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File: 1618638841475.jpg (70 KB, 520x771, 0f70073572946cf72b20559a61e8cd…)

No. 785290

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom Discourse!



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


No. 785529

Op, I will forever get pissy when someone asks how to get more followers on insta. It seems like after every 50th comment someone breaks the salt to ask how to in the easiest way possible to gain a lot of followers- then to be answered the same exact way you would expect by simply googling the answer

No. 785537

File: 1618677208413.gif (76.37 KB, 370x267, 1466046749095.gif)

Bonus points if the answers sound like they have no clue what they're talking about or the asking OP is delusional abut their art level

No. 785684

So Artfol barely started and already changed their TOS, now prohibiting any type of NSFW work.

No. 785686

File: 1618690555903.png (926.39 KB, 740x714, oof.PNG)

The artist who posted this keeps deleting comments telling her that today isn't a great day to be posting jokes about the Queen. Seems in poor taste to post it on the day of her husbands funeral.

No. 785691

ppl don't care since she is "white and british" is a """joke""" to hate on them i hate cutie art like this thi why, do this? juts make up some fantasy queen

No. 785701

It's weird how much posturing there is about being empathetic woke activists and then people act like rabid dogs the minute they see a chance, I know sometimes others deserve anger and criticism but there isn't any dignity in this behavior… it's honestly petty like what's the purpose

No. 785702


They see it as justified because "those people are bad therefore it's valid to hate them and wish them the worst". Woke twitter operates on eye for eye logic exclusively.

No. 785706

I swear most people used to try at least to seem sensible and respectful even with their enemies. Like you critique their wrongs and be harsh where it's deserved but in a scenario like this I'm not even thinking about the queen, I'm thinking how it reflects back on the people happy to celebrate other's suffering or loss without a second thought. It's petty and I wouldn't want to be around someone like that even if I thought they were right about the monarchy

No. 785740

flashback to Tumblr
When will you learn
When will you learn that your actions have consequences

In all seriousness I had the impression that the site was mostly appealing to high schoolers or amateur artists instead of professionals/serious commission artists, so its not that surprising if they saw that their main audience was some uwu puritans high schoolers. Might be a bad move on the long run tho

No. 785767

Okay so just learnt that they promised that NSFW would be permitted to the people that financially invested and supported the project so now that's just scummy

No. 785769

To be fair, when you're a small team it's really difficult to monitor all of the possible works that are going to be uploaded to your site. Apple kicked Tumblr off of their store once when one user uploaded kiddie porn, they would be more than willing to shut down some random startup for the same reason.

No. 785796

File: 1618700067976.jpeg (130.86 KB, 960x960, 35AEF87C-E4B6-43E8-B016-1F321D…)

oh god

the furries

No. 785801

File: 1618700610220.png (171.67 KB, 540x802, 0415.png)

Replace high schoolers with college (anime) kids who would unironically describe Twitter as toxic and you'd be right.

No. 785807

The only way an art platform would be fair is if already big and popular creators didn't join it, giving other creators for screentime.

No. 785813

But I believe that's because it was supposed to stay that way, not because they were being deceptive? Artfol has been on beta for a while and it did allow NSFW, but the Apple thing happened and the devs don't wanna risk having their app taken off the app store, so they had no option but to change their policy. At least that's what I understood.

No. 785816

But the whole issue regarding NSFW and Apple that got Tumblr in trouble was literally years ago and is widely well known, yet they only chose to make that change now? It sounds really weird to me.

No. 785837

I just saw Lindsay's cancel video and had to rush here because I saw Jaynden tried to dab on her on twitter.

No. 785840

But what got tumblr in trouble was CP, not NSFW in general (them deciding the solution was to ban all adult content is another thing). Meanwhile the recent Discord issue kinda came out of nowhere so I think that scared the devs.

No. 785845

i understand at this stage of artfol, but I'm considering the idea of fetish coomers posting there fetish art untagged and drowing the discover tab or something like in deviantart. i kinda get it.

No. 785851

There are literally SO many platforms NSFW artists can post on. I for one am kind of tired of them acting like when a small scale website says "no nsfw" it's somehow oppressive to the art community in general. I like NSFW art but I totally understand why as a website with assumingly not a lot of staff you would want to keep art that can range from tasteful NSFW to loli coomer shit off your platform until you get your staff together and know the problems the sites going to have with a normal amount of art content.

Everyone complains that DA is just a fetish website but then turns around and complains when an art website decides they don't want NSFW. I dont get it. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Maybe I'm also bitter that NSFW artists can seemingly do so little (like draw -insert meme chatacter here- getting fucked) and cultivate a huge audience of people who just want to jerk off and that's it. Not sure if I automatically want those people coming in droves to a newish platform especially if this one doesn't want to become the new DA kek.

No. 785884

This. Ever since YouTube commenters called deviantart a “fetish” site, so many people went on the bandwagon without even looking at the site.
Is fetish art easier to access on DA than other websites? Yes, but since the YouTube rampage, it has dialed back, yet it’s a website that continues to welcome stuff that isn’t on other sites like insta doesn’t welcome or promote as much (like gore)

No. 785887

You mean Lindsay Ellis?
Good luck to jay, because that fuck is the most hypocritical trash I think this forum has seen in a long while

No. 785910

Op forgot to link the previous thread

No. 785959

File: 1618715589836.jpeg (1.45 MB, 2019x1351, 8E0AD576-35A6-45F6-8155-466020…)

Lmao imagine receiving stickers that say #arttwitter on them like… what the fuck is that retardation

No. 786143

The issue is that Artfol initially allowed NSFW and then changed their mind after opening the app. If a website did the opposite, saying it was going to be fully SFW and then allowed porn and fetish art after opening, I would expect people to have the same complaints.

Not to mention, there isn't a lot. There is Twitter and Deviantart. Maybe Reddit but you can't do direct uploads on an NSFW profile, so you have to go through another website to upload. Almost no one genuinely uses DA to discover art since the mods are basically absent and the website is dead in the water. The reason people complain about DA is that it has no mods and there is no blacklist (or even extension) to try to filter some of it and IIRC, the block feature is pretty much broken. At least on Twitter, you can blacklist certain words, hashtags, etc, and Reddit is mostly contained to respective subreddits but most people suspect Reddit is going to do a full NSFW ban at some point in the future.

Not to mention, you can't even take commissions through PayPal for NSFW without being at risk of having your account removed and PayPal withholding the money indefinatly and MasterCard is tightening their restrictions for adult content being sold that is no doubt going to affect drawn imagery. And Patreon actively monitors your off-site activity (even as far as a website like pixiv) for anything that isn't allowed on their services and will boot you off if you break their TOS on a different website.

and it sounds like bitterness cause the grass is always greener on the other side. Most artists who do that little already had relatively large fanbases and this is coming from someone that primarily does SFW with a NSFW side gig.

No. 786212

The issue with Artfol is that it doesn't fucking work

No. 786217

lmao word

No. 786218

artfol is only lucrative for moderate/big name digital artists, it's so sad seeing traditional arts and crafts people who are going to have a hard time fitting in the community

No. 786228

Is Twitter still the best place for getting on by your (fan)art or have zoomers/millennials not come up with a legitimately better option yet?

No. 786264

Yes unfortunately but you should still utilize all of them even if they aren’t popular

No. 786270

Not this anon, but does anyone have advice for getting started posting fanart on twitter? Most fanartists I see on there don't tag anything and it seems to be kind of a faux pas to use tags, but how do you find an audience if tags are frowned upon?

No. 786278

when you're getting started it's a good idea to make a small description with the character name and series its from, it helps people find your work even if you don't tag directly

No. 786292

It is and I don't see that changing because there's no reason for eceleb YouTubers to haul themselves over Artfol. It doesn't take long to see that fans on Twitters are normals who place virtue signaling above skill.
The new trend HoloLive makes tags a necessity so the streamer can find you. I don't know how Fate fans succeed but I know RWBY's higher ups have an eye on their hashtag.

No. 786293

Speaking of Jay, how many artist that already been harrassed by him?

No. 786305

Too fucking many.

No. 786315

This might sound insensitive but I can't help but feel like Michie over exaggerates things. I understand that the covid situation is serious but I also can't help but feel like Miichie is being a tad over reactive here.

She bitches about how she couldn't get vaccinated but then says it's because she works from home but I also remember her saying in previous videos that she hardly leaves her apartment unless she absolutely has to like for groceries and whatnot. But the main factor here is that she doesn't leave her home all that much, she's not out in the public on a daily basis unlike people who have have regular jobs and are in the public daily so of course someone like her wouldn't be a high priority because she's the less likely to get sick. I know it sounds insensitive but that's just the way I see it.

But also something that really does rub me the wrong way is that whenever she goes into these kind of story videos, she ALWAYS has to mention how something "traumatizing" happened to her and I can't help but feel like she's being overly dramatic. I feel bad admitting this because you never know but with how frequently she always has to mention this kinda thing, I can't help but feel like she's embellishing.

No. 786365

I don't care that she wants the vaccine, because who doesn't want the vaccine to save themselves from potential permanent lung damage. Aslso I might be remembering wrong but she meets up with friends and family so it's not like she's a pure hermit.

To your second point, it's not story time videos. It's EVERY VIDEO. Every video she says how the month was so stressful and traumatizing or 'it started out great but shit happened uwu boo poor me I love my patreon supporters wink' like ok is your life just constant misery then?

Also as a side note I'm still fucking confused how she draws like that with her amount of digital art experience and thinks she's doing well for herself. IDK if it's self confidence, obliviousness or both but I want to avoid doing whatever she's doing so I don't stagnate

No. 786378

I have worked the entirety of the pandemic in a grocery superstore, I had to work during the panic buying, deal with anti-maskers for months, I've had shit thrown at me because we weren't doing rainchecks, been spit on by covid deniers, etc. My cooperate overlords wanted a tax break so they went, bought it themselves, and now over 100+ of my stores staff got the shot.

Michie is a slob that sits at home all day, complains all night, and has the personality of sandpaper. She was talking about getting a part time job- Maybe if she got one, instead of saying she was as a way to manipulate people into donating to her patreon because 'it's not enough guys!!!!', then maybe she would have gotten it by now.

But then she'd just make a video about how the side effects where so awful, she felt so bad!! Oh no!!

No. 786398

File: 1618775113873.png (334.18 KB, 876x681, tumblr_547f38b40588560bfcc25e5…)

being trans is like some kind of alternative progressive lifestyle for these tumblr freaks i hate them so much

No. 786427

>I don't care that she wants the vaccine, because who doesn't want the vaccine to save themselves from potential permanent lung damage. Aslso I might be remembering wrong but she meets up with friends and family so it's not like she's a pure hermit.

Fair enough then, you're right. She's not a complete hermit since she still sees family and friends. So good for her for finally getting it.

> To your second point, it's not story time videos. It's EVERY VIDEO. Every video she says how the month was so stressful and traumatizing or 'it started out great but shit happened uwu boo poor me I love my patreon supporters wink' like ok is your life just constant misery then?

Yeah I don't watch all her videos, mainly just her story videos and it's just something I notice and it's to the point where I roll my eyes now whenever she feels the need to mention how she went through something "traumatizing" but "can't go into it". I'm just like "Shut up…" And again, I feel like an asshole for thinking this but in my experience with people who do this, they tend to exaggerate and I can't help but feel like Michie is doing the same thing.

>Also as a side note I'm still fucking confused how she draws like that with her amount of digital art experience and thinks she's doing well for herself. IDK if it's self confidence, obliviousness or both but I want to avoid doing whatever she's doing so I don't stagnate

I try not to question her art skill anymore but yeah, her style is just mindboggling for someone who has drawn as long as she has. I get that the cartoon aesthetic is a thing, I love it myself but there's something off about her style and she definitely stagnated. And sure she may have decent coloring but it doesn't really take effect when her own style is so… Off-putting.

No. 786436

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I went ahead and just took back what I said since she's not a complete hermit but her lack of self-awareness will forever frustrate me. Glad to hear you and your fellow employees were able to get the vaccinations, you all deserve first dibs because you're working with the public and had to and continue to go through with the madness that has been happening.

> Michie is a slob that sits at home all day, complains all night, and has the personality of sandpaper. She was talking about getting a part time job- Maybe if she got one, instead of saying she was as a way to manipulate people into donating to her patreon because 'it's not enough guys!!!!', then maybe she would have gotten it by now.

Oh right, I forgot that she said she was looking for a part time job. I'm remembering how she said she wanted a part-time job that pays more than minimum wage because she "makes more than minimum wage" with her art (which I have to wonder how true that is). But yeah she was being ridiculous. She hasn't had a regular job in years and she expects to be able to find a job that pays more than minimum wage when she been out of work for a good while now? Just wow.

> But then she'd just make a video about how the side effects where so awful, she felt so bad!! Oh no!!

That part just made me roll my eyes. I'm sure that if she did all the research she claims she does, she would've been ready to expect the side effects like the drowsiness which is pretty typical in general when you get vaccinations.

No. 786502

File: 1618781958928.png (49.64 KB, 527x511, 3.PNG)

Some people were caught selling NFTs of Quinni's work.

No. 786503

File: 1618781986657.png (222.21 KB, 585x523, 1.PNG)

For context, Loish was sharing that a Twinciio user was selling her artwork without permission.

No. 786504

File: 1618782016239.png (183.18 KB, 533x529, 2.PNG)

No. 786536

actual state of NFTs right there

No. 786701

All of this is only really an issue for NSFW artists. I dont understand how that effects all artists as a whole. Not everyone who posts art enjoys sharing a space with coomer content. Im not sure why every website has to cater to porn anyway if they're private businesses. Im not saying everyone has to use or like Artfol but this weird habit of people tearing down websites simply for the fact that they don't want porn on their site is strange to me.

I see plenty of NSFW artists thriving on twitter, instagram and reddit despite what everyone says about them "cracking down" tbh. I also don't think there's much merit to "well they were already popular before they drew NSFW" when I know of several no name artists off the top of my head that blew up when they drew NSFW animations. There's nothing wrong with drawing porn art but it's weird to me how if you're an artist you can't say you dislike NSFW art being mixed with SFW without being jumped on by other artists.

No. 786718

does anyone know what is going on with avasdemon? i’ve certainly out grown the premise of the webcomic but i like checking for updates from time to time and it has not been getting updated at all. tf is michelle up to?

No. 786734

God, I feel so bad for Qinni's family. There was a massive spike in art theft after she died too, and the people who were printing her work onto items/selling prints of her art would claim it was a "tribute" to "honor" her.

No. 786738

File: 1618810554896.png (140.79 KB, 681x589, commissionprices.PNG)

>someone starts a discourse about underpricing
>kneejerk reaction from "starving artists"
>"who will buy our shit if we raise prices?"
>post gets deleted to stop drama
>this shows up picrel

am I the only one who thinks OP picrel is being opportunistic?

No. 786751

Absolutely opportunistic, but I'm tired of arguing with those "everyone should sell their commissions for almost no money" idiots. They clearly all are little rich kids or sheltered from having to really work by their parents/friends/partners and they should get what they deserve. Educating them isn't anyone's job at this point when they only choose to play victim every time people try to. They want to widen the gap between people playing at freelance and those who treat it like a job they can feel free to destroy their wrists for about 200$ a year income.

No. 786756

Basically, since november 2019, she is in hiatus for her mental health. She promised multiples times to updates again around 2021 (january, end of march-early april, now nothing before may…). My guess is we will not have anything before 2022.
This time it's delayed because she is moving to Oregon.

No. 786768

I actually agree with you. There's already Twitter, Twitter, and Pixiv that allow NSFW work on their platform, I don't think it's a big deal that one art site prefers clean work.

No. 786769

NSFW artists are big perverts who get mad when people dont want to look at their obsessive scribbles of dick, balls, and ass all the time. They take personal offense just because you dont wanna see that stupid shit

No. 786780


tysm for the answer. tinfoil but it could be possible she’s lowkey getting cold feet for avasdemon. i can only imagine working on something for that long.

No. 786784


She said recently that she is going to finish it. In my opinion she is just doing too much work (her art improved, but when she started she said she wanted to do simple illustrations, and now it's way too detailled for her well being). She also faced a lot of criticisms and vendetta in my taste. I just wish she was a bit more open to not let her patreon in the dark. Her last kickstarter was highly successful so I guess she is remotivated. We will see.

No. 786787

Yeah that's shitty. Under $10 is too low in almost all cases unless it's a super quick sketch.

Commission pricing discourse pops up on art twitter all the time and the consensus seems to be "charge professional industry rates regardless of your skill and location because you deserve it". Kind of hyperbolic but you get the gist. I don't agree with that tbh. Professional artists can charge industry rates because they are highly skilled and professional, whereas so many twitter artists think it's acceptable to keep pushing off commissions for months to do personal work and take 30 mental health days a month. And the market for certain art styles like anime is just so oversaturated even if you are pretty good.
But honestly most of the time it's just a wiser choice to get a regular part-time job if you need money. Commissions are so fickle that unless you are really good or popular you shouldn't be relying on them for stable income.

No. 786807

I don't really care about the prices people are charging their clients because it's up to the customer to decide if they're being ripped off or not, but the general unprofessionalism on the artists' front is often mindblowing.
>Sorry, I haven't been able to deliver on the commissions I've been paid to do because of my mental health situation, I need to take a few months to sit on my ass playing the video games I bought with the money you already gave me and only draw my comfort characters uwu
>Uggghhhh I hate drawing commissions so much!!!! I hope that everyone who commissioned me knows they're ruining my life and causing me copious amounts of stress and mental health problems!! Fuck everyone who gave me money and expected something in return!!
>Opens commissions again to milk for more money despite having a backlog full of unfinished ones
>When finished, hands in a shitty 10-minute sketch that has nowhere near the amount of effort as their personal art, 6 months past the deadline
Like just get a fucking job if you don't want to get paid drawing things people want. Other people are not obligated to pay you for simply existing.

No. 786853

File: 1618831791386.jpg (421.74 KB, 1020x1501, Portrait_of_a_Nude_WomanLa_For…)

To add sth to the NSFW discussion, it sounds like some of you don't realize how much NSFW ban affects. Yes, it affects artists drawing straight up porn and I agree porn should be kept away from publicly accessible sites with no age limit, but it also affects any kind of nudity; Raphael would get banned for this despite his artwork being shown at schools and in the museums to people of any age because it's not erotic or pornographic. Making any non-sexual nudity a complete taboo and bannable offense is something that may even have infuence on society as a whole - I don't want to be dramatic and say "if we ban NSFW men will start raping women showing just a little bit of skin in their attire" but you sure see it's not that black and white.

No. 786856

This. I make art with a lot of nudity but it's not porn or erotic stuff, just things like your pic that sadly falls under the NSFW ban. I also always have to put a NSFW warning on sites that do allow it, which most of the time gets the piece less recognition because algorithms don't favour that kind of artwork.

Oh wow, it's almost as if NFTs are a scam.

No. 786883

Not only tasteful nudity, but they can start banning other subjects as well once they have issued a NSFW ban. People thinking it'll only affect coomers drawing inflation gore porn really don't see the big picture where the platform can arbitrarily start pushing people out for whatever reason. The system can be abused in a lot of ways such as falsified reports.

No. 786888

As someone on both sides of the tracks, it's basically a website saying one then and turning around and doing another. Like I said if artfol marketed itself as completely SFW and then suddenly allowed NSFW content, I'd expect people to have the same complaints that it basically isn't what they signed up for.

You don't have to cater to porn or NSFW art, just don't do the bait and switch bs which is my primary issue with it tbh.

No. 786891


the problem is that they baited artists then backed off bc it seemed convenient to do so. NSFW artists are usually annoyingly whiny when they're not welcome in a platform or etc but this was kind of a dick move of artfol to do. plus they didn't communicate it in any way, just silently changed their TOS, so a bunch of people might be coming in thinking it's still the same as it was before bc let's be real not everyone reads a social media's TOS when they have a twitter acc that acts as a communication board.

No. 786903

This is the painting where some scholars think they can see signs of breast cancer.

It's not just the tastefulness of nudity that matters. This painting is honestly fascinating.

No. 786905

File: 1618838900050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.49 KB, 750x955, final layer web.jpg)

Samefag as but

I mostly draw pinup and even websites that say they allow artistic nudity can ban or remove something because they found it too sexual. They say they allow artistic nudity but don't give a guideline of what specifically counts as artistic vs pornographic nudity.

Would I be allowed to post my drawings of nude reference photos? Women who are just topless but not doing anything sexual? Would two nude women next to each other be considered too sexual? Even though nudity is allowed, to what degree? Just nipples? A vulva? Would something like what Happy D draws (Say what you want about her skills, she doesn't draw pornography) be banned or not allowed on the website even though it isn't pornographic? At one point DeviantArt said artistic nudity was allowed but you could still be banned if they deemed it "too sexual" or "too erotic" even if it fit within a general guideline of artistic nudity.

Like I've seen similar situations with YouTube, FFN, etc. where they say they allow certain content, but then still ban/censor/remove it. Like YouTube allows LGBT+ content but you can still get demonetized and get community strikes if it isn't advertiser/family-friendly and it's even extended to despite having an app specifically made for children, YT forces everyone on the primary app to be kid/family-friendly and can demonetize you if they incorrectly flag your content as "for children".

It's an issue for primarily NSFW artists yes dealing with payment processors, websites, etc. but not every NSFW artist is drawing coomer loli inflation. Some of us are just drawing regular nudity that is no more vile or graphic than paintings that are shown in schools and museums yet could still be de-platformed or risk losing access to money because of it.

And yeah basically this. It was a dick move and a lot of people had to specifically ask if NSFW was no longer allowed because they didn't notify anyone of the change in TOS. Even though no one reads a social media's TOS all the time, at least most websites make an effort to alert people to a change in TOS via email, in-app/website notification, etc. It was asked repeatedly if NSFW content would be allowed, to what degree, etc., and the devs all agreed and said yes yes yes only to change it 3 days into the opening of the app. Even though may have been largely because of Apple's bs content policies, it was also like no secret apple was like that so why would you even say yes to start with?

I think more people would have preferred the app only being on android or having to use a website as opposed to a bait and switch.

side note: the devs speak like children/teenagers and that honestly makes me want to use the app even less.

No. 786921

On the most popular sites seems like "female presenting" nipples, visible vagina crack and penis is where they draw a line. I constantly see people censor nipples on a completely innocent nude female figure studies. It sucks because there's nothing erotic about that, but it's how it is.

No. 786933

Some of this feels like a nod to TD

No. 787001

If you live in a country with a devalued currency like me you can mog the fuck out of other people by offering competitive third world prices that get multiplied by 4 to 6 on your end. (Jokes aside, some of my friends in the EU have to charge more. It sucks.) Really, I'm tired of commission price arguments. I'm not going to trust the financial advice of any of the retards on twitter or instagram. I know these people don't know a lick of finance or marketing.

No. 787056

I'm an artist who likes to draw SFW and NSFW art and I'm tired of being treated like the fucking boogeyman.
Whether it's tasteful erotica or cumbrain porn, I don't care and honestly, I don't see the big deal. Personally, I simply like to look at and/or draw sexy scenes between characters I like, or erotic ideas I have, and it's annoying having to defend myself for it.

The internet isn't exclusively for minors and I feel like people forget about that.

No. 787095


No. 787104

> that emoji

No. 787109

I agree. It's so weird how people are creating specifically NSFW only accounts and trying to bar "minors" from following them (and vice versa.) I've been reading and writing smut and lying about my age since before I hit puberty. Are these people stupid.

No. 787126

>I agree. It's so weird how people are creating specifically NSFW only accounts and trying to bar "minors" from following them (and vice versa.) I've been reading and writing smut and lying about my age since before I hit puberty. Are these people stupid.
I also came across internet porn as a kid. But as an adult, I see why kids shouldn't be exposed so things, e.g addicts, groomers, "I'm a girl/boy because I like lesbian porn or yaoi" transgenders. They can't stop kids from finding porn, but they're going to do what they can so they won't be legally responsible for it.

No. 787130

You're not oppressed for doing NSFW art. I don't mind tasteful nudity either but there are plenty of adults who'd prefer not to see that when browsing an art site.

No. 787132

that's why those dumbasses should actually charge real prices. they only get commissions while behaving like that because they cost 30$. at 300$ nobody would put up with that shit, and they'd have to find a real job. if they found a real job they'd have less time to scream at social media and more exposure to the idea that other people are real humans other than themselves. they might become less obsessed with their dream of working in art without ever being good at it and more willing to participate in society. its a win-win.

No. 787136

I never said I was oppressed, I'm just annoyed.
I fully understand not wanting to be exposed to porn on the timeline, obviously. There's plenty of filters to help with that, though, and it's not exactly hard to click a button that says "hide suggestive content".

No. 787158

The problem anon is that, while I agree that nsfw can be whinny babies, the rare non fully porn sites that allow nsfw often have pretty good filters if the artists are of good faith and tag their shits.

No. 787216

if the bar for being annoyed or miffed by something is whether or not you're oppressed by that logic no one can complain about being mildly annoyed or frustrated by anything unless it systematically affects them and others who are a protected class like damn.

and yeah this. Most artists are good faith and tag their content as best they can… Look at A03 and all the weird and NSFW stuff over there, most people tag their things in good faith and if a website provides a good tagging system, a lot of artists, SFW and NSFW like that cause NSFW artists get tired of being told we don't do enough to keep our content away from people who don't want to see it short of having a completely privated account and in some cases, even that isn't enough given how many artists like badtorquoise get called out for doing NSFW on a privated account and SFW artists will never have to see or interact with it.

places like DeviantArt got do bad with porn because there is no kind of filtration system or way of blocking tags/content you don't want to see and even blocking users can be completely broken since last I checked, they still have a limit to how many people you can block.

idk why its so hard for a website for artists to have a website that allows SFW and NSFW and just have a good tagging system so no one has to see anything they don't want to. Most people tag in good faith cause it helps people who want to see that kinda thing find it.

No. 787353

File: 1618895806690.jpeg (27.6 KB, 617x497, Popcorn.jpeg)

Watching Jay get ratiod by the Creator of friday night funkin.
>he deleted his tweet that calling out fnf
>Refusing to post any donation link or petiton about world issue
>Retweeting his friends comission and kofi
Proof Jay only care about himself and his friends

No. 787370

Context??? Screenshots???

No. 787372

Has anyone made a thread on this ugly toad yet? He comes up in these threads so much.

No. 787379

File: 1618899544461.jpg (2.84 MB, 3464x3464, 378388338464674748382828272727…)

He and his gf have a thread in kiwi. I do believe we need a special thread for Jay and his twitter friends circle jerk
Here you go anon, Most of the tweets deleted

No. 787380

File: 1618899575340.jpeg (181.78 KB, 720x931, CD4E5F3D-0CF1-4433-90F2-A372D7…)

this seems to be the thread that was deleted, apparently you can't donate to games because check notes …hate crimes.

No. 787404

>>787380 With this mindset nobody could ever spend money on anything non-essencial. Since there's genocides happening right now, and thriving trafficking rings, and a whole lot of other horrible things.

I also wish that rich people would just stop spending money on private jets and end poverty already, but I can't control their finances or guilt-trip them because I think I have a higher moral ground. So yeah, this idiot should just shut up already and open their own wallet instead.

No. 787405

I genuinely can't believe this logic. "A bunch of random people I don't know decided to spend their money in a way I DONT LIKE and now IM A VICTIM and they're contributing to literal hate crimes and racism" ?????????

Why do they think people care about their opinion in the first place? they seem to have such a self-inflated sense of worth. Those initial tweets are written so confidently. I hate the way they list all their oppression points in subsequent tweets as if it validates anything they did/said.

No. 787409

No, they're not stupid. They're just trying to do what they can in order to be legally safe from grooming accusations by barring minors out. If you require your followers to verify being over the age of 18 then you've done what you can, some kid will always lie about their age but you wont be responsible for dealing porn to minors since it's on the kid and their parents not monitoring their internet usage.

No. 787419

Does this weirdo not know how hard it is to make a game? If it bothers her ass that much she can go ahead and donate to charities without needing to use Kickstarter or gofundme. "Emapthy" my ass.

No. 787431

hahaha omg, to cry about hate crimes to only plug friend's ko-fis, and instead apologizing to the creator just trying to win the victim contest, she's unhinged

No. 787441

It's mindblowing how we live in an age where one can straight up get pissed that people are spending their own money on something independent they find worth their support, and first of all manipulate them into believing they're supporting hate crimes and racism by doing so, and secondly start demanding them to give it to her for no other reason than the great virtue of being a "marginalized creator". If she got $1000 she'd blow it on frivolous items she would call her "comfort shopping that's essential for her mental well being" like any other e-beggar, there's no way in hell she would be handing it out to relatives in need. Ridiculous. Fuck this bitch and her girlfriend, I can't believe people are supporting of a tantrum stemming from jealousy and entitlement.

No. 787443

Anons, if people keep ghosting me after I tell them my commission prices does this mean they are too high or are people always this flaky?

I have a decent following (probably shouldn't matter for this, idk) and good quality art and charge $60 for a fully rendered semirealistic portrait and $150 for full body with background. I feel like these are really competitive prices for my skill level and following but maybe I should go lower?

No. 787449

There also was someone that actually asked jay to give money to women because of the hole for men comic but jay said "wtf no I already apologised", "how am I gonna pay back to all women" and "I can't be misoginist I'm a woman" (it's honestly a shame the other person didn't use the "internalised mysoginy" argument to push jay against the wall)

No. 787450

There’s going to be people who will pay for your work if they love it enough. I wouldn’t compromise pricing because a few people flake out. It’s been repeated a ton lately but here it is again, art is a luxury. If they can’t afford it, that’s not on you. Times are rough atm so don’t feel too discouraged about it, I’m sure you’ll get comms soon enough!

No. 787468

It' probably was because she's one of the worst examples of this. Took on a shit ton of commissions and kept adding them with "emergency commissions" that only kept piling on top of each other which bloated out her backlong.

Goes on about mental health and how she just cannot work -insert day- and needs to take time off to address it (play video games or play D&D).

I mean I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for her, her and other artists that get into situations like this only have themselves to blame for taking on more work than they could handle. And in Michie's case, she refuses to refund people who have been in her backlong for months to almost a year and yet complains about how behind she is in commissions.

