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File: 1630633727537.png (511.56 KB, 893x401, 20210902_221707.png)

No. 1314398

Lucinda it's an attention-seeker, schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic and selfharmer.

Other names:

Oswaldslunch - R3velati0nz - Belinda - Belialsmiracles - Deborah



>Trans - genderspecial
>Thinks that's a real life unicorn and it's obsessed with unicorns, uses an horn
>Has a lot of cuts. Goes outside showing them. Makes sure that everybody notices them
>Writes exaggeratedly wrong on purpose - almost unintelligible and with random typos
>Claims to be in recovery but isn't even trying
>Claims to eat: the food of her cat, from the floor, expired, hand sanitizer, garbage and hydrogen peroxide
>Purged on the floor and let her pet eat the vomit
>Uploads nightmare-inducing nudes
>Part of the Twitter ED and SH communities
>Parents are rich as fuck, lives in an expensive and private neighborhood
>Mommy and daddy help and spoil her with everything she wants and needs
>Can't take a shower alone
>Brother manages all her acounts: mail, bank, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…
>Shit herself once
>Doxed herself without knowing it
>Shakes her ass in Tiktok
>Chicken Run cult

All social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch

No. 1314407

Other threads:

#1 >>1280424

#2 >>1287920

No. 1314409

good thread. keep it up

No. 1314412


No. 1314426

File: 1630636708730.jpg (57.64 KB, 1280x720, mY9KMCK.jpg)

No. 1314428

File: 1630637218163.jpg (102.76 KB, 720x614, 20210902_234544.jpg)

otherkin stupid logic

No. 1314605

God what did they do to this girl….she seemed kind of cute in that YouTube video. I could fix her

No. 1314607

File: 1630665929038.jpg (9.41 KB, 441x212, wtf.jpg)

Oh yes, gorl. You have indeed.

No. 1314610

File: 1630666097164.png (133.34 KB, 225x220, please.png)

>> I could fix her

No. 1314640

>I could fix her
offer her to watch chicken run together

No. 1314659

File: 1630672971398.png (29.46 KB, 598x116, spel.png)

Now I'm convinced she really does it on purpose.

No. 1314668

Didn’t she say she was going to use spell check and autocorrect from now on?? I want to be able to read her bullshit. Crazy people can type just fine, autocorrect and spellcheck would fix the words. I don’t understand how her phone or computer just lets those words stay unless she deliberately turned those features off, which won’t help her brain or anyone else’s brain.

No. 1314674

It's all about playing puzzled to appear like the kyuut widdle kawaii gorl, nothing else.
Neurological condition my ass, because we've seen her correct handwriting and overly bizarre drawings that are completely without tics.
You'll find them somewhere in the 1st thread, I think.

No. 1314675

That might be true.

But her followers don't give a shit.

No. 1314684

>inb4 she types in perfectly fine english because she got tired of her own bs

No. 1314711


Found it!

Document is dated "July 10, 2021".
No spastic stutter there.

No. 1314830

File: 1630688577381.jpg (55.94 KB, 720x315, 20210903_135941.jpg)

No. 1314832

File: 1630688649523.jpeg (419.44 KB, 1152x2048, E-XsLdmWEB0AylM.jpeg)

No. 1314841

File: 1630689020701.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 412.61 KB, 1152x2048, E-XJWImWYAE-B3X.jpeg)

her neck is covered with cuts

No. 1314844


Soonr orl ster theyll takr youto thr hspotal agaon. Dimbficvk.

Hey, that's really quite easy to do.
Always be a little bit off, but not too much.

No. 1314845

File: 1630689122455.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 390.11 KB, 1152x2048, E-XJW3NXMAotWyj.jpeg)

No. 1314846

File: 1630689215377.jpeg (441.95 KB, 1152x2048, E-Xrp2eWYAEQoIM.jpeg)

No. 1314855

File: 1630689838797.png (16.74 KB, 598x105, oswaldslunch Twitter.png)

So MuCh LoGiC
VeRy ThInK

No. 1314860

Matters might go southwards very fast. That's gonna be so good.

No. 1314866

File: 1630690693371.jpg (22.02 KB, 720x231, 20210903_143530.jpg)

stinky butt farts peepeepoo purge

No. 1314878

Getting ready for another combo?

No. 1314882

Her weird face editing is getting more and more extreme

No. 1314886

If that reads "indefinite dry fast" then she's gonna look forward to another ambulance ride in the very near future.
And what about those benzos? Aren't they kicking anymore?

No. 1314903

speedrun: back to the ambulance and then the hospital in record timing [NEW]

No. 1314905

Bonus: Farting & purging on the way

No. 1314998

File: 1630699552629.gif (491.65 KB, 500x320, enigma.gif)

No. 1315017

This is all so very bad, that it's getting good again

No. 1315058


Why does she take her glasses off for selfies? You can clearly see imprints of them on the bridge of her nose; those aren't visible for long after you've taken your glasses off.

No. 1315070

Unicorns don’t wear glasses

No. 1315075

They do not cut their skin to shreds, either

No. 1315087

File: 1630708483985.jpg (83.21 KB, 680x671, ERW56T1DST32S.jpg)

She made this plan to lose weight fast. It starts tomorrow, apparently. She changed her goal from 88lbs to 72lbs.

No. 1315092

so she plans not to eat til the end of November. cool cool

No. 1315096

>83 days/nearly 3 months without eating

No. 1315101

It's the original UNICORN DIET™
The new fucking thing from Puerto Rico

No. 1315176

a plan is all it is. it won't happen.

No. 1315292

who wants to place bets on how long it'll take her body to shut down due to dehydration and/or malnutrition? if she actually follows through with this she's gonna straight up collapse on one of her walks.

No. 1315339

This is a normal thing, why are you even pointing this out? Have you never met someone who wears glasses before?

No. 1315340

She’s kind of cute when she isn’t purposely editing her face to look dead tbh

No. 1315525


I wear glasses daily and any selfie I take is with glasses on, because that's what I look like. Why would I remove them for a picture? If it's so common to do that, then explain why that is because I don't get why li'l miss unicorn takes her glasses off for pictures. She's fine posting her cut up, emaciated body and rolls of saggy stomach skin. What's so awful about a pair of glasses compared to that?

