lies about some things, but you can't fake massive weight loss and self mutilation, at least not consistently and accurately. that being said, i think she "plays up" some aspects of her illnesses in order for support.

No. 1288571

If it was her she could've easily posted it herself on Twitter for ultimate pity points about how uwu far she's come uwu since according to you larpers love attention and there's max 10 ppl here and over 1k on her twitter, so why the fuck would she prioritize here instead of there? If she wanted us to see it we would've seen it anyway if she posted it on Twitter for everyone to see.

You guys just can't get your profile on this girl straight. She's stupid enough to do this, but level 200iq enough to have a 2 year old sockpuppet account with a completely different personality, but amateur enough to send herself death threats here, even though she's supposedly an experienced farmer? It's okay to be wrong sometimes and just not fucking know anything like the rest of us.

No. 1288572

File: 1627795077030.png (2.64 KB, 227x57, The-Canister (5).png)

a moment of clarity

No. 1288573

File: 1627795112147.jpg (60.75 KB, 720x882, 20210801_012258.jpg)

No. 1288574

You really think this proves it isn't a larp? Munchies dedicate years of their lives to their shit. Soren had been lying on the internet since she was a child. This proves nothing either way. We don't know what she is for sure, but I find it mighty suspicious that "guess she isn't a larper, pack up and close the thread guize" posts pop up every time a new development is posted.

No. 1288575

File: 1627795470324.jpeg (160.62 KB, 1021x423, 971D7C5A-BA1E-4ED5-8877-C1AD1B…)

How tf did u find this blog? Nothing comes up when you google it and it’s not connected to anything. Also jfc she needs her internet access restricted if this is true. I feel bad for everyone involved.

No. 1288577

nobody's said that though

No. 1288578

File: 1627795566274.jpeg (696.5 KB, 1242x1605, E5183EFE-8A80-4B07-954C-818E44…)

No. 1288580

File: 1627795694013.png (5.67 KB, 553x39, The-Canister (4).png)

her saying that she is assisted in posting this kind of thing is the worst part, if her brother's been helping her do these things for years then i def don't feel bad for him. he should know better, if he's competent enough to be her designated assistant

No. 1288581

The blog talks about hearing voices just when it was pointed out she never says she hears voices. Hmm.

No. 1288584

lmfao i'm glad someone else posted these, i wasn't sure if they were milky enough to post on their own. made me laugh and proves she knows she isn't as innocent or harmless as she wants people to think

No. 1288587

Not going to spoonfeed a moron but there were plenty of posts like that in the last thread. Even here people are taking a blogspot from 4 years ago as definitive proof

No. 1288588

>Munchies dedicate years of their lives to their shi

for attention. this blog was undiscovered for 5 years, and her post saying she was schizophrenic had 1 note on her 1d blog, where she continued to crytype to 0 advantage or attention. she also never talks about her schizophrenia on oswaldslunch, so the typical larper/munchie thing just doesn't fit on a million levels. you insist she's a typical larper but she's not on literally any level. she's nothing like soren. she tweets about farts and unicorns, not meth and dead hello kitty with a knife. she isn't larping bulimia, anorexia, or sh, which are the only things she does talk about. the one thing she doesn't talk about and openly denied out of spite is the one thing we continue to get years-old evidence of that's been undiscovered because this girl does not want attention. she gains nothing from the larp you claim she so desperately, delicately has dedicated 6 years to, just so she could not talk about it.

i swear to god i'm gonna scream if this sounds like a whitknight. but you're all sounding ridiculous. tin-fucking-foil. the nitpick is insanity.

No. 1288589

nobody's said that this time, is what i meant. my bad. but, why wouldn't people take 4 year old posts as proof that she's been crazy online for multiple years? even if it's been an act, the concept of acting this way publicly for attention is crazy in and of itself. being a munchie is still its own mental illness

No. 1288591

File: 1627796215045.jpeg (696.66 KB, 1242x1138, D9542FA7-39E0-445D-97DF-3A664D…)

I’m sorry but the contrasts of these entries are sending me kek

No. 1288593

This thread is maddening. She's been caught self posting. She is not above lying or doing things for attention

No. 1288594

File: 1627796712492.jpg (157.14 KB, 1080x439, Screenshot_20210801-014301.jpg)

how does having a secret blog without even her name on it count as being a munchie when the very core point of being a munchie is missing from the equation.

No. 1288595

I think uh. Self posting is a little different from this.

No. 1288596

oh i don't think she's a munchie, that's not what i meant. i was responding to someone who does think she's larping/a munchie, and what i was trying to say is that even if that were the case, it would still make her mentally ill. i hope that makes sense!

No. 1288597

File: 1627796896706.png (13.2 KB, 587x98, The-Canister (6).png)

more stuff about her brother

No. 1288598

There’s no doubt that she’s ill (in some way or another), but I’m curious bc as far as I’m aware, that is a link to an anonymous blog that cannot be found anywhere else. Nobody but lucinda could’ve posted that. Why did she randomly drop it here?

No. 1288599

the person who posted it said they found it because it has the same name as one of her old instagram handles

No. 1288600

That is strange to me too. And if you can edit post dates on blogspot, isn't it entirely possible that she had an old blog that she recently logged back into? I know I have a ton of blogspots from back in the day

No. 1288601

File: 1627797261926.jpg (718.79 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20210801-014939.jpg)

No. 1288602

File: 1627797360760.jpg (112.79 KB, 1080x296, Screenshot_20210801-014957.jpg)

No. 1288604

File: 1627797486964.jpg (827.41 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20210801-015012.jpg)

No. 1288605

File: 1627797638718.png (66.02 KB, 611x469, The-Canister (7).png)

google translation of this post, any spanish anons feel free to correct errors as i do not speak spanish


Honestly, I don't even think about the ordinary. But really what is ordinary? In my life, as quje it gives me the impression that everything I think is going to come back to me like an equador, or an ehimsophero that I don't really understand yet. I hardly ever talk about what I want, anymore. The words come out but they all go away. I speak but I don't really speak in truth. I speak and speak but this is not living. I live but for what? I have to go now. I have a horrible anxiety that won't let me live. All the voices I hear don't speak to me and like, why? Why don't you talk to me? And then when I talk to them it scares my mom and she looks at me and I know she hates me and hopefully I die, because she knows that one day they will have to kill me for everything I am going to do. I think that's what really makes me sad. I know I'm going to die because I want to kill everyone. I shrink and I GET SO FIERCE !! I want to scream and kill them. People think that voices tell you bad things but they don't tell me shit. I am the bad one. I am the devil. No one can save me. No one is ever going to stop me. I have the anxiety that I HAVE to ruin everyone. I talk to people and for the moment I get this anger. And it is not the voices. It's me. I am the bad and the horrible one. I don't want to change. Why do I have to be yho? I know there are more options. It might be something spiritual, and I have to … I don't know. I know it has to do with a sect or an island or something. I can't be the only one. If I'm that bad it has to be for something. I have hunches of the future and I enter the future. And nobody believes me. But IT IS REAL. I'm already tired of being told they say you say or you are wrong! I AM NOT BAD !! I am bad and everyone is worse. I am the highest, the last, the highest to humanity. One day I'm going to kill them all and okay they might kill me. OK, I know they are going to kill me. So what? I'm already dead. Everything that comes to me is from death. The death is the most essential thing I have in my life. Sometimes people get in on me and I don't want them around anymore.

No. 1288606

She's definitely schizophrenic but I refuse the suggestion that lolcow regulars were sending her hate comments. We just don't shit where we eat. The hate comments were definitely twitter teenagers who found the thread and wanted to harrass her out of jealousy or whatever rotten brain disease they have. That one twitter user in the previous thread even said something about how Lucinda has rapidly gotten famous in that social circle. Farmers aren't bad people, we just enjoy discussing interesting personalities. And we are only mean when they are clearly malicious, even then jokingly and not in a spiteful way.

No. 1288607


Just to add to the lore, revelation 13.1 is about some sea beast, and she referenced in a much older blog post about wanting to become a sea beast. So that's checking out.

No. 1288608

agreed. they saw us discussing her in a way that was different from their twitter hugbox and felt like it was permission to say what they had been thinking all along.

No. 1288609

The google translation is surprisingly very accurate. I think in ehimsophero, she meant emisferio which is hemisphere, that's about it for corrections.

No. 1288610

File: 1627798159084.png (8.21 KB, 582x55, The-Canister (8).png)

"other blog" ? she may be talking about tumblr, but there could also be another blogspot.

No. 1288611


We've all read the Soren threads too mate. As many anons have fleshed out, Soren's online behaviours were significantly different. Soren was really committed to one specific delusion narrative to the point of dragging random people into it, Lucinda just talks more generally about schizo delusions and acknowledges they are delusions.

No. 1288612

I think it’s her one direction blog anon

No. 1288613

you're probably right, i think that was an accidental tinfoil on my part because of this secret blog being found haha

No. 1288629

>not actually a bad person
>is a prominent account in ed/sh twitter
does not compute

No. 1288637

Good for her.

No. 1288708

So her brother helped her post this and didn't say shit when her family gifted her a huge ass knife? Oh my God. These people have to be fully aware of her delusions. Either a doctor has let them know since she could endanger them or the brother has read this and didn't think it was necessary to warn them not to give her weapons just to hold on to

No. 1288709

It doesn't show up on any of the major search engines when you look up "cindascanister".

No. 1288714

i wrote the names individually

cindascanister on youtube
google search cindascanister

finally i tried blogspot since she said she used to run a blog there. jackpot. i've tried with all her other urls and she doesn't have blogspot for any other one.

No. 1288716

i don't think he helped her run that blog specifically. that's the default blogspot layout and the banner is ugly as shit. whereas all her 1d accounts have really fancy, pretty themes. i think sometimes she just does things on her own secretly like any other like. human being. if the posting is simple enough and doesn't require fancy htmls. i mean even dogs get up to trouble when their humans aren't looking. she expressed resentment over being babied and not being left alone to do things she wants and if her dad is 70 her mom must be old as balls too and they could be easy to do things behind their back. ffs her brother is probably old as fuck too and doing a big favor even helping his retard schizo sister run her 1d smut fanfic blog. cut her family some slack.

No. 1288729

omfg how could our perfect innocent harmless little thing post such atrocities!! Where are the moralfags now to stand up for her?

No. 1288731

Did you forget she has schizophrenia?

No. 1288735

File: 1627824217780.jpg (191.34 KB, 720x1211, Screenshot_20210801-091957_Sam…)

i think i found her tumblr? it's been inactive for a while. couldn't find anything under oswaldslunch/lucindybelindy/revelation13-1/etc on tumblr/blogspot/etc but i thought about giving revelation12 a try and found this one on tumblr.

giving me soft soren vibes minus the gore. traumacore adjacent for sure. but it's all just depression and suicide.

No. 1288737

File: 1627824269982.jpg (43.98 KB, 550x367, ea003b0bdaffd39fcda9bbabbbe5f2…)


No. 1288742

looks like she's back to horrorcow status lmao

No. 1288784

You guys clearly have no experience with the "uwu mysteriously sick" bbygirls of old Tumblr and even livejournal like Nicole Dollanganger. The things they /don't/ mention are always more important to the LARP than the things they do. They want people to speculate and take up for them in comments sections. "Oh no, don't talk about her schizophrenia!"
And the sudden use of religious stuff. And mentioning "her brother" managing her account. She reads here clearly. She says so herself.
The whole thing smacks of Lucia Cole.

No. 1288789

File: 1627832352694.jpg (111.97 KB, 1024x580, Conspiracy-theorist-1024x580.j…)

No. 1288792

I assume you posted the other tinfoil hat image earlier. I don’t understand why it’s so verboten that we discuss whether she’s LARPing or not. Like basically everyone else, I read the Soren thread, and there was never this much infighting about whether the LARP had merit and was real. So much defensiveness over a girl most people on here hadn’t even heard of a month ago. People will speculate, that’s what they do. I don’t understand the hostility in this thread surrounding questioning her motives and past. It’s very suspicious to me

No. 1288793

Don't bother arguing. That anon kept arguing against theories with words until people started pointing out that their wording sounded like a selfposter trying to masquerade as an anon who thought the larp theories were stupid, now they just post tinfoil pictures to avoid people pointing out hints in their wording.

No. 1288814

The difference between Soren and this one is that on a few occasions we saw pics of Soren with a friend. She used to go outdoors as well. All we see if Deb's is her taking selfies in her room. It'd make her seem more realistic as a person if she was interacting with something other than stuffies. No matter how mental a person is they don't stay locked in a tower unless they're the royal family.

No. 1288815

soren was a pedophile who wrote child snuff it was fun to speculate about her. lucinda is an embarrassment who's harmless to everyone but herself and a lot of people have expressed positive feelings towards her so obviously a lot of people will at least find it stupid to constantly compare her to genuine garbage and use it to obsessively nitpick and give her the soren treatment.

tldr; a lot of us believe her and find it horrifying and milky and are eagerly waiting for more schizo adventures from this brand new fresh horrorcow, not a soren replacement

No. 1288817

She mentioned being in love with a guy who she believed would never love her back in the first thread. Have any anons found any posts talking about a guy on her blogs?

No. 1288831

for all we know he'll never love her back because they aren't even friends. she doesn't leave the house and has no other active social media. unless she's on tinder secretly and hopping on uber to fuck in the middle of the night lmfao. but she has no filter so i feel like she'd say so??

No. 1288870

The "guy" is Liam from 1D or something, kek. I'm curious about her internet life before this schizo tiktoker saga. Who was she in college? Where does her internet footprint lead?

No. 1288879

>eagerly waiting for more schizo adventures from this brand new fresh horrorcow, not a soren replacement

This. I don't know why people misinterpret this as whiteknighting. I'm fascinated by Lucinda the self harming, bulimic schizophrenic who thinks she can starve into an enlightened unicorn. If it all turns out to be fake let it happen in a huge bombshell. But the nitpicking is extremely tiring and fucking boring since the proof heavily outweighs the debunking.

Soren is boring. Soren is dead. Say it all you want but Lucinda is not your average traumacore Hello Kitty xanax egirl and she's not a Nicole copycat. My God, this bitch is actually something new. And for once, she's not an OF scammer pedophile cunt. She's just humiliating herself and disgusting the masses while crytyping about how misunderstood she is like the daft, clueless retard she is. And she's new. So, so new. Everything old we have of her so far just verifies that she's been a schizophrenic directioner since 2016. So we can just sit back and sip the fresh milk and relax and watch without headsplitting tinfoiling. We can point and laugh and find more hidden gems like her tranny directioner fic.

Can we do that? Without someone crying larp/munchie/Soren? How is that more entertaining than what I just said?

No. 1288882

The fact that she mentions wanting to kill her family and see people suffer and die…what the fuck.

No. 1288900

leviathan was the creature sent from hell to destroy mankind, wasn't it? if she was delusional about being a demon or the devil or whatever it makes sense that she'd write about wanting to see people suffer and the superiority complex

No. 1288903

Saged but I think people use Soren specifically because she was the last of the great horrorcows. There have been many horrorcows in the past, and they're all absolutely fascinating, but Soren was definitely the last of the actual full on horrorcows. People want a new Todokaras, Soren, Pansy Gronski, all the time because no other cow has quite been that interesting since the Soren saga ended. Nowadays the closest you're going to get to a horrorcow is some random fat altgirl who gets nick picked for having weird boobs or something

No. 1288907

The whole "everyone should die, I'll laugh when they suffer" thing sounds an awful lot like someone who was bullied and isolated their whole life and has developed a bitterness towards everyone around her. I mean I know its schizophrenia but she talks about everyone hating her/conspiring against her so it makes sense that she would feel bitter and want to fight back

No. 1288909

Well that’s legitimately concerning. What the fuck indeed.

No. 1288925

Idk it sounds like you're projecting.

No. 1288950

i'd agree but she said she was the popular class clown in school(which would explain her humor)

No. 1288952

File: 1627841507684.jpg (76.03 KB, 720x333, 20210801_151005.jpg)

No. 1288962

Is this from the blog? Poor Lucinda.

No. 1288969

File: 1627842695486.jpg (25.64 KB, 676x221, 20210801_152949.jpg)

No. 1288970

File: 1627842762783.jpg (151.94 KB, 720x606, 20210801_153002.jpg)

No. 1288973

god what i'd give for posts like this about her unicorn delusions. just a whole blog like this one. absolutely fascinating. unfortunately she swore off talking about her "visions" and schizophrenia altogether so it's dry country out here. if she ever goes full normie i'll scream.

No. 1288976

She shit herself??????

No. 1288986

That doesn't sound like projecting. Most mentally ill people who end up randomly murdering people talk about how the world hates them and how much they want to hurt the world back in anger

No. 1288993

Yeah, when you're a 14 year old edgelord and not a woman in your 20s.

No. 1288999

Lucinda is so emotionally stunted that she dresses like a toddler and hangs out online with 14-17 year olds on Twitter. Mentally shes in the zone for edgelord behaviour

That being said, this is a legitimately concerning thing to discover about Lucinda and I have to wonder if one day we might see a particularly violent outcome

No. 1289003

I thought she was asexual
I think she means she has help in the bathroom? She was complaining in a recent post that her family help her with everything and said they might as well help her shit. I think this is more of that

No. 1289006

I think she specifically said "my mom would wipe my ass if I let her" so yeah you might be right

No. 1289015

does schizophrenia actually make you act aggressively like that? sorry for the autism and slight blog but i know a couple people with schizophrenia and none of them are aggressive in nature, in the sense that they'd have the desire to harm others. only themselves as far as i know

No. 1289016

File: 1627846941281.jpg (218.85 KB, 828x1221, A81E7C4F-DBF6-4454-AE2D-D7CC0F…)

No. 1289017

She should try drawing on eyebrows in unicorn colours (purple)

No. 1289024

Schizophrenia makes you paranoid. Some people get defensive.

No. 1289027

funny how lucinda "dresses like a toddler" when we have plenty of weeb jfashion cows and no one calls them toddlers

No. 1289029

The fuck is this glowing review, lmao. Most people want her to be like Soren because she was FAR more entertaining. This thread is way too hugboxy, I'm out.

No. 1289032

>>1288976 her mum helps her to shit and shower.

No. 1289034

>she looks at me and i know she hates me and hopefully i die, because she knows that one day they will have to kill me for everything i'm going to do
Now i'm scared.

