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File: 1468429305410.jpeg (509.47 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

No. 154930

ITT we discuss the board's most active user, Sperg-chan.

She spends the day sperging about Taylor for some very mysterious vendetta that we are all super interested to hear about. Can be seen spamming the board for literally hours until she passes out next to her TayTay dakimakura and slowly cries herself into a coma.

>Sperg-chan showed up some time after the admin change, sperging all around about Taylor being a banned cow. Admin was very understanding of Sperg-chan's plight and wanted to appease this child by granting her heart's wish. Thus, a Taylor thread was granted with the rule that if stay relevant and on-topic. Also not be a generally terrible thread.
>Gets told her thread is not even slightly on-topic because she is sperging hard about lolcow censorship so her thread gets put in /manure/
>(is also promised that a new thread will be made for her)
>Initiate self-destruct; she begins spamming the board for literally hours while being hunted by Farmhands and having all of the gore she posts be deleted
>new thread is made and she centralises there, samefagging and talking to all of her 'alters'
>thread gets reported days later and is taken down again


No. 154932

I love that spergchan thinks this is a conspiracy and conveniently ignores all the other threads that were removed

No. 154933

Stupid question from noob chan: how do you actually know it was all her? I am just curious… Did anyone check the ip? I don't find it quite as obvious as some of you may be pointing out next.

No. 154935

OP was created by Admin. Admin can see IP.

No. 154937

Is this really worth a thread, though? We don't know anything about sperg-chan besides the fact that she's on here all the time and is obsessed with Taylor.

No. 154938

it'll probably be shunted off to cream after a certain period of time, like how the PrincessDoll/CL threads were momentarily stickied for the sake of circulating milk and then moved later.

No. 154940

Does she have any posts that AREN'T about Taylor? I'd like to know what hobbies and interests she has besides being an autist on imageboards

No. 154942


oh man so excited for thread! i was online three days in a row when she started spamming until her shit got removed, and i was also the angry anon who commented on her gore and got that "i can do this all daaaaay" reply. is she chloe from pull? i would love to see what she looks like.

No. 154945

the other night she went on non-stop for about 4-5 hours straight with the copy-paste BS.

No. 154988

Screw this fuckass. She types like a fucking 16 year old girl on summer break who got butthurt cuz she didn't get her way on a fucking imageboard.

Her samefagging is so fuckinf obvious like is she doing bumps of Coke to keep the stream of REEEE flowing like seriously I'm kinda interested in what motive is fueling this firehoose of autism.

No. 154989

I know a ban won't help but can we please mark her posts so we know not to engage?

No. 154991

>Does she have any posts that AREN'T about Taylor?
nope. it's so sad.

No. 154992

pretty sure she's in the kota thread right now.

No. 155012

Was that the fucktard in the Dakota thread getting butthurt the farmharm was deleting spam?

No. 155013

I don't yet know how I feel about this thread (not that it matters) but you've got to admit that Sperg-chan was asking for it.

I do agree with >>154989 about marking her posts though.

No. 155014

And the jvlogger thread earlier.

No. 155031


No. 155032

I think it was a good choice to delete the thread because it was a offtopic thread and honestly Taylor doesn't have anything going for her lolcow wise aside from surgery and whatever else bothers other people.
I hope Sperg-chan can find something better and more healthy to do with her time. If she needs someone to talk to I'm sure she can make actual friends from this board but I'm sorry she thinks she needs to pick minimal things to bitch about over and over again. All day. Because "shes on disability".

No. 155051

1. kota's thread is full of dry milk and nothing lolcow worthy either except her photoshops which are old milk
2. wtf are you doing on here? I hope you find something better and more healthy to do with your time then shitting on girls eons prettier than you on an anonymous message board.


No. 155055

I feel another important thing to note about sperg-chan is her obsession with Taylor "copying" Dakota, which she backs up with compelling evidence such as Taylor posting vegan food on Instagram. Sperg-chan's meltdown also appears to coincide with Taylor's announcement that she has a boyfriend. It's for these reasons that, until proven otherwise, I am going to believe sperg-chan is actually Kiki. Because it's way more fun that way.

No. 155058

Hi Sperg-chan or similar cohort,
I hope you're having a great day. I'm not saying this to be a really snooty person but I hope you're feeling good. I hope you ate food today, drank water and went outside or talked to someone aside from a computer. Yes, I'm on here too but some things are more important than shit talking girls that are eons prettier than me or you. I could explain myself but honestly people in this thread aside from you are telling you that your posts are congesting actual topics. Repetitive threads that are deleted are deleted for a reason; you were told why and now you're ignoring the reason. Please move on.

No. 155069

>It's for these reasons that, until proven otherwise, I am going to believe sperg-chan is actually Kiki. Because it's way more fun that way.

RIGHT the fact that taylor getting a boyfriend triggered sperg-chan into hysterics is hilarious since didn't kiki get obsessed with some jap and then they had an ugly breakup or something?? and then she disappeared soon after??

although prob not didn't admin say they were from the midwest? unless they moved. someone…. check if the ostrengas moved to the midwest tbh…..

No. 155091

She's like our resident pet now. Except she's not cute at all and just seems legit retarded.

No. 155092

I think she changes her IP a lot, which may be an issue with marking.

No. 155138

Oh my god, this fucking anon with their ostrenga conspiracy theories. This is like the umpteenth time you have been squawking over "IT'S KIKI, IT'S KOTA, IT'S CATHY, IT'S AN OSTREEEENGAAA!"


