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File: 1638767174946.jpg (276.07 KB, 846x1357, 123.jpg)

No. 1386142

lolcow’s very own bulimic, anorexic, schizophrenic, bpd, self harming precious cow.

>resident EDtwt and SHtwt,
>neet with very rich parents
>schizophrenic but refuses to take her medication, doesn’t think she should be forced to because why are people trying to stop her being who she is?
>Believes she’s truly a unicorn, trying to starve herself to her unicorn weight of 75lb, wears a unicorn horn (this discovery was made after she stopped taking her meds.. go figure)
>notorious self harmer, visible cuts all over her body, often fresh
>has eaten garbage, cat food, hand sanitiser and has binged on hydrogen peroxide
>has claimed to purge 11 times a day
>currently taking on a suddenly endless fast, hasn’t eaten in months but gained weight after her parents put mass gainer in her diet coke
>typews ljke dhe’s hadsving a srtoke

>became lolcow’s messiah!
>called out @leechlifts/ambrose, another cow >>1381763, for his fatphobia >>1378387
>chaos ensued
>farmers decide they are the only ones allowed to insult and mock lucinda and decide to take down ambrose, finding out she was a troon all along >1379381
>ambrose outed herself on twitter, loyal simps claimed lucinda had forced this and harassed her, telling her to kill herself etc >>1379951
>our unicorn tried her unicorn magic to stay strong but alas! one comment too many, she succumbed to evil and allegedly attempted suicide >>1381028
>luckily, she survived and was ready to fight back
>farmers, in defence of our precious cow, dug through ambrose’s past and found a shitton of incriminating evidence, a farmerEDtwt hybrid took this info to twitter
>edTWT found out ambrose is actually a shitty person and the tables turned, some were defending lucinda but all were shitting on ambrose
>justice prevailed and both lucinda and the farmers rejoiced, making beautiful artwork to celebrate the occasion >>1382591
>which she reposts and twitterfags seethe lol
>provides low calorie recipes for the seething anas
>photoshoot break >>1383169
>defends her friends throughout, actually giving reasonable arguments etc, >>1384892
>accused of grooming and other criminal acts towards kids because she posts naked body checks on her account >>1384958
>posts the definition of “grooming”
>receives massive amounts of hate from overweight twitter uses
>might be beginning to milk the situation..
>some farmers seem confused on whether or not we actually like and worship lucinda or if its a joke, i don’t think anyone is sure anymore
>typed normally >>1384430
>mostly spends her time arguing with people accusing her, posting selfies and not eating

#1 >>1280424
#2 >>1287920
#3 >>1314398
#4 >>1377207

Ambrose/Leechlifts, the troon who started it all >>>/snow/1381763
@Idoldecay, luci's ex friend, potentially self inserted into the situation but may be getting her own thread

Instagram: instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch
TikTok: tiktok.com/@r3velati0nz?
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEhJeNKRUv76j3dtwG5GLw

No. 1386145

File: 1638767298530.png (1.52 MB, 1200x1202, Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 05.08…)

she's eating again

No. 1386149

i can't believe the retarded and schizophrenic unicorn already has another thread

No. 1386153

File: 1638768262659.jpg (15.2 KB, 570x84, 1626796590500.jpg)


No. 1386168

Am I crazy or did she not say multiple times that she doesn’t have a scale anymore? How does she know she’s 99lbs?

No. 1386169

File: 1638769942693.png (49.47 KB, 656x343, oswaldslunch_scale_-_Twitter_S…)

You are correct.

No. 1386171

File: 1638770120996.jpg (129.83 KB, 736x1075, encased fart.jpg)

lucinda has so many iconic fart tweets, never forget

No. 1386201

luci wtf lmao

No. 1386319

she said she weighs herself at the pharmacy

No. 1386321

You know what I deeply admire about Lucinda throughout this entire thing? She didn't bring up ~muh mental illness~ once. All she did was say why she typed the way she did, which kept being the focal point of dismissing everything she said as madness.

Right now Ambrose's leftover butthurt beloveds are trying to get her cancelled by calling her a pedophile for her censored bodychecks. And not once has Lucinda said ~I'm too retarded and innocent to hurt a child I'm IQ 60~ which she so easily could've been repeating against these morons. Lucinda is, in fact, mentally retarded. And the sense of innocence in which she's defended herself of "you're a liar" just over and over to people who genuinely truly are is further proof that all she is mentally capable of defending herself with is the truth. She isn't a manipulative narc like Ambrose. She is simply too innocent.

All she did was call Ambrose a loser and get harassed, and you have these shitbags going "you're just as bad as he is" accusing her of being a child predator because they can't stand that Lucinda won and Ambrose lost. They're pulling out all their guns to get rid of her, mocking and humiliating her, but she isn't letting any of that even so much as make her private.

That's a real unicorn right there.

No. 1386334

I will never use this legendary protip but
>you can also then smell yhr toilet paper with your encased fart for research
??? Lmao what the fuck is she researching, unicorn chemistry? Does she publish her results because I would read that

I love Lucinda. She's like Timothy Dexter. I could see her publishing a modern, unicorn-themed A Pickle For The Knowing Ones. Truly a precious cow

No. 1386337

she's precious. i love her. i'm so glad she was introduced to lolcow. i simply adore her and all her wild fuckery. following her has been an adventure. who will our queen defeat next?

No. 1386341

File: 1638798074191.jpg (Spoiler Image, 464.69 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20211206-093811.jpg)

She posted a new before and after bodycheck lmao you know she did it to fuck with her lurking h8ers. She mentioned before that they're jealous of her so she knows it.

No. 1386346

she had every right to bring up her schizo too when people were telling her to kill herself, and her past SH ect but she didnt , she stood up for what she believed in and thought was right- nothing more or less.

No. 1386351

shut the fuck up, nobody cares if you love that saggy freak. Keep it to yourself or dm her(infighting)

No. 1386352

We love her now, newfag. Fuck off.

No. 1386359



No. 1386365

Loving our saggy freak makes the chubby twitterfags mad though, and thats funny. Go back

One whole candy cane is 50 calories and takes a while to eat, but she could sharpen the long end into a point, snap off the curved end and stick it on her forehead. Voila! Candy cane unicorn horn.

No. 1386369

i doubt she ate it. she loves calling food delicious and yummy etc unlike other wannabe fatty anachans who larp the whole ~this is so high calorie and disgusting and scary ew~.

No. 1386378

Kek @ the jealous fat haters from edtwt desperately trying to turn this into a hate thread again

No. 1386381

this tweet is still one of the funniest things to be posted to this site.

No. 1386405

>no desperate arm stretching and pulling in stomach
Wew, this is gonna inspire a wave of jealous body checks lol

No. 1386406

File: 1638806095559.jpg (595.63 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20211206-115107.jpg)

The thing is this is obviously meant for edtwt so it's about failing fasts and binging, but she wanted to make it vague enough that it could be applied to any kind of struggle. Like, she's nice. Genuinely a very nice person. Insane these fat ugly cunts wanna come at her so bad.

No. 1386438

I want her to get a hobby that makes her go outside and interact with people. like volunteer at a library or sorting clothes at the salvation army. EDtwt don't deserve her

No. 1386442

published and peer reviewed!

No. 1386446


Lucinda definitely needs some irl friends to hang out with instead of being in her chairgrave browsing Twitter all day, but she's not interested. Kind of sad, since she would be a really funny to hang out with and it would do some good for her mental health.

No. 1386448

Amen. I don't blame her though, she might actually find a reason to live if she interacted with the real world.

No. 1386449

Is it true anons have reached out to hang with her? Everyone keeps saying she's not interested but how do we know?

No. 1386497

For a lot of people with eating disorders, the eating disorder kinda becomes their hobby. It's hard to explain but any anachan anons will know what I'm talking about. A lot of ED people let it consume their life to the point where their hobbies are just exercise, planning food, organising a hoard, collecting recipes, collecting thinspo, a journal, etc. I'm not explaining it very well

No. 1386512

She said she's been alone for the past 10 years, so I don't think it's the ed.

No. 1386514

I think there absolutely is some sucking in, in the form of maybe flexing the abs not really sucking in hardcore to make ribs pop.(sage)

No. 1386517


Friends are a big step and to be fair to her, I wouldn't wanna hang out with someone who found out about me from an anonymous gossip board either. That's why I said job. She needs a routine and a reason to stay off the internet for a few hours everyday. Once she gets used to seeing people she works/volunteers with she can step it up to making friends irl. She seems nice enough that even if she screws up her job will work with her, especially if it's volunteer work or a job designed for people with special needs or mental delays.

No. 1386518

How long has she been in decline though? She's been losing her mind for a while. It can be very hard to balance a healthy social life with blossoming severe mental illness. A lot of it is likely due to her mental state. I can't say I would be surprised if she started presenting symptoms in her mid teens (about 10 years ago) that would have been difficult for other teens to attach to

No. 1386521

I think that would be a spectacular idea. She has a clear interest in fantasy and unicorns, so maybe a volunteer work with horses or collecting houseplants/gardening would suit her. I bet she would love to cultivate a fairy garden or make fantasy themed terrariums. Judging by her sketchbooks she has the creative aptitude for things that require design

No. 1386529

Yeah. She just needs things that aren't ED related to occupy her time. The way she handled herself with this whole ambrose situation made me realize she's actually somewhat savable as a person. Just needs to be pushed in the right direction, EDtwt is not that. I'd love to see her volunteer at some sort of animal shelter. She'd probably meet a nice horse girl to gush about unicorns with.

No. 1386532

>you can also smell the toilet paper with your encased fart for research

No. 1386535

that's how u get worms kids

No. 1386542

if you get worms from ur own poop then you already had worms, anon

No. 1386557

File: 1638817883312.jpg (40.83 KB, 500x550, ShitlerStache.jpg)

Lucinda after conducting important research

No. 1386569

her friend mooglemagic posted about meeting her in 2022, she might become an irl friend if lucinda decides to make it a frequent thing to visit her. we might get some interesting content of our unicorn in the wild if she decides to vlog or something of the sort.

No. 1386571

I hope they go and jump Natalie, and we can see a real Unicorn Vampire scuffle.

No. 1386573

I love how the bitch Natalie clearly has a vendetta against ended up being Lucinda's bestie instead of her. It was all so perfectly set up for Natalie to be Lucinda's vampire bff but Moogle caught dibs first. So Natalie went overtime sucking Ambrose's taint only for her to disappear.

No. 1386578

I genuinely don't think she cares. Either way, she gets attention. She seems fine playing either the scornful vampire enemy of the docile unicorn, or the kindhearted neighborhood vampire, whichever one gets people to keep talking about her. She talks enough about wanting to be seen as dark, and evil.

No. 1386599

Natalie and Moogle had been friends for years and when Moogle introduced her to Unicult she acted grateful and excited. When the Ambrose drama started she unprompted decided to call her out as manipulating her into the evil cult for no reason. Definitely has something against her. Just like she was quick to go against Lucinda and condescendingly tell her to seek medical help for calling out Ambrose on being a piece of shit. She's a two-faced cunt.

No. 1386603

>Natalie and Moogle had been friends for years
Proof? There's barely any interaction between them in searches.

No. 1386609

I hope this happens and it goes well and they have fun. It will be good for her

No. 1386613

Not to hi cow but the way this is worded is unfortunately suspicious nona, how did you know natalie acted grateful towards learning about it when in the callout she implied it had been in DMs, and where's the proof they've been friends for years?

No. 1386615

It's clearly Moogle pissed still about her outing the cult shit.
Moogle, drop it. Stop giving her attention. Stop inserting her into the threads. You're just as bad. You're only encouraging her. There's no defending any sort of cult activity.

No. 1386627

newfag/lurker so my apologies in advance if I've entered anything wrong. This may be a tism question, but if Luci's family is rich why not branch out further to seek help for her? or are they just rich in comparison to the norm in their country? She does seem like a genuine and kind person so I do hope she can find healing someday

No. 1386633

It's literally implied in her tweets "exposing" her

No. 1386634

… Where? I see nothing implying that, only that they talked before. There's absolutely nothing implying they were friends for "years." Provide screenshots of this implication.

No. 1386636

y'all ever heard of friends spilling tea

No. 1386640

please go away twitfag

No. 1386641

I absolutely adore the anona who made that picture. It is just so good!!!!!

No. 1386643

>yall, spill the tea
Yes, but I've also heard of vendettachans posting in third person and slipping up kek. Now go back to your Twitter GCs

No. 1386644

Why would she be dropping so many screenshots against Moogle in all of Lucinda's threads if she didn't have a years' long vendetta against her? Why was she so quick to turn on her specifically if they didn't used to be close and she wanted to fuck with her? It's called common sense lol who do you think has been inserting Moogle into Lucinda's threads then quick to try and join in a witch hunt against her when shit with Lucinda went down? Why would she hate her if they didn't have a history?

Use your fucking brains.

No. 1386648

she lives in a third world country with no ed wards. they took her to a mental hospital but they mistreated her so money can't really do anything about that.

No. 1386649

yeah i knew she was third world and how the mental health care system there isn't good. Very sad to see

No. 1386653

Thank you for some fucking sanity, I think anons jump too quickly to accusations of selfposting in this thread (with good reason though). I genuinely don't mind even if some of the edtwtfags comes here to reveal shit, in my book anything is ok as long as it pisses the annoying cows in question off and creates more milk.

No. 1386654

File: 1638825456804.jpg (1.01 MB, 3455x3464, 20211206_161430.jpg)

Lucrecia, please. Unicow doesn't need your defense in the threads, youre making yourself look like a salty vendettachan with these paragraphs inserting yourself and Natalie. Stop.

No. 1386668

Kinda OT, sorry. But does anyone know where the rumour of Lucinda's dad being a bodybuilder came from? I've been following the threads for a while now and I just caught up but I still can't tell where the rumour even came from and how it started

No. 1386672

she said it herself waaaay back in old tweets. he's also in his 70s. which is impressive as fuck.

relax, natalie. the timestamp is way off.

No. 1386674

The best the island has is Capestrano mental hospital in the capital.

They have an ED wing but I haven't heard of anyone staying in for ed-related reasons. I think last time she was inpatient it was because of schizo/sh reasons and at another shittier hospital, hence why she had such a rough time.

Also, Lucinda's family is not RICH, but definitely upper middle class. She has private insurance. The common folk here live in far more humble homes and live paycheck to paycheck.

No. 1386675

I had to check because of my autism, the lolcow post is (in my timezone)
04/12/21 (Sat) 22:16:39
Moogle's twitter post is
05/12/21 (Sun) 18:26
The pictures are the same resolution, so the twitter one isn't a different original.

This doesn't prove that Moogle is the author of that post, but it does prove that she got that picture from lolcow (just like half of edtwt is lurking here). I guess someone could check her posting habits and compare it to anon's screenshot timing to guess whether it's her screencap, but I'm too lazy for that.

No. 1386676

>lucinda is literally perfect.
Reads like Moogle, we love lucinda and I wouldn't have given it a second glance normally because nonas love gushing over her, but it is an odd coincidence

No. 1386681

Also the fact that they keep narrowing in on the fact that Natalie leaked screenshots of Moogle trying to recruit her into a literal anti vaxx cult that doesn't believe in medication.
I'm legitimately worried for Lucinda with her relationship with Moogle. I don't doubt for a second that Lucinda stopped taking her meds and doesn't believe she has schizophrenia because Moogle is feeding her cult nonsense. Said it in another post but there's no defending a cult like that and it's highly suspicious that someone would, especially in that manner.

No. 1386685

I don't think Moogle cares about an "irl vampire" talking about being in a schizophrenia club with other schizophrenics. I believe other anons when they say the person who has been trying to bring up Moogle in every Lucinda thread is just Natalie mad since before they stopped being friends.

No. 1386687

Eh, keep in mind that vampire man also posts on lolcow and indirectly responds to the stuff people say in these threads (someone accused him of deleting body checks and he made a tweet explaining why he deletes body checks). It's a clusterfuck of who could be vendettaposting whom.

No. 1386690

File: 1638827177705.jpg (457.46 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20211206-164201_Twi…)

Moogle privated

No. 1386691

She privates/unlocks every day. It used to be in her bio.

No. 1386692

File: 1638827290794.jpg (434.14 KB, 1080x1748, IMG_20211206_224748.jpg)

Not on my device, but here's the explanation

No. 1386695

File: 1638827506212.png (85.44 KB, 648x719, mooglemagick_natalie_-_Twitter…)

She absolutely does.

No. 1386696


further proof natalie is an obsessive lying cunt who needs to get a life. i'm dying to see her ride lucinda's dick now that ambrose is gone.

No. 1386697

Agree with previous thread anon that the person trying to drag moogle into the thread for ages was just her. Especially after she posted the ss here as another anon pointed out. Every time people told her to just drop it and shut up.

No. 1386699

If anything it shows Moogle cares too much. Nobody on twitter is talking about this shit still except for Moogle and Lucinda. There was no need for Moogle to even confirm she's a lurker here which, if anything, raises even more suspicious.

Moogle if you still lurking, let this shit die. Stop giving attention whores attention. You don't need to defend yourself over everything. Go on with your life.

No. 1386703

File: 1638828375423.png (46.92 KB, 675x349, 58374589324.png)

Moogle… let it die. There's no proof of herself sending herself anything. You're only outing yourself as a lurker who still cares too much. This'll only keep going if you keep it going.

No. 1386705

Natalie has been in both Ambrose and Lucinda's threads posting obsessively, and we know now that Moogle and Natalie's falling out coincide's with the obsessive posting of Moogle in Lucinda's threads, because Moogle became Lucinda's bestie.

No. 1386706

Herself sending herself?

No. 1386707

>Natalie has been in both Ambrose and Lucinda's threads posting obsessively
Where is the proof? Focus on the real shit and not tinfoil selfposting conspiracies. If proof comes out, there's the milk. You're drinking water in hopes it tastes like it's from a cow.

No. 1386708

moogle she wasn't actually delulu like you and lucinda, she was playing you, you should've read her thread before talking to her if you lurk here. Stop giving her attention.

No. 1386709

>Nobody on twitter is talking about this shit still except for Moogle and Lucinda
>and Lucinda

Lucinda? Lucinda where? Natalie shut the fuck up.

No. 1386711

Next thread needs a "don't reply to natalie" clause.

No. 1386712

Sorry, English isn't my first language. I meant in the screenshot Moogle is saying Natalie is sending herself questions about Moogle.

No. 1386714

>If proof comes out, there's the milk

Natalie your thread was literally locked for selfposting go back to Ambrose's thread and leave your obvious vendetta against Lucrecia alone lmao like. Who do you actually think you're fooling. Girl, even your writing is the same.

No. 1386716

File: 1638828810661.jpg (143.63 KB, 831x768, a2539348740_10.jpg)

Ignore attention whores.
Don't respond to attention whores.
Focus on healing unicorn.

No. 1386717

Isn't an energy vampire someone who is so toxic they drain everyone around them. She truly IS a vampire and we need to focus on the unicorn light to stop feeding her.

No. 1386721

I'd give a penny for mods to reveal the vendetta samefags, this is getting too derailed between the camps
>natalie wants the attention, don't post her
>natalie posts on lolcow and shows how she's irritated by people posting her because she keeps saying it's bad prana and ruining her mood

No. 1386743

Natalie, leave the unicorns alone. They don't give a fuck about you.

No. 1386750

If it matters, Moogles used to be a frequent farmer so it is possible that she posts on here pretending to be one of else

No. 1386787

>She is simply too innocent.
Ah yes, the oh so innocent act of posting multiple nudes on your twitter account for whatever reason.

No. 1386800

Since when do unicorns wear human clothes? Fuck off, vendetta-chan

No. 1386805


Didn't realize posting censored pictures covering everything everything a bikini would in nonsexual poses counted as nudes now. Go back to mourning the loss of your beloved gymbro by the hand of mighty unicorn queen.

No. 1386809

Still doesn't explain how posting nudes on twitter is uwu innocent uwu.

No. 1386812

you must be culturally stunted because there's photography by the thousands of nonsexual nudity, which doesn't even apply to lucinda because she was censored

No. 1386815

posting nudes with severe self harm scars and your tits out isn't innocent

No. 1386816

I don't recall any costhots being naked on Twitter and they're whole fucking sex workers so wanna talk about how clothes = nonsexual and nudity = sexual automatically? Ever heard of a costhot?

No. 1386818


Repeating that they're nudes won't make them nudes.

No. 1386819

self harm is mental illness which isn't to be demonized, and she always either holds or censors her tits so literally what the fuck are you talking about.