If all else, people like TD should be warning of why you shouldn't take on too many commissions when you know you can't handle it.

No. 787481

I agree, thank you anon! I just wish that people would not ghost me and just give a quick reply with "I'm not interested/Can't afford it now" because I always wait for their response but oh well

No. 787512

Who's TD? I've seen people like this so many times, taking money from commissioners and never delivering while guilt tripping people over asking them when they can expect it to be finished. One of my personal cows was making posts about how she's "lacking inspiration" and asking her when it's going to be finished is just "making it worse for my mental health boohoo". And while she's avoiding working on her commissions she's posting personal self-indulgent art all the time. Bitch this wasn't in your terms of purchase, don't take commissions if you don't want to deliver.

No. 787530

TD = Twisted Disaster. A friend/moocher of Holly C. Brown (Calarts rant girl).

No. 787553

>Seeing people donate alot of money while so many hate crimes are going on just seems kind of iffy

He says while not linking any sort of donations to people affected by said hate crimes or all the other real world problems. Classic perfomative arm-chair activism looking for brownie points. Either open your wallet or suck it up bitch.

No. 787556

>there are LITERALLY children starving in africa right now bigot!!
This is excellent content, I'd be very much interested in a thread if there isn't one already.

No. 787566

>trans asian latina
Wait is Jay not a fakeboi anymore?

No. 787568

>>787566 I guess they aren't when it's convinient

No. 787569

She's aiming for all of the oppression points she can get. If she identified as male, she would lose a point. Read through >>787379 again and count how many victim and minority cards she just played.

No. 787570

He says that he is bigender/genderfluid. So, even after the ~hole for men~ thing happened, Jay is now using "latina" to get a few steps in the oppresion ladder for pity points and appear as more of a victim.

No. 787574

File: 1618932564495.jpg (897.14 KB, 3000x2000, EzWlG-DUUAMRjNm.jpg)


Yuumei came back with her shallow comic and still complaining about health issues.

No. 787596

Anybody know when artfol is planning to make a desktop version? I really am not going to care about them until they get a desktop version

that's the thing with non binaries. being non binary means literally nothing, so it's the easies label to play of because you can literally pull anything out of your ass and flip flop as much as you want and then just waive it with "muh gender is weird". "He/him only" and "latinA" aren't contradictory if you're under 10 layers of gender specialness.

No. 787597

I'm sorry if she has some serious health issues but this comic is so fucking cringy. She's trying to give this important message but it's all ruined by the edgy im14andthisisdeep writing. It's embarassing.

No. 787633

File: 1618937504714.png (170.89 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20210420-184249.png)

A browsing-only desktop version is apparently ready and coming soon, but we'll have to wait for a while until more functionality is implemented since it wasn't part of their plans. They want to focus on the app first.

No. 787650

>Non iPad pro people have to use Discord to port art from one place to another and repeat that if any mistakes are found
>They unironically think people who can't even be bothered to consistently dual upload to Pixiv would do this

No. 787656

What's the point of the no-login option? Do they just want to implement guest likes? You can't even like things on IG, Twitter, or DA without logging in. Without logging in, a site is just a gallery. That's not what artists fucking want.

No. 787672

You can't force people to use an app… that'll just make people use it less.

No. 787698

She really needs to get off the internet. Needs to go outside or something

No. 787712

Pretty much what >>787530 said. TD = Twisted Disaster, a somewhat sizeable art/commentary channel who was best known for being friends with Holly Brown and also involved in the zine controversy that they both got into back in 2019 I believe.

Twisted Disaster's highlights aren't really as severe as some others mentioned in previous threads, the main issues with her is her lack of self awareness and more specifically, her lack of work ethic when it comes to commissions and her being overly dramatic when she claimed she was homeless back in 2019 when she wasn't, she was just living in her in-laws garage until they could find their own apartment after they had asked them to leave.

On the commission front, she pretty much does what your personal cow does only she got a huge influx of commissions because she kept saying she had emergency after emergency which created a bloated backlog that she's slowly getting through but has the gall to whinge about it when it was her own fault and it could be avoided if she issued refunds but in her words, "I just can't do that".

And then the cherry on top was when she said she was looking for part time work but wants a job where she makes more than minimum wage to justify gas money to get to and from work but refuses to work in places like factories because she can't stand for long periods of time lest her back pains (and her obesity) or computer office-type jobs because she doesn't want to be on a computer all day and then come home to do the same thing when she's working on art. And I'm sure you can see how dumb this all is.

No. 787714

lame af
I'm tired of apps, and not having to pass digital drawings from the computer to the phone every single time would be much more convenient.
One of these days I might just go off the deep end and move myself to blogger like the internet art equivalent of a hermit. no more apps

No. 787814

File: 1618956389801.png (40.54 KB, 592x499, only my followers are allowed …)

This drama attention seeking entitled kid… Karma bit him in the back for being a bitch.

Even when he was aware of being in the wrong after getting called out and being himself the holiest of thou over everyone else in the earth, he choose to disable replies because he's too afraid enough for his fragile ego that the backlash caused on him. The quote tweets for this one are entertaining enough to watch, with many people calling him out for not retweeting gofundmes or kofis for people in need that are not his friends, to another person calling him out for harassing an ex-friend of his for having a nsfw account, and a lesbian minor as well.

No. 787828

File: 1618957334272.png (33.77 KB, 588x323, jay callout.PNG)

The callout in question under the quoted tweets. (1/3)

No. 787831

File: 1618957401280.png (39.1 KB, 586x400, jay callout2.PNG)

No. 787836

File: 1618957525942.png (31.04 KB, 589x340, jay callout3.PNG)

No. 787844

Ok Jay might actually get her deserved karma from this.

No. 787845

File: 1618958439378.png (226.84 KB, 720x1132, Screenshot_20210420-183813~2.p…)

begging for 20k for no reason……. don't these people feel any shame. one of jay's buddies. they're all fucked up

No. 787853

Of course Jay would be friends with the nutjob that ran off the Japanese artist who drew Native American anime art. >>725341 All of her friends are just like her, they run around calling out random artist and crying "my oppression" because it's how they gain followers.

No. 787885

Okay these fucking kofi donation posts are really starting to fucking piss me off. I saw another where the poster said 'I deserve good things and I'm trans and poc so please donate here' or the ones that really fucking get to me are the ones '[Insert pro-minority movement here] and I'm [said minority] so please donate to me to show your support to the movement' Does anything come from these posts? Like do people actually donate? Do none of these people get called out for how fucking stupid and greedy their fucking posts are? I mean shit the sheer amount of these posts that float around make me think they at least must be kind of successful or they wouldn't have so many uwu-minority ppl clinging to donation pages and shoving them in everyone's faces. What happened to offering commissions?

No. 787914

File: 1618964669315.png (29.49 KB, 487x423, AngelFace.PNG)


Jay's entire friend circle are basically power tripping psychos.

No. 787952

File: 1618968855766.png (46.09 KB, 588x448, jay update.PNG)

Samefag as >>787814, but according to his girlfriend Orquidiaart/DestinytoMoon who has been in contact with him, Jay has been rushed to the Hospital and is going to take a break from Twitter for a few days.

Jesus christ. You cannot tell me this girl is in her twenties and acts this immature, to the point people support this kind of behavior when she plays the victim on herself.

No. 787969

Calling it now, there’s going to be massive gofundme’s or kofi links…. just watch…
I bet jay isn’t even in a hospital too

No. 787970

How long until they post a hospital selfie and blog about their suwuicide attempt?

No. 787971

i get it when its for stuff like housing and surgeries because being part of a minority makes them less likely to be helped by medics especially in the us. though i get what you mean when its just donations with no actual dangerous situation going on

No. 787972

aye just stumbled onto this thread who tf is jay and whats going on

No. 787976

Excuse me if Im wrong, but I thought you were not allowed to use your phone after a suicide attempt? How did Jay contact Destiny?

No. 787978

Reasons aside, imagine being so dependent on Twitter that you think you need to announce when you'll be offline "for some days."

No. 787981

Lurk more, and sage your posts by writing sage in the email bar

Exactly my thoughts. If you’re being committed, you can’t even have contact with your direct family.
Jay is either 1.)faking it- is just taking a break from the internet
2.) wasn’t committed, but is in hospital for a differ reason

No. 788017

File: 1618982473609.jpg (135.87 KB, 1080x785, Me737373737737373737eeyyeheheh…)

I need more context on this
He harassed trans and ace people??

No. 788023

>Hey buddy, just give me 20k. Why? I'm not going to tell you. Just hand it over bigot!

Kek, when the "But I'm an autistic queer trans poc artist!!" line didn't work she pulled the good old "taken to the hospital" stunt to avoid taking responsibility. What is she, PuccaNoodles?

Let's be real Jay has been throwing her weight around everywhere so trying to say "h-h-he's harassing twans and ace ppl!!!" is twitterfag tier stupid since they should just open their eyes and see that this dumb bitch is a product of an environment where anyone will attack anyone regardless of background if they just disagree with them or annoy them otherwise.

No. 788053

jay's little clique will attack anyone as long as it's permitted on the social hierarchy, kek. you can harass an asexual if they say something about normal people who have sex, you can harass another tranny if they're non-binary and saying bad things about binary trannies… it's not about the specific groups of people, it's about having authority over them and acting completely unhinged on twitter.

No. 788137

I love seeing terrible people get too big of a head and kick hornets nests that ultimately result in their downfall lol. Happened with that Tobi chick and now it might happen to this asshole. Love to see it.

No. 788179

It can vary by state and what hospital you’re in, but if a place is low-funded with not so strict rules, and you’ve proven yourself as trustworthy they can usually allow you to have your phone in the day time at specific hours.
That being said…… jay and destiny are going to use this against any valid criticism they get now, saying how “but the bullies online made jay go to a hospital!”. Destiny is out here drawing her “hot” random girl ocs, with no extra tweets about her partner. Everything just seems so fake, it’s like destiny doesn’t even seem worried about her partner or anything

No. 788250

File: 1619016514947.jpg (8.41 KB, 223x223, yeah.jpg)

Did this bitch try and commit toaster bath or something because of rhythm game drama? On god? Because people told her she couldn't just feel entitled to other people's kickstarter money? Is that it?

No. 788270

You should just have a link to your commissions pricing information upfront that gives people that basic ballpark instead of letting your time be wasted like that. They can contact you after reading that page it they're still interested. People are usually curious and window shopping, and many will just assume they can't afford it unless the information is up there already

No. 788310

File: 1619023161353.jpg (99.11 KB, 1080x841, 828383838383838383883838383838…)

I don't agree with NFT. But this sound very hateful and tryhard

No. 788322

File: 1619024002833.jpeg (820.8 KB, 750x1030, 70B4446B-ED3E-4284-8E6D-60F150…)

I know that loish has said that she doesn’t care that others may copy or study her artstyle- but it annoys me to hell and back when I see artists like this who are a blantant ripoff, riding on the coat tail of Loish’s artstyle who is apparent that they don’t understand Why some of the stuff is stylized the way that it is

No. 788340

File: 1619026232503.png (52.84 KB, 588x581, animelab.PNG)

I dont think it was mentioned, follow up comments from animelab on their search for 20k plus followers artist to comission. The amount of bitterness and entitlement in the comments is astounding, I don't really get why, because if they need an influencer then ofc a 100 followers and barely active genius creator will just not do, even if their artwork is better than anything else.

No. 788349

Jay reminds me so much of Phoebe Tickner. A pathetic bully dressed up in woke language.

I didn’t necessarily find it wrong for them to seek popular artists, but “this is a paid opportunity” is kind of poor justification tbh. Just say you wanted the project to have more visibility.

No. 788351

Lmao she seriously harasses random artists all day and won't leave them alone until they lock their account or get chased off the platform, but can't handle a tiny bit of heat in retaliation? It's so pathetic.

No. 788385

animelabs are real dumbasses for listing the 20k follower requirement and wanting an "influencer artist" like we all know these corporations like to sometimes hire artists solely because of online clout but they're not supposed to say that. these idiots need to hire a better pr and media manager instead

No. 788413

they said the quiet part out loud

No. 788419

It's just so… cheap? Tacky? To copy another artist so blatantly. I'm glad loish can be chill about it because if she wasn't, she'd be going crazy. Every other post in my explore page is some loish clone but lotusbubble is one of the most shameless ones. With loish she does the cute stylized girls with bright lighting but you can tell she has all the fundamentals down and is good at other things too. While the clones seem to be unable to make anything but sparkly girl portraits.

It's true that art style theft isn't really a thing but this is a pet peeve of mine, probably because it's everywhere now

No. 788516

"do what you will"
I wonder what she meant by that
(le literally using your influence to "indirectly" tell your followers to go bully specific people on 4k)

No. 788527

It's still pretty stupid and tacky in my opinion and whoever the marketing team was for this need to be re-trained. If you look at the original tweet you'll see alot of genuinely good people with a nice anime style that only have a couple thousand followers at most (along with a slew of people advertising their shitty tumblr level pastel art.). If they wanted a big artist for the free advertising from their fanbase they should have just approached one directly instead of outright saying it. Nothing wrong with wanting a bigger artist, but they showed their ass with their real intentions kek.

No. 788553

to be honest i dont see anything off with jays original post except the part they started victim complex fishing after receiving ninjas response. he shouldve stuck to his guns and stated he distrusted him (apparently this person is a girl or some shit) instead of whining about their race. fnf's creator is a faggot himself and i agree that hes not going to deliver after receiving that large sum of money to continue this abomination.

No. 788556

This is all the same bitter person KEK.

No. 788567

File: 1619056627104.png (386.45 KB, 992x1264, run.png)

I wonder what will be next of Jay's saga of drama? Other than that I laughed when I saw this tweet.

No. 788569

Context of deleted post?
Jay probably bullying random artist or having meltdowm because callouts

No. 788573

Just a bunch of ranting talking about how much they hate FnF and the creator. I don't care about the game or it's creator, just thought it was funny this anon posted 3 times with such a hate boner that they thought of something new to add to their post 2 more times. They were waiting to let that shit out lol.

No. 788634

where do you think you are?

No. 788678

I don't understand why this one, of all flash in a pan indie games, gets such vitrol hate and envy. It's so inoffensive

No. 788691

Honestly the problem is not that they wanted a big artist, the problem is that they said it out loud. In art industry it's very known that companies usually want to use artists that have more name to their belts in order to garner hype, hell this happens in zines all the time, where the bigger names have better chance of getting selected. The thing is though that even though some big artists get chosen only due to their numbers, smaller artist aren't barred out completely from applying and still have a chance of getting chosen if their art is deemed as good enough. This just flat out "bans" smaller skilled artists.

I would also add that this is kinda tacky anyway since you basically want art + influence for a price of a single commission, where usually you would need to either hire separately for these positions or offer a higher pay to accommodate for both of these things. Sure we don't know how much the commissioner is getting paid but assuming that it's a flat price you're basically trying to have your cake an eat it too. The better way would've been to open commissions for all and then just choose those higher follower count artist without flatout stating that. Everyone already knows it's being done, it's like an unspoken rule everyone understands and accepts even if they don't like it but that doesn't mean it should become acceptable criteria. It's like a collage openly admitting that they only want kids who's parents make certain amount of money. It happens regardless but shouldn't become a standard.

No. 788693

I honestly don’t get it, they both do generic Instagram girl art anyhow. What did Loish pioneer here exactly? The way she draws the face? Colouring?

No. 788703

Anon, loish practically created that "generic Instagram girl art" genre back in the 00's. She's had a career of almost 20 years at this point.

No. 788714

File: 1619089035891.png (636.92 KB, 1506x698, idiot.png)

The creator joked about making rape stimulators and games where you could kill non whites. Also he just generally talked like a 4chan edgelord faggot which soldified my hatred for him futher, so idk how you couldnt hate him at this point. Im not into cancelling people but something rubs me the way about using a game with (a bad imitation of) rnb/funk music and aesthetic while hating the people who created that genre and also sending out a half assed apology.

No. 788715

simulator, not stimulator..

No. 788717

Alright, I can't believe I'm saying this but if anyone deserves having Jay unleashed on them it would be that guy

No. 788738

What do you mean anon?

No. 788746

I'm just baffled whenever people like you come in here. Lolcow. With dedicated threads attacking trans and men of all races, where we write the nastiest shit about them, and yet you post these dumbass "recepits" list of sins that consist of edgy jokes that he apologized for. I'm sorry but you need something stronger to justify your envy

No. 788747

so youre okay with a moid joking about making games about raping women because "the meanie girls on lolcow say things worse about men and troons"? lmao

No. 788749

yes cause it's a joke? Just like the jokes we write here mocking troons? If you like being edgy you can't complain other people are edgy too

No. 788750

Im sorry but do women have communities centered around beating troons and do they commit violence against troons, like men do against women? Why the false equivalency to defend your bee bop game?

No. 788752

you jump way too much over a bad joke anon good christ

No. 788754

Joking or not I can make the choice to dislike a creator on the virtue of being a typical shitty scrote without your corny ass accusing me of "envy"

No. 788765

Who cares. Seems like a pretty undramatic person who keeps their head down and he already addressed this thing from years ago from the looks of it so what more is there to even discuss? I don’t even know the game in question but this just seems like a dumb reason to sperg out about him.
The reason we hate Jay is because she’s a horrible person and a bully with no self awareness and that’s milky.

No. 788777


samefag, but i just saw "jay" is actually joulejay so now i know why anons are getting on my case in this thread. my bad

No. 788778

NTA but "artist salt" isn't synonymous with "twitterfag vendetta", you need to stop using this "b-but we salty here!!!" excuse.

No. 788780

Nothing? You’re free to dislike the guy but we’re allowed to comment if we think you’re being spergy, we were talking about someone being milky (Jay) and you went on a tangent about Jay’s target, your main complaint is that they acted like a channer years ago (and they apologised for it) while you sit here posting on a chan yourself, all in a post that came across like defending Jay’s bullying. No hate here or anything but I don’t really know what you expected anon lel.

No. 788796

> The creator joked about making rape stimulators
> he just generally talked like a 4chan edgelord faggot which soldified my hatred for him
> Im not into cancelling people
> something rubs me the way about
> also sending out a half assed apology.
>receipts from 2018 (so 3 years ago)
> so youre okay with a moid joking???!
> Joking or not I can make the choice to dislike a creator on the virtue of being a typical shitty scrote without your corny ass accusing me of "envy"

Looks like someone missed twitterfag station. Idk how ppl like you can write this shit without an ounce of self awareness. Stay pressed anon

No. 788841

Why do you keep dragging this out?

No. 788843

ThEy'rE jUsT jOkEs AnOn
This is the salt thread. Let them be salty over some edgelord scrote. Being disgusted by this dude's behavior has fuckall to do with jealousy.

No. 788883

Yea im thinking this ninjamuffin guy is based

No. 788905

Because it’s funny af. Bring some other salt to the forums otherwise


It’s not so much as defend, but a laugh at the op who posted stuff from 3 years ago, where for all we know could’ve been cut out context.is it edgy bad jokes? Yeah, but the anon wants to cancel them for that.

Also, the guy is apparently not “some random scrote” they made that popular rap game rn, so receipts are bound to pop up when ppl get popular

No. 788906

I was just scrolling by so idk the full context, but I think it's weird to see farmers going so hard to defend some random scrote making jokes about raping women and killing black people.

No. 788930

We don't joke about troons anon, we really don't like them. And no, it's still not the same as a dumb scrote making unfunny racist and misogynistic jokes (that probably aren't fully jokes). Fuck him.

No. 789010

What's with conceptual/slightly abstract art and those artists always acting pretentious or trying too hard to act "mysterious" and "elusive"??? I like this type of art a lot but I physically cringe when I look at the artists' tweets or bio and see them trying so hard to use fancy words and seem like they're some mysterious magical living being.

No. 789017

This thread is always full of idiots with shitty opinions, nothing new.

No. 789027

I don’t care about him/fnf personally but it’s genuinely weird kek Defending a scrote who thinks doing shit like that is funny? The same shit that gets maleposters banned on the principle of being male? Even with 3 year old context plus an apology, anons should be free to hate him imo. NLOG brainrot must be bad if it causes you to bark in defense of rapey scrotes in the art salt thread and accuse anons of jealousy. But pointing out the sperg anon’s hypocrisy is not the same as defending this scrote.

Jay is art twitter’s resident narcissistic sperg, she’ll write up long threads about how x person is bad regardless of context and send her mediocre herd of retards after them.

No. 789032

Ngl I can't even read half of what this says lol. Maybe it's the terrible grammar or the try hard 4chan lingo but I literally cannot comprehend what the fuck this says. As for FnF and is creator, He's a dumbass that tried to be hardcore edgy for the sake of being edgy and nothing more. Jay is a mediocre dipshit that can't be fucked to build a reputation and following off their non-existent talent so they constantly get involved in drama and send their 20k fanbase to attack people they don't particularly agree with and then revel in the fact when they delete their account. Forgive me for hating the latter alot more than the try-hard troll that hasn't done anything note worthy in years.

No. 789058

The thing is that Jay has made people leave Twitter, either temporarily or permanently, because she felt like sabotaging their accounts with unhinged followers and the same kofi links to help her “friends” you could even say it’s some sort of scam:
>slander an artist for something
>get a group of people to join
>post kofis and GoFundMes of “friends”
>probably get a profit from them
It’s probably a farfetched possibility but it could happen.
Meanwhile the edgy retard making a beep boop game has retarded takes that will get him organically cancelled like any other person with an edgy 2000’s Twitter account.

No. 789108

That'd be some funny milk. Jay if you're lurking, get his ass I'm bored

No. 789231

IIRC this whole thing didn't just begin and end at a bunch of edgy tweets. He actually went through and made a shitty little game about a white square shooting black squares with phrases like 'Stay woke!' popping up when you kill them, etc.


His little Twitter non-apology years later is pretty funny considering it can be summed up as "I'm sorry you got mad at my obvious joke". I feel like he'd address that game and not just the tweets themselves. Like all other popular NG creators, he's just another stunted manchild permanently stuck at the mental age of 12. Going off of his recent tweets it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to call him going full lolcow in the recent future. Having a 1 mill project on KS and one of the most popular NG games has gone straight to his head and I highly, highly doubt he's going to deliver.

No. 789253

Did you play it lol

No. 789259

Bait and switching to "Actually this isn't racist I was just kidding lol everyone is equal and valid" isn't an excuse.

No. 789263

Clickbaity titles and premises are everywhere. It's an outed and out of place woke game but I seriously doubt he coded that with "Racism is good" in mind.

No. 789272

Holy shit are you OP of >>788714
Just drop it already and find another thread/go on Twitter about this. I’m tired of reading your posts, about a rando’s actions 3 years ago

No. 789276

Samefag, but op is on crack, like, I literally just played the game (that is very apparent >>789231 didn’t)
And honestly, if you want a fucking game review OP, you dumbfuck, it’s abstract but it’s literally about Twitter culture and mob culture and how toxic it is.
From my interpretation it’s about those who’s ideas differ from the “mob” are beaten down into accepting the idea, that minorities are still being silenced by those who believe they’re doing justice by hurting others. The title sucks, yeah, but OP you are the dumbest fuck out there to not even do your own fucking research

No. 789283

Not that anon, but
>Title game "Kill all Blacks."
>Have it be a bait and switch and instead be about how you think the real genocide is how cancel culture is "killing individuality"
Imagine making a shitty game comparing genocide to that of not being able to state your totally controversial opinion of La La land being a good movie. It was a dumb and poorly thought out concept to begin with. I don't get the issue with people not liking this guy he sounds like a pretentious hack.

No. 789284

He is an artist, and this is a salt thread for them. If that bothers you then go to another thread. People have taken up entire threads griping about worse. Get over it.

No. 789286

The fact that people are arguing about this and trying to defend him is even more proof that this thread is infested with scrotes/coomers from Twitter here to defend other scrotes/coomers. I know there are already also obese furries and the typical SJW non-binaries/troons running loose, but some of the other kinds of cancer are getting too comfortable with themselves. They're all Twitterfags.
Also, his "game" isn't "Kill All Black Men", just "Kill All Blacks". Don't know what that one anon thought they were doing when they tried to liken farmers' misandry to this incel scrote, kek.

No. 789376

nta, but apart the creator jokes, what youu described sounds exactly like the game made by a 4channer about things he hate under the blanket of ''look who is the real villian, minorities!''
let's just leave it, it's going nowhere

No. 789463

go back to twitter please

No. 789490

File: 1619181321987.jpg (281.6 KB, 1417x1417, 887789778996678898.jpg)

Does anyone feel this drawing give a huge racist caricarture vibe. Is Destiny and het minorty pandering.

No. 789526

What is a non racist drawing of a black person supposed to look like anon? Give em smaller nose and lips, less coily hair? this is just an ugly drawing destiny's art is just unappealing.

No. 789529

idk what anon meant but i'm raising an eyebrow at the teeth with the big gap. i understand this is supposed to be a humanized donkey but his design has no gap in his teeth whatsoever. definitely get some rcdart vibes from this.

No. 789579

Maybe it's exaggerating Antonia Banderas's Eddie Murphy's slight tooth gap? I don't think the design is that bad, just a fuggo art style

No. 789604

All of you fags defending that demented scrote sound like twitter cunts too, just the edgy anti sjw kind. Integrate or fuck off.

No. 789621

NTA, but the drawing is just fucking ugly. The features would look wrong with any skin color. It's that shitty bean style you also see in Steven Universe. It doesn't look like any non-deformed black or white or Asian person I've seen.
If the artist can't draw some races of people normally, that's a problem, lmao.

No. 789633

Stop infighting for fucks sake. You came to a thread on a website that doesn't give a shit about being PC what the actual fuck did you expect sherlock. I'm also pretty sure no one is really defending FnF's creators try hard edgy trolling aside from a few people just as autistic as he is. Most are just saying Jay is an equally if not more shitty person and it's picking between the less of two-evils. Go make a fucking twitter callout if you want to see the dude crash and burn so fucking badly and take your smooth-brained vendetta somewhere else.

No. 789642

stop being a dick-loving faggot

No. 789643

>"Stop infighting"
>replying to posts from an entire day ago
No one here likes either of the scrotes, and we're not going to defend a /pol/tard who wants to make a rape simulator just because he's involved in some shitty coomer game you like. Deal with it, and take your fight for his honor back to your accounts where it belongs. Callout posts are your thing, not ours.

No. 789653

I think it's basically what >>789526 and it's just her art being ugly, but I kinda agree with >>789529 too.
This is actually a thing I have noticed, that for some reason these woke artists will have a thing for putting big tooth gaps on their black characters. Idk why woke artists keep doing that, it looks ugly as sin, makes their characters look like hicks, and they have no excuse to be surprised when people think it's weird/suspicious that they do that mostly with black characters.

Also, I think the dragon's clothes could be a bit salvageable with some alterations, but donkey's clothes are just awful wtf is that shoulder thing supposed to be

No. 789656

All the same person again kek. I'm pretty sure this and >>788553 are the same anon and is just some twitter dipshit that's trying really hard to blend in by using as much lingo as they have knowledge of. I don't even fucking like Fnf and have never played it and never will. Not my cup of tea. Stop projecting your own insecurities onto everyone else.
>Callout posts are your thing, not ours.
Not even gonna bother replying to that because the jokes write themselves at this point.

No. 789662

Nope, I'm >>789643 and >>789286. Not even going to bother reading the rest of your tinfoil drivel. Take your obsession elsewhere already, let the thread move on.

No. 789789

Can we go back to regular milk please D:(D:)

No. 789823

File: 1619204912848.png (324.17 KB, 337x471, Racist Art.PNG)

As someone who is Black, I don't think it's racist to give black characters features like bigger noses, thicker lips, or very afro-textured hairstyles, these are traits that full Black people tend to have. It's very easy to see genuine design of a black character and a racist one. If your character doesn't look like the attached photo which is meant to be offensive, then you have nothing to sweat in my opinion. But yeah the tooth gaps really do take from the art. Yes some people do have them but if you're only giving them to your non-Caucasian characters then yeah, it does look sus.

No. 789828

About 2 minutes in and she brings up another reason why she couldn't work on her stuff because she got an allergic reaction to something she ate a restaurant. I understand that things happen but honestly it feels like every week, something bad always happens to her which stops her from working on stuff.

No. 789832

How often can you do giveaways on social media before it comes off as tacky/desperate?

I enjoy doing giveaway raffles because it stirs up a little interest and helps me clear out physical merch, and I'd kind of like to make it a regular scheduled thing so people can anticipate it. At the same time I don't want all my engagement to be people exclusively looking for free shit.

Would once a month be reasonable? What's the general opinion on giveaways anyway? I never really enter them myself.

No. 789836


I personally only do those once I reach a follower milestone of sorts, but I'm not a merch artist so I can't say much about that.

I suppose once a month should be fine? Schedule a special day for it, maybe around the end of the month.

No. 789989

once a month giveaway is too much, you'll get people following you who'd never buy from you and are waiting for the monthly free stuff. i only see people doing giveaways after follower milestones or for special events like a store opening or anniversary

No. 790079

Depending on how fast you're growing it's a cool idea to do it when you reach certain follower milestones. If you're growing at a fast pace I would say space them out more, but nothing wrong with giveaways in my opinion. Good way to engage with followers.

No. 790095

File: 1619228605297.jpeg (514.49 KB, 750x1071, 42EEF58D-7889-4F50-AF06-A9AFEC…)

Retarded children and antis are cancelling another artist (scepterno) over drawings

No. 790096

>>790083 >>790095

i may sound like a moralfag but why they have a need to make yonge kids and adults oc to do this shit? is like moids and ther lolicon art juts fucking disgusting

No. 790117

This thread is getting infested by scrotes.

Antis may be reactionary moralfags with nothing better to do but pedocopers aren't any better. The way I see it, it's just two sides of the same retarded coin.

No. 790142

The artist drawing kids like that is definitely questionable, but it isn’t necessary to cancel every single weirdo out there. Part of being on the internet is accepting that you’ll have to share space with a few freaks unless you go and make your own website. If they’re not doing anything illegal or against Twitter’s TOS then they have as much of a right to be there as anybody else. (Plus the passive aggressive emoji use annoys me way too much.) It’s always the people who draw like 14 year olds starting these cancel campaigns anyways, they could be using this time to actually improve their art instead.

