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File: 1623710250335.png (286.74 KB, 341x536, shan_marg.png)

No. 1256748

Admin Note: Required Reading

If you're new to the site, don't skip this paragraph.
If you violate any of the following rules, you will be temporarily banned.

- Read the rules. This will tell you what gets you banned.
- Read the usage info. This will tell you how to use this site.
- Read the first thread.
- Read the second thread.
- Don't post in this thread to express your personal feelings about Shannon/Anthony unless you're otherwise contributing to the conversation. This is not a blog or a support group.
- Don't accuse other posters of being Shannon/Anthony. If you suspect someone, report and move on.
- Don't post screenshots of random accounts in the wild to tinfoil that they're Shannon/Anthony.
- Don't post petty insults and nitpicks ("she fat xD"), stick to discussing the drama.
- Don't post videos or statements about this situation unless one of the following applies: It's made by one of her close friends, it's made by someone who was personally victimized by her, it reveals new information not previously discussed in any of the (as of now) 3 threads about Shannon, or it's getting a lot of attention outside of the art commentary circle.

The last thread was moderated laxly because we wanted to let farmers have fun with the outing, but please dial it back now.


Creepshow Art is a commentary youtuber with (formerly) 500k subs who has been receiving negative attention for her obnoxious personality, her tendency to lie for attention, her biased and often misleading videos, and her never-ending drama, and as of recent, her sudden and explosive plummet from grace and public #canceling.
In the first thread, Shannon was outed for using lolcow to manufacture drama and satisfy her vendettas. Go here for the announcement. >>1244574

Recap of last thread: >>1251957
>Shannon's friends continue waffling and more expose videos are churned out by bystanders
>Emily's 2 hour video details years of extensive stalking, harassment and blackmail by the hands of her abusive ex-boyfriend Anthony, who later roped his then-girlfriend Shannon into the harassment campaign, video and longer summary at >>1253989
>Anthony was a wannabe school shooter edgelord who raped her while unconscious
>He and Shannon held Emily's drug addiction, underage nudes and camgirl material over her head and got her fired several times
>snapchatted her from locations nearby with schizo ramblings, making her fear for her life
>Emily believes that at some point Shannon became the sole harasser
>Shannon's entire youtube channel was designed to copy Emily's
>Shannon used vast amount of sockpuppets to harass and bait Emily and try to force a conflict between them
>may have commissioned Holly Brown just to force conflict between her and Emily
>at this time Emily did not know Creepshow Art was Shannon aka her ex's new gf
>confronted them and threatened a restraining order
>suddenly the harassment stops, but a weird account messages her with a story about how the user's little brother is stalking Emily and lists all the collateral "he" has on Emily
>Shannon's friends mostly side with Emily and voice their disappointment, save for the usual suspects >>1255437
>have compared details of Shannon's stories and found inconsistencies they're still piecing together
>one detail of note is that Shannon and Anthony allegedly shared a phone for a longer span of time, causing much tinfoiling
>RTG releases a video in which she declares her friendship with Shannon to be over >>1256392

TL;DR of first thread: >>1053928
>Shannon constantly whiteknights or insults herself depending on the time of day and the weather >>1055462
>makes a Discord, it implodes to random drama within a month or so
>gets into more and more hot water over her impulsive behavior and lies, deflects by saying she has PTSD from being homeless, deletes her twitter >>1098210
>comes to lolcow to declare she will never ever return to bird app >>1116462
>Hopeless Peaches drama continues for some reason, to the confusion of many
>Onision emails a bunch of youtubers including Shannon, Shannon is the only one who indulges him, hits reply all and shows off her smug replies everywhere
>friend of Shannon posted? >>1062438
>Farmers find Shannon’s old posts about how much she hates her sister, this makes Shannon fume
>Shannon talks more and more about her ~bad mental health~ as criticism keeps coming, almost foreshadowing some kind of guilt mmh?
>deletes her Community tab, claims her account is just broken, implies she got hacked
>uploads a glitch banner and icon because hackers totally gain access to your google account just to give your account a makeover
>fans keep asking what happened to her community tab and icon, she keeps stating she has no control over it
>Shannon’s sister lands in the ER which inconveniences Shannon, prompting her to post her sister’s social media on lolcow to convince farmers once and for all that she’s the bad seed, not Shannon! Shannon is actually super based! >>1195978
>Shannon gets sweet-talked by Gabbie Hannah into attacking another youtuber, tries to come up with a public apology that’s not too public >>1245602
>Admin outs her post history including shitposts about her own friends and manufactured arguments to create fake drama >>1053928
>Shannon goes dark except for video uploads
>Re-emerges with a long explanation stating she has had a stalker (mentioned in a previous video, but there’s no proof this person ever existed) who somehow “spoofed her IP” and posted as her for 2.5 years >>1246100
>RTG swiftly backs her up >>1246138
>Admin responds to the stalker story >>1246205
>Amy the stalker becomes an instant meme

Second thread: >>1246312
>More and more former fans call Shannon out for her "explanation", but plenty enough are still eating it up
>Ready To Glare realizes she's been had, Loey Lane is big sad, Ashlee Lillee is begging a stonewalling Shannon to ~speak her truth~
>Shannon deletes her explanation
>Several commentary people start making videos/statements, few good most bad
>uploads a Pride video, gets torn apart for her bad research and told to stop lying about "Amy"
>Shannon's friends Augie and DeOrio make fun of her on stream, DeOrio posts her private IG story on Twitter, revealing her finsta handle >>1247930
>She changes it instantly
>doubles down on her story, announces a hiatus from the internet while she deals with this "legally" >>1248353
>deletes 3 videos, farmers come through with archives >>1248791
>goes dark on IG
>Commentary youtubers are having a ball, spamming lazy videos regurgitating lolcow posts and a twitter thread
>Emily Artful drops a massive bomb, accuses Shannon of having stalked her for 10 years starting when Emily's ex began dating Shannon. >>1250044
>Accusations include spreading her underage nudes, getting her fired from several jobs, causing her homelessness, and other extensive harassment
>Emily suspects "Amy" was made up by Shannon as a scapegoat back when Emily first confronted her about the stalking
>Claims to have many years' worth of evidence announces a full-blown exposé coming today or tomorrow. >>1250044 >>1251647
>Farmers wait with bated breath, thread ends on a cliffhanger

No. 1256752

Bless you OP for new thread

No. 1256758

File: 1623710682354.jpg (234.41 KB, 1044x1344, hollyframed.jpg)

For the anon that asked in the previous thread. There's no ~solid proof~ but Emily suspects that Shannon commissioned Holly to do a drawing very similar to one of Emily's so that Shannon could later accuse Holly of tracing her.

No. 1256780

If your post looks like a fucking wall of text without retard reddit formatting, you have said too much, NEWFAG.(infighting)

No. 1256784

Excellent OP, anon. I keep thinking there were more threads along the way but nope. Shannon went from just another backwater cow to a featured attraction in such a short time.

What is this fucking obsession with 'reddit formatting' lately? And the oldfag olympics? Move on.

No. 1256788

You move on and off the site stupid bitch. It's a thing because it's not only obnoxious, it's inviting unintegrated 1000 word count sperging. Kys.(infighting)

No. 1256792

I wonder if that first comment is also hers and she's samefagging again. It has the usual MacOS screenshot file name. Can you link that post so we can report it?

No. 1256795

i also have a mac that takes screenshots with that name, many people do, that doesn't mean anything.

No. 1256798

please don't bring up those gross incels anymore, they've already been discussed to hell, Nick has his own thread.

No. 1256799

I'm just saying that if the comment before hers was posted with a mac and we know she has a mac and loves samefagging, then maybe it's worth to have the Farmhands look. I'm not saying it HAS to be her and I'm not interested in shitting up the thread with tinfoil. Anyway found it here >>842041


Nick has his own thread, it was linked in the last

No. 1256805

OP pic is weak but nice write up

No. 1256810

Thread pic makes it seem like a crime doc. Just need to invert it and have a sideways zoom into her face.

No. 1256811

Smokey glow has dropped a video on the subject.

Imma watch it and report back if there’s any new milk (highly unlikely).

No. 1256812

Smokey Glow video

No. 1256816

I literally don't care who this bitch is. And I further refuse to watch it because she's ugly.(non-contribution)

No. 1256817

Lmao right? Shannon looks like someone who got murdered by her husband

No. 1256818

Smokey Glow seemed to be a really close friend from what Shannon showed, so I watched
>very disappointed, sad, hurt
>took her a while to speak out because she was very taken aback and it was difficult
>people accused her of following a sockpuppet but it was just the finsta, she unfollowed it by now
>lolcow said Shannon said horrible things about herself, others, just mean shit
>initially believed the IP spoofing excuse because she remembered Shannon bring up the stalker on twitter, but the more she thought about it the less it made sense
>why would someone do that for 3 years on the off chance it would eventually be discovered, etc the usual
>she'd love for Shannon to come back and prove that it was legally taken care of, but that still wouldn't explain the Emily situation
>doesn't think she'll ever apologize
>feels sorry for the fanbase for the way she used slurs
>says everything about how she cultivated her online presence was a lie
>was so hurt and truly disgusted by Shannon using addiction against Emily
>"I can't even fucking imagine, it's terrifying"
>her skin crawled when she saw the confrontation about the restraining order
>believes RTG etc are all victims of the situation too
>questions everything Shannon has ever told her, sensitive stuff etc
>doesn't think she should return
>this isn't just a mistake, it's years of documented blah blah
>does not deserve a platform

No. 1256823

i'm glad she didn't say any "allegedly" or expressed any kind of doubt about any of this. and again this is a big youtuber so it'll cost Shannon subscribers.

No. 1256828

I know you don't care, but just for your knowledge: she's a beauty YouTuber who makes commentary videos, hauls/anti-hauls, and generally just talks about makeup or the YouTube community in one way or another.

her voice is grating and she's ugly, but she has a lot of subscribers and loyal viewers, so this will hurt Shannon.

saged for ot.

No. 1256830

Then shut up and don't watch? We don't need a detailed account of your daily activities.

No. 1256832

460k youtuber and victim of Shannon has dropped a video, Rich Lux. I suggest you skip to 8:10

No. 1256837


Thanks anon.

Of course she looks like a chunkster.

No. 1256841

Kek this is one person who’s cal out video was justified but sure serve those crocodile tears

No. 1256847


I don’t normally like rich lux but I think that was a pretty good video and I watched the entire thing.

I liked the point he made when he played Emily talking about how when csa was obsessing over someone else her hate comments would drop and he said that he was one of those people. It just shows that Shannon has to be obsessing over someone at all times. I think he was right when he said something to the effect of “was she gonna stalk me too”. We know Emily bore the absolute worst brunt of it but who’s to say she wouldn’t and won’t do it to someone else?

I also liked when he said he didn’t wanna hear people expressing concern for her mental health because she clearly wasn’t considering even her friends mental health when she was posting shitty things about them online.

No. 1256853

Sage for spoon feeding request but who was the other YouTuber outed by lolcow that Giulia mentioned?(derailing)

No. 1256859

Shannon deleted another video today, according to social blade. This is totally the behavior of an innocent person.

No. 1256863

I kind of want to go through and see what’s in the videos that she’s deleting.

No. 1256878

I just looked it up TheJoshVlog is his name but I’ve never heard of him

No. 1256883

Farmhand it’s obvious you’re new
He has threads here

No. 1256891

File: 1623720939604.jpg (54.52 KB, 512x299, omgsaladursofunny.jpg)

Am I the only one just sitting back and enjoying the chaos that's come out of this?
Even if people are capitalizing on the drama and everyone and their mother is making an exposed video, I'm just enjoying watching Shamy being burned from every corner of the internet and by everyone.
It's chaotic and fun and I'm enjoying every second of it.

I love when shitty people get their comeuppance it's the highlight of my life.

No. 1256892

I suspect that her channel will go down the same route as her instagram account with Shannon inevitably removing all her videos before deleting her channel all together.

No. 1256894

File: 1623721249155.jpeg (188.61 KB, 894x900, 118C3DDE-5363-4A0B-829F-35CEA1…)

Just wanted to bring this gem with us lollies

No. 1256896

It stopped being fun for the fact that it’s bringing too much attention to this swedish bird watching forum while it’s undergoing transitioning period

No. 1256897

She said that she was following the "seeyousoonbutnottoosoon" ig because it was Shannon's personal ig account, they were friendly with each other and that's why she was following it. I don't understand why that account only has ~20 followers (some people unfollowed obv but it's still very few) and follows only 26, I can't believe that so few people were following her personal account and with only 2 posts?!
The only explenations are:
- Shannon made the account after she got busted as a way to communicate with her "friends" and SG is lying
- Shannon did not let her family and irl non-youtube friends(if she has any) find out about this account so she could keep leading people on with her bullshit lies i.e. pretending her cousin that died was her brother

idk seems a little suspicious to me, let me know if i'm just dumb

No. 1256898

I’ve heard about Shannon still using her Instagram for close friend stories and that DeOrio revealed the stories somewhere. Did he show them on his stream? I’m curious to see those stories if they actually exist.(spoonfeeding)

No. 1256899

Nope I’m loving it too. I have absolutely no sympathy for her.

No. 1256901

File: 1623721427398.jpg (7.21 KB, 209x200, 57.jpg)

You aren't the only one nonny, her fall from grace is the most entertaining thing I've witnessed this past two months.
But what enrages me is seeing those man-children defending her and trying to discredit Emily's experience, they are living proof of what not talking to women does to the psyche.

No. 1256905

Posting from the last thread, archive link of all of her videos:
Videos deleted so far:
Finding out I'm a narcissist:
My ex boyfriend found my youtube channel:
Rupaul stole my idea:
Addicted to Porn?! Storytime:
Flashing Strangers at the Gym | Storytime:
The Best Liquid Ass Prank EVER! Sorry, US Government | Storytime:
He ABUSED me?! SJW vs My Relationship:
My BF recorded me while I talked to him in my sleep:
Someone impersonated me on discord (screenshots + dms included):
The FNAF Predator:
The Stauffer Stalker:
The FNAF Predator is Back:

No. 1256906


Nope I thought the same.
She admitted she knew it was Shannon’s account when she followed it.

I thought she flip flopped a bit between wether or not her and Shannon were close friends. I think if they weren’t close friends then she wants to make herself seem closer than she is so her video holds more relevancy but at the same time if they were close she wants to be able to distance herself and be like “well I never claimed we were close friends just that we exchanged a few messages”.

No. 1256908

Deleted for being a formatting dumbass
Isn't she stranged from her family because she is jealous of her golden child sister ?

No. 1256910

I hadn't even thought about that. Shannon really does ruin everything.

Good luck farmhands, I'm sorry you have to deal with the shower of newfags and trolls.

No. 1256915

At least Smokey Glow brings up Emily Artful and how shitty Shamy was. Meanwhile RTG's vid makes her seem like the uwu victim, not even really talking about Emily. Wonder how the other vids from her friends will be playing the victim and ignoring Emily.


I wonder how much longer til Shamy deletes the stalker video or nukes the channel entirely. Makes me think D'Angelo is waiting for the video title "The Day Creepshit Art's Career Ended"

No. 1256917

I’ll say I watched the 2 FNAF predator videos already and the only interesting information is that she used to work at Michaels craft store, the stuff about hiring an editor, mentions that someone is spreading a rumor that she faked being homeless for clout, and she tells all the bronies in her audience that they’re valid.

No. 1256933

i watched the "someone impersonated me on discord" video at 2x speed. and ommmmgg she is such a bad liar, how do people fall for this? liars use way too many minuscule details in their lies because they think it makes it sound more believable, and this is something i noticed in both this and the Amy stalker video. You just wouldn't remember all of those small useless details, it's like murder suspects who say "I left the grocery store at 8:58AM and got home at 10:23AM"

No. 1256943

I forgot, she also talks about being recognized in a Barnes and Noble, and having panic attacks all the time thinking about being so famous.

No. 1256948

- I noticed the rant she goes on in 'SJW vs My Relationship' is almost identical to one of her old Reddit posts, some details down to how long they were broken up for (a day)–except in the video she says it's her 'friend, not her sister. Also, as anon mentioned, she specifically denies being abused
- The vid before that (Liquid Ass prank) was dedicated to her late brother Bobby, but didn't watch more than 10sec
- The sleep recording was weird and that's not counting the fact that it wasn't at all like anything else on her channel. It's obvious why it's gone, the question is why the fuck was it ever up

I wonder what/who she was trying to scam with the discord impersonator fake.

No. 1256951

The fact she even says this to me proves she never had a job outside because this is some terminally online shit right here.

No. 1256954

Nice OP.
It’s so easy to imagine the person in that picture going on a tangent about how insecure they feel around pretty girls.

No. 1256969

>He ABUSED me?! SJW vs My Relationship
How is she going to spin this video (and the Reddit posts where she claims she and her boyfriend were "fine" and her sister was wrong to dislike him) if she tries to do the "I was BEING ABUSED" to come back?
Both her friend and her sister saw a problem with this guy and tried to warn her, and she just sperged out and called them misandrists/SJWs and insisted he was never abusive. She really dug herself a hole with this pick-me shit. Imagine being "ride or die" for an entire rapist who hacked a girl and tried to blackmail her with revenge porn/underage nudes.

No. 1256970

Shamy is just helping the farmhands find evidence by deleting each video in order of what incriminates her, instead of just nuking the channel which she knows would make our milking just a bit harder. Holy fuck how can she be this dumb.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1256972

you mean farmers not farmhands

No. 1256980

She probably wants to keep as much revenue as she can from the videos she puts up. Squeezing out money while she can.

No. 1257004

this is honestly the smart thing do. if she was really making 20k, no amount of public humiliation is gonna make me delete that account

No. 1257038

Lol again with calling her late cousin her brother. At the end of the Liquid Ass video she says she doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for her loss but obviously if you're exaggerating the family relationship to be closer than it was (cousin vs brother), it's only meant to further the "poor me" narrative.

No. 1257066

Her stories are so thinly veiled. I only watched a few, but the narcissist one is obviously about emily, and in the sjw vs relationship one it’s obviously about her sister. She has nothing else going on in her life.

No. 1257067

We get it, you watch Observe and/or JCS, but it's just reaching in that situation all youtubers talk like that to pad out the video for ad time.

No. 1257069

no, she's a bad liar and you don't need to watch detective videos to smell the bullshit

No. 1257071

CreepShow Art is over Party

No. 1257072


No. 1257079

It's so funny because in the narcissist video she talks about how if you're with someone who has cheated on someone else to be with you, then it never ends well. But with the timelines of when Shannon and Anthony got together, Anthony was cheating on Shannon with Emily during their on again off again thing. Projection much?(lrn2sage)

No. 1257083

super OT but observe seems like somewhat of a minicow himself. i noticed he tends to be way more lenient on scrotes even when they’ve committed unimaginably disgusting crimes, meanwhile as soon as the subject is a woman he doesn’t hold back calling her names and rambling on about how horrible and awful she is etc.

No. 1257084

File: 1623728869296.jpeg (264.73 KB, 750x786, 8EEFA88A-5639-4884-81B0-879640…)

Why is some shitskin coomer gaming youtuber commenting and milking this??? And why does he have 2.7M subs???
Shut the fuck up scrote. We don’t need you to shit up the place with a thousand underage moids. I hate men so fucking much, I wish they would just all commit suicide.(calm down)

No. 1257086

… did you look at the previous threads

No. 1257091

besides the racist part, based

No. 1257093

Can you fuck off with the racebait? The Twitterfags are bad enough, we don't need le fashy boi redpilled /pol/frens too.

No. 1257096

someordinarygamers is actually a pretty chill dude. also very kind. literally idk why you're going out of your way to shit on him lol.

anyway, i don't know how shannon thought she was smart about literally any of this. i wonder how badly she's panicking rn. i hope she is. im sure she's going to try to at least milk her channel while it's still alive to get some cash. Disgusted after hearing that she and anthony most likely possess CP (based on the video emily made). I wonder if the police is already involved with this shit.

No. 1257098

I don't really like Muta like that anymore and haven't paid attention to him, but how is he a coomer?

No. 1257099

File: 1623729641953.jpeg (36.19 KB, 474x587, 361d34cf4253c24489e86e464baaa8…)

>I hate men so fucking much, I wish they would just all commit suicide.

It ain't that serious nonny jfc

No. 1257101

He is most likely a shittalker himself. The scrote side of the internet is not without its own share of drama. He associates with a few people who have antagonized fellow content creators and chased them off of the internet themselves. If you think about it why would he care about this whole situation if he was not a bit of a gossip himself, he doesn't make art videos. He's a tech/vidya channel. My money's on him using this situation to up his reputation so his followers continue to think he is "such a nice guy."

No. 1257102

File: 1623729905650.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1606x1620, 6AA433B2-1C4A-4599-ABA8-C13A70…)

Crow of Judgement is live now reviewing Emily’s video with his friends.

No. 1257104

Based but ur gonna catch b& for being mean to the POC man~
Jumping to wk much? Sus since you can't even integrate. The CP thing is groundless at this point. Wtf is the police gonna do in an internet slap fight?

No. 1257105

I'd assume police would do something if Emily can prove/show they have CP, otherwise you're right lol. Internet slapfight = no cops

No. 1257106

>8k subs
why is this relevant?

No. 1257109

No. 1257110

To be fair, he runs in the same circles as Shannon, so he probably has some acquaintance / been on streams with her. But I assume he’ll be approaching it from talking about the IP spoofing lie and Emily’s use of IP grabbers.

No. 1257111

Thank you. I’m not self-posting. I just remembered that the two of them were in the same friend circle or something.

No. 1257114

Nta but problem?
They're all such self-serving hypocrites. Any internet gaymer stouting himself as a nice guy is a big red flag. Every day I'm like who's gonna self-insert into this story today. At this point Shannon should come back and go full female Joker and tell everyone to go fuck themselves for feasting on her carcass like a bunch of hyenas.

No. 1257123

>hey guys, have i integrated enough yet??? lolcow users are all racists and radfem manhaters right???

No. 1257126

Not wrong tbh

No. 1257130

Only the manhater part is right.

No. 1257131

manhating is one thing, actively a-logging is a surefire way to show off your newfaggotry

No. 1257135

KAM is more of an /ot/ thing.
That really depends on which janny you ask kek.

No. 1257146

>lolcow users are all racist
no, newfag, they are not. also /pol/fags should mass an hero

No. 1257150

Tbf black/brown anons got sniped a lot for complaining about men in their own community cuz "raceb8"(racebait)

No. 1257157

Finally someone made this edit! I keep seeing all the videos use her shitty skinny avatar she wishes she looked like

No. 1257165

That fraud didn't even draw the avatar. Not surprised considering she sucks at art.

No. 1257170

File: 1623737948602.jpg (127.57 KB, 668x611, CSAwithnoA.jpg)

She didn't, lol
And now the artist she commissioned is in a dilemma because they have a half-paid commission from Shammy

No. 1257172

File: 1623738407415.jpeg (249.6 KB, 828x232, 8C2A50E4-1B81-4EE5-A38E-8B20CD…)

Is this not the same girl that drew Ashlee’s YT icon first and then Shannon went and got her to draw her the exact same style?

No. 1257177

I didn’t see anyone else mention it, but did no one else find it strange that Shannon randomly sent Ready to Glare roses right before shit hit the fan?

No. 1257180

File: 1623739095379.jpg (14.8 KB, 383x303, x8VBxwB.jpg)

Yes, yes she is, this is found on her info tab on her youtube channel

No. 1257188

It was mentioned in the last thread >> 1256495

No. 1257189

Same fag my bad in mobile >>1256495

No. 1257190

yeah but sometimes people with a lot of money get bored and do shit like that…

i read the whole thing and ?? why are all these friends of Shannon (and Emily) so OVERLY nice? this girl was considering giving Shannon a refund even though it's a lot of money to her. I'm getting sick of all these 'your feelings are so valid uwu' people.

No. 1257192

Fake positivity is rampant on youtubers, nonny, their audiences eat it up and they keep the act to get what they all are after: money, fame and validation

No. 1257194

File: 1623741179544.png (2.32 MB, 828x7561, twitstuff.png)

0 clue who this person is but their shit showed up on my timeline cause of my follows.
sage cause not really milky enough


No. 1257195

>reads psychology notes I think she's projecting
I SCREAMED IN MY HEAD AT THIS PART, you were dead on the money prettycringey, but it was Shannon who just did an A class projection piece in the immediate last message.

