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File: 1435944116316.png (359.88 KB, 451x469, Bcxhi0WCcAAWwEU.png)

No. 15930

How do you feel about Omocat's designs and artwork? I like a lot of the stuff available in their store and have the glow in the dark sweater personally, other people think it's too weeb.
Reminder that they started a Kickstarter for a game they were making with free software. It raised $203,000 from 5,910 backers. Said game was meant to be released in May, but there's been no word on it. Not even an update. No backer rewards, either.

No. 15931

Tumblr-catering crap. Smart move of him, seems to make a lot of easy money off stupid teenagers.

No. 15932

honestly wouldn't wear most of that stuff outside, especially that jacket

No. 15933


True tho, it's like Paul griffiths back when scene kids were a go and he created that piece of shit clothing line called "Babycakes" making £15 a t-shirt and £20 a necklace off stupid scenesters who bought that bullshit. He made his £ and ran away with it all, closed down the shop once scene died lol.

No. 15934


It's all shit to show off on tumblr in webcam gifs basically and then shove it at the back of your wardrobe never to be seen again

No. 15935

I think the designs are pretty cute, but nothing I'm going to spend $40 to get on a t-shirt.

No. 15936

reminds me of milkbibi

No. 15937

Sigh, sadly I'm one of those idiots to donate to the kickstarter. I saw a lot of people commenting about how RPG maker is a free software, to which Omo (or someone else on the team) just said that their team isn't working for free (although they made quite a bit from it…)

I do like very few of their designs, but I'd honestly never fork over the money for it. I did the kickstarter since I followed the omori blog and I just really like Omori.

I feel like an ass for getting upset over this, but a lot of projects I've seen have given backers first look at updates/only give the backers a look at updates and all kinds of goodies the public doesn't see and seeing that there's a whole update page on the omori game website for the entire public makes me feel a bit bitter… (not like there are any updates to begin with). It seems like Omo is busy with stuff but couldn't you also make time for this game that people have ALREADY GIVEN YOU MONEY FOR??

No. 15938

Omocat is a woman!

No. 15939

You can file a claim through kickstarter to get your money back.

Fuck people who do this shit.

No. 15940

Would people really wear the jacket in the OP in public? Why? Especially if you're past the age of 16.

No. 15941


I really wanted the crewneck and game but sigh, alas it was probably never meant to be… The most recent update from last month was actually about the game so it gives me hope but still… honestly what is taking so long :\ I understand they wanted to make a crazy long game but…

No. 15942

I really like their Tamagotchi sweater. It would look good in fairy kei/decora.

No. 15943

File: 1436194212615.jpg (193.22 KB, 698x1024, IMG_6611_1024x1024.jpg)

Hrm…I like some of it. I own pic related and a couple other things I wear less regularly. I do kinda feel like a bigger weeb than usual when I wear it, I will say that.

Her stuff is hit or miss. OP jacket has always been hilarious and ugly to me yet it's considered one of the more coveted pieces of hers.

I never donated to the game because she made her goal and then some so shrug.

No. 15944

File: 1436200756044.png (306.39 KB, 528x572, 2015-07-06 12.37.50 pm.png)

this appeared on my feed, i kek'd

Omocat is whatever, they were smart to capitalize on the weebcore trend and the illustrations are alright

No. 15945

i would buy that touhou but fucked up shirt

No. 15946

well to be honest, i would buy the toon link shirt. it's the only one that doesnt scream weeaboo or edgy (the touhou shirt is alright too, just make sure you played the games to not look like an idiot)

No. 15947

Its not so bad

No. 15948

This. Animecore is embarrassing anyway so at least we can immediately weed out all of the retards who are actually going to wear this shit in public.

No. 15949


Very very true.

I have yet to see anyone in these, so it makes me think these types of outfits are just bought for people to pose in.

No. 15950

File: 1436823886599.jpg (45.74 KB, 257x372, tumblr_neckz5fUMF1u2dtllo1_400…)

I don't like omocat,from what I've heard/seen she likes shots,had a fit over it cause others won't approve,her work looks like ripoff's like the fishboy sweater looks like haru from free. And one of the tomagotchi models said they had problems with her.supposedly this is her.

No. 15951

I meant shota

No. 15952



No. 15953

File: 1436899600195.jpg (245.12 KB, 1280x800, haru.jpg)

I don't really care if people like shota.

But honestly from her blog entry when she withdrew her "shota" design it seemed like she was like all these other people who think "shota" refers to a kinda immature/boyish character (like Nagisa from Free!) and not a young boy/young boy porn.


>i made a shirt with the word “shota” on it about a year ago. at the time, it didn’t have the same definition as it does now. it was a lesser-used word, and i was under the impression that shota and shotacon meant different things— shota loosely meant “anime boy, or young-looking man” while shotacon referred to the anime boy complex. the shirt was meant to be a parody of those sometimes-ironic “boy” shirts, and was not meant to condone pedophilia in any way. i’ve never even drawn anything sexual in my entire life.

Also Haru has a really generic design and looks like at least 5 other anime MCs.

>>15943 compare with pic related. They look similar but like…generic anime boy with short black hair? OK.

i don't know anything about the whole tamagotchi thing but I think everyone in this industry has some kind of complaints about them from people they've worked with.

I don't care if you don't like her but eh these are dumb reasons.

No. 15954

You did made some points like haru generic design,regular complaints in the industry so I'll give you that

No. 15955

But I still kinda feel her shota shirt looked "shota-ish"

No. 15956

File: 1436917025022.jpg (96.52 KB, 640x480, cyan_and_luno_by_traptastic-d4…)

Here's another pic of omocat,but that's probably it

No. 15957

i feel like you just don't like the way she looks.

No. 15958

Nah,that's not it. I was actually excited to see her face, I was hoping that some people that went to event that she went took some pics with her, but I didn't find any. so I posted these since she's really private and for those wanted to know how she looked liked.

No. 15959

I think this thread belongs more in /b/ than /g/. Does anyone agree or disagree?

Threads about specific people probably shouldn't be here.

No. 15960

idk this thread is mostly about weebcore/tumblr, but it really feels like it belongs to /b/.

No. 15961

Yeah it is'nt really girl talk so i guess you could move it

No. 15999

I heard from /cgl/ she's really awkward IRL.
Someone mentioned her just kind of giggling when they asked if they could check the size of a shirt or sweater.

No. 16000

I don't really see it. It was just a pastel shirt with a doodle of an anime boy's head with the word "SHOTA" scrawled beneath it.
Wonder if anyone's selling it for big bucks on eBay as we speak

No. 16002

I liked her when she actually worked hard on her designs and had interesting work. Before her pretty boy era. After that I feel like she just pulls shit out of her ass, draws the same animu girl/boy over and over again, and adds glitch filters or pastel colors. I used to look up to her but all she cares about now is money. Shits the same anime shit over and over again, slaps it on a shirt. 50 dollar apparel? Lmao and it's funny how people still buy it.

No. 16004

File: 1436980873247.jpg (302.62 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

And even if she did use "glitch" back then, at least she was creative about it. How can her work go from the top image to the bottom images? I thought an artist was supposed to improve

No. 16016

Lol I checked none so far I also checked her site, she most likely pulled them from her store
Right, I the liked the old designs,they were interesting and seemed to be inspired by video game culture and that's something I might consider buying and wear in public but her new one's are very "weabooish" and not much effort I guess :/

No. 16018

File: 1436984626038.jpg (141.65 KB, 500x345, omocattable.jpg)

I accidentally found this while checking out her artwork,she seems shy/kinda like what you said

No. 16019

that sounds very cringey

No. 17662

File: 1437423626298.jpg (865.93 KB, 800x1200, omopkmn.jpg)


man this is exactly how I feel like her artwork used to be cool when she was still a student and now she whips something up in like 5 minutes and calls it a day. Her pokemon shirts are bullshit, look like they could have been drawn by literally anyone.

No. 19087

How does she even have the rights to sell Pokemon/tamagotchi shirts? Sorry just curious

No. 19089

She collaborates with them. They give her permission.

No. 37258

that shirt design is shit but the overall look is cute

No. 37295

The model's hair, hat, makeup and skirt are the best part of this photo. That shirt is really meh

No. 57361

Any more word on her scam I mean game?

No. 57367

i-is it bad that I would actually want that toon link shirt?

The model is super cute!

Anyways, I live in SF so I have access to seeing her clothes before buying them in Japantown. The quality varies a lot between her clothes (probably because of different manufacturers) but they generally feel either really thin or not soft (not scratchy but just not soft either). Her glitch and robot stuff are really cute imo but I could never imagine anyone wearing her weeby anime shit except for tumblr weebs.

No. 57374

Looks like there's some angry comments from donators from December and that's it. The last update was the one from September.

I find it funny that Omocat won't respond to anyone on twitter about the game but constantly retweets all the uglies that buy her clothing.

No. 57562

File: 1452381475326.jpg (72.84 KB, 954x531, 1449871065954.jpg)

I like some of her more abstract/surreal designs that don't necessarily have an anime trope/reference and some of her drawings, but other than that I don't really care for the whole post-weeaboo hate thing. If someone likes anime, who cares? They shouldn't be overly open or self loathing about it. Just treat it as something normal and keep it to yourself.
I hate her lazy-ass Pokemon collection though
>stock art done in black and white and inversed
Then again Game Freak probably wouldnt let her do more than that

No. 57571

milkbbi I think is more appealing, and isn't confined to one specific niche

No. 57574

I follow one of her models (princessmei) and she's cute, though she won't shut up about Osumatsu-san and BLs

No. 57598

Since someone bumped the thread, I'll throw in my two cents.

Omocat is a kind of a bitch irl. Maybe it's because she's "shy", but we were tabled near each other years ago at a con and asking her and asking her simple questions resulted in the snottiest fucking replies.

At one point, something small and breakable had fallen between our tables where it could be broken. She wasn't talking, drawing, or helping customers so I tapped her on the shoulder to ask her if the item was hers. Her response was to stare at me with some weird grimace like 10 seconds before her bitchy table mate whipped around and responded for her. "Um no??! It's not???" Her tone was really weirdly aggressive.

Turns out it actually belonged to one of her friends? (Who's group had been blocking the damn exit from the tables for 75% of the weekend)

She was also mutual a with a table mate of mine, who approached her from the front of the table at a slow period.

>"Hi, are you Omocat? I'm [table mate], we follow each other on [website]!"

>"Um…… Alright…..??"
>"Oh, uh, I just wanted to say hi. Since we found out we were sitting so close!"

We stopped trying to engage her after that. Hilariously enough, she sent table mate a pm a few months later being like "Happy birthday!!! Love your art!!! Keep it up!!!" and she was so thrown off.

At this point I'm just really confused on how she manages to do business with literally anyone, let alone these big companies.

No. 57599

I guess she communicates a lot better online than IRL which is probably how she made these collab deals

No. 57603

She must get so nervous in public that she tries really hard to keep people from getting near her.
I kind of understand her because I do the same, but since she's basically running a business and has a lot of fans that surely want to approach her, one could expect her to handle the public a little better than she does now.

No. 57622

I wouldn't be surprised if she became standoffish from the shota/callout drama. I don't doubt that she's dealt with tumblr SJW teens trying to antagonize her at her table. That doesn't warrant her acting bitchy towards other tablers though.

No. 58080

Holy shit, regardless she's "social anxious" or whatever the shit, she sounds like an insufferable person to be with in any kind of situation. I'm getting such strong obnoxious vibes just from reading this.

This is why I'm legit scared of having to deal someday with one of the "cool" people from tumblr. I always suspected their attitude was a fake and this proves it.

No. 58170

I've met people like them before. They tend to be on the spectrum. It really wouldn't surprise me, her being the pinnacle of tumblr weeb fashion. Really doesn't excuse her being that socially inept, especially with a business to run. I'm a bit shy myself so I usually get a friend who's better at talking to help. Why can't she do that?

No. 58217

Your image looks like a future omocat shirt

No. 58225

>legit scared of having to deal someday with one of the "cool" people from tumblr.

Why? Unless you are going to do business with them, why would you be dealing with them? Just don't approach them cause most of the time they don't even want to talk to anyone anyway

No. 73003

Another month has gone by and the only kickstarter update was the omori website getting a couple new images added onto it. There are some rumors going around that Omocat has had some plastic surgery done but there isn't much more info than that.

No. 73226

Plastic surgery? She's hideous and looks like an ogre. I wouldn't blame her, but seriously feel bad for the people who donated to her kickster.

ogre >>15950

No. 76295

No. 77687

Has anyone bought any of her clothing and what the final results look as opposed to the preview images on her site? For awhile, i've been wanting omo's work but i don't wanna pay for an overpriced piece of clothing that doesn't feel good on me.

No. 77688

Recently her prints have been reported to be coming off during washes, specifically her most recent one from the tamogotchi collection.

A lot of people would @ her on Twitter about it but she ignores them and continues to retweet weebs wearing her stuff.

No. 77697


She ignores everyone who has an issue with her clothes or with her kickstarter game, yet continues to retweet everyone wearing her stuff? Fuck this.

No. 77778

I'm the anon from months ago with the Fishboy sweater. I love it, have never had a problem with it, even to this day it doesn't look bad and I've had it for almost 2 years. The quality of that was what possessed me to buy another one…

I recently bought the Wolfgirl sweater from a newer collection and wow. Haven't had any problems with the print (yet) but it lints up like CRAZY so I have to shave the fuzzies off all the time. It's like night and day.

Sucks knowing she won't respond if I contact her about it.

No. 77945

File: 1457307616054.jpg (340.08 KB, 850x500, tumblr_lsqgv39KdG1qegob8o1_128…)

So according to her autobiography comic here:

apparently her mother forced her to have double eyelid surgery but in her picture here

her face/eyes look untouched.
Is her whole biography comic lies then?

No. 77948

File: 1457308050737.jpg (268.93 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nw0shbRuak1uuut2io7_r1_…)

More photos of her

No. 77956

File: 1457308644883.jpg (37.88 KB, 454x454, 11891140_10207155759109282_420…)

Pulled from her facebook, yeah she's definitely had surgery done.

No. 77961

File: 1457308863744.jpg (82.15 KB, 720x960, 11998825_10207391278361681_121…)

Her on the left

No. 77964

File: 1457308977046.jpg (405.92 KB, 2048x1002, 1548101_682056518554153_798546…)

Top right girl with the grey/green hair

No. 77969

File: 1457309947815.jpg (73.89 KB, 540x960, 10404316_10202812679596902_378…)

No. 77970

File: 1457309958304.jpg (96.93 KB, 960x960, 11046780_10202823969239136_556…)

No. 77974

Her eyes are half-closed in that pic, it's hard to see if she has double eyelids or not. I also heard if you get them through surgery, they will fade after a while.

No. 77979

Her eyes look small in all the pics though

No. 78092

File: 1457340065144.jpg (216.63 KB, 536x372, Ness.jpg)

She had her nose done and v-line face surgery

No. 78093

So, is this where all the money from Omori went? Fucked up.

No. 78096


They didn't do a very good job, geez.

No. 78097

She looks like an asian caricature.

No. 78098

File: 1457342922859.jpg (786.01 KB, 1071x777, omocat.jpg)

According to Spokeo this is her house.

3018 Andalucia Dr
West Covina, CA 91791-4207

worth $2M
5 beds, 6 baths
5.36K sq ft
Built 1997

Tiffany Liao, Omocat
Family Members:
[family member names removed]

No. 78128

Still kind of creepy, Anon…

No. 78129

That's creepy..

No. 78133

This is okay, I guess, but all I want to know is whether she spent her fans' money meant to fund Omori on making herself slightly less ugly, and if the game itself is ever even going to come out (assuming she didn't just scam everyone with kawaii animu art and a Bo En song).
Why would anyone try to charge money to make something with free/easily pirated software? This was even before the PS Vita port was announced. Yume Nikki, .flow and 2kki were all made for free, and at least Undertale was made with something aside from fucking RPG Maker. Lisa is an exception, but I'm pretty sure Dingaling asked for less money, didn't make any promises he couldn't keep and actually met his predicted fucking deadline promptly.

No. 78147

@Admin, this post shouldn't be allowed.

No. 78149

Doxxing is allowed within the rules, and Omocat is an adult.

No. 78162

I hardly see any difference. She just looks fatter on the left and thinner on the right pics.

No. 78165


Let's compare those three kickstarter campaigns, shall we?

>went live on 24 June 2013
>provides a trailer and a demo, tells you where your money goes
>goal: 5k, actually raised: 51k
>some other artists help him out, however most of the work is done by toby (including programming)
>estimated release date aug 2014
>still has some work for homestuck to do and graduates school in april 2014 at that time
>updates are once a month - really detailed progress updates
>Undertale got released sep 2015
>costs 10 $

>went live on 14 nov 2013
>provides a trailer, gameplay footage and a demo
>goal: 7k, actually raised 16k
>dingaling works on this all by himself, uses rpg maker engine
>estimated release date may 2014
>updates are once or twice a month, featuring music, ingame art and shirts
>Lisa got released november 2014
>costs 10 $

>went live on 21 april 2014
>provides gameplay footage
>goal: 22k, actually raised: 203k
>team does the music and apparently also any engine related work (rpg maker), omocat does the concept art/pixel art? (not sure about this one)
>estimated release date may 2015
>updates are inconstant, on average once every three months, featuring promises and concept art
>will be released at some time in 2016, trailer will be out on march/april 2016
>will cost 15$

No. 78166

>goal: 22k, actually raised: 203k
>goal: 5k, actually raised: 51k

No. 78172

Undertale also had the advantage of Toby listening to advice from the SA game dev thread. They maybe quite SJW these days but they did offer him good advice.

No. 78220

Read the site rules

No. 78233

File: 1457373923708.jpeg (144.31 KB, 742x793, image.jpeg)

No. 78238

File: 1457375123042.jpeg (128.22 KB, 1024x579, image.jpeg)

More Omocat, top left

No. 78239

File: 1457375135107.jpeg (149.39 KB, 1024x579, image.jpeg)

No. 78241

I'm too much of a poorfag to feel bad for her, she comes off as being just like any other spoiled art student in Cali.