No. 790160


this art looks vanilla as shit. the fact that there's an anti vs "pro-ship" internet war in the first place shows how deluded in privilege these kids are. just a bunch of girls fighting each other while men continue to produce and consume the most degrading misogynist pedophilic and racist porn of real people while promoting prostitution and sex trafficking. nah but a cartoon drawing of two 14 year olds kissing is the most disgusting thing online and people deserve to lose their jobs over it!!! braindead

No. 790165

Eh that's what I don't get. Why go and cancel an artist with a super small reach when there's people doing way more terrible, IRL porn. Especially when the artists that get called out are often female, but their waayyy more deranged male colleagues gets to draw their ero-guro borderline realistic loli rape scenes in peace uh

No. 790194

Is that supposed to be oscar and ozpin from rwby?

Also has anyone else noticed that the pro-ship/anti-ship people only ever talk about gay male ships/porn? And they mostly only go after female artists (or genderspecials who are bio women), I never see them go after male artists who draw porn of female characters. I also it's primarily shounen anime related. Nobody gets mad when someone draws nsfw of the magical girls. For example two artists could be drawing nsfw art of characters from a popular shounen anime, but one of them is a man drawing a female character and the other is a woman drawing drawing a male character. Which one do you think is going to get cancelled?

No. 790209

I'm pretty certain the artist in that callout is a man.

No. 790241

say whatever you want, but saying in bio 'my oponions are muy own'' and ''pro-fiction'' is just other way of saying ''yes, i ship kids with adults''.
anyway, imo it's not worth cancelling because noone cares about them anyway, it's no-name artist

No. 790262

File: 1619253852297.jpg (26.58 KB, 480x360, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!11.jpg)


No. 790264

File: 1619253996493.png (1.16 MB, 1200x675, Z7N9Bo3.png)


No. 790267

File: 1619254205125.jpg (188.41 KB, 541x400, LIL NIGGA.jpg)


No. 790271

File: 1619254492503.png (202.55 KB, 783x419, 20210424_105319.png)

Depends on what you think is vanilla. One is 100 years old other is 14 or something.

No. 790278

File: 1619255701963.jpg (36.66 KB, 553x419, proportions.jpg)

Lol what the fuck are those proportions.

No. 790285

File: 1619256135495.jpeg (36.29 KB, 411x194, EB624386-0666-4EC7-9DD7-FEA34E…)

How the ever loving fuck am I supposed to deal with deranged teenagers DMing me and commenting on my posts asking what my pronouns are. Why does it even fucking matter. I’ve ignored them until now but more and more keep asking every day, what the hell have I done to deserve an audience that asks me my pronouns constantly. Their retarded bios have shit like “they/she/he” “any pronouns” what is even the point!!! What do my pronouns have anything to do with my art, why have I attracted trannies! I can’t even rant about this to any mutual sin fear of outing myself as a “terf” and having my art career cancelled
What is this fucking timeline.
Sage because personal internet art bullshit.

No. 790288

File: 1619256630174.png (57.32 KB, 300x273, troll-sincere-troll.png)

I literally fear this happening with my art once I get down to business again after my hiatus

feel for you, wouldn't want to be in your situation because what a pain

I hope you're doing well otherwise tho

No. 790290

I feel that. I don't care about people having their pronouns in their bio but I don't want to put mine in there. Everyone addresses me correctly as a woman anyways. But I also don't want to get cancelled or called out ugh

No. 790311

To be honest, I'm the exact opposite to a terf and I can't stand that kind of behavior, forcing others to tell your pronouns or any perfomative activism. My art account is for my art only, I don't give a fuck about issues that doesnt concern my work…

No. 790315

Proportions are not bad, normally I guess you'd use about 5 heads lenght for a kid this age realistically but 4 is ok for stylization's sake… the fuck is up with the "kissing zone" though, disgusting

No. 790325

Here’s the kicker, it has seemingly been decided that I’m NB and keep being referred to as they, to the point that anyone who says she is corrected. WHY. I’ve done absolutely nothing to allude to NB bullshit, I’ve even spoken about my birth experience, what the fuck! I just want to post art and not be harassed.

No. 790332

just put /F/ in your bio. Then it can be assumed that you're comfortable being seen as a woman, therefore would go by she/her pronouns

No. 790333

I don’t want to humour any of this though, I just want it to go away. It has nothing to do with my art, and I want absolutely no part in it

I honestly just needed a place where I can rant about it

No. 790346

my last bio said "pronouns: none. Don't refer to me". and I think it's a nice "jokey" way of handling that bullshit. You can also just put in your bio "Don't ask my pronouns". They'll probably think it's some gender special thing. It's your bio, do whatever the hell you want.

No. 790357

"Prefered pronoun: you. Don't anyone dare gossip about me behind my back, tell it to my face"

No. 790358

kek! "(You)" Perfect.

No. 790376

The pressure to put pronouns and age and sexual orientation on your bio from people you don't even know and will never meet is so fucking disgusting. Tinfoil but I genuinely believe the reason I'm not as popular is because I have none of that information readily available on my bio, because a lot of people want a quick way to "identify" with someone, or categorize someone. I recently saw a Tumblr post asking someone why they won't put their pronouns up and it was the stupidest shit.

You can tell that it's the younger generation who does that shit, too, because they grew up with the internet and have no respect for the practice of safety or anonymity, like, that used to be rule number fucking one on the internet, now everyone wants a photo, pronouns and your sexual orientation. Gross. Like, I don't wanna know that info for a 15 year old. Nobody thinks anymore.

No. 790407

File: 1619268522662.png (63.09 KB, 1080x532, 2021389349.png)

Don't forget you have to put your race too. I have seen enough tweets demanding people to put their race in their bio, especially if they're white, and honestly I just really don't want to lmao. Not because I'm trying to hide it, it just looks stupid.

No. 790408

I think a lot of it is an American thing- I don’t believe other countries have the need to publicize private info in a social space.
This kinda reminds me of when that wwe wrestler was ‘canceled’ for being iffy about having her pronouns on her online accounts(when it’s obvious for what she goes as), only for her coworker (I believe he plays as the Mandalorian) to be praised otherwise because he supported a family member who came out.
So it’s like this unofficial thing, that by putting your pronouns in your bio, you publicly support trans?? Maybe someone can explain it better for me

No. 790443

File: 1619271582354.jpg (312.31 KB, 419x610, 1617916749755.jpg)

>Tinfoil but I genuinely believe the reason I'm not as popular is because I have none of that information readily available on my bio
Unironically post your work. Legit no one reads bio's and yet you think it's one of the sole contributions to your works unpopularity?
I have never seen that many people request that info. You most likely spend to much time on this thread

No. 790453

Ntayrt but I’m the same as you anon. I’ve gotten questions about my pronouns on my artwork, but I just ignore it because it feels unnecessary/unprofessional in some sense. Like only my employers will find out my gender, I don’t care what teenagers refer me to on the internet

No. 790460

While I think it’s stupid we’re expected to put things like race/gender/disabilities/whatever the fuck on our bios, I agree with
>>790443 Because a lot of these kinds of people interact with Japanese or other international artists who don’t put that information on bios. Maybe you just draw from dead fandoms or don’t have interesting ocs? I would go out and say that you’ll get more sympathy follows if you’re poc and draw black-washed characters probably

No. 790461

Lmao remember that redline/fixing artwork thread that was on lolcow a few years back. That ugly sims drawing will forever be burned into my brain

No. 790563


Just because an artist is (xyz) doesn't mean that they want to necessarily draw those topics and I think that's what's wrong with the art community at large. In that over compensating for "inclusiveness", everyone gets pigeon-holed into only drawing (xyz) because you gotta 'share your stories!' and 'be heard!!!'
Representation is pretty important but of course if that's all people are gonna know you for, then who else are you except gender/race/sexuality? I'm so sick of it.

No. 790570

Is it just me or is artfol already in decline? I feel like now that I can sort of navigate on there it's turning into a ghost town again. It still crashes too.

No. 790588

No. 790600

artfol seems like a place for dramawhores, wokerinos and amateurs so I would never in my right mind go there in the first place

No. 790604

Seeing so many ppl talk about artfol here (I get it, new milk about it) but who actually uses it

No. 790606


That hasn't been my experience so far, but it's probably only because I'm only following mutuals I already know.
It doesn't matter where you go, the art community is always going to be filled with drama, you just need to tailor your experience with what you want to see. Easier said than done though. If artfol doesn't improve I'm out.

No. 790608

There’s a push for non-trans people to put pronouns in their bio to “normalize” it so that trans people look less out of place when they do it. If everyone puts pronouns in their bio, then you can’t assume someone is trans for doing it because everyone’s doing it. Refusing to put pronouns in your bio is seen as anti-trans. (I don’t agree with it, I’m just explaining it.)

No. 790613

File: 1619285190920.jpeg (92.27 KB, 933x1114, B718A3BE-DA06-4CD8-991D-2CF401…)

Not me lol

No. 790622

File: 1619285609604.jpg (195.19 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_Instagram.jpg)

I actually like most of this person's art but this is hilarious to me

No. 790626

for what it's worth one hand is fine lol

No. 790633

not really. small finger is too short, but i guess if you won't try to pose your hands that way yourself you won't see it. maybe at least we can learn how to color

No. 790634

Are you sure about that
This anons right if your work was good it would speak for itself. Maybe quit bitching and improve on your own ability instead of whining about a blurb most people end up scrolling past anyways

No. 790635

I agree that pronouns in bio means shit but I've seen many very good artists with few followers and small engagement, and that's all because they can't market themselves. so anon might be good at art, but stupid, or bad at art and stupid.

No. 790724


There's a ton of really skilled artists that are shit at advertising themselves, pronouns be damned. They're just never known because they just dumped all their skill into honing their art and didn't get the memo about marketability and the way social media works. It's practically a whole separate job.

No. 790837

>I usually don't do this but
Bullshit detected

No. 790940

Puccanoodles made it to the itch.io popular games page with a low-effort RPG Maker game. I'd say she's a knock off Temmie now but that's an insult to Temmie, who actually tries.

No. 791021

KEK this thread gave me a good laugh. RIP based anon

No. 791041

Selfpost? Video doesn't even have 100 views and guy barely has any subscribers

No. 791078

At this point I don't even care if some random online artist is a legitimate shotacon, just into shipping anime teens, "minor-coded" adults or whatever the case. I don't care about the explanations or mental gymnastics to turn it around into something it isn't. Let them draw that fucking underage ship art, don't look if you don't like it. Come back when they're caught harassing actual kids which is never because they're not scrotes.

Male artist have a huge whiteknighting army behind them defending their coomer cervix prolapse porn and tearing everyone attacking them apart, female artist lose all their friends the moment they're called out for drawing a cute puppy boy and they're left alone to take the punches. Guess which one is more satisfying to cancel to these people.

>He/Him on bio
>Gay art
It's a woman, anon. For further proof it took me 2 seconds to look up a tweet where she talks about being a "trans femboy" and that self insert dog boy of her is a canon transboy.

No. 791148

damn anon, you proved your own point that male artists have army of whiteknights by doing exactly that - looking excuses for them

No. 791194

What are you talking about? That's the fucking truth, none of these virtue signaling dumbasses attack male coomers drawing heaps dodgier porn than any of these "pedo females" combined because they know their male coomer audience will stomp them to the ground and snip out all controversy. Female artists with a predominantly female audience lose their support immediately and have to come up with these retarded "actually I was abused as a child which is why I like this anime teen" posts and basically lay out their whole mental health history in their desperation to soften the blows even a little. The people attacking them feed on that shit, they know it's easier to bully female artists because women are socialized to avoid conflict. It is what it is and in case it's never recognized it can never be fixed.

And in case you're instead referring to the fact that the Artist Of the Day receiving cancellation is actually a male then you should know it's a FTM troon i.e. a woman

No. 791326

File: 1619370221642.png (40.15 KB, 665x351, 1c84ec26ca025e901d0792aeaeb4d4…)

eruri artist Columbo, who's apparently iraqui and lgbt, got outed to his homophobic muslim family over some tweets by some gringo "anti". he went priv on his main account and had to delete all of his art without warning because he might be in danger.

gringos are the most entitled, self-righteous piece of shit people i've ever encountered on the internet. i wish someone would quarantine them in their own corner of the internet so we wouldn't have to deal with them anymore

No. 791327

File: 1619370331994.jpg (101.75 KB, 1125x1309, Ez1O9uDVkAMbsX-.jpg)

from what i gather the people who outed him are minors who privated their accounts the minute they got backlash and are crying over being misgendered or something.

No. 791328


good lol fucking entitled brats

No. 791330

Lol thank god other anons are talking about this- and I thought I was the only one who noticed. But most ppl being ‘canceled’ or even talked about on these forums are females or FtMs. It’s almost as though with some of these “woke” narratives, there’s an ult motive

No. 791369

File: 1619373270841.png (115.87 KB, 544x302, vbgreaz.PNG)

minors are so dumb

No. 791376

Theese kids probably never know how fucked up is the relationship between Usa and most of middle east country. I'm not suprised if Columbo has anti american value view.Kids act suprised because they only learn history and social racism in american lense from american education system. I wish kids spend time research actually social issue rather bitching it in twitter. Apologize for autism

No. 791379

This. So many of you conflate marketing skills and follower count with artistic skill.
It was mentioned in the past and mostly during tumblr's pre-purge, but a lot of "rising" artists (strong skill, middle-ground follower account that was on the rise) would often get hit up by the woke police to see if they could sink their claws into them early.

No. 791386

>live in shithole country
>gets snitched on by some twatter kid
>run real possibility of being jailed or killed
Honestly feeling great not having a twitter as a fellow shitholer myself
Kids will be kids, they'll endanger someone and then when they get jumped on they start crying and throwing tantrums because they got caught. Why is the CEO of twitter actually retarded? You can't let kids prance around like this, this is what they do.

No. 791403

>looking excuses for them
You're either willfully ignorant, or successfully avoid scrote artists to be able to say this sincerely

It's fucked up. The only time you hear of a male audience being canceled is when they go as far as Shadman did and drawing cp of real children.

Fucking brats. I always get "The White Ribbon" energy from these shitty moments. They learn from toxic adults on the internet who show them it's okay do this over a fucking cartoon pairing.

And twitter makes it an act of god to report minors. They want to keep that sweet brat ad revenue for as long as possible.

No. 791427

>They learn from toxic adults on the internet who show them it's okay do this over a fucking cartoon pairing
That's the thing. These kids are attacking (mainly female) artists left and right over muh cartoon characters and won't rest until the earth is scorched black, and they're learning it from the adults grooming them to be their personal attack dogs. There's always some adult behind their actions telling them that they're one of the good ones, they can be trusted, see how much they care for your kids' safety by calling these abusive racist pedo bitches out etc. In reality they're most likely mentally ill, narcissistic, terminally online sad fucks who can't function with their peers and have to exploit minors for validation and admiration. They always have a graveyard of skeletons stuffed under their beds and probably an anonymous diaperfur account nobody knows about but it doesn't stop them from telling kids online that they should look out for anyone shipping their NOTP because that's the sign of a pedophile.

It's dangerous in both giving out false information on how to actually recognize red flag behavior and also because inevitably they're going to piss off the wrong hombre and end up ruining their own lives instead. But no, it's always about "letting pedos know their place uwu" while discord groomers run free behind their backs.

No. 791505

worst part is when columbo quoted a tweet of someone celebrating him having to deactivate (for his literal safety because he could very much get killed for this) and people "scolding" him… because he's "much older" and shouldn't send his "rabid followers" after a kid. the man got fucking OUTED TO HIS MUSLIM FAMILY over tweets, i think one thing far outweights the other.

i swear these entitled kids and the mentally stunted retard adults behind them make me sick

No. 791507

I've noticed a lot of children online refer to themselves as "minors" rather than "child" or "teen" or whatever, like it's some sort of exclusive marginalized identity. Can't wait for these fucks to turn 18 and realize they can go to jail for this shit.

No. 791541

It’s because they legitimately see themselves as an oppressed minority for being “””minors”””. Its their only claim to a gotcha when they get called out for being retarded and attacking people.

No. 791543

Not really related to art but,has anyone been search banned on twitter and got out of it before? Not just hashtag ban, Idk how it works but every time I tweet a picture and logout and search for it with keywords or check under latest post from my account, the pictures just won't show up.. Normal tweets still show up, only tweets with pics don't.

No. 791546

It's always the priviledged white american kids going on these crusades to cancel some poor bastard over non-issues. I swear they're all autistic children (who are most likely teens, but now even 17 year olds are babies who don't know what's right to do so they're all innocent and sensitive uwu) with nothing to do all day. And then a lot of them read and share deranged porn on their private accounts with no one looking because in reality they're worse than the people they're trying to cancel. I can't fucking imagine having to crush my carrer and in this case fearing for my future because of some sheltered white kids.

No. 791547

>a lot of them read and share deranged porn on their private accounts with no one looking because in reality they're worse than the people they're trying to cancel
So fucking true. In the case that they are not entirely deranged believing all this, they are trying to protect themselves by projecting on others.

No. 791548

RWBY lore says that the old man Ozpin is actually Ozma who's several 100s years and after his death in Volume 3 his soul went into the new kid Oscar. It literally isn't incest.
Also CRWBY implied that Ruby x Oscar is pedophilia by calculating her age to be 18 in volume 8 while Oscar is still a minor.

No. 791553

i've seen people treat 19-20 year olds like "minors", and being 25-30 makes you middle aged. the internet went to shit when fetuses started using social media

No. 791558

Maybe if you don't want to put pronouns and are absolutely fed up ignoring it, you can say "I want to keep that information private because it's not related to my art" because it's a reasonable explanation. It's all you should have to say and then keep ignoring, because being anonymous on the internet is still a preference people have. Anyway by their own dumb logic they should respect anybody who doesn't give pronouns or else they could be pressuring a closeted trans person to come out.

No. 791584

I have a love-hate relationship with webcomics. In one hand I find them super enjoyable (if they're well done) and they can be a fun experience. On the other hand, usually when a big artist starts a webcomic it becomes literally everything they post…everything is about the comic no matter what and they keep promoting it 24/7 to the point it becomes exhausting. I personally prefer to follow the comic from afar without following the artist and risk getting full of them posting about it so much.

No. 791620

You mean you were shadowbanned? No idea how it's possible to change that at all, I remember people saying a few years ago that specific words in your tweets can contribute to accounts being shadowbanned, which is why people censor swear words, slurs, and post shit like "k-word" instead of "kill"

No. 791631

>25-30 middle aged
Nah, to these ‘minors’, 19-23 is middle aged, 25-30 is when your foot is practically in the grave. If you even associate with them in adult spaces, you’re grooming them despite them being told to not enter 18+ spaces

I don’t particularly think it’s adults,(ok, maybe a little when you have Shannon/TD and other drama outlets running around) I think it’s them taking adult situations and misinterpreting it/abusing it to install a sense of superiority.

No. 791634

I heard that too, so I avoided all the trigger words.. I went to check other people's account, took awhile to find someone who is shadowbanned too. Their pics appeared again after they stopped posting for one week?? I made a new account because my last one was banned even after one week. Stopped using hashtags because I heard that's what triggers it lol. Heard that you can't follow too many people or tweet too much. I only followed one person and tweet every 2 days. I guess one pic every two days is considered as spam?

No. 791635

Honestly that's the thing that gets me. they always say any artist who draws some demented, fucked up shit is doing it with the intention of grooming kids even if they go as far as blocking minors, saying their accounts are NSFW/18+ only, etc. it just ain't enough for these children yet I've seen more adults who are against fucked up fictional porn get outed for being legitimate sex pests or fucking weirdos.

and most importantly, it is false info on how to recognize red flags and abusive/predatory behavior like anon said. like i dont understand the disconnect between showing censored ""cp"" to your majority underage audience but then calling the artist who drew it in the wrong even though if it were legitimately cp they wouldn't be able to post it censored.

No. 791658

>NSFW artist puts "minors do not interact", "18+ ONLY!!" "minors will be blocked on sight" and a safety filter on their account so that you actually have to confirm that you choose to see the content marked as sensitive
>Minor: Look at this fucking pedo grooming minors!! Your kind isn't welcome here!!! Stop raping all these cartoon teens, they're my comfort characters so it's basically the same as directly sexually abusing ME!
>Artist: What the fuck? Your bio says you're 14, where are your parents? Get out of here!
>A Totally Safe Adult Fan You Can Trust: You can't talk to minors like that, you need to set an example! Children are going to see porn anyway so we must make it as safe for work, educative and soft as possible. I should know, I happen to have a lot of friends who are minors.
>Artist: What are you talking about? They're not supposed to be looking at this shit or talking to weird adults on the internet! Besides this fucking 14-year old has a NSFW side account filled with weird porn!
>ATSAFYCT: Yes I know, I'm following it myself.

No. 791665

kek anon why is that so true

No. 791825

The fact that these people think that cartoon characters have more rights to respect than living breathing people is disturbing. Is no one going to tell these children that their comfort character isn't fucking real?? They're attempting to destroy the reputation and lives of actual people to defend what amounts to pixels on a screen. No one even wants to say that though in fear someone will take them saying "calm down its just a drawing" to mean "I love rape/incest art and I wish there was more of it". Its fucking insane.

I'm not saying I agree with the weird porn fandom artists draw but whatever happened to just… clicking away when you saw something you didn't like? Actual predators like Sh*dman exist on twitter producing the most vile content but these teens and wokesters just want to attack artists that are "attackable". Morality is moot. There's no point in attacking someone whos fully accepted their degenercy but they'll drag someone who actually cares about their reputation through the mud for the thrill. Honestly fuck them where are there parents while they sit doom scrolling through 18+ NSFW twitters anyway?

No. 791981

This shit makes so fucking mad. He drew two adult male characters, one of the least "problematique" ships ever. As another citizen of the Shithole Union, I actually cannot imagine his panic. Then these asshole brats come out unscathed because they're MINORS uwu they can face no consequences!! Sage for unproductive rant but this hits too close to home. No matter what they'll have their hugbox of friends and have their account private for a while then cry harassment and everything will be fine. But for the artist they'll be traumatized over a death scare forever. I don't think it's dramatic to call these brats attempted murderers when the artist may very well be jailed/killed there.

No. 791985

Not milk but what's the best way to retrieve someone's art across years on Twitter?
Holding on to space only gives me a years worth of content.

No. 792045

Man I normally don't care about random twitter artists getting cancelled but this columbo situation is just straight up evil… They completely misrepresented the situation and his "mistakes" in the first place and then put him in actual danger knowing his situation. That's so messed up

No. 792049

I’m pretty sure columbo is a fakeboy ie straight girl pretending she’s a gay man. “He” writes like a girl.

No. 792058

Some of the posts are saying she goes by she/her pronouns in arabic, so shes possibly referring to being a lesbian.

No. 792064

Do lesbians usually have hot men gay ships as the only thing they draw though?

No. 792070


In this situation I don't think that really matters. As a fellow third worlder from the gulf area. What she/he draws can get them in trouble even if she/he is just larping as someone/something they're not

No. 792071

Could be a lesbian, or maybe she or he would get in trouble simply because they draw and they draw gay shit. If Columbo is a woman then it goes to show that yet again retarded Twitter ~minors~ would rather go after women who literally do nothing wrong instead of openly pedophile male "aartists drawing loli inflation porn.

No. 792081

most of my lesbian friends (like married to women or who dated only other cis women kind of lesbians) are into yaoi only. They say it's because it's such a feminine genre, being made by women for women and I can kind of see it. But isn't plenty of yuri made by and for women too? And doesn't yaoi still venerate the male body? I don't really grasp it. But yes, it's a common reality.

No. 792083

NTA but yes? BL is extremely popular with lesbian women, the fandom is filled with women.

Saying you can't be a lesbian because you like yaoi is like saying you can't be a lesbian if you use a strap-on for sex since it's "still a dick imitating a male body part". If anything lesbian stuff is more of a sign of a male AGP transbian fetishist at this point, it's completely overtaken by heterosexual scrotes and BL is literally the only genre they can't sexualize under male gaze.

No. 792094

That analogy isn’t so good though…The strap-on is for the feeling; yaoi, at least the kind with relatively manly men like Columbo draws, uses the whole muscular male form. So much art focusing on muscular male bodies. I’ll believe lesbians like this kind of yaoi but I too cannot grasp it lol.

I can grasp the bishie mode stuff. I’m not so experienced but from what I remember in my younger days there wasn’t a focus on anatomically accurate bodies.

No. 792115


Yaoi is about exploring sex/relationships with the absence of women, female sexuality is so policed that a lot of people would rather explore themselves via fictional men, because they don’t typically face the social stigma women do.

I don’t know why body types are being brought up, Columbo is an artist so naturally they’d be interested in drawing muscles?

No. 792134

Besides, it's not like lesbians are only attracted to skinny no-muscles girls. Mainstream BL isn't like it was 15 years ago, people are into fit and muscley men now, doesn't necessarily mean they want to fuck them.

No. 792142

You can be jailed for this shit as a minor in general. Hell, you can even be tried as an adult. These kids are a special kind of retard.

No. 792143

give up trying to understand lesbians into BL, the paradox will never make sense to people who aren't them

No. 792160

same though honestly deep down no one can convince they're not bisexuals who just don't want to date men

No. 792165

Yeah, but how many actually go to jail, and for what? Bullying a rando online that lives in another country?
I get that the lengths that they go through is harassment 101, but honestly, who’s going to send these ‘special’ kids to jail because their guardians aren’t checking up on them. I just hope they’ll start cracking down on ppl like Shannon/other dramatubers/media that weponizes the crowd mentality

No. 792171

Do you think the same of gay men who are obsessed with pop stars and such? If lesbians find comfort in a media where they aren't constantly sexualized and fetichised how does that mean they are bi.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 792174

pop music isn't pornography lol?? if a "gay" guy were obsessed with yuri or lesbian porn I would also think he was bi

No. 792179

Statistics say straight women prefer lesbian porn over straight porn. By your logic, that would make most heterosexual women lesbian or bi. But since the reason is that in lesbian porn the attention is solely on pleasing a woman, that's actually more appealing than watching often male-oriented straight porn where the woman gets choked, slapped, fucked raw without protection etc. The same applies to BL, it's all existing in an universe created by women to appeal to the taste defined by the experience of growing up and living your life as a female.

I'm not trying to fight you on your little headcanon because it's futile, unless you're a lesbian fujo yourself you will never understand the sum of variables that lead you to the lifestyle but attempting to take away someone's sexuality card based on the fictional media they consume is a step beyond retarded. Most fujos aren't interested in gay shit because "squee two males how wonderful", the experience is created by a tight-knit network made of other women with similar experiences, free of male presence and oppression, free of expectations based on female sexuality including the objectification of women in erotica. That's also why these "antis" are conditioned to see fujos as the archetypal evil, they're women who dare to explore and establish their sexuality without feeling ashamed.

No. 792181

Nah it was about saying that the rest of the world doesn't need to talk about fucked up American social justice issues 24/7 because they have their own world problems and people took this as the artist is racist because of BLM

No. 792185

NTA, but pop music is pretty pornographic and male gaze-y.

No. 792194

yeah, pop music is softcore pornography nowadays.

No. 792197

it's a soft form of cultural imperialism. It makes me raise a eyebrow how particularly aggressive they are against arabs

No. 792203

To be honest I think it would have been the same whether the person was from any other country as well, though now the consequences were more serious compared to being outed somewhere in Western Europe for example.

Most of the people outside America are very aware of things that happen in America but it's not like us constantly talking about those things and doing perfomative activism would change how things are, if Americans want a change they need to it by themselves.

No. 792206

People are trying to make this about race soooo hard, as if non-americans don't know that antiblackness exists everywhere. So they sic their token black friends to go "ArE yOu CalLing me A MonkeYY???!!" every five seconds while non-american people are just trying to have a fucking conversation. Nobody's talking about race, everyone has been trying to talk about nationality.
No, bule/gringo/westerner are not slurs, but we can make them slurs real quick if the twitterfags want it.

No. 792222

>gay men who are obsessed with pop stars
To be fair they project on those heterosexual women because 'OMG I too perform feminity and cry because of Bob's straight dick, wow she's literally me!'. Honestly, they should fuck off. Women can't have anything of their own. Men will always claim it as theirs.

No. 792238

Sage for samefag, sorry about the name input. It must have slipped with my clip studio commands.

They're always obsessed with their bodies and how beautiful they are too, which I understand but I don't know why people think gay men obsessed with pop stars is OK but lesbian women obsessed with BL or even kpop idols is weird and must be faking it.

No. 792258

Because historically the relationship between gay men and female celebrities has been different than between fujos and BL. Most people think that fujos masturbate to yaoi comics and it kinda clashes with what lesbians being fans.

No. 792259

They're obsessed with their bodies and beauty because they're projecting onto them/ idolize them, kinda like when kpop fangirls idolize their favorite girlgroups/member. Often these artist are talking about a male love interest too which makes sense to why gay men would like them but BL just involves men

No. 792263

BL involves men in a completely romantic and idealized point of view, they barely act like men anyways. Like another anon said, it's basically because it's the same as enjoying and exploring your sexuality and romantic views without actually being the one sexualized like in lesbian media (mostly made for and by men, most yuri made by women is incredibly vanilla and dull without any sexual content at all)

No. 792281

File: 1619454068131.jpeg (59 KB, 270x400, 2020_08_19_15978223496975.jpeg)

>They're obsessed with their bodies and beauty because they're projecting onto them/ idolize them
But like, what do you think lesbians and bi women are doing when they cosplay/ERP as the guys in BL and act out scenes with each other? Most guys in BL look very effeminate. The "top" characters look like tall butch lesbians, while the "bottom" characters look like tomboys, and I don't think that's a coincidence. In Japan, it seems like actual gay men are into bara. Wouldn't most fujos just force their way into those spaces if it was really about creeping on gay guys?
Pic related, two "male" characters.

No. 792283

It involves men written by women. I know so many gay male artists who draw literally nothing but pinups of female characters/women. It doesn’t make them straight or bi.

No. 792289

Have you seen bara comics? No women is into those monstrosities. In my experience it's mostly horny straight girls that cosplay and LARP BL (it's how you get fakeboys) but maybe in Japan it's different.

