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File: 1623353429614.jpeg (110.45 KB, 1280x720, Shannon Margaret Campbell.jpeg)

No. 1251957

Admin Note: Required Reading

If you're new to the site, don't skip this paragraph.
If you violate any of the following rules, you will be temporarily banned.

- Read the rules. This will tell you what gets you banned.
- Read the usage info. This will tell you how to use this site.
- Read the first thread.
- Read the second thread.
- Don't post in this thread to express your personal feelings about Shannon/Anthony unless you're otherwise contributing to the conversation. This is not a blog or a support group.
- Don't accuse other posters of being Shannon/Anthony. If you suspect someone, report and move on.
- Don't post screenshots of random accounts in the wild to tinfoil that they're Shannon/Anthony.
- Don't post petty insults and nitpicks ("she fat xD"), stick to discussing the drama.
- Don't post videos or statements about this situation unless one of the following applies: It's made by one of her close friends, it's made by someone who was personally victimized by her, it reveals new information not previously discussed in any of the (as of now) 3 threads about Shannon, or it's getting a lot of attention outside of the art commentary circle.

The last thread was moderated laxly because we wanted to let farmers have fun with the outing, but please dial it back now.

Creepshow Art is a commentary youtuber with (formerly) 500k subs who has been receiving negative attention for her obnoxious personality, her tendency to lie for attention, her biased and often misleading videos, and her never-ending drama, and as of recent, her sudden and explosive plummet from grace and public #canceling.

In the last thread, Shannon was outed for using lolcow to manufacture drama and satisfy her vendettas. Go here for the announcement. >>1244574

TL;DR of first thread: >>1053928
>Shannon constantly whiteknights or insults herself depending on the time of day and the weather >>1055462
>makes a Discord, it implodes to random drama within a month or so
>gets into more and more hot water over her impulsive behavior and lies, deflects by saying she has PTSD from being homeless, deletes her twitter >>1098210
>comes to lolcow to declare she will never ever return to bird app >>1116462
>Hopeless Peaches drama continues for some reason, to the confusion of many
>Onision emails a bunch of youtubers including Shannon, Shannon is the only one who indulges him, hits reply all and shows off her smug replies everywhere
>friend of Shannon posted? >>1062438
>Farmers find Shannon’s old posts about how much she hates her sister, this makes Shannon fume
>Shannon talks more and more about her ~bad mental health~ as criticism keeps coming, almost foreshadowing some kind of guilt mmh?
>deletes her Community tab, claims her account is just broken, implies she got hacked
>uploads a glitch banner and icon because hackers totally gain access to your google account just to give your account a makeover
>fans keep asking what happened to her community tab and icon, she keeps stating she has no control over it
>Shannon’s sister lands in the ER which inconveniences Shannon, prompting her to post her sister’s social media on lolcow to convince farmers once and for all that she’s the bad seed, not Shannon! Shannon is actually super based! >>1195978
>Shannon gets sweet-talked by Gabbie Hannah into attacking another youtuber, tries to come up with a public apology that’s not too public >>1245602
>Admin outs her post history including shitposts about her own friends and manufactured arguments to create fake drama >>1053928
>Shannon goes dark except for video uploads
>Re-emerges with a long explanation stating she has had a stalker (mentioned in a previous video, but there’s no proof this person ever existed) who somehow “spoofed her IP” and posted as her for 2.5 years >>1246100
>RTG swiftly backs her up >>1246138
>Admin responds to the stalker story >>1246205
>Amy the stalker becomes an instant meme

Second thread: >>1246312
>More and more former fans call Shannon out for her "explanation", but plenty enough are still eating it up
>Ready To Glare realizes she's been had, Loey Lane is big sad, Ashlee Lillee is begging a stonewalling Shannon to ~speak her truth~
>Shannon deletes her explanation
>Several commentary people start making videos/statements, few good most bad
>uploads a Pride video, gets torn apart for her bad research and told to stop lying about "Amy"
>Shannon's friends Augie and DeOrio make fun of her on stream, DeOrio posts her private IG story on Twitter, revealing her finsta handle >>1247930
>She changes it instantly
>doubles down on her story, announces a hiatus from the internet while she deals with this "legally" >>1248353
>deletes 3 videos, farmers come through with archives >>1248791
>goes dark on IG
>Commentary youtubers are having a ball, spamming lazy videos regurgitating lolcow posts and a twitter thread
>Emily Artful drops a massive bomb, accuses Shannon of having stalked her for 10 years starting when Emily's ex began dating Shannon. >>1250044
>Accusations include spreading her underage nudes, getting her fired from several jobs, causing her homelessness, and other extensive harassment
>Emily suspects "Amy" was made up by Shannon as a scapegoat back when Emily first confronted her about the stalking
>Claims to have many years' worth of evidence announces a full-blown exposé coming today or tomorrow. >>1250044 >>1251647
>Farmers wait with bated breath, thread ends on a cliffhanger

No. 1251980

Props to you anon, good thread

No. 1252001

If what Emily said is true, and if her ex is the guy Shannon is still currently with, then holy shit, I can't imagine the trouble Shannon is in. She got them caught just because she couldn't shut the fuck up about herself to the point where she was noticed on an anonymous site. Holy shit her stupidity and impulsiveness really knows no bounds.

This also explains why she just threw the towel immediately and BTFO'd herself. The real backlash isn't what's happening online. The only person who hangs out with her irl is going to find out that his little idiot accomplice got too high off the power trip he encouraged her to go on.

No. 1252006

all this puts the sister thing in a whole new light again, because Emily said he was abusive, and he apparently started the whole stalking thing (though Emily clarified that by now it's likely all Shannon). According to Shannon, her big falling out with her sister happened when Shannon and her husband had a big fight and her sister made vague tweets about the situation and encouraged her to leave. What if sis was right all along and this wasn't even an SJW spergout, Shannon just decided that being a pick me was more important?

No. 1252138

I always felt that her claim that her sister hated him “just for being male” smelled like bullshit and that he’s most likely a total douche.

No. 1252143

File: 1623360331538.gif (1.25 MB, 384x228, f5f319ccaba981538ce43d92141656…)

Emily said she knew Shannon before she ever had a channel.

What if Shannon only became an art / storytime youtuber to taunt Emily? I mean, she couldn't even wait, her second video is about EA. Is it possible that the only reason she has an audience is because she wanted to fuck with her boyfriend's ex, found some popularity and got addicted to it, exploded to unexpected fame and then rebranded to her current type of videos? That would be one of the most malicious and calculated cases of abuse of power we've had.

No. 1252147

I am one of the anons who checked out the sister's social media before she went dark. She seemed more of a "I love absolutely everyone no matter what you are" hippie on too much Tumblr. Tons of photos with male friends too.

No. 1252154

Very possible Emily’s first video was in 2016, Shannon’s was in 2018

No. 1252195

File: 1623362711462.jpg (116.98 KB, 873x428, PostSS.jpg)

If what Emily said is true, it adds more context to Shannon's posts about her. I don't want to clog up the thread with screenshots when the post logs are visible to everyone but just the way Shannon describes her here is exactly how Shannon acts especially the "please be my friend" part. Sage for no contribution because again, anyone can find these, and it's not that milky honestly. Maybe a bit interesting in hindsight though.


No. 1252202

Is this video about her sister?

No. 1252208

File: 1623363314452.jpeg (4.59 KB, 256x197, download.jpeg)

I can't imagine she's kept all this to herself the entire time. There has to be someone else whom she roped into harassing someone or who was at the receiving end of a vicious rant. Don't be shy, you've got nothing to lose, just post it on Twitter with some sad emojis and something about trusting your gut and love bombing/toxic positivity and gaslighting

love you for fixing the links, anon


No. 1252216

Well Emily did say she was going to drop receipts. Hopeless Peaches also said she's going to reveal the screen shots of Shannon verbally abusing her.

I'm also pretty sure Prison Mate Luke has a lot of proof against Shannon. However he will stay completely silent because he loves fabricating drama

No. 1252220

No Amy I mean accomplices or just witnesses. Not just victims, because I don't believe that she kept this giant secret with her for 10 years and only shared it with her husband at first, but he probably does't know the ins and outs of all her drama or the fact that she posted on lolcow. So there has to be someone else she was confiding to, and they probably have a lot of new clues

No. 1252229

What do you mean her second video is about EA? There's speculation Emilys second video is about Shannon.

No. 1252234

Shit you're right, thank you.

No. 1252273

This is reaching Emmalee and Katie / Dasha and Mina levels of tormenting your boyfriend's ex

No. 1252278

File: 1623367307846.jpg (140.03 KB, 1080x424, IMG_20210611_002217.jpg)

Not about Shannon

No. 1252288

I say that holds truth because from what it sounds like Emily does commentary over drawings??? Kek how pathetic.

No. 1252303

That and Emily said Shannon would copy her titles and previews, then use sockpuppets to try to get Emily to confront Shannon. Some of Shannon's posts even reflect this, she talks about how Emily "attacks smaller youtubers" for having similar titles or doing storytime videos. Holy shit. Everything from the titles, thumbnails, to the entire commentary over art thing itself was all designed to bait Emily so she could "expose" her every time she reacts? And meanwhile she built up this wholesome safe space couldn't hurt a fly without breaking into tears persona. Lolcow was the first place where I ever saw it brought up that she made herself seem so weak and fragile but lashed out viciously and relentlessly whenever she felt like it was safe enough to do so.

No. 1252338

File: 1623370597263.jpeg (23.61 KB, 679x120, C4E01CD2-59FF-4B20-A8EC-AEE073…)

Wonder which youtube videos she's deleting now?

No. 1252344

No. 1252353

Wait, she seriously tried to claim Rupaul stole one of her ideas? Jesus H, she really is that full of herself.

No. 1252365

I know this isn't a contribution but fuck that thumbnail is so ugly. who told shamy she could draw

No. 1252370

jesus fucking christ, the more i read about this bitch the more I feel like an idiot for ever watching her. ugh.

and yeah, I agree with >>1252143 i think the entire existence of creepshow art is out of spite (ironically) just by how similar they are (or at least Emily once was. i watched emily back in the day, and she used to use more colourful language and so on. she seems to have mellowed out after having kids tho)

so, in essence, it seems that creepshow was born out of shannon's ass to mock emily.

No. 1252378

just watched the RuPaul one. dead at her saying "jush" so casually like she's not a basic chunky white girl. kek anyway, she implies that circa early 2012 that Ru (who she met at a m&g) stole her idea for custom ringtones with RPDR sound bytes

No. 1252381

I'm fucking crying over the rupaul thing holy shit what a narcissist cow(Read the OP)

No. 1252386

This is plausible especially considering that her art was always shit and she never improved. She never appeared as someone who’s seriously trying to get better at art and it always felt like a child copying drawings.

No. 1252403

I didn't want to say that but yes. Her art is extremely bad and she eventually switched to featuring other artists instead of her own work. All the shit she posts on IG looks like she regressed if anything.

No. 1252426

File: 1623376541567.png (666.65 KB, 788x590, uwu.png)

The person being pushed out of frame by Shannon is her sister. This grown woman's entire ~quirky~ shtick really was just a cover-up for assholery huh

No. 1252430

Oh whoa, I've never seen her besides that one super edited picture with the orange wig. Yikes.

No. 1252436

Omnia's new video
It also contains a pretty good explanation of why, technologically speaking, Shannon's claims are bullshit

No. 1252446

File: 1623377307336.jpg (332.53 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20210610-190842_You…)


No. 1252449

just found out about this.
biiiiitch your whole brand is to present yourself as morally superior to everyone but this is the real you?? i can't wait for her to lose followers by the masses.

i just hope that other youtubers don't fall for it when she inevitably makes a video denying this all to shit. i can smell the manipulation and gaslighting already. now i know why i never liked her, i always got this manipulator vibe.

No. 1252451

Does that mean it’s omnia posting or the anon is promoting her video? Because it doesn’t make sense to ban someone for sharing relevant videos if they’re not advertising their own content

No. 1252456

>Comfort streamer

I genuinely feel concerned for people who say that people like Shamy or Holly are their comfort streamers/ArtTubers because they have such INCREDIBLY unlikeable personalities AND art.

There's nothing to look up to in terms of skill and their personalities are breeding grounds for fake-ness and backstabbing. As we've seen.

Stop looking up to actual bitches, kids. Lest you be let down by the blatantly obvious.

No. 1252463

She already is. She’s down from over 500k subs to 475k and continuing to drop lmao

No. 1252478

what a fucking loser lmao

No. 1252550

I am praying that this beautiful destruction was born of something so unbelievably petty

No. 1252566

Farmhands, are we allowed to talk about her husband and how he relates to the Emily Artful situation?

No. 1252575

>>1252566 I think it counts considering that he's probably Emily's ex (im pretty sure it was said in the second thread of the amy saga_ and the catalyst of this alleged stalking emily's experienced.

i cant fucking wait for the video emily's gonna drop tomorrow about this.

No. 1252578

Kek get fucked

No. 1252583

I'm going to wait until she comes out with her statement however. I wanna be sure that Shannon's current husband is indeed Emily's abusive ex.
Which is telling and petty for the two of them. A relationship that's held together to spite and harass one person

No. 1252584

Shannon could still throw him under the bus and blame her husband. Emily said that man was abusive and at first they harassed her together until it was only Shannon.

It wouldn't save Shannon's situation but some people might feel sympathy towards her if she said her husband was manipulating her to become like this.

No. 1252586

File: 1623383936482.png (54.66 KB, 537x360, csahusband.png)


I won't talk about him until/if mods confirm it's OK, but Emily did say it is him (picrel).

No. 1252656

File: 1623386620460.jpeg (22.22 KB, 495x298, BA20EC29-9420-4BD8-ADE7-031EFF…)

KEK she proved something alright

No. 1252688


Kek. She's so fucking ugly wth

Also she got psycho murder eyes. You can just see the wrath

No. 1252689

just watched this and i didn't even think about the fact that if someone had access to her ip they wouldve def had more info they coldve/wouldve leaked so thats another reason on top of all the others why its obviously her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1252693

Retards like you sure love to bump thread to say what's been said 100 times like it's a big epiphany. Cringe.

No. 1252697

Oh god you gotta be kidding me
You gotta be fucking kidding me,imagine twitturd users when they find out lolcow has many nonnies who uses slurs and "slutshames"

No. 1252700

Is that first link an archive of all of her videos still up right now or most of them? props to whoever had to sit by and download all that.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1252702


If you have nothing going on in your life, "wow guys, we're morally superior to a predator" is uwu validating.

Mediocre art is relatable to a person who doesn't want to admit they're a mentally ill neet because they don't apply themselves.

No. 1252716

this is a hot take but, Shannon's mindset on people who have pedophilic thoughts and her diatribe on how they should be bullied or whatever, is the reason why someone with those thoughts would end up killing themselves or harming a kid. we should be more empathic and understanding of people like that instead of telling them to commit suicide or something.(pedo shit)

No. 1252724

Anon, pedos should kill themselves tho.

No. 1252725

With the way everyone is reacting to this, and if Emily comes through, CS may end up just baleeting her youtube. it must be her only income source right? and probably getting thousands per month. Imagine losing your livelihood and never showing your face again because you said tranny and retard on lolcow(sage non-contributions)

No. 1252726


She claims she has a real job outside of youtube, but there's been no evidence of that.

No. 1252729

uh I'm pretty sure shamu works at sea world(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1252733

is fat shaming not allowed now? fuck yall(Ban evasion)

No. 1252734

File: 1623392928871.jpeg (51.71 KB, 383x224, C9056CDF-5B4D-4F7B-9481-FD0CE4…)

Fucking big KEK when did she change the playlist title?

No. 1252735

Since when was that job title on her LinkedIn?

No. 1252737

Read the thread disclaimer. We're not saying it again.

No. 1252740


Nobody is the reason why a pedo "would end up" harming a child. Don't think we don't notice you using language suggesting molesting a child is a thing that, like, somehow happens.

It's cringe that these cows rant about how pedos are bad like it's some stunning revelation and everyone circle-jerks about it, because that's all they have going for them. Doesn't mean they're responsible for child molesters killing themselves. Not that anyone cares if they do.

Empathy and understanding is the reason we have a plague of degenerate do-nothings who leave their families to troon out for a fetish or go on video talking about how they're a trans-dog. Fuck off.

No. 1252742

I'm not empathizing with no damn pedophile. If a fucking pedo feels inclined to harm kids because society doesn't coddle them enough then they should indeed kill themselves asap.

No. 1252746

And to think that it could have all blown over if she just fessed up to posting here and claimed that her calling people retards and trannies was purely for the sake of integration. It’s only in the last couple of years that people have been screeching about muh slurs, I’m sure most of us grew up calling each other “retard” without giving it a second thought, and where I’m from “tranny” was historically used to reference transvestites (aka cross dressers), not troons. But I digress. The point is, Shannon and her stupidity have dug a splendid grave, once Emily posts her video there’s a good chance it’ll be curtains for good. I can’t see her coming back from this.

No. 1252749

I think the point is more that the taboo around it can cause them to avoid seeking therapy in a stage when they haven't acted on any urges yet. I personally don't care if they kill themselves. Them going to a therapist though, instead of being completely isolated with the whole of the internet at their fingertips, can save children.

No. 1252751

Can we all stop derailing about pedo psychology and wait for more Shannon milk?

No. 1252752


Who cares about pedos killing themselves? They're doing society a favor.

No. 1252755

>taboo around it can cause them to avoid seeking therapy
That is a such a bullshit scrote excuse. A man who thinks it's more embarrassing to see a therapist than it is important to stop jacking off to children is already a lost cost. Wokeshit coddling makes me sick.

No. 1252757

shannon's followers are the easiest people to turn against her. they're subscribed because they love drama and watching people be dragged. they're gonna enjoy her downfall. that's why every nobody with 100 subs who makes a video about this is getting 30k+ views in one day. it's a beautiful display of what comes around goes around

No. 1252759

Anon if you’re a pedo, just end yourself now. Here’s the sign, now fuck off.

No. 1252765

These nobody you tubers are also the reason why we have a sudden influx of newfags who don’t know how to work the boards and are constantly making new threads shitting everything up.

No. 1252768

Video poster here
I posted it because she also appeared on the previous threat, her connection to Shammy and the easy-as-fuck explanation that was given in the video of why hers claims of spoofing are all but excuses.
If her fanbase still believes her after that "explain it like I'm a 3 year old" simplification, then there is no hope for humanity.

No. 1252770


The things that got her outed are the things her friends wouldn't give a shit about. Meanwhile the things they're clutching pearls over are standard fare.

Of course all her friends can relate to being an attention whore. But say fag and fakeboi a couple times and make a couple petty comments about RTG and D'Angelo and they lose their minds.

It's poetic. All she had to do was stay with the petty shit that would make her friends hate her, but she couldn't help herself and had to do the things that made lolcow notice her.

No. 1252780

File: 1623397565996.png (118.36 KB, 537x551, emilyvideo.png)

Emily is editing her video, hopefully it goes up soon.

No. 1252781

How long do you think it will take for it to be posted?
5 hours? a week?

No. 1252782

I really wonder how Shannon can be a comfort content creator when her videos consist of her ranting like a bitch or insulting herself all the time

No. 1252793

this. also I guarantee RTG and co. are constant readers of the farms. most of them if not all lift content from here on the regular so it really is poetic to see their whole virtue-signalling pious as fuck perpetual victim "community" have it come back to bite them.
sometimes popcorn just wont cut it

No. 1252794


First time posting here, probably won’t make a habit but I wanted to point out a very simple feature of Shannon’s account description. For about 4 years I had someone recreate my photos on Instagram, visit the same places I took the photos at and use similar captions, threaten me, repost my actual photos as their own, attempt to befriend my acquaintances, etc. It was someone I once knew, that I wouldn’t say even stalked me, but became fixated on me for whatever reason in a really unhealthy way that made me feel unsafe. Point being—if the theory about Shannon actually creating this account to initially taunt Emily, her channel bio actually seems more calculated than carefree. It reads, “proof that anyone can have a YouTube channel”. Maybe I’m just projecting my own experience into this, but the nature of the cyber harassment hits close to home for me. I didn’t know who these people were but now I can’t stop looking at the bits and pieces because if Shannon’s IP wasnt spoofed, all of her characteristics are goal-based and calculated. Little details could potentially reveal a lot about what those goals are…(Blogposting)

No. 1252803


Good catch. Now I won't be able to sleep until I watch Emily's video.

No. 1252805

File: 1623400356691.png (27.13 KB, 275x186, 1444760719484.png)


No. 1252806

>because if Shannon’s IP wasnt spoofed, all of her characteristics are goal-based and calculated
what do you mean if her IP wasn't spoofed? literally just read the posts she wrote. why would a stalker who hates her do nothing but flatter her and promote her favorably? get a brain. the posts themselves are all the proof you need of who wrote it

No. 1252807

Nice theory and good eye. Write 'sage' in the email next time you post that isn't milky evidence

I truly do wonder if Creepshart originally made her yt channel specifically to target Emily. Honestly wouldn't be so surprised considering how long she's been bashing her here.

No. 1252810

Put down the crack pipe. All this "just wondering" shit is getting out of hands.
Also saging isn't a free pass to blog and tinfoil. Don't act like you know better, newfag.

No. 1252818

I'm sure we will find out once Emily posts the video. The fact she has been harassing this tuber for a while(10yrs) and posting stuff makes it seem a lot like something Creep would do.

No. 1252819

Jesus I can't remember the last time I had this much fun with a cow imploding. Good shit.

No. 1252821

Just fucking post the video, attention whoring bitch. Jesus, write 10 more tweets about it why don't you.

No. 1252822

ayrt, this video gives a really good explanation of why admin could confidently out Shannon’s posts for people who are not au fait with how shit works. To your point, there’s no way anyone with a functioning brain could watch this and still believe Shannon’s insanity. However, given how much of an idiot she is, I wouldn’t be surprised if she fabricates even more insanity in an attempt to mitigate whatever Emily has to say

No. 1252823

Anyone notice that Shannon's first post here was in a thread where people were trying to figure out who Emily was calling out in a video? Shannon's name was brought up as a possibility right before she started posting. Emily deleted the video later but you can find posts on her Twitter/community tab about it.

No. 1252826

i remember watching shannon's stalker video years ago and always thought it sounded like a self-insert fanfic of someone who'd think it cool to have a stalker obsessed with her. come to find it's a projection fic and she's the stalker. shoulda known with how indepth she went about the "stalker" doing the worst of it when she was in a bad time in her life, very first person sounding account(no1curr)

No. 1252830

File: 1623403606549.jpg (62.15 KB, 500x500, itscalmdowntime.jpg)

No. 1252831

I know right? Shannon was so aggressive and vicious, always spitting out swears and insulting people repeatedly. Hardly something a normal person would choose to relax to.

Comfort YouTube lmao. Whale song? Bird sounds? Ambient noise? No thanks alexa, play the one where Shannon screeches about others being morons and yelling 'thus is bonkers my dudes' twenty times ahhh yes

No. 1252833

i dont know this emilyartful chick but when i looked her up it made sense. shamy wanted to be her: dyed black hair, alternative style, even her art. shamy’s salty because shes a fat white basic bitch hiding behind filtered selfies that showed nothing but her moon face.

also SOME people watch CSA for comfort? gross

No. 1252854

I read this as child sexual assault and I was like???? What an unfortunate acronym

No. 1252863

File: 1623410170326.jpeg (141.31 KB, 828x380, 26C2222F-2BC7-4EEB-91F5-A168E4…)

For the burgeranons who have stayed up part their bedtime

No. 1252864

RTG gave a comment to a news site:

"As of now, I still care for Shannon," Ready to Glare told Insider. "I don't trust easily and I don't drop friends easily. I want her to be well and safe. I imagine everything is difficult for her right now. However I cannot say our relationship hasn't changed. My trust is clearly not the same."(screenshots needed)

No. 1252865

Shut the fuck up Giulia, you have shit choice in friends and you’re probably just as duplicitous, you had best be hoping that admin doesn’t out your post history("hi cow")

No. 1252889

KEK it took me so long to realise CSA meant creepshit art, not child sexual assault. Sage for no input.