No. 1257196

That's a terrifying read. We knew Shannon was unhinged, but to see her talking so genuinely about the things "her stalker" was doing and to know that she's just talking about the shit she and her rapist scrote were doing to Emily is next level. She really puts the creep in creepshow.

No. 1257204

She jumped the gun without even being friends with Shannon, that's totally on her
I've seen some of her videos, she also went against HopelessPeaches imo she did it to suck up to Shannon.

No. 1257209

Shannon reminds me of me when I'm drunk or on Adderall replying to stories. not the lying and planning stuff but the reply right above me and the way I saw her reply to Emily. maybe the doughy uggo will come out and say she was dealing with an uwu intoxication issue.(blog)

No. 1257211

She’s one of those “anti Onision” autists, she loves screeching about muh psychology degree and and contra to what she says here enjoys armchairing the fuck out of people on YouTube/on the internet in general. True to her handle, she’s pretty cringey. She’ll probably milk this for as many uwu points as she can

No. 1257234

If he's that good with computers I think it could be interesting to see a video on why her lying about the ip thing is so incredibly stupid.

No. 1257236

I am so happy to be vindicated in my dislike for Shannon. I hate the way she talks ("my dude" and all that other Twitter cringe speak), and her constant moral superiority, and just her whole energy. I felt si petty for thinking she is fucked, but it's good to trust your hunch babes. I am also not suprised that she is indeed a fat goblin married to a neckbeard. I love milkmas 2021.

No. 1257245

File: 1623748813528.jpg (381.57 KB, 1080x1919, 20210615_111908.jpg)

So apparently the mods at Shannon's subreddit confirmed that u/PeanutPunchCucks (from this post >>1255027 in the previous thread) was indeed one of Anthony's sockpuppet accounts.


No. 1257247

File: 1623749360985.jpg (169.87 KB, 1080x1107, Screenshot_20210615-102503~2.j…)

first three are his deleted comments from the creepshow sub

No. 1257249

>the rest of those comments
what in the fuck is in Shannon's brain to like this guy?

No. 1257251

Wow. Grade A retarded scrote, holy shit. Shamu sunk her whole life to grovel for this piece of shit LMAO

Can't imagine dedicating years of your life to simping for someone this degenerate and disgusting, even going as far as becoming the main stalker of his ex.

Shannon you are retarded and deserve everything that's coming to you and more. This low value moid will drop you like a hot potato soon, because now that you've been publicly humiliated and outed his favorite pass time of tenting his ex, you have no value to him anymore.

Enjoy the consequences of your actions and pickmeism, creepshit fart.

No. 1257254

I can't believe any woman would be retarded enough to actually stay with a guy like this. What a fucking loser-he has to be the worst catch imaginable and there she is squatting with him doing whatever he says. It's not manipulation, it's just being a pathetic self loathing piece of shit.
On one hand I do feel bad for this artist but on the other, why is it that every single artist constantly has an urgent vet bill they need help with??? Literally all of them pull this shit-it's the most cliche twitter begging there is at this point. Anything could happen to them good or bad and they'll post a "Didnt wanna have to do this but my vet bill!!" sobfest. Should have just posted the situation and offered up more commission slots instead, would have lined up a ton of new and possibly reoccurring clients instead of one time handouts from guilt tripping people.

No. 1257256

why destroy your successful career and reputation for this piece of shit?

No. 1257261

File: 1623753163749.jpeg (383.29 KB, 750x1240, A46D9FD3-646F-4142-9FC1-9415C8…)

Fucking lol he’s anti-vaxxer too? Not to mention the plain misogynistic crap.

No. 1257277

Yeah this dude gives off columbiner vibes and was eerily obsessed with school shootings. Its times like these you’re thankful that one of them is infertile as awful as it sounds.

No. 1257299

I think those might be an example of his “trolly” persona that emily talked about in his video. I don’t doubt this guy is a massive misogynistic neanderthal, but those comments seem to be too on the nose for his usual speech pattern.
On a side note, seems like he also really like to call shannon “spastic” for whatever reason. Did she pick it up from him, or were the self hate comments actually his all along? Can’t help but tinfoil

No. 1257300

File: 1623757543734.png (110.54 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210615-131132.png)

eh, they have no proof it was him

No. 1257301

>someone told me it was him so it must be!!11!!11!!!
The absolute state of redditfags, most embarrassing behaviour

No. 1257308

Huh. Well I thought they sounded like typical Shannon fans (i.e. dumb teenagers) but I thought at least they were competent as moderators. Guess not. Still, it kinda does sound like Anthony when you compare the reddit posts with Emily's receipts.

No. 1257311

I don't think it adds anything even if it is him, apart from showing further that he's fucked in the head

No. 1257343

At this point, anything that sounds remotely like an asshole wrote it, sounds like Anthony. That guy is embodiment of cringy edge lord wannabe

No. 1257359

The most frustrating thing about the response to Emily’s video is that everyone seems to just forget she’s not a drama channel? Just a rando artist telling her experience with a very fucked up couple who just so happened to be Shamy and her husband. If it was literally any other smaller youtuber literally no one would be doubting her story or harassing her more over this.

No. 1257361

this video is unlisted but was it archived?

No. 1257364

Definitely sounds like him. The misogyny, trolling, and shitty pseudo-deep posts lines up perfectly

No. 1257372

File: 1623766168999.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, 1616434865466.jpeg)

the fact that she used to call him a genius in her videos adds another fat layer of cringe to this whole situation

No. 1257375

I dont know, seems like the anon that posted about the account in the previous thread >>1255027 told the mods that the account was Anthony and they just ran with it. Aren’t all these posts around the time all this kicked off?

No. 1257383

this fucking retard can't prevent her from incriminating her dumbass by just rereading that abhorrent community post kek. absolutely braindead ffs

No. 1257386

So Repzion is regurgitating his hatred to Onision. Maybe he is avoiding talking about something else? I don't know what tho…

(Sage bc idk if it's relevant)(derailing)

No. 1257396

He replied to a tweet yesterday saying he doesn’t want to talk about it because basically she has dirt on him >>1256571(imageboard)

No. 1257398

she got shit on major bad when she dropped this video. because she was doing a huge asspull and comparing jaclyn to a father she hadn't seen in 10 years. Jaclyn hill went at CSA for this video. probably why it's unlisted.

No. 1257401

>Emily much better at art than Shannon
>More attractive than Shannon
>Shannon's boyfriend sexually obsessed with Emily

Well we certainly have a motive

No. 1257407

I never seen someone bleed subs so fast before. There is nothing Shannon can do to come back from this. No apology or video can fix this

No. 1257408

Yeah that bitch is over career is over lol.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257411

And I just realized I spelled that lmao.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257413

From the top of the thread:

- Don't post screenshots of random accounts in the wild to tinfoil that they're Shannon/Anthony.

No. 1257414

Is Shannon active on any of her accounts? I would love to see what she's posting these days in private. Or maybe she's going to check herself into a hospital.

No. 1257418

sage your shit newfag(infighting)

No. 1257426

Lawyer Emily D Baker live in 30 min gonna chat about CS. I watch her live sometimes and creep was always in the chat and sending like $100 dollar messages. Not sure if milky enough for sage.

No. 1257430

Only recent activity is deleting videos one by one that either incriminate her, corroborate Emily's stories, or talking about Anthony or her family. She hasn't deleted any today but I imagine she's just watching through all of her videos and deleting whatever makes her look bad and milking the dollars out of every other video before she has to nuke her channel entirely.

No. 1257432

Emily D Baker is a liar and wine mom/pick me hybrid. Of course she would associate with Shannon. Honestly as much as she shits on sex workers/former sex workers I won't be surprised if she says it is all Emily's fault.

No. 1257433

I almost felt bad for her just now, imagining having to watch through her own videos. Half the reason there’s any personal info in the recent uploads is that she adds 10 minutes of padding to an 11 minute video.

No. 1257439

I'm guessing by the start of the new month is when she'll just delete her youtube completely and just go back to being a full time stalker. I don't know if she will have the humility to go back to work however.

No. 1257441

File: 1623772969102.jpg (437.63 KB, 669x483, R0v7Y2i.jpg)

She shits on sex workers? how the fuck twitter hasn't cancelled her yet?

Anyway, to not waste a post, Ashlee is making a video, although I don't think she has anything else that has not been said already

No. 1257443

Another thing about this drama is that it usually prompts other content creators who act like vultures with the main story, they try to shove themselves into the “spotlight” and accrue as much damage against Shannon as much as possible even though they probably had a few petty interactions with her that doesn’t even compare to Emily Artful’s stalking and harassment allegations.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257444

Sage please.
How on earth is that only applicable to this drama? That is literally all that happens all the time.(infighting)

No. 1257447

Because twitter holds her up as a hero for being antiWOACB. Their brains are too small to realize more than one person in a situation can be a piece of shit.

She also moved from California to Tennessee because she didn't want to follow covid restrictions, but if you bring any of that up her stans just claim you are KJ.

Honestly wouldn't be surprise if Shannon is antivaxx considering her (suspected) boytoy's reddit posts and the friends she keeps. Yet another reason to be glad she doesn't have a kid.(integrate better)

No. 1257459

She needs to be locked up in a mental ward and her husband needs to just hang himself. Imagine being so desperate to be picked that you’d ruin your life for this disgusting retarded scrote. If he wants to kill people so badly he should start by killing himself.(a-logging)

No. 1257463

And I don’t care if those posts might not even be his, my point still stands.

No. 1257473

My prediction is she'll do what other cancelled art tubers do and make a new channel under a new name til they're found out and are completely banished, really seems like a Shamy thing to do. Bonus points if she rants about her stalker ruining her career as a popular online artist. I can't imagine she'll go back working IRL willingly, most of her jobs have been dead end. Probably her current IRL job is too. Don't feel shit for Shamy though, she did this to herself.

No. 1257478

I only remember it because Jaclyn's father passed away shortly after this video was posted. This is also one of the videos that made Tobi critize Shannon

No. 1257481

There is no current job, she’s terminally online. I believe she will get an irl job eventually, i don’t think she has much money saved and didn’t she move to L.A? If so, she will run out of money fast. I can only see her life going downhill at this point, totally deserved though.

No. 1257483

>implying she'll be able to switch her drawing style

No. 1257487

Implying she has a style instead of just being shit at art.

b-b-but… muh style!!!

No. 1257490

well can't argue with that

No. 1257495

Facts. I don't think she has a choice but to go to a regular low paying job after this. Maybe retail? Most youtubers can at least boast skills like writing, video editing etc. & can find something at least relevant to what they were doing online but she was literally shitposting for years.(sage non-milk)

No. 1257511

I don't think she even gives a shit about art. She's been on YouTube for over 3 years and she still struggles to draw a line without undoing it 40 times

No. 1257530

Sorry also super OT but His Megan Markle video was super biased to me. He doesn't give good explanations for the conclusions he reaches. The behavior panel is superior if anons are looking for body language channels.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1257556

Emily D Baker's video, Creepshow section from 4:31 to 36:10

>clarifies that IP spoofing exists and it would be possible to do that for so long but extremely unlikely

>points out that Shannon had so many possible excuses and went with that one
>Shannon's lolcow posts are completely out of character for her online presence as well as the private conversations they had
>completely believes Emily and commends her video
>says Emily's experience comes across as 100% authentic
>however, what Emily shared isn't enough for prosecution and this case is a perfect example for how hard it is to get justice for cyber crimes (from finding out who's behind it to pursuing legal action)
>you can trace IPs and all that but how do you know who's at the keyboard
>absolutely believes Emily and says what she shared is instructive and valuable
>commends Emily on getting both her facts and feelings balanced and showing how she came to her conclusions
>doesn't want to talk about it too much because even though it's not about her, it's still difficult for her to parse, thought she knew Shannon even if they weren't super close
>understands that lawyers and police weren't able to help Emily because even if you're 100% certain you know who it is, you need to prove who's behind the keyboard
>reached out to Shannon a few times since the allegations, has not heard back
>last time they talked Shannon indicated she'd leave the internet, this was after she deleted her instagram

No. 1257559

Was she not saving any of the money she made??? Wasn't she making a very good amount of money with her BS videos?

No. 1257567

File: 1623785173280.jpeg (283.41 KB, 1284x2778, CB00545C-1CE4-48FF-A777-047F21…)

Didn’t see this posted. Like either talk about it if stfu.

No. 1257574

Probably spent too much of it donating to her "friends" and sending them roses lol

No. 1257581

Yeah how was he just yesterday tweeting out that “i told her personal shit” to now calling her a backstabber? In all fairness to her, she didn’t do shit to him all things considered when she absolutely could have come here and spilled about the shit him and maya have done

No. 1257583

File: 1623787455594.jpeg (86.4 KB, 500x500, 5de1in.jpeg)

Just a helpful reminder to any scorned lurkers. We're all anonymous here. Just don't pull a Shannon

No. 1257586

peanut gallery is doing a live about the whole situation soon. wanna bet it's another shitty opinion(irrelevant)

No. 1257591

It's just another rave/rant about the latest development, titled "100% Concrete PROOF Creepshow Art was Stalking Emily Artful!" even though it's literally just a claim. Not to say I don't believe it, but there was no proof aside from one message sent to Shannon.

No. 1257623

There was plenty of proof, watch the video(imageboard)

No. 1257625


He's turning tail.

No. 1257627

God bless you anon(sage non-contributions)

No. 1257636

This is an imageboard, so said proof should be included if anyone's expected to give some thirsty cloutchaser a click.

No. 1257638

Can we get caps for the anons too lazy to watch the stream?

No. 1257641

File: 1623794174318.png (712.15 KB, 614x4944, screencapture-twitter-Coulterg…)

Saved yourselves the torture of listening to yet another commentator.
Someone who went to college with Shannon tweeted about how she was always open about how much she hated and bullied Emily and bragged about "running her off youtube". No evidence aside from said screenshot >>1257591, but it's credible imo.

No. 1257643

Can we ban all shills from people who aren’t directly involved already????(report and move on)

No. 1257655

So they want to "close this chapter" but also shit out these tweets, and they might have evidence but can't be fucked checking unless lolsuit or something. Also contradict themselves several times. Where's the credible bit?

No. 1257669

Pretty good compilation video of all the quotes Shannon said that would come back to haunt her if she were to ever come back with a lame ass excuse.(read top of thread)

No. 1257670


She says she wasn't even that close to Shamu, but somehow still tries to argue that we can't know for sure. Omg, when will these people stop giving her the benefit of the doubt?

No. 1257672

I don't know if any of you take tarot seriously, but Bea Lucile's reading was really spot on if you compare it with what we know so far.(stop)

No. 1257685

Just realized the first story in this compilation isn't about her husband at all, but about the person Kevin from Shannon's college years who just came forward. She says she tried to get him voice work, Kevin's twitter mentions voiceover work.

No. 1257687

what you guys think, will Shannon post a response some day or will she vanish from internet for the rest of her life?
I'm betting she'll make a comeback eventually… at least try to.(redundant)

No. 1257692

Nah, it's definitely her husband. Why would she call anyone else but her cringey husband "Jesus" and talk about his ex-girlfriend in that vitriolic way?(sage your shit)

No. 1257693

File: 1623798024129.jpeg (260.26 KB, 982x1221, F1E3963E-C8D7-476B-BCAD-4FD885…)

Posting the screenshots from the Twitter thread. Looks like repzion will be making a video after all

No. 1257704

Kevin mentioned having a really fucked up ex named Victoria during the same time he was friends with Shannon. I haven't watched the whole narcissist vid, but does she even say if she dated the guy in the story? It sounds like she's talking about a friend. And the "fucked up stuff" he got her to do, was really her making him complicit in her cyberstalking of Emily. She always projects her shit onto her subjects.

No. 1257706

samefag but please don't make me watch a whole fucking creepshow vid.(newfag)

No. 1257737

File: 1623803308637.jpeg (297.68 KB, 1200x1697, 413B3583-E13F-4EFA-814F-DEA48B…)

Her lack of self awareness weight wise was always a red flag for the delusional shit stain she ended up being all along, her skinny avatar was such a fucking catfish(sage your shit)

No. 1257749

either a great subtle joke or man your in for some content(sage your posts)

No. 1257752

Apparently Shannon gave herself away in some interview, where she namedrops Emily and the library in the same town where one of Emily's IPs where from.

No. 1257757

NTA but until minute 7:00 she talks about Kevin's tweets, after that she talks about Shannon's interview where she mentions Emily and the library

No. 1257849

bowblax just released a video on creepshow and hes not just any commentator- he frequently reports on mainstream shit this is gonna elevate the shitshowart to a whole new level

No. 1257851

not watching it, he’s friends with the fat incel but if anyone here watches it and wants to let us know if it’s good please do.

No. 1257854

kek ive never seen lolcow screenshots in a keemstarlite drama video(no1curr)

No. 1257858

its good in the sense that it sides w emily i guess

No. 1257859

File: 1623821445256.jpg (227.51 KB, 1080x817, IMG_20210616_062229.jpg)

According to a user on r/creepshowart they contacted Shannon's sister after the doxxing and they are now paranoid anyone who contacts them is Shannon or Anthony. It makes you wonder what levels of fucked up things they did to her.

No. 1257867

Alright. I'll bite and watch the Bowblax vid.

>cancellation started due to the twitter account dishsoap1234

>talks about the dishsoap account
>talks about a few CSA lolcow posts. Mostly focuses on the HopelessPeaches comments.
>Brings JAR in @ 3mins in for 3 mins.
>JAR immediately mentions they knew the lolcow posts were from CSA because of the HopelessPeaches posts.
>brings up that JAR & Peaches aren't dating (why?)
>Mentions how CSA accused Peaches of doxxing her.
>Back to Bowblax. CSA is a bully.
>Starts to narrate the ENTIRE CSA community post. This takes up 5 mins of this 13 minute video.
>Mentions a lot of people aren't buying CSA's community post excuse.
>Name drops and shares Omnia's first tweets regarding the CSA situation.
>Shares Emily's twitter thread about her abuse from CSA.
>Closes by saying they wanted to explain how the CSA cancel party started.

No. 1257886

ty anon
cant expect bowblax to be the milky when he’s just reporting what people are saying in twitter, however what he chooses to read in his videos reveals what his own personal opinion really is and it’s not the Oreos lol

No. 1257895

Genuinely curious how Shamoo here is dealing with her name being put on blast, we know she's keeping up with everything due to how inflated her ego is.

No. 1257898

Omnia dropped a video. What if Omnia was also Shannon? They have similar voices. That would be really funny.(not milk)

No. 1257917

For the last god damn time, that is not shannon.

No. 1257971

I don't think so, Shannon's voice is much more unpleasant. Other than that this video doesn't tell us anything new, just summarizes Emily's video and gives Omnia's stance on the situation where she believes Emily.

No. 1257978

The fact that you morons actually believe that Omnia is Shannon is fucking wild. They sound nothing alike.

No. 1257997

the only thing annoying about shannon getting outed for being as cringey as she is is that now shes not saying anything or doing anything online which is b o r i n g

No. 1258008

File: 1623852450037.jpeg (407.81 KB, 1242x1266, 15BF5077-64E8-4F75-A516-089D59…)

Congratulations to Shannon for officially losing 100,000 subscribers.

No. 1258039

File: 1623855623599.jpg (462.88 KB, 714x1642, Creepshow sister.jpg)

That's no wonder, Shannon even sperged about her on Reddit and how she hated her shitty husband "only because he's an innocent white male". Since the story about her dead brother was a lie too, I assume she made up more lies here too to gain sympathy.(already posted)

No. 1258049

File: 1623857258179.jpeg (227.61 KB, 1194x1858, FB2D10AA-B25B-4A98-B4D8-BBA02E…)

D’Angelo Wallace isn’t making a video about Shannon and some people are pissed

No. 1258052

Fans of Peaches are so very offended at everything on her behalf.

No. 1258053

What a pussy

No. 1258068

Never actually seen her talk. Armchair psych for sure but just thought I’d share

No. 1258071

She looks so angry. Must be mad cow disease.

No. 1258074

Do you still think she will address the situation? I mean, her ego is so big that I'm sure she's dying to post something. At the same time, she knows she is f*cked

No. 1258080

I find it very annoying. She didn’t deserve the pile on but she did treat Omnia and Kai shitty and her incel fabboys are still harassing them all because Prison Mate Luke and Shannon lied.

No. 1258082

Shannon looks like a bulldog when she scowls.

No. 1258102

File: 1623862930375.png (35.06 KB, 600x311, 2021-06-16 09_56_25-CreepShow …)

Today is the day shitshow falls below 400k. It's a good start.

serving us underbite

No. 1258107

Tehmimi has dropped her video on Creepshit

No. 1258115

File: 1623864601253.png (296.79 KB, 360x643, Captura.PNG)

Alleged exchange CSA had with Tehmimi right after the lolcow posts went public. She deleted her IG account that's why she appears with a generic name

No. 1258118

>>1258107 at the 23:40 mark in the video CSA admits to Tehmimi LAST YEAR that she came on her thread just to “keep up with what people said about her” damn this bitch literally has been scheming and lying and saying different stories to everyone for so long(sage non-milk)

No. 1258137

Tehmimi also mentioned that she knows Creepshow used an iPhone because they'll send blue colored texts, and now that this ordeal has happened, any texts being sent to her show up as green. So she's either gotten a new phone or most likely changed her number without telling anyone.(sage non-milk)

No. 1258158

File: 1623869304200.jpg (158.06 KB, 1280x963, 90.jpg)

And that's why, kids, you should never enter the commentary world if you are not ready to admit your people judging skills are not that great and not ready to make a video about a youtuber friend of yours because they turned to be a piece of shit

No. 1258166

CSA may as well just delete her channel and get an irl job at this point,bitch made a fool of herself. She hasn't been responding to anything and Amy was the cherry on top of all of it. I genuinely can't believe she uploaded that video on pride after the leak. What a horrible choice. I guess she thought that would get her SJW fans back on her side.

No. 1258171

Or she just turned off imessage…

No. 1258183

Holly just dropped a video

No. 1258213

Shannon should be a cautionary tale to stop spending whatever time you have left on this planet in front of a fucking screen, go find friends and get a fucking life. I get online being a stress release… but Holy shui, living your life on a fourm is really sad and there's no easy way to say it, but you're a loser man. No amount of weird fucking language and edginess fixes reality. Sometimes I wonder if people ask themselves whay they are doing with their life.

She used her time to stalk someone for 8 years, and then uses all the energy she had canceling someone for fucking tracing art…tracing? People actually cared ???

Hope she goes to jail and becomes someone's bitch. Karma in full effect on that one.(newfag)

No. 1258225

I think her main issue has always been knowingly being with someone's abuser and holding illegal blackmail material, I wish people would focus on that rather than her online posts.

No. 1258226

You have thirty minutes to delete posts nonnie, use them wisely.

No. 1258242

The person who interviewed Shannon in 2020 made a video talking about other odd ways she kind of told on herself in that interview

No. 1258255

no, because Shannon has to be fucking retarded to think that we were going to believe her community post, literally everyone knows that she's a shit person, why is she even trying(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1258262

Gotta love unbridled chaos. It also really comes to show that anyone who makes a career out of faking a moral highground and bending over backwards to cater to leftoid twitter lunatics definitely has a collection of really fucked skeletons in their closet. Seeing them all come out at once like this is the most interesting thing that's happened on those forsaken websites in a long while.(sage)

No. 1258264

Also, Shannon changing her profile picture to her younger self is so blatantly manipulative(sage non-milk)

No. 1258266

New video by Just Stop with brief comparison of CSA community post about "Amy" and storytime about the stalker. Besides, he already made a critical video about her a few months back, I found that quite intersting.

No. 1258267

I think the Amy post will be her last in the public eye. She won’t ever come back to the internet after this. All she can do is change her name and go back to whatever jobs were listed on her LinkedIn.

No. 1258269

Holly seems to have matured a lot,I'm glad she's doing well

No. 1258277

Angelika Oles, also considered a fairly big drama channel is covering CSA too now. Apparently she has spoken to Shannon behind the scenes in the past.

No. 1258280

There isn’t much going on anymore but i like that tehmimi and the person who interviewed shamy are airing whatever details they can, i assume more videos about her will come out but none as milky as Emily’s. At this point we don’t need any more videos since Emily’s video is about to outview shamy’s most viewed video ever but any extra exposure is good.

