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File: 1638055837164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1458x2574, oswaldslunch.jpg)

No. 1377207

Lucinda is a schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic, self harming attention-seeker.

Other names:

Oswaldslunch - R3velati0nz - Belinda - Belialsmiracles - Deborah

>Puerto Rican
>Trans in the sense that she is not cis, "possibly nonbinary, possibly agender" >>1317126
>Thinks she's a real life unicorn and is obsessed with unicorns, uses a horn
>Has a lot of cuts. Goes outside showing them. Makes sure that everybody notices them
>Writes exaggeratedly wrong on purpose - almost unintelligible and with random typos (she tried using autocorrect, but somehow her typing was so shit it autocorrected to other words)
>Claims to be in recovery but isn't even trying
>Claims to eat: the food of her cat, from the floor, expired, hand sanitizer, garbage and hydrogen peroxide
>Purged on the floor and let her pet eat the vomit
>Uploads nightmare-inducing nudes
>Photoshopper >>1357243
>Part of the Twitter ED and SH communities
>Parents are rich as fuck, lives in an expensive and private neighborhood
>Mommy and daddy help and spoil her with everything she wants and needs
>Can't take a shower alone
>Brother manages all her acounts: mail, bank, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…
>Shit herself once
>Doxxed herself without knowing it
>Shakes her ass on Tiktok
>Chicken Run cult
>Has schizophrenia but she refuses antipsychotics because she doesn't think she's scizho, she has "visions" where she can look into other dimensions that totally has real unicorns
>Has BPD too

Instagram: instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch
TikTok: tiktok.com/@r3velati0nz?

>Plans to not eat until the end of November, including water. The only thing she consumes is diet coke, but she found out that her parents were adding mass gainer in it because it tasted off and she saw an open container of it, now she's hyperaware of the taste >>1360672
>Got a girlfriend named Luca (https://twitter.com/mooglemagick), wrote her some cringe poem, citing Luca as the love of her life >>1350524
>No idea what happened to Luca or if they're still dating
>Started losing patches of hair due to her eating disorder >>1357190
>Got a boyfriend, nobody knows who it is yet but Lucinda repeatedly said in the past that she was in love with one boy so maybe it's him? >>1371774
>Revealed she started thinking she was a unicorn after she stopped taking her medication >>1377090

#1 >>1280424
#2 >>1287920
#3 >>1314398

No. 1377270

File: 1638066169203.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.39 KB, 1440x2560, FFOUru_X0AkGQcT.jpg)

This is a horror.

No. 1377278

She doesn't actually look ana thin here

No. 1377292

But anon she hasn't eaten in 69 months and is too weak to even stand on her own! How dare you doubt that she's the sickest and most fragile waif that the territory of Puerto Rico has ever seen.

No. 1377293

Nice thread, thank you OP!

No. 1377352

I wonder if her alleged boyfriend is just her troonself? Her male alter? DID saga soon?

No. 1377355

oml the entire coochie lip out. with the amount she edits she didn't catch that?

jokes aside her existence must be miserable

No. 1377410

Because she is not and never was. Angles, posing and sucking in do a lot.

No. 1377425

She absolutely did, she just left it visible because she likes the attention and knowing that people have seen it. She’s an exhibitionist.

No. 1377426

Ah, extra skin. She was pretty big before.. Extra skin can really fuck up weight loss.

No. 1377524

File: 1638118937072.jpg (170.18 KB, 720x972, 20211128_140011.jpg)

It isn't a bad idea.

No. 1377527

File: 1638119118720.jpg (183.34 KB, 720x665, 20211128_135957.jpg)

No. 1377528

File: 1638119163389.jpg (796.3 KB, 1458x2592, 20211128_135214.jpg)

No. 1377529

File: 1638119191819.jpg (835.92 KB, 1458x2592, 20211128_135215.jpg)

No. 1377530

File: 1638119219608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 676.28 KB, 1458x2592, 20211128_135306.jpg)

No. 1377532

Can you even legally be operated on when your BMI is that low?

No. 1377539

She was so proud of her skin a few weeks back. Sad. Why does she care so much now? She was gonna die anyway. It'll be a huge waste of money if she gets the surgery.

No. 1377541

bmi 16, I don't buy it.

No. 1377554

File: 1638122095693.png (Spoiler Image, 418.29 KB, 587x721, Screenshot_5.png)

seems like she's back to her lowest weight (106 lbs). there's absolutely no way she can get to 75lbs, or even 88 which was her previous goal weight.
also, it seems pretty fucked up that this got 112 likes, is edtwt really just a bunch of mentally ill weirdos enabling each others illnesses? it doesn't seem very ~woke~ of them

No. 1377643

Do you really think they care about being "woke"? they're killing themselves. eds tend to get worse with isolation.(sage)

No. 1377694

File: 1638134455651.jpg (86.94 KB, 1463x976, 1527811896993.jpg)

the problem really is her excess skin. you don't get from 240lbs to the 100's without all that flab sticking around, especially with how rapidly she's lost weight. like she said, she'll never be a bony anachan. i'm actually surprised she isn't flabbier.

No. 1377704

File: 1638135181924.jpg (23.01 KB, 593x99, IIO59UY5I.jpg)

that won't fix her but it could make her look less fat

No. 1377705

File: 1638135290205.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.33 KB, 383x680, jgofdkblfad.jpg)

No. 1377707

File: 1638135361632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.59 KB, 383x680, fajgjaora.jpg)

No. 1377754


She should just take her meds and get a job if she wants to get surgery so badly.

No. 1377755


"Most BPD sufferers are NOT manipulative or attention seeking."

Doth protest too much, methinks.

No. 1378384

File: 1638219774393.jpg (76.85 KB, 720x404, 20211129_175039.jpg)

No. 1378387

File: 1638220047507.jpg (148.17 KB, 720x781, 20211129_175739.jpg)

lucinda is having a fight with ambrose and idoldecay

No. 1378392

File: 1638220194786.jpg (208.75 KB, 720x1223, 20211129_175431.jpg)

No. 1378393

File: 1638220218403.jpg (149.55 KB, 720x880, 20211129_175504.jpg)

No. 1378401

Twitter, where you can watch a vampire fight a unicorn for free.

No. 1378402

File: 1638221337854.jpg (145.01 KB, 720x876, 20211129_175610.jpg)

No. 1378403

File: 1638221382334.jpg (168.35 KB, 720x1118, 20211129_182305.jpg)

No. 1378404

File: 1638221436612.jpg (31.11 KB, 707x260, 20211129_182348.jpg)

No. 1378413

File: 1638221777655.jpg (82.73 KB, 720x545, 20211129_183222.jpg)

No. 1378417

File: 1638221997703.jpg (146.74 KB, 720x857, 20211129_183259.jpg)

No. 1378418

File: 1638222028816.jpg (142.49 KB, 720x848, 20211129_183331.jpg)

No. 1378420

File: 1638222156246.jpg (151.46 KB, 720x1231, 20211129_182404.jpg)

after that jasper made a thread exposing lucinda with screenshots of minors interacting with her

No. 1378421

File: 1638222184950.jpg (170.5 KB, 720x1225, 20211129_182422.jpg)

No. 1378423

File: 1638222227719.jpg (137.01 KB, 720x1041, 20211129_182445.jpg)

No. 1378424

File: 1638222252832.jpg (57.83 KB, 720x309, 20211129_182500.jpg)

No. 1378425

Kek anon ily

No. 1378435

Fatphobic? How can anyone in these circles possibly wield that one around

No. 1378441

Is this just a grown man on eating disorder twitter? Everyone has the high ground in this slapfight over him if so.

No. 1378442

The schizophrenic unicorn VS the vampire, who will win? You can vote now, choose the next professional fighter of the WWE!

No. 1378444

personally im placing my bets on the vampire

No. 1378447

She already won tbqh.

No. 1378453

File: 1638225346136.jpg (46.09 KB, 600x332, 600px-Simpsons_Monkey_Knife_Fi…)

No. 1378463

File: 1638227042874.jpeg (120.44 KB, 750x415, 3FE4F8BF-BFB7-43E1-BF28-6D4331…)

No. 1378478

no you didn't natalie

No. 1378490

narcissistic personality disorder = asshole. it's bullshit. if idoldecay wants to defend that she already lost. lucinda practically called him a big meanie poopy pants and all this guy's fat malaysian simps came scrambling in hopes senpai would notice them. including idoldecay. if she's a self absorbed cunt of course she'd be a bpd npd pwincess.

No. 1378501

I don't know who this guy is, but using your personality disorder as an excuse to be an asshole is dumb as fuck. Get 'im, Luci.

No. 1378503

this guy is a grown ass man on eating disorder twitter, it doesn't matter who he's arguing with. he's already lost

No. 1378504

File: 1638231246507.jpg (92.38 KB, 720x575, 20211129_210421.jpg)

and the cherry on top, mooglekins is trying to defend lucinda

No. 1378506

she's not wrong. it's edtwt not a kindergarten classroom. morals flew out the window, let the unicorn flash her coochie to the fatties who are either vehemently worshipping her half naked body or resenting her for it. either way the guy she came after is 10000% a fucking loser and if he claims to have narcissistic personality disorder he sounds unbearable. personal trainer? on edtwt where a bunch of 12 year olds are drooling over him with kpop icons? the guy IS a fucking loser who's full of himself lmfao narcissist for sure honey.

No. 1378511

File: 1638232128053.jpg (232.26 KB, 720x1181, 20211129_210449.jpg)

No. 1378514

File: 1638232182860.jpg (119.06 KB, 720x694, 20211129_210437.jpg)

No. 1378516

A personal trainer who claims to have narcissistic personality disorder and unironically uses god/gods pronouns…..Lucinda might be a mess and a possible larper but she's harmless. This guy sounds like the most obnoxious cretin on the planet just scrolling through his Twitter.

>Ladies ladies please! Your worship of me is getting me into trouble! I am just a simple narcissist on Twitter trying to get his gains while his adoring fans bear witness!


No. 1378517

sounds right up idoldecay's alley

No. 1378521

Yeah, Lucinda is a failson who needs to grow the fuck up but accusing her of ableism because she accused a narcissist of being a dick? What's with all the twitter cows getting mogged by even bigger losers lately?

No. 1378522

They're so stupid. Lucinda, Idoldecay, Ambrose, Mooglekins, a whole party of mental illness.

No. 1378524

ironically the gymbro jerking off to having little girls drooling over him on twitter is the only one without mental illness. he's just a narcissist, and not a special pity points one.

No. 1378527

If they dated, they'd make up the entire cluster b personality disorder list.

No. 1378530

Is this guy mentioned in any threads? I tried looking him up in the catalogue without any luck, but I'm dying to know more about this vampire stuff.

No. 1378531

He's just a random narc gymbro.
The vampire is referring to Idoldecay who has been mentioned before.

No. 1378532

been around for ages. HUGE in the edtwt community for being the only cis guy. openly fatphobic, proana, used god/godself pronouns, huge massive ego, claimed npd to get away with it, somehow switched from ana to ortho after getting suspended, now he's on his best behavior while his minions thirst after him. i mean, the guy once had hannibal lecter as his profile photo. he's definitely a narcissist, but he deserves no pity points for it. i'm dying for him to get his own thread. the guy is an edtwt legend who had 15k followers until he got suspended for being so obsessively proana and generally a dick.

No. 1378534

File: 1638234034993.jpg (41.9 KB, 595x387, ambrose.jpg)

No. 1378535

I checked out his twitter just to see for myself and good god nona you’re 100% correct. This guy is a cow in his own right, gross

No. 1378536

File: 1638234113959.jpg (44.9 KB, 594x398, HT5RJ6SSR5J.jpg)

I don't understand why he got in trouble with Lucinda.

No. 1378544

What a painfully average physique. Why would anyone feel the need to defend this moid?

No. 1378545


Because their fathers didn't properly interact with them as little girls

No. 1378546

File: 1638234725814.jpg (21.91 KB, 594x134, 5UYIO6U5OI6DT.jpg)

No. 1378547

File: 1638234866230.jpg (27.63 KB, 591x177, G2TST6JSR2J.jpg)

No. 1378549


Gag. Using past abuse as an excuse for being a shitty narcissist is why abuse runs in cycles.

No. 1378551

File: 1638234923812.png (144.13 KB, 489x422, ambrose.png)

ambrose deluding himself into thinking people genuinely care enough to tweet about him 24/7, and showing us how he sees himself. literally reverse body dysmorphia kek

No. 1378553

File: 1638235092150.jpg (29.76 KB, 591x172, BYJ6R5Y6J.jpg)

No. 1378555

apparently he made a fatphobic joke and it got a few k likes and lucinda went off in literally the most pg way ever and this manchild threw a hissyfit over being called a loser.

>i was abused

lmao? that's why he's a gymbro asshole now? i can't. then you have idoldecay coming at his defense like the delusional tart she is. i'm surprised she didn't mention alters. watching lucinda defend herself is completely painful. she's making a fool out of herself, but only because she's arguing against even bigger fucking clowns. i can't believe how hard idoldecay went for this guy though. that narcissist trait hit close to home, eh?

No. 1378556

Alright ladies this fag needs a thread, I don’t know what it is but something about him just repulses and angers me far beyond anything lucinda’s ever done

No. 1378559

Someone please please make the Ambrose thread there's so much cringey delusional shitty proana milk on him the only people who tolerate him are his wannabe anachan fangirls he's repulsive to everyone else on edtwt.

No. 1378561

Honestly I think an edtwt lolcow thread would be good. Would free the thread up from Idoldecay's shit too

No. 1378562

That would attract the whole circus. Nobody wants these idiots here.

No. 1378563

And a thread dedicated to just ambrose wouldn't? His fans are always quick to defend him. Idoldecay definitely lurks and would let him know. Either way the circus is coming to town.

No. 1378564

motion seconded, those freaks deserve it more than lucinda

No. 1378566

File: 1638236405491.jpg (130.28 KB, 720x841, 20211129_223557.jpg)

No. 1378567

Ive been thinking about that for a while now, I suck at thread formatting personally but it would be extremely milky and interesting if any nonas want to make it happen.

No. 1378568

Like if Lucinda wasn't a freak too.

No. 1378569

File: 1638236495490.jpg (113.96 KB, 720x677, 20211129_223712.jpg)

No. 1378570

File: 1638236535222.jpg (67.23 KB, 720x416, 20211129_223745.jpg)

No. 1378571

She's genuinely schizophrenic tho more pitiful than anything else, idoldecay and ambrose are plain terrible people, yknow they chose to be cows.

No. 1378572

She is, but in a different way. These weirdos just ooze narcissism and self righteousness n deserve to be knocked down a few pegs

No. 1378574

I thought idoldecay was schizo too

No. 1378575

File: 1638236822535.jpg (50.1 KB, 286x615, idecay.jpg)

BPD attention whore, not schizo.

No. 1378576

>HPD and BPD
i bet she self diagnosed herself with both of them. pick a struggle

No. 1378581

>She's genuinely schizophrenic
Yeah just like she genuinely hasn't eaten in months, genuinely has a movement condition that only affects her typing, genuinely needs an eyepatch, genuinely needs a wheelchair, and is genuinely medically retarded.

No. 1378584

And genuinely is a unicorn.

No. 1378587

Isn't this the one who claims to have had an overdose and was reborn as a vampire? Looked through her Twitter and its all pretty much the same proana tweets lucinda and anyone else in that circle rts, don't know why anons are frothing over it. Mr muscles narc seems like promising milk though

No. 1378588

…and is genuinely retarded IQ yet understands complex issues, understands sexualisation, fatphobia, humiliation, different PDs, manipulation…uses words such as justification, transformation, etc etc. Her legit medical papers - why does everyone believe they're legit?

No. 1378591

Mostly because she's a previous lolcow who had a thread about her years ago before it got locked for shitposting.

No. 1378592

File: 1638238441463.png (38.87 KB, 600x202, luci_mass_gainer.png)

well apparently the only reason she doesn't look like shes been fasting for months is because her family was giving her gainers

No. 1378598

what makes it obvious it's genuine is the fact she never talks about it. these self diagnosed tards pick out whichever personality disorder will justify their shitty behavior and then make sure to plaster it all over their profiles and never shut the fuck up about it. lucinda even doxxed herself to show medical records. and then UNdiagnosed herself. currently, lucinda doesn't consider herself schizophrenic. and the fact she's back to the weight she was 2 months ago in a matter of weeks shows she is, in fact, starving herself like she says.

also lmfao at idoldecay acting like lucinda needs ~genuine help~ for calling out a narcissist in the most harmless way. that was the last straw? her being a fucking unicorn didn't bother you?

the obsession these desperate cockhungry girls have for this beta male is pathetic. not to choose sides but any personal trainer who self diagnoses with narcissistic personality disorder deserves to get called a loser with a big ego.

No. 1378599

> doxxed herself to show medical records

see >>1378588
>why does everyone believe they're legit

No. 1378600

>her being a fucking unicorn didn't bother you
Idoldecay genuinely believes she's a vampire, so no.

No. 1378601

Weight doesn't drop off so quick if you're a low weight.

No. 1378603

>never talks about it
Is purposefully typing like a retard and posting pictures of your cuts and saggy body not talking about your mental illness? Ride her unicorn horn harder shes just as shitty as the rest of edtwt

No. 1378604

Sorry to derail but I don't believe Ambrose is a natal male for a second tbh. All their speech patterns & mannerisms in their tweets scream female to me in a way that wouldn't just happen from being in female dominated edtwt spaces. >>1378536 looks like it's censoring top surgery scars.

No. 1378605

Nobody is claiming she's not shitty, just that it's near impossible to fake this level of mental illness.

No. 1378606

>Is purposefully typing like a retard and posting pictures of your cuts and saggy body not talking about your mental illness?

her eating disorder is not her schizophrenia. she isn't putting it in her bio or writing her experiences with hallucinations for pity points so she can whip it out to excuse her shitty behavior the way ambrose and his minions did. idoldecay is obviously a cunt so of course she'd defend all the trendy "i'm a piece of shit and it's not my fault" fake self diagnosed personality disorders.

No. 1378607

IIRC he has also mentioned being pretty short so definitely FTM.

No. 1378608

>isn't writing her experiences with hallucinations for pity points
Again. Is posting online about your unicorn journey not exactly that? Its stupid to say she's soo totes genuine mentally ill unlike those posers because she doesn't talk about it! When she is an eating disorder account, she actively promotes and talks about her schizo beliefs comorbidly with her ED/cutting, cope that the unicorn queen is a mentally ill attention whore as well.

No. 1378613

top surgery scars don't go over the nips, nonny. fun tinfoil though

No. 1378617

never knew a cis man with a hannibal lecter icon, that's almost exclusively for troons. you might be onto something.