No. 78270

File: 1457377172981.jpg (409.96 KB, 599x588, miki.jpg)

That weird time omocat tried to have nicki notice her

No. 78275

The print is nice but they're printed on $10 gildan sweaters. Not really worth the $50 pricetag. I bought from the tamogotchi collection and I was pretty disappointed. The sizing was way off and I had to get an exchange (which was actually really simple, thank god)

No. 78295


The one the right though
Her art used to be so unique back in 2011-2012, it just keeps on getting worse. What a shame..

No. 78355

Information about uninvolved family members isn't permitted, per the rules.

No. 78380

the only thing possibly unallowed is the names of her family members

No. 78385

Sorry about that

No. 78556

No. 78557

I feel like omocat has connections. Why not just, I don't know, call someone?

No. 78569

I think you're the one that should read the rules over, fucking idiot.

No. 78604

Someone has no chill

No. 78617

File: 1457411716607.jpg (556.8 KB, 842x767, mel.jpg)

Apparently this is the person in charge of Omocat's customer service?

she draws a lot of shota and moved to Japan as a teacher. She also married someone just to get financial aid benefits.

No. 78618

File: 1457411735796.jpg (65.24 KB, 720x960, 11137195_10153480899187059_783…)

More Omocat

No. 78626

No. 78630

Why are you still here?

No. 78638

I actually posted about this chick on /cgl/ last year after reading about the financial aid thing. What a small world we live in.

Why would Omocat want to associate herself with this pedo chick after the shota fiasco?

No. 78643

I think it was because of that biking anime. Omocat was really into it last year and befriended a lot of fanartists

No. 78644

I don't think Melly or Omocat are actual pedos, just typical fujos.

It's odd if she really did use the Kickstarter money for plastic surgery, I thought she would have earned enough from her clothing line to pay for that type of thing on her own.

No. 78840

File: 1457479760850.png (523.56 KB, 523x1233, omocat.png)


This is a very interesting read. I was unaware Undertale had a kickstarter until i bought the game on Steam. I haven't tried LISA yet, though I've heard it's good. It's a shame OMORI doesn't have consistent updates compared to LISA and Undertale. I feel bad the backers have to wait even longer since they're working on a new game engine for OMORI and wasted money on a game with good potential.

How the fuck are they gonna port the game to the Nintendo 3DS? I'm sure it is not an easy feat and it will take even longer to port it; considering the changes in controls and possibly questioning whether they'll want in 3D or not to their personal tastes.

I'm having doubts Omocat is even working on OMORI. She's been doing streaming on Twitch drawing shirt designs for her Spring 2016 lineup and some requests here and there for viewers. Pic related.

No. 78845

Programmers have stated multiple times that their claims of being able to port the game on the vita/3DS were impossible but Omori backs it up saying they are working on it

No. 78851

It makes me question if they can't port it, will they have to refund some of the money or just keep it all to "work" on the game?

No. 82440

Omo has uploaded more sprites from the game but still no actual game screen shots…

No. 82556

Where did you find them?

No. 82594

Her twitter

No. 82934

File: 1458691207217.png (10.01 KB, 400x400, 28-w400.png)

I found them on the Omori website instead of her Twitter.

The sprites are nice and all, but it would be nice to release some more footage of the game after the changes they have to do.

No. 82935

File: 1458691279452.png (12.76 KB, 400x400, 20-w400.png)

This one is cut off for some odd reason.

No. 83058

These look like shit compared to the pixels she posted previously.

No. 83080

danganronpa 3 looks neat

No. 83250

This is super late response but I met her at Acen a few years back because I wanted to purchase some of her prints and she was very quiet. I told her I was a fan of her work and she just hid her head, nodded and then gave me the prints, it was kind of a an awkward experience.

No. 83635

B&W reminds me too much of Yume Nikki

No. 83653

>Ling + Lina + Omo

I like the art of the first two but they tend to come off as a bit haughty as well. They seem to have a tendency to pretend you don't exist unless you're popular, which seems to be a thing within the entire asian-american/cali community.

No. 83964

Sooooo ….. I was at sakuracon and she was there….wanted to complimented her work you know I'm one of those "I'll believe when i see it" anywayssss ….she totally basically didn't give a shit and said if I wasn't going to buy anything to move…. Like no thanks no okay …..she just sat there with a pout and sat in the front collecting the money while her "friends" or employers? did all the work …..eghhhh …

No. 83980

File: 1459321225147.gif (131.3 KB, 500x550, tumblr_n8vz3fsZa41twut9eo1_500…)

Some of these look eerily similar to Mogeko's wadanohara, especially the eyes

No. 83982

I like their art but their attitude puts me off too. Lina, the girl with the pig looking nose, is a huge koreaboo and constantly writes in korean, I sincerely doubt she knows the language.

sage for OT

No. 84016

I thought I was alone, it's so hard to speak up about these things because I'm afraid I'll get labeled as a jealous cunt. I think Lina's art is nice but it always looks like a same faced KPOP boy.

Either way it's always been funny to me that Omocat and other asian artists generally get a free pass when it comes to using korean or japanese even if they're from Taiwan or something.

No. 84040

File: 1459372423175.jpg (468.34 KB, 847x776, tumblr.jpg)

Of course it can't be "cultural appropriation" because they are a "type of asian" too.

They think they're so cute. Pic related with how she sees herself and how she actually looks.

No. 84042

I 100% agree with you. It really just get on my nerves when other Asians who are not Japanese or Korean get a free pass
"Buhcus thir azin 2!!!"

No. 84043

I thought I was only one. I'm glad that there are other people who notice this too.
I also wanted to say something too,but I'll probably end up being attacked by their whiteknights

No. 84046

To be fair most people will draw themselves either more or less attractive, so I don't mind that.

I'm really happy to hear more people share my opinion, especially since I find it so hard to put into words so I could never talk about it publicly unless I want to get branded as a gossiping shitlord.

No. 84164

what do you guys think about mei? the omocat model? she has her own lolcow thread and sounds like her and omocat share a lot in common.

No. 84169

she has so far done nothing lolcow worthy and the thread she has shows that.

No. 84176

>They seem to have a tendency to pretend you don't exist unless you're popular, which seems to be a thing within the entire asian-american/cali community.

Isn't this the case for pretty much anyone who's Internet famous? Especially artists. I'm by no means a famous artist anywhere, and I only interact with artists who are mostly famous in my country, not in America/worldwide, but still. They'll mostly asskiss each other and try to get the maximum profit out of each other as well, especially the tumblr crowd. Why talk to someone who won't give you any notes?
I don't want to sound butthurt, it's just a general impression I get.

B-but only teh evil white people can be racist!!!11!!!! Don't you know about muh power structure?! Check ur privilege

No. 84180

I agree with the first part, that's why I found it so difficult to word. I don't expect them to talk to me or anyone else but somehow they still came off as kinda distant and only every talking to their core circle of friends.

I can't always blame them for that, I used to talk to someone who would asskiss every semi-famous artist and above by sending them messages and it was incredibly obvious she was trying to get attention from the cool kids.

No. 84186

They seem super clique-y and tactless. If you scope through their twitter they'd talk shit and mock other artists openly. Pretty gross.

No. 84187

Urgh I used to like omocat's art and their older stuff was a lot nicer. My mood started souring towards them after I funded the kickstarter. It's an absolute joke how little updates we've had for it.

No. 84195

I'm amazed with how little people seem to have brought out the issue publicly. It's like Omocat gets a free pass because everyone sees her as 'poor starving artist' even if it's obvious she isn't by how popular her clothing is.

200k dollar is money you can buy a house with yet she isn't even able to produce a RPGmaker game with an entire team behind it for that money.

No. 84224

>Since many people have expressed their concerns about the game’s production, I will be streaming myself making extra assets for the OMORI game on my Twitch channel. I’ve streamed myself working on assets in the past, but failed to mention this specifically to the Kickstarter backers. I apologize for that and will post whenever I plan to stream OMORI-related content from now on.

included in the recent omori update. I'm EXTREMELY peeved that she just somehow forgets to mention something that would alleviate our worries about whether the game we're paying for is actually getting done or not. How the fuck do you just forget to mention something like this to the people who are fucking paying you? That stream should be backer only. Omo has put nothing especially special out for backers which makes me feel like it wasn't worth backing if I can see all these behind the scene goodies whether I backed it or not (I did back for the game and shit too, but not like all of the prizes are exclusives or anything)

No. 84254

At this point I feel like she doesn't even care about the game anymore and it's just a thing to be finished sooner or later.

It feels like she's doing everything BUT work on the game.

No. 84270

Don't users have to pay in order to chat in twitch? Doesn't that meme this is just another source of revenue for her?

No. 84272

Her family owns a 2 million dollar home, she was never a starving artist.

No. 84278

No one listens and since tumblr laps up their art no one there is going to call them out. She just ignores all the backers who are complaining and the only form of reply people are getting usually comes from the other person working on it.

Urgh I haven't read this yet but god it pisses me off. I've been in some of her streams before and they are really hard to get into since they usually hit the viewer limit super fast. This really should be a backer only thing, her twitter followers get more updates than we do.

No. 84298

File: 1459541596252.png (238.96 KB, 686x806, Untitled.png)

On the note of omocat using Japanese, I don't think she knows the language at all.

I grew up with Japanese so the way she wrote hikikomori here is really weird. On typed text the き,こ, and り characters may connect depending on the font and in handwriting how fast you write it. But looking at her shirt I barely registered her "ko" and "ri" for what they are.

I think she's just copying from google translate or something.

No. 84300


No, but you do need to make a Twitch account.

No. 84301


Geez, Omocat is an idiot. Wouldn't it kill her to be "Hmm, OMORI hasn't had any decent updates besides art? Let me fix all of that!". Aside from her doing art designs for her shirts, this was the primary thing she should've been doing this whole time after OMORI got funded. Having your backers on the edge of their seat wondering where their money went is not a good sign after having a slated 2015 release.

The more i read on how she's not even updating her backers anything, the less it wants me to even purchase her shit -chuckles aloud-.

No. 84304

Maybe you'll hate me or think I'm pathetic but damn, I have to admit I am jealous.
I wish my shitty ten minute PS doodles of internet memes with questionable "Japanese" written underneath would get me money. I wish every piece of art I create would get me showered in praise. I wish every sketch I posted would recive attention. Hell, I wish I could get a tenth of the attention on anything she does gets. I wish people would donate ridiculous sums of money to found my dream projects.
And on top of all, she has an army of whiteknights to her defends whenever someone dares to raise their voice anywhere else than on anonymous chinese cartoon image board.

/blog rant

Honestly though how is she still getting away with this? 200k is not a small sum of money. Is everyone afraid of tumblr whitenights, do they just get ignored or what is happening?

No. 84309

If you check the tumblr tag it's almost half ugly tumblrnistas wearing her clothes or people saying they hate omocat.

>she has an army of whiteknights to her defends

She has this irl too, people are always waiting at her hand and foot. Even when she goes to the bathroom.

No. 84311

Eh, Taiwan was previously colonized by Japan and some people grew up with parents or grandparents who were educated in Japanese (I have a few friends who are multilingual because of this). In that sense, yeah, it does give them a free pass, since there's nothing wrong with using Japanese if you actually speak it.

But it doesn't seem like omo has any grasp of the language. I wonder how she got the deal with Nintendo to do the Pokemon shirts

No. 84326

Nintendo USA probably facilitated the communication or Nintendo JP had a translator contact her.
I wonder how disappointed Nintendo was when they saw her boring af Pokemon shirts.

No. 84370

I think she was only allowed to work with the vectors though

No. 84376

I read that as "hikitemotsu" at first instead of "hikikomori", that's a really bad font choice.

No. 84398

its like all of them have that shitty こ that looks like て because iirc, the crewneck sweater uses a simplier, cleaner font and I still ended up misreading it the first time. My japanese is shit but I still picked up on that stupid misleading thing and it irks me to no end.

I tried to file a claim with my bank even though it's been so long and they didnt necessarily tell me it couldnt be done, but they wouldnt let me process it since I have a joint account so I'll try again once I get back to the US to actually do it…

No. 84452

Have you tried contacting kickstarter about it?

No. 84519

Are there any (sweat)shirts similar to OMO's? Because I am not paying 30 smackaroonies for a shirt.

Also I can't believe her artbook was $80.

No. 84537

Omocat prints her clothes mostly on gildan, there's no reason for her shit to cost as much as it does. I'm still waiting for some chinese company to make cheaper knock offs.

Similar brands that are better than omocat are
MILKBBI http://www.milkbbi.com/
FANGRRLZ http://fangrrlz.storenvy.com/

No. 84541

Adding to this anon, Punimelt.

Nothing against Omo personally but please support these people instead. I follow both Punimelt and Milkbbi and they both really care about their products and their fanbase.

No. 84548

speaking of punimelt, I love how she dealt with people "calling her out" for the slimegirl lolicon accusations.

No. 84576

File: 1459721966490.gif (1.58 MB, 300x400, juice.gif)

aahh I love punimelt and Milkbbi
I like them waaay better than omo tbh and their stuff is reasonably priced

No. 84588

I like Ocean in Space.

They may not be your cup of tea but their shirts are pretty colorful and cute. Oceantann is also willing to make sizes bigger then a Small, Medium and Large if you're bigger then that which is pretty neat.

No. 84592

Love the art but I wouldn't wear it in public, I like it when it's subtle and low key. Definitely buying though.

No. 84607

I like how they both were put in the spot we can make comparison s. Punimelt with lolicon and omocat with shotacon. Except punimelt was mature about but omocat was the opposite about it imo

No. 84615

Tends to be that standoffish attitude some Asians have anon. Cliquey as fuck.

No. 84618

Make the comparison image!

And I don't know why you guys are so surprised, Asians are super tribalistic. The whole collectivist culture makes everyone about mentally 5 years behind their physcal age, and someone as awkward as omo is probably even more behind.

No. 84640

File: 1459746084979.jpg (1.6 MB, 1500x1403, New canvas.jpg)

No. 84641

File: 1459746446480.jpg (1005.21 KB, 531x1185, apology.jpg)

The actual full "apology" issued by omocat

No. 84642

File: 1459746519023.jpg (75.06 KB, 400x271, ohay_it__s_me_by_traptastic.jp…)

2009 tiffany

No. 84643

this shit pisses me off, who the fuck cares, they're cartoons, they're not real. a drawing wearing something doesn't mean little girls are going to wear it, an older girl wearing something that says 'loli' or some shit doesn't mean they're suddenly underage, most people don't know what that shit means.

No. 84645

I don't think anyone on here actually thinks people who like shota/loli are pedos, however they run a business and the way they reply to these bs accusations shows a lot about their company and character.

No. 84663

The words "shotacon,shota,loli etc…" get thrown around alot loosely. I mean take a look at a 4channer. Be in the shoes of a normie. Your more than knowledgeable anime lover.your run of the mill tumblr user. See the difference?

Ofc little girls/boys arent gonna wear that, and a older girl wearing a shirt that says "loli" does not make her any younger. But what I think that people are triggered by is because of the word itself. If omo sold the shirt without "shota" nobody cares, but then they see "shota" you know whats next…imo ofc

No. 84995

I did, and they told me since it was successful and ended, they couldn't do anything about refunds. The only person who can issue them is Omo herself.

(it's been a long time since i emailed them so it was something along those lines. A lot of people have been reporting the kickstarter but idk what it takes for ks to actually step in and issue the refund themselves if they even have the power to do that at this point)

No. 85006

Kickstarter doesn't do refunds themselves ever as far as I"m aware.

Seeing all those articles around the time the kickstarter was live, praising the concept, is kind of hilarious now.

No. 85007

A while ago there was a google doc that listed a ton of independent games being produced/released and most of the ones based off of kickstarter were the games that were considered the highest risk for failure, Omori included. I think some of theme did have refunds sent to contributors after it was confirmed they'd never be made.

No. 85010

No. 85011

I should have posted the tumblr I got it from, sorry about that. They're keeping track of what omo is doing with the game, if anyone wants to go back and read everything on a timeline.

No. 85554

Since Omocat has mentioned she was going to stream OMORI, has she actually taken the time to stream anything about it through Twitch?

No. 85558

why is like every asian girl called tiffany

i'm pretty sure she's already spent all of her money on personal shit and issuing refunds would be admitting to failure anyways

No. 85616

i feel bad for liking the black/white ones, some of her designs are so cool but i think it's too expensive anyway

No. 85617

last row in the middle looks as if it was completely traced from DSP's sprites jeez
i bet there's at least some "inspiration" got from their games flowing into omori

No. 86152

why the fuck is she trying to copy gashigashi? Fuck off omo


Also this shit disgusts me. She's OBVIOUSLY referencing mogeko for those middle two. I've always hated the fact that she's been making money off of ripping off other people but she's 'popular' so no one calls her out on it

No. 86158

Oh one of my followers on Twitter is a hard on fan of Omo and every times there's a stream she spams the stream page again and again then bitches about all the people asking for details on the chat a s moaning how she Rather's start doddling random shit than "sprite art"
A la
>liek omg how dare ppl ask her what's she doing with the money they gave to her?????
>she's making the game in from of ur eyes don't u see??
>can't u guys be like, more grateful that she's even making this game for you to enjoy???
>like her life is so sad blah blah art is haaard blah blah
>people are sooo selfish with artists who use their talent to make people happy

No. 86182

and we're not talking about relatively little money either, the chick got 200k to make a fucking RPG maker game with an entire team.

No. 86183

>update illustration has some guy that looks like /pol/'s moonman
>it's definitely being released in Fall this year
>even though we can't make any levels until May
>here are some problems with the game we didn't tell you about
>we're not releasing a 3DS version until it feels complete
>I've been streaming for the game I just didn't tell you

No. 86185

File: 1460550711887.jpg (47.75 KB, 605x806, 1456867772695.jpg)

No. 86190

Omocat is such an ungrateful shit, I can't believe all of these people are still defending her. What she's doing is super shady and if she wasn't a popular artist everyone would have called it a scam already.