No. 1258282

You know anons I had always thought that shannon was just your average drama youtuber with mild histrionics, not even particularly milky. I would have never imagined how fucking insane and deranged she and her scrote would turn out to be. I’m happy that something good could came out of this site, both exposing a stalker and providing closure to emily.(no1curr)

No. 1258302

Ew no, she's just trying to rebuild her rep

No. 1258304

Drama yt whores be like
>she interacted with my tweet once so I am clearly invited to have a say in this
Strong Regina punched me the face vibe

No. 1258311

Rot in piss Shannon lmao

No. 1258313

Pathological liars are not good liars. They weave overly convoluted stories with way more details than they should know and easily get caught up in their lies. If Shannon did not make the lolcow posts she would have no idea where they were from, who posted them, and would doubt the admins claiming it's her ip, etc. Instead she wrote a novel about a stalker.
You can see the same thing in emilyartful's video where 'britta filter' messages Emily claiming all the stalking was her younger brother whose computer she stumbled upon. Yet she includes details and explanations that she shouldn't know - such as her brother getting her fired and what job emily was fired from (did her 15 year old brother write down his entire evil plan?)
Shannon also has a nasty habit of inserting herself into the narrative (usually as a hero or fellow victim) like when she is confronted by Emily and claims "no I'm not your stalker but I happen to have all of the blackmail and info your stalker has on you because a random account messaged it to me and only me and not a single other youtuber" rather than playing dumb Shannon always reveals that she knows what she shouldn't know.
Anyone claiming there isnt enough 'proof' is ignoring all of this sketchy context.

No. 1258316

Wow very fresh take. Why don't you make make a youtube video about it.

No. 1258319

i mean maybe, but she's small potatoes compared to CSA, she's gotten less milky too sadly.(sage non-milk)

No. 1258338

Didn't she get in trouble for some shit too?

No. 1258356

You know you’re finished when holly brown of all people clowns on you.

No. 1258394


It was underwhelming. She rambled the same points over and over and brought nothing new to the table.

No. 1258413

fat stalker confirmed. no wonder shes jealous of Emily.

No. 1258453

Does anyone happen to know the artist of the image Shannon used as her profile pic that everyone is using in their thumbnails? Wonder how they're feeling about this(spoonfeeding)

No. 1258456


probably feel like a dingus for making art for her. people arent roasting the art theyre roasting her(sage your shit)

No. 1258457

read the thread lol

No. 1258475


Angelika Oles has gotten her ass in fire also. She seems so biased towards these random tiktokers so she can get some clout and doesn’t usually add anything new to whatever content she covers. Then there’s the whole thing about her kissing James and Gabbie Hannah’s ass only to turn on them the moment they’re in drama again. I find her unable to remove any bias from whatever she’s talking about.

Sage for being unrelated to CSA.(off-topic)

No. 1258490

Is on this post nonna >>1257170

No. 1258507

I feel like people gotta stop using the skinny kween Shannon fanart. YouTube thumbnails should have shamy in her true form.

No. 1258532


I really hate all these drama grifters getting involved after having barely any interactions with Shannon. No new information. They're parasites feeding on the bloated corpse of Shannon's channel.

No. 1258539

File: 1623916056056.png (247.92 KB, 500x327, c66bWny.png)

Thats why Shannon is the cow that keeps on giving. You get to see desperate youtubers flip on a whim depending on who seems to be on top

No. 1258560

the only decent video so far. Not an annoying tea channel, not a Oreo-orbiting scrote, just a proper review of the situation.

No. 1258572

Imagine joining youtube in 2024 or something and seeing all these abandoned channels, clicking on the most recent videos and seeing the comments kek(sage)

No. 1258587

Only briefly connected to Shannon, but have you guys seen the stream peanut had with tommy c? He like jumped in to defend oreo and embarrassed himself, he literally sounded like a stereotypical neckbeard.
Can't find her video rn, her channel is gone for some reason

No. 1258592


Who's peanut? Who's tommy c? Why should I care? If it's about DeOrio, go post this in his designated thread.

No. 1258607

>>1258587 peanuts account terminated.

No. 1258609

So Spooc covered This whole drama too, honestly not adding much to it except thinking that Shannon tried to damage control lolcow by derailing threads etc. Not sure if he understands Shannons personality as a whole, but at least he was somewhat neutral on the whole thing.

No. 1258611

she asskisses troons so that shouldn't be too hard to become someones bitch

No. 1258816

File: 1623956889213.png (530.65 KB, 563x1080, csa.png)

for anons that didn't watch the videos, those are texts between shannon and tehmimi about her visiting lc, various people claimed she said multiple different stories in that topic (said to have lc on blockchain, only visiting lillee's thread, sometimes visiting hers to 'keep up', etc.)

No. 1258818

File: 1623956969389.png (221.1 KB, 1315x407, csa.png)

No. 1258824

also shamy sperging out on her friends for not believing her in ig private stories, people have said that she acted really off in their dms
plus it's speculated that she changed her phone number without informing any of her colleagues (iphone texts that were showing as blue suddenly started showing as green)

No. 1258826

File: 1623957234867.png (590.78 KB, 514x741, csa.png)

whoops, forgot to add that screenshot

No. 1258835


>I am most likely not going to post until I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that what occurred was not my doing.

So never then?

No. 1258847

Emily gaining over 50k followers and her video getting 2 million views. Makes me curious to know what Shannon is doing now.

No. 1258858

TBH I think she is dying to give "her side of the story". My guess is that she will break soon and will put the final nail in the coffin

No. 1258862

"like someone will say i think i remember Shannon said this once" literally her self posting trademark lol

No. 1258877

Nah, I don't think so. I think she will just disappear from the internet. She could have came back from the lolcowgate but the emily stuff is just too much.

No. 1258886

This is the cow that thought they could convince everyone they were hacked with a glitchy header pic and later a photo of themselves as a child. And that was before this shit blew up. Having a hopeless case isn't going to stop her.

No. 1258935

lol idk if john swan can come back and "empathize" with dream, so can shitshowart

all you need to come back is for the people attacking you to self-destruct themselves, as with david dobrick and frienemies

No. 1258936

so for example in this case, if emily artful turned out to be a pedophile shannon could come back easy peasy

No. 1258943

problem is Emily admitted she was a POS already. She said she was a bitch, did porn, drugs. She made sure if Shannon came back to attack her it would be with stuff people already knew about.

No. 1258953

She completely tattles on herself…… oh how all the pieces are coming together….. I think this person is genuinely malicious…. these clips reveal it all(repost)

No. 1258954

Shannon would either have to bring something Emily did (that was worse than what she and the elementary schooler she calls husband did), exaggerate Emily's faults or straight up defame her

No. 1258956

Wasn't that video already posted?

No. 1258967

I don't know anon, John Swan didn't get into near as much shit as Shamy. All he did was have some petty beef with Dream, another dramatic scrote so no one cared. Shamy literally stalked, harassed, held CP, and do all this shit with her scrote bf so I think the Shitshow Art will have a much harder time coming back.

No. 1258976

lmao you think someone should be genuinely cancelled for doing drugs and porn

are u living in an amish reality anon
u sound like the onion highkey

"that whore deserves the death penalty for smoking weed!!!11"(integrate)

No. 1258983

John Swan and his very stupid friend trolled a kid for one day. Shannon and Anthony harassed and stalked a woman for 10 years. John was able to come back from his drama because it was just drama, it was always going to blow over eventually, you can’t compare the 2 situations.

No. 1258985

relax Anon. I was saying she CAN'T be cancelled for those things. Mainly because she already admitted them. But yeah, Shannon has nothing on Emily.

No. 1259017

only way she can come back is to just admit she did it out of pure evil intent and jealousy, people will still watch her anyway if she rebrands as a shallon lester type

No. 1259024

If she knew anything about branding she would have already hired a publicist. She has no idea what the fuck to do.

No. 1259037


While I feel bad for Holly, the reason why she's gotten huge amount of shit was due to the huge lies she told. From the infamous I got into Calarts which was debunked, to her Kickstarter and how laughable she was when she talks about how much dick she was having. Which no one believed. Glad she's gotten better though but it was a wild ride with Holly.

No. 1259053

File: 1623971768259.jpeg (123.43 KB, 477x636, BE8EBD5D-D0B4-4964-90E6-4E9D00…)

i been wanting to send Shannon a nice box of chocolates or an edible arrangement or something ever since this all popped off.

i saw a claim she'd been "doxed" by WOACB, but apparently doxed is PIG latin for having her middle name published.

i checked the likely places this info would be… but outside of "Shannon Margaret Campbell & Anthony Parker of Las Vegas, NV" I haven't seen anything yet.

this info needs to get out out there for all the creepshow art fans like me who know she'd never do anything like this and want to mail her well-wishes and such

i don't want the P.O. Box because i was thinking maybe send some of those nice white chocolate dipped pineapple chunks on a stick & i think they need a home address for delivery

just on the off chance, is the info out there anywhere?

if it isn't, i hope someone who knows better than me how to find this kind of info is on the case.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1259089


I can't tell if this is a joke or not, because this is the wrong place to be asking that

No. 1259121

apologize to gabbie hanna is trending right now and y'all are acting like cancelled people can't come back

No. 1259129

It's true, cancel culture isn't actually real. Pretty much everyone always comes back and is accepted with open arms, if not right away. David Dobrik, Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, Logan Paul… long, endless list.

No. 1259132

This level of retard is incredible

No. 1259134

This is a bit different than other "cancelations" I'd wager, anons.
Shannon has 10 years worth of stalking, harassment, and pathological lying to dig herself out of and as it is right now, she's digging with a stick.

No. 1259135

Best things about the creepshow downfall is Holly coming back kek will always have a soft spot for that crazy woman.

No. 1259137

That's true. I do hope she joins the ranks of the onion if she ever decides to return.

No. 1259140

I don’t know. Shannon’s cancellation level is closer to Myka Stauffer’s. I really don’t see how she can return after this

No. 1259144

If the question is can she reintegrate into the community, I think that might be too much of an uphill battle for someone who didn’t put in a lot of work into her content in the first place. If the question is can she keep posting? Sure, she could turn off comments and hide the likes and dislikes and she would probably keep getting some views.

No. 1259145

File: 1623979774987.jpeg (185.7 KB, 788x640, 3AE2ED06-2706-45F5-BDEF-1CB267…)

25% of Shannon’s subscribers have jumped shipped within12 days.

No. 1259211

You’re supposed to send a bunch of pizzas to Shannon’s house, retard.

No. 1259215

Shannon isn't likable enough to come back, a woman, and her fans were mostly the puritan crowd. And of course her behavior was heinous but cancelling wise behavior isn't main thing that determines whether someome can return from cancellation, it's their fanbase.

No. 1259283

Is this proportionally better or worse than the reactbros backlash?

No. 1259351

I've noticed this. Women just don't make it back. Their fanbases will hold the stupidest shit over their heads for ages, if not just make shit up entirely if they're tired of her. Sad.(sage non-milk)

No. 1259358

The most important parts of Tehmimi's video:
>She is part of the group chat that RTG mentioned where her friends are sharing screenshots to compare what Shannon has said privately and her LC posts.
>Shannon lovebombed everyone after the LC reveal to ensure that they will remain loyal to her.
>Prior to her YT hack, Shannon would post tons of tweets having two-factor authentication, strong passwords and other ways to protect herself. She would brag about how tech savvy she is and how unlikely it would be that she could be hacked.
>Tehmimi confirms that Shannon has told her and other creators privately that her YT monthly revenue is $20K, which matches her LC post >>>/snow/1160897
>Shannon makes fun of the artwork in >>>/ot/359582, but then uses it for her own merch.
>Shannon has discussed LC with other creators, but she has told them all different things.
>Tehmimi has a screenshot of Shannon confessing to reading her own LC thread as of Feb of this year.
>Shannon has likely changed her phone number to avoid messages from everybody.

Just Stop's video mostly compares Shannon's stalker video with her community post to show the inconsistencies:
>Shannon says that LC is a hate forum, despite having a video praising it.
>Shannon claims that Amy made the LC posts to ruin her reputation. However many of the posts actually promotes Shannon's paid content, defends her and even shifts the focus of a thread to avoid criticism of her.
>In the stalker video, Shannon says that she interacted with Amy over e-mail and possibly once through Tumblr when she might have started a campaign to label Shannon as a racist. Then Amy sent a message to Shannon's bf to break up with her, which is how she revealed herself to be the stalker all along. But none of this was brought up in the community post.
>The community post talks about Amy creating Facebook sock accounts, sending self-harm content and being obsessed with Shannon's sister.
>In fact, in the stalker video, Shannon's sister is only mentioned in an fleeting remark and says that Amy's e-mails told her to kill herself, but never mentioned containing self-harm content.
>The descriptions and actions of Amy in the stalker video don't match with the community post.
>Shannon has deleted a lot of videos where Amy is mentioned, which could be used to cross-reference and prove/disprove her claims about the stalker… which is highly suspicious.

No. 1259388

Came here to sperg because of the state of retards CSA drama has attracted.

She has no idea what she is talking about.

Passwords are hashed, so you can't combine variations of passwords - this is the norm. Even suggesting the passwords aren't hashed is ridiculous and made me sus of all of her claims. The admin would have never passed a 2FA with trying out the password, even if they happened to be unhashed somehow. Most likely lolcow uses cookies that are tied in with other information sources and could see her device models, and realised she uses exact same devices from social media. She would know this in combination with IP locations and language analysis used to be a robust model. In addition, photo data is stripped by most devices these days during upload to a site, without even mentioning lolcow doesn't require you to post an image. It's not a required field. Like most modern sites lolcow probably has to have a multilevel identity tie, which she would know since it's an industry standard - if she had any actual resemblance of facts of what she was talking about. She would absolutely know that the application level data sent on POST has a lot more information than some retard cookie shit. This is not even going into the mere basics of what the hell a TTL of 2 days actually means and she is confusing expiration and removal of cookies. An expired cookie does not mean it's removed, and the fact she thinks those two are the same is one of the hottest "TECH PROFESSIUNAAL" take I have seen in a long time.

>keeps on bringing up how she worked with people who had PhD's once upon a time
>ridiculous claims about how passwords are sent and not stored as hashed
>doesnt realise hashing is a backend thing before storage
>is confused frontend autogenerated password is plaintext stored
>thinks lolcow image field is required
>thinks name and email field are needed
>doesn't know the difference between soft bans vs hard bans
>brags that she evaded a soft ban
>doesn't realise she's probably not the first retard to try and apply for admin position during this drama
>got some bullshit reply from admin that probably took the piss out of her that she took at facevalue
>goes on about some tirade about california laws and data selling
>somehow manages to get the legislation framework for both wrong
>thought the domain privacy setup tells where a site is actually hosted
>brags about how she used whois.com to figure out lolcow secrets
>still cant figure out the domain privacy provider used by lolcow is the one listed as contact information
>thus concludes somehow lolcow is tunneled through panama
>confused what cookie expiration and removal are
>has no idea how IP's work and what POST data contains
>has some tard CSI TV show idea of metadata
>keeps on talking about "identity bridging"
>has no idea what actual identity bridging is

No. 1259393

So basically, she didn't even bother to read the rules and usage info neither know how an imageboard works

No. 1259399

File: 1624010746397.jpeg (70.13 KB, 720x706, E370CE3A-D5E3-421A-8DD2-962C88…)

holy uneducated fuck this video is hot garbage

No. 1259405

File: 1624012005704.gif (351.5 KB, 245x209, tumblr_mmizbjl6Kv1s200lko1_250…)


Since every smooth brain wants to do their hot takes now on lolcow and CSA…. At least these grifter youtubers posting their hot takes provides some second hand cringe milk. Even has provided us with Holly Brown getting out of her slumber.

Lots of unexpected milk from unexpected sources with this CSA outing.

No. 1259410

File: 1624012788194.jpeg (63.43 KB, 1200x800, 7A9FD76F-B703-4B30-8F2C-64810E…)

Fine bros started out with over 14 million. Creepshow’s loss proportionally is much worse.

No. 1259414

Gabbie Hanna would like a word.

Not really sure this was worth the sperg. There must be a million of these out there. Almost all of her videos get @100 views. She's literally a nobody gasping for clout.

No. 1259419

I strongly feel the reason why they harassed Emily for so long is because Emily took the break up and Anthony's new relationship with Creepy too well. I think because she had a drug addiction, they thought she'd go further into her addiction. Not get out of it. I also heard exes get PISSED when a former partner gets pregnant and/or reaches moderate financial success. I think in their heads they though harassing her was harmless fun and hoped it would lead to her downfall. I think they detested following in her footsteps and wanted to flip the script.(sage your shit)

No. 1259420

Not too late to delete this since it’s not saged. Type sage in the email field.

No. 1259422

Add in the music video that featured Emily's vocals. (So she sings, draws, and does make up. That's so wild). It was 100% fucked up that Anthony would weaponize their insecurities and pit them against each other. I can't imagine my significant other inviting me into a project and putting effort into it. Only for him to CHOOSE to put his ex for the project, complete with him, and to pass along her insult at me. He blatantly chose Emily over Creepy over and over in his own sick way for 8+ years. I get Creepy might be upset, but I would have just dumped the sore loser. Not become one.(no1curr, sage your shit)

No. 1259423

For whatever reason. I don't think Creepy thought she could've done better than Anthony. I don't think Anthony could find a more devoted female clone. It's a shame people waste their lives harassing their exes, staying in shitty relationships (friends or romantic), and perpetuating abuse.(integrate)

No. 1259435

I'd say Gabbie Hanna is a great example of holding the stupidest shit over someone's head and the fanbase making stuff up. She's mostly just annoying and excessive, not a danger to society. Men come back from beating and raping women and have better comment sections than Gabbie.(sage your shit)

No. 1259442

Well, she also spearheaded a harassment campaign against Rachel Oates for the crime of - gasp - not liking her poetry book that she sent to her.

No. 1259494

She also is a rape apologist and supported/hung out with her friends' rapist and "heard his side" then lied about it all. She perpetuated a fake rumor about jen dent raping a kid on her patreon because her fanbase wanted something to run with and threatens fans who are minors w lawsuits if they talk negatively about her (she's 30). She has like 500 patrons willing to pay her at least 7 dollars a month so i doubt shes "cancelled" but people have a ton of reasons to think shes a creep. She is such a pick me and human shield for degenerate scrotes that now nick oreos and auglie are simping for her because they cant for creepshow anymore. Oh not to mention the constant victim mentality after defending the worst people. No one needs to "make shit up" about her she clowns on herself all the time. Someone who records themselves screaming while driving and gets her audience to mass report someones instagram is a danger to society because shes a lunatic. Her shitlist is long.
People were after curtis lepore for raping jessi and thats when gabbie jumped out to like all his tweets and read from her pick me script "thousands of girls from my city cry rape" and "everyone thought you were lying about being raped so i did too". Maybe if she wasnt such a loud mouth martyr for rapists the scrote would've been properly cancelled and gabbies terrible music would have a dozen more 12 yr olds listening to it.(derailing)

No. 1259522

>people who get their audience to mass report an INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT are psychotic dangers to society
Kek, please shut the fuck up. Gabbie's just a rite-aid version of Trisha Paytas, not some menace to society. All she really needs to do is check into therapy, take her meds, and get the fuck off the internet. It's not that deep.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1259545

Kinda sad there’s no new milk. It’s been so good the last week or so. I’m hoping Shannon is bold enough to come back here (thinking she can outsmart someone) or post some bullshit online. Sadly, I think it’s gonna be a long ass time before she even tries again.

No. 1259548

The amount of people praising her in the comments is disheartening, and she ignores people calling her out

No. 1259556

Repzilla just dropped a vid about CSA

No. 1259594

File: 1624040857109.png (1.7 MB, 1334x750, 99BAADFD-896E-45C3-9A47-96E0DA…)

Lol at this bitch not knowing what a blockchain is…

No. 1259595

my tinfoil says it took him so long to post, because he's been enjoying shamu's downfall just as much as farmers.

i wish a body analyst would react to this dramatic hillybilly kek. this dude feels so disingenuous - he's smiling as big as chris watts talking about wanting his family to be safe and come back. i remember anons trying to make a thread on him, and it kept getting deleted for 'vendetta' but i've been very sus ever since.

No. 1259601

File: 1624041511948.png (128.94 KB, 1394x765, reddit_creepy.png)

This whole thing got me wondering if she actually posted herself on r/delusionalartists and used it to make herself look funny or interesting. Shame OP deleted their account, because some of their comments in the reddit thread read shannony, given the "it's not my fault sarcasm can't be conveyed so well over text…" comment that then goes on to promo her videos and how she's been posting about herself here(tinfoiling)

No. 1259604

Considering everything else she's done, having a reddit sockpuppet to post herself with and converse with is extremely within the realm of possibility.

No. 1259610

File: 1624042328493.png (71.03 KB, 814x262, Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 2.51…)

Removed Reddit for the win, user is kermitwormm.

No. 1259615

File: 1624043048568.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 934x1098, Screenshot 2021-06-18 at 20.03…)

sage for no input but shannon's new youtube picture always reminds me of this

No. 1259616

Here's another deleted thread started by a pinkblossomdrop. The user is now deleted.

No. 1259630

Our favourite little victim did a video. I dont care enough about how her and shannon aren’t friends anymore but posting for anons that are interested

No. 1259638

Hopeless Peaches is streaming about Shitshow.

No. 1259670

Super glad her friends are seeing her for what she is and distancing themselves from her. Karmas a bitch ain’t it, she tried to separate Emily from having a support system and now everyone in her life is leaving her instead.

No. 1259675

>>1259615 I shout laughed when I saw this, I really thought it was the same pic for a second

No. 1259681

Is the brown haired character suppose to be Shannon…? Why is every drawing I see of her she is so skinny?

No. 1259705

She is fucked up in the head. She seriously needs to get help. What a creep.(newfag)

No. 1259731

I already looked up u\pinkblossomdrop and its not shannon. The user was far too skinny to be her and posted lots of NSFW stuff. But There was resemblance I wont lie

No. 1259735

Someone had a reupload of a song from Anthony's soundcloud, it's bad

No. 1259744

Is this supposed to be the sound effects of a creaking ship?

No. 1259747

File: 1624055756542.jpg (368.1 KB, 960x696, cencor.jpg)

Reposting censored picture

Her sibling just went public and is supposedly answering questions.

No. 1259759

I fast forwarded through most of it cause those 5 minutes feels like 5 hours. Its not as bad as i was expecting. His vocals are nasally and sound like theyre coming from a mouth breather though. Its definitely got that pretentiously "experimental" musician vibe to it (you know the type). The type that could write a 10 hour ambient noise avant garde post rock experimental album but couldnt write one 3 and a half minute catchy song to save their life. Now im curious to hear what shannons voice sounds like since emily said it was bad lol

No. 1259764

Milk it harder peaches! The cow's not quite dead yet.
I'm ready for people to turn on this attention whore too. CSA being cancelled has just emboldened her.

No. 1259765

gonna go ahead and guess they were real with her too because she could turn around and drop receipts on them if she wanted and had any dirt. she fucked herself over and panicked.

No. 1259769

In Emily's video I believe she plays a clip of Anthony and Shannon singing on a track together

No. 1259770

HAHAHA i wonder how her "legal resolution" to this situation is going. I can't wait for her sobby eyed response to this. "Ugh my guy….I didn't mean it…my stalker…."(sage your shit)

No. 1259771

also the fact that she got caught IN THIS WAY is so stoooooopid like if she didnt doxx her dearest sister poo then noone would know and she can keep going back to exposing Onision and lillie jean or whatever she does these days.(Samefagging)

No. 1259772

Shannon's sibling is doing an AMA on their twitter. If anyone has any burning questions about Shannon… now's the time.

No. 1259788


No. 1259791

File: 1624059581854.jpg (89.29 KB, 600x573, 2021-06-18 16_34_11-csa-siblin…)

more confirmation

No. 1259794

File: 1624059772346.png (356.31 KB, 600x458, 2021-06-18 16_42_11-(20) Emily…)

interesting tidbit

No. 1259800

If you type in a sentence from the screenshots into the twitter search bar, you will find the tweet.

No. 1259801

As much as this could be true, I also feel like Emily is now looking for things to compare Shamy to herself and showing her audience for more victim points.

She's really milking this situation it looks like. Like, jeez Emily calm down and let it rest. It doesn't do you any good to start making conspiracy theories about every little thing.

If true though, that's funny as fuck.(integrate)

No. 1259802

What a freak

No. 1259804

File: 1624060204286.png (90.86 KB, 541x518, Screenshot 2021-06-18 4.43.04 …)

Not milk, but sibling confirms Bobby was their cousin

No. 1259807

I don't get the feeling she's milking the situation. I think it's just a major mindfuck and probably feels good to be vindicated, knowing she probably won't have real justice

No. 1259808


>"…as I have been a point of obsession for her over the years "

yike indeed

No. 1259816

Any proof this is actually her? I want to believe but …

No. 1259819

It's the same username of Creepshow's Instagram doxx

No. 1259821

File: 1624061088930.jpeg (442.39 KB, 1193x1193, 565F50E0-E4AF-4FA6-875E-558A05…)

No. 1259824


It's the same Twitter acct she doxxed, they're definitely the same person.