No. 155140

more like newfags were obsessed with kiki's jap bf and spoilt the milk and then she disappeared because of you asses.

No. 155145


I mean there is a chance it's an Ostrenga, it's not 100%. It could be some weirdo that supports them or is just obese with Taylor. There isn't a way to know

So much salt in this post.

No. 155157

I thought they meant it more in a way like 'Hey it's just funner to imaging this is Kiki' than legitimately believing it?

No. 155164

Admin only said that's where the latest spergout was traced back to, though? Considering this has been going on for weeks and she's probably been ban evading, I probably would take that info with a grain of salt tbh. She's probably using proxies or something

No. 155175

lmao, don't give yourself an aneurysm anon. Nope, this is the first time I personally have mentioned it, I just agree that it's a pretty funny theory. why so defensive?

No. 155178

stop same fagging.

No. 155190

Uh-oh, looks like Sperg-chan/Kiki got triggered :o)

No. 155192

File: 1468447388704.jpg (44.49 KB, 720x710, salty.jpg)

No. 155193

I genuinely fear for the safety of Taylor knowing that Sperg-chan exists

No. 155230

File: 1468448204302.jpeg (59.56 KB, 400x315, image.jpeg)

If sperg-chan isn't Kiki why does it get so mad when someone suggests it is?

No. 155260

Most likely a disability splerg, highly doubt it's an ostrenga tbh

No. 155273

and the difference would be? its not like kiki has anything going for her.

No. 155276

ikr kiki is a fucking loser

No. 155278


As funny as it would be, I'm not buying it.

No. 155282

It's obviously not kiki.

No. 155287

Its the running joke anon.

I don't care who it is. They're a demented and bitter poor fag.

No. 155289

Well, it's the most annoying running joke not to mention old as hell. The only people keeping it as a "running joke" are people from the prettyuglylittleliar forums.

No. 155290

File: 1468450289655.png (139.55 KB, 1190x340, Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 6.47…)

Lmao. oh.my.god.

PULL created a monster.

No. 155291

You got a point.

No. 155293

Looks like sperg chan is actually vendetta chan.
I wonder what it means by "stealing my man" kek.

No. 155296

pffft. I call bullshit.
If you had actual friends you wouldn't be on here 24/7 getting triggered and assblasted by innocuous posts.

No. 155321

Not saying it's Kiki but her and even her parents know how to use proxies. You can literally google how to use a proxy, too.

That said though, idk if they moved but they have a paper trail of liens and court records from Orlando to Miami, which you can see here if you care to look: https://officialrecords.broward.org/oncoreV2/search

No. 155332

Guys it's not kiki it's that one bitch from PULL she was obsessed with taylor for ages already she just appears to have snapped mentally recently when taylor said she had a boyfriend but then she kept her sperging in the taylor thread after the thread got banned she laid low for a bit bitching.
When she attempted to make a new tay thread and it got shut down she fucking lost it

No. 155349

looks like kiki's shitty attempt at humor lol, remember her website about her ex, daniel? same kind of spergging

No. 155368

Are you that "itsmenads" person on PULL with the husky dog picture who is always talking about the ostrengas especially Kiki? It's not Kiki, I saw this whole things go down with that Sarahsenpai chick. It's been going on for weeks.

No. 155369

And how would you know they use proxies? Everytime an ostrenga has been on someone's page they screenshot their I.P. in wintergarden. Are you making an assumption then?

And what's with the irrelevant info posting their records?

The ostrenga obsession is real, folks.

No. 155371

yeah idk why that anon keeps insisting its kiki or another ostrenga. if it was a copyright issue then i could see how they made that jump, but some fag splerging and spamming all over the place for weeks on end doesn't indicate an ostrenga tactic.

maybe this ostrenga spergchan will join the taylortard spergchan and they can make up conspiracy theories together lmao

No. 155402

Is this.. housewife-chan?

No. 155409

File: 1468469779431.jpg (23.18 KB, 459x434, 1458004973855.jpg)

honestly we're mostly saying it's kiki to be #controversial #overdramatic #petty this is a gossip forum after all lol i don't think anyone thinks it's 100% kiki. reach or not you have to admit it's possible enough to hold a debate on its own. which is why people entertain it.

if i were to pop a vessel and dislocate my shoulder reaching to come up with my best tryhard argument for why it would be an ostrenga it's because
>autism already runs in the family lol
>her mom made a twitter to spam in caps lock @ing celebrities to donate to kiki and kota
>kiki has been caught with sockpuppet accounts whiteknighting herself. speg-chan holds conversations with themselves for hours.
>ostrenga family is weirdly obsessed with fraud/lies. the use of proxies to evade banning is probably something they're used to.
>kiki is an unemployed flop. kota is a flop and is estranged from a family. tensions are probably high in the family in general. it's possible they've gone off the rails.
>sperg-chan spammed the kota thread with derailing comments at @ing other people to start arguments and max out the thread. whereas sperg-chan in regards to taylor is obsessed with holding conversations with herself to drag taylor and make it seem like she's more hated than she actually is. is delusional and makes comparisons of taylor with kota hailing kota as some original goddess
>"if taylor threads aren't allowed then neither should the kota threads!!" ??? 2+2=38? what a peculiar complaint
>who. stans. kota. in. 2016. she has no fans anymore. who would want to whiteknight her this bad while being so passionately jealous of taylor? like if taylor did anything personal to kota besides copy her in 2013?
>the autist meltdown over taylor getting a boyfriend. sperg-chan got weirdly jealous of that when kiki had a failed relationship with an azn.
>ostrengas obsessively sent out LITERAL COPYRIGHT COMPLAINTS to take down blogs exposing them. kiki filed several random complaints to google about pull. kiki even contacted a cyberbullying lawyer. again, their goal has always been to take down websites by any bizarre means necessary. wanting to max out the kota thread and make it into a shitshow so it gets taken down would be following the same goal they've always had.
>let's face it. taylor is the bland kota clone that became more successful and likeable than kota. she also has the body kota wishes she had. kota is also probably jealous of her hamster face.
>kota used to be always delusional that people were copying her. and kiki always made up stories about people going up to her in japan wanting to take pictures. they're delusional and think the world revolves around them. sperg-chan thinks the world revolves around kooter.
>that fucked up website that they bought a domain for that was just calling kiki's ex awful shit after he literally committed suicide
>in summary they're nuts and obsessive and have always indulged in autist behavior