No. 792290

I discussed this topic with my lesbian friend yesterday, and we think that:
No scrote actually acts like 2D men
In fact, 2D men act better than actual scrotes, they're emotionally capable, and fun
Anime girls have zero to no personality in most cases, they're blank things for scrotes to project their fetishes
So what do women do? relate to the 2D men

And now a very big tinfoil that I'm lazy to explain: 2D men are butch coded. This is why butches like 2D men.

No. 792292

BL doesn't involve men, it involves imaginary men written by women. Lesbians don't like real men, but a man imagined by another woman has appeal, and the focus on gay love will always be appealing to another gay person. There's yaoi that's just painfully het, the ones with overly aggressive tops and feminine twink bottoms, but if lesbians are interested in drawing two "men" as equals I don't find that makes her not a lesbian. There's nuance here because the media we like doesn't define who we are. People who love horror and true crime aren't psychopaths or sadists for example

No. 792293

Yeah, that's what I meant, kek. The fact that 99% of fujos aren't into bara is proof that BL fandom is not about actual gay men, and it's a (very easy) misconception to think it is.

No. 792296

Right, and it's incredibly obvious when most BL porn is barely explicit at all. The relationship itself may be deep, toxic or whatever, but the actual porn is barely drawn, and mostly focused on the emotion and faces they make.

No. 792298

File: 1619455226286.jpeg (5.28 KB, 298x169, pobrane (11).jpeg)

>a man imagined by another woman has appeal (to a lesbian)

No. 792299

>People who love horror and true crime aren't psychopaths or sadists for example
Yeah they're mostly hybristophiles lel.

No. 792300

Source: Trust me

No. 792301

AYRT but I remember adults as far back as LiveJournal would try to get kids to brigade for them over the same shit. My first online experiences involved an adult who carried on in a similar way, indulging in her ships and politicizing them.
With Tumblr and now Twitter + lockdowns making it so much easier to rally the base, these sick idiots are having a field day. I wonder where the breaking point is??

I'm guessing this where the "21 year old minor" comes into play. They want to keep that status for as long as possible.

I actually think the more dull/sexless yuri is made by straight women, now that you say that.

That's honestly the reason why I was into yaoi. The guys looked like butches and baby boidykes, the writing had a ton of female energy behind it. It was easy to not give any shits about the content.
I knew "straight" women who'd do "yaoi" scenes in cosplay with other women. They had an internalized lesbphobia and probably didn't realize it.
You're right; in Japanese media, bara is associated with gay men. The absence of feminity = gay.

Mine and my friend's theory, too.

The stealth scrotes and straight women are going to keep denying this. It's interesting how they are incapable of processing it.

No. 792303


Don't 2D men act as romanticized men? It's fiction, men and women both act in an exaggerated and unrealistic way. People say they act like women, but I've never seen real life women act like that.
Also I think they look "feminine" because they're based on how pretty japanese/asian men look. Like k-pop guys. Iirc the typical shoujo BL look that was popular in the 70s and 80s is inspired by a very pretty western actor though.

No. 792304

Romanticized men who act more like women (and therefore its easier to relate to) than real men, yes. Romantiziced real men don't act like in dudes in BL. You almost have it anon.

No. 792306

Yeah if BL doesn't involve men, than why do straight women are obsessed with it? And where do "gay" FTM criticizing BL for fetishizing "their" experiences come from?

No. 792308

Because it panders to women and involves women writing for other women who know what women tend to enjoy in character design or writing style/personality.

No. 792310

Well, sure, because they're written by women. Plenty of BL characters act like male characters in straight fiction written by women too, and those don't act like women. They generally act better, and they're associated with women because women act better "by nature". Also what does real life romanticized men mean? Are they real or romanticized?

No. 792311

as in
>female authors know what women like in men

No. 792312

its like nobody on this site realizes neo romanticism and pretty boys were pretty popular in the west during the 60s to the 90s, which comes from a new form of how western men seen as manly used to dress like (long hair, heels, ect)

No. 792315

>real life romanticized men mean
Like, straight girls describing their perfect boyfriend, or straight teens making 1D fanfiction or whatever. It's romanticized, but based on real men.

There's BL of all kinds, where they both act like girls, where only one of them does, and where neither do. It's because BL market is so big, there has to be something for everyone to relate and consume, straight girls, gay men and lesbian women.

No. 792316

>why do straight women are obsessed with it? And where do "gay" FTM criticizing BL for fetishizing "their" experiences come from?
I think at least some measure of bisexuality is more common than many like to admit.

No. 792319

i dont disagree but cant we just say guys into traps are totally straight with this same logic but inverse?

No. 792320

Do you think its mostly “straight” women into gay shit? Most straight women in fandom are obsessed with straight pairings like Reylo or those Character/Reader otome type fanfictions. Gay/bi people tend to be into gay/bi content. Fandom spaces featuring lesbians or female characters in general tends to be overwhelmingly filled with men (and gay men have their own spaces and don’t care because they’re still men and don’t have to worry about being pushed out the way women do) so yeah no shit its a little easier to be in a space thats actually female dominated. The only times this is an exception is when a series like She-ra happens and men hate it for being too ess jay doubleyew.

No. 792356

This. I swear this thread has resident scrotes who just can't understand how female sexuality works and how much it is affected by the female experience and not just "i see sex it make vagina tingle". All the straight girls I have seen are mostly into heterosexual ships and self-inserting otome franchises, not gay shit.

No. 792360

and yet no one believes that a guy who watches gay porn is straight.

why is it always female sexuality and lesbianism everyone has these weirdo explanations for, actually lesbians like watching muscular dudes fucking eachother in the ass because of reasons and women who totally, totally are straight actually prefer watching lesbian porn because being turned on by females having sex with eatchother sure doesn't mean you're a lesbian but liking to watch two guy fucks sure does

No. 792365

I disagree, because men have never been shamed for being attracted to women, while lesbianism and bisexuality are typically shamed or outright erased.
Plus, most guys into traps are just coomers who fried their brain on so much porn that they need the added novelty of a woman with dick to get off.
I'd argue BL is a proxy for often shamed, repressed female/female attraction and sexuality. It's almost euphemistic, and the male bodies aren't even accurate to actual male bodies (self-lubricating asses lol). Actual female desire is downcast and seen as dirty (especially when it's not in service to males), so the "solution" is guys-but-not-really-guys acting out the fantasies women would be able to express if they were given more freedom/safety. There's no such nuance in "trap" hentai, OTOH. It's pretty straightforward faggotry and coomerism.

No. 792366

you're just bisexuals who read the lesbian google doc and think that liking men means you're gay because of comphet or whatever. women who enjoy seeing two women fucking, not gay, women who enjoy seeing two men fucking, yes gay. do you realize how dumb you sound.

No. 792368

We aren't talking about real porn, anon. Of course BL manga and vn has another connotations than actual videotaped porn.

No. 792372

but the anon i was replying to talked about straight women preferring lesbian porn, which i assume meant real porn


columbo doesn't draw like that

No. 792374

I think a lot of confused anons don't understand that BL community is filled with women who write decent romance light novels and stuff. I am not a BL consumer but I've read two Japanese, BL romantic light novels that had a great chemistry, plot and tension which made me cry a river. And they were written by amazing women.

In the end at least the Asian part of BL seems to write the best male characters, better than the ones we have IRL.

> Claiming said anons are bis
Please, calm down.

No. 792375

Because male and female sexualities developed differently. Men don't have to be subjected to objectification, fetishization and sexualization since early puberty while also being repressed and shamed for it. They aren't disturbed by being thought of as sexual beings. They aren't being reminded of how they're expected to be sexually subservient to their partner of the opposite sex. They don't have to be afraid of being raped or sexually abused. They don't have to go through these experiences during their youth and young adulthood which are amplified tenfold if you're not heterosexual. Men can enjoy porn of their self-insert power fantasy avatar fucking a mountain of women because they feel immensely powerful being sexual. Women don't have that privilege. The ones with the most traumatizing experiences regarding their gender, especially the non-genderconforming ones, usually don't like inserting into the sexual situations in media. That's why they prefer reading erotica with male only characters that are still feminine enough for them to resonate with. I really, really don't understand why this is such a far-fetched idea to people other than maybe men themselves.

Not all lesbians like this female-created gay genre. Not at all. Some enjoy lesbian media only because they don't find the appeal in male characters. But almost all of those who do like this very specific, niche, fictional, romanticized genre are lesbians.

No. 792377

explain all the aidan fujoshis then who claim to be gay men in women's bodies if almost all fujos are lesbians

No. 792378

NTA, but guilty bisexuals, lmao.

No. 792380

everytime she streams on twitch, she says shes gonna start with a warmup or collab or fanart, but shes so slow she works on it for 2 hours, then she says shes tired and is gonna end the stream, before she even got to start commissions. i dont get how she gets anything done, but i guess she doesnt

No. 792383

Wish you all supported the yuri genre (and webtoons) and the amazing gay women who write it the same way you support BL so we could actually have more content to read instead the scraps we get.
>Angry lesbian groaning

No. 792384

They're all dating other fakebois. There's your explanation.

No. 792386

They actually believed these tumblr posts from 2013 about how being a fujoshi is evil and making self-depreciating jokes like "I'm sinful and will go to hell for liking (gay) porn" is homophobia and killing real gay men. Even though they weren't written by fakebois but more by female slash fic writers who just tried to pass as gay guys for their audience and not because they're were delulu. Oh well.

No. 792388

I personally have this shitty theory, that is very shitty because as a woman who loves women it fucking sucks:

The fakebois and aidens know they're women
And no guys actually like yaoi
But what is the next gayest thing they can do?
Kiss and date other women who pretend to be yaoi anime men

So instead of genuine attraction, it's a fantasy for them, of becoming a gay man because all the romance they've been looking at is between gay men. It's like autoandrophilia

No. 792391

Or, they're lesbians sick of being sexualized by men, have been marinated in the misogyny instilled upon them by the society and want to escape womanhood. That's literally how HSTS transgenderism works. Occam's razor, anon, no need to go into these weird mental gymnastics about how these women dating each other actually want dick.

No. 792399

ikr, i'm sick of being told to check out a "well written" manga thats just an immediate homophobia/comfort fic, or worse, constant rape and penis and butthole. idk how any lesbian could sit through that.

No. 792402

That's true and I obviously agree, but I was talking about the painfully obvious straight girls who do it

No. 792403

Alright, I'm really into BL, I love seeing men drawn with male anatomy, I love seeing dicks, I just really like men physically (unfortunate, I know), vaginas, tits and feminine body proportions turn me off, but I guess I'm a lesbian because I like BL. I enjoy if the men are written to be more romantic, fluffy and charming, like the perfect guy a woman would want, I like the equal dynamic the male characters can have so I can "experience" a healthy relationship through fiction and I guess that makes me even more of a lesbian. Didn't know you could be a lesbian while not being sexually attracted to women. Cool!

No. 792408

>Do you think its mostly “straight” women into gay shit?
Uh, yes? it's actually really common for straight and bi girls to be exclusively into m/m ships, i thought everyone knew this? Like it's one thing to say some fujos are lesbians but you can't seriously believe that most are

No. 792411

Some of you really can't read damn. We are saying that lesbian fujos exist, not that all fujos are lesbians.

No. 792412

Imagine turning all this eloquently worded "this is why a lot of lesbians are into this genre" explanation into a "WELL I'M STRAIGHT AND I LIKE DICK BUT I GUESS IM A LESBIAN THEN, BAH!!!!". You don't have to be gay or a crossdresser to enjoy Drag shows but a lot of gay people are.

No. 792413

Stop self-victimizing, holy shit lmao. Not everything is about you.

No. 792414

nta but
>almost all of those who do like this very specific, niche, fictional, romanticized genre are lesbians. >>792375

No. 792415

Yeah. Know plenty of het women (even married) invested in anime gay ships, BL and slash fanfiction. During my time in weeb fandom, hetero fujoshis squealing about kawaii ukes being nailed by semes were the most common ones. Also this >>792377.

No. 792418

Poorly worded, but that one line out of a hours long debate doesn't resume it.

No. 792419


Some anon above said that it's mostly lesbians that are into BL while straight girls are only into otome. Also that since BL dudes act like women then you're really attracted to women. It doesn't make sense and it's just not true.

I'm not self-victimizing, the fuck are you on? I'm just making an example because some of you keep saying things that contradict each other.

No. 792422

i would if most yuri manga and comics weren't just focused on wholesome 100% pure or mary sue characters, often set in high school. yuri about adult women with an actual plot is rare and people seem to be allergic to writing/drawing female characters with flaws or interesting dynamics, and when they try it gravitates to rape or sexism and i'm already sick of those issues irl.
fucking thank you anon, that's exactly it. the dynamics of relationships in BL are very different and it's a breath of fresh air to not be sexualized for once and actually focus on the fiction and romance without the baggage and expectations that comes with being a woman

No. 792424

No. 792425

>almost all
Majority of straight girls are more into heterosexual ships, that's a fact, and otome and fujo fandoms often overlap which causes the confusion. And even that put aside, one has to wonder why someone is so ridiculously triggered at the thought of being associated with a medium popular with lesbians when discussing the question of why a lesbian woman would be into BL. Sorry someone called you a nasty dyke I guess?

No. 792427

The whole conversation started because someone was implying that lesbians aren't into BL.
And yes, guys in BL are pretty feminine in appearance. Only you know your own sexuality, but like…let's call a spade a spade.

No. 792428

you clearly weren't into anime/manga in the 00's, before troon apocalypse,comphet and other nonsense happened. Kek at you thinking brave and stunning lesbians were the ones buying yaoi paddles

No. 792439

Saying that almost all fujoshis are lesbians is just not true, idk what to tell you. I think it would be extremely statistically unlikely for even just 50% to be considering how tiny the lesbian population is compared to straight and bi women

No. 792441

this all sounds like an extra layer of self hate in women tbqh. Women have being shamed for their sexuality always, INCLUDING expressing their attraction in men. Men call you a gross whore, other women call you a traitor handmaiden with shit taste. If even indipendent lesbian artists choose to draw yaoi instead of lesbian romance, something is off.

No. 792443

that's pathetic af in my opinion

No. 792451

Not triggered but okay. I just made a kinda sarcastic post and you're acting autistic. BL is only a little popular with lesbians now, in the 00s it was a niche that straight girls and some gay guys were into and most creators are straight girls (a lot of popular og authors were even married) who like seeing two men fucking. I'm not saying there aren't lesbians enjoying fluffy BL, I'm just saying that the majority of BL fans are people strongly into men.

A man isn't feminine just because it isn't a buff hairy ape anon. And liking some "feminine" men certainly doesn't make a woman a lesbian, especially if there's sex scenes with dicks involved. If it does for you that's cool, I just don't think that's how it works.
Also, tell me how big bony dudes (yaoi hand memes, anyone) are even remotely feminine. The stereotypical ukes are also depicted with full male anatomy, their faces are just pretty and again, mostly based on asian features that tend to be a little softer or beautiful western young actors.

No. 792455

>A man isn't feminine just because it isn't a buff hairy ape anon.
Can you name some actual guys who look like BL characters? For personal research purposes, of course.
Also with assholes that lube themselves, no need to shave their bodies, etc etc. There's a reason actual gay guys in Asian countries are into bara instead of BL, and it's because the latter is pretty unrealistic to actual males, even with their soft features.
No one called you a lesbian just for pointing out that the 2D characters are feminine, by the way. Chill.

No. 792462

I don't get why you can't just be attracted to both sexes but only want to date women irl. Maybe because of the reputation bi girls have in lesbian circles? Who knows

No. 792465

Seriously. I wanted to comment on how that anon and some others are pretending bisexuality doesn't even exist and you can only ever be gay or straight, but I wasn't even sure it was worth it, lmao.

No. 792466

>There's a reason actual gay guys in Asian countries are into bara instead of BL, and it's because the latter is pretty unrealistic to actual males, even with their soft features.
From what I've seen nerdy Japanese gay guys overall like both, I'm sure the guys who like bara way more or exclusively are the masc4masc guys.

No. 792468

>Also with assholes that lube themselves
that's just for plot convenience or the mangaka being retarded. Doubt she wants to secretly portray women and if she is, she needs to get on some meds or therapy.
>no need to shave their bodies, etc etc
Most women into weeby media are also into bishonen/biseinen. Liking men with 'feminine' aesthetics doesn't make a woman any less het.
>BL is only a little popular with lesbians now, in the 00s it was a niche that straight girls and some gay guys were into and most creators are straight girls (a lot of popular og authors were even married) who like seeing two men fucking. I'm not saying there aren't lesbians enjoying fluffy BL, I'm just saying that the majority of BL fans are people strongly into men.
I don't know where those zoomer fujoshis are coming from. They clearly don't know the history of their favorite genre (at least in the western world, though the point about mangakas being het also is… interesting). No, the 00's fujoshis weren't into women at all, in fact they usually despised female characters (why is a matter for another topic, but they sure weren't interested into rehabilitating them). The trope of 'evil ex girlfriend' trying to break up the gay couple was extremely popular kek. The loudest fujoshis were girls/women getting off on kawaii bishies fucking each other. Literally nobody would even consider that they could be bi/lesbian based on that since their interest in males was obsessive and sexual/romantic. This is some bizzare rewriting of history.
Anyway imagine being a lesbian, being able to cut of men from your life but still deciding to obsess over fictional males. Couldn't be me.

No. 792470

K-pop and J-pop singers? Lots of asian models? Actors they use for historical chinese and korean dramas? Bjorn Andresen, who inspired the old shoujo boy look?
And I love how you're taking some ridicolous cases where the asshole lubricates itself for plot convenience or ignorance as the standard for all BL works. Now hardly any BL uses that shit unless it's some trash drawn by some teen girl. No need to shave is present anywhere in fiction, it's not only a BL thing, but a lot of works depict body hair despite stylization.

Sure, it's just that this argument started with lesbians so I'm talking about that. It makes complete sense that bi girls would be into BL among other things.

No. 792474

tbh I don't get why everything women do in fandom has to be about misogyny or homophobia whatever. Scrotes get to do whatever they want and no one's going all armchair psychiatrist on them. Shipping is just harmless fun and I like seeing happy gay couples whether they're m/m or f/f. This conversation's been had a million times and no matter how many times lesbians explain why they like it there's still people who won't believe them and then just start the argument again a while later and repeat forever.

Shipping is just how some people like to engage in fandom and it turns out plenty of women like m/m whether they're gay, straight, or bi. It's not that deep.

No. 792476

File: 1619464589666.jpg (4.62 KB, 220x197, hnjk.jpg)

Bjorn Andersen literally looked more manly at 14 than 99% of shoujo boy characters and grown-ass men in BL kek.
You're attracted to feminine features in fiction on guy characters. Doesn't make you a lesbian, don't know why you're mad. That's it.

No. 792479

NTA, but why wouldn't they be bi?

No. 792480

File: 1619464702238.jpg (56.01 KB, 630x1200, MV5BM2IzODkwNWYtNmZhNi00ZjZkLT…)

very manly, indeed
claiming that fujoshis are mostly gay/bi is retarded though
because bi women are a minority and BL/yaoi has always been a genre that mostly attracted straight women

No. 792481

Can you read full sentences though?
>more manly at 14 than 99% of shoujo boy characters and grown-ass men in BL kek.

No. 792483

I read and I still disagree with it tbh. You chose a really bad photo.

No. 792484

Nta but literally just statistical reasons, the ratio of bi to straight girls is too small for them to be the majority

No. 792486

File: 1619464968520.png (479.9 KB, 466x532, snkjvs.png)

Yeah, okay. I'll pretend that this picture and that look the exact same.

No. 792487

Most straight girls aren't into BL.

No. 792492

that doesnt change what I said?Neither are most bi girls or most lesbians

No. 792500

Since BL fans are already a small minority, it's kind of presumptuous to make wider assumptions that they are mostly straight, especially when the content itself doesn't match typical het conventions and the characters are more androgynous.

No. 792502

>No, the 00's fujoshis weren't into women at all, in fact they usually despised female characters (why is a matter for another topic, but they sure weren't interested into rehabilitating them).
This is mostly untrue to begin with, but the times you actually saw this happening with characters like Relena, it was mostly young preteen girls who didn't know any better. This isn't even touching how many of these female characters were written by men and existed as nothing more than fanservice bait or just as x character's gf/wife/love interest and nothing more. You saw way more people using these female characters as self inserts/fujos to be supportive of whatever pairing lmao.

No. 792510

File: 1619467062482.jpg (13.11 KB, 200x246, On Doorstep_0000.jpg)

You have bad eyes then anon, because he looks very much like your regular shoujo boy or a pretty prince character in some historical BL. No, he doesn't look manlier than grown ass men in BL (picrel, totally feminine). I also didn't say I was attracted to the features of your picrel who scrotes like to call feminine, I'm just trying to explain things. Either you're baiting or you're a zoomer who doesn't know what they're talking about. I don't want to derail the thread now.

Stylization, anon. It's called stylization. Also clearly inspired by another type of look.

You're spouting bullshit. Literally anyone who was into BL and yaoi in the 00s remembers how mysoginy in the genre was rampant and how women characters were only used as some villain or a plain supporting character. The grown female authors made them that way. No one self inserted in them because they were bad and boring characters, instead girls who wanted to self insert would do so with the "uke" who was still a male but a bit softer in looks and personality.

No. 792511

Sorry for being out of the loop, but where the fuck are all you anons getting your “statistics” of bi/les/gay/BL and the fujios

No. 792514

It’s of the source of ‘just trust me bro’, get with it anon

No. 792515

You typed all this and more because you thought the idea of lots of lesbians being into BL was somehow offensive and an attack on you, kek. I really don't understand it.

No. 792516

I miss when Mohammed Agbadi used to post helpful art videos.

No. 792519

No one has any sources here, we're all just shooting the shit.
IMO, a genre of androgynous, feminine males being in love is kind of bi-pandering in itself because it combines aesthetically pleasing characteristics of both sexes, and it provides a level of detachment that both lesbians and straight women can enjoy, but it's a zero-sum game of just hetties vs lezzies in this war I guess, kek.

No. 792521

I mean, I feel like it's common sense that most fujoshis aren't lesbians? right? Considering how small the lesbian population is + that it's male on male pornography (ie geared towards people who are attracted to males), there's just no way, right? Like it seems so obvious to me lol am I crazy? I'm not saying there are no lesbians into bl btw just that they're not the majority. Just like I'm sure most people watching lesbian porn are straight men, even though straight women do watch it

No. 792522

Sure anon, stating the fact that yaoi isn't a genre lesbians are predominantly into as opposed to straight girls totally means I'm offended and feeling attacked by lesbians. It's Twitter logic. Keep baiting.

No. 792524

You sure sound calm and not pressed at all. Like I said, I don't understand where this ire is coming from or what you're actually so upset about. All your posts have felt pretty Twitter, they tend to get this mad over nothing.

No. 792526

I agree, I feel like a lot of people here don’t know what they’re talking about. Not only is female sexuality more complicated because of social/cultural pressure to be “pure” yet do whatever men want at the same time, but the way people think of sexuality in general has changed from the early 00s. Not everyone into BL has the same reasons for it, so you can’t assume things about someone’s sexuality or personal issues just because they like BL. Some people grow out of it anyway when they get into actual relationships.

No. 792529

File: 1619468314859.png (47.48 KB, 963x877, Screenshot (270).png)

>Since BL fans are already a small minority, it's kind of presumptuous to make wider assumptions that they are mostly straight, especially when the content itself doesn't match typical het conventions and the characters are more androgynous.
I guess it's mostly Bi/lesbian women watching lesbian porn in that case
There you go, some sources on BL being mostly a media consumed by het women (but also popular among bis and gay men)

This one is interesting but I don't feel like reading it, posting for other anons:

From wikipedia (click for sources)
>The female readership in Thailand is estimated at 50% as males also read gay manga,[5] and the membership of Yaoi-Con, a yaoi convention in San Francisco, is 50% female.[1] It is usually assumed that all female fans are heterosexual, but in Japan there is a presence of lesbian manga authors[6] and lesbian, bisexual, other or questioning female readers.[7] Recent online surveys of English-speaking readers of yaoi indicate that 50-60% of female readers self-identify as heterosexual.[8][9] It has been suggested that Western fans may be more diverse in their sexual orientation than Japanese fans and that Western fans are "more likely to link" BL ("Boy's Love") to supporting gay rights.[9] Much like the Yaoi readership base, the majority of Yaoi fanfiction writers are also believed to be heterosexual women. The reasoning behind this trend is sometimes attributed to patriarchy- that women who write yaoi fanfiction are in fact acting out heterosexual fantasies through these male figures.[10]


No. 792530

File: 1619468591936.png (202.82 KB, 810x859, Screenshot (271).png)

Another one, ctrl+f "heterosexual"
Plenty of research confirms BL/yaoi was mostly a hobby of het women. I wouldn't be surprised if more lesbians/bi or FTMs are into it nowadays, but I doubt that there is more of them than hets.

No. 792531

>I guess it's mostly Bi/lesbian women watching lesbian porn in that case
Most lesbian porn is made by/for men, so…no? Why would you compare the two?

No. 792532

cause the other anon said
>it's kind of presumptuous to make wider assumptions that they are mostly straight, especially when the content itself doesn't match typical het conventions
which makes just as much sense

No. 792533

IATA. BL isn't mostly made by men, and we already know men and women aren't socially interchangeable re: sexuality and sexual expression, so no, it's not the same. If most BL mangaka were male, maybe you'd have a point.

No. 792534

Thanks for posting actual data lol. "most fujoshis are lesbians" is such a weird hill to die on, the lesbian BL anons who are in denial about it being a genre mostly consumed by straight and bi women come off as very insecure in their identity tbh

No. 792536

My point is that content deviating from heterosexual expression doesn't matter when homosexuality is titillating/fascinating to hetero people. That's an incredibly simplified take. Especially since (in the past), plenty of BL manga were emulating stereotypical heterosexual dynamics (the whole uke/seme thing wasn't that different from het relationships portrayed in Mayu Shinjo's cancerous mangas).

No. 792537

Wasn't the anon erasing bi women too, though?

No. 792539

Look into research, bi women into BL are a minority compared to het. In the 00's it was clear hardly any yaoi fangirls were bi since they had zero interest/attraction to female characters lmfao

No. 792540

I said "especially", not that it's the only reason. If we're really going to make the lesbian porn comparison, it'd be pretty interesting if men were into mostly masculine women in lesbian porn, but I digress.

No. 792542

So, the answer is yes? I was referring to
>the lesbian BL anons who are in denial about it being a genre mostly consumed by straight and bi women
Could've just said "straight" instead of switching around, lmao

No. 792546

>"well written"
I laugh every time they say that kek.
Agree on all counts.

No. 792547

File: 1619469544440.png (82.13 KB, 593x430, j.png)

Can we get back to the actual salt. Jay is out of the hospital and is mad at people posting pictures of her/his/it's face and speculating why.

No. 792559

Put your pronouns as you/your. lmao

No. 792565

File: 1619471753356.jpg (249.52 KB, 1080x1521, Lol.jpg)

They didn't even try to hide it

No. 792574

She’s so transparent kek. Is anyone actually buying it?

No. 792575

jay's art is so fugly

No. 792581

"That's a whole OC!!" Lmao yeah right
The only valid post tbh

No. 792587

File: 1619474778256.png (1.33 MB, 1800x1135, 9F7A7B81-49A4-4DC7-8428-A5B9A7…)

This circlejerk of ko-fi shilling is so goddamn annoying. The sheer entitlement from these two is mind blowing tbh.

No. 792603

Don't know what annoys me more, these shills or the enablers who actually give these fucks money.

No. 792605

>Piss off the wrong people by taking the mask off and showing your true entitlement, jealousy and narcissism
>Get steamrolled for it
>Oh shit, what do I do now???
>I know, I'll pretend I got sent to the hospital for vague reasons! That'll get me off the hook!
>Might as well e-beg while at it because that's what I do best
Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. No words.

No. 792609

File: 1619477735225.png (250.7 KB, 1034x660, CE5AA12C-4CFA-42AD-932F-8AE15F…)

I actually believe it’s an oc

No. 792612

I noticed he's going the gossip/clickbait route. Does it really make that much more money?

No. 792614

Im confused, these images were literally from his instagram and destinys tumblr. It wasn't like the person hacked their facebook. It is tagged to their art usernames. Why are they upset? Just untag yourself from the photos on instagram

No. 792622

File: 1619478578843.png (217.79 KB, 579x717, 546489654645.png)

the snk fandom on twitter actually has a lot of cows lol. there's this one artist called hanpetos who has "ptsd" over the ship levihan, and unironically said that her hair started falling out when she had drama with a levihan shipper

in that bottom tweet she also somehow made columbo's whole drama about her, since her and that columbo girl are friends and interact sometimes? who knows how she justified it in her ptsd-riddled brain

No. 792625

Isn’t an snk ship what columbo drew too?That made the twittard mob go after her. I feel terribly for Columbo but it’s like an infinite internet trauma cycle with most of these people.

No. 792626

>Never realized that hating waifu/obligatory female prize characters designed for men makes you not find IRL women attractive kek.

This is just like that viral game I wont mention that anons were going up to bat for in this very thread, ugly goofy looking male designs and coombait female designs intended to be a prize for the male player. Say what you want but female characters who arent written as men with tits or prizes for moid self inserters are much needed to be created by a talented content creator with resources. This is why I think for at least some of the people into BL its sort of settling in a way where media of female gaze well written het relationships is scarce.

No. 792633

She's genuinely the biggest retard ever. She's been beefing with this Levihan shipper since fucking 2013 and their drama is still ongoing to this day. She legit claims to have PTSD and anxiety from it, how all the harassment online made her stop eating and she even had to go to the hospital over that,… which is so pathetic because this is all literally over a bunch of Attack on Titan ships. Just get over it and accept that there are people out there who will ship what you don't like, jfc this woman is around 23+ years old too. Whenever something happens, she's very quick to make it about herself, in this case it's the Columbo drama. Columbo got doxxed and of course Hanpetos had to run to her account to say how she's "scared for her life". Literally no one cares about her except for the imaginary people who harass her on a daily basis.

The Levihan shipper who frames her to be some "abuser" and "stalker" is pretty retarded too. Kins Hanji to the extreme and has an entire furry OC made after her where she self inserts hardcore. She thought that Hanpetos called her a retard back in 2013 which started the entire drama and here we are, two grown ass women claiming to have actual PTSD, depression and anxiety over fictional ships.