No. 86260

Let's make bets, when do you guys think the game will actually get released, if at all?

I'm going for mid 2017

No. 87484

File: 1461299814032.jpg (270.89 KB, 484x769, omo.jpg)

Why do people still wear this stuff if a majority of users look like this

No. 87511

When the Arkh Project releases.

No. 87512

Thanks for this! I was looking for cute stuff but I didn't have any idea where to look.

No. 87560

oh man that woman's blog was always a SJW goldmine

No. 87936

>He made his £ and ran away with it all, closed down the shop once scene died lol.
Late reply but not true, it still exists and he still sells his shit.

No. 87939

File: 1461534875978.jpg (344.26 KB, 1000x1415, omocat_main.jpg)

She makes the most money of sales in Japan tho. They sell Omocat at a bunch of popular otaku-type fashion stores like PARK (http://www.park-harajuku.com/).

No. 88817

Generally I'm not jealous or angry that someone succeeded with whatever they're doing, but Omocat just rubs me the wrong way. I think it's the mentality, it doesn't feel like she cares at all.

No. 89726

I'm still confused how she got the partnerships with pokemon and tamagotchi.

No. 89743

you're not alone, I guess she was contacted? Assuming these collaborations are chosen by people who figure out what's trending and Omocat's clothing certainly kind of is/was.

Also has there been any more news about the game? If this was any other person you'd see tons of complaints everywhere but I feel like Omocat is able to avoid criticism a lot so far.

No. 90239

Her Twitter so far has updates on the game occasionally.

I heard omocat's rich parents helped her get gigs initially, so maybe one of her agents booked her with a Pokemon rep

No. 90336

Pffff look at that apple shaped little weirdo.

No. 91100

File: 1462826539420.png (147.17 KB, 1295x487, omocat.png)

I guess she suffers from social anxiety but I doubt she can start a company just by emailing people.

No. 97082

Still no game updates

No. 97219

A sorta long update was just posted to the kickstarter very recently. I got an email for it.

No. 97240

I'd argue that dignifying those accusations with a response at all is admitting fault. I'm all for PR management, but stammering and backpedelling that far when somebody cries "child pornography" is a good indication that you didn't really have a strong of a grip on your business in the first place. Replying with something logical, realistic, and explaining the rationale behind your choices is just going to tick off even more angry idiots.

No. 97253

I was a pretty big fan of omoriboy comics during my shut in days.
The glitch girl sweaters were pretty cool but everything omocat sells is unnecessarily expensive and her fan base puts me off of buying anything.

For as long as I've been a shitty weeaboo Shota and loli by themselves means "cute, young boy or girl"
Shotacon and Lolicon are people obsessed with these "cute boys / cute girls" whereas these terms as a genre of doujinshi or comic is always CP

No. 97365

She recently made a tweet saying

"on that note plz play omori it's literally my heart and soul in digital form"

I can't believe people are still supporting her. I heard about a recent update but not what that update exactly is and unless it's the full game it's still not enough to make up for the overall lack of news and updates throughout the past 2 years.

No. 97377

What did it say, anon?

No. 97378

It's hard to believe people throw money at this bitch when she draws generic anime weeb shit and doesn't update a game promised years ago. She is a hack and pretty much has no issue drawing pedobait.

No. 97379

Because only socially awkward retards dress like this. It's like a mating call to other fat weebs.

No. 97421

>fixed RMMV memory leak
>team has been working on stuff for the game ("tile sets, sprite sheets, map layouts, stat balancing" etc)
>added a new dungeon to the game bc of story revision
>omo hired an assistant to help with game artwork
>music is almost finished
>trailer for the game to be used as PV when the game comes out
>game is scheduled to be released at the end of this year

Nothing really interesting but good to know actual progress is being made on the game. Like, the two years or whatever she spent not giving us any fucking updates because of that NDA, she could've given updates similar to this.

This game better fucking come out at the end of this year. I feel like omo and her team JUST started to actually work on the game and the rest of the time were just being lazy fucks. Like wow, we finally get a cohesive update for once!

No. 97509

I can see why it sells, but it baffles me how casual she seems to be about everything. Doesn't help she has a million fans willing to hush people who dare ask why there's no game yet.

You're running a business, not an etsy with 2 sales a month.

The whole NDA thing seems awfully convenient "oh yeah sorry we never showed progress it's just that we ttly couldn't show any" I mean it's not like she was upfront about having one anyway.

No. 97557

She hasn't done anything lolcow worthy but she does have quite a bit of drama. People that had drama with her are just too pussy to speak up because her following keeps growing and no one wants to deal with those whiteknights.

No. 97745

If those people can't even speak up on an ANON board, logic follows that it's from one of her close friend groups which means it's probably petty ass inner circle shit.

Do you really expect people to blindly hate on this girl from just "she's had drama… BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS!!!" ? Come now.

No. 99218

File: 1466803301995.jpg (150.02 KB, 587x767, ss.jpg)

this cant be good for her brand image

No. 99232


No. 99233

The only thing I find questionable about Mei is that she preaches a lot about being ~*shopping at transparent and sweat-shop free stores*~. While that's a great thing on it's own, rumors are that omocat prints (or at least started off printing) her shirts in China. Omo refuses to disclose her manufacturer so this can't be verified, but I'm suspicious since there are many reports about the inconsistent quality from repeat customers. If this is true, that would make Mei a huge hypocrite

No. 99234

*she preaches a lot about being humane and shopping (…)

hurr durr wow I missed a whole phrase

No. 99236

She's too fat for quirky eyebrows

No. 108755

What ever happened to her game then?

No. 108769

File: 1472535068323.jpg (10.53 KB, 240x240, 1420cf96d8d41317.jpg)

Yeah, I actually have the fujoshi one and on the tag it says "made in Guatemala"
Her sweatshirts aren't anything special to be honest, they're really not worth the $55
They're pretty much the same quality as my $10 Gildan one

No. 109824

File: 1473571733720.jpg (554.89 KB, 807x814, image.jpg)

What's omocat doing since the kickstarter?

This apparently

No. 109825

File: 1473572135493.jpg (94.53 KB, 960x540, 13419200_10154290747122059_124…)

shes living a good life after running off with that money

No. 110190

There was an update recently but it's only for the people who donated, I think they also turned off non-donator comments on the entire kickstarter but I could be wrong.

No. 110191

no you're right,its been donater only for a while. i think that's such a bad move though since most kickstarter projects openly show their progress so more new donater can get interested

No. 110203

Yeah, doesn't seem like good news when your kickstarter's private and the only recent comments are from donators saying they want to be refunded.

No. 110253

Their clique seems really insular. I dunno. I was interested in talking to them but they've all ignored literally everything I've said while still chatting on with other people. Social anxiety or no, if I make an effort, why can't they? Especially online?

No. 110280

Maybe you weren't profitable and popular enough?

No. 110314

Haha, most likely. Honestly I kinda wanted to talk business (not about the clothes), but man, a "No" would suffice.

No. 110462

Just rest assured they have no presence outside of their online personas

being an antisocial tumblrina brings you nowhere in life

No. 110713

Her shirts are printed at Threadbird actually, which is an American company. She doesn't tell people but on her 'customer service twitter', she basically just replies to everyone the same way which is 'please contact Threadbird's customer service'.

That being said, I'm mutuals with Melly on twitter and I've never known she took care of her marketing stuff. Seems like they keep it a secret. I always thought it was interesting how chummy they acted.

No. 110803

>please contact Threadbird's customer service
what a lazy cunt

No. 111961

File: 1475780622947.jpg (407.15 KB, 1006x1150, Csb21a2UsAAREXe.jpg)

>P.S. Remember to take a break once in a while (even though I know you won't)

So where's that omori game?

No. 111962

All of these west coast chinese are a fucking fifth column.

No. 111967

old af but
ngl my parents aren't the best either. I'd be so pissed off to be shown to the world as "my mommy was terrible to me" if my kid lived a cushy life.

It's a trend for artists online to make shitty comics about their parents. From their computers and tablets. In a house. Eating food.

seeing this everytime I come to this thread pisses me off.

No. 111978

>doing the absolute least for your kids (giving them food and a home) means they shouldn't talk about their shitty experiences with you online
Anon, no

No. 112006

That anon is right though. A girl I knew in high school went to one of the best universities in the country with her parents paying out of pocket (and then dropped out later cuz muh anxiety), super spoiled as an only child, always had the latest phone and fancy cars, expensive designer wardrobe, family always revolved around her, etc. and she still made comics online about how her parents were ~so controlling~ and ~mean~ because they wouldn't buy her another handbag. She would frame being spoiled as she NEEDED this handbag as a necessity to bring to interviews or whatever, but really it was just her wanting more shit.

No. 112007

I highly suggest MILKBBI for a similar look, can't say enough nice things about them. I've followed the artist since my shitweeb dA days and he's a much more authentic person than omo could ever be and has an actual consistent/ cute/ not try hard style. I own the very coveted/ 'rare' i guess Ultimate Sweatshirt and it's prob my favorite piece of clothing to wear whenever it's cold enough for it

No. 112009

OMFG i thought i was the only one
i went to an arts school where even being lower middle-class was rare and am fucking surrounded by a community of ungrateful little shits that try to profit off of fake-edgy i hate my parents uwu bullshit

No. 112019

File: 1475874150625.jpg (208.84 KB, 1200x513, CtoUqM2UEAAx8-t.jpg)

So it looks like Omocat is out of animu design ideas and is paying her friends to make them for her?

What the actual fuck is this fashion line

No. 112020

Maruti I can see, but surprised Sachin Teng is joining in on this.

No. 112021

So disappointed fangrrlZ is working with omocat

Fangrrlz pride themselves with their quality organic inks and shit, why are they working with omocat who mass produce

No. 112024


Same here, been following him for a few years now. he is a lovely person and so good with customer feedback/communication. Wish he'd produce more of the old clothing like that amazing backpack but seems to be working things up again. Also the clothes are loved by normies, you dont stick out like a sore thumb like omocat.

If your parents have caused mental/physical damage to you of course. If your living the good life with your group of friends and have to appear damaged on the internet…no. Was this girl hit/kicked? No. Possible metal health issues? Maybe. Does she have a support group/what seems to be a good relationship now? Yes.

this girl pisses me off but i want some of her less weeby shirts shit.

No. 112028

>I know of many young artists who shy away from creating original work simply because they are afraid people won’t care or that the work won’t sell. Especially at conventions, many artists specifically draw popular intellectual properties in order to sell their work. However, I believe that original work is the most precious and instead of just developing a personal style, I encourage young artists to use their creativity differently and harbor their original ideas as well.

This coming from the person from the scene who ignores anyone who isn't super popular lol

No. 112052

Did she really say that? She shouldn't have a high horse on the artist business when she has a rich daddy to fallback on if she doesn't do well

No. 112053

>Especially at conventions, many artists specifically draw popular intellectual properties in order to sell their work.
Artists at conventions for anime, video games and comics only make art of anime, video game and comic book characters to make money? Gee whiz I wonder why.

No. 112229

Yep her new Fall line is just making a bunch of other artists design for her. The way I see it,
1) they all agreed to do it because she's undeniably popular. They'll get exposure from working with her without a doubt. Also I haven't seen any info about her paying them. I'm thinking they're probably going to get some royalties (with Omo keeping most of it)
2) she's getting them purposely associated with her and her brand so in case there's ever any truly public drama about her, they'll have to be roped into it too/have to defend her

In any case I'm mutuals with several of those artists. It seems some of them are aware of how gross she is but are in a way keeping quiet because she's giving them an opportunity for exposure. Quite sad.
(And I'm trying REALLY hard not to just send them all those photos of her before she got plastic surgery. I get the feeling everyone online thinks Omo looks just as KAWAII as her drawings and their illusion of her will be shattered if they ever knew hah)

No. 112230

>aware of how gross she is but are in a way keeping quiet because she's giving them an opportunity for exposure
Seems like a smart move. Looks good on your resume and a nice way to passively earn money. If omocat asked me to collaborate for a shirt design, I would do it tbh. I'm not a fan of her work or her personality, but she's not the worst possible artist to network and collaborate with.

No. 112234

I'm pretty sure she's met most of those people in real life (Noticed a lot of those artist from AX and omo was at AX too) so you showing them her plastic surgery wouldn't change much?

Kaela Camille "Poiv" especially knows everything about it since omocat and her are BFFS

No. 112795

File: 1476679725184.png (65.89 KB, 477x658, ss (2016-10-17 at 12.46.01).pn…)

Found this while looking at Omocat's Facebook page.

No. 112796

File: 1476680242368.png (2 MB, 1474x806, customerservice.png)

And another one.

No. 112799

Omocat may be kind of an autismo bitch, but this customer just seems super psycho entitled and shitty. Doesn't really seem like a great example, honestly.

No. 112802

Omocat doesnt even sell at her booth, why do people think she takes care of online orders???

No. 112859

Isn't this shirt like 50 dollars? I expect this of random taobao, not "designer" shirts like this supposedly printed in America.

No. 112882

Can't agree more. It's a shitty business practice to mark things as shipped and not get them out but… god damn, that's not really grounds for that much ass pain. And not that it makes it ok, but it's extremely common for sellers to do that. I'd love for Omocat to actually make a decent fuckup with this order. The weebrage would be glorious.

No. 112883

So glad china and taobao are making bootlegs now for half the price

No. 112924

Can you link any stores? I like some of Omocat's stuff, but I'm too cheap to pay $30-50 for one article of clothing.

No. 112925

I've always had a similar /r/, but does anyone know of any solid stores where I can buy stuff like this that isn't omocat?

I don't want to support her, but all the other stuff I find is either reselling her shit, moonspeak, or sketchy and will be gone in the next month.

Why do the shitheads always have to be the popular ones…

No. 112967

No. 113340

Hey guys, I'm the who made this comparison >>78165 a little over half a year ago. I thought it would be nice to take a look on OMORI status as of now.

Some of them are my own speculations based on the info provided on the website, updates etc, so please don't take this as official information since I could be wrong.

What we know so far about OMORI:
>surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game
>you play as the boy OMORI
>you have lost your memories
>you travel between two worlds: "WHITE SPACE" (where you are a depressed kid with no memories, the world is black and white, present time, possibly limited by only your room) and ??? (everything here is colourful, you probably get there through a portal (your laptop), past time/your memories mixed with the present)
>you will have 3-4 party members, only available in the colourful world, they are your childhood friends/neighbors
>the game will mainly take place in the colourful world, which is your neighborhood memory probably?
>meaning that the story could be you replaying OMORI's memory
>i'm not sure what the main goal of this game is tbh. you will definitely be getting some memories back while playing, but i feel like it's going to be a "explore the world"-thing
>there could be some twist at the end (probably revealed through a new/old missed friend, someone might replaced your memories or something) since it's mentioned that you wouldn't want to find out the truth
>there are dungeons with silly themes (e.g. based off bread and pastries)
>the battle system is based on emotions and will feature heartrate
>the game will feature several types of media "such as watercolor, pencil, acrylic paint, clay models, photographs, different types of digital art, and pixel art"
>70 NPC's "each with their own story which you can invest your time in if you choose". some (or all? nah) will have quests for you (it is mentioned that the npc's are only for one side of the game, but since i suspect the other side of the game is only going to be your room.. yeah you get the idea.)
>cutscenes are animated, done traditionally and first person
>2-4 endings

I think that's about it. As for the update status:

>battle system near complete

>song drafts are complete, working on sounds
>maybe cutscene animations are also done
>"For the past few months, the team has been mostly working on tile sets, sprite sheets, map layouts, stat balancing, adding quests, and collaborating with dialogue, flavor text … so I guess basically everything!" (aka I have no idea about the status of the rest of the game - hopefully near done or full done?)
>6+ people working on the game, each team has at least two members (writing could be OMOCAT only tho)
>will be released december 2016/january 2017
>no trailer until then, the trailer will be used as a promotial video when the game is out

As mentioned here >>85010 OMORI is still listed under "significant risk of failure, apologies, money spent"
Their status/summary of updates for the game says the following (timeline now-past):
>August: Backers only update to say development is hard and the lead has health issues, but they'll be done by December-January but also there was a delay because they found some bugs.
>June: Update to say that they have almost fixed the RPGMaker bug and are making progress.
>Apr: Update to say there may be a delay due to RPGMaker and there are no updates because they don't want to spoil things.
>Mid-jan: update with a few screenshots, backers unsatisfied. The better part of a year's silence, high backer dissatisfaction.
>Update in September to say the silence was due to contractual stuff, but nothing since.

tl;dr OMORI could be out at the end of this year/early next year, almost three years after the kickstarter campaign

No. 113345

It's 4 party members.

No. 113346

And it is still be worked on atm

No. 113479

Thanks for the written update

No. 113744

>surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game
>you travel between two worlds: "WHITE SPACE" (where you are a depressed kid with no memories, the world is black and white, present time, possibly limited by only your room) and ??? (everything here is colourful, you probably get there through a portal (your laptop), past time/your memories mixed with the present)

reminds me of Yume Nikki

No. 114202

Some of her stuff is cute but I really hate the quality. She prints on Gildan sweaters and they feel really cheap despite printing well. Not sure about her other apparel like shirts but I assume she goes for the cheaper bulk option for maximum profit.

No. 114357

To be fair, it's not like she's the first to knock off Yume Nikki. At least it has NPCs and battles. Yume Nikki was pretty but I'm not a fan due to how aimless it is.

No. 115661

im glad someone brought this up. she's completely disrespectful towards her fans.