No. 1386824

File: 1638836440273.jpg (136.08 KB, 1000x839, two-nudes-in-a-forest.jpg)

You want to call them "nudes" because she's not wearing clothes go ahead but the implication that being nude is inherently erotic is a retarded accusation. "Body positivity" really is only for fatties, isn't it? Take your vendetta back to twitter, lardass

Picrel, just because someone is nude doesn't make it fap material fucking prude

No. 1386826

File: 1638836690164.jpg (Spoiler Image, 729.89 KB, 1458x2592, FDDdKS1WEAQurj7.jpg)

Are you comparing that to this?

No. 1386828

Shes not even nude in that photo, retard-chan. What's your point?

No. 1386832

i've seen cardi b show off more than that at the ama's

No. 1386835

File: 1638837572354.png (Spoiler Image, 248.43 KB, 401x508, 255.png)

All you need to do is go on a random dedicated thinspo twitter acc and within two minutes of scrolling you'll see way worse (pic related). Trying to call this grooming is retarded when accs like these post way worse and don't ever have to justify themselves or have 18+ in their bio.

No. 1386898

PR isn’t a country nor is it “third world”, it’s part of the US. It just has economic issues with corruption/inflation and got pretty fucked up from Hurricane Maria.

No. 1386901

File: 1638844411206.png (45.24 KB, 885x281, 13993202.png)

I didn't know she had a boyfriend

No. 1386912

Her boyfriend is Mooglemagick

No. 1386916

Imagine having Lucinda as your partner.

No. 1386919

Moogle has a boyfriend she openly talks about. Lucinda calls her her soul sister. They were never dating lol.

No. 1386940

Still doesn't answer the question, what is the "innocent" intend behind her sharing nudes?

No. 1386946

Anons already explained that they aren’t nudes and they aren’t sexual dumbass. Learn to integrate or go back to twitter, vendetta chan.

No. 1386947

File: 1638850260427.jpg (58.06 KB, 720x431, 20211207_010908.jpg)

No. 1386953

File: 1638850575448.jpg (128.05 KB, 720x735, 20211207_011428.jpg)

No. 1386958

File: 1638850882776.jpg (231.93 KB, 1436x1080, Commonwealth-2020.jpg)

Looks like she's showing a detail you can't see from the front. Why don't you explain how what you think makes her content lewd instead of demanding farmers prove a negative?

The US may be a first world country but our healthcare system is inaccessibly overpriced compared to other first world countries. If Puerto Rico is worse off than the mainland they're probably closer to third world than first.

No. 1386963

As a uniqueen should be treated.

No. 1386975

Living in a bigass house losing weight effortlessly being spoiled rotten and not doing shit.

Thrive, queen, thrive.

No. 1386981

We love to see it.

No. 1386990

why would they take care of everything, set up her YouTube, and then not look at her Twitter?

No. 1387022

>dress myself
So they dress her in these outfits? >>1386826
She takes off her clothes for ~unclothed~ selfies, then they come in and redress her?

She claims she can't walk or stand, so where's the wheelchair and why have a wheelchair when she doesn't leave the house?

I wish I didn't believe she was trolling her with this persona and could get out of her what anons who think she's legit retarded do.

No. 1387023

Imagine saying your body is dying in one post, then saying you'll totally stop if your body starts failing in another post.

No. 1387024

Phew what a rollercoaster

No. 1387109

Your posts make me think you're a male trying to imply that she's a whore or smth. You have an awful fixation on the word "innocent".

No. 1387130

As much as I like Lucinda, she's sadly a malingering liar. Anyone with a healthy brain can see she's playing it up for attention in her YouTube video, kind of like those fake tourettes TikTokers. Her story has never added up. If you were a brother helping your mentally disabled schizophrenic sister to create a public profile on social media, wouldn't you monitor her accounts and have her passwords for her own safety? If she can't dress herself, then who is dressing her up in skimpy costumes? Her spelling errors are grossly exaggerated on purpose, even if you try to recreate them yourself by punching your phone/keyboard, you can tell she manually adds extra characters that are far away from the original letters, which actually takes more effort than just typing normally. She claims she can barely walk and needs a wheelchair, but she can go to Walmart, pharmacy, go igrocery shopping, go outside and walk around her house around just fine? She is definitely deeply mentally ill and schizo, but it's also really easy to get comfortable and cozy in that role when your parents do everything for you and treat you like a unicorn princess because you're sooper sick. Why would you want to get better? It's an attention thing, and it's something that needs to be maintained regularly by staying sick as a dog and showing people how sick you are so people keep giving you attention.

No. 1387135

this little burst of positivity between all the messages of anons accusing eachother and arguing and vendatta-channing absolutely made my day, thank you happy little nonnita

No. 1387144

I think the problem is we just don't know all the details. She could've easily thrown a tantrum about wanting her privacy. Or she just gives them a glance at her page of Pinteresr quotes once in a while and that's enough. She's a dying retard, the last thing they expect is the great unicorn war. All she has is her phone. If she cries and screams for privacy she can easily get it.

As for walking in public, she said she doesn't own a wheelchair, but it's possible she could have one of those walkers. Or even a borrowed wheelchair. Hell, maybe she rides the shopping cart.

There's a lot we just don't know about Lucinda. It's as easy to call her a liar as it is to explain away everything that doesn't seem to add up.

No. 1387147

she said she just sits in her comfy chair and doesn't leave the house or do anything.
it's phrased weird though, she lists all these things they do and then says "dress myself", it's probably just bad grammar.. i think i just want to believe her.
she's not death level ana but she has lot a lot of weight in a very unhealthy way, i doubt she's actually fasted this whole time BUT she's defintely done some of it hence the loss so she probably feels quite weak at the moment. i dont doubt she feels exhausted and i dont doubt she's super dependent on her parents but some of it is a bit extreme.
kek, imagine if this turned into a eugenia cooney/ venus angelic-esque situation where her family were all masterminding this. sooper tinfoil.

No. 1387153

>who is dressing her up in skimpy costumes?

She said her parents do her shopping and internet, but would they really send off for a thong with a plastic bat on it?

I doubt she's dying or a retard. Schizophrenia doesn't cause retardation. If she developed schizophrenia at uni (which would be late onset) she wouldn't suddenly go all retarded. Intelligent schizophrenics stay intelligent, they just have strange ideas sometimes.
Her parents might be really great and she really is getting help for her eating disorder. She takes things too far and that makes her story unbelievable.

No. 1387155

To add - for someone who can barely walk and is really weak, she's good at setting her phone cam to self timer and rushing back to sit or pose for her selfies.

No. 1387169

I genuinely don't care how much of it is real as long as she's weird and pisses people off- but I wonder what's the point of some of those claims. She is obviously smart enough to see through Ambrose/vampire trannie's gaslighting bullshit and deliver some burns, but she doesn't realize how fake some claims make her look? That would mean she doesn't care how genuine she seems but she's obviously invested in that image

No. 1387175

Her parents are boomers, maybe they just thought it was a bikini.

>Schizophrenia doesn't cause retardation

In the papers where she doxxed herself it listed her IQ level at mental retardation.

She developed schizophrenia in 2016. She would've been 19. Lucinda already is getting help according to her, she goes to doctors constantly.

And for the record, Lucinda always said her parents helped clothe and bathe her and manage her legal records before her unicorn fast. She's retarded. Legally. We don't know if "helping her shower" means standing by the toilet watching the seethrough curtain making sure she doesn't drink shampoo since she has a tendency to drink chemicals. We don't know if helping her dress herself means picking out her clothes or making sure she doesn't put them on backwards or helping them with the buttons. I think the problem is we just keep imagining something dramatic.

No. 1387177

>In the papers where she doxxed herself it listed her IQ level at mental retardation.
If she's a munchie though, couldn't she intentionally make her results as bad as possible? I can't see a retarded person handling social media and those interactions like that.

No. 1387179

I thought she was a munchie in the first thread but by now she just doesn't fit the bill. She doesn't talk about mental illness and certainly not being retarded, she seems to present herself as smart. What's the point? The only time I ever saw her talk about her critical state was when that anachan implied someone under 500 calories could need a wheelchair, and Lucinda went and listed all her negative health conditions like it set her off. Genuinely.

No. 1387180


100% agree that she is a liar and I also like her. Some of the anons here are doing mental gymnastics to try and convince themselves that she isn't lying. She is greatly exaggerating everything. She had the intelligence to fight Ambrose and stalk this thread, keeping up perfectly with the unfolding events. She has the energy and means to get skimpy costumes and pose in them. She is not as helpless and weak as she says.

No. 1387181

that's what i find confusing. she has a low iq but doesn't seem stupid enough?

No. 1387183

Pity and attention maybe? She seems to really enjoy the pitiful soft look in all her pictures

No. 1387185

it doesn't take much intelligence to tell the truth, which is all she did. all she'd need is to repeat fact. memory.

No. 1387189

AYRT and yeah ITA the mainland US healthcare system is utterly fucked and even more so in PR, I just find it funny when anons call it a “third world country” when it’s not. I think it would surprise people how shitty life can be in so-called “first world” countries.

No. 1387191

There's a real innocence in that. That's what I admired most about the whole fight. In all these fights all Lucinda does is tell the truth. You don't have to be a genius to do that, but you do have to be very cunning and smart to be manipulative the way narcs and munchies are. I just don't think Lucinda is capable of that and she certainly hasn't shown it.

No. 1387192

I’m honestly unbothered if her persona is a troll. It’s weird, entertaining and makes fat jealous edtwt larpers sick, so it’s a win-win.

No. 1387194

She said she can't afford a wheelchair. And the succubus outfit was before her unicorn fast, so she was much more capable of moving. And she said her parents helped her dress not that she was a baby in a crib. You guys go to extremes just to say it's too hard to believe.

No. 1387198

I guess now that the Ambrose drama has died down, we’re back to endlessly debating whether her sick girl persona is a LARP or not. I think it’s obvious she’s actually sick, and equally obvious she plays up facets of her illness for attention on social media. But the bigger question is, who cares? Just enjoy the cow.

No. 1387201

I'm just glad this thread taught me the word "delulu" tbh.

No. 1387202

File: 1638889700758.jpg (311.85 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20211207-110358.jpg)

I'm hollering the idea that she listens to eurodance on her death bed is fantastic. What a queen.

No. 1387203

there's just a lot of newfags that discovered her from the ambrose thread and are bringing up thread #1 debates since they're not well acquainted with our beloved unicow.

No. 1387218

This confuses me as well, other than her shizo delusions and obvious manufactured typing, her mental processing seems not just average but actually smart, and it's more than her speaking the truth, just look at her 1D fanfiction writings, a legally retarded person wouldn't be capable of that imo.

No. 1387219

I've been here longer than 98% of this thread and I don't care about the mental gymnastics, someone who isn't clothed is nude. Now answer the question what the super innocent purpose of her posting the pictures on social media is supposed to be.

Because I responded to the original anon who claimed she's too innocent to do any wrong. Do you just read one post without seeing what it responds to?

It's the newfags who buy her act without any questions, everyone who has been here long enough knows retarded munchie antics when they see them.

No. 1387222

File: 1638891337001.jpg (109.84 KB, 720x892, FF_hjz4XMAA0-va.jpeg.jpg)

someone made a fanedit of her lmfaooooo no wonder they're so fucking jealous and hate her. who the fuck else gets fanart on edtwt? it's cute as hell too i love it.

No. 1387224

She said her brother is a writer, him being able to edit her work would make sense. Especially if she put in effort to make it legible enough the way she says she's capable of.

No. 1387226

You are right anon that would make sense, didn't think of her writer brother possibly editing her stuff.

No. 1387229

File: 1638892187171.jpg (365.26 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20211207-114353.jpg)

Almost thought I imagined it but I remember reading this, she mentioned being "recently" diagnosed with an illness affecting her cognitive ability, likely schizophrenia. Again, doesn't mention it. She never, ever mentions her schizophrenia. So she was diagnosed as schizophrenic October 2016. Around the same time, she wrote a weirdly poetic suoer religious fic where one of the 1D guys was a demon. This aligns with her religious delusions and hallucinations she talked about on her private schizo Blogspot.

No. 1387331

I think the failure of communication here is that you're saying 'nude' as in simply 'unclothed,' but 'a nude' has different implications, i.e. a picture you post or send to someone with the intention of being titillating. It may seem like a nitpick but those are very different things in modern parlance.
Anyway, body checks are not generally posted to be sexy.

No. 1387364

I have liked Lucinda the whole time, but come on guys. She does post nudes regularly. She posted a succubus lingerie shot. Give me a break. And lets not forget the more recent shot with half her cooch hanging out. She could wear a bra and underwear each time as well or tights if it's just body checking. She has a lot of underage followers, just saying.

No. 1387461

File: 1638907867595.jpg (189.64 KB, 927x644, Screenshot_20211207-140649__01…)

>schizo little sister comes up to you asking for proofreading help with her smut nipple sucking and rimming fanfic

No. 1387481

She said they shared the same interests, he could be a fic smut writer too. She may be retarded but they're both adults and she needs help, so? What's he supposed to do? Be a dickhead?

No. 1387486

File: 1638909005613.jpg (555.41 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20211207-162834.jpg)

Everyone shut UP. An important update.

Our precious unicorn queen is bald.

No. 1387500

That's not what being bald means.

No. 1387510

damn those edges are GONE

No. 1387586

File: 1638914389473.jpg (774.61 KB, 1458x2592, 20211207_185423.jpg)

No. 1387587

File: 1638914412654.jpg (788.5 KB, 1458x2592, 20211207_185425.jpg)

No. 1387592

aw she looks cute

No. 1387593

File: 1638914620217.jpg (56.74 KB, 720x444, 20211207_185628.jpg)

No. 1387594

That's… worrying.
She needs to have someone in her life that's not family that DOESN'T have an ED and encourages her behavior.

No. 1387610

Who is the bf? Some anons thought it was Moogle but she has a bf and is not a he?

No. 1387654

File: 1638921361691.jpg (25.52 KB, 598x242, 562526.jpg)

No. 1387665

She really could be pretty if she wasn't such a raging schizo. She looks cute even beat to hell and starved with no hair.

No. 1387666

File: 1638922206154.jpg (80.97 KB, 540x540, 1609588391662.jpg)

her new bf is chris chan from prison

No. 1387689

File: 1638924597529.jpeg (431.43 KB, 1125x1340, DD1F4302-3B00-4005-B57A-184BCA…)

God bless.

No. 1387690

>milk in diet coke
That sounds absolutely fucking horrendous but good for her.

No. 1387700

This is great news and she sounds happy and optimistic about living, we are rooting for you precious cow.

No. 1387702

Not even close to balding, but it's on brand for a delusional anachan to stay delusional. She has quite a lot of hair left with just a few patches missing. Not a criticism in case any anons think I'm nitpicking her. It's a good thing she hasn't lost as much hair as she thinks.
Probably by design. Making your food disgusting is an anachan method of keeping your intake as low as possible.

No. 1387705

This makes me so happy. Thrive and be well, Unicorn Queen. It's great to have something to look forward to.

No. 1387711

You guys are fucking insane milk in coke tastes delicious it's like a mock blackout, which is a milkshake of coke and vanilla ice cream. Lucinda's got a sweet tooth, she is a unicorn after all.

No. 1387747

seriously, have y’all never had a Coke Float or (for the anas) a Diet Coke + Halo Top?

refine ur palates and stay strong, unicorn queen

No. 1387759

File: 1638929356787.png (692.32 KB, 1370x750, Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 02.07…)

i mean.. whatever floats your boats, anons

No. 1387768

File: 1638930429673.jpg (858.57 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20211207-212538_Ins…)

Found this on IG

No. 1387769

File: 1638930469769.jpg (372.51 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20211207-212646_Ins…)

In the comment section about Lucinda

No. 1387782

Fuckin' hell. I really hope this isn't about Lucinda, just because that's the last thing she needs right now, plus if she namedrops/references anyone else it'll become a whole new onset of drama.

No. 1387790

File: 1638932183595.jpg (1.7 MB, 2560x1920, 21-12-07-22-54-40-363_deco.jpg)

she's bald as hell compared to what she had before

No. 1387793

so shitty to make a video on this so soon after it happened, all of her videos are pure "im the weal anowexic, wook at my owd thinspo!!!!" but this is low even for her, especially when she clearly knows the person involved is so vulnerble.

she's either gonna namedrop everyone involved which will bring hundreds (maybe even thousands) more eyes to lucinda's page OR she'll be deliberately cryptic and mysterious about it so obviously everyone in the comments will namedrop and… queue streisand effect.

No. 1387812

Why does this bitch act like some holy ana messenger who warns everyone about the ebil anas yet is one herself and thrives on the attention it brings her? She should just shut the fuck up no one needs her input on these things.

No. 1387815

I wonder if trying to overdose damaged her liver.

No. 1387834

this 40-year-old mush-mouthed yellow-toothed horse-faced hypocritical bitch is so annoying

No. 1387890

>implying that ever happened

No. 1387902

You murricans really eat everything

No. 1387935

Liver failure yet no sign of yellowing skin or eyeballs.

No. 1387937

And fuck this bitch. Obviously going for the ana chans to sign up as a patron, but I'm sick of these morons like her and that Chestpains guy finding material on lolcow to exploit people for views.

No. 1387964

googled the symptoms, did ya

No. 1387970

Who made this bitch the gatekeeper of anorexia online, god she makes me want to alog so badly.

No. 1387999

No. It's as common knowledge as knowing you get snotty with a cold. Liver failure=jaundice.

No. 1388027

we should keep in mind that she edits her photos to high hell though, and being UwU Pale Dainty Gal is what a lot of anachans try to strive for. So imo it isn't too unrealistic that she'd edit away yellowy undertones in her skin if she were to have jaundice from failed liver

No. 1388031

she could just edit them out, just like she edited out her hair loss and edits in circle lenses. we'll really see in video.

No. 1388058

File: 1638975311601.jpg (146.27 KB, 1080x489, Screenshot_20211208-105203.jpg)

confirmed she has jaundice, she must be editing them out

No. 1388137


I hope the lolitas bully her into crying and having panic attacks again.

No. 1388146

Sooooo did she talk about Lucinda?

No. 1388186

No. 1388209

>8 minutes ago.

Guess she's lurkin

No. 1388210


No. 1388216

It's not the first time farmers cowtip on cc.

No. 1388232

File: 1638992141894.png (318.09 KB, 1522x1164, Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 19.34…)

comment section is 99% negative, no mention of lucinda or ambrose from what i can see in the comments but i'll have a watch of the video now. god i hate her, wish me luck!

No. 1388238

Thank you anon for posting the video. Just finished watching it and Dorian never mentions Lucinda or Ambrose or anybody else for that matter. It was just a long ass directionless rant about how Edtwt is so much more toxic than early 2000 pro ana websites (kek sure Dorian).

No. 1388252

Bet my money on that she's jealous she can't be popular in the ed community with her own face and take part in the disordered shit since she's "recovered" and above it.

No. 1388253

On proana forums, we know way more about eating disorders than the minors and wannarexics over on twitter.

No. 1388257

That's really fucking sad, watching your daughter die right in front of your eyes and your country isn't even capable of helping her properly

No. 1388284

i don’t give a fuck about her posting nudes or whatever you want to name these photos because i’m an adult but why is nobody talking about how we went through that already? she was already accused of posting nudes with minors following her and she was feeling so guilty she was apologizing like crazy and saying she cut herself because of the shame she felt, seemed like she regretted that a lot

No. 1388288

Going through her twitter she's so fucking nice. Resources, motivatonal pictures, cute animals, positive wishes, like? I love her. What the fuck. I'm so happy she's gonna get better from that absurd unicorn fast and has a motivation to live. She's a genuinely sweet soil. Rooting for her.

No. 1388289

all the replies were her followers encouraging not to apologize and that her body wasn't sexual and she should post what she wanted, so i suppose she listened to them

No. 1388295

Additionally, I don't see how it's her job to police what minors see or don't see on Twitter. Twitter is a porny nightmare, minors probably shouldn't be using it in the first place.

No. 1388319

Seriously. Compare her to bitter ass edgy vampire Natalie. Truly the magical kind unicorn who will vanquish all evil.

No. 1388334

File: 1639001828869.jpg (134.96 KB, 563x1000, a426e374-6164-42f7-9950-642a75…)

No. 1388336

File: 1639001870918.jpg (56.13 KB, 383x680, FGGLzoYXEAMYLIo.jpg)

No. 1388338

File: 1639001906586.jpg (63.71 KB, 383x680, FGGLzoWXsAY057V.jpg)

No. 1388347

Why are her pupils always so big? that's a fairly well lit room, they shouldn't be so un-dilated. Is it medication? I know some SSRIs can do that, same with benzos, or is it correlated psychosomatically to her illness?
Or is that just how unicorns eyes are?