Snk just has a very retarded and extremely toxic fanbase. Nearly on some Bnha levels type of shit. That's all.

No. 792641

They didn't go after columbo because of the ship, columbos ship is pretty much as non problematic in aot as you can get. It was because of some badly worded tweets.

No. 792647

>doesn't even have her irl name anywhere, just has her age listed on the profile
>keeps calling herself an asian even though she's just a middle easterner
>she's a lesbian who goes by male pronouns but doesn't even say anything when people keep calling her a real guy
>but then suddenly she also goes by female pronouns and is fine with that even though she larps how she's a guy and doesn't even correct anyone
>has a nsfw acc which is literally so fucking easy to find, especially with her art style being very recognizable
>even retweets the art of her main to her nsfw account
>claims that her family follows her on that main so that's why she has that nsfw acc where she posts the "gay" stuff
>but she also posts normal fanart there and she also gets 30-50k likes and rts without even being private? how is she going to hide that from her family who follow her main when her art is literally all over twitter
>makes everyone swear to secrecy to not reveal her being lgbtqjwqrioowqrqw+ to her family which is ??? if you don't want them to know then don't fucking reveal anything to your audience you retard
>acts retarded on her account where she has a 100k following
>interacts with "proshippers", talks with them, kinda defends them
>writes a very poorly worded post about racism which gets easily taken out of context
>gets "doxxed" to her very muslim iraqi brother who apparently already knew about it but she still acts like she's going to die and about to get hung from a noose any second now
>doubt because what kind of iraqi muslim brother who lives in the middle east is fine with his sister being some lesbian fakeboy
>claims to be in actual trouble with her family
>even though she said it's only her brother who found out and he already knew too
>has been tweeting daily and hourly since the "outing" happened even though she said she was going to delete asap
>keeps threatening to delete and deactivate but still won't fucking leave
>gets a fucking #ThankYouColumbo hashtag trending
>very embarrassing because all she did was draw eruri fucking and reiner with a gaping asshole like every other aot artist but people legit treat her like a deity who brought blessings to this world
>suddenly tells people that she'll be active on her other acc despite saying how she'll never post her art anywhere ever again because SHE IS SO SCARED!!!11!!!!1!

sorry for long post but honestly she's very retarded. my tinfoil is that she's lying about getting outed to get some victim points. it makes zero sense, especially with how she never shared her face or irl name anywhere and has been going as "columbo" since she started that account and i doubt a bunch of random 15 year olds have the power to actually find all that info about some random nobody artist. sorry if it's all true but good for her if it's all a lie though, i hope she'll be able to shake those annoying minors off since everyone is already attacking them for O-OUTING A QUEER IRAQI TO T-THEIR FAMILY!!1!1!!1!!

No. 792657

No. 792662

is it all about some shipping drama? you're a bit retarded yourself to type all of that, let her go

hahaha and she lowered the price on it too from 0.25 to 0.1. Can we go even lower?

No. 792665

wtf is that music kek

No. 792683


No. 792691

Middle Easterners ARE Asian, gringo

No. 792692

i was a devoted webcomics reader for several years before i started buying/borrowing actual comic books (the fantagraphics, drawn & quarterly, and uncivilized press kind of indie comic books). it's much more enjoyable for me to sit down and read stories with endings than to read a comic one update page a week at a time, i've pretty much never looked back.

No. 792702

Kek, as soon as I read that I didn’t take Op’s post seriously

No. 792705

pretty much. Yaoi/BL is filled with women (for various reasons) including lesbians. You can draw something because you find it sexually appealing or just because it's fun, interesting, for exploration, etc. not everything has to be because you just want to bone it.

like I'm bi but at some point I lost interest in BL and just didn't find it appealing anymore. Not because I'm not attracted to guys, but because BL specifically didn't interest me. There's more that goes into the interest of this stuff than just sex appeal. One reason I used to be into it was because it could have some raunchy or straight-up problematic shit in it without anyone raising a stink or fuss had it been het or lesbian.

Yeah yuri made by women tends to be rather dull. Citrus was the first problematic yuri I had come acros sin years and it was a breath of fresh air yet everyone got called out for liking it because they called it fetishistic. Anything that is wlw but anything beyond gentle and sweet handholding and uwu cuddles is unacceptable so most people just don't make it because they aren't trying to be harassed just for enjoying it.

hell no one can enjoy anything problematic w/o people thinking you're fucked up or genuinely want it to happen cause people don't separate fantasy from reality anymore. No I enjoy problematic fiction because it helps cope with the emotions of semi-trauma and negative emotions from my youth and i'm in a place in real life that is perfectly safe and I can explore dark and possibly traumatic shit without endangering myself.

It depends on the kind of men a woman prefers. Honestly I prefer bara > yaoi boys because I actually like huskier and more masculine men.

In my experience I've had more sexual shaming from women than I have men to the point of being groomed into hating myself due to my attraction to men and thinking that I actually deserved terrible relationships with men despite the number of abusive and toxic women in my life that fed that nonsense to me and abused me on top of it.

Any guy from a boyband (I.e Jonas Brothers, BTS, etc.) will probably look close enough to BL characters. It won't be 1:1 because real life duh but you get some not hyper-masculine guys. And most gay asian men seem to be into both relatively equally. It just depends on if they like twinks or if they like hunks. the gay guy ik irl likes both while i (bisexual woman) prefer bara. I just like men with little more meat on them.

why are people literally this invested in ship drama? If a ship causes you so much stress your hair starts falling out you fucking need therapy.


It's because people try too hard to relate what you like to explore or enjoy in a fantasy to be what you're sexually into when sexuality for both men and women is extremely nuanced and complicated and there is barely any research into it due to the fact that scientists cannot get funding to study sex because people think they already know all there is to know.

You don't need to have your IRL name listed anywhere. Asians can be middle eastern and vice versa. If your family literally doesn't search any of that stuff or follow accounts related to fandoms it's pretty easy to go undetected with the massive amount of people and things on tumblr. Even if her brother already knew it's still terrifying and doxxing to have someone you know say internet strangers managed to get in contact with them.

My god this is what happens when i don't check this all day and dont want to same fag post. One big ass post

Tldr: Sexuality is nuanced,BL is made by and consumed mostly by women though a lot of asian men like bara adn yaoi relatively equally, I prefer bara > yaoi, a lot of yuri is dull because it will be attacked if it is anything less than pure, fiction is for exploration and it's oversimpliication to make assumptions based on what kind of fiction someone consumes and why, women like a variety of things and there is no one size fits all. Some like bara, some don't some like both or guys that are more shounen average and you don't need to have a lot of information listed to get doxxed.

No. 792716

She could've let some personal info slip in older tweets that made it possible to dox her? If she is lying then that's sad. There's gotta be better ways to get attention and/or sympathy.

No. 792732

File: 1619487807154.jpg (158.75 KB, 720x1091, 214139.jpg)

Jay is having an exciting night

No. 792733

Even if Columbo is lying about being doxed literally they obviously come from a country/family where drawing "gaping assholes" can put them in danger. You're underestimating the weaponized autism of people on twitter attacking something they don't like. If someone even threatened to dox them or joked about it they deserve to be put on blast. That's not shit you joke about publicly for anyone to see and minors/fanart crusaders get away with a lot of messed up life ruining tactics because they do it under the guise of moral superiority.

Even if Columbo lied which I don't think they did considering how easy it is to dox someone in 2021, its not far fetched to believe someone could have taken that callout post and decided to do it just for fun because they saw some gay shit they didn't like, like 4chan moids do. People making call outs need to understand how dangerous weaponizing a group of anonymous strangers on the internet are. How are they going to verify every single person going after this artists intentions?

No. 792734

File: 1619488186435.png (369.68 KB, 515x713, screen-shot-2019-08-26-at-1.35…)

Most of the shit that was popular in the 2000s was shounen garbage, where the female main is almost always just a generic love interest with barely any personality to speak of.

No. 792736

I agree. She’s annoying and has an ego.

No. 792739

Kek when you put it like this it points out a lot of holes in this bullshit, and I don’t feel that bad for her anymore. You’re right, how the fuck did she manage to supposedly link her real life shit to an account that could get her in “danger” when there’s nothing dox worthy even on it? She’s clearly lying. But on the off chance isn’t, then she honestly has no one to blame but herself. The only person who could have provided doxxing materials (if they even existed) was her.

No. 792742

It's because these teenage girls dont watch porn and dont give a shit about it. They only get mad at things they previously liked or cared about. This is why average female artist gets cancelled while Male silicon gets Scot free

No. 792744

literally every lolcow would be infinitely better off if they logged off the internet, or better yet did that and moved to a country where nobody knows about their autism

No. 792745

just like with lindsay ellis, it's baffling the extent women go to save themselves from cancellation. Men just go "this is not true and you're attention seeking" or "I will not apologize, fuck you" and it ends there, but women have to somehow justify every single one of their sins. They're supposed to just take the accusation and bend over, or go to insane details about their poor lives. Just tell these minors to go fuck themselves, eternally online kids deserve bullying

No. 792748

This but I also believe it's because they subconsciously know it would be way harder to "call out" a male and have him actually care.

No. 792755

i know and i hate that

No. 792757

The solution (I hope) is for women to do the same thing, tell them to fuck off. It's hard but it's the only way to deal I really think.

No. 792759

File: 1619490230523.jpeg (44.76 KB, 679x376, Copelol.jpeg)

This is you anon?
Someone failed geography class kek

No. 792769

It's literally located in a region called "Asia Minor."

No. 792780

That, and women are just in general considered easier targets.

like the pattern I'm noticing w/ all of these callouts against artists is that they're always disprivilaged or viewed as weak/easy in some way. Women, LGBT+, neurodivergent, non-white/american, ESL/Not knowing English at all, etc.

For all the bitching and moaning they do about men and male artist, straight artists, etc., they only ever target anyone who is male, straight, cis, neurotypical, etc. It's because women, LGBT+, etc. artist are supposed to be "better" than that and therefore they view harassing– I mean "calling them out" or "bringing awareness" to the content they draw public is only meant to educate them or their mutuals who for some reason they feel the need to control who they (their mutuals) follow because their mutuals are not allowed to enjoy things that they do not enjoy.

So it's basically a combination of A. Viewing non-majority people as an easy target, B. Feeling that non-majority people should be "better than" the x-majority people, C. Wanting/needing to control who their mutuals follow because god forbid your friend like something problematic that you personally find disgusting. D. Neo-puritan culture E. Using being online "Activists" and hiding behind "educating" and "just warning" people to be media watchdogs and bullies, F. An absolute refusal to hold themselves accountable for anything they do and splitting hairs over-celebrating someone being hurt vs deactivating (I.e "I'm not celebrating them being outted just celebrating them deactivating") as well as shifting the blame of their own actions/fault in any situation where an artist gets harassed because of what they started and only taking responsibility for the bare minimum if that, and G. Getting groomed by adults who think what someone draws is an indicator predatory behavior rather than actual actions.

No. 792816

Slight tangent, fandom behavior is way different as well.
>girls/women making transformative works
>30K+ word fanfic of leon s kennedy and chris redfield
>A/N with copyright disclaimer
>"(character) belongs to (author) i dont own anything pls dont sue ><"

>boys/men making transformative works

>model rips, videos, mods
>animates 30 second loop of 2B getting fucked by capra demon or tf2 models acting over an audio rip
>"its transformative"
>patreon links, youtube ad revenue etc
>threw noticeable anti-copyright shitfit (honestly a good thing) when twitch or youtube mutes their streams music

No. 792819

super ot but when I was in fandom, noticing this pattern even with "mlm anti-fujo" fakebois is what peaked me that they were not men lol and vice versa. such a larp to pretend there isn't a gender divide in fan behavior. both can be pretty cringe though.

No. 792820

There are several examples earlier in the thread of anons defending/justifying the FnF creator's shithead tweets. That's proof enough that male creators get the red carpet rolled out when it's cancellation time while women can get cancelled for anything under the sun.

No. 792839

I forgot that Lindsay Ellis vid- it was a rough watch, but damn, congrats to her- I’m just surprised how well spoken she was despite the topic/how hard it’s been for her

I hope more people talk about the subject, so ppl know that they don’t have to involve themselves in such drama/know the red flags/actually use their brains

No. 792858

I followed her long before she watched SNK and to be fair she was pretty much harrassed since 2013 so I kinda get it. She should block her harrassers on sight and not even mention them tho imo.

No. 792866

personal view (as someone who thinks ship harassment is stupid and it doesn't matter) is that proshippers draw more drama to themselves by obsessing about the issue. when this all started at first I was sympathetic because it's that insane and annoying to be targeted over that shit. however some of them really dwell in it and almost encourage the drama I would say? by constantly talking about it and riling up antis. goes without saying that antis do the same thing. anyway I think this person should stop talking about it, tell the haters to fuck off/block them and keep doing their thing confidently

No. 792877

File: 1619507962015.png (248.62 KB, 600x616, 239874612804654.png)

>2 months since inception
>Art theft is already running rampant
Is Artfol secretly a ploy to give artists free victim points to tweet about?

No. 792882

idk anon why you're reading it that way. to me it looks like Artfol may be perfect platform to thefts to use, but then again, so is all other social medias. the thing about artfol is if original artist won't go there and find it by themselves then noone will know, it's closed party for mobile users.

No. 792884

this just looks like the usual stuff that happens when artists aren't on platforms. Even then pretty sure most people dropped artfol when they saw how buggy and slow it was anyway

No. 792910

Apparently they have said the "I've been doxxed to my conservative Muslim family" a few times before? So that makes me a bit suspicious.

Obviously it's severely fucked up for people to contact their family and they could be in actual danger if that happens. But I'm not sure if that is actually the case here. Tbh they would be better off leaving twitter or ignoring the haters because it seems to be a regular occurrence. Even if it's not their fault some Twitter users will always try to stir up drama so it's not worth it imo. Especially if you already had it happen a few times

No. 792923

Man nagata kabi has gone off the deepend, her biography is well written but her delving into other social issues is not it

No. 793082

Wait, Jay is being called a pedophile when they were the one calling people pedophiles before? Hahaha

No. 793094

"Proshippers" are the ones obsessing about the issue instead of the people who are willing to literally ruin lives over cartoon ships? You can always say Just Close Your Eyes Walk Away From The Screen HaHa but it's a lot harder if you're for example an artist whose portfolio and work is online and your income depends on your reputation, or someone manages to doxx you which isn't exactly hard since our lives have been moved largely online.

It's one thing to be cancelled in a ship war as a 16-year old but an entirely another when you're an adult who has a career and has to pay for your own rent, utilities and food. Not to mention the previous case about some artist being outed to her homophobic conservative muslim family in a country where homosexuality gets you a death sentence. As someone who was targeted online by a psycho mental case who later did jail time for a violent crime I honestly wish I was as oblivious as these people who think it's "just proshippers being overdramatic and enjoying the thrill".

No. 793104

Is that what was happening? Kek. Which fictional character was it- because you know Twitter isn’t actually catching any pedophiles

No. 793154

You can really see that with the drama with sashley's bf, which is considered normal behavior among Male spaces. The funniest part is that Ashley also got cancelled for her bfs actions, really showing how easy women are in terms of targets.

But I do see female spaces being more prone to cancellation. Compare Jeffrey star to Pewdoepie or Jontron in terms of drama. The former was sent off the internet while the latter are protected by fans if even one person criticizes them.

No. 793181

I think you’re completely right. Neither side knows how to ignore the haterz and keep engaging in this shit. I’ve seen proshipper fan art accounts “egg on” antis by mistagging and putting the “x and y are dating” and similar type memes all over it. Or they draw something that will clearly attract antis like a controversial ship fucking, with all tags. How do you not expect retards to flock to you? And >>793094 I’m sorry that happened to you, and I’m sorry that women are consistently the most targeted with this bullshit. I hope in the future more artists consider their digital footprint and stop making their livelihoods so accessible to strangers for the sake of fictional shipping art. Honestly I don’t understand why most women online wouldn’t think to practice this already. Especially regarding shit like this.

No. 793205

I’m sorry, anon, but this
> I hope in the future more artists consider their digital footprint and stop making their livelihoods so accessible to strangers for the sake of fictional shipping art. Honestly I don’t understand why most women online wouldn’t think to practice this already. Especially regarding shit like this.
Sounds like “well you wouldn’t get harassed if you covered yourself more”
I get that it’s quite retarded to say everything about yourself on the internet, but some people have friends and sometimes you just want to share snippets of what’s going on, like when they go out traveling or when they post their favorite doodles.
>but you posted it knowing the consequences1!1!! So now I’m allowed to go to your workplace and get you fired!1!!
No, specially if the person in question only did some retarded drawings of shit like an aged up character or a gay ship they like, holding hands or hugging, because some of these retards will see red just looking at two characters they don’t like together hugging.
It’s schizo shit and that kind of shitty person should get sent to jail for harassing, stalking and slandering a random person on the internet because they did a fucking drawing of two characters.
I don’t understand what is this clown world in which we’re living right now, in which we have to wonder whether the harassment of a person is okay or no.
Like, sure, kick them out of your ~*comfort*~ platform, creepy children, but let them live their life, you don’t need to kick them out from -every- platform, you don’t need to look out where they work so they get fired, you don’t need to talk to their family and friends, that’s fucking creepy and it should be penalized properly.
This is why vigilantism doesn’t work, specially nowadays, kids are kids and they will stay retarded until they hit their 30’s if you’re lucky, everyone can just say whatever the fuck they want and it won’t be double checked because I swear there’s tiny hive minds everywhere. This is also why there’s so many actual pedophiles doing whatever they want and getting their ass licked.

No. 793233

Yeah I agree with you anon. >>793181 I think that yeah, you're right, people should consider their online footprint and stop oversharing to the degree that they do because it's way too dangerous now, but you're not really considering that for a lot of people that's not an option. That may be possible for younger artists who have barely posted but for ones who have a large digital footprint that's not possible. The internet was very different even just 5 years ago and it's very short sighted to say "well, those people should have been smarter" when a whole generation of people were lulled in to a false sense of security and then had the rug pulled from under them. People will dig through years and years of someone's posts just to find a single scrap of anything to run a smear campaign on someone simply because they don't like them and the fact that a lot of artists are in that position is not fair.
As well, the accounts egging them on or whatever are not artists, they're randos who can just delete their accounts and move on if they want. For artists that's not usually possible and artists are easier targets because there's little social media attention to be gained from starting a harassment campaign on someone with 30 followers. To compare the two is being a bit deliberately obtuse, being fair.
The problem with the whole proshipping/anti thing from what I can see is that the rules are constantly changing as to what is acceptable. I dislike loli and shota shit personally but if I'm being honest the vast majority of artists getting cancelled don't draw that. Most of it is just aged up characters or anime teens who look like adults anyway but some terminally online weirdo decides to throw a shitfit because they kin that character or something and then they convince their minor minions to harass people in droves. The issue is that a lot of this is never any tangible complaint, it's always something extremely vague, saying the artist is a pedo or whatever but current discourse has proven that that can be anything from being a groomer, to loli/shota, to anime teens aged up or a minor coded adult or whatever they decide falls under this bracket.
Most of this is not being said in good faith and is done solely to catch artists and harass people for fun because they've decided they don't like them, and it's almost always women who are targeted. I really don't see how drawing some Jojo ship or something is justification for people stalking you to the point of breakdown or getting you fired or something, and lets not pretend that the former doesn't happen as a result the vast majority of the time from these harassment campaigns because they do.
>>793094 sums this up well.

No. 793257

I found out this started from a tweet saying that the thought of a lesbian becoming pregnant is terrifying, meaning Historia from SNK. Obviously it meant "the thought of this certain lesbian who doesn't want to be pregnant ending up pregnant is terrifying" but people understood it lesbophobia.

No. 793262

No, anon. It's not a "both sides are dumb" kind of issue. The other side is minding their own business and the other is attacking their real life being over drawings like a deranged terrorist. Being butthurt over fictional ships and characters is retarded and it should be ridiculed so that people understand it's not something a sane, mature, responsible person should practice. Speaking up about all of this isn't "asking for it" or "dwelling in it", it's raising awareness about an issue people aren't taking seriously. To the cancel crowd it's just a fun game with no consequences because their immature brains can't think two seconds ahead and others believe it "couldn't happen to them because they're careful about their online presence and never do anything controversial" before it happens to them.

No. 793270

>Sounds like “well you wouldn’t get harassed if you covered yourself more”
ata and it really doesn’t. You can post all the stuff you mentioned without posting your real name, your DOB, where you live, or anything detailed about your family and real friends. It has no accurate analogy in real life harassment, where the consequences and actions are all instant and occur in real life.
>aged up character or a gay ship they like, holding hands or hugging, because some of these retards will see red just looking at two characters they don’t like together hugging.
You’d hope the freaks harassing artists would be going after them for worse but it truly doesn’t take much to set them off.

>That may be possible for younger artists who have barely posted but for ones who have a large digital footprint that's not possible
As much as I’d want to agree with this, I can’t. It sucks and it’s terrible, and no one is smart when they’re a 14 year old retard drawing shit online they unknowingly might regret later, but internet safety awareness existed back then and that was my entire argument. I don’t think lack of self awareness 10 years ago when you were in 9th grade is justification to be stalked now. The mob will attack you for anything so really what exactly an artist does shouldn’t matter, what I’m saying is artists can make an effort to untether themselves from a former digital identity if it’s putting their lives at risk. You can fight off antis and proshippers for your entire online career or what fucking ever, but your personal safety should be your main priority. If you can’t abandon an account because that’s your job(and you’re actually making good money off of it), then honestly you’re SOL because the mob isn’t going to magically go away until these kids get tired of themselves. Change your name, move towns, do whatever you have to. But if it’s a personal account, fucking jump ship and don’t post shit that jeopardizes your real life again. If your art style is so identifiable then change it up every few posts, write in a foreign language, change fandoms or change mediums. There’s so many fucking artists online right now, if you’re not a big account you’re really not that important. I don’t think this is being obtuse, it’s merely harsh if not objective.

No. 793271

Why ya'll bringing up Bjorn Andersen into this shit lmao. There's a whole documentary where he reveals how he was abused by pedo elites. He also expressed how much he hated how he looked and how his image was used by adults/media.

No. 793286

>give me money because give me money

No. 793298

Well they aren’t going to say “give me money because I’m not white/lesbian/trans/non-binary” if it isn’t working anymore

No. 793306

Well anon I mean, I agree with you for the most part, if you're in the shitter then yeah that's what you should do. However I do think you maybe misunderstood what I was saying before slightly. I wasn't saying anything so much about internet safety, what I was trying to emphasize moreso was the fact that only a few years prior to now, the landscape of the internet was quite different. Even something harmless like genderbend art is deemed in a completely different light nowadays and is a cancel worthy offense. So lots of people will have ammunition like this that can be used against them unfairly because the rules have changed and who knows when you'll get another rug pull when the rules change again. What I'm saying is, it's difficult to keep up with and it's not as simple as people whining, as you were claiming above.
On the point of internet safety though, you are sort of ignoring the fact that for the past decade, social media has become increasingly more predatory in terms of what they want people to share online and our privacy in general. For example, how if you use a fake name on facebook they'll lock your account and demand a scan of an ID and force you to change it to your real name. Rules like this have largely normalized and encouraged people en masse to overshare their data online and I don't think it's entirely being fair to point at them and blame them for this.
Changing accounts is also not that simple for this reason and I say this from experience. One time I made a new account on instagram that was not attached to anything I had previously used, no same email, no phone number, no other accounts logged in, nothing. Yet I was still being recommended to follow people from my old facebook and I was being recommended to them, too. Social media takes note of factors such as your IP address and device serial and logs them and links all of your accounts together and will recommend new accounts of yours to other you knew before. Go on to the app store right now, Apple have recently started implementing rules in their app store that will tell you what all data these apps collect and what they will do with them (linking identities, etc).
The same thing happened to me on twitter too, a brand new account and it magically knew my birthday, my location (even though I used a VPN) and was recommending old accounts I used to follow. If someone is stalking you it's a matter of time until the algorithm decides to suggest your account to them too because it encourages engagement. As I and other anons are trying to explain, I think you're looking at this too naively and you don't understand how difficult it is nowadays to untie yourself from older identities. Not to say it can't be done and again I agree with all of the steps you've outlined because at the end of the day your personal information should be protected at all costs. Just that it's nowhere near as simple as you're making out because of all of these factors involved.

No. 793309

i agree, both sides are retarded but one of them is malicious and dangerous on top of just retarded.

No. 793472

What you're saying is true anon. I've dealt with the same shit on twitter. Brand new account with fake name, new email, totally out of topic of my other accounts yet it still recommended to myself my old accounts (one dated back from 2015!) and my IRL friends accounts. To my followers too :/. I had to abandon this account and recreate one on a computer that was barely used and had no email or twitter accounts ever logged in. Imagining that I said one "problematic" thing, and that they somehow get my real name, they can get my real address since my internet provider decided to put it on an online phone book (and that it's been 2 whole months since i made an appeal to them AND google to remove it).
All this to say that, even if you're cautious the algorithm can suddenly fuck you over. I feel that you must take more and more steps to be truly anonymous, or hell, not get fucking doxxed on the current web. It wasn't like that in the early 2010s.

No. 793498

Yup, that's what I experienced, too. You can't even easily hop accounts because social media even keeps hashes of the images you post and tries to identify you that way, too… it's so creepy.
That's without even factoring in that all it would take is someone managing to get in to an old account of yours from a data leak or something (which are becoming increasingly common now) and suddenly they can compromise many of your accounts/data and you'll find yourself doxxed because websites force you to submit so much sensitive data and logs things such as your location that anyone with access to your account can see.
Facebook only the other week had a gigantic breach that exposed hundreds of millions of people's names, numbers, email addresses etc. All someone has to do is send a password reset for your art account and if it's successful when you put in the address from the leak, then those people know your real name, phone number, location, where you work etc. People think this would never happen to them but if you have stalkers it's a whole other ball game. Look at how KF operates, when people are obsessed they /will/ spend the time combing through shit just to mess with you.
I also forgot that in places like the US, as you mentioned people's addresses will just be publicly available (and I don't understand how that's legal).
Like you said, unless you are extremely proactive as to how you use the web (fake details, TOR, randomly generated passwords, no repeating emails/use only disposable emails) which lets be real, most people are not, you are liable to fall victim to being in a bad situation.

No. 793525

Ship wars are for retards. If you're over the age of 13 and define your identity by what fictional characters or celebrities you want to fuck, you need psychoanalysis.

No. 793551

File: 1619571928771.png (232.2 KB, 1573x1050, revolocities.png)

The jpn artist that revolocities and his fans drove off tumblr some years ago posted some vent tweets before going private just now. (urct/uracata)

> tl;dr They're reflecting on how they felt pressured to accept his apology back then bc his friends and fans were harassing them to do so. They're also upset revo's apology made it sound like they were friends in order to take the heat off himself and now the misconception stuck with english fans.

I've heard about revo plagiarizing and selling commissions of urct's art style, but the UTAU design theft is news to me. Which ones are they talking about?

No. 793571

A couple years back he would take random UTAU designs and redesign them. So it's either one of those, or he just flat out stole one for one of his own UTAU.

No. 793580

how scummy of him and his friends. hopefully someone calls him out I'd love to see how he explains it all away

No. 793595

File: 1619575800448.png (33.56 KB, 519x288, 4968738946936.png)

yeah I feel awful for the artist. According to them, the attacks and shit-talking from the revo's cult followed them to twitter and were so bad they had a script set up for years that auto-blocked anyone with a private account or ever went private.

They briefly talked about it on their fanbox.cc (japanese patreon) after lifting the script in 2020 and explaining their reason. revo and his friends were only referred to vaguely as "certain popular artists". The artist's post leads to a 404 page now so all i have left is a discord link's preview text

No. 793604

I run in mutual circles with rev, everyone knows hes an ass hole. No one legitimately cares because he draws the hawt yaoi ^.^.

I remember a fan drew him fanart once, and rev hated it. In response, he made a guide how to draw gift art properly and used the fanart as an example of what not to do.

The artist apologized and redrew the gift afterwards.

No. 793606


Hasn't revo been discussed in past threads before and said to be milkless? On that case, this is new then.

I was never really a fan of his UTAU redesigns. I don't know, always came off a bit as him "fixing" the designs or making it seem like his' were better than the originals (probably because of his fans rather than his own actions).

No. 793639

File: 1619579678413.png (181.81 KB, 671x838, 943863693.png)

what an ungrateful asshole. unsurprising it comes the same guy who basically ended his "heartfelt" apology post with '#anyway now that i got that over with, i have more important things i need to go do!!'

(The characters in pic related is revo and urct's ocs. Imagine having your art ripped off and then the same dude draws your character with his oc as if they're bffs lmao)

No. 793649

Idk rev but I know his friends and they are the snakiest people. At a con a fellow artist asked his friend xtine for a manu source and I overheard xtine give them one of the notoriously awful companies to work with. Why not just say no? Why go out of your way to be awful?

Not looking to going back to conventions, so many two faced people there

No. 793664


Kek, I hate this fucker. Some other milky events
>made a body pillow of his OC shitting himself as a "joke." People found it weird, and he immediately wrote a letter insinuating that sexualizing his scat porn was homophobic! Stop bullying me you bigots!
>one of his dumbass friend got hacked, and hacker leaked out revs priv tweets (they were mutuals) where they made fun and taunted an autistic mutual in the vocaloid community
>constantly redesign old OCs. When people point out how he got no permission + he flaunted his redesigns he claimed it was a homage :pleading_face emoji:
>really into humanizing everything. Even his own car. Made nsfw of his car and himself in a butler/master trope
>decided to play Pokemon RSE. Names his pokemon as coon. Everyone is offended and he insisted he didn't know it was a slur.
>in a tarot zine for a mobage(it was fgo or granblue i cant recall), he was assigned a character he didnt like. At the last day of submissions, he drew art of his favorite character, then left the server.
>did I mention, dude is legit into scat

>family are rich chinese filipinos that live in socal
>originally wanted to be a dermatologist, parents made him go into nursing. He went into art

I wish I documented all of this but I never realized it would be an important topic til now.