No. 1289036

there's a difference between someone dressing intentionally immature in a "kawaii" way and someone who only wears nightgowns with butterfly patterns on them

then just leave and stop shitting up the thread simply because you have a hate boner for anyone who dares to find a new cow interesting? nta but that wasn't a "glowing review" , it was them pointing out how infighting and pictures of tinfoil hats doesn't change the fact that lucinda tracks as being genuinely insane. stay mad.

No. 1289039

>She's new you guys! So, so new. She's just special schizo unicorn Lucinda! Not icky boring Soren!


No. 1289040

i'm sorry that lucinda burnt your crops and poisoned your water supply and fucked your wife but most people do find the concept of a bullimic drugged up schizo who thinks she has magical powers to be at least mildly entertaining. i never mentioned soren and don't think they are very similar, personally. you are worked up about nothing

No. 1289045

The proof outweighs the debunking? Poor Lucinda? Suddenly believing she's a legit threat when there were hundreds of threads on edgier people than Lucinda and no one was "concerned" before? I think the culture in the comments on this thread are more interesting than the cow herself.

No. 1289048

She dresses in Jfashion rarely. For the most part, she forces herself into kids clothes like any other ana chan, except it's part of her uwu shtick to specifically pick kids clothes with cartoon animals on them and stuff. Christ you jfaggots are so defensive lol

No. 1289062

"Hate-boner" anon it really is time to stop.
Both the complainers and aggressive asskissers should leave.

No. 1289067

i'm not trying to ass-kiss or defend lucinda, i don't like her as a person. i meant that the people who are getting mad at this thread for treating her like a cow are being ridiculous, because that's what she is. that's why we're all here. if someone thinks she's a larper or munchie they can just hide the thread, there's no need to make a post announcing that you're leaving only to stick around and make posts about soren.

No. 1289100

No. 1289108

her mum only helps her shower, lucinda said she would help her wipe her ass if she let her. but she doesn’t. so i think she meant that she shits herself lmao

No. 1289127

File: 1627855654206.png (69.12 KB, 300x374, H56GJ5XDK63.png)

>>1289016 bitch be looking like Santa Claus after a blunt

No. 1289132

Agreed anon, this place reeks of newfaggotry in general but also a younger cohort of posters, who are less internet savvy and experienced in the fine art of online people watching. Fascinating to see how easily people take things at face value these days.
she looks like ed sheeran here in the worst way possible

No. 1289136

File: 1627856653586.jpg (35.29 KB, 626x562, 8.jpg)

No. 1289167

The "I like her as a person" posts are exhausting. She isn't here for you to like and no one cares. Funny how proof of her selfposting doesn't set off alarm bells for these posters.

No. 1289170


Does she hate her race? Serious question. She makes herself look sickly, dyes her hair blonde, cuts her pretty brown skin, wants to be a white unicorn, acts retarded- and she’s trying to get to 88lbs, and 88 is a nazi call out number.

Is this all some self loathing cope because of internalized racism?

No. 1289177

yeah she uses white-washing filters that east asians look to make themselves as pale as possible because that's the beauty standard there. maybe it's a coincidence or maybe she really doesn't like her ethnicity and purposefully makes herself whiter

No. 1289178

i think the 88lbs thing is because that's how much the girl in the last unicorn weighs, i think she mentioned that but maybe i read her word salad wrong

No. 1289182


Even if she says it, that can’t be true. What children’s movie calls out the weight that way? That’s bizarre.

Any farmers who have seen the movie who can confirm or deny that?

People who say she isn’t like Soren are forgetting that Soren was a mask obsessed with gore and trauma. I’d argue it’s the same for Lucinda- the only difference is the aesthetic.

Reading how she wants people to suffer is so jarring from her “uwu” unicunt shit.

No. 1289184

tbf the movie was based on a book and the book is very dark from what i've heard, i don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that it would point out the unicorn's weight in her human form to describe her as being ethereal or some shit. but yeah if anyone has read the book, pls confirm because i'm just tinfoiling atp

No. 1289189

Sick people look pale and corpse-like, unicorns are usually white.
>dyes her hair blonde
You're trying really hard

No. 1289191

it's really not that dark of a book, and the unicorn's weight is in no way mentioned. in a screenshot last thread someone pointed out that horses (thereby unicorns) weigh around 800lbs irl, and her response was that 88 was some kind of angel number for her therefore she would attain spiritual enlightenment at that weight.

No. 1289196

In pre-unicorn photos her hair is black.

No. 1289200

>>1288554 there's this reference to Auschwitz too. She could have some racist/white supremacist problem.

No. 1289201

So what?

No. 1289220

there's anti nazi/anti-racist sjw shit on her twitter so doubt it. 88lbs is a pretty common anachan weight number, like 110lbs, 111lbs, 99lbs, 79lbs, etc. it might just also be a pleasant bmi for her.

No. 1289222

File: 1627872947836.jpg (391.53 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20210801-225507.jpg)

Oh babygirl no…

No. 1289224

Perhaps she'll get one of those spikes implanted and call it her uni-horn

No. 1289232

Are her pupils an ana thing? It's so freaky, I can't tell if she's wearing contacts or on something honestly.

No. 1289237

didn’t she say something about having a vision with that number?

No. 1289238

She said she draws her pupils big on snapseed as well as her eye bags

No. 1289241

File: 1627875270605.jpg (641.24 KB, 1458x2592, J4TK65XH6K5XH.jpg)

this is the worst she has ever looked

No. 1289251


Nah, it’s a reasonable question to ask. Someone who hates themselves that much and hyper focuses on some weird Nazi call out number while trying to erase any semblance of their brownness? You don’t have to be a full blown racist or support them to hate yourself in that way.

She wouldn’t be wasting away or cutting herself if she cared for herself, in any case- she admits to it in some of her spergs that she feels worthless.

No. 1289267

Why are her eyes so dilated… Or are they contacts? It's really freaky

No. 1289270

read the thread, she edits them

No. 1289283

Cheers anon.

No. 1289298

Anons itt are genuinely retarded. In what world would anyone believe those eyes are real?

No. 1289300

I never look into this thread and just wanted to know. It wasn't in op

No. 1289326

thb she's kinda nailing the look

No. 1289344

You're kinda right, she does resemble the image. The clothing choice doesn't fit well. I think she should opt for flowing white clothes because it looks ethereal and emulates the flowing mane/tail of a unicorn

No. 1289346

i don't hate it either, the no eyebrows and white hair are sort of cool. i don't think there's anything wrong with trying to look intentionally weird in the name of alternative fashion, and she certainly has a distinct look.

No. 1289347

File: 1627903065430.jpg (711.17 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1627903512506.jpg)

Saged for fashion autism, but I found these as examples of clothes that would both suit her unicorn style and match her skin tone at the same time. This kind of pale dress lace look kinda seems more fairytale than the kids clothes she wears or Jfashion. Plus it would make her feel more like Amalthea

No. 1289351

The first two are cute. The rest looks like shit.

No. 1289357

she said it manifested itself to her in a cc reply.

No. 1289364

Damn she made her blogspot private. Looks like someone cowtipped. Did someone screenshot the whole thing?

No. 1289372

I don't see much value in it considering it was clearly something she provided us to give credence to her "diagnosis uwu" and she provided us with all the relevant screenshots to convince the more naive anons how she's always been sick. Why would a supposed blog from 2016/2017 be of concern to her suddenly unless she spent time in the thread constantly hovering over f5?

No. 1289374

The first dress top left and the middle on the bottom row are nice and would suit her, not sure about the others (for example anything low cut or with idk what they're called, breast pads? like top right and bottom left don't seem like they would suit her childish personality/image)

No. 1289375

the screenshots clearly have different file names.

No. 1289385

i was one of (at least) two people posting screencaps yesterday. no agenda, just for archival purposes & things i found milky/funny. we're already able to tell when it's lucinda posting, can we just wait and cross that bridge if we happen to come to it again?

No. 1289397

I feel sorry for the artist who painted this unicorn having it associated with this creature. She's very good, since Lucinda won't give her the proper credits I will, the artist's name is Annie Stegg Gerard

No. 1289407


Get a grip, anons. We're not here to do a fashion makeover for an aspiring unicorn. Wtf is this? Help the freak thread?

No. 1289409

My sides, Anon. You're so right though. At this point I come here to gawk at the posters, not the cow.

No. 1289415

They're really something. To think anyone would be jealous of Ms. Unicorn Flapjack Titties >>1289400.
This had better be a selfpost, otherwise I'm praying you get the help you need, anon

No. 1289416

there have been a few jealous fatties in these threads, don't deny that(rattle rattle)

No. 1289417

Purge and seethe, bone rattler.

No. 1289422

This train has no brakes.

No. 1289428

Nobody is jealous of Lucinda? Not a single anon had said they want to be like her, you speds. The only thing that people have done similar to that is point out small ways she could look more like a unicorn. Accusing anons of being jealous of an ana chan screams projection. You must be fat

Tbf a 20 something year old should be moving on from the uwu childish aesthetic. Encouraging her to dress more her age would be better

No. 1289433

please just read the thread. there have been two anachans accusing us of jealousy within the last hour. and don't accuse other people of projecting when you feel the need to call random anons fat.

No. 1289436

look back on the other thread and see the spergs

No. 1289444

She was posted on the proana thread, ofc she's going to attract the dregs of anons from there.

No. 1289491

Careful anabby, your blood vessels might burst from reaching so hard. There were several posts showing Lucinda's weight loss and accusing anons of being jealous that were all deleted at once. She's lurking.

No. 1289544

Is it possible the reason she is so upset about the threads is because she doesn't want people to see all the "I wish suffering on others" stuff and have it conflict with her unicorn positivity image? I mean yeah most people would be upset if they found a thread about themselves on a gossip but it makes me wonder

Pretty sure anon just meant accusing anons of being jealous of Lucinda is retarded and that thinking people would actually be jealous of a low functioning anachan can only be done by people who think her body is worth being envious of (aka anachans)

No. 1289608

>Is it possible the reason she is so upset about the threads is because she doesn't want people to see all the "I wish suffering on others" stuff and have it conflict with her unicorn positivity image?

This is something I was thinking about, and one of the reasons why I just don't believe she's larping or faking her schizophrenia. She constantly says "I'm not a bad person" and is obsessed with positivity and saying that she wants to make people happy almost like she's trying to make up for something. The creepy factor just never shows through apart from her appearance which correlates with body dysmorphia and the fact she wants to look like an animal? Idk.

No. 1289612

Full-stop, I think the way the blogspot was dropped on us like a turd, apropos of nothing feels like she wanted it to be discovered. Adds to her ~mystery~

No. 1289614

i'm the person who discovered the blogspot. no mystery, i've been cross searching her usernames across all platforms ever since we discovered she had a 1d past. i figured she'd have more. when i saw her change her ig to cindascaniser i searched it up like i have all her other handles. nothing fancy.

No. 1289615

it's not like the blog was some super secret that no one could have found. Searching a cow's past usernames on different platforms is common.

No. 1289624

Yeah see imo to me it looks like she started with those dark thoughts, they started to bother her too much, so she overhauled her personality and change who she was by forcing positivity. She mentioned on her Twitter that she surrounds herself with happy kids stuff because she hallucinates and they make the hallucinations less frightening. It's possible that by having nobody know about her past it makes it easier for her to push it down and pretend it never happened, everything is sunshine rainbows magic

No. 1289647

Kek so gullible. You're seriously pathologising about her saying the most mild, edgy stuff on an old blog? This woman is a classic BPD internet addicted caricature.

No. 1289651

File: 1627938629591.jpg (203.77 KB, 828x622, IMG_0889.jpg)

No. 1289653

>>1288735 it doesn't appear for me. Someone can take a look at this Tumblr and take some screenshots?

No. 1289658

I'm sorry if this is cringey to say but this cow is so retardedly adorable 𝕴 𝖜𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝖙𝖔 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖈𝖙 𝖍𝖊𝖗

No. 1289670

her organs must be rotting

No. 1289683

A giant lollipop a day sounds almost painful. I imagine her stomach must feel ill a lot

No. 1289687

File: 1627940859230.jpg (213.84 KB, 720x693, 20210802_225812.jpg)

The rigidity of this routine is interesting

No. 1289691

i never thought i would remember chicken run because someone proclaims to need to each it three times a night. it is very funny but she is probably in a lot of pain like ocd or obsessive thoughts from something else that aren’t just things you can stop without medication. i’m sad for her but trying to laugh because of chicken run, what the fuck

No. 1289692

wait wait if her thing is the last unicorn why is that watched twice and chicken run three times, i don’t want to google the premise of chicken run i have worked so hard to repress those memories of claymation chickens. is her body claymation now

No. 1289698

File: 1627941652490.png (445.07 KB, 719x1222, chicken run.png)

No. 1289702

Movie is based though kek

No. 1289709

File: 1627942273589.jpg (635 KB, 1458x2592, IMG_20210802_225708.jpg)

I wonder what changed her mind about the silver/white. Anyway, it looks better in periwinkle. I think it might be an Amalthea inspired choice since Amalthea has a lavender tint in the movie

No. 1289711

Do you guys ever stop covertly praising her itt?

No. 1289713

Nanny Cam
>When the beloved, elderly nanny of the Kessler family begins to suffer from Alzheimer's disease, they hire a young, pretty new nanny who might not be as sunny as her outward exterior implies.

Chicken Run
>While the chickens on evil Mrs. Tweedy's farm dream of a better life, a clever hen named Ginger is hatching plans to fly the coop - for good!

The Last Unicorn
>In this animated musical, the villainous King Haggard (Christopher Lee) plots to destroy all the world's unicorns. When a young unicorn (Mia Farrow) learns that she's in danger and that she may soon be the last of her kind, she leaves the safety of her protected forest and enlists the help of Schmendrick (Alan Arkin), a gentle, albeit clumsy, sorcerer. Together, they embark on a long and dangerous journey with one goal: to defeat Haggard and save the unicorns from extinction.

I'm just. Fascinated. Endless questions. She lives off a diet of lollipops and diet coke and gets a dose of this content on repeat every single day. Rotting not only her body but her brain. What a magical unicorn!!1!

No. 1289714

idk why but the fact that she watches chicken run "3 times a night" is making me lose it

No. 1289715

just because we aren't screaming larper/munchie doesn't mean we're praising her. it's a neutral comment. she looks better in purple, and it's likely she did it to emulate amalthea. relax.

No. 1289724

This… is not a praise? It's just that the silver wasn't as good as this. This isn't good or bad. Nobody is boot licking her and harping on about her looks, just "Amalthea has purpleish hair so this was probably Amalthea inspired". Get a grip, not everyone wants to keep having the same conversation about being a munchie(samefagging)

No. 1289728

so her body is surviving off sugar, caffeine, and chicken run? at this point it's not schizophrenia, it's just that.

No. 1289730

Imagine if people wrote shit like this about the equally godawful make-up and style choices in the old Asherbee threads kek. It's all so forced, I don't know why these anons don't just go back to twitter and send her their dress recommendations over private messages.

The name has absolutely no results on any search engine.

No. 1289733

It's still there, revelation12.tumblr.com. Though be careful when going too far back in the archive, there's some disgusting gore on it.

No. 1289734

i wrote the urls directly not through google search it's definitely quicker that way

No. 1289735

What was her other blogspot? The 1D one?

No. 1289739

Lucinda had a gore blog? Even with the demonic stuff I wasn't expecting that. Guro or actual gore?

No. 1289743

If this one is hers, but it fits so I wouldn't be surprised. And yes in the first month(s) of the blog there's gore as in photos of corpses and horrible body conditions mixed between kawaii angsty uwu imagery.

No. 1289748

Sounds like pretty standard tumblr fare tbh

No. 1289752

So that you don't have to see it for yourself i summarize what's there: open and sewn cuts, amputated limbs, corpses, screamers, infections, deformations and hentai.

No. 1289755

VERY much like the early days of Nicole Dollanganger, which is not at all surprising. Soren too.

No. 1289756

File: 1627948428113.jpg (754.32 KB, 1080x1577, Screenshot_20210802-195234.jpg)

From the revelation12 blog. Looks like the makeup style she chooses.

No. 1289758

>>1289755 i don't remember the name of that selfharmer that had giant open scars and cuts, i saw a lot of her photos too.

No. 1289761

in which case it's a dime a dozen. if she was that psychotic i doubt she'd be running a tumblr.

No. 1289767


No. 1289773

I remember this girl. Is she still alive?

No. 1289780

pretty sure i remember reading that she passed away

No. 1289785

Should've chosen Chicken Run to kin and make her entire personality. Chicken inspired makeup and a goal weight of the average chicken

No. 1289792

what is with the superiroity complex anons, it's getting old.
>kek so gullible
go back to 4chan and do your sherlock larping there.

No. 1289796

you're right, it is standard tumblr fare, and so are bible usernames. they love the religious aesthetic on that site and have for years. also, this blog is called "revelations 12" and her old insta handle is "revelations 13" so there's no reason to think this is her. sorry for samefag, was catching up on the thread.

No. 1289820

>>1289796 i think that the account it's from her because there are a lot of gifs of the red dog show, Lucinda loves it. And it isn't a part of the aesthetic, i mean, it's totally off-topic. It just gives me her vibes.

No. 1289827

you mean clifford? i only saw a couple gifs of that while scrolling through the archive. it's one of those shows that's popular with nostalgia/kidcore bloggers, so it just seems like a coincidence to me. this is the most generic blog i've ever seen, and i was on tumblr for several years as a teen. no personal posts or any indicators of who it could belong to, just reblogs of aesthetic stuff and 3edgy5me depression posts. i don't think it's her.

No. 1289838

File: 1627959566829.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 768.61 KB, 1242x1534, C53B7683-DCC2-4229-AC71-4D40F0…)

she’s posting body checks, her followers need to stop enabling this shit 1/2

No. 1289840

File: 1627959589887.jpeg (756.4 KB, 1242x1806, 77ADDF56-C9F9-4672-98B7-A157E4…)

No. 1289843

File: 1627959705704.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 912.54 KB, 1242x1705, DBD82A26-7723-4664-BE90-AC9EA1…)

No. 1289847

What the hell is this? A unicorn pooping out cruise ships? Is this some ed twitter thing I'm not aware of?

No. 1289852

these enablers are insane

not an edtwt thing, just a lucinda thing. they're saying she looks like the unicorn, because that's what she wants people to say.

No. 1289857

File: 1627960799442.jpg (57.6 KB, 720x239, 20210802_211804.jpg)

Of course her followers would be washed up Nicole Dollanganger fans.

No. 1289866

one merciful thing about this bitch is that she isn't another dollanganger calf. someone asked her her favorite song and she said some 90s eurodance pop shit lmfao. i'd rather hear about chicken run and 90s pop than david lynch and pig destroyer with the long vintage nightgowns and the porcelain dolls and clowns. i find lucinda extremely cringe, but she is also very entertaining because i just don't know what to expect.

