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File: 1519611000209.jpg (20.2 KB, 480x480, 4xCaCIj.jpg)

No. 490442

You are free to live blog in this thread but make sure to post a recap in >>>/pt/488983 after

No. 490445

No. 490447


Lainey feels like she's failing and doesn't know what to do with her channel. She's also been in touch with her network who wants her to create a brand for herself.

She doesn't understand analytics and is confused and demotivated.

No. 490449

Lainey is feeling depressed, as she said. She was actually pretty open to answering a lot of questions. Said that if Greg and her divorced, she wouldn't want to live in the house, but says that they're happy and they won't divorce. Admits that Greg really fucked up in the past and that if it was the same situation now, she probably would have handled it differently. Hindsight really is 20/20.
She's talking about shaving her head and how she hates her hair and she "doesn't fucking care" anymore.
Says her insurance will kick in on the first and she'll finally go to a doctor.
She's very monotone and speaking low. No smugness was seen on my end.

No. 490451

She argued with anons about the treatment of her animals (a shock collar being abuse) citing that it just vibrates. She argued about her vape pens being called e-cigs. She said that every time her house is dirty she cleans it right up after a video, and that she doesn't always realize that something is all over the floor. She said she'll be pre-recording a lot of her videos to help alleviate the stress she feels right now, and she feels like she "doesn't get" her audience lately.

She scoffed about some anons saying she's not struggling.

She says she's "not sad" about the Tesla being sold. She's actually kind of happy about it, she says. And then snarkily said to ask Greg about why they have a Tesla (or iphone?).

Started getting visibly irritated about asking questions about Greg when people told her that Greg said to ask her about things.

"If it's something about Greg, ask GREG please."

Their money is "separate". Supposedly they do whatever they want with their own money. (Pretty sure the IRS doesn't see it that way, but OKAY LAINEY.)

No. 490452

File: 1519616055037.png (319.87 KB, 475x478, stressors.png)

Worth noting that she said they have totally separate finances and bank accounts, but they both pay bills.

She continues to deny that she has "actual depression" that she's just depressed today and that it will pass. She says she was diagnosed with it in 8th grade but doesn't think she even had it then.

When people tried to help her a bit with some suggestions, she started being a little haughty, insisting that she definitely has anxiety and that's what causes dissociative episodes.

Insisted people shouldn't worry about her and she doesn't want to upset people and this is normal because she "goes through this from time to time".

Is there milk in the discord? She says she vented there yesterday.

No. 490532

Can someone put a stream summary from today's stream here?

No. 490537

There were anons over in meta who said they'd be doing all this stuff now so I think nobody else is comfortable posting when it's already been arranged by farmers.

No. 490538

Uhhh what? I saw that convo as well and just because someone said they're going to cap/reupload streams doesn't mean they would do a stream summary?

No. 490541

From meta:
>It's alright, don't fret. Me and a bunch of my farmer friends have access to all that shit too (no paying) and have been stepping up now that temp anons aren't competing over who gets to deliver the milk. So you can stop with the ransom now. We are freeeee

Sorry I could have misunderstood, I just didn't want to step on anybodies toes.

No. 490567

sam says greg is upset sam said she didn't have feelings for him, apparently he blocked her number but lainey hasn't blocked her number

No. 490588

I don't think there's any toes to step on, anon.. I hope you're not the only one who thinks everything has been "arranged" by farmers…

No. 490589

Man Sam is poking the bear hard tonight in her stream making fun of Lainey

No. 490591

I literally go off for a bit to get a snack and apparently sam was kissing gregs ass smfh

No. 490592

Context what is she saying?

No. 490595

I will try to recap a bit, but currently she's talking about foot size and she was just talking about narcissists before that.
She's also kind of jokingly talking about beans.

No. 490597

I'm recording her stream now, I missed the first 10 minutes or so though. I'll upload it someplace when she's done.

No. 490598

I wonder if gargamel knew we could all see he was hosting her

No. 490599

He has to know. Because people have been bringing it up and he's still doing it.

Or maybe Troy pressed a button on his computer when he left a window open? I'm pretty sure the Onions are being pretty careless with their electronics lately. Lol, regardless, he's keeping tabs on Sam. No doubt about that.

No. 490600

I think it's just deliberate onion boy

No. 490608

Are we allowed to discuss sams livestream here if she mentions the onions?

