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No. 3338

Town Hall will be held at 6 pm CST
(sorry for the inconvenience; if anyone shows up at 4 we can just watch YouTube videos for a while)

Our first Town Hall meeting since the departure of OG admin-sama

Our Farmhands will be there and the plan is to discuss any main concerns and ideas that farmers have. One topic of discussion will be the possible removal of the /manure/ board so if you have an opinion on this matter then try to attend. Additionally, we will elucidate recent site events of interest.

The meeting will be at http://cytu.be/r/lolcowTownHall
This Thursday, October 6th at 4 pm 6 pm Central

No. 3344

So, Town Hall tonight was full of epic milk spilling, and there is a sincere need of the events being summarized for anyone who was not present.
The most unexpected event that took place was the visitation of a certain former-Admin whom we asked to help uncover a few answers to some of lolcow's unsolved mysteries.

1st Point
Regarding the Onision/Billie drama:
It turns out that in a pretty remarkable turn of events that the entire drama involving Lainey's Twitter was actually STAGED by one very dedicated, very persistent, and very ambitious troll. This happened to be a long-time poster of lolcow who made the effort of doctoring caps using multiple methods as well as using specific proxies to appear as multiple legitimate posters. She was also the sole Billie impersonator. It sounds completely far-fetched but with OG Admin's help we were able to get a confession from anon and the user has been permanently put to pasture.
She did, however, express a lot of remorse for how much trouble her trolling had caused the Onionsphere. Apparently the entire effect was not intended but rather a series of well-planned maneuvers as well as a bit of accidental luck.
Unfortunately the troll went far enough that it has made ripples off-site, so we may be dealing with clearing some of that up in the future.

2nd Point
It was also revealed that posts made about the Internet personality That Poppy in the following threads >>>/pt/250072 and >>>/snow/107133 were done in a viral marketing attempt by Poppy's management team and boyfriend/pimp, Titanic Sinclair. The same people then returned at a later time to copyright claim any posts that were made involving Poppy's former identity, the less mysterious Moriah Pereira.

3rd Point
The biggest reveal of the evening was most likely the biggest event in lolcow history. More will be discussed on the matter, I'm sure. To sum it up:
Kiki Kannibal is Spergchan.

Just let that sink in.

More details about this will be forthcoming.

4th Point
We are doing a major staff upheaval and currently working on a skeleton mod crew. The rest of the Farmhands are being re-assigned for the time being so that a very limited number of people will be able to see IPs.

We also took some polls and discussed what should be done with /manure/ and /cream/. It was the general consensus that /manure/ can essentially be done away with and /cream/ will be used more frequently and improved.
Also, many threads from /snow/ will be re-instated in /pt/.

Hopefully some caps will be posted from the Town Hall, and any questions can be asked/answered here.

No. 3346

No questions, but thanks for recapping (I had to leave for work before anything really big got announced). It's disappointing the entire Billie thing was a troll (I figure Lainey's tweet was one so I guess Billie had to be). And the paranoid anons who said Kiki was Spergchan were right after all… what a vindication.

I'm glad you're making mod changes. There's definitely been some conflict of interest between farmhands wanting to put their own points across in a thread above all others, while also moderating said thread. The results have not been good.

No. 3347

I HAVE QUESTIONS. I joined chat right at the end to see former admin saying some shit like,

>And that's another reason why a heterosexual male probably shouldn't run a site full of heterosexual females

>that relationship caused me to make a lot of bad decisions

I asked for someone to tell me WITH WHO and got a "oh I'm sure someone will post a recap eventually" and I tried asking again because seriously the answer is probably two words and y'all stingy bitches ignored me. Stop keeping the milk to yourself plz.

I work fucked up hours and couldn't make it on time because I needed to sleep. :(

No. 3348

Howd you find out all this? It's oddly specific information. Especially with kiki/spergchan posting with different IPs.

No. 3349

I agree about the farmhand thing. Some of the threads, yeah the posting may not have been the best but a lot of it was by no means really that bannable of an offense.

No. 3350

I just wanted to crosspost this from the Onision thread as I think it may help in the future.

