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No. 649524

Old thread: >>783044
Previous Milk:
>Shay fell deathly ill for about a week and took lots of nyquil, xanax and pink wine to cure her illness (which worked)
>Shayna posts evidence of recent self harm >>784767
>Gets a giant horrible looking nose piercing (possibly with fupa)
>Her 'career' is continuing to fall apart as she brags about putting in a whole entire four hours of work and also wonders on twitter why she never reaches her cumshow goal >>788913 >>788858
>Rapidly moves into a new apartment and through a folly gives away the fact that she lives, or is at least currently living in Tulsa >>787958
>Evidence of secret relationship between her and fupa is currently unraveling

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop. We don’t want to be autosaged for all the sperging!
- This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion on DDLG or other activities Shay/Dawn are involved in.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

DAWN WILLOW: >>772060

Other threads:

No. 649525

This thread will never be in pt

No. 649526

Is she off already?

No. 649527

File: 1553224389039.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 9B49FDED-B8BC-476F-8F44-C2FED4…)

She’s online doing nothing at all

No. 649528

>"let's put on some music, maybe that'll get you guys to talk to me!"

you have to be interesting to talk to in the first place, shayna.

No. 649529

Her music is always the same songs. Over and over.

No. 649530

this is honestly my first time sitting and watching one of her camshows. is this, like, all she does? sit and text on her phone and act like a bitch the entire time?

there's 5 people in this chat, with the rest being anonymous, and no one's talking to her because she's not… DOING anything. is she surprised when she doesn't make money? this is appalling.

No. 649531

Anyone able to see if her self harm scars are visible?

No. 649532

Thanks. I hate it.

No. 649533

File: 1553225715904.jpg (495.03 KB, 1080x1429, Screenshot_20190321-223420_Twi…)

Well maybe if you were interesting

No. 649534

File: 1553225815034.png (4.62 KB, 373x86, Screenshot_7.png)

Freudian slip?

No. 649535

She must have gotten her stuff from dawn. No way she bought another giant pink teddy. If she did, I would actually pity her. A little.

Also, I want to tinfoil on the whole apartment thing and how she says she’s “headed to her apartment to cam”. Maybe she’s renting this apartment only to cam and crash when fupa’s kids come to visit? She’s slept on the floor before so why not do it in your own apartment until you get a bed?

No. 649536

What self harm scars?

No. 649537

read the last thread…

No. 649538

File: 1553226840717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 895.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190321-235226_Chr…)

She incognito tried to twerk, all I seen was ass bones hardly moving and a giant red boil yelling at me.

No. 649539

This is gonna sound bad but it was HONESTLY more interesting when she was slapping herself in the face.

No. 649540

Her internet connection is shit. If she actually interacted with customers and did her job, maybe just maybe she could afford internet speeds needed for a decent cam show.

No. 649541

Oh dude I thought that was me for a second. Yeah its garbage she keeps freezing.

No. 649542

It's definitely her, multiple people told her last time she was on and she was just like 'oh that sucks' and carried on taking selfies

No. 649543

It's that 1 Mbps bandwidth she got that she only buy with high roller money.

No. 649544


not with that attitude, anon! believe!

No. 649545

even tho the op image is too small it's still hilarious seeing her do just anything that she thinks is sexy, she's so embarrassing lmao

No. 649546

What the fuck is this shit thread pic

No. 649547

i wasn't gonna be that person but yeah it makes me want to kill myself lmao

No. 649548

ffs now every time I want to see the thread i have to see Shay slapping her thin sliced chicken cutlet of an ass

No. 649549

For real. I had to hide it.

No. 649550

No one wanted this thread pic. Amazing job anon /s

No. 649551

yeah wasn't going to say anything but everyone agreed on the same 2 pics being the future thread image and somehow this shitty gif is chosen, kek

No. 649552

do y'all really have nothing to do? At least someone made it. You can make it next time tbf. Sure it's not the stuff people "voted" on but that gif of her saggy and flat ass is hysterical.

No. 649553

Yeah but if it gets messed up the bitching is even worse so…

No. 649554

Unpopular opinion but this is the greatest thread pic and most accurate interpretation of who Shay is and what she does ever

No. 649555

Okay that’s enough derailing has she done anything of interest today? Have all the snap anons died?

No. 649556

File: 1553289197543.jpg (436.52 KB, 1080x1378, 20190322_161229.jpg)

She's still the same old Shay. Doing literally nothing and doesn't even know what day it is.

No. 649557

File: 1553293637877.jpg (455.22 KB, 1063x1259, SmartSelect_20190322-182626_Tw…)

No. 649558

File: 1553293666101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.63 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_20190322_182628.jpg)

No. 649559

I thought someone edited her to have a hairy chest and it took me a minute to realize it was just a weird shadow

No. 649560

oh honey lol
don't people already have all 90 of her videos by now? like literally everyone who follows her that exists n isn't a robot

No. 649561

She wears those underwear every day.

And ever since we started talking about her tooth, she smiles with her tongue pressed against her teeth so that the chip isn’t visible.

No. 649562

Thread autosaged.

No. 649563

is there a reason for this??

No. 649564

There were 3 non saged posts? lol

No. 649565

>jst dropped $160 on stuff 4 the apartment
is this some kinda flex? $160 is only a lot in walmart junks and trinkets, not nearly enough for furniture…grocery costs me more than this. Funnel your measly shekels for a bed shayna jfc

No. 649566

Yep, constant derailing, nitpicking, and tinfoiling since anons here seem to think sageing is a pass for it all.

No. 649567

/snow/ is dead and farmhands bored

No. 649568

what happened in this thread that was nitpicking or derailing besides the brief bullshit about the thread gif sucking though?

No. 649569

…no warning or red text tho?

No. 649570

it was literally like: new shay thread just made, almost no tinfoiling, nitpicking and no infighting happening

mods: thread now autosaged for constant derailing, nitpicking and tinfoiling!!

No. 649571

Ironically, you still can't sage your posts.

No. 649572


I wonder why, if instead of $50/60/70 for ALL of her vids, she doesn't do something like $2 for 45 vids, and $1 for all 90. Customers still get her vids for pathetically cheap, but she isn't selling them for literal pennies.

Make it an even $50 or $100 with Snapchat added in. Still selling herself for less than some crackwhores, but whatevs, right?

No. 649573

are you stupid? the thread is on autosage now, unless i'm dumb, that means it's automatically saged correct? i've saged almost every single post i've ever made actually. but i'll type the word in to please you.(derailing)

No. 649574

Sorry for doubleposting, but re-reading my post… it just doesn't make any fucking sense like it did when I hit Post.


No. 649575

you can still delete it anon

No. 649576

Your unsaged post shows up when you hit “hide saged posts”

No. 649577


I get you, you mean $2 for each video if you buy 45 and $1 each for all 90 right?

I don't think she has the market anymore it's constant sales and never any new content.

No. 649578

That's what I meant. It sounded good in my head, but I think I shoulda thought it out a bit before submitting, as I can no longer recall the logic I used. Just confused myself, and I've waited too long now to delete it. Oops.

That aside: I do not understand how she consistently does so fucking badly. If she'd just clean herself up, learn what clothing, hair and make up suits her, and at a minimum fake interest in and arousal by customers and potential customers, she could bring in decent money. Being as niche as she is (wishes she was), especially.

Take the advice that's constantly offered here, Shayna. Ignore the snark and people rightfully laughing at you, and there's ample advice that could take you out of the realm of the sad, diseased never-was.

Sorry for being obnoxiously wordy tonight. This isn't PULL - I'll tone it down.

No. 649579

yeah but part of me doesn't want her to take advice (when has she in the past? lmao) because if she keeps crashing and burning the way she is now we'll eventually get the delicious milk of her having to move back to Massachusetts

No. 649580

>since anons here seem to think sageing is a pass for it all.
God, this is honestly the worst imageboard. At least on the others we're allowed to post, even if other people are allowed to post retarded nonsense too. It was bad enough that you could already get banned for not saging if the farmhand decided that what you were posting wasn't milky enough, now we're not allowed to speak at all unless it's mod-approved. This is the only imageboard I have ever been to where you are expected to sage 90% of the posts. Way to kill your own site.

No. 649581

the new mods fucking blow. watch them ban me for this, kek.

No. 649582

File: 1553305289863.jpg (154.7 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20190322-203555_Twi…)

What is Shay re tweeting this? She does do this for fun. She could literally have picked any other career. And she is privileged

No. 649583

File: 1553305905867.jpg (137.31 KB, 1080x430, Screenshot_20190322-205111_Twi…)

Annnnnnnd she's drunk

No. 649584

Sage isn't in the rules anymore

No. 649585

File: 1553308276492.jpg (29.68 KB, 600x600, cancer.jpg)

This thread….

No. 649586

I already desperately miss the last OP pic.

No. 649587

funny how the thread was going fine until the mod couldn't stand their unwarranted hate of it anymore. I feel like people had really stopped nitpicking her appearance (I mean sometimes you just have to though cmon) and like, this is one of the most entertaining threads in snow, shayna literally sleeps on the floor! who else does that lol I don't get what's so terrible about it! ugh I'm gonna get banned

No. 649588

Yea you used to be able to have a discussion with other anons about the cow or whatever it was they were doing. Now, unless you’re offering milk, you’re not allowed to post.
While I agree the nitpicking and “my vagina is nicer than shay’s” comments are obnoxious, there’s no reason why we can’t talk about current events going on with the cow. I mean…isn’t that the whole reason for this site? That’s how it was a couple years ago anyways.

No. 649589

>the thread was going fine

this is literally one of the worst series of threads on the entirety of snow. thousands upon thousands of completely useless, milkless posts dissecting the absolute most boring shit imaginable. shay has milk but the regulars in this thread literally can’t help themselves and spoil it.

No. 649590

Can people literally just stfu and post about Shay. Since that's what this thread is here for. Damn

No. 649591

File: 1553309417034.jpg (184.19 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20190322-214943_Twi…)

Even if she were to "start over," her nudes are all over the internet

No. 649592

File: 1553309507382.jpg (190.2 KB, 1076x616, Screenshot_20190322-215102_Twi…)

That's why when she was on tumblr, all she did was post about her and Fupa's sex life

No. 649593

You retards were sperging about the thread pic
Do you think she's finally going home or might possibly try getting her shit together and quit camming?

No. 649594

tbh i am confused by this, all she posted about was fupa's dicklet when they were together and being waterboarded lol.

No. 649595

What I'm saying is she made this tweet talking about how she doesn't care about sex. But when she was with Fupa she never talked about romantic things, just about them fucking

No. 649596

"perfect fantasy of a slutty bimbo sex worker"

NO ONE gets that impression from you. your posts go from obsessing over SpongeBob episodes from 15 years ago, to talking about how little money you have to furnish your own apartment. to having mental breakdowns and talking about cutting yourself and needing to get therapy, to bitching about other women's activities/personalities, to whining about no one tipping you on cam. there is NOTHING perfect about the fantasy you try (and fail) to create, because you don't have a persona, and you don't really have a personality either, so it just comes back to how little you have in your life. weed, alcohol, xanax, and unchecked mental illness you use the first 3 things as a bandaid to attempt to cover up.

No. 649597

>$150 internet bill
there's no way her shitty ass internet costs that much right?

No. 649598

She’s probably hurting for Snapchat subs and she realizes what’s the point , since her nudes are all over her twitter anyways.
>but muh ~personality~
Her personality must not be paying the bills. Shocking. It would actually be a smart move on her part to stop posting nudes.

She could be implying she upgraded but I pay as much for internet AND cable television. So I doubt this is just internet. But she doesn’t have a TV? Probably just a dumb lie to make it seem like she has money.

Maybe she’s going for the “fake it until you make it” route.

No. 649599

Yeah, this is what kills me. She puts zero effort into being a bimbo or whatever. I mean, these are defined fetishes. Bimbos are usually big tits and lip injections. ABDL nastiness is like… age play and shit. You literally can't mix them. You literally can't be a bimbo baby, shaytard. The two fetishes are at odds.

She's not so famous that she couldn't market herself to a new client base, but let's be real. She won't change up her content. There's gold in fetish porn and she just insists on grifting. Zero sympathy.

No. 649600

probably including a setup/installation fee

No. 649601

She's not talking about trying to hide her nudes or something. Twitter will often hide posts and retweets by accounts that have been flagged for one reason or another. She's talking about making a new Twitter account that doesn't have explicit photo/video content so she won't be shadowbanned anymore.

No. 649602

File: 1553346365676.png (51.52 KB, 567x332, Screenshot (394).png)

she cant be talking about fupa then lol

No. 649603

On a date, and drunk before the food even reaches you?

No. 649604

Either she's actually seeing other people or she's with Fupa and pretending it's someone else. She has no other connections in Tulsa. Or it's fake, just like her imaginary friends in Denver she was staying with. She lies so much it's hard to discern what the truth is with her anymore.

No. 649605

File: 1553358437986.jpg (134.18 KB, 1080x409, 20190323_122500.jpg)

she really just added a bunch of white leather furniture to her amazon wishlist - including one for pets - when we've seen what happens to her white clothes.

also i know she lies but didn't she say she got a bed, yet still has it on the list.

No. 649606

It’s best just to assume it’s a lie at this point. She’s probably at home drunk imagining that would happen.

No. 649607

You know she can just hop on tinder and many a men will take even her ass out on a date right? Fupa obviously does not have 11 inch. Shayna might as well start hoeing at this point… imagine charging $100 for sw advice but let randos fuck you for some bbq dinner.

No. 649608

Fupa don't even have an 11cm

No. 649609

Today on “Shit That Didnt Happen”. The waiter couldn’t remember who’s item was who’s? Especially two people?
Also is the “Eleven inch” the name of the dish? Who the fuck is this waiter.

She was putting her porn on “sale” for hotel food so it’s not far off to think she’d get poked for some Tulsa BBQ.

No. 649610

it's clearly a scenario that played out in her mind, and didn't actually happen kek
I feel like she has a lot of those, since she never actually leaves the house

No. 649611

She's already in sex work and let fupa abuse her for and during sex, might as well sell it. Hell, if she became a prostitute she could actually set boundaries and I'm guessing the John's are likely better at sex than fupa was so win-win. She may even remember she's supposed to be enjoying sexual experiences.
Or make her customers mad that she can't act for shit or she will just lie there and expect them to do all the work regardless of what they paid for

No. 649612

would the state of her vagina not throw most men off? I dont think she would have many repeat customers.

No. 649613


Do you really think the kind of men that pay for sex will care?

No. 649614

if she can't find success as a cam girl there is 0% chance she could doing full service. it takes a lot more effort, vetting, planning, actually sticking to a schedule, and you get a lot more time wasters, and verbal abuse from men when you reject them. she cries and logs off cam when she gets 1 (one) unwanted sexual comment, there is NO way she would be able to handle the discussion needed to make a booking, let alone market herself effectively and attract men with her "personality". They would pass over her in a hot second for one of the tens or hundreds of other girls they could see instead. it's honestly laughable to even consider that she might start escorting because she's so fucking lazy, what little income she has would dry up to 0 in no time.

No. 649615

ikr like it only makes sense as a story and also who would that even be? one of her uber drivers lol

No. 649616

File: 1553380808032.png (900.86 KB, 535x887, 2019-03-23 18_39_36-Window.png)

is this an air mattress?
i guess it's better than nothing…

No. 649617

all the pink hurts my eyes, Jesus fuck. contrast Shayna, contrast.

No. 649618

She is so basic and tacky it hurts. I guess having no personality or hobbies besides weed and pink wine also stems into not having any eye for aesthetic either. She just hobbles whatever was vaguely popular with basic stoner girls on tumblr in 2012.

No. 649619

No. 649620

I’m cackling that she wants a sofa that’s $200+ more than the tiny kids bed she wants. Bitch really thinks she’ll fit in that, kek.

No. 649621

love to know where she thinks she’s gonna fit a sofa, loveseat, chair, tv console, AND daybed + the bed she currently has with an apartment as small as the one she’s in. We all know the bitch ain’t flexin a two bedroom or anything.

No. 649622

patio furniture? barstools? bitch have you seen your kitchen? lmao she posted pics her kitchen is like two tiny ass counters and a stove. Where the fuck does she need bar stools? This is too fucking funny, I can’t.

No. 649623

I'm pretty sure it is because of the way it dimples in the middle, plus there's no bed frame and it's so rounded on the ends.

No. 649624

Why does she need cat furniture of her cat is in Oklahoma? Is she even trying to hide her location anymore?

No. 649625

File: 1553385631910.jpeg (354.9 KB, 1242x835, 95D490A9-D08D-4271-8E2E-51A5FB…)

I want someone to do this just to see the dry crusty puss pics she sends to people claiming she’s “so wet” and has cum “leaking from her pussy”, kek. gonna show some spoonfuls of your coagulated discharge too, Shay?

No. 649626

So did she get fupa to fuck her?

No. 649627

Tinfoil, but maybe she did go on a tinder date or something. I mean you can't bring your date back to have sex on the sad carpet right?

No. 649628

File: 1553388972510.png (284.57 KB, 500x498, absolutely-disgusting-595fba71…)

that is gross, if she is fucking some random from tinder and not using a condom. just letting randos nut all up in her, but she clearly never cared about her vagina much anyways.