No. 1315539

She's out there looking like THAT and your guys' only issue is the fact she takes off her glasses for photos like half of all glasses-wearing population

No. 1315620


Not an issue, just curious BECAUSE she's out there looking like that. If you can go out in public covered in cuts and dressed like a toddler, and post endless selfies of yourself showing off your sickly body and scars, completely unbothered… why are your glasses, aka something many people wear and isn't considered an abnormality, a thing you'd hide for photos and not the fucking cuts on your NECK?

No. 1315648

Nta and seriously it's just fucking glasses, drink some water. I take my glasses off for selfies because it reflects light off the lens and can ruin a picture.

No. 1315708

maybe she feels they just don't suit her certain kind of look. this is such a weird thing to sperg about.

No. 1315760

File: 1630780429808.jpg (27.94 KB, 720x221, 20210904_152723.jpg)


No. 1315761

she'll be in the bathroom all day

No. 1315762

Yaay! Enjoy your happy dehydration, little unicorn!
Hope your tard wranglers are not around to save ya.

No. 1315764

farting & pooping, just another weekend

No. 1315766


That's gonna be a lot of combos and muffled farts.

No. 1315783

File: 1630783666739.jpg (5.33 KB, 266x189, download.jpeg-4.jpg)

A schizophrenic "unicorn" takes 15 laxatives this is what happened to her kidney's

D.R is a 25 year old presenting to the emergency room.

No. 1315788


A fountain of brown and yellow
Shriveling like a raisin under the friendly Puerto Rican sun.
Wasted youth

No. 1315790

Kek anon

No. 1315793

Beautiful poo-etry, anon

No. 1315810

File: 1630788528090.png (391.35 KB, 598x415, Screenshot_2021-09-04.png)

Look, it's Ms. Bellygrumble greeting her loyal fanbase..!
And she's wearing her hair in blue today.

No. 1315821

She's gonna explode like some shit supernova.

No. 1315856

File: 1630793085474.jpg (99.64 KB, 720x596, 20210904_153503.jpg)

No. 1315857

File: 1630793108458.jpeg (601.21 KB, 1152x2048, E-dz7aSWQAIunn2.jpeg)

No. 1315860

so she likes someone who's called luca, the same as her male version/alterego, this is hilarious

No. 1315872

maybe they can do a shitting combo together

No. 1315873

File: 1630794195390.jpeg (384.03 KB, 1361x2048, E-TYT_vXMAM19wq.jpeg)


No. 1315977

File: 1630801848454.png (33.06 KB, 598x158, Screenshot_2021-09-05.png)

Good news: Our gorl found the autocorrect function so we can understand her ramblings now.
Bad news: She obviously survived her laxative overdose that she took in the morning.

No. 1316177

File: 1630828889343.png (58.18 KB, 890x314, Screenshot_2021-09-05 oswaldsl…)

Holy shmoly, she wants to become a professional YT guru now.
Hopefully that does not collide with her unicorn duties?
But good to know that even retards can get greedy sometimes.

No. 1316273

A youtube guru? Kek she's gonna sell 1000$ formations to be come a unicorn

No. 1316285

"Step one: Starve yourself down to 75 lbs"

No. 1316354

File: 1630853969382.jpg (23.14 KB, 598x389, do_u_logic.jpg)

Man, that's some rational thinking going on over there.

No. 1316362

Seeing Lucinda talk about sex feels weird. Would it be illegal to have a "full" adult relationship with someone like Lucinda? Like, given her mental state, can she even consent to sexual activity?

>br you Luca
Is >>1315873 Luca? She doesn't look like a Luca. The way the reply is worded seems to be directed at that girl

No. 1316461

>>1316362 the other user is a genderspecial too. Basically: white, average, straight but uses pronouns and tries to be "unique".

No. 1316462

If she only left out that ugly cutting.
Maybe then she'd be kinda cute and quirky.
But look at all that scars.

No. 1316468

File: 1630864645413.jpg (100.46 KB, 720x602, 20210905_145350.jpg)


No. 1316470

File: 1630864685642.jpg (111.65 KB, 720x637, 20210905_145401.jpg)

No. 1316471

File: 1630864764886.jpg (22.85 KB, 495x357, 20210905_145335.jpg)

>but you were talking about fucking someone yesterday

No. 1316494

You can neurological issues and write well. There are some clients at my job who have dementia and can still write ok

No. 1316573

We k s in aspjcspjdric society

No. 1316608

Your makeuntechniahes sound toovrobotic

No. 1316618

idk how anyone doesnt know how to type like Lucina/other inyernet attentionseekers. Just (tirn aytocrrect off forst) type as fast as possible like your life deoends on it, wothout looking at the results, hit send. Irganic shit tuping all for ftee.

No. 1316622

she's been writing that way since she was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2016, back in her 1d blog where she had barely any followers, also the first thread. she also wrote that way in her private schizo blog, which she complained about being embarassed about. i think we can tuck away the whole "uwu she fakes the crytyping to look kawaii" like anyone ever said it was cutesy in the first place except you tards. she said she only typed bad the same reason her presumed elderly mother typed bad on the phone, maybe it's just a neurological thing. not that deep. besides, she's finally using autocorrect. what does the discourse even matter?

No. 1316626

Funny, isn't it, that all her cuts are pretty precise and nicely aligned? No neurological problems with her motor skills there.
Well, I guess one has got to set some priorities.

No. 1316630

basically. i think that's all she's ever done. she just writes like shit. literally shittyping. she always said it wasn't a typing quirk. what's so unbelievable about a schizophrenic who can't take a shower on their own writing like shit because they're inclined to on a keyboard? certain tics develop in certain ways. hell, she's bulimic, thinks she's a unicorn, and watched chicken run 5 times a night. and you people think she fakes typing like shit?

No. 1316635

She can also hold a phone. And a pencil. And put in circle lenses. But not cook for herself. It's almost like some people are capable of some things and not others.

No. 1316640

Or people make excuses for shit they don't like/want to do.

No. 1316653

Just like Grandma did, when she was deaf only when someone had to wash the dishes.

No. 1316686

No. 1316690

she can write smut +18 stories, but suddenly can't spell a word correctly. that's very obvious. she didn't wash the dishes a single time in her entire life.

