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File: 1630633727537.png (511.56 KB, 893x401, 20210902_221707.png)

No. 1314398

Lucinda it's an attention-seeker, schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic and selfharmer.

Other names:

Oswaldslunch - R3velati0nz - Belinda - Belialsmiracles - Deborah



>Trans - genderspecial
>Thinks that's a real life unicorn and it's obsessed with unicorns, uses an horn
>Has a lot of cuts. Goes outside showing them. Makes sure that everybody notices them
>Writes exaggeratedly wrong on purpose - almost unintelligible and with random typos
>Claims to be in recovery but isn't even trying
>Claims to eat: the food of her cat, from the floor, expired, hand sanitizer, garbage and hydrogen peroxide
>Purged on the floor and let her pet eat the vomit
>Uploads nightmare-inducing nudes
>Part of the Twitter ED and SH communities
>Parents are rich as fuck, lives in an expensive and private neighborhood
>Mommy and daddy help and spoil her with everything she wants and needs
>Can't take a shower alone
>Brother manages all her acounts: mail, bank, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…
>Shit herself once
>Doxed herself without knowing it
>Shakes her ass in Tiktok
>Chicken Run cult

All social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch

No. 1314407

Other threads:

#1 >>1280424

#2 >>1287920

No. 1314409

good thread. keep it up

No. 1314412


No. 1314426

File: 1630636708730.jpg (57.64 KB, 1280x720, mY9KMCK.jpg)

No. 1314428

File: 1630637218163.jpg (102.76 KB, 720x614, 20210902_234544.jpg)

otherkin stupid logic

No. 1314605

God what did they do to this girl….she seemed kind of cute in that YouTube video. I could fix her

No. 1314607

File: 1630665929038.jpg (9.41 KB, 441x212, wtf.jpg)

Oh yes, gorl. You have indeed.

No. 1314610

File: 1630666097164.png (133.34 KB, 225x220, please.png)

>> I could fix her

No. 1314640

>I could fix her
offer her to watch chicken run together

No. 1314659

File: 1630672971398.png (29.46 KB, 598x116, spel.png)

Now I'm convinced she really does it on purpose.

No. 1314668

Didn’t she say she was going to use spell check and autocorrect from now on?? I want to be able to read her bullshit. Crazy people can type just fine, autocorrect and spellcheck would fix the words. I don’t understand how her phone or computer just lets those words stay unless she deliberately turned those features off, which won’t help her brain or anyone else’s brain.

No. 1314674

It's all about playing puzzled to appear like the kyuut widdle kawaii gorl, nothing else.
Neurological condition my ass, because we've seen her correct handwriting and overly bizarre drawings that are completely without tics.
You'll find them somewhere in the 1st thread, I think.

No. 1314675

That might be true.

But her followers don't give a shit.

No. 1314684

>inb4 she types in perfectly fine english because she got tired of her own bs

No. 1314711


Found it!

Document is dated "July 10, 2021".
No spastic stutter there.

No. 1314830

File: 1630688577381.jpg (55.94 KB, 720x315, 20210903_135941.jpg)

No. 1314832

File: 1630688649523.jpeg (419.44 KB, 1152x2048, E-XsLdmWEB0AylM.jpeg)

No. 1314841

File: 1630689020701.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 412.61 KB, 1152x2048, E-XJWImWYAE-B3X.jpeg)

her neck is covered with cuts

No. 1314844


Soonr orl ster theyll takr youto thr hspotal agaon. Dimbficvk.

Hey, that's really quite easy to do.
Always be a little bit off, but not too much.

No. 1314845

File: 1630689122455.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 390.11 KB, 1152x2048, E-XJW3NXMAotWyj.jpeg)

No. 1314846

File: 1630689215377.jpeg (441.95 KB, 1152x2048, E-Xrp2eWYAEQoIM.jpeg)

No. 1314855

File: 1630689838797.png (16.74 KB, 598x105, oswaldslunch Twitter.png)

So MuCh LoGiC
VeRy ThInK

No. 1314860

Matters might go southwards very fast. That's gonna be so good.

No. 1314866

File: 1630690693371.jpg (22.02 KB, 720x231, 20210903_143530.jpg)

stinky butt farts peepeepoo purge

No. 1314878

Getting ready for another combo?

No. 1314882

Her weird face editing is getting more and more extreme

No. 1314886

If that reads "indefinite dry fast" then she's gonna look forward to another ambulance ride in the very near future.
And what about those benzos? Aren't they kicking anymore?

No. 1314903

speedrun: back to the ambulance and then the hospital in record timing [NEW]

No. 1314905

Bonus: Farting & purging on the way

No. 1314998

File: 1630699552629.gif (491.65 KB, 500x320, enigma.gif)

No. 1315017

This is all so very bad, that it's getting good again

No. 1315058


Why does she take her glasses off for selfies? You can clearly see imprints of them on the bridge of her nose; those aren't visible for long after you've taken your glasses off.

No. 1315070

Unicorns don’t wear glasses

No. 1315075

They do not cut their skin to shreds, either

No. 1315087

File: 1630708483985.jpg (83.21 KB, 680x671, ERW56T1DST32S.jpg)

She made this plan to lose weight fast. It starts tomorrow, apparently. She changed her goal from 88lbs to 72lbs.

No. 1315092

so she plans not to eat til the end of November. cool cool

No. 1315096

>83 days/nearly 3 months without eating

No. 1315101

It's the original UNICORN DIET™
The new fucking thing from Puerto Rico

No. 1315176

a plan is all it is. it won't happen.

No. 1315292

who wants to place bets on how long it'll take her body to shut down due to dehydration and/or malnutrition? if she actually follows through with this she's gonna straight up collapse on one of her walks.

No. 1315339

This is a normal thing, why are you even pointing this out? Have you never met someone who wears glasses before?

No. 1315340

She’s kind of cute when she isn’t purposely editing her face to look dead tbh

No. 1315525


I wear glasses daily and any selfie I take is with glasses on, because that's what I look like. Why would I remove them for a picture? If it's so common to do that, then explain why that is because I don't get why li'l miss unicorn takes her glasses off for pictures. She's fine posting her cut up, emaciated body and rolls of saggy stomach skin. What's so awful about a pair of glasses compared to that?

No. 1315539

She's out there looking like THAT and your guys' only issue is the fact she takes off her glasses for photos like half of all glasses-wearing population

No. 1315620


Not an issue, just curious BECAUSE she's out there looking like that. If you can go out in public covered in cuts and dressed like a toddler, and post endless selfies of yourself showing off your sickly body and scars, completely unbothered… why are your glasses, aka something many people wear and isn't considered an abnormality, a thing you'd hide for photos and not the fucking cuts on your NECK?

No. 1315648

Nta and seriously it's just fucking glasses, drink some water. I take my glasses off for selfies because it reflects light off the lens and can ruin a picture.

No. 1315708

maybe she feels they just don't suit her certain kind of look. this is such a weird thing to sperg about.

No. 1315760

File: 1630780429808.jpg (27.94 KB, 720x221, 20210904_152723.jpg)


No. 1315761

she'll be in the bathroom all day

No. 1315762

Yaay! Enjoy your happy dehydration, little unicorn!
Hope your tard wranglers are not around to save ya.

No. 1315764

farting & pooping, just another weekend

No. 1315766


That's gonna be a lot of combos and muffled farts.

No. 1315783

File: 1630783666739.jpg (5.33 KB, 266x189, download.jpeg-4.jpg)

A schizophrenic "unicorn" takes 15 laxatives this is what happened to her kidney's

D.R is a 25 year old presenting to the emergency room.

No. 1315788


A fountain of brown and yellow
Shriveling like a raisin under the friendly Puerto Rican sun.
Wasted youth

No. 1315790

Kek anon

No. 1315793

Beautiful poo-etry, anon

No. 1315810

File: 1630788528090.png (391.35 KB, 598x415, Screenshot_2021-09-04.png)

Look, it's Ms. Bellygrumble greeting her loyal fanbase..!
And she's wearing her hair in blue today.

No. 1315821

She's gonna explode like some shit supernova.

No. 1315856

File: 1630793085474.jpg (99.64 KB, 720x596, 20210904_153503.jpg)

No. 1315857

File: 1630793108458.jpeg (601.21 KB, 1152x2048, E-dz7aSWQAIunn2.jpeg)

No. 1315860

so she likes someone who's called luca, the same as her male version/alterego, this is hilarious

No. 1315872

maybe they can do a shitting combo together

No. 1315873

File: 1630794195390.jpeg (384.03 KB, 1361x2048, E-TYT_vXMAM19wq.jpeg)


No. 1315977

File: 1630801848454.png (33.06 KB, 598x158, Screenshot_2021-09-05.png)

Good news: Our gorl found the autocorrect function so we can understand her ramblings now.
Bad news: She obviously survived her laxative overdose that she took in the morning.

No. 1316177

File: 1630828889343.png (58.18 KB, 890x314, Screenshot_2021-09-05 oswaldsl…)

Holy shmoly, she wants to become a professional YT guru now.
Hopefully that does not collide with her unicorn duties?
But good to know that even retards can get greedy sometimes.

No. 1316273

A youtube guru? Kek she's gonna sell 1000$ formations to be come a unicorn

No. 1316285

"Step one: Starve yourself down to 75 lbs"

No. 1316354

File: 1630853969382.jpg (23.14 KB, 598x389, do_u_logic.jpg)

Man, that's some rational thinking going on over there.

No. 1316362

Seeing Lucinda talk about sex feels weird. Would it be illegal to have a "full" adult relationship with someone like Lucinda? Like, given her mental state, can she even consent to sexual activity?

>br you Luca
Is >>1315873 Luca? She doesn't look like a Luca. The way the reply is worded seems to be directed at that girl

No. 1316461

>>1316362 the other user is a genderspecial too. Basically: white, average, straight but uses pronouns and tries to be "unique".

No. 1316462

If she only left out that ugly cutting.
Maybe then she'd be kinda cute and quirky.
But look at all that scars.

No. 1316468

File: 1630864645413.jpg (100.46 KB, 720x602, 20210905_145350.jpg)


No. 1316470

File: 1630864685642.jpg (111.65 KB, 720x637, 20210905_145401.jpg)

No. 1316471

File: 1630864764886.jpg (22.85 KB, 495x357, 20210905_145335.jpg)

>but you were talking about fucking someone yesterday

No. 1316494

You can neurological issues and write well. There are some clients at my job who have dementia and can still write ok

No. 1316573

We k s in aspjcspjdric society

No. 1316608

Your makeuntechniahes sound toovrobotic

No. 1316618

idk how anyone doesnt know how to type like Lucina/other inyernet attentionseekers. Just (tirn aytocrrect off forst) type as fast as possible like your life deoends on it, wothout looking at the results, hit send. Irganic shit tuping all for ftee.

No. 1316622

she's been writing that way since she was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2016, back in her 1d blog where she had barely any followers, also the first thread. she also wrote that way in her private schizo blog, which she complained about being embarassed about. i think we can tuck away the whole "uwu she fakes the crytyping to look kawaii" like anyone ever said it was cutesy in the first place except you tards. she said she only typed bad the same reason her presumed elderly mother typed bad on the phone, maybe it's just a neurological thing. not that deep. besides, she's finally using autocorrect. what does the discourse even matter?

No. 1316626

Funny, isn't it, that all her cuts are pretty precise and nicely aligned? No neurological problems with her motor skills there.
Well, I guess one has got to set some priorities.

No. 1316630

basically. i think that's all she's ever done. she just writes like shit. literally shittyping. she always said it wasn't a typing quirk. what's so unbelievable about a schizophrenic who can't take a shower on their own writing like shit because they're inclined to on a keyboard? certain tics develop in certain ways. hell, she's bulimic, thinks she's a unicorn, and watched chicken run 5 times a night. and you people think she fakes typing like shit?

No. 1316635

She can also hold a phone. And a pencil. And put in circle lenses. But not cook for herself. It's almost like some people are capable of some things and not others.

No. 1316640

Or people make excuses for shit they don't like/want to do.

No. 1316653

Just like Grandma did, when she was deaf only when someone had to wash the dishes.

No. 1316686

No. 1316690

she can write smut +18 stories, but suddenly can't spell a word correctly. that's very obvious. she didn't wash the dishes a single time in her entire life.

No. 1316698


No. 1316703

File: 1630884050420.jpg (61.32 KB, 660x371, _69195289_000997830-1.jpg)

I've heard that before

No. 1316729

amen to that.

No. 1316833

she said her brother was a writer so it's possible he proofread including the smut for the sake of letting her feel accomplished at something she always used to do

No. 1316915

File: 1630911836065.jpg (668.33 KB, 2048x2048, E-Mu14CXMAkzWI_.jpg)

>jjjust gt my newwtw tat guuyuyerys

No. 1316963

I'd rather hack my arm off.

No. 1317006

Kek, anon my sides

No. 1317045

This is by far the creepiest thread I’ve seen on lolcow after the girl who picked her own legs until the point of necrosis..

No. 1317049

Both of them, just to be sure.

No. 1317051

FYI, that girl you're referring to has had an amputation of those legs some weeks ago.

No. 1317054

File: 1630934449560.png (909.04 KB, 593x745, Screenshot 2021-09-06 Rebecka …)

No, it's not quite a Rembrandt, and rather crude.
But in all fairness, that scribble definitely hits some distinctive features.

No. 1317055

I just wonder if she has a roast beef vagina.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317126

File: 1630943481723.jpg (119.32 KB, 720x675, 20210906_124826.jpg)

No. 1317127

File: 1630943504672.jpg (42.08 KB, 720x430, 20210906_124756.jpg)

No. 1317129

>scrotes fapping thinking about lucinda

No. 1317131

File: 1630943627825.jpg (63.52 KB, 720x513, 20210906_124644.jpg)

No. 1317132

File: 1630943648636.jpg (21.21 KB, 570x340, 20210906_124718.jpg)

No. 1317152


No. 1317164

ah so she can write normally good to see. Hope she gets a hold of herself and stops self harming and starving too and gets a more normal look. From her descriptions her brother seems like an incestuos creep too. Something very off putting with her family.

No. 1317176

I saw that anon.. I saw that..
These two are the threads where I cannot even laugh at the cows tbh..

No. 1317184

So she can clearly post without typos huh

No. 1317196

She claims to use autocorrect by now. That poor computer.

No. 1317197


But we don't have to laugh about them.
It's always allowed to be amazed, anon.

No. 1317207

File: 1630950062067.png (78.35 KB, 598x204, Screenshot_2021-09-06 lucinda …)

Hello darkness my old friend

No. 1317231

No. 1317242

Just googlesearch for "Kelly Ronahan, Vampire Munchie" and enjoy the ride.
Most pictures are spoilered, don't worry.

No. 1317275

No. 1317283


No. 1317296


Yes, do it.

Then make a comparison with Lucinda/Deborah.
She'll look like the nicest girl next door with her fancy hair, cute little cuttings and a bit of underweight.

Remember: "There is always a bigger fish"

No. 1317322

File: 1630959585506.png (464.53 KB, 598x443, Screenshot_2021-09-06 lucinda.…)

Our little goblin offers a photoshoppin' course for free, fellow anons!
Come on, turn yourself into a ReAl UnIcOrN!

No. 1317331

File: 1630960601768.png (250.54 KB, 598x459, Screenshot_2021-09-06 .png)

"How to do the stoned owl"

No. 1317334


She's too dumb to type in a straight line but doing a 12-step tutorial how to pimp up your portrait every time?

That's startin to vex me a bit.

No. 1317357

she said her brother helps her do online shit these aren't wild scenarios if you aren't determined to be autistic.

No. 1317393

she photoshops herself to look white when she's totally brown

No. 1317396

Imagine hating your own skin tone and ethnicity this much.

No. 1317397

have you ever seen a nigger unicorn..?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317400

File: 1630970119796.jpg (71.63 KB, 890x259, H4GF6CJ5H6KGLJH.jpg)

No. 1317404

File: 1630970209648.jpg (28.09 KB, 884x220, O56JO5U65KGHL5H.jpg)

her brother must be another autistic

No. 1317412

and he fucks her in all holes

No. 1317414

how did you get 'autistic' from what seems to be a description of a well-adjusted man with actual hobbies that aren't purging and pretending to be a unicorn?

No. 1317416

Really sad cos she’s actually a pretty girl

No. 1317418

what part of gym rat sounds autistic

No. 1317421

I can't believe scrotes fantasize about Lucinda and her brother having an incestuous relationship. Please. What the fuck.

No. 1317424

like nibbling & licking one of her juicy roast beef labia while she watches Chicken Run for the fifth time in a row(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1317425

Ignore the weird bait

No. 1317436

She appears to have been an OOPS baby. Her mum was menopausal and thought she couldn't get pregnant? There's a connection between older parents and autism. Saying that, she's not as fucked up as she claims. I think of her as the same pea in the pod as Dorian/Jenn.

No. 1317438

Maybe her mom drank a little bit too much while being preggers..?

No. 1317439

Nudge nudge, know what I mean.

No. 1317447

kek'd at this and now I feel bad

No. 1317451

File: 1630974946805.jpg (36.09 KB, 258x400, uoc.jpg)

Yes, you are silly as >>1317397 is not smart. There were many Unicorns of Color.

No. 1317453

But that's utterly disgusting!

No. 1317457

Genderspecial unikorns are disgusting, but nobody mentioned that.

No. 1317513

kek I forgot, isn't Lucinda a fakeboi?