No. 1259825

I don’t think she’s milking, but even if she was she’s kind of earned it having to sit silent for so long. Only thing she did wrong here is spell it organge.

No. 1259830


She's been harassed for several years, I give her a pass if she wants to milk it. She deserves something decent out of this

No. 1259834

Shanthony is that you?("hi cow")

No. 1259850


This guy is so faaaaakkkkeeee

The only way Creepshow can come back and gain some support is to expose her online "friends" with the dirt they told her they wouldn't online.

No. 1259889

File: 1624068728577.jpeg (263 KB, 1284x1217, 158192C7-FD66-4BFE-9FF3-F6F9C7…)

No. 1259892

File: 1624068927027.jpeg (147.44 KB, 1284x544, 93CE755E-549A-4E14-B98B-023EB7…)

Sis isn’t aware of Amy either…of course she’s not…

No. 1259896

File: 1624069152633.png (19.78 KB, 518x117, Screenshot 2021-06-18 10.18.32…)

Not milky, but I thought it was interesting.

reposted to crop out the username

No. 1259898

If Shannon tried to an hero in light of all these events, would we ever know about it? She's gone real quiet and so far blocked everybody out and this is a pretty nasty blow out. I can't imagine the person who built their entire career shitting on others having anything more than paper skin themselves.

There's petty shit like making rumors and stealing content but there's something about the way she toyed with people that makes this whole drama fascinating to follow.

No. 1259903

Participation prize culture

No. 1259906

Her sister speaking up is a big deal in a way, she could be another case of stalking on her own and adds even more credibility to Emily’s claims, still circumstantial evidence but we know that most likely as good as it’s going to get. Shamy must regret trying to deflect attention to her sister.


I don’t see that doing anything to be honest, highly doubt she has any dirt on them comparable to what she’s being accused of, she could at most bring down a couple of them with her but they were nobodies anyways.

No. 1259909

File: 1624070429117.jpeg (148.52 KB, 1284x577, 316918FD-A706-4F4D-B969-5FB86A…)

She credited Emily’s story either way. Apparently she told her parents about it.

No. 1259912

File: 1624070564400.jpeg (143.64 KB, 1284x528, 3FF1D4E3-4557-4613-9CF4-23FB74…)

Last one. She explains the cousin/brother thing as well.

No. 1259917

Thanks for being the third person to post this

No. 1259918

File: 1624071342671.jpeg (855.38 KB, 3072x3072, 307B47D9-1225-4C8B-BF5A-7C36FF…)

I lied. I keep finding more interesting things. I think I’m done now. Peep how Shannon reached out like days before. It’s super consistent with how she love bombed everyone right before shit really hit the fan.

No. 1259928

File: 1624072369458.png (53.55 KB, 599x455, holy shit look at that sub los…)

Looks like Shannon might beat James Charles for most subs lost in a specific period of time.

No. 1259929

>Casting doubt that a girl who aggressively harassed another woman for 10 years would dye her hair the same color intentionally

This is skinwalker step 1, usually the style copying is first, then the stalking. It's likely Shannon has irl copied Emily's appearance in several ways, we just didn't see them since she avoided posting her face/body online.

No. 1259942

Didnt ready to glare say she reached out to her or am i mistaken? The guilt should be eating away at shannon but I think the majority of us would not want to see someone an hero from this. Theres no room for a shannom redemption arc at this point but at the very least she could issue a sincere apology then spend the rest of her life doing things to help atone for a decade of batshit insane behavior

No. 1259947

File: 1624075518567.jpeg (139.66 KB, 1170x575, ABF806DE-EF7C-4706-80AD-6B9F4E…)

didn’t have to scroll far to find this tweet but the date kind of fits in line with her other friend’s love bombing claims. Maybe Shannon thought if she sent her sister money she’d keep quiet when all of this came out, either way pretty hilarious and showing of her reoccurring behavior.

No. 1259950

You’re welcome. My bad though. Definitely should have double checked. I called myself doing so but I fucked up.

No. 1259956

At this point it’s safe to say she stalked both Emily and their sibling, by the way props to the people who did try to keep their handle hidden, they are not privated as of now but they made clear they will set their account private tomorrow

No. 1259964

>Sent KT money after making video on her
>Randomly sent sister money after harassing her
>Sent ReadytoGlare flowers just days before shit hit the fan

Any other instances of her sending money/gifts to people?

No. 1259966

Don't worry, anon. Narcs never really an hero. They just use the threat of it to hold people emotionally hostage. If Shannon turns up dead, find Anthony before he finds a school or shopping mall.

No. 1259971

I genuinely wish that somebody could be able to keep tabs on her. Her friends were all dumped and her own sister is crowdfunding a lawsuit right now. I don't think there's anyone right now that knows where she is.

I'd hope to see her in jail or in some sort of mental rehabilitation. But I'll take this public dressing down over a corpse if possible. She's gutter scum but I don't want her to die over this.

Also like, the fuck is Anthony doing during all this?

No. 1259982


Kinda bitchy but Emily looks so much better than Creepshow. I'm surprised she attacks people's appearance with the way she looks.

No. 1259983

File: 1624086427956.jpg (56.82 KB, 600x329, 2021-06-18 23_47_03-(20) csa-s…)

No. 1259985

I dont think for once this is skinwalking Emily, rather she dyed her hair like this immediately after becoming “close” with Ashlee who had the “e-girl goth” red and black

No. 1259987

I don't think I have the emotional strength to listen to some regular person try and explain how imageboards work…

No. 1259993

File: 1624090519036.jpg (107.77 KB, 674x764, hNMc4Qd.jpg)

Don't bother, she herself doesn't know what an imageboard is and how it works.

Anyway, Shannon's sibling is soon going private, here is something about Shannon's ~van life~ homeless larping edition

No. 1259997

File: 1624091572643.jpg (101.53 KB, 671x986, IYYH7Em.jpg)

More on Shammy not actually having the moral high ground and SJWness she portrayed on youtube.

Also, Keemstar mod lmao

No. 1260003


It's hilarious to me that she always touted being homeless as a sob story when not only was it by choice, but Oregon is literally the best state to be homeless in. There's so many programs and free shit for homeless people in Oregon they can even get paid to shit on the street and then spray it down.

No. 1260015

meh. portlandfag here and the cleaning shit on the streets thing isn’t true, and the homeless population is so large the programs are essentially useless for actual homeless people. shannon was living in her car by choice when we have people freezing to death on the streets and getting their tents ripped and raided by cops so every time she brought up being uwu homeless in portland uwu it always bothered me. if she did participate in those programs she should feel even worse knowing the hoops social workers/advocates make people jump through to qualify that DO need the help.

No. 1260016

The only way I can see her coming back from this is if she throws Anthony under the bus and claims he did all this/used her phone/computer to send the messages. Even then, the accusations from people who know her in real life make this a bit hard to come back from

No. 1260021

The only real way she can actually survive this is if she signs herself into a mental health facility and holds herself 100% accountable. If she isn't willing to own this and get professional help to change then she is damned forever. It doesn't seem like she intends to do that.

No. 1260042


£135 that is pitiful, thought it be more higher considering how big this drama is

No. 1260046

Abusers tend to escalate when their partners try to leave, but her entire life is so entangled with his I dont think Shannon has any idea what to do with herself without him. Focus on the youtube career she threw away over her retarded vendettas? Was she ever genuinely interested in art or was it all to skinwalk Emily? Really I'm more worried about them escalating towards Emily than I am about Shannon winning a Darwin award.

Virtually nothing has changed for Anthony Parker. He was a nobody before this and he's a nobody now. Neither of them is likely to face legal consequences for what they've done. Shamy's probably being needier than usual since she split on her entire social support system, but he still needs her to collect those youtube adbux. All he's lost is Shannon's YouTube income. Anybody know how long that lasts if she never uploads again?

No. 1260049


Her art is rubbish , she won't be able to make a career out of it. Hence why she asked her followers to contribute thier videos, fooling a degree of people thinking she can art. Hell, even Holly is a better artist than her

No. 1260058

sorry for spoonfeed but do we know if Shannon knew lcf admins were going to expose her before they did?

No. 1260061


I be interested too, most likely she tried to post but got banned and reason why. Hence freaking out and lovebombing everyone..

No. 1260067

Do we know if the person organizing the GFM is innocent or are they just milking the drama?

No. 1260077

Yeah, they’re innocent. The Jakeyonce situation has been talked about in the first thread so go read that but basically Shannon accused them of sharing his underage nudes when that did not happen

No. 1260085

A lot of Shannon’s videos were demonetized for language/content, which is why she had sponsors. To answer your question though, Adsense doesn’t stop sending checks if you stop uploading. She’ll continue to get paid for whatever videos are monetized & public.

No. 1260112

Speaking of sponsors and adsense i went through all her videos and she didn’t get a sponsor from NordVPN, ngl I’m pretty disappointed

No. 1260113

>>1260112 you gave her a view for each of her 290 videos? great work anon keeping the fatties pockets lined.

No. 1260115

i’m pretty sure anon just went through the google drive archive of her videos

No. 1260116

I would think Anthony would at least mention somewhere if she died.

No. 1260127

Yeah and to be honest, even if I didn’t, 290 videos wouldn’t even get her $5

No. 1260132

boy she sure draws herself very very favorably contrary to what she looks like irl.

No. 1260134

Iirc that’s not her artwork. She’s even worse at drawing

No. 1260136

That and lets be real. If people drew her actual body type everyone would scream fat phobic.

No. 1260142



Repzilla also said Shannon started love-bombing everyone in May as well.

No. 1260150

File: 1624119570634.jpg (53.25 KB, 1284x314, E4MYLZzVIAAqPfp.jpg)

What is this?

No. 1260151

File: 1624119690715.png (122.45 KB, 518x560, lc-harassment.png)


No. 1260156

File: 1624120327288.jpg (111.31 KB, 1033x466, IMG_20210619_133120.jpg)

Did anyone screenshot the answer?

No. 1260163

I didn’t screenshot it but she said that nobody harassed her and she found out about the doxxing early last week when a reporter contacted her because they were writing an Insider article about the situation

No. 1260170

that makes so much sense.. Shannons niceness always seems to have a motive and its such a coincidence that they got those flowers a week before this shit went down

No. 1260179

I'm not sure what this is supposed to be proving. There's clear and succinct evidence that Shannon was the one posting so…

No. 1260180


sage for derailing but this cunt pisses me off so much. no idea who she was before yesterday but what a fucking idiot.

No. 1260186

I cant stand this lady's voice and manner of speaking. Not exactly shannon levels of obnoxious but annoying

No. 1260190

I took a skimmed look through her comments and only saw a single fresh account that picked apart her video, the rest of the “discrediting” comments were from accounts 5-12 years old, with old videos and playlists, didn’t seem much like socks to me but I’m retarded when it comes to this stuff. The vast majority of comments are effusive praise.

No. 1260197

Shannon’s editor and friend Nathan just made a video about her (despite saying he wouldn’t)

No. 1260221

Short, but here's a summary. I don't think much of consequence was said:

Edited for Shannon from Jan 2021 on. Says he wasn't aware of much internet drama beyond what was included in the video. Says Shannon was a good friend and supported him. Saw her story which said she was thinking of quitting Youtube, talked to her. She kept putting that she had No Friends despite his and many others reaching out. Apologizes for making a bad video on Shannon's channel? Apologizes to Emily.

Says no further statement will be made.

No. 1260230

File: 1624126712651.png (534.58 KB, 2048x1285, Screenshot_20210619-141350.png)

Yeah I'm getting sick of this shit. Only person who ever NEEDED to make a video was Emily. God fuck these fags. He already made a long tweet apologizing why does he need to make a video too? Also fatass attention whore loey in his comments lol.

No. 1260233

Says he made a bad video on Shamy's channel that wasn't well researched or had good intent, pretty on brand for Shamy. Maybe he'll be the next Shitshow. Also kinda felt like he cared more about the paycheck for editing her stuff rather than actually being there for her. Tinfoil, but that was my impression of it.

No. 1260253

yeah lol. it's easier to understand why this sort of shit happens when you remember that women who attack the appearance of others to the degree shannon does are insaaanely insecure and projecting

No. 1260266

File: 1624128542432.gif (974.03 KB, 500x324, giphy3.gif)

I like how she immediately thinks its lolcow admin and not just some random farmer trolling her. This site has probably tens of thousands of daily visitors. It would make way more sense to assume it's a farmer fuckign with her, but no instead she is so special it MUST be the admin herself.

Also yeah half of the shit admin says there are lies that anyone who has ever gone to townhall would know to be fake. So looks like indeed admin was just entertaining weenies and the weenie in this case fell for it and is even now doubling down on their weeniedom. SAD!

Yeah clearly some random farmer fucking with her and instead of ignoring a troll, she doubles down and makes herself look extra retarded. Ì smell a future cow in making.

No. 1260268


B-but their email is "admin@lolcow.farm"! So it MUST be true!

No. 1260274

She admits in a Youtube clip that she only spent a few moments on the site(!) before making a whole video about it, and all her assumptions were based on the "new thread" option not reply option

I pity whoever works with this "software engineer"

No. 1260278

That seems strange to me, they advocate for "accepting and loving all bodies", but drawing someone as they are is bad because…????

No. 1260289


Is she trying to come off as even more retarded, because she didn't need to try harder. She was already looking really stupid. Or is this an excercise on humiliating herself as much as she can?

No. 1260308

File: 1624130574395.png (153.22 KB, 804x882, embarassment.png)

In addition to this, some random bot followed her and she's claiming it's the lolcow admin. This chick is special levels of retarded, holy shit.

No. 1260309

tinfoil, is Shannon al over again

No. 1260316

can we not give that fucking retard the attention she wants. you just know she's refreshing this

No. 1260336

File: 1624132125095.png (47.17 KB, 582x340, keemmeme.png)

Leave it to Keemstar to turn the whole situation into a joke!

No. 1260343

apologies if its been covered but did shannons sister get suspended from twitter? Or is it a fake account. I am having trouble finding her twitter from just the defamation gofundme or searching her full name

No. 1260346

Pretty sure she made it private again and maybe changed some stuff around so people wouldn't go looking for her again. Maybe she did deactivate, I can't imagine wanting to be connected to this Shitshow.

No. 1260349

she privated it again. she only went public to answer questions.

No. 1260375

File: 1624134435111.jpeg (40.18 KB, 422x700, Shannon.jpeg)

I fucking hate Keem but that's pretty good.(no1curr)

No. 1260401


Like these people like him and Tipster give a fuck Look at that fat fuck sperging on trying to milk this for his channel.

Plus that video editor is sad as he's regular income is gone now.

No. 1260460

Torn between agreeing and thinking she is on her way to her own thread. Wouldn't need admin to out her self-posting

No. 1260480

Well her first instinct was to ask a girl criticizing her about her breast implants in this male dominated industry.. Really regret not taking a screenshot before she deleted the whole thread. She seems a little wacky to me.

No. 1260509

File: 1624146347994.jpg (215.14 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20210619-155203_You…)

But I did anon KEKKKK what a fuckin weirdo

No. 1260511

KEK, you are my hero

No. 1260547

KEK Second hand embarrassment is real. What was the rest of the conversation, anyone remember?

No. 1260551

There wasn't anything after that, just someone saying "hey that's a fucking weird comment", and her replying with something about being "genuinely curious, didn't mean to come off as bitchy" or something close to that.

No. 1260553

is she retarded or just completely stoned all of the time? embarrassing

No. 1260554

File: 1624150596567.jpeg (741.46 KB, 1242x1668, C84EB9FA-268E-4105-B05B-AF1BB1…)

not the same convo, but she also said this, saying it was all clickbait

No. 1260569

She didn't even know the tech side of it. Of course website administrators have the ability to identify users, even when they post anonymously. It irritates me when people come strolling in to explain some shit they don't know themselves.

No. 1260590

She should learn the lesson shannon didnt and stop publically messing around on lolcow before she becomes the lolcow. Youtubers treat this site like its rocket science, just dont self post, dont talk about lolcow and dont make it obvious you lurk and you probably wont be talked about much if your content isnt particularly milky. Shannon would not have been in the state she is now if she just wouldnt have self posted here as much as she did

No. 1260592

negative attention is still attention. Even though Shannon is currently fucked she's jealous of the attention Shannon is getting right now.

No. 1260595

File: 1624155171007.png (84.08 KB, 720x715, Screenshot_20210619-220930~2.p…)


She is certainly getting attention!

No. 1260614

This ain't milky but it sure is funny.

No. 1260624

shannon should go on dr phil

No. 1260632

File: 1624163213699.png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1797x2048, Screenshot_20210620-002352.png)

Somehow it being a shitty furry artist that's making fun of Shannon's art makes this even funnier to me.

No. 1260633

Even though Dr. Phil is a crock of shit too, I would love to see this. Maybe Shane Dawson can do a redemption story for her as his comeback.

No. 1260636

jokes aside, that happening could easily push Emily over 1m subscribers

No. 1260703

There been any update from Shannon herself? Do you think she's afraid to even check the thread because she thinks the admins know she's reading?

Part of me thinks she's fled from the internet but another part of me thinks she's thirsty for that "20k per month" shit that she would be desperate enough to try to weasel her way back in.

I'm getting sick of the sheer volume of people making vids for the clout and I wanna see something substantial from a first party here.

No. 1260708

This covers a lot of tweets that weren't archived here. I think it's interesting that Shannon's sister claimed she's been harassing them since 2015.

No. 1260710

>I just realized that this could come off as ingenuous given the context but…
Did this absolute retard mean DISingenuous or was she admitting she only asked to be a cunt?

It's like Shamy raised these cows to send us milk while she's gone. So thoughtful.

No. 1260711

It's not too late to delete this, farmer. If we're not protecting the sister's privacy, why give this fat scrote views for reading off an archive.org capture you could have linked instead?

No. 1260713

This. He’s milking for views, dude can’t make a solid stance and copes for his scrote friends anyway. Don’t give him views when anons can read it for themselves.

No. 1260722

File: 1624183789031.png (108.02 KB, 1081x673, 1.PNG)

No. 1260723

File: 1624183937831.png (35.48 KB, 1326x442, 2.PNG)

If the "Darlene" thing is true -
Did Shammy live in OR at this time?

No. 1260743

File: 1624187960326.jpg (208.3 KB, 2048x1185, PhotoCollage_1624187696888~3.j…)

Sage for tinfoil but looking at the bangs I'm convinced Shannon has used her sisters pic as her avatar on YouTube. Perhaps a couple months between the photos as the bangs are longer in the left pic. The sisters look nothing alike and with Shannon's record of being obsessive I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1260761


But Tipster is so broken and cut up, they were friends after all. How can you be so mean?

Yeah fuck him, he's friends with Augie and Oreo and Keem. You know they're loving this and and getting them easy views. This fuck is such a hypocrite.

No. 1260777

File: 1624192830460.jpeg (20.04 KB, 308x311, B2D4799E-A21B-432F-B898-2DCE53…)

I’ll take my “hi cow” ban but nice self post, Chelsea. These cows learned nothing from Shannon’s outing. Surprised Chelsea wasn’t out celebrating Juneteenth considering she claims to be a white passing PoC (picrel)

No. 1260778

I’m not chelsea. If I posted on Twitter like she does I would’ve just logged off permanently by now out of sheer embarrassment.

No. 1260799

sage for nitpick but holy fuck the excessive use of "folks" and "–" is grating

No. 1260802

somebody said it

No. 1260804

Her sister mentions her moving to Oregon at some point during 2016 here: >>1259993
So probably.

No. 1260807

this isn’t her, i looked up her full name in oregon’s court records and the shannon you’re posting about has a DOB of 1965

No. 1260823

File: 1624200313667.png (30.03 KB, 590x320, shititsshanon.png)


No. 1260825

File: 1624200475721.png (40.8 KB, 532x572, shanon.png)


Kinda sus, but whatevs

No. 1260828

i may be looking too much into this, but from what i can tell, the account seems to have been made someone who isn’t fluent in english, so i highly doubt it’s her unless she posts some proof.

No. 1260829

I was thinking the same thing, the speech pattern doesn't really sound like her to me either.

No. 1260835

File: 1624202290488.png (569 KB, 748x760, Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 11-16…)

Yeah no this is stupid.

No. 1260837

File: 1624202849774.jpeg (953.46 KB, 1242x2021, AE41ECFD-B63E-49A7-B3CE-50269C…)


No. 1260842

File: 1624203397232.jpeg (669.02 KB, 1242x1534, 57B58912-20D3-400B-9326-42EC2B…)

this person doesn’t fucking know when to stop. they already got called out, deleted their tweets and now they’re back again. what the fuck.

No. 1260851

Sorry but who cares? Just some random and irrelevant acc. Ignore them/don’t give attention.

No. 1260858

nah I'd rather Amanda from Swell Entertainment make a Shamy video, weren't they friendly? or maybe Shannon just lovebombed Amanda per her usual m.o.

No. 1260863

These look like two different children and the one on the right looks more like Shannon to me

No. 1260866

I love me some Amanda, but this situation doesn't really fit with her content. Unless she wants to review Shannon's shitty art

No. 1260867

Samefag. It doesn’t sound or read anything like her normal patterns.

No. 1260888

File: 1624209758742.jpeg (626.5 KB, 1242x2059, 819452C0-B879-444C-9BA6-430BE2…)

they confirmed they weren’t shannon, but allegedly they’re a friend of hers? in a now deleted tweet, they said they were contacted by someone else (not shannon) to post on her behalf until she was ready to return, but i call bs.

No. 1260897

File: 1624210267306.png (64.4 KB, 533x628, did.png)

No. 1260898

Is there any proof that's the same person behind the Twitter account, or is this all just people claiming to be other people for unknown reasons?

No. 1260950

I wish Shannon would come out and blame everything on DID, that would be very funny.

No. 1261036

Yeah. She should come out and say that Amy is actually her alter, who is evil and bitchy. Please shannon, you know you want to do it.

No. 1261076

I’d actually buy that before believing Amy is a real human person kek

No. 1261107

>human person
anon stahp

No. 1261111

Posting for keks

No. 1261122

Sometimes I feel sorry for people getting #canceled but when you go out of your way to shit on people for far less then yeah, she deserves this.

She contributed to this PC culture bullshit and now she's getting a taste of her own medicine.

No. 1261130

For the first few secs I thought this was a satire of all the other art youtubers out there covering the creepshow topic.
You know, because before they cover how creeps is a bad person(regurgitating info) they need to cover all of their bases and say “oh yeah I use to be complicated, but I’m much better now, unlike HER”.

No. 1261135

this is personally my favorite parody video atm. it sounds exactly like her!

No. 1261157

She needs to redo the same line for 15 seconds and she is perfect

No. 1261440

File: 1624297242852.png (26.66 KB, 586x330, rp.png)

Can anyone find the (archived) video mentioned in this tweet?

No. 1261569

Not many girls have this hair style tho.

No. 1261618

i think it all depends on the timeframe. if shannon only had it as like a wig/temporary thing around fall, i'd let it slide. but around 2015, yeah this split dye style was not very common.

No. 1261741

Split dye definitely had it's popular moment, but I honestly haven't seen many do that shade of orange. What are the odds that shannon did that entirely on her own accord and not influenced by trying to be the better Emily, like she did with her YT channel and whatever else?

No. 1261960

I agree. She makes an art channel mimicking Emily, she creates a stalker for herself…She is Hedy from Single White Female after all. In this context, using her hairstyle is only the most logical step

No. 1262032

Has anybody posted about this YT channel that reuploaded Emily's older videos? Like this one that talks briefly about Anthony ("Aaron") and her terrible time with him. I thought Anthony reuploading this is some kind of trophy or something and it honestly bothers me a lot. I'm pretty sure this is Shantony's doing since Shannon mentioned this YT channel in one of her lolcow posts

No. 1262079

I think it was a mix of Emily being everything Shamy wanted to be and some subconscious influence mostly. Not to give Shamy the benefit of a doubt, but after copying an art channel, making up her own stalker, being the emo edgy kind of girl, it probably just came naturally that copied something Emily did without realizing after already doing it so much. Kind of creepy if you think about it that way - or maybe it was ammo for Shamy to use "SEE AMY/EMILY COPYING ME" to reinforce a stalker narrative.