No. 1316698


No. 1316703

File: 1630884050420.jpg (61.32 KB, 660x371, _69195289_000997830-1.jpg)

I've heard that before

No. 1316729

amen to that.

No. 1316833

she said her brother was a writer so it's possible he proofread including the smut for the sake of letting her feel accomplished at something she always used to do

No. 1316915

File: 1630911836065.jpg (668.33 KB, 2048x2048, E-Mu14CXMAkzWI_.jpg)

>jjjust gt my newwtw tat guuyuyerys

No. 1316963

I'd rather hack my arm off.

No. 1317006

Kek, anon my sides

No. 1317045

This is by far the creepiest thread I’ve seen on lolcow after the girl who picked her own legs until the point of necrosis..

No. 1317049

Both of them, just to be sure.

No. 1317051

FYI, that girl you're referring to has had an amputation of those legs some weeks ago.

No. 1317054

File: 1630934449560.png (909.04 KB, 593x745, Screenshot 2021-09-06 Rebecka …)

No, it's not quite a Rembrandt, and rather crude.
But in all fairness, that scribble definitely hits some distinctive features.

No. 1317055

I just wonder if she has a roast beef vagina.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317126

File: 1630943481723.jpg (119.32 KB, 720x675, 20210906_124826.jpg)

No. 1317127

File: 1630943504672.jpg (42.08 KB, 720x430, 20210906_124756.jpg)

No. 1317129

>scrotes fapping thinking about lucinda

No. 1317131

File: 1630943627825.jpg (63.52 KB, 720x513, 20210906_124644.jpg)

No. 1317132

File: 1630943648636.jpg (21.21 KB, 570x340, 20210906_124718.jpg)

No. 1317152


No. 1317164

ah so she can write normally good to see. Hope she gets a hold of herself and stops self harming and starving too and gets a more normal look. From her descriptions her brother seems like an incestuos creep too. Something very off putting with her family.

No. 1317176

I saw that anon.. I saw that..
These two are the threads where I cannot even laugh at the cows tbh..

No. 1317184

So she can clearly post without typos huh

No. 1317196

She claims to use autocorrect by now. That poor computer.

No. 1317197


But we don't have to laugh about them.
It's always allowed to be amazed, anon.

No. 1317207

File: 1630950062067.png (78.35 KB, 598x204, Screenshot_2021-09-06 lucinda …)

Hello darkness my old friend

No. 1317231

No. 1317242

Just googlesearch for "Kelly Ronahan, Vampire Munchie" and enjoy the ride.
Most pictures are spoilered, don't worry.

No. 1317275

No. 1317283


No. 1317296


Yes, do it.

Then make a comparison with Lucinda/Deborah.
She'll look like the nicest girl next door with her fancy hair, cute little cuttings and a bit of underweight.

Remember: "There is always a bigger fish"

No. 1317322

File: 1630959585506.png (464.53 KB, 598x443, Screenshot_2021-09-06 lucinda.…)

Our little goblin offers a photoshoppin' course for free, fellow anons!
Come on, turn yourself into a ReAl UnIcOrN!

No. 1317331

File: 1630960601768.png (250.54 KB, 598x459, Screenshot_2021-09-06 .png)

"How to do the stoned owl"

No. 1317334


She's too dumb to type in a straight line but doing a 12-step tutorial how to pimp up your portrait every time?

That's startin to vex me a bit.

No. 1317357

she said her brother helps her do online shit these aren't wild scenarios if you aren't determined to be autistic.

No. 1317393

she photoshops herself to look white when she's totally brown

No. 1317396

Imagine hating your own skin tone and ethnicity this much.

No. 1317397

have you ever seen a nigger unicorn..?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317400

File: 1630970119796.jpg (71.63 KB, 890x259, H4GF6CJ5H6KGLJH.jpg)

No. 1317404

File: 1630970209648.jpg (28.09 KB, 884x220, O56JO5U65KGHL5H.jpg)

her brother must be another autistic

No. 1317412

and he fucks her in all holes

No. 1317414

how did you get 'autistic' from what seems to be a description of a well-adjusted man with actual hobbies that aren't purging and pretending to be a unicorn?

No. 1317416

Really sad cos she’s actually a pretty girl

No. 1317418

what part of gym rat sounds autistic

No. 1317421

I can't believe scrotes fantasize about Lucinda and her brother having an incestuous relationship. Please. What the fuck.

No. 1317424

like nibbling & licking one of her juicy roast beef labia while she watches Chicken Run for the fifth time in a row(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317425

Ignore the weird bait

No. 1317436

She appears to have been an OOPS baby. Her mum was menopausal and thought she couldn't get pregnant? There's a connection between older parents and autism. Saying that, she's not as fucked up as she claims. I think of her as the same pea in the pod as Dorian/Jenn.

No. 1317438

Maybe her mom drank a little bit too much while being preggers..?

No. 1317439

Nudge nudge, know what I mean.

No. 1317447

kek'd at this and now I feel bad

No. 1317451

File: 1630974946805.jpg (36.09 KB, 258x400, uoc.jpg)

Yes, you are silly as >>1317397 is not smart. There were many Unicorns of Color.

No. 1317453

But that's utterly disgusting!

No. 1317457

Genderspecial unikorns are disgusting, but nobody mentioned that.

No. 1317513

kek I forgot, isn't Lucinda a fakeboi?

No. 1317531

This poster will go on to have a meltdown and like eight binging/purging fits on their private Twitter because someone IRL ignored them when they said "I'm non-binary btw" lol

No. 1317539

Lucinda is asexual, attracted to women and only one "boy" that she likes and trans/nonbinary. Translation: virgin, likes both women and men, fakeboi/trastender that changes of personalities and names. She calls herself Lucinda and Luca ("daddy").

No. 1317563


Are you the same anon determined to wk her at every turn? It’s fucking stupid. I don’t believe for a second anyone helps her with the internet. You think her brother is typing out his sister wishes she were dead to internet randos? Or unicorn-ifying his sisters photos? She’s a liar, just like all the other cows.