No. 115662

By that I mean, she ignores her fans and is incrediably standoffish. She wouldnt be anywhere if it werent for her fans so i dont know.. atleast show some respect and spend less time circle jerking on twitter and trying to kiss top artist's asses

No. 120733

Whatever happened to poiv anyway? She hasn't updated her tumblr in a year or something, I used to like her art.

sage for OT

No. 172816

I might be late on this, but I recently received one of their hoodies and their tag says 'Made in Honduras'. If I recall correctly isn't this a country with really poor factory conditions? If she's aware of this then it makes sense her website doesn't disclaim where it's made because her animu stuff could have been made in literal sweatshops. So not only does she sells stuff kind of overpriced she also produces it dirt cheap in a country where workers earn maybe 3$ a day.

No. 172824

its possible
she's a greedy weeb

No. 172827

All of your clothes was made in sweatshops in 3rd world countries, anon. Why is it suddenly different when you buy them off a certain artist?

No. 172832

I am aware, I guess I just didn't expect it. Where I am from most illustrators screenprint their clothes themselves or let a local printing company do it. And like I said it's pretty overpriced considering the production costs. 50$ is reasonable if it's a limited edtion from an artist, not when it's massproduced in the third world.

No. 172866

Can you take a picture of your tag? Omocat boasts that she prints on American Apparrel so this is really surprising

No. 172872

File: 1482281103820.jpg (3.04 MB, 3264x2448, 20161220_181204 - Copy.jpg)

Here it is. It's not much of a tag as it is printed on the inside of the hoodie. The tag with her logo just has her slogan on the other side.

No. 172882

thank you!

wow holyshit, even more reason not to buy her stuff

No. 172977

File: 1482355253233.jpg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, 1482355041292795898800.jpg)

Also adding, I own 2 omocat shirts. The black one is the crunchyroll collaboration shirt which I purchased from their store so I'll givemail her the benefit of the doubt on that one, crunchy may well have handled all production.
The second one is one of the sub dye shirts though purchased directly from her store. I vaguely recall cutting an itchy tag out of the sub dye shirts so sorry I can't give more info on that one.

I backed Omori and I've been getting pretty frustrated with it. Even if she's bad at talking to people it irritates me that she keeps regularly releasing collections and seems to be doing no work on her game. If it's HER GAME then what the hell is this NDA business? If she's gonna blame an NDA for not being able to release info then why didn't she rewrite it so she could at least make regular updates. With $200k she surely has enough to pay a lawyer to do that for her as well as having more than enough left over to cover all other expenses.

No. 172978


*I'll give her
Also sorry pic goes sideways when you open it, I don't know why it's doing that..

No. 172980

The crunchyroll one looks like an american apparrel label so that's good. The printing process for the crunchyroll shirt is probably handled all by them and not omocat.

The second however, fucking COLOMBIA??? I get so grossed out when smaller brands use non-american shirts, that's fucking disgusting. Especially since we've already proven her rich daddy takes care of her and that her skimping out on materials like this shouldn't be happening.

About your Omori backing though, I would ask for a refund at this point. It's almost 3 years past the estimated finish date right? That's fucked.

No. 172985


Isn't all American Apparel production done in the US though? I'm the one who posted the pic and sorry the tag is rough, I've had the shirt for a couple years so it may be hard to read but it says "Made in Nicaragua" on it.
Kind of not relevant since production was probably handled by CR anyway, just a note.

I've seen a couple people saying they tried Kickstarter and they can only get a refund directly from Omocat. I tried emailing a while ago regarding an address change but never got a response. I can try emailing again but at this point, seeing hardly anyone get responses, it's pretty discouraging.

No. 172992

Yes American Apparel is made by the US therefore no slave/child labor is involved.

and that really sucks, Kickstarter needs to get it together…

No. 173140

Well american apparel have closed down for good as of next year, so i guess shes chosen to use child labour instead now?

No. 173156

i had a bad experience with her at her fanime booth a few years back. back then i wanted to buy her glitch boy shirt or whatever and first thing i noticed there was a huge line of people waiting to buy while she was just ignoring them all and laughing/talking to her friend on the side. when i got up to her to ask how much it cost, she completely ignored me at first and started talking to her friend again. i ended up only buying her shitty little stickers lol.

No. 175026

No. 175125


I sincerly hope the game offers more than just good visuals. My opinion is probably biased because of the whole kickstarter thing, but I'm sorta unimpressed after watching the trailer. But we'll see I guess

No. 176372

sounds like omocat alright

No. 176467

File: 1484131625295.jpg (82.66 KB, 720x960, dd.jpg)

omocat on the left stole 100k, hope it was worth it

No. 176472

What happened to the eyelid surgery her mommy made her get?

No. 176511

Bitch lied to make emo stories

She's a rich girl with no problems, how else is she going to produce angst

No. 176541

File: 1484173668910.png (527.02 KB, 732x832, 1477855647493.png)

ugly weebs with inflated egos are the worst

No. 176608


Asians for you, all money hungry cunts.(b8)

No. 176614

>no lips
>big cheeks
>bublous nose
>tiny eyes


No. 180168

Omocats game is being delayed again because she's scared she won't be as good as undertale

No. 180184


What, for real? Source?

No. 180208

They really boned it with the delays and lack of updates/feedback, there's almost 0 commentary for the game outside of a couple posts on its kickstarter and YouTube videos. Apparently the homestuck game hasn't come out yet either so that's another one in the same boat - delayed so much that almost no one is interested in it anymore.

No. 180215

Wow, she literally has lines as eyes. Most Asians I know just have small eyes but not THAT small.

No. 180218

Last day of Jan 2017. Still no update. Omocat confirmed for running off with the money yet?

No. 180236

File: 1485805399800.jpg (37.03 KB, 200x275, 44395.jpg)

I realized she looks like Sakuma from the Ping Pong anime

No. 180308

I was working with her on the project but quit because of the unprofessional work environment

Turnover is high, people keep quitting because Tiffany can't socialize and doesn't know what the game will actually be. Basically she wants to make an anime, not an interactive game. Ffs how do weeaboos back this shit is beyond me

No. 180310

File: 1485898165618.jpg (7.35 KB, 154x154, 1484926578008.jpg)

this information is delicious

No. 180321

File: 1485915755463.jpg (32.13 KB, 434x312, ss (2017-01-31 at 07.51.08).jp…)

Omo's name is Tiffany? Anyways, she's an idiot. You can't make a game and expect it to be the next Undertale or some other hot game that came out years ago. You just make it because you want to make it a reality and enjoy it, that's it. If that's the case, we'd have shitty game developers making games just so they can have a huge but cringy fanbase and merchandise in Hot Topic and Gamestop.

No. 180322

I forgot to mention this in my above reply.

Before you left, was Toby Fox still part of the team? I heard people say Toby was working on the game and it would be delicious if he did leave this trainwreck to fall off the tracks.

No. 180324

she should've stayed fat. at least her face would have been filled in better

No. 180340

But that's the thing. People just view games as an easy way to get cash and gain popularity when the best games are the ones that have actual passion behind it. If Omo really is just doing this because of money and trying to bank on the Undertale fandom then yeah, this is gonna be a right trainwreck.

No. 180390

Why would people pledge to this shit, holy fuck theres a shit ton of 1.99$ steam games that are gradeA and fun / intruiging but nah lemme just kickstart this game that just looks like a tumblr weebs take on games like Mad Father and IB

But ey i never understood why people bought most of the omo cat shit in the first place tho so i might be biased or just enjoy games made by people who have actual passion

No. 180412

File: 1486006418157.png (50.94 KB, 181x149, PgF2Ojq.png)

"People just view games as an easy way to get cash and gain popularity when the best games are the ones that have actual passion behind it."

I couldn't help but think of Yandere Simulator kek.

Anyways, I agree 100%. I get the impression SOME passion was worked into this from the beginning, but slowly died down as the months and weeks went by. It feels like Omocat was too ambitious trying to be make another cool and interesting like Undertale, and then having these little breakdowns because she feels her game isn't good enough. That is not the mindset of a game developer, that's someone who doesn't realize that making a video game is not as easy as drawing a picture of an anime girl and slapping it on a website's t-shirt making application.

I'm sure the development process for this game is REALLY unorganized since people are leaving and these delays. Hell, Toby Fox was at least giving details about the development of Undertale via Kickstarter. As for Omori, i see nothing at all but one-off posts about them apologizing for the lack of updates, why they haven't done anything, how they had to use a different game engine and yada yada. It makes me feel bad for the people who shelled out hundreds of dollars for this game.

If this keeps up, then i await the day until Omori ends up featured and discussed in a failed kickstarter video from Larry Bundy Jr's Youtube channel.

No. 180423

>Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project?

>Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.

More on https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/accountability-on-kickstarter

I think it would be hilarious if people started filing claims. Legally they are owed a refund as per kickstarters ToS. The creator agrees to these terms when making the kickstarter too.

No. 180433

>won't be as good as Undertale
Uh, what? Undertale was enjoyable, but it's by no means the best indie game. The graphics are bad, it had forced chiptunes, and the engine it was made with is pretty garbage. Do we know if Tiffany's game is being programmed from scratch?

It can't possible be as good as Undertale or the Homestuck game for a few reasons as well.
1) Homestuck already has a fandom from it's comic, so regardless of how the game plays, it'll have tons of players
2) Undertale was not a total fluke. The creator had a lot of experience making other games like Earthbound fan games. All the work from those really shows.

She can't possibly think she can just get success from a box like that, can she? She's not a programmer and she has no "fans" outside maybe her clothing.

No. 180435

>Do we know if Tiffany's game is being programmed from scratch?
It's being made with RPG Maker VX, lmao.

No. 180589

I think a lot of ppl who liked homestuck probably will forget about that shite game before it even comes out.

No. 180601

File: 1486215510876.jpg (174.08 KB, 1200x1061, where to cop.jpg)

This isnt omocat related but does anyone know WHERE TO COP THIS?

No. 180604

No. 180692


shame its sold out and cant be exported

No. 180738

Unless you're a 14 year old girl, it's a shame that you'd actually wear that on your body out of the house

No. 180742


No. 180750

Kill all robots.

Has anyone bought from her stuff recently since this change? I'm eyeing some things, but I don't want to get any if there's been a quality drop.

No. 180802

it does look disgusting

No. 180811

just buy the bootlegs from china, same quality at 200% less the price

No. 180816

Do you have any links to taobao or something? I think I'll gladly do that.

No. 181123

Omo posted an update today. Basic rundown is

>backer prizes will be sent out by the end of febuary

>switching from rpgmaker vxace to rpgmaker mv
>"im sorry for not updating anyone and looking like i ran off with 200k"
>omo says she cant provide many previews bc spoilers
>debating on how to show more backer appreciation (BTS of game production, game concepts, or beta testing)

I'm still mad and find it unforgivable that it's taken this long for decent updates, but at this point I just want the shit that I can't get my money back for. When I first backed the project, I really did like some of Omo's apparel (I still want to buy the fishboy sweater one day, but I'll probably settle for a bootleg bc fuck giving omo any more of my money), and I thought that such a popular artist who's done collabs with well known companies couldn't possibly let her backers down and this game would definitely come to fruitation but boy oh boy.

I also pledged for the artbook/walkthrough and they mentioned something about it in another older update, but now that the game is being delayed and they're sending out some of the prizes anyway… I wonder just how much of a pain in the ass it's going to be to have to go back and mail out the artbooks to people again.

No. 181128

File: 1486886427149.jpg (6.5 KB, 275x240, 1485825516835.jpg)

>"switching from rpgmaker vxace to rpgmaker mv"

How many times have they switched this? Come on, make up your mind already Omo. At the very least, you should've came to a decision on which RPG Maker program to use since Day 1.

Honestly, i'm not even surprised the game got delayed again. I wonder if she'll keep her promise shipping out the backer prizes. Can't wait for the complaints.

No. 181135

>omo says she cant provide many previews bc spoilers

Honestly, as an indie dev being so secretive about your game is the worst you can do. And if your game can be spoilered so easily, chances are it's not that good.
She should just release it already and not worry too much if it's better than undertale or not. It's her first game, why would someone in that position even aim at creating the next undertale? That's ridiculous.
Also, when you pledge 200k for your project, you have a responsibility to provide that product to your backers. It's almost three years man, "a good game needs time" is not an excuse when she has the time to make apparel and isn't able to make decent updates.

No. 181138

File: 1486922316444.jpg (26.53 KB, 604x340, 1462734122933.jpg)

>switching from rpgmaker vxace to rpgmaker mv

No. 181171

Found this on a blog. I was thinking about buying one but I'll pass after reading this.

> The print looks horrible in the armholes, like if the fabric was folded or had wrinkles when the print was done. It's blank and weird, like paperboard? That was the only thing that dissapointed me. Although I noticed that the stock photos have the same error, so I guess all of the Dangergirl t-shirts have it.

>The t-shirt is made in Colombia, it has 2 tags. Omocat's and another one. Omocat's tag is sewed to the other tag, the manufacturer's tag is under the other tag.

So she sends the picture, ask them to make it and the she sews her tag on top of the other tag? Lmao how trashy

No. 183149

Night in the Woods came out recently and it reminded me that omori is going to be complete fucking garbage compared to it

No. 183197

Night in the Woods is pretty shit too aside from maybe art style and sound. Mae is fucking insufferable as a character and the anti-capitalist circlejerk in the whole thing feels like a teen wrote it. No wonder tumblr loves it. The main character is unlikable and obnoxious as most of them.

No. 183234

I think NiTW has amazing art/sound and you're right, the game begins to deteriorate after the first arc

At least it came out after it's kickstarter backing ending unlike Omori

No. 183271

17 year old me would have loved it but the adult me thinks Mae is petty and needs to accept responsibility for her faults. IDK maybe that's what they were going for in the narrative but from the way the creator seems, I don't think it was intentional at times.

But yeah. It did deliver at least. That is a plus.

No. 183768

Playing through the game I thought that Mae would grow as a person, try to get a job, and just stop being shitty but that just never happens. In the end the characters don't feel like they've changed at all, not to mention how out of nowhere that ending came from. It feels like they just cut the game short because they didn't want to work on it anymore.

No. 183915

File: 1489610572065.png (527.53 KB, 753x585, wheres our stuff.PNG)

It's been 3 weeks since this update. This is the latest update and nothing else has been posted about the goods being sent out.

Omo never fails to disappoint.

No. 183954

Kinda bummed, I bought it and thought the art was quite good but so far Mae is just a whiny kid who's not ready to be a young adult and yeah, quite obnoxious too. I get it that she suffers from anxiety and I relate but even then, I always aknowledged my actions and tried to think about others once in a while. All she goes is me me me so far, so I was hoping she'd grow up during the game :/

Plus it's pretty boring, I should have just watched some let's play on youtube.

No. 183969

It still amazes me how easily she's seemingly getting away with all of this.

Oh she posted a trailer now suddenly everything is fine again and those delays with zero info weren't her fault at all!!

It's fucking incredible how much people are defending this shit. If I'm going to guess, it's because a good chunk of the people defending it hope their art will get them to Omocat's riches someday.

Also I'll forever be salty with just how popular her stuff is, I used to like her art and I'm not against making money at all, but she just comes off as sleazy and not caring.

No. 183972

her rich daddy helps to pay for her business and artschool, another case of the rich get richer

No. 183977


I'm watching a playthrough now, and Mae is the most annoying character in the game. Everyone caters to her dumb whims and she never learns anything. Not sure how it ends but I'm sure it will piss me off.

No. 184113

I can't remember if she was the one who said it or one of her (maybe misinformed) fans, but didn't she complain about her art school debt?

I mean at this point I don't know what to believe anymore. Just wish she'd own up to the delays and not just pretend it's in no way her fault.

No. 184237

she's lied about her life(surgery, boyfriend, designs) before, so it doesn't seem like a stretch that she'd lie about art school debt to garner sympathy and put on the poor struggling artist persona

No. 185464

File: 1491075794229.png (665.14 KB, 1165x543, Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.3…)

30 bucks for this garbage as trash as the rest of her collections

No. 185465

I thought this was her April Fools joke. Did she actually make these and sells them?…

No. 185466

File: 1491076178975.png (43.17 KB, 525x182, Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 12.4…)

this dude just made an order so she is absolutely selling these

No. 185510

Lmao she can make garbage and still sell it. Shows you don't need talent to make money. Also apparently you have to be Asian to model for her

No. 185647

Finally got my Omori sweater today. The sweater's soft and the design is nice but I probably won't wear it that often so I don't have to put it through the wash too much, I'm scared of the design cracking. I'll probably airdry it if anything.

I wore it around today since I waited so fucking long for it and ran into a bitch I hate who eats Omo's shit and we were talking about the game, and when I mentioned what some people farther up the thread said about Omo fearing the release of Omori and it not being as popular as Undertale, she kept saying "noo she should just release it! people will love it!" and I wanted to say "yeah because a lot of her fans are blind sheep and love any garbage she put out." When I mentioned her new line to try and segway into my thought of blind sheep, she immediately said "Yeah I LOVE it! It's sooo ironic!!"

I knew it was a lost cause and she was one of those blind sheep but damn. I hate to be one of those people who say things like "I like their old stuff better" but I really do like Omo's older stuff better, back when her designs were pretty nice. Her new line looks like a fucking five year old drew it. I'm happy I got her sweater since I bought it when I was a stupid wee bab, but now I know better lol. I want a bootleg of her fishboy sweater so if anyone would happen to know where I could find one please point me in the right direction lol.

No. 188439

a lot of comments here are so hateful and pointless, I think that everybody is allowed to wear whatever the fuck they want to wear and everybody can also have they own opinions about what beautiful is.
Im not gonna defend omocat in every aspect, but you people have to realize when you are just being an asshole.
Do I like her old style more than the new one? mostly I do, but who am i to tell the artist what shit they should draw to please ME, they know what they wanna do and what kind of people they wanna reach, and im free to say, 'well, i dont think i like this so i dont have to buy it' thats it.
i have never bought anything from her because its expensive, i agree with that, and im disappointed to read that the clothes is not even high quality (i know that you have to pay for original design, but i think that the material should meet the expectations at least)
I have no idea why the omoriboy game has been so delayed and i do think its concerning since the team made a huge amount of money on kickstarter, but what have this to do with her being 'ugly' or whatever?
Also i dont think that being socially awkward is too much a big deal, of course she could work on it but people could also recognise that there is different kind of people outside and not everyone is trying to be mean or haughty just because they're not immediately nice. And yeah maybe she is a jerk but i dont know here so i cant say and i dont care.