No. 1388348

Contacts, dumbass

No. 1388352

Stranger things have happened
Also based trips, checked

No. 1388359

Yep that's definitely jaundice, if she doesn't get helped soon it'll start showing in her skin. The overdose must've done a job on her liver/kidneys, plus the load of not eating to begin with, and probably living off meds and diet coke. Hope he gets sorted out(unsaged medfagging)

No. 1388363

She edits them like that to be more unicorn like

No. 1388365

File: 1639004239658.jpg (49.99 KB, 736x736, 7a8f1112c552cb35ccec0738240bcb…)

Well, it took longer than usual but you wandered back in Alzheimer anon. It's the editing. She has said many times (and we have told you many times) that she uses editing (the burn tool specifically) to enlarge her pupils and make those lines around her eyes. We will meet again in a few days when you wander back in and ask again

No. 1388393

it already looks pretty bad. hope whoever’s taking care of her has noticed it by now.

No. 1388406

File: 1639008556267.jpg (280.1 KB, 1080x822, Screenshot_20211208-194731.jpg)

Possible boyfriend she tweeted at? I've never seen her qrt someone like this especially with so much affection.

No. 1388410

File: 1639008747400.jpg (412.45 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20211208-201145.jpg)

No. 1388415

tell me this isn't another emo edgy troon

No. 1388419

There was no way from the jump this “bf” was anything but a twitter troon

No. 1388426

I don't think this is her BF. Lucinda is very against pro ana so having a pro ana BF wouldn't make much sense for her

No. 1388481

File: 1639016176998.jpg (94.81 KB, 720x579, 20211208_231226.jpg)

No. 1388495

I'm pretty sure it is, she made a bunch of lovey dovey tweets afterwards. She's been a hypocrite of who she interacts with. Natalie is pretty openly pro and they used to be friends

No. 1388510

File: 1639017675496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.49 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20211208-203941__01…)

Her bf is a confirmed Troon edgelord who recently got sent to the loony bin for slashing their wrists. Claims they are homeless and does sex work for rent money. Definitely not a good influence on Lucinda's recovery efforts, that's for sure. Also, they may be possibly lurking since they went off private as soon as they were mentioned in this thread.

No. 1388516

File: 1639017860139.jpg (Spoiler Image, 462.16 KB, 1536x2048, 20211208_203316.jpg)

diary entry mentioning Lucinda.

No. 1388517

File: 1639018421139.png (Spoiler Image, 170.72 KB, 451x300, 8dc6fc9f9d73cdc58d9ec371d20233…)

guess we got another edgy larper

No. 1388519

How old is she? She looks young

No. 1388522

i follow her she says she's a demon with hallucinations and needs to get to 66lbs to leave earth so that must've been what drew lucinda in that there was someone essentially just as insane as her

No. 1388523

No. 1388524

definitely not a good influence for lucinda

No. 1388525

File: 1639018961104.jpeg (371.24 KB, 717x831, 03A9B9D3-296F-48A2-A1A7-6A995D…)

She’s a prostitute too

No. 1388528

File: 1639019144321.jpeg (71.4 KB, 750x185, 43839461-1442-445C-B295-1BDBBF…)

that’s definitely her

No. 1388530

File: 1639019244166.png (34.26 KB, 480x158, ce66efca48863f46987d83e2c1d743…)

No. 1388534

File: 1639019615017.jpeg (114.7 KB, 750x1128, 8EBEFE49-5564-4661-BCF5-1D951E…)

I thought she hates fatphobes but she’s dating one?

No. 1388536


if she's 18 now then.. not assuming anything but it's not looking good for her

No. 1388538

I feel like their relationship must be just Lucinda giving her advice on how to get her shit together.

No. 1388544

Waiting for the cowtipper cc telling her.

No. 1388550

Judging by this diary entry >>1388516 the exact opposite is happening.

No. 1388555


not looking good at all

No. 1388556


lucinda promoting not eating yet claims to be anti-ana

No. 1388557

File: 1639020845932.png (52.93 KB, 881x292, 7640b8aab45379d6ae3c6aaf173801…)

No. 1388560

File: 1639020927065.jpeg (138.24 KB, 750x1046, C1EEA08C-AFD4-4720-99D8-068FC7…)

>starts a crusade against someone for being fatphobic
>dates an admitted fatphobe

No. 1388569

if any of these people had just found a part-time job, none of this would be happening

No. 1388572


malice is a sex worker

No. 1388573

File: 1639021384905.png (14.29 KB, 275x118, 1639021130932.png)

No. 1388574

Which isn’t a real job

No. 1388575

File: 1639021621683.jpg (108.28 KB, 1065x571, Screenshot_20211208-214611__01…)

Will Lucinda cancel her barely legal fatphobic demon bf?

No. 1388580

File: 1639021957099.jpg (66.65 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20211208-215308__01…)

About that…

No. 1388581

Oh lord. This is gonna be a train wreck… I can't wait

No. 1388582

Why is it always the wannarexics who obsessively shit on fatties. They can suck in all they want, but that isn’t the face of a skinny person

No. 1388585

So Lucinda's new partner is a disgusting fatphobic tranny like Ambrose.

No. 1388589


shit is looking awfully familiar to ambrose. cant find the pic but swear ambrose said sitting next to fat people triggered them

No. 1388594

File: 1639022317383.png (348.51 KB, 1033x631, 78cc8bbc7446291ebc93319d702d51…)

>starts drama with a fatphobic tranny
>dates a fatphobic tranny

No. 1388602

File: 1639022620253.jpg (41.96 KB, 720x267, 20211209_010151.jpg)

No. 1388606

File: 1639022654776.jpg (33.2 KB, 713x254, 20211209_010137.jpg)

No. 1388608

File: 1639022690367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 160.67 KB, 720x1008, 20211209_010107.jpg)

No. 1388620

Some Amber Rose tier gay troon sex worker larp we got here

No. 1388621



No. 1388626

File: 1639023526846.png (388.85 KB, 1012x507, external-content.duckduckgo.pn…)

No. 1388628

File: 1639023608980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.05 KB, 720x528, 20211209_011813.jpg)

No. 1388629

File: 1639023644976.jpg (28.18 KB, 720x221, 20211209_011742.jpg)

No. 1388630

who the fuck left these unstable kids alone

No. 1388632

File: 1639023725420.png (84.2 KB, 462x437, 9a08f51a8dd1b8cf62158c259e3fae…)

No. 1388635

File: 1639023876808.jpg (400.2 KB, 1536x2048, 20211209_011511.jpg)

so masculine, it's a man, of course

No. 1388636

the self promo holy shit

No. 1388637

Didn't cut near the veins though. This is for attention which sounds horrible to say but I honestly think she needs the attention. She's clearly very unstable and unwell, she doesn't need Lucinda telling her to starve herself-get these kids off of edtwt and into a psych ward.

No. 1388638

So our special cow is dating a troonie?

No. 1388639


Honestly lock them up for good this shit is insane.

No. 1388640

File: 1639024007583.jpg (415.27 KB, 1536x2048, 20211209_011516.jpg)

No. 1388641

nothing says young love like promoting starvation

No. 1388643

File: 1639024087331.jpg (345.54 KB, 1536x2048, 20211209_011557.jpg)

>twink suicidal demon

No. 1388644

She’s not very spoopy

No. 1388648

She shooped herself into looking like suga from bts. Melting face and all kek

No. 1388649

Not our precious cow..
She said she's bmi 20 but she tweets like she's seconds away from death kek

No. 1388650

They need to pump up her man juice

No. 1388652


precious cow deserves better than this..

No. 1388653

She isn’t on man juice so she can find more johns to fuck >>1388525

No. 1388654

File: 1639024365329.jpg (371.37 KB, 1536x2048, 20211209_013113.jpg)

No. 1388656

File: 1639024491328.jpeg (498.19 KB, 750x2826, D549D35E-E21C-4761-8444-288EA5…)

Her likes are also full of fatspo and other “fatphobic” shit

No. 1388657

Does she (fakeboi bf) actually live in a motel? The one naked bodycheck does look taken in a motel but all the other ones look like a dorm or bedroom.(sage)

No. 1388658


these must be some desperate men holy shit

No. 1388663

She whores herself out of hotels, unless she’s just larping the prostitute thing for oppression points

No. 1388665

File: 1639024776602.png (20.26 KB, 790x138, oswaldslunch_-_Google_Chrome_2…)

… Uhuh.

No. 1388667

that's one hell of a cope.
She could be lying. She writes and acts much younger than an 18-year-old should, though maybe twitter rotted her brain like it did Lucinda's

No. 1388668


No way shes 18. Gotta be 16 at least with the way shes acting

No. 1388670

File: 1639025024615.jpg (23.32 KB, 435x363, 0740ec8bb585a4a4f30115ecd89070…)

No. 1388672


"Supportive of me eating"

what happened to starving to death to enter the next world or some shit?

No. 1388673

File: 1639025157622.jpg (32.34 KB, 720x221, 20211209_014304.jpg)

No. 1388674

File: 1639025225929.png (14.29 KB, 275x118, 1639021384905.png)



No. 1388675

You don’t have to post everyone of her edgy tweets this isn’t milk

No. 1388677


Daddy chill

No. 1388678

Nonas this isn't good.. no amount of schizo unicorn delusions excuses dating an 18 year old in the hospital to promote not eating

No. 1388680

File: 1639025409197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 140.58 KB, 828x1472, 20211209_013826.jpg)

No. 1388681

unicorn really saying proana to barely legal adults

No. 1388682


We get it they are fucking ugly move on

No. 1388683

File: 1639025466143.jpeg (352.66 KB, 750x694, 1B6BE15E-036A-413C-8FB1-3E9064…)

What a cope. This bitch literally just recently liked a post looking for fatphobic mutuals lol

No. 1388685

Yeah, this is really bad

No. 1388686

Don't be silly, anon! That's when she was friends with Ambrose! It was all to fit in!

No. 1388689

>underwear with the LGBTQ+ flag

No. 1388690


They don't make enough drugs for that.

No. 1388692

why troons are always so ugly and unfortunate in appearance? all jokes aside, i want to know. there isn't a single pretty tranny

No. 1388694

File: 1639025837042.jpg (52.35 KB, 720x443, 20211209_015539.jpg)

No. 1388697

If they were dating for weeks that means they were together during the Ambrose drama but troonie didn't say shit.

No. 1388698

Maybe she just interpreted it as Lucinda saying it helps her instead of directly telling her to starve. That's just way too proana for her. I think it's just the wording.

No. 1388700

troon was in the hospital and had deactivated twitter

No. 1388701

Her bf is proana and fatphobic though? Both things she claimed to hate..

No. 1388702


Hmm..Makes sense

No. 1388704

why are you defending it, anon?

No. 1388708

Lucinda said she was only pretending to be fatphobic to impress her ex and Ambrose, who was hee ex's friend first.

No. 1388709


seemed pretty excited about mal joining her for there "transformation"

No. 1388710

Sounds like cope, anon.
Luci has been proven to be an unreliable narrator multiple times in this thread.

No. 1388711

Mayhaps because I don't believe someone who constantlyn encourages anachans to eat would tell a random to starve. I think Lucinda just said it helps hér and troon was like "it helps".

No. 1388714

she hasn't proven to be proana tho

No. 1388718

I know a lot of us are in disbelief, but she said it here >>1388674

No. 1388719

not really a rando if they've been dating for weeks and she was excited to admit they weren't eating together.

No. 1388727


IMAO can a schizo ever be reliable?

No. 1388728

delete this and post it without the emoji or you'll get a ban

No. 1388731

she started as a cow, don't be surprised.

No. 1388737

Lucinda no..

No. 1388740

Once a cow always a cow.

No. 1388744

File: 1639027459057.png (24.34 KB, 890x103, 2707472c163c26c6be566dcc9aa9b2…)

No. 1388755

Through all the unicorn uwu bullshit Lucinda is just a basic bitch proana '''''recovery'''''''''' influencer.
>constant body checks
>only associating with other anachans
>carefully presenting herself as a fragile sickly waif
>constant health drama
>constantly showing off how little she's eaten
>'i-i'm not proana every size is beautiful!'

No. 1388794

because her troony girlfriend said lucinda said eating helps her transform? easy, vendetta-chan.

No. 1388797

File: 1639030046815.png (127.57 KB, 655x451, 4354353245.png)

No. 1388805

File: 1639030462976.jpg (157.95 KB, 1080x393, Screenshot_20211209-021341.jpg)

She deleted that tweet along with all the others mentioning the troon and just posted this

No. 1388806

do you know how to read?

No. 1388807

even before I saw her pic, I knew from her twitter account and pfp that she was not male

No. 1388812

sounds like this malice chick lied to her about a thing or two.6 embarrassed also about how fucking creepy 18 and 24 is.

No. 1388816

Your “first boyfriend” is a barely legal mentally ill mean girl prostitute. Is she even out of high school yet?

No. 1388820

Judging by Lucinda's genuine mental state vs. This person's obvious larping I think age aside it's clear malice was predatory towards lucinda. Weird comparison but it's like Chris Chan and barb. Regardless of who is older we know who took advantage of who age aside.

No. 1388838

Let's be honest- Malice is an 18 year old drug addicted troon prostitute. It's FAR more likely that she spotted Lucinda, seen her family is wealthy and made a note of how nice Lucinda is, and is using her for money. Drug addicts befriend disabled people like Lucinda to leech off their welfare for drug money. I have 0 doubt in my mind that a junky troon would be narcissistic and cruel enough to do this

No. 1388846

No. 1388865

I don't think malice is being predatory (outside of being a attention seeking psycho troon i mean) and Luci is probably smart enough to not be that easily manipulated. She did defend herself against a bunch of manipulations from ambrose's defenders after all. It's possible that she turned eighteen a while ago and is already out of hs. I think if she was actually in high school, there would be a lot more edgy tweets like "cuTTiNg in the ScHOOl BaTHrOOm" or just vents about school in general. Also she probably would be a lot more careful to not attract the attention of teachers and such, but she's acting off the rails judging from her profile. Maybe they're just both mentally deranged and "bonding" over their delusions. This could just be me coping hard though kek.

No. 1388924

>drug addicted prostitute
yeah that's what she says anyway. those are incredibly common edgy girl lies. poor, abused, drug addict, prostitute…her and every other self harming fakeboi on the internet. not defending lucinda though, she lies about a lot of stuff too

No. 1388926

File: 1639053961080.jpg (183.04 KB, 720x1004, 20211209_094421.jpg)

No. 1388929

File: 1639054073948.jpg (27.11 KB, 720x221, 20211209_093931.jpg)

No. 1388930

File: 1639054141144.jpg (81.58 KB, 720x535, 20211209_093913.jpg)

No. 1388933

Why do troons willingly make themselves look so greasy and ugly

No. 1388936

I feel bad for Lucinda she really just wanted some fairytale romance.

No. 1388950

My Unicorn Queen should choose an husbando and stick to 2D imho

No. 1388951

Honestly I don't know what to think right now. Lucinda seems to really not understand between right and wrong, I don't want to defend her here nor attack her but I really just don't know if she knows that what she was doing was wrong, the whole argument on whether she's smart or pretending to be retarded is what makes this really tough because if she actually was smart she'd know better, but if she's actually as mentally retarded as that paper said this wouldn't be surprising since she probably couldn't even see what was wrong and that she was being manipulated. This isn't looking good at all. I'm worried about how quickly she went from ''My boyfriend tells me not to eat! Hehe!'' but as soon as someone seemed to call her out on why that was wrong, it changed. Did Malice just tell Lucinda to say something else so she wouldn't get attacked or questioned? I feel like I'm tinfoiling but it genuinely does seem like Lucinda's being manipulated. Even if she was smart, lack of nutrition from only drinking diet coke and mass gainer (which probably isn't all that nutritious,) has probably made her slower. Starvation takes a massive toll on your brain- sorry if it sounds like I'm armchairing but reading through all of this is just so fucking weird.

No. 1388953

So… what is coming ot of this?

No. 1388954

I do feel like malice said "say ___" to look better. It's weird to unlock your account as soon as you're posted here. Usually it's the opposite. But then it wasn't positive so I feel like malice probably changed opinions on a lot of things, like going from "ew I hate all fatties omg" to "no I was just pretending!!"

No. 1388955

File: 1639058305043.png (30.39 KB, 617x209, Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 13.5…)

Samefag but seems like Lucinda blocked Malice? Honestly I think it's for the better

No. 1388963

Good. Our unicorn queen deserves better than a methhead tranny hooker. That's like downright insulting. I can't believe she thought she was worth that.

No. 1388970

Personally I believe she's retarded, but even if she wasn't an ex bestie of Ambrose is gonna be manipulative as shit. Now imagine that she is mentally disabled and the troon pursued her to the point where she admitted she woŕried about being predatory herself. Like? The bitch is garbage and lied to Lucinda for sure. She was practically dating an Ambrose larper, except this one was a wolf in sheep's clothing for our unicorn.

Evidently. They broke up because she found out about all her fucked up bullshit.

No. 1388977

Fake. They're still following each other and interacting.

No. 1388990

File: 1639063684380.jpg (41.5 KB, 717x270, 20211209_122529.jpg)

No. 1389002

Don’t listen to your friends. Just keep being a retard so you can get gone from Lucinda’s life.

No. 1389009

No way this girl is 18, she looks younger than that.

No. 1389013

More like stop lying about escorting and doing "dorgz"

No. 1389033

That is not the face of an an anorexic person, or even a non-overweight person kek

No. 1389043

I know moids will fuck anything but who in their right mind is picking her up? The prostituting is so obviously an edgy larp.

No. 1389063

>> don’t offer me money!

…said no sex worker, ever.

No. 1389086

File: 1639076461900.jpg (78.49 KB, 1080x371, Screenshot_20211209-145940.jpg)

Absolutely incredible wisdom from our unicorn queen.

No. 1389088

Framing this in my bathroom.

No. 1389118

File: 1639079737910.jpeg (258.45 KB, 750x582, A51A4BC3-F5BD-484D-8E9D-0C53ED…)

This girl just learned how to roll a joint. No way she jumped straight to meth shes larping 100% she works at fucking smoothie king

No. 1389130

Cringey. Embarrassing. Annoying. Promoting drugs and usage to kids on twitter is cool now huh.

No. 1389134

File: 1639081163358.jpg (379.49 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20211209-161841.jpg)

More cute shit from our queen

No. 1389135

File: 1639081244948.jpg (394.71 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20211209-161954.jpg)

But of course some raging insanity as well!

No. 1389140

i thought my joints looked bad WHEW. she should just get a raw cone and call it a day.

No. 1389146

Fuck me am I dumb, I actually thought you meant the joints in her fingers at first and wondered what raw cones have to do with them. I totally forgot the post was about weed.

No. 1389148

same but I got excited thinking I could see someone nitpicking knobby knees. disappoint

No. 1389179

File: 1639085027711.jpg (101.88 KB, 720x693, 20211209_182134.jpg)

No. 1389180

File: 1639085053868.jpg (162.92 KB, 720x978, 20211209_182148.jpg)

No. 1389183

Sounds like she grabbed this larp straight from Lucinda

No. 1389185

File: 1639085341085.jpeg (326.4 KB, 750x1929, BD8B437A-CA62-44E5-B2B4-965B37…)

She also has a fat friend she likes to make fun of. Her old Twitter that got suspended was @bitchboycals. She used to post a lot of fatspo making fun of random fat chicks on tiktok. Still does on current Twitter

No. 1389199

The vampire tranny went private after the whole Lucinda boyfriend stuff yesterday, does anyone know if there's milk related to this or Ambrose since she was cowtipping them? Otherwise ignore her.

No. 1389209


I'd hate to have a skelly chan as a friend, she seems exhausting as fuck

No. 1389210

File: 1639087140384.jpg (324.33 KB, 1080x1191, IMG_20211209_225824.jpg)

Oh boy, she's so gonna get called out by Ambrose's fans for her "bf"

No. 1389211

It really seems like this girl is hardcore pretending to believe she's a demon. Tinfoil but does anyone else think this girl could be trying to get close to Lucinda to get milk out of her or something.

No. 1389212

Milk? Probably not. Attention? Yes. Lucinda has 5k followers so edtwt harpies are trying to attach themselves to her.

