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No. 412863

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No. 412870

Greg is so afraid to be talking to Blaire

No. 412872

LOL, They're focusing on the old milk so much.


No. 412873

Blaire's shushing is like trying to discipline a child LOL.

Also wasn't it the older sister of the 13 year old girl who wanted her sister's picture off? Not a 11 year old friend?

No. 412874

Will he sperge out? Please get under his skin.

No. 412875

>are you okay? You look hurt
>it's fake blood
My fucking sides

No. 412876

someone bring the drinking game pic here

No. 412877

Interesting how he brings up a Christian association allowing sports bras when he's sperged out about his father being a member of the church and also being an alleged pedo.

No. 412878

He doesnt sound sad he trying to go for the im calm shes crazy angle, its the only chance he has.

No. 412879

I'm fucking dying every time she shushes/mutes him

No. 412880

Is it just me or is he trying to white knight and be a 'good guy' in his responses
"guys im just trying to be all bout that body positivity"

No. 412884

i fucking LOVE that she is muting him so she can speak

No. 412885

File: 1500498966593.png (29.98 KB, 664x801, 1500489867158.png)

No. 412886


No. 412887

That's what I was thinking. He seems less… angry here? I mean he didn't look good with Joy's "debate" so he's just trying to cover himself.

No. 412888

Prediction: he keeps interrupting so Blaire will keep muting him, then he'll bail and say it's because she kept muting him and it's not faaaaiiiiirrrr

No. 412889

"Thats so dishonest" "youre not being honest" OH MYGOD gurg. please. shut the fuck up.

No. 412890

He just called Blaire an SJW.

No. 412891

And that only works with joy

No. 412893

He said "Fat or not" LOL WOW GREG

No. 412894

This is amazing already lol. Thank FUUUUCK someone's FINALLY not letting him manipulate and talk over them.

>You seem like an SJW right now

This is so clearly him trying to trigger her because he knows she's anti-sjw

No. 412895

He brought up the drawing and she said "who said its rape?"

No. 412896

"Because I like fucking with you Greg"

No. 412897

LMFAOOOOOOOOO i freaking screamed when he said he was raped in a drawing

No. 412898

Did he just imply that she raped him via a drawing lol
'I didn't consent'

No. 412899

So because greg has a false flag army it means that he's right? wtf lol

No. 412900

"It's fat or not. NOT hot or not!!!1"

Such a big difference. 13 year olds don't have image issues regarding being called fat.

No. 412901


No. 412902

Blaire needs to calm down, she's going to lose her shit and Greg is going to feed into that

No. 412903

Even greg looks like hes laughing at his own logic of calling himself a rape victim.

No. 412904

he knows how ridiculous he is did you see him laugh when she said "a drawing"

No. 412905


No. 412906

File: 1500499154494.png (54.73 KB, 408x519, makedat$$$.png)

Blair is making mad money on this debate. I hope that fact alone eats Onion up inside.

She's absolutely destroying him.

No. 412907

Breaking news, not wanting to entertain a pedo/hebe fuck is being a social justice warrior. I'm so dead.

Kind of disappointed Blaire didn't immediately bring up that fucking Andy video but this was destined to be a mess.

No. 412909

>Why did you post the drawing of you raping me?
>Because I like fucking with you

No. 412910

Greg (basically) : The victim (of the drawing) gets to decide if it's rape t-t

Sure that holds up in actual rape cases my dude imao.

No. 412911

I fear this as well.

No. 412912

He can't counter and manipulate her so he's telling her what she should have made the title of her video? LOL

No. 412913

Now, the circles begin.

No. 412914

Yeah seriously. He made a video of him violently raping a doll he made of another man, like…?!

No. 412915

"Shut your mouth and open your ears"

No. 412917

Take a bong rip if Billie, Luxymoo, Vix, or the devil's lettuce are brought up.

No. 412918

Omg he sounds like hes going to cry hahaha

he's totally going to quit.

No. 412919


im right there with yah buddy

No. 412920

this is the worst shit ever. she's insulted him at least 3 times and talked over him FAR more than he's talked over her. this makes her look like a total bitch and him a whiny pissbaby.
what a goddamn trainwreck. all for views.

No. 412921

" Mouth, Ears, SUSH"

No. 412922

File: 1500499235242.png (296.55 KB, 516x508, v19Q9Cf.png)

that was his face when he suggested he was a victim

he looks like a happy psycho. he's enjoying it when he tries to manipulate her.

No. 412923


No. 412924

At least she's still making decent points though

No. 412925

>Creepy asshole you you @ greg

No. 412926

Hold me im scared

No. 412927

And not getting manipulated

No. 412928

did she do any research at all. I love her but i want her to bring up valid points

No. 412929

This debate is a trainwreck but at least she is making him panic when she points his bullshit out.At least Blaire is bringing up POINTS with PROOF unlike Joy…

No. 412930

As the creator of the drinking game, I am so so sorry guys

No. 412931

I think she can be angry and still be logical, though. Here's hoping

I lost it, sooo gooood

No. 412932


No. 412933

wtf i love blaire now

No. 412934

He says Blaire is the reason people call him a pedo but they've been doing that for longer than that.
"You look like a bloody tampon right now."

No. 412935

"You look like a bloody tampon right now" Blaire

No. 412936

He called her, her full name I cannot he's so mad.

No. 412937

"you look like a bloody tampon right now"

No. 412938

She is, but I think no matter how you go about it there is no winning with debating with him

No. 412939

lainey was not about to turn 18 lmao

No. 412940

"How old was Lainey when you got with her?"
"…. she was about to turn 18."
Blaire's laugh killed me.