No. 1289867

that being said, she's a ticking time bomb and i can't wait to watch the fireworks

No. 1289934

Wouldn't unicorns eat, you know, grass and other flora? They're horses, Lucinda. Pretty sure refined sugar isn't in their diet.

No. 1289956

That Lucinda is a magnet for the worst people. This girl, Lucrecia, has found a way to make unicorns into thinspo. Why would she encourage Lucinda to starve herself to death with skinny unicorns if she actually cared? I k ow it's a foal but the intention is clear. Why coddle Lucinda is you just want her to starve? H let followers are going to be her death if she doesn't pull back

No. 1290014

I dunno, I don't think Lucinda's gonna die because of their influence. This is all pretty standard edtwt stuff. It would only kill her if she wanted it to take it that far. I mean, look at Ashley Isaacs and Shmegeh. Those two are somehow still alive.
Underrated comment kek

No. 1290068

Routines like that are interesting. Does she stick to those exact numbers for a reason? Like, I wonder if deviating from THAT exact routine causes her to have breakdowns (a bit like how children with autism have tantrums if their routines are disrupted). Can she even switch in different movies to the rotation or has she been doing Nanny Cam, Chicken Run, and The Last Unicorn for ages? This is fascinating. I genuinely hope one of her followers asks about this because wow

No. 1290301

this comment nearly made me spit out my drink

All unicorns follow a regime of the three C's:
Chicken Run

No. 1290327

I split myself in half trying not to laugh in a quiet room, thanks anon

No. 1290381

there’s still time, i have hope and it is all that i want in this world now

No. 1290437

saw this shit earlier too and was mind blown. the diet and routine are wild. the movies might be some ocd thing or a coping mechanism. but still chicken run is an odd choice.

No. 1290440

"I watch Chicken Run 3 times a night" tweeted so nonchalantly will not leave my brain. Chicken Run queen

No. 1290466

Honestly banner material, that is one of the single funniest things I have ever seen on these boards.

No. 1290501

I'm not sure whos head I wanna cave in with a ballpeen hammer… Lucinda or that scuffed ass chihuahua looking unicorn….(a-logging)

No. 1290534

File: 1628054618193.jpg (68.44 KB, 720x384, 20210803_232241.jpg)

Her presence is such an enigma

No. 1290549

Everyone say thank you for our daily dose of unicorn wisdom

No. 1290558

so true queen

No. 1290559

so inspirational

No. 1290570

So sayeth our unicorn overlord

No. 1290587


For some of those things you gotta take off your panties first, my dear.

No. 1290592

That’s it I’m becoming a part of the venerated cult of the unicorn lucinda

No. 1290621

this bitch is so fucking entertaining she's hilarious in that she humiliates herself with her cringey existence but then she's actually funny when she wants to be. i have no choice but to stan my favorite cow on this entire site.

No. 1290673

did someone as her on twitter or curious cat? Now I wanna know which eurodance she bops to

No. 1290677

found it, if anyone's curious it's vid related

No. 1290683

this was already posted in the last thread


No. 1290685

Literally rotting her brain with this and Chicken Run. Or ascending to a higher plane of consciousness. Idk

No. 1290721

Not to mention all the shit that comes out of her mouth and that she twitters.

No. 1290728

it's rotted to the point of ascention. lucinda thought she was schizophrenic but she has starved her brain to the point of disappearing, and is maneuvering her body using candy, chicken run, and eurodance like a necromancer reanimating a corpse.

No. 1290732

First thing I thought of was her Street Fighter combo tweet and I immediately snorted.

No. 1290758

File: 1628093632305.jpg (2.59 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_08-04-09.13.17.jpg)

I have autism

No. 1290762

i've been laughing on and off about this all day, i'll be doing something else and "pee and fart" pops into my head. never change, lucinda

if there ends up being another thread, this has to be the pic

No. 1290823

File: 1628097332054.jpg (46.17 KB, 640x345, med_1534409072_image.jpg)

Pic related.

No. 1290835

>>1290534 thanks for the unnecessary fart fact, beloved interdimensional unicorn

No. 1290839

File: 1628099043248.jpg (138.69 KB, 720x951, 20210804_144102.jpg)

This account it's from a 16-year-old, just did a question and she dropped her nudes, a whole adult showing her tits to minor strangers.

No. 1290841

File: 1628099118632.jpeg (439.44 KB, 1152x2048, E78XToFXEAQ0AOr.jpeg)

No. 1290843

how does she not realize that tweeting tit pics at a minor almost 10 years younger than her is not okay? is she really that dumb, or intentionally predatory? my money is on the latter, because i refuse to believe that someone who surrounds themselves with a community of teenagers who are slowly killing themselves doesn't realize that what they're doing is wrong. sorry for sperging but i'm seriously shocked that nobody outside of lolcow has held her accountable for this, especially considering how obsessed twitter is with social justice. kids are more likely to buy into fucked up ideals if they see an adult that they are able to emulate, so i don't think it's wrong for me to say that she is directly harming them.

No. 1290845

she's literally retarded

No. 1290847

File: 1628099980008.jpg (117.33 KB, 1920x1080, Horriblesubs-noukome-01-1080p-…)

I like the anime vibe kek

No. 1290848

The street fighter combo tweet never fails to kill me on sight

No. 1290849


I'm with >>1290843 even if we buy into her diagnosis we're suddenly excusing this? If it's not okay for CWC, it's not okay for Lucinda. You can tell she knows right from wrong in that she's all about positivity and hides that grusome blogspot.

No. 1290850

If that's the case someone should tell her. Either dm or on cc. If she keeps doing it (including the half naked body checks) then we'll know it's intentional and she's a fucking creep. For now I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1290853

i would have to disagree, she isn't retarded in the literal sense. she's mentally ill, but she exhibits self awareness. she edits her selfies and dyes/cuts her hair, she cooks food and owns weapons. i know her family helps her with a lot of stuff, but they seem to be overcompensating and babying her, and she says she's aware of this and wishes they wouldn't. she's expressed the desire to harm other people on her blogspot. even if she legitimately had an intellectual disability, wouldn't that be just as bad? then she would just be a retarded person harming children, not much of a difference.

No. 1290858

>>1290849 samefag, I meant to tag >>1290845 with "convenient." But my point stands. "I'm sick" doesn't give her a pass to expose herself to kids online.

No. 1290864

no worries, i figured you meant to respond to them in the first bit


she's 24, easily old enough to know that promoting and discussing ED behaviours with kids (or hey, even just publicly whatsoever) is wrong.

No. 1290868


very recently she retweeted something like "i wish the naked body wasn't seen as sexual" so i definitely think the issue stems from there. she's also tweeted the typical sjw "if you hurt/groom children kys" shit, so i really do just think it's poor judgement on her part. someone definitely needs to tell her directly and see what she says. that'll be the true indicator.

No. 1290870

that sounds like pretty standard woke-twitter-doublethink nonsense, but still, that in itself contributes to people like her creating these harmful, even predatory environments while still deluding themselves into thinking they aren't doing anything wrong. like, "yeah i have an account entirely based around self harm, but i'm "pro recovery" so it's super okay! i only throw up 3 times a day, not 11!" and then unsupervised teens eat that shit up, no pun intended.

where's the line when it comes to cowtipping on this sort of thing? could someone pose as a follower and try to message her in a way that comes off as good faith? sorry again for moralfagging.

No. 1290872

She still has the CC, so if you really want to cowtip say you're a follower but you're too shy to come off anon.(don’t do this shit)

No. 1290880

i sent her something that implied i was a follower who wasn't comfortable with the interaction, i tried to be very polite and non-confrontational so hopefully she won't be scared off and there won't be reprecussions for the thread. she may not even answer it, and if she does, she'll probably give a pretty generic answer. she's milky in ways that don't need to involve a lack of boundaries with people 8 years younger than her, so honestly i hope she takes it to heart in the case that she's genuinely just ignorant.(cowtipping)

No. 1290887

>>1290839 all jokes aside, this is serious. The teen never asked to see that.

No. 1290890

we really comparing this to raping your dementia-riddled mother? What kind of scrote logic is that?

Some of you are desperate to a-log about this girl. Her tits are censored in the second photo.

No. 1290893

File: 1628103967374.jpg (33.2 KB, 720x375, 20210804_160425.jpg)

She's here lurking. This is the definitive confirmation. The tweet disappeared.

No. 1290894

yeah, there’s no doubt she has. other person did say they messaged her, but i got my money on her lurking here.

No. 1290896

File: 1628104229826.jpg (623.69 KB, 828x1309, IMG_1054.jpg)

she probably deleted it cause of this

No. 1290901

It's your brain on eating disorders mixed with traumacore garbage.

No. 1290903

File: 1628105556112.jpg (537.04 KB, 1080x1809, IMG_20210804_213201.jpg)

Sure, meanwhile 3 may or may not years earlier:

No. 1290905

I don't think it's fair to hold a schizophrenic's psychotic thoughts against them lmao. She also talked about ruling over hell and eating people alive.

No. 1290911

what the fuck

No. 1290917

This actually seems like a genuine response to me; she seems legitimately embarrassed. It's still fucking stupid she didn't check their age, but at least she didn't try to double down on it.

No. 1290934

Okay, better comparison is Nicole Dollanganger sending her nude body checks to minors. Also wrong. Obviously not as bad as CWC but still fucked up.

No. 1290935

i agree lol honestly i don't think that this is that big of a deal. yea you can see her tits but it's censored and i think, with her logic, she just wanted to make the other person feel better by showing the reality of what losing so much weight can do to the body. tbh i kind of like her transparency about these things, albeit this was an inappropriate way to go about it.

No. 1290944

>I am just a poor wittle rwtard who is completely unaware of boundaries, sexuality and common decency
>unless I become yuor debil (schizophrenia)
>but then I am still able to feel bad about it in the same breath and write it down
Anon please. I believe her schizophrenia diagnosis but in this case it is just the ed circlejerk rotting her brain.

No. 1291009

The line on cowtipping is that you don't cowtip.

No. 1291014

File: 1628109056961.jpg (345.76 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20210804-162918.jpg)

No. 1291019

I've been laughing for 5 minutes straight. Thanks anon topkek material

No. 1291027

File: 1628110253716.png (81.83 KB, 880x418, lmao.png)

LMAOO what's with these spergs nowadays infantilizing themselves anyway? calling themselves children and shit? You say child I expect a 10 year old, not a 16 year old lol

No. 1291035

I mean she's already in edtwt, these 16 year old "children" are in edtwt discussing how to kill themselves already. How is that picture worse than say a bodycheck in panties only? Or sharing starvation tips and encouragement?

No. 1291050

basically this. twitter will handle everything. intervening is just gonna shorten the time we can observe. moralfagging about censored and nonsexual posts is pointless. let their own circle take care of it and just watch the blowback from afar.

No. 1291084

Right lmfao why do we have to get involved. There's plenty of other cows who are actual real life pedos that don't get cowtipped.

No. 1291102

The milk does not flow all by itself..!
A trained pair of hands has to do the proper kneading.(no)

No. 1291112

No. 1291114

God everything about this post screams newfag

No. 1291124

Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing the obsessed edgyfag shitting this thread?
Take your meds

No. 1291128


No. 1291131

>>1290903 she gets aroused thinking about a naked dead body and has a Tumblr with extreme gore. Edgelord.

No. 1291134

it's confusing that she can be very sexual with fucking weird kinks and fetishes and then ~don't know anything about sex, innocent poor autist~

No. 1291152

i think she's larping quite a lot of her stuff

No. 1291182

there's nothing confusing about her having a 3 year old account documenting her psychosis tho. she was completely incoherent. whether or not she's schizo we were clearly reading through someone's delusional thinking.

ehh no proof it was hers and just as likely another edgelord dollanganger tumblrfag

No. 1291202

years of having actual mental problems compounded with a severe lack of nutrition and people supporting it will ruin the ability to think properly. have seen the mental decline from personal experience. a literally dying person sexualizing death isn’t really anything special.

No. 1291204

Lucinda has inspired me to watch chicken run tonight. Not three times though.

No. 1291218

>>1291202 her lifestyle isn't helping tho. She used to do beautiful realistic paintings and now tweeting about farts. What a downhill.

No. 1291225

Be careful with that kinda shit, anon.

No. 1291228

you have to watch it 3 times to get the true experience anon.
where at? i saw paintings on last thread but they just seemed like something she found online to fit her vibe to post on twitter

No. 1291232

File: 1628133281122.jpg (22.89 KB, 512x512, tumblr_dd8cead306d179a5b31c16c…)

I can't post a screenshot because the site doesn't allow to take one, but here's some information about the account and the picture of the profile. It could be useful if somebody knew from where it's the photo, or the name of the character, i didn't found too much. There's this link:


URL: revelation12.tumblr.com/
Username: revelation12
Blog Title: i can't take it
Total Posts: 2498
Allows Ask: No
Ask (anon): No
# of Likes: Not Shared
Shares Likes: No
Explicit ("nsfw"): No
Time Zone: US/Eastern (or not set)
Time in that Zone: 10:50 PM (Wed, Aug 4)
Blog Age
(Oldest Post): Thu, 06 Dec 2018 02:54:10 -0500
about 3 years ago
Posts Per Day: 2.6
Last Update: Tue, 12 May 2020 11:00:13 -0400
about 15 months ago
Most Recent Post:
Tue, 12 May 2020 11:00:13 -0400
about 15 months ago
Recent Activity
(last 8 posts): about 15 months ago

No. 1291242

you're blind to her incredible glowup anon. she's tweeting about farts and watching chicken run 3 times a night while listening to 90s european pop music and believing she's a unicorn. you wish you were her.

No. 1291323

not the ED circlejerk, this is a tumblr post from 2017, before her ventures into edtwt.

No. 1291344

she should be embarrassed to publicly post her naked body in the first place, like what is she expecting? im convinced bodychecks are a coomer psyop

No. 1291353

that's probably going to be better for her than for the minors who follow her

No. 1291416

The dogs name is Hush Puppy from an old children's show called Lamb Chop

No. 1291463

File: 1628174376527.jpg (44.03 KB, 720x221, 20210805_113609.jpg)

Protect your gardens

No. 1291465

File: 1628174417899.jpg (56.38 KB, 720x317, 20210805_113644.jpg)

No. 1291471

Nah, some idiot cowtipped her

No. 1291480

Hope she doesn't end up eating any Jimsonweed hahahahaha

No. 1291521

theres no way any of us can keep our gardens safe now that the unicorn queen has control of the elements and influence around her.

if only i'd be so blessed to find her eating weeds off my sidewalk while peeing and farting, alas.

No. 1291531

You know damn well she posts regularly in this thread.

No. 1291642

There is evidence she self posted, whack ass.

No. 1291650

that only counted as proof if you were as autistic as the op

No. 1291872

File: 1628209782426.jpeg (251.84 KB, 828x697, 16FA06ED-34C7-4FD5-B36B-AC0025…)

No. 1291874

File: 1628209810030.jpeg (252.92 KB, 828x869, B36C05D0-E413-4180-8DDC-ABE2BF…)

No. 1291892

File: 1628211164179.jpeg (375.42 KB, 1242x737, 0C54DCC7-144D-4CFD-960D-80632F…)

shit-tier trolling going on in CC questions it seems.

No. 1291900

nta but there's more than that, e.g. this screenshot from 54 seconds ago >>1290896
She has 26 followers on there, idk if you can do notifs from that site but a screenshot with such a short time delay is generally a giveaway it is taken by the poster

No. 1291922

Thank you. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills every time I read this thread. You can get enjoyment out of watching Lucinda but also acknowledge she is constantly lurking here

No. 1291935

I've posted on CC and it takes at least 1 minute to crosspost between there and Twitter like Lucinda did, so it's impossible that she took the CC screenshot in 20 seconds. Someone must've just been refreshing for milk, probably the person who send the ask waiting for an answer.

No. 1291939

File: 1628217707578.jpeg (211.54 KB, 1242x571, 6144D447-0501-4627-AF3C-BC10CA…)


No. 1291941

File: 1628217797400.jpg (175.67 KB, 720x634, 20210805_203958.jpg)

More unicorn music recs. Also she DEFINITELY doesn't like Nicole Dollanganger guys and her getting asked about her had nothing at all to do with Nicole being mentioned here multiple times

No. 1291943

tbf nicole's been mentioned since the first thread

No. 1291947

Hildegard von bingen and malice mizer are based

No. 1291948

>vomitando tripletas, alcapurrias de pollo y frappes a diario

Esta cabrona tiene a sus pobres pais arrancaos con tanta gastaera de chavos

No. 1291960

so re the typos, does anyone know if she uses a computer keyboard or mobile keyboard? I can't imagine making so many mistakes on mobile due to built in autocorrect (unless she has autocorrect turned off)

No. 1291966

her twitter shows most tweets originating from the web app with some coming from an android device

No. 1291981

>all in the mind, i'm training my mind the control the power all of it
Training the mind…watching Chicken Run, eating the flowers from the neighbors garden and farting.

No. 1292056

i was the anon who took the screenshot in 54 seconds, i have notifications turned on for her tweets, so i just screenshotted as soon as i got the notification.

No. 1292081

She listens to a lot of different stuff, that's pretty cool.

No. 1292125


Most of it would be the screeching voices in her little dumbhead that tell her to destroy everything she comes across.
Like her skin, bodyparts, public reputation and English grammar.

No. 1292271

okay that definitely seems like the music taste of a schizoid wtf

No. 1292353

That's exactly the right soundtrack for eating a pack (or two) of crayons.

No. 1292393

between this, chicken run and her obsession with india eisley lucinda is just a shitpost generator at 3x speed

No. 1292400

This was such a tasteless 'joke' even for lolcow.

No. 1292418

OMG I knew that song from a 00's FMA amv, but NEVER saw the music video. I can't believe it's real, it gets more and more insane with every minute. Lucinda truly has a patrician taste. Had I not know better, I really would think that it's a retro shitpost. I hope Lucinda makes a playlist of her favorite eurobeat (?) tracks.

No. 1292420

It's just her way to be uwu kyuut widdle gorl.

No. 1292491

>hildegard von bingen

is this what she listens to when she controls the elements and channels her magical unicorn powers to piss and fart while eating flowers in people's yards

No. 1292589

File: 1628293790106.jpg (706.86 KB, 1458x2592, W5F6SA5G6AEH.jpg)

That cursed black room behind her.