No. 1262264

Shannon posted about this channel here:
I assumed it was her doing

No. 1262408

Does anyone have any of Anthony’s YouTube videos archived?

No. 1262631

Tried to check what the gamertag of the uploader was and if it was related to Shanthony, but its all stolen gameplay footage from TheTrout91.

No. 1262730

If she does come back, this will be her vid

No. 1262755

I don't think Shannon will ever come back tbh. She only made the channel out of spite and to attack other people she doesn't like. Now that the jig is up she's probably trying to make sure no one can sue her or hold her accountable.
If she was responsible she should be filling out job applications and accepting her fate as a 2nd place replacement wife.

The one time we don't want Shannon to shut up. She will either come back at the start of the new month or just delete her channel now that it isn't making much money

No. 1262812

It's almost too bad the milk was delicious while it lasted.

No. 1262935

right? She was just a shitty artist for years, gave us milk for like, 2 weeks and that was it. Oh well, time to browse OT

No. 1262938

I bet Emily has all the important videos since she had the homelessness one. I assume Emily probably has the best archive there is when it comes to videos she could use and expose them with.

No. 1262996

The whole "I don't remember that, I would've remembered doing that." Just reminds me of ProJared's half-assed explanation video and reeks of the same lack of sincerity.

No. 1263210

…Sage for tinfoil but wasn’t the account Emily said harassed her on Snapchat called Kilgore Trout? Tenuous link but a link nonetheless.

No. 1263247

Interesting indeed, but I think this is our guy https://twitter.com/thetrout91

No. 1263693

File: 1624590921361.png (278.86 KB, 581x581, uncle-fester_ethan.png)

the name on the snapchat is a reference to a character from a book that, no doubt, a few edgy teens have read before. I don't think it has anything to do with this… Turtle Beach employee on twitter…

No. 1263703

Edwin's Generation, one of the people Shannon talked shit on who has a moderately sized channel, is currently streaming about his experience with Creepshow Art, if anyone is interested.
Sage because he's going to take the stream down afterwards.

No. 1263707

File: 1624592744184.png (76.91 KB, 362x574, Creepshow anon forums.PNG)

Conversation that took place in the Group Chat between Shannon and her youtube friends. Edwin half-assedly confronting Shannon on the things she said about him on LC.

No. 1263708

File: 1624592804328.png (117.04 KB, 398x624, creepshow anon forums2.PNG)


No. 1263709

File: 1624592847138.png (80.95 KB, 411x626, creepshow anon forums3.PNG)

last one Edwin shared on this topic.

No. 1263734

Definitely. It should be an "I'd never ever do that", rather than "I don't remember". Embarrassing.

No. 1263769

I'm going nuts here… can anyone please help ? I've been busy compiling a file on CSA's case and when I started, I stumbled on a video that includes her speaking about a situation where she lied, and describing how she then doubled down on her lies when found out, for fear of being exposed as the scumbag she is. Total gold. But I was dumb enough to not immediately bookmark said vid and now I CANNOT find it anymore… I apologize for the spoonfeeding but I'm wasting so much time on this and I hate it, so if anyone knows the video I'm talking about, please link it to me !

Also, while I'm at it… I've been endlessly browsing all threads looking for that one post I was retarded enough to not screenshot the first time I saw it. The image is a pov of a man handing you a cookie, and the post is basically stating how anons (I think two replies are mentioned) called it all (the Amy saga) way before Shannon exposed herself, and to give said anons a cookie. If anyone remembers this post and can locate it… I have cookies !!

No. 1263781

Actually… I'll be samefagging to unsage so that anons can see my post.

No. 1263809

Vid attached.
The cookie post:

No. 1263817

Oooooh dammit, the efficiency ! Stupid me for not thinking about this vid. Thank you SO FUCKING MUCH !!

No. 1263848

>I have cookies
Don't we all, anon, don't we all…
(♪ Laura Palmer's Theme - Angelo Badalamenti)

No. 1263871


Anyone have cliff notes, not watching over 6 hour video.

No. 1263886

i think he sometimes edits down the streams and posts them later. it would make sense if he did it for this situation.

No. 1264065

All these read as some kind of fucked up confession
"Well who cares what this anon said! You made videos stating you're bi? Thus the anon calling you gay is right"
"I never said I was bi"
"but you are so even if this was me it isn't wrong!"

Also note, Shannon never technically denies it either
The least she can do is learn to lie

No. 1264173

This dude isn’t bi straight or gay according to himself so wtf is he lol

No. 1264178

probably into traps/femboys
joking aside people will still be mad at Shannon cuz you can't out someone still in the closet. Or whatever the rules are

No. 1264242

File: 1624657997406.png (407.43 KB, 1252x664, Capture d’écran 2021-06-25 à…)

Can one overdose on milk ?(Nobody cares )

No. 1264312

Is this one of the top echelons of fucked up things on lolcow?

No. 1264341

What is this context of this?

No. 1264433

i guess some people just don’t like putting a label on their sexuality. i kinda get it.

No. 1264451

Yeah, this

No. 1264513

File: 1624677483488.png (180.7 KB, 450x638, csaINSTAPOST02.PNG)

I have been looking and I can't seem to find any posts of this yet. If I'm wrong I apologize (this is also my reason for sage)

This is the Insta message Shannon sent to a fellow Youtuber when all of this went down.
Snatched it from Edwin's stream last night (6/24/21). He was chatting with that Ashlee leach and he was asking who had leaked this. She seems steadfast that she won't be coming back anytime soon, but I genuinely doubt this. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see an attempt at a comeback from Creepshow within a few months.
Edwin claims he's straight and that he's never mentioned being bisexual, which to me made the entire exchange really hilarious. The dude seemed very embarrassed on stream that Shannon figured him to be bi.
I sat through the entire thing half-listening. There weren't a ton of juicy bits, mostly its Edwin saying she's crazy and he's very doubtful she could actually make a comeback after everything that has surfaced. Ashlee was being wishy-washy as per usual. I do believe he will be releasing an edited down version of the stream, too.

No. 1264628

ily even though I'm ntayrt

No. 1264653

For me it is, if only for the sheer amount of time and energy this creep spent on creeping. It's wild.

And in the end she ruined her own career and friendships for nothing. Literally nothing.

It's all "but why would anyone…" from start to finish.

No. 1264753

No newfag

No. 1264760

File: 1624719220371.jpeg (76.5 KB, 750x352, ss.jpeg)

Her PULL thread. http://web.archive.org/web/20200724160203if_/https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/13664-creepshow-art/
She really does like to creep on threads about her. Someone in PULL said something about her lovebombing other creators and then she tweets about it. You might find some interesting things in that thread, they mentioned some stuff like Shannon inciting drama on purpose in that one livestream but I can't be bothered to check and some other shit like that

No. 1265749

File: 1624828571320.jpg (608.03 KB, 1080x1430, Creep.jpg)

Sage bc idk but sounds like her trying to change her voice
Link: https://anchor.fm/odessa-franklin-boutwell

No. 1265868

I can definitely hear the similarities, but at the same time I kinda doubt it. She sounds like she has a bit of an accent, but maybe it's just me.
Should probably keep an eye out for this nonetheless. You never know, after all.

No. 1265894

I can't find anything about her… why does she start off by saying that people are accusing her of being Shannon? Really sus.

No. 1265919

She was defending shannon in the comments sections

No. 1265928


You have got to be kidding. You can literally hear the persona come to life in real time lmao. The minute she starts saying she's a Christian a southern accent is born. The voice at the beginning and the voice at the end of the clip are totally different. And the flat denial of her being Shannon out of nowhere, not to mention the pretending not to know what "cancel culture" "sock accounts" and "keyboard warriors" are…? Come on now.

No. 1265990

Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? No.

I wish people would stop trying to find 'secret shannon'. It's not milky or intersting.

No. 1266036

I was like “there’s no way that’s Shannon” but I clicked and the episode is literally called Creepshow Art 01 and sounds so terrifyingly similar to Shannon I had to turn it off what the fuck is that???(sage)

No. 1266048

File: 1624860636213.jpg (25.36 KB, 500x349, 2hboemuxams11.jpg)

Lol why did this tickle me, does creepy ol shannonny rattle your fear buckets newfriend?

No. 1266087

she's trying to come back so soon?
she should try to work for keemstar behind the scenes instead just like how he tweeted. I doubt the guy really cares

No. 1266093

If some random woman who seems to not know much about the internet was going to defend Shannon out of nowhere she wouldn't start a podcast on Spotify she would most likely upload a video to Youtube. It would have been less suspicious if she already had episodes on other topics. Plus you know her husband is pushing her to start making money again somehow so she has to start pulling funny stunts like this.

No. 1266150

Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 1266172

I hope all the anons with terminal autism ITT who can't tell this is a completely different person make a swift recovery. Keep your tinfoils on Twitter.

No. 1266175

Completely sus of course but also this can be some random contrarian, looking for exposure. Still, the Christian-Jesus-loving background gave her away. Shannon isn't exactly the most subtle when it comes to create characters…

No. 1266181

>some random contrarian, looking for exposure.

I hope nobody forgets just how many piss-poor trolling attempts were made in order to fool Anti-Os into thinking any random Twitter troll was "totally Greg xDDD". False flag larpers are a dime a dozen. There will be dozens of "Shannon sockpuppets" with varying degrees of effort put into them, but if Shannon comes back, it won't be with her voice. Her nasal fat girl voice and inability to stick to a script would give her away every single time.

No. 1266471

People are bored but still need milk, i think it’s time people move on. There are not many big things happening anytime soon and Shamy is already gone. even if Shamy was behind it, who cares? She’s so retarded she would make things worse for her anyways.

No. 1266550

Terminal autism isn't a thing

No. 1266617

It is, and you’re patient zero

No. 1266785

There's a second chapter "creepshow art 2" and it's getting ridiculous

No. 1267055

the fact that this person is covering up their voice and made a podcast to defend creepshow while having a very similar vocal texture and inflection to creepshow is really sus(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1267111

That podcast girl doesn’t sound like Shannon, this is a ridiculous reach.

Shannon was talking about leaving youtube and not being okay back when only a few people knew about the lolcow posts, when there were no videos on her, and all her friends were giving her the benefit of the doubt. Since then the sky has fallen on her. Emily’s video has 3mil views, all her friends turned and literally profited off this drama, her husband is an accused rapist, her sister was made aware of everything… also i remember her saying all her irl friends know about her channel so they must have heard about this too etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shannon checked herself into a mental ward by now. She's not going to be online making podcasts like nothing.

No. 1267114

No one asked for your recap, all of this shit is in the threads already.

No. 1267116

There's a 3rd episode as well, she's pretending to be sick. It's fucking weird. Someone sent her a message saying she doesn't seem legitimate, that she's probably Shannon, so she's explaining why she doesn't have social media and why the messages are wrong.

No. 1267123

I dunno…she mentions Shannon's name even before her own, she doesn't even really introduce herself as Odessa until the end, almost like she forgot. Changing your voice with a program is pretty easy, you just need a decent audio program like voicemod, its what vtubers use. It's cheap and you can change pitch, tone and speed.

Still not sure it's her because I hope she isn't that dumb but I also won't be surprised or shocked.

No. 1267130

But she isn't even doing that, there is no voice changer involved. She legitimately thought she could just make herself sound different, and when she realized she couldn't she decided to pretend to be sick. Shannon is this retarded. The third episode is called "No ma'am" and Shannon uses the word "ma'am" and "miss" all the time. The way she speaks is nearly identical down to the way they smack their disgusting lips when they think they're being clever.

No. 1267132

So when will she blow her brains out?(a-log)

No. 1267135

Calm down anon, no one wants Shannon to an hero

No. 1267141

The Odessa channel posted two videos with voice messages she recieved via her podcast. People asking reasonable questions like

> Why was the first thing you said "I'm not Shannon" when you have no previous social media accounts for people to make such an accusation

> Why are you white knighting so passionately for someone you don't know
> Where is the proof you are who you say you are?

She doesn't post any proof, but demands apologies either way, in the name of the Lord of course.

No. 1267180

EXACTLY. She says she forgives Shannon because she’s a Christian, but I guess that forgiveness and unwillingness to judge doesn’t extend to Shannon’s ex-friends, who she condemns heavily and foretells their demise.

I can’t believe people in this thread can’t see that this is Shannon. The intonations in her voice are identical, not to mention that “Odessa” is literally a nobody, but claims people already know her and were accusing her of being Shannon.

No. 1267188

This is a bit of Poe's Law situation. This person sounds like a troll and/or opportunist but they are so in-your-face that also sounds like one of Shannon's "brilliant" schemes

No. 1267213

why do people say "r slur." when did the word retard/ed become so offensive? jfc(derailing)

No. 1267218

She can't stop lying even at this situation, it's gross. Girl take some vacations, nobody is buying this bs.

No. 1267227

See top of thread
- Don't post screenshots of random accounts in the wild to tinfoil that they're Shannon/Anthony.

No. 1267254

just like with shannon's amy excuse, this is so clearly her lol. the more she tries to convince people otherwise, the more obvious it becomes.

continue on, shannon. my popcorn is ready.

No. 1267262

It's not a random account, and whether or not it is Shannon this person is still talking about the situation and it's weird and entertaining, but thanks anyway.

No. 1267263

Holy shit, this clip is like Shannon went heavy on the voice/audio editing programs and is also losing her mind.

This is extremely not the kind of thing some random would post. Reminds me of her meta "characters" that she'd get to act nice and apologize to her victims, just another sockpuppet.

No. 1267264

>whether or not it is Shannon this person is still talking about the situation and it's weird and entertaining

Not relevant. See:
>- Don't post videos or statements about this situation unless one of the following applies: It's made by one of her close friends, it's made by someone who was personally victimized by her, it reveals new information not previously discussed in any of the (as of now) 3 threads about Shannon, or it's getting a lot of attention outside of the art commentary circle.

No. 1267267

What do you care, everyone is having a good time? Just ban me and fuck off.(ok)

No. 1267327

New vid from Truth Sleuth. Nothing new really, but it does include some clips of Shannon from her deleted vids talking about how she was so good at stalking and then a screenshot from another deleted vid where she’s using one of the socks that was shown in Emily’s vid harassing her. Nothing milky. Just solidifying the evidence against her in ways I haven’t seen pointed out yet.

No. 1267339

I'd be skeptical because that account in that screencap has "((( )))" around their name which is an altright dogwhistle created by the senile cp domain owning father of the former 8chan/8kun admin. the fact it posted a new episode sounding very bothered an hour ago which lines up with based farmhand banning dumbasses like
Does make me wonder if one of the samefags in here is responsible or that Shannon is still in here. Even if the podcast is her it'll be way more hilarious if everyone ignores it so she makes herself look like even more of an idiot when she uses that as an excuse to make a strawman argument.

No. 1267354

What…..the ever loving fuck? With the weird looping 'Hi Shannon' is so fucking creepy af.

I really don't think she's her or anything like that but who ever this person is I think they are totally bonkersville.

No. 1267357

Since they are out of milk, I think they just scraping for whatever at this point, but the podcast is getting a lot of attention

No. 1267359

not gonna lie I think the podcast is a Shannon alt simply because the person claims their a southern Christian girl, the accent seems forced and fake, I live in the south even the most I don't want to be considered a redneck southerner who actively eliminates their accent still revert naturally to the southerner twang, in like a second, not force it out and make a point to enunciate certain words in a twang to get the point across. still agree should be ignored for extra lulz.

No. 1267368

You guys need to drop this podcast thing. be retarded somewhere else.

No. 1267381

Agreed. If anything, it’s somebody trying to sound like Shannon to troll the internet and unfortunately it’s working.

No. 1267382

File: 1624985217896.png (322.57 KB, 478x654, csa-emily-twt-resemblance1.png)

I found this interesting.

No. 1267384

File: 1624985267952.png (186.01 KB, 839x634, csa-emily-twt-resemblance2.png)

No. 1267391

File: 1624985390313.png (186.94 KB, 805x639, csa-emily-twt-resemblance3.png)

No. 1267393

If this was just some random situation, I would be like "HELL NO! CHILL" but Shannon is that petty

No. 1267419

Yeah I have no problem believing this, she was that obsessed. Imagine how many more creepy weird obsessive things she did that we didn't manage to discover. I'm sure there is more than what came to light.
I wonder is she now even more obsessed with Emily after all this.

No. 1267470

I was prepared to roll my eyes and say Emily is reading too much into it but huh, this seems legit, especially in connection with >>1267391.

No. 1267567

even if it is a coincidence (my take is that shannon is intimidated by women who look like emily in general, and that's why emily was targeted) I don't think it's unreasonable to be so hypervigilant

No. 1267589

I'd bet that they totally are.
You are retarded and ill-informed. The )))echoes((( need to be the other way around to be what you describe. The anti-echoes we see here actually mean the exact opposite and the person is signaling how they are jewish/jewish ally/zionist.

No. 1267772

It’s always been offensive lol you just grew up white trash(derailing)

No. 1268031

> "white trash"
> how racist & trashy of you

Also no, the "R word" wasn't always a slur.

No. 1268038

i can't be the only one who thinks it's kinda hypocritical (but also hilarious) that shannon went so hard hard on shane dawson for essentially 'cosplaying poverty' when she fucking larped being homeless?
just shows she doesn't believe her own bullshit.

No. 1268046

Unless you were raised by white trash or you’re pushing 40 it’s been considered a slur for ages, retard.
Guarantee she’s deluded enough to think her larping homelessness is different because she isn’t rich. $20k a month though, eh Shannon? Can’t have it both ways.

No. 1268061

kek at that account looping my "hi Shannon message"(cowtipping)

No. 1268068

Except "white trash" was racist before "retard" was "ableist" (you know, that made- up word that didn't even exist till very recently), you brainwashed brainlet.(derailing)

No. 1268103

The Odessa yt channel self-terminated, probably to avoid the comments calling for a face reveal. CreepShart or not, this one just needs to sit down.(not milk)

No. 1268110

Two youtube videos if you search "odyssa creepshowart" with 24k and 34k views where every comment says it sounds like/is Shannon, not just the voice but the fact someone appears from nowhere to support Shannon, talk about her, call every episode after her, and claim people are accusing her of being Shannon when it's Odyssa's literal first upload to the internet.

No. 1268180

Imagine that this Odessa person is a CSA stalker, trying to imitate her and all. That's what I call karma(move on)

No. 1268317

> $20k a month though, eh Shannon?
I don't know if she made that much before, just a weird flex on her part. But you're right, she wasn't exactly poor. But she certainly isn't making 20k now.
She still makes SOME cash from youtube however. Don't think she will ever delete it and just let her youtube drip whatever cash it will give her

No. 1268448

Oh yeah she absolutely did not rake in anywhere near $20k a month, it was undoubtedly nothing more than an absurd flex. Picking and choosing when poverty suits her story and aesthetic

No. 1268497

Could Shannon be trying to leave breadcrumbs on the internet to rack up "proof she has a stalker?" First Odessa, perhaps other weird rando accounts in the future. This could be her "proof she has a stalker" by being her OWN stalker. sage for no info

No. 1268630

no, but I'm sure she's chimping out and furious she doesn't have an outlet for her psychotic anger
A part of her wants her to come back and make videos like nothing happened

No. 1268737

>Oh yeah she absolutely did not rake in anywhere near $20k a month, it was undoubtedly nothing more than an absurd flex.
this reeks of jelly. Shannon had 300 videos up, they all average 160-400k views with a few dozen close to a million. that's why Emily called her channel a content farm. 20k/mo is believable for those stats.

No. 1268935

A lot of her videos are demonetized for their content and language. With sponsors and the few videos that remained monetized she made a good amount of money but definitely not $20k/month. Pretty sure this was discussed in previous threads.

No. 1269086

Saging because it’s not as milky but in this video they shared screenshots if shamy venting all her family issues 50 minutes before doing the same on here.

My favorite screenshot: Yeah shamy? Your husband is a rapist and a school shooter wannabe, you got no friends and you spend you days ranting to strangers on discord and lolcow.

No. 1269088

File: 1625164985720.png (1.5 MB, 1761x1110, Shamys_perfect_life.png)

Samefag, screenshot here:

No. 1269095

> im fucking great.

can't imagine how great it must feel to have no marketable skills this far into your 20s. what a screenshot.

No. 1269126

calling her sister a narcissist while she goes off on a narc rant about herself and her failings but somehow they make her awesome. How did they not catch on sooner?

No. 1269277

shannon accusing her sister of being a narcissist is so funny, when shannon herself made a video saying she (shannon) was a narcissist is so fucking funny.with narcs every accusation is a confession.

No. 1269409

Nothing new but this is an interesting point of view(Irrelevant commentary)

No. 1269556

that was so frustrating to watch, he did no research. and to wrap it up by unironically saying Amy could be behind all this, jesus.

No. 1269561

Demonetized doesn't necessarily mean "no monetization" - it's just an over-exaggerated phrase meaning limited ads state. When a video is "demonetized" it can still play ads. I think if your video turns yellow the amount you still make off of it depends on the reason why it was demonetized, the type of ads you allow on your videos, and the CPM on the specific video. Shannon will probably be financially secure - I mean homeless - for the rest of her life simply on the money she makes from even her demonetized videos.

No. 1269788

FWIW I finally got around to watching Repzilla's video and at 11 minutes in, he plays voice messages from Shannon where she cries about wanting to quit youtube but only staying in for the money, and she brings up the 20k figure again. Why was she even lying to her friends about it? One of her goon squad pals straight away said "she maybe makes 6-8k" and in the Omnia vid she talks about sending her sister 1k to help out at some point. So she did make enough money to lovebomb her friends and relatives with cash and gifts but nowhere near as much as she pretends, or she could have just quit if she hated it that much. Even if she spent 10k a month on frivolous shit and gifts she still would have had another 10k in the bank for each month and she could have easily pivoted into another income source. None of it makes sense.

No. 1269840

first of all, this has all already been discussed. read the thread.

second, this is someone who said they planned to live in their car for 6 months to a year 'to save money' instead of going to school and living with her parents, and they were in the car for like two fuckin years or whatever the fuck, clearly neither of these people can handle their finances. Sage for speculation but if she has triple digits left, she's going to blow through them propelled by stress. She knows no other way but to live stressfully.

Maybe in another timeline she never got caught, and she's saving up to have full body plastic surgery to look like Emily right now.

No. 1270272

nothing you said makes sense. using a goon squad's (supposed) word as proof? implying 20k/mo should be enough for her to quit if she "hated" it (she didn't, she would just rather be lazier), as if greedy people are ever satisfied with what they have? you sound poor and gelatinous.

No. 1270795

the anons who think she made 20k ever are the ones who go on social blade and take the maximum predicted income to heart.
Same for the ones who think she can happily retire with her dying channel. Imma be generous and say she makes like 500 a month. But that number is going to get lower and lower as she becomes more irrelevant. She could possibly survive on 500 a month if her husband is also pitching in. However she would have to be smart with money, which she isn't.

No. 1271034

Odessa Franklin-Boutwell seems to have deleted everything, spotify, youtube etc. But now her anchor is gone. All that remains is Odessa Franklin-Boutwells google podcast here https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy82MTExMDcyYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw==

No. 1271866

Another possible CSA victim?

No. 1271885

Can you guys please summarise the milk in the videos you post?
Because nobody's gonna watch that.