No. 412941


No. 412942

that's true, she shouldn't insult him. it makes him look better when he's staying calm

No. 412943

How fast he looked away from the screen when Blaire mentioned Lainey

No. 412944

'Yeah you've probably fucked some over-age women too'

No. 412945

"If you don't want to be called a pedophile stop acting like one HOW ABOUT THAT?!"

No. 412946

He still thinks the drawing is rape pls.

No. 412947


No. 412948

He's clinging to the drawing and Blaire calls him out for being manipulative. He calls himself "the victim in the picture."

No. 412949

"you can't tell me i wasn't being raped"
In a drawing!!!!!

No. 412950

Why hasn't she mentioned him and the photoshopped pictures of Dan and him. Dan hates him.

No. 412951


No. 412952



No. 412953

he is arguing about pictures consenting to sex. he is a moron.

No. 412954

OMG, Blaires boyfriend giving her ice. That was so funny and cute haha

No. 412955

THE HAND THAT JUST APPEARS TO GIVE HER ICE. I CAN'T I CAN'T I CAN'T. This is honestly the funniest shit. I don't care if she doesn't have any valid points or receipt. This is too funny.

No. 412956

Dan fucking hates him and Onision says sexual shit to him all the time lmao… He manipulates the drama when it fits him

No. 412957

I'm patiently waiting for him to bust out the 'FAAAAAAAAAAAACTS'

No. 412958

She should bring up the fact that he did "skits" of him raping andy………

No. 412959


No. 412960


No. 412961

He called her an SJW and then called a drawing rape… my dude.

No. 412962

The artist need to come out and say it wasn't rape.

No. 412963

i've literally never chained anyone up in my basement
do you not care about honesty?

No. 412964

"Are you getting it now? I'm like fucking with you right now."

No. 412965



No. 412968

>asks about Lamey specifically
>mentions the two (2) exes of several that were actually his age and weasels out of the question with an outright lie

He just bitched about her lying about her age a couple of days ago too. This man has (literally) gone insane and collapsed into himself and his fucked up "rule set."

No. 412969

I love he mentioned having a video over 100k views when he KNOWS that was thanks to Shane. That must've hurt his ego

No. 412970

"Greg. Ya look like shit."

No. 412971

>I think that you are genuinely a bad person


No. 412972

Oh shit.. he is going for sympathy now.

No. 412973

Me and Shane Dawson talk like, every other day.

My dude, you is pathetic

No. 412974

"You called me a punk ass bitch"
"You ARE a punk ass bitch"
He brings up she's drinking
She brings up "you wanted to chain a girl up in your basement for smoking weed."
Greg asks if Blaire cares about honesty.
He calls her a clown and she drags him for the fake blood.
"You know why i insult you? I think you are genuinely a bad person. Youve attacked my friends, you attacked shane dawson"
"We've been emailing back and forth"

No. 412975

Ohhhh Blaire insinuated Shane has talked about greg to her

No. 412976

File: 1500499715247.jpg (52.53 KB, 724x764, Capture.JPG)

His face when he found out Shane still hates him

No. 412977

File: 1500499727390.png (46.58 KB, 168x166, Qi0qNMN.png)

is it really shade when it's blunt and direct though

No. 412978

Can Blaire collect herself please, I was expecting so much more from this.

No. 412980

is blaire wasted?

No. 412981

He called underdeveloped girls "a female gary coleman if you will"

No. 412982

LOL greg's face when hes like "what have you heard??" he was so concerned about what shane said to her

No. 412983

What the fuck is an "underdeveloped adult female"

No. 412984

i know and you could see the horror in his eyes lmfaooooooo

No. 412985

Now it's about midgets.

No. 412986

Oh my god he literally just said women who are underdeveloped are fair game if they are overaged EVEN IF THEY LOOK LIKE A CHILD FUCK

No. 412987

"people in a relationship with midgets are valid" - Greg Reaching, 2017

No. 412988


No. 412989

'what did you hear… . what did you hear' lol

No. 412990

Probably. She is a light drunk.

No. 412991

wait but anyone under the age of 18 can't contractually consent for him to use those photos.

No. 412992

Prepare for Onision harassing Shane after this debate

No. 412993


No. 412994

"Young people are idiots."
Way to alienate your audience.

No. 412995

"I'm sorry you had to see me buttfucking you."

No. 412996

"I'm sorry I posted that hilarious picture of me buttfucking you"

No. 412997

"A child offers nothing in a relationship"

/Looks at Lainey/

No. 412998


No. 413000

i'm living for blaire muting gerg when he spergs out its great

No. 413001

Hes such a victim

No. 413002

rapeisnotfunny rapeisnotfunny rapeisnotfunny rapeisnotfunny rapeisnotfunny rapeisnotfunny rapeisnotfunny

No. 413003

I did not come here to listen to them bicker about a fucking drawing.

get back to the tea

No. 413004

Greg has just admitted; RAPE IS NOT FUNNY

Way to use it in like 70% of your videos then greg you fucking moron

No. 413005


>makes rape jokes on twitter every 2 months

No. 413006

He's starting to crack

No. 413007

"Its funny to post a picture of a tranny fucking you in the ass."
And he just called her a sjw. Wow.