No. 1317531

This poster will go on to have a meltdown and like eight binging/purging fits on their private Twitter because someone IRL ignored them when they said "I'm non-binary btw" lol

No. 1317539

Lucinda is asexual, attracted to women and only one "boy" that she likes and trans/nonbinary. Translation: virgin, likes both women and men, fakeboi/trastender that changes of personalities and names. She calls herself Lucinda and Luca ("daddy").

No. 1317563


Are you the same anon determined to wk her at every turn? It’s fucking stupid. I don’t believe for a second anyone helps her with the internet. You think her brother is typing out his sister wishes she were dead to internet randos? Or unicorn-ifying his sisters photos? She’s a liar, just like all the other cows.

No. 1317611

Lucinda made her first appearance in the mtf thread when someone mistook her for an actual male, and then later again in the fakeboi thread when someone mistook her for an ftm

No. 1317697

jesus christ imagine either thinking ‘fuck I thought I couldn’t get pregnant anymore - well better keep it what’s the worst that could happen’ or ‘fuck I thought i couldn’t get pregnant anymore - what a precious miracle’ and then your little accident grows up to be a completely dependent autismo schizo double winner and you have to care for her well into your twilight years. should have used protection

No. 1317709

No. 1317712

all in all, she's the perfect poster child for a clean abortion

No. 1317761

Drano and a spatula

No. 1317806

File: 1631024267074.jpg (22.65 KB, 500x625, 1630093792745.jpg)


No. 1317837

no, just complex screencaps and thread making for his sister lol. no need to sperg.

No. 1317942



No. 1318028

>so i can't get pregnant, i'll have sex with my husband without protection, i'm too old to be capable of giving birth
savage unicorn appears

No. 1318034

i wear glasses everyday and take them off for selfies, it just comes down to personal preference and isn't noteworthy.

No. 1318041


says it isn't noteworthy.

makes post about it.

No. 1318219

Turns out Idoldecay, mentioned in the previous thread, turned out to be a cow with a thread on /w/. She did a face reveal and apparently she was a 4chan shitposter who claimed to be a prostitute aged 16, truamacore, yada yada yada

No. 1318226


Very nice find, anon.

No. 1318399

Oh my lord I've been pretty desensitized to a lot of stuff on the internet, but that made me want to throw up

No. 1318662

There is some new stuff on her Twitter, but this is getting too boring and repetitive.

No. 1318674

File: 1631090109688.png (34.04 KB, 337x320, Screenshot_2021-09-08 lucinda …)

Spergout about some shitty drawing.
Goodbye autocorrect era.

No. 1318675

link to thread? Searching for "idoldecay" wields nothing

No. 1318677

Strange, but there was a link to the thread only yesterday.
Go to her twitter "idoldecay" to get an impression. She's a dedicated ProAna attention whore and serial poster.

No. 1318692

lmao i linked the wrong post. I cancelled the post. I was trying to link to the "carrd cringe" thread. It seems like they found out this Idoldecay is that fat "gyaru" larping as an abused pregnant prostitute

No. 1318725

File: 1631096334979.png (668.55 KB, 2048x1638, Screenshot_20210908-061606.png)

Apparently she's a vampire now lmao. Ed twt always makes me sick, i hope these people receive help, and if they are, receive better help

No. 1318745

she's already been discussed ad nauseum in lucindas threads, milk from two years ago, all current stuff is just repetitive "i don't eat im a vampire" tweets, yawn.

No. 1318746

yeah I agree, she's a boring ho tryina get some relevance again lariping this vampire shit. No need to pollute queen-unicornfart's thread anymore with mentions of her. If someone wants to disccus her why not reopening her thread instead of shitting this one?

No. 1318750

Could someone dig out the link to the idoldecay thread on /w/, please?

No. 1318763

And the talk about her in the carrd cringe thread too.

No. 1318779

Edtwt and shtwt are a disease. Inmature sluts and minors larping as animals, fairies, unicorns. Too much cringe.

No. 1318785

Where are you getting "sluts" from? About 95% of them are like 14 and all they post is kpop and ED stuff

No. 1318788

File: 1631105744944.jpg (96.94 KB, 720x535, 20210908_094227.jpg)

No. 1318791

File: 1631105922309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.55 KB, 720x709, 20210908_095420.jpg)

Mooglekins/Lucrecia is another selfharmer. She has BPD and thinks she's an unicorn too.

No. 1318792

Why don't you make a thread for all this edtwt/shtwt spam?

No. 1318798

Cuz' it is not wrong to examine the inner circle of our main cow..?

No. 1318799

lucrecia and lucinda

No. 1318818

Lucrecia is an interesting choice for a name. At first I was thinking of the song Lucrecia my Reflection by Sisters of Mercy and maybe it was for edgy goth points, then I realised that's too out of touch for a zoomer, and then I remembered that any vampire media ever has a vampire named Lucrecia just because of the song, so I have to wonder if she just nabbed it from like the mom in Dance with the Vampire Bund or something

No. 1318823

File: 1631111308389.jpg (19.65 KB, 598x118, oswaldslunch Twitter.jpg)

If he doesn't pick her up in two days' time, we know for sure.

No. 1318837

Lucretia was also a Roman noblewoman who killed herself after being raped.

No. 1318852

Possibly chosen for uwu trauma points? I'd believe it

No. 1318856

she will eat all the flowers of that park

No. 1318861

In touch with nature, at least for as long as the batteries last.

No. 1318872

File: 1631115710586.jpg (63.13 KB, 890x214, denial.jpg)

"I am not the schizo around here. But everyone else is. Now piss off."

No. 1318873

File: 1631115777857.jpg (95.59 KB, 720x613, 20210908_124014.jpg)

No. 1318880

I don't think her followers actually read here. There is nothing here discussed that Lucinda hasn't said herself, the whole point is people watching so it wouldn't make sense to make shit up. Other than some mild speculation/tinfoil while trying to decipher her tweets literally everything talked about is directly from Lucinda

No. 1318884

You know, that’s a weirdly well adjusted response! Good for our unicorn queen.

No. 1318955

I don't want to sound like a WK because she is, actually, a terrible person who now spams literal pro-ana shit, but she really was in a bunch of fucked sexual abuse stuff as a teenager. It definitely fucked her up. I wish she'd get help since she seems to genuinely now believe she died of an overdose and is now a vampire who doesn't need to eat, but also doesn't need to eat to starve away her tits because ptsd.

No. 1319042

Some anons are too gullible.

No. 1319043

If you're referring to me, I've watched her behavior during her height on 4chan. She's incredibly disturbed and even if, perhaps, she's exaggerated her life, it's pretty clear she went through some forms of sexual abuse.

No. 1319044

Not that part, the part about believing she's a vampire etc.

No. 1319045

File: 1631128837990.png (62.19 KB, 600x540, 534534523.png)

Oh, I see. The encouragement of her delusions is really sad too, although these people all probably have similar delusions.

No. 1319050

> but she really was in a bunch of fucked sexual abuse stuff as a teenager.

Define "really".

No. 1319056

Fucking older men for drugs/alcohol who definitely knew her age, I distinctly remember her posting images of said drugs. While, yes, she got herself into those messes, those were still adult men.

This should definitely continue on in either the pro-ana thread or some other thread entirely, I think, though.

No. 1319057

Some other thread entirely. Good god, don't pass her on to proana. Took ages to get rid of Lucinda.

No. 1319073

File: 1631131329396.jpg (33 KB, 681x248, 20210908_165922.jpg)

Sage for autism but the pronouns and gender bullshit in these communities is sick.

No. 1319097

> I distinctly remember her posting images of said drugs

So you saw some picture on the internets.
That proves pretty much everything, wow.

No. 1319111

Why do you care so much to debunk someone's possible sexual trauma? I feel like there's more problems at hand with her.

No. 1319143

If you knew how many bitches out there were "nearly been raped", just to garner a bit of attention.

Lurk moar.

No. 1319174

holy mother of scrote

No. 1319182

You're really obsessive over this. This is someone who starves themselves to an underweight state under the daily delusion that they are a vampire who can't dirty their body with food (which does seem to tie into feeling dirty from abuse.) Whether or not their history of abuse is real, they're clearly a very unstable and ill person. Sperging out over evil females and their lies of rape feels like a stupid thing to hone in on.

No. 1319191

File: 1631140496533.jpg (88.51 KB, 720x478, 20210908_193132.jpg)

No. 1319193

File: 1631140534106.jpg (54.54 KB, 720x267, 20210908_193149.jpg)

No. 1319298

how quickly is she typing lmao? autocorrect usually suggests multiple words, and if you aren't keysmashing like an ape it's easy enough to select the correct word before you even finish typing it fully. i would love to watch her post in realtime

No. 1319301

She's making excuses for why it's okay to type like a special retard again. More proof she does it on purpose.

No. 1319322

File: 1631148835939.jpg (103.64 KB, 720x628, 20210908_214928.jpg)

>i can't be a rainbow magical horse so i'll just kill myself

No. 1319323

File: 1631148864115.jpg (63.37 KB, 720x478, 20210908_215023.jpg)

No. 1319334

What abuse?

No. 1319336

… Abuse in her childhood?

No. 1319435


With the way that autocorrect is set up on devices now, you have to purposefully type like a retarded fuck in order to get it that wrong. It can pick up a fair margin of error. Every time I see her stupididid tiepiing I’m just reminded what an act it is.

No. 1319457

does she know horses are uh. extremely heavy

No. 1319508

File: 1631172638769.png (12.22 KB, 333x59, 1631140496533 jpg.png)

Just go on.

No. 1319515

The problem is, that she just wants to live in her very own schizo world. Any mental gymnastics will do for that.
I cannot imagine the terror to live with her in the same house as a family member, not knowing if she comes out of her room for supper with dozens of fresh, bleeding wounds and dressed like a clown.
That's gonna be such a hell on an everyday basis.

No. 1319585


"Fuck autocorrect"? But why??

At least autocorrect has friends, numbnut.

And it is very useful, unlike your own pathetic tard life.

No. 1319750

Lady Amalthea is said to have weighed nothing in the book/movie The Last Unicorn to make her seem more ethereal, which is playing into this goal of 75lbs

No. 1319777

Oh, it's written in some fantasy book and a cheaply done animation movie says so.
That makes is all very reasonable, then. Way to go, Lucinda.

No. 1319872

File: 1631208121733.jpg (46.91 KB, 720x297, 20210909_142005.jpg)

No. 1319873

File: 1631208147415.jpg (45.83 KB, 720x409, 20210909_142043.jpg)

No. 1319886

Wow. Now that's some real heavy duty stuff there.
Wonder how that works together with her new fitness regime?

No. 1319893

Feeling sorry for that family members of hers. How can you handle this kind of shit every day.

No. 1319897

File: 1631209576047.jpeg (61.49 KB, 750x347, AAD5F34D-5B0C-4473-8719-E0412A…)

I feel bad for her boyfriend.

No. 1319907

imagine: you're the mum of an unshowered, hairy unicorn, and everyday you have to inject her ass.

No. 1320023

The Last Unicorn was really good. I will not allow you to speak ill of the holy text in this, the thread of our Unicorn Overlord

No. 1320064


a rather mediocre production of the early 1980s, maybe with some single highlights

nothing more

No. 1320072

let's not forget about the shitty animation

No. 1320073

Samefag but she apparently roleplays as a vampire at work and tells all her coworkers she's an irl vampire too.
I feel bad for everyone around her who has to just smile and nod.

No. 1320123

That list says 'shut your fucking mouth, just sit there and drool'.

No. 1320137

Jesus, that’s enough to knock out an elephant, let alone a unicorn. Even just one of these meds once a day would be sedating.

No. 1320162

File: 1631225893382.jpg (62.38 KB, 600x627, 2f72eeef-4871-4fc4-9473-406602…)

Back on Twitter.

No. 1320245

File: 1631235628518.jpeg (437.49 KB, 1152x2048, E-3ZEFeWQAcjBj_.jpeg)

No. 1320247

those poor arms

No. 1321127

File: 1631350727888.jpg (10.46 KB, 598x118, fido.jpg)

dog food

No. 1321129

christ what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 1321159

According to her psych doctor, some severe and lasting mental illnesses.

No. 1321486

File: 1631396789924.jpg (53.66 KB, 720x400, 20210911_184404.jpg)

oissiskvld zfkkc fjsk djd fbd ikkkjnv

No. 1321487

i really hope this is a joke

No. 1321491

So she’s definitely making it worse on purpose now, right?

No. 1321495

File: 1631397463455.jpeg (50.93 KB, 620x386, 3D18B401-99BC-4D21-A615-84B77D…)

No. 1321501

Make it stop. Please. Stop punching the fucking keyboard.

No. 1321519

What the fuck happened to spell check didn’t she have it for like a day, I’m surprised because schizophrenics are really like intent about getting tHeiR meSsagE out

No. 1321534


i'm surprised she can type anything with all those meds. maybe the spelling mistakes are part of it? i could see her dragging her fingers across the keyboard for 5 minutes and not wanting to edit it further because it's already time/effort consuming.

No. 1321544

She spelled like this before the meds I think

No. 1321586

People on her feed literally saying they can't read it and it's hard for them to follow so she uses spellcheck for like a day and then decides she's not special enough without her typing quirk so fuck her "friends" who can't keep up. What a cunt.

No. 1321608

>"Nothing this time! I just want ti be as thin as a kid and I think 75lbs is fucking close for body and BMI I am looking for"

Anachans are obsessed with infantilising themselves. I wonder if her uwu larp is more to do with her ED than the other stuff

No. 1321618

she's into ddlg, she did fanfics "babyxdaddy/subxdom" and calls herself daddy, so…

No. 1321621

if you're a baby you can't wash the dishes, work or study, it's being lazy and don't wanting to be an adult.

No. 1321642

She's mutuals / interacts often it seems with Idoldecay too. They're all in their own schizo circle.

No. 1321696

I cant tell if this is a self post or you’re trying to document who she’s friends with, but if it’s the latter I don’t fucking care unless it’s related to lucinda being milky.

No. 1321759

you can't call that a 'circle'.

they just click together like the tiny loony magnets that they are.

showing off all their cuts and telling other wrecks how beautiful they are.

i can see no special connection to that other tard whose name you mentioned.

No. 1322028

It's also just sorta super common in anorexics too. I don't what the correlation is exactly, but there's something about eating disorders that is directly linked to people who act like children. It's not everyone with an ED who does this but holy hell the community is full of people who are full on larping

No. 1323053

So glad to be healthy.

No. 1323243

File: 1631567111224.jpg (67.05 KB, 720x533, 20210913_180253.jpg)

flirting god level

No. 1323245

>the "male" picture
>is all abalaut u n me baybe

No. 1323246

File: 1631567221082.jpg (86.58 KB, 720x509, 20210913_180306.jpg)

No. 1323247

File: 1631567245524.jpg (48.35 KB, 720x310, 20210913_180324.jpg)

No. 1323249

Another day. Another letter salad.

No. 1323254

File: 1631567629238.jpeg (615 KB, 2128x3052, E_MH10PXsAQiHlB.jpeg)

"Dear diary:


No. 1323261

Me at 10 when my mum was angry because i ate all the cookies:

No. 1323274

File: 1631569804173.jpeg (328.4 KB, 1152x2048, E_MjupmWEAEhSNr.jpeg)

No. 1323275

how can her brother be a bulky weight trainer at 125lbs kek

No. 1323285

a fairy fuckbkg

No. 1323289

Calm down, weirdo

No. 1323311

File: 1631572780070.jpg (50.68 KB, 580x470, Pixklht wi kly.jpg)

Pixklht wi kly

No. 1323319

that moustache from the chocomilk tho

No. 1323320

she must be tall to look like she does at 125 pounds. Do we know a height for her?

No. 1323447

why is her nose like…. discolored? does she do her makeup like that on purpose?

No. 1323511

She's said before she uses the burn tool on her face.

No. 1323581

File: 1631600727332.jpg (31.86 KB, 598x221, garble.jpg)

Your mouth is flapping
But I do not listen

No. 1323593

I can imagine her followers getting fed up with this nonsense real soon

No. 1323595

Cheerful comments are few and far between.
Luci is scary, even for her cronies.

No. 1323596

The shock factor is gone already. She's just a retard at this point.

No. 1323649

We should have it in the OP that she uses the burn tool because someone asks it like 3 times in every thread

No. 1323654


There is "Photoshopper" written in the OP already.
Should also explain the occasional disappearance of her cutting wounds and stoner eyes.

No. 1323662

Ooh, now we have diacritics up in the mix. I haven’t noticed them in her fucked up typing, before now

No. 1323818

Right. Now her typing looks like the invitation to a Czech brothel.

No. 1323945

File: 1631637430170.png (317.67 KB, 598x422, ( oswaldslunch) Twitter.png)

Claiming to get double vision from her Klonopin.

No. 1323949

File: 1631637579809.jpeg (274.08 KB, 984x1224, E_Qg2jaWQAksD_J.jpeg)

Still able to do some scary photoshoppin' while being on Klonopin and having double vision.

No. 1323961

She must be taking high doses if that's the case. I hope she's not abusing her medication. Benzos are no joke.

No. 1323970


IIRC her mom is preparing the medication for her.
So let's hope the happy pills are well under lock and key.

No. 1323993

File: 1631640537304.jpeg (523.16 KB, 1152x2048, E_Qg2jDWQAUkR7U.jpeg)

No. 1323996

File: 1631640620473.jpg (48.28 KB, 720x284, 20210914_142948.jpg)

No. 1323998

File: 1631640678561.jpeg (461.7 KB, 1152x2048, E_QbzmhXoAMi34U.jpeg)

No. 1324002

File: 1631640760587.jpeg (82.37 KB, 1080x561, E_Qb1_8XIAUC8PT.jpeg)

another illness to the list, totally not fake

No. 1324007


First of all:

Sage your shit.

