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File: 1468008360370.jpeg (92.81 KB, 715x730, image.jpeg)

No. 152706

The kawaii anime girl hailing from Turkey. She is constantly spamming her discount codes from many of the circle lens and knock off j-fashion websites she has sponsorships from. If you post anything about her being too skinny it will be deleted and her fans will flock to defend her shrinking body. Currently in Japan floating around as a ghostly apparition.


No. 152707

File: 1468008569419.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 621.73 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

No. 152708

File: 1468008907933.jpeg (136.86 KB, 736x744, image.jpeg)

No. 152710

File: 1468009110271.jpeg (72.26 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

No. 152711

Daaamn… I hope she's okay

No. 152712

Am i the only one who doesnt think shes that cute?

Kaoru hasegawa licks her ass

No. 152714


Nah shes probably got ED like the rest of the weebs

No. 152716

Not snowflakey enough. Next.

No. 152718

While she's contributed to the circle lens community for wearing so many lenses, her glamourizing of sponsorships has made a rabid blood bath of teenage girl weebs trying to get those said sponsorships.

No. 152719

looked at her insta and i found it funny she was cosplaying the fattest lovelive considering her body

she would be a very good maki though

No. 152732

File: 1468011954780.jpeg (172.1 KB, 750x981, image.jpeg)

Maybe she was naturally skinny last year but not anymore.

No. 152737


No. 152743

there have been anzu threads before though get over yourself. She's more popular than half of the people in snow and I'm pretty sure the the person who has stuck with the whole 'kawaii outfit blogger' thing for the longest?

Anyway yeah she's super skinny rn but until she starts going full skelly I'm not really worried since she still seems really energetic. If someone came onto my pictures whining about my body size I'd delete it too I really dont see the bug deal about that. I dont see the big deal deleting comments that you think are rude or whatever. If anything it's nicer for her to do it cause if she didnt her fans would probably run and scream at the people for ~*body shaming*~ and then the same people would complain about anzu not controlling her fans.

No. 152748

She's obviously anorexic. I wonder if she'll go the way of Eugenia Cooney (ie become extremely thin to the point of everyone except sick girls finding her grotesque, but never mention it).

No. 152750

She's obviously anorexic. I wonder if she'll go the way of Eugenia Cooney (ie become extremely thin to the point of everyone except sick girls finding her grotesque, but never mention it).

No. 152778


Props but people will love her regardless due to her being small and ugh kawaii desu

No. 152791

how is she a snowflake?

No. 152833

Hasegawa licks her ass and she licks his in return. If you post anything regarding Hasegawa tracing or stealing photos, she'll delete your comment and block you.
As long as she's getting free shit, she doesn't care about anything else.

No. 152843


they probably even fucked to seal the deal

No. 152893

this thread is garbage. OP mad because some girl doesn't want comments on her body, and gives out discount codes?? NEXT

No. 152902

Never heard of this chick at all, seeing no milk besides being one of many retarded weebs.

I'd be super generous and say maybe vendetta, but… seriously, this is WAY too obscure. This is 100% a self post.

Yeah this random nobody invented getting sponsorships for posting shopped selfies on social media, really shifted some paradigms and shook things up there. Society will be forever changed.

No. 152907

She's Tumblr famous.

No. 152920

File: 1468047869842.jpg (187.85 KB, 1300x700, anzuismadelinemccann.jpg)

No. 152921

File: 1468047888466.jpg (57.37 KB, 657x391, anzuexposed.jpg)

No. 152925

''anzuexposed.jpg'' what are you trying to expose here? that she wears circle lenses or ?? LOL

No. 152927

I think they're trying to imply that she looks like the missing kid, Madeline McCann.

No. 152930

File: 1468048818108.jpg (83.99 KB, 870x555, findmaddie.jpg)

No. 152933

Idk I think all the attention must get to her but she's really qt, I wish I was as skinny as her.

No. 152937

File: 1468050083701.jpg (199.08 KB, 900x1200, Cm6BdMDUEAAK0fN.jpg)

Gonna assume trolling but either way Anzu has posted tons of pics of her without contacts in and her she doesnt have the eye spots/discoloring geez

tbh she doesnt really seem stuck up to me? I've had quite a few friendly twitter convos with her and even though I'm an artist she hasnt asked me to draw her or anything like that? idk this thread reeks of vendetta to me cause from what I can tell Anzu is harmless. Other than deleting comments which I'm still 'whatever' about. I dont agree with tracing but I get that it's annoying having people argue in your comments.

No. 152940

Gonna risk sounding like a white knight here but she really is pretty unspectacular. I'm pretty sure she's just slightly mentally ill, that's it.

No. 152942

Her hair is so fried…

No. 152943

I don't think she's a lolcow, but just in case anyone WKs her weight, there's this video of her before

No. 152954

Ugh…on some pics she's really cute, on others just ugly

No. 153208

Is she the Miku?

No. 153209

She's just a harmless weeaboo. Nothing to see here.

No. 153225

If shes the miku, then its really sad how far she has progressed into her ED.

No. 153304

She reminds me of a successful yukapon

No. 153307

samefag that posted the video, she is the miku

No. 153312

This is really sad. How she looks now is terrible, she looks way too poorly compared to when this was filmed yet so many girls envy her now that she's gotten more popular with time.

No. 167103

File: 1471700337679.jpg (50.38 KB, 492x960, 14055158_628563053978929_37246…)

kawaii as fuck.
she should stop messing with her hair and give it some time to repair because it looks like a fried mess atm.

No. 167159


Oh we've definitely got a snowflake in that case. Except there's nothing of note whatsoever thus far.

No. 167194

I don't think she's really topic worthy. She doesn't really do anything interesting. She seems pretty normal, with normal problems, and treats people normally. She for sure has anorexia and used to be a little chubby, but that's about it. She isn't even freaking out about comments on her weight, just deleting them. Which once again, seems normal.

No. 167214

Isn't this the same girl who entered a cosplay contest with a sponsored cosplay and won? That's what I've always found awful about her if it's the same girl. Sorry for the mistake if I'm thinking of someone else.

No. 167229

Yeah that's her but she's already said it was a cosplay modeling contest, not a crafting contest.

No. 167234

its fucking scary how unrecognizeable she looked before compared to now.
weight loss really does make people more attractice lmao

No. 167243

Will most likely get hate for this but I think shes cuter in OP's pic.

No. 167249

>Will most likely get hate for this
The entire thread agrees with you, ya flake.

No. 167387

Does cgl hate her because r9k keeps spamming her in threads, or is there some drama I'm missing?

No. 167390

that's the only reason i think. as far as i know she hasn't actually done anything. her personality seems normal to me

No. 167451

She does delete other comments as well, for ex. outfit concrit

No. 167458

also eating food would probably help

No. 167490

She's really cute. I'm glad I have a new person to follow, thanks, OP. :^)

No. 167500

How have you never seen this girl before? I stg she's like everywhere.

No. 167538

How tall is she? I have this theory that she used to be shorter and then she grew and that's what spurred her ed, its what happened to me!!! The only time i was ok with my body was being smaller than everyone and I had a late growth spurt which made my ed come back because suddenly I was tiny anymore I was just average. Am i making any sense? Also someone on 4chan told me she was 5 feet tall but she doesn't really look like it. are there antboics of her standing next to anyone?

No. 167539

Any pics** not antbiocs

No. 167542

She's around 5'4" ish iirc. I think she has her height in her tumblr FAQ but I can't check it as tumblr is blocked at my work.

No. 167551

Ok thats kinda eery, i know its just a halfassed theory but thats how tall i am too, and I ysed to be 5 feet tall and I was tiny and thought I was done growing but then I had a growth spurt when I am 17. I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way about their body? I saw a meme one time about how 5'2 girls are short and petite and cute and 5'4 girls are massive and manly and plain, I don't think I saved it though it was so long ago

No. 167555

She's been the same height since she was first on Tumblr though. That meme was made by robots and I doubt that Anzu cares about/has any interest in 4chan as a whole. She does seem to get triggered easily though since she deletes any and all comments on her photos that aren't 100% positive.

No. 167561

it says she is 164cm so a little under 5'5

No. 167573

dafuck why is she here?! she's not a lolcow at all. gives all infos and pretty good reviews about items, is always polite when someone asks relevant questions, doesn't scam people and doesn't promote ED's. Deleting comments is totally fine and NOT talking about your (not confirmed) ED is better than blabbering about it everywhere. IMO there are much much worse cosplayers. Plus, she shows herself unshooped and without make up aswell. Sorry but here i have to WK. I smell jealousy.

No. 167580

Most people are just tired of seeing her everywhere. Her makeup is good but it's always the same thing over and over.

No. 167588

It's not her fault 4chan autists keep posting her everywhere

No. 167593

>she's not a lolcow at all
that's why she's under /snow/, not /pt/…

>gives all infos and pretty good reviews about items

i mean, she has to. she gets paid with free stuff to say "this item is good. buy it." she doesn't really give a lot of info in her reviews either other than "yeah it's nice/cute and I like it."

>IMO there are much much worse cosplayers

no one's saying she's a bad cosplayer.

this. you can always tell it's summer when random people spam /cgl/ with shit like (pic of random girl in cosplay) "HOW WILL ANYONE EVER BE MORE PERFECT THAN HER????"
and then the newfags take the bait and shit goes down.

No. 167683

I've been wondering about her since she's posted so much. Nice to see a thread. Did she move to Japan, or is she still living in Turkey? A lot of her photos seem like she's visited Japan lately and working with a company there or something.

No. 167694

She was there on vacation for a couple months. She's back in Turkey now.

No. 169546

File: 1472495262226.png (707.99 KB, 829x446, Untitled.png)

Her hair needs some tlc

No. 169549

What the? That's HER??

