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File: 1626734930012.jpg (20.7 KB, 292x302, Lucinda.jpg)

No. 1280424

Lucinda (Oswaldslunch / R3velati0nz) it's an attention-seeker, schizophrenic, anorexic, bulimic and selfharmer.


>24 years old

>Puertorican (speaks spanish and english)
>Fakeboi - (calls herself Lucinda or Luca)
>Thinks that's a real life unicorn and it's obsessed with unicorns, even using an horn
>Has tons of self harm cuts. Goes outside showing them (they are always visible and fresh). Makes sure that everybody notices them
>Writes exaggeratedly wrong on purpose - almost unintelligible
>Claims to be "recovering from an eating disorder" but shows meals with minimal portions
>Claims to eat: the food of her cat, from the floor, expired, hand sanitizer, garbage and hydrogen peroxide
>Purged and let the cat eat the vomit
>Claims that being surrounded by toys and child stuff makes her hallutinations less scary
>Was so fat but lost weight and now has saggy skin
>Uploads nightmare-inducing nudes
>Claims to photoshop the eyes to make them look bigger
>Part of the Twitter ED and SH communities
>Claims to have had 160IQ but mental illness has made her "near retarded"
>Says she will never get a job, wants to become a youtuber
>Parents buy her everything she wants

All social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oswaldslunch/
Twitter: twitter.com/oswaldslunch
Curiouscat: curiouscat.qa/oswaldslunch

No. 1280434

File: 1626735669865.jpg (33.13 KB, 893x193, HF46H5F6H4J.jpg)

No. 1280435

according to her her human body is a curse like lady amalthea's in the last unicorn, and that one day she'll be a unicorn again presumably when she reaches 88lbs since she's referenced unicorn amalthea as "body goals".

No. 1280448

File: 1626736332075.jpg (14.27 KB, 586x106, wtf.jpg)

No. 1280450

File: 1626736382602.jpg (364.15 KB, 1034x590, 20210719-190900.jpg)

No. 1280453

File: 1626736542180.jpg (23.68 KB, 590x137, G456HSGS6.jpg)

>>1280435 "the unicorn complex" is this called.

No. 1280457

Jesus Christ. She lowkey looks like she's cosplaying Omayra Sanchez with this makeup (NSFL photo, decided not to attach).

No. 1280474

Doubt it. She's obsessed with The Last Unicorn and watches it every night, so it's specifically an obsession with thinking she's an actual unicorn with special powers who needs to shed her human form by looking deformed ie emaciated.

No. 1280476

asked this in the other thread so here i go:

>he was fucking trying to make something like actual real life Lucinda
sorry i'm not familiar with this soren person at all, what exactly does this mean?

No. 1280477

File: 1626738376508.jpg (27.13 KB, 593x154, 1.jpg)

No. 1280481

File: 1626738596245.jpg (24.89 KB, 576x152, 2.jpg)

No. 1280483

this person seems legitimately mentally unwell and in a downward spiral. I don't think they have that much milk to offer but whatever you get from watching a car crash. why was she brought here?

No. 1280486


She’s not ana enough for the ED thread. But she’s got some milky behavior with her fake neurological condition to warrant her own thread. Curious to see where it goes.

No. 1280487

I find very disturbing that she has minor "friends" on Twitter (even a 15 year old) while she's almost 25. Also being into age regression and kid-like behaviour.

No. 1280496

File: 1626740002364.jpg (20.24 KB, 319x284, a.jpg)

No. 1280499

she said the neurological condition was schizophrenia and that she referred to it as that so people wouldn't think she was crazy for wanting to be a unicorn.

No. 1280502

File: 1626740293541.jpg (161.47 KB, 1033x896, 1626457943625.jpg)

This person was mistakenly posted in the MTF threads a few weeks ago. They refer to themself as trans in earlier tweets in such a way that would imply they were male to female, but then seemed to be FTM, and now in her recent diary project labels herself male and female at the same time.

Note: while she claims the neurological disorder (schizophrenia) she has makes her write bad, hence her odd tweets, she seems perfectly capable of written English. An anon pointed out that when she speaks her native tongue she doesn't have any writing quirks at all. Moreover, if she were to type all messed up on her tweets, the autocorrect would fox her words, so she has to be either fighting back against autocorrect intentionally or switches it off to do this style of typing

No. 1280506

File: 1626740444339.jpg (18.04 KB, 577x188, 256751796.jpg)

>>1280487 it would not seem strange to me if she was manipulating or encouraging others to do the same (letting your pet eat what you purged, eating expired food or eating something that's not made to be eaten) apparently the friend i mentioned before does the same. I feel bad for this kid.

No. 1280510

File: 1626740771494.jpg (277.44 KB, 720x819, 20210719_164611.jpg)

She seems to seperate her anorexia and bulimia into two seperate disorders when really, in an official diagnosis, those behaviours would be combined into EDNOS/OSFED. Despite being a recovery account, she seems to celebrate getting close to emaciated. In a way I'm glad that she's at least attempting to get better and honestly good on her for some success with the bulimia recovery, but she really shouldn't be celebrating her path to emaciation.

She purges 10 or so times a day until recently. Would the medication she stopped taking for her schizophrenia be working in the first place if she has been purging them thus whole time?

No. 1280521

i thiiiiiiiiiiiink she received her antipsychotic through an injection since she was purging so often. along with another one which would've been the one she stopped taking.

No. 1280531

I didn't even know that kind of medical could be administered through injections. Can these be used at home? It would seem she takes them at home and stopped doing so without her parents knowledge. I find it hard to believe she's injecting herself it's much more likely that her parents would be injecting her if this were the case given that sharp object + prolific self harmer = bad.

No. 1280539

it is possible to introduce all that into your body without getting intoxicated

No. 1280552

Why’d you make a thread for her when she was already posted in the fakeboi thread?

No. 1280558

unless she's only been bulimic for like a month, those teeth are too nice…

No. 1280561

This, I’m not seeing the need for a separate thread. She’s mentally ill, she’s already been extensively posted in the fakeboi and anachan threads, and…? Binging, purging and typing funny aren’t that milky last time I checked.

No. 1280568

Idk how’s its done in other countries but in the us a psych nurse or doctor has to do it. They make you go to the clinic every however many weeks, lai antipsych treatment plans are made for people who are at high risk for or have a history of nonadherence so it wouldn’t make sense to leave administration in the patient’s hands

No. 1280581

they strangely included her ethnicity and
>Was so fat but lost weight and now has saggy skin
in the op. screams vendetta

No. 1280588

Are you the same anon who keeps WK Lucinda? Seriously it's getting annoying, the OP is shit but she's milky as fuck, don't like it just hide the thread.

No. 1280589

Soren it's a little similar to Lucinda, both creepy and mentally ill.

No. 1280591

Maybe people(multiple even!) think this is a shit thread for a girl that keeps getting posted in random threads to little interest. I know I do.

No. 1280595

There are also many people who wanted this thread so cope.

No. 1280605

File: 1626748518834.jpg (116 KB, 796x384, 12985624.jpg)

Having a mutation ??? and a snake ??? poor neglected animal

No. 1280609

You know you can just hide the thread (and any other thread you don’t like) instead of shitting it up. Sperging about how much you dislike it and moralfagging is redundant.

No. 1280622

no and sage your stupid accusations

No. 1280648

I can't even hateread about this girl because the constant and obviously intentional typos are so fucking infuriatingly obnoxious, jesus fucking christ.

No. 1280652

Thanks for the thread, OP. Not sure if these will bring any milk but I found some other accounts of hers.

https://www.redbubble.com/people/lucibelsart/shop (Looks like she's from Bayamon.)

No. 1280660

Or a selfpost chan, judging by the equally bad spelling in the summary and usage of “it” pronouns. Girlie barely has 500 followers, how do you find these irrelevant retards anyways.

No. 1280666

JFC lurk more she was just in the ana thread and it was requested.

No. 1280672

Her Twitter only goes as far back as to June of this year. I think she may have deleted all her tweets from before tho but I’m not sure.I wonder what she was doing before this or if anyone can find her older accounts to see if she’s always crytyped.

No. 1280677

The thread OP calls her she/her/herself several times, I think OP is just ESL.

No. 1280706

Anon, read those fucking Tweets and tell me they're similar to OP. OP said they were an ESL in the thread requests thread

No. 1280707

How can you lot call someone who was posted in multiple threads "of little interest"? If the keeps getting posted, clearly people want to know more, that's why she keeps getting posted. The only problem is that she's too many things at once so she doesn't fit into a small niche like pro ana or fakeboi. People literally asked for this thread in pro ana scumbags and in the /pt/ thread requests. I'm sorry you only like boring cows, but you can always just not keep up to date with this one and ignore the thread

No. 1280711

File: 1626767868057.png (50.27 KB, 157x249, lucinda.PNG)

i was wondering if she truly realized what she looked like, but this drawing of herself seems to confirm she courts the sick aesthetic. at 24 years old you can only assume that some part of this is to avoid the responsibility of adulthood.

No. 1280717

She has said on a few occasions that she edits her eyes as well as wears contact lenses to make her pupils bigger. That, and she does her makeup in such a way that makes her look like that intentionally, so at least some of her appearance has to be purposely ill

No. 1280726

it says she created her account in may

No. 1280728

Initially I would have compared her to N2F from the pro ana threads. This is because I though that, much like N2F, she had 0 awareness of how people perceive all this. Reading what people say it seems that she can't even be compared to N2F seeing as it seems to be some sort of act

No. 1280750

What the fuck. I can't believe I guessed the Lady Amalthea thing

No. 1280764

File: 1626783857242.jpg (135.97 KB, 720x508, 20210720_133417.jpg)

Did one of you send this? She answered an hour ago. Be careful not to cow tip too much

No. 1280772

File: 1626785206606.png (543.06 KB, 446x503, killit.png)

Take the internet away from that 'girl'.

Not trying to be edgy, but pic related.

No. 1280776

hate to admit it but she seems legitimately schizo delusional. she barely talks about being schizo and is now denying having it altogether because her hallucinations are just magical unicorn gifts. damn this could get good.

No. 1280778

It truly is a special kind of milk. It comes almost exclusively from how insane she is since she's only been around for 3 months and is already wildly fascinating. It's about potential. Quite a cow!(samefagging)

No. 1280786

Interesting. I'll buckle in, I've been missing the Soren vibes around here.

No. 1280790

Finally a new trauma cow. I hope she delivers, I've been heartbroken ever since we lost Soren

No. 1280805

File: 1626789354005.jpg (12.91 KB, 549x72, 5956579164.jpg)

No. 1280806

File: 1626789380593.jpg (15 KB, 596x108, H4FD9H5JS9.jpg)

No. 1280813

File: 1626789815755.jpg (44.77 KB, 796x206, G4SH5F6SH6.jpg)

She mentioned that before identifying herself as an unicorn she identified as various non-human beings: Lucifer / Leviathan, Spitter (a character from Left 4 Dead) and a Silent Hill creature.

No. 1280816

it's unfortunate that she really was becoming aware of the fact that she was falling into another delusion that she was a creature, and instead of getting help she stopped taking her meds altogether and made it worse.

No. 1280826

So this is our new cow, right..?

No. 1280834

File: 1626792810326.jpg (247.46 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1626793308289.jpg)

>defining trait is that it vomits
She obviously sees herself as a bulimic monster. Or at least she did in the past, the unicorn thing might actually be an improvement. This overall isn't great but a unicorn is more sunshine and rainbows than spitter

No. 1280843

This shit is sad. Does she actually do anything milky like sex work or scamming or start drama etc etc or is she just a mentally ill person on the internet and that's it

No. 1280848

File: 1626793627431.jpg (419.06 KB, 1080x1094, 20210720-110134.jpg)

I'm assuming the key factors are the thin legs, long neck, and tiny jawline. She clearly has severe body dysmorphia to want to look like a fucking cartoon horse, not even the human version of the character.

No. 1280851

She surrounds herself with teenagers and keeps posting almost naked bodychecks for everyone to see, kinda gross to say the least.

No. 1280852

File: 1626793926829.jpg (53.42 KB, 528x571, IT4Y9HF4R.jpg)

>>1280506 the relationship between her and Roy is quite disturbing. She likes and comments on all his tweets, flirts with him and admits to wanting to have a relationship with him. There are 10 years of difference.

No. 1280853

the milk is that she's mentally ill. i don't think we've had a nutjob of this proportion since we had soren pretending to be as crazy as lucinda actually is. she has the potential to be extremely milky so she's worth the thread for sure.

No. 1280859

Nah I distinctly remember she called him her brother and twin. He already calls another dude his boyfriend and she went on about how cute they were.

No. 1280865

File: 1626794718820.jpg (9.58 KB, 413x88, abc.jpg)

No. 1280874

that’s a lot of words for ‘i’m a self hating woman’

No. 1280878

she literally quoted "now that i'm a woman everything is strange" from the last unicorn and and sees her womanhood as a curse where being an 80lb unicorn is her true form and also wants to cut her tits off. i pray to god she gets some serious treatment before she mutilates herself like this. she's already a cutter.

No. 1280879

File: 1626796590500.jpg (15.2 KB, 570x84, a5t8hd5h6p.jpg)

No. 1280882

File: 1626796766451.jpg (6.88 KB, 403x65, screenshot.jpg)

>I-i-i'm totally asexual and i don't like sex or porn

No. 1280890

File: 1626797772811.jpg (58.28 KB, 589x434, G56H9AI5.jpg)

No. 1280899

The complete shift in energy between these two posts are incredible. I can't believe anons are seeing this shit and saying "ok but is she even interesting?"

No. 1280905

File: 1626798693262.jpg (10.34 KB, 510x95, G59J6DA8H6.jpg)

No. 1280907

File: 1626798746424.jpg (734.94 KB, 2304x4096, kek.jpg)

No. 1280909

File: 1626798782496.jpg (391.86 KB, 1975x1993, E4lQkhtXEAUsf4T.jpg)

No. 1280911

she is kind of hilarious ngl

No. 1280912

samefag but i'm glad because soren was never this funny lmao

No. 1280915

File: 1626799069080.jpg (239.96 KB, 720x734, 20210720_174248.jpg)

Nobody really seems to point out when shes being intentionally "uwu recovery" but still sick. All she really said here in the first tweet is that she ate a tiny amount, didn't purge orally, but is still going to purge the calories through exercise instead.

Kinda hope all the unicorn themed food actually does motivate her to keep it all down. Also, this unicorn thing is very new. I've been aware of this person for a while and she seems to pick up a new thing as she goes along

No. 1280919

i don't think she sees it herself. all her fans are just encouraging her telling her what an amazing job she's doing and as far as i know she isn't seeing any specialist for her ed.

No. 1280923

File: 1626799727744.jpg (103.17 KB, 738x479, dinner isnserved.jpg)

God, these took me out. Picrel made me almost choke on my coffee. She is legitimately funny, that loon. I'll give her that.

No. 1280924

Based on that image and the way she presents herself online, I think this Spitter creature is exactly the way she sees herself. And on some level she’s aware her unicorn obsession is a delusion, but it brings her comfort to LARP as a beautiful mystical creature instead of an abject monster who can’t stop puking everywhere (i.e. her real self-image.) I’m on the fence about this cow. Her illness is real but also performative, and her pathology is interesting but also deeply creepy and sad.

No. 1280934

Maybe I'm missing something, but why does everyone believe her when she says she has schizophrenia? She is clearly trying to seem as sick as humanly possible & I've seen a few fakeboi types claim schizophrenia for that exact reason

No. 1280937

File: 1626800463037.jpg (302.1 KB, 1080x837, 20210720-125850.jpg)

No. 1280938

Because she's currently denying she has it while claiming to be a real life unicorn and is no longer talking about it at all when she barely did to begin with.

No. 1280943

I’m guessing you weren’t around for Asha, who was solely featured because her untreated mental illness made her a spectacle akin to a multi-car pileup.

No. 1280946

I agree with you, there's no way she's not aware of what she's doing

No. 1280948

how did this get 28 likes

No. 1280955

I've seen fake autists, fakebois, bpd, anachans, and schizos, and they all talk about it to some obnoxious, webmd symptom degree for attention. See cozykitsune with the fake autism. This girl just doesn't talk about it. The unicorn thing being part of her trying to make her schizophrenia look legit by denying it just sounds like tinfoil.

No. 1280960

She also claimed to have epilepsy and autism, i don't know what's her true diagnostic.

No. 1280963

def never claimed either. she did say she appeared autistic to the average person. i know she said she was diagnosed bipolar at 13 which idk how legit it could be since you can't diagnose it that young. she also said she had depression. wouldn't that make her schizoaffective?

No. 1280966

Imo, a lot of ot could be played up for the aesthetic. Do you remember when Nicole Dollanganger was big and it started to lure people out into view who would exaggerate horrible mental illness as a sort of creepy cute aesthetic? There's a good chance she's not actually schizophrenic but plays on it for her obvious creepy-cute aesthetic.

You're going to see the name "Soren" posted a lot in this thread. He is a perfect example of how the poor innocent sickly waif uwu mental illness is my persona crowd are like as individuals

No. 1280969

I think it’s highly possible she’s schizophrenic. Not to blogpost but I’ve seen it up close and her patterns of self-destruction and magical thinking are pretty textbook. You’d almost have to be crazier to fake schizophrenia to that degree. And I don’t get why anons think schizo cows are helplessly unaware of their delusions and can’t play their symptoms up or down for sympathy or validation. They’re just as capable of being manipulative and attention seeking as any other cow. For her own sake I hope this is all a LARP, but I’m unconvinced either way.

No. 1280972

Some anons in the pro ana thread pointed out that she couldn't be diagnosed as schizophrenic at that age either but often implies that she was diagnosed around this time. Everyone keep your eyes peeled for little details like that

No. 1280974

She said she was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2016 so she wasn't 13 since she's 24.

No. 1280976

File: 1626803786533.jpg (221.09 KB, 720x790, 20210720_190703.jpg)

No. 1280977

Idk if you can even give her a single diagnosis. She's an amalgamation of mental illnesses with her body image, self harm, etc.
The performance is part of the mix too. I don't think she actually has "cavity infested molars", pukes that much, or gets it all over her body somehow, but it's not normal to want to be seen as the filthiest creature possible.

No. 1280985

File: 1626804455494.jpg (181.95 KB, 720x524, 20210720_191651.jpg)

Who is giving her a knife to have in public?? On top of that, WHO IS GIVING HER A TASER???

No. 1280987

>when I am being followed

says the paranoid schizophrenic

No. 1280988

File: 1626804632230.jpg (131.89 KB, 720x566, 20210720_191716.jpg)

Her family seem to support her. Her dad is mentioned a lot more than her mom. So far he has taken her on car rides to avoid purging, bought her unicorn merch as a reward for agreeing to self harm treatment, and is mentioned a few times as emotional support. I suppose they can't force her into anything since shes an adult but it's nice that they seem to have her back at least. Most mental illness cows have their parents completely turn their back on their kids

No. 1280991

>suddenly able to write perfectly

No. 1280997

>>1280991 she could be using that for cutting. Someone this unstable shouldn't go around with a knife and a tazer, it could hurt someone if she had an hallucination or just went crazy.

No. 1281008

She says "for protection" but does she go outside unsupervised, I wonder? The only picture I've seen of her outside is one her dad took beside a tree on a walk

No. 1281019

Has anyone been accepted to follow the lucindybelindy account?

No. 1281020


Sage for slight blog but I have a close family member her age with schizophrenia and can confirm he can barely operate a computer or television anymore. Much less invent neat aesthetic identities to sperg over. This is some retarded kinnie larping on another level. I miss the days when these people were confining their nonsense to AO3.

No. 1281023

some schizophrenics are also college professors. it varies from person to person from subtype alone.

No. 1281024


If this girl is larping she’s hilarious and very good at it, the Street Fighter tweet is top tier troll shit kek

No. 1281025

I'm inclined to believe this because, realistically, the medication needed for her to function with schizophrenia wouldn't work for her. She claims to purge a lot so she would keep horking pills up if she was ever prescribed any. Does this family member take medication and still not function?

No. 1281031

Anons are claiming this cow is milky but 90% of the commentary itt so far is blogging and medfagging. Mental illness alone isn’t milk, and neither is basic munchie larping. I’m skeptical.

No. 1281033

Girl that’s not how lady amalthea looks… glad to see a thread on her she seems entertaining kek

No. 1281035


Ayrt, I'm not saying she's not very obviously sick but her whole shtick is a little too inconsistent to seem like schizo. Also there's not always a lot you can tell about an individual based on what they say about themselves online. I mean, look at Siren.

No. 1281037

Her antipsychotics are injectible to avoid her purging them. She was taking another one which is the one she's no longer taking to enhance her oh-so magical unicorn powers. Her psychiatrist could've just suggested that she take her meds before bed if they knew she was bulimic.

No. 1281040

We're getting familiar with her. Jesus, we've only started today and all her accounts are relatively new. Milk comes out over time but we need to at least try to understand her first

No. 1281045

I kinda feel like this is all made up tbh

No. 1281046


Antipsychotics actually made him gain a bunch of weight, like 50 lbs. Another reason why this bitch makes me skeptical. Not sure if this lucinda person is milky enough even for snow.

No. 1281047

that's just the thing. soren was an unprompted oversharer. this bitch has so far only mentioned her schizophrenia less than a handful of times and it was because someone asked, and is now denying that she is at all because she wants to "accept herself the way she is" and not label her illness and treat it. that's not a traumacore nymphet larping about being sexually abused in a poetic walltext. it's just not the same thing at all.

another thing is that she doesn't take herself seriously and makes jokes a fair bit. if she were larping she'd be sticking with the trauma broken aesthetic all the way. she's funny but not even in an agere kind of way, just genuinely funny. she just doesn't fit enough of the stereotypes.

No. 1281048

Confused about if she is actually taking antipsychotics, they make you gain weight like crazy.

No. 1281050

they increase your appetite, which would account for her eating and throwing up 11 times a day.

No. 1281054

Soren made edgy jokes all the time anon, clearly you're just now hearing of her because of this thread

No. 1281057

i wasn't speaking on every larper who ever larped, just the likes of soren and the traumacore tumblrinas

No. 1281061

She literally retweets normie Twitter humor.

