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No. 45689

New Quirky thread for the terrible human being that is Rosie Skaggs. Defensive anons not welcome. We are here to discuss a cunt, so let the games begin.

Our saga continues with Quirky trying desperately to become a makeup guru on YouTube and applying to be a partner.

Her ED:

Quirky's Media:

Instagram: (currently on private, but have become public before)




Amazon Wishlist:


Biggest Loser Audition:
The download file:

Brother's FB: https://www.facebook.com/levi.skaggs.35

Dad's FB: https://www.facebook.com/ewskaggs

Mom's FB: https://www.facebook.com/mary.brumfieldskaggs

Other family:

Original thread:

Second thread:

Third thread:

No. 45691

Forgot title, oh well. We all know who the lard ass is.

Video in OP may look like the old one, but this is actually PART TWO of that first video she posted with she and her friend being painfully, embarrassingly white trash as possible.

She really needs to stop trying to talk like a valley girl. Her size makes her look retarded when she does it.

No. 45698

My question is…
This nigga follows quite a bit of mua's on both IG and YT and doesn't see why she looks bad?

>This is the best palette EVER.

Bitch you only own two, how da fuck do you know?

No. 45699

Sorry, I've finally gotten the time to watch the tutorial.

Forgot to add that watching that podcast and laughing was extremely unprofessional. Also probably why it took her so fucking long to make a video about it.

No. 45701

>this video
>smearing a product and saying, "I'm probably using this wrong but i give no fux XDDDDD'
>yelling about blending badly and continuing to do so as if it's a good thing

No. 45702

She spends almost all the tutorial doing her eyeshadows because she has no fucking clue how to use them, and in OP's video she spends 9 minutes doing her eyeshadows as well.

It's truly pitiful.

No. 45703

I'm trying to catch up but their conversing is so cringe-worthy…

No. 45704

And the way she guilt trips her friend.

No. 45709

Her friend looked so bothered. Did anyone else notice how she went silent for a part of the video and how Rosie just ignored her and talked to hear herself talk?

No. 45714


Also saying "My cheap ass beauty blender"

She could have said, I found a dupe for the beauty blender sponge and it only cost me $2!

Bitch isn't going to make it. She wants to be youtube famous, but girls are not going to watch someone with a deformed face slathering makeup on their face, cursing, talking about herself or her struggles that are not makeup related, and, well… she's very unpleasant to look at. I can't concentrate on her face when my eyes wander around to her shoulders, arms, chins, fucked up nose, just ugh.

Saxy is leagues ahead of this dumbass and she doesn't get that many views (I also believe she has a better camera and is better at editing in general). Saxy also looks cleaner and I hate saying this, she makes applying makeup look effortless on her part.

No. 45717


Is that a patch of hair? What the fuck is smeared..

No. 45720

File: 1422848148660.gif (528.96 KB, 350x180, lol.gif)

Her boyfriend's name is Chris and lives in Omaha Nebraska. She went to see him.

>tfw he had to buy her two tickets

No. 45722

He bought her more than just that; Makeup, that computer, clothes. No wonder she wants to live with him, he supports her lazy and good for nothing ass.

No. 45723

No. 45724


This guy is a disgusting pig. He has kids ffs, how can he throw money at a walking tub of lard that's going to die any day now than his own blood?

Anyone want to bet he's a shit father that barely sees his kids?

No. 45727


Look she actually has a life.

No. 45728

I've been thinking he's a horrid father as well. The kids probably are better off with the mother if their father has such fucked up priorities.

No. 45729


I had my doubts before but this pretty much confirms it.

Rose does lie a lot though, so maybe she was trying to show off all the stuff her BF bought her because her friend looks like a goddess next to her.

No. 45732

What the fuck is the point of this, Quirky?


No. 45734

>applying to be partner
Are you fucking kidding me?

No. 45736

Nope. She's actually doing it.

Also, everyone, I capped both her tutorial and this OP video earlier because it seems that she's purposefully hiding the dislikes and views on IG to be a sneaky cunt.

No. 45742

which part of the video was that? I got bored about 12 secs in

No. 45743

I'm crying I think thats bronzer

No. 45748

yeah, her friend actually seems really immature, she's speaking the same way some of the girls I found annoying in 6th grade would speak, that whole: "zomg I'm so random!! xDDDD here's a taco, omg is that a racoon??? xDDDDD"

No. 45749

That looks like some PCOS shit.

No. 45751


Patchy, unblended bronzer.

No. 45754

Idk, we don't know much about him, I'm going to reserve making much of a judgment on him. He might spoil his kid just as much as Quirky (or more) and just be one of those financially irresponsible people who think credit cards = free money.

No. 45765

Both her and her friend are so fucking annoying holy fucking shit. Why are fat bitches and their enablers so fucking loud and dumb? None of that shit is interesting or funny, put that food back in your mouth.

No. 45769

OFC. Why are Mormons so loud and obnoxious? It's like they're socially inept despite growing up in a very social community. I wasn't surprised to hear that Peter Coffin grew up Mormon, either. His lame humor and try hard personality said it all. They're such a fake, shitty, disgusting bunch of people. I'm sorry for being off topic, I just really fucking hate Mormons. People always stereotype them as being so moral and traditional, but they really aren't. They're really arrogant and they're just the kinds of people that I would expect to be fatty activists. They have that whole "You have to accept and like me, but I don't have to do the same to you cuz I'm speshul" kind of attitude. I'm not even talking about them pushing their religion on others, they're like this in every frame of secular life. Fuck them.

No. 45782



Nigga they're a cult, they believe in Native American Jesus, magic underwear, forced 10% of your income tithe, living prophets, something about the Garden of Eden being in America, just WTF keks.

Sorry for OT, I'll shut up now.

No. 45786

She's so fucking heavy handed with her makeup, and her blending is awful. Didn't she just get the palette at the beginning of January? I couldn't believe how much she had used of some of the shadows when she held it up to the camera. And the amount of primer and concealer that she used made me laugh out loud. Fucking fatties don't know the meaning of moderation in any sense.

No. 45791


>>fucking fatties don't know the meaning of moderation in any sense


When I saw her apply all that foundation on her face I was like WTF, that's waaaaay too much. She must look terrible in the sun because it just amplifies your makeup. There's a reason why we have day and night makeup. The night isn't so harsh so you can get away with more dramatic looks.

But yeah, imagine what she looks like under the sun. Holy shit, she must look like a retard. I saw she put bronzer all the way down to practically her mouth (unblended), lawdy lawd.

No. 45802

>get the palette at the beginning of January?
That's the first time a chocolate bar's lasted more than 14 seconds in her hands.

No. 45827


quirky's tutorials looks like a 50 yr old homeless woman who just picked up a makeup palette from the garbage and doesn't know what to do with it

No. 45842

She's his fetish while also being conveniently far away and she won't live long enough to be an issue.

Where's the evidence that he neglects his kids though?

No. 45843


No. 45857

People here are notorious for jumping to rash conclusions based on evidence that's circumstantial at best. I've started ignoring outlandish claims like that.

No. 45866

Or, we just say shit to piss off Quirky because we know she stalks this thread as if it were a Dunkin Donuts. Calm the fuck down.

No. 45877

Yeah, we don't have any proof that he's doing that.

He is a gross fetishist though, I mean you'd HAVE Tto be to find quirkz attractiive kek

No. 45903

This is pretty much it. Quirky's dumb enough to buy it and go muh feeeeeeeeelunzzzz.

Not all of us just sit around waiting, >>45857 anon. Some of us enjoy farming this stupid cow.

No. 45913

Agreed. Some of these anons reek of newfag. You can say anything here and Quirky flies off the handle. A few simple remarks about her drugstore lipstick months ago got us this lovely lulzy tutorial because she felt the need to 'prove' herself to us. And, how we said he never gives her anything and suddenly gifts ahoy! Out of thin air!

Some of you cunts should leave if you don't like how shit works here.

No. 45944

File: 1422927624669.png (957.55 KB, 1297x777, Screenshot (382).png)

No. 45947

File: 1422928301248.png (999.38 KB, 1460x791, Screenshot (384).png)

No. 45954

lol is she serious with those wings tho

No. 45957

File: 1422930185978.jpg (104.98 KB, 407x600, iamdivine_Clay_Geerdes_1.jpg)

No. 45964

They're both idiots. But I feel like that dude has never seen movie makeup or some avant garde stuff. Dudes a fucking idiot if he thinks that makeup can't create.

I really hate pseudo-intellectuals.

No. 45981


except Divine was actually likeable

No. 45992

How does she take pics at angles to make it look like she doesn't have her 5 chins? In the videos its so bad.

No. 46008

She's so fat she's come full circle and has just one huge chin now.

No. 46009

From what I can tell, she takes pics from a much higher angle. That's why you see her shoulders/collarbone/buttchest area pooling below her head. One of the typical fat girl poses.
Another she does is physically pushing her fat under her chin. She did that a few times in those vids on instagram where she "shows off" her makeup.

No. 46010

This too.

No. 46017

That's also why her cleavage goes all the way to her chin, because of angles

No. 46037

ew, she literally squishes her fat under her chin?

No. 46042

At you surprised? The only thing fat girls are better at than lying about how much the eat is making themselves look as skinny as possible

No. 46050

If she's so proud to be a fat sack of trash then why does bother with the fat girl angles?

Oh right because she just uses haes to justify her eating habits and if someone offered her a magic pill to make her skinny she would take it in a heart beat. She's so transparent.

No. 46053

I don't believe one word these fat acceptance/HAES people say about loving their size. Its all false confidence

No. 46096

File: 1422985499230.png (804.53 KB, 1307x788, Screenshot (386).png)

This. Nobody should ever buy into anything a HAES person says about having confidence, because the fact of the matter is that they don't. If they were truly confident they wouldn't feel the need to force others to accept them. Especially as violently as they tend to. They'd be apathetic and those people are anything but. Most if not all of them operate exactly like Quirky; Living in slogans, parroting things they read online without any self research, drawing obese women to be stylized as hourglass, and getting defensive over every little perceived slight.

Anyway, new pic of the dumb whore. Her skin is looking more haggard now that she's caking makeup regularly. Anyone else notice it?

Eyes- City color creme "white gold" base
Natural at Night #TooFaced Palette Shades -Eclipse
-After hours
-Night Light
#micabeauty cosmetics Shimmer Powder in 34 Harliquin
#eyeslipsface E.L.F gel eyeliner
Mascara- first layer
Perversion by Urban decay
Second- Better then Sex by Too Faced
No falsies
Cherimoya liner in Latte
Obsessed by urban decay
Jesse's Girl frosted lip glass
❤️I am in love ❤️

No. 46097

File: 1422985635577.png (941.85 KB, 1298x786, Screenshot (385).png)

Also, here's this retarded gem where she once again thinks that her opinion matters.

No. 46103

I don't mean to be rude, but I think it's an american thing. Americans feel like they need to have an opinion about everything, and they're taught that not being afraid to say your opinion out loud is a good thing

No. 46108

That could also be applied to Canadians, Aussies, and select Euros online who are part of the last three generations to have fucked the place up.

No. 46109

Yeah not an American thing, just people who think they are important.

No. 46113

Sort of.

The fat acceptance/HAES movement is exclusive (for the most part) to Canada and the United States. Other cultures (barring those weird tribes around Africa who force-feed milk and blood to their people to get obese as their beauty standard) don't push fat acceptance. Hell, Mexico surpassed the US for world's fattest country and not even they push acceptance. They don't give a fuck about your feelings. They push exercise and eating healthily.

It's a cultural thing. Fat acceptance has become it's own shitty, little subculture within these places and enables fatties to not exercise and be as vocal as possible about everything. Even when nobody cares and it doesn't matter.

No. 46133

File: 1423004178317.png (979.6 KB, 1300x773, Screenshot (389).png)

"My ham sandwich, chips and cookie for lunch. Mental health update- eh, I have been worse I suppose. I am really happy with this new job change. I've done a little bit of overtime which makes me really happy, and I will be doing more. I am mega stressed about moving, and it's causing my eating to be more of a challenge. I haven't had any major meltdowns (yet) but I have been feeling more detached from my friends and my life. I am happy that I've been tunneling energy into makeup as a hobby because it gives me something new to focus on. I am kinda passionate about it, and I feel like all my effort in getting better has me leaning toward wanting to do something more with it. Idk, I'm just spit balling. It nice to have something to focus on that isn't the source of my stress. But if you actually read these posts, thanks. Especially if you support me. Nice to know people give a shit, ya know?"


No. 46134

what a shit lunch

No. 46135

what the fuck is that and why is it all varying shades of brown

No. 46137


Sorry dude, the one that must not be named is not American and is from some bumfuck backwards country, and he is pretty fucking vocal and self-righteous.

It all depends on your family, how much they spoil you, and tell you you're the specialist of all snowflakes.

Narcissism is human nature, not an American thing. Quirky talks and talks and talks and thinks her opinion is valid because she's a narcissist. I'm pretty sure her being an ex mormon has something to do with it since they're primarily obnoxious, loud, and fake.

No. 46138


All that fucking mayo… jfc.

No. 46147

ew that made me gag Those chips look so gross and aren't sandwiches supposed to have lettuce, tomatoes and other veggies?

No. 46149

File: 1423013642240.png (684.33 KB, 1327x799, you should take what you could…)

No. 46152

He cute. Creep move though.

No. 46154

Oh, I don't deny that it was, but this is also Quirky and she really shouldn't be too picky considering what she looks like. Besides, she's lusted over other dudes before on IG for her mancrush mondays. Bitch is a whore.

No. 46155

It's one of the first things I've agreed with her about though

all the HAES, fat acceptance, etc bullshit should be silenced, but she made a lot of sense to me here

No. 46157

I think bitching about her posting her opinion on her own social media page(s) is a bit nitpicky, Anon. There's no reason why she shouldn't do it.

No. 46158

Not even Murrican, but thats a retarded thing to say. Its not an American thing, its an indivualistic culture thing.

No. 46161

I was very naive about this at first, I thought fat acceptance was about getting people to not bully young kids about their appearance, especially because of how many of them were engaging in even more destructive behaviors (worse than over eating) as a result. Kids are stuck to the conditions provided to them, and if they live in towns where everyone forms cliques they can't be part of because they're fat, it's really fucked up. Especially since they are not responsible for their overall diet and exercise. They need outside influences to help them stay healthy.

But then I sign up to tumble, and I see these incessant fat acceptance posts. I started getting irritated veeeeery quickly because it went from "I'm fat, so what? If you don't like it, then don't, but don't come harass me for it, especially if I'm minding my own business" to "you have to like me as I am, you have to perceive me the way you do thin people and be just as attracted to me!"

These delusional desperate fucks need to get their heads out of the drive through window and realize that no one owes them shit. In fact, what they're trying to do is tell them that being overweight is dangerous, just as being underweight is. But noo, these insecure shits need to feel special for once, and all of a sudden it's a personal thing. It has never been about the individual, it's always been about the weight. Once they start defining their identity through their weight themselves, of course you have to start judging the person carrying it.

tl;dr I really doubt Quirky will change anytime soon. The only way she might is if she looses enough weight to realize that all the HAES movement was doing to her was lying to her, and in a sense killing her.

No. 46162

Are you new? Because we make fun of her for everything that she does, including her stupid syntax and opinions that nobody cares about for shit that also nobody cares about. Quirky opens her mouth for every little thing and nobody cares. That's why she gets made fun of.

No. 46164

who's worse, Quirky's eating habits, or Guy Fieri's from diners, drive ins and dives?


No. 46179

Half the people on my friend list post this sort of shit. Quirky is not some sort of anomaly
>inb4 if you don't like it get out of our supa speshul klub

No. 46186

Actually, she takes event and turns it into some massive, social injustice about how she's oh so disgusted and sick of the world and LITERALLY MUH LITERALLY BREAK MUH HEART LITERALLY.

People on here make fun of Quirky not because she has opinions per say, but because she'll have these extremely passionate opinions on things that she has absolutely no reason to get so up in arms about. For communities she isn't a part of, for things she isn't a part of, for things she doesn't care about truly. It's just an excuse for her to bitch and feel "right" about something and get easy attention. If she were actually passionate, few people would give a shit… But, she flies off of the handle over everything she reads. You could give her a news article about someone happily recovering from a traumatic event and everyone is all smiles because shits going to be fine and where most people would just shrug and go, "Oh, that's good.".. Quirky will take the time to novel a fucking reply out and make it into some social issue. Every fucking thing with this cunt is a social issue or a human rights issue, even when it isn't and even when she's not a part of the community it targets. So, yes, she needs to shut the fuck up.

It isn't about a club. It's about shitposters like you who randomly show up in threads and sound like the naive retards we used to have in /cgl/ drama threads. You get told to get the fuck out if you aren't contributing, which you aren't.

You can run back to your Coffin thread now. Nobody gives a shit.

>inb4 b-but weehhhh every1 does diss!1!11!

Wow, moron. And, yet it's still fucking irritating and doesn't make it anymore tolerable!

Swear to god some of you don't know how to go the fuck outside.

No. 46194

My, you are mad. And why? Because someone points out how petty you are? Heaven forbid you're forced to take a look at yourself.

No. 46197

I love you (:

No. 46206

File: 1423029059081.png (740.08 KB, 1026x613, tagged no one.png)

Guys, try not to shitpost. It makes it difficult to find the funny hammy info and discussion on Quirky. If you want to shitpost, go to b. It's there for a reason.

Honestly, disappear for a day and things go to shit.

Back to subject. Here's two posts people have missed.

No. 46207

File: 1423029082590.png (526.21 KB, 1026x611, quirky the spawn of jabba.png)

No. 46209

File: 1423029170183.png (178.81 KB, 1023x180, I actually really care and baw…)

Also, she's back up to 4k followers and changed her profile blurb.

No. 46221

Sweetheart, before you try to get the high moral ground

No. 46232

You'd think she'd have a sort of idea about what is healthy and what is not. I don't think Quirky is too dumb to do a quick google search since she can hold a job, but holy crap how can she think eating chips will fill her up ?
Chips are made to leave you craving for more, she could easily eat a shit ton of other food for the same calorie intake as those and not be hungry 2 hours later.

No. 46239

She does seem to have some sort of basic knowledge about eating well, there was a pic posted in the last thread where she made a meal with some healthier choices (brown rice instead of white, for example), only the portion sizes was huge, as would be expected. Quirky just seems to be a 'one step forward, two steps back' sort of person by not sticking to healthy choices. Perhaps she thinks that one healthy meal excuses several healthy ones?

No. 46240

When she lists the products she uses, it's painfully obvious how small her collection is despite how much she ~loves~ makeup. She uses the same handful of products over and over again and when she gets a new product, she uses it to death. Most people I know who are into makeup, while they have their favourite and holy grail products, are constantly trying new products and brands.

Also, new video on her instagram http://instagram.com/p/yq8hpPhV-w/?modal=true
Her 'lipstick' is all smeared despite how carefully she implies she applied it. And I can't believe she STILL can't apply eyeliner in a smooth, even line even though it was one of the first makeup products she started wearing. The very least she could do is take a cotton swab to even out the wings, but that is obviously too much effort.

No. 46243

She does this thing where she'll try to start off healthy and balanced but slowly starts to give in to shit food because she's mentally unstable and well, fat.

She's also one of those people who sets unrealistic goals for her weight loss, like cutting down her portions to a normal person's size, which obviously has a ballooning up effect on her because she doesn't get full.

Not so long ago she took a picture of brown rice with salad and water, now she's going back to her old habits because she's fucking addicted to food and she's not realistic about changing her habits either.

Eyeliner is always fucked with her. She got this Benefit's eyeliner because supposedly it was for people with shaky hands. She still hasn't learned shit.

No. 46244

Well I don't expect her to eat the same portions as regular people, because of her size, so if she ate the same servings but with healthy stuff she'd still lose weight (obviously she'd have to cut it down afterwards to keep the weight loss going on).
But really chips ?? That's plain retarded, she could bake potatoes instead or eat a cucumber salad to get the crunchy feeling. Almost anything would be better.

I really don't know about her food addiction and I've never been nowhere near her size so I don't know how it feels to cut down all the soda and junk food she eats. But I'm disappointed in her, if she wants to fill her face she could try to find a healthier alternative, at least she'd still feel full.
I don't see why she thinks she needs to adopt the same diet as regular -slightly overweight- people because she's so massive, even simple changes will make her shed weight at first.

This "want results now now now !" mentality is the worst in a diet and really set people up for failure. Quirky you've been fat almost all your life, do you think you can look like your friend in 2 months ?

No. 46245

I don't remember any instance of her cutting her portion sizes down to normal, but feel free to point to anything I have missed.

And regarding that eyeliner, she's wearing ELF's gel liner in that, not the Benefit one (I assume you're referring to the newish click up gel one? I forget the name). I get trying to save money when it comes to makeup because it can get expensive fast, but there are better products out there that aren't shit or expensive. Maybelline's gel liner is a million times better than ELF's, and if she can afford the Semi-Sweet palette, she should be able to afford that. For a supposed makeup guru, she knows fuck all about products OR application.

No. 46246


So much this, these /cgl/s need to go back to their shit board half-chan and bitches from PULL need to gtfo and stay in their forums AND FIND THE TRUTH

lmao hypocrite bitches, at least most of us are straight up about being catty gossipy bitches, don't act like a moralfag in an imageboard devoted to making fun of retarded internet personalities.

(The Peter Coffin thread on 8chans /cow/ is waaay better btw)

No. 46247

She has a binging problem, and she has these periods of time where she pretends she's making positive changes about her diet. However, and despite what she claims she knows about nutrition, she still goes for sugary shit that's masked as a "healthy option", like those fucking protein bars.

She posted a picture not so long ago where her portions were drastically reduced.
This was her breakfast 3 weeks ago, when she was claiming she was trying to change.

And this was her lunch two weeks ago
>quinoa, rice, chicken, fruit

Now compare it to this shit
>ham sandwich drenched in mayo, chips, a fucking chocolate cookie

She slips into her habits every single time because she doesn't have the will to change, and she doesn't set realistic standards for herself.

As for the eyeliner, it's a flat tip liner that supposedly gets you smooth lines. She whored it out as soon as she got it. Some of her shit are samples, like the Too Faced mascara.
She bitched about Too Faced's prices in her makeup video.