No. 1292591

File: 1628293876300.png (1000.79 KB, 1500x1500, M5GJ35GDHS6.png)

Sage for nitpicking but look at these lines in her mouth. Disgusting.

No. 1292615

File: 1628298877818.jpg (243.47 KB, 720x789, 20210806_191318.jpg)

Since we're nitpicking, her skin is a war zone. Those blackheads and that red angry zit on her forehead. I feel like I'm gonna break out just looking at this

No. 1292621

File: 1628301040689.jpg (33.26 KB, 465x509, P56IOP56O.jpg)

blackheads and grease because the poor hygiene, i want to bust them, they look uncomfortable

No. 1292623

man she'd be the perfect candidate for one of those blackhead extraction videos. someone tip this girl about exfoliator please

No. 1292625

File: 1628301276627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.5 KB, 658x553, I56FY6UO5DT.jpg)

and the infected and bloody cuts, stains and hairs, sorry again for the sperging

No. 1292628

the cuts aren't infected, everything else is right, but the cuts are fresh and just a little bloody, not infected. Not that it's okay to post something like that, but well, seems like someone is taking care of something (her self-harm) for her.

No. 1292636

the new cuts look fine. could stand to be cleaned better but whatever. her old cuts look like they healed pretty badly. she has a few scars that look almost like keloid scars bc she didn’t get help or proper wound care right away. she’s also malnourished as fuck and a lot of her scars would fade if her skin had any hydration or minerals on a daily basis.

No. 1292655

File: 1628306670155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 508.75 KB, 1152x2048, E7TWOPMWQAEWwlE.jpeg.jpg)

she's talked about "hitting styro" when she cuts which is the layer of skin that turns white, and those always heal as hypertrophic. in the curly blonde pictures with the horns you can see most of her chest scars are red and the skin is completely raised. she's a cutter but they're no cat scratches, she goes deeper than that. she's gonna seriously regret mutilating her body in such hard to hide places. you can tell she does it for attention lol.

No. 1292660

I'm a cutter and she makes me never want to pick up the knife again. Her followers are disgusting for calling her cuts "angel wings"

No. 1292672

Most cutters choose inconspicuous and hidden places on the body to make their cuts, and are ashamed of them, trying not to let anyone know what they're doing. But she chooses fully visible spots, shows and brags the cuts. It doesn't seem like self-destructive to me if not purely done to get attention. She wants her cuts to leave scars.

No. 1292682

File: 1628309660887.jpg (561.56 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20210807-001327.jpg)

No. 1292698

>control the power of it
>and I will overcheese

No. 1292770

"Hitting styro" means cutting to the fat layer (which looks like styrofoam bobble texture). Doesn't look like she's going that deep, because the scars aren't gaping open and no stitch scaring, but since she's brown most of her cuts, even small ones, will be hypertrophic.

No. 1292876

sage for upcoming sh sperg

styro is the dermis, the layer just underneath the epidermis which is the top layer of skin. below that is fat, which is yellow and bubbly thus called beans.

cat scratches don't go past the epidermis so they can't scar hypertrophic. they'd be dark due to her skin color but you can see her cuts are rubbery from the new skin that had to grow to cover the open styro wound.

No. 1293009

Oh! TIL. Didn't learn about SH online so just assumed when finally hearing "hitting styro" that it was the bubbly fat layer. Thanks for the correction.

No. 1293034


No, she doesn’t go that deep. She’s brown, that’s how she’ll heal regardless. If she went deeper the cuts wouldn’t heal as nicely as they do. They’d also scab over with a lot more blood for the new ones. You’d see her with a lot of big, consistent thick scabs. You never do.

No. 1293040


No. 1293080

>If she went deeper the cuts wouldn’t heal as nicely as they do

healing nicely has nothing to do with how deep you go. the deeper you go, the more raised the scar. hers healed nicely. but they're clearly red and raised from where new skin has grown. cat scratches don't do that. had she cut only the surface the scar would've been dark but it wouldn't have had texture.

No. 1293090

It has more to do with the area of the wound. Upper arms and chest you'll definitely see hypertrophic scars especially since she's brown. The top of the forearm near the elbow is another common area, from experience.

No. 1293192

that's the unicorn stable

No. 1293239

File: 1628357191983.png (87.91 KB, 719x409, based.png)

No. 1293243

how in the world is this milk? i know this is a mini fan club but for gods sake at least sage your non-milk.

No. 1293246

Lmfao she's growing on me tbh, this shit is genuinely funny

No. 1293287

Fan club? I think you mean cult in worship to our unicorn overlord, nonnie. Drink the sugar free diet kool aid

No. 1293302

File: 1628364520171.jpg (255.47 KB, 1077x775, Screenshot_20210807-152734.jpg)

No. 1293305

File: 1628364612751.jpg (339.56 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20210807-152757.jpg)

No. 1293316

I thought the combination of food she listed earlier ITT was odd, but I guess they make sense now. Is it safe to eat flowers in her condition? I know some flowers are edible but considering her only other sources of nutrition are lollipops and an egg white, will she be able to get much sustenance from flowers?

No. 1293326

she's bullshitting about eating flowers. unless she's buying that shit online (like she is with her unicorn junkfood), it's really fucking hard to buy/find edible flowers in PR. You'd have to go to a baking specialty shop in some bougie place like Condado to get something like that.

No. 1293330

Underrated kek

No. 1293332

Its either that or she is foraging for herself. Dandelions, pansies, dahlias, roses, and lavender are all edible and super common edible flowers that you can buy fresh anywhere or find outside. If she has a garden she might be eating from there if not just straight up munching at the park

No. 1293350

she also doesn't have to be eating edible ones. she drinks hydrogen peroxide to sh if the non-edible flowers make her sick it'll give her either diarrhea or barf both of which are ideal for an anachan.

No. 1293382

I think it depends on where she lives/shop for groceries, I actually saw edible flowers at the supermarket, near the bagged salads. I really hope she's eating edible ones, surely better than getting them from neighbors gardens.

No. 1293391

She said that the next video will be tutorial, how to do a makeup. I can't wait to see that.

No. 1293451

File: 1628371731962.jpeg (187.38 KB, 1170x562, 36B8132D-6A01-4DD7-A745-18C510…)

saw this tweet and thought of dear lucinda, unfortunately she does.

No. 1293469

Theres some person who interacts with Lucindas posts who types EXACTLY like that. I can't believe 2007 myspace page emo typing is now being passed off as a form of tourettes

No. 1293550

File: 1628377579227.jpg (251.15 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20210807-190132.jpg)

she hasn't been this proana in a minute. wonder what triggered her. also anyone else getting deathspo vibes? as in that she probably looks that shit up? i don't think it's even possible for the adult human body to be alive at 50lbs.

No. 1293562

Shes been getting progressively more loud about her ED since that tweet expressing anxiety over getting pizza with her family yesterday

No. 1293586

she said her mum's been taking her to doctors so i think her condition has been deteriorating quickly. at the rate she's been losing weight and with the diet she has her body must be crying for help. it's already difficult trying to convince a loved one to seek treatment for their ed, i can't imagine having to deal with that person being schizophrenic as well.

No. 1293664

I feel worried about her. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do, just watch it, like a car accident with mangled corpses in the middle of the road

No. 1293794

I don't know why but "skeleton sparkle shimmer bing bong" sent me

No. 1293900


I'm gonna be really sad if she ends up death spoopy I'm honestly rooting for her to find a way out of this despite everything.

No. 1293944

>skeleton sparkle shimmer bing bong all my bones
>walking wishbone
This is just hilarious I love her

No. 1294238

File: 1628439320413.jpeg (342.6 KB, 1152x2048, E8RiRl7WYAEB2xk.jpeg)

No. 1294239

File: 1628439364488.jpeg (374.87 KB, 1152x2048, E8RiRl6XEAE_9L1.jpeg)

No. 1294244

She actually looks quite cute here compared to her other looks, this has way more unicorn vibe to it.

No. 1294249

File: 1628440401919.jpg (907.25 KB, 2560x1837, 91CqnxyxJbL.jpg)

I know, right? She looks like her family.

No. 1294335

>i KNoW riGhT
don't stan the cow you absolute newfaggots

No. 1294352

Oh stfu. It's nice to see a change from her sickly ass makeup look she always does.

No. 1294353

what do you expect when you make a thread on someone who's been around for 3 months because there's "potential for milk" only to get none because she's not actually a piece of shit lol. this thread is just for updates at this point where her followers get to occasionally call her ugly and mock her.

No. 1294396


OK collarbone is coming out

No. 1294625

So let her know on her curious cat. This has no place in a lolcow thread for an unestablished, absolute nobody. I swear you skelly bitches are trying to make her the next PT

No. 1294634

This is really one of the cringiest threads in snow for this reason. Rampant newfaggotry.

No. 1294635

lol she is already more legendary than pt.(absolute heresy)

No. 1294676

The queen is still relevant 10 years later, Lucinda will be a pile of dust. No comparison

No. 1294795


stop sperging obsessed newfag

No. 1294818

Get out if you don't like the thread.

No. 1294903

You're posting on lolcow, retard. This thread will be held to the same standards as others here. If you don't like that, you can find somewhere else to air your stanning.

No. 1295144

it's impossible to do that with a person who was never a cow to begin with. this thread shouldn't exist. she has no milk apart from being a retard humiliating herself. she's harmless.

No. 1295192

Oh i don't think she's harmless. Anyone participating in online ed circles is causing harm. She's an updated version of the tumblr bbydoll anachans calling each other fairies and earth angels. But remember, behind closed doors they were all posting on lc about how much they hated each other for stealing the limelight

No. 1295325

>behind closed doors they were all posting on lc about how much they hated each other for stealing the limelight

evidently behind closed doors her folllowers still love her, even if they mock and belittle her. i don't think this thread is a hugbox by any means. it's all newfags because that's her audience, twitterfags. but they still harbor resentment for their "queen" like any teenager jealous and resentful of the person they're calling an adorable fairy on the side, much like the tumblr nymphet community you mentioned. they're calling lucinda a greasy ugly spoiled retard who needs to be hospitalized. you call that a fanclub just because they said her makeup looked nice? relax.

No. 1295394

Hey newfriend, this is an anonymous imageboard, so the person you're responding to may not have posted that this is a fan club. However, I think that this thread has gotten out of hand and is not in keeping with the spirit of the board. It's really a shame PULL is down

No. 1295675

File: 1628492631559.jpeg (486.97 KB, 1620x703, 560BD6B8-7D17-47F9-B9AE-A99C76…)

No. 1295753

Saged but just admit you don't like threads where anons arent foaming at the mouth with disdain and go. Some of Lolcow Farms most popular threads are just anons latching onto someone who is a bit fat, is kinda ugly, is just some random OnlyFans whore, or girls who photoshop. None of them are particularly milky. However, everyone is happy to nitpick at the tiniest things and clog the thread with useless tinfoil. Their all shit if you're going to measure a cow by milk alone, absolutely none of the fuckers are milky with the exception of Lillee Jean and that Janke girl.
You always have the option to just minimize the thread. I don't see the big deal in her having a thread if people are expressing clear interest in Lucinda

No. 1295779

Weird that nobody was demanding the Abby thread to be nuked even though the only milk she had were her radical wardrobe upgrades and most people were fawning over how cute or nostalgic she is. I think the Lucinda thread needs time. Either it will die or milk will be posted.

No. 1295806

I dont know if anyone remembers that emmy chick from tumblr who died last year cuz she was starving herself, but lucinda is like a more retarded version of her. I hope she doesn’t actually an hero by anorexia, she’s very funny.

No. 1295852

amazingly based take anon

No. 1295873

I thought Emmy died of an overdose?

No. 1295879

So she admits she's deathspo now. Wow. I hope she realizes the death she is looking for isn't a graceful way to go but a very agonizing and slow path

No. 1295971

it was only a matter of time. she's talked about wanting to die many times before, is a cutter, and is a schizo off her meds. this is just the latest manifestation of her suicidal thoughts, albeit a very twisted one.

No. 1295975

samefag and tinfoil, but i think her family doubling down on trying to get her help is what's making her so desperate. before she used to happily brag about purging and once she started being in recovery for her family and begun treatment at doctors to "find something wrong with her" it's triggered her anxiety and helplessness. not to mention she already expressed frustration with her disability leaving her unable to even shower on her own. she's lost her last comfort. ed's are about control. and as far as we know, lucinda feels she has none. suicide by turning herself into a walking skelly must be her final hurrah, kind of like a magnum opus.

/autist finfoil

No. 1295993

Does she have a husband or a boyfriend?
This anon >>1292628 suggest someone may be taking care of her self-harm cuts
Or is it a handler? Is she actually disabled enough to need one?

No. 1295996

she's disabled and lives with her parents

No. 1296081

Who are all the fags here talking about "styro" and "deathspo", didnt even know what that shit was

No. 1296107

File: 1628528087789.jpg (375.54 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20210809-125208.jpg)

She removed "recovery" from her bio and added back "shtwt"(self harm twitter). She also tweeted about relapsing. Everything's gone downhill since she stopped taking her antipsychotics, full stop.

No. 1296125

tw*tter newfags. This thread reeks.(integrate better)

No. 1296144

Agreed, the entire thread has gone to shit as it's just "aww poor girl" and talking about weird self harm and ED shit like no one cares, I'm here to laugh at a schizo/horrorcow

No. 1296148

>Everything's gone downhill since she stopped taking her antipsychotics, full stop.
protip: she's actively fishing for attention and sympathy and you're hand-feeding it to her.

No. 1296170

Two horns is a cow.(sage your shit)

No. 1296201

Exactly. There have been loads of cows that people don't actually hate, they just follow the cow because they're really eccentric. Who the fuck actually cares that anons don't hate her? I'm convinced the only people complaining are either Lucinda trying to keep up the bullying narrative or it's someone (a friend, or possibly still Lucinda) is trying to end the thread because they think its stalking/bullying. No normal anon has a hate boner big enough to keep coming back and whining about a thread they don't like when they can just minimize it or just ignore it. Swear to fuck we might as well just rename this place "Shayna Ranch" since it's all the same type of cow over and over again

No. 1296393

>"shayna ranch" kek
reeee fucking twitterfags get out of my board!!!!!

No. 1296402

"N-nobody wants to discuss OnlyFans w-whore no.52? REEEEEEE n-nooooo we're only supposed to talk about fat girls who do porn/ photoshop Belle Delphine facial features on!!! Get off my board REEEE why is nobody nitpicking saggy boobs reeeEEE" - majority of anons

No. 1296516

Red text for making a joke and still a shit thread kek. Good job, everypony.

No. 1296553

i can't find the screencap, but on her blogspot she made a post about how she would only be content when she reached 111 pounds - she's since reached that and 88 is her new goal. this gives me deathspo vibes too, because she's proven already that nothing will be enough for her. pretty standard anachan fare but still unfortunate to see. i'd like her to recover but it just doesn't seem viable at this point.

No. 1296574

You're right about it being standard anachan behaviour. The goalpost always moves. When she does hit 88lbs, she will pick a new weight. But below 88lbs is definitely death territory

No. 1296594

Considering that's not how you greentext, I sense you are one.

No. 1296667

After scrolling through her twitter and some of the people who interact with her, it seems like this is more common than I expected, like there's a lot of overlap of people with eating disorders and also believing they're vampires, angels, gods, aliens, wolves, etc. I guess this is just what insane levels of body dysmorphia does.

No. 1296746

File: 1628584712750.jpeg (238.87 KB, 750x661, CCD4082A-8DA0-42DA-B6C5-CF42B3…)

why has nobody posted it here

No. 1296765

I think her obsession with The Last Unicorn is so crazy because that movie has so much to do with death, mortality and immortality. It seems like that movie really inspired her.

No. 1296766

so that marks the end of the threat then?

No. 1296783

Well, she’s probably not gonna be in a psych ward forever. Who knows, though.

No. 1296807

I hope she will be fine

No. 1296809

Good, hopefully it actually sorts her out but I'm not too optimistic. Milk suspended until further notice I suppose

No. 1296813

idk i think she's psycho enough to be locked there for a while. gotta admit i'm not really sure how the system works in the US though. like what an average stay for a schizo like her would be

No. 1296833

Anon, the fact that most of EDtwt think they're vampires and dogs is more to do with the fact that EDtwt people are the same people making TikToks claiming to have advanced DID systems where all their alternate personalities have anime names or animorph into TommyInnit during times of stress

She's in Peurto Rico, not the USA. As far as I know the mental health system is shit their so it's hard to tell. Maybe they'll chuck her out quickly or maybe they'll suck her in forever

No. 1296867

I think that could have a lot to do with escapism/dissasociating, it's quite common with trauma or in people who don't want to fully confront themselves because of immense shame, guilt and hatred toward themselves. It's easier to indulge in a fantasy and be something/someone else rather than a sad sack of shit.

No. 1296876

lol calm down resident lolcow doctor, it's not that deep teenagers (and immature 18-25yos) are just picking this shit up through social media because it's cool and trendy. That's it.

No. 1296924


That 3rd-class animation movie is so criminally overrated.

Except Christopher Lee's voice, of course.

No. 1296967

Chicken Run is better

No. 1296989

File: 1628606976290.jpeg (735.59 KB, 1242x1292, 51700BBC-A188-425D-B427-09C48A…)

seems like she’s bad enough for them to want to send her stateside for treatment.

No. 1296996

thats why she watches chicken run 3 times and the last unicorn 2 times

No. 1297012


since she's going to the psych ward, i'm watching chicken run 3 times tonight.

No. 1297021

when she gets out of the psych ward we're all watching chicken run 3 times to celebrate the return of our possibly recovered fully normie medicated queen.

could you imagine if it all just stops. the ed, the corpse shoop, the crytyping, the unicorn shite, the schizo, everything, and she just pops back in at 150lbs to say hey i'm doing great see y'all weird bitches.

what a trip that would be.

No. 1297026


Now that's wonderful news, and lots of fresh milk.
No medical support in the shithole spic country she lives in.
And sending her to AMMERIKUH will bleed her parents out, slowly but steady.

No. 1297049

puerto rican healthcare is the worst of all the american territories. it's like the ghetto of all ghettos. whatever treatment she's getting is obviously not working. it's no wonder she's frustrated with treatment and doctors if that's where she gets medical support. it's subpar.

No. 1297052

i'm truly hooked and genuinely cannot wait to see what happens from here.

No. 1297059

if that happens, it will be the ultimate LUL moment.

No. 1297061

Might take a lot of treatment to get her out of that rabbit hole of hers. Go to America, but bring a lot money with you.