No. 169553

My fatass 13 yrs old self was obssesed with how 'pretty' she was, now she looks like an anorexic drug addict. oh well.

No. 169557

File: 1472496180206.png (832.85 KB, 771x531, anzu.png)

No. 169558

She looks nothing like in her cosplay or jfash photos, wtf people can not say that she's not abusing several apps/photoshop

No. 169560

Lol she looks like the true pale turk

All thats missing is one of those long ass skirts and a headscarf

No. 169565

File: 1472497247279.jpg (79.14 KB, 641x960, 1111.jpg)

tbh those makeupless pics make me feel so good about myself. sure it may be kind of pathetic but she looks so fucking cute in cosplay. it always gives me hope that i can look pretty good with makeup.

she looks.. a little too thin tho?

No. 169566

File: 1472497395096.jpg (109.02 KB, 638x958, anzu.jpg)

considering this used to be her….yeah.

No. 169567

File: 1472497443432.png (346.14 KB, 368x484, 1.png)

No. 169578


this is the same girl? geez it looks like a greasy weeb

No. 169589

I think she looks cute here, in a high school anime club kind of way.

No. 169594


What would be her right leg is kind of unsettling to look at. It doesn't look right…

No. 169597

Looks like super Mary face

No. 169600

File: 1472502908280.png (529.25 KB, 332x900, 0.png)

Wtf…it does

No. 169609

I never understood why people have to dog out pictures which are Super old and/or not relevant anymore
I mean it doesn't do anything to talk bad about OLD pictures
Of course it's interesting to see how much she changed but that's it basically

No. 169611

File: 1472505159637.jpg (412.73 KB, 1534x2048, 1472339754157.jpg)

to help people form their opinions on if she has an ed or not, obv
I personally think she does from the way she used to look, the hair, and bloated face

No. 169612

File: 1472505202974.jpg (81.19 KB, 815x538, a.jpg)

No. 169616

She did a video with KisaMake

No. 169620

she acts so different in videos with other people

No. 170370

File: 1472681502879.jpeg (88.18 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

When she's cute, she's blindingly cute, but when a picture is unflattering… Well…

No. 170415

Her head looks like a minecraft block

No. 171011

File: 1472923376468.gif (2.13 MB, 200x113, image.gif)

Holy shit the part when she lifts up her arms and you can see the outline of her entire ribcage


No. 171014

Eugh, she looks like a granny, she should gain a little she would look so much cuter

No. 171029

It's normal to be able to see your ribs when you lift your arms up. That pose stretches the skin over the ribcage. She doesn't look unhealthy imo, she just has a petite frame.

No. 171031

you must be fat because if you were skinny you'd know that's what happens when you lift up your arms, the pointy ends of the rib cage stick out … it's perfectly normal for most skinny to normal sized people.

No. 171327

File: 1473052345872.png (589.04 KB, 614x587, image.png)

gave me a spook

No. 171335

not the same anon you replied to but her knees make it obvious that she has an ED

No. 171338

She actually looks normal here.

No. 171339

she has such an absurdly full face for someone so thin. i hate to call bulimia cheeks but…

No. 171341

The secrets in her upper arms and thighs. She is very much underweight.

No. 171372

File: 1473064499740.jpg (1.17 MB, 2400x1200, image.jpg)

Looks pretty doot doot status to me in these

No. 171373

Definitely bulimia cheeks.

Holy shit her ass is so flat in the second pic that it's in a straight line with her thigh. I guess having an ass isn't kawaii though.

No. 171375

File: 1473065586254.jpeg (107.49 KB, 530x530, image.jpeg)

When was this picture taken? Pic related is from Nov 2012 and the video was taken Jan 2012, so I'm guessing the pic is from around the same time?
I don't know how fast people lose weight when they're bullimic, but I'm guessing that it's possible for her to lose that much weight in 10 months by not eating.

No. 171391

>skeleton cosplaying as skeleton
lmao it fits

No. 171427

ok but it's harder to be healthy weight and have visible ribs with a small frame. Underweight small-framed girls tend to look prepubescent instead of spoopy so it is pretty concerning that she's starting to look more if the latter.

No. 171686

That's… actually super scary and concerning. She's lost even more weight since then too.

No. 171697

I don't follow this thread so I don't know how she's a flake. It's too bad that she has an ED though, because she's awfully cute minus the spoopy body and bulimia cheeks. She's not too far gone at least.

No. 171699

File: 1473147183320.png (685.55 KB, 589x596, image.png)

really not that cute imo

No. 171701

Woah, I'm that anon. She looks like someone's mother here. Those filters are doing their job I suppose…

No. 171716

File: 1473155585592.jpg (15.54 KB, 375x281, -1.jpg)

She looks like eugene mirman.

No. 171723

Her face looks so sickly, eating would make her skin look less haggard. She is cute but the ED has given her sallow sunken skin and a twig body.

No. 171744

File: 1473171260218.jpeg (59.56 KB, 360x640, image.jpeg)

Where are y'all finding these pictures wtf

Yeah I agree. She doesn't look that good in unfiltered pictures at all. Pic related is a pic some girl on tumblr took with her at a con a year or so ago.

No. 171758

jfc this girl doesn't even make her own shit. she's so boring

No. 171759

her legs are DISGUSTING !!!!!

No. 171769

I mean like why would you make your own cosplays if people are lining up to give you free shit? Although she has cosplay friends now who make costumes and props for her.

No. 171799

Is that supposed to be an example of her looking not cute? Because she still looks pretty cute, just not at all filtered.

No. 171805

File: 1473194112230.jpeg (69.47 KB, 313x745, image.jpeg)

No that's not an example of her not looking cute.

No. 171810

she looks like someone without filters. it's 2016. that's not remarkable lmao. no one uploads selfies without messing with that.

No. 171826

File: 1473200909400.jpg (262.08 KB, 900x1200, image.jpg)

agreed but the extent to which some of hers are filtered is really annoying and hard to look at
pic not really related

No. 171912

Because it's fun..? Cosplay isn't just about wearing a costume of a random character. It's about enjoying the process of making a costume.
I'd still make my costumes even if I were sponsored.

No. 171922

Since Anzu became popular on Instagram for her cosplays, the rise of the kids desperate to be sponsored and be given free costumes & accessories like her is noticeable on there. With their own discount codes for overpriced cosplay stores based in China and poorly written reviews, it's like a disease.

No. 180319

File: 1475799971250.png (1.03 MB, 1072x592, image.png)

Whatever she uses, I need to get on that.

No. 180335

Is this seriously her? What's with all the wrinkles?

No. 180341

I'm twiggy and you do have an outline, but it's not skeletal, if that makes sense. You can just see your ribs or maybe a rib or two slightly, depending on how you bend and move. There's still somewhat thick skin and natural fat over it so it never looks "sunken in".

No. 180352

Yes it is, and i have seen those wrinkles on young people who have an ED and have lost weight fast.

No. 180382

Where's the milk??

No. 180412

Agreed, I'm not sure how she is a snowflake or cow?

All I want to know is how her face shape keeps changing. Can bulimia really change someone's face so much?

ie. >>180319

or >>171375 vs >>171699
I think her face is cute either way, but yeah. The change is pretty dramatic.

No. 180443

The rounder face/swollen cheeks could be from bulimia. Also the haggard look. I'd believe it.

No. 180640

Meitu. Lots and lots of it. Crank up the skin whitening all the way and manually erase shadows from your face with the "dark circles" tool. Also filter your pictures at least twice since Meitu filters whiten your skin as well.

The haggard look is a sign of an eating disorder and she has typical swollen bulimia cheeks as well so she def has that.

I don't think she's a cow or a flake. Imo this thread should be moved to /b/ since it's just an "interesting person" discussion thread at this point.
The only flake-y behaviour that I can think of is that she continues to support and ask her followers to support Kaoru Hasegawa and encourages people to buy knockoffs, but honestly neither of those are /snow/-worthy behaviour.

No. 183467

This board is sick and you're all bullying her for no reason at all. Yes, she has bulimia, but she's trying to get over it.

No. 183914

She should drain her face. Just stick some needles in it and drain that goop out.

No. 184067

>but she's trying to get over it.
Sauce? She just deletes comments and says she's naturally skinny I thought

No. 184095

File: 1476688490400.jpg (124.99 KB, 500x354, large.jpg)

>5'2 girls are short and petite and cute and 5'4 girls are massive and manly and plain
>tfw I'm 5'10"
oh…ok anon

No. 184103

maybe you should've tried not reviving this thread if you really care about her being bullied, idiot

No. 184392

File: 1476726502739.gif (28.2 KB, 300x264, 131111.gif)

No. 184403

File: 1476727187482.jpeg (109.71 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

Why is her eyeliner like her entire eyelid

No. 184556

File: 1476738925301.jpg (139.09 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

you know it's bad when I feel like she's not even wearing a lot of makeup in that pic because she usually does all the lower lashes

No. 186446

I am sorry, but if it makes you feel any better I only have this complex about my own body, I don't even notice other people's bodies. I have these two friends who are 5'9 and they don't seem gigantic to me or anything, not even "big" they seem totally normal size. I think it's just that my mind can't accept that I will never be a short little petite dainty baby doll fairy

No. 186920

File: 1477185327908.jpg (101.99 KB, 500x623, pformconverse.jpg)

That's a weird insecurity to have especially nowadays where platform shoes are almost obligatory for short assess, they're reallly popular with Koreans that obsess over perfect height, perfect form and shit.

No. 186925

Can someone please explain to me the obsession robots have with her? She's cute yeah, but there are 500 other petite weebs who photoshop the shit out of themselves and post selfies online. What makes her so different?