No. 46248

Lots of her makeup, especially her high end makeup (or mid range, depending on your definition of high end, let's not start this discussion again), I think she gets from sample boxes. She had a lip subscription box and I suspect she has Ipsy too, judging by the Mica loose shadow she's been using a lot recently and the Color Club lipstick that I think were both in October's box. At the very least, her primers and mascaras are samples that she "plans to purchase full size"

No. 46298

I don't understand why she still doesn't understand the concept of calories in < calories out

I get it, quirky, I like shitty food, but I've also lost 10lbs so far just eating less shitty food than I normally would, keeping my total calorie intake down. You can still eat chips if you want, just don't eat two giant handfulls of them.

She keeps failing at dieting because she tries to do too much. Of course you are going to relapse in two days if all you're eating is brown rice and lettuce. Just find a meal that is relatively low in calories, kinda healthy, that you really like, and start there. Don't force yourself to eat food you dont like.

No. 46299

But her opinions are always retarded.

No. 46300

God. She can't even eat it on wheat bread or put vegetables on it. All the foods she eats are just meat and potato type shit.

No. 46304

> chips and a cookie for lunch

While i admit i have done this before (no more Bread in the house and to busy to go grocerie shopping) how does her brain see this as healthy or even normal. I am baffled. On week she is on her way eating quinoa and chicken, the next she is back to slathering her sandwiches with mayo.

No. 46305

File: 1423079721174.jpg (577.19 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

She looks sick..

No. 46308

Anon isn't capable of understanding that. They're probably the retard from the previous thread who tried to excuse Quirky being a terrible person just because bawww e-everyone is terruble doe!1!! We used to get these morons in /cgl/ all of the time. It would be a drama thread and there would be legitimately shitty or annoying things someone had done and you'd always get that ONE retard who would come in to be like "WELL ACKSHULLAY..", trying to justify why the person was in the right or not that bad.

She's so fucking disgusting..

No. 46311

File: 1423081798466.png (891.25 KB, 1299x791, damaged autists.png)

Holy shit, he's so disgusting looking. He's like a fat chipmunk with fucked teeth and she just looks like a fat man. This is the type of picture you'd look at and think, "Oh, a married couple in their 40s." They both look so goddamned haggard.

No. 46321

File: 1423085212153.jpg (699.98 KB, 3400x2698, Stillafatty.jpg)

I can't make her look good even with a truck full of Photoshop.

No. 46322

File: 1423085860739.gif (679.24 KB, 245x150, jonah.gif)


OMG He definitely looks like an inbred from Nebraska and she definitely looks like your typical southern morbidly obese tard (I swear there needs to be a new category for people as fat as Quirky)

Overweight: Obese: Morbidly Obese: Tick Tock Obese

I can't get over how ugly he is, no wonder he gives you so much shit Quirky, I don't think he can do better than you hahaha

No. 46323


Also, I'm guessing he's finally divorced now?

Or she talking about a victory over the trolls?
Because the latter is walking into Chri Chan territory. You can't beat the trolls, stupid Quirky.

No. 46328

To be honest anon it's not all that bad. Something needs to be done with her nose though

No. 46329

I wonder if she's actually happy with him or if deep down she feels that that's the best she can do because a lot of guys who go after girls like her are fat fetishists.

I personally wouldn't get into a long distance relationship due to not being able to hold deeply romantic feelings for someone who I'm not in physical contact with at least once a week. If I were insecure about my appearance or questioning the motives of the person I was dating I'd probably be sick with worry. Idk how she does it.

No. 46331

also her inner eye corners and eyebrows look gross on both, but your edits certainly helped

No. 46332

I suppose a victory over us because we deny his existence.

She's happy that she gets free shit and validation. If you're a naive retard like Quirky and you've only had one relationship prior and the guy cheated on you, you pretty much throw your pussy at whoever walks by after that. Girls like her are easy and sad.

No. 46336

Yeah, although most of us agree that he is real but he is just a feeder

No. 46338

File: 1423088254946.png (905.76 KB, 1290x795, my sides.png)

I'm dying over here, help.
The fucking caption and these comments, I'm suffocating.

No. 46339


>I'm suffocating.

Looks like Quirky is too

No. 46341

No. 46342

>being this controlling

Don't worry Quirk, nobody wants to steal ratboy away

No. 46343


Seriously though, the combination of her fat, pasty skin, eye makeup and lipstick makes her look like a waterlogged corpse.

I'm all for blue lipstick, but holy shit Quirky, what made you think you could pull this off??

No. 46345

I love you bitches so much.

No. 46348

People are already telling her to cool her shit.

jennbrear @quirkyloverosee Or, potentially, girls aren't rude or out to steal/ruin anything? I'm thousands of miles away in England, wonderfully engaged, super happy with my life and certainly not a cretin who tries to mess with other people's relationships however I have enjoyed following you and reading your posts, appreciating your promotion of self love and accepting everything about yourself. Like @jackiexbam said, I follow you yet I don't know you- I requested to follow him because I saw the post, thought how adorable, and curiously wanted to see if his feed was similarly as engaging as yours? I thought he could potentially be another nice, positive, addition to my instagram feed which is the only reason I follow anyone who I do not personally.

jackiexbam I haven't followed him, but I follow you and I don't know you. I follow a shit ton of people I don't know for all kinds of reasons, so isn't strange to say that people are shady for following your boyfriend?
quirkyloverosee @jackiexbam in my shoes, it's shady for someone(an influx of like 30 people including people I have blocked) I do not know because of the issues I have had online. And his account is private for a reason. So yeah, it's a bit shady. Only my CLOSEST friends have followed him because I asked them if they wanted too:

No. 46359

So are they like moving in together?

No. 46361

More lulz for us. Can't wait to see her trying to show off lingerie he buys her. It'll be like dressing up Ghostbusters marshmallow man for a VS fashion show.

No. 46363

>>Everyone who's friends with my bf has to be friends with me omg


No. 46365

She's blatantly aware that she looks like shit and anyone could steal this guy. Maybe she's afraid some thinny pretty will turn him off from deathfats?

No. 46366

>>(I swear there needs to be a new category for people as fat as Quirky)

There already is, it's called "deathfat".

No. 46368

Lol honey if you're already living with your Sea World caretaker I can assure you that if you keep on with that attitude you'll be out of his house in less than 5 seconds.

No. 46369

Unlikely, the guy seems desperate.

No. 46375

Well it's not like he will be able to fuck her anymore. She's only getting fatter by the minute so sex will be out of the question pretty soon unless he settles for grabbing a random roll of fat to fuck.

No. 46380

If he is a feeder and with her for his fetish, she really should be more worried about any overweight girls he's friends with.

If he is a fat fetishist, then it's highly likely he has a backup pod to choose from.

No. 46383

If they're really moving in together I can't see this relationship lasting. Her personality is so vile, even if he's a hardcore fat fetishist. There are way cuter and way less retarded fatties out there.

Or maybe he thinks he can't do better (he could probably do marginally better, at least, he doesn't look nearly as fat as her) because he has kids.

No. 46388

Ugh I know it's sad but I get annoyed when people like Quirky can be in relationships and I'm single. I don't even dislike her for her size or even personality, just her delusion about the whole HAES movement and the demands she makes from her followers about how to feel about her in terms of her fat.

No. 46389

I don't see why you'd be annoyed considering it's not like her having a bf makes any impact whatsoever on you getting one. That just sounds really petty, ngl.
Besides which, I don't think Quirky is going on her choice of suitors here, she's literally taking what she is given. She is desperate.

No. 46390

Bear in mind that she has a shit ugly boyfriend who probably only likes her because he's a fat fetishist and she has zero standards herself.

No. 46392


Yeah I guess I am being petty. I was thinking that I was annoyed by the fact that people like Quirky (I also should have added her bf) are likely going out with people without any real romantic interest in them but what they can gain from them.

I hate that quality in anyone, so I shouldn't have solely attributed it to Quirky.

No. 46395

I think she's more frustrated than annoyed. I know that feel. It seems like a lot of these lolcows with shit personalities have loving boyfriend who care about them, and it's just baffling how that happens. Inb4 nicegirl legbeard.

No. 46396

Anyone here not frustrated at all and just enjoying the slow trainwreck?

No. 46397

Comments on this shit are gold, bitches putting her in her place. Also, her friend visceralstardust in all of her Tumblrtard/SJW/gender damaged fluid haggard face self has no room to be talking about any other girls. Bitch looks like a 70 year old still trying to play goffick.

No. 46400

File: 1423096088927.gif (931.89 KB, 258x258, happybirb.gif)

I am.
I always enjoy people like her who like to brag about her relationship and plaster their couple pictures everywhere, slowly seeing their social media become devoted to their love life, just to see them breaking up and crashing so fucking hard they always abandon the internet.

No. 46403

Me, Quirky going out with ratboy doesn't affect my self esteem or happiness in the slightest
The aftermath and potential drama that will ensue does directly affect my happiness though

I'm personally thinking it's going to be a short matter of time until either lingerie or new nude pics surface to be honest

No. 46416

..Ew, what if they take nude selfies together?

No. 46418

File: 1423101186062.jpg (43.02 KB, 560x292, Queeny smile.jpg)

Nope! I'm loving this so much and I can't wait for the chaos.

And for the other anons who are frustrated, just know that whatever guy you end up with won't be a creepy feeder like Quirky's.
I'm looking forward to the day when her tie-dye muumuu stops fitting.

No. 46419

A new my 600 lb life is on with another 23 yr old like Quirky. She should tune in to what her future might be like very soon

No. 46425

I don't know why they're frustrated. I mean, Quirky has a shitty personality, but don't we all? We DO hang out on an anonymous image board to bitch about people who we don't even know personally. I don't know why people are surprised they don't have a boyfriend when its pretty obvious

No. 46427

Oh you definitely can. You just have to ignore them. But the reason lolcows exist is because they keep acknowledging them like fucking this.

They're idiots for a reason, though.

No. 46433

This. Quirky is a massive retard who always screams that she doesn't care what people think, but every other day you see some rant about what someone said to her followed by a screenshot.

No. 46438


Hahaha Quirky, you're soooo jealous. I mean, I always knew you were jealous and an envious person, but this shit right here, lmfao, you sound so pathetic and insecure even your followers are telling you to calm your chin-tits.

BTW, I don't think you guys know how feeders work. They're enablers, yes, but a lot of it has to do with control and having that person completely and totally dependant on them. If Quirky is already starting shit over this, oh boy, let me tell you he won't be staying until she's blubbering about how he can do whatever he wants as long as he stays with her.

Remember, this is the fatass that fucked her her ex to get back at her ex-best friend. Quirky has that mentality where it's the other girl's fault if a guy cheats/dumps her. She's like those trailor park trash sluts on Jerry Springer that rip each others hair out for the affections of a man that's cheating on both of them.

Her pettiness, trashiness, and lack of self-esteem knows no bounds.

No. 46442

Exactly. If she actually paid attention to threads here, she'd see that lolcow gets bored pretty easily.

No. 46455


I'd rather die and be single for the rest of my life as I am right now than have a feeder BF at the cost of weighing 550 lbs. Even if I lost all that weight, my body would be reckt (inside and out).

Besides, there so much of the world to do and see, why let a man define you when you can define yourself with your deeds? Girls, stop looking for BF's, DO YOU and a lot of the times, when you least expect it, love just lands on your lap (don't be like Quirky, you know damn well she found this guy on a BBW board).

No. 46466

>I'd rather die and be single for the rest of my life

No. 46485

File: 1423107674075.png (547.97 KB, 1310x782, whale mad.png)

blah blah blah blah

No. 46486

File: 1423107706653.gif (1.96 MB, 160x160, cocks.gif)


Awww come on anon, you know what I meant :I

No. 46489

File: 1423107896702.png (40.94 KB, 225x225, 1422165786981.png)

The difference is that even though I browse these sites I know the time and place to gossip and bitch about people. If you're so broken to the point where you don't know when it's prudent to do this shit, then I don't know what to tell you.

No. 46505

File: 1423108696428.jpg (170.87 KB, 617x600, 1404255873280.jpg)

>mfw I have a boyfriend
>mfw he actually laughs at shit with me on here

Why are people not allowed to take amusement in stupid people anymore? Village idiots were a thing long ago. Not a new concept, guys.

No. 46530

File: 1423110830340.png (928.2 KB, 1317x793, her kisses taste like big macs…)

No. 46534

This shit is disgusting, no matter who posts it. Is she 16 or something?

No. 46537

lmao the file name, also this picture grosses me out, like why post that. It just seems like she's trying real hard to show that they're together.

No. 46539

I'm just confused at how she's taking a selfie while they're kissing. I could understand if maybe one was kissing the others cheek or something, but not full on liplocking.

No. 46542

I guess she just has her arm stretched out as far as she can.

No. 46545


She's legit retarded, we established a few threads back that she did have a feeder, like, what is she trying to prove?

Or is she doing this to keep those jealous bitches away from his IG?

No. 46548

Why would she think girls were jealous of her boyfriend? There are plenty of better looking guys out there, and there isn't really anything about we know about his personality that makes him appealing either.

Also has she ever mentioned her stance on having kids, either in general or with her boyfriend? Because I highly doubt she could conceive at her size, assuming he could actually penetrate her

No. 46553

She can't, we've discussed this. She's too fat to use the pill and too fat to conceive.

No. 46554

Yeah, but has she ever mentioned wanting them?

No. 46555


He already has them. I wonder how they have sex. I was watching a documentary about deathfats and few of them said they couldn't have sex anymore because they were so fat.

I guess that's why Quirky likes sucking dick. She really doesn't have a choice if she wants sexual contact, lmao

No. 46556

Well they definitely don't have PIV sex, there is nothing identifiable as a vagina down there. She probably does just give him blowjobs and then maybe he fucks one of her many rolls while he tweaks her nipple and that's it. There's no way she's ever on top, she'd crush him and it'd be too much work for her anyway.

No. 46565

PIV sex?

No. 46567

Derp never mind.

Thought maybe it was some new toy/move for deathfats

No. 46568

Penis In Vagina, for anyone else who's confused.

No. 46577

How does she pee properly? Or poop even? I am so confused about how to work an obese body.

No. 46578

Everything can find a way out, the question is more how she cleans herself…

No. 46588

Yeah that is my main concern. Especially peeing because I feel like it would just get everywhere. How does she even sit on a toilet?

No. 46589

No. 46590


That's why deathfats are notorious for suffering from "urine burn". They can't reach and clean, so they just keep pissing and pissing and the urine gets nice and cozy in their folds and ferments and scalds the skin. Causes yeast infections as well in the rolls.

No. 46594

Two balloons kissing.

No. 46596


She has to have a Strong Jhon toilet. If she doesn't, I don't think she can afford to keep replacing toilet seats. I think she lifts the seat itself up and sits on the base/rim of the toilet itself. I think that's what poor deathfats do instead of destroying toilet seats.

No. 46598

That would eventually break the bowl, right?
Speaking of toilet things, do you guys think she has one of those grip arms?

No. 46599

File: 1423119534697.png (230.97 KB, 900x677, fat_stocking_wallpaper_by_nigh…)

That leo girl has her ig set to private now. Wonder how many of Quirkys mindless sheep were harassing her.

No. 46600


And this is why we shit on Quirky. All you moralfags from cgl fuck off. We're gonna wreck this bitch every time she posts her whale songs on IG.

Does her BF know she has Herpes? :^)

No. 46697

How does she wipe? Someone should ask.

No. 46723

File: 1423158475655.png (922.31 KB, 1299x777, Screenshot (396).png)

No. 46736

>mfw I'm planning my wedding with my fiance

Right, anon. Right. It's not just because we find joy in laughing at and farming idiots.

No. 46739

Like clockwork.
Cue the flood of asschest pics with drag makeup for the next week.

No. 46741

Maybe he gave them to her.

No. 46751

Nope. IIRC she got them from the random guy of CL.

It's doubtful she's mentioned it. Why would she want to lower her already low chances? Not many people would be willing to really risk getting herpes if they don't have it, just to be with somebody like Rosie. There are likely a lot of other whales to hump who don't have it, so it's not like Rat Boy has to settle.

No. 46754

>not dwell on negative

Bitch, you know damn well you're going to post more pictures with people's opinions of you and freak the fuck out over them like you always do. Why do none of her followers call her out on that specific bullshit?

Also, loving thy neighbor my ass. Rosie, you are hateful, manipulative, jealous, and you don't love anyone. Not even yourself.

No. 46755

Why do we need to keep repeating the same goddamned information for some of you.
Read the ED page in the fucking OP or previous threads. They're linked so that none of us has to waste time spoonfeeding your asses.

No. 46759

File: 1423162659927.png (262.14 KB, 924x516, thats gross.png)

No. 46761


So she makes people suffer needlessly without aid or healthcare? Oh. Okay. Good to know.

No. 46764

I don't understand why she licks this girl's ass so much. Is she some fat activist?

No. 46765

fatties sure love to boast on how good they are at giving blowjobs


No. 46769

it's probably because she's so fat that her mouth is like a fatty vacuum

just puckering her lips is enough to vacuum up crumbs in her vincinity, imagine what she can do to dicks

No. 46790


Pretty sure if she can still have sex it's only doggy style and that gets boring pretty quickly.

Guys love blowjobs though, those never get old for them, so these fatties perfect it because in regards to sex, that's literally all they can do. Quirky can't straddle a guy, she can't 69, all she can do is get on all fours and hope the guy finds her AWOL vagina.

No. 46822

She's so trashy.

No. 46846

Fatties assume they are experts of gobbling things in their mouth when in reality other men give the best blow jobs.

No. 46850

Lol you sound like a virgin. There are other sex positions. And 69? Do people actually do that? Nobody I know.

No. 46852

Ive only ever met one guy that didn't like blow jobs, he said the thought of something with teeth around his dick freaked him out

anyway, insecure people flaunt their head game to other people because it's supposed to make up for their lack of personality or physical attractiveness

No. 46853


..Are.. Are you retarded? Just because people you know don't 69 doesn't mean that others don't. My boyfriend and I do and so did two of my exes.

No. 46854

They said that's probably the only position rat boy can access her vagina from at this point.
Also, you're missing out.

No. 46856

Pray tell, what other sex positions could Quirkys massive frame be able to engage in?

>TFW 8 inches height difference between boyfriend and I
>TFW 69ing is very difficult
Life sucks sometimes

No. 46864

people feel the need to tell you what sexual positions they partake in? you sound like a child.

No. 46865


I'm just trying to imagine the vile, noxious stench that emits into our fragile atmosphere while Quirkplanet engages in sex.
I bet it's like a dead cat that's been baking in a polluted, sun-brimmed quarry for two weeks.

No. 46870

Well let's see, unless he's into being asphyxiated or crushed by a beast, she can't be on top.

If he was on top, he'd have a hard time digging through her fat to find her vagina.

I also hope that he has enough money to buy furniture to support her, because I can already see their bed breaking after a week.

No. 46889

File: 1423197385637.png (169.2 KB, 511x384, fat bag.png)

>digging through her fat

This popped into my head when I read that.

No. 46942

meh I think you're right, I think 69 is overrated and only virgin-kids speak of it because it's a "funny number"
It's a very awkward position and both partners need to focus on what they're doing and what they're receiving at the same time, it's better to switch around.
I've only done 69 once in my life and didn't like it so never did it again.

No. 46944

>8 inches
>tfw almost a foot difference between my bf and I
>tfw even missionary is weird and uncomfortable
I guess just cowgirl and doggie for me then

No. 46946

Missionary's kind of awkward for us too, I end up staring at his chest unless he kind of stoops.

No. 46952

I think we have the same bf lol

No. 47001

File: 1423246867628.png (824.21 KB, 1019x611, on league.png)

No. 47002

File: 1423246971938.png (631.47 KB, 1024x609, eggplanet.png)

No. 47003

Anyone ever wonder what her ring size is?

No. 47013

She looks really stupid here. Especially showing off her aging, sagging under eyes. Feels real fucking nice to not have that shit going on.


No. 47019

What's his Instagram name?

No. 47020


No. 47024

>meeting through League of Legends

Well that explains everything l o l

No. 47028

File: 1423252847617.jpg (208.87 KB, 682x600, david.jpg)


>on league

No. 47029

No clue. I think I missed it before she deleted it if she had it somewhere.

No. 47034


Hoola hoop.

No. 47035

That fucking game. I swear.

No. 47037

Shit taste confirmed.

No. 47038

LoL? topkek

http://youtu.be/_Gz9um3wV1o <~Team Siren

No. 47042

File: 1423254583656.jpg (78.28 KB, 320x213, Hula_Hoops_Snack_Original.jpg)


I think you meant the toy but I'm sure either is fine for Quirky.

No. 47049

File: 1423257300840.png (720.72 KB, 1018x610, rxlhOHA[1].png)

Petition to get Quirks to stop using Drag Queen slang, please sign for the benefit of my poor, gay heart.

No. 47052

why is her face so speckly? It looks like she used way too much shit on it

No. 47055

File: 1423263132169.jpg (88.24 KB, 640x640, lumpy face shitty glasses.jpg)


Video of her trying to show off drugstore brushes.

No. 47064

my guess is a really shitty or unblended powder.

No. 47066

Does she not realise that lip liner is to line your lips. Not draw further in than your lip line wtf.

No. 47071

Why does she keep doing poses with that stupid gaping cavern mouth? She has a lumpy face and gross lumpy lip shape. Not to mention her almost widow's peak shit going on up there and that big ass nose, holy fuck.

No. 47072

That's her natural pose, waiting for either food or a dick to enter.

No. 47079

File: 1423270625524.jpg (45.89 KB, 432x324, lol2.jpg)


She bought a stippling brush? Quirky your stupid ass can't even use a beauty blender correctly, I doubt you even know how to use a regular foundation brush (what am I talking about, do you even OWN ONE?), and you got a stippling brush? Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't those brushes for people that are a little more advanced in makeup?

I can't wait for her to fuck this up too. :^)

No. 47219

File: 1423337849108.png (672.77 KB, 928x553, kek.png)

She's going to see him in April.

No. 47223

I'm confused. I thought they were going to live together? Or did I get the wrong end of the stick?

No. 47224

Someone alert all restaurants in the area so they can start planning now.

No. 47238

I'm pretty confused too.

No. 47258

File: 1423347850380.png (296.44 KB, 1322x786, Screenshot (399).png)

>mfw I have owned the prom night lipstick since it's official December release

Aw, Quirky, did you stalk our makeup thread over here? Good luck, you're going to look ratchet as shit trying to use liquid lipstick. You probably don't even know how to fucking prep for wearing it.

No. 47270


what seems most likely to me is that she purposefully making it seem like they are going to live together, without exactly saying that they are, in order to appear special and wanted to her "fans."

