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File: 1637162893656.jpg (19.38 KB, 350x350, 13764356_mona-lisa.jpg)

No. 970526

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
It's always the fucking same kek

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:

Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


Previous Thread: >>>/ot/933479

No. 970793

What is the best way to go about making artist friends irl? I want to have friends that are on similar skill level that I can do croquis with (+ healthy level of rivalry). However I'm in a community college and my major is unrelated to art. Prior to a relationship I used Tinder to socialize but that's out of the picture now.

No. 970799

I usually find those people by drawing out in the open, like in museums, and just by going to places i know artists tend to go to to draw. Managed to get to know some nice people and even befriended one by just going to the museum to sketch and casually picking up convos at the right moments or attending public live model sessions.

No. 971002

Big conventions still aren't happening around me (thank god) but we've been getting a lot of really small events that have been awesome for meeting fellow artists, even when you're not tabling. It's so much easier to start a conversation and make friends when there aren't 50 people behind you trying to buy a keychain from the same artist you're talking to.

No. 971015

Use bumble, facebook groups, or hang out near art colleges- they sometimes have events where the alumni and external people all can participate!

No. 971016

File: 1637205735164.jpeg (48.06 KB, 240x400, ElaineDuillo2.jpeg)

Honestly, I love the old art style of romance novels. I currently lack the skills to do something like this, but I love the rendering and poses.

No. 971026

File: 1637206709388.jpg (434.18 KB, 1920x2716, hou-china-0830-2.jpg)

To the artists who do commissions for commercial use, how much extra should I charge?
I've read some people charge 500% of the final price, but I don't know if that would be excessive or not.
The style I draw is like picrel, is not my art, but is a similar style.

No. 971033

you typed sage in the wrong field anon, just a note.

You should consult your client for their budget & use of your art (use of assets). Ask for royalties for prints. Etc. You can google up existing freelance artist contracts so that your client doesn't screw you over patent in the future.

Many might've seen this already, but I found this art price video is pretty helpful, although does children book illustrations.

No. 971038

Thanks! I'm a digital artist though so I'd have to brush up on my skills before I embarrass myself in public haha.

Conventions sound like a really cool idea but I'm from nyc so I think most events are pretty large scale (either that or I'm just not hip enough to know about the small ones)

Ah I forgot bumble wasn't just for dating! Thanks for the idea on art school events, I think it'll be pretty handy once COVID dies down completely.

No. 971052

Based. I too love the style and am trying to recreate it digitally, since I think all the old ones were painted with acrylic. Sadly some style is lost and I'm not a great painter.

No. 971078

it's very skilled paintings, do people hate on them?

No. 971291

I think it's cuz they're heavily associated with old timey raunchy adult romance novels? I always found them amazing. Imagine the amount of work put into one novel cover.

No. 971350

In my experience, I've asked them how much they're willing to pay. SOMETIMES you get lucky and they'll pay more than you were expecting. But have a set price in mind, and if they offer less, state your offer. IF they really want your art, they'll be willing to negotiate at this point. You should break down your cost with reasons (i.e. "this style takes a lot of time to get the details just right", "if you want revisions, it'll cost extra"). In business negotiations, the first one to name a number loses; art is no different.

No. 971397

more like
>cuz they're heavily associated with old timey raunchy romance novels for women

No. 971430

Anons how good do you have to be to reasonably be able to take comissions? I'm a hobbyist and I've got a good grasp of anatomy and making things mildly pretty with flat colors. Is that enough? How do I start? Pls help.

No. 971435

Anon I've seen people make money off of adoptables and when their skill level is really low, you just have to know your worth. Think about the time it takes you to produce something, think about your skill set, compare the prices you're thinking about with other artists of a similar skill set. I think you could offer commissions at almost any skill level, it's not really about how well you draw, but how much your audience responds to your drawings. Her adoptables are cute and quirky, and people like the idea of having a special character only they can use or whatever, so that person has a relatively easy time selling them.

No. 971438

tbh getting commissions usually depends more on having a fanbase/followers that like your art than your actual art skill.i've been people with pretty crap mediocre art getting their commissions slots filled in no time. there's no such thing as 'how good do you have to be to take commissions', but rather if you have people interested in your art regardless of skill.

No. 971512

Mostly because critque think of it as tacky entertainment art, while modern consumer think of it as conservative sexist art. When in reality the meaning behind it is no different than any modern fanarts except they are painted by professional of that time.

No. 971684

Anon from previous thread had mentioned that even at hobbyist level you can still charge $100 for a full body. You can deduce from there for half body and bust options.

No. 972039


^ this post right here anon. You’re a hobbyist rn, so you don’t have to worry about the “perfect” price for your work. Just getting started/making a name for yourself is good enough.
But If you want, You can also look up examples online, or if you want to go the extra mile look for artstyles similar to yours and base your pricing on it. Remember anon, if someone really wants it, they’ll pay for it

No. 972096

I think from now on I'm going to buy zines discounted, prices have risen so much in the past years (especially with custom taxes) and b-grades quality is decent enough.

No. 972268

Realized I posted in the old thread, here I go again:

Since all the black friday sales are coming up, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to get my hands on a drawing tablet with screen (already have one without screen). Do you have any recommondations for a good tablet? Not sure if I want a normal screen tablet or something like an iPad or Android Tablet, so I can draw wherever I am.

No. 972274

zine production and prices have been getting more and more ridiculous. at this point it's less of a fun fan project and more of a fan collab fancy merch item.

No. 972293

File: 1637330872583.jpg (269.79 KB, 1152x1536, 135476490_176194247576840_4408…)

Cleanse our souls and our eyes Serenity Sam

No. 972387

I have a huion kamvas 16 and it's pretty great. I had an ipad pro before and I honestly couldn't get comfortable with it, it's a great tablet but I didn't love the pen and I prefer to use my regular computer programs anwyay. I was skeptical about huion since their stuff seems to be hit or miss but so far I've had no issues at all.

No. 972407

Same on the huion thing. I've heard many people saying it was great, but also heard an equal amount saying that huions often come with driver problems and compatibility problems with some art programs (a friend of mine had a huion that refused to work with paint tool SAI for example).

No. 972416

Nta but I also have a Kamvas 16 and before that I had the WH1409 and didn't have issues with either. I use a lot of programs too, FireAlpaca, Krita, SAI, Sketchbook, Illustrator and PS

No. 972418

I’m a professional illustrator and own an iPad, wacom intuos pro and wacom cintiq 16.
I only use the iPad for sketching since I find even the 12.9” too small to work on comfortably. The cintiq I mainly bought because of the wacom brand name. The pen is fantastic but the screen isn’t that good, it’s a little dark and non-laminated plastic film. Overall the drawing experience is good but the cheaper competitors are definitely catching up and they will often have better screens (color gamut, lamination, etched glass etc). If I got another tablet I’d check them out before wacom and probably go for a bigger screen than 16” too.

No. 972544

I own a huion too and I discovered that the main issue tend to be anti-cheating programs, like the ones multiplayer vidya have or even just videogame store launches like steam

No. 972767

File: 1637354130832.jpeg (107.69 KB, 1024x804, EBA71C98-6EC9-4AC9-A2BB-F438BC…)

still waiting to see if any of this stuff ever gets proven

No. 973021

I vaguely remembered that he admitted he had traced in the past, and now he's on a "redemption" for it by catching tracers.

As for the interviewing, yeah, it is pretty dodgy but pretty much same tactics as any sensational journalist. When the target of his topic point refused an interview, he still made a video about them anyways, and went as far as painting them being unapproachable (strange, how people don't trust you since your channel is known for roasting other content creators).

As a much older artist who was somewhat involved with the newgrounds/animation crowd in the past, I just think this kid just needs better influence & peers instead of being surrounded by only nsfw artists.

No. 973358

File: 1637400408730.png (1.3 MB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20211119-133119.png)

God is dead

No. 973694

I'm also a professional illustrator and I use a Wacom small, I've used it for 13 years now and never had troubles with it.I don't plan on changing it unless it breakes.
I personally prefer non-screen tablets, I think they are cheaper too, if you are just starting you wouldn't want to spend too much money on something you may regret getting. Just my opinion

No. 973835

Not a professional illustrator, but a designer who does illustrations as a hobby, and I second this.

I use my tablet both for my job and my illustrations, and I have a medium-sized Wacom Intuos Pro that's wuite the oldie and still works perfectly. It's very sturdy as well, I lost the count of times I accidentally dropped something on it yet it still worked as if nothing had happened. Back when I went to buy it I had taken a look at some screen tablets of the same size but their price was infinitely higher compared to the ones without screens, but I suppose that kind comes from personal preference too. I know some coworkers of mine who just can't use screen-less tablets at all, while others are the opposite.

No. 973890

File: 1637445795548.png (1.49 MB, 596x5164, screencapture-twitter-beesmygo…)

webcomic artist having a meltdown over webtoon

No. 973897

and men killed her

No. 973901

They're kinda right tho. But webtoon is for kids anyway so who cares

No. 973914

as a fellow comic auteur I agree with this dude lol, this platform isn't for people who are serious about graphic novel and sequential arts.
I do feel bad for the kids who started out with webtoon format, and having to unlearn all this "mobile optimized" bs when they get published on prints later.

No. 973945

oh yeah they're completely right, it's just the way they're still complaining about this shit almost 24hrs after they first posted it is funny.

No. 973949

He's complaining about the site giving tips to help its users optimize their work to function properly on the site, what's the problem here? boomer behavior. vertical comics look best on mobile, and more and more people only have a phone or tablet as opposed to a desktop computer. if you have an online comic you should take advantage of a comic site that works vertically

No. 973954

File: 1637450096484.jpeg (291.41 KB, 1125x683, 40AEB25B-691A-4936-89EB-CBF469…)

oh yeah, webcomic vs webtoon artist bitch fight is still on going on this person's twitter apparently. it is hilarious to how the arguments reduced into petty QRTs now

man I'm glad im retired from social media, just bad for my blood pressure ngl

No. 973964

File: 1637450458616.png (40.23 KB, 1130x288, you wouldn't PrtSc a webtoon.p…)

we're reaching stupid levels of salt here

No. 973971

File: 1637450846289.jpeg (497.35 KB, 1125x1106, 1407715D-BBCF-4C84-955B-017AAC…)

omg anon your file name.

okay im still reading up and ngl id be friend with this person lol, the salty boomer energy

No. 974014

they're right though

No. 974056

They've been pissing their pants about this for way too long now though kek, they're so mad about webtoons. Imagine having them rant at you for hours about shit you don't care about, like chill out and go draw your boomer comics then.

No. 974180

>here? boomer behavior. vertical comics look best on mobile
Aren't most comics these days already vertical? A typical manga or graphic novel page looks totally fine on a phone.

No. 974197

Holly Brown just announced in her commissions livestream (her channel is renamed RazorLaser) that she's now in a poly throuple with TwistedDisaster and her husband

No. 974214

File: 1637474447408.png (1.09 MB, 1165x947, 0E4606E4-90BA-4FE0-82CD-27E74E…)

Damn, what a twist. This is not what I was expecting

No. 974248

That’s really sad. I feel like she’s latching onto any relationship she can get because she’s all alone

No. 974252

Yeah, like you have to know that you’re the third wheel to a married couple smh

No. 974253

Yeah. She said twice early in the stream "when I'm traveling to see my gf and bf" clearly wanting people to ask about it. And she made a point of saying she isn't going to share so much with youtube now because she respects herself. Then as soon as someone asked, she said while they were at the ren faire that TD asked her to be her girlfriend and Holly was like "you're married" and TD said you can also date Cody too, he wants to and Holly agreed to it. So there was no romantic buildup to this whatsoever. And Holly was talking about how she's getting on birth control. She's too old to be so naive.

No. 974264

This smells of desperation, like she’s spent basically the entire pandemic alone and has no irl friends around her so she’s jumping into this relationship so she has an excuse to meet up with people and have some semblance of a romantic relationship. Also isn’t she lesbian, or did she switch back to being bi?

No. 974277


They mean full page layout VS infinite scrolling. Their argument isn't really that comics made in webtoons sucks, it's the forced format that people are breaking their necks over. And they're right, the infinite scroll format sucks ass. It's so inefficient and not versatile. If you want to do literally anything else with it, or read it on anything other than a phone,you can't without it looking like dog shit. It's not a boomer opinion it's just facts.

Full offense but why is it always the greasy people weeding their way into what they think is a poly relationship? She's doomed to fail, and fall back into her hole once she gets rejected, or fucks up. She was so desperate to show off her relationship so badly. TD isn't even 5 yrs into her marriage I don't think. Sounds like a hasty afterthought.

No. 974279

The fact that she was desperate to show off her new relationship on stream means she’s either searching for validation because she knows she fucked up or she’s deluded and thinks this is a great idea. Greasy people tend to be the only ones desperate enough to accept third wheel status. How long do you think this thing will last?

No. 974281

I hate the immature twitter overreaction but this person is right.

No. 974296

IKR they made pretty sound arguments imo, I'm too much of a coward to agree with them in public considering a lot of my mutuals operate on webtoon now.
I read up on the people replied to their thread, and there was one linking OP's webcomic to "dunk" as saying OP's arts aren't that great to put down webtoon artists (which is a low, low blow damn).

It's sad to see OP is a minority in this but really a lot of industry comic artists don't bother to fuck with social media when it's infested with mostly zoomers now.

No. 974558

I’ll have to watch the livestream and timestamp it, And if it isn’t a joke, that’s hilarious, especially after TD’s whole video dedicated to dunking on poly- saying how those relationships are never meant to work out

No. 974682

Traditional art nonnies, I have a question.

My little sister's big into gouache watercolor rn, is the Sakura Koi and jelly gouache sets okay for beginners? I've seen that they're both shit or amazing or are there better alternatives?

No. 974746

File: 1637535599027.png (425.21 KB, 825x1348, Screenshot_20211121-175856.png)

https://twitter.com/hotGlossed/status/1462493436456706051?t=EzcSzSUMg6oep_HY5vFOGw&s=19 imagine being an artist with 222k followers doxxing another artist with 1k because she asked info about the $300 commission she wanted 3 months for

No. 974762

File: 1637536963958.png (69.69 KB, 615x973, FEvn9sjXoAc8H86.png)

I just checked that person's twitter, and they posted screenshots of the full conversation.

No. 974764

File: 1637537336827.png (111.75 KB, 292x362, uwZ7d77w.png)


here is the super amazingly intricate $75 sketch

No. 974765

It looks terrible. Did the artist spend only 10 minutes on this? Holy shit.

No. 974773

Kek. The person themself even doxxed their email and private contacts.

Ok, but Honestly seems like a shit thing either way. The set price for the sketch is $75, so I understand why the artist didn’t compromise, yet the artist didn’t complete the full sketch- they said themself with the lighter that they didn’t add in.

No. 974779

File: 1637539001699.jpeg (116.75 KB, 1100x890, DBC6B9FE-5E1A-456D-B875-98B5A6…)

>you’re going to pay the full price for all my hard work on that 4 min sketch
>commission examples for the sketch

No. 974780

File: 1637539212786.jpeg (128.24 KB, 841x1107, DD59AC10-CBF4-45D7-B489-8FE447…)

I haven't used that particular gouache but the Koi watercolors are one of my favorite cheap sets. The colors are vibrant and they flow well.