No. 188469

Hey anon, is the tag on that shirt "Made in China" or "Made in America"? I am just deeply contemplating if there's any reason to invest in some 40 dollar shirt that's cheaply made. Please review how it holds up in washes as well.

No. 188822

File: 1493576164863.jpg (1.11 MB, 2448x3264, Photo Apr 30, 2 05 13 PM.jpg)

>"a lot of comments here are so hateful and pointless"
>is on lolcow, a place to shit and hate on people

Why are you even here lol…

Also, no one is telling Omo what to draw, just their own opinion that the new line is shit. I'm also free to say "the designs look like she put zero effort into it and the people who are willing to fork over an exorbitant amount of money for it are idiots."

Honduras, actually.

I would absolutely recommend against buying it. Don't know how the designs on the t-shirts are printed, but on the sweater it feels sort of like a thick layer of paint. I'll come back and tell you how it holds up in the wash (my assumption is that it'll probably be fine since it'll be the first time in the wash), but regardless I don't think her work is worth it anymore. I'd never seen a Omocat sweater in person, but I always used to think they'd be higher quality than what I got. I'd rather give my money to other artists tbh.

No. 188839

File: 1493583473440.jpg (169.07 KB, 1000x1000, uchuusummer.jpg)

>I'd rather give my money to other artists tbh.

Same tbh, there's a lot more artists now making really nice clothes with really nice designs that rival omo's shit. I'm glad the weeb clothes market is getting more competitive

No. 188853


I really like the way they advertise their products, it's so cute!
Thx, anon!

No. 189239


i'm pretty doubtful you actually worked with her? no one has gotten onto or left her project in the past year or so, even prior to the ks announcement where the staff list was updated. unless you're talking about working on omori a very very long time ago or something

not really defending omo, but there's no point spreading fake deets when she's pretty good at fueling drama on her own

No. 190517

yes there has been additions to the staff that aren't listed or publicized by omo so anon is truthful that ppl have for a fact left

No. 190629

Just wait until the game finally releases and if the people still working there let her have her way, there won't BE a game. Like I said before, she wants the player to do absolutely nothing and watch the game.

No. 190661

nah i know the people on the staff irl and i know who's gone off/on, anon i replied to is making things up for no real reason

No. 190877

lmao you must be one of her friends then because I'VE been working DIRECTLY with them and Tiffany is the most unreasonable people to work with

No. 190880

File: 1495068631914.gif (464.79 KB, 500x282, thoughtful-oprah.gif)

No. 193443

I just want to clarify: Omocat is white.

She is a white woman.

Although, she got plastic surgery so that she will look asian, and keeps on trying to make herself look asian.

To all to think she is actually asian: She lied. Or at least, you just assumed and didn't know.

She really she is just a racist.

No. 193447

What the fuck? You can't just make a claim like that without receipts, anon.

No. 193454

Also, samefagging, but according to sources upthread and otherwise, her name is Tiffany Liao. "Liao" is a Chinese name. Sounds pretty Asian to me.
I'm starting to suspect Omo sent her friends here to false flag and spread false information or something.

No. 193483

Stop drinking the Tumblr juice.

No. 193504

File: 1496550211733.gif (1.28 MB, 500x243, 33tldtj.gif)

What a bizarre post

No. 193579

I've purchased 2 sweaters from Omocat. I was kind hoping that they wouldn't go through the 8 bit art, ~its muh art style~ phase but here we are.
What happened? They had that Halloween collab that produced one of my favorite sweaters and it's like ?????

No. 194643

It's been three years since Omori has been funded. Where's the game? Can't Omocat share a demo at the very least ?

No. 194648

What Halloween collab shirt is that, anon?

No. 194672

No. 194674

Oh, this is actually nice artwork. I can just tell even at a glance it's better than hers and a much more experienced artist. I can't stand her soft weeb tumblr style and bland round faces on literally everything.

No. 194676

Yeah the Fall 2016 ones are super nice and makes me wish she did sell them at conventions…I went to a con and she had 80 percent 8 bit designs and they were ugly im my opinion. Those kind of designs are the ones you find on Snapfish or some shit.Looks like she pulled them off the site..

No. 195237

There's an update on her kick starter page (finally) posted a couple days ago and basically it was saying that making a game is hard, time consuming and all that jazz. She list all the games features (and even forgot about one) and ended the post saying that they'er going to release a playable demo of the game in October……at a pop-up shop in L.A….yeah, I found that really weird…

No. 195238

Also the pop-up shop's only going to be open for two days…

No. 195239

She also said she would resale the demo after then event to the backers,and then release it publicly for anyone to check out

No. 195240

Sorry, dumb auto-correct!

No. 196981

Okay so there will be a demo released for the public. I do recall that Omocat did have a demo at a convention back sometime in 2015 but never released it to the public.I'm guessing the release date for the game is still TBA.

No. 200930

i'm not one of her friends, i'm a friend of the staff members… so if you're actually on the staff, i know who you are now lol

No. 200931

samefags because i'm a moron, i'm not arguing she's not unreasonable to work with, i'm just saying it's not as extreme as you claim

No. 201003

if you've been working with them, can't you prove it by posting a picture of something only someone in your position would have access to?

No. 201018

File: 1502037553026.jpg (25.75 KB, 411x600, IMG_6611_grande.jpg)

one of my favorite sweaters is from omocat. i dont know what happened, her stuff is just plain ugly now. like i dont understand how people could pay that much for some of her clothing items

No. 201200

Meeting Omo was so funny. She seemed super calm to the point it was like she had a flat affect, but as soon as she left all her friends started talking about how pushy she is.

No. 201254

do you understand what lawsuits and NDA are

No. 202859

File: 1503382613981.jpg (223.03 KB, 1012x1012, DHpHc9WVwAA2V04.jpg)

Her new FALL LINE preview with guest artists is out, there's an artist that's one of my favourites so I'm gonna buy it.

Ironically, my first omocat purchase was from her halloween line last year, but I'm more interested in the guest artists than her actual work..

No. 219694

>new omori christmas update on kickstarter
>the demo won't be released to the public anymore, only to backers
>demo has to be fixed first (apparently it was full of bugs according to people who went to the pop up store event in la - which was in october btw)
>engine and health excuses, the usual

what baffles me is that people, to this day, still defend her and are being supportive.
the kickstarter page went live in 2014. there are around 7-8 people working on the game. they raised over 200k for this game. but yeah "don't listen to the haters who demand updates for a game they spend money on almost four years ago uwu stay healthy!"
come on.

No. 219804

Which artist? My faves also contributed but it's taking a lot for me not to knowing that omocat still hasn't finished their game lol

from her tweets, it seems at least they sent the physical goods out? still fucking stupid it's not out yet thought considering
-she hired a studio of people to work for her
-she doesn't handle the merchandise/store

like literally all she has to do is draw at this point and let everyone else handle the assets and programming

No. 220878

lol aboutomori.tumblr.com got deleted

No. 221553

No. 227960

Can confirm the game exists, played the demo at her Halloween premiere. It's… fine? Art has got a somewhat unique style; if you find her pastel heavy art to be unique. It's like a hard 50/50 blend of Yume Nikki and Earthbound. The opening room where you just have a laptop was so Yume Nikki inspired I groaned a little. Nothing too revolutionary. I think there was like 1 dead meme and 3 Pokemon references in the 15 minute demo we got to play. The walking controls need tightening. (Super minor gripe but loose/floaty controls are like the biggest thing indie devs fuck up IMO). Very indie, style-over-substance. Probably won't be awful, probably won't break any new ground.

No. 236363

With the demo being released this month, I think Omori is finally going to be released this year.

No. 236474

Fuck omocat and this game I've grown out of my interest in this wackass hippie game 2 years ago.

No. 237934

Pretty sure this is omocats personal account.Seems like she took a trip to Japan last month.Apparently she has time for that but not for writing an update?

No. 238011

All of her pics of her Japan trip look really boring and basic. So much for having an artistic eye.

No. 238043

>all those art books
What a waste of money.

No. 238253

no wonder she released the new line

No. 239238

if this really is her …she's so boring

No. 240213

she bought a huge fucking house in LA? this is probably where the money from omori kickstarter went

No. 240401

lol nah 100k cant buy a house in LA, her rich daddy probably helped her out

btw she loves this thread and people talking about her in gen. she's fucked in the head and textbook definition of an attention whore.

No. 240485

First she raised 2 hundo grands, and second it's totally possible. She's not paying it off in a lump sum or anything(who does that). $100k is more than enough for down payment in the currently depressed LA house market.

Also at this point I'm 100% sure certain portion of money raised from omori kickstarter went into establishing her clothing brand. In May 2014, while her Omori kickstarter funding was still open and active, she filed Omocat. LLC in California(you can look it up on sos.ca.gov). After the Omori kickstarter, her clothing brand expanded greatly and started doing collabs with big celeb/companies. I believe Omocat is now making enough money to hire crews to help her business operation, since nobody actually sees at omocat con booths anymore.

It was morally flawed to jumpstart her business with money people gave her for a separate project. I think she knows that too. I just wish she put more effort and care in her $200,000 video game project than an ugly weeb clothing brand.

No. 241093

OMORI 'demo' came out

>4 years to deliver a tentative demo

>the game itself isn't even done yet
>major glitch discovered right after demo is released
>it was because they use fuckinG DROPBOX FOR VERSION CONTROL


did omocat hire college students for $5 an hour to make her game or something

No. 241121

anyone got a link to a torrent for it yet?

No. 241157

Where does it mention they used dropbox?

No. 241257

on Archeia's twitter
(that's one of the goons omocat paid to complete the game after omocat realized she fucked up)

No. 241263

I played the demo btw(sorry, you are not supposed to share it with non-backers)
I could feel the passion and effort to some degree but it sucked big time simultaneously
Few of my honest reactions:

-It feels like a game that should have come out 10 years ago. (vastly outdated feeling, but not in a cool or hip way)
-poor worldbuilding
-battle system is so excruciatingly simple
-tries too hard to be quirky

No. 241266

File: 1523411037543.gif (684.24 KB, 302x200, 3rafAs7.gif)

>you're not supposed to share it with non-backers

Anon… where do you think you are? The moral station?

No. 241270

I'm just afraid if my copy is marked in some way that they can trace me back if they wanted to…
I'll try making a torrent tonight tho

No. 241321

>did omocat hire college students for $5 an hour to make her game or something

you think that's a joke

No. 241330

Someone on a video game board on 4chan uploaded it, you can check the archive to get the file.

No. 241374

It looks a bit sketchy, is it really legit?

No. 241384

it's okay to stream the demo so some people have played it

No. 241398

Here's the demo. I can vouch for it, it's legit.

No. 241407

Omocat had enough money to give Toby fox 1000 to be featured in his game but she should've saved it to make sure her game could even function

No. 241491

I'm close to several people working on the game and its slow release is a consequence of leaders on the project only working on the game part time, mixed in with Tiffany's piss poor organization. The musicians are busy with their own shit, the artists are busy with their own shit, and to top it off, the team doesn't even believe in what they're creating because nobody really knows what they're doing. There are some who even hate working on it, and hate others on the dev team.

All in all, it's a mediocre pile of garbage with weeaboo febreeze all over it. Can't wait!

No. 241492

Wow, I'm 5 minutes in and I'm very surprised about how boring this game is.
If you are not going to guide the player at the start or tell an interesting history, like eartbound and undertale, at least show weird shit, really weird not just dumb worms, like YumeNikki.

No. 241496

I hate Omocat so fucking much because she's a lazy piece of shit but somehow people are giving her so much money.

I'm not saying she is lazy in a literal sense.(of course she is SOOO busy, that's the excuse she uses for almost anything) She is lazy as fuck creatively. Check: Omocat spring 2017 collection.

She is overrated, undertalented, and sketchy as fuck.

I sincerely hope she goes bankrupt someday.

No. 241500

File: 1523494691953.gif (282.36 KB, 220x220, tenor (3).gif)

I can't believe that

It's some shit that she can release overpriced garbage and people would still fucking buy it if it had her ugly weeb drawings on it
Reminds me of Markiplier's April fool's joke where he put literal rocks in his store and people actually bought them, ngl I wish I had an large idiot fanbase that would through money at me
Honestly, I'm glad I ditched my omocat clothes/phase, there's other creators now that make way cuter weeb themed clothes without being piece of shits about it

No. 241504


°°°·.°·..·°¯°·._.· 𝕋𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕝𝕖𝕤𝕤 𝕙𝕒𝕔𝕜 ·._.·°¯°·.·° .·°°°

No. 241533

File: 1523503694963.gif (671.81 KB, 190x137, rxr3zeTu1r2lywc_500.gif)

The defense to this tho is people going b-but it's still a demo!1!!
I mean sure but that still doesn't make it any less tryhard
it's kinda like Hiveswap where the game was delayed for so long that a good chunk of the people that were originally interested now have moved on

No. 241536

File: 1523504998421.png (220.38 KB, 710x473, the eye.png)

Just finished the demo, and I have to agree that this game is garbage.

There was literally no story. If you're going down the Yume Nikki route, you need to have a good atmospheric setting and visual cues that tell the story for you. Unfortunately, there was none of that. It was a bland, generic pastel-colored world with nothing unique about it. There was no theme to it all, just cutesy monster/animal characters that don't blend in with the human characters at all. Was she aiming for an Undertale theme? Bugs were everywhere. Sometimes the game slowed down to a crawl and I had no choice but to close the game and reopen it to get it to run. The pacing was awful too. The game drags on endlessly on quests that have little to no importance. What was the point of Kite boy? The Well? Why go through the trouble of finishing the main quest if nothing will come out of it? It's pointless to leave elements and maps in the demo if they won't be used at all.

The only things that vaguely resembled a story weren't even included in the demo. If Basil is going to be such an important character, he should have gotten screen-time or at least some sort of flashback to cue to hook the player to the mystery. What was the player's incentive to be hyped for the full game? I saw the "ghost" maybe two times? If you're trying to do a psychological thriller, you need to create good foreshadowing of what is to come in the game.

OMORI is honestly just forgettable and try-hard as fuck.

No. 241758

For people that can't muster strenght to play this boring shit, and have a tolerance towards obnoxious letsplay's voices, there's a "speedrun" on youtube.

No. 241788

Reminds me of The Witch's House and those 1000000000 Markiplier fangames. All made in RPGmaker and zero effort put in.

No. 241998


Fellow omocat ex worker sup lol

Remember when Tiffany was so hell bent on just having the user do nothing but stare at the screen until shit happened lol 2DEEP4ME VIDEO GAME OF THE YEAR

No. 242478

yes lmao. At this rate Tiffany should just have a link to buy her shitty shirts in the title screen, instead of pretending this is a respectable game.

It's hilarious how dysfunctional the team is, how they hate her, and each other. And how members of the team (slimegirls) are hated by the very audience they're trying to cater to hahahahaha

No. 242502

Care to give examples of weeb clothing creators I can give my money to?

No. 242516

Not that anon but
Holley Tea Time
Officialsoto (site is only selling one sweatshirt atm, sadly)
Anime Trash Swag
Tokyo Otaku Mode (more of a distributor of Japanese fashion than creators)
Dreamy Bows (same deal as Tokyo Otaku Mode)
Happy Monday (they steal designs sometimes, kinda shitty)
SpreePicky (they make custom shirts and also resell stuff from Taobao)
Syndrome (same deal as SpreePicky)
Maruq (same deal as SpreePicky)

Aside from that, there's typically some interesting stuff when you search terms like "kawaii", "anime", etc on sites like Redbubble and Etsy.

No. 242541

File: 1523728030526.png (795.75 KB, 1000x1000, dograglan.png)

Sure! the two that I really like are Uchuu summer and punimelt, their clothes are cute af
I used to like fangrrls but she turned out to be a shithead so I ditched that(she ended up closing her store lmao)
It was a shame since her clothes were actually cool but I hate buying from shit people

>Anime Trash Swag

>taobao resellers
yeah, I wouldn't get near those
you'd probably find cuter stuff on actual taobao or even Aliexpress

No. 242544

>And how members of the team (slimegirls) are hated by the very audience they're trying to cater to

People hate slimegirls?
I use to listen to their music awhile back, they're still around?

No. 242600

What happened with fangrrls? I feel the same about Cute Hospital, it's a shame.

Anon, Holly Tea Time, Kawaii Goods, and Tokyo Otaku Mode are shit, plus Happy Monday and the SpreePicky's steal art from indie artists. Wtf

No. 242644

Wait, why is Tokyo Otaku Mode shit? I know HM steals art (I even mentioned it), but SpreePicky doesn't, AFAIK, they just resell shit from Taobao which may/may not have stolen art (like most Taobao stores). I don't personally like KG, ATS or HTT, but there are definitely have people who do, and I don't know anon's taste, so I thought I'd list them anyway.

No. 242679

don't fucking recomment htt, i thought she was out by now.

No. 242713

Fangrrrl was bragging about how she Cheated through art college by having her friend do her assignments. Her friends (punimelt, uchuusummer, cute hospital, the whole socal Tiffany omocat gang) were praising her with YASSS GIRL SLAYYYY

I like puni and uchuu, but if they enjoy tiffany's company then the have to be darksided deep inside…

The Tiffany gang is so bad news, one of her inner circle artist friends viibean flirted and eventually cheated with her friends boyfriend.

No. 242725

KG puts people on blast if she thinks they are copying her or if she has drama with them in an incredibly unprofessional way. Interestingly, she stole a lot of her designs from other Japanese brands.

There is a ton of ancient drama on HTT if you google it, including ripping people off.