No. 490609

I don't know. Try it out and see if you get banned. (rip temp)

No. 490610

Haven’t been banned yet don’t want to risk it…

No. 490648

yes you are

No. 490665

Well, I got a mini ban just for mentioning that I’ve yet to be banned and didn’t want to risk it… apparently I was “whinning” when I just asked a question. This is why this site is dying and people are afraid to post.(take it to meta)

No. 490669

File: 1519756943953.jpg (68.82 KB, 680x680, 1d5.jpg)


Bans are pretty selective tbh. Some get banned while others don't. I guess Admin and co. spot which IPs get free reign.(derailing)

No. 490673

If you have complaints please keep it to the meta thread. Derailing /pt/ threads doesn't help your cause.

No. 490702

Anyone caught Onion's stream today?

No. 490716

She's live doing her makeup, complained about her new twitter picture is saying people are saying she's a bad mom because she called herself lonley inthe caption.

No. 490718

She looks like a ghost. It's kind of scary. She puts the wrong color on which completely flattens her out then doesn't add any color back in (i.e. blush).

If she's getting her hair bleached, why is then then going home to dye it?

No. 490719

I feel like all her brushes haven't been washed in months they look clumped up and they probably smell like wet rag and old makeup… How is she not embarrassed to use them for live streams and videos.

No. 490720

What the hell was that about her friend saying she had "Jesus hair"
She was going to make an analogy about her hair and then spaced out? Or was it so shitty (an Onision analogy) she just pretended he hadnt brought it up

No. 490722


She was saying that she had Jesus hair because bleaching it twice in a day didn't affect it…

No. 490723

thats a weird correlation to make

Jesus = unaffected by hair dye

No. 490725

File: 1519783546482.png (228.51 KB, 408x475, beauty vlogger stream.png)

No. 490727

Those fucking eyebrows. Most of the craziness is from her own drawing though

No. 490729

File: 1519784036640.jpg (96.2 KB, 750x949, lain.jpg)

I like this image of her right here. I think she should stop trying so hard, ditch the weird hair, and soften her makeup. If she just took better care of her skin, then used a moisturizer or a bb cream it would look so much better.

No. 490730

For someone who says they still have enjoy doing makeup despite being bad at it, she is never inspired by anything. She just relies on her fans to choose colors and schemes for her.

No. 490731

I agree. She's even kinda cute in that photo. She needs to do what you said and drink water. Like damn. It must not feel good to be perpetually dehydrated like she is.

Also why is she going over her entire eye "packing it on" with a blending brush?!

No. 490733

File: 1519784878646.png (355.01 KB, 511x626, lainey.PNG)

Wow look how small bean and vulnerable i am, i have to use a child's blanket instead of a hairtie

No. 490734


Sister Mary Taylor Elaine

No. 490735

The definition of trying too hard.

No. 490740

Our Lady of Podiatry

No. 490741

The amounts of excuses she makes for onion and not celebrating her anniversary is fucking puke worthy. "We work, we don't have time, were parents, its not a big deal!!" Lots of married couples with children make time for themselves and get baby sitters its healthy.

No. 490742

Apparently today is their anniversary (not wedding, just when they started dating) and they're not doing anything because both of them don't have the time for it lol I am pretty sure Lainey said the same thing back in vday (she got her gift when Sam got kicked out though). Lainey is trying to pass off as chill and cool about it but she's obviously bothered by it

No. 490743

File: 1519785875249.png (226.43 KB, 403x414, WHAT THE FUCK.png)

Lainey trying to fix that horrible eyeshadow

No. 490745

File: 1519786019151.png (251.13 KB, 464x471, fleek.png)

No. 490746

File: 1519786111049.jpg (45.33 KB, 477x473, anniversary.jpg)

They're not doing anything today for their anniversary. Onion has "working" today and they're parents ok?! Lainey says sometimes they get childcare help from family but not on a Tuesday. They might do something like go to a movie on the weekend. Thrilling!

No. 490747

She mentioned on one of their recent videos she HATES blush. It makes no sense; does she think “bois” don’t have color in their faces too?

No. 490748

I’m saying this completely sympathetically but this is how marriages die. You can at least try to make an hour of time for each other when the kids sleep.

No. 490749

Yeah it makes no sense. They even said they won't have dinner tonight because they just have "no time" but when Lainey mentioned that they clearly looked bothered and irritated >>490747
yeah no wonder Lainey looks so pale and flat all the time

No. 490750


Even if they just took an hour to be together and talk or give each other a little card, it would be so much better than her sitting on Younow, scoffing that they don't "have the time, that's not how life works guys".

they both set their own schedule so it's pretty sad that she's talked about their anniversary and V-day for months now and suddenly it's "not a big deal" and they're not even going to eat dinner together.