No. 186950

I'm pretty sure it's the same one or two people spamming her at this point

No. 187000

I don't post ITT much but I enjoy lurking, since she's an average girl who manages to look amazing with make up and filters and got a sizeable following from that alone. It's kind of inspiring.

The people who act as though there's any milk here seem a little cray cray, though.

No. 187083

Those shoes are hideous, and outside Tumblr most people aren't wearing platforms.

No. 187087


Karou Hasegawa licks her ass and got her more relevant

No. 187092

Ah sorry I didn't explain myself better. I meant on 4ch/r9k specifically. There's always a massive thread on her and they kiss her ass like crazy. The only people who don't seem to like her are the Rosefags.

No. 187170

they've probably only seen her good pics, and have a fantasy that she's an irl pure anime girl

No. 206354

File: 1480464186625.png (403.7 KB, 573x295, capture-20161130-005940.png)

her face changed a lot (what's going on with her nose?)

No. 206362

Uum anon you do realise these pics are not natural right? Have you not seen the other pics in this thread?

No. 206364

Well despite the photoshop, the one on the right looks like really bad nose contour.

No. 206534

contacts, shitty nose contour, overlining her lips.

No. 206549

Holy shit that strawhair and bulimia induced hair loss! No wonder she constantly shoops and wears wigs. She looks like a plainjane tumblrina without her disguises

I think she got a nosejob or is just beating the shit out of it with a photoshop tool.

No. 206553

She's definitely just using Meitu's nose slimming tool too much in addition to badly contouring her nose. She takes selfies pretty much daily so we would've seen a selfie-less period if she had gotten a nose job.

Ngl I have a hunch she self-posts in 4ch or at least frequents there since she's made specific references to 4ch.

No. 206560


No. 206643

File: 1480513694869.jpg (105.01 KB, 480x640, ohatall.jpg)

>dat nose contour

No. 206656


she's got coco montrese realness down

No. 207316

File: 1480637256961.webm (1.46 MB, 480x480, Instagram-168384053.webm)

No. 207317

>without makeup
sure sara

No. 207330

You guuuys, she was born with cateye liner around her eyes. She's just that anime uwu.

No. 207398

She's posted multiple photos with absolutely no makeup so i'm thinking it might have been a slip up and she meant cosplay makeup. She's pretty fluent in English but I know when I'm talking fast or nervous from being recorded I get retarded and make jumbled sentences

No. 207550

she'd never post a vid with no makeup

No. 210754

What references has she made to 4chan? I'm really curious

No. 224776

File: 1483164738047.jpg (62.05 KB, 960x640, anzu_feb_2013.jpg)

She looked so much healthier in 2013

No. 224794

>bumping a thread that hasn't been updated in 22 days with something completely useless
kill yourself

No. 237516

I use to be absolutely obsessed with this girl and we talked every day, until she realized I loved her and she stopped talking to my bitch ass lol. Yes she has an ED but who cares, she's super kind and sweet and anyone who rips on her is just a fucking pathetic hater. More cuties should be like her.

No. 237539


>bumping an old thread with blog content

FFS sage your gross fantasy blogs robots, damn.

No. 324988

>when you are this irrelevant

No. 324989

File: 1496114541410.jpg (55.94 KB, 720x710, IMG_20170529_232039.jpg)

I've always eondered how Anzu could walk around and do daily tasks with her ED. When I had an ED I got weak and tired, I hope Anzu does get better soon but it seems like she associates her weight with her dolly look.

No. 324990

>dolly look
I think you meant little look going by that picture. Stormy does (did?) the same shit, keeping herself unnaturally small with an ED so she can appeal to neckbeards who want to imagine they're fapping to a preteen.

No. 324998

This looks scary af

No. 325002

insert what? yourself back into relevancy?

No. 325005

Ingilizce terk.
You're better off leaving this site and sorting out that bulimia, hunty.

No. 325011

File: 1496118580400.jpg (135.22 KB, 1080x1350, 18252073_1373806626037530_2447…)

what in photoshop fresh hell lmao

No. 325019

because caking on makeup to make her look inhuman and starvation is the only hope for her looking attractive

No. 325059

It's a wonder that she still has neckbeard fans considering that she now has a boyfriend who's a 5/10 at best.

No. 325066

File: 1496128328977.jpg (156.1 KB, 1200x899, C-Wx47jXUAo8Skz.jpg)

it's probably my yellow fever speaking but I think he looks better than her

No. 325068

it's kind of unnerving how frail she looks here
she looks like a sick little boy

No. 325069

He looks like an asian incel.

No. 325083

File: 1496130815672.png (312.11 KB, 700x392, gayle.png)

Something about how she looks in this picture reminds me of Gayle from Bob's Burgers.

I personally don't find her boyfriend attractive at all.

No. 325091

You know humans have ribcages you fat piece of shit? They don't have to be buried in an ocean of fat.

Up next, fatties lament that you can see her knees and wrists

No. 325093

I bet yours are lovely hamchan

No. 325094

Not sure if bait, ana-chan outbreak or if Anzu has discovered her thread

No. 325124

Probably bait although I'm sure Anzu reads this thread. Every time something's been brought up and criticized, she stops doing it. See the posts about her nose contour and entire-eyelid eyeliner.

No. 325134

Looks pretty hot to me, can't say the same about the girlfriend though.

No. 325455

What did you guys think about her Nyx Face Awards entries? I thought this one had an interesting concept and was pretty well executed, but the intro is cringe. Her doll one is too inside her comfort zone imo and I wish she'd branched out more with that one.
I'm not makeup expert so I don't really know what's good vs. barely decent/bad. I can only tell good vs. completely awful.

No. 325464

He's got nice cheekbones. He's probably central Asian.

No. 325465

He looks Uzbek tbh

No. 325483

Bahahaha nice

No. 325498


You people need to get your yellow fever healed. That guy looks really unattractive, especially from an Asian point if view. His head is freakishly huge!!! But to each their own I guess…

No. 325502

I'm asian myself actually

No. 325672

Lol chill. All I said was that he has nice cheekbones, I don't find him attractive other than that. You can appreciate how one person looks without fetishizing an entire race.

No. 325747

holy shit she does look awful without makeup, no wonder she wears 20 lbs of it

No. 325759

Turkish anon here, never heard of this girl before, like at all. I'm not that into cosplay, maybe that's the reason but I'm sure if she was relevant I would have seen her by now. Any other Turkish anons care to elaborate on why you know of her?

en kotu ekside falan gorurdum kim lan bu

No. 325883

There's a very cringeworthy cosplay scene in Turkey that became quite prevalent in the past ~5 years. A few girls, like Anzu, look whiter and somewhat cute so they really stand out among the ugly hamplanets that make up the cosplay/geek scene.

4chan'da bayiliyorlar bu hatuna. Weeb kezbanin teki, milk falan da yok.

All that being said I do wonder if you are Anzu. She was here earlier this week and I can't really imagine too many Turks posting here.

No. 325946

File: 1496211314539.jpg (58.84 KB, 700x1050, 18449434_774069229428310_10168…)

All I can say is yikes. She does not look good at all.

No. 325953

He's pretty average if not slightly homely looking really. Looks Korean to me, but who knows?

I feel like she could be cute if she didn't look like a weird lolicon chipmunk. Like, she has some nice features and isn't straight up ugly, but she's clearly underweight and yet her face always looks like she's just got back from a wisdom tooth removal. Super weird.

No. 325968

I dont get why her legs are all different sizes in recent photos.

People say she doesnt photoshop but it cant just be angles.

No. 325982

File: 1496214518983.png (277.66 KB, 644x646, anzu.png)

super kawaii

No. 325988

shes even wearing circle lenses in that pic
getting a lot of margeret palermo vibes

No. 325989

Hairs a mess but this is still a good looking person

No. 326026

That makes sense, I don't follow cosplayers all that much. I can't do anything really to prove I'm not her, but I'm really just a Turkish farmer who likes Jvlogger/Luna/Onision milk.

Her parents must be hella rich, she wouldn't be able to afford that Japan trip (or her general lifestyle) otherwise.

No. 326504

I feel like "good looking" is a bit of a reach with this pic. She's not ugly, but she's kind of weird looking. Maybe getting rid of the circle lenses and letting her eyebrows grow in would help though.

No. 326609

i know, if she took care of her hair and dyed it a natural color, let her brows grow out, took out the lenses and used a toner she would look averagely but a little attractive

No. 326634

I had a lot of energy even at my lowest weight which was close to Anzu's. She's probably eating just enough to maintain her weight
>>325982 she has an anime character face. Her eyes are huge, round face, small nose and mouth. Not necessarily attractive to normal human standards but it's obvious why all the weebs find her perfect

No. 326715

Her brows are like that so she can draw the rest of her brow shape in though.

No. 326743

File: 1496296132898.jpg (161.1 KB, 699x717, image.jpg)

maybe an anime mom lmao

No. 326877

we know, but eyebrows like those look like shit without makeup, unless she plans to draw anime brows everyday for the rest of her life she should just let them grow back then use tweezers to clean them

No. 327004

IRL anon here, can confirm she has some form of ED. she was a chubby/overweight tween. last time i saw her she seemed to have gained some weight though. she's fake shy like most "kawaii" girls and the cute front she's trying to put up makes her seem dull as dishwater.

No. 327090

Surprised to see fellow turks posting here but yeah I've noticed a lot of turkish weebs on instagram lately. They all kinda look like Anzu too.

Sage for slightly ot

No. 327092


oh dear god, don't get me started on them. i'm thinking of starting a thread about them in /int/ but i'd get found out in like 3 minutes lol

No. 327214

One of her Japan trips was because she had paid air fare and hotel costs. She won some contest for Tokyo Game Show. The second one was probably just for leisure though.
Also most of her shit is still sponsored so she's getting tons of free clothes, wigs, and circle lenses monthly. She probably doesn't even have to buy many clothes.

