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File: 1559279515597.png (2.11 MB, 1996x2738, bawwwwws.png)

No. 815820

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Recent milk:
>Reactivates Instagram (again) after a 2 week break, claiming she tried to kill herself but Henry stopped her thankfully!!!
>Makes more passive-aggressive stories about her neighbors
>goes on holiday (twice!) despite being so super skint u guise
>the second trip is to Glasgow for what she says is a present to Henry for his birthday, but ends up being a trip for her and her interests only
>on said trip drags her actually autistic partner to a gay club where he is assaulted with lights, sounds, crowds, and unfamiliar people. she is unbothered by this but still sits at a table drinking and complaining that no one thinks she's queer even though she totes wore her queer shirt and whining about how she "forgot" she was disabled and hurt herself going down the stairs to the club.
>spends the next day laying in bed saying her whole body is in pain, she manages to get to a cat cafe, vegan restaurants, and a meetup with another instagram sjw tho
>has a post removed by instagram for harrassment and bullying, reposts it while REEEEEEing about how SHE is the VICTIM here
>accuses a small business (Lucy and Yak) of not wanting fat people to wear their clothes because they cannot produce clothes in size XXXL+, brand offers for her to call and talk about her concerns with them but she refuses and makes an instagram post about how terrible they are
> still constantly having to apologise for not sending out her Etsy goods
> revealed to have whined in another begging group about the "crappy" wheelchair funded by her begging group
> is trying to fix her bad skin with 10 new products all at once
> coming to a zine fair near you!

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

Previous threads:

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No. 815822

File: 1559279642077.png (49.69 KB, 315x382, Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 06.0…)

She's decided that IG reply was ableist. Phoebe has spoken.

No. 815825

It's abelist to expect me to change or think about myself critically in any way, especially with how retarded I am, it'll cause me to spontaneously combust

No. 815831


eh, it's a bit wack to suggest that people are 'responsible' for their own eating disorders tbh

No. 815834


I'm not disagreeing but instead of saying that, Phoebe started wailing "ABLEISM!!!"

No. 815838

She’s so stupid she doesn’t even realize that you can just write “it’s insensitive and ignorant to say people are responsible for their eating disorder” and not screech ableism that doesn’t have anything to do with it because Ed’s aren’t seen as disabilities. Don’t know how happy blind, deaf, mute, paralyzed etc people would feel by having another group pushed into their community.

No. 815841

File: 1559284125295.jpg (496.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-072124_Ins…)

She's so stupid

No. 815842

The same time she posted about needing an ambulance for painkillers, she was posting articles about disability benefits being taken away from people. I wonder if her review is coming up and this is why she suddenly needs to go to the hospital…

No. 815843

File: 1559284263548.jpg (439.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-072143_Ins…)

No. 815844

File: 1559284318993.jpg (410.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-072153_Ins…)

No. 815845

File: 1559284353200.jpg (313.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-072201_Ins…)

No. 815846

I would think bleeding out your ass all the time might be your body telling you something

No. 815855

There comes a certain point where you can't become a fucking vegetable just because it's what makes your body most comfortable. You have to do things that make you uncomfortable (both emotionally and physically) to be healthier and happier overall. Life isn't a ramp for your ebegged for powerchair to wheel up, it forces you to get up off your munchie ass and actually give a shit.

No. 815856


For sure. Almost everybody who has physio has to push through some physical discomfort or pain to be able to progress. We all know Feebs is full of shit, if disabled elderly people can make it to aquarobics multiple times a week, so could she if she even bothered.

No. 815865

Can’t wait for the upcoming zine fair debacle.

No. 815867

File: 1559289333896.gif (968.67 KB, 256x312, tenor.gif)

No. 815897

lmao is she posting this just to cover her ass over >>815069 being posted in the last thread? also "uwu I never noticed I was disabled" doesn't exactly mesh with her most disabled kweer on Earth narrative. She'll really pretend to have anything as long as she can beg for handouts.

No. 815898

File: 1559299657073.jpeg (117.14 KB, 640x1138, 63EF8E0B-7592-4F38-BFF7-F68340…)


No. 815899

File: 1559299827260.jpeg (105.52 KB, 640x1138, E17FCC5C-A5F9-4E3B-8D01-E85068…)


she’s so ANNOYING
she shows off her joints in her stories, oh my god. does her lack of self awareness extend to this or is it ok cos it’s for her “pains”

No. 815901

Yeah, Phoebe. It was all the exercise. Nothing to do with you doubling in size and becoming a hambeast. She's so fucking dumb.

No. 815902

For someone who is also a white woman buying literal acrylic weed earrings among other things you really cant complain.
Yes there is a problem with profiling but its absolutely laughable to see someone like her who doesnt even live in the affected areas talk like she has any experience or care when she wears drug paraphernelia as an aesthetic choice. Its already been de-prioritized for police (in the uk&other eu countries) and even if it was a priority theres literal heroin accounts and people shooting up on streets because they cant arrest every user they see, ESPECIALLY on social media. Its not that kind of crime you daft cunt.

No. 815905

Lol, most people are tired after a workout. You're supposed to recuperate and then do things. Is she really claiming that feeling sore or tired after weight training is due to her condishuns?

My muscles are currently aching the day after weights; I must have multiple chronic illnesses and apply for PIP.

No. 815906

Phoebe in the past has spoken about smoking weed on her ig stories constantly, to thousands of people. I wonder if her cop dad knows about it? Privileged twit she is

No. 815909

File: 1559303427787.jpg (595.56 KB, 1065x1484, SmartSelect_20190531-115741_Fa…)

Sage for no contribution but I found feebz in one of the cat groups I'm in

No. 815911

just saw this on insta and swear to god my eye started twitching. she boils my piss

No. 815916

Yea Phoebe, wouldn't want anyone to have any fun without 'at least' whipping themselves for their original sin

No. 815919

lol donkey dicks

I'm going to respectfully disagree with you guys on this. The comment's in the context of Phoebe complaining about healthy dieting and fruit (which we know she sees as health food) 'triggering' her eating disorder, and the commenter is responding to the sentiment that we need to walk on eggshells so as not to trigger people with normal healthy diet talk. The 'responsibility' does not seem meant as an eating disorder being the person's fault, but as the 'responsibility' to seek help rather than relying on the whole world of non-eating disordered people to tailor their language. And she's right that diets aren't responsible for eating disorders, that's fat logic.

No. 815922

Why does she always have to make everything about SJ and privilege? Why can't a white bitch just smoke a joint and not turn it into a political discussion?

No. 815936

for someone who's whined and bitched endlessly about her dad being a cop she sure is acting like one herself over some girl smoking a joint on instagram.

No. 815942

She wouldn't be half as bothered if the woman wasn't thin and pretty. A big fat lump would be being patted on the back.

No. 815947

This is what gets me. In the UK weed use is not stigmatised in the same way as the US. It's mostly associated with white hippies and council estates. It's what makes she brand of "activism" completely disingenuous, she's trying to "teach" about American issues but she has absolutely no experience of it.

No. 815986


She lives somewhere where it's legal, at a time it's legal. I can't exactly argue that just because it's illegal where I live, it's unfair that someone else isn't convicted for it. Duh.

No. 815989

File: 1559322651870.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-180801.png)

Running a sale when she's already behind on orders. I can't wait until her reputation catches up with her on Etsy

No. 815999

Wonder how well those “no terfs” badges will sell at the feminist zine fair, kek. Can’t wait for that pity party.

No. 816005

I know, you can explain away the others as having a homemade aesthetic but that one looks particularly ratchet 'look mommy I made you a badge'

No. 816006

File: 1559327584807.jpg (398.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-192402_Ins…)

No. 816007

File: 1559327635575.jpg (642.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-192442_Ins…)

Starting a war with another brand

No. 816008

File: 1559327660207.jpg (515.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-192543_Ins…)

No. 816010

File: 1559327713408.jpg (716.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-192743_Ins…)

Potential new cow!!!

No. 816015

For someone who complains about e-bullying and harassment, she sure does love to tear other people down.

No. 816031

File: 1559329247715.jpg (37.38 KB, 571x571, 52324f2426617.image.jpg)

Guys read the story, it's a twenty-page epic of @pieute responding admirably to the ramblings of a lunatic.

Jesus Christ these miserable fat bitches. Also, she's 22 years old and looks like a middle-aged suburban mother of three, and not in a MILF way either. This is no way to live.

No. 816033

What's this got to do with Phoebe?

No. 816035

Appreciate not wanting to go off topic but in fairness it's a testament to Phoebe surrounding herself with similarly unhinged wastes rather than being uniquely awful.

No. 816039

I think it’s the same lass who met up with pheebs when she was in scotland. the one who dresses like a giant baby?

No. 816040

File: 1559329855544.png (487.48 KB, 490x572, Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 20.11…)

Definitely her!

No. 816041

File: 1559329929821.png (542.14 KB, 538x572, Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 20.12…)

Her Insta is gold, wtf

No. 816042

god these are so badly made and designed. £1 seems steep for such a shitty design that is just printed on a badly cut out square of label paper.

No. 816043

Someone in feedback wrote a few reviews about her stickers
>Only thing is the sticker paper is a bit thin and easily damaged


No. 816045

I read the story and both sides looked pretty bad. The company clearly does not have a good PR manager - or any, honestly.

No. 816049

File: 1559331009328.png (482.6 KB, 817x604, Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 20.29…)

It's clearly very homegrown, look at this kekworthy exchange. Did I mention I love the NHS and fuck the tories? I'm such a good person, aren't I? /s

No. 816055

Did she change her bedding? After people on here mentioned that it was always the same one? Kek.

No. 816069

It's crazy how little effort and investment she puts into her business. If it's her only real source of income then some actual sticker paper and using her cricut to cut around the shapes properly is the bare minimum she could do. Doing it all by hand on flimsy shipping label paper just seems like a ton of extra work for a shittier product. She could sell them at a higher price as well if she made them better. I can't wait to see pics from this zine fair to see how bad her products look in comparison to other vendors there

No. 816086

Phoebe has made loads of investments in the business… all have failed terribly before being revealed though. Who can forget the borderless printer debacle!

No. 816132

Well, most probs aren't radfems sooo…

No. 816140


She doesn't fuck fascists? Shit, this might be the first good thing about being a fascist.

No. 816143

File: 1559347204168.png (649.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3146.PNG)

Canastakat has learnt from the Phoebe School Of Talking To People Online and it shows, except she took the module in "not swearing or playing the disability card at every opportunity" at least.

No. 816157

The absolute conviction these people have that they're on the ~right side of history~ really shines through in the way they talk to people. Like 'educate yourself', with the assumption that they don't need to express their beliefs because if their opponent were only on their intellectual level, they'd hold exactly the same belief.

No. 816168

what annoys me is they are saying "educate yourself" but out the other side of their mouth are talking about ableism and classism. Some poor people didn't even go to school or learn to read, others are dyslexic, what if they can't just educate themselves. I know in this scenario the person can definitely read, but maybe if you're going to go off at some poor dude on IG you could be prepared to educate. He was gonna add xxxl. she doesn't look that big.

No. 816170

Not to mention the program that comes with it. All those nice fonts and colours and design templates going to waste for a child’s bubble letters.

I’ll buy the Cricut off of her for $200.

No. 816226

I still don't understand why she doesn't use it.
It's definitely less work than cutting them out by hand. So, why would our lazy queen intentionally do a something that requires more effort?

No. 816242


Don't forget, she's actually an idiot. She had to get a bullshit online certificate in nutrition because she was too dumb for school

No. 816251


yep miss 'you should pay me for educating you' gets most of her *knowledge from reading Insta posts and parroting them word for word, then she shits on people that went to medical school

Did we ever hear more about henry and her claims that he's not autistic? I'm pretty sure that the family member on here said he is. I mean it's an odd thing to disagree on when he's been diagnosed?

No. 816252

File: 1559383867711.jpg (645.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190601-111039_Ins…)

Does that mean she's actually going to post her customer's orders??!

No. 816254


Feeling better but still feeling worse than you! Don't stop pitying me please

No. 816259

File: 1559390339434.png (266.49 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Yikes phoebe, that sounds pretty retarded

No. 816262

File: 1559391085112.png (2.75 MB, 1242x2208, 1F1AB7A4-DA3E-407E-9D99-0E0BA5…)

*marked as shipped today

No. 816264

File: 1559391608336.jpg (501.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190601-132012_Ins…)

No. 816265

File: 1559391641418.jpg (668.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190601-132026_Ins…)

No. 816267


Why does it matter than they’re trans?
Artists get their work stolen & copied every day

No. 816269


That's why it's called a routine you dumb fuck. If you're starting a new routine (which you should do one product at a time, not a whole new pile of products in one go) you need to stick to it like glue for at least a month to see if it works for you.

No. 816272

File: 1559392643920.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, 54AFF088-E08F-45FE-9037-06CD80…)

no thanks

No. 816279


Love how she thinks she can decide who's fat enough and who isn't (with her recent talk about 'skinny fat' people) but nobody can talk about whether she's gay enough to post this shit. I mean she molested a girl once?? Has she ever had consensual sex with another woman?

No. 816281


Then pheebs tells you to fuck off and eat shit in the next sentence, which I think is offensive to people who have that kink lol

No. 816289

her relationship with henry is inherently queer because she's ya boi, anon

No. 816309

Am I crazy or does she not look as disgusting here?

No. 816310

She advocated trading in stolen goods for racial minorities in the last thread, she'd probably see a non-white artist stealing a white artists's work as claiming reparations and attacking their oppressors. Unless it happened to her, of course, then she'd go full scorched earth.

No. 816311

I means she's spotty, sure, but not at a hideous angle and her eyes are in the right place. Cringe that that's a massive improvement.

No. 816313

only phoebe would describe dry/peeling skin as "skin falling off"

No. 816322

File: 1559404116793.jpg (127 KB, 750x1334, 60580850_295634528046972_18514…)

Let's teach the kids it's alright to stuff themselves with burgers and ice-cream all day and to have no physical activity.

No. 816323

Why in god's name wouldn't you explain to kids why you're feeding them healthy food? If they don't know the basics of nutrition they'll end up with years-long subscriptions to Weight Watchers. Some things are objectively bad for you.

>We have to go for a walk because I can't fit in my clothes

lmao said no-one ever

No. 816327

>We're not having cake right now
I swear to God it's not a hard concept to teach children too much sugar in their diet can negatively affect their mood. Yes, it's entirely not healthy, but that doesn't mean it's forbidden. Teach your children moderation and self control.

No. 816331

This seems to be a part of the 'intuitive eating'/health at every size crap fatties use to convince themselves that they're meant to be fat and can't improve. Maybe they're trying to push this on kids to create more fat people so they continue to not feel as bad as they could about being a monstrous freak

No. 816341

Fatties pretend that they're avoiding anorexia nervosa and completely hijack their narrative. It's really fucking sad that people with an overeating disorder use another disorder to defend theirs.

How is "It's not healthy" weight related at all? You keep your kids from eating too much salty snacks for cardiovascular reasons, not weight reasons.

No. 816368


So if you're a mother and you're open about the fact that you are dieting; it's practically child abuse?

Imagine an emotionally abusive shit like her ever parenting a child.. ffs pheebs

No. 816386

did she deactivate again?

No. 816387

on ig? no, she's always at the very bottom of searches tho

No. 816394

>takes pic of 2 skin flakes on her forehead

No. 816398

God Phoebe is so fucking toxic. She latches on to genuine issues like this and weaponizes it. Yes, that is a real issue and its unfair, but what the fuck does this random Koala girl have to do with it?! She's set her followers on this girl for doing absolutely nothing wrong!! The problem isn't the weed instragrammer its the law enforcers. But Phoebe doesn't care about real change, all she cares about is hunting down small targets like this and cannibalizing them to booster herself.

No. 816401

File: 1559417895707.jpeg (165.39 KB, 1936x1936, A25853CB-A225-4462-BEAD-03D5C8…)

“Don’t rip off artists” latest post is the exact style, down to the long nails, as exotic.cancer. Who she blasted previously of course.

No. 816402


Holy fuck, I just went through exotic.cancer's page and you're right - Feebs is ripping off her whole style, right down to her sEx PoSiTivItY SW pale imitation.

No. 816408

File: 1559420063727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.09 KB, 1080x1960, Screenshot_20190601_211124.jpg)


Double post but yeah right Feebs.