No. 1297067

If she really doesn't want to go, can they really send an adult into treatment without their consent? I know she's dependant but she's also 20 something.

She said in an earlier tweet that she had to be convinced into attending self harm treatment by her family. If she puts the foot down, she might not actually go.

That being said I wish her well, I hope America suits her well, and by the time she comes back she could be a whole new person.

No. 1297068

The book shits on the movie (and most of fantasy novels tbh), IDK why she hasn't read it? is it too exhausting?
Good luck, Lucinda!

No. 1297069

She has a copy of the book, theres a picture of her posing with it somewhere in either thread

No. 1297071

I see, still weird she obsessed over the movie the most. Even the GN adaptation is better than it

No. 1297074

yes. she has psychological issues and major health risks. she can be admitted involuntarily.

No. 1297097

File: 1628613082336.png (1.29 MB, 750x933, IMG.png)

It's definitely extreme escapism, and also just mentally ill edgy teenagers/young adults who want to be different since their anorexia alone won't make them stand out there like it does in real life.
Sorry for double posting, forgot to sage first time.

No. 1297102

File: 1628613194700.png (197.19 KB, 535x465, 1112x.png)

just uploaded around 20 minutes ago

No. 1297214

She's openly suicidal, anorexic, covered in self-harm scars and refusing meds. If she isn't a textbook involuntary admit, no one is.

No. 1297241

they should take away her phone

No. 1297242

And burn it, just to be sure.

No. 1297261

I've seen people film TikToks from inside a psychiatric hospital. So, theres a chance she might be allowed have her phone where she's going, and may continue to post milk

No. 1297277

They'll most likely take it away from her if they decide social media is making her issues worse though

No. 1297296

agreed honestly, even though I'm hoping it doesn't happen for more milk. but with her being a part of eating disordered social media it most likely will

No. 1297334

100% being a part of sh/ed twitter will make things worse.

No. 1297409

File: 1628628154973.png (330.78 KB, 630x523, ksf3.png)

Tweet from a few hours ago, on some sort of drip.

No. 1297421

>mystery stuff
I feel like she should know what they're putting in her body. Has anyone got any guesses as to what it could be? Surely it's something to rehydrate her so unless there are alternatives I cant imagine it's a mystery

No. 1297424

My guess is just as good as yours, it 100% has to be something to rehydrate her.

No. 1297430

how is she allowed a phone?

No. 1297442

it’s likely nutrients and hydration. she probably knows what it is but is playing mystery because she knows its to help her body.

No. 1297450

Holy mother of cringe that thread was painful to read. My curiosity got the best of me.

No. 1297487

she said she was in the hospital for fluids and then would be transferred to a psychiatric unit, so i'm guessing she went there for a physical emergency and then will leave to be properly hospitalized in the psych ward.

No. 1297519

if she's in hermanos melendez, she's fucked. I've had baaaad experiences in that hospital and it's infamous for being the shittiest hospital in Bayamon. I seriously hope they pump her full of everything she needs before she commits unicornicide.

No. 1297530

File: 1628639565872.png (429.04 KB, 678x738, lucinda.png)

Looks like she won't be having the phone for a while if she's actually sent to a psych ward after getting medical treatment

No. 1297543

Probably lactated ringer's solutions or something along those lines to rehydrate her from all the purging she's been doing. Not sure what they use for nutrition though. I wouldn't be surprised if they told her and she just doesn't understand the medical jargon or they are leaving it up to her parent's as her legal guardians.

No. 1297545

Looking at the replies is so sad.

No. 1297554

don't be shy. post them. this is an image board

No. 1297565

File: 1628643562742.png (510.92 KB, 698x1024, psych ward patient party .png)

None of them seem sincere. They want her to relapse so she comes back.

No. 1297566

Sorry for ask but how she ended in the hospital? She wanted to do it or her family forced her to go?

What was your experience there?

I don't know what's her height, but if she's like 5"-5"1-5"2 she could reach 88lbs. She would be underweight but alive. But if she's tall it wouldn't be possible.

No. 1297568

File: 1628643919431.jpg (218.92 KB, 1161x2064, PGIU56OL5KUGI6L.jpg)

She was in an ambulance for a while and then she was sent to the facility at night.

No. 1297570

File: 1628644050096.jpg (191.24 KB, 1161x2064, lol.jpg)

showing her cuts with that thing on her wrist must be her deathcore dream

No. 1297579

she's 5'6

No. 1297599

"Talk to u when you get back!!!" Hopefully she doesn't come back on twitter. They're nuts.

No. 1297602

Oh, interesting, the first reply is
These people are so sad. Hopefully one day they'll realize they need to face reality.

No. 1297603


I've gotten deeper cuts than that from casual playtime with my cats lol

No. 1297607

edtwt is something else. seems like lucinda is gonna be MIA for a while tho.

No. 1297689

She reminds me of Emily LeRae Smith, the girl who was on Dr Phil.

No. 1297719

File: 1628673707341.jpg (139 KB, 625x753, catgood.jpg)

They took away her phone..!

No. 1297721

Those are not CUTS.
Those are SCRATCHES.


No. 1297791

listen nonnie, this isnt the self harm olympics.

No. 1297804

BPD-chans like you need their own thread I swear.

No. 1297814

This place is chock full of edtwt and shtwt uwus, I reckon. I also have a theory >>1297565 is everyone eagerly posting here with bated breath. I hope this utterly irrelevant chick never posts again after her hospital stay so this thread can stop shitting up snow.

No. 1297861

Can you not just minimize the thread? Save yourself the trouble of posting in a thread you claim to not care about even though you keep fucking posting in it

No. 1298002

Are you blind or just stupid?

No. 1298016


At last.


No. 1298091

File: 1628713378420.jpg (56.03 KB, 585x367, lucinda.jpg)

No. 1298092

File: 1628713495759.jpg (30.01 KB, 588x175, lucinda2.jpg)

No. 1298095

These people need genuine, heavy psychological help. It's not even the average pro-ana bullshit at this point, my interest got piqued and I checked that account and she was talking about believing she died and came back to life as a vampire so starving will never kill her. I hope Lucinda gets SOME form of reality wake-up while she's away and even if she doesn't recover immediately from her eating disorder, she will at least open her eyes to the fact that her body operates like a human and not a magical horse.

No. 1298096

File: 1628713670292.jpg (36.39 KB, 588x370, lucinda3.jpg)

No. 1298158

File: 1628718185738.png (242.6 KB, 719x1030, Twt.png)

This person has locked his account since you posted it here.

No. 1298161

let our girl watch fucking chicken run

No. 1298230

She should STFU for her own good.(learn2sage)

No. 1298236


No. 1298294

File: 1628734174677.gif (2.03 MB, 704x452, s6Gmmql.gif)

No. 1298532


With that ungodly amount of Haloperidol she will get, she doesn't need some movies any more.

No. 1298548

If her dad is 70 it explains why she's such a mental case. Older fathers are much more likely to have children who are mentally unstable and have conditions like schizophrenia.(sage non-milk)

No. 1298577

He would have been close to 50 when Lucinda was conceived, so I think you're right. That's pretty old to have a baby, his sperm was well past the expiration date. She never mentioned her mums age but something about how her mum is taking care of her tells me that she is much younger than 70, a 70 year old generally wouldn't (and really shouldn't) be a hands on carer for an adult like Lucinda has mentioned. People who have kids at a late age are plain irresponsible

No. 1298641

Cope harder wurstie

No. 1298642

File: 1628785815169.jpg (250.41 KB, 928x517, Chaplin_family_1961.jpg)


The famous Chaplin familiy has a hearty laugh at your inept reasoning.

No. 1298655

they look inbred

No. 1298660

Anon I want you to really look at the shape of their heads and tell me that they have the right to laugh at m reasoning

No. 1298662

>thinking this somehow disproves medical evidence that the man's age also impacts the baby's health

No. 1298665

File: 1628788820543.jpg (92.72 KB, 1200x800, skulls.jpg)



VERY SCIENCE(racebait)

No. 1298669

File: 1628789593642.jpg (122.62 KB, 1278x865, nonce.JPG)

Being a sexual predator is nothing to laugh at.

No. 1298670

shit, sorry for no sage

No. 1298681

Cut the crap, anon.

It's about the ability to produce kids even at some advanced age. That guy proved it.

No retards/waterheads/windowlickers whatsoever.


No. 1298683

>>1298577 her father is even older than that, he's 73 years old. And her mother has a similar age too. Tinfoil: she's adopted (KEK).

No. 1298684

Calm down, lad. I don't gaf about Lucinda's parents. It was weird to see Chaplin being held as some kind of incredible family man is all.

No. 1298692


That guy married his wife in 1943 and stayed with her until his death 1977. He fathered eight children with her. All healthy and without genetic defects. So why shouldn't he be a family man in your opinion?

Do that math for yourself and use Google if you're still confused about it.

No. 1298694

>why shouldn't he be a family man in your opinion?

Because he fucked a minor.

No. 1298695

Oh, and the domestic violence.

No. 1298697


Still able to father healthy children.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1298699

But not a "family man". Which was your point.

/derailing about CC

No. 1298700

Screwing teenagers in your 30s?
Everyone did it one time.
Drunk and on holiday.

No. 1298715

Quit derailing and focus on Lucinda.

No. 1298718

Inpatient treatment = She'll be flying as high as a kite.
No unicorns, no chickens for her right now.

No. 1298742

What do you think they will do to her in treatment? She has so much up with her that I can't imagine everything can be handled at the same time

No. 1298760


Self harm with cutting, full cessation of eating? Illusions of transforming into magic unicorns?

She's gonna get some proper psych medication for that, sure as hell. A lot of downers, very probably.

There's no point talking to her or doing group therapy, along with that extreme history of hers.

No. 1298762

So very easy if you get them drunk first.(ban evasion)

No. 1298764

You got experience or something?

No. 1298766

i don't think the hospitals are decent there, i imagine a kind of abandoned and poor psychiatric. scary movie tier

No. 1298770

File: 1628797783196.png (90.84 KB, 630x630, 6331042_0.jpg.png)

No. 1298790

No. 1298822

They're sending her to the USA though. I'm not an American, but I can't imagine she's getting hooshed into an ooky spooky Outlast tier asylum

No. 1298879


I'm afraid you're misinformed on what the farms are here for, friend. This is extremely high-fat milk… retards humiliating themselves online are why this site is here for your amusement. Sit back and drink deep.

No. 1299165


Even if. There might be no proper "healing" except zapping her with heavy sedation.

There is no way she gets some proper treatment in that third-world banana country she dwells in (Puerto Rico?)

She can't stay in the U.S. forever and it will cost her parents a shitload of money they probably don't have. She'll be a hopeless retard in every country she's being sent to.

No. 1299245

There will be dope for her. Lots of it.

No. 1299280

Can treatment for ED behaviours be effective if they're rooted in her schizophrenic delusions?

You can't really ""cure"" schizophrenia, and if her ED is coming from a delusion that says 88lbs is going to make her magic, then her ED treatment relies on her taking medication to help her schizophrenia, which we know already is something she doesn't like doing at all. If she stops taking her meds again she might just revert back into thinking a certain weight will unlock special powers and kickstart her ED again

No. 1299311

So they had to intervene before she starved herself to death.

There is no real treatment for her condition.
All you can do is try to stabilize her state and try to make her able to lead some normal daily life. With no job, at home, under parental supervision, of course.
That is, if she does not cancel the meds on her own, like she did.

No. 1299960


No. 1300438

No. 1300593

There’s other methods of intervention they’ll probably try. I imagine it’s gonna be a lot of “thought redirection” therapy, doing worksheets trying to figure out the root of the weight delusion, trying to get her to focus on less explicitly magical forms of media, stuff like that. Its good that she probably wont be able to check herself out of wherever shes at.

No. 1300610

There's no possible "redirection" when you are only able to go in circles all the time.

No. 1300630

There is no possible way to 'cure' these people at that stage.

Look what she's done to herself so far. She's into it far too deep for these soft measures.

Just fuggeddaboutit.

No. 1300739

File: 1629059375087.jpg (153.47 KB, 617x482, KFG6K5GU6K5.jpg)

>>1297519 if you're correct, Lucinda is here right now. The place is quite large, there's a metal fence surrounding it and some cars. Around there's a lot of garbage and a supermarket cart.

No. 1300741

File: 1629059666349.jpg (36.09 KB, 467x242, N826J2GM3FM2.jpg)

No. 1301117

Now that's what I call a shitty place.
But I'd rather stay on the ugly outside of that building. It will be much worse inside of it, being forced to take some tranquilizers all day. Like a unicorn would do.

No. 1301213


Worksheets. Thought redirection. With a close-to-retard, critical patient. Dream on.
Chances are that she will remain a burden for her family and/or tard wrangler for the rest of her days.

No. 1301270

File: 1629127236654.jpeg (302.73 KB, 1621x2048, tard.jpeg)

Just a friendly reminder that she has been diagnosed and/or treated before.
Document is from March 2020 (and its statement clear enough).

No. 1301332

The font at the top screams professional

No. 1301386

Signature says "Doctor" and has got a licence registration number.
Good enough for me.

No. 1301440

Why won't you just leave her alone.
Life has dealt her a piss-poor deck, and you know it.
No need to punish her for that with all your scorn.

No. 1301447

Yeah, don't forget she's real schizo guys and not just a brainfried anachan with a very specific aesthetic!

No. 1301522

This sadly is legit. Looks exactly as my old medical records, they use the same broken English and fonts.

Hermanos Melendez doesn't have a proper psych ward, you usually get sent there to get stabilized and then you get transferred to Capestrano or some other dedicated psych ward.

No. 1302349

Our Gorl went into the nut house like Chris-Chan went into prison:
Proud, waving cheerful and without a clue how mentally fucked in their heads they really are.

No. 1302386

File: 1629250527600.jpg (529.66 KB, 1080x989, Screenshot_20210817-212432.jpg)

Yep, looks like she got treated in one of those grubby psych wards in that shithole country she lives in. Couldn't have been fun. It would seem she was held for 7 days. Against her will?

No. 1302405

Well this is utterly disappointing.

No. 1302429

>what happened to me was really horrible and traumatic
You just were some days at the hospital trying to fix your issues from starving…

No. 1302435

i was hoping something like stopping the unicorn bullshit and trying to be healthy but she's exactly the same even after being hospitalized

No. 1302465

Psych wards are really not the best places at all, and the one she went to looks like a shithole. They don’t really care about helping you, it’s just forcing whatever drugs they feel like and it can be way too strong and just to sedate you. If it was mixed gender then the men there usually have anger issues, are hyper sexual, scary, and creepy. It’s really chaotic and the staff can fuck with you too if they want, in a place like that I’m sure they get away with a lot of things. She’s probably back to whatever coping mechanisms she had and whatever comfort she has through the internet. It’s sad and I hope she has a way to get private care that will help her grow as a person, and find the right medication.

Did anyone watch chicken run

No. 1302475

exactly, she lives in a shithole country and adult pyschiatric hospitals are already chaotic. she's also a self mutilated schizophrenic, so there's a loooot of by-the-book protocol i can see them using on her. she's antiverbal, has a ritualistic schedule of vomiting and chicken run, and for all we know isn't even some uwu fairy waif at home and is actually some screaming maniac keeping her family in living hell. we just don't know the circumstances.

but it has to be bad if she went from calling it funsies unicorn healing to just calling it traumatic and never speaking about it again.

and yes, actually, i did watch chicken run. it was enjoyable. and i can't believe this someone all about uwu magical enchanting unicorns and fairies watches it 5 times a night every single night. the woman is hysterical, and the milk from all her unhinged yet benign adventures is delicious. waiting for the next fart tweet.

No. 1302480

puerto rico is a us territory and it says the longest an american can be held against their will in a psych ward is 3 days. if she was held there for a week she must've been trouble. or in a state that required serious intervention. which is weird since she was liveblogging from the ambulance about being excited to heal so it's not like she was actually dragged kicking and screaming.

No. 1302514

Psych wards don’t fuck about. If you refuse meds, you can be restrained and injected. If you try to run away you’ll also be restrained and maybe put in isolation for a little while. She was probably made to take a depot of antipsychotics. As another anon pointed out, wards can be frightening places with very unwell people and lots of screaming and breaking things. Staff can search you, take away your belongings, replace your clothes with gowns. You don’t necessarily have the privilege of using the bathroom or bathing alone. Lucinda chats a lot of shit, but I can believe that a psych stay was traumatic.

No. 1302542

PR being an American territory literally doesn’t mean shit. They do not have to go by American laws.

No. 1302566

I think being around other severely mentally ill people is the traumatic stuff. Lucinda doesn't see herself as mentally ill, she identifies herself as a delicate unicorn, and that's not really going to fit well in a ward full of violent schizos or screaming vegetables. Hell I'd be traumatised if I had to spend time in a not-so-good psyche place surrounded by frightening people and staff following me around all the time, forcing me to take meds and not even letting me piss alone

Bionicpig uploaded a review of Chicken Run exactly when Lucinda was being sent to psyche. First of all, that is a sign of her power. Second of all, Chicken Run is apparently a commentary on women in the workforce and life in general, so our queen is preaching the real shit every day by studying Chicken Run (the feminist text)

No. 1302605

psych wards are underfunded no matter how good or bad of a country you are in, and, by definition, full of insane people. i don't doubt that she had a terrible experience. on one hand, i am happy that she is home, safe, and able to engage in her comforting routines. on the other hand, those things don't bring her any closer to recovery. kinda tragic

No. 1302616



No. 1302620

That's because you had wrong or exaggerated expectations..? Some days of psych treatment in a third-world banana country won't turn a schizo cow into a model citizen.
She doesn't even know how fucked she is.

No. 1302632

Just in case y'all got it wrong (and some of you still do):

This cow is irreparably damaged. She won't be able to lead a self-sufficient life for the rest of her days.
Fact of the matter is: You cannot cure such a severe mental disability like you would with some dislocated shoulder or upset stomach, in a matter of a few days. This is not like a slightly damaged car you can easily 'fix' with a few spare parts.

She's gone and she won't come back. Face it. And now, please continue to rub your e-penises against each other you imbecile twats.

No. 1302635

are you having a stroke? we can see you editing your super dooper awesome "own"

No. 1302637

Samefag here. I had to fix some typos.
Got a problem with that..?

No. 1302644

>>"Chicken Run is apparently a commentary on women in the workforce and life in general, so our queen is preaching the real shit every day by studying Chicken Run (the feminist text)"

Nope. It's a shitty movie with clay puppets for children. There's no deeper sense in it, than conveying light entertainment on a low intellectual level.