No. 649629

she’ll probably be crying about how she needs money for plan B in the morning

No. 649630

omg yes that is definitely an air mattress.

could someone post the pics of her kitchen for those of us not on twitter/blocked?

she has a birth control implant that lasts for three years. old news. I'm sure she's just been fucking fupa, but if not, I'd be more concerned about STDs if I were her

No. 649631

File: 1553392866415.png (102.24 KB, 720x566, Screenshot_2019-03-23-19-39-12…)

Makes you wonder if she's doing it for cash too

No. 649632

she obvs just had sex w fupa lol

No. 649633

File: 1553397863874.jpg (478.28 KB, 1073x1227, Screenshot_20190323-215135_Twi…)

No. 649634


im confused how she can be so proud of a curtain that doesnt fit her window, an air mattress and a ratty blanket thats been stepped on in muddy shoes, pissed on, and god knows what else.

No. 649635

she is so stupid, the dinnerware set she has listed is $23 for 4 bowls, 4 plates and 4 mugs, all basic ass white. she could get them for a dollar each at the dollar store and save $11…but of course all her shit has to be from amazon so other people will end up paying for it. All her capital is in Amazon credit lmao

No. 649636

File: 1553406371671.png (675.72 KB, 1064x876, Screenshot_20190323-203142~2.p…)

This looks like when a small child has a sleepover or something. The air mattress depressed me but I guess it's better than the literal floor.

No. 649637

She did say on cam a few days ago that she was going back to her friends house to sleep on a mattress because she deserves more than sleeping on the floor.

No. 649638

Holy shit put a topper on it to make it less obviously an air mattress and get actual bed sheets!! shayna please it depresses me to look

No. 649639

Well this is fucking grim.

No. 649640

File: 1553410301201.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190324-015011.png)

This was really not that cute.. I have the snap

No. 649641

Might as well post pics then, or at least letting us know what it was actually like. This and her so called cum pussy (maybe don't post pics of that but at least let us know if it was actually cum or if it was yeasty nastiness like it was last time)

No. 649642

Those frilly things on the windows…why? they are so ugly and add nothing, plus they cover the window. They serve no purpose but to be hideous grandma curtains.

No. 649643

File: 1553433231042.png (63.75 KB, 951x472, Screenshot (395).png)

are those what she had in the bathroom at fupas?
also, her instagram is private?

No. 649644

Yeah they are. They’re absolutely hideous. Why does she constantly cover the windows with them? I guess to Shay, light = baaaaad

No. 649645

File: 1553433900224.jpeg (124.22 KB, 750x814, AAB9306C-3839-49AD-85B9-9D7F92…)

She’s so stupid. You can easily just make it so people can no longer comment on her pictures, but of course she craves the validation that she’s pretty

No. 649646

I didn't post pictures bc I don't take screenshots. But she's not hot at all when she gives a cum show

No. 649647

Yeah, cos everyone who says anything bad about Shay is simply a troll. You're famous for being a failure, Shay. You don't even have "I was on 90 Day Fiance" kind of fame. People laugh at you on the internet, that's it girl.

Snap anon, this is an imageboard. That means we like proof, not just your words or hearsay.

No. 649648

to be fair to snap anon, we all know she's not cute when she "cums" already.

No. 649649

male poster detected

No. 649650

There are ways to screenshot on snap with no notification, no one wants your word, they want screenshots.

No. 649651

snap anons need to stop posting about Snapchat. if you're not going to post proof, just shut up about it. it's worse than nothing, because every time you do, it just results in several people asking for screenshots and inevitably you stop replying and nothing is ever posted. at this point I feel like y'all just do it for "clout", that you're able to see her snaps and we're not.

*not including that one anon who occasionally takes pics of their phone on a wooden table. we need more of that.

No. 649652

can someone explain why she’s making sexual moaning noises towards ducks?


No. 649653

Her follower count will drop with her account being private lol it always happens unless you know your following base.
She turned off replies and comments on tumblr, wonder if she's just too technology impaired. Shit, tbh im surprised nobodies tried hacking her icloud yet if she's really got no clue how to change or enhance her settings.

No. 649654

Because she has no idea how to separate sex from every day life. Because she has no personality or identity. Because she’s been heavily smoking weed since she was a teenager so her mentality is stuck at a teenage level.

Life is gonna come crashing down on her hard in a couple years. She’ll be 25 and still begging for food and selling her porn for pennies. And her dad is gonna get tired of paying her rent and wonder wtf she’s going to do for the rest of her life.

No. 649655

File: 1553457186188.jpg (478.61 KB, 1074x1155, Screenshot_20190324-145247_Twi…)

No. 649656

File: 1553457249971.jpg (154.2 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20190324-145350_Twi…)

None of this will happen

No. 649657

File: 1553457302184.jpg (136.55 KB, 1080x440, Screenshot_20190324-145424_Twi…)

So she's going to buy fruit and doesn't plan on eating any of it. Genius

No. 649658

>>649657 why is she spending her money on ducks when she can't even pay for herself.

No. 649659

Don’t fucking feed ducks sugary shit you dumb bitch

No. 649660

She thinks she's hilarious but she's actually cringey af. And the sound sucks

Check out @Dolly_Mattel’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Dolly_Mattel/status/1109906831739154433?s=09

No. 649661

File: 1553458748595.jpg (916.71 KB, 2189x3000, 111267333.jpg)

She's giving me the real housewife fucked up caveman hairline/forehead vibe there

No. 649662

She probably doesn't know that having your profile on private doesn't mean your pics can't be reported

No. 649663

yea she doesn't live with any long term plans like she wants $50 for weed and then uh she'll think about the rest later like her whole "career" is just temporary and she doesn't make enough to save for the future

like a whole 4 hour work day then? "get off work" lmao

No. 649664

30 mins late to get on cam on her super productive day

No. 649665

File: 1553463304319.jpg (808.23 KB, 1080x2220, 20190324_163240.jpg)

She's only being "productive" because she can't be at fupa's while his kids are there.

No. 649666

File: 1553463722476.png (713.55 KB, 1242x2208, 2A136BCF-91EF-4790-B6DE-66B551…)

No. 649667

wut? if you ask professional people they usually give you advice n help you out lol

No. 649668

how are the two comparable at all ffs. If you ask a waitress advice on waitressing they arent going to charge you lmao.

No. 649669

If you're part of a community you can't go around charging people who ask for advice, right?
Sometimes she acts all about the "SWs community", but most times she just shits on it lmao

No. 649670

anyone asking shay for advice is clearly new and has not spent more than 1 day observing her work ethic and e-begging lol literally ANYONE can do what she does because she's so bad at her "job".

No. 649671

She should be live right now, though I just run into errors using the site, so can't check what's going on myself



No. 649672

Says she's offline

No. 649673

File: 1553466344660.png (78.82 KB, 516x495, Screenshot (397).png)

the sites down apparently

No. 649674

File: 1553466374865.jpg (318.32 KB, 1079x1475, Screenshot_20190324-172339_Chr…)

She was on about 6 minutes ago? Probably her shitty internet still.

No. 649675

Strangely enough, it seems to be up and working again, at least right now. Wonder if she'll use this brief outage as an excuse not to cam.

No. 649676

it's actually pretty common practice for camgirls to charge for advice, but Shay doesn't have much to offer in that department. she makes like $20 per show and never cams. girls are better off buying advice from someone who is actually successful, obviously.

No. 649677

File: 1553467107168.jpg (136.88 KB, 1080x408, Screenshot_20190324-173804_Twi…)

She makes even less tips on there

No. 649678


Her Twitter account is public. You can look at it on a browser.

No. 649679

I must've missed it. But when did she say she was on the implant for birth control?

No. 649680

File: 1553471999652.jpg (441.98 KB, 1080x1047, Screenshot_20190324-185806_Twi…)


No. 649681

File: 1553472037595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 377.92 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20190324-185816_Twi…)

2/6 why suck on dildos if you're horrible at it

No. 649682

File: 1553472075075.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.18 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20190324-185826_Twi…)

This is so cringe

No. 649683

File: 1553472156642.jpg (358.11 KB, 1076x579, Screenshot_20190324-185835_Twi…)


Again with the cheap lingerie

No. 649684

File: 1553472199497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 354.57 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20190324-185844_Twi…)


You can see her "doll parts" are getting gross again

No. 649685

File: 1553472267805.jpeg (225.14 KB, 718x531, F2F7B0A1-57EC-4596-999C-DEAC8D…)

Definitely self harm

No. 649686

File: 1553472271378.jpg (139.63 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_20190324-190343_Twi…)

Just because everything is pink in the video, that doesn't make it "aesthetic"

No. 649687

are we looking at the same video? it looks trash as always

No. 649688

She already basically admitted to it

No. 649689

Looks the same as all her other videos, why would anyone care?

Is that the horrible buttplug that makes it look like she has a prolapsed anus again? Lol

No. 649690

this pic is unsettling for some reason

No. 649691

Prob because of her dry ashy upper lip and her foot long fingers

No. 649692

because she's just shoving the plug into the side of her tongue,not licking or sucking it. she has no idea how to be sexy

No. 649693

File: 1553478466382.jpg (346 KB, 1080x1029, 20190324_214350.jpg)

she shouldn't be feeding ducks at all, it fucks with the natural order of things and can cause more harm than good. but yea, if she insists the least she could do is give them appropriate food.

when you have to double check he's talking about his actual daughter and not shay.

grimacing like a mental patient is satisfying? ok then.

No. 649694

Doesn't talking about this kind of kills the purpose of the "fantasy"? Girl… I doubt costumers want to know you're uncomfortable while making content

No. 649695

File: 1553482288144.jpg (398.51 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20190324-215055_Twi…)

What quality? It looks the same as her others

No. 649696

File: 1553482312098.jpg (374.67 KB, 1076x1616, Screenshot_20190324-194909_Twi…)

SW twitter kek 1/2

No. 649697

File: 1553482408239.jpg (251.84 KB, 1073x1002, Screenshot_20190324-194923_Twi…)

SW Twitter kek 2/2

No. 649698

File: 1553483023211.png (104.44 KB, 720x796, Screenshot_2019-03-24-23-01-01…)

I would never cow tip because its dumb, but if y'all come here by your own free will…. Read the EARLY THREADS. You'll find her notorious scamming there. Its all real, theres pictures for proof you want and everything

No. 649699

File: 1553483247396.jpg (290.21 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20190324-220659_Twi…)

This will be the only vid she produces for a while

No. 649700


No. 649701

File: 1553485486872.jpg (419.83 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20190324-204414_Twi…)

Welp, guess one of her fellow sws is a farmer

No. 649702

This is awesome

No. 649703

They literally did exactly what was said in >>649698

No. 649704

File: 1553486067791.jpg (340.01 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190324-205155_Twi…)

KEK the girl talking about "this quality" in >>649695 was the girl Amethyst was talking about and she's disavowing now his is delicious

No. 649705

Not Wking at all, but like… Is she really or did she just say some ignorant shit a couple years ago? I haven't seen her "notorious" racist remarks or anything this last year I've been following her shit on here. Like there are so many ACTUAL shitty things she does like scams and begging and saying hypocritical ass things. Racism tho? Her Trump thing was garbage, but she just follows dumb edgy Tumblr trend bullshit.

No. 649706

We need more ppl like that!!

No. 649707

We need more ppl like that!!

No. 649708

I can't wait for Shay's inevitable fit and then lies of "they're just jealous I'm so happy!"

No. 649709

So the only reason I say her snap game is terrible is bc i don't want other ppl 2 buy her content. And I'm not gonna take the time 2 download an app 2 save her shit noticeably. I'm just saying.. she ain't that good.(if you have milk, post it. Lolcow is not your vague posting blog.)

No. 649710


The thread is suddenly no longer on autosage, so please sage.

No. 649711

She wanted a Trump mask and dark skinned dildo to make a porn. And called someone Baby Hitler

No. 649712

Ok but having "Trump" get fucked by a black dildo is kinda reverse racism imo. I guess because she's white, it's not appropriate though. Its tasteless af, yeah.
And calling someone Baby Hitler isn't racist either. Again, tasteless and anti-semitic. I'll have to go back to her first threads, I guess. I think shes a failure of an edgelord tumblrina cringefest trashy rashy sloot that scams and is a trainwreck. I feel like people hate her for the wrong reasons lol but I guess hate is hate and she's def deserving of ridicule and being laughed at.

No. 649713

File: 1553487672130.png (156.59 KB, 720x1141, Screenshot_2019-03-25-00-15-20…)


I don't need to lose my chances of posting here because i want to share the milk i see, even if a little drop.
So sage your shit before trying to get me in trouble. I don't have to send anything to anyone on Twitter because SW TWITTER has her handled lmfao

No. 649714

File: 1553487696065.png (208.23 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_2019-03-25-00-17-45…)


No. 649715

If you're going to WK, you can leave

No. 649716


I gotta say, I really don't see the whiteknighting there. Wearing a Trump mask and fucking herself with a black dildo is fucking stupid and insensitive, but I genuinely don't see the outright racism in it.

I think she's immensely stupid, more than likely prejudiced, a liar, scammer and all that, but an overt racist? Not too sold on it.

No. 649717

(attempting to) profit off of black/POC's legitimate anger at Trump's white supremacism, by reducing all POC to a black dildo fucking "him" as """revenge"""(?). treating it like some kind of parody, portraying all POC as nothing more than a disembodied penis is… extremely, embarrassingly tone-deaf at best. calling it objectifying and fetishizing is by no means a reach. plus I can only imagine what kind of dialogue she would have used as "Trump" in that video, it would probably have ended up being even more racist than just the concept.

don't forget her Hitler-worship, talking about how attractive she finds him, how she wished she could have met him… there are screenshots buried somewhere on the web, can't be assed to find her exact words, but she had a big boner for him in high school.

No. 649718

Lol chill, not trying to get you in trouble, just saying that anon saying that they might come here predicted it? Breathe.

No. 649719

>I feel like people hate her for the wrong reasons lol

I agree with you anon. All these SWs seem to be virtue signaling and contributing to toxicity/silliness that is callout and cancel culture on Twitter. They are probably hypocrites; I mean look at all the Twitter drama going down on the fatvegfemme thread lol

No. 649720

this thread goes off autosage and the first thing you see when you click on it is a bunch of retarded infighting. good job guys, you’re just going to end up getting this shitty mess of a thread locked.

No. 649721

welcome twitter people, just remember to read the rules before you post.


No. 649722

Yeah, I feel like the SWs don't call her out on scamming or being a shitty camgirl because that would leave them open to criticism and possibly exposing themselves for the same shit. At least with riding on the cancel and callout culture on the racism thing they can really rile people up and act better than her because at least they haven't publically been racist or fetished Hitler lol all these camwhores are cringy it would be hilarious if they called her out on things the anons here do, but again, might be hypocritical in the end

No. 649723


I don't think all camgirls even care about Shay. She isn't some incredibly successful cam model. I don't think they are afraid to call her out cos they are doing what Shay is doing. Some of them actually have work ethic and good content so they don't have to be lazy scammers. I honestly think Shay is irrlevant to most of them. She isn't at the height of her popularity anymore, she ain't really worth it to go after.

No. 649724

This was the first time I've heard her voice, it's so much deeper than I thought it was going to be…

No. 649725

Everyone is acting like Shay is some Neo Nazi when really she's just some incredibly stupid and immature person who still thinks racist jokes are funny. I still think she's more of an absolute idiot than a racist.

No. 649726

File: 1553523179549.jpeg (216.96 KB, 750x1031, 0F37A34C-EE91-47A7-9D3C-8406C5…)

fupa is a scumbag confirmed by shay?

No. 649727

So I take they didn’t get back together at all?

No. 649728

he's a scumbag but i could also see her saying that because he like told her to make herself food or clean up after herself and was like "OMG I'M NOT YOUR MOM OKAY"

No. 649729

Oh well. She's the one who wants men to treat her that way. I hate how she calls it modern romance like this is something all modern women want. Nah, only doormats and handmaidens with low self esteem would enjoy that. Shay is both.

No. 649730

Ooohhh, do go on, Shay. I checked to make sure it was a real post, and it is. Something must have happened very recently because they were definitely still together just a few days ago.

No. 649731

But Shay you literally want your partners to act essentially like a dad you can fuck. Wut. There’s a Snapchat vid a few threads back of her calling him dad, not daddy, straight “dad” when they went bowling. And all her posts on various social media’s about wanting to be babied by her partners.
It really seems like she’s projecting onto Fupapa here lmao how is it possible for someone to be so deeply in denial and out of touch with themselves

No. 649732

this is ironic because we all know shay was the one who needed a ~DaDdY~ to do everything for her

No. 649733

Is this a new post?

No. 649734

lmao this is too accurate. Shayna wants a dad, fupa says "ok but you do have to occasionally be an adult in this relationship too" and Shayna says "IM NOT UR MOM"

I don't doubt that he was shit at communicating, he thought it was chill to slap her and run away in public, that is NOT cool. he was verbally/emotionally abusive to his ex wife and that kind of trait doesn't just magically go away after a divorce. but saying "he wanted a mom he could fuck" really does just sound like she wanted a dad she could fuck and was pissed when she found out he needed some care/effort from her sometimes too.

we know fupa was a trash can fake Dom from the start, but he also was clearly fine at taking care of himself/was obviously annoyed that she wouldn't clean up after herself, so it seems he at least knew how to live as an adult. we all know that's something Shay isn't capable of.