No. 1378619

not trans just a literal faggot with NPD, which would explain why he's had a hannibal lecter icon AND a patrick bateman icon. any man who sees himself in those characters is an immediate red flag

No. 1378626

are we going meta now? displaying symptoms of your schizophrenia is not the same thing as putting your diagnosis in your bio so everyone who visits your page knows your diagnosis like it's your name. lucinda's a schizo off her meds and it shows. she hasn't eaten in months and going by her latest bodycheck comparing herself to months before the mass gainer fiasco, that shows too.

No. 1378628

File: 1638240804158.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.25 KB, 761x403, images.jpeg-187.jpg)

They actually do anon, plus there would be no other reason for him to censor his chest like that if he was a real male

No. 1378629

But uwu he just has NPD which you have to accept for his inflated ego otherwise you're being ableist!!!

Narcissists are scum. Especially if they're men obsessed with their bodies lmao. Are you kidding me.

No. 1378630

File: 1638240933418.png (58.47 KB, 664x434, i dont believe in schizophreni…)


No. 1378633

my thoughts exactly. literally no reason for him to censor his nipples like that. total troon.

No. 1378643

>what makes it obvious it's genuine is the fact she never talks about it
Have you somehow never come across a schizo online? They won't shut up about their delusions and not in a 'people think i'm schizophrenic but i actually have special powers' and pill porn-posting way but in a 'gangster computer god stalking me' way. The only difference between her and a garden-variety illness-collector is that she uwuified her act with edtwt aesthetics.

No. 1378649

In other pictures he censors his tattoos… maybe he has nipple piercings or something and he doesn't want anything that could identify him visible.

No. 1378650

He explained that he censors his tattoos and shit because he attends a large uni and doesn't want to be identified. The nipples may just be because his followers are thirsty and he's said it creeps him out.

No. 1378658

That's idoldecay, not Ambrose. Are you okay?

No. 1378667

this is so funny. the fake concern is killing me. she's obviously a farmer who's been resentfully talking shit about lucinda in all these threads and was just looking for an excuse to vilify her. dumb cunt.

No. 1378668

It looks like dyslexia

No. 1378674

She seems extremely fake, typical bpd behavior

No. 1378715

kekking at lucindas "internalized fatphobia" while reading her sperg about it being sooo bad

No. 1378746

this is so fucking condescending oh my god. the pettiness just seeps through. you can tell idoldecay has always resented lucinda. why wouldn't she? a more unique, thinner otherkin with more foĺlowers and cuts who gets more attention and has an edgier diagnosis, meanwhile she's taking looking like scary godmother as a compliment. oh she was just waaaaaaaiting for a reason to publicly cancel lucinda. as if calling a narc a loser was now uwu ableist uwu. talk about brainrot. and i thought lucinda was the retard. these bpd npd bitches really are just cunts hiding behind their diagnosis to save their asses when they get called out.

>"you're a self centered, manipulative egomaniac"

>"um i have narcissistic personality disorder due to trauma you ableist cishettie"

No. 1378756

I don't know about that one. Idoldecay looks like the crypt keeper.
IMO she tried to ride Lucinda's unicorn back for attention and then got fed up with it. She seems to take whatever side she feels like and whichever makes her look better. Classic histrionic.

No. 1378769


she sakd she's bmi 18.

No. 1378770

Yeah I was waiting for this to come up, why only sensor the area below her nipples like we can legit see everything even with the grey bar there? My first thought was top surgery scars and nowadays they’re very small due to advanced keyhole procedures so this is plausible

No. 1378771

His/her idk pecs are also a lot smaller/basically none existent and have less mass than people I’ve seen who had less muscle overall (like they should really be more defined compared to the muscle on the rest of the torso) but considering biological women have more fat there than muscle this also supports the idea that this is indeed a woman

No. 1378791

File: 1638268204084.jpg (169.75 KB, 718x2048, 20211130_010933.jpg)

they're both troons

No. 1378792

File: 1638268239563.jpg (266.07 KB, 1044x2048, 20211130_010935.jpg)

No. 1378793

File: 1638268280306.jpg (278.71 KB, 844x2048, 20211130_010207.jpg)

nice tranny features

No. 1378797

I abandoned the Lucinda threads for a while and this is what I come back to? Thank you farmers.
Anyway, I second a Ambrose thread, there's nothing normal about a grown man with NPD being so popular with teenage girls. There's some skeletons in his closet

No. 1378799

No, she was confirmed to be biologically female in a past thread. Just an unfortunate wide ribcage with no hips

No. 1378803

She also purposely exaggerates her features to look more undead/"nonhuman"

No. 1378804

men almost never find their nipples sexual to such degree (seriously show me one instance of a man censoring his nipples), awkward placing for tattoos, your can take off piercings.
Hiding top surgery scars 100%.

No. 1378805

I want to bet he just has very ugly nipples, but I admit anons may be on to something. It is funny watching him claim 'muh trauma' and 'i'm being attacked by a unicorn'. Narcs love to play victim.

No. 1378819

sage for medfagging but.
She might not genuinely be schizo. I live in a country with very shitty healthcare especially in the psychiatric sense and they slap the schizophrenia diagnosis on EVERYONE when they're not sure what's wrong with the person but it's severe enough to need constant medical attention.
Don't think it's much better where she lives.
But that's just a thought. Not that it would matter much since she's clearly delusional with the whole unicorn and parallel realities visions things.
She might not actually be schizo despite being diagnosed, but she's obviously extremely mentally unwell.

No. 1378849

I can't believe I watched this troon have a meltdown because Lucinda called him uncool with a big ego lmfao he literally brought up muh trauma over it. Shit was like fighting with a 5 year old. What a clown.

No. 1378850

Are you that ciarith Twitter person who posts this boring girl as often as possible even when everyone ignores you or tells you to stop

No. 1378851

Ambrose thread when

No. 1378853

I agree. A grown ass man(troon) who calls himself the king of a space full of mentally ill girls and admittedly gets off on it due to muh mental illness is an extraordinary cow. I still can't believe Lucinda's brainfart tweet triggered him, and then he proceedee to host a town hall meeting talking to his followers to please please not worship him sooooo much because it gets him in trouble! Poor little narc. Lucinda's fun to watch drool and die but this guy is so obnoxious I can't wait to uncover all his bullshit.

No. 1378862

File: 1638281135465.jpg (197.91 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20211130-110450_Twi…)

might wanna rethink that buddy

No. 1378869

How pathetic and cringy do you have to be to make Lucinda come off like the sane one here

No. 1378872

Everybody say hi to Ambrose since clearly he reads here. I think he'll really enjoy his thread, he'll probably get triggered and have a tantrum every day :((:()

No. 1378878

I can't find the screenshot of the tweet but I swear I saw ambrose once say he wanted to eat cat food or something because it smelled good to him?? just the thought of him hunched over eating meow mix or whatever little biscuits cats eat makes me lmao

No. 1378880

watching lucinda fight is like watching my grandmother fight. christ, the girl really is retarded. his narc ass got triggered over her calling him a jerk, bully, loser, and uncool, and all the while lucinda is talking about kindness and bullying like it's pre-k. i can't help but like her in all of this. i mean lucinda's a genuinely nice person. we can't say she's ever harmed anyone. she's here because she's a wild specimen of a cow but i can't think of a reason to actually dislike her beyond finding her utterly repulsive.

hi ambrose. congrats on making it to lolcow! you'll get your own thread soon just like the big bad ableist unicorn who triggered all your narc trauma when she called you uncool. i hope you can arm curl and scroll through lolcow at the same time, troon.

No. 1378888

I can't wait for the Ambrose thread someone please tell me they're working on it.

No. 1378897

Literally joined just to say I want an Ambrose thread. I agree with someone else, a grown ass (supposedly) cis man, interacting with minors and claiming NPD when he is in fact just a dick is something else. Sign me up!

No. 1378901

ambrose has me blocked can anyone screenshot what he's up to rn

No. 1378902

I love Ambrose being like "Ladies please don't worship me so much!" When people are rallying to jeer at him and mock him. That's so funny.

No. 1378904

Jesus christ, newfags from edtwt clamoring here GTFO

No. 1378905

A grown ass man on eating disorder twitter hiding behind a NPD diagnosis (probably self diagnosis at that lmaoo) to be an asshole. Fuck him

No. 1378907

Ambrose is a lolcow, people came to laugh, if even people from edtwt are laughing at someone it's pretty bad. Everyone is saging, shut up.

No. 1378910

I think there should be a general edtwt/shtwt thread. I'd work on it myself, but I'm just a normalfag with no knowledge of who's milky.

No. 1378923

The only girls clambering after them are minors. No grown ass woman has any interest in Ambrose at all. Who wants a guy who is only 5ft 2in, will treat them like shit and spend more time in the bathroom then them!!

No. 1378935


Oh Ambrose is 10000000% a troon lmfao.

No. 1378937

I wonder how Ambrose feels knowing his dirty little secret of actually being an ftm and not a cis man has been exposed. Short, covers his top surgery nip scars, never shows his obviously fem facial features.

Even the name. Ambrose. What cis guy? Fakebois and troons love Hannibal. And troons are aaaaaallover edtwt. Like. Everywhere. Ambrose's whole appeal is that he's a cis buff guy because his little Southeast Asian self hating following of 14 year old fat girls hate troons. I can't wait for this whole thing to be exposed so he can fuck off from his high horse once and for all.

Can we all just agree? That Ambrose isn't cis? I think he'd have a bigger meltdown than being called uncool by a unicorn.

No. 1378950

Where's the bat signal for the weaponized autism of the Corpse Husband anons to expose this asshole?

No. 1378953

Fuck that, summon a shaytard they get work done when they aren't titsperging

No. 1378954

Don't forget that he's "gay".
Self hating Straight girl lol.

No. 1378956

>>1378872 >>1378862
This especially is a good reason to make him his own lovely thread.

No. 1378957

might wanna integrate better

No. 1378958

kekk you actually filled in your email address. Are you a personal trainer?

No. 1378961

File: 1638289312975.jpg (321.4 KB, 1057x1569, Screenshot_20211130-131744_Twi…)

transphobic lolcow, i think it pretty much settles that Ambrose is ftm

No. 1378962

File: 1638289378376.jpg (191.45 KB, 1169x1564, 20211130_132233.jpg)

"alt right platform" this guy is such a manipulative prick

No. 1378963

The more I look at their body checks the more I see soft feminine features. Gen think you’re onto something!

No. 1378964

Why are you here if it's so awful and twansphobic?

No. 1378966

are you from twitter?

No. 1378969

I thought I had to enter an email address so I entered my ex-girlfriends email (stuff me getting that backlash!) she was on the parent-teacher board and created an addy just for that. This was several years ago so I doubt she uses it anymore!!(Namefag)

No. 1378973

you don't need to enter an email or name, just put the word sage in the email field

No. 1378974

Is nobody gonna talk about the grooming allegations towards this ftm?

No. 1378975

kekkk, excuses excuses. shelley you're busted.

No. 1378976

just type sage in the email field unless you’re posting milk. you’ll figure out what milk is. take some time to look over this though https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 1378977

“Look, I’m such a decent guy, I’m doing this for our safety”

What he means is “it’s only a matter of time until people realise I’m FTM and I lose my minions”

No. 1378980

Haha send her all the abuse you want, she’s a right c*nt!

No. 1378982

right?! Asking a minor for body pics then getting angry when they didn’t send them! But you can’t call them out on it because “they were abused and it’s triggering

No. 1378984

Why the fuck would I do that? No cowtipping, ever, you better learn the rules of the place.

No. 1378986

This is actual milk you don't need to sage it. Otherwise the only people bumping this thread are twitter migrants who haven't learned how to integrate.
Anyway, blaming Lucinda for farmers catching wind of his own spergout is incredibly manipulative. He definitely has cow potential

No. 1378988

yeah those were never really debunked either, his fandom just dismissed them as fake and made up a bunch of excuses

No. 1378991

Not only that one, it’s been multiple accounts that reported weird requirements from this jerk this last girl sucking his balls on monday could be a minor, never stated her age and kept defending him and stating she was not a minor? Why did she deactivate and not him? Maybe there was something going on on their dms

No. 1378993

literally lmao he didn't care about keeping the peace until he realized his big secret was gonna come out. he was the one who brought up lucinda's thread so he's obviously a farmer who's aware of her, and he literally brought it up first. what a fucking manipulative shithead. "uwu for the safety of the community" my ass. the more he speaks the more he boils my blood i can't wait for him to get his own thread exposing his dirty little secret. it's about time his ass got dropped a notch.

No. 1378995

Did he not threaten Lucinda with bringing up her thread first lmfao? He's a narcissist alright. Completely manipulative. I hope Lucinda leaves him on read.

No. 1378996

Lucinda let her pet eat vomit and joked about it, Lucinda said that she wanted to kill her family, Lucinda used to watch extreme gore porn. She made BDSM and +18 fanfics. Lucinda shows her pussy and ass to inmature kids online. Lucinda cuts herself and goes outside half naked. Lucinda ate hydrogen peroxide and garbage.

No. 1378998

thank you for the highly inaccurate recap ambrose simp but your beloved isn't going to fuck you seeing as he's got a cunt and he doesn't give a shit about you

No. 1379003

Yeah I can see why the more kpop meanspo fatphobic type are into Ambrose if they think he's a cis guy, most of these girls are conservative Muslims and don't take kindly to trans folks. They either wish they were kpop idols or 2000s blonde white models. Dreams of Ambrose being their buff proana daddy are the only reason they follow him. Like the narcissist he is, the illusion that he's the only "real" man on edtwt is also part of his ego. Once it comes out it's just a ftm like everyone else his whole empire will collapse.

No. 1379005

Unfortunately the allegations were proven fake. The alleged victim screen recorded an alternate account. Guy is still a massive piece of shit though. Hope he gets caught up on something else.

No. 1379008

If you come here from Twitter (edtwt or shtwt) please fuck off.

No. 1379009

File: 1638292435954.jpg (132.62 KB, 720x856, 20211130_141125.jpg)

No. 1379010

Ambrose is that you?

No. 1379011

File: 1638292478913.jpg (70.73 KB, 720x455, 20211130_141048.jpg)

No. 1379012

>name is ambrose
>censors chest
>on edtwt
>kins hannibal lecter
>claims to be mlm

y'all this is a class A edtwt ftm

No. 1379013

File: 1638292507120.jpg (157.55 KB, 720x1221, 20211130_141020.jpg)

No. 1379014

Maybe we could just put Ambrose in ftm general

No. 1379015

File: 1638292550164.jpg (73.55 KB, 720x407, 20211130_140848.jpg)

No. 1379018

What is she even implying here

No. 1379021

File: 1638292801580.jpg (73.95 KB, 720x383, 20211130_140904.jpg)

No. 1379023

She's implying that lucinda talks with people who posts on her threads on top of lurking

No. 1379024

Yes, Lucinda is a cow. So is everyone else in her orbit.
Ambrose is mean and his followers are ableist and fatphobic, typical twitter slapfight fare.

No. 1379025

it's like he wrote this with a raised eyebrow. i know he's a narc but does he have to write as obnoxiously as possible? now he's triggered by lucinda's crytyping, yet another disability from our narc troon gymbro hero who is fighting valiantly against the viscious attacks from the retard unicorn!

No. 1379026

he's acting like her visiting the thread after he brought it up is suspicious lmao. 3k cals ain't enough to feed that brain.

No. 1379027

At least one of his little gaggle of teenage girls is morbidly obese, I’d bet.

No. 1379030

Who cares? The main problem is they’re all minors, obese or not

No. 1379032

File: 1638293331639.jpg (108.26 KB, 720x719, 20211130_142638.jpg)

No. 1379035

they all are. the more meanspo fatphobkc proana the more it's just a larp and a self hating exercise to motivate themselves to lose weight. they all have inflated egos. makes them feel better about being fat. in ambrose's case, makes him feel better about being a 5'2 manlet troon.

No. 1379036

Learn2sage this shit show thread, cretins.

No. 1379037

this is so funny he really does think everyone is obsessed with him. i wonder if having his own thread would swell that little tranny bean right up making him feel oh-so important.

No. 1379041

File: 1638294051827.jpg (213.16 KB, 1169x1844, 20211130_140125.jpg)

No. 1379043

Why even attempt to justify your degenerate behaviour by bringing up your UWU twauma? Everyone has trauma, the difference is that good people make the conscious decision to not be an ass hole about it and take accountability. Is it rlly that hard to say yes I’m fatohobic and a Troon and just own it? But then I guess you miss out on the rush of fulfilling your victim complex.

No. 1379045

Exactly. They’re the type to use neopronouns like “angel” and “bunny,” meanwhile they’re 300lbs.

No. 1379049

and the rush of being ~edtwt's only cis man~

No. 1379052

Isn't Ambrose one of the very few cis men on edtwt though? He always gave me misogynistic vibes

No. 1379053

>unsaged "hi cow!!! Hi cow!!!"
Holy fucking shit integrate better twittertards

No. 1379054

>right wing

cope harder, Ambrose. anons like to gossip about you because you're a narc prick, not because of a political agenda.

No. 1379055

no he's just a selr hating ftm, they're often misogynistic especially when they claim being mlm. he censors his top surgery, is 5'2, has the same interests edgelord ftm's have, and never shows his face, likely to hide the way T is changing his face.

No. 1379057

he acts too much like a typical misogynistic scrote, i'm not buying the trans theory. i think it's more likely that he's crying about transphobia so he can look like a saint to all the underage fakebois who follow him
also sage your posts if there isn't any milk

No. 1379059

i'm ftm and i'm calling him a troon right now. sure there's tranny hate on lolcow but you can still enjoy the board and talking shit about cows without crying ~muh transphobia~ i fucking hate ambrose, he's a narc and a prick.

i want him to have a thread just because i know he's shitting bricks right now. if lucinda calling him a loser triggered him into a meltdown, i wanna see what he does when he gets a taste of this every single day. he's a right cunt.

No. 1379060

why'd he censor his tits then?

No. 1379062

>alt right
Most users arent even burgerfags where that whole bullshit started. American exceptionalism at its best. Assume anything online that isn't corporate is literal nazis. Not surprised the faggot thinks imageboards is evilz. Excited for that new thread, every single user deserves to be laughed at. Theres much overlap with the egirls and hiki girls too. Pretty sure the 16 yo that vo1dchan accused of stalking is like ed twt famous and now dead9irl or whatever is on there too. All of them are cows of every flavor.

No. 1379063


Learn to sage and integrate.

No. 1379065

he literally mentioned lolcow first. he brought this website into that space. now he's trying to blame lucinda for some edtwt lolcow raid? like he's trying to protect his precious little community? what a manipulative scumbag.

No. 1379067

like the mutilated self hating dyke kind or running from being a gay fetishist kind?

No. 1379069

Definitely running from being a gay fetishists. Half his tweets are about random men.

No. 1379070

File: 1638295794960.jpg (78.32 KB, 1080x357, Screenshot_20211130-150928_Twi…)

running away from being a gay fetishist edgelord fujo type

No. 1379071

too many minors for an edtwt thread. ambrose has potential since he used to have 15k followers and was massively famous in edtwt, he's had a lot of drama. it should be a good thread. especially with the tranny or not debate.