No. 413008


No. 413009

>Hero for all 13 year olds

He's mad she's defending kids,, mmmm

No. 413011

'you're in time out'

No. 413012

"you're in time out"

No. 413013

Why did she not get a moderator? That would've made this so much better

No. 413014

Greg doesn't even realize his wife is immature as fuck lol

No. 413015


"A child offers nothing in a relationship"

>marries a girl that calls him daddy and has the emotional development, stability and self-sufficiency of a 12 year old

No. 413016

cause it's 8 month old drama and she's not taking it seriously. It's more her just wanting to tell him off to be honest

No. 413017

Someone please send Blaire pictures of onision making rape jokes cause he's really getting to me with his bullshit

No. 413018


"Why would I want a child - they bring nothing to a relationship"

You would know, you married a plain ass child bride!

No. 413020

Can we just bring up how the only defence he had for not fucking underage girls was 'because young people are idiots'
What the fuck Greg, this is why people think you're creepy. Because you are.

No. 413021

The only thing he knows about law is how to dodge being "fucked in the ass in prison" by skirting those damned unfair age of consent laws.

Also can we please have a "that's a reach, you're taking it to midgets" banner post fucking haste.

And now politics, oh my lordt. This fax machine is running out of ink.

No. 413022

Why do you guys think a moderator would be mmune to greg talking over them either lol it was gonna be a shit show no matter what

No. 413023

Any bets for whether or not he PHYSICALLY breaks down in this stream? I'm guessing a 60% chance

No. 413024

He comparing the ''faacttt'' of kids being undressed on his forum to a political theory.. . mmmmmk

No. 413025

Can you imagine being in his presence for over 5 minutes. I'd jump off a cliff idk how Lainey does it.

No. 413026


No. 413028

"Theyre obsessed with hating me like theyre obsessed with hating Trump."

No. 413029

Greg is comparing himself to Trump??? Why??

No. 413030

Onision just crowned himself as the T R U M P of youtube

No. 413031

I show evidence, you don't - Greg

No. 413032

She refuses to put pictures of kids on her channel and he says something about having no evidence.

No. 413033

He compared himself to Trump and I think that's beautiful

No. 413034

He wants her to show the scantily clad child on stream.. lainey not doin it forya?

No. 413035

LOL he got denied.

No. 413036

he's eating the fake blood off his face now wtf

No. 413037


No. 413038

Gerg in this debate should be in the next Top 10 anime deaths.

No. 413039

Get ready for the TWITTER polls

No. 413040

Someone said "He's going to use this for the debate" on the age poll he did
kek he is !

No. 413041


Onision watches "18" year old lolis confirmed

No. 413042

Onison is a tech wizard, he knows what a distributed denial of service attack is

No. 413043

Lol the swimming pool argument.

No. 413044

"Are there people at swimming pools under 18 that wear bikinis?"

No. 413046

Greg logic: I can go to the pool and take pictures of 12 year olds, its public!

No. 413048

He acts like it's not creepy to judge young girls in even bikinis

No. 413049

onision is instagram

No. 413050

Blaire needs to keep her cool omg

No. 413051

"you are not instagram"

No. 413052

He brought up the 'Rape Drawing" AGAIN

M a n i p u l a t i o n

No. 413053


No. 413054

Anyone getting dizzy from the circles he's taking this in?!

No. 413055

She should ask him what he'd think of a 31 year old man rating his 13 year old daughters fatness while she's in a bikini

No. 413056

I like she's lashing out lmao he can't even argue with her

No. 413057

>you should stop saying things that aren't true - Greg

Take your own advice Onion boi

No. 413058

He's thanking her… do we drink for manipulation ?

No. 413059

holy shit hahaha he actually thinks he's winning this, doesn't he? oh my god.

No. 413060

Yeah I like it too, but he's the type of person who will put this on his channel and twist it to brainwash his fanbase

No. 413061

hes sucking up to her now by thanking her for answering his question

No. 413062

So are we calling Onision InstaTrump or Trumpstagram from now on?

No. 413063

He thanked her. Ahhhhh….he is pulling out the cards.

No. 413067

Does he not realize how he's digging a hole? You can't take polls where people are "fans" of yours. Of fucking COURSE they will vote for the answer that will make Greg look good. He can't take polls where people like him.

No. 413068

My god I bet that his eyes will have sunken to his cheeks in a years time.

No. 413069

Im just gonna say sorry trump sperg you ere right all along lmao

No. 413070

I love how his 'fax' are literally so small and obviously jokes that no one gets it imao.

He made a mistake, she corrected him and he moved quickly, he would have fuckin carried it if she made one.

No. 413071

Bringing up the sarcasm tweet: text does not translate sarcasm.

No. 413072


No. 413073



No. 413074

Ohhhhhh shane-talk, this is fucking beautiful.

i hope greg implodes

No. 413075

File: 1500500931436.png (102.57 KB, 783x558, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.47…)

per a lawyer it is

No. 413076

Haha i love how she can say shane is a really good friend.

No. 413077

As much as I dislike alt-right snowflakes, I have to admit that Blaire is the only one so far that is putting Onion in his place without losing her shit. Gg Blaire

No. 413078

'You're really fucked up for that' YAS BLAIRE.

No. 413079

I just listened to Shane's podcast with Jeffree Star, and he said he had gained some weight and struggled badly with body dysmorphia.

I DOUBT Shane has said he's okay with Greg's shitty videos, or that they keep in contact at all.

No. 413080

When will Gorg get that it was CONSENSUAL DRAWING SEX

No. 413081

Well, I'd disagree about losing her shit.

No. 413083

what picture is onion talking about?