No. 649735

There’s no proof of him being verbally and emotionally abusive. That’s still a tinfoil.

No. 649736

Oh for sure. All this shit about her being a committed racist is hugely blown out of proportion. She's dumb and tone deaf and says some offensive things, but she's not intentionally malicious like they're making her out to be

Isn't this the exact way fupas ex described him?

No. 649737

File: 1553527794154.png (65.01 KB, 640x526, IMG_2751.PNG)

No. 649738

NTA but yes it's a brand new reply to a post that had already gotten some traction
she still uses tumblr sometimes randomly

No. 649739

there is proof on his ex-wife's Facebook that can't be posted here because she's not part of the milk. even his own mother apologized to her for how shit her son was to his ex.

No. 649740

shayna i highly doubt it was the hair and piercing making her say this shit…

No. 649741

something tells me this was in response to shayna asking her mom for money for the thousandth time

No. 649742

File: 1553528065315.png (76.06 KB, 640x867, IMG_2752.PNG)


No. 649743

When Shay was homeless whilst failing as a camgirl it was fine, but heaven forbid she dyes her hair brassy /s
Shay trying to frame her mother as abusive is never believable

No. 649744

Your mom is right. I feel so bad for her parents. They really don't seem like bad people. Shay is supposed to be doing a lot better than she is. And she is acting like a dumb brat. Making fun of her mom for giving a fuck about her. Seriously makes her look like an ungrateful little bitch. Hope she regrets her shitty behavior one day when she's old and miserable.

No. 649745

Well when people asked her to apologize (multiple times) she refused and told everyone they were just overreacting. That’s where the problem lies for me at least. If people are telling you you fucked yp and want an apology then apologize. But Shayna thinks she’s better than that. I think if she was genuinely sorry to begin with then people would have forgotten about it. Instead she brushed it off and continued to make fucked up comments.

Also, praising Hitler is never a good look.

No. 649746

That’s some smart advice from your mom though. I’d listen.

No. 649747

Shayna thinks she’s better than an apology. She doesn’t think she has to apologize, she thinks she can get away with shit like Paris Hilton.

No. 649748

oooooo I wanna know what went down that they're both sour vague-posting (or in Shay's case not-so-vague) about each other only like a week after they were living together

it's hardly surprising that AS SOON as Shay gets her own place, Fupa is like "yeah we're officially (really, officially this time) done" so he doesn't have to feel bad for stranding her in OK, homeless and broke.

extra funny that now Shay is living in bumfuck Oklahoma for nothing. she moved from Seattle to Oklahoma for this chode, and now they're through and she's stuck there. shittier city, probably a more dangerous neighborhood, no recreational weed (a priority for her), no friends, no money, and even further from her ~LA dreams~

how soon until she starts begging for funds to move to another state? I'm gonna say within the year.

No. 649749

lol within the month if this is a month to month renting situation like some anons have speculated

No. 649750

>"He turned out"
We all predicted this. I mean, of course a 30something divorcee bachelor dad who acts and dresses like a teenager, has a daddy/daughter fetish and chases young camgirls is a loser Shay, we been knew

No. 649751

File: 1553531709168.jpeg (338.72 KB, 1242x517, 2805C9A7-58E0-46DB-9F50-81F437…)

Except…you’ve used the exact same “set” since you started; shitty curtain lights that don’t even have matching colors, 5+ shades of pink, your dirty rug, too many stuffed animals, and shitty pink sex toys from amazon. The only thing she added was a condenser mic, which isn’t even what she needs for the type of content she’s looking producing. Since you read these threads Shayna, I’m not going to let you know the proper type of mic you need because it’s hilarious to watch you fail so miserably with something that would have taken 10 minutes of research.

But yeah, really upped your production quality; KEK.

No. 649752

Only Shaytard would post a concerned, nice, advice/plea text from her mom and act dumb about it. Like how embarassing to even post that. For one, it was a private convo and also it shows that she is a social media zombie of a failure. Like who would look at that and go "haha fuck ur mom ur right Shay she can't handle how much of a rebel u r" lmfao pathetic

No. 649753

File: 1553537947884.png (58.89 KB, 489x407, Screenshot (399).png)

she could still be throwing shade at fupa, but I went to the earliest reblog and it was posted in like 2016 when she was still shay-gnar, so fupa didnt send that text.

No. 649754

File: 1553537977127.jpg (167.33 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20190325-111802_Twi…)

Shayna, you've been to LA once or twice tops, you're a Tulsa Woman and you know it.

No. 649755

File: 1553538084264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.62 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20190325-110825_Twi…)

I'm guessing this means shay isn't ready for rent after splurging on that air mattress for her aesthetique haus.

No. 649756

If it was posted in 2016 then she’s referring to her original “roommate” that she lived with in Seattle. Let me see if I can pull up any receipts.

No. 649757

god why is this idiot talking about herself in third person

No. 649758

the fact that he puts kids on the same social media platform he posts his chode, barf.

tbh i'm just happy she didn't feed them some of her cheez-its.

i'm triggered that she has a mom who cares and she uses it for more social media attention. no duh focusing on hair and piercings and internet fame when she has no future plans is alarming to people who care about her. it would maybe be a cute post if she actually had her life together but the concern is totally warranted. she probably /was/ begging mom for money and her mom saw she spent it on stupid shit on top of moving across multiple states because of some guy. fuck her.

No. 649759

File: 1553544355092.jpg (109.65 KB, 1080x321, Screenshot_20190325-150533_Twi…)

No. 649760

Of course she's already begging for rent money. Just shows she doesn't make enough on her own

No. 649761

Shay acting like she is the most hardcore teenage rebel for getting a fucking nose piercing. Also getting the tamest “fun” hair color. You didn’t get green or blue or even hot pink. It’s peach. The tamest of all wild colors. She’s mentally stuck at 15 years old and it’s mind boggling to me.
Your mom sent you that text because you’re a failed camwhore sleeping on an air mattress wearing child’s undies begging for rent money in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Again with the nose piercing. She is mentally retarded and I just can’t anymore.

She’s just mad she has to go sleep in a skuzzy apartment on an air mattress when Fupa’s kids come to visit. I’m still 100% convinced they’re still together. Otherwise why still be in Tulsa? They’re putting on a show for the Ex.

No. 649762

File: 1553546788499.jpg (525.55 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20190325-154551_Twi…)

Lmao at what someone commented on her post

No. 649763

Yeah people screeching racist is just going to make us look like we're reaching, shay is just a retard with no social responsibility.

No. 649764

She literally said Hitler was hot. She’s racist.

No. 649765

… that doesn't make her racist. Saying 'I support Hitlers ideals' would make her racist.

That's like saying 'I like R.Kelly's music' makes you a paedophile.

I agree she's a prejudiced, insensitive fuck, but a confirmed racist for saying Hitler's hot? No.

No. 649766

File: 1553549683011.png (84.26 KB, 513x380, Screenshot (400).png)

lol she accidentally doxxed one of her customers. also she has a begging goal now apparently

No. 649767

A white woman who’s prejudice and culturally insensitive? Sounds like a racist to me.

No. 649768

Imagine having to beg for your rent money every month. I can't relate. This girl lives a sad life.

No. 649769

She talked about how Hitler was a genius and he was hot

No. 649770

She just reblogged a sale she made in February. Why does she do this

No. 649771


That was her trying to be edgy and shit before jumping train to borderline sjw-type shit to fit in on Tumblr.

Even as a member of the so-called "targeted" groups I never thought the shit she pulled was racist. Ignorant as hell and insensitive, yes, but not racist. It is, however, that her attempts at getting edge points completely backfired and practically All of Tumblr is against her. over it.

No. 649772

New video

just a boring video with all the same shit in it. vagina still looks really red and has bumps on it. butt plug and vibrator. so boring.

No. 649773

File: 1553554594944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 660.99 KB, 1226x701, 43C4380E-1499-4DBD-9FFA-0AEB80…)

But why

No. 649774

File: 1553555203895.png (Spoiler Image, 8.5 MB, 2001x1125, FA7C36AA-3770-4727-9735-749B82…)

I have never seen a vagina so red and inflamed like at this stage it must hurt for her to walk

No. 649775

All of the anons trying to justify her racism are probably edgy white girls who are equally as ignorant as Shay is.(racebait)

No. 649776


I just grabbed my pussy in horror. Her asshole literally looks like there’s dried shit or blood in the wrinkles. I really think she needs to see a doctor.

Not everyone’s genitals are pretty or aesthetic and that’s fine that’s life, but Shay looks like she has multiple untreated infections. Imagine how much better she’d feel after a round of treatment.

No. 649777

I wish anons would stop posting the Twitter SWs calling Shay a racist. It's not milky and it's brings out so much infighting and race baiting like >>649775. Not all of us are Caucasian whiteknights lmao

No. 649778

So is she filming in her "bed room"? What happened to having a separate space Shay?

No. 649779

damn so her rent is $800 a month and she is content with just begging for it.

Also, if I were Callum Walker, I would NEVER support this dumb bitch again for publicly posting my name to brag about getting money.

No. 649780

Stop the racism infighting.

No. 649781

Actually, I think it's her colour balance that's off here. I think it might be set to automatic and due to all the pinks around it's trying to bring out the pinks and reds more. Or a mix of that and Shay upped the contrast because I doubt her feet, lips and pussy are the same bright red. Her pussy doesn't look that red in her shows so I'm pretty much convinced the fault is in her shitty abilities to make videos and actually create a nice ~aesthetic~

She probably just didn't get her second bed she asked for when she actually had the motivation to keep them separate. At the end of the day though, nothing else in her life has been made separate so I doubt a seperate filming room would really actually benefit her much. Except for hygienic reasons but I don't think that would contain the mess for very long

No. 649782

This makes no sense. just the other day on cam it actually looked normal. It wasn’t broken out or anything. What happened?

No. 649783


No. 649784

That lighting is piss poor.

No. 649785

She put in tons of oddly colored curtain lights and too much pink, that’s what happened.

No. 649786

The saddest thing is that I looked up the prices for studio or 1-bedroom apartments in Tulsa. Most of them are around $500 a month. She'd make that in a week as a waitress or barista. But she's just such a successful sex worker you guys

No. 649787

File: 1553559454128.jpg (100.39 KB, 1080x255, Screenshot_20190325-191700_Twi…)

Please no

No. 649788

File: 1553559492390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.86 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20190325-191715_Twi…)

Why? Why post this when they can go on your MV profile and find it

No. 649789

She actually looked pretty decent recently. With the white t and the straight hair but the look from her last vid is gross af. Two different people?

No. 649790


that's a nitpick, advertising is important, no one is going to look you up if you never advertise

No. 649791

These are almost exactly like when she was still sleeping on the floor in Seattle… she's so stagnant in life. Stop turning the red all the way up in your pics shay fml it enhances all the worst things

No. 649792

Trailer Trash Mom Edition. Jfc she's looking so haggard and aged with the hair and shitty lingerie and poor decor. Plus her usual rough face and Dollar Store Barbie "aesthetic". Someone please stop letting ur crackwhore mom drink and cam

No. 649793

She doesn't properly shave

No. 649794

File: 1553559860100.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 91E9DABA-60FB-4C3B-9D65-FC2646…)

No. 649795

big Oklahoma energy

No. 649796

tbf she did delete it and re-upload with it covered, i just hadnt refreshed my feed and got a screenshot

No. 649797

The Oklahoma asthetic where the year is 1989

No. 649798

File: 1553560332293.png (92.24 KB, 414x222, crush.png)

Her MV says she has 98 crushes, and each crush pays $10 a month. Even assuming MV takes a cut, that's her rent money right there.

Unpopular opinion but I don't have a problem with people asking for money usually. But I have a major problem with people pretending they're struggling or playing on people's sympathies when they don't really need the money at all. It's manipulative and dishonest. Most sex workers ask for "tributes" or "give me your money because I deserve it." But Shay pretends that she's actually struggling and needs it to make her rent.

I know it's scammy shay we are talking about and I shouldn't be surprised, but every time I see more evidence of what a selfish bitch she is it shocks me a little.

No. 649799


The Crush system takes into account any Crush that has EVER subscribed to her when she started it. It does not calculate just her current subscribers. It's not accurate at all.

I'm on Manyvids, and based on her MV Girl score, no, she's not doing great right now.

No. 649800

98 is how many crushes she's ever had, not how many she currently has. I don't think she could possibly have more than 3-5 right now. People probably subbed for a month, didn't get shit from her, and unsubbed.

No. 649801


Also, if I recall correctly, she had the same exact number the last time someone pointed it out. Which means no one has subscribed since then.

No. 649802

File: 1553560667370.jpg (187.78 KB, 1080x461, Screenshot_20190325-193305_Twi…)

Another story that didn't happen

No. 649803


She is absolutely struggling though. You can tell by the way she dances around using that exact word and her bi-monthly mental breakdown posts

No. 649804

Girl you have 5k Instagram followers…shitty MLM bitches have more followers and they aren’t famous pr0n stars.

No. 649805

File: 1553561530375.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.53 KB, 750x418, B6298639-2FC5-4BD7-9171-F53D90…)

I fucked around with the lighting and color and managed to make her skin less washed out but there was no fixing that mess between her legs. If you can believe it some of the other color settings made it look even worse.

No. 649806

she told this same story on Tumblr when it happened. again looking for her ~tumblr dame~ to carry over to twitter

No. 649807

It's just going to keep getting worse as she keeps dry fucking herself

No. 649808

File: 1553563555894.jpg (322.52 KB, 1078x814, Screenshot_20190325-202539_Twi…)


No. 649809

Is there any evidence to back this up? I don’t see why Manyvids would only count her total instead of the current number.

No. 649810

File: 1553563623635.jpg (160.34 KB, 1077x526, Screenshot_20190326-012406_Chr…)

for the sake of accuracy, this is the previous mention of her mv crush count i could find, not much change indeed kek

No. 649811


The only way I could prove it is by revealing who I am so you can believe me or not.

No. 649812

File: 1553563683704.jpg (299.94 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20190325-202526_Twi…)


No. 649813

samefag but you can find discussion of this in the same thread this screenshot is from, some anons with more experience with mv divulged the info, they do seem to count all time crushes instead of just active ones

No. 649814

Thanks for clarifying. I used to be on MV too but I never used crush so I wouldn’t know.

No. 649815

ignore me if i dont make sense but yesterday i was lurking shay's friend sadbaffoon on twitter and she recently said that MV now makes it easier for anyone to look at a models page and calculate how much money they actually make. does anyone know about this?

No. 649816


There's an activity feed on profiles now so you can see every single sale someone makes. And when they retweet sales on Twitter you'll know if it's old and they're trying to make it seem like they make more sales than they actually do or not.

No. 649817


post proof or gtfo faggot

No. 649818

File: 1553567251058.jpg (31.68 KB, 225x225, 1054 - h2vvwEm.jpg)

I wish attention seeking camgirls would leave lolcow and realise their degenerate ways arent welcome here.

No. 649819

Tf is that pic

No. 649820


If my memory is correct this person has outed themselves before

No. 649821

No offense, but how would showing the crush count out you? Just show a cropped pic of your current crush numbers this month and show a cropped pic of your all time crushes. I'm sure many people have the same number of crushes on their main account as you so it's not like you'll out yourself based on that. Or hell, if it's anywhere on your contract or FAQ for sex workers on the platform even better

No. 649822


>wants proof

>wants us to leave

which is it?

No. 649823

This thread probably has more camgirls than others, so get over it. Just like every weeb thread is full of weebs, the pro-ana thread is full on ana-chans, and the art threads are full of artists. No one would know or care about these people if we weren’t in the same community. If anything, YOU aren’t welcome here.

No. 649824

Both. Bye.

No. 649825

Nah, you can’t use us for intel then get pissed when we stay around for milk. Grow up.

No. 649826

I wish all the cam girls posting ITT would get audited and get a real job

No. 649827

I subscribed to crush for the first month but 98% of it was stuff she was posting elsewhere so I bounced

No. 649828

I feel like the color saturation has to be jacked up on this. The whole thing looks heavy on the magenta, but who knows.

No. 649829

If these camwhores would actually post intel we wouldn't be having this conversation. Post or gtfo.

No. 649830


All the clashing pink and garbo lighting don't help, but yeah, she clearly messed with saturation and also the color balance. No idea why or how she thought it would look good like did she really look at it and go "yeah, my bright red big ass pussy lips look great! It really brings out my uwu boils! Much ~aesthetic~" lmao imagine

No. 649831

I think most in this thread do appreciate the input and answers to our questions from the various sex workers here, but people lie, get things wrong, and people also act like they know more than they do all the time. That's why we want proof. The last thing we want is for Dolly to call us out on getting info wrong because we blindly trusted some random chick on this thread. We don't need a full dox nor pages of evidence for everything you state that is anecdotal, but for things like numbers and hard facts we'd like to know. Especially when two anons are saying conflicting things or when we have no way to check for ourselves on a fact like with the manyvid crush system. We still don't have proof either way on if it is just lifetime crushes or if it's her monthly amount and two people have expected us to trust them on these opposing statements.
I think that's why most of us are starting to get annoyed with many of the sex worker posters like we are with those claiming to be on her snapchat. It's all well and good to give us information but to act superior and like you don't have to show even a modicum of proof is just stupid on an image board designed to catalogue cows's behavior and even worse if you're actually intending on informing us

No. 649832

File: 1553577572647.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.91 KB, 720x714, l04qizb6p0h21.jpg)

No. 649833

it's a raging pepe.