No. 816409

spoiler this shit

No. 816433

File: 1559423606579.jpg (368.72 KB, 1440x2562, 61076990_528113341055149_91318…)

Of course, staying cooped up in a flat/bed for a whole week is gonna make anyone feel like shit.
I bet she only went out because Henry would push her wheelchair to get her junkfood stocks refilled.
Ever noticed how she only seems to do anything during weekends, when Henry is home? Otherwise she just lays in the bed and cries about being miserable.

No. 816447

"when i open tinder"
yeah feebs, i'm sure hordes of thirsty men from tinder are lining up at the door to fuck your hambeast mold-collecting ezcema-filled pussy.

No. 816460

>doesnt wanna share the means of productions

No. 816517


don't suppose she went to the post office to mail her overdue orders?

No. 816523

definitely why she did it. look at the responses to the gym photo being found I bet she refreshes this page constantly

No. 816583


I guess it's because she covered half her face in Instagram stickers?

No. 816584


Also spots returning as a "flare up" which is a term used for the worsening of chronic and autoimmune illnesses. Dramatics much?

No. 816585


needs more butt acne and about 120lbs

No. 816586

File: 1559439818043.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3150.PNG)

I spy HUEL

No. 816601

File: 1559443606546.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3151.PNG)

Phoebe doesn't actually have dysphoria though. She's claiming to be "trans non binary" but has shown zero hatred of her female body, only her female pronouns.

No. 816730

File: 1559472720717.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3152.PNG)

From yesterday's stories.

She just loves to shit on anything vaguely popular. Aerie use normal sized models, I think I've heard of them using disabled models too, and they go up to American XXL. Expecting a regular company to go over a size 26 is ridiculous, so few people are that obese. Part of me wonders if she's doing a Homer Simpson and getting ginormeous on purpose to be Too Fat For People Clothes so she can crusade for Size 30 to be standard in all shops.

No. 816733

Yep, Aerie has pretty diverse models for their ads, like different women of different ages, races, etc. and they don't airbrush or photoshop the models so you can see freckles, stretch marks, tattoos, and skin imperfections which is honestly way more 'body positive' than most major retailers.
That's what real body positivity should be about, allowing women to feel confident about things they can't control like stretch marks or acne scars, not people like Phoebe who sit on their ass all day leeching off other people and eating their body weight in vegan Aldi crap.

Being fat is the only real thing Phoebe has for oppression points so she's milking it for all she can. Not everything can or should cater to your fat ass, Phoebe, of course a company trying to turn a profit is going to focus on the largest demographic which is women who are probably around a size 8 to 14.

No. 816740

File: 1559476000492.jpeg (99.88 KB, 640x625, 3E95826A-099E-4852-A4A3-EEAD88…)

oh fuck

i came across a mental health advocacy account on insta and i noticed that some posts with a particular font and colours were very familiar… i went to check if phoebe was a follower, and she certainly is lmao she has no originality. absolutely shameless

i bet it fumes her that the advocate girl is far more accomplished and pretty, and has almost 30k followers (and almost 40k on her main!)

No. 816742

File: 1559476577773.jpeg (94.82 KB, 640x1138, EBCB0C3A-EAD3-4B2E-BC7A-73E833…)

here we go, this is going to be good. her pins will look worse than her shitty badges

No. 816747


ten quid says she'll go for whatever's cheapest (some shit factory in china) and they'll look shite

No. 816748

This is my problem with FA. You have a brand that doesn't airbrush, uses a range of models, more inclusive than like 99% of brands, yet they are still not good enough just cos they don't cater to the morbidly obese? FA do not care about anyone that is not the privileged fat selves.

No. 816799

this just keeps getting funnier. she's a lolcow masterpiece.

No. 816801

I hate this “if they aren’t absolutely perfect and cater to every possible person 100% of the time then they are garbage!!!!!”
Aerie is a great company, at this point I’m convinced phoebe just wants special unique girl points for hating something popular. Self-righteous indignation isn’t a personality, phoebe.

No. 816809

leftist/post tumblrfag here: the reason they tut-tut at the phrasing “it’s healthy” is because calling foods “healthy” or “unhealthy” is “food shaming” and can lead people to conflate food choices with value as a person and causing EDs etc etc lmao

No. 816855


Except that's an assertion that has never been tested rigorously.

No. 816864


healthy and unhealthy is not subjective

I agree that using "bad" or "naughty" for unhealthy foods places value judgments on them, but Phoebe wants a world where vegan chocolate brownies are considered just as valid a dinner choice as steamed fish and vegetables.

No. 816870

Imagine how fucking amazing it is for young girls, which have all-time high rates of eating disorders and BD, to see realistic models… Then just for some fat fucks to get upset that they are not the center of attention?? We have endless girls who modify their bodies to look skinny and photoshopped, but this should be our #1 issue? She can barely keep her company moving, but has the audacity to tell other companies how to go about marketing??? KEK

No. 816872

But she's literally in constant pain now and never exercises; I don't get it? Is she saying her pain now, gasp, might not be that bad?

No. 816876

>No Terfs on our terf
>Picture of a fist

Violence against women.

No. 816880

This is a reach tho. The fist is a black power symbol, but she's still dumb. If anything this is hilarious since she screeches about cultural appropriation.
Sage for double-posting

No. 816886

I love that she says “large fats” and “small fats”.

No. 816904

makes me sick that middle fats just get ignored as usual. we’re accused of being greedy, confused, cheaters, etc. we aren’t half small or half large, okay? medium fats exist too! i hate this erasure

No. 816906

Anorexia rates have been stable since the 1970s. The increase in diagnoses of other eating disorders can likely be attributed to the inclusion of other disordered behaviour in new classifications of disorders.


No. 816943

Hilarious anon. Wish one of her brain dead followers would say something like that to her.

No. 816947


Only someone as self righteous as Phoebe could claim that there's a subgroup of fat people that are being EXTRA oppressed. Wouldn't shock me if she purposely gained a few extra stone just to be too big for the high street stores so she could wail about how FATPHOBIC they were.

No. 817037

either her or one of her minions defended "infinifats" which apparently is like my 600lb life people

No. 817041

Here's what I don't get, how is 'infinifat' a less insulting term than 'morbidly obese'? To me it sounds on a level with 'hamplanet'

No. 817047

Post screen caps.

If people are really using a word like infinifat, I want to see it. What the fuck. It sounds like chan speak.

No. 817054

File: 1559526310042.jpg (584.41 KB, 2048x2048, D163709D-7B64-431D-9492-2306A6…)

check fatlippodcast

No. 817068

My god.

No. 817117

I genuinely can’t tell is that her thigh fat rolls or vagina wtf

No. 817128


These bitches are sick thinking THAT is okay. This is what Phoebe wants to be and is eating her way to. That other grotesquely obese woman is crippled and diseased from her weight. It’s just unnecessary and unacceptable, they’re killing themselves with overeating and gluttony.

The amount of food to become and maintain that weight…. Disgusting. Stop eating

No. 817160

i’m looking through that account and i just feel horribly sad for the lady. i don’t understand why some people want to be like that. are attention and oppression points really worth the limited mobility and ridicule? phoebe already complains about being in pain all the time, which she adheres to her “fibro”, but it’s common sense that the pain will worsen as her weight increases. is she truly that stupid?

No. 817171


Recently there's been a spate of indie artists having their enamel pins designs ripped off by sites like Ali Express so you know for sure that she's hoping to piggy back off that and have some new to REEEEEE about.

No. 817173


Sorry for double post but also enamel pins are pretty unethical to produce. They can only be made in China in factories as it's illegal to make them in Europe…

No. 817176

Totally ot, but why is it illegal? Sage for curious Amerifag.

No. 817181


From what I understand it's something to do with the chemicals involved in manufacture

No. 817213


No wonder these people are so vocal online, they're all heading towards housebound levels of fatness, they're eliminating themselves from real world interactions and then ultimately dying sooner. And they expect people to support those choices? It's like watching the titanic slowly sink and clapping as it goes

No. 817220

Put "sage" in the email field, anon. Saying it does nothing.

No. 817318

I get the feeling her pins are either gonna look HB level of awful, or somehow even worse.

lmao as if the resellers would waste their money to reproduce her shit pins. Her work isn't even good enough to be ripped off.

Can't wait for her to sink money into this new endeavor and then inevitably bitch about why no one's paying for her pins! They're pretty expensive to produce aren't they? I usually see artists charge about $10 MINIMUM for them. God, I don't even want to give Feebs a dollar for her garbage art, why the fuck would anyone want to pay even more?

No. 817332

File: 1559583007958.jpg (656.81 KB, 1080x2072, 20190603_182909.jpg)

Why does she only care about/donate to causes that are based in the US

No. 817353

So strange. You’d think she’d want to help others like her in the UK.
Maybe she thinks the US is some kind of hamburger paradise for large fats.

No. 817397

Well tbh, it must be an easy lifestyle to be a basic leftist snowflake with all them special pronouns and shit, trying to be the fastest of them all to get even more pitypoints by complaining about how hard it is to be "disabled"
Sounds ignorant, I know, but they just don't care about it either and do what they want.
They love what they are because they don't have to live like a functioning member of society. They can eat all day long and rant online, because it's trendy to be as special as possible and they 100% believe they're right in every situation. They all manage to let their viewers pay for their 20K calories a day while being addicted to shopping plastic from china.
Amberlynn Reid, Slaton sisters etc, they're all extremely obese, but they wouldn't change their lifestyle for nothing.

You really have to just close your eyes and ignore people like that. They don't want help and they'll never get better, because they love they second of it.

No. 817430

Don’t know about the UK or EU but the US is like a greenhouse for her type of virulent echo chamber slacktivist activities.

I don’t know if greenhouse is the right comparison but you get the idea.

No. 817453

she must really not make much from her shop if this is all she's getting in a month from charity items (which I assume would sell more due to people wanting to help out the causes involved). Maybe she donates to US based charities so it looks like she's donating more if people just glance at her story. $8 looks a little better than £6.30

No. 817497

who brags about donating like this though like having to show proof

No. 817526

File: 1559600235805.jpeg (296.51 KB, 1024x1024, 22F9F21C-AD1A-44B4-BA37-A07C7F…)

Pheebs isn’t even able to include a freaking business card or sender address in her orders. Small business owner, kek…

No. 817532

this is fantastic lmao i think i’ve seen “business” cards from some of her minions when they share pics. so feebs probably forgot to include one or couldn’t be arsed to make more.

No. 817559

>I forgot I ordered these!
aka they took so long to arrive that the buyer literally forgot they gave Pheebz money.

No. 817562

File: 1559602595972.jpg (58.51 KB, 547x609, 1515813353775.jpg)

jfc, imagine wearing any of those in public.

No. 817575

it stresses me out that she's always donating to american charities and talking about american issues when she isn't even a seppo. it's illegal in northern ireland to get an abortion but of course she only cares about issues that are hot and in the news.

No. 817578

only a tumblrtard attention whore with no real anxiety or struggle would wear something that reads I HAVE ANXIETY on a badge in public

No. 817591

Seeing the diet talk one next to the anxiety and pronoun badges - You can't even read the words from anywhere farther than 3 feet. Awful design. She puts no effort into this crap.

No. 817616

idk about you but nothing soothes my anxiety faster than a stranger leaning in close to peer at my chest to read ugly test announcing my anxiety. People know exactly what that means and what I expect them to do with that information /s

No. 817628

Terfs are trash and should be punched(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817639

What is that diet talk badge? I'm supposed to "refrain" from talking about something around you? How about you be PROACTIVE and leave instead of attempting to censor people's speech. Fuck that. She just keeps getting more and more insufferable.

No. 817644

Back to tumblr with you

No. 817646

File: 1559613130571.jpg (105.29 KB, 400x300, 327876.jpg)

the diet one has to be the worst, you can barely even read it.

calm down tranny

No. 817651

This thread has quickly become one of my favorites, and Phoebe is probably my ultimate cow, but her thread definitely attracts a bunch of fucking retards like this >>817628 because they’re slightly less retarded than Phoebe.

I like these. I wish more people would wear these abominations so I’d know who to stay away from.

No. 817652

Im a cis woman so stay mad terf

No. 817660

No one cares. Take it to GC and learn to sage, tranny WK

No. 817666

its funny how you genuinely believe biological women cannot be against terfs. Literally most lgbt people agree

No. 817680

fuck off tranny scum

No. 817696

Does anyone else think she has bpd?

No. 817700


No. 817701

NTA but fuck off, tranny-handmaiden. Go enforce your AGP elsewhere.

No. 817704

Nah. She mostly acts like a spoiled entitled child. If you went to really someone who has BPD you’d check out Holly BRown.

No. 817712

>you can’t police what people say!!!
>you can’t say “fuck terfs” here!!!

Pick one lol

No. 817718

am i on tumblr wtf

you guys, this is what phoebe wants lol come on now, let’s refocus

No. 817760

Threads like these often attract miniature versions of the cow being discussed, so it’s really no surprise this thread has more tumblr types than average. Either they learn to integrate or they get the banhammer.

No. 817793

She wishes she had BPD but nah she’s just a straight up narcissist. That’s what all these twatty little WK’s coming on the thread don’t understand. We’re pucking pheobe apart bc of her HORRIFIC personality, I couldn’t give a fuck about her being fat or whatever. She’s just a fascinatingly horrible piece of work

No. 817802

File: 1559640174917.jpg (62.12 KB, 798x575, respect my tootat.JPG)

Idek why that person bought the He Him badge. She's got it tattooed on her neck. I'd sure have anxiety about stuck with that ink when the trend dies down.

No. 817803

Yeah, Phoebe is awful because of her narcissistic traits. I will give her the benefit of the doubt if she's truly NPD because she's still young and still developing her personality, clearly,from her flip-flopping from when she was young. A full blown narcissist doesn't change and will remain one until they die. But if she never stops gaining weight she won't even live to be old lol

No. 817813

Oh snap, Florida "Man" did it again!

No. 817831

God that person is pretty. Why the fuck would she do it to herself. She looks completely fine as a gnc alt woman. But no, has to be a man. Snowflake behaviour at it's worst.

No. 817834

All I can think of she bought some of those fantastic badges because she follows Feebs. They're both into a million opressed person causes. That tattoo though. She seems to embrace her femininity on ig but has that thing on her neck.

No. 817835

yeah she's got her tits out in tons of photos. she'd fit right in in the fakeboi thread. i'm not surprised at all that feeb's customers are transtrenders.

No. 817839

Transtrenders are the only people that Pheebs can sell to lmao.
The lettering is so fucking bad ffs.

No. 817843

Most insane SJW types only hear about American issues in their echo chambers, they also apply things like American racial issues to their own countries/continents, which is so fucking retarded.

No. 817846

She looks like Andy Samberg with tits.

No. 817849

has to be a BOY, men are too manly

No. 817853

File: 1559657674759.jpg (57.73 KB, 1080x1080, 61692755_139741470466625_85262…)

New representation of a "disabled fatty" The very common, and totally not made up, extremely overweight (pheebs says chubby) type 1 diabetes sufferer.

No. 817858

Why do you assume that person doesnt have dysphoria? Because shes pretty and has a vagina?

No. 817859

Go away radfem

No. 817860

I mean america is still a shitty country. Everyone should critisize all the countries imo(ban evasion)

No. 817861

What's with the snatched waist, Feedee? Respect women who don't have a defined waist, you fatphobic cunt.

No. 817864

sage your bullshit

No. 817869


She doesn't actually say T1D when talking about the image, hilarious implication being this could just as easily be an image of a fatty who has raging T2 from their weight gain.

No. 817873

>I'm a real boy
Jesus Christ.

If only Onision's doormat would've found this way of becoming ~a real boy~ with all of her shitty tattoos, a pronoun one really is missing

one can dream

No. 817876

File: 1559661267993.png (6.77 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1078.PNG)

feebs sees herself as the chubby pink haired person who is standing? how can she live with this thoughtless erasure of her disability??

No. 817878


I don't know who is more childish, the person that made this, or pheebs for getting all excited over it. It looks like an adult-baby post

No. 817879

Not to WK but this picture is kind of cute in a 'my 4 year old drew it' kind of way.

No. 817885

I like Wednesday's work too. Still more detail and effort than anything feebles has ever done.