It makes her feel, if only for an instant, like she is in a real relationship and not this bullshit long distance feeder/feede thing. I'm certain that if someone asked her directly if they were moving in together, she'd get defensive and "I NEVER SAID THAT" on them.

No. 47271

I hate all her stupid tags so fucking much.

No. 47284

She has a hard enough time applying normal lipstick within her lipline, she has no hope with a liquid lipstick.

No. 47287

Makes sense. I wonder if someone will ask.
One of her followers already asked where he lives and she didn't bother answering.

No. 47288

At first I thought she was moving in with her mother but not really since her mother was moving overseas, then I swear she implied she was moving in with her boyfriend guy, and now she's not moving in with him and merely seeing him for 3-4 days in April?

Also it's so weird that even for an LDR they don't see each other that much. Most LDRs I know of make every attempt to be with each other as much as possible, usually at least once a month if not more often.

No. 47290

Quirky is dirt poor. Why is this weird to you?

No. 47291

File: 1423355186034.gif (206.18 KB, 500x281, 1357432682007.gif)

Who would want to see her ass that much.
Thats prob. why he sends her so much shit so she doesn't force him to see her all the time.

No. 47323

that's because it isn't a real long distance relationship. It's a sham, and she's the biggest believer. She'll post screenshots of nice texts he sends her and "presents" (Which I still have a hard time believing actually came from him) but that's it.

It could just be that the only thing he wants from her is a sense of power over another human, a feeder/feede relationship. It could be that he feels like garbage for being an unattractive single father. It could be many things, but she's so willing to see him as this great Romeo that it probably makes him feel at least a little bit better… but he doesn't want to put any actual effort into their "relationship."

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Why try harder when you already get a little self esteem boost just by sending an occasional nice text?

No. 47334

I don't know much about a feeder fetish works, but wouldn't he want to be as close to her as possible for it?

No. 47339

Yeah, stippling brushes have a particular way of using. She's probably going to fucking smear the foundation with the brush like she always does.

No. 47340

a] She doesn't know how to apply it
b] She's indeed using a lot of product on her face

No. 47341

She's poor as fuck, and she worded those captions poorly as well. She's going to have to wait one year to move in with him, that is if he's still with her. She mentioned this some time ago, when they were still living in the old house and her mom told her they were moving.
Eh it depends, anon. Sometimes you meet someone who lives in another country and it's hard to meet because of money. I do agree this relationship only seems to work from a distance.

No. 47387

File: 1423393927608.jpg (132.13 KB, 480x715, image.jpg)

Everytime I see her posts on my Instagram feed, I have to hold myself back from going into full-on autismal rage on the comments. She absolutely sickens me as a human being. I honestly thought I knew what a shitty fucking person was, and then I learned about Quirky. She's mean, lazy, self-absorbed, completely undisciplined, and a waste of space. Everytime I want her to succeed, she slumps back in to her old routine of abject nothingness. I'm disgusted by her. But I soldier through the urges, because there's nothing like reading quirks Instagram when you're really fuckin drunk. I'm super surprised she hasn't figured out and blocked me. I basically have a troll username.

Anyway, quirky is horrible blah blah, whatever. I can't believe how long she stuck to her diet! It may have even been a full week. Way to show some self control

No. 47438

Know that feel, anon. I always feel like the worst type of fat person to have to deal with are the mean ones.

No. 47455

Her ED pageviews have been jumping lately.

No. 47457

>a waste of space
You got that right, anon. A lot of space.

No. 47478

File: 1423421769360.png (833.18 KB, 1020x610, durr wut happuned.png)

No. 47484

From a glimpse at the thumbnail of this, I thought he was giving her a whole, unsliced pizza to eat lol.

No. 47498

lol thanks, now I can't unsee it.

No. 47529

She had the potential to have cheekbones like a model, or maybe that's just fat…

No. 47578

File: 1423431654578.jpg (113.33 KB, 640x640, whale scarf.jpg)

I wish she would hang herself with that scarf.

No. 47587

It or the unfortunate beam she'd use wouldn't be able to take the load.

No. 47602

I was really fat when I was 10, like 5'4 (tall too) and 151 lbs. I remember standing on the side of my bathtub and slipping because it was wet, trying to hold on to the shower curtain pole and having it rip out of the wall.

Made me think that in Quirky's case, the entire wall may come down around her.

Oh also, I don't want her to hurt herself at all, she already does by over eating and not getting exercise, thats more than enough.

No. 47608

Agreed. She's eating herself slowly to death already that saying one wishes she kills herself is redundant at this point.

No. 47616

No. 47619

Her skin has the WORST texture. Is that cellulite I spy?

No. 47644


Jesus she's so loud and trashy.

She also looks genderless and has greasy greasy hair.

No. 47646

Oh no…. She having such a hard time breathing. And it sounds really disgusting

No. 47649

No. 47654


Her eyes look like they're sinking into her skull (well fat in her case).

No. 47660

I don't hate fat people. I just hate Quirky.

No. 47752

No. 47754

How could anyone take a picture like that, look at it, and say "yes I want this on the internet for everyone to see."

Oh wait.

No. 47755

blue waffle lips.

No. 47756

Oh, shut the fuck up Quirky.
Also that lipstick looks like brandless $1 shop quality.

No. 47758

That's because it's not lipstick. It's eyeshadow over a white base.

No. 47762


Frozen asshole. That's what this reminds me of.

No. 47764

That mental image.

No. 47804

>not using an adblocker

No. 47815

File: 1423510118895.jpg (107 KB, 1024x611, 654.JPG)

simply ebin

No. 47816

File: 1423510160814.jpg (96.67 KB, 1026x608, 789.JPG)

boyfriend's instagram revealed

bravo quirky

No. 47820

you bitch
can't unsee

No. 47822

he looks like he could be quirky's little brother. I hate those incestuous looking couples

No. 47829

Oh ew now that you mention it. God he is ugly. Although i shouldnt be surprised with a GF like Quirk

No. 47892

>tfw I look more like my boyfriend's sister than his actual sister
>tfw when we're not even the same race

Anyway, to keep on topic, I don't really see much of a brother-sister resemblance between Quirky and her bf tbh. They both just look like generic fat white people. She's so stupid to have posted his instagram handle when she knows we watch her though.

No. 47894

Her brother or whoever that s, is kinda cute. :x I like his voice too

No. 47903

where did you hear his voice?

No. 47923

I thought was him in the last couple of videos that anon posted. He sounds like a little kid.

No. 47943

I think the person in the videos is a woman?

No. 47987

No. 47990


Sorry meant to quote you not >>47894

No. 48245

File: 1423593844508.png (297.8 KB, 1022x608, wah attenshunzz.png)

No. 48273


>rape culture


For fucks sake. Yeah, it was a spergy awkward message that the guy probably thought was romantic, yeah, the guy was way out of line, and I know it's sort of a blanket term for tumblr "feminists", but for fucks sake, cut the "bawwww i was raped over the interwebs" shit

No. 48303




No. 48304

>you have nice eyes


No. 48388

>Thanks the lord I don't have to deal with online dating

She met her fucking "bf" on an online game…

No. 48441

I think her rant at the guy who said her eyes are nice is the pinacle of her stupidity.

Surely she cannot get any more ridiculous.

We should prod this cow for lulz. I think she's ready for it. Does anyone have ideas?

My idea is to make an instagram pretending to be her, and shitpost with it, saying racist/stupid shit.

Another idea would be to link one of her accounts (like skype? does she have a skype?) on 8chan and 4chans /soc/ boards saying she wants to cam sex with people.

No. 48457

Anon, she reads this thread.

No. 48569

Feel free. Someone already made a fake tumblr of her.

What we need to do is update her ED article. Most of the other boards think she's just a boring lazy hamplanet with nothing lulzy from what's there now instead of the gems we get.

No. 48575

File: 1423624896499.png (915.18 KB, 2440x608, bruised prune.png)

No. 48591

Her fans seem like just the kinds of people who would like 50 shades.
>>Tee-hee im so perverted omg XD

No. 48639



Quirks, being a fat fuck who stuffs her face with junk doesn't mean you deserve to be praised as a ~*~strong recovery warrior~*~

No. 48910

File: 1423712581037.png (875.31 KB, 1025x611, in...a mug.png)

No. 48913


that looks like a bowl full of snot

No. 48919

Omg lol!! I lost my shit at this and commented "LOLing forever" and she blocked me on Instagram for it aww sadness

No. 48951

My mum has this. It's supposed to be a bowl for soup. It's just a bowl with a handle.

No. 48963

I don't get it, what's there to make fun of? It's just soup

No. 48975

She must be using a giant serving spoon then.

No. 48976

Never mind, it's wasn't the soup picture, it was the one where she posted a DM from a troll. He sent her a picture of a blue whale and said "you look really good in this. Fuck your neck tits" and I just couldn't help it. (Bravo if one if you farmers sent it.)
I guess one comment is grounds for a "block and report" lololol

No. 49025

That soup looks disgusting.

No. 49072

It sort of looks like she spat it back out.

No. 49083

File: 1423767111468.png (614.87 KB, 1077x659, 1423765631010.png)

OT but this totally looks like rosey

No. 49101

holy shit that does look like her

No. 49152

lol I read artist as autistic.

No. 49173

Her account is back on private.

No. 49193

File: 1423787897585.jpg (66.18 KB, 719x805, 4r43.jpg)

lol I drink sup from a mug all the time, soup in a mug get with the times anon
Kek, I bet every time she loses half a pound she freaks out over becoming anorexic

I think she actually did that right? when she lost 20 pounds at some point?

No. 49195

She lost 40, said her face was skeletal and she didn't recognize herself, then dropped the diet.

No. 49203


my sides will never be found again

No. 49205

File: 1423788477336.jpg (54 KB, 540x960, 548.jpg)

lol sorry I meant quirky, they're one huge blob in my brain

speaking of which, I wonder what saxy is up to

No. 49211

File: 1423788914055.png (220.79 KB, 1021x611, replying to b8.png)

lol really? It'll go public again in a week or two at most.

No. 49213

>a race
Another educational moment with quirky the moron.

She should really get a dumblr.

No. 49240

She had one, but realized that she wasn't going to get enough attention there which is why she moved on to Instagram. Where Quirky chooses to operate from is dependent on how much attention she can get, which is why she uses YouTube and Instagram the very most and not so much Facebook or Tumblr. Also, let us not forget the days of her rolling around Reddit telling people how much she loved giving head and passing her nudes to fetishists.

No. 49242

This is the pinnacle of her stupidity.

No. 49261

I would think she would get just as much attention there with the fativism shit, and a bunch of other fatties going yes mama slaaaaaaaay ur the most beautiful evaaaaaaaa

I guess she wants more validation from men, though.

No. 49699

File: 1423917313675.png (962.54 KB, 1363x666, andadietcoke.png)

Whenever fatties say that I imagine a huge fat dragon mocking the knights who want to slay it

No. 49702

holy shit
they're=there are


No. 49703

There the fatty goes again with 'nom' bullshit
Lol at least diet coke (do you guys think she turned the calorie content to the camera or random?)

No. 49705

Watch her next post
'I'm in a very bad place right now. I try to fight but people won't let me enjoy life. I struggled with the ketchup and people make me feel bad.' #edwarrior #justhalfthebottle

No. 49706

Fat cunts that eat the worst, fattiest, most sugary high calorie shit but drink a diet coke with it make me kek so hard. Obviously drinking it with any food, regardless of how unhealthy it is, makes it justified.

No. 49707


Quirky makes me think of that Family Guy sketch

No. 49711

omg hahaha I don't know if links work from instagram but if they do, someone should link that in her photo.

No. 49714

File: 1423928869142.jpg (95.85 KB, 720x960, iiu.jpg)

I wonder if she realises how stupid it makes her look.

probs not, she probs thinks it doesn't matter

No. 49715

File: 1423928938468.png (931.54 KB, 1293x662, tzzg.png)

that was from her failbook

No. 49719

Oh, it was too. I'm an idiot.
Ugh, when I see her posting her food I can't help but imagine her eating it, huffing and puffing, munching and slurping with her mouth open and the squelching of the fatty juices from under her teeth. Fucking tmi but can you imagine how deathly her shit would be? Absolutely potently vile. Christ, she is disgusting.

No. 49731


…uh, I don't think anyone else pictures it as vividly as you do, anon.

No. 49739

Mother of Christ does she not wash her hair? It looks so greasy, always limp and sticking to her face.

No. 49740

>on a cheesesteak
My jimmies rustle softly.

No. 49742

File: 1423938992020.png (942.49 KB, 1090x606, fsdfdfdsfdffd.png)

more ammo for your weird fetish anon

I don't judge

No. 49750

Fuck thats so much goddamn ketchup. It doesn't need it at all let alone that much.

Also, it was reported that diet coke is actually much worse than drinking regular coke, and that goes for any "diet/low fat" products because they have so many chemicals or salt and sugar added to them to have them still taste somewhat edible.

Just drink some fucking water.

No. 49751

File: 1423940639591.jpg (270.84 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n443abVwGJ1twox5uo1_128…)

Meh, I love diet coke for the taste, regular coke tastes too sweet for me. I think it's ok as long as you only drink it v occassionally.

But yeah daaaamn she drowns her shit in ketchup

can she even taste anything under all that red gloop

No. 49753

If you're morbidly obese, have only a few years left to live, and your boyfriend buys you pizza to make you feel better, he doesn't care about you.

This is what you'd call an enabler. You wouldn't buy a heroine addict or an alcoholic more heroine or alcohol when they're on the verge of overdosing. What a dumbass.

No. 49756

File: 1423940838178.png (949.05 KB, 1250x658, dsds.png)

she's a malteaser away from diabeetus

No. 49757

I don't think quirky eats for the taste of the food itself tbh. To eat those vast quantities of food just because they taste good doesn't make sense to me, because they'd be satisfied with much smaller amounts. She probably just likes feeling really full, or the process of eating itself, like a hobby almost. Her drowning her food in ketchup just tells me that out of all the ingredients she just ate, ketchup is her fave and its the one she'd prefer to eat the most. I bet if she could drink/eat ketchup all day she would.

No. 49758

whats in between the pecans? it looks like dried cum

No. 49772

It looks like apple sauce or something, but yeah, it does look gross. The pecans look like dried buttholes too.

No. 49773

aha, I dunno, I just have a real strong pet peeve of 'mouth sounds' and the sound of saliva, it makes me shudder and I know how revolting it would sound when she chows down.

No. 49776

Very real possibility. I read while I eat and I take more pleasure in the reading than the food, for some reason it enhances the experience and if I don't have a controlled portion I'll eat a whole bag of something and not realize it.

No. 49780

File: 1423944843845.png (624.79 KB, 1071x628, lelelel.png)

I remember reading somewhere that obese people have less tastebuds and a dulled sense of smell and taste. This can cause them to further gravitate towards stronger flavours/higher quantities, making them overeat even more

No. 49781

File: 1423944909971.jpg (56.51 KB, 960x960, r54.jpg)

Anon, you might have slight misophonia!


No. 49804

are those… are those her makeup brushes on the floor? I see a sharpie near the foot of that bed/couch, but the others?

No. 49806

well at her size she can't really pick up things off the floor v easily, so she probably waits until someone else can do it for her

No. 49807

what the hell? her legs are probably pretty big look like twigs next to her body. how do you get so wide?

No. 49809

I've noticed how fatties tend to have thin legs in comparison to their torsos, not all of them, obviously. I think it's cause when they walk they have a lot of weight to carry so they're more.. toned? I don't want to say toned cause it still probably jiggles more than a jello factory in an earthquake, but I can't think of a better word. My bf has crazy muscular calves after years of carrying around a 300lb body, it's kinda freaky.

No. 49810

File: 1423948806509.jpg (122.15 KB, 1024x576, WillyWonka07-1024x576.jpg)

>life of tha party like

No. 49812

File: 1423949120531.png (202.7 KB, 387x391, ss (2014-06-30 at 10.30.45).pn…)

No. 49817

No. 49819

keep browsing, quirks~

No. 49820

Her legs and body look like two different images poorly shopped.

No. 49851

File: 1423962621901.png (393.57 KB, 1022x611, vday.png)

No. 49852

File: 1423962694793.png (463.48 KB, 1025x611, goo berry.png)

No. 49858

Does anyone past hs actually give two shits about valentines day? It's more of a holiday to show off than it is to actually cherish your loved one. If you're someone who feels like shit because someone out there isn't buying you/you don't have anyone to buy overpriced chocolate and flowers for, than you need to reevaluate your priorities. If anything it means your significant other treats you kinda shitty the rest of the year and you expect them to make up for it in Feb 14th.

No. 49861

File: 1423964480588.jpg (184.69 KB, 601x800, boo-berry.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks about this when I see him call her "boo berry"?

No. 49894

Agreed wholeheartedly.

No. 49895

I think those types are more noticeable because of the weirdly disproportionate it looks, but they were likely apple shaped to begin with. I do think their legs can end up toned though, even under all that fat they have to be building some muscle lugging all that weight around.

No. 50001

Anyone notice that that looks like the same pizza? On FB she said it was her dad that got it, but on instagram she claims it was her bf. Seems like more proof that her SO doesn't give her shit, she just makes things up for instagram asspats.

No. 50021

I want her to die from obesity just so it will teach her dumb, fat cunts of followers a lesson. Hopefully it would make them realize "shit…maybe this isn't healthy?"

No. 50047

The worst part of valentine's day is listening to the single people rant on about how it's stupid, commercialised and how they don't care anyway.

No. 50073

This! I had so many people on fb and tumblr all going TFW NO GF.

Like stoooop it aint a big deal.

(sorry ot)

No. 50075

Is this one new?

No. 50076

No, this was a few threads back.

No. 50079

File: 1424020584899.png (831.26 KB, 1022x608, feeder luvins.png)

New post, guys.

No. 50082

Ugh, just imagine those fat blobs lying in bed together. I doubt a king size isn't even a comfortable amount of space for them.

No. 50169

File: 1424038561357.png (817.48 KB, 1022x609, how ghastly.png)

With her girth, they would need two.

Another new one.

No. 50172

Wtf is this makeup?

No. 50173

~so soft grunge~

No. 50192

Her face always looks sticky.

No. 50219


>dem walls of text

No. 50230

ew TMI much

No. 50233

Hey hey guys LOOK
I'm in BED
with a MAN

No. 50239

Imagine how I feel each time I have to edit to fit her whale songs.

No. 50240

File: 1424050081626.png (407.08 KB, 1024x610, sic 'em fatties.png)

Also, another new one.

No. 50245

>diet coke in background

top kek

No. 50259

>DM me a video of you with your snapchat name and how you know me
lol is this bitch just thinking of food so much that she can't even figure out who she even knows so she needs them to remind her?

No. 50286

File: 1424060325935.png (310.12 KB, 1024x612, baww some more.png)

And an update on this. Quirky deleted the post in the screenshot I quoted and replaced it with this.
She's on a roll today.

No. 50287

My bad, she's always rolling. I meant she hit a little pebble with her girth and bawwed

No. 50317

She acts like its something that we should be jealous of.

No. 50320

Why is she having all these fucking revelations like damn chill 2deep4u.

No. 50337

There were anons who expressed how annoyed they were she has a feeder/bf while they're single. Of course, they could be just farming her.

Well, the activist angle isn't engaging her followers enough.

No. 50339

>There were anons who expressed how annoyed they were she has a feeder/bf while they're single. Of course, they could be just farming her.
If not, she's farming them.

No. 50341

we now have lolcows that farms other lolcows

what a time to be alive

No. 50446

File: 1424104358396.png (806.75 KB, 1024x611, after 5 kegs.png)

Two new ones today.

No. 50447

File: 1424104402576.png (791.66 KB, 1022x611, an adult - top fucking kek.png)

No. 50452


Potato. Potato face. Seriously.

No. 50453

What. The fuck. Is wrong with her upper lip.

No. 50459

It's fat of course.

No. 50462

No. 50467

I'm going with inbreeding.

No. 50471

File: 1424108931228.png (829.49 KB, 1024x611, ew just ew.png)

I know this was a week ago, but I decided to take a screenshot of the actual post for documentation purposes/before she goes on another deleting spree.

No. 50489

jesus she seriously looks like a bloated corpse washed up on a river bank

fucking disgusting

No. 50491

I am this >>49773 anon and now I feel sick. Why did I watch that video :( so fucking gross, ugh.

No. 50562

DUDE, I can't fucking stand when people chew with their mouths open. That fucking pickle uggghhh. Also chewing gum, fucking fuck chewing gum.

No. 50577

It drives me nuts and makes me sick to my stomach.

Imagine how Quirky sounds.

No. 50611

lol you'd hate korea than, people like to chew with their mouths open and make smacking noises to show appreciation for the food

No. 50621

Believe me, I had my fair share when I visited family in SE Asia.

No. 50626


No. 50654

She has a whole channel of her just eating.

No. 50656

I want to draw her nose. Why is it that a lot of obese people have noses like this or the up turned nose? Maybe that's just for Lolcows. Genetics?

No. 50659

Ah yes. I serve a lot of Korean people where I work… This phenomenon.. It's so gross. I think most westerners who were raised to obey western style etiquette are disgusted by it.

No. 50681

Oh no Quirks, needs to learn about warm and cool tones. These colors aren't good on her.

No. 50739

Oh man i would go nuts. I have slight misophonia and hate mouth sounds that have to do with eating with a passion.

I can imagine quirky just sitting there smacking her lips, breathing very loud. Yuck

No. 50775

The pickle was the WORST. For real it made me fucking shudder. It makes it worst that it's an obese blob like her eating it. It's literally nauseating.

No. 50776

This is pretty much exactly what I said in >>49719 and >>49773. Are you me, anon?!

No. 50806

Maybe. Do you also want to flip a table if you politely ask a friend/family momber who is doing it to stop and they just shrug or worse start doing it louder on purpose?

I also have an extreme hate for people who don't blow their nose when its stuffed/running and just snort the snot back up.

No. 50815

File: 1424191139004.png (374.92 KB, 1022x610, the fat lady sings.png)

No. 50817

File: 1424191346323.png (379.18 KB, 1022x610, the fat lady sings - fun edits…)

I got bored while editing the previous image and decided to see what would happen if I fixed up her whale song.

No. 50821


Holy shit
It just amazes me that she's so narcissistic she actually screencapped her own fb post. Like "look how funny I am guize XDDDD"

What exactly is it about big egos that's so off-putting?

No. 50824


I think it's because genuinely "cool" stuff/people are supposed to look effortless, tryhard shit like this is the exact opposite of that

No. 50896


I thought she was an avid reader? Didn't she say she used to read 200 books a year? She doesn't have any books at her house?