No. 649834

Yeah, it's kind of baboon-esque. Her aesthetic is pretty strange if she was eyeing the initial levels and thinking 'huh, needs more red!' Hey, what do we know.

No. 649835

wtf mall is she talking about? "on capital hill" it's not named for an actual hill and there is definitely no mall there. of all the things that didn't happen, this didn't happen the most

No. 649836

I didn't even think about that at first, but there is 100% no mall on capital hill so unless she's confusing it with university village she's doin a "big heckin" lie.

No. 649837

Yeah she must be confused/making it up. If she did go to a mall in Seattle with some old man, that exchange certainly never happened. Plus, not seeing a client again because they didn't like your joke? Shay, you don't have the luxury of being selective like that. You NEED the money lol

No. 649838

The funniest part to me is that if you said “oh shoe-t” out loud it would literally just sound like shoot. It doesn’t sound like a pun out loud so even if it did happen of course he wouldn’t laugh

No. 649839

There literally isn’t a mall in Capitol Hill in Seattle. Shut the fuck up shay

No. 649840

File: 1553615444714.png (285.26 KB, 961x876, 2019-03-26 11_49_23-Dolly Matt…)

so her new shtick is just telling people to send her money for literally no reason?

No. 649841

That’s been her shtick since the dawn of time. Where have you been anon?

No. 649842

well she at least comes up with some type of excuse

No. 649843

File: 1553626294574.png (284.63 KB, 521x381, 2019-03-26 14_50_34-Dolly Matt…)

there we go

No. 649844

I seriously can’t believe she thinks that anything about that picture is not absolutely cringey to look at

No. 649845

There is absolutely no way those aren't the shittiest dollar store/grocery store press on nails Shay. Men that actually believe shes using their money to go to the salon kek.

No. 649846

What I would like to know is if it is common for SWs to offer ALL their videos + Snap for $60 every other day… that just seems sad. And who would ever bother to buy custom content if they can just pay the same and own everything you’ve ever made?

No. 649847

I just realized that is what she does. Holy fuck Internet panhandling

No. 649848

File: 1553631395976.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190326-151604_Twi…)

How does she think THIS is attractive

No. 649849

How ripped off her customers (if she has any) would feel if they did this "sale" >>649755 then she immediately posts this one the next day for $40 cheaper

No. 649850

She deluded

No. 649851

The other day I was trying to add up the actual value of her videos but it took too long. It's at least worth over $400 total, with some videos ranging up to $19 (and some as low as like $5), but she sells each of them for pennies. I guess no one buys her videos for full price? It makes zero sense to me. It just bad business sense.

No. 649852

Idk if many people would buy her stuff at full price anymore either. Her content was never incredible, but aesthetically her videos are irredemably terrible now. She barely puts in the effort anymore, and it shows. The discounts are her saving grace. She's come to rely on them.

No. 649853

File: 1553633366845.png (18.8 KB, 539x191, rt.png)

she even had the audacity to retweet this as if it applies to her. self awareness is zero

No. 649854

File: 1553635647152.jpg (112.67 KB, 1080x344, Screenshot_20190326-162703_Twi…)

You mean discharge. Not cum

No. 649855

File: 1553636947262.jpg (463.8 KB, 1080x1177, Screenshot_20190326-164833_Twi…)

Yeah, cause you're totally broken up Shay

No. 649856

File: 1553640567647.jpg (163.29 KB, 1080x508, Screenshot_20190326-173822_Twi…)

We'll see how it goes

No. 649857


those sores are a major giveaway that she's having a herpes outbreak which isn't news or anything because about a year ago she posted about it on Tumblr but outbreaks can easily go away with medication although herpes itself doesn't I mean this isn't surprising because she's gross but it's pathetic

No. 649858

>>649856 Hopefully better than last time when she was on MV live for 2 minutes then left for ages because she supposedly couldn't figure out how to advertise the stream. I got bored and never checked if she came back; assume not because no one posted anything.

No. 649859

I guess she gave up trying to pretend she's in Colorado since she's using central time now instead of mountain time

No. 649860

This is truly the lowest best worst deal she's ever had lmao. $60 for all her vids and snap. Wow. I can assume it's only gonna go lower from here as she continues to get more desperate for rent money and weed kek inb4 in another month she's down to $40 for vids and year of snap

No. 649861

Any guesses on this "new fun thing" tonight?

No. 649862

she finally figured out token keno

No. 649863

Thing is her videos are so samey like who the hell needs them all. It's pretty much all the same shit. Might as well just buy 1.

No. 649864

Is that a cyst next to her finger? Looks like a lump but might just be the lighting

No. 649865

She’s going to edge herself with her vibrator

No. 649866

I hope it's as fun as that time she bought a Jenga set, was writing on them on cam for ages then when actually came to it she kept pulling out blank ones lmao

No. 649867

Probably going to be her dumb Jenga game

No. 649868

She's late on cam

No. 649869

File: 1553652552654.jpg (357.27 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20190326-210846_Sam…)

She's on

No. 649870

She's doing a balloon pop game

No. 649871

Edgy Mattel: Boily Haggard Goth Failure Edition

No. 649872

her internet connection is so bad, holy crap

i've watched her many times and i have never seen her connection stutter and need to buffer this badly before

No. 649873

File: 1553652745506.jpg (71.45 KB, 1080x252, Screenshot_20190326-211124_Sam…)

No. 649874

I just noticed this but why does she have two phones?

No. 649875

She said she's not sitting on the balloons to pop them unless someone tips extra. Scammy Mattel again

No. 649876

so trying the 'loner' fetish but not actually understanding it. Sounds about right.

No. 649877

The prizes are probably dumb. A guy won for her to flash

No. 649878

File: 1553653370514.jpg (26.73 KB, 358x370, http___www.tvequals.com_wp-con…)

She didn't even sit on them, she just used a pen. Has she even seen that episode of Bobs Burgers?

No. 649879

"tits just for you smiley boy" as she flashes the whole stream… Apparently he bought her phone number.

She just keeps meowing and texting on her phone whole ignoring the chat.

No. 649880

I love how she said "popping another balloon, they are going fast" in her recording for snap. They arent. She's popped 2.

No. 649881

I'm out. Her internet connection is absolute shit. Keeps buffering every 30 seconds.

No. 649882

File: 1553653912967.jpg (317.99 KB, 1077x718, Screenshot_20190326-213101_Sam…)

The boil once again

No. 649883

Jfc I didn't get a cap of it because the connection is shit, but her ass boil is on full display. At least know your body and try to bend the other way to hide that cheek.

No. 649884

File: 1553654000598.jpg (84.06 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20190327-023116_Chr…)

God, this spot is so bad. Imagine this being your "prize"

No. 649885

You'd think she'd put some of her cakey foundation on her ass boil and maybe even her outer vag area before going on cam… Not like her skin can get any worse down there and it would at least make the boils and bumps not so glaringly hideous

No. 649886

Holy shit ya'll weren't kidding about the connection/quality… It's unwatchable. Like bitch this is your fucking job, your income, pony up the money for Comcast dumb bitch, clearly this local $25 a month internet isn't gonna cut it.

No. 649887

I know people say she isn't fat and I agree, but… She is getting an actual booze gut at this point.

No. 649888

I know it's her "job" but if I had a boil like that on my butt I'd be so embarrassed. Why doesn't she put makeup on it?

No. 649889

She's very early days. If she keeps drinking wine she will chub out gradually. Wine is a lot of calories. Even if you don't eat that much it will get to you. A bottle of wine is over 600 calories.

No. 649890


She's not fat, but she certainly isn't fit either. Shay's constant drinking and shitty diet will catch up with her if she doesn't exercise and keep herself healthy.

No. 649891

And she left because her internet is being "too slow". Girl, pay for better internet.

No. 649892

Probably her excuse is one for “work” and one for personal use. But we all know she can’t separate the two.

Last year she went on and on about buying a new camera, met the goal, and bought herself an iPhone X instead.

No. 649893


She drinks beer too and beer especially gives you a belly like that. Hence the term beer gut. Just saying its definitely happening as foreshadowed at the beginning of the Fupa Saga and starting to show "results" now lmao also add a kek for Shay trying to be healthy on any level

No. 649894

She is in mfc now with a seemingly better connection.

No. 649895


oh good, can't wait to see her tank her camscore some more

No. 649896

"no one's talking to me"

>has done nothing but stare at her phone

No. 649897

File: 1553655834782.png (22.47 KB, 688x32, 54544554456.png)


No. 649898

Lmao off to get more wine and weed now. Work on that gut Shay.

No. 649899

"The smell of cheap wine is an ~aesthetic~" OK.

No. 649900

her nails look fine, did she go to the salon already or was it just another lie

No. 649901

she really just said she stole her wooden paddle from her ceramics teacher junior year of high school

today on: things that definitely never happened

No. 649902

She keeps picking at a scab on her inner wrist. I wonder if it's healed self harm cuts?

No. 649903

Question, where was she making videos before she got her apartment in Seattle?

No. 649904

She just said she has an air mattress "only for aesthetic purposes and when I need to stay the night."

As in, she's usually sleeping somewhere else.

No. 649905

She said she only got one done. She wanted to get them all done but in her words "it would've taken 2 hours"

No. 649906

she gets told something in chat and does her stupid "what's that" when her phone is in her hand and she could just google it

No. 649907

damn. STOP picking your acne right before you go on cam. It's so obviously enflamed and angry from being squeezed to death.

that's the most boring cam game ever. she might as well pull things out of a hat. hearing balloons pop is very jarring, and if there's nothing sexual about the action, wtf is the point? Who cares what's inside when you could get the same result without loud ass noise? just find another way to play a game without disturbing your audience for no reason.

No. 649908

I'm sure her neighbors are enjoying the sound of balloons popping and her shitty music

No. 649909

Wouldn't it be hilarious if she got a noise complaint during one of her shows or filming

No. 649910

File: 1553660144892.jpg (196.13 KB, 1080x679, Screenshot_20190326-231504_Twi…)

She's only going to stick with MFC so she can drink and smoke

No. 649911

She lowered the tipping amount for her to drink. She said she doesn't care because she wants to get drunk

No. 649912

File: 1553666088111.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.37 KB, 1084x730, 255D0E84-6A96-478B-BA2E-28C8D5…)

What a novel idea for her

No. 649913

Mostly likely its true about the smoke and drinking. Still have to take in to account that she was hardly making money on CB

No. 649914

We all know she's staying at Fupa's and only has to come to her "apartment"/ flop house when his kids are over or he needs to hide her from the ex wife.

No. 649915

She's what you'd call skinnyfat. She has a small frame and she still has a youthful metabolism, but it's very clear that her shit diet, sitting on her ass all day, and excessive alcohol consumption isn't doing her any favors. She's just doughy. She isn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, but she has the body of someone who sits at a desk all day and doesnt move. Except we know she doesn't even do that, and she absolutely has the free time to go for a jog or take a zumba class or some shit.

No. 649916

This is hilarious. I can't believe that haggard man fupawhipped Shay so much that she is spending her money on rent cos she ain't allowed to stay with him, but she still spends most of her time with him. And he is having both of them pretend they are done with each other. He's probably the one she let cum inside of her lately (ew). She doesn't mind how pathetic that makes her look? Damn. She's practically wasting money. And she probably considers this a win lol.

No. 649917

File: 1553695983857.png (43.5 KB, 566x320, Screenshot (403).png)

it only took her 3 years to figure out!

No. 649918

Did she join SextPanther or something? It's odd that she's suddenly selling her "phone number" out of the blue.

No. 649919

Not contributing/ long time lurker but why is her vagina skin always red? disregarding the pimples and scabs, but is that a normal skin shade for vaginas? I know that some women have different skin tones down there but I've never seen a chick with a fire red vagina.

No. 649920

It's irritation. Shay is notorious for not taking care of herself so it's a mix of razor burn, ingrown hairs, zits, whatever toxic mess is going on down there, and the camera filter she's using.

No. 649921

although her shit is clearly a little mangled due to ingrown hair/shaving, the main reason it looks this color is the lighting. If you look at yourself under different filters, there are some that accentuate the "pink" and any slight irritation/darkness with come out dark magenta. I think this is what is happening.

No. 649922

Let’s not forget she refuses to use lube even though her cunt is constantly dry af.

No. 649923

you make money when you work! imagine that

i think she is just incentivizing people with her phone number so they pay her when she begs. that's how she got money to get the apartment

No. 649924

File: 1553710896579.jpg (60.62 KB, 1053x388, Screenshot_20190327-182054_Twi…)

No he didn't.

No. 649925


It was probably the smell of all the unwashed shit you've dragged from Seattle to Tulsa to Colorado and back to Tulsa, Shayna

No. 649926

File: 1553712788545.gif (329.2 KB, 600x402, giphy-1.gif)

probably because of how horrifying your apartment is lmao. it looks like someone ate a bunch of cotton candy and then threw up in there. and no, not in a cute way, Shayna.

No. 649927

File: 1553713395897.jpg (292.36 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20190327-140254_Twi…)

No. 649928

File: 1553713431368.jpg (419.06 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20190327-140239_Twi…)

How long will she continue with the up keep?

No. 649929

here's to wondering if she /actually/ dyes it pink this time

No. 649930

She said in a post that it's going to be rose gold

No. 649931

File: 1553715041030.jpg (Spoiler Image, 584.04 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20190327-143008_Twi…)

How long did she actually stay on?

No. 649932

Drunk auntie strikes again

No. 649933

Is her boob vein getting worse? Or is it bruised or something? I recall a picture posted I think last thread or maybe up thread, where it seemed so prominent and bruised it was actually jarring.

No. 649934

File: 1553725266690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.23 KB, 1936x1936, 1BDD187A-AC9B-40A1-B07A-F9E909…)

samefag but I decided to look through to make a comparison image. Could it be lighting? Or I ust a serious bruise? Obviously the rapunzel screenshot is lower quality, but the difference is staggering to me. Add this into the list of reasons that I wish this girl would go to a doctor

No. 649935

I noticed too. I think it's just bad lighting/shadow/or her paddling her dumb tits for 5 cents

No. 649936

definitely just bad lighting. under her boob, armpit, neck, they're all the same shade. it also makes her look overall grimy like she hasn't washed in weeks.

No. 649937

File: 1553726838639.jpg (358.51 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20190327-174701_Twi…)

No. 649938

I really think Shayna has a reoccurring staph infection since she has a boil in the same areas that re-occurs from time to time. She probably thinks its a massive pimple and tries to pop it… She doesnt go to the doctor so its not like shes gotten any antibiotic treatment for it to go away… Thats really contagious and really gross

No. 649939

It’s insane how much better she looks in the face when she’s not doing a duck face or that stupid forced smile.

No. 649940

File: 1553728678510.jpg (117.57 KB, 1069x394, Screenshot_20190327-181645_Twi…)

Um, it's like that for any job

No. 649941

The second pic makes her look afraid or something

No. 649942

File: 1553730148490.jpg (405.2 KB, 1080x2036, Screenshot_20190327_194153.jpg)


No. 649943

She must have done it herself. If she went to the same place/person they wouldn’t have had an issue.

And is the return of that horrible blonde wig on the rise? That thing was an eye sore and anything would be better than that shit.

No. 649944

lmaoooo this is why you need to get help for your mental health, one inconvenience (yeah it sucks, but you're still FINE, you didn't die, it's just hair and you said you'll be getting it fixed in two days) and she spirals out of control and can't stop crying. that's what you get for refusing to address your gross instabilty

No. 649945

double post but I think she was in Denver when she got it done the first time. maybe she went to that Bill Nye guy and he right fucked her up.

No. 649946

Does she mean it's like a hot pink or dark red? It might not be uwu blonde bimbo but I feel like that might look good on her. I hope she posts her hair anyway cause I feel like anything different from her usual would be an improvement.

No. 649947

With her curly fried hair she probably looks like Ronald McDonald. She won’t post pics but I can only hope.

No. 649948

File: 1553731297566.png (223.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190327-200052.png)

she said she looks like a flaming hot cheeto and that she's too stressed to work tonight even though she's already admitted she could just wear a wig to cover it. excuses not to follow a schedule, no surprise there

No. 649949

maybe after friday's round of chemicals her hair will (somehow) look worse than it ever has! she is truly a moron

No. 649950

right? Unless she decides to go darker, she's gonna need to either re-bleach it or use something to strip the dye out. Either way, big damage to already-dead-fried hair.

No. 649951

jfc what a trainwreck. Crying over her hair not being the shade she wanted. She probs did box dye or something. Depending on the undertone of the red color (orange or magenta) she could wash it with a bunch of baking soda and get it to a dark-ish pink or just use that stuff that takes color out of hair when you fuck it up. But nah, lets just cry about it and waste more money and use it as an excuse not to cam

No. 649952

Oh my god, she really is going to cover rent by begging days before it's due…all she needs is one bad month and she's out on the streets.