No. 413085


No. 413086

"trans" wife

No. 413087

Shane has admitted to having eating problems. There was points in his videos where he was embarrassed to show his legs. In his headphones cancel out video he even mentions how hard it was for him to do that video

No. 413088

Did you just assume plaineys gender!!!????

No. 413089


No. 413090

OHHHHHH throwing shade at lainey.

She's gonna lose her shit and claim transphobia lolllll

No. 413091

He's mad she used air quotes when calling Taylor trans and he said she should apologize and she said no

No. 413092


No. 413093

Greg is so fake about this trans shit

No. 413095


Yah, he recently said in a podcast and said he cried about his legs because he thought they were too thick.

No. 413097

Of course she does one thing and it's a 10 minute thing grug rants on sjw

No. 413098

I've been here for 6-7 minutes and so far I haven't seen her get mad and lash out… Maybe it's because my standards lowered after seeing Joy's debate, idk

No. 413099

This is going better then the joy sparkle bs one lol

No. 413100

Onision is just pissed Shane is actually happy in his videos, has friends, and is getting views on his youtube. Onion just wants to hurt Shane so Shane wont be as happy.

No. 413101

Brought up Laine
Drink up boys

No. 413103

I personally thought Joy lashed out more without info. At least Blaire is bringing up the points that he's a piece of shit

No. 413104

"Can we move on from the pictures?"
And Onion continues to talk about his forums.

No. 413105

File: 1500501228707.png (173.59 KB, 423x393, IS MY MANIPULATION WORKING.png)

"Is my manipulation tactic about trans right working?!"

No. 413106

She did actually start quite heated but she's calmed down now i think.

No. 413107

I agree she was just whining about MUH MANIPULATION

No. 413108

He thinks b cups are underdeveloped.

No. 413109

anyone else pretty disappointed by Blaire at the moment?

Feel like she's much more articulate and makes great points in pre-planned videos.

Not getting the roasted satisfaction I was expecting.

No. 413110

Is bitch ass onion really go on about trans rights? to a trans women who transitioned? unlike his agender space boiiii wife?

No. 413111

Breaking news: Gerg finds b-cup breasts underdeveloped!

No. 413112

File: 1500501317228.png (41.58 KB, 170x152, wrleX4W.png)



No. 413114

"This is devolving into petty semantics."

No. 413115

She is bringing up good points every so often though.

No. 413116

Exactly, this is what I'm noticing. But Gurgles also seems more calm this time or am I seeing things? I was hoping for a Gergsperg…

No. 413117


No. 413118

I think it's the alcohol

No. 413119

I love blaire she sees his manipulation!!

No. 413120

"muh honesty"

No. 413121


No. 413122

Initially, she was heated. But, she got better. Maybe a little bit of sobering up.

No. 413123

I wonder if he's keeping it on this shitty stream path so Blaire gets madder, leaves and so he can say he won the debate.

Gurl kill me.

No. 413124

Hes just trying to deflect from his "underdeveloped bodies" and make it into "oh i just meant small breasts im not a pedo guis"

No. 413125

does Blaire overline her lips or is that the worst lip injections ever? just because she's technically crossdressing doesn't mean she needs to apply her makeup like a drag queen fucks sake

No. 413126

File: 1500501413946.png (112.05 KB, 274x246, QURexy4.png)

He's patronizing Blaire "you actually responded to my questions" "this is a compliment"

what a joke

No. 413127

I was also gonna mention at least she's answering his questions he has

No. 413128

she both overlines and injects actually

No. 413129

Lmao expose joy

No. 413130

HAHAHA They both agree joy is fucking crazy

No. 413132

Yeah, her top lip is often overlined like crazy. She has small lips and she extends it it crazy.

No. 413133

File: 1500501524769.png (1.57 MB, 1440x1224, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.57…)

mom said it's my turn to play

No. 413135

Im DYING at her 'Onision, Onision!'

No. 413136

Get ready for 100+ videos on Joy attacking Blaire LMAO Joy sucks Blaire's ass all the time on twitter so this will be rich.

No. 413137

File: 1500501610326.jpg (86.85 KB, 777x609, Capture.JPG)

Joy is watching lol… Blaire gonna get those 100 videos

No. 413138

He's talking like a scolded kid I'm howling

No. 413139

I hope so. It'd be hilarious.

No. 413140

yesssss Joy is going to sperg her fucking nuts off about this kek

No. 413142

LOL she called her QUEEN but Blaire just thinks she's crazy this is too good

No. 413143

"It has nothing to do with your channels dying?"

No. 413144

lol he just admitted that his channels are dying

No. 413145

Joy is probably frantically trying to get in contact with Blaire to work her own manipulation magic

No. 413146

Joy was living tweeting the debate but shut up when blaire called her insane

No. 413147

"I was debating people when my channels were fine."
You debated a sock, Greg.

No. 413149

All of his evidence is just his opinion?

No. 413150

why do ppl keep commenting 69

No. 413151

I assumed because they're an average of twelve years old.

No. 413152

>you made me look like a pedo

people call you a pedo because you knowingly date and fuck teen girls

No. 413153

I almost feel bad for Greg. It's like watching a puppy on the ground get kicked over and over. A really ugly puppy but thats beside the point

No. 413154

Meh he's the one who called for the debate. It's kinda sad to see him try and make himself seem good for his videos

No. 413155


No. 413156

Oh so now hes admitting he killed his own channel, by deleted 40mil views tho guys

No. 413157

File: 1500502079743.png (54.15 KB, 629x348, Screenshot 2017-07-19 at 6.07.…)

Joy don't wanna' burn that bridge yet

No. 413158

>muh channel is dying because i deleted 40 million views

yeah, that's why you can barely get 10-20k per video now…..right.