Then do a google search for "klonopin double vision" and be enlightened.
It's quite a common side effect.

No. 1324035

what the fuck is this photo. compare it to what she looked like even a few months ago, and we thought that was bad…

No. 1324036

Sage your shit.

No. 1324039

I wonder how the conversations go with her parents when she asks for money to buy toddercore trash off of amazon, if they even give a shit at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if they've totally checked out and just let her roleplay because they're too old to muster up the energy to stop enabling her.

No. 1324052

These tweets weren't posted and the pictures alone neither, so fuck off.

No. 1324053

we're seeing a person dying

No. 1324062


If she's really doing so, then she does it in a very slow and boring way. Most likely her kinda wealthy parents will intervene if Snowflake's weight drops under the unicorn mark. Maybe another trip to the hospital with tranquilizer treatment soon.

No. 1324097



and we are having lots of fun

No. 1324111

it’s the editing and hair that make her look this bad, not her health condition

No. 1324113

Granted, she's sick as hell. But she has got a family around her that will protect and care for her.

No. 1324116

This is a 18+ website.

No. 1324125

lmao what do you want i’m just saying she looks ugly(sage your shit)

No. 1324180

File: 1631654348571.png (540.12 KB, 750x1017, lol.png)

Miss "Totes a real vampire" sperging out over kinks and wishing death on them when she used to be into the same shit, kek. Yet she also still interacts with Lucinda who's into it too.

No. 1324193

um, Okay? you say that as if there isn't a ageplay/pedopandering thread on here, do you know where you are? calling out pedobaiters isn't milk and stop shitting up this thread ffs

No. 1324205

She's still very much alive, posting her shit on Twitter almost every day.

No. 1324209


Learn to sage. Reported.

No. 1324306

Please, stop sperging. Idoldecay isn't relevant to this thread. This looks like a selfpost.

No. 1324318

File: 1631666238446.jpg (85.59 KB, 896x453, F2S6G56Y5HYTS6D.jpg)

No. 1324326

File: 1631666450549.jpg (65.07 KB, 883x275, K56HJO5G6UIP5U.jpg)

No. 1324414

“Weight doesn% hanhr the bullying”
Words to live by <3

No. 1324419

File: 1631676437594.jpg (50.17 KB, 383x680, lucinda.jpg)

lowkey top surgery

No. 1324423

File: 1631676840189.jpg (26.58 KB, 777x164, J56KG5JG6F5L.jpg)

No. 1324461

I smell a self post too, they’ve already been told the thread is for Lucinda not this other loser. Just report their annoying asses

No. 1324517

Her face should be way puffier if she purges every day, no?

No. 1324540


Her face should look at the walls of a decent psych ward, from the inside.

No. 1324629

I think idoldecay is only noteworthy when she directly interacts with Lucinda. Idoldecay actually has her own thread, people should post her non Lucinda related milk in that thread instead of here

No. 1324804

Agreed. However Idoldecay's old thread is locked.
I think there should be a general edtwt/shtwt thread as long as people follow the rule of no minors posted. I'd make it myself but I've never made a thread before and not entirely sure how to make a good one.

No. 1324811

File: 1631724426713.jpeg (624.44 KB, 1458x2592, E_RPwlHWUAEm9ED.jpeg)

Now those are some scary scars. Maybe she pulled the wounds open again and again.

No. 1324816

That's a hard one to put together because a majority of that community are minors. Even people aged 16+ are rare as fuck since older teenagers don't want to be surrounded by kpoptards and sanrio thinspo edits. If Idoldecay starts to really cow it up then maybe a new thread but until then she is boring as fuck (or just toss her into the proana thread)

No. 1324828

File: 1631725215960.png (27.35 KB, 598x240, Screenshot_2021-09-15 lucinda …)

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that can bring so much joy.
Maybe the doctor lets her watch the screen while he's going on his dive?
So exciting!

No. 1324842

File: 1631726016734.jpg (30.64 KB, 899x212, KU59K5JK64GF6K.jpg)

No. 1324843

File: 1631726066240.jpg (28.42 KB, 883x214, NH2G6J576HGK5.jpg)

No. 1324844

Maybe dad's car key has gone missing?

No. 1324845

File: 1631726110816.jpg (58.73 KB, 891x280, N2V6J5F6J5H6K5.jpg)


No. 1324846

Someone ate too much flowers.

No. 1324850

Or toothpicks.

No. 1324872

That's not a fairground ride, gorl

No. 1324882

Sage your fucking post unless you translate it, most of us are English speakers here.

No. 1324884

The scars remind me of this nutty swedish rainbow fairy girl who just constantly cries about how mentally ill she is and is covered in scars maybe even more than lucinda

No. 1324887

back to burgerland

No. 1324893

She's saying that there's a lot of drug trafficking and gangs, it's dangerous at night because there are shootings and you can be injured by a stray bullet.

No. 1324920


No sweat. She lives with her family inside a gated community.

But thanks for the translation, anon.

No. 1325096

you mean cantersmanima on instagram? Would say more and "deeper" scars, Lucinda has a lot, but they are very recently so they just look way more intense.

No. 1325394

Yeah, her. She's a cow too in my opinion but I don't she warrants a thread.

No. 1325465

File: 1631782726859.jpg (67.81 KB, 598x639, Twitter.jpg)

Surely it has to be pretty comfortable to have wealthy parents and nothing else to do, then buying fancy unicorn stuff all day..?
Still no news from yesterday's endoscopy joyride.

No. 1325621

File: 1631804559038.jpg (43.53 KB, 720x285, 20210916_115308.jpg)

No. 1325622

>excited to have a camera in your stomach

No. 1325625

They're really buying all that shit for their special-needs child.

No. 1325668

kek underrated

No. 1325952

File: 1631825500125.png (24.05 KB, 598x204, Screenshot 2021-09-16 .png)

Now sharpen all those rainbow-colored crayons and rock it, tard.

No. 1326358

File: 1631868035727.png (Spoiler Image, 612.67 KB, 891x623, 20210917103653.png)

No. 1326363

File: 1631869036276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.31 KB, 516x435, yuck.jpg)

No. 1326367

Yeah thats leg hair, all humans and unicorns have that

No. 1326368

Now that I've seen everything on this thread about that person, I want to order a nuclear strike on Puerto Rico.

No. 1326436

Hopefully she’ll be just as excited if they have to do a colonoscopy too. Oh who am I kidding she would be.

No. 1326473

lmao bet it was some mf with a fetish who asked for that

No. 1326486

oh, god forbid.

No. 1326517

Legit looks like a man…

No. 1326533

Nonny, leg hair isn't milk in the same way having head hair isn't milk. Everyone has leg hair and tbh this was never going to be considered milky/comedic on a website where most of us don't care for unnatural standards pushed in the female body

No. 1326631


Some anon sounds hairy.(sage your shit)

No. 1326645

well, at least it looks like part of her unicorn transformation is going well, because holy shit look at those hooves

No. 1326648

> most of us don't care for unnatural standards pushed in the female body


Now what.

No. 1326669

she uploaded that for some fetichist scrote

No. 1326671

She doesn't need SMOOTH LEGS, let the unicorn queen grow out her fur

No. 1326681

I'm gonna ask for some more.(don't touch the poop)

No. 1326704

Oh no! Hair! The Horror! Think of the children! Will everyone ever recover from the frightful sight of female body hair on a female imageboard. All this shitty comments sound linke scrote

No. 1326709

No, her leg looks like an unshaved woman (that apparently you never seen? I've seen much harier women, get over yourself ).

No. 1326710

You sound like a balding scrote

No. 1326731

Apparently that mooglekins chick has a long callout and sent around cp before. It’s old but this is her https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/17MPZbG9ox52g33PGBAF8Ov33GP3bJvsvXbd4FQ1imMs/mobilebasic(namefag)

No. 1326737

Still got a boner for that chick..?
Still in the wrong thread.

No. 1326739

What would be the right thread

No. 1326743

File: 1631901615000.jpg (23.23 KB, 719x221, 20210917_145823.jpg)

No. 1326744

lol this bitch

No. 1326749


No. 1326750

File: 1631902038868.jpg (74.38 KB, 720x461, 20210917_150353.jpg)

No. 1326751

File: 1631902059724.jpg (63.23 KB, 720x492, 20210917_150408.jpg)

No. 1326752

i can't even imagine how that shit would look

No. 1326753


Would you SAGE that shit unless it's real milk.
Those brainfarts are nothing.

No. 1326775

Oh my God the audacity of this mom to just watch her daughter do that to herself what the fuck. She wants to be her? Pathetic. I remember the pickles thing being a meme though.

No. 1327029

I mean, at least she's seeing a doctor for check-ups or whatever issues she's having ig

No. 1327299

Hairy and unwashed. Just like everything else.

No. 1327325

None because this is some retarded Tumblr shit. Do you know where you are.

No. 1328452

File: 1632079015377.jpeg (362.7 KB, 1152x2048, E_lGhbvWUAsu7rI.jpeg)

No. 1328453

File: 1632079046285.jpeg (355.23 KB, 1152x2048, E_lGhbwXEAY7wTK.jpeg)

No. 1329288

File: 1632164059722.jpg (970.93 KB, 1458x2592, E_vY04BWEAMzENF.jpg)

Looking like a transsexual Boris Johnson today.

No. 1329630

im confused about what those lines around her eyes are supposed to be. its makeup, right? is she doing her makeup specifically to look more tired and sick? is she trying to have the perfect creepy crinkly horse eyes??

No. 1329652

it was trendy to have eyebags in japan and korea i think not too long ago. maybe she’s trying to emulate that? some kind of 4 day meth binge realness.

No. 1329700

She said she draws them on in the editing program snapseed

No. 1329761

ok honestly what the fuck and why the fuck

No. 1329898

>>1329761 she said she does it to look more like a horse/unicorn. if you look at a horses eyes she tries to recreate the dark circles and crust kek. points for realism.

No. 1329902

Looks like queen got lip fillers after the gyne stuff

No. 1329946

She's been doing hard drugs, right? RIGHT?

No. 1330036

Chicken Run is one helluva drug.

No. 1330865

File: 1632278236252.jpg (393.6 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20210921-223425.jpg)

she did it specifically in this post idk why op cropped it out when it answers the question of why in god's name.

No. 1330870

File: 1632278673947.jpg (551.22 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20210921-224034.jpg)

y'all need to lurk better or start lurking at all this shit took a 4 second scroll through her twitter

No. 1331057

One can become a lawyer or a doctor, if you study hard enough.
With a bit of practice one can become a good tennis player or a windsurfer. Maybe get some experience in the field and sell used cars.

But never ever you will become a unicorn.

It's so very futile. All that outrageous shit that she does every day will only bring her to an early grave.

No. 1331284

File: 1632323975790.jpg (42.27 KB, 598x298, purging.jpg)

a bit of - kinda - good news from her

No. 1331289

File: 1632324193568.jpg (23.52 KB, 598x158, oy_vey.jpg)

or not so good

silly cow

No. 1331451

Holy shmoly.
I just watched her only video so far and she is one stammering, mumbling wreck.

No. 1331894


No. 1332918

File: 1632482936825.jpeg (424.81 KB, 750x845, A3BDB78F-C640-423A-8A7A-7E0777…)

At least it seems like she’s aware of where things started to go wrong.

No. 1332920

File: 1632483105310.png (17.47 KB, 598x98, Screenshot_2021-09-24 lucinda.…)

The fuck you know what she's "aware of".

No. 1332921

Learn to sage.

No. 1332928

If she's aware the internet fucked her up, why is she among self harm twitter and continuing to be a uwu sick unicorn transformaiton? So close but so far

No. 1332952

File: 1632484958201.png (899.19 KB, 720x1081, Screenshot_20210923-191456~2.p…)

I've never looked at this cow's insta because I don't follow her so how has IMG happened? Yes, I look at cats. Lots of them.

While here I read her caption here >>1332918 Sure she found that shit at the age of 10. Edgelord.

No. 1332977

I Was into scat and zoo porn when I was 10 thnx internet

No. 1332996


I still won't dare to ask what *"g* b "** stands for.

And to be honest, I really don't wanna know.

No. 1333010

First word is probably gang. You can guess from there.

No. 1333016


So she would have been a ten-year-old girl that was interested in a room full of shackled people fucking while hitting and humiliating each other?

She'd rather starve herself to death and be a unicorn, then.

No. 1333025

she captioned it that in the end it just made her numb to sexual images so that's good…… at least the unicorn thing isn't a bdsm furry thing

No. 1333035

This is silly, she’s clearly just trolling with some random man’s feet. It’s not just the leg hair, look at the actual size and shape of the feet.

No. 1333049


Guess you haven't seen a lot of women.

No. 1333128

Gangbang porn

No. 1333130

sage that shit

No. 1333239

girlie said she's a size 11

No. 1333368


No. 1333438

teen boy or women
they dont really look like they belong to a grown man

No. 1333478

lucinda is retarded

No. 1333479

She has a serious problem with oversharing personal shit, who the fuck cares if you saw weird ass porn.

No. 1333481

i can't imagine this autistic watching a gangbang while sitting on her unicorn bed and eating rainbow cereals

No. 1333743

…while carving red stripes into her chest with a razor blade.

No. 1333800


Crippling her body, crippling her soul.

Everyone has talents.

No. 1334072

Is being drawn to porn an autistic thing? The only women I've ever known to be into weird shit like inflation port art or yiff have been autistic women. I think most people knew an autistic weeb girl in a wolf shirt who would draw weird DeviantArt stuff of specific fetishes, that isn't too far removed from Lucinda who is also a weeb who wants to be an animal and has indulged in creating smut (her fanfics)

No. 1334177

she's a lot of other things, but not autistic(sage)

No. 1334230

File: 1632608810414.jpg (34.41 KB, 720x239, 20210925_192517.jpg)

what the fuck

No. 1334268

what does it mean

No. 1334317

No. 1334425

i'm losing hope for new farmers everyday.

No. 1334637

It means that you are an ignorant fuck who does not know the rules around here.

No. 1334642

im not the one that wrote about porn, im just reading so i asked lol sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1334647


Sage your messages

No. 1334700

File: 1632654874523.png (9.26 KB, 371x253, retardsthatcantreadrules.png)

Make sure you type " sage" into the email field before posting.


No. 1334915

File: 1632676157865.png (374.87 KB, 598x415, Screenshot_2021-09-26 lucinda …)

are those Klonopins still kicking

No. 1335478

File: 1632725597648.png (94.14 KB, 598x184, Twitter.png)

it's not getting any better, folks

No. 1335510

File: 1632730286659.jpg (58.34 KB, 404x396, cthulhu.jpg)

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

No. 1335637

Kek, anon holy fuck my sides

No. 1335684

File: 1632757869254.jpg (53.18 KB, 720x408, 20210927_124918.jpg)

No. 1335685

File: 1632757898123.jpg (56.18 KB, 720x330, 20210927_124907.jpg)

No. 1335686

File: 1632757952498.jpg (126.18 KB, 720x749, 20210927_124930.jpg)

No. 1335687

File: 1632757982857.jpg (143.72 KB, 720x728, 20210927_124941.jpg)

fucking porn addict

No. 1335688


No. 1335692

that last sentence is just horrendous

No. 1335695


No. 1335704

>sexy kawaii lingerie influenced by Instagram
>not my child porn adventures
Jesus Christ this is like some sort of Soren shit.

No. 1335710

Gonna assume that's meant to be "childhood porn adventures" but how in the fuck are we supposed to know when she writes like that

No. 1335717

File: 1632761211528.jpg (85.09 KB, 720x525, 20210927_134312.jpg)

she just called someone "cum" because the autocorrect

No. 1335720

This is disgusting. A child watching porn and weird fetish shit isn't something to joke or laugh at. She's more stupid than usual today.

No. 1335721

File: 1632761365473.jpeg (379.46 KB, 1536x2048, FAPl6U-XEAclGTW.jpeg)

No. 1335723

File: 1632761471238.jpeg (429.72 KB, 1152x2048, FAPmAj5XIAQ6Vxp.jpeg)

before the unicorn-fairy-lucifer transformation

No. 1335724

File: 1632761526445.jpeg (405.47 KB, 1152x2048, FANaHx5XMAQm0Ug.jpeg)

No. 1335725

File: 1632761562521.jpeg (506.69 KB, 1152x2048, FATedYnVEAYbodh.jpeg)

No. 1335750

File: 1632765502195.jpg (11.26 KB, 720x89, 1632761211528.jpg)

The hell is that retard talking about..?

No. 1336022


I do not follow this cow but there is always something so offputting about her face to me. She looks like how I perceived human faces while tripping on acid.

No. 1336062

She looks so normal here, was this at a higher weight?

No. 1336065

i don't think she look barely normal there
she still has those crazy eyes, her dyed hair and makeup is missing but you can see she lost it

No. 1336098

must be the eyes, they have something

No. 1336099

this was a lot of years ago, she looks quite normal there

No. 1336250


She's looking like a younger Sophie Marceau, playing a mental case. Or a dog torturer.

No. 1336313

File: 1632823469239.jpg (23.01 KB, 897x207, Twitter.jpg)

Six days of no eating. Mom should wake up before it's too late.



breathing in jizz?
brother's in jail?
bread rinsing?
breath rising jam?

No. 1336324

Breatharianism I assume?