No. 490751

File: 1519786648521.png (2.29 KB, 304x37, keklain.PNG)

No. 490752

File: 1519786678767.jpg (33.32 KB, 716x713, freckles.jpg)

whoever suggested her to do freckles was delightfully devilish. now her pores just look clogged

No. 490754

File: 1519786758320.png (291.1 KB, 486x630, whatinthefreshellisthis.PNG)

what the hell

No. 490755

It’s normal for married couples to only celebrate their wedding anniversaries…
That’s not super weird.

No. 490756

File: 1519786894154.png (288.7 KB, 474x476, sadness.png)

Her streams make me sad.
She's oozing low confidence, and it makes me sad.

No. 490757

It wouldn't be so strange if she didn't scoff about it so much, I guess. She clearly seemed bothered by the lack of any celebration

No. 490758

Yeah, but they never make time for one another. This isn't the first time.

No. 490759

File: 1519786993951.png (263.29 KB, 475x480, lit.png)

Yeah I agree.
But you can tell it's very important to her.
It's like her "love language" or something to celebrate arbitrary moments throughout their relationship. It means nothing to Greg I think, but for her, it speaks volumes.

No. 490760

Tinfoil but I think she likes the idea of looking gaunt and sickly pale to support her “smol thin bean” thing.

No. 490761

She is the smuggest low confidence person I've ever seen. I don't get it

No. 490762

do you think greg takes the piss out of her for her makeup?

No. 490763

This isn't a tinfoil lol, someone in a past stream told her when she took iron and was no longer anemic she'd get some nice color back, her response was "I'm not trying to get color back so."

No. 490764

File: 1519787316345.png (230.2 KB, 477x477, 10th.png)

I think she desperately wants to be confident and she's trying to fake it a lot of times.
She's scoffing and trying so hard to be strong against the "hate" she's getting, but deep down she knows there's some truth to it.

Although, if she wasn't tenth in girls, she probably would have been way smugger.

Also, it doesn't help she doesn't give a shit about her audience. Every time I sit in her streams, I see so many unanswered innocent questions. People that are genuinely interested it seems. She only cares if you're a Patron and only if you're actually regularly coughing up money, and not too crazy of a stalker.

No. 490765

File: 1519787340101.jpg (41.32 KB, 475x474, frecklymess.jpg)

It does absolutely nothing for her. She's needs to stop copying Billies style. No freckles and a bit of peachy blush could have made this look work.

I thought she used to wear blush before this younow space prince beauty guru thing she's doing now, I don't know why she's so averse to wearing a little it would help her look a lot.

No. 490766

Did she ever mention the vacation again? Like, where or when they will go? I really thought she would talk more about it if she's excited.

But maybe Greg just made another empty promise

No. 490771

I don't think they'll say, for fear of people somehow spying on them, but maybe try asking next stream.

No. 490773

Well that's not true, she is inspired by whatever Billie's doing.

She needs to wake up and see Billie's style works for her because she's still young and has softer, youthful features so she can pull it off. This heavy makeup on Lamey with her long and pointed features make her look like a five cent hooker. She always looks like such a wicked witch. There's never any joy in her, just smug.

No. 490774

She wants to look sickly and pale, blush would put color on her face which she's stated she doesn't want. Maybe she thinks it will make Greg feel bad about leaving her if she looks so broken down and ill. Of course we all know it doesn't matter to him, if anything just turns him off more. He has no sympathy towards any of the girls he dates, I wonder if he's at least self aware of how shitty he is and resents them for being idiots and staying with him. He likes the chase after all

No. 490776

>that's not how life works guise

what does she know about "life"? she sits in a giant filthy house ignoring her kids as much as possible while her abusive husband desperately tries to replace her. she's never worked for anything in her life. she knows absolutely nothing about how healthy families or relationships operate. love how she tried to condescend to her child audience.

No. 490781

>drawing on freckles when you have real freckles


No. 490782

yeah because she's actually a young person, immature for her age, and really sheltered. i think i hate that not about greg, he gets a child bride only to completely ruin all of her reasonable expectations and milestones in her life. like bitch that's what you get for preying on girls and marrying someone whose brain isn't fully developed. he will always be a piece of shit but it would be a little better if he was understanding of her emotional development given her age and how much he has stunted her growth and created this ridiculous learned helplessness.

i truly believe under different circumstances she would never be like this. she would still be a spoiled brat but this smol space prince thing would never have happened. she said she had an abusive boyfriend who stalked her, but it's never been discussed who her own parents never stepped in to protect her. i don't think she's a bad person deep down and her taking advantage of her fanbase is how she projects how little control she's had over her own life. she feels nothing when people speak up about her behavior because she's never seen anyone face consequences for abuse, so why should she?