No. 1281083

File: 1626813593276.jpg (44.07 KB, 586x356, H89SJ6XL1T.jpg)

how is this the same person

No. 1281090

chinky filters that lighten your skin, weightloss and make-up? It's clearly the same person, look at the eyebags and the nose

No. 1281094

I don't think she's schizo based on my experiences of being close to one, and seeing others. Typing like shit on purpose, acting like a retard and fantasizing about unicorns isn't schizophrenia. She is very mentally ill but I don't think she's psychotic, she doesn't look delusional. Unless of course she has some sort of official diagnosis which I doubt. Lots of people claim the shizophrenia label because it makes them look 'super sick' as it's one of the most damaging mental illnesses ever and probably the most recognizable in the media.
Looks more like a personality disorder.. idk I'm not a shrink

No. 1281099

samefag, she looks very very aware of the things she says. She doesn't truly believe she's an unicorn or some shit like that, it's just a cope for her, a fantasy. Please, anons lol it's very obvious she's pretending to be schizo to look very ill

No. 1281104

File: 1626815657746.jpeg (375.64 KB, 828x1411, BDDE2140-1C0C-4E72-A96B-9FA654…)

25 likes on this, all from other ED/self harm accounts

No. 1281107

she doesn't even look particularly thin. i guess it's the puffy face (and haircut that accents the chubby cheeks doesn't help). bulimia truly has no upsides kek

No. 1281114

It would be great if someone could upload the tiktoks. In one of them she's wearing a maid and showing her ass. Awkward as fuck.

No. 1281115

I commented on this one ONCE when she popped up on proana, but she's too obviously piling most of this crap on and it's painful. She puts a lot of thought into what she posts.

No. 1281130

Shit, PLEASE someone start sharing her TikTok

No. 1281149

Well she posted the paper diagnosing her with schizophrenia someone screencap it before she takes it down.

No. 1281151

File: 1626822003477.jpeg (424.25 KB, 2048x1844, E6ximyNXEAEcP0r.jpeg)

No. 1281152

Why would you not post her tiktok url at the very least

No. 1281153

File: 1626822015523.jpg (632.28 KB, 2304x4096, E6xjrEIX0AAXHEK.jpg)

No. 1281154

File: 1626822037308.jpeg (302.73 KB, 1621x2048, E6xij7gWEAMfhVv.jpeg)

Well there it is.

No. 1281156

File: 1626822048218.jpg (797.27 KB, 2304x4096, E6xjrEFXsAA6f0N.jpg)

No. 1281157

File: 1626822108660.jpg (1012.78 KB, 2304x4096, E6xjrEFXMAQLHo9.jpg)

No. 1281161

Ok so two things. Firstly, should a paranoid schizophrenic be given that fucking knife? Secondly, how will a paranoid schizophrenic react if they find out there is a thread dedicated to their posts?

No. 1281165

>how will a paranoid schizophrenic react if they find out there is a thread dedicated to their posts?

uh, not good. i feel bad lol. so far she has no milk apart from being, as it turns out, legitimately insane. i feel like it isn't fair to dedicate a thread to someone just for being mentally ill and interesting.

No. 1281166

she doxed herself

No. 1281167

she really is a retard

No. 1281168

Are the grammar mistakes common in Puerto Rico, or did she make this up herself using her doctor's name?

No. 1281170

She's sickly considering when she started she was obese, and she's got so much extra skin her breasts hang like an elderly woman.

No. 1281171

I also think it's really not milk to just be mentally ill lmao? I do get the feeling it's someone who personally knows her who made this thread or kept bringing her up.

No. 1281172

Girl literally edits eyebags, nose bruises and dilated pupills on herself, there is some degree of larping going on.

No. 1281175

>>1281161 first of all she shouldn't have access to social media, and less to something that can be used as a weapon against others or herself.

No. 1281178

he could just not be very good at english and her family needed it written in english for paperwork/something legal. puerto rico is an american territory. her faking both documents is possible but extremely timfoily.

No. 1281181

What i can't quite understand is why sometimes she writes perfectly without spelling mistakes and with an understandable handwriting, and other times chaos.

No. 1281184

Ask her on cc lol.

No. 1281190

File: 1626823630836.jpg (29.79 KB, 341x514, g5d5g6r8n9j.jpg)

No. 1281191

File: 1626823682049.jpg (29.88 KB, 330x506, g5j6d8h9r5v.jpg)

No. 1281194

File: 1626823711692.png (924 KB, 1708x2048, 1626396016986.png)

Samefag and pulled from the proana thread

No. 1281198


Soren had super 'supportive' parents too but it just made things worse

No. 1281202

I take it the people who do are very young and weren't alive for the 90's-00's ''schizophrenia''''' epidemic in high schools. This is just slightly more involved than average munchie fare. She clearly has some serious problems, but she is presenting herself very carefully.

No. 1281205

the makeup and photoshop to look like a dead menhera doll it's a part of the aestethic

No. 1281210

Should we pack it in? She's posted the proof that she's not a munchie, I think that kinda squashed the milk around her being a larper

No. 1281211

boring ass no milk non cow

No. 1281213

What schizophrenia epidemic? I was in high school in the ‘90s and have no idea what you are talking about.

Also, did you guys notice that the report she’s sharing says that she is mentally deficient. Like, she has mental handicap issues.

No. 1281217

Where did she post this? Did she post it and delete it?

It was already posted. >>1280652

No. 1281222

>>1281202 can you explain?

No. 1281231

kek, I see her friends are lurking here

No. 1281232

I don't see why a supposed schizo diagnosis makes this cow off-limits all of a sudden. Plenty of cows are mentally ill

No. 1281238

she's not a cow, vendetta-chan. wait a year until she actually fucks up and try to make a thread again.

No. 1281243

File: 1626831478770.webm (870.51 KB, 368x640, BLOOOOD_fyp_dancing_foryou_kaw…)

Here's all of the tiktoks she's uploaded so far, for the anon who asked.

I'm honestly not sure why anyone would watch these, she's dead-eyed and emotionless in all of them, even the ones where she's "dancing". It's eerie.


No. 1281245

File: 1626831519320.webm (1.79 MB, 576x1024, Dame_foryourpage_foryou_fyp_eg…)

No. 1281246

she's about to make a youtube, reach 88 lbs (if somehow is still alive at that point) and if she likes that much cosplaying and taking nudes maybe she will do an onlyfans

No. 1281247

File: 1626831641672.webm (803.56 KB, 320x558, HEWWO_HEWWOOOO_fyp_foryou_fory…)

No. 1281250

File: 1626831762094.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.14 MB, 480x864, Nyanppassuuuuuuuu_fyp_foryou_f…)

No. 1281251

File: 1626831862213.webm (2.33 MB, 480x864, POV_Lucinda_dhsres_with_you_he…)

No. 1281252

Which one of her malnutrished fans are you to repeatedly get this whiny instead of just hiding the thread? Several anons have brought her up and want to talk about her and her horrorcow behaviour no matter how much you're yelling into the void, you'll have to cope with it.

No. 1281253

File: 1626831969830.webm (680.55 KB, 480x864, Thot_behavior_funny_fyp_foryou…)

No. 1281254

Every school had at least one kid who pretended to be schizophrenic in a similar OTT and highly unrealistic manner, claiming that they could talk to angels or were half-demon or someshit, drawing edgy art like so >>1280976, etc. If anybody wants to see what people who have real paranoid delusions speak like, there are scores of them on youtube, any imageboard's /x/, niche reddit subs like /r/targetedenergyweapons, small forums like https://alienabductionhelp.com/phpBB3/index.php, 8kun or wherever those weirdos from 8chan migrated to, various fringe blogs and websites like https://rudy2.wordpress.com/ and https://web.archive.org/web/20170111122054/http://www.breatharian.com:80/wileysblogupdates.html and so on.

No. 1281259

Look up vendetta posting. Never heard of her until she showed up in /snow/

No. 1281271

clearly she was diagnosed based on more than just claiming she saw angels. and considering she's completely fucking retarded, how would she be able to fool a psychiatrist and thousands of people online that she's schizophrenic? enough with the tinfoil and just accept she's literally too stupid to larp to the godmode degree you claim she is lmao.

No. 1281274

she uploaded the adresss of her house without knowing it…this is a new retarded level

No. 1281276

No. 1281283

a diagnosis absolutely does not rule out munchiedom, especially a mental health dx. its ridiculously easy to doctor shop and present as a particular condition if you read up about it. tbh i wouldnt be surprised if she is bipolar but i am extremely doubtful she is genuinely schizo/psychotic. as mentioned earlier, her image is very meticulously crafted in a way that's instantly apparent to anyone who's spent time around traumacore/badbrains type cows.
this reminds me so much of soren its unbelievable kek. would implore other anons to have a browse through the soren threads to see the similarities. its also important to remember that soren, despite being clearly a giant munchie, had a therapist that validated her satanic ritual abuse larp and was approved for life altering surgeries. the psych industry is absolutely not infallible and so easy to manipulate, especially if youve got nothing to lose and dedicate your life to the larp, to the point of injuring yourself.

she may be retarded in certain ways but this is all waaaay more calculated than anons are giving her credit for. i think keeping an eye on her for cowish antics is a very good idea. if her current image either gains or loses attention she will up the ante and do even more outrageous shit.

No. 1281286

girl just admit you were wrong

No. 1281290

>her image is very meticulously crafted in a way that's instantly apparent to anyone who's spent time around traumacore/badbrains type cows.
Couldn't have said it better myself. I feel like the people wking her may be too young to have seen this exact thing play out on Tumblr so many times. Soren is just the tip of the iceberg; she may have taken it to the extreme but her larp was created to appeal to Tumblr's sensibilities at the time.

The "sick" makeup seems designed to cultivate an image. Her entire appearance is far too stilted to be genuine. Let's say she is schizophrenic, why would she go so far to externalize such a debilitating illness? It's still cowish behavior to romanticize your disorders.

No. 1281291

also soren wasn't mentally handicapped. she was essentially a snuff author who couldn't shut the fuck up about her origin stories. lucinda literally said she wasn't going to talk about her schizophrenia anymore when she rarely did in the first place. tell me, was that also a complex master plan to get attention for being schizophrenic? by never talking about it?


No. 1281292

>also soren wasn't mentally handicapped
NTA, but wasn't she also on government benefits because of her mental issues?

No. 1281293


This. The thread exists, go cry about it twitter fags. I don't even browse the ed or fake boi threads and I find her interesting and want to follow along. Since when was being posted on lolcow about whether you've committed some moral harm? It's for people watching. You choose to put a social media profile out there and you're not a minor, then sign up to being watched.

No. 1281294

Something tells me you like this cow an awful lot.

No. 1281297

You don't have to be a fan to realize that insisting a full retard was magically clever enough to fool her psychiatrist into believing she's schizo is stupid. Especially just because she draws bags under her eyes. Jus a while ago she posted about always having a "darkness in her" and anon posted that she identified as Spitter from L4D at one point. Does she like creepy shit? Sure. Can schizophrenics? Yes.

No. 1281298


Disagree, I think it’s possible. Also, I’m curious to know what she failed or was labeled deficient in. She seems pretty adept at speech- her diary entries aren’t gibberish, and she seems capable of then switching her manner of writing on Twitter to push that handicapped persona.

I’ll never understand for the life of me why some people want to be broken. That’s just it. Some people really want to be seen as incapable of doing anything, and they’ll create an entire isolation chamber of reasons as to why they can’t. She’s one of them.

These types of people just speed ski downhill.

No. 1281300

>The "sick" makeup seems designed to cultivate an image.
Exactly this. She comes across as having internalized her identity as a victim. I respect people making unique choices about their makeup, but the way she draws on eyebags and stuff to cosplay as a sick, dirty and malnourished child really comes across as a plea for attention and validation via the minimization of herself, and a method of crying "look at me! See how sick I am?".
What's odd is that she says things that do the opposite, and make herself look better for the purpose of telling herself that she is better off than she is, like say that she has a 160 IQ despite the fact that she cannot even spell correctly. Part of me wonders if the abhorrent spelling is another way of making herself look small and vulnerable.

No. 1281302

Schizophrenia doesn't exempt someone from being discussed here. The interest this thread has gotten justifies its existence

No. 1281303

>her faking both documents is possible but extremely timfoily.
Her English is much better than what's in that letter. IMO, it'd make no sense to purposely fake letters in bad English. That looks much less convincing for her purposes (and unprofessional).

No. 1281304

File: 1626840825873.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 926.02 KB, 1536x1491, D770A274-8DA6-477B-9952-8292CE…)

Some of her more horror tier body checks from her Twitter.

No. 1281305

File: 1626840847416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 562.35 KB, 1440x2560, 349FC3D9-9E24-46A5-B4F8-4C8E8E…)

No. 1281306

File: 1626840938719.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 476.72 KB, 1809x2560, 4524A418-83CD-4BBC-8FF1-6BFC08…)

No. 1281308

Never said it did. I just can't believe the ridiculous theories on how she's faking schizophrenia over her makeup. As far as I can tell all her followers see her as a ray of magical sunshine and rainbows that fill them with joy from just the sight of her, and just today she said she was distancing herself from horror content. Do any of you pay attention to her content or are you just desperate to replace Soren?

I'd love to see more of this cow, not discussions comparing her to a dead troon edgelord methhead.

No. 1281309

Jesus those tits. Scarred for life

No. 1281310

There's so many new scars, shocking how fast that changed; she shows them off so eagerly. Does anyone know if she's ever mentioned her parents? Where are they in this??

No. 1281311

Not doubting the legitimacy of her ED(s), but it's funny how in the July 15 picture she's obviously pointing her toes inward to make her legs look further apart and thigh gap look wider. Classic wannarexic pose.

No. 1281313

Read the thread, she lives with her parents and she’s mentioned her dad multiple times. They’re aware of her bulimia and self harm, and she’s medicated.
Saged for spoonfeeding

No. 1281329

I don't think she's a schizo, she has childhood regression and turned this entire thing into her aesthetic. Being uwu schizo and unaware. She obviously has self awareness to some extent

No. 1281333

>how would she be able to fool a psychiatrist
anyone can print ESL gobbeldygook onto a piece of paper, anon
>and thousands of people online
…you really trust the judgement of terminally online twitter zoomers? do you have brain worms?

No. 1281335

File: 1626845535102.jpeg (621.42 KB, 2048x1439, 1A4E2F41-20CA-4DE3-9483-3DD00E…)

Can any Spanish speaking nonnies translate what the categories are? Even if this is fake I’m curious.

No. 1281359

I can't believe her name is Debora. I'd pretend to be a schizo too if my parents called me Debora.
(Also note, it's spelled different on her ID >>1281151 and >>1281153 psych notes. This isn't unrealistic for a psych and imo lends a little bit of credence to the medical documents being legit)

No. 1281360

Wannarexic lol, actual anachans do this as well as every millennial woman on the internet before the thicc trend

No. 1281371

File: 1626855296744.png (69.59 KB, 306x530, 235600200.png)

It's apparently the results of the intelligence test WAIS-IV.
It says she's deficient to borderline at pretty much everything except Vocabulary and Information where she's average. It matches up with pic rel, all results marked N/A where excluded.

No. 1281378

Soren died?

No. 1281380

Okay this is kinda funny.
I think this girl might be replacing Nourishtoflourish as my favourite feral ghoul

No. 1281381

Yep, for real this time! Something something dick surgery gone wrong.

No. 1281396

She was posted weeks ago in both teams threads and then again in the pro ana scumbags thread. She got her own thread because she was interesting enough to be posted but wasn't niche enough for any of the threads

No. 1281399

A lot of people will adopt a persona of helplessness to avoid the pressures of adulthood. Alternatively, some people crack under those pressures and become legit ill

No. 1281407

Holy shit I looked it up. I'm still so skeptical though I really can't help it. I wouldn't put it past her or her enabling family to fake the obituaries

No. 1281408

File: 1626861392330.png (400.08 KB, 1305x367, booooring.png)

Is it just me, or are those things much more bland when a doctor says them?
Also thinking of the poor parents that have to suffer this little devil at home.

No. 1281411


She can always "play stupid", just like she intenionally fucks up her typing on Twitter.

No. 1281426

i think there's a slight difference between writing bad on twitter and fooling a licensed neurologist in a series of tests. i've taken similar tests with a neurologist to check for aspergers and they take weeks and they're not just a simple questionaire where you know what the right/wrong answer is in order to "play stupid". it's literally just not that simple.

don't listen to the moralfags who tried to say she couldn't be milky for being schizophrenic. she's a fucking loon fakeboi starving herself into a unicorn. you don't have to push the munchie/larping angle to make her milky when a genuinely insane cow is a million times more entertainimg than endless medfag blogposting. she's schizophrenic until she fucks up and it's properly disproven. but she's only been around 2 months and this thread is a day old. if she's faking it i'm sure it'll come out. but for now she posted paperwork confirming her diagnosis and it's stupid and boring to think of all the ways it's fake.

No. 1281428


This. Is. It.

Lock this schizo cow away, asap.

No. 1281454

File: 1626869675249.jpg (388.54 KB, 1080x964, 20210721-081257.jpg)

She has a thread clearly because she has potential. She isn't particulary milky or a bad person but she's a complete horrorcow in the making and that's from just a glance. Imagine what she could bring us in a month? A year? We thought she was larping and turns out she's legit. Let's just accept that until something other than essays of conspiracies come out of it. Once it does it'll be a bombshell and that'll sure's fuck be entertaining.

Lucinda is a car crash more than a cow. Soren's dead, the era of dollanganger calves is gone, and anachans are all boring. And this creature is here. Let's just watch and see what unfolds.

Fucking look at this thing lmfao.

No. 1281458

File: 1626870362141.png (108.51 KB, 480x484, aUZql5k.png)

she looks so….. slimey

No. 1281460

This is just sad, while I do think she's making somethings up its clear that she hates herself(I should know, I hated myself as well)

No. 1281474

there's something in her eyes and the way she moves that gives me chills

No. 1281480

File: 1626873846891.jpg (64.51 KB, 581x406, G8U9TE5Y6.jpg)

No. 1281481

and yet all the messages from her followers are about how the sight of her specifically brings them joy and how cute and sweet she looks. i can only imagine that they're all as mentally ill as her. looking at her is extremely unnerving. she looks like a melting chucky doll.

No. 1281482

File: 1626874062968.jpeg (13.05 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)


A munchie NEET with endless time on her hands taking her doctor's card and stapling it to a paper she printed out couldn't be faked, surely! Take a scroll down the munchie threads, nonnies. The lengths these people go to to maintain their "sickest girl" status is honestly astounding in their scope.

Playing into her laundry list of illnesses is like playing into tranny delusions. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thread started as self-posting as a means of elaborate self-harm.

No. 1281483

Yeah the eyebags, nose and mouth bruising is drawn on with the burn tool. Why though??

No. 1281484

I feel like the typing is put on. I've been going through her mutuals and have stumbled across this whole uwu trauma community that is into this style of typing. Absolutely fascinating, what is this aesthetic called? Anyway, I think it's intentional if a bunch of different uwus are doing it and influencing each other

No. 1281485

all these communities (SH and ED) are full of minors that try to get some attention by doing shit and being edgy

No. 1281487

File: 1626874420837.jpg (1.59 MB, 2560x1920, 21-07-21-09-30-34-408.jpg)

rEaL LiFe uNiCoRn

No. 1281489

File: 1626874434460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 642.48 KB, 1458x2592, E4iTM4XwAA6gpD.jpg)

No. 1281492

her nose highlight looks like a poorly healing pimple. also are those blackheads on her chest or what?

No. 1281495

File: 1626874971899.jpg (388.58 KB, 1161x2064, G9D7J5R6KD.jpg)

No. 1281496

Her followers are other eating disorder and self harm accounts. All of them are fucked even when comparing them to the older eras of pro ana communities. They will post deathspo, only complain that the thinspo isnt racially diverse, will just take random TikToks of girls to post with puke emojies, and actually organised a meet up recently only to rip on someone who was the biggest out of all of them who attended.

I have 0 idea why Lucinda gets a free pass to not have them torn apart. I think it's either because shes genderspecial or a POC

No. 1281498

she's kinda cute, I hope she reads this and stops this shit and regains some of her sense back. If she continues like this, she will truly become a schizo

No. 1281502

>what is this aesthetic called? Anyway

No. 1281503

File: 1626875489285.jpg (Spoiler Image, 330.69 KB, 1870x2494, E3mNTNvXMAQjKAK.jpg)

No. 1281504

Is it just me or do we need an ed twitter thread. I'd love to see all the cringe they spew there

No. 1281506

File: 1626875794729.jpg (58.63 KB, 581x382, G59S9J6SU.jpg)

No. 1281508

File: 1626875848482.jpg (38.76 KB, 586x378, G9J6S6K4D8.jpg)

No. 1281512


Is it really? I remember 2014 Tumblr trauma blogging and it was very different. Black and white Skins gifs, self harm yes but people were reasonably coherent and were still posting about music TV shows etc

No. 1281514

Powercreep, anon. It just gets more extreme. U remember the depression posting on tumblr? Now it’s tiktok and DID

No. 1281515

File: 1626876351296.jpg (Spoiler Image, 494.21 KB, 1440x2560, R8W9Y6H5D.jpg)

No. 1281517

is having dandruff Hashtag Traumacore?

No. 1281519

damn she's really lost a lot of weight fast

No. 1281523

File: 1626876802022.jpg (38.07 KB, 589x358, G59HS6LR.jpg)

No. 1281524

File: 1626876829099.jpg (51.01 KB, 584x376, AE86D5AG8.jpg)


No. 1281525

Same. I have zero interest in the tinfoil and medfagging itt and don’t gaf if she’s “really” schizo or not, but there’s something creepy & compelling about her that shows legit horrorcow potential. On one hand she’s a hilariously random mashup of tacky Tumblr trends over the past decade (pro ana, traumacore, cutting, unicorns, furry shit, genderspecial, loli French maid outfits, romanticizing mental illness etc.) On the other hand, I don’t believe she’s faking those cold dead eyes or the murder-suicide vibes her Tiktok videos give off, and she does own a big knife. I don’t get how anyone can witness this chaos and claim she isn’t interesting.