No. 50903

>Hahahaha! I burst out laughing! So funny :)))

What's with these cocksuckers in the comments, they can't be just fat fetishists..?

No. 50953

Why did you cross out 'the' after the initial 'so,' in her opening sentence, and again in the sentence, 'one of the specimens…'?

Sorry if these are obvious mistakes, I just don't get it.

No. 50956

Shouldn't it be, cabin fever has begun setting in, as opposed to began

No. 50989

File: 1424225471636.png (888.72 KB, 720x1116, duuuur imma aduuuult.png)

Honestly, my brain shut down in protest so those were mistakes.

No. 50993


Quirk, you're 23. You've been able to drink legally in public for two fucking years now and you could sneak shit in your home even if you weren't. Why the fuck are people like her and wannablaze so immature about this shit?



No. 51005

I feel like a lot of 20-somethings these days are still mentally trapped at age 14 and unable to mature past that point because of mental and/or emotional defect or dysfunction.

No. 51023

acting like drinking something super sugary is an adultperk anyways. Reminds me of when this girl I knew was so impressed with herself when she didn't get wasted on 4 chocolate martinis she had when she turned 21.

ain't booze, that's just sugar.

No. 51038

I'm also quirky's age, and honestly, the people you'd think are the most down to earth or have a decent shred of common sense concerning certain issues end up being the most immature. I know the same can be said for any age group, but the early 20 somethings I've met seem to be so pretentious about their alcohol consumption.

I don't understand why either, it makes sense to me when teens do it because they're breaking a law and it's rebellious behavior, added to the fact that they're expected to not know anything about alcohol. When 20 something's do it, I can't help but roll my eyes because it's like them telling me they can buy a movie ticket for R rated movies now. Why brag about that unless you're trying to appeal to a particular audience?

No. 51079

Maybe it is because i am Dutch and from before our drinking laws became 18+ for all booze instead of 16+ beer/wine. But me and my friends never taught that becoming the age to drink alcohol was so speshiul and cool. Maybe having to wait so long in the USA turns drinking in such a special/cool thing to do?

No. 51085

File: 1424255246086.jpg (315.09 KB, 625x853, Selenav.jpg)

Selena Gomez on the new cover of V magazine reminds me of Quirky, if Quirky was thin and didn't have face fat

No. 51089

damn they picked an ugly ass picture of Selena. kinda odd cause she's extremely cute otherwise

No. 51091

She looks like mexican Sarah Hyland

No. 51101

I agree, what the hell happened to her face? It doesn't even look like her normally. Must be a bad angle or someone went a little to crazy with photoshop.

No. 51116

Being at that weight maaaaybe she could have done with less whipped cream. I think her friend wants her dead

No. 51157

File: 1424293423608.png (522.88 KB, 720x1023, Ew more tie dye.png)

It would be hilarious.

Today's post is apparently another "drunk" one. There's a video too of her usual "IIIII'm a cute drunk", but I don't know if her profile is public again yet to link.

No. 51160

She looks nicer here.

No. 51167

> Guise i am so drunk guise

She is whale size and drinks regularly, i don't believe her at all.

No. 51178

If she lost weight would her nose shrink? Cause it almost looks like her has fat on it, too. Or would it stay the same?

No. 51414

File: 1424326568997.png (804.98 KB, 1020x612, what is her face shape even.pn…)

Apparently her feeder was on a show a few hours ago.

No. 51589

File: 1424379073715.png (838.31 KB, 1020x609, potato and spuds.png)

No. 51594

File: 1424379891284.jpg (74.33 KB, 800x533, 6a00d8341d7f7153ef017d3c21c957…)


Damn, she's got so much fat on her upper chest the "cleavage" goes all the way up her neck.

No. 51599

Is she trying to look like Mimi? Blue eyeshadow and red lipstick look good on no one.

No. 51601

I feel like she actually has a really interesting facial structure, I think he could be really pretty if she would lose weight. or fuck, if she even just knew how to put on makeup I feel like she could at least look good in the face.

also I'm very pleasantly surprised at the jeffree star lipstick, for some reason I thought they were gonna look like ass but it looks really nice in her pic

No. 51603

Liz Taylor was the only one who pulled it off.

No. 51613

It's the lighting, extreme filtering, and potato quality that makes it seem decent.

No. 51729


Still hiding behind 20 filters AND YET your foundation still looks caked on. You sure do know how to fuck up everything you touch Quirky, you look like a $5 hooker.

No. 51734

>claims so hard to be a makeup addict and still doesn't know the rule of thumb is that if you're going for a bold eye look your lip color has to be softer

she fucks up all the things i hold sacred and it hurts my soul.

No. 51737

That's because the color adapts to your skin color. It suits everyone, I've noticed. Based Jeffree.

Then again she's also playing with lights and she probably added a filter.

No. 51738

I think that rule's bullshit, bold eye and bold lip can be done, but only on the right person. buuut, Quirks is not the right person.

No. 51747


I think if you're going to a glam event (prom, school dances, weddings, galas, clubbing, halloween) you totally can, but you still have to even them both out a bit. Quirky went crazy with the black eyeliner (again, jfc), combined with all that eyeshadow and red lipstick she looks cheap.

Even if she went out, where could this lard-dumpster go? Olive Garden is the fanciest place she's ever been to.

No. 51757

File: 1424391263352.png (835.07 KB, 1020x612, qqq.png)

No. 51798

Imagine this hamplanet at a 3 Michelin starred restaurant.

No. 51802

File: 1424394362301.png (601.88 KB, 1021x609, ffs.png)

Behold, anon!

This post of hers is actually a video, but that still….

No. 51833

File: 1424396679529.gif (662.93 KB, 378x230, zoo.gif)

No. 52076

File: 1424448940035.png (840.79 KB, 1025x612, more like an elephant seal ins…)

No. 52077

File: 1424449020032.png (315.33 KB, 1026x611, close shave.png)

No. 52092

This is like, the ultimate 'hooker make-up' look. The bright blue eyeshadow and red lips. All she needs is to triple the amount of that pink blush she has on and she's ready to work the corner.

No. 52100

Just make her walk up a set of stairs and she'll be red enough.

No. 52114

What the

What kind of stress is she under ?? She works from home, her family seems chill (her bro cooking stuff for her) and she even managed to snatch a bf which is freaking a miracle for her imo, and he seems really nice to put up with all of her tantrums over a fucking move.

What a spoiled rotten bitch. She creates drama when there's none, she should use her free time to exercise instead of spamming insta

No. 52134

She's not drowning in stress, she's just suffocating on her own chin fat.

No. 52138

Wouldn't you be stressed if you had less than a decade to live your life, anon? I'd be under constant stress knowing shit's only getting worse from here and I caused it myself.

No. 52199

Different anon, I was under constant stress because of my fat and I decided to do something about it and lost weight, not whine and baww on social media like Quirky.
Aside from her fat, she's got a pretty decent home life and is only whining about having to move her king-sized ass.

No. 52713

File: 1424562587778.jpg (96 KB, 640x640, 11018510_350188665167387_19600…)

holy fuck she's fat

No. 52718

Its even more apparent in her youtube videos. When you take up the entire fucking screen, I'm pretty sure that's a sign to stop eating so damned much.

No. 52851

File: 1424581119532.png (1.02 MB, 1026x611, crazy eyes.png)

She went a little post happy the past day.

No. 52852

File: 1424581162193.png (366.12 KB, 1022x614, talking about herself.png)

No. 52854

File: 1424581243938.png (826.76 KB, 1020x609, aint smokey yo.png)

No. 52856

File: 1424581312945.png (796.73 KB, 1024x611, no you don't.png)

No. 52858

File: 1424581366930.png (890.85 KB, 1025x611, so, you got out of the car the…)

>>52713 anon already posted the picture, but here's the context.

No. 52859


No. 52866

My reaction to the T.

No. 52869

Proof I have always been fat*

No. 52880

Seriously, I still hate Rosie but parents that let their kids get this fat and feed them/let them eat whatever crap they want are terrible fucking people and potential life-ruiners.

No. 52886

Where is she moving if she isn't moving in with her feeder?

No. 52895

Somewhere her mother picked out, she was bitching about it because she's a whole HOUR away from her best friend. I think she'll be living with her brother, but her mother is moving out of the country I think?

No. 53020

File: 1424623715124.png (672.15 KB, 1018x609, just get starburst fatty.png)

No. 53031

They're trying to make that shit illegal in most parts of the U.S. It counts as child abuse to have severely obese children. I saw a girl under 10 the other day with a gut so big, she had trouble walking.

No. 53034

top kek, new face shape found

No. 53428

you've got problems when your back starts to protrude like a second gut.

No. 53455

I went to high school with her, AMA

No. 53460

That gum IS incredible, though. It has all the satisfaction of eating Starbursts without actually eating them.

No. 53465

Tell us everything about her, from her attitude to her eating and embarrassing stories if you can.

No. 53466


When and why did she drop out?

No. 53702

File: 1424720593298.png (823.88 KB, 1022x610, yech.png)

No. 53707

Why is she using gold eyeshadow all the damn time

No. 53708

She's really milking that lipstick, huh?

No. 53757

The lipstick is a waste when compared to the sloppy, prostitute level eyeshadow she wears with it. Unless you're high fashion, don't do a dramatic eye with a dramatic lip.

No. 53791

yyyyyeah no. that yellow is smudged with the black/silver. she didn't seem to have used different brushes for her shadows and she fucked up.

plus with that lip color? honey you suck not only at your lash game but at your everything game.

No. 53794

File: 1424729219195.jpg (21.15 KB, 508x282, ursula.jpg)


Seriously, she's sitting there in her moomoo tie dye shit, wearing all this dramatic makeup in the middle of nowhere Georgia. I have no problem with people breaking the rules (i.e dramatic eyes and lips combo), but jfc you're going to look like a major hot mess walking around like that in your town plaza during the day… in your moomoo.

Who am I kidding? Quirky walking? Quirky leaving her house? Bitch needs a 16 hour nap after burning CDs for her mom.

No. 53885

File: 1424737564526.png (804.48 KB, 1022x611, wtf is she wearing.png)

No. 53901


>smaller then us

quirky do you even try

No. 53913


Make it go away. Please!

No. 53922

I believe that's a nightgown that she's giving poof to because of her fat.

And she's a planet living in a planet, astonishing really.

No. 53926

It can either be:

>a.) an over sized pillow cover

>b.)Her curtains
>3.)her bed sheets
>4.) an older obese granny's old clothes she found in a thrift store

I vote or a, b, or c.

No. 53930

lol people get so salty when someone ugly or fat is confident

So insecure you get salty when someone less attractive than you doesnt think they're disgusting

No. 53954

Omg. Who told her to put gold with silver. That shit is a train wreck. And referring to trisha paytas? The pathological liar who cries about being fat all the time and shops the shit out of her pictures to not appear fat?

No. 53975

Hi Quirky.

No. 53977


Trisha Paytas is a troll who does it for the money. She's surprisingly open about it outside of YouTube and typical social media.

No. 54007

File: 1424756811761.png (561.61 KB, 793x688, tea2.png)

No. 54040

I couldn't tell you, my family moved to another state a few months before I began HS

Is there anything specific you want to know? I didn't really socialize or get to know anyone at school because I was there for such a short period of time, so I can't tell you what she was actually like but I did see her, several times, bringing her own lunch AND getting one from the school.

No. 54060

say salty again.

No. 54127

What sort of stuff did she bring herself?

No. 54152

you got proof you went to the same highschool as her?

No. 54176

File: 1424801124076.png (310.31 KB, 1023x611, eating her feelings.png)

For the record, Quirky, most of us are fascinated and disgusted by you.
Watching and documenting your stupidity is like watching a trainwreck in action.

No. 54330

>there own fault
My sides have left me forever

No. 54362

>the hateful -ism family all roots back to a deadly cocktail of ignorace on the topic, hatefulness….


uh oh quirky, what now

No. 54406

I didn't see what it was, it was just in a brown paper bag and I didn't really pay attention. The only really gross thing I saw her doing was she had lice for a while and for some reason they were in her neck/chin fat eating the dead skin or something.

No, I wasn't there long enough to have bought yearbooks. It might not have actually been her - it was just in the same area and there happened to be a fat similar-looking girl named Rosie, so I'm still not 100% sure

No. 54437

File: 1424827962953.png (748.79 KB, 1025x613, oh yawn.png)

No. 54439

File: 1424828016013.png (628.83 KB, 1020x609, hop to it farmers.png)

She's accepting adds to snapchat now.

No. 54440

File: 1424828052356.png (303.49 KB, 1025x609, need more 'tenshuns.png)

Apparently she didn't get enough people adding her and just had to make another announcement.

No. 54459

This picture is disgusting.

No. 54510


She has a butt for a chest.

No. 54515


>>lice for a while

I always knew she was nasty.

Did she smell bad? Did she have any friends? Did she ever try to act flirty? Was she loud?

No. 54521

her disgusting squished anus mouth makes me so unreasonably angry.

No. 54532

All I see is an albino pig with a prolapsed anus on its face resting its head on a plumbers ass crack

No. 54575

>muh snapchat is super private, i will add you only if i trust you and have known you for several years. i will also interview you

3 days later
>muh snapchat is open!! Everyone add me now
>please someone add me on snapchat

No. 54636

She's such an attention whore.

No. 54648

File: 1424880978692.png (684.68 KB, 1022x610, child with mom's makeup.png)

She looks so much like the creepy lunch lady at my old middle school. We called her "the Clown".

No. 54654

File: 1424882268819.jpg (32.37 KB, 582x388, the-drew-carey-show-mimi.jpg)

No. 54662

I hate her lips, they looked deformed. Also, very rarely can anyone pull off blue eye shadow and red lipstick. I know it was previously discussed but that point becomes more obvious the more she goes for this look. She really does look ridiculous, not even because she's fat. There are tons of fat women out there who have pretty faces and great fashion sense that would look better if they lost weight. Even if Quirky had always been thin she would have still looked god awful.

If you're reading this Quirks please, do yourself a favor and stop emphasizing your negative features. Taking pictures and applying on make up that shine a light on how bulbous your nose is and how strange your cupid's bow is (which as someone pointed out once, the combo of the aforementioned two makes them resemble a mushroom) won't do you any favors.

I guess since you stay home all day you have nothing to do but practice your make up skills, and hey I guess boredom can spout these bouts of creativity, but unless you're playing a character or are part of a fashion show–just stop.

Also, selfie obsessed? Why? All of them look the same, it's just badly applied make up looks of you posing in your room. You should be health obsessed instead. All people are going to remember you for if you croak soon from your obesity are these pics.

No. 54670

This looks so goddamn awful jesus christ.

No. 54678


She looks like Miss Piggy.

No. 55018

File: 1424966246864.png (641.71 KB, 1024x610, stroke.png)

No. 55021

File: 1424966471149.png (878.98 KB, 1023x610, bawwwwwwww.png)

I highly doubt a teacher would do that.

And how would a guy smaller than her cut her off in a hallway? If anything, she's blocking the way and he was trying to get around her but couldn't.

No. 55022

Yeah, she's one ugly cow.

No. 55025

So many lies. Hahaha. Bitch should just lose some weight and stop whining. All of us have been bullied once way or another in h.s. It sucks, but we've all gone through some trauma.

No. 55027

Exactly. I was bullied as a little kid but I nipped that in the bud with the help of a lamppost. Still was a traumatizing time, but it's the past and it's better to keep moving forward instead of bawwwing, wallowing in it, and eating your feelings like Quirkplanet does.
No wonder she's fatter now.

No. 55036


Holy shit quirks, I know you like to play the victim, but why would you dwell on the names and faces of those people? School sucks for a lot of people. It was shit for me, too, but why would you want to hang onto those memories if it sucked that much?

One minute she's all "lol fuk u h8ers I dun carr what u think" and the next she says shit like "I'm still affected by what people did to me in high school"

No. 55046

File: 1424973725539.png (24.09 KB, 515x324, so probably 12.png)

Found this on her fb.

No. 55058

She hasn't had much schooling so she'll probably be stuck in high school mode for years. Is she still going to college or not?

No. 55088

She went to college? When was this?

No. 55089

File: 1424981502820.png (22.16 KB, 568x143, the running joke.png)

Sorry for the incomplete cap. The post she replied to seems to have been deleted. Still easy to fill in the blanks.

No. 55113


Don't be silly, bitch doesn't even know the difference between they're, their, and there.

No. 55118


I thought this cow was so forgiving and her message was all about love and positivity.

Therapy is free with some government programs, she obviously needs it and should focus on that instead of social media and eating her feelings away.

It's so ridiculous, she's killing herself slowly over crap what happened in highschool, like grow the fuck up already.

No. 55165

File: 1425001389277.png (231.32 KB, 1024x611, dis gun be fun.png)

Thought so.

Also, new post from her. I'm looking forward to seeing more fuck ups if she can get this.

No. 55177


whether it happened or not, some people are just more vulnerable to shit like that

in hs my ex bf began bullying me, and what did all my friends say? "omg you should transfer schools, I can't believe he did that to you!!"

My response was just to ignore him, let him know I thought he was insignificant trash and got new friends. They started making fun of him in my place and strangely, although it made him feel like shit, that didn't really matter to me. I didn't consider most people in hs significant enough to begin with because I went in with the mindset that I'll likely never speak to them after graduation. Idk why more people don't think like this.

Quirky is my age, and while idk how I would have reacted in her place, it's time for her to move on as >>55027 stated. It isn't enough to get her sympathy points because she doesn't appear to try and do anything to help herself outside of reflecting on the past, and if the latest of that occurred when she was 18, it's been over 5 yrs since then.

No. 55178

I've met a person who goes to an ivy league school and constantly makes this error, college doesn't mean shit now a days it seems

No. 55181

Honestly, I hope that she doesn't. She can't pull of black, she's hideous, and I hate how she latches onto anything popular just so she can feel like she is part of the club. I had been waiting since September for the release of this makeup line and since December for the black lipstick, when I first saw Jeffree writing about it.

She can be lulzy doing other shit, the bitch needs to keep her fat ass out of my makeup.

No. 55190

Tbh, the majority of people who wear black lipstick look like shit.

No. 55193

Because they don't bother to go outside of the goffick thing and take a look at how runway models use it, which means doing little to nothing to the rest of your face or just using a simple liner on the top lid.

No. 55239

The majority of people who wear make up look like shit. It's not limited to black. Finally, Jeffree star is releasing a good matte black and you better believe I'm buying that shit. Most black lipsticks are halloween quality bad and we never had a good quality version until recently.

No. 55261

>The majority of people who wear make up look like shit

No. 55314

File: 1425049436963.png (624.89 KB, 1025x610, looooool.png)

No. 55340

Aren't these cosmetics expensive? How does her lazy ass afford them?

No. 55360

Does she even own any Jeffree star stuff or is she just band wagoning? I've never seen her proclaiming to wear them in her many shitty make up pics

No. 55366

She owns redrum, which is what she's been wearing in most of the recent makeup photos. She probably did buy it because of bandwagoning in the first place though.

No. 55373

File: 1425067215826.png (754.06 KB, 1026x612, those scribbles.png)

No. 55375

File: 1425067333952.png (486.65 KB, 1020x611, mfwihnf.png)

No. 55383

What? I have two of MACs Hautecore lipsticks and they're perfectly fine.

No. 55398

She is a bandwagoner. Quirky desperately wants to feel like she is part of the club, so of course she's tagged Jeffree twice in a desperate attempt to get his attention and be posted on his page.. which isn't going to happen. She's a hideous, beast of a woman.

No. 55399

I don't want this fat cow wearing Jeffree star.

No. 55400

This cunt is seriously bringing up Leonard Nimoy nudes in the same post about his death? I want to punch her so hard.

No. 55403


She dropped out in the 9th grade, so it's been like 8 years.

No. 55406


I want to punch this stupid bitch so hard in the chin for that. But I don't know which chin to hit.

No. 55407

I thought it was in a few group pics she talked about her college friends but maybe they were from her HS and she was visiting them at college. I can't remember.

No. 55412

The latter would be more likely. As if she can handle college when she couldn't even handle high school.

All of them.

No. 55431

she admitted to that? has she gotten her GED at least?

No. 55434


son of a bitch, I just spent my morning crying myself into a headache over this passing and I am beside myself. This fucking whore needs to die.

No. 55435

she's annoying, but fuck, if you're not obnoxious

crying yourself into a headache

jesus christ you people are pathetic

No. 55439

To be fair, many people have a reason to be upset about stuff like this in recent years. Nerdy and quirky became byproducts and not only did certain people completely sell out to cater to casuals and SJWs who only picked this kind of stuff up in order to appear more unique, but simultaneously alienated longtime fans who gave their money and attention for years.

People can be upset that someone they admired passed away. Some people grew up with very little and those forms of entertainment were a means of catharsis. People can be upset that it has become acceptable to lie about who you are just for attention, because it is obscenely retarded and helps to further deteriorate a hobby/community.

Just because it wasn't yours doesn't mean that someone is wrong or pathetic.

On topic: Quirky is a shitty person.

No. 55440

hi quirky :^)

No. 55445


No. 55447

this so much and rosie is a pretty good example of that. remember her horrid video?


and her whole diablo thing where she ordered that cheap shitty headset for herself (after bitching about no money for food literally on the same day). rosie will do this with any and everything she comes across and we can even see it right now with the makeup thing. she tried to cling to the nerd girl image with cosplay a while back when she said she was going to be sailor mars and muh gayming, but she knew it wouldnt stick. now, shes trying to do makeup guru and desperately cling to poor jeffree star. cant imagine what it must be like to wake up and see this whale clogging up your feed because she wants to feel validated.

No. 55452

She isn't serious is she?
Knowing the nudes that SHE has?

No. 55457

File: 1425088233117.jpg (10.71 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

No. 55459

Woops, meant to type new not no.
Tired as fuck over here.

No. 55466

File: 1425088761098.jpg (613.19 KB, 3000x2250, ogAcRjB.jpg)

I feel yeah.
Did you read the tweets that shatner left and some of the other cast? (The tweest really caught me off guard and had me crying)

Back on topic what band wagon to you think the quirk planet will jump on to next?

No. 55468


She has a GED

No. 55471

Yes and Nimoy's last tweet, I read days ago, and had a really bad feeling about it. Then, this morning happened and well.. shits been a mess at this house because even grandparents are upset. People forget that at the time when ST was on tv, there wasn't much else to watch so even our older generations developed attachments.

Agreed, back on topic. As for that.. I really don't know. I've been thinking about it, because so far she's covered..