The biggest thing for painting is to use decent paper. For ages I thought I hated watercolors but it was just because cheaper paper doesn't handle paint well, even if it's for watercolor. Fabriano has a student grade option that has a bit of cotton in it, and for practicing it's been ok. The more cotton, the better, but it gets pricey quickly lol

No. 974781

File: 1637540075569.png (254.76 KB, 944x898, hotGlossedV.PNG)


Apparently, HotGlossed changed the TOS after this all popped off. The sketch >>974764 is clearly nothing like >>974779 so I think the commissioner kind of has a point.


No. 974788

File: 1637541080981.jpeg (101.21 KB, 1080x757, 2695B6C3-0C13-4ED8-A8BD-88A0CE…)

> I think the commissioner kind of has a point.
Yeah, at first I gave the benefit of the doubt to the artist because I didn’t know them, or know what their art looked like

No. 974792

This artist is a scammer kek. I checked the comissioners Twitter and apparently this was her first time buying a commission. This woman is never buying a comission ever again kek She's getting dogpiled by his 200k followers now.

No. 974798

> her first time buying a commission

Well that explains why she couldn’t see all the red flags when the artist made it apparent that he had a lot of other commissions to do yet still took her offer, then takes months to show progress.

No. 974838

What would be a good place to host comics? I'm interested in posting my comics and since webtoon has the most popularity i thought it would provide the most opportunities to get myself out there.

No. 974852

I don't know either of the artists. Here's my perspective as someone who has been taking commissions for nearly a decade.

When I looked into the details, unfortunately I will have to side with the 200K followers artist. The commissioner mentioned about it was them "acting unprofessional" when there's no specifics about it except pointing to the TOS revision (from no refund to refund at sketch stage is sketch price).

I see the style stage is still similar to the sketch style sample, and artist should be allowed to charge at that price for a refund. It's the client who didn't want to take it up and listened to bad advice from friends which ended up making a false claims (which is historically fucking both sides of the client and seller since Paypal is such a bitch like that).

The two of them could've worked out in a bit communication wise. Otherwise just take back your $75 and leave lmao.

No. 974853

same anon, what I meant is taking back what had subtracted to $75 (idk the artist's original price)

No. 974855


you can't say the sketch they gave the commissioner looked anything like their sketch samples though

No. 974856

I use gumroad and itchio. I've seen some veteran comic artists have been posting their full comic in twitter thread recently too.
You can make a thread to post a first few pages of your comic as hook, then the final tweet to the thread would be link to your ebook storepage. Good luck anon!

No. 974857

Honestly, this is just a break down in communication and unprofessional on both sides, I wouldn't want to deal with either of them. While I hate when commissioners try to give me a ton of revisions, I also hate when artists with large followings absolutely steamroll, threaten and sic their followers on smaller artists. It could have gone down a lot better than this hot mess.

No. 974858

doesn't hurt to clean up a bit or subtract a few dollars on it, I just see OP's sketches (including sample) are much cleaner than mine.

No. 974860

I don't agree with the fact that large follower artists will have to act like influencers, in which keeping everything in private. The PP dispute is more complicated than that, as I've seen artists gotten their balance being froze and taken hostage by PP because of incident like these.
I'd like to know what kind of client I get to avoid working with in the future too, a whispernet/blacklist should be good enough.

No. 974922

This isn't one of those sketches for $75. That's his rough sketch, not finalized sketch order for $75.

No. 974929

They also aren't siccing anyone after anyone either. They are publicly warning other artists to take this commissioner. They aren't doxxed either as this is a commission account, not their personal facebook or real name or anything either. This is important in the community to share this knowledge and going and DMing every artist instead is way too much hassle. This proves a point to other people thinking of acting this way. The artist was reasonable imo. Neither of them are showing how many revisions he asked for, but from the sounds of it, it's a lot of details the guy didn't even give the artist to begin with and basically sounds like he has to start over. I would have put that in the back of the pile too, especially if I had some work prepped, like this was, before moving forward after approval from the commissioners. I don't know how many anons here take commissions, but starting from scratch sometimes means you have to be scrabbled back in line. He's still willing to do a more solid sketch with all the revisions for the original cost of his sketches, but the guy instead said he'd do that and then opened a full refund case even though the artist agreed to a refund except $75.

The commissioner is trash.

No. 974932

It's basically something in the community to blacklist people who do this through PayPal because it can lock up artists' accounts. This is why you should do it independently. It gets a mark from the company and you get enough of those, you get your account banned and you've stolen someone's way of income at that point.

No. 974964

File: 1637564605446.png (67.96 KB, 337x282, Screenshot_2018-04-29-15-54-10…)

TIL people are willing to wait 3 months or more for a commission

No. 974967

>>974964 terms of service says commissions can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months and after 3 months the sketch isnt even finis

No. 974968

File: 1637565381419.jpeg (414.61 KB, 1124x1894, ABA015E0-2E3E-4EC0-A898-FE6673…)

heartmush is auctioning an adoptable with the starting price at $200 and autobuy at $600 …not a single bid yet: https://www.deviantart.com/heartmush/art/adopt-auction-open-updated-APPLE-BLOSSOM-898592272

No. 974973

No wonder, the design and art are fucking atrocious. She could have bothered to polish up the artwork at least, but even then the colors are weird.

No. 974995

File: 1637568947812.jpeg (754.83 KB, 791x1027, 8D9365AF-F2E0-439B-9B4B-5A4E64…)

The review reminded me of that one (prince?) character from Deltarune and thought that was cute until I saw the full piece.

The legs, fuck auction someone please call an ambulance now.

No. 975009

It's so confusing too. Why add that saturated orange shadow? Adoptables should have clear colors with soft shadows so you can see what the design's like. It looks rushed too, though that may be her or the other designer's fault.

No. 975024

I get why adoptables are popular to do, but even as someone who loves designing characters, I couldn’t get into the hype because I can’t imagine putting work into designing an original character and drawing an illustration for a slim chance that someone /might/ pay 100 or 200 bucks tops to own it. At least with commissions I could get paid the same amount for a half-body of some existing character and not worry about wasted effort.

No. 975064

How do I make reels for instagram? Do people record it on tiktok and then upload to insta

No. 975157

If you like designing characters you really should try adoptables out anon. If you put effort into your designs and spend some time among other adoptable artists then it's almost guaranteed that you'll get someone to buy them. I see people successfully selling bad doodles.

No. 975177

I waited 2 years and a half for my first commission, and didn't even get it. She gave me a refund after 2 and a half years.

No. 975180

Jfc, and I feel bad having to ask for an extra day or two.

No. 975182


Adoptables almost always have trashy, cluttered designs. The people who buy them generally aren't artists, so they're distracted by all the colors and details crammed into one design. This is so stupid. It's not even an interesting concept, it just looks like someone puked up orange soda.

No. 975183

Jesus christ, anon you have the patience of a saint. I'm an artist myself and because of that I know that most others need a month or so to finish their craft, so when I'm commissioning someone I tend to even give them two or three months even of leeway. But anything more than that and I'll start asking questions, let alone a year- by that point I'll have asked for a refund already.

No. 975185

Speaking of commissions, anons how do you feel being commissioned by someone who you consider to be your friend?

I've had both good and bad experiences with these situations. Most of them good, but I also went through enough times featuring "friends" (people who I actually bonded with for over a year or more, that I genuinely thought were a friend) actually not paying or not wanting to pay and just ghosting me or making up excuses "because we are friends!".

No. 975187

When I take a commission from anyone, I ask for 30% upfront, I give them a date of completion, I tell them I can offer WIPs, and they finish the payment at completion. I've yet to have someone skip out on me.

No. 975203

I know I'm 3 days late but I'd figure I could give one more bit of experience. I recently bought an xp pen xp pen artist 12 2nd gen as my first screen tablet and my hopes are high. I've only ever owned wacom or huion so I'm excited to try out the new player. Never had bad huion driver experiences (probably because I don't own a screen tablet yet) but I find their pens very easy to break. Never ever ever let them fall off your desk. Once or twice is fine, but then it just breaks. I find wacom far too pricey for me now but at least their pens never broke on me.
I get commissioned by friends all the time and it's okay. It has to be people you trust for real I think, and when it's the case I always feel bad for taking their money. Friends tend to be more patient, and I appreciate that. I guess don't fuck with people who are antsy or are not financially responsible. I kept politely refusing this one (now ex)friend who was a furry who later on became homeless, I simply won't take money from friends who make it known how bad they are with their money.

No. 975204

Dude got a starting bid. Why

No. 975205

it was probably by someone who's not an artist and just wants another """""pretty""""" oc to submit to their toyhou.se page and then never touch it again.

No. 975246

It's because I'm weak-willed and a coward and I remember the exact times I asked for an update throughout the years, and it was 3 times in total. Plus the fact that they changed accounts too during those 2 years I was waiting. It was also my first comission ever, needless to say I never got one again. When I used to do comissions, after that experiene I made it my life-line to finish them in 1 week or 2 max

No. 975291

Another question about commissions; How do you anons handle taking multiple at once, particularly the payment? Like if you take payment upfront but have five slots open, do you take payment for all of them at once and then work on everything at the same time or one after another and leave some people waiting for a few weeks after they have paid? Or would it make more sense to contact customers only when you're free to work on theirs, in a way promising them the spot, but only asking for payment once everything else has been cleared?
I'm asking because I've only taken a few once and felt unsure with the time I left people waiting. The sketches were all done quickly after they paid, but then I had issues finishing everything during the estimate I gave out and some people waited two days for lines while others waited four etc. It went okay in the end, but working on multiple things at once and keeping others waiting was very stressful for me, so I'm wondering if there is some proper way to manage it?

No. 975296

I usually do one commission at a time rather than doing all of them at the same time. I tell my commissioners that "you're 3rd on the list, your spot is secured though so just wait a little bit please!" or something like that and when their turn comes i take their payment upfront.

No. 975399

File: 1637603500015.jpeg (169.59 KB, 1140x1140, 43F53632-44AB-4E2C-84AB-80538E…)

i personally use talons plakkaatverf gouache which i swear by, and i feel its much better than jelly gouache. sure its more expensive, but its much easier to clean, and so smooth.
i started off with regular watercolors though, and that really was a better starting point than jumping straight into gouache imo since it’s more forgiving.
if you wanted to get the royal talens set, i’d get the 5 tube set. thats more than enough for beginner.

No. 975565

Since I open few slots at a time, I take all the payments at once so the whole process is more streamlined for me. Tbh communication is the part that slows me down the most and I find it tedious to have to contact the next person to get their payment every time I'm done with a commission, I just prefer to get that out of the way first. I know how you feel about stressing out over making people wait since I used to feel that way too, but from the client's perspective it doesn't really make much of a difference being charged one week sooner or later. As long as you're clear about your max turnaround time there's no issue imo. I also find it helpful to have a public trello so people can check my progress and see which commission(s) I'm currently working on whenever they want. It's up to you and how you work best honestly. Good luck anon!

No. 975606

File: 1637616579651.png (1.07 MB, 2418x2917, download20210300002514.png)

adding to this gloss artist, I was digging through their page and… who in the right mind would pay $200 for something in this style?

No. 975610

I aim to reach a point where I can just refuse commissions with characters I don't like

No. 975618

File: 1637617683313.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1743, A4FEE068-A3A8-47FE-BCA5-1E5C04…)

Imagine looking like this and calling someone else a pedo and attacking then irl mean girls style over an anime ship lmao, I can’t


No. 975622

File: 1637618367883.jpg (36.52 KB, 564x400, expensive.jpg)

>This thread has already descended to 'this art piece isn't worth the price! what's supply and demand?'

No. 975631

File: 1637619446020.jpg (145.28 KB, 1125x1671, FExeovtXoAUMfi-.jpg)

use screenshots not links

that said, even though iamlunasol can be a cow this is insanity. who tf goes that far and then calls someone else the bully? How do you threaten someone else with physical harm and then try to give them "a gift" and act like they're a bully because they didn't want to open a box you probably had some sort of knife in or tampered with?

No. 975640

she looks way too nerdy not to know how to use apostrophes

No. 975733

iamlunasol is definitely a cow but zoomers (and middle schoolers) wanting to hurt her and then chickening out is definitely funny. There are several raging literal middle schoolers in her replies at all times, she even did a colossalcon texas recap thread and they were there too. I thought twitter users were all about deleting kneecaps what happened?

No. 975752

the price isn’t an issue if people pay for it tbh, have commissioned other artists for 5x the price (and no, not for porn). he was reasonable up until he changed his terms on the commissioner imo and asked them to pay for the sketch though and i would never commission him. im sure many other people will though

No. 975849

>claims to be professional
>almost 2 months pass
>barely has a sketch done and still wants $75 for it

the commissioner was wrong to open a claim when the artist was offering a refund, but this artist is shit too. imagine sitting on another person's $300 and not working on the drawing for weeks. if you can't deliver in a timely manner you're no professional.

No. 975851

My boyfriend offers partial or full. A lot of people outright pay in full because they know how commissions work, but around holidays, partial and then the rest before sending full files with proper quality, is a good route too. Just make sure you don't send all the original files before getting the finished payment. Put a watermark over a preview of the final product, get the other half of the commission, and then send everything without watermarks. Also creating a full sheet with all the info you need is important. If you are worried about deadlines, you could let people know that you will take people and finish in the order you get them, but also be clear that the receipt time is a minimum X-amount of weeks. This way people can't pretend they don't see that as it's on your main promotion sheet. Also adding in "no refunds" is a good one. If you do all your sketches at once, I would still keep the line in which you got your slots, and finish the sketches into finals in that order instead of skipping around. This also eliminates you working on too many things at once and since you have approved sketches, you'll be ahead in the next commission once you finish the first slot commission. I hope that made sense.

No. 975859

They agreed on a concrete sketch after the initial requests to a rough sketch that the commissioner never even mentions those details to begin with. I have a feeling at this point your self posting because the logic you are throwing around is absurd and highly stupid. They agreed to refund $225. Instead, the commissioner decided to possibly lock up the artist's way of making money by opening a false claim, when they already agreed on the artist keeping $75 for a paid sketch. The fact that they did the false claim is absolutely a reason to change ToS. They were going to keep the original ToS for this guy until he fucked the artist over. Of course, he'd change it after that. That's exactly what anyone with ToS do when they have a customer who completely disregards everything for selfish, clout chasing, reasons. This is a case of one person ruining it for everyone else. Now no one gets the chance of any refund because this person wanted to be a selfish piece of shit.

There is nothing the artist did wrong in this. It's a pissy brat who thinks they can fuck with an artist and I'm so glad they got called out in the community. The fact that they were pussy enough to even do a paypal claim and put the artist's livelihood at jeopardy, is the most pathetic thing possible. There's an unspoken rule that you don't pull that shit in the community and this little bitch did just that. I hope they get blacklisted and people deny them commissions.