there's a contrived goal in the works with sperg-chan. this isn't just some 12 year old spamming because they're bored. it isn't even fun. they wanna make taylor look bad by any means necessary whilst defending kota and trying to max out her threads so mods can lock it the way they did taylor's. which… again why. why the personal vendetta against taylor WHILE WHITEKNIGHTING KOTA. that's what makes it weird. no one cares if you dislike taylor but what's with bringing kota into it to make her look good?

>inb4; wow you're so obsessed with kiki this is such a reach conspiracy wow crazy much??

i'm not being serious. just trying to bump the thread with shit to talk about.

No. 155417

Holy shit, never thought I'd see anyone top the ostrengas in being deranged, but here I am reading this anon's slop.

>>autism already runs in the family lol

What the fuck? Do you even know how people have autism? No, didn't think so with your spergy mindset.

>>ostrenga family is weirdly obsessed with fraud/lies. the use of proxies to evade banning is probably something they're used to.

What does this even mean, how did you conclude this? Looks like you're doing the 2+2=38 logic.

>>her mom made a twitter to spam in caps lock @ing celebrities to donate to kiki and kota

This was found out to be someone from PULL making sock puppets as Cathy for drama to post.

No. 155420

File: 1468471327156.png (81.99 KB, 1088x299, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.3…)

itsmenadz, can you just quit it already? we get it yuo have a hard on for the ostrengas and get your rocks off on conspiracy crap

>>kiki is an unemployed flop. kota is a flop and is estranged from a family. tensions are probably high in the family in general. it's possible they've gone off the rails.

lmao this tinfoil hat anon should write a novel of all their baseless conspiracies.

>>honestly we're mostly saying it's kiki to be #controversial #overdramatic #petty this is a gossip forum after all

It's boring, overplayed, and the only people who keep writing walls of text and bible long passages about !omgz oztrengaz! is you. You're the start of something cancerous obsessed ostrenga anon, quit while you're ahead.

No. 155423


>>kota used to be always delusional that people were copying her. and kiki always made up stories about people going up to her in japan wanting to take pictures. they're delusional and think the world revolves around them. sperg-chan thinks the world revolves around kooter.


I deem you the new ostrentard sperg
Join your comrade taylortard sperg

Chop chop, I want those conspiracy theory novels on my desk by tomorrow.

No. 155426

LMAOOOO this anon is off their rocker tonight!

You think she has a huge board in her room with a pictures of each ostrenga family member with red string connecting them all to Taylor with pretty little thumb tacks?

I'm dyin' of laughter here. Thanks ostrentard sperg!

No. 155427

I think they're referencing the Ostrenga's Autistic brother (I believe his name is Kyle), he was mentioned in the Girl Who Played with Fire article, but I don't think the family ever mentions him more than that.

No. 155430

Autism is not known to "run in families"

That itsmenadz anon is deranged man.

No. 155438

i love the kiki tinfoil theory tbh, idk why everyones getting so buttblasted about it?? its literally a theory for shits n gigs, no one thinks its real. the taylor tard is the one spamming the board being a general nuisance, i think that entertaining the thought of kiki being said tard and containing it in one thread is not a problem? its not equivalent to sperging out and rage-spamming a board multiple times bc u couldnt shittalk evil 'ol taytay :'(

No. 155440

File: 1468473038349.gif (984.27 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_o3pigf0a691qjk6p…)


>essentially saying the same thing

>written the same way
>sentence followed. space. another sentence.
>extreme butthurt from saying it's an ostrenga
>ostrentard sperg
>insisting it's a pulltard no one's heard of

Did you just samefag so hard and with so much butthurt that you just confirmed Sperg-chan to be an Ostrenga…

No. 155443



No. 155446

File: 1468473267872.png (118.11 KB, 301x259, 1394349055332.png)

they were triggered into the ultimate butthurt autist meltdown at the suggestion that sperg-chan is an ostrenga

my god, anon

No. 155447

reading this shit at breakfast and omg. the ostrentard is hilarious >>155409

No. 155449

please stop accusing others when ure indulging in it quite a bit on this thread

No. 155450

if you're gonna samefag at least stop using the same terminology and replying within one minute of yourself to say the same thing.

No. 155451

because its turning into kiki is spergchan spam - it's old and annoying and the only people doing it ahem one is from prettyuglylittleliar, user name: itsmenadz

No. 155453

didnt saemfag, just posted another reply requesting that you stop what you are accusing of other posters of doing because you got butthurt over farmers thinking your text wall was cringy

No. 155454

actually it's moi and i haven't been on pull since i was dragging ichigoflavour soz!