>nrrdy gurl XDDD

>makeup guru

So, what else is trendy now? Because whatever it is, it will likely be next in her quest to consume all attention.

No. 55472


I'm thinking nail polish or acrylic nails. After that, tattoos, but those are expensive, and good luck finding a GOOD tattoo artist in Bumfuck, GA.

No. 55473


I forgot all about that shit, yeah, Traci hopped onto it. Ew, fuck.. can you imagine Quirky's fat ass hands with gaudy friggin' nails? Looking like a white trash suburb mom trying to feel young again.

No. 55474


Listen, I know bullying can be terrible for kids, I was bullied really badly until I was a teenager, so badly I tried to kill myself and was really suicidal, I remember begging my parents to let me move schools but they thought it'd be better for me to stay and deal with it (like as a life lesson? they genuinely thought it was better to tackle it rather than run away), I remember the time my bullies went to my principal and told him I was bullying them, and because their parents were friends with the principal he called me in to his office and roared at me, called me names and terrified me, made me cry so much I vomited and I refused to come in to school for a week
but you know what? I'm 22 now. That shit does not matter anymore. Yes it is upsetting to think how that kind of thing happened to a child. It's upsetting even to me I was wronged like that. But jesus christ, you have to move on. I don't even really remember the names of my classmates or teachers anymore. I don't even think about it anymore. There comes a point in time where you need to stop dwelling on stuff that probably hasn't happened in over a decade. You need to live your life and not have a giant pity party over everything bad in your life.
I don't doubt these things affected her but really if childhood bullying is the worst thing to happen to her she got off lucky.

No. 55476


I think she's a nail biter so acrylics might be more up her alley.

No. 55479

The problem is that Quirky doesn't want to actually move on, the very same way that she doesn't actually want to lose any weight. She absolutely strives to be a victim in every single situation because it guarantees her attention. Getting over her past would mean no more asspats, no more free shit sent to her by followers, no more cushy job sitting at home on the phone, and working to lose her weight.

Its this whole victim culture people are contributing to nowadays.

No. 55481

Also, no more people rushing to defend her shitty actions or ignorance laden shit that she says.

No. 55488

Doesn't even make sense to me because if quirky really wanted to show up her bullies if they caused her that much trauma she'd get her shit together. I looked up mine on facebook maybe a year or two ago out of curiousity and they are both obese, unemployed losers with no friends, never went to college or had a job, still live at home and never left our crappy small town etc. Meanwhile I am successful, moved out and living my life in the way I want. I think any "trauma" childhood me endured would be laid to rest peacefully with that knowledge alone. I don't even care.
Does quirky not realize she could do the same and be happy, considering she clearly still has issues with her past bullying? Just boggles my mind.

No. 55539

File: 1425110582726.png (748.67 KB, 1299x781, ratman n rosie.png)

No. 55543

Stop posting in all caps. It's stupid, this board isn't about you or your dramatic pain over someone you have never met death. It's annoying that geek culture is popular, yes. But please get over yourself.

Back on topic >>55479
I think Quirks will never change. She really is addicted to pity and needs validation.

No. 55550

The thread got back on track hours ago and you literally just shit posted after whining to the admin about it, to bring it all up again.

Follow your own goddamned advice, you stupid cunt. We moved on and it's time for you to as well.

No. 55551

>whines about shitposting etiquette to admin-sama
>goes and does what she bitched about others doing

Your shit reeks of PULL and I'm tired of you people coming here trying to mold lolcow into PULL 2.0 go back to your shit forum

No. 55559

No no no, i do not want her sausage fingers getting into nail art. Eww.

No. 55568

When I was younger I thought I would take revenge or gloat when I'd see that my bullies were doing worse than me, or some shit like this. Well guess what, I grew up, it's going to be almost 10 years and those kids who bullied me don't exist anymore. I don't even have them on facebook or remember their name, even though I got prettier, thinner and have an awesome job.

Just like my old dorky ugly me doesn't exist anymore, they probably changed and there's no point in trying to hate people who are probably decent now.

No. 55578

how many selfies does quirks take in a day?

No. 55579

Right? It's like you're living a different life now and those things do not affect you in the slightest anymore.
As for my bullies they're still rotten inside, they were actually tied up in a murder case about 2 years ago which is what sparked me looking them up, heard it on the news (plus everyone in my small town was spreading all the inside deets since that's just the way it goes in small towns). At the same time though it's not like I care. They're not people in my life anymore. Any reason I had for feeling angry at them ended a long time ago, a reasonable amount of time to dwell on that ended years and years ago. Just let it go, you know?
Which is why I will never understand quirky. That and she looks SO ridiculous whining about bullying, something that happened so long ago… I'm not saying we should ignore the topic or anything but goddamn you're an adult, grow up and get over it. You're living a totally different life.

No. 55610

That she shares? At most 5-6.
That she doesn't? Enough to burst the belly of a whale.

No. 55647

I wonder if she used an app to whiten his two front teeth

No. 55656

File: 1425154915635.png (784.65 KB, 1020x610, caked on.png)

No. 55658

File: 1425154991002.png (224.12 KB, 1024x610, lulz are in order.png)

Brace yourselves, farmers.
We can expect horrible emo pictures from our lovely Quirkplanet soon.

No. 55661

Her mouth is going to look like a black hole

No. 55662

That's not today's makeup, she seems to take a bunch of selfies when she has done her makeup 'nice' and post them when she feels like. Her makeup is exactly the same as in >>53702

No. 55667

File: 1425156222135.gif (503.49 KB, 500x289, popcorn2.gif)


>>I think I can pull black lipstick off with muh dramatic looks

Top kek, can't wait

No. 55688

Oh boy, i am so excited to see this trainwreck. Black lipstick looks like shit on most people even on pretty girls, just imagine how horrendous quirky will be. It makes me hope she will buy more crazy colors that are hard too Pull off like yellow. Green already made her look like a washed up corpse.

No. 55712


Her yellow eye shadow always looks so dirty. I don't know what color is supposed to be above the yellow but it doesn't work. Just looks too sloppy. She should stick to neutrals until she has better technique before trying more vibrant colors.

No. 55714

I agree a bit. Not sexual anon but that dude was fucked up. I know it was meant to be a compliment but to kiss a complete stranger and then getting told a cheesy compliment is sweet? Nah, its creepy as fuck
its still not sexual assault tho but ihate how guys think its cute to be creepy

No. 55753

I know it's not and was taken on the same day as the other one, however it's a new post so why not share?

No. 55756

> ihate how guys think its cute to be creepy

Or maybe those dudes are just socially retarded and have no idea they're being creepy in the first place.

No. 55856

File: 1425225000878.png (638.14 KB, 1024x612, behold her email.png)

Guess what our lovely idiot didn't censor?

No. 55914

While I'm pissing myself that we'll get to see some bolder makeup "looks"(using that term lightly) based on this and the Jeffree star order, I can't help but notice: Is our SJW quirks joking about gasp a shopping addiction?! How horribly insensitive and un-sjw of her. Addictions are srs biznus. Someone should dm her and put her on blast for it just to see if she would go back on it.
Seriously though, I have a cousin with a shopping addiction and it really isn't something to make light of, it's basically destroyed her life. Shame on you, Quirks.

No. 55927

I second this.

No. 55939

Butthole reference. Sry, not sry.

No. 55964

File: 1425247000477.gif (497.16 KB, 245x200, tumblr_m6v76tPGBk1qhr47r.gif)

God dammit, anon…

No. 55982

lol @ shopping addiction claims. no bitch you just have literally no self control and if you're not stuffing your mouth your stuffing your house with possessions. how do you not see that connection. you're a child.

that being said i have a make up shopping addiction and i can tell you it's 100% bc i have no self control and deal with my problems by buying shimmery things to paint my face with. But that's my root problem, her's is clearly a complete disregard for the entirety of her health and situation. She can't commit to getting physically healthy so she throws a tantrum and fucks up the rest of her life- apparently through buying the same shitty purple lip gloss 500 times.

No. 55984

How many times is she going to keep treating herself because '2day was bad n the wurld h8s mi so i deserve dis, baww :'3('
She's always feeling sorry for her own gelatinous ass.

No. 55995

Fucking hell, anon! How did I miss this the first time through?

No. 56079

Someone please post the nude of quirky where she is exposing her if antic cottage cheese stomach.. Or any other equally disgusting pictures. I have a weird attraction to drawing fat people. They are so much more interesting. And disgusting.

No. 56120

You will find all her nudes in the old threads.

No. 56122

Wow, so helpful anon-chan! I'll just look through the whole catalogue on my shitty mobile just to find one picture someone else probably has and can post. Thanks ^~^

No. 56125

Excuse me for my pettiness, but I'm so mad this cow got a lipstick when they were sold out for me. Oh well. Bad timing.

No. 56129

At most, she's a compulsive overeater. Not a binge eater. Binge eating is an uncontrollable frenzy, with so much self loathing afterwards that you can hardly move for several days afterwards. She fucking overeats, and that's it. Fucking lazy cow, you do not have an ED. We'd know if you had an ED, and you do not. There are thoughts and actions that come with having that ED and you exhibit none.

No. 56148

File: 1425289141125.png (905.83 KB, 1588x752, 111.png)

You've probably all seen this, but for those that haven't, lo and behold her chaturbate account

she has accounts on numerous cam sites too. Ew.

Also her skype is

No. 56149

File: 1425289221694.png (904.49 KB, 1600x496, ewwww.png)

more grossness

does anyone actually find her enormous pancake titties attractive?

No. 56152

If it makes you feel better, I had to cancel my order of it because I got hit right in the adult-hood with "you may lose your apartment soon, now is not the time for a third black lipstick."

But don't worry, anon. He said on instagram that he's planning to stock more so they don't sell out as fast next time.

No. 56153

Ew this is exactly why I avoided googling that email address.

No. 56159

She just insists on the butthole reference. Also, I kind of think the hair she had during her chaturbate days is better than the hair she has now.

No. 56163

I had to stare at that right picture for several seconds before I could even make out which bulbous glob of fat was her arm and which ones were her boobs.

No. 56165

These are old and have been linked to the ED page for ages. Why are you posting them?

No. 56167

Seriously, when you become this obese they're not even tits anymore, they're just pendulous sacs of fat.

No. 56168

File: 1425296037727.png (1.13 MB, 1282x727, ds.png)

lol she probably doesn't realise it

is her butthole even visible at this size? Someone should ask her how she wipes.

No. 56169

mi amigo chill
She insists on squishing them up under her chin though. It looks ridiculous.

I bet when she takes off her bra they plop down with nipples pointing at the floor

ew ew ew I need to go wash my brain now

No. 56170

File: 1425296808107.png (606.98 KB, 1516x1216, bb11.png)

So this is one of the dudes that knew her in high school?

If anyone has a throwaway FB account, maybe it would be interesting to ask him some questions, if quirkz really was bullied that much or if she's being dramatic etc.

No. 56178

Ugh fuck, no. I really didn't want that mental image. She probably can't even wipe sufficiently and leaves shit on her butthole to crust over uggggh.

No. 56179

I was seriously staring at the top right picture for like 10 seconds wondering what the fuck she was holding until I realized it was her boyfriend's chunky hand. You know you're fat when you can't see your knuckles or hand tendons.

No. 56214

I read that as 'pictures that make you feel beautifully challenged'

No. 56249

I cannot make sense of the roll situation in the 2nd pic.

No. 56250

Dif anon, but it's at the top of this thread. I made a list for the last thread that another anon copy+pasted.

*Reminder for everyone else that her information and social media are at the top of the thread.

No. 56254

File: 1425315377723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.25 KB, 2448x1836, o2NKQd6.jpg)

Explains why it looks like this

>sorry for no spoiler. It wouldn't work for me for some reason.

No. 56268

Edit: Thank you Admin-sama~

No. 56271

it looks like she has a triple vag lol

No. 56282

Man, no matter how many times I look at this, I still get grossed out.

No. 56288

Same. It looks like she's melting.

No. 56305

So she's not a fetish unless she says so?

No. 56317

That's exactly what it looks like.
How does she even? I have so many questions.

No. 56323

Hey, I've always wanted to understand how a shopping addiction works, as it's not like substance addictions. If you have no money, and cannot steal, what do you do to cope?

No. 56326

Not that anon, but saw a docu about it. Creditcard fraud and loans are most common. So they get into incredible debts

No. 56421

File: 1425336287210.png (301.81 KB, 1020x608, waaah dun fetishize muh.png)

As do I but I wonder if we're better off not knowing answers.

In the meantime, today's post. >>56305 anon hit it on the head.

No. 56437

That looks like a note from a teenager. All those blacked out errors. And why post something so personal on IG? my gf would be pissed if I posted personal love letters on my IG.

No. 56440

Fucking disgusting cunt. I've been waiting for another good black lipstick since MAC's. I don't generally like MAC's make up, but bought it since it was one of the few black lipsticks with good quality around. Now she's going to band wagon on black lipstick when she probably has no idea what to do with it (looks wise/make up wise)
Man, I can't stand how fake this person is. She needs to spend less money on make up and more on the gym. A pig in make up is still a pig.

No. 56443

I will never understand chubby chasers.

No. 56447

I personally go in an endless cycle of spending all my money and then asking people to borrow money to cover overdraft fees. I'm getting better about it now but every once in a while I stop paying attention to my stupid bank account.

No. 56451

I would hate to be your friend. Maybe you should actually be a responsible adult?

No. 56452

She craves attention and cellulite-pats, so she'll do anything to get it.

No. 56453

I don't like quirky, but jfc lol, it's her money. She can do whatever she pleases with it, even if it'll mean her looking like a depressed clown in the end. Don't be so jelly anon, another chance to buy the lipstick (it's just lipstick…) will come up.

No. 56465

>>56453 Agreed, anon.

>>56440 anon, it'll be restocked sometime according to this post >>56152

No. 56488

Looking forward to Quirky mime.

No. 56506

Her's her feeder's fb: https://www.facebook.com/Str0mz0r

No. 56515


Now that you mention it, it seems like she posts quite a lot of stuff her bf/feeder sends her that most people would consider kind of personal. I know it's judgmental (oh wait, I'm on /pt/) but holy shit the whole relationship seems childish as fuck. Her 'LDR' posts all read to me like something a young teenager who thinks they're ~sooo in love~ would post.

Kinda OT but does anyone else browse /pt/ just before eating and have to skip the Quirky thread in case they lose their appetite? How the fuck can she not be disgusted looking in the mirror every day?

No. 56561

I used to skip it while eating, but I make sure I eat while reading this just to remind myself not to eat more than my body needs.

No. 56606

Well I just said I was getting better about it? Maybe learn how to read?

Anyways, I always pay people back and I don't owe anyone money. As someone who had this addiction due to family abuse, I'm aware that I'm not going to magically change overnight but I'm working with a therapist and becoming more aware of my actions. The world isn't so black and white, anon.

No. 56607

Oh and I don't ask anything of my friends. Only my bf and family members. And I haven't even done that in month's.

No. 56636

the thing is, dont these fatfucks realize people are lying to them? "so beautiful!" or "literally stunning!" are all lies, obviously. why do they seriously believe people? even if they weren't the size of a carnival ride, don't these girls understand that most girls lie about how pretty another girl is just to make them feel better????


No. 56661

Take this shit to tumblr where people care about your abusive past

No. 56662

It's the whole body positive movement, which seems to be doing more harm than good. Lying to fat and obese women isn't going to actual help society's issue with how women are presented in media.

No. 56665

Just another piece of make up to throw into the massive collection. She buys all this decent brand makeup (no drugstore shit) just to slap it on her face with no technique or co-ordination, take a picture for instagram and sit around her house looking pretty (lol) while she scoffs down three pizzas. Such a fucking waste.

No. 56712

File: 1425401662432.png (728.12 KB, 1028x615, their faces.png)

No. 56714

File: 1425401744828.png (374.17 KB, 1025x611, something something unimportan…)

No. 56724

Hahahahhhahaah he looks repulsed.

No. 56751

Her existence is just so meaningless. She's just a giant whale with an endless amount of money for some reason.

No. 56754

Can someone further elaborate on what the hell is going on here? Her english is like gibberish.

No. 56821

The amount of butthurt and entitlement out of you all who are saying Quirks doesn't deserve to buy precious brand makeup is fucking just radiating special snowflake. You probably look fucking awful in it too, so stop saying "MUH BRAND, EWW ONLeeE I KanN UsEE ItTTTttttuttt". If you can put a price on it, anyone can buy it. Say what you want but at least Quirks works for her money like the rest of us, and isn't like some other deathfats who would otherwise claim disability. I know she works from home, but damned if that isn't better than being a leech.
YOUR existence is meaningless. All of our's are. Ironically, Quirks is the one with the platform here, albeit cracked and built on a foundation of shit, and maybe it's nothing at all to be proud of but it's a platform nevertheless– wtf do you have?

You cunts made me actually defend Quirks, thats how insane you sound. THATS how insane you sound.

No. 56822

Also, if her existence is so meaningless why are you invested?

No. 56828

File: 1425422051956.jpg (38.36 KB, 225x350, 253915.jpg)

Alright then.

No. 56843

Wait, why are you on this thread then? She claims to be a make up guru and does this kind of shit. of course we're going to slam her with insults.

No. 56844

A bunch of threads have that stupid shit though ("Oh nooo Quirky/PT/whoever has this I wanted it I'm butthurt because even a loser lolcow could get something that I can't :(((("

It's not exclusive to Quirky threads.

No. 56847


I think everyone was just commenting on how it's funny that she will buy expensive ass makeup but she's so absolute shit at applying it that it looks like crap you'd buy at the dollar store. calm down anon, you're the only one that sounds butthurt here.

as a side note, I can understand why someone who couldn't afford nice makeup would be butthurt that someone who has no idea what they're doing can afford to buy $50 palettes BC they have no bills and shit. NGL if I saw the hamplanet with multiple shades of my favorite lipstick I'd die a little inside.

No. 56860

I actually have a lot going on in my life right now that goes beyond an instagram full of fetishists and enablers, but I ain't gonna tell you shit because it's honestly none of your business and I don't have to prove myself to you or anybody on an anonymous board.

10 years from now come back and tell me if any of that shit has been of any use to her, let alone her still being alive by then.

Quirky is desperate to get attention and that's why she hops onto the makeup bandwagon. How many people try to become the next Michelle Phan on YouTube? She buys shitloads of makeup that she doesn't know how to use, and hopes people think of her as a makeup guru just because she owns a lot of shit. Some people act retarded with the "why does she have x when I could have it?" but don't delude yourself into thinking she actually has something of substance in her life because she doesn't.

No. 56878

File: 1425427567077.jpg (145.06 KB, 446x365, kek.jpg)

If I were Quirk, I'd spend my money on a new wardrobe. Nothin like a face dolled up with pricey cosmetics and the same smelly, tie-dye shirt from Walmart in every picture.

No. 56887

Haha. I love this edit. One of my favorite Simpsons episode.

No. 56928


Shut the fuck up you two.

I can't wait till Quirk gets that black lipstick and looks like a macabre prostitute that's 95% bacon.

No. 56929

you know what would be hilarious? if she got one of those fullips things.

No. 56948

Full lips? Like the injections?

No. 56953

File: 1425436973177.jpg (71.9 KB, 1024x682, fullipssizes_zps5864a7cf[1].jp…)

I think they mean those plastic cup things that you use to make your lips look fuller temporarily by sucking on them and creating a vacuum?

No. 56955

They aren't conventionally attractive in many parts of the world, but that doesn't mean some people don't find them attractive.

No. 56959

Fatty detected

No. 56960

But why? I'm not the anon you replied to, but I can't understand being upset at someone else having what you wanted unless they took it from your hands or robbed you of the opportunity. I would understand if it was something she wasn't deserving of, but this is makeup we're talking about here, not some exclusive brand only available to those who have premium membership. All you need is to have enough money and an internet connection if you're getting this shit online.

Quirky is eligible to buy expensive make up if she has the money for it. She spends most of it on cheap make up, but ultimately its her money to do as she pleases with. Maybe the expensive make up will motivate her to up her skills.

**I've gotta point out that I'm not whiteknighting Quirky, just that I think this mindset is stupid and petty as hell. If it bothers you so much that Quirky is getting the make up you like, are you gonna stop using it now in protest?

No. 56962

>I don't have to prove myself to you or anybody on an anonymous board.

pretty sure quirks is thinking the same thing, yet here you are

No. 56964

sigh, there are some cultures out there who like fat women, so it's not like what we consider attractive is a fundamental fact every human agrees on. That other anon seemed bewildered by any of those people possibly being genuine (especially when 99% are chubby chasers, c'mon now).

No. 56968

no, the WOMEN that comment are lying. i'm 100% sure of it. and people as big as trucks are only desired in impoverished areas.

No. 56971

I don't get it. Wouldn't that just give you fine lines and mouth wrinkles?

No. 56975

Morbidly obese women are considered disgusting in all parts of the world.

No. 56977

Probably. But the people that buy this overpriced crap aren't exactly the type of people who look at the long term effects.

No. 56979

File: 1425440125606.gif (880.07 KB, 400x272, Gabe-Sparkle-Beard.gif)

You said it anon.

No. 56980

They are literally paying for plastic circles. Is this shit even proven to work? I swear, asian beauty sites have the worst shit. I've seen a weird face strap that looks like hannibal Lector because it's suppose to firm your jawline as you sleep. No thanks.

No. 57013

Hate countering this, but select parts of Africa have tribes where women Quirky's size are considered ideal. They force feed their children milk from a young age in order to fatten them up and ensure they'll be married off when older. A man with that kind of woman is considered wealthy.

Its that old world mindset people used to have where heavier was indeed glorified way back because it meant you could afford to eat.

No. 57016

>Hate countering this, but select parts of Africa have tribes where women Quirky's size are considered ideal.
[citation needed]

I know that a fuller figure is desirable and attractive in many cultures (African and Polynesian cultures particularly spring to mind), but I've never seen or read anything to the effect that being Quirky's size is attractive in any culture.

No. 57018

It causes the lips to swell because all the blood flows to them or something, so yeah, it does work, temporarily. How long it lasts depends on how long you use the cup thing. It's not an Asian thing either, I've only seen western-based companies selling them (I believe many Asian cultures prefer small lips over fuller ones anyway)

No. 57024

yeah, gavage in places like mauritania. but they're not that fat. they're fat/chub, not morbidly obese.

No. 57029

I first saw them on Korean sites. And a lot of Asians like full lips. Small, but full - like that heart shape look. Not huge like a black woman's or anything tho.