No. 793666

anon i know you said you didn't document this, but do you have atleast some screenshots of this?

No. 793668

File: 1619584602243.jpeg (73.48 KB, 651x719, 479DB483-1C56-497D-9295-694159…)

Nta but I googled it and wtf why lol

No. 793674

File: 1619585032211.png (504.5 KB, 923x1544, unknown-20.png)


These are about the autistic / ableism accusations

No. 793675

File: 1619585085702.png (115.5 KB, 577x295, Eb9O1cAWAAkxNog.png)

The coon situation

No. 793679

File: 1619585341066.png (531.32 KB, 610x679, DojsMhnUcAAsd-T.png)

Revolocities's response to the scat discourse

No. 793712

i would believe him if it was cat/racoon-pokemon or something, but it's metapod. you don't go around naming chrysalises like that

No. 793734

I've met really cool people at conventions but overall the amount of cattiness and competitiveness is crazy.

No. 793771

Yeah covid really made me miss cons but with conventions opening later this year, I’m starting to get anxious about having to deal with that crowd again.

No. 793803

File: 1619608811043.jpg (852.69 KB, 720x900, 20210428_041849.jpg)

Farmers, are there artists that no longer post that you miss? Edarow was one of my favorite artists, and Im sad to see what happen with them.

No. 793826

File: 1619613684369.png (2.15 MB, 2000x2000, thousand skies.png)

oh no, I didn't realize they stopped posting! Cancelled for cultural appropriation huh…I'd be honoured to see my culture represented in such a beautiful way…damn.

I wonder if anyone remembers Thousand Skies/Elda The/Ethe? She didn't really stop posting, but she might as well have kek. I used to go on her online gallery Thousand Skies and felt like I was taking a portal to another world. I loved her fantasy illustrations so much and looked up to her a lot. Even the name of the site felt like something grand and amazing to me as a kid. She still has the site thousand skies, but it's now more of a merch store and just doesn't live up to its name. In picrel on the left is the type of art she used to do, on the right is the type of art she does now. Just feels generic and unmemorable to me.

No. 793836

the cultural appropriation discourse around native americans is so weird. Even if you're fully respectful of their traditions, it's still bad to do? My town's culture is dying, I'd love for foreigners to keep it alive with beautiful art like that. By forcing people not to talk, draw or write about natives you just accelerate the process of their culture disappearing

No. 793864

Based. Fuck people who feel they have to protect the poor savages by raging at anyone who depicts them in any way. I think they’ve gotta have some of the worst white knights.

No. 793869

they are actually doing more harm than good since the history books have been trying to basically delete native American history and culture for centuries now. their no better than the biggots kek
I want to encourage people draw more art like
it's beautiful and I'm sure the only people who were upset by it were white

No. 793920

Cancellation protocol: Obvious scat lover

just ignore that red stuff around the character’s head that insinuates death/violence. Twitter is so weird, You never know what it’ll cancel you for (minus pedophilia, because you always have to had the spice to get more of a reaction from ppl)

No. 793923

I mean. Metapod is a cocoon

No. 793937

It's obviously short for that, to be honest I had no idea that word was a slur until recent years so it's not that unreasonable imo.

No. 794005

I hope we won't be in this weird loop where along with this bs not drawing a culture is considered also problematic. Trying to navigate with twitter's landmine: representing a culture through a drawing is bad, but not doing so is also bad (in the long term, the question "why are you not including x?" would arise). The only way is to make it extremely performative which feels wrong and artists would refuse to do so, but that enough would be cancel-worthy.
I'm not really eloquent for this kind of talk

No. 794084

This is depressing… I understand why they would change their style but this is such a downgrade, artistically speaking

No. 794090

A ton of native/mixed people I know including myself found the drawings really cool, I hope they come back in some manner. It's always a treat to find a talented artist taking influence from native american cultures. If anyone knows similar artists, please recommend them.
>it's beautiful and I'm sure the only people who were upset by it were white
I mean yeah, it was all race larpers and CEOs of indians "i talk to my tribe chief every day you bigots"

No. 794134

wow this is depressing. i'm sure the generic stuff sells 10x more but her old stuff felt like Art. the new stuff is just sanitized corporate hallmark cards.

No. 794194

File: 1619645897548.png (358.75 KB, 594x614, redraw.png)

I really like this artist and been following her for many years, and while I've noticed her style change, until this direct comparison I haven't realized how much more generic it became, this is so sad.

No. 794207

what a downgrade

No. 794211

File: 1619649437310.png (Spoiler Image, 402.54 KB, 718x588, 1565968722954.png)


'obviously i don't sexualise minors'

>literally calls the character a child while drawing them being molested and undressed

the character is one of his utaus, whose age is listed as 'young man'. if he's a young man why were you drawing shotas??????

picrel is their drawing of arakita from yowamushi pedal who looks aged down compared to his actual appearance.

repost cos i dropped the pic like an idiot

No. 794213

No. 794245

the second one looks like Anna from Frozen…i guess online artists' styles will eventually morph into whatever gets the most attention if they didn't have a strong established style already

No. 794247

The first reminds me of Bruce Tim a little bit, I don't necessarily hate the one on the right but it's so much less detailed than the one on the left. There's no shape to the torso and chest and even hair, unlike the left…

No. 794262

File: 1619654626160.png (7.74 MB, 2889x3024, 49836379693.png)

This was rev's piece from a different gbf zine. I remember seeing it for the first time and it just felt… half-assed. Especially since everyone else put so much work into their pieces in comparison. It looks like he submitted his first sketch and doesn't resemble his usual style at all (if you zoom you can see it's just rushed brush blotches)

No. 794263


Rev's style naturally lacks polish. For quick OC pieces and fanart it's not so bad, but for pieces that should look finalized and fully polished such as that one…it doesn't work at all. This looks a bit better than a starting sketch and for it to be in a zine too, ugh.

No. 794300

File: 1619661830564.png (14.85 MB, 3232x3280, 74856789437.png)

please don't tell me i'm the only one who saw this eyesore on instagram, it costs $0.00 to be courteous to the people who look up to you enough to ask for art advice, or you know, just ignore repetitive questions. grow up lol

No. 794303

i sincerely hope OP is no older than 16, christ

No. 794304

this is so passive aggressive too. Like, what the fuck? if you're going to be angry and not want to do a tutorial then don't do it. Looking at it hurts my eyes.

No. 794307

what a cunt
are the comments complaining about the attitude?

No. 794310

jeez I can't put it to words how I freaking hate this type of atitude that a lot of artists have.

A lot of artists get so freaking salty at such basic stuff. I really hate how it's basically accepted in internet art communities to somehow take people triying to appreciate you or even flat out just complimenting you and spinning it to be about woe is me somehow. Same thing with artists that will treat you like hitler if you say you like their character because it reminds you of something you like, people that somehow make about you "devaluating their effort" if you say they have talent, and artists that spend more time doing psa's about how saying you can't draw a stick figure is worse than the n word than doing actual art.

Like bitch fuck you too, now go back to being a depressive cunt

the last meet the artist she did she was 23

>passive agressive
anon there is no passive here lmao

I checked and not really. this type of attitude in artists is really just seen as quirky if anything

No. 794313

I can tell OP is trying to be the funny asshole, but they come across as well, just an asshole. Somebody please tell this idiot to open their eyes before it’s too late.

No. 794319

>>794313 I hope no kids that could pick up this shitty attitude follow them, or think this artist they looked up to hated them now just for asking questions

No. 794323

I'd bet fifty bucks OP likes Homestuck and is emulating a certain character

No. 794354

File: 1619666443841.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, A71FFF78-D600-4CEF-84CF-3D1954…)

What a fucking asshole, what the fuck is this shit? I hope this retard gets called out or something, but noobie artist and boot lickers love this shit.
Shit cropping, but most comments are like these.
I mean, if you’re somewhat popular, you will obviously get people asking what are you doing and how, because most people want to either do something nice looking as well or they really want to learn how to do stuff but with some sort of advice.
If this idiot can’t handle having people asking for advice, then might as well disable the comments in all of their posts, because there’s always going to be someone that feels curious or wants to have something to talk about with the artist they follow.

No. 794356

God damn, I know the questions can be annoying but they’re asking YOU on YOUR art process, not google.

> I hope this retard gets called out or something
Go back to Twitter please. Like, I get the person was being an asshole, but Jesus “I hope a public spectacle happens from this person whining about getting tedious comments and acting UnPrOfEsSiOnAL.”

No. 794359

that was my first thought reading this
I get why it can be annoying but this just gave me second hand embarrassment

No. 794378

Smells like a TiF

No. 794379

The comic is stupid but it's true. This shit is annoying. In particular, children are always asking which brushes artists use as if it makes a difference. You can use the same brush and still produce crap.

No. 794382

That anatomy is godawful.

No. 794392

same anon, nta was just curious

No. 794409

File: 1619672370531.jpeg (136.71 KB, 750x595, B78D1ACF-4B88-4DAD-9186-CFCE7F…)

you were right anon

No. 794413

File: 1619673080062.jpeg (78.59 KB, 750x378, 94C77A2D-56A8-4A2C-8AB1-3F0AD0…)

seems like she's (?) always been super immature when it comes to these questions

No. 794436

So what if someone asks you for a brush? If it's public resources just tell them and they will do whatever they want with it. I feel like artists are afraid of telling people what brush they use because they're afraid someone is gonna "steal" their technique or style.

No. 794440

God what a cunt
It takes 5 seconds to reply and 0 to ignore. I definitely would not have the numbers I do if I thought the way you and the cunt artist thought. Just be thankful someone likes your art enough to be interested even if they’re a kid.

No. 794453

File: 1619682980335.png (168.73 KB, 603x580, 8086756466746748.PNG)

here we go again

No. 794456

>believe me!
I won’t. “yt”s sick of this.

No. 794461

Whatever people say about this, the artist clearly took a look of time to create this thing that answers some of their most commonly asked questions even if they did go out of their way to be obnoxious about it. It's immature and cringe, but they did lable it as salty and the artist clearly has that as their schtick, anyone that was upset by this is a child.
Social media has enabled ridiculous levels of handholding and made it mandatory to respond nicely to brain dead comments so even though I wouldn't do it myself it's kind of funny to see someone respond like >>794413 for a change

No. 794467

So with her logic, only Asians can draw Asians (or anime characters)?

No. 794479

Probably not, they always excersise mental gymnastics to make it a one-way street.

No. 794504

Don't see the problem. She answered most of the questions, took the time to draw it and it is kinda funny.
Sure, it doesn't take long to reply once but if you have to do it more than 10 times or 100 then it gets stupid.

No. 794505

197 people thought this was important enough to share with their followers. Let that sink in, imagine a scenario where some psycho troon starts accusing you of wanting to see Asians beat up and brutalized and 200 people shared it with their own audience, reaching thousands of people who will now believe this without ever questioning it. You will now be known as a racist bigot who wants to kill Asians because you drew abstract bodyhorror art with two pieces portraying vaguely Asian-looking girls. Congratulations. All the twitterfags in this thread defending Jay or saying "well I don't necessarily agree with the method, but…!" shut up, stand up and leave. I hope you slip up eventually and get attacked over nothing.

No. 794507

I knew from that hospital bullshit this dude didn't learn a fucking thing. Doesn't know how to apologize in any way. It's too foreign of a concept. What a worm. Good of the frenchies in QRTs and replies to meme on him and defend kinoko

No. 794528

My god she's obsessed, these people get so salty when their cancellation attempts don't really work huh. Good on kinokorp for not giving a fuck plus she's still getting mostly positive comments on her art kek.

No. 794529

She never learn lmao at this point she's just becoming a meme like Chris

No. 794558

Someone in thread already doxxed the artist thanks to this idiot

No. 794575

That stupid retard. I love the answers from the french.

No. 794589

File: 1619707580712.jpg (272.05 KB, 720x1017, 20210429_153828.jpg)

No. 794590

File: 1619707688438.jpg (200.12 KB, 720x753, 20210429_154751.jpg)

No. 794593

To be honest at the same time it's hilarious that these people are obsessing over muh skin colour with literal color swatches to measure the darkness of the skin when they're all the same privileged first world teenagers but at the same time I'm also laughing at someone making "being person of color" their entire identity when they're white as snow.

No. 794630

they sound weirdly conservative, dare i say nazi-esque, obsessing this much whether someone on the internet is "black enough" or "afro enough" or "person of color enough". who the fuck are you to make that call?

No. 794636

File: 1619712941085.jpg (573.68 KB, 675x900, 20210429_101241.jpg)

I love this piece a lot because you can tell it's inspired by the west coast of North America. It's really cool because you can see the same tribal art everywhere in BC.

No. 794674

A genuinely unique art style and now it's gone. sad.

It kind of makes me think about the fact that most art centered around a specific culture are usually East Asian or European. I always wanted to see more African or Native American culture become a subject matter for anime-style artist and see it be just as normalized. Kind of sucks that most digital art surrounding them is either abstract gallery art or some low level DeviantArt/Tumblr type shit.

No. 794692

Guess it looks like he hasn't even learned anything since he was in the hospital last week after his girlfriend let her followers know about his current situation. And now here we are at it again, beating the dead horse. Not to mention his name says he's on a "hiatus" while he continues complaining about everything. It looks like that Twitter is the only place he would consider his own "safe space" as if he never heard of logging off and shut up for once.

Glad that there are people who are noticing this. She has been constantly changing her labels to make herself more special and be included in other spaces since last month. Has the audacity to label herself as neurodivergent, disabled, transgender, and even afro-native/mixed/white-passing BIPOC; then suddenly quietly deletes it from her bio as if no one of her followers would notice the change.

Also, it looks like Orquidiaarte/DestinytoMoon's followers have been decreasing since the callouts she has gotten in her name. Last night, she was at almost 21.9k followers, now it has been dropped to 21.5k as of now and counting.

No. 794717

File: 1619720628482.jpg (227.79 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210429-142322_Twi…)

No. 794722

File: 1619720924088.png (38.53 KB, 598x553, Screenshot_2021-04-29 JAYnder …)

Samefagging, but wow. Looks like Jay has been either reading this site or his girlfriend's Kiwi Farms thread by proxy. "Putting a trans person in danger" is where it's crossing the line, DestinytoMoon/Orquidiaarte claimed to be transgender and then removed it from her bio and no one had an eye on it. Will be digging for the archives of her twitter.

No. 794727

>putting a trans person in danger
Writing they/he in your bio doesn't make you trans lol, especially when you still look like a very basic girl and change nothing to your lifestyle (that goes for the both of them).

No. 794731

File: 1619721983852.png (533.33 KB, 485x873, Brice de Nice.PNG)

Really enjoying seeing french twitter tear into him and spamming Brice de Nice

No. 794748

is brice de nice an american-wannabe character? I'm not sure I get the meme

No. 794751

I hope Jay stays angry at Kinoko forever so I can enjoy seeing French people jump him whenever he tries to attack her again for clout.
Kinoko is blessed for having this much support.

No. 794752

File: 1619723438552.png (699.94 KB, 1656x1084, Orquidiaarte Label History.png)

Last one for today, unless she tries to change one of her labels again. This took me a while to write while finding the archives, so here you go for those interested:

https://archive.ph/nwoB1 (March 1st. Claimed: Intersex, Lesbian, Trans Female, "Mixie" (assuming she meant she's a mixed white person)

https://archive.ph/39o3Y (March 31st. Claimed: White-Passing BIPOC. Notice how she removed three of her labels aforementioned before.)

https://archive.ph/gaNyS (April 1st. Claimed: Trans Female (again), LGBTQIA+, Disabled. White-Passing BIPOC label still intact.)

https://archive.ph/abRDs (April 4th. Claimed: White-Passing Afro Native (so she's not longer BIPOC. How interesting to see things change.))

https://archive.ph/L4cHy (April 8th. Claimed: Lesbian, Trans Female (third's time the charm), Genderless.)

https://archive.ph/yqVpl (April 13th. Removed all of her labels from the 8th expect for White-Passing Afro Native.)
https://archive.ph/R5iVa (April 25th. Now a White-Passing POC. I'm sensing a pattern here.)

https://archive.ph/JmLE9 (April 25th, ten hours later. Replaced the POC part with BIPOC.)

https://archive.ph/XNBrd (April 26th. Claimed: Mixed, Lesbian (probably for the purpose of participating in Lesbian Visibility Day, then she removed that label once it ended), LGBTQIA+)

https://archive.ph/zzWCs (April 26th, four hours later. Added the White-Passing part next to mixed.)

No. 794760

the character is a stupid rich french guy who wants to be a cool american surfer even though the waves are tiny where he lives.

No. 794761


Yes but the character is also a 30 year old man-child that goes around breaking stuff and insulting people while thinking they're awesome.

Essentially, jay's attitude towards Kinokorp and others reminds them of Brice.

No. 794762

oh is that why? i haven't been following my fellow baguettes' dunking on jay lmao. makes sense

No. 794766

She locked??? Even though most of the comments have been nothing but ass kissing and jay is in full sperg mode, I love these little breakdowns they have every once in a while

No. 794780

File: 1619725309792.png (184.59 KB, 492x866, JaynderMeltdown.PNG)

I think the account was suspended. Jay's having a meltdown over it.

No. 794793

destinymoon was suspended? What for. As annoying as she was, I'm pretty sure she didn't violate community guidelines. Succulentbud should be the one suspended for inciting harassment on other users

No. 794798

I just checked, her old account is the one that was suspended her new one is just locked. Jay's is as well.

No. 794807

you know she's a basic white girl when her race changes a dozen times holy shit. these latin american whites who claim to be poc remind me of white americans who claim to be native because they have 1% native blood in them. i also love how she was disabled for a hot second lmao

No. 794812

File: 1619727631863.jpeg (168.15 KB, 1980x928, 8D34125F-2231-406D-BED8-480D3D…)

Apparently destiny is doing self harm

No. 794825

Are you that same scrote from kiwifarms on the Jay thread? Same wording used.

No. 794830

I have such a deep hatred for people who can dish it but can't take it. It amazes whenever these types have absolutely no problem sending their followers after other artist but the very second their target bites back they run away crying like they're a victim.

No. 794923

Right? Like who said one of the countless people that were harrassed by Jay didn't have heavy psychiatric issues, Destiny? Got called out and now playing the self-harm pity card? Rule for thee but not for me uh

No. 794929

I'm confused too, she took a little bit of heat and she's already slashing her wrists open? Probably going to go to the hospital too and join Jay in dying of hyper space aids or something.

No. 794939

File: 1619736320673.png (91.46 KB, 736x660, 1619735844966.png)

Aaaaand suicide bait from Jay. Really, if you want to be charitable and give them the benefit of the doubt they aren't just doing this for attention (which is the most likely case), they really need to get off the internet if they can't handle it.

No. 794943

Jesus christ. I don't wish suicide on anyone and I legit hope Jay feels better, but… that suicide bait. Come on. You can't kill yourself over this

No. 794948

like 3 twit accounts with under 200 followers are mildly critical, and both already threaten self-harm/ suicide. not even the people they love to harass and cancel jump to this with more shit put on them.
I can't tell if this is manipulative or pathetic

No. 794949

she's supposedly doing therapy, and she spouts shit like this, yet refuses to see her problem. Refuses to see how vicious she is. She would feel so much better if she stopped being so rude and litigious

No. 794951

File: 1619737333265.png (351.31 KB, 512x384, 1470.png)

I find it hilarious that he still has the balls to end his retarded rants by e-begging

I hope this cow keeps giving because he has 0 reservations about making a fool of himself

No. 794953

>I can't tell if this is manipulative or pathetic

Both. I understand when you feel bottom barren and really want to off yourself very well but this is just a very petty reason to do so

No. 794970

I'm not even being snarky and not gonna comment on it being suicide bait or not but 100% seriously if twitter drama actually gets you like this you absolutely should get off of social media and there is no reason for you to stay on it and stay so ultra engaged as Jay does. Proof that social media is brain worms.
I really wish people like this would have some introspection on their relationship with social media.

Not to be an armchair psychologist but in Jay's case it might be because he's actually been getting hit quite a lot lately. French people weren't taking any shit (both times), he had that oopsy with the accidentally mysoginist comic, then he got a bunch of shit for that that take on FNF, and then someone made a twitter account just to drop tea on him (tbh if I were him I'd be stressed by that one too). Maybe suddenly getting the rug pulled from under his feet this much is causing him a shock.

Either way I reiterate what I said. Being this emotionally atached to social media is bad.

No. 794973

So, Jay gets to bully people on the regular and send her 20k followers after her victim of the day, but the moment it's her facing some shit from randos with no influence she wants to die?
She makes people feel like this on a regular basis for no reason other than she's a sick and bad person who gets her jollies from seeing other people who have never done anything to her suffer.
I wouldn't get any pleasure out of finding out she died or anything but at the same time she won't even learn any empathy for others from this anyway so I have no sympathy for her.

No. 794974

>Not to be an armchair psychologist but in Jay's case it might be because he's actually been getting hit quite a lot lately. French people weren't taking any shit (both times), he had that oopsy with the accidentally mysoginist comic, then he got a bunch of shit for that that take on FNF, and then someone made a twitter account just to drop tea on him (tbh if I were him I'd be stressed by that one too). Maybe suddenly getting the rug pulled from under his feet this much is causing him a shock.

Jay caused all of this though

No. 794979

Is kkwfarm info real? Because then I can assure you shes not native at all, i mean maybe legally she was a certificate but neither of her parents surname are actual native surnames nor does his father being black makes sense as from the area she lives theres no black history/heritage. Also she lives in a c2-c1 area of the most expensive city in the country, nothing adds up…

No. 795008

Let’s be honest, would it be of any surprise that this is a bored white girl Larping as a minority to act like some sort of queen bee?

No. 795016

I understand how internet drama can get to people when you're already stressed, in a bad mental space, people are accusing you of things you haven't done and all that but i dont feel sorry for Jay or Ivy.

They caused most of the drama, have made other people feel suicidal or have to deactivate cause of the drama. It's karma coming to collect it's debt.

No. 795048

can y'all just make a thread for this faggot already. kind of sick of this thread becoming the jay & friends show

No. 795058

File: 1619745367193.jpg (2.72 MB, 1788x4549, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7cVO…)

Lmao speaking of race LARPers

No. 795063

Agreed, just make one and link it

No. 795064

Im not sure if mods would let but I wish we had a threat targetted towards genderspecial e-artists. They sre so rampant in grifting, begging for reparations, and harassing other poc for racism.

No. 795065

Mods of course would let you do it, if you make a good summary

No. 795067


Aside from Jay and Destiny, who are other artists you guys want to see in the new thread?

No. 795068

Why don't we just make a thread for them for now and keep adding others with time? they have enough material to warrant a whole thread for themselves, just make a good complete-ish summary of them lol

No. 795080

if you go to the the art cow thread you'll see a summary with some other people from that gang (the summary is from the time of the Javi draws drama). It mentions Angel Face/loved111333 too, and if you scroll down you'll also see Melonyn (now moonwave_) that is one of those types to do 3 rants per day, and greatgalactika who is also involved in a hilariously cringy game project called ValiDate.

Imo a lot of them haven't been very relevant in a while so maybe not worth being given top spot in the thread but you could consider them too

Link for you if you'd like to check out: >>>/snow/1147217

No. 795107

Damn Destiny and Peachieflame really be the lele pons of the art community. Just white girls speaking spanish and thinking that make them Pee-oh-cee for that lol.
And iirc, wasn't peachyflame also one of the retards that cancelled an artist for making le hot native american original character (and that was somehow racist)?

No. 795109


Jay/ivy and friends containment thread. Please take your salt there.

No. 795158

>dedicated joulejay/destinytomoon thread

good, i’m just really hoping this thread is better then their KF thread considering that one is mainly just dunning kregers criclejerking their redraws

No. 795232

I would add Tajmerk as she was a major player in Javi incident and is still very much a cow

No. 795241

The art salt threads are pretty slow as it is, lately anyway, is this necessary?

No. 795243

sjw talk may be redundant to some

No. 795250

Yeah but it will come back after a while anyway. It always do

No. 795268

So I'm a bit confused by what's going on overall so correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the situation just this
>racefaking autistic SJW harrasses actual artists on a daily basis for drawing and posting their art online
>said artists have their online stores and social media accounts deleted, which is a big problem for their career/sources of income
>people tell her to stop being a bully and to fuck off
>"waaah I'm bullied I'll commit suicide right now I can't anymore, also give me money"
Because if so, then she's a pussy.

No. 795291

File: 1619781725142.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

>I will save the money don't worry

No. 795348

Even if it is redundant, usually the cows aren't milky enough on their own to keep a thread active. i remember when super ray dizzle was clogging up the artist salt and people made a thread for her and it died in like a month.

No. 795572

>And now a very big tinfoil that I'm lazy to explain: 2D men are butch coded.
They really kind of are. Tons of extremely popular 2D men (Roy Mustang, Levi, almost everyone in MHA, etc.) look like butch lesbians. Like they actually look weird when a man cosplays them and only look like the character when it's a woman crossplaying. No idea if this is a completely unintentional side effect of the anime style or some kind of deep state plot to make weeb women gay.

No. 795582

I think she was trying to claim to be MtF for the ultimate oppression points but was proven to be born female

No. 795595

As much as I would love to agree just because this is the funniest theory ever, I don’t think it’s that deep. Some women (especially if they’re younger) just aren’t into hypermasculine characters, and I also think it’s partially a result of cutesy anime art style. And maybe the creators don’t want to make a character that seems like “competition” for the male viewers who want to bang the female characters lmao.

No. 795611

Could be just art style and making the character appeal to young women (who tend to prefer young and not very muscular pretty men) like the other anon said. I honestly doubt that characters from japanese media created by men could be butch coded in order to make girls gay…

No. 795689

File: 1619821246847.png (346.64 KB, 476x597, tumblr_5c2a9fb19c789af07485465…)

"feminine" men are the most attractive to younger women, it's why boybands get popular. very muscular men are actually gay coded (look at bara and tom of finland) but i don't think it's some conspiracy. pretty/young men can look like butch lesbians naturally. that's a young ralph macchio in the photo, he looks like a woman lmao but when you put a pretty kpop boy next to a kpop girl you can see how masculine they are. anime main characters are drawn as pretty as possible so they'll look more feminine than real men, but it's not deliberately butch coded. when actual butches are depicted in media they are drawn more masculine than real women imo, or ugly fat and unnecessarily hairy. i hate it

No. 795774

File: 1619832605238.png (434.6 KB, 450x598, mikusona.png)

Sage for not really being milk but does anyone know the artist for this? I found it a few threads back and haven't been able to find it but I think the style is really cute.

No. 795777

probably cumbinary lol

No. 795786

I was able to find it by putting it on one of those image search sites and looking at the Yandex results

it's @zarashii on twitter

No. 795787

Thank you, kind anon.

No. 795807

File: 1619836328674.jpeg (364.06 KB, 1669x1667, 0E08C529-A002-4B13-BE1D-F92182…)

Saintcake having the nerve to tell people not to make a call out LMFAO

No. 795811

I don't recognize this user, previous milk?

No. 795815

File: 1619837141991.png (81.43 KB, 485x835, BE6350FD-6E92-42A8-88B6-9CFEE8…)


Previous user was Sa1ntcake before they locked their account. Constantly involved in fandom discourse. Went private after catching flack for picrel.

No. 795818


Added context, a teen committed suicide due to harassment that Sa1nt and their following participated in by retweeting and subtweeting multiple callouts about ‘problematic’ fanfic.

No. 795820

Iirc, saintcake said something about anime, and some anime fans connected that to the minecraft youtuber fanfic author killing themselves. Go back through the previous threads, it wasn't that long ago

No. 795905

If I recall, Sa1nt never talked about nor retweeted anything pertaining to that teen committing suicide over that fanfic. She was making fun of some stupid anime, then some other person vaguely brought up their death. She thought someone was talking about Zamii once again, and then the other person got the rest of Minecraftwt(lol) involved. I don't even think she plays Minecraft. But this is all old news in previous threads.

No. 796029

File: 1619877437920.png (778.47 KB, 750x1334, C556E294-E20D-4C7F-907C-30E232…)

Did anyone catch what happened to Alice?

No. 796037


Posted this to the previous thread like a retard not realizing it was dead.

To TLDR a popular webcomic artist goes bat shit insane by converting to fundamentalist christianity and makes a tone deaf furry comic and tells her loyal following that they're all sinful and need to repent.

No. 796043

File: 1619878442259.jpeg (370.96 KB, 1125x1132, E42A7F9A-A45C-47E5-8566-0AD341…)

I’m sorry if this is a bit off topic to the conversation now as well, but I noticed this artist MawsPaws. She was mentioned/on locked down for a bit for throwing a tantrum over a design that barely looked like hers and is known to be friends with a few cows mentioned on previous threads before.
I’m not a fan of her but it’s one of these moments where looking through twitter for the next ‘scandal’ brought me to her phase.

I couldn’t help but be curious to WHAT situation she’s talking about? She full on had a tangent about white people.

She basically said in her current tweet that she found out she’s mentally ill and taking a hiatus, but it’s weird how she went from “Do not follow me if you’re below 16” to “I’m mentally ill and crying over situation. Ever notice wyt ppl always talk about so and so.”

No. 796142

File: 1619888966273.jpeg (233.38 KB, 1186x1478, 90BD7765-7E6A-4C7A-AC18-28B6CC…)

My guess is Angelmaws finally found out she’s been posted to KF with all the wyt sperging, and she’s upset she’s being rightfully called out as creepy for encouraging minors to draw nsfw art of their fursonas.

No. 796169

File: 1619891838445.jpeg (523.29 KB, 1125x1581, 0FC7BD12-E51E-4661-9786-852D39…)

I was thinking more of the Tajmark situation where a user tried to get her fired from her job that set her off on the ‘wyt ppl’ rant.

Not to mention the kf situation was posted around March. She did retweet something from that artist ironically.

That and ever since the topless situation she put “ suggestive 16+ (gore/nonsexual top nudity)” as a bio. Though there is one question that should be raised, why is she getting all up and offended about a situation that isn’t her place to begin with.

Do these artists on twitter just seek attention even if it has nothing to do with them? It’s like you break a bone or close to dying and these artists will try to make you mourn for them instead lol, it’s hilarious yet stupid.