I'm actually really impressed with the extent the troll went to stir up some shit, although I believe them for not expecting it to blow up like it did; I think we can learn something from this here…

Maybe in future, it would be wise to keep any independant conversations about Lainey x Billie out of the Onision threads unless they DIRECTLY relate to him - like, if someone really wants to discuss Lainey as a lolcow in her own right; the best thing to do would be to create a thread about her in /snow and discuss her activity there.

The same goes for Billie, who has her own thread in /snow.

Otherwise, we're not only derailing the topic of Greaseball, but inviting in anyone who has beef with Lainey and Billie… and it just involves everyone in there and makes us more open to shit like this happening in the future.

No. 3351

Old admin sama admitted that he stepped down because he was getting too emotionally involved with one of the mods and it was causing him to make some bad decisions. And I guess he got some grief about being a heterosexual male in charge of a drama board because people will complain about anything these days

No. 3352

I thought he was a good admin, I was convinced for the longest time that he was actually a woman or perhaps an effeminate male, nethertheless… their gender or sexual orientation was none of my business as long as they did a good job.

No. 3353

Thank you for the reply! That's all I wanted to know.

But yeah I agree with >>3352
I didn't even realise he was a dude until I read something in /meta/ way back like when we were discussing site mascots or something. I don't think he's wrong about stepping down if the girl stuff was causing problems but if people were offended on premise of his maleness that's just dumb. And this is coming from someone who likes to troll/act like a radfem who wants to see all men euthanized, so yeah.

No. 3354

Different anon, but the thing that bugs me about learning this are that he told everyone be was gay, that he was way too lenient with the robots, and those weird forced redirect townhall chats he did near the end where it looked like just wanted female attention. He was a good admin, but it just weirds me out a bit.

No. 3355

I thought he put up the redirects near the end of the chat because that's when he was dropping drama. IMO it was started to drag along at this point but he didn't seem fully prepared ahead of time with links and info he wanted to share.

No. 3356

I like the new admin better. Old admin seemed like a smart dude but I didn't follow the logic for some of his decisions. At least the new admin makes rules we all can see make sense.

I had to work during the townhall meeting so I hope there are transcripts … a-are there transcripts? Will they be released soon?

No. 3357

I don't think old admin was a good admin because he was just too involved personally. He made decisions for the board based on his friends opinions and not the general atmosphere and then refused to
explain why when asked.

Even town halls weren't town halls, they were "let's hang out and kiss admins ass to get on his good side". I don't think within the last six months of his "reign" I saw one productive meeting or change in the board
and his frustration turned him into a tyrant who was ready to nuke instead of just
admitting he wasn't fit to be an admin and that his decisions were what was killing cow, not bots, invasions, myproanas, and tumblr/pulltards.

He wasn't always a shitty admin and this board used to be fun and a community full
of assholes but it's now on life support and unless shit changes its gonna die.

This, however, is a step in a good direction. Sperg being Kiki is the best milk in ages.

No. 3358

Oh damn, I've been here since almost the first day and somehow totally didn't know he claimed to be gay. That kinda changes shit, yeah.

Anyway I wasn't trying to say he was the best or better than current admin, just that he was fine/acceptable with what I knew about him at the time. Also I don't know if I'm the only one but I enjoyed the new heavy handed modding, dunno why others didn't unless they were the ones getting warnings.

DAMN IT WORK! I said it in an earlier post but I missed out for similar reasons, sucks.

No. 3359

File: 1475862498436.jpg (29.79 KB, 500x477, kiki.jpg)

Can we shut the fuck up about ex-admin? Some of you seem to be grasping at straws to try and start shit. "He put redirect on for FEMALE ATTENTION!!!" no idiot redirect was on to garner attention from all users for the announcements. And he probably joked about being gay to prevent excessive flirting from users trying to get on his good side.

Who even cares?
I just want more details about the Kiki / Sperg-chan reveal since that's the real milk that was dropped.

No. 3360

Old admin was a good admin from a technical standpoint for sure and I am grateful he made lolcow so quickly when stamrose was shut down due to trolls. He was just over his head with us bitches and then when the pulltards and anachans came flocking in - who can blame him for having a meltdown? That would make any straight dude want to shoot themselves.it was cool of him to help sleuth out the billy troll.

