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No. 2424

Kota Clone. Discuss.

No. 2425

Are you seriously this fucking retarded

No. 2426

She's a cow and needs a new thread. She does not get censorship or protection from being discussed.

No. 2427

Isn't funny how that thread was locked on lolcow and then the owner said that she will PERMANENTLY BAN anyone who makes another thread about Taylor? The thread wasn't even trolling - it was showing her real face pictures and Taylor's camp came over and spammed the shit out of it.

So, why are Taylor's threads and forums suddenly highly censored and moderated for any "offensive" cough cough factual content?

You know what that SAYS? Taylor is a part of lolcow or one of her friends owns it and moderates it for her. A bunch of other threads have been derailed and been made a mess out of on lolcow, but those threads weren't locked and then said if anyone makes another thread about this person they will be permanently banned.

Then when people started calling out the owner claiming that Taylor could be apart of lolcow's censorship of her, the owner suddenly REASSIGNS her position and gives away the site?

How can you people be so hyper analytical about other girls on here, but turn a blind eye to obvious censorship of Taylor's bullshit?

Taylor has a major hand in how these forums discuss her and what they show. If not her directly, then indirectly by her friends on here.

Why is she being protected form being discussed on this site and no other cows are? Super fishy to me.

No. 2429

File: 1467670997137.jpg (25.92 KB, 225x235, tinfoilhatchan.jpg)

This site and its predecessor existed way before anyone gave a shit about Taylor. Also, her thread isn't the only one that was locked.

No. 2430

Enjoy your ban then fag

No. 2431

Nope. If she doesn't get discussed anymore then admin should delete a bunch of other threads that deserved to be locked and erased.

No. 2432

Then predecessor became friends with Taylor or has a hard on for her. Why are people being threatened if they discuss her? What's the reason?

No. 2433

What a crying little cunt. The reason it was locked because it draws in idiot shit posters like you. No one cares about her "real" face. She's a C celebrity in Japan. Who fucking cares. It's not absurd or funny. Just a bunch of retarded underage posters who rage on her fillers.

And pay attention, pond scum, if you're going to start a thread, do it right with a summary and links. Go start your own chan where you don't "censor" garbage, rectum licker.

No. 2434

She just seems boring tbh. She's still discussed the jvlog thread in /snow/

although I do agree what happened with the locked threads/ moving threads and then admin jumping ship is suspect. especially since there seems be 0 moderation since

No. 2435


Go back to PULL.
UH, a lot of threads don't have links you twat.

No. 2436

LMFAO more like a D lister, not even - that's being way too generous.

She's an embarassing cow - not a "general japanese cleebrity" you Taylor stan.

No. 2437

Nah, she needs her own thread - just like she has always had before. It's very fishy how she suddenly is "protected" from being discussed. WHY? Isn't that the point of this entire fucking site? Being able to discuss snowflake cows like her without being censored and threatened? Jesus.

It's very odd how admin jumped ship when this Taylor crap went down.

No. 2438

then you ban the shit posters, not threaten anyone who discusses her again


No. 2439

I can tell you're new here. If you knew Admin from chats he always discussed nuking the place. He jumped ship while locking tons of threads in which he deemed as attracted the most shit posters, reports, derailments and even bigger cows than the one being discussed as a last way to clean up the place instead of closing the site down. And /pt/ was in no way created to discuss "snowflakes." In fact those terms originated from tumblr and PULL. /snow/ was created as a containment board, but it seemed to degrade the over all quality posts of the entire site.

No. 2440

your own fault for catering to /snow/ LOL

No. 2441

get over it

No. 2442

nO idea who this girl is but wtf FREE SPEECH
why does anyone need to be banned? It's pathetic to promote it, as if there's some higher quality manifestation of this site to can enjoy!? It's a hate site, a hate site that could do without pernickety moderating so we can all chill out and enjoy the shit fest

No. 2443

Taylor R. thread needs to be back up and running again without being theatened with a perm ban.


No. 2444

I don't get why so many people get so triggered when it comes to Taylor. She's not lolcow material these days. It was kinda funny when she was trying to be another stupid living doll and "copying" Dakota, but what the fuck is she doing today that makes her a lolcow? Vlogging about food, trips and fashion? Getting some fillers (no one cares anymore btw)? Shaping her lips like a retard? Wow, such a thrilling discussion.
God I hate summer.

No. 2445

go back to pull, taylor stan.

No. 2446

File: 1467673858537.png (40.22 KB, 871x130, Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.08…)

Looky looky, Admin's post on Taylor's last thread.


No. 2447

File: 1467673907025.png (62.55 KB, 1241x193, Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 4.08…)

Then right after that, Admin jumps ship when people started accusing of Taylor being apart of her censorship.


No. 2448

["copying"]? Don't make me do side by sides and video comparisons….

No. 2449

K then, discuss her, you are only complaining like a fucking moron, so please let's see how interesting is the discussion, can't wait.

No. 2450

would you like me to post all the other threads that should be locked and removed? Felice is gone, Kaka is gone, other threads are complete boring shit and THEY STILL REMAIN UP AND ACTIVE.

and precious tay tay is protected? LOLOLOL

No. 2451

Taylor white knight, go kill yourself. You POS.

No. 2452

Why you have so big obsession to has-been lolcows like this girl? Everybody knows that Taylor have turned quite boring in nowadays.

Lol.. Never guessed that some hopeless Kota fans can be so envy to all her rivals. Are you autistic or something like that?

No. 2453

You aren't wrong, but it wasn't just Taylor's thread that got the boot so your weird accusation that Taylor is somehow involved is moot.

Admin was just a dumbass and locked what HE thought was shit threads that HE thought weren't lolcow-worthy, even though he has said on multiple occasions he doesn't even actually read those threads. Then it backfired on him and he jumped ship. Its not Taylor specifically or anything, Admin was just being a tool.

No. 2454

Its pretty obvious most of this thread is samefagging. As someone who was very against what Admin did, this thread is embarrassing.

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