No. 1389228

lots of edtwt is going priv because of the herbsandalters edtwt video drama, nothing interesting

No. 1389230


Exactly, age aside its obvious Lucinda isn't to blame here.

No. 1389232

So they're fine with lolcow laughing at them but scared of semi-normalfags? Hilarious, in the end it's all about vanity.

No. 1389234


she privated and attempted suicide..not really much defense there. Glad shes okay but unfortunately its pretty clear our unicorn is sensitive and that troon would have no problem exploiting that.

No. 1389242


Love our unicorn so much

No. 1389244

Mentally ill people typically don't understand the importance of personal hygiene

No. 1389251

Idoldecay? She privated along with most of edtwt after the herbsandaltars shit

No. 1389272

Is the whole “starving myself to a specific number because food is poison because I’m ACTUALLY not human but (insert fantasy creature)” thing a common anachan/edtwt larp or something? Or is she just copying Lucinda?

No. 1389275


Seems more likely she decided to larp to attract Lucinda easier, getting all the attention out of her, but now shes blocked so those remarks will probably die down too since it doesn't seem to go as far back whereas Lucinda has been talking about her unicornhood for a long long time

No. 1389288

Longtime common among otherkin, but yes, the Malice person definitely copied Lucinda, right down to needing to be an exact number to be truly nonhuman, as opposed to ones like Idoldecay who are just convinced they can feed off energy, which is run of the mill for "irl vampirezzz"

No. 1389362

Lmaooo those can't be bigger than 10 inches, imagine even on T not being able to get decent biceps

No. 1389368

she should watch 8 crazy nights

No. 1389382

no way in hell that that's bmi 20

No. 1389383

>"fat friend"
>the girl in the photo has a small waist
Funny cause "anachan" fatphobic fakeboi Malice looks a lot thicker than this girl that she is judging.

No. 1389426

Yeah, id say at least 23

No. 1389526

thats a technical foul

No. 1389579

tinfoil but im pretty sure this is all her food considering she's chubby and larping as an anorexic + probably doesn't have any friends outside of twitter + it's fucking weird to take photos of someone else's food lol

No. 1389582

Yes it is, and ever since the retarded nicole dollanger trends, it got worse. They just claimed to be angels or fairies or some dumb shit. Hence where Lucinda has it from.

No. 1389604

Weren't Nicole's fans all fug clown fatties who claimed to have recovered from an ed? Not uwu nymphets? They seemed to pride on being greasy and unkempt, not delicate nymphets.

Lucinda has psychosis. I don't think she got her 75lb thing from 2012 Tumblr nymphets saying they're angels who only feed on flowers and milk honey. None of them have ever said "I need to eat this until I'm 85lbs then I can be a real angel" the larp aas that they were already thin.

No. 1389654

File: 1639143660583.jpg (418.98 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20211210-093826.jpg)

Lucinda posted her Amazon wishlist as a form of "secret Santa" where people would send her their list, and her list is just….. stuffed animals and a fairy book.

No. 1389655

File: 1639143781648.jpg (31.47 KB, 500x362, Screenshot_20211210-094211.jpg)

Also I noticed it's named to "D"? Is that one of her parents' initials?

No. 1389673


Could be wrong but pretty sure that's her initial since she doxxed herself awhile ago when she showed her medical paperwork

No. 1389704

If I remember correctly Lucinda's real name is Deborah.

No. 1389745

God what a fucking shitty friend. Could you imagine going to hang out only to figure out your “friend” has been taking pictures of your food and posting it to their deranged ed twitter to make fun of your portions and brag about how good their self control is because they don’t eat like their loser fatty friend.
She’s not even skinny. What a fucking joke.

No. 1389793

Then why are you still fat?? The fuck lmao

No. 1389847

File: 1639160984872.jpg (45.54 KB, 598x536, shmelinda.jpg)

sucking it in oh-so-very hard.

No. 1389922

bet she really weighs 100

No. 1389939

Right like you literally can't be far from 100lbs to suck in to the point where your bones stick out that much.

No. 1389944

>sucking it in oh-so-very hard.
you're just salty

No. 1389947

File: 1639169831096.jpg (94.11 KB, 1984x1116, How-to-Get-Lid-of-loose-skin-a…)

She's right, she's never gonna look bony the way she wants. There's a clearly emaciated body under all that loose skin, and there's nothing our poor girl can do about it. She's very visibly fleshy.

No. 1389949

Just because she’s your precious cow doesn’t mean we can’t point out the obvious. She’s still a lolcow

No. 1390037

Are you some jealous edtwt fag? I am not on the unicorn defense force team, but this post reeks of jealousy + certain edtwtfags are having meltdowns now.

No. 1390059

She isn’t wrong and I don’t think it’s even intended to be an insult? Lucinda has a lot of excess skin from her weight loss so no matter how little she weighs she’s not going to achieve that skelly look. Damn you whiteknights will take anything as a slight against your unicorn queen.

No. 1390116

>precious cow hamper
If I weren't broke as fuck I would unironically buy it for her kek.
She has a lot of loose skin that's masking all the boniness. I'd say she's much bonier and sharper than it appears, especially seeing how her underwear is kind of lifted up that much from her hip bones. She's probably in the 90s range.

No. 1390283

I don't like Lucinda, and anon's photo makes no sense with those photos Lucinda posted. There's no loose skin in them and she looks like a skeleteon. There are older photos where there's a ton of lose skin on her thighs, that's where that image would be applicable. But if you don't think >>1389847 looks skeleton tier, that sounds like ana-chan brainrot.

No. 1390347

Its not bone rattling to point out she doesn't look skelly in these pics. It's strange that you can't see her ribs at that size. Even though she's underweight she might never look skelly because of that loose skin. Further, a toned muscular BMI 20's still gonna look slimmer than a skinnyfat 20 but Lucinda doesn't seem to exercise much beyond purging. I hope she doesn't kill herself trying to sculpt an unachievable body, since her stats (if true) put her around a BMI of 15 and she probably has pounds of excess skin.

Not really sure what's going on in the pic on the left other than that she's rotated a pic of her laying on her back, but it looks more angular because of the sheet she's laying on. Of course she's sucking in on the right but the only real difference between 99 and 100 is psychological.

No. 1390375

Where did she post it? I want to look through it but I checked Twitter, ig, curiouscat, even tiktok and found nothing. Did she delete it?

No. 1390382

No. 1390384

File: 1639230747537.jpg (448.79 KB, 1152x2048, E4GywjmXwAcgyZW.jpeg.jpg)

Her excess skin is pretty heavy. It spreads out when she's standing but then it makes her look a higher weight than she really is. Lying on her back all the extra skin sinks right down and you can see her body for what it really is. Her hip bones are sharp as fuck. Yet you can't see her ribs. She says she weighs 99lbs and I believe her. It's so unfortunate she may never see it. Life can be so cruel.

No. 1390387

she'll need surgery. but i don't think they'd do that on a skelly. maybe if she's dehydrates enough the skin will shrivel.

No. 1390392

File: 1639232514455.jpg (371.47 KB, 1080x1350, PhotoCollage_1639233203045.jpg)

Lucinda talking about the break up

No. 1390465

don't give her ideas

No. 1390888

Maybe she can take that excess skin back home and build a little drum with a folgers can.
That way she can do something that is not self-harm, for a change.

No. 1390893

File: 1639292924198.jpg (67.21 KB, 598x538, Screenshot_2021-12-12 .jpg)

The unicorn fast goes on.

Or does it?

But who will ask about logic here.

No. 1390945


I thought she said she's no longer fasting because of the liver scare.

No. 1390960

She has gotten quite obsessive with all of her curiouscat questions. Ten answers in a row, quite easily.
You can literally see how she showers in all that acidic rain of attention from cheering or insecure teen psychos.

No. 1390963

According to her curiouscat answers she's still aiming at 75 lbs for her transformation miracle.

But larping, lying and gaslighting might be involved here as well.

No. 1390967

I don't think she's being "obsessive". She probably gets a lot from hidden cowtipping farmers though cause it's strange why she would get so many otherwise.

No. 1391032

File: 1639317321240.jpg (332.18 KB, 1080x892, Screenshot_20211212-095134.jpg)

Our queen's origin story that conveniently does not mention her no longer taking her antipsychotics around the same time she decided to be a unicorn.

No. 1391039

File: 1639319318757.png (19.81 KB, 591x146, sgfdgdfhsrh.PNG)

No. 1391066

She was taking antipsychotics at the start of the threads, and was a unicorn when she was first posted as well.

No. 1391067

File: 1639324018653.jpg (179.29 KB, 720x1037, 20211212_124407.jpg)

No. 1391069

File: 1639324058951.jpg (71.67 KB, 720x405, 20211212_124422.jpg)

No. 1391092

This is sad to see, because for a while there she was taking about bulking up and becoming a body builder after reaching her goal weight. I don't want her to be sick forever.

No. 1391100

File: 1639327792461.jpg (170.63 KB, 720x986, 20211212_124452.jpg)

No. 1391116

she's been posting a lot about encouraging people to be animals and fairies and creatures, saying the soul can be whatever it wants. at least it's not in a transpecies otherkin kind of way, i think she just wants more people to be like her so she feels less alone.

No. 1391124

im not really familiar with this cow beyond reading this thread a little.. is the way she types on purpose? what's the deal with it?(asking to be spoonfed)

No. 1391128

It has to do with her schizophrenia. There's private/unpopular accounts dating back to when she was diagnosed where she was typing the same.

No. 1391145

words to live by

No. 1391350

File: 1639349117027.jpg (426.86 KB, 1080x1142, Screenshot_20211212-184318.jpg)

Yep, still a schizophrenic off her meds.

No. 1391357

why Chicken Run out of all the movies she could like? I think her favorite movie being Chicken Run is weirder than her unicorn LARP.

No. 1391770

There were 32 (thirty-two) answers in the last 24 hours alone..!
She's manic as a mofo, still pretending to run on milk and hot air. No energy, needing a wheelchair but twittering around the clock, dammit.

What is wrong here, fellow anons.

No. 1391780

Gliyter, sparkels, dance, love, confisecne, paositivity, advice, help, pink, sweet tooth! I also have visions of lights, singing in the moutnains, lights flashign, shadiws moving, rooms filling with bright white lught, and finding my facenunrecognizabme. Voices conversatiins, thoughts put into my hewr that were not there. Many many more thigngw. ALL things I believe that make me of a magical being where I am able to cinnect with the different dimensiins lije a "glitch" in realities. This is what I beoieve my metamorphosis, where my worlds will finally connect and my unicorn identity eill finally connect eith wll thedimensions I srr and will be a fully wise, aware unicorn wjth powers. ABD THANKNYOUIU OF CALLIBG ME CUTE!!!

Well fuck me hard with a fire iron.

I'm outta this.

No. 1391854

Cut her some slack, the girl's popular. And not having physical energy doesn't mean she can't move her thumbs and hold a phone. She also said she's a big talker with her family so she's not a vegetable. Her lack of energy is obviously physical and related to fatigue and muscle weakness.

No. 1391858


Can confirm.

No. 1391873

Happy cowtipping, nonnie.

No. 1391890

That's a nope. If she would be on a real hard fast, her sorry little brain would likely fizzle and fail due to an unhealthy lack of glucose.

She's as happy as a pig in the mud, sucking in all the cheering of her edtwt cronies.

No. 1391916

Where have you been she's not fasting anymore, and it's possible she's taking supplement drinks suggested by her doctor that are helping her. She's tweeting a lot more in general. Have you read her answers anyway? It's complete nonsense about becoming animals and dolls.

No. 1391918

File: 1639411958058.jpg (113.46 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20211213-121148.jpg)

How did you all miss this absolute fucking gem.

No. 1391920

I agree. I've heard about people doing 120 day water fasts but I think her fasting was on and off in some ways. She mentioned bingeing and purging which does technically break your fast, and the mass gainer which I'd assume the ingredients would break her fast. I don't doubt that she was fasting as she would also go days without B/Ping and live solely off of diet coke, but I don't think she legitimately ate nothing for 4 months. She's sick, yes, but I feel like she over-exaggerates a bit.

No. 1391984

this is why she's the queen

No. 1392004

File: 1639418235491.jpg (334.44 KB, 1152x2048, FGgLLyDX0AIVF9a.jpeg.jpg)

Looks like she doesn't give a fuck about the ~exposing children to porn~ allegations Ambrose's cronies tried to pin on her. Ride on, queen.

In all seriousness, nothing sexual about this picture at all on top of censoring. And if you don't wanna see NSFW content Twitter automatically filters it out for you.

No. 1392007

File: 1639418277074.jpg (342.56 KB, 1152x2048, FGgLJT3X0AEjNJh.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1392011

I've began wondering if she takes these bodychecks when it's her bathtime. I wouldn't put it beyond her to shower with the unicorn horn.

No. 1392021


She said her parents were sneaking things into her cola to keep her going while she was fasting, which ended December 1st. So she's been slowly working her way back to solid food since

No. 1392028


L.oony bin
B.anana republic

you're welcome

No. 1392030

File: 1639419530717.png (182.09 KB, 470x292, 3da64c538c506e931964f87e2a4737…)

Wonder if she shaved or the lack of nutrients caught up

No. 1392036


For as long as she meticulously photoshops her pupils, black nose and eyerings, she'll be alright.

No. 1392062

File: 1639423043864.jpg (272.42 KB, 1080x833, Screenshot_20211213-151128.jpg)

Whatever the story, she's definitely not bluffing about starving herself.

No. 1392064

she said it was falling out all over her blanket so they had to shave it off

No. 1392098


Damn..Poor unicow

No. 1392111

another one under the influence of the yaoi virus I see.

btw, how old is Lucinda? idk why, but I have this idea that she's in her 40s but she isn't right?

No. 1392114

if you read the thread at all you'd know she's 24

No. 1392211

File: 1639436248729.jpg (26.67 KB, 612x496, istockphoto-477562603-612x612.…)

No. 1392212

in the 2nd photo the camera is further away.

i wouldn't trust her at all.

No. 1392328


would not need to shave at all so would explain the hairless body

No. 1392375

File: 1639451671826.png (113.7 KB, 368x252, Screenshot 2021-12-13 9.14.26 …)

reminds me more of vegetarian hot dogs

No. 1392386

File: 1639453648466.png (17.42 KB, 579x132, dsgsgsg.PNG)

No. 1392390

Don't you see the scars? she has been shaving, just hasn't gotten the knack for it yet…

No. 1392409

please don't die queen….

No. 1392444


What is she even saying?

No. 1392447


fizlurenfrkm = 'failure from'

isncsusing = 'is causing'

No. 1392456

If she actually is in liver failure how on deaths door step is she? This is making me kind of sad and I’m scared for our precious cow. Maybe I shouldn’t be but it’s hard not to see the decline from the first thread to now.

No. 1392473

I see she finally googled symptoms.

No. 1392478

Her alleged "liver failure" will stand in for "some small poisoning that will buff out in no time".

She really knows how to turn the knobs. And her fans love it.

No. 1392483

Rest assured that she is bullshitting. When "overdosing" on most pills you immediately puke out, the worst you get is stomach issues.

No. 1392484

Do you think she faked this picture? >>1388334 It looks real to me but she does like to shoop her eyes.

No. 1392487

She posted this instantly after anons called out the lack of visible symptoms, so you tell me. If you look closely, you can even see the light reflection being shooped yellow too.

No. 1392511

Of course, she's still a manipulative little goblin. Can't type one straight word but is able to draw complex (but ugly) graphite drawings.
It's a game for her & probably her only link to the outside world. Plus, she's got all day for this stuff.

There is no real month-long fast with no water going on. She won't drop to 75 lbs.
Her family does care for her and will get her to a doctor.

No. 1392532

i smell vendetta

No. 1392565

She's obviously smaller, you can tell from both the gap and how the scars wrap round her thigh

No. 1392568

You know it's vendetta when they called her art on belialsmiracles ugly lol.

No. 1392572

yeah that sounded petty and bitter

No. 1392575

>There is no real month-long fast with no water going on. She won't drop to 75 lbs.
>Her family does care for her and will get her to a doctor.

This is hysterical. She stopped fasting a week ago. Her family treats her like a princess. And she says she's constantly going to the doctor.

What crevice of edtwt did you crawl out vendetta-chan? Triggered by her recent weight loss? I hope our precious hot dog legged queen does make it to 75lbs just to piss you off.


No. 1392576

any time she loses weight the vedettafag fatties enter the thread to stink up the place

No. 1392592

Feel better after typing that? Our precious unicorn queen is still skinnier, nicer, and more magical than you. And though she may look like an uncanny valley reborn doll, I can guarantee you she's still prettier than whatever a self-hating wannabe anachan like you must look like. Did I mention she weighs 99lbs?

No. 1392641

she posted it because someone asked on cc. and people in this thread have admitted to cowtipping and asking her things on cc to get questions in threads answered.

No. 1392673

How is she wrong though, Lucinda is obviously exaggerating. I wish you would finally learn that not everyone who critizises a cow is a deranged ana-chan who thinks her condition is something to be jealous of.

Yeah, this thread had also plenty of mysterious samefagging. I don't care for the newest excuse, you can literally see she shooped it.

No. 1392677

File: 1639495270157.jpg (53.81 KB, 598x597, 2021-12-14 lucinda.jpg)

I guess she still knows what she's doing.
And since she remembers her terrible IP stint from a few months ago, she'll likely know her limits by now.

Meanwhile, her belly looks like some 30yo leather car seat.

No. 1392680

losing another ~25 lbs will be tough to reach.

not impossible, but mind mom's watchful eyes.

No. 1392681

She could be thinner than Ash and she would still be a chronic liar whose self-presentation wouldn't be taken at face value by anybody with an even slightly functional bullshit radar.
This thread is truly bizarre. Anybody who points out the problems and inconsistencies in Lucinda's posts immediately gets swarmed by the LIDF. Hopefully farmhands find out who it is and do a post reveal at some point.

No. 1392697

File: 1639496821007.png (278.3 KB, 472x481, b5f07641cb8e723e44d717f2e87084…)


someones bitter that unicow is an amazing artist

No. 1392713

but why are you so salty

No. 1392715

not bad for someone who needs mommy's help for a shower

No. 1392718

So much salt here

No. 1392746

File: 1639500617726.png (188.91 KB, 1080x595, wtff.png)

No. 1392749

File: 1639501095686.jpg (21.96 KB, 450x338, 05d.jpg)

No. 1392753

You're proving their point.

No. 1392759

i actually feel kind of bad for her.. she probably gets these kinds of CC's a lot and maybe she isn't that bothered by it but i can't imagine she'd be comfortable with people saying this kind of stuff to her.

No. 1392761


We cannot see the worse ones, that she doesn't even answer.

No. 1392765

She said she just watches to make sure she actually washes the shampoo off and that she doesn't just stand there for hours. You guys exaggerate her disabilities and then mock her for being capable of handling herself.

No. 1392769


hardly, even helen keller was an amazing artist, picasso was in an asylum, and the writer of alice and wonderland was high af. it does not prove anything about physical or mental health you can suffer and still be talented

No. 1392770

There's no exaggeration, nonnie.
She's officially a retard, according to her dox.

No. 1392773


Glad there's hope for us blind, mentally ill, stoner folks. /j

No. 1392774


now that shes bald mom wont have to watch

No. 1392779

File: 1639503133101.png (53.05 KB, 894x223, 6f37d3dbc2c0f9460e543fa6f3b0c2…)

No. 1392789

Let's face it, she's a true trainwreck and we cannot look away.

No. 1392797

None if them were pretending to be unable to write on a keyboard.

No. 1392799

Only $45? Some shitty furry cartoon artists charge that, with her skills she should charge way more. Our unicorn queen is so generous

No. 1392804

File: 1639505277787.jpg (262.22 KB, 1152x2048, FGlhQLvXsAY4glf.jpeg.jpg)

New unedited pics. Jaundice seems to be present.

No. 1392808

File: 1639505348939.jpg (307.38 KB, 1152x2048, FGlhTbiXsAIv6lh.jpeg.jpg)

She looks cute as fuck.

No. 1392818

>can't type legibly because of a neurological condition
>can draw smooth contours with charcoal
Is this unicorn magic? I wouldn't call it hyperrealistic but it's not bad.

No. 1392824

Its impressive how much weight she has lost and still keep such cute youthful cheeks! Truly magic

No. 1392825

Tone indicator. Go back to twitter.

No. 1392829

screaming. you're clearly a vendettafag if you can't even admit she's a talented artist and just call it "not bad".