No. 1379072

self hating straight girl fujo lol

No. 1379073

File: 1638295999795.jpg (109.27 KB, 720x610, 20211130_010402.jpg)

No. 1379082

exactly, he's always starting shit with random people and not to wk but it's not really lucinda's fault that people she interacts with tend to get posted here. most people who've been mentioned in association to her during her time on here have been forgotten about, we're only continuing to talk about him since he's a cow himself

No. 1379086

Holy shit this manipulative faggot needs a wake up call. He needs a thread asap. Can’t believe how unlikable these bitches are compared to lucinda.

No. 1379089

It's so painfully obvious that the unsaged posts are made by people from twitter. Please learn how to integrate.

No. 1379091

Ambrose just saw Lucinda as an easy target & is probs envious of her following or some backwards Ed twt competitive shit but yeah the Troon is just looking for someone easy to mess with & lord over as per the inflated ego. Then the deflection of blame when the tranny started receiving negative attention even though she had no issue mentioning lolcow before we knew what a cow she was. This obviously didn’t go as planned for our new heifer. Milky turn of events!

No. 1379093

this has been said like 8 times now just report and stfu

No. 1379095

how much of a scumbag you gotta be for people to start liking lucinda(sage)

No. 1379098

File: 1638297076577.jpg (349.63 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20211130-152815_Twi…)

how would this actually be dangerous? there's nothing about your real life identity there, we would just be stating a fact that you hide from your followers to be more popular, so dangerous

No. 1379101

kek he’s lurking so hard, “aT LeAsT iM nOt On LoLcOw!!!”, so it’s all okay and funny if lucinda is in danger and being bullied but not you? Lmfaoooo

No. 1379104

This guy is more cow than lucinda. I actually feel bad for her, this guy though, not even a little. Insufferable little prick deserves a thread.

No. 1379105

when’s the thread coming she was such a pussy for going private lol lucinda is standing straight a freak show but not a pussy

No. 1379106

tbf, lucinda is harmless. i think everybody in this thread thinks she's at least a little bit likeable. likeable, but a lolcow nonetheless. whoever the fuck ambrose is is some annoying wannabe scrote that deserves his own thread. (is anybody making that?)

No. 1379107

If he's a narc giving him a thread is exactly what he wants and all his fag followers will follow him here. There's barely any milk to warrant a thread of his own anyway, is it really worth it.

No. 1379108

I dont know, watching him have a meltdown and play victim as narc's always do is pretty funny. Especially as he's acting as if he and all of edtwt are in danger.
>if i was trans
yes, ambrose, if…

No. 1379109

Also yeah this is actually making Lucinda palatable. The arrogance is too much to handle with Ambrose they have no redeeming qualities, at least Lucinda has some kind of excuse considering that she’s retarded and probs brain damaged from antipsychotics and being a bone rattler. Ambrose has an average body and NPD- get some cognitive behavioural therapy.

No. 1379110

Have u seen his tweets? He has given more milk in a day than lucinda in a month. I think the thread should be for a mix of edtwt though, not solely for him.

No. 1379113

File: 1638297670449.jpg (91.79 KB, 720x536, 20211130_153706.jpg)

No. 1379116

File: 1638297776460.jpg (66.27 KB, 720x440, 20211130_153722.jpg)

This fucker needs to stop punching the keyboard.

No. 1379117

seriously anon? this "guy" has sperged about his college not accommodating his mental illness by having him do GROUP PROJECTS (from his old deleted account), and is physically unable to not live tweet his life no matter how many controversies he gets into, 100% cow material and i firmly believe anyone who says he isn't even a little bit cowish is a wk.

No. 1379118

They had a meltdown because a retarded incoherent unicorn said they were mean. They absolutely are a cow and I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle this when we are 5 threads deep

No. 1379122

File: 1638297887625.jpg (75.51 KB, 720x396, 20211130_153814.jpg)

No. 1379123

mf leave lucinda alone she’s the good one now

No. 1379124

File: 1638297986688.jpg (121.14 KB, 720x700, 20211130_153841.jpg)

Nobody is good here, everybody is retarded. Stop whiteknighting the autistic.

No. 1379125

File: 1638298059652.jpg (102.77 KB, 720x624, 20211130_153759.jpg)

No. 1379127

To be fair, the Troon was all up in lucindas dms saying I won’t argue anymore but here we are and it’s still name dropping her in tweets. And trying to blame Lucinda for our interest in this narc cow??? We targeted Lucinda too like how is she the mastermind here kek just accept that there is nobody to blame but yourself Ambrose and that your cocky behaviour got you a thread here. And you aren’t special- just a cow in a herd lined up for slaughter!

No. 1379129

Why would you out yourself as a Troon retard.

No. 1379130

God, way to out the fact you've never been through anything to ground you. That plus being delusional on ed twitter is pretty damning. Is this a child larping or is this a "vulnerable adult"? No wonder Lucinda is batshit if these are the kinds of people broadcasting every brain fart they squeeze out in between purging.

No. 1379132

They think we don't see every retarded safe space on twitter where calves graze? They flatter Lucinda too much.

No. 1379133

it's a grown ass woman trying to larp as patrick bateman for anorexic minors' attention kek

No. 1379134

I feel bad about the little bitch who asked to suck her non existent dick

No. 1379135

Opening line in their thread description

No. 1379139

File: 1638298637381.jpg (73.92 KB, 720x439, 20211130_155347.jpg)

No. 1379140

>I am le edgy psychopathtic Patrick Bateman kinnie gymbro
You can't make this shit up lmfao

No. 1379141

File: 1638298659190.jpg (61.67 KB, 720x375, 20211130_155304.jpg)

No. 1379142

File: 1638298698155.jpg (108.68 KB, 720x618, 20211130_155213.jpg)

No. 1379144

kek it's like the more worked up she gets the more she forgets to type like a retard

No. 1379145

File: 1638298850415.jpg (65.3 KB, 720x350, 20211130_155821.jpg)

No. 1379146

Unprovoked, sure. Not an angry Troon trying to take down another popular freak within the community they share as they both crave validation from strangers. Why are so many people making statements supporting this cunt when they are a calculated arrogant arse hole sensationalising the negative attention he brought on himself through cow behaviour.

No. 1379148

Grammar suddenly nearly perfect.

No. 1379149

its funny how they cant see that ambrose is having a meltdown bc his manipulation attempt to get back at lucinda w lolcow backfired yeah lucindas a cow but apologies if i don’t think she’s capable of much premeditation

No. 1379150

File: 1638299048388.jpg (162.37 KB, 956x1200, E0oT2j6X0AYoyJg.jpg)

Somehow having a hard time believing this is a guy (taken from his twitter w/the wayback machine)

No. 1379151

>blaming Lucinda for farmers catching wind of his own spergout is incredibly manipulative
seriously, fuck this 5'2 ftm

No. 1379154

There’s no way that’s a man

No. 1379155

>the tranlet platform boots

No. 1379156

File: 1638299236089.jpg (170.51 KB, 720x1043, 20211130_155241.jpg)

someone did another thread exposing her

No. 1379159

>all his fag followers will follow him here
Doesn't this happen most of the time when a new cow gets posted on lolcow?
I do agree with >>1378910 , I think all these spergs who are suddenly attacking lucinda while being just as cringey should get an own thread so that this thread doesn't get clogged up as much. Really enjoy the meltdown all those twitterfags are having tho and I had no idea that edtwt/shtwt was so cancerous.

No. 1379160

Wtf are these retards doing? I genuinely don't understand why they're so keen on wking ambrose and shit on lucinda. Sure she is no angel, but compared to the edgy troon, she didn't do anything wrong.

No. 1379161

So Lucinda harassed the tranny once while the FTM harasses everyone everyday, grooms and lies to their followers? Got cha

No. 1379162

It's not even harassment she was trying to defend her friends in her weird horrorcow schizo way

No. 1379166

saw it. weak. idk why people simp for this troon so hard.

No. 1379167

Because they wanna suck his cis diiiiiiiiiick but they don't know he's a trooooooooon

No. 1379169

No. 1379172

because his followers are all children who have crushes on him for (possibly) being the only male in their circle or edgelord fakebois who aspire to be like him. he's like the corpse husband of ed twitter

No. 1379174

that's a woman lmao

No. 1379177

soooooo he actually is in danger, and is freaking the fuck out. lol. lucinda if you're out there lurking i hope you know the asshole that's got his minions after you is suffering unimaginably.

No. 1379180

I can't believe I'm defending this retard who thinks she's a unicorn, but… at least she seems nice. She's an attention seeking bpd schizo nightmare but all she did was say Ambrose was a big meanie. Who gives a shit? If you're really a god, just laugh it off and ignore her. These people are desperate to make the genuinely retarded girl into the bad guy. Insanity.

Anyway, I'm positive Ambrose is nearly shitting herself with excitement about the possibility of getting a thread here. She's a narc, she'll love the negative attention until it gets to be too much and then she can get to play victim–it's a win-win. I just want the newfags defending their beloved trans king to go the fuck elsewhere.

No. 1379182

She won't love being outed as an ftm. She built her entire facade on being a dark alt mysterious cis gymbro godlet. Being exposed as nothing more than a tiny troon like the rest of edtwt won't make her special anymore.

No. 1379184

>ambrose tweeted something fatphobic over one of lucinda's friends
>lucinda saw it and said that he was a loser, bully and manipulative
>they started fighting
>idoldecay defends ambrose
>mooglekins defends lucinda
>suddenly everyone is joining a side or another
>ambrose tweeted about lucinda having a thread here
>lucinda quoted that tweet with screenshots of us talking about ambrose
>ambrose went mad
>idoldecay stopped following lucinda
>lucinda was raging and tweeting about this
>nobody understands what she's trying to say
>ambrose gets hate, lucinda gets hate
>lucinda tweeted about being neurodivergent
>ambrose tweeted about being abused and having to deal with transphobic and ableist comments
>the circus continues

No. 1379188

Thank you, this thread became a mess and I don’t understand Lucinda speak

No. 1379197

I have always genuinely liked Lucinda, and now having this narc loser and his friends trying to come for her has me feeling all kinds of protective. His Corpse Husband-wannabe ass needs to get exposed ASAP.

No. 1379201

holy shit thats your average self hating woman obsessed with yaoi

No. 1379205

But he's a big buff manly man who is gonna make a fat edtwt girl feel dainty and fragile in his arms like a Lana del rey song…

No. 1379206

I just wanna say that I love this kind of cow-on-cow action. Even more so when farmers get all defensive of "our" pet cows being attacked by random cows in the pasture. It just happened in Shayna's thread too re: Sully Hill.

No. 1379207

File: 1638302501474.jpg (745.35 KB, 1458x2592, 20211130_165707.jpg)

No. 1379208

File: 1638302529399.jpg (706.32 KB, 1458x2592, 20211130_165709.jpg)

No. 1379210

lookin like a cute elf lucinda gets my compliments for dealing with today's shitstorm

No. 1379213

kekekekek holy shit that is a fucking woman. To be honest I'm more interested in ambrose than lucinda

No. 1379216

Kek thats no man

No. 1379219

File: 1638303214729.jpg (26.78 KB, 318x366, 20211130_171051.jpg)

No. 1379220

Ambrose thread when please I need her ass exposed

No. 1379221

Still no full frontal huh. That jawline looking mighty soft.

No. 1379222

ambrose stans are a different breed of weird. These girls are so hellbent on protecting this corpse husband fakeboi

No. 1379223

and this is why everyone attacked lucinda. because they're simping after daddy. who is ironically not even a man. those lips looking too soft and cushioned ambrose?

No. 1379224

File: 1638303420633.png (230.05 KB, 615x733, mysides.png)

forget the jawline nona…

No. 1379225

This is fully an ftm. No one will defend him when they realize there is no cock to suck I hope someone is making a thread

No. 1379228

5'2 size 4 wearing woman. no man is just that small. she's on edtwt, a mlm, dresses alt with demonia platform boots, censors her chest, has a stupid fucking name like ambrose, uses neopronouns, like?

troon. ftm. we got you, girl.

No. 1379229

File: 1638303659433.jpg (51.02 KB, 680x639, bffad37e-60e6-47ef-aa48-713650…)

>and i'm a woman

No. 1379230

File: 1638303665142.jpg (690.62 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20211130-152001_Twi…)

Unfortunately just a injoke copypasta

No. 1379231

how can you not tell that this is satire jfc

No. 1379232

sadly that's a copypasta from a teenage girl him and his followers were harassing at the time

No. 1379233

ambrose is a disgusting and perverted autistic tranny

No. 1379234

Ambrose was born intersex

No. 1379235

she unironically tweets shit like that my b tho deleted it.

No. 1379237

Lucinda should just pull out her PoC trap card and end this once and for all so she can resume sharing her creative writing about the totally quirky ways she's purged.

No. 1379238

File: 1638304038673.jpg (110.08 KB, 1079x432, Screenshot_20211130-152451_Twi…)

Also, on Twitter shes said she's 5'8, unfortunately you all kind of took the one person saying 5'2 and ran with it. Not saying she can't be lying but I don't think it should be used for proof of anything. The "neopronouns" and overall behavior is more telling of a ftm then that

No. 1379240

wouldn't work unfortunately since ambrose claims to be native

No. 1379241

5"8 for a men? That's a manlet.

No. 1379242

Can someone say if they're working on Ambrose' thread or shall I try to work on one.

No. 1379243

oh he's 200% ftm lmao. White, claiming to be "~*native*~" the neopronouns, hannibal. Hilarious.

No. 1379244

She's never gonna be honest about any of it either way, it's a fake persona afterall. I think the body pics are a dead giveaway, same with censoring the nipples. Which actual male does that shit?

No. 1379245

Average american male height is 5'9 you tard

No. 1379246

Just put the troon in the FTM/fakeboi/transtrender thread.

No. 1379247

>claims to be native
oh fuck off >>1379219 detecting no native facial features

No. 1379250

His grandfather was a cherokee princess

No. 1379253

i chuckled lmfao

No. 1379255

He needs his own thread for being such an icon in the community

No. 1379257

I don't think anyone is atm. You should make one while enthusiasm is high and the milk is fresh. This is all clogging up our precious unicorn thread.

No. 1379258

It's cracking me up to see Lucinda figuring out in real time that her thread here can be used to her advantage. She may be a cow, but she's no coward. She found this thread months ago, said "fuck it" and continued letting her freak flag fly. Whereas this Ambrose dude(chick?) couldn't handle the scrutiny, freaked out and privated immediately. Now that she knows anyone who tries to fight her will end up on lolcow too, I can totally see her calling out more edtwt people she dislikes in hopes farmers expose them kek

No. 1379261

so the unicorn thread will no longer be the ambrose thread

No. 1379262

File: 1638305390800.jpg (118.9 KB, 1125x1011, 20211130_174536.jpg)

No. 1379268

So this picture rules out that she was censoring her chest for privacy reasons, right? Since her tattoo and part of her face are clearly visible here. There's literally no other explanation.

No. 1379271

File: 1638306031423.jpeg (126.1 KB, 750x873, 8B5BAC12-88D7-4FDD-94EA-E944FC…)

No. 1379273

Christ, she's referring to mooglekins right? I really hope she never tried to get lucinda in on this.

No. 1379282

>vampire kin
>thought it was a joke bc unicorns
you cant make this shit up

No. 1379284

I can't believe anyone really thought making a unicorn worship cult was a good idea.

No. 1379287

Unicult isn't a real cult, it's a weirdo nonbinary influencer calling her twitchstreams cult meetings for edgy points. Her partner was in absolutely no danger. But I'm glad she has found another way to play victim and continue on the meaningless drama!

No. 1379288

Omg that website is some of the most autistic shit I've seen in my life

No. 1379294

Nah this is definitely some weird shit and she's definitely spoonfeeding it to Lucinda. Probably why Lucinda says she doesn't believe in schizophrenia

No. 1379295

This is autistic as shit, but harmless.

No. 1379298

File: 1638306644312.jpeg (78.19 KB, 750x574, E0387F0D-99CD-4F8C-A77D-137BE3…)

don’t you hate it when ur friend slips in cult stuff when ur talking about vampire magick

No. 1379299

everyone in unicult thinks they're some kind of nonhuman, like natalie, so whats the issue here

No. 1379302

File: 1638306715067.jpg (109.07 KB, 749x1114, 20211130_160957.jpg)

I don't think so anon, or atleast it seems harmful the way lucretia talked in the dms she shared.

No. 1379308

File: 1638306830141.jpg (93.52 KB, 1097x436, unicult.jpg)

telepathy training lesson

No. 1379309

wait so. shes schizo. like they.. all are.

No. 1379311

what the fuck

No. 1379312

So this is a "cult" meant to siphon money out of schizos

No. 1379313

Is this supposed to be shocking coming from Natalie who thinks shes a literal irl vampire. Like is she seriously trying to mock someone elses delusionl bullshit when she claims she doesn't need to eat food because she is a vampire

No. 1379315

Delusional self beliefs is not the same as an actual cult

No. 1379322

Literally this. They are trying SO hard to make it more than it is and distance themselves from the fact that all of them are just as delusional.

No. 1379324

File: 1638307265301.jpg (94.43 KB, 525x567, J5TY6J5REJ6E.jpg)

No. 1379327

Autistic people on the internet have been neopagans and pop culture pagans for years. This is weird and retarded, but there's no signs that unicult has the level of control/power over its followers that make something a cult vs. a fringe religion. The vampire kinnie already believes she can do magickal vampire rituals, there's no reason she should be offended at the idea of tulpas except it's convenient for her to be now for the sake of the drama. Unicult still isn't a real harmful cult like Jonestown or even mormonism.

No. 1379328

File: 1638307350971.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1397, 576314E5-C2D7-4AFE-B7F6-77854E…)

this is ambrose lol

No. 1379332

File: 1638307403758.jpg (92.61 KB, 534x549, B5F6H5R6H5S.jpg)

No. 1379334

No she 100% knows it's harmless and is just doing this for drama and it's fucking gross.

No. 1379336

post it in the ambrose thread

No. 1379340

I believe he's cis and the reason he's so mean and narc is because he's a fugly manlet.

No. 1379341

oh god zoomer genderspecial kinnie brainrot is merging with boomer schizo new age brainrot; the internet was TRULY a mistake

No. 1379342

Yeah it resembles a lot of fugly greasy manlets I’ve encountered, might not be far off. Or maybe they’re just a hormone ravaged Troon

No. 1379350

File: 1638307962234.jpeg (150.29 KB, 750x915, 0B65181F-EA94-44A0-9359-237761…)

MoogleMagick says what they were talking w idoldecay about were delusions apparently

No. 1379363

You can kind of read the screenshot and tell that this person is fucking psycho dude

No. 1379365

Natalie no one cares about your beef with this person

No. 1379366

File: 1638308414678.jpg (27.44 KB, 189x495, H2G6JHS5R6J.jpg)

No. 1379367

Absolutely. It’s just a group of people with delusions that are calling each other crazy for their delusions

No. 1379368

Then stop talking about it

No. 1379370

File: 1638308551798.jpg (104.16 KB, 442x528, NFGJ54RS5JJ.jpg)

if you aren't schizophrenic you can't understand this

No. 1379377

Are you admitting you are natalie? Isn't it against sjw twitter beliefs to post here?