No. 327351

He kinda looks like Lurch, Luna's boyfriend.

No. 327438

I don't really like her NFA entries. They're all in her comfort zone and they're just shironuri rehashes.

No. 327447

her last one was legit bad imo, that awful green wig, those horribly done ears, and just plain boring makeup..wew

this one is okay but her doing her regular eye makeup makes it 10x more boring

No. 327483


as an aside, the contest she "won" to go to Tokyo Game Show was rigged. she competed with a ready-made, possibly sponsored costume which looked nothing special compared to everyone else's handmade stuff. but of course, those girls weren't anorexic moeblobs and they didn't have a few mil Instagram followers to which they could promote the event she competed in and Tokyo Game Show, so she won. i don't know if she was in on that or it was the shadiness of the organizer alone, he's a POS honestly.

her second trip to japan was funded by her family and i think it she went to some kind of a language school there too, as is the way of the weeb. in TR it's common for families to pay for their children's stuff well into their adult years if they can afford it.

No. 328160

She already addressed the TGS thing. It was a modeling contest, not a cosplay contest.

No. 328179

Agreed. He's the Asian Lurch. Hope he doesn't treat her like shit though

No. 328983


yeah, i don't think the snafu was entirely her fault but the contest WAS advertised very clearly as a cosplay contest, or at least not labeled as a "modeling contest" in any way, shape or form.

No. 328992

holy fug

No. 329021

It was completely advertised as a cosplay contest.
It was also pretty funny that they made it seem like she'd won some kind of Turkish competition to go to TGS when in reality she was the only entrant. She literally had no competition.

No. 329264



actually there were 4 or 5 other entries and some of them were pretty good. the girls who did Lightning and Zelda had previously qualified for Eurocosplay and the girl with the black butterfly kimono "competed" again for the TGS next year and won (you can see their performances in the video). what i mean to say is, the other entries weren't all that bad and all of them were handmade. in a regular competition Anzu would have no chance. that's how we knew the shit was rigged, but we mostly blamed it on the organizer. now i'm thinking that if she made an explanation like that, she was probably in on it too.

No. 330615

She was definitely in on it. They definitely invited her as a guest and then pretended she won one branch of the contest to make it seem more legit.

No. 342067

File: 1498558765782.jpg (140.68 KB, 750x881, DDTl798XcAAJnlH.jpg)

Lmao she dropped out of the Turkey NYX Face Awards

>Physical health not well

Stop starving yourself Anzu

She's always bawwwwing on twitter too like girl you're rich af and e-famous for doing nothing. She travels to different countries, gets sponsorships and free shit sent to her constantly, and VERY rarely makes anything for her cosplays even, boohoo

No. 342104


she probably understood that she won't be able to hold out against other contestants and withdrew with a sob story for pity points instead of losing. or maybe she's dealing with other drama in her life and doesn't feel like copying other people's makeups and posing for her off-brand AZN boyfriend.

No. 342680

She lost weight on a cereal mono. I don't lurk here but I personally know her so when I saw the thread I had to say something kek

No. 342761

can you elaborate on this

No. 342765

Assuming they mean she only ate cereal probably dry. Which is a terrible idea since cereal is high in sugar and has little nutrients

No. 342770

I've never heard that term but she's clearly bulimic. She has swollen cheeks in lots of photos and her stature is not natural. I'm guessing she fasted and then purged whatever she did eat.
Her health is bad, because she's got an ED. She needs to get that in order before she enters contests and goes on trips.

No. 342980

I only know that she used diet cereal somehow did she shove it up her behind I have no idea. But this was many years ago from when she recently went from obese to regular skinny. I also know she only ate fruit and little sweets for a while. And I agree that she is most likely bulimic as of now.

No. 342983

And sorry for samefagging I just saw her recent photos and she probably got something done to her nose.
Around 0:40 in the video for her natural nose.

No. 343005

File: 1498696639650.jpg (127.81 KB, 960x678, tumblr_nceikpGfR01rlkwkeo5_128…)

I really don't understand how ger first entry was even that popular for her to go on.
It was basically just a rip off from Minori
There are tons of ways to do Shironuri but Minori has her very own way of doing it and I've never seen anyone else doing it that way until Minori did.

No. 343044

I don't see much of a difference, it's still a nice nose.

No. 343062

Exactly, and the way anzu cuts and "styles" her wigs (short with long strands in the front with short choppy bangs) is so obviously something that's taken from Minori.
Along with her physical health, Anzu probably dropped out because she'd either get called out for doing the same look over and over or she'd get called out for copying Minori.
It's also possible that she just couldn't come up with her own look and gave up.
Like yeah, god forbid you come up with any original makeup looks, anzu.
sage for sperg

No. 343096

Looks the same as in her pictures to me.

Her fragile goddess and jellyfish makeup are almost exact ripoffs of Minori. I didn't see any comments calling her out, so I'm guessing it's just because she realized that she wasn't good enough to compete with things like video related. The video and presentation might not be as nice, but it's a lot more creative and technically challenging than Anzu's entries.

No. 343235

File: 1498719605625.png (188.85 KB, 396x436, image.png)

I think it's mostly angles and she contours her nose now pretty heavily

No. 343539

Wonder if she'll rubber-band back to chubby now since she's deep in a relationship. She's looking a little more bloated, and not in the "healthy weight gain" way. Kind of like that recovery-girl thread.

There was a beard/glasses guy in some of her pics for a while who I thought she was dating on the dl, but with the amount of bf spam she's been doing, I'm starting to doubt that.

No. 343695

File: 1498780337514.png (415.1 KB, 619x696, Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 4.50…)

This guy? She replied to a lot of comments both on Twitter and FB saying that he's her brother/stepbrother.

No. 343720

Wow, this girl is really cute…. obviously she's not afraid to put up unflattering unprofessional photos, because of how she always irl, anyway. the low body weight can be due to anything, but we don't have enough information to formulate any testable theories that stand to occam's razor, so diagnosing anorexia and bulimia is unsubstantiated. Nothing ITT actually explains how she could fit into a special snowflake type, or how she can be considered very funny at all – I'm perplexed as to why it's here.

No. 343733

Occam's razor in this case is literally her being anorexic or bulimic, though. The signs are very obvious.

No. 343750

Okay, if you have evidence to test your theory, where is it? Any medical records, closely monitored eating habits, psychological symptoms? How will you test it? Do you have any medical training? Can your findings be repeated in a blind test without confirmation bias?

No. 343755

Without in-depth medical information, it's just the most obvious, logical conclusion. Look at her old photos and think for a second. Her body didn't just magically become this way, and an eating disorder is far more viable than her incurring some mysterious illness that only ever seems to manifest in her body weight.
Additionally, unusually bloated cheeks despite a non-bloated body are a common symptom of bulimia.
You brought up Occam's Razor yourself, anon.

No. 343765

With no information besides her posed, cherrypicked, filtered selfies, you cannot formulate two medical diagnoses. Round cheeks are a symptom of water retention, thyroid imbalance (which causes weight abnormalities), cushing's, and a number of other things. Your biases in conjunction with your lack of training leave you with no proper formulation of a fact based theory to be tested into a hypothesis.

Occam's Razor as used in the medical field says "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." Bulimia and anorexia are zebras. With the information given, we have a small framed ectomorph with rounded craniofacial configuration; physical attributes which most simply and likely point to having normal genetics, not two psychological disorders.

No. 343768

And photos of her taken by others. And videos of her. And old photos of her taken by others.
Being an ectomorph does not mean you look malnourished, and even if that were the case, she would have looked like this all her life (which isn't the case).

No. 343918

File: 1498824912856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.47 KB, 1552x728, comparison.jpg)

No. 344220

File: 1498861454944.gif (1.05 MB, 245x190, giphy.gif)

>water retention, thyroid imbalance (which causes weight abnormalities), cushing's
>Bulimia and anorexia are zebras.
Everything you said would cause weight gain/bloating throughout the body, not just in the cheeks. Hypothyroidism causes chipmunk cheeks and weight gain, whereas hyperthyroidism causes weight loss. However, she lacks other common symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as bulging eyeballs or swollen neck. Other potential explanations for her dramatic weight loss over the past few years might be cancer, drug abuse, or a malabsorptive issue like Crohn's but there are no clues that she has those problems. Whereas the sudden weight loss, swollen cheeks, anxiety/emotional issues are heavily associated with EDs. Not to mention being involved in the cosplay community which emphasizes weight. Farmers don't have a lot to work with, but ED is a horse, not a zebra.

>normal genetics

She literally just posted about how her vague physical and mental health issues are affecting her ability to work.

No. 347061

File: 1499324413458.png (160.87 KB, 936x1089, tw.PNG)

So is she a professional MUA now?

No. 347073

I can't imagine her doing well as a MUA. Her own makeup is generic and repetitive and some of her looks don't even flatter her features.

No. 347095


in turkey, every other "kawaii" weeb girl who studies art or graphic design (like anzu) becomes a "makeup artist" at some point. it's probably for a shitty youtube channel or a makeup store, i'll ask around if you're curious.

don't give me any of this shit anon. she was a chubby kid one year, a malnourished skeleton next year. she lost hair at some point. that's textbook eating disorder. take your zebras and go away.

No. 347098

Whats with all the bots wanting to marry her? She looks horrendous without makeup

No. 347110

>muh irl anime girl from a country where it's weird to be a weeb

No. 351134

File: 1499869696007.jpg (207.37 KB, 800x1200, ifBLK-mj.jpg large.jpg)

No. 351159

don't bump the thread if you don't have anything to contribute, you dingus.