Tokyo Otaku Mode scalp a lot of their items and also add in extra fees without declaring them openly, disguising them as "shipping costs." They also change their prices on popular items that were already listed for a certain price on their website for a while if they think they can profit more.

Wow, that's pretty bad. It's a shame people admitting to cheating can't get their degree revoked. That also makes me even more disappointed in cute hospital. At first I liked her art and felt bad for her health issues. Then I found out it was all an ED and her bratty behavior became less excusable. The way she treats others is already bad and now she is teetering on scammer territory what with keeping $ but not sending orders from over a year ago.

No. 242739

God I knew Omori was going to be another vapid game that tries to hit the yume nikki weird with undertale cringe humor. It sucks since games made in rpg maker or gamemaker (this kind of aesthetic? Style?) aren't all cash grabs with no effort. It gives people who actually put effort into their games but do it for free look bad since this huge kickstarter game sucks
Someone mentioned Witch's House itt but at least Witch's House had an interesting back story and actual gameplay.

No. 242839

The guy behind slimegirls is somewhat notorious for preying on female Asian artists especially in the anime con scene, so weebs in the know don't want to associate with him. Other than that I've heard from his "friends" that he's just fuckin shady bottom feeder lol

No. 242854

Really? I always assumed they were trans and gay

No. 242913

We honestly need a thread for the uwu kawaii pure smol bean art scene that still acts like they're in a high school clique
I've had some bad feelings about slimegirls, I even think Pedro used to follow my Tumblr back in the day. It's always the people with the same hairstyle.
The whole group is composed of white dudes and brown girls.

No. 242915

If possible could we get more info on the viibean thing? I know she just moved to cali. Always took her as someone who was sweat and nice, so this is shocking.


Can we please. The uwu kawaii pure smol bean art scene is a fucking riot. The art is always the same and artist are ugly. Though not sure how you mean brown girls are in the group, anon. It's always asian people and white dude who want to be excepted in the group

No. 242930

Hi, viibean here… I'm scared of causing more trouble for myself and others by replying but after being shown the first comment, I don't think I can let it slide; every detail is false. No one involved in this "cheating" thing bothered to listen or talk to me about it so I guess I'm hoping someone on this anonymous forum does..

First, I'm not friends with omocat at all.

More importantly, at no point did I flirt or cheat with the boyfriend in question. Besides hanging out with him (together with his gf! so it always felt platonic) a few times in LA during my visits, all this guy did was talk to me in an ostensibly friendly manner… I was friendly back to him bc we had been mutuals online for a while, but after his seemingly harmless messages became weirdly frequent, I made sure to put distance between us by responding less or outright ignoring him. I never once reciprocated whatever feelings he had for me.

I don't agree that omocat or her friends are bad people per se, but once the gf found out about the "cheating" it was punimelt, fangrrlz, and cutehospital who blew things out of proportion and painted me as a homewrecker through some pretty dirty means. So I would really appreciate not being associated with them at all.

No. 242934

From their tweets about you, you were aware of his feelings and strung him along. I.E. going on 1-on-1 outings, accepting artist alley tables, animation networks. He apparently even admitted it was cheating.

In the case you were really oblivious to this all, why did you block his girlfriend after the fact instead of letting her know your true intentions? Just seems a bit suspect

No. 242939

>I don't agree that omocat or her friends are bad people per se
>punimelt, fangrrlz, and cutehospital who blew things out of proportion and painted me as a homewrecker through some pretty dirty means

They sound pretty awful to me

No. 242942

ok I'm gonna go piece by piece, forgive me for the length

>aware of his feelings and strung him along

He and I were online mutuals for a few years, and met in person for the first time at the end of May 2017. I was only aware of him possibly having feelings after he started talking to me a lot in November (after I had a break up). He never said anything outright suspicious or disloyal re: his girlfriend so I didn't know whether or not my fears were founded to do anything about it. Is giving polite replies to someone when they message you stringing them along??

>1-on-1 outings

He invited me to dinner alone only once back in October while I was in town, and by all means it felt like a casual meet up with a friend. He was even texting his gf on FB while we were out, so I didn't think anything weird was happening

>accepting artist alley tables

He offered to help get me a table, long before I met him in person and long before he started talking to me as frequently. At this point we were just casual online friends and I thought he was just being really kind, since, well, friends like to help each other…

>animation networks

????? Do you mean networking in animation? The dude works in video games and I already have a bunch of close friends in animation; there was zero need for me to turn to him for networking.

>He apparently even admitted it was cheating

OK great, now I finally get some closure on what the hell it was he told his gf… Maybe /he/ had the intention to cheat, but I never let it happen! I figure he must have framed it that way to help shift blame or responsibility away from himself… This guy………

>why did you block his girlfriend after the fact

I didn't block her? I unfollowed her at some point before any of this happened because I wasn't a fan of her art and because I didn't really know her that well. I keep my following list pretty strictly curated to either people whose art I'm really into, or friends.

No. 242944

File: 1523824457350.png (74.75 KB, 452x617, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 1.28…)

>instead of letting her know your true intentions
After the fact, I reached out to her via twitter DMs asking to talk but she never responded. fwiw, one of the criticisms levelled against me by the gf's friends was that I didn't go forward sooner. Again, the nature of the bf's behaviour to me was quite vague and ostensibly platonic, so I didn't know how to confront anyone about it in case I totally misread the situation. Anyway, that's what I am apologising for in these messages - I was not apologising for actually doing anything with her bf.

No. 242948

Wow okay, so the real story was that he was preying on you, what a fucking scumbag. How can he champion for women's rights and #MeToo when he's manipulating girls 10 years younger than him. It really seems he pushed all the blame onto you.

No. 242961

If you unfollowed and then DM'd it might've been sent to her junk inbox. Sounds like a lot of misunderstandings caused by the deceitful boyfriend

No. 242975


Wow fuck that guy. Sorry this happened to you, Vii. You don't deserve this.

I know this is the internet and what have you, but that beats believing something w/o proof for me. Now i'm wondering if half the shit said in this thread is even true.

No. 242980

Tbf every story has some truth to it. Just take everything with a grain of salt, the story mentioned still reveals cheating from someone and unfortunately everyone who was vocal about it railroaded her as the scapegoat instead of placing blame on the man who cheated

No. 242981

File: 1523832071286.jpg (50.99 KB, 443x332, IMG_1338.JPG)

No. 242982

I wonder "who" would be behind this post.

No. 242995

I wasn't given the benefit of the doubt when this broke out so this opportunity to give my side of the story means a lot, even though it's being said in a thread about omocat and omori, of all things.

After skimming through the thread, I wanna say that even as someone who had bad experiences with several people discussed, the reads on them here are often exaggerated or off the mark. There's more to everyone than what can be garnered from business practices or what they say on twitter. It's already hard enough to read a person when you know them personally, and way harder when you don't, so I think it's best to save our judgements for unbiased evidence or personal experience.

Anyway, I'm gonna dip. Thank you very much for hearing me out!

No. 243026

Idk there's something off about all of this. You were mentioned and somehow immediately came to reply? Which means you lurk and/or participate on this website.

It shows a lot about your character. I'm sorry those girls ganged up on you but I'm going to be skeptical about anything else you say.

No. 243034

>Which means you lurk and/or participate on this website.
>It shows a lot about your character.

That's true. I can prove it as another semi-tumblr famous artist with an utterly garbage personality who lurks on this website. I'm just glad nobody is talking about me on here lmao

No. 243036


lmao. Same here, but honestly artist on the inside are jealous, angry people let's not even kid ourselves. Not surprised when popular artist lurk here. And Kudos on glad we aren't being talked about here LOL

No. 243054

I think it's cus you guys are smart enough to hide it.

In any case I'm more inclined to believe anon stories vs viibean's "I met them once so what you said about them is false" - it's kind of like "Hes my friend and he hasn't raped me, so you weren't raped" mentality. Kind of dismissive and gross tbh

No. 243055

File: 1523853717355.png (1.14 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1323.PNG)

>not friends with omocat
>front row at omocat's pop up shop
>backstage with the talent


No. 243060

Feels good to see someone actually put that into words lol Someone i know posts art online and has for a long time. I stopped drawing for multiple years but looking at them I decided to start again. They told me how good it was and I was confused because I was absolute shit level, it wasn’t good at all. I worked more and more until I improved and they won’t talk to me anymore…. I thought I did something wrong while in the back of my mind I was always wondering “…is it because I ended up getting more likes/followers than them…?” I guess so lol
sage for blog

No. 243167

lol you're really trying to start shit

No. 243286

I just don't understand how she can say she has no connection to omocat but she's hung out with the crew. If she isn't friends with omocat how can she make bold statements like everything in the thread is exaggerated? Fishy

No. 243301

File: 1523936993739.jpeg (197.12 KB, 762x1148, 7329D65C-3E9E-46A5-A1E7-367643…)

Lol just looking up her name gives you people who haven’t received their items they ordered YET AGAIN. I swear, the only people who willingly buy her merch only to get scammed after the numerous accusations of her doing this in the past are retarded.

No. 243341

Sage for ot but viibean is a bit of a cow herself

>dates boy that parents disapprove

>cuts contact with family, moves out and lives with boyfriend and his family
>drops out of university because MUH DEPRESSION
>breaks up with boyfriend because ABUSIVE despite him taking her in

No. 243380

I'm just here for the petty popular artist drama, but that doesn't really make her sound like a cow, anon. Seems more like a series of unfortunate events. Just because someone gives you shelter doesn't mean they won't hold that against you and make you feel indebted to them. Abuse comes in a lot of forms. Maybe there are better examples of her cowness, but you chose pretty lackluster ones.

Anyway, it was fun seeing some names called out. I knew that uwu punimelt girl had a nasty side to her. There was always something disingenuous with how she presented herself and her brand.

No. 243485

Viibean didn't you draw a group picture of your friends (fangrrrlz cute hospital punimelt slimegirls etc) and tagged it 'UwU my best friends they make life worth living' and then deleted when they call you a homewrecking slut lol

They suck but like, you're not really a good judge of character are you lol

No. 243730

Can any insiders spill omocat's apparel sources? I know her main shirt printer used to be Threadbird, not sure if she still uses them. I'm mostly curious about her sweatshirts/jackets.

No. 243742

Friend got a package from omocat with a box labeled threadbird a while ago so I think yeah. Her crew uses the same company too

No. 243866

this is omocat thread, get the fuck out viibean. write a post on your tumblr or some shit

No. 246405

sage for ot
I didn't know about any of those. Either that or I'm not really that updated with her life despite following her since 2012.

Feels weird that the artists you follow/come across tend to be problematic the more you know about them. It would be best if they keep their private life separate I guess.

No. 248442

she seemed sweet on the outside but she seems drama hungry and talks a lot of shit behind the scenes. she used to lurk artist-grapevine/gossip on tumblr a long time ago. If you dig through her old tweets to her friends she lowkey disses a lot of people lol (she fits perfectly here on lolcow)

No. 248452

The designs are neato, but the fit of the sweaters SUCK. Whenever I wore one (I.. somehow ended up buying so many back when I had poor judgment and got tricked by the pretty art) it looked like a sack. I also have a succubus shirt in crop top form and that one completely disintegrated after a couple of washes. Weak af.

Recently cleaned out the majority of my wardrobe and Omocat's ugly ass creations were the first to go. I'd much rather buy her art as stickers or prints but no more clothing for me.

No. 248523

Talking shit doesn't really qualify as a cow or "problematic"… most people talk shit, it's pretty rare to find someone who doesn't.

No. 248610


shes not a cow/problematic, but
its hypocritical that she pushes artist positivity while being a cunt behind the scenes

No. 248784


jesus christ can you cunts stop take the viibean shit to the artist flakes thread? ffs this is an omocat thread

No. 260411

2 months after the demo, no update… AT ALL…
I'm getting a feeling that the demo was just to shut the people up, and Omocat still has no plan to actually finish the game

No. 261107

do you think the delay has anything to do with them using the rpgmaker engine or did they finally work that out and make their own?

No. 262665

What printing companies are good?

No. 262744

Looks like ironic weeb shit.

No. 268726

Guess 200k was only enough to fund the demo after four years.

No. 282924

it's official, omori is dead

No. 282942

did anything happen?

No. 282954

File: 1534714905409.png (802.19 KB, 622x464, frefrefre.PNG)

And omocat runs all the way to the bank.
Seriously tho, that game is never coming out.
Get fucked weebs who gave this dumb bitch money

No. 282956

I think backers have the option to file a claim and get their money back, at least. Still, what a mess. 3 fucking years and all that comes out is a lukewarm demo that might have been hot if it had come out at the same time as Undertale, or even long before.

When you're accepting $200k to create something, the least you can do is prioritize it. If you don't have the energy for that, make it on your own without outside funds at your own leisure/on your own time, then when it's done, put it out for money.

No. 282958

i think that's the biggest negative aspect of omocat, she's trying to be a renaissance woman. she's coming out with new designs like hotcakes, she's stocking up, she's going to cons. where does she have time to sit down and work on a game? does she even know how to code? anything?
and the musicians she hired were off doing their own thing, they've been to japan who knows how many times to perform the same 18 chiptune songs they made 7 years ago while also trying to do solo stuff.
all of the people she had working on omori didn't know what they were actually doing, they were all just friends. they weren't compatible with each other professionally.

No. 282986

I'm not fucking surprised. OMOcat wanted to have "it is good as Undertale" and that kind of following, but had no experience actually making a game. That was so fucking lofty.

No. 282990

I don't see this anywhere. Link?

No. 283020

I dont think anon said as in "official statement" and more like "we haven't had any update in months this is clearly not going to happen" and I agree, wouldn't be surprised if the demo was a somewhat rushed attempt to stop the bashing

No. 284344

I don't think Omocat is involved in the actual production of Omori anymore besides of creative direction, because there is a handful of Omocat's friends on twitter who claims to be working on Omori.
One of them has a side game project AND their own clothing brand on top of Omori development. No wonder nothing gets done.

No. 284408

IIRC she was never fully involved with making it outside of drawing the art and pushing it as her game. All her friends are/were doing the actual game creation, and it seems like no one is that serious about it.

No. 284564

I honestly think they're not working on the game as much as they were when they first launched the Kickstarter. Hell, they probably ceased production on it. It baffles me how Undertale's Kickstarter came out around the same time when Omori's debut on Kickstarter, iirc, and somehow Undertale was finished and released. Meanwhile, Omori is still in limbo and it feels like Omocat is putting half-assed work into it. I remember comparing the two and Omori had CONSTANT updates when it was first launched on Kickstarter. After it got funded, the updates started to become slower and not as frequent as it used to be. Omocat has been putting her priorities to her clothing line and collabs, and it just feels like Omori is a second thought to work on it. If she was serious about this game, she would be doing constant updates similar to what Toby Fox was doing. If i recall, he did a update during the kickstarter apologizing because of school.

I kinda feel sorry for the people who pledged to the kickstarter and they're getting no updates. All they got was a unfinished demo of the game, for backers only, and who knows when they'll do a new update instead of just a long paragraph detailing the issues with the game engine they're using, people leaving/not contributing and vice versa.

No. 284595

Creating a game is far more work than creating a graphical element and selling it on t-shits and coffee mugs.

No. 284618


A pill that's hard to swallow for Omocat apparently.

No. 284624

I don't think Omocat herself has any passion left for Omori anymore. You can see from the recent Omocat collections that her artistic vision has obviously outgrew Omori.
This game will never be done, and if it is finished, it will be a product wildly different from the initial vision because Omocat herself is very, very sparsely involved in the production of the game and her friends(read: worker bees) will have to fill in the gaps.


I think Omori is especially retarded because 200k was raised and nothing of substance came out for 4 years yet no backer has the balls to sue Tiffany

No. 284625

Somebody left a comment saying something like "is this where the kickstarter money went?" on a pic of her new house and she turned the account private lmao

No. 284681

Some tea, but I had lunch with someone on the team and they straight up told me everyone on there is just milking the ride for pay. Even if they wanted to make progress Tiffany has no vision or her ideas are wild and impossible to achieve on rpgmaker. it's just an office of "friends" she pays to keep herself company at this point

No. 284990

Lmao how awful. Are the ""team"" getting paid well? Or is it just like 30 each day they work on the project? I wonder how the hanging out goes, it just be really awkward.

No. 285040

I'm not too sure on the nitty gritty details but my acquaintance made it sound like legit payment

No. 285473

This is so much bullshit. As another east asian woman who got a double eyelid surgery, I can tell you that ALL double eyelid surgeries are done on local anesthesia because the patient has to blink in a middle of the surgery to check how the new crease functions and looks with eyes open. I actually did rhinoplasty at the same time as the double eyelid surgery, and how it worked was that they first did the double eyelid surgery w/ local anesthesia while I was awake, and then put me under for the rhinoplasty. You NEED to be awake for the double eyelid surgery. I was fully conscious during the whole process, feeling the blood dripping off my face and everything.

I don't know why you would lie about something like this, but that's omocat for you lmao

No. 287968

File: 1535662468595.png (18.66 KB, 1062x124, drinkingthedumbbitchjuice.PNG)

>I think Omori is especially retarded because 200k was raised and nothing of substance came out for 4 years yet no backer has the balls to sue Tiffany

Honestly this, but Omo being the psycho that she is would probably release more updates or something just to deter people from making a scene.
Hell she just barely released the demo earlier this year, stupid game should've already been done by now but people will still lick her ass.

No. 288220

that ems(omori staff) girl has a lot off balls publicly saying that not only she's working on omori, but on HER OWN GAME and HER OWN CLOTHING BRAND.

1. there is no way you get anything done if you have 3 fucking projects going at the same time
2. omocat wannabe enough?

No. 288520

its been,about 2 years since i last checked up on omo. glad to see the game is still a fraud

No. 290927

I like her clothing line but I guess you're right, it is a little sus to be working on that many projects

No. 291981

Does anyone have/mind sharing the OST? (The one with all 40 songs?) I have the soundcloud tracks but I would really like the rest of the music without giving any money to Omocat.