No. 1379379

I'm not Natalie, and the post originally replied to was on Lucretia's side? I'm just saying if nobody cares, no point in keeping the conversation going

No. 1379385

Lucrecia annoys me. I don't know why but she seems like a psychopath.

No. 1379419

File: 1638309610681.jpg (195.18 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20211130_155654.jpg)

holy shit she really is a troon

No. 1379425

Natalie is obviously posting here lmao she's posting the exact same screenshots on her twitter. Girl get a life.

No. 1379426

File: 1638309745950.jpg (201.61 KB, 1080x1282, 1638308853280.jpg)

No. 1379432

in the end this turned out to be a shit show of retards and ftms. gag.

No. 1379435

I actually feel really bad for Lucinda, people are jumping on her because of Ambrose. She may be a cow but she's my pet cow and doesnt deserve hatred

No. 1379438

The cows don’t do the milking now do they Ambrose & friends. Lucinda has been victimised by this site for months now and never pointed fingers within her community. Ambrose is so petty and childish, sometimes there’s nobody to blame but yourself kek

No. 1379450

So wait this bitch actually thinks she died from drugs and is now a real vampire? She has no room to call people crazy

No. 1379486

File: 1638311227976.png (51.98 KB, 593x595, afharyjka.png)

just realized i posted this in the wrong thread, but this was funny

No. 1379488

Lucinda has nothing to do there.

No. 1379515

File: 1638312170677.jpg (28.4 KB, 587x123, 5J6HDTK5H6GK.jpg)

No. 1379529

At least being a unicorn gives her a backbone & a voice to stand up for herself & friends when faced with this edtwt onslaught. She really is showing major strength here speaking the truth.

No. 1379532

File: 1638312565382.jpg (28.85 KB, 598x122, 5J6TYD4J5TY6.jpg)

No. 1379538

lol it truly wasn't Lucindas fault, Ambrose brought up lolcow to mock her then ended up being the one mocked and is pissy now

No. 1379543

File: 1638312909744.jpg (33.69 KB, 587x163, GF6SDB5SFD6.jpg)

No. 1379544

File: 1638312948441.jpg (26.39 KB, 592x157, 4YTT54JTY.jpg)

No. 1379546

Right? Nobody would care if this tard stayed in her lane, ambrose brought it on herself

No. 1379549

File: 1638313088672.jpg (28.62 KB, 593x198, J45HD6JK45.jpg)

Ambrose is still blaming Lucinda.

No. 1379561

Go lucinda go lucinda

No. 1379567

I've never felt more bad for a cow than in this moment tbh. Lucinda just doesn't know how to explain herself.

No. 1379569

Lucinda is our blessed unicow, none of ambroses baseless accusations can touch her- is ppl have proof simply quote tweet her. enabling some stunted entitled narc in its unrelenting attack when they are making baseless accusations and being a fat cock worshipping heifer on a power trip isn’t entertaining. Fuck you Ambrose. Never felt so compelled to a log

No. 1379570

damn, shes getting ratioed hard

No. 1379585

File: 1638314250763.jpg (212.56 KB, 1080x1915, 20211130_201447.jpg)

No. 1379591

When did she doxx and out him what the fuck are they on about

No. 1379606

“she’s literally insane”

Lucinda thinks she’s a unicorn of course she is but why do they feel the need to dog pile on someone that’s clearly mentally not there like what’s the end goal here KEK

No. 1379611

File: 1638314604118.jpeg (342.78 KB, 1170x898, 9F6A97CB-8882-49E0-9937-537A52…)

Some responses

No. 1379614

File: 1638314659974.jpeg (393.15 KB, 1070x1270, D753A03D-B221-4CEE-BD6C-9CD28B…)

No. 1379616

File: 1638314684217.jpeg (325.12 KB, 1170x847, 6B77CB1E-94CF-4E72-97AF-9C41F1…)

No. 1379620

1 second ago..

No. 1379628


No. 1379632

think of it as newfags first steps

No. 1379635

File: 1638315176028.jpg (182.38 KB, 720x952, 20211130_203110.jpg)

No. 1379641

Kek nice catch. All the inbred twitter tards are lurking here now

No. 1379642

I always had a soft spot for Lucinda, she's actually interesting and funny and genuinely insane unlike most of the cows on this website. This whole situation makes me like her even more. I wish I could sit down and drink a cold glass of Diet Pepsi with my unicorn friend.

No. 1379643

These people have to be minors right? No sane adult with a functioning brain could think this way..?

No. 1379664

File: 1638315951576.jpg (56.55 KB, 720x375, 20211130_204216.jpg)

wholesome. i would watch chicken run with her. if i could.

No. 1379668

These histronics are making both us and Lucinda sound way more metal than we really are. Hell yeah nonnies, I guess we're extremely dangerous now.
I'm one of the people who think Lucinda's a munchie and these tards are so insufferable that even I'm coming around to her because of this. The rest of edtwt makes her seem pleasant and reserved in comparison.

No. 1379677

File: 1638316735479.png (162.16 KB, 1184x672, Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 5.56…)

Kek, Lucinda says she hates being a thread on here but she clearly loves the attention and the vengeance farmers bring down on her enemies. Based unicow.

No. 1379682

oh no, can we get jannies to autosage the thread? Its going to be a shitshow for the next few hours

No. 1379688

Kek. Look at the projection. Ambrose's minions are all minors bullying a uwu mentally ill lucinda. If ambrose stayed quiet no one would care about her pathetic existence but she had to be such a cow. She definitely loves the attention more than lucinda.

No. 1379689

Lucinda just did a tweet with a link to this thread.

No. 1379696

File: 1638317631513.png (13.86 KB, 598x112, shyjtywskjwsikws.png)

scroll up

seems like this drama is reaching all over edtwt, my personal cow just went against lucinda pretending shes any better of a person.

we can make a thread about you if you want lia! Youre a trainwreck who fucks random men and will probably be a single mother sooner than later.

No. 1379698

Twitter links to lolcow automatically just give a 404 error when you click them afaik, they set that up a few years ago

No. 1379705

Ohh, NOW she's schizophrenic? Lmao how convenient

No. 1379715

File: 1638318444540.jpg (64.94 KB, 720x397, 20211130_212310.jpg)

No. 1379718

File: 1638318472904.jpg (82.4 KB, 720x538, 20211130_212332.jpg)

No. 1379719

File: 1638318497913.jpg (69.04 KB, 720x428, 20211130_212351.jpg)

No. 1379723

File: 1638318876974.jpg (149.91 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_20211201-003123_Twi…)

No. 1379729

its going to suck if we lose lucinda just because some malnourished teenagers cant read

No. 1379735

Ambrose is such a whore.

No. 1379737

They definitely wanted a reason to just cancel Lucinda. She's arguably very special and unique on edtwt, has gone from a massive fatty to an anachan, has money, is a neet, has an edgy diagnosis, and is generally fawned over by all of edtwt. there's a lot of jealousy and resentment. they were waiting for an opportunity to jump on her. no matter what lucinda says, they just keep repeating she outed ambrose when clearly we did. that's simply the narrative they wanna push because they want her fucking gone.

No. 1379748

am i missing something or do these people not have any reading comprehension bc i could swear lucinda didn’t dox this dumb bitch and it was entirely provoked

No. 1379750

yeah if you read any of the comments it's all "speak normally for once", "can we talk about how ugly she was", "I know she's schizo but.." etc., like holy shit lmao these bitches are so two faced. I have no doubt some of them were already hate-posting here before. They're going against every autistic rule they set for themselves.

No. 1379753

thats hwo twitter works, misread the entire situation and run the victim off the website. THey dont actually care if Ambrosa was "doxxed" or if luci is ableist. Theyre just jealous and hungry.

No. 1379754

I hope Lucinda doesn't deactivate and tells the wannabe woke mob to fuck off.

No. 1379761

I can't believe I'd see the day Lucinda would be canceled lmao

No. 1379764

Yeah we are master hackers and we will hire assassins from the deep web to gay bash the trannies and then take turns branding swasticas onto each other’s foreheads can’t wait anons

No. 1379765

We're a part of the DANGEROUS, TRANSPHOBIC and FATPHOBIC mean and abusive site.

No. 1379776

nice email

No. 1379780

Could open a letter with that edge oof

No. 1379785

>doesn't deny posting on lolcow in general

No. 1379786

Now Ambrose is blaming Lucinda for basically his entire thread and him getting doxxed. What a fucking narc. He's obviously doing this on purpose at this point to torture her.

No. 1379789

go to bed you have school tomorrow, and you have to be 18 to post here

No. 1379790

not ambrose im an indigenous trans person who sees your comments in indigenous people and poc, you are a bunch of white supermacists and neonazis and deserve the absolute worst that humanity can cook up.(newfag)

No. 1379791

Honestly Lucinda should go private for a bit, stay on the DL and wait for Ambroses following to thin out when they wise up to his whiney bs- how long do you anons think that will take? I give it two weeks

No. 1379794

no one cares

No. 1379796

yes we are nazis

No. 1379798

Trannies, faggots and minors are coming to the thread, i feel it.

No. 1379799

No. 1379803

faggots have always been here though nonnie

No. 1379807

File: 1638321576187.png (582.66 KB, 638x822, kek.png)

>average ambrose supporter

No. 1379813

i feel kind of bad for lucinda tbh. all of the people saying "you played a big role in him getting doxxed" automatically translates to "you're a cow and people make fun of you, you're embarrassing and you should watch who you interact with because they will make fun of them too". like there's no other way to interpret it. unless they mean "how else did ambrose pop up on there" in which case, well, terminally online farmers are always under whatever lucinda's tweeting. it's not that hard to understand… unless they're just looking for whatever reason to cancel her. it's not lucinda's responsibility to take care of other people?

No. 1379821

Hilarious that the edtwt narrative is "evil transphobes on dangerous alt-right website bully our pure community of uwu lgbtq minorities." Nice try, it's obvious at least half the farmers posting itt (and likely the person who doxxed Ambrose) are edtwt community members themselves attacking each other anonymously.


That's cute, lunaan514@gmail.com

No. 1379826

it reminds me of middle school bullying, the popular girl singles out the weird girl and the rest of the clique piles on with the bullying. I know we trash on lucinda because she has issues but this is just disturbing.

All you edtwt retards know that lucinda didn't do anything to warrant this type of reaction and ambrose is a dirty bitch with a big ego

No. 1379842

It’s all retarded because Lucinda is at least keeping up with her LARP as a mentally ill cow. You can at least pretend to feel bad about her because she has stuff backing up her misunderstanding of what the fuck she’s doing.
Meanwhile you get this literal who from anachan central who LARPs as a guy for, idk, I guess easy validation updoots, with the most basic bitch of mento illness asshole certificate, trying to play the victim when she herself knows that she’s just being a bitch because Lucinda is probably gaining more followers or some shit.
In conclusion, both sides are idiotic, but the tranny chick is vile for messing up with a girl who may or may not be actually mentally ill.

No. 1379843

kek their twitter is connected to that email. 1000IQ edgelords are what was missing in this twitter trashfire thread

No. 1379844

no one cares about your personal cow, this is probably a self post anyway

No. 1379867

I see the pathetic attempts at raiding lolcow have begun. Edtwt tards don't yet realize this site gets attacks and gore porn spam from angry troons on a daily basis. Farmers don't give a fuck about brain damaged teens whining and telling fart jokes.

No. 1379876


No. 1379877

"farmers don't care ab those things" you guys act like u don't sit at ur computers talking shit on a cow website all day, the rep of discord mods(twitterfag)

No. 1379881

"oink oink oink"

No. 1379883

File: 1638322808797.jpeg (563.23 KB, 3464x3092, 1638322647126.jpeg)

No. 1379890

Chad unicorn is everything ambrose ever wanted to be

No. 1379891


Next thread pic

No. 1379894

File: 1638322998918.jpeg (192.01 KB, 750x645, F868AE70-6950-43C2-A5A0-F59418…)

No. 1379896

File: 1638323119017.png (32.24 KB, 586x272, youpieceofshit.png)

No. 1379897

Why do u care. We don’t care about you, we are simply drawing comparisons to highlight your friends hypocritical behaviour. God forbid we point out the obvious

No. 1379899

how can someone be such a asshole

No. 1379900

How many times is Ambrose going to use shit like ‘saneism’ to demonise other people’s behaviour and then dole it out and encourage her underage groomees to do the same. Same with being fat phobic but having overweight friends kek hypocrite

No. 1379902

Your friend who also has a functioning brain (because in order to gain and maintain muscle this is kind of a requirement) is cyber bullying a schizophrenic self harmer who doxxed her own medical records and revealed that she is indeed mentally delayed. Why are you defending this

No. 1379905

What a weird way to cope.

No. 1379908

There was a reply that linked ambrose openly admitting to being a fatphobe and she deleted her posts poor thing(sage your shit)

No. 1379909

Fatty-chan needs to understand that tranny asshole won’t fuck her.

No. 1379911

Ambroses friend deleted her posts? Kek

No. 1379912

Lucinda needs to private her account Now. Ambrosa has already moved in to the gaslighting phase of twitter cancelling and wants justification for how she sent her followers to harass lucinda.

No. 1379915

File: 1638323877601.jpg (256.08 KB, 1017x963, 1633103878410.jpg)

>functioning brains(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1379916

What about this >>1378553(sage)

No. 1379918

File: 1638324212846.jpg (60.42 KB, 706x276, 1638221777655.jpg)

>he's not fatphobic
the amount of copium HOLY SHIT

No. 1379920

No. 1379925

now this is funny, lets see the troon's fanbase defend this

No. 1379936

File: 1638324913694.jpg (2.08 MB, 3464x3092, PicsArt_11-30-11.09.11.jpg)

the updated version is better (took this from the ambrose thread)

No. 1379943

How does it feel knowing you faggots completely trashed your queens reputation, lost her followers and got ambrose a ton of new followers along with a newfound confidence? Honestly you guys aren't that bad, this is really funny to be quite frank. Have fun on your miserable 4chan rip off hellsite you miserable pigs(malding twitterfag)

No. 1379947

be careful twitter-chan, your mutuals might learn you just said the "f" slur!!!

No. 1379948

Our queen, Pixyteri? There’s no way to trash the queen stupid twitterfag. Go back to purging and yelling at your mom.

No. 1379952

How does it feel knowing you're so weak minded that you're being manipulated by a tranny KEKW(ban evasion)

No. 1379967

File: 1638325839255.png (18.52 KB, 642x130, autistic vampire.png)

No. 1379970

File: 1638325963302.jpg (72.96 KB, 720x410, 20211130_232535.jpg)

No. 1379974

File: 1638325996758.jpg (131.88 KB, 720x787, 20211130_232520.jpg)

No. 1379980

File: 1638326147196.jpg (63.8 KB, 720x399, 20211130_232505.jpg)

Stop replying and block her, Lucinda.

No. 1379985

i can't read this seriously because of how dumb that retard talks. I feel like a disappointment in myself if I try to even think of deciphering it.

No. 1379993

File: 1638326659693.png (374.95 KB, 586x639, Screenshot_6.png)

Off topic, but maybe Lucinda was referring to moogle as her boyfriend? Seems like she changed her name from Luca to Luke so it would add up

No. 1379998

She really is pretty similar to Lucinda.

No. 1380003

I hope Lucinda doesn’t Kermit because of that stupid tranny bitch.(no one cares)

No. 1380004

she wouldnt

No. 1380006

I just reported something by accident on here lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1380012

>implying that there are white supremacists and neonazis here

No. 1380013

go back to twitter nrcnsnkl@outlook.com

No. 1380111

nonny these are all average weight or few lbs underweight girls who want to feel special

No. 1380163

malnourished my ass. if they stalk lucinda it's because they're fatties looking for motivation. they despise her as much as they worship her.

No. 1380183

sage for OT but yeah KEK majority of edtwt is completely healthy girls who have never lost more than 10 lbs in their life despite being “anorexic for years” can see why luci makes then seethe so much

No. 1380227

It's so funny to see edtwt shaking in their boots because of us. Like we wouldn't be able to see their shenanigans without a thread. How do they think we found Luci? Or Ovi from the proana scumbags? There's farmers everywhere.

No. 1380263

Gtfo off our site fucking pussy sewn shut oscar meyers pissing out of tube Frankenstein freak

No. 1380264

How is Luci, also a tranny, who also has a thread here, not in any danger if Ambrose is? Kek at their dumb logic.

No. 1380276

After the recent events I've found myself liking Lucinda a lot more. Go unicorn queen go!

No. 1380348

There are plenty points like this to be made but unfortunately they don’t understand logic because they’re soft in the skull- I wish I could say it was from malnourishment but they’re all bloated and broad

No. 1380364

literally woke up from the middle of my sleep laughing abt how fucking embarassing it is that Rose attests she didn’t manipulate her semantics/posts to try to make Luci look like the predator in the situation when she literally admitted several times that she purpsosefully didn’t come out/pretended to be cis (hence, manipulating her followers grossly lmfao) for “comfort reasons” - and then saying “if i was trans i’d be in such a dangerous situation rn” and tried to double down on being edtwts resident phallus for the very last time before she was finally forced to come out. she’s not a victim in the slightest lmfao. she asked for an image boards attention and got it.

No. 1380369

This. So it’s okay for Ambrose to mislead a group of school girls with mental illness for his own selfish ‘comfort’, how sick in the head. But no, Lucinda, who is transparent w her followers abt her neuroses, is an evil predator

No. 1380370

When a retarded schizo unicorn has more self awareness and humility than you kek Ambrose is an overgrown child with unaddressed internalised misogyny

No. 1380390

Anon posted this then dipped, with no explanation about how they found this. Tinfoil moment, ambrose posted this to 'out herself' and make lucinda the bad guy

No. 1380394

I wonder who found the photo of Ambrose that got him doxed.

No. 1380395

This will be highlighted in the infographic if it comes to me making one. Begging some autistic anon to do it before me though for clarity’s sake kek I’ll do my best otherwise

No. 1380397

That was always a possibility

No. 1380418

Compiling images to make the sexiest masterpost, or just focus on some key issues to avoid convolution!! Depends on the level of work. So much of this is hypocritical and damning fuck edtwt

No. 1380473

doing god’s work anon. maybe it’s because I’m not a Twitterfag, but i thought farmers were reaching when they were blaming edtwt for the hate Luci would get on CC. After recent events, now it all makes sense.

No. 1380484

Catching up with the lucinda threads and- Dunno of it's been brought up on these threads, but you guys know that idoldecay used to selfpost on lolcow, right? She even had a thread for a while.