No. 57031

Yeah? Now it means you're a fat ass who cant put down the fork. And medically, it's disgusting to be that size and wrecks havoc on your insides.

No. 57032

Right anon, we all saw that episode of Oprah.
There's that ONE place in west Africa (yes ONE, not "tribes") where they force feed their daughters until they're overweight because it's the ideal there.

Why is this even up for discussion?

No. 57035

File: 1425445662549.jpg (23.1 KB, 474x310, 070416_mauritania_hmed_4p.grid…)

Quirky is wayyyyy larger than these women. She is twice the "overweight" size of a plump Mauritanian women. (pic related)

>but select parts of Africa have tribes where women Quirky's size are considered ideal

You need to back that shit up, don't be leavin out facts.

No. 57038

It wasn't Oprah.. I had to do a report in high school.

Why the fuck are you getting so hostile?

No. 57042


if you people are going to randomly bring up shit in threads >>56975 don't be surprised when someone tells you something. you're all from /cgl/, aren't you? because god forbid you get to say something and if anyone else speaks you get pissed off because you feel challenged on some level. grow the fuck up you sandy cunts and go back to cuckchan.

No. 57062

ugh, they want their lips to look like an open wound? doubt it, a lot of asians have full lips, some even huge (gikwang), a lot of girls minimize their size though to look cuter, but those nasty thin lips that look nonexistent are not appealing anywhere

No. 57063



No. 57067

I'm the Anon you're responding to, and ahahahalololwolwowow times a million this was not an attack on YOU and how much YOU have or don't have going on in your life, and the fact that you had to come out and say anything about YOURself and what you do or do not having going on makes this all the more hilarious. Maybe you have more in common with Quirky than you would care to admit, henny. So sit the fuck down and enjoy the show. Don't bring your own self and your own 'life' into it, lest you wanna become another waist-chan.
Again, it's people like you who make me almost defend quirks.
^^THIS. This is what I meant. Being upset that someone has what YOU want, and that you feel anyone who buys it who doesn't fit your standard is undeserving. Makeup is makeup, regardless of your ability to apply it, regardless of your income and what others can or cannot afford over you; fair game is fair game. I get that this is something echoed throughout pt threads and other lolcow threads, but honestly like I said in my previous post, it just wreaks of special snowflake. I really can't understand being upset with someone else, as other this anon put it, "having what you wanted unless they took it from your hands or robbed you of the opportunity". Like honestly, grow the fuck up. I'm so here for quirks making a fool, too. I didn't mean to get it twisted, and I see how i did. BUT, I don't think she has significant makeup skill, and I wasn't defending her for that. I was defending on the grounds that the PURCHASE of such products, high end or no, is fucking fair game, and that she WORKS for her money, as therefore can do whatever the fuck she wants whether for our lols or no.
Ahahaah @sandy cunts, just had to add.

No. 57068

Um….I just looked that guy up and his lips are fuckin sexy lmao

nigger, I doubt they want someone who's almost too fat to fucking move. If they had a choice and didn't live in a shitty poor area they'd choose a thin woman.

No. 57076

Actually, this is the same anon again, and upon re-reading your response I can see where you're coming from a little more, and I'm a little sorry for coming for you to be honest cause I'm grown and all, but at the same time, why involve yourself and make a comparison when it isn't warranted? I'm sure your life is just fine, and all but, really…


I honestly don't think Quirks existence is meaningless, that comment made me feel some type of way; and I guess I just felt like above all horrible things said about our quirkplanet that it was a really cruel thing to say. Without trying to back-pedal too hard, which you can read me for regardless and I may very well be deserving of a read, but ALL our lives are 'meaningless' and yet no one's life is meaningless. I feel that if that's how some on this board really felt towards quirky than why even bother talking about her, if her life is so 'meaningless', I mean obviously she's giving you something, whether it be life or lolz, and she DOES indeed have a platform, so it can't be all that devoid of 'meaning' per say. Her life holds meaning (to me, anyway) because I'm able to sit back and critique, to hope for better and know that she could probably do better. I hate on her, sure, I make fun of her, sure, but theres that shred of hope inside me that she'll blossom and start caring for herself more. Stupid, I understand, but I can't help it– I'm just a big ol' puss for a good redemption arc, I guess.

No. 57079


Ain't nobody gonna read that fucking paragraph.

No. 57081

lol yeah he knows it too, his instagram are all shots made at angles to emphasize how nice they are

Quirky's lips on the other hand…they don't look bad here>>55656, but here>>54648? they're kinda gross

No. 57083

Your comment is busted, re-respond with proper format so noone has to go lurking through this quirknormous thread plz :)

No. 57092

Your choice of words is so telling about your ignorance, but yeah– I agree, they wouldn't choose someone of quirks size by any means. However, I feel they would choose someone 'thick' and voluptuous (not even saying overweight) over someone thin. Theres a huge difference between voluptuous and hamplanet, mind you.

No. 57093

Less 2+ page comments. More hamplanet.

I managed to get myself blocked from both Quirky's Facebook and Instagram, Lolz. So I don't have any caps to contribute as of now. ;_;

I honestly do not understand how she can spend so much on her makeup but completely ignore her hair. Is it because she doesn't have the mobile range to style it?

No. 57103

Maybe having her arms up above/on her head for longer than 5 seconds exhausts her.

No. 57104

>Implying I have enough time to be here
I mean if it makes you feel better and all.

No. 57106

>Your choice of words is so telling about your ignorance, but yeah–
why? because i typed nigger? nigga pls.

No. 57113

File: 1425462733026.jpg (174.41 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I can only imagine. How much does she weigh again? It has to be at least 500, maybe less. So let's do some math. The human skeleton weighs like 60-70 pounds, right? And I think organs are probably like 30 pounds. (Taking into account quirky's obviously huge frame, please don't comment telling me how ~tiny an fragile you are so your skeleton only weighs 5 pounds!!~ but please correct me if my estimations are inaccurate.) okay, so let's say the essential stuff probably weighs like 120 pounds for quirky. The fat on her midsection is probably, what, at least 150 pounds? So now we are down to 230 pounds. Her head probably weighs about 30 pounds. So that would have to mean each of her limbs are about 50 pounds, give or take. That's like.. Ridiculous. Oh my god.

I know my estimations again are probably off, but I can honestly imagine her limbs being like 30-60 pounds each. How the fck. I guess that's a lot to lift for quirky, lol.

at least four young women of average size could fit into a suit made out of quirk's skin

No. 57114

The idea of wearing a suit made from quirk's skin makes me want to vomit, and I don't get grossed out easy.

No. 57117

File: 1425463342808.gif (490.74 KB, 500x236, tumblr_n6eo7uWsLx1qfzcnbo1_500…)

No. 57168

sorry, didn't even realize

Quirky's lips on the other hand…they don't look bad here >>55656, but here >>54648? they're kinda gross

No. 57169

>Implying I have enough time to be here

you literally do if you take the time to type this site into your browser, go to the quirky thread, scroll down, read the comments and respond

I mean, are you fucking serious?

No. 57201

File: 1425488476855.png (799.7 KB, 1025x611, destined to die early.png)

She was 480 or so in her audition video to biggest loser a few years back.
She's much fatter now, so she's probably around the 500-550 range with bmi in the 70s or 80s.

Also, back to subject. Today's post!
She hasn't been posting often as of late.

No. 57202

So she wanted to be on the Biggest Loser but also is one of those people who thinks 'fat is beautiful' and promotes fat acceptance? Fuck, she is the worst. Don't boast about how much you love yourself in your current physical state when you fucking loathe yourself secretly.

No. 57239

yep and that's why this thread is still alive.

If you haven't watched her audition video yet, it's linked at the top of the thread along with the download link.

No. 57240

why is this count so taking pictures of her horrific face everyday

No. 57243

It's just angles and the fact that she has her mouth closed in the first one. Her bottom lip still weirds me out by how much wider it is than her top lip.

No. 57326

File: 1425518699176.png (765.92 KB, 1023x610, hahahahahahahahahahaha.png)

omg I'm dying.

No. 57329

This post right above the Ashley thread. What a bizarre juxposition.

No. 57332

File: 1425519660052.jpg (54.83 KB, 720x960, hunter.jpg)


OMG lol, so much second hand embarrassment.

This is how you pull off black lipstick dumbass.

No. 57333

I just got mine today. I'm so glad I won't look like a fucking bloated corpse. Love that obligatory lime crime mention there. Ugh.

No. 57334

That looks so pretty with her eyes and hair color.

No. 57335


I think a lot of girls can pull off black lipstick, despite what some might think.

The trick is to lay off the eyes or you look like a mall goth or don't weigh 500 lbs like Quirky. (think no makeup makeup look)

No. 57350

the size of her forehead and nose are a crime though

No. 57355

To her credit, she does seem to be pushing someone away from LC. There's one good thing?

No. 57362

Dont want Lime crime bitches to start buying JS really. They should go to the dollar store and keep buying from there.

No. 57363

Um. No.

No. 57366

File: 1425525675799.jpg (95.75 KB, 955x609, ss (2015-03-04 at 10.16.00).jp…)

Am I seeing things, or has Quirky not pluck her second chin lately? Those look far too short to be stray hairs.

No. 57367

Lol this. Obviously we can't stop them, but these are the Reddit cunts who ignored our warnings for years and now they're just gonna hop over to JS like the basics they are and deny ever being stupid cunts.

No. 57369

True true. I just hate all this band wagoning shit. I'm glad Jeffree is getting the money for his products because he truly is making good quality make up, but so many of these bitches probably never heard of him until people like Quirky starting posting like crazy about him on IG, hoping to get his attention.

No. 57370

I don't see anything.

No. 57373

Honestly, laugh to yourself at how desperate she is. She's quoted him about three times now trying to get his attention and be featured on his page wearing his shit and he just flat out ignored her. She is a desperate wannabe trying to feel included, but she'll never be featured on anything but those fat pity IG pages because she's not something anyone wants to see. Doesn't even matter that his product is fucking amazing, she doesn't make it look good. Bad PR ayyyy

No. 57384

Um, yes? wtf…

No. 57442

She looks like she's about to fucking puke what a gross ass bitch..

No. 57444

lmao hahahahahahahaha
i really don't know how to describe her looks but it's hilarious to me

No. 57455

Hahaha she looks like a sad mime. I knew this would be a disaster

No. 57456


Yes, whoever predicted that she was going to look like a mime deserves to eat an entire delicious cake without absorbing the calories.

No. 57460

I think that might be the ends of her hair, though it wouldn't surprise me if she had a neckbeard to maintain.

No. 57463

File: 1425545368829.gif (774.32 KB, 276x220, 1408733495243.gif)

This looks so bad, she just exacerbated her features and that eye makeup what are you doing asdsfghkhlgksjasf

No. 57467

No. I bet you're one of the people who comments on how potato-ish every single person's nose is on here that isn't like a tiny kawaii anime gyaru~

No. 57468

She's drawn waaay over her lip line on her bottom lip and it looks fucking ridiculous. Also, does Quirks ever contour? Someone as moon-faced as her surely would benefit from it.

No. 57473


I hope she goes like this outside, shit's hilarious

No. 57492

>frosty blue eyeshadow
>Black lipstick
>Greasy ass hair
> tye dye muumuu


No. 57495

seriously, you must be hot shit anon.

No. 57496

File: 1425553857046.jpg (57.32 KB, 500x528, Fat_7a599b_511837.jpg)

No. 57497

lol it's perfect

No. 57507

FFS not the nose police again…

No. 57508

I know. I'm sick of those anons. She looks fine. I don't understand the obsession with noses here.

No. 57509

Maybe she should start puking. Haha.

No. 57510

I'm dying. Black lipstick never looks good on fat asses. Why do they keep trying?

No. 57514

No, this is the first time I comment on the size of someones nose, I genuinely think it's large, as I do her forehead. Also, why the hell does my opinion bother you so much unless you admire her as some type of goddess and wished you looked like her, or you are her. Who gives a fuck? Btw, notice how I never called her ugly.

No. 57531

Post a photo of yourself so we can all point out your imperfections.

No. 57547

quirky does have an ugly fat nose though wtf

if she was normal weight, the nose wouldn't look so abnormal I guess, but because of her size it makes her look like fiona from shrek

No. 57557

File: 1425572335700.png (817.22 KB, 610x610, Quirky approved.png)

anon, they were referring to >>57332, not quirky.

Also, could everyone please stay on topic? It's annoying having to dig through the shitposting to get to the relevant stuff.

No. 57580

God forbid I call out what I believe to be a flaw, it's not like anyone has ever done that on this site. Whats even worse is that I wasn't aware that opinions aren't subjective here, but plain facts.

Whatever, if you can't accept negative opinions regarding your preferences, then don't post the pic on a public forum where anyone can judge and disagree with you.

The lipstick is overdrawn and her bottom lip still looks abnormally large compared to the top, the shape of her lips are gross all together.

I wonder if contouring her face would make her look worse though, with her skills mind you. I can picture her pulling a belinda across her "jaw line" and giving herself a look that screams I have bacon grease smeared across my face and didn't bother to wash it off.

No. 57613


No. 57647


She's HotWhiteGirl™chan

No. 57671


Eurgh you sound like 32" waist chan gtfo you munter.

No. 57719

File: 1425598226661.png (735.25 KB, 1022x610, try losing weight.png)

Back to subject. Two posts today. Apparently she was on fatpeoplehate or something again.

No. 57720

File: 1425598278843.png (782.31 KB, 1022x610, but is your heart strong enoug…)

No. 57721

literal hooker makeup.

No. 57726

Those lips arE TRIGGERING ME.

No. 57731

even though I don't really like the blue eye shadow and red lipstick look (I think due to the stereotype that it's the 80's/90's hooker look) this doesn't look that bad after seeing that black lipstick she had on before lol

No. 57733

Riiiiight, because I don't like a girls forehead or nose. Lmao, wtf do you want me to think, that she looks perfect? Your lack of ability to accept someone's arbitrary opinion astounds me.

No. 57743

Can her stans please stop telling her this shit looks good omg. It wouldn't look good even if it was on someone who wasn't a hideous hamplanet.

No. 57749

you have GOT to be taking the piss, right?

No. 57757

can whatever the fuck is going on in this conversation outside of Quirky not happen? it's annoying

anyway, is it just me, or does quirky not post anymore pics of her going out anymore? if she gains 50 more lbs she'll probably be bend bound and wouldn't be able to go out even if she wanted to

No. 57803

Holy shit, can you imagine if Ashley and Quirky got freaky friday'd and switched bodies?
I was about to make a similar post. She used to IG her going out with friends, mostly it was for food but still. I wonder why she hasn't been out much lately?

No. 57805

Oh man, that make up is horrendous and that Lexabul's comment is so annoying. "I wish everyone happiness. Our bodies are the boats of our souls"

Holy shit, stfu

No. 57806

Why do people keep lying to her? That make up is just so bad. Her eyeshadow is melting off her face. I bet it's hard for anything to stay on that greasy skin.

No. 57830

I'm thinking that packing and moving was taking her ages and winded her constantly. Can't do much at her size without dying a little with each scoot.

No. 57836


Boats of our souls? Quirky is the boat.

No. 57855

a lip plumper is better tbh

No. 57857

i agree
small FULL lips are considered qt in asia and not small thin lips.
small thin lips make you look older
small full lips make you look younger

No. 57858

i blame michelle phan for telling to her viewers it's good

No. 57859

I don't think they're lying to her, I think they genuinely think it's good makeup. I've noticed that people who are usually shit at makeup are easily impressed by others' makeup.

No. 57861

because saying a negative thing makes you a jealous hater of the super kawaii curvy quirky
#hatersgonnahate #2edgy4u #bodypositivity #yesmuhcurves

No. 57874


No. 57892

i agree, i suck at makeup and i don't see too much wrong with hers. i mean, it does look kinda bad and sloppy for me too, but i don't really see what all of you see. then again, i can't even put on lipstick correctly, so…

No. 57896

It's funny how these things are popular and selling nowadays. I remember when I was like 11 I did it with a cup and gave myself these fucked up Angelina Jolie lips that looked hilarious. You can do it with a small container/cup or whatever, you don't need to buy this shitty piece of plastic.
Anyway, it makes your lips feel really uncomfortable. I wouldn't want to use this technique myself just because the feeling your lips get is really unpleasant.

No. 57925

Lol my little brother did this accidentally when he was 5 with some mask that attached to his face or something, it was hilarious too because he started crying. He had Jay z sized lips for hours afterwards (I've noticed thats the look some girls are going for after right now too, strangely lol)

They're saying these things are dangerous because they can burst your blood vessels or something if done too much? Anyway it's so stupid because the people who actually know them can call them out on their fake lips.

Though I think the quirks may benefit from plumping hr top lip up to match her bottom one more.

No. 57929

Here we go. The "w-wa its not so bad!!11!1" anons are showing up as expected.

If you don't know shit about makeup don't bother commenting. Quirky's makeup is always terrible.

No. 57937

File: 1425655864940.jpg (45.72 KB, 649x960, u77u.jpg)

I think her makeup is bad, then again I'm amazed she manages to put it on kinda straight at all, considering how much her motor skills much be restricted by her massive bulk

No. 57967

I agree with you to a point, because I've come to realize some people don't know that they don't know shit about make up (if that makes sense). Some don't even know to what extent they're ignorant at all.

If you've only ever applied some natural looking eyeliner, a bit of tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lipstick or lip gloss, what Quirky does can seem daunting. I'm not saying it's difficult at all, or that it's even remotely good, but if you've never ventured into eyeshadow what she does may not seem that different from what people actually knowledgeable in make up application are (which is definitely insulting).

No. 57980

Why are you so mad about this? We're merely discussing explanations for why people give Quirky asspats about her makeup and the fact is some people genuinely think her makeup is decent or passable because they lack skill themselves. No one's defending Quirky here.

No. 58026

Right ? Can se even touch the top of her head ??
How does it feel to lift huge arms like these, ironically doesn't it make you work out a bit, like built in weights ?

And her taste in clothes is so tacky. I get it it's hard to find properly fitting clothes (but maybe because at this size, the proportions get blown off and disproportionate) but she could try to hunt down dark blue/black clothes.

No. 58029

Her hair looks nice here for once.

No. 58041

it's the distance.
It's greasy af.

No. 58043

her arm fat is as big as her head.

No. 58044

Damn are you assraged.

I don't think she can find anything to wear at this point other than muumuu dresses, right?

No. 58046

That anon acknowledged she doesn't know much about makeup so how did you even come up with that butthurt reply.

Moving your body when you're that massive represents an issue. Walking, moving, even talking becomes a chore.

No. 58069

That and now that her friends are 30min or something farther away, it's too faaaaaaaar

No. 58070

Saxy is huge and she never wears a muumuu. Quirky just has absolutely no taste in fashion of any sort. Probably can't afford anything but walmart bag dresses anyway. Maybe she can get her feeder to buy her actual clothes instead of expensive makeup that she manages to make look like drugstore tier anyway.

No. 58073

She really does have zero taste. I'm sure she'd throw out the 'fashionable clothing at my size is expensive/noone makes nice clothing in my size' thing, which granted plus-sized clothing is more expensive, and theres less selection the higher you get. But all I had to do was type in "fashionable 6x" (I believe she wears a 6x, anyway) and: http://www.amazon.com/s?rh=n%3A5605285011%2Cp_n_feature_fifteen_browse-bin%3A2479511011
this immediately came up, and on Amazon. Theres a ton of dresses here that would be more suitable than those tye-dyed mumus that she wears, and reasonably priced. She can shill out $$ ordering makeup online, why not invest in a half decent wardrobe? Also I don't think Saxy is near as big, but you're right, she at least has some taste when it comes to fashion, and is alot better in the makeup department in comparison. Emphasis on In comparison.

No. 58182

the fuck? i just said that i'm not good at makeup so i don't think it looks as bad as for those who know how to do makeup. fuck you

No. 58198


just for a really quick reference as to how absolutely terrible her makeup is, go look at the makeup board on reddit or check out some makeup tags on Instagram. these people aren't even like ~professionals~ but even at a quick glance you can see how absolutely terrible hers looks in comparison. then look at the amount of money she has spent on makeup and it's downright hilarious. it's kinda like her spending a bunch of money on expensive lolita stuff but then still being a whale and not knowing how to coordinate whatsoever

No. 58237

does anyone have the reddit link about quirks?

No. 58245

File: 1425753615744.jpg (198.94 KB, 946x432, trashyasfuck.jpg)

This color is going to look so bad on her. I can't wait to see pics lol. Also I'm pissed the fuck off that she's tagging her pics with #mua. Bitch you are not a makeup artist. I hope some high profile mua calls her out.

No. 58468

File: 1425786214131.png (878.39 KB, 1026x607, hippo-crite.png)

No. 58477

It pisses me off that she uses that tag too. She is total shit, doesn't know what she's doing and has zero certifications.

No. 58483

File: 1425787667360.png (799.69 KB, 1140x640, KMNUKVc.png)

No. 58484

File: 1425787866942.gif (2.67 MB, 441x300, my-s-ides.gif)

No. 58496

File: 1425789789674.png (1.3 MB, 1135x641, blue.png)

man the moon has a better nose than she does

No. 58502

10 out of 10

Is this the black from Jeffree Starr?!?! The look is even more hideous than I thought.

No. 58503

Just… why would people do this. I think that big lips are a hideous feature and I can't comprehend why anyone would want bigger lips unless they had freakishly small unnatural ones.

No. 58506

Big lips aren't necessarily full lips. These things make your lips fuller which can look freakish if you have big lips to begin with, but can look okay if your lips are pretty average.

No. 58510

Anon… did you… did you shoop her nose that way in the comparison picture? D-Did you? It's like Quirks ate Michael Jackson's corpse

No. 58512

Nice e-mail ;)

No. 58515

How can you see my e-mail? Am I just stupid? I'm probably just stupid.

No. 58518

Yeah, stupid enough to enter your email address, mullet_of_doom

No. 58520

W/e, just contributing, didn't think it was something that showed so…oops? I dont wanna derail this thread, so srry to everyone for being new to commenting as a longtime lurker. Thought it was manditory, egh, i deserve it all

No. 58530

She probably thinks it means makeup addict, not makeup artist.

No. 58532

Yeah, why? I was wondering what her face would look like if I made her look a bit better so that she'd look near identical to the moonface

No. 58542

Oh, I wasn't criticizing, I just genuinely wanted to know whether my eyes were fooling me or if someone else did the shoop, like on reddit. If so, you did a bang up job on mirroring the nose of the moon face

No. 58748

File: 1425849791442.jpeg (140.22 KB, 1252x1101, moonwhale.jpeg)

Love it. Though I still kind of prefer my version.