No. 413159

she needs to stfu about views and money, she doesnt know what to talk about and its obvious. Prepare before you debate dammit Blaire

No. 413160

Am I tripping or does he look like he is holding back tears?

No. 413161

They also spam swastikas and "cuck" all over. Edgy kids I assume

No. 413162


two days of lurking here and she would've been more prepared than she is now.

No. 413163

She knows that Gregma cares about it and it hits him where it hurts. She's doing fine.

No. 413164


No. 413165


he just finished filming a video killing off his beloved character Emo Charlie so he's pretending to be broken up about it.

No. 413166


No. 413167

>you responded to joysparkles and she's kinda' a psychopath

oh shit

No. 413168


Blaire just called her psycho lmfao

No. 413169

LOl he made 30 videos about shane

No. 413170

File: 1500502198875.png (221.01 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1442.PNG)

Apparently joy is going live after the debate. Trying to ride coat tails for dem views.

No. 413171

I thought Repzion didn't contact the in laws. That was DSSCTM. I could be wrong because that was awhile ago.

No. 413172

wait, he actually pronounces pedo peh doh? I'm triggered as fuck.

No. 413173

File: 1500502249294.png (20.49 KB, 573x130, Screenshot 2017-07-19 at 6.10.…)

the triggering is setting in slowly

No. 413174

her constant "LET ME FINISH GREG" and muting him is so delightful tbh

No. 413175

Paydo? what is this word?? ITS NOT WHAT I AM THATS FOR SURE

No. 413176

The triggering Blaire videos will begin soon

No. 413177

can you guys please keep joys stuff in her thread

No. 413178

We are truly blessed tonight my dudes

No. 413179

When is the sex tape gonna be leaked?

No. 413180

It's about the debate, wouldn't it go here?

No. 413181

she can see the gears of manipulation turning in his eyes but hes so stumped

No. 413182

I'm so embarrassed for both of them. Greg's interruptions are fucking annoying though. Him trying to deflect the title of Blaire's video lmao

No. 413183

Daniel never contacted Plainey's family. That was DSTCTM. FAXXXXXX GURGGGG

No. 413184

Does she even have a job? Or a life? I know that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all, but it's so weird how she's always live or making 100+ videos a day… I hope dat revenue is good at least

No. 413185


No. 413186


No. 413187


No. 413188

my bad but milk is milk and Greg has been running dry.

No. 413189

ding ding ding looking up definition

No. 413190

He needs the definition of collect.

No. 413191


No. 413192

>look up the definition of collect


No. 413193


No. 413194

"Let me look up the definition of collect." Lmaoooooo

No. 413195

Youtube is her job and life.

No. 413196

File: 1500502408543.gif (932.3 KB, 496x280, tenor.gif)

80% of this debate

No. 413197


> let me look the definition of collect

motherfucker it's a yes or no question just say

No. 413198


No. 413199


No. 413200

"Let me look at the definition of collect"

No. 413201

for onion, 18

No. 413202

did nobody pick up on blaire's "i don't think you're a pedophile… i just think you're a creep" comment

No. 413203

let me look up the definition of "overage"

No. 413204


No. 413205

She called him worm. This is wonderful.

A train wreck. But a wonderful train wreck.

No. 413206

blaire humiliated him lmao.

No. 413207


No. 413208




No. 413209

wash your face honey

No. 413210

Noo this was too sooon im crying

No. 413211

Admits to wearing makeup to hide his rosacea

No. 413212

File: 1500502592134.png (179.4 KB, 386x326, qWX9aNU.png)

dat concluding face

No. 413213

Go wash your face!

No. 413214

>I didn't want to wash the blood off because I'm too lazy and only do it when I shower

… What is soap and a rag??? Was it just scrubbing your face??

No. 413215

im sad its over

No. 413216

Someone HAS to make a banner of the ridiculous rephrasing onion made about her creeper actions

No. 413217

File: 1500502608001.png (167.95 KB, 363x363, Screenshot 2017-07-19 at 6.16.…)

"wash your face hunnie"

No. 413218


No. 413221



No. 413222

She called joy creepy

No. 413224

His creepy smile when he thanked her at the end was unsettling.

No. 413225

Yeah it was a shit show but she did well tbh

No. 413226


No. 413227

Uh OH!!!!
Andy truth comes out!

No. 413229

I cannot wait for the meltdown from Joy after the one thing Blair and Onion can agree on is that Kati is fucking nuts.

No. 413230

I would have watched that for another hour lol

No. 413231

I just rewinded it to "Okay, find out what collect means" I absolutely love her

No. 413233

Joy is streaming now

No. 413234


He's going to use the footage and ofc make it seem like Blaire was screaming and telling him to shush all the damn time, but Blaire said she'd keep the debate up as a permanent video.

No. 413235

He's got a crush on her lmao.

No. 413237

link it bitch

No. 413238

File: 1500502843447.jpg (22.36 KB, 620x572, brbbk.jpg)


No. 413239

Of course she is, she has to pretend like she was a part of the debate.

No. 413240

ur welcome

No. 413241

Joy Sparkle:
Onision & Blaire White debated today, and I have never been so angry at a youtuber. Let's break down this sh*t show.

No. 413243

No. 413244

I fucking love this community.