No. 817911

File: 1559667985800.jpg (103.15 KB, 985x588, shim.JPG)

Another shim COMMISSIONED this shit from her.

No. 817919


Nice, trans-phasers making it harder for full on trans people to get access to hormones, important that they feel 'valid' tho

I get the feeling this guy will be living as a girl again in a couple years

No. 817923


LMAO, oh I knew that username looked familiar. That particular pycho sent me a bunch of instagram dms telling me to kill myself and calling me "kid" over a mild comment I left on a different nutjob's public post. That boy is not reacting to that testosterone well at all, kek

That's also a milky milky cow, i'm sure.

No. 817933

Well, $8, albeit pathetic, looks less pathetic than the £5 it is in GBP. She probably wants the world to think she cares a lot more than she actually does.

No. 817939


If it's a percentage taken from charity sale then isn't she just passing on other peoples money and not actually donating herself?

She could've bumped up the amount with a personal donation.. if she cared

No. 817941


His latest post is a fuck the police post about cops not being welcome at pride, making out like gay people are attacked by cops all the time. Think he's actually jealous of black people there..

Could be very milky

No. 817954

No cops at pride so she can sexually assault another woman again.

No. 817958

lmao right? I'm more wondering who is going to protect them from anti-gay protesters if they kick the cops out? Furthermore, most public events of a certain size in most cities have a legal requirement to have a certain amount of physical security present. Same with portable toilets – you need X many per expected participant.

It's not about like, policing the gays or whatever. It's about making sure shit doesn't get too out of hand and cause bedlam and break shit.

No. 817965

Because someone with real dysphoria doesn't feel the need to advertise it to everyone on a daily basis.

No. 818041


Uh, she confused a CGM with an insulin pump?

Non-reservoir pumps have a connection (catheter) ending in the subq needle assembly. They display rate in IU/h (120 is not a plausible rate of insulin unless you want to kill yourself rapidly), total dose transfer and remaining volume (VTBI).

CGMs have a remote transponder. They are NOT connected to it, that's half the fucking point, you fucking idiot. 120 is a slightly elevated blood glucose level… in mg/dL, which is NOT what we're using in the UK. If she knew anything about diabetes, she'd know we use mmol/L, where that would correspond to 6.7 mmol/L. 120 mmol/L is 2,160 mg/dL… also known as 'you are dead'.

Feebz, why don't you stick to disabilities and other stuff you actually know about, rather than appropriating random crap and pretending you're 'raising awareness', 'creating acceptance' or some other bullshit excuse? This would be pretty insulting to a diabetic… and you would expect to profit from that? Don't worry, though. Looking at your weight and your diet, you'll know blood glucose numbers pretty well real soon, I guess.

No. 818043


Am I the only one who does not recognise a circle, three dots on a horizontal line and a roughly 60 degree arc centered around the middle point as a human face? Asking because brain damage.

No. 818044

It fucked with me too. Three eyed aliens or some sort of electrical outlets with bodies and hair.

No. 818045

File: 1559691456564.png (31.36 KB, 400x370, cgm-img5.png)

lol did she just google image search cgm

No. 818047


Not when there's new glittery nail polish to buy, anon!

No. 818073

Uhh, not to white knight, but "percentage of proceeds will go to XYZ" is a popular selling tactic. The seller doesn't usually tack on an additional donation. This is a weird reach.

No. 818076

Cops are around protecting at pride but the beef is usually about them marching in the parade (where they are certainly not there to protect anyone lol it's a publicity thing). I doubt phoebe knows this and would just ree at any cop walking around pride, but that's assuming she even goes.

No. 818084

File: 1559694710345.png (5.56 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1101.PNG)

both? for dinner? her portions look like a fake joke.

No. 818110


Except the cops that march in the parade are part of the LGBT community themselves. That's the whole point.

No. 818197

"large fat" just seems like the polite or PC version of "deathfat"

No. 818223


Yyeeeup. Lots of LGBT officers march in the parade.

I'd love to see one of these fucks protest the cops marching in Orlando. If you think the pulse massacre was hard on your mental health, try to imagine what they had to go through.

No. 818238

Imagine excluding people based on their professions. Surely vegans should be yelling "no butchers at pride" or "no farmers at pride" or someshit as well using this logic…

No. 818243

Take it to /pol/ and pitch it as the next free bleeding hoax anon

No. 818248


It's just literally a way for Tess Holliday-sized women to claim more oppression points than your average fat person, because most high street shops don't make clothes for people over a size requiring a Rascal scooter.

No. 818260

this looks like particle board food. disgusting. and not a vegetable in sight ofc

No. 818265

File: 1559718826022.png (10.8 KB, 833x103, chrome_2019-06-05_00-13-58.png)

>not a vegetable in sight ofc
a-Anon… I think it looks disgusting as well and her claims of having never had a beef burger make me roll my eyes but…

No. 818269

lol fair enough, still to be eating just a plain fried patty on bread is gross. doubt she ever eats just plain unprocessed veg.

No. 818307

>>818269 excuse you, don’t forget the Feebs eats more broccoli than the average person! so much more! we should be looking up to her as our health guru. literally look up to her

No. 818342

Saged for.. fagfag?

Cops are traditionally not invited to march in pride parades because up until extremely recently they, as an institution, enjoyed beating the shit out of LGBT people. Especially in the American south. It’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall this year and there are plenty of people walking around who’ve been beaten and who know LGBT people killed by cops. It’s not prevalent these days, but even back in the 90s it wasn’t unusual for it to happen. So yeah, excluding people based on their profession sounds silly but excluding people from a profession that up until 15-20 years ago was actively harassing and beating members of your group is kinda reasonable. And yeah there are LGBT cops, but that doesn’t wipe out the many people (some of whom are still working as cops) who personally beat or killed LGBT people in the past, and the fact that police departments rarely hold them accountable. In most places police as an institution have pretty much ignored the fact that they used to be a huge danger to LGBT folk and have never issued apologies or even acknowledgement. It’s not even saying individual LGBT cops can’t march in the pride parade with their local soccer team or whatever; it’s more that as an institution police have been a huge danger to the community up until recently and the institution should not have a contingent representing it in the parade because that’s kinda fucked up.

Like, Feebs is wrong about a lot of things and is an idiot with no grasp on queer history, but this is something she happened to parrot kind of correctly.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 818347

You didn't sage correctly

Also while I agree that in the past cops at pride was a no go, these days we need to get as many people on side as possible. By allowing cops to be at pride, they then have the obligation to protect LGBT people and it allows for greater chance for LGBT groups and police to form alliances and networks.

Also if we were to ban everyone at pride who has a past with violence against LGBT, you'd have to ban straight people, people all of colours, religions, etc.

No. 818350


Plenty of gay people are aware of the history but want a police presence today. Alot of pride events are full of drunks and gropers and passing homophobes and we can't self-police. People like 'littleboyblue' or whatever his name is try and talk for everyone by declaring that 'we' don't want police there.. maybe he should stay home if he's that adamant cos some people want a safe pride and incidents that require police do happen at pride

No. 818356

this is Phoebe: oh my god i'm such a quirky vegan i've never eaten a beef burger or a chicken burger in my life how weird and quirky am i? right guys?
are you the anon who i've seen in a lot of threads who writes "saged for x" in every comment but doesn't actually know how to sage? the email field, dude.

No. 818357

i feel like we still need cops at pride for protection. i went to pride in korea and the whole event and parade was guarded by cops who formed like a human barricade. i think it’s more of an issue if individual police departments are marching in the parade and aren’t like actively on duty but are still wearing their uniforms etc

sage for irrelevant

No. 818365


London Pride is drunken chaos (in the crowds anyway), so I understand the police presence for making sure no one stumbles into the parade route

No. 818379


Every pride that I've been to I witnessed some sort of incident where it was good to have police nearby. Day drinking happens at these events and it's messy. Boyblue and his three friends can talk about self policing all they want but I've even known of sexual assaults happening at pride. Good luck self policing that.

No. 818382


hey if it can happen at a friendly "vegan cookout"…

No. 818383

File: 1559754037495.png (398.72 KB, 821x380, Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 17.5…)

Pretty sure I found a Feebz commission. Has her hallmarks - unreadable and eyebleeding.

No. 818392


Agreed. In my country, we had neonazis running around, protesting (vulgar and homophobic slogans, posters..), stealing and burning pride flags etc. I would be worried about my safety, if the police wasn't there.

No. 818406


Is that where Pheebs assaulted someone?

No. 818413

Eh. Weed isn’t stigmatized in the entire U.S though. Perhaps in the more conservative areas, but here in California (where it’s legal) almost everyone here smokes weed and no one really gives a shit.

No. 818441


Quick question but can you guys take your pride sperg to OT or something?

No. 818492


Yup, apparently she tried to pull a girl into her tent so hard she left bruises.

No. 818494


also huge kek at her now sharing the Vegan cookout/campout flyers annotating them with info about how shit they are. Well yeah they kicked you out for assaulting another girl, Phoebe, but sure booooo them keeping their group safe.

No. 818520

I live in bible belt conservative midwest and noone gives a shit if you smoke weed here either.

No. 818528

Ah yes, the BTP (bisexual, transgender, pansexual) community

No. 818609

what are the first two letters feedme?

No. 818648

Possibly a nitpick, but it is hilarious to me that she's drawn the moon in pieces instead of in stages of partial illumination.

No. 818705

File: 1559799164198.jpg (487.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-063105_Ins…)

She's sharing her 'give me money' Facebook group

No. 818707

File: 1559799214901.jpg (650.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-063058_Ins…)

As she's a CIS white woman, she shouldn't have asked for money for that Chinese

No. 818708

File: 1559799300452.jpg (555.66 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20190606-063516_Ins…)

No. 818724


What kind of reparations would they even be asking for? pardon my ignorance, but the UK doesn't have a former slave or indigenous population.

No. 818743

Colonial, I would guess? Populations who've been exploited by the UK, some of whom live there. None of this includes Feebs obviously.

No. 818758

She goes by they/them pronouns, though. I don’t know what species of genderspecial she’s claiming to be but she conveniently doesn’t consider herself “cis”.

No. 818767


i find it pretty gross that "cishet white women take up too much space" like the UK right now has a huge issue with non-homeless poverty, single mothers going without food so their kids can eat etc.

No. 818774


"Join and add your financially privileged friends too"

What is it with these people feeling entitled to spend other peoples money? People generally work 40 hours a week for their wage and pay a shitload of tax.. which goes to help support others

No. 818796

CIS white people are not welcome, just their money. Jesus, how pathetic. She's such a bottom feeder. Suburban white girl tries to play along by making herself extremely fat. She makes marginalized groups seem pathetic by creating this group. Minorities and those with disabilities, many times can live successful lives. She created this group for herself to beg for money because she's too lazy to panhandle.

No. 818802


Despite what she claims, she's a run-of-the-mill cis middle class woman.

No. 818808

Yah, financially privileged people tend not to be communists/socialists. There's a reason for that.

No. 818811

File: 1559835090136.jpeg (645.6 KB, 1125x1968, DED1DF2B-0E2B-4620-884C-5D9D3D…)

her hair looks extremely greasy, her “curls” definitely look better, but I don’t think giving up shampoo is the answer as she looks unwashed. She also looks like a man in a wig.

No. 818813

idk i feel like this is a step up from how awful her hair usually looks

No. 818815

I hate the way she seems to think this pose makes her look attractive. Girl, you ugly.

No. 818835


I think it's her man-ish heavy brow bones that do it. They make her eyes looks small

Also I know 'looking autistic' isn't really a thing but.. she looks special needs. And you can tell she's trying desperately to pose good, lol

No. 818836

She does look better like this than her hair tied up. It hides some of the moon face. In the other thread someone posted a picture of pheobe with blonde hair as a kid and she was arguably really pretty. Looking at this picture, if she did a normal blonde hair color, got an "eating disorder" (eating human proportions), washed and bathed she'd be a fresh faced natural beauty. It's sad when people give up potential for a sloth life style.

No. 818852

Scottish reparations for pissing away all the oil money

No. 818860


It's the one thing she'll never do but yeah losing weight would be the main thing to help her face. She has this big round face from being fat and her features are all too small for her fat head now.

No. 818880

>Grew up in "lower class" home.
>Never had a burger

Pick one pheebs.

No. 818895


Imagine raising a kid to adulthood and them spending their early twenties living online and banging on about how poor her family is (proof has shown otherwise) and how much she hates police (her dad)

I'm surprised she's not making up false abuse claims against her parents but of course daddy still buys her stuff so can't do that

No. 818905

File: 1559847503431.jpg (516.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-195733_Ins…)

Stuff of nightmares

No. 818906

File: 1559847581327.jpg (411.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-195606_Ins…)

'don't do nothing'

Take your own advice feebz

No. 818907

File: 1559847607897.jpg (886.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-195721_Ins…)

"I'm baby"

No. 818908

File: 1559847646216.jpg (669.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-195756_Ins…)

Great new artwork

No. 818917

not trying to nitpick but that ring is way too small, she literally can't even fit it all the way down??

No. 818923

What even are half those flags?
There are so many people profiting off claiming to be 'queer' and 'nb' who always exclude the gay and even lesbian flags from things and try prop up all these ultra specific identities in order to feel included even tho they are just straight girls with coloured hair. She would make no money from her shop or donations if she wasn't claiming to be queer and disabled.

No. 818948

yeah seriously, where are the L and G?

They're being excluded from their own thing

No. 818970

File: 1559857084383.jpg (633.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-223743_Ins…)

No. 818975

But when someone copies Phoebe’s bubble writing it’s oppression…

No. 818980

She's probably gained a significant amount of weight since she was proposed to if that's her engagement ring.

No. 818983

Didn't you hear, anon? Being gay or lesbian is problematic now, it's a fetish for genitalia which needs to be unlearned. LGBT is exclusively about trans issues now.

No. 818991

Being gay or lesbian is transphobic for some fucking reason. Better pander to the "enbys" and troons for selling points. That's why Pheebs claims to be a "they", its not fashionable or oppressed enough just to be straight.

No. 819012

feebs (and other fake "queers") are so weird. having a sexual development disorder (being intersex) has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality. also no gay flag, her homophobia is showing.

No. 819047


No gay flag but a fucking ASEXUAL flag im dying

No. 819069

>no lesbian flag
ok, it's a niche flag and there's been some debate around which one to use, thats understandable
>no gay flag
come on
>ace flag and intersex flag
>aromantic flag
fucking hell feebs

No. 819073

many intersex people have said they're uncomfortable with being automatically grouped in with the LGBT community and that if they were otherwise L G B or T they'd be included anyways

No. 819084

>>818908 saged for nitpicking, but her handwriting style is typically what we get taught at British schools when aged 7-10 i just noticed and its hilarious because this must be a style she has kept for at least ten years now while many people change writing style during comprehensive schools and college etc to a more adult and laid back
the way she joins her s and f/g/y etc so every letter is connected

but god she has to be my favourite cow right now

No. 819087

>>819073 I am certain these people cause MORE issues for the LGBT scene than the actual straights, fucking hell feebs

No. 819095

File: 1559871782693.jpeg (179.69 KB, 640x926, DF696355-284F-407C-ACF4-94057C…)

>>818917 nah, the shitty ring was always on the knuckle from day 1 aka when they got engaged (valentine’s day last year). sorry for the shite screencap but i can’t believe she made henry cancel the order for a ring he got her so she could pick one herself. what a cunt

henry pls love yourself and leave
saged for possible nitpick/old milk

No. 819173

It’s not even proper cursive, it looks so childish.

No. 819194

I can't believe she picked one herself and didn't at least get one that fits. What a moron.

No. 819196

Cursive isn't a thing in the UK

No. 819199

i listened to a podcast recently where the hosts did a course that i'm pretty sure was run by the same company phoebe got her certificate from.

They bought the course on groupon for $23. The naturopathy course they did and the vegan nutrition course feebs did are both advertised as taking 150 hours to complete but the podcasters did it in 8.5 hours (skimming but still passed with flying colours) and 25 hours (reading the information carefully, got a slightly higher grade). Thought that was pretty funny. Here's a link to the podcast in case anyone wants more details: http://ohnopodcast.com/investigations/2019/2/23/ross-and-carrie-become-naturopaths-centre-of-excellence-edition

No. 819223


can't even do a basic thing like measuring her own cards??