No. 1252893

>Good catch
>Nice theory
>Enabling an unsaged tinfoil blogpost
Fuck off newfags.

No. 1252902

arent most storytimes in the entire art community just poorly-written wattpad fics, especially with people like Shannon. white basic bitches raving about how the TOTALLY had someone stalk them. ugh.

anyway, I think the moment Emily's video drops we'll see a huge resemblance of shannon's stalker stories. if her stans don't notice, they're a lost cause.

No. 1252909

Not that anon but I read this as addressing RTG’s comment, not “hi cow”ing, but I could be wrong. Still, there’s so much misapplied redtext in this thread it’s ridiculous(ban evasion)

No. 1252910

> Emily and Peaches releasing videos with proof the same day

Oh god, it's Christmas all over again. Throw in JAR doing sometime as well.
Also I'm rolling my eyes at RTG. Didn't she drop the other guy who did and said way less than Shannon? Guess she'll cling on until she's damn sure Shannon wont comeback from this

No. 1252911

lmao I was just about to say the same thing, the mods itt are hopeless
this should be good, creepshart must be shitting her pants, inb4 she nukes her channel as soon as emily posts it

No. 1252926

This better be fucking good. Expectations are high but if she can’t fully back herself up, Shannon and her remaining followers could and probably will easily turn this in Amy’s favor. They likely won’t convince the masses, but anyone braindead enough to be susceptible to “Shannon was the real victim all along” narrative could buy it.
>inb4 she nukes her channel as soon as emily posts it
kek she’s waiting with her sockpuppet already subscribed so she can reload the page and be the first to comment and claim the video’s a giant vendetta.
KEK has she been holding them at gunpoint, forcing them to be subhuman degens? Was that part missing from the 2nd thread summary? Shamy rightfully agreeing that pedos should be bullied and kill themselves is one of the very few actually normal things about her. Quit being a moralfagging retard.

No. 1252927

>“Shannon was the real victim all along” narrative

That's the only way I could see her talking her way out of this one. Boohoo my husband whom I've known since HS groomed me into harassing his ex and it was my only outlet for all the emotional abuse at home and it was wrong but I was totally projecting this whole time and need to do some real work on myself…

I don't think it would save her channel, but it would probably save her from losing some of her friends. RTG and Ashlee would probably gobble it up.

No. 1252935

Peaches' video is up, I'm linking it because she's been personally targeted by Shannon. I didn't bother listing to her rehashing the lolcow posts and their original drama, but starting at 13 minutes in she's showing emails between her and Shannon.

No. 1252937

File: 1623421446589.png (109.07 KB, 821x199, peach.png)

One of the emails. Oh yeah I'm sure Shannon really just wanted to move on and never speak of this again, hence why she hung out on lolcow constantly bumping the thread lol

No. 1252945

Any anons want me to watch it and provide notes with timestamps?

No. 1252946

Your sacrifice is appreciated

No. 1252949

Jesus she even types the same way she speaks in her videos. Insufferable

No. 1252950

No. 1252954

File: 1623423982282.jpeg (104.28 KB, 755x476, 0CE3C97D-5097-44E4-9D68-2A5C39…)

Emily has certainly managed to get the attention of a few people who are no doubt anticipating her video

No. 1252959

I'm not surprised. This really made waves. If you check the live search of tweets about Shannon, it's just a non-stop stream of stans and youtubers venting and coping


No. 1252966

> I don't think it would save her channel, but it would probably save her from losing some of her friends.
If she loses her channel, she loses her friends, kek. They’re all clout-hungry drama whores. They’re not staying around for the fallout once all of her social capital is gone. Not that she deserves any better.

No. 1252968

has anyone noticed that when she makes her drama videos that she always picks people that she can punch down at while spending the first part of the video talking about herself for ten minutes
it's like she can't go five minutes without talking about herself and how great she is(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1253002

That’s not unique to her. Dramafags are all like this.

No. 1253006

File: 1623428465424.jpeg (76.75 KB, 828x1287, 06FE721D-01AC-4E2C-BB39-81BDEE…)

Her instagram has been nuked. Patiently waiting for the YT channel now

No. 1253021

I just saw some pics of Emily and how the hell did some guy date her then downgrade to this?

No. 1253022

Okay I sat through it twice, it wasn't as interesting as I thought but the comments are super dramatic so maybe I missed something? I tried!

Peaches has a weird tired sounding depressed voice on for the whole video, the comments noticed it too.


Around 3:00-4:00 is basically just peaches going "Shannon said this and it's super mean- I would never ever say this! I care about mental health and I nearly tried to kill myself!"

5:05- 19th of February. after peaches threatened to kill herself over the allegations Shannon & co made, Shannon emailed peaches saying she was too charismatic and beautiful to die so she couldn't kill herself. At the same time she wrote on lolcow: "anyone else find it weird that whenever these people are called out they say they're going to kill themselves." Peaches complains about this for a long time.

10:50- Shannon wrote something on lolcow (as an anon) about a conversation between Shannon and peaches over PKRussl. Peaches says they had that conversation in private and so a random farmer wouldn't know anything about it.


Shannon lied about Peaches giving out her phone number in a video. Peaches emailed her asking to take that part out because it was untrue and she was scared of being revenge docked but Shannon nitpicked a small irrelevant error in the video (she called it a patreon early access video when it was a YouTube membership early access video) and did not take it out of the video

16:28- the word gaslighting comes up a lot. Shannon still refuses to take it out of the video and calls it 'context' even though peaches is scared and fans are misinterpreting it.

19:00 peaches has a panic attack because Shannon alleges that P supports someone who wants S to die. For context- peaches was in a discord server (I sssume- they just said server) with someone who said they wanted Shannon to die of covid; peach alleges she wasn't online at the time so she didn't see it but Shannon is obviously under the impression that she did see it peaches has "thought for a while about how to express that kind of anxiety" but it was so scary she can't put it into words. This whole section was very dramatic and kind of funny

21:19 basically, Shannon blackmailed peaches. She said if she called her out on the lies she'd spread in her video on her, Shannon would tell everyone that peaches supported someone who had said they wanted Shannon dead. Peaches says this made her feel scared and threatened and contributed to her mental decline

Dramatic sighs and emphasis section!!!
all these timestamps are instances of peaches making dumb noises or over-pronouncing random words like a high school theatre kid in the school production Of Les miserables. These encapsulate how dramatic and overblown everything she's saying is. I only started counting this 7 minutes in so I missed loads.

7:23 (sounds like she started to fake cry but changed her mind)

No. 1253032

Samefag but I should add, she really really hints at the narrative that she nearly killed herself over what Shannon did to her. Which is dumb because she's already been in shit for suicide baiting so I don't know why she thinks she'd get sympathy for it now.

No. 1253033

Thanks for the TL;DW Shannon.("hi cow")

No. 1253034

You should post a collage of the emails. I don’t care about the noises peaches made I just wanted to know what she said.

No. 1253039

Ayrt.. are you calling me Shannon? Kek.

Jeez alright but next time you complain, you try sitting through 25 minutes of peaches sighing and trying to fake cry; there's nothing better to do than count it.

No. 1253043

Do we think that she’s going to try and do what madame did and go under a new username until people recognise its her or are her speech patters an instant give away?

No. 1253047

>10:50- Shannon wrote something on lolcow (as an anon) about a conversation between Shannon and peaches over PKRussl. Peaches says they had that conversation in private and so a random farmer wouldn't know anything about it.

This is interesting, everything else seems like regurgitating and venting, which is fair but irrelevant for us.
Thank you anon.

No. 1253048

She couldn't even hide her spergy speech patterns on lolcow, she's not capable of masking to that degree. She's much too full of herself.

No. 1253053

File: 1623430318530.png (1.53 MB, 2100x1500, peaches1.png)

No. 1253057

File: 1623430760471.png (1.02 MB, 2100x1500, peech2.png)

No. 1253058

File: 1623430921561.png (592.21 KB, 2100x981, pech3.png)

No. 1253063

I'm not a lawyer or know anything about the law but shouldn't there be a way from HP to get a restraining order again CSP or something that can protect HP from further harassment and stalking? like I said I know nothing about the law but surely there's something HP can do to protect herself.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1253096

Law enforcement doesn’t care about internet drama, retard. This was brought up in previous threads. There is no legal action that anybody can take against Shannon saying unkind things about them online. Especially not worth the trouble given that Peaches lives in a different continent. Try not being so retarded next time.

No. 1253101

What harassment and stalking are you talking about? They're both just retards that didn't know when to stop talking to each other. Are you always this retarded nonny? Or just sometimes?

Damn, you fucked up shannon. Maybe that's why she's baleeting.

No. 1253104

Why do you even have to ask, they entered "anonymous" manually and left their email. Just ignore the newfag, they're already banned anyway

No. 1253114

thanks for the screenshots. theyre both so insufferable, but everyone knows that. anyway, I watched a bunch of YouTubers talking abt this scandal, and some of them said how creepshow probably manipulated prisonmate luke into making those videos abt hopeless. just… imagine. being manipulated by a fucking gremlin

anyway, who cares about that. im just excited to see emily's videos. I wonder if Alizee might cover this topic…. that would be gold

No. 1253125

First rule is to lurk before posting. All these former Creepshow fans are coming in like roaches. I'm sure they're all excited to stop the woke empath act and call Shannon fat.

Emily's should have some real milk, I'm hoping.

No. 1253140

File: 1623435830516.jpeg (162.15 KB, 750x1334, F2D7115F-6767-4F91-AF86-43213F…)

So weird. Just realized I am friends on fb with Ashlee… don’t believe anyone has posted this yet.
“Someone we all trusted” kek

No. 1253143

I hope you're saving everything for the inevitable Ashlee thread. Don't let us down

No. 1253151

Oh shit. Hahah. Will do.
At first I saw a pic and thought she was some Ashlee skinwalker. But no it’s her.

No. 1253172

Oh there it is, feel sorry for me because i cant leech off Shannon anymore

No. 1253184

File: 1623439565548.jpeg (212.22 KB, 750x621, 7DFDE4BA-A765-423C-B000-3A5F94…)

Omf newfags are the worst lmao it thinks it’s because it didn’t capitalize

No. 1253186

why must trannies make everything about themselves lol.

No. 1253189

honestly, i just felt bad for shannon. i discovered her when she was 'homeless' and i was going through a similar thing. i guess i just ignored it, but after a while the bitch just not fucking researching for five minutes got on my nerves. i watched her most recent vid literally a week before all of this dropped and i had to turn it off. good riddance tbh(blogpost)

No. 1253191

Sage your shit

No. 1253195

Shannon is fat and I would not have sex with her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253198

hell week came early

No. 1253200

I just realized that D'Angelo Wallace might make a video about this, since it's highly exploitable drama and he was name dropped. I'm salivating at the thought of that

No. 1253201

Can’t imagine being such a retard that you think you have to manually type in Anonymous. Hilarious they’re referencing other boards as if they’ve ever used any of them. You got banned because you made a braindead remark that contributes nothing and you didn’t bother to read rules before posting. Nobody wants to be KF. This person has to be a scrote.
They claim it’s not a mental illness yet sperg out and want to self harm because someone anonymously said the word tranny online kek learn to sage though
Scrote kys

No. 1253202

No. 1253205

this forum bans and polices mundane comments for no fucking reason at all. it's true no other place does this. give me my redtext farmbitch

No. 1253206

File: 1623440460723.jpeg (779.33 KB, 1200x3452, 9DCE2CCA-9A89-48FF-8537-DEB793…)

Not a scrote just a massive dumb fuck. Imagine using KF but has the same username and pfp on every social media. Literally asking for it.
Fucking lmaooo

No. 1253207

ain't doxxing against the rules sperg?(newfaggotry)

No. 1253210


Kiwifags get fucked

Another one.. faggot… don’t use the superior site if u can’t follow superior rules

No. 1253211

It’s literally public kek. Go get your steps in for the day fatty.

No. 1253214

They're "doxxing" themselves with the same username and profile pic on every site kek. What anon posted is something we could all find by googling the username, they're not some l33t fucking hacker.

No. 1253218

File: 1623441179420.jpg (13.72 KB, 379x379, PSX_20210611_155119.jpg)

jesus christ the retardation in this thread.. anyway, to break things up with a semi-update: creepshart has dropped over 30k subscribers as of posting. i do expect emily artful to surpass her sub count. however, it is more likely this will be achieved via creepshart unsubbs than emily new subs. also, her vid is set to drop any moment in the next few hours.

No. 1253222

oh god(non-contribution)

No. 1253228

File: 1623441915502.png (52.66 KB, 1080x239, Screenshot_2021-06-11-16-03-54…)

Emily Artful's comment on Hopeless Peaches video about Shannon

No. 1253230


Oh, I miss his long expose-type videos, but I doubt he would go back on his decision and do one video just for Shannon.(no1curr)

No. 1253236

Hell no. The less he talks the better. The last thing we need is a bunch of D’Angelo tards shitting up this place. He’s cut from the same cloth.

No. 1253243

File: 1623442947907.jpg (1.44 MB, 2730x2048, PhotoCollage_1623442213599.jpg)

No wonder Creepshow Art's so bitter and mad, I've just seen what Emily looks like. must suck knowing your bf used to date someone as attractive as that.

Acting like an insecure freak about it for 10 years is so embarassing. How are any of us supposed to believe you were ever homeless when you have always eaten for four

No. 1253246

Watch out Anon, you're singlehandedly going to fuel her next spergout spree and it won't be pretty

No. 1253248


peaches had also commented on HarleyTBS's most recent video on creepshow saying something along the lines of 'uwu im so disappointed and disgusted abt what she did to us'.

unpopular opinion but the shit creepshow said was hilarious. not even genuinely offensive. just straight up funny, like the amusement you'd get from watching a kid fall, and the fact all these YouTubers are getting their panties in a bunch over this is so stupid, I fucking cant. they're so soft, its actually unbelievable.

also the vague-tweeting is so obnoxious, and also the 'omg I love her and I care for her' bs they say is seriously stifling the flow of milk. can one of these YouTubers grow a fucking spine for once and actually insult csa, or just even laugh at the bs she said? ugh.

the milks getting a bit stale. time to wait for emily to drop her vid.

No. 1253250

>unpopular opinion but the shit creepshow said was hilarious. not even genuinely offensive. just straight up funny, like the amusement you'd get from watching a kid fall, and the fact all these YouTubers are getting their panties in a bunch over this is so stupid, I fucking cant. they're so soft, its actually unbelievable.

You're giving her too much credit. Was she wrong in every post? No, but most of her posts were also obsessive vendettafagging and all written in her typical obnoxious unintelligent twitterspeak. That alone made it unfunny even if she got a few lukewarm zingers in.

No. 1253254

Can you not type like you came straight from Reddit.
Yeah no shit they’re all just virtuesignaling and being absolute opportunists, like a bunch of vultures hoping to snatch up her subs. Beside from the vendetta, Tardshow wasn’t actually wrong about many of these fags she shat on because she was just echoing what farmers were already saying.

No. 1253272

Hard agree, some posts weren’t even bad but its the principle of kissing ass publicly on twitter whilst talking shit about them anonymously and how she’s ~such a lovely person~ Because she bought her friends $14 candles

No. 1253278

File: 1623444862536.jpg (179.37 KB, 615x409, 1622931252796.jpg)

emily's story sounds a little fanfic tier too

>i was hacked and that is how they found and spread my nudes

doubt shannon is savy enough to do that

>i caught her by tracing her ip

how would emily accomplish that

and finally if that stalker had ruined her life oh so much then why did she not accuse shannon earlier since she claims she already had proof

No. 1253279

Ugh annoying. For a sec I thought her video had come out. Sage plz asshole

No. 1253285

Im not even excited anymore if im absolutely honest HopelessPeaches video ruined any hope for new milk

No. 1253286

I don't even care if Emily lies tbh, the thought of Shannon chimping out unable to make a response video is too good

No. 1253288

File: 1623445709212.png (132.51 KB, 586x692, 1603928073100.png)

This aged poorly

No. 1253290

File: 1623445806817.png (333.95 KB, 2048x1678, Screenshot_20210611-170701.png)

Noticed that Shannon deleted her channel description for whatever reason kek. Iirc it said something along the lines of "proof anyone can become a youtuber"

No. 1253291

This is fucking hilarious

No. 1253293


She's probably lurking here, because tinfoil about it was posted >>1252794

No. 1253296

"hacked" for normies usually means something like "I stupidly gave this person access to my account and didn't think they'd dig into my convos or betray me". Since the initial harassment came from her ex, it's not a stretch to imagine that he may have had access to some of her accounts.

>how would emily accomplish that

everyone can ~trace an IP~, every tumblr blog back in the day had a statcounter. It's not a stretch.

Time will tell.

No. 1253298

Did she get rid of her custom channel URL?… What's with the random string of text, wasn't it /channel/CreepshowArt?

No. 1253299


IP grabbers are fairly simple to use… It's not rocket science.

No. 1253300

There’s no way Shannon hacked Emily to get her nudes considering how retarded she is but I wouldn’t be surprised if Shannon’s husband had access to Emily’s nudes from when they were dating and did something with them. Could’ve had her passwords when they dated and gone on her accounts after they broke up. No shit Emily’s exaggerating the situation, she’s a story time YouTuber. It’s what they do. What she’s told us so far has been believable though.

No. 1253302

the real question is who the 'spread' these nudes to. its hard to believe that shannon or her crusty husband have any friends for that, or any meaningful connection.

also, I wonder how shannon and her husband got together. did emily somehow piss of Shannon? hopefully emily answers that.

No. 1253304


I'm like 90% sure Shannon mentioned meeting her husband at a movie theater they both worked at.

No. 1253306


Did she said the pictures were of her when she was underage? So… possibly pedos. But most likely people that Emily knew and was close with irl.

No. 1253308

They probably posted them online and sent them to Emily’s friends/relatives, retard. You don’t need to have meaningful relationships to spread somebody’s nudes.

No. 1253309

When Shannon and Emily's ex got together, Emily's saying the ex was the one who was obsessed with her. He probably showed Shannon nudes Emily had sent him and they probably conspired together to harass her with them?..

Probably not true because Emily used the word 'hacked' so sage for tinfoil. Wish that video would hurry up

No. 1253312

No shit Sherlock, if you read the previous post it says that Shanon Husband was Emily ex, its not difficult to guess that this man got away with those photos and that is how Shanon got hold of those photos

No. 1253313

Is it me or from time to time the audio gets fucked up?

No. 1253314

I knew CSA was a perpetual mean girl wannabe but I never expected this kind of milk. SHE is a stalker. I wonder if "Amy" is just based on her own actions(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253315

It's not just you. I was afraid the loud static was gonna break my headphones. How did she not notice the random loud ass static? Did she not watch it again to make sure everything was okay or let someone view it unlisted first???
Cuz holy FUCK my ears.

No. 1253319

File: 1623447845625.jpg (315.27 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210611-174408_Twi…)

No. 1253324

Was trying to explain this for the brainlets in this thread, such as the anon I was replying to, but yes thank you for this contribution ESL anon.
She said he was abusive too so it’s probable that he would have her social media or email passwords which he could use to spread her nudes, possibly without involving his own account at all. She may be using the word hack to refer to something like that. Done tinfoiling, sorry. Video should be out soon.

No. 1253325

this bitch is enjoying the drama.

No. 1253330

File: 1623448223669.jpg (353.03 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210611-174553_Twi…)

Part two

No. 1253334

agree. also the part about getting her fired to the point of homelessness with kids ehhhhh, i don't think even Shannon would that. none of her posts gave her away as an evil person. All it showed is that she's a self-absorbed, petty, gossipy female. kiki was 100x worse behind anon.

No. 1253335

dilators really gotta make everything about themselves, don't they?

No. 1253340

the way this bitch name-drops the lamest "creators" is tew much kek

No. 1253341

>i also decided that i will be making a video on this.
of course you are. but to exploit, nothing else. there's a lesson in this; never be friends with drama channels. they will milk your suffering for their own gain, that's the only reason they live off call-out videos. not because they're SJWs but because they love drama, monetizing off other people's humiliation, and acting sanctimonious.

No. 1253356

I think CSA is lurking. I saw someone mention her YouTube bio earlier and when I went to look it was removed.

No. 1253362

Can confirm, I think it was on twitter, but I definitely read it too.
Shannon was caught posting on /ic/ so if they wanted to spread nudes they could have just gone on /b/ or /soc/ or whatever the current hotspot is
I don't even care why they make their videos as long as they all show screenshots and spill the milk. I love a good cow crossover.

No. 1253368

>slurs against […] transgender folks

go cry-late about it

No. 1253378

lmao for some reason they're always hurt about something

i like priminik, unlike the other commentary YouTubers, he's in a realm like IzzyIzz where he covers interesting topics.

also shannon's 'quirky' obsession with candles is probably the only other characteristic she has other than unironically saying 'bonkers'.

No. 1253385

i said this last thread. emily sounds like shannon 2.0 with this story. especially with how shannon apparently got her fired, which forced her into homelessness, and stalked her. emily has had receipts this entire time but like shannon's bullshit amy story, says that she just didn't go to the police or sue her because she just wanted to "let it go" which seems so dumb.

No. 1253393


The fact that she keeps postponing the video with the evidence she claims she has speaks volumes to me.

No. 1253410

The homeless claim seems fake as hell to me too. I could see Shannon maybe getting her fired but I’m sure it also had something to do with the fact that she was a literal junkie at the time kek
She has young kids and she’s only postponing her video by hours so I don’t think it’s that big a deal that she’s stalling. Her tweets and interactions with other creators are annoying as shit though it’s so obvious that they’re all desperate to get whatever attention they can get by being fake supportive of each other

No. 1253414

She has kids so I don't blame her, that's definitely more important than some internet drama.

No. 1253420

File: 1623455229768.jpg (349.05 KB, 723x1525, CShowArtEmArt.jpg)

>>1253300 sage for tinfoil but I wonder if the revenge porn Emily is referring to is actually Creepshow reposting content from her old days? I'm not sure what video Shannon linked in the post (pic related) but based on what she says here I assume it's related to Emily's old stuff if not one of Emily's old videos (but I assume they would've been taken down already when this post was made so maybe not.) Shannon seems to know a bit about Emily's camgirling stuff so I wonder if she just saved videos/screenshots and was using those as blackmail, rather than hacking or getting them from her husband/Emily's ex. But I guess whenever Emily posts her video she'll say what happened.


No. 1253424

Honestly doesn’t seem that weird for her to not want to come out against Shannon until the tides turned. A former addict and apparently former camgirl who now has kids and a decently successful YouTube channel has all the reason in the world to not want to piss off a drama cow who knew her back in the day.

No. 1253426

File: 1623455783556.jpg (283.44 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20210611-195616_Twi…)

picrel for anons who didnt see the tweet

No. 1253427

She said she went to the police and they didn't do anything. There were screenshots earlier in the thread.

No. 1253438


Meh, she's gonna release it soon either way so delaying it a bit doesn't mean shit. We'll have to judge by the content.

No. 1253441

I mean, with the amount of frustration she must have been feeling after allegedly being Shannon's victim, it would be refreshing for her to talk about it and not have her smooth-brained fanbase attack her.
But "letting it go" is just a way to claim the moral high ground, she stills wants to see people shit on Shammy.
Why can't youtubers be honest with their real intentions? No one will think you are a monster for saying "I post this because I want revenge"

No. 1253447

Can we have a moratorium on this vapid bitch until she gets her own thread or something? She's trying so hard to insert herself / make it all about her and it's embarrassing.

No. 1253448

perhaps its for the younger audience who still think that doing shit for revenge is inherently wrong–or maybe its the whole coppa act that might fuck them over if they want to monetize from it (which i wouldn't blame them for trying to do). who knows, maybe emily just might break from that mold, but I doubt it.

No. 1253449

The snowflakery is OFF the chart with this bitch, how many attention whoring tweets can she put out in these couple days?? Calling it now, Emily Artful is really bringing Onision calf victim energy.

No. 1253450

but if this shit turns out to be true, I wouldn't blame her for making herself seem like the victim, because she is (again, if all her alleged claims turn out to be real).
Plus, didn't she say she has YEARS worth of evidence? I'm pretty fucking sure it would take a while to form a coherent video since she needs to show receipts for everything she's gonna say. you guys really need to learn to think in other people's perspectives, jesus.