No. 413247

Hahahahaha, this is the only good milk of the evening

No. 413248

I love y'all bitches. Onion drama is the best cow

No. 413249

farmhand said in the onision thread that we can talk about Joy's stream here too (just saying this so no people are like GO TO JOY'S THREAD)

No. 413250

Lol, Joy is going to go on about her "diseases" before going into the Onision debate, fuuuuck Kati, you're desperate.

No. 413251

Holy shit Joy is angry lmao

No. 413252

oh boy here we go, a "reason" as to why joy is amped up… i'm sure it's totally not because you just got called a psychopath and were told you were creepy or anything just now…

No. 413254

Yes, thank you. Please keep using this thread <3

No. 413255


She's probably going to claim rape or something now, because she's upset about the picture of Greg and Blaire

No. 413258

Joy is mad someone called her crazy so she immediately begins streaming and crying about her serial rapist.

No. 413259

'I respect a motherfuckers privacy' - JOY 2k17

Is this a comedy stream?

No. 413261

Is joy fucking crying

No. 413262

wtf is happening

No. 413264

I just got in the stream ans she's doing the most dramatic story time

No. 413266

File: 1500503101980.gif (450.59 KB, 350x231, tenor (1).gif)

Joy is piiiiiiissed

No. 413267

Joy's sperging. Not sure about what,but she's being overdramatic as usual. Something about rape and filing a police report.

No. 413268

"bla bla bla bla" - joy

No. 413269

Shut up Joy, talk about the debate and not yourself

No. 413270

"I'm not upset with Blaire"

Unfollowed her legit the second Blaire mentioned her

No. 413271

God, I can't handle Joy.

No. 413274

Did joy just insinuate Blaire is fake?

No. 413275

"I'm not one of those YTers, and I'm not upset - wait I'm upset."

Makes an entire livestream about being upset, and how she needs therapy

No. 413276

i'm real! I'm fucking rawwwww

No. 413277

lol at Gerg complimenting blaire, I thought being nice/polite/complimenting/giving credit where credit is due was considered fake to and dishonest to him!!!

No. 413278

>i'm not upset with blaire white whatsoever
>i don't put on a character

yah ok, keep telling yourself that, joy

>following her to begin with

No. 413279

at what point in the video does she call out joy?

No. 413280

File: 1500503211073.jpg (61.11 KB, 1818x461, Capture.JPG)

Here is a screen cap for proof Joy unfollowed Blaire (Blaire never followed her oddly enough? probably for the psycho thing)

No. 413281

Oh god.. can't handle her shit right now. Have to digest the other Onion mess first.

No. 413283

THIS IS SOMETHING I WAS GOING TO KEEP QUIET - Blasts it out to nearly 1k viewers.

Get fucked Joy

No. 413284

Bullshit you were waiting for an excuse to shout this from he rooftops, you pshyco. Get some HELP.

No. 413285


No. 413286

Okay but what was Joy's point of the story, though??
It made zero sense, it was just a bit of angry rambling lol.

No. 413288

SHe's only streaming for that money

No. 413289

samfagging, read the post wrong
JOY unfollowed blaire…gotcha

No. 413290

Muh feels

No. 413291


- no issue with Blaire
- she has every right to think I'm crazy and I'm not upset
- opinion is bitchy and hurtful

Starts out by talking about how she's in therapy and too afraid of anyone but her roommate

wat even is this.

"People are looking for a comeup" Like you, Jo?

No. 413292

She wasn't "talking shit on you" crazy cat lady, she said you're psycho which you are. You can't defend your 846284 videos on Onision as sane and rational actions.

No. 413293

in the last 10 minutes or so she does it twice, saying she and Greg can agree Joy is crazy.

No. 413294

she's trying to make an excuse as to why she's so upset right now and that it's *totally& not cause of what happened on the stream

No. 413295

"But it's okay!"

"SHe's young, and maybe over time she'll apologize" Why does joy call everyone young instead of argue with their point?

No. 413296

>Blaire is allowed to have her opinion
>it's a fucking shitty, gross, offensive, awful, mean and combative opinion

No. 413297

She keeps repeating the same thing over and over.


No. 413298

How drunk do you have to be to listen to this whiny cunt?

No. 413299


Yeah Blaire never followed Joy (I checked this awhile back cause I was curious) and Joy unfollowed her

No. 413300


This says the opposite of what you claim

No. 413301

As long as onion isn't getting any of it, who cares?

No. 413303

at least onion and blaire could come to angreement on one thing, however, and that's joy being crazy as hell.

No. 413304

No. 413306

Drunker than I can be at 8:30am
Damn time difference

No. 413307

Our Messiah Joy Christ is here to save

No. 413308

Not even a fistful of benzos could make me keep watching her crazy ass and her grating voice. I tried my dudes, but I had to surrender

No. 413309

LOL blaire called out my comment cackling

No. 413310

woops mean Joy

No. 413311

Joy> I don't have the time to dissect his videos

Are you sure there Joy? ARE YOU SURE?

No. 413313

Joy curses like an 11 year old who finally got to hang out without her parents for the first time.

No. 413314

fuck this. I can't be bothered to listen to Joy's bullshit.

No. 413317

Why doesn't she just link Blaire's video?

No. 413319

that's about all of Joy I can take,

if there is any milk please be sure to post fellow farmers. <3

No. 413320

"It would be a full time job to constantly go after him"


No. 413322

File: 1500503745595.png (48.98 KB, 774x170, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 00.3…)


No. 413323

yeah, i closed out. it's nothing but excuses and "pity me" stories being spewed to deflect how angry she is at being called a psychopath.