No. 1317611

Lucinda made her first appearance in the mtf thread when someone mistook her for an actual male, and then later again in the fakeboi thread when someone mistook her for an ftm

No. 1317697

jesus christ imagine either thinking ‘fuck I thought I couldn’t get pregnant anymore - well better keep it what’s the worst that could happen’ or ‘fuck I thought i couldn’t get pregnant anymore - what a precious miracle’ and then your little accident grows up to be a completely dependent autismo schizo double winner and you have to care for her well into your twilight years. should have used protection

No. 1317709

No. 1317712

all in all, she's the perfect poster child for a clean abortion

No. 1317761

Drano and a spatula

No. 1317806

File: 1631024267074.jpg (22.65 KB, 500x625, 1630093792745.jpg)


No. 1317837

no, just complex screencaps and thread making for his sister lol. no need to sperg.

No. 1317942



No. 1318028

>so i can't get pregnant, i'll have sex with my husband without protection, i'm too old to be capable of giving birth
savage unicorn appears

No. 1318034

i wear glasses everyday and take them off for selfies, it just comes down to personal preference and isn't noteworthy.

No. 1318041


says it isn't noteworthy.

makes post about it.

No. 1318219

Turns out Idoldecay, mentioned in the previous thread, turned out to be a cow with a thread on /w/. She did a face reveal and apparently she was a 4chan shitposter who claimed to be a prostitute aged 16, truamacore, yada yada yada

No. 1318226


Very nice find, anon.

No. 1318399

Oh my lord I've been pretty desensitized to a lot of stuff on the internet, but that made me want to throw up

No. 1318662

There is some new stuff on her Twitter, but this is getting too boring and repetitive.

No. 1318674

File: 1631090109688.png (34.04 KB, 337x320, Screenshot_2021-09-08 lucinda …)

Spergout about some shitty drawing.
Goodbye autocorrect era.

No. 1318675

link to thread? Searching for "idoldecay" wields nothing

No. 1318677

Strange, but there was a link to the thread only yesterday.
Go to her twitter "idoldecay" to get an impression. She's a dedicated ProAna attention whore and serial poster.

No. 1318692

lmao i linked the wrong post. I cancelled the post. I was trying to link to the "carrd cringe" thread. It seems like they found out this Idoldecay is that fat "gyaru" larping as an abused pregnant prostitute

No. 1318725

File: 1631096334979.png (668.55 KB, 2048x1638, Screenshot_20210908-061606.png)

Apparently she's a vampire now lmao. Ed twt always makes me sick, i hope these people receive help, and if they are, receive better help

No. 1318745

she's already been discussed ad nauseum in lucindas threads, milk from two years ago, all current stuff is just repetitive "i don't eat im a vampire" tweets, yawn.

No. 1318746

yeah I agree, she's a boring ho tryina get some relevance again lariping this vampire shit. No need to pollute queen-unicornfart's thread anymore with mentions of her. If someone wants to disccus her why not reopening her thread instead of shitting this one?

No. 1318750

Could someone dig out the link to the idoldecay thread on /w/, please?

No. 1318763

And the talk about her in the carrd cringe thread too.

No. 1318779

Edtwt and shtwt are a disease. Inmature sluts and minors larping as animals, fairies, unicorns. Too much cringe.

No. 1318785

Where are you getting "sluts" from? About 95% of them are like 14 and all they post is kpop and ED stuff

No. 1318788

File: 1631105744944.jpg (96.94 KB, 720x535, 20210908_094227.jpg)

No. 1318791

File: 1631105922309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.55 KB, 720x709, 20210908_095420.jpg)

Mooglekins/Lucrecia is another selfharmer. She has BPD and thinks she's an unicorn too.

No. 1318792

Why don't you make a thread for all this edtwt/shtwt spam?

No. 1318798

Cuz' it is not wrong to examine the inner circle of our main cow..?

No. 1318799

lucrecia and lucinda

No. 1318818

Lucrecia is an interesting choice for a name. At first I was thinking of the song Lucrecia my Reflection by Sisters of Mercy and maybe it was for edgy goth points, then I realised that's too out of touch for a zoomer, and then I remembered that any vampire media ever has a vampire named Lucrecia just because of the song, so I have to wonder if she just nabbed it from like the mom in Dance with the Vampire Bund or something

No. 1318823

File: 1631111308389.jpg (19.65 KB, 598x118, oswaldslunch Twitter.jpg)

If he doesn't pick her up in two days' time, we know for sure.

No. 1318837

Lucretia was also a Roman noblewoman who killed herself after being raped.

No. 1318852

Possibly chosen for uwu trauma points? I'd believe it

No. 1318856

she will eat all the flowers of that park

No. 1318861

In touch with nature, at least for as long as the batteries last.

No. 1318872

File: 1631115710586.jpg (63.13 KB, 890x214, denial.jpg)

"I am not the schizo around here. But everyone else is. Now piss off."

No. 1318873

File: 1631115777857.jpg (95.59 KB, 720x613, 20210908_124014.jpg)

No. 1318880

I don't think her followers actually read here. There is nothing here discussed that Lucinda hasn't said herself, the whole point is people watching so it wouldn't make sense to make shit up. Other than some mild speculation/tinfoil while trying to decipher her tweets literally everything talked about is directly from Lucinda

No. 1318884

You know, that’s a weirdly well adjusted response! Good for our unicorn queen.

No. 1318955

I don't want to sound like a WK because she is, actually, a terrible person who now spams literal pro-ana shit, but she really was in a bunch of fucked sexual abuse stuff as a teenager. It definitely fucked her up. I wish she'd get help since she seems to genuinely now believe she died of an overdose and is now a vampire who doesn't need to eat, but also doesn't need to eat to starve away her tits because ptsd.

No. 1319042

Some anons are too gullible.

No. 1319043

If you're referring to me, I've watched her behavior during her height on 4chan. She's incredibly disturbed and even if, perhaps, she's exaggerated her life, it's pretty clear she went through some forms of sexual abuse.

No. 1319044

Not that part, the part about believing she's a vampire etc.

No. 1319045

File: 1631128837990.png (62.19 KB, 600x540, 534534523.png)

Oh, I see. The encouragement of her delusions is really sad too, although these people all probably have similar delusions.

No. 1319050

> but she really was in a bunch of fucked sexual abuse stuff as a teenager.

Define "really".

No. 1319056

Fucking older men for drugs/alcohol who definitely knew her age, I distinctly remember her posting images of said drugs. While, yes, she got herself into those messes, those were still adult men.