No. 1253451

samefag, i meant this anon.

No. 1253454

Na we're not gonna asspat bitches for TEASING drops of milk. They either bring it or they don't. I'll say something different when I'm shown something different. This video better pop the fuck off or she's gonna get a thread.

No. 1253457

Calm down sperg

No. 1253458

stop refreshing her page ever 5 seconds then, low tier edgelord

No. 1253460

WKing Emily for the sole reason that she's antagonizing a cow shows you're twtfags with black and white thinking. I've seen too many victims like her coming through this site, all cows by a different name so to speak. They all act exactly like this.

No. 1253464

Kek giving somebody a few days to get an hour long video out is WKing? Ok nonnie. You’re just looking for things to sperg over at this point. Calm down and wait for the milk like the rest of us.

No. 1253465

>wking twitterfag
Kek anon just calm tf down and wait for the milk

No. 1253466

temporarily subscribe to her youtube with bell notification and get your mad face off her twitter to ease your angst.

No. 1253467

No one is WKing her, just give her a couple of days. If she doesn't drop receipts, then sure. But not everyone is permanently online.

No. 1253469


Plus, with apparently years worth of receipts, you really wouldn't wanna miss anything when putting the big video together.

No. 1253486

Samefag, Jesp over here stumbling over the term "Just Desserts" and sperging out over people calling her a doxxer lol

No. 1253490

They’re super not wrong tho lol. You’re all just a bunch of salty vaginas and the biggest try hards with untreated mental illnesses kek. Shannon IS you. Feel bad about yourself because the projection is transparent and hilarious.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253495

Stop sperging no one cares you're shitting up the thread with infighting over shit all

No. 1253496


Rein it in, retard. Maybe twitter is uwu enough for you, yeah?

No. 1253498

why does she talk in 0.5 speed? ugh.

nah 'kek' girl, I think you're a projection of Shannon. most of the shit you say is always like 'yes this shit's hilarious kek' without bringing any meaningful input in this scandal. fuck off <3

No. 1253499


And yet you yourself keep visiting the salty vaginas and mentally try hards' board… no1 curr.

No. 1253504

This is too slow I can’t handle it holy shit

No. 1253505

This bitch is seriously using the whole Shannon Amy mess to post this crytype spergfest of a video about how she's salty that her friend blocked her and "could have had her family killed" via doxxing to get asspats kek this it top tier smoothbrain shit

No. 1253515

i swear, all this girl did was bitch and whine without bringing any new info about Shannon. all she did was take a clip from Harley's video that covered the situation then proceeded with an essay about how she's a victim and boo-hoo she lost a friend and how sad she is. if any of you farmers are curious about the video and value your time, don't watch it. its just a bunch of whiny fluff.

No. 1253518

Jar just dropped a new video. Calling out commentators giving her the benefit of a doubt and replying with "Yeah, she was nice to you. Ever wonder WHY?"

No. 1253523

This idiot keeps talking about VPNs and Tor and apparently hasn't even heard of the IP spoofing explanation. Lazy and pointless. Don't waste your time

No. 1253530

Who the fuck is this? Fuck off self-poster.
Who the fuck is this guy even talking about?? Seems like an excuse to pump out more videos. No one "MADE" him to bitch and moan about it. Every nobody who has made a video about her so far has condemned her.

No. 1253534

Jesus Christ the people using the term "comfort youtuber" in relation to CSA in the comments on all of these response videos is sending me, it's time to log off and go outside if you're using your parasocial relationships with youtubers as a security blanket

No. 1253540

Nah, both these girls are quite hit. One looks like a Great Value Michael Jackson and the other looks like a "pedo incel iscord mod".

No. 1253548

File: 1623465584351.png (663.5 KB, 1321x2048, Screenshot_20210611-223853.png)

No way this isn't a selfpost kek

No. 1253551

"I knew the dislikes were from lolcow"
Wait, do you guys actually see the videos? I wait for someone else to comment about it first and then watch the embedded, who has time to press dislike on an irrelevant's persons video?

No. 1253559

cringe aside, it's the validation seeking tweets with zero likes after 20 minutes what gets me.

No. 1253565

calling us degenerates wont change your whiny, obnoxious video and the stupidly-slow voice you spoke in. its not that hard to script your video and actually say the goddamn thing without stretching it for ten minutes, you doxxer.

i swear some of these twitter crackers cant handle criticism without bitching abt it. there's a reason why ppl pointed it out honey, whatre you, the sloths from zootopia?

also ty for the screenshots anon!

No. 1253571

Also its hilarious how she got so pressed over the 0.5 comment. I wonder if she's lurking here to try to get more traction around her name; gonna pity those who check out her drawn-out talking and mediocre art. She's so unremarkable just like the other art commentary YouTubers.

Anyway, enough screenshots of this irrelevant self-victimizing curr. Let's just all wait for Emily to drop the video-bomb on shartshow

No. 1253574

idk how anon even found her twitter, this is a literal nobody. 58 subs and the only video she's ever made is that one.

No. 1253577

I checked out EmilyArtful's channel to see if she uploaded the video about shamu yet and ended up watching a video she made last November and a few minutes in she starts talking about CSA as her anonymous stalker. She said she documented every interaction she had with or related to CSA because her obsession is "dangerous" and "frightening". She must have receipts out the wazoo.

She said all her receipts are in a folder that her husband and mom can access just in case anything happens to her. That's a bit dramatic to say about internet stalking. Christmas came early if her video isn't a let down.

No. 1253578

Self post obviously

No. 1253580

Shammy doesn't strike me as someone capable of killing someone, maaaaybe pay someone to do it? but she mismanages her money, so she would have to take a loan.

No. 1253581

>Who the fuck is this guy even talking about?? Seems like an excuse to pump out more videos. No one "MADE" him to bitch and moan about it. Every nobody who has made a video about her so far has condemned her.

THANK YOU. I'm getting fucking tired of these people with their "I didn't want to make this video" or "I didn't really care about this drama" bullshit. NO ONE is forcing them to make these videos and they could easily just ignore them and continue to make and watch videos that THEY like. They really don't understand how much of a pretentious jackass they make themselves look like when saying those kinds of things.

No. 1253582

That's why that comment caught me off guard. She's like a chihuahua. She says a lot of shit and acts edgy and tough, the tryhard energy makes me feel that she would crumble if she were ever seriously confronted in person.

Don't know if it's fair to say if Emily is being overdramatic considering she was stalked by Creepshow for a decade. That's unhinged as hell. But I mean, look at who you're dealing with here.

>maaaaybe pay someone to do it? but she mismanages her money, so she would have to take a loan.

kek(autistic tinfoiling)

No. 1253584

i think the person more likely to commit murder would be shannons husband, the catalyst of emily's decade-long stalking as we all know by now. its always some unhinged ex wanting to get revenge for being dumped.

hopefully, this whole situation doesn't end with murder, just with Shannon and her husband behind bars (if Emily's claims turns out to be true of course).(autistic tinfoiling)

No. 1253585

So I'm rewatching Shannon's stalked for 8 years video, thinking this may actually be Emily's story but in a fanfic reverse. Immediately something jumped out

>Amy was everything i wish i was but wasn't, she was a cool skinny scene girl and knew multiple cute emo boys

>her life was the shit, and my life was shit. I was so freakin' jealous.
>and I had basically nothing. Nothing i was proud of.

In her version Amy was an online friend who she pissed off, so I guess it's not 1:1 with Emily's version, but I just thought this description was pretty telling of how she actually felt about Emily.

No. 1253586

And we all know what happens to attention whoring retarded twitterfags who self post here in an attempt to promote their garbage content. Let Shannon’s outing serve as a warning to you faggots, keep up the cowish behaviour and you’ll get your own thread soon enough.

No. 1253587

Oooooh yes, I can totally see that happening
The one that has issues with Emily might be the husband, shannon is just his rabid pick me chihuahua(autistic tinfoiling)

No. 1253588

File: 1623469570069.png (59.42 KB, 593x294, emily.png)

CSA's husband deleted his social media according to Emily.

No. 1253589


His Instagram was up yesterday (I checked, he even had an unrelated IG story up) and yep it is gone. He deleted all his YouTube videos too. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link his channel. He had a video from last year where he talks about being willingly "homeless" with Shannon.

No. 1253591

Pretty sure her ex isn't Shannon's husband???

No. 1253594


He also had a music video with what appeared to be a younger, skinnier Shannon in it from I believe 2014.


Look upthread. She confirmed Shannon's husband and her ex are the same person.

No. 1253595

Stop tinfoiling and reacting to newfags. Report and move on.

No. 1253602

I really genuinely dislike Ashlee but props to her for being the only one of Shannon’s friends to make a video about her, i hope this starts a trend of others making videos too seeing as RTG and Repzilla are obviously lurking this thread

No. 1253603

Link plz. Hope someone somewhere has that video downloaded bc I’d love to see it lmao

No. 1253606

I may just be retarded, but I remember Shannon mentioning her husband not being active online/on social media?

No. 1253607

What, you're surprised she lied again?

No. 1253609


He wasn't super active and a "public figure" in the same way Shannon was, but he did have an Instagram and still has a YouTube with 300+ subscribers and a fair amount of videos. He made YouTube videos about music production and stuff like that, and made a video about producing music in Starbucks and public libraries while he was Shannon were living out of their car. He didn't post that much and none of it was very milky. He is definitely Shannon's husband and had been tagged in several of her past posts. Tbh he definitely fits the role of an emotionally abusive, mediocre musician ex-boyfriend physically.

No. 1253610

>Peaches has a weird tired sounding depressed voice on for the whole video
Overcompensating for actual glee? Sage for pointlessness kek

No. 1253612


Sorry, I should have saved it, but it honestly wasn't very interesting, it just further confirmed that he and Shannon were together (although he didn't say her name). Mentioned him and Shannon being from San Jose, not liking it, and then deciding to live out of their car in Portland. He kept stressing that it was their choice and they were not evicted. He definitely did not sound negative or distraught about the experience at all. Most of the video he sounded pretty calm and lighthearted about it, even pretty positive at times. A good chunk of the video was just boring stuff about music equipment or whatever.

No. 1253614

She’s so terminally online that anyone spending less than 5 hours on social media a day is probably pretty inactive to her

No. 1253619

to the contrary. peaches was on live with someone a few hours ago (John's Peanut Gallery), she literally wept

No. 1253622

Not her only friend. Tipster did a video too and key points of interests being disappointment, that isn't how ip spoofing works, disappointment, that Shannon told her friends not to defend her and that apparently she has proof of her innocence but wouldn't share it in case he leaked it.

No. 1253623

Late to the party, but honestly if Shannon was anything in her yt as she was on lolcow she would be a enjoyable ytuber. Seen the woke art comunity reee over some minor shit like this is amazing.
Thank you, Shannon, what a time to be online.

saged bc sperg

No. 1253644

File: 1623475960194.jpeg (567.07 KB, 1170x1240, C38A132F-2648-43CB-9E37-8A553C…)

Ok now it’s getting annoying

No. 1253646

Tbh I would rather her take her time and gather all the receipts than make a half assed video with loop holes cause she forgot to add something. However maybe she should have done it in parts if it was going to take her this long?

No. 1253647

This is approaching Taylor Nicole Dean levels of fuckery, she is really trying our patience. Between this, the influx of newfags and twittertards and the painfully obvious new and inexperienced farmhands who are issuing unwarranted bans, incorrectly using redtext and even mislabeling their own fucking posts, this thread has become a raging dumpster fire.

No. 1253654

Same not to wk like this shit takes time and I’d rather her do it properly

No. 1253658

It's amazing to see all the commentators who are just near as bad as Shannon coming out of the wood works to gloat about how they're not at bad. Yeah, you aren't Shannon, but maybe don't let that make you so smug about the fact you casually used a lot of slurs and that it's okay "cause I didn't say them to any people specifically!"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253659

Back to Twitter with you, faggot

No. 1253661

>>1253644 Jfc she should just upload the video or shut up. Wouldn't have been more easy if she just made a doc with explanation and receipts? I don't understand this fixation with doing a video.

No. 1253662

No one cares about slurs except Twitter newfags, it’s the least fucked thing she did. I’d rather be called a slur than have my friend be such a rampant snake.

No. 1253663

idgaf about HER using slurs. It's that these commentators who tout themselves on their morality are so drunk on the fact that Shannon is now the worst that they're confessing to shit that their viewers who view them as comfort creators or w/e wouldn't be okay with it. They're all snakes.(sage non-contributions)

No. 1253664


testing whose patience? get a hobby if you've just been sitting around waiting for this you autistic hog

No. 1253665

What the fuck are you talking about??

No. 1253669

I assume anon is talking about how JAR admitted to using racial slurs in his video?

No. 1253670

this. that anon that talks like 12 year old edgelord is the only thing testing my patience.

No. 1253672

Bitch, get a fucking hobby.

No. 1253674

As snowflakey as it is, if all this is true and she's been through a batshit stalking nightmare, it's probably cathartic for her to finally make the video. Like she has an audience who cares enough to hear her story.

No. 1253694

File: 1623484046780.jpg (206.91 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20210612_094754.jpg)

No. 1253695

I remember laughing at the corpse husband tattoo post she made. Her posts that weren't about herself/ weird shit about her friends were honestly funny. If she wasn't a perpetual teenager who wanted to be part of the woke in crowd, her content could have actually been enjoyable

No. 1253696

She really is dragging it out. How many tweets has she made hyping this fucking video up? It better have milk

No. 1253701

Sure enough though, her post about Sykkuno really pissed off some Corpse fans more than the actual post about some weirdo getting a tattoo of his avatar

No. 1253706

he admitted that in past videos, though. He's like just stop in which they don't think having an edgy past is that big of a deal

No. 1253708

Can you link his channel please?

No. 1253732


honestly do you have any idea how much time it takes to navigate through years and years of caps and pieces of evidence to then compile into a video where they then get elaborated in a coherent order? It's not an overnight affair my friend, give the poor woman some time and consideration. She has shown absolutely no Taytay similarities whatsoever.

she's likely updating because there are people (including you) who keep saying things like this and on top of everything else and the lack of sleep that's stressful. So she tweets to say she hasn't forgotten and isn't backing out. She also has a husband and kids. The amount of energy that goes into those responsibilities outside of this video alone is already a lot. Sage for no milk but we will get so much of it soon the lactose intolerant will probably be shaking. Sit and be patient.

No. 1253733


samefag but this is in agreement with the quoted anon, I'm sleep deprived myself, this is at >>1253647 and the other impatient anons.

No. 1253742

File: 1623494082649.png (30.71 KB, 609x389, Untitled.png)

>How are any of us supposed to believe you were ever homeless when you have always eaten for four
Don't know how important this is but I did find her talking about homelessness back in Nov 2016 (she started uploading videos in YT in 2018). https://archive.is/ZR66w

No. 1253744

Can't wait for the next Tweet: "I'm so sorry guys, it won't let me upload, my connection is too bad. I'm going to have to use the wi-fi at my local coffee shop, but first I need to eat lunch and take my kids to their friend's house. See you next week, love you".

No. 1253749

Ffs, calm your tits. This thread feels like it's full of adhd kids that forgot their damn meds. We can still decide if the receipts were worth the wait afterwards.

But as >>1253732 pointed out. Multiple devices, multiple years. It seems like she's adding in receipts from others too. Even said the runtime is already at 2 hours.

We can still rip it apart afterwards. But now, I'd rather have something airtight that no-one can question then some bullshit, rushed video because some of you don't have anything better to do then shit up this thread and complain all day.

Log off, go do something else for a change.(reddit spacing)

No. 1253751

File: 1623495548548.jpg (118.91 KB, 983x494, Screenshot_20210612-065652_You…)

No. 1253752

That's the first post I've even made in this thread, lmao. It's just funny how she's milking this and posting regular updates on how it's not up yet.
It's really not hard to just upload it when it's ready, and say "It's up". She's basically just milking the engagement from people who really want the video, which probably won't be worth the wait.

No. 1253754

File: 1623495992533.png (30.86 KB, 420x294, MjAxMi01YzgwNmQxODc3Njg5Yjhh.p…)


It's been said multiple times now nonnie, give the poor woman time to sleep, tend to her offline life with her children, and export this massive fucking video, go outside and play with your friends or something if you're feeling THIS impatient, go buy an iced latte, that's got milk in it.

I'm sure that we will be seeing Emily's video soon, but some of you lot need to calm your precious tits.

No. 1253756

See >>1253752 and chill. Not everyone has been autistically refreshing this thread and reading every single reply like you guys have.

No. 1253757


I hadn't even refreshed the thread to see the six minutes ago reply before the one I made a couple minutes ago, but I'm derailing here so I'll stop here. Either way, the people who've been repeatedly getting salty and impatient, stop.

No. 1253758


Different anon but I haven't posted in this thread before today either, doesn't matter. All the impatient bitching is hella annoying every few hours+ I check. As someone said, find a hobby.



No. 1253761

I don't think people who point out that you don't need to liveblog every breath you take before posting something are the ones who need to find a hobby. I think you should take a break from the thread and maybe follow the advice given if replies from random strangers are this aggravating.

No. 1253763


Maybe stop refreshing her page instead, simping over the upload time, yeah?

No. 1253765


Holy shit, just stop replying with all of this infighting bullshif. You’re all shitting up the thread. Drop it and move on.

No. 1253766

This thread really is infested with salty Twitter newfags, take a pill ffs.

No. 1253769

I watched a few videos yesterday to catch up on the drama and honestly the amount of people who point out she used slurs, replied to herself or argued with herself, talked shit about suicide is slightly insane.

At the most basic and important level, she shit talked her 'friends' and doxxed/attempted to dox her sister on a gossip site. Yet these commentary youtubers are basically cancelling her for slur use..

No. 1253773

The retarded spacing they use didn't give it away first?

No. 1253855

I know lmao, the actually morally questionable things she did are brushed aside because she said the word tranny anonymously. They're so stupid.

No. 1253857

I’d love to see their old tweets because I guarantee its projecting and they’re guilty of using slurs in the past too

No. 1253878

I mean those are ALL shitty things. Especially for Shannon it makes sense for her to be cancelled over the use of slurs because we all know how she would have called out anyone else for the same behaviour.
Also her being a bad friend affects only her friends whereas more people are affected by the use of slurs. Although doxxing and stalking is of course a whole different thing than just shittalking someone anonymously.

No. 1253882

Heres the thing about Edwin too, its been speculated he’s gay for years and its not like he lives with Mina so i mean Shannon was kinda right in the fact that they only see eachother a month of the year if that. I don’t know why they’re still together though, none of them have been relevant since they finally stopped talking about Dasha

No. 1253888

File: 1623509749002.png (27.47 KB, 506x133, Screenshot at Jun 12 16-56-24.…)

No. 1253892

The fact that the average Twitter/YT user is more concerned about someone using slurs than everything else in the situation is just lol.

No. 1253893

If Shannon had always used this language no one would care. But she had to be a holier than thou and cancel people for it. People don't want to admit it but they aren't mad at the language, they're mad at the hypocrisy.
IMO the stalking is much worse. Then again I'm use to the colorful language here.

No. 1253899

If she always used that language she wouldn't have been able to grow a monetizable channel. She knew she had to play fake woke for a tweenage audience.

No. 1253913

Shannon losing 40k subs in a week is fun to watch. I'm wondering how much she will lose by the end of this

No. 1253915

All she literally had to do to not be exposed was to keep her mouth shut and her ego on check, but I guess even that was too much fucking responsibility for her stupid baby brain

No. 1253916

If this isn't actually milky I'm going to be so annoyed. Ahhh the anticipation!

No. 1253919


At the end of the day, her using slurs is hardly the main issue to be discussed. You don't have to be affected by her bitchy behaviour to her friends to recognise that it's bad, or recognise that doxxing her sister is bad

The slurs should be discussed in the way the other issues are being discussed in these videos - a small side piece of 'oh that happened'

No. 1253922

They're only concerned with doxxing when it's a minor getting doxxed lmao guess Shannon's sister can get fucked with her health crisis for all they care(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253926

If this Emily Artful video is as damning as it's being made out to be I hope these twitterfags move on from "omg she said tranny!"

No. 1253930

I hope so too. Because Shannon "being mean to her friends and calling them slurrs" isn't surprising. She shat on a lot of youtubers publicly and mocked them in videos. Though I'm wondering how Shannon feels about that move now. Maybe it was a poor choice to make a list of enemies in internet slap fights Shannon.

No. 1253936

The doxxing and stalking is definitely the worst but I'm not surprised that people are taking more offense to her being transphopic/ableist (which is what her use of slurs looks like) than to her being a shitty friend. She always branded herself as this overly politically correct person so of course the audience she attracts won't tolerate this.

No. 1253940

I've seen some of them say they're holding back on the stalking allegations until Emily shares whatever receipts they have, I'm guessing because they're trying not to pull another Slazo

No. 1253945

File: 1623514021693.jpeg (948.68 KB, 3098x3873, D48106A6-9B1B-4DE7-8F82-B066C9…)

i’ve been going through her posts and found a few of people actually catching on to her posts and her trying to deflect

No. 1253946

Makes sense tbh, it wouldn't be a good look if it turns out not to be true. To be fair people were going to cancel her before the Emily stuff came out anyway

No. 1253947

Is anyone getting super impatient waiting for Emily's video to drop(this is not a chatroom)

No. 1253949

File: 1623514116817.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2304x4096, 1AC06834-228B-4736-A995-5C3807…)

another one of shannon being sussed out on here

No. 1253951

I saw these too and they're probably the funniest part of all this. She was warned! Multiple times! It was an open secret that she was posting, and she admitted to lurking on her Twitter (and implicitly through her video material), and farmers kept telling her "We know you're posting. You're very obvious."

And yet. God, my Schadenfreude is immeasurable.

No. 1253956

this is banner and copypasta material

No. 1253957

Stop going in circles and regurgitating the obvious. It's okay for the thread to be silent when nothing new is happening.

When the video comes out, remember that liveblogging minute details or your own reaction as you watch isn't allowed. You're encouraged to post summaries and relevant screenshots, but try to compile them rather than posting one bullet point at a time.

No. 1253971

File: 1623515393342.jpeg (627.54 KB, 828x1402, 99059894-8EDB-4E07-AC8E-93AE16…)

still no video but she tweeted this shit instead(not milk)

No. 1253973


she already said it's uploading, how dare she tweet with Youtube in another tab chill tf out

No. 1253977

Please fuck off back to twitter.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1253980

While anon does that you learn how to sage your shit

No. 1253989

Emily's video is live

No. 1254004

fair warning, the first ten minutes after the prelude are just endless rambling about emily’s past. her suggestion to watch in 1.5x speed should definitely be taken

No. 1254006

Emily is saying that Shannon’s husband raped and abused her holy shit this whole situation is a dumpster fire

No. 1254014

Trying to keep update posts to a minimum while updating the anons ITT who can't watch.

First half hour:
>dropped first and last name of ex in intro to video, Anthony Parker, but refers to him as Andrew for the rest of the video
>says he raped and abused her in addition to the stalking
>she wasn't aware the stalker was Shannon in the beginning, went to the police, they told her to hire a PI, she did, but it didn't really go anywhere and when she realized it was Shannon she was so exhausted she just blocked her everywhere
>met Anthony Parker in San Jose while she was drug addicted and deeply mentally ill, relationship was very unstable and codependent
>was often afraid of him, he'd punch the walls and he and his friend often and extensively joked about shooting up their school, but also very self-depreciating
>was cheating/sexting with other women
>dumped her in a jealous fit when she complimented her gay male friend
>had his edgy friend threaten her, told her she'd get curbstomped, etc
>saw Shannon regularly in his workplace, they'd wave to each other, but they never hung out
>Anthony reaches back out, tries to be friends
>in the demo she was sent, another girl was doing the backup vocals, it was Shannon
>Emily was a pick-me back then, liked putting other girls down, said her voice would be much better on the song, he invites her to be on the song and in the music video
>this is when the harassment starts, Anthony sends friend requests from fake accounts, Emily isn't sure when Shannon started getting involved
>she gets phished and logged out of her account
>they dig around her DMs and find nudes, some of which were of her as a minor, she lets them know, but they don't care, make a photobucket that contains the nudes and her camgirl material
>mentions she didn't cam out of her own free will but that's not their fault
>videos get sent to her employer, she gets fired, is homeless
>so every time Shannon was whining about homelessness, that's what she did to Emily
>plays a clip of Anthony talking about how it was living in his car with Shannon, clarifies that they spent 6-12 months planning it all out meticulously in order to save money
>Any time Emily had any sort of control over her life, they ramped up the harassment to take it away
>exactly cloned one of her friends' FB accounts to worm their way into her contacts again to ask specific pointed questions to sleuth out her new workplace, she blocked
>she got sober and started her youtube channel

No. 1254025

Emily seems to be as much of a fucking cow as shannon tbh. This thread is all about some dumbass ugly cunt shitting on other cows. Please can we get someone to derail this newfag shitfest by posting terf copypastas and tranny gaping holes(try harder)

No. 1254027

Feel better after the sperg, autist?