No. 1336332

>not eaten in six days
>haven't binged for three days

A binge isn't eating?

No. 1336336

A thing she acutally might believe in, just like her uNiCoRn tRaNsFoRmAtIoN.

She cannot be reasoned with, so why bother.

No. 1336342

i dont know if you guys like her or not
but she looks beautiful to me and i think im into her…(sage your bait)

No. 1336352

you might need a bucket, once her transformation is complete

No. 1336372

Maybe Breatharians count hyperventilating as a binge

No. 1336548

File: 1632849417326.jpg (66.48 KB, 1200x668, horny.jpg)

This illustration of Breatharians show that they grow a unicorn horn? The less you eat, the more majestic the horn.

No. 1336557

File: 1632850020432.jpg (51.32 KB, 720x462, 20210928_141432.jpg)

the letter salad is back

No. 1336558

File: 1632850042069.jpg (185.62 KB, 720x851, 20210928_141416.jpg)

No. 1336559

File: 1632850141326.jpeg (476.65 KB, 1152x2048, FAXwDnqXoAEZYed.jpeg)

nearly a week without eating and she's starting to look like a corpse

No. 1336560


Sage your posts.
You're always the same sperg, aren't you.

No. 1336561

Learn to sage and adapt

No. 1336563

lolcow.farm/shutthefuckoffalready(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1336564

File: 1632850388575.png (403.68 KB, 334x464, lulz.png)

That's rather close, actually.

No. 1336566

our unicorn doesn't need to breath for being alive

No. 1336949

File: 1632878080699.jpg (71.21 KB, 720x669, 20210928_221301.jpg)

edtwt being edtwt

No. 1336952

How the fuck is peeing on a carpet funny?

No. 1336958

i can't stop looking at the blackheads

No. 1337044

tbf she said they're milia which you can't do anythinģ about. most people get a few on their eyelids and our poor girl got them on every pore of her face lmfao.

No. 1337056

We can always guess. Just take into account her obvious, genuine lack of personal hygiene: She just lets it all rot. Pure neglect. Mom has to take care she takes a shower once a week. Wears no makeup like a woman would do, except the ones that makes her look like a Real™ Unicorn®.
No wonder she's got a skin like some 80yo street peddler from Delhi, clogged and dirty pores all the way.

No. 1337309

File: 1632918569698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.81 KB, 598x536, ribs.jpg)

Some more starving, going on nicely.

No. 1338198

File: 1633017215398.png (38.38 KB, 598x267, edtwt on Twitter.png)


No. 1338263

>>1338198 she'll end up being hospitalised once again, then all of this not eating plus exercising will be pointless

No. 1338324

Her parents will have to fight an uphill battle. I don't envy them.
And all the while we can just lean back and enjoy the sugarcoated shitshow.

No. 1338874


Would it be too much to ask for to lock away that fitness bike. What an idiot family.

No. 1339461

File: 1633160011344.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 4096x2304, FApQCJ7X0AAoVUz.jpeg)

The sight you hoped you'd never see.
But it had to be.

No. 1339503

File: 1633165702983.jpg (39.93 KB, 598x262, 75lbs.jpg)

on the road

No. 1339763

How she's not dead yet?

No. 1339764

File: 1633200428472.jpg (792.08 KB, 1458x2592, lucinda.jpg)

No. 1339765

File: 1633200482046.jpg (27.75 KB, 589x196, 3.jpg)

No. 1339771

i can't believe this bedroom is from a 25-year-old, it looks so childish

No. 1339791

If I was her family, I would in the very LEAST be concerned that she could pass out and hit her head on the metal bars. Do you think anyone accompanies her on walks just incase something happens?

No. 1339859

Because she obviously is eating.

No. 1339871

I think she said something about her parents never leaving her alone in public. She took a picture at the park on a walk and her dad was right in front of her.

No. 1339875

This is why parents need to bully their kids more so they can gradually get mature interests like geography or some shit like that.

No. 1339923

well she's legally retarded so

No. 1339925

exactly. if she was doing all the shit she said she does she would be 75lbs by now. she is clearly eating. you farmers need some logic, shes not gonna fall over and die cause she rode her exercise bike for an hour.

No. 1339969

You can go long without food, if she's drinking water she'll be ok until she gets very underweight

No. 1340027

File: 1633224670113.jpeg (146.31 KB, 1170x311, 81FBB233-5879-4D92-9751-87E90D…)

No. 1340078

you don't die from 9 days of not eating lmfao. and bulimics never get it all out, that's why they all either maintain or gain, so there's no way she'd ever lose the weight she wanted being a bulimic who never ate outside her b/p's like she said.

No. 1340085

She lost like 130lbs she actually would be at 75lbs by now had she started losing weight at a lower weight and not like 300lbs.

No. 1340197

Well, she's not too emaciated, yet.
Guess, her binge/purge sessions don't count as "eating" at all.
That's bulimia for you, folks.

I guess this show will go on for a loooong time to come.

No. 1340221

Her Twitter account is up for half a year by now.
As of now she's bathing in the plentiful attention of her edtwt cronies. But that might dwindle once she's stabilized by (maybe) another hospital stint.
As long as Mom/Dad/Bro provide a failsafe environment, pretty much nothing spectacular will happen here.

No. 1340349

Are you the same anon who always writes weird statements in this thread? This is a gossip board, nobody wants or expects "spectacular" things to happen they just find her posts amusing. You seem like a creep.

No. 1340362

A lot of gossip is made of expectations and weird statements.
So what's your point here..?

No. 1340363

u sound triggered

No. 1340386

File: 1633274828257.jpg (121.95 KB, 491x762, cuts.jpg)

my goodness

shes so fucking mad

No. 1340439

It’d make more sense if she went furry and wanted to be a tiger

No. 1340477

"my tiger transformation! step 1: stripes"

No. 1340486

File: 1633284366661.png (78.26 KB, 598x377, voices.png)

connexrion with the seperte dimensions

veru grtefuk

No. 1340491

>occasional disappearance of her cutting wounds
I never noticed this. I’ve read every thread, but did I miss something?

No. 1340514

Sage for blogging but trust me, you can become very underweight from not eating anything outside of b/p-ing, provided you limit yourself to one or two sessions a day. Underweight bulimics definitely exist. And yeah, she probably won’t become emaciated especially if she’s b/p-ing 7, 9, 12 times a day, but guaranteed she’ll fuck herself up for keeps if she continues doing whatever she’s doing.

No. 1341081

she did some grisly bodychecks on twitter but I won't post those

fuck that retard

No. 1341110

wuss. imageboard.

No. 1341113

File: 1633372157698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.72 KB, 947x1682, 20211004_152250.jpg)

No. 1341115

File: 1633372188821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.91 KB, 954x1698, 20211004_152246.jpg)

No. 1341117

these are some weird tits

No. 1341118

She used to be like obese so and lost weight rapidly

No. 1341119

File: 1633372282506.jpg (71.77 KB, 720x419, 20211004_152708.jpg)

No. 1341126

>mum suddenly enters the room
>sees her daughter taking pictures naked

No. 1341128

File: 1633372779615.jpg (78.56 KB, 720x457, 20211004_152655.jpg)

No. 1341141

Wtf is wrong with her chest or is it another failed attempt at Photoshop

No. 1341145

i think she just wanted to censor them without drawing over them

No. 1341146

can you people read on this board? ya'll fucking blind?

No. 1341155

what a freak lmao

No. 1341320

why does she still have a growth chart on her wall, more importantly why is it hung up near the top of the ceiling?

No. 1341399

kid aesthetics

No. 1341431

Unicorn stuff. Don't ask.

No. 1341505

AFAIK that's called "toddlercore" and refers to adults who surround themselves with baby crap.

No. 1341516

toddlercore? oh my lord

No. 1341523

Zoomers are something else. Everything is some kind of core now. When metalcore became a thing I was already done with cores. It's just gotten worse. I hate it here.

No. 1341541

Zoomer fashion sense = literally just repackaging trends from the 90s and 00s and adding “core” to them kek

No. 1341549

Can we make a zoomer hate thread, that'd be lovely

No. 1341673


Let's just hate the ways and looks of our cutting, purging unicorn apprentice, shall we.

No. 1341818

this would be funny

No. 1341840

please i cannot stand their compulsive need to categorize each and every facet of their ~~~identities~~~

No. 1342852

File: 1633580714958.jpg (Spoiler Image, 642.09 KB, 1458x2592, 20211007_011835.jpg)

spoilered because saggy and flaccid arm

No. 1342853

File: 1633580757888.jpg (67.44 KB, 720x397, 20211007_012133.jpg)

No. 1342854

File: 1633580797946.jpg (118.2 KB, 719x1090, 20211007_012103.jpg)

No. 1342855

File: 1633580819056.jpg (115.71 KB, 720x1081, 20211007_012105.jpg)

No. 1342856

How this isn't a tranny?

No. 1342861

File: 1633581652192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 553.91 KB, 1440x2560, 20210620_082406.jpg)

This is how

No. 1342867

ese papel de baño barato es como papel de lija, debe tener ese roto del culo en carne viva, diosss

No. 1342921


Even her legs are full of cuts, that crazy spic bitch.(racebait )

No. 1342941

I'm gonna say "spic" whenever I fucking want, you PC cunts.(ban-evading autist)

No. 1343098


Fucking Dora the exlorer looks rough these days

No. 1343121

Must have been a thorny trip full of gravity.

No. 1343214

ok gorilla-chan

No. 1343521

lmfao my sides, the background is a mess

No. 1343523

this picture needs a double spoiler because what the fuck

No. 1343525

File: 1633667454090.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.36 KB, 1458x1893, 20211008_012906.jpg)

No. 1343534

File: 1633668181173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 372.64 KB, 1458x1722, 20211008_012903.jpg)

No. 1343555

Painfully obvious that she's sucking in. And oh my god has she tried to do a mastectomy on herself by cutting on her tits?

No. 1343563

That's just withered/loose skin and a shit ton of stretch marks anon. There are cutting scars on her hips though.

No. 1343570

File: 1633672509613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.37 KB, 663x619, 20211008_025147.jpg)

straight permanent damage

No. 1343571

That poor deformed boob is trying to escape.

No. 1343572

that's not funny anymore

No. 1343615

why is her ethnicity always in the OP? i’ve never seen this done for any other cow

No. 1343620

Because she's a spic from a spic country.

Got a problem with that, mate?(racebait )

No. 1343630

Because people will ask at some point. Although people here can't read and ask the same questions over and over and over..

No. 1343686

Americans perceive Puerto Rican as an ethnicity?

No. 1343714

>>1343686 kek
>>1343615 Peurto Rico is a US territory, anon. It's common to mention where cows live so we have the opportunity to avoid them, and the places which breed and harbour such creatures

No. 1343727

So, if a cow lived in, let's say, Greenwich, Connecticut, United States then we should stay the hell outta there?
I've heard quite some idiocy today, but this beats it by a wide margin.

No. 1343944

You should stay the hell away from Greenwich, Connecticut, yes.

No. 1344264

Right. No one wants to meet Eugenia Cooney there, now that she has a driving license.

No. 1344276

File: 1633762801998.png (64.93 KB, 598x316, Twitter.png)

Starving again.

No. 1344532

this is painful to watch

No. 1344534

Imagine being her mom.

No. 1344749

cherish NOT being her mom instead

No. 1344818

File: 1633864552979.png (704.36 KB, 509x577, 1626482971204.png)

Nice cuts.

No. 1345230

File: 1633931180839.jpg (549.08 KB, 1458x2592, 20211011_024234.jpg)


No. 1345232

looking at this feels so awkward

No. 1345233

File: 1633931303162.jpg (178 KB, 720x914, 20211011_024708.jpg)

No. 1345234

File: 1633931397719.jpg (82.49 KB, 720x577, 20211011_024722.jpg)

(sage this nonmilk)

No. 1345235


No. 1345236

>skeleton unicorn suicide dimensions spiritual
more slow, fucker. nobody understands a shit about what you're trying to say

No. 1345278

I wonder if she realises that her bulimia likely developed as a coping method to handle the stress of the rest of other insanity. I don't think she will willingly trade being a unicorn for being alive, this really is her skeleton unicorn suicide huh

No. 1345339

File: 1633961400579.png (28.05 KB, 435x68, Screenshot.png)

If that means "hydrogen peroxide" then she'll need all of her unicorn power to survive.
Put that mad hag into the loony bin, stat.

No. 1345411

I mean I get it, she's got all these cuts and loose skin, but why pose like that

No. 1345416

>why pose like that

No. 1345423

File: 1633975778031.jpg (604.21 KB, 1458x2592, 20211011_150826.jpg)

No. 1345425

File: 1633975872832.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 2159x3838, 20211011_150844.jpg)


No. 1345426

File: 1633975914813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 664.27 KB, 2304x4096, 20211011_150847.jpg)

No. 1345428

her tits look like a ballsack

No. 1345430

Yeah, her “scattered jigsaw puzzle, can’t even punch keys” typing affect still doesn’t hide the fact she’s aware of how she’s presenting. She’s a unicorn though! …It takes a concerted effort to present an image. She has time & energy to take pictures, use social media and stick with a narrative, the whole “no food, unicorn enlightenment” schtick.

No. 1345433


Why the hell won't you sage that non-milk

No. 1345442

Seconded. She's still very aware of cause and action of her antics.
Posting her own grisly photoshoots on Twitter, retweeting other edtwt cunts and pleasing the utter scum that her fans are.

No. 1345469

Why'd you say gross, that's pretty okay looking as far as starving nutsos go. But sage that crap please.

No. 1345483

Is that blood on the wall

No. 1345487

that looks like a basement

No. 1345552

I wouldn't normally ask a question like this, but if Lucinda were to recover right now and get back to a healthy weight would her body fill out the loose skin or would she just be average weight with a bunch of loose skin? Like, will her breasts always look like that?

No. 1345560

if she filled out more she would have less loose skin but it would still be there. the good news is she doesn't have enough to the point she needs surgery to get it removed, so eventually her skin would go back to normal. but that would require her to eat and actually intake the nutrients needed for her skin to regain elasticity.

No. 1345565

She needs to get on with filling out. Less elastic as she gets older, sooo.

She's definitely not doing her breatharian thing, she seems to have gained a bit since we unfortunately "met" her. Apart from the tits, she looks fine. The scars are to stay though.

It's obvious she lies every tume sge mobes sher finkres

Looks that way.

No. 1345598

She doesnt look good (and needs to stop posting almost nudes), but I don’t think she looks gross either. Just like someone who has lost a lot of weight and has loose skin.

No. 1345652

Sage for autism

I wonder if Lucinda started losing weight- and then it spiraled out of control? She appeared to be really heavy set before. You don’t see many people lose that much weight to begin with.

I also wonder where the whole unicorn thing came into play. Anyone do a deep dive of her old accounts? Was she always obsessed, or is this “new”. I want to know what she was like when she was fat. I need to create some sort of timeline. She’s just fascinating.

No. 1345674

File: 1634011890625.jpg (107.71 KB, 720x629, 20211012_010715.jpg)


No. 1345675

think about this: someone out there would fuck her

No. 1345680

She really has no fix.

No. 1345686

File: 1634012668697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.6 KB, 354x319, 20211012_012108.jpg)

they're almost on the floor

No. 1345693

File: 1634014010988.jpg (374.43 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20211012-004105.jpg)

she definitely isn't lying about the breatharian thing, her weight loss has been insane. she follows ashley isaacs and says she loves eugenia cooney and that she wants to weigh 75lbs. by the end of the year and it certainly seems possible.

No. 1345700

File: 1634015658591.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 533.48 KB, 1920x2390, 21-10-12-01-07-31-627_deco-01.…)

where tho. losing weight at an impossibly fast rate in the most unhealthy way possible while crediting it to her unicorn powers is precisely how she got all her followers. the bitch is insane but she's a legit anachan who's been losing weight since her first thread.

No. 1345733

No. 1345734

An awful lot of those, yes.

No. 1345745

sadly for her, she’s not far off from a plateau

can kinda see her minecrafting then ngl

No. 1345747

She might already be plateauing. I haven't noticed any more weight loss recently and the most recent bodychecks looked like she had gained actually

No. 1345855

If you say, that losing 16 lb in 13 days is "not a plateau" then better have a reality check.
Let's hope her mom intervenes somehow, if she still can.

No. 1345861

Right like her weight loss has been downright disturbing to witness. She's clearly psychotic and the pictures speak for themselves that she isn't lying about starving and losing weight. I understand thinking she isn't losing that much but claiming she's gaining? Come on.

No. 1346210

File: 1634114785885.jpg (57.94 KB, 598x539, lucinda edtwt on Twitter.jpg)


"Plateau" my ass. And take a look at that 1000+ likes. Fuck social media.

No. 1346228

File: 1634119518640.jpg (156.07 KB, 1146x597, 1630106761359.jpg)

Left pic is taken from an unflattering angle, with a different facial expression, make-up and editing, of course there's going to be a difference. She doesn't look that different (albeit having less face chub), picrel from 1-2 months ago.

No. 1346230


Faces can appear puffy at times.

Just take a look at the vertebrae sticking out on her back.

No. 1346277

>she doesn't look that different

she lost 130lbs. of course she looks wildly different. quit being an autist by trying to claim she's gained weight like the milk isn't the fact that we found a full blown fatty who's rushing into skelly territory. i don't think that shit has ever been done before in the history of this board.

place your bets. she says she's lost 17lbs in 22 days. will she make it to 75lbs by the end of the year like she says or will she break down? my bet is on that she'll do it. she's an unemployed loon with nothing better to do than to sit in her "comfy chair" and starve.