No. 3361

I never once claimed or implied I was gay, not even jokingly. I don't know where that anon is getting it from. I was occasionally asked about my sexual orientation but I never gave any answer. And this has always just been my natural writing style.

Decisions I made about threads or the site were not the result of friends' opinions in any way. In fact, much internal drama ensued because they often disagreed with a lot of things I did and wanted me to do many things I didn't do. Please don't assume my intentions.

However, it is true that my judgments during the last two weeks were very much in error (other than banning Berry and anorexic threads, which I should've just done early on), including the threatening to ban people, and were a result of my volatile state at that time.

It is mostly true that the last 3-4 townhalls did not result in significant site changes, but keep in mind I did not intend for them to be absolute referendums or something. My own lack of action in those last 6 months was mostly out of disinterest towards the site from myself and much of the rest of the staff. There were also many things I initially wanted to do that never came to fruition. I apologize for not giving away the site sooner.

It is also true that the very last townhall was not remotely productive. I made it because I was simply bored and had nothing better to do, and for better or worse I was tired of the site and various chains of events that indirectly resulted from running it. I should not have redirected people to that one especially.

I absolutely understand the allegations that I supposedly sought ass kissing or female attention, but that was not my intention. I liked talking to various users and enjoyed doing so in every townhall from the first to the last; there were no ulterior motives.

The inherent issues of a heterosexual man running a site like this combined with the fact that I didn't care about the site anymore are why the new admin is much more suitable than me.

No. 3362

I'm sorry but new admin might be OK, but allowing the people she selected as mods and farmhands to behave the way they did means she's not more suitable than you and idk if the board will ever feel the same again.

No. 3363

Why did you ban me? I'm not sure if I understand. I made a joke in the Luna thread on /snow/ and was banned for it. What the fuck, mods.

No. 3364

What was the post?

No. 3365

It was a short ban, but that was definitely an unjust ban, yes. Sorry. It's removed from the record now.

No. 3366


Thanks, but the (user has been put out to pasture) tag is still there, so I don't see how it was removed from your 'records.' I feel like you really need to have a more cohesive and less vindictive team of mods, Admin.

No. 3367

Can we have only the Kiki banners for a week? in honor of you-know-what?

No. 3368

apparently it's about the IP masking that was used - it links all the IPs together. we are all waiting to hear more from admins.

No. 3369

I also thought he was a good admin despite some feeling he was eccentric or whatever.

No. 3370

I got redirected in this last town hall so female attention has fuck all to do with it.

No. 3371

modding has gotten pretty childish around here since old admin stepped out. it's disappointing, and it can be improved but you have to sincerely try, with respect new admin. stop letting them do these petty things.

No. 3372

The admin announced during townhall that the mods have already been demoted, apparently you guys weren't there

No. 3373

Actually I want to take this back, I would be fine with it except people who rage and sperg the fuck out over small shit while other seemingly less severe posts get bans.

Welp, sorry adminsan, now I feel like an idiot for taking the gay remark at face value. It's not fun to have people just assume shit about you like that. But again, I thought you were a fine admin for most of your time here (until you lost interest etc) so thank you.

How 'bout you calm the fuck down? There's nothing to talk about regarding Kiki in this thread until admin posts more info. You can read Kiki's thread until then.

No. 3376

Obviously not retard, some of us have jobs

No. 3377

>even outing herself as having a mod role here over on kiwifarms through sloppy screenshotting

can you please provide a link?

No. 3378

I'm sorry about the gay accusation in that case, ex admin. When I thought about it, it was other people in chat/posts that said you were gay, and I just took that as a fact after a while. I hope you're doing well now.

No. 3379

File: 1475952643594.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 30a.jpeg)

No. 3380

I still really don't get why the berry thread and all ana-chan shit has been banned, other than old admin didn't like them.

Not asking for either to come back, I just wanted a better explanation than 'it attracts the wrong people!!!' There's plenty of shitty circle jerk threads right now that are allowed, so why are these banned?

Multiple people asked, and there was never an explanation.

No. 3381

The community has been a lot better without the masses of fucking MPA retards that the ana threads attracted. There's still the odd anachan here and there but it was so fucking bad when the ana threads were allowed. This is a decision that I hope never ever gets reverted. Closing threads to better the community (even if said community is already full of argumentative shitposting cunts) is a perfectly acceptable reason.