This should definitely continue on in either the pro-ana thread or some other thread entirely, I think, though.

No. 1319057

Some other thread entirely. Good god, don't pass her on to proana. Took ages to get rid of Lucinda.

No. 1319073

File: 1631131329396.jpg (33 KB, 681x248, 20210908_165922.jpg)

Sage for autism but the pronouns and gender bullshit in these communities is sick.

No. 1319097

> I distinctly remember her posting images of said drugs

So you saw some picture on the internets.
That proves pretty much everything, wow.

No. 1319111

Why do you care so much to debunk someone's possible sexual trauma? I feel like there's more problems at hand with her.

No. 1319143

If you knew how many bitches out there were "nearly been raped", just to garner a bit of attention.

Lurk moar.

No. 1319174

holy mother of scrote

No. 1319182

You're really obsessive over this. This is someone who starves themselves to an underweight state under the daily delusion that they are a vampire who can't dirty their body with food (which does seem to tie into feeling dirty from abuse.) Whether or not their history of abuse is real, they're clearly a very unstable and ill person. Sperging out over evil females and their lies of rape feels like a stupid thing to hone in on.

No. 1319191

File: 1631140496533.jpg (88.51 KB, 720x478, 20210908_193132.jpg)

No. 1319193

File: 1631140534106.jpg (54.54 KB, 720x267, 20210908_193149.jpg)

No. 1319298

how quickly is she typing lmao? autocorrect usually suggests multiple words, and if you aren't keysmashing like an ape it's easy enough to select the correct word before you even finish typing it fully. i would love to watch her post in realtime

No. 1319301

She's making excuses for why it's okay to type like a special retard again. More proof she does it on purpose.

No. 1319322

File: 1631148835939.jpg (103.64 KB, 720x628, 20210908_214928.jpg)

>i can't be a rainbow magical horse so i'll just kill myself

No. 1319323

File: 1631148864115.jpg (63.37 KB, 720x478, 20210908_215023.jpg)

No. 1319334

What abuse?

No. 1319336

… Abuse in her childhood?

No. 1319435


With the way that autocorrect is set up on devices now, you have to purposefully type like a retarded fuck in order to get it that wrong. It can pick up a fair margin of error. Every time I see her stupididid tiepiing I’m just reminded what an act it is.

No. 1319457

does she know horses are uh. extremely heavy

No. 1319508

File: 1631172638769.png (12.22 KB, 333x59, 1631140496533 jpg.png)

Just go on.

No. 1319515

The problem is, that she just wants to live in her very own schizo world. Any mental gymnastics will do for that.
I cannot imagine the terror to live with her in the same house as a family member, not knowing if she comes out of her room for supper with dozens of fresh, bleeding wounds and dressed like a clown.
That's gonna be such a hell on an everyday basis.

No. 1319585


"Fuck autocorrect"? But why??

At least autocorrect has friends, numbnut.

And it is very useful, unlike your own pathetic tard life.

No. 1319750

Lady Amalthea is said to have weighed nothing in the book/movie The Last Unicorn to make her seem more ethereal, which is playing into this goal of 75lbs

No. 1319777

Oh, it's written in some fantasy book and a cheaply done animation movie says so.
That makes is all very reasonable, then. Way to go, Lucinda.

No. 1319872

File: 1631208121733.jpg (46.91 KB, 720x297, 20210909_142005.jpg)

No. 1319873

File: 1631208147415.jpg (45.83 KB, 720x409, 20210909_142043.jpg)

No. 1319886

Wow. Now that's some real heavy duty stuff there.
Wonder how that works together with her new fitness regime?

No. 1319893

Feeling sorry for that family members of hers. How can you handle this kind of shit every day.

No. 1319897

File: 1631209576047.jpeg (61.49 KB, 750x347, AAD5F34D-5B0C-4473-8719-E0412A…)

I feel bad for her boyfriend.

No. 1319907

imagine: you're the mum of an unshowered, hairy unicorn, and everyday you have to inject her ass.

No. 1320023

The Last Unicorn was really good. I will not allow you to speak ill of the holy text in this, the thread of our Unicorn Overlord

No. 1320064


a rather mediocre production of the early 1980s, maybe with some single highlights

nothing more

No. 1320072

let's not forget about the shitty animation

No. 1320073

Samefag but she apparently roleplays as a vampire at work and tells all her coworkers she's an irl vampire too.
I feel bad for everyone around her who has to just smile and nod.

No. 1320123

That list says 'shut your fucking mouth, just sit there and drool'.

No. 1320137

Jesus, that’s enough to knock out an elephant, let alone a unicorn. Even just one of these meds once a day would be sedating.

No. 1320162

File: 1631225893382.jpg (62.38 KB, 600x627, 2f72eeef-4871-4fc4-9473-406602…)

Back on Twitter.

No. 1320245

File: 1631235628518.jpeg (437.49 KB, 1152x2048, E-3ZEFeWQAcjBj_.jpeg)

No. 1320247

those poor arms

No. 1321127

File: 1631350727888.jpg (10.46 KB, 598x118, fido.jpg)

dog food

No. 1321129

christ what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 1321159

According to her psych doctor, some severe and lasting mental illnesses.

No. 1321486

File: 1631396789924.jpg (53.66 KB, 720x400, 20210911_184404.jpg)

oissiskvld zfkkc fjsk djd fbd ikkkjnv

No. 1321487

i really hope this is a joke

No. 1321491

So she’s definitely making it worse on purpose now, right?

No. 1321495

File: 1631397463455.jpeg (50.93 KB, 620x386, 3D18B401-99BC-4D21-A615-84B77D…)

No. 1321501

Make it stop. Please. Stop punching the fucking keyboard.

No. 1321519

What the fuck happened to spell check didn’t she have it for like a day, I’m surprised because schizophrenics are really like intent about getting tHeiR meSsagE out

No. 1321534


i'm surprised she can type anything with all those meds. maybe the spelling mistakes are part of it? i could see her dragging her fingers across the keyboard for 5 minutes and not wanting to edit it further because it's already time/effort consuming.

No. 1321544

She spelled like this before the meds I think

No. 1321586

People on her feed literally saying they can't read it and it's hard for them to follow so she uses spellcheck for like a day and then decides she's not special enough without her typing quirk so fuck her "friends" who can't keep up. What a cunt.