No. 819224

No. 819225


I think Phoebe's was done through the jobcentre because it counted as "seeking employment".

No. 819239

queer theory so radical it’s actively homophobic
10/10 feebs

No. 819246

File: 1559911506037.png (996.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190607-134358.png)

Am I just out of touch or is it quiet unusual to use a VPN on your phone?

No. 819247


Also the only kind of trans that matters is the kind that doesn't bother transitioning

No. 819250


Spends a huge chunk of her day on Insta but also blasts the site (on the site) every time they take down her posts or dare to make any changes or updates

Everything revolves around you girl

No. 819262


not even just that. she was in fucking france and got the ugliest ring possible

No. 819264


Ugly ring for an ugly gal

No. 819265

you must be a chav that went to a shit school lol

No. 819268

File: 1559917825492.png (2.57 MB, 1125x2436, 0124188D-7543-4B41-B7E2-2E4240…)

Being emotionally manipulative and threatening to off yourself with a butter knife in order to control and get attention from your actually challenged boyfriend and then sharing it with 10k+ people is truly so brave! Everything she’s ever done in her life has been attention seeking. Also, it’s one thing to talk about your mental health online and it’s another thing entirely to keep having mental breakdowns every other week. It’s not brave, it’s unstable and you need to get off social media and seek actual fucking help.

No. 819270

Was it legit a butter knife or is it just a thread joke?

No. 819272

Is her account still on private, when I search her name the only accounts showing up now are empty pheebs fan accounts

No. 819278

tinfoil: she uses a vpn to post on her thread here, since she was previously banned maybe?

No. 819310

You must be a spoilt rich kid who went to private school then by your reasoning.

No. 819315


Phoebe posts here and it is very obvious. She is correcting people and then saying something negative about herself.

No. 819318

She didn't say any details, just said that she ~ had dark thoughts and tried to commit only to be stopped by Henry ~ or smth like this.

No. 819332

Couldn’t have said it better, anon

Ironically tho she’s a fantastic resource for anyone studying NPD(Armchair)

No. 819334

Cursive most definitely is a thing in the UK, I'm 30s and learnt and my 6 year old has learnt it at school too.

No. 819342

File: 1559928776443.png (90.41 KB, 300x300, 42C989A0-A418-4D72-B139-11B164…)

Why so mean anons Feebs povvo school obvs couldn’t afford these bad boys

No. 819347

I'm a teacher, it definitely is you Wally

No. 819362

File: 1559932955436.png (34.93 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20190607-194036~2.p…)

Is she gone or is she blocking people. I've never even interacted with her?

No. 819363

anon, you have been blocked. my sincerest apologies!

No. 819364

File: 1559933355488.png (808.91 KB, 750x1334, FB182EEA-D411-48EA-9208-1C67BA…)

the feebz must really be dogging exotic cancers page lately! another look alike post lmao. “wonderful hairy blue pubes” wtf is wrong with her. blue pubes is art now guys! doesn’t even look like pubes either lmao it just looks like a lazily placed blur affect. We stan a qwerr jewess artist such as herself! If only her art reflected her age and not the work of a 7 year old with no hands

No. 819365


She must be looking through who views her stories and blocking people cos I have a normal account and no interactions with her or anything 'political'

Wonder how many she's been blocking?

No. 819370

I think what anon means is we don't "learn cursive" or even call it "cursive" in the uk because to us it's just joined up writing, or handwriting, and you learn it as part of learning to write.
In America they specifically call it cursive and its seen as something you are (or aren't) specifically taught separately from originally learning to write.
Only Americans talk about how they can't "read cursive".

No. 819380

Maybe it's like fat girls getting dresses that don't fit because they can't admit to being as big as they are?

No. 819395


Okay, we get it. You guys can write in cursive. Very special.
But phoebe can’t.

No. 819397

File: 1559939860389.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1209.PNG)

kek so oppressed

No. 819399

Sorry youre uneducated

No. 819404

File: 1559940763774.png (687.75 KB, 781x506, 2019-06-07 21_52_33-Art celebr…)

No. 819409


What kind of person would gift their dad this shit? It's barely readable and just so ugly

No. 819421

It looks like she's wearing underwear, so… why the pubes? Or did she just fuck up drawing the fupa?
I genuinely hope she gives one of these monstrosities to her dad. Then again, he feeds her, so maybe she's willing to make the effort to roll down to Clinton's for a card that doesn't look like shit.

No. 819429

Those designs are horrendous! I get the appeal of cards with swear words or making fun of the person etc but those cards she's made have no humour whatsoever. Men are trash? Thanks for not being a dickhead? Toxic masculinity? It's just gross. Father's Day is about the dad, Phoebe. Not the weird SJW child (and its agenda) he will be sad to have produced.

No. 819430

Bit worrying a teacher uses this site to mock people. Wonder if your place of work would be interested in seeing this? I mean, IPs are very easy to trace…(scary whiteknight!)

No. 819433

lol fuck off cunt

No. 819435

bit worrying no one would say this unless they were phoebe.

No. 819437

I can’t imagine the type of person who would actually get this for their dad. I’d be offended.

No. 819440

File: 1559948712381.jpg (45.41 KB, 549x539, 1.JPG)

Poundland had some for Mothers Day that were really shitty humour, but better than hers. I haven't seen any for dads but she could get one of them and a Twin Peaks for him for £2.

No. 819444

It's basically Coursera, but you pay for it.

No. 819445

File: 1559949338106.jpg (724.18 KB, 2048x2048, 12A9437C-75D8-45C4-973C-D50565…)

a little less milky but @defectivefemale is pretty funny and on brand minus the art.

No. 819447

Panic attacks = mental disability. Okay.

No. 819448

fat, disabled, "nonbinary" vegan NEET who leeches off of her actually trans partner? sounds about right.

No. 819452

File: 1559951497280.png (8.15 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1213.PNG)

No. 819453

But at least this is kind of cheeky. Pheeb’s is just insulting.

No. 819458

Takeaway and a bottle of wine that will surely make her ass start bleeding again. Her friends would love to deal with that

No. 819459

Also, maybe if you werent such an insufferable fuck you could make friends near you, or even going out to exercise would put you around other people. Maybe get another gym membership and find other lonely fatties?

No. 819460

that's so wrong though… i thought when i was taking over the role of emotional regulator for my partner I was doing the right thing, but that's also fucking around with their boundaries. They're allowed to feel, but they're also responsible for working through their emotions. Even when you've got a mental issue people design therapy around the diagnosis for a reason. You can't expect people to do emotional labor every time you are upset and can't calm yourself down. What if there was nobody around and no way to contact anybody? Would you just let yourself crumble? Damn.

I don't think people understand how emotions take their toll on other people. I'm saying that from experience, you gotta own your own shit, and people can love you a whole lot more. This is so brutal to me I blog posted so sage

No. 819469


She doesn't have a sense of humour though. She really doesn't.

No. 819476

File: 1559956669903.jpeg (917.07 KB, 3465x3240, D6F86143-4613-40AC-93DD-8E76F8…)

Working from home is the least of her problems when it comes to making friends. She doesn’t have friends because she’s such a ranging cunt, she’d never be able to make friends outside her safe space circle jerk of Instagram. Normal people would be repulsed by her. Imagine having to walk on eggshells 24/7 in order to not upset this overgrown obese toddler? If you ever did say anything “problematic”, she’d put you on blast on Instagram. You’ll never have normal friends unless you stop being such a twat, Phoebe. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.
> pic not related

No. 819485

This is total bullshit. There's a reason why people who take on the role of carer for a partner or family member with a degenerative illness are susceptible to developing mental illness themselves and are often relieved when the family member finally dies. Being on-call as a caretaker is hard enough when the patient has a serious illness; imagine doing it for somebody who is completely capable of being independent but chooses not to because they're a munchie and/or it's easier to be coddled.
It'd be a wonder if she could even keep friends in her eggshell-walking subculture given how angry and aggressive she is. Though based upon how much she hates other women she might feel comfortable with a friend who is more somehow repulsive than her because she won't feel threatened.

No. 819488

Even more so considering it looks like someone hand-drew it themselves and not professional at all, so I'd think it had been made up by the sender.

No. 819489

Look at all those goddamn bottles!

No. 819490

File: 1559960259513.gif (1.94 MB, 540x380, giphy-2.gif)

Ew god no this revolting photo again please anon no it's repulsive. Look at the bits of food on her tongue, look at the unappetising fluorescent pizza, look at her awful expression. I'm going to go and take a bath in boiling water, spoiler this shit.

No. 819510

File: 1559968209163.jpeg (98.73 KB, 640x1138, 4EC0B7CE-CF57-4487-A612-6561C6…)

gonna sage in case this is pointless/nitpicky but her ears aren’t pierced? there are pics of her wearing earrings, the gross pizza selfies a few comments up for example. she’s either a stupid liar or wears clip ons

No. 819530


She's stated before that her holes closed and wears clip ons

No. 819532

Also, really looking forward to feebs tracing my IP and reporting me to my place of work.

They'd all mock her too.

No. 819533

File: 1559980400853.jpg (526.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190608-084248_Ins…)

No. 819535

File: 1559980458340.jpg (361.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190608-084455_Ins…)

But you're not gay!

No. 819541

Not on benefits vos they've been cut probably

No. 819543

Was anyone else blocked by her lately after simply watching a couple of her stories?

Takes less than a minute to start a new account Pheobe, or it's all on here anyway

No. 819548

Or just use storiesig.com
You don't even need to have an ig account.
Blocking people is really useless. We're always going to see, unless she goes offline. Which is impossible, because she needs validation for her online persona.

No. 819553

A yes fat white women… the most oppressed minority in the world. /s

No. 819564


Yeah she's wasting her time by blocking, I just wonder what her thought process is tho, view my stories and I'll block you? Bizarre

No. 819572


Why is she even vegan? She claims to love animals but yet abuses Polly. I know she isn't doing it for the health benefits. She still eats so much processed junk in a large quantity.

No. 819608

I honestly wonder if she even is vegan. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she got deliveries of non-vegan food whilst Henry is at work. I know that fat vegans exist but I don't understand how she's so huge.

No. 819611

Sometimes I wonder if the whole thing is a gimmick. Like she's not vegan, she doesn't really see herself as trans, she doesn't believe the shit she spouts about the police… it's all an image to make money on her shitty products. She wouldn't sell them without being ONE OF US ONE OF US. It wouldn't be too difficult to play the sjw role for a bit of cash. I mean, she's certainly happy to play the disabled role in an attempt to get disability benefits.

Sadly, probably not, but it's fun to imagine.

No. 819620

I honestly think she’s just blocking thin white women. I was following her for months but I changed my profile pic to one of myself and she blocked me the next day kek(no1curr)

No. 819626

Because she doesn't exercise and eats a lot. We've seen her serving sizes countless times. She's taking in too many calories and not exercising to burn any to begin with. She doesn't even walk to get a daily minimum.

No. 819644


She blocked me a few days ago so I've just been watching her stories on my friends phone. Ah it sure is nice to have actual friends, unlike Pheebs lol

No. 819686

thin white lesbians presumably. blocked me too.

No. 819695


She's blocked me and I have no idea why. I've actually messaged her nice, normal things in response to her stories so I guess she's either blocking thinner folk (not me) or better artists (potentially me). Or just women (definitely me).

No. 819724

Cause being vegan is trendy like every other snowflake-y thing she claims to be

No. 819749

can we all stop bragging about being blocked now

No. 819766

It's not bragging, she's on a blocking spree so naturally it's being discussed

No. 819789

I'm still in with obvious disposable account.
Maybe she's really just blocking other women.

No. 819791

File: 1560030060896.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3200.PNG)


> please buy directly from LGBTQIAP+ people instead of big brands!

> posts this shit

I mean sure it's going to LGBT+ charities but it's still a big brand. Hypocrite Phoebe as usual.

No. 819796


With the exception of wearing rainbows at a pride parade, the full on rainbow print clothes are a bit much.. I mean two lesbian women got their faces battered this week on a bus.

I would check to see if Pheebes commented on that happening but as a thin white lesbian… I was part of her recent purge

No. 819798

as if, they were two attractive thin (probably cis) women.
our old misogynist feebs would never empathize

No. 819801

File: 1560031840401.jpg (328.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190608-224543_Ins…)

No. 819802

File: 1560032021114.jpg (535.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190608-231239_Ins…)

No. 819805

please, this bitch is so empty headed if she really thinks there's isn't way more insult towards women in shape/thin or average. Body positivity isn't even about fatties, but they gotta hijack everything to feel good about their blobbiness.

No. 819809


Ah yes, the real issue when it comes to two women being beaten in the face.. is the poor people that have to see pics of it, they're the REAL victims here

No. 819810

what the hell is even going on. she's more upset about trigger warnings than the two actual women involved in the beatings?? fuck off

No. 819811

She cares WAY more about confused and overly sensitive 20 year olds who wear rainbow-print everything but sit at home all day than anyone who is actually living a gay or lesbian lifestyle in real life

No. 819820

She doesn't give a fuck because she fucks a guy.

No. 819877

File: 1560044573060.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, 05631EA3-E7C8-410D-BC72-BE37CA…)

She’s really the least self/-aware person on planet earth

No. 819901

She's actively disgusted by vaginas, it's obvious she's never fucked anything but guys.

No. 819980

But how can she be marginalised if she's just a normal middle class white girl?

Obviously she's a non-white Jewish, trans, non-binary, queer, disabled otherkin

No. 819983

I'd love to see what this girls life will be like at 30 (assuming she doesn't die of an obesity related issue by then

Henry won't be in the picture

No. 820006

For someone who couldn't afford it, she sure bought that entire outfit fast

No. 820011

File: 1560085519811.jpg (139.6 KB, 750x1334, 61131473_138278403936228_37674…)

Not sure how this is black face.

No. 820014

No. 820016

Oddly the post is also from July 2018 so Feebs is on a bit of an outrage delay with this one.

No. 820020

I see she is white but I. This post is about being tan, I really wouldn't call it black face, it's not like she is painting herself black. And like Anon said this post is old, Pheebs is going on a delayed rampage.

No. 820029


Did she buy it? I mean this post was her basically hinting that people should buy it for her..

The tan complaint is weird, I mean overdoing the fake tan has been quite a thing for years, who gives a fuck. You could argue that she hates her white self.. but it's really not that deep

No. 820030

She was def going through a 'black girl' phase there with her fake natural hair and new york captions. It's just so long ago, maybe get more bothered by the way this girl spruiks shonky ripoff 'trader' accounts.

No. 820036


I'm not sure but she did show another basket full of clothes presumably that she was buying (not the rainbow ones)

No. 820037


This woman wants to be a walking ass and tits with lip injections and a tan.. she might need counselling to learn to like herself, but nah Pheebs will just accuse her of something horrible. Pheebs loves women! lol

No. 820040

'blackface' lady gave birth this week and posted the first pic of her newborn yesterday so uh.. nice timing to dig up this one year old pic Pheobe ?

No. 820046

I assume she did. She posted about her new clothes, which are the rainbow ones and the recycled ones too.

No. 820053


Actually can't tell if the baby is hers (she doesn't appear pregnant in any pics) but she hasn't been anywhere near as tan in the last year and her latest pic is of a baby, why scroll that far back to trash a woman?

No. 820056


Guys give all your money to these charities!!

-treats herself and calls it self care, repeat every couple of days

No. 820072

File: 1560096740603.png (4.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3201.PNG)

Contradiction time!

No. 820073

File: 1560096770193.png (3.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3202.PNG)

last post "i got a new device"

this post "i do it all by hand"

No. 820074

File: 1560096837492.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3203.PNG)

> it should be illegal to work on a Sunday

She's SELF EMPLOYED running a hobby shop on Etsy. She can work whenever she wants, she's choosing to work today.

oh and we're back to the horrific closeups

No. 820082

So if there is a medical emergency, people should just wait until Monday since all the workers are off?

The problem is with the whole "blackfishing" thing, which its basically on the same wave as "transracial": shit which we give plenty of shit to Phoebe for. Claiming/Morphing into a race that isn't yours is generally not a good idea, and really insensitive to the members of said race (like Phoebe being jew for oppression points.) Many of these girls Morphed into black girls to get brand deals since it's "trendy" to be black now…
I don't think this is an example of her hating women so much as her being the least self-aware person on earth.