No. 975871

File: 1637649605335.jpg (122.82 KB, 633x967, changes3.jpg)

Here's the reference they gave. I would've also interpreted the arrow for the turtleneck to mean they want the whole top to be a turtleneck and even in their description they don't mention the hoodie. They specified a turtleneck. Also they didn't give much more in reference to show that that hair is made of cement and actual forever placement. The pose straight up looks like it's supposed to be. The hair in the face forward has the look of movement because it looks like it has movement as well from the posed character model. That's when a character sheet comes in handy which the commissioner should've had for something as detailed as needing arbitrary "1-2 inches longer in the back". I'll share the changes they wanted. This hyper-detailed stuff they wanted changed is annoying, this is stuff she should've thought about when prepping their request. They even admitted it's their first time commissioning, so it's not the artist's job to coach them on how to go about properly ordering a commission. Details like that need to be stated and her arrow and written in wants aren't description enough.

No. 975873

this incident makes me think whether male commissioners are such anal to work with.
every "commission artist nightmare" stories I have is always with male client: pestering on showing WIPs almost DAILY, overtly explicit in nsfw description without prompt, "babe im a popular twitch streamer i'm sure your art as banner will be a huge boost to you" aka For Exposure.

My TOS is thick as fuck and I made it's impossible for clients to place an order without reading & agreeing to it, ever since then all my clients are just nice & patient women who wants to have their het ships drawn lol. Lesson for all: be strict on your TOS and revise annually.

No. 975874

File: 1637649759508.png (69.65 KB, 619x974, changes.png)

If you're going to dig in about needing hair to touch the clavicle, Jesus Christ, actually put that information in instead of waiting for a sketch when these minuscule character details that make the character of so unique, should be written down and a back/side/front would be nice for people having to recreate the look. Not just an action shot where it looks like it's not on purpose, but instead of being an in motion hairstyle.

No. 975876

I think its just the whole "few spoil the bunch" but never had issues except a few that took interacting as a way to put a move on or my S/O had an issue where one dude deep-dived because my S/O cut him off for trying to tell him their life story and talk about kinks and just got unprofessional instead of a "Give me money and I'll draw for you" and the guy found his Facebook and found his real name because at the time he used a different PayPal email and it just got worse. I don't see a lot of women having that crazy attachment issue. He thinks it might be because guys who are degenerates just go crazy when they commission sometimes because they want to think everyone who draws NSFW is also into their gross kinks and that's so highly untrue and they get comfortable and want lockerroom talk. Luckily my S/O isn't like that and winds up blocking those people. He made the mistake once of adding someone on Discord and became friends until the friend had this idea in his head that my S/O and him had something going on and sent him a dick pic. Like wtf. Guys are just deranged in general, but I know a lot of girls who act the same way with IRL artists like musicians/singers and actors.

No. 975905

Awwww, this is actually fairly cute tbh.

No. 975912

lol this sort of bullshit is what I always worried commissions would be like - private customers are a fucking nightmare if you don't reign them in

No. 975939


this kind of shit is the worst. seriously, if you're going to be this fucking picky just learn to draw yourself. no artist is going to want to tolerate you being this anal about every little detail. this is literally intolerable.

No. 975941

Nitpicking a bit here but the wording on that commission sheet… "i will not do certain characters i don't like the designs of" can't you just say, i dunno, "i won't draw questionable ideas/designs" or something instead, lol

can relate kek, i had a couple uncomfortable experiences with people who seemed way too eager to talk about nsfw topics at the slightest opportunity. Must be all that coom in the brain.

No. 975958


it was still the very rough sketch stage and the artist agreed to do the revisions for free anyways, it's not on the commisioner if the artist agrees.

also the artist never had any deduction of the sketch fee from refunds term when the client commisioned them, they made that up halfway through.

https://twitter.com/velurbie/status/1462518698019860486?s=20(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 976006


nonie thats crazy!! please share what was the comission was im so curioussssss! theres obviously no excuse for what they did but i just find it odd that they just kept running from what you asked lol.

No. 976144

NTA the wording on commission sheet TOS can be simplified to "I have the rights to refuse commission without explanation" or something in that regard, I've seen a few artist used this too.

No. 976164

I don't get adoptables. What legal action could actually be taken if someone started drawing the adoptable or at least one heavily inspired by it? As long as someone isn't profiting off it, surely that isn't illegal, correct?

No. 976165

who would wanna take action? the former is free fanart and the latter is just petty plagiarism, which every big artist deals with anyway so nbd

No. 976166

I thinks it's more of a community policing thing. It's more like a verbal agreement among the community that you just don't do that and if you do, expect some serious blowback from said community. Basically, if you decide to go against the rules of said friend group you'll be kicked out of the group. If you don't mind that then there's really nothing stopping someone from just copying someone else's adoptables or closed species.

The thing is if someone really wants to have an adoptable or closed species, chances are that they also want to be apart of that community so they try not to do anything that would piss off said community.

No. 976170

kek i told a friend before she should just make her own character the adoptable specie she wanted. its like people really dont get you could just draw it yourself because its already widely spread on the internet. if the creator wanted such set in stone characters and species they should have made original material for them like comics/animation/games. in that sense those would be the canon ones while everything outside them is fanmade.

No. 976193

File: 1637682472204.png (889.95 KB, 1341x938, 6063CA16-048F-4786-9BAA-D6F424…)

in what works is the left sketch the same quality as the right? making them pay the same price is ridiculous

No. 976257

It's a community thing. No one can stop you from making a character from a closed species without paying, but you won't be able to roleplay or interact with anyone from the community. And if you sell the adoptables, you can expect to be blacklisted everywhere and you won't be able to sell shit.
Adoptables are just like any other form of art commission. You're paying someone to get a cool drawing and a character design, and if someone copies it or heavily references it, it's just like someone copying a random commission and calling it theirs. Nothing happens if someone steals a piece of digital art, they just get called out and blacklisted and that's it.

No. 976264

This whole adoptables thing reminds me of a popular closed species all the way from DA days that became notorious for the high prices you had to pay to buy a "premium" design. Protogens, I think? I wasn't part of the adoptable community but a friend of mine was and she'd tell me how if you wanted a special protogen, called a "Primogen" or smth, you had to pay up a lot.

I find adoptables and even closed species an interesting concept and have been slowly dipping my toes in the community, but sometimes I do keep thinking about these closed species with "premium" designs that are so incredibly expensive. Like just…why? Why charge $1000 on a design just because it has wings as its differential?

No. 976271

This person is a nit picker, if they’re that specific about the drawing then they can draw it themselves. This is just a “move it a liiiitle more to the right….now a little more to the left…. oh Nevermind, to the right again” person. The artist should have been clearer about revisions beforehand, most artists either outright refuse revisions or limit it to 1 or 2. If not, they’re subject to being their client’s slave until the commission is up.
There are a LOT of reasons to avoid revisions, other than it adding more work to the artist. It often wrecks the drawings composition and destroys the artists flow.

No. 976272

Pls look at this and compare with what they got

No. 976281

What's a closed species?
What's a premium design?

No. 976305

I really don’t see that great deal of a difference, it is nothing to note. Whatever an artist includes in their portfolio or their price sheet is their BEST work, commissioners need to keep that in mind.

The artist cut them off dramatically, but when you’re a professional you grow the ability to sus out problem customers. Everything about the way the commissioner was talking and acting is manipulative, and by having them put the artist on blast like that it totally proves the artist was 100% correct in their suspicions. If they would have continued to indulge the commissioner with their requests it would have never ended. This is only the sketch stage and they’ve already requested extensive minuscule changes, imagine how many changes they would ask for in the color stage? They would be likely to say something like “after seeing this in color I don’t think the pose is working”, it happens many times. Artists need to be assertive to survive.

No. 976306

Basically someone creates a "species" which fall into specific visual characteristics. It's a closed species when the artists asks that no one outside of the adopted community draw it (which I think is retarded). So say I draw a species of bear-like animals. They have antennae, their coats can have specific patterns, and specific colors etc. I made the design as the original creator, and someone adopt that's bear-like animal. No one is allowed to draw their own bear-like animal, only me, until they adopt one from me. After they adopt, that design is theirs to do what the want with. Draw, role-play, etc. Most of the time you're "not allowed" to make changes to the design. A premium design would be a bear-like creature but with extra shit. So a bear-like with wings, which is "rare" in the bear-like species.

No. 976313

I want to partially redact what I said because it looks like it was the ARTIST that put the customer on blast. That’s highly unprofessional. I agree with the artist not wanting to work with the commissioner, but the artist needs better professional skills, like taking a deposit and communicating more. As a professional, you do not want to cry over 75 dollars. It’s nothing. If you want to live off of your art than you better start working in a way that you only put up this kind of a hulla balloo when it actually matters, 75 dollars is a drop in the bucket to real living expenses.

No. 976340

regardless if its nitpicky moving the hair is something that can be fixed with the lasso tool and the hoodie is a misunderstanding that can be fixed with 10 freaking strokes.
>Whatever an artist includes in their portfolio or their price sheet is their BEST work, commissioners need to keep that in mind.
On a portfolio sure but not as samples?? right pic isn't even what they advertised, there's even more of a difference compared to >>974779.

No. 976344


i think if they were nice enough to be ghosted by the artist for at least a month and not ask for updates and then only getting a very halfdone sketch, the commissioner has the rights to ask for a couple revisions and even ten, it is the artist who agreed to those revisions and didn't tell the commissioner that they would be pushed back on the priorities list until the commissioner themselves asked for an update aa month and a half later.


also if it was their portfolio then i'd agreed somewhat but those examples are from their commissions information site, i.e. where they're meant to show commissioners what theyre to be paying for.

the artist is absolutely the shady one here by randomly making up the no sketch refund rule months after accepting the commission, not telling the commissioner their work was gonna be pushed back, and then demanding $75 for a sketch that do not match the sketches that artists themselves value as $75

No. 976345


* that the artist themselves, like the one demanding the money, value as $75

No. 976349

I found it soo weird that the artist pushed the commission down the list when the revisions were asked for? I agree that it would have been nice to be more specific in the beginning, but the artist also could have asked a few questions themselves before hand. But yeah, pushing it down the list is weird. The fact that they were taking new commissions and finishing them that whole time that person was waiting makes zero sense. You wouldn't move them to the bottom of the list because they asked for a couple of changes, you'd keep working on it as planned, you'd keep it in its original time slots and maybe ask for a couple extra days… There is no logic to it. It's like the artist was pissed and wanted to punish the commissioner by pushing her down the list and forcing her to wait. They are both in the wrong in different ways, but I think the heaviest blame falls on the artist.

No. 976354

Samefag but then having your massive audience dunk on this person is just way over the line. Making the dispute wasn't a smart move on the commissioners part but they admitted this was their first time and they obviously did not want to be ripped off and took advice from equally ignorant friends. It's a lot of money for this commission and I wouldn't have been so patient.

No. 976366


and the fact that they never bothered telling the commissioner they were pushign it down like the commissioner was waiting for like another month thinking their art was being worked on and when they asked after another month of no updates, theyre basically told "oh no i wasnt working on it at all lmaoooo i pushed it down on priorities"

No. 976372

>could be fixed in 10 fucking strokes
You don't know that.
>could fix the hair with the lasso tool
No, that's hilarious, you do not use the lasso tool in line drawings. You could not, it needs at least partially redrawn or it would look like shit.

>On a portfolio sure but not samples?

Samples are the same thing as a portfolio, it is just a representation of their work.

I am not at all seeing what you're seeing in the difference of quality. The only difference between their sample sketches and the given sketch is 1) the hand is unfinished. However, in the sample sketches there aren't many hands drawn at all, and 2) There is no hatching.
Personally, I think that the sketch the commissioner received is of BETTER quality than what their samples are. Those samples just aren't very nice, clearly the artist is a better painter.

>i think if they were nice enough to be ghosted by the artist for at least a month and not ask for updates and then only getting a very halfdone sketch
I agree with this, but we don't know what kind of interactions the artist had with the commissioner beforehand. Maybe the commissioner was very pushy from the get-go .We simply don't know. However, based off of the artist's behavior, I would guess that the artist really did ghost them for three months, in which case, shame on them.

No. 976379

>even 10 revisions

Sorry double post- that's insane and ridiculous, don't post that kind of thing here because you're setting up an unreasonable precedent.
No commissioner is entitled to that many revisions unless they PAY for them, and even then, revisions wreck artwork.

No. 976388

The reason for pushing a commission down the list when they are asking for revisions is to make ends meet.
Freelance artists have rocky, uneven schedules. No freelancer ever gets up at 9 am and works till 5, Mon-Friday and has weekends off.
They work 0 hour days to 16 hour days and everything in between, completely at random.
If a commissioner is giving them trouble an stringing them along, they have to finish a different commission that will pay them faster in order for them to pay their OWN bills on time. When the artist is going through a dead week, then they can pick up work that is slower to complete.
Its not an absurd concept, it is how every freelancer works, whether its for art or something else. The way the artist said it was just rude.

No. 976394


it's not, a portfolio is to showcase your overall skills but samples, with a price attached no less, are there for the artist to tell people "this is what i myself value at $75, this is what you'll be getting for $75", they can't just give them a lesser quality piece of work and say "well my samples are my best work, sorry pal, that'll be $75"

also what are you talking about 2 of the samples has hands. and the big difference is how much cleaner that samples are, there is no inner build up lines and the lines are more refined.

No. 976398


yeah but you have to realzie that the artist didn't tell the commsioner any of this, no "sorry it's gonna take me a while longer" or "im gonna have to push it back sorry" until the commissioner themselves asked for an update a month later so they has the commissioner believe they were working on it the entire time

No. 976402

Oh man, don't get me started on Aywas.

No. 976407

i looked at his sketch process vids on twitter and i stand by my word that its not a hard fix for a "professional". it's not lineart either it's a sketch for a painting. you dont need to have perfect lines for that–and evidently glossed didnt care about that either, look at all the stray lines and guidelines left in that sketch
>the only difference between their sample sketches and the given sketch is 1) the hand is unfinished. However, in the sample sketches there aren't many hands drawn at all, and 2) There is no hatching.
so you do admit there's a difference

No. 976415

Okay, so are you saying that the samples are NOT examples of their best work?
That's literally all I'm saying, and for some reason you're disagreeing with me. Why would an artist put up their sub-par sketches as samples?

>the other ones have hands

My bad, the first doesnt and it just looks like shit.
I may just have a difference in opinion, but I much prefer the sketch that the commissioner received that has the interior lines. I don't like their "cleaned up work", it looks bad.

I agree, unprofessional of them for sure. I can see why the commissioner was pissed.

I agree, but at this point literally who cares. Yeah there's a slight difference, both of them are being incredibly petty scrounging over the difference.

No. 976421


no what I'm saying is they should be delivering what they say they will be on their "pay me this much money for this level of art" page

No. 976563

sage your shit dumbass

No. 976567

Nta, but this is /ot/.

No. 976582

A photo upthread literally has the artist explaining they were willing do do their basic %75 sketch and refund the other $225. The commissioner agreed to that then opened a PayPal claim. Everything was laid out properly. The commissioner is just a fucking dumbass and I hope they get blacklisted to hell and back.

Also, the artist never doxxed the commissioner. Publicly calling out isn't the same as doxxing. What's possibly doxxing is that the commissioner posted their PayPal email address to the public instead of blacking it out in their image posts. Like, seriously.