No. 1254029

so far this sounds more like creepshows husband is the stalker and not creepshow herself or that anything she does is because her husband told her to. what if it was her husband posting the whole time here lmao

No. 1254030

as if she's a fucking victim lmfao

No. 1254033

never said she was just the idea of this guy being a huge cow is funny af

No. 1254036

Holy carp, I actually liked watching her while working on other things but now she just feels gross…
How much of the stuff she said was a lie?

No. 1254037

How long is the video meant to be? I kinda just want to hear about Shannon, I know her husband is fucked but its not really relevant right?(lurk more)

No. 1254038

A couple hours

No. 1254040

Wait so if what she's saying is true, does that mean Shannon doesn't even fucking draw?

No. 1254041

She doxxed her sister for this scrote because she was angry her sister didn't like him. She's not a victim, she chose to ruin her life for this cringelord.

No. 1254043

she was referring to shannon "featuring" her subscriber's art on specific occasions because her art sucks

No. 1254045


Yeah there’s being emotionally abused/manipulated into acting like a shitty person and then there’s Shannon… who seems to enjoy hurting others and feels glee at the idea of tearing them down till she’s at a default higher position (only in her head ofc)
doesn’t seem like she needs to be manipulated into doing shit. She just is a shit person. Stating the obvious tho

No. 1254047

File: 1623521722810.png (98.08 KB, 267x476, Screenshot at Jun 12 19-53-38.…)

I'm still gonna summarize the parts before Shannon definitely gets involved in case we find something that points to earlier involvement, feel free to skip this one

>harassment includes a lot of insults calling Emily a tranny, asking if she's pre-op etc

>Suddenly started getting a lot of comments about Creepshow but nobody else
>someone constantly tried to bait her into calling out Creepshow as a copycat
>so essentially, Shannon would copy her, then concern troll Emily with sockpuppet accounts
>liked Shannon's videos, sent her a DM
>compliments her style and video, very friendly DM
>Shannon claims she got the idea from another creator, fawns over her and says she probably started a trend
>she starts getting new harassment, more sockpuppets trying to push her into commenting negatively about Shannon, realizes Shannon has to be involved
>at the time she had been following Shannon on IG for a year
>one of her videos gets popular, she tweets about it
>immediately Anthony follows her and accuses her of buying followers
>she blocks him, he remakes, tries to get her canceled for it
>she doesn't suspect him, sends an IP grabber link, it sends her to their area
>when her FB was phished, the new login email pointed to his hometown
>yet another account DMs her about "buying followers", attaches socialblade screenshots
>she swears she never bought followers, views, ads, etc and it might have been Shannon and Anthony who did so in order to frame her
>shows screenshots supporting the theory that her follower spikes happened right at the times when she was contacted by the sockpuppets
>unblocks Anthony to confront him
>was afraid because of the detail in which she used to talk about his shooter fantasies, would say exactly who he'd kill, obsession with Heath Ledger's Joker,
>Anthony downplays everything, says he was just getting more "ridiculous" to get a reaction, good luck out there
>when they were not dating but flirtatious, he'd climb in through her window while she was nodded out and have sex with her
>she only remembers bits and pieces and doesn't known if he was officially with Shannon at the time but believes she's at least aware because she got a comment saying she forced another girl's boyfriend to have sex with her
>her friends said to ignore it, professionals told her to document everything
>even received snaps of a place she just went to
>believes they came to her city to harm her
>confronts the account, they pretend to be a minor
>was so terrified of her ex she just tried to de-escalate
>thought Anthony was doing this on his own,
>tells him she has a guard dog & a gun in the home, was fully prepared for him to come to her
>sends her more ominous snaps from her city with vague pseudo-deep schizo captions
>realizes he's trolling her, tries to talk him down and be personable
>he makes stabs at her art, calls her a sellout, she begs him to just stop scaring her, tries to appease him
>schizo-style trolling over snaps of her area continues, at the same time it's all vague threats
>at this point it's been 6-7 years of harassment
>compares his sense of humor and sense of superiority to Onision's
>shows video clips where he's virtue signaling about homelessness and selling out
>she sends him another IP grabber link, he clicks it, she finally puts it all together and realizes all the harassment has been him and Shannon, didn't document a lot up to this point
>consults with a lawyer, starts collecting everything, goes back to the police, hires a PI
>runs out of money and lawyers tell her she's unlikely to get justice because of the vast amount of accounts and the lengthy legal battle she'd have to dedicate herself to
>is certain Anthony roped Shannon into it and became the mastermind over time
>Shannon drama begins now
>whenever Shannon was having her own drama, the harassment would calm down
>Anthony likes to wax poetic and troll and be cheeky, Shannon is more long-winded and concern trolls, noticeable difference between their accounts

so far we're only in 2017, 4 more years to go

No. 1254050

yes anon, it's either me or the reddit spacing

No. 1254055

File: 1623522600113.png (270.05 KB, 380x682, Screenshot at Jun 12 20-29-46.…)

13k people watching btw. You might want to tune in now. Updates will be shorter now bc of screenshots

>starts receiving messages calling her mommy, directly threatening to hurt her "in the worst way"

>believes this was Shannon because Shannon often concern trolled about her parenting
>Shannon would obsess over everything Emily did with her channel or children
>would watch her videos, then go on lolcow and lie about the contents because other anons wouldn't care enough to watch and just took her word for it
>accused her of almost killing her son twice >>>/ot/449758
>Shannon still posting tons of sockpuppet comments trying to get attention for herself, calling herself crapshow art
>she know Shannon was involved at this point, but not to which degree, and stayed cordial with her on social media because she was so unsure and scared
>shows an IG story Shannon posted about Emily (naming her directly), speaking about how she would never collab with anyone else and have people think that she owes her success to someone else
>in the same story, she suddenly starts talking about her stalker (for the first time?) pic related
>Emily believes "Amy" was chosen as a name specifically as foreshadowing because it sounds similar to Emily
>Shannon DMs Emily so make sure she'd see the story, apologizes for going on a rant and complains about people trying to "relentlessly" roping her into commenting about Emily, tells her Emily is "fucking dope as hell" and she'd never step on her toes, typical lovebombing
>Confronts Shannon about the stalking, asking if it's her

No. 1254059

File: 1623522748009.jpeg (72.7 KB, 1125x182, 07380034-D080-4362-8587-AC19E2…)

Shannon is in the chat and keeps making fake accounts to say this. Every time a mod bans, she comes back with another

No. 1254061

I feel really bad for Emily. Shannon trying to discredit her as a mother is just too far. Moms take their kids super seriously. I feel like Shannon is kinda jealous maybe. She seems like a sad young woman. She obviously wants to be able to emulate Emily's aesthetic and was even dating her scraps. It's just so pathetic. Lose some weight,get a real job,quit the internet.

No. 1254063

Anthony has 100% been here on lolcow frequently and that is creepy af we been talking to him. Dude is a freak.

No. 1254066

Why are we associating with sjw faggots who whines about "transphobia"
You'll never be a real woman.

No. 1254067

File: 1623523067572.jpeg (252.23 KB, 2048x1102, 87D765B4-9EE7-4EB1-BF40-460E68…)

She’s making so many socks. Shannon has reached spergchan levels of deranged

No. 1254070

We don't really know it's Shannon though, could be any of her hardcore fans, assuming she has any left

No. 1254074

Am I complete dumbass? I'm watching Emily's video and I'm so confused- is she trans? Or is Shannon just saying she is to insult her?

No. 1254075

Obviously not when she has kids. Shannon/Anthony was just trying to imply that she looks like a man.

No. 1254077

There’s like 10 accounts, all created after the other. That’s some serious effort for a random chat troll

No. 1254079

Definitely Shannon’s husband. The man should just kill himself at this point.

No. 1254083

File: 1623523677282.png (1.14 MB, 759x2225, New Project (15).png)

>Shannon denies everything, claims the same has happened to her and that she's been sent Emily's camgirl pics
>Emily asks why no other dramatuber was ever contacted if there's so much shit about Emily, only ever Shannon
>boohoo we're homeless and we don't have the time to obsess over you
>Shannon says she actually has a stalker too, says 12+ years, later her video title says 8+ years
>claims someone shooped nudes of her to convince her mom she was a camgirl and it made her want to kill herself
>sucks up to Emily, says Anthony is a troll but he'd never hurt her, mentions how he even collabed with Anthony for the song
>Emily announces a restraining order, says Shannon has nothing to worry about if she didn't do anything because a professional will handle it
>Shannon brings up specific random comments Emily has received to relate to her, has a weird photographic memory for harassment Emily has received
>Shannon admits she tried to falsely blame her sister before
>tries to convince Emily it was all Anthony's edgelord friend, claims he "tried some shit" with Shannon, tried to sabotage her channel, and Anthony had to interfere
>Shannon claims "Amy" admitted everything to her but she never collected any evidence because she deleted anything, didn't want to look triggered
>wish each other luck and bond over their similar experiences (lmao), Shannon says she's proud of Emily, offers info on Anthony and edgelord friend at any point
>Emily says she could just have them served with papers but she's afraid of being wrong

No. 1254084

They keep being created within 1-2 minutes of each other nonstop. Emily confirmed the usernames align with Andrew/Shannon’s shit humor. Even the sock accounts mentioned in her video also had stupid fake names like that.

No. 1254085

shannon is 100% crazy but the real cow seems to be anthony. the tinfoil abt shannon becoming an art channel to spite emily makes a lot of sense. actually it reminds me of the tit sinclair/poppy thread

No. 1254087

If that's true "BARBIE RAPE RAPE" is extra fucked considering she's talked about her own experience with being sexually abused by him

No. 1254090

What makes me wonder is why did Shannon choose to pander to woke crowd by cancelling "problematic" people? Anthony really sounds like your typical anti-SJW edgelord and we know Shannon laughed at trannies behind their backs so it would make more sense for her to become a pick-me like Lauren Southern.

No. 1254093


From what I remember a lot of Shannon's old videos gave me a bit of a Shoe0nhead-vibe.

No. 1254094

>pander to woke crowd

you answered your own question. she wouldn't be able to weasel her way into the art tuber world or skin walk Emily like that.

No. 1254096

Shannon isn’t nearly thin or pretty enough to pander to edgelords. Beyond that I think her main goal was to get in with the YouTube crowd that Emily is friends with. Maybe she was mocking Emily by acting SJW or something, who knows.

No. 1254097

Watch Shannon get cancelled for transphobia while all the other unhinged shit she did (like trying to dox and sic a personal army on her own sister) gets ignored.

I wonder how many of the comments attributed to Shannon were made by Anthony.

>tries to convince Emily it was all Anthony's edgelord friend, claims he "tried some shit" with Shannon, tried to sabotage her channel, and Anthony had to interfere
I’m sensing a theme here.

No. 1254099

File: 1623524409469.png (197.13 KB, 323x628, 8cece84497ba16aab1ac2148998656…)

Holy shit, this part of the video is the only one that's made me genuinely baffled. This user is so obviously Shannon/Anthony, putting all the different issues into one spot, and attempting to blame a nameless 15 year old for everything. Actual insanity.

No. 1254101

These autistic little boys can't keep getting away with this!

No. 1254103

I'm not a regular to this site. Just wanted to stop by and thank the Mods/Admins/Farmers for the work they've done in outing Shannon for the monster she is. Currently watching EmilyArtful's premiere for her video on Creepshow Art and it is absolutely insane how deep this goes.
While Creepshow is hiding like a coward currently, I don't believe for a moment that she won't try and make a return within a few months (max) time. She's too addicted to the attention and money. I always found the chick toxic.. just glad the truth is finally out there. Thanks again, guys.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254104

Looks like John swans autistic cousin is back at it.. when will this tyrant stop..

No. 1254105

File: 1623524868449.jpeg (49.1 KB, 1124x203, D4F152AD-3B51-4C41-B0E7-3A95A3…)

You mean 10 year old. considering this had gone on for 5 years at that point. Also more sock screenshots, if a commentary account wants to use them be my guest.

No. 1254106

Whats even more sad is i guarantee she'll have a group of diehard fans that will crawl back with her.(sage non-contributions)

No. 1254107

So many newfags and counting - when you comment, where it says email, type "sage" if it's not some new or valuable information.

No. 1254109

File: 1623525045847.png (426.35 KB, 1240x1104, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 3.11…)

The premiere just ended. Holy shit.

No. 1254111

>Shannon offers intimate information about herself to look vulnerable, sends Emily their address, tries to be disarming
>the address is a PO box, claims edgelord friend's name was also on it for some time
>sometime between Shannon's drama with RewiredSoul and her lolcow posts about Emily's son, she received a DM from a Twitter account that has existed since 2017
>account named Britta Filter warns her that the accounts younger brother is a "fan" of Emily's and obsessively collecting info about her, again mentions of her buying subs for some reason
>claims her little brother has to go to a mental health facility and it will cost them so much money
>offers more info, virtue signaling, sharing her own experience, once again another stalking victim!, anything she can do etc
>Emily asks her to video call her to prove she's a real person, says she knows who is behind it
>giant wall of text to explain why she can't video call (parents said no)
>promises proof but explains in depth why it's vague and not there
>invents new obstacles to buy time and hopes things will blow over
>Emily is convinced Shannon has been involved for much longer than she thought
>believes Britta Filter was a way for Shannon to call it quits and get sympathy but informing Emily on exactly everything they have on her just to be safe
>includes videos of her being high on heroin in a bathtub reviewing anime
>Emily shows censored screenshots of IP geolocation and shows file info showing the date when they were taken
>IPs point to San Jose
>believes Shannon was a sidekick at first, then it became obsession that spiraled out of control
>believes that it really went out of control when Shannon got popular on youtube and she started exerting control in other places

That's it. The part where she confronts Shannon was the milkiest one, but it really was more about Anthony than anything else.

No. 1254112

File: 1623525088761.jpeg (75.03 KB, 750x1294, F6814926-A471-4EFC-9DF9-885820…)

shannon’s youtube and instagram are now deleted, but her tiktok is still currently up. (apologies if it’s already been posted, i ctrl+f’d and didn’t find anything)

No. 1254113

Her YT is still up? It's not gone for me.

No. 1254115

She absolutely will. While people say, "the internet never forgets", that sure as hell isn't true about the teens who fund these egotistical psychopaths. People seem to forgive some really horrendous stuff, given enough time. Once the dust settles, you just know this coward will crawl out from underneath her rock, either denying all of it/come up with some half-assed apology insinuating she is somehow a victim/or just pretend none of it happened. The LC messages from Shannon alone show how self-obsessed she is. There is just no possible way she will let go of the money/fame. No way in hell.

No. 1254116

File: 1623525249166.jpeg (78 KB, 750x1183, D2EE85E7-F53B-4468-8D21-6F0437…)

my bad, the link is probably just broken or she’s made her channel unlisted in search. when i search her on YT, i only get a premade youtube playlist and the recent videos from other people.

No. 1254117

It's still up. If you search "creepshow art LGBT" you'll find her newest video.

No. 1254118

File: 1623525321731.png (60.73 KB, 1202x290, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 3.14…)

The premiere just ended and it already has 50k views. Shannon, you're so fucked!

Anthony is a fucking cow too. Who even is this guy?

No. 1254119

Those 33 dislikes are literally the number of socks they made

No. 1254120

No. 1254121

Reminds me of Shayna and her gunt-king but who need to be prescribed risperidone.

No. 1254123

File: 1623525543426.jpg (229.35 KB, 1080x1504, IMG_20210612_201834.jpg)

Hate comments are rolling in on Shannon's last video and subscriber count is still plummeting. Shitshow art you are so done.

No. 1254124

It will be interesting to see where she will she go from here. She's so terminally online I don't know if it's possible for her to stay offline for the rest of her life. She lost her YT career and she's stuck in a shitty relationship with an absolutely awful man who will do the same things to her if she ever tries to leave. Was it worth it?

No. 1254127

File: 1623525742479.jpg (180.47 KB, 1080x834, IMG_20210612_202204.jpg)

Looks like they're both trying to change their online indentities..I wonder why they don't just make new accounts?

No. 1254128

My guess is she’ll eventually make a video response. Half denials half fake apologies. She’s too vapid and too accustomed to her YouTube voice to not say something.

No. 1254130

File: 1623525852707.png (274.06 KB, 1798x1394, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 3.24…)

No. 1254133

File: 1623525963520.png (40.06 KB, 1112x379, Screenshot 2021-06-11 8.54.16 …)


Sage for not interesting, but this is a screenshot I took of his channel last night. I spent a bit of time on Thursday going through his channel, where I heard the storytime video about being homeless in Emily's video. He had 330 subscribers before deleting it/changing his name to Allen Wake.

No. 1254138

He has some Titanic Sinclair vibes, indie musician scrotes are another level of fuckery

No. 1254140


Facts. He talked and sounded quite similar to him too.

No. 1254145

I wonder if one of the reasons why Shannon's such a giant piece of shit is that her relationship with her husband was built around harrassing another woman. A woman her husband is probably still obsessed with. Imagine putting insane amount of time and effort into proving to your husband that you're his number one by ruining that other bitch's life… instead of just having dignity and leaving when he makes you participate in stalking his ex. God, she's beyond pathetic.

No. 1254148

I only got to see the last 45 minutes of the premiere. During this time, I noticed a couple of commentary channels posting in the chat (in between all of those tacky Barbie sockpuppets and others commenting on how fucked this whole thing is) so look forward to all the videos that will spawn out of this.(namefag)

No. 1254150

Holy shit Shannon is crazy

No. 1254151

Putting this all out into the spotlight might make Shannon realize how fucked up this all was and lead to a break up with that rapist psycho. If that happens she’ll probably experience this all first hand by him.

No. 1254152

I'd sooner tinfoil that Shannon was up for it from the get-go because she was insecure about Emily. Shannon was clearly some sort of consolation prize and helping her boyfriend bully his ex made her feel better because she could tell herself he did it because he hated Emily, not because of sour grapes.

As if. She has outspokenly admitted to having absolutely no friends irl because they all stopped talking to her, and she's estranged from her family. Her uwu musician husband that she fangirls over all the time is the only person she has and she's thrown everything away, even the online circle she has built up for herself successfully. She had a big friend circle of popular creators and she still threw it away because she just had to talk shit about them. What's she gonna do? She's way too online to just stop and get a real job. She's 100% the kind of person to go down with the sunk cost fallacy.

No. 1254153

It's not like she can turn to anyone else, she has no real life friends because her whole life is online and her relationship with her family is terrible as well especially after what happened with her sister.

Also considering her personality, maybe she really just enjoys being with a guy like that. At least with him she can be herself.

No. 1254154

Ok so Emily's ex is a POS. And a lot of things point to Shannon being involved, which I find very believable. But did she show any hard proof?

No. 1254156


That's…optimistic, to say the least. But even if she does leave (she wont'), they're married, so she'd have to go through a probably nasty divorce with rapist Titanic Sinclair wannabe instead of just booking it.

No. 1254158

>>She has outspokenly admitted to having absolutely no friends irl because they all stopped talking to her, and she's estranged from her family.
That totally sounds like a classic abuse tactic, insolate the person so them can only depend on the abuser.
Not to excuse her bullshit but maybe she is also a victim in this

No. 1254160

shannon should say that she's a victim too, her husband wrote the posts here and she was manipulated by him. if she used that as an excuse at least part of her audience would probably forgive her.

No. 1254162

>hard proof

I can’t stand anons that think like this… as if Shannon is going to announce herself at the end of every shitty message she sends…. she has their ips corresponding to where they’ve lived over so many years, not to mention that anyone with a brain can tell it’s shannon..
It’s like the serial killers who show back up at the crime scene to give interviews and other weird shit. Crapshow couldn’t help but circle back around and make herself obvious af every single time.

No. 1254166

When she said in her community post "I would remember if I wrote those posts" it would have been so easy for her to say it was her husband. But apparently the validation of a rapist abuser is more important to her.

No. 1254169

Yes I believe Shannon is involved but Emily made it sound like her receipts would remove any doubts. And we don't know how much is her doing or her husband's.

No. 1254171

One thing was their writing styles when they harrassed her. After years of it Emily could tell that messages that were gross and vile were Andrew but messages that were bitchy and catty were Shannon. Also the stalker was obsessed with talking about and comparison Emily to Shannon. Just like her self-posts on here, she can't help but want others to talk about her.

No. 1254174

File: 1623528090699.png (515.43 KB, 1470x1070, hollybrown.png)

Holly commented under Emily's video

No. 1254175

Gosh don’t give her any ideas.
She probably has been victimized in some way by him but god does she make it hard to feel sympathy for her, she’s such an insufferable cunt. Unless she makes some hard moves towards accountability, leaving him, and getting her shit together, she doesn’t deserve sympathy.. she looks like an eager and willing participant.

No. 1254177

To top this off, I am curious if she would have gotten a pre-nup with how controlling and crazy Anthony appears to be. She is clearly the breadwinner of the relationship with that Youtube channel. A divorce would absolutely be a shitshow for the two of them.
Tinfoil, but with how much emphasis Emily did place on Anthony, and with how important Shannon's youtube career is to her and Anthony financially, I am beginning to wonder if he will agree to her publicly placing all of the blame solely on him for the LC posts, sockpuppet accounts, harrassment, etc. Even though much of this is very blatantly Shannon. This would make her husband out to be the villain and then they could claim he's "seeking therapy" or something along those lines.. I can definitely see them attempting something like this for damage control. She's unfortunately not going to disappear, like others stated she is too attached to her online popularity and monetary gain.

No. 1254178

Splitting hairs. They’re a married couple and definitely acting as a unit in harassing this girl for so many years. Who cares if Emily wrongly attributed x amount of posts to Shannon that were actually done by Anthony??

No. 1254181

Dammit anon, that sounds like it could work. don't give them ideas

No. 1254182

Imagine ruining your life for an sigma “high iq” coomer incel rapist.

No. 1254184

When you search up Creepshow Art on youtube the first 60 or more videos showing up are exposing Shannon about the current situation and only then you get a video actually by her account when you scrolled down past all that. Her career is 100% over with that.

No. 1254186

Well unfortunately with how manipulative and conniving she is, I'm sure she's already been considering this even prior to Emily's video. She must know by now the types of receipts Emily had. The one good thing is she dug a very deep hole with this entire "Amy" stalker, so even if she does do a 180 and tries to claim it was her crazy husband, her credibility will already be shot with the tall tale she wove prior.

No. 1254187

Lol. This would work but unfortunately I think he’s too much of a narc to take the blame like that even with their reputation/livelihoods going down in flames around them.

>inb4 he leaves her for being so abusive/the betrayal and because he’s such a better person than that.

No. 1254189

i genuinely wouldnt be surprised if her channel gets taken down for whatever reason or she just deletes it
it makes alot more reasonable sense (she doesnt have that) than making a video thats gonna get dislike bombed and milked for views by other youtubers(sage non-contributions)

No. 1254191

Well to be honest who really ruined her life was herself. She was him when she started making videos after Emily’s debut, then she got more popular.

If she didn’t come here none of this would have happened to her. The lolcow posting was 100% her.