No. 820086


Would've thought she cared more about Saturday, being jewish and all…

No. 820089

To be fair, the girl in the pic also made herself an afro (her natural hair seems to be straight/wavy), lip injections + the tanning. I honestly see how it is blackface. But yeah Pheebs banking on it a year later is just virtue signaling.

Her "work" is just Baby's First Arts & Crafts…

No. 820093

Bc people aren’t allowed to grow and change as human beings, obvs

No. 820114

She's buying another machine because she can't be arsed to watch a couple of YouTube videos and figure out how to use her current one? Jesus Christ. Are we about to have another cow with a laser cutter?

No. 820137


Does she really not see that she's a big kid playing with crafts and buying herself crafting toys because she literally does nothing else with her life. Has to eat into her profit when she keeps buying machines and oh also online shops while she's home all day too.. D'oh!

No. 820140

I'd love to know what percentage of bills and rent she claims to pay for because there is no way with her personal spending that she is actually contributing anything like 50/50 to living costs

No. 820350

here's my guess: henry pays for all bills, petrol for the cars, the garages (or wherever they store the cars) & most, if not all, of the rent & food. while feebs uses her allowance her parents give her to buy rainbow shit so she can pretend she's lgbt and pointless trinkets and earrings and maybe a few "snacks" (or massive burgers) for herself. and if henry ever questions this arrangement, she hits him with the "why don't i deserve to have nice things just because i'm poor!!!"

No. 820407


Yeah I'm guessing she only buys fun things with her money and then henry pays the rent on a flat that he just about sleeps in and pays for electricity and other bills that are 90 percent run up by Feeb

No. 820491

File: 1560190077297.jpg (556.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190610-185909_Ins…)

No. 820492

File: 1560190105987.jpg (463.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190610-185944_Ins…)

No. 820493

File: 1560190133963.jpg (524.31 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20190610-190040_Ins…)

No. 820494

File: 1560190188118.jpg (862.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190610-190206_Ins…)

No. 820496

File: 1560190622526.jpg (711.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190610-191525_Ins…)

When does she ever clean??!

No. 820497


Narc-ish people only ever admit to wrongdoing when it's in the past tense and even then they play it down and immediately point the finger at something YOU are doing that's bad.. she's too predictable

No. 820502


Fairly sure she's using an American Crafts alphabet punchboard. So all she has to do is turn the letters.

No. 820503


I see feebs is still blocking people, but of course she screenshots comments first and shares so that her followers can pat her on the back

I'm not familiar with Ashlyn but every sentence out of her is 'people should do this' 'you should always be like this' and people are lapping it up and asking her for advice like she's the boss lol. These people are nothing but thinly veiled egos underneath that social justice act

No. 820513


Ashlyn would be a great cow, doesn't work, lives off her shop and patreon, demands people pay her for educating them, starts mobs.
She's awful.

No. 820517

I love how she's only posting this to direct at anyone (read: people here) who doubt her disability. Can't wait til she has the actual appointment and Physio takes one look and says it's cos of her weight so we get a lot of milk.

No. 820523


Noticed she has her twitter locked down. How old is she? Looks a bit young to be so confident barking orders at people. She obvs see's herself as a bit of a Guru to these people

No. 820524

File: 1560193042316.png (1.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1271.PNG)

pretending like she spends more than 3-4 hours a day "working" (and even that is incredibly generous) also sure her money goes straight back to her purchases and none to the household.

No. 820527

File: 1560193177270.png (6.3 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1273.PNG)

what hard work and selflessness, pheebs

No. 820529


Also complaining about a two month wait for free treatment, not actually bad compared to alot of NHS lists!

First example that comes to mind is trans people waiting over two years to be seen while they struggle with dysphoria..

Can't wait til she's told to lose weight, again, by another 'ignorant' Doc lol

No. 820532


You overshare everyday Pheobe, You're desperate to have people notice you and care about every tiny problem in your life and one day you'll realise that's not at all normal

No. 820567

Can you imagine how much more weight she will gain in 2 months time as well. I hope the doctor just tells her she's obese and she won't get free treatment until she loses weight.

No. 820572


I'm surprised Insta hasn't kicked her off yet. She's had a few posts and stories reported and removed. She whinges about Insta every time they remove her content. She screenshots and publicly shames anyone that she disagrees with in private messages and now she's blocking a huge number of accounts (some she has fought with and many others randomly just for watching her stories

Strange that those things don't raise flags for Instagram

No. 820594

File: 1560199348346.jpg (128.78 KB, 794x794, badge.jpg)

it is probably good that shes a non dysphoric queen who doesnt wanna change her body at all, some trans wait 4 years imagine being below her on a waiting list
though ngl I would kill to see her be humiliated at a gender clinic
>>820567 but anon then no one can criticise her, it's just medical fatphobia preventing her care! I'm surprised she hasnt already brought up how she fears weight discrimination
hoping she goes in this badge or another like it

No. 820614

"The NHS needs more fecking funding!"
Get a real job and pay taxes then, Phoebe. Fanx!

No. 820693

File: 1560217167649.gif (3.2 MB, 480x192, giphy.gif)

Can you imagine how much longer the wait list is for people trying to recover from traumatic injuries and the like in favour of humouring the delusions of the fats

No. 820696

>>818811 using a lot of shampoo isnt really good for curly hair so shes right about that. Though she looks like shit anyways.

No. 820714

Fucking thank you. Obesity and alcohol related things are some of the biggest strains on the NHS, both are fucking self inflicted, and this retard is another fat burden on the system. She doesn’t need this treatment yet she’s stealing someone’s spot because she can’t just stop shoveling food down her gullet. I wish the NHS would refuse to treat people who don’t even try to help themselves and drink/eat themselves into snatching a bed. Phoebe is a greedy, selfish cunt.

No. 820731

Hard agree. There's so much wrong with what she is doing I don't know where to begin. If people don't start taking responsibility for their own health the NHS isn't going to be around for much longer because it will become unsustainable.

No. 820736

File: 1560232465881.jpg (697.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190611-064932_Ins…)

No. 820737

File: 1560232486340.jpg (578.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190610-195028_Ins…)

No. 820739

Is the third one her? Sittin’ pretty (ugly), uncaring in a fake wheelchair?

No. 820771

but feebs one of those teenagers could have been disabled! disabilities aren't always visible!

No. 820772

but feebs one of those teenagers could have been disabled! disabilities aren't always visible!

No. 820774

An injustice occurred today I SHALL TAKE TO THE INTERNETS TO FIGHT IT

Feebs what will you bitch about tomorrow

No. 820781


Cool story Pheebs, but you aint disabled either

Also she's always talking about people 'getting in the way' when she's shopping in her chair, reality check: you're in a public space and part of that is mutually getting out of peoples way. Do you want to treated like a delicate baby when you're in the chair? cos most wheelchair users don't want over the top gestures of making room for them

No. 820782

She had stories up a couple months back about wanting to ram into people with her chair.

Henry would be better leaving the big baby at home.

No. 820783

Doesn't she like go round the shops on Sundays tho cos that's the only time Henry's free to drive her around? So she can't work on Sundays and it should be iLLegAl oMG, but who cares about shop assistants.

>got a new device
lol so impoverished. How she can claim to be such a poorfag but buy redundant arts and crafts shit (these are luxuries, feebles) and claim that £1 a piece burgers are "accessible" is just so stupid lol.

No. 820787

Probably muttered something along the lines of fat isnt a disability. At least that would be my thoughts.

No. 820795

File: 1560258832662.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, C78BE5F7-5517-48FB-B11F-2765AA…)

Who the hell would buy these?

No. 820798


Makes such a massive difference in the world when you wear your social/political opinions with a badge… also wearing rainbow print automatically qualifies you as queer! Yay! It's all about fashion and buying things.. wait til Pheobe hears about minimalism and saving the world by buying less crap..

No. 820799

File: 1560260439745.png (51.58 KB, 960x640, 6.3206_PHE_TH_Health_Matters_O…)


They proposed delaying non-essential surgeries for people so they could lose weight or stop smoking in the interim for like a day before whingeing fatties screeched about discrimination.

I wish I could say that I could see the NHS lasting for longer, but I genuinely don't know how we get out of this health crisis. It doesn't make sense to say other people's health isn't our business when we're all paying for and using the same system. Phoebe doesn't understand this viewpoint though, she's a tax avoider.

No. 820800

How did she even get a disability badge? It takes ages to get approved for one, and she doesn't appear to have any diagnoses which would warrant one. Did she just print one off lol because asking for a diagnosis is discrimination or whatever?

No. 820801

Idk whether it's just the angle of the photo, but the fact there's white space at the top of the badges, but then the text curls over the bottom end the badges is really annoying. I know this is a nitpick, but if you're making products to sell, they should at least look nice.

Also further proof that she only panders to American SJW topics. Abortion is legal in England. And I doubt she actually cares enough about Northern Ireland for these badges to be about them.

No. 820809

Maybe it's just me and my delicate sensibilities but I'm always genuinely shocked and horrified when I see people say things like this and I don't even really count as pro-life. Imagine having this badge on and bringing up a topic as delicate as abortion with everyone you meet, calling people on the other side 'anti-choice' and insisting they're arguing with ill intent rather than out of a genuine wish not to allow children to be harmed. She surely doesn't think these badges are going to sway anyone to her side (which is really the most important thing in something as precarious as abortion rights). So is it just to be edgy? But then again I guess in the circles Phoebe moves in, the way to assert your righteousness is to c a n c e l and bully people into silence rather than actually change their mind.

Also, what's with all the 'fucking'? I mean I get it's for emphasis but it doesn't make you sound any cleverer or your opinion more valid. The opposite in fact.

Lmao I wouldn't be surprised if Phoebe doesn't know Northern Ireland is part of the UK. In fairness to her, abortion was in the news a few days ago when Jeremy Hunt, a candidate for the leadership of the currently in power Conservative party, said that he personally wanted the limit on abortions reduced to 12 weeks and thought of later term abortions as morally wrong but insisted he wouldn't make any attempt to change the law when he was Prime Minister. Predictably, a bunch of tory-hating sjws and headline writers completely misrepresented the comments.

No. 820819

lol i agree. i think she’s going for the “shit on purpose art but still nice to look at” aesthetic. except her stuff is just straight up hideous. she’s too lazy to figure out how to make words fit - why are the words always straight across the canvas on her badges and stickers. the text style reminds me of microsoft word art. why not try different styles and colours? she could try and curve words along the shape of the badge, rather than having mismatched text sizes with a lot of blank canvas to spare. omg feebs, if you take my advice, i demand payment for my emotional labour, you capitalist scum

No. 820820


Even as someone living in southern Ireland and with the referendum on abortion only happening last year: these badges are retarded! It's one big cry for attention

No. 820821

I'd like to see the difference between who is buying "pro choice" and "pro fucking choice" I'd bet there's some milk in the latter

No. 820824

i was thinking the same thing but it would make more sense she doesn't even have one and that's why they never park the handicap spot.
also amerifag here but is it really that common in UK for nondisabled to park in those spots? i rarely ever see it happen in the states

No. 820829

I was wondering the same thing. I've never seen anyone without a badge park in the disabled spots. You get fined pretty badly for it so it's not worth it at all. Phoebe seems to see it happen a lot for someone who doesn't go out that much.

No. 820842

You tend to see it more in supermarket car parks where you can get away with ut more as theres no wardens about.
Some doctors will sign of on them pretty easily. My partners dad had a heart attack fucking years ago abd as far as we are aware no real lasting disability, hell he works on his feet all day. But yes his mum managed to wangle one because shes a good liar

No. 820852

File: 1560271937440.png (102.32 KB, 624x614, Screenshot 2019-06-11 at 17.52…)


The then Chancellor of the Exchequer did it once kek.

I guess if she has a GP who doesn't really care about these things. When my grandfather needed one the delay wasn't actually from the doctor, it was from the council and the process of issuing the badge and painting the disabled parking space onto the gravel. It took months.

No. 820871

File: 1560276359033.jpg (Spoiler Image, 394.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190611-190031_Ins…)

No. 820877


By this logic, people who wear xs or xxs sizes and are generally underweight are a minority! There are more underweight people than obese and morbidly obese people. Feebles, You're opressing a minority when you spout skinny people hate. SHAAAAME.

No. 820879

so is she just drawing blue people now because she got called out for drawing black people

No. 820889

She blocked me after I followed Henry on insta(read the rules)

No. 820896

I am non binary trans uwu
pick one

No. 820922

It'll be from when she got PIP.

No. 820997

compare the two, what's the bet she's tracing

No. 821025

So when her blue badge expires she won't be able to get a new one? Nice.

No. 821138

File: 1560319272573.jpg (808.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190612-070009_Ins…)

No. 821139

File: 1560319305524.jpg (690.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190612-070041_Ins…)

No. 821147

great she’s managed to do a basic task of making a to do list . no one has ever heard of this before

No. 821155

ah yes. a cis woman dating a cis man. how very not straight of feebs

No. 821195

i've never heard anyone that isn't a straight person pretending to be lgbt referring to themselves as "not straight". we just call ourselves gay or bi.

No. 821203

File: 1560337884004.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3206.PNG)

Feebz put this in her story yet she's the one who talks about how many vegetables she eats like she's trying to justify being a hamplanet.

No. 821214

If you saw her pussy you'd remember how straight you are

No. 821234


Dunno why she's even pretending to be attracted to fat women when we all know fit black men are her fetish..

No. 821328

God I would be mortified if my boyfriend posted some guy he deemed “hot” and paraded them on the internet. I feel bad for her boyfriend

No. 821364

File: 1560370784046.png (96.59 KB, 951x540, IMG_1312.PNG)

I was wondering why she wasn't posting today, apparently she's currently offline but probably still lurking here. hey pheebs!

No. 821365

>Using my saggy tits as a warmer when my hands are cold.

She's the same species as Leonardo Da Vinci.

No. 821392

the hammer and sickle i have to laugh

No. 821407


Pheobes is…offline?? That's a first! Ha

No. 821414

You just know she has never read anything on the subject of socialism whatsoever, just parrots whatever she sees on instagram stories and shit.

No. 821584

She's online so much she actually has to write "currently offline" wow

No. 821619


Yep tells people to 'educate themselves' but she looks down on people with medical degrees

She learns from the school of instagram cos it's heavy on pics and low on text… like a baby book

No. 821670

File: 1560434837106.jpg (465.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190613-150642_Ins…)

It's so bad. Someone paid for that

No. 821677

It's wikihow tier art kek

No. 821680

This looks traced.

No. 821693

Who the fuck names their hamster 'ghandi'

No. 821695

that is a turd with a face, not a hamster

kek it didn't even register the first time holy shit

No. 821709


A turd with a nose, she couldn't even take a few more mins to make it look furry

No. 821764

File: 1560451229597.png (2.26 MB, 828x1792, 80B07AD1-C360-49CD-811C-BDF6EB…)

can someone explain to me how taking a gay friend out to coffee is being an ally. i would feel patronised as fuck if one of my straight friends did that to me

No. 821765

File: 1560451284352.png (754.72 KB, 828x1792, 784DB892-BD40-4288-8F45-117F00…)

this is what people with too much time on their hands care about

No. 821777


Most of these are just giving money. Plenty of gay/trans people have successful jobs and don't need charity. Donate.. support (with money) buy from them .. gimme money guys lol

No. 821780


YourFatFriend deserves her own thread almost, I've seen her stuff pop up everywhere for years now. You'd swear it's satire and she's on every social media site spurting this shite all day

No. 821781

>don't make it a big deal

…even though you're only taking your gay friend out as part of a monthly challenge.

No. 821784


Yeah this is a patronising level of 'support'

Friends just go for coffee anyway. Also does the straightie need to pay cos you know.. privilege ?

No. 821788

We all know gay people only earn 30 pence for every pound that a straight person would make, lol

No. 821791

I'd be pissed off if I found out someone asked me for coffee because I was their "gay friend". How about treating all your friends equally regardless of sex/gender/race/sexuality? Are you meant to sit there talking about gay issues and not, y'know, just have normal conversation because this person just wants to be an ordinary person and not marked out by their race/sexuality etc.?

Yes. That pink pound really slumped in the recession.

No. 821809

I think it's cute, but I definitely wouldn't pay for that

No. 821819

I didn't think this was that bad until I opened the thumbnail and saw the ears.