(I often buy slimegirl's/clover & sealife's stuff separately, but it seems there is no way around omocat with buying these tracks.)

I have the demo if anyone needs it too.

No. 291983

Sorry, forgot to specify: I'm looking for the individual tracks OST like what they are selling on bandcamp, not the single file complete OST on Youtube.

No. 300630

File: 1537981550505.jpg (118.39 KB, 1076x1706, Screenshot_20180926-130337_1.j…)

seems legit

No. 303588

File: 1538441870005.png (743.84 KB, 978x685, omo.PNG)

baffled by how she continues to get rights/partnerships with franchises like pokemon, hatsune miku, porter robinson, park harajuku with her amateur skills and lack of professionalism.

check the comments pointing out how awkward this pose is and asking where tf the game is.

No. 303785

>$00.01 off the original price
Good job Omo

No. 304252

That drawing is what happens when you only draw ironic anime sweaters for the longest time

No. 304254

She's not though? When has she been actually getting any sponsorships?

No. 304295

Oh shit, she's going to Ny Anime fest thing in November? I want to see this beast in person

How has her art legit not improved at all?

No. 304380

She's doing crunchyroll dirty by supporting the anime expo nycc event lmao

No. 305032

File: 1538676473100.png (213.41 KB, 1125x2001, 8607EE3F-92D3-4877-857E-953F41…)

She’s shilling merch for like 3 of those big names on her website right now.

No. 305120

that doesn't mean sponsorships. every artist bandwagons on popular shit. it's not as if they can't use the name.

No. 305130

Anon they're actual legit collaborations. Why do you not believe that?

No. 305158

yall better bet i won't be paying for the game after all this bullshit. it sucks because it genuinely looks really cute and colorful, too bad her personality sours it

No. 305236

idk about which collabs you're referring to but
porter robinson
hatsune miku
anime expo

are legit collaborators where they contacted her, some multiple times(like miku)

No. 305342

I legitimately don't understand how she got to collaborate with Pokemon and Tamagotchi, but on the other hand all the people she hung out with on Tumblr managed to be PR for other companies

No. 305370

Man I wish these brands would collab with actual good hardworking artists, I'd kill for any of them to collab with Tsulala

No. 305471

Too bad omocat stole her

No. 305505

It’s disgraceful. Tsulala has more talent, technical skill and professionalism in her left pinky than 1000 omocats. Plus she does the whole dark spooky thing a million times better

No. 305559


You'll never see her in person. I've been attending Fanime for a number of years and I first saw her booth at Japan Expo in 2013. It's always her manager/friends working the booth, not her.

No. 305578

omocat has always pissed me off, i hate her art "aesthetic" and i hate the awkward nerds who love it because they desperately want to be sassy and edgy but in reality they are just like omocat: too fucking autistic and stunted to socialize whatsoever, so they can't go around being the badass anime bitch they wish they were.

No. 305819

simple, she wants to milk that OPPRESSED ASIAN WOMAN pity points

No. 305820

i go to the art school she went(art center in los angeles) and the school basically disowned her lol

No. 305823

Why? What happened?

No. 305824

anon please tell us!!

No. 305831

File: 1538861367663.jpg (330.09 KB, 696x634, qweqwe.jpg)

remember when omocat uploaded a pic of her new house on her now-private instagram?
she bought it for $935,000


No. 305848

>this house
>still can't finish Omori
>still talks about uwu im too anxious to deal with customers!!


No. 305880

I recently graduated from the same school. Nobody really ever talks about her. They never mention her as a “success story” or anything. No instructors ever bring up her work as a good example to follow either. Then again, teachers there don’t care for anime-style work and I never cared to ask any of the staff what they think of her work.

I’d like to hear any juicy stories though especially any particular instructor’s opinions.

No. 305998

Nayrt but she treated art school like a playground, didn't try to get good grades.

when you graduate seniors have to make a mock exhibit of everything you've learned and showcase your work. Everyone took it seriously meanwhile she just hung her clothes up on hangers

Maybe she was being serious but everyone around her thought she was fucking around

No. 306006

I’m not surprised to hear that. No wonder she didn’t leave any sort of impression at ArtCenter. Her fundamentals are lacking and a huge part of her success can be attributed to being supported by a rich family. All of the graduates I know of that the illustration department promotes actually worked hard during their time at school.

No. 306149

I'm desperate for one of her collab sweaters but at the same time I don't want to support Omocat with it

No. 306172

You know what pisses me off?
Imagine how punctual Omocat had to be to design and release apparel lines every season while collaborating with major brands, and attend every major cons in North America.

All while the delivery of her $200,000 project was delayed for 3 years and 5 months.

She knows what she's doing.

That's why she never talks about it.

No. 306181

Seeing this makes me think about how Toby Fox was living in Andrew Hussie’s basement when he was making Undertale and actually managed to finish it with way less resources than Omocat has. Just goes to show how much of a joke Omocat is in comparison.

No. 306418

Of course she knows. That's not the kind of delay that happens "accidentally", her apparel is just more profitable.

I remember seeing the kickstarter and being sad I didn't have money to back it, now I'm so glad I dodged that bullet.

No. 306481

undertale is shit

No. 306552

I wasn’t saying it’s a good game. I find Undertale a cringy, overrated game but Toby at least put more actual work into that game than Omocat has for her game. Also, Omori seems even worse than Undertale and brings that type of shitty cringe humor up a notch.

No. 306909

Whether undertale is shit or not is debatable but

Omocat 200k raised- multiple people with payroll on team - 3 years + in the making

Undertale - 1 man team - 50k released 1-2 years later

No. 307025

Omocat seems like the typical "imitate other's success" types.
"anime is popular and cool! i'm going to draw anime."
"oh, people sell t-shirts with their art on! i'm going to make some too."
"woah, toby fox raised 50k on kickstarter! i'm going to make a videogame and fund it on kickstarter too."

If anybody saw her private insta(@deadlinda)before she turned it private & abandoned it, you could see she was completely devoid of any personality. like.. her insta feed was the most boring shit i've ever seen despite all her traveling and merch haul(lulz i wonder where all that money came from)

No. 307028

Man, I miss the days where she just drew LoZ comics.

Also at this point I'm certain Omori will never happen, she can't live up to even a fraction of the exceptions the few people left have.

No. 307037

In the end, omocat built a fashion brand and bought $1 million dollar house with $200k seed money she raised from Kickstarter. She is not legally obligated to deliver the game unless somebody gathers backers and files class action OR some district attorney takes this seriously.
She is pretty damn sly

No. 307047

If these Kickstarter backers formally invested in Omocat's brand instead of backing this project they'd have gotten returns by now lmao

tbh I don't think Omocat meant to use the Kickstarter money for her clothing initially. I think she just saw the opportunity to expand her line and was tempted. She probably thought she can fill up the hole with profits made from the clothing. Her clothing is successful, so she definitely has money to continue the development and pay the devs(who are uncertain about the whole project and frankly don't even know what they're doing themselves), But at the same time now she doesn't have $200,000 to refund everyone because she bled that money for last few years = DEVELOPMENTAL LIMBO

No. 307068

A lot of her work really just seems incredibly uninspired and lacking a unique voice. I feel like Omori exemplifies that most of all. The designs of the characters and environments clash so terribly and feel generic. Also, a lot of the character designs seem to be tryhard copies of le quirky Undertale and Earthbound designs. Undertale was already bad enough with the forced quirkiness but at least it didn’t feel so out of place in that game’s world compared to Omori.

No. 307376

File: 1539151028940.jpg (90.88 KB, 694x694, DifywcwV4AAoIYf.jpg)

I used to talk smack about Omocat because I had a gut feeling something was sketchy about her, the funny thing was I always had some mutual try to shame me for disliking her. Her talent is incredibly lacking and up to par with random fandom artists who just started making merch.
She, artistically, hasn't made any progress. The majority of her "progress" is adding more details to her artwork. Her poses are so stiff, just look at the red character in the pic attached.

No. 307419

Oh wow that's really bad. It lacks any kind of charm too.

No. 307425

I thought you had to deliver a product or give back the funds if you don't? She can seriously just keep the money? How is that not fraud?

No. 307437

The fact that vocaloid goes out of their way to work with tiffany for official merch makes me want to die

Like yeah I get that the omocat brand is a name most weebs are familiar with but that's so lazy and honestly insulting to western audiences. can we get some tasteful merch by artists like meyoco or uchuu summer? Fuck off with this shit

No. 307438

Have you ever seen the advertising posters Vocaloid has used for their concerts in North America? Most of them are really bad and one a few years ago turned out to be a trace of someone else’s art. I think their laxness with the quality of artists they work with is related to Omocat being picked to work with them so much

No. 307473

this branch of vocaloid isn't the same as the one who makes the program. this is the company that does "concerts" and fucks their music contributors on royalties. of course they don't care about integrity.

No. 307588

There are hundreds of years-old unrefunded projects on kickstarter that never saw the light. It's because on Kickstarter basically when the backer gives them money they acknowledge the risk and uncertainty involved.(This is why a lot of Kickstarter projects nowadays have at least a working prototype demonstration) Kickstarter as a company has no means to force campaigners to deliver, and they never have done so. They always tell you to petition your district attorney/file a lawsuit because they're just a platform.

No. 307593


I don't know if this holds any actual legal power, but I see this copy-and-paste comment in many of these scam Kickstarter. If you backed omori and want refund, maybe you can use this:

"(your backer number)

I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:


Article 4 - How Projects Work

"When a project is successfully funded, the creator must complete the project and fulfill each reward. Once a creator has done so, they’ve satisfied their obligation to their backers.

Throughout the process, creators owe their backers a high standard of effort, honest communication, and a dedication to bringing the project to life. At the same time, backers must understand that when they back a project, they’re helping to create something new — not ordering something that already exists. There may be changes or delays, and there’s a chance something could happen that prevents the creator from being able to finish the project as promised.

If a creator is unable to complete their project and fulfill rewards, they’ve failed to live up to the basic obligations of this agreement. To right this, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to the best possible conclusion for backers. A creator in this position has only remedied the situation and met their obligations to backers if:

they post an update that explains what work has been done, how funds were used, and what prevents them from finishing the project as planned;

they work diligently and in good faith to bring the project to the best possible conclusion in a timeframe that’s communicated to backers;

they’re able to demonstrate that they’ve used funds appropriately and made every reasonable effort to complete the project as promised;

they’ve been honest, and have made no material misrepresentations in their communication to backers; and

they offer to return any remaining funds to backers who have not received their reward (in proportion to the amounts pledged), or else explain how those funds will be used to complete the project in some alternate form.

The creator is solely responsible for fulfilling the promises made in their project. If they’re unable to satisfy the terms of this agreement, they may be subject to legal action by backers."

As you are not meeting your obligations or offering reasonable explainations, I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

No. 307620

File: 1539197093478.jpg (285.9 KB, 1000x1460, FLUFie_sweater_garment_1500x15…)

I really want this sweater, but fuck if I'm going to give Tiffany any more money.
Anyone know what keywords to use on Taobao to get Omocat stuff, or just any place you can get dupes? Just "Omocat" doesn't gleam anything, really.

No. 309121

exworker here, i worked on the game more toward the beginning but i have friends still working on the team and they've told me conditions haven't changed so this is likely still relevant. mixing together my experience with what i've been told

in my personal opinion, omori will probably be released at some point, but it depends on when her workers get around to it. while working with her, omo admitted numerous times she just isn't interested in omori anymore/she kind of wants it done and over with

because of her lack of motivation, omo doesn't have the work ethic for the game. working with her is basically just a friend hangout, so it involves watching anime, going places to hang out, and apparently they've started playing dnd during work hours now. omocat takes hours of goofing off to tell people to remember to work, and even then she doesn't tell them what to do, she just tells people to work and we had to figure it out on our own what needed to be done by browsing through the dropbox.

the pay isn't that good since omocat hates paying anyone who works for her. it's less than minimum wage in california, i don't know if that's legal but i also don't know if anyone had the guts to get legal over it either so it's our loss.

to her credit, i did see omo working on the game at times (basic art assets and maps, because no she can't program or anything else she hires other people to do that for her). the trouble is that she would constantly be multitasking with arranging assets for her clothing store and related things. however, she has other workers do a majority of the art assets, so she's not that busy with the art imo

the omo team is overall inefficient. omo will hire an entire new person (she hates paying workers but she likes wasting money for her own convenience) for anything she doesn't know how to do. for example, i know she hired someone to check if maps are easy to navigate instead of figuring it out herself. game progress is detered because they're constantly redoing portions of the game from scratch to accommodate for impossible visions to the point that the entire game was delayed for a long period of time because they were porting it from an earlier rpgmaker version to rpgmaker mv, and later had to redo the entire game and assets from scratch after hiring someone to program an entirely new game engine (called omorimaker, its based on gamemaker).

the problem is also the team, and i say that as someone who was also working on the game. everyone there is a dungbeetle pretty much, and when i realized that about myself and realized the game was a sinking ship i had to pull out. (but i'm here now so lol)

as speculated in the thread, everyone on the team more or less hates each other and they hate tiff, but they want to be associated with the omocat name. if you work for omocat, you usually have the same opinions as the people in this thread, that her art sucks, she doesn't deserve her success, she's lazy and so on. so they don't actually care if omori comes out or is good, because the omocat name is big enough that just by association they'll get hits on their work by having their name there. ems was mentioned a few times in this thread and she's a good example-she's just another leech. she constantly brags online about feeding intentionally bad ideas to omo for story/features to ensure omori ends up bad (like it needs help imo but a few of her suggestions made it into the demo as well) so her own game will look better in comparison (while also feeding off omocat's audience when she gets omo to boost it), and she's mentioned she only talks to omocat to get omo's sources for clothes, enamel pins, advertising, and other things. however, all the workers who stick around are similar, and i've seen most of them do similar things (not all of omo's workers are artists or have an online presence though, but the ones who are artists are the same, so the socal artist group mentioned in this thread for example). you don't subject yourself to these kinds of work conditions if you aren't also nasty basically.

her workers intentionally come late to work (omo doesn't reprimand them) by hours or sometimes just don't show up at all, and when they do show up, they're part of the reason work doesn't get done because they kind of fuck around and watch youtube or play on their phones after working for a few minutes. omo is a big part of the problem, but i always felt her workers kind of want to see her game fail too. it's like if the people in this thread were working for her (and i don't doubt there are other members of the team here judging by some of the things said here that i heard at "work" lunches way back when) but also getting paid. imo, it's a pleasure you get from seeing a giant fall

that's pretty much all i can think of off the top of my head that i can disclose

most people have thought "wouldn't it be really cool if i made a game/webcomic/whatever?" without thinking too seriously about how to do it, it just seems like it'd be cool to do, and omori is the result of people actually giving someone $200k to follow through on that random whim. so… omori will probably come out eventually. it's just that omocat doesn't really care and her team wants it to fail, and they all have shit time management. again, you can take what i said with a grain of salt since it's been a few years, but since conditions haven't really changed… i doubt it

No. 309159

What? CFM is the one licensing their characters out to her and they are responsible for several vocaloids.

No. 309161

Thank you for this big glass of milk anon.

I'm not surprised hearing this at all, and honestly don't doubt it's validity either. There's nothing to suggest the opposite after all.

No. 309172

AHAHAHAHA what a shitshow but not surprising at all to hear. If omo gave a crap at all, she would have been paying her workers a fair wage instead of dropping nearly a million on an overpriced house. She clearly doesn’t care about her fans or backers either. What a piece of shit.

No. 309179

lmfao thank you for this anon holy shit this milk is creamy
she's a terrible boss who just pays a couple edgy artsy fartsy pals to continue hanging out with her while they force themselves to act like the hypetrain for making a video game didn't stop over a year ago.
tbh they should've followed minipete's steps and just made a little phone app instead. i remember when everyone just wanted to make their own games but they slowly realized they don't know shit about programming.

why did she pay someone to make a separate engine for the game? is it easier for her to understand? she can't even figure out RPG maker MV? It's one of the more accessible engines out there.
she really just wants to be seen as special but all of her effort is half-assed. good example is >>241998
>remember when Tiffany was so hell bent on just having the user do nothing but stare at the screen until shit happened lol 2DEEP4ME VIDEO GAME OF THE YEAR
literally just her trying to take notes from Earthbound… a game a lot of people like her think is SO unique & rare despite Ness being in fucking Smash Bros
but yeah her workers definitely see the popularity and power she has and it sucks she's not actually a good person. the workers literally understand she could draw some lazy stick figure of a 12 year old boy with a bowlcut and the weebs will blindly roll in with their wallets ready for some merch.

No. 309184

Is it wrong I kind of wish I could be working on this game just so I can be paid to goof off, deliberately make the game shitty, and bond with people irl by shittalking omocat?

No. 309188

it sounds like a good time honestly

No. 309201

tbh i think i'd hate it. she seems like a major buzzkill who wants to constantly be the center of attention. being in the same room as her not even talking to her sounds like it's uncomfortable or there's a stiffness in the air. i get enjoying slacking off with your friends at work, but even then it's way better to do it somewhere else without getting paid because you have freedom. when you're getting paid, there's a sense of expectation. for less than minimum wage, it seems like a waste of time and you could go work somewhere else.
she sounds like she has no leadership skills despite being popular online.

No. 309325

>why did she pay someone to make a separate engine for the game?

her "vision" was more than what any version of rpgmaker could do in terms of graphical and aesthetic capabilities. (in terms of mechanics rpgmaker was enough so its just about visuals) she doesn't actually tinker in rpgmaker/omorimaker herself besides to put items on the map or hand draw maps, so it wasn't a matter of rpgmaker being too hard for her to use. she has other people programming the game for her. as other exworkers here have said, there was a long time she wanted the game to be a walking sim. everything optional, no bosses or quests or anything.

what's a waste is that she has some honest to god talents working on her team due to connections, they're just not the ones named because they're industry professionals and not involved in the web world. it's just too bad she's wasting legitimate human resources while twitter artists with a few thousand followers feed off the corpse of her game

yeah if the pay was good it would've been okay but for less than minimum wage you could literally get paid more to stand around doing food service. hours would often run after midnight too and she would only pay for some of the food so it sucked

No. 309326

*weeb world

No. 309347

>being forced to work that long in one day for so little money
That’s pretty shit. I guess it’s funnier to laugh at and mock omocat from afar than it is to actually deal with her extreme shittiness directly.