No. 1321608

>"Nothing this time! I just want ti be as thin as a kid and I think 75lbs is fucking close for body and BMI I am looking for"

Anachans are obsessed with infantilising themselves. I wonder if her uwu larp is more to do with her ED than the other stuff

No. 1321618

she's into ddlg, she did fanfics "babyxdaddy/subxdom" and calls herself daddy, so…

No. 1321621

if you're a baby you can't wash the dishes, work or study, it's being lazy and don't wanting to be an adult.

No. 1321642

She's mutuals / interacts often it seems with Idoldecay too. They're all in their own schizo circle.

No. 1321696

I cant tell if this is a self post or you’re trying to document who she’s friends with, but if it’s the latter I don’t fucking care unless it’s related to lucinda being milky.

No. 1321759

you can't call that a 'circle'.

they just click together like the tiny loony magnets that they are.

showing off all their cuts and telling other wrecks how beautiful they are.

i can see no special connection to that other tard whose name you mentioned.

No. 1322028

It's also just sorta super common in anorexics too. I don't what the correlation is exactly, but there's something about eating disorders that is directly linked to people who act like children. It's not everyone with an ED who does this but holy hell the community is full of people who are full on larping

No. 1323053

So glad to be healthy.

No. 1323243

File: 1631567111224.jpg (67.05 KB, 720x533, 20210913_180253.jpg)

flirting god level

No. 1323245

>the "male" picture
>is all abalaut u n me baybe

No. 1323246

File: 1631567221082.jpg (86.58 KB, 720x509, 20210913_180306.jpg)

No. 1323247

File: 1631567245524.jpg (48.35 KB, 720x310, 20210913_180324.jpg)

No. 1323249

Another day. Another letter salad.

No. 1323254

File: 1631567629238.jpeg (615 KB, 2128x3052, E_MH10PXsAQiHlB.jpeg)

"Dear diary:


No. 1323261

Me at 10 when my mum was angry because i ate all the cookies:

No. 1323274

File: 1631569804173.jpeg (328.4 KB, 1152x2048, E_MjupmWEAEhSNr.jpeg)

No. 1323275

how can her brother be a bulky weight trainer at 125lbs kek

No. 1323285

a fairy fuckbkg

No. 1323289

Calm down, weirdo

No. 1323311

File: 1631572780070.jpg (50.68 KB, 580x470, Pixklht wi kly.jpg)

Pixklht wi kly

No. 1323319

that moustache from the chocomilk tho

No. 1323320

she must be tall to look like she does at 125 pounds. Do we know a height for her?

No. 1323447

why is her nose like…. discolored? does she do her makeup like that on purpose?

No. 1323511

She's said before she uses the burn tool on her face.

No. 1323581

File: 1631600727332.jpg (31.86 KB, 598x221, garble.jpg)

Your mouth is flapping
But I do not listen

No. 1323593

I can imagine her followers getting fed up with this nonsense real soon

No. 1323595

Cheerful comments are few and far between.
Luci is scary, even for her cronies.

No. 1323596

The shock factor is gone already. She's just a retard at this point.

No. 1323649

We should have it in the OP that she uses the burn tool because someone asks it like 3 times in every thread

No. 1323654


There is "Photoshopper" written in the OP already.
Should also explain the occasional disappearance of her cutting wounds and stoner eyes.

No. 1323662

Ooh, now we have diacritics up in the mix. I haven’t noticed them in her fucked up typing, before now

No. 1323818

Right. Now her typing looks like the invitation to a Czech brothel.

No. 1323945

File: 1631637430170.png (317.67 KB, 598x422, ( oswaldslunch) Twitter.png)

Claiming to get double vision from her Klonopin.

No. 1323949

File: 1631637579809.jpeg (274.08 KB, 984x1224, E_Qg2jaWQAksD_J.jpeg)

Still able to do some scary photoshoppin' while being on Klonopin and having double vision.

No. 1323961

She must be taking high doses if that's the case. I hope she's not abusing her medication. Benzos are no joke.

No. 1323970


IIRC her mom is preparing the medication for her.
So let's hope the happy pills are well under lock and key.

No. 1323993

File: 1631640537304.jpeg (523.16 KB, 1152x2048, E_Qg2jDWQAUkR7U.jpeg)

No. 1323996

File: 1631640620473.jpg (48.28 KB, 720x284, 20210914_142948.jpg)

No. 1323998

File: 1631640678561.jpeg (461.7 KB, 1152x2048, E_QbzmhXoAMi34U.jpeg)

No. 1324002

File: 1631640760587.jpeg (82.37 KB, 1080x561, E_Qb1_8XIAUC8PT.jpeg)

another illness to the list, totally not fake

No. 1324007


First of all:

Sage your shit.

Then do a google search for "klonopin double vision" and be enlightened.
It's quite a common side effect.

No. 1324035

what the fuck is this photo. compare it to what she looked like even a few months ago, and we thought that was bad…

No. 1324036

Sage your shit.

No. 1324039

I wonder how the conversations go with her parents when she asks for money to buy toddercore trash off of amazon, if they even give a shit at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if they've totally checked out and just let her roleplay because they're too old to muster up the energy to stop enabling her.

No. 1324052

These tweets weren't posted and the pictures alone neither, so fuck off.

No. 1324053

we're seeing a person dying

No. 1324062


If she's really doing so, then she does it in a very slow and boring way. Most likely her kinda wealthy parents will intervene if Snowflake's weight drops under the unicorn mark. Maybe another trip to the hospital with tranquilizer treatment soon.

No. 1324097



and we are having lots of fun

No. 1324111

it’s the editing and hair that make her look this bad, not her health condition

No. 1324113

Granted, she's sick as hell. But she has got a family around her that will protect and care for her.

No. 1324116

This is a 18+ website.

No. 1324125

lmao what do you want i’m just saying she looks ugly(sage your shit)

No. 1324180

File: 1631654348571.png (540.12 KB, 750x1017, lol.png)

Miss "Totes a real vampire" sperging out over kinks and wishing death on them when she used to be into the same shit, kek. Yet she also still interacts with Lucinda who's into it too.

No. 1324193

um, Okay? you say that as if there isn't a ageplay/pedopandering thread on here, do you know where you are? calling out pedobaiters isn't milk and stop shitting up this thread ffs

No. 1324205

She's still very much alive, posting her shit on Twitter almost every day.