No. 351292

keeping it real classy

No. 351322

File: 1499892161361.png (464.84 KB, 476x597, Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 8.43…)

I kinda like this new, edgier direction she's going in aesthetically. Straightforward ~*kawaii uguu*~ is getting played out as fuck.
She's going too far with Photoshop, though. Looks bad.

No. 351342

File: 1499894411414.jpg (119.28 KB, 960x1280, DDWOVrFXYAISRWa.jpg)

She still does kawaii uguu though.

I dislike her current makeup style though. It's too overdone (is that the word?). Her old style was more simple and clean and flattering.

No. 351954

There's something about that pose that makes it look unflattering

No. 351970

why is this thread here? anzu just posts fashion. sometimes kawaii uwu, sometimes edgelord, sometimes just herself with scruffy hair. i see no milk. this is just a place for you guys to voice when you think she looks bad. i know comments like these get nowhere but like the nitpicking is fucking incredible on anzu for no reason. shes not even annoying enough to nitpick.

No. 352004

Because people like to talk about her for some reason, why are you here? Just hide the fucking thread or report it.

No. 352103

you could say that about half the threads on /snow/
like seriously, the ahripop thread is WAY worse

No. 352129

It's honestly hard to believe this is the same person. Is there a reason she decided to go for this look suddenly? >>351322 looks outright terrible.

No. 352140

Can someone explain why she's posting pics with fake blood coming out her nose? Is that a hip 'thing' now?

No. 352166

being edgy is trendy now i guess. nobody cares about "kawaii"/lolita lifestyle weebs anymore

No. 352251

That's because the ahripop thread was taken over by a bunch of PULLerinas who want to prove that they're somehow better than her.

She's done it before in like 2014 or something. Back when there was a bloodied and bruised trend on Tumblr where it was like "imagine your fave all battered uwu".

No. 355914

File: 1500522252275.png (Spoiler Image, 183.98 KB, 750x969, IMG_9884.PNG)

Looks p spelled out to me in her art work. One of many in her art Insta anzucrafts

No. 355919

Watch the white knight from before zero in on this and go "No, it's just creepy cute guro art! It doesn't mean anything!!".

No. 355951

This makes me worry about her ED. is her ED confirmed or not? She obviously has something wrong to be thy thin but there's nothing really wrong with Bly sharing all online. TBH I wish she'd share more online tho

No. 356087

I feel really sad for her. She seems to be a rather nice person but I don't know her well..I'm sure that she's struggling a lot with it. I also live with ed From a lot of hard things that happened. We all have our demons everyone responds to them differently. I hope she can open up it or get help

No. 356088

get out of here, newfag.

No. 356174

Does that make you an oldfag?

No. 356197

Learn to sage your shit, newfag.

No. 363317

File: 1501393832675.png (149.46 KB, 888x891, necro.PNG)

I guess all those sweets and junk food she claims to eat caught up with her. Does she just not brush her teeth?

No. 363323

File: 1501394325254.png (179.55 KB, 1296x1105, necro2.png)

is this referring to her tooth? shit.

No. 363350

for fucks sake what is she crying about
puking up food fucks up your teeth, who would've guessed

No. 363922

File: 1501503046901.png (570.62 KB, 634x737, acuck1.png)

>cucks fanboys into giving her shit
>ruins teeth
>gets cucks to buy her new teeth

No. 381465

You guys are so deluded with your race fetish. Holy shit. I hope none of you are older than 21 because you seriously need to grow out of this cartoon derived yellow fever lol

No. 381510

File: 1503921244569.jpg (349.03 KB, 1858x2048, 1503920052367.jpg)

No. 381511

File: 1503921266622.jpg (191.56 KB, 1200x1200, 1503920454478.jpg)

No. 381523

this is pretty cute but holy shit why can't people clean their rooms before taking pictures? her room doesn't have to be like a sterile hospital room, but she could at least throw away the packaging on the ground/move it out of the picture and put her laundry away.

No. 381560

sage for no contribution but breaking your tooth is more a result of eating hard foods than puking. being sick rots the enamel, it doesnt snap it off. she was probably trying to eat better and then ended up chipping it.

No. 382198

File: 1503981685638.jpg (90.01 KB, 750x937, DIWrQcdXcAA2rgu.jpg)

Is it just me or do her cheeks look extra swollen in her new video?

No. 382247

…p sure it's because of the snow filter anon…

No. 382379

bulimia does that
must be vomitting more often

No. 384650

True, but not to this extent. Definitely a filter.

No. 389733

someone said on pull that they found her facebook and her real name is sara shepard? https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/260-anzujaamu/?do=findComment&comment=78052

idk if that's true though because isn't the author of pretty little liars sara shepard too? kek
her boyfriend dust/dastan is on her profile as well so it most likely is her?

No. 389738

File: 1505895510695.png (326.58 KB, 677x1051, 1470853394845.png)

that's def not her name

No. 389815

She's Turkish, why would that be her name?

No. 389839

File: 1505922091224.png (44.89 KB, 602x595, crazy.png)

looks like shes whoring for more attention

No. 389999

That's when i hate this site. Like that's attention whoring? why is she a cow anyway? Nitpicking on online-personas as this one , make you look like 15 year old jealous kiddos. blablabla chubby cheeks, blabla uh without makeup ugly … gtfo. stay in school. rage sage

No. 390013

all she does on twitter is beg for attention and complain about how hard her life is being a upper class girl going to the best school in the capital of her country

then cucks and orbiters giver her attention, giver her gifts and cheer her up until the next time she wants to use them for her own egotistical confidence booster

No. 390024

>pro ana
>self posting on 4chan

No. 390035

>self posting on 4chan
really how do you know?
big if true kek

No. 390039

yea ok but how is this interesting/milky?
I for one never saw her promoting pro ana shit-and never saw any self post from her on 4chan. I'm not starting anything here, just sayin your desperate search for milk gives me second hand embarrassment. ps: bohoo photoshopping. yawn.

No. 390164

i personally don't hate anzu! i like most of her outfits and the weird color palette. she's also very good at makeup and her face is a perfect canvas for it. that's why it works so well. admittedly though, without the makeup she looks like a normal girl. not ugly or drop dead gorgeous either and that should be okay because unless you're model-tier i think everyone looks pretty average without makeup. she's so skinny though and her nose is so thin ;-; i wish i had that

No. 390166

so that profile wasn't hers? or is it just a cover up acc? also how did you find this omg

No. 390183

i'm sure the profile wasn't hers.
also, it's just a saved pic from 4ch i didn't dig it up, but it's legit

No. 390192

is anyone here turkish? i just translated the page with my browser so it's pretty rough but it sounded pretty serious? it could be memeing though

No. 390976


http://titbits.news/bilkent/titbits/13697/(this is from her university's anonymous shoutouts-missed connections page, written 4 months ago:)

"Sahra Altunbas (her powerword) from GRA (graphic design, that's what she studies), also known as Anzujaamu, has committed defamation. She urged her freind Iris Cetin to incite rage and enmity in people and overlooked that Cetin's so called fianceé, who's not even a Bilkent student, has threatened someone! The victim she slandered, Onur Taner from LAUD is still being harassed, humiliated and wrongfully accused due to her slander even though he quit this school voluntarily.

Thinking she was being stalked to her house, Altunbas commited slander and must apologize to Taner because of this wrongdoing! If she doesn't, she should answer to the law and suffer the consequences along with her friend Cetin.

Elif Genc from MSSF, no matter how old you are, you're also another bully since you chose to file a complaint instead of warning. Otherwise you wouldn't prepare breakup and overlook the lynching!

Yes, this is abuse! Taking away someone's education right and their hobby is abuse!"

From what I understand in some stuff i read in the second link (i'm not translating all of that because it's something like urbandictionary with a lot of entries just praising her) she accused someone with rape and/or harassment and stalking. Then later, someone wrote in the anonymous shoutout place that she's lying and defaming the guy, causing him to quit school and his "hobby", which is most probably cosplay. An entry from more than a year ago (https://eksisozluk.com/entry/59417753) tells that her father was also sort of famous back in his day and this is common knowledge, not learned a result of "his/her stalking her" as "some ill-intentioned people claim" and that "people shouldn't worry because he/she quit the school due to some personal troubles and is not a threat to her anymore". This entry seems to belong to the guy she accused.

There might be some truth in this, because the girl called Iris Cetin was her roommate in the dorm like 2 years ago. When the blurb I translated was written, they musn't have spoken for like a year though, because apparently Anzu is kind of selfish psycho who ruined her roommate's life (unfortunately i can't go into deets because no receipts because everything happened IRL) so she broke contact. If Elif Genc is who I think she is, she also has no contact left with her probably for same reasons.

Police gives absolutely no fuck about sexual harassment/stalking complaints in Turkey, so this might be true. I hope it isn't. But from what i listened about her from people that know her, she's also exactly sociopathic enough to start a rumor like this. I think the guy she accused was someone she dated/flirted (from the blurb: "Otherwise you wouldn't prepare this breakup") and wanted to get rid of later, so she cried rape. If these two girls were friends with her at the time, they probably believed in her and supported her to protect her. I hope she did nothing of the sort, because sexual crimes are at an all-time high in Turkey and doing things like these is why people say "Why should we beleive women when they cry rape, they're doing it to ruin the men".

No. 390992

what a fucking scumbag if true
cosplayers are the most deranged fucking humans around

No. 391052


add being "famous" on the internet for wearing clothes and makeup to that.

