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File: 1648978797640.png (514 KB, 940x1320, 1643936652893.png)

No. 1491173

Deborah Ramos Reyes (Lucinda) is a schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic, self harmer and attention seeker.


>trans and neurodivergent

>member from twitter's eating disorder and self harm communities (edtwt and shtwt)
>puerto rican unicorn starving and peeing everywhere
>terminally online, often daily posts naked photos to her mostly underage fanbase
>notorious self harmer, has visible cuts all over her body
>has eaten garbage, cat food, hand sanitizer and hydrogen peroxide
>purges 11 times a day
medication is evil and schizophrenia is a lie, i have powers
>poor hygiene, needs a shower
lifhgts whefnt out amdbd tldads gotta staywt hoem


>developed jaundice, a river failure and urinary issues

>lost control of her bladder
>took a shit on the floor
>talked about being scared of going outside because people kidnapping and watching her
>almost commited suicide
>started cutting again
>made a patreon account
>made a twitch account

#1 / >>1280424
#2 / >>1287920
#3 / >>1314398
#4 / >>1377207
#5 / >>1386142
#6 / >>1413321

Instagram: instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch
TikTok: tiktok.com/@r3velati0nz?
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEhJeNKRUv76j3dtwG5GLw
www.twitch.tv/oswaldslunch/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1491225

weird thread op

No. 1491232

I've never been banned for hi-cowing before, but this op is sus af

No. 1491247

retard here, but why exactly is this a weird thread

No. 1491251

>developed jaundice, a river failure and urinary issues
>lost control of her bladder
>took a shit on the floor
>talked about being scared of going outside because people kidnapping and watching her
>almost commited suicide
>started cutting again
>made a patreon account
>made a twitch account

So, we take every words of hers as gospel now?
Nothing about her obvious malingering, self-posting and overall cowish behavior?
Ok. Thanks for making that new thread, ""anon"". Kek

No. 1491309

Nta but the quite low effort summary, the tripfagging and the random fat font imitating lucinda instead of just greentexting it and changing and removing some stuff up from the first part of the summary fir seemingly no reason.

No. 1491320

File: 1648996274654.jpeg (424.25 KB, 2048x1844, 1626822003477.jpeg)

tbh if she's a longtime lurking farmer she would've known how to do a proper summary by now with updated information. her tiktok was banned, she hasn't been cutting, and she tried to kill herself way back when miss ambrose was still relevant. like. the summary's just doing her no favors for a selfpost lol.


and, you know, actually know how to write her own real name. op just sounds like a twitterfag who was eager to talk about her themselves.

No. 1491535

Why is her nationality "united states"? i thought she had always lived/been from Puerto Rico

No. 1491540

You could have looked that one up for yourself.
It's in the Wikipedia entry for 'Puerto Rico', first paragraph.

Go ahead and educate yourself, numbnut.

No. 1491546

Damn nonny… youre retarded lol

No. 1491601

File: 1649017426297.jpeg (37.62 KB, 629x603, A7122124-A021-4E6D-B035-691E9D…)

omfg anon

No. 1491621

The other anons are being rude. It’s a perfectly valid question, people just want to nitpick. Puerto Rico is a territory of the US but people don’t automatically think of it as being part of the United States because well, it’s not a state. It’s easy to forget.

Like, come on. Pick your battles and just answer the OP nicely

No. 1491635

B-but anon how will they intelligence signal now?

No. 1491706

debora is a shit name honestly, deborah sounds better

No. 1491758

I thought the same thing, she definitely made this kek

No. 1491785

sage your shit, twitterfag

No. 1491855

Joining the chorus, Lucinda posted herself in the mtf thread way back when, she definitely posts here and the op is essentially from her perspective

No. 1491941

just couldnt stand not having her thread up kek

No. 1491965

>Lucinda posted herself in the mtf thread way back when

y'all are deadass out here saying anything now when did the luci threads get full of these wack autists coming in from twitter

No. 1491970

does anyone know what thread this was in?

No. 1492007

No she didn't. I posted her in the mtf thread ages ago because I seen one of her early trans tweets and mistook her for being mtf (her boobs looked like deflated moobs). Stop being a tinfoiling tard when you know half the fuckers on lolcow are anachans who would have easily spotted a cow like Lucinda being mentioned around the place

No. 1492008

You are an obvious Twitterfag too retarded to integrate, kill yourself

No. 1492045

Starting off with 'trans and neurodivergent' like some sort of unironic twitter bio was the first red flag for me

No. 1492242

there is a lot of useless tinfoiling I agree
I think the legit thing we can shit on her for is faking the way she speaks since we have proof of her speaking normally. But that one was kinda obvious

Though lets not reach the levels of "I'm going to count the tiles on the floor to guess her height"
(though that was kinda funny ngl)

No. 1492261

i watched her shit live and she was completely unintelligible. if she's faking she's damn good at it, or maybe she's just a crackhead. she always said she doesn't normally speak like in her first video. it's not like we found proof of anything she obviously doesn't feel is a threat to her image. idk. just weird how she's totally fine with it.

No. 1492300

What my guess is, her speaking more normally was in the past and her mental health has just been slipping ever since. And looking at her condition, seems believable

No. 1492395


you seem to be equally retarded

No. 1492403

File: 1649095851243.jpg (73.42 KB, 598x370, over exercisisng awesome Twitt…)

Doing some healthy exercise purgin' in dad's home gym (?)

No. 1492483

File: 1649098827851.jpg (76.98 KB, 720x399, 20220404_155649.jpg)

No. 1492485

File: 1649098854718.jpg (76.28 KB, 720x444, 20220404_155718.jpg)

No. 1492540

Hating on biological women for nothing is evil.

No. 1492561

I know she's retarded from being malnourished but this takes the cake.

No. 1492594

Nvm hope she relapses

No. 1492602

>highest mortality rate of LGBT
have bi women and lesbians suddenly ceased to exist? then again, i forgot that trannies pretending that all of the many thousands of totally real hate crimes against them daily (and no, being called a man online doesn’t count) = LITERAL genocide is all they have to make themselves look valid, so…(derailing)

No. 1492635

I guess the "I can barely walk or stand up from my comfy chair, will need a wheelchair soon" larp is finally over then.

No. 1492699

but trans women are incredibly disgusting, they're straight fetichists

No. 1492700

nah it's legit that the majority off themselves because they're just freaks like chris-chan who act surprised their life of degeneracy is unfulfilling. she's right in that respect.

No. 1492725

The LGBTQ+ community is a disease. They hate females and it shows.

No. 1492784

It isn't even true that many trannies kill themselves, they should honestly step up their game but maybe they are too retarded to tie a noose properly

No. 1493209

jfc, you spastics have literally ten different threads to go sperg out about trans people on. this thread is about lucinda, stop circlejerking and stay on topic.

No. 1493458

If the nonnies in question are amerifags, they are indeed dumb as hell because this is taught in US elementary schools. If they are foreign, I’ll give them a pass.

No. 1493649

do you know what website you're on

No. 1493825

File: 1649199296132.png (470.92 KB, 589x649, luci.png)

I hope she starts making her own weird ass plates like n2f

No. 1493827

Needs more mofongo

No. 1493832

Honestly, good thats she's eating again, even if it's very low calorie. I hope her recovery will go relatively smoothly.

No. 1493836

i feel the same. i kind of love seeing the wacko stuff n2f eats too. at least orthorexics take vitamins, right?

No. 1493853

Trans people are valid! And beautiful! And valid!

No. 1493859

File: 1649201362958.jpg (372.09 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20220404-154314__01…)

Yikes, her poor genes

No. 1493874

File: 1649202928281.jpg (810.7 KB, 1458x2592, 20220405_205202.jpg)

No. 1493876

File: 1649202954876.jpg (788.55 KB, 1458x2592, 20220405_205155.jpg)

No. 1493878

File: 1649203021532.jpg (533.41 KB, 1458x2592, 20220405_205054.jpg)

No. 1493881

File: 1649203154629.jpg (55.7 KB, 708x537, 20220405_205409.jpg)

She will do a 50000 calorie mukbang. And then purge all the food, of course. That doesn't seem healthy.

No. 1493883

is it even possible to eat 50,000 calories at once lmao wtf

No. 1493899

File: 1649204281675.jpeg (284.04 KB, 1242x1146, A64A9B7F-D3F6-41F2-A93B-D9B30F…)

No. 1493900

File: 1649204427539.jpg (1.48 MB, 2304x4096, FPmSM8YXEAccwgU.jpg)

her meals have been absolutely adorable. and indeed she has been taking vitamins. it's pretty surreal watching her post food that she intends on keeping it down. even if it's obvious she'll keep up the bulimia in some way as >>1493881 shows

No. 1493904

File: 1649204662975.jpg (641.76 KB, 1458x2592, FPm3-45XwAAPiSL.jpg)

No. 1493905

File: 1649204778863.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 2304x4096, FPm3-46XoAAh5LV.jpg)

gotta love the bodychecking in "rEcOvErY"

No. 1493985

that poor, innocent cat has seen some shit

No. 1493996

File: 1649208658926.jpg (2.03 MB, 4096x2303, 20220405_222552.jpg)

more tasty meals

No. 1493998

The nikacado crossover we deserve

No. 1493999

File: 1649208756022.jpg (597.77 KB, 2048x1530, 20220405_222538.jpg)

No. 1494001

Calling food adorable is weird.

No. 1494011

File: 1649210239211.jpg (178.81 KB, 720x582, 20220405_225113.jpg)

Yes, it is possible. There are lots of youtubers doing this type of content, eating insane amounts of calories. The most famous example is Nikocado Avocado.

No. 1494013

Laundering your parents trauma and struggles on the internet, great.

No. 1494037

Yeah, it's weird when anons overly compliment her on weird shit, and vice versa with vendettas insulting her over weird things

No. 1494089

>half of a dry ass bagel with nothing in it
>tasty meal

I think a couple of skeletons from edtwt are on the loose in this thread

No. 1494112

i'm pretty sure they were being sarcastic nona

No. 1494387

it's clearly a joke you retard

No. 1494420

she's using kids' plates and colorful placemats so i think they're just referring to the creative setup of her meals. better than a white bowl with oatmeal and strawberries for the miĺlionth time.

No. 1494687

File: 1649271822747.jpg (2.01 MB, 2304x4096, 20220406_154632.jpg)


No. 1494689

Is she finally taking medication?

No. 1494720

looks like vitamins

No. 1494749

File: 1649278705869.jpg (341.86 KB, 617x789, Screenshot_20220406-164150.jpg)


I don't know why she doesn't just take a multivitamin? Also this is deadass four drinks, an apple and half a cucumber. She's also exercising for hours. So this bs attempt at recovery is just as disordered as whatever she was doing before, she's legit just switching eating disorders especially since she's openly planning on losing more weight.

She seriously needs professional help. Not just psychiatric, but committed work with all her medical issues. She just went from being passively self destructive to actively. She even admits exercise is a form of self harm for her. Meanwhile her followers are congratulating her like she's doing well -eyeroll-

No. 1494751

She doesn't take a multivitamin because seperate vitamins looks more clinical. Looks more like a sickly being who needs a lot of help than just a little pill

No. 1494783

she does take a multivitamin, she just takes them once a week since she takes her dad's bodybuilding vitamins and they have like 1,000% daily value of vitamins. it's in the last thread.

No. 1495101

File: 1649304759387.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1536x1452, D7A8A1AE-52A1-4186-9BBF-822031…)

her posture on the right wtf?

No. 1495339

You mean here? >>1483883
Where'd you get the info from that she takes them only once a week and that they are her dad's?

No. 1495436

bruh fuck it, she's technically consuming more this way

No. 1495443


No. 1495494

File: 1649349448467.jpg (76.93 KB, 640x833, ikycloqzykg41.jpg)

No. 1495555

File: 1649354809739.jpg (125.88 KB, 720x664, 20220407_150327.jpg)

No. 1495556

File: 1649354871933.jpg (1.69 MB, 2304x4096, 20220407_150152.jpg)

little ass plate and fork

No. 1495612

Her food photos really take me back to the ol' Aly realrecover days. The angles, setups, minimal food, plus overactivity with munchie tendencies? It's too much.

Hope it'll eventually take her on the road to improvement but you never know.

No. 1495656

File: 1649364975205.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.45 KB, 1358x764, hunch.jpg)

you guessed it

No. 1495913

when was Lucinda’s real name revealed? every thread has just been her twitter user or her screen name but I haven’t seen it until now

No. 1495946

It's in one of the first threads. Read them before asking questions please, they're not that tedious.

No. 1495987

File: 1649393977543.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1471x1408, 474DA73C-4482-4FDB-BBEC-0B2DF1…)

No. 1496046

Why god gives money to the most fucked up people?

No. 1496124

It might look like a lot of money, but only in a shithole like Puerto Rico.

No. 1496216

File: 1649431603801.jpg (24.45 KB, 730x328, numbr.jpg)

No. 1496306

I think the anons who think she's 120 pounds are stupid
But I also don't believe this at all
80 pounds is more believable
She's claiming she lost 10 pounds in like, a week?

No. 1496324

Probably just food and water weight tbh.

No. 1496567

File: 1649464311129.jpeg (Spoiler Image,512.16 KB, 1152x2048, C84B510F-1B50-40FE-8F79-A601C9…)

New pic from her twitter.

No. 1496598

"sweater made of her own skin"

No. 1496610

I don't usually suspect Lucinda of photoshopping, but that gap looks suspicious to me… For her own sake, I hope it's shopped.

No. 1496657

the carpet seems pretty solid, but who fucking knows. hopefully she'll post a video flaunting her new skelly legs with enough outcry, so it's only a matter of time. although at this point we'll get a-loggers saying she's posting deepfakes.

No. 1496659

dont be a retard

No. 1496699

Well this >>1486433 was merely 10 days ago, so there's that.

that's not what a-logging is lmao

No. 1496716

According to her she's been working out 6 hours a day, and her bulimia cheeks show she's purging as much as ever. Honestly the fact she even made it out of morbid obesity shows she's more than capable of losing weight so I just don't think she'd have to larp the weight loss. For me it was her alleged downsie IQ that was sus.

No. 1496753

Happy Friday night everyone, remember sometimes you just gotta pee and fart a little.

No. 1496843

> Honestly the fact she even made it out of morbid obesity shows she's more than capable of losing weight
What? You think because she successfully stopped being fat, that means she can’t or isn’t larping about being 66.6 lbs?

Also, I hope u realize that it’s extremely easy and quick to get out of morbid obesity compared to having the normal girl to dangerously skinny transformation. That’s where the alleged larp comes in especially since there are ways to cheat the scale.

No. 1496930

First of all ew! Second of all, she always looks much skinnier in pictures compared to videos where you can't shoop or use angles as much.

No. 1496984

File: 1649513710143.jpg (15.2 KB, 570x84, combo.jpg)

why not take the whole fucking lot

No. 1497007

>there are ways to cheat the scale.
How? she posted a video standing on the scale

No. 1497144


you seem to be new around here..?

No. 1497166

Everyone has a gap if they stand with their feet apart. Okay, maybe not obese people. I would've thought she'd have more loose skin.

No. 1497170

File: 1649533672299.png (208.08 KB, 492x520, Screenshot_20220409-204515.png)

No. 1497229


that's some artifacts but no shoppin'

No. 1497231

File: 1649537224792.jpg (Spoiler Image,351.21 KB, 902x1027, Screenshot_20220409-164451.jpg)

she's always been sloppy with the healing tool when it comes to her backgrounds. picrel. it could be that she was trying to clean something up since it's so far from her body.

No. 1497355

Please leave.

No. 1497470

File: 1649553749950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,282.73 KB, 828x1339, F10D3B81-490F-4A02-A41A-D2416A…)


No. 1497643

fucking hell. is she rotting?

No. 1497729

her skin is fucking green

No. 1497943

Hmm.. this is beyond disgusting. When will her body finally give up?

No. 1497958

File: 1649616930691.jpg (Spoiler Image,244.35 KB, 1222x1536, 465678ff7319e0ec5cef94dcff548f…)

She is a London chav fake tan session away from being a banana peel looking ass mummified body gotdam

No. 1497970

File: 1649618429203.jpg (34.04 KB, 718x190, swine.jpg)

Why not turn your parents' money into vomit.

What a good idea, piggy.

No. 1498147

To think she was talking about recovery a week ago… This is just pathetic

No. 1498191

Recovery doesn't give her enough attention and pity points.

No. 1498376

Starting to feel less and less sympathy for her

No. 1498512

I don’t understand how she hasn’t had a heart attack or how her stomach hasn’t ruptured. How is she still alive and have the energy to b/p at that weight??

No. 1498620

Ash also b/p's and still survives somehow. starting to think that bulimia is the more sustainable type of ed kek

No. 1498698

Her parents won't be there for her forever. And there is no way for Deborah to make a living on her own, while living in some banana republic.

Things are looking bad, on the long run.

No. 1498805

>on the long run

Implying she'll last the year.

No. 1498808

Samefag here. We don't know yet, but I like your thinking.

No. 1498814

File: 1649701017509.jpg (43.59 KB, 950x239, da_victim.jpg)

she's been lurking. but we all know that by now.

No. 1498867

there she goes 'mentally ill untreated'
then she goes 'I aM oNe pReTtY uNiCoRn u gUiSe'

No. 1498908

File: 1649709248974.jpg (58.38 KB, 518x639, scary.jpg)

well ain't that neat..?

No. 1498914

File: 1649709419453.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90 KB, 604x1200, scary2.jpeg)

the full goodness

No. 1498920

File: 1649709741687.jpg (39.06 KB, 593x232, scary3.jpg)

and she's hitting her ugly fuckface on the keyboard for that

No. 1498923

File: 1649709848364.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.7 KB, 1030x2048, full_res.jpeg)

and in full-resolution for your desktop


No. 1498984

She lurks, but I sometimes wonder if she would have ever found this thread if that retard in the first thread didn't cow tip. Like how different would her behaviour be without slight influence from lolcow

No. 1499272

File: 1649738939898.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1502x1242, B96D65DB-288B-4DAC-A25D-215451…)

No. 1499273

File: 1649738971245.jpeg (775.86 KB, 2304x4096, 96141D24-AF74-461E-9EBE-81CBFE…)

No. 1499274

File: 1649739008207.jpeg (Spoiler Image,856.85 KB, 1536x1348, 7841B5ED-A1F5-489B-9A35-FD2326…)

No. 1499278

File: 1649739197393.jpeg (475.52 KB, 1536x1675, F3980CE3-D615-467F-AEAD-4558AB…)

No. 1499321

Oh, fuck off. You "attempy recovery" for like two days before tweeting about your gigantic "relapse" binge/purge. There was no real attempt at recovery, you just wanted the extra attention that comes with a relapse.

No. 1499373

I laughed way too hard reading this, genuine belly laugh kek bless you nona

No. 1499419

How can she weigh that little with all that excess skin? Those scales are broken surely.

No. 1499443


Why wouldn't you SAGE that whole shit..?

No. 1499444

one can not see where she's got her other hand…

No. 1499456

File: 1649763607298.png (40 KB, 598x178, busy.png)

being immobile, whole body hurts, peeing in her comfy chair

… oh wait.

No. 1499533

File: 1649773518588.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 2988x2988, 20220412_102229.jpg)

this is just sad, she seriously needs help. how long are her parents going to ignore the problem?

No. 1499541

why would those be saged? they're new posts from her, which is what passes for milk since all she does is post about throwing up.

No. 1499599

I mean it's not good to kiss her ass either, I was the one saying that she is making herself appear sicker, but I don't think it's good to deny her suffering. She is definitely very mentally unwell but she suffers from self hatred a lot and is inflicting most of her illness upon herself. She's not actually mentally retarded. I think she was heavily mismatched with her environment, she is still a 3rd worlder and although rich for her country, in 1st world countries she would be considered middle class. She needs to get out of this self destructive pattern before it is too late, she needs to ask her parents for money to go to therapy and find a good therapist. She's only doing this to get sympathy and approval on the internet and have others believe her suffering is real, she has recieved that empathy, now she needs to get over it and try to get on the good path before it is too late for her. I think she is a very artistic individual that has been feeling confined by her environment and is trying to express herself by embodying her trauma and suffering but that is very self destructive. She's not getting anything out of this besides some retarded 1st world zoomers sending her a few nice words on Twitter. We don't know much about her or her real troubles and suffering or what abuse she has gone throug but she needs to stop now. If she recovered she could actually gain a lot more sympathy from people by talking about her recovery and anons would stop posting about her on here too. She needs to go to therapy and take meds and stop identifying with edtwt and self harm twitter. If she got better she could live her shithole country too since it's obviously not a good fit for her.