No. 155456

okay ostrentard, troll somewhere else. your stale conspiracies are really boring me

No. 155458

>other farmers
You mean Sperg-chan samefagging again? Personally I think it's hilarious they're going full autist over someone jokingly suggesting it's an Ostrenga. The fact that ~someone~ is spamming with samefag butthurt over it is fascinating if not suspicious.

You can always leave if you're not having fun?

No. 155459

File: 1468474074498.png (38.91 KB, 722x143, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.4…)

Yeah, I've seen that person on PULL. The majority of the Kiki Kannibal topics were created by itsmenadz. she also frequents lolcow, see in her status updates and posts on PULL.

No. 155460

File: 1468474144167.png (160.79 KB, 1129x366, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.4…)

Most of their activity on prettyugly is surrounded Kiki and Ostrenga content

No. 155461


>Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.4…

>Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.4…

No. 155462

File: 1468474224494.png (188.04 KB, 1164x367, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.4…)

talking about kiki being crazy and everything reolving around her like ostrentard did in their diary post on here >>155409

No. 155463

File: 1468474290139.png (369.03 KB, 1158x523, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 12.4…)


No. 155464

autist-chan you literally just exposed yourself by posting horizontal screencaps with the filename still on it, the same filename you had when you posted screenshots of taylor to spam in the thread that YOU made that mods deleted. enough. or actually, keep going. since you keep providing us all with more lulzy content as you continue to fail to hide your samefagging.

No. 155465

File: 1468474429736.png (73.63 KB, 1031x271, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.25…)

Let's not forget froths at mouth ostrengtard has a 'collection' of ostrenga shit

No. 155466

this…. actually just got interesting lmao

No. 155467

A screenshot generate the same file name for every shot in succession, you dumb fuck. You think you're a detective anon? lawlz

No. 155468

sperg-chan on a scale of 1-10, how retarded are you?

is sperg-chan angry bc they want credit for their sperg-rage?? much like a serial killer wanting credit for the victims deaths??
or is sperg-chan really an ostrenga, upset that their identity is exposed and is furiously trying to pin the blame on someone else? the world may never know

No. 155469

File: 1468474599120.png (35.39 KB, 740x144, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.24…)

lol why are all the statuses revolving around kiki?

No. 155471

get some medz for your ostrenga obsession and calm down on the call and response samefagging in your later posts lol

No. 155474

Ostrentard, we already discussed and laid out that it's not an Ostrenga, so can you stfu about it now?
You're acting like sperg-chan's little sister with this Ostrenga stuff.

No. 155476

most hilariously disgusting reach of lolcow history. must've ripped your whole arm off reaching that high.

No. 155477


>Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.24.58 AM

What a coincidence. The current time in Winter Garden, Florida is 1:46am. Subtract a few minutes from lurking PULL to find posts to screenshot and then

Yeah, Sperg-chan confirmed to be an Ostrenga. Congratulations, Kiki :3

No. 155478

this samefagging is making me cringe

No. 155479

Nah, New York, reach higher cunt.

No. 155480

ostrentard anon thinks she's a detective LOL
guess she didn't know that Florida isn't the only state in the EST time zone

No. 155481

they literally said they were reaching solely for entertainment, do you hate fun or do you just hate life?

the samefag is strong in this one

No. 155484

There's literally two people here in a same fagging war.
1. the ostrentard >>155409
2. the person laughing at this ostrentard

No. 155486

Nah it's not just the timezone. It's the fact that you're wildly butthurt over the implication that you, Sperg-chan are an Ostrenga and have already been exposed to be the same Sperg-chan who created the Taylor threads and samefagged with Taylor pics of the exact same width, height and filename as the screenshots you posted in this very same thread. The coincidences are stacking up. Wanna dig yourself into a bigger hole or are you gonna jump ship and save yourself?

No. 155487

yes once or twice it's funny, but after the 12th time it gets extremely annoying and spergy >>155481

No. 155488

Keep reaching ostrentard detective chan. Your prettyuglylittleliar posts are almost as bad as your lolcow ones.

scared and accusing because I found your account on prettyuglylittliar forum?

No. 155490

actually you accused moi
of being the irrelevant pulltard lmao. at least pick up on the differences in grammar between the different people you're coming at weakly.

No. 155491

It's literally a screenshot of the browser, it's not an identifying characteristic of a ~special~ shot. Are you on a PC with windows? You seem not to know how screen shots work.

No. 155492


you suck at playing psychological ~warfare~ lmao omgggggggg you're so cute trying to same fag as different people then post as the original ostrentard conspiracy anon saying "moi moi moi" soooooo curious how you are posting seconds after your same fagging lol

No. 155493

This till the cows come home.

No. 155494

may admin bless us with the knowledge of spergchans identity soon, is it kiki? is it some loser in new york? cant wait to find out

No. 155495

File: 1468476367194.gif (1.91 MB, 397x169, 67e3dbf40c41def5.gif)

>this thread

No. 155496

lol are you aware the entire east cost has the same time zone?

No. 155497

lmao ikr

No. 155498

Um guys, I don't know what the fuck is going on in this forum, but this idea that I'm this crazy person pushing the Ostrenga agenda in this thread is funny. I'm itsmenadz, I'm a regular poster on lolcow too, but have never ever reached that level of crazy like this person posting here. Admin, if there is any way for me to prove my statement, feel free to request it.