No. 391097

I wouldn't even say she is famous for her cosplays
The only reason she is relevant is because shes a cosplayer in Turkey and has no competition
All her clothes are bought for her to promote companies

No. 391170

that's not completely true. turkey has a number of pretty okay cosplayers and within the turkish scene she is not counted among them. for one thing she cosplays relatively rarely. and she always wears is a ready-made, sponsored, flavor-of-the month costume. this year she was a judge for a cosplay competition and there was a giant shitstorm partially because of that since she never makes anything herself.

she's more of a social media phenomenon who also cosplays, that's where she has no competition. there's no other young Turkish girl that's as well known as her internationally for following Japanese/instagram/tumblr/internet fashion trends. that's why she gained so much traction.

No. 391430

wait what was the proof she slandered?

No. 392337


i didn't read anything that can be called "proof" in that post. it's just some guy's word against some girl's word tbh.

No. 392503

File: 1506370499143.jpg (1.77 MB, 2223x3952, 1506368079157.jpg)

what dgars does he use?

No. 392811


Spironolactone might be for oedema, a lot of skellies get it, legs so bloated they're like tree trunks for example. Speaking from experience unfortunately… though I've heard mtf trans also use it so it could be some estrogen related shit especially in combo with Estradiol.

Never had Estradiol myself but did some googling and probably it's to start her period again? I doubt she would naturally have it at that weight, people are different sure but it's not that common…

No. 392977

These aren't her meds, anon. It says filled in Portland, Oregon on the bottles.

No. 393589

File: 1506531767201.jpg (108.69 KB, 1202x835, untitled1.JPG)


nice try but this isn't even her. she capitalizes on her "ethereal nymph bbydoll uwu" image, she'd never post her undies online and her thigs are half this size. also in turkey you buy your medicine prepackaged, not in those dumb orange bottles.

unless you're her and posted both images on /r9k/ and here.

No. 402590

File: 1507832999267.gif (674.72 KB, 320x180, 25.gif)

No. 403316

I take spiro for high androgen. My skin was breaking out horribly for over a year out of nowhere and nothing worked until I went on this.
but idk that's just me

No. 426305

File: 1510920456345.jpg (213.71 KB, 900x1200, DOx7ijSXcAAtXXo.jpg)

Why would someone with no chest get this sweater?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 426345

Is this even a serious question? You revived a dead thread from a month ago over this?

No. 426685

Sure, its a update from her

No. 426689


You're retarded, she looks fine, bitch about something substantial.

No. 426720

Are you the moron who spergs about boobs on several threads?

No. 431450

What is Anzus endgame?
Is she trying to be a cosplayer, model, clothing designer?
Why is she still popular

No. 431599

>looks conventionally attractive in her pics
>wears weebshit
Das it.

No. 431699

I was hoping there would be something more to it.
Her videos arent particularly exciting on youtube and she has no unique personality

No. 431717

just another 'copy & paste' white girl cosplayer

No. 438387

File: 1512502456586.png (933.15 KB, 1129x3221, anzu.png)

AnzuJaamu has created a patreon
What took her so long?


No. 438411

Is she saying she will do lewd stuff? What I thought she was supposed to be a pure innocent loli waifu

No. 438416

>We will decide it mutually, as this apricot doesn't do LEWD stuff!
>doesn't do

No. 438419

She said SIKE! after

No. 438421

>What I thought she was supposed to be a pure innocent loli waifu
If she made a patreon she needs money, she even went as far to hide the amount she is making

She also said

No. 438430

She probably meant it as a "Ha, you thought I would do lewd, but I won't."

No. 438438

That makes more sense. Her English isn't very good in the rewards.

No. 441235

she's still at it shamelessly posting/promoting Hasegawa's art

No. 441471

Why wouldn't she? He sends her free shit and that's all that matters to her.

>those pictures of herself on her wall

But why

No. 443350

Anzu seems to be in dire situations

https://mobile.twitter.com/anzujaamu/status/940852831552143360(This is an image board, post caps)

No. 443397

File: 1513196021546.png (57.23 KB, 594x657, aosdl.png)

this is an imageboard

No. 443413

She really is in a dire situation, she has started selling some of her stuff on Instagram (I bet there are some free shit in there as well tho). What really bothered me is the prices. Girl, you obviously need a little something extra but these are NOT prices for used items. Some of the latest shoes she has added have not even been cleaned completely. She is selling them as new which is clearly not the case.


No. 443432

Has she said what is going on besides moving?

Why isnt she selling more stuff and why is she selling those things for so much

No. 443474

lol, you can literally buy these things new half the price

No. 443761

File: 1513250702578.jpeg (531.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-12-01-47-14…)

Some days ago she did a livestream and looked so busted…

No. 443762

File: 1513250735567.jpeg (530.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-12-01-47-20…)

No. 443763

File: 1513250772310.jpeg (551.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-12-01-48-42…)

No. 443776

Was it entertaining? Do you have the video

No. 443831

Yeah sorry I didn't record it I just stopped by. They were having a livestream in the same time and they were drawing and talking to their fans.

No. 443846

can't meitu those bulimia cheeks away in real life, huh Anzu?

No. 443890

Holy crap. I did not realize how much her pics were shopped, makeup alone cannot turn that into the cute little uwu anime girl she appears to be. And here i was jealous of her tiny, perfect nose. Ha.

No. 443903

File: 1513274090450.jpg (343.69 KB, 632x1434, 284295_480793835278178_1749582…)

She was fat once. Those knees

No. 443930

I'm sorry but i guess i prefer her 'fat'; now she looks downright scary…

No. 443938

File: 1513276917354.png (1.91 MB, 1075x717, anzu.png)

Mako pic on the bottom is over a year old, she appears a bit less skeletal now

No. 443971

Ana-chan pls go, she was a bit chubby at worst.

Did her parents kick her out or something?

No. 443976

I dont think so
She lived on school campus
Perhaps she has quit school?

No. 443997

Holy shit some of you need mad perspective.

She wasn't fat. She was wearing a frumpy, unflattering cosplay. A lot of average people can look chunky if they wear the wrong clothes.
The bottom is an obvious eating disorder and it's sad. Her knees look arthritic since they're so knobby from her body being so emaciated.

No. 444331

She doesn't look fat it the top pic? It's just a very unflattering cosplay. Unless you're very very thin in the first place cosplays like that don't look too good on anyone. In fact, she looks much better in the top pic than the bottom one. She has a major old lady body going on. Not trying to tinfoil, but I'm really speculating she either has or at one point had an eating disorder.

No. 444531

Anzu is apparently a kawaii.i finalist. I'd be surprised if she didn't win tbh.


It's pretty obvious that she has an eating disorder.

No. 444542

Doesnt she always win popularity contests because she is the biggest cosplayer in that region?

No. 444594


Roflmao Pixie is also there. This is just a bunch of White girls copying styles from Tokyo Fashion and the like, at least Anzu's makeup game is better than Pixie's…

No. 444621

I used to wish I looked like her, and now with pictures like >>443763 and >>443761 I'm remembering how easy it is to use makeup and meitu to completely change your face. She looks like crap without makeup.

No. 444647

Well atleast Anzu is honest about it and doesn't try to hide and make it seem like she's 100% perfect, unlike the other snowflakes. She always showed how she looks like without makeup, angles and edits. For that I'll give her credit for where it's due

No. 444666

Hell yeah, i totally second that. Anzu is pretty much the opposite of most snowflakes/cows. She's not blessed with a perfect natural face but doesn't lie about it and does obviously just has some make up skills/knows how to make herself look good. others could use a little bit honesty like that. I never understood why shes a topic here anyway.

No. 444685

What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid creepy incel. What did Anju not reply to your tweet or something? Cry harder. What a fucking nut job, it's no wonder girls won't talk to your single lonely ass. Pathetic.
And stop namefagging, makes you look even stupider.

No. 444688

>I never understood why shes a topic here anyway
copies makeup looks for competitions, supports kaoru hasegawa, wins cosplay competitions with bought cosplays, etc.
that's about it, it's true she's nowhere near other flakes but she has her moments

No. 444696

don't reply anon, looks like they're leaving similar messages in all the threads. Just report and ignore.

No. 444700

She also heavily abuses her "fans" for support because of her own mental and eating issues.

She takes advantage of a lot of her hardcore friends that buy and order her stuff all the time. Especially when she makes a tweet about how sad or depressed she is, knowing they will shower her with compliments or food/games/makeup

No. 444701

Yawn… That milk is so sour, with your saltiness, it's Kefir. yum. (stupid drunk randomness,sage)

No. 444726

Go away already you ugly beta virgin, no one curr
can't even sage, what a sad loser

No. 444729

File: 1513368747787.png (250.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7279.PNG)

Not even original

No. 444742

I usually don't even read/post on this thread but jfc go fuck yourself you dumb piece of shit. Crawl back into the hole you came out and get to terms with the fact women don't want you because apparently you are a fucking loser

No. 445257

I've seen her irl at a con last year and she did look exactly like her cosplay pictures. But when she doesn't wear cosplay makeup, bam, she looks like this >>443763
She's some kind of cosplay shapeshifter, whatever makeup she does changes her face completely

No. 445259

She uses makeup well then if that is true
Her face is less than mediocre without being caked in it

No. 450021

She keeps adding overpriced wrinly clothing into her secondhand shop.. i wonder if she thinks that the price should be that high because she used to own them.

No. 450025

Doesnt she come from a rich family? She might not even understand the value of money.