No. 1499604

she also should start doing commissions and drawing and promoting her art and expressing her suffering through art instead of doing this to her body

No. 1499674

good post anon, compassionate without indulging her need for attention/munchie behaviors. she seems to think that her suffering will go unnoticed unless she’s the worst of the worst, which just isn’t true. wish she would listen to you.

No. 1499680

(sa) like i just wish she would realize that she doesn’t need to be a mentally retarded schizo dying of starvation, in constant terrible pain, vomiting black bile, incontinent, with infected self-harm cuts etc. to be deserving of help and sympathy. (yeah yeah, i know she denies the schizophrenia but it still seems to be a part of her identity.) her mental illness is extremely severe regardless of her bmi. i really think that her biggest issue is bpd, and that all the ed and self-harm stuff stems from that. but who knows

No. 1499776



No. 1499814

Stop kissing that retards' ass already.

No. 1499821

File: 1649796671028.png (34.37 KB, 597x119, unicorn_fast.png)

The thing we were all waiting for.

No. 1499886

goddammit how is that sped still alive

No. 1500064


Ashley rules: everytime you question how/if a Anna/skelly is still alive you add a year or few to her life.

No. 1500504

File: 1649871075061.jpg (38.68 KB, 943x213, sneaky.jpg)

shush, don't tell momma and daddy how their money goes down the drain

No. 1500567


"mUh eD rEcOvErY"

No. 1500635

Roomtour video is up, showing us all of her kindergarden shit. And oh my: She doesn't look frail or bedbound at all.
Quelle surprise

No. 1500958

File: 1649900304510.jpg (Spoiler Image,562.83 KB, 2047x1152, FQPYJp2XEAUa7kb.jpeg.jpg)

she doesn't even appear in the video. clearly by her new bodychecks there's more than y'all can blame on the burn tool.

No. 1500980

I'm sorry if dumb/naive but is she saying that she ate all that in the before picture and then threw it up? Like, those pictures are within hours of each other??

No. 1500981

damn she must have been big before to have such loose skin.

No. 1500983

I'm scared for this girl. I haven't checked on this thread since it was moved from the pro-ana one but weighing under 70 lb as an adult is a quick death sentence…

No. 1500986

File: 1649902686718.jpeg (506.55 KB, 1536x1225, C748E4C4-768E-4884-8A84-F73D99…)

No. 1500987

File: 1649902734984.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 2304x4096, 6EF3A711-2AE5-42B0-8CE8-7AEBA5…)

She looks like the Pans Labyrinth guy
Spoiler for ew

No. 1501005

minutes, actually. she tweeted like 15 minutes before that she finished her binge and was going to purge.

No. 1501012

Has she shooped out her nipples? Considering the alternative I really hope so.

No. 1501039

Yeah she always does that.

No. 1501147


Hey, why don't you stop your stupid BS.

She does appear multiple times, dressed up and waving around like a hyped toddler.

No. 1501150

Bwhahaha, one down, some few more to go!

No. 1501359

cringe. find better ways of coping with the fact you're fat.

No. 1501398

Her new video

No. 1501418

i can't believe this is a 25 year old's room. imagine maintaining a schizophrenic goon who vomits everything in your pantry and walks around showing off her mutilated body with just 0 effort on their part to contribute anything. it'll be a relief at this point that she'll be dropping dead within the year.

No. 1501422

Holy shit, this saggy twat is still alive? I don’t frequent her threads often. If I’m being honest, I don’t have the stomach for it. The last time I was lurking, she was pissing herself on “comfy chair” doing an endless famine to complete some unicorn transformation via death.

I cant see her family being denied intake for her at any facility, even if she fights it. She’s clearly and visibly a harm to herself. She sustains this bullshit because of her passive, enabling parents. Do you think an institution is going to let her get away with this shit? Yes, she has undeniable issues, but the element of brattiness is still clear. She’s fucking 25. She’ll be 30 in a blink of an eye (IF her body doesn’t give out, that is). Put her in treatment and give her the harsh reality she needs.

Although, I suspect that true recovery could likely result in a complete mental/psychotic breakdown anyways. The moment she’d get “better” enough to sink in what she’s actually done to herself - even with that self mutilation alone - how would she keep going.

No. 1501441

she's in Puerto Rico, the mental healthcare is so shit. She's already been insitutionalzed there and said it was so awful that her parents pulled her out, I know they're enabling her but I don't doubt that place was wretched. Don't know why everyone is saying to just put her in an institution, like not everybody has good options where they live. She'd be better off getting help in the states but who knows why she's not being sent there? maybe because of money or they don't want her to leave idk

No. 1501468

go back to edtwt. you need to be 18 to post on lolcow dot com

No. 1501492

she said her parents couldn't afford it which i don't doubt, since the plan of action would include not only the cost of moving but also putting her grown ass in an institution for longterm treatment at a facility that isn't just dealing with a teenage anachan, but a 25 year old skelly schizophrenic with severely self destructive tendencies. shit's not gonna be cheap lol. and the chances of success are slim to none which i'm sure even her parents are aware of. i wouldb't be surprised if they considered it all a waste of time and money.

No. 1501583

at the time when her parents snuff out, she'll be fucked

No. 1501654

I don't understand why she's always sucking in, this is ridiculous.

No. 1501742


The thing is her treatment would be a lot more complicated than just shoving her in a long term treatment. She likely would be put in an actual hospital for a while to medically stabilize her and then after that she would either go to a psych ward or an ED treatment center, but the treatment center would have to be able to treat her schizo so it would be a pretty pricey place so she might just end up in a psych ward which wouldn't properly treat her ED. They would most likely just focus on getting her medicated.

Sage for sperg

No. 1501746


Bleak but likely take, anon. Thinking a little more on it, I’d imagine her parents probably have endured quite a bit of trauma witnessing all of these events unfold - up close & in real time. I’m sure that it’s even worse than we know.. nvm their emotional involvement with this person who is literally chasing a slow, painful death in the most difficult-to-watch ways. It’d almost be more merciful of Lucinda to take her own life rather than waiting for her body to shut down. This all has probably impacted their ability to cope with the situation. These people will be broken long after she’s gone and not only because of her departure, but also the emotional/psychological abuse and nightmare she has them living.

No. 1501987

she said she's been struggling with mental illness since she was 8 so it is indeed a lifetime of hell with her i imagine. she's physically closer to death than life and her particular determination to hurt herself will 100000% be the real indicator that she'll never recover. ever. recovery is all mental. and like anothet anon said she's physically and mentally ill on like 3 fronts. her parents are boomers, that whole family is practically in hospice care. her dad is apparently an ed sufferer as well so they're likely just enabling and coddling each other since he allows her to work out with him. i'm sure she gets hysterical if she doesn't get what she wants which must be a grim sight itself, watching this living gollum throw a tantrum when you could just…..keep her quiet. i honestly don't doubt they've tried everything else but deborah is just impossible. what can really be done? just one big family of loons in their final days.

No. 1501988

sadly, it's not dead yet

No. 1502070

File: 1650016120379.png (114.21 KB, 975x211, beepee.png)

so much recovery

No. 1502096

she can get better at home if she tries to but she's not trying to get better she wants to recover herself for the attention of some retards on the internet like that has any relevance. She needs to stop starving, stop purging, start taking medication and go to therapy. It's not that hard. I don't get why she is doing this, if she recovered she could gain an audience of people congratulating her for an actual real recovery. She can also start promoting her art on Twitter and making commissions to make some money. She has the resources and the skill and talent to make money

No. 1502105

No. 1502114

Except it must be hard for someone who has voices in their head telling them they are a a unicorn. Her schizophrenia is probably the root cause of all her mental health problems, that and the other stuff she has gone through throughout her life. She doesn’t just need meds she needs years of therapy. Telling her to try harder would be like telling a blind person to look harder, she’s fucked.

No. 1502125

did she used to be fat? those stretch marks

No. 1502139

yeah she used to weigh 240lbs

No. 1502152

I can’t believe anyone here still believes she’s schizophrenic and not just a massive munchie attention whore.

No. 1502181

>she can fix the mentally ill behaviors by just not doing them anymore. simple!


No. 1502237

This is the only thread on lolcow where every fifth post is a question about her eyes and how she used to be fat. Why does nobody read the threads? It's been explained at least a 100 times by now

No. 1502270

File: 1650040670782.jpeg (1.02 MB, 922x1667, D6EA77F8-3A2D-46FF-A7DE-3A48C1…)


Spoonfeeding you, out of the kindness of my heart.. but I also think it’s been a hot minute since Debora made an appearance on the thread.

No. 1502274

You can't expect twitterfags to know what real mental illnesses look like.

No. 1502318

If they spent even 10 minutes attempting to speak with an actual schizophrenic (lucid or no) they'd be able to spot the difference in Munchinda instantly.

No. 1502330

she's been diagnosed by a medical professional and doxxed herself to prove it lol. we can put this to rest now just because you so-totes know 5 different schizos irl. schizophrenia is a spectrum it's like saying someone isn't autistic because they aren't like one (1) you know.

No. 1502339

File: 1650045267761.jpg (Spoiler Image,554 KB, 1152x2048, FQZqw2uXIAEeF5e.jpeg.jpg)

new bodycheck. lord.

No. 1502346


very nice how that bikini stripes accentuate her cutting pattern

No. 1502365

i'm loving the way she shoved her saggy titties into her bikini top
kek anon, you kill me

No. 1502367

Yeah, but she was also given an official IQ of 68 (or something absurdly low like that, I don't recall the exact number), and she's clearly not mentally retarded.

No. 1502372

she's also claiming rn to have a bmi of 9.7, which is ashley isaacs territory

No. 1502390

she's also so very schizo that they will pump her full of tranquilizers (again) once she goes into ip

No. 1502435

plenty of munchies get diagnoses, and mental illnesses are the easiest to fake. turn off her internet, stop enabling her, and this retard will stop hacking up her skin and infantilizing herself

No. 1502444

she joined twitter in 2021 and was diagnosed with her schizophrenia and eating disorder back in 2016, obviously an active internet presence isn't the problem.

No. 1502448

File: 1650052420230.jpg (112.06 KB, 400x377, 20220415_210851.jpg)

>cat staring at what appears to be a toy cow laying face down on the bedroom floor
>cow laying face down on the bedroom floor
An omen for what may come

No. 1502451

Are you forgetting her old blogs and her AO3 account? She's been terminally online for much longer than 1 year.

No. 1502471

Posting gay fanfiction and replying thank you's doesn't really compare to being a chronically online figure on eating disorder twitter.

No. 1502484

she isn’t 5’6. she is 5’2. she admitted it when she said her current BMI is 11. that would make her 5’2 and 60lbs.

No. 1502518

No. 1502542

>obviously an active internet presence isn't the problem
You can't be serious.

No. 1502627

You think any of her family walk in on her lil photo sessions?

No. 1502785

File: 1650080402040.gif (880.52 KB, 297x277, 1627139541067.gif)

I wonder if her family goes through her mail packages out of safety. Imagine their faces when they pull out the microkini kek

No. 1502821


can't be worse than finding her covered in fresh, maybe still bleeding cutting wounds..?

No. 1502997

Are you lost?

No. 1503309

File: 1650150892070.jpg (490.67 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20220416-191344__01…)

Well, that just happened.

No. 1503310

File: 1650150976792.jpg (205.86 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20220416-191304__01…)

No. 1503410

I feel like “gonna go Edward Scissorhands” would be more accurate. I thought she was gonna burn herself alive when she said “gonna go Freddy Krureger” without the context of the blades pic.

No. 1503499


her parents must be so proud

No. 1504023

File: 1650231361699.jpeg (Spoiler Image,331.14 KB, 1152x2048, F4EFDC36-E0DB-4586-8C44-D48D56…)

She posted a new body check with some fresh cuts NSFL

No. 1504191

Is she gonna snort some vitamins lmao I love her

No. 1504363

I am so confused about her “breasts” are they photoshopped sometimes? What happened to her nipples?

No. 1504370

She blurs them, which you’d know if you read the threads

No. 1504375

No, she just cut them off and sold them on ebay for a Hello Kitty purse.

No. 1504607

File: 1650303875325.png (36.13 KB, 628x342, morningpurge.png)

No. 1504662

She would if she could probably tbh. Unicorns don’t need long empty tit skins anyways.

No. 1504698

yeah, I know, it's pretty irrational, but I can really hate her for that kind of bragging

No. 1504902


This combo of food is so nasty lol.

No. 1504924

sounds like she made a sandwich tbh.

No. 1505296

>>a sandwich


No. 1505316

2 slices of bread per sarnie, with 2 hot dogs split length ways. Works with regular sausages. Though there's always full english breakfast sandwiches which might account for some of the rest of the stuff, but with hot dogs? shudder to think.

No. 1505337

you sound fat

No. 1505341

Or just a Britfag, was just trying to figure out what the heck was even going on with those food choices with >>1504924 anon mentioning a sandwich. It's possible, but still gag worthy.

No. 1505381

File: 1650371393039.jpg (7.24 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

there were four slices of bread with 4 hot dogs so she likely had them individually. the bacon, egg, and cheese combo is what they have in fast food breakfast sandwiches and she had a loaf of bread so she probably had it in some bread.

No. 1506287

File: 1650432087163.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.09 KB, 720x908, 20220420_021224.jpg)

holy shit, this scared me

No. 1506288

File: 1650432125307.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.33 MB, 2304x4096, 20220420_021254.jpg)

No. 1506289

File: 1650432158385.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.17 MB, 2304x4096, 20220420_021257.jpg)

No. 1506315

No wonder she was so upset the other day. Her parents must be absolutely furious.

No. 1506326

File: 1650435309111.jpg (Spoiler Image,740.54 KB, 1458x2592, 20220420_021435.jpg)

No. 1506329

File: 1650435355738.jpg (Spoiler Image,735.82 KB, 1458x2592, 20220420_021437.jpg)

No. 1506407

Oh, she will regret this bigtime at some point.

No. 1506517

Doubt it. She’s probably not going to be around too much longer.

No. 1506547

>>1506517 judging by the vertical slice down her forearm I don't think she's planning on it

No. 1506573

File: 1650446701630.jpg (48.08 KB, 598x307, never_recover.jpg)

lets just say, up until now she seemss to enjoy that ride

but things are clearly going southward with her

No. 1506635

She just does superficial cuts. She’s more likely to die from an infection than actually going deep enough.

No. 1506645

>2 foot long sandwich
Seems she was inspired >>1505381

No. 1506664

please that's clearly just to look shocking for twitter

No. 1506726

twitter is her only link to the outside world. so everything she does is for that.

No. 1506844

Yeah, I've always been surprised that she doesn't cut super deep, she seems like she'd be a coldnessinmyheart ot at least a frequent stitches cutter. She takes everything else to the extreme so it's just odd, maybe it hurts bad though because she has no fat

No. 1506942

File: 1650478532671.png (206.35 KB, 447x896, dysfunctonal twitter family.pn…)

From that Mofu person who's both close friends with her and Natalie. It must be awkward.

No. 1507914

The pain would rival that of a deep cut I think. She can only go so far through the dermis before the blade would graze tissue. Idk if you've ever sliced a muscle with a blade but I think we can safely assume it's really bad.

No. 1508285

i just got really sad. last time i checked this thread, she was posting her little meals and about recovery.

No. 1508353

I need to get in contact with this bitch. I can never get my family to leave me alone long enough to do this much damage. How does she hide all of this?

No. 1508375

Most families are more neglectful than you think, especially foreign parents. They probably don’t know what to do with her

No. 1508380

Shut the fuck up and eat some food, maybe then you will grow a fucking spine.

No. 1508436

Do you guys see the little face on her hand? So is that a filter she pre-made for herself or did she draw her unicorn face on her hand?

No. 1508623

all those cuts are just superficial

No. 1508672


Agreed, I think that’s what makes her self harm so unsettling. It’s all purely attention seeking. I believe that she has no forward thinking or true concept of the damage she’s inflicted on her body (cuts, starvation, bulimia, etc.)

She’s a corrupt woman-child.

No. 1508702

must be a filter, I can see the weird nose shadowing she always has, never mind the weird eye makeup, pretty embarrassing

No. 1508763

Honestly she looks like she probably only weighs 100lbs. I can tell she edits herself to look much smaller than she is. It’s giving shemegeh vibes.

No. 1508886

File: 1650655509618.png (15.37 KB, 601x100, gross.png)

imagine being her neighbor, the stench of her puke wafting through the mountains

No. 1508907

purging in the fucking yard. oh my god. imagine being her neighbor and having to see a retarded naked schizophrenic vomiting on the grass.

No. 1508908

No. 1508909

File: 1650657657490.jpg (Spoiler Image,398.32 KB, 1458x1458, 20220422_160823.jpg)

No. 1509033

File: 1650667246319.png (1.63 MB, 828x1792, 3FEE3829-E6B8-4AC8-B250-428DE0…)

No. 1509035

File: 1650667286836.jpeg (233.26 KB, 828x647, 34AC7BF4-3602-4086-B5E6-82F953…)

She has the scale back

No. 1509036

File: 1650667787156.jpg (82.27 KB, 720x597, 20220422_194305.jpg)

No. 1509057

File: 1650670002985.png (367.01 KB, 1460x998, 1595866132939.png)

>WE skinny anas

She's been really smug about her current weight lately even though she was average weight herself just a couple of months ago. Brandy Melville worship and all. Totally not pro ana guise.

No. 1509087

did she lie tho.

No. 1509103

right like she's not wrong lol. if she wants to flex over going from morbidly obese to skelly and never being a fatspo posting edgelord then let her. some of those kids could use the rage fuel.

No. 1509118

Interesting window into the family dynamic here. Does this sound like they're egging her on to keep starving?

No. 1509152

They just sound uneducated about eating disorders. Not nice to hear, but imagine seeing someone stuff down the amounts she does when she basically ate nothing before.

No. 1509279

Obviously she’s exaggerating to make a point, but this is insightful to the family dynamic. She’s mentioned both her dad and brother are ‘ortho’ gym bros. It doesn’t surprise me that they’re not only uneducated on eating disorders but are also probably projecting.

Either way she needs to find a better way to cope than turn herself into ceviche.

No. 1509280

To be honest, I can understand that dynamic, it probably comes from a place of not knowing what to do when your bulimic daughter is eating them out of house and home. They probably wish they could just get some control over her/her to have some control, get her to eat regular normal portions and keep it down rather than heading back to the kitchen for the umpteenth time knowing what she's up to. Some brothers tend to joke, either out of ignorance or because they literally have no idea what to do. Makes you wonder who is saying what, and if it's changed/interpreted through ED lense or not though.

No. 1509428

wtf I recognize that creep dovahshit from kiwifarms, same avatar and everything. he’s always not-so-subtly thirsting in the skelly threads and I’ve been waiting for someone to call him out on it. too bad I’m just a lurker. sorry for kinda off-topic.

No. 1509436

Just came here to say this what the fuck!! He was all in Eugenia's thread being a creeper. This dude is a skelly hunter

No. 1509549

The comments here calling everyone who critizises her "fatty" are 100% her.

No. 1510130

File: 1650782867955.jpeg (375.14 KB, 828x783, D2469A50-0A90-4552-8C5D-8BCDE9…)


Assuming she’s telling the truth, it’s really sad to see her family reduced to this. They’re clearly fed up with her for putting them through hell. I hope she makes a genuine effort to get better because her family just isn’t going to interfere and get her help at this point.

No. 1510154


Fam has to realize that her little girl has grown into a fully retarded woman.
They suffered long and hard enough and have got a life to live.
They should send Deborah to the loony bin and be done with it.

No. 1510308

I don't think this is the truth. I think she gets more attention when she says her family hates her. It's all part of the sick baby larp. Before she was so sick her family had to help her shower. Now they tell her to fuck off and kill herself? She just says whatever gets her sympathy.

No. 1510334

>Before she was so sick her family had to help her shower. Now they tell her to fuck off and kill herself?

her mom is the one who bathes her and tbh it was probably the edgelord dad with the military vest that said that. i mean he's a 'roided up alcoholic boomer and he's watching his skeleton daughter eat and vomit every 3 hours, he must want her fucking gone already. she said she stopped going to any kind of treatment which in their eyes is just her giving up on ever getting better and having a life. like. it's literally the most unsurprising thing ever that someone snapped and just told her to kill herself already. most anachans have dysfunctional families.