No. 649953

oh for christ's sake. she has no problem with a vagina that looks like a vodka cranberry, but she has a concern about her hair being a vodka cranberry and therefore cannot stream? yes, shay, your looks ARE your business, so get it sorted proper. priorities, shayna, priorities.

i'm sure that she did it herself, it broke off and that's what the real problem is.

No. 649954

it's not like she has anything else to do, bet she wanted to save money and that's why she just got one done.

she could easily get a semi permanent dye or even overtone and make it pink herself, but she's just a ~uwu dumb baby bimbo~.

was going to say the same. she's known for having terrible genitals when that's what she's supposed use to sell her content and has no problem flaunting in varying states of 'wtf is that', but it's her hair that's giving her insecurity?! kind of hope she winds up with a chemical cut and has a meltdown about it ruining her ~comeback~.

No. 649955

I'm laughing at her alcoholic ass referring to the colour as "vodka cranberry". Um vodka is clear love, doesn't change the appearance of cranberry juice, you mean that.

Also that sounds like a nice colour but if she was getting rose gold I don't see how it would be anything close to that colour..

No. 649956

Kek seriously. But then if she felt outwardly insecure about the absolute state of her genitals, she'd never be able to cam or make content again. And what would that leave her with?

I was wondering the other day, on the poor state of her vag note.. do y'all think her few customers are just grimey like her and it actually makes them feel better about themselves to see her show off her boils? Seeing as a lot of her porn brood seems to consist of tumblrwhales. Or do you think the kind of dudes that stay in her cam room just arent mindful of it/dont care? I guess both. Idk theres a line between being naturally flawed/real with some acne and razor bumps and whatnot… then theres Shay level of just gross unbridled shit going on. The boils just STARE at you, idk how you could fap past them.

No. 649957

Lmao this is why you don’t try to get your hair dyed pink - sorry “rose gold” - at a fucking fantastic sams. But I guess going to an actual decent salon would cut into her wine and weed money too much

No. 649958


She definitely did it herself. If she didn't, she would be talking about how "so and so salon fucked up my hair!"

No. 649959

File: 1553741919008.png (220.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190327-225606.png)

she says she asked for it. Also I think she's just too embarrassed to admit she went to a shit-tier salon and expected high-end results. "rose gold" could only be created by mixing/diluting red hair dye with other colors, as someone mentioned when she first dyed her hair – salons do not keep fun/"designer" colors in stock. so they'll mix the normal colors they have to try to approximate what a customer asks for. clearly got a shitty mix of red and maybe like conditioner and nothing else to change the tone

No. 649960

File: 1553742343045.jpg (121.71 KB, 960x1200, 51928045_470037313531094_91780…)

Wasn't she trying to become an edgy goth gf anyway? Just embrace the look Shay.

10 bucks it actually looks better than her blonde mess but her crisis is that it doesn't meet her ill-fitting aesthetic.

No. 649961

File: 1553743107399.jpg (179.25 KB, 1080x526, Screenshot_20190327-221812_Twi…)

God no

No. 649962

This is Karma biting Shay on the ass

No. 649963


The pic on the left is flipped.

No. 649964

>my looks are literally how I make my money
The amount of mental gymnastics is world class wow

No. 649965

everyday i pray snapchat anon will post more but i need to see her fucked up hair

No. 649966

women dont cum like men… Is this really this retarded?

No. 649967

here's hoping she'll post it soon.

No. 649968

File: 1553747713915.jpeg (233.12 KB, 1040x2048, F82D1310-A8B3-48F3-8877-C77FD6…)

Here you go fam

No. 649969

Yup. She was actually just eating her discharge.

No. 649970

She really should just go full unnatural red. It would be an improvement.

No. 649971

Lmaoooo. How is she going to fix that

No. 649972


I'd like to see it not in those awful braids and with her not making that ugly face because it literally just looks like Hayley Williams' hair

No. 649973


it looks like she did this herself. her hair is different colors in different areas and looks dry af. plus, after she goes to the salon or whatever, why immediately throw it into ratty ass braids?

No. 649974

omfg thank u based anon

No. 649975

That is NOTHING like Hayley Williams

No. 649976

nah, the pic on the right is flipped, the pic on the left is a cap from a video. She takes all her photos in Snapchat, which automatically flips pics, so that's why we're so used to seeing her that way. because she flips 95% of her content by using Snapchat

No. 649977

oof how you gonna fix that and still have hair left? good luck dummy

No. 649978

She's fucked

No. 649979

She's gonna have to go dark or shave it off

No. 649980

tbh people who fuck up their own hair tend to not admit it and pretend to love it because they dont wanna admit they shouldve gone to a salon and fucked up going diy.

No. 649981

Lmao I really don't know how this could have happened at a salon unless they literally thought she said rose red.

No. 649982


yeah, but this is Shay, who has to play victim 24/7.

No. 649983

wow! nice white trash koolaid hair dye attempt shay!

No. 649984

Nah, you can get this effect by not knowing what you’re doing and fucking yourself up or going to a cheap salon with inexperienced hairdressers.

Her hair wasn’t toned properly after bleaching her roots before dumping the diluted red over it which is why her ends are closer to the color she wanted but her roots are fucking orange. It’s red over brass.

No. 649985

Yeah, she must have done it herself with bad box dye and it reacted badly to the tones she had or if she bleached it prior. Shit… That's so bad omfg. Like the bottom part is kinda pink and she could have worked with that, but the whole other top half of the hair… yikes! Like others said, she ought to do a dark brown or brown undertoned black for that part at least, if not the whole thing. Hey, now you can "really" be a ~rebel goth gf~ Shay!

No. 649986

She 100% did this herself. Remember when she first got her hair done last it looked somewhat healthy and shiny because it was straightened properly. No respectable hairdresser would let her walk outside like that.

No. 649987

tbh she was spot-on with the flamin' hot cheeto comment. It's so weird that the tips seem to be almost purple. I guess they didn't tone it at all after bleaching her roots, looks like absolute shit. Maybe if it were all the same color it would look better, but it's just an ugly gradient. I am so excited to see what she tries to do to fix it on Friday

No. 649988

I know the hair is the focus here but those nails are fucking h i d e o u s.

No. 649989

She could do a Danielle Bregoli cosplay lmao

No. 649990

File: 1553757478938.jpg (279.08 KB, 1800x1800, colorista-dirtypink.jpg)

So, a girl I used to follow on IG had blonde hair and this exact thing happened to her using Loreal Colorista dye. Came out this EXACT color. I'm like 99% this is what Shay used. Salon my ass.

No. 649991

She did this herself because for one, she’s not really claiming a hairdresser did it. She would be throwing her hairdresser under the bus in a hot second. Also, even an inexperienced hairdresser would know to tone before you throw a wild color into blonde hair. Even if you go to a hot clips. Fucking color wheel 101.

And, if the hairdresser did fuck up, she could easily have done a clarifying shampoo and hot rinse and repeat to wash out some of that color (really not sure why she hasn’t bothered doing that. As she will lose a ton of color. Esp red. Red fades the fastest).

No. 649992

licensed hairstylist anon here.

based on the fact that her roots look to be evenly bleached with little to no banding, I do actually believe that she had this done at a salon. Shay has naturally dark hair and she's both too dumb and too lazy to achieve a bleach result that even on her own.

The disastrous color is probably a result of two things: going to a salon that does not specialize in fashion colors, and them trying to improvise and mix a "rose gold" tone for her, and her hair being extremely porous because of it's terrible condition. Porous, damaged hair will soak up much more of the dye and it's very common for the color to turn out more vibrant than you intended. This looks to me like someone tried to apply diluted red dye over her brassy blonde to achieve a rose gold, but her porous, damaged hair soaked it all up.

Based on the fact that she said this cost $180 she definitely didn't go to any reputable salon. For a bleach, tone, and all-over permanent or semi-permanent color, any decent place will charge around $300 before tip. The process takes 3-4 hours, and with coarse dark hair like Shayna's it's even harder.

the fact that it's in braids means one of two things: Either she tried to wash it when she got home in an attempt to fade the color out, or she was so upset when she saw the result that she asked the stylist not to bother with a blowout and left with wet hair. Most stylists would insist on blowing out a client's hair after coloring it, because color always looks much darker when the hair is wet.

if she actually wants pink hair, she needs to take the time to find a stylist who specializes in fashion color and knows what they're doing, and she needs to learn how to properly care for her hair so that the color doesn't vanish after one wash.

As for how she can fix this, red is a notoriously difficult color to completely remove from hair, although it fades quickly. The color she has will never fade to rose gold though, the undertones are too orange. It will just turn a salmony pink at best. I don't think anything will fix this except a color remover, followed by some heavy toning. For the health of her hair she should wait at least a week or two between those processes, and she really needs to go somewhere that uses Olaplex as well as paying for a deep conditioning treatment. But we all know Shay won't do that. I expect after her appointment on Friday she's going to show up with a serious chemical cut (that's when your hair breaks off from over-processing).

No. 649993

Thank you! I have been wanting to post this exact explanation and you did it much better than I could've. Bless you anon

No. 649994

Ok,I assumed she was exaggerating but no, she actually does have reason to be upset by this. I'm guessing the anon above who said she used that pastel hair dye is right because this looks like someone took one colour to her whole head and didn't use different techniques around her head where the hair was already bleached. The bottom does look really nice from what we can see though. But that might be because she hid most of the hair. If this is because she decided to scam her clients paying for her to go to the salon and she cheaper out then good fucking karma to her
If this was by a professional then I hope she thought to either not pay or to get them to fix it for free because if not she's an idiot and is just wasting more money. But considering the status of her hair I do think it was a personal job. Either that or Bill Nye did her dirty and there's a good reason he drives a cab (in which case Shay should actually warn other potential clients and I wouldn't fault her one bit for being salty)

No. 649995


My point was that Veiny McVein was on opposite sides in case anons were comparing the breasts on the right in each pic.

No. 649996

Serves her right. Anyone with a brain knows box dye like that will ruin your hair.

No. 649997

This would make sense she went to the cheapest salon possible who had no idea what they were doing. Guy Tang has some beautiful rose gold colors. I've seen other salon specialists using them to achieve actual rose gold. She must have went to some regular salon and said 'gemme this color' and this is the result since they probably didn't have the special coloring dyes there or the experience for it.

No. 649998

This is an incredible post but the only thing I will say is 300 dollars is wild. I go to an incredibly reputable salon and have never paid that much and have never looked like Shay. 180 dollars isn't far off. I get that you're probably in a larger city but either way.

I really don't get why her ass walked out of there like that if she wasn't happy. All she had to say was this isn't what I wanted. Because uts CLEARLY not what she wanted.

No. 649999

Too bad Shay didn't go to the salon to fix her already damaged hair. All of the bleaching and dyeing is something she should seriously stop doing considering the health of it. Maybe this will teach her a lesson and she will just cut off the rat's nest and start over. That is what she needs to do, not spend more money on another hair treatment.

No. 650000

Based on the fact that it looks like she left without any styling, and that she has an appointment to go back so soon, that’s probably exactly what she did. The stylist probably just had other appointments and didn’t have time to try to fix it on the spot.

No. 650001

Actual salon or not, this PROVES how much of a scam artist she is. In total she was asking for $160 for her hair?? Then she either did it herself or went to a cheap salon, and pocketed the rest. $160 dye job my ass. She fucking deserves this.

No. 650002

For the most part this is all correct but 300 dollars for a vivid or pastel hair dye job? I have vivid hair myself and came from dyed black hair and I was charged $130, seems like the price depends on where you go.

No. 650003

File: 1553790733466.png (34.91 KB, 506x314, Screenshot (404).png)

shes going back to blonde. isn't red supposed to be hard to get out, even with bleach?

No. 650004

Ahhh yes, because her already fried and fucked up hair need to be bleached and fucked up even more. Great plan Shay.

No. 650005

oooooo I can't wait. she wants her hair to grow, she needs to stop doing this shit to it. Go back to brown and actually LET IT GROW. I don't think her hair will survive being processed twice in three days. so excited to see what she comes out with tomorrow, if it really makes her feel better about herself or if she ends up paying $200+ to get her hair fucking murdered

No. 650006

She just needs to tough it out and wash it out with hot water and shampoo as much as she can, red isn’t one of those colors that stick on for that long. Her hair will be fried like no tomorrow if she bleaches it once again, especially since she doesn’t seem to be planning on trimming it.

No. 650007

File: 1553791753040.png (304.27 KB, 522x541, Screenshot (405).png)

not sure why she 'cant work' because of it. not like she works somewhere with a strict dress code. like yeah, she hates it but shes cammed with worse hair imo ( 4 inch black roots, those weird curl bangs etc)

No. 650008

File: 1553793001861.png (Spoiler Image, 4.54 MB, 828x1792, 6D774A04-BA67-43F1-8C42-7E7798…)

stop with the costume wigs! get yourself a nice lace front girl. even amazon has some good ones

No. 650009

>Hasn't cleaned up from camshow that was two days ago

No. 650010

at least the reddish color doesn't wash her out as much this hideous blonde wig does. Does she think that is an improvement?

No. 650011

She could get a nice lace front for $60. But then she won’t have money for weed. And she definitely wouldn’t take proper care of it.

No. 650012


Soon to be: Bald Mattel.

No. 650013

Looking even more haggard drunk auntie than usual

No. 650014

"Can't work because of my hair so just send me money for nothing in return"
>next picture, hair is hidden under wig
>Still can't work! Just send me your money for nothing!!!

No. 650015

She looks like fucking Anne frank

No. 650016

Does she really think this is better? Just take out the ugly braids and I bet it's not that bad.

"Can't work" my arse. Wear your shit wig or just own the red until it can be fixed. People aren't watching her for her hair, they won't care.

No. 650017

There is no way she can go straight back to blonde. She would need it to be a lighter red first, let her hair adjust. And then go back a few weeks later and have it blonde. Red is a bitch to get out

No. 650018


So the Wendy's dye job was so terrible she refused to work, but she's ok with THIS?

No. 650019

It's a TiM

No. 650020

File: 1553806288666.jpg (394.35 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20190328-154254_Twi…)

Is she in public with the wig? Or her red hair?

No. 650021

Soooooo is her rent money going towards her hair?

No. 650022

Y’know she claims to be so confident and “your dad’s favorite,” but I bet she didn’t even say anything to the stylist who did her hair. If something turns out so bad and different from what you asked for, you’re supposed to say something. And then won’t they fix it for free or discounted or something? And this wouldn’t be so bad in a week or so if she washes it often. It may even turn into more of the color she was wanting. But instead she’s going to go through the trouble of bleaching and getting her hair blonde again? Her hair is going to be so fucked. Always such a victim.

No. 650023

If she gave away the hair dresser who did it she’d be giving her location away in Tulsa probably. Not like she hasn’t already, though. Wonder if this was Bill Nye the Hair Guy’s doing

No. 650024

It's so patchy I cannot believe a hairdresser did this. Maybe they only did her roots and she used drugstore dye. Since she likes Disney so much she should cosplay one of Cinderella's ugly step sister, she looks the same kek.

No. 650025

My bet is that she went to a cheap salon to get it bleached, then tried to do the pink herself and fucked that.

No. 650026

She's seriously begging for money? bitch, buy a wig and shut the fuck up. No wonder she has stagnated as a camgirl for years.

No. 650027

She will definitely be ruining whatever hair she has left if she tries to lift the red. I've dyed my own hair many times and this is the worst thing I've seen. Don't buy a box of bleach.

No. 650028

Lol she can't work but she can go drink outside. priorities are fucked.

No. 650029

All those followers and she only has 4 likes on that pic

No. 650030

she sure is freaking out over washout dye

No. 650031


The red looks better on her than the blonde. She should just slap some brown on the roots and see if the salon can give her some type of ombre.

If she attempts to go blonde she will lose whatever hair she has left

No. 650032

I'm pretty sure the speculation that she got it bleached at a salon but tried to do the color herself is correct, hence the inability to just complain to the salon and likely having to book/pay for a new appointment out of her pocket

no matter what she does, short of buzzing it off her hair is gonna be shit. but that was already where it was at prior to this mishap, so, nothing of value lost, really.

also fupa didn't used to have custody of his kids, right? just visitation? originally I didn't believe anons saying it was because of the kids they had to 'break up', but I totally believe that now.

I think they're still dating but playing pretend (not for the MOTHER but so no farmers go after fupa/his kids), and part of the deal was that shay can't do her camwork in his house anymore/has tos leep in the apartment when they're over

I think maybe they're 'working things out' dating right now and did have a bit of a break/fight over this entire thing, but that the jist of it has been faked

that's my tinfoil 2 cents

No. 650033

Ya… It's obvious at this point that her "job" is a chore and she hates it. She's always looking for any ridiculous excuses to not show up. It's mind boggling to still see her do fucked up shits for pennies.

No. 650034

File: 1553819503844.jpg (220.57 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_20190328-193001_Twi…)

Why does she always have to mention her zodiac

No. 650035

File: 1553819537659.jpg (420.24 KB, 1080x1852, Screenshot_20190328-193022_Twi…)

Then the last comment is from that chick telling her she's rocking the red

No. 650036

Cos stupid people are obsessed with astrology.