I'm sorry for the long post but this is hard to watch, she obviously hates her life and you can hate her all you want but onion is a narcissistic abuser and she's learning it all from him. he was probably jerking off to cartoons instead of taking her out

No. 490783

Maybe they would have time to celebrate anything if she wasn't wasting her time on fucking younow putting a ton of makeup on and not even leaving her house.

No. 490785

she obviously trying to keep herself busy while greg looks at hentai and ignores her and their anniversary. i actually really think she's only trying to build up her audience/supporters before attempting to leave greg, so she will likely stream every chance she gets.

No. 490791

>but it's never been discussed who her own parents never stepped in to protect her.

It has.
Her dad tried to put an end to this relationship when it happened, but his daughter was basically an adult at this point, and while he might have been able to legally stop it at that point, she was adamant about staying with Greg. I don't know the exact timeline of things, but he definitely tried to stop Greg from controlling her and she was already at a point of no return.

It's different with "adult" children. There's a lot of things you can try to do to stop them from doing things, but I'm sure he didn't think it was worth the risk of losing her forever.

I think if it wasn't the only free time she really gets to herself, she'd stream less. She uses it as an excuse to get an hour away from watching the kids.

No. 490800

I think they meant protect her from the boyfriend before Greg.

No. 490804

File: 1519798979728.png (194.92 KB, 550x432, 82740877.png)

>do you think greg takes the piss out of her for her makeup?

what do you think?

No. 490814

she doesnt know about washing the beauty blender i guess, so theres no way she washes brushes. she probably just buys new ones.

No. 490815

yeah and they celebrated their 5 year wedding by going to fucking red robin or whatever

EVERYTHING about them is weird. and the stuff that is normal is made weird by weird denials and half hearted lies.

if it wasnt a big deal, she wouldnt have been talking about it.

No. 490817

no i meant her abusive stalker from high school, not greg.

No. 490824

I think he's tired of her everyday eyeliner look kek. Since she wears the same long winged eyeliner all the time and looks better without any make up at all (also knowing onion expressed preferring girls without make up) I bet he hates it.

No. 490830

Tinfoil that he wasn’t abusive and Gerggles just brainwashed her into thinking that. I think I’ve seen this theory floating around.

No. 490835

I think he does that normally to isolate and may have done that with her dad but there seems to be evidence online that her old boyfriend may have legit been abusive or at least did things that were bad.

No. 490844

You must be new. David admitted to abusing and raping Lainey not even a month ago. Lurk moar.

No. 490860

File: 1519840832594.jpg (63.56 KB, 579x900, disgust2.jpg)

Since when is tinfoiling making shit up out of thin air? What led you to believe she's lying about her abuse? Those are serious claims, you sensless bitch. I hate it when I come here and yall just spouting buzzwords.

No. 490861

Nobody is making anything up anon, tinfoil is an extrapolation of an existing laughable theory.

Nowhere in
Is it claimed lainey is "making anything up" however it is well documented that greg publicly pushed the abuse issue to further his own interest and not that of his wife. Greg considerably harmed any case the prosecution could have made against david goodman.

No. 490864

he admitted to raping her how the fuck are you going to say it's all made up

No. 490872

Yeah this dude definitely isn’t right. Just from his Facebook posts you can see he’s crazy and unstable

No. 490885

Honestly anon, tinfoiling doesn't mean made up.

See >>490861

No. 490890

Onion is streaming https://www.twitch.tv/onisiongames and shit is as tame as ever, nothing milky, not many viewers or commenters.

No. 490893

I know I'm not the only one who quit watching livestreams since tempcow went down. Sure, it was cowtipping, but it was so entertaining to read through multiple people's attempts to troll. Otherwise there is just no good reason to sit through Greg's headache-inducing Discorder games or be bored to tears by Lainey. If that kills their viewership/income, then it's all for the best. It would actually be hilarious if after Greg's whole "the haters are actually my shadow fans" thing he gets even less attention altogether

No. 490898

He's just playing games with a literal 12-year-old. The most interesting thing was when the kid said he was keeping his cat locked in his room.

No. 490900

Yeah there's no point anymore in watching without your temp squad. Lame's streams and onion's streams were only bearable because of the liveposting and shittalking. It will definitely affect both of their viewcounts

No. 490923

Her views are dropping hard after Temp cow went down.

I finally uploaded my stash of all her streams.

Here is a link to the playlist:

Also since it also gave info on viewers and likes I put it on google drive.

I really don't watch her streams so If you want to add notes it may help other farmers looking for milk.

Feb-Aug 2017

Sep-Dec 2017

Jan - Current

No. 490935

I cannot wait to see if this ends up being true.
I hope Onion and Lame realize how their shadow fans were basically keeping them afloat. Might be entertaining again when Onion has to make videos crying about how he can’t pay his bills and begs for shadow fans to come back.