No. 1281527

File: 1626876873656.jpg (58.98 KB, 581x385, 69I5UY9K8.jpg)

No. 1281528

I’m surprised she hasn’t appropriated DID into her laundry list of diagnoses and claimed her inconsistent typing styles are “alters” coming out. Pronouns uni/unicorn/unicornself ofc

No. 1281529

trans lesbian bisexual nonbinary neurodivergent unicorn lucifer spitter

No. 1281531

tbf she never claimed to be all those things at once. currently she's in her cutesy unicorn delusion phase which i guess we'll see if it's an off-her-meds schizo situation if she falls into psychosis.

No. 1281533

File: 1626877440632.jpg (17.82 KB, 287x274, G59JD62S.jpg)

and directioner kek

No. 1281534

Kek I'm actually a little scared of her power level. If she's alive long enough to do a full 180 to become a roiding insta gym thot, I will go apeshit

No. 1281535

Excuse me but I identify as a wwegender roidsexual, my pronouns are roman/romanself and I am VALID

No. 1281537

People who go into ED recovery sometimes has a weird fitness phase (like Ganer from the pro ana thread). I will shit the bed if Lucinda gets super buff

No. 1281541

Holy shit I actually knew this girl from when she was in her 1D phase and made art and wrote fic. I don't wanna doxx her any more than she already has herself but can confirm that she had the same writing style there when she answered asks and replied to comments. No traumacore or creepy stuff, just a regular 1D blog so it definitely wasn't part of some aesthetic. She also never mentioned schizophrenia so reading this thread I'm totally blown away by the papers she posted because I believe her 100%. She's currently inactive but I can screencap her comments and replies on Ao3.

Have to admit, I feel pretty bad reading what's being said about her. We weren't close but I know whiteknighting does more harm than good so that's all I'll say.

No. 1281543

We have something in common

No. 1281546

Interesting! I didn't think we would realistically ever see anything from beyond her current main accounts. Question about the fanfics- were they written in such a way that they could be read without difficulty?

No. 1281549

i think the ship has sailed for doxxing for debs, lol. screencaps would be great!

No. 1281555

File: 1626880488257.jpg (136.53 KB, 720x774, 20210721_111227.jpg)

They were stunning, actually. And so was her art.

No. 1281556

File: 1626880561791.jpg (46.33 KB, 628x193, 20210721_111803.jpg)

No. 1281557

File: 1626880658847.jpg (45.83 KB, 634x195, 20210721_111823.jpg)

No. 1281562

What’s her Tumblr URL?

No. 1281565

File: 1626881298496.png (1.01 MB, 733x716, deb.PNG)

dang, you're right about her art being pretty good. these are from 2018, so she would have been 21 yrs old.
her instagram is the same handle
remember to archive everything, anons. never rule out the cow deleting old blogs

No. 1281566

I love these so much, oh my goodness. I feel bad for how mentally ill she clearly is tbh.

No. 1281567

literally as i posted the link her blog became viewable from dashboard only
she's definitely lurking.

No. 1281568

Her being a Larry shipper is just the cherry on top of her already insane image for me kek.

No. 1281569

I dm'd her to make it private and made sure NOT to mention this thread. If she's a schizophrenic anorexic cutter the last thing I want is her being exposed to this. I told her to make her Twitter and IG private too. I understand what you guys are doing but understand where I'm coming from too.(cowtipping)

No. 1281570

yeah i thought the same thing. pretty good art.

No. 1281571

File: 1626881753209.png (499.61 KB, 834x615, deb.PNG)

the last post on her 1d instagram was in 2019

No. 1281573

File: 1626881834803.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1536x1535, 67A9C0FF-6B5E-492C-B846-06E9AB…)

No. 1281574

On that note, I pray none of you cowtip. She's clearly sick and unstable and as entertaining as you may find her she doesn't deserve to be directly exposed to this. That's all I have to say.

No. 1281575

File: 1626882190650.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1536x1730, 13EAF465-C8FC-405D-BA05-90C98D…)

No. 1281576

you seem to be pretty familiar with her, was there an incident that made her drop the 1d fandom? or was it just out of the blue switch to ana insanity?

No. 1281577

> cowtipped a schizo person a thread about themselves
you are an idiot. enjoy.

No. 1281580

oh wow i had no clue whose art this was until i scrolled up. who woulda thunk she had actual skills.

No. 1281583

I didn't cowtip her about the thread, genius. I told her spambots were hacking inactive Tumblrs and her account was being glitchy. I told her to make all her accounts private to be safe but clearly that didn't work.

Not really. The fandom is a shithole and everyone has left. I clicked on this thread because I found it interesting but then I recognized the writing style and the name(she used to have it in her bio) and was pretty devastated to see her in this state.

No. 1281590

Yes!! Yes please!!

No. 1281600

File: 1626885218034.jpg (200.91 KB, 720x779, 20210721_174100.jpg)

An update from Lucinda.

I really hope she gets better. Idk why she wants to be 88lbs so badly, but I hope she knows that shes worth more than this and seeks help for her eating disorder as well as her self harm treatment. Shes clearly shows potential to be a great artist and I feel as though she could do so much with that. If shes lurking then I hope she knows that a majority of us actually wish her well

No. 1281601

Pharmfag, those are all the claimed medications, but the doses are rather low. Gabapentin is typically used for nerve pain, and the white capsule is 100mg, which is the lowest it goes. Same with the lamictal; it's so small I almost missed it, but it's only like 25mg or so. I can't remember which colour is which, but the prozac is either 20 or 40. Potassium and vit D are also low doses. Niacin is OTC. Not to say she isn't psycho, she definitely is, and I'm in the camp that she's legit schizo, but those are the types of strengths you see in any other vaguely depressed/low intensity bipolar patient. I can't comment on the injection for schizophrenia, but that's a lot more intense, so I imagine she does have to get those from a nurse or something (assuming she actually still gets them, since she said she stopped).

This is my first time seeing this cow, and I am absolutely enthralled. Even if she is playing things up, she seems very disinterested in having a huge presence, which is uncommon for cows. Hopefully she doesn't get run off, because she's one of those cows that seems to be content to be crazy, with out without an audience.

No. 1281614

No. 1281616

that's the thing about her that's convinced me she isn't faking it too. she just doesn't talk about it. her whole twitter is just answering cc's gushing over her and tweets about her ed which is obviously very real. but the last thing she said about her schizophrenia is that she wouldn't talk about it anymore. no one is except us. and as far as we know she has no idea this thread exists. so where is the larping? where is the munchie? discussion on that is boring as shit. besides i'm sure another one of you will hop in her cc and ask she posts proof of her medication too and she'll deliver. because i simply believe this disturbing little retard.

she's extremely fascinating and really sad to watch. i hope she lives long enough to be a youtuber since i'm curious what she sounds like and what wacky fuckery an unmonitored schizo on web could get herself into.

No. 1281621

she fakes her writing to appear more mentally deficient, it is clear as day she's capable of writing better

No. 1281624

why tf does her hair look like the mayor’s from lorax

No. 1281635

I am the original anon that posted her in the pro ana cows thread and I just found this shit show. Uh. Why the fuck did she post her own medical documents, and why have we already had faggots cowtipping? There's defintely something more to this than I originally thought if she's aware of this thread or people who know her are here. This is gonna be a ride.

No. 1281636

It’s a children’s haircut that was pretty ubiquitous in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Look at the first hairstyle the main character wears in The Queen’s Gambit.

No. 1281642

she clearly is into yaoi and shota, even ddlg since she has an obsession with calling herself daddy. in my opinion she has a vomit fetish too.

No. 1281649

>she has no friend
In general doesn't seem like a doctor wrote this lol.

No. 1281650

Why do her parents even let her have a scale?

No. 1281652

Fucking retard.

I'm most fascinated by her obsession with becoming a unicorn. I think, with her cocktail of mental illnesses, she really will mutilate herself to reach her goal. We're looking at a potential Kelly Chompers level munch.

No. 1281658

File: 1626890940679.jpeg (7.8 KB, 259x195, images (1).jpeg)


Anon is correct.

Ramona Quimby haircut.

No. 1281659

>>1281650 if they let her have a fucking giant knife…

No. 1281661

jesus christ kek

No. 1281664

One should never EVER underestimate the power of madness.

No. 1281667

You were literally cowtipping yourself hypocritical retard. The fuck are you even doing on lolcow

No. 1281681

The way people rushed to this thread to defend her is very inch resting, considering she doesn't have many followers. One anon is hellbent on protecting her, while the others want us to know that she really is schizo, as if an educated medical professional would ever write something like this >>1281408

No. 1281683

>I told her to make all her accounts private to be safe but clearly that didn't work.
Because munchies fake illness specifically for attention you twitter-poisoned moron.

No. 1281684

File: 1626893287064.jpeg (524.04 KB, 2048x2048, D9973EEC-D505-4221-ADD8-5F5609…)

For anyone who still thinks her typing is a legit neurological issue, it’s not. Half the accounts she follows type like retards in one way or another. Some of them even put ~typing quirk~ in their bio

No. 1281685

If she wanted to be convincing she'd actually try harder. Puerto Rico's first language is Spanish, sounds like the person just didn't know English.

No. 1281686

>>1281569 you are retarded.

No. 1281687

Then why exactly would it be written in broken English at all?

No. 1281688

File: 1626893510680.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.13 KB, 582x388, G4HS9J5S6K.jpg)

No. 1281690

File: 1626893647772.jpg (90.3 KB, 574x451, UR46JTD26L.jpg)

No. 1281691

bye is that the titanic sketch sjksksk

No. 1281692

Freaky but good as hell

No. 1281693

…are you lost

No. 1281694

Maybe it was required in English for something else. A neuropsychiatrist who primarily writes/reads documents in Spanish probably wouldn't be too concerned about one document that reiterates known information not being in perfect English.
If she faked it, why would she not use perfect grammar and spelling for what's meant to be an official document? We know her English is perfect (or near-perfect) from her handwritten diary entries, her (non-crytyped) posts and her history as a fanfic writer.
I think you guys just need to accept that she's a diagnosed schizophrenic, on top of the psychosis. It doesn't mean she doesn't act up for attention on social media with the fake "crazy" typing and shit, but we're looking at a legitimately ill person. Deal with it.

No. 1281696

So what is exactly milky here? She's anorexic, a cutter and a munchie, those are dime a dozen on twitter.

No. 1281697

File: 1626894057178.jpg (5.08 KB, 278x181, images.jpeg-3.jpg)


No. 1281699

They were referring to your twitter speak, newfriend.

No. 1281701

File: 1626894151589.jpg (43.04 KB, 295x475, Y85H6SJ2L.jpg)

A review she wrote in perfect gramatic.

No. 1281702

The review is clearly for something she wrote from someone else.

No. 1281703

>>1281701 or i understand it wrong and she wrote the fanfic, not the review?


No. 1281704

she wrote the fic, coffinofachimera and belialsmiracles are both her handles

No. 1281707

File: 1626894515659.jpg (60.09 KB, 807x230, H46JK9ODSL.jpg)

What the actual fuck is this.

No. 1281710

This Venom on Venom action is hilarious and she can actually draw, wtf I love Lucinda now

No. 1281711

How old are you? And learn to sage, writing 1D smut isn't milk.

No. 1281721

>>1281711 calm down please, i was only showing that she isn't innocent. She knows well what she's doing. She has a lot of sexual thoughts and kinks and it doesn't look like she's asexual.

No. 1281736

if you knew anything about writing fic you'd know it isn't actually a sexual experience to write. in any case she said it was her medication that made her sexually numb, not that she was born asexual. she's probably just trying to romanticize it with the unicorn thing because originally she said it made her feel inhuman and like something was wrong with her.

No. 1281737

Are you 11, anon? 99% of the adult population aren’t asexual, how is having “sexual thoughts and kinks” remotely milky? Your mom needs to monitor your internet access better, this isn’t a kid friendly space.

No. 1281740

File: 1626896305347.jpg (44.2 KB, 318x424, coffinofachimera.jpg)

that's a book too but nowhere does it say what it's about

No. 1281758

Oh my God. Lucinda is actually a great artist, I love these. Why on earth is she not posting these to her Twitter? She needs to start sketching unicorns big time. It might be a healthier outlet for her to draw unicorns than try to starve herself into one

No. 1281759

It's milky and creepy because she has many close friendships with minors who are mutuals on Twitter and even flirts with some of them, ffs stop fucking white knighting this chick.

No. 1281762

So she can't write fanfic about two men fucking because she interacts with minors on another platform? Are you retarded?

No. 1281764

File: 1626897360707.jpg (66.18 KB, 511x574, 4Y6U5EK46D.jpg)

No. 1281768

Stop being so dense.
She parades around this asexual innocent persona and has relationships, even flirting with, 15 year olds (just scroll up the thread), while only a few years ago she was writing hardcore BDSM smut fanfction of one direction.
Do you seriously see nothing wrong with that?

No. 1281770

"showing she isn't innocent" like we're surprised a 20-something year old woman has sexual thoughts and wrote nsfw fic? or are we supposed to be shocked she is/was into an insanely mundane fandom kink?

No. 1281771

It's just an art book by Takato Yamamoto. The drawings she saved as body goals are all Yamamoto's work.

No. 1281772

she's flirting with minors anon.

No. 1281774

You referring to this >>1280852? This isn't flirting, she's responding to the above tweet by saying she wants a girlfriend. You're more mentally deficient than Lucinda.

No. 1281777

We need to read all the fanfics, i already saw in one of them Harry is a tranny.

No. 1281782

>has relationships
is saying thank you to her followers calling her cute a relationship? she calls them her friends because she's a delusional retard.

>even flirting

quit reaching. the guy you insist she's flirting with is someone she's called her brother and whose relationship with his boyfriend she's called cute. a lot is hysterical and milky about this bitch but insisting she's a child groomer by twisting and exaggerating facts is just fucking stupid. what the fuck are you doing?

No. 1281783

File: 1626898666611.png (50.99 KB, 555x717, image.png)

Even if those docs aren't fabricated, which would be incredibly easy to do if her followers are willing to accept a msft word table as proof of anything (WAIS is owned by Pearson, and official reports are very thorough and come in a standard template, pic related), malingerers are a problem for healthcare systems precisely because there are doctors who either don't have the ability to conduct a thorough evaluation into their behavior or are willing to give them whatever bullshit diagnosis they want. For mental health examples, see: Amanda Baggs, Pheobe Tickner, Georgia Collings, most people on the DID subreddits

No. 1281784

This. The reason people think shes flirting is because she interacts with this person a lot and that means sometimes engaging with sexualised posts. For example, that meme in her likes about being "submissive and breedable". I don't think she was doing it intentionally to flirt.

Funny that she mentioned in one reply itt that she "simple doesn't engage", implying that shes asexual, but still seems to have an interest in kinky fanfictions. Also, the bikini shot post earlier in the thread seems to also go against this asexual claim.

(Imo she probably still shouldn't be posting her naked pictures to EDtwt. I know they're body checks, but everyone there is like 10 years younger than her)

No. 1281785

and when she eventually posts her prescription bottles when someone here asks her on cc? unless you say her magical munchie powers got a hold of that too. you'll never be satisfied, we get it.

No. 1281791

File: 1626899298677.jpg (142.96 KB, 720x510, 20210721_213705.jpg)

She's in love with someone. I'd love to know who this guy is and how she knows them. Also I would love to know what kind of guy Lucinda is into. I picture a cottagecore eboy looking guy

No. 1281793

Schizo or not, she's clearly mentally handicapped, and I just don't think her interactions with minors should be taken as anything more than her replying to everyone who gives her attention and fawns over her regardless of age. She refers to all 1k of her followers as friends and wants to make them all friendship bracelets. She wouldn't know boundaries.

I believe the no sex drive claims because antidepressants and antipsychotics will do that and according to her she's completely unable to even masturbate.

No. 1281796

she's also really into india eisley and calls her her wife. at least it's not fiona apple or nicole dollanganger.

No. 1281800

She already posted her prescriptions >>1281508
low doses >>1281601 of
>baby's first antidepressant
>anticonvulsant/mood stabilizer
>anticonvulsant/nerve pain treatment

>unless you say her magical munchie powers got a hold of that too.

malingerers get unnecessary medical treatments all the time…

No. 1281801

you're saying that like getting unnecessary meds is difficult in burgerland

No. 1281802

>morning cocktail
>implying there is an evenimg/night cocktail
>would explain the low dosage

she posted two giant makeup bags full of prescription medication she took. cinnamorroll and hello kitty. i'm sure someone will find it if they scroll. this girl takes a lot of medication.

No. 1281803

If a diagnosis for schizophrenia doesn't exist because she wrote up the paper like you claim there's no way she'd be able to get a prescription for antipsychotics.

No. 1281805

Well I was going to for myself out of curiousity until seeing this

No. 1281809

Im not gonna debate her diagnosis cos I dont care, but many conditions can be treated with anti-psychotics, and BPD cows often get given them

No. 1281813

File: 1626900909868.jpeg (79.71 KB, 1024x1336, yoon_bum_killing_stalking_by_l…)

sage for no input but does she not look like she's in constant yoonbum cosplay to anyone else? that's all i could think

No. 1281815

Harry telling Larry to "eat her pussy", call him princess, uses a babydoll, his penis is drooping from hormones…read them if you want but you wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

No. 1281817

don't compare this autist with him

No. 1281822

idk who that is but thats uncanny

No. 1281825

I'm not a weeb, so I have to ask, is he in any way a dark edgy uwu mental illness type character? If this is the case then IRA nor entirely out of the range of possibility that she has adopted him into her persona

No. 1281827

he's a character from a yaoi-horror manwha

No. 1281830

File: 1626901391923.jpg (259.47 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20210721-170002.jpg)

Which one of you dickheads cowtipped.

No. 1281831

The worst thing that can happen here is if Lucinda discovers Nicole Dollanganger

No. 1281836

oh there's a lot of mental illness in that manga- mostly from another character tho. yoon bum is malnourished and underweight cuz his uncle starved him when he was a kid. he has bpd, severe anxiety, hypersexuality, ptsd, trauma and derealisation. some of those fit. oh and he never self harms but he's constantly injured and covered in bandages and scares

No. 1281837

Whoever tipped is a prick. Do you feel good about having exposed her to this?

Lucinda, if you're reading this, you're clearly a talented artist and have a lot of potential in life. I hope your red bubble does well and I hope one day you get help with your eating disorder and self harm. That kind of thing is never easy, but I encourage you to see that mental health treatment is for the best and that it's the light you need to grow towards in order to feel good again.

No. 1281838

Munchies and pill porn- name a more iconic duo
>i don't deserve to be a joke or a spectacle
she should consider avoiding taking great pains to make herself look sick, then

No. 1281839

he had a suicide attempt by cutting and has cuts in his wrist

we have an asshole that's cowtipping hard, please shut the fuck off and let the milk stay, you are already banned for that

No. 1281842

oh yeah ofc, it's been years since i read it

No. 1281851

Anyone else a little worried how shes going to deal with this? Shes fascinating and all but I find her likeable. I don't want her to hurt herself over this thread

No. 1281852

Lol what? Writing puppy play fetish fanfics of real people is milky.

No. 1281854

this thread won't scare her, she will probably coom herself so many people took the bait of her schizophrenia and gave her attention, even a lot of positive attention in fact

No. 1281855

You could make this exact thread and replace lucinda with anyone thats into age regressing and is bulimic lol

No. 1281856

Don't compare this autist with this autist character? kek

No. 1281857

>real people
anti spotted

No. 1281860

maybe go back to twitter and ask her yourself retard

No. 1281862

is she's as retarded as she claims how the fuck does she draw such intricate drawings and literally lip syncs to a completely foreign language (Japanese). She's mentally ill, but very clearly she has made herself appear and convinced herself that she is sicker than she is. It's her aesthetic and what she chose to base her identity around.

No. 1281865

and I must say it's very sick to purposefully and deliberately make yourself more handicapped. There are normal people that begin having psychosis all of a sudden and their entire world shatters behind their eyes and they end up in the mental hospital. Those people don't make tik toks and don't follow an aesthetic to make themselves appear more schizophrenic. They're complete normies that have their illness come out and become almost completely disfunctional

No. 1281866

Chill out. I'm not one of her followers or anything, I just think this turned out kind of unfortunate

No. 1281874

trying to be different it's like a trend, they feel special acting like that, they get attention and asspats

No. 1281879

File: 1626904322423.jpg (16.13 KB, 285x225, private.jpg)

the account it's private now, it changed a second ago, somebody still follows her

No. 1281881

And yeah she totally is mentally ill, just not from schizophrenia. Might be on the spectrum or have a personality disorder, but that is totally different in severity from schizophrenia.

Lucinda, the people that discuss you here literally want your good more than the people that follow you on Twitter and fetishize mental illness, those people have made you sicker. You have amazing artistic capabilities, don't let your life shatter because of some stupid internet shit and some trends. Also, stop writing like that, you have the capacity to express yourself normally, there are people that are genuinely retarded. You have skills only a person with superior intelligence could have like drawing extremely detailed drawings, grasping complex things like Japanese trends and the Japanese language. Don't starve yourself to death and stop cutting and go to therapy, you can still follow your artistical pursuits without self harming in such way. The attention and approval you receive from those people on twitter is very bad for you.

No. 1281882

these posts are so cringe she isn't your friend. stop acting like you're some savior now that she's discovered this thread. it's no better than cowtipoimg

No. 1281885

I promise it’s not twittard

No. 1281889

Ntayrt but why is encouraging her to get help a bad thing? Everyone else is either enabling her or telling her that her destructive behaviours are a good quality. She actually is talented enough to have potential as an artist which can get her at least some independence, and on top of that people don't hate her because she's not actually a bad person like some cows. This might be a good opportunity for her to see that she has to fix the current state of her life because she is going to die if she keeps doing what shes doing

No. 1281891

She strikes me as a borderline, personally.(sage)

No. 1281902

I really don't get you people lol.
>waaa she never talks about her schizophrenia! she avoids talking about it!
>brings it up both when prompted and unprompted, constantly sperging about her uwu creepykawaii unicown delulus

sure she does some posturing about how shes Oh So Embarrassed about it and Her Illness Doesn't Define Her but you're retarded if you can't see that as a way of authenticating the larp.

No. 1281920

She draws dark circles and photoshops her face to look sad, writes like shit on purpose when she can write perfectly, cuts herself only in visible places, it seems to me that it's more than obvious that there's at least some larping. She has problems but she's taking advantage and glamorizing and increasing them. Because it somehow gives her a presence and remarkable character online.