No. 1254192

>it makes alot more reasonable sense
nothing makes reasonable sense about deleting her livelihood. Shannon would never get that kinda notoriety or money from anywhere else, and I don't buy for a second that she has another job. Even videos that get mass dislikes still generate income.

No. 1254193

Sadly I don't think we're ever going to see what comes out of this, because Shannon is a fucking coward who's won't show her face on the internet again and her husband seems to have some kind of career he probably wont risk losing by publicly engaging in the drama.
I'm still hoping one of them will respond to Emily's video tho.

No. 1254194

File: 1623529279279.png (108.88 KB, 1652x420, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 4.20…)

someone on you tube brought up a thing about the names. they all relate to drag queens and Shannon has stated in the past that she enjoys drag and has even made that video about rupaul stealing her idea.

No. 1254195

No one is associating with trannies, and that’s a fakeboi. We laughed her into the dirt last thread already. Keep the fuck up.

No. 1254196

well, guess she can always be a full time stalker now.

No. 1254197

Implying she'd even realize that. Not saying you're wrong, by any means. But the fact that she was dumb enough to think that Her little "Amy" fanfic would actually fool everyone shows that she's not the brightest star in the sky.

No. 1254199

even if she finally 'realises' the reality of her actions, its too late. whatever punishment she hopefully gets w her shitty husband is well deserved in my humble opinion.

No. 1254200

nah to me it sounds like a person who has no friends because she's an awful person. often times if no one around you likes you, it's probably because you're a dick. not an abuse victim. not always the case but I don't buy for a second she's a poor abused baby.

she's an asshole.

No. 1254201

lol anon.. i don't think those two kinds of stupid are in the same category. you'd have to be clinically insane to "not realize" that you're deleting what literally sustains you.

No. 1254206

The fact that Shannon and her husband are so unhinged they drove to Emily's city and the fact she's scared he will kill her is… mmmn.. concerning.
if anything happens to Emily I guess we'll know what happened.(tinfoiling)

No. 1254208

i dont think she's gonna get killed (hopefully), it would be far too obvious who committed the crime by then. plus, emily did say in the video she wrote in her will that if something abruptly happened to her, suspect shitshow and her even shitter husband

lets be honest, shannon's stupidity in preserving herself knows no bounds. i wouldn't be surprised if she actually did that.

No. 1254210

That would hold up if she hadn't made so many videos about how much other people hate her. She has a ton of storytimes that are just outright bragging about how much this and that person hated her. Even the Amy story started with how Amy's hatred of Shannon was rooted in Shannon romantically catfishing Amy for like a year? Sounds like she was a giant asshole with or without him.

No. 1254211

Oh don't get me wrong I'm not saying she is not an asshole but you can be both a victim and an asshole

No. 1254216

Someone in Emily's comments pointed out that one of the fake accounts used to harrass her used the phrase "human person" something that Shannon says a lot.

No. 1254222

Holy fuck, I’m not even finished with the video and I am legitimately disturbed. Regardless of what Emily’s done, Shannon and this Anthony dude are beyond fucked up. This is not milk IMO this is like Onion levels of horror.

No. 1254224

I literally just said the same thing. It kind of reminds me of one of the big Onion milk happenings, even down to the instant arguments about the initial-sidekick-gone-aggressor's victimhood status

No. 1254225

Id argue not even Onion boy is this fucked up lmaooo.

No. 1254226


Yeah, I also found some things extremely disturbing to where I doubt even Gurg would go that far. Definitely reminded me of him though.

No. 1254227

What’s absolutely hilarious is if Emily was interested in her ex he’d divorce Shannon in a heartbeat. How pathetic can you get kek.

No. 1254228

Kinda feel sympathetic towards Holly now. I've lurked her threads here for years but she's right about creepshow attacking people in a personal way.

No. 1254230

File: 1623532706829.png (24.31 KB, 649x182, imagen_2021-06-12_171807.png)

does someone have proof of Shannon fighting on stream with those accounts?

No. 1254231

I wonder if Shannon will "Anthony made me do all of this, I never meant to do anything, he posted on lolcow and he made me harass Emily I'm a victim too!"

No. 1254232

what's with the weird spacing, anon? this shit is very fucked up though, imagine going from this smug sjw pricess to being compared to onion boy

No. 1254234

He's definitely obsessed with Emily. Shannon obviously justified and joined in with his psycho behaviour by thinking it's all because he hated Emily lmao. The autism…

No. 1254236

Most definitely. No man stays this obsessed with an ex that's now a married mother for years and years, hating to see her having happiness without him. He's bitter because he had to settle for a pillsbury doughboy looking bitch

No. 1254238

these accounts were on a premiere of a video about her defending her

No. 1254242

Oh 100% I don't know how she could possibly be okay with her husband being obsessed with his ex. They are both fucking psychos that should b the biggest red flag in the history of red flags. I really hope Shamy never comes back her saying nothing truly shows the guilt. Same with her husband trying to delete everything.

No. 1254245

Shannon’s stalking was just a massive cope due to the fact that her husband is still clearly obsessed with Emily..
so true that if Emily wanted anything to do with that scrote he would drop Shannon like a fat sack of potatoes.

No. 1254246

It's a cope. She has to tell herself he's doing it because he truly hates Emily, not because he's not over her.

No. 1254247

Exactly. If you're really innocent, why suddenly delete everything? What's there to hide?

No. 1254252

What if she kept using the name "Barbie" because she'd seen Shayna threads fly by so often here? Something in relation to where she lurks but also seemingly way too different to be associate with her if that makes sense? I don't know, just seemed like a weird coincidence.

No. 1254255

It’s extremely funny to watch, great irony.

No. 1254257

File: 1623533920983.jpg (94.2 KB, 500x474, original-1.jpg)

Could be a drag reference again, Trixie Mattel etc. or she just picked it because of the creepy juxtaposition of the nasty words and children's play dolls like the edgy tumblr aesthetic circa 2013

No. 1254258

Definately a drag reference. Shannon seems to be obsessed with the drag community, all her art looks inspired by the aesthetic too.

No. 1254261

Lol is this Shannon

No. 1254262

not likely, shannon actually knows how to sage shit

No. 1254265

it's insane that arttubers canceled holly for tracing and she dissapeared off the face of the planet, kek It makes me wonder if there was something else going on

No. 1254266

it proved that Shannon did in fact stalk and harass a girl that didn't even know her for years. what more did you expect?

uh yeah, like the mental illness she just talked about

No. 1254268

File: 1623534573010.png (144.63 KB, 1638x636, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 5.49…)

Emily surpassed Shannon's subscriber count today fucking KEK

No. 1254269

No she doesn’t lmao look at her logs again

No. 1254270

yeah after watching the artful expose on creepshart. I just want to kick shannon over and over in the vagina. I'm not going to excuse being a druggie, or being a pick me, but seriously to stay with a man that raped a doped up ex, and not only that engage in this level of tomfoolery, thats a new level of evil I hope shannon goes to hell I really do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254271

Shannon was outed as a possible rape apologist, a stalker, lying about being homeless and having CP, what else do you want? for Emily to expose her for killing baby?

No. 1254273

Emily is pretty, apart from her mouth. Reminds me of Mina. In Shannon's fake story time videos she talked about feeling intimidated by pretty girls and having a need to impress them (that's how she described the fake Amy). Just saying this is probably another hard driving factor in why she enjoyed tormenting her so much. Classic sadistic jelly.

No. 1254274

File: 1623534981523.png (39.83 KB, 590x192, kat.png)

Another often lovebombed "big name friend" to cross off the list. Kat Tenbarge is a journalist who involved herself in the Dahvie Vanity thing and was a friend of Shannon's and a member of their Discord servers.

No. 1254276

She’s like onion but worse because even after every fucked up thing she’s done she would go on her soap box and spew hate to people for things that weren’t even remotely close to the evil shit she’s done. Onion is obviously a creep I don’t think he does much to hide that fact but Shannon would say how awful peaches was for doxing her even though she doxxed her own sister, talk about how people who traced art are the absolute worst, when she helped her disgusting piece of shit husband harass his ex. Also the fact that she made her channel to fuck with Emily and got more popular than her is so insane. She really had it made with her channel I can’t imagine having that platform and being such an ungrateful twat.

No. 1254277

So you think her husband came up with the elaborate "my 15 year old brother did it" excuse eerily familiar to "it wasn't me it was Amy" storyline bonus point for "I was also stalked btw" and wishy washy language down to the "of course I understand you would feel that way" lines she also used when she talked to Emily as herself. I'd accuse you of being Shammon but don't feel like catching a ban.

No. 1254279

We get it she's like the onion man no need to repeat it over and over again.

No. 1254280

Shannon is legitimately a psycho to have been fulltime harassing and stalking so many different women, real bunny boiler shit.

No. 1254282

"Brandon used to be on the P.O. Box. That might be important." around the 1:44:20 mark lmao this disturbed me so much, basically Shannon admitting she's the stalker but blaming someone else living in the same area just in case.

No. 1254285

Imagine giving it all up and becoming a fulltime bunnyboiler to please this cabbage patch kid looking man

No. 1254288

Those weird Barbie names have appeared in AugieRFCs streams and even donated to him. I remember laughing at him having to read some shit like “tiny Barbie panties”. Creepshow has been on that stream a few times and he and his friends are currently calling Emily’s video pointless. Sage because I think Augie is just a moron and probably isn’t involved but it’d be funny if Shannon and her boyfriend have been fucking with him as he brushing this shit off.

No. 1254289

She really tells on herself thinking she is so smart to cover her bases. She says she doesn't wanna be around Brandon 2 seconds before that too.

No. 1254290

ugh Shannon's whole thing about "I became friends with my stalker Amy instead of pressing charges because she has kids and I wouldn't want to hurt them uwu" is even more gross now, knowing all of this.

No. 1254291

File: 1623535871848.png (102.21 KB, 1200x398, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 6.10…)

this bitch.

No. 1254295

Unless Emily changes her mind about doxxing, this whole group is going to repeat this over and over again. If she does change her mind, they will then switch to “doxxing is wrong no matter what”

No. 1254296

This tweet had me puzzled at first but I think she's just too braindead to form a coherent thought. Even after detangling it, it's still wishy-washy bullshit because she doesn't want to do anything other than hint at how sad she is and how her truth bomb is gonna be so much more definitive than Emily's.

No. 1254297

HAHA WHAT what an asshole these are the type of people to say “believe all women” without any proof but fuck Emily and all of the shit she’s proven. The fact that Shannon made up a stalker story exactly like what Emily’s gone through proves it to me without all of the receipts.

No. 1254298

This is deranged, Shannon needs psychiatric care stat. Ironic she made a "career" attacking people for their faults when she was worse than half of them. Past tense since that career is definitely over now.

No. 1254299

How is this level of stupid not terminal

No. 1254301

File: 1623536422857.png (33.76 KB, 589x120, Screenshot at Jun 13 00-20-51.…)

>3 minutes ago

No. 1254304

File: 1623536595436.png (57.41 KB, 594x234, Screenshot at Jun 13 00-23-07.…)

Bitch she never even mentioned you, get in line

No. 1254305

I do not like this bitch. Is she stupid? Did she actually watch the ENTIRE video?

No. 1254307


Nice insight into Anthony's mind with these usernames, he thinks of Emily as a sex doll essentially, very sexually obsessed with her to creepy levels.

No. 1254308


>It's all up for interpretation

>I am not discrediting Emily at all

Lmao sounds like some rape apologist.

No. 1254309

File: 1623536774301.jpg (177.9 KB, 1080x699, IMG_20210612_182607.jpg)

Bitch has like 3 people replying to her and acts like this kek

No. 1254311

She was all sad on Twitter when Shannon’s stupid lolcow posts were discovered but thinks that we can’t come to any conclusions about Emily’s allegations against her.

No. 1254312

am I insane? I just saw like two people disagreeing with her

No. 1254313

she can't stop contradicting herself?? either you "believe everything" Emily presented or you have doubts. Pick one

No. 1254314

She deleted these

No. 1254316

Maybe I’m just a big softie, but I really do recommend watching the first couple of minutes of the video. I don’t know what she’s normally like in her videos, but the way she talked about this situation really hits hard. It wasn’t over dramatic or anything, but I don’t think reading the bullet points quite conveys the same feeling. I expected her to sound kinda retarded and dramatube-y and it really surprised me.

No. 1254318

File: 1623537012160.png (305.97 KB, 1357x1127, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 6.27.…)

Most of these people didn’t finish watching it before opening their mouths.

No. 1254319

File: 1623537043993.png (107.3 KB, 607x692, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 6.31…)

no wonder

No. 1254320

File: 1623537074075.png (482.48 KB, 1386x1718, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 6.27.…)

Forgot to sage, fuck me.

No. 1254321

Fuck I'm so mad at myself for not screenshotting, but Repzion(not Repzilla) had liked Ashlee's tweets saying Emily proved nothing. They're gone now, no idea if he unliked them or simply deleted.

No. 1254322

I always knew this chick would go down as a weirdo liar, but I gotta say I didn't quite see her entire online presence basically boiling down to her doing a Single White Female on her man's ex. Real sicko hours. Also how the fuck is she almost 30, holy shit I thought she was 19.

Someone plz get illuminatii next, I can feel it in my bones she's a weirdo of this CS caliber too.

No. 1254324

You can show her a video of Shannon straggling a puppy and she will say it wasn't Shannon. She's two faced. She's playing both sides just incase Shannon comes back from this. Until she's sure Shannon wont recover she will defend her.

No. 1254326

These bimbos are fucking brain dead.

No. 1254327

That's annoying because one of the biggest pieces of evidence is at the last 15 mins like some person is pretending their brother did all these things when they were 10 years old there is no way that isn't Shannon and her husband. Why would that shit come out as soon as she was caught red handed? These people are fucking dumb.

No. 1254328

File: 1623537360967.jpeg (705.27 KB, 1242x1782, 327A1F91-56C8-415B-A335-62CE66…)

Nick deorio is a fucking loser too

No. 1254330

"deleted it because I have anxiety uwu" like don't fucking comment on it then you pathetic cow damn

No. 1254331

Yeah Shannon said something like “someone named filter was also sending me messages” how do these people not see that as a form of proof they’re so retarded

No. 1254332

I fucking hate it when wack asses say embarrassing and awful things but then backtrack with 'omg my anxiety, my mental health' like fuck off then, don't fucking be online if you can't own up to your own shit

No. 1254333

These idiots can't put two and two together and needs people to spoon feed them answers. It's all relevant because her screen shots were years before lolcow exposed her. It's all relevant because Emily has proof Shannon is lying about her stalker video because Emily made these claims first.

No. 1254334

Exactly I genuinely think that these people just don't even want to believe it.

No. 1254335

wouldn't be the first time deorio has whiteknighted for shannon

No. 1254336

Seriously. There were maybe two or three people within 40 mins that said anything to her and none of them were bashing her, just saying there’s lot of proof in Emily’s video. She’s a baby.

No. 1254337

The fact that Britta(two Ts) Filter was one of the sock puppets and Shannon confirmed they messaged her too (but pretends she doesn't remember the name of a popular drag queen) is the biggest smoking gun ever.

No. 1254341

I hope he doesn't try retaliation against her and her family tbh

No. 1254342

Watch him do a video/stream defending her just like he did for John Swan. He used to defend Tonka as well if you want a real blast from the past.

No. 1254343

also the fact that one of the videos she deleted recently was a video on drag queens. seemingly unrelated to everything, but now it makes sense. she used drag queen names in all of her fake accounts.

No. 1254344

Who knew Nick "I believe John Swan" Deorio had terrible judgement. He probably believes the autistic 10 year old brother excuse too.

No. 1254345

Oh shit I didn’t even think of that good point. Honestly glad these idiots are sticking up for Shannon so everyone knows what kind of people they are

No. 1254347

I hope one of these drama channels links all the given evidence together and explain slowly to the tards who still think "Well it could be someone else!"
The fact Shannon stole Emily's stalker story should have been enough for these people. Everything else is just a bonus

No. 1254349


>i didn't watch the whole thing

>it seemed unrelated to Shannon
Nicolas just proving he's fucking brain dead
If you can't even bother to inform yourself on something then fuck off jfc

No. 1254352

Smh for all the obviously new people here, type sage in the email field before replying. Otherwise, your "Anonymous" user shows green, thereby making it easier to tell which posts are yours and also defeating the purpose of the green, which is to notify for new/important information.

No. 1254353

I was going to say this seems like a bad move optically for DeOrio considering that mess and that he was openly friendly with Shannon, but his retarded audience has an equally short attention span, so I doubt it’ll matter.

No. 1254354

Dedoublestuffedoreo is an obese retarded faggot so this shouldn’t be a surprise, and the same goes for that ugly brain dead whore Ashlee. They’re both trash just looking for attention.

No. 1254355

isn't he friends with Shannon? he's retarded obviously he was gonna side with her, they're both trash and trash sticks together

No. 1254358

File: 1623538309589.png (34.99 KB, 596x392, makeshitup.png)

No. 1254359

He had John Swan on one of his streams not that long ago, they’re already talking again.

I’ll be honest I didn’t think the John Swan thing was that big of a deal besides him making his friends embarrass themselves by writing a giant fanfic, but Nick and the others blew it up like it was the backstab of the century and leaked that discord call himself. Hell, he talks to Keemstar again and again even after Keemstar fucks with him and his friends countless times. If Shannon comes back, she’ll be coming home to them.

No. 1254363

The things she went over in this video are a hundred times worse than the Lolcow posts, holy fuck. This poor woman.
I expected to be disappointed by this video, but she really did go through it because of this insane scrote and his girlfriend with a vendetta. It's disgusting and sad.

No. 1254364

This bitch is cancerous

No. 1254365

File: 1623538709355.png (181.44 KB, 1374x661, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 6.56.…)

He’ll probably be at this for hours.

No. 1254367

File: 1623538737770.png (283.01 KB, 1379x896, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 6.56.…)

No. 1254368

Seems like only the assholes are defending Shannon right now. Good to know who's absolute shit

No. 1254369

I wonder what the aftermath for Shannon will be, bitch essentially outed herself by giving a shit tier story where she showed she knew nothing about how ips work and now Emily Artful spilled the tea. How do you come back from this?

No. 1254374

>I’ll be honest I didn’t think the John Swan thing was that big of a deal besides him making his friends embarrass themselves by writing a giant fanfic
I think it was a big deal in the aspect that not only did john swan show hes unreliable and a liar and that he was willing to throw many people under the bus for him, but all those who backed him up are unreliable too because they believed him because they were friends. For all the truth and shit the commentrary/drama community like to talk about most of them are biased and its the main issue that needs to be addressed.

No. 1254376

File: 1623538939643.png (59.62 KB, 1084x190, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 5.02…)

I don't think she can, I'm gonna go with this conclusion

No. 1254377

do a crime I guess
but yeah I'm sure there will be fallout for months and people just yelling at her in videos and giving it a thumbs down.

A wild move for Shannon is to blame everything, even the lolcow posts on Emily. Watch Shannon stans jump on that

No. 1254379

idk who this guy is but I hate him. He is a total dick.

No. 1254380

It seems like there’s a lot of idiots sticking up for her a bunch of them won’t even finish the video and don’t know how to put two and two together and need to be spoonfed instead of just putting the extremely obvious pieces together themselves.

No. 1254381

this is insane. i considered her "it was amy" screed in her community tab to be the biggest self-report ever. how anyone can even pretend to not buy emily's story is beyond me.

No. 1254386

File: 1623539056418.png (266.29 KB, 1476x1287, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 7.02.…)

they didn’t learn anything~

No. 1254387

He types like a brain dead anon farmer. Knowing how so many scrotes admit to using lolcow I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1254392

File: 1623539114832.png (62.96 KB, 1362x203, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 7.02.…)

No. 1254396

File: 1623539170176.jpg (7.16 KB, 228x213, 139765201_2748678688780590_294…)

JFC the only person being favored by the algorithm is Shannon and the rest of you weird fucks.

No. 1254397

File: 1623539204314.jpg (458.37 KB, 1440x2391, Screenshot_20210612-180315.jpg)

All these dramatubers are the same. How deeply does Shannon have these people's balls down her throat to even get the half ass support she receives?

No. 1254398

File: 1623539237448.png (29.02 KB, 594x350, scum.png)


"Look at how jaded & above-it-all I am!"

No. 1254400

File: 1623539249365.png (550.99 KB, 750x1334, 1A6C2893-5456-48F4-90A4-90E4E6…)

Too bad her Reddit has all her post about drag queens, a post shitting on her sister and another one about ‘what does bullying look like as an adult’

No. 1254403

He is a fat neckbeard incel who defends Onision, he is literally mentally handicapped

No. 1254404

stop giving this foul creature attention. they're all nobodies, their opinions don't mean and won't affect shit.

No. 1254406

Damn, that really is all anyone needs to know about him..

No. 1254407

lmao of course this malding faggot is defending that repulsive inbred whore

No. 1254410

Why do public personalities continually make this mistake? Just make an unofficial account if you wanna post random unrelated armchair psychology takes to reddit, dont tie it to your public youtube channel name.

No. 1254411

Kind of tempted to go find examples of the creepy Barbie usernames fucking with Augie in his chat and donations now.

Even he got sick of Nick, he called him a pedophile for not defending Cinnpie (it’s Greg, don’t try to attach any logic to his shit) and blocked him.

No. 1254412

Funny that these brain dead scrotes will shit and piss themselves over assholes like them losing a sponsor, but a woman actually losing multiple jobs and getting hit with attempted Twitter and youtube cancellings is somehow lame and pointless.

No. 1254415

This lol, THIS is cancel culture, Shannon tried to manipulate public opinion by astroturfing, sockpuppeting and samefagging, and it worked. She actually faced consequences, unlike people who lose a bunch of followers but continue making content for profit.

No. 1254417

>How do you come back from this?
You don't, but if she miraculously does she should try to get a vpn sponsor kek. Watching this whole shitstorm unravel over the past week has been beautiful, especially funny to think about how her downfall was so very avoidable. Glad Emily got her story out though, Shannon and her shitty husband are batshit insane, jesus christ.

No. 1254422

Their opinions dont matter, they're literally the purest form of twitter dumbasses who're probably teens. i bet they'll just cancel shitshow bc miss piggy had said 'tranny' and other 'very offensive' slurs.

one positive thing that came out of piggy's lolcow presence was all the shit she said is easily cancelable nowadays, especially the fact she trash-talked about those YouTubers–now THATS what will piss of these fucking degenerates, not the fact that emily had proven with both facts and logic that she was SA'd and harassed/stalked by her ex and his piglet of an accomplice.

No. 1254423

Funny enough… she did have a vpn sponsor but never thought to ya know… actually use it

No. 1254428

Wtf? Why is anyone defending her? This is an open and shut case. Her evidence is more than incriminating.

No. 1254430

Drama "commentary" channels are usually ran by brainless attention whores, that's why they're defending her.

No. 1254432

File: 1623540251557.jpg (428.41 KB, 1440x2442, Screenshot_20210612-182301.jpg)

Which is it Ashlee?

No. 1254433

low iq

No. 1254434

not to mention the bigger drama channels are busy with something more exploitable, like the fucking youtube vs tiktokers bullshit.

No. 1254435

I feel really bad for Emily but is anyone else fucking dead at the fact that Shannon's husband is basically the "in this moment I am euphoric" reddit atheist copypasta?

No. 1254436

File: 1623540381428.png (25.85 KB, 387x83, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 4.24…)

completely unsurprising shit takes from an edgy retard who pals around with other edgy retards. what a fucking loser kek, hope shamu sees this bro.

No. 1254437

They’re edgy kids, though only Augie is a kid. He’s live rn but brushed everything off to drop the topic. They’re probably waiting for Keemstar to say something before they talk about it again.

No. 1254438

Yes fucking kek I was trying to pinpoint what it reminded me of.

No. 1254439

ashlee is the one replying to that tweet.
okay ashlee is so fucking annoying, my god. one moment she says she's skeptical then the next she agrees the CLEAR EVIDENCE is 'pretty damning'. ugh. this woman doesn't deserve a platform, at all. apparently show her one sign of 'kindness' like Shannon had and suddenly she's as loyal as a dog. (thanks for the screenshot btw!)