No. 976585

That was never meant to be a sellable sketch. That's a WIP into a final piece. They were agreeing to change the painted $300 commission to a stylized sketch. Sketch has two meanings here and you are trying to make them mean the same thing. Learn how commissions work before saying something.

No. 976590

This goes into labor. These pieces aren't done in 30 minutes and they are just upcharging you. Cheap people need not get commissions because this mentality is so shitty for contractors.

We don't even know where they were in line to begin with. The commissioner thinking that they are first in line, even after the initial agreement where the artist stated "This might take a while but I can find time for you", that was lenient as all hell. The commissioner knew going in to this they weren't priority, and then they decided to be nitpicking as hell after a WIP for approval. It's also not the artist's job to be the one checking in. The commissioner did the right thing checking on where their commission status was and the artist gave them an answer. They weren't at a new stage they'd have a reason to contact the commissioner. Then it would be even more weird on their side to be popping in and saying "Just to let you know, I haven't started it yet!" Like, why? That's not useful in any way to either parties.

They weren't even specific in their original request. Those are a lot of revisions for things they didn't make clear they wanted. The hoodie thing really throws me because all they did is specify they wanted a turtleneck for clothing and an arrow pointing to the torso. None of that shows they wanted the hoodie too.

Yes they did.

They do. There is a difference between their sketchwork and their WIP work and people in this thread are using sketch to mean the same thing in here when it doesn't.

No. 976599


where did the commissioner agree to this?


no? the commissioner wanted a refund and the artist just said they were only gonna refund $225 i don't think there was any screenshots were the artist said they were keep working on the art to make it a stylized sketch instead. what the commissioner wanted was to cancel the commission altogether but was willing to pay $45 for the wip sketch but the artist wanted the full stylized sketch price withotu ever saying they were gonna continue working on it.


where did the artist ever tell the commissioner they were gonna push back the commission? prior to the commissioner themselves asking for an update i mean

No. 976638

They literally say and agree to only the sketch fee.

No. 976672


they said the fee was too high for them right there

No. 976676

I dont hate adoptables but closed species are so stupid. The fandoms for them usually are super toxic with a bunch of fake positivity

No. 976683

It feels like anons that complained over the minor changes the comissioner asked for must have never worked a real job. Any agency or studio demands way more sketches and revisions than that and in a much tighter deadline. If you don't like people asking for stuff, maybe don't take comissions, stick with selling your original art.

No. 976704

Minor changes are fine but it sounds like you've never had a nitpicky commissioner before. The problem is that a commission is a single, one time payment and sometimes a client will take advantage of this and ask for multiple changes when the artwork is already finished and not always something that takes 5 minutes to do either. If a client wants changes to their commission, the best time to ask is during the sketch stage.

No. 976707

Also don't make people wait 3 months for a barely done sketch lmao. Some anons itt are trying to defend atrocious work ethic

No. 976709

Nta, but the commissioner did ask for the revisions during the sketch stage. The artist was nowhere near close to being done with the drawing

No. 976716

Exactly, when you look at the reference material too, the commission looks nothing like it minus the pose- so I would say the client had the right to ask for minor changes(such as the eyes)

No. 976723

And they also said they'd take that refund for the sketch instead.

The issue is that it is very specific things that the commissioner didn't make clear. Arrows pointing to things isn't as clear as you think.

No. 976726


sure but a) it took them more then a month to get that very simple and rough sketch to the commissioner and b) it was stilll the very rough sketch stage, that is absolutely the right time for the commissioner to ask for revisions and c) the commissioner had all the revisions they wanted very detailed and forward instead of vaque things like "hmm the hair doesnt look right" or "the eyes look weird". all in all, i dont see where this commissioner was being rude in any way, hell the fact that they waited for morethen a month, twice, without asking for updates, says a lot about how patience they were being

No. 976736

The artist also told them, straight up in the beginning, that they are squeezing them in. They knew they weren't priority.

No. 976742

Just charge for revisions after the painting stage.
>specific things that the commissioner didn't make clear. Arrows pointing to things isn't as clear as you think.
The reference was pretty clear, and if the arrows weren't clear enough there was nothing stopping the artist of asking the comissioner about it before starting the sketch.
Where? They only said they put the comissioner in the end of the priority list after 2 months of waiting on the revisions of the sketch.

No. 976743

my fucking god why are you guys still hulking over this commission bullshit, either none of you know how commissions work or just want to armchair and reply to obvious selfposting in this thread.

None of this couldve happened if the client didn't fucking make a false claim on paypal, WHICH, AGAIN, WILL FREEZE SOMEONE'S BALANCE and what they could've done is be fucking assertive in asking for price deduction instead of robbing someone's means of business.

Listen you stupid twats haven't had the experience of having your bank account frozen for six months because shits like this happen, even with calls back and forth to Paypal customer service (from both Seller and Customer side) this isn't something they can resolve in Day One, and will definitely drag for Months because Paypal doesn't fucking care whether your sketch is half drawn or not or whether uwu artist is mean client is mean.

btw stop, just, stop, replying to those unsaged self post. what the fuck.

No. 976744

File: 1637716504428.png (28.52 KB, 378x177, qSTkSNqO.png)


where in any of this do they say theyre not priority or theyre squeezing them in? if anything this basically says they finished the first batch of comms and is now finding more to take on

No. 976746


or like, at least finished enough of it to feel like they can take more on. either way, they dont say anything like "i have a lot to work on but i can squeeze you in"

No. 976758

>why are you guys still hulking over this commission bullshit
>proceeds to hulk over commission bullshit

No. 976770

File: 1637720313710.png (865.24 KB, 1080x874, imagen_2021-11-23_201812.png)

posting here Jillian's drawing vs her "alter's"

No. 976777

This is the shit that happens when you fuck around for 3 months after someone pays you 300 dollars
I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often tbh

No. 976780


No. 976782

I wasn't given any revision sketches or anything like that btw so I don't have anything to show for it other than trust issues for comissioning artists,because I have not gotten a comission since then, first and last ime but what I asked and paid for was a drawing of an OC I had, it was a headshot in a painterly style iirc. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but I do remember it was extra money I had so I didn't negotiate prices or anything and I paid in full.

No. 976786

Same anon, adding to the fact that in the total of 3 times I asked for an update she said she was working on it and I had no guts to ask for a picture. This was because during that time there was a lot of posts circulating around saying you shouldn't pressure artists whenever they do comissions.

No. 976819

Right, as a freelancer and commission artist I’m all for asking for fair wages and treatment. But when you’re justifying your rates with PrOfEsSiOnALiSm you should ACT like a professional. Not take on more commissions than you can handle within a reasonable timeframe, drop communication with the client, then take breaks whenever you feel like it at the slightest inconvenience like these twitter artists do. I stg they see that professionals can make 1k with a single commission but will only copy the price and not the work ethic and professionalism

No. 976975

"I wanted to get well into the first batch of commissions" meaning they already have a line-up still. They didn't say they finished all their commissions and have open spots. They are basically explaining they can squeeze them into their commission line-up.

No. 976976

The artist didn't give them a deadline. You don't do that just because you've been waiting. if that was the case, just ask for a full refund and not just still agree to a $75 sketch.

No. 976983


they never agreed to a $75 refund, the only agrred with a refund but wanted to negotiate the price down to $75 because by that point the artist only got a halfway done sketch as opposed to the stylized sketch he put as $75 on his samples sheet

No. 976985


*down to $45

No. 976990

And they were told no. The commissioner was under the impression that the sketch showed to them was the one that was finished and was going to be $75. That is why she was complaining about the steep price. The flat rate the artist is talking about is the cleaned up, flat rate, stylized sketches, not a WIP.

No. 977000

>you don't do that just because you've been waiting
Found the anon willing to wait literal years to get their commission done. The artist is fortunate people like you exist kek

No. 977001

enough about glossed's commissions, does anybody know the drama between him and lemyawm? i know she was sadposting about being fucked over and not having a place to stay, did they break up?

No. 977002

File: 1637740642796.png (108.07 KB, 477x695, M8CzDG14.png)


here, do tell me if you need me to circle the $45

No. 977014

Some people do have patience.

No. 977028

Give me 800 dollars and I'll doodle you something by 2025 I promise

No. 977486

I had the Sakura Koi set for years and it was fine enough, but I recently upgraded to Holbein's 18 set of watercolours and I much prefer it. There's no granulation, the colours are vibrant, even, and consistent, which was not always the case with the Sakura Koi colours. Most pans in the 48 set I had sucked tbh. I put some of the Holbein watercolour into a palette case and use it like the pans in the Koi set. Koi sets come in an unnecessary quantity too which I advise against. As a novice I did not know better that there's no need for that many colours. Mixing from a smaller number of higher quality paints is superior than getting many cheap colours.

Miya Jelly gouache is fine enough too, if that's all I had I would probably use it more. But I dislike how bulky the container is, it's really not portable and it's quite messy. It can also get moldy apparently which is disgusting. And it's gross once it dries and gets all crackly then you have to re-wet it. Just not a pleasant experience even though the paints are good quality for the price.

I also picked up the Holbein Acryla Gouache with the watercolours and I enjoy using those more for similar reasons, better consistency and more vibrant colours.(Acrylic gouache is different from regular gouache like the Jelly gouache. Acrylic gouache sets once dry, regular gouache is still moveable when re-wet. I know Holbein makes a regular gouache too but I've never tried it as I'm not interested in it.)

I've given away both paints for the Holbein stuff and am not looking back or elsewhere. I do paint professionally but honestly even as a student or novice I would recommend these paints because their quality and usability is that good. They are also not too expensive, just at about the higher mid range. If I had the chance to do it over again I'd just go straight for these paints to begin with and skip over the student/hobby grade stuff. It's worth it for making your life easier and not dealing with the noticeable downsides.

No. 977513

I hope you wait 10 years for a commission kek

No. 977705

Talens gouache like other anon said. Best I've used so far. Good idea is to start with 10 color tube set and later get primaries or earth colors if used a lot in 50ml jars (black, white, yellows, reds, blues is the best option) and others in 20ml tubes/16ml jars.
Great coverage, velvety and smooth after drying. Extra fine label is true, pigments are properly ground and I rarely get big pieces of pigment in my paint.

No. 977731

Just saw a tweet thread on twitter about some popular japanese artist getting hacked and used as an account selling nfts.. That's scary, I wonder how it happened.. I hope the artist gets their account back..(imageboard)

No. 977754

File: 1637839836457.jpeg (368.81 KB, 785x1638, 782DED0B-148B-443D-A731-72170A…)

got screencaps? I saw similar similar situations a few weeks ago where japanese artists got fake emails from twitter support, in which clicking the link will cause their account to be hijacked

No. 977767

JPArtist that i follow ended up getting her account hacked too, but instead it turned it into 'PS5 giveaway shop'

No. 977768

I've been targetted too because many people think I'm japanese, but they're so obviously fake. I don't know why they don't check the email it's coming from before clicking on it.

No. 977883

Yeah, even the dude in this cap >>977754 said that upon further inspection the design of the email was completely off and that he was too naive.
I guess they targeting non English speakers so can fall for it more easily due to language barriers

No. 977888

File: 1637860904334.png (385.65 KB, 737x680, cfcyuvgk.png)

More japanese artist accounts seem to be getting hacked and turned into platforms to promote NFTs…

No. 978015

Legit question, why do they type stuff like this? Is is some kind of shadowban on the word, or to avoid being targeted?

No. 978019

most likely so that their tweets don't show up if you search for the word "NFT" on the search bar which means less chance of cryptobros harrassing them.

No. 978258

I wonder why they decided to specifically go after japanese artists.

No. 978262

I've seen in some tweets explaining that these hackers do it through fake twitter emails saying that something is wrong with the account and that the user has to log in again and that's how they get the user's info. My guess is that these hackers try to take advantage of japanese artists who can't comprehend english well and blindly trust these types of emails thinking it's something legit from twitter.

No. 978779

File: 1637974051377.jpeg (224.09 KB, 1175x891, 5FC064BA-6BD8-4378-AABE-1374FB…)

Art channel Art Senpai that has over 100k subs traces art apparently. And they even sell their traced art as commissions. Originally heard about it on this subreddit

No. 978781

File: 1637974082144.jpeg (134.15 KB, 908x629, C2E6892F-A043-41BC-A60D-76D663…)

Sorry for double posting but this is the original art they traced

No. 978806

File: 1637977982754.png (207.82 KB, 592x538, 205116.png)

Hopefully some twitterfag compiles a list of all the traced vs original art and art drama channels pick up on it. His tutorials look like absolute garbage.

No. 978819

Its because Japanese artists often have their contact email in their profile on twitter resulting in the scam emails they get looking a lot more legit because they will see an email with their actual twitter @ and name in it and especially due to not being native English speakers.
I've tried to bring attention to this but eh not much I can do besides explain it every time it happens so more people understand why its happening.

Mix of both, there are a lot of twitter bots atm who will spam replies with url links and stuff if you say words like NFT and HACKED together.

No. 978947

Kudos on the redditor to find the original art he traced from, unfortunately from my perspective the only way to confront this is to contact the artist he stole from, leave it to them to whether take action or not, and move on.
Art thefts and tracers are morally corrupt but unfortunately there's nothing we can do but point out their patterns and warn to others.
I've seen again and again artists with "tracing" part of their past didn't hinder career at all and still being hired to draw for big projects. It is unfortunate that most people don't care.

No. 979036

Anons, how do you deal with sucking? I started art a bit late and I'm still in the beginnings of my art journey and seeing all these artists (especially the younger ones) so much better than me can be really disheartening at times and seeing all the flaws that I don't know how to fix yet and knowing there isn't much I can do but to keep hoping I'll be passable one day really sucks. Any practices that can help me improve faster? Should I just narrow my focus to one issue at a time? Advice?

No. 979042

Which do you think is the best for artist handles?
>short name
>multiple words but kinda memorable (like SpicyPenguin or something)
>something else

No. 979066

Ah, I understand, seeing people who's apparently 13 drawing decently can be disheartening for someone who's starting, but try the ignore them, also it wouldn't surprise me if some are lying about their age for attention.
Secondly, you should pinpoint wich style you'd like to archive and set up a folder of references, maybe a picture that you like the colors/shading technique of or a drawing that has a character doing a cool pose.
When I started drawing I proposed myself to draw AT LEAST one head/body per day, it doesn't matter if they end up looking like shit, the idea it's to have constance. You'll improve pretty fast if you don't let yourself get rusty and practice everyday.
Well, good luck! and don't compare your begging with someone's middle

No. 979076

It's funny, I've tried a few handles but the one that stuck was just an osbcure videogame term. A little annoying that I have to explain it every time someone asks. But you can't really control what sticks with people. Just go with it.