No. 1324209


Learn to sage. Reported.

No. 1324306

Please, stop sperging. Idoldecay isn't relevant to this thread. This looks like a selfpost.

No. 1324318

File: 1631666238446.jpg (85.59 KB, 896x453, F2S6G56Y5HYTS6D.jpg)

No. 1324326

File: 1631666450549.jpg (65.07 KB, 883x275, K56HJO5G6UIP5U.jpg)

No. 1324414

“Weight doesn% hanhr the bullying”
Words to live by <3

No. 1324419

File: 1631676437594.jpg (50.17 KB, 383x680, lucinda.jpg)

lowkey top surgery

No. 1324423

File: 1631676840189.jpg (26.58 KB, 777x164, J56KG5JG6F5L.jpg)

No. 1324461

I smell a self post too, they’ve already been told the thread is for Lucinda not this other loser. Just report their annoying asses

No. 1324517

Her face should be way puffier if she purges every day, no?

No. 1324540


Her face should look at the walls of a decent psych ward, from the inside.

No. 1324629

I think idoldecay is only noteworthy when she directly interacts with Lucinda. Idoldecay actually has her own thread, people should post her non Lucinda related milk in that thread instead of here

No. 1324804

Agreed. However Idoldecay's old thread is locked.
I think there should be a general edtwt/shtwt thread as long as people follow the rule of no minors posted. I'd make it myself but I've never made a thread before and not entirely sure how to make a good one.

No. 1324811

File: 1631724426713.jpeg (624.44 KB, 1458x2592, E_RPwlHWUAEm9ED.jpeg)

Now those are some scary scars. Maybe she pulled the wounds open again and again.

No. 1324816

That's a hard one to put together because a majority of that community are minors. Even people aged 16+ are rare as fuck since older teenagers don't want to be surrounded by kpoptards and sanrio thinspo edits. If Idoldecay starts to really cow it up then maybe a new thread but until then she is boring as fuck (or just toss her into the proana thread)

No. 1324828

File: 1631725215960.png (27.35 KB, 598x240, Screenshot_2021-09-15 lucinda …)

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that can bring so much joy.
Maybe the doctor lets her watch the screen while he's going on his dive?
So exciting!

No. 1324842

File: 1631726016734.jpg (30.64 KB, 899x212, KU59K5JK64GF6K.jpg)

No. 1324843

File: 1631726066240.jpg (28.42 KB, 883x214, NH2G6J576HGK5.jpg)

No. 1324844

Maybe dad's car key has gone missing?

No. 1324845

File: 1631726110816.jpg (58.73 KB, 891x280, N2V6J5F6J5H6K5.jpg)


No. 1324846

Someone ate too much flowers.

No. 1324850

Or toothpicks.

No. 1324872

That's not a fairground ride, gorl

No. 1324882

Sage your fucking post unless you translate it, most of us are English speakers here.

No. 1324884

The scars remind me of this nutty swedish rainbow fairy girl who just constantly cries about how mentally ill she is and is covered in scars maybe even more than lucinda

No. 1324887

back to burgerland

No. 1324893

She's saying that there's a lot of drug trafficking and gangs, it's dangerous at night because there are shootings and you can be injured by a stray bullet.

No. 1324920


No sweat. She lives with her family inside a gated community.

But thanks for the translation, anon.

No. 1325096

you mean cantersmanima on instagram? Would say more and "deeper" scars, Lucinda has a lot, but they are very recently so they just look way more intense.

No. 1325394

Yeah, her. She's a cow too in my opinion but I don't she warrants a thread.

No. 1325465

File: 1631782726859.jpg (67.81 KB, 598x639, Twitter.jpg)

Surely it has to be pretty comfortable to have wealthy parents and nothing else to do, then buying fancy unicorn stuff all day..?
Still no news from yesterday's endoscopy joyride.

No. 1325621

File: 1631804559038.jpg (43.53 KB, 720x285, 20210916_115308.jpg)

No. 1325622

>excited to have a camera in your stomach

No. 1325625

They're really buying all that shit for their special-needs child.

No. 1325668

kek underrated

No. 1325952

File: 1631825500125.png (24.05 KB, 598x204, Screenshot 2021-09-16 .png)

Now sharpen all those rainbow-colored crayons and rock it, tard.

No. 1326358

File: 1631868035727.png (Spoiler Image, 612.67 KB, 891x623, 20210917103653.png)

No. 1326363

File: 1631869036276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.31 KB, 516x435, yuck.jpg)

No. 1326367

Yeah thats leg hair, all humans and unicorns have that

No. 1326368

Now that I've seen everything on this thread about that person, I want to order a nuclear strike on Puerto Rico.

No. 1326436

Hopefully she’ll be just as excited if they have to do a colonoscopy too. Oh who am I kidding she would be.

No. 1326473

lmao bet it was some mf with a fetish who asked for that

No. 1326486

oh, god forbid.

No. 1326517

Legit looks like a man…

No. 1326533

Nonny, leg hair isn't milk in the same way having head hair isn't milk. Everyone has leg hair and tbh this was never going to be considered milky/comedic on a website where most of us don't care for unnatural standards pushed in the female body

No. 1326631


Some anon sounds hairy.

No. 1326645

well, at least it looks like part of her unicorn transformation is going well, because holy shit look at those hooves

No. 1326648

> most of us don't care for unnatural standards pushed in the female body


Now what.

No. 1326669

she uploaded that for some fetichist scrote

No. 1326671

She doesn't need SMOOTH LEGS, let the unicorn queen grow out her fur

No. 1326681

I'm gonna ask for some more.(don't touch the poop)

No. 1326704

Oh no! Hair! The Horror! Think of the children! Will everyone ever recover from the frightful sight of female body hair on a female imageboard. All this shitty comments sound linke scrote

No. 1326709

No, her leg looks like an unshaved woman (that apparently you never seen? I've seen much harier women, get over yourself ).

No. 1326710

You sound like a balding scrote

No. 1326731

Apparently that mooglekins chick has a long callout and sent around cp before. It’s old but this is her https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/17MPZbG9ox52g33PGBAF8Ov33GP3bJvsvXbd4FQ1imMs/mobilebasic(namefag)

No. 1326737

Still got a boner for that chick..?
Still in the wrong thread.