No. 1254442

and she's gonna make a video by monday. she can't even be cohesive on twitter.

No. 1254444

Her video came out in the in middle of a bunch of other shit happening like that, dream, and the h3h3 shit. It’s really bad timing and it sucks.

No. 1254445

I'm actually wondering if Shannon will try and retaliate in some way. I was half expecting another MundaneMatt situation and having the premiere randomly pulled down.

No. 1254446

This bitch is a Mini Shannon. inb4 hi shannon She's the exact same, a loud-mouthed bitter cunt who hides under a veneer of uwu so adorable and soft, just a candle goth halloween fairy with cuss words and strong opinions because she just cares so fucking much!! Shannon was shit at being a dramatuber because she's spineless and more concerned with asspats than accuracy and Ashlee is the same.

No. 1254447

She was up Mals ass before turning her back on her so it isnt surprising that shes quick to kiss ass when she's getting attn

No. 1254448

File: 1623540672823.jpeg (542.28 KB, 1242x1474, A9FC8214-1762-46CF-8050-F3AE2D…)

The only friend so far not fence sitting

No. 1254449

I’m pretty sure drama youtubers wouldn’t touch actual instances of abuse with a ten foot fucking pole they would rather call the most menial shit abuse to keep milking it. They are probably all just as terrible and as manipulative as Shannon or else they would have no content or sources to scrape drama from

No. 1254450

no she will not, at least I don't expect her to, she's a fucking coward

No. 1254451

Boils down to which side they can relate to more. They (scrotes in general) see themselves or the friends they cape for in Anthony’s actions more than they can empathize with Emily. Anybody with critical thinking skills who watched the entire video would come to the conclusion that Shannon was a big part of it. But they’d rather pretend to have logic on their side so they can continue to rationalize bad behavior. These sort of people will usually go to any length to diminish and justify women being terrorized. Sorry for sperg.

No. 1254453

Tinfoil but Ashlee is THE most aggro bitch out of that entire bunch and not afraid of letting it be known, I suspect she doesn't want to speak up because she and Shannon were the best of shittalk buddies and Shannon has endless amounts of collateral that could end Ashlee before she ever happened

No. 1254456

This group openly says they hate talking about serious allegations, especially rape.

No. 1254458

File: 1623541035846.png (226.71 KB, 1373x1190, Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 7.07.…)

seeyousoonbutnottoosoon is confirmed to be Shannon.

No. 1254459

Bitter, ugly, low iq losers stick together. I hope people continue to drag Ashlee for being a stupid cunt

No. 1254460

File: 1623541104956.jpeg (600.39 KB, 1518x1242, 9E90140D-0AB0-464F-9F12-712EC0…)

Fuck I’m a retard admin pls delete, right here.

No. 1254462

>Mindless rambling
This is hilariously ironic considering who he's defending.

No. 1254464

read the rules before posting and delete your own posts. this was already confirmed upthread.

No. 1254465

File: 1623541297851.jpeg (122.67 KB, 1125x697, 754614C2-88E7-4DAA-A2CC-04A6C5…)

Has this always been here caption?

No. 1254466

More reason these youtubers should be treated how most normal people treat john swan. Most of these commentary channels are full of shit but want to tell other people how to think and feel about certain people. They can all fuck off.

No. 1254467

Yes, they found it two threads ago

No. 1254474

I'm legitimately confused at the amount of YouTubers trying to defend Shannon or discredit the video. Did she really manipulate that many people? Or did she threaten them? Like wtf?

No. 1254477

They're just edgy. That's literally it. They don't want to have to say that their friend did a shitty thing to a woman, that'd be gay.

No. 1254478

Irrelevant trip down memory lane but it’s wild that we went from actively not mentioning Shannon in the artist salt thread because she obviously loved and milked the attention to her finally getting her own thread to pissing off an admin enough to bring us to where we are now what a beautiful downfall

No. 1254481

File: 1623541825216.jpg (345.98 KB, 1897x524, lolcow creepshow.jpg)

These newfags…

No. 1254482

32% of people have an IQ below 85, so not suprising.

No. 1254485

Did it all to herself. Just couldn't keep her mouth shut and was so self absorbed that it finally lead to her downfall. Sweet poetic justice almost.

No. 1254487

She's saying that her accusations are true because Shannon is deleting posts to try and hide evidence… this guy can't be this retarded.

No. 1254493

File: 1623542071039.png (50.9 KB, 674x514, 0dd7c6e9a89942918b25ef6c199d68…)

not to tinfoil hat but… shannon sock puppet? sounds like her. is defending ashlee, made the account today, follows no one, has no likes or any other tweets.

No. 1254495

Gave it away immediately

No. 1254496

i mean… shannon is the only person who uses "bonkers" unironically so i wouldnt be surprised she's caving and trying to save some face

but please remember to sage unless its actual milk anon

No. 1254497

please tell me this is a troll.

No. 1254501

Making sockpuppet accounts is a decade old habit of hers. We know she never goes off line, what else would she be doing? Making sockpuppets.

No. 1254506

- Don't post screenshots of random accounts in the wild to tinfoil that they're Shannon.
See above.

No. 1254507

Learn to sage and stop tinfoiling. At this rate everyone new posting is Shannon.

Also I'm so sick of people saying "oh they're friends, of course they're quiet." They're commentary drama channels who apparently have no issue dropping certain people and making videos on them when they see it as beneficial. Creepshart did it plenty.

No. 1254511

first commentary channel video post Emily

No. 1254515

What are the chances that these people who are still on Shannon's side are just scared to be exposed because they are also frequent posters on lolcow? Maybe Shannon and some of her friends all have been posting here, were laughing about it together and all said vile shit about others, so now they are scared to be exposed like or even by Shannon if they speak up against her.

No. 1254516

File: 1623542483737.png (133.59 KB, 594x660, Screenshot at Jun 13 02-01-55.…)

No. 1254518

search the thread for 30 seconds before posting a screenshot. the double and triple posts are clogging up the thread.

No. 1254520

I fucking hate petty Paige but at least she's calling them out. I would fucking love to see these cowards say something and call the cow out. Like fuck at least do it for the Adsense

No. 1254523

Glad that Petty Paige is holding her accountable at least… its very true, their silence does speak massive volumes.
I know that AugieRFC and Nicholas De'orio read the LC thread on stream, said the stuff she was saying wasn't necessarily that bad, but that she looked insane talking to herself. Tipster did hold her accountable and made videos covering it. I'm just hoping that with this bombshell drop by Emily that her friends will realize they can't stay silent on this any longer. Its too serious.

No. 1254526

Theres no doubt that these drama channels are probably all entangled and intertwined with a bunch of random dirt and fucked up behavior about themselves and others that would cause them all to tumble down like a Jenga tower if one weak link made a comment on an actual serious situation and had their own hypocracy brought up.

No. 1254538

Yeah I hate this little faggot Augie.
I'm amazed he has a fanbase. He is the quintessential ugly emo edgelord kid everyone bullied in highschool. He likes to play devils advocate a lot (because he thinks its just so fucking edgy to go against popular opinion). His overall viewcount and subcount are trash. People like him having a platform make me lose hope in humanity. Thankfully his opinion doesn't mean much of anything in the scheme of things. I'm hoping at this point larger channels outside of Shannon's reach will be the ones to pick this up - Philip DeFranco for example. A story like this deserves far more traction from far bigger channels. Or coverage from people who actually have fucking backbones.

No. 1254542

yeah I fully agree with this

No. 1254543

I really hope her mutuals like ready to glare make a video. A lot of her followers may be blissfully unaware of all this, but are probably subscribed to the same people and would find out that way. That's when her subscriber count will really plummet

No. 1254551

Yea way too big of a tryhard he seems edgy as fuck. These people literally have half a brain or something. I don't understand why someone would be skeptical when there is that much proof unless you are intentionally trying to ignore it all.

Me too I would LOVE to see a video from R2G I would pay for that shit.

No. 1254553


rtg isn't going to make a video, she's a puss

No. 1254558

This is a great place for gossip. This and Kiwi farms are all mined for content by these lazy fucks. Farmers and Kiwis may be autistic, but sometimes it gets some decent findings. Of course you have to take out Kiwi's obvious scrote posting and lolcows trans hate and make it SWJ and INSTANT youtube drama channel. I never listened to Creepshowart except for the LJ thread (she probably linked me to her video herself). She was obnoxious but Laur's hate boner for her was amusing at the time. Then Creepshow released a video about KT (Game Grumps Stalker) and pretended like she and her friend "discovered" KT all on their own. All the screenshots and commentary were stolen from here. At that point I knew she was a Farmer and was 100% sure Admins would eventually out her posts. She was a Spergchan waiting to happen.

Anons upthread said Shannon could offer up her husband as a sacrifice to regain some forgiveness and empathy within her community. Ironic she lost her "career" because she wanted to be a Farmer and interact with this site, but did the most unforgivable thing you can do to most anons here, terrorize a woman because she kowtows to a rapist scote.

No. 1254561

Looks like Shannon has plenty of simps to fall back on after the divorce

No. 1254570

This people have 0 attention span. It is clear that telling the whole story and background information is very important, because it took years to piece together this shitshow. How they can make videos about drama if they are not able to follow simple story told with receipts and thought process step by step? Drama community is pathetic and self-serving. Nobody should take anything what they say seriously in the future, because they are 1) too stupid to report on anything with credibility or 2) two-faced snakes

No. 1254575

what appals me the most is the fact that ashlee was fucked around with by dahvie. her lack of empathy to emily, a fucking rape and abuse survivor, just speaks to me in so many trashy ways. apparently throw at her a 'you can do it, ur so brave' and she'll fucking love you. ugh. spineless, hopeless, and absolutely brainless, just like the good majority of the commentary genre.

No. 1254578

There’s probably a lot of truth to that.

No. 1254587

File: 1623548657018.jpg (920.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210612-104308_Ins…)

TehMimi posted this morning that she would make a video next week. I assume it will be the same tune of fake shock and emotions but as far as I know, they were fairly close for YouTube friendships.

No. 1254617

File: 1623551578154.jpeg (713.08 KB, 1242x1603, CC34F1D1-1AC0-4249-B4CE-4EAD66…)


No. 1254622

i hope she'll have the decency to cover the fact that shitshow and her onion of a husband had harrassed emily after the inevitable 'boo-hoo, creepshow hurt my feewings'.

No. 1254623

Can we please just give this desperado her own thread and stop shitting up this one with her desperate attempts to be both the most affected but also retcon herself into a wise old hag. She's fucking annoying and retarded enough to have her own thread (which she would probably love but whatever)

No. 1254626

Augie is a dumb cunt but that's not his account. I clicked on the twitch link and its not him.

No. 1254628

???? That is Nicholas DeOrio

No. 1254631

seconded, there's definitely lots of milk to be found about ashlee if anyone wants to put in the effort to dig it up

No. 1254637

Yes. I meant this one isn't Augie

No. 1254642

Holly is right about the discord. Shannon was definitely in a discord with Racist Uncle, one of Holly's biggest trolls and possibly stalker. All of the discord leaks in the Racist Uncle thread were posted by Shannon. Which before everything else came out, my first thought was Shannon being in that discord really proved how much of a shit stirrer she must be. Because unlike her other targets she was churning out videos about, except of course Emily, most of her fucking with Holly seemed behind the scenes.

No. 1254644

Learn to sage.

No. 1254646

1. Sage your shit. 2. Yes, that’s Augie. It’s his second Twitter account. It’s linked on his main account.

No. 1254651

I wonder if she was in there as herself or under an alias? Someone who's in these servers has to be lurking here, don't be shy

No. 1254652

Loving the performative AAVE here by this long-faced goon, cheers also to the use of "literally." What a collection of people in this thread.

No. 1254657

Found this picture of Shannon after much digging. This is probably her face while watching Emily's video kek

No. 1254658

… where did she use AAVE? i feel fucking retarded because i dont see it.

No. 1254659

File: 1623554024744.png (1.27 MB, 850x1130, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 10.1…)

No. 1254664

She's so sexy oooh yeah who wouldn't wanna harass a hotter woman with her damn girrrrl

No. 1254665

File: 1623554499877.png (2.73 MB, 2614x1718, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 8.53…)

Also found this picture too from her mom's Facebook. Something to note btw… I scrolled through her mom's entire FB and not once does she ever mention having a son. Just mentions Shannon and her other daughter.

Doesn't Shannon occasionally bring up that her brother died? Because I can see absolutely no evidence that she ever had a brother. All her mom posts about is pro-life stuff and I would imagine losing a son is something she'd mention at some point. Also no mention of her daughter getting married. Wonder how deep the lies go.

No. 1254666

Since when did we know anything about her parents or have access to their facebook? Shannon herself leaked her sister's twitter that was privated, but I don't recall anything about this.

No. 1254667


obvious self posting

No. 1254668

File: 1623554833051.jpeg (174.28 KB, 1318x351, 9CA097FE-A475-4BD6-A026-58D33F…)

>implying Emily isn’t the main victim in all of this

Are drama commentators normally this… sensitive? Is it because he’s a male that he can’t understand that a mean comment online doesn’t compare to what Emily went through?
I know he’s defending Emily more than some of CSA’s friends, but I can’t imagine calling someone a victim all because they were shit talked by their friend. These people need to grow up.

No. 1254669


Found it on my own. Not trying to dox her family but I also know her father's name, Facebook, and business.

No. 1254670

I'm estimating Shannon's gonna nuke her Youtube within a few days. I'd be shocked if she keeps it up either that or she really is that fucking lazy to not hit 'delete my channel'

No. 1254671

Lurk more, the first thread had these photos already plus her entire Linkedin. This isn't news. But I made the same observation as >>1254665, they make posts whenever one of them comes to visit and had images for every milestone like graduation, birthdays etc but there's no mention of a brother or Shannon's wedding?

No. 1254672

As if a scrote we hang on lolcow everyday for years to sperg about art yootoobers and read gossip, Sideshow has used information directly from here in several of her videos confirming its her, nice try though

No. 1254673

More photos from her sister's FB page too

No. 1254675

Bet she's going to vanish for a long while, change her name/delete vids before coming back as someone new and start over again. She's too dependent on the attention not to.

No. 1254676

Shes literally spergchan 2.0, even Kiki didnt directly harass Taylor and meddle with her personal life. This bitch is psychotic.

No. 1254677

she wont because of money

No. 1254678

File: 1623555206027.png (3.38 MB, 1284x1700, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 10.3…)


No. 1254679

Ask and ye shall receive, ladies. I’m putting a thread together as we speak.

No. 1254680

Don’t make her family suffer for bad choices she made

No. 1254684

Thank you for figuring out how to sage but could you please work on learning how to reply to the right post next ty

No. 1254685

>Is it because he’s a male
that's usually the issue, yes. just take a look at the retarded drama moids posted above. they prob think Shannon's personality-disordered freak of a husband is based and poetic

No. 1254686

I don't know about the long while bit. She's chronically addicted and obviously mental, so I don't think it's actually possible for her to do anything other than a short break.

Bless you.

No. 1254687

obviously emily is the main victim, but her "friends" were also lied and manipulated by her, much more than just one comment. it's also very shocking and disturbing to learn someone you trusted is this horrible and if they aren't completely jaded or evil, shake them up.

No. 1254689

Shannon deserves to be bullied, her bitch of a husband too. I thought Emily's claims were going to be a tad exaggerated, I was damn wrong.

No. 1254690


She did have a brother for sure - before her IG got shut down she posted a picture of her brother's headstone, blurred out the last name but obviously it was Campbell, so I looked it up. He died in a motorcycle crash in San Diego in 2013.

No. 1254691

Knowing that cs is probably still lurking here anon definitely gave them their get out of jail card in a lot of her audiences' eyes

No. 1254698

this. pointing out that Shannon had other victims and that people are either drunking on or targetting them doesn't take away from what Emily had to go through. There is not a finite amount of victims a toxic, manipulative person can have.

and we only know what Shannon has said on lolcow. On lolcow, sure they were just mean comments but who knows what else Shannon has said or done behind the scenes in emails or dms. i know y'all wanna shit on moids but don't do it at the price of downplaying the other shit that Shannon has probably done jfc cause you only know what she said on lolcow. if she treated one person like this she probably treated others the same way.

No. 1254702

File: 1623556709903.png (533.15 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20210612-214328.png)

This cunt is trying to cover her ass. Down six videos from earlier today

No. 1254704

Does anyone know what videos were deleted? Her doing that kinda shit is really incriminating herself.

No. 1254706

File: 1623556869344.png (273.17 KB, 640x358, 0281C797-BD7C-41A9-A067-F401B2…)

You’re kidding, right? You’re not a victim if the worst thing your friend did was anonymously shit talk you. They all had a shit friend but anyone who thinks they’re a “victim of Shannon” because of it needs to grow the fuck up.

This isn’t mean girls. Emily was stalked by a decade and Shannon married her rapist. Please do tell me how her friends are victims too all because it’s oh so shocking that a shit talker shit talked them.

No. 1254707

yeah, for some reason people fail to grasp that just bc shannon was possibly 'manipulated' to do this doesnt mean she's excused for harassing someone with shit thats striaght up illegal like child p*rn. jesus, this is exactly like the whole onision thing with kai, except shannon was WAY MORE willing to harass someone in the beginning.

and lets forget for a second all the emily stuff. shannon is a terrible friend. she literally shit talked her online mutuals/friends and tried to doxx several creators, not to mention she's a bitch to her sister and was more than willing to put her in an unsafe position. she, inherently, is a terrible person WITHOUT the emily allegations. holy shit, its not that hard twitter fags, jesus.

No. 1254709

samefag, was referring to this post

No. 1254711

the only news i could find about a fatal motorcycle crash of a campbell in 2013 san diego was about a military man who was survived by his wife, no mentions of other family. are you sure anon?

No. 1254712


I looked up the article you're referring to, and the dude in that article is listed by Shannon's mom as her nephew. I'm speculating here, but I think Shannon's trying to pass off her cousin dying as her brother dying instead, which is pretty shitty.

No. 1254713

yes, yes, yes! it seems everyone forgets what a victim is, so here's a direct copy-paste from the Oxford dictionary: a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

and the other one related to this topic: a person who is tricked or duped.

and here is what abuse means since its more related to this topic: Definition. 1) Abuse, generally: physically, sexually, or mentally injuring a person. 2) Child abuse: physically, sexually, or mentally injuring a child either with intent or through neglect. 3) Substance abuse: excessively using or misusing a legal or illegal substance.

There isnt a single word that even hints that being trash-talked makes you victim. this may seem like retarded tinfoiling, but i know a bunch of idiots out there like twitter fuckers and newfags need a proper refresher of what is abuse and what exactly a victim is.

No. 1254714


Yeah, that was definitely him. The DOB/age and date of death and name lined up exactly as the headstone Shannon photographed and said was her brother. Unless she is lying about their relationship, which is possible, but that's what she claimed.

No. 1254715

Wow just when I thought this bitch couldn't possibly get any worse. She is insufferable.

No. 1254716

the fact that in Shannon's "I was stalked for 8+ years" video she knew a guy went through "Amy's" window. So Shannon knew her boyfriend raped her. How mentally unhinged do you have to be to date a guy like that. And then be mad at the girl and harass her more?
Like wha? Is this Anthony guy the only man in Shannon's life to give her attention? Desperate thumb lookin bitch.

No. 1254717

I’ve never posted here. I just wanted to give more support to the theory of Shannon having NPD. I’m a mental health clinician who works primarily with people in inpatient and forensic settings, a good majority of which have cluster b personality on the severe end. I think Shannon definitely has NPD, and after everything has come out now, I’d even say potentially some antisocial or even sadistic personality features as well. Even listening to her speak gives me the icky feeling I get when I’m working with someone with a very difficult personality.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254719

if you're a real mental health clinician you know diagnosing someone you don't know or haven't met over the internet is a no-no. bitch obviously has a personality disorder, we didn't need a professional opinion to see that.

No. 1254720

No shit, didn't she also make a video saying she was diagnosed? This isn't milk so lurk moar and learn to sage.

No. 1254721

wow thanks doctor any more helpful insight for us dumbfucks lmao shut up

No. 1254723

Literally no one said if that was the worst they had done to you. the point was that we literally only know what Shannon has done on lolcow and to Emily but who knows what else has gone on behind the scenes that we don't know about.

Hopeless peaches pretty much said that shannon manipulated and gaslight her during their emails so unless you have to literally be stalked and have shannon marry your rapist to be considered a victim of Shannon's toxicity and manipulativeness (which would then mean that if Shannon gaslight, emotionally abused or manipulated someone anyone it doesn't count as part of Shannon being a borderline abuser) then it is entirely possible Shannon has done more manipulative and toxic shit that wasn't seen on the farms.

tldr: It's entirely possible shannon has been manipulative and toxic to her friends beyond just being a two faced bitch which could make them victims alongside Emily. Christ acknowleding that Shannon has probably done bad shit to other people beside Emily doesn't take away from what Shannon did to Emily. It just further proves Shannon is a fucking psycho.(Integrate )

No. 1254724

Have you seen her? Shannon's a cow. Probably wanted validation in whatever way she could get it.

No. 1254725

What the other anon said, if you were really a mental health clinician, you wouldn't diagnose a rando you've never spoken to through a screen, fuck off.

No. 1254728


So the one thing I noticed about her behavior that I'm very curious about is the self-deprecating patterns. I did some research myself and found that most narcissists will not engage in self-deprecating behavior unless they know it will illicit them praise.. would this make Shannon a special kind of narcissist? Shannon has routinely admitted to being a bad person, a bitch, a liar, a bad friend.. what percentage of narcissists actually do this?(Armchair )

No. 1254729

fuck off back to twitter

No. 1254730

Stop talking to yourself, it's sad. We already know she had NPD based on her own video discussing it.

No. 1254731

samefag ofc forgets to sage
what a clusterfuck

No. 1254732

> I did some research myself

Wikipedia isn’t research. Stop being an armchair psychologist and sage your shit.

No. 1254733

yessss this is what I wanted the most.

Which video, the "I'm a narcissist" one?? Listen anon, a lot of pathetic bitches love to claim they are narcissists because they think that word just means 'very vain'. It doesn't. And Narcissistic Personality Disorder is not the same as a normal Narcissist, a normal narc is a person incapable of caring about anyone but themselves and their interests. NPD is an incredibly insecure person that masks their insecurities with fake narc behavior. I honestly don't think Shannon is either of them, and definitely not if she is self-diagnosed because she doesn't even know the meaning of these terms. She's a normal insecure girl who gets drunk on power occasionally and thinks that makes her a narc. Also therapist-chan, once again fuck off.

No. 1254735

Whatever they were, they can be found here. >>1252344

No. 1254736

>listening to her speak gives me the icky feeling
lmao why does therapist-chan over here sound like kati morton. what a horrible way to talk about patients who are struggling and come to you. fuck off forever.

No. 1254737

fuck off katie morton.

No. 1254738

i agree with both anons. if ur a genuine therapist and thats how u regard ur clients, ur a scumbag. and shannon is also a scumbag, with or without a mental illness. now can we stop with this dramatic psychoanalyzing session? we dont need twitter fags posting shit like 'omg shannons a narcissist!!!'

No. 1254739

That's fair. She is a highly unreliable narrator.

No. 1254740

This sounds like someone who took one semester of psychology and now thinks they’re qualified to diagnose everyone they interact with.

No. 1254744

Do oggierfc and nick eatsoreos think theyre doing anything other than make themselves look like total jackoffs in the sinking ship w shannon and her sick elf boy? Why in the ever loving fuck would they even get near this circus freakshow? Especially that augie high blood pressure noodleass, he went from kissing john swans ass, to keems ass, to frickin james charles ass, now shannons ass. You idiots are never going to cover anything noteworthy because listening to you talk is worse than torture. Delete your social media presence.

There is no coming back for shannon. Her and her pseudo intellectual lesbian boyfriend can go eat a cock. At least these morons martyred themselves for nothing.

The hilarious shit is, when i first heard about csa and she talked about her husband, (when she had the benefit of the doubt being a stranger gives her) i pictured her husband just being a fat, sad normal guy who went along with her dumb opinions and watched sports. This is another level of degeneracy, this is some inbred shit.