No. 490936

I might get extremely bored at some point and wade through some of it.
But I’d be way more entertained/invested ins eyeing how bad her views are dropping on a YouNow. She begged so hard to hit 10k the other day and I think she only hit 6k. I bet it really sucks to realize your haters are the only reason you have “fans”.

No. 490939

I was keking so hard when she said "only 4k away!" (from her 10k goal) at AN HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES into the stream

No. 490942

>giving them views
guess you really are shadow fans

thank you for doing gods work. i don't really know how it is with rehosting yn streams on yt, but rehosting yt vids on yt still ends up in giving them money as they can claim them or something.

hope somebody else explains

No. 490948

Man, the /pt/ thread really is dead. I guess this will be the end of the onions on lolcow.(this is a live stream thread)

No. 490979

The other thread is pretty dead too tho compared to what was going on in temp.

I never would have thought the hate-watching base was this big. I mean I know onion gets a lot of views from haters but it's surprising to me how much what's happening on lolcow affects his views. Hilarious. The best part was when the haters went to watch sam instead of him. So I'm really excited to see what desperate attempts he will come up with next to get more viewers or patrons

No. 490980

Locking this thread until there is a use for it.

No. 491071

Threads open for now.

No. 491122

Thread was locked during both lame and sam's livestreams. Both dropped some faaaax (touched on in main thread) lame has "deleted" twitter, possibly at grug's insistence, she, he can't have her seeing any samtruths now can he..?
She finally got the younow hookah and apologised for the aeons old tumblr thinspo shit (despite calling her collar bones "on fleek" less than a month ago), as she's no longer using Twitter her tumblr will be more active apparently.

No. 491174

Just wondering what the point is of locking the thread when Onion and or Lainey stream every day? If you don’t want an Onion board maybe you should just get rid of it, period? Not trying to fight, just saying that the milky stuff that was said and done had no place to go while it was happening. Clearly, because otherwise this thread would be full, very confused rn.

eta that I would have posted this in /meta but that thread is also locked, sorry.

No. 491177

File: 1520017773613.png (26.75 KB, 680x162, Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 2.09…)

"There is no longer a need for this thread to be open"

There were multiple people, including me, asking if we can access temp again to move relevant info over. There's so much info that has been lost. This still hasn't been addressed.

As for this thread, either keep it open or lock it permanently. It was closed while two relevant streams were happening, how does that make sense?(take this to /meta/)

No. 491178

they locked the thread you moron.(ban evading)

No. 491179

Hey there mod, the thread in meta which seemed to be about this thread, is locked. Not sure where to ask anymore. Just wondering if this thread will be left open for daily streams or if it is subject to closure. Thanks.

No. 491191

The threads were not meant to be locked during the livestreams but due to personal obligations we were not able to unlock sooner, sorry.

You don't need to ask twice in the wrong thread. Yes, livestream threads are meant to be up permanently but due to the constant derailment what is the point if you're just going to use it to complain about tempcow.
Your behavior will ultimately determine whether or not these threads stay. As of right now they're not being used for their purpose.

Take any future complaints to the complaints thread in meta. This is a livestream thread.

No. 491250

Lainey started streaming <10 minutes ago, under the "you guys pick my makeup" pull. Not going out, just "promised" she'd do a makeup stream today because she's a triple threat (gay, makeup, anxious)

No. 491261

Can someone bring up to Lainey how Gurg admitted on stream he was holding out for poly with Sam?

No. 491266

Sitting in her stream now, boring
Curving fans picks of her makeup and doing what she wants anyways

No. 491267

she was saying earlier how peaceful it is these last few days. she does seem more chipper without the trolls. then again onion has probs been love bombing her

No. 491268

but- but he ddn't choose to pull out his dick even though he wanted to! he loves me!

No. 491271

It'd be nice if her streams weren't regurgitated beautybot videos. We've seen your makeup videos, which are all the same makeup looks, we don't need to see it in your streams tooooooo

No. 491281

File: 1520044652741.png (315.24 KB, 472x479, mua.png)

No. 491286


Has anyone brought up Sam allegedly trying to "swat" at the kid? He said Lainey was gonna basically lose her shit over that.

No. 491289

No one has talked about it, its been a extremely chill and supportive stream. No trolls, no drama talk

No. 491295

We all have been having a hard time sitting in this stream.
She's mostly ignored the chat.

No. 491296

Lainey has had the audacity to beg for 15k likes before she leaves her stream.
She dropped to 16-17 in girls.