No. 1392845

Get yourself a glass of pearlescent diet coke, nonnie, you're hangry. I like Lucinda and I like that she's putting her time into something creative instead of self-destructive and insane, but her skill is not on the level of hyperrealism yet. Realism sure, hyperrealism no.

No. 1392860

Agreed. I like Lucinda but there's definitely a few obsessed anons that need to touch some grass.

No. 1392862

Nta but calling out obvious lies is vendetta?

No. 1392863

I wish farmhands would just hurry up and reveal her post history already, it's so fucking obvious.

No. 1392870

her eyes really are yellow

No. 1392884

File: 1639512951610.jpg (462.83 KB, 1200x1536, Louis-Wain-pschadellic-1200x15…)

ed people always look so proud of their self-destruction. It's crazy how sick the mind can get. To actually feel happy and proud that you caused yourself organ failure.

No. 1392889

You can't get organ failure from the way she described her attempt.

No. 1392920

We don't know how many pills she took and how many stayed inside after she threw up.

No. 1392926

File: 1639516641890.jpg (218.48 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20211214-150631_Chr…)

Toxic hepatitis doesn't necessarily result in liver failure. It's no surprise she'd confuse liver injury with liver failure but she's likely to recover, maybe with some cirrhosis. I hope she heals quickly. I've never seen a unicorn with yellow eyes and it's breaking my immersion

No. 1392943

fr tho, I was thinking the same thing.

No. 1392977

That doesn't matter, with how she descried it it wasn't long enough for that kind of damage, you only get stomach aches. But watch her probaly backpedaling her story now (nevermind there are plenty of other holes) and adding some details instead of just being honest. I also know what probably follows next. She's going to tweet about going to the hospital or about feeling awful, then her twitter will go silent for a few days and then her "brother", who magically has her password because he actually co-wrote her tweets and posted her half naked body checks for her, tells us she's ded, the thread breaks out in plenty of new waves of attention and validation, any doubt will once again be shut down because munchies have never ever pulled stunts like this and somewhere, on the wide ocean of twitter, a new pathologically lying persona emerges.

No. 1392981

And why would we worry. It's like pissing in a whole sea of piss.

No. 1392982

You're so boring.

No. 1392992


Boooo, We cant lose our unicow thats why

No. 1392995


seriously who pissed in your cereal? ambrose that you vendetta-chan?

No. 1392997

File: 1639524851793.png (329.31 KB, 476x557, 4a4bd3fac53c1263c215bac25644c9…)

No. 1392999


>discusses how toxic edtwt is

>posts frequent bodychecks
>prompts losing weight for transformation

No. 1393036

File: 1639530649040.jpeg (628.18 KB, 842x1280, dourly.jpeg)

You're no fun, Nona. Don't you believe in magic? The story of a unicorn could never have such a cliche ending. How horribly boring. Frankly, I think your prediction is crap. She may be unbelievable, but she's not unimaginative, and you shouldn't have to think a narrative is entirely truthful to enjoy reading it. Fiction is popular for a reason, but your writing isn't true to the source material. Do better

No. 1393094


Bravo, well said

No. 1393122

That's the whole appeal about Lucinda, she's a nutjob and a bag of surprises, and just like a unicorn we choose to believe. Partially because she's likeable, partially because it's just good clean fun to hail a dying schizo as your unicorn queen.

No. 1393198

lucinda is such a breath of fresh air on this site and I stan.

No. 1393278

Her whole concept of becoming a unicorn once she reaches her TW of 75 lbs is quite … exotic, to say the least. It'd rather be a ride to the nearest hospital and a delicious drip for her.

No. 1393327

Anyone else feel like Natalie is copying Lucinda? In the sense that she wants to be the vampire version of what Lucinda is, and be fawned after and worshipped the same way?

I only say this because apart from Lucinda receiving over 20 cc's begging her to take back the way she "invalidated" Natalie's vampire identity, Natalie posted a picture of her titled "look at the hat my bf got me" 1hr after Lucinda posted hers titled "look at the hat my mom got me".

Now she's posting her origin story about how she's totes a doll because she has the soul of a doll, when Lucinda started tweeting that the soul was whatever it wanted apart from the body. It feels like a new thing Natalie came up with if she felt the need to properly introduce it.


No. 1393330

File: 1639574414833.jpg (385.32 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20211215-062142__01…)

No. 1393331

why don't you just fuck off, vampire sperg

this is not a thread about your natalie fetish

No. 1393332

>>1393331 sit down and learn to sage

No. 1393333

So ungrateful. Her family wants to save her and she complains about all her doctor visits. Those are sure enough related to her idiotic fasting.

No. 1393335

Why don't you just revive the old, closed thread about your little vampire cunt?

No. 1393381

I believe it's exhausting for her to run at the doctor's constantly. If she agreed to be treated and tried to get better she wouldn't have to go there every other day..

No. 1393386

Then stop larping on twitter and get a job Lucinda.

No. 1393390

>Hate moving…walking hurts…walking through buildings…hard chairs.

Thought she had a wheelchair.

No. 1393406

She talks about how she needs one. She said they went shopping for one but I guess it was window shopping lol.

No. 1393413

Damn I wonder why it's never occurred to a mentally ill person to just ✧・゚: ✧・゚: get better :・゚✧:・゚✧
You guys should go into psychology, I think you could really shake up the field with these revolutionary solutions.

No. 1393415

>If she agreed to be treated and tried to get better
Learn to read retad. I didn't mean that it would just ~magially~ happen. She could try to work for bettering her mental health, no? Sure she's a lost cause but giving up completely would be very sad.

No. 1393417

>Damn I wonder why it's never occurred to a mentally ill person to just get better

Many do bother to improve their situation/health. Attention whores like Deborah prefer to have retards tell her she's amazing and so have no motivation to sort herself out.

No. 1393419

She talks a lot about herself, actually.
But one should not believe everything.

No. 1393452

No way. She's not able to hold a real job, take care for herself, found a family or care for another person or even a pet.
With her level of disablity she will have to live a life of being dependent 24/7.

So why not cut her some slack, then. Maybe being a sped on Twitter is the only joy she's got left in her shitty life.

I watched her plushie video on YT and that removed all the doubts.

No. 1393465

They wouldn't baby you if you didn't act like one Lucy. You gotta show your mom you're capable of doing small things before she'll let you do something like live on your own. Someone who tries to kill themselves over Twitter beef needs to be watched tbh. Get off line and go for a walk everyday to get stronger, stop the unicorn diet

No. 1393471

File: 1639585981362.jpg (49.2 KB, 588x612, tinfoil.jpg)

"My parents are evil for trying to keep me alive and get me treatment for my mental illness!"

No. 1393483

>why does my family treat me like a mentally ill child, I'm literally a real life unicorn
It's a mystery to us all, Lucinda.
>Learn to read retad.

No. 1393485

Yeah, many mentally ill people work on it, but there are different types of mental illness. If she doesn't believe she's mentally ill, how do you expect her to try to fix it?

No. 1393487

Oh shut up yes she is, she doesn't have cancer, just supposedly a mildly low IQ and BMI. There's plenty of things we already saw she can do, it's just that she doesn't care to do it or change anything because being terminally online, being constantly enabled while leeching off her family is more comfortable.

No. 1393491

She's said a lot of times she wants to live on her own though. Unicorns are wild and free after all. She's talked about being unable to work or go to school due to disability so she must understand she can't…. actually live on her own? Unless she's been informed about social security checks for disabled people.

No. 1393496

Yes she said that, but also doesn't want to do any work towards that goal.

No. 1393497

You do sound autistic.
I've followed them both for a while, Natalie was saying she was a doll for a long time because of Identity V and shit. You're giving Natalie what she wants by bringing her up in an unrelated thread.

No. 1393507

Whatever she really 'is', I wouldn't change my life with hers.
And yes, she deserves pity. She can only hope that her family is able to support her for long enough.

No. 1393514

That's.. Literally part of her mental illness. That's very common for someone with an ED.

No. 1393536

She's talked about Youtubing and using that platform as a way of making money and selling art and merch. She does have dreams and aspirations, and generally acts too hopeful to just give up on that imo. I really wanna see what she does Youtubing wise, she's just too much of a character and has a lot of positive comments under her video with a decent amount of views. It'd be a shame to see that all go to waste.

No. 1393553


good for her- literally nobody gives af about natalie

No. 1393554


She speaks about getting old as well, no way she'd just give up on that. One can hope shes able to make a channel and sell more art, unfortunately with everything else even if she did manage to live alone she'd have to have a caretaking nurse or something visiting frequently

No. 1393631

I don't think her brain is permanently wrecked, considering that right now in the throes of serious illness she's still able to be funny and insightful. If she got her ED & SH under control, I think she might be able to live in an Assisted Living-type arrangement, where she would have her own apartment, etc, but would have a support worker who visits to help out and make sure she's doing well and looking after herself.

No. 1393653

EDs don't destroy your brain like many anons seem to assume, plus due to it's neuroplasticity and neurogenesis you can literally create new brain cells. Her brain is fine, if she manages to have her mental illness stabilized one day she could probably lead an okay life being taken care of.

No. 1393656

That seems like a step down from her current situation, and I'm suspicious her desire for independence is intertwined with her motivation to starve and destroy herself without her family's intervention. They're not the Cooneys, they seem to genuinely care for her wellbeing, she's just upset because thinks she's a big girl now and she should be able to take care of herself, but she keeps showing she can't be trusted with her own care. I dont think she's beyond all hope but she's obviously not well right now. She is old enough to make her own choices but I feel bad for her family because there's only so much they can do

No. 1393664

I don't personally agree that it would be a step down, because it would give her more independence and let her feel like an actual adult, plus, her parents won't be able to look after her forever. But I agree that there's very likely an element of wanting the freedom to harm herself as she sees fit involved in her wish to live alone. she would definitely need to have her shit under control before it would ever be possible.

No. 1393707


Seems like a step up to me, but I don't see her doing that anytime soon. Being responsible (mostly) for paying bills, buying her own food, cleaning up after herself are things I don't think she's going to be capable of anytime soon. Doubt she's responsible for cleaning her own room right now, and she definitely doesn't feed herself.

No. 1393725

File: 1639608376849.jpg (549.67 KB, 1152x2048, FGqzNSnXwAkhv3O.jpeg.jpg)

Not sure if it's the hat making her head look big but she looks rather emaciated and ill in these.

No. 1393726

File: 1639608411291.jpg (533.08 KB, 1152x2048, FGqzNSoWQAsNBH_.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1393728

That's only because of her edited face. She looks normal now that her body is covered up.

No. 1393735

She's been doing the eyebags makeup since the beginning. I'm saying even then she looks sicklier than usual.

No. 1393761

>nobody gives af
>still talks about her

No. 1393785


Shes so cute

No. 1393788


>brings it up after 5 hours of nobody talking about her

well well well.

No. 1393791

I guess I am desensitized to spoops. Time to turn off the internet for a while.

No. 1393792

File: 1639612699587.png (52.8 KB, 884x215, ef5e8fa7537b79178b1f55fcc31d3e…)

No. 1393793


It makes sense she hates the idea of not having control of her life between an ED & schizo delusions not getting fulfilled imagine it must suck to have everyone working "against" her. While she can't do anything about it except use twitter and starve herself where she can

No. 1393794


Add her self-harming and we've got an inpatient case and/or permanent supervision patient.
IMHO it's pretty sure she puts some serious strain on her family but not with real malicious intentions. But who wants to feed and tend the wounds of a grown-up daughter forever?

No. 1393795

File: 1639612914927.jpg (212.36 KB, 946x2048, FGkuJA8UcAEcCtz.jpg)

No. 1393796


Rule Number One:
Never EVER take medical advice from a retard

No. 1393805


Twitterfags will believe anything if you make a thread about it.

No. 1394100

A clearly mentally ill person with ~autism and kawaii anime profile~ how could we ever doubt such sound medical advice anon!

No. 1394121

Even literal retards can hold jobs anon. Usually bagging groceries.

No. 1394231

Nice theory, nonnie. But she's still got some (relatively) wealthy parents, so that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
Btw she'll scare the shit out of her customers once they get to see her cuts. She'll be living on her life in her little gated plushie world of Twitter and cc heaven.

No. 1394275

File: 1639656978189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 703.62 KB, 1458x2592, 20211216_090724.jpg)

No. 1394292

copy pasted cuts on the left side of her chest

No. 1394295

That's just sloppy work with the healing tool.

No. 1394316

new sleep paralysis demon just dropped

No. 1394351


scary. just scary.

No. 1394353

File: 1639667092188.jpg (107.06 KB, 1878x1313, 1631931939688.jpg)

This that mandela catalogue shit?

No. 1394359

Why do her breasts look like that? Did she cut her nipples off?

No. 1394367

Clone tool in PS, so she doesn't get banned or dragged for posting "sexual pics" in front of minors.

No. 1394377

Too retarded for work or to take a shower.
Not too retarded for photoshopping her face and removing her ugly nipples.

No. 1394387

Lucy interacting with the general public is a nightmare scenario. I still think her parents should make her spend a few hours a week volunteering somewhere like at an animal shelter or community garden. Get her used to fresh air and people and standing up for extended periods of time.

No. 1394391

god, you tinfoilers are tiresome

No. 1394394

Would it be better or worse for her to integrate at this point? I feel like she would fare better if she did volunteer work or jobs that were solitary or only with 1-2 other people helping. I think working with many people and watching them do things no problem would really spin her up once she noticed the disconnect. I feel like the unicorn narrative was woven to help her make sense of the inherent disconnect she felt with other people. Mental illness is confusing but telling yourself its just a unicorn thing…. that eventually will feel like it makes sense. Being crazy never does. Maybe I'm going off the rails but it seems like a fragile cope. One day of moderate labor with normal people is going to shatter that cope like a chapel window and I think it might fuck her up mentally for a bit. Saged for what ifs and tinfoiling.

No. 1394421

I see someone got triggered by >>1393728 's comment.

No. 1394425

kek. her body still doesn't seem that bad to me and there's some serious bone popping and posing going on in that photo.

No. 1394428

We've already established that it's never gonna look that bad because of her cushioned excess skin. But we can point out when she looks visibly worse than before, which she does.

No. 1394453

Same kek. We should start making a list of the things she does and says to go out of her way to look more fragile/waif-ish, it's getting really out of hand.

No. 1394493

you sound salty she's losing weight and looks like shit

No. 1394498

Very optimistic, and I'm not sure whether she's really interested in people, except getting some positive feedback from them on Twatter. She's in her own world of LaLaLa and would not grasp the very concept of real life problems by now. Not to mention that she would be overburdened by trying to solve those by herself.

No. 1394500

You think loosing weight and looking shit is something to be salty over?

No. 1394518

File: 1639676769827.jpg (42.71 KB, 598x310, whack.jpg)

This one's for the "integration" folks out there.

No. 1394525

you're killing yourself while documenting it

No. 1394530

And her family has to watch it every single day.

No. 1394531

kekk imagine being jealous of Lucinda

No. 1394535

A list? Out of hand? You're delusional. This bitch has done nothing but lose weight with every thread, that's why she looks more "fragile/waifish". Like, maybe start the list with living off diet coke and one funfetti brownie a day? Lmao.

No. 1394540

oh nona, where have you been

No. 1394565

According to some black-white spotted herbivores with farmer masks and blue birds on their shoulder, being spoopy and looking sick is the pinnacle of goals that everyone is jealous of.

Yeah, I'm sure the ugly burn filters, large edited pupils, painted eye lines on the face, dirt on the nose, bone-rattling proana poses and bodychecks, shaved hair, keysmashing, shaved off eyebrows and more are just products of Lucinda's hands slipping.

No. 1394595

>ate hydrogen peroxide, cat food and garbage
>fasted for 3 months
>drinks only diet coke
>active self harmer
>stays in a chair, can't move or do simple tasks
>vomits and starves
>had several suicide attempts
and somehow is still alive

No. 1394605

she's being kept alive by her familia

No. 1394609

you must be new from edtwt. she's been doing all that since the beginning consistently, there's nothing new except her weight loss which is what's making her look worse and why we're all horrified. integrate better.

No. 1394617

>endlessly whiteknighting "anon" obsessed with twitter tells others to integrate better
The point is that she's doing it to look sicker, like all the uwu hurtcore munchies and ana-chans.

No. 1394675

Actually she looks fine, other than her over edited face she really looks a healthy weight for her height

No. 1394715

Her hair looks pretty good for having had so much fall out from malnutrition it had to be cut off. Fuzzy even. It looks soft. I want to pet it

No. 1394723

she's wearing a drapey shapeless nightgown, there's no way you can accurately judge that she's a healthy weight from this picture.

No. 1394739

File: 1639689643693.jpg (890.29 KB, 1458x2592, FGwcNk5XsAgzqVz.jpg)

No. 1394742

File: 1639689720932.jpg (883.27 KB, 1458x2592, FGwcNk7XEAQQser.jpg)

No. 1394745

File: 1639690108448.jpg (816.94 KB, 1458x2592, FGwEihWYAI9pKI.jpg)

No. 1394746

File: 1639690135343.jpg (895.02 KB, 1458x2592, FGwEi_dXwAwxGlX.jpg)

No. 1394775

I know the angle is warped but it looks like she's lost weight to the body of an average model. Not surprising since her bmi is 16 which is the average for a runway model. Too bad about her sh scars, no way anyone would ever photograph her even for ModelMayhem.

No. 1394800

OT, but I love her shitty typos and ways of phrasing. I’d definitely read a book if she wrote one the way she does her tweets. Tell me more about your Unicorn Powers, Queen.

No. 1394856

If Natalie can get a model job, Lucinda can.

No. 1394936


Lucinda opening up an art gallery and selling typo stories about herself would be an absolute hit

No. 1394937

File: 1639708805531.png (201.52 KB, 482x498, e0ef6995a7e7f91a417abb4981fc7c…)

No. 1394938

her parents are honestly so good to her

No. 1394948

this makes me really fucking sad. i can’t imagine having to toss snacks at your daughter like you're at the zoo in order to get her to eat.

No. 1395178


That much might be true.

But they haven't got much of a fucking choice.

Her precious snowflake would starve herself to death or would die of related conditions in a hurry.

No. 1395271

Buy a Push up bra Lucinda. It'll give you some shape up there, just some advice.
Looking way better than usual here~ and she looks like a healthy weight also

No. 1395279

that might be true, but you do realize that she has a ton of excess skin flapping around? beyond that she doesn't give a shit.
if there was one kind of person in the world she wouldn't need it would be a style advisor.

No. 1395309

She would rather need
- a real tard wrangler
- a harsh nutitionist
- someone who takes her twitter away.

And also

- a professional therapist

just for her long suffering fam.

No. 1395468

Wouldn't it be nice if she just died over night. Something like a heart condition, getting her in her sleep without pain.( A-log)

No. 1395539

No. 1395649

File: 1639779764660.jpg (108.09 KB, 960x539, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

No. 1395678

Don't you dare suggest such an awful fictional scenario for our beloved Uniqueen.

No. 1395723

Don’t worry nonnie, she’ll probably be the type of anorexic to live for hundreds of years. Like Ashley Isaacs. Except instead of surviving off of hatred and spite, Lucinda is surviving off the magic of being a unicorn.

No. 1395883


Our unicow will survive! Don't dare wish such misfortune on her.

No. 1395884


Ashley, Eugenia & Lucinda surviving against all odds and outliving us all

No. 1395994

"The Laxative Triumvirate"

No. 1396004

File: 1639816505040.jpg (38.92 KB, 598x341, dark_blood.jpg)

purgeen again with blood & guts coming out

No. 1396013


"Don't worry I knwow I woNxt die haha!"

Let's find out who's gonna have the last "haha" here.

No. 1396202

She looks like one of those big mouth things in Amnesia : The dark descent, cannot unsee

No. 1396212

File: 1639847258329.png (84.66 KB, 598x222, Screenshot_2021-12-18 lucinda(…)

Yes, sometimes we do all need a little bit of yhornwrapping, don't we.

No. 1396214

File: 1639847506412.png (31.14 KB, 592x70, Screenshot_2021-12-18 .png)

No. 1396226

anon, everyone who's spent more than two seconds in this thread knows lucinda makes typos. why do you feel the need to screencap them?

No. 1396298


then why putting content in this thread, if we can watch her twitter any time we like?

just stfu

No. 1396302

We want to see her die.

No. 1396303

fuck off.

No. 1396306

Nah, seriously. All we want to see is a nice little obituary in Spanish, with her fattie photo.

Just admit it.

No. 1396319

Is edtwt that boring now?