Its so obvious how envious all of these idiots are of emily.. like even those 2 do-nothing e-frat bros cant watch her whole video because theyre still wallowing in the kind of shit she climbed out of. What kind of commentary channel switches off mid video and whines like a little bitch on twitter? As if your halfassed opinion is worth anything.

Pardon the bullshit, but i cant imagine how much of an apathetic dead husk you have to be to watch emilys vid and come up with what these absolute clowns are posting. Keep showing your ass.

No. 1254745

Lol I’m an actual doctor and no professional describes patients that way. Go back to reading wikipedia.(No1curr)

No. 1254746

couldn't get past the first sentence of your post, you sound fucking insufferable. shut up.

No. 1254748

Just like how that augie loser couldnt get past the 1st second of emilys video. Im starting to think the previous posts about those two idiots being involved posting here isnt farfetched but thats just my insufferable tinfoil.

No. 1254749

holy shit, I never connected that. That gives more weight to the idea that she could have been a victim at some point but then evolved into a more terrible person on her own

No. 1254754


Lol ya'll assume too much. I dare a mod to check my IP to see if I'm "talking to myself". I'm not so sure is Shannon is a narcissist, not just due to "research", but due to my own experiences with a narcissist mother - which is why I question her self deprecating behavior. If she has a video referring to herself as a narcissist, this should be of interest to people since most narcs would never admit to being a narc, even if they know they are one.

This thread is constantly diagnosing Shannon and others, so I have the right to do the same ya dingus. She's a pathological liar and very manipulative, but not necessarily a narc. We live in an era where education is predominately online and it's intellectually dishonest of you to be one of those losers that suggest all people do for research is wikipedia. Dr Todd Grande has a lot of material on narcs. Edumacate urself.(>mod check my IP)

No. 1254755

uggo you look pathetic caping for shamu like this

No. 1254756

They hate women. They just hate Emily more than Shannon because she was raped.

No. 1254757

anyone else noticed how Britta Filter used the phrase "human person" in the first message she sent to Emily? How can people still be doubting when Shannon can't hide her dumbass speech patterns for like 3 seconds to save her life

No. 1254759

When exactly was it a secret that Shannon is a bitch. If anything her ”friends” were enablers, not victims.

No. 1254761

File: 1623562176787.jpg (1.92 MB, 1447x4106, bobby.jpg)

Evidence Shannon's dead brother is actually her cousin and she's just exaggerating shit for extra sympathy points.

No. 1254762

thanks for the screenshots anon! anyway, im not surprised she'd do that. she literally scripted her entire stalker saga. its impressive how far shannons willing to go just to seem… cool? whats even her entire motive with all this? to earn the affections of a fucking rapist? disgusting.

No. 1254763

Wow what a fucking loser. The bar was certainly low for her wasn’t it?

No. 1254764

holy shit using a passed on relative for internet clout is so fucked up but I don't think anyone here is surprised

No. 1254765

It's willful ignorance. Nobody wants to admit they're wrong or they've been manipulated because they think they'll look dumb, at least when it can't be used to put together a narrative of being a victim.

No. 1254766

God that's gross as shit. I bet her family wants nothing to do with her, and honestly I wouldn't blame them.

No. 1254771

File: 1623563316394.jpg (37.84 KB, 417x240, yiu.jpg)

yeah, someone on twitter even found screencaps of where she said it.

No. 1254775

File: 1623563531089.jpg (54.57 KB, 345x492, ed9f288e8c09b07298cb9557d890e7…)

let me know where the hambeasts nudes leak or something, I need to see what the roastie is packing and give myself a challenge fap(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254777

She must be aware that he'll do the same to her too. Well, now that everything is in the open, she could use this opportunity to leave him.

No. 1254778

This is so retarded. Maybe her brother and cousin have the same name. It can't be can it everything has to be a fucking drama drama in here isn't it?

No. 1254779

> its impressive how far shannons willing to go just to seem… cool?
Dude what you just said here is EERIE because in her stalker video she claims that lying to appear cool was what started her beef with "Amy". It's interesting because Shannon may have been admitting that is a genuine bad habit of hers that has gotten her into some shit.

No. 1254781

Sure Einstein, and her brother and cousin who have the same name both died in identical manners. Grow a brain

No. 1254783

what an edge lord. drama is the point of this thread and what are the chances that both her cousin and brother died and had the same name

No. 1254784


Are you for real right now?

No. 1254786

Can we please not give views to this creep? He was defending Cuties and said that the little girls in the movie are hot.

No. 1254788

File: 1623563964446.jpg (21.66 KB, 265x393, 0b8ed4ae389a0a2748a566d964e458…)

that's so antishemitic anon-kun~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1254789

File: 1623564042530.jpeg (95.65 KB, 1021x768, 9DCB2F68-67BA-4676-97B9-3C5530…)

Fuck off, scrote. There’s no sympathy for a pedo. He deserves to have his addressed blasted online if he acts the way he does.

No. 1254790

so what do we think of emilyartful video its fucking loooong

No. 1254791

Dumb bait, just drop it already. You’re not certified for shit, and your 5 min long “research” isn’t impressing anyone

No. 1254792

you sound like a parody of an idiot.

No. 1254794

What the fuck is her family if they all die in motorbike crashes? Motorbike gang?

No. 1254795

you could always….look at the thread. r u mentally molested?

No. 1254796

File: 1623564323141.png (92.13 KB, 820x562, Screenshot 2021-06-13 2.04.51 …)

Not milky, but people have been begging iNabber to do a video on this topic. Hopefully if he makes a vid, it'll bring attention to other bigger creators. God knows the milk that will bring.

No. 1254799

File: 1623564926960.jpg (533.24 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20210613-091119_Twi…)

These edgelords mocking Emily is annoying me so much. Is her being raped and stalked a joke to you?

No. 1254800

I looked and looked and didn't see anyone else say this - Emily has two IPs, she should give the IPs to the admins here to confirm the info without releasing it to the public. Everybody with a brain already knows its true, but why not if she has the evidence.

No. 1254801

"I looked up to her" lmao how do you look up to her content? She doesn't even draw her own art.

No. 1254802

I had never heard Emily's ex/Shannon's husband talking but when Emily showed those clips of him talking, I recognized Shannon's speech pattern immediately. She seems to be one of those women who have no personality of their own and they think they don't need one because getting a man is more important, so when they get into a relationship they just absorb their boyfriend's identity.

No. 1254804

it's only like 2, both males, both trying to make a name for themselves as edgelord commentators. ignore them, they're chimping for reactions.

No. 1254805

there hasnt been a lot of conversation about the actual video- esp about her husbands role in all this(namefag)

No. 1254806

these scrotes just go to show how insidious the whole pick me girl attitude can be. bit of tinfoiling but i wouldnt be remotely surprised if shannon intentionally manipulated them with that stupid shit to rally behind her if this shit came to light since they have a history of being braindead. have they not stopped for a second to consider that maybe the reason emily hasnt dropped concrete proof is because she needs it for legal reasons? its so obvious.

No. 1254811

Scrotes are gross af. Who even makes fun of someone for something like that? Girl was raped and abused and then stalked for 10 years ffs.

No. 1254813

What concrete proof tho? Do people really expect a hidden camera video footage of her typing hate at Emily on her computer? Of course due to the nature of the fuckery she was doing and obviously not wanting to get caught she would have actively tried to not have any of this lead back to her. Emily did the best she could to piece together what little evidence there WAS to be found at all. Luckily Shannon is fucking stupid and left plenty of it despite the anonymity.

No. 1254816

File: 1623566254561.jpg (496 KB, 1080x1018, 20210613_023151.jpg)

This.. they literally fell for the "my little idiot 12 yr old did it" and cant seem to recover from that. How is it emilys fault youre stupid? For a couple of scrotes they really like being catty and laying on the relational aggression.

No. 1254817

Moids will be moids. These two are particularly worthless. Yes, women being raped is a joke to them. Because they have more in common with the assailant than the victim.

No. 1254818

The whole "Britta" part was so cringe, it showed how terminally online Shannon is when she wrote all that. As if someone would type like that in that situation.

No. 1254820

File: 1623566631062.jpg (93.66 KB, 420x909, 20210612_233605.jpg)

She'll more likely continue to unlist more of her videos overtime until they're all gone, seeing her view history dropping every few days.

No. 1254826

that part sounded like she just wanted to let out repressed guilt and give a confession by proxy. the "15 year old brother" was obviously Andrew. Shannon must know this was all mental somewhere in her brain. It's not uncommon for people who are in situations where they know they are doing something wrong to try to covertly tip off the victim out of guilt. The fact that she made it a 15 year old boy was probably so Emily wouldn't dig at them so hard if she thought it was a minor.

No. 1254828


Nick thinks maybe if he does this Shannon will leave her husband for his greasy ass.

No. 1254832

File: 1623568918170.jpeg (318.09 KB, 828x980, 0B1511F5-9E1F-42BC-AF0D-1A45A8…)

Sucking up to Emily immediately after tweeting and deleting

We all saw it Ashlee >>1254291

No. 1254835

Here comes that prediction of Andrew being thrown under the bus to save Shannon’s ass

No. 1254836

File: 1623569274804.gif (1.06 MB, 244x272, 1562454484212.gif)

If I was Emily I would've told her to shove that up her ass, she went from "Yeah that doesn't add up ur evidence is subpar!!!" to "Omg bestie ur so right it hit me likw a brick wall"

No. 1254839

I highly fucking doubt Anthony and Shannon share the same phone. Sharing a phone requires trust, and with how toxic this couple is with their constant shit talking of others… they are both probably hiding secrets from each other that would be revealed by sharing one phone.

It's just a lame excuse for Shannon to say that it was really Anthony's fault for all the harassment.

No. 1254842

Sharing a phone can also be the result of a toxic and codependent relationship. Shannon has no friends or rl relationships outside of her husband. It would also mean that Shannon was completely aware of and active in Anthony’s stalking and harassment. I believe it and it doesn’t work in her favor.

No. 1254843

No. 1254844

I can expect Shannon to share her shit with her husband but not the other way around

No. 1254847

Never did like creepshart. Her art was shit and she tried too hard to be this quirky edgy uwu woman acting like she's a teenager and not a fucking 30 year old. Always thought she was as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. She's a fucking cunt(no1curr)

No. 1254849

I don't disagree but I think it's like Onion and Lainey's dumpsterfire of a relationship where he has to have access to her phone and social media

No. 1254850

True. However I can't imagine Shannon getting off the fuckin Internet for one second in order to let Anthony use his phone for a bit. If it's true, she probably scrolls through his accounts while taking a rage-filled shit.

No. 1254852

File: 1623571327976.png (104.68 KB, 1190x372, Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 2.52…)

Ready to Glare liked this comment. Ngl, I'm looking forward to seeing what her whole take on the situation is in a video. Obviously she isn't gonna give Shannon a pass.

No. 1254855

you can say porn

No. 1254858


She'll probs just bitch about how totes mean Shannon was to her and that it made her cry and she had to have her husband buy her another $150 weighted stuffed animal.

No. 1254860

same. i remember when everyone on lolcow liked her because she made the most damaging videos on Lillee Jean. pretty sure you may even get attacked for saying you don't like her back in that climate.

No. 1254868

I mean, we can hope. But unfortunately these two did hang out in real life, so their friendship goes a bit deeper than these other surface-level online relationships between creators. So if RtG actually does call her out on all of this outlandish bullshit, I would honestly be surprised. I feel more so it will be a video where she attempts to be as unbiased as possible, covering both sides of the situation; Slightly leaning towards defending Emily but not enough to permanently end her friendship with Shannon.
But who knows - hopefully she'll surprise me.

No. 1254869

I think thats what Ashlee’s attempt was so I think RTG might actually make an effort and condemn Shannon after she saw Ashlee’s tantrum after a few people called her out

No. 1254871

as long as the video has a negative tone, it will equal mass un-subscribes for Shannon. that's all RtG's video will be useful for

No. 1254877

A bit OT but I'm baffled how fast this Kat person builds and destroys bridges. How can any youtuber trust a journo, I don't get it. Why did creepshow and def noodles promote this chick's articles and not expect to be backstabbed themselves at the first occasion?

No. 1254892

File: 1623575137680.png (153.75 KB, 1932x264, Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 5.03…)

So did anyone notice Creepshart mentioned Emily 19 times in her lolcow posts? This one in particular even directly references Emily's screenshots of her asking CPA about her sketchbook storytime idea.

No. 1254893

File: 1623575234993.png (225.82 KB, 2278x354, Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 5.07…)

and another one

No. 1254908

Ok but if Shannon has compromising pictures of Emily as a minor isn't that a felony? Send this b to jail yo

No. 1254911

so many faggots shitting up this thread jesus christ. sage your stupid posts.

No. 1254913

Makes me want to alog so much. Scrotes really are the worst.

No. 1254928

You must be an American. I forgot that pedophilia flies in the US. Felony in the rest of the world x

No. 1254933

sage and will bite my infighting ban but what a retarded cope. the age of consent is higher in the US than most countries by far. we take pedophilia more seriously than the vast majority of the developed world

No. 1254936

kys newfag britbong inbred x

No. 1254937

Would it be useful for Emily Artful to share the IPs she has with lolcow's admin? Maybe that could tie Shannon and Anthony in a more concrete manner that they have been her stalkers all along.

No. 1254939

Ah yes, I think the ooga booga is trying to speak: US and Britain, the only two countries in the world

No. 1254942

Probably. But would the site admins even do that? Seems like a risk on their part since Emiley isn't exactly law enforcement.

No. 1254944

Didn't LC's admin compare IP addresses with PULL at one point to unmask Kiki Kannibal?

No. 1254949

File: 1623579784250.jpg (182.46 KB, 894x900, shammy.jpg)

getting tired of the skinny shannon drawing on everyones thumbnail, this is more accurate

No. 1254952

Oh, I forgot about that! Fuck if that's the case than Shannon is so fucked. Hopefully Emily reaches out to further confirm.
Kek. Now THAT is art.

No. 1254956


No. 1254960

Now that is accurate kek. She always draws herself to be much skinnier and prettier than she actually is.

No. 1254963

Funniest thing is she didn't draw that and also all the other similar pics she posted were done by her fans, which you can see in the way that they are actually drawn with some amount of talent

No. 1254965

File: 1623581220472.png (573.13 KB, 688x608, 1605850292597.png)

For the record, this is how our professional artist draws herself. No wonder she got someone else to draw her profile pic.

No. 1254966

lmao. As shit as it is, at least it's a little more accurate weight wise. The shading in her neck almost seems like a double chin.

No. 1254970

File: 1623582026650.png (24.2 KB, 897x128, the other woman.PNG)

from the narcissist video
>when you get into a relationship with someone who has cheated on their previous partner to be with you, no matter how much you say you trust them you are always going to be worried about them cheating on you
Found this interesting because Emily thinks there was something going on between those two while she was dating Anthony.

No. 1254978

File: 1623582590177.jpg (2.27 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-13-02.09.09.jpg)

What do you think the reason for Anthony's grudge is? It doesn't seem like she did anything that would hurt his ego or whatever. Picrel from the texts Emily shared on twitter. She says this is after they broke up and she is actively using.

No. 1254980

File: 1623582792181.jpg (95.68 KB, 554x1200, 20210613_104631.jpg)

Also from Emily's twitter thread, this is him talking similarly to the snapchats she showed.

No. 1254983

the newfaggotry of this one is making me laugh, "Bunny"

No. 1254984

how are you gonna remember to sage but namefag

No. 1254988

delete everything you posted. its still within 30 minutes. and for fucks sake dont post if you dont know how to read fucking rules, retard

No. 1254993

NTA, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she was a sex worker. It seems like there's overlap between the end of their relationship and her being forced into sex work by the unnamed guy she mentioned a few times, and I doubt Anthony took that well. He clearly doesn't respect Emily as a human being, and someone upthread made a good point about him seeing her solely as a sexual object and not a person anymore, so that kind of points to the sex work being the cause of his irrational hatred. If possible, this would make everything even more horrible, because Anthony and Shannon relentlessly attacked an already victimized girl over something that happened against her will. He could also just be a piece of shit who hates women - he does seem like a massive edgelord, after all.

No. 1254996

Honestly typical incel man behavior. "No one else can have you but me" and "You've done things with others so now you're a cheap used whore." Shit like that.

No. 1255005

I was mod of one of the server some of the screenshots come from. I honnestly cannot tell you who CSA was or which account she used. We used to filter people coming in by asking them to post their work. Maybe she used someone else's art to enter. We locked the server for a while because the invite link got posted on the RU thread.
I am no longer a member of the server, RU left too. I never understood all the drama but we let it all slide because the server was a branch of 4chan /ic/ community. I have now seen the light. Fuck RU, fuck CSA. Saged for no milk.

No. 1255008

Don't know but I do know that people can get REAL weird about break ups and still do weird crap to the ex even years later and even if they only dated for a small amount of time.

I doubt there was any one thing that created Anthony's 'grudge' I think he's just become completely fixated on her for whatever reasons. Obsession is a hell of a drug.

No. 1255020

idk if there needs to be a specific reason some men are just fucked up and will go after their exes (all the guys who say my exes are all crazy and shit) from what Emily said he was always an edgelord

No. 1255027

File: 1623589032688.png (1.3 MB, 1713x1654, IMG_20210613_145604.png)

So this reddit account posted under a thread in CSA's subreddit:

It has made several comments defending Shannon and is active in pro Onision subreddits. The language used in posts sounds a lot like CSA's husband's incoherent edgy ramblings and there are several posts asking for CSA to notice them and proclaiming their love for her.

I'll post more but here you can see the comment the account left, account and these latest posts that sound like Anthony.

No. 1255032

File: 1623589272480.jpg (491.99 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20210613_144626_com…)

The account posts in Onision's subreddit often

No. 1255035

>inb4 it turns out to be fat fuck incel deorio

No. 1255037

I’m not going to tinfoil here because i dont know if its him or some weird stan trying to karma whore but regardless those posts are fucking terrifying and if it is him, as much as I hate Shannon and the vapid cunt she is, i do worry for her safety if he’s like how Emily said he was.

No. 1255039

File: 1623589725809.jpg (224.71 KB, 1050x1597, IMG_20210613_150618.jpg)

Here are account's posts about CSA. Sorry that it looks wonky, I didn't want to waste too much space in this thread.
I highly doubt that this isn't Shannon or Anthony. At first I thought it could be Onision's sock puppet bc there's a lot of posts saying how he (this account) wants to fuck Onision. But Shannon's far too old for him to be interested in her.(speculation)

No. 1255049

File: 1623590694371.png (34.75 KB, 633x337, spastic.png)

>She may be spastic and retarded sometimes, but that doesn't mean she deserves this.
Spastic looks like it was one of her go-to insults about herself when she was posting on here and wanted to make it less obvious it was her by throwing in a nasty word or two. Pic related. This confirms it for me that this is Anthony's account or it's one they share. Also makes me wonder if, if it really is just Anthony's account, those "spastic" posts on here were his. Good find, anon.

No. 1255050

>Irrelevant trip down memory lane but it’s wild that we went from actively not mentioning Shannon in the artist salt thread because she obviously loved and milked the attention to her finally getting her own thread to pissing off an admin enough to bring us to where we are now what a beautiful downfall

It really went from 0 to 100 with this girl, all her nasty behavior being outed and all thanks to lolcow. This imageboard truly being a force for good this week.

No. 1255052

This is like a moment of Shannon's guilt coming through, and she's actually talking about her boyfriends obsessive Emily collection.

No. 1255055

Imagine posting a video by this guy-same guy who tried to say chris watts was not responsible for killing his wife and kids because mentally he was a child and in fact it was the mistresses fault. You're as much of a brainlet as "dr" grande there so congrats on showing us how much of a dumbfuck you are anon.

No. 1255057

More evidence all those deranged all caps Barbie accounts are his

No. 1255058

That is literally her "subtly" warning Emily that they have bunch of stuff on her, she even goes on to list what stuff specifically. Doesn't sound like guilt, more like blackmail to me. Like I'm going to leave you alone but if you want to talk about this publicly remember that we have all this stuff that can ruin your image.

No. 1255059

I mean, nicholas defended callmecarson and underage nudes so its no surpise hes shitty.

No. 1255061

File: 1623592204645.jpeg (442.96 KB, 1170x1060, 09D7177B-2E72-4D0F-A468-85DF53…)

From Emily’s Twitter. I hope something comes of this.

No. 1255062

We're not starting with the retarded tinfoil that Anthony was here shitposting about Shannon's friends. The post in your screenshot specifically- you think her husband made the fake screenshot of her DMing a random fan about lolcow? Get the fuck out, she's been with him for 10 years, of course they're gonna use some of the same terms. This level of tinfoil is shameful and smoothbrained.

No. 1255066

It got me thinking, if this really is Shannon's husband, it's kind of natural that he'd be into Onision. Misogynist, violent, fantasises about school shooting, rapist, obsessed with his ex, loves joker (lmao)…
Tinfoil but maybe Shannon told everyone her husband isn't into yt/drama so people wouldn't find out he's obsessed with Onision. Or he's just an edgelord who thinks his trolling is funny.

No. 1255067

LMAO oh my god may this udder never run dry.

No. 1255070

If this is Shannon, she really should troon out and become MRA incel.

No. 1255071

Please don't use f word with the Lord's name(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255072

it's hysterical that there's someone larping as a therapist in this thread trying to discredit csa being a narc by linking the youtube video of a known fraud. dude doesn't have a doctorate, has horrible reviews by normal patients, has been in trouble with the law and board of psychiatry for misrepresentation of credentials, and teaches inaccurate things to people like fake-therapist-chan.

idk why anyone would try to deny that csa has pretty much all the criteria for a diagnosis of npd, especially after emily's video. plus she's also admitted herself that she has a personality disorder and has spoken about npd.

No. 1255073

I wear this tinfoil. Shannon is probably an Onion fan too, or was at some point. All these retards seem to have some sort of fan type association with Gerg.(tinfoiling)

No. 1255075

He is an absolute scumbag misogynistic inbred ham planet, I’m surprised he doesn’t have a thread because the fetid obeast sure as fuck deserves it

No. 1255078

Posting this again because newfags don't read.

- Don't accuse other posters of being Shannon. If you suspect someone, report and move on.
- Don't post screenshots of random accounts in the wild to tinfoil that they're Shannon.

Bans are commencing.

No. 1255082

When Emily described Anthony I got some serious Onision vibes. That would explain a lot of his creep tendencies(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255086

File: 1623593802207.png (44.81 KB, 743x274, qPhZolG.png)

RTG has delayed her video

No. 1255089

This lipless cunt is going to milk the situation for all its worth and make it all about her and how hurt she is uwu. All these dramatubers are actual fucking speds incapable of having functioning relationships. They are the personification of play stupid games, win stupid prizes

No. 1255090

well, you cant really say its 'backstabbing' in shannon's case. its well deserved. if she does hopefully make an article, maybe the big-name drama channels will actually cover this then moan abt the fucking tiktoker vs youtuber fight/h3h3 productions.

No. 1255092

That's the way I understood it, too. I have to wonder if the police will get involved at some point now. The blackmail combined with the proof of harassment and Emily disclosing her rape makes me think - or hope - they can't ignore it now.

No. 1255121

File: 1623597227213.png (76.54 KB, 606x819, NicholoasTwitter.PNG)

>Ignoring the mountain of evidence she put into the video

No. 1255125

What a fucking weasel.

No. 1255126

That's a lot of words to say he can't be bothered to listen to a woman talking.

No. 1255137

yeah hes a a worthless contranarian.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255139

Shannon should be charged for her involvement, including possessing CP(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255140

I know this thread is about CSA but her husband(?) is the most pathetic thing i can ever imagine. An angry, whiny little school shooter joker idolizing rapist who makes terrible, pussified music.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255141

File: 1623598915600.png (160.91 KB, 584x448, nick.png)


100% they're doing for attention/engagement

No. 1255143

Learn to sage please. Just type sage in the email field
But yeah I agree. I know Emily was scared shitless but when he started being poetic with his threats I instantly went "Oh shit he's this kind of incel. The type to think he's smarter than he is." The fact that he blames the rest of the world for his music sucking is funny though. He thinks he's too smart for people to get him. No wonder he was picked on in high school.