No. 491300

she was at 17 when she started wtf

No. 491322

She got up to 12 or so. But she doesn’t engage her audience much so people get bored and leave. She’s so full of herself she truly believes people love coming to her stream just to stare at her for an hour and listen to her mumble singing.

No. 491335


hahaha bitch deserves it, she used to be top 3 but every day more and more of her asslick fans drop dead from lethal boredom caused only by watching laineybot streams

>when you realize IRS debt bill from 2015 still hasn't arrived while onions are earning less and less

sweet sweet schadenfreude

No. 491620

File: 1520215162221.png (327.74 KB, 476x479, derp.png)

Bumping this up because she's live.

No. 491623

File: 1520216364003.png (36.33 KB, 814x124, Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 9.18…)

Lainey;'s answer to this question was "yeup! thats correct!" so i think that confirms that those caps from fb groups about troys cavities etc are real incase anyone still was skeptical

No. 491627


I know they were real, I joined the group after that and you can still to this day search her name and find posts that she didn't bother to delete before leaving

No. 491821

she could easily join under a fake name if she wanted advice, just how dumb is she

No. 491842

I think she actually has a fake account, personally. And it’s so weird that she is worried about what haters think anyway. Like, the teeth thing. I get that it’s not normal for most kids teeth to rot like that, but it is surprisingly normal in BF communities. She should still be there at least for support under a different name. They close themselves off in the strangest ways, and that’s why we call it the narc nest.

No. 491872

I think people should stop giving her views and free spins on her live streams. I bet there are more farmers and trolls then actual fans.

No. 491888

We definitely backed way off.
If you watch her recent streams, she’s not making nearly as much as she was.

No. 491896

Thats good to hear! I dont watch her streams I kinda count on the blargh for reposting clips.

No. 492046

lainey's filming her next video tomororw - a "date" where they go to tjmaxx and ross!

No. 492048

sorry to double post, SAM is asking to be guested on younow and lainey is GOING OFFFFFF on her

No. 492052

details? not everyone is watching the foot.

No. 492053

We need deets

No. 492054

Only caught the end of it. She was just going off that if Sam had this "marriage ruining" info to text her and was accusing Sam of talking about her everyday on her streams. She quit not long after she was so mad

No. 492055

Lainey also claimed Sam would also tell Gurg how funny and cute he was, and all this after lainey fed her and gave her a place to live and was so nice to her!

No. 492057

Lainey adressed the sam accusation and the "home wrecking secret". She adressed that greg only asked her if she was interested in poly, in relation to is she knew greg wanted to be poly with sam. I was the anon that asked if she knew about the homewrecking secret, she said that there is no such thing. She said that if sam cared about her, she would tell her the secret. Sam popped in and wanted to guest to clear things up. Lainey got triggered and said no very rudely. Lainey complained that she was wishy-washy with the hugging situation so she doesnt believe a word she says. She kept saying Sam wanted to kiss greg and would often say how cute and handsome she is. She also says its the first time hearing about Sam swatting her children. She was extremely pissed and was about to rage. Sam and her had a back and forth arguing about bringing up the drama and doing interviews.

No. 492128

sounds more like there actually is something, imo, if lame is getting so fucking triggered

No. 492152

To be fair I see lainey's pov in this instance, sam's intentions were clear to everybody watching samg8 unfold, temp was rife with speculation as was main, if there was a woman in my home who constantly complimented my husband I'd be pissed too, then when she'd left she kept obsessing over my husband publicly I think I'd be a bit annoyed (as would most women if we're being honest) I may not agree with lame on a huge number of things but this is one thing I can absolutely understand 100%.

No. 492187

Absolutely. I agree with you, however, it’s hard to put Lainey in the “typical wronged woman” category bc she allows this to go on. She brought Maya in herself, probably bc she could see how desperate Greg was getting for a new girl and she wanted to have SOME control. But Lainey just has no self respect. Any woman I know with the tiniest amount of self value would’ve had Sam out of there within a day or two TOPS. Like if my SO pulled that on me, I’d be leaving before the new “cameragirl” had unpacked lol
So I guess it’s just hard to be behind her on this one bc she brings it on herself by not having the guts to stand up to Greg and solely blaming the new girl every time

No. 492194

Okay, but watch her last livestream, because it's ridiculous how she expects Sam to be her friend and care about her after how shitty both Onions treated her when she left.
It will be such a slap to her face if Sam has anything good.

No. 492471

Something tells me she isn’t going to stream today after yesterday’s occurrence.
If she does, she is going to guest sarah or completely ignore the chat or something.

No. 492487

She's getting her hair bleached early tomorrow so if she does stream I imagine it would be a short one. Sarah always guests after difficult times a la maison de onions. I gotta bail, hopefully somebody will catch the moments worth watching, or if she does guest then the whole thing will be available.