No. 1302646

i have a problem with you coming here and moral-fagging. if you don't like the thread leave. do you not know where you are?

No. 1302658

File: 1629288516091.jpg (33.86 KB, 500x550, someone-is-wrong-on-internet-.…)

No. 1302661

Dang. She got her phone back.

No. 1302674

we have a chicken run hater

No. 1302700

Just imagine it was your own child that you have to see with cuts all over her arms and body, trying to starve herself every day.
Would you still think it's funny?

No. 1302786

File: 1629302537211.jpg (46.79 KB, 720x298, 20210818_125953.jpg)

No. 1302788

File: 1629302567450.jpeg (415.33 KB, 1152x2048, E9E40v3XoAcR24-.jpeg)

No. 1302794

File: 1629302868272.jpeg (444.02 KB, 1152x2048, E9E4y9LX0AQiqSO.jpeg)

looking more dirty than usual

No. 1302802

She is starting to write better. Recovery queen.

No. 1302812

she looks weird like swollen or something

No. 1302820

She is fat from being in the hospital, duh.

No. 1302822

Holy shit, 75?? I think an anon in the last thread predicted that she'd choose 75 since the ana goal always moves further and further away

Theres no way they've let her out of a medical facility in a mental state where she is willing to go to 75lbs this is nuts

No. 1302825

no, not fat. she looks like she’s been crying for hours or like she’s not sleeping

No. 1302829

Isn’t there a rule against chicken run hate speech

No. 1302831

probs water retention from eating a bunch in hospital when she was starving herself before. it'll go away

No. 1302835

No they can keep you as long as they want lmao, once they get you in there they can say whatever they can get away with to bleed your insurance. I think most US laws have involuntary 72 hour and two week holds, but you’re right that 72 hour ones are the most common default ones. She probably legitimately thought psych wards help people and care to some degree like everyone else who hasn’t been to one. That’s why she needs private care, I don’t know what rehabilitation would play out as for her and if she would most likely need to live in a group home, but she can be supported into not harming herself and finding efficient ways to be more outwardly expressive and less confused about powerful trapped emotions.

No. 1302848

Is there something wrong with the end of her nose? Why is it always that brown dot there?

No. 1302857


Another run, little unicorn warrior, keep gallopping until We ArE iN fAiRyLaNd!

The last 60 lbs are always the hardest.

No. 1302864

Well, there you go.
One whole week of hospital healthcare, including medication and an ambulance transport, just pissed in the wind. Fun thing is, those retards won't really learn because there's no reasoning with them.

So let's have fun while it lasts.

No. 1302876

If there really was some law against shitty movies, this Wallace & Gromit guy would be shot on the spot for his uninspired, unfunny wank pieces.
And I take a huge dump on his whole work, Academy Awards my ass.

No. 1302877

Not a nose.
It's a unicorn snout.
There's a difference.

No. 1302883

File: 1629309343246.png (38.61 KB, 598x158, Screenshot_2021-08-18 lucinda …)

Happy purgin', little unicorn!
Let the acid juices flow.

No. 1302896

File: 1629309997628.jpg (85.19 KB, 2844x428, combo.jpg)

Always a fighter

No. 1302897

40 dollars in gummy bears

Things like that and chicken run are funny then it’s like this is a person with a violent eating disorder and inappropriate mental health care.

No. 1302898

What the fuck girl

No. 1302907

Just watch her single video and you know she's over the edge and won't be coming back.

No. 1302922

If there ever was one decent and rational reason for waterboarding the shit out of someone, this would be it.

No. 1302930

File: 1629312843145.png (462.73 KB, 598x455, Screenshot_2021-08-18 ( oswald…)

Could anyone with a Twitter account do something about it and report that?
No cowtipping here, but she's obviously spinning outta control.

No. 1302931

Why isnt she in a psych ward?

No. 1302934

She just got out of one. Seriously.

No. 1302935

she was literally just in one, retard

No. 1302939

What about putting on one of those electric shock collars for unruly dogs.
I would zap the hell out of her every time if she did this kind of shit.

No. 1302947

FYI, that post has been deleted by whomever.

No. 1302965

They let her out and with her phone again. This isn't how it works. I can't see the "recovery".

No. 1302971

there's no longer mention of recovery on her page and the first thing she does after getting out of hospital is go shopping for b/p food and lower her gw. wild how the hospital stay seems to have made her worse.

No. 1302975



Holy crap.

No. 1302993

File: 1629317506826.png (34.74 KB, 598x158, Screenshot_2021-08-18 lucinda …)

I am not gonna say the v-word.
But it's quite obvious.

No. 1303012

A 14 year old agreed with her. I know that her followers are young, but christ.

No. 1303014

There's nothing funny here, I'm just here for the car wreck. I don't find gore pics funny but I look at them anyway

No. 1303015

Why don't you just piss off and google "totoro rule34"..?

No. 1303021

No, I'm really invested in dear Lucinda Belinda's journey.

No. 1303026

Well put. But I guess we all know where this train is steaming to.

No. 1303029

will never amaze me how there are people (one anon in particular) who come here and try to guilt trip others because "muh poor mentally ill cow". like are you lost? you're on lolcow you retard

No. 1303048

So she got out of psych hospital after just one motherfucking week and now she's back on the ana train again?

Surprise, surprise.


No. 1303069

File: 1629324189138.jpg (52.1 KB, 669x292, fart.JPG)

No. 1303072

No. 1303085

my fucking sides

No. 1303086

I don't understand how she can be aware she's mentally ill, but also think she's an unicorn who will be enlightened when reaching a certain weight.

No. 1303117

File: 1629326984241.png (488.89 KB, 493x578, 1627356207894.png)

Why, just why?
Btw, I really liked chubby Lucinda.
Looks just like your average spic shelf stacker at WalMart.

No. 1303149

Racist-chan pls fuck off

No. 1303150

What kind of dolls are those?

No. 1303152

repainted monster high dolls

No. 1303156

please tell me that she's not back at fartposting and this is edited

No. 1303157

She's back at fartposting and this is not edited.

No. 1303163

Latina whores will be whores. True dat.

No. 1303168

She just looks like Diego Maradona's room cleaner from the 1980's.

No. 1303193

File: 1629337691911.jpg (28.39 KB, 593x235, notfunnydidntlaugh.jpg)

>what a funny and quirky troll

No. 1303220

She is the only funny cow why is she unintentionally hysterical

No. 1303239

File: 1629344031352.jpg (241.91 KB, 1080x1167, IMG_20210819_053220.jpg)

No. 1303248

new level of autism unlocked

No. 1303271

Okay but why the fuck are her parents still letting her access the internet? That is the last thing she should be doing after being hospitalized. Something's fishy.

No. 1303310

what a queen, now I have to go watch chicken run and nanny cam

No. 1303358

im outta here

No. 1303473

She isn't "unintentionally funny," she's not that retarded.

No. 1303487

The unicorn queen has spoken: love yourselves, and your farts, and your poop

No. 1303506

File: 1629383668339.jpeg (135.81 KB, 828x315, B6119C6D-F9A5-42A1-9A57-7B0AF7…)

No. 1303507

File: 1629383716377.jpeg (597.71 KB, 828x1248, 5A6ADF14-E033-47A4-9A5B-6C9957…)

No. 1303512

19 cans of spaghetti 18 honey buns? jesus christ

No. 1303525

>I think I am relapsing bad from the hospital stay
I don't know how bad her b/p sessions usually are but they definitely should've kept her there longer because that sounds pretty bad, like dangerously "that may or may not kill her on the spot"-bad

No. 1303529

Why wouldn't Twitter do something about this. Haven't they got some rules?

No. 1303530

A ruptured stomach could mean nerve shock and instant death. That much is true.

No. 1303533

Reading this made me nauseous. I cannot imagine actually eating all that junk. What a greedy wasteful pig. At least anachans don’t waste food…..

No. 1303536

anachans throw away food and flush it down the toilet all the time..
>"greedy wasteful pig"
do you know how addictions work? the urges to binge and purge for bulimics are incredibly strong and hard to resist. that's like telling a heroin addict to just stop taking heroin because "it's unhealthy n shizz"

No. 1303542

And where is her brother now? Are the parents not noticing how fast all the food goes away? Dies she buy tons of groceries every day?? I’m calling bullshit.

No. 1303554

Then lock those numbnuts away and zap them until they realize their errors.

No. 1303597

I feel like there’s no way she actually b/p that much food. She’s probably exaggerating.

No. 1303598

i think it's possible. i know some bulimics who b/ped on upwards of 20k calories each session. can't underestimate a bulimic's stomach capacity i guess

No. 1303600

Wish she would've posted pics of her stomach

No. 1303608

Either she faked the hospital stay (which I don't think is likely) or she's lying about this bulimia relapse. No way her parents would be negligent enough to not be monitoring her at home. Bulimics aren't that sneaky about purging, especially when they only use the bathroom to do it. This twitter chain of b/p tales seems nothing more than attention seeking and wishful thinking.

No. 1303623

- Some anon posted a doctors diagnosis.
- She did not fake her hospital trip.
- All the cuts are real (obviously).
- Weight loss is real.

So why would she fake the purging.

No. 1303685

As someone who used to be addicted to purging, as in basically purging every single meal I ate even if it was a small salad, I just find that hard to believe. If it was just the spaghetti, just the buns, etc, I'd totally buy it but that's just SO much, especially since things like bread clump everything down and make any b/p difficult, same with the acidity of chocolate … gummies fuck it up too. Either she's a master of puke and also was purging basically all day, or she's lying.

No. 1303686

ayrt i get what you mean but some people are just able to purge anything at a certain point, even the things that are usually hard like bread, chips etc.. like eventually everything becomes easy to get up.
but who knows tbh she may be lying i wouldn't put it past her

No. 1303718

I don't doubt she purges, but I think she grossly exaggerates. There should at least be problems with the plumbing. You don't throw up gummy bears and bread type shit so often and not clog the pipes. That's a hell of a lot of time to spend b/p ing, and with her being so (supposedly) very mental, it's difficult to believe NOBODY is checking up on her and hasn't caught her mid binge or have heard her purge. Or even smell puke on her, because let's be real.

No. 1303721

Well she's said she used to purge up to 11 times a day so maybe she's just that good at it by now. Plus the water flushing. I can't imagine how horrible she feels.

No. 1303732

I still want to know where all the masses of food come from and where the garbage of it goes. Who buys it? Where is her family? If they knew they would’ve locked away the foid and let her not leave the house or sth

No. 1303736

i mean she's like 26, she can go to the store and buy food on her own she's a fully grown adult. in the tweet where she listed the food she said she got it so i presume she went to the store to buy masses of food to b/p on

No. 1303846

Damn why are they giving her all this food? They shouldn't be handing her money if she's going to waste it all on BP food.

No. 1303849

No. 1303884

Bulimics can be sneaky, whether it's done in containers, bin bags, gardens etc. There's a different level of relief when they first get rid of the food, and then clear out the eurgh evidence. There's been documentaries (think intervention had one or two), can't remember that chick who used to do it in a lifetime movie too in her closet and her mum found it. But for all we know she could do it when everyone is out, or maybe they just can't stop her? Bar locking up cupboards and keeping her in a solitary room. Power of addiction is awful when you're in the grips of it.

No. 1303948

they know, she wrote many times about her mother’s reacting to it and talking about it

No. 1303956

No. 1303979

not to blog or sperg, but as someone who also used to be bulimic i do not find it hard to believe. I've been able to hold over 12lbs of shit in my stomach at a time. One thing bulimics do, is test their limits. If she purges as much as she says, no doubt she can fit 12 honey buns and cans of soup in there.

No. 1304045

You are a fat, ugly and ridiculous person and you should kill yourself.(a-logging)

No. 1304047

Lmao why?

No. 1304048

kek probably an anachan that's jealous cause bulimics get to eat all the delicious food she can't

No. 1304061

Idk this person besides the chicken run, if her parents know you would think they would get her care like inpatient very quickly especially if they’re willing to send her to the states to get it. Bulimia I think has the highest mortality rate out of any mental illness, it severely fucks your shit up and like others pointed out a lot of very serious things can go on during purging. After having to go to a bad psych ward I’m surprised her parents aren’t spending more time with her or finding some form of support. If this is the only outlet she has she’s just going to keep repeating it, and purging makes it impossible to think straight on top of whatever other issues she has.

Her parents should take her to a chicken farm or watch chicken run together

No. 1304062

Why that one random person lol take your medication

No. 1304068

Lmaoooo, because I don't doubt her? Seethe and cope anon kek, I don't care.

No. 1304093

File: 1629419940835.jpeg (433.78 KB, 1152x2048, E9LuzUNX0Agwf5d.jpeg)

No. 1304094

File: 1629419972371.jpeg (365.84 KB, 1152x2048, E9LuzUKWUAsEDSs.jpeg)

No. 1304095

File: 1629420021169.jpeg (398.66 KB, 1152x2048, E9LxuRDWUAcv_vr.jpeg)

No. 1304100

Why does she use makeup to look sicker than she is? She reminds me of a Who from Whoville

No. 1304104

i want to wash her like a dog in my backyard, just wipe off that disgusting makeup and spray her with a garden hose

No. 1304105

File: 1629420910035.jpg (53.43 KB, 720x382, 20210819_214220.jpg)

I wonder what happened in the hospital.

No. 1304107

File: 1629420944920.jpg (53.58 KB, 678x334, 20210819_214318.jpg)

No. 1304153

Where are her parents? Have they just given up?

No. 1304168

The makeup actually looks directly inspired by the dolls she posted, unpopular opinion but I think it looks cute for what she’s doing. She should use a lighter shade for contouring though, I don’t think her makeup will reflect anything more natural until she gets more help. I hope she drinks tea for comfort I know she’s hated but psych wards are notorious for their bad treatment and she went to a really shitty one. Does she have a psychiatrist or therapist, or interact with anyone besides her parents?

No. 1304188

she literally just came back from the psych ward and it made things worse. she's an adult. i've never seen a single documentary where the worried, mortified family have been able to do anything but watch the bulimic loved one living in the household slowly die until they move out. especially when all they're doing is secretly eating and walking to the bathroom. it's just not as easy as it sounds.

No. 1304259


stop a-logging, you look like a tard

No. 1304327

Since they might have been the ones behind the recent hospital trip, I guess not.
But if Luci The Unicorn carries on like that they might have to give her the boot pretty soon.

No. 1304331

Those anons are right. There are just some snowflakes that cannot be reasoned with.
Even the dumbest one will understand pain.
Modern society just thinks it's inhumane and lets them carry on with their shit.

No. 1304372

File: 1629445934851.png (423.33 KB, 598x395, Screenshot 2021-08-20 lucinda.…)

Girl might be a retard but she's still a little manipulative fuck.
Just look how she's got that nerve.

No. 1304397

just wanna remind all the newfags here that she does her makeup like that so she looks like a fuckin unicorn duh

No. 1304399

She looks like a cholera victim, that's what she does. Just stop whiteknighting this tard.

No. 1304515

This some munchie nonsense.

No. 1304684

this isn't the place to write fanfiction about how badly you'd like to make anyone suffer via waterboarding or shock collar, that is the kind of thing we would make fun of cows for saying. keep it in your pants, and maybe stop talking like the joker as well. scrotes gtfo

No. 1304742

will you stop playing the whiteknight, faggot

No. 1304863

It’s the same makeup as the dolls, she’s sick enough and hopefully doesn’t let people troll her into being more sick. She shouldn’t respond to those comments in this thread and get into support groups. There’s nothing she can do from home.

The person writing weird fever dream comments about the pain you’d like to put her in is very male, saying it’s creepy doesn’t make you a white knight. No one cares about those comments and they contribute nothing.

Back on topic and the most important matter, if she reads here I wonder what she thinks about the overwhelming chicken run support she has

No. 1305027

Chicken Run is still a meaningless mess of a movie.

/Women's lib my ass.

No. 1305208

>if she reads here

anon please

No. 1305271

>if she reads here

If she would POST, we will surely know. Just by the smell.

No. 1305311

Just admit it - You wanna be one of her Twitter fans that wipe her ass for every retarded message that documents her spesshul unicorn transformashun. That's why you're whiteknighting and playing the internet humanitarian around here?
She needs some hard medicine and chances are that she won't improve at all. So you better suck it up, Mother Teresa.

No. 1305451

File: 1629560930809.png (21.48 KB, 598x158, Screenshot 2021-08-21 lucinda.…)

Words fail me. What kind of brain salad is this..?

No. 1305454

File: 1629561250911.png (18.1 KB, 598x138, Screenshot 2021-08-21 lucinda2…)

She's back to "recovery"!
What could possibly go wrong..?

No. 1305548

File: 1629571105206.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 249.36 KB, 828x1426, 0C941C38-324C-4644-9A5A-C48BC8…)

No. 1305549

File: 1629571144692.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 443.75 KB, 828x1043, 3827D8C7-6663-4856-B7DD-6546C3…)

No. 1305755


Sage that ugly shit.

No. 1305844


Guess you got your wish anon

No. 1305887

File: 1629608357672.jpeg (886.92 KB, 1536x1654, E1E5B011-8800-4B9F-B8A4-3B83F5…)

No. 1305888

File: 1629608475661.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1536x1803, 8B119310-0978-425B-886F-6B6420…)

No. 1305889

File: 1629608567977.jpeg (895.86 KB, 1536x1650, 413D712E-F5B5-4161-8F18-86DEDC…)

No. 1305890

While I don't support white knighting, it's still super fucking creepy that you're as rabid as you are about letting people write fanfics about her suffering. We already know what she is and what we should do, nobody here wants to zerk off about what ways she should suffer. You come off as a tard so just knock it off

No. 1305911

>calling her a unicorn icon
>tells you to stop a-logging like a sperg
Ask me how I know you're a) new to our gorl and b) new to the boards in general.

No. 1305926

File: 1629620528985.jpg (11.63 KB, 906x126, magic_unicorn.jpg)

Surely it will, pretty snowflake. If you continue like that.
And he will carry a scythe over the shoulder and take you for a little walk.

No. 1305932

File: 1629621832119.png (20.04 KB, 598x118, Screenshot_2021-08-22 lucinda …)

Just in case you were wondering: She is back and she's as manic as ever, shitposting on Twitter like there is no tomorrow.

No. 1305953

I wanted the bloated version.. But this is interesting too. She clearly isn't starving herself for the aesthetic body. I wonder if all that skin smooths out when she binges

No. 1305963

File: 1629626566421.jpg (221.09 KB, 720x790, 16268037865333.jpg)

We all should know about her own vision of an "aesthetic body", like you call it.
Her fucked up drawing from the old thread should prove it.