No. 1396325

"fattie" are you twelve? even if she's batshit I don't think wishing her death is the move here. The "we" you're speaking of doesn't seem to be the majority here so move on with the a-logging, maybe get some hobbies

No. 1396332


A hobby, that's what you say.

Like stalking a self-harming, nutcase Latina with a Twitter account, 24/7?

No. 1396346

>morally postures
Girl, just go. Take your meds and eat something, fattie.

No. 1396356

File: 1639857144800.png (442.77 KB, 795x615, 1627356207894.png)

* problematic victim nonnie triggered

problematic victim nonnie triggered

problematic victim nonnie triggered *

No. 1396359

File: 1639857299873.png (277.65 KB, 498x480, 1627356207894_2.png)


No. 1396370

>when your thread is so boring, you start a-logging yourself again

No. 1396386

anon it's time to go outside and touch grass if you're saying you want to see someone die

No. 1396420

Idk why but this made me kek

No. 1396424

Where is all this weird a-logging coming from? I'd guess it's the same person but it's so out of the blue

No. 1396451

only your fatass but keep trying boo. The mighty Unicorn Queen is not affected by your curse attempts

No. 1396487

She will live on, just to torture her family.

No. 1396608

I think theres a certain troon whos upset her thread is no longer amongst the first couple of pages of snow

No. 1396669


Go back to twitter. Our unicow doesn't need your slander you're just jealous you'll never be that skinny or magical.

No. 1396671

File: 1639879492944.png (194.23 KB, 470x325, 41e64cbfffdd73ef887a9005104bb8…)

Her positivity is always so refreshing

No. 1396712

probably because it's sincere. a lot of these kawaii cutesy pixieelocks types are all about self love and positiviťy but it's clearly foĺlowing a trend or respective aesthetic. lucinda just…. phrases things differently. in a way that you can tell really did come from her crazy little rotting schizo brain. it's all painfully honest. i think that's a big part of her appeal.

No. 1396717


wonderfully said and couldn't agree more. though shes a cow there is appeal to her sincerity

No. 1396931


"Food, friends and life".
The food she doesn't want to accept.
The "friends" that she seeks on edtwt.
The life she cannot have outside her home.

It's the things she lacks the most. There's no way to enjoy those, for her.

No. 1396949

Aw she looks cute

No. 1396959



Officially retarded for life
Cuts all over the body
Dependent on others

No. 1396964

This girl has a Tumblr blog full of gore, a blogspot about being Satan and getting turned on by murder and an art account with drawing of mutilated bodies.

No. 1396991

that tumblr wasn't hers. and her blogspot was full of psychotic delusions and ramblings because she's schizophrenic you moron. are we holding schizophrenics problematic for that now? you're obviously bitter from all the positivity and are here to "remind" us all of how wicked she is with shit that isn't even accurate. fuck off, bitterling.

No. 1397032

I should not have scrolled through her twitter since she's got so many cuts from her neck down to her legs.
Just disgusting. She's very lucky to have people around to take care about her.

No. 1397046

It matched up quite well, so where does that certainty in your statement come from? But I guess that narrative is easy to follow if you just blame every flaw on mental illness, though I didn't know schizophrenia teaches you how to draw cut up bodies.
And I'm sorry, but this isn't a hugbox where every voice of doubt/logic is "negative and problematic uwu". If you're bothered by gossip on a gossip website, there a plenty of other places for you to go.

No. 1397181

As cute as roadkill.

No. 1397182

You seem extremely angry that other people aren't as hateful towards Lucinda as you desperately wish they would be. It's weird. Mentally ill people tend to be mentally ill, I know it's shocking, but it happens. You should return to Twitter.

No. 1397206

so what? She's litterally mentally ill. Yall want this "sanitized" version of mental illness and it's all good and ~romantic~ until shit gets real. So fucking stupid.
Let her be herself and stop trying to see the world through this pathetic problematic/non problematic black/white approach.

No. 1397209

It's obviously some fat anon with a hateboner.
I feel like you anon.

No. 1397387


You would know wouldn't you ana-chan?

No. 1397388


You really don't know anything about mental illness, a lot of her behavior isn't maliciously intended. So yes it's very excusable some of her actions or in the least gives some understanding into why she does/believes what she does. Go touch some grass or pick up a book because you are clearly lacking actual knowledge on the subject

No. 1397419

I just started a bunch of facts and then my opinion, sorry that you don't like it. Why should go to twitter to gossip about cows and not lolcow?
Mental illness is not an excuse for every flaw or questionable action, especially not when it's as weirdly cherry picked as Lucinda displays it. By that logic we should close snow, pt and w because being all cows are some degree of mentally ill.

I knew actual schizophrenics both irl and online and none of them magically learned to draw corpses or were able to write perfectly understandable blogposts when in a bad state, but okay. So when, according to you, is she responsible for anything she does?

I'm asking out of genuine interest, because when criticism is forbidden because muh mental illness, what do you expect the thread to be?

No. 1397424

This girl is such a trainwreck she really needs help I dont know what is his family doing because she is going to die. The way she writes is genius and Im sure it is not a disorder and she does it voluntarily. Also her pupils are always dilated, is she wearing eye contacts? thats creepy and scary in a person in her current status.
Anyway cant remember the scientific data but somebody should tell her starving and puking continously will make her body enter in a panic mode that will produce a special hormone for the rest of her life that will make her grow fat from anything she eats, there is no way back for this condition and she will be fat forever, she has all the right to lose weight to look pretty but she has to do it by eating clean and going vegan.(autism)

No. 1397428

And neither do I about your lazy white knighting. At least try to have a discussion.

No. 1397443


You sound jealous.

No. 1397455


It's confirmed she photoshops her pupils to be that large, so its thankfully not her real eyes. She definitely needs to cut out the junk, go into a healthy diet and take medication to come even close to a semi decent lifestyle. I'm surprised her family doesn't force her to ingest the medication since they do everything else. Would definitely make a difference

No. 1397460

I get that people like you are well meaning, but you keep factoring out that she legitimately doesnt care. She doesn't want a healthy diet. She doesnt want medication, she doesnt want a normal life. She says repeatedly that she just wants to vomit, watch chicken run, and sleep. Nothing else. She's also very open about her photoshopping-I feel like she's gone over it almost 3 times now. That she uses the burn tool and some other shit for her eyes and to make her skin look more "unicorny".

No. 1397472


Thank you, yeah its just wishful thinking more likely than anything she probably won't recover anytime soon especially after all these years. Her unicow vision is her strongest desire by far

No. 1397479

File: 1639964759547.png (262.26 KB, 469x420, 419a50e2c1e35297f4c082756538a4…)

No. 1397528

cute lil christmas elf

No. 1397540

she really does look cute here

No. 1397642


cute?? nope. horror makeup. pimples, cutting scars all over the place. definitely not cute.

just retarded.

No. 1397646

File: 1639989071906.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.33 KB, 598x592, edtwt.jpg)

new 99-lbs™-photoshoot, with enthusiastic responses. i need eyebleach and to touch some grass now.

No. 1397648

I've always found the "yass queen" reactions to reaching lower and lower weights in ana-chan communities bizarre. "Congrats on the eating disorder!"

No. 1397649

right. they cling together like rabbit shit.

No. 1397678

>she really does look cute here
Just No. Cute how? I agree with >>1397642

No. 1397713

to each their own

No. 1397735

File: 1640006839629.jpg (37.46 KB, 629x385, uwu_kyuut.jpg)


And the comments are … unbelievable.

No. 1397744

This girls' brains are rotten

No. 1397767

Did we watch the same video? The one I saw convinced me that this shit is fake, the stuttering is not real, there is nothing physical to it. The only difficulty she seems to have is making up the stuttering and trying to look retarded in a believable way.

No. 1397771

I agree but learn to sage

No. 1397775


That might or might not be true.
But I don't think the myriad of cuts are photoshopped or just makeup. So there is a physical factor involved, definitely. Also, the psych doctor's evaluation seems to be legit.

No. 1397776


whoa I didn’t realize the internet had an option for blind people. How progressive!

No. 1397777

let's just be glad we don't have to smell that woman

No. 1397778

File: 1640015382679.jpeg (607.56 KB, 1400x2048, 7649B0E7-FB44-4B78-ADC4-56BF2F…)

No. 1397781

File: 1640015733489.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 568.9 KB, 2048x2048, A8C32476-0D5D-40C9-9ABD-CE9048…)

No. 1397785

File: 1640016401844.jpg (174.56 KB, 800x670, Tom_Lea_-_2000_Yard_Stare.jpg)


No. 1397799

I think that's the point of her whole aesthetic

we have the same stats and now I'm scared I look like this(ana-chan )

No. 1397807

Bless you for the work you do, Caretaker anon

No. 1397813

'we have the same stats' fuck off back to ed twitter

No. 1397819



No. 1397825


so cute?

No. 1397829

nice numberbragging asshole

No. 1397835


She is more delusional than a liar and clearly can’t think straight. The anons who are saying she should get a job have never dealt with a schizophrenic irl. When on their meds, it isn’t too bad but a large percentage end up thinking they don’t need their meds anymore and go off it, or think their meds are poison and won’t take it.

No. 1397839

If she made needlepoint art with this on it, I'd buy it and put it in my bathroom.

No. 1397901

File: 1640032384529.jpeg (152.53 KB, 828x404, A4BFF1A2-0638-4429-98A2-43716F…)

love the positivity but oh lord this is just…obviously her schizophrenia leaking out more

No. 1397903

File: 1640032627369.png (154.55 KB, 495x468, bagel.png)


oh, the irony

No. 1397916

File: 1640034463430.jpeg (339.77 KB, 1152x2048, FHEpuRsWYAIbF6U.jpeg)

Same day, lol. She has nice teeth.

No. 1397917

File: 1640034503046.jpeg (331.27 KB, 1152x2048, FHEpuRuXsAU26RM.jpeg)

No. 1397929

It’s nice to see her smile genuinely like this.

No. 1397946

File: 1640036650914.jpg (313.96 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20211220-174201.jpg)

She's on a bit of a psychotic roll.

No. 1397948

File: 1640036677184.jpg (441.53 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20211220-174226.jpg)

No. 1397949

File: 1640036777595.jpg (151.47 KB, 1075x415, Screenshot_20211220-174249.jpg)

No. 1398021


She's actually pretty cute, if the scars got photoshopped out would definitely see potential

No. 1398065

this is so stupid

No. 1398194


Her parents gotta prepare, she ain't lasting long if there's no intervention.

No. 1398343


There will be some intervention, soon.
I guess everyone involved knows that.

No. 1398378

Personally, I don't think her unicorn theory will work out entirely the way she imagines.

No. 1398666

over and done with

No. 1398741

File: 1640115401303.png (55.35 KB, 598x341, purge .png)

Purging black sludge. Might be blood, or not..?

No. 1398800

Definitely blood with bile. This chick is going to kill herself puking. Seems awfully happy about it too.

No. 1398913

ambrose is back on twitter with a new account. i wonder if lucinda knows it

No. 1398919

Maybe. Natalie was already posting about it and alerting EDtwt.

No. 1398984

might as well be diet coke and stomach acid itself is light brown too

No. 1398986


already privated and decided to take a break, apparently they are called mion now. Sure Lucinda doesn't know if she has Natalie blocked

No. 1399013

File: 1640138960903.png (179.36 KB, 470x398, 572628bfdea8dae6720a42309c01db…)


She knows

No. 1399014

Sitting in a comfy chair all day, freezing.

Still able to put up a catfight on the interwebs.

No. 1399015

File: 1640139043291.png (34.36 KB, 468x133, bafeb798cb3b45a325c381c0eefe16…)

No. 1399016

I'm curious how she knows.. Does she lurk his thread regularly?

No. 1399017


Gotta love her determination for a good fight even when shes at deaths door

No. 1399019

It's like 77f° where she lives. Freezing my ass lol

No. 1399027

File: 1640139367568.png (35.81 KB, 488x238, 77ace8539b2e2e1adfc2023be7aa1e…)

did the cowtippers get bored?

No. 1399028

.. What else would she be doing? If I sat around in a chair all day best believe I'd be on my phone

No. 1399029

if you are sitting all day and anorexic you will freeze at any temperature

No. 1399030

Why would she do that?

No. 1399035

File: 1640139782036.png (55.9 KB, 632x471, 3e7652934070d2db92884efa2e39ab…)


78.8f°, no way she is freezing

No. 1399036


81% Humidity? fuck that

No. 1399040

My point is moreso why would she give a fuck about natalie

No. 1399051

She said it was chocolate cake. She’d be dead by now if it was blood.

No. 1399052

Maybe she misses her. They had a cute friendship.

No. 1399070

She mentioned in the replies that she lives in the mountains and it gets way colder than the rest of the island especially since it's raining.

No. 1399174

File: 1640159515911.jpg (42.29 KB, 598x415, bananaland.jpg)

Well, she says so. So it must be true™.

No. 1399176

There is a difference between a 'hill' and a 'mountain'.
And in an area with gardens and pools in the backyard, why not having central heating and airconditioners?

It's all about her baby play.

No. 1399177

it's her metabolism slowing down, that makes her feel cold.

No. 1399182

Her insisting it’s winter weather is really suspicious, unless I’m too autistic to tell it’s sarcasm. I just looked at a temperature map of Puerto Rico, even looked out the mountainous areas, and the lowest temperature I could find for right now (3 am EST, which I believe is her time zone) is 69F, which is 20.556C for those of you who don’t use the superior temperature scale. It was most likely warmer when she posted on Twitter complaining about the temperature. So either she’s too stupid to know that she’s cold because she’s not eating, or she’s lying/over-exaggerating about being cold. Or as I mentioned in my first sentence, it could be sarcasm.

No. 1399211

Toddler LARP

No. 1399271

purging dark acid slime, lying on a comfy chair.
still able to screech and bite.
way to go!

No. 1399277

Pretty sure she's the one who made the Ambrose thread in the first place. Also, she's selfposting a lot in here.

No. 1399290

Sick old Grandma LARP

No. 1399305

go on, indulge me. what makes you think that?

No. 1399306


It's 84 F in San Juan rn. Of course temps in the 60s are going to feel cold. People from warm/hot climates year round feel colder in mild temperatures compared to people who are used to winter weather of 30 F.

No. 1399332

Yes, she seems to have it open 24/7

Lucinda please post your pets for a change.

No. 1399336

You know the milk is dry when people are arguing about a skelly chan being cold when the weather dips.

No. 1399342

nta but just read the other threads in full nonna, you'll get the picture

No. 1399368

ayrt and I have read them in full, I've been following these threads since she was first brought up. I'm gonna need some further elaboration on what makes you think she would create a thread here or is selfposting.

No. 1399386

Yeah people in the tropics aren't used to temperatures dropping below 75°F when in the summertime they go up to 100°F. They have no resistence to the barely chilly weather like folks in the states and Europe do. It's all about what you're used to.

No. 1399397

File: 1640194323009.jpg (227.71 KB, 1080x945, Screenshot_20211222-133053.jpg)

one look at her replies and you can see her friend tweeted about it and lucinda replied. if you're curious do some digging it's not hard.


No. 1399448

I did wonder, I know during the Ambrose situation she seemed to think that lolcow was her personal army (or at least that's what I got from some of her tweets). You bully her and then bam lolcow on you. It did make me give a little of the side-eye.

No. 1399613

The way she's made lolcow her personal army is a bit sus and I also can't shake the feeling that she was puting on an act when I saw her stutter on her youtube video… It's hard because I like her so much and don't want to entertain the idea she might be playing us all, but some things do make me sus.

No. 1399633

I remember her saying the whole time lolcow stalked her every move and targeted her for being a schizophrenic cutter so I doubt she saw this place positively. She just said that even a place as ~evil~ as lolcow could see that Ambrose was a piece of shit worthy of her own thread. Never got the impression she thought we were on her side apart from pointing out that even we could see she was being treated unfairly which she was.

No. 1399634

Nah, she switched up as soon as she saw everyone was against Ambrose. She was reposting all the edits from here and everything.

No. 1399642

Nta, but I didn't get that vibe. Tbh it was a lot more like an entire twotter community told her to kill herself and then in a weird turn of events Lolcow, which was something she viewed negatively, ended up saving her ass by posting Ambrose milk. Idk about you nonnie but if the people I had previously seen as stalkers suddenly gave me a massive helping hand I'd be pretty happy about it too, and of course she was going to play along with the edits and such- she and us had a common enemy

No. 1399683

pretty much. i don't think it was a personal army thing. we were literally just the only people defending her at the time from the lies ambrose was telling her followers. previous beef or not, i'd be pretty damn happy. it was a good night for everyone who hated ambrose, but especially for the schizo being bombarded with death threats for calling someone a loser. it literally drove her to a suicide attempt. wild night. so what if she felt we were on her side? read the thread summary. we jokingly admit it.

No. 1399692

File: 1640218156862.jpg (456.65 KB, 750x750, washyourass.jpg)

I couldn't resist, it's shit but eh.

No. 1399699

you're an artist, nonny

No. 1399702

File: 1640219678097.jpeg (143.65 KB, 640x873, 422A524E-A3EF-493A-BD92-3320AC…)


No. 1399718

Don't die, Luci. You have a kind heart and the world needs that.

No. 1399719


No please she can't die, Lucinda as crazy as she may be at times genuinely gives a shit about people. We don't want our cows suffering/dying as farmers we care for our stock, and even outside of that I'm not the biggest fan of her she still brings some kind of positivity thats refreshing.

No. 1399720

File: 1640221803161.png (39.64 KB, 477x137, 5dfbc822a4ebc5190cf07d783bfb7f…)

No. 1399722

She hated it as first but then got hooked to it as source of attention.

No. 1399724


We can't have our cows die, otherwise the milk goes dry. A nice hefty supply of milk is important and we don't let others kick our cow around.

No. 1399728


damn really hope shes been lying this whole time and just uses angles/photoshops better cause this shits depressing as fuck

No. 1399735

I don't know about her creating a thread here, but she was already caught wking herself in thread 1 and the redtexted samefag- and vicious wking bans were also highly suspicious. Along with the behavior of some posters her. Honestly just look at /meta/ or the cow thread on /ot/, anons there named plenty other obvious hints. She's already confirmed to lurk here a lot and indirectly respond to anon's debates, so it's not that much of a leap.

No. 1399743

File: 1640223498808.png (149.8 KB, 755x378, 05d4a8c79545f4e03e975fa520bba7…)

No. 1399748

>call someone your partner after a few days because of some flirting over your tweets
>TIF gf tries to an hero and needs to stay in hospital too for her taste
>immediately dump her after lolcow voices its displeasure
kek are we sure she isn't just a bpd-chan?

No. 1399775

Damn. She's genuinely such a sweet person.

No. 1399814

File: 1640231168891.jpg (69.51 KB, 827x676, IMG_20211222_234926.jpg)

This was the picture attached to the bottom tweet. I guess she's saying her ideal partner at this point is just a human "comfy chair". Which is pointless since according to her she'll be dead in a few months.

No. 1399823

File: 1640232350544.jpg (45.85 KB, 540x387, 1487298829811.jpg)

She did a bingo meme where she admits she gets off from being sick and fragile. It's all an aesthetic fetish/sickgirl thing that ties in with sh and anorexia. Certain unstable girls get fixated and obsessed with the "gorecore" look and want to be as sick and hurt as possible so a strong ~Daddy~ will take care of them. She's retweeted that skelly schoolgirl being shaken by some dude too. It's all about being ~fragile~.

No. 1399825

…this made some of my goodwill for her disappear ngl

No. 1399833

What skelly schoolgirl?

No. 1399866

You're just being overly cynical. She's schIzo, her starvation is about her delusions of gaining magical powers not being fragile. Nothing about her personality is gorecore unless you think self harm automatically puts her in an aesthetic category.

Seriously do y'all foĺlow this bitch at all lol. She's not some Sanrio traumacore account crying about bpd she's a retarded uber positive unicorn schizo posting crocodile memes and Christmas countdowns.

No. 1399899

File: 1640247141841.jpg (138.33 KB, 1080x1350, 164198189_114939917339195_4233…)


nayrt but she's into exactly everything other traumacore/kawaii sickgirl/menhera blogs are, likes to present herself that way and doesn't make a secret of it either, don't be dense.

No. 1399955

she's also schizophrenic. a lot of what you see of her genuine mental illness is unfair to say is catering to any niche internet aesthstic. quit trying to bring back the "soren 2.0" debate.

yeah chicken run, 0 mention of trauma, extreme positivity, self harm recovery, and pinterest mom self help quotes. much traumacore, very sickgirl.

obviously she stumbled upon the picture and found it moving/triggering and expressed that. why else would she comment on it if it was a daily thought in her head?