No. 1271944

NTA, but here's a summary:

> says this happened in 2012 and they were 13 at the time

> said they are trans and have autism and the drama involves their deadname ao they are triggered
> they befriended Shannon in 2012 after they copied her artstyle "to placate her and keep her as [their] friend"
> After Shannon befriended them, Shannon sent a note to them asking them to stop copying her
> They began to get harrassed on DeviantArt by people Shannon said were her boyfriend and friends
> They deleted their old DeviantArt and made a new account late in 2012
> They reached out to Shannon on it (because they apparently spoke via Skype and Hotmail) because they claim Shannon was "positive" and they didn't think Shannon was involved with the harassment just people around her
> They became popular and after that they began to get threats and their email and DeviantArt were hacked
> They deactivated for a bit but Shannon encouraged them to come back so they did
> They are a bit vague but it seems like they made some fake profiles mocking an artist they were jealous of (who they do not name) and otherwise harassing that artist.
> Shannon, someone named Sofine and others made a Skype group and added them to it encouraging them to make rude comments and threatening emails to this unnamed artist.
> The people in the Skype group encouraged them to accuse the unnamed artist of copying SoFine even though it was not true.
> Says during the drama afterwards Shannon made sock puppets "playing both sides" and this was confirmed by the police?
> Shannon sent them threatening emails through their own sockpuppet accounts because they shared passwords with Shannon and Shannon took their DeviantArt down
> Shannon and Sofine made journals on DeviantArt against that artist and sent them threats.
> Says "[they] a 13 year old autistic child way used as a scapegoat" (says this a lot.)
> Says while they weren't innocent and while they did partake in the behaviour they were used as a scapegoat by Shannon and SoFine.
> Sofine later made a journal accusing them of lying about being 13 when they actually lied about being 21 because they wanted more mature friends and couldn't befriend people their own age
> They posted their birth certificate at that time? And Shannon accused them of lying/faking the birth certificate.
> Later they made a friend in real life and they shared a DeviantArt account and Shannon bullied the friend causing them (person who made the video, not the friend) to go to the teacher, then the teacher contacted the police and the sockpuppets were traced to Shannon after which point they were not allowed to have a computer for a while.
> Says Shannon made an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about them and their friends later making them want to commit suicide (they link the article in the comments as well as screenshots of them talking with Shannon I think.)
> Said their ex girlfriend sent Shannon a picture that they had sent their ex, of their wristband from having been in the hospital and Shannon made fun of them.

No. 1271953

The links they posted to the encyclopedia dramatica Shannon wrote about them


and the link to the Google Drive featuring conversations between Shannon and them:

No. 1271981

It is so shitty to see how she never changed or tried to improve her bad attitude

No. 1272031

This sounds really ridiculous.
Firstly, the police would never go through the trouble of tracking her IP address. I feel this "autist" only added that feeling it would give validity to their suspicions of the sockpuppet accounts being Shannon. No way in hell did the police go through the trouble of tracking any IP addresses over something as trivial as this. I really don't get why they are so sure its Shannon in the first place. I'm hoping the summary just didn't include some proof that its her, because otherwise this is even more idiotic than I initially thought.
I feel like this individual is just coming forward with some dumbass story hoping to gain relevancy and link themselves to CSA as everyone and their mothers want to be a victim of Shannon's right now.
Honestly at this point, all recent "milk" has been bullshit and embarrassing. This individuals entire story sounds moronic and their "proof" doesn't prove a single damn thing.. where exactly is there any evidence that the person this individual was beefing with was even CSA in the first place?
Just more attention-seeking imo.

No. 1272347

File: 1625576376237.jpg (335.58 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20210706-075825_Twi…)

She reactivated her Instagram

No. 1272375


I can't believe her bio actually says "im mariska hargitay from law and order" wtf?

hilariously i could see this whole incident with emily artful and the rest of her actions being used as inspiration for a law and order svu episode.

No. 1272393

Please let this be a sign of incoming fresh milk.

No. 1272398

Did she add new items to her merch store?

No. 1272419

I skimmed the google drive and is there ANY evidence pointing towards any of this being connected to Shannon in any way whatsoever? What a waste of time. I think the milk will be stale for a while and this thread will devolve into the usual grasping for straws like it did with Onion eventually, nothing but boring takes, retards falling for """""sockpuppets"""" aka trolls taking the piss out of twitter commentators, and desperate teens trying to get attention for having 0.5 interactions with Shannon 6 years ago.

No. 1272456

Don't believe so but I could be wrong. Only looked at it a couple times before. It's not deleted, though.

No. 1272516

> said they are trans and have autism and the drama involves their deadname ao they are triggered

Pffftttt OK. Next.

No. 1272527

excited it's back again. Shannon is too much of an attention whore to stay silent forever

No. 1272857


The video's gone LMAO
Interesting that the video got taken no sooner after it was made.
Seems to me like they really did try to latch on to the novelty of being a Creepshow victim with all that reaching.

No. 1272960

Is it bad that I find it somewhat poetic that even though creepshow is in the shitter her channel still has more views daily than most of these commentary art channels?
The whole community sucks

No. 1272995

Any news on if she's going to catch legal recourse for her holding CP as means of blackmail, or that, you know her husband is A LITERAL RAPIST?

No. 1273007

probably not. Especially seeing how Shannon got rid of her phone and computer. Her friends noted she changed devices. Whatever evidence Shannon had she def destroyed. That and Emily doesn't have solid evidence to warrant an investigation

No. 1273024

lucky for us you know she'll end up doing this brand of dumb shit again. she's put so much time into this kind of behavior that it's become a point of pride in her desolate life, one of her largest sources of dopamine.

No. 1273130

H3H3 is talking about the drama, they dont add anything but its interesting its gone this far.

No. 1273210

I feel like they wouldn't talk about it if Ethan didn't have personal beef with CSA because she made a video about Ethan and Trisha's drama being faked for views before. Still, entertaining to watch.

No. 1273335

didn't ethan help shannon get her channel monetized?

No. 1273379

Iirc that was happening during another one of his controversies so he just did it to save public image

No. 1273381

Go smoke a vape drink an energy drink and watch family guy hick the adults are talking

No. 1273451

Only zoomers care about autistic trannies.

No. 1273514

As much as I'm enjoying Shannon getting shit on, they got a lot of details wrong, timeline too. Wish Ethan had done some research too so he could have helped fill in the empty gaps and get the information right at least.

No. 1273516

This person sounds like a cow herself:
>Says she will kill herself every time someone disagrees with her or does something she doesn't like.
>Runs confessional/gossip tumblr and has a meltdown every time people complain about her shitty behavior or weeb art.
>Hacks another confessional/gossip tumblr for letting people speak freely.
>Defends incel tumblr user who wants to fuck his mom, as well as rape and kill his ex-girlfriend.
>Becomes mod of a popular new confessional/gossip tumblr and makes everyone believe it was hacked to get them to follow another tumblr she owns.
>Uses sock puppets to deflect criticism and gain sympathy.

No. 1273577

This person is a major cow and starts shit with anyone. I know this person rather well because I used to be a regular on those gossip blogs and actually became her target. She’s batshit insane who starts drama with people for no reason, spams their accounts with stockpuppets, harasses them, then claims she attempted suicide due to it etc. She’s incredibly mentally ill and doesn’t differ from shanon at all, she’s also chronic attention seeker.

No. 1273608

I remember among the links they had to evidence, they also had a link to where people could donate money to them which they claimed was to fund a cat rescue thing they do where they purchase blankets and food for stray cats and then turn them over to authorities. They explained the cats were not up for adoption (I guess someone asked) because they give them to authorities after. I didn't think it was important so I didn't post that link but now I'm wondering if the whole thing was a scam to get people to give them money, then delete when they got enough. Though this is just a tinfoil so I'll stop, and this thread is not about them anyway.

I was also wondering how they knew Shannon was the one behind this, they never explain how they know it was her behind the account she was talking to and behind the encyclopedia dramatica, because the username the person used was not Creepshow art or Shannon as seen in the screenshots they put in the Google Drive so it wasn't from that. They didn't have any screenshots at all in the video, it was just a speedpaint and them telling the story. The most they say is that the police discovered it (they did not say how) but I even question this because even in EmilyArtful's case, the police didn't discover it was Shannon/Anthony, instead Emily did herself using an IP grabber link because she already knew where they lived and it lined up.

No. 1273860

File: 1625809304910.png (69.1 KB, 275x155, 1623705853382.png)

What kind of retarded attempt at a takedown is this? And what do you have against punctuation?
Thread when?

No. 1273959

Honestly not giving that bitch attention might be the worst thing you could do to her, not to say it wouldn't be fun considering how she absolutely loses her shit if anyone is even slightly negative towards her. Fortunately for me though, I have not seen or heard of her in years, since she got banned in AG and even that blog eventually went tits up, so I haven't even been there for years now.

Anyway sorry for derailing but yea, take everything she says with an overdose of salt.

No. 1274347

I am so curious as to why Creepshow brought her Instagram account back. I'm not sure if her idiotic friends defending her gave her courage or hope or something…? but even many of them ended up admitting she's a POS. all I can think is she must be planning on posting something to that Insta account. Why else reactivate it? Like many have said - she was always planning on coming back. She is way too addicted to the fame and the money and the attention.
My bet is she'll be posting some bullshit within the following weeks to that instagram account. Not sure what, though.

No. 1274484

Is it like a twitter account that you lose it for real unless you reactivate it? I don't use Instagram but maybe she didn't want to lose her following for real in case she plans on a come back?

No. 1274534

Does anyone have the channel name of this video or an arhieve to it?

No. 1274553

Haven’t used Instagram in a while but it used to be that your account was only deleted if you specifically requested it to be deleted. You could leave it deactivated for years and have it not be deleted. Not sure if that’s still the case, sorry.

No. 1274592

I don't think anyone archived the video, but their channel was named Currentlyplayingmorrowind and they have since posted an update video of why they deleted that video. I'm hesitant to link it because guidelines of what videos you can and can't post, but if you search their channel you can find it. The TL;DR is that their neighbour is apparently threatening them, they claim their neighbour's son climbed into their house through a window and ripped out the fur of their rabbit, and they are feeling suicidal, combined with going through the Shannon drama again making them stressed so they deleted it.

I should also add while looking for their video I found a video someone else made where they found the account that the person claimed was Shannon (the one they spoke to in the screenshots they had on the google drive) was actually a completely person. Again, hesitant to link it because it isn't entirely relevant but if you want to see it, if you search CreepshowArt deviantart on Youtube and sort by new it will show up.

said, when you deactivate on Instagram it's only temporary. Usually people do this when they intend to come back because when you reactivate you will still have your followers, your content, and nobody can take your username while you're deactivated. You can reactivate any time. (Vs when you delete, where you have to start new.)

No. 1274817

> Usually people do this when they intend to come back because when you reactivate you will still have your followers, your content, and nobody can take your username while you're deactivated.
Does this mean people can’t unfollow you when you’re deactivated on Instagram? Kek. What an underhanded move.

No. 1274820

File: 1625983592351.png (561.02 KB, 1767x1117, Creepshowart Language Style Ma…)

Saging because this is very much a tinfoilhat thing, but going far back to the accusations that Creepshow was Sythyx from back in the day, I decided to dig in. I managed to find one of her Deviantart journal entries from her Niwa-Pon account archived and compared the text from that to her known posts here. I've used this tool before and I have never gotten a score of 1, even comparing my own writing together.

It should be taken with a grain of salt since the text samples aren't very long, but the score is suspiciously so high, I don't doubt that this is Shannon herself.

I will not apologize for the formatting of the image. Get over it.

This is the tool, by the way.

No. 1275046

Sythyx/Niwapon/Raikiramari and the other accounts in the encyclopedia dramatica article were all accounts of the person who made the accusation video. They're the one who the encyclopedia dramatica article is written about. They linked the article because they stated that Shannon was the one who wrote it about them because of their drama.

They claimed that Shannon's account was called Millefefeuille, and that's the username of the person they were emailing in the google drive screenshots (which I think the link was privated when the video was removed.) I was hesitant to link this video because it is getting a bit unrelated but according to this video, Millefefeuille was actually a different person (skip to 0:58 then 1:54 )

No. 1275064

Honestly, I'd be pretty hesitant to say shannon was this person as well just from my personal experience with her. If we take the premise that the person who made the video claiming to be victim of shannon's is indeed sythyx then there's going to be a lot of things that don't match. The ed article for example covers her harassment that spanned out for years. The screenshots of her talking to "shannon" were from 2011 while most of the artist confession/gossip drama happened around 2014 so 3 years after her supposed run in with shannon. Sythyx's age is widely debated but even the ed article mentions her talking about her rent money and doxxing her own bank information which means that she was probably closer to 20 in 2014 than 16 if we believe that video's timeline. Anyway I just don't really buy it and her whole follow up video about a neighbor supposedly breaking in and pulling out her rabbits hair also sounds like such a schizo story, I'm not sure I believe anything said in that video.

No. 1275176

Complete derailing and sage: bunny story sounds crazy but is possible. I have helped a lot of animals in my life. If someone gets close enough to hurt your animal like that but doesn't kill it, it is usually a kid. But the best lies have truth to them so it's possible they took from someone else there.

No. 1276458

Again this entire thing was blatant bullshit (they deleted the video anyway but again the police would absolutely under NO CIRCUMSTANCES trace an IP over online teenage drama, verify its CSA Shannon, and then bring their findings like some personally hired detectives to a 13/14 year old (or even her mother for that matter, it just would not happen). Then this person 7 or however many years later just happens to come forward crying about their uwu trauma right when 5000 others are making videos about it…? No. Just.. no.
But if anon is correct and Sythyx/Niwapon are the fake victim, then A) they sound pretty fucking rude themselves and B) whatever program youre using to link writing style to a particular person is gimmicky trash.

I think any of us entertaining this bullshit victim are doing so purely out of boredom. But I won't lie it is pretty damn funny.
Shannon seems to have caused quite a stir reactivating that insta account, and all the money hungry youtubers leeching on this topic bit the bait real quick. I've seen quite a few videos around on the topic. Its amazing how much they can talk with so little to actually say.
For now this is just a waiting game until Shannon inevitably returns.

No. 1277132


Can we finally all just admit that this was one gigantic nothing burger? There was literally nothing here that was solid proof for anything and all of it could have been easily faked. There's no reason to believe Emily at all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1277683

late to the party and not even fashionably late either. also derailing from other things shannon has done.

makes me wonder who you are

No. 1277756

This is a "hi cow" moment if ever I saw one. Or rather, hello husband of cow. Looking forward to the attempted comeback.

No. 1280885

You wish cunt

No. 1283017

File: 1627067355076.png (224.98 KB, 1078x952, ca8657f5c5e98fb34aa316cf5c4f23…)

Not sure if milk is coming but her community tab is back.

No. 1283108

lol Jesus she is desperate. as soon as people stop making videos about her and the dust settles for a few WEEKS, she's already starting to make moves towards a comeback.
I mean I sure hope she attempts to come back right now or sometime soon, because I don't think it would be pretty for her in the slightest. Do it Shannon!!

No. 1283426

File: 1627139880576.jpg (301.06 KB, 1080x1440, 20210724_101658.jpg)

fat oreo also claims gabbie hanna told him creepshart hit her up a couple days ago, saying gabbie should make a video on rtg.

No. 1283434

same anon, but what is it about fucking giulia that creepshart hates so much? does shannon blame her for the tides turning, since she was one of her first friends to announce she wasn't buying it? shannon is legit deranged, kek.

No. 1283451

Jealousy, I'd imagine.
Dunno why she'd be jealous of RTG, though. Bitch is seemingly miserable 24/7.

No. 1283459

Is rtg her new Emily holy shit

No. 1283463

No milk, but here.

No. 1283497

What's "here"? For the nth time, nobody's going to watch a whole ass video to see whether it potentially has milk or is just another lame promotion attempt.
When posting a video, give a highlight of the milk in it. We come to lolcow for that otherwise we'd all just search vids on YouTube ourselves.
Oh right, "no milk". Then why the fuck did you post it retard

No. 1283543

Its undoubtedly about Creepshow hitting up Gabbie Hannah from an unknown number and trying to push her towards making a video on Ready to Glare. Nick Deorio talked about it originally in his podcast Half Baked, and they all called her a crazy bitch in it recently. Nick stated that he wants to make a video, as did SomeOrdinaryGamers (a youtuber with over a million subs) on Creepshow even though the outrage is simmering a bit, as they feel no one has wrapped all of the talking points up into one complete, tightly edited video.
Seems that all of her prior defenders have completely given up on her and are ready as ever to throw her under the bus.
Also if she really did hit up Gabbie, that is beyond hilarious.

No. 1283554

Problem with her throwing RTG under the bus is not because people love RTG. It shows that Shannon is ready to attack all her ex friends. So if she had any defenders now they're certainly gone.
But also halarious that instead of making up a story or preparing to say sorry or making content she was plotting to take down the friends who didn't believe her BS.

No. 1283558

She will probably come back with an extra long video defending gabbie hanna.

No. 1283714

File: 1627171577288.png (348.66 KB, 539x649, 9dccd44bd4a0cc94e3f60095e87012…)

I wonder if this is her or another troll.

No. 1283729

Troll. Although it would be funny if she was pretending to be somebody else who is pretending to be her.

No. 1284978

File: 1627340992391.png (77.07 KB, 539x764, 2c1cf728f762b9c9014281b73058ee…)

Yeah def troll but holy hell they're really trying so hard to convince everyone they're Shannon.

No. 1285396

is she setting up a sock puppet to use as “proof” of Amy?

No. 1285460

No it's just a not very good troll trying way to hard for attention. Just the amount of dedication they put to it is pretty hilarious.

No. 1290083

File: 1628002944958.jpg (287.62 KB, 660x1231, CreepshowTipster1.jpg)

Tipster posted on Twitter. Shannon apparently replied to him in DMs today. Screenshots incoming https://twitter.com/BanishedJourno/status/1422481782436335618?s=20

No. 1290085

File: 1628003033758.jpg (306.25 KB, 671x1217, CreepshowTipster2.jpg)

No. 1290087

File: 1628003160761.jpg (321.26 KB, 663x1226, CreepshowTipster3.jpg)

No. 1290090

File: 1628003362152.jpg (140.47 KB, 1079x689, CreepshowTipsterComment.jpg)

According to Tipster, this is the comment he made on Shannon's husband's YouTube account.

No. 1290096

wow, what a disaster of a person kek

No. 1290128

she's only getting mad about her husband being a rapist (which she can't prove he's not, just take his word for it kek) but she didn't touch on anything else. She really tried to distract a guy who runs a drama channel for a living.

No. 1290130

is she talking about the time she was love bombin her friends a week before the drama started? Did she really think you could pay someone to stay silent?

No. 1290163

kek, 1 am, is someone drunk texting when they really shouldn't be?

No. 1290214

Bitch if it's "proveably" then fucking prove it.. so weird how that scrote got into her head

No. 1290294

obviously she did. that's why she has been unpromptedly given money and donations to "friends". she's such a narcissist
Shannon seriously hates herself, it's sad

No. 1290356

I would love to see the admins respond to her claims regarding IPs and cookies.. she seems adamant that lolcow is a super liar site .. and I would also like to know. No other anon has claimed Shannon’s posts, right? And her sister has come out against her, her former roommate .. like she is going very hard in the opposite direction.

It seems like this entire time, she’s just been trying to find creative ways to poke holes in claims. Now that she’s plotted a course for herself to effectively deny everything, she’s unleashing everything she’s been practicing.

I also wonder if you can find evidence of this “lawsuit”.. is it formally filed or still in the works?

No. 1290541

The lawsuit? I mean, I wouldn't say its formally filed or still in the works. I'd say its nonexistent.

Interesting that this is the route she's chosen to take - doubling down. Shannon has decided that all of these people she's donated to and been on streams with owed her everything. They were expected to stay quiet and take all of the heat. Shannon was hoping that's what they would do, anyway. And then when she was inevitably proven to be a massive liar, or her friends ended up losing tons of viewers/support, she'd probably pull the, "I mean I DID tell you not to defend me" card.
I see a serious storm brewing now. Shannon is slowly crawling out from underneath the rock she's been hibernating under, and that resentful, bitter, vindictive, cruel side to her is beginning to rear its ugly head.
My bet is this is just the prologue to Shannon attacking her former Youtube "friends". Tipster was the easiest target because he's a complete pushover who cries at the drop of a dime. She was probably testing the waters going after him.
I did find it curious that she showed such outrage over Tipster dismissing her rather than attempting to ask her questions. "You're seriously going to give up this easily?? You're not even going to ask me questions??" She clearly was hoping she could use Tipster as a voice piece for more of her bullshit lies. I for one am very glad he decided to more or less tell the girl to fuck off.
I guess right now we just buckle up and ready ourselves for this rollercoaster to drop.

No. 1290547

She managed to ruin her remaining support in one crazy message. He offers her his ear and she straight up attacks him.
And then just continues attacking him. Good on him for telling her off like that.
She's so entitled and aggressive. She learned nothing.

No. 1290571

Samefag, it's been a month, she's has time to reflect. There's no excusing this as acting in panic anymore. Where's the humility, where's the apology? There's just hostility and entitlement in those messages.

No. 1290609


To be fair Tipster is a big piece of shit who's looking out for himself. WHy would you lend an ear to this psycho and then be friends with her again?. I see it him using Shannon to dish dirt out and use as leverage pretty much like how Keem operates. However, he then tells her to fuck off which I give hime some credit for making my theory void.

No. 1290639

Keem was in Tipster's chat last night saying shannon did nothing wrong. Seems like he attempted to use her but keem got to it first

No. 1290662


Yeah, I reckon Tipster feeling is more inline with his degenerates like DeOrio, Augie. He's loving this as its giving his channel more exposure and $$. He can't act for shit, and when he tries to look angry and emotional it just looks fake. I reckon him and those guys talk mad shit behind everyone's back to get in Keem's good graces.

No. 1290740

Well it's good to know that Shannon is as predictable as ever. Instead of thinking about what she did she was behind the scenes looking for a way to attack others like a good lil narcissist.
Though her going after Ready to Glare was… uh… weird? You would think she would go after Emily? I don't understand mental illness, but is it purely because RTG disowned her first before Emily came out with her expose video?

No. 1291156

This Odessa/Vanessa bitch has to be the most useless self-insert ever

OR part of a massive shannon conspiracy that will be revealed to us any day now! Is anyone getting wannabe Q anon vibes off this now? ew I'm so tired

No. 1291246

i hope this is the start of shannon completely losing her shit, it'd be hilarious to see her go rabid on everybody she's been gushing over so publicly

No. 1291280

most likely yeah. She knew drama was coming her way since she started love bombing all of them, even sending ready to glare roses. But girl is crazy. Who would keep quiet after they found out their friend was talking shit about them? Add on you find out they were harassing and stalking people and married a rapist edge lord. Shannon has no idea how to be a normal human.

No. 1291384

ppl have stated it before but i genuinely believe that she has no social life outside of her husband. that's why she can't fucking resist coming back because this is the most social acceptance she's ever had. also probably the reason why she's caped so hard for this cringy edgelord because– let's face it, he's probably the only guy that's ever shown interest in her for the entirety of her life. probs why her self-esteem is so low that she would resort to staying with a rapist who is still pining over his ex from almost a decade ago. she tries to come across as big and intimidating (only one of those is true), but i can see through the facade that she's just a pussy who's been rejected her entire life and is trying to overcompensate and feel important by being bitchy. i could almost pity her except i'm not.

No. 1291510

Not assuming the worst of him, from personal experiences I've had psycho friends. It isn't always easy cutting them loose no matter how psycho or toxic they end up being.

No. 1291704

When you've seen one, you've seen them all. Bitches like this are a dime a dozen. Good riddance

No. 1291719

It seems like Keem and Gabby are the only ones who want to "help" Shannon. And by that they want to trick her into a false sense of security and then throw her under the bus for attention and views.

I think the best move for Shannon is to just keep posting videos and get that ad revenue. People will just hate watch and she will still be one of the highest earning art commentators. Don't know why she's being so stupid with the revenge shtick.

No. 1291958


Finally some fresh milk.
She seems like a rat backed into a corner. Or a screaming child

Hopefully this will be the beginning of slowly escalating to verbally abusing bigger and bigger creators in their DMs.

God I want to see her run rabbid like the sewer rat she is

No. 1292176

Hopefully she's lurking and takes your advice kek

No. 1292192

She can't touch Emily anymore because she knows she's fucked if she does. That would confirm everything she did. RTG is her new Emily now, an outlet to all her frustration. In a way, it was following the same pattern. She wanted to be RTG so bad but once CSA got mad, she wants her destroyed

No. 1292463

Imagine being so delusional that you want to be RTG. Kek.

No. 1294121

Voice notes start at 13:25

No. 1294149


>Voice notes from April 24, 2021

>Shannon claims Gabbie Hanna reached out to her about the series she was working on
>claims GH was mad at her and RTG for not defending her publicly or making videos defending her using the things they would speak about in private.
>claims GH sent her 3 videos (1 of Trisha Paytas and the other 2 she supposedly can't remember)
>claims GH only talks to her, RTG, Jimmy and a handful of other people online
>confirms what anyone with eyes can see - GH believes everything she puts on the internet, has no boundaries, etc
>claims Dustin Daily and his fiance "literally drugged people"
>more nonsense irrelevance about GH
>claims Rachel Oates was weird to her because Hello Leesh supposedly made a video of her calling her a bitch and a cunt which Rachel supposedly liked.
>again reinforces how she bought Rachel's dog's poetry book so Rachel has no right for her not to be on CSAs side
>claims Gabbie has no online friends
>goes into a rant about how she can't stand that GH is not a good manipulator (unlike you, right Shannon?
>hilariously claims that she had to explain to GH what optics were.
>says how she doesn't believe GH is mentally well then contradicts earlier statements now claiming most of GHs friends are online
>projections and lamentations about how GH blew up from vine with mediocre/low effort content and how she blew up, not because she was smart, but because the app promoted her
>blathers on about Jessie Smyles and almost seems to downplay its severity and claims GH should right that wrong and apologize
>more projection

I think that's the gist of it

No. 1294157

mental illness. I love how she doesn't even mention or defend her own actions. Also, how the fuck were her friends suppose to defend Shannon when Shannon didn't give anyone PROOF off innocence?