No. 1281947

What are you talking about, writing cringy shit like this and thinking it's completely normal non-milk is exactly twitterfag mindset

No. 1281950

twitter fags have invaded the pro ana thread, so it's natural they'd find this - if you search lolcow on twitter ana-chans do talk about it and see it as a fun thread to make fun of 'fakers', with no self awareness

No. 1281951

>You have skills only a person with superior intelligence could have like drawing extremely detailed drawings
I'm glad the lurking whiteknights are providing the milk now that she privated for a while.

No. 1281953

Because you're doing it in a thread specifically made to gossip about her.

No. 1281972

Can you guys stop writing cringey ass licking essays to her. We aremt her support network. We're a gossip blog you fucking dummies

No. 1281976

If you search "Oswaldslunch" on Twitter she actually seems to be getting a lot of support from her followers. Anons who are worrying should probably take it as a good sign that she has a peopl to comfort her and cease the support posts

No. 1281979

>implying those aren't one and the same

No. 1281984

File: 1626912492081.png (22.54 KB, 596x155, lucinda.png)

Whoever cowtipped go fuck yourself she's obviously really mentally fragile and if this leads to suicide its on your ass for exposing her to this thread

No. 1281985

embarassing how many support replies are telling her shes a unicorn kek

No. 1281990

seriously? The cow tipping anon is retarded, but are you new to the internet?? I stg what the fuck is up with this thread and all these twitterfags

No. 1281991

from where are coming these stupid ass randoms fucking the thread and interacting with the cow

No. 1281996

i saw them in the proana thread but i didn't know that they would migrate to here

No. 1281999

>there is only coaxing someone into suicide OR writing cringy essays, no in between

No. 1282001

File: 1626914106250.jpg (30.42 KB, 561x172, cringe.jpg)

No. 1282006

She could’ve been a great cow, great job to the cowtipping retard, now we will have even more retarded twitterfags fucking up with the already full of infighting retard’s boards and seething anachans.

No. 1282008

do these ppl all have brain damage from starving themselves or

No. 1282009

What's wrong with Fiona Apple? I think she probably already knows Nicole, she's 25, into traumacore and had a Tumblr

No. 1282012

File: 1626915708437.jpg (20.28 KB, 584x154, HJSRKLLRYFJ.jpg)

these teenagers think that writing like this it's ~quirky~

No. 1282018

OT but I'll never understand the double-spacing trend or why it's popular specifically with ED twitter.

No. 1282023

File: 1626917072863.jpg (37.11 KB, 804x205, 7I9UI86YTD.jpg)

No. 1282032

Oh please, she was suicide baiting long before lolcow got involved. And I call BS on “I just want to make people happy and smile”, she posts self-harm, body checks, b/p reports and other harmful & triggering content for a primarily teenage audience. If she doesn’t want people discussing her horrific behavior, she should stop oversharing it online. It’s an easily solved problem if she can get past her need for attention at any cost.

No. 1282034

File: 1626918213530.jpg (33.17 KB, 800x179, N5632JHG6C.jpg)

No. 1282043

Honestly I hope she lives to become the roided out he/him 80s bodybuilder of her dreams, if I had better shooping skills I’d make it so kek

No. 1282048

Stop. She's so deep in ed/self harm that these posts won't do a damn thing. People noticing that she's sick and wishing they could help is the ultimate validation for her. She will continue to do whatever she's doing and posts like these let her know it's having the desired effect

No. 1282057

i find her fascinating, but all in all, was this thread even needed?

No. 1282068

of course not. no one ever thought she was really a schizo, and it never occured to people that she'd find this thread. she isn't actually problematic, just insane and interesting. and this is what happens when you make a cow out of a deeply mentally ill person. all we got was proof that she wasn't lying about anything and more painfully jealous ex-followers screaming for reasons to cancel her, from "she's not schizo, she draws bags under her eyes!" to "she's a degenerate, she writes 1d kink fanfiction!"

i'm as depraved a farmer as any other, but this girl has only been around for 3 months and is genuinely harmless. she's clearly deeply mentally disturbed and yeah, i feel bad that she saw this thread.

No. 1282077

Is any thread ever needed? People just want to watch the shenanigans unfold

This board is not for pRoBLEMatiC people or cancellations. Twitterfags and moralfags, gtfo

No. 1282087

In the grand scheme of things, are you really fighting for the right to mortify a paranoid schizophrenic by watching and discussing her every move and theorizing about her?

>hurrdurr moralfag!!1!

Man grow up or get over your hateboner for this girl.

No. 1282089

This is a meme at this point but do you know where you are? Everything in this thread is just a recap of what she's posted, with a healthy bit of doubt that things are as severe as she claims. She's embarassing herself by making a performance of her mental illness across multiple platforms and you're embarrassing yourself by expecting lolcow to be a hugbox. We get it, you had a big kek at one of the other threads but something hits a little too close to home about this one

No. 1282092

File: 1626923417784.jpeg (67.91 KB, 275x206, 8E53CD69-506F-42C9-982E-95284A…)

This thread had potential..

No. 1282093

It's called having an identity outside of lolcow.farm and realizing it's fucked up to have a thread to make fun of a mentally challenged paranoid schizophrenic and having her see it. This was just shits and giggles but it's very sad that this is affecting her given her many conditions. She's already a cutter with an ed and paranoid thoughts, I can't imagine what this thread will do to her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1282094


This, fuck off newfags who think lolcow is some cancellation site. It's literally just people watching, it's called supply and demand, if there's demand there will be a thread.

No. 1282097

I kek’d

No. 1282098

90% of the threads here are for making fun of mentally ill people.

No. 1282099

Nice sage, newfriend

I swear this is all fallout from the Shannon reveal. They seem to be under the impression that lolcow is one big callout post

No. 1282101

ban these newfags

No. 1282103

>>1282043 i'll wait for the Youtube saga and the tattoed he/him bodybuilder saga.

No. 1282118

File: 1626927362833.png (104.21 KB, 1792x482, Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 2.13…)

saged for non milk but what does this mean? is it just because her mum is also retarded and cant spell or is it because of english being her second language?

No. 1282121

my guess would be because when writing irl it takes more time to think about each letter you jot down versus quickly typing and making mistakes on a keyboard
sage for ot

No. 1282125

What is autocorrect kek. If anything it should be easier online.

No. 1282130

yeah i feel like thats one of the only milky things about her- purposefully typing like her eyes are always closed

No. 1282148

the more everyone obsesses over her crytyping the less interesting it becomes. it's not milky or revealing it's just cringe. it doesn't mean anything especially since she's been doing it for years under fandom accounts without her name on it. Z

No. 1282153

>it's not milky, it's just cringe
Jesus fucking christ hide the thread already.

No. 1282162

was your response milky enough to not sage?

No. 1282169

>we are a gossip blog
Go back to wherever you came from, newfriend.

No. 1282183

Same kek I fall too easily for these psych bitches

No. 1282189

pretty hard to make typos when you're writing something by hand. you'd have to purposely spell things wrong.

No. 1282199

It looks like she touch types on a QWERTY keyboard without looking and hits the key next to the one she wants. Also adds an extra letter at the beginning on purpose. It's a typewritten equivalent of affected speech.

Can't say I find her interesting. She's too canny to be retarded. As other anons have said, there's something Soren about her.

No. 1282223

Don't read the thread then? Not that hard

No. 1282227

>>1281690 …are they fucking?

No. 1282228

This really is a shit thread now thanks newfags, cowtippers and the people who keep complaining she's not milky enough.

No. 1282243

I swear people here complain about how there are no good lolcows anymore but complain when someone is discussing if they're not Shayna or Luna. They could have just let other people have their thing but they fucked it for literally no reason other than "well shes not a bland boring fat girl on OnlyFans so theres no milk here guys, cow tip time"

No. 1282247

How easy would it be to just scroll past the thread but nooo.. I hate this site it's gone to shit

No. 1282253

I feel bad for her.

No. 1282254

I don't think it's gabapentin, I think it's the supplement GABA

No. 1282283

>>1282243 this was a whole new cow with potential. I hope she will return. It could be an interesting and milky thread but these idiots keep doing shit.

No. 1282314

I think the complainers ITT are a different group than usual. They're new enough to have not yet figured out that people lie on the internet for attention.

No. 1282317

she literally posted confidential papers confirming her schizophrenia and mental retardation. she doesn't even milk it to be larping. she crytypes and attention seeks with the cutting but no one is a newfag for understanding when something has obviously been debunked.

No. 1282319

she wasn't even upset that we called her an attention seeking liar, clearly she was upset that we weren't seeing her as the sweet cutesy magical unicorn all her followers tell her when they jerk her off. all things considered she definitely wants positive attention and can't handle big fat meanie poopie pants as if that makes up even 5% of what lolcow threads ever actually are. she's a completely delusional autist.

No. 1282321

>she literally posted confidential papers confirming her schizophrenia and mental retardation
So did kelly chompurrs

No. 1282323

if you're going to compare the way she doesn't talk about her schizophrenia compared to kelly fucking chompers you're more retarded than she is. she's a perfectly milky cow with the legit diagnosis, especially since she's off her meds, just discovered this thread, and will likely relapse. all as a schizo. can't you just enjoy the grade a milk? we're tired of the munchie sperging.

No. 1282333

The point is that kelly got a diagnosis too, showed papers and everything, but it still didn't prove much and got debunked quickly.

No. 1282336

File: 1626966884406.png (111.06 KB, 746x820, stunning and brave.png)

Followers continue to brown nose. Saging because not really milk, just kinda funny especially "they envy your beauty" kek

No. 1282339

You're kidding yourself if you think this girl is anything like Kelly.

On another note, is anyone following her on Twitter? Has she posted anything?

No. 1282342

People think every doctor pays lots of attention to every single patient and nobody faking ever gets a diagnosis. And every doctor is capable of giving the perfect diagnosis. In some places doctors are overworked as fuck and barely pay attention to what the patient reports and it's easier to go with the most intuitive diagnosis than spend months building a case. Someone with bipolar can get diagnosed with depression or BPD for example. I don't care if she really is schizo or not but it's retarded to not suspect she's not a malingerer when her whole identity is built on being ~super sick and damaged~

No. 1282346

And you know better than doctors or what?
There is a rule against armchairing JSYK.

No. 1282347

I just think it's retarded to assume she can't be a malingerer, not diagnosing this bitch, she's clearly a mess and I'm sorry for whoever professional has to deal with her, chill

No. 1282349

i disagree because if her identity was indeed built on being sick and broken she'd love this thread the way soren, kelly, and all the other munchies and anachan larpers have. she clearly had a meltdown over not being seen as a magical fairy and hates being seen as a psychotic disgusting loon at least now that she's attempting recovery and on about her unicorn lunacy. she said being on her meds kept her negative and loving being seen as a deformed monster but ever since she stopped and "accepted her unicorn gifts" she's been more positive and has gone on about it several times. i think she just wants positive attention.

as far as we know she's been a schizo since 2016 and was an obese pleb writing 1d fanfiction. then became an edgelord a few months ago, and is now a deranged fairy unicorn all about rainbows and magic.

No. 1282351

If she really is a paranoid schizophrenic I wonder how she'll recover from this thread. Is she lurking as she speak? Will she hide from the internet? Believe we're coming after her?

Honestly fuck whoever cowtipped.

No. 1282352

this. Infighting whether her diagnosis is legit is kinda pointless, she is clearly not normal. She's mentally ill in some way, and wants to milk (kek) that mental illness for positive attention through looking as tragic as she can. She also attention seeks with bikini pics and lewds on tiktok/twitter. She wants a hugbox where she can get congratulated for being a magical unicorn and eating her eggwhites.

No. 1282357

Can we just agree we're unsure if she's faking being a schizo and just enjoy her madness? It's getting tiring to read the same fight over and over again.

No. 1282365

seconded and its boring

No. 1282367

If she's off her antipsychotics we'll know soon enough. I hope she comes back lol. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a cow.

No. 1282373

But unfortunately some asshole cow tipped and she privated her accounts. Fuck those moralfags

No. 1282375

>Can we just agree we're unsure
No, it's fucking stupid to question an official diagnosis if you aren't her doctor.

No. 1282381

Well boohoo bitch we have no solid proof so it's the best we can do

No. 1282397

what she provided is solid proof. the problem is previous cows across the board have faked them all before. but personally i just don't think lucinda fits any of the antics of those cows who faked schizophrenia. it doesn't have to be rehashed a million times all the ways munchies and larpers have faked diagnostic papers. but they also followed a behavioral pattern lucinda just hasn't SO FAR. it's been one fucking day. is it so hard to wait for her to expose herself if she really is faking?

No. 1282399

She literally does not fit any diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia. Not a single one. This munchie larper fooled all of you with two papers and baby's first mood stabilizers. Amazing.

No. 1282402

Stop moralfagging, if you do not like the thread, hide it. If you don’t think it belongs, report it. Medfags time to stop inputting your shitty opinions on if she is schizophrenic or not.

No. 1282418

>the problem is previous cows across the board have faked them all before.
are you new? half of the content on the old munchie threads was pill porn and hospital selfies. some of them unironically died from unnecessary medical interventions

No. 1282432

File: 1626976735892.jpg (43.13 KB, 708x531, EsWBD0wWMAEZH8L.jpg)

>unironically died

At least one of her little edtwt 'fwienrds!!!!' will be shit talking ITT soon. No way in hell half these people aren't just watching the train wreck feigning compassion. This side of twitter is new to me but it looks like a sea of grown skelly narcs and children.

No. 1282439

When I was looking through who she follows, almost all of them are between 12-17 years old. It’s definitely a community full of high schoolers.

No. 1282442

edtwt and shtwt are a disease - a bunch of kiddos being cringe

No. 1282445

File: 1626978921553.jpg (70.14 KB, 720x598, 20210722_152943.jpg)

No. 1282453

Who cares if they saw? The thread is about Lucinda not the random children that she talks to. That person is 14. Read the rules before you post, you will spoil this thread for everyone, if it doesn't just get outright nuked soon. You can't do that shit here.

No. 1282477

Not them, but it shows that they were lurking (and possibly wking) here.

No. 1282482

still not relevant, autist. and that's still a child. knock it off.

No. 1282487

The Prozac is 20mg

No. 1282542

File: 1626990288283.jpg (381.25 KB, 1080x989, 20210722-174235.jpg)

No. 1282543

File: 1626990345966.jpeg (63.48 KB, 564x564, E67lx56WEAUKAX9.jpeg)

went off private. it would appear she's back. wonder if she's still lurking.

No. 1282547

>>1282542 this is good. Let's wait and see what happens. She has the entire community giving her compliments so i think that made her come back.

No. 1282558

File: 1626993880900.jpeg (966.3 KB, 1774x1291, A080F1CF-CEB0-4408-96DF-DB322B…)

Sage for no milk but I don’t understand?

No. 1282565

how it went from "i want to die and i'll disappear" to "i'm extremely happy, it doesn't matter i love you all" gives me suicidebait vibes and i feel fooled

No. 1282566

Ahahaha and some of you were really worried she'd an hero. Let's all just sit back an observe this time. Can we do that, please?

No. 1282568

Why are twitter teens so obsessed with calling people faggots?

No. 1282579

File: 1626997241627.jpg (61.15 KB, 266x431, KJ5TY6S5T6URJ.jpg)

No. 1282582

Is there something positive to be done here?

No. 1282676

Well, that was fast. So much for those anons saying she'd be completely distraught over finding this thread. It's not like posting pictures of her full legal name and passport to her 1,400+ followers phased her much.

No. 1282684

i mean she is retarded

No. 1282687

File: 1627010320359.png (49.82 KB, 589x662, 1.PNG)

She had another blog, coffinofachimera (same username as her AO3 account.) Mostly the same kind of content, just posting for documentation.


No. 1282689

File: 1627010723608.jpg (28.85 KB, 467x116, H.jpg)

She wrote this and it seems like she's talking about herself.

No. 1282694

all this does is add legitimacy to the schizophrenia claims tbh

No. 1282697

File: 1627012045237.png (552.82 KB, 500x680, P5IO65LIO6.png)

No. 1282698

File: 1627012332582.jpg (33.59 KB, 485x354, D26SAF56A.jpg)

These are deleted.

No. 1282775

what in the god damn tranny hell

No. 1282796

It's a reward thing I guess. She baits suicide, and then when people run to her aid she posts about how happy she is, so they keep doing it because it makes them feel good about themself

No. 1282800

Yeah I kinda find that to be funny. The irony of us wondering if shes crazy for being paranoid schizophrenic when we look like (to someone who doesn't understand what lolcow is) gangstalkers

No. 1282801

it's edtwt/shtwt, everyone tweets about wanting to die before tweeting again in a few minutes. it's venting. lucinda's done it a lot("i hate being alive, i wish i was dead, why am i alve, i want to die") , that's why none of the tweets from her followers are concerned for her life.

No. 1282833

File: 1627039486591.png (142.78 KB, 1080x1436, 20210723_072221.png)

No. 1282835

File: 1627039560695.png (117.1 KB, 1080x1451, 20210723_072408.png)

this ask is from 2016, which means lucinda really was diagnosed schizo in 2016 like she said

No. 1282838

kekk she really casually just threw in that she wants to die

No. 1282871

I hate to sound like a kiwifag, but if you're gonna post one of her old socials, can we please make sure to archive before she DFEs? She's done it several times already, but no one seems to want to, you know, archive it so others can see.

No. 1282942

Yes, moralfags trying to shut down the thread because she'd be upset if she found it… as if all cows aren't mentally ill too lmao if we couldn't talk about mentally ill people there'd be like 1 person left to discuss. lol

No. 1282954

she's a retard so i guess it could've gone either way she could've overreacted or not given a shit and it seems she stopped caring and being suicidal in under 24hrs so she's one of those out of grasp retards.

No. 1282968

Ignoring the thread is the better decision, if she just deleted everything you would all say "oh she's in damage control mode." You twist neutral things into negative things it's crazy.

No. 1282988

Apparently she's just choosing to ignore the thread with a website blocker so that's beneficial for everyone lmao. I guess time will tell if she's been lurking secretly or not.

No. 1282991

File: 1627064848929.png (425.79 KB, 384x688, no shoop.png)

Holy shit, she looks normal without her stupid photoshop (minus the self harm). Still a bad haircut though.

No. 1283002

File: 1627066058756.jpg (132.78 KB, 720x834, 20210723_154356.jpg)

No. 1283005

File: 1627066303898.jpg (Spoiler Image, 192.35 KB, 580x1098, 20210723_154805.jpg)

No. 1283020

she's actually pretty cute here?

No. 1283031

God I wish she hadn't done that to her body. No judgment against cutters because I'd be a hypocrite, but that high up on her body she's really gonna regret it if she ever gets better. That high it's almost branding yourself with "I will never recover"

No. 1283035


Ever heard of "Instagram filters"?

Are you new on the interwebs?

No. 1283039

I think she'd actually be quite pretty if BDD and terminal onlineness wasn't causing her to hide behind corpse makeup filters and ruin her looks with starvation, cutting and bad loli fashion.

No. 1283043

Even if she has mental illness it's living online that is doing the most damage. Lots of mentally ill people live normal lives if they aren't terminally online. There's nothing good in here specially for someone who is fragile. Like would she even cut herself all this much if she couldn't take a picture for social media? lol

No. 1283044

Pretty cute CUT MARKS.
Is it like that?
You blind?

No. 1283047

Totally agree, plus it becomes an echo chamber where sick people encourage each other's sickness and compete to be the sickest. Why would she devote herself to the long hard work of recovery and becoming a functioning adult when she has online fans reinforcing her delusions that she's an uwu super special NLOG skelly they/them unicorn?

No. 1283050

She's only been on Twitter for 3 months lol. And was anonymously writing directioner fic for 4 years before that. I don't think her little Twitter hugbox is the problem. It isn't helping but it clearly isn't making anything worse since according to her she went from demon delusions in 2016(?) to Silent Hill/Spitter bdd delusions, to unicorn delusions. I'd say the unicorn bulimia recovery attempt is a step in the right direction. She also doesn't seem to be online that much.

No. 1283052

File: 1627073174201.jpg (11.17 KB, 298x121, AIF89UI56.jpg)

isn't this person a cow from another thread (she follows her)

No. 1283056

Bet she lurks the ana thread and follows everyone discussed there

No. 1283061

ashley is the ultimate skelly and was also bulimic eugenia is no one compared to her i wouldn't be surprised if lucinda sees her as goals

No. 1283062

ahh! don't say her name!

No. 1283069

File: 1627074818804.jpg (43.79 KB, 803x195, J56T5D6UKO.jpg)

No. 1283072

File: 1627075031244.jpg (27.45 KB, 800x167, N5HCG6J5T.jpg)

No. 1283085

Shit like this is the reason why straitjackets should be used at mental hospitals again.

No. 1283111

Tumblr notoriously had a problem with people encouraging mental illness though, especially pro ana stuff. Tbh her being on Tumblr for a few years would have done a lot of damage

No. 1283116

It could be where she picked up the beginnings of her indulging in mental illness 'aesthetic' but if anyone develops actual issues from tumblr they're retarded in the first place

No. 1283130

File: 1627083740207.jpg (25.22 KB, 587x124, JY6U5JGF6D.jpg)

No. 1283136

File: 1627084462142.jpg (55 KB, 510x508, R89QWER8.jpg)

Seemingly she told Roy/Vodka/the kid bestfriend to eat cereals…with wine…and he did it.

No. 1283150

File: 1627086080840.jpg (22.72 KB, 594x133, D3W1DAWF5.jpg)

No. 1283159

Well i definitely don't think she's larping bulimia. This is gonna taste like hell coming back up. How gross is it that she's recommending shit like this to her followers. Is this person a minor?

No. 1283178

File: 1627091192378.jpg (729.13 KB, 1080x1538, 1.jpg)


She shitpost jokes with him like this all the time I'd hardly call it a command or serious recommendation. She was clearly joking no need to sperg.

No. 1283179

File: 1627091306883.jpg (161.6 KB, 1080x626, 2.jpg)

Even he knew she was joking and said he was tempted by her joke.

No. 1283198

>that like
Kek hi lucinda.