No. 1255144

From what I understood, Shannon wasn't in the picture when Anthony got those pics. I have the feeling tho that she only knows about them and somehow they lost access to them (thankfully). From Emily's vid it seems not all of them were from when she was underage. I am sure that if they got any from that batch they could use, they would have leaked it already. They are scummy like that.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255148

I think theyre both equally worthless, kind of like a barbie and ken murderers in the making, who seriously stay witha a man thats totally okay with raping an ex while zonked out on drugs? what woman has so little self respect that they'll not only tolerate but actively engage in the systematic harassment of said ex for upwards a decade? if anything I think if shannon didn't got outed sooner, and emily was emboldened to come out with the harassment, probably end up in jail for some shit regarding emily.

No. 1255149

Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. How is she people's 'Comfort streamer'??(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255151

Holy cow! You right. She is one Karla Homolka in the making(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255157

Agreed. The people who compiled all of this evidence and the admin who did all the work getting together the posts made under her IP are truly heroes. Just thinking that Emily would never have come out with her story unless this had happened.. LC really did some serious good. I can't imagine how cathartic it was to finally speak her truth and come out with that video after a decade of constant harassment and abuse.
I'm proud of you guys.

No. 1255158

Please sage. Write sage under the email header unless you are posting new relevant information.

No. 1255160

OMG I've always hated her nasal voice. Couldn't finish a single vid because of that alone.

No. 1255161

she's exactly who I thought of. poor uwu me I was aboosed like yeah maybe but you're still vile and disgusting and I believe the main perp once things got running(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255163

Do you guys think Shannon will ever come off her sock puppet accounts and post on her main youtube? Or do you think she accepted that it's over?

No. 1255164

Yesterday everyone was whinging that Creepshart's friends are too fence-sitty, and now RTG is making a video you complain?

I personally can't wait lmao, get fucked Shannon

No. 1255165

If she does, she'll probably upload a "woe is me" video saying she's getting therapy (or that she's gotten therapy, if she disappears now and comes back later).

No. 1255168

File: 1623601439945.jpg (217.64 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20210613-112303_You…)

Hey, guess who just commented on Emily's video? LMAO

No. 1255171

It's probably the same anon that complained about Emily's video taking time too.
God forbid people have actual lives to tend to ig

No. 1255174

God what’s wrong with moids?? How retarded and tone deaf do you need to be to comment on somebody’s video about how they were assaulted, stalked, and harassed and be like “yeah sorry that happened to you I can relate because the person who stalked you called me racist”

No. 1255176

I feel like all those other draw weebs Shannon beefed with should just vent on Peaches' video, Emily's is much too serious and dark to blogpost under. Just say you support her and go.

No. 1255180

File: 1623602335692.jpeg (500.21 KB, 828x1189, 9E62ECB7-EA58-4A97-8F28-828595…)

Confirming for anons that doubt the phone was shared. Super fucking weird but I suppose thats a codependent relationship for you.

No. 1255182

That was last year. Fucking weirdos. Couldn't afford two phones with your 20k a month?

No. 1255183

This really proves nothing. Keep in mind that Emily pointed out that Shannon had a habit of "planting seeds" for future lies. Why would this be any different? Seems like a convenient thing to tell your friends just in case you ever get caught red-handed to cast doubt on your involvement.

Also, none of her friends who knew about this ever questioned it? To me this reeks of bullshit. This is an excuse Shannon and her dumbass friends are going to latch onto to shift blame to Anthony and claim Shannon was completely innocent. I am not buying that all of her posts here and her dubious storytime youtube videos were directed by her husband/boyfriend.

No. 1255190

you can tell by his pfp that he thinks he's really delivering some cutting edge commentary. Also, he's probably fat.

No. 1255194

That’s tinfoilery. She clearly never planned to blame it on the scrote.

No. 1255195

For sure, thats what I feel like the videos are going to be. No holding her accountable but rather blaming Anthony for her behaviour especially since Ashlee originally said there wasn’t enough evidence and changed her mind after being called out.
I’d like to know what Ashlee’s intentions with sucking up to Emily are now.

No. 1255200

How much evidence is there that actually links Creepshow to this? It mostly seems like it's just her husband.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255201

That's why that lie was fucking hilarious. 20k a month? Seriously? When you had to live in your car and share a phone with your husband?

Either that or one of them was cheating so now they share a phone. I know some white trash that does that shit.

No. 1255202

1.) Sage your shit
2.) lurk more, it's both of them and there is proof of this.

No. 1255204

>There is proof

No. 1255207

This, if she wanted to throw him under the bus then she would have had ample opportunity.

No. 1255210

Lol this is Nick ban the scrote("hi cow")

No. 1255212

sage your post you raging autist(report and move on)

No. 1255222

I was watching this video. I think it was the one that made Shannon known. The exchange she had with her "creepy fan" sounds a bit too much like the Snapchat exchanges Emily had with Anthony. Interesting

No. 1255224

This one I mean

No. 1255227

You mean the one where Shannon was sitting in a starbucks and just casually overheard someone talking about her channel like that's a thing that happens?((lolcow.farm/info))

No. 1255228

Was the mediocre dick really worth ruining your career over shannon? I mean i have no doubt she was manipulated too, but this is a decade of harrassment towards your husbands prettier ex, at some point you have to realize the guy youre with is unhinged. Was it really worth doing all this for some subpar penis?

No. 1255231

File: 1623605851982.png (383.8 KB, 788x536, Screenshot at Jun 13 19-36-33.…)

Skipping through this real quick and already found one bit contradicting her. Remember how in the first thread she had a meltdown because we knew her middle name, and she accused people of doxxing her for linking to this thread because the middle name was so secret and unheard of, but we immediately proved that she had old nicknames referring to Margaret? Here's more proof she was always open about her middle name and the whole "this is doxing" thing was just an attempt to discourage people from looking at her thread.

No. 1255237

That's the video I was talking about. The semi-mystical tone sounds like Emily's exchange with Anthony on Snapchat. If you think about it, it's just a bunch of wonderful coincidences that she gets a stalker like fan who speaks weird uncomfortable shit…

No. 1255239

It wasn't the intention, but this is the only move they have now. They found a DM that could help that narrative and they're putting it out there to set the stage for a shitty "it was all him!" video. The shared phone claim could be an outright lie or exaggerated like her homelessness stories. Who cares, it's not going to work.

No. 1255242

I definitely wear this tinfoil too. it would make so much sense and would make everything that much easier to believe just by association(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255243

File: 1623606567402.png (43.19 KB, 592x446, backpedal.png)

Let the backpedaling begin!

No. 1255251

It sounds like she's trying to lay the groundwork for Shannon to blame this entire thing on her husband. At this point leaving forever, or blaming it all on Anthony are her only two options and I guess this is what she's going with.

No. 1255254

It's clear that Ashlee's been grasping at any chance this could have not been Shannon, and she's gonna try milking this and fail.

No. 1255255

wasn't this pussy making fun of Shannon's victims and taking her side just a few short hours ago? I swear these edgy types like to dish it out but have glass jaws.
I agree with everyone else though, he isn't interested because it's about a woman.

No. 1255257

Lmao you made it your job to make self righteous hours long videos on drama and now you're surprised that people are asking you to make a video about this. Sure, they're victims for… being held accountable?

No. 1255263

File: 1623607569597.jpeg (934.78 KB, 1242x2021, 8E612AB1-149E-4836-8B81-06D51D…)

I don’t understand how anyone could run around giving Shannon the benefit of the doubt given that she deleted evidence that implicated her before Emily’s video dropped and then nuked every relationship she had in the community instead of offering up any explanation.

No. 1255269

Because even Shannon knows that if she tells anything less than the truth all her friends will post it everywhere. They are still youtube commentary channels at the end of the day.
Which in this case, it is the right thing to do if anyone has info on Shannon since she's crossing the line to horror cow.

No. 1255271

so what would you guys have done if you were in her shoes?

Silence doesn't work

Fake Amy story doesn't work because she's stupid

But another option wouldve been to simply deny and stay she was gonna lawyer up and take the lolcow admins to court for defamation.
That way even if she won't she'd save face and doesn't have to publicly say anything
Luckily she wasn't smart enough and self destructed(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255272

Keep in mind the mediocre dick was the reason she started her career in the first place. She started her channel to copy Emily.

No. 1255275

no screen cap bc im lazy, but on twitter i just saw someone post that CS still has her tiktok up and in one of them apparently has one of her sock accounts open at the bottom of the screen. dont want to out it in case it isnt hers …somehow?… but there are likes of people defending shannon from a long while ago(screenshots needed)

No. 1255277

At least link if you won’t post caps on an imageboard, mongoloid.

Sage your shit. She should have pretended not to know anything about the lolcow posts and just denied that it was her to begin with. We’ve discussed this in previous threads too.

No. 1255278

The best route would be to blame the worst stuff on her husband, say that she's dealing with mental issues, make up some sob story about never feeling good enough and being manipulated while also taking accountability for a part of things. Then say she's seeing a therapist and come back after a year like "that was old me". Also move from commentary content to something like true crime lol.

Won't fool me but enough people will forgive and forget and she'll still make money.

No. 1255279

Repzilla is a fucking snake, but at least he isn't an incel like Nick and Repzion. Maybe this will cause a ripple and get her other orbiters to make more videos.

No. 1255280

Why the fuck are they all suddenly making videos now. How much more can be said? Waah waah she ghosted us after we asked her if she actually was posting to lolcow.

No. 1255281

Take the L, make a video saying sorry. Delete all socials and fuck off for a year out of humiliation and shame. Come back, say sorry again "I know nothing I can do will ever repair what I broke" for good measure and make content despite the obvious back lash of my return.
But I'm a human with feelings.

No. 1255283

File: 1623609008483.jpeg (80.99 KB, 1050x499, 7BCEB965-F78D-4053-8EB6-CCE44F…)

It still doesn’t make her friends that were shit talked victims. Only a teenager or someone who’s never been through anything beyond a mild inconvenience would think they were a victim because they were gossiped about. No one is saying that it takes away from Emily’s trauma, we’re saying that being shit talked does not make one a victim. You’re not a victim because your feelings were hurt kek

No. 1255286

But why are we giving this advice when we know she obsessively stalks the imageboard is my question.
Also to the anon that asked, a defamation suite would have gone absolutely nowhere and good luck serving an admin of LC. Really, good fucking luck. It would cost a lot of money and take up a lot of time as well.
I’m still so curious about the sharing a cellphone aspect to this entire situation. October was a pretty long time ago (that is when she responded to Ashlee stating her and “hubby” shared a cell). I’m under the belief personally that she was fabricating sharing a cellphone in an attempt to avoid responsibility for her repulsive behavior. It’s just such an oddity either way, though. I cannot recall the date that Emily confronted her about the harassment, letting it be known that Shannon’s IP was being tracked. This would be the most likely cause for the lie. I just absolutely cannot see her and her husband sharing a single cellphone with the money she was making. Absolutely nonsensical.

No. 1255287


Feels mentally up to it, WTF?. Did Shannon do the shit that happened to Emily.

No. 1255289


A human who's a psycho(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255294

So that I can say I said so when she does it lol

No. 1255304

File: 1623610386512.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1242x943, C2CC7388-BA23-4DA0-9E73-D1F313…)

Does anyone have the videos mentioned here archived? I’d like to see what they say about Amy.(spoonfeeding)

No. 1255306

Lurk more, fag. Read >>1252344 this.

No. 1255316

im not even surprised(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255319

Remember, newfriends: type "sage" in the email field. Most of you are too retarded not to get banned anyway but doing this might actually let you get two posts in.

Repzilla is such a weak-willed fucking fag but I think him giving up this whole "I cannot comment at this time I am sad and disgusted" pussy shit will open the dam for more of Shannon's friends to publicly turn on her.

No. 1255329


No. 1255333

nick is doing a stream about this whole thing and how I guess he doesn't believe Emily. He deletes his streams immediately after so here is the link if anyone cares to watch it and/or save it.

No. 1255334

Literally didn't say being shit talked made you a victim. saying they are victims because there was likely other manipulation and toxicity going on that wasn't seen on the farms.

please learn how to fucking read or realize that what happened on the farms isn't the only shit that Shannon has done.

No. 1255342

File: 1623614178411.jpeg (61.51 KB, 480x360, 8426255D-1D99-4A3D-8802-3B7F91…)

Except the manipulation isn’t serious shit either, it’s Shannon being a shit person and friend but that doesn’t mean everyone she’s scorned is now a victim. You’d have to be as narcissistic as Shannon or Ashlee to believe this makes you a poor wittle victim of Shannon. Shannon is shit, everyone knows this. Do you think all of the Twitter users crying about losing their “comfort YouTuber” are victims too? Kek

>lolcow was Shannon’s burn book lmao how pathetic

No. 1255348

It’s unfortunate he deletes his streams. I’ve personally seen Shannon drop in on him and leave $50 donations, I’d love to know how many times that happened just so I could see if he was compensated fairly for his WK labor.

No. 1255349

So has Shannon’s entire youtube career been a drawn out ploy to skinwalk Emily?(for the 100th time)

No. 1255353

Nicholas is on live arguing with another youtuber about Emily's credibility. Still says he hasn't finished the video and sounds like an absolute faggot. Emily is in the chat

No. 1255356


Emily is just about to join their live stream(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255357

So it looks like she's down 9 videos since 6/6 (day of Pride upload). here's a list including date ranges + Drive backups.

Her 2 earliest vids, and 2 interspersed with 'Tumblr Hates Artists' and 'To the Girl who Saved my Life | Storytime' (so 4 of her first 6 videos are gone, all were up before August 2018).
Addicted to Porn?! Storytime:
Flashing Strangers at the Gym | Storytime:
The Best Liquid Ass Prank EVER! Sorry, US Government | Storytime:
He ABUSED me?! SJW vs My Relationship:

Another 2 were also consecutive (they were between 'Instagram Hates Artists' and 'We're the Problem, Not Eugenia' January~February of 2019), and they are:
My BF recorded me while I talked to him in my sleep:
Someone impersonated me on discord (screenshots + dms included):

Last set, 3 uploads since October 2020 are gone
The FNAF Predator:
The Stauffer Stalker:
The FNAF Predator is Back:

No. 1255360

Plz summarize or save the portion of the stream that has Emily on it thanks nonnie

No. 1255364

>Host and Emily discuss the clear switch between Anthony and Shannon in text patterns
>Host brings up Britta and Emily discusses that they contacted them to hold her emotionally hostage. This went on for 5 years but it was a 10 year old who done it.
>Emily went through the Britta filter account and believed they had humour simarities with CSA in their tweets as the account was active since 2017.
>Emily states Nic Deorio acts like Anthony after he mocked the host
>Emily understands the first part of her video is circumstantial as criticised by Nic Deorio

They haven't discussed anything ground breaking yet tbh just going over what is already out there

No. 1255369

OK this bit is good;
>they looked at CSA tiktok and there is a video of her logged into a sock puppet account, pretty much confirming Shannon commonly uses fake accounts

No. 1255371

Shannon followed Emily's art tutorials lmaoooooooooo

No. 1255372

Can you someone link this tiktok if people are gonna keep referencing it? Or post caps.

No. 1255374

Emily's talking about how she was in touch with a friend of Shannon's, Shannon and her fell out around 2 years ago and this youtuber has said that Shannon could absolutely ruin her career if she wanted. Who did she fall out with 2 years ago?

No. 1255375


Sorry I don't have a link as I'm just summarising while watching the live video with Emily, I'll try find it for you

No. 1255377

Is it still up on her tiktok or has it been deleted? Not in the mood to watch all of her tiktoks looking for it. Not seeing people talk about it on Twitter.

No. 1255378


Here is a link to the Twitter account exposing the TikTok. I'm currently looking for the TikTok, but it could have been deleted by now.

No. 1255379

I'm painfully scrolling through her sitting TikToks to find it. On the show they said someone with the handle allgedlydeangelo had screenshots of this but the host wasn't able to find the handle (probably deleted) but Emily shared her screen and showed it the user name was boop with a bunch of numbers

No. 1255382

File: 1623617798947.jpeg (934.03 KB, 1170x1820, 41343E91-15EE-4BE2-9CD5-C1D2D1…)

Samefag but one look at her tiktok debunks the shared phone claim. It’s iMessage so he could be receiving them on an iPad or computer but it’s likely they just have two different phones.

No. 1255383

most of the 'manipulation' shannon probably did was probably befriending spineless and/or vulnerable losers (ie. hopeless peaches, ashlee). she probably sucks at seeming genuinely nice considering her lack of friends irl

thanks for summarizing anon!

No. 1255387

Another lie? Not surprising.

No. 1255388

Just checked, it seems the TikTok has been deleted. You can see the caption on the Twitter post, and it does not match up with any of the remaining posts.

Also, the handle is active. It was misspelled on the livestream, hence why it couldn't be found.

No. 1255389

This is what AshleeLillie posted on her twitter as proof they shared a phone at some point

No. 1255390

File: 1623618188202.jpg (1.08 MB, 1440x3200, Screenshot_20210613-220102_Chr…)


No. 1255394

Please learn how to use the site thanks but yeah this was already posted hours ago and also isn’t “proof” of anything other than the fact that Shannon told somebody that it was true

No. 1255395

File: 1623618423788.png (25.76 KB, 163x100, Screenshot at Jun 13 23-06-40.…)

Anthony telling Emily about Shannon's bush and lying about her body type to make her jealous, after saying that Shannon isn't physically his type, holy fucking kek

No. 1255397

Jesus, Shannon, have you been honest with us about anything? (Save for the Onision emails and that's only because others verified that claim) .
Hopefully the new screenshots that Emily is posting will convince the others that Shitshow is behind all of this bs, but I'm not holding my breath.

No. 1255399

Shannon commissioned Holly Brown (possibly though a sock account) and told her to draw something similar to Emily's drawing, then came here on lolcow and accused Holly of tracing Emily wut

No. 1255400

You’re retarded or purposely creating fake context for this. Emily said this screenshot was Anthony talking about a girl he dreamt about that he didn’t remember meeting in person.

No. 1255402

But she also said that this whole dialogue was describing Shannon to make her jealous under the guise of it being a dream. The clothing style he described matching what she saw Shannon wear at the cinema etc

No. 1255408

anon, you're the retard. Emily said he was describing Shannon to a T except for having a "flat tummy and small boobs"

No. 1255409

Yeah, that caught my attention to.
She was willing to pay someone just to try and start drama. What the actual fuck…

No. 1255414

File: 1623619732785.gif (809.28 KB, 498x280, hadit.gif)

I can't with her ""friend group"", those fucking cretins literally had trouble with questioning Shamy's post but they shit on Emily even though she ANY fucking evidence, comparing to creep that didn't provide anyone with jackshit? Pathetic.

Also this scrote is so fucking infuriating, suprising that a fatso can bend over enough to suck his dick so much.

No. 1255417

>really flat tummy
>thin calves
I'd beg to differ

No. 1255419


Remember when she befriended Keemstar for "Job Security"?

No. 1255420

Anyone manage to grab that stream? Not that I want to listen to a scrote suck his own dick because he clearly can't get anyone else to do it, but just for the juiciness of it.

No. 1255421

Yeah, I seriously can't understand why this is so hard for them to believe. You already know that Shannon is perfectly fine with trying to go behind people's backs and try to fuck up their digital lives. Is it really so hard to see the similarities between her posts here and the shit she did to/said about Emily?

No. 1255424

Emily said offhand that maybe Anthony and Shannon paid for views on the "mini viral" video they accused her of buying views on. And here's a confirmed instance of them spending money to start drama. Interesting.

No. 1255426

File: 1623620921402.png (77.3 KB, 760x557, Screenshot 2021-06-13 5.47.59 …)

It looks like Curtis Price is planning a video. If this gets into the bigger youtube spheres, it's gonna be a mess and I can't wait to see it.

No. 1255430

I am so pissed I missed out on that fucking stream. Does anyone have a download of it??

No. 1255436

>Being manipulated by a toxic person isn't serious

k nonnie

No. 1255437

File: 1623621646434.jpeg (278.7 KB, 1242x824, C844F6D7-A9DE-44AF-AFA2-C7F3EA…)

Nic didn’t take it well, his fans are replying and qting calling Emily disgusting and saying she took it too far. Very weak and pathetic look for such a proud edgelord.

No. 1255438


>"Just stopped caring"

When did he even start?

>qting calling Emily disgusting and saying she took it too far.

lmao glass houses much???

No. 1255440

She said she'll reupload it she just had to private it temporarily to censor out a nip in a drawing

No. 1255442

Funny how Emily showed more proof in the stream but this is what cream boy Nick cares about.
This guy is so fragile holy shit

No. 1255444

Sweet, thanks for the info, can't have a free tiddie in the wild

No. 1255445


The twat is acting as if he wasn't making fun of her situation and traumatic experience the whole time(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1255451

wow, what an unwashed ballsack. just as ripe and just as disgusting. keep swinging it into your incel simps faces while they salivate about a taste.

what an utter scumbag to dismiss someones experiences like that. a decade of her life. fearing for her life and all that shit.

No. 1255460

so pompous too. besides the fact that the dumb fuck was never giving his 'support' to her in the first place. he was the same one mocking her when she came forward about all this LOL.

he can talk all this shit but can't take a percentage emily threw back.

No. 1255463

File: 1623622914010.png (9.31 KB, 436x158, pretentious.png)

Finally someone spelled it out

No. 1255464

He’s either made of glass or fishing for his own thread, or maybe both.

No. 1255467

this retard is blocking people before they can even reply to him so it looks like he's winning his twitter fights

No. 1255469

so this bitch goes and makes memes about the situation, says he didn't watch the video, says her evidence isn't worth it but then reveals he didn't watch the full video, then cries when she claps back? in a stupid youtube comment? cry me a river retard

No. 1255470

File: 1623623001415.png (23.85 KB, 570x222, ooc.png)


Glad people are calling his ass out in the replies

No. 1255471

I would fully support his own dedicated thread.

No. 1255472

he never cared??????

Fragile AS FUCK, he blocked the youtuber on twitter first, then had to unlock her because he wanted to come on her stream.

No. 1255473

File: 1623623145359.png (38.53 KB, 470x486, nicksimps.png)

Love to see these fools & their simps get shut down

No. 1255474

i'm in.

oh, to be a subpar mediocre scrote that can't listen to a woman speak for two hours, then rip jokes and then get offended.

dont breath in his direction or he might shatter.

No. 1255477

Nick fucking knows he's not being called a rapist but he just let's his followers run with that narrative? Degenerate
And his followers have the IQ of the month they were born in

No. 1255478

This has made me lose all sympathy for Shannon. I have dealt with stalkers who have followed me for that long, they are truly evil people. She knows she and her husband were tormenting Emily, and trying to prevent her from living a normal life.
This and her LC post history just shows how much she wants to ruin others. It's detestable.(blogging)

No. 1255479

I shouldn't have caught up on this shit while eating I definitely didn't need to hear about her fuckin twat(no1curr)

No. 1255480


He was crying on twitter when the fruit forum mmade a thread about his community so having a thread would make him mad

No. 1255481

fuck is the rest of my day going to be spent collecting screenshots and milk on this scrote for his own thread? Probably.

No. 1255482

File: 1623623506688.png (164.46 KB, 468x406, nicknolikey.png)


I just find it hilarious how his stans are clutching their pearls a something so trivial.

No. 1255483

Please do. I don’t know his history well, but he’s been melting down about Emily’s video in between saying “I’m done talking about CSA” for 24 hours, seems like a fat ass cow.

No. 1255484

what a fucking idiot. what's the point of blocking these people if he's personally going to broadcast all that they said? please make a thread. this fat lard is easily triggered

No. 1255486

File: 1623623792666.png (56.55 KB, 754x434, kek.png)

I support you, he is a whiny baby that likes talking about people but can't take any heat

No. 1255487

Epic Ben Shapiro style

No. 1255488

I'm not too familiar with his history either, but he's popped up in my field a few times in the last few years and each time was pure cringe. I'm sure there's some tasty milk to be found if I actually start looking.

No. 1255489<