No. 979077

It literally doesn't matter. As long as it's not a random string of numbers or letters that can't be pronounced like a word it'll be fine. But also don't pick something like AnonDraws or whatever, those are super lame. Just choose whatever you like

You have to remind yourself that everyone kind of sucks, even people that you think are great will have these thoughts. Like >>979066 said, think of what you want your art to look like and try to figure out the necessary steps to get there. Focus on what you think needs work, but don't forget to put that studying into practice! You can copy masters for hours, look at skeletons all you want, but if you can't put these things on paper on your own, without having to look anything up, it doesn't have much value imo. Well, it honestly depends on what you want to achieve in the end. I guess if your goals are photorealistic portraits for instagram you're better off just copying pictures

No. 979085

File: 1638023335909.jpeg (9.99 KB, 244x166, D8539AFC-0B8B-4FD0-9205-4D337A…)

no milk just salt. I have a misfortune of running into kaneblob's nsfw account because of twitter suggestion side bar.
How do I delete this information from my brain, the porn isn't even gross or anything, it's just bad, her art is just bad, please go back learning the fundamentals before drawing anything else please holyshit. That's all my rant.

No. 979096

I want to see. I was only able to find one nsfw art with some Genshin chicks and it didn't look that bad though there was something off with the pussy and one of the girls had a retarded expression

No. 979135

>Follow artist for a while, sometimes even years
>They draw more obscure series fanart
>Start posting Genshin fanart
>Gradually post exclusively Genshin art
>Posing becomes more generic
>Expression variety becomes non-existant
Fuck, Genshin Impact has infected so many artists and I hate it

No. 979153

just go to @kaneboob and yes it's basically just badly drawn genshin girls, maybe I was actually spared because I don't know any of these characters and have zero emotional attachment to them to have any further disgust.
cant wait to see her fully brainwashed by coomers and have her arts deteriorate even more

No. 979157

Just went to check out one of my favorite yuri artists and yup, no more Precure to be seen. Genshin Porn is truly a virus

No. 979185

nta but I had a look and oh god what is happening with that anatomy. Surprised kane couldn't find something to trace this time.

No. 979194

It seems like the only reason it's so widespread is because genshin is free to play and huge with younger audiences. A lot of the 25 and up artists I follow don't care for Genshin. Also I don't want to be an edgy contrarian, I genuinely tried to like it but it isn't my kind of story.

No. 979199

>A lot of the 25 and up artists I follow don't care for Genshin.
NTA but I wish all my 25+ years old friends to stop fucking posting genshin caps I'm so tired of these same face bitches. I agree with the anons above when artists started to shill for genshin their arts get stagnant, I don't understand the appeal of these characters and they make 3 expressions at most.
I used to be outsourced by chinese and tawainese studios for their gatcha games too so the designs already ran through my brain like conveyor sushi at this point.

No. 979224

Oh so it's the one pic I saw. I just noticed the leg behind the fingerjob giver… what the fuck.
I would hate that artist for her extremely 00s nickname already, ~hehe I am a smol blob(fish)~. Why are female weeb artists like this

No. 979229

seeing niche artists start drawing genshin, or anything popular, truly hurts. finding other artists that draw the specific obscure bullshit you're into and draw it as good or better than you is like finding a diamond. no wonder furry artists get so good, if they don't draw it no one will

No. 979252

I don't understand why people find genshin impact so entertaining. I tried it out the other day a I thought it was just another generic animu rpg.

No. 979275

Tons of marketing. Free to play MMO, for most weebs it's their first MMO. Available on multiple platforms and in multiple languages. Watered down similarities with breath of the wild. Gacha and mechanics designed to draw you in and spend, sunk cost fallacy, fear of missing out.

I tried getting into it several times, but I just find other series more romantic/tragic or just sexier with the designs.

No. 979323

I pray they don't get the Hyouka guy too

No. 979349

i dont think it's that terrible but there is absolutely NO sensuality in those drawings. its so obvious shes straight

No. 979406

I've seen a lot of people praise its story but honestly at this point i'm 99% convinced it's them in denial and are just becoming slaves to the gatcha and the characters alone. I tried playing genshin after literally all of my friends jumped on it and almost all of the artists I followed for inspiration started to draw exclusively genshin fanart, I wanted to see what the jam was about.

It was like any other open world japanese fantasy RPG except done of the designs were interesting. Overdesigned to hell and all characters have the same face and body. Like, I found two memorable at best. The world itself is boring too. But like many other anons said it's most of gen z's first gacha and it's free.

I'm really getting tired of the oversaturation though. I've blacklisted all genshin words I could to keep it fromappearing on my TL but some still appear regardless.

No. 979602

Probably not what you want to hear but I draw it because it's popular and I've gotten commissions off the engagement. My niche stuff barely gets attention and I have to eat. I swear to lay off Genshin once I can afford to do niche stuff again.

No. 979623

File: 1638064777324.png (131.02 KB, 715x943, d5g8bt8-f176245c-c1bc-4cab-8e0…)

It's a good sign that you are aware of the flaws in your work. The next step is to work to resolve them by studying both life and how more skilled artists tackle them. This image gets brought up a lot but it's true. Art really is a cycle of your eye being ahead of your abilities, your abilities catching up but then your eye becoming better. It never ends but through this process you will become more and more skilled. The only way to "deal with sucking" is to work on improving.

No. 979639

Quit, I’m being deadass serious and I’m not trying to be a debby downer. Art is virtually useless and the people who consume your creations are not going to ever understand whatever “deep intricate” techniques and methods that you put into it, no one give a total fuck about the process, meaning or passion put into it it’s the end product or activating the monkey brain of the person at the end of the day. Liking art is one of the biggest and gayest psyops of our modern time and you might just scoff and think I’m being a pessimist but if you truly think you suck, just give up. Only very few are able to master art and it’s going to feel like a repetitive vicious cycle of trying to “improve” and people constantly picking it apart over and over again making it feel like you’ll never achieve the last phase of being some fucking art master. Just give up, it’s a prison, release yourself from it

No. 979645

Art is useless like growing food or providing shelter for humans who will die in 50 years is useless. It's all useless busy work we do for no reason other than we exist and we need to fill our time until we die, so I say keep making art, because none of this matters anyway

No. 979668

It's so amateurish but what else can you expect from some weeb moe artist. Porn just doesn't work with that skill level.

No. 979669

Your takes are boring and dumb. You make your own meaning in life. Just because you're sad and feel worthless doesn't mean you should spread your disease of mediocrity to everyone else. If you can't find reason to live, passion, substance in life, that's not ones fault but your own. It shouldn't have to matter to anyone but yourself, it's your life and your experience, you make art for yourself.

No. 979683

mery is a girl lol but I'm surprised she's been drawing it for so long. I admire the dedication

No. 979687

>you must make meaning in your life blah blah

okay that’s good for you but not for me

No. 979690

then go sulk in a corner and bask in your own negativity instead of trying to push it onto others? jesus.

No. 979692

Out of curiosity, does anybody here draw NSFW commissions? And if so, has it affected your art/the way you view art?
I started doing NSFW since a few months ago and I feel my art has stagnated a lot, and I've become desensitized to drawn porn so I prefer cheesecake and romantic content now.
I really thought drawing NSFW being soul-sucking was just a meme, but now I believe it to some capacity, considering I don't find motivation to make full art pieces for myself.
Still, due to the dollar conversion in my country, the money comes in really handy, so I can't complain much.

No. 979696

no bitch, she needs to learn that art is not for everyone and that she’s just gonna go in circles trying to create perfect art that isn’t gonna fucking exist. people don’t exist in an atomized bubble, people do other things for other people, you’re absolutely fucking lying if you don’t want SOME kind of recognition for what you do. that whole “do stuff for you” BS is getting tired out fast, you’re pretty much wanting attention if you post your art gtfo

No. 979700

Art is for everyone, outside of the context of this thread. I don't want to spread the idea that you need outside validation to enjoy and make art. My point isn't about individuals and whether or not you like what they've created. Art is for everyone and it doesn't matter if you like it that way or not.

No. 979702

art clearly isn’t for everyone trust me, stop spreading that shit not everyone is gonna be good at something

No. 979706

Artist who used to draw softcore and risque stuff only but started to draw porn because of higher pay here.

After I started drawing NSFW commissions, it pretty much took over my regular commissions. At some point for each normal, SFW commission I'd do I'd have 3 NSFW ones waiting in the oven. I got some nice money from it, but just like in your case I felt like it made my art stagnate a little. Mostly because I'd get commissioned to draw very similar scenarios, always. Naked boob girl posing, naked boob girl lying down, occasional naked bara man just standing there with his dick out. I'd rarely ever get insteresting poses or scenarios and due to the sheer number of commissions I'd have to do (okay, that's on me for taking too many commissions at a time, but I was a little desperate and admittedly a bit greedy back then) I'd rarely have time to draw art for myself and actually try new things.

It also disensitized me to porn a lot as well which…feels bad. Drawn porn barely turns me on nowadays, it's just all the same to me and it makes me feel a bit upset and frustrated because looking at porn illustrations just earns no reaction from me compared to the days I exposed myself less to that type of art.

Adding to everything, it also earned me a bunch of coomer followers. Do they pay well? Yup. But at the same time, eugh. I've had a commissioner keep asking me to draw this one character with bigger breasts and ass and thighs more and more and the end result barely looked human, I felt like I was creating a Sakimichan-tier abomination. I feel like drawing this type of anatomy (which was highly requested in my case, I almost never got commissioners asking for more "natural" anatomy on character) gave me some nasty vices regarding my anatomy skills that I'm trying to fix now.

Sorry for the obscenely long sperg but that's my story. I went back to taking just softcore commissions as well as SFW now. I get less money than in my full NSFW commission days but it feels…better? I dunno how to explain, but I feel happier nowand my art is slowly improving again. Still no arousal from looking at drawn porn though :c permanent damage…

No. 979707

Post your work.

No. 979708

Now I'm wondering what made you so bitter about art, anon

No. 979710


anon probably got bested in follower count and validation by a 12 year old tiktok artist with mediocre procreate art and is salty about it lol.

No. 979717

>Still no arousal from looking at drawn porn though
I'm worried this will happen to me in the long run. Sure there's more ways to feel arousal like written stories and your own imagination, but it feels bad to not be able to get those kind of feelings from a medium such as illustration. Plus I'm afraid of developing permanent coomer brain

No. 979731

>basing what one should do with their life based on what other people think.
Have you ever done anything in your life for personal fulfillment? Do you know what self actualization and fulfillment even feels like? It's pathetic to drop something because of what other people think. It's pathetic to drop something because it isn't "useful", but art has utility and that is why millions of people still get paid to create it nonetheless. Anyway, I know you are being disingenuous because every person on the planet has encountered pieces of art that has spoken to them and that they understand and cherish deeply.

Hint, the point of art is to not achieving a "final phase of mastery". Grow up and stop being a crab in a bucket.

No. 979734


No. 979751

File: 1638072512673.jpeg (684.93 KB, 1280x1280, EC1B8536-9E57-4B01-873A-E81D9A…)

how could you not like this

No. 979810

I do, but honestly, it hasn't really affected the way I view art.

I curate my feed to really only keep art on it that I enjoy (which is pretty niche anyways) even if it isn't as "exciting" as the first time I saw it. It's just all stuff I enjoy and as long as I enjoy it, I keep it on my feed.

NSFW tends to be soul-sucking if you only do it for the money. The nsfw i do doesn't arouse me cause it's generally not my kink, something I find personally appealing,etc. I found myself stagnating whether I did NSFW or SFW because regardless of the clients, you tend to get asked to do very similar things so you have to find time to actually work on your skills and/or things that you personally like.

Those things are not really permanent. Sexuality like everything else has moods and fluctuations. There are times where the stuff I'm into arouses me, other times it doesn't. Usually, it just means that I'm not in the mood to personally see/experience it, not that you are "damaged" and need to seek something more extreme. It just means you need to seek something different.

No. 979844

Commission artist here who does SFW and NSFW commissions.

I agree with anon above^ for doing any kind of commission will make your art stagnant, not just NSFW ones.
My suggestion is to take break from doing commissions here and then and focus on what you really want to draw. What has inspired you lately and is there any art style you want to achieve, that sort of thing.
I am someone who changes style a lot because… drawing the same thing all year round is Soul Sucking no matter what.
If you already have a supply of clients, hand pick which one you enjoy working with instead of having to work for the same person whose demands aren't to your likings.
As for the topic of "not having arousal when doing nsfw commission", I hate to break this to you but you're not supposed to be always aroused when drawing for someone else. I'm speaking from an experience of someone who does erotic graphic novel too. In the end of the day it's still a combination of skills and observations from other erotic media you studied from, it's an art.

No. 979848

For me, NSFW tends to be extremely boring for one. I don’t know if you noticed but there’s a very common set of sex acts and positions and there’s a common set of angles and compositions that you’ll be asked to do. And it starts to become very grating once you start drawing what are essentially the same pictures for the hundredth time. Nothing interesting. Nothing challenging.

No. 979859

I can totally see how NSFW comissions can desentisize you, but what about those coomer fujo artists that only draw their favourite couple for themselves? I wonder if it's the same.

No. 979863

Doing things like art is worthwhile even if you’re not amazing at it. Activities are meaningful as long as they bring you personal fulfillment, and many people’s feelings of fun and fulfillment are not dependent on being good or bad at it.

Only pursuing activities that you excel at (instead of what you’re passionate about) is a really miserable way to go about life. Are you 17? You sould really angsty and immature, I hope you get a better worldview soon.

No. 979900

Honestly the japanese/korean ones that draw the same couple over and over again tend to be pretty damn good. I've actually considered having one of those extremely character-centered accounts bc it might be helpful in improving (design stays the same so you can focus more on technical aspect).

No. 979931

I think that's different because it's out of your own interest and no one is forcing them to draw it, so I guess the effect it ends up having on a person's mind depends on their own personality

Same, it's kind of amazing to me how they can keep thinking of new concepts and compositions or even comics to draw with the same few characters.

No. 979990

Go back to /ic/ retard

No. 980144

This. To me NSFW art seemed like a very freeing thing at first since it opened a whole new set of scenarios, poses and angles for me to draw. But now it's a little stale. I know that if you're creative enough you can think of even crazier ideas, but commissioners usually ask for generic stuff.

No. 980228

anon above you
i've seen sfw artists stagnate because they get asked to do the same portrait comps over and over again and still get burnt out. Not sure why people think it is nsfw specific or something exclusive to that. You also have to consider a lot of clients really are kinda generic in their tastes, most people don't commission artists to "give them a challenge", they commission artists because they want the artist to draw for them. If you want a challenge, draw for yourself, don't expect your clients to set it up for you. most "challenging" clients end up being a pain in the ass to work with judging from what people in previous threads have said about difficult clients and part of my own experience.

and i agree, you're drawing something for someone else. It's work. Even when I am drawing for myself I don't feel aroused all the time. I just draw stuff I find personally arousing or erotic even if when I'm drawing it I don't feel that way.

It is also difficult to feel horny while also trying to focus on drawing just like it can be difficult to be excited and wanting to jump around but trying to focus on doing art. Hell, I can't even do vent art when I am sad without it just looking terrible and like I put no effort into it.

No. 980314

I've done a few NSFW commissions and found I improved a lot with character interactions because I drew couples having sex, instead of just pin-ups. I can see how pin-ups could get boring real fast, but drawing actual sex was fun for me. Women were commissioning me for a specific m/m ship so I didn't have to deal with disgusting male coomers either.