No. 1283203

File: 1627094748709.png (100.02 KB, 1080x822, kek1.png)

No. 1283204

The only thing that makes me suspect this is her blood work being fine. Purging multiple times a day, 10 times as she claims, is likely to land you in the hospital in a matter of days. But her bloods are clear? Doesnt add up

No. 1283206

>the anime profile pic

oh no no no

No. 1283208

File: 1627095271552.png (106.21 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2021-07-24-04-30-45.p…)

You know, damage controlling on a week old posts is extremely stupid. It just proves you lurk this thread like a hawk.

Please ignore the notifications, I had to grab my old phone for this.

No. 1283210

File: 1627095329439.png (138.42 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2021-07-24-04-31-05.p…)

No. 1283212

File: 1627095478546.png (515.37 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2021-07-24-04-37-34.p…)

Then a few minutes after I posted, she unliked it to then do whatever this >>1283203 is supposed to be

No. 1283213

Not sure what a random "liked by" screenshot is meant to prove or why you're so obsessed with mine, weirdass. Move on.

No. 1283216

I see you're able to type normally after all.

No. 1283220

Listen, I clicked on the post with one like and saw >>1283208. The post suddenly had no likes after you posted >>1283212 andnow it suddenly has one again after you liked it with you sockpuppet.
Trying to fool lolcow and pretend to be someone else is against the rules and can lead to outings.
You really should just take a break from the internet.

No. 1283221


god shut the fuck up neither of you can prove anything and nobody gives a shit

No. 1283222

a year old sockpuppet account with over 1k tweets sounds kind of


No. 1283224

Y'all really had me dox my account over a bitch I barely liked lmao nah think what you want idc.

No. 1283227

It strangly seemed to stop getting interaction right after the oswaldslunch account was created. Did your website blocker not work out after all?

No. 1283230

she said it was up to 11 but usually 3-6 if i recall.

No. 1283232

>my Twitter with selfies of my stringy blonde white ass in Wisconsin

Girl I'm not about to expose myself to an lolcow random over a Twitter random lol. I'm not her, no one cares what either of us can prove, and we're shitting up the thread.

No. 1283236

I clicked the post with one like and saw your normal icon lucinda. Explain why the 7 day old post suddenly had no likes anymore after I pointed out your selfposting. Explain why it had one like again with a different account after you started damage controlling.
Saying "no one will believe you" through the flower when I just posted proof is quite manipulative and not "poor ill menhera uwu victim" after all.

No. 1283237

It's hysterical that you keep calling me Lucinda. All you did was post a screenshot of a like with half a url. Okay? Who cares lol good for you if you wanna make up whatever. I know what I clickd like on it's not a big deal ffs.(infighting)

No. 1283239


holy shit no one cares it isn't milk either way and you're both fucking annoying

No. 1283241

You didn't answer any of my questions.

>the cow posting in her own thread and then using her previous account to cover it up is not milk(infighting)

No. 1283242

how tf is this not milk, this is self posting clear as day

No. 1283246

holy shit at this point just lock the thread for infighting

No. 1283253

like her faking schizophrenia clear as day? or dating roy/vodka/whatever clear as day? flirting with him clear as day? this is all very he said she said and the only deciding factor on who's side you pick is how much you hate this girl. people have been lying about her since the beginning of the thread.

who. fucking. cares. more infighting. they've both been banned for a reason.

No. 1283321

She really isn't as milky as I thought she'd be.

No. 1283330

The problem is that someone tipped and now shes going to be more careful. She only really began to get milky at the exact time we stumbled across her. Give her time, and soon things will settle and get milky again

No. 1283334

be patient nonnie, allow the cow to graze before it comes in to deliver its milk

No. 1283364

File: 1627133074833.jpg (519.04 KB, 1080x1481, 20210724-092308.jpg)

No. 1283368

I cannot BELIEBE this tard is in her 20s. No wonder her audience is exclusively impressionable kids.

No. 1283370


No. 1283371

all the replies are orherkin children agreeing with her and telling her she's a unicorn when she's clearly suffering from a psychotic delusion. she needs to get off the fucking internet. the less she eats the more the brainrot sets in and makes everything worse. it's extremely disturbing to watch.

No. 1283373

Based unicorn queen

No. 1283374

Not enough milk.(no contribution)

No. 1283387

Don't read then? And sage your shit opinions retard.

No. 1283442

Newfag alert. Listen to the other nonnies, plenty of the most legendary cows start out low fat

No. 1283468

>Aliens, paranormal, energy, dimensions, the unknown, we're all cells
The amount of autism it's out of control.

No. 1283473

Are you new or something? Look at some of the most well known cows ever. They start small and gradually become more milky. Learn to recognize potential, newfag

No. 1283474

the dimensional merge will happen

No. 1283496

File: 1627146645912.jpg (430.11 KB, 1080x1502, 20210724-130657.jpg)


No. 1283498

File: 1627146820185.jpg (300.84 KB, 1080x1005, 20210724-131220.jpg)

No. 1283501

>>1283496 someone needs to take the medication…

No. 1283507


For simeome ewho typres bad, eher pumctuatuion is vetry goosd.

No. 1283509

>>1283507 KEK
>>1283496 just tell her her meds are unicorn food. Tho tbh this is a weird way for her to speak of herself from a schizo perspective, and her parents have guardianship to forceably have her injected so this feels odd

No. 1283514

File: 1627147749790.jpeg (318.24 KB, 1170x1160, 883197E8-05CE-40CC-B5F0-DC9F6A…)

No. 1283522

She loves the attention

No. 1283531

i believe she's mentally challenged, so i think she just sees this thread as a bubble burster. she'd rather live in the bubble of delusion her twitter provides where she's perfect and no one sees her for the deluded freak she is. she's surrounded by mentally ill children of course they adore her a lot of them are autists themselves lol.

No. 1283536

>people have been lying about her since the beginning of the thread.
According to the anon who claims not to be lucinda, who says they live in Wisconsin >>1283232, their screenshot in >>1283203 should have been timestamped as 6:57 as that would've been the local timezone of that tweet. However it shows 7:57, which fits the timezone of Bayamón, Puerto Rico, which supposedly is where the cow livesaccording to >>1281153.
You can check it yourself by looking at your own local time of this post https://mobile.twitter.com/cartoonivia/status/1416366534763716612 and convert it to Wisconsin and Bayamón time on thetimezoneconverter.com.

Nevermind the screenshots are posted directly after the ordeal, the time on them is visible, the links of them are almost fully visible. There would be no way I'd be able to manipulate them in such a short timeframe, let alone have any reason for lying.
Sorry for the weaponized autism but I know what I saw.

No. 1283538

Holy shit anon, good spot - you used your autism well

No. 1283541

File: 1627150796294.png (79.57 KB, 752x526, reject humanity embrace unicor…)

"Mofu" is 15 and will grow out of this weird LARP and cringe at it later. Lucinda is in her 20s.

No. 1283545

you're forgetting she's mentally handicapped. unless you're the same anon who's been sperging since the beginning of the thread that she's lying about it and forged every single document and is secretly the world's best larper. the whole sockpuppet theory you've created on a year old account with over 1k tweets is just way beyond this girl's pay grade, no matter how much you sperg out over a 1 hour time difference on a screenshot lol. do you wanna get banned again, bruv.(move on)

No. 1283555

>weaponized autism
beautiful and amazing

No. 1283560

File: 1627153352768.gif (1.81 MB, 200x200, 200.gif)

hell yes unicorn queen, share your infinite wisdom

No. 1283573

I think most of you are bored women and male virgins.(newfaggotry)

No. 1283576

What about women virgins? Bigot.

No. 1283582

so what?

No. 1283586

>implying either are bad or should be held in a negative light
Must be rough being rarted

No. 1283666

God bless you nona, the hero we need.
if she is capable of writing larry kink fic in coherent english, she's capable of having multiple accounts and self posting.

No. 1283670

>>1283536 this may be a confirmation that she's here lurking.

No. 1283677

File: 1627166832626.jpg (67.09 KB, 594x403, TE5R6Y5RE.jpg)

No. 1283679

File: 1627167020004.jpg (706.93 KB, 1458x2592, I56FYOI5KH56.jpg)

No. 1283681

love the granny hair

No. 1283684

File: 1627167204031.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.22 KB, 449x460, H46TYIF5NG.jpg)

No. 1283688

unicorn hair

No. 1283692

File: 1627168038842.jpg (30.42 KB, 373x371, 6.jpg)

No. 1283721

I’ve been so distracted by the rest of her face that I just now realized her eyebrows are straight lines hahaha

No. 1283747

opening this was like a jump scare. proceed with caution, anons

>omg people on lolciwfarms thinkgf im scaery imf wanna die

>photoshops face to look as frightening as possible

No. 1283761

>aim so bulneravle letmebe unicorn pleze luk at mai orn i hab skizopremia

No. 1283762

For the same reason everyone here is obsessed with calling people troons, trannys and fakebois.

No. 1283764

according to her she doesn't look scary at all and looks like a magical horse lol…

No. 1283850

File: 1627194612858.png (84.49 KB, 598x533, Screenshot 2021-07-25 at 08-29…)

Christmas is coming very early this year.

No. 1283859

I'm very curious about the sound of her voice. I don't think I've heard a Puerto Rican accent before

No. 1283861

File: 1627197025760.jpg (221.38 KB, 1080x796, 20210725-030815.jpg)

I honestly don't know what to say….

No. 1283872

She must be super upper class, if her Puerto Rican family have the money to spend on her neeting, and text in English. What a disappointment

No. 1283873

Any vlog style stuff could will be worth watching. Can't wait to see Lucinda immediately do better than Lillie Jean

Her dolls are going be interesting. She tweeted about wanting to make dolls (screenshot earlier in thread) and shes one of the few cows who has decent artistic ability. She might try to make dolls based on her idea of a perfect body so we might be able to see what she thinks more clearly

No. 1283883

yea they also take her to a lot of doctors and give her money for weeb shit. I think she turned out like this from too much spoiling. I always thought she was American, but her parents must be rich for a third world country

No. 1283909

She said her dad is a body builder. Is he some kind of big time competitive athlete I wonder? Some of them ultra fit people make bank by body building and pairing up with a martial art

No. 1283928


Well, well. So there will be "makeup tutoriLs" and "journalisng" from our little unicorn pretty soon. A cow in the making, after all?

No. 1283979

>That high it's almost branding yourself with "I will never recover"

Well it's a possibility, but not impossible. There are people i know who have overcome that kind of sh, or even worse if i say.

The fuck she stains her nose too?
And she should ditch those contacts. Why does she wants to look mental?

No. 1283987

Here comes the milk

No. 1284000

I think that her obsession for all that unicorn crap is even more creepy than her ED.
Why can't her parents just slap her and give her a fucking reality check..?

No. 1284004

she's definitely psychotic. can you imagine if she goes running into the woods naked, convinced she's an uwu magical unicorn surrounded by fairies and pixie dust?

No. 1284013

File: 1627228419185.jpg (297.75 KB, 1080x840, 20210725-115138.jpg)


No. 1284014

File: 1627228455823.jpeg (277.78 KB, 750x630, DE19356B-FC3C-44D8-910F-D0E7D2…)

No. 1284019


"True real potentiL, he thoufht and tje power."

..of unicorn farts.

No. 1284020

what the fuck?!?!?

No. 1284022

File: 1627228968815.jpg (41.37 KB, 800x450, 341293909b848fe7387996a2a0e7fe…)

No. 1284025

I think she is just a kinnie/larper and it's how she copes with her ED. Not a part of her schizophrenia.

No. 1284029

throwback to when she said that since unicorns were folklore it was good because it wouldn't be possible for her to actually believe in it but clearly it's merged with some metaphysics astro fuckery and she's starting to think it's legit.

take your meds, kids.

No. 1284030

If she wants to be a magical uwu unicorn why the fuck does she wear that grimey makeup.

No. 1284035


Maybe cuz it fits the color of her cuts..?

No. 1284037

According to her it's unicorn eye makeup >>1283677

No. 1284042

unicorn cult leader

No. 1284045

i for one welcome our new schizo unicorn overlord

No. 1284054

She could use some glitter, blush and highlighter to make herself look more like a magical unicorn but she chooses instead to look like a stillborn baby horse

No. 1284062

fucking lmao

No. 1284071

A lot of the eye stuff is the burn tool of some shooping app, apparently. I'd kill to see her do some different makeup lewks.

Lillie "same eyeshadow for 2 years" Jean Truman
Lucinda "asyro playne diwensionn uniCron" the Unicorn

No. 1284090

"Never go full retard"

No. 1284118

File: 1627239851850.png (125.56 KB, 719x487, twitter.png)

Cowtippers kill yourselves

No. 1284125

you fucking close stop interacting with the cow. Learn proper lolcow etiquette. You can post whatever on here but don't interact with her. We let cows express themselves and just watch. You're ruining the thread and all the fun.

No. 1284128

>POV fun times
Place your bets on what those are

No. 1284131

Also dont a-log you weirdos, we arent here to directly harass her and call her a freak, we are passive consumers of milk

No. 1284143

File: 1627242677624.jpg (59.27 KB, 589x363, 8U9TI8KHCF.jpg)

No. 1284144

File: 1627242717298.jpg (47.77 KB, 590x376, N2CH6M5F6.jpg)


No. 1284145

>Unicorns do not have wings

No. 1284157

and if she wants to look like a unicorn, she should make herself look shiny and sparkly and healthy instead of making herself look like she's 3 steps away from death. She says she wants to be a unicorn so badly and resemble one, but everything she does goes against that. She cuts herself, draws ugly marks on her face, starves herself. Unicorns symbolize fantasy, light and beauty and she goes against that with all that she does

No. 1284158

File: 1627244122206.png (198.25 KB, 500x375, mrburnsneedle.png)

No. 1284160

she should let her hair grow long and keep it straight, stop self harming, use sparkles and a lot of highlighter instead of that ugly bronzer and stay at a healthy weight and be fit to look like a unicorn. She literally looks like an anti-unicorn. Full of self harm, starving herself, with grime on her face and with her hair short and all puffy like that of a grandma. For someone that cares so much about being alligned with the motivation of her aesthetic she sure does go against that

No. 1284163

File: 1627244896424.jpg (55.43 KB, 514x581, bigasspupils.jpg)

No. 1284164

In my mind, long hair and pastel eyeshadow (pastel blue to fit Amalthea), a lot of shiney highlighter, and glitter would suit her much better as a unicorn than dark eyeshadow.

She could paint her nails black (like hooves) or make them super glittery. Rainbow? Maybe. Etsy might have unicorn themed fairy-kei false nails that would look great. Tiaras, necklaces, flowy dresses, and some good conditioner to have shiney hair like a unicorns flowing mane. Maybe gem necklaces. Subtle unicorn earrings.

Saged for unicorntism

No. 1284168

File: 1627245442493.jpg (118.22 KB, 736x1038, ff923dd96aca180b04dbd607b03d97…)

Saged but lavender contacts with shimmery eyeshadow and maybe lavender lipstick. Shimmery stuff instead of straight up glitter since Amalthea is sort of soft majestic instead of outright rainbow colours everywhere

No. 1284183

Her current looks make me think of an ill and impoverished victorian child living in a tiny room with ten other disease-ridden people, not unicorn

No. 1284197

But we can poke them with a stick, asshole.

No. 1284205

File: 1627248895848.png (32.8 KB, 598x281, lucinda edtwt ( oswaldslunch) …)

Sooo hyperactive about a YT video.
Get the scissors out, gorl!

No. 1284220

Calling her ugly and harassing her is NOT "poking with a stick". Poking with a stick is politely prompting with questions to clarify something discussed in thread like a non autistic person. Why would anyone think otherwise?

No. 1284227



So why not tell her the truth?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1284229

I wonder if this unicorn thing she's dealing with would make her consider trying something like horse therapy or joining a pony club, it's the closest she can get to her kind, she might actually find genuine happiness in a hobby like that. Her parents seem supportive, I'm sure they'd find a way to make it happen if she asked.

No. 1284231

Yeah, nice idea.

Get ready for "mshands.mpg" soon!

No. 1284232

It's a bit obvious that this is either Lucinda or a follower. You're doing this to make it look like we're harassing and cyberbullying her, when in reality we're passive observers and that's all we ever have been. This isn't a cyber harassment club. It's people watching, piss off back to Twitter

No. 1284238

File: 1627250756487.png (303.92 KB, 541x325, xfactor.png)

No. 1284335

I love seeing unique makeup looks and I think the eye shape she creates is on the right track, but it seems she wants to be an ugly humanoid unicorn creature rather than experimenting with cute sparkly looks. She follows Salvia on Instagram so I think she's very into body horror and her look reflects that

No. 1284338

it must be at a subconscious level, because right now she can't handle being called out for looking as grotesque as she does. her body dysmorphia is through the roof.

No. 1284341

There's some good, honest advice in the thread that I hope she sees because I for one want to see her look more like a unicorn and I think it would be positive for her to start incorporating more bright and happy elements into her look

No. 1284344

honestly she should get into jfashion for a hobby, i can see her pulling off menhera or fairy kei

No. 1284356

Unicorns are one of those annoying things that stationery and clothing companies made popular for a while, like llamas, sloths and talking avocados.

I don't believe she's deluded, she's just not letting go of a trend that fizzled out.

I'd like to see her switch to becoming an avocado.

No. 1284357

>because I for one want to see her look more like a unicorn

Sometimes anons get too carried away.
Stop. Encouraging. Her. Unicorn. Shit.

No. 1284359

She's not even "grotesque" apart from some old scars, she just edits herself to look sickly.

No. 1284361

It's better than looking like a silent hill monster or spitter

No. 1284363

File: 1627265443230.jpg (649.44 KB, 1080x1331, 20210725-220842.jpg)

green eyeshadow makeup look, the only time i could find a change in her makeup

No. 1284367

File: 1627265930801.jpg (405.11 KB, 1080x1115, 210725-221333.jpg)

does she realize how completely different she looks from this? although she didn't physically look much like spitter either back when she identified with it. i can't tell if it's body dysmorphia or what. why the fuck does she look so sick and gross?

No. 1284383

File: 1627267761000.jpeg (229.8 KB, 828x817, 66195276-FC05-4D42-B3E1-DC6BA7…)

It’s coming

No. 1284394

Isn't there some jfashion which is all about the sickly aesthetic? I reckon she could actually get away with being an inflooencer if she sticks to that creepy cute shctick (would definitely need to tone down the creepy). I would kill for a collaboration between her and Lillee Jean kek

No. 1284426

No one cares about lillee jean

No. 1284427


It's called a joke you mouth breather newfag

No. 1284428

You're not funny kys

No. 1284433

Honestly i think this bitch is just LARPING as hard as she can to avoid being an adult with a side serving of gigantic attention whore. I'm not buying it.

No. 1284448

Well yea she is a former fattie raised on the worst part of tumblr whos entire personality was molded by the popularity of victimhood for clout.
She does cut herself, she does purge her food or have some sort of editing disorder, she mirrors a lot of self diagnosed tumblr mental illnesses and for what its worth was Diagnosed with some but probably just doctor shopped.

Attention whore? sure, but does not mean she is not gross in her own way.

No. 1284457

of course, she's a WHITE horse unicorn after all, it's all canon

No. 1284467

File: 1627282283635.jpg (506.68 KB, 1079x1392, Screenshot_20210726-084922_Chr…)

Don't let the milk stop.

No. 1284471

I wonder if she referring to the first time she read here or is she saying that she lurks here. If so, she might see our makeup and style recommendations.

Lavender and periwinkle pastel eyeshadow with highlighter in the corner of the eye, Lucinda, and soft eyeliner (it looks more gentle like Amalthea)

No. 1284486

Maybe something like these? >>1281251

>I jusf want to be left alone.
…Then why do you broadcast every aspect of your life to your 1,500+ followers on a daily basis? If you "just want to be left alone", social media isn't for you.

No. 1284495

>say what you want away from me

pretty sure she was just talking about mean cc's.

No. 1284497

If any of you keep sending hate or harassing her on her curiouscat thing please stop. We are not supposed to be directly interacting with her you fucking retards and she doesn't actually deserve harassment either. Stop interacting with her fucking retards you are ruining the thread and also ruining her online presence or making her feel like shit she's obviously ill are you fucking sociopaths? It is clear some anon has sent her asks through CC, the same retard that said she's white washing in her sent her an ask telling her she's white washing. She's not white washing you smooth brain, literally mostly everyone makes their skin look paler with editing software now

No. 1284500

I don't get it. Does she wear wigs? Her hair keeps on changing from black to very light and from straight to the clown hair she's had >>1284144
I wish she'd stop drawing those ugly lines on her nose and let her hair grow long/ or get a long hair wig light in color to look like a unicorn. She needs to wear high lighter on her nose and eyes, not those ugly lines to look like a unicorn. She's naturally cute, she could make her own unicorn aesthetic, but she needs to learn better makeup and stop putting black lines on her face like that

No. 1284501

anons from here are very clearly sending her hate because they are BPD hateful whores themselves. I swear this is the worst thread we've ever had

No. 1284515

i agree she's wildly entertaining but clearly she only got a thread from being disturbing, not scamming or stealing or being a cunt. she needs to get over it but also she doesn't deserve it in the first place.

No. 1284516

Her vid is up. Feel free to rate and comment, Anons!


No. 1284517

File: 1627291615946.jpg (198.39 KB, 1237x701, Screenshot_2021-07-26 Lucinda …)

IQ of 160, guyz!
Unsurprisingly, she's stuttering like hell and seems to be as dumb as a bag of rocks.

No. 1284520

Damn, this is really sad…

No. 1284521

OMFG. If you thought her typing was shitty, you gotta hear her TALK.
That's so cringy and sad, even for a retard.

No. 1284522

>Feel free to rate and comment
Kek, felt like I was back in 2008 for a moment. For some reason, she sounds completely different from what I imagined her sounding like.

It'd make sense for her to be stuttering if she has some kind of intellectual disability, right? And yet she said she doesn't usually stutter. It seemed authentic, but knowing the lengths internet munchies have gone to in the past to fake symptoms/disorders, I wouldn't be shocked if all that was fake.

No. 1284523

FYI, she switched those comments off.

No. 1284524

IF her stuttering is not faked..?