No. 155499

File: 1468476559502.jpg (134.84 KB, 681x1024, maythequeensaveus.jpg)

what the fuck is going on this thread, onii-chan

No. 155500

those caps. i was just talking out of my ass and reaching for lulz and now you're going conspiracy anon on me trying to expose me for being some random pulltard lmao. truly. you're crying about random people being conspiraciy theorists whilst trying to accuse my irrelevant anomyous ass for being another irrelevant anonymous person on a forum. what reaction exactly are you looking to get out of me lol.

you didn't even reach one minute before replying to yourself and using

oh it u. i already said it was me lmao just a random posting for lulz. there's like. 2 other people jumping on the kiki theory with significantly more seriousness than me.

No. 155501

LMAO!!!!! confirmed ostrentard being itsmenadz with this precious post

No. 155502

awe so cute, now itsmenadz trying to samefag in attempt to convince farmers it isn't her! look how closer they posted ^ ^

No. 155503

i love you for this pic

i laughed so hard i peed a little ;3 kiss me

No. 155504

>regular poster

sorry but no

No. 155505

Can you read? I said I'm not this ostrentard posting like crazy in this thread. I just decided to tell you guys because that theory is completely wrong and I would also like to know who the ostrentard is.

No. 155506

Basically someone came up with the theory that Sperg-chan was an Ostrenga as a joke, and a torrent of butthurt samefagging came at the defense of the Ostrengas. Other people found that genuinely suspicious. To deflect Sperg-chan immediately accused several anons of being one person, then pinned it on a random pulltard. They've been viciously 0/10 samefagging(see >>155501 >>155502 >>155503) ever since while using the same words arranged in the same way and continuing to be mega butthurt that some people think Sperg-chan is an Ostrenga.

No. 155507

from the screenshots posted here, you have a pretty fucked up disturbing obsession with the Ostrengas, Kiki in particular.

No. 155508

>>Not saying it's Kiki but her and even her parents know how to use proxies. You can literally google how to use a proxy, too.

>>>ostrenga family is weirdly obsessed with fraud/lies. the use of proxies to evade banning is probably something they're used to.

>>Admin, if there is any way for me to prove my statement, feel free to request it. With my proxy in hand :)

Going to use dat proxy girl?

No. 155509

hi, detective ostrentard chan!

No. 155510

im one of the kiki tinfoil hat theory enthusiasts, was honestly in it for some laughs but the denial and rage from sperg-chan after being accused of being kiki has got me curious now, also their samefagging is obvi as hell

No. 155511

Can you read this? Because I say it's not me, means it's not me! Okay?!

No. 155512

No obsession, just have everything I posted on pull backed up since the site keeps on moving

No. 155513

Er, anon, that's the default file name when you take a screencap on a Mac. Do you really think it's the same person posting with the same filenames in threads all over the site? Guess I must be Spergchan too…

No. 155514

i'm the second one and i brought it up bc the first one suggested it. hardcore deflecting trying to expose other ppl because you're scared you're getting exposed yourself lol.

ikr. sperg-chan gets her own thread and people try to expose her. but when people suggest it's an ostrenga, suddenly ostrentard is born who is then attempted to be the object of the thread exposing. it's so…. i mean it's as obvious as their samefagging lmao.

do you drag the ostrengas a lot? cos sperg-chan reeeeally doesn't like you… for that, specifically. do you not find that odd lol.

No. 155515

drag me i'm windows using trash ignore me

No. 155516

You're the one that went ape shit when people were calmly disapproving of your ostrenga conspiracy theories

their constant posting of ostrenga conspiracy theories:

People disapporving it:

Then Ostrentard went full on sperg and posted a wall of text of their detailed conspiracy theories:

And ever since the ostrentard (now found out to be itmenadz on PULL with screenshots pull posts compared with their wall text matching up) and the anon who made fun of her ostrenga conspiracy theory diary post are having same fag wars

No. 155517

lmao I know right? accusing people who take screen shots as spergchan. This conpiracy ostrentard is really something else. Maybe she needs her own thread too lol.

No. 155519

This thread is confusing me, if u guys think I'm that ostrentard, you are going to have a hard time finding the real one.

No. 155520

with a keen focus on kiki and the ostrengas? ok…

>>everything I posted on pull backed

>>all ostrenga reports and documents

so you only post about the ostrengas or?

No. 155521

>collection of Ostrenga pictures, legal documents, pull screenshots and "various proof".
>makes thread "to discuss Kiki's past, present and future lovers"

and this is all I know from those screenshots up there. i don't care if you're ostrentard or not, you're really fucking creepy and obsessed. how many GB of Ostrenga content do you have "backed up" in your personal computer?

No. 155523

lord i should've never posted that damn kiki post as a joke i don't even care if it's an ostrenga anymore lmao rip i can't believe this thread turned to such shit

No. 155524

you kept posting your ostrenga conspiracy theories over and over again, people began to deny it and then you went full on tard with every detailed theory you have. it's your own damn fault ostrentard/itsmenadz

No. 155525

Guys, if it sounds like I'm creepy on pull sorry for that impression. Ever since kiki copyright claimed anything that puts her and kota in a bad light I decided to save incase it gets removed or someone talked out it again. I'm of to work now, I hope you guys figure out who ostrentard is.

No. 155528

File: 1468478077756.jpg (20.56 KB, 250x250, tumblr_o9idkiWC3J1qi7ujso8_250…)

nah i genuinely posted about my "theories" like 3 times. i'm not invested enough in this board as a whole to get defensive enough to lie lol i truly just log onto this forum to harmlessly talk shit.

>you went full on tard with every detailed theory you have.

yeah and?? i thought people could take a joke?? clearly not. gotta blast!

No. 155530

funny how everytime "itsmenadz" posts, the ostrentard posts seconds after.
every. single. time.