No. 1380486

Is that the vampire with the unfortunate tranny proportions? Unsurprised

No. 1380489

Yeah that's her, she used to be a chubby gyaru and 4chan tripfag, you might find her old threads on /w/ I think she used to go poyo or something gay like that. But yes she would self post/shit up her thread in an attempt to get it removed.

No. 1380490

File: 1638367191747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 591.48 KB, 1256x2048, 20211012_211629.jpg)

Yeah, she used to be quite hammy. Pic related is from her twitter and the following is the same outfit in her own thread:

She still browses the anachan threads and if anyone is tipping people or backstabbing them it's her.

No. 1380491

>still browses the anachan threads and if anyone tips or backstabs them, its her
kek do you mean the proana scumbag threads? Fi and co don't seem like her circle at all

No. 1380492

she never stopped, she still shitposts on /vg/ and /trash/ with her younger sister

No. 1380498

Yeah, those threads, she vaguetweeted how somebody posted her picture there and then she found the exact outfit that was once posted on lolcow and recreated the look to show how she's changed.

No. 1380499

So anytime somebody cowtips or is a cunt in that thread its her? Its a nice tinfoil nona but she's milky enough on her own

No. 1380501

Read my post again, you quoted it wrongly in your previous post.
>She still browses the anachan threads
>and if anyone is tipping people (people in general) or backstabbing them it's her
She is known to get into little cliques and groups just to stir shit. I never said she is making drama in the pro-ana threads, but she browses them because she was aware of somebody posting her pics there. She also always followed cows, she has multiple twitter accounts and likes cowtipping. I thought that's a thing worth knowing if somebody who browses lolcow is interacting with lucinda.

No. 1380503

How old is she? I was under the impression that edtwt was entirely made up of high schoolers, but this looks like an older lady. Especially the outfit.

No. 1380508

No. 1380511

File: 1638368941198.jpg (58.23 KB, 632x413, 20211201_112718.jpg)

No. 1380513

File: 1638368963395.jpg (60.93 KB, 720x358, 20211201_112701.jpg)

No. 1380514

File: 1638368992316.jpg (59.09 KB, 655x374, 20211201_112644.jpg)

No. 1380522

File: 1638369852296.jpg (80.94 KB, 720x683, 20211201_113842.jpg)

No. 1380526

File: 1638370017425.jpg (425.41 KB, 1439x1928, 20211201_113746.jpg)

No. 1380531

File: 1638370234508.jpg (158.05 KB, 1439x641, 20211201_113748.jpg)

from the same thread, all this is about mooglekins who appears to be milkier than we think

No. 1380532

File: 1638370255328.jpg (5.17 KB, 145x204, 20211201_114006.jpg)

No. 1380533

File: 1638370276326.jpg (165.68 KB, 720x930, 20211201_113911.jpg)

No. 1380539

The latter is our exact sentiment. He is making out that the trans thing is our big gripe here when in reality we don’t target trans people who are not horrible people. We found his vulgar behaviour interesting and chose to record it so that people are aware of his true nature and can make an Informed decision on engaging with their content. It just so happened that Ambrose was lying to their followers and it wasn’t difficult for us to uncover this- especially with the help of Ambrose as many suspect that they were the original source of the first face reveal. Ambrose cracked under the pressure of a discussion between anonymous women on a niche gossip site and did the rest for us and now they are throwing out accusations in order to feign victimhood as is the nature of their cunty personality.

No. 1380540

Things from 2016 hardly constitute as milk

No. 1380544

File: 1638371156525.jpg (190.99 KB, 720x1132, 20211201_120223.jpg)

i want to punch someone

No. 1380545

File: 1638371183824.jpg (63.74 KB, 720x462, 20211201_120241.jpg)

No. 1380548

when did anyone post her address? bitch is talking out of her ugly tranny ass just to get sympathy.

No. 1380549

It's so weird how this entire twitter thing with Lucinda, Lucretia everyone is just
People with fake self dx illnesses attacking actual psychos. It's like they've never actually interacted with mental people so they're freaking out, when they pretend to have 500 illnesses themselves. wild.

No. 1380550

Stop dragging this shit on? You’ve been sensationalising the whole thing and making dramas and manipulating and spreading shit way more than anyone else involved. The only person receiving death threats was Lucinda and given what we know about her mental state that’s pretty evil. Even farmers don’t send an army of hate messages direct to the cow & you have shown no receipts supporting any of your claims regarding our supposed threats.

No. 1380553

File: 1638371477333.jpg (142.83 KB, 720x1001, 20211201_120824.jpg)

No. 1380554

What doxx kek
There is no name or address in this thread?

No. 1380555

File: 1638371540899.jpg (108.67 KB, 720x786, 20211201_120753.jpg)

No. 1380559

How did Ambrose get a screenshot of this a minute after the doxx I wonder.

No. 1380561

>they're posting muh address
Reminder to any lurkers:
Someone posted a dox in Ambrose's thread and it was quickly deleted, then a minute later Ms. Gymbro was crying victim on twitter and pretending she'd called the cops.
… and that was probably posted by herself. If not, it's obviously someone close to her. She'd rather blame a dysfunctional schizo instead of realizing she's surrounded by rabid zoomers who can turn on her at the drop of a hat.

No. 1380562

Would be real milky right about now if Ambroses contributions to our thread were flagged

No. 1380563

woww amborse is even more pathetic and embarrassing that i initially thought kekkk this is the best milk served in ages

No. 1380569

All the anachans look 40+ to me, I’m always shocked at their real ages. The delusion to believe they look hot while destroying their bodies and youth.

While Lucinda’s writing style is retarded, none of the actual thoughts she expresses are. She’s done nothing but tell the truth this whole time. She even handled having a thread on lolcow with maturity and refused to let it get her down, while Amber Rose has done nothing but melt down, selfpost, lie and demand sympathy from her simps like a true narc. Who’s supposed to be the tard again?

No. 1380577

File: 1638372597739.jpg (51.54 KB, 593x410, BJD5HEWFWE.jpg)

No. 1380578

>told me about someone named “chris chan”
> “literal TERF ideologies” for having genital preferences
>im a gay man with trauma concerning women

Ok but this person sounds like a cow themselves. I’ve never seen so much cow-on-cow violence as in the edtwt “community.” All the attacks on Lucinda are for one simple reason: because she’s winning the sick girl contest and they’re jealous of the attention she gets. This is also why Ambrose keeps selfposting here and bumping her thread, being a horrorcow is a weird form of clout for them. It’s almost like mentally ill people don’t need to be forming communities to celebrate their illness.

No. 1380579

File: 1638372675817.jpg (12.22 KB, 593x118, OIUOIOYIR.jpg)

No. 1380580

Yes because you’re a narc and narcs do whatever they want no matter what to get the results they desire. Usually those desires are just to get attention in Ambrose’s case attention from mentally ill minors.

No. 1380581

Because narcs crave attention, positive and negative. It ain't rocket science, Amber.
Even an insane unicorn saw right through you.

No. 1380586

Yes. And the fact that it was your old address, and so less risk, made it all the more appealing to you as an attention and sympathy grab!

No. 1380590

Not to mention fakeboi name and not actual doxx, kek. So transparent.

No. 1380592

Call the police, Ambrose. Tell them that some anonymous users are joking about you in a forum. Dumb.

No. 1380593

there's literally a rule against doxxing too so if it really wasn't ambrose who posted it it was probably a vendetta newfag from edtwt

No. 1380594

lmaoooo oh no Amber is really mad now! not her threatening Lucinda with a big bad scawwy block! you know, the thing any kind of lofty, superior person would have done in the first place instead of carrying on for a second day of this shit. You would think a Twitter slapfest would be far beneath someone as high on a pedestal as Amber, yet she can’t seem to shut off her phone and stop producing grade A milk, true to her rotten little narc identity. it’s glorious. imagine being more pathetic than Lucinda.

No. 1380600

Being more retarded than Lucinda is very difficult, almost impossible, but Ambrose made it.

No. 1380644

wow ableist much????
Ambrose should form a coalition with Elaine; maybe their combined sperg powers can finally get the cyberpolice to arrest admines.

No. 1380656

he already did lol, check his thread

No. 1380665

File: 1638380217309.jpg (329.93 KB, 1012x2048, FFUKxpXXEAMeEyG.jpg)

She's 23, but she has the legitimate delusion that she died at 19 from a drug overdose and is now a real vampire.
She looks a lot different now, she seems to have dropped the gyaru look entirely and is now a goffik vampire.

No. 1380668

Detailed post with tweet chronology on the other thread!

No. 1380686

i honestly doubt it's legitimate lol she probably saw lucinda's popularity from being a crazy uwunicorn and decided to put her own spin on it
thanks nonita, you're doing god's work

No. 1380691

Nah, pretty sure she was doing it before then. She's a legitimate lunatic and was doing the "this character is legitimately me" thing for ages.
If anything it's just sad. She's been like this for years, and now she believes she only needs people's attention to feed, which, I will add on, she's getting for free from here.

No. 1380696

And Lucinda isn't sad? And most cows don't want the extra attention? I don't like this hypocrisy some anons have.

No. 1380697

I didn't say she wasn't? I'm on Lucinda's side here. I think both of them need severe help and it's sad watching their followers enable their delusions.

No. 1380698

Nobody cares about her And her deformed body

No. 1380702

File: 1638381922278.jpg (201.71 KB, 1080x826, IMG_20211201_190039.jpg)

Yeah, no one cares! And please stop posting her pictures, haha, she totally loves the attention and we must never post her embarassing tweets, no one is interested so by all means please don't post her photos anymore. sarcasm

No. 1380706

No, I actually agree we should stop giving her and her deformed body attention, she obviously self posts here for attention and to stir shit up.

No. 1380708

she's a vapid troll. attaches herself like a leech to whatever benefits her most. she's just boring

No. 1380709

I won't post anything about this chick again unless she talks about Lucinda, but I'll point out that somebody also sperged in the pro-ana scumbags thread how this girl shouldn't be posted, that's how I first learned about her. And knowing she's a lolcow user and sent whiteknights to shit up her thread, I don't buy her "uwu please give me attention" play.

No. 1380712

is lucinda buying followers?

No. 1380715

where did the other thread go

No. 1380720

what other thread?

No. 1380730

Your vagina will prolapse from your tranny drugs.

No. 1380740

The thread about Rosie. It was better imo but it disappeared before I could catch up

No. 1380743

I can still see the thread tho

No. 1380752

File: 1638385794397.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.23 MB, 1973x3509, cope.jpg)

bitch I'm black lmao. There are quite a few of us here. cope.

No. 1380753

File: 1638385898502.jpg (178.84 KB, 764x876, chad.jpg)

As much as I want Lucinda to take her meds this is a chad move from the unicorn queen and I hope she enjoys christmas

No. 1380755

Use some body lotion and lurk more

No. 1380757

why are you black

No. 1380760

I'm a long time farmer and my skin is lotioned. kys

you can't just ask people why they're black, nonny

No. 1380763

i know you kek

No. 1380764

Don’t listen to them, not every farmer is a degenerate racist. I like to think that we only target people because of their awful personalities not their race???

No. 1380766

This is someone responding to the tranny not the tranny can you read

No. 1380769

this should be a copypasta

No. 1380913

File: 1638392375492.jpg (100.24 KB, 593x493, B4G5DG6JG.jpg)

i feel quite bad for her honestly

No. 1380918

File: 1638392648640.jpg (67.99 KB, 592x452, YH4J54GH6.jpg)

No. 1380920

File: 1638392793774.jpg (31.92 KB, 594x181, 4JY5DU4R6US.jpg)

No. 1380922

File: 1638392865501.jpg (17.98 KB, 587x134, T5RD6T5ZRD.jpg)

No. 1380923

I call bullshit on 4 months. There would be nothing left of her. Besides, cant her parents get her tubed?

No. 1380924

She's good with angles. The posture on the left is wildly different to the right so no wonder her bones are poppin. And suddenly it's 4 months of not eating? I still don't buy it.

No. 1380925

File: 1638393022973.jpg (30.59 KB, 592x161, HG526DTH2G6.jpg)

No. 1380926

File: 1638393095302.jpg (30.73 KB, 598x184, YUI8765465HU.jpg)

No. 1380927

what about the diet coke full of mass gainer? that's still calories

No. 1380930

I guess drinking weight gain supplements without knowing it technically doesn't count as eating. She's drunk calories (unbeknownst to her) the whole time, but she never like, decided to eat something and then did.

No. 1380932

did she not say she binged and purged atleast once though?

No. 1380934

Jesus christ if she's been purging everything she eats (or starving and then only eating to bing/purge) that makes it even more shocking she isn't dead. Purging is much more likely to kill you than fasting.

No. 1380944

She has binged and purged so many times in these 4 months I don't understand why she doesn't count it as eating
Though she is probably trying to convince herself she's the ultimate anachan kek

No. 1380947

File: 1638393943872.jpg (27.16 KB, 469x153, 2H3GF2HF3G.jpg)

No. 1380948

It's also likely the reason she hasnt lost as much weight as she would have if she actually starved herself for 4 months

No. 1380971

if you're a terf, i love you

No. 1380973

File: 1638394826613.jpg (207.42 KB, 1256x2048, 20211125_220836.jpg)

EDs are rarely treated in PR because it's not as common here as it is in first world countries. I think she's still eating a little given on how terminally online she is… I wouldn't have energy to be posing for pictures and putting on Christmas sweaters in this 80°f+ tropical weather. She's larping as a waif gringa because that's all she has as friends, which in turn is just making her conditions even worse since she doesn't seem to have any non-mentally ill people to interact with besides her parents. If I lived in metro I would try to hang out and get her to touch some grass, but she obviously doesn't want any irl pr friends, which is kind of sad. Oh well.

No. 1381009

File: 1638397733641.jpg (49.45 KB, 594x349, JTD5656SRY.jpg)

don't do that

No. 1381020

>my eating disorder is all I have
>my only accomplishment
this is sad. i'm not saying this to mock her, i just pity her.

No. 1381023

noooo lucinda!!

No. 1381029

this doesn't seem like bait

No. 1381039

File: 1638398540736.jpg (50.69 KB, 596x309, HG6XJ5GF6.jpg)

No. 1381041

God I hope her family is around or that she will not take any action despite feeling like she wants to die. This entire situation is a horrible clusterfuck. Seeing Ambrose flail around between 3 different stories was hilarious, but I would be so pissed as Lucinda. Incredible how that fucktard blamed her after dragging the lolcow thread herself. This absolutely isn't worth any suicide attempts. Really, really don't want anything to happen to Lucinda

No. 1381045

File: 1638398786348.png (1.81 MB, 1241x4692, image.png)

(pic is repost from ambrose's thread). I really hope lucinda won't do anything, but these idiots have been really pushing her. It's sad

No. 1381046

It would be very ironic if the people acting like Lucinda actually hurt Ambrose end up actually hurting Lucinda as 'revenge' for something she didn't do in the first place. I hope she's okay, she needs to take a break from twitter for a while or something.

No. 1381048


No. 1381056

no because i hope lucinda does khs shes so fucking annoying

No. 1381057

didn't eat for 4 months? quick someone tell bella hadid

No. 1381059

fuck off back to twitter faggot

No. 1381060

>no because
Fuck off you retard, back to twitter

No. 1381061

You don't belong here. Go back.

No. 1381063

go back to twitter, asshole. No one here wants her dead. "No because" jesus, i hate twitter typing patterns.

No. 1381069

File: 1638399263608.jpg (123.37 KB, 1080x689, image.jpg)

They are trying to blame even her current suicidal ideations on her even though they were telling her to kill herself in her quote retweets. If you tell a unmedicated schizophrenic to kill themselves they will probably consider it, shocking.

No. 1381074

imagine if ambrose had said she was feeling suicidal over this, the response would be so different

No. 1381075

kill yourself nonnie

No. 1381076

this is my favourite cow, i love the milk but the suicide attempt could happen and that's nothing to joke about

No. 1381078

They are just jealous of you Lucinda

No. 1381083

oh noooo a suicide attempt by a useless waste of space and resources what a tragedy

No. 1381085

She isn’t leeching from the government or e-begging to be fair, better than most cows

No. 1381086

I sleep well knowing i'll never be as fucked up and psychopathic as these assholes, kinda ironic they're the ones saying Lucinda has "blood in her hands" when they're driving a mentally ill woman to suicide

No. 1381088

>you're capable of making your own decisions
she's a schizophrenic 25 year old woman who lives with her parents, doesn't eat, and spends her days dressing up like a little lolicon girl and cutting herself. she is not capable of wiping her own ass, much less being held accountable for this retard troon doxxing itself.

No. 1381089

"driving a mentally ill woman to suicide" as if constantly commentating on her schizo delusions is much better. world will be A+ with one less freak on it

No. 1381093

Kill yourself then. Only logical

No. 1381094

File: 1638399711382.gif (541.17 KB, 220x179, mad-max-tom-hardy.gif)

No. 1381097

lucinda is the biggest retard and her parents should be castrated for this shit. idc if she kills herself

No. 1381098

Ambrose is more retarded than Lucinda.

No. 1381110

Yeah, at least Lucinda has a legit reason to be the way she is, but Ambrosia is allegedly "normal" yet she's way deranged, pathetic and uglier

No. 1381111

nah no way ambrosia is uglier than this retard sorry

No. 1381114

ambrose is a freak too

No. 1381115

did you forget? apparently she is a real diagnosed narc. Or atleast thats what she claims so she can keep acting to insufferable

No. 1381116

There's suddenly an influx of saged posts that don't respond to anyone in both threads. I'm guessing Ambrose taught her friends how to sage on lolcow and to try raiding more.

No. 1381117

File: 1638400239725.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, hj5d8k4d6j5hre.png)

No. 1381118

Just refer to the bingo sheet

No. 1381121

I really hope Lucinda does go through with it because that would be the best Christmas gift(a-logging)

No. 1381124

File: 1638400521730.jpg (41.08 KB, 616x616, bait.jpg)

No. 1381129

I genuinely don’t understand how these retards are completely a-okay with every vile thing ambrose has said and done just bc she’s a self-diagnosed narc, yet lucinda who is a clearly a real schizo is responsible for all of her actions AND the shit she had nothing to do with

No. 1381130

Can we not post the same image ten fucking times

No. 1381132

File: 1638400716763.jpg (56.29 KB, 596x404, RWQE4WEQ5.jpg)

but we know you did it

No. 1381134

block and ignore

No. 1381135

File: 1638400790204.jpg (5.99 KB, 451x25, IKF5YU6I5DYT6.jpg)

No. 1381136

The reason is that you are mentally scrambled

No. 1381139

because they're jealouse of her. of her weight loss, her money, her clothes, her looks, her ability to lose weight, her popularity, her edgy diagnosis, everything. they're doing everything to get rid of her because they see her as a threat like the jealous ugly fatties they are.

No. 1381140

how would she explain how she found the doxx that no one was replying to in under 5 minutes and called the police before her address even leaked? it makes no sense.