No. 1284525

>>1284516 Recap because I dont value my time

>Oh god this is her voice? Sounds like Rosie O'Donel in Riding The Bus With My Sister

>Fake sounding stutter
>thhhe,, theee,, theee, clearly controlled hand motions meant to be a tic reminding me of Tiktok tourette's fakers
>Yep she's going for the retarded child look
>Voice switches back to normal before she remembers to sound like a retard
>More sperging and "tics" dragged out
>Shows off Samantha the blue unicorn with a tard laugh
>Goes back to lots of clearly fake tics and stutters for ages
>You hear that guys its raining? Tard laugh, more tard facial expressions
>"Im so excited thats why Im stuttering so much" - she doesnt stutter in that sentence but stutters before and after it on similar letters/sounds.
>"Usually I dont stutter in a mutter in a gutter in a bad gutter" oh my god she is playing full retard
>"Usually Im not this gittery dittery wittery"
>Finally shows off big pink bear "it's a princess and thats me, the princess"
>shows off another valentines one, a catapiller worm
>"I got to choose walmart, in store walmart"
>Shows off PEPPPAAHH pig
>"Shes got a funny, got a funny fuck head"
>More tics/stutters, shows off pig
>shows off "gater"
>shows off "rat buddy"
>Her voice is normal through this, no tics, just this weird vibrato
>shows off paw patrol backpack "special stuffies in the muffies in the cuffies in the bunnies"
>Tard voice, shows off elephant "aaaaa"
>This is my other unicorn "I think her name is penelope"
>shows off sheep
>Another unicorn "I forgot her name too" - normal voice "I think thats real nice"
>"this is a company company company of a buddy buddy buddy…uhh uhhh uhhh he is uh a unicorn also"
>"one more" in a high pitch tard voice
>Shows off another unicorn in a weird voice
>Voice normal ish again, saying she has more unicorn stuff, except it sounds as if shes about to cry - shakey voice
>talks about how she may do a unicorn tour
>Wants to know if shes any good at making videos
>Rambles, lots of blinking
>Closes eyes "uh unicorn stuff, unicorn powers, uh everything comes in a connection - no - no one wants to hear about that thats weird - no one wants to hear thats weird - keep that to yourself"
>I wanna make journalling videos, make up videos, make up, journalling, art, drawing, uhhhh what else,…vlogging kinda stuff did i meantion vlogging uuhhmmmm it's almost dinner time it comes in a lot of different ways and a lot of different places but i'm hungry"
>Serial killer laugh
>mumbles something with "video" and shuts off camera

No. 1284526


No. 1284527

Gonna call it right here as this will cause a lot of infighting and moral fags. I think she's acting retarded on purpose. There's so many little things - too much motor control in her tics, inconsistent stuttering (people struggle on the same sounds). She's very committed to this retarded child lifestyle and munchies go very far to get what they want.

No. 1284528

It's milk you all-caps troglodyte, milk is not supposed to be saged
So loud yet so in the wrong

No. 1284529

Same anon but adding - you cant larp as full retard but also be very capable of her art skill, editting a youtube video, etc. This all screams of pretending to be her brand of fucked up.

>>1284526 It's milk

No. 1284531

Not sure if that stutter is faked or not.
What about her schizo-style typing and proper handwriting..?
Guess she wouldn't even be able to draw if she was that uncontrolled and mentally handicapped.

I'd say it's an act. She's had enough time to practice, after all.

No. 1284534

This is the worst faked shit I've ever seen in my life

No. 1284536

It looks so real yet so fake. I have no eye to catching fakery mind you so if I hadn't been reading on here it'd fool me. Well, I still am kind of on the edge. Maybe she plays up her retardation a LOT?

No. 1284539

if her family is supportive someone could be helping her with the tech stuff. she has an older brother. as for art, it's not that unheard of for retards to be good at art. like. at all.

No. 1284540

Fake. Quite obvious to me that she 'forgets' her stuttering quite often.

No. 1284541

Sorry, I should have specified.

In her video, she is displaying physical tics/spasms, true old school spaz stuff. If someone has this they have extremely poor motor control, and without blogging too much I have seen and worked with people like that. They struggle to grib pens/pencils, struggle with handwriting and other forms of motor control. That's why it doesnt add up to me. She could totally be your average schizo who makes beautiful art - those are quite common - but the retardation angle doesnt work.

No. 1284543

That would be worse. Anyone who genuinely suffered from her level of symptoms should never be allowed unsupervised internet access, which she clearly has to be on twitter like that. If my child was disabled enough to watch PEEPPAHH unironically at 24, they wouldnt even have the mental capacity to think about going on shit like mental illness twitter and I wouldnt let them

No. 1284546

With all that cuttings of her she shouldn't even have access to a household knife.

No. 1284548

Eh only because she's excited. She's also claimed to be nonverbal with strangers and a bit with her family but is rambling here.

No. 1284550

it doesn't necessarily have to be entirely faked I have OCD and it gives me ticks or makes me repeat words. You don't have to be completely retarded to have tics or have childhood regression like she does. I think she has something like autism and OCD and spending so much time by herself certanly does her no favors because her mind makes her think she has this and that and she also seems prone to obsessions

No. 1284551


She claimed quite a lot of things that turned out to be dubious or outright wrong, to say the least.

And this thread is not even a week old.

No. 1284552

It's one anon who had been sporting about how she should be allowed to cow tip this whole thread. Or, more likely, its Lucinda or a follower doing it and posting here to give the impression that we're doing it.

You're obviously a newfag. This is NOT the first time people have posted in their own threads. Actually, now that I think about it, posting hate against yourself in your own thread is big BPD behaviour. Look at Sorcha for fucksake.

No. 1284555

Wow, her voice is super different from what I expected. I'm actually so glad she didn't try to put on a high pitched voice like a lot of girls with her style/interests

No. 1284557

File: 1627295474237.jpg (54.08 KB, 625x325, fullretard.jpg)

No. 1284558

Wow, she seems full spesh. Didn't give me fake vibes, but what do I know, I don't browse the munchie threads.

No. 1284559

File: 1627295880626.png (179.56 KB, 1080x1148, 88.png)

>extradimemsisomal beliefs

No. 1284560

making rhymes constantly is a symptom of schizophrenia and psychosis

No. 1284562

…and can be faked like st-stuttering and WeIrD TyPiNg WiTh StRaNgE CaPs..?

No. 1284563

I don't think I've ever seen her do spongebob meme text, she just has a lot of nonsensical typos.

No. 1284565

File: 1627296177430.jpg (149.93 KB, 867x488, 210726-063555.jpg)

someone suggested she get a script to help her stutter. at least she didn't go on about how it couldn't be helped and it simply will show in every single video because uwu disability pride uwu awareness. on that note i'm quite surprised she didn't say she'd do videos talking about schizophrenia or mental health or bulimia since that seems to be a staple for anyone on youtube who isn't 100% neurotypical. she could've easily been the cutesy unicorn spokesperson for schizophrenia awareness to show they're not all crazy psychos - some are magical unicorns!!1!1!

No. 1284566

Her teeth are mentioned as well. Her teeth are like, immaculate. Sure she has enough gums for all of us, but look at those pearly whites. And she's throwing up 11 times a day?

No. 1284568

She also proved that she can write perfectly well, hitting all the letters..?

No. 1284569


You're right. They don't look like the "cracked molars" that she mentioned before.

Smells like unicorn farts to me.

No. 1284572

… And? Why are you telling me this? I was just pointing out that she doesn't have the typing quirk you mentioned, she just types like a retard. Typing with random caps would be even more intentional. But if she's using a computer more than a phone than it's possible when she types like shit she's using a keyboard and when she types well it's autocorrect. She might also just be excitable and types a million letters a second? Or she could be faking it. Either way, it can't be proven, so stop talking about it like it matters.

No. 1284573

If it doesn't matter, why are you getting excited about it..?

No. 1284577

What are you 14? We're having a discussion, I'm not personally attacking you.

No. 1284579

File: 1627297218850.jpg (41.49 KB, 800x450, mockingspongebobbb.jpg)

I'M nOt PeRsOnAlLy AtTaCkInG yOu.

No. 1284580

i havent been able to read the whole thread because of all the whiteknights and samefagging, so i second this. I think she is milky, but with all the WK's i cant read this it hurts

No. 1284582

I also want to take a dump here.(curb your autism)

No. 1284586

imo the teeth and gums actually look pretty fake, like plasticy sort of look

No. 1284588

I was wondering that myself, but I know a couple of people with fake teeth/dentures and they look more artificial than that. The shape of her teeth seems very natural to me, they are very straight yes, but the shapes of the individual teeth seem like real teeth to me.

No. 1284589

Samefag but I also don't think she would be able to eat marshmallows with fake teeth

No. 1284590

Does she really play the window licker?
And are those cuts faked as well?

No. 1284593

>play the windowlicker
anon, this is an incredible phrase, where are you from and is it popular phrase there?

No. 1284594

different anon but yes, UK fag, "window licker" is common slang for retards

No. 1284603

All fake.

The lot.

No. 1284604

Still able to operate some mobile phone and maintain some channels on social media? Grabbing lots of attention?

Not retarded enough to fake it.

No. 1284610


My schizo family member went from a decent cartoonist at like 19 to nonsensical blobs of paint on construction paper at 24 even at his most lucid and he's ON medication. I feel like shes got to be faking with that level of motor control. Also that stutter sounds like those cringe mental illness faker tiktok kids.

No. 1284612

It's common here in Australia too

No. 1284613

It's probably her kink

No. 1284615

>paint on construction paper

No. 1284618

Why are people saying her voice is beautiful and soothing? It's anything but that.. damn..

No. 1284622

Anyone ever seen the film The Idiots? A group of people go to a house to pretend to be spastics or retards. It's what I think of when I see Lucinda.

The people in comments are obviously playing along that she's batshit and posting what you'd post if you're role playing.
The music she plays is annoying af.

No. 1284623

File: 1627302660988.jpg (37.01 KB, 300x421, The_Idiots-400959135-large.jpg)

No. 1284624

Yeah I always got the impression that she's larping as a full retard. She's obv mentally ill in some way but not mentally handicapped child. Reminds me of those kids faking DID and tourettes on TikTok

No. 1284626

She weirdly reminds me of kiki when she talks.

No. 1284627

we must secure the existence of unicorns and a future for magic horses

No. 1284632

File: 1627305124906.jpg (228.29 KB, 1080x653, 20210726-090942.jpg)

so apparently she only sounded like a retard because she was excited

No. 1284633

Damn this was not what I expected. She looks and sounds her age. The editing usually makes her appear younger. She's definitely faking her tics, as other anons have said she's inconsistent and the "rhyme" stutters were so stilted I rolled my eyes so far back into my head I could see my ass. I hope her wkers feel hella stupid now. If she larps as the retard kid from what's eating gilbert grape there's a slim chance she's being truthful about schizophrenia

No. 1284635

Most obvious LARP sign: Notice her typing mistakes are never at the beginning of a word, and usually there's only one mistake towards the end of the word, so in context you can understand what she's saying 99% of the time.
I'm resisting the urge to do a full on autistic analysis of the way she types, but little things like this keep popping out as fakery to me.
The majority of her typos are simple mistakes where you press one letter away on the keyboard. Like in these examples
If you type any of her fucked up words into your phone you'll get autocorrected to the right word. Okay that can line up with the hand tremors/neurological coordination problems narrative. But why does this wriggly typing style never fuck up the first few letters of her words? Why, for someone with allegedly Special Needs levels of craziness, is her meaning clear 99% of the time?
Problem is, public LARPing is no fun if nobody understands your horrorcow ramblings, so she's careful to always preserve the meaning of the sentence.
There are a lot more inconsistencies than that, but it's what stood out to me.

No. 1284636

She probably faked it at her psych evaluation, too.
That's why she got her retard rating.

No. 1284639

lol read a few posts back for anons white knighting her for being a ~true for real guiss~ schizo special needs fragile child. Some people here clearly haven't been in munchies threads.
It doesn't matter what mental illness she has as long as she provides the milk but it's so cringy when people fall for her obvious LARP

No. 1284640

some farmer just sent her an ask telling her she's faking schizo. Jesus christ anon stop cowtipping

No. 1284641

>that fake stutter
I believe the schizo papers but she sure is a munchie.

No. 1284642

Please fucking stop cowtipping, stop sending her questions, just stop interacting with her.

No. 1284643

Why do you assume that anyone who dislikes her or thinks she's faking a condition is from here? She has 1,517 followers on Twitter, we can assume she's fairly well-known within that community/niche. There's a decent chance that a few people from Twitter or Instagram find her annoying too.

No. 1284644

no, it's obvious someone from lolcow keeps doing it. Initially there were around 3 cowtipping retards and now there's just one. Before our thread started absolutely all her asks were filled with positivity and since the lolcow thread began there's a handful of hateful or incriminating asks. Not to mention someone from here literally sent her the link to her thread. Lolcow is filled with newfag twiiter tards but not from her followers, the boards have had an influx of Twitter females that don't know how to behave

No. 1284645

At this point she's probably sending them to herself as a way to reply to what she reads here and farm pity points.

No. 1284646

This. Out of 1500+ followers, at least a handful of them are people watching independently of us. The cowtipper is very likely from Twitter if it's not just Lucinda herself.

Remember: if shes a munchie then her aim is to prompt sympathy from others, and using the fact that she has a thread to her advantage isn't beyond possibility. She could be posting here ad sending herself asks to create the narrative that this is a cyberbullying forum

No. 1284647

stop tinfoiling so hard. Someone from here is obviously doing it. Again, if any of her followers disliked her they would have sent her hate way before this thread. All the incriminating/defamatory/mean asks have started when the thread has started. She's in a hugbox community where nobody would question the schizophrenia of the uwuu~ unicorn princessu, she's also obviously not sending herself those asks. There's a cowtipping retard among us that won't stop doing it.


No. 1284649

>Before our thread started absolutely all her asks were filled with positivity and since the lolcow thread began there's a handful of hateful or incriminating asks.
Sometimes when people dislike someone, they won't actually say it until they realize that other people also dislike that person, that way they feel more justified in their dislike. I wouldn't be surprised if this thread opened up discussion for people who aren't from here but also dislike her.

>Not to mention someone from here literally sent her the link to her thread

How do you know that? There's no question like that anywhere on her CuriousCat page (or at least I wasn't able to find it.) How do you know what questions she's receiving or answering, and only within a minute or so or them being received/answered? It's just strange how you seem to know exactly when, and when you do you come here not just to tell farmers to stop cowtipping (which is reasonable, assuming someone is) but to stop interacting with her altogether.

>she's also obviously not sending herself those asks
Again, how do you know that? We've had selfposters before, that's a bold claim to make.

No. 1284650

This thread is fucked, I just want to watch this cow in peace. I can't believe it's managed to get this bad in just its first week.

No. 1284651

It's not tinfoiling >>1283536

No. 1284653

If you go back in the thread you'll see where a particular anon told her to private her socials, then when everyone got understandably annoyed with that person they fucked off and suddenly Lucinda was posting about "horrowcows". Someone here definitely sent her the thread.

No. 1284657

Why are you so hellbent on blaming it on anons here, who want to enjoy the incoming milk instead of ruining it, when the subject in question shows signs of being an attention starved munchie? It wouldn't be the firt time a flake does that either.
Did you notice almost all of those "harassing" asks are directly related to what anons are posting here? Just look at >>1284632 . How convenient that this ask gives her a reason to justify herself against the anons here who call it fake.

No. 1284660

This post >>1281569
>I told her to make her Twitter and IG private too. I understand what you guys are doing but understand where I'm coming from too.

I really want to know why they did what they did. Especially that last part, "understand where I'm coming from too", what the hell is that supposed to mean? They ruined a thread they didn't like because they're probably one of the Shaynatards who can't handle when cows are interesting

No. 1284665

this thread is nothing but the crunching of tinfoil and this autist >>1284649 >>1284635 hellbent on writing out every walltext conspiracy theory they can think of to find a drop of milk from this dry cow. just now she said she wasn't schizophrenic anymore and renounced it just so you tards would stop spamming her cc about it. what the fuck does that do to your munchie/larping theory now? the only illness this bitch talked about was bulimia and now she's in recovery for it. she sounded like a retard in her youtube video but claimed it was just excitement and unlikely to happen again, and that her videos would be about art, journaling, and makeup.

where. is. the. milk. this thread was made too fucking soon.

No. 1284668

You're weirdly upset about this, anon.

No. 1284670

Are a windowlicker too? She says constantly that she considers schizophrenia a label and doesn't use it because she accepts the disorder as part of her instead of just a mental illness stuck on to the side of her

No. 1284671

Do you spam F5 her twitter?

No. 1284673


EVERYONE is allowed to contact her! No matter if you like that or not.
She goes on Social Media, she gets responses.
It's as simple as that, dude.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1284677

Nta but man this reeks of self post. Thanks for fueling my new conspiracy theory that Lucinda is in fact a long time farmer who decided to take her LARP live when she saw a gap in the market after Soren's overdue demise.

No. 1284678

File: 1627310573349.jpg (241.41 KB, 1080x776, 20210726-103725.jpg)

Time will tell if she's serious about this and ever mentions schizo again. Thanks to the retards who went on her cc and ruined the milk if she actually never talks about any of her illnesses ever again and just fully rebrands as a sparkly drama free unicorn Youtuber who does boring art videos.

No. 1284680

File: 1627310683690.jpg (36.89 KB, 636x610, interesting.jpg)

That anon somehow knows within minutes when Lucinda receives/answers CuriousCat questions, evidenced by them posting >>1284640 only 10 minutes after Lucinda answered the question, and posting >>1284665 only 24 minutes after Lucinda "renounced" her schizophrenia in a tweet. They definitely have lolcow open in one tab and all of Lucinda's accounts open in other tabs, refreshing them by the minute. They also strangely posted >>1284642 just 3 minutes after posting >>1284640, implying that Lucinda received/answered another CC question in those 3 minutes, even though she didn't (but Lucinda would know if she received a question then or not, even if she didn't answer it…)

No. 1284682

The red flags were there from day one. Nobody wanted her in fakeboi, nobody wanted her in pro ana, /PT didn't want her, and half the thread is complaints she shouldn't be here.

No. 1284684

Cowtipping is against the rules, to prevent RETARDS from spoiling things like you already have. Why are you so eager to contact her? Shes not going to choose you anon

No. 1284686

can you stop tinfoiling you fucking handicapped retard? I've been quite active in Lucinda's thread, that doesn't mean I'm obsessively stalking her social media. I just had to observe the pattern which is that some retard from here keeps on sending her asks because her CC was full of positivity before the lolcow thread began and the community she's part of simply does not have the sort of individuals that would question her illness or send her hate. Stop making assumptions about what I am doing or how I am doing it, you're literally making me infight in this diareea of a thread, only because your post is a complete retarded tinfoil. I did my duty as a responsible farmer to tell the retards cowtipping her to stop doing it, but instead they must whiteknight themselves like pathetic losers. What is this? The tinfoil general? This is fucking pathetic and definitely one of my last posts on this thread.

No. 1284687

Here she demonstrates that she knows the unicorn shit is supposed to be a delusion. No schizophrenic thinks what they believe isn't real. They swear they are Jesus, the daughter of Michael Jackson, etc. They talk about it so damn seriously, not in a cutesy way about magical rainbow lands.

No. 1284688

I'm the OP. I don't want to minimod but stop cowtipping and moralfagging. There's enough of it in the thread. We have a lot of milk and new information going on and we're here to see. Only to watch. I didn't saw the video yet, i only saw the miniature and she looks more sick than usual. It seems to be very cringe and awkward. Lucinda must be whiteknighting herself here or telling her sockpuppets/twitterfags to do that. Just ignore and report them.

No. 1284690

She actually looks quite healthy under the cosmetics. She certainly has a lot of energy.

No. 1284692

Why are people tinfoiling about self posts and cc questions? She didn't fart and lolcow came out, we know someone warned her multiple times. screen shots were posted here.
I know you guys want her to be self posting because it's milky, but what's actually happening is a sperg war about who's right without any proof.
This is at least interesting and has some thought put into it, if you can't prove the cc questions are from her what's the point in tinfoiling about it

No. 1284693


There's just overwhelming evidence one or two retards from here are cowtipping. From the fact that her CC has been filled with negativity and hate since the thread started, to the fact that someone sent her the thread, to the fact some anons in this thread literally try justifying contacting the cow

No. 1284694

Like other anons here,i just want to watch this cow. can we please stop shitting up the thread with samefagging, whiteknighting and off topic arguing? This is worse than the pro-ana thread for this shit

No. 1284695

god you again

No. 1284698

Correction: her cc got full of hate AFTER someone exposed her to the thread. She didn't get negativity before she was made aware if the thread. It may very well be an anon but you can not say that this is a certainty

No. 1284699

>>1284694 exactly. And this isn't selfpost, she's milky and has potential, just let her be. Look at all we have only in some months.

No. 1284704

File: 1627312269128.jpeg (376.66 KB, 828x845, 6AF8590D-7E22-4E8A-996B-522CC9…)

No. 1284708

I don’t get why anons are obsessed with claiming she’s a fake, she may be exaggerating some symptoms for her online fan club but she’s clearly fucked in the head on multiple levels.

No. 1284710

File: 1627312849734.jpg (22.07 KB, 321x286, D4GJ6Y5DTJ.jpg)

No. 1284711

File: 1627312926614.jpg (16.12 KB, 286x271, UTD6RHJS.jpg)

more screenshots from the video she made

No. 1284713

Girl got more gum than the candy machines outside the Walmart

No. 1284714

See I guess I just feel like even if she isn’t literally a schizoid, you have to be mentally ill on some level to act like this at 24.

No. 1284715

File: 1627313422832.jpg (15.28 KB, 270x280, B23GSJ23H.jpg)

No. 1284719

Thank you. Cognitively normal people don’t slice themselves up like fucking sushi rolls and act like stuttering retards for funsies. Even if she’s faking ALL her schizo symptoms, Munchausen’s syndrome is still a potentially deadly mental illness. So these dumb cowtippers in her inbox accusing her of “faking” can chill. There is obviously something wrong with her and I question the sanity of anyone who hounds and harasses sick people online for fun.

No. 1284722

even if she's just exaggerating/making things up for extra attention, you gotta be a certain level of mentally ill for sure to even consider acting this retarded 24/7

No. 1284723

At this point it doesn't matter what her diagnosis is because she's a turbo retard

No. 1284726

>>1284723 she has something and larps a little bit too. Let's just leave it there. It's a mix of both.

No. 1284731

>University drop out

No. 1284732

i thought the same thing, her voice is way deeper than i would have expected. surprised she didn't do the stereotypical uwu girl voice.