No. 492502

She's talking pretty fast and seems "happy" today. No drama early on.
Complained about shopping at TJ Maxx on a "budget" and recorded it for a video with Greg.
Said she skips people's comments "when they're being dicks".
Claims she's always wanted to start a clothing line. Thinks that there's a gap in the industry for short/small and tall/skinny people. (???) Needs Sarah's help, of course.
Talks about how she doesn't want to be high.

Will post more.

No. 492504

… she requires another person (Sam, or whatever sucker will do it for free) for the simplest of designs or design changes. How on earth would she design a clothing line.

No. 492505

Has started watching and "enjoying" Greg's content, apparently.
Says she looks forward to UhOhBro now.
Says her and Greg's humor is different. Her humor is "Vines" humor, whatever the fuck that is.
Scoffs at people talking about her "bruises" on her neck. Says that it's bad because she's anemic. She says she "doesn't get why everyone thinks she's being beaten". She freaks out about people telling her that her hickeys could cause strokes.

Claims she isn't into DDLG and that her "kink" is just calling Greg "daddy".

She is supposedly finally making her doc appt. Friday at 9 am. She would go tomorrow but she needs to get her hair done. Far more important than potential health issues.

Thirty minutes in and not much milk.

No. 492506

Idk how you do it anon. Even her milkiest streams are so so so boring. I can’t imagine why someone would feel compelled to give her money for sitting there with her smug look on ignoring any questions that may make the stream entertaining.

No. 492748

File: 1520557940292.png (219.22 KB, 423x424, Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 8.12.…)

smol fragile bean is live

no blonde hair

No. 492749


Of course not. Can't stray too far from Billies hair, who dyed it pretty much this same color last week.

No. 492751

File: 1520558301505.png (280.98 KB, 475x478, whyudodis.png)

Lainey bleached her hair today.
And then dyed it blue again.

No. 492752

File: 1520558339269.png (360.31 KB, 477x475, before.png)

She didn't like how it came out so she just settled for blue again.

No. 492761

What a fucking waste of money holy shit. Getting your hair bleached at a salon is not cheap at all.

No. 492762

They're struggling financially though.

More like she bleached it then saw Billie redyed hers blue

No. 492764

great comparison here of how much anything but blue suits her.

No. 492780

so it looks exactly the same only now her hairline looks receded.

i guess male pattern baldness befits a space prince.

No. 492799

I'm not a fan of foot face or like her at all but Billie does not own blue hair.

No. 492818

She was triggered as fuck today.
Got upset when people grilled her about her age. She’s always paying so much attention to the triggering shit and a lot of her fans are ignored. (Except for ones like jebam, Dani and gemineye.) She got depressing at one point, saying that she’s difficult to date and be around and she thinks she stresses Greg out and makes his life hard.
Said she won’t define Greg’s sexuality for him but basically said he isn’t hetero and he acknowledges it.
Said if Greg is interested in dating a guy, she’s fine with it but doesn’t think it will ever happen but she isn’t interested in any other guy but Greg.

No. 492986

can't post new thread in pt because it's been locked, so here's the new thread for pt


No. 492990

No Billie doesn't own blue hair but they were once associated the whole time she had blue hair so it is creepy that she'd dye her hair that colour. That would be fine if she didn't give a fuck, but people point it out and he has a cry. Also the fact she said she has a thing for blue haired girls and obsesses over Jesse Paege all the while dying her hair that colour is weird. It's like how Dasha started wearing the same shit as Mina…noone would care, but it became more creepy because she was still doing it after they ended the friendship.

No. 493182

File: 1520730221092.jpg (47.7 KB, 477x472, blanky.jpg)

Blanket streaming has commenced. So far not too interesting just hair talk. Lainey doesn't think she could go through with shaving her head even though she'd like to.

No. 493184

Someone brought up what Ayalla said about the teeth. Lainey is laughing it off and calling it rumor because it's not true. She said no one has had their teeth removed unless Gurg kept his wisdom teeth he had removed 6 years ago but Lainey doubts that.

No. 493698

File: 1520987241107.jpg (39.46 KB, 471x477, landon.jpg)

Laineys talking about her alter ego Landon and talking to girls on tinder. Then she started talking about this one girl she is crushing on and wants to ditch the Landon persona and try getting to know her for real. I thought she was done with girls because they're all so awful to her…hmm.

No. 493700

She cant stop talking about Landon

No. 493709

Lainey set a like goal of 10k to message the girl she's thinks is really cute. She got that and sent a message of "hey cutie what's your sign?". She said if the girl actually responds she'll tell her that her name is actually Lainey and that she doesn't work at Zumies. People were calling her a catfish lol. Someone asked her if that girl is bi and Lainey said she doesn't know. This could have the potential to be a little milky.