No. 1381141

I couldnt possibly have done it for attention. Check the screenshots where I beg for attention for proof!

No. 1381143

KEK WHATT is this the best excuse she could come up with? She just couldn’t stand the fact that her minor fangirls would think of her as an ugly manlet. Nobody forced her to come out

No. 1381145

It was the censored nips that gave it all away though.

No. 1381151

File: 1638401189428.jpg (45.41 KB, 590x340, H6DRJ56RSJ.jpg)

>i just feel really demasculinized
>i know that i’m being viewed differently now

No. 1381164

File: 1638401590544.jpg (42.84 KB, 596x285, H54JD6GHJ5.jpg)

No. 1381168

File: 1638401781524.jpg (9.08 KB, 592x89, N21GF32NG3F.jpg)

an hour since the tweet

No. 1381173

File: 1638401931958.png (70.94 KB, 1194x388, Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 23.35…)

in response to lucinda's tweet about killing herself. they're all so hypocritical- why was this response necessary? an unmedicated schizo saying she wants to kill herself and you're there practically daring her to. jesus, just don't respond. if lucinda does kill herself, i hope this girl feels responsible.

No. 1381199

You guys think Lucina will actually do it?

No. 1381203

Go away

No. 1381208

Weird how they are the ones who actually endanger peoples lives.

No. 1381217

she suicidebaited before

No. 1381219

It wouldn't surprise me if Lucinda actually did try to kill herself, but I just hope she doesn't actually do it. Her family seems to be pretty aware of her mental state (ex: they put her in the psych ward a few months ago), so I hope they catch her before she does anything to harm herself.
I'm speaking on behalf of myself and all of the other farmers here - don't kill yourself Lucinda

No. 1381222

Oh ok. It was a genuine question tbh.

No. 1381248

Nice samefag. Reminder not to A-log, its against the rules.

No. 1381258

Lucinda don’t kys, the world needs your deranged unicorn magic! You are a true original and these basic bitches coming for you could never.

No. 1381289

100% a real man, even if he had moobs, wouldn't censor his nipples out of a body check photo, because he wouldn't even think twice about it

No. 1381293

Lucinda, if you're seeing this, don't kill yourself just because a retarded emo goblin is spreading lies about you.

No. 1381439

Rabid zoomers don't feel any remorse, for them it's all just a big game. Lucinda is mentally ill for real, sicker than all of them combined, so they want her to go away and stop ruining the vibe of their little community of bored people pretending to be totally sick and oppressed.

No. 1381441

Lucinda, if you see this, please don't kill yourself. Ambrose is a bully and you were 100% correct for saying it like it is. At the end of the day you know you're right- you are the positive one and Ambrose is just an ugly, insecure bitch who took their anger out on you because they think you're an easy target. You know your life is worth more than what's happening here. Don't kill yourself

No. 1381485

Our youth is so fucked, I blame stan twitter.

No. 1381560

Oh god Luci please dont kill yourself. It'll get better, please just ignore those assholes.

No. 1381564

File: 1638412823047.png (98.88 KB, 1202x330, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 02.40…)

she's alive… but i dont buy this.

No. 1381569

She's alive and that's what matters.

No. 1381586

It doesn't matter, she's alive and that's something to be glad about

No. 1381598

Glad she’s okay, Lucinda, stop going on edtwt, use ed forums if you absolutely have to be constantly reminded of your disorder, the ones I’ve seen allow no drama, even slightly rude comments, etc. Go enjoy the holiday season, you did nothing wrong, the stagnant non-underweight bmi edtwt users were just jealous and now finally have an excuse to openly hate you.
The twitterfag typing style of the a-logging in previous threads makes sense now kek

No. 1381666

Damn I feel like I'm part of a badass vigilante sisterhood

No. 1381684

Her account went private? I can't see the tweets.

No. 1381693

File: 1638416457122.png (43.34 KB, 608x368, 382.png)

She's posted these 2 tweets since >>1381564

No. 1381694

File: 1638416558628.png (128.04 KB, 1184x722, Screenshot 2021-12-02 at 03.41…)

she's private now but also deleted a bunch of tweets about the situation.

No. 1381696

File: 1638416628856.jpg (201.05 KB, 1075x1375, img.jpg)

this was the last thing she said. Honestly even if this may be some delulu shit good for her.

No. 1381699

hi Lucinda big fan(hi cow)

No. 1381705

what? why would i be lucinda? the timezone literally shows me being like 8 hours ahead of her.

No. 1381709

just meant she's obviously lurking here. She's tweeting what we're saying in this thread

No. 1381715

Nta, but it's rare seeing a cow actually follow what we're saying, not just lurking and seething at "haters" or whatever. I mean, she could've kept taking Ambrose's narc bait, but she's shutting it down instead.

No. 1381716

she's admitted to lurking today

No. 1381721


Lucinda is someone I want to see actually thriving. Good move, Luci. Narcs feed off of ANY attention. Just ignore them and watch chicken run and post about Christmas. We know you didn’t dox anyone, and standing up for what you believe in is important. Ambrose should be called out.

No. 1381723

all of you are fucking disgusting for harrasing people as entertainment(shut up)

No. 1381725

>I am human too
they've really broken her spirit

No. 1381728

Directly interacting with and harassing cows isn’t something we do and will get u banned. We just laugh at them. Maybe know what you’re talking about before commenting her retard

No. 1381755

nonette lets have a girls trip to el metro and take our unicow queen to plaza

No. 1381789

I gained a newfound respect for Luci from this situation. She may be a mentally ill cow, but she owns it and doesn’t just use it as an excuse to be a dick. And she did a good job standing up for herself against the Twitter mob.

No. 1381798

no luci… dont say that… no.. you arent human, youre a unicorn. we love you

No. 1381808

It should bring our unicorn queen great joy to know that her nemesis Ambrose has deactivated

No. 1381813

Luci, standing up for your friend and not bowing to those pathetic narcissist bullies and their minions was a good and brave thing to do. You are in the right here, and their transparent lies don't change that. I'm happy you're still around.

No. 1381823

It's crazy to me that despite how mentally ill luci is, she was the most mature and level headed in all of this.
I hope she just carries on being her odd, sweet self.

No. 1381828

I still can’t get over “you’re putting our community of minor lgbtqawhatever in danger!” As if that same “community” isn’t a viper’s den of people encouraging each other’s self destruction while preaching how nice and accepting uwu they are.

No. 1381923

Kek what a magical first day of Christmas. Love you anons stay strong Lucinda- like a dif anon was saying above I really have a newfound respect for Lucinda because she was the only one being sane during this Twitter bitchfest

No. 1381924

Legit. And if this site really was dangerous, Lucinda would have more rights to victimhood than any of those whiney cunts considering she has been discussed here for months and those whiney little cunts have been on it for exactly 3 days kek

No. 1381956

File: 1638442687274.jpg (36.5 KB, 734x525, 20210313_103342.jpg)

Exactly. Edtwt and shtwt are literally suicide cults. How is a gossip forum even remotely as damaging as those suicidal echo-chambers?

No. 1381968

File: 1638443786840.jpg (78.96 KB, 720x454, 20211202_081337.jpg)

No. 1381969

File: 1638443831515.jpg (57.8 KB, 720x320, 20211202_081401.jpg)


No. 1381970

No. 1381971

File: 1638443981124.jpg (73.54 KB, 720x449, 20211202_081750.jpg)

No. 1382004

she's parroting what's been said here in her defense. Exact same words. Edtwt attacked her so much she came to her own/Ambrose's thread for reassurence, yikes.

No. 1382008

I’m glad we can help her articulate her defence against these pricks

No. 1382015

Tbh anon I don't think that's entirely a bad thing. Lucinda is a cow, but she was was actually the victim in this incident. We have the full story fleshed out with evidence that Ambrose is actually what Lucinda said she is, if it helps her view her situation with objectivity then it's not really a "yikes" moment

No. 1382026

I'm proud of her

No. 1382034

>>1380920 sounds like liver failure

No. 1382045

Exactly. No one else was defending her and edtwt was gaslighting her and hounding her to suicide, so I’m glad farmers could help. She may be a cow, but she’s clearly not a bad person and didn’t deserve that shit. I’m still laughing at the fact that edtwt, a community that preys on vulnerable kids and glorifies a deadly mental illness, actually thinks they have the moral high ground over a gossip site. And that none of them can see the hypocrisy of attacking Lucinda for accidentally exposing someone else to a “dangerous” (lol) site she’s been featured on for MONTHS.

No. 1382054

Not to mention that there are loads of farmers here from edtwt. They act all clueless there but in reality they're twofaced bitches who live for drama.

No. 1382056

exactly, she linked the thread so she openly admitted to reading it. wouldn't call that some secretive lurking. if she's being accused of posting him after their fight it makes sense she'd visit the thread to confirm we'd been talking about his ass since before. so what, she read the rest of the thread once she was already here. i don't consider that cringe. given the cirumstances she handled having her own thread well. the whole drama was about accusing her of making this entire thread herself. i'd be doing my homework too.

took her long enough to say anything like that though. so i don't think she'd ever been lurking and just plainly visited the thread yesterday as a result of the drama. she never said anything like that before. little unicorn opened her eyes yesterday.

No. 1382062

No. 1382102

File: 1638458602160.jpg (698.44 KB, 1458x2592, 20211202_121618.jpg)

No. 1382103

File: 1638458627459.jpg (756.08 KB, 1458x2592, 20211202_121620.jpg)

No. 1382105

File: 1638458655509.jpg (160.05 KB, 720x1089, 20211202_122023.jpg)

No. 1382108

Lucinda actually look kinda angelic & not scary, nice. Don’t wanna ass lick but I love how Ambrose is still whining n calling the police n shit while Lucinda is making the most of her day

No. 1382109

File: 1638458750357.jpg (77.05 KB, 720x440, 20211202_122041.jpg)

No. 1382117

Lucinda has become a precious cow in the way PT is to me

No. 1382130

File: 1638459974973.jpg (64.83 KB, 720x360, 20211202_081413.jpg)

No. 1382133

shut up natalie your troon crush isn't gonna stick her inflated bean in your cooch

No. 1382135

I feel weird stanning a cow but I loved the way she calmly stood her ground, spoke her truth, and is now moving on. So much dumb Twitter drama could be squashed if people handled conflict like that rather than lying and gaslighting. The suicide attempt is unfortunate, but that's what happens when you pile on an unmedicated schizo and tell them to kill themselves. Beyond that, she handled herself well and I'm happy our precious unicow is alive and safe.

No. 1382140

File: 1638460202626.jpg (73.76 KB, 720x405, 20211202_081422.jpg)

No. 1382146

File: 1638460419170.gif (3.82 MB, 498x340, incredible-talented.gif)

No. 1382150

File: 1638460490309.jpg (84.53 KB, 720x483, 20211202_124932.jpg)


No. 1382152

You're not the only one. This whole situation is what's made us like Lucinda, she showed a lot of good character against what was a really horrible show of mistreatment in her horrible state.

What bad has she ever done anyway? Nothing. She called Ambrose a fatphobic, uncool loser and it turns out that's the least thing he was. All we've ever done is make fun of her for being a retarded freak, but her content and attitude are genuinely sweet and considerate and I don't mind liking her while making fun of our little pet cow.

No. 1382161

what a pretentious cunt. all lucinda does is post pinterest pictures about snoopy and mental health and selfies and body checks. now suddenly she needs to be checked into a ward because she rightfully defended herself against a narc? these cunts really are manipulative as shit.

>lucinda gets accused of a lie

>lucinda defends herself
>"you're not in your right mind you need help"

fuck these cunts

No. 1382172

God she's so threatened by her and obviously wants to be the edtwt otherkin anachan kween that Lucinda is. "She's so mentally ill uwu this obviously isn't the place for her" So they're all cutters with alters and this stupid bitch thinks she's a vampire but Lucinda is the one who's too mentally ill out of all of edtwt who doesn't belong?

Fuck you Natalie. Jealous transparent ass bitch.

No. 1382183

I don't know about you girls, but I love seeing a gorgeous unicorn thriving, going about her unicorn business.

No. 1382186

File: 1638461529004.jpg (105.72 KB, 720x725, 20211202_130812.jpg)

i hate ambrose so much

No. 1382187

File: 1638461552528.jpg (49.7 KB, 720x267, 20211202_125827.jpg)

No. 1382198

The fact that they think they're on some moral high ground while obviously gaslighting an already delusional person is enough to tell me that nearly every person on edtwt is a cunt. I can't believe I ever had sympathy for these people. ugh.

No. 1382200

>attack Lucinda
>your whole embarassing history gets revealed

No. 1382218

>bullies Lucindas friend
>gets called out for being an awful person in general
>decides to bully Lucinda into almost committing suicide
What exactly is Lucinda supposed to apologise for? Glad I learned the word "delulu" because it applies to this faggot

No. 1382220

Never genuinely felt positively towards a cow but here we are, precious cow, sacred cow, unicow, Lucinda.

No. 1382221

Could Lucinda actually reach PT levels? Could we do that? I feel like doing that. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit making me feel extra nice, but Lucinda showed what she was made of yesterday and I genuinely admire her for that. On top of that, her content is nice, and she's a really positive person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Love that psycho unicorn bitch. I can't believe the way they're gaslighting her. Bunch of evil fuckers.

No. 1382225

Gaslighting, nice try fat ribs

No. 1382229

Never thought I'd see a unicorn, a hannibal lecter kinnie fujo and some vampire tranny bitch fight for the title of edtwt queen. And I am cheering for the unicorn.

No. 1382230

does that mean we're not evil nazi incel terfs anymore

No. 1382237

And you’re in a healthy enough headspace to know what’s best for yourself and others? stay in your lane you narc cunt. Before you realise what it really feels like to struggle mentally

No. 1382241

A lot of us have kinda liked Lucinda since the first thread. If you look through the threads, people keep fighting because about half of unifags (myself included) are fully aware that she's nuts but still like her and the other half have are obsessed with calling her a liar. She's been my precious cow for months

No. 1382242

Ambrose is the one who had to run away, not Lucinda. What does that say about the situation kek. Only guilty people run and hide.

No. 1382243

we're evil, transphobic, nazi hackers from the dark blog

No. 1382250

Lucinda is crazy and weird, that's what makes her interesting and funny to watch.

No. 1382252

Honestly I love that we have an Ambrose thread now because the floodgates have been opened and I wasn’t this cunt to be subject to a torrent of daily abuse indefinitely. They deserve it and keep proving they deserve it every tweet we see. Can’t wait to see how daily hate, scrutiny and criticism affects them.

No. 1382269

Take your meds, we arent your personal army here to abuse ambrose, we just watch and laugh

No. 1382279

Where did u suggest we were a personal army? I just expressed that they deserve what we put all the other cows through, did I touch a nerve?

No. 1382297

File: 1638464994718.jpg (107.99 KB, 720x661, 20211202_140709.jpg)

No. 1382298

Good for you, unicorn bb.

No. 1382318

This board is for laughing at cows. Not "subjecting them to a torrent of daily abuse indefinitely". You're a weird creep. A-logging and cowtipping are both against the rules here. Take your rispiridone and learn to integrate.

No. 1382324

She's really doing the fake concern bit right now, what a condescending two faced bitch lmao

No. 1382336

"learn to integrate"
NAYRT but ironic coming from you, this post reads like you kept pissing off farmers and now think that's how they talk all the time

No. 1382341

We dont torment and abuse the herd retard

No. 1382360

Nta but you're mad weird.

No. 1382372

This whole saga is cracking me tf up, I've never seen farmers rally so fast around a cow who was under attack. I noticed the same thing with Shaytards. They'll pick her apart to autistic degrees amongst themselves, but rain holy HELL on any other e-whores who come for her. Sorry Ambrosia, but don't get between a farmer and her cow! kek

No. 1382376

I'm almost dreading the moment lucinda gets into more lolcow shenanigans and loses the support again because this is so funny

No. 1382382

I think it's way more of a Pixyteri thing. I don't think anyone ever thought Lucinda was a bad person like Ambrose and her followers, just like PT I think people just think she's weird but seeing her get actually hurt upsets people

No. 1382403

This reads like an edtwtard trying to make farmers look like vengeful psychos, the pronouns really give it away. Nah that's your "community" of narc assholes sweetie.

Idk if she'll really lose the support. I'm sure she'll do more weird unicorn shit farmers will laugh at her for, but she's ultimately an eccentric but kind-hearted whackadoo and a fun cow to root for even as you marvel at how batshit crazy one person can be.

No. 1382414

Anon, you are so stupid. The thread you are trying to link is locked.

No. 1382445

lolcow isn’t a fucking like generator, don’t encourage cow tipping or interacting

No. 1382456

A lot of people have a soft spot for here but some of you are getting carried away.

No. 1382461

nona I don't think liking her post and doing nothing else is really cowtipping

No. 1382467

she got a cc taunting her about chocolate cake like it was supposed to make her hungry and upset, and not only did lucinda agree that chocolate cake was delicious but she made a whole thread of low calorie chocolate cake recipes for edtwt. y'all she's nice as fuck.

No. 1382491

It's the unicorn magic! Not only does it make her haters deactivate, it also transmutes any negative energy directed toward her into delicious desserts.

No. 1382512


Just. Fucking. Do it.(a-log)

No. 1382519


Man her thriving really pisses y'all off huh bait-chan kek

No. 1382521

This thread has gone to shit in two days.

No. 1382526

I guarantee the samefag will kill themselves later in life, kek. Only unhinged self hating obsessive types a log to this degree for almost a whole 24 hours. Whoever you are, your projection is fucking hilarious. Cant wait til we know who you are and you get your thread, faggot.

No. 1382528

girl that was last night our unicorn queen lived! and is thriving! go suck ambrose/aeniayh's engorged clit seeing as he isn't the 6'0 jacked cis corpse husband you thought he was and is just another ftm with no dick to suck.

No. 1382538

File: 1638473690619.jpg (525.34 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20211202-153217.jpg)


No. 1382543

File: 1638473799149.jpg (158.88 KB, 1080x548, Screenshot_20211202-153249.jpg)

our beloved unicow is happy and thriving after a narc and his minions harassed her to near suicide. genuinely nice to see. i'm sure she's seen ambrose's thread and is having a wonderful time.

No. 1382552

amazing job, precious cow. i can only imagine how mad rosie and her pals are right now

No. 1382557

File: 1638474259155.jpg (6.58 KB, 340x340, 1445535381076.jpg)

she's so sweet anons… she's the light in a sea of full bitter jealous fatties.

No. 1382570

File: 1638474670409.jpg (1.13 MB, 2560x1795, 20211202_154857.jpg)

She certainly was not wrong.