No. 796233


> Do these artists on twitter just seek attention even if it has nothing to do with them? It’s like you break a bone or close to dying and these artists will try to make you mourn for them instead lol, it’s hilarious yet stupid.

Yes. Their entire clique is full of attention seeking grifters. They’re constantly trying to find reasons on why you should feel bad and pity one person over the other. Seems like from the taj drama they’re finally imploding on each other, dividing their cliques and picking sides instead of being adults and talking shit out in private.

It’s to be expected when you have a group full of narcissistic spergs tbh

No. 796313

This was funny until I remembered who she was and now I'm a bit sad since I liked her art. Still what is it about born again Christians that make them go so hard in the paint?

No. 796466

Kek. I am into twinks but i wouldn't date a lesbian, there are just things like broader shoulders, deeper voice and ofc a fucking dick that women don't have.

No. 796608

Don't know why so many straight anons always lose their shit over this claim, both viewpoints can coexist. They can see their husbandos as the tender and beautiful boyband moid of their dreams and lesbians can interpret them as vague portrayals of butch lesbians. They're lines on a paper so there's a lot the human mind has to fill in subjectively.

Did she really say that "you're all sinful and need to repent"? The disclaimer of her comic was just rambling about muh dystopian health pass and how she's really into Christianity now. Weird nevertheless, I wonder what made her go full bible thumper so suddenly. The comic was really good sans the weird Christianity stuff though.

No. 796798

What do you guys think of Mei Yu? Youtube recommends her vids to me a lot but I don't think I've ever seen her mentioned in these threads.

No. 796804

does kids content. Never heard of her in any drama. Just plays it safe, I think

No. 796820

File: 1619970903212.jpeg (159.49 KB, 640x448, 59273926-5023-49E5-9237-5B3EB4…)

How does one not improve at all yet get slightly worse over the course of 5 years?

No. 796822

Is that a self post

No. 796918

Why does this thread constantly get some "how dare this stupid bitch not improve drastically in x years!!!" posts about literal nobodies? This isn't your personal discord channel.

No. 796959

Kek, you caught this posting literally 60 seconds after it uploaded? Interesting. This does smell like a self post

No. 797215

Naw I actually hate this bitch (lollibeepop). She's fugly, has a fugly boyfriend and has an onlyfans despite drawing (shitty) kids comics. Trainwreck of a person.
Also made a comic about her getting molested as a kid after another artist made a comic about her sexual assault to piggyback off the clout.

No. 797240

File: 1619996269231.png (428.08 KB, 591x592, Screenshot 2021-05-02 175702.p…)

Didn't know this artist before, but I took a look through her stuff. 32k+ followers on twitter and 416k on IG, so she's not a nobody. She has a cute style and makes "omg so relatable" mental health comics and on-trend illustrations. I dunno why she chose to redraw this picture in that manner because her recent art looks nothing like that.

No. 797311

she doesn't get impressive numbers despite that follower count

No. 797753

do people just not know what a thumbnail is

No. 797922

It takes 5 or so consistent reply guys to turn a Twitter artist into a lotus eater. Artistic improvement is about awareness and fetching what you don't have from something credible.

No. 798000

Anons how do you handle payment for commissions? Most artists seem to use paypal and I've seen some who use ko-fi but how do you keep your real name hidden? Afaik paypal will show it unless you have a business account but in my country you'd have to make a seperate bank account under the business name and that's too much work for a few drawings.
This issue is one of the main things that's holding me back from starting up commissions because I really don't want to tie my name to the anime drawings I produce lol. If there's no way around it I'll just have to bite the bullet but I'd like to know if I'm being too paranoid or something, like is it normal for artists to have their real name out?

No. 798013

Consider Pixiv requests.
If normals are so enamored by you that you get 50+ replies per drawing and the "I don't usually like anime but this one is special!" comment they'll follow you there.

No. 798014


I personally bite the bullet and use Paypal with my IRL name in it. Never had any problems regarding that though, me and my clients just pretend that we haven't seen each other's real names.

Pixiv also has a neat commission feature but i haven't gotten to try it.

No. 798018

You can make a business account on paypal, it hides your real name and only shows your company.

No. 798071


I can't promise this will work or is smart but I managed to set my paypal name to a shortened version of my middle name and last initial, which was private enough for me. I just set it as that when signing up and it was never called into question, but my reasoning was that if it did get flagged by my bank I could just say it's what I go by IRL. It's not like they can reasonably disprove that.

Again though I may have just been lucky. This was years ago that I made the account, like late 2010s, so it may be stricter now. No idea if it's strictly legal or whatever but I never made more than $300 a year so it probably wasn't worth pursuing either way I imagine.

No. 798084

I use ko-fi because it adds another layer of name protection. I've tested it buying from other artists and I'm not able to see anything other than "payment to [username]" even when I go into the paypal transaction itself. Ko-fi doesn't take a cut and it's honestly easier to use than paypal invoices. Unless I'm wrong, I think it's a pretty safe bet if you need to keep your irl name separate, but I've tested it myself a bit because I have an easily doxxable name.
Also, I have ko-fi send the payments to my business account. Then I transfer the money from that account to my personal, that my bank is attached to. Just to be extra careful.

No. 798103

Thank you for the recommendation! I checked it out and it seems pretty good, the only thing I don't like is that you're not allowed to talk to the commissioner at all, so no possibility to send updates and revise if need be.

Ok, that is comforting to know. I'll just hope no one will google my name then lol

Yeah you got lucky. Right now paypal only allows me to change a single letter in case something was misspelled, bigger name changes have to be proven with documents.

That's good to know, ko-fi does seem very user-friendly and I would prefer it but I've also read that people were able to see the names through paypal anyway so I'll have to test it out. I've considered making a second paypal too but apparently it's against their guidelines and could get you locked out of your account? But then again, it would only be small amounts of money so maybe not noticable

No. 798130

This may sound dumb AF, but does anyone have advice for getting over anxiety with posting to SM? Twitter's a cesspit but I like how it functions but I'm constantly worried about stupid fuckshit like getting "called out" for doing something despite only drawing SFW fanart / not doing stupid shit like using "tone indications"

No. 798138

Really now? I've heard otherwise since it's paypal that handles the transactions and people could see the person they purchased from's name. I'll have to test this out too. I like how it seems more simpler than Patreon.

Same here. Some advice I got was to keep interactions to a minimal and post art without clogging up your feed too much with retweets and weird shit. If you really have to say something, just make another account not associated with the art account whatsoever.

Also, block stupid "problamatic"™ accounts like no tomorrow. So much people have said just this has made their feed look so clean and less dramur from dumbasses with no life/jealousy.

No. 798149

They must've all been artists with business accounts, because ko-fi does not hide your name. People can see mine during the payment process and in the transaction details.

I had a business account for commissions twice, and both times PayPal ended up getting on my ass asking for stuff that proved I actually had a registered business. The first time I was able to work around it, but the second time they got more specific with the things they asked for and I obviously didn't have them, so now I have no option but to use a personal account. It bothers me but it's how it is.

No. 798154

File: 1620086060989.jpeg (496.3 KB, 750x822, B6FFC2F1-D725-4309-A7CF-832A22…)

This isn’t really a complaint, just something I’ve been wondering but wasn’t sure where to ask. Why do digital artists sometimes post their art like
>screenshot of finished drawing in an art program
>photo of finished drawing on a screen

No. 798155

What a blast from the past

No. 798156

It must be so It’s more difficult to steal or something, specially if the picture looks like it has a really low resolution or if it looks unfinished/unpolished. So when someone traces it or reposts it in order to make money out of it, it won’t look nice enough for a customer with more than 1 brain cell that wants to buy art.
I don’t know thought, this could be more of a tinfoil than anything else. Maybe the artist is just lazy and/or can’t make the picture look nice in the format of the app they’re using to publish their stuff.

No. 798166

The screenshot ones, I think it's just kinda like posting a picture of a traditional drawing with the pencils/pens used laying around it.

No. 798177

Thanks for letting me know, I'm going to go test to see if you can see my irl name then. I'd sent payments a few times and was never able to see a real name but you're probably right about the business account thing. I wish it was easier to stay anonymous, especially if you draw nsfw commissions and people might try to be creeps

No. 798182

If I'm not wrong in PayPal even without a business account you can pick and chose what info you show when you create the invoice. I have even used that to go under a completely different alias and email for a second art account I have.

No. 798187

Hey I just remembered about that tales of DSM thing (the humanized mentall ilnesses).
Does anybody know what happened to it? Was it a troll op after all?
I looked a the twitter accounts of some of the people involved and they seem mostly inactive.

No. 798189

Sure it lets you do that in invoices, but another user stated that their name still showed up in the statement apparently. No idea why it gives you the "choice" to do that anyway.

No. 798224

Develop tunnel vision for the art side of things and see uploads as feeding pigeons. Call out posts handle themselves since it invites white knighting against cartoonishly rude people.

No. 798227

>see uploads as feeding pigeons
Nta, but what does this mean?

No. 798325

It means that Twitter isn't hard to impress and that you should upload things without guilt so long as you're making research material that tells you where you can improve at art.

No. 798374

turn off notifications and stay off SM aside from posting. you can check comments and reply to people manually, but seeing every like or rt you get isn't good for anxiety, sjw callouts aside

No. 798379

Probably an Instagram thing that carried over to twitter. Also to do with being harder for others to repost/steal.

No. 798394

Thank you for the advice! I do enjoy keeping a leisurely account but I've just been so nervous lately with all the bull.

No. 798402

NTA but for a business account it doesn't. I use a completely blank name for my invoices and tested it out numerous times, nothing shows up. Just make sure you set up your invoice properly.

No. 798458

From personal experience, everything becomes a lot easier once you got your first callout. It's a learning experience, and it cleans off your audience quite well. The only hurtful aspect is, a lot of your friends will dump you to save their own brand

No. 798475

what do you do with psd files of finished drawings? do you keep them around or only save the hi-res picture?

No. 798498

I keep them because I'm a hoarder.

No. 798505

Would you mind sharing your experiences anon? What kind of thing did they call you out over? Did you have much trouble with it resurfacing again or anything?

Only post art and nothing else. I found it was too difficult to background check who is trouble as a mutual and who isn't so now I don't follow anyone I don't already know. It's safer and less shit ends up on your feed anyway.
Unironically, copy the sakimichan model. People have tried to call her out for years and because she sticks to only posting art it never works.
People who cancel don't care much about people who they know won't react so it's less likely you'll be targeted if you give off the impression that you're someone who doesn't use the internet except to post art and log off.

No. 798613

There's this crazy bitch that follows me on instagram, she's always beefing by herself on her stories/ creating discourse about "woke issues". I didn't notice she was this insane until I saw her stories and now i want to block her but she's mutuals with everyone around me and she's one of my most active followers so she will notice something's off right away. Ugh I wish this timeline didn't enable this type of people, they're so toxic to artists that just want to have fun.

No. 798730

restrict the account so their replies don't show up for everyone on your posts and mute her stories/posts

No. 798731

Strongly recommend keeping them even if you’re not in the type of work that requires it. You never know.

No. 798745

I was a tryhard edgy teen and made offensive jokes 11 years ago. It's true that whatever you put on the internet, it stay forever. Very cringy stuff I won't defend. I muted many words (it's the best twitter feature) but still get called out for it from time to time, you have to get used to that, especially now that "dunking in QRTs" is a big trend, but it mostly falls flat once your audience changes entirely. To do that I stopped drawing cute stuff, because that art style attracts teen girls. It hurts to say, but all the people who cut ties with me and insisted on trying to ruin me were all women and girls, even much older than me. Men don't give a shit about morality or callouts

No. 798815

Oh wow, thanks for sharing anon. I had some similar worries and figured it was a matter of time until some attention seeking loser made a callout so I jumped identities entirely and cut ties with anyone I knew beforehand. Sorry you had to experience all of that but I admire your strength in being able to deal with it all. I hope you're doing better nowadays.
Sadly, I have noticed the same thing when it comes to callouts and harassment campaigns. It's true that women are mostly targeted but not enough people appreciate that it's also women who are doing the targeting. It's an unfortunate truth, men just don't really get involved in this sort of thing and they don't seem to care very much. I suppose that's another reason why someone like sakimichan is so hard to cancel, her primary audience is coomer men.

No. 799027

I think a lot of people can relate, a decade ago I was an edgelord who couldn't keep my mouth shut and was involved with some dodgy people. I've matured and grown since then, cringe at everything I did during those times and learned from past mistakes but the people I was acquainted with are still around and could dish a ton of shit on me that would get me cancelled in an instant. And I'm pretty sure almost everyone has done something problematic in their past. It's so frustrating that people don't believe in redemption or people growing past their teenager phase or that things were held to different standards 10 years ago. Especially with the steep, sudden rise of the cancel culture past 2015 many things that were considered acceptable in 2010 are now cancel-worthy.

No. 799115

This story really resonated with me. I was called out for similar behavior when I was a high schooler as well. But the thing was that I was hanging out with 20-30 year old fedora neckbeards who hated anything but WASP men.

Obviously, people insisted "well I wasnt a racist that age!" Or "abuse doesnt excuse it."

Eventually I sought out therapy and realized that none of this mattered to me. I drew for fun, not for business so I moved on eventually. I was a big artist (10k+ followers on twitter) and I lost like 80% of my friends.

You learn to let go of it when you realize how unhealthy it was for me trying to please 300 mutuals and meet these peoples standards. Obviously, I am not a racist now. But I realized a lot of my self growth should be for improving myself. Not pleasing my friends with 20k followers.

No. 799116

File: 1620171934586.png (1.64 MB, 1276x2048, Screenshot_20210504-163648.png)

How is nft relevant? Twitter artists amaze me sometimes

No. 799121

Bet $20 that person doesn’t even know what a NTF is and is just screaming about it “because everyone hates it”

No. 799152

Sakimichan made her first NFT so I'm guessing that's what it is about.

Tbh I'm over the NFT arguments. If someone wants to put their own content to be sold as an NFT, regardless of how shady I think it is, a scam, etc. it's their prerogative… Don't fault someone for chasing a bag as long as it literally doesn't rely on actively hurting others.

No. 799226

how is being a mentally disabled student any more relevant tho -_-

No. 799288

It helps to temper your expectations that people will care about you. Like someone else said, you can always just post nothing but art and that helps a lot. If you're scared of the vulnerability sm enforces, then don't do it. The kind of followers you get from being overly personal about shit are the kind who are low-key voyeurs or looking for personal cows or they've been trained by the cows to expect that kind of behavior from artists.

You dont have anything to give those kind of people if you don't give them drama and boundary-breaking bullshit, you attract fewer of them. The few you attract will not be your followers, for the most part, just weirdos who want to knock others down a peg. They're easier to ignore as a result, and they'll have very little dirt on you that's real.

No. 799340

Most of this NFT outcry is just sour grapes. NFTs have been around for a while, but the art community didn't begin to lose its shit til Beeple won a bid for $70 mil.

No. 799347

But is…
It’s literally harmful for the environment.

No. 799356

This. The whining about muh environment would be fast forgotten if any of these people sperging about it would be able to sell their creations. But for some weird reason it's always untalented or slightly below mediocre artists living off $30 commissions they never deliver that have a problem with NFTs.

No. 799357

What's with the influx of anons using emoticons? Can you quit that shit please?

No. 799358

By that logic, so is twitter,or any other large power source funding any major social media site. So is flying, as well as driving a car. Just the environment aside, I don't blame any artist for getting theirs, and looking for new ways to make an actual living outside of the heavily gatekept industry.

No. 799361

There’s A LOT of established industry artists that are against it, just look outside of the nft shill twitter for a day. Your argument of “only bad artists don’t like it” sounds like a massive cope. Also, some people care about personal morals and the environment more than a nebulous opportunity to make money, just because you can’t personally fathom it doesn’t mean everyone else is insincere about caring.

NFTs are a scam anyway and most people involved are bottom feeding and barely making any money out of it. Frankly, having seen the numbers, they would be profiting more and making more steady money by doing $30 comissions.

No. 799368

Sour grapes because it's being marketed as this amazing opportunity for smaller but talented artists when in reality it's just a way for people who already have money, an audience and a brand to make some more money. Sure they can do it if they want, but at least they should be honest with themselves and realize that all they're doing is participating in a shady scam (with shitty rules too) that's not very different from the real life art market that's all about who made an art piece and not the art piece itself.

No. 799369

How is the NFT market any different from the gatekeepinng of the usual industry? All the big cashouts have been either set up by big outside players (beeple and christies), professional gallery artists (james jean) or by artists that already had big fanbases on twitter/ig/AS (naked_cherry). Most other nobodies spend their every living hour on twitter self advertising hoping to not lose the money they spent to open up their ETH wallet.

Also the energy spent with social media and public services you NEED to survive in society like cars, food and travel is falsely symmetrical with nfts and just a bad faith argument in general. Yes it spends a lot, but the proportion of people using it is gargantually larger and if you were to break down the total carbon footprint of running twitter by individual user you’d get a very small fraction of the individual carbon footprint of crypto. Also, I don’t know how to tell you that a persons car has long term real world use, unlike your fake pepe tokens.

Also, learn to sage before coming to shill your techno cult in here.

No. 799372

How are NFTs a scam? What makes it a scam? People once said the same thing about Bitcoin, and Doge. As usual, most artist are very financially ignorant, and don't see the bigger picture of why crypto is being so heavily pushed. Sure there are some who may genuinely care about the environmental impact, but why weren't they saying anything before? Cryptoarts been around a while, but no one said shit until Beeple raked in a fortune, and some bigger artist decided to jump on board. That just makes the whole caring about the environment argument seem like fake outrage, and sour grapes, and attempts to discourage more talented, or their completion from climbing higher than them. Also, commissions are a very unstable market, and even if you are a great artist, there's no guarantee that you'll get a line of commissioners waiting and ready as soon as you open slots. NFTs are a risk, dealing with the blockchain and all, but the potential payouts are much more rewarding. I personally know several Crypto artist, including one who crawled his way to the top, and is currently making a good, stable living from it. Even for small time artist jumping in, hoping to ride the way, like all things, it takes time, but the reward are definitely greater. Why should anyone stay down and broke, trying to appease a salty, gatekept industry, when those same group of people won't hesitate to throw you under the bus in the blink of an eye?

No. 799375

File: 1620197953314.png (160.72 KB, 1212x790, NFT.png)

Enviromental shit aside my biggest gripe is that people's art gets outright stolen for NFTs

No. 799378

It's not falsely symmetrical at all. Air travel, "clean coal", farming/livestock, and the energy used to run social media sites all generate near the amount of electricity, and power as any other fossil fuel. You're argument just amounts to sour grapes, and leftist Twitter brainwashing. And since where at it, let's talk about how almost all cryto is mined in China; who are the biggest producers of cryptomining, on top of pollution in general. Nothing you've said here has actually described in depth as to why NFTs are this horrible, horrible thing.

No. 799383

Learn to sage and reply to posts. Stop samefagging. Integrate.

No. 799384

Now that I do have an issue with, especially in the case of Quinni. NFTs have some concerning issues, however, as more artist join it, it can potentially be made into a more truly beneficial, and more uplifting vehicle for artist.

No. 799390

People weren’t saying much before because although cryptoart did exist, most people didn’t know about it. The beeple sale and people starting to push it heavily on twitter brought it to public discussion, and that’s why everyone talks (positively and negatively) about it now. “People not complaining about it before” is not the killer argument you think it is, it doesn’t prove they’re jealous of the money, it just proves that it wasn’t a thing the general population knew about before march 2021. It’s simple cause and effect, not some grand conspiracy. If people were generlly favorable to nfts before the sale brought thw market’s existence into public consciousness, it’s because it was a thing only discussed in crypto savvy groups who were already previously favorable to it.

No. 799393

Cryptoart's been around and openly for some time though. People have indeed known about it, but didn't pay it any real mind. Beeple raking in $70 mil is when the whole duh environment argument started popping up; which was really being pushed through by some leftist environmentalist, via a blog. The current outrage is just a really disingenuous effort to try and shame people who step outside of the industry sphere of influence, in the pursuit of something possibly better.

No. 799398

I literally explained how it’s bad in terms of individual carbon footprint. Things being polluting is not a “gotcha”, everything pollutes, the key in discussing crypto polution is breaking down the individual carbon footprint of crypto vs real world stuff, and see that the total vs individual is very, very off. That’s why I said comparing the total of crypto to other polluting things that supplly vital services to billions more people is falsely symmetrical. There’s something inherently wrong with a fake coin economy that is used by a couple million people that spends more energy than the entirety of Argentina. But you’re gonna act retarded and let simple concepts fly over your head, so I’m not gonna feed infighting in this thread anymore. (Please learn a new phrase other than sour grapes btw)

No. 799400

I think it comes down how NFTs were marketed. NFTs are basically the MLM of art community. The nfts were sold as "savior of small artists" or a way "for small artist compete" but in reality the only people making a bank out of it are the already successful artists who got the connections and the money. These big artist also toss the ball to each other by basically bidding to each other's nfts to boost their worth and get them sold for higher price. The biggest nft websites are also invite only so it basically becomes a rich people hangout while smaller artist who try to get into nfts have to pay some sort of fee to partake in these websites that are usually also less popular.

Now I'm not saying this to shame either, if I were these artists, hell I would totally do the same shit if it got me such an easy money but you cannot ignore the fact that nfts really are just rich people's virtual trading card game where the small artists are just to feed into the system without seeing any of the benefits of it.

No. 799405

You've explained nothing but regurgitating the same, tired ass, SJW, one sided counter arguments. I'll stop using the term when you actually learn to be something other than sour grapes.

No. 799415

How is the environment a SJW topic? You sound butthurt and in denial because you got called out

No. 799427

Will you stop repeating the same shit over and over? You've got your answers, even if you keep repeating that artists are jealous and fInanCiAlLy IgNoRAnt for not partaking in your shady ass imaginary cult coin and that the polluting isn't an issue because everyone does it so it's fine!! it doesn't change the fact that NFTs are essentially a scam and only people who already have connections and money are the only ones making bank out of it. No one "climbs to the top" without someone influential (that they already know) bidding on their pieces. Also stop being a fucking idiot and learn to sage, or fuck off you little baiting shit.

No. 799469

File: 1620211447202.jpg (8.48 KB, 250x176, 250px-Fude_pen.jpg)

Ink brush pen anons, what type of paper do you prefer for illustration? I've been using mixed media paper since forever just because I had a huge pad of it at home, but it's running out now. What are your picks? I'd prefer something not too textured (so I guess hot press) so that when I put it against a sketch on my lightpad, it doesn't blur the sketch underneath too much. Are there any brands or terms I should keep an eye out for? Or should I stick to my mixed media paper?

No. 799475

>>799415 Called out by who darling? None of you attempting to make a counter argument, have actually arguered why NFTs are bad, other than pulling up the same recycled points you've seen on Twitter. For the record, artist and financially ignorant go hand in hand. There's a reason the term "starving artist" exist in the first place.

No. 799477


Cry louder, seethe. In fact, I'm going to keep not saging-whatever the fuck that means) just to piss you off more. You keep calling it a Scam, but can offer no other counter points as to why. Piss off, and stay bitter and broke. Artist have a right to seek a better standard of living for themselves, regardless of your bullshit concept of morals.(infighting)

No. 799493

"China deos it so it's ok" is not that strong of an argument, anon. Everyone hates china for a damn good reason

No. 799495

People offered plenty of counter arguments, just not ones you liked or wanted to hear, so you’re pretending nobody replied anything worthwhile to your “genius” high school level rants that just repeated the same cope nonsense over and over. We get it already, piss and cum cryptocunt. I hope the mods come pick up this lost scrote soon so his autistic screeching stops shitting up the thread.

No. 799496

Frankly for the most part I just use regular printer paper bc I’m a broke bitch, buuuut I’d suggest you stick with the mixed media since it’s what you’re used to, grab another pack but at the same time maybe buy another pack that looks good to you, maybe try something heavier if you like thickness

No. 799504

Have you considered looking into printmaking paper brands like stonehenge? They have plenty of hot press options, I’ve tried them for gouache and they’re quite nice, although I’m not sure how it would perform for brush and ink, it might depend on paper weight and how much ink bleed you enjoy. When in doubt a lot of paper brands sell sample packs online, so you can test different types without spending too much. You might wanna check out jerry’s artarama or Blick for that if you’re in the usa, they sell these sample packs for all the major brands.

No. 799506

So basically the same as the actual art collector market?

No. 799525

Yeah, I’d like to keep a pad of mixed media paper around but I’m finding it hard to find the particular brand I use online, weirdly enough

I’m not in the USA, but I just checked and I can buy stonehenge here, so I’ll definitely check it out, thanks!

No. 799541

Anon exactly this kind of retarded shilling is why people don't like it lmao.
You stand to benefit by shilling your coin/making nfts more mainstream and you get real defensive when someone suggests others should stay away. People don't believe your claims for the same reason they are sceptical of door to door salesmen.

No. 799548

I'm not too knowledgeable about art collection market aside from the massive amounts of money laundering and market manipulation that happens, but I wouldn't say it's too far off. NFT's are not that different to other shady types of schemes but that doesn't mean it shouldn't still be criticized on some aspect. I personally don't understand attaching artists over it though, though I probably have bias because if I had their opportunity, I probably wouldn't pass it either.

No. 799598

Imagine coming here just to be this much of a retarded scrote and not even saging.

No. 799634

Decent copy paper is pretty good at handling inks but you might want to try Bristol board eventually. It's great for detail but an acquired taste since it has no tooth.

No. 799650

there's literally nothing wrong with nfts, the only entry barrier for small artists atm is paying $eth gas fees. but this will eventually be a non-issue once gasless listings become more popular/or it's paid on the buyer's end/art marketplace's end. it already happens on certain exclusive sites which you need invites for.

anyway, eth carbon footprint has always been significantly less than other crypto, such as btc, otherwise nfts wouldn't even be a thing. not doing research about crypto/nfts now will not benefit you if you want to get rich off your art in the future and not have to wageslave for the rest of your life. this literally is the frontier

even if you're not minting nfts, simply opening any kind of crypto donation for your art will benefit you in the long run.

No. 799683

>Yeah just pay for it now, because it will be free soon!
That's the most retarded logic I've heard so far.
Real talk through, having the buyer pay cuts like 90%+ of the sites profit. The invite only sites work because they only allow artists with buyers.

Also sage your shilling.

No. 799704

There was a thread full of links with references, books, etc. made by anon few months ago.
Idk if it was on /ot/ or /m/, I can't find it now.
Does anyone remember this thread? I never clicked on these links cause I thought I would check them later, but of course, I forgot about it and now I can't find it lol.

No. 799709

Do you mean this one? >>>/m/119195

No. 799713

Why was it so hard for me to find this lmao

No. 799776

yeah, no. there's data out there that shows very clearly that even among professionals most people are breaking even and losing money. and that among the professionals who were making bank earlier this year, most have seen their returns drop steeply. there's an overall downturn and a popping of the bubble that's escalated through most of april and if the average artist was breaking even in march that's not going to get better. I'm not against them for some ecobaby nonsense, but they're not a good business strategy if you're not explicitly part of the realistic-but-brushy concept art bro circle of people who are already extremely well known like jaime jones and jpark and lacoste. some weeb-ass art isn't going to go making you 2k if those guys are barely managing it now.

No. 799778

It basically has a similar climate to NFT.

You have to be invited, only artists with potential buyers get invited, money laundering and market manipulation among other things.

No. 799852

the problem with both your thinking is so narrow, i’m not just talking about right now, i’m talking 5-10 years. this is literally just the beginning of nfts, and even crypto as a concept is still so young & it’s not going anywhere.
but whatever, if you don’t want to listen to me that’s fine. i just wonder if you’ll have the same mindset as everything continues to progress and the technology evolves.

No. 799881

File: 1620252826403.png (1.04 MB, 1443x835, h&a.PNG)

NTA but topkek, cryptoart is around early 2010s and in these few years it's only proven that rising popularity makes it worse for everyone but sure, we will see in another 5-10 years

in meantime, everybody's favorite Honey and Absinthe's NFT got yet another discount, at this point she will probably be paying more than she could potentially make from it

No. 799899

Top Kek
It’s because it’s soulless
In their latest podcast they both fully admit they hate drawing

No. 799917

I tried to watch at least 10 minutes, I really did try but god damn they're cringe. They really got nothing going for them other than their parents cash.

No. 799938

>give up your career in storyboarding to go full freelance artist
>hate drawing
is this what being a trust fund schizo is like

No. 799942

What's with that weird trend on twitter of artists posting an obviously extremely detailed piece that easily has hours of work into it and then go "I Made A Quick Sketch In Paint!! :)))) JUst a Doodle Guyz!"

No. 799944

artist's been like that on every platform since the beginning of the internet, it's not a twitter trend at all.

No. 799955

It's not just twitter, that's basically a lot of social medias such as Instagram if you kind of pay attention to other social medias and their description as well.

it's also not really anything special, it's just artists either trying to say, "Look guys!!! I can make my sketches and doodles realistic!" or a mistake in calling their drawing a doodle/just trying to say "Oh, I made a drawing!"

No. 799957

everyone was making such a big deal over columbo allegedly "being outed" to the point of trauma but now columbo is back to posting arts and memes on their public account as usual? and everyone just seems to move on from this so easily? literally what the fuck. am i being a tinfoil tard or is this whole drama kinda sus?

No. 799966

Columbo is a bit of a cow, just not as nuts as her grifters. She made up a big scene to have some whiny teens off her balls, when she really didn't need to. It's just standard yaoi fanart. Had a bit of a meltdown, but was aware that it wasn't worth it to throw her online career out the window over this.

No. 799979

I'm confused too, Columbo and so many people were saying that their life was in literal danger? And then I read a tweet that said that the exact same situation has happened before?

I mean it could really be dangerous to be outed as LGBT in certain countries and I'm glad they're ok but it doesn't make sense to me

No. 799983

Will someone please post the cringy sexual comics again by her about them?? I can't remember her old tumblr name

No. 799987

It cracks me up that you’ve been here for a whole day and yet every argument made against your nft shilling is replied with either “hurr sjw nonsense repeats thing you said 4x already” or “well in the future it these glaring market problems will get better because I said so!!! Just trust me!!!” Can we start to ignore this scrote? It’s clear he’s just going to keep doing circular arguments and replying to every good faith counter argument we have with the same dumb, slightly rephrased points. It’s a waste of energy. He still hasn’t learned how to sage too.