No. 1510627

File: 1650837270647.png (671.94 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20220424-175305~2.p…)

No. 1510639

>spent a lifetime trying to please them

Bitch, where? There's clearly something dysfunctional going on in the family, but if even half of what she posts is true, living with her and being forced to be her caretaker must be a living hell. She needs constant attention online and will go to extremes to get it, I can't imagine what lows she'd stoop to in order to get irl attention.

No. 1510658

She is such an attention whore. She loved being babies and cared for when she first got sick, and kept pushing the act further hoping her family would treat her like the little baby she wishes she was. She refuses to acknowledge that no one can help a broken person unless they accept help and help themselves first.

I'm not surprised her family told her to just die already. They've exhausted all their options, energy and resources trying to force her to be better. If she truly wanted to die of starvation and ascend into some higher plane of existence as a unicorn then she'd do it quietly and alone. The fact she drags her family into her lap and sits in the living room pissing and puking shows she's just crying for attention. If she were my family member I'd give up on her too.

Always wish them the best, but you can't give every piece of yourself trying to fix them when they don't want to be fixed. She's shocked by the fact they're not baying her anymore? Absolutely delusional.

No. 1510698

File: 1650842288648.jpg (131.89 KB, 720x566, 1626804632230.jpg)

No. 1510711

Ok and?

No. 1510745

Good I hope they lock her up and throw away the key

No. 1510767

I wonder if she’ll get admitted. She’s full of fresh cuts, even if they aren’t deep, they’re still a giant red flag and pretty easy to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not how she ended up getting an ambo (like her bro walked in and mistook it for suicide attempt then it’s just her usual attention seeking)

No. 1510810

File: 1650853559728.jpeg (187.8 KB, 750x1052, 374B6D14-8822-4921-9102-41EF6D…)

Well that didn’t take long

No. 1510823

Was it her parents who tried to hospitalize her or some doctor?

No. 1510841

Her parents, just as I predicted though. The healthcare in Puerto Rico are awful, i mean if you’ve been there you’ll understand.

No. 1510864

just showing another time when she talked about her family being supportive vs now when she's claiming they tell her to kill herself. was agreeing with you nonna

No. 1511013

She still does not realize that this is the worst possible outcome for her.

Might save her parents a lot of trouble, at least on the long run.

No. 1511041


you're gonna suffer for that, fake unicorn

No. 1511130

calm down, hateboner-chan

No. 1511458

I'm the anon you replied to, the "ok and" wasn't from me. But yeah, that's a clear example of her family trying to be supportive and gently pushing her towards choosing recovery. I just think she wants to be sick, it's like munchie behavior.

No. 1511844

honestly i just don't think she's capable of being in the mindset that makes recovery from an eating disorder possible. we've seen enough anachans fail through performative meal planning, bed and orthorexia. lucinda said she's been seeing therapists since she was 13 and was flashing her pill pile while bodychecking and throwing up, so obviously it makes no difference for her to get serious help at least with what her country offers. she is understandably a lost case, and it will understandably upset her family who've spent a lifetime coddling her only to watch her give up and get rapidly worse on whim. by being a lost case she's essentially making her illness her whole identity, so her family pushing for her wellness and recovery at this point is just discrimination in her eyes. which is absurd. no one is going to just calmly support a vomiting corpse intent on getting worse lol. that's not even human nature. she's completely delusional. she wants her family to give up on her like she has.

No. 1512530

File: 1651011321816.jpeg (469.44 KB, 828x965, D8EE93EC-704F-4A09-B647-9DB476…)

Can someone translate/decipher what she means? I don’t understand the drugs part.

No. 1512537

Visible cuts make my family sad, and I already am making them all sad by just existing, and I have no money so drugs, so I am just punching myself all over my head until I'm dizzy enough to sleep.

No. 1512879

File: 1651044897148.gif (1.43 MB, 360x238, 1633213648699.gif)

If she wants ~dRuGs~ she should just steal her dad's weed or better yet, get herself a license. She super qualifies and she can get high all she wants. There's no excuse, she just wants people to pity her for attention again.

No. 1513425

Actual schizos smoking weed is not a good idea.

No. 1513445

File: 1651090843001.jpg (54.89 KB, 1080x285, Screenshot_20220426-174807__01…)

Looked it up and you're actually right. Damn. Her mom should just put her back on her injections at this point. She's extremely delusional and unstable ever since she came back from the hospital.

No. 1513547

File: 1651097951663.jpeg (278.29 KB, 828x598, D680A2DD-0A94-407A-99AF-489D71…)

hit the splits and rip a fart

No. 1513698

Her twt is full of deathspo now. So sad.

No. 1514987

File: 1651229973225.png (31.29 KB, 598x106, ( oswaldslunch) Twitter.png)

she's sucking it in all the way, we knew it

No. 1514993

At least she’s honest about it and not going ‘ha ha aww no that’s just how i look!!’ I guess. Like some of the other anachans out there.

No. 1515000


>> honest


are you out of your fucking mind

No. 1515052

yes. she's a trainwreck and an honest one. sorry you're dedicated to your tinfoil.

No. 1515247

File: 1651250669055.jpg (1.14 MB, 1284x1188, 1646318099548.jpeg.jpg)

Yeah, the attention-seeking munchies whose thread mainly consist of self-posts and wk-ing is ~true & honest~
Thanks for your input ""anon""

Posts reveal, when ? Please farmhands, I'm begging you !

No. 1515266

A lying nutjob, that's what she is. Grow up.

No. 1515349

Turbo autismo

No. 1515697


I think if she IS self-posting, she's smart enough to use a proxy. She's chronically online.

No. 1515714

uhhhhh, is this a FtM? w-what the fuck is this horror ive walked into?

No. 1515887

File: 1651291496258.jpg (524.12 KB, 1152x2048, FRbtCWyXEAAdER7.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1515889

File: 1651291530053.jpg (564.08 KB, 1152x2048, FRbtCWzXwAIVzHi.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1515923

She looks more like a yeti than a unicorn

No. 1516060

yetis dont cut

No. 1516062

neither do unicorns

No. 1516093


No. 1516202

She isn't FTM she's human to unicorn.

No. 1516837

File: 1651410414914.jpg (Spoiler Image,985.04 KB, 2592x1458, IMG_20220501_090641.jpg)

so she's officially 59lbs. she's been going to extremes with her purges and quotes about self acceptance, she really talks like someone who knows they're going to die soon. i know we clown on her a lot but she really is such a sweet person and seems overall pretty sensitive. in the end she's only hurting herself.(spoiler this shit)

No. 1516864

Spoiler this shit, anon.

No. 1516866

why didn't you spoiler that shit

No. 1516894

She's probably in the 70s. She's not 59 pounds. For reference, Ashley Isaac's is in the 40s and only 5'1. With all of Lucindas extra skin adding easily 5'10 pounds there's just no way.

Before everyone goes "why would she lie she's obviously sick"… I am not doubting that she's sick ot underweight, she's just not 59 pounds.

No. 1516911

File: 1651418594688.jpg (4.8 KB, 301x167, images.jpeg-8.jpg)

No. 1516914

My thoughts exactly

No. 1517196

File: 1651437281628.jpeg (690.18 KB, 828x1383, 269DB267-78B4-42D7-9A41-E7ED93…)

The replies

No. 1517209

damn too skinny for edtwt

No. 1517523

File: 1651463049782.jpg (43.17 KB, 377x460, IMG_20220401_235541.jpg)

Hypocritical bitches, the lot of them. EDtwt has spent almost a year encouraging her to keep pursuing her extreme goals, spends all their time telling eachother to starve, and for what? To turn around and say its fucking scary that someone is very likely going to die of anorexia? THEY not only enabled her delusions they cheered her on. I guarantee you that they're all trying to discourage it now because they know that if she dies then they all played a part in it abs they know that shit is going to stick in their minds forever

No. 1517528

I'm convinced a kiwifarms/lolcow streamer is going to find Lucindas thread and all hell will break loose after some tard sends her a link to the video. I can actually picture the meltdown and having another death blamed on the farms

No. 1517564

idiot little cretins still think of anorexia as a diet they can recover from once they hit their precious goal weight. lucinda has stated repeatedly that her initial goal was to make it to 110lbs but haw realized that what she's addicted to is becoming smaller. she's a whole decade older than 80% of edtwt and they're waving their finger at her with their moral bullshit like they don't glorify and obsessively train themselves to land in the mindset that's lead lucinda to the physical state she's in. they're in the qrt's bragging about how they don't want to be like her when they're all just as rotten. fucking unbelievable.

No. 1517595

bunch of hypocrites

No. 1517704

File: 1651495284291.png (178.4 KB, 488x374, kermfuck.png)

No. 1517717

One step closer to the nikocado lucinda collab

No. 1517969

It'a because most of them are just skinny fat teens who think they have an ed because they skip breakfast twice a week. They don't understand how actual anorexia works.

No. 1518013

I was thinking more like Rogue Internet Man or similar people who cover cows. At a push, MAYBE someone normie like Nick Crowley or Plague Moth

No. 1518018

I could see Plagued Moth including her in his iceberg video's. He did once before include a self harm tumblr account.

No. 1518117

File: 1651537713933.jpeg (420.37 KB, 828x953, E2B87046-EF71-4062-B81D-18EA63…)


No. 1518157

I hope she gets it. Even if it doesn't help with her internet addiction or unicorn larp at least it will give her poor family a break from her drama, smell, and piss and vomit all over the house.

No. 1518171

Agreed. I could see both her and Natalie included in a section talking about not just EDtwt but people believing they're not human to feed(pun slightly intended) their ED.

No. 1518626

Who in their right mind would give this sped a job. Jesus Christ.

No. 1518654

there's no fucking way

No. 1518656

File: 1651601942925.png (31.66 KB, 598x247, edtwt shtwt on Twitter.png)

ED problems…

No. 1518672

She has no chance. Not only is she mentally disabled, but physically as well. She'd be a liability to them and prone to collapse/hurt herself on the job

No. 1518813

McDonald's lmfao. The jokes write themselves.

No. 1518814

File: 1651614755587.png (509.23 KB, 1080x1305, Screenshot_20220503-175017~2.p…)

Looks like she got the job. Is it even possible for her to work given her physical state?

No. 1518826

I really hope working around food isn't going to be too much for her

No. 1518839

I feel like she plays up the whole “1m s0 m3nt4lly 1ll” thing for twitter, she’s likely able to be a functioning adult (albeit a weak one, physically) but maybe this job will help her put on weight

No. 1518842

they must have some policy about mandatory hiring of disabled people if they were quick to hire her like that. lady who hired her might even get a bonus.

No. 1518888

Why does she always type like a retard anyway?

No. 1518903

Is that a good place for someone with an ED to work at? Is there a big Mac box making factory or something in PR? How is she expected to work fast food when she can't even stand for an hour? I have so many questions. Hopefully it goes well for her though. It'd be nice to see her take real steps to recovery.

No. 1518950

It’s better than nothing, you want her to have no job? Going out of her comfort zone will help her ED

No. 1519104

From someone with an ED who's worked in food service (thankfully not anymore, fuck food service)
yes, and no, for her. It's terrible from a logical, healthy-minded standpoint, BUT, it'll be great for her binging. She'll get an employee discount on the food, plus depending on her manager, possibly able to even take food home, or something.

No. 1519190

Read the threads, moron

No. 1519209

File: 1651655039584.jpeg (461.84 KB, 828x878, FB8300AC-E9E8-41E1-8ACA-CFAB7F…)

Wait, how many followers did she use to have? I swear it wasn’t 7.8K. Did she get a hit tweet or something?

No. 1519224

mcdonalds? she especially wants to work in fast food service?

she won't last three days.

No. 1519226

what about having a nice big binge at work.
sounds good.

No. 1519412

Praying they keep her in the back. I actually don't doubt that Lucinda would enjoy working worh customers but you know all it takes is some shitty teenagers to make fun of her and it'll ruin it for her

Would that get her fired or is the fact shes working in the disability department mean she'll be treated with leniency?

No. 1519464

what would they do if she peed all over the place or just dropped dead from hypoglycemia?

No. 1519579

Considering she can’t eat without purging I don’t expect her to last longer than a week. Projectile vomiting plus incontinence is a health hazard, and that’s the least of their worries.

No. 1519598

File: 1651692172808.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.29 KB, 636x518, 94B0EE62-305D-41E5-A629-5DAA3D…)

Pretty much, her body check had bonespo resharers and non English language concern trolls.

No. 1519822

What >>1519598 said. Someone else also tweeted about seeing "someone" on edtwt who weighed 59lbs being encouraged to lose more weight and it had 3k likes with dozens of replies asking for the @ which obvs was Lucinda.

No. 1519926

pleasantly surprised to see her working a real job. fully expected her to become an onlyfans thot with her penchant for nudity, especially since she's weeb adjacent and already has a patreon.

No. 1519958

She looks fucked up but she’s def not 59lbs. I am shorter than her and weigh 98lbs and look thinner than she does. I know weight looks different on everybody, especially at different heights, but lying about weighing 59lbs is retarded. She weighs at least 100lbs. Sage for pure anachan autism

No. 1519973

No one fucking cares you stupid skeleton

No. 1520018


Isn't she on the taller side? She's also got loose skin so there's that. I think she's either under 100 or just around there. Probably not 59lbs though.

No. 1520313

Why do you clowns insist on broadcasting that there is no way she’s x number of pounds whenever she posts?
We fucking get it. Half of you dont believe the shit she posts and the other half do. Quit with the bone rattling and blogposting and just enjoy the horrorshow. Christ.

No. 1520532

Did something crawl up your ass today? Lmao grow up and ignore my post then.

No. 1520564

rattle rattle

No. 1520622

File: 1651768570420.png (298.12 KB, 650x452, thats-a-bingo jpg .png)

I still cannot believe it.

No. 1520637

She's not as big of a sped irl as she portrays on twitter. I can't believe they hired her when she looks like the way she does…

No. 1520927

If she wears long sleeved clothes and baggy pants she can look like a normal-ish woman. I'm sure we'll here about work place problems when she wears a short sleeved shirt and people point them out. Or the puke everywhere

Had something similar when I was a teen. There was a skele chan working with us at Pizza hut. Was fine at first but the amount of food she snuck and puked up, she had to be let go. She spent too much time in the bathroom and flushing can only do so much to cover the rancid smell

No. 1521396

Lucinda got a fucking job at McDonald's? What the fuck?

No. 1521398


people of puerto rico, be very careful and cautious when going to fast food establishments. there is always the possibility that your burger has been touched by the skinny hands of the unicorn. with a lot of luck you might even be able to meet the thing

No. 1521410

What I'd like to know how is she able to work now when she was just complaining about how she can't even get up from her comfy chair?

No. 1521450

I don’t think she will have regular shifts/working hours and she said it was disability friendly or whatever.
What concerns me more is her pee filled diaper and open wounds being near food, unless she said that she works in the back somewhere doing paper work? But if she has a confirmed low IQ,I don’t think anyone would let her do any counting or organizing

No. 1521452

Maybe she'll be cleaning there

No. 1521459

it's only for customers in puerto rico, after all

good to know

No. 1522235

File: 1651910861074.jpg (150.18 KB, 1078x1349, 20210123_162908.jpg)

>empty mc Donald's store
Yeah… No. Local pr nona here, all of the mickey d's in our area are almost guaranteed full at all times. There's no "special" position for disabled people either. You often see retarded and deeply autistic people working the front lines, at the expense of a slower service and a disgruntled manager babysitting the tard the entire shift. I can see Debbie dropping the act and fully function at her shifts since she wants moar unicorn money. Boricuas are very ruthless when it comes to dealing with disabled people, often ending up in bullying. I wish her the best and hope she can pass well enough to avoid that.

No. 1522255

just fuck off, smelly spics(racebait)

No. 1522321

Gtfo Lucinda's thread then, retard

No. 1522368

>I can see Debbie dropping the act and fully function at her shifts since she wants moar unicorn money.
That, or she'll let them fire her, so she can cry about it online to seem so sick and a total victim.

No. 1522385

Dose she even know Spanish?

No. 1522432

I don't believe she's actually full on pissing herself

No. 1522803

The odds of a Boricua not speaking Spanish is ridiculously low (unless they’re an expat) and you’d be surprised with the number of Boricuas that don’t speak English.

No. 1523226

Is it weird for mentally disabled people to be bilingual? I know she types like hell but she seems to have a fantastic grasp of English

No. 1523527

All Puerto Ricans are bilingual, and she wasn't born retarded. She's schizophrenic. Compromised intelligence is common in schizophrenia, since it's like dementia and autism combined. If she's unmedicated she'll definitely be zoning out at work even moreso since she's severely malnourished and her brain is rotting. I give her a month before she's either fired or quits. Right now she can't even commit to making Youtube videos and according to her it's her brother she relies on for that. Bitch can't even bathe herself. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 1523645

File: 1652075908843.jpeg (365.41 KB, 1275x1698, 2F690060-9A58-43D2-AA7F-320DAD…)

Found this while lurking. Also I’ve noticed Deborah has been rapidly gaining followers on twitter. She’s almost at 8000

No. 1523710

At that point is she even able to live and be by herself? Like if it's at this point….

No. 1523874

of course there's high functioning schizophrenics, but there's no doubt the unicorn stands no chance. a lot of schizos end up homeless because they can't hold jobs and are unable to keep up with the necessary requirements to receive disability benefits. since paranoia and aggression is a common symptom, it can be hard for nurses and social workers to care for them since they can be uncooperative.

doesn't matter in lucinda's case tho. she's dying in the next 5 years anyway since she's 58lbs and determined to lose more weight. she should be focused on having a peaceful last few years. a fast food job is extremely stressful, she'll be dealing with rude customers and if she isn't fired/quits she'll be scolded for the inevitable mistakes she makes on the job, which will no doubt make her upset and just make her depressed in general.

No. 1525061

File: 1652202984466.jpg (619.94 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20220510_132003.jpg)

she posted her scale. at first i thought it was kg and almost hollered but it is in fact 58.8lbs. at least we know she isn't standing on a bath rug. any anachans know any ways she could be cheating the scale? part of me is still suspicious but at the same time how the fuck can she get the scale to the number she wants? wouldn't it glitch randomly?

No. 1525062

She can just put it right next to her counter and lean against it

No. 1525100

Yes, amberlynn reid has been known to do this too. She used to show full body shots of her getting on the scale not holding onto anything
Now she just shows the number on the scale possibly lying showing a lesser weight by leaning

No. 1525131

Blogpost but I do have a scale which is slightly uneven, and when I lean to the left it shows a much smaller number. Maybe this is the case

No. 1525221

Kek slightly blog but when I was a teenager, I'd take photos of my scale like this to say I'm like 60 lbs, but I'd be dangling off the counter KEK. Not denying she's thin but she's not 58 lbs, she would be dead considering around 15 of that is loose skin.

No. 1525223

The last sixty pounds are the most difficult ones.

No. 1525286

I’m a ukfag and just converted that to English money as I don’t quite get lbs. I don’t understand how she can weigh 4.2 stone, her excess skin probably weighs at least 6lbs and she does not look emaciated enough to be under that.
Is she some kind of bulimia wizard that can purge water weight or something?
Either way, somethings fishy or she’ll be dead asap.

No. 1525325

When I first saw the picture it looked to me like she was sitting (like on the toilet or tub, pressing the scale with her feet), but it doesn’t seem like others interpreted it that way.

I don’t really know what 58 lbs would look like, but it is hard to believe.

No. 1525395

File: 1652235755517.jpeg (153.92 KB, 750x617, E91CCF41-1F9F-42F6-96F2-B382CA…)

I’m sure fellow anons have already noticed this but I’m not sure? I was surprised to see she is following this account. It’s filled with very graphic gore and videos of peoples suicide. She doesn’t interact with them so I guess it’s not too big of a deal but this account is seriously disturbing. I’ve found a lot of other minors who post really graphic goreporn who are followed by Lucinda. Sage for OT and no new milk

No. 1525612

they post pretty crazy deathspo also so maybe that's why.

No. 1525648

OT but i'll never understand using decimels with stone. Out of curiousity did you mean 4 stone 2, or actually 4.2 (which would be 4 stone 2.8) splitting hairs but it means more when you get higher up like .9 - it'd be 12 pounds)

No. 1525876


Fuck this Imperial bullshit. Use the metric system, goddammit.