If you want to take on NSFW commissions only draw subjects that interest you, reject anything that makes you uncomfortable.

No. 980381

File: 1638142513588.png (528.12 KB, 1071x755, dozothebozo.png)

This is a personal cow of mine that's constantly trying to "get big" on Twitter, constantly boosting her work in a passive-aggressive manner, and constantly complaining when it flops. She seems to blame most of her lack of success on the twitter algorithm and the fact that she's "disabled". Of course, all of this disregarding the fact that she traces shit constantly.

Also, from what I've heard she seems to have scammed multiple people out of $200+ commissions. All around just a terrible person.

No. 980386

Tbh I’m the opposite, I get more horny when drawing nsfw than looking at someone else’s drawing. Maybe because I can cater my own work to appeal more to myself and I have to spend more time thinking about the subject matter while drawing it. If I come across someone’s else’s nsfw, unless it’s extremely eye catching and well drawn I’m just like “ok” and keep scrolling

No. 980391

How come no one called them out on that traced art? Who made the original?

No. 980400

File: 1638144517433.png (252.87 KB, 658x697, image0.png)

I'm guessing people just don't recognize the art—I'm not the one who originally found it, so I had to do some searching, but it looks like the original artist is Meabhd on tumblr.

No. 980438

I think she deleted this. Either someone cowtipped or she's lurking.

No. 980469

File: 1638152443845.jpeg (351.18 KB, 692x1225, C5B8938F-A25C-4CC2-9C45-FA0A39…)

NTA I checked her page and the art still up.

This woman is 31 and honestly she reminds me of a lot of other ~*artist*~ that are 30+ and obviously ex-tumblr with all their passive aggressive language.
TeePublic auto DMCA strike posts that are tagged with Marvel or any other Disney affiliated shit if merch page itself is tagged with the name of the franchise. Not because of your "uh muh my popular art theyre robbing me".

No. 980485

I bought a wacom one art tablet during black friday sales but had to return it since the driver couldn't recognize it being plugged in. At least I got my $499 back

No. 980522

saged cuz no milk but some dude I went to same hs with now has 50K followers on Twitter drawing mediocre memey coomer art… paetron seems to be doing well too. Now I understand how other nonnies felt when they complained about how discouraging it feels to see moid coomer artist get all the attention online.

No. 980538

I recently started doing it nonnie, mostly softcore stuff though since my client base aren't complete degenerates (yet). They mostly want to see their yaoi OCs cuddling each other or something. I do enjoy drawing softcore not because it turns me on but it's a fun way for me to practice anatomy, posing, fabrics etc since i'm less inclined to post it publicly so i associate it with free time lol.

Commissions of any kind is to some degree of "soul sucking" to me, like the other anons already said, it's all about your capacity. And there is only so many ways you can potray sexual activities, lol. Why do you think weird ass porn like perverse family exists.

No. 980596

Lmao it's well known the one company you should stay away from for monetizing fanartish things is Disney.

No. 980624

As a NSFW artist, how do you cultivate an audience of ship dedicated fujos and not deplorable coomer males ?

No. 980628

The obvious answer is to draw what fujos like? If you have no idea what they like, interact with them and observe.

No. 980651

File: 1638182394014.jpg (137.84 KB, 828x1280, d2e0067896bd005a21ede696563549…)

Essentially draw only men and average to very buff men. I would say lanky but you'll find the coomers who want "trap/femboy" bullshit that will slide into troon stuff. Pic is what I'm thinking.
(Idk who it is)

No. 980652

>(Idk who it is)
Way to ruin your weeb creds there anon.

No. 980653

Ah shit

No. 980656

Most fujos and fudanshis love pretty masc men and fanwork exploring ship headcanons. My advice here is that, if you're gonna draw NSFW try to stay more focused on ship dynamics than blatant explicitness. Coomers tend to gravitate towards more explicit in-your-face r18 stuff.

No. 980657

Oops I meant to respond to >>980624 sorry.

No. 980665

File: 1638186112159.jpeg (148.68 KB, 972x382, A762033C-49C2-42F2-8437-C10F71…)

SFW with NSFW on the side here, I mostly get women clients for my commissions. I get a good share of m/m ship commissions for my generic otp fan art of the month from a popular game/manga.
Be careful of attracting zoomers, and ones with "transmen in yaoi" agenda in their page. You can't filter them all out, though there's no harm in doing a routine mass blocking of unfavorable people. This is healthy for the relationship with your fujo audience and your content curation wise.
And don't forget to have fun anon!

No. 980680

File: 1638188927705.jpg (30.63 KB, 432x640, 1633267472051.jpg)

I'm afraid of attracting zoomer aidens who will get offended over something random

No. 980721


If you want to avoid zoomers, then dont draw any genshin impact. It's such a cop-out.

Speaking of cop-out, unrelated, but has anyone noticed how many artists have been trying to be vtubers or streamers lately? The vtuber trend used to be worse months ago, but it feels like every time an artist starts streaming regularly, it's always 1 hour of art and like 5 hours of gaming.
They can do whatever they want it's just annoying that it's all they talk about for months on end. I'm not personally interested in streaming but I do understand it to be a good way to cultivate an audience if you're big enough. It just feels like everyone unrealistically wants people to watch them game for hrs on end and hope for handouts.

No. 980727

Now that we are talking about fujos, I would like to start drawing this soft/ecchi yaoi but I also would like to stay professional with my other drawings. Do you think that drawing yaoi is unprofessional and give less chance to, for example, work as a serious artist? Sorry is my English is bad.

No. 980732

I follow plenty of professionals that draw anything ranging from pin-ups to full on fucking and have no trouble in the industry.

No. 980752

You can't avoid aidens if you draw bl, draw otome stuff if you want less of an aiden audience.
But whatever you draw, ignore their whining.

No. 980758

I want to draw a mildly historical comic with a non main character practicing pederasty but i know i'll be canceled on all fronts cause he wouldn't be portrayed as a bad guy

No. 980760

Why do you want that? And yeah he would be bad wouldn't he?

No. 980779

There's plenty of historical cultures where pederasty was basically part of the education of new elites and wouldn't have raised any eyebrows. The modern concept of homosexuality wouldn't necessarily apply to those dudes either. So if you read such a comic you can obviously still find it gross but the character wouldn't be a villain like a contemporary pederasty.

No. 980783

Nta, why would you want to draw that?

No. 980796

why do you want to make a character like that? Let me see your hard drive

No. 980807

No. 980830

File: 1638199544339.jpeg (60.31 KB, 750x600, 47E413C3-D247-4743-800A-0151C3…)

anon are you a hetalia fujo

No. 980855

Okay? Does this advance the plot? Is it important at all? Or are you just strange?

No. 980856

I used to do nsfw comms for a living before my depression got too bad to draw. It's miserable, and at least for me, being constantly exposed to men's sexual fantasies, some of which horrifying (I had people ask me to draw children, or snuff or zoophilia, like didn't even ask if I drew that, just fired off explicit descriptions, sometimes with references) was really harmful. Plus it's not actually that much good money, If you want to make a living from it, you have to draw pretty much constantly. It's kind of like onlyfans, in that they tell you it's good money, but it's actually only the 1% getting paid good money, the rest is fighting over each other for scraps.

No. 980879

I'm not drawing that comic but I like historical fiction - idk what the comic is about but you can include this sort of stuff for accuracy without creating fap fodder for pedos.

No. 980898

Nta but maybe I never found rape stuff in Hetalia because I was focused on reading about Italy and Germany being cute together. I always thought that the whole “he took my vital regions” was more like what was back then the lol grope funny meme.

No. 980913

As someone who has recently become someone that mostly just draws my otps over and over, I actually have a lot of fun in challenging myself to keep doing new compositions and practice different poses and rendering styles. Drawing something I actually care about in new scenarios has actually improved my art drastically and I have a follower base with the same interests as me. I've always been a fujo but I sucked at drawing men for a long time so I used to mostly draw girls, putting in the effort to actually get better at drawing boys to draw my otps was the best decision for me.

No. 980927

Yeah, a couple of my artist friends tried to get into the vtuber scene mainly after Inanis appeared. I think only one or two continued, the rest just stopped after the trend calmed down.

It was so annoying tho. Suddently everyone and their grandma had vtuber avatars and tries so so hard to be the next vtuber sensation with shitty character designs and personalities.

No. 980958

I've thought about commissioning/learning to make a simple cartoony (not anime) rig. not to be a vtuber - it wouldn't be a character z
- but to make art streams more interesting without showing my face. would that be worth it? ps I am very ignorant and have no idea how to make a rig or how much they would cost

No. 980965


honestly idk the prices for rigs, most i've seen were pretty expensive but again they were fullbody vtuber rigs. maybe go in prepared for a salty price just in case. i reccomend paying someone to make you a rig rather than learning yourself, that shit seems tricky af.

it's totally fine if you wanna use an avatar just because you don't want to show your face, but only if you occasionally converse with your audience from time to time otherwise it'll be just your avatar sitting there in silence. other than that it's a nice idea.

No. 981094

File: 1638214182386.jpg (267.85 KB, 1500x844, 123123123123123123123123123123…)

Anons, I have a question. How do all indie otome games have the same style of background like the picrel? Sometimes the game will have sloppy character art but this specific kind of background. Do they just buy assets?

No. 981095

Samefag but also I wanted to ask if there is an easy way to do backgrounds like this since everyone makes them

No. 981096

Sometimes you'll find free background assets for visual novels, sometimes they just buy from the same person.

No. 981114

Indie otome devs either buy packs (basically everyone uses Minickle's backgrounds specifically; all of these are 3D backgrounds), make bad 2D backgrounds themselves or commission a specialised 3D artist (only if they have plenty of money/got crowdfunded, as good custom backgrounds are very expensive).
Even some professional otome (as in, Otomate, Voltage and the like) buy some packs, too.
>>981095 there's no "easy" way, and there aren't actually a lot of artists that are good at this since it requires having a large library of assets, being good at a 3D software and being good at lighting. But it's a really valuable skill to learn if you're interested.

No. 981158

I take pictures everywhere I go, specially when I’m traveling, because I know that if I ever want to make a visual novel, I will have background pictures that I took and that nobody should get mad at me for using them.
I like mixing real life backgrounds with obvious drawn characters, so I like the contrast a lot.

No. 981222

if you're interested in drawing feminine boys learn how to draw actual male anatomy and muscles and body hair so you're not just drawing boobless girls and that should keep the zoomers away

No. 981295


Painting over simple 3D models. It's not as easy as it looks but if you have a solid understanding of color and light, you can do it.

No. 982621

File: 1638350625498.jpeg (521.48 KB, 828x1326, 5BDAC293-D7D3-45F8-8B41-D077F8…)

Everything about this is comical
>NFT shill who bragged about making hundreds of thousands of dollars is ebegging
>donation goal: $150,000
>openly talking about the details of the lawsuit
>source for the guy being a pedo and sexually assaulting people is just a link to a tweet of hers from 2019
>Jisu getting clowned on in the replies for ebegging instead of making more NFTs or taking commissions

No. 982665

I assume you never saw the ice cube skype conversation, nonny

No. 982680

What do nonas think of clip studio paint? I thinking of switching from Photoshop to csp. But I need a second opinion

No. 982686

primary csp user here. I suggest to play around during trial and see how you feel with the tools before switching out from photoshop. I make comics so it's convenient for me, though for illustration and painting I'd prefer photoshop. The brush customization in csp isn't as flexible as photoshop (and I sell csp brush packs lol, the pre-existing brushes are shite unless you spend more time experimenting to your own liking)

No. 982688

What kind of art do you do? Illustrator is good for sketching and inking + flat colors/cell shading but I've never gotten used to using csp to painting, just feels off. just fucking pirate photoshop fuck adobe

No. 982691

I've doing illustrations with a style similar to league of legends splash art. I fucking hate that game and it's fanbase but I love the art. Damn it
The version of photoshop I currently use is pirated as fuck kek.This is why I'd like to switch to a software with a license.

No. 982697

They are usually paint overs of photographs done by a really skilled background artist. They are so lovely and i could look at them all day…

No. 982698

if your photoshop is pirated to begin with you lose nothing by paying for csp/trying out the trial. Personally I'm a retard and jump between paint tool sai, csp and photoshop depending on my needs. I have different things I love about all 3 programs and sometimes I'll start a painting in sai and finish it in photoshop. Nothing to lose by trying everything out imo

No. 982761

For those of you who have largeish twitter followings: is being a twitter artist as fun as it looks? Also how long did it take to build your following? I see a lot of artists with super meh art and 100k followers but amazing artists with maaaaybe 3k. Whats the secret (besides pandering)

No. 982813

I use it for almost everything. They are adding a liquify brush in the next update so there's almost no need for me to use photoshop anymore besides some specific features. Canvas recording like procreate and you can import .abr. Lifetime updates with one purchase of $25 (sales are frequent)

No. 982846

>is being a twitter artist as fun as it looks?
not really lol. You have a lot of artists latching onto you trying to use your 'fame' with asinine public interactions because that's what they're taught networking is. When you see big accounts interact, don't think they're buddy buddy on the daily. Also, some randos can grow a parasocial obsession with you, even if you don't post about your life at all, and if you have some unclean internet history, it will be brought against you.
It is the best site so far to get commissions/work with indie devs, but it's not life changing; if I could go back, I would have given all this time to make a youtube channel instead
>how long did it take to build your following
3 years, but I don't do animations or nsfw, which are what really skyrocket your numbers
>Whats the secret (besides pandering)
you don't have to join trends, in fact it's best to start by drawing niche things with dedicated fans, but you have to post consistently. When I started I posted a drawing every single day for 2 whole years, mostly 1hr doodles. It helps to keep a clean account, new followers love to look through your art

No. 983027

Large-ish by how much exactly?
I don't have large following but have a dedicated small enough number that carried from other social media to my twitter.
> is it fun?
nope, I'm constantly bored but I also don't want to draw.
> how long is it?
probably nearly a decade with long hiatus on and off.
> what's the secret?
do what you want and don't get swept up with the attention people give you at the moment.

No. 983123

i don't have a 100k account but i have a large fanart account for my current fandom

pros: making money selling to your audience

cons: insincere interactions, people only interact with you because you have a large following not necessarily bc they like you (or even your art), weirdo followers who hate you and are waiting for you to fuck up and drag you, harder to interact normally with your actual friends and mutuals because thousands of people are watching, you end up second guessing all your tweets

if I could make money with a smaller following I would trade that in a second

No. 983244

NTA but do you have two accounts? I was wondering if I should isolate certain fanart to one account and use the other for miscellaneous but mostly original art. I've seen some people do it but it seems like a hassle.

No. 983383

I follow this guy for a while now and I can confirm he openly sightsize copy other anime style artwork. It is not surprise he copy other artist work so hard then past it as his own in these instances.

No. 983392

>is being a twitter artist as fun as it looks?
Nope, especially for a fandom artist it's not. I'm no professional artist, I just draw fanart for fun. But even then it's impossible to make friends with other artists who enjoy the same thing as you. There's cliques, and if you're not on the same level as the others, you're ostracized lmao

>how long did it take to build your following

To no one's surprise, my follower count sky rocketed the moment I drew nsfw of a popular gay ship in this one fandom that I'm in. And by that I mean I can easily get nearly 200+ new followers for each nsfw.