No. 1346281

Just remember, she's still at home with her family.
My guess: They will try to get her to a hospital once things get too dicey.

Might start a shit circle of force-feeding and relapse at home, but that's the things we're here for, right.

No. 1346323

Lucinda seems to always identify with something else. In previous threads, we discovered her writing and some old blogs, and it became apparent that she was Spitter from the Left4Dead series in the same way that shes a unicorn these days. Its probably her expressing how she feels about herself in a weord way.

In her early schizophrenia blog she would liken herself to a lion with blood dripping in its mane specifically, and as a demon. My guess that her clinging to the unicorn thing is her feeling like whatever she considers unicorns to represent

No. 1346675

File: 1634164960752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 594.81 KB, 1458x2343, FBmyVF3WQAMv0H4.jpg)

i really don't know what to put in here i just know i'm extremely repulsed by this image

No. 1346747

so much for that plateau and weight gain

No. 1346855

File: 1634176432392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.72 KB, 1029x1570, FBmyVFvXMAIdn0n.jpg)

forgot to post the first

No. 1346969

She's sucking in though

No. 1347097

File: 1634196056635.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.19 KB, 598x540, twitter.jpg)

"Sucking in"?
This too..?

No. 1347138

I'm not pro-cowtipping.
But I think Twitter should intervene now.
So could some nonnas with a Twitter account just report her?

No. 1347149

I can make ribs in my back visible too and I'm not underweight. Not saying she's not losing nor that she's not underweight, just that there are tricks to make yourself look more skeletal than you are. Lynch me for pointing out that in that one photo she's sucking in. She had a huge belly. She has more fat on her abdomen than on her back.

No. 1347173


are you out of your fucking mind

No. 1347181

Yes apparently. She's not even under 100lbs yet and ya'll are running to twitter to report her

No. 1347182

It wouldn't be so much about her weight in pounds, but about the propagation of her eating disorder by starvation and therefore inciting others.

No. 1347199

File: 1634205929575.jpg (85.13 KB, 527x749, lets-get-ridiculous.jpg)

Still 110 lbs(integrate)

No. 1347263

How tall is she - blog but i’m 110 at 5”5 and I absolutely couldn’t get my back to look like >>1347097
She’s very clearly underweight and anons insisting she isn’t are more delusional than the cow herself.

No. 1347266

who's saying she's not underweight?

No. 1347275

Okay maybe I didn’t word it well, but anons like >>1346969 are trying to underplay how sick she is. That doesn’t happen with just sucking in.

No. 1347325

In her curious cat she said she hasn't eaten anything for the past month but later says she eats but vomits everything.. So which one is it dear unicorn, you eat or not?

No. 1347563

Afaik, for her "purging" does not count as "eating". So she could claim a long streak.

Technically b/p will feed a certain (low) amount of nutrients to your body. There's no way to "get it all out".

No. 1347987

Anachans wildin

No. 1347991

she's mentioned her method is to drink water and shake her stomach and purge until water comes out and she's back to her morning weight, so she really does get it all out. but also she's admitted to working out and celebrating burning 500 calories on the exercise bike from her "usual" 500, which might account for her weight loss being even more extreme.

No. 1347998

Because she has 130lbs weight loss worth of excess skin which contribute to her weight and not the way her body looks. Basically she's much thinner than she weighs. She's 110lbs but that doesn't include the extra 30lbs she's carrying everywhere on her body that we've clearly seen. Even at 75lbs Lucinda's going to look 90lbs and she's gonna lose it, starving herself down to bmi 11 and 10 until she dies never reaching Ashley Isaacs skelly she wants to.

No. 1348148

Wake me up when she's below 80…
If things get outta hand, her mom will call for an ambulance. We've had that one before.

No. 1348169

bro science

No. 1348273

This is not how weight loss really works, nonna.

No. 1348291

File: 1634317141498.jpg (19.98 KB, 727x89, wellchair.JPG)

Haha, wheelchairs are funny.
This fucking twat. Hilarious to fuck yourself up.

No. 1348366

It's all haha and lolz unitl…

We'll have the last laugh once she realizes that her miraculous unicorn translation won't happen at all. Happy force-feeding and tranquilizers, Luci!

No. 1348808

Show will go on.

No. 1348843

she's gotten quite edtwt famous already. nearly 3k followers and another viral before and after picture with 4k likes.

No. 1348852

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but in both the book and movie The Last Unicorn, one of the main themes was human's obsession with the unattainable be it with their own legacies, the Unicorns and immortality
The antagonist of the story, the old king Haggard wanted the Unicorns as they were the only things that brought him joy but even when he had them he was still left despondent in all other things in life, the depths of his desire and his misery extended even to his castle which had been reduced to horrible condition and was dying around him, as was the rest of his kingdom
Haggards desire for the unicorns(who are immortal beings that were never meant to be tamed by mortal men) destroyed him and all life around him, another minor character in the book/movie Mommy Fortuna is also a good example of this, she is a mortal woman who captured immortal creatures and selfishly seeks to cling to their immortality so that she may live longer, which ultimately leads to her own death

I mean she watches the movie every day, how has she not understood the point yet ? she's more like king haggard then Lucinda, a delusional man who is obsessed and addicted to the unicorns, obsessed with having them and seeing them. When all you care for in the world is one thing, and the heart abandons the rest of the world, it leaves a void that fills up with contempt.

No. 1348861

Whenever there is some documented weight loss out there, there will be some dumb cnuts who
will call it "thinspo".

Being twitter-famous won't cure our bony princess
from being a 120 percent mental case.
She's got a dependent, unfullfilled life in front
of her. And it might be cut short by her illnesses.

No. 1348863

You're not as deep as you might think.

And sage your shit, for chrissakes.

No. 1348907

The movie is kinda shallow and shoddily animated.
Maybe the only thing that saves it is the magnificent voice of Christopher Lee.

No. 1348916

File: 1634395077401.jpg (98.31 KB, 1136x640, KH.jpg)

the movie's animation was serviceable(the book was better imo in terms of the themes it wanted to present) but yes King haggard was the highlight of the movie for me

No. 1348941

Bland storyline, one-dimensional characters. And some nice hippie song on top of it.

No. 1348951

I agree with criticism regarding the animation, but that storyline and characters are purposeful
its meant to be like a simple fairytale but about greater themes of mortality and beauty

No. 1348955

> its meant to be like a simple fairytale

Like Twilight, or Roseanne?

Do never sell yourself under value, I'd say.

No. 1348962

like a fairytale you moron, you know hero slaying the dragon and all that

No. 1348963

No,a fairytale. As in, Cinderella, or Rumplestiltskin.

No. 1348966

I've seen Shrek, and the dragon was a actually a nice lady.

No. 1348974

just a simple flick for simple minds

No. 1349283

File: 1634444760882.jpeg (569.13 KB, 1125x1829, BF102159-F384-46FC-AEB8-E1CB59…)

crossover episode ft dead9irl(sage this nonmilk)

No. 1349382

she sounds jealous lol

No. 1349437

The book is brilliant though (with beautiful writing to boot) and has quite a lot of depth (like the metastoryline about the meaning of stories and heros), movie sucks compared to it (even though Beagle wrote the script). It annoys me how anons ITT act like the movie is the definitive version of the story. Even the graphic novel adaptation is better.

No. 1349440

Well, about "Last Unicorn" again - Those anon were referring to the movie, not the book…
Of course you can cram more meaning and content into twenty hours of reading time than into one and a half hours of animation/spoken dialogue.

If you like the book, that's fine for you. But don't lecture others.

No. 1349486

I know those anons were discussing a movie so I specifically said anons ITT. I guess maybe I should have said "anons in all 3 Lucinda threads".
>If you like the book, that's fine for you. But don't lecture others.
I will voice my opinion whenever I want, thank you very much. I agree the movie is shit, but it's annoying when anons who clearly never read the book shit on it assuming it's the same. Even if it's not your taste, it has more to offer than the kiddie cartoon.

I will fuck off now.

No. 1349566

Saged, but that Fae girl is creepy. I used to follow her (not EDtwt) and she retweets weird pedopandering aesthetic shit all the time. This makes me think- do her fans/followers consider Lucinda to be of aesthetic value? In the sense that to some idiots her unicorn obsession could be admired as part of their cottagecore uwu esoteric lolita lana del rey fairycore fawn sad girl fae goblin aesthetic bullshit?

No. 1349627


You could have done so without leaving that hissy diatribe…

No. 1349629



Do you speak them, motherfucker?

No. 1349653

Yes? I asked if her followers admire her because she fits into their aesthetic more than they like her for her eating disorder content.

Can you read my nigga?

No. 1349725

Jesus Christ I hope her parents take a detour to the loony bin.. they’ve got to be as demented as her if they’re buying her a wheelchair.

No. 1350002

sudoku seems hardly appropriate at a time like that, nona

No. 1350015

verbose anon, can you stfu? dry milk does it to the best of us but seriously

No. 1350162


No. 1350246

she needs it for her trip to the ergometer

No. 1350350

I think some of them may genuinely be cow watching, except they would never admit to that. Plus she's probably goals to some of them. But yeah, judging by how zoomers are obsessed with aesthetic, can see that being a huge part of Lucinda's appeal.
Why the fuck did you post this 13 hours after my comment in which I stated I said I'm done? Can't you read?
Also, to both you and >>1349627, I'm not >>1348852 (to be fair, she had a point about people liking media just for shallow aesthetic reasons that contradict the actual 'message', but that's not exactly new), stop assuming everyone is the same person JFC. Why do I feel like this has recently became a much more common thing on the farms

No. 1350380

File: 1634568760294.gif (3.72 MB, 581x327, but-why.gif)

No. 1350424

File: 1634573852787.jpg (54.2 KB, 598x482, lucinda.jpg)

For her, every day is fucking kindergarden day.

No. 1350464

File: 1634577568047.jpg (244.31 KB, 1495x636, 345345.jpg)

almost uncanny(sage your nonmilk )

No. 1350508

Imagine this autistic on a wheelchair, with cat ears and the unicorn horn.

No. 1350515

File: 1634581261934.jpg (45.64 KB, 593x400, HHG4K5F4YL6KJ5L6.jpg)

she's very excited because she got a partner

No. 1350520

how the fuck she managed to get a men

No. 1350524

File: 1634581678324.jpg (67.3 KB, 597x526, 1.jpg)

No. 1350528

File: 1634581753812.jpg (158.83 KB, 922x2048, 2.jpg)

No. 1350529

File: 1634581816864.jpg (169.18 KB, 922x2048, 3.jpg)

No. 1350536

File: 1634582018328.jpg (48.56 KB, 594x386, J5H6FK5J6L5I6FKO5UTD6.jpg)

It's a women.

No. 1350541


Would you sage all that shit because it ain't no milk AT ALL.

No. 1350542

Crytyping disability magically gone! Looks like the unicorn powers are activated! Or did her brother write this absolute cringe for her?

No. 1350544

It's gonna be the same retard as before.
No matter the outfit, she's the same shit-brained hoe.

No. 1350619


Lol that girl is in unicult and started interacting with Lucinda constantly out of nowhere like immediately after starting that twitter.

No. 1350717


No. 1350718

Such a shitty poetry honestly, but the writing is right.

No. 1350720

poetic unicorn masterpiece

No. 1350780

Holy shit I miss a day and suddenly Lucinda is a full time man with a whole ass girlfriend. I have to know what attracts this girl to Lucinda, this is bizarre

No. 1351752

File: 1634711772966.jpg (39.89 KB, 598x395, skellylinda.jpg)

nearly a hundred likes in a couple of hours, ladies and gents.
hooray for edtwt.

No. 1351825

File: 1634720419572.jpg (568.48 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20211020-045842.jpg)

she's literally dying. she has to be suicidal.

No. 1351829

all ana-chans who restrict to this point and self-harm this much are suicidal nonita

No. 1351831

sage that shit

No. 1351842

Why sage a post from a subject in their own thread?

No. 1351847

No. 1351852

What CAN go unsaged at this point anymore?

No. 1351966

Most things in this thread should be saged because they're just not interesting or entertaining at all. "Omg this anorexic is anorexic". Riveting.

No. 1351987

Don't push her stupid drama. She's still 110 pds and not quite as retarded as her spastic typing might suggest.

And learn to sage.

No. 1352033


A bit behind her "schedule", isn't she.

No. 1352072

almost like she was never a cow and there's never any milk worth not saging

No. 1352097

No, nonnie she is not.
Not even near death and she lives with her mommy and daddy who will take care of her.

No. 1352171


No. 1352261

File: 1634766482785.png (61.54 KB, 230x230, shmelinda.png)

cant we just shut this fucker of a thread down

No. 1352347

Just hide the thread.

No. 1352370

You're so mad.

No. 1352376

File: 1634775574656.jpg (54.84 KB, 601x434, J5H6K5DFK65DTSRT6.jpg)

No. 1352377

File: 1634775596514.jpg (704.38 KB, 1458x2592, JYT6HFI5JKTH6K5HF.jpg)

No. 1352379

File: 1634775621883.jpg (692.46 KB, 1458x2592, U5T6IU8J6DRYU5D.jpg)

No. 1352381

File: 1634775872679.jpg (21.09 KB, 500x281, SID.jpg)

No. 1352385

zero face gains

No. 1352391

she's almost bald

No. 1352990

File: 1634829476467.jpg (32.62 KB, 780x439, intro-1530138734.jpg)

No. 1353045

Long hair suits her so much yet she cuts it shorter and shorter

No. 1353117

she likes cutting

No. 1353164

File: 1634846751379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 536.18 KB, 1458x2592, dtjhdjdhjskyhtklstkl.jpg)

she just posted these body checks.

holy shit

No. 1353165

File: 1634846781674.jpg (Spoiler Image, 613.04 KB, 1458x2592, agfdgadrhadjztgjrugfkl.jpg)

No. 1353372

File: 1634867349188.jpg (27.82 KB, 587x150, H5YT6IJ5G6KYD.jpg)

playing the victim

No. 1353374


No. 1353375

File: 1634867558820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 407.89 KB, 1536x1616, 02bb23c9fa50d7e125bd9531d90635…)

No. 1353378

File: 1634867678171.jpg (3.19 KB, 208x29, delusional.jpg)

And the replies are stupid as fuck.

No. 1353380

File: 1634867721621.jpg (5.48 KB, 519x46, booleng.jpg)

No. 1353382

File: 1634867921229.jpg (17.98 KB, 514x95, jarasmen.jpg)

No. 1353394

File: 1634869119720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.28 KB, 586x527, HTR5J6THJH5TY6.jpg)

No. 1353650

KEK people are roasting her in the retweets. I wonder if they will find this thread

No. 1353723

File: 1634921986122.jpg (12.51 KB, 457x142, 20211022_135519.jpg)

that's her most popular tweet so far

No. 1353725

It's spreading everywhere.

No. 1353726

File: 1634922048741.jpg (89.8 KB, 720x603, 20211022_135315.jpg)

No. 1353727

File: 1634922071122.jpg (84.19 KB, 720x609, 20211022_135357.jpg)

No. 1353731

Her popularity seems to be waning

No. 1353732

Kinda handsome not gonna lie

No. 1353734

scp foundation monster

No. 1353775

girlie is at almost at 5k followers in under 6 months and her latest selfies have over 100 likes one of them over 500. there's no such thing as bad publicity, every retweet gets her face spread across multiple demographics. it's just like eugenia cooney. if lucinda enters skelly levels she just might be the new kid on the block if she doesn't give up on the youtubing in terms of widely hated yet still popular skelly anachans who love attention.

No. 1353846

That ghoul is popular with the wrong kind of people, definitely.

No. 1353874

File: 1634937008578.jpg (392.03 KB, 1536x2048, 20211022_174949.jpg)

No. 1353877

File: 1634937057627.jpg (409.45 KB, 1536x2048, 20211022_174942.jpg)

No. 1353878

File: 1634937121829.jpg (420.62 KB, 1536x2048, 20211022_174944.jpg)

No. 1353879

File: 1634937189009.jpg (389.04 KB, 1536x2048, 20211022_174947.jpg)

No. 1353922

mooglekins/lucinda's new partner:


>living thanks to the government
>"legally vulnerable adult"
>"severe mentally ill"
>has a simp, scrote boyfriend
>her ex is an "abuser", he isolated her for 6 years and continues to harass her even though they broke up. according to her he posts here, and he tried to "expose" her
>sold someone a video rubbing lotion on her feet for $50

No. 1353924

File: 1634941266212.jpg (43.93 KB, 720x235, 20211022_181359.jpg)

No. 1353932

File: 1634941703277.jpg (174.48 KB, 854x2048, 20211022_192343.jpg)

No. 1353933

File: 1634941738325.jpg (103.18 KB, 675x1200, 20211022_192637.jpg)

No. 1353936

is that supposed to be her new partner? shes got fat legs for an anorexic

No. 1353950

i was going to say that, she could be a larper

No. 1353958

We're really supporting these kind of assholes with our salary.

No. 1353999

File: 1634946836439.jpg (112.06 KB, 720x898, 20211022_204126.jpg)

No. 1354000


No. 1354122

With cows like with her its hard to tell what's real and what's not, to an degree her online behavior is a persona but to what extent we can't know for definite
she is defiantly an ANA-chan, she's also a NEET living with her parents, but anything else about her is unconfirmable

No. 1354163

File: 1634965818209.jpg (3.21 KB, 365x52, U56TI5TFI65DS.jpg)

No. 1354507

>draws her partner double as wide as her
Kek, aren't anorexics supposed to have a wraped body image?