No. 1526066

File: 1652301873964.png (387.43 KB, 601x349, _fancy_u_(edtwt;goretwt)_(@0kc…)


No. 1526160

they’re wrong either way because they used a US stone calculator kek, 58.8lbs = 4.2 US stone.
There’s 14lbs to a UK stone. So Lucinda is 4 stone 11 (48+11=59). Nobody here uses decimal stones (except halves, eg “ten and a half stone” = 147lbs) and doctors all use kilograms anyway.
it’s crazy low either way. reminds me of the manic st preachers song 4st 7lbs (anachan anthem)

No. 1526572

If anyone wants to see what actual 58.8 lbs looks like, look at @len_joker on Twitter. They post body checks around that weight and they are deathly skinny. She’s only 154cm while Lucinda is 167cm so Lucinda should be more skinny-looking if you remove her excess skin.

No. 1526660

Lucinda was exposed a while back for being 4'11. Your height measurements are off.

No. 1526722

samefag, apologies to fellow britfag for my embarrassingly smug display of retardation last night. 4x14 is 56 so yeah, lucinda is 4st2lbs in British imperial.
if she’s 4’11” is it really so hard to believe she’s that light? she’s dehydrated, her organs are most likely shrunken & desiccating, empty GI tract, bones hollowing etc

No. 1526751

File: 1652372355230.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.51 KB, 720x1280, 20220512_171845.jpg)

Who took this ? (Deleted BC forgot to spoiler)

No. 1526767

Yeah I meant 4st2lb, I just divided 58.8 by 14 as >>1526722 said.
I tend to use kg now but for some reason my British brain just understands stones better than anything else.

No. 1526877

“exposed”? she posted a video of her measuring her height showing the tape measure from the ground to her head.

No. 1527071

she said it was a tripod

No. 1527472

she talks bs whenever she opens her mouth

No. 1527571

Her toes look prehensile. She gives real Smeagol vibes.

No. 1527852

So you think she's lying about using a tripod? Ever considered you might just have some paranoid vendetta anon.

No. 1528676

File: 1652550237161.png (43.46 KB, 596x275, luci.PNG)

tHeY aRe cOmInG tO gEt hEr..!
fEaR oF bEiNg tOrTuReD


No. 1528729

Schizophrenic, self-harming, eating disorders.

No. 1529294

Every so often outside the unicorn larp the genuine schizo shines bright and this is one of those occasions. Itd suck to live in this kind of constant fear, but its very easily fixed.
Girl just take your damn meds.

No. 1529864

Wouldn’t her face be more caved in?

No. 1530691

File: 1652707922024.jpg (93.32 KB, 1280x960, 20130925_222209.jpg)

she's bulimic, they tend to have puffy faces. pic related.

No. 1531040

File: 1652735890010.png (518.83 KB, 583x876, werk.png)

No. 1531067

File: 1652737858960.png (230.27 KB, 400x400, History-Channel-The-Ancient-Al…)


No. 1531161

Is that a wig or has her hair grown back fully despite her starving her ass?

No. 1531192

yikes, shes going in with a short sleeved shirt… can't imagine being one of her coworkers and seeing such a gruelling sight

No. 1531437

File: 1652775314109.jpg (82.19 KB, 760x540, snap.jpg)

if finally happened

No. 1531532

Good for her ♥

No. 1531650

Lol, I guess that marks the end of the “peeing herself, so weak she can’t even get up” LARP(learn2sage)

No. 1531741


Good for her. I wish she'd wear long sleeves though, kinda fucked to have your co-workers and customers see your deep self harm scars. They're probably waiting to see how long she lasts before saying anything, because I can't imagine a customer facing job would want employees with those self harm scars on display taking orders. She might scare a kid.

No. 1531743

She was never bald or losing hair. It was part of the larp. Anyway i love her being out. Im rooting for her.

No. 1531825

I agree she should cover up a bit better for presentation sake, but you sound fragile.

No. 1531835

If she's working in the kitchen, it is fucking hot in there. Unless her manager insists she covers up, there's no reasons she should unless she has new wounds.

No. 1531905

if her wounds are healed, there is no reason for her to wear long sleeves, you can't expect people to hide their scars until the end of time, especially while working at hot temperatures. Every person with former self harm scars I encountered in a customer facing job did their job very well and the scars bothered no one, most people won't even notice or care.

No. 1532123

File: 1652834438808.jpg (140.15 KB, 1080x372, SmartSelect_20220517-203828_Sa…)

Cow sperging another cow lmao

No. 1532425


good enough for some spïc nïggers(racebait)

No. 1532707

fuck off with the racebait you retard

No. 1532750

you're kidding right ? she doens't have 'normal' self-harm scars. that shit is a nightmare to look at. looks like she fell into a giant shredder and somehow survived. id lose my apetite if i walked into a mcd's and saw her at the cash register

No. 1532780

I'd lose my appetite before even walking into a mc donalds, but you'd lose your appetite over scars on another persons body? Would you feel the same about the scars of a burn victim or is it only because they are self harm scars? You can't expect her to wear long sleeves for the rest of her life, some people recover from a mental illness and can't help that the signs will stay forever visible.

No. 1532834

Nta but burn victims can be scary to see, but at least they didn’t do it to themselves. I wouldn’t want a mentally ill bitch covered in scars scooping my fries. Might have nasty scab crust flaking off. I say this as someone who has cut before, but not in obvious places because I wasn’t attention seeking and tryna impress weird twitter losers

No. 1532838

it's because they're extremely severe and fresh self-harm scars. it's disturbing because she did it to herself and besides that it's a dead give-away that she's not in a right state of mind; i tend to avoid interactions with unhinged unpredictable people but thats just me. it's fucked that you would even compare burn victims to the unicorn. for one thing burn victims generally didn't intentionally burn themselves and they're also not batshit insane. unstable self-harming cashier vs. stable not insane burn victim cashier – it aint a tough choice

No. 1533200

let's say she would recover completely, taking her meds and her scars would be maybe 5 years old, no new ones, still an unstable, insane person forced to hide because she made stupid decisions because of an illness? As much as I dislike her, at that point I would say that she just should live her life like she wants to.

No. 1533207

Okay but is she at that level mf???? No. Stop with your fantasies we’re living in the moment

No. 1533720


Well, who wouldn't like to enjoy their fries with some fresh crumbs of scab?

No. 1534030

File: 1653030181874.jpeg (527.75 KB, 828x984, 98DEA61E-A3CA-44F6-B2EB-452D6B…)

Imagine bragging about how good you are at working for McDonald’s.

I hope it stays like this though and she can turn it all around. A stable job might pull her out of her NEET-informed delusions at least.

No. 1534246

File: 1653064314282.png (74.44 KB, 604x443, oop.png)

not so fast

No. 1534248

>imagine bragging about how good you are at working for McDonald's

why are you mocking her for being excited and proud about her job? yeah sure it's only McDonalds, but don't we want her living a somewhat normal and fulfilling life? you just sound like an asshole.

No. 1534263


"Get rid of that retard at the fries station, José. Any excuse will do."

No. 1534294

anyone should be proud that they do good work at whatever job they do. Look at how many cows haven't worked a day in their life.

No. 1534299

If she purges pretty much everything she eats, then she might as well work for it.

Now enjoy each and every one of your smelly hot working days, Deborah.

No. 1534313

if they gave her disability accomodations they're probably having issues with that. on the other hand, they could be trying to get rid of her because she doesn't realize she's fucking up at work. she mentioned that the reason her mom helps her shower is because she doesn't realize she's messing up. she's a 60lb unmedicated schizo, genuinely doubt she isn't the one at fault lol.

No. 1534367

I agree, Nonny. I want the unicorn to win too. It’s still funny though.

No. 1534485

NAYRT but I do too. I've criticized Luci in the past for her self-infantilization, munchie behaviors and attention-seeking, but getting a job shows real personal growth. Proud of her.

Tbh I'd love to see her in a really high-quality group home, because I think she'd thrive in that environment - she'd be able to make new friends, work a part-time job and do chores, be watched closely by staff members, and get involved in other activities that would keep her offline - but sadly I doubt such a thing exists in her area.

No. 1534781

Sage for blog but I was a constantly institutionalized mentally ill NEET, but getting a job turned it around. As much as her unicow behavior annoys me, I really hope the same thing happens for her.

No. 1534801


This made me sad, I was so happy to see her do something meaningful with her life. Hopefully it's just a normal minor hiccup that she's exaggerating, and she's not actually in trouble at work

No. 1534802

Hope you're doing better now nonna, I hope so too. As much of a mess she is, I don't think she's as much of a sped irl as she makes herself out to be online. I'm sure she could manage a disable benefits fast food job

No. 1534825

AYRT Glad you're doing better, anon <3

Lucinda would improve a lot if she unplugged from edtwt and had to meet reasonable expectations and responsibilities. I don't mean that in the 'bootstrapping' sense, where her mental illness is disregarded and she's put under a lot of pressure, but by having achievable goals give her the confidence to know that she can manage in the adult world (with assistance ofc). I see a lot of people (not here, mostly on the farms) treating her like she's just a helpless, broken little baby, and imo that feeds into her pathology.

Hopefully she gets the job back. I'm rooting for her

No. 1534986

she's not gonna hold this fucking lowlife job for long, if her schizophrenia remains unchecked

No. 1535251

Grow up. Get a life.

No. 1536226

File: 1653240963978.jpg (426.15 KB, 1080x1363, Screenshot_20220522-133354.jpg)

pretty unfortunate watching her downward spiral. bit of a photo dump ahead.

No. 1536228

File: 1653241017293.jpg (488.19 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20220522-133420.jpg)

No. 1536236

File: 1653241414137.jpg (236.66 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20220522-133448.jpg)

aaaaand apparently she got fired. i don't know why she isn't on disability? she's in no physical or mental state to be working. my guess is they had issues with these ""disability accomodations"" she was so excited about and decided to just get rid of her. you can't work in fast food without food safety and handling training and they just put her to work with food the first day with her mutilated arms out. ridiculous.

No. 1536237

58lbs my ass. She looks the same as she did when she was around 80 or 90.

No. 1536238

Sucks for her she will never look like her body goals due to all the excess skin. Bummer.

No. 1536239

I can't tell if this is a joke or not but those are definitely not unicorns

No. 1536350

You can't brush shitty eyeshadow on your cheeks and pretend to have lost 100 lbs, kek. She looks the same.

No. 1536370

that li'l fuckhead is so delusional…

No. 1536454

is the light reflecting on the contours of her thinner neck also just eyeshadow

i know most of y'all are teenage anachans from edtwt but like. cope better. her body is visibly thinner in recent bodychecks. she's a cringey munchie but her weight loss has always checked out.

No. 1536690

starting to look like a tim burton character

No. 1536691

File: 1653272268070.jpg (115.5 KB, 720x644, 20220522_231439.jpg)

So Lucinda already got fired? After her first day of job? That was fast.

No. 1536692

File: 1653272291901.jpg (200.11 KB, 720x1036, 20220522_231455.jpg)

No. 1536702

i knew this bitch wouldn't last a week, even in one of the easiest jobs

No. 1536766

Yeah sure but she's still not fucking 58lbs

No. 1536792

i think it's the fact that she doesn't look 58lbs that has made her drop down to 58lbs. it's like the body dysmorphia isn't lying. it's no wonder she's obsessed with dropping more weight when she's going by physical appearance instead of the number on the scale. she'll always look fleshy and cushioned from her excess skin and it's obvious that what she's going for is some horror movie tier shit because she's literally insane.

No. 1536794

Is there recent comparisons of her when she's around 90lbs and now? She always compares her current state to the ones where she's well over 120lbs.

No. 1536867

>but getting a job turned it around.
I genuinely feel like a real, normal job could turn most cows lives around. Structure and financial freedom means not being terminally online and fully reliant on online validation, no need for e-thotting or e-begging or scamming or whatever bullshit most cows get into.

Lucinda isn't like that, it says good things about her that she was actually happy to get a job and doesn't think she's above working like the rest of us, especially since it's not a job that impresses people. Ironically she's one of the few who seems legitimately too disabled to work.

No. 1537004


you cannot spend money that you didn't earn

just sayin

No. 1537051

File: 1653316823378.jpg (34.84 KB, 473x439, bf5db18a00bdd96e5753c968fb4e59…)

>baww i got fired, time to self-harm and make mommy and daddy sad again

There's like a billion fast foods and stores looking for employees in bayamon…try somewhere else??

No. 1537059


employees <=> retarded employees

No. 1537175

she mentioned disability accomodations so it seems she intends on being open about her schizophrenia during job interviews. can't imagine she's getting many calls back when fast food places around the world are already short staffed and aren't looking for the extra workload of babysitting. between that and the literal sight of her. it's like hiring a demented 80 year old asking for special treatment.

No. 1537555

The usual disabled accommodations you can find in PR are bagging groceries, shopping cart retrieval, dishwashing and working as a greeter at department stores. I've seen literal drooling retards working as baggers in places like Econo (where she buys her bp hauls) and Deb's highly functional compared to a vegetable, so she shouldn't have trouble applying. The main problem Deb is gonna have is having to wear tattoo sleeves to hide her SH. Working with the boricua population is going to be challenging as a self-harmer, they WILL ask questions/try to help/report you.

No. 1537803

Problem is she's not an autist, she's a schizo. She's more like a crazy homeless person than a downsie with the intelligence of a child. Especially since she's unmedicated on top of being severely malnourished, so there's disorganized thinking on top of phases of psychosis and general brain fog. The problem isn't that she's stupid, it's that she's simply unable to put her own perfectly developed brain into use. Which is likely why her biggest complaint is that she feels humiliated and ashamed. She has an intelligent brain, she just can't access it properly.

Lucinda is extremely delusional and I'm not talking about the unicorn larp. She's always planning and settting out to do things with the full belief that she can pull it off, this is because that oh-so popular and highly intelligent normie is still in there cooking up all these ideas. It's high-level thinking with a shit-tier output. If she seems competent and intelligent it's because she is. But she'll be disorganized, unpredictable, paranoid, hostile, confused, and forgetful. She mentioned that in uni when people spoke she didn't feel like they were saying words. That's very different from a retard who needs you to explain to them in simple terms.

I also question how aware she is of reality. She was medicated for years and she would mention voices and hallucinations and intrusive thoughts, but now that she's not receiving any kind of treatment she just mentions everything as fact. Before it would be that voices and intrusive thoughts made her think and believe certain things. Now there's no distinction. Her body goals are no longer even humanly possible. What Lucinda needs is forced hospitalization and some fucking antipsychotics desperately. If all she wants is money to fund her binges then hell, get some treatment so you can qualify for disability. But at least she'll be mentally stable and won't be a literal danger to herself. There's no way she's happy being the way she is.

No. 1541216

File: 1653603512235.jpeg (320.19 KB, 828x987, B01A40CF-8A66-4F0F-8B6E-B6A239…)

No. 1541217

File: 1653603610312.jpeg (367.49 KB, 828x1056, C694C4E9-E375-4104-BD3E-54722E…)

It’s just sad. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for them. I wonder if they feel like they’re out of options or if they just can’t care anymore.

No. 1541426

has she ever talked about where her eating disorder stems from? she was popular in high school and started losing weight in her 20s despite no apparent trauma to trigger it? she tweets a lot about hating men and being afraid of them, makes me wonder if she's hiding some kind of traumatic event that's too sensitive for even her to be candid about.

No. 1541447

File: 1653625944060.png (4.93 MB, 828x1792, 104EEE64-6E2C-447A-B816-26C3CF…)

Is this real or not? I can’t tell.

No. 1541449

File: 1653626045416.jpeg (140.02 KB, 720x971, 8389EB19-2CE3-457D-A32F-CB8D59…)

No. 1541470

Kek at the shooping. Who believes her face magically morphs like this? She's trying to make it match her weight claim so hard now that everyone's calling her out on her bullshit.

No. 1541504

>Who believes her face magically morphs like this?
She does.

She shoops to appear more like a demented, rainbow shitting unicorn kek.

No. 1541525

And people gobble it up. Here too. If someone dares to claim she's actually under 60lbs and her face just magically overnight turned into this I'll die laughing.

No. 1541541

She might be a retard, but not too retarded to filter and shop the shit out of her pics.

No. 1541557


you all do realize the background of tiled and straight lines is completely unmorphed right lol. not denying she edits but this new collective denial that she's thin at all is so petty.

No. 1541558

She's become viral for her 58lb bodycheck so it's natural for newfags from edtwt to cry that it's all fake to feel better about her newfound fame. She's even appearing in bonespo threads now. This thread has become a support group at this point.

No. 1541573

File: 1653652857065.jpg (75.41 KB, 796x647, how-tall-is-anya-taylor-joy-16…)

>match her weight claim

y'all need to stop looking at kpop idols with moon faces because literally any 25 year old woman under 110lbs is gonna have bone structure that looks like that when they take a selfie at an angle. tbh you have to be a fatass to think she even looks that unrealistically thin that she's photoshopping her face thinner.

No. 1541586

I hope you know that can be shooped too. It’s not hard at all.

No. 1541590

Oh sure her face just suddenly morphs into this after being "under 60lbs" for a good while now. It just took a little time for her physical form to catch up.

No. 1541597

This is the most retarded attempt at wk'ing I've ever read. People have different face shapes; a 25 year old anachan with a square jaw will never look like picrel, even if they were at a single digit bmi. You can also be 4'7" and 110 lbs as a 25 year old and be technically overweight with a double chin—some people can naturally have double chins even without being overweight—so using weight alone as a metric doesn't make any sense. And the fact that you referred to kpop idols (who tend to struggle with eds themselves) as
>moon faces
then went on to assume anyone who could reasonably argue against your point as
>a fatass
is pretty fishy. Jannies couldn't do a post reveal soon enough

No. 1541604

Congrats on the word salad sperg. Just because people have eyes that can tell she looks like any gaunt white woman at an angle doesn't mean they're a whiteknight. Your bone structure sharpens as you get older and Lucinda has both lost weight and is literally almost pushing 30. She looks typical at best. Disagreeing with a rageboner isn't the same as whiteknighting.

No. 1541605

Samefag but imagine thinking "she doesn't look that thin" is a whiteknight.

No. 1541608

I could agree about the face shape changing if this wasnt posted less than two weeks ago. >>1531040 Doesnt she photoshop out of nipples/the remaining boob skin so why would it be so hard to believe she shooped her jaw in a photo?

No. 1541614

File: 1653660630867.jpg (1.51 MB, 2560x1920, 22-05-27-09-56-42-265_deco.jpg)

peep the position of her shoulders. it's literally just a completely different camera angle. you people cannot be serious. she edits the shit out of her photos but she also edits them horrifically to the point where every single picture is photoshop fail subreddit worthy. you'd need professional green screen fuckery to get her jawline to disappear without touching the background around her.

No. 1541621

>word salad sperg
ESL-chan confirmed
>white woman
Ironic that you think that you have eyes.
>Bone structure sharpens as you get older
No, not like that. Your face doesn't turn into a dorito at 30 if you had a square jaw at 20. Even with a high amount of fat on your face, losing the weight isn't going to change your face shape nor bone structure of your face. A fatty with a round face is going to look different from a fatty with an oblong face, even if they both look like potatoes. Take Foodie Beauty and Amberlynn Reid as examples—their face shapes are clearly not the same. If you didn't have high cheekbones at a normal weight, they're not going to suddenly appear if you go underweight.
You don't even try to integrate. We can all tell which posts are yours because you use the same words/phrases that you always do. We already have proof that Lucinda posts (from the 1st thread) and her twitter friends too, since they outright admitted it in a previous thread.
Because we know who you are

No. 1541626

imagine thinking sperging like this over a camera angle that barely makes a difference in the shape of her face is a serve. i swear the unicorn is jerking off over you lot thinking she looks top-tier spoopy for sucking in her cheeks.

No. 1541630

Who is sperging? Do you know what that word means? I'm not even the original anon who brought up the fact that she shops. All I said is that losing weight doesn't change your face structure. Most farmers would agree with you in saying that she pretends to be skinnier/sicker than she is. It's pretty clear that she's using a combo of photoshop, makeup, and sucking in to appear that she has more prominent cheekbones and a sharper jawline.