I'm the same sign as her and I sure as hell ain't anything like her.

No. 650037

is this dumbass really going back to the same stylist

No. 650038

Cos she'll get a discount there and can't afford another.

No. 650039

Imagine if all of her rent money does go to her hair disaster this week and she can't scramble enough money together for next month's rent in a few days l m a o

No. 650040

We all know this will happen. But will she post about it?

No. 650041

IT's bad, but it's not THAT bad. She could actually use this to pander to people with that dumb redhead/ginger chick fetish while she has it or yeah, put her ugly ass wig on. Like another anon said, the tumblrwhales and chums who try to wank to her really aren't going to care. I'd be more embarrassed to go out in public because at least online everyone knows she hates it and is getting it fixed. But you Shay, ANY excuse to not work or cam and she'll use it. Gives her an excuse to beg, which is obviously her fave part of the job.

No. 650042

I'm surprised at how quiet she's been on Twitter today

No. 650043

Probably passed out somewhere.

No. 650044

File: 1553836463103.jpg (474.08 KB, 1073x1513, Screenshot_20190328-221301_Twi…)

Kek @ tacky pink shit and an air mattress being goals for anyone.

No. 650045

Oh thank god, I was worried she paid full price to the shitty stylist. I have a feeling the stylist will still utterly fuck up the recovery though. If she's fine with bleaching the hair after all this she's probably an idiot or Shay is being unreasonable by requesting the blond back and nothing else. She better convince Shay to not go full bleach blond and instead either lighten until it becomes a nice and even colour (the rose gold perhaps) or to add more dye to make it a nice even colour. This whole issue likely started as Shay has overly fried her hair so bleaching it more will potentially result in the next attempted dye job being even worse

No. 650046

kek anon! easily monetized too:
>500 tokens - dolly whips off her wig for u daddy!

but seriously though, short dark hair could look great on her with her youthful thin(for now) body, she should just get a long pixie or something they look good on almost everyone. of course, we know she'll keep her ramen hair for as long as it doesn't fall off her head.

No. 650047

She should just go back to brown. Her curls will thank her.

No. 650048

File: 1553875081064.jpg (217.81 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20190329-105724_Twi…)

Annnnd more begging

No. 650049

Oh I'm so excited to see her hair fall out.
Do other sex workers seriously do this? I get advertising but she asks for everything.
>Buy my porn so I can eat!
What a sad life

No. 650050

I've never seen someone who supports themselves PURELY off of ebegging the way Shay does. Some girls ask for things for work like toys or clothes, and the occasional impulse buy item but she's always funding unnecessary shit like weed or overpriced takeout. Not once have I seen her ask for money for groceries lol

No. 650051

I don’t think she knows how to cook this girl is a mess

No. 650052

Wow, 5 whole likes, those purchased followers are really paying off

No. 650053

Everyone has probably already bought her shit and tired of the begging

No. 650054

And if anyone points that out they are simply jealous of her, kek. That's the conclusion she and her orbiters manage to come to. If only those girls who worship Shay and the idiots who enable her laziness saw how she lived her daily life. Not what she puts on social media, but what she actually does. They would understand why her life has been shit.

But she can beg people for food and sometimes they send her money for it so she's thriving. And she doesn't care that she has messed up her future by tying her real name to this mess. So she will not be able to escape the consequences. The future is dismal for this one.

No. 650055

What on earth does anyone get out of orbiting her?? She can't even run a depop.

No. 650056

File: 1553882039947.jpg (296.42 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20190329-125323_Twi…)

She won't post anything because her hair will probably be fucked

No. 650057

She really does just have "Begging Goals" each day. That's fucking pathetic. She runs her shit like a retired whore, "buy my old content on sale and get my snap of me doing shit I'd be doing on snap anyway". She's been doing this for a couple years, but has a sad ass resume and zero savings to show, nothing of material value, and def no maturity or anything else. Down to begging for money for anything and everything she wants and needs. Whew really ~thriving~

No. 650058

File: 1553886230863.jpeg (343.22 KB, 1242x997, C90E3379-74C9-4186-A95D-55E495…)

She literally does this…

No. 650059

Literally no one cares about Tumblr anymore. Only Shay

No. 650060

File: 1553891659059.jpg (459.09 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_20190329-153328_Twi…)

I'm sure the dude really appreciates your comment Shay

No. 650061

remember that tantrum she threw about people overstepping boundaries and saying "it's one thing to have fantasies, but don't start applying your fantasies to real women in your life" when that one person told her that they had a crush on their teacher because she reminded them of Shayna?

what a fucking nasty hypocrite. At least that anon never ACTUALLY TOLD their teacher, it was a harmless crush. you, on the other hand, are publicly being a fucking creep to this man and his child.

No. 650062

she gets mad when men project their fantasies onto her pics. im sure this guy is grossed out by her comment. no one likes you shay lol

No. 650063

File: 1553897684494.jpg (421.64 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20190329-171416_Twi…)

So what happens if she doesn't meet her begging goal?

No. 650064

She'll just pretend that she did lol

No. 650065

So what money is she using to pay for her hair

No. 650066


I will forever be baffled by the fact that she chooses to be a sex worker and gets mad when men fantasize about her or make sexual comments….and during her own cam shows no less! THAT'S. YOUR. JOB.

No. 650067

I think that Shay is probably a prude when it comes to sex and all that. But she puts on an act so she can do sex work and not go out and get a legit 9-5 job

No. 650068

File: 1553901734383.jpg (326.42 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20190329-182107_Twi…)

And when her begging doesn't work, she has her "friends" do it for her

No. 650069

Sometimes she gives me that weird asexual vibe? Her act seems so forced and I never got the impression that she had any bf or fuckfriend, beside the 2 guys we know about. She seems very sheltered and all she knows about sex is shitty pink aesthetic tumblr porn. She has 0 sex appeal.

No. 650070

You could totally be right. She complains that her dildos don't fit due to her being "tight." But no. They won't go in because she's not aroused or anything.

No. 650071

Don't forget the fact that she's always dry as fuck, even playing with toys. She can't even arouse herself?
Well, maybe all of these can be blamed on her issues down there, though.
She hates seeing herself naked yet she's a sex worker? That makes sense

No. 650072

Therapy could help with it. But ya know dying her hair, getting a nose ring, weed, and alcohol is more important

No. 650073

Even if you can’t get wet from arousal, she can always use lube. but she refuses to, which is odd for a sex worker.

No. 650074

She claims she doesn't like the texture of lube

No. 650075

That and I think its that she is really just lazy and doesn't care, just trying to make enough money to scrape by doing minimal sex work to avoid a regular job. Too lazy to try to turn herself on, it's easier to pretend shes "tight" rather than actually fuck herself on cam. Easier to put the Hitachi on her clit and fake orgasms than actually try a little. Its hella insecurity and laziness mixed with zero passion or interest in the work. Which is also why she makes any excuse she can not to cam, avoids making new content, and tries to just e-beg and get money from her old content and snap. All while pretending she wants to make content and cam and loves being a ~barbie bimbo~.

No. 650076

Remember on her tumblr someone sent her an ask saying she has pain during vaginal sex and is scared of anal, and Shay told her to just put a vibe on her clit and shove the dick in? Yeah, that sure is advice from someone who knows a lot about sex

No. 650077

File: 1553905218458.jpg (352.5 KB, 1080x1216, Screenshot_20190329-191932_Twi…)

No. 650078

These dumbass lonely men lol

No. 650079

why does she say 'who sent this' when it will say the name right there?

No. 650080

Cause she wants to act like random people send her money

No. 650081

She's so fucking idiotic, why does she post her clients picture and name on Twitter?? 3 years SW and she still forgets about their privacy. All this because she's desperate to flex any money she gets online.

No. 650082

So all the money she has in her account is the money she got today? Damn, Shay.

No. 650083

she might transfer it every single day to her real bank account. I assume these are all venmo transfers, and venmo does not support sex work, so she's at risk of having her account terminated at any time (kinda like Snapchat, Shayna, which was your own damn fault for using it against ToS.) therefore keeps as little money in it as possible

No. 650084

No pics yet of the new hair

No. 650085

I'm wondering when the appointment was, she said "tonight" n I'm like how late could a shit salon be open??

No. 650086

At 4:00 she posted that she was on her way to the place

No. 650087

Her hair is probably so damaged it's not done yet

No. 650088


Or it's all fried off so she's not saying anything.

No. 650089

File: 1553915607876.jpg (461.85 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20190329-221217_Twi…)

No. 650090


the ends don't match at all

No. 650091

She's so annoying

Check out @Dolly_Mattel’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Dolly_Mattel/status/1111823918975848448?s=09

No. 650092

File: 1553915777193.jpg (252.51 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20190329-221535_Twi…)

No. 650093


Didn't she already ask for money for that?

No. 650094

Only 200? That explains why it looks so botched.

No. 650095

Maybe she didn't "reach her goal"

No. 650096

File: 1553916209801.jpg (219.2 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20190329_232223.jpg)

She looks like a fucking troll

No. 650097

"I hate jello. But I like alcohol." Waste of money

No. 650098

Really, she's asking someone to buy her a jello shot. They're not even expensive

No. 650099

The ends look orange

No. 650100

So she just got her hair done and it's already in shity braids?

No. 650101

did they just bleach the roots then?

srsly the begging is out of control. you just know her followers are gonna get sick of it p soon

No. 650102

Looks like the only thing the hairdresser did was fade the color significantly. It looked better the first time she did “rose gold”. The top color isn’t bad but her ends just look like brassy garbage.

No. 650103

It's hard to tell because of the braid but the lengths look so patchy omg. And it's definately just faded pink, the first time she had it 'Rose gold' it atleast had cool undertones to it.

No. 650104

It's hard to tell because of the braid but the lengths look so patchy omg. And it's definately just faded pink, the first time she had it 'Rose gold' it atleast had cool undertones to it.

No. 650105

i used to have really fucked hair from dying it poorly as a teen and after a certain point it gets so damaged the hairs are noodley and stretch like elastic and just snap off. her hair looks like its reached that point.

No. 650106

File: 1553919402763.jpg (424.11 KB, 3000x1500, rose-gold-hair-1520266882.jpg)

that ain't rose gold, that's like, pale pale pink. pic related is "rose gold" hair

No. 650107

Can someone just photoshop her small tits to make her look more like a trap?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650108

the anon above trying to imply it’s due to the pink surroundings, was onto something- but in this scenario they’re actually wrong. If it is because of the excessive pink in her room, her skin color and hair etc. should also be a much darker color, with pink hues.

tldr; shays vagina is that color, and she needs to stop doing whatver she’s doing to it cuz that shit looks messed up

No. 650109

Bitch… Stop putting your newly done hair in those nasty braids immediately omg

No. 650110

If anyone wonder what her customers that aren't landwhales looks like:
A misogynist bro!(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers. )

No. 650111

The combo of those glasses and the awful hairstyle makes her look like teenage Gypsy Blanchard

No. 650112

lmfao tryna flex with her hair still looking bad and her begging money depleted, thus leaving her having to beg more and going back to her gross studio until chodeboi fupa calls her

No. 650113

Someone get their trailer park queen grandma pls

No. 650114

Right jello shots are fuckin $2, sometimes a buck if it's a special. Broke ass beggar bitch lmfao

No. 650115

she can't seriously think this looks good…. lol she is the definition of poor oklahoma white trash

No. 650116

Whats the problem with him? He looks like a normal dude, is this a self post?

No. 650117

She was freaking out because he sent her 30$. It's the first time I see a real male client that isn't one of her orbiters from tumblr.

No. 650118

Looks like her braids barely reach her shoulders now. That is the opposite of the growth you want Shayna, stop fucking your hair up

No. 650119

I think her hair could possibly be saved if she toned the fuck out of it with purple conditioner and cut off some of the straw. Maybe cut it into a bob and short thick bangs or something.

No. 650120

kek jovan hill does

No. 650121

No self respecting person unironically has "pickle rick" in their bio.

No. 650122

This looks way worse than the orange/red.
That's a disgusting colour.

No. 650123

That color is so nasty on her, when will she realize pink makes her look like an Oompa Loompa? It’s so unflattering to her skin tone, not to mention the colors uneven and brassy towards the ends, so the color will probably wash out to something even more nasty in a day or two.

No. 650124

I just noticed that she's got a Chibiusa cosplay on there

dont fucking seuxalise a child ya skank

No. 650125

File: 1553962888087.jpeg (916.97 KB, 1242x1624, CC908A70-9332-4FE7-8363-451E07…)

No. 650126

File: 1553964719218.jpeg (73.75 KB, 500x335, C5EBE4E4-5B75-43D3-990F-5D3E70…)

She’s online and boring as usual

No. 650127


im trying to watch but her connection is shit

No. 650128

File: 1553965366291.png (810.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190330-125924.png)

watching her try to take pics for Snapchat is so embarrassing

No. 650129

"my task of the day is moving my dog cage into my cam space"

your "task of the day" will take 10 minutes max and you're doing it on cam? this bitch lazy af

No. 650130

She said she’d have her new dog cage ready but now she’s talking about how she needs to set it up. How hard is it to bring it in before you go online? No one wants to watch you struggle to bring it in.

No. 650131

File: 1553965727798.png (Spoiler Image, 802.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190330-130745.png)

what's the bruise from? also still got the abcess on her ass (asscess)

No. 650132

File: 1553965727848.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.17 KB, 492x330, 7E0F0F8E-D4D3-4692-AB8D-990896…)


No. 650133

Now her hair looks even more washed out next to all that pink.

No. 650134

Why did it take her so long to get it? She's had other stuff she left at dawns for a while now ( that big pink bear). I guess her stuff could have been shipped to her in multiple packages but idk.

No. 650135

How about getting ribmeat back Shay? Seriously. She's incredibly neglectful to that poor cat.

No. 650136

And lol only 800 tokens till she gets naked. She’s really bad at math. 10,000 on CB but on 800 on MFC. Keep scamming people Shayna.

No. 650137

File: 1553965952881.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.6 KB, 1040x2048, 3170E372-A44C-446B-BFF4-FAD044…)

She looks like a dude.(nitpicking)

No. 650138

She's probably not in any rush to get Ribmeat coz shes fine at fupas and sees her regularly

No. 650139

File: 1553965997198.png (152.73 KB, 413x370, jesusgetsomebandwith.png)

For anons not tuning in and curious about how bad the connection is, as anons keep pointing out - it legitimately won't go higher than 240p. Jesus christ, this isn't 2008, what the hell.

No. 650140

This picture really highlights how many different colors her hair is. She will probably never take it out of those braids.

No. 650141

It’s just a sad washed out barely pink shade at this point. how could you spend $200 on that and feel like you accomplished something?

No. 650142

haha omg she really is so ugly and that butt zit, girl. If she just put her hair down and had it a dark brown or smth she'd look so much better. this "rose gold" is making her look green

yeah she literally sees her everyday when she goes back to his house to ride the chode

No. 650143

It's a brassy strawberry blonde.
I like how she said she was done with "rose gold" then left the salon happy to have it back. Obviously she just wanted her bleached ramen hair back but it wasn't possible. It's still not rose gold lol. It almost looked pale pink on top in the first pic of it she posted, but here it just looks like strawberry blonde again with brass tones

No. 650144

This dummy dropped $400 on her hair this week and it looks no better than last week kek. What happened to the salon fixing it for discount? Iirc she spent 180 the first time on the orange disaster disaster and then 200 to "fix" it. K. Anyway this slag needs to find a beauty supply and quit wasting money at shitty salons. Or just leave her damn hair alone

No. 650145

I doubt she actually payed that, she was probably just trying to beg on twitter lol

No. 650146

I doubt she spent that much. She's just tryna flex (even tho it was all donations)

No. 650147

File: 1553966952567.png (Spoiler Image, 825.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190330-131943.png)

It's like green, gray, pink, and yellow. Looks like she dipped her head in a swamp. Also, pic related, she's achieved Pippi Longstocking hair – her braids are frozen in place and do not move or bend or fall with gravity. I tried to grab a screen when she was looking up, they seriously do not move at all.

watching her struggle to set up the dog cage has been the most entertaining thing she's done for the past month on cam. Also, she's almost out of weed, so get ready for more begging soon.

No. 650148

Other anons have said even lower end salons are expensive and I believe it. Probs not that much. I just thought it was funny she tries to flex/beg on it being more than the first time.

No. 650149

Someone sent her money and she forgot what promo she was doing haha

No. 650150

File: 1553967345569.jpg (335.82 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20190330_173352.jpg)

Honestly it was better bright red

No. 650151

"now I just need to see how far I am off rent"

it's the 30th and she still hasn't made rent? are you kidding me??? she is gonna get evicted so quickly

No. 650152

File: 1553967675871.png (445.94 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20190330-123857.png)

Good job doxxing your customers.

No. 650153

how hard is it for her to crop out names?

and man, this is the first time i caught her on cam live, but fuck she's boring.

even her music is boring.

No. 650154


Why isn't she using more warm toned lights? Idk if it's a common thing among other cam girls but this cold light makes it look like she is camming in a hospital room or something like that.