No. 821822

>>821765 didn’t she say shit like “small dicks are so gross lmao” when she was a nazi youth wannabe on twitter? i can’t keep up with her hypocrisy

No. 821830

Her work (that isn't pencil crayon colouring-in) always looks like clip art.

It's like bad anatomy instagram fail

No. 821843

File: 1560461210405.jpg (266.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190613-222535_Ins…)

I hate shit like this. Literally achieves nothing

No. 821844

File: 1560461249539.jpg (356.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190613-222526_Ins…)

Her family support her and give her money

No. 821877

Maybe this is her towards her mother for calling her bs? Did we ever find out where those posts from her mom came from?

No. 821912

all of her art is traced, it's super obvious

No. 821931

Why are they saying to take your gay friend to the doctor's?

No. 821939

it's probably based on the idea that LGBT people can face discrimination from doctors, have their health not taken seriously or might be likely to have anxiety/depression and the like, but it reads as some weird saviour shit to me. As if LGBT people are all mentally ill, vulnerable, poor and desperate for an ~ally~ to save them from the evil bigots.

No. 821941

… Joking about someone's penis size is a lot more than body shaming. It's a straight up insult meant to belittle and humiliate someone. Do we need these idiots posting a label on it? Next they'll say calling someone an "ugly, black bitch" is body shaming. Well NO SHIT. Any chance to use the term body shaming.

No. 821944

The turn of phrase is a bit unfortunate given how much stereotyping gay men still get about their health, e.g. all gay men have aids, etc

No. 821984


Phoebe now identifies as the Sudan Revolution. Fucking kek.

No. 821987


This pisses me off, real friends do this shit for each other already (ironically my trans friend took ME to the doctor when I was too anxious to go alone). It's basically encouraging tokenism and ally cookies which is what Phoebe sperges against most of the time. I guess she saw the "pay queer artists" message and the dollar signs flashed in her eyes.

No. 822039

File: 1560483177271.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 750x1334, 42BB1728-BBE9-48D3-8D9D-4D4F1F…)

She literally tweeted this lmao

No. 822069

She lurks so much she has one of the custom themes selected

No. 822076


I think this is a screenshot the anon posted, not Phoebe. The part she posted was the "small dicks are so gross" tweet, it's the anon whose theme you're seeing.

No. 822120


She's under the impression that LGBT people are all poor struggling artists with few friendships and a reliance on constant hand outs.. (she's projecting there?

Reality is gay people work normal jobs and often have more disposable income and better social lives than straight people because unplanned pregnancies don't get in the way

No. 822121


How can she tweet this when the image of her is basically everything the average guy finds gross in a woman, fat rolls and lopsided tits, no figure or shape that can be made out…

She's so defensive that she's literally insulting men before they can insult her

No. 822200

It's like they've never heard of double income no kids and the pink dollar. Then again, the post looks like it's aimed at the T more than the LGB so that could explain things.

No. 822254

A few weeks ago she was talking about planning their wedding and how it'll only cost them a few hundred pounds. Does anyone know how that's going? I was part of her big blocking spree so

I'm really wondering whether henrys family will finally intervene and talk some sense into him if a date is approaching

No. 822344

>invite your gay friend for coffee
I'm loosing it.

This is it. I'll give an ally badge to those who take me out for coffee every month from now on.

No. 822498

File: 1560578869932.jpg (419.45 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20190615-070752_Ins…)

No. 822499

File: 1560578900690.jpg (490.34 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20190615-070809_Ins…)

No. 822501

Her rainbow picture is so so bad. Why did she draw three separate ones?

No. 822504

File: 1560579239691.jpg (364.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-071240_Ins…)


No. 822510

Gay people! Buy from me, your straight friend!
i.e. smaller-scale rainbow capitalism

No. 822516

Ok, i try to keep up, but what the fuck is QIAP+?? Why are there so many extra letters now?

No. 822525

it's "queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual" and i hate that i know that
also her designs are bad in general but i think this is one of the worst. makes me think of that "graphic design is my passion" meme

No. 822544


I can see a future where people like Pheebs protest to drop the LGB out of lgbtqiap

No. 822553

File: 1560594586530.jpg (927.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-071200_Ins…)

No. 822554

File: 1560594626280.jpg (579.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-071209_Ins…)

It's feebz in the future

No. 822556

File: 1560594666109.jpg (679.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-071258_Ins…)

Coming after women again

No. 822557

File: 1560594766919.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-113216.png)

She's hit size 28. A year ago she was a 22.

No. 822573


The one that says 'no pride in police' I can't even make out the meaning of it, the sentence makes no sense


Again Pheebs making a total strangers pic all about her somehow lol. Her brain interprets everything as personal to her, it's incredible how often she has to centre herself in the middle of all these non-arguments and target innocent people with her daily screenshot stories. Hmm attacking a non-binary model isn't very supportive now is it ??

No. 822574


She's about a week late to this attack session. Some fatty had a fifty comment long rant and argued back and forth with others about how this pic will lead fat people to commit suicide or to be murdered by societal fatphobia that oppresses fatties to death. Well worth reading for the lolz

No. 822580

File: 1560601363957.png (919.8 KB, 750x1334, B012E84E-49DF-42B9-8A61-A1A4EB…)

Why does she insist on eating the equivalent of 80 then?

No. 822583


That dietitian has a post on binge eating disorder too, secretly eating large amounts of food when you're alone. Like when Pheobe is alone nearly every hour of the day

No. 822589

Yeah for sure she has disordered eating. It's not normal to gain as much weight as Pheebs has unless you have a thyroid disease but even then you're not exactly healthy.
I can't even conceptualize what a 22 or 28 looks like lol. My guess is that's about a 50 lbs average gain a year? My God she is so fat and disgusting. She's not gonna live for much longer if she's gaining weight and being nutritionally deficit from her carb/plant based diet. Can't burden the NHS if you're dead.

No. 822590

Phoebe probably thinks this means you are supposed to eat 8 slices of bread a day or you're literally starving kek. You're supposed to get your carbs from sources like vegetables, they're demonised because the modern diet includes excessive amounts of simple refined carbohydrates, not because they're inherently bad for you.

No. 822592

Barely fitting into uk size 28 clothing at the age of 21 is totally healthy.. That is (quite literally) the hill she is going to die on

No. 822596


If anyone here has seen the mother in 'What's eating gilbert grape' that's what I imagine Feebs future to look like

No. 822601

Agreed, she's unapologetic to the point of excitement about being burdensome to others and if she ever has a child they'll be manipulated into the child carer role. Henry's the type to just put up with her bad behaviour (not in this case really his fault, he's a vulnerable adult).

No. 822603


she's not mentioned the wedding recently

No. 822605


NO RAINBOW CAPITALISM says Phoebe, recently seen lusting after a rainbow set of clothes from a mainstream clothing website.

No. 822621

She has every flag up there but the lesbian flag, lol.

No. 822622

"No pride in police" is a protest chant, not something Pheebs made up. Just google it.

No. 822625

she does have the lesbian flag but, it's the uwu new one bc people decided the old one somehow excluded butches (?) and was made by a ookie spookie terf.

No. 822629


I didn't say she did? I've been to enough prides to hear these things, The sentence just bugs me as it makes no sense

'No pride in police violence' is the other version I've heard and at least that makes sense as a sentence

No. 822645


I'm not pro-terf or anything but how aggressive do you need to be to buy a 'Terfs can eat shit' badge for a pride event

Also Pheebs was telling people to go eat shit a few weeks ago on Insta and had a bunch of stories removed for it, lol Such progress, much growth

No. 822648

tbf all the woke retards have been ignoring the og lesbian flag for being ~transmisogynist~, it's not Phoebe-exclusive idiocy

No. 822656


Looking at all her badges laid out like that is enough to put anyone off flags altogether. It actually looks more dividing than anything to break it down to so many little sub-categories. Then having to add vegan and disabled too, what does that have to do with anything?

No. 822675

Do people walk into the clinic like HI IM GEI SMOL BEAN or something?? I have never had a health care professional ask me whether I eat pussy in order to treat mental/physical health problems.
Unless you’re a tranny, there’s no reason a gay person is somehow more uwu anxious than anyone else about going to the fucking doctor. Munchies, fatties and anachans get discriminated by doctors, not gays.

No. 822679


I knew someone who complained she was asked what her sexuality was at 3 different mental health appts, turns out they were monitoring to see if her answer changed. She went from gay to straight to 'queer'. They called it 'identity disturbance' and told her it's part of borderline personality. Makes me wonder if alot of these enby queers are similar

No. 822703

Why does the rainbow flag have black and brown?

No. 822706


Apparently it's race related, as in being inclusive of all colours

I'm assuming those badges have shite like demi-sexual in there somewhere

No. 822710

No way she’s borderline. All the hallmarks of NPD with histrionic traits .(armchair)

No. 822711

Oh so some bullshit then, got it.

Why can't people stop rewriting history. The gay and lesbian flags don't need messing with.

No. 822713

People can get treated differently if their GP knows they're gay, what. The AIDS stereotype is still alive and well. The whole thing is dumb but this is a stupid hill to die on. Especially as America is working to make it easier for doctors to just deny lgbt people care to begin with if they're homophobic.

Did she ever explain what the "currently offline" thing was? Is it so she can tell her clients when she won't be around to respond to messages? I can't imagine she's so in demand that a couple hours of wait time is a hassle.

No. 822719

She's not even in America tho. You cannot refuse treatment for a patient in the UK solely on their orientation.

No. 822721

Uhhh I’m sure that by law Doctor can not refuse treatment someone who needs it because of sexuality or race or sex lol I live in religious part of burger land

No. 822722

Treat differently how exactly? “Oh you got a UTI. What’s that? You’re gay? I guess you won’t be needing these antibiotics. How about some AIDS screening instead?”
Lmao I’m willing to believe doctors refuse to see some troons though. Because they are unhinged and threaten to commit suicide if they don’t get their titty skittles.

No. 822723


I meant more generally that the people who jump on the trans/queer and especially non-binary bandwagon might be dealing with identity disturbance. You can't say that though cos 'respect my identity' and all that..

No. 822732

File: 1560630832025.jpg (443.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-212828_Ins…)

Fuck off. You'll send it in two weeks

No. 822733

File: 1560630858074.jpg (635.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-213315_Ins…)

No. 822734

Wtf lmao

No. 822735

File: 1560631243829.jpg (693.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190615-213352_Ins…)

Yes thin people. We should pay the same as fat feebz despite her clothes using 4X the material

No. 822739

File: 1560632019196.jpg (356.41 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20190615-214938_Ins…)

No. 822740

File: 1560632049000.jpg (432.96 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20190615-214911_Ins…)

No. 822742

Is one of them the sheer amount of food they have to buy to maintain their weight?

No. 822753

anon probably meant fat people in general, not just pheebz

No. 822777

Idk I'm thinking poor awareness of safe sex for gay people? Only field I'm thinking of that would apply. So if a lesbian comes in, they might not test for STIs or be able to give her advice on the risks of unprotected sex or methods of protection.

No. 822793

File: 1560639151089.png (44.49 KB, 656x208, Screenshot 2019-06-15 at 23.45…)

This article is top kek
The five things are:
-Clothing in plus-size ranges being more expensive than those in 'straight' sizes (US 0 to 14)
-Absolutely gigantic motherfuckers salty about having to buy two airplane seats when they can't fit into 'sardine can' seats which fit normal people just fine
-Having to pay more for fortified furniture and mattresses which can support people over 250lbs
-Having to pay $800 more for bikes which will support people over 260lbs (lmao bikes? a thing fats love)
-The final one is super size coffins cost more I'm not even joking

Imagine being fat

No. 822798

Gotta love how she's still so extreme about telling everyone else to fuck off instantly if they don't fully agree with the generic support slogans she profits off. Telling everyone to eat shit isn't going to help them understand your point of view or educate them on whatever you're fighting for. She can't survive on extreme sjw sayings forever since those types people should be getting older and maturing, right? And she's only getting bigger, how she going to survive once she hits her limit within her fat lgbt extreme sjw crowd that feels bad for her? Maybe she's hoping she'll be so fat and diagnosed with something big enough to get her disability check and some reality show episode.

No. 822825

How does she have any right to sell this? TERFs don't even target afab people. They target trans women almost exclusively. She admits it's not okay for her to cash in on race issues but it's okay for her to insert herself into this other issue that doesn't affect her?

No. 822838

GC people generally don't agree with any gender specials, really. Also no one self identifies with "TERF" anyway and it's become something to call literally anyone who says the slightest thing wrong about trans issues, it's basically meaningless, but anyway, I digress. She thinks because she's identifies as an oppressed uwu enby it's on the same level as poor black trans sex workers being killed. So in a way she's still cashing in on race issues.

No. 822870

Jesus. Fat cunts like feebz are so entitled. This is why everything in the states is vanity sized.

No. 822975

happy father’s day to phoebe’s father the cop. or is pheebs dadphobic when it comes to father’s day? solidarity and all, ya know. wonder if pheebs snr will be treating HER to a special meal today, in reparations for his career as a fascist pig. i hope henry gets a break from looking after his overgrown child slash partner today.

No. 822979


She'll probably give him a 'Cis Men Can Eat Shit' card and then let him buy HER dinner as always lol

No. 822982

File: 1560683194632.jpg (902.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190616-120538_Ins…)

Omg look at this portion size

No. 822983

File: 1560683230552.jpg (513.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190616-120548_Ins…)

No. 822984

File: 1560683268663.jpg (429.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190616-120602_Ins…)

She can't let any of her followers forget that she has chronic pain.

No. 822986

4 hashbrown triangles: 260
half a tin of baked beans: 100
tofu scramble: maybe 100, 140 with whatever vegan “butter” she uses
3 sausages, vegan: 240
3 slices of who the fuck knows what: ???

at the very least, this elephantine cunt just ate 740 fuckin calories in one meal. gee feebz, i don’t know a lot of poor disabled people who could even afford to eat all that shit on a daily basis the way you do unless they were straight up drinking fucking lard. this is literally the fastest way to debunk her claims of being poor. actual poor people can’t afford to buy expensive vegan sausages for their daily breakfast binge.

No. 822988


lol she's so proud that has to photograph it. Disgusting looking breakfast in a portion size that no actual 'poor struggling' person is ever going to serve up. Wouldn't want her food bills

No. 822996

Pheebs is eating more pre-packaged expensive foods than regular vegetarians i know who arent even struggling financially.
Idk what she thinks cheap is but just because you paid 3£ for a pack of lets say vegan sausages, most come in packs of 5-6. Hell i would gander most of the items shes eating is close to half its containers. Thats alot of money for a morning meal that could have consisted of just pan fried veggies & the tofu scramble. (around 1.5£ for a decent porfion size)
She eats like any other lazy dysfunctional bastard on benefits, theres people who actually need it and then theres the "i do nothing to better my health physically or mentally, that being said i deserve money for feeling under weather whilst living an average human life that i have convinced myself has been harder than those around me"

No. 823002


Insanely wasteful of both food and money to eat all that in a single meal

Real poor people seeing this are likely imagining how they'd easily make three separate meals out of that much food.

No. 823003

File: 1560687921384.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190616-132439_Ins…)

Unusual for her to cover her face

No. 823004

Such a bad dye job. Most of it is still pink and it's so patchy.

No. 823006

it looks like the centre plat to put on the table for the fam to take servings from. she's a feedee with no feeder.

No. 823010


> complains when people don't buy her shit

> complains when people do buy her shit

what an ungrateful bitch

No. 823017


She's her own feeder getting off on her own grossness, cos nobody loves Pheobe half as much as she loves herself

The grown out roots or ombre (whatever this is) looks awful. Patchy purple and clashing brown hair cos darker roots would suit the ombre type look much better. This is the shitty home dye job that 14 year olds do and then cringe at later

No. 823018


This girl has the opposite of taste. Desperate to find fitting dungarees when they are possibly the least flattering thing she could find. Mousy brown hair that's in poor condition and then the most damaged half is dyed various shades of purple because it wasn't applied right

Oh and with the amount of food she consumes for breakfast alone I would hate to be henry and have to share a bathroom with her

No. 823024

This is like something off Man Vs Food.

No. 823029

>3 slices of who the fuck knows what
It looks like fried courgette.