No. 155532

lmfao! joke?! you wrote a fucking detailed bible long wall of text ostrenga conspiracy theory and had a same fag war with the anon that called you out. that's one fucking crazy "joke".

No. 155533

It's also hilarious that when itsmenadz "ran off to work" ostrentard suddenly stop posting after a couple of hours at war on this thread. kekek

No. 155535

now watch them "both" come back after you posted that!
or maybe just "one" to seem less suspicious 8)

no where to hide itsmenadz you ostrentard.

No. 155538

File: 1468478671178.png (136.97 KB, 1072x443, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 1.25…)

itsmenadz: >>155525
"off to work"

ostrentard: >>155528
"gotta blast!"

identified the ostrentard guys. its this pullard.

No. 155541

Yep, I was the first person in this thread to post about how I thought the Kiki theory was funny. Some anon absolutely flipped out over it, accused me and another anon who agreed with me of samefagging. Literally a few seconds later sperg-chan appeared, posting a load of "REE IM KIKI" and non-sequitur Pepe's.

No. 155542

Sperg-chan, stop trying to make "ostrentard" happen. It's not gonna happen.

No. 155559

What the fuck is going on?

I was glad to see the psycho in the Taylor thread getting called out, but the farther I went down the thread the more shit piled.

No. 155562

If salt was still as valued as it was in history, this thread would be a meeting of squirrel skin millionares

No. 155565

so I take it you didn't see the miles of spam across many threads and also the gore / etc pics flooding the board? this is sperg chan.

No. 155566

you seem to have no idea how this board works. why are you talking to yourself?

No. 155569


No, I didn't. Wtf. I'm actually almost sad I missed out on the ridiculousness.

I figured whoever was posting on the Taylor thread so much was obviously off, but I didn't realize there would be an explosion.

No. 155570

Don't worry anon, your theory was pretty fun, though I'm afraid that with every samefag post your theory just gets more and more viable. It's kinda sad how she doesn't notice that her post are very different from other anon posts.
It's not "people" who can't take a joke, it's just one person. A very sad, deranged person.

No. 155572

Did you guys notice that it's literally the same pattern with "STOP SAMEFAGGING HURRDURR" in response to cleary different anons who either questions her or disagrees with her as in the new Taylor thread?

No. 155576

don't be sad. it was so shit the site was unusable.

No. 155577

everyone on this thread is actually just spergchan confirmed

No. 155579

eh, okay

stop samefagging you cunt why are you so obsessed with kiki disgusting ostrengtard conspiracy consiracy LMAO LMAOOO LMAOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHA

No. 155583

Jesus this thread went to shit quickly. It doesnt matter who Sperg chan is, we can all agree it's funny and annoying to watch them spam the forums.

No. 155627

File: 1468512919098.jpg (54.93 KB, 688x257, Untitled.jpg)

itsmenads posted this, it could be true. it could be sperg-chan trying to get this thread deleted too.

No. 155638

Sperg chan is literally trying to do the same thing we did to her, Also "ostrentard" sounds cringy

No. 155659

This sounds like a crock of shit honestly. If it really isn't this itsmenadz person, why does the shitposting happen every time they post? They must have one dedicated stalker. Or it's really them to begin with. No one is gonna wait hours for this person to post just so they can "frame" them.

No. 155665

Funny how all that samefagging stopped at the exact same time spergchan's thread spamming always stops, huh?

No. 155730

hi itsmenadz, no one gives a fuck about your "status update"

yeah seriously, this confirms it being the ostrentard sperging because of the conspiracy grammer "someone is framing meeee!1!1!!

every time itsmenadz goes away the spergtard does too. LOL this bitch is crazy

No. 155744

Oh hi spergchan! I missed you! <3

No. 155752

interesting coincydink that all of the screencaps came from a Mac, when we know that Kiki and/or Dakota used the same…
not pulling for either team, just another curiosity in the fascinating case of sperg-chan & co.

No. 155763

File: 1468550801781.jpg (22.43 KB, 526x294, heyguise.jpg)

Can admin-chan come in here and mark every samefag post in this thread? I think it'd be hilarious. Please say you can, admin!!

No. 155768

would cream myself tbh, but spergchan would probably tard out again and spam the board and try to get this and the kooter thread deleted again

No. 155804

screenshots taken from mac
kiki and kota have macs
spergchan is kiki and kota because macs

what in the fuck king of logic is that, are you 12 years old?

No. 155805


oh hi, itsmenadz
not too good at hiding the same fagging?

No. 155807


Can you be any more obvious? Just because you space our your posts by 1 hour doesn't mean we can't spot your ass.

No. 155808

all three posts within minutes of each other, definitely not a samefag…

No. 155811

File: 1468566452848.gif (444.34 KB, 200x96, image.gif)

Fucking autist. Always the same shit with you.

No. 155817

>ITT: samefags calling samefags samefags

No. 155922

Did someone try to mark her samefagging? If so, thank you very much! Too bad its not possible to mark all of her posts

No. 156110

the pull user should create a trip code here, post said code to pull, and post here. wouldn't every post of theirs be marked?

>inb4 that's not how trip codes work

I don't know much about them, but this is just a suggestion.

No. 180328

File: 1475809702754.jpg (236.78 KB, 1366x870, 1445705574669.jpg)



No. 180330

god this thread is so funny to read now in hindsight aha

No. 180331



No. 180332

Reading back, its fucking crazy how Kiki wanted Taylor to be unbanned when she also thought she was copying Dakota. Why would you want her to get more attention? So you could shit on her some more?