No. 650155

File: 1553969684747.png (42.57 KB, 451x48, Screenshot (406).png)

yeah, her hair's the reason she never makes videos…

No. 650156

Hahaha oh no Shade are you new around here? She'll always find a reason to not cam regularly or put out new content. I'm surprised we got that Trailer Park Auntie one. That's been it for this year lul. Bottom line is, she does not like this line of work tbh and shes lazy as all hell. So as long as this chumps and orbiters keep giving her money for her beg goals, she will avoid making content and only cam when she needs to make more money than she can beg. So have fun seeing her sale of her old catalog of content forever kek have you heard that you can get all her vids and snap for like $60 Shade? ?? Better get on that hot deal cuz its the only one she will ever be doing

No. 650157

OP was being sarcastic…
We all know is a lazy pis who will make excuses not to work.

"oh no my hair is ruined, guess I can't work!"
Posts selfie with decent wig hours later, "send me money guys!"

No. 650158

File: 1553971458466.png (1 MB, 934x736, dollymattel.png)

She just said in response to her plans for the weekend that she really wants to go out drinking, but can't because she needs to save money and that she fucked herself over by moving at the end of the month.

"I made my moving goal exactly as much as it would take to get in and I didn't really think about rent after that." and then that she hasnt been able to make as much as she thought she could before the end of the month.

No. 650159

I'm aware it was sarcasm lol it was more to add on to the notion and meme on the "customer" in the pic

No. 650160

Oh you mean she did exactly what we all said? Going in with enough money for move-in and not thinking about anything that comes after. Who woulda thought she was that dense and short term thinking.

Also, she's been flexing about how much people have been sending her… So maybe, just maybe if she hadn't dropped a bunch on her hair and eating out and drinking out every goddamn day, she'd easily have her $500 rent. Just a thought tho.

No. 650161

File: 1553972065121.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.52 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20190330_145105.jpg)


No. 650162

this is a very wholesome post about this person's dad and she has to be a crusty whore about it and sexualize him for no reason. stupid bitch

No. 650163

someone's been asking her about her ""bisexuality"" and she's clearly very annoyed by the questions and answering all of them with "I don't know/I don't care" and other vague things. They asked what the oldest woman she's had sex with was and she straight up didn't answer, just saying "I don't know. I don't know. I don't even think-" and had to stop herself from saying she hasn't had sex with a woman. unless it was on camera, obviously.

No. 650164

OK SO. I was bored and over this bitch so I went through her tweets from since she moved in and tried to calculate how much she's been sent, sold, cammed, etc. this month. Here's what I came up with. This is all very rough because obviously I don't have the figures for what she made from cam nights or how much profit she gets from the vid sales, and also how many snap subscriptions or any other misc money she got. HERE is what I did find and can deduce.

>She made 7 video sales

>Sold her piss panties shudders and a photoset
>Released her new Trailer Park Auntie vid
>Cammed at least 5 times
>Pinned post sales she has are: $100 for all vids and snap or $200 for vids, snap, and phone number

Now we get in to flexing about circle pay payments and her beg goals she's been doing this week.
>From the ones she's posted, I added up about $800 worth
>This is not to mention that her actual goals have been $300 (x2) and the last two days have been $250 So that's $1100 and from the looks of it she has come close to if not actually meeting those goals.

In conclusion… This bitch has easily made over a grand this month, if not more like 2k. You're telling me she's here at the end of the month with no rent money??

Why? Oh because she eats out like every fucking day at actual restaurants and shit, gets her shitty nails done, multiple hair appointments, etc.
It's called being an adult and budgeting and spending money responsibly Shay, try it. Most people make their rent/bill money FIRST and put it aside, THEN assess what spending money they have. Not buy all the dumb shit you want and blow it, then go into overtime on begging for rent.
But I guess as long as these mooks keep sending her pity money and shit, she'll scrape by and keep on begging.

Sorry for the stupid long post. Just thought I'd share the loose breakdown.

No. 650165

God damn her hair looks awful and why doesn't she pose the opposite way so that giant butt zit isn't in view.

No. 650166

File: 1553973678392.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1242x1707, E6589997-35E1-45C8-A1CF-6D5673…)

Dude.. how could you post this.. you’re the item being sold and this is what you’re putting forward?(spoiler)

No. 650167

jesus she needs to go back to the filters

No. 650168

Idk if it’s her makeup or the photo mode but she looks like she’s covered in a layer of dirt

No. 650169

Everything looks just awful. Makeup can't cover those eyebags, they're just so puffy as well

No. 650170

its probably a bit of both tbh

No. 650171

How has she not had her circle pay suspended yet? I guess it doesn't raise any flags unless someone specifically says "thx 4 the prons" ?

shay please use the heart filter for all our sakes

No. 650172

how those dudes in the chat could say this is 'such a cute ass' i will never figure out. it's like staring at the back of a dude with a blemish on their butt.

that's just sad, she could easily save money needed and still be able to get extra but would rather spend as she goes, begging and ~flexing~ every amount like she's being sent funds for just existing.

No. 650173

Fuck she looks like Snoop Dogg with those braids.

No. 650174

Its the shitty lighting and the portrait mode on the iPhone X, which truthfully sucks big time unless your lighting is really good.

No. 650175

Her abundance of moles/beautymarks are actually really cute, never noticed them before. She should dot the ones on her face with a brown eye pencil after doing her makeup to make them stand out and let her brown hair grow because that whole look would be a nice trademark. Hell, they'd give off the same youth vibe as freckles do and help her bbygurl image.

But all the wrinkling and crinkling under her eyes, what is that? I have the exact same unavoidable "eye bags" when I smile but they arent filled with all those lines. Does she pull on her skin to do her eye wings or violently rub makeup remover on her face? Such an easy thing to just…not do.

No. 650176

this is the kind of shit that fucks me up. if she had half a brain cell she'd be putting that money into furthering her "career", clearly she has people that are willing to pay her even if she doesn't do shit and sits with her thumb up her ass all day, so i can only imagine that if she improved her set (got rid of the stupid plushies and actually worked off more than a crusty rug), got more costumes/lingerie and worked on her shitty makeup, she'd be making some serious cash.
instead this bitch just begs everyday.
what the literal hell is wrong with you shayna.

i genuinely don't think she's ever looked worse, dear god

No. 650177

I'm glad she's not using filters for every pic now. She's advertising how she really looks to people buying her nasty porn, so they'll see what they're really paying for. everyone was picking on her hardcore for always using a filter, and now that she isn't, you're telling her to go back to it.

I think it's good for her to look more like herself and stop trying to beautify every pic. Hopefully (though I doubt it since she's so complacent in every aspect of her life) it'll make her try harder to look better/healthier in general, rather than trying to hide all this shit under a filter. Because I agree, she looks ROUGH here. But still, I think it's better for her non-existent self esteem to start accepting that this is what she really looks like, and start making a better effort.

No. 650178

Yikes why does she smear her foundation into her edges?

No. 650179

She's making minimum wage at the very least if not more. No excuse to not have rent/bills money for a studio in OK. She just blows it all and keeps on begging.

No. 650180

I doubt she actually knows anything about Sailor Moon, so she probably just went after pink haired character, but still fucked up.

No. 650181

File: 1553981101792.jpg (231.53 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20190330-162445_Twi…)

No. 650182

It's also crazy when you realize she doesn't have car so no gas or insurance bill, no kids, no one else to pay for, etc. It's possible her parents pay her phone bill tbh.
She has a studio and herself to pay for and so 1k could easily get her by for rent, food, and some spending money (which she can always beg for more of).

No. 650183

it's because she excuses all the stupid shit she blows money on as "for work." nails, hair, pink amazon shit, iphone, bar food & drinks, hotel room service, it's all so she can flex about the ~LA baby~ aesthetic she thinks she has on social media. delusional.

No. 650184

sounds like the bare minimum to me tbh, makes you wonder what she's used to from Fupa

No. 650185

That’s how private’s should go shayna.

No. 650186


it's britney bitch

No. 650187

okay this is the biggest reach ever also that's fucking britney spears lmao

looks like she has a skin disease here, those wrinkles are unlike anything else i've seen on a 21 year old

No. 650188

I literally noticed that after I posted

No. 650189

File: 1553985447930.jpg (61.45 KB, 555x620, 1553973678392.jpg)


peep the foundation in her hair. she looks ROUGH. this photo is a fuckin mess

No. 650190

Her nose piercing really looks like a giant irritated pimple

No. 650191

Right? It's not sparkly or shiny at all, it just looks like a big whitehead

No. 650192

Guess we were right about her never cleaning it…

No. 650193


The smile of someone who truly hates herself.

How long till her nose ring gets infected? It looks like she got makeup on it.

No. 650194

She hasn't been tweeting or posting for hours…we know she's not filming or on cam, or doing a snap show…. So tf is she even doing all day?? Just bouncing on the fupa and neglecting her work that's her "god" i guess

No. 650195

she gets 60% of any of the manyvids sales.

No. 650196


It also doesn't tweet out every sale. I think it only tweets out every five sales or something like that.

No. 650197

All the cam girls have an 'activity' tab on their page now, so you can see exactly how many sales they make. Shayna doesn't seem to sell many

No. 650198

File: 1553989699536.png (19 KB, 566x479, mv tweets.png)

these are the options for the mv tweets. My guess would be she has it set for every 2.

No. 650199

Checked the activity tab and it looks like she gets about one video sale per day.

No. 650200

So a whopping 4 people have bought her latest video lol.

No. 650201

File: 1553991060184.jpg (274.78 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_20190330-190933_Twi…)

No. No you're not

No. 650202

If you wanna round it to $1200/month, at a 40 hour work week, she'd be making what…? 'roundabout $8/hr? That's fucking pathetic for a sex worker. Crack whores do better than that.

Jesus, Shayna. McDonald's employees make more than you do. Step up yr damn game.

No. 650203

Her face reminds me of a frog

No. 650204

I think that part of the reason that she's living in Oklahoma is because it's a lot cheaper than the other places she's lived

No. 650205

she should change her name to granny mattel, maybe she'd make more marketing herself that way

No. 650206

File: 1553991798482.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 233.22 KB, 1538x2048, 48145879-048A-4423-9AFD-7C55CF…)

holy hell she looks like an old fucking trans woman.(nitpicking)

No. 650207

holy shit put the filter back on

No. 650208

She looks really dirty

No. 650209

Wtf are those nails

No. 650210

this is what i see in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis. looks like she faceswapped with someone's trailer trash grandma.

No. 650211


it looks like they were normal tips at one point but instead of having them redone she just keeps getting fill ins.

your smile line isnt that far up your nail, Shay.

No. 650212

The color is awful

No. 650213

You can see the dehydration on her tongue. When is the last time she had water? And it's a nitpick but her nails look disgusting for some reason

No. 650214

File: 1553998090720.jpeg (58.82 KB, 500x375, 4A47E456-B455-4270-8EAB-031464…)

No. 650215

if you're talking about the rippling on the sides of her tongue that's from having a narrow palate and your teeth resting on the sides of your tongue

No. 650216

File: 1554002040170.jpg (658.52 KB, 1079x1699, Screenshot_20190330-221303_Twi…)

1. It's not pink

2. Her connection is going to be shit, therefore she won't cam long

No. 650217


i feel like the longer i keep up with this bitch the uglier she gets. man what the fuck.
also her face never matches her neck, that combined with a ring light and never using natural lighting probably contributes a lot to how washed out she always looks.

No. 650218

srsly wtf is going on with her face today? she looks like a frog or smth. is it cus her hair is so pulled back and all you see is those tiny pathetic ends? it's like making her nose look even bigger

No. 650219

File: 1554003268662.jpg (985.38 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20190330-223315_Twi…)

Caption is "princess of side boob"

No. 650220

File: 1554003310065.jpg (911.93 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20190330-223448_Twi…)

The other pic

No. 650221

She’s still not on lol late as usual

No. 650222

Is that her shirt? coulda sworn I've seen fupa wear it to the gym. Maybe I'm thinking of something else

No. 650223

It won't be 11CT for ten more minutes, chill

No. 650224

well we know she doesn't work out and it's huge on her so it probably is his

No. 650225

I want to know if rib is ok

No. 650226

I want to know if rib is ok

No. 650227

She's late as always

No. 650228

That’s what I said until someone attacked me(feeling attacked)

No. 650229

I'm assuming Rib is fine since she's with Fupa. He actually gave her attention

No. 650230

She’s app whitening her teeth now.

No. 650231

I don’t get it? She posted selfies looking ready to get on cam but she’s still late? Probably needs to get drunk and high before hand. I’m sure it helps with her fake orgasms.

No. 650232

You can see that users are coming in then quickly ducking out because she's just on her phone. Why not post you're getting online right before hand instead of spending the first 5 minutes of your stream on your phone? Tf?

No. 650233

Is this girl legit charging for sips of water

No. 650234

Is her nose really that big?? I never noticed it when she was still shay-gnar? Genuinely I dont understand. Did it grow that much in the past two years or is it just the horrible angles?(nitpicking)

No. 650235

"Why don't you get me drunk, that sounds fun. I have wine." No shit Shay. You ALWAYS have wine

No. 650236

Part of it is ridiculously unflattering lighting
I feel like she did a lot less close-ups back in those days too

No. 650237

3 entire site members in her chat, the other 20 I'm assuming are farmers?

No. 650238

File: 1554006453830.png (235.88 KB, 722x541, thewinooo.png)

"I got the big bottle" jesus christ, shay, alcoholism isn't sexy

No. 650239

>>650232 she doesn't event have to worry about posting anymore, MFC auto tweets her "I'm online daddy" message for her.

No. 650240

That's like the same wine she always has. Why is she showing it off? It's nothing new

No. 650241

File: 1554006608095.jpg (82.88 KB, 1063x223, Screenshot_20190330-232807_Sam…)

Who is this dude and why is he using real names

No. 650242

>>650238 tinfoil….. That's the bottle that dawn had at her house after shay left.

No. 650243

Or she went and bought it for $5

No. 650244

Some of that Sutter Home nectar, 2 for $10 at Rite Aid

No. 650245

Nah it’s hers from her 4-year old thriving stoner self

No. 650246

Dumb ass just said her snapchat name out loud "dolly_mattel"

No. 650247

We know her snapchat. She still has to accept your friend request retard.

No. 650248

She said that she has the opportunity to be paid to smoke again so she's not going to do it unless someone tips

No. 650249

No shit sherlock. I'm just mentioning what a dumb ass she was

No. 650250

Also that's her NEW name. Since she had to make a new account

No. 650251

Someone asked if she had a boyfriend and she said she didn't. Ok Shay

No. 650252

How is it stupid to say the name of her snapchat? She is a dumb ass but this is not it, find something to actually complain about.

No. 650253

Snap Anon. Fupa posted a video two days ago. Rib looked fluffy and comfortable. He takes care of Ribmeat.

No. 650254

She is setting up the speaker instead of doing her job.

No. 650255

Tinfoil: Guys I think shay is snap anon I’ve noticed that every time she ‘texts’ it was that reply. It’s was dead for 8 mins and literally as soon as she picks up her phone and was done snap anon replied

No. 650256


I can get behind this. Shay, stop texting on your overpriced apple piece of shit and do your job.

No. 650257

oh my god also stop showing off your boil. it's the most ugly thing.

No. 650258

Right! Like you would think she would change the orientation to hide that fucking boil.

No. 650259

Idk what the fuck that thing is. It's recurring and it looks angry. If it didn't keep showing up in the same spot I'd just say it was asscne but….

No. 650260

File: 1554008585046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.28 KB, 493x432, 5eFGC2z.jpg)

Look at that boil

No. 650261

Looool she keeps getting the "quick BJ" on her wheel of sadism and you can tell she hates it.

No. 650262

Who in tf does a bj task facing away from the webcam.

No. 650263

File: 1554008912337.jpg (290.25 KB, 974x714, Screenshot_20190330-220659_Chr…)

Ya, no reason at all for your Mom to be concerned, Shay.

No. 650264

File: 1554009319486.png (Spoiler Image, 11.27 KB, 163x169, wQd9OdO.png)

the guy who keeps tipping her looks like Fupa lol

No. 650265

She's letting her tippers respin if they don't want to slap or punch her…. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a spin the wheel game?

No. 650266

Don't share her fans on here anon.

No. 650267

she must forget her goals. She's clothed and someone tipped all but 1 token for get naked and she said "we're one token away from a cumshow"

No. 650268

Guys what in the fuck is that brown thing in between her ass

No. 650269

You're going to need to be more specific.

No. 650270

she sounds like shes about to cry.

No. 650271

File: 1554010013609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 413.32 KB, 1080x1116, Screenshot_20190330-222442_Chr…)

She must be lurking this thread on cam. She's not posting to Twitter and no one has bought her snapchat.

No. 650272

I know yesterday she was messaging people one on one. I mean she does talk to clients and has sold her phone number. We know she lurks, but I wouldn't jump to such conclusions just yet.

No. 650273

hey shay, prove your not lurking with your two phones

if you're reading this change the music with your phone

No. 650274

Why the fuck would she do that? She doesn't want people to know she reads her own thread. I swear to God the amount of retards posting tonight is higher than usual.

No. 650275

She just went to the toilet and you could hear the flush.

No. 650276

Somebody tipped for her to get in the cage, took forever to get into it, then immediately got out of the cage to go piss (which you could hear the entire thing on cam). So gross

No. 650277

shes in the cage doing nothing expecting someone to talk to her shes awful at this.