No. 1284734

iirc she dropped out after 2 weeks

No. 1284737

Why y'all think it's a farmer cowtipping. I'm sure the edtwt community is full of 2 faced bitches who aren't so uwu when they smell blood. Don't you retards remember the same dynamic on Tumblr anon asks?

No. 1284743

Probably because most of her cc questions were fairly tame and validated her bullshit until shortly after the thread was started?

No. 1284748


Did you never socialise? Teenage girls are shitty people, as soon as one of them is mean the rest jump on board. I guarantee you that low-key a lot of her followers either find her gross or are jealous that shes more uwu than them, some probably even read the farms themselves, and it's just a snowball effect from there.

No. 1284759

Oh my God who caaaaaaares? Jfc can we move on please? Fucking please??

No. 1284762

File: 1627318862894.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 1080x1902, daskin.png)

Those blackheads though, my lord, does she sleep in her makeup or what?

No. 1284764

The EDtwt community posts TikToks of random fat girls with vomit emojis, go for throat if they're little ana besties say something that can (which extreme mental gymnastics) be vaguely interpreted as racist, dox eachother over Kpop drama, and are some of the most vicious cruel cunty toxic communities you're ever going to see. I cant believe anons think the same community that affectionately encourage eachother to doe by posting sanrio bonspo edits and abusing a fat girl who turned up to an EDtwt meetup are going to be nice to this girl

No. They're far from uwu and it's that same community who are doing Lucinda harm

No. 1284765

Let's not forget that the whole reason this thread exists is because someone from the EDtwt community seen her and posted her in the pro ana threads. EDtwt and SHtwt are the ones who brought her here 3 times before she got her own thread

No. 1284768

Who the fuck cares? This is the second time Ive seen an anon bring up the "EDtwt" community and bringing up vomit emojis on fat women. Who the fuck cares about these petty communties, you just sound vendetta-y.

No. 1284771

no university, no job, no current studies or work, staying all day bored in parent's house doing tiktoks while they pay everything you want

No. 1284774

This. I'm real sick of the pointless infighting in this thread, nothing anyone is arguing about even kind of matters. Imagine caring this much about nothing. I just want to giggle at Lucinda.

No. 1284780

her voice and presence reminds me of the Baby Yoda Territory youtuber

No. 1284796


Well, now carve that into your forehead!

No. 1284797

She should start programming her own OS.

No. 1284819


From what I gather it's a nervous stutter, same with the tics.
I used to have similar issues especially when put on the spot. Nothing long term or neurological and it would pass when at ease.
But idk. I'm interested to see where this goes.
We don't get to pick and choose our mental illnesses and they certainly never become an aesthetic for that reason.
Maybe for some that's not the case.
But it's the internet.

No. 1284824

anxiety tics - i have them too. Can often get worse when excited, tired, stressed and anxious, so if she is as excited as she says she is, then they may not actually be fake. iirc, anxiety tics dont perform the same way as tourrettes tics (obviously).

also, the whole pausing thing and seemingly lost for words is also something very common in people with neurodivergency,so again, if she does have autism, this too may not be fake.

however there is no saying that she cant be exaggerating them.

sage for autism and sperg (am actually autistic)

No. 1284827

File: 1627327675514.jpg (23.34 KB, 480x368, Dd-sWDxU0AAnzpd.jpg)

>(am actually autistic)

No. 1284830

Her diagnosis (as per what I can understand from those photos) is bipolar and psychotic depression, I'm not sure why schizophrenia is being thrown around so much?
It says bipolar 1 vs schizophrenia with R/O (ruling out?) autism (because they can be linked)
So what does the vs mean? Version? Versus?
I've never heard bipolar 1 being considered a version of schizophrenia.
Anyways, sorry for the rant.

No. 1284836

Fuck off, retard. No one cares about your tics.

No. 1284837



No. 1284841

File: 1627328482313.jpg (105.16 KB, 640x786, 5rxqbqxqbxgz.jpg)

Hard agree, she types like pic related and it's sus to me. What is she, a homestuck?
do you not know what construction paper is?

No. 1284876

i am here from ed twt, this is my first comment. i don’t send her anything on curious cat in case youre wondering. i found her because i often search “tw bodycheck” to trigger myself, i have ed too. i saw her almost naked photo and found it really weird, went to her profile and that’s when i started to follow her. i found her so intriguing. i found this page when someone asked her something like “the farm is still talking about you”, i googled “farm lucinda” and this is how i ended up here lmao
what i want to add to this thread, is that i don’t think she’s faking being so mentally ill. i have been following her for a while and despite everything, before people started talking about being sick she was only mentioning it as a very negative aspect that she seemed really ashamed of. she rarely brought her schizophrenia up because of the shame and that seemed really genuine. idk. she’s clearly delusional af and it’s clearly getting worse. also, because i saw people talking about it here, she sometimes received weird questions on cc before she appeared here and she’s getting “popular” on ed twt fast so these questions are not necessarily from someone from here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1284878

She's getting popular? In a negative way or a positive way?

No. 1284879

Being a schizo -> hunger down to a 88 lb unicorn -> even more brain damage by starvation.

So it's all going down for her, medical care in a shithole country like hers won't help much.

No. 1284880

tbh i’m not sure, she has very little interactions to know that, but i think both. the “nice” audience that’s interacting with her only got a little bit bigger but for an account that has like 3 months she surely has A LOT of followers. and with 1,5k followers gained in such a short period of time, her account should be exploding from comments and interactions, which is not happening. that’s know i just know, there’s a ton of people that watch her for entertainment or to make fun of.

No. 1284883


Chances are, that most silly bitches that are "interacting" with her that way are just the same kind of brain-damaged cunt as her.

No. 1284884

>i often search “tw bodycheck” to trigger myself

Retards of a feather..

No. 1284887

That's an interesting point actually. For someone with 1500 followers, her interactions are about a handful a day, mainly just people showing her pictures of unicorn themed items. I never noticed

No. 1284888

you know what, sometimes on edtwt people will try to cheer you up no matter what. i think most of them know this shit is weird but on there, they are used to weird shit and if they see that weird shit makes you happy, they will say whatever you want. i think most of us is paranoid about each other self harming or even committing suicide, that’s why we are sometimes being so nice to each other. (except these replies from people that relate to her and talking about stopping medications too, they are probably as bad as her). with lucinda, her supposedly nice comments worry me, how can people think making her believe she’s a unicorn and encouraging her to stop taking meds is helping her? that’s crazy

No. 1284890

The other retards are 15, 16, 17 at least. They're stupid because they're teenagers. She's nearly 25.

No. 1284892

even despite the age, she stands out a lot. even for edtwt she really is an exception. trust me, for someone that’s been there for years, she’s not normal even for us. there are mostly depressed people that just want to vent but lucinda? i never found someone like her on twitter

No. 1284893

Physically. But mentally even below your average teenage bitch.

No. 1284907

Do people in Lucindas position enter something like a conservatorship wherein access to things like online pro ana communities are monitored and limited?

No. 1284914


That tard lives in Puerto Rico, basically a third-world economy. Well what do you guess..? Proper healthcare for everybody?

No. 1284917

They seem to have decent(ish) money. Considering they support their adult special needs daughter, and themselves, and from what I can see in TikToks/selfies they own a nice house. Even if the system is shit I imagine their daughter (literally noted as incapable of independent living) would be handed over to them as full fledged legal guardians to protect her from certain things even if they have to dish out a lot if money to do so

No. 1284922

Then they better take her fucking cell phone away, stat.

No. 1284941

That's what really surprises me about a lot of this. Lucinda is exposed to an awful lot of what I would think are negative influences online, so why has nobody caring for her seemed to take an interest in her online shenanigans?

Do her parents know she's posting naked body checks on social media? Do her parents know she just dozed herself a few days ago? Why has nobody recognized that Lucinda is going to be a magnet for online cruelty?

I know shes 26 and shes a grown woman, but when it comes to dependency, where are the lines in the sand for her and the people responsible for her care? I'm massively curious

No. 1284959

who knows what goes on in her family, we can only assume. We do not know anything about her parents about her past or what she had to go through. Maybe her parents are clueless about technology and think the internet is a good place where their ill daughter can live her fantasy and be relieved from the suffering of her illness.

Maybe her parents are partially irresponsible and they're the reason she's ended up like this. Maybe they are narcs that want her daughter to be forever with them and be a child. Maybe she was sexually abused. Who knows. Anything is possible. Imo she does not seem naturally cognitive deficient, her basis is good, I think she must have gone through some shit

No. 1284963

Funny how Lucinda is aging in DAYS in this thread. First she's 24 then 25 and now 26 kek

No. 1284967

i would like to learn more about her childhood, her parents seem like a piece of shit, they should be more strict and responsible, indulging her and giving her everything she asks for, and letting her do whatever she wants isn't the solution

No. 1284969

File: 1627339906162.jpeg (328.58 KB, 828x980, D6C5D4C5-8C48-4D81-89B4-32121F…)

No. 1284985

Jesus christ she's messed up

No. 1284989

Idk how anyone can look at her general appearance, behavior and deranged tweets like this one and claim she’s faking being sick. Normal people do not make eating disorders and mental illness their entire identity. Munchie tendencies or not, this chick is completely fucked in the head.

No. 1284999

>Idk how anyone can look at her general appearance, behavior and deranged tweets like this one and claim she’s faking being sick
Because they've been here long enough to remember the munchie threads with people doing the exact same thing. Or just the pro ana/wannarexic threads alone kek. Obviously she's mentally ill, but I don't buy the "purging 11 times a day" for some time when her teeth are completely fine, retard writing style when the women wrote several 4-66k word fanfics in perfect spelling, the forced stuttering without any pattern or pronounciation that natural stutters have or her general vulnerable act.

No. 1285007

File: 1627345373694.jpg (36.11 KB, 480x360, lucinda.jpg)

No. 1285008

Good to know that a lot of her kind die pretty soon.

No. 1285010

Why does it sound like high school poetry tho?

No. 1285012

File: 1627346230023.png (1.02 MB, 1500x1500, J56DJ5HDK6.png)

No. 1285023

Where have you been anon. They absolutely do, which is why I still doubt her. In my experience in similar circles to what they now call "edtwt", there was an unspoken competition for who could be the most fucked up and the sickest. You could tell most of it was exaggerated and fake. I don't doubt Lucinda suffers from mental illness, but I think it's entirely likely the sick girls in her community have influenced her to be, well, this.

No. 1285036

Yeah well when we see them bones I’ll believe it baby. ‘Til then those chicken scratches ain’t doing shit

No. 1285054

>till we see them bones

she's literally lost a whole human being in weight due to her eating disorder. and went from 135lbs to 110lbs in 2 months alone. just because this girl isn't bones yet doesn't mean she isn't clearly starving herself and suffering from atypical anorexia. first she was faking schizophrenia now she's faking going from 250lbs to 110lbs through starving and vomiting? shut the fuck up lmao y'all have to have a hateboner at this point.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285056

I hate how obvious it is you edtwt weirdos are here posting edgy bullshit you're too scared to post on your actual accounts. Bet you ask for "they/them" pronouns too.

No. 1285059

how could she be influenced by the community when she’s only been there for 3 months

No. 1285062

Edtwt newfags fuck off. No one wants your busted ass on our chan. You guys think you're slick but the women here been there done that on tumblr 10 years ago. Yawn.

No. 1285063

Uhh some people are out here changing personalities and mental illnesses every 3 weeks. Absolutely possible she dramatically changed her entire life and aesthetic in that short of time.

No. 1285064

She'd probably been lurking it for quite some time. Speaking from experience, silently observing and then making an account that hits all the right buttons for these people is a guaranteed way to gain followers in any online scene

No. 1285074

we don’t. you’re the one that’s hating on us for no reason. as a person that came from there i though i could add some information from a different point of view, that could be interesting, which i think i did, since for example one of you realized that the fact she has so little interactions is weird because of me. but alright. i’m gonna shut up. some of you really are a piece of shit tho

No. 1285079

>have done that on tumblr 10 years ago

Girl if 2021 edtwt is a completely different world from 2021 edtumblr I think it's gonna be worth offering a different perspective from 2010 edtumblr lmao. Check your ego, Miss Cassie.

No. 1285081

I firmly believe either Lucinda or a deranged edtwt user is the reason this thread exists. I remember when she was getting posted in the fakeboi threads back when her account was brand new. there was an attempt to make her a cow at least 3 times before she ever had this many followers. either Lucinda lurks or she has a very dedicated vendetta chan but either way it seems some of her followers have been here this entire time.

No. 1285083

Gtfo edtwt skellyfags, most of you sound jealous Lucinda is a bigger cow than you and gets more attention. Binge, purge, cope and seethe.

No. 1285084

You need to realize that your online anorexic community is not unique or new and your insight about her proves nothing. We all had a Lucinda in our circle

Girl it's really fucking not. In fact Lucinda seems novel and authentic to you because you have no knowledge of Tumblr, which was where the traumacore aesthetic you're so enamored with was conceived

No. 1285092

No one gives a fuck about edtwt. We’re only discussing Lucinda due to her horrorcow munchie potential and half this thread is complaints about how she’s not even interesting enough to post here. So what makes you think anyone wants to hear the “perspectives” of you literal nobodies?

No. 1285104

right, why would you want the perspective of someone from edtwt when you're already on there and just wanna see this girl crash and burn for being the most special girl in that community who has arguably lost the most weight

No. 1285114

File: 1627356158207.jpg (397.43 KB, 1080x1309, 210726-231745.jpg)

like, truly. how could it not piss you off that this girl could pull this weight loss off and get attention for it, while you've been dreaming about getting out of the 150's since 2010?

No. 1285115

File: 1627356207894.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1849, 20210726_231824.png)

No. 1285116

File: 1627356299219.png (2.64 MB, 1080x1848, 20210726_231843.png)

No. 1285118


We don't give a fuck about her weight loss you flabby furry faggot. Only interested in her schizo delusions. Go eat a bigmac

No. 1285122

It's seen as cute and quirky for her to live out her delusions online because she's skinny, could you imagine a fat girl talking about her magical unicorn fantasies?

No. 1285155

She looks about 12 years old here, and in the "after" shot she's shopped herself into looking like a human Pukifee.

No. 1285162

No one cares how spoopy you anachans are, if you're only here to sperg you will be banned.

No. 1285229

she needs to take a bath, i can smell this

No. 1285231

"yOURE JUST JEALOUS COS SHE LOST WEIGHT AND GOT SKINNY" lmao seethe and cope, we arent ana-chans. Fuck off back to "edtwt" because no one here cares and you dont belong here

No. 1285247

Lmao you're retarded. Weightloss isn't an achievement, it's piss easy. Go do your summer homework and attempt to contribute to society instead of binge reading Marya Hornbacher and crying because you were """forced""" to eat dinner.

Anyway, there is absolutely no way this lass had been b/ping that often for an extended period of time. She probably had one bad day and now that's her supposed badge of honour she's going to repeatedly bring up until she eventually offs herself. It's really sad that people on edtwt would actually be jealous of this.

No. 1285256

probably because she said she's losing weight as a bulimic for less than a year, retard. you can't be a shit lurker and then accuse her of lying just because you couldn't get your facts straight. she also purges hands free which would explain how she's able to do it so frequently because there's no gag reflex to kill. she throws up by bending and it all "falls out". i'd be vomiting everything i eat too if every bite i took came out when i bent over to tie my shoes or scratch my ankle.

are one of you cowtipper retards gonna ask on her cc that she demonstrates in a video how she purges hands free to prove she's bulimic? the hateboner is something else lol

>w-weight loss isn't an accomplishment!!1 it's easy!!

lmaooooo did you write this through tears(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285272

What do you know, this thread turned out just as shitty and pointless as anons warned when it started. Barely any milk from this cow after some idiot tipped her, and now the whole thread has devolved into “edtwt” weirdos infighting over dumb skelly shit no one cares about. Imagine being such a useless retard that you base your entire identity and social life around puking and losing weight. Nuke it from orbit.

No. 1285276

Agreed. Has she even done anything actually bad or is she just a weirdo?

No. 1285278

Let's put it all together:

She's officially retarded and we do not like her because of that.

Welcome to the Farms!(ban evasion)

No. 1285284

She's not stuttering, she's obviously neighing…

No. 1285285

this thread has just been her jealous followers trying to cancel her for being more uwu and popular than them by insisting she's milky but all they've done by searching is validate all she's said and prove she's just cringe and sick, not a cow. not even a horrorcow.

No. 1285290

No. 1285296

kek anon
the unicorn transformation is working, she's almost there

No. 1285331

>>1285278 speak for yourself redditspacing faggot. i personally love and treasure lucinda and am thrilled to be watching her unicorn transformation over what is shaping up to be at least a few months of autism.

No. 1285346

File: 1627399403252.jpeg (518.86 KB, 1152x2048, 50B5B176-9025-4480-8B22-D7A4CC…)

Fucking exactly. I dont know how you look at a 24 year old neet who thinks she’s gonna turn into a unicorn if she starves herself enough and fake-types like a spastic isn’t even a little entertaining. Aside from that, she’s genuinely funny sometimes. Like another anon said, I welcome the new unicorn overlord

No. 1285385

Look at those messy curls, I actually love it. God if she didn't fuck herself up so bad and cover herself in powdered shit she'd be cute as hell, like a doll. Is that a wig? I wish my hair did that shit.

No. 1285387

>>1285346 if she said that she was "Leviathan" and she believed it. The unicorn phase must be the new one. And the other one was the devil/demon phase. She skinwalks inhuman characters.

No. 1285393

Noticed recently some OT threads have been derailed with weight/ana sperging. Anachans please talk something other than weight, maybe get a hobby

No. 1285394

File: 1627405729120.jpg (28.72 KB, 485x500, unkl0rn 0il.JPG)


She needs to drink lots of keratin to help her horn and hooves grow strong.

No. 1285395

File: 1627405868675.png (652.71 KB, 482x553, Screenshot_HorseTeeth jpg.png)

And don't just forget about THOSE!(ban evasion)

No. 1285400

>she also purges hands free which would explain how she's able to do it so frequently because there's no gag reflex to kill
How the fuck do you even know that? Are you standing next to her watching?

No. 1285401

ot but she kinda reminds me of Kenna/cozykitsune here, albeit dirtier.

No. 1285403

she said it. back when she was in her spitter phase all she did was talk about her bulimia in graphic detail.

No. 1285404

I'd love to see screenshots of that phase, if someome has them or feels like scrolling back.

No. 1285405

SO glad someone else said it. Absolutely she does

No. 1285406

File: 1627407658366.jpg (34.6 KB, 440x581, 08bfd517250ea12d56abce52a435f6…)

Where the hell do you people come from?

No. 1285415

File: 1627408834694.jpg (349.2 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20210727-135711.jpg)

No. 1285416

I didn't realize Kenna looked like a dirty 12 year old to other people

No. 1285417

File: 1627408942219.jpg (364.31 KB, 1080x1395, Screenshot_20210727-135747.jpg)

No. 1285418

File: 1627409048957.jpg (155.16 KB, 1080x582, Screenshot_20210727-135805.jpg)

No. 1285419

File: 1627409148128.jpg (225.83 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20210727-135923.jpg)

No. 1285420

File: 1627409255669.jpg (181.4 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20210727-135938.jpg)

No. 1285422

File: 1627409359899.jpg (197.46 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20210727-135957.jpg)

all i could find searching for keywords.

No. 1285423

File: 1627409566712.jpg (177.85 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20210727-141111.jpg)

some more fuckery

No. 1285425

File: 1627409650456.jpg (415.9 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_20210727-141222.jpg)

No. 1285426

File: 1627409859370.jpg (357.51 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20210727-141724.jpg)

No. 1285433

File: 1627410408559.png (353.13 KB, 530x536, title.png)

Sorry I should've said it clearer, they don't look the same at all as we could see from all the other pics of them, it's just those two screenshots in particular that reminds me of her. I'll stop talking now cause again, ot.

No. 1285440

nobody believes that she showers, the state of her skin and hair it's nasty, she looks dirty

No. 1285442

bulimia and starvation will turn your skin to shit

No. 1285458

>mentally ill person doesn't shower often or takes care of their skin

No. 1285476

Kek absolute bullshit, her most recent fanfic was updated last year.

No. 1285494

she's talking about her speaking not writing

No. 1285539

Given her age, her cognitive ability magically deteriorated from 160 (lol) to 61 (i.e. group home-tier retarded) >>1281156 within the span of three years at most >>1281153? lmao

No. 1285551

Exactly and she'd never lie. It's filth not makeup.

No. 1285557

She said she was diagnosed in 2016 so we can assume it happened much earlier, not necessarily when the test was done. She was already doing the crytyping in 2016 on her 1D Tumblr.

No. 1285577

Damn, her voice sounds so old, it really clashes with her uwu child persona.

No. 1285585

File: 1627425519802.jpg (34.05 KB, 787x171, JD56HKJ5HD6.jpg)

>fruit rainbow bowls
>unicorn candy
>hot cocoa/chocolate
>more unhealthy and sugar-colorants-based unicorn shit

No. 1285761

She said that she experienced cognitive decline in her 20's. This would leave three (3) years for her IQ to tank from 160 (lol) to down's syndrome numbers. Without getting into what an IQ of 61 would actually look like, it's literally impossible for a cognitive decline of 100 POINTS to happen this quickly without some sort of head trauma. Even early-onset alzheimer's doesn't work that fast.

No. 1285785

y'all have to stop calling your inabilty to read milk. she said her disability developed in her 20's, not her cognitive decline. that means it got bad enough to become a disability in her 20's. schizophrenia doesn't appear upon diagnosis, it exists for a long time before that, which is when her cognitive decline would've begun. that's at least 7 years.(ban evading)

No. 1285798

twitterfag detected
anyway, she claimed that she started experiencing hallucinations at 13, which is suspect in and of itself, but if she were to have developed early-onset schizophrenia at 13 then she would have experienced cognitive decline and other symptoms that would make her disabled with that development- and even if her cognitive decline started at 13, which is highly suspect to say the least given the years-long evidence that she's a skilled artist and writer, a 100-point IQ drop is still virtually if not completely unheard of outside of TBIs and terminal neurodegenerative diseases, and if she was experiencing cognitive decline and/or developed schizophrenia at any point within her teens she would be able to claim disability, AND if she were experiencing this sharp and rapid of a cognitive decline regardless of whether it started in her teens or early 20's, she would have been slammed with diagnostic tests and able to claim disability very early on in the process because, again, rapid and severe cognitive decline like this in youths is case-tier study rare and inherently an indication that something is very, very wrong. By god you morons are easy marks, I hope she sets up a gofundme and milks you for some cash

No. 1285813

>she claimed that she started experiencing hallucinations at 13,

Nope. Bipolar and depression at 13. Diagnosed schizo in 2016 didn't say when she started experiencing symptoms which isn't uncommon in schizophrenia since you can't pinpoint exactly when you began to lose your grip on reality.(ban evading)

No. 1285839

Is she self posting, farmhands? The ban evader doth protest too much.