No. 799992

She was over exaggerating to high hell and was never in danger to begin with. Her brother was aware of her account. The only “danger” that could have existed would have been if for some reason he wanted her locked up despite this not being the first time she’s been “exposed” to her family. It was bullshit, and she’s a piece of shit for it. Just like all the other twitfags who tweet “this is my last tweet. my life is in danger!” with gofundme link and a week later nothing’s changed and they’re still tweeting. It makes people worried for them, gets their follow count up because people will want updates, and then nothing happens. Wasn’t even a tinfoil.

No. 800039

You know what makes the Columbo situation more stupid?

While the doxxing situation it's bad in itself and SHOULD be addressed, she could have addressed the doxxing..Not full on make people worry for her life and safety when she in the end just comes back to post memes.

I mean, even in youtube comments of some videos I have watched had people vaguely mention her situations and used it as an example of how bad minors can be or just cancel culture in general.

She just comes back and post fanart then (Sorry for the shitty translate) in one post just complains about Americans: "The Americans often gives me a stomach ache often that makes me not want to speak English, hahaha"

She's a piece of shit for not only making people believe she was in danger, but a piece of shit for lying about a situation that can happen to people and has happened to an artist. Most people would either try to take legal actions or discuss what happened and the danger it caused or might even say that they'll still make some art but will still be paranoid.

It's just so funny how her fans just ignore what she says about them and doesn't piece the situation that happened, they instead just nod their head for pretty art while probably going after other people for small things.

No. 800069

File: 1620281386843.png (32.78 KB, 714x282, Illustration11.png)

yup guys, she is totally laughing and not crying at all

No. 800080

When will anons learn to stop posting their drawings in cow threads? Are they masochists or something? People hate having to scroll through shitty art, and they hate the decent art because it's posted by a derailing narc wasting their time. Seriously, just stop.

No. 800085

Kikomi is the golden exception of course

No. 800089

Honestly even Kikomi is a little cringe, ngl. One or two comics was plenty, but now I worry it's going to get carried away.

No. 800094

Kikomi is queen

No. 800099

you are just being contrarian, kikomi will be fine

No. 800100

Kikomi is literally the only drawfag I've tolerated on this site for the past 6 years. The author drawing them posts them very rarely which is good, I hope she keeps the slow pace up so that it doesn't get overdone.

No. 800112

File: 1620286230834.jpg (86.83 KB, 808x1010, Screenshot_20210506-092158_1.j…)

I recommend Mondi Color Copy 350g for anything ink related. We always used this paper in ink class bc it's very cheap and sturdy. Oh and the surface is super smooth. You'll get 125 sheets (A4) for 14€ or 125 sheets (A3) for 16€.

No. 800137

Late to seeing this - thanks for the suggestion, anon! I actually have a couple huge sheets of bristol board at home, I just never thought to use them for brush & ink since they're quite thick and I'm used to lower gsm. It'll be an interesting thing to try out. Thanks!

I have to admit that before this thread I was missing the forest for the trees (rather, focusing too much on the trees that were large sketch pads because that's what I'm used to) that I didn't stop to consider looking at paper that came in reams/smaller sizes. This has been a very helpful suggestion and I'm excited to look up this brand.

It's been so nice hearing anons' suggestions for paper, thanks all!

No. 800189

Because artists are scared of rejection and criticism, so pretending that it was just an experimental scribble they did for fun over coffee takes away the gravity of people telling them that the art they put hours into looks like shit.

No. 800216

As someone who used to be very insecure and very bad at taking criticism I can confirm this.

No. 800276

>takes away the gravity of people telling them that the art they put hours into looks like shit.
Can confirm

No. 800279


Either that, or they're trying too hard to show off. I've seen both cases.

No. 800281

Because were fucking scared of getting art we really like bombing

No. 800309

Humblebrag and wanting to look good (faster & more efficient than others) to possible employers – I recall a time where pretty much everybody in the concept bro scene did it and it was obviously competitive behavior

No. 800313


then i suggest trying a different approach. as >>800309 >>800279 stated it can easily make you seem like a humblebragging idiot instead which i agree. out of all times i've seen people pull that move, 99% of it i thought the person was trying too hard to look good or cool rather than undermining themselves out of fear of rejection.

if you feel insecure, it looks better to say that the drawing was an 'experimentation' or saying that you're 'trying new things' instead of claiming it's a sketch. people may understand or go easier on it and won't think that you're humblebragging.

No. 800314

>>800309 Its exactly this. For some, I can believe. For others, I know it's absolute bs.

No. 800328

This is honestly good advice, thanks dude. It’s good to see the perspective of others since I never thought of it to be humble bragging, wonder how other common captions get perceived by others

No. 800371

File: 1620318321179.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 69B691A5-1DE7-4DE0-9BE9-80B32F…)

Someone reignited the Eda drama again. This has firmly solidified my decision to never depict Native American themes, lore, culture, etc. in any of my works. It’s too much from drama from these jackasses.

No. 800374

File: 1620318372001.png (1 MB, 750x1334, 405955B6-17ED-4D19-896F-135E7C…)

Samefag for second screenshot

No. 800380

File: 1620319171734.png (681.01 KB, 615x648, 1.png)

I'm surprised because her art is ok for a 19 year old, usually these types have horrendous art.
I guarantee she is actually white because she's so invested in calling herself native every other tweet.

No. 800383

File: 1620319445293.png (64.94 KB, 600x248, 2.png)

>All of the violence against you from these commenters hurts my heart.
The comment section is the mildest thing ever, they're just asking her to remove the art? She literally started this. Imagine starting a fight and baiting people, then claiming any push back is "violence against you".

No. 800384

White, spoiled, thinks she can become a full-time artist but might drop out and cry about it at 25. Her art is wonderful but she sperges out too much, she's basically calling everyone who disagrees with her NAZIS. Like some people say before, I just personally think she's like Destiny except more aggressive.

No. 800385

What's funny is that they incorporate almost nothing native into their artwork but try to shill that as their identity.

No. 800400

cute colors but mediocre execution. I hate this trend of getting into fight with ap opular artist and then boosting yourself, it's so blatant but no one calls it out.

No. 800402

Her art is mediocre at best to me, I know that she's 19 but it sill feels heavily mediocre.

It's like staring at another Destiny due to the fact she mostly draw lesbians and preach about being Native American..

Her art is okay, but it's not 'great' for what a 19 year old can do. From the other post, in the top right corner you can clearly see a bit of fucked up faces/face shapes there and from this piece, the hand is weirdly shaped.

I will admit the hair on the character is adorable, but how her face is made and her body is just so strange to me or maybe I'm being a bit too mean.

No. 800410

The topic itself is whatever, it's fine I guess though I'm not a D&D player. But can this woman stop feeling the need to say how she's not sponsored? Like shut the fuck up, you're not that special or important and I don't think your fans need to worry about whether you're sponsored or not when most of them know you aren't. You're not Yukibunns, you're not Thumin. You're not even Creepshow Art or Hopeless Peaches in terms of views where you'd even get sponsored. Like shut the fuck up. If you happen to be sponsored, then SAY SO but if not, SHUT UP because no one will think you are.

Sorry just little rant. She does this shit all the time whenever she mentions a product or website and it's fucking obnoxious and reeks of undeserved self-importance with a mix of delusion.

No. 800411

There's something that always bother whenever someone goes
>>> tee hee, look here at this troll (that I won't name and is totally a real person, believe me) sending me hate (that is totally not made up) in my dms.

No. 800416

That's the part that makes me laugh. They never try to rep their culture in their own art but will shit on someone more skilled for doing so and then after that go on to complain about how little representation they have in pop culture.

No. 800429

Her American hate is annoying. I’m glad this thread is woke to her bullshit now. Fakeboy ass cow but damn wish I could draw that gud.

No. 800461

>her art is wonderful
No it isn't. It's amateurish tumblr weaboo garbage. I wouldn't even care about it if she didn't flaunt it like an insufferable toxic cunt.

No. 800464

Anon, how u can call this art good…

No. 800485

Looking through the artists retweeting and possibly participating in this indigenous art kickstarter project none of them seem to tweet or rt anything about non native folk not being able to draw anything inspired by our culture. At least one artist I know participating in the project isn’t a larper, they’re Cree and mohawk and knowing them for years they never cared about ppl drawing native characters/art. The only thing they ever had a strong opinion against were ugly arts and crafts dream catchers.Personally I don’t care either as long as the art aren’t racist caricatures but ironically all the totally not white “native of unknown nations” Twitter artists crying about cultural appropriation are just larpers who draw native people hairy, with hooked noses and ugly.

No. 800494

>hot ass art work
Her art is just run of the mill uwu kweer Tumblr shit. She also has the same quirk as Destiny, which is shoving random pride flags where they don't belong (seriously, who wears a skirt with a giant lesbian flag on it, it looks tacky af).

No. 800560

Who was it? Also it’s terrifying how she’s implying in the comments she’s going to blacklist them from the animation industry… how much power does she have? Why flaunt nepotism like this

No. 800564

So she reposts and insults pretty art just because she, probably a white ass girl, thinks it's offensive for native people, then the artist politely tells her not to repost her art and now everyone not agreeing with her is a racist nazi and she's the victim? She's either literally retarded, a schizo or a narcissist. Or all of them.

No. 800575

File: 1620331326434.jpg (151.88 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20210506_215735.jpg)

anon, please

No. 800578

Well, just a tiny peek at her twitter and you can see she draws herself a whole fucking lot and kisses her own ass constantly. She's definitely a narcissist and a cunt.

She also draws herself pale. Wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be some suburban white bitch with 15% heritage larping hard.

No. 800585

> her art is ok for a 19 year old,
> Her art is wonderful

Further proves that most anons here suck at art lol

No. 800595

Compare the length of the arms to the length of the legs, shit suddenly turns into a cryptid nightmare

No. 800596

They say it because these artists are jealous. I was an unknown artist and started doing NFTs in 2019, since then I learned a lot about crypto, and invested the money I got from my sales too. Nowadays I have a name, a stable income from my art, and learned a lot about finances and crypto. These people are just too lazy to learn something that requires more than 2 brain cells to work.

No. 800600

I bet you're LARPing rn.

No. 800602

Sure nonny, whatever makes you feel better lmao

No. 800604

You're some idiot scrote who can't even figure out how to sage getting apoplectic and coming back over and over again to whine about how we're not falling at your feet to thank you for your bullshit advice, don't oversell yourself.

If NFTs were actually the incredible investment opportunity you think they are, you wouldn't be trying to get a bunch of other people in ahead of the curve with you. You're just like all those tiktokers with their fake daytrading numbers - if this was actually the incredible opportunity you claim, getting more people in would just dilute your earnings. But it's not, it's a pump and dump, so you want as many fools as possible to buy in to support your own bad investment.

No. 800609

post your work

No. 800610

Yeah, if I'm dumb enough to doxx myself on lolcow.

What I can tell is that my work is very conceptual, it's not like illustration or fanart, which is cool because crypto art offers a very experimental space for artists who don't have a "popular" style like drawing pretty girls for IG.

No. 800611

No one will believe you unless you post your work

No. 800614

Lmao, keep trying.
If you believe me or not is not my problem. I'm just giving my perspective on the matter, you choose to believe it or not.

No. 800623

Can we go one day in this thread without stupid NFT bullshit being brung up for fucks sake. I don't even care if you agree with it or not at this point, it's just so polarizing no one ever gets anywhere when they discuss it. Any artist that gets involved in it has a horde of crypo-fanboys 5 inches up their ass defending it and an army of sputtering armchair environmentalists saying why it's bad. This debate will never be settled so can we just drop it until the next get-rich-quick fad comes along.

No. 800638

Holy shit this fucker is back, can a mod kick him already?
There’s already a NTF/crypto thread, that the person can go to

No. 800641

Agreed, We also already have an sjw artist containment thread so we don't need to keep posting about them here.

No. 800652

So you mean your "art" is actually just bullshit half-assed 3d of like spinning random crap that's knocking off a bunch of vaporwave from 2016 tumblr? Lol what a retard, all upset that people on websites that actually require you to draw and learn fundamentals don't ~validate~ your creativity enough but tasteless techbros think they can make a buck on you and it's inflated your ego.

No. 800750

This broads work is absolutely nothing special. It's typical mediocre, pastel Tumblr shit that we see typical of these artist. Let her sperge out, and make herself known for this bull. She won't get very far at all, with this reputation.

No. 800798

> broad
> doesn't sage
> doesn't quote correctly

where are these scrotes coming from?

No. 800881

File: 1620357796923.jpg (84.02 KB, 640x480, d28qh0b-53553f37-ef65-4eb9-ad1…)

All the social justice circlejerking makes me nostalgic for the kind of inane drama there used to be on Deviantart back in the day. It was all about people accusing each other of stealing OCs, tracing, recolors, self-insert shipping, copying each other's "styles," etc. These days, slapfights over art are politically charged to the point that siding with the wrong person makes you a ~literal Nazi~.

No. 800888

Honestly, I think it’s been the same person for the past few posts. They’re just really bad at integrating

No. 800889

If you wanna see more of that stuff check out toyhou.se

No. 800893


i swear to god toyhou.se is the unholy mutation of deviantart's entire oc/adoptable culture

No. 800960

>Screeches at an Asian artist for his relatively well-researched art of first peoples lore in anime style
>Uses a gif from fucking Disney's Pocahontas
Twitter wokescolds are so fucking retarded

No. 800961

TBH I wasn't sure if she was using that gif ironically or something, but maybe i was giving her too much credit?

No. 800978

I can’t believe this loser came back to samefag and roleplay supporting his own arguments with a fake story (because nobody here agrees with him), while STILL not knowing how to sage and using the same condescending writing style so everyone instantly knows it’s him samefagging. How fragile is this scrote’s ego? Just take the L and go shit up the NFT thread with your obsessive cult recruitment

No. 800979

Does anyone else feel like they got less interactions once they improved?
My art actually looks good now so I've thought that I would get tons of likes but after half a day my current works barely have any views. Meanwhile my old shitty art after the same time had thousands of views and hundreds of likes.. Was I just getting pity likes before?

No. 800991

Ordinarily I would say /ic/ but at least those know how to quote. We might be showing up in the search results of people frantically googling how to get into the digital monopoly money art market?

That absolutely happens but also Instagram generally has terrible engagement right now, especially for older accounts. You will see larger accounts whining about their engagement all the time but they're not completely wrong, Instagram has been limiting reach tto push advertised posts. No wonder it's dying

No. 800998

File: 1620375187572.jpeg (204.32 KB, 597x956, 7C831130-1C89-4DC2-BA3C-A13A6E…)

So someone tried to call out inesmbravo https://twitter.com/nettlelemonade/status/1390457663042039808

The whole thread is like 16 tweets long but basically it turned dumb really fast and op is getting roasted in the qrts

No. 801001

Wtf is this stupidity… Throwing under the bust for and with nothing…

I bet they argued or something. I guess artist community is nothing but a bunch of either assholes or jealous people

No. 801012

File: 1620376268420.jpeg (4.93 MB, 3264x3264, 0B5DD5A5-13EC-4E74-A06C-835150…)

Some more screenshots. This was considered worthy of a callout

No. 801016

lol holy shit, imagine having "long standing friendship of 8 years" with someone and waking up to this. I agree with >>801001 that there MUST be some personal drama behind this. OP made a total clown out of herself though.

No. 801019

File: 1620377165843.png (35.35 KB, 598x286, 863524.PNG)

Ah alright, I've read the thread and of course. Given all the comments there I'm surprised it hasn't been deleted yet

No. 801024

What part of "you are the company you keep" does this sperg not understand? Of course there are going to be similarities between the art styles of two people who hung out for nearly a decade. JC Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell were close friends, and laypeople mix up their work all the time.

I would even go so far as to say that these two Twitter artists have less in common than two friends typically would, and that most of their similarities are the result of both of them being generic Instagram anime girl artists. It's fucking retarded to accuse someone of copying what was really generic to begin with, especially with such scant evidence.

"Art style theft" has got to be the most petty, vendetta-driven thing someone can get angry at another artist for. Here's a thought: if your art style is that easy to imitate well, maybe it wasn't a very good style to begin with.

No. 801028

File: 1620378290581.jpeg (155.35 KB, 1163x813, E0vnZUMWUAEZBKL.jpeg)

how is this even a comparison….

i can see why she was cut off, this person gives off such negative vibes. i'm sure her favorite past time was "helping" and giving advice where it wasn't needed and being completely overbearing while seething with jealousy on the inside because her friend had 20k followers. i actually like this girl's style better than her exfriend she called out but she just showed what a narc she is. being good at art means jack shit if you're a terrible person

No. 801031

File: 1620378657356.png (91.4 KB, 592x821, hm.PNG)

Seems like this drama has a potential of developing so fingers crossed

No. 801111

File: 1620390193980.png (303.88 KB, 610x630, nl.png)

That was quick.

No. 801127

further proof that art twitter is full of miserable no-life losers lmfaooo

No. 801129

Damn, I wanted to read the whole thread. Searching nettlelemonade on Twitter I can see she got dunked on really hard, how embarrassing kek

No. 801149

What's funny is that the said artist (ines) may have been inspired most of the time but it was done the good way: a single detail into an entirely original piece. At least in the examples she mentionned, so as >>801031 user in pic said she could've digged actual plagiarized evidence (if there's any) but now she looked like a clown

No. 801150

File: 1620394497772.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1316x3244, 50F11600-7DF7-437E-B8E0-AC9F90…)

Here’s the rest of the thread for those who missed

No. 801156

Thanks anon. Good lord what a nothing sandwich kek. Complacency in certain aspects of her art? My god what a monster, block and stay safe

No. 801190


It's a cesspool of retarded adults and kids who think they know better kek. If anyone here wants to see the petty shit they start fights over, toyhouse-dramas on Tumblr is where most of it happens.

No. 801205

It's not her fault Amerifats are annoying and stomping around like an elephant in a china shop being completely oblivious to their ignorance regarding other countries and cultures. As an ESL artist I often fake not being able to speak English just because I don't want to deal with them.

But. None of these comparisons are legit. They look nothing alike. What the fuck? Can't people just sort out their petty drama in private instead of going scorched earth and airing their dirty laundry out in the open. How old are these people? 16? It's harrowing to realize that someone you've had a decade-long relationship would just dish out your personal things like family issues for all world to see out of the blue but it speaks a lot more about NettleLemonade than the person she's attempting to call out. This is on par with the people who write 50-page google docs about their discord friend group drama and share vent DMs, outright sociopathic behavior.

No. 801216

It’s crazy how you can just tell someone writing in English is American. I want that power.

No. 801224

A new Helluva Boss episode came out recently, what are your thoughts on it anons?

No. 801230

I doubt >>801031 had any evidence considering she was suggesting to bring up “the OLD shit where she was directly copying”. Like, if OP had any solid evidence, they would’ve used it instead of wasting her own time and having it all backfire on her.
Also, who cares if nesmbravo is older now and she doesn’t trace anymore- that shit is already thrown out the window.
It just seems like another cesspool of people not getting along and wanting to use cancel culture to bring down a person because “they hurt my feelings and everyone needs to know how bad they are for it”- it’s nasty

No. 801231

>I care for her
>Actual drama out of the picture, as it is personal
No matter how many times she says this, I’m not convinced

No. 801251

File: 1620408116811.jpeg (710.83 KB, 680x1035, B6327A01-F62A-4A74-8DBD-A86361…)

The artwork isn’t even inesmbravo‘s, in the red circle that’s Peacchip’s and the one lines blue I’m pretty sure it’s Manda_AMSBT (though not quite sure).

No. 801264

Garbage, as expected. I’ve given up expecting anything good to come out of this by now, regardless of my thoughts on vivzie and her team.

No. 801266


For the hundredth time, no one here gives a shit about vivziepop or her outdated edgelord cartoons.

No. 801268

The artworks on the left are from inesmbravo, OP was making a point she's copying other artists, like Peacchip or Manda. But I misunderstood it as whole thread being about ines copying OP too initially, and these being comparisons betwen OP and ines

No. 801471

I'm sorry if this is a dumbass and open question, but seriously why is there always that one artist that cries about someone stealing their design?

This situation just reminds me of MawsPaws and how she went on a crying tangent about how someone stole her design despite it not even look the same.

Does no one realize that designs aren't 100% original and that these people aren't as famous as they like to perceive themselves?

No. 801499

It could be because of ego due to being relatively known and popular. I don't doubt that there has been a lot of cases where blatant, obvious theft has ocurred and the stolen design/traced drawing or whatever has been used for profit etc, but it must be very evident for it to be plausible. You can't just cry theft because of a few similarities but some artists are too deep into their own asses.

No. 801552

Has this been a question answered before?

I'm sorry if it's derailing a bit, but out of curiosity how do you guys feel about webtoon and what website would you say is the best to make comics in?

I'm really sketchy when it comes to webtoon but it seems like it's the only best place where you can post comics in unless I haven't been searching enough.

Also do anyone find the false advertisement or the advertisement of comics do the creator dirty? Like how on instagram there's ads for comics but has the most cliche plot and a strange approach to share the story which makes reader often make fun of the piece while others tell them it's a good read?

No. 801564

The only other platform for comics I know is Tapas, but never used it so I don't know how good or bad it is.

As for the ads, from what i've seen 3 times out of 5 the comic may be popular but is actually hot trash (such as lore olympus). but yeah, some webtoon ads look kinda cheesy.

No. 801583

Webtoon is pretty much the go-to place right now for webcomics if you want to reach more people, at least as far as I’ve seen. A few years ago I heard about artists leaving Tapas because they didn’t like some terms of service changes but idk how things are there nowadays. When I was first getting into webcomics I used to love Smackjeeves but it’s kind of dead/dying now… Making your own website used to be more common but that would probably be too much trouble if you’re just making something casual.

And yeah, Webtoon ads can be cringy but I guess they just haven’t found a good way to advertise comics in a video, and I think it’s also because they’re trying to reach a mainstream audience so they decided to be clickbaity. Only once have I checked out a webtoon because of an ad because most of them are annoying.

No. 801595


To be honest sometimes I fear that if I make a webcomic on webtoon and it somehow manages to get video advertisements or just instagram adverisements, it'll completely slander/go against what the comic may stand for or focus on the cliche romance stories than the whole plot which worries me a bit.

I never really use webtoon as much simply due to a lot of stories just really not appealing to me or getting me hooked at all. I feel like I need to at least like the site before I post things otherwise I might just regret making any project on there if that makes sense? Maybe it's that overthinking part of me and the side of me that just dislikes so much of the art style and stories there.

No. 801641

I’m pretty sure the ads are only for comics that have been officially sponsored by Webtoon, not just anybody on there will get an ad made for their comic, so unless you get super popular and decide to partner with Webtoon then you shouldn’t have to worry.

Webtoon is pretty great if you like cheesy romance stories, but there are also some hidden gems not focused on romance if you can find them, though it might take a bit of digging. Personally I feel it’s better to read the already completed ones so you don’t have to wait for updates or risk the comic being discontinued when you’ve already invested in it (not usually a problem with sponsored comics since I’m pretty sure the creators are contracted to finish them eventually). As for art style, a lot of the sponsored comics are translated from Korean so they’ll have the art style that’s popular there, that cutesy anime-esque style, not a problem for me but I can see how others wouldn’t like it. It’s either that or Tumblr/Twitter style comics by Americans. Again, you can dig around for something different but those styles are most popular on there right now.

No. 801693

File: 1620470679884.jpeg (126.86 KB, 750x1047, 764AC48D-496A-47E9-AE24-A01EFE…)

Looks like someone kept filing DMCA reports against Yueko and got her account suspended.

No. 801694

File: 1620470753074.jpeg (47.16 KB, 750x710, FBF7DEAF-1C72-45F8-8116-B80F17…)

No. 801717

File: 1620474951720.png (359.01 KB, 1080x1516, 21050835122.png)

Bitcoin scam? Also another big artist (orangesekaii) got suspended as well.

No. 801737

Someone in the thread mentioned it seems to be targeted towards artists that supported NFTs and that it may be an attempt at doxxing. If that is true ngl that's pretty fucked up

No. 801745

Just me, but I have a hunch this might be someone loosely affiliated with Jay. The tale tale sign will be if the people this is happening specifically to the ones he's gone after, and harassed.

No. 801747

File: 1620477499992.jpg (223.83 KB, 720x1324, 20210508_143831.jpg)

Happened to another artist during the same day

No. 801749

jesus, people have nothing better to do than this? NFT supporters or not, this is straight-up blackmail and maybe Embezzlement

No. 801773

This just seems like more reasons to why twitter isn't safe for artists or a lot of people in that fact excuse me if I sound biased. But the fact that we came from people arguing about pro shipper vs anti shipper and fandoms trying to harass artists for their drawings while trying to call them pedophiles, how there is artists who starts petty drama over art styles or simply by asking people to support their project and get ganged up on by people who want to be white saviors/sensitive/want to fake their race and gender. Now it's artists getting DMCAS and their account locked/banned. I don't even think twitter would do a damn thing about it.

I get that twitter is a popular website to post art and more and it's more open with NSFW artwork than Instagram is, but I just think the website isn't worth breaking your back over to be a great artist.

Yeah, it's people who support things you don't agree with such as ships and now NFT, but my Lord why waste your time reporting them and ruining their accounts and art when they aren't harming anyone or you especially.

No. 801803

when you're a vindictive terminally onliner with too much time on your hands you'll spend it getting into internet wars. i suspect it'll only get worse since the false dmca claim seems to be effective in getting accounts suspended

No. 801813

it's better to fight back these community issues instead of just leaving, to be honest. If the death of tumblr proved anything, it's that these issues don't die with the site but move to a new one and get even worse.

No. 801820

Maybe? However neither Yueko or orangesekai have any affiliation with anyone from Jay's group or circle of friends. AFAIK, I haven't seen either of them comment on the SJW meltdown and i don't recall jay going after either Yueko or Orange either.

No. 801821

File: 1620487410512.jpeg (26.57 KB, 325x360, E0o_fx9XsAgN38X.jpeg)

I don't know if this technically counts (I think it does since this youtuber makes art of his oc or used to), but there is currently a war/storm around the youtuber Commodore.

Cosmo was a YouTuber who first got into trouble when it was found out he was grooming a minor age 14-15 and stated the age of consent was 14 while being 20. Yes, old news.. But surprisingly a few days ago Cosmodore would return to youtube and twitter with an announcement that he 'relapsed' into grooming minors again and ADMITS to it.

I can't tell if this man is having a mental breakdown which is causing him to try to make this situation a "Haha look at these people be sensitive snowflakes" or something else. He came back before this as well trying to blame the victim still and make excuses as well when the victim wanted to move on.

My mind is just blown at the fact that this guy keeps digging himself in a deeper hole with his situation.

No. 801824

File: 1620488076208.png (149.41 KB, 720x983, Screenshot_20210508-113324~2.p…)

Adding on.
I'm sorry for a while I was struggling to add the right screenshots due to the problem of cropping, the full thing can still be found on his community tab.

No. 801837

I never understood why pedos act like “sorry it’s just SO hard, I NEED to get into a child’s DMs”- like where’s the thought process while they’re talking to a minor??? Where’s their therapist?

No. 801840

The reason I arrived at this hunch, is because Jay was really harassing Yueko for her on the fence, semi support of NFTs, and really harping on the fact that she didn't give him the apology he felt entitled to. I'm just being hypothetical, but it's interesting that this would happen to Her.

No. 801844

What's more weird is when they always say, "I'm getting therapy." He has stated he got therapy before but then comes back to do things like this.

This man has admitted and supported a friend and stated it as well. He supports his friend who is 30 dating a 13 year old due to age of consent which is just beyond the point of saving.

Some people are currently trying to make this a case where it's false accusations and SJWs are disliking age gaps again but holy shit, this is beyond that at this point and someone who doesn't know when to shut the fuck up about cases.

No. 801853

I think jay is stupid but not “commit federal crime against a famous internet artist” stupid

No. 801882

Leave it to karinpyong to open commissions, do fanart and dtiys instead of making the prizes AGAIN. At this point it looks like she wants the likes/follows from holding contests, but makes the winners wait months before even starting their prize

No. 801910

This guy should have a thread already

No. 801954

File: 1620504059462.jpeg (259.1 KB, 750x593, 0D81524C-508B-43A2-BE55-0A5238…)

Op confirmed it’s not just nft supporters

No. 801961

pretty sure it just targets random big accounts. Yueko is at 100k followers

No. 802015

File: 1620512122775.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, 34D030B4-CC23-4741-A0C8-EE645C…)

Sakuems is big mad that nobody gives a fuck about her

This comment was pretty lol (ft the signature lazy eye)

No. 802038

He's a creepy disgusting groomer and what he's doing is actually criminal. Age in consent in germany is 14 if both parties are minors, the fact that he's trying to pass it off to his young naive audience as legal and socially accepted behaviour in germany is disgusting. I can't deal with pedos acting like they are some kind of oppressed class

No. 802044

Like, the fact that pedos don’t understand why grooming/dating someone under 18 is bad and just think “oh the world doesn’t understand” “they’re past the age of consent” or the famous “it was acceptable in Ancient Rome” is disgusting. It’s so selfish and it further proves that they only think about themselves and their satisfaction out of the relationship

No. 802084

I kind of laughed at her basically begging for viewers and customers but then it just got kind of sad. She really seems to not realize that her content and her art is outdated and uninspiring. She seems to think grinding away at youtube will just naturally grow fans over time or something. Most popular art channels are fall into one of five types; story time, drama, entertaining gimmicks, professional industry advice or incredible technical skill. Sakuems doesn't fit into any of these categories. She's boring in every way.

No. 802192

idk her I had to google and only watched the first few minutes and she doesn't sound "big mad" more like frustrated.

I think she fell behind on times and is having a hard time understanding why or how to get engagement back up.

I normally don't have an issue with mocking artists on this thread (it's why I'm here in the first place) but those people are usually out of their mind or attack others but she seems to just be doing her own thing so making fun of her and her appearance in particular is uncalled for in my opinion.

No. 802198

Don't forget the ~aesthetic~ yt artists.

This would fit better with the western animation thread on /snow/, than here.