No. 1354516

She looks like an abused little boy, if I didn't know this was an adult woman with a home, parents and a brother I'd be pretty concerned.

No. 1354522

you can clearly see the tiny torso in the center of "lucricia's" body.

No. 1354554

She's gonna be some kind of child for the rest of her life. And there is not much you can do about that.
A child, that will compulsively self-harm and starve.

No. 1354567

File: 1635036116827.jpg (66.44 KB, 594x411, IRUI454YT5RU4R5.jpg)

No. 1354570

File: 1635036249730.jpg (76.04 KB, 591x445, BGF46DJ54DGJ6.jpg)

This is worrying.

No. 1354574

File: 1635037769158.jpg (26.4 KB, 678x119, 5686546874689789.jpg)

if i were you i wouldn't do that

No. 1354577

File: 1635037870047.jpg (88.96 KB, 784x332, 23456468826.jpg)

No. 1354578

good luck shitting

No. 1354580

She's like a living cautionary tale.

No. 1354714

"Don't be like me!
But look at me!"

No. 1354725

File: 1635064475656.jpg (9.63 KB, 493x110, shmelinda.jpg)

Her height is 5'6(167,5cm) and weight according to her around 106 lb (48kg).

Makes a BMI of around 17. So no red alert yet.

Don't fall for her childish attention whoring. She's enjoying the drama and her fifteen minutes of e-fame.

No. 1354731

She's underweight because her BMI is over 18.5 (17), it isn't healthy but neither incredibly low. If she reached 100lbs it would be 16. 75lbs (12) it's her goal.

No. 1354732

the unicorn needs to poop

No. 1354734

>don't even know what an eating disorder is
The thing that has always, ALWAYS, really annoyed me about any ED community is that they have no concept of people with eating disorders outside of their shitty club. EDtwt thinks people can't be anorexic unless they have an ED unless they have a kpop pfp and retweet shitty memes. It has not occured to even one of the little brain dead fuckers that the main source of criticism towards any pro ana bullshit is people who have actually experienced eating disorders and now understand why the ED community is as bad as it is.

Sorry for ranting but jesus this is one specific thing that just annoys me so much

No. 1354738

File: 1635066029978.jpg (17.62 KB, 549x166, likes.jpg)

Samefag here. I wrote 'yet', if you noticed, nonnie.
Probably somebody at home will come to the rescue and drag her to the hospital again. But I'm still wondering why mom doesn't monitor her eating.

In the meantime, she collected 200+ likes for her shitting offensive.

No. 1354985

wait a sec, she's purging SOAP?

No. 1355026

File: 1635107311860.jpg (36.88 KB, 584x250, J4F6H5JF6XJ5OJL.jpg)

No. 1355027

File: 1635107334160.jpg (45.87 KB, 591x250, JYRD6I54DRY65SR.jpg)

No. 1355028

File: 1635107395040.jpg (29.82 KB, 582x118, JHTR7RH546Z5HEA.jpg)

No. 1355029

>bullies(samefagging )

No. 1355032

>adult NEET who cosplays as a dying toddler and shows off self-harm scars claims that she will find joy
very off-brand

No. 1355060

She has cleaned her conscience, anon!

No. 1355472

File: 1635168292615.jpg (61.54 KB, 600x1147, IUR6eQl.jpg)

No. 1355508

is this soren 2.0? it's honestly hard to watch

No. 1355569

File: 1635184636494.jpg (688.46 KB, 1458x2592, 20211025_145413.jpg)

No. 1355570

File: 1635184657688.jpg (712.86 KB, 1458x2592, 20211025_145423.jpg)

No. 1355571

File: 1635184681076.jpg (626.05 KB, 1458x2592, 20211025_145355.jpg)

No. 1355573

File: 1635184730857.jpg (1.13 MB, 2304x4096, 20211025_145439.jpg)

No. 1355574

File: 1635184780889.jpg (1.07 MB, 4096x2304, 20211025_145836.jpg)

No. 1355576

File: 1635185050842.jpg (479.41 KB, 1458x2592, 20211025_145829.jpg)

freakish, pure evil

No. 1355592

And not a scratch on her. I know it’s not the sharpest pic but given the volume of scarring she “has” we should be able to see something.

No. 1355607


Learn to adapt and sage your shit.

No. 1355621

I wonder if her room has been “preserved” like this since childhood, or if maybe it looked more normal at one point but with her decline she decided to child-ify it again?

No. 1355632

who tf took these

No. 1355641

Maybe her brother. She mentioned him once or twice, being a supporter of hers.

No. 1355652

Unless she’s willing to die for her larp then no, Soren pretended she was a rape factory graduate until her flesh dick was rotting and she took the overdose

No. 1355716

Most of her crap is in near-pristine condition. If she had and used it as a kid or mentally disabled adult then there'd actually be signs of wear. The only things that look like they were used for anything more than her adult baby photoshoots are the dollhouse and curtain here >>1355573

No. 1355736

The cuts disappeared.

No. 1356015

nah, just a shitty camera or some filtering

you can see lots of scars & cuts in the closeups

No. 1356029

Imho you can't compare those two, since Luci lacks the sadistic streak.
Also, Soren wasn't a unicorn.

No. 1356163

File: 1635263113583.jpg (51.36 KB, 595x383, TG6EZH546FHES.jpg)


No. 1356164

File: 1635263161693.jpg (383.45 KB, 1278x2048, FClTFSnXEAEvl1D.jpg)

No. 1356166

File: 1635263213726.jpg (26.69 KB, 588x173, 5H6GX5H6ZD5HAE.jpg)

>pill twinsies

No. 1356196

File: 1635265934759.jpg (624.7 KB, 1458x2592, 26856126456326.jpg)

No. 1356228

Honestly yes and no. She has a similar aesthetic Soren but that's their biggest similarity. If you remove their soft uwu trauma aesthetic then they have almost nothing in common. Soren was a liar and built up a backstory to larp as a victim and they milked attention from that. Lucinda is genuinely suffering from the things she is saying she has. She is basically all the things she says she is (not a unicorn obviously but if anything you can take that as an extension of her genuine schizophrenia)

Soren lied about a lot of shit but tbh I think they were raped at least once. I've never seen an ftm troon who wasn't doing it due to sexual trauma. My personal tinfoil is that something happened to Soren but on a much much MUCH smaller scale than anything that happened. I think they were likely telling the truth about a teacher or a psychiatrist abusing them and then that's where the truth ends

No. 1356274

>Soren was a liar and built up a backstory to larp as a victim and they milked attention from that.
Yeah, I'm sure her retarded typing style and brother who conveniently pops up whenever her lies stop making sense are not for attention at all. Ah yes, and she also hasn't eaten or drunk for 254365 days. Also a survivor of drinking bleach several times. That blog about getting off to murder and other edgelord shit is also just venting uwuwuw.
She has an eating disorder and is a cutter, but that's about it.

No. 1356285

sage that shit

No. 1356293

The only thing she is suffering from is loss of brain cells from being an anachan. Stop trying to make her seem like a genuine uwu sick totally schizo victim.

No. 1356326

She has posted a professional diagnosis and was in the psych ward for those reasons. People with serious mental health issues are difficult people, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t suffer just because you don’t like her and she does weird/dumb shit. No one said she’s an “innocent victim” and I don’t understand how that comes up if anyone dares to say that these people have severe issues with cognitive function. Her family was considering flying her to the states just to get her proper help, she is a certified unattended mental patient and posting online doesn’t take any effort and a fucked up brain damaged from years of bulimia will rationalize the most bizarre things. No one even called her a victim why get so defensive and angry?

No. 1356332

How are you going to find joy when you are dead?

No. 1356474

I never said that Lucinda was a victim. She exaggerates but she is literally an anorexic schizo who self harms and has delusions. She has always been up front about those things and it's quite obvious that she has them. She exaggerates, but it's TRUE that she has them. none of what Soren said was ever true. Soren was just some kid who wanted to be a Tumblr sad person but never had the kind of experiences to be interesting so they fabricated absolutely every detail of their life. There is a huge difference between milking your problems for attention and making up an entire fake identity for attention

Thank you! Finally, someone who understands that pointing out she is genuinely fucked up isn't the same as coddling her or making her an innocent victim. I swear to christ some anons are just willing to ignore facts/lie because they feel like making the cow to be the most extreme awful person ever is more important than actually looking at the actual milk being presented

No. 1356574

I think Soren was also very mentally ill. She lived less than Lucinda and started her larp/delusions very young. At some point she was also ana and self harming worse than luci. I think she couldn't cope with being saved from being adopted from one of the poorest places on earth to go live in rich burgerland. IDK she had everything she needed and went insane regardless. Lucinda is just the product of her parents defective old genes. She looks normal on her past pictures when overweight. The "brother" and her changing typing styles when suits her is very sus ngl.

No. 1356952

>her changing typing styles when suits

she admits this though. she literally says she types like shit because it's what comes naturally and it isn't worth the effort on twitter. she can type well for serious things. but she's been typing like shit in private blog and 1d accounts belialsmiracles and coffinofachimera that didn't even have her name, nor had anything to do with being an uwu traumacore baby.

lucinda is honest. i'm sorry, but i genuinely believe the shit she says. doesn't mean it doesn't make her a cow. she's a freak and an attention seeker and a trainwreck and a whole horrorcow. but not because she's larping or faking any of it. literally everything she says adds up. and she both readily admits faults and photoshopping and unflattering angles and unglamorous details. there just isn't a certain aesthetic she keeps up, so there's nothing to lie about to fit into. she just…..is what she is.

come on. she doesn't even admit that she's schizophrenic anymore, much less talk about it. she barely posts. she doesn't milk mental health, just weird facebook mom positivity. she watches chicken run. she likes unicorns. like. where is the traumacore nymphet fairycore goblincore xyzcore lmao. she's just an anachan freak who popped up out of the woodwork who is, frankly, very interesting to watch in an oldtimey sideshow way. the debunking attempts are lame. this bitch makes me skin crawl every time i check her page and that's the thrill.

No. 1356970

File: 1635366380864.gif (743.41 KB, 277x209, AFpya.gif)

Fair and weighted.

No. 1356972

Her latest bodycheck includes a sea of cutting scars.
I won't post it. You shouldn't, too.

No. 1357108

File: 1635382586083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 408.79 KB, 1190x1809, 20211027_215355.jpg)

Back at cutting.

No. 1357109

File: 1635382713063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 486.75 KB, 1392x1831, 20211027_215351.jpg)

No. 1357110

File: 1635382872827.jpg (749.15 KB, 1458x2592, 20211027_215337.jpg)

No. 1357111

File: 1635382913600.jpg (661.24 KB, 1458x2592, 20211027_215335.jpg)

No. 1357113

File: 1635383065282.jpg (146.59 KB, 720x850, 20211027_220220.jpg)

No. 1357129


Sage for non milk

She doesn’t look worryingly thin here at all. She looks…fine? As “fine” as one can comprehensively look with those wild eyes in a legit toddler themed bedroom?

I would say that in terms of fat, she probably would technically way slightly less on account of her loose skin from her large weight loss. But from the looks of these “candids”, she looks to be of average weight. I’m not actually buying that she hasn’t eaten.

Also, how can she be a unicorn if she’s dead?

No. 1357180

i just don't think her loose skin will ever let her look truly skelly. she'll always look average, which will only fuel her current decision to never eat.

you can be in a critical state internally while still being relatively average weight. body fat is just energy storage, not nutrients your body needs to survive which is what lucinda has been denying her body for over a month. see >>1357113 girl is rotting from the inside.

also i possibly remember her gibberish on cc mentioning that her unicorn metamorphosis was just a metaphor for slow suicide.

No. 1357190

File: 1635392635941.png (240.07 KB, 599x452, baldunicornsarentreallucinda.p…)

she is so fucking stupid

No. 1357191

her immune system must be shot goddamn

No. 1357192

I've never seen an ana-chan more determined to look like shit and break the veil of glamour. Don't mean that in a good way. Gross.

No. 1357195


No. 1357198

Trichotillomania or Alopecia. This does not resemble ED related hair loss at all.

No. 1357215

she said her doctors already dismissed it. right picture looks pretty accurate for ed hair loss. i think having her head so close to the light exaggerated the hair loss into big round patches on left pic.

No. 1357220

File: 1635396531591.jpg (489.52 KB, 1458x2592, H56GJ45G6K5UY6S.jpg)

(ban evading)

No. 1357224

Thank you anon. The sperging and conspiracy theories are so tiresome. She’s been acting this way for years, even when she had basically no audience. This is just who she is. Just relax and enjoy the cow antics in peace ffs

No. 1357227

She doesn’t look “fine”, she looks malnourished. The pale discolored skin, hair loss and muscle wastage are evident in every photo. I’m not sure how you’re not seeing that, unless you think someone has to be skeletally thin to be malnourished which is untrue.

No. 1357229

>ajd am constantly going tondoctors, gwtting my blood pressure fhecked daily
this is absurd even by proana scumbag standards
You're an easy mark. She would literally be incapable of complex aesthetic coordination, demonstrating art skill, and engaging in twitter trends with an IQ of 62. She's an anachan, but like many anachans before her, she is also a lying, attention-seeking munchie.

No. 1357236

>this is absurd even by proana scumbag standards

Not at all. When I was in IP this is exactly what they did. And ed's fuck with your entire body. If Lucinda hasn't eaten since September it makes sense that she goes to a lot of doctors in different fields to treat her for different things. She's mentioned a cardiologist, psychiatrist, gynecologist, and gastroenterologist. Heart, mental health, reproductive system, and gut. Not that far off for ed related issues. Especially for someone who must have a plethora of complications and is likely being monitored closely due to saying they won't eat for the rest of their life and actually not ingesting anything since September. She took an entire packet of laxatives to purge soap. Her system must be in shambles. I'd be concerned if she wasn't constantly going to the doctors. In her latest unshooped pic she looks like she's dying and her baldness is horrifying.

No. 1357243

File: 1635398879854.jpg (430.42 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20211028-012419.jpg)

People always swore up and down she did makeup to look more sick. Tell me she doesn't look worse on the right without makeup than the left. She looks positively ghastly.

No. 1357244

what a munchie

No. 1357246

She looks much worse on the left anon

No. 1357253

ah yes, rosy lips, blush, and highlighter, the essentials for making oneself look sick

No. 1357257

She's not in IP. She is suggesting that she is getting her family to haul her ass to the doctor every day for what amount to routine tests.

No. 1357258

Are you being serious?

No. 1357263

I know she's not in IP. I just meant that the practice isn't uncommon. You can literally buy a blood pressure monitor from Amazon for $30 lol. She's obviously getting it checked at home.

No. 1357265

Also she never said she went to the doctor daily. Even if she were a munchie she couldn't possibly expect anyone to believs that.

Constantly at the doctor's. Blood pressure checked daily. Not daily for both.

No. 1357270

It looks like she did the top of her head herself.. I've been suspecting for a while that she might be lying about her unicorn fast and the symptoms for shock value. She's really not right in the head if this isn't real and if it is, I hope she gets help

No. 1357272

She edits her face smaller too?

No. 1357278

she's posted before and after pictures to show that she has been losing weight rapidly enough that suggests starvation. i mean. technically she is getting help. according to her there's no ip where she lives so she's just wasting government resources treating her wasting body and its symptoms. not much you can do for an adult with a death wish.

No. 1357283

Wonder what happened to the trip to usa to get help

No. 1357288

she said they couldn't afford it

No. 1357300

Fly, retarded unicorn. Now you have a giant hole without hair in your head, new cuts that will leave scars and a fucking free pass to the nearest hospital.

No. 1357313

>>1357220 sorry but does no one else see all the hair covering her face and chest?? She isn't balding she just shaved fucking patches in her hair

No. 1357321

are you blind? there's clearly cut hair on her face. I swear some people in this thread are just as dense as lucinda

No. 1357322

Yeah, balding over night. Sounds reasonable.

Of course it will be good enough for her cronies and she will get lots of asspats for it.

No. 1357328

Not balding. She just did that herself.
That'll be good enough for her fans.

No. 1357331

To be fair, at least several of them are Lucinda.

No. 1357404

She said she was cutting her hair and the baldness became more obvious in the reply right under the tweet. If she's such a godmode munchie why would she make it so fucking obvious and leave the hair there. Even the most basic liar would clean up like. The suggestion is absurd.

No. 1357406

File: 1635419965532.jpg (272.12 KB, 1080x1068, Screenshot_20211028-071328.jpg)

You can't even claim she tweeted this as damage control as part of her lurking because she tweeted it hours before we pointed out the hair all over her body. Besides, she's been cutting her hair shorter and shorter for months and the baldness is at the top of her head and easy to hide. For all we know the hair loss wasn't sudden at all and, like she said, became obvious when she cut the hair she was previously combing over it.

No. 1357443

She looks as though she's prematurely greying as well as her hair falling out.

No. 1357445

she used to have dyed white/grey hair

No. 1357476

starving your self and still look heavy/fat in photos.
what a shame…

No. 1357486

You unironically think she looks better while she's taking makeup inspiration from pictures of dead children than she does while she's looking like a normal adult woman? No wonder you're so eager to gobble up the bullshit she's spewing because you clearly have severe internet poisoning. Your parents need to monitor your internet access.

No. 1357503

I thought that was just her scalp showing through the thinness of her hair, I didn't realise she was full on greying!