No. 1541639

File: 1653663899434.jpg (Spoiler Image,612.63 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20220527-101434.jpg)

the same person who considers picrel "passable" photoshop is not going to pull off the careful shooping needed to make her jaw disappear without warping the background. period. claiming otherwise then writing an essay about how anyone who disagrees could only be lucinda herself is, in fact, retard behavior. these threads are always full of infighting because some people obviously just want to use it to counteract how much people like her as quickly as possible instead of waiting for her to actually do something milky again.

god i wish she'd clap back at another tranny already

No. 1541735

File: 1653672974029.jpg (31.62 KB, 897x155, youre_fired.jpg)

I really like her new jawline. Very edgy.

In other news, Deborah is jobless again and hiding it from her parents.

No. 1541771

Unemployment rate in Puerto Rico:
Currently at 100 percent, for unicorns.

No. 1541774

reading that whole thread was actually kind of sad. pretty dark look into her state of mind where evidently nothing makes sense. no wonder she got fired.

No. 1541812

Retard behavior is adamantly believing in Lucinda's lies and not having made a single, direct refutation of any of my points. Anyway, your attempts at integration are sad at best, thinking that using "tranny" will actually convince farmers that you're legit. Besides, Lucinda herself claims to be a tranny genderspecial.

No. 1541891

kind of sad to see that she lost her job but cannot say that i am surprised. food service was never a good idea for her. you need to be pretty quick on your feet to keep things running smoothly and aside from her being physically weak, schizophrenia and anorexia literally eat away at your brain. i do hope she finds another job though, being here since the first thread has given me a bit of an investment in her recovery.

No. 1541901

i honestly don't think it's that deep. she was overweight in that old photo that gets reposted sometimes. i think she just found ED twitter and thought it was a solution to her maybe having being teased for being the "fat girl" as a kid or something. and a lot of women hate/fear men in some capacity, that doesn't strike me as odd. especially because she lives in a developing country, and south america has a femicide problem.

No. 1541902

Isn’t there a minimum wage labor shortage in PR too? She should apply to other jobs, especially ones that are a little slower paced like a grocery store greeter. Of course she exaggerates her disability, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one at all, unlike most cows on here. I genuinely believe that a job would help her recover.

No. 1541906


>>a bit of an investment in her recovery

There will be no "recovery" whatsoever.

No. 1542294


I’m cackling at the inanity of this comment because you thinking that turning 25 is pushing 30 makes me believe that you’re at most a 15 year old from TikTok or some shit. Also your skin loses elasticity and starts to sag as you get older. You end up with jowls and turkey neck, not a sharper bone structure, Jesus.

No. 1542357


We don't know that she was fired for being "slow" yet. I don't think she was fired for being slow or ineffective, if that was the case idk if she'd been hired on "disabled worker"-grounds like she says she was?

No. 1542405

she fucked up at her job and that's all there's to it

she only made it one week

No. 1542406

So how is she hiding it from her family? Do they drop her off for her shift and she just b/ps in the bathroom til they pick her up after 4hrs?

No. 1542410

>> she just b/ps in the bathroom til they pick her up

as long as there is enough liquid soap, yes

No. 1542411

I didn't say she did bad at her job, I just said she posted about being very attentive. Additionally, she's not as slow irl as she makes herself out too be online, we all know this.

I just want to know if she was fired for being retarded or for general reasons kek.

No. 1542658

File: 1653758960825.jpg (773.18 KB, 1458x2592, 20220528_142818.jpg)

No. 1542659

File: 1653758991604.jpg (813.67 KB, 1458x2592, 20220528_142816.jpg)

No. 1542662

Would you look at that her face looks more normal again.

No. 1542698

File: 1653761216997.jpg (101.76 KB, 720x601, 20220528_150558.jpg)

>i am not autaistic

No. 1542721

File: 1653761851316.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 2687x3434, 20220528_130440.jpg)

I draw creepy things for fun. I have never seen a human being look like something out of my sketchbook. I made a sketch of her becauae I cannot get her image out of my head. I have a soft spot for her and those suffering from schizophrenia. I really hope she makes it to recovery. This anon is rooting for her.(fanart)

No. 1542724

It's cute anon

No. 1542792

wonderful. just wonderful.

No. 1543220

File: 1653807486097.jpg (1.21 MB, 971x3994, Screenshot_20220529-085722_Sam…)

You made me curious, nonny. So here it is.

No. 1543420

The very clear “I feel at a junction” in the middle of the word salad

No. 1543637

it's the hospital or the casket

No. 1543762

I wish she would stop smearing dirt on her cheeks so they appear more sunken
But yeah, she's thin

No. 1543794

File: 1653872669392.jpg (127.42 KB, 867x1156, FT4vDQ3XwAEbSG5.jpg)

I remember similar things being posted before, but I don't know if these have.
Letters from Lucinda to her friend who was(is?) in a cult. She has nice handwriting for someone who's apparently such a fragile, shaking mess.

No. 1543795

File: 1653872704639.jpg (121.7 KB, 867x1156, FT4vDGHXwAIeMbH.jpg)

No. 1543854

That hand writing does not look good

No. 1543978

it's coherent and relatively neat for a shakey basket case. fuck off

No. 1544019

I was being somewhat sarcastic, but my point is she can hold a pen correctly enough to write all that, yet can't type coherent.

No. 1544026

File: 1653898907720.jpg (185.65 KB, 1080x1864, oh_noes.jpg)

Our jobless unicorn is on TikTok now

This is not gonna end well

No. 1544333

Hasn’t she had a tiktok for awhile? Is she remaking?

No. 1548294

File: 1654289843937.jpeg (868.4 KB, 1170x1477, 8228534C-55F7-47D3-A526-ACD312…)

Looks like she’s still claiming that she’s 58 lbs in her most recent body check

No. 1548331

File: 1654292654444.png (621.23 KB, 1080x1427, 20220603_174239.png)

she posted a video weighing herself on her ig. idk.


No. 1548341

File: 1654293400016.jpeg (337.56 KB, 1170x944, 377F65BC-D903-4460-95D1-9AE6DA…)

Is this just gonna go on until it eventually kills her? The number on the scale getting lower and everyone saying “you don’t look like it” until she starves herself into either immobility or death?

No. 1548354

ngl watching overweight teens with lily rose depp icons literally taunt a 58lb woman for not looking underweight enough is slightly infuriating. i mean she posted a video of herself on the scale, on tile, with nothing around her to lean on. the numbers on the scale don't jump around so it doesn't seem like a glitch. like maybe she just. is telling the truth. which is unfortunate, if anything. that she doesn't look as emaciated as the scale says because of her fucked up body composition. maybe these edtwtfags should rejoice.

No. 1548374

I really do wish people would leave her alone

No. 1548430

agreed. BMI/weight sperging in general annoys me because truthfully people don't always look the same at the same BMI because of other factors. yeah obviously a 15 vs 23 bmi is going to look wildly different but like 15 vs 17 can be a bit harder to tell the difference depending on the person.

No. 1548464


No seriously how is her body still able to function?

No. 1548473

>some actually anorexic cows in PAS thread
>starving people in Africa, other impoverished places
>many more examples i probably cant think of

the human body is more resilient than many people think. how many groups of people in human history dealt with famine and somehow survived? we would likely not be here if the human body couldn't adapt to conditions like that. we just don't see starvation as often because it's the 21st century. not a "medical mystery" imo. just likely an evolutionary adaptation (specifically being able to survive that skinny) that we don't encounter much now considering it's usually people imposing those conditions on themselves. the real question is how infinifats survive… it's always been a privilege to have enough food to get so fat.

No. 1548596

File: 1654318830286.jpg (50.11 KB, 653x644, 20220604_015905.jpg)

sage for nitpick but oh my god these feet. it looks like a rotten corpse

No. 1548604

that means lucinda's BMI is 9

No. 1548607

Wow. She’s fucking winning compared to these Kaia Gerber coquette posting twitter fags. Good for her

No. 1548642

And how was she suddenly able to work at mcdonalds when she was complaining about not being able to get up from her chair when she was at a higher weight?

No. 1548659

No, they don't want to look like her, they wan't to look like edited "uwu waif" underweight but not emaciated models, haven't you seen their comments on thinspo thats "too much"
>uhh yikes yall im gonna recover
>no bc this scared me sm im gonna break my fast LMFAOO
>its the recoveryspo for me
They're all average-overweight weight teenagers who just want to lose a few lbs and bully other girls as a way of projection in the process. That's all edtwt is.

No. 1548661

File: 1654328195003.png (449.44 KB, 414x516, 1.PNG)

This is who said that to her btw kek

No. 1548662

Samefag, actual moid and not a tif btw. Ugly grown faggot interacting with mentally ill young girls encouraging them to starve themselves, havent spotted even one other man that he interacts with, it's all girls, mostly underage.

No. 1548679

kek this shit is to telling of their eds and mentality. they're just treating eds like diets. if seeing a boney picture makes them break their fast they're not really that ill. lucinda is legitimately ill unlike them and that's why they're seething.

No. 1548788

That‘s so gross, wouldn‘t someone like that get “cancelled” on that side of Twitter?
>that hairline
If I was a moid i would simply not be an ana chan and accelerate my hair loss

No. 1548799

>wouldn‘t someone like that get “cancelled” on that side of Twitter?
interesting because i've seen MPAers be openly disgusted towards that type of guy on their site. i assume since EDtwt is full of minors (even moreso than sites like MPA) they are too young and ignorant to acknowledge fetishists/creeps. which is really sad considering that obviously girls on there have low self esteem and could easily be manipulated and even abused by men like that. i bet he DMs those girls a lot lmfao

No. 1548850

File: 1654353006782.jpg (201.75 KB, 1065x600, Body-modifications-split-image…)

lucinda is definitely a different breed. between the unicorn thing and humor she doesn't fit the subculture associated with ed's. she manages to be self destructive and self aware without glorifying it, acknowledging that she's sick without feeling sorry for herself.

idk why people think she does the uwu frail thing when she compares herself to dancing skeletons and horror video game characters. she kins the plague and spitter, both diseased horror video game characters whose powers are vomiting whom she finds cool/awesome/etc. i'm inclined to consider her ed and sh a form of extreme body modification like project alien, just severe bdd of the alt kind.

No. 1549005

File: 1654362913014.jpg (419.32 KB, 1458x1946, 20220604_141334.jpg)

No. 1549007

File: 1654362934281.jpg (447.23 KB, 1458x1901, 20220604_141332.jpg)

No. 1549010

File: 1654363142396.jpeg (753.06 KB, 1170x1249, F8E054D8-28E6-40D7-84B6-B98C17…)

Looks like she’s trying to pass off her weeb makeup as a face mask tanline? Kek wonder why

No. 1549014

not retarded enough to not be able to use circle lenses. she's a paradoxical mystery.

No. 1549048

Even downies can put in contacts anon lmao

No. 1549050

So it's pretty much confirmed she reads and posts here, seething because anons don't buy the weight bullshit?

No. 1549054

there was a thread asking who the skinniest person on edtwt was and people tagged lucinda and naturally there were people who said she was lying and mentioned the points here since they post in this thread. she was specifically replying to someone who asked if she was weighing herself on carpet.

No. 1549066

What are you talking about. The tweet she's replying to is in the post right above the one you replied to

No. 1549069

i like how u think anon. i think it's something like this too, she wants to be "inhuman"- very different from the usual uwu frail anachan

No. 1549104


No. 1549149

File: 1654373771421.jpg (45.13 KB, 464x672, FUbc2FsXwAMRv4W.jpeg.jpg)

she probably does have a face mask tan. she says she walks at the park with her face mask on because she's high risk and it's like 37°C where she lives. seems she tans quite easily.

No. 1549168

I mean, she is Puerto Rican/hispanic of some sort. They get pale with a lot of time indoors too,with a deeper undertone than caucasian skin . But they tan like crazy as well. Looks like her past ID photo skin color- it was probably taken in summer. Glad she is getting some sun, and props to her for sustaining the mask when it is so hot out.

No. 1549752

She'll poke her eye out sooner or later if she can't even type coherently. I wonder how many times she dropped them to the sink due to her shakes.

No. 1549775

That. Above that, a proper eye infection would be a nice™ thing to have, since she literally doesn't give a shit about personal hygiene.

No. 1549797

spics are dirty and brown.

film at eleven.(racebait)

No. 1549896

File: 1654433781707.jpg (5.15 KB, 250x249, 1594177449593.jpg)

No. 1549921

Carefully edits her face on photoshop but is too ~uwu mentally ill~ to not type like a retard.
Yeah, right ! Kek

>B..b..but hateboner-chan! It's just tan and unicorn magic changing her face! Her jaw isn't shooped at all, you're just a jealous fatty!

Come on, anyone with half a brain can see she's a just an attention-starved munchie. And not a smart one at that.

And like clockwork,a-loging/racebaiting "anons" appears anytime farmers starts to loose interest or questions her lies. How convenient, isn't it?
Look up the previous thread, it's obviously her or one of her edtwt calves trying to stir shit to feed her victim narrative.

> Poor, poor Munchida! She's pwecious and never lies! Leave her alone! Here's a fan-art btw!

Please Admin-sama! My kingdom for a post reveal!

No. 1550328

Could the mods just give this retard a permaban? She (if she's even a woman) keeps racebaiting in this thread, it's fucking annoying. Go back to /pol/ why don't you?

No. 1550339

What are you even talking about

No. 1550487

who gives a fuck anon, people are racist, get over it and just ignore it

No. 1550974

But she happens to live in a shithole country with a rather shitty medical assistance.

Tough luck for her, cuz she's not gonna make it into her thirties if things continue like that.

No. 1551007

she's workin on it

No. 1551040

>shithole country with a rather shitty medical assistance

You know Puerto Rico is part of America, right?

No. 1551093

puerto rico is literally detroit if it were an island.

No. 1551100

i mean.

No. 1551516

this guy was ambrosie's friend too kek

No. 1551885

They're not a US state.

An island full of island nïggers, bred from Spaniards and slaves.(racebait)

No. 1552521

File: 1654635372953.jpeg (296.76 KB, 1170x795, FF68A9D0-B234-4BB2-A78B-195387…)

this made me kek

No. 1552534


Sorry a Latina took your Nigel.

No. 1552538

And just like her idol, she won't get the message until it's too fucking late for her.

At least EC's parents could afford some decent emergency intervention aid when things get too dicy. Not that this would really save her in the long run, but still.

No. 1552554


Eugenia Cooney's Youtube comment section - A mixture of pink candy and concentrated sulphuric acid.

No. 1552689

Not even good at lying

No. 1552785

Sage for double post, but I wanted to include the second part plus the video she linked

No. 1552786

File: 1654665268999.jpeg (371.51 KB, 828x697, 23546FC5-5B31-4D55-BF52-F906DB…)

No. 1552943


That bit of bro science on YT is not gonna help her either. One day mommy and daddy will be gone.

No. 1553171

she has an older brother who, iirc, moved in to help her parents take care of her. so i'm sure she'll become his problem after her parents die. not sure how old he is though but i doubt she'll be outliving him anyway in her state, so she won't have to worry about ending up alone. doubt she'll outlive her parents at this rate even at their age which is like 70+.

No. 1553429

there is also the possibility he wont tolerate her pissing and throwing up everywhere and just put her back in a care facility anyway
Which at this point? Eh?
She either dies at home or gets drugged up and used for a gov paycheck. Either way, she has no option for quality of life unless someone drags her to America.

No. 1554193


>> unless someone drags her to America

That's gonna be a swim of a thousand miles. Good luck with that. And even if she makes it, there will be no all-in-one carefree therapy for her.

No. 1554218

File: 1654762187433.png (406.16 KB, 592x512, face.PNG)

Time for the yearly shower!

No. 1554891

Lucinda is very well off, they just don.t have goood healthcare and inpatients in PR is what lucinda said.

No. 1554893

Sorry I ended up typing like Lucinda because I was looking away, kek.

No. 1557156

whatever you do, just don't eat cat litter

No. 1557481

I wonder if Lucinda will every have a ‘normal stable’ life? Where they get a job/act like a adult / live alone? Recover from eating disorders and self harm/wanting to become a unicorn

See this is the problem with the internet era because before internet she probably would have been locked up (or even ignored ) and now she can freely post her triggering nudes and self harm and other people praise her it’s a revolution time we live in. People are legit praising her on Twitter to be the way she is.
I often think people like this would be so lost with out social media.

I would just love to see her do well and thrive but some people just live to self destruct it’s honestly so sad to see.

No. 1557483

I meant to say revolting not revolution

No. 1557937

How long are we gonna keep acting like the mask tan is real and not drawn on

No. 1558350

Maybe as long as Twitter allows her to show off the emaciated, scarred ruins of her body..?

No. 1558763

File: 1655085557008.jpg (127.56 KB, 1080x474, soren.jpg)

Lucinda's self-destruction reminds me a lot of Soren's. We all know how she turned out.

No. 1558770

man i miss the craziness of soren. we will never get a cow that had as many outlandish lies and plain insanity as soren again.

No. 1558802

Do you have access to the old spam account? I don’t remember this cap.

No. 1558875

at least lucinda isn't a pedo. i wonder how soren would feel about her. god i wish she were still alive so we could get these two interacting lol.

No. 1559081

sage that shit, dumbfuck

No. 1559121

File: 1655125218532.png (737.69 KB, 1125x2436, 2D228D6D-4E33-4F5C-8AFB-71676E…)

Soren’s Pinterest account has seen activity from as recent as 3 weeks ago according to some people on kiwifarms, I was gonna revisit the soren saga for nostalgia sake and stumbled across this interesting tidbit- the comment thread begins at the bottom of page 9! Kinda excited for a soren comeback she was a special cow https://kiwifarms.net/threads/are-they-dead-yet.38425/page-9

No. 1559301

File: 1655138577134.jpeg (Spoiler Image,922.98 KB, 1170x1359, 1EB453D2-7DC4-4C29-A23A-F0DAD7…)

New check from our unicorn. Does anyone know why she edits her chest? Especially because nudity is allowed on twitter.

No. 1559307

You must be new here. She has flapjacks for tits.

No. 1559310

She looks like a yeti with a skin condition

No. 1559329

File: 1655139784927.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.32 KB, 720x1280, gains1.jpg)

Again, in all her beauty.

No. 1559337

I’m not a newfag I’ve seen the uncensored boobies which is why I was curious that she’s censoring them in that kek

No. 1559341

Are you sure? She's been censoring her tits since forever.

No. 1559343

probably another mutilation thing, she's talked about wanting to cut off her tits herself.

No. 1559377

Well, why not? She could dry them and then use them as fancy oven mitts.

No. 1559411

nonnie are you kidding? sick.

No. 1559433

This made me laugh so hard

No. 1559574

obsessed with the tshirt tan. she has such a unique look in the world of aliexpresscore egirl fuckery, i really can't hate.

No. 1560258

>>1559121 holy shit anon, this is a game changer. Sorens Pinterest has 100% been active.

No. 1560858

How is she able to hold 25lbs in one hand?

No. 1561095

Because the bufficorn is cut af and can hold almost half her body weight.

No. 1561733

File: 1655320258196.jpg (107.62 KB, 720x788, 20220615_160922.jpg)

No. 1561736

File: 1655320289461.jpg (150.72 KB, 720x885, 20220615_160900.jpg)

No. 1561738

File: 1655320332715.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.19 KB, 720x900, 20220615_160345.jpg)

No. 1561742

File: 1655320436919.jpg (Spoiler Image,744.49 KB, 1458x2592, 20220615_160332.jpg)

No. 1561754

Lmao, she's obviously batshit insane but I'm really rooting for her to survive. Maybe I'm just being sentimental because I'm stoned, but I see so many e-thots trying to fit into restrictive images of femininity. It's kind of refreshing watching a woman embrace being monstrous & grotesque kek

No. 1561813

oh, god bless you lucinda

No. 1561818

where her tits gone??

No. 1561834

This might be my fav luci pic so far lol
She edits them out

No. 1561886

She's just outing the fact she's not 58 pounds with that pic. No one that underweight would be able to lift that.

No. 1562030

File: 1655335437709.jpg (232.29 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20220615-192356.jpg)

it's kinda sad to see how her mind works, even if it does make sense in a way. i can see where she's coming from even through the gibberish.

No. 1562127

Out of all the pics, this is the one that reminded me just how genuinely odd she is.

No. 1562257

how can someone send out so many unreadable comments? what tf does he use to excuse this?

No. 1562338

No. 1562345

she claims to be neurologically impaired and talks incoherently in videos as well

No. 1562425

this isn't a male?