No. 413324

Lmao, Blaire tweeted "You're welcome bitch" at Joy

No. 413328

High pitched voice I'M NOT UPSET

No. 413329

I know right, noticed that too

She is so worked up over it

No. 413330

The thing blaire is doing with that straw is fucking irritating, just drink from the cup

but apart from that am loving the fact onion boy is so wound up

No. 413331

Drinking game op here. I underestimated how drunk this game would make me

No. 413332

She is trying so hard to get a reaction from Blaire

No. 413333

Holy shit radio silence from Greg after the thank you tweet.

He is slain.

No. 413335


Ya Greg probably wants some lady dick, I feel like that would be his ideal

No. 413337

just saying right no w me and my friends did the drinking game and were FUCKED up right now

No. 413339

File: 1500504105934.png (49.4 KB, 563x366, Unbenannt.png)

No. 413341

It bothers me how condescending she sounds with the "we do not bully, we do not harass, thats not what we do here!" Like her subscribers are all 8

No. 413343

I did the bong hits. I was halfway loudly laughing like a goddamn idiot.

No. 413344

Will she talk about the fucking debate?

No. 413345

Blaire wants on I hope she lashes out

No. 413346


No. 413348


No. 413349

Blaire wants to come on!

No. 413350

Hooo shiet, Blaire getting on

No. 413351


No. 413352


Sorry i went away for a bit and now i don't get this.

I take it like she's trying to say "you're welcome for the shout out"?

No. 413353

She might be more drunk now too lol

No. 413355

File: 1500504272286.gif (373.75 KB, 400x160, tumblr_mq7w05txy91qgi572o1_400…)

No. 413356

I'm dubbing today 'Blaire drags the crazy bitches' day.
This will be good.

No. 413358

i told you she would be drunk lol

No. 413359

ass kissing time

No. 413360

the compliments have started. Joy is a crazy bitch.

No. 413361


She apologized??? wtf Blaire lol..

No. 413362

Joy is creaming her panties

No. 413363

Sparkles reminds me of onision with that "regardless of what you've said you killed it"

No. 413364

2 days later….


No. 413365

NOOOOO, Blaire is apologizing like a little bitch, Joy is blushing because senpai noticed her.

fuck. this.

No. 413366

Yeah wasn't expecting that. Milk spoiled :(

No. 413367

ew Blaire u bein sloppy.

No. 413368

this is gross now

No. 413369

she called Joy crazy TWICE

No. 413370

People in the comments are saying "We know you're crazy" lol

No. 413371

Joy is going mental

No. 413372

why is blaire apologizing?

No. 413373

Lol Joy said "Based on the way you live you're a weirdo Blaire"

No. 413374

They are in the same "friend" circle so she has to backtrack

No. 413375

I mean, she is drunk? I dunno.

No. 413376

Welp there goes the respect i gained for blaire from the onion debate

No. 413377

Blaire sounds drunk. But I think this is a strategic move. Joy's the obsessive kind of crazy that you don't want following you around. It's like stepping in toilet paper and dog shit and superglue, all at the same time.

No. 413378

But imagine how pissed off onion must be

No. 413379

Ughhhh Blaire. You ruined everything.

No. 413380

Blaire is kissing her ass yet she never followed Joy back on twitter? shady bitch

No. 413381

to find out that the two people who hate him the most are "buddy buddy"

No. 413383

Joys grating loud ass sucking voice is so goddamn obnoxious

No. 413385

File: 1500504585354.png (365.02 KB, 684x388, Screenshot 2017-07-19 at 6.49.…)

Yep Blaire u messy

No. 413386

Hmm could this get milky…?

No. 413388

Nah sadly

No. 413389

The simple fact that Joy is sperging out so much about a single word that isn't even that much of an insult only shows that she knows it's true and she's called that irl a lot. Every single person I've known that got offended for being called "crazy" actually had an issue with that word because everyone irl calls them that and it's true

No. 413390

I strongly don't believe Joy has dated anyone

No. 413391

blaire is drunk but i dont think even being smashed someone can handle listening to this bitch for too long, she wants to leave

No. 413392

I mean it's better for Onision to see Blaire backtracking because he gonna be pissseddd

No. 413393

Next Onion video…

>Proof Blaire White is a two-faced fake liar

No. 413394

is this bitch manic lmao

No. 413395

File: 1500504747117.gif (19.92 KB, 180x120, ngbbs4234a2a1efdce.gif)

i take that back

No. 413396

Holy shit Joy is annoying she has to TALK all the time and TALK over everyone jesus christ

No. 413398

This, they are like two bickering kids.

No. 413399


If someone dated her, he had to be a fucking deranged creep. Who the fuck would wilfully listen to her manic ramblings

No. 413400

File: 1500504811477.jpg (50.73 KB, 1593x391, Capture.JPG)

Blaire never followed Joy until now…. shady bitch

No. 413401

Yeah this isn't going anywhere. It's making me sick how giddy Joy is. Really hope this is just Blaire being drunk.

Omg "when i said you're welcome bitch i meant it as a sister", okay blaire forget it you're lame as helll

No. 413403

File: 1500504968870.jpg (32.6 KB, 265x275, 1496801433160.jpg)

Blaire right now

No. 413404

Think it just goes to show how little backbone blaire has, but then again the same could be said for most youtubers.