No. 1357577

i've been dm'ing her on ig for about a month now, shortly before the unicorn fast. firstly she does crytype consistently so it's not something she "takes off" in private. she's also opened up a LOT about how much she's suffering going through the unicorn fast. her mentality is a lot more negative and suicidal than she puts on on twitter. so personally i don't think she's lying about it since she has crytyped actual paragraphs about how she's going to transform into a true unicorn at bmi 11. why be munchie in private but act fine in public? she's no faker. but yeah it sounds like she wants to die folks. which genuinely makes me sad because i do consider her a friend. and she's a legit fucking sweetheart. no complaints about her whatsoever.

that being said, if y'all wanna be nosy i'm willing to answer sum things……(cowtipping)

No. 1357603

Imageboard. Pics or didn't happen.

No. 1357626

what you don’t take into consideration is how quickly she lost all that weight. obviously she’s gonna be weaker and more malnourished at a higher weight than someone who started losing at a healthy weight

No. 1357659

i really do not understand how she isn't extremely underweight if she for real hasn't eaten in over a month. i don't get it. she was 120-something when she started this latest fast in september and somehow is not under a hundred pounds. it astounds me.

No. 1357666

She might be a retard, but she's a clever retard when it comes to rake in some attention.

No. 1357684

ok good im not the only one who thinks she's got to be full of shit. why take laxatives when you arent eating? makes no sense.

No. 1357752


I worded that poorly. She very much doesn’t look “fine” as in healthy. I’m sure she’s an absolute wreck if you were to quantify labs or nutritional status. I meant she doesn’t look worryingly thin- and I don’t think that’s all due to the added value of loose skin. If anything, she looks as if though she’s continued to eat to maintain her weight. Which is good, we love a good shit show, but I doubt any of us sincerely wants her to suffer. It’s like Nourish. She’s a loon, but we’re all happy she’s clearly making her own progress. No one would argue Lucinda is unwell- but I think she’s pulling our leg on this- or at the very least, exaggerating for attention. The hair? She’s either shaving it like that purposefully, or pulling it out. Hair that falls out will fall out at the root. You can still see the root like it was buzzed or shaven.

She’s not eating? For a month? And taking laxatives? For what? It’s math. 0 intake? But no noticeable weight loss?

Who knows, maybe she sincerely believes all of this to be true.

No. 1357804

File: 1635469480958.jpg (36.85 KB, 356x536, o.JPG)

She's a clever liar. Well, not so clever, but somehow she makes gullible young people believe all she says.

This (img) is how she looks when she's not going out of her way with ps to look like she's a sickly waif.

As for >>1357243 when she isn't thinning her face, losing so much weight doesn't ring true because she hasn't got turkey neck. I wasn't even overweight but when I went wonk, my face lost weight and I had a turkey neck. Ofc she's lost weight, but she's grossly exaggerating how much she lost and backing her claims up with nifty ps.

She's toned down her autist speech in that clip on twitter.

No. 1357806

File: 1635469725573.jpg (31.88 KB, 582x651, no gobble.JPG)

No turkey neck, still healthy body fat under her chin.

That ana ~hair loss~. Yeah, right. She fucked it up with clippers.

No. 1357810

speculating about weight loss based on your own anecdotal evidence is pointless. everyone's physiology is different. and besides, do you really think this bitch isn't mewing? that will prevent the "gobble" as you call it. she has lost a lot of weight in the last two months.

No. 1357813

It's not just anecdotal. Google pics of people who lost a lot of weight. Can't skip the turkey neck if you had fat there.
> she has lost a lot of weight in the last two months.
Okay. You believe it.

No. 1357872


Eh, the turkey neck thing is just an unfortunate fat distribution that deflated post weight loss and the skin didn’t snap back.
We can see she did lose weight from pictures, the loose skin on her abdomen and her breasts.

But, I agree with you- there’s 0 evidence of weight loss in the last 2 months. Let’s do the math? Her BMR is probably around 1500 calories sedentary. Just pretend, right?

1 lb of fat is 3500cal. So, Lucinda should have lost 13lbs-15 lbs which would be noticeable in a month. And that’s without adding in all that biking she talked about.

It’s bizarre she’s lying about it in such a desperately ugly way. All the other ana chans want to be dainty, beautiful waifs while Lucinda is hell bent on destroying herself in the most ugly way possible.

No. 1357904

after starving yourself for such a long period of time your metabolism is almost non existent. your body starts to burn your muscles and your weight loss really slows down. it’s a common thing even with dieting, that’s why she’s not losing as fast as you believe she should. she’s obviously losing anyway

No. 1357995

Imho she knows exactly how to use the drama to her advantage. That whole sick edtwt community revolves around it.
If you do some self harm, just be sure to show it off and then enjoy the giggling and cheering of your fangirls.

No. 1358058


This is based off of the Minnesota Starvation experiment and only occurs when there is literally no more fat to lose.

No. 1358064

>>1357872 the whole "1lb of fat is xxx cal" thing was proven inaccurate years ago anon. it doesn't work like that

No. 1358077


Nope. That's just a bit of bro math. The human metabolism does not work like that.

No. 1358103

File: 1635522427453.jpg (700.74 KB, 1458x2592, 20211029_124446.jpg)

No. 1358104

File: 1635522453624.jpg (401.54 KB, 1458x2592, 20211029_124403.jpg)

No. 1358112


"Life is so nice being a complete tard"

No. 1358120

Her teeth looked fucked by normal people standards, but the enamel looks surprisingly good for someone who claims to purge 20 times a day.

No. 1358139

Yeah and shouldn't her glands be way more bigger if that was the case? I've never seen a bulimia face on her, ever.

No. 1358141

File: 1635528567581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.3 KB, 260x299, CF9C253E-CC10-42D3-BD38-1454C5…)

This just looks like a fungal infection/ringworm to me.

No. 1358159

she said she's only been bulimic for a year, and that the worst she'd purged was like 10 not that it was her average. i only purge once every other day but i've been bulimic for 6 years and my dentist has never mentioned anything about my teeth looking fucked unless they're lying.

No. 1358188



No. 1358280

File: 1635547297686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 551.61 KB, 1458x2592, HT4S5HTS46H5AET6.jpg)

No. 1358284

File: 1635547462260.jpg (44.21 KB, 593x243, ITFU6I5YRDU6SR.jpg)

No. 1358285

File: 1635547493092.jpg (42.17 KB, 593x220, 4YI6O5UT6I5TY6.jpg)

No. 1358286

File: 1635547584650.jpg (41.23 KB, 585x217, U5R6T5UET6Y5ARE.jpg)

No. 1358287

>the soap
She's eating soap?

No. 1358289

She washed herself with soap that had fruit in it and purged afterwards >>1354570

No. 1358303


(post directed at tagged users and general recent anons with dumbass opinions)
This is stupid anachan bait. Her metabolism is slow as shit after such a long time strarving, you only use or require a high calorie amount a day on a healthy regular diet. She would use max 800kcal a day and probably less, it's a joke to suggest she uses 1500kcal when she's so small and starved (yes she is, fuck off anachans) and b/p for so long, etc.
Then, starvation mode is a thing when the body conserves even more. The human body isn't stupid, if it thinks there is a food shortage it won't say "cool, I'll keep using up 1500kcal daily regardless and shortly die" it conserves energy and resources as much as possible.
She also has a lot of loose skin from rapid weight loss which prevents her looking as thin as she truly is. Many reasons for why she isn't looking like skeletor like you sick freaks think she should. By the way you all are disgusting, ugly freaks in your respective anachan threads and Lucinda is the only pretty ana I've ever seen (in the face, and her styling) so it's amusing to see you coping in her thread and acting like you look better than her. Newsflash: lol no.

No. 1358305

>Many reasons for why she isn't looking like skeletor like you sick freaks think she should.

You obviously never read predator Oki's fasting threads at mpa or saw the results of his 100 day water fasts.

>Lucinda is the only pretty ana

Ooooh, shouldn't have said that. Now your post makes sense.

No. 1358306

File: 1635550768198.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.58 KB, 467x563, 1539821497047.jpg)

Here's a shorter fast. Now tell me Deborah hasn't eaten for weeks/months

Spoilered because pervert

No. 1358328


No one wants her to be a skeleton, you autist. She’s not a skeleton because she’s eating. She’s lying to you. You bought it. She tricked you. You’re buying her grift for attention.

Where are the calories coming from? Her fucking soap? Get real.

No. 1358340

What a mess(sage your shit)

No. 1358346

The fact you have a problem with her not dying before your eyes is why you're the anachan freak here. How the fuck is that a problem? It's a good thing she's still ok.
Yes you are comparing a man who has a high metabolic base rate and clearly was eating plenty daily before the fast, to a woman who has been starving herself regularly for a long time and has a shit metabolism. tbh she already looks like the right image and your competitive mentally ill ana eyes just can't see it.

No. 1358347

i completely forgot she probably lurks here 24/7

should we not mention how fat she looks anymore?

No. 1358371


Are you retarded? Do you know where you are? This is a gossip thread. For cows. We are pointing out the cow is lying. If that triggers you, get help.

No. 1358372


Did it ever occur to you that POW’s and Holocaust survivors never leave fat? Almost like a consistent calorie deficit will deplete you of stored energy (fat) until it there’s none left. Why do women who diet or have ED’d have “broken” metabolisms? Sounds like a cope.

No. 1358376

Such a liar. She's clearly eating.

No. 1358378

lucinda took a lot of laxatives and then purged soap

No. 1358426

>haven't eaten since end of september
>gained weight
something don't add up..

No. 1358434

File: 1635577616696.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.25 KB, 720x886, 20211030_040209.jpg)

No. 1358435

File: 1635577657274.jpg (174.36 KB, 720x885, 20211030_040239.jpg)

No. 1358436

File: 1635577683897.jpg (182.49 KB, 720x891, 20211030_040252.jpg)

No. 1358438

Is that just bad blur or are her nipples fuckng huge?

No. 1358440

Shes blurred out the whole underboob area as well. They’re sad, saggy nanna titties because of her weight loss.

No. 1358480

OTOH there's got to be a reason why her parents went wheelchair shopping with her only recently. One should never underestimate tard power, those are stubborn fuckers.
And judging (yes I do) by her latest stammering message she hasn't changed a bit. Still a mental wreck, behaves like some drunk child would.

No. 1358618

- Doing her photoshopping all the time.
- Able to edit her Twitter shit.
- Can't write and/or spell.

Oh yeah.

No. 1358729

File: 1635629541962.jpg (527.24 KB, 1458x2592, 20211030_183117.jpg)

No. 1358730

File: 1635629563954.jpg (429.98 KB, 1334x2385, 20211030_183114.jpg)

No. 1358777

Bald unicorns don't exist
who's gonna tell her

No. 1358865

Maybe the antipsychotics she's dosed up to the eyeballs on make her wobbly

or more likely she threatened serious self harm if they didn't play along

No. 1358887

File: 1635654951851.jpg (512.56 KB, 1458x2592, GR56H5SR6J5RYJ6R.jpg)

No. 1358888

File: 1635654983500.jpg (983.46 KB, 2304x4096, HT4S5HTS46H5AET6U.jpg)

more hair loss

No. 1358891

I actually believed the hair loss because it does happen to people with eating disorders. But this picture made me think she definitly just shaved that off like other anons said.

No. 1358922

She's an expert when it comes to mutilating her own body.
Just take a look at all those cutting scars on her chest, arms AND legs.

No. 1358938

I was scrolling really fast and I though her leg was detached but it was her cat

No. 1358944

She cut it shorter compared to the previous pics, hence pile of hair.
This is inches shorter than the one upthread showing the bald patches.

No. 1359025

File: 1635690280029.png (398.73 KB, 598x451, Screenshot_2021-10-31 Twitter.…)

So she retweeted this stuff. Yeah, she's a favourite with the girls, I see.
"Awww, what a poor sick girl".

No. 1359317

File: 1635730821305.png (816.16 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20211031-102153~2.p…)


Just been watching a documentary about the Slender Man girl stabbers. It feels to me like debs watched about them or similar freaks and she's trying to be as edgy, even down to killing her parents.

No. 1359362

File: 1635737461364.jpg (Spoiler Image, 729.89 KB, 1458x2592, 20211101_002747.jpg)

No. 1359363

File: 1635737496796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 724.03 KB, 1458x2592, 20211101_002749.jpg)


No. 1359365

File: 1635737667003.jpg (150.6 KB, 720x654, 20211101_002858.jpg)

this looks like a shitty porn photoshoot

No. 1359367

Looking like an even more ugly Venus Palermo OF photoshoot

No. 1359422

kek my thoughts exactly

No. 1359514

Why are her pupils so massive all of the time?

No. 1359547

She looks even more tarded than usual in this photo (maybe because she’s not looking at the camera ig?) and it makes me feel skeevy. Like i’m looking at exploitation porn or something.

No. 1359552

whats the documentary's name?

No. 1359566

I SAW THIS ONE also ~ her and her friend attempted to kill their other friend. jfc. Thankfully the girl survived, this girl was also a Schizophrenic. There is a police interview with her on Youtube, she is literally crazy.
**Lucinda is also Schizophrenic…hmmm…..maybe you are on to something anon.

No. 1359629

Lurk more and you'd know, it's only been said a million times

No. 1359655

She's definitely gained weight since she went inpatient, which is a GOOD THING (sorry anachan anons) but she needs to do some exercise. The complete lack of visible muscle tone is shocking for someone that young, even taking the loose skin into account.

No. 1359663

Yeah she doesn't look like she's been starving for a month at all..

No. 1359787

There's a few on yt, search SLENDER MAN MORGAN GEYSER, but as anon mentioned, the police interrogation is definitely the best to watch.

No. 1359820

She doesn't look thin at all.

No. 1360277

looking pretty chubby there girlie….those thick thighs.
definitely lying about not eating for a month. go check out Eugenia and learn from her

No. 1360498

Go back to your chairgraves, skeletors.

No. 1360672

File: 1635913199872.png (38.19 KB, 596x274, 1111.png)

Well that explains that.

No. 1360673

Told ya'll she ain't losing anything.

No. 1360682

>"I'll never eat again! No more calories for me! Unicorn power!"
>Guzzles two liters of soda a day
Not condoning anachan behavior but have these bitches never heard of water?

No. 1360686

File: 1635915005541.jpg (146.1 KB, 720x774, 20211103_014841.jpg)

No. 1360688


She’s still a liar. There’s no way in hell she didn’t notice a difference in flavor or viscosity by adding mass gainer powder to a soft drink. The floating white powder didn’t tip her off?

Lucinda lurks. She’s responding to our speculations about her intake.

No. 1360689


I knew something wasn't right.

No. 1360703

Her foreskin?

No. 1360718

And the larp starts to fall to pieces again, she has been eating food too thats why the laxatives

No. 1360741

God I hope so. I know she's weird, but she's clearly too skinny as it is and it'd actually suck if she died. Hope her parents just give up and send her somewhere where they'll continue to force her to eat.

No. 1360750

Have you seen the cocktail of antipsychotics and other meds she’s on? Half the posts in this thread are just calling this girl a liar. Really shits it up. If you’re convinced she is a liar and all of this is just a fantasy and therefore not entertaining enough for you, why don’t you just hide the thread.

No. 1360757

There is literally no way she wouldn’t notice. Even one scoop in a two liter bottle would completely change the texture, appearance, and flavor. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 1360761

No one has lately been saying she's lying about her medications and mental health issues, only that her starving as bad as she likes to potray online is not real.

No. 1360771


Nah, that's not "explanation" at all.

Of course she's BSing and gaslighting her fangirls again. Mass gainer in that amount would turn Coke or
any beverage into a goo.
She's still on calories and tries to live in her fantasy world, but is closely guarded by la familia.

No. 1360772


She's been surprising us so many times, so why not?

No. 1360776

How about forearm nonny?

No. 1360806

Wouldn't she drink an artificially sweetened soda? Soda is supposed to lower your appetite, so probably that's why she's drinking it.

No. 1360822

soda does the complete opposite. especially artificially sweetened soda. and luci is full of shit, can't trust anything she says. i don't believe in her weight loss unless she starts taking pictures of her scale

No. 1360823

to be fair a cowtipper called her fat and it set her off

No. 1360826

as in, that she wasn't "that skinny", which is essentially what we say. her cc is full of farmers who cowtip to get a reaction from her.

No. 1360828

do we even….. know she's right about this? she's a paranoid schizophrenic. her family was asleep and had no way to defend themselves against her accusations. she just found a bottle of weight gain powder and is assuming she's been drinking 4,000 calories a day for a month. honestly she should be way fatter. imo i don't think she's lying, i just think she's wrong.

No. 1360830

She probably just overestimated the amount they've been putting in. If they bring the coke to her and she never opens the bottles fresh herself then her suspicions might be spot on but we'll never know

No. 1360866

She said she found the container hidden and already open, and she has been gaining weight despite not eating. I do believe in her not eating because of her rapid weight loss and before and after proof pictures. She's no faker. But she hasn't been posting body checks, yet still talking about going to doctors and her hair falling out. Mass gainer is just whey. It's not nutrition. She'd still be sick, just fatter. That's fucked up if her family did that. I understand the desperation but still. This might make her parents sound evil but she is a paranoid schizophrenic and very easy to manipulate. If she says it tastes weird or bad all three of them could convince her she's imagining it. If it's the only thing she drinks then she'd have no choice but to drink it no matter what she imagines it tastes like.

I guess we'll know if her weight loss kicks up again. No more diet coke for our unicorn.

No. 1360906

Anachans love Diet Coke, it’s like crack to them. It’s ultimately just another form of self-harm since that shit is toxic waste.

No. 1360924

So basically she expects her family to sit and watch while she starves herself to fucking death.