No. 3382

I think a big issue was that heaps of new mods were brought in right near hellweek. So they sort of learned that the sort of moderation that's appropriate during that period is how it should be all the time, and it kept up to some degree.

Because those wrong people shat up all other threads with conversations about the persons looks, or if they were skinny or fat, it wasn't even discussion of anything the cows actually did, just bitching about their looks, or if a meal a cow ate was over 20 calories, or any other amounts of unrelated to the actual thread MPA shit.

It wasn't that they were a circlejerk, it's that even when they all got told to keep ana stuff in one thread because /snow/ was more threads about wannarexics or people with actual eating disorders than anything actually interesting, they still turned up all over the site.

Since there was just a blanket ban on those sorts of threads, most have disappeared. There's still some, but it's so much better than it was.

I feel like it was a really good decision to ban it, and the cows who were related to eating disorder stuff but were actually interesting in other ways have mostly been allowed to stay.

No. 3383

So then what about the berry thread? That is still a huge mystery to me.

No. 3384

No idea sorry, I'm not familiar with that thread. If it was related to ana though, it's because all of that stuff was purged (pun not intended)to stop the people from sticking around and posting the same shit everywhere else.

No. 3385

No, it was a very basic 'girl shopping her face on tumblr and insta' thread as far as a I know. It being banned is still kind of baffling.

The only thing I've heard is that conspiracy theories were being proposed, but honestly that's pretty much the case for any active thread.

No. 3386

I'm surprised anyone feels it's better overall? The lack of ana shit is better, yeah, but. It's been dead as hell, a lot more shitposting and in-fighting over nothing, people with like ridiculous rage problems being spergy as hell. I sorta got the impression a lot of the original members left and I was just too stupid to go with them, tbh. Then again, maybe the board slowing down is because apparently spoony made up most of our posts lol, I just don't know.

No. 3387

Berry's threads were full of vendetta-chans nitpicking her shoops, tweets and alleged lies about being a rich college student. She was a special snowflake but not interesting enough to warrant 12 whole threads.

A lot of farmers and admin were sick of seeing her dumb threads cropping up. I find it was enough of a reason to ban discussions about her.

No. 3388

okay that describes at least half of all threads here right now. the banned discussion topics all seem to be decided in a totally capricious way.

No. 3389

when the lock announcements were made I went and read all the last posts in those threads. They were all the same, just tired nitpicking. There's no conspiracy.

No. 3390

I am glad they banned the ana threads overall but damn if I don't miss Aly. Personally I think Ash's thread should also go away since it's pretty much just turned into "can't believe she's still alive!" And "did she die yet?"

No. 3391

I think it should be up to the users to decide what's interesting or not. I personally didn't read her threads but if people were talking about her obviously THEY found her worth discussing. People can just hide stuff they're not interested in, it's not like it takes a lot of effort.

No. 3392

when are we gonna get news on kiki?

No. 3394

is berry going to be the trigger topic for the new spergchan?

No. 3395

why would anyone bother, there's already so many threads on irrelevant intsawhores and youtubers to sperg over.

kiki being spergchan was the last interesting thing to happen since ex-admin rage quit forever (or rather, when he said he was leaving 5ever but came back and had a town hall to force people to talk to him, and then said he was leaving again but came back to this thread).

No. 3397

>A lot of farmers and admin were sick of seeing her dumb threads cropping up.

I don't get this logic, if you don't like a thread just scroll past it..

Yeah and besides if the threads that were mostly nitpicking and stuff most of the threads here would be locked.

No. 3399

I agree. There's a few threads I don't care for and I have them hidden because that's what that function is for?

(Crap, reported my own post instead of deleting it. Sorry farmhands if it still notified you.)

No. 3448

Admin please bring back the ana-threads, I've gained 10kg since they were banned.

No. 3451

don't look in the momokun threads then, you'll become a whale.

No. 3953

Please bring back the DL embeds for yt videos, we never understood why they were taken off without an explanation. Thank you!

No. 3970

It's back now. You posted this in the wrong thread, btw.

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