Actual poor people would be eating porridge for breakfast because it's 70p a kilo.

No. 823057

Idk how she can’t get it through her head that she’s not poor when she eats things like this. It’s not that poor people shouldn’t treat themselves every once in a while, it’s that poor people CANT afford to eat like this. They don’t have enough money to buy this kind of food

No. 823060


She did that before while doing one of her YouTube videos and managed to make it a whole day's worth of calories by loading it up with peanut butter.

No. 823062

File: 1560701944347.png (1.24 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1411.PNG)

oh the irony. pheebs, you are a fake charity

No. 823066

File: 1560702750402.png (717.22 KB, 768x760, Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 17.3…)

New Facebook picture, just in case anyone dares forget.

I'm probably more chill with "genderspecial" identities than most anons on here, but something rubs me the wrong way when people feel the need to advertise it at literally every opportunity. It feels forced, fake, like Phoebe's trying to convince herself.

No. 823068


I'm pretty chill with that stuff too. If you're AFAB and cut your hair short and look androgynous I'll call you whatever you want but when you're claiming to be some inbetween gender and nothing in your presentation is anything other than female.. expect to be called a she.

She's part of this new thing where your presentation and your 'identity' can somehow be polar opposites.. just no. Try and look the way you want to be read.

No. 823069

is her mam on facebook? i’d love to see her call feebs out on this shite lol “how many cunts have you licked? none. fuck off phoebe” is still a classic

No. 823073


You know you're full of shit when your own mother is sick of it. Wonder if the Mom even believes she's autistic or has fibro or whether she thinks being 300lbs is totally healthy and not mortifying for her as a mother

No. 823106


It's advertisement, plain and simple. It's part of her brand to be a marginalised artist concerned with these things and maintaining a clientele who buy from her specifically for the virtue bux of buying from a marginalised (in whatever way) person, so she has to bring it up at every opportunity and make her entire internet presence all about how tragic her life is while grimacing at the camera with her massive coldsores. That's what the posts about her hair dying being overwhelming are about, incorporating her fibro and how many spoons she has or whatever as a constant presence in the rest of her appearances. It's all very deliberate and reads artificially.

And by clientele, I mean people both buying her Etsy offerings and paying her attention. Going to include us in this too, I guess her relationship with users on this board is a mirror image of this.

No. 823198

>day off
lolwut? every day is your day off lol.

In fairness re: airplane seats being cramped, airplane seats are cramped even for regular sized people. But yeah. You're paying more because you're using more, and if yr so massive that yr flowing out the sides of yr seat into the next one and cramping an already cramped, regular sized person, you should just pay for a second seat. The clothes thing too… as a petite person, my clothes use like less than half the material that a superfat's clothing does, why should i have to pay the same as the superfat? Goddamn.

the paaaaaaiiiin!(blogpost)

No. 823212

Just casually checked her Instagram while signed into my work account.
She's blocked me! No cowtipping as i never use it to comment and I've never communicated with her but it's a bike shop so I guess the fact it's slightly trying to get people to move more and start cycling is fatphobic…kekekek

Thought she'd at least take the time to check us out as we provide bikes for people with disabilities but hey ho.

No. 823237


lol, the thought of her blocking a bloody bike shop

She blocked me so I used my friends phone to show her just how hilarious Pheebs is and within mins my friend was blocked. Again all we did was view her stories. The energy she's putting into blocking people must be really using up alot of 'spoons'

No. 823238

Just saw a drew monson post on my insta feed that she liked. Seems weird since he’s an average sized dude who’s always talking about how fat he is but I guess she doesn’t care since he’s a man.

No. 823257

File: 1560794939035.png (252.15 KB, 448x517, Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 19.0…)

This was in her stories, and the hilarity it hurts! She doesn't have another job unlike so many of the actually good cult artists on Etsy. She just pisses and moans because making a few badges and stickers is so hard. The real world will not be kind to her.

No. 823258

File: 1560795010617.png (269.92 KB, 529x534, Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 03.5…)

I found this picture of her last night while LCF was down too. Can't be more than 5 years old. I can't believe how much weight she's gained.

No. 823263


Her ugly untreated personality disorder has turned her outside equally ugly in the space of a few years. She'll eat and laze her way to death next

She would've been better doing this to her hair yesterday.

No. 823271

How devastating, some people are ugly no matter what but Phoebe could be gorgeous if she only took good care of herself (hygiene, diet and exercise, grooming, not frying and dying her hair into a giant strawlike mop of different qUiRkY shades).

No. 823282

File: 1560798633560.jpg (520.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190617-200440_Ins…)

No. 823284

File: 1560798723296.jpg (250.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190617-200447_Ins…)

Oh god

No. 823286

File: 1560798889676.jpg (351.56 KB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_20190617-200601_Ins…)

I threw up a little when I saw this. So gross

No. 823287

File: 1560798984174.jpg (383.67 KB, 1080x1128, Screenshot_20190617-200623_Ins…)

That green blur is supposed to be pubic hair. Wtf.

No. 823288

How big is that vagina wtf

No. 823304

she's putting that much effort into blocking people?

I watched her stories out of pure curiosity now, I wonder

No. 823307


Well she uses stories to share the worst of her posts, reposts other Insta users pics with added on text saying that they should eat shit and die, glorifies violence in her childish political posts. She'd rather spend hours checking who's viewing stories and mass blocking than follow Instagrams rules

It's almost like she's a massive dickhead with a mad amount of spare time on her hands…

No. 823320

why do fat cows act like being fat is a disease? you eat better. you work out , and lose weight. It isn't rocket science

No. 823335

Because they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, ie overeating. If it's a disease they can blame being obese on something beyond their control. Which it isn't because therapy.

No. 823336

File: 1560806597698.jpg (520.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190617-222231_Ins…)

No. 823341

Because you have none Pheebs.

No. 823342


I'm not lazy I'm disabled. I'm not a bitch I'm mentally ill. I'm not overeating I'm intuitively eating..


Nobody likes you

No. 823354

Does she not realise May was only a whole 17 days ago?
Anything for pity points I guess.

No. 823355

File: 1560808325004.png (7.38 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1447.PNG)

Wait what is going on in the world? Unbound babes is amazing. I've never even seen them promote someone like this. How does she do this?

No. 823360

telling people to eat shit is playful and informative
did she not make a huge post about masturbation? maybe that's why their showcasing her idk

No. 823361

telling people to eat shit is playful and informative
did she not make a huge post about masturbation? maybe that's why their showcasing her idk

No. 823392

look at the quality of art between left and top right- is top right her own body traced?

No. 823435

>Not all people with vaginas are women

this kind of bullshit needs to fucking stop right here

No. 823441

Yeah, she does that often. You can always tell by the nail shape.

No. 823495

>not all people with vaginas are women
Take a biology class you absolute retard

No. 823510

Late I know but… They came from her, trying to "prove" to twitter how much of a big meanie boolie her mom is to her, IIRC. Imagine telling on yourself like this.

No. 823520


i think they mean not everyone born as female identifies as women. it’s bullshit on feebs’ part though, she claims to be NB because it gets her more oppression points

No. 823526


I feel sorry for actual transmen when people like feebs come along and attach themselves to this

No. 823538

File: 1560864081699.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1452.PNG)

feebles lack of self awareness is truly exciting to behold

No. 823544

Lmaoooo she fucking can't be that dumb, she truly is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 823548


Pheobe is the walking definition of psychological projection, the best example of it that I've ever seen

No. 823550

trying to explain biology and chromosomes to these kind of people is futile, their malfunctioning brains can´t understand it.

No. 823574


She can't even wrap her head around why carry 100 pounds of extra weight could be bad for your health, she's living in loopy land

No. 823615

File: 1560882482859.jpg (477.71 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20190618-192702_Ins…)

No. 823617

File: 1560882504227.jpg (622.63 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20190618-192712_Ins…)

No. 823618

File: 1560882554168.jpg (562.9 KB, 1080x1510, Screenshot_20190618-192739_Ins…)

No. 823625

I wonder how many people she's had to block for pointing out she sexually assaulted someone herself

No. 823627

Molester feebs, everyone please buy my badges and art to support a predator!!

No. 823634


She's blocking nearly anyone new that watches her Insta stories, a lot of time going into covering up all her shitty behaviour, gotta hold on to the naive customers cash somehow

No. 823638

love how all her illustrations of people include the shitty badges she sells in her store

No. 823641

If she thinks fatties are so attractive then why isn't she dating big beautiful man herself?

No. 823642

File: 1560885848726.jpg (861.9 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190618_193223.jpg)

No. 823643

File: 1560885917846.jpg (739.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190618-193050_Ins…)

Why does she even follow this page? Desperately trying to pretend she's a Jew again

No. 823662


The only people left unblocked are her 'yes' people anyway, kinda makes polls less effective

Making the customers come up with designs for her cos she's incapable of coming up with good ideas lol

No. 823668


Umm Pheebs please don't take the lords name in vain by talking about him being on a bike, respect Christs identity

No. 823675

It says commissioned and it reads like someone commissioned a piece of art about someone's sexual assault? Was it the person who was raped that commissioned this? Because if not that's creepy as fuck. Like who accepts a commission to draw something 'inspired' by another person's experience of rape and then tags them in it? Wtf.

No. 823678


I wonder if this "justice4sexualassault" account knows they've just promoted work by a sexual assault perp.

No. 823681

File: 1560889466569.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3229.PNG)

Phoebe has kindly updated us on her benefits situation, for those who weren't sure. I'm guessing she's trying to claim PIP only, as she lives with Henry and if he earns over 16k then she won't be eligible for ESA (out of work benefit for disabled people).

No. 823683


If a guy assaulted someone and had the cheek to pull this shit there'd be a campaign to have him fucked off the internet

No. 823684


'Meanwhile people are dying' Yeah Pheobe there are parts of world where people starve. You eat triple portions and are worried about buying a second car??

No. 823685

File: 1560889747891.jpg (575.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190618-193128_Ins…)

No. 823691


Yeah such a shame that we can't all sit home all day and self-educate ourselves about lgbtqia and race issues at the school of Instagram

No. 823695


More people should know about things like you sexually assaulting someone and using Insta to tell people to fuck off and die

No. 823696

if Henry is a lorry driver couldn't he taxi to work and leave the car to her a few times a week? he probably doesn't trust her driving his car.

No. 823705


She barely has the energy to leave the sofa, where would she even go? It's not like she has anywhere important to be

She runs into trouble every time she goes into a shop or tries to park in disabled spots cos apparently everyone is so bloody ignorant and rude to her. The baby would cause a scene if let out by herself.

No. 823707

I think I may have actually spotted one of her "products" in the wild anons. If not it's uncannily similar. Did she ever make an earring design that said something like
>Black girl magic
with an afro-comb in the middle? White circles maybe bigger than a ten pence piece? If not then there are multiple artists out there peddling this trash.

No. 823709


Leeching off henry isn't enough, leeching off LGBT people isn't enough, need to top-up by having benefits buy me a car. Just cos I fancy one

There are people in wheelchairs who depend on public transport, disabled people who get to doc appointments that way. People way more 'disabled' than her that get around when their household has zero cars. It's not a basic human right or a necessity. It's a luxury to have two cars. You've no kids to drag around or job to get to. Alot of countries just give disabled people a free travel pass and people cope.

No. 823771


You'll note she doesn't share any images of fat men, cis or trans. Fat women/non binaries only. Fat men are too privileged obviously.

No. 823773


Actually I think this is more "Phoebe doing a token nod to caring about Israeli occupation of Palestine".

No. 823775


What is her position on the sexual assault? That it didn't happen and the victim is lying, or that it wasn't an intended sexual assault and she was misunderstood?

But Phoebe, you told us to believe victims!

No. 823776


The Post Office to post her orders out under 2 weeks after they were due?

No. 823784


Frida Kahlo was a woman who suffered a lot of (sexual) abuse, and performed abortions on herself. On top of that she was also disabled because she got in an accident when she was young but yeah sure let's boycott a mexican woman because her dad was an ass

No. 823785

Should we cancel Phoebe for her dad being a cop then?

No. 823796

She should cancel herself, but since she's the queen of double standards so she won't. Stuff like that only applies to other people, not her.

No. 823906

it's not even true, her dad was a photographer. her GRANDFATHER was some nobody jeweler.

No. 823936

"Gorgeous" is a bit of a stretch, she certainly looked better but I can't see her as anything other than repulsive, even when she looked okay, because of her rotten, vile personality. She'd never be gorgeous because she's a crybully, a massive perpetually self-victimizing attention whore and she's straight up a horrible person. Like >>823263 said, her disgusting self just started to manifest physically.

But anon, you don't understand… my condishuns. Phoebe is deathly allergic to accountability, just like every fat positive hamplanet.

There she goes attacking an attractive, thin woman yet again. That headline is her except she's a repulsive fatass.

I cannot believe these retards are "cancelling" a woman who's been dead for 65 years. The social justice movement truly is a massive cancer.

No. 823945

She had polio which affected her leg, as well. Pheebz wishes she had a legit claim to disability like Kahlo.

No. 823949


Fat people are beautiful but she's with quite a thin man, can't see her wanting to date a 300lb disabled fat person

No. 824032

File: 1560961892644.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3234.PNG)


No. 824033

File: 1560961984389.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3235.PNG)

Also this:
How awful is the layout/writing/legibility of that Autism badge? Who would wear most of these? The people who buy her crap could have their own thread as they're probably just as milky.

No. 824042

Have they (Henry) not already got two cars?

No. 824047

I thought bisexuals were c a n c e l l e d now for being transphobic and exclusionary?

No. 824056

File: 1560967150772.jpeg (398.85 KB, 750x1094, 939E2A39-63CA-4079-A988-B15097…)

“A follower requested a hairy butt” WHO TF?

No. 824058

If you can't stand anyone commenting on your naked spotty butt, maybe don't post it online? And no one would ever know.
This girl seriously needs to feel victimized even for having ass pimples.

No. 824069

>It became badly scarred
If it scarred that means she was literally picking at and popping her ass follicle infections badly and regularly.

No. 824070

File: 1560970711587.jpg (807.82 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190619_195723.jpg)

She's totally copying exotic cancers art.

Nothing about this cow is original

No. 824073

Yeah I'm genuinely amazed she doesn't think that, seeing as she's so quick to cancel literally anyone for anything. Like "white vegans aren't cruelty free" wtf even???

No. 824074

She clearly traces photos of herself for these and that makes it worse imo.

No. 824075

File: 1560971160626.jpg (280.35 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20190619-200523_Ins…)

She says this every fucking time

No. 824078

>Picture of literal pimply fat ass
>"why is this design flopping??"

No. 824100

It's good that she whines, saying your products aren't doing well puts people off buying them. People don't want to buy things that aren't popular and they don't like being guilt tripped. She's making her own stuff into lemons.

No. 824149

I understood only one is in working order at the moment.

No. 824185


> I got a lot of abuse for my arse acne online

Well yeah, because you uploaded it to a porn site and it's a guaranteed boner killer.

No. 824222

>A colourful babe with a big hairy, scarred and spotty booty.

Why do all her descriptions sound like they're taken from fetish porn?

No. 824286

Ikr, they're on the same level as her pornhub descriptions.

No. 824294

File: 1561028925017.png (50.07 KB, 484x362, Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 12.07…)

another way you can tell she traces herself because she always uses "they" pronouns for her image descriptions. if she wanted to make it less obvious she'd use "she" pronouns because it's obviously a picture of a woman

No. 824295


Yeah even if she gets her own car she'll still have her 'pain worse than my usual crippling pain' days so still won't get to the post office with orders

A second car is just another couple of bills for Henry to cover. She's desperate to live beyond their means

No. 824322

File: 1561040495194.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, F817D186-9FC2-486C-A558-EFABBA…)

How very they/them of her.

No. 824323

File: 1561040541120.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, DAFE8A45-EF42-44D5-BEF1-0CBD27…)

Poor Henry. She’s wasting his hard earned money on make up she doesn’t even know how to properly use.

No. 824329

File: 1561041600075.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 5962F518-88A2-4EE6-BBF1-F84112…)

Hahaha she’s posted literally 50 screencaps of proof of how much she can blend. She’s so insecure, omg. The desperation for people to like her is just sad.

No. 824332

File: 1561042613462.png (6.67 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1523.PNG)

the gift that keeps on giving!