No. 1326739

What would be the right thread

No. 1326743

File: 1631901615000.jpg (23.23 KB, 719x221, 20210917_145823.jpg)

No. 1326744

lol this bitch

No. 1326749


No. 1326750

File: 1631902038868.jpg (74.38 KB, 720x461, 20210917_150353.jpg)

No. 1326751

File: 1631902059724.jpg (63.23 KB, 720x492, 20210917_150408.jpg)

No. 1326752

i can't even imagine how that shit would look

No. 1326753


Would you SAGE that shit unless it's real milk.
Those brainfarts are nothing.

No. 1326775

Oh my God the audacity of this mom to just watch her daughter do that to herself what the fuck. She wants to be her? Pathetic. I remember the pickles thing being a meme though.

No. 1327029

I mean, at least she's seeing a doctor for check-ups or whatever issues she's having ig

No. 1327299

Hairy and unwashed. Just like everything else.

No. 1327325

None because this is some retarded Tumblr shit. Do you know where you are.

No. 1328452

File: 1632079015377.jpeg (362.7 KB, 1152x2048, E_lGhbvWUAsu7rI.jpeg)

No. 1328453

File: 1632079046285.jpeg (355.23 KB, 1152x2048, E_lGhbwXEAY7wTK.jpeg)

No. 1329288

File: 1632164059722.jpg (970.93 KB, 1458x2592, E_vY04BWEAMzENF.jpg)

Looking like a transsexual Boris Johnson today.

No. 1329630

im confused about what those lines around her eyes are supposed to be. its makeup, right? is she doing her makeup specifically to look more tired and sick? is she trying to have the perfect creepy crinkly horse eyes??

No. 1329652

it was trendy to have eyebags in japan and korea i think not too long ago. maybe she’s trying to emulate that? some kind of 4 day meth binge realness.

No. 1329700

She said she draws them on in the editing program snapseed

No. 1329761

ok honestly what the fuck and why the fuck

No. 1329898

>>1329761 she said she does it to look more like a horse/unicorn. if you look at a horses eyes she tries to recreate the dark circles and crust kek. points for realism.

No. 1329902

Looks like queen got lip fillers after the gyne stuff

No. 1329946

She's been doing hard drugs, right? RIGHT?

No. 1330036

Chicken Run is one helluva drug.

No. 1330865

File: 1632278236252.jpg (393.6 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20210921-223425.jpg)

she did it specifically in this post idk why op cropped it out when it answers the question of why in god's name.

No. 1330870

File: 1632278673947.jpg (551.22 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20210921-224034.jpg)

y'all need to lurk better or start lurking at all this shit took a 4 second scroll through her twitter

No. 1331057

One can become a lawyer or a doctor, if you study hard enough.
With a bit of practice one can become a good tennis player or a windsurfer. Maybe get some experience in the field and sell used cars.

But never ever you will become a unicorn.

It's so very futile. All that outrageous shit that she does every day will only bring her to an early grave.

No. 1331284

File: 1632323975790.jpg (42.27 KB, 598x298, purging.jpg)

a bit of - kinda - good news from her

No. 1331289

File: 1632324193568.jpg (23.52 KB, 598x158, oy_vey.jpg)

or not so good

silly cow

No. 1331451

Holy shmoly.
I just watched her only video so far and she is one stammering, mumbling wreck.

No. 1331894


No. 1332918

File: 1632482936825.jpeg (424.81 KB, 750x845, A3BDB78F-C640-423A-8A7A-7E0777…)

At least it seems like she’s aware of where things started to go wrong.

No. 1332920

File: 1632483105310.png (17.47 KB, 598x98, Screenshot_2021-09-24 lucinda.…)

The fuck you know what she's "aware of".

No. 1332921

Learn to sage.

No. 1332928

If she's aware the internet fucked her up, why is she among self harm twitter and continuing to be a uwu sick unicorn transformaiton? So close but so far

No. 1332952

File: 1632484958201.png (899.19 KB, 720x1081, Screenshot_20210923-191456~2.p…)

I've never looked at this cow's insta because I don't follow her so how has IMG happened? Yes, I look at cats. Lots of them.

While here I read her caption here >>1332918 Sure she found that shit at the age of 10. Edgelord.

No. 1332977

I Was into scat and zoo porn when I was 10 thnx internet

No. 1332996


I still won't dare to ask what *"g* b "** stands for.

And to be honest, I really don't wanna know.

No. 1333010

First word is probably gang. You can guess from there.

No. 1333016


So she would have been a ten-year-old girl that was interested in a room full of shackled people fucking while hitting and humiliating each other?

She'd rather starve herself to death and be a unicorn, then.

No. 1333025

she captioned it that in the end it just made her numb to sexual images so that's good…… at least the unicorn thing isn't a bdsm furry thing

No. 1333035

This is silly, she’s clearly just trolling with some random man’s feet. It’s not just the leg hair, look at the actual size and shape of the feet.

No. 1333049


Guess you haven't seen a lot of women.

No. 1333128

Gangbang porn

No. 1333130

sage that shit

No. 1333239

girlie said she's a size 11

No. 1333368


No. 1333438

teen boy or women
they dont really look like they belong to a grown man

No. 1333478

lucinda is retarded

No. 1333479

She has a serious problem with oversharing personal shit, who the fuck cares if you saw weird ass porn.

No. 1333481

i can't imagine this autistic watching a gangbang while sitting on her unicorn bed and eating rainbow cereals

No. 1333743

…while carving red stripes into her chest with a razor blade.

No. 1333800


Crippling her body, crippling her soul.

Everyone has talents.

No. 1334072

Is being drawn to porn an autistic thing? The only women I've ever known to be into weird shit like inflation port art or yiff have been autistic women. I think most people knew an autistic weeb girl in a wolf shirt who would draw weird DeviantArt stuff of specific fetishes, that isn't too far removed from Lucinda who is also a weeb who wants to be an animal and has indulged in creating smut (her fanfics)

No. 1334084


There are a lot of fetish/porn people around who live totally normal daily lives.
Who on the outside world cares what they do in their bedrooms or torture cellar?

I got the impression that some weebs and especially autistic people don't care about (real, physical) sex at all.

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