No. 180333


Yeah makes you wonder…

No. 180334

She is a retard, sooo

Although what if it was her brother the entire time? lmao

No. 180336

i love the mental image of kaka furiously spamming autism on lolcow

No. 180337


This anon called it, and then of course KaKa did what she does best, sperg out:


No. 180339

Holy shit >>155055 called it!

No. 180342

So Kiki aka Sperg-chan is Vendetta chan too?

Also this:

>Sperg-chan's meltdown also appears to coincide with Taylor's announcement that she has a boyfriend.

Vendetta chan said Taylor stole her man lol… wtf.

Wild shit

No. 180344

So…Kiki is on disability?

No. 180345

Maybe kaka is secretly afraid that elbow-san is actually her old boyfriend, since he never shows his face.

If she had half a brain she'd have noticed during her stalking that those 2 have most likely been together for years.

No. 180346

Who knows but I wouldn't put past her using her magical vegan scoliosis as excuse for collecting bux

No. 180348

aw man, I had hoped we would keep the spergchan reveal under wraps but I guess it's rly probably that Keeks was in the town hall meeting bc of site redirects. would have been the best thing ever to use it to fuck with her somehow

No. 180349

Well I mean, she's obviously mentally disabled so…

No. 180351

So, does this mean the PULL poster here >>155627 was Kiki all along?

No. 180353

Wait nvm I misread.

No. 180354

yeah also that,too.

Is there a way to re-read townhall chat logs? I missed the whole spergchan thing.

No. 180355


Taco? Taylor's bf looks taller, he doesn't look like Taco… but…


No. 180357

Wait…is everyone saying it was definitely Kiki because of this one post w/her pic >>180328 saying IT WAS ME? Because anyone could have done that. Or is there other evidence?

No. 180358

admin revealed it in townhall.

No. 180359

OMG!!! wow that's amazing. Now knowing that I can say that I've suspected for some time that the margaret p. stan/crazy that went by the name mimii was her too.

No. 180361

No, you missed the townhall.
Admin sama revealed Kaka was sperg-chan, that's why the picture, it was kaka all the time here with us.

No. 180365

File: 1475815770417.png (302.26 KB, 1162x274, PULLAdmin_OrlandoFL.png)

Oh my God! I wish I was there during chat, it would've been glorious to witness it firsthand. Of all the times real life has to intrude in :( … Can someone please post the transcripts of the chat or just the essential summary? ~**THANK YOU**

Here's a nutty tin-foil hat theory of mine: What if the PULL Admin and/or Mod(s) is actually an Osternga or a relative ? or worse, what if she's actually Kiki ? Their gofundme page (https://www.gofundme.com/pulldonate) lists the Admin as being from Orlando, FL.

PULL thread on their server donation campaign for reference: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2507-giving-back-to-pull/#comment-112358


No. 180367

It's funny how hard she tries to push that billshit positivity no bullying image while devoting so much time to cyber bullying Taylor lmao

No. 180368


No, there is no way she has that amount of restraint in her to not abuse power. Though with the admin being so close/near by I wouldn't be surprised if she started a witch hunt for her.

No. 180369

Further details about this matter will be forthcoming, but I can again confirm that Kiki and/or her mother is Sperg-chan.

No. 180370

Sad right? It's only bullying when it comes to her thread but she was by far the worst bitch on Taylor's thread.. I really wanted to believe she was trying to stay away from drama this time. Too bad.

>>180365 I think she can be that anti-Taylor account on PULL who's always saying Taylor is a copycat.

If Kaka was the owner of the site Taylor would be on the top and not only listed as a little snowflake. She wish she was the admin/mod.

No. 180371

right? thats one of the best parts. empath my ass

kiki kannibal… neet extroardinaire. keyboard warrior. jealous loser. will never have japanese husbando

No. 180373


I think she had a few accounts on Pull. There were at least 2-3 accounts posting the same garbage/spam, also they were interacting with each other and agreeing. Admins removed and banned them as far as I'm aware.

I wonder though … There was an account in the koots thread down voting every 'negative' comment and upvoting every 'positive' one. They never post any content either.

No. 180375

Now she's going to try extra hard to get that last one to prove you wrong..

Now I just hope she grows up and visits a therapist.

No. 180378


Yes, I confirmed with the PULL admins that those accounts were also Kiki and/or her mother.

No. 180383

Oh, I see.. thanks admin sama!

So maybe for some reason she knows Taylor's bf and wanted to date him..?

No. 180385

DAE just feel bad for keeks at this point and want to see her succeed? She's had a pretty tough going at things and clearly has some serious mental health issues. I blame her parents tbqh

No. 180386

Lol imagine Taylor's reaction when she finds out who was sperg-chan and the person behind those PULL accounts.


No. 180387


Ah, thanks.


I never been more curious to who Taylor's bf is.. Maybe she's triggered because everybody is speculating that he's rich ? Funny she also spammed in the V threads whom also happened to score a Japanese boyfriend before her.

No. 180389

I bet Taylor’s boyfriend is nobody special, but Kaka is just paranoid and insane and legitimately believes for some reason that Taylor stole Snaggle-kun from her.

That or Taco dumped her and she just got super butthurt about it since it ruined her nipponese husband plans.

No. 180397

That's quite pausible, I mean, we can't expect anything better from the same bitter woman who sexted some random nobody guy and openly made fun of the legit gf of said dude on Twitter

No. 180451

bye i remember when i suggested sperg-chan was an ostrenga as a joke and everyone called me a tinhatter LMAO i guess i was right. i though their extremely defensive butthurt was suspicious. jesus this is fucking hilarious.