No. 1294205


These voice notes were from April 24 2021 before she was exposed

No. 1294234

I could only manage to watch half of it because holy fuck it's absolute ear rape listening to Shannon be so out of breath by just fucking talking.

No. 1297592

Edwin is now victimizing himself in regards to Shannon. Rubs me the wrong way(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 1297647

I mean not really? If you watch the video (this is the summary video he created from the stream he did when all of this Creepshow shit first went down, with some new bits added at the end which went down later) he states that the stuff she said about him being gay was ridiculous and he doesn't necessarily feel she owes him an apology, he feels moreso that she has a LOT she has to answer for. And in that regard, I completely agree with him.

No. 1298289

These VMs are some retarded middle school drama shit. Anybody willing to be friends with somebody like this has got to be a psychic vampire. Absolutely draining to sit through. Rather see Shannon go after these people they way she did Tipster.

No. 1300048

Shannon’s now “ex friend” Edwin now has a thread

Well deserved in my opinion: >>>/snow/1299845

No. 1300093

Has a thread now? How recent are you to lolcow kek
start lurking start reading

No. 1300111

That thread was made specifically for Edwin not his drama whore relations. Nine hours ago. He’s never had one dedicated to him. Lurkmoar and start sageing newfag

No. 1305721

Emily dropped a new video

Sage because no new milk but some proof that the screenshots are real, and her relationship with Anthony is messed up


No. 1305734

File: 1629589347688.png (1.53 MB, 1620x2160, B36E9572-4CD5-4C64-B9C3-EAB2B7…)

I found Anthony Parker’s old maiden name and old SoundCloud music

No. 1305739

File: 1629589852771.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1620x1166, 0A501B7F-B74C-4BE9-AEE2-24ABAE…)

This is how I was able to find his soundcloud with his old music on it. In Emily’s new posted video, she shows a screenshot with a Dropbox link that includes the name of one of his songs “lethological”. These messages also took place 7 years ago in 2014 which is the same time period of the SoundCloud music when it was posted.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1305836

thanks sadduce84@gmail.com

No. 1305868

File: 1629605093169.jpeg (64.6 KB, 751x432, 12A1C385-FB0F-4698-AF82-1901B7…)

No. 1306315

has the stink of premade loops all over it. soulless.

No. 1306707

File: 1629704640972.png (68.01 KB, 595x820, vanessatweets.PNG)

saging for stupid side character shit but these Vanessa/Odessa tweets are great. I don't doubt that she hasn't made any money at her half assed attempt to cash in on this cow, but this hypocrisy is just perfectly ripe. I bet she learned that in church.

No. 1306840

i have no idea what this persons endgoal is, but it kind of seems like a pure troll. they say they 'love jesus' but i'm from a highly religious area, and people actually reference scripture so they can be the supreme know-it-all, not just regurgitating 'yAlL nEeD jEsUs!!'

vid semi related - example of mormons justifying disgusting shit passionately with scripture.

No. 1307011

New video about Creepshow Art by Emily just dropped.

No. 1307058

posted 2 days ago

No. 1309350

shannon's threads are so dead, except for weird attempts at doxxing. kind of seems like a crapshart supporter/crapshart herself trying to poison her threads, tbh.

No. 1309400

Vegasfag here, if this is real then top kek she wasn't lying about living in a ghetto part of Las Vegas. Rent isn't that expensive here, so what happened to that 20k+ a month you were earning from youtube Shannon?
Speaking from experience though and being someone who lives about 5 minutes away, it's not as bad as she makes it seem. Some homeless people but not even that many, and as long as you don't look for trouble you won't find it. There's way worse parts of town closer to the strip or downtown, which is where I always suspected she lived based on all of her whining.

No. 1309469

Not milky, I don't think, but it's amazing that it got to the point where it's on the H3 podcast. No matter your views on Ethan, it's undeniable he has a huge audience. It's refreshing to see them go over the stalking and not the backstabbing first like every other youtuber has done.

No. 1310453

File: 1630169977144.jpeg (179.48 KB, 1080x1401, BB61A603-9A02-45C1-92E8-37959E…)

The only thing Shannon can’t lie about is her time on lolcow kek.

No. 1310454

File: 1630170014464.jpeg (32 KB, 641x127, E79088F9-D20E-4E12-8F71-74DA47…)

No. 1310465

where is shannon's evidence of anything? what a dolt.

No. 1310485

yeah, you can’t “prove” you don’t hate someone bc of one reason or another. her supposed receipt of saying she liked emily’s vocals in the song means jack shit. shannon has been two-faced and secretly vindictive this entire time. that’s the whole point of the lolcow reveal.

No. 1311584

from what I understand she decided to be homeless because her "woke" husband wanted to be. The bonus was her stealing Emily's homeless stories since she has this weird need to skin walk her husbands ex.

I hope Shannon stops being a wuss and posts this shit show video. She wont because everything Emily and others have posted proves Shannon is lying. Even her ex friends and her own sister were like "Yeah, she did stalk Emily"

No. 1318990

Random check in. Man I'm still so disappointed Shannon choose to just run away and silently collect whatever money trickles from her dying youtube channel. But the girl is a coward

No. 1319407

she hasn't run away - she's still frantically trying to figure out who she's got to trash in what way, to make a comeback. crapshart's threads were pretty dead before the admin exposed her, and resumed being dead after a couple of hype-threads (which is why the immediate doxxing stuck out so much.)

tbh, the only people that actually care about shart are her dramatic ex-friend group (and previously teens that used her shitty know-it-all attitude to justify their own) - many viewers/farmers only paid attention when she was making a spectacle by larping as a victim, kek.

No. 1320693

she will never give up larping victimhood.

No. 1323629


The thing is, she cannot admit or apologize the stalking because she'd admit a crime. The other options are vague apology around the accusations and ignoring the Emily Elephant in the room. That train is long gone, she should've made that apology video before Emily's video. Also her potential apology videos have been parodized to the point she can't do one without doing something people have already done.

The only option for her (if she doesn't want to publicly humiliate or incriminate herself) is to be anonymous troll in lolcow, try to do her "pro manipulator tactics" on other YouTubers to do her deed or make another channel with voice changer and change her background videos from art to some Minecraft gameplay so she doesn't out herself.

No. 1334570

File: 1632635858731.png (2.18 MB, 2880x1476, Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 12.4…)

Just noticed that she still has her teespring shop up. Wonder how that's going for her.

No. 1340227

Piper Sweeney made a video about Creepshow Art.

No. 1342139

It's so bizarre how the criticisms of creepshow I keep seeing are "omg she said the t slur in one post and said pansexual was just woke bi" instead of, you know, the stuff about her making hundreds of sock puppets to help an abusive man ruin his ex's life(sage)

No. 1342146

Can I get a tldw watch on this. Ten minutes in and I got bored the minute she brought up her PTSD and name change as if that has much to do with Shannon.

No. 1342401


Any video that spends 45 minutes screaming MEMEMEMEMEME without getting into any meat is not worth watching.

[Sage went in all fields]

No. 1342468

this cow has too much pride to apologize. I honestly thought she'd be back by now, but after seeing her go off on Tipster when all he did was comment on her husband's dead youtube channel, "why'd you delete all your videos", I knew she was too far gone. Her enormous ego and pride are what's getting in the way. She holds so much anger and hatred and resentment for everyone who made a video on her, everyone who commented on her shitty behavior, everyone who dared mention her name in this whirlwind of bullshit… she went after Emily for almost nothing. As far as I know, it was because Emily made a comment that Shannon couldn't sing, or something similar to that. The girl has one of the worst tempers I've ever witnessed. She isn't capable of humbling herself. And at this point, everyone is aware of what a horrible person she is. There is just no coming back at this point, and she isn't capable of it, anyway.
Which is unfortunate because I would love to see her try and fail.

No. 1345768

File: 1634037824866.jpg (73.26 KB, 1024x1024, 1634029670425.jpg)


No. 1361274

File: 1635986414592.jpg (325.77 KB, 1080x790, 20211104_103951.jpg)

Something will happen soon. I can feel it in me waters

No. 1362015


Anyone know if Creepshow's been active online or has began her attempt at a come back yet?(sage)

No. 1362348


This retard kept promising a follow-up video that supposedly goes into detail about her and Shannon's actual interactions. So far all she's put out are tarot card readings no one cares about.

This is why you're homeless Piper.

No. 1366372

Maybe she will come back now that YouTube is hiding dislikes

No. 1368307

I think she's legit scared if she shows her face Emily will take her to court lol. She has no moves left. I'm sure our crazy narcissist is finding a new soul to torment. Though I would love to see in the future an anon catching Shannon in the wild working at TacoBell or somethin

No. 1371476

since doxbin is dead and i cant laugh at the 0.5/10 quality dox someone (probably shannon trying to deflect) i did a bit of google-fu to see if she's actually undoxable as she thinks…not gonna post any of the truly juicy stuff i found, but yeah her claim of being "undoxable" falls apart the minute people switch from google to a less big brothery engine.

as for less revealing stuff, apparently her family are pontifags, bitch went to a catholic high school and everything. these just confirm her by name, but i got them from searching more specific info that came from her parents' shit.

https://old-friends.co/class.php?s=18072&c=2011 (being class of 2011 lines up with her birthdate too)

landwhale was also apparently on the track team too, guess she ballooned up after moving out.


also found a possible linkedin profile for her, but won't post in case it's not actually her. if she didn't drop out of UC berkley it's not hers or shes lying about her college too lmfao. it's so clear the bitch wants to be doxed i have no clue why nobody's actually put real effort into doing it, but you know something something disavow in roblox

No. 1371623

File: 1637325388870.png (87.18 KB, 598x308, emily.png)

No. 1405663

She's back

No. 1405670

Ladies you need to give me a summary because I watched 15 minutes of this dumpster fire, and Shannon hasn’t even acknowledged her own crazy behaviour yet. I can’t listen to her whine on.

Boohoo a girl called your fatass fat years ago lmao

No. 1405671

KEK wtaf

No. 1405675

File: 1640967523878.jpg (1006.15 KB, 810x7357, 20211231_101806.jpg)

that video description is bitter

No. 1405676

Does anyone saved that google doc with the script? I really don’t want to listen her voice anymore

No. 1405679


I'm not bored enough to watch it right now but I'm reuploading the video so we don't give her views (it's still processing, not sure how long it takes)


No. 1405681

This just made my new years.. can't wait to listen to her ugly fat girl voice again

No. 1405690

Wow I think about this >>1361274 then do 1h on my exercise bike and come back to see that we got an update. The new year does really bring good stuff…

No. 1405692

>as per usual I do all the heavy lifting

The farms and smaller channels you steal all your content from beg to differ, Shannon

No. 1405695

So she lawyered up and said "you can't prove this." Shannon used her money gained from stealing from drama websites to, once again, bully Emily into submission. Sounds legit. We know you read here, Shannon. We saw screenshots, you fat pig. We saw your creepy skin walking too. Keep coming to the Farms to reboot your channel, but it won't happen. Hope you enjoyed paying a high priced lawyer to bully a young mother that your untalented, cringy boyfriend raped.

No. 1405698

File: 1640970711858.jpg (50.76 KB, 1080x636, 20211231_111108.jpg)

her link doesn't work

No. 1405702

No. 1405707

File: 1640971285843.jpg (316.73 KB, 1080x1996, 20211231_112107.jpg)

what a coward

No. 1405720

File: 1640972787475.jpg (528.02 KB, 1080x1907, 20211231_114534.jpg)

she also posted a tl;dw to instagram

No. 1405721

it was probably nudes she sent via messenger.

No. 1405728

scrolling through shannon's google doc and wow this proves nothing. her first claim is that emily lied about being addicted to heroin because… when she was 13 she did one of those deviantart journal q&a memes and the question was "have you ever done something illegal" and she answered "no"????

No. 1405730

i commented on her video and i'm going to comment here in case she comes to catch up with her old friends: shannon, go back to the hell hole you came from

No. 1405731

disagree. it at least proves that a lot of emily's claims don't match up with the dates she gave. both of them are guilty. the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. can't wait for emily's response.

No. 1405733

you're either shannon or underage, go outside and touch the grass. i also did one of those q&as and said i was straight. people, especially kids, hide stuff stfu

No. 1405736

sage your faggotry

No. 1405738

I can say I believe a few things she said. I think Shannon trolled her for years. Idc. I've trolled ppl for years as well. Welcome to the net. Did she hack her acct? No proof was ever shown that proves that. The screenshots can be faked.

Who the hell keeps nudes on their Facebook? Why? Where? Where was any proof any threats to leak cp or nudes was even made. I remember the accusation but I don't even remember seeing any screenshots of this. Granted the video was long and boring as hell and by the 45 min mark the lack of evidence and nature of it was wearing on my nerves.

I can explain the odd behavior and manipulative language that gave me red flags from being surrounded by liars that set me off but all that serves to do is explain how I think and not what is true. The two main people in this case have the cards, we're just watching the game and that's about it.
She claims she spoke to the police but you don't do that without filing a police report and her story about them telling her to leave doesn't add up to me. "Yeah you were raped and they have child p and all that and have been sending death threats but we don't want to do our job" the world doesn't work like that.

No. 1405740

No. 1405741

this makes the most sense. shannon and anthony probably trolled emily, and given shannon's extensive knowledge of emily's social media history, the stalking claim doesn't seem too far-fetched. but at the same time a lot of emily's claims do seem kind of odd especially with the evidence about the timeline. shannon is still a bitch but emily is sketchy too.

No. 1405742

the world absolutely works like that, how many women have been killed, raped or attacked because the police decided to not take their reports seriously?

No. 1405744

The police doing something isnt how the world works. There is plenty of evidence of this from 100s of victims who have reported the same thing and nothings happened lmao

No. 1405748

Didn’t Emily said the dates were hazy due to her addiction. Idk, I can’t trust CSA anyway because she has history of twisting facts as she pleases. She didn’t address the lolcow controversy at all even! If Emily spoke against her it was because of that. She has some good selective memory there

No. 1405750

not defending shannon but to be fair stalking and rape are more serious allegations than talking shit on a gossip website

No. 1405751

Some girls send their nudes via messenger/dms on facebook. It's not that far-fetched to assume she had them stolen from there.

No. 1405753

nonnie, she did way more than that. she threatened a child's safety and possibly had child porn

No. 1405756

Ok Shannon. Whatever you say(hi cow)

No. 1405762

I think it's fucking hilarious that Shannon proved she was stalking Emily by providing screencaps from deactivated accounts and finding accounts from when emily was 13

No. 1405764

>this video is to defend my husband and I
>dedicates a whole section of the video to talk about emily's crush on her teacher
Shannon, this is a new low. How pathetic

No. 1405765

are we gonna get "hello cow" flood the threads once again? If shannon is still active here the mods will let us know and mark her posts. A few people here from the art salt threads didn't like emily for quite some time

No. 1405767

It is the holiday season, dedicated to spending time with family, looking back on the new year, and lookin forward to the next. Shannon chose to spend her time recording a 2.5 hour video trying to cancel Emily for…something? We're off to a good start for milk in the Year of Our Lord 2022, that's for sure.

No. 1405771

File: 1640976092185.png (272.26 KB, 870x748, kekekekek.PNG)

not the same anon but I took a cap.

No. 1405774


No. 1405776

lol pathetic, this girl is proving further how much of a psycho stalker she is. Wow I didnt think Shannon could sink even lower, she could have just come back with some random video or something but nope this bitch chose to be petty and stupid. Honestly she could have just made some bullshit fake apology or saying something like

"I made horrible mistakes, I hurt my friends but I really just want to move on with my life and continue to improve myself as a human being" or some bullshit like that but nope Shannon is retarded and no one should expect better of her.

No. 1405779

She obviously chose to post it today to act like it's a major game-changing event that everyone will talk about. Sure, we will, but only to laugh at how embarrassing it is. Here Shannon, just for you: "yass queen, give us absolutely nothing"

No. 1405783

Spoiler: she debunked nothing.
She just dragged EmilyArtful for past drug use and having mental problems. This seems more like she's just trying hard to burn Emily as much as possible on the way out.

No. 1405784

File: 1640976674493.jpg (811.87 KB, 1634x4093, 20211231_124418.jpg)

here she is, doubling down that amy (the stalker who posed as her to post on lolcow kek) is real. she's mostly focused on the fact that amy =/= phonetically similar emily, and is a reach (tbh, it is a reach) instead of addressing her absurd claims that amy 'spoofed' her ip (and admin spanked her over.)

No. 1405785

wtf there's a section about shannon's sibling in this video that includes their full name and college? she keeps doxxing her own sister and for what

No. 1405786


No. 1405787

Didn't she initially say that she was "hacked" when all of this info came out? KEK

No. 1405789


No. 1405791

If Emily didn't have material to sure her ass, now Shannon gave her a golden gigantic tray of evidence.

Also, no lawyer or legal team would say "What an awesome idea make a two hour long ass video proving I can stalk someone whole online persona" instead of quietly take it to court.

Amazing milk, happy new years farmers. 2022

No. 1405792

> amy =/= phonetically similar emily

shades of Bella saying she wasnt Isabella Janke, based and definitely belieavble pilled

No. 1405793

File: 1640977000356.jpeg (114.67 KB, 275x260, 1578247560849.jpeg)

picrel she still doesn't know how that works

No. 1405794

the last 3 minutes is her freaking out/on the verge of crying about all her fake youtube friends that abandoned her, kek

No. 1405795

File: 1640977047015.png (48.11 KB, 661x245, creep.png)

Wait, does this mean that they reached a settlement or that Shannon won the court case against Emily?

No. 1405797

idk the whole "if you are seeing this video" stuff smelled of wishful thinking grandiose larp to me personally

No. 1405798

still not there, i hope she mentions ready to glare… would love to see how shannon turns all her shittalking on giulia

No. 1405802

File: 1640977405913.png (128.05 KB, 711x535, final.png)

this is fucking hilarious

No. 1405803

I don't know why she would bother coming back with this video, just get a real job. Even if Shannon was 100% innocent which I doubt, pleas of innocence to the hoard of trolls and dramamongers on Youtube are wasted breaths. Just go live your life, Shannon, drop all of this. No coming back from this girl stalked me for ten years as a social media personality, people have been canceled for far less.

No. 1405804

Unbelievable. I genuinely thought after the months of radio silence that her fucked up scrote had killed her for and buried her in the desert. But no, she’s still here and just as stupid as ever. Haven’t watched the video but it sounds like it proves nothing. Congratulations Sharon, not only have you cemented this drama as your legacy, but momentum was lost so long ago that now you can’t even capitalise on being YouTube’s bad guy kek.

No. 1405805

>I am not coming back to YouTube
We all know this is a bold faced fucking like. She's going to be coming back in a month or two probably under another pseudonym or just try and use the same channel.

No. 1405808

>I've trolled ppl for years as well. Welcome to the net

Nice thing to admit on a thread dedicated to laughing at Shannon for being a weirdo who trolled her boyfriend's ex for ten years, aka a fucking sad and weird thing to do.

No. 1405809

I should have done more to appreciate the months where I didn't have to hear CSA say "my dudes".

No. 1405810

File: 1640977701128.jpeg (16.2 KB, 240x180, 6D95AD45-643A-4ADB-BCFE-711E5B…)

Kek I’m just imagining her making the exact same content while putting on a terrible accent. She’d be the YT version of guy incognito

No. 1405811

File: 1640977723035.png (1.35 MB, 1159x821, boooo.png)


No. 1405812

I feel like Shannon's whole story should serve as a lesson. Never make a single Youtuber your "comfort" Youtuber.

They're all manipulative narcs only out to exploit you.

No. 1405814

skipping ahead kek

No. 1405817

File: 1640978046525.png (165.46 KB, 686x435, sis.png)

No. 1405819

this sounds like that retarded odessa drama, lmao

No. 1405826

Why censor

No. 1405828

because it's not relevant, other than to show what a shitbag shannon is

No. 1405839

File: 1640980407045.png (114.9 KB, 682x472, mmm.png)

>She claims she spoke to the police but you don't do that without filing a police report and her story about them telling her to leave doesn't add up to me.

From the script:
>There should be some record of this happening with law enforcement. There isn’t.

No. 1405848

File: 1640981792612.png (12.49 KB, 332x82, F608B2C3-A6C3-48BE-8C30-90EAA3…)

Pulled from KF

No. 1405850

File: 1640982113787.jpg (349.45 KB, 1080x1846, 20211231_142055.jpg)

trashlee is already going on about how much she's unbothered

No. 1405856

How old is Emily now? Why did she think digging up things from when Emily was 13 would make her look like less of a stalker? Unironically I think Shannon should kill herself.

No. 1405862

File: 1640984137964.jpeg (334.9 KB, 750x790, 84D75218-3DE7-410D-AF4A-A5CE3B…)

digging up stuff from 16 years ago is so normal and not stalkerish, nice one shannon

No. 1405864

Does anyone thinks how petty CSA was for posting this today? Surely Emily is busy with her family for New Year’s Eve but she wanted to ruin the mood for her. She surely wanted her to stop her whole world to waste her time watching her video. Obsessed much?

No. 1405871

As someone who has had to file a report against someone who was stalking and harassing online, this is absolutely how it works. The police will not do anything about someone online unless you can 100% without a shadow of a doubt prove the person is who you say they are. I even had screenshots of the person saying yes this was me, I did it my name is xxx and they still said it couldn't be proven as him

No. 1405873

I'm watching and she's just rambling. She sounds so fucking bitter and keeps going on and on all this dumb shit. Legit made a whole section about a underaged girl having a crush on her teacher, like she looks weird as hell for posting about this.

No. 1405875

Tbh she’s showing her own ass more than anything. All I got from her masking this video is that not only is Shannon the obsessed freak that Emily said she was, while everyone else has been spending New Years/Christmas/Thanksgiving with their friends and family, she was busy making this. And since it’s been so long since the initial drama, anyone who still remembers has her set in their minds as the villain, and I don’t think this video has done anything to dissuade them. This may just be new levels of pathetic cow behaviour kek.

No. 1405876

*making this video

No. 1405879

God dammit. I checked out the video she was referencing that claimed that Emily received harassment because of the anime tub review and THAT was what Emily claimed was the heroin bath video and now I’m sucked into this bullshit because the tags on this vid did have Emily’s name. Fuck. I don’t want to believe that CSA is correct about anything but now I’m fucking sucked into it during work sage because I feel stupid af

No. 1405880

This weirdo talks about the girl posting a nude as a underage person and going, "She literally posted child porn of herself"
Yeah, as a dumb ass teenager, like why the fuck is this in a video thats calling her out? She could've kept this whole video cause it's repetitive. Then she brings up how the girl used "Gay slurs", like she wasn't on here saying "Slurs".
I'm actually in shock she's going way back to HIGH SCHOOL Posts to drag her.

No. 1405881

youtube takes your monetization away from your channel when you go six months without posting a video. she's desperate for cash, and for her if she gets to be slimy in the process it's a win win.

No. 1405883

She sounds obessed and manic, she keeps repeating the same points over and over again. Adding those random FULL clips of scrotes talking about some dumb ass bathtub video. Going back to when she was underage to show shit that shows her "lying".This bitch is obsessed with her.Like she mentioned the same damn video of Emily talking about some asian girl who her boyfriend cheated on her with. She literally played the SAME damn clip, with the same damn story she already showed.
This is overkill.

No. 1405895

yeah, shart is bad about repeating herself usually, but it was especially bad in this video.

No. 1405897

I kept having to check if the video had somehow glitched out and went back, because she mentioned some shit twice in a row. She found Emily's whole internet history and rambled about it, repeating the same shit like she was in a trance.

No. 1405898

Then she's talking about her "They/them" sister. Doesn't excuse coming here and talking shit about your own sister. She didn't have any evidence of anything she claimed her sister did either. What a hateful crusty bitch.

No. 1405905

"To those who told me to kill myself, you almost got what you wanted."