>Whats the secret (besides pandering)

In my case? It's definitely drawing nsfw. Like it doesn't even have to be fully rendered. Even a SKETCH will have these coomers pay more attention to your account than when you draw tasteful sfw stuff. 0/10 regret this, wish I can undo it all.

No. 983417

>is being a twitter artist as fun as it looks?
At first, yeah. When you don't have too much eyes on you. Just keep your ego in check and try to avoid dropping the quality of your work in favour of likes or instant gratification via tweeting.
>Also how long did it take to build your following?
Popular fandoms = quick followers. People will consume anything that relates to their current fixation regardless of quality.

No. 983495

File: 1638450096298.png (655.22 KB, 720x1005, Screenshot_20211202-095118~2.p…)

Are really people that stupid? This guy is offering 'digital paintings'
when it's clearly a 3d model painted over.
It's funny because looking at other of their drawings it looks like the only things that looks pretty and well rendered is the face and the rest looks like it was done without a ref or it was rushed.

No. 983512

girl she has every shades of shadow on her except for her fake buttons smh

No. 983518

Is that Ino having an allergic reaction?

No. 983685

Man if you're going to draw on top of 3D models for that shit then at least don't copy all of the shadows….this looks like a crappy 3D model from the 00's with global illumination and nothing else.

No. 983692

if that sells, good for him, but I doubt it does
idk what compelled me to look into his tagged photos on instagram and damn he looks creepy

No. 983742

I was looking at a few threads ago and some anons brought up a concern about doing comms but anonymously and someone suggested Kofi but another anon said your name still shows up to the buyer even on there, sorry if this is a stupid question but it is for doing comms only on Kofi or donations as well? I wanted to try having donations up since I don't plan on doing any comms anytime soon to avoid a business PP since I just do this now more as a hobby. But either way doing donations or comms on Kofi show your real info correct?

No. 983812

Yeah people will see your name on their Paypal statements anyway. Anything that uses Paypal shows your info (unless you have a business account).

No. 983943

> sorry if this is a stupid question but it is for doing comms only on Kofi or donations as well?
i don't understand your question anon, can you elaborate more?
and no you can't stay anonymous via kofi donation either. I often send donations to scanlation groups and the receiver's real name still shows up in my notification email anyways. You should consider other options instead.

No. 983966

Yes I have separate accounts for different fandoms, and one for my professional art I put my name on. I would suggest doing this if you draw a lot of fanart for one fandom, it's easier to build an audience with a separate dedicated account. If you draw fanart for multiple different things or rarely at all I wouldn't bother making separate accounts

It's easy to handle multiple twitter accounts on mobile. Just log into your main account and add your side accounts, like having sideblogs on tumblr. Not sure if you can do this on desktop

No. 984315

File: 1638532005936.jpg (500 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20211203-064618_Chr…)

An artist named oni_core that was posted here before like a year ago got a thread made about them of all art she traced which includes payed commissions


No. 984319

Looked into the twitter and info and just seems like genz genshin fans infighting for me, eh, good for them that they're weeding out their own bad apples I suppose.

also why the fuck is there giveaway genshin crystal on a tracer callout thread, I feel like I'm living still living on another plane of internet

No. 984322

genz genshin twitter is best at self combusting yet unfortunately it never runs out of fuel so it keeps going endlessly. reminds me of the unholy meltdown genz genshin people had at an artist who posted a drawing of genshin ships they liked and all ships were straight. the artist even got threatened with doxxing as well as numerous death threats, all because of some straight ships featuring shitty fictional characters from a shitty game lol.

No. 984381

lol I am not an artist, but I saw this video from Graysonsprojects about why she decides to not accept criticism of her art work. I thought this was so funny, and then I saw the painting she talked about and I laughed even harder

No. 984394

Not an art question but it's art related, I don't get the discourse about algorithm on Twitter because there's apparently none when I'm using it? I strictly get content from people I'm following (whether it's original or retweets) and it's shown in chronological order, so I really don't get it, I'm not on the app though.

No. 984397

most of the discourse relating to the algorithm is that when you post your art the tweet essentially has a 24h lifespan because its chances of getting attention after that timeframe are usually very low. it's less of a 'my tweets aren't reaching my followers' problem and more of a 'my tweets aren't getting enough general traction' thing.

granted, there are many whiny ass artists who love to blame the algorithm for everythig.

No. 984400

KEK why is she doing this to herself

No. 984408

Her painting is shit, her channel is shit, and her reasoning is shit.

No. 984411

File: 1638544203416.jpg (56.77 KB, 679x376, FBZGb4cVkAIhhol.jpg)

I understand "I just want to do art and enjoy the process of doing art" but this reeks of picrel kek.

No. 984444

I just had wanted to know if I would be able to draw and receive money "anonymously". I would only be drawing my OCs and I do not draw enough to try and open a PP business account adding on to the fact that I will not be taking commissions but it seems either way with Kofi "being the middle man" despite choosing donations or comms they'll be able to see my full name etc.

Plus there's a whole other ball game with opening a PP business and I might have to do another set of taxes (didn't look it up much) that I wouldn't want to do if I may not be doing this long term. I can't remember if someone mentions that pateron doesn't show your credentials since they take a cut but I may have to look at that again and someone some threads ago mentioned pixiv so I'll give that a look

No. 984610

Might be a dumb decision but I’m planning to make a New Years resolution to grow my Twitter account that I made in September and neglected, so maybe I’ll report my results in a year. I’ve thought about doing a YouTube channel instead but I’m not 100% into the idea yet, maybe in the future.

I’m also wondering about this, I’d like to be able to take commissions in the future but I don’t want my real name getting out, but I’m also not sure if I’ll get in trouble for using a business account. I haven’t been able to find solid information about it.

No. 984677

I just did a quick review reading regarding paying taxes with Paypal. Apparently it doesnt matter if your account is personal or business, once you exceed 200 transactions and $20,000, Paypal will ask you to confirm your US taxpayer status.

I'm non-US and pay taxes on my own country so it's no problem, if anons are US residents you should look more into it.

No. 984698

Received an email last month to confirm my US taxpayer status from paypal so I guess I exceeded 200 transactions because I definitely have not earned 20k yet. I've been using paypal to accept payments since 2013 and this is the first email regarding taxes I've received from them. Not sure if it changes anything irt taxes for next year I guess I'll see.

No. 984716

Quick question, how many of us actually put our age in our bio, and how many of you guys lie about it?
I’m asking because I’m so tempted to do it, to see if it does affect the follower number, but I’m also scared of doing it and being called out for it.

No. 984723

please for the love of god do not lie about your age. For you whether the artists find out you'd get permaban but for the artists they're getting a higher risk of exposing adult contents to minors, and this isn't something they can hide from internet providers, depending on their countries it can go from fines to literally imprisonments.
Do Not Do This Shit.

No. 984792

i don't put my age in my bio since i don't like strangers knowing any of my personal info. i also don't really like talking to people and would rather just post art and look at art that inspires me.

lying about your age probably isn't a good idea considering how people who do that always get caught and can get into massive trouble. the experiment is certainly interesting anon but idk if it would be wise to actually put it to practice.

No. 984819

Either put in your real age or don't mention your age at all, just don't lie about it. Lying about your age can get you into some annoying shit at best and lots of trouble at worst.

No. 984852

Willingly deceiving people for follows is stupid and scummy. Do not lie about your age. There's so many other ways to get followers anyway.

No. 984858

Never planned to use the “young” age account as a main. I wanted to set up 2 accounts that are throwaways, both different ages(not connected to me), one older and the other younger, not interact with the audience and just post similar subjects with a similar style (outside of my norm)

Thankfully I don’t plan to post “adult” content on either one or to try to connect to any of the audience- minor or older.
I don’t know if I want to stick with fan art or a mix between fan art and originals, but either way I want the content/art to not exclude or favor one.
I just don’t know what artstyle I want the accounts to take

No. 985124

I'm an old hag and I do more than fine numbers-wise. What you will attract with a younger age is pedo creeps

No. 985227


Sounds like a lot of more effort than it's worth for something as fake as follows. You're better off not posting your age. People do fine without that detail. And no one (except retards and Fandom zoomers) really cares if you don't.

No. 985400

File: 1638640538815.jpg (364.17 KB, 1458x1396, br.jpg)

Does someone here have brutfuner pencils? interested to buy because they have massive color range and are cheap, but I tried another cheap chinese brand before called Marco Renoir, and while I liked the colors themselves, the lead was brittle af. Only dropping the pencil on my table was enough to completely fuck up the entire lead from top to bottom. If Brutfuner is anything like it, I wouldn't risk it, no matter how cheap.

No. 985615

The only people who will care about age are disgusting pedos and possibly some minors. Way too much effort just to prove literally nothing.

No. 985758

I'm in the 25k-35k range so I wouldn't say I'm a huge account, but I definitely get a lot of interaction when I post something polished
>is being a twitter artist as fun as it looks?
Yes, if you love your own art. I once posted an illustration I wasn't happy with but had sunk a lot of time into and it did really well. Had about 10k likes in the first few hours but I didn't feel a single crumb of dopamine because I hated it (and eventually deleted it, lol). But when I post something I love and even just a small amount of people like it or leave nice replies it feels very nice. I think it is only fun if you don't go checking your likes and new follows every moment and just enjoy getting pleasant feedback and commission requests. Also I'm flexing but getting followed by your favorite artists is a high that lasts a while.
>how long did it take to build your following
A little over a year.
>what's the secret?
I got lucky because my art fills a niche but isn't fandom stuff so it's future-proofed a bit.

I think the main reason I wanted to gain some popularity on twitter was to be recognized and sort of join in on some art friend circles that I admired. What's funny is a LOT of the people I couldn't ever imagine noticing me currently follow and interact with me now, but I had the realization that just interacting and giving replies doesn't make you friends, lol. All this time I thought they were this tight-knit group of skilled professional artists but really it's just a bunch of neets who follow each other and have never talked to each other in DMs. I'm just talking about this once specific group of artists, I don't know how it is in other circles.

No. 985786


>I'm in the 25k-35k range

>not a huge account

oh to have over 20k followers and think that's a small number

No. 985806

Oh these are pretty! And idk, I preffer more oily type of color pencils than fragile hard ones. Have you looked up any reviews?

No. 985807

>crippled latina person
Cringe, why do they always excuse themselves like this?

No. 985843

File: 1638686371975.jpeg (66.95 KB, 567x385, 7C80B857-2EEC-4B1B-BA08-9F343E…)

Considering you exploded in only one year and still having fun with it that means you're still green child. Watch that optimism fades away over the years when you witness "the artists I admired" either get called out left and right, or go completely offline due to online drama bullshit. Enjoy the high while you're still can.

when I check my analytics (Best follower of the month) I keep seeing 100k-200k accounts follow me, which I assume it's a normal amount on twitter these days.

No. 985932

>having 100k+ followers is normal

no anon its really not

No. 986031

Any anons here have any experience with NFTs? I know that question is going to raise a lot of art nonnies hackles but I'm just looking for enough money to get out of the abusive living situation im in. I only seriously got into selling my art a year ago and between adopts and regular commissions I make a decent amount of money (I'm sure I can make more if I priced accurately but it was a shock to me that people were willing to pay so much at first!). Between that and my regular job I make enough to survive, pay rent and have a few nice things here and there but no where near enough to live off of. I'm trying to save for an escape plan but no matter how hard I work it seems like pennies in comparison to what I need. I'm not looking to do NFTs long term or ruin my reputation but the thought of getting just enough money so I can escape this nightmare is so tempting. Do any anons have any advice?

And before anyone says DV shelter that's not possible if I want to continue doing either of my jobs which require internet access and my computer (I work from home for tech support).

No. 986037

I haven't followed this trend too closely but the entire NFT community really seems to feed off of who you know. Getting a recommendation and having your work shared by others in the space are the most important part. So try to suck up to other NFT artist and get into one of their discords I guess.

No. 986051

I would look into other options to raise your income, I think NFT is too dependent on chance and connections.

No. 986090

You’re better off with Bitcoin than NTFs. But then again, bitcoin can be so unpredictable, so you need to be cautious, especially if you’re getting help.

No. 986167

It's all going to be taxed and tracked soon, so good luck

No. 986189

I honestly think you're better off opening commission slots and in general just pricing your work accurately. In NFTs your profit isn't guaranteed and depends almost solely on networking, plus you do need to pay to mint your work in the first place. The NFT market loves to prey on people in your condition: desperate for money regardless of reason.

Price your work accurately, value what you do and open regular commissions or your adoptables.

No. 986192


>I keep seeing 100k-200k accounts follow me, which I assume it's a normal amount on twitter these days.

anon i think you're just completely detached from the average twitter artist experience. having more than 20k followers on twitter isn't normal nor easy.

No. 986227

It's all relative. To broke people like me, someone with $1,000,000 in the bank is well-off, but to that person, well-off means $10,000,000 in the bank, and so on. Just because $1m is a lot to you doesn't mean $10m isn't a whole lot more. If you have 25k followers but a lot of the artists you interact with have 100-200k followers, you are aware you are big account but not a huge account. Especially when 500k accounts start following you, that's 25 time more followers.

No. 986234

NTA but I think what these anons are pointing to is how >>985843 stated that those follower numbers are normal for Twitter as a whole which one way or another is flat out disconnected from reality. These numbers are very relative yes, but you also need to be aware that you're in a situation that's already an exception to the norm and talking as if getting 100K followers was a "normal" thing to do kind of makes you seem no better than those rich people who go "oh but it's just a $1M car, no biggie". Numbers are relative, but if you want to be taken seriously you need to acknowledge when you're in an exceptional situation and that your experiences aren't the norm as well.

All of this to say, saying that it's common to be followed by 20oK artists is one hell of a subtle flex kek.

No. 986235

Are you dumb? Sage your shit

No. 986247

How many of those followers are bots? Someone complained once that they had about 10k+ followers but only about 300ish engagement

No. 986255

I was looking at some of PP's forums and it's more or less the same there where people say that want to be able to receive money anonymously but want to hide their real name and don't mind too much that their address is showing or wish to show part of their name and hide their address and mods on PP keep telling and linking people to make a business account which someone brings up while they do art they are not a business and therefore do not want to open a business account and then I think taxes will get in there somehow and perhaps she would need an LLC or something too.

I agree with some of the comments where PP should protect their users more and keep them safe with being able to hide their real name and use their display name handle for the other party's billing because their are some unhinged people on the internet. I really don't draw crazy like that to have it anything other than a hobby and making make some donations off it because I don't plan on making making any real profit from drawing.

No. 986641

Then whats the difference between doing commissions, rather than NFTs? Opening commissions is not a guarantee either. Especially considering all the extra bullshit haggle, and back and forth with clients. The whole argument against NFTs is falling apart by the minute, as well as grows increasingly more ridiculous. Unless you're in the top 10% of artist, and have some type of history behind you( industry vet, popular creator) the chances of you making consistent income from commissions,is very slim to none. Theres even artist with 30k+ followers, who are struggling to just barely make the months rent, let alone food. Id take my chances woth NFTs. If need be, just make a separate account for them.