No. 450031

Who said that? This is the first time im hearing this

No. 450040

File: 1513966212254.jpg (266.42 KB, 938x898, 1475265383705.jpg)

She goes to a prestigous school in her countries capital
Her father use to be a famous model, even met politicians
He works in clothing industry now, has his own brand


No. 450044


Introduced 30 years ago, is Turkey's first male model in the 70s and is now selling gold", which reached a peak with the surname Naci Altunbas, now Bursa IGS general manager of the store. The section of the Academy of Fine Arts in ceramics began modeling when I was a student, S., exactly 14 years, Turkey's most famous models, advertising and photo-novel star," the title in their hands, respectively. However, Altunbas, all adorned with the dreams of young girls is at a peak in the period when the model left, was thrown into the world of business. First church, then began managing in the Aegean.
Married and a father of 5 daughters, 53-year-old Altunbas current models is very lucky. The possibility of our period was limited, only TRT had," said a businessman who was the biggest target to secure the future altunbas naji set up his own ceramic Studio.

No. 452056

don't forget about this shit she pulled >>390976

No. 452073

Does she really think a cosplay or a tutorial from her is worth 600$? Jesus.

No. 452081

She thinks her used clothes are worth full market value


This girl does not have any understanding of money

No. 452083

File: 1514210398262.png (1.38 MB, 1600x900, hgj.png)

She is charging 13$ for something used that is usually 15$ new and it is currently on sale for 3$

No. 452104

File: 1514219153948.png (628.74 KB, 2284x728, Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 16.2…)

Is Anzu lewding now? Someone posted these to R9k today, sort of looks shooped to me. I thought the background seemed odd seen as she had a bunkbed but she moved recently so her usual set up might of changed…


No. 452105

File: 1514219181981.jpg (49.05 KB, 501x750, 1514179986318.jpg)


No. 452106

File: 1514219205757.jpg (54.46 KB, 561x745, 1514180100305.jpg)


No. 452107

File: 1514219320773.jpg (699.28 KB, 960x960, 1514181457666.jpg)


No. 452110

No. 452115

Thanks, I'll go tell R9k the great news

No. 452136

i take it that it ended badly because the thread was deleted?

No. 452141

You could say that. Some mod went on some fucking sperg-out shit and deleted every single thread including the Anzu one. There are threads again on her and I've told R9k again that the lewds aren't her or are shooped. I'm actually tempt to contact her regarding this because until someone linked me to the actual girls profile one of those images seriously looks like Anzu.

No. 452147

The hair is different

No. 452166

This is so fucking creepy.

No. 452187

that "anzu slanders o.t" post is actually written by that guy himself

this stuff actually true, she didn't pull a stunt. IDK about the actual harrasment, maybe he was indeed a molester or not, but I know that her "victim" is a stalker of hers

He was stalking anzu and other cosplayers in his old college (then he got kicked out but still talks shit about her&other cosplayers) but he was seriously obsessed with her. That dude went to another city just to stalk her family, wtf?? I saw Anzu only…2-3 times and I acutally don't belong in (nor care) gra student/cosplayer gang so I usually wouldn't give a fuck but he stalked my friend too and he caused some drama in social media.

tl;dr no that dude is not a victim

No. 452264

File: 1514242161291.png (461.69 KB, 634x556, Untitled.png)

There is hope for anyone to get a eating disorder.

No. 452297

That's such a bad shoop, just look at her hair. You can see where it was cut out poorly and the style doesn't match.

No. 452368

you got receipts?

No. 452520

very clearly not anzu. doesn't even look like her.
last one is a hilarious shoop. the hair doesn't even look remotely the same
they didn't even try
you should spoiler that though

No. 452593

File: 1514267296344.jpg (357.1 KB, 2912x2184, dfghjk.jpg)



I thought that I'd never get a receipt of him stalking her family but that guy took a pic and shared it??

Others receipts can be found in school's shout-out page because he used to talk about her non-stop but getting every single of them would took too long so I am not going (no but seriously there are many posts about how he was taking same bus with her and he gave her a bracelet and she wore it, they were fast friends but others are cockblocking their "friendship", dude chill out)

except for this one, this one sounds a little bit…bad?


"Meanwhile I don't care about your relationship with emo short film maker or the kirghiz one[dust?], the semen of the child that you might give birth to doesn't have to come from me" [this sounds worse, trust me and someone who is better at translating can help me]

"If you won't change that behavior, no one[bunch of names that I won't care to translate] can save you from some problems you might experience (it doesn't have to come from me) before your graduation

and at the end he swears a lot, says come at me bro I'll cut you!11!!!! and just threatens again

tl;dr, shit talk, undertoned and actual threats

that is all I can offer about anzu because I heard rest of them from my friends&my own ears and some group chats that I left some time ago so I can't get the receipt

there are another receipts about this guy (taking a pic with another cosplayer and uploading it without the cosplayers knowledge and acting like the cosplayer and himself are buddies, punching someone because that person didn't allow him to get in the school, he wants to beat the shit hell out of anzu's old roommate, just being creepy to others but they aren't about anzu so I left these out)


and there is hope for photoshopping a bloated, puffy face

No. 454366

File: 1514409576743.png (153.69 KB, 182x436, Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 1.16…)

Nope she was fat.

No. 454584

File: 1514424075742.jpg (74.55 KB, 623x973, anzuanzuanzu.jpg)


No. 454635

any pictures of her mom?
she doesnt look much like her father in the ones there are

No. 454641

File: 1514426550399.jpg (156.37 KB, 1200x597, DOXXg-vXkAUvgp-.jpg)

she posted this on twitter last month.

No. 457063

she keeps posting about taking antidepressants, her following tweets are even worse

No. 457071

Sad, she seems quite affected by it. I hope she gets back on them.

No. 457072

jesus why do you guys keep posting links and not photos

No. 458066

File: 1514748033713.png (99.12 KB, 622x448, Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.1…)

Here's a screenshot. She also talked about being off her antidepressants for 5 days on her instagram story because she didn't know that she didn't need a new prescription to get a refill.

No. 458076

I'm completely envious at how easy her life must be for her to be that naive. It must be nice having everyone around you take care of you even random people online

No. 458112

Because people are either mobile or they're linking it to show that its really there.
You know.
Considering how easy it is to fabricate a tweet screenie.

No. 458124

They could've posted a picture of the tweet alongside the link. It's not hard to do both.

The more she talks about her personal life, the more she comes off as a naive, childish brat. She seems like a total daddy's girl as well.

No. 459644

I'd back her on Patreon but to Skype her I'd have to pay 100$..this is sick :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 460400

This is nothing new. What, did you think any girl on Patreon would chat with their fans for free?

No. 460511

She is a fake bitch that just tricks people for attention

No. 460545


Well there's a difference between free and 100$ lmao
Delusional girl

No. 460563

I dunno if I can feel all that bad for anyone forking over 100 bucks to video chat with some internet girl. That's so silly.

No. 460741

>being surprised that a cute, internet famous girl wants to be paid to spend time with you
First day on the internet?

No. 460769

no one is surprised about that
there are better cosplayers that dont even have patreons

No. 461092

Her whole being revolves around using her looks for fame and money though. Just look at her sponsorships. She's been sponsored by various circle lens, wig, and Taobao resell companies for ~5 years now. Now that she's no longer actively blogging on Blogspot and Tumblr and is losing sponsorships because of her inactivity, she needs to find another way to fill that gap.

No. 470737

File: 1516019325019.jpg (106.4 KB, 720x1280, 1.jpg)

So….Anzu is in a dire financial situation so she opens a second hand (overpriced) shop and now shows off a haul of expensive makeup she obviously bought herself, hmm.
I will be posting screenshots.

No. 470738

File: 1516019345880.jpg (118.59 KB, 720x1280, 2.jpg)

No. 470739

File: 1516019357010.jpg (103.15 KB, 720x1280, 3.jpg)

No. 470740

File: 1516019367128.jpg (92.18 KB, 720x1280, 4.jpg)

No. 470741

File: 1516019375343.jpg (91.59 KB, 720x1280, 5.jpg)

No. 470742

File: 1516019387741.jpg (60.54 KB, 720x1280, 6.jpg)

No. 470743

File: 1516019397748.jpg (67.95 KB, 720x1280, 7.jpg)

No. 470744

File: 1516019425016.jpg (75.99 KB, 720x1280, 8.jpg)

No. 470746

File: 1516019438367.jpg (73.75 KB, 720x1280, 9.jpg)

No. 470748

File: 1516019481986.jpg (71.79 KB, 720x1280, 10.jpg)

I apologise for the spam.

No. 470755

If you think that is bad you should look at her patreon
She has only made 6 posts in over a month
The last one was on Dec 24, 2017
And people are still giving her money there
It is sad how much she uses people by pretending to be depressed or needing money
It is all a lie

No. 470768

That's horrible.

I just noticed that the momment that I took the screenshots she wasn't even done posting the stuff she got, I just checked instagram and she posted at least 5 more stories flooded with her haul, I mean of course I never shame a good shopping spree but she claims that she needs money because she is moving..

No. 470926

She's not a fake bitch at all, she's always so sweet and polite, my mother met her in real life and she gave 10 minutes of her time despite having to go to a show she was hosting and they even took pictures together lol.

No. 470940

This is clearly a PR package. It's only one brand, and in a branded bag, and her caption doesn't sound like she bought it.

Don't know about the other stuff though. The fact that she tags sephora and Nyx turkey specifically makes me think some of it's PR too.

No. 494999

File: 1517924547664.png (59.21 KB, 1095x669, fddffgbf.png)

looks like the few patreons she had realized she is a scammer

she only made 11 posts in 2 months and had a max of 16 people donating
she only has 8 now tho

No. 501528

File: 1518457265226.png (147.79 KB, 1744x552, -0.png)

Her dad seems like a real dick, and I'm honestly not surprised

No. 501532

Her dad sounds like a textbook narc

No. 501854

anzu is a selfish brat that uses people
is it really a shock she learned it from her parents

No. 501877

File: 1518479852308.jpg (149.48 KB, 588x803, 1518433111447.jpg)

lol, some of this stuff is straight up bullshit

>he complains about my style

>I have been the daughter he wants me to be
>good grades
yet she is always complaining about how hard school is when all she does is art classes

>whenever he faced me i just got bad insults

considering how much of a baby she is, i am sure any criticism made her mad

just say something that isnt 100% positive on twitter and she will block you, you can say her room is messy and she would probably hate you

this girl has had everything in life handed to her and is whining because its not good enough

No. 501880

File: 1518480099840.jpg (51.62 KB, 575x550, 1518433111447.jpg)

And now she is closing her patreon, after having it up for 3 months and only making 12 posts on it.