No. 413405

Tbh i'm loving it, she's drunk, Joy's getting her life, Onision is probably hate fucking a picture of billy he keeps in the backyard.. it's all good

No. 413406

File: 1500505158110.png (125.33 KB, 382x385, kek.png)

No. 413408

i'm so effing tired but im here prompting her to talk about the fucking debate, she's doing it now

No. 413409

i got my comment in her livestream video i'm feeling lainey blessed ahaha

No. 413410

>Act with calmness and maturity

No. 413412

Joy does realize she's taking from Blaire's views by live streaming Blaire's debate lol

No. 413414


Only from people who can handle her screeching commentary every 3 seconds

No. 413415

I can't handle it anymore. I'm out.

No. 413416

She literally gets manic talking about onion, holy shit what the hell was that scream/snort/screech

No. 413417

She reminds me of a pig

No. 413419


For real, her snorting and screams are unbearable to listen to, I dipped in and out of her stream but I just can't stand her little piggy squeals…

No. 413421

Gregma has gone radio silence on twitter, he's obviously calculating his next few tweets very carefully. That is of course after he finishes nursing his ego.

No. 413427

He probably desperately think how the fuck is he gonna edit this to make himself look good.

No. 413428

he released a shitty video before this of some character dying he prob thinks his fans will be focused on that, he's prob having an angry shower

No. 413431


>"how can I make myself the victim now?"

get ready for the virtue signaling over Blaire using quotes around Lainey's "trans" identity.

No. 413432

With his face getting more and more red

No. 413434


100% fam

No. 413436

I've concluded her roommate isn't there 99% of the time and she just wants people to think she has a social life. Their interactions are just too weird. That whole "can you hear me?" scenario that just went down was so strange. In what world wouldn't he have heard her? She's literally screaming.

No. 413438

it's prob her uncle or cousin lol

No. 413445

i don't want to paint that sad picture

No. 413449

im 15 minutes in. what am i in for? its been a pusfest already

No. 413452

File: 1500507126882.png (102.73 KB, 473x262, sed.png)



No. 413460

pls no bully i had a date
grease is embarrassing himself
the fire rises

No. 413464

lolno anon I meant there is no serious milk besides Blaire calling JoySparkles psycho but then she backtracked and apologized when Joy sperged.

No. 413477

it was only a matter of time for joy. the sperg is strong
i doubt i will listen to this manure-fest much longer

No. 413524

Thread is unstickied. Summaries of both livestreams in their respective threads would be appreciated, thank you!

No. 413552


Surprisingly, there is pretty concrete proof she has been in at least two semi-serious relationships. The Joy threads have info/at least one name/confirmation from a couple people who know her.

No. 413556

Disappointing. I've heard Blaire debate several times before and have been impressed- she speaks well, seems educated about the topics and carries things well. It's clear she wasn't taking things seriously from the start, and yeah I get it's Onision who is hard to take seriously to begin with and she has no respect for him, but I guess I was hoping she would FINALLY be the one to keep his bullshit to a minimum, and actually throw his "facts" right back in his face. She was obviously tipsy, and while I think she put him in his place better than anyone else yet (ie; Joy/Jaclyn), she could have hit a home run and really destroyed him if she put in some more time to research, which I figured she would going into a debate. Brining up his own rape videos would have really turned things back on him after him immediately going on about the picture, and how many times can the 13 year old thing be rehashed? It needed a mod bigtime. She usually uses Jeff Holiday who does a good job staying unbiased and keeping things on topic, but obviously couldn't after he flipped on Onision when he was about to mod the previous debate with Joy. I know a lot of people seemed to like how she kept "shushing" and muting him, and even though I DESPISE Onision there were several times it seemed like she wasn't letting him give rebuttals…he does a good job at digging his own grave and being contradictory as hell. Ahhh well.

No. 413644

I thought it was about as good as it can get with onion

No. 413859

he called her a cunt for 15 minutes straight in his last minute, it wasn't even a real debate since there was no mod and greg kept trying to play as the innocent good goy but we all know the truth about how he treats other women (jacklyn, joy)

No. 413899

I'm currently about half an hour in and even though I really dislike Blaire's other videos, she's impressed me so far. She's gained herself a new fan today.

The only criticism I have is that she keeps going in circles saying that he's "creepy" although not doing anything illegal, but she can't explain why it's creepy. It's creepy because people who are under 25's bodies and brains are still developing. He's under the impression that it's okay to rate someone's body becuase it's his "honest opinion" and that it's okay to have relationships with people who are about to turn 18 because legally, they can consent to sex then.

The reality is that having someone you admire tell you that you're fat or ugly is seriously damaging to a child. Sure, in a few years they'll forget about what he said but they will never forget how he made them feel. The irony is that he attacks Eugenia for causing eating disorders in young girls when his comments are the exact kind of comments that would trigger an eating disorder in someone whose brain is not yet fully developed (seriously, spend 5 minutes on a pro-ana website and you'll see that comments like these from friends, family and crushes are huge triggers for young girls which they take with them into adulthood).
Sure, someone who is 18 is legally seen as an adult (and they are trusted to drive, drink, vote and have sex) but their brains and bodies are still very much developing. He goes for young women for a reason, they are impressionable. Any of his previous wives/girlfriends have been heavily manipulated into staying at home and having no friends (nobody over the age of 25 who has had experience in relationships would stand for that!). I know there isn't much sympathy for Lainey here, but being with your "idol" from the very young age of 17, not being allowed to leave the house and having all your friends and family shit on in countless videos must be so psychologically damaging and he knows it.

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