No. 1562429

She's a woman who identifies as a unicorn and nonbinary or something that makes her also trans..

No. 1562431

It's a larp, anon. She's schizo and a munchie, not retarded.

No. 1562432

but why is it editing itself into some kind of lovecraftian abomination? where are the parents? how does it live??

none of these images should exist, nvm be repsoted. delete all these threads and report this weirdo.

No. 1562456

There's literally 6 other threads for you to read that will answer all of those questions and more. Please stop being retarded.

No. 1562463

love how you think that I'm a no life stalker like you. get help, edgelord.

No. 1562500

Don't expect to be spoonfed, newfag

No. 1563111

she has such an interesting aesthetic. and she even looks beautiful to me just because she seems like an actually good person. she's probably one of the most fucked up cows on this site but you cant help but root for her

No. 1564834

File: 1655560740952.jpeg (63.82 KB, 479x355, F12EDC6A-3EFC-4FD0-9F9A-052852…)

No. 1564939

no. i won't root for her.
speak for yourself.

No. 1564991

>> interesting aesthetic

gotta be kidding?

No. 1565615

Okay, might be some kind of severe schizo. But at the same time she's vengeful & manipulative, totally detached from reality.
What would you do without job and friends, the whole day long? She's good for nothing.

No. 1567287

She's been inactive for 4 days, no interactions with anyone whatsoever. some edtwt anas are getting worried… did her parents finally take her to the hospital?

No. 1567445

Hopefully she is okay..

No. 1567521

That or they found her dead in her bed thanks to the final stage of her unicorn metamorphosis.


No. 1567536

File: 1655795786937.jpeg (211.15 KB, 828x625, AE47C1C5-E43B-4B8B-B207-C2D57A…)

All I could find the anachans saying just looking through the latest.

No. 1567580

if she was in some kind of hospital right now, that would be the best thing that could happen to her, since her parents fucked up.

no way they could have helped her, except turning her in months ago.

first thing they'll do is to zap her with medication that could topple a rhino.

No. 1567669

Weird that none of her friends have mentioned anything on twitter. She's never taken a break this long before, has she? I can't remember if she was allowed her phone last time she was hospitalized.

No. 1567809

she's been hospitalized twice before and she made at least some kind of announcement during both. one was literally a picture in an ambulance so she's consistent with the chronic oversharing. unfortunately this total radio silence isn't looking good. hopefully she's currently stable in a hospital somewhere but whatever went down she clearly wasn't able to announce it to her followers or friends so it was definitely an emergency.

honestly i'm expecting the worst. most anorexics die from sudden heart failure and lucinda already said she had bradycardia. doubt her body would put up a fight to survive or if doctors would even be inclined to try when they take a look at her body.

No. 1568161

Dear God,

please let her be dead.


No. 1568208

She is my favorite cow, I hope she's not dead

No. 1568209

File: 1655849100258.png (157.51 KB, 640x640, 08f9ruv1jsm01.png)

Could Lucinda just be in Twitter jail?

No. 1568239

>most anorexics die from sudden heart failure and lucinda already said she had bradycardia
This combined wih the fact that she b/p so much which is absolutely horrible for you heart. I hope she's in hospital.

No. 1568244

she hasn't been active on instagram or curiouscat

No. 1568453

I'm trying to stay optimistic. Maybe her parents took her phone away?

No. 1568476

I truly truly hope she's ok.

No. 1568536

I hate this thread and I feel really bad for her

No. 1568554


she would use the phone of her equally retarded brother, then?

don't be ridiculous. she has abused her body for years and now she has to pay the price.

with a sub-60 lbs it's forced intensive care or maybe death, nothing less.

No. 1568590

This will not end well.

No. 1568883

someone just posted in the proana scumbags thread about sharing condolences here. is there any news? i really hope she's okay. i love our Unicow.

No. 1568885

r.i.p. funny little unicorn

No. 1568926

Where is the proof? She was probably just banned from twitter. One of her tweets was removed by twitter for a violation. Those result in temporary bans of up to a week.

No. 1568943

Another anon mentioned that her curiouscat is also inactive. If people are worrying about her on twitter, wouldn't they most likely message her there?
I hope this means she's in treatment. I worry it might be traumatic and not very helpful, but treatment is vastly better than the alternative.

No. 1568955

File: 1655919918043.png (599.82 KB, 1077x1479, tasteless.png)

Just to clarify:
Did she initialize a "unicorn" or a "unique-urn" transformation?(shitposting)

No. 1568976

Fuck off.

No. 1568985

File: 1655922460385.jpg (82.91 KB, 502x482, DeboraMuerto.jpg)

Sad but true.(post proof or stfu)

No. 1568990

WTF. At least post some deets if you're gonna claim she's really dead. I hope Lucinda is okay, honestly.

No. 1568998

i hope she is getting treatment. this couldn’t have gone on for much longer.

No. 1569002

Did she finally get rid of that last sixty pounds?

No. 1569072

Holy fuck, that was too damn soon.

No. 1569097

Where’s the proof? I truly hope she’s in treatment.

No. 1569178


hey, there are some other forums out there, some speak Spanish… just find it out for yourselves

No. 1569182

Can you post screenshots reguardless of the language? Or name the forum

No. 1569191

I've been searching and can't find anything. Any info you could share would be helpful. I'm really sad about this.

No. 1569207

nayrt but she was briefly discussed on pandlr, looks like it hasn't been updated in a month, but i cant browse the site properly cos it won't let me sign up

No. 1569212

Pandlr is Brazilian, so whatever discussions of her would probably be in Portuguese.

No. 1569235

There’s a post on the other farms that she had a tweet violating terms about a week ago so could be she’s just on suspension.

No. 1569236

What about her instagram? would it be cowtipping to send a message asking if she's okay?(yes, it would)

No. 1569239

>find it for yourselves

That’s what makes it obvious that you’re lying. Post milk if you actually found some

No. 1569290

>ambrose, natalie, etc might have outlived the queen
At least her legacy will always live.
Seriously though, I hope she's okay, even if being 'okay' is being in a horrible hospital.

No. 1569298

I hope Amber comes out of the woodwork and starts acting all big and bad.

No. 1569305

Unlikely with the effort (albeit poor) she puts into trying to start new, if anything Natalie will likely post a vague tweet about it like usual.

No. 1569366

I really hope Lucinda is ok.

No. 1569630

I’m wondering how we might even figure out if Lucinda has died?
From what I know, she isn’t associated with her family at all on social media.
Unless we have a fellow Puerto Rican anon who can keep an eye out on obituaries, we may just forever wonder if she doesn’t return.

Plus, there’s no way she doesn’t read her threads. I can guarantee that she would’ve posted somewhere by now if she were still with us.

I hope that this isn’t the end of her, but it very well might be.

No. 1569633

yeah it's kinda sad but she has had it coming.
you ruin your body, you will pay the price sooner or later.

No. 1569635

Fuck you

No. 1569636

Yeah, even if she is banned from positing on twitter I feel like she’d post elsewhere. Unless she’s had all her devices confiscated (which her parents honestly should have done a long time ago). The fact that all her twitter pals are concerned doesn’t bode well

No. 1569637

samefag here.
calm down and think about it. but at the end of the day it's the truth.

No. 1569638

please god don't let her be dead she has so much more unicorn joy to bring to the world

No. 1569644

Sí, es cierto, lamentablemente. Débora ha muerto a la edad de 25 años. Todo fue muy rápido.
Su propio hermano lo hizo público ayer.(postea la prueba)

No. 1569645

NTA but while I don’t wish any harm on her it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if she has died, I think people look at people like Eugenia Cooney who is an actual piece of shit and deserves no sympathy from anyone who is still alive in spite of being a lich and think that Lucinda still has a way to go but she has more working against her, like excessive purging that has no doubt fucked her heart up, the self harm, etc. I doubt anyone here will be rejoicing if she is dead unlike Soren the pedo whose grave anons were dancing on because she got what she deserved

No. 1569647

Oh fuck, please tell me that this is not true. She was a nut, sure, but somehow always cute and joyful. This is so very sad.

No. 1569650

Post the proof or fuck off.

No. 1569688

typing in Spanish doesn't make it true, post the proof

No. 1569697

I hope our unicorn queen is ok and has just had her devices taken off her or something, ahhh

No. 1569739

praying circle for the unicorn queen

No. 1569800

I fucking called it down to her "brother" posting
here comes the fake death arc

No. 1569819

maybe it's being too optimistic or naive but i really don't know what reason she has to fake her own death or think it seems like the type of thing she'd do? she's always been pretty up front and transparent about her illness and its risks and shes not a pure attention whore narc like some people on edtwt. she has some munchie tendencies but it's not like it's a full on larp.

No. 1569820

File: 1655999119781.jpg (800.42 KB, 2492x1921, pt2022_06_23_17_42_30.jpg)

How dare you ? I bet you're a jealous fatty seething with an hateboner!
Munchinda is super dead, super schizo and never selfposts in here, there's no proof (except maybe… picrel ? kek)

It's a pity, she was about to dethrone Eugenia Cooney and even whales like Luna were copying her unique look. So sad !

No. 1569835

I figure cry typing and other munchie aspects (and I heavily disagree on her "being upfront" with what actually goes on and her not being ridiculously attention seeking) get tiring after a while. Combine that with the fact that she already had previous accounts before her oswaldslunch twitter, and the fact that her last tweet has been removed for violation of twitter's terms. I think it's pretty suspicious that this thread instantly breaks out in "omg rip rip rip we love you unicorn queen!!" for literally just not posting for a few days, instead of looking at her acc first and seeing she probably just got a bitchslap from twitter and used it as an opportunity.

absolutely kek nonna

No. 1569865

ayrt, all the "rip beautiful lucinda finally became a unicorn gone too soon" etc etc posts are definitely pretty sus but probably just jumping to conclusions too fast. it's not like she isn't obviously sick and at risk so it's a valid concern. "she's gone for a few days, obviously faking her own death" is an even bigger assumption and seems pretty tinfoily right now is all. probably just in twitter jail or had her devices taken away, or maybe even forced into treatment.
that said i don't love and worship her like some people here do but she is amusing and it would be sad if she actually did die.

No. 1569924

That's weapon-grade autism and it explains absolutely NOTHING.

No. 1569968

it's the same autist selfposting their own theory that proved literally nothing. they do it in every thread.

No. 1570004

I'm >>1569820 and nope, I just grabbed some screenshots from the previous threads, I'm not the waeponized-autism nonna.

Accusing anyone of selfposting is rich coming from you, mental-gymnastic-nocaps-chan.
Will you throw some tinfoil hat pics like you always do? Write some a-log/racebait post again?
Kek, you're so transparent

Please farmhands, I'm begging you, we need a posy reveal.

No. 1570005

I'm sure she's still alive. Her parents are old. Maybe one of them died and that's why she's not posting. There are 100 reasons why she's off the internet. Doesn't mean someone's gone to heaven because they don't post.

Reason 2: staying off the internet to make people THINK they're dead and make them worry.

No. 1570018

for the love of God reveal her posts

No. 1570032

She even posted some shit from inside the ambulance car on her way to some ICU, once.

So forget about that one. Everything revolves around her Twitter presence, every smelly pitiful day of her life.

She's a sweet idiot, but it's clear to see that something big and bad happened. It caught attention over at the other farms today.

No. 1570041

File: 1656014628343.jpg (72.92 KB, 697x981, 1654028182934.jpg)

Lmao put some effort into it and at least type like a boricua and not some janky Google translate Spanish

0/10 not even screenshots?

No. 1570326

so sad, praying for the little unicorn

No. 1570424

cualquiera puede usar google traductor mamapinga, esta vaina esta mal escrita que bait mas triste.

No. 1570428

Could you please provide the link? Or post screenshots of whatever you can see without signing up? I made my research but I didn't find anything related to her there, I'm not a Pandlr user but I never knew she was talked about outside of farms

No. 1570483

Dominican nona detected

No. 1570541

Hubiera dicho mamañema, ¿no? Nonita >>1570424 Si te sientes cómoda, ¿PR o RD?

No. 1570552

will you dirty spics take your monkey talk elsewhere, plz

now go and do your homebrew drugs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1570559

File: 1656058402111.jpg (248.15 KB, 1080x2060, Screenshot_20220624_091105.jpg)

nvm i got in and someone just posted a link to one of her twitter pics, then it's just two small pages of boring comments like this

No. 1570561

Can mods permaban this racist sperg shitting up every thread?

No. 1570562

Ninguna de las dos, pero si soy de LATAM.
If you already done crying consider taking out that dick out of your mouth and clean that white stuff in your face.

No. 1570660

Can we agree not to post in this thread unless it's actual proof she's dead/alive?

No. 1570758

File: 1656084983234.jpg (34.96 KB, 500x466, aboutno.jpg)

No. 1570771

This is what Pandlr is all about. A bunch of gays (literally speaking) who think they're Regina George herself when actually they're just pathetic fools. That being said, it's not surprising they have nothing to say about Lucinda other than just mock her for she is an anachan. I can't get why anon mentioned Pandlr since it brings nothing to the table.

No. 1570813

If she had a one-week ban on Twitter, she'd be back by now. That doesn't look good at all.

No. 1570840

Also there's not info at all YET. LURK NONAS, LURK.

No. 1571114

Kek. Like clockwork.
Someone is doubting Munchinda? Quick! Racebait post! A-loging!
You'll have to change your script a little bit anon, it's getting boring.

No. 1571156

Plus she’d be posting elsewhere. I think you can still DM people on twitter when you’re banned from tweeting and given that a bunch of twitter anachans have been expressing concern I think it’s safe to say that she’d be messaging them to say she’s alive. She’s either sleeping the big sleep or her family finally staged a full scale intervention, confiscated her devices and had her committed. I really hope it’s the latter, she’s one of the few cows here who isn’t a terrible person. Unless she’s deliberately staying silent and letting people speculate that she’s dead for shits n’ gigs, in which case she is a terrible person

No. 1571166

imo she had a medical emergency or is dead. i'd be hesitant to think an anachan under 30 dropped dead especially with ash around, but lucinda was purging up to a dozen times a day and that takes a hard toll on your heart so it's 50/50 between sick and dead. she was also recently done with a week long fast and finished it off by b/p'ing over and over. her health was compromised for sure. there's no ed inpatient available in puerto rico and she said last time she was in the hospital they wouldn't hospitalize her like her parents wanted because there was no psych unit.

there's also the possibility she just went rogue and went for recovery and ditched everything. but why not talk to her friends? personally i don't buy that theory because girly is chronically online and lives for attention.

No. 1571169

Exactly. Is the bit about Puerto Rico not having psych wards true though? Granted I’m not au fait with that part of the world but I have trouble believing that they have no provisions for the mentally ill

No. 1571183

nah there's psych wards but she said there were no actual centers for ed treatment just psych wards that offered help with it if you had it, which is the one she went to and according to her no one even helped her with that while she was there.

No. 1571216

File: 1656122356890.jpeg (478.89 KB, 828x1271, 57D77EC8-1488-4938-82E6-AEB229…)

I searched her @ on twitter and this is one of the most recent tweets, not boding well

No. 1571218

File: 1656122497295.jpeg (284.28 KB, 828x935, B94F104C-85BF-4D7B-9C3A-8C92DA…)


No. 1571328

there are psych wards there and pretty much everywhere honestly, the unicorn queen is a shitty liar tho, manipulative of her family, attention whore top tier, she proly is alive.
Can't picture her taking her own life, she needs all the attetion she can get, proly is pretending to be dead or just creating her new larp for the season kek.

No. 1571380

I don’t think anyone is speculating that she has an heroed, more that the anorexia and bulimia has killed her

No. 1571413

Trying to stay positive. Maybe she shifted to a different reality?

No. 1571491

I hope this is true. Honestly, best case scenario. I truly like Lucinda a lot, and I hope that she recovers and lives a happy life.

No. 1571519

File: 1656147789004.jpg (15.36 KB, 800x243, fox_mulder.jpg)


yeah, just go on and stir that pot of steaming shit.

No. 1571556

File: 1656153380530.jpg (21.77 KB, 607x123, slience.jpg)



No. 1571582

If she fucked up only one of her inner organs by her long & excessive fasting, things will go down the drain pretty fast.

I'd place my bets on ICU and/or involuntary hold. Either medical emergency or parents' intervention.

We won't hear from her in the near future, that's for sure.

No. 1571621

Lots of anorexics die before 30, we just focus on the insane ones like Ash and Eugenia and they're seriously super super lucky to be alive.

No. 1571624

I don't believe this one for a second. Everytime she's gone into recovery she's told twitter and posted her "recovery meals" etc, plus you get a lot of attention for saying you're going to recover and so many people have told her to do I'm sure she'd wanna update the world on that

No. 1571636

Lucinda, Shmelinda

Being a pissdrop in an ocean of piss(unsaged shitposting )

No. 1571703

again with the hyper detailed information kek

No. 1571726

i think about her everyday. so fucking worried that we will never even get an update.

No. 1571807

File: 1656179448239.jpg (20.28 KB, 655x393, pika.jpg)

The latest update: There are no updates any longer.

No. 1571819

Unless she’s been sectioned, which I hope for her sake she has

No. 1571826

I hope so… I hope she had some medical event where she passed out, parents called ambulance, unconcious lucinda could not use the internet for obvious reasons, woke up in hospital with no internet access, and the hospital commited her to involuntary for a good while. I would assume an obit or brother would update her status for her if she had passed. Who knows man, but I do hope she is gonna be okay.

No. 1571840


No. 1571845

We’ll probably never from her again

No. 1571847

File: 1656182103839.jpg (141.42 KB, 720x727, 20220625_153147.jpg)

She was doing a long ass fast so I guess she fainted? Anyways, this is so sad.

No. 1571852

10 days without posting, i think the death thing could be true

No. 1571855

So nothing in obituaries so far…there's nothing at all.
I have been looking all day long since yesterday, deeply.
She's alive, pretty fucking sure of that.

I bet she's in intervention.

No. 1571856

tbh it seems like she's at the hospital

No. 1571858


A fast at 180 lbs: Good for your health, gorl. Keep it up.

Same fast at 60 lbs: That's fucking suicidal. Your body won't take it.

No. 1571868

Not everyone posts obituaries tbf. That said, I do hope she’s on a hospital and not dead.

No. 1571874

File: 1656183513100.png (289.69 KB, 497x334, stupidgames.png)

No. 1571914

Scrolled down her Twitter for quite a while.
What a heap of pointless, self-aggrandizing shit it is.

No. 1571956

my guess is she just had her electronics taken away

No. 1572027

The most likely case is that hooves can't type so she will eventually address the situation from a horse-accessible device

No. 1572039

File: 1656195718294.png (190.07 KB, 611x839, clipart1837738.png)

She will be remembered.

No. 1572166

Maybe her parents found out about her online presence and saw all the pictures of her posing naked around the house showing off her self-harm. Posing naked on her dad's workout equipment was a nice touch.

No. 1572239

Lucinda is a very interesting person. I've been following her for quiite some time now, and it's interesting to me just how intelligent she actually is behind the identity she finds comfort within. It initially baffled me how she was immune to the herd mentality the entirety of edtwt shares (misinfo, bandwagons, retarded diet beliefs etc), reading between the lines of her tweets and cc answers and all it's clear she knows muuuch more than she lets out. And I think I believe she just doesn't want to associate herself with that. Her mental issues and all she doesn't want to be associated with the greed, desire for knowledge, and the general mortal aspects of human beings and it's kinda sad. From another schizos perspective it's also kind of impressive how much belief she has in her delusions. But deep down I'm pretty sure she's as insecure as we all are in every delusion of hers she's always so excitedly talking about.

With her twitch, insta and youtube, I really wanted to believe that pursuing a bigger social media presence would help her find some comfort in who she was going to be until her dead end, I really wanted to believe she was soon going to realize that chasing these creative ideals would eventually lead her to find meaning in everything human which she refused to embrace.

Have you guys seen her artwork? Seeing those for the first time surprised me literally so much. The way she drew and her linework and her sketches all of it reflects so much from inside her brain. She's skilled and knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects and it's such a tragic fucking thing to see that her gifts will not stop her from arriving at her demise.

I myself as a bit more functioning schizo I've done a lot of what lucinda's been doing as of recently and it has helped me so much, pursuing a platform and focusing on your creative abilities and fields of interest, and as I saw her progressing through with those and attempting recovery several times I've never had so much hope for a stranger on the internet.