No. 1305964

He binge bloat belly would be closer to the unicorn than a skelly body

No. 1305975


No. 1305989

Damn nonnie I'm just morbidly curious and making conversation, calm down.

No. 1306018

i still have no clue where she gets “unicorn” from a human skeleton. then again im not batshit insane.

No. 1306027

fml i just saw that hooves that she drew for feet

sick girl

No. 1306129

She's doing it for lolcow attention at this point and it's not funny anymore

No. 1306167

i wish i never saw that, this is horrifying

No. 1306170

>>1305548 she has an obsession with posting naked/underwear pictures showing the sagginess.

No. 1306208

File: 1629655830216.jpg (20.51 KB, 423x409, surprised pikachu.jpg)

…just as if she was looking for
…some unwarranted attention?

No. 1306353

File: 1629667724070.jpg (71.94 KB, 720x555, 20210822_182729.jpg)

No. 1306355

File: 1629667761798.jpg (97.67 KB, 720x652, 20210822_182757.jpg)

No. 1306366

File: 1629668440498.jpeg (350.5 KB, 1152x2048, E9VdOeTXIAEs0vO.jpeg)

No. 1306367

File: 1629668472355.jpeg (384.34 KB, 1152x2048, E9UfahVXEAQtg5M.jpeg)

No. 1306371

File: 1629668559228.jpeg (155.61 KB, 1152x2048, E9VLJWiWYBAFh-_.jpeg)

No. 1306373

File: 1629668580975.jpeg (171.14 KB, 1152x2048, E9VLJw-XEAsIz6H.jpeg)

No. 1306519


No. 1306556

How does loose skin like this happen? She’s young, did she used to be really overweight or something? I’ve never seen that before. It’s cool that she doesn’t let it bother her and relates it to a shar pei lol

No. 1306565

I’m manifesting her writing reviews for claymation movies, live tweeting about chicken run specifically

No. 1306569

Just with really fast weight loss, doesn't really matter if she is young. She used to be upwards of 230 I think? I don't know specifically. But yeah, with large weight loss its bound to happen, plus with it being fast and through bulimia I presume, she gets loose skin. Glad as well it doesn't halt her unicorn journey.

No. 1306572

~they're vad cuz booling and ztalking ztop jating me~

No. 1306576

>>1306353 nobody is hating you, Lucinda. We're only here watching you lose your dignity online and be a problem for your parents. You're the one letting your pet eat vomit, showing nudes to minors and oversharing about your farts.

No. 1306579

File: 1629685738724.jpg (14.07 KB, 217x290, unicorn.jpg)

No. 1306588

>did she used to be really overweight or something?

No. 1306648

File: 1629694854447.jpeg (174.37 KB, 1536x444, 0124E3E6-CD62-442A-97C1-09B003…)

No. 1306690

Do they think we will all die if LCF goes down? (Which it wont). I will bet good money on farmers bringing lolcow culture to wherever they migrate to lmao

No. 1306702

Even at her weight and rapid loss, it's not necessarily guaranteed. I'd guess she was fat from a very young age on top of all that. Do we know how tall she is? 230 by itself is a bit tough to extrapolate from, but she seems short.

No. 1306733

i think she's 5'3

No. 1306741

It's not going to affect her much, she can just skitter on over to Kiwifarms and pretend to be a concerned fan there too.

No. 1306874

what is this anon talking about?

No. 1306881

No. 1306893

File: 1629734221910.jpg (80.25 KB, 612x382, new_fren.jpg)

She found a newfren. Just imagine our girls purging, cutting and suppressing their farts together!
Isn't it lovely!

No. 1306907

Bitch, you ain't nonverbal we have all watched your literal YouTube video with you speaking.

No. 1306957


And with speaking we mean "sounding like someone trying to do a gangsta rap about plushies while suffering a heavy stroke".

No. 1307015

She then followed it up saying that that the person said she was vain and if she loved her family she would stop her eating disorder. Welp

No. 1307023

File: 1629749440343.jpg (212.54 KB, 720x1248, 20210823_170932.jpg)

No. 1307025

the adventures of a 25-year-old trying to get a friend
spoiler: it was a whole fail

No. 1307049

jeez, not to pity her or anything but it is pretty sad that she's in her 20s and this excited about making one irl friend. goes to show how much she's isolated and alienated herself that her only "friends" are mentally ill teenagers on twitter. like, she brought it on herself in a lot of ways, but it's still bizarre to see what the onset of psychosis can do to someone's life if not properly treated.

it's not uncommon for people with certain mental illnesses and/or neurological conditions to be occasionally nonverbal depending on their stress level, but it's very likely that she's being hyperbolic for attention. she's just very socially awkward and chose not to speak, if i had to guess. sorry if this counts as an armchair or tinfoil

No. 1307050

Sometimes we all just gotta pee and fart a little bit and watch Chicken Run.

No. 1307053

Sometimes we have to be quiet about it!


No. 1307060

she mentioned stuttering as well as being nonverbal so i think she just meant that the stress affected her speech, which only made her seem more insane. psych wards kind of depend on your input to see how your progress is going, and if she isn't giving any beyond isolation and garbles it's no wonder they wanted to keep her for almost a year. we've been saying it the entire thread that she needs to be thrown in the ward and we haven't seen her in person. it's wild that a team of professionals took one look at her and thought, yep, lock her up.

No. 1307103

Jeez, she met the friend in the ward right? I wonder what rhe friend was there for

No. 1307112

not the best place to make a friend. i think lucinda just got her hopes up too high.

No. 1307206

Oh no, she has developed another extremely improbably medical condition! She must be the sickest, most fragile waif in all of Puerto Rico!

No. 1307232

i mean she's easily a contender haha

but we'll see how much she likes using her illnesses for attention when she's actually sectioned. i'm really surprised they let her out, even with her mother's intervention.

No. 1307235

Can we please get a thread on this section of the pro-ana community? Lucinda herself already fascinates me but I'm also weirdly engrossed in this level of delusion of starving themselves to be unicorns and vampires and werewolves and shit instead of the usual reasons.

No. 1307238

that's a good idea, if you think there's enough content then you should start a thread. just make sure to link some prevelant accounts so that people reading can contribute more easily while the thread is in its early stages

No. 1307246

Being nonverbal is a symptom of autism. Autistic people who can speak can still have nonverbal symptoms, especially if under stress or experiencing a loss of progression or usual functioning.

No. 1307248

File: 1629769402972.jpeg (283.04 KB, 1152x2048, E9ghuSHWQAASUoO.jpeg)

No. 1307250

File: 1629769425552.jpg (106.73 KB, 720x715, 20210823_224238.jpg)

No. 1307253

I'm up for it if someone else can help find some good accounts besides Lucinda and @Idoldecay

No. 1307271


is she diagnosed w autism tho? thought it was just schizo and brain damage from that, but not necessarily autism. i do agree that she fits a lot of the symptoms tho, especially the same shows/movies on loop every day and specific foods

No. 1307291

These are docs she uploaded somewhere.
>Bipolar 1 vs Schizophrenia R/O Autism

R/O stands for "rule out", which apparently means it's being considered during evaluation but needs more evidence/observation in order to be ruled out (overlapping symptoms between diagnosis).

"R/O is something that is noted when the evaluating doctor does not yet have enough information to diagnose you with something that includes a need for further observation/evaluation on symptom patterns, frequency and duration of symptoms, etc.

It is written down as part of the diagnosis to note that there are reasons to believe that you may be [diagnosis associated with R/O] because you do have some presenting symptoms that follow that pattern– but not enough information is yet present."

No. 1307301

That fucking sore bang smack in the middle of her forehead. Is that where the unicorn horn is coming in?

No. 1307303

makes sense, thank you for clarifying!

No. 1307310

seems a tad contradictory dear

No. 1307324

File: 1629776427703.jpg (110.17 KB, 720x675, 20210824_003706.jpg)


No. 1307325

File: 1629776510058.jpg (43.18 KB, 720x382, 20210824_003638.jpg)

No. 1307328

she claims to be nonverbal since unicorns don't talk

No. 1307343

I don't see her tweets about being hospitalized >>1305887 say she was nonverbal because unicorns.

No. 1307362

fucking kek

she said she was mostly nonverbal but talked regularly with her family. then she barely or poorly communicated with strangers which is why she has said no one likes her.

No. 1307384

These did larpers are so so fucking cringey I can't take it. I also think it's harmful to tell Lucinda about that.

No. 1307407

Unicorns usually don't post their inane ramblings on Twitter, either.

So what's your point.

No. 1307488

I second this thread. This is some major cow behaviour being overlooked, but bare in mind that most of these accounts are minors and that a cow must be over the age of 16 to be discussed on LCF

No. 1307496

biggest crossover ever. DID fakers x Lucinda. Lucinda 'alter'… jfc LMAO

No. 1307568

I think the thread would only be good if it had actual milk. Someone asking to be called vamp/vampself is sadly now a dime a dozen. Ive not seen anyone as crazy as lucinda. I also think it's worth noting that side of twitter is clearly aware of this thread so it could quickly become a sperg fest.

No. 1307569

File: 1629824538558.jpeg (461.33 KB, 1152x2048, E9jzGAxX0Ac2aaX.jpeg)

i can see the pain in that smile

No. 1307570

File: 1629824575024.jpeg (471.8 KB, 1152x2048, E9jzGBVWQAg6ze2.jpeg)

No. 1307573

File: 1629824712978.jpg (63.74 KB, 720x441, 20210824_135924.jpg)

She has an account in a website of anorexics.

No. 1307574

File: 1629824758480.jpg (42.29 KB, 720x440, 20210824_140035.jpg)

New video coming this week.

No. 1307598

File: 1629827097973.png (29.41 KB, 890x357, 1628726246304.png)

Honestly I agree, the only person crazy enough to warrant actual talk is Idoldecay, and a bit of that is because she has a past of being a cow and even an old thread here, but talk of her can probably go into the general pro-ana thread.

No. 1307689

..? of course she does anon, MPA is more known than edtwt i think any person with an ED online has found myproana

No. 1307741

I want to squeeze these blackheads

No. 1307791

you're fucked she said they were milia and you can't pop those

No. 1307825

>brother claiming that he is a fallen angel sent to guide her
This is weird, right? Or am I weird for picking this up as weird? Not that he's helping her but that he is full on saying that he's like an angel to sent to help her, seems a bit narcissistic to equate yourself to an angel

No. 1307831

File: 1629845138714.jpg (8.89 KB, 322x138, 20210824_191519.jpg)

I think this is the account, it has a lot of posts but i can't find them.

No. 1307835

File: 1629845329159.jpg (23.41 KB, 536x168, 20210824_191439.jpg)

Dyingtobezero is other of her names apparently.

No. 1307840

Definitely feels like either just two edgy roleplayers, or a case of genuine narcissistic abuse taking advantage of someone's delusions.

No. 1307843

File: 1629846371135.jpg (289.14 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210825-001647_Sam…)

Heres an old calorie logbook, anon. Just Google "myproana losing.lucinda" and you can find all her posts as well as her comments in the search results

No. 1307844

File: 1629846562898.jpg (397.23 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210825-002025_Sam…)

I never realised that she was once already under her goal weight of 88lbs. Had she mentioned this before?

No. 1307847


are you sure this is her? the location, height, and starting weight listed don't match up at all. Plus she types in coherent sentences.

No. 1307850

Nta but she talks about taking anti psychotics in a few of her comments from 2016, but no mention of schizophrenia. Is anyone else digging through her posts/comments?

No. 1307851

i don't think this is her anon, that's a fairly large site and lucinda is a name other people have.
she's mentioned him while talking about her parents as well, so I'm lead to believe its her IRL brother. but its not like EDs being passed onto siblings is uncommon, the angel thing is weird though.

No. 1307852

> but its not like EDs being passed onto siblings is uncommon
Same goes for psychosis, and similar disorders. They're probably just two severely mentally ill irl siblings who play off each others delusions. Like a weird familial version of Heavenly Creatures.

No. 1307853

I can't be so sure the brother has an ED. She hasn't mentioned it even once despite being an oversharer, I'd think that if she and him were binge buddies then she would tell Twitter

No. 1307862

File: 1629848987931.png (273.63 KB, 580x501, edhsed.png)

He definitely does, even a quick look through her twt will tell you that

No. 1307864

File: 1629849083431.png (91.24 KB, 767x876, 34543534.png)

The sheer back and forth enabling of delusions is unnerving.

No. 1307889

File: 1629852545239.jpg (134.05 KB, 720x911, 20210824_214809.jpg)

my fucking sides

No. 1307897

File: 1629853505040.png (950.33 KB, 498x373, correct-plankton.png)

I read this in plankton's voice

she is so funny whether she means to be or not

No. 1307936

quit shitting up the thread, unicorns or bust

No. 1307937

I don't know why people aren't just taking it to the pro-ana thread, I guess vampires vs unicorns is the new vampires vs werewolves.

No. 1307959

Lmfao me too. I love how she posted another picture of herself and was truly unbothered.

No. 1307967

What the fuck, I feel bad for her boyfriend.

No. 1307971

File: 1629863411062.jpg (31.47 KB, 392x393, 20210825_004809.jpg)

sorry but i had to do it

No. 1307973

spoiler this shit anon please

No. 1307977

File: 1629863621349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.99 KB, 668x372, 20210825_003906.jpg)

sage for nitpick

No. 1307984

That's her unicorn fur anon

No. 1308128

Maybe because she drew her eyebrows to look that godawful.

No. 1308191

She will be in Club Zero in no time if she carries on like that.

No. 1308456

File: 1629924682147.png (148.72 KB, 606x575, unicornissues.png)

Seems like she is getting worse. Maybe the klonopin will help.

No. 1308495

she talks a lot about these "dimensions", it's so interesting, and scary too

No. 1308497

>my connection to the other realm is being inhibited

No. 1308563

She makes even Chris-Chan sound like a Nobel prize winner.

No. 1308569


Klonopin = Clonazepam

A strong benzo tranquilizer.

No. 1308575

it depends on the dose and her tolerance. There's issues with dependency but if it's rendering her unable to do massive binge purge sessions it's helpful.

No. 1308588


There's not going to be any kind of miracle healing here.

No. 1308643

The klonopin might aid her in her quest for that unicorn weight sadly..

No. 1308720

Even if she is taking any meds. She just throws it all back up.

No. 1308737

The only thing that's getting worse is the frequency of typos she carefully injects into these incredibly uninspired posts. Reads like old school otherkin forum fare mixed with mid 10's tumblr mental illness glorification. So banal

No. 1308775

it's called schizophrenia, anon.

No. 1308863

she does look like "hide the pain"-Harold

No. 1308883

File: 1629983266548.png (745.38 KB, 893x406, hide_the_pain_luci.png)

Sure enough, she does.

No. 1309143

File: 1630006937783.png (19.91 KB, 598x158, Screenshot 2021-08-26 oswaldsl…)

Let's just call it
"The Binge Miracle"?

No. 1309212

File: 1630011951149.jpg (62.04 KB, 600x362, Y5TY6U5TR6U.jpg)

I don't understand a single word she's saying.

No. 1309216

File: 1630012423046.jpg (20.84 KB, 500x113, M5N6M5HV6HJ.jpg)

No. 1309217

wow i feel like her typing has gotten worse. usually she's a little hard to understand but this is like fully incomprehensible. the benzos are not doing her good lmfao

i'm going to assume she has no tolerance because afaik she's never mentioned taking these kinds of meds before. even a small dose of a benzo can hit you hard when you have no expereince with it, and especially someone as malnourished as her

all in all i think she's high as a kite rn

No. 1309220


too stoned to purge

good for her

No. 1309224

honestly yeah if it prevents that then i'm all for it

No. 1309227

You can't? She goes out of her way to only skip the nonessential letters in all her words so she's still pretty easily understood.

No. 1309231

She's able to write in a correct manner, if she wanted to. But usually she's too lazy, and atm she's too high on her Klonopinz.

No. 1309244

Clonazepam it's like weed so she's high as fuck right now, i hope she doesn't turn addicted to it.

No. 1309252

Next thread pic?

No. 1309256

i was about to say the same, this has to be the next thread pic

No. 1309289





No. 1309302

That Mofu girl is underage, but an enormous horrorcow. Just check her Twitter, it's full of NSFL. It's quite sad to see all these deeply mentally ill people (mostly minors) following each other and encouraging essentially suicide. This type of shit shouldn't be legal.

No. 1309311

I find it fascinating to think about what will become of Lucinda when her parents die. We already know that her father is 73. She's unable to subsist on her own. They may be saving extra money from their retirement to give as an inheritance. Or she will simply be left alone in the house without any authority, and will try to get money in the easiest way such as making a patreon to sell her cosplay sets, writing children's books, making a GoFundMe and begging strangers to donate, cleaning or in the worst case ending up on the street. I'd like to know what you all think will happen to her.

No. 1309364

Unfortunately it’s very, very easy to become dependent on it within as short as like 3 weeks. Then to safely get off of any benzo you have to taper down which usually takes months to years.

She’s got such major problems that just keeping her on it indefinitely/forever is probably worth it though if it seems to help with her most immediate and dangerous problem.

No. 1309378

File: 1630027733623.jpg (73.74 KB, 1200x600, chayannejpg13122b3e-13122b3e46…)

She won't end up in the streets. She lives in a very exclusive gated neighborhood, so she is bound to inherit the house/get $$$. Also, PR has free public housing for the poor (which is the projects, basically) and they get food stamps/basic health care for free. It's all shitty, but there's virtually no excuse to be homeless on the island. It's the reason why most of PR's homeless population are just addicts.

No. 1309402

it's not as well as you say. i've seen the surroundings of her neighborhood and the houses are horrible, small and with hideous designs. it doesn't look like an expensive or "luxurious" neighborhood. rather, it seems lower-middle class

No. 1309406

>>1309311 without the money and care from mommy and daddy she will go insane, just think about a schizophrenic autistic anorexic-bulimic-cutter alone.

No. 1309423

Who is that?

No. 1309449

That's Chayanne, a Puerto Rican singer. He's really famous in latam.

No. 1309465

most schizophrenic adults end up homeless drug addicts who make fools of themselves and end up on tiktok. in fact most "crazy" homeless people are either military veterans or schizophrenics. unless lucinda's brother takes up afther her she'll be a pimped out druggie on the street since she's cute enough. unbelievably sad but very true considering the country she lives in.