No. 986644

The difference is simple: opening comissions has no upfront charges, while doing NFT does.

If your comission post flops the only thing you lose is the time it took for you to set up the post/charts. On the other hand, if you don’t sell your NFT you lose the gas and minting fees you paid to get it set up, possibly setting you back hundreds of dollars with nothing to show for it (other than the risk to your reputation.)

Besides, nft isn’t any more reliable than comissions, it depends even more on connections and sucking up to the right people, with the additional pain of having to draw the stuff that appeals to bitbro sensibilities.

You’ll likely get more freedom by opening comissions by google forms, and picking the requests that dont look annoying to draw. Which is to say, why not try the old school method that won’t cost you hundreds in upfront cash first?

No. 986650

>>986031 Honestly, if you're worried about ruining your reputation, make a anonymous side account for making NFTs. Quite a few artist are doing this also. Just change around your style a little bit maybe, and do it. Good thing, is that if you're work is very good, you'll have no problem making it in this space. Every artist I know who crossed over into NFTs, is currently selling pieces left and right, regardless of their number of followers. Also because the NFT space is really desperate for higher quality art. Also, if your work is good enough, you have a chance at making higher profits, and attracting the attention of major collectors, because of how early you are in this space. Less competition. My suggestion, is start out at opensea first, as you only have to pay once to mint a collection. Collections tend to catch more eyes, and sale more, over 1 on 1's, but thats changing. There's other nft sites, and blockchains you can mint on, like Solana,with RmRk, but ETH(ethereum) are more popular. Hope this helps.

No. 986703

I hope your garbage doesn't sell and you lose your money. Salt.

No. 986713

>uwu doing commissions is no different from NFTs
NFTcopiums can go eat shit

No. 986730

I started out drawing niche, sometimes violent, nsfw because I was an edgy teenager that didn't care about what I was drawing as long as it got me attention and comms. Everything >>980856 said affected me too so I tried to set stricter rules but at that point I realised that instead of competing with thousands of artists online that charge pennies I could make better money with less effort a minimum wage job irl. I haven't touched nsfw art since.

Nta but this was an interesting post thank you

No. 986811

You sound incredibly stupid.

>Every artist I know who crossed over into NFTs, is currently selling pieces left and right
Not really. Artists have to shill their NFTs constantly to stay afloat and hardly anyone buys it. They only ones making money are bitbros who bid on each other's pieces and suck each other's dicks. They don't even make art, they make retarded moid "collectibles" like those monkey avatars or bad 3d renders.

No. 986833

File: 1638807770060.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.96 KB, 750x848, 38350048-1FA7-4E98-8395-C49A02…)

Still can’t get over the fact the girl posting this is 12.

No. 986835

File: 1638807857823.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.83 KB, 750x677, FFD1EA30-8561-434B-9F56-41123C…)

Guys I’m trying to fucking understand

No. 986836

File: 1638807869172.jpg (1.36 MB, 1242x8536, How.jpg)

Kids and autistic people should not legally not be allowed in certain online spaces, there should be more measures put in place

No. 986838

The internet was a mistake.

No. 986843

>>986703 Cry louder. >>986811
That's no different than regular artist shilling to promote sales for merch of their work, patreons, or the constant e-begging for gofundmes/kofis. I'm speaking from experience, and what I've seen personally from other artist in NFTs. The only ones who really have trouble moving pieces are photographers, since a lot are cookie cutter, and artist who don't know how to market, of promote themselves, and likely don't have any experience in online art communities. If your work is good, or exceptional, you won't likely have any trouble moving pieces. And since there's a huge demand for quality artist, and especially for niche fandoms/art, like furry, if you are either of those things, you'll likely attract collectors very quickly. You don't have to have hundreds of thousands of followers either.

No. 986909

I hope your trash never sells and you lose everything.

No. 987064

You're delusional. Usually people shilling their patreons also post other things as well, while NFT artists become like fucking bots. Artists e-begging ARE annoying as fuck, but it's still better than some mediocre fucker trying to lure people into some shitty moid-made pyramid scheme.

No. 987210

Either you're extremely stupid or purposefully trying to grasp at anything to justify your liking for NFTs (which is also incredibly stupid).

There's no demand for high quality art in NFTs because the bitbros who buy NFTs only want stupid collectibles, they literally don't give two shits about art quality, they take anything hence why it's so easy to just release some ugly ass AI-produced collectible series and sell it on NFT platforms. For normal artists to get a bidder on an NFT they pretty much have to turn into a shilling bot which is the case I've seen in pretty much all artists I follow that have decided to try NFTs: all they post now is "LOOK GUYS NEW ART DROPPED ON FUCKSEAS.ETH" over and over and over to the point it's not even worth it to follow them anymore. It's one thing to sometimes promote your store/patreon/ko-fi while posting doodles and art and other stuff in your acc, but it's a completely different level of bullshit when your account turns into nothing but a wall of "CHECK OUT MY NFT!" and nothing else. If anything these NFT artists sound as desperate as these E-beggers who go "guys im autistic black yellow blue megatronsexual minor with prosthetic legs and overweight living in uganda and i need money to buy a switch".

I've NEVER seen regular artists who do commissions beg and shill as much as NFT artists do.

No. 987223

Not sure if anyone in the thread can answer this, I want to make free assets and looking up patents that I can use, such as Creative Commons. I'm thinking of hosting my commercial-free assets either on my website or gumroad.

I looked up Creative Common and their use but I'm still puzzled whether it applies outside of US. I just like to make stuffs for free and I'm also tired of having having to monetize every aspect of my creative brain juice.

No. 987506

>>987064 awww, still salty?
>>986909 There's literally no difference between e-beggers, and folks shilling NFTs. None. Both can be equally annoying. But at least one has the potential to earn some good money, by marketing themselves directly to a clientele, who actually has the income, and means to pay for their work. Whether its commissions or nfts,both are risky, and can cost an artist time, and money. Pick your poison.

No. 987513

This is all nothing more than conjecture, and your own biases. All you've delivered, is an emotional filled rant. NFT artist are no more annoying, than financially irresponsible individuals, constantly e-beggging, for constantly coming up short on the rent. There actually is a demand for higher quality artworks in the nft space, and especially that of furry artist. Why do you think NFT bros have been dming bug artist, as well as making hundreds of post discussing how to get more actual artist in the space? Now I may not agree with their methods, but it shows ghat there is a demand for such things. Theres teo sides of NFTs, you have of course the investor side, who only cares about pump and dumps, and the more seriois side of collectors, who actually want to purchase art collections, and collectables. As the economic conditions become more unstable within the next few years, more artist are going to cross over into NFTs. Theyre not going anywhere. Instead of being ignorant, and speaking on what you have no concept of, try actually learning about NFTs, and actuallu talking to artist who are as actually doing them.

No. 987521

I am begging the next thread to ban NFT discussion. I'm sick of hearing about them and whoever keeps shilling them in this thread.

No. 987522

PLEASE. It's almost always the same bullshit. NFTnon tries to churn out pro-NFT garbage, anons reply with the same old reasons as to why it's bad, NFTnon proves to be delusional and keeps repeating their garbage, and it loops on infinite.

Even milk related to NFTs end up being the same shit always.

No. 987548

Kek you're running out of shit to say, literally how are commissions a risk? You do the work, you get paid. Shitty clients are rare despite what you read on twitter, and they can be avoided with a few policies and blacklists. With NFTs you pay (a lot) to put up your work on the site and you don't know if anyone will buy it. If you're a new unknown artist the chances are really low actually, even more so if your art style isn't shitty, repetitive and "soulless" garbage. So objectively NFTs are more risky, but I can see why they could be appealing when they're marketed as a "get rich quick" scheme.

No. 987552

> bitbros who buy NFTs only want stupid collectibles

NTA but why? Why those ugly disgusting monkeys? Not going to deny it: I saw some really interesting things, like AR NFT jewelry that’s amazing. But it just not as popular as the ugly monkeys. And they all look the same. They don’t even change outfits.

No. 987557

NFTs aren’t really about art appreciation, they’re about social clout and flexing. A few months ago all the biggest NFTs were artworks from big media franchises or famous sports plays, because people want to claim they own something well known and recognizable. The NFT collections like apes and crypto punks come with communities for you to flex your cool new PNG at. You wouldn’t have as many people who would be interested in admiring your NFT if you bought a legitimately nice piece from a no name artist.

No. 987884


Pretty much what >>987557 said. NFT collectors only buy NFTs for the sake of claiming something "unique" and recognizeable that they can then sell for millions in the future. It's much easier to create a ton of ugly as sin monkeys through AI generation that are guaranteed sales if they come from a well known clique or company than to put effort in art that's actually good while being completely nameless in the NFT market. I remember an anon (in this thread or the other) that said that NFT buyers have no standards for art, and that's true. They don't care about art, they care about clout, flexing and money, and that's it.

No. 988017

I get that sometimes people want to reflect on their past as they age but something I've always disliked with Michie is how she tries to count her age as a legitimate number of conscious years to share her "life experience". Like bitch no, you're 20 but that isn't akin to 29 years of life experience. How would it? You can't count your infant years as "life experience", at least in the way she's spinning it.

I dunno, saged for irrelevant to art itself and just general annoyance with an artist themselves.

No. 988020

>you're 29

No. 988128

(nothing to comment on the actual content of the video)
you know, this girl doesnt really render badly at all but boy does the traced 3d model look blatant. she's mentioned in other videos that taking shortcuts isn't bad at all (and i generally agree) but shouldn't she at least make it look… decent? i mean look at the hands. it honestly brings down the whole illustration imo.

No. 988143

I've grown to kinda hate this artstyle imo. Over rendered eyes and lips and fuck the rest, it makes the character look like they took a bee bite to the mouth and cried for 2 hours after taking a week's worth of all-nighters.

No. 988208

I've always thought about those pieces where they clearly over-rendered one part of the illustration at the expense of the rest of it the equivalent of someone thinking a fedora will pull together their cargo shorts/socks and sandals outfit.

No. 988221

Yeah, it's a common ocurrence in amateur art. Mediocre-to-dogshit anatomy thrives easily on social media because as long as it has pretty eyes then it's fine. No body gesture or anything just crap with a pretty face.

No. 988223

The worst part is that these people don't even render the entire face well, only the eyes, the lips and maybe the nose. The rest of the face tends to get minimal shading and it ranges from lazy and flat to "literally looks pasted in"

No. 988358

am i just being an out-of-touch internet old-timer or are people incredibly cavalier about showing their actual face with this artvsartist hashtag

No. 988364

nah i find it weird as fuck too. i'm on my early 20s and pretty much grew up on the funky early internet and i remember how it was pretty much tabboo to post pics of yourself irl online even more if you were a kid.

there's also the fact that a bunch of these people use super filtered selfies where they purposefully look aesthetic or very attractive as a way to gather more engagement.

No. 988369

Showing your face online has been super normalized for like a decade, I don't see how this is different from people taking selfies for Instagram of Facebook in 2012. I get the sentiment of sharing your face online to be a little unsafe but showing your face online isn't a new trend at all.

No. 988370

Just a personal vent, but I'm genuinely stressed about how my close friend doesn't seem to like… pick up art criticism or know how to improve.

We've both been drawing for a long time, and I don't mean to humblebrag or put them down, but my art has been a lot more successful and well recieved both online and irl and I know it bothers them. We've both started selling our art recently and when I was doing better they ended up in tears and started taking their frustration out on me. I just brushed it off at the time but there was literally nothing I could do, anything I could say to comfort them would have just been patronizing and snapping at them to pull it together would have just made the situation way worse, knowing their personality.

I do genuinely want them to improve but they seem so stuck in their ways that even just offerring small pieces of advice feels like pulling teeth. "Do some anatomy studies!" "I used to do them back in college, I already know anatomy…" "You should try using this brush now and then to change things up." "No, I know it wont look good if I try it, I want to use the one I always use." It'd be one thing if they just drew for fun but like I said, we're both starting businesses and also, oftentimes I wonder if they even have fun drawing because they barely do it without incentive and complain about it a lot. I want to keep moving forward and improving my art and keep the momentum of my business growing, but it hurts knowing my closest friend isn't happy for me yet refuses to listen when I try to help. We have almost the same amount of years of drawing experience but it's like they learned all their techniques in year one and never learned any new ones and it really shows.

>inb4 you're not really friends/stop being friends/etc

We've been close for over a decade, we easily support each other emotionally, mentally, and financially in tons of situations. Part of why it's so hard to talk about this with them is because this is the only thing that has ever been a downside in our friendship and I have no idea how to talk about it.

No. 988377

Anon, are you me? I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple of years ago.

It wasn't a super close friend of mine, but still someone I chatted with pretty regularly.

Not flexing in any way,but that friend really admired my art and would go on and on about how they wanted to draw like I did and begged for me to teach them how to do it. And I'd genuinely try to help, but they'd quickly deflect any piece of advice or criticism I'd give their art. "That's not the style I want to have!" "I don't draw realism though" "I already do studies!". There was no business involved, if anything this friend (now ex-friend) only wanted internet clout (I'm far from famous, but I get some nice engagement from my followers). In the end we drifted apart because I was sick of them constantly asking me to teach them, refusing to listen, then being passive aggressive or crying that "my art sucks!"

Since ending this friendship isn't an option…honestly? If I were you I'd call them out on this behaviour. Not in a mean or angry way, but make your side of the struggle known to them as well.

No. 988386

So NFTs are just adoptables/picrews for bitbros kek

No. 988389

>I was doing better they ended up in tears and started taking their frustration out on me.
Prediction, this friendship won't be a long lasting one due to obvious jealousy, she should be happy for your success not in tears wtf

No. 988391

File: 1638940987063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 343.87 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20211208-120751_Twi…)

I know iamlunasol has a lot of lolcow behaviour but isn't this too much ? Like stalking and recording without permission in con isn't that illegal? Zoomers Fandom is just plain insanity. I hate that most of nowdays fandoms are infested with these type of people.

No. 988396

you should probably throw some tough love at her before she ghosts you. i think its inevitable.

No. 988397

Sorry to hear about that experience, but it is comforting to hear other artists have gone through something like this. It's really hard to talk about because it can just seem like backhanded bragging, but I put a lot of work to get to where I am and I want my friend to be able to do so too, but it's hard when they just don't or won't listen and just feel sorry for themselves instead.

>If I were you I'd call them out on this behaviour. Not in a mean or angry way, but make your side of the struggle known to them as well.

Yeah, I think I will have to eventually. I'm just worried I will go about it wrong and somehow end up as the bad guy. From a just friend perspective, I want them to just have fun and be happy and to support whatever they make, but from another artist's perspective, I want them to realize that "getting good" takes real actual work and part of that is knowing how and when to take criticism and finding new techniques to keep improving.

I mean, I would love for our friendship to keep going for as long as possible, but it's definitely an elephant in the room sometimes and I just don't want it to destroy anything. She struggles with chronic depression and is particularly self hating and comes from a family that put her down a lot, so I understand why she was as upset as she was if she's putting her self worth into her art (she is), but it still hurts when I'm trying to be proud of my years of hard work and she can't fully celebrate with me despite being my closest friend.

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