Sounds reasonable, huh.

No. 1360966

File: 1635957929416.jpg (24.46 KB, 594x139, GK596T5R6S56HJ.jpg)

No. 1360970

It is. Just seems like an odd choice to me since diet coke increases your insulin which fucks up your metabolism and it also increases your appetite. It's considered to be a major contributor to obesity. Yet anachans are obsessed with it and when they eat they binge on candies and chips which are also known to make you obese. Retards like Lucinda could just drink water (or tea if they need a buzz) and eat healthy food but instead they eat the worst processed crap available because it says low/no calories and then freak out that they haven't magically become skelly. Like no shit you still feel fat when you're starving yourself, it's because you haven't touched water or a vegetable in over a decade.

No. 1361015

i think it's legit that her family have been putting that shit to make her gain weight in her diet coke. she hasn't posted ANYTHING today, and usually she posts early in the morning or at least likes something. she's genuinely upset. she's getting a lot of attention but isn't milking any of it.

No. 1361056

wouldn't the weight gain powder have made her diet coke look and taste different?

No. 1361058

she's schizophrenic. they probably convinced her she was imagining it, especially given that the intention was specifically to get her to drink the diet coke. she believes it's necesarry to keep her from eating. it was essentially a trap.

No. 1361061

She's not (yet) on the brink of death when she's still able to complain like that.

I won't buy her Sherlock Holmes story, either. She will be clinging to her unicorn transformation thingie for as long as the applause on the edtwt lasts.

No. 1361408

All I know is that all ana-chans are binging on diet coke (does it qualify as soda?) and chewing gum

No. 1361540

Kek I knew her parents wouldn’t just let her starve.
I don’t believe she ‘makes’ anything up, she’s just very very unwell.
The amount of drugs she’s on probably causes her to black out and she forgets that she’s actually eaten anyway

No. 1361580

File: 1636042284920.jpg (529.21 KB, 1458x2592, 20211104_131004.jpg)

No. 1361583

File: 1636042319239.jpg (505.56 KB, 1458x2592, 20211104_131009.jpg)

No. 1361603


Harmony of body and soul - Both are totally fucked up

No. 1361613

There are ones that have no flavor, but the highest calories ones I've seen are around 600. Two scoops in a 250ml bottle would be noticable

No. 1361614

okay, i believe in the unicorn fast because this woman looks half dead. not just the eyebags. look at her skin. it's rotting.

No. 1361615

Phew she just posted some gnarly sh pics but deleted them quick. Did anyone screenshot?

No. 1361637

>Have you seen the cocktail of antipsychotics and other meds she’s on?
She must be the most unique idiot savant of all time if she can draw, coordinate, edit, and write but can't tell whether her soda has turned into slop. Many textbooks will be written on this most special of snowflakes.
>If you’re convinced she is a liar and all of this is just a fantasy and therefore not entertaining enough for you, why don’t you just hide the thread.
The lying is what makes her a cow. There are paranoid schizophrenics shitting up every corner of the internet and there's like one of them who has a thread here because real paranoid schizophrenics are sad or annoying.
Her skin is shooped and textured by discoloration and self-harm marks. It would look like normal human skin if she weren't cutting and actively making herself look worse.

No. 1361679

Seriously. The number of whiteknights in this thread is insane. You can't cherry pick what she's schizo about. She claims her crytyping is because she's schizo on meds and her keyboard is wiggling around and shit. No such trouble writing coherent tard poetry though! You think her brother wrote that for her kek? Yet she can draw in a consistent way with no such trouble seeing and focusing, edit her photos in a consistent style, and put together her retarded unicorn outfits that are fairly consistent with the subject matter. But she can't tell that her 2 liters of soda she's been consistently guzzling every day has changed colors and turned into jello, why, because she's a schizo who can't tell and believed her family or because her meds make her too retarded? But somehow not too retarded to do other things consistently? I don't buy it for a second. She's larping.

No. 1361739

sage that shit
you're always bumping with non-milk
stop it

No. 1361744

she crytypes because she's neurodivergent and is too lazy to do anything about it.

for the record, she's not on antipsychotics. she claims it interferes with her connection with the other dimensions. in fact, she claims she isn't schizophrenic at all. where the fuck is the larp lmao. she doesn't even talk about mental illness. all she does is post facebook mom greetings and selfies. i don't understand this need to paint her as a larper when the milk is clearly what a tard she is.

No. 1361886

The only debatable thing at the moment that she does vaguely talk about is this unicorn fast about not eating since September and now finding out her family put weight gain powder in her diet coke. How much did they put in it? For how long? Can we really take her word for any of it? We're dealing with a schizo. Her own claims could be bs solely because she's insane.

No. 1361900

File: 1636070513718.jpg (27.07 KB, 597x159, H5RT6J5SG6J5R.jpg)

No. 1361901

File: 1636070677289.jpg (26.99 KB, 594x154, K4YT5HDJY65JRD.jpg)

No. 1361902

File: 1636070852099.jpg (59.75 KB, 598x313, K5HG6K5F6.jpg)

No. 1362149

File: 1636113683571.png (50.65 KB, 582x82, oositivie.png)

"more positive"(?) by starving yourself to death. nice plan.

No. 1362205

she said she drinks 2 litres a day

No. 1362878

She already said a lot of bullshit and continues to do so.

No. 1362942


No. 1363046

File: 1636219160216.jpg (Spoiler Image, 680.57 KB, 1458x2592, 20211106_141724.jpg)

She has a new fresh cut in her chest.(sage)

No. 1363047

File: 1636219211811.jpg (397.8 KB, 1076x1531, 20211106_141718.jpg)

No. 1363050

File: 1636219350672.jpg (132.74 KB, 720x699, 20211106_142056.jpg)

No. 1363052

File: 1636219397846.jpg (465.28 KB, 723x406, 20211106_142032.jpg)


No. 1363063

I'm sorry but why are her pupils the size of dinner plates in every photo? Even in direct sunlight?

No. 1363071

some mental illnesses are associated with increased pupil size, especially in psychotic disorders and autism, essentially it represents a state of overexcitability within the sympathetic nervous system. a lot of antidepressants can increase the size as well because they are serotonergic, same reason acid (another serotonergic drug) causes it. while i think that she probably naturally has somewhat larger than average pupils she has also admitted to editing them for emphasis/to emulate the unicorn look.

No. 1363096

Have you read the thread? Why does this get asked every other day. She edits them. She edits her eyes big because she's a unicorn. It's only been said a gazillion times and I hate the anons who ask this more than I hate the unicorn herself. You stupid motherfuckers need to learn how to fucking read.

No. 1363110


because LURK MOAR

No. 1363193

You need to OD on Remembashit or whatever the fucking leading brand of alzheimers medication is because I'm convinced you are the same anon coming back every 48 hours to ask about her pupils

No. 1363195

She shoops her pupils. It's not that complicated.
>the only debatable thing
everything about the way she chooses to present herself is debatable aside from the fact that she's hungry for attention.

No. 1363351

File: 1636249936674.jpg (84.81 KB, 720x521, 20211106_225035.jpg)

No. 1363352

File: 1636249965296.jpg (109.99 KB, 720x635, 20211106_225057.jpg)

(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1363353

File: 1636249993519.jpg (Spoiler Image, 550.41 KB, 1458x2592, 20211106_224619.jpg)

No. 1363354

File: 1636250034946.jpg (Spoiler Image, 627.69 KB, 1458x2592, 20211106_224629.jpg)

No. 1363355

for how fucked up she is, i expected way more self harm scars and more severe ones too.

No. 1363359

No. 1363361

If her parents would only confiscate this dumb fucking wig.

No. 1363414

I guess she's gone for quantity not quality. But hopefully with time (and vitamin E oil) they'll fade.

No. 1363449

File: 1636260492175.jpg (25.89 KB, 460x345, 20210820_141243.jpg)

How do you shower with so many open wounds and not have them get infected/irritated?

No. 1363472

She doesn't. She looks dirty constantly

No. 1363479

File: 1636266698774.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.46 KB, 1057x1711, 20211107_033024.jpg)

No. 1363482

She's always using the same underwear. Get a shower instead of purging soap.

No. 1363567

She will provide new ones.
There's no way to cure her kind of mad.

No. 1363651

Sage for being weird, but does anyone else ever really look at Lucinda and think about how we're the same species? Most of us are women in our 20s just like Lucinda, and it's hard for me to kinda think "wow that could have been me"

No. 1363722

File: 1636306645443.jpg (14.96 KB, 225x220, plz.jpg)

>Most of us are women in our 20s

No. 1363804

Was she trying do do an autopsy chest cut?

No. 1363867

It looks like she was trying to split her chest open. She normally cuts her chest to be symmetrical on either side so I wonder if it was like the divide between two halves of whatever pattern she is trying to make

Tbh if you go in /g/ or /ot/ and read what anons say about themselves, everyone here is like 20 - 30. Lucinda is in her 20s, a weeb, an anachan, and some variant of lesbian, so she's not even THAT far off a typical farmer

No. 1364097

I could see myself still being an anorexic self-harming mess in my 20s if I hadn't had the interventions and help that i did when I did. But the 'schizophrenic' posting and the weird AF photoshop and childishness? No, that's all Lucinda.

No. 1364303

ED/anorexia and trying to remain childlike?
Well, that one happens more than you might think. Can be connected to the cognitive dissonance of growing up and being responsible for shit.

It's the same thing with Lucicorn. She'll never grow up, so why bother?

No. 1364324

File: 1636363939885.jpg (44.03 KB, 598x585, bingepurge.jpg)

Hate to think about that all that good food has gone to waste.
What a terrible trainwreck she is. And why doesn't she just off herself.
Would be easier on her family.

No. 1364355

At least she isn't dying from malnutrition now

No. 1364358

But maybe nerve shock by a ruptured stomach. She wouldn't be the first binger.
What a nice way to go, being found by your family members with your head sticking in the loo.

No. 1364361

Sometimes you just can't cure crazy

No. 1364381

Certainly not this one.

No. 1364419

her parent probably take care of these. doubt she can hide them if she, as she stated, needs help while taking a bath and shit.

No. 1364434

First of all, they should take away all knives and blades from her.
And feed her.

No. 1364681

the cuts are not that deep and if you don't have contaminated water or a bad immune system, nothing will get infected. It will sting a little bit while showering, but I guess she won't mind that.

I somehow think her parents just do damage control, there is no way you can keep someone from self-harming except tying them up 24/7

No. 1364844

File: 1636420003503.jpg (27.29 KB, 588x150, JG4J65R6H5E6.jpg)

No. 1364846

File: 1636420039085.jpg (38.58 KB, 592x388, NG4F6H5BD6FH.jpg)


No. 1364902

I wonder if she’s throwing up her meds and they’re not even working to begin with, whether it’s intentional or not.

No. 1365022

"Damage control", you call it.
But imagine coming out of the kitchen at home and seeing your daughter profusely bleeding from some new cut wounds.
Now that must be a special kind of personal hell.

She can't keep up her Starvin' Marvin lifestyle forever. There's gonna be some emergency soon, I got my money on that.

No. 1365041

i knew her so called girlfriend pushing her to eat would end up with her binging. that was so obvious. she probably isn’t the smartest either

No. 1365063

In one of the older threads you'll find the results of some psych evaluation that she leaked. IQ-wise she's near idiot levels.

OTOH it makes me wonder that she's even able to do some highschool-level graphite drawings (which are bizarre, to say the least).

No. 1365065

File: 1636452233547.jpg (40.51 KB, 598x265, suicidal.jpg)

So she's heating up her fanbase with her death wish again. And in the comments they're all like "be safe plz hugz".
So she might be some idiot, but a manipulative lil' bitch, that's what she still is.

No. 1365084

File: 1636458413375.jpg (189.92 KB, 1280x720, 72608341.jpg)

No. 1365108

Why did they put Diego Maradona in her bathroom?

No. 1365109

Bet she lurks. Someone here mentioned stomach rupture and now she. Never ever has she been concerned about that before.

No. 1365127

man she was unfortunate & fat looking before, she does look better loosing weight. she just needs to put some clothes on and hide her horrible scars. I wonder how she would look with normal makeup on….

No. 1365173

>Bet she lurks.

Breaking news.

No. 1365174

File: 1636472363064.jpg (211.29 KB, 733x1000, 1630614704569.jpg)

>I wonder how she would look with normal makeup
Picrel is a heavy, e-girl kind of look but it might be the closest we'll ever get to "normal" makeup. It definitely does her more favours than whatever she's currently doing, though.

No. 1365181

she's doing venus angelic better than venus angelic kek

No. 1365192


No. 1365234

>near idiot levels
The test results would imply that she's retarded. If she actually took the test then she intentionally botched it, which would explain why she didn't post the full results which would include an observational/behavioral portion.
>wasting away
But wasn't she being fed thousands of calories worth of bulking powder that she mysteriously didn't detect? I wonder if she's actually telling her doctors all of this nonsense or just performing for the internet; an inpatient saga could be pretty interesting.

No. 1365502

She looks so cute. I wish she would do a darker fashion. Suits her more.

No. 1365592

why does she wear such ugly fucking underwear all the time holy shit cant she buy something her size at least

No. 1365746

File: 1636516064617.jpg (818.49 KB, 1458x2592, 20211110_004503.jpg)

No. 1365747

File: 1636516422425.jpg (32.11 KB, 550x312, a01cae3e9f46564529a7cd0a734c4c…)

No. 1365748

File: 1636516501455.jpg (834.4 KB, 1458x2592, 20211110_003546.jpg)

No. 1365760

File: 1636517289026.jpg (53.92 KB, 582x647, 20211110_010008.jpg)

No. 1365883

File: 1636533769768.jpeg (184.26 KB, 808x960, FDwRebgX0AYd6Bg.jpeg)

Why. Just why.

No. 1365907

She looks like that one demented old lady in every nursery home

No. 1365928

File: 1636542912033.jpg (139.39 KB, 726x580, 17-kday08_0680.jpg)

Ospina casual cosplay going great

No. 1366081

File: 1636560569748.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 614.13 KB, 1440x2560, shmelinda.jpeg)

ᖇEᗩᒪ ᒪIᖴE ᑌᑎIᑕOᖇᑎ

nekkid, scarred and holding her wrinkles

No. 1366083


No. 1366126

so she can shave her pussy but not her legs?

No. 1366132


That's just … because unicorn things.

No. 1366134

wonder if her mom did it for her or..?

No. 1366135

too retarded to work but not too retarded to show her whole shaved pussy

No. 1366136

Get that cat outta there, stat.

No. 1366140

Would you sage that.

No. 1366144

That poor cat saw something that no one would want to see.

No. 1366147

File: 1636565539760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 587.72 KB, 1440x2560, 20211110_142440.jpg)

No. 1366177

I hate that this abyss is staring right into the eyes of anyone who dares to open this spoiler.

No. 1366187

Kek at the Harry Styles shrine on the ceiling

No. 1366272


100% performing all of this bullshit on the internet. younger anons from Twitter who buy into her LARP can go check out Terry Davis or the other farms' pet cow Pamela Swain to see how schizophrenics act online. same goes for mental capacity. as other anons said before, nobody with the mental capacity she claims can sustain an online persona and express themselves in writing in the way she does. hell, people with the IQ she claims can't probably grasp their own condition all that well and schizophrenics usually don't believe there's anything wrong with them at all.

she seems like she used to be a lonely overweight weeb, then she started university/college, found herself among adults, had a taste of real life, couldn't cope well, got severely depressed and developed an eating disorder. while not as "speshul" as schizophrenia on paper, that shit's also no joke (as evidenced).

No. 1366280

I believe some parents are just dead inside like their children. It's more like "don't die on my watch" and nothing more. Only because it's your child you don't have to love it or feel a responsibility, all the new stuff she gets and has seems like her parents are somehow trying to buy a good conscience. I just wish she wouldn't have excess to social media because her whole behaviour is fuel for other mentally ill people.

No. 1366325

lol she shaves her pussy. I don't have the energy for that, how can she lmaoo

No. 1366333

If her cat turned during this then it seen her booty hole. And I fear we may also see it. The last pic was lingerie, now its barely censored nudes. Will next be more… well, like Shayna?

No. 1366449

File: 1636590385977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.07 KB, 680x798, bleach.JPG)

She posted this one as a bonus on instagram. Not sucking in at all.

No. 1366478

File: 1636592154607.jpg (37.27 KB, 269x259, suffering.jpg)

>help me i beg you

No. 1366735

Sad froggie is sad.

No. 1366754

tbh anon you probably aren’t posting your pussy on twitter for mentally ill teenagers to ‘yassss’ at.

No. 1366759

Wtf is that brown stuff on her face? Is that a filter?

No. 1366810

Once again I come here to tell you that yes she indeed does edit her face. She uses something called the "burn tool". Stop fucking asking about her face, it's edited, it's filtered, it's not real.

No. 1367019

File: 1636658888100.jpg (685.05 KB, 1458x2592, 20211111_161944.jpg)

No. 1367021

File: 1636658934393.jpg (516.28 KB, 1458x2592, 20211111_161946.jpg)

i feel like she's looking at me

No. 1367087

She looks like an AI-generated character here, creepy as fuck

No. 1367224

i can't look at pictures of her without bursting into laughter lmaoooooo

No. 1367426

She's giving us elf rather than an unicorn. But hey Christmas is upon us soon.

No. 1367485

if it walks like a tard, if it quacks like a tard

No. 1367526

Holy shit, Alzheimers anon is back AGAIN I swear my tinfoil about you is true