No. 180453

That was me! Fuck, this is so awesome.

Nah, it's just that Kiki desperately wants to date almost any jap guy. Even though Taylor's bf isn't actually Japanese, I doubt that matters too much though. As long as he's rich and living in Tokyo, Kiki wants a piece of that.

At this point it looks very likely. It's a shame her parents allow her to continue living this way, she obviously needs a lot of help.

No. 180455

not to be a cold-hearted bitch but kiki possibly being on disability truly made my night. what a miserable cunt lmao. she's living a pathetic existence because that's exactly what she deserves. she's no different from the bullying shithead she was in 2006. so much for karma and positive energy lol. i think that's what pisses me off most is the borderline pathological delusions she has and how she just assumed a completely hypocritical persona. she reminds of those narcissists who form religious cults because they like the attention and feeling of power. no wonder she tried her hand at giving advice and being some motivational speaker for positive energy and veganism when it was all an outright lie LMAO.

No. 180462

Pretty sure that "everyone" was actually kiki because it was a very obvious samefag. I thought you were right lol

No. 180473

So Kiki has a hate boner for both Taylor and Venus, both YTers who have recently acquired Japanese husbands/bf's and are able to live in Japan. And she's obsessed and borderline unhinged. This is AMAZING.

No. 180477

lololol looking back at these posts and others is great

No. 180478

Pleeeaaasssse mark all her posts!

No. 180481

omg, I forgot all about her freaking out and desperately trying to push the "ostrentard" thing.

No. 180482

Goddamn, Kiki you are truly pathetic. I know you'll just ignore this but you really do need to get help.

No. 180483

She genuinely needs psychiatric care or a hobby. And no more internet privileges. Someone should make a serious documentary about the Ostrenga's and their weird dependency on the internet.

No. 180495

I never understood why just posting youtube videos wasn't good enough for her, so what if her following was minimal compared to koots, she's pretty enough to fart out haul videos like everyone else and it would make some kind of money

No. 180523

I think it's because, from what I remember of the internet back then anyway, is that Kiki was fucking everywhere. You couldn't go anywhere without her pictures popping up, especially with all the 7 minutes in emo heaven quizzes. SHE was the internet star every 13 year old aspired to be, and then we all grew up and we actually started to be introduced to interesting internet personalities, Kiki lost her limelight, we moved to Facebook and that was it, she's old news. Also there's no way to tell how much their mum pushes them for internet fame. They're just a super super odd family.

Sorry to armchair psychiatrist but it's so interesting, they're so fucked up.

No. 180530

It was Kiki all along? Damn, this is the best shit I've ever read. What an ~empath moogle of mother earth~.

I'm so embarrassed for you right now Keeks! You must have disappeared for a year because you were on here instead. 24/7 sperging, being exactly what you claim to be above, with no time to make content. Cringe.

No. 180568

File: 1475845600337.jpeg (139.84 KB, 750x1016, image.jpeg)

I had a scroll back through some of Kiki's posts and the irony of this made me chuckle.

No. 180643

Kiki does have that spine problem, and it wouldn't surprise me if she used that to get on disability and literally do nothing but troll online all day.

No. 180704

damn looking back it was so obviously kiki it hurts, her writing is so easily identifiable because she still types like its 2008
does kiki seriously think taylor stole her bf though? bc honestly its a little scary how fucked in the head kiki is about taylor

No. 180731


Idk how applying for disability in the US works but her scoliosis ain't even that bad. I've seen people literally deformed and still do their everyday life as much as their disability allows them without receiving govt. money.

No. 180746

It's hard as fuck to get disability in the US for certain things.

Although it can't be THAAAT hard for back pain, considering my boyfriends obese whale of a stepbrother got disability for back pain.

No. 180763

File: 1475888476890.jpg (29.07 KB, 362x530, M3500192-Woman_with_scoliosis_…)

in order to get disability for scoliosis, you need to have a pretty SEVERE case of it, like, it needs to measure to a certain degree before it can even be considered.

more than likely, she is receiving disability for her repeated bouts of psychosis.

No. 180764

right? otherwise bitch wouldn't be strolling in 8 inch heels,it is like the first thing people with spine problems avoid

No. 180788

Didn't Kiki reside in the same building in Roppongi with Taylor R, but on different floors?

No. 180792

There was no proof that Taylor was living there in that building, it was just shit people really wished was true.

No. 180824


So was Kaka being dumped by Taco and Taylor revealing she has a boyfriend at around the same time? I missed out on the initial sperging on Taylor's threads.

No. 196390

No. 196394

File: 1478792618400.gif (425.94 KB, 400x225, 6xN54LD.gif)

A+ Ostrenga radar

No. 197352

File: 1479003078747.jpg (134.89 KB, 582x581, 1464527995753.jpg)

Holy God she actually responds to herself to agree with herself, she actually fucking responded to this post THREE times to make it seem like multiple people think they're wrong. What in the hell?

No. 197366

knowing i was right all along has extended my life source by 400%. and i was the one who originally suggested it was an ostrenga here >>155409 and triggered kiki lmalamalao. fav.

No. 197367

i love how she immediately tried to make ostrentard a thing and blamed it all on some rando from pull to deflect from the fact she essentially got outed. and when no one bought into it she just samefagged and replied to herself obsessively. i wonder if kota is eating popcorn or deleting kiki from her contact list as we speak.

No. 197368

A+ work anon, the keek meltdown on the replies was amazing.

No. 222361

Use the Kiki threads in /pt/.

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