No. 1309472

Just a warning for anyone who might check the Mofu girl Twitter page: one of the first things you're going to see is a picture of her suicide attempt wound healing and it's very fucking visceral. Not trying to be a faggot or anything but maybe don't look at her stuff if you're sensitive to that kind of extreme shit

No. 1309492

She's too stoned to binge too. She's gonna lose more weight really fast if this goes on and that really isn't any better.

No. 1309502

how is this milk? sage, faggot

No. 1309527

File: 1630061958142.png (89.2 KB, 598x245, Screenshot_2021-08-27 Twitter.…)

So her mum manages her medication? Fine.
But look how far she got with her authority, having an emaciated, mumbling, scarred wreck for a daughter.

¡Wepa! Está nítido

No. 1309546

If her parents love her then they will arrange for her to live in a supervised residence. They do it for adults with disabilities like down syndrome or severe autism who are still semi capable of independence (basically, if they can keep a house clean, be relatively friendly with neighbours, non violent). The supervisors are medical professionals (read: tard wranglers) who check in on the residents and sort out medications and whatnot

If her parents love her, if they truly understand that Lucinda will continue to decline on her own volition, they will arrange for her to stay at a place like this

No. 1309563

>>If her parents love her

Do you really know how much of an idiot you are?

No. 1309592

you're forgetting that she lives in a third world country

No. 1309670

File: 1630085779639.jpeg (59.88 KB, 526x613, 30C31591-3DB7-48C5-8218-CD865F…)

PR nonnies isnt it crazy how our dearest deborah isn’t from hatillo

No. 1309676

SuPeRvIsEd ReSiDeNcE my ass…
This is not a fucking Disney movie.

No. 1309681

Is she underage? I had a scroll and…holy shit. But the BPD/severe self harm/what Im guessing is tranny hormone stomach doesnt scream underage so I wonder. Defintely horrorcow material.

No. 1309686

No. 1309821


No. 1309930

File: 1630105613381.jpeg (401.73 KB, 1152x2048, E9wEz_0X0AMYCAo.jpeg)

No. 1309940

File: 1630106761359.jpg (106 KB, 701x882, 20210827_201844.jpg)

no one noticed that when we criticized her skin and her blackheads, immediately after that she started uploading videos of her skin from an angle where it comes out much better and cleaner, sperging on how she cares for her skin, and made some tweets about this. nothing relevant but it's another kind of proof that she lurks

No. 1309943

>>1309670 Deborah loves to milk us and the attention she gets from here.

No. 1309979

She's enjoying her tranquilizers right now.

No. 1310030


Chicken run 2 is going to start production and comes out in 2023 on Netflix btw.

No. 1310165

She using fenty beauty? How rich is her family??

No. 1310197

>> rich
You mean "rich", like in "Puerto Rico rich"??

No. 1310237

idk what kind of rich but fenty beauty isn't cheap and I don't live in a third world country

No. 1310249

her dad was (allegedly) a famous bodybuilder or something, although this hasn't been verified. imo it would make sense if he was some kind of celebrity in their country, because they seem to be at least upper middle class. lucinda is a financial burden as she does not contribute whatsoever (unless she gets government money, not sure) and she's never complained about their finances. she brags about her binge shopping hauls, plus their house looks pretty nice from what we've seen, and they afford her meds and doctors.

No. 1310260

No matter how nigger-rich her parents are. Luci is gonna bleed them dry, financially.
You cannot cure this level of mad.(racebait)

No. 1310363

File: 1630161155247.png (35.05 KB, 598x347, Twitter.png)

no milk today because txsyzkzlic

No. 1310389

Oh my, that's great..! She can watch it in her unicorn form by then!

No. 1310565

File: 1630178670071.jpg (66.42 KB, 502x419, Spongebob.jpg)

No. 1310566

File: 1630178889128.jpg (63 KB, 490x366, Spongebob2.jpg)

No. 1310582

File: 1630180099222.jpg (32.47 KB, 598x123, Screenshot 2021-08-28.jpg)

I cannot even.

No. 1310598

File: 1630181318921.jpg (72.3 KB, 490x572, ryrs_korn.jpg)

No. 1310640

I cant still understand all this. Typing with one eye closed, key smashing.

No. 1310660

Oh my fucking goodness. She's so fucked up. I'm so glad right now to be relatively healthy in body & mind.

No. 1310699

i think i get what she's saying, blog but when i don't wear my glasses/contacts i can only read things with one eye open up close because if i look with both eyes i see double.. no clue what the science behind that is but she probably just needs a pair of glasses.
wouldn't rule out the possibility of this being a symptom of her psychosis though..

No. 1310712

File: 1630190285759.png (17.43 KB, 900x181, Klonopin.png)

Blurred vision. Might be one (there are lots) side effect of her Klonopin/Clonazepam intake.

Source: recoverycentersofamerica.com

No. 1310751

File: 1630193262563.jpeg (449.1 KB, 1152x2048, E95go-fWYAAC57B.jpeg)

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1310752

File: 1630193330245.jpg (571.91 KB, 1152x2048, 20210828_201748.jpg)

No. 1310753

blind and nonverbal, a living lettuce

No. 1310794

thank you for the cackle anons

No. 1310798

Communication level: Potato.

No. 1310909

The very hungry caterpillar in the background is a choice.

No. 1310995

Out of all the offensively ugly things about this person I hate her eyebrows the most. They’re infuriating. She looks like a soggy Pound Puppy that’s been sitting in the back of someone’s crackhouse closet.

No. 1311000

The toddler board books in the background with the very hungry caterpillar is very "nightmare daycare"

No. 1311003

File: 1630222278620.jpeg (273.66 KB, 750x603, EC9954D8-2E40-4F50-A48A-A0E31C…)

… i’m fucking speechless. how can her followers put up with this? is this how having dyslexia feels?

No. 1311019

she's upper middle class, lots of pools and mansions in her neighborhood from what I saw on google earth

No. 1311041

This could be a cute picture if it wasn't for that sickly makeup she does.

No. 1311047

You cannot change or cure that fucked up mind of hers with money. Not even with lots of it.
Yes, her parents can send her to the U.S. of A. for treatment ($$$).
But this is not about some boob job or broken shin. She will always be a retard.

No. 1311059

Those dead eyes. Nothing but blandness behind them.

No. 1311091

how do you know where she lives?

No. 1311102

Nta but she doxxed herself with pics if her medical letters.

No. 1311109

File: 1630242590693.jpg (632.28 KB, 2304x4096, 1626822015523.jpg)

That's just what you get when you dox yourself..?

No. 1311111

File: 1630243081851.jpg (227.93 KB, 675x897, c7.jpg)

This is the "C.7" road.
Doesn't look like a drug ghetto to me.

No. 1311134

she should stop starving herself, do nice makeup, write properly and try getting a career or even a small job. Fuck all those twitter mentally ill cunts that live in 1st countries. If she does not reabilitate herself now her brain will get used to this shit and she won't be able to go back or be normal ever again. She lives in a 3rd world country, if her parents die and she gets old nobody will take care of her, the government of her country wont support her. Most of the girls she hangs out and is inspired from on Twitter are 1st worlders and their bullshit is financed by the government. She needs to drop these mentally ill retards and think abt her future, she does not have the privilege to be like them

No. 1311136

like Lucinda a powerful unicorn like yourself won't let evil mental illness define who she is. The powerful unicorn needs to fight the dark mental illness with her light. All the girls on Twitter that compliment the unicorn are evil and want to see the unicorn fail. They encourage the unicorn to starve and hurt, good people would never encourage the unicorn to starve and hurt. Girls at lolcow may seem mean but they want the unicorn to be well, healthy, coherent and have a job. Good people would never encourage you to hurt yourself or cheer you on for that(integrate better)

No. 1311137

When I google mapped it, the house was so impressive that I thought the address must be fake.

No. 1311138

(street view)

No. 1311147

She's lucky she's so well off.

No. 1311151


Nope, no Street View coverage there. It's a gated/guarded community. So she's in a high-middle/upper class area.

No. 1311154

One can never buy health with money.

No. 1311160

File: 1630248175227.jpg (17.43 KB, 373x235, Capture.JPG)

Looking at the reviews:
>>Beautiful and quiet place. In a tropical paradise to live.

No. 1311163

"Well off", with a number of serious mental illnesses including self-harm, bulimia and low IQ, unable to make a living…
Now that's "well off", indeed.

No. 1311167

I meant only money wise

No. 1311168

>>I meant only money wise

What kind of dumbfuck are you


No. 1311184

Compared to a lot of people in her country, this anon is right. Her family is well-off financially? It’s not that hard to understand.

No. 1311242

nta are you slow?? "well off" is a common expression used to describe people who are in a good position financially. nothing to do with the state of someone's mental health

No. 1311248

The kind that is glad she isn't piss poor and in the fucking streets. Geez

No. 1311255

Is that translated as 42 7th St because I get a totally different place

No. 1311270

File: 1630261024001.jpeg (36.4 KB, 800x600, 465621348956.jpeg)

This is the same floor that appears in her photos.

No. 1311271

File: 1630261047877.jpeg (30.02 KB, 800x600, 56865987461.jpeg)

No. 1311284

File: 1630261950029.jpeg (32.3 KB, 800x600, 596568976335.jpeg)

Valued at U$D220,000, 3 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2,097 meters, security guard, terrace, garage for 4 cars, playground and pool. Her parents are likely to be millionaires or have a great fortune. Lucinda has a lot of luck.

No. 1311287

What a depressing property tbh

No. 1311288

>>Lucinda has a lot of luck.

FFS what is wrong with you people?(sage)

No. 1311289


Looks dark and depressing to me.
No wonder she's cutting.

No. 1311291

Yeah honestly, thats hardly the house of a millionaire it literally looks like some soulless serial killer den, or a garage and that is not just because it’s void of furniture in those photos. Just a normal but depressing house

No. 1311292

File: 1630262777314.jpg (48.27 KB, 395x526, H4G6J5G6FJ5K.jpg)

lucinda raging over some fatty e-whore tiktoker fan

No. 1311293

File: 1630262821606.jpg (56.15 KB, 393x539, IYU6KJ5K3J4GKL.jpg)

No. 1311295

File: 1630262917264.jpg (30.44 KB, 396x239, B56VCN5CB6N5F.jpg)

No. 1311298

You can be severely mentally ill and still luck out with rich parents and a nice home. If you want to act like her being schizophrenic somehow protects people from remarking about her being able to live in a spacious home, you're on the wrong website. Cry about it.

No. 1311301

File: 1630264362483.gif (1.9 MB, 316x228, 1613359650543.gif)

She's typing rather well when she's not fishing for attention,kek.

No. 1311308

I’m gonna have to side with the user she’s replying to considering the woman in those tiktoks does literal feeder porn. Don’t think she minds being called a pig.

No. 1311312

File: 1630265381434.jpg (18.39 KB, 890x544, harold.jpg)

No. 1311314

she always said she can type well if she tries, it just doesn't come naturally and she chooses to subject the masses to keyboard smash instead

No. 1311326

Kek that gif, I knew she reminded me of someone

No. 1311339

File: 1630268258540.jpg (147.45 KB, 720x960, lucinda after transition.jpg)

No. 1311342

This is as faked as her intermittent stuttering in her infamous plush toy video.
It's manipulation for attention. - Just like home!

No. 1311344

Wowza! A ReAl UnIcOrNz!

No. 1311409

blogpost but yes, this is a pretty accurate representation of what reading with dyslexia can be like in my experience. she's a walking dyslexia simulator

even if they did send her to america, a lot of treatment programs are designed to drain as much money out of you as they can. she could be in long-term care and never improve, simply because they send her to a place that knows they can siphon money out of desperate people.

No. 1311411

This thread is so fucking stupid

No. 1311452

nobody wants that, get out of the thread if you're here to support her, she's not an unicorn she's ill

No. 1311456

This isn't Lucinda's fanbase, we're here to laugh from the distance. The cow isn't our friend.

No. 1311476

you're right, and personally i agree with you, but i understand why so many anons are inclined to symathize with her. on the surface she's easy to feel bad for, being as fucked in the head as she is, but imo if you think about it longer for 3 seconds… she's decently wealthy, refuses treatment, and manipulates people (mostly equally as mentally fucked teenagers with less life experience) for attention. unfortunately this thread is proof that what she is doing does work. its a way of preying on empathetic people. however there has to be a line drawn, where you cannot feel bad for someone because they are actually malicious and bringing things upon themselves via their own actions.

think about it - if she acted the way she did but with a worse, less innocent and more spiteful mindset (which we have seen on her blogspot,) would you feel inclined to give her advice? root for her? no, you would call her spoiled and manipulative. the image she portrays is effective.

sorry if this sounds autistic as shit, i just find it fascinating.

No. 1311498

>which we have seen on her blogspot

you mean her obviously psychotic schizo ramblings about being the devil? don't be obtuse. you're clearly reaching to make this harmless horrorcow problematic. she didn't refuse treatment, she has a psychiatrist and refused a shittier psych ward that her mistreated her. this isn't some fanclub but she's definitely given us no reason to hate her as she humiliates herself and provides chicken run memes.

relax. it's a fun thread. and for what it's worth, that shithole box pictures looks about as wealthy as a decent apartment.

No. 1311534

>>1311476 like when she showed her nudes to a minor, she doesn't know what she's doing. She could be doing something bad without knowing it. It's being stupid.

No. 1311571

they weren't even outright sexual nudes. they were bodychecks in her underwear. and when someone pointed out they were inapprorpriate she apologized extensively and hasn't doesn't again. so far she hasn't exhibited any actual cunt behavior whatsoever, her thing is just that she's both disturbing and hilarilous to witness. i fucking love this thread. from the chicken run to the latest unicorn delusion and all the memes about her nightmarefuel face.

lucinda is terribly harmless. but she's a fantasic cowm

No. 1311604

Saged, she might be retarded but she seems to grasp that eating disorders aren't a little kpop themed besties club like 99.9% of the little twats on EDtwt. She is definitely a horrorcow but she isn't a cunty horrorcow like Todokaras or similar gross mentally ill horrorcows

Probably best that we don't make a habit out of this argument because this is a pointless debate. Insult her if you want, don't insult her if you don't want to, nobody participating in her thread is defending or attacking her, so it doesn't make a difference what way you post about her

No. 1311659

That mofu person isn't a minor, they're in their 20s (she? he? I dont know). If this thread can include similar horror cows, they're able to be posted.

No. 1311662

Protip: Everyone can pretend to be a minor on the internets.

No. 1311711

She does know very well what she's doing and is perfectly aware of the her actions and their consequences.
Her Twitter history and some of her other accounts are a true goldmine if you want to find out about that.
Apart from being a schizo, Downer-Deborah is highly manipulative and an attention seeker.

No. 1311798

>>1311292 that's so hypocrite. "~stop fat shaming~"
-the anorexic that doesn't want to be fat and starves.

No. 1311809

She only does it to become a pretty UNICORN, so your argument is invalid.
Lurk moar and watch Chicken Run!

No. 1311879

I know this was red texted but I agree with this lmao and I want her to fight the darkness with her unicorn light. I agree right now she’s fighting herself and I think it’s in an effort to understand internally what’s going on because she’s not able to receive help that she needs. The only socialization she has is online until she’s able to get a therapist able to work with her that can get her out more and more, but because of COVID (and I don’t know what the resources are like in her area) everyone is either completely booked or she might not know who to look for. I personally think she would do very well in art therapy where there’s a group of people she can relate to creatively in a safe environment. She’s confident and funny about her loose skin which is a very positive attitude to be around, and people in person can appreciate her that way. She could also learn to paint the dolls she likes and sell them. I mostly really hope her parents are able to get her care in the states like she had mentioned, bulimia like that isn’t just something you get over and it’s easiest to reset her routine and coping skills in a treatment center. Unicorns are mythical majestic creatures that are based on very powerful horses who need muscle and weight, there is no need for her to shrink and other unicorns wouldn’t want that for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311890

They weren’t supporting the illness or her becoming a unicorn strictly in the sense of her weight, they were working with her love of being a unicorn and framing it to say a unicorn would use their light to overcome the mental illness and recover from it, not continue to emulate the people on Twitter who want to be sick and turn it into a competition wormhole. In that post they state that in like the second sentence lol.

No. 1311913

Stop trolling.

No. 1311925

Talking like some cheap-ass ripoff Dr. Drew.
That's just ridiculous.

No. 1311965

Sounds like someone needs to pee and fart and watch Chicken Run.

No. 1311971

All that while purging and then feeling like hitting a Street Fighter combo..!

No. 1312050

File: 1630357390011.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, 562.png)

No. 1312080

File: 1630359482130.jpg (43.99 KB, 598x395, tard_elf.jpg)

If you let a tard be a tard all day long.

No. 1312119

File: 1630362318873.jpg (81.23 KB, 620x599, disturbing.jpg)

No. 1312121

File: 1630362377670.jpg (52.61 KB, 383x680, GHG56J5DGJ64FHK65.jpg)

No. 1312126

File: 1630362576641.jpg (68.38 KB, 383x680, J4G6J5CGK6H4K6H4.jpg)

the final form

No. 1312130

she looks genuinely scary and high in this

No. 1312136

I guess no one ever will find the reason for that.

No. 1312153

File: 1630364132917.png (405.97 KB, 736x345, calimero.png)

Getting some animu vibes.

No. 1312159

I used to feel bad for her, but now that I've seen the house she lives in fuck this bitch, all empathy lost. She has all the resources in the world to get better, she is rich for her country and her parents have money and give her everything she wants. If she were poor, she'd immediately snap out of her "schizophrenia" because she'd have to work a minimum wage job or figure out immigrating. Her parents wealth are enabling her "mentul illness", she really isn't as mentally ill as she acts out to be. And anons saying she isn't rich are delusional or were born in wealth, most people in third world countries don't live in 5 roomed houses with 3 parking spaces in rich neighborhoods and can afford fenty beauty. You need to look at the living situation of the average person in her country to assert her wealth. She is rich. This thread probably has a lot of wealthy mentally ill chans that refuse to get off their ass and cannot accept Lucinda has all the resources she needs to succeed because they don't want to accept they are the reason of their suffering. She's just lazy and spoiled. A lot of people like her simply refuse to get better and having everything handled to them makes them worse because they are lazy brats. If they were pressured by financial issues they would immediately snap out of their 10 mental illnesses having to keep up a routine in order to work and stay alive

No. 1312161

File: 1630365653800.jpg (62.9 KB, 330x321, lucinda.jpg)

No. 1312163

File: 1630366073493.jpg (136.5 KB, 383x680, horrold.jpg)