It's literally so fucking sad dude. Sorry for the cringe and confusingly formatted rant fellow farmers. It's just upsetting to me that she'll never find peace within and her pain although not completely resonates within me to a good extent. I really hope she's still alive out there and makes it out safely, and eventually finds comfort and healing within herself. She's such a lovely and gifted person wasting away in the prison that is her own mind.

No. 1572259


Seriously hoping this is true. I'm so worried for our Unicow.

No. 1572340

If she's in legit treatment we won't hear from her. But with how fucked her electrolytes are/we're a fatal heart attack wouldn't be surprising. That the gamble with this disorder. You have Ashley's who last 40 years entirely off dust and cases who perish after 3 months.

No. 1572463

Is Ashley still alive? What the fuck

No. 1572478

I know right, people are surprised that Eugenia is still alive, Ashley defies the laws of science
I really hope she is, and I hope she stays off social media because she has no chance of truly recovering when she’s exposed to all the “edtwt” fuckery

No. 1572484

you just added some months to her eternal lifespan, congrats

No. 1572524

I wonder how her twitter ban right before the inactivity plays into that.

No. 1572530

You better wonder how a purge diet plays into the working ability of your heart muscle?

No. 1572548

who is ashley

No. 1572554

I think they’re referring to Ashley Isaacs. @bury.wingless.crows on Instagram and shred-my-anxiety on Tumblr. She’s disturbing so proceed with caution.

No. 1572561

File: 1656246588214.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.34 KB, 699x1071, SKELETOR.jpg)


you would not want to know


No. 1572596

But what about all her other channels? She didn't get banned there.

No. 1572620

What makes you think she was banned?

No. 1572650


she had one of her tweets removed for violating twitter's guidelines.

No. 1572717

that alleged twitter ban has got nothing to do with her general social media hiatus.
just in the same way as the Titanic got struck by an icecube.

No. 1572883

fuck me. this bitch is way worst than uniqueen. my god, mental illness is a bitch.

No. 1572962

if she not with us anymore that would be a last but remembered photoset. That strange kid hitting a goofy single bicep pose is fascinating

No. 1573187

Those of you who know who her brother is, has there been any update from him?

No. 1573237

Came to post basically this. Surprised she and other dramawhores haven't said a peep.

No. 1573426

That particular "kid" you're referring to is a 25-year-old schizophrenic woman.

No. 1573488

This made me laugh out loud. IDC if she's an old crone she's basically immature to the max and her last in memorial photoset being her striking that particular pose just kills me

No. 1573604

So you're saying it's just a coincidence she disappears literally right after being banned?

Yeah, it's weird.

No. 1573612

Leaving out a gazillion meals will take you nowhere.

No. 1573619

ntayrt but yes it is, she would still be posting on instagram and responding to dms there. She definitely doesn’t have her phone at all or isn’t able to use it for whatever reason

No. 1574019

What if I told you that there is no real brother of hers, at all..?

No. 1574053

File: 1656370845431.jpg (144.77 KB, 900x704, tombstone.jpg)

that should make it official(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1574170

No. 1574177

Sounds like she was nice but got mentally taken advantage of and fell onto the most toxic 2 communities ever.

Self harm Twitter
Eating disorder Twitter.

No. 1574541

File: 1656425626993.png (65.28 KB, 1055x180, luci.png)

short story, bitter ending

No. 1574572

She should’ve stopped at 100-110. Mental illness can be so unfair and cruel

No. 1574575

God, I come to this thread every few days in hope she'll be ok or have any kind of update. So sad. I used to be an anachan and when people stopped posting it usually was not the best sign.
Thank you lil Unicorn.

No. 1574594

Is she really dead? This is sad. I wish she got proper help. I can't help but be disgusted by the wannarexic tards and LARPers from ED Twitter who attacked her and claimed everything about her was fake (why? Jealousy? Pathetic)

No. 1574628

Where are anons finding out she's actually dead, I'm lost

No. 1574644

No proof just speculation. Possibly edtw people here spreading it just cuz. Don't believe it til there is proof. Doesn't mean there isn't a good chance though. Personally I think she has been hospitalized.

No. 1574659

No one said she was faking the ED, they said she was exaggerating her weight loss. People called her psychosis and mannerisms during her first youtube video fake.

No. 1574719

I'm hoping she finally became a unicorn and she doesn't use social media anymore because you can't type with hooves

No. 1574775

It’s hard not to think the worst for someone in her condition though.. my personal tinfoil is that she cut too deep while self harming and is now in hospital. Time will tell I guess!

No. 1574902

That little bit of superficial cutting is only the very tip of the iceberg of self-harm.
She fucked up her whole system by fasting & purging and her body just quit.

Well, it's another tinfoil.

No. 1574945

Fucking hell It’s like just yesterday she was taking her big unicorn W against troony mctroon face Aeniyah…and to think it would only amount to her death. Let’s pour one out for our old girl, I guess

No. 1574965

I mean even during that time she was openly wishing for death and expressing suicidal impulses, so no one should be surprised if it actually happened.

No. 1575386

File: 1656500366114.gif (1.35 MB, 250x250, jamesdean-milk.gif)

Fuck, I don't want her to be dead. At least not yet.

No. 1575912

Oh I hope she's okay! No updates on insta or twt yet. Anyone hear anything?

No. 1575915

I checked the thread just to see if anything had happened off twitter. No updates at all, shit this is depressing.

No. 1575948

File: 1656547127206.png (707.33 KB, 1242x2688, 7DD24BB3-40C6-4EC8-85B2-E8C8D0…)

this was posted to the other farms but no word since then. i looked at her twitter and edtwt seriously makes me uncomfortable

No. 1575965

File: 1656549175106.jpeg (112.14 KB, 533x533, 1621523985243.jpeg)

uhhh, prfag here. i'm part of a private whatsapp group where we used to talk about local cows and gossip, and some people from the group cowtipped. i don't know if i can give full details/proof without getting banned here but apparently she's not home.
that's all i can say for now.

No. 1576043

She's not home? Does that mean she got forced into the hospital again? If you know anything significant just take the short ban nonnie, do it for us please

No. 1576055

Nonita, please give us more details! Some of us are very worried about what's going on with her!

No. 1576080

If it makes you uncomfortable why are you on it? Twtfag

No. 1576148

it was my first time and i was looking for milk lol

No. 1576240

Just go ahead and take one for the team.

No. 1576313

show detailed proof or fuck off, what is it with these "my father's collegue's postman knows someone" tier posts

No. 1576338

Do you know if she is alive? Can you share more or a screenshot maybe.
You might have to take one for the team if you wanna speculate here anon sorry

No. 1576405

File: 1656585342155.gif (156.31 KB, 200x150, 200w.gif)

No. 1576450


So if this is true I'm gonna guess the situation went:

- cowtipped to family
- family discovered her online life
- enough material to have her properly committed to psych hold or even private hospital
- unicorn safe for now but unable to access the internet

If that's true fingers crossed she'll be back and possibly even having received the help she frankly needs..

No. 1576454

Holy shit it is fucking surreal finding these threads. This girl was in a few of my classes in art school a few years ago. The only real thing I remember about her is that in one class we went around explaining our concepts for a project we had to work on and when it was her turn she stammered 0 words and proceeded to cry. I don't think she attended long enough to make friends but nothing scandalous happened while she was there. I thought she was retarded in some way because she wore obvious kids clothes(her backpack was Peppa Pig) and walked weird, made faces, rocked on her seat. I guess it makes sense reading that she is schizophrenic. But really that's it.

I must say, I really do hope she's okay. It was extremely depressing reading about her and seeing her body. I have no doubt she was a sweet girl. Mental health help is extremely shit in Puerto Rico like everything else. No one could've really helped her here.

No. 1576492

Sounds like autism, not schizophrenia.

No. 1576526

I knew it. She's alive, she's ultimate fucked tho.

No. 1576660

>without getting banned
gtfo of here with that crap. literally the point of this site is to post milk. you oughta be banned for this bullshit you're pulling rn

No. 1576715

File: 1656609820380.jpg (150.69 KB, 720x612, 20220630_132204.jpg)


No. 1576720

This surely will not make her worse

No. 1576737

File: 1656610863704.jpg (28.75 KB, 640x490, 1642620714296.jpg)

>purging with a Pacemaker

Yeeeah, she's dead. She'll HAVE to recover if she plans to live at all. Dialysis is horrible but I'm not surprised she destroyed her kidneys will all those dry fasts and diet Coke diet.

No. 1576746

damn she must be in bad shape if she's still in the hospital after 2 weeks. my uncle went into cardiac arrest, got an icd, and was out of there in like 4 days.


>physical therapy
so her heart and kidneys are shot. is the need for physical therapy a result of her malnourishment or the heart attack? i didn't know heart problems could affect your mobility.

No. 1576748

File: 1656611318751.png (910.2 KB, 719x907, chad_cina.png)

I'm so happy she is alive, celebrating my fav tweet from the unicorn

No. 1576755


She's going out like an old person. It honestly makes me want to a-log since I watched my grandma have the same issues. She's young so there's a chance she'll get off dialysis, but she's a retarded ana-chan who used to be obese so probably not. She's going to either recover and maybe make it to 45, or die in her twenties from her ED. Rip unicorn.

No. 1576769

Purging will deplete electrolytes. Low potassium was probably the cause for the cardiac arrest. Kidney failure too I'm sure from dehydration. It makes perfect sense.

No. 1576796

she was also overexercising on top of the constant purging at 60lbs. the stress her heart was under must've been insane.

No. 1576870

dialysis could also point to an OD

No. 1576900


How much do we trust this source though?? I don’t recall seeing this person before

No. 1576928

I agree. Who even is this account?

No. 1576948

That's Mooglemagick, her BFF and fellow schizo.

No. 1576958

Would she od though? Schizophrenics as bad off Lucinda don’t trust meds at all, they think it’s poison. There was an arc where she thought her parents were messing with her drinks and food. Doesn’t make sense for her to od when she doesn’t trust anything or anyone

No. 1577011

because she has before during the whole ambrose debacle

No. 1577014

Kek, should be the next thread pic.

No. 1577147

File: 1656633439791.jpeg (193.59 KB, 1158x599, AD35A368-04E4-4592-A46D-E0582D…)

Idk, this feels sus. These weirdos on edtwt are so desperate for attention/validation that I simply don’t buy this.
You mean this person didn’t have their contact details just a few days ago, and as a result was sending them a letter?
And now they’ve mysteriously heard that Lucinda is alive?
Something doesn’t quite click here.

And maybe I’m wrong, but this screams like an attention grab to me.

No. 1577149

Agreed with >>1576720

Unless there's some intense unicorn magic going on, she's doomed. She's going to, for sure, purge with all this going on, I also say this admittedly as someone with an ED, she's going to take this in stride, even if she doesn't admit it. It's proof she's sick, she's shown in the past to revel in that type of thing, and in general with how severe her disorder is, it's not like she's going to.. get better. She may not be dead yet, but I'd be surprised if she makes it until August.
That's also the person who tried to recruit idoldecay to a cult and flipped out when she got outted doing such, and turned it into more of an attention grab (not that the whole thing wasn't an attention whore cockfight). She's done some milky things in the past, though, she is Lucinda's closest friend, and they've sent mail back and forth before so it's not like it's a nobody.

No. 1577703

yeah this person has sent lucinda tarot cards before around the time of the ambrose debacle

No. 1577709

File: 1656685595067.jpg (356.79 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20220701-102417.jpg)

This post aged poorly lol

No. 1577793

So let's just say she's not dead YET.
But she's severely fucked up and probably will return to her old patterns pretty soon.

No. 1577803

So she's in her mid-20s now and already made herself a cripple. That's some nice unicorn transformation™ that we've got there.

No. 1577809


No. 1577817

Her life will never be the same though. She's now a lifelong medical patient and her body is so irreversibly destroyed that she's not going to be leaving the hospital for quite a while. I also wouldn't be surprised if they forcibly commit her to a mental hospital

No. 1577849

File: 1656698063117.jpg (179.38 KB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20220701-135018.jpg)

Hope you're happy with the results!!

No. 1577909

Now she is an even bigger burden for her family since they have to drag her bony ass over to dialysis and therapy sessions.

No. 1577913

File: 1656702491224.jpg (48.6 KB, 800x500, the-fool-and-death-tarot-card-…)


>> this person has sent lucinda tarot cards

she drew two from the stack

No. 1577987

I don't understand why this person from sweden(?) announces it but not lucinda on her own account. They must've had online contact, I doubt this girl flew all the way to puerto rico.

No. 1577991

sanefag but this literally makes no sense, why would she need to be send letters when they're close enough to somehow communicate what's wrong with lucinda?

No. 1578000


I’m taking anything this person says with a grain of salt tbh I get they might be friends but if she had no contact details other than an address I highly doubt anyone is sending letters keeping her updated lol

No. 1578006

>urge to get pegged
that's haram

No. 1578094

Do we think that Luci has no online access? If she is going well enough to respond to her friend (via mail or phone call or whatever) you’d think she would be giving twitter updates. I’m just trying to figure out how this edtwt friend of hers got a response.

No. 1578134

SMS, probably. Doesn't explain why Luci is exclusively talking to Mooglemagick and hasn't updated her Twitter with an "I'm alive lol" post, given how she usually overshares her hospital stays. Moogle is currently doing a care package to send to Luci called #LettersforLuci

No. 1578135

Maybe she left contact details like phone/email in the letter and the unicorn's family got in touch?

No. 1578214

I’ve always been so put off by Lucinda’s KiwiFarms thread. Not because she doesn’t deserve compassion, or because I want them to be unkind to her, but because receiving so much sympathy only feeds into her urge to publicly self-destruct.

The majority of schizophrenics don’t chronically self-harm. This is very much a personality issue for her, at least in part. Probably she’s going to return to Twitter, luridly describe the damage that she’s done to herself, and then post about how she’s too far gone to recover (sadly maybe true) and that, like it or not, she will still destroy herself to death.

I really hope I’m wrong, and that she gets better, but staying online is just making it all worse for her. So sad and twisted.

No. 1578219

bori nonas, ella esta en centro medico. tiene wifi, so esta pichando full lol

No. 1578276

or maybe she was abducted by aliens looking to study her unicorn powers and broke free, so now she's staying hidden so the government isn't able to capture and question her.
see i can post random bullshit speculation without any proof too.

No. 1578291

How would she even send a letter before she knew about lucindas whereabouts (if we assume she got in contact through writing letters)? To send it, she would have to know which exact hospital lucinda is in.

No. 1578299

Presumably sent to her house and the parents or brother passed it on?

No. 1578335

File: 1656734046185.png (613.07 KB, 527x774, boxforluci.png)

No. 1578369

I really needed to see some good news. I'm so happy she's okay.

No. 1578433

She's most definitely NOT okay anon, alive maybe, but not okay

No. 1578444

Does no one realize this person probably has Luci's contact info, texted her numerous times and when there was no response THEN decided to send a letter to her home under as a last resort type deal? Obviously I could be wrong but I don't think the letter thing is proof of this person not being good enough friends with her to know what's going on.

No. 1578451

I'm not an edtwt person but what I gather from what's been posted so far, is the edtwt people knew she was in hospital but weren't allowed to talk about it until now, hence no news. So I assume she's had some kinda phone access but maybe not internet access.

No. 1578455

This hasn't been some kind of flu, folks. She's gravely ill, might relapse due to her schizo personality and probably won't make it the second time. So I for one would keep expectations rather low.

This is not the kinda-cute deal at all.

No. 1578491

Yea. Her life is pretty much over. Even other notorious masochistic anachans didn't get as far as ending up on dialysis after a heart attack and also most likely on indefinite psychiatric hold

No. 1578553

No que no te creo pero, ¿lo dices porque todos/la mayoría de los centros tienen WIFI o porque sabes algo que nosotras no sabemos?

No. 1578614

"Not that I don't believe you, but are you saying that because all/most centers have WIFI or because you know something that we don't?"

Plz don't use your spic moonspeak.(LA USUARIA HA SIDO PUESTA A PASTO)

No. 1578632

File: 1656771316417.png (492.57 KB, 1030x1037, pngwing.com.png)

No. 1578664

Porque ella tiene la reforma (ella mismo lo dijo) y donde unico atienden estos casos asi de graves en la isla con reforma es en Centro Médico. Se lo del wi-fi porque yo he estado hospitalizada ahi varias veces, nonita. Usualmente todos los hospitales tienen free Wi-Fi.

>enters a latam thread
>complains about latams
Fuck off and go back to /pol/ with your faggotry

No. 1578672


This is not a LATAM thread, it's a schizocow thread.
Now fuck off yourself and eat your fucking Jalapenos in your corrupt shithole of a backward country.(evadir una prohibición)

No. 1578673

Dirty spic.(racebait)

No. 1578711

kek someone’s mad they can only speak one language, cry about it gringo

No. 1578801

That’s her girlfriends account

No. 1578838

She never saw that 'girlfriend' in person since that one lives in an entirely different country of the world.
Welcome to the little schizo universe!

No. 1578841

>corrupt shithole of a backward country
I don't think this is what you meant, but you somehow stumbled into an accurate description of the US, of which Puerto Rico is a territory. Ignorant dumbass.

No. 1578845

damn la reforma? that's shit-tier insurance. i'm surprised it covered all the procedures she's had to go through, if they did at all. maybe her family will finally move to florida in search for doctors/insurance that can give the unicorn the treatment she needs. a 58lbs schizophrenic with a bad heart from severe bulimia is way out of league for the doctors here.

i know the prfags in this thread are aware but for those who live elsewhere, there's a pretty notorious exodus of doctors in puerto rico because the pay is so horrible. they've all taken up jobs in america. the only decent healthcare you can get here is if you're an elderly diabetes patient or an autist, otherwise doctors don't know shit. hell, i don't think i've ever seen an anorexic in puerto rico. everyone is obese because the average household diet is bread made with pork fat, deep fried flour, white rice, deep fried chicken, and coca cola.

No. 1578854

>> the average household diet is bread made with pork fat, deep fried flour, white rice, deep fried chicken, and coca cola.

Lmfao, "Welcome to Puerto Rico, home country of Hypercholesterolemia!"

No. 1578879

File: 1656788835263.jpeg (281.23 KB, 1242x663, 52848192-8B2F-45BF-AE85-4A11F1…)

No. 1578910

this is just bad, stale, rancid milk

No. 1578929

that's her best friend her girlfriend(fakeboi "boyfriend") is this one >>1578879. it would seem that she has internet access or they have her personal number while she's in the hospital. either way she has access to her phone and is choosing not to return to twitter. let's hope it stays that way for her sake.

No. 1579016

the cow is from LATAM so this whole thread is latino/hispanic in any time too, if you don't like it go to your local KKK member you loser.

No. 1579069

Kek I can't believe that anon really came into lucinda's thread to be racist…. only to show how much of a fucking moron they are

No. 1579091

KEK at the Spanish redtext

No. 1579233

Gracias por aclarar nonita. De todo corazón espero que ya estés en un mejor lugar mental y emocionalmente.
Do we have an idea of her parents age? Or her brother? It’s sad to think this might be their only hope of saving their daughter.

No. 1579280

Her dad is around 70 yo ans her brother is around her age I believe. Best thing would be that one of her parent could go to mainland USA with her so she get treatment. Since her dad was a bodybuilder it's going to be hard to break the body dysmorphia going on with her. Let's hope for the best.

No. 1579534

>> Let's hope for the best.

A merciful death. Taking a nap in her comfy chair, never to wake up again, while sitting in a puddle of her own piss.

No. 1579583

File: 1656873396834.jpg (186.15 KB, 2048x1024, Midsommar-ending.jpg)

To me Luci is like Dani from Midsommar or Thomasin from the VVitch. It has nothing to do with being a pityful munchie anachan at all. She is pushed to embrace sickness and death because it is still better than her horrible life. It could almost be seen as empowering but of course there is no reward for her. also i'm a recovered crazy person and had similar delusions to hers, that's why I follow her LOL

No. 1579624

File: 1656876492167.jpg (69.42 KB, 738x521, anne.jpg)

You know those two retards are from slasher/horror movies, right? You should be more careful with your idols.

Wanna know who Debora reminds ME of?


No. 1579657

I didn't say it was a good thing. I know some women idealize those characters but that's just because they are equally retarded

No. 1579748

>>1579624 kek would never be able to be aired nowadays

No. 1579753

Lmao the resemblance is uncanny!