No. 1382584

File: 1638475361161.jpeg (347.48 KB, 828x2633, A5853ED5-10EA-4EE5-8D9B-44DF40…)

from Rosies thread. These are comments on Luci’s tiktok. no wonder they want her gone, the absolute land whales of edtwt

No. 1382591

File: 1638475586546.png (940.56 KB, 1355x847, 1638476289794.png)

I made this as a submission for next thread pic, an artpiece depicting the slaying of Ambrose

No. 1382595

This is beautiful, brought a tear to my eye

No. 1382598

This is absolutely beautiful. Next thread pic for sure.

No. 1382599

amazing nona, you got my vote

No. 1382601

this belongs in a museum

No. 1382606

Fine art anon

No. 1382608

Thank you. I genuinely wish Lucinda could see this but I have no way of showing her without doxxing myself

No. 1382609

I've never posted in her threads, but I share this sentiment, anon. I actually stopped reading her threads for a while because it felt wrong I guess, but I'm glad to see I wasn't wrong about feeling positive things towards her. She's generally harmless and she just defended her friend, and she realized that she doesn't need to give that narc cunt any more attention.

No. 1382612

Luci's not wrong about them being jealous. Edtwt is a sea of BMI 27 spoiled white girl larpers who can't stand the fact some random schizo from a 3rd world country actually walked the talk, lost the weight and became the genderspecial unicorn of her dreams. I'm sure her very existence annoys them - she just effortlessly IS the type of fascinating mentally ill anachan queen they all LARP as.

No. 1382616

File: 1638476650085.jpg (109.15 KB, 315x495, s,315-3e3dd2.jpg)

this is everything I have ever wanted nonnie

No. 1382629

this is very true. they’re all insecure, downer-addicted, red-scare listening overweight 14 year olds. no wonder they view lucinda as a threat.

No. 1382639

File: 1638477516099.jpg (60.69 KB, 720x419, 20211202_173553.jpg)


No. 1382641

puerto rican horse

No. 1382644

all hail our unicorn queen, she who has defeated the narc gymbro by calling him an uncool loser

No. 1382657

I'm sure this bitch is Diphylleia/@ephemeralfatass

No. 1382698

how so nona? do tell.

No. 1382702

She knows about lolcow, she was posted here, skin tone matches.. She seems like a proper retard who would do something like that.

No. 1382705

she's also a trannie they/them

No. 1382712

If she’s milky and relevant then make a thread if not stfu I don’t come on here to be bored to death nonnie

No. 1382715

Convinced this is self posting. No one cares. Dont aspire to be a lolcow.

No. 1382718

kekk diphylleia is mad she's mentioned here. You were "so glad" you're boring and only starving so you won't end up here, you posted screens of lolcow saying the same shit as right now, you don't like Lucinda, guaranteed that you're here trying to shut down any conversation about yourself.

No. 1382729

I’m not her and my issue is if she’s not boring and is milky why tf can’t you post ss? Stop GaTeKeEpInG your milk anon

No. 1382730

oh ffs nona no one cares about them. Make your own thread or shut up.

No. 1382735

File: 1638481525930.png (117.67 KB, 386x472, diphylleia.png)

You want ss of her sperging about lolcow on her twitter? Here. Same patterns. Can't even mention her name without getting shut down immediately. When other edtwtfags are posted they don't get rejected this violently immediately so something sure seems fishy.. And the original posts reeks of self post. Shotted just 1m after tweeting.

No. 1382738

I agree all content about her is a self post. So dont give her the attention she wants. This is Lucinda's thread anyway, random twitterfags dont matter. Ignore it all.

No. 1382740

File: 1638481879123.png (884.71 KB, 1050x527, dskshdsdlsdhsdj.png)

Skin tone matches too. The poster who scribbled lolcow on their arm also claimed to be a tranny and lia has identified as he/him and they/them.

No. 1382746

Nobody cares about you, Diphylleia. Now shut up. Whore.

No. 1382747

please go talk to yourself in another thread about this shit nona, its boring as all hell and has nothing to do with the unicow.

No. 1382764

File: 1638482810327.jpg (66.32 KB, 565x769, 20211202_185728.jpg)

now i understand everything, the fucker is autistic

No. 1382786

stop with the self inserting. we don’t care

No. 1382787

theyre all autistic nonnie, shut up and make a seperate thread if you want to talk about that retard. This has nothing to do with lucinda

No. 1382796

NTA but that edtwt retard is literally talking about Lucinda and lolcow. This is the same thing as posts about idoldecay's milk being immediately shut down with
>she's boring, she wants the attention

I wouldn't mind a thread about edtwt cows, but we already have Ambrose and Lucinda. Still annoying that some nonnies think some retards are more sacred than others.

No. 1382801

This, I love Lucinda and here she's finally looking like Lady Amalthea.

No. 1382806

File: 1638484420818.jpg (210.23 KB, 1073x1079, vampvsuni.jpg)

Get her ass Lucinda!

No. 1382813

You go girl! Get that horse fucking vampire bitch. The best part is that Natalie is currently biting her tongue because she doesn't want to get her own thread where people will trashtalk her man body.

No. 1382820

File: 1638484935952.gif (1.41 MB, 280x498, 52632565.gif)


No. 1382824

REAL Vampires arent meanies

No. 1382836

File: 1638485828489.jpg (183.62 KB, 1080x650, IMG_20211202_235542.jpg)

>uwu why is everyone so mean it's not like I said anything
Talk shit, get hit. I can't believe Lucinda is the only one acting decently about this shitfest.

No. 1382838

To be fair, did she ever actually say anything bad against Lucinda other than saying she needs to take her meds? Aside from taking Ambrose's side.

No. 1382843

She randomly started coming for lucindas bff and thus contributing to the "lucinda and all involved with her are big evil dangerous scary people" She involved herself unnecessarily and tried to start more drama, and now it trying to act like she didn't.

No. 1382847

She loves starting drama and involving herself in it for the ""prana"" it's just not popular to keep coming for schizos today

No. 1382849

File: 1638486453601.gif (3.72 MB, 220x383, 16521565.gif)

No. 1382851

A lot of her tweets about this situation just give me an icky vibe. She tries to pretend to be holier than thou, then tells people Lucinda was attacking Ambrose. And the whole
>it's not like I'm saying anything or pointing figures at anyone but lucinda's friend is a cult weirdo here's a subtle callout

No. 1382853

the minute she saw people talking shit about luci she decided to bring up moogie as if they were relevant too keep the hoarde of obese tweens on unicow's ass.

No. 1382856

File: 1638486743841.jpg (160.52 KB, 1080x570, IMG_20211203_001033.jpg)

You are literally telling mentally ill teenagers how to starve themselves and spreading delulu fanfiction about how vampires don't need to eat. The hypocrisy is real.

No. 1382859

File: 1638486808637.jpg (92.5 KB, 907x324, HF56GSJCHG58.jpg)

No. 1382864

Oh she suddenly cares about what's dangerous for mentally ill people? Like dogpiling them trying to provoke people to send them death threats is fine?

No. 1382867

It's good to hear that some people have always liked her because the recent influx of people praising her makes me worried that they'll eventually all turn on her. Not that I think she's done anything wrong, this is just kind of a pattern.

No. 1382891

File: 1638489296544.jpg (415.35 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20211202-195337.jpg)

Oh damn she came hard after idoldecay lmao

No. 1382894

File: 1638489495913.jpg (33.13 KB, 499x417, upload_2020-3-26_11-25-12.jpg)


I hope this weird ass bitch will be okay through this shit storm. It would have made me sad to see her an hero over when she actually isn't a bad person, just very mentally ill.

No. 1382897

I feel like ambrose and idoldecay are jealous that they are genuinely unlikeable, mean people to their core. They will never have the interesting uniqueness they try to portray, natalie tries hard to be an uwu vampire~ just trying to copy Lucinda, but has no likability and is clearly not actually mentally ill

No. 1382899

File: 1638490073238.jpeg (37.68 KB, 601x508, E48F3AFC-7A18-40E1-BFCB-C6612F…)

>Like sorry for simply saying someones cult activity is weird when the cult activiely looks for mentally ill ppl to recruit. Was something I wanted to do for a while before all this. Anyway going back to my (un)life evfurrynyan

No. 1382900

>not actually mentally ill
Nah, she's definitely several layers of psychotic BPD. The thing is, she's JUST mentally ill and delusional, Lucinda is mentally ill but a good person despite that. Idoldecay is the BPD stereotype to a T, and Ambrose is fucked up too mentally, they just don't also have the sweet caring personality to go along with it.

No. 1382909

Team Unicorn Lucinda.

No. 1382945

bitch wtf. Get's called a narc and somehow that's ableist? Calls someone a narc and is the victim

No. 1382966

fucking kek same anon

No. 1382983

BPD vampire bitch
schizophrenic Chicken-Run-addicted unicorn
little tranny dwarf with NPD and depression

No. 1382997

The little tranny dwarf is my favorite fairytale

No. 1382998

File: 1638496487994.gif (493.9 KB, 500x324, aaYa9UE.gif)

I am so proud of this community

No. 1383002

Get 'er, Luci!

No. 1383005

File: 1638496972760.jpg (68.07 KB, 886x300, 4HR6G5URS6G.jpg)

having schizophrenia must be so scary

No. 1383010

File: 1638497088638.jpg (29.51 KB, 881x205, H526FH5WF6.jpg)

No. 1383011

File: 1638497112935.jpg (32.54 KB, 893x209, NX2G6F32NGD.jpg)

No. 1383020

Isn’t this extremely harmful? Sage for OT but when I was in promia (cringe) communities awhile back they all said to never ever flush

No. 1383025

I highly doubt she gives a fuck.

No. 1383154

File: 1638505170734.jpg (330.06 KB, 1080x1002, Screenshot_20211203-001520.jpg)

Some more slam dunks on cc from our unicorn queen

No. 1383155

File: 1638505221729.jpg (157.29 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20211203-001540.jpg)

No. 1383156

File: 1638505275414.jpg (79.56 KB, 1080x344, Screenshot_20211203-001647.jpg)

No. 1383157

File: 1638505335046.jpg (251.31 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20211203-001706.jpg)

No. 1383158

File: 1638505401596.jpg (117.8 KB, 1080x443, Screenshot_20211203-001732.jpg)

No. 1383163

File: 1638505749326.gif (3.32 MB, 640x260, neo-matrix.gif)

No. 1383165


Damn miss thing really knows how to stand her ground. Also shoutout for saying we're not nazis. Love this bitch.

No. 1383167

File: 1638506043303.jpeg (441.68 KB, 1152x2048, FFpwioUXEAE9vGM.jpeg)

No. 1383169

File: 1638506080229.jpeg (475.22 KB, 1152x2048, FFpwioWWQAM_CuJ.jpeg)

No. 1383328

her tard typing vexes me so very much

No. 1383329

I feel like my day has been blessed. If this little crazy unicorn can handle all of this while seemingly prancing through a meadow, I can too.

No. 1383333

Don't forget she went through a suicide attempt over all of this. Apparently she fucked up her nervoud system and was still writing low calorie cake links for edtwt. The true meaning of a unicorn.

No. 1383335

The Unicorn gracefully rises from her despair, and providing kindness, and care to all of those around her with the warmth of a comfy blanket on a harsh winter day, all whilst the Vampire sulks alone in the darkness, wishing her cold, frozen heart had even an ounce of the kind wisdom the Unicorn holds.

It's just like the fairy tales.

No. 1383337

** And the Evil Narc "King" Ambrose lays six feet under, vanquished by the Unicorn.

No. 1383359

File: 1638536263759.png (79.06 KB, 808x359, oswaldslunch.png)

Go OFF queen.

No. 1383361

File: 1638536385136.jpg (406.19 KB, 1080x1849, IMG_20211203_135846.jpg)

>I am so ebil teehee

No. 1383362

When did she say that? She seems to be all for people posting about her.

No. 1383363

File: 1638536553720.jpg (413.59 KB, 1080x1267, IMG_20211203_140122.jpg)

This bitch is absolutely seething that Lucinda is more popular

Read the thread, get some reading comprehension or people are gonna very obviously "hi cow" you

No. 1383381

Lucinda hasn't stopped respecting Amber's pronouns even though she did her way more dirty than Natalie. Sooo transphobic.

No. 1383390

It's hilarious watching her seethe like this. She's so mad and it's always funny when people are clearly angry they lost but trying so hard to act unbothered.

No. 1383557

File: 1638549201964.jpg (409.61 KB, 1029x1017, Screenshot_20211203-123049.jpg)

Pretty much exactly what Ambrose and Natalie tried to pull.

No. 1383558

File: 1638549331549.jpg (316.01 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20211203-123117.jpg)

At least one of her friends defending her being absolutely right. Sad about the lack of likes.

No. 1383561

File: 1638549368530.jpg (272.38 KB, 1080x861, Screenshot_20211203-123144.jpg)

No. 1383565

File: 1638549600719.jpg (467.77 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20211203-123756.jpg)

Sperging about the legitimacy of otherkin aside I'm just here to watch Natalie get ripped apart by our unicorn.

No. 1383569

File: 1638549780972.jpg (46.73 KB, 720x247, 20211203_133835.jpg)

No. 1383570

File: 1638549802154.jpg (58.32 KB, 720x247, 20211203_133855.jpg)

No. 1383573

File: 1638549827911.jpg (130.5 KB, 720x665, 20211203_133923.jpg)

No. 1383575

File: 1638549895675.jpg (203.71 KB, 720x876, 20211203_134006.jpg)

No. 1383576

I like Lucinda more and more day by day

No. 1383647

File: 1638552121225.jpg (149.87 KB, 1080x828, Screenshot_20211203-132025.jpg)

A blessed day for our unicorn queen! Ambrose has finally been defeated on Twitter and her name has been cleared! All hail!

No. 1383654

Wow, looks like the lolcow farmers have finally stopped resisting Lucinda’s strange magic and joined the Unicult. Her writing style of combining lucid truths with bizarre delusions gives her the aura of a manic street prophet. God bless this brilliant little weirdo kek

No. 1383659

newfag, her cult is at best a club of other autistic people talking about random shit because they don’t have the type of organizational skills to run an actual cult. try again.

No. 1383660

I love how she dismisses Natalie’s “vampire identity” bc she’s down with the REAL vampires and knows they’d never violate the ancient unicorn/vampire peace treaty by being uncool losers to her. Real vampires love to see a unicornboss winning!

No. 1383663

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a serious comment

No. 1383665


I've never seen a cow handle themselves so well in a Twitter slap fight. Usually they go full meltdown and suicide bait for a few days but Lucy had her one attempt and other than that she's been handling her shit nicely.

The third worldd schizo who thinks she's a unicorn is showing a lot of maturity and grace, not commonly seen in cows.

No. 1383670

File: 1638552895157.jpeg (539.71 KB, 1152x2048, FFsVrNvXwAghSUk.jpeg)

No. 1383672

File: 1638552940156.jpeg (529.88 KB, 1152x2048, FFsVrNtWUAAv8eP.jpeg)

No. 1383673

Says the autist
It’s very on brand for farmers to be strangely fond of ppl like Abby Brown and Lucinda tbh

No. 1383679

Yeah she does have kind of a zoomer Pixyteri vibe, doesn’t she? Just an unapologetic fucking whacko of a woman-child who is also strangely charming and relatable

No. 1383681

What a lovely picture of her, biblical vibes even. I wish she'd do more shoots like this. More posing.

No. 1383683

Ok this photo shoot is cracking me the fuck up. There is no other purpose to this shit than to flex on her haters who are all currently going private kek

No. 1383685


No. 1383719

The flex is absolutely massive. Imagine rekt by actual retard in a bad wig.

No. 1383764

File: 1638556760151.jpg (751.03 KB, 2340x780, PicsArt_12-03-10.37.50.jpg)

Where were you during the great Unicorn war?

No. 1383768

File: 1638556925878.gif (401.52 KB, 281x500, unicornqueen.gif)


No. 1383769

Aww this is good art

No. 1383773

she's so smug- i mean that in absolutely the best way possible. it's like she's praying for all her haters

No. 1383775

This would be an amazing banner.

No. 1383778

File: 1638557380039.png (2.02 MB, 1186x1238, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 18.49…)

she's retweeting our edits, i actually love her

No. 1383779

File: 1638557404222.png (902.03 KB, 1210x944, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 18.49…)

No. 1383789

unbothered uniqueen

No. 1383790

Based??? She doesn’t even pretend to be amicable and virtuous like fake ass bitches during internet slap fights. She said lmaooo I won.

No. 1383793

maybe i just need to lurk moar but can someone explain the whole south asian / malaysian fangirl point someone/someones here was making? like there was an ongoing point of saying ambrose had some asian fat fangirls that i just never understood

No. 1383797

This has my vote for the next thread pic. Absolutely beautiful.

No. 1383799

Based unicorn queen.

No. 1383800

kpop icons are a dead giveaway that they're southeast asian

No. 1383820

New thread icon will definitely be this one, but I vote I either one of these two
become a website banner. Lucinda has been too iconic not to get a banner.

No. 1383826

>New thread icon
uh I guess

No. 1383827

File: 1638559447058.jpg (334.06 KB, 1080x1382, IMG_20211203_202219.jpg)

>apologized in DMs
Lmao. You're lucky no one cares about you and your history of faking lesbianism for clout.

No. 1383828

Long may she reign.

No. 1383840


No. 1383848

Wasn't expecting her to do a dm apology honestly based and how things should be handled, surprised she didn't make a long thread apology to get likes and asspats

No. 1383849

File: 1638560219720.jpeg (74.27 KB, 591x640, 65676CAC-0D7B-4BB0-A438-1DF80B…)

Kek good one

No. 1383851

>try to gaslight the unicorn queen and send hate towards her
>be a whiny bitch
>don't own up and hide in dms
>make the apology about you still being a "true vampire"
Totally based.

No. 1383854

As long as lucinda is getting an apology, I do not care. Only she matters in the situation and how she deals with it

No. 1383858

To be completely fair, she only talked directly to Lucinda during all of it acknowledging his shit behavior but saying she shouldn't call him manipulative because >muh npd and then talked about his doxxing. She wasn't any of the shitheads telling Lucinda to kill herself
Still a fake bitch that switches sides nonstop

No. 1383862

Honestly she's irrelevant, just another weirdo who can't stop self-posting and inserting herself into edtwt celebrity beef for clout

No. 1383872

Yeah, she is coping by sending herself CCs and telling herself how lolcow is evil and she had a total glow up lmao
My favourite part about this saga is nonnies finding even her tryhard attempts at getting attention boring.

No. 1383890

What a queen, this has been a flawless victory for her because she was always right and didn't back down, she deserves to enjoy it.

No. 1383911


really? i thought it was just fat white girls that were into kpop kek

No. 1383918

there's a lot of selfhating southeast asian girls on edtwt with japanese or korean girls as their pfps and just describe themselves as "asian", not racebaiting it's just something i've seen a lot

No. 1383923

nope there’s tons of southeast asians and middle easterners on there(sage)

No. 1383934

She's my precious cow ♥ Always liked her, but now I love her.