I wonder how much money she scammed.

No. 503584


Why do you underestimate art classes? Also, her father is a rich man and he sounds like such a narcissist.

No. 503962


turkeyfag here, that's the standard normie turkish parent attitude. if you're into something other than a corporate job and getting married, they'll at least harass you by telling you to quit it already and start "acting serious". but if you're good at it, they'll also brag about you to everyone they know. same shit with my parents and cosplay, even though i'm also doing "serious" things.

No. 504014


Have you thrown many hissyfits on twitter about it like poor Anzu?
Does she realise that that is how most parents act towards their children, or does she just think she is unique?

No. 506000


most parents are shitty, surprise.

No. 510046

File: 1519174091820.jpg (675.75 KB, 1100x1100, Shizuku.jpg)

Are classes are a fucking joke compared to most other majors in Turkey.
When you grow up with a silver spoon in your pooper (and neglect all the goods your parents have done for you such as sending you to a private college that costs a fuck ton) you tend to have some issues. She was fat back in midle/high school then she became anorexic in order to fit in to a style to her liking, as some other anon pointed out, cosplayers are prone to having a few extra chromosomes.

No. 515395

Nice(read the rules)

No. 515439

anything new?

No. 515558

File: 1519707154772.png (626.8 KB, 893x659, asdf.PNG)

She's always complaining about not getting enough sleep. Gotta commend her makeup skills for covering the bags under her eyes.

No. 525647

File: 1520705825122.jpeg (523.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-10-14-40-13…)

Is she acting like dying her hair is a huge deal?

No. 526027

her dying it a normal color is rare

No. 526122

That filter is helping her out a tonne, Anon

No. 526294

Are those eyebags or a shitty aegyo sal attempt? She looks so old

No. 526303

I remember the first time she dyed her hair a few years ago she said she had to dye it back immediately because her dad flipped out at her, having it back to a normal color is probably a huge deal to her.

Don't have caps though since I don't even remember where she posted that.

No. 527918

those are her eyebags, i believe. she's talked about how bad they are.

No. 537777

I've been following anzu for a while and the thread discription doest say much. But other than her being a sponser hoe, having a copy cat fan base, and being possibly annorexic. Has she done anything bad like how pixxielocks has??? Example: spending all her mother's money, being gross lazy, basement dweller, rude to fans

No. 538291

the worst thing I know is she has stolen money from fans through patreon and taking commissions for art that she never completed

No. 538345


No. 538388

The only thing I see people here going at her for is her looks/weight/makeup. Not much of a lolcow tbh.

No. 538768

you can go to her patreon to see its not active, hasnt been in over a month, last posts says she is closing it and she has only made 12 posts in 5 months

the stolen commission money i dont know how you would find it other than looking through old tweets and incomplete drawings

i remember seeing several people posting sketches she never finished

No. 538834

Not a wk but one of the commissioners from before. She told me it was okay to pay when she was finished with the art but I insisted and sent in advance. I actually forgot about it in time but a month later she said she was unable to do it because of health problems and refunded me.
I don’t know about Patreon though, I’m not a patron.

No. 560031

What do anons think of this? It's her entry for this year's Nyx Makeup Awards.

No. 560033

anzu is pretty meh looking, but this just makes it more obvious, also why the 3-4 year old tumblr aesthetic?

No. 560124

Who did she steal this from?
I remember the last competition she entered she just stole a old style

No. 560221

Man, that's hideous in video format. The no-makeup look shouldn't be an improvement in your makeup tutorial.

No. 560226

That is more Instagram aesthetic, however the NYX entry video is actually this one, which is Tumblr as hell

No. 560262


my bad! I prefer this one tbh.

No. 560283

Are we looking at the same thing? It looks terrible.

No. 622836

File: 1530116555111.jpeg (580.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-27-02-48-51…)

Her nyx face awards look is so inferior compared to the others, how did she make it that far into the comp?

No. 622858


bc she is hella cute
also charge your phone anon

No. 622893

I don't understand, she's about the same skill level as the three drag queen looks. At the least its better than the butterfly look next to her.

No. 623266

Nyx FACE Awards is a based on votes/popularity. Since her fanbase is so big, she has no problem getting into the finals despite her entries looking like shit compared to everyone else's.

The skill level shown by top right and the bottom two seem much more consistent with what normally makes the finals. Anzu and the butterfly girl next to her are subpar by comparison, especially Anzu's entry.
>video is my favorite of America's finalists

No. 623336

That’s Anzu’s phone…..

No. 623777

Is it safe to say she's no longer at her skinniest?

Also what are the odds on her bouncing back to being chubby like she was before?

No. 623784

I hope she at least settles on a healthy weight, she was starting to look very sick. Despite her chubby cheeks, she was getting that dead look Venus had when she was very underweight and ill.

No. 667635


Okay Turkey Cosplay Informant Here

Yes Her name is asli sahra altunbas her she studies at some college in the capital of turkey. But Sara (lol sahra) Shepard is indeed her facebook account due to everyone wanting to add her on facebook and try to leech her so she made an account that only adds her really close circle of friends.

She actually has anorexia from the beginning like preschool, middle school she has been bullied by lot. By medicine and shit she got fat when she got to the anime circle. This time is around 2008 2009 when the first convention in turkey has happened. After 2010 and forwards she got thin and popular again. She was really friendly and talkative during she was fat.

And she was your average 'gay anime watcher' shipper rotten girl who wants to fuck shota characters from HxH anime. After she got thin again she was cold to everyone. And since many dramas and snowflakery happening in the turkish anime community, she cut her ties with everyone solely to make her job.

But then again she has her own shit too. She cant say ' sorry i cant do it' and relies on lies. She was on a cosplay team around 2014 and everyone liked it. She did trap character from danganronpa at that time. Next year same team wanted to do danganronpa 2 and called her to do main heroine. She didnt wanted it i guess but she accepted it. After everything went well when time has come to do stage rehearsals, she suddenly said ' im gonna extract my teeth so i cant gonna go to the con ' so that group find an another girl. Then she suddenly sold the costume for that character and in the convention day she fucking appeared with madoka costume. And she decided to sit near to that group and look to them whole day. When asked about her teeth, she said nah i changed my mind. Supposedly this was an operation that you cant quickly change your mind but thats all.

Other things aside she has no snowflakery on the community. She tried to be rebel girl until 2016 and she finally succeed it. Broke up with her lesbian lover and her photographer Deniz ( edniz photography) and find some other photographer who is kirghiz male and currently dating him. So she is Bi.

No. 667640

In addition, Iris Cetin is a fellow cosplayer and Anzu's classmate which makes videos with Anzu. Two of them had a stalker panic around 2017. Some autistic (probably literaly) named Onur Taner who always shitposted and bullied namefag in the turkish imageboard trchan/toruchan since from 2013. He was also in the same school with Anzu and obsessive with her. He gifted her some shitty bracelet and literally always talked about this in twitter. He mentioned anzu in his tweets about Smackdown and some shit wrestling things, he became popular in the community due to his harassing natura and toxicity. He was banned from Conventions where in late 2016 early 2017 when he tried to take upskirts footage of Iris Cetin at some con but he was caught by Iris and he deleted everything in his camera when Iris and security wanted his camera. After that he stalked Anzu to her dormitory he even knows her home adress, after that we know Anzu's dad mixed into the thing. He called Anzu's dad a Cuck in twitters openly, after this incident and him sexually harassing girls at school's speeddating event Anzu literally made him expulsed from the school. And he fleed to the Antalya when Iris' boyfriend came to beat her. Anzu made a shortfilm when a guy goes to her and she runs away, this was homage to that guy. After that lots of guys used his name to harass other cosplayer girls, and some people printed his picture as a Isis bomber and glued to every electrical pole of Antalya and Ankara. But after that incident Anzu is even colder to people, and only thing she really interacted was the Nyx Awards

No. 681611

No. 681856

File: 1536186223467.png (2.3 MB, 1202x1192, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.15…)

sage if you don't have anything to contribute

No. 682711

File: 1536283410779.png (1.18 MB, 650x812, anzujaamuedniz.PNG)

thank you for bestowing this milk upon us, informant-chan.

No. 701642

Gosh, I did some digging in her youtube channel and she had uploaded 2 vocaloid covers, both equally terrible.

No. 701662

gone already?

No. 701704


I can still watch it on her youtube, just go to the bottom of her uploads.

No. 936575

Any news?(necro)

No. 974973

File: 1589648262792.jpg (878.64 KB, 1349x512, tznfecdfg.jpg)

What is up with her making her lips so big nowadays? Is it because of the trend of being more thicc/bimbo-like?
I know that in the past, her lips were more on the small side.

No. 975031

Its just trendy, also she got lip fillers too.

No. 975033

She got lip-fillers so she doesn't have to overline her lips anymore plus she's super open about the procedure. Good for her.

No. 975156

Wow, did she say who she went to? They look really good

No. 975232

File: 1589693981881.jpg (778.65 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200517_073615_com…)

It's Dr. Mehmet Akgün, located in Ankara. She's been posting (what I'm assuming) about a livestream on the 17th with her surgeon a lot lately.

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