No. 1405914

File: 1640991129269.jpg (73.32 KB, 713x641, 20211231_165048.jpg)

>Metokur fan
>Retarded psychopath
Wow, shocking

No. 1405923

File: 1640991962587.png (68.55 KB, 1313x720, MetokurFembot.PNG)

No. 1405938

Shannon's video is a pathetic showcase of mental illness, insecurity, and a desperate need for money.

No. 1405939

An hour and 44 minutes in, and god damn. Yeah it’s weird Shannon knows all this information but it seems like Emily made it very easy to find her old accounts.

No. 1405950

After reading the whole goddamn google doc I have some thoughts:

It seems like at this point there is no “mic drop”. Shannon just tries to discredit Emily by pointing out her history of mental illness and romantic relationships and whatever instability. She also points to how Emily has made pretty consistent accusations of people stalking her online while not necessarily hiding her personal life online.

I have a lot of questions.. like - is the anime tub video the video that Shannon / Anthony held over her head? Couldn’t it be? Or any other cam video that maybe Emily was just embarrassed of later?

And Shannon does seem to focus a lot on Emily ripping on fat people, but it literally has nothing to do with Shannon’s lolcow posting or accusations of stalking.. so in a way it’s like seeing a possible reason Shannon would hate Emily. Even if Shannon’s friend was a POS and her sister is a POS, that doesn’t discredit the accusations against Shannon. Emily AND Shannon and everyone else involved can be shitty people and Emily’s claims can still be true lol. I’m glad I read that whole document because at first I thought, oh, this seems extensive, maybe there’s truth to it. But it really seems to have the opposite effect because it’s just an extensive record of Emily’s online history from being a minor onward. Like where does Shannon get off exposing Emily for shitty things she’s said on deviantART and racist/hateful shit online when Shannon legit does the same thing?

If anything it just seems like Shannon desperately trying to reclaim some Internet sympathy and girl this was not it. I came out of this NOT thinking Shannon was innocent, but that everyone involved sucks. Good job CSA lol sage because this is a bad post

No. 1405952

I felt bad for Shannon when I watched the part about her sister, you could tell she was really in pain
For the rest, I don't know what to say (I skipped through most of it), but dragging up all that old shit about Emily instead of only focusing on the allegations aimed at her just made her look worse. Yeah, she's sketchy and had her bitchy NLOG moments too, but now you've gone and made yourself look 100% like a stalker. If she wanted to do character assassination, the time to do that was back when she was posting undetected on LC and not sharing her sister's name, not now

No. 1405953

To be honest, CSA's addiction timeline is based only on whatever Emily posted. I have met some addicts that gleefully state to be clean but they are just "functional" addicts, they are in denial or they don't want to worry their loved ones.

That is one of the main reasons why I don't buy Shannon's story. Emily never stated her recovery was a completely straight path. Why would Shannon would make us believe the opposite?

No. 1405958

The part about the fucking bathtub review went on for SO LONG

No. 1405963

File: 1640996197851.png (95.48 KB, 803x460, metokur fembot.png)

if you google this Metokur Fembot person there's a trail of drama across a few different sites, much more than this, I haven't really started looking but it seems like she(?) been inserting her(?)self into this stuff for a while now

No. 1405965

They're some retarded Metokur fan. That's pretty much all I can say. Par for the course for that guy's fans, but yeah.

No. 1405968

Nope I cannot and neither does Shannon. This is a shit show but Shannon does not look good from the lolcow posts where she consistently twister the truth and make Emily look worse like when she said she almost killed her kid. She liked to poke the bear a lot so she is nit the passive figure she likes to present to others

No. 1405971


I actually feel bad for her. She sounds so sad when talking about her psycho theythem sister. I don’t know what I believe exactly (I think the truth is in the middle), but I feel bad overall hearing her trying not cry.

No. 1405973

can the retard/s sympathizing with shannon and defending her at least stop deleting their posts kek

No. 1405980

alternatively, can they qt least sage so they stop bumping to say/erase the same stupid shit?
was ridiculous

No. 1405983

Me: points out facts brought by Emily herself

You: literally reaching and pulling excuses out of your ass that literally no one has said including the supposed victim who has a LONG history of magically being with abusive people.

One of us is grasping for straws and it ain't me. Hell if u watched the video Emily was only addicted a month. Oooo such an achievement. I bet she got mega addicted for 1 month that her being sober over a long period so hard to believe.

No. 1405985

Dude chill! I am not making excuses. I am just pointing out facts. The only irrefutable proof we have is the lolcow posts and they don’t look great for Shannon. It is logical to doubt of her word ,more then Emily’s. Are you going to ignore that? Talk about grasping for straws. Geez

No. 1405987

Why are you shocked that a former addict has a string of shit relationships in their past?

I'll be interested so see if Shannon attempts to defend this video in anyway or if she ghosts for another 6 months until her monetization may be up

No. 1406031

Shannon is such a putrid creature, her mother must feel so much shame knowing she birthed this disaster. Can't get it through her thick skull that she's not the main character,that reality isn't going to bend itself backwards to retroactively make her retarded fucked up behavior acceptable. She deserves her disgusting scrote (who is clearly still obsessed with Emily - you're not good enough even for him, Shannon) and I will feel no sympathy when he turns his toxicity, which she enabled and celebrated, towards her.

No. 1406051

Shannon using screenshots from deviantart when Emily was literally 13 as "evidence" is just killing me

No. 1406064


Me waters was right(emoji)

No. 1406077

File: 1641009642890.jpeg (26.54 KB, 1080x294, 9B0D4F3A-DA13-4DE3-BD84-653CF5…)

Found this on Twitter. She said that “Amy” was a fake random name she used for her stalker and yet the emails she presented as proof are signed as such. Wtf?

No. 1406079

File: 1641009775422.jpeg (48.74 KB, 1080x193, 31691320-4092-446C-A1A9-948B47…)

No. 1406085

>Never make a single Youtuber your "comfort" Youtuber
The entire concept of a "comfort youtuber" is fucking idiotic and every single one of the disappointed ex stans above the age of 15 should have been way too fucking embarrassed to even voice that out loud. Comfort Youtubers aren't real, it's just self-infantilization.

No. 1406132

Couldn't Shannon just photoshop these messages?

No. 1406134


she specifically told her friends not to publicly defend her, but now she's lashing out because they didn't?

No. 1406152

Looking at Twitter it seems no one is buying Shannon’s bullshit. Mostly all the criticisms are the same.

> Who keep such irrelevant documentation on someone and claims they didn’t stalk them?

I hope Shannon feels like a real idiot, she really thought she was dropping some real hard evidence but in reality it just looks deluded and petty.

Overall, this was really underwhelming. Congrats fatty and talentless husband!

No. 1406166

File: 1641029200884.jpg (123.3 KB, 600x1041, tw1.jpg)

No. 1406167

File: 1641029305653.jpg (39.93 KB, 600x318, tw2.jpg)

No. 1406179

File: 1641033897672.gif (261.16 KB, 220x124, regina-george.gif)

Girl had us wait this long for a cringe compilation? Did Emily make out with a hot dog too?

No. 1406197

Emily has spoken openly and frequently about being a shitty person when she was younger. Does Shannon really think that dropping "evidence" of Emily's past behaviour is going to change anything?

No. 1406203

There is footage from Emily's deleted vlogs and speculation about her location based on what pen she had… If Shannon wanted to disprove the stalker allegations, she failed.

No. 1406238

File: 1641047017487.jpeg (8.33 KB, 1082x84, 80C9925E-AB5E-4026-96D4-E1A018…)

11k dislikes kek

No. 1406245

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall to see Shannon's reaction to being so humiliatingly ratio'd. If she thought this video was going to be some sort of mic drop where we all apologize to Shannon, what's her face look like when she has to face the realization that nobody fucking likes her.

No. 1406291

So Shannon proves herself to be a stalker and shows that 13 year olds are sometimes cringy and make stupid ass online posts? Apart from the believability of the stories one difference is that Emily admits she has been a shitty person in the past while Shannon takes no responsibility for anything. I expected her to deny everything Emily and apologize for the lolcow controversy but alas. Did she seriously think this would help her case?

No. 1406305

So guys, the drama got more autistic. Byrce (The person who allegedly assaulted Emily) for some fucking reason made a spergy video defending himself complete with pretentious lighting and all.

No. 1406307

I think everyone should download this when they can. He'll likely see the negative result of his sperging and delete it.

No. 1406308

The comments are pretty telling. One YouTuber explained how being autistic doesent absolve him of abuse or misogyny and it's now deleted. You can no longer find it. Slowly, more and more comments are being deleted. If he's so confident, why is he such a pussy?

No. 1406310

I'm I the only one who gets Randy
Steir vibes from this guy?

No. 1406339

Do we know how many subs she's dropped since posting the video?

No. 1406340

I get the vibe that he probably thinks he’s way more attractive than Shannon and thinks she’s lucky to have him. He looks like a sleaze bag

No. 1406342

File: 1641060325303.jpeg (174.52 KB, 756x691, F94B063D-8AD2-4678-BFDD-95A797…)

No. 1406345

Learn2sage Jesus Christ

This isn’t Shannon’s spouse
Reading comprehension - needs improvement

No. 1406353

Ohh apologies.

No. 1406437

File: 1641070829034.png (88.23 KB, 593x429, 041BFE89-2A70-4913-B83C-375CE4…)

Sage for non-milk but I was going back through the first thread and my sides fell off when I saw this.
Happy New Year Shannon, I hope 2021 was everything you dreamed of and more.

No. 1406567

oh my god, i wouldn't be surprised if he offers shart the hosting position once he retires.

No. 1406616

File: 1641086060778.png (23.59 KB, 812x202, kek.png)

>>1405811 good update (just download an extension to show youtube dislikes)

No. 1406627

I haven’t watched the video yet, but has anyone mentioned how she always said she didn’t have any emails from Amy to prove their relationship and no all of a sudden she has emails galore?

No. 1406639

And she said multiple times that Amy was an alias and now she signed up her emails with her name

No. 1406665

Hey, at least Shannon is getting the most views she has gotten in months! At the cost of her losing more subs
The fact she's wasting more of the money she doesn't have on a lawyer is funnier. I wonder if her legal team is screaming at her right now

No. 1406681

File: 1641093307022.jpeg (336.55 KB, 1170x560, 8B2D00A3-3E3E-448E-87B3-8BEFD1…)


I can’t stop laughing at Shannon threatening lolsuits after years of making fun of cows for the exact same shit. She even threatened to sue in her fair use disclaimer. Fuck her threats, Emily should submit a privacy claim if Shannon used images of her kid. If Shannon doesn’t blur the kid’s face, YouTube will remove the video.

No. 1406712

Seeing as how she didn't take anyone to court yet despite threatening everyone, yeah she's all bark. Taking someone to court takes a lot of money and I don't think Anthony's music or her tacobell-esc job is going to cover anything.

No. 1406717

File: 1641098674435.png (25.76 KB, 900x284, keemthinksshesinnocent.png)

>"Keem thinks she's innocent"

lmao of course he would

No. 1406719

I don't think Keem believes Shannon. More like he gets attention and he has stated she hope she fails so she can work for him. Sooooo… yeeeeaaaah

No. 1406722

File: 1641099271766.png (44.24 KB, 484x590, nathan.png)

Hi Sha- I mean Nathan Davis

No. 1406801

File: 1641108207461.png (16.56 KB, 600x256, keemcreepshow.png)

No. 1406804

File: 1641109075055.jpg (68.8 KB, 603x845, CSATIP3.jpg)

I love Tipster's response

No. 1406805

File: 1641109096200.jpg (63.64 KB, 606x552, CSATIP4.jpg)

No. 1406813

Still don't like him but following her advice to change his name to Second Hand News was chef's kiss flawless.
And if asking a fair question about your husband's channel constitutes harassment, what if he made a 2½ hour video about everything Shannon's ever posted publicly about doing wrong since she was 13? Surely maligning someone for hours over their status as a sexual assault survivor would be enough to meet YouTube's standards for harassment and cyberbullying, if a single comment is harassment. If youtube actually enforced their own guidelines they'd demonetize a hit piece like that. Its fortunate for Shannon that they don't. She's free to go full onision now, so she might as well milk her villain arc for all its worth while youtube keeps paying for it. Not like she has a reputation to protect anymore.

Don't lose hope, anon. She's known to repeat herself.

No. 1406815

After watching the video this part is what got to me. Its so obvious shannon is getting some sick pleasure reliving watching these clips of these autistic scrotes calling Emily a whore. To use it all against her one more time, and on new years too! These people are SCARY and do not care if they entire world is against them, and it's like they think they OWN Emily somehow.

No. 1406824

Honestly, it’s almost as if keemstar hand-picked all the shittiest takes to have on purpose. Just get busy and go fuck your barely postpubescent gf, you sad middle aged dwarf

No. 1406836

I kind of have the feeling that we're witnessing Shannon's full blown narcissistic meltdown.

No. 1406875

Agreed, it's just surprising that she managed to hold it in for so long

No. 1406901

Honestly I think we should campaign to get her channel taken down. Bitch is not going to leave the internet despite the sob story. It would objectively meet YouTube's guidelines for harassment. I think getting the videos demonetized is a start. Anyone know how to report monetized videos?(cowtipping)

No. 1406902

honestly that's a stupid "idea".

No. 1406905


That's not only a fucking stupid idea but cowtipping and planning "taking lolcow down" is against farm rules. So sit.

No. 1406916

Don’t involve yourself in cow problems, anon. If Emily wants the video removed, there’s plenty of reportable privacy violations for her to do so. Random anons don’t need to report the video for harassment. You should be laughing at Shannon’s psychosis not helping her get it removed from the internet.

No. 1406987

It's less that I'm not laughing anon, it's that I don't like the idea of a cunt getting so much ad revenue and the fact that it objectively breaks YouTube's guidelines. At the same time, it is mostly Emily's issue. Still though, how the fuck is that video up yet content creators get removed for curse words?

No. 1406988

I'm sure Emily is handling it. Or someone else is since the video is clearly harassment. We don't have to do much of anything.
I'm just enjoying the mental breakdown. What's shannon going to do? Sue Emily? With what money? The 200 bucks she gets a month from her dead youtube?

No. 1406998

If you want a good laugh today, sort the comments on Shannon's video by "new". Every single comment is negative and a new one gets posted almost every minute. It's hilarious, not a single person is sticking up for her.

No. 1407002

Wont touch she stalked and harassed Hopeless Peaches, continues to shit on her sister, wont mention lolcow posts, wont touch the community where she lies about "Amy" spoofing her IP, the kek worthy time she pretended her youtube was hacked because of a glitchy banner to prevent talking about her harassment of other youtubers.
Tells people in her description that she doesn't give a fuck and she's here to basically rip apart Emily and everyone is lazy even though she told people not to defend her. Someone put this bitch out of her misery or into a mental ward where she belongs

No. 1407007

At this rate, Shannon is becoming new Onion boy in terms of lols.
Maybe there should be nickname like Onion.

No. 1407011


All this. WTF at her talking about her old youtube friends with such disdain when SHE left the discord without a word, told them not to defend her, basically just peaced out and didn't respond to any of them?

This is not how an innocent person behaves.

No. 1407012

it really is a shame if she doesn't plan to make more videos. The milk could flow so sweetly, for some time.

No. 1407016

Spends 30 minutes callin Emily a whore. Multiple people in her life confirmed that yes, she did stalk Emily. Her own family disowned her forever ago because Shannon is insane. Proceeds to throw receipts that are older than most of her audience from 16 years ago to prove she isn't a stalker.
Couldn't possibly be jealous of Emily because she wasn't dating Anthony at the time, proceeds to marry Anthony. "proves" Anthony didn't rape her because "Anthony said she wasn't high on crack" cuz of course a rapist wouldn't admit to rape.

Kicker, says Emily is homophobic for something she said as an edgy teen even though Shannon was pretending to be lgbt while throwing homophobic slurrs on lolcow just last year

No. 1407043

Hahaha, okay garden gnome. I wonder if he'll stick his neck out for her by getting into debt funding Shannon's trash lolsuits?

No. 1407059

hes just trying to be edgy and provocative as usual. I remember when he said depressed ppl should just drink a beer

No. 1407108

If he didnt, he just be in a sea of similar takes completely forgettable. Taking the worst take in every situation gets him more attention. I feel so bad for his daughter. I hope she stays away from the internet

No. 1407379

File: 1641174050885.png (289.34 KB, 1523x600, totallynotshannon.png)

So like… this definitely wasn't written by a lawyer, right? It just sounds so unprofessional.

No. 1407388

That definitely wasn’t written by a lawyer. It’s just Shannon typing how she thinks a lawyer would sound like and failing horribly.

No. 1407390

I highly doubt a lawyer would talk about Anthony's "Zero tolerance policy" in the exact same way Shannon did. This letter literally reads like Shannon trying not to sound like Shannon.

No. 1407394

>It never would have
>As you know
>He would not have

A lawyer wouldn't write in such personal terms making assumptions about what people do or do not know, she really thought she did something there.

Certainly not doing much to disprove the notion she habitually impersonates people/takes on different identities in order to manipulate, is this whole video and "lawyer" shit just Shannon still not fucking dropping it and continuing to harass Emily?

No. 1407398

Samefag, I feel bad for Emily that she has this deranged woman on her tail for ten years for the crime of…being Shannon's current partner's EX! Although I guess I'm forgetting the fact Anthony probably had a 50% hand in this deranged harassment as he's still salty to have lost Emily.
IIRC some of those barbie troll accounts that were used to write awful things to Emily typed the same way he did in Facebook messages to her, and were misogynistic in a way I think Shannon couldn't be.
Shannon generally tries to convince herself what she's doing is justified where Anthony knows he's an asshole creep.

What a shitty situation for Emily.

No. 1407492


its laughable that Shannon's shit on other people's fake legal documents but couldn't put her bitterness on hold for two seconds to cook up a letter. JFC Lillee Jean's fake lawyer claims sound more believable than this crap.

No. 1407557

This is Anthony and Shannon's friend, the one who allegedly broke up with Emily for Anthony and then threatened to curb stomp her. Bryce and Anthony used to fantasize about shooting up their high school.

Vid related is Bryce defending himself by saying that he is autistic and 90 lbs, so he could never actually hurt Emily. Shannon said in her video that Emily is being ableist for not understanding an autistic man kek.

No. 1407575

File: 1641199053778.jpeg (19.66 KB, 300x244, STrZf0s.jpeg)

stfg he looks just like every other unhinged "joker fan" who's ever threatened to curb stomp a girl ever.

No. 1407616

File: 1641205027739.png (485.45 KB, 595x1202, sideshowlikes004.PNG)


Lol shit! Metokur Fembot is the loser who was suspected to be behind the Sideshow twitter account.
<- picreal is some of sideshow's likes from before it started Creepposting, there was more Killstream and Ethan Ralph things in there too until this was brought up publicly and then they all went POOF

No. 1407780

You'd be surprised how retarded lawyers can be. If some lawyers graduate at the top of their class there must be those who graduate at the absolute bottom. Some lawyers also let their clients write out their statements and put their signature on it to save them time and their clients money.

No. 1407859

The whole nature of that "lawyers" correspondence is off. It sounds too informal and she's chosen to chuck what she thinks is a few big words into it to try and sound legit. What a desperate cow.

No. 1407934

File: 1641245261727.jpg (24.74 KB, 320x240, Lionel_Hutz.jpg)


Your honor, if there's one thing that stopped my client from raping a girl he KNEW* was intoxicated–it's the fact that he was trying to stay away from the stuff.

No. 1407952

File: 1641246306956.png (380.73 KB, 603x539, em.PNG)

Emily posted that she got a DUI for being under the influence in December of 2012 which contradicts the whole bullshit narrative Shannon is trying to spin

No. 1408026

An entire story thing on instagram called "Emily", damn Emily truly lives in Shannons head rent free.

No. 1408136

to summerize this, CSA literally pulled a isabella loretta janke with a conspiracy google doc combinded with a video? before I watch is the video watch worthy because its almost 2 hours longs…

No. 1408140

Damn she was driving under the influence? shittier than being a creepy stalker tbh

No. 1408166

They're both pretty shitty but shannon is infinitely worse for refusing to acknowledge her shortcomings and address them head on. Shannon will forever try to play the victim because it's one of the only ways she knows how to get attention. Meanwhile, Emily has learned from her mistakes and continues to grow as a person.

No. 1408169

Oh FFS. What’s that?? An addict did something addict-ey??? No one gives a shit, this isn’t her fucking thread.

Shannon, for over a decade, SOBER, stalked and harassed someone. You’d have to be moronic beyond belief to think those things are even comparable. All Emily did by posting this was prove that Shannon is as stupid as ever.

No. 1408193

Fuck off, Shannon.

No. 1408209

When you're under the influence you're not thinking right.. not saying that totally excuses it but it does cloud your judgment and people make mistakes.

Shannon, on the other hand, made the 100% conscious decision to stalk and harass Emily for EIGHT YEARS. There is a difference between making a stupid reckless decision out of poor judgment and being straight up malevolent.

No. 1408212

She clarifies in the following tweet that she was not actively high when she was pulled over, but because the cop spotted a needle in her car they took her in for hair and blood tests. Heroin stays in your system for days so her tests came back dirty and thus DUI.

No. 1408241

the google doc is just the script of the video. there's no information in there that's valuable that hasn't already been summarized in this thread

No. 1408245

To be fair i don't know if I buy the 'i was the 13 year old' part either.

No. 1408259

Considering Emily has owned up to worse shit she's done, why even lie here? Being a groomed minor definitely would explain her drug abuse later in life too. It's also not uncommon for victims to defend the offenders or to try to reason away the offense before actually processing the fact they were a victim of grooming or sexual abuse as an adult.

No. 1408260

So you buy the "she was the 17 yr old" part? Okay. Still a minor. Still a decade ago. Still none of anyone's fucking business here in 2021. Why are people still bringing it up?

No. 1408261

oh fuck me, samefag. it's 2022 now

No. 1408313

You’re retarded and/or have a severe personality disorder if you’re empathizing with Shannon in this situation. She’s the psycho. She’s the one posting a 2 hr long video full of manic rambling and proof that she has been stalking Emily for over a decade. She should just off herself at this point.

No. 1408320

Idc about her tranny sister. Just saying you have to be mentally ill to empathize with a psycho based on what she’s saying in a video in which 99% of the other content is her proving she’s a stalker, making up lies about her victim, and doctoring emails. She posted her sister’s personal info on a gossip forum and you think her sister is more deranged, kek.

No. 1408321

Nice delete but I’m leaving this up since you clearly have the tab open anyway

No. 1408322

File: 1641286698325.png (97.93 KB, 272x275, B83A6AA9-9B98-4B24-89F5-C4EB62…)

So sad to see Shannon leave us once again, I wish there was an archive of the kek worthy comment.

No. 1408338

anything and everything we know about the sibling has come from Shannon and Shannon is a goddamn fucking liar. Even if there's any truth in Shannon's claims, if that's the only source of the claims then the claims are trash, just like everything else Shannon says

No. 1408404

I watched the video after all, the fell asleep watching it, the sheer amount of shit CSA has on fucking emily, yeah she stalked her, no one has that amount of bullshit to make a 2 hour video of bullshit wihtout collectiong shit for years.

No. 1408406

Really the funniest part of this is that Shannon claims to be a "master manipulator" but gets blinded by rage and jealousy. You can't manipulate if you throw any rational thinking out of the window the moment you get angry and only focus on hurting people.

I think she really thought this would make Emily look bad and people would crawl to her apologizing and she could tell them to fuck off. And while fantasizing about that she completely forgot that she makes herself seem bad.

Apart from farms people actually like to forgive and forget and that's the thing a "master manipulator" would've taken in account.

Imagine if she actually had maken a video where she'd admit posting here, apologizing to everyone she'd been calling and claiming that she used lolcow as an outlet for her bad moods and she deeeply regrets it and is determined to better herself. And then she would've said that yeah she used to have a thing against Emily and they have had disagreements but Shannon's long over it and she's so hurt that Emily decided to come and kick her when she was already on the ground bohoo but she understands Emily was hurt and this was her chance to take revenge. She is willing to apologize though she has never had any CP over her or stalked her to the degree she claims.

Boom. Some little lies after raw and "honest" apologies would've been easy to believe and digest for her stans. There would've been some backlash but not as much as now. But my dude Shannon couldn't lower her to even pretend to be wrong or apologize. That's how "masterful" her manipulations are.

No. 1408409

File: 1641301462361.png (41