No. 1383994

What a based uniqueen honestly. I haven't felt this way about a cow since the farms rallied behind tess during the canyon saga. Except luci is actually a sweetheart and deserving of such.

No. 1383999


Lucinda if you see this ily

No. 1384007

Happy for you

No. 1384025

regardless of what one may have personally felt about Lucinda, it was fucking aggravating watching a raging narc bitch like Aeniayh control the narrative about things that simply weren’t true. It’s so rare to see things get set straight but e-justice was served. 10/10 saga. I haven’t seen farmers riled up like this since Sarah vs Onision

No. 1384035

File: 1638569526182.png (450.53 KB, 744x713, delicious brain.PNG)

These bitches are so dumb, the date is right fucking there if you want to check. Anorexia really does eat the brain

No. 1384042

they are so retarded, she really thinks she's onto something with that raised eyebrow emoji too

No. 1384043

>unapologetic fucking whacko of a woman-child who is also strangely charming and relatable

Is this too long to be the next thread title cause I feel it sums her up perfectly.

No. 1384050

It’s trying to think. Let me say this so you understand, ~up your intake~

No. 1384064

File: 1638570819416.jpg (115.97 KB, 1080x763, fool.jpg)

No. 1384068

unbothered stacy move

No. 1384071

I'm curious if Idoldecay actually DM'd an apology, and how Lucinda herself actually handled it tbh

No. 1384072

are we witnessing the creation of a alpha unicorn?

No. 1384073

She is thriving I love that for her
Also what's the point of censoring if you're gonna post a link directly to the account lol

No. 1384082

Same. Idoldecay just seemed to backpedal hard and beg for asspats after that, Lucinda was probably too gentle to her.

No. 1384085

pictures that go hard

No. 1384086

tinfoil: lucinda is secretly a terf

No. 1384089

i want lucinda to upload another youtube video

No. 1384096

File: 1638572443846.jpg (99.05 KB, 720x586, 20211203_195837.jpg)

No. 1384097

File: 1638572464703.jpg (181.91 KB, 720x1093, 20211203_195852.jpg)

No. 1384100

Lucinda is absolutely slamming bitches left and right, holy shit. She should buy a sword

No. 1384109

"adonis" another tranny. Lucinda- attack!!

No. 1384110

reading twitterfags mean comments to lucinda makes me feel like chris crocker back in the day "leave lucinda alone!!"

No. 1384111

File: 1638572969992.png (489.37 KB, 1170x1164, Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 23.08…)

theyre starting to turn on her in the comments

No. 1384115

Weren't they always against her through this whole thing?

No. 1384117

This should be the next thread title

No. 1384120

there was a short period of time when they were backing her up and supporting her

No. 1384121

File: 1638573254023.jpg (439.45 KB, 1917x1080, PicsArt_12-03-11.11.22.jpg)

Farmers meeting Luci the unicorn

No. 1384123

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but is there going to be a next thread? When this all dies down, what's going to be the milk? It'll feel weird documenting her weird antics the way it went before as there's a sense of mocking, or at least, like, she's voiced that being on lolcow is upsetting in the first place. It feels like truly honoring the queen by laying the threads to rest with her slaying Rosie, but I guess I've only been around the site for threads mocking cows, I wasn't around for Pixyteri or any beloved cow.

No. 1384130

No. 1384135

beautiful work anon, brought a tear to my eye
abby brown is a popular "precious cow" and her threads pretty much died down and only get necroed when she's got a new phase or gets back together with her hog bf for the millionth time.

No. 1384160

Just like Abby Brown vs perma-salty facebook harassment brigades. Lucinda shouldn’t give a fuck about lame ass twitter children approval.

No. 1384187

As long as there's milk, there's going to be a thread. If the cow runs dry, then it's not worth discussing anymore.

No. 1384195

They're back to saying luci is a groomer because minors like her body checks too. It didn't last. The desire to double down and not look stupid, they're never going to give it a rest.

No. 1384213

Yet the troonlette demanded body pics from her underaged followers.

No. 1384225

Luci can't control who follows and sees her posts.
Ambrose however, faked an entire persona knowing it draw the attention of young tweens and asked them for body check pictures.

Luci should just block them all and let them simmer in their teen angst, they're just raging because their edgy boy crush fantasy got shattered.

No. 1384238

my god she talks like a retard(sage your shit)

No. 1384245

>deativayednto hisntracks mybfsukt
>watxhxing mt profkjke
>tjat faukt abktj
Is this the unicorn idiom?
I want to learn it!

No. 1384259

you really don't tho nonnie it's not for the uninitiated

No. 1384396

File: 1638596523917.png (103.46 KB, 479x883, People_following_lucinda.png)

So.. Lucinda definitely bought a shitton of followers, right?

No. 1384412


Why would she buy followers? I don't think she cares about numbers and even if she bought them why would we give a fuck about it

No. 1384414

It's just interesting. There's at least 2k of random bot accounts like that, that all appeared during the fight with Ambrose.
Not shitting on her for it, more curious as to why she even would.

No. 1384430

File: 1638598314680.jpeg (65.62 KB, 679x272, C6CA4ABE-585E-4EE7-BE44-368E0C…)

Just saw this in my notifications and now it’s deleted. Lucinda typed a full legible sentence??

No. 1384434


no nonna, you must have the unicorn to people translator downloaded.

No. 1384467

Maybe she took her meds

No. 1384486

omfg did she dupe us? it was a larp the whole time? nooooooooooooo

No. 1384488

She wrote like this one time before to write love poetry to Mooglekinz

No. 1384497

Kek she probably accidentally turned on auto correct or something and her normal unicornspeak got filtered

No. 1384501

File: 1638603288138.png (40.75 KB, 598x290, Screenshot_2021-12-04 lucinda …)

Down seven pounds from yesterday?
Sure, Jan.

No. 1384537

Fuck this retard, if she keeps engaging with trolls on twitter she deserves it. She was just lucky w the ambrose situation.

No. 1384581

How is Lucinda responsible for that bitch's actions? Has nothing to do with her.

No. 1384582

Because there isn't anything to attack lucinda for so they just kind of floundered around and came up with "her best friend was bad online in 2014, this is important today and also is luci's fault for having a best friend"
If Lucinda was best schizophrenia buddies with Natalie or anyone else, they would just do the same thing.
It's weird how badly they want to ruin everything for lucinda. Her followers, say she's lying about her ED, try to come for her little bestie. Seething.

No. 1384591

They're so mad that Lucinda actually lost weight unlike them kekk

No. 1384609

Her ability to type coherently when she needs to dunk on ambrose

No. 1384628

They've been mocking her for her incoherent writing it makes sense she'd put in the effort to make sense for at least one of these fools.

No. 1384684

Queen Luci is also followed by a huge page called I,Hypocrite. She didn't buy followers- she attracted a lot of attention outside of EDtwt because she is quite shocking at times. If you took 2 seconds to look at her QRTs for her body checks you'll see a bunch of random people retweeting in a sort of "what the fuck" morbid curiosity type of way. Why would Lucinda buy followers? She cultivated a following because people like to gawk, just like us, at people they find interesting

Tale your meds, Natalie, She's defending herself against people harassing her

No. 1384692

File: 1638622005955.jpg (617.04 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20211204-084401.jpg)

Unbothered queen continues to enjoy Christmas while Ambrose rots in the loss of her ultimate narc fuel. Looking forward to those Christmas lights.

No. 1384700

her fatty h8ers must be seething. just yesterday they were making fun of her calling her fat for still being in the "triple digits". i guess something about her failed suicide attempt fucked with her body and made her lose extra weight. oh sweet karma. the fatties jealous of her weight loss made her lose weight in the process of telling her to kill herself. loves it.

No. 1384711

Defending yourself only makes the trolls double down, not leave. You would know that if you weren't a newfag.

No. 1384717

the only troll is natalie. now that she no longer has ambrose's fake balls to gargle she's crawling into lucinda's thread

No. 1384778

File: 1638630947446.jpg (54.53 KB, 383x680, 2323698413.jpg)

No. 1384780

File: 1638630968574.jpg (54.96 KB, 383x680, 797949232.jpg)

No. 1384828

This is a really cute picture

No. 1384841

I highly doubt that she tried to commit suicide. She didn't go to the hospital? And if she went, did they let her go so fast? Her phone was not taken away? Everything indicates that it's a lie.

No. 1384843

no it isn't

No. 1384846

No. 1384852

to be fair, her parents or brother may have caught her in time before her health was in any danger and she probably still counts it as an attempt. or you may be right and she’s lying. either is possible.

No. 1384853

stop slandering our uniqueen

No. 1384858

She mentioned in her post after the attempt that she threw most of the pills up, which agrees with what she's said previously about being unable to keep anything down. She's mentioned on several occasions that she basically automatically throws up anything she ingests at this stage, after purging so regularly for so long.

No. 1384859

'Cute' like in 'absolutely nightmarish' or 'makes you vomit??'

No. 1384864

she's lying. it's shocking that none of the people making excuses for her absurd fabrications have stopped and wondered why they have to roleplay as lucinda's pr team every few days. still better than ambrose tho

No. 1384867

nah my suicide attempt went the same way. seizure, choked on my own vomit, threw up the rest of the pills, then passed out until next morning lol.

No. 1384868

ambrose's followers can't stand that this thread became full of love for lucinda so they're here to hate on our queen

No. 1384870

What makes me doubt the most is that she seems normal after something so traumatic and shocking. All of this wouldn't have happened if they had taken the phone from her. Why are they still letting her use it?

No. 1384880

yea same, if u 'try' to kermit via pills ur unlikely to die, u'll just be very ill. i believe she took a lot of pills, but it was a case of self harm rather than suicide.

No. 1384881

people this mentally ill don't really see an attempt as traumatic or shocking, it's just another day in the life

No. 1384882

What other people said: suicide by pills doesn't always require assistance to survive. Ultimately it's just a drug overdose which people survive on their own all the time but people think it's worse because it was intentional. Nah, physically speaking it's the same thing. Yes I know this from experience, idk if it's the case, she might really be lying, but the effect is often incoherence for a few days or hours afterwards which we won't be able to notice because her typing style is already incoherent. If you have doubts about it from a medical pov then look it up yourself and come back with concrete proof instead of putting unfounded speculation on the thread

No. 1384889

i don't buy it either

No. 1384892

File: 1638641199684.jpg (508.25 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20211204-140539.jpg)

This was a serve.

No. 1384894

In the sense that Ambrose's leftover minions have been hounding her that she's a child predator for posting censored body checks, so she posted a link to what actual child predators do lmfao.

No. 1384898

i dm'd her to ask if she was okay shortly after her post saying she survived her suicide attempt, and she was, indeed, deeply traumatized and felt humiliated. she said she kept reliving the event as she wss around her family, imagining how unhappy they would've been and how she would've ruined christmas if she died. she doesn't like being negative on her twitter, or negative in general. she kept talking about the truth and her unicorn strength and about how she felt blessed to be alive for christmas. so yeah. take from that what you will.(don’t touch the poo)

No. 1384904

her unicorn strength, bless.. i just want to hug her. poor thing.

No. 1384925

don't interact or touch the shit

No. 1384926

it was an old interaction, dawg. i didn't do it for lolcow's sake.

No. 1384930

she loves suicidebaiting, it never happened. clearly another lie

No. 1384932

File: 1638645104766.jpg (733.19 KB, 1080x1602, Screenshot_20211204-150438.jpg)

our sweet queen posted low cal soup recipes so the anachans would stop drinking chicken broth and soy milk. blessed is our holy mother.


she only vaguely implied it once when she found this thread, newfag. she's too busy posting selfies and unicorns and losing weight to be sad enough to suicidebait. nice try.

No. 1384935

>a schizophrenic, maniac and psychotic attention-seeker starving and taking nudes

No. 1384939

She should drink that soup herself.

No. 1384949

I see the edtwtfags didn't like that Lucinda is our reigning queen and are trying desperately to turn this into thread #1

No. 1384951

File: 1638647728972.png (494.14 KB, 643x538, uniciddies.png)

No. 1384952

she got rid of their precious daddy and is being worshipped for it they're buttblasted and will do anything to change the tone of this thread. their newfaggotry is painfully obvious.

No. 1384956

There's nothing remotely attractive about that trainwreck body anyway I wouldn't be able to either see myself or her sexually. Aren't her followers mlm troons anyway? Good for her. The people attacking her are obviously bitter that Lucinda clearly defeated Ambrose by calling him a loser. Nothing sexual about that picture and those funbags at all. Anyone who says so is a vendettafag trying to get our pet cow cancelled on edtwt.

No. 1384958

File: 1638648164877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1458x2592, 20211204_134627-01.jpeg)

Full picture for those wondering. Much sexual. Much danger to minors.

No. 1384959

>she seems normal
That's very generous of you, nona. She probably doesn't get that very often. Even if you don't understand how surviving an attempt method with one of the lowest success rates could be possible for a human without medical intervention, know the purity of a unicorn is more powerful than poison. You just have to believe in schizophre-I mean, magic

No. 1384963


never seen her nudie shots as sexual. she has an ed, she's gonna be obsessed with her body. she censors whatever a bikini would and covers her tits with her hands. what's the issue? waiftwt is full of little white girls in frilly panties covering their tits with knives and doillies.

i hate to parrot what everyone is saying but goddamn are these cunts jealous. lucinda's never hurt a fly, all we've done all these threads is make fun of her. but the shit she went through was completely abhorrent. and all these newfags trying to make schizophrenia and bodychecks into milk are too late for the first thread's party. fuck off, fatties. go back to failing your accountability threads.

No. 1384968

you can buy followers for other people's accounts. it's something twtfags do when they're infighting in order to accuse them of buying their followers, or just to scare them with the sudden influx of followers. as >>1384414 said i'm sure it was ambrose or one of his wks due to the timing.
lucinda doesn't type like this even without all the typos, she has a totally different speech pattern. this is typed like every basic twitterfag and sounds nothing like her other tweets. no way this is a real screenshot, the absolute slander.

No. 1384969

Haven't checked this thread for a week and come back to all this glory. That was wild. Happy to see our unicorn thriving. That being said, I don't see the haters stopping so perhaps she should take the other anon's advice and join an ed forum or something with less zoomers.

No. 1384972

you can tell these bitches weren't around for when "aesthetic" nudity was all over tumblr and lucinda's bodychecks are still more tame than most of that was. they're really reaching for anything to make her seem like a terrible person and it's not working

No. 1384975

This poor girl's titties look sadder than her face. If you're enough of a degenerate to add that to your spank bank you were fucked up before you found the unicorn. Are art galleries that show nude drawings grooming too? It's giving me Frida Kahlo ugly beauty they're just trying to censor artistic expression

No. 1384984

She already posted a link of predatory behavior to show how obvious it is that what she's doing isn't predatory behavior. These people are just looking for an excuse to fuck with her, she shouldn't listen to them because they're in the wrong.

No. 1384990


A living warning that you shouldn't leave your mental illness unchecked.
And that you should keep tards like her away from social media.

No. 1384991

Been a long time lurker of this thread because I've always liked Lucinda and thought she was so sweet, so if your reading this I just wanted to say how much it brightens my day to see photos of you smiling while holding a plushie, you are so precious Lucinda never let the bullies get you down! ♥

No. 1384992

Cut this out.

No. 1384996

That's a different Nona, this was my first post here. Chill out Nonnie it's not gonna derail the whole thread to say something nice for a change, you don't have to be so rabid about it.

No. 1385002

Sorry you're such a grinch, nonny. The rest of us are going to keep being happy for our precious unicow.

No. 1385006

Our precious unicow is acting more retarded than usual, I liked her but she's starting to be annoying like 'real' cows are

No. 1385013

this angle makes her look ugly

No. 1385014

Same. This thread alone is proof that lolcow, in fact, isn’t an ableist nazi white-supremist dangerous racist incel terf hacker forum, but a wholesome multiracial unicornfriendly cowfriendly safe space with an army of autists to protect our beloved cows. Can’t say that about twitter, can you?

No. 1385020

idk i think twitter has an autist army as well

No. 1385021

File: 1638652599164.jpg (283.24 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20211204-171149.jpg)

This is the kind of thinspo these girls love. But suddenly Lucinda is a predator for posing harmlessly in costumes all the while warning minors about gaslighting, trauma, codependancy, predatory behavior, and grooming. They can't stand that she's literally perfect and are trying to take her down.

Stay strong, little unicorn. I couldn't bear the thought of these fat zoomers getting rid of my favorite cow.

No. 1385034

You would have to be a special kind of fucked to look at this and think it’s sexual. This is based, a candid and vulnerable look of a woman’s surviving mental illnesses. >>1385021
This on the other hand is actually motivating children to starve for sexual attention and basing worth around their body. Just look at how much they lose sleep over not being skinnier than their boyfriend, their female friends, their ex’s new interest. Look at how all of their day dreams revolve around attaining admiration post weight loss, how they will perfectly embody their favorite Pinterest aesthetic, how it will be revenge and punishment upon their enemies. Skin deep and superficial, these girls only live to be perceived by others.

No. 1385036

How the fuck is this humanly possible? Did she cut off a limb or something?

No. 1385042

No. 1385156

File: 1638666169978.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1461, 20211204_210159.png)

No. 1385159

File: 1638666229905.jpg (277.49 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20211204-210103.jpg)

So now Lucinda is as bad as Ambrose. I can't.

No. 1385167

File: 1638666868665.jpg (61.38 KB, 1080x199, 0211204-210908.jpg)


the qrt's are even worse. they're telling her to kill herself.

No. 1385168

File: 1638666921712.jpg (79.23 KB, 1080x279, 0211204-210728.jpg)

No. 1385170

File: 1638667022861.jpg (165.75 KB, 1080x479, 0211204-210711.jpg)

No. 1385172

File: 1638667123380.jpg (65.48 KB, 1080x230, 211204-210650.jpg)

No. 1385174

File: 1638667250530.jpg (58.37 KB, 1080x245, 211204-210630.jpg)

No. 1385178

Honestly, this one is pretty correct.
I love Lucinda but the girl needs to get off twitter and get some help, or at least take her antipsychotics. I just don't want her to die.

No. 1385189

i doubt the people telling her that have her best interest in mind. they're just trying to mock her for being an oh-so crazy schizophrenic off her meds. it's all about humiliation.

No. 1385194

they're so buttblasted the lucinda thread is full of love and the ambrose thread ran him off twitter. they'll do anything to abuse her into deleting too.

No. 1385212

>pay your bills
seethe edtwtfag, Lucinda is a womanchild and lives with her wealthy parents and currently has no worries

No. 1385219

I was watching her have a back and forth with this dude and he was acting so civilized and douchey and holier than thou and I guess he got his ass DUNKED by a retard schizo who can't even type for him to crack and get this mad lmfaooooo

No. 1385228

File: 1638671915322.jpg (83.84 KB, 1125x779, 6e803339-7d92-4ebe-8bde-30ecdf…)

>watching these edtwt anachan larping fatties be mad their dream husbando was vanquished by our unicorn queen