No. 650278

File: 1554010748914.png (Spoiler Image, 419.57 KB, 609x447, TVJ97DH.png)

her vagina looks particularly awful today

No. 650279

File: 1554011162862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.21 KB, 864x572, 86B00CAC-C925-49B0-9A79-9BE21F…)

she looks so haggard. SHAY DRINK SOME WATER. Don’t wait for someone to tip you to.

No. 650280

idk about during her cam shows, but we know she lurks. no need to ask her to confirm it, it's been confirmed. It would be pretty dumb of her to read here while camming though (not saying she wouldn't)

No. 650281

All she’s doing is taking pictures, not talking, and expecting people to tip… with the slow music I’m almost falling asleep here

No. 650282

She just offered 6 months of her snapchat to whoever has the last 7 tokens of her goal…. Isn't that like 0.70 cents

No. 650283

35 cents

No. 650284

No. 650285

File: 1554044398431.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 640x1136, 9375688C-7378-4B16-B3F1-0E03DF…)

How is she okay with posting this while sat on a dirty towel?

No. 650286

That might be almost as gross as her rug

No. 650287

File: 1554047702184.jpeg (140.06 KB, 1242x203, 7260A122-FBFB-4FDA-87BF-E90FC1…)

She's back on cam and doing nothing once again. Funny how she's on twice a day now that rent is almost due

No. 650288

Yea, last day of the month so NOW the grind starts.

No. 650289

File: 1554049242939.jpg (681.04 KB, 1068x1613, Screenshot_20190331-091653_Chr…)

If you ever want to define the full Shay cam experience, it's this: a dead chat, tinny music and the sound of her giant nails going CLICKITYCLICKITYCLICKITY while she looks bored and scrolls through her phone

No. 650290

File: 1554049353341.jpg (50.12 KB, 802x182, Screenshot_20190331-092144_Chr…)

Someone direct this poor soul to a vision clinic

No. 650291

someone just tipped for her snapchat "outside of the room", 444 tokens. she says she doesn't count that towards the goal lol scammy shayna

No. 650292

Scammy Shay… Like swiper the fox

No. 650293

File: 1554054314973.png (60.04 KB, 726x52, Snímek obrazovky 2019-03-31 v…)

"Birthmark" more like boilmark

No. 650294

File: 1554054378360.png (Spoiler Image, 448.28 KB, 868x515, justacut.png)

she said her boil is "just a cut" when someone said it was a cute birthmark. imagine if she turned the frame rate up.

No. 650295

she's working on a new boil, anon.

No. 650296

File: 1554055443348.png (Spoiler Image, 691.84 KB, 949x356, yike.png)

No. 650297

Her hair is like light orange not pink by a long shot

No. 650298

Did she take her braids out on cam or did she go offscreen to take them out? that's something I've always wanted to see lol. how shit her hair looks as it's coming out of the braids

No. 650299

I can't stand when she does her hair like this (right pic particularly). It looks so bad. Super trailer trashy. Its all just unflattering. I swear the last time her hair looked decent was the first trip to the salon a few weeks back when they styled it and put product in it and she kept it straightened for a few days. The ratbraids are awful and the she isnt pulling off the curly style with the way she wears it and with how short and fried it is.

No. 650300


she took them off on cam, she asked if everyone wanted to watch and no one said anything. hair looking extra crunchy fried.

No. 650301

Her hair is naturally curly and it putting in 0 effort to maintain it, what can you expect. She could at least look up CG but that's too difficult for her.

No. 650302

File: 1554058013199.png (Spoiler Image, 384.28 KB, 478x359, pussyfootin.png)

rollin a blunt on cam, just pussyfootin around. only one other girl is talking to her about sex work, and she tipped her to follow her on twitter

No. 650303

that looks like an infected fortune cookie

No. 650304

How sad when you pay someone to follow you. And yes that’s a blow at shayna too.

No. 650305

i was really hoping they'd bleach her hair again and it would all fall out but it looks like they just let shampoo sit in it to fade the red. love how it's two distinct colors though. also love how she's pretending to like it simply because she told everyone she was using their money to have it look that way. in reality it's still not "fixed" but she can do fuck all about it without going darker because it's too fried. one day her hair will give up the ghost and she'll have no choice but to wear that outdated 2009-looking wig again. it blows my mind she would rather look like a freak than have dark hair for a minute.

No. 650306

I think she might have two laptops. Last night on cam, she had one on top of her dog cage. How was she reading comments if her laptop was on the cage? Unless she used her other phone

No. 650307

File: 1554067422388.jpg (201.27 KB, 1079x862, Screenshot_20190331-142255_Twi…)

Yup, looks like someone needs rent.

No. 650308

File: 1554067557010.jpg (456.83 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20190331-142511_Twi…)

I have to say, this looks more orange than "pretty rose gold uwu"
Also yes, we do mind.

No. 650309

those nails are so creepy lol she looks a lot better w her hair down at least..

No. 650310

File: 1554068173288.jpg (479.58 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20190331-163530_Twi…)

When you clip the pics, where ever she is, is super empty

No. 650311

File: 1554068261979.jpg (551.54 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20190331-163708_Twi…)


No. 650312

File: 1554068520595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190331-163717_Twi…)


No. 650313

File: 1554068861153.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190331-163722_Twi…)


No. 650314

File: 1554069010711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 738.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190331-163727_Twi…)

4/4 those feet and boil

No. 650315

She really needs to stop with those struggle braids

No. 650316

doesn't she, though? didn't she just claim her other one was broken and thus bought a new mac even though the other one still 'worked' just charged poorly?

No. 650317

When she took the one laptop off her dog cage, there wasn't a camera connected to it. So she must be using the "broken" one for music or something

No. 650318

Holy shit I’ve never noticed how fucking huge her feet are. She’s got to be at least a size 10 in womens and not a size 5 like she claims because she’s UWU so smol bb feeties UWU

No. 650319

Her shoes always look too small for her

No. 650320

i might be high but her big toe is like half of her whole foot lol it’s so fucking long. You can also tell how huge her feet are in that pic posted earlier of her on her dirty towel

No. 650321

File: 1554077980480.jpg (403.84 KB, 1080x1034, Screenshot_20190331-191919_Twi…)

This person is delusional

No. 650322

shay, you don't even look like this. you like this >>650166

No. 650323


Does she own any other clothing aside from a pair of black leggings, 1 or two pit-stained white shirts, HK and one pair of VS undies, and this 2013 Forever 21 ill-fitting jacket? You barely see her in anything else

Idk why she doesn't add more clothing to her endless Amazon wishlists. Wouldn't customers like that, to see someone where something they bought in pics or something? It'd be a win-win.

No. 650324

Cam sites don't pay out immediately though. She's not going to get the money from these shows for a week, maybe two, depending on the site's payout schedule.

No. 650325

Mfc pays out on the 1st and 16th, idk about chaturbate.

No. 650326

File: 1554085546317.jpg (238.31 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20190331-212522_Twi…)

Do a lot of cam girls not have lives

No. 650327

a month from now she'll charge the same ppl on a monthly basis to stay on.

No. 650328

mfc and chaturbate also do daily payouts with a $20 minimum and small fee so models can get the money faster. it gets sent within 48 hours. if she can't even make $20 in one night she might as well keep begging. it seems to work better

No. 650329

>4 mysterious amounts of time
can you really afford to lose so many brain cells shayna. what the hell is mysterious about drinking and passing out in the shower jfc

No. 650330

She should really just try to get a stupid man with too much money. Not like a sugar daddy per sé but a dude who is desperate for any female attention that can cover her cheap ass rent, weed and whatever else she buys that she doesn’t need. It’s obvious that she uses her ~baby bimbo~ persona to constantly claim that she deserves money and “ur dad” while simultaneously avoiding getting naked and doing any actual sex work.

Porn doesn’t really make too much money for most girls, idk about camming but it’s probably more reliable. Too bad Shayna sucks at it (aka doesn’t even try) so she is constantly begging and ‘demanding’ money while somehow being a sub…

Get a dumb man and just leech off of him, Shayna. This whole porn phase is too pathetic.

No. 650331

Congratulations, Shay! You've been upgraded to /pt/ for being a continious source of milk.

No. 650333

No. 650334


end your live, cuck

No. 650335

Are you ok, farmhand-chan?

No. 650336

pssst. look at ur calendar anon.

No. 650343

Shay threads about to become the best ever. Followed by PnP.

No. 650345

This is too cruel farmhand kek

No. 650351

Wth this thread gets to be in /pt/ but Anisa thread got banned?! I fcking hate the admins on this forum

No. 650375

File: 1554125730980.jpg (161.53 KB, 1080x483, Screenshot_20190401-083444_Twi…)

Totally thriving Shay

No. 650377

Remember she said that if you purchase a certain membership you get a monthly video that she posts on MV? Well, Scammy Shay back at it

No. 650378

You’re happy you punch yourself in the face and infect your pussy for a living? That’s a low fucking bar. Where’s James Cameron when you need him

No. 650379

Those poor stuffed animals

No. 650383

No. 650386

bitch just glad she don't gotta work

No. 650397

why did you buy her membership lol

No. 650401


you dont have to have a membership to know that she doesnt make videos monthly. shes made, what, one? since Fupa left her?

No. 650403

>sitting on the shower floor
well that doesn't seem sanitary but okay

No. 650404

Have you never had a bath, non?

No. 650427

In a normal person’s shower it would be fine but we know shay is a filthy bitch.

No. 650436

yeah but i've also seen the bottom of shay's feet

No. 650469

File: 1554143123486.jpg (332.76 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20190401-132512_Twi…)

And more begging

No. 650479

File: 1554144467305.jpg (415.25 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20190401-134458_Fac…)

Some things Fupa shared

No. 650480

File: 1554144536466.jpg (821.23 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20190401-134637_Fac…)


No. 650486

File: 1554145517729.jpg (234.64 KB, 1076x892, Screenshot_20190401-140445_Twi…)

They will still look horrible. Is she going back to the claws?

No. 650488

nudes from the salon bathroom. ugh

No. 650490

They just gonna be black or something.

No. 650491

File: 1554145775841.png (59.42 KB, 564x359, Screenshot (420).png)

can she do anything without somehow making it disgusting

No. 650496

how would you even know in that setting if he had a foot fetish? lol.
all the people that dye her hair must have hair fetishes too.

No. 650497

This is just fupa’s weekly “we’re totes broken up” meme posts.

Also shay’s thread being in /PT is the best April fools joke so far.

No. 650500

Lol she's seriously so dumb. So everyone who has a job must have a fetish for it

No. 650501

The same guy almost always does my manicure. Watch out! He has a hand fetish!

No. 650502

i think she literally cant grasp the concept that not everything has to do with sex or porn.

No. 650505

It would be, if you had an aesthetic. If you even knew the basic concept of aesthetics then maybe you could say that.

No. 650506

uh her feet look absolutely disgusting constantly what is she talking about?

No. 650507

But when people sexualize anything involving her it’s, “omg I make porn but you don’t have to make everything I do sexual!!! God why can’t people respect me!!!” While she sexualizes fucking manicurists and children’s playthings and children’s clothing.

Anything so she can be the victim, right shay?

No. 650508

File: 1554147299337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 752.72 KB, 1242x1316, 71258640-61AE-4840-836B-CBEF00…)

She already has these items in a different color…why does she NEED them to make said video? She could make this video today but she’s just procrastinating so she doesn’t have to make it. What a lazy cunt.

No. 650510

Maybe she wants to be "edgy"

No. 650511

Maybe she really is done with the Barrie aesthetic kek
We can dream, anyway

No. 650515

I don't even care if this may only be for April Fools, I'm glad to see Shay has finally come up in the world and gotten a place in /pt/. All it took was a box of bad dye, her pickled liver, and scamming for rent.

If it made you so happy you wouldn't resort to weed and alcohol until you get too high to remember before you blackout.

No. 650518

“aesthetic”, pfft. she wouldn’t know aesthetic if Quinton Tarantino gave her a college course on it.

No. 650519

she lies about the weirdest stuff like does he have a hard on when he's painting your nails? lol

that's why her life is so tiresome like she can't do anything w out it becoming sexual. she can't even fly on a plane without taking nudes or saying anal out loud like sis please

No. 650523


she claims she gets a pedicure every week… then why are your feet so calloused and nasty?

No. 650524

There’s only so much a pedicurist can do, unfortunately

No. 650527

Lol that begging post is commanding a whole 8 likes an hour later. Orbiters are for sure getting sick of the begging, especially when you can see that she already has those items in the same post she's begging on.

No. 650530

She e-begs every single day instead of just working and budgeting… How is this not exhausting for her?

No. 650536

How does she continue to call this work if it's just her giving people old content in return for money she spends on random bs and is unable to comfortably support herself?

No. 650576

File: 1554166955699.jpg (469.01 KB, 1080x1163, Screenshot_20190401-200152_Twi…)

Is this her new image?

No. 650577

Doubt she would have dyed her hair “pink” if it was, anon. Just a boring April fools

She does look actually cute here though. I wouldn’t be mad if she kept this

No. 650578

No. 650579


Best she's looked in a while.

No. 650580

she would look even better if she straightened her hair. this was a good step in the right direction, shay.

No. 650581


No. 650582

Still a mess though

No. 650583

She won't keep this up for long. She'll miss her uwu baby bimbo life

No. 650584

It's just a shitty April fools even though it doesn't make much sense.
All she's done is get black nails which is not alternative at all. She'll be back in her crusty hello kitty pants and CK bra tomorrow

No. 650593

maybe shes going to the salon to fix her fried hair and go to a dark color that will actually save her hair

No. 650594

these look better than the nails she used to have.which looked like pink hot dogs that clashed with her skintone. now she just needs to get rid of the brassy/ 3-toned "rose gold" and go brunette.

No. 650595

Honestly is she allergic to some blush/bronzer? I swear she either does her eyes and nothing else, or does full pancake makeup with zero dimension.

No. 650596

Well I don't do any of that shit nor does it feel necessary. She probably doesn't know how, if you can't do it well then it's gonna look 10 times worse.

No. 650597

She'll have to beg for it first. No way she has the money to get her hair done for the third time

No. 650602

She’s definitely moving in the right direction. Her make up is awful though, with her spider leg eyelashes. The outfit also doesn’t flatter her body in any way.

No. 650603

She doesn't know how to dress herself. She always buys clothes too small because she's uwu a tiny baby bimbo

No. 650607

File: 1554174583078.jpg (239.87 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20190401-220938_Twi…)


No. 650612

Female incel found

No. 650619


This isn't true.

No. 650657

File: 1554207346749.png (1.64 MB, 867x915, nonose.PNG)

Glad she is back to filtering her face. When she evaporates half of her nose and turns the brightness up, she looks alright. I wonder if Fupa likes her new look

No. 650658

Yikes. Her ends are about 2-3 shades lighter than her roots. She really does look like a party clown like this.

No. 650665

"Talk about my makeup" why tho? Its the same as every other fucking day. Caked foundation, black wings, eyelashes (a little clumped on bottom this time) and some eyebrow filler. Oh and the filter kek

No. 650666

This is the best she's looked in a while. Fupa probably prefers it too.

Once she fixes her hair she should stick with this look, it suits her better than the ~uwu baby bimbo barbie look.

No. 650670

It looks better but feels just as forced as the pink Barbie look. She needs to just stop with the ~aesthetic~ shit and be authentic lol.

No. 650672

Such goth. Very alt.

The goth community would rip your ass to shreds, Shayna. You have a nose piercing, black nails, and orangey pink hair. At best you’re a glorified emo.

No. 650673

There’s literally nothing different about the “aesthetic” of this. Shayna is a full blown retard.

No. 650674

She should just go back to her dirty hippy grunge look. It works best for her lifestyle anyway.

No. 650675

File: 1554213386072.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 210.07 KB, 1122x1826, 78CF16FE-0881-4291-8E6C-D7D098…)

Literally no difference, aesthetic wise. Same stupid stuffed animals and too much pink shit everywhere. But sure Shayna, yer so0 goth

No. 650676

File: 1554213528136.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 296.08 KB, 1242x612, E9B61E97-A5BA-44A3-B997-02767E…)

And look another fat cow who wants Shayna’s attention. How fucking sad. These fat asses love Shay.

No. 650677

File: 1554213642150.jpg (797.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190402-090021_Twi…)

Much goth Shay

No. 650678

her hair straight up looks like a wig

No. 650680

File: 1554216979909.png (54.73 KB, 552x354, Screenshot (421).png)

not even getting out of bed before smoking a bowl? thriving.

No. 650681

her face is so filtered it looks like it was poorly photoshopped into the pic

No. 650686

Sounds like she reads lolcow before she does anything else in the morning. oh, except for drugs, of course. we know she can't be sober for even 10 minutes at a time.

No. 650688

I thought the Shayna thread being moved to /pt/ was part of April Fools…


No. 650689

Less revolting on the eyes. Still a dumpster fire tho. Her hair…jfc. The style is ok but that color is shameful.

Or you could just find a better way to cope with the fact that not everyone has to like you in order to function in life. And that your begging and scamming is problematic.

No. 650690

Moved to >>>/snow/793016.

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