No. 1285853

How is that cultural appropriation?

No. 1285856

faes, fairies and even Unicorns are part of mostly Celtic mythology i.e western Europe and she's Puerto-Rican, it could be something like that

No. 1285865

That CC question is either a troll or mildly educated.

A lot of fae mythology is from Ireland specifically. Every country has fairy folk of some kind, and surrounding countries have similar myths to Ireland, but the fae are definitely an Irish thing (with slight variations in Scotland, Wales, and the north of France).

I think it's a troll because no twitterfag is going to turn around to a POC and reee about cultural appropriation of western European cultures. That literally just doesn't happen on Twitter. Someone is messing with her and trying to ruin the fun of her aesthetic lol

No. 1285876

I kind of like her kek most cows have zero personality and are total npcs outside of their delusions/npd. She’s delusional but st least she’s funny at times whether she means to be or not.

No. 1285885

I've never seen someone be so "proud" of their b/p habits

No. 1285907

File: 1627470582897.jpg (20.21 KB, 429x375, unicorn vom.jpg)

This is how Lucinda really sees herself

No. 1285909

Sorry if this is derailing the thread but yes twitterfags can absolutely reee about irish or scottish culture since they are technically also victims of the evil imperialist britain. Though i'm sure the sender is some virtue signaling american teen kek

No. 1285912

Lucinda isn't British or even white-passing, though. It's very dumb/out of left field.

No. 1285915

I tried to resent this cow so much but I can’t even if it is a larp this bitch video just makes me smile. Tf anons

No. 1285916

Same, except I found it hard to fully resent her, even from the start. Off the bat, she just seemed bizarre, but never malicious or shitty.

No. 1285917

File: 1627472431196.jpg (627.06 KB, 1458x2592, makes me smile.jpg)

If this makes you smile, get some help

But we aren't here to be "haydurs", we are just here to laugh at the horrorcow/munchie/schizocow hybrid

No. 1285919

I see it

No. 1285920

File: 1627472513205.png (327.38 KB, 720x524, schizoknife.png)

Like, shall we say, a schizophrenic carrying a knife and/or a tazer in public?

No. 1285921

This seems like a fuck-up on her parent or other guardian's part for allowing it.
Since some anons were vehemently claiming she's faking her schizophrenia regardless, and the only harm we've ever seen her inflict is on herself/her own body, I also don't see how it'd make her malicious.

No. 1285922

What part of "a clinically schizoid person carrying weapons while feeling somehow threatened or followed" do you not understand..?

No. 1285925

Sorry I’ll clarify, she just has nostalgic horrorcow ed energy and just seems very lonely, I tent to root for the underdog so I can’t help but find it endearing. I think she just manifests a vibe a lot of bpd/anachan internet raised farmers can relate to, including myself. Not to say her behaviour isn’t extremely retarded but hey so are a lot of beloved cows

No. 1285926

I’m not anti-this thread btw it just baffles me

No. 1285927

What part of my entire post do you not understand? What kind of caretaker lets a severely mentally ill person have a knife? What kind of person in general would see that, then go on about how the mentally ill person must be malicious and focus on them, rather than the irresponsible/neglectful guardian?
If you're the same person who said they wanted to see her cut to the bone, you're more malicious than she is at this point, so stop being performative, lmao.

No. 1285928

Also, samefagging but look up what "schizoid" means. It's not the same as "schizophrenia". You'd think with all the armchair psychology going on ITT, posters would learn to Google.

No. 1285931

Paranoid schizophrenic people are a public danger. Nothing new about that.

No. 1285972

Man, you twitterfags would not have been able to handle Ashley Isaacs then. We rubberneck at the train wreck. It's what we do here.
I cannot believe she humored this obvious troll lol.

No. 1285976

>if you are entertained by her suffering you're a sadist
welcome to the farm

No. 1286001

File: 1627486942688.jpeg (503.96 KB, 828x1033, 3AB2A0E6-6F61-4DD9-8359-2E0D22…)

No. 1286026


Fuck I hate to laugh at a seemingly genuine tweet but that one got me good

No. 1286027

realistically speaking going back to uni, going to therapy and leaving the mental illness enabling hug box would be the only thing that coould save her

No. 1286030

I feel like she’s just one of those people who “nope” out of being an adult because they literally can’t handle school and work and bills. Sure that stuff can be hard at times but you navigate your way through? She’s basically chosen to force her family into her scapegoat (which is larping as a disabled person), over participating in society like a normal adult. This. Was. A. Choice.
Obviously I’m one of the anons that think she was faking in her youtube. Like, imagine being a parent and watching your kid REFUSE to grow up and just latch onto you, and do… this??? Wtf? Like yes, it does take a fucked up individual to be Lucinda, but she’s not “fucked up” in the way she wants you to think she is. She’s fucked up in the way she will live out this fantasy for attention at others’ expense. And I bet when she was fat and in school, she was a pathological liar and likely embellished her stories and personality just as she does now. She’s like BPD/NPD if anything. People like her also use mental illness larp as a shield like “UWU I’m so damaged DONT question anything I do even if it doesn’t add up UWU” …because that pretty much shuts most people down. In fact, I’m so sad how many anons were like “but what if she’s not faking?” Like are you serious? Maddie Ziegler did a better job of acting retarded.

No. 1286033

Anon you replied to. Yeah, I know, I'm from Ireland and anytime any Irish person speaks up about Irish victimhood on Twitter they get blown to bits by retards. The Twitter narrative is "Europeans are white and are therefore racists with 0 culture".

That's why I think it's a troll. Its hiiighly unusual for anyone to ree about cultural appropriation about European culture, and three times more unusual when you consider the person in question isn't white. I've never seen that on Twitter before because it just doesn't happen

No. 1286037

See, that's one of the interesting things about Lucinda. She's not malicious or a cunt to anyone. People really shouldn't be cowtipping at all but especially not in a mean way. She's eccentric but she's not actually bad

No. 1286047

Not to moralfag but being in ed/sh twitter isn't exactly good person behavior no matter how many uwus and fake illnesses you hide behind.

No. 1286048

File: 1627491425583.jpg (130.22 KB, 663x796, 20210728_135623.jpg)

Sage for OT but i kek'd at this

No. 1286049

File: 1627491448266.jpeg (700.18 KB, 828x1530, A6C157A0-9999-489C-81D6-987546…)

No. 1286059

Is her family picking on her for being bulimic? That's kinda messed up. I really hope she doesn't end up in a conservatorship with them because between this, gifting her a knife, and allowing her access to pro ana communities, they really seem to not be the best at taking care of her.

Did she say why her family aren't happy about the YouTube video? Is it a shame thing, I wonder, like are they not happy to have her in public view?

No. 1286063

If that was your daughter would you want her broadcasting her retardation for the world to see? She doxxed herself like 4 posts in, if her dad really is a professional body builder he might have some kind of reputation to uphold.

No. 1286082

Spot on anon

No. 1286114

I dont think anyone would want that. But at the same time slagging your own severely mentally ill daughter to her face is a bit weird. She relies on them for emotional support so it does seem wrong to embarrass her about the thing they're supposed to be helping her with. The YouTube thing yeah might be a bit rough but does having a special needs daughter really damage someones rep that badly?

No. 1286140

I get the feeling that her hopes of becoming a real unicorn are quite … unsubstantiated.

No. 1286153

So weird considering up until now it seemed like she had a good relationship with her family and they were supportive of her. Maybe they saw the video where she's acting over-the-top and finally smelled bullshit

No. 1286160

>she relies on them for emotional support
She also relies on them for food and shelter and internet access so perhaps she should reconsider acting like a retard for attention

No. 1286187

I'm obviously of the opinion that she isn't faking it, so I think that her parents are trying to protect her from "cyberbullying"(kek) since they probably made fun of kids like her at our age. It's easy to think that on the internet she's just playing games or in a chatroom, but the whole Youtube thing is very "look, I'm up on display for the world to see" and common sense says that doesn't mesh well with retards. They probably don't believe her delusions of superstardom and actually making money off Youtube and want her to. You know. Get better. I guess they see it all as temporary so that's why they deal with it. It'd be sad if they really do expect her to make a full 100% normie recovery from schizophrenia, because that just doesn't happen. The best you can expect is keep them from being a danger to society. In Lucinda's case she's a waste of government resources but I don't see her as a danger. I'd like to see if she has any Youtubing potential, if only because I'm eager to see more of her and would be disappointed if she disappeared to become a janitor.

No. 1286191

Why would her family want her to go back to uni if she is borderline retarded and schizo? Surely they would see that a person in that state cannot go to school or hope to have a career. Nor can they ever be "cured". My tinfoil would be that something traumatic happened while Lucinda was at university that caused her to age regress, purge and larp as a get out of jail free card. Her parents don't fully buy it but aren't going to throw her out on the streets. They are hoping one day that their daughter will drop this stuff and try to live in the real world again.

No. 1286194

How can they write perfectly normal here but write like shit everywhere else

No. 1286202

She might exaggerate but she is 100% a few sandwiches short of a picnic. It is definitely weird that her family insult her mental illness, just because she's dependant on them due to being loopy doesn't really mean they're right to rip on her. If I was Lucindas parent I'd be concerned that making her feel (in her own words) "humiliated" about something she needs support with would only push her into more self harm

There are two possibilities here:

1)her family think shes bullshitting despite the diagnosis because so they're encouraging her to just drop it and go be normal

2)her family acknowledge that she's mentally ill but aren't aware of how mental illnesses really work, so they think treatment is actually going to permanently remove all this and make her normal, so they're pushing for a normal lifestyle that she can't actually achieve

No. 1286203

>Surely they would see that a person in that state cannot go to school or hope to have a career.

Maybe they saw A Beautiful Mind and figured it's a one size fits all kind of thing.

No. 1286205

She looks like a normal weight not as thin as she makes out on her tweets

No. 1286206

is it so hard to believe in option 2? a lot of older people think mental illness is like a broken bone that you can heal 100% from. it would explain why they indulge her so much if they believe it's only temporary. maybe they're secretly completely embarassed of her and snapped. and deep down she knows it. and that's why she feels she's a burden and a child they don't deserve. if they have money to spoil her they must have high paying jobs doing something important. not really the type of parents to ideally want a retard unicorn deluded 24 year old child who will possibly live with them forever.

No. 1286208

I think her parents saw the YouTube video and were angry. I have a theory she doesn't act this sick uwu around then and it pissed them off to watch her babble like that publicly. Also, do we really believe everything she says about her parents? They let her live rent free in their home with seemingly little hope of a return to normalcy. Can we really believe they boolied her? I feel like some people ITT need to read through Luna Slater's evil mom and evil dad monologues for a little perspective.

No. 1286213

Why show them the video then? If she's larping and going to a psychiatrist and got that test with the neurologist done there's no way she wouldn't be larping with them too, otherwise they wouldn't pay for all that expensive treatment and medication. They've seen the results. They would object if she was perfectly coherent with them. It just doesn't add up.

Honestly, older adults just don't see Youtubing as a job. Lucinda obviously tried to sell it as one and it pissed them off that she, in their eyes, is embarrassing herself and thinks she can make a career out of it. She's a fucking retard. That video was a joke. Who in their right mind wouldn't laugh at it? I bet her parents were horrified.

No. 1286217

Samefag but she seems to be their dirty little secret and are content with that until she isn't an embarassment to be seen in public with. She doesn't leave the house and has no friends which is certainly better if she was running around publicly like a maniac.

No. 1286224

Samefag again but she seems sensitive. She didn't paint it badly, she just expressed her overreaction to it. Asking her a question might not have been with bad intentions. We don't know who made fun of her and are assuming it was her parents. A sibling? A guest? A cousin?

No. 1286230

It's more likely to be a sibling. I can't see a parent risking upsetting her and causing self harm just to take a jab at her, that seems like more of a resentful sibling thing especially if they're a younger sibling.

She might have one friend. Earlier in the thread she mentioned being in love with a moid that she feels will never like her back. If shes in love with him then I'm going to be optimistic and assume they interact irl

No. 1286231

it's funny because they're right. she is making a fool out of herself and she is getting cyberboolied. i wish they'd take her internet away, she'd go back on her meds and stop this unicorn fuckery, and go to fucking art school or something.

No. 1286248

but that would mean that she would have to really recover, and that takes effort, and leave the unicorn fantasies, laziness and try to act like an adult, which i don't think she likes

No. 1286268

I believe she's schizophrenic but I also think she's capable of going to uni under proper medical treatment. I don't think she's lazy, just very sick and in need of some kind of hospital intervention. She's starving herself, not taking her medication, and thinks she's a unicorn. Why would she want to go to uni? It's not a magical career choice. Youtube gets her attention. You can be schizophrenic and still be an attention seeker and find internet validation much more appealing than being a normie surrounded by people.

But at the same time this bitch has a fucking knife and could easily snap and hurt someone or herself. That's the thing with schizophrenics. They can be fine and then just. Not be. She said she was terrified in school while medicated so I'm assuming she's paranoid schizophrenic. It's just always going to be a risk for the rest of her life.

No. 1286277

just now watching the video she uploaded to YT. holy shit 2 minutes in and im appalled. wasnt expecting it to be this bad

No. 1286283

Did I miss something? All that tweet is saying that her parents told her that they "thought she would stop with the purging" and lucinda got into a meltdown over it because that made her feel ashamed/humiliated.
Where do you guys get from that they watched her video or made fun of her?

No. 1286291

A++, this seems like an extreme version of the learned helplessness rampant in all subcultures that glorify mental illness.
>She's not malicious or a cunt to anyone.
Her family is probably suffering over her attention-seeking, though someone who's desperate enough for attention to pretend to have an IQ of 61 probably didn't have a great upbringing.

No. 1286297

No. 1286315

here you go >>1284525

No. 1286318

"A stuttering idiot woman shows off her plushies with elevator music running in the background."

No. 1286323

Retard cosplaying as some even bigger retard.

No. 1286324

Sorry for adding to the retard skepticism, BUT an anon suggested a family member helped her make the video because it seems too good for a tard to do herself. Obviously they didn't, and so I'm still doubting her credibility. I know there was no editing, but she put music and text on it…uploaded it…I've met some ESNs, and she's way too bright and behaves too much like a non tard to be a tard.

What're the chances she could put this together in her state? (Asking because obv I haven't met all the retards in the world and there may be some who can do youtube). Second question, are there any other people who are meant to be retards on youtube? I mean REAL ones, not J* or Jake Thingy.

No. 1286326

The highlight is about 3 minutes in where she delivers the oscar worthy line "he has a funny fucking head" while waving peppa pig around

No. 1286327

>>1286318 imagine being the parents of this autist.

No. 1286339

every word she says in the video up to 8:10 (out of 11 painful minutes)
hi everybody it me its me Lucinda
uhh im im making a the the the the video that i said i sais i said gon gon gonna make of that teddies stuffies makers uhhh the all the um the mini collection that I got! I got a mini collection I got like a hundred, i got like a hundred more stuffies gggotta love a lot of them but i cant film em all because i got um a bunch a bunch of bags and but these i got em all downstairs so these are I can show you these, these ones. i got my unicorn horn, i got this pal say Hi his name is Samantha
hello samantha uh uh g glet lets uh start i got uh shhhhh clicks teeth dont know which one to start start start start starter starter starter started uh its raining you hear that guys? its raining A S M R uhm im very excited im very excited t t talking thats why im stuttering so much. im very excited usually i dont stutter stutter in uh a mutter in a gutter in a the uh the a bad gutter. usually im not this jittery wittery dittery but im uh very excited so mmm okey doke! uh lets start with these little (basics???) lets start with this one….. Aaaahh 2020! its uhh Valentines say stuffie, it has princess because thats me the princess. um thats one i also got this one uh another valentines day one this is worm caterpillar worm buddy worm buddy worm buddy caterpillar worm buddy Valentines day I got him i got to choose walmart, got to choose walmart in store walmart so i got to choose this little buddy. got to choose that little buddy. This one it is its Peppa do you see? do you see can you see it is Peppa this is Peppa uh we Peppas got stuffie, shes got a funny funny fuckin head, got a funny head but uh I uh when I watch peppa the peppa pig pep pep pep peppa i sit with this, i sit with this gal. so Ugghrrr peppa. then i got a piggy. this is a little tiny piggy he aint got no name got no name name name name name name i got no name for him but i love pigs. i love pigs. and i also love big old gator boys, big old gator boys. this is gator his name is gator ahhh hello gator gator gator…. this is the secondth this uh this aint second this is the 1 2 3 4 this is a millionth.. a millionth and a billionth. This is rat buddy
Well, Ohhh its not a rat its a mouse irs a mouse i got him for my birthday Mouse buddy mouse buddy doo doo doo this is my mouse buddy. now comes for whispers incoherently This is my bag where I keep the special stuff uh the special stuffies in the muffies and the cuffies and the buddies. i got the special ones here. these are my favorites and the new ones AAnd lets start this is I forgot her name. I got the memory of a goldfish. its a real badder memory badder memory than the badder. and this is got crinkly ears and watch this! aaah love her, we love her. This is my other unicorn this is my 1st unicorn i have displayed, and i think her name is Penelope i think the name came of pen pen el nel nel nelope. this is sheepy ive had sheepy for a while now sheepys wool shes wool she aint that soft but uh sheepy is uh uh sheepys real good, good stuff This is another unicorn my dad got me this one and i forget her name too ugghhh this is a precious moments I think thats real nice, real nice precious moments. this is not a unicorn this is a kitty witty kitty cat ahh its so soft the most softest jujuju beautiful then softer than this one comes also from the same company, this is a company company company company company buddy buddy buddy. uh uh uhhh uh a unicorn also got a little tail got a little sticker ticker ticker wicker He got horn like me, important detail. and one more we only got 1 more buddy, we got 1 more little buddy.. we got one more little buddy. ahhh Teeny tiny little eyes you cant really see him but hes a unicorn, oh my goodness hes a unicorn. and thats all i got for stuffies

No. 1286356

Still a better storyline than Twilight.

No. 1286358

now comes for da big one hasshahssha is what she whispered and it killed me

No. 1286361

for some reason i'm laughing so hard at this, i love you, kek

No. 1286364

Sounds pretty much like one of those
regular Trump speech back then.

No. 1286365

Lil Lucinda XXX makin dat good rap, what a lyrics, very inspiring concept

No. 1286372


ahhh Teeny tiny little eyes
you cant really see him
but hes a unicorn,
oh my goodness hes a unicorn.
and thats all i got for stuffies

modda phucka

No. 1286405

I feel like her IQ isn’t related to actual retardation as opposed to being so schizo/ nutrition deprived that she can’t like do anything. It’s like how the wheelchair munchies always go “but most wheelchair users can walk to some degree!” Which for them is just a get out of jail free card because it’s actually true. this bitch is funny tho and I will be disappointed to learn she’s just another Amanda Baggs

No. 1286416

File: 1627525554994.jpg (319.44 KB, 1080x857, Screenshot_20210728-222150.jpg)


No. 1286417


One more retard in that family, huh.

No. 1286428

For context, the test that indicated that she was retarded is more or less the de facto IQ test for adults and if we're only looking at raw scores would be as easy to purposefully tank as any other standardized test. However, the full report would include a behavioral analysis, so if the person who administered the test thought she were tanking her scores on purpose, it would be noted in the actual report.
Does he shoop her photos and put on her Boy in the Box cosplay makeup for her as well?

No. 1286453

she said her brother helps her with everything internet. he doesn't do it for her. and she isn't on kooter levels of shooping making your pupils bigger isn't internet related anyway. obviously what she seems to need help with on the internet is shit your average baby boomer would.

No. 1286470


yeah it annoys me, there wouldn't be a a schizoid lolcow since schizoid generally means reclusive and not really wanting attention, not exactly what we see here.

No. 1286500

Lmao why does everyone act like seeking attention is evil

No. 1286509

>she turned out like this because of trauma, which was either caused by her family or their failure to protect her.
That's a bold assumption.

No. 1286520

I like how many times she kept talking normally and realising. My sister has a stutter and ticks and I can tell you this I so fake and forced I see it a lot on instagram and TikTok and it pisses me off so much. It’s not cute to fake it >>1284527 100% agree there is so much control in her ticks and eye squints and faking forgetting her words. You know she going to play on it so much more in the next video cause how much attention she got and how many YouTube comments said she so cute

No. 1286550

she actually insisted that she doesn't stutter at home and it only happened because she was too excited. and that it was the only video you'd hear it because she wanted to be "professional" for the next ones. if her brother is the one who helps her it'll be interesting to see the quality of the content.

No. 1286588


Maybe her dear brother also fondles her girly-parts to see if she's a proper unicorn already..?

No. 1286591

Seeking attention on that pathological level is bad, indeed!
Now go back to your Insta and Twitter!

No. 1286603

>on that pathological level

Just because you tinfoil that she's faking schizophrenia doesn't make it true. She's a schizo anachan on edtwt who likes people looking at her sh scars and wants to be a Jootoob star. That's average attention seeking and milky itself because she's fucking insane.

No. 1286612

Hard agree with all this. I mean, if Pixielocks can get a bunch of diagnoses and fucking Luna can get benzos I'm sure this tard can manipulate whomever she wants by displaying some researched behaviors to a therapist. She has to be at least a little legit nuts to let her whole life crumble before her eyes.
Anyone else get the vibe that the "my brother does it!" thing is just a lie like you would tell on AIM or MSN messenger back in the day if you offended someone? "I didn't type that! My friend sent that mean message on my account! Etc"

No. 1286613

I don't know why you felt the need to post this, but can you not? This is only giving Lucinda and her followers fuel for their fires, and make her go private if she sees anons being more retarded than… well, a retard.