No. 58749


Also, new video from her today. That laugh makes me want to throw a truck at her.


No. 58751

sad how moon-face-chan looks more attractive than quirky lol

No. 58757

Bitch, stop sucking Jeffree's cock. He doesn't want your whale lips near that region.

No. 58758

:( well, fuck you too. I can't do anything about my naturally big lips.

No. 58778

I'm sure your lips look great, anon. Beauty is subjective and I for one think plump lips are really attractive! (notquirkystholol)

No. 58890

She keeps trying to get noticed by him and it isn't fucking working.

No. 58928

File: 1425869492740.jpg (221.39 KB, 1280x1440, but they're healthy right.jpg)

think quirky looks anything like this?

No. 58942

Oh fuck - my eyes!!

No. 58982

holy shit on a god damn shingle.
why does it look so…firm?
Does this thing have a hernia or some shit?

No. 58986

looks way too firm

No. 58990

look at that cavernous bellybutton

it doesnt help these dumptrucks that as they get bigger more and more places on the body develop, to store food

i get the feeling she houses sour kids in that bellybutton and goes spelunking for thin mints between her folds

No. 59001

There are already nudes of her, you all have the ability to know what she looks like on the goddamned ED. Why do you people post pointless shit like this when we already know what her body looks like.

No. 59021

File: 1425876116951.png (474.73 KB, 1025x613, on a pig.png)

It's pretty annoying that people don't bother scrolling up to the top to click on the damn album links.

Anyway, actual new post from the Quirkpork.

No. 59026


I hate that we waste time having to explain things to fucking newfags. These cunts have links in the op.

No. 59047

File: 1425880593546.jpg (71.49 KB, 640x640, ew those lips.jpg)

No. 59061

I never bothered to check to see whether she had any front full body shots, all I ever saw was the gross ones of her bent over and what looked like skin melting off of her body, so I never bothered to looked through the rest. My bad jfc.

No. 59062

that xomiss_malice is retarded, it's obvious that a troll account wouldn't use a picture of the actual owner

No. 59065

What's more hilarious to me is that they are insulting someone for not being pretty. Yet they are on Quirk's page which is supposed to be about positivity and acceptance. What a hypocritical fat bitch.

No. 59073

File: 1425887614996.jpg (103.75 KB, 473x640, 1425880593546.jpg)

so compelled to attempt photoshopping a few kilos off her

No. 59076

File: 1425890810837.gif (1.82 KB, 46x40, 507759c6ca25ebcdc8f0f3ec7cf2fb…)

She almost looks good there anon, nicely done.

No. 59123

She has potential to be cute if she loses around 350 pounda

No. 59171

Maybe bloating or a yeast infection from their diet.

No. 59173

and even then she would have lots of gross saggy skin

she basically ruined her body

No. 59175

She can lose weight and all but her body is permanently destroyed, weight loss isn't gonna fix that
To be honest if I was her I dunno if I'd even bother losing weight at her size, it'd feel pointless because I'd never look good and have problems due to skin and need so much surgery… but I don't know if Quirky has even realized that yet herself as she continues gaining pound after pound.

No. 59180

Well how about this…she loses weight while saving the money (she used to spend on buying food) and after she gets to normal weight, she uses the money on excess skin removal surgery

No. 59194

I want her to lose the weight for health reasons, but fuck it's gonna suck if she went through skin removal and then was left with the scars

No. 59200

Saggy skin removal AND liposuction, since fat cells (contrary to popular belief) don't "disappear" once they are formed. They only shrink with weight loss, hence leaving people with cellulite and bags of skin.

That's why I don't really understand people who say she'd look better if she'd lost x amount of weight. She'd just be a freak in another way, one that wouldn't appeal to -any- type of person. She'd go through years of ruined self-esteem, and rightfully so. At least when she's fetish-tier huge she gets some attention.

You could say she should lose it for health reasons, but really, it doesn't seem to add up when the consequence is years of depression, self-hate, and loneliness.

No. 59213

Yeah but that's if she went from the size she is now to a normal weight, if she could even make it to under 400 lbs it could do some good for her health. Maybe if she lost weight slow enough it would be so bad. So what about sagging skin at least she'd be able to breathe

No. 59223

Sagging skin can cause bad health issues because the folds can easily become infected and can cause serious discomfort/pain. That's not even getting in to the fact she's probably severely damaged her skeleton's frame permanently with all the weight she's been carrying around, her bones are definitely deformed in some way.
>Maybe if she lost weight slow enough it would be so bad.
She's losing the weight of 3 extra people on top of herself. No amount of losing the weight slowly will ever make that ok. Her skin is a lost cause.

In all honesty she's like a reverse Ashley. Even if Ashley gains weight the damage to her health has been done.
I'm not saying she shouldn't try to lose weight but if I was in her shoes, a self confessed food addict with literally nothing else in my life, I don't know if I'd bother losing weight either. It'd seem so pointless, you'd be denying yourself the only thing you actually like in your life and losing weight alone won't even really solve your problems. Like I said the damage has already been done… just seeing it from that perspective is so depressing. She's ruined her whole life.

No. 59257

I'm guessing probably bloating? The tumblr post says she ate a pizza, half dozen donuts, and most of a 2 litre.

No. 59260

At this point, Quirky would die before she managed to (naturally) lose enough weight to bring her to a healthy weight. It would just take too much time, and Quirky probably has until she's 30 to live and to lose the equivalent of several people is a lot to manage in that time.

No. 59322

If she lost weight a lot of her health issues (or potential ones) would actually be resolved. She has done damage to herself but a lot of it can be fixed if she maintained a healthy lifestyle, I don't think she is at Ashley's point just yet.

The biggest issue would be her skin, yeah, she would need a lot of surgery to sort that out. However I have to think if she lost the weight naturally in a healthy way she may have fewer skin issues than someone who lost it due to weight loss surgery since it would be far slower.

Anyway, there was an episode of 600lb Life where a woman regained her life and others have done it too, it's not impossible.

No. 59349

Right, but I don't think Quirky sees that or understands that. I'm just saying if I was that size I would probably be so discouraged by the damage that I dunno if I'd even bother at that point.
I honestly don't think losing it slowly or healthily will make any difference at her size. Like I said, she is housing the weight of 4 people within her frame and has done for the past how many years? Her skin is stretched out forever. You reach a certain point and it makes no difference whether you lose it slowly or not.

It's not impossible but it's not as easy as just weightloss. The sad and hard part of morbid obesity that people don't really talk about is organ damage and bone damage. I've watched the 600lbs I think you're talking about, the girl's name was Melissa right? Iirc she couldn't walk right even when she lost the weight, I remember her sort of walking like a penguin and her knees being all misshapen. I think she had several skin removals too.
I imagine Quirky would be in the same state. And I'm not saying she shouldn't try, just that it's so sad because even if she does lose weight her body is still destroyed. In a way I feel so awful for her.

No. 59356

Losing weight isn't only about appearance, however.
Sure, you may need a lot of work on your body and it may leave you with some scars, but the payoff of being able to live more is better than putting on pounds and making your life even more miserable.

No. 59357

I thought they her strange walking was her used to walking in a certain way (because she was so huge) and she just kept up that habit even when she didn't need to, I didn't remember it as being a bone issue.

Yes, she did damage to herself, but it's a question of changing it while she can vs. making it worse. I think an equivalent situation is a smoker who could quit and improve his/her health despite having done some damage but then deciding not to because the damage was done and instead making said damage worse.

Actually when I hear about these types of people it really amazing me what the human body can do and survive through. That Patrick Duel guy weighed over a fucking ton (AND he smoked!) and he's still alive.

I think this is true too. Even she lives a shorter lifestyle than the average person she would still live far longer if she became healthier. Even if her body was still all fucked up she'd be at least able to walk around and, you know, live.

No. 59383

This is off topic but you're not correct about fat and it only shrinking. The simplest way I can put this is that fat is kind of like unconverted energy.

No. 59389

>Anyway, there was an episode of 600lb Life where a woman regained her life and others have done it too, it's not impossible.
Lol. I always think of Quirky when I watch that show.
The show really does prove she can loose the weight if under the right supervision.
But she has wayy too many enablers. Shit is sad.

No. 59394

I think the other anon meant fat cells not fat, which is correct. I remember learning about it in biology class years and years ago, but basically it's something like you can shrink fat cells but they will never go back to their original size… it's something like a 15% increase or something? That's not totally accurate but it's something along those lines iirc.

No. 59407

not that other anon but I alsor ead about "fat cells" and how people who have been obese for the majority of their childhood and then lose weight will remain vulnerable to weight gain because of the change in their cells as they gained weight as a child.

No. 59478

Oh my god that's not what causes cellulite. I really hate that misconception because I've always dealt with cellulite to some extent and there are people who are skinny and always have been that have problems with it as well. Cellulite is caused by the lack of elasticity in the connective tissue that is in the fat. Men have a different pattern of the tissue which is why they don't get cellulite. In women it crisscrosses and if the fiber is too rigid you will get a dimpled appearance. Yes there are factors involving the amount of fat as well as the diet which will cause a differing amount of collagen to affect the composition of the tissue, but for some people it's just a genetic thing.

No. 59489

See >>59407.
When you gain weight that is not muscle, your body creates new fat cells to store the extra fat.
If you're obese, and you have more fat cells than the average person, these cells will shrink when you lose weight but they never go away entirely. Which is why it's necessary to get liposuction.
I didn't say sagging skin causes cellulite? Obese people have more cellulite than the average person due to maxed out skin elasticity, like you said. Chill.

No. 59690

Unless they're abnormally big, I'm sure it's not bad. I just hate this stupid Kylie Jenner duckface lips trend of making your lips way bigger than they ought to be.

No. 59700

Well Kylie Jenner's normal lips are fucking hideously thin. Idk why she just doesnt get injections. Full lips are more attractive for a reason look it up.

No. 59707

I don't really know at this point because I only know people who were waaay smaller than her but they lost weight and avoided the stretched skin it seems, besides faded strech marks.

The thing with television shows is that they want results as quickly as possible because the public want to see a stunning before and after and don't want to wait 10+ years before showing the segment. So they probably push trainers and incredibly damaging intensive exercises (the biggest loser) coupled with strict diets.

I honestly believe it's in her best interest to start and keep it slow even if it takes her a decade. I don't think her skin could look like a regular person's but I got the feeling it wouldn't look as bas as contestants from these freak shows.

No. 59708

File: 1425990825477.jpg (29.56 KB, 355x236, everyone-is-freaking-out-over-…)

Well that doesn't mean she has to make this this big.

>Full lips are more attractive for a reason look it up.

>What is personal taste

No. 59714

How do people even get this fat?

No. 59741

She works hard at maintaining her weight. Taking all those calories in day after day is no small feat.

There's a weightloss show that follows people for a year. I think that has better results.

No. 59968

File: 1426028646562.png (831.77 KB, 1024x610, soooo tolerant.png)

A few new ones today. I omitted one that was unimportant though.

No. 59970

File: 1426028690601.png (682.2 KB, 1026x610, during a call kek.png)

No. 59972

File: 1426028813743.png (842.38 KB, 1023x611, guess where booberry came from…)

No. 59977


Bitch so fat he has to go over her shoulder to get his head in the picture.

Her neck is forever on vacation.

No. 59989

All I could think of while I was attempting to read that was "THAR SHE BLOWS."

No. 59992

Dying at his forehead line. Also, I've been to the cola factory in Atlanta. It's awesome. I weep for the people who have to be around those whales though. And it's hilarious she thinks she's good at make up today.

No. 60023

I love you anons.

No. 60055

File: 1426037036175.jpg (18.98 KB, 365x280, Frankensteins-Monster-in-Frank…)

the forehead wrinkle reminds me of this

No. 60186

She did get injections.

No. 60566

File: 1426108338145.jpg (75.2 KB, 640x640, polished turd.jpg)

No. 60571

>quirky going to coca cola factory

might as well become their mascot

No. 60613

File: 1426112494813.png (755.32 KB, 1022x612, pop the face.png)

You left out the funny comments, anon.

No. 60615

File: 1426112673444.png (387.32 KB, 547x399, father quirky.png)

No. 60637

Holy shit. That one comment. I love the guy who's like "she has confidence." Yeah right. If someone paid for her to lose all that weight. She would do it in a heart beat.

No. 60645


No. 60870

This is amazing.

No. 60894


omg lol hail Father Quirky. Gather your Death Guards errybody

No. 60903

if she's nurgle, does that make us space marines?

or the sisters of battle?

No. 61064

File: 1426188335821.png (602.15 KB, 1290x771, oh i feel sick.png)

No. 61070

fat body movement is ruining shit for everyone. This bitch is ugly. Why are people lying to her?

No. 61082

The people who tell quirky that she's beautiful just get off to their own sense of altruism. It makes them feel like a good person to make quirky feel like she's important.

No. 61095

This is from the POV of a pizza.

No. 61110

No. 61111

when i look ay quirky it just reminds me of how much i hate taking care of fat patients.

No. 61138

File: 1426196674143.jpg (77.36 KB, 640x640, nooo.jpg)

oh my god…

No. 61150

File: 1426197461792.jpg (169.25 KB, 765x1024, MFW.jpg)


My husband says the exact same thing. When he saw her pictures he said that with people as big as her they need FOUR people just to insert a catheter. The way they do it is 2 people for each leg to spread them open, 1 person holds the fupa up, and the nurse has to dig through the fat to find the vagina/penis.
He also says they're the laziest people he has ever come across. They'll do stuff like push the emergency call button for ridiculous things, like fluff up their pillows.

No. 61277

made me laugh because of how true it is

You guys remember those fb posts that used to go around featuring kids with giant brain tumors saying "like if you think she's beautiful?" and thousands of people would like to not feel bad or assholes would even make these same posts for likes and feel important

But there was a guy I went to hs with that said he wanted that little dying girl as his daughter. It made me so pissed because who would wish for their children to have to experience that type of pain? I know people might think he meant it in a 'I would still accept her as my daughter even if she looked like this," but no. This retard literally wanted a girl like that as his daughter because he felt it was wrong not to.

These frame of thinking verges on the same line as whats going on with Quirky's pals. They think it's wrong if they don't tell her she's beautiful or delude themselves into thinking she is. We all know they abide by conventional beauty standards like the rest of us.

No. 61289

Bless your EMT,doctors, nurses and other health professionals who have to deal with this. I really respect you are. Fat people should be forced to pay up the ass for their health care. They keep preaching about fat people dont harm anyone, but we all know that's not true.

I live in NYC and disgustingly enough, there was supposed to be a bill passed a few years ago to make ambulances WIDER because so many fat patients cant fit in the back properly. Argh.

No. 61291

She's disgusting. She looks like she's going to explode.

No. 61296

I did the mistake of looking at this while having a late dinner.
My salmon now tastes like sawdust.

No. 61443

there's a sickening amount of people participating in narcissistic altruism & slacktivism.
Most humans are inherently selfish, so they go out of their way to make sure everyone is aware how 'selfless & concerned' they are with others/movements.
It's just gotten worse & worse with social media.

No. 61448

File: 1426230758292.jpg (85 KB, 925x545, lihh.JPG)

>quirky wearing these shades


No. 61457

Do people actually wear these lipsticks out of the house? Where I live at least, it would be SUPER weird to see people with such bold lipstick outside of special occasions, and even more so with the 'unusual' colours. It's not like I live in the sticks or anything either, I guess it's just the culture around here.

No. 61459

I almost never see people in bright pinks or purples, but red and coral is pretty common, even casually.

I love Jeffrees stuff though. I have red rum and unicorn blood and the latter is probably my favorite lip thing ever. I did buy 714 too.

No. 61460

Reds I do see around, but I would never see something like, well, any of the other colours on a day to day basis where I live. 714 seems second most wearable to me.

I can't stop thinking of the browns as poop though, no matter what brand.

No. 61463

I think the most common colors are reds and pinks, though every now and again I'll see some tumblr looking chick in dark ass purple or black.

Don't really see people wearing browns, or those weird colors like blue or yellow.

No. 61464

I live in norcal and it's pretty much this. Though burgandy and brown have been extremely popular in my area. When I visited LA recently, I saw the IG crazy color stuff everywhere, though.

No. 61480

That is why i love some of my friends. They are assholes in some peoples eyes, but at least they don't pretend to like people or lie to others saying "Gurl you so beautiful" We know this one girl who milks her sad sob story to get away with being an attention whore and slut and while others are like "anon no she has issues, because of her past" My friends are being straight forward and call her behaviour like it is, being a whore.

No. 61481


IDK why she thinks anyone cares about her purchases. I just don't care that you got some shade of lipstick that will make your ugly butterface even uglier. Like…

No. 61496

wasn't she complaining about being poor

No. 61504

Now, I don't lurk Quirky's thread that often and I'm just wondering, does she skinny-shame? Because I notice she tags her instagram photos with '#allbodiesaregoodbodies' but she seems so much like the type to be like 'muh curves are healthy!!' but at the same time exclaim to any girl under 120lbs that they need to eat a burger.

No. 61510

File: 1426252209252.jpg (242.43 KB, 1024x559, Banner-01.jpg)

The size isn't even that big just looks obviously unnatural. If you're happy with you're granny lips then good 4 you. Don't hate on everybody else that has cute ones it's not their fault they look healthy and youthful and you look like Caesar from planet of the apes.

No. 61512

File: 1426252294911.jpg (117.99 KB, 355x500, 3469827473_b7ac2a084d.jpg)

No. 61514

>>you look like Caesar from planet of the apes
Oh lord, this tickled me hahaha.
Fuller lips do look much better, my best friend has literally no lips and it makes her look so old.

No. 61520

I just can't help think that people with thin lips are bad kissers

No. 61528


No. 61532

You all need to chill and get back on topic.

No. 61586


Have u guys seen this vid already

No. 61605

File: 1426266707670.png (787.8 KB, 1023x610, soooo filtered.png)

I don't believe so, and I cap most of her instagram posts.

No. 61606

File: 1426266733487.png (807.56 KB, 1021x611, says the negative nancy.png)

No. 61650

you can fit her head 4 times in thas disgusting torso ugh why is she so disgusting

No. 61663

Does she have her tags saved as a list and just copy paste it or what

No. 61671

does anyone search for these tags?

No. 61674


Ugh, holy shit she needs to wash her fucking hair.

No. 61683

bet she doesn't fit in the shower so she have to wash her body with wet cloth

No. 61699

Or get her poor brother to.

No. 61731

she bought jeffree's new lipsticks, 714 and queen supreme lmao

shes obsessive with trying to act like shes in the know.

quirky, you can buy all of the makeup you want, but if your ass doesnt know how to use it then its a waste.

No. 61771


She'll just say it's wet and that's why it looks greasy. (Suuuure)

No. 62403

>be quirky
>buy expensive lipstick and brag about it
>can't even be fucking bothered to apply it properly

dat corner of her lips
dat fucking right corner of her lips
holy shit how even does someone do that?

No. 62405

>jeffree star

Pick one.

Not even trying to be a snob or anything, his stuff is good, but it isn't Chanel or Lancome. The day the bitch can afford those then perhaps.

No. 62434

her eyeliner bothers me like nothing else!

No. 62435

Haha, this. Nothing is going to look good on that fat cow anyway

No. 62436

I tried to find out why the sound wasn't working and accidentally liked it.


No. 62442

Her mascara and eyeshadow application are the most offensive to me tbh

No. 62489


Isn't a butterface someone with a hot body but an ugly face anon?

No. 62490

Is this just an unflattering angle or has she gotten fatter? As soon as I saw this picture I was taken aback.

No. 62491

well, she definitely aint gettin' any thinner.
(also a flattering angle for quirky doesn't exist.)

No. 62492

Yeah, it is. Comes from saying like, everything about her is hot, 'but her face' (hence, butterface).

No. 62493

in quirky's case, it just means she probably has butter smothered on her face.

No. 63369

No. 63371

Definitely gotten fatter. how old is she anyway? 25/26?

No. 63374

No. 63380

File: 1426483334718.jpg (352.8 KB, 1026x611, yet another keg full.jpg)

Sorry for disappearing and the lack of caps. I had a life, unlike a certain elephant seal bull.

Apparently our lovely little planet decided to put her profile on private again and post these two new images for us to marvel at.

No. 63381

File: 1426483374055.png (853.25 KB, 1023x611, talking about her fatness.png)

No. 63382

>i wish more girls had their natural brows
…Uh has this person ever seen someone without their brows done in their life? A lot of women dont do their brows and she obviously gets her threaded/waxed and then filled in. jfc

No. 63383

Drunk? Her? Pfft please. It must take more than a 6 pack of beer to get her drunk

No. 63384

Her face is so massive. Why must she do such up close shots?

Are her lips melting to one side or am I going insane? She looks like she's having a stroke.

No. 63388

I bet that's how her lips are normally if she doesn't do the gaping sphincter thing she usually does.

No. 63395

Dat eye make-up.
I can't believe anyone would take make-up tips from her.

No. 63490

actually moving a bit would be your strongest defense against heart disease, diabetes and trolls

but that would require effort

No. 63493

agreed. outside of the hood most women have some sort of a natural brow going on

No. 63495

lol agreed. can you imagine how annoying she would be on drugs tho


No. 63501

Omfg that would be so obnoxious.

Pretty much.

No. 63502

Maybe it's just me, but I really fucking hate when guys say "I wish more women would do this."

Just as gross as the guys who post on make up threads and YT Vids with "I'm a guy but I watch this guru. Am I weird?" No, you're a fucking attention whore.

No. 63504

or the guys who go on makeup threads to say 'i like gurlz without makeup' and then they post a picture of emma watson or whatever, with natural makeup

No. 63539

File: 1426516878864.png (1.08 MB, 1594x730, A REAL MEDICAL CONDITION.png)

Speaking of drugs I just found out that my ADD meds are now approved for "Binge Eating Disorder, a real medical condition" kek. I wonder why quirks hasn't resorted to weight loss drugs yet.

No. 63546

nah I think its everywhere, have you seen girls with the comma eyebrows?

No. 63548

isn't binge eating disorder a compulsion that results from having obsessive thoughts about food (eating it all the time or trying to starve)? So wouldn't that kind of make it like ocd?

btw I'm just guessing here, so please for those who know more correct me if I'm wrong. I looked up a bunch of shit on BED and my professor has spoken about it in an abnormal psych class but that was a while ago and idr.