No. 1400030

IP reveal when???

No. 1400033

for real lmao

No. 1400043

This girl is on her deathbed and y'all stay with yhe traumacore/Soren debate it's so fucking tiring lmao.

No. 1400075

I must've missed Lucinda's leg warmers and sweaters and My Melody plushies with the kitty paw box cutters. You're arguing about how she must he secretly catering to a subculture beneath the subculture she garners - are you fucking retarded?

No. 1400076

Girls looking for a 'strong daddy' never shut the fuck up about it. Lucinda has never said anything to suggest that's what she's after. Lumping her in with that type is a reach.

No. 1400077

That video makes me feel gross, why would she retweet that?

No. 1400084

nta but someone disagreeing with you doesn't automatically make them the cow. guess that's a convenient way to dismiss the logic in what they're saying though.

at this point I want an IP reveal just so you'll move on.

No. 1400088

lucinda's also never talked about trauma which is the whole point of traumacore. she's extremely positive all about uplifting people. she isn't masochistic, she talks about wanting a loving relationship. anon is straight up talking out of their ass saying she fits the aesthetic to a t. what i got from the tweet was her saying she related to the figure, emaciated and wounded. and being held in someone's arms made her think this was the only way she could have a relationship anymore because she has nothing else to give.

she's also can't make up her mind. one minute she's gonna live forever. the next she's dying and just wants to be held by someone. and them the next she's talking about being excited for 2022. i don't know if that's her schizophrenia but it makes me sad either way. i don't know how you people have time to make a joke out of her suffering by going "a-ha! i knew you were trauma/gorecore!" just because you see her talking about wanting to die.

No. 1400089

File: 1640271570997.jpg (252.42 KB, 1080x1140, IMG_20211223_155901.jpg)

>I must've missed Lucinda's leg warmers and sweaters and My Melody plushies
I can't tell if you're being ironic. Have you ever taken a look at her twitter, where she posts exactly that, between posts of bloody animu girls? Or instagram, where she literally tags her posts as various aesthetics, including sanrio aesthetic.

There is no logic, just senseless whiteknighting. Everyone who takes a look at her social media knows she doesn't repost your average traumacore stuff because she's triggered by it.

No. 1400093

>Have you ever taken a look at her twitter, where she posts exactly that, between posts of bloody animu girls?

you're absolutely hysterical. show me lucinda in legwarmers and a sweater, holding a my melody plush you fucking delusional weirdo.

No. 1400094

don't be so overdramatic, nonny
logic??? have you even read the threads?? there is more than enough evidence to suggest that lucinda/debora is, at the very least, exaggerating her mental issues, and we know she lurks the threads (and have evidence from one of the earlier ones that she is probably selfposting). it's not that hard to believe that part of the influx of wks dumb enough to believe the larp are probably debbie herself.

No. 1400097

>show me this specific image in that pose
What do you get out of densely and angrily whiteknighting every smallest criticism of her? Why are you this angry about it to the point you start throwing ad hominems?
Literally just look at her insta or twitter.

No. 1400098

she has 5k followers, her friends lurk these threads, and the thread itself was calling her their queen. don't be daft. people like her. she isn't your average cow where anyone actully has any reason to hate her. it's fun to mock her and call her ugly but actually accusing her of just secretly being a traumacore blog all along who gets off on a big strong daddy abusing her is just not applicable to our favorite cow.

No. 1400104

I'm genuinely confused here. How can you say she's into traumacore and then in the same paragraph say she doesn't share it because she finds it triggering? I'm not trying to argue here, it's a sincere question.

No. 1400105

There's at least one white knight who aggressively ban evades, judging by previous bans in earlier threads.
Also like the other anon unwillingly admitted, between her selfposting there must be some guillable twitterfags who came here without much knowledge of how far cows can go.

No. 1400115

you must either be a newfag, a complete retard, or [insert hi cow here] if you think its valid to go through so much mental gymnastics to defend this munchie and explain why, against ALL evidence, she absolutely could not be selfposting in this thread

No. 1400117

Because she reposts the same things you find on any traumacore/menhera/kawaii hurtcore tumblr.
>sanrio - check
>cat soup - check
>various kawaii aesthetics - check
>displaying yourself as hurt anime girl - check
>random japanese school girls - check
>lambs, angels and other innocent images - check
>blood, hurt bodies and gore - check
>drawings of gore mixed with cute imaginary - check, provided by lucy herself
>above innocent/cute images mixed between texts of how much you hate yourself - check
>above innocent/cute images mixed between text of suicidebait - check
>above innocent/cute images mixed between text of how much you want to self harm - check

No. 1400131

samefag. plus, cows with even bigger followings than debbie have gotten caught selfposting, so that point about having "5k followers" is equally retarded

No. 1400154

that's nice. one look at her twitter and it's obvious she's not into traumacore nor does she fit into it based on any of her tweets or personality. you're amazing.

>likes sanrio

>kawaii imagery

wild. the rest you just checked out applies to the one (1) image you dug up and the last tweet she posted about wanting to die because she's so pathetic. lord did you backbend your way through this one. it's not whiteknighting, it's just….stupid. that you come in here insisting she's been a traumacore account all along and we're all great blins fools and you must guide us through the light. fuck off.

No. 1400167

File: 1640277049403.jpg (Spoiler Image, 254.75 KB, 1080x1382, IMG_20211223_172736.jpg)

Why are you so damn mad?
First of, I'm not even the OG anon who braught it up, I just agree with her. And no, it does not just apply to one image, as you would see if you'd bother to scroll. And she didn't just once tweet about the things mentioned either. Do you want me to spam the thread with screencaps just so you can say "t-that doesn't count!" on each one? Seriously, what do you get out of this?

No. 1400168

File: 1640277297004.jpg (283.42 KB, 1080x1941, 20211223_113303.jpg)

Ntayrt, but she pretty obviously likes that aesthetic. Not sure why your bending backwards to say she doesn't

No. 1400170

no shit she'd like it she self harms herself and says she misses it and finds it a way of ~practice her higher power~ not sure what you think you're proving. it's a mental illness not an aesthetic.

No. 1400172

Girl it's one tweet put the tinfoil down.

No. 1400174

Farmers can voice their opinions whitout you (yes, you) jumping at their throat at every turn with you mental gymnastic bs. You don't think your Munchie Kween is selfposting/exaggerating her mentol illness? Good for you. But not everyone has to agree with you.
This isn't a fan site nor a ~uwu safe space~ for edtwtards.

Seriously, all I want for milkmas is a post reveal.

No. 1400175

>she tweets about liking self harm and misses it
So you agree with that checkpoint and that it doesn't just apply to one tweet?
>liked tweet says self harm is so pretty
>it's not aesthetic!
Sorry, like the other anon I can't compete with these gymnastics and don't have enough time to waste to spam this thread with screencaps so you can make up new excuses for each one.

No. 1400179

You're a tard kek its not tinfoiling to say a cow likes an aesthetic that she often retweets. Foh stop misusing farm terms to wk

No. 1400187

>"often retweets"
>keeps showing one tweet

No. 1400310

Agreed. All I want is delicious diet Coke flavored milk from this cow, not the same white knight shitting up the thread.

No. 1400417

File: 1640301174891.jpg (159.26 KB, 1080x490, Screenshot_20211223-190931.jpg)

No. 1400418

File: 1640301204867.jpeg (306.3 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20211223-191019-01.…)

No. 1400419

File: 1640301265580.jpeg (531.12 KB, 1152x2048, FHUkOQLXoAk1lRk.jpeg)

No. 1400420

File: 1640301294076.jpeg (513.67 KB, 1152x2048, FHUkOQOX0A0HVPB.jpeg)

No. 1400433


Damn that kinda hurts though, fact shes apologizing for just venting is kinda shit too you didn't do anything wrong Lucinda just get better and give us lots of milk.

No. 1400434


always so cute our unicow

No. 1400611

Her friend Luca used to be a farmer I wouldn’t be surprised if she is also contributing

No. 1400628

How many times are you going to keep trying to bring her up. This has to be like the third time I've read this exact comment.

No. 1400630

Samefag but I always feel like the person who has been trying to talk about lucindas friends over and over for like 3 threads is just Natalie

No. 1400631

News to me but anon should post proof to make it worth anything. Luca isn’t as interesting as our precious unicorn. She’s just a retard

No. 1400634

Def Natalie considering she was obsessed with them both

No. 1400635

I wonder whose asshole she's gonna climb up for clout now that she fucked it with lucinda and ambrose left after 5 seconds of being back.

No. 1400662

You dumb whiteknights from twitter or Lucinda and/or her friends trying to deflect from the accusations of blatant selfposting in this thread. Nobody fucking mentioned anything about Natalie until you tards showed up and started whining about anons not respecting your pREcioUs UNicORn. And if anyone provided any proof that one of her friends/Lucinda was actually posting in the thread, you would just play stupid and shit out a thousand reasons why it's not proof just like the sperg from earlier. Literally just quit it. And nobody cares about her shitty selfies or worthless curious cat answers that vaguely pertain to topics discussed on this thread (always after the fact).

No. 1400737

Yeah right. So that one """anon""" always making excuses for Lucinda's ~super real and valid mental illness~ is someone who hates her guts? Seems legit!

Thank you anon. Yeah,""they"" always do that, deflecting any criticisms or interrogations with baseless accusations.
When the troon bf was brought up and anons started to have some doubts, the Ambrose thread was suddenly bumped with useless pics.
How convenient!
Sorry WK-anon, you're not as smart as you think you are, and certainly not the first retard self-posting here (Kelly Rohanan being a perfect exemple or Erin Painter, Victoria Shingles, Raven and her little "library friends") and probably not the last.
Newfags can be fooled easily but those of us who are here for a long time are able to see through that shit.
Hopefully, the new farmhands will investigate that thread a little bit and treat us with some good milk after the holidays.

No. 1400778

File: 1640349683964.gif (1.58 MB, 360x202, 8a8.gif)

No. 1400789

So now Lucinda isn't even mentally ill at all? Encroydible.

Instead of trying with all your might to dictate the tone and direction of the thread, why don't you just fuck off to a thread you actually like instead of shitting this one up with pointless infighting until everyone agrees with you. Which - newsflash - won't happen. Because in this particular thread people happen to like the cow. And no matter how much that interferes with your hateboner, insulting everyone and contradicting yourself("this thread is full of her friends and edtwtfags but it's only Lucinda wk'ing!!!") won't make everyone do what you want.

It's Christmas Eve. Do something better lol.

No. 1400809

>Instead of trying with all your might to dictate the tone and direction of the thread,
But that's exactly what the whiteknights, including (you) are doing. Constantly speaking in "we"s and trying to shut down any kind of criticism, gossip or ~negativity~ on a fucking gossip website.

No. 1400828

correcting misinformation isn't shutting down gossip.

No. 1400837

Disagreeing with your stupid theories doesn't make someone a whiteknight. Lucinda is very clearly not a traumacore account like you kept hamfisting. According to you now she isn't even mentally ill, which is even more fucking stupid. Am I a whiteknight for disagreeing with that too? Or better yet, am I Lucinda herself?

Lucinda is a cow but she's not a bad person. We gossip in a neutral way that isn't malicious because half of us are her followers or her friends. If you don't like the tone of the thread or the fact we won't entertain your overly cocky hamfisting of your theories, then kindly leave the thread. Obviously you fucking hate it here.(>we)

No. 1400862

Nobody said she wasn't mentally ill, just that she is exaggerating the severity (like being a schizo). If people in this thread liked the cow, then multiple anons wouldn't have been calling out white knights like they have over the past day. Clearly it's just you, twitard. You can't even make your white knight attempts believable—like the other anon said, newfags might fall for your LARP but actual farmers aren't that stupid and can see you for what you are.

No. 1400875

>half of us are her followers or her friends

B-b-but, I thought that farmers thinking that were big tinfoiler meanies? Oh no!
Go back to Twitter if you want to lick her ass so much or have the decency to read the rules.

No. 1400879




No. 1400887

Responding to criticsm with retarded infighting and spamming jealous, fat, vendetta, tilfoil etc and dropping the conversation when you're out of arguments or insults isn't "correcting misinformation".

>Instead of trying with all your might to dictate the tone and direction of the thread,
>we do x
>we say y
>we think z
>if you disagree/don't kiss her ass, leave
No we don't. This is an anonymous imageboard and not twitter, where you can police opinions. You're also talking to several people, wk-chan.

No. 1400898

Dear Farmhands,

This year for Christmas all I want is this thread to get autosaged, and all self-posters itt to be exposed. I have been a very good girl… only been banned a few times this year!

With lots of milk and Diet Coke,

No. 1400979

File: 1640369884643.jpg (525.15 KB, 1152x2048, FHY_AyBXMAYvEqa.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1400980

File: 1640369918636.jpg (564.48 KB, 1152x2048, FHY_AyCXwAAi33b.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1401025

Why are people so attached to the idea she was obsessive best friends with either of them? She doesn't seem to give a shit either way anymore, and seems to still have a social circle on twitter. Stop deflecting every criticism or shitpost with the shield of whichever name you can quickly pull out of your hat.

No. 1401046

First time she’s looked genuinely cute, probably bc she’s all covered up
Bc we know she reads here, I hope your Christmas is nice luci!

No. 1401062

Dear nonnie,

Minimize the fucking thread. If it is that much of a problem, minimize the fucking thread.

Yours sincerely, nonniette

No. 1401120


>lucinda is a cow but she's not a bad person

Very true, idk how disagreeing with an opinion is white knighting but it appears a lot of people here do like her or at least are neutral about her. Seems to be the same two or three people with hate boners otherwise one being previously banned for saying things like she needed to die etc.

No. 1401123


clearly you've never been around a real schizo before, there isn't a tamed version its pretty psychotic throughout there life and off there meds even worse

No. 1401126


shes genuinely such a cute cow especially this holiday season in all her cute outfits

No. 1401139

AYRT. Complete horseshit. I never claimed she had a "tamed version", I said she's exaggerating/faking it. What even is a "tamed version" anyway? "Pretty psychotic"? You can't even bother to use these terms properly in the context of a schizophrenic patient. It's clear to me that you yourself have never interacted with an actual schizophrenic in real life, because then you would know that the symptoms are not constant. And you would also know that it doesn't make one acquire a "typing style".
And like clockwork. All "three" of you pull out the same excuses in rapid fire succession—barely a minute between each post, meanwhile accusing the haydurz of being 2-3 people.

No. 1401189

you're clearly unhappy with the direction of the thread, why don't you just leave and quit the infighting because people won't accept your every theory as canon? not everyone who disagrees with you is a whiteknight ffs.

No. 1401193

shes so fucked up
she will go down the drain(sage)

No. 1401257

She looks less unhappy and dead behind the eyes lately, it's really nice to see. She's like an eating disordered, more cheerful Pixyteri.

No. 1401292


Someones pissy, quit the infighting and go back to the gossip twitty.

No. 1401294

File: 1640393176611.jpg (15.67 KB, 474x266, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)


OH NOO GOD FORBID THREE PEOPLE TYPE AROUND THE SAME TIME guess everyone in this thread is the same two people arguing with each other with that logic lol

No. 1401330


AYRT. I'll take the ban for infighting or whatever, but you autists can't even bother to integrate, then sperg out when anons rightly assume that this thread has been compromised by Lucinda and her calves from edtwt. You never even change your style—it's always the same posts, same comments, same deflections. Give it up, Lucinda. You're not ~~UwU skEllY PixYTeri~~ or whatever you twitards are trying to accomplish. This thread has no milk beyond infighting, and the reality is that nobody gives a fuck about your lowly 5,000 followers and greasy selfies. Anons were sympathetic enough when the twitards turned against you even though Ambrose was in the wrong, but don't forget that even if you're ""not a bad person"", we're here to laugh at you, not be your personal cheerleaders. You're still a major attention whore, and you need to get over yourself.

No. 1401333

File: 1640399340713.png (153.74 KB, 457x363, 816ad079e537720c59fb4f1adf7edd…)

No. 1401338

why are you so mad. just leave the thread.

No. 1401343

Who said I was mad? This is an imageboard, newfag. Learn2integrate

No. 1401359

Anon one of them is openly admitting that she's a twitter friend of lucinda and the other is using the same recycled phrases over and over again like you said (begging you to leave, "hateboners", spamming tinfoil images everytime someone calls out the obvious etc). Don't waste your time further, ignore them when you recognize them and keep posting no matter how much they bitch about wanting a precious hugbox. Because Lucinda's munchie antics are milky tbh.
It's one thing to like the cow or find her funny or pretty, but another to get hyper-defensive and feeling the need to defend her honor every single time someone dares to utter a non-positive notion.

No. 1401388

hear hear, fuck the unicalves

No. 1401398

this all started because someone said she was just a traumacore/hurtcore account all along and fit all the aesthetics perfectly, which is blatantly untrue to anyone with eyes who sees her twitter and reads her tweets. but anon got butthurt and decided to accuse anyone who disagreed a whiteknight. you call that a fair discussion?

No. 1401447


vErY uNiCoRn
sO mUcH rEcOvErY

No. 1401646

File: 1640478949565.png (584.48 KB, 600x673, Screenshot 2021-12-26 on Twitt…)

Just take a closer look at her presents.

A set of gifts made for someone who's twenty years younger than her current (bodily) age. Still sooo proud about it.

Stupid little fuck.

No. 1401662

She's retarded why are you surprised or upset she acts infantile?
let the unicow be happy ffs, no need to be a grinch

No. 1401669

Who gifts their 24 year old daughter literal baby blankets? Her parents must be Jill-tier enablers.

No. 1401674

what the fuck is your problem? this has got to be bait.

No. 1401683

Yeah, that was kind of a red flag. Her mom must be a chronic coddler, which explains a lot about her.

No. 1401689

File: 1640482624424.jpeg (530.46 KB, 1609x2048, FHeBHRuXIAMj9r-.jpeg)

On the other hand, it looks like they also bought her a bakery set and chocolate. Really weird. Why her mom specifically though?

No. 1401852

File: 1640513078144.png (35.8 KB, 598x158, purgin.png)

Purging herself to death, feeling jolly about it AND still getting a lot of likes for that.
Welcome to edtwt..!

No. 1401853


looking like some baby birthday

No. 1401856

Don't be mean to our Unicorn you miserable a-logging little shit.
Anyway, she looks really happy here even though she got gifted mostly stuff for kids.
I'm honestly concerned for her home life. They seem to be ignoring her mental illness and just letting her kill herself.

No. 1401866

>>They seem to be ignoring her mental illness and just letting her kill herself.
No they didn't. Lurk moar.

No. 1401923

I could be totally wrong but I think the baking set is for homemade cat treats.

No. 1401952


Let the mentally retarded unicorn enjoy her gifts, its not hurting anyone and its already been proven she has a below average IQ meaning shes mentally a child so no shit her parents are going to treat her like one.

No. 1401954


They should be sneaking her meds, deactivating her twitter and get her into a recovery rehab for anorexia. Wouldn't be hard to get guardianship at that age Britney Spears style with all this evidence.

No. 1401968

File: 1640538214076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.63 KB, 598x542, corpse.jpg)

They should pouch her mobile phone, then. That's no appropriate toy for a child.

No. 1402015


Twitter/edtwt is no place for a mental child..!

No. 1402046


Absolutely they should! Or better yet just put the whole device on child safety and call it a day so the unicow doesn't have a melt down.

No. 1402047


tell that to twitter whose TOS allows 13 year olds

No. 1402060

File: 1640547647941.png (37.74 KB, 473x198, 5f155773cf5b498c7f26e245f78d4c…)


Something is seriously wrong with these people. And how has nobody pointed out yet how crusty and gapping that belly button is?

No. 1402061

File: 1640547774116.png (61.28 KB, 755x203, 520a39317d9edc2260ea09606e330b…)

The fact her parents don't watch her consistently, lock the door or allow her to sprint to the bathroom like this is ridiculous. Its either they are babying Lucinda or neglecting getting her proper treatment, their is no in between at this point.

No. 1402160

this makes less and less sense the more she tells us about her home situation

No. 1402165

I vaguely remember her saying she pukes at night when everyone's asleep.

No. 1402170


Almost as if she’s probably lying. She’s a hoot to watch, but she’s either extending the truth as far as it’ll go, or outright fabricating aspects of her life. Either way, she brings me much joy.