No. 1579905

I hope you’re taking the piss because comparing Debora to Robert Eggers and Ari Aster’s characters is possibly the most retarded take on a cow I’ve ever read on this board. This >>1579624 is far more accurate

No. 1580081

File: 1656928087655.png (326.2 KB, 557x284, debo_anne.png)


No. 1580138

Kek I love u anon this is perfect

No. 1581047

uh, she is really not that deep anon. you probably shouldn't romanticize her (or those characters tbh, isn't the whole point of those movies that they are vulnerable, mentally ill and/or traumatized women who succumb to their situations because they've been so thouroughly broken by them? anyways, not the point) i understand why you would pity lucinda but she's dug herself this hole and she isn't a tragic fictional martyr, she's just a sick, sad person who is putting herself in an early grave.

No. 1581169

OK this is my last post on the matter bc it was really just a dumb as shit post, but I also just think that those characters were broken by their horrible situations, like Thomasin jsut joined a cult and is going to hell, there is nothing in it for her. PPl can just deceive themselves to an absurdly horrifying degree. Anyways it is not that deep and also retarded. PLS don't take me tjat serioulsy.

No. 1581412

so fucking weird how she's still not back to her public socials. i can't imagine she'd choose recovery without making a big announcement and documenting every second. she must still be in bad shape at the hospital which isn't surprising since cardiac arrests can damage the internal organs and even brain on a relatively healthy person. lucinda was running on diet coke. it's a miracle she isn't dead. truly a unicorn.

No. 1581498

Tbh it seems like she's riding out the concern of people, as it'll make her return get even more attention

No. 1581655

Nah, she's craving for her Twitter account right now and she'll be shelling out her garbled screeches as soon as she gets her bony hands on it.

I won't search for drama when there is just poor impulse control.

No. 1581668

I dunno anon, if she’s still in the hospital I’d say she doesn’t have a choice and is very unwell.
If what that person on Twitter was saying is true and she isn’t dead, I am genuinely amazed she is still alive. I think she might be sectioned if her health improves tbh.

No. 1581809

less than 60 lbs - that's just pure madness

No. 1581867

File: 1657131845635.png (471.62 KB, 747x806, Screenshot 2022-07-06 192317.p…)

shes back

No. 1581870

I don't know how to react to that new

No. 1581911

File: 1657133890985.jpg (23.59 KB, 800x189, fufl.jpg)

Yeah. We know. Happy purging.

No. 1581919

File: 1657134084611.jpg (62.88 KB, 734x800, pro_ana.jpg)

you know who you are

No. 1581924


Urgh, I genuinely thought she would get sectioned.. she doesn’t have the willpower to recover

No. 1581996

hopefully new milk, I'm thirsty.

No. 1582019

We should drink it while it lasts.

No. 1582058

File: 1657142200291.jpeg (865.2 KB, 1170x1737, 50ADA4FC-7498-4F65-BA13-057358…)

She’s already back to posting “deathspo” … let’s see how long this lasts. I give it maybe another month because purging every meal on dialysis is a recipe for death.

No. 1582066

File: 1657142992736.jpg (52.71 KB, 400x386, chocolate.jpg)

>> purging every meal on dialysis is a recipe for death

No. 1582129


she will never learn

No. 1582186

Calm down retard

No. 1582196

Lmaooo burgerfags continue to be the dumbest people on earth and not recognize their own country’s territories challenge

No. 1582315

what a waste of time for those doctors. she should just write a DNR order for her next trip to the hospital.

No. 1582441

who knows how long she has left tbh. i'm surprised she didn't whip out a q&a on cc all about her hospital stay and how destroyed her body is like it's a badge of honor. obviously having a heart attack didn't change her desire to look like ash. can anything? she's schizophrenic and refuses meds. this bitch lives in a different dimension. hell, she thinks there's 5 of them. she likes pain and looking like shit, and has 0 regard for her own health. i can't imagine how frustrating it must be for her parents watching her be so beyond help. they did everything to keep her physical body alive but she legitimately has no will to live.

No. 1582492

with a little bit of luck the docs wouldn't be able to decipher it

No. 1582719

I'm glad she's alive but absolutely lmao at her only choosing to give a life sign on twitter after her friends got so worried they started a project to give her ultimate attention.

No. 1582851

My theory is that the cardiac arrest/hospital stay was something actually traumatizing to her and it made her lose some of her cravings for attention, and that's why she's not doing tells like she usually does. I reckon she realized she's hit rock bottom and is now posting deathspo because she knows what's coming. It's really sad to see a human like this, I wonder how her life would have been if she'd gotten better psychiatric care in the states

No. 1582980

ptsd and depression is actually very common in cardiac arrest survivors so it's pretty much guaranteed for someone with her mental state. she'll be digging straight into her ed for comfort since she refuses psychiatric treatment. it's definitely the end for her.

No. 1583098

But what she did created maximum attention? She's getting her inbox flooded, twitterfags writting her letter-type tweets and sending her "support packages" or whatever and even the ones in here have been voicing their worry non-stop. None of that would happen if she just said what is going on.

No. 1583352

All the best wishes and all plushies in the world would not save her now.
Since she's still a full-on schizo nut there will be a relapse as soon as you can say "bleaurgh".

No. 1583364

i'm inclined to believe that her lack of updates wasn't to garner attention but idk it's just my tinfoil. It seems to me like she was legitimately fucked up in the hospital and couldn't do much. She would've gotten that lovely instant gratification if she posted about it right away, like hospital pics etc. Idk just trying to view this situation through a more human lens since it's easy to lose sight of the fact that this is an actual person looking death in the face

No. 1583379

File: 1657274190342.jpg (60.73 KB, 895x208, nuthin_new.jpg)


She has been retweeting this only yesterday. Shit is still relevant to her.

So anyone who expects some kind of "healing effect" or reflection from her is gravely wrong, indeed.

No. 1583436

File: 1657284577237.png (164.63 KB, 580x656, vogue.PNG.png)

god she's actually hilarious lmao

No. 1583437

doesn't she realize that she's the laughing stock herself..?

No. 1583464

I stumbled across luci’s thread yesterday or the day before and just caught up. definitely got drawn in by the shock factor of her body, so I’ll consider her my first horrorcow.

it’s terrifying to see her rapid decay over the progression of 8 or so months (from first thread)

I’m surprised she made it home?

No. 1583526

I’m gonna be completely honest, for some reason I feel like Lucinda isn’t gonna die at least not for a long while. Her parents were putting mass gainer in her coke for actual months and that was enough to keep her alive, who knows what other stops they’re willing to pull out without her thin brain self even noticing.

No. 1583563

Granted, that was some honorable, but ultimately futile attempt to stop her from dropping the pounds.
It might have slowed down the matter for some weeks, but not more. Why wouldn't they take away her zero-calorie Coke for good?
Stupinda would just sit there and piss away her weight while twittering Hannibal fanfic and being happy as a pig.

No. 1583702


I’m interested in hearing how they deal and cope with their 25 year old Skeletor walking around the house, but finding that out is obviously out of the question.

Kudos to them for that gainer in the coke. I think that did her some good and if she hadn’t caught onto them, I feel like she’d be at a healthy weight for her age and height.

No. 1584027

absolutely delusional

No. 1584053

Maybe making plans about the way her room will be used, once it's empty?

No. 1584360


That room might be empty pretty soon, since she carries on on Twitter like nothing happened.

No. 1584554

File: 1657421368754.jpeg (692.82 KB, 828x989, AA182D3A-6BA3-451E-AB3B-08FCEC…)

Hope she gets help for real but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I checked back on the first couple threads and it’s just sad.

No. 1584736

At least she's not too ill to do her shitty photoshoppings.

No. 1584753

Does she really photoshop all that dark lines on her face?? And that spot on her nose???

No. 1584761

No nonnie, that's all natural 100%. That's just how she evolved to look because she's going through her unicorn transformation.

No. 1584808

wasn't that one dead last week?

No. 1584853

Nah, but she pretty much looks like it.

No. 1584871

No, the farmers were getting desperate for the sweet flow of milk. Luckily, the unicorn seems like she’ll live on to watch chicken run for awhile longer.

No. 1584930

File: 1657470589639.jpg (438.38 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20220710-122256.jpg)

The way she talks about this is so bizarre. Literally 0 concern for her own wellbeing. Can we get any medfags in on what she's describing and if it's even legit?

No. 1584933

>Her parents were putting mass gainer in her coke for actual months

Literally one of her schitzo delusions nonnie, that never happened

No. 1584951

That one is talking as if she broke a fingernail on her way to the doctor. Abso-fucking-lutely bizarre. Like some anons said, she will go on with her ways and probably purge herself into an early grave.

No. 1584958

Sounds like she had atrial fibrillation and now has a pacemaker

No. 1584964

File: 1657473453976.jpg (17.64 KB, 652x188, yafiygi.jpg)

She didn't get the message.

No. 1584969

Probably a pointless question but why doesn’t her family keep her away from tech?

No. 1584978

File: 1657474737958.jpg (9.44 KB, 283x178, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

phew this is a lot. i mean it's not impossible or uncommon with the lifestyle she has or at her weight but damn that's rough.

she has cardiomyopathy which is the shrunken heart. i'm assuming the doctors spent a long time performing cpr after she went into cardiac arrest and as a result she suffered multiple organ damage and likely neurological damage since her friend mentioned she needed physical therapy. it's possible the dyalisis her friend mentioned was because of acute kidney injury from the cardiac arrest and that her kidneys were more or less fine before. comas are common after cardiac arrest.

there's a difference between an icd and a pacemaker. an icd is a mini defibrilator that administers low electrical pulses directly to the heart when it's starting to quiver instead of beat properly. a pacemaker will regularly speed up the heart's beating when it gets too low. in lucinda's case it seems they gave her a icd that works as a pacemaker so it performs both functions.

No. 1584979

she's a terminally ill skelly with no irl friends i think they just let her do whatever she wants because they feel too bad for her at this point to say no

No. 1584984

A sensitive pair of parents would have buried her in the garden long time ago, so what's the point here

No. 1584989

Her latest curiouscat answers are shocking in their naïvety. Gorl just doesn't realize that she's barely escaped the Grim Reaper. She's so fucked.

No. 1585013

Literally what I thought, it sounds like she's explaining a wiki article on cardiac arrests. You'd think she'd have no issue telling in what situation and how it exactly happened and you'd also think she would spam fotos from her hospital stay. The way her parents also don't seem to take any measures or worries, especially after immediately getting letters from random "friends" of their daughter that doesn't even go out alone is really weird.

No. 1585015

File: 1657478603915.png (220.46 KB, 624x450, CHAIN-OF-SURVIVAL-f1.png)

Fix'd it for you, nonnie

No. 1585028

Her next bodychecks are gonna look interesting. I wonder if the surgery scar is her favorite. She must love it and will most definitely flaunt it once she loses the feeding tube weight

No. 1585059

as long as she's able to hold up her mobile

No. 1585060

She's clearly able

No. 1585062

It’s just a joke relax

No. 1585064

Why did I click on this fucking thread…

No. 1585069

a sick fuck, that's what she is

No. 1585119

Let's just hope that her suffering will end soon.

No. 1585341

So Lucinda had a heart attack? And she's still alive?

No. 1585343

bitch nearly died

No. 1585356

Sage for no milk but do you think her doctors or at the very least, parents are aware of her participation in eating disorder Twitter? Surely they’re at least aware of how schizo she is, so wouldn’t you be monitoring her tech or at least encouraging her to talk with a doctor about what she does?

Anyway this is fucked. Genuinely wish the best for her, it’s disgusting how people can circle jerk each other with cutesy ‘Uwu’ talk and pink filters and encourage potentially fatal mental illnesses. Sad as hell

No. 1585361

No. 1585637

File: 1657558477686.jpeg (604.4 KB, 1170x1523, 5D1B9C3A-96CD-4A62-992B-8E8ECF…)

No. 1585646

have a nice ride to hell for that, luci

No. 1585649

Could it still be considered cow tipping if it's to save someone's life? I'm sure there are some pr nonas that can alert her parents irl. It feels wrong to just watch her die. What would happen if her parents find out about her Twitter?

No. 1585657

I’m certain they already know, I doubt that Lucinda is paying her own phone bill and I’m sure they noticed the floods of messages and questions from anasubmissiveprincess555 filling up the lock screen of her phone while she was in a coma. I just don’t think they know how to approach someone this far gone considering how ill equipped they seem to be healthcare/therapist wise…

No. 1585659

Yes that's still cowtipping. Her parents know anyway. You can't save her. She needs intense inpatient treatment and medication

No. 1585660

>> anasubmissiveprincess555
I kek'd

No. 1585663

Looking through older threads, it seems like her parents have gradually started to give up. After all, she is constantly self-harming, binging, purging, etc. I can’t blame them for losing hope. You can only do so much for someone that clearly doesn’t want to help themselves. I mean, what good is counseling and hospitalization if she immediately regresses back to her unhealthy behaviors afterwards? Even her mutuals have acknowledged the goal she’s chasing is unattainable unless she wants to die, which it seems like she does. What could anyone possibly do to help her at this point?

No. 1585666

Samefag but the healthcare where she lives is pretty shit. Maybe she would have better luck at a hospital somewhere else. Subpar mental health treatment won’t benefit someone that sick.

No. 1585882

Got it. Thank u for your sacrifice.

No. 1585925

If I recall correctly was a point in time where her parents took her to the hospital for her ed, and they focused on her schizophrenia instead. the hospital they took her to recommended flying her to America for treatment, but that’s pretty pricey so they couldn’t go through with it.

She was in that ward for 5 days and allegedly had to be taken out of there by her parents since it was “just an insurance scam.”

No. 1585960

I cant imagine what her parents must be going through. Every pic she posted of her body sent me into a spiral of despair. Imagine looking at this absolute bag of bones and also it being your daughter. I think her parents have givem up, as you said, and are just waiting for her to die so she can be in a better place. I dont know how else they would cope with their daughter looking like this except seeing death as a release. much like the families of cancer patients

No. 1585966

They cared enough to get her a therapist, several clinical stays and doctor visits before the supposed heart attack, hence why none of this shit adds up. Like other nonnas said, if everything would be true, they would have had obvious skellies ringing up her phone and their physical mailbox and would act according to it. Nevermind her brother who knows about her twitter account according to lucinda, why wouldn't they ask him out about it and why wouldn't he spill after her nearly dying.

No. 1586125

File: 1657589945720.jpg (154.09 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20220711-163035__01…)

Her likes on Twitter reflect her state of mind. She really wants to die. Her parents must be beyond devastated.

No. 1586174


No. 1586190

File: 1657599720291.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x1624, 25E75A8C-833D-4271-9978-55E58E…)

Our fair lady after her hospital stay

No. 1586199

It's absolute bullshit. The chances of surviving cardiac arrest are very slim, especially for someone who's 'going to die any second guys hasn't eaten in days!!!!'. And not only that but to be out of the hospital, shitposting, and "moving on from it" within days. I can't believe there are unironically still people who buy into this; it was a bad LARP from the beginning but literally everything she says is implausible to impossible. The people ITT have to be the dumbest on this site, which is saying a LOT

No. 1586212

Future bodychecks will tell if there actually is a huge scar on her chest from the surgery. Eagerly waiting.

No. 1586244

Sorry for OT retardation but who is this character?

No. 1586267

She could easily draw it in with photoshop or makeup. I don't trust a thing she says or does.

No. 1586268

Luckily she is still able to filter and photoshop the shit out of her self-portraits.

So brave.


Educate yourself, nonnie:


No. 1586377


You will physically be able to see the pacemaker if she did actually get one inserted.
She might not have a giant sternotomy scar, but she will have a visible lump around her collarbone where the pacemaker/defib is implanted.
She’d also probably (but not definitely) still have some visible bruising on her chest from CPR. So. Next time she posts one of her nude body checks, that will give you the answer.
Her explanation of everything that happened post arrest checks out so far. I’m inclined to believe her.

No. 1586565

File: 1657646836197.jpeg (521.48 KB, 828x995, D48A1B5F-0B77-4DDC-9FC1-9F87A0…)

NAYRT but major kek, nonita.

No. 1586710

File: 1657657440344.png (44.37 KB, 580x99, eheheh.png)

that's so … fitting

No. 1587252

Unicorns don't throw up, Lucinda.

No. 1587280

File: 1657730717951.jpg (757.36 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20220713-124155.jpg)

actually unicorns puking rainbows are a pretty popular concept. so is the general crackhead brand of unicorn so ironically lucinda is probably right in her belief that she's totez a real life unicorn.

No. 1587466

Well, those are missing all the nasty cuts.

No. 1587694


Because the lie is her brother helping her. You think her brother photoshops grime and smooths out her breasts and then posts them to Twitter?

No. 1587762

honestly it just sounds like her brother has 0 interest in her online shenanigans outside of indulging in whatever makes his skeletal retard sister quiet. besides i don't think anyone with a terminally anorexic family member will be wanting to keep the community that enabled them up to date. imo she paints this brother as waaaaay more happy to help her than he really possibly could be. i imagine it's just hard to say no to her in the state she's in.

No. 1588384

Wouldn't you already be able to see it in the above images? From what I googled, they are placed directly under the collar bones and especially at a low weight it should be quite visible.

No. 1588621

Her relation with reality seems to be a bit problematic, at times, to say the least. But one should not assume malice as (as long as we already know) she's a schizo.

No. 1588624

File: 1657886249849.jpg (38.72 KB, 652x403, parents.jpg)

That's one thing we guessed about for some time now, right?

No. 1588738

File: 1657901865149.png (Spoiler Image,447.09 KB, 652x426, wtf.png)

It might be jUsT a rEtWeEt, but she's in fully skelly mode again.

Content warning ahead.


No. 1588788

Man that's a bummer. Obviously she's super mentally ill and it was unlikely that the little unicorn was going to actually recover and start thriving, but her going full thin/deathspo after a cardiac event is a little heartbreaking.

No. 1588789

Why are you surprised? She has been withering in front of our eyes all this time and has said multiple times that she wants to die. As sad as it is, it's nothing new and her death will be expected when it eventually happens.

No. 1588921

That, and then some really hideous Hannibal fangirling. Damn, Shmelinda, that's so 2014..!

No. 1588937

Bullshit. You're telling me that her parents allow their vulnerable schizo daughter to dox herself, post nudes and self-harm content for all the world to see, putting themselves at risk as well? They're in their 70's, I bet their knowledge of Twitter is limited to "ppappi I haove lodds of friemd on Twiuttr!"
Still, the amount of coddling she claims to get is borderline emotional incest.

No. 1588943

File: 1657919623559.jpeg (451.1 KB, 1170x994, AFFC90F4-34F7-4281-B145-E6F33E…)

No. 1588948

>lying about getting a pacemaker
>not malicious

Yeah no, I call bullshit too. Either this is a lie or several things in her previous stories are.

No. 1588962


if she were receiving dialysis, or had any kidney dysfunction, her diet would NOT be mostly liquids.

which thing is the lie, the kidney dysfunction or the diet breakdown?

No. 1588965


Now that's the end of all of my compassion towards her.

No. 1588980

File: 1657923653548.jpg (24.04 KB, 640x360, _96211320_034798700-1.jpg)

not really, some are pretty low. picrel.

No. 1589202

Not everyone stays on dialysis permanently, nonna. Some people might only need it for a few days before their kidneys get their shit together and start functioning again. She probably would have residual damage, but if shes only having a mouthful or a cup of liquid at a time, her kidneys would be able to manage.

I’m still waiting to see proof of the pacemaker and central lines etc tho. She hasn’t posted any body checks lately, so i wonder if they also had her on a feeding regime and she gained a bit of weight in hospital.

No. 1589238

I call bullshit. If she can photoshop away her shriveled titties then she can do it with some scars, too. - Given, it wasn't a lie from the very beginning. She acts like a child trying to get some extra candy, and just cannot be trusted.

No. 1589275

just die already(a-log)

No. 1589336

Shut the fuck up

No. 1589385

File: 1657969483795.png (30.02 KB, 631x152, edtwt shtwt ( oswaldslunch) Tw…)

Still riding the edtwt train.
Yeah, just a retweet, but still.

No. 1589403

nonna didnt said anything wrong lol

No. 1589407

Wishing death on someone is not wrong? Ok. You die already too.

No. 1589410

shes searching for it. people keep telling her shes needs a lot of therapy and medical care but she aint listening to nobody.

No. 1589412

Yeah but that doesn't mean it's ok to just tell her to die.