I just don't buy into binge eating disorder unless you have anorexia, bulimia or both, because in trying to force yourself to engage in such extreme behavior, it can lead to extreme behavior that counteracts it, like with drug or alcohol addictions.

No. 63756


This might delve in to shitposting/total offtopic like the last thread since it was discussed in that one but nonetheless.
BED is similar to bulimia, minus the purging actually. The biggest difference between BED and bulimia binging habits is that BED binges may go on for hours where bulimics will binge for a short time and do it as quickly as possible. When bulimics binge they panic after their binge and purge out of anxiety so they don't gain weight, where as with BED they go into a more depressive, self loathing state where they lie there hating themselves for their actions, sometimes the feeling can be so intense you feel like not even moving because it's all you can think about and you hate yourself so much, sort of like extreme depression if you've ever experienced anything like that.

You're on to something with that last comment, actually. A lot of people with BED actually end up engaging in bulimic and anorexic behaviors in order to deal with their compulsions. In fact a lot of BED sufferers are recovered anorexics (I'm not talking about 600lbs landwhales here, some girls can be underweight and qualify for BED).
The only thing is that BED binge cycles are unpredictable and differ from person to person. Sometimes binge cycles can last weeks where they compulsively binge every single day and then have a week or so of super low restrictions/fasting to deal with their binging, then perhaps up and down like that randomly. It's not really an absolute. This is how people with BED gain weight despite being able to restrict to such low calorie intakes for periods of time. Usually they either eat super high amounts or super low amounts (a lot of people say it is easier for them to eat nothing at all than eat a normal, healthy amount when restricting because they lose control around food, it is easier to deny yourself completely).
Another thing about BED is complete lack of control rather than poor impulse control. It's common to describe it as going in to a trance and mindlessly binging, like you're not even in your own body while it's happening, it's like your body taking over your brain as opposed to someone trying to justify eating more to themselves "because I was good today" or something like that. There is no thought process, it's like your brain is not functioning.

But yes. It's extremely common for people with BED to end up having it turn into Bulimia or Anorexia to combat their extreme behaviors/thoughts. I guess it is sort of similar to OCD in that sense, it's like a ritual of always thinking about food and calories that dominates you.

Quirky on the otherhand… I dunno. I really don't think she restricts at all and has some misconception about what BED entails. Her problem to me feels more like her humongous portions size rather than binging. I think that she doesn't necessarily have the worst diet in the whole world, she just eats 4 times more than the average person would serve themselves. She really has no clue about what the average size/amount to eat should be and I think her eating problems stem from that rather than BED.

No. 63921

Thank you, that was very informative and made a lot of sense to me. When I think of it on those terms, its extremely doubtful that Quirky would have BED. She would likely spend significantly more time speaking about it and how horrible she feels afterwards to gain sympathetic followers (for support or just simply for the number count).

I think she just has poor impulse control, which is obvious by how difficult it is for her to maintain healthy eating habits and to not spend money she does not have.

No. 63927

That was mainly tumblr's recent influence though.

No. 63936

File: 1426554829630.jpg (6.09 KB, 240x143, ksd.jpg)

what??? dude those comma brows have been around from as early as the early 2000s

mainly Jersey and Upstate NY bitches do their brows that way

No. 63944

I still believe that it would take at least a keg to get her drunk.

No. 63947

I feel quirky's problem is more about not knowing how to eat, yeah. We saw pictures of her when she was a kid and she was already fat, which makes me believe that she grew up with no idea of how good eating habits work.

I do believe she binges, but I think she binges because she tries to set up a diet plan with a dramatic decrease in portion sizes.

I'm kind of talking from experience here, because I used to do that, and I think that's what she's probably doing.

I'd usually start off with restricting my calorie intake, no sugar no tasty shit and in small portions, but by the end of the week I would end up giving in to my old eating habits.

I would also binge on sugary shit because I needed my "fix" [I'm an emotional eater, and sugar helped me cope with my depression]

Quirky loves uploading her meals on instagram and there's always a pattern, which is pretty fucking similar to mine.

She starts off with this cool and dandy apple, a sandwich, water, all in small portions, but the next meal will have an aggregate [when she went retarded over those protein bars], and slowly but surely she ends up adding shit she knows is high in calories but it's tasty, so whatever.

That's when her binging starts, but I really do believe it's not because of BED per se, but because going without sugary shit for long periods of time, especially when your diet has copious amounts of sugar, makes you grumpy and irritated, so you need your fix.

No. 63949

Oh! I thought you meant the half shaved brows. Yeah, those look awful. oh my gosh, haha.

No. 63951

There's usually not bust or full body shot. Seeing only her face makes you assume she's not that bad but she really really is and desperately needs to lose weight.

No. 63955

losing weight wont help with her saggy, saggy skin. It's going to be a long journey if she actually wants to do it. She probably wont ever bounce back tho.

No. 63969

lolwut, that's an old as hell trend.

Tumblr started pushing the fuller brows thing. It ends up shit because of a lot of girls filling them in to a ridiculous degree but still.

We saw pictures of her when she was a kid and she was already fat, which makes me believe that she grew up with no idea of how good eating habits work.
This actually makes me sad.

No. 63970

If she lost weight slowly and healthily she wouldn't be as bad. I think the worst skin cases are the people who had weight loss surgery and dropped tons of weight fast. Yeah, her skin would probably still be fucked up but not as badly, she could use the money she saves from fast food to go towards her surgery fund.

No. 63971

why does she put eyeshadow below her eyes

No. 63978

I dont know where you live, but some states in the U.S want to make it so obese children can count as child abuse and the parents are put on a strict diet plan. If they are still obese after 10 months, they can be taken from them. It's super sad, but obese children are a huge problem here because of shitty parents not knowing how normal people eat and portion control.

No. 63980

>which makes me believe that she grew up with no idea of how good eating habits work.

To me that's a bullshit excuse.
I had shitty eating habits when I was younger. (my mother was like… physically incapable of serving/cooking us vegetables or salad)
But when I knew there was a problem & when I was old enough, I started buying my own food & learning how to eat better.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, she has her own damn brain, she KNOWS there's a problem (i.e, auditioning for biggest loser)
She's just too lazy to do anything about it so her only option is to convince everyone she likes that blob of lard she calls her body.

No. 63982

It's not that uncommon though for severely obese kids to grow up and not know how to properly diet. Someone I follow on YT (Boogie2988) made a vlog about how he was abused as a kid and force fed/not allowed to leave the table until he ate everything on his plate. Now he's really obese and struggling to lose weight because old habits die hard. I mean, he's trying. I dont know what Quirky is doing, but it really is sad. It can be an excuse for a lot of people, but sometimes when you are abused as a kid, it really sticks with your mentally.

No idea what her story is though.

No. 63983

I was fed mcdonalds A LOT as a kid. I didnt start eating vegetables on a daily basis until I met my now wife. It's sad, but not everyone can break out of those habits. I've lost 30lbs since then and kept it off, but it really is changing your entire view on food instead of fad and crash diets, which is what I'm assuming she is doing now.

No. 63985

File: 1426559796870.jpg (416.17 KB, 600x900, oriole-3-016a-600x900.jpg)

she thinks she's doing this

No. 64258

whenever I try this it looks like shit

I should take makeup lessons from quirky lol

you have to admit, the fact that she manages to put on makeup at all, with her hammy arms and hammy fingers, is impressive in itself.

No. 64260

her parents are middle class and she was spoilt

from the looks of it anyway

No. 64351

I have to agree with this, Quirky is old enough, has access to a computer, seems from a wealthy family and has lots of followers. She has ALL the ressources she needs to start taking care of her eating habits.

I was also forced to eat everything when I was younger (Italian family, sigh) and was always chubby. Never was obese but flirting with overweight and it just hit me that I'm in IT and sit on my ass all day, I can't eat like my boyfriend who repairs stuff around. I can't eat pastas several times a week or my favorite food everytime, nor pastries so frequently.

Little by little I'm learning tricks on my own about which food groups I like that are healthy (vegetables, fish etc), I got used to drink sodas only during parties and bought a few weights and a yoga mat. Not only am I saving money (by not eating take out) but I can exercise indoors for a budget of around 50€ top. It's not even that hard because you really get used to it super quickly. I feel like Quirky is just afraid of something like failure or think that if she doesn't lose 5lbs in the first week she failed everything.

No. 64366

My diet when I was growing up mainly consisted of costco microwave lasagnas and takeout teriyaki, all while my mom blamed me for being fat (when I was 10 and still reliant on her for buying groceries.) The moment I moved out I started walking everywhere, and totally cut myself off from sugary sodas and processed food. I was a complete cunt to everyone from sugar withdrawls, but I lost about 60 pounds in one year from those two changes alone. Now I let myself eat some junk but I'm still pretty strict.

Quirk can make the changes if she wants to, but the changes are really fucking hard and they take a lot of effort which doesn't seem to be her MO.

Anons, I feel you, and you all rock for making the changes you did. It's really hard to be a better eater.

No. 64376

dude, congrats on your changes. I think we've gone through a crazyness in life where we do need some junk and sugar, but as you said, it can be restricted a bit and still enjoyed without the dangerous side effects. You rock on, anon. I'll be at the gym tomorrow, trying to lose my gut. haha

I do soda once a week on my cheat day.

No. 64565

File: 1426640960822.png (708.09 KB, 955x572, so god tier.png)

Congrats, anon! I've only started last year but lost a good 50 pounds. I need to be a bit more strict with junk if I want to lose the last bit.

Anyway, new post. Some "god-tier" fanart.

No. 64568


No. 64593

captured that ass chest perfectly, right up to her triple chin

No. 65012

File: 1426711461936.gif (9.64 MB, 661x373, ricci.gif)


He even got her mushroom nose! hahaha

No. 65037

>BEYONG beautiful, kek

No. 65063

It actually looks a lot like her.

No. 65088

Only thing that's beautiful in that picture is the artist's ability to capture all that fat with with just a pencil.

Anons who lost weight - Congrats! It takes changing your entire life and how you think.

No. 65096

Anon, this is the best smokey eye tutorial I've seen. Smokey eyes tend to make me look like a crying hooker, but this video has helped me look…less like a crying hooker?

I just…can't wait till Quirky tries to establish herself a youtube make up guru extrodinare!

No. 65099

No. 65614

File: 1426815730926.jpg (1.21 MB, 1444x1835, image.jpg)

I was bored at the end of school today waiting for the bus and I drew quirky. Sorry if I doesn't look like her, I didn't have any pictures, but looking at it now she poses in the same way in every picture lol

No. 65669

File: 1426822570700.png (773.89 KB, 1023x608, trying to sound sophisticated.…)

only one new one today, the rest are rehashes with some "inspirational" messages.

No. 65670

File: 1426822603780.png (896.13 KB, 1026x612, bacon lard.png)

No. 65675

File: 1426822680672.png (841.71 KB, 1024x614, reverse thinspiration.png)

Oh yeah, 'cause people who use you as a reminder are all pro-ana and aren't doing it for health at all.
The lard is getting to your head.

No. 65676

File: 1426822710474.png (828.49 KB, 1021x609, aware planet.png)

No. 65687

spot on for not having any ref anon, you must have photographic memory

No. 65697

n00b here, but I gotta question.
Is she actively trying to lose weight, or is she completely fine with her current state and doesn't care about remaining this way?

No. 65715

File: 1426824492611.jpg (95.97 KB, 610x609, image.jpg)

She is completely happy with herself and how much she weighs. Otherwise, if you say she should lose weight, you are oppressing her.

She has expressed desire to lose weight before but has never gone through with losing even 5 pounds.

No. 65717

it's a face :<

No. 65729

I'm only 15lbs overweight atm and I can't fit into any of my awesome clothes. I've been gyming it up lately. How can she honestly be happy with herself at this weight? She's so young and yet she's given up. You cannot wear nice clothing at that huge mass.

No. 65731

Why the hell does she put so much emphasis on being feminist?

As far as I know that has nothing to do with being obese or mean comments about your fat body. Actually, if she were a dude things would be even harder because she definitely wouldn't have an army of ~self-love~ ass kissers to tell her she was beautiful. lol helllll no. And I doubt there are many female chubby chasers for a relationship either.

No. 65736

It's the "in" thing now. Basically it gets her more asspats and followers. Like everything she hooks her flippers too, she just regurgitates what others have said before with 50+ more hashtags.

No. 65759

You're wrong, actually.
Swear to god these newfags.
She was on a diet ONCE and lost 40, said that she looked "skeletal", and then went right back to eating what she wanted because she's a fucking moron.

No. 65760

sorry quirky but i'll keep using you as an inspiration to never get fat, eat moderate portions and healthy food

No. 65761

I bet she was happy with her weight loss, but since her self-control didn't last for toolong, she yo-yo-ed back and now she is using excuses

No. 65786

Because 'fat is a feminist issue' and intersectionality

No. 65816

Yeah she's ruining :3 for me.

No. 65828

File: 1426852539155.gif (482.79 KB, 360x166, Snoopdoggydogatoast.gif)

Man,before I found lolcow a couple of days ago (this and the fat shaming thread made my motivation skyrocket),
I started to exercise like a maniac and eat healthy consistently back in early February
(I wasn't morbidly obese like Quirky but I was definitely a chubby-chan ever since 6th grade),and shit I feel so much better now,It's only been a little more than a month and I can actually see my actual face shape,my jawline, and my stomach,arms,waist and thighs are noticeably getting smaller. Even the cellulite on my thighs is going away and my stretch marks are a lot less noticeable!(Sorry tmi,but I just feel so good about it!)I hope by June I'll have lost enough weight to be able to look good for the summer,my cosplays and hopefully manage to find a qt 3.14 girlfriend.I've never felt so good, I honestly don't understand why people would want to stay fat or be a ham planet. Nothing fits you, all the cute clothes are for average/skinny people,can't wear a cute bikini without looking delusional,you take up more space and it's embarrassing especially in public areas,it's harder to find a decent partner, you're ridiculed and are automatically deemed less valuable especially if you're the only
overweight one out of most of your friends. To top it all off it puts a lot of pressure on your organs, skin and general health.
This is not something that you can just brush off as oppression.
Honestly, Wearing a bikini 3 sizes too small and saying how fierce you are isn't going to make your type 2 diabetes go away.
I feel bad for Quirky tho, she's still young and could lose the weight if she really wanted to.

No. 65835

Don't forget she blames it all on an ED

In all honesty, 40lbs wouldn't even take her long to lose. According to http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php she would lose 4lbs+ a week eating 1200 calories with no exercise at all. So what, 2 months? Maybe even less? So she didn't even do it for a long time.

No. 65847


yeah her thread definitely motivated me too, I've only really gotten chubby in the past two or 3 years but Jesus christ it's appalling how much fat I gained when I actually look at it. honestly it's just easier to eat like shit especially if you have your whole life. it's comforting. it takes a lot of willpower to change your eating habits and quirky just doesn't have that. you have to genuinely WANT to lose weight and I think she thinks she's past the point of no return and she's just like "why bother"

No. 65862

it always shocks me how her voice sounds 'thin'

ive known fatasses that were still, much smaller, and they sounded fat as all hell

No. 65925

I'm not a fucking newfag, I just don't count "losing 40 pounds and then ballooning back up" as a fcking diet, you dumb cunt.

No. 65968

Oh, lovely Quirky. Even if you lost 150 pounds you would not look "skaletal". You would just look human again.

No. 65985

Yeah, when you first start to lose weight, you lose weight really fast.

No. 66022

I'm done with her face! when is she going to show us her disgusting meals again? c'mon quirky don't be a lazy cow

No. 66120

When the fuck is jeffree star going to restock 714? I'm dying guys.

No. 67011

File: 1427082033043.png (870.89 KB, 1024x611, another pic rehash.png)

Post dump, farmers! She reposted a couple pictures I think.

No. 67012

File: 1427082165407.png (811.2 KB, 1023x610, and that's why you ballooned.p…)

No. 67013

File: 1427082220057.png (845.29 KB, 1019x612, so sloppy.png)

I honestly don't know if it's the filters she used or if it's really THIS sloppy.

No. 67014

File: 1427082261313.png (485.69 KB, 1022x610, hashtag ew.png)

No. 67016

File: 1427082326845.png (702.78 KB, 1023x610, not enough.png)

No. 67017

File: 1427082364345.png (678.77 KB, 1023x611, what a waste.png)

No. 67018

File: 1427082429371.png (842.35 KB, 1024x614, permanent buttchest.png)

This is originally a video. I couldn't help but notice that throughout it her chins were glued to her buttchest. Seems permanent when she's sitting.

No. 67019

File: 1427082473454.png (694.84 KB, 1020x609, middle aged woman.png)

No. 67021

File: 1427082590259.png (316.51 KB, 1023x612, Lard Golem.png)

No. 67024

And that's all she's posted. The comments of the last one are interesting; her followers are arguing amongst themselves whether or not her public shaming stunts are counter intuitive.

No. 67030

It must be nice to live rent and bill free and make absolutely no effort with your life.

No. 67031

>496 seconds of snaps
Holy shit, theyre probably all selfies too…she has no life

No. 67036

This fat bitch inspires me too. She inspires me to go to the gym 3-4 days a week and watch my diet. Wow,she's huge. She actually looks like a blow up doll with those lips.

No. 67037

NOOO Please dont use sugarpill too. Ugh

No. 67039

She must have so much trouble breathing. dear god.

No. 67040


Butter golem. I can't stop laugh crying

No. 67044




is this nigga serious

No. 67045


same here

No. 67091


She's definitely gotten fatter. What a dramatic weight gain.

>butter golem


No. 67093

I cannot begin to imagine how uncomfortable her body must be for her.

Like in Summer I get aggravated and shirty from just having my thighs and armpits get sweaty, can you imagine hulking around a 300lb - 400lb meatsuit with you every where and having every inch of you rub together, slippery and stinking with sweat?

No. 67149

Looks like we've got another #boycottlimecrime bandwagoner.

No. 67155

File: 1427120021142.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, nxMBqb4.gif)


No. 67209

Goddamn what a waste of a pretty color

No. 67233

No kidding! I gained some weight during the long winter, so I'm trying to get my thighs not to rub together so much, because that shit is so uncomfortable during the hot weather. having all that fat must make her miserable. She works at home though, right? So she probably never leaves her house to begin with.

No. 67484

Love that people are aware of Lime Crime, but it's such a fucking bandwagon these days. Oh well, Xenia deserves it, even if it's just everyone trying to mimic all the MUAs who spoke out.

I know this is a popular color, but she looks like a pig in it.

Insert dick

No. 67498

File: 1427173658140.png (552.53 KB, 1023x610, edit plz.png)

Some gold today fellow farmers

No. 67499

File: 1427173708429.png (721.62 KB, 1023x609, butter toad.png)

She reminds me of a toad or frog with that makeup.

No. 67501

File: 1427173732806.png (632.11 KB, 1022x609, squish those organs.png)

No. 67502

File: 1427173792452.png (999.62 KB, 1023x610, want more food.png)

No. 67511

>sleeping with makeup on

No. 67512

>bae caught me slippin

No. 67513

>with full faced make up
>and headphones
All she needs is a video game controller and this photo is complete

too bad she can't use any of her make up properly. Even if she could, all her lard absorbs it.

No. 67516

The way her lips squish make me gag.

No. 67517



No. 67518


lol does she think MUA stands for makeup addict?

No. 67519

Her eyeshadow and lipstick combinations drive me insane.

No. 67526

hahah oh wow. she does.

No. 67548

File: 1427186219262.png (108.32 KB, 328x564, moody.png)

What is her problem? That girl said that in the nicest way possible. Quirky is just looking for stupid shit to get mad about.

No. 67552

Quirky is literally the most buttmad cunt

No. 67562

Fucking nasty cunt of a beast.
She's seriously so fucking rude. She really doesn't deserve any nicety from anyone. Boggles me how she has any sort of following at all.

No. 67606

Guys… Her arms, her shoulder. That shit is as big as my head. How is she still breathing without a machine is beyond me.

No. 67617

reminds me of when that guy left a comment saying she has really pretty eyes or something and her going on a spiel about catcalling

No. 67637

this is my favorite gif in existence

No. 67638

its so much prettier than her tho…

No. 67688

I watched the first couple of minutes of the video where she has the chocolate bar palette on her youtube and thought she was gonna eat it. But in all seriousness can someone just tell her she shouldn't pull the skin under her eyes that much while applying concealer? It's thin - I was under the impression that you should dab anything under the eye area? Any MUAs feel free to correct me…

No. 67909

File: 1427244582564.png (633.13 KB, 1023x609, fupafupafupafupa.png)

Is she nostalgic or something? There's been so many "throwbacks" lately.

No. 67910

File: 1427244600602.png (359.89 KB, 1023x616, whine whine whine.png)

No. 67913

File: 1427244675240.png (969.17 KB, 1019x609, more shit she wants.png)

No. 67925

Not a MUA, but the way she's applying concealer is straight up wrong.
She's using too much concealer, and she puts like 3 layers. That shit's most likely going to crease and look caked up. She should dab the concealer but she just smears it which ends up "erasing" the concealer, and that's why she feels like she needs to reapply.

Her whole makeup routine is wrong and I am really annoyed at her using MUA as hashtag, but at the same time I find it hilarious she probably thinks the "a" stands for addict.

No. 67946

Stfu with your thin lips-shaming

No. 67954

I seriously thought that she had a pillow stuffed under her shirt for a second, then I remembered that she's really that fat.

No. 67955

Wait, people get presents for easter?

No. 67959

I'm a bit confused on this myself. When did Easter become become Christmas 2?

No. 67960

A lot of kids get iPhones and similar things for easter but it usually is only those with rich parents that are never at home in exchange.

No. 67963

Ugh, what a bag of dicks. That girl wasn't even saying anything mean or offensive! wow.

No. 67964

I've literally never heard of people getting anything other than chocolate for easter. Is this an American thing?

No. 67967

When the fuck was Easter ever about family? I just got the next day deals on chocolate.

No. 67968

American here. No one but insanely catholic people make a big deal about Easter. Everyone else just eats chocolate eggs.

No. 67969

No? Also, I am from Europe.

No. 67978

Most people consider fat chicks ugly. Get over it quirky. Fat is unhealthy. Only chubby chasers like them.

No. 67980

Easter for me is bunny chocolate. Thats it. Its a useless holiday tbh i never celebrated it

No. 68030

How is it shaming them? That's an opinion, it's not telling them to go get injections or to not attempt to kiss anyone.

No. 68031

Around where I grew up in the U.S. kids would receive plastic eggs filled with candy, peeps, and chocolate. Thats it. Religious folks would go to church.