No. 1402194

she says she doesn't eat all day apart from the cosmic brownie her dad gives her and stays in her "comfy chair" under the covers all day and night, only getting up to drink soda and piss. not much monitoring for her parents to do. her dad tries to give her more brownies to ear but she throws them out, so she presumably does not eat during the day and indeed does it secretly when mommy and daddy aren't around to intervene.

No. 1402200

although really what can they do? they're boomers. i know her dad's a bodybuilder but i don't think anyone wants to go to the extreme of tying her up or locking the doors. she's probably just purge on the floor. lucinda isn't just bulimic she's psychotic. she won't listen to reason. they're probably grateful to have her quiet and not hurting herself in her "comfy chair". taking her phone away would be like taking a pacifier away from a baby at this point. she's internet obsessed and they don't know what she's up to.

No. 1402216

Yesterday she tweeted that she just puked, 3 hours after she went for a road trip with her fam, which must've been around 6pm in her timezone.

That's also my guess. According to her, her family helps her at every little thing down to hygiene in the past few threads, so that doesn't make sense if they don't think she's body impaired. And usually these kind if dynamics are either full on controlling and helicoptering or overwhelmingly neglecting. They don't just look away and stop watching everytime it's convenient for the kid in question.
It really is a mystery.

No. 1402224

bulimics will do anything to get a b/p session going. and lucinda can't hold food down in any capacity. maybe they tried to get some christmas food in her, or maybe she just forced her way into a binge and they just. let her. maybe she threatened to kill herself. who knows. she could be very manipulative.

No. 1402258

File: 1640567640606.jpg (479.54 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20211226-211056.jpg)

No. 1402259

File: 1640567720529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.98 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20211226-211157.jpg)

Came minutes after this tweet. Seems it triggered her.

No. 1402269

I'll take the rightful ban for armchairing, but her ex-therapist is shit and this sounds like textbook bpd.

No. 1402462

File: 1640603584617.png (32.45 KB, 598x120, Screenshot 2021-12-27 Twitter.…)

Well, who wants to spend real $$$ on real doctors when you can have uNiCoRn mAgIc?

No. 1402519

File: 1640614013345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 364.75 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20211227_101250.jpg)

More nude bodychecks.

No. 1402520

File: 1640614047358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 389.96 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20211227_101256.jpg)

No. 1402523

Clone tooled the whole pussy out. What the hell is going on

No. 1402529

No. 1402536

Pretty sure she's just censoring for the kiddies.

No. 1402540

Sucking in aside, she's definitely lost more weight. You can tell there's less meat on her bones. I get the feeling we really will see her enter Ashley Isaacs spoop levels. Which is sad, because she really is cute at the weight she is. She keeps mentioning she's dying at the weight she already is though, probably from all the obsessive purging and longterm fasting. So on second thought, I wonder if she really will die before she gets to the weight she wants.

No. 1402603

File: 1640624329440.jpg (156.7 KB, 1080x425, Screenshot_20211227-125444.jpg)

for those of you who don't know, "beans" are the layer of fat beneath the skin. so she wants to cut her skin until she reaches fat all over her body, on top of weighing 75lbs. fucking idiot won't have any fat to cut into. she needs to be institutionalized. this is genuinely just sad.

No. 1402610

she is absolutely cryptic, what is wrong with her tits… also top kek everytime she uses those elf ears which don't match her el goblina skin

No. 1402616

I'm sorry but I really cannot defend this shit. Sure, yes, it's not pornographic in mind but the fact that she's posting this shit when most of her following is underage is so weird to me. What is the point of showing her full body? She could crop it right at her hips.

No. 1402687

>What is the point of showing her full body?
Thigh gaps, bony hips etc. Those are some of the biggest things these freaks want to aquire and show off. I don't think it's pornographic but it's definitely in bad taste and degenerate behavior lmao

No. 1402731

File: 1640633951652.png (353.36 KB, 585x439, lucinda_edtwt_(@oswaldslunch)_…)

I get she was really upset over the ordeal but she really needs to drop the whole Ambrose thing since she's gone, at least from edtwt now. Maybe it's nitpicky but I feel like it's better for her health to leave it in the past and stop trying to revive it.

No. 1402741

she's not wrong though

No. 1402756

kek that's weirdly petty, so she's mad some fellow anachans were simping for the TiF she has beef with?

No. 1402797

I'm so happy and grateful that nobody from my fam, including me, or my friends and colleagues are fucked up like that little monster.
Living with her must be a true nightmare. I despise that woman.

No. 1402836

No. 1402845

She should definitely drop it since she won, but it made me laugh.

No. 1403273

She's so petty I love her kek.

No. 1403510

File: 1640720694464.png (149.85 KB, 745x537, 9b2a819da384a4e9b56399ebeba45b…)

Uh Huh.

No. 1403525

Why the fuck these idiots write like shit? Always. All the time.

No. 1403526


To be quirky or some shit like that though this one claims its due to autism meanwhile previously wrote one direction fanfiction in decent english, at this point even monkeys slamming on a keyboard can type better her.

No. 1403629

File: 1640732065107.png (238.5 KB, 586x543, can vampires catch covid.png)

Is this karma continuing it's course to bring down everyone who opposes the unicorn queen?

No. 1403641

Absolutely. Glad our unicorn queen is safe and protected in her comfy chair bundle of blankets away from worldly diseases, blessing us with shitposts of positivity unicorn transformations from her phone.

No. 1403651

that's actually incorrect, she said it was due to double vision from medication, and when she uses autocorrect her typos are so severe that it doesn't guess correctly what she's trying to say and she finds it frustrating to have to go over it and fix everything. the info is easily found in the threads, so I'm not sure why you're so confidently wrong.

No. 1403703

File: 1640739279248.png (547.48 KB, 587x647, lmao.png)

She can keep the delusion up, all while the unicorn is bundled up surrounded by love.

No. 1403704

File: 1640739288303.png (163.01 KB, 268x620, ImageLR_Merge.png)


>confidently wrong

Confidently wrong? I'm absolutely correct seeing as it came straight from the unicorns mouth. Have yet to see anything about "double vision" when her tell answers are mostly about it being due to autism, schizo or poor motor function.

As for the fanfiction it's in a previous thread, perhaps you should read back far enough.

No. 1403707


not that she matters anyway but good riddance if she hits that coffin sooner than later and burns in hell.( A-log)

No. 1403718

File: 1640740155202.png (Spoiler Image, 271.21 KB, 469x521, 809553644c9da2cf03bbf28cce721f…)

Someone needs to put this poor bitch out of her misery. One minute shes all cutesy next shes posting weird gore shit like this

No. 1403726


Vampire and Unicorns are immortal aren't they? So I'm sure Natalie will be fine, besides the two can co-exist after humanity is wiped out. Really is a shame they aren't friends anymore with how well they used to get along

No. 1403729

I kinda wish they'd make up and be friends again. Natalie, while in a not so great way, seemed to show care for Lucinda and just wanted her to properly take her meds which is no different than the general consensus farmers here have. They only really broke apart because Natalie posted the DMs from Mooglemagick trying to get her into a cult. Though I don't see it happening with how Lucinda continuously stated she doesn't see Natalie as a real vampire because she's a "bully"
It is really a shame.

No. 1403754


Honestly me too, they both have there own questionable things going on but when they were friends they did seem to get along and genuinely gave a shit about each other. Which was almost sweet, It really is such a shame the friendship ended because of that. They could've been the supernatural duo overtaking lolcow and twitter

No. 1403803

autism isn't mentioned once but go off i guess

No. 1403831

File: 1640751253483.png (348.93 KB, 428x1156, ImageLR_Merge.png)


>due to autism, schizo or motor function

someones retarded and truly autistic themselves, because didn't even indicate just autism. Said "OR" as in a possibility even lucinda themselves said they get mistaken for it, so kindly go fuck yourself for your lack of brain cells twitterfag.

No. 1403832


>i have a lot of neurological symptoms

admits lucinda

No. 1404077

File: 1640776748553.png (30.83 KB, 598x122, Screenshot 2021-12-29 edtwt.pn…)

Momma still cares.

Good for her.

No. 1404107

I can't see anywhere in those posts or the original one you posted where it says she has autism. She even says she doesn't, it gets mistaken as autism as symptoms overlap. Why are you reaching so hard?

No. 1404109

your initial comment (which is the one I disagreed with) says
>this one claims its due to autism
the words are right there, so settle your ass down. sorry that getting called out on giving incorrect info triggers you so hard. Lucinda comparing some schizophrenia symptoms to autism doesn't mean her typing issues are caused by autism, which she clearly states she doesn't have.

No. 1404168

File: 1640789042196.jpg (13.26 KB, 400x223, 20201217_190219.jpg)

>Malingering feels sooo good and comfy!!! Mommy is sad and worried, let's lie to her some more!

No. 1404193

>ignores that she's given several different answers for the same question

Kek even you can't keep up with her lies anymore. She claimed the double vision when she got the eyepatch a few months ago but is generally claiming it's due to schizophrenia which makes no sense.

I though she takes her meds herself, which allowed her to skip them, as she tweeted a while ago?

No. 1404285

She's been off her antipsychotics for a while now, it's not like her parents can hold her down and force her mouth open. It's all easier said than done in these cases unless she's hospitalized and completely sedated.

No. 1404292


Infighting is so hot


Agreed, why is nobody pointing out what actually matters that lucinda is giving multiple different answers to the same question for all we know she could've said autism, cancer or unique magic spurs

No. 1404293


she said autism along with several different explanations just not found in the screenshot but go off

No. 1404296


Aww mommys little psycho

No. 1404298


Can't even bother to feel sympathy for this lunatic with all her lies unraveling the more we divulge into the conversations alone and its really fucking entertaining honestly, whoever white knighted her before is probably pissing themselves now.

No. 1404299

File: 1640801515533.png (220.45 KB, 465x544, d4cb16d53a9dcb43b26e0d714b44ef…)

No. 1404300


Maybe because lucinda is giving out a shit ton of different answers for the same question? they probably saw autism mentioned somewhere as one of her answers since shes clearly a compulsive lying piece of shit.

No. 1404303

File: 1640801788696.png (74.08 KB, 764x237, 44ceebb6bdf3c2db950bd4326a62d2…)

Imagine the moment you got a diagnosis retardation spread even further throughout your brain immediately causing bad typing but talented artistic skills?

No. 1404307

>have tics
She needs to stop adding more fake conditions to the pile so she can keep her lies straight.

No. 1404310


She just wants as much pity as she could get since the starving schizophrenic is getting less entertaining.

No. 1404315

File: 1640802876657.png (236.94 KB, 569x486, image (1).png)

throwback to when deborah was really losing her shit

No. 1404318

File: 1640803019906.jpg (11.72 KB, 275x134, 1630607347821.jpg)

oink oink sicky piggy

No. 1404320

File: 1640803133599.jpg (25 KB, 236x275, 1630181318921.jpg)

No. 1404511

Didn't she post how she wanted to kill her parents at home around this time?

No. 1404615

File: 1640829053345.png (35.56 KB, 872x178, PNG image 3.png)

No. 1404627

No. 1404630

Can Natalie stop posting in this thread about how cute close friends they were now.

No. 1404632

File: 1640830060906.png (33.28 KB, 887x198, PNG image 4.png)

Pretty sure it's a cowtipper trying to revive drama now that Ambrose is out of the picture. Natalie got a similar anon.

No. 1404662

lmaooo she's so bitter because lucinda finally kicked her to the curb. she was in this thread calling themselves cute besties and talking about how they could've been an unstoppable duo just posts ago lol. she's been obsessed with lucinda ever since she lost ambrose.

No. 1404663

I really don't think she cares that much. I think she just doesn't like Lucinda attacking her delusional identity.
The cult shit is pretty weird tho tbh

No. 1404665

I think that was the cowtipper anon, same weird pushing the cute best friends things which always felt weird because they were mutuals at most

No. 1404670

Natalie is a chronic selfposter and anon painted her as Lucinda's savior and helping hand. Why the fuck would it be a cowtipper? Nobody gives a shit about Natalie, she brags about how self obsessed she is and her thread was locked because she kept self posting. She's even known to send herself cc's. This is all her backtracking and being buttblasted that Lucinda doesn't want anything to do with her busted ass after seeing her proclaim what a psycho egoistic bpd queen she is, on top of the manipulative gaslighting she pulled with the Ambrose drama.

No. 1404675

Not discrediting the idea of natalie self posting but she answered the ask 2 hours before lucinda answered hers. In the end they seem to not want anything to do with eachother

No. 1404679

as far as i know you need to read to read a book called the black veils, study books, and be involved with the "vampire community" in order to actually be a vampire. none of which natalie does. so amidst her crytyping and nonsense lucinda was never actually wrong about natalie not being a "real" vampire, in the sense of the vampires that are considered "legit". natalie just comes up with her own wiki page by sending herself cc's of questions no one cares about regarding her ~vampire identity~ lmao.

at least there's no rules to being a unicorn. and lucinda is psychotic, she isn't putting up an internet act like natalie is. that already makes lucinda right.

No. 1404689

Where is the proof for any of this? Stop trying to create drama between them. Neither of them care anymore, Natalie doesn't even seem to give a shit and apparently they both apologized. Go post about Natalie being a manipulative whore in the edtwt cringe thread. They were mutuals, not even friends.
Natalie does read those books, mooglemagick showed them to her. The only reason Lucinda said she isn't a vampire is for attacking mooglemagick. But it doesn't even matter considering Lucinda apologized for it.

No. 1404701

girl natalie isn't a vampire period. people have been saying her larp is retarded and obviously fake for years. she's literally saying she's feeding off the energy of her boyfriend's covid. if lucinda wanted to call her out for it she'd only be the first to do it publicly, because i promise you it's been a topic of conversation for a long time.

No. 1404703

Why are people talking about this vampire shit like it isn't all delusions no matter what?

No. 1404707

This is what I adore about Lucinda. The bitch has no filter. Called Ambrose a loser like it was nothing. Called out Natalie's vampire larp like it was nothing. And she's never wrong either. She absolutely murdered Ambrose and she's had Natalie scrambling with tweets and cc's about all the ways she's a vampire that make 0 sense, even if you know nothing about vampires, because she just has to be the most special person on edtwt.

No. 1404713

Except Lucinda apologized to Natalie?

No. 1404718

Plot twist: They're both selfposting and sending asks to themselves.
But since this is Lucinda's thread, the other one should fuck off and learn that no one cares about twitter randoms like her and people are here for the cow.

No. 1404763

lucinda never apologized, read her answer. because anyone with a brain can see there's nothing to apologize for. miss "i'm an energy vampire feeding off my boyfriend's covid" isn't a vampire in terms of these larpers, especially when it comes to vampires who are all a bunch of 90s goths who wrote "laws" you need to follow. not much fun for the draculaura enthusiasts.

not that our queen is a larper. she's definitely an immortal unicorn who sees fairies and connects to other realms. seethe, humans.

No. 1404765

>i'm an energy vampire feeding off my boyfriend's covid
you realize that's just her coping with the fact she got covid, right?
Either way, talk of her should really move on to the EDtwt cringe thread >>1403875
Continuing on trying to force her here just comes off like cow tipping and, like said before, trying to make a feud between the two when there is none and neither, at least publicly, give a shit

No. 1404768

Brainwashing as in the subliminals that edtwt is so crazy about. This reminds of "It's bad when lucinda posts half naked body checks but not when I do it"
The passive aggressive emoji holy shit she's seething that all her "Natalie was lucindas only true friend they were so cute together and perfect if it weren't for her meddling friend they would've taken over edtwt!!" Didn't work.
I'm surprised she's so open about how BPD she is and controlling and can't stand other people being friends without her etc it seems stupid to openly state how manipulative and insufferable you are.

No. 1404784


I love how Lucinda is so chill about the fact Natalie said she should be institutionalized for calling out Ambrose but Natalie obviously hates her for the fact she said she wasn't a vampire. Always so graceful our queen.

If we're to believe she's the one who's been posting screenshots nobody's ever given a shit about re: Moogle in Lucinda's threads, it makes sense she's also this bitter about the cult nonsense. She makes it sound like she was lured into a deserted farm when it was just some bitch on Youtube. BPD-chan fuckery. What a cunt.

No. 1404786

>I love how Lucinda is so chill about the fact Natalie said she should be institutionalized
I'm on Lucinda's side but she, reasonably, but still, got very upset, and Natalie only told her to take her anti-psychotics, which she really should, instead Lucinda encourages others to go off their meds too.

No. 1404787

I think Natalie posted those screenshots "exposing" mooglemagic hoping Lucinda would stop being her friend but it blew up in her face. She is incredibly manipulative if you read her old thread.

No. 1404790

>Natalie only told her to take her anti-psychotics

Because she was calling out Ambrose and you, along with Ambrose, were gaslighting her calling her psychotic to dismiss all her points against Ambrose.

Anyway why do you make it so obvious it's you posting. This is getting embarrassing.

No. 1404791

I kind of wish Ambrose hadn't fucked up. They were perfect for each other and it wasn't surprising Natalie jumped at the chance to ditch Lucinda and try to get into Ambrose's private account etc. I do believe the person who has repeatedly tried to bring up Lucinda's friends over and over and keeps posting about how Natalie and her were "so cute" and Natalie was "her true friend" are just Natalie herself.

No. 1404807

I can't wrap my head around why she would answer >>1404632 like this if she was actively trying to revive her friendship with luci, it was before lucinda had answered a similar question so its not in retaliation to that either it seems. I think anons are blowing their relationship out of proportion, just two mentally ill anas passing in the dramascape that is edtwt.

No. 1404849

It's not anorexia when I do it!

No. 1404862

its odd bc lucinda has a really neat look she just chooses to be a weird bratty spoiled immobile jerk i guess?:/
we have similar measures but i work go to gym and "adult" as the millennials say. theres no reason she cant workout in the AM and get at LEAST A PART TIME GIG! WOW….the audacity(:/)

No. 1404910

schizophrenia, mental retardation, fasting for 4 months ruining her guts, purging blood, continuing to refuse food, a long list of medical problems due to purging and not eating….

you sound like an autist.

No. 1404985

Lucinda? A jerk? She's been nothing but sweet to people who don't even deserve it including you, Natalie. So way to expose yourself. You're just in ragemode because she ruined your vampire cred. Compare the two responses. The psychotic one shows more class and maturity than your petty response, all because Lucinda wouldn't call you the Duracel vampire.

No. 1405041

File: 1640887694764.jpg (109.3 KB, 1200x675, Two-cows-fight-during-the-fina…)

No. 1405044

Why are you so obsessed with bringing up Natalie?

No. 1405046

natalie's in this thread

No. 1405047

fuck natalie

its not her thread

No. 1405048

And if she is, you're just going to keep giving her attention, that she wants?
Ignore her ffs. Move on, go back to discussing Lucinda, who the thread is about. If you really have to keep giving her attention take it to the other thread.

No. 1405055

File: 1640889177983.png (87.24 KB, 598x176, Screenshot 2021-12-30 .png)

Purging poisons is good for you, kids!

No. 1405058

Eeeeehhh purging is a term that's still used in terms of "getting rid of" something. Lucinda's always been against other people b/p'ing like her.

No. 1405062

File: 1640889851204.jpeg (443.73 KB, 1152x2048, FH392YtWYAYcPuW.jpeg)

No. 1405063

File: 1640889882361.jpeg (605.03 KB, 1152x2048, FH39xAmXIAASeD8.jpeg)

No. 1405069

"Eeeeehhh" are you out of your fucking mind talking shit like that..?
What's so difficult about it, numbnut..?

No. 1405076

I’ve forced my dog to take pills, I just stick it in a spoonful of peanut butter and let my dog lick the peanut butter off my spoon. I wonder if they could do something similar with Lucinda. Or just stick it in her mouth and hold her mouth closed and rub her nose.

Serious though, if they were putting calorie boosting stuff in her Diet Coke, I wonder why they didn’t do something with her antipsychotic like that. I would have picked secretly giving her meds over secretly giving her calories.

On second thought, maybe the meds were making her worse if that’s what she’s like on 13 pills.

Because wk ana-chan anons know that’s the only argument against these anons’ points. >>1404786 had to tiptoe around criticizing Lucinda and still got accused of being Natalie.

No. 1405084

relax. lucinda said every ~non-human~ has their own way of "purging" humanity and toxins from their bodies. she's never been proana. y'all really gotta keep up with this rotting little psycho's lore if you don't wanna get your panties in a twist.

No. 1405086

pretty sure it's the same person as >>1404985

Same type of obnoxious WK speak