No. 497191

anyone has the link to the tempcow onion discord?

No. 504192

File: 1523494087671.png (268.04 KB, 484x563, 005.png)

Lainey currently swearing up and down on younow that she DOES NOT use a blur/vanity filter and that it is from the ring light. She promises the footage on every beautybot video is RAW footage.

No. 527423

Onision and Blaire part 2:


Onion is pretty annoying laughing at everything Blaire says but otherwise surprisingly in control.

Blaire seems a bit dismissive and I don't think politics was a good topic to start with

No. 527428

Robbie just admitted to using the N word with the hard R occasionally and that it’s okah to call a black person a porch monkey…

No. 527429

I hate to say it but I'm cringing so hard at Blaire, I have no idea what she's thinking with some of the stuff she's saying. She got a great win on the first debate cornering him into that underdeveloped women comment but it's tipped the scale her admitted to calling people nigger for fun. Whatever your views on that it was a REAL stupid move on her part.

No. 527431

Yeah I couldn't believe she played right into his hand with that shit. What a moron

No. 527432

He’s kissing her ass so fucking much he loves her right now because he just won this whole stream by her admitting to being racist and misogynistic hooooly shit what a bad move on blaires part these dumbasses

No. 527433

And you could see in his face how elated he was that she'd been that stupid. This whole debate was a huge mistake.

No. 527434

He’s acting so polite and poised because he knows he just got undisputable dirt on her, like he is going to milk this for years now

No. 527436

I feel she's making herself look pretty stupid by admitting that. I guess I appreciate the honesty but Greg feeds off of these kinds of things.

Expect a video called "Blaire White admits she's racist" while disregarding his blackface/nitter video

No. 527438

He kept implying that Blaire wasn't a woman.
"I mistook you as a woman."
"Because bimbos are women normally."


No. 527446

To be fair she said she thought Greg was about to call her a porch monkey when he was making parallels between her an OJ Simpson. She then stated she didn't know what porch monkey actually meant.

No. 527448

She didn't admit to calling people nigger. She said she wouldn't do that. She said she says nigger sometimes while playing video games and when she stubs her toe.

No. 527452

yeah im not gonna find someone a racist on THAT ALONE if we're going to attack her and call her racist for /that/ aspect alone, then that's just stupid. she out right said she'd never use that on someone to be nasty or derogatory towards them while she admitted to saying it and I respect that honesty, that's REAL honesty, not what onion bitch tries to act like. so many people attack others for being fake but when someone is real about a topic instead, they go on attack mode? get real but fuck.. greg laughing at everything in a passive way is getting on my nerves

No. 527457

omfg greg complimenting her success lmao where's the tweets saying how her channel is only as popular as his THIRD channel? downplaying her constantly until now

No. 527459

Still, pretty embaressing

Not really the point. It's not a case of whether you agree with it or not the point is it was fucking retarded to say during this debate.

I don't think she's racist, but I do think she's dumb

No. 527468

I was clarifying what she said. I didn't give an opinion.

No. 527469

Oh yeah don't worry I know anon, sorry I should have articulated my reply better as it was not meant as an attack. Just clarifying as well I feel no matter her intentions, the clumsy execution was facepalm worthy

No. 527478

File: 1528064454053.png (1.48 MB, 1279x821, okay.PNG)

> Lainey has always dressed as males for Halloween ever since she was young
Unless Harley Quinn is a man now all of a sudden….

No. 527483

Wasn't she the girl from pokemon recently for halloween too? I dressed as David Bowie and as Harry potter for Halloween and I'm a woman. It is not a good argument for gender preference. Stup Lainey strikes again!

No. 527485

Using a holiday where it's celebrated to dress up in something you're not as proof for trans-ness is so weak. Keep in mind she had plenty of feminine costumes during childhood, including a belly dancer outfit she wore for multiple years. All her recent halloween costumes have been female characters as well (Tinkerbell, Harley, Misty).

I don't see why they both spout these weak lies that are so easily debunked. gg.

No. 527488

I think he was taking jabs to get a reaction out of Blair but it's interesting that he's revealing his real thoughts like that considering who he's married to. I hope he gets called on it just to see him scramble to praise Lamey.

No. 527491

He's trying HARD to be a nice guy lmao Losing hope that will have a meltdown all of a sudden. How is he (pretending to be) also self aware though

No. 527512

In stream someone mentioned how he acts in videos vs. how he acts in real life.

he just said in stream that "this stream is a baseline for how i act in real life." I guess that's the angle he's working?

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