No. 824383


Is the unibrow some sort of special gender expression? cos even men don't go around looking like that…

No. 824387

File: 1561055813734.jpg (492 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20190620-193617_Ins…)

No. 824388

File: 1561055909456.jpg (434.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190620-193324_Ins…)

She moans when things cost a lot because she's so poor, and now she moans when clothes are too cheap. There's no pleasing her.

No. 824395

Here's the thing I don't understand about this cow: how can she be so unaware of her own privilege?

She is not a minority. She is fat by her own accord, with no other physical handicaps. She is able to financially survive by working for herself, from home. She has a committed partner. A lot of people do not have these luxuries. The only oppression that she is a victim of are her own delusions, which she spends every waking moment perpetuating and obsessing over. Every post is themed "Please like me, but also pity me!". I just wonder if she'll ever wake up and become self aware.

Phoebe, you can be an ally without forcing yourself into a community in which you do not belong.

No. 824398


Just because you're a size 28 by your own actions Phoebe, doesn't mean you should be jealous of those who can fit into a svelte size 24.

I don't get how she lives every day being so hateful.

No. 824401

Chris chan? She needs to stop.

No. 824404

I'm at a loss when this girl whines about sizing. As an "artist", how can she think that it's okay to tell other artists (clothing designers) how to create their lines? How would she react to someone moaning about her artistic decisions?
Phoebe your art is not inclusive because it doesn't include my very specific body type! Reeeeee

No. 824412

Because none of these ideas stem from her own brain, resulting in her constant hypocrisy. She just sees other people in her "social justice warrior" community bitching about shit, and so she decides to bitch about it too. She doesn't truly stand for anything, she is just some sort of toxic melting pot of others' causes and ideas.

No. 824418


Why is she complaining about the lack of "fat queers" when Sophie Hagen has just published a well received book and done a tour, Amy Lamé continues to run queer club nights etc? Is it because she personally isn't being lauded in public?

No. 824420

Yet another unnecessary attempt at feeling oppressed.

What about left-handed queers? We exist!
What about queers with astigmatisms? We exist!!
What about queers who are bad at math? We exist!!!

No. 824428

shes the Fox news of the social justice warrior community kek

she sensationalizes every "issue" that she "advocates" (using these terms loosely)

No. 824431

File: 1561061193839.png (38.53 KB, 349x499, snapshot_2019-06-20_210601_www…)

did she even read the product description

No. 824437


>shoot fat queer models!


No. 824442

Not even attempting to token-push for extra-small/petite/tall sizes either, it's so transparently self-absorbed it's ridiculous

No. 824443

She's making fun of Freda Khalo.

No. 824449

agreed, she's not inclusive in her arguments at all.
what about little people FEEBS? why dont you advocate for companies to carry waist size 50 pants that are only 10 inches long for oppressed fat little people.
fat little queers exist!

No. 824465


Just read the actual post and she goes onto say if you're holding an event to "make sure the toilets are size inclusive". This shit is getting too stupid.

No. 824501

I'm so sick of the queers being shown on television being well-dressed, well adjusted and intelligent. I, and many queers like me don't fit into that pigeonhole.

>Shows unintelligent, ugly, socially inept queer on television.

Another negative representation of queers; they aren't even trying.

No. 824653

File: 1561090347189.png (304.35 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20190621-050921.png)

In today's news. Someone needs to ditch their rose quartz face roller. Pheebs in funding terrorism and supporting child labour horror.

No. 824714

Oh Phoebe how could you!

No. 824737

File: 1561110820705.jpg (548.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190621-105255_Ins…)

No. 824739

File: 1561110992992.jpg (136.7 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_20190621-105613_Ins…)

No. 824743

Why can't she pluck her horrendous unibrows? It just makes her look even more MtF. I admire Henry for being able to stomach this wildebeest.

As a side note, I have yet to meet a single person who refers to themselves as "queer" and isn't an insufferable straight genderspecial.

Underrated post, top fucking kek

No. 824746

Because you blocked everyone fucktard

No. 824750

>>824737 she might have been shadow banned?

No. 824759


Not getting enough online 'engagement' lol I think she means attention. All the blocking and the constant whinging about first world problems could be a couple of very obvious reasons??

No. 824764

File: 1561117972861.jpg (582.7 KB, 1074x1821, Screenshot_20190621-075024_Chr…)

nah i think its just because it looks like literal shit and she expects viral posts for having the same skill level as an 8 year old

No. 824781

File: 1561122248139.png (40.41 KB, 533x417, SIZE-50.png)

Just because she hasn't shoved enough food in her mouth to be bigger than a size 30, doesn't mean other people haven't. Try suggesting a size 50 if you really want to actually be inclusive.

No. 824788


I think that even the shitty childish art could get more 'engagement' if she didn't spam her stories all day and make herself look mental. She could separate the art from her constant personal whinges but she shoves it all on one account

No. 824823

She'll change her mind when she hits a 32 in a few months

No. 824938

File: 1561147304375.png (835.19 KB, 603x686, 1856735636763863.png)

Yesterday she bragged on her stories about new makeup, today she's bragging about her large and expensive nail polish collection.
I started following this cow pretty recently, but I thought she claimed to be poor…?
From what I've seen so far, she seems extremely materialistic. She obviously has some kind of disposable income to be able to afford all of this.

No. 824952

Yeah she claims to be poor, but is still able to "work from home" and spend insane amounts of money on utter trash. Poor people absolutely deserve to have nice things, but it's so obvious she doesn't buy all this stuff using her own money or from saving up, her hardworking BF and parents pay for everything. Maybe she makes a couple of quid from her "art" but it's obvious the bulk of her income is from sponging off other people.

No. 824989

File: 1561155514851.jpg (56.68 KB, 633x332, Capture.JPG)

She's funding terrorists and killing children for her facial roller and now she's killing the planet with her glitter nail polish.

No. 825007

i'm just wondering why her smallest size is a 29 inch waist. if you're ~body inclusive, include small people ableist scum /s

No. 825010

i dont even see hairs, i think she's drawing in a unibrow. frida kahlo sweetie im so sorry

No. 825011


UK 30 is super morbidly obese. That's beyond "body positive", that's "can't even get a gastric band without losing weight first" land. Christ. is this what she's aiming for??

No. 825012

File: 1561159914024.png (842.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3245.PNG)


Not just that, she's called nail polish "my main hobby" …how fucking sad.

can't wait for all the replies to these to be actual hobbies and worthwhile things.

No. 825019

File: 1561161655257.jpg (746.99 KB, 1080x2083, 20190621_170024.jpg)

This was one of the replies… It saves lives? Really?

No. 825021

File: 1561161946492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 367.97 KB, 1079x1906, Screenshot_20190621-170133_Ins…)

New art. Featuring the return of The Bush.

No. 825029


"this flopped so bad" in 3…2…1….

No. 825049

I honestly don't even think that drawing is all that bad but the pubes look awful. I literally thought it was her scribbling over the vag to keep it insta friendly until I saw it on the armpits too. I guess it's the only thing she can't trace

No. 825139

Maybe that's why she eats so much. She has heard that fat people are harder to kidnap.!

No. 825160


it’s funny how all bodies she “draws” are her body, it’s obvious. not just that but all the bodies are fat with small boobs, obviously female, and long nails. not very bodyposi. it’s just one type of body with her. and it’s her body lol

No. 825161


It's amazing how much fat she can carry without any of it going to her tits, I've seen men of her weight with bigger man-titties

No. 825178

File: 1561214177458.jpg (667.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190622-153045_Ins…)

Omg I can't believe she's actually saying something nice about a skinny woman!!!

No. 825180

File: 1561214309734.jpg (342 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20190622-153751_Ins…)

Probably only because of the girls large following

No. 825181

File: 1561214405071.png (7.76 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1551.PNG)

@gayxnoah is on brand and getting milkier

No. 825203

File: 1561217903106.jpeg (227.48 KB, 741x1059, 8DF74C09-AFC2-4CF8-8F2F-068467…)


The future is NB…of course printed across massive tits. What a twerp, she’s definitely quite milky.

No. 825209

"I don't identify as a woman!"
"Look at my womanly massive knockers!!!!"

No. 825215

the future is an iron

No. 825216


Didn't the whole non binary thing start off as a way for people to be all androgynous? Why adopt a term that's linked to androgyny and then be 100 percent female presenting?

I swear these girls are attempting to run away from sexism in some backwards way

No. 825231

so they can be "special" while not putting any thought or effort in

No. 825232

Surprised she hasn't mentioned Sofie Hagen's new clothing line for fat people. Will probably complain that its too expensive and excludes poor folk even though it's open ended in sizing and the producers pay fair wages.
SH is a fat queer but also really successful so Peebz will find a way to find her problematic

No. 825245

Cos she hates women who are more successful than her. Look at the people she beefs with, all women, all more well known and liked than her.

No. 825263

File: 1561229332502.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1558.PNG)

steals exotic cancers style and color themes then blasts them for being fatphobic

No. 825267

The point of the comic isn't to shit on him being fat, it's to point out the double standard of sexism and men feeling entitled to women's bodies when they can't take care of themselves. Phoebe sees a thin woman and can't understand that this isn't directly attacking her. It's about the ATTITUDE towards women, which she should agree with. Fantastic she's an artist yet can't understand deeper meaning when all of her art is surface level shallow, both with coloring/shading and message.

No. 825287


considering EC's subject matter and the fact that Feebz blatantly copies their style I thought this might be sarcasm but nope (she doesn't follow them)

god she's a hypocrite

No. 825298

Watch as she claims she’s reclaiming exotic cancer’s style because they’re “problematic

No. 825299

I refuse to believe she's real and not some social experiment/joke we're all falling for. Unbelievable.

No. 825318

That chart is from a website of a company that makes and sells plus size underwear. I don't think they care about being size inclusive because anyone under a size 26 can buy what they need in any high street clothing shop.

This. She completely misses the point. The man is complaining about something the woman can't change while being overweight, which is something he can change. Maybe that's why she doesn't like it.

No. 825428

Pheeb appropitates sex work for oppression points but actually shits on sex workers' art. And the irony about her saying EC is body shaming.

No. 825439


She thinks uploading her own clips to PornHub makes her a SW as if that's akin to putting yourself in any real danger to make ends meet. The only one in danger is whoever has to see her zitty arse on their screen.

She just hates any woman/femme more successful (or with more followers) than her.

No. 825521

But anon. The artist didn't even give her her special picture description.
Phoebe is too autistic to look at a picture and understand what's going on

No. 825528


She'll happily put her on blast in her stories but I checked and she hadn't commented on the original. Fucking wimp letting her followers do it instead.

No. 825535


Wow the point really went over her head here

If she genuinely believes that she is autistic has she ever addressed the fact that it affects you ability to pick up on humour and that you can often read situations all wrong because of it?

No. 825541

File: 1561288648555.jpeg (181.54 KB, 750x953, 455D1778-227C-4AE6-B4AD-6471B8…)

No. 825542

Double post but yeah she’s admitted that she’s not a sw anymore bc of her “conditions”

No. 825555

File: 1561293511511.jpeg (307.12 KB, 640x736, 4DC7953D-8947-4019-9936-CFE31A…)

She was paid £100-£150 for her god awful art of the three girls. It literally looks like it took her minutes to do in MS Paint.

No. 825556

I believe the woman that Phoebe attempted to rape.

No. 825584

Yes but instead of saying “oh sorry, I misunderstood” she screeches about how she’s autistic and everyone should cater to her because of it. As an actual aspie, I’m so embarrassed by her behavior. Getting things wrong is a learning experience for us but she doesn’t want to learn. She wants everything to be easy all the time.

No. 825589

File: 1561302427511.jpg (607.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190623-155349_Ins…)

"give me money"

No. 825594

Where i live, electric wheelchairs are mostly meant for people who are either elderly or so disabled that they don’t have proper use of their arms. Everyone else just uses chairs that you push with your hands. Is this not the case in the UK or is phoebe just lazy? Or is she too big for regular wheelchairs? Has she ever addressed this?

Seems crazy to me that she’s wanting to spend thousands on an electric wheelchair when a normal wheelchair is maybe $50 if you factor in health insurance.

No. 825598

Phoebe, lazy?! Not out of the realm of (likely) possibilities

No. 825610

She's able-bodied. She won't get a chair based off her fake disabilities.

No. 825613

File: 1561305994639.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1582.PNG)

No. 825616


not contributing anything but i wish this fat bitch would shut the fuck up for once. i hate using this logic but there are people in the world with actual problems yet this is what she chooses to care about. one day her obesity will actually give her a disability and i eagerly await that day

No. 825622

I don't know much about wheelchairs, but aren't the problems (clunkiness, dying battery) a result of her weight? The chair just has to put up with too much.

No. 825625


They already have one running car, she wants a second one, she already has a power chair, she wants better one. Seeing a theme there! Nothing is ever good enough

No. 825627


She needs a crane to get her around

No. 825631

File: 1561307715575.jpg (106.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Maybe being as large as Phoebe genuinely makes this difficult to do? And anyone pushing her is going to struggle, she weighs at least three times as much as a normal person. Maybe she's lazy, maybe she's transitioning into the lifestyle of needing specialist bariatric care. She's not really the type of binge eating disorder sufferer to pretend everything is okay so she'll deteriorate quicker as she puts no effort into using her muscles.

No. 825636

If she is so insistent about being too obese to walk she could just get a mobility scooter. A decent second hand one can be bought for about £500. I guess she won't because people will look at her and see her for what she is. A wheelchair has an association with disabled people, where as mobility scooters are for fat people and disabled pensioners.

No. 825637

The NHS won't even give electric wheelchairs to people who need them. What makes her think she deserves one ahead of everyone else?

No. 825673

Yeah, gay people especially hate fat people, Phoebe. Imagine being this insecure and in denial about yourself that you become paranoid and delusional. You're the only one making your life harder. Can't wait to see her when she's 500 pounds and dying in bed, still blaming everyone else for her problems.

No. 825677


Her 'embracing fatness' lifestyle is going to cost the NHS a small fortune at the rate that she's gaining. She's not even a total loner, she has a partner and two involved parents all watching this. Dad even cooks her jumbo sized portions and brings her out for lunches. Donations paid for her current chair and that famous Chinese take-away. Everyone's paying to support this growing fat lump and she's milking it

No. 825683


Wish she would join weight watchers and get over it. And how exactly is selling XXL classed as "only serving thin queers"

No. 825690


“Thin” = “anyone smaller than me”

If ol’ Feebles was an XXL this specific shirt would’ve been fatphobic for not being available in her size rather than the whole company being fatphobic

No. 825695

They're trying to run away from their own internalised misogyny basically. Five years ago they'd all have been shoving xbox controllers in their mouths and going on about how much they're not like other girls.

..Oh wait, five years ago pheebs was doing that.

No. 825712

It’s so funny how she yells at these companies & meanwhile has exactly 1 clothing item for sale in her shop. She literally has no fucking clue how expensive it is for a small company to produce so many sizes. Half of the sizes of her shirt are “sold out” too which I’m assuming just means she didn’t feel like spending the money to stock them when she might not get that investment back.

No. 825730

She wants to be a fat cunt. She proves it with every meal she guzzles that would serve two-three people.
She wants to live like this so she deserves everything that comes with it.
If she's too fat and lazy to push her fucking wheelchair, she should just stay at home and spare everyone the sight of her fat ass.

No. 825763


The only reason she doesn't talk constantly about her "sex work" is because she'd have to admit she only ever uploaded clips to PornHub instead of you know, actually going and working.

No. 825872

Don't these people consider everything sex work though? Like having a lewd snapchat is the same as being a full time prostitute because uwu it's empowering!!

No. 825888

File: 1561364288708.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190624-091523.png)

Finally remembered who's work hers reminds me of! She's so blatant in her plagiarism

Bloozchicken has actual talent

No. 825892

Right down to the colour schemes. Why doesn't anyone notice this on ig?

No. 825905

>>825888 your icon is showing

No. 825909


Meh. It's an old account I don't use anymore

No. 825916


She gets super vague when she lies. Makes big claims but then gives no details. The 'series of rapes' that gave her flashbacks lately is one other example of it

No. 826101

File: 1561405691340.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3249.PNG)


it's legit obvious how bitter Phoebe is that no one's given her money to be a "bopo influencer" yet

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