Sheesh, you’d think as a creative, she would understand how difficult creatives have it in making a living and would pay them fairly for their time. But she has an extremely privileged background where you barely put in effort into her time at an overpriced art school (ArtCenter probably cost around $45,000 per year max back when she was attending) and had her parents buy her agents to help get her work out there so she probably never had to struggle much as a creative at all.

No. 309402

an ex coworker here too and I can confirm this anon is saying the truth, esp about ems lmao

No. 309683

Bless you for this creamy creamy tea and confirming our suspicions. Tiffany might as well get a /snow/ thread at this point.

No. 310938

wow I almost feel bad for omocat despite all her shitness lol
it's like ALL of her friends are hyenas hanging around to feed off omocat… I see this in many cases of young entrepreneurs tho tbh. people find young entrepreneurs more accessible and easy to exploit, i guess. that's when they start isolating themselves w/ other rich peeps

No. 311173

I'd argue that she has no one to blame but herself though, considering she clearly doesn't care enough to fix the situation

No. 311650

It's shitty of omocat to use these artists like heikala so her clothing brand can grow. She's basically getting a promo from their large following and probably takes most of the profit from the collabs. Its all in her favor.

No. 311675

I mean, they're agreeing to collaborate, so they must be getting something out of it too.

No. 311750

Can anyone do some investigating and see how much you'd make? I doubt it's that much, but half her clothing is drawn by other people now. Maybe they're desperate for some of her following?

No. 311761

Her stuff was actually all made in America iirc. The prices used to justify expensive American made shirts, but now I think it's all made in Honduras, see here: >>188822
Also, it's pretty aggravating she still lists things so expensive, first world manufacturing prices. Honduras is a third world country.

But basically, you're not going to find Omocat knockoffs on taobao because they never even touch China in terms of manufacturing. You could probably find her pins, though.

No. 311794

Surprisingly she treats and compensates artist guests well. Friend of mine that hate her continue to collab because the money is so good.

No. 311854

Can you find out how much she pays them? I'm just curious as to what the going rate for a popular artist is, and how different it is than the undercharging deviantart commissioners. Also how much money she can afford to "invest" per person.

No. 311951

I don't know the exact numbers I just know they get % royalties for every item sold

No. 312015

she's stated to friends that she keeps her prices high because people are willing to pay for the brand name (omocat) so it's not about quality, just business.

tbf i might not like her but i don't blame her, pretty much all people who start up a business want to hit a point where they can churn out total shit and still get paid for it since min/maxing is the essence of capitalism. sucks, but she knows where to cash in.

last i heard from friends who have collabed with her, the flat rate is minimum $100 just for the illustration and then the artist gets royalties per shirt sold as >>311951 said

No. 312366

I feel like $100 is pretty damn low, then again I don't know how high the royalty per shirt sold is

No. 312401

Have you guys notice how Omocat rips off the artists she collaborates with soooo hard? Like, she blatantly imitates the techniques and coloring style but in its most amateurish rendition.
only if she knew how human anatomy works at all lol

No. 313453

Did she go to the university or something? What she studied?

No. 313477

She went to the extremely overpriced Art Center College of Design for illustration. Check the tuition. It’s over $20,000 per term and there are three terms per year.

No. 313505

Oh boy, it's been a while.

No. 313537

Such optimism back then. Personally I think it'll get quietly released in 2019 to little fanfare

No. 313562

Unpopular opinion but I really like the style. I know is cliche and at the and may be a shitty one but I want to play the entire game.

No. 313644

File: 1540074138908.gif (2.54 MB, 640x360, 6ba76d826995ca743cb7da6a3eb47b…)

>literally just her trying to take notes from Earthbound

It shows tbh

Sucks because I actually like Heikala, and some of the other artists.
Can't blame her for collabing with the very famous Omocat for that sweet cash that her stupid weeb followers are willing to spend on anything with an "omocat" label on it.
I hope the artists release their own clothes without any omocat affiliation in the future.

No. 313646

Shit or not, that game was ridiculously popular and is still very well known.
Toby fox's hard work paid off and he's set for the rest of his life.

No. 313648

File: 1540075152748.png (49.12 KB, 671x763, yikes.PNG)

You'd think they'd do something about

No. 313673

i think its hilarious she's "taking notes" from earthbound but her character design/sprites look identical

one of the key points of earthbound was that each character's silhouette and design were unique and immediately distinguishable

No. 313684

File: 1540081819357.jpg (145.95 KB, 540x792, Cu8HIUNVUAAlJqQ.jpg)

not a fan of her work but i loved this collab piece. Sadly, i was unable to buy it.

No. 313691

for real that shirt is awesome.

the new 2018 fall collection has some amazing art and my favorite artist Kinuko made a shirt that I want but I'm so torn about supporting Omocat. Maybe if she didn't get a cut of the money I'd buy it but I'll be damned if I line her pockets

No. 314661

It’s because it’s from sachin teng, an actually competent and successful illustrator in the industry. To this day idk how the hell she managed to get them to collaborate, since they’re not part of the twitter weeb art clique a lot of her collab artists come from. Honestly, it’s embarassing to see her halloween collections because everyone is so much more competent than she is. I’d be secretly ashamed if I were her, having my stuff side by side with younger and way more talented artists.

No. 314806

So do we know if she's Chinese or Taiwanese? Her last name is Liao, but that could be either. I want to know how bullshit the cultural appropriation is.

No. 315165

leaning towards chinese but she may be ignorant about the whole china/taiwan separation fiasco and using a blanket statement


No. 317149

come check how luxurious and lavish Omocat's house and rage with me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


No. 317158

Does she live on her own? Because tbh I feel like I'd feel so isolated in a big house on my own.

No. 317319

It's a damn shame to live alone in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom with $3,500 monthly payment pricetag, but she also previously stated she used to live in a place with 4 bedrooms(wtf, what kind of art student can afford this kind of living arrangement? this just shows how rich her family is tbh) and she used them all for her work. https://twitter.com/_omocat/status/426978800824377344

I assume she bought that big ole house so she can hang out with her friends(read: parasites) all the time and do all sorts of fun stuff except finishing omori

No. 317321

also why the hell did she pay $30,000 more than the asked price? she wanted this house so bad i guess

No. 317325

btw Tiffany's dad made a good amount of fortune from his real estate business named Chenco International. So even if her brand becomes irrelevant and she gets sued for omori, she can still crawl back to her rich daddi and have an easy ride for the rest of her life… so yeah.

No. 317432

That tweet just confuses me in a way. Like if you have that kind of money, wouldn't it make more sense to have a studio that isn't in your own home? It would make the majority of people more productive then actually just sitting at home all day going from room to room.

No. 317502

I think she was trying to say she was occupying 4 rooms out of her 5 bedroom family house because Tiffany lived at the Andalucia dr address (which was aforementioned in this thread) until she bought the $1 mil house.

No. 317522

That's what gets me about rich kids. They not only have more freedom to to pursue their passion and take risks (making their own game) but also have less incentives to actually complete them because they know they have a safety net in place.

Why give a fuck about all those poor people who invested their money in her game ? Can't they just have a rich daddy to bail them out if they need a few grands ?

No. 317553

In California the market is saturated(because of Chinese buyers with a fuck ton of cash)and usually the home goes at least 100k above asking price

No. 317569

so ironic her dad is one of these "Chinese buyers with a fuck ton of cash" himself

No. 317572

Damn, the nouveau riche Chinese are such a plague, especially in places like California.

I was going to buy some of her sweatshirts just because I need something warm to wear this winter, but the idea of contributing to some safety net girl who lives in a million dollar home just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. She also is one of those grossly, wasteful new money Chinese that purchase expensive things just to have them to flaunt at the poor and they're some of the worst people to support.

No. 317575

I really want to support some of the artists that are collabing with her but I feel conflicted as it would support Omocat as well.

No. 317577

There need to be some limits placed on who can buy property. Chinks are buying everything. I never thought I'd say this but thank God trump has started blocking their purchases of American firms.

No. 317616

Liao is Mandarin version of Liu, I'm sure she's Chinese unless she's a real Taiwan native, I doubt it since Taiwan is made up of 90% Chinese

No. 317685

Omocat IS a weeaboo, no matter if she's Chinese or Taiwanese. Both aren't Japanese, as far as I know.
Also Omocat was born and raised in America so culturally she's 100% American. She positions herself so. I guess that's why the "anime" stuff she draws looks like weeb westerner's poor attempt at anime drawing lol

No. 318031

dude what are you talking about, if anything trump is encouraging foreign buyers to purchase assets in america. that's why his daughter and her husband were in hot water, they were selling homes with a "guaranteed" visa.

Where there's money, there's a way. I wish America would adapt vancouver's policy on foreign buyers but alas

No. 318230

If you search Omocat on Twitter right now it's a hot mess lol
Everyone is crying about how Omori Kickstarter is taking 4 years and how they ordered from her clothing brand & the product didn't even ship after a week or more
I guess the demise of Omocat is approaching faster than I expected

No. 318281

So happy to see her finally being called out on the whole Omoroi thing

No. 318405

out of curiousity while I was working on trademarks, I searched up "omocat" and nothing came up.

I guess someone can technically file to claim omocat and sue her for using it lol

No. 318410

Now I know that I sincerely hope Aliexpress rips off all her designs. Her prices are ridiculous tbh

No. 318412

I know Omocat/her friends regularly check this thread out, so hai!
Also, you are a disgusting shotacon who likes cartoon boys with little pee pee.

No. 318416

I keep seeing this. Is this just because she made "shota" and "loli" shirts in omocats early days? Or does she actually have shotacon as in literal hentai somewhere?


Also, here's a cringe article I found about that "controversy".
>"Omocat is even working on a collaborative artistic effort against bullying set to launch later this fall."
What was her "anti bully" collab project?

No. 318421

It's like how Yaoi ultimately implies 2 boys assfucking but people casually use it as a colloquial term for a bromance between pretty boys.

Shotacon 100% implies sexualization of young boys. Shotacon's namesake Shotaro(from an obscure anime called The New Adventures of Gigantor) dressed in short shorts and pedophiles thirsted over his pale loins and wanted to fuck him. This is literally how Shotacon started.

Even if you just like cute 9 year old boys being cute, as a grown ass woman that's fucking CREEPY shit to like.
Omocat genuinely thought proclaiming 'I like little cartoon boys and I am willing to diddle them' proudly on shirts was cool. That alone gives me so much cringe that I just lost my entire cervical spine.

TL;DR: even if she doesn't like lil cartoon weenies, it's just a huge fucking foot in her mouth situation.

No. 318428

omg it's so weird to see her old art. the comics might be cliche af but it's got some groove. this and her old mario & zelda comics make me think she only devolved. i don't think she can draw anything other than a frontal drawing of a stiff anime character standing awkwardly with empty gaze now

No. 318673

Hmm. Toby Fox released another new (and free) game. Yet no news on the Undertale/Earthbound rip-off project Omori

No. 318717

Only Chinese people think Taiwan is made up of Chinese people, lol.

No. 318774

You sound Taiwanese.
The rest of the world frankly don't give a shit about how Taiwan is not China. Taiwan is just Nice China. end of the conversation

No. 318779

only retards think taiwan is china.

No. 318784

>Shotacon 100% implies sexualization of young boys. Shotacon's namesake Shotaro(from an obscure anime called The New Adventures of Gigantor) dressed in short shorts and pedophiles thirsted over his pale loins and wanted to fuck him. This is literally how Shotacon started.

This!! Why does no one bring up the fact that this is basically shota's history in anime. Yes, it's a japanese term, but shota doesnt stand for ANYTHING else but the sexualization of young boys. Omocat trying to say it's anything else is a liar.

No. 318789

she probably also fell for the disgusting, retarded online fad of proudly proclaiming one’s degeneracy. there used to be quite a few tumblr users who were shameless and open about being into degenerate shit like shotacon as if it’s a cool thing.
so she’s a liar and a mental midget basically.

No. 318822

you can't be a yaoi/boys love fangirl without acknowledging you are the scum of the earth. i was a hopeless fujoshi since I was 11 and i intrinsically knew i was fetishizing gay people in a disgusting way, and i kept liking it anyway. being a yaoi fangirl makes you callous to how unacceptable your usual behaviors are. that's probably what happened to omocat, she probably thought she was being ~SUBVERSIVE~ and ~COOL~

No. 318938

File: 1541037980617.jpg (151.85 KB, 1000x1460, fujoshi_crew.jpg)

She still idolizes yaoi and shota type characters, so she's still like that. This sweatshirt can still be purchased in her shop right now.

No. 318966

i didnt find the shota controversy a big deal back then and still dont now, i mean the shirt itself is no big deal and most non anime fans wont get what a shota is, tumblr antis were acting like it causes pedophilia and abuse by existing which obviously it fucking doesnt
you are another one of the pathetic people that act like liking fictional 2 guys fucking is a bad thing as if it somehow hurts real people (spoiler: it doesnt, tumblr only says it does. i suggest you go back there)
does anyone here have any info on omori (which actually hurt people by taking their money) instead of discussion about this pointless shit

No. 318967

i didnt find the shota controversy a big deal back then and still dont now, i mean the shirt itself is no big deal and most non anime fans wont get what a shota is, tumblr antis were acting like it causes pedophilia and abuse by existing which obviously it fucking doesnt
you are another one of the pathetic people that act like liking fictional 2 guys fucking is a bad thing as if it somehow hurts real people (spoiler: it doesnt, tumblr only says it does. i suggest you go back there)
does anyone here have any info on omori (which actually hurt people by taking their money) instead of discussion about this pointless shit

No. 318968

i didnt find the shota controversy a big deal back then and still dont now, i mean the shirt itself is no big deal and most non anime fans wont get what a shota is, tumblr antis were acting like it causes pedophilia and abuse by existing which obviously it fucking doesnt
you are another one of the pathetic people that act like liking fictional 2 guys fucking is a bad thing as if it somehow hurts real people (spoiler: it doesnt, tumblr only says it does. i suggest you go back there)
does anyone here have any info on omori (which actually hurt people by taking their money) instead of discussion about this pointless shit

No. 318971

File: 1541045113953.jpeg (80.98 KB, 610x651, 292A55F9-91B4-4797-9CA0-143F0C…)

awful. looks like a zombie tomoko rather than an actual fujoshit.

No. 318979

Bitch, there's no info on Omori because there's no Omori. They're finishing it at a snails pace in her mansion when she has her friends over and while they watch anime. It's a "It'll be ready when it's ready, if it ever comes out" game. Omori is vaporware.

No. 319006

Scroll up in the thread. This picture has an uncanny resemblance to what she actually looks like

No. 319062

The shirt normalizes pedophilia and we will not tolerate this fucking trash. You are an idiot if you do not understand that.

No. 319524

Seriously, NONE of the backers filed for a complaint or a refund? I find it hard to believe since its been years….

No. 319546

a lot of people pledged like $10. totally futile to hire a lawyer for.

No. 319550

A shota and yaoi apologist who doesn't know how to use a computer? 13 years old on this website confirmed

No. 319606

Oh that’s true. It’s a shame to see it get unpunished. Especially knowing she has so much money and her fans don’t. They just got fucked

No. 319609

>Implying yaoi is problematic and wrong
Back to tumblr, aiden. No1curr about the ~fetishization~ of fags.

No. 319612

>le yaoi apologist
You have to be over 18 to post here, Ayden

No. 319651


aw, lil babby is upset because somebody online shat on her ~fav genre of literature~
yer fucking trash baby boy

No. 319653

why the fuck do people try to defend omocat in a thread set up to talk shit about omocat lol

No. 319673

It wasn't. This thread was made in /ot/ instead of /snow/ for a reason.

No. 319683

go ahead, lick omocat's boot. nobody's stopping you bb

No. 319686

could you be any more autistic? are you just here because you're bitter you wasted your $10 allowance on a shitty game that will never be released?

No. 319745

no, i just fucking hate yaoi ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 319824

Okay, well stop fucking derailing go defend your precious fags back on tumblr, Aiden. You won't find many (if any) like minded women here.

No. 319889

did tumblr hurt you, poor bb?

No. 319896

Why don't you go this hard about yuri fetishizing WLW, or hentai as a whole objectifying women in the worst way? Speak into the mic, sis.

No. 319908

because she's probably a fakeboi

No. 319934

how did you know? I FUCKING hate yuri! :D(don't use emojis)

No. 319953

> (don't use emojis)

I love you mods. I wish more places had such rules.

No. 319958

File: 1541268002172.jpg (135.4 KB, 1000x1460, prettyboy_crewneck_cf266ff9-66…)

Why do so many anons ITT refuse to sage?

I'm seriously side eyeing anyone in an OMOCAT thread who says they hate yaoi too. Sounds like you either just got out of your fujo phase and are now reeing at anyone who still likes it or you're a fakeboi who came here to vent because her "Pretty Boy" sweater didn't get delivered on time and ended up going on a butthurt induced spergout about le problematic fujos.

No. 319972

File: 1541270857715.png (605.19 KB, 483x595, Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 11.4…)

wow isn't this just a shitty ripoff of that milkbbi sweater that was really popular on tumblr for a while? i never quite got the hype but omo's is pretty pathetic looking by comparison

No. 319976

KEK omocat can't even afford to get sleeves printed.
Chad milkbbi.
How much is the omocat sweater? I have the milkbbi one and I remember I only had to pay $35

No. 319980

ugh, they're both so ugly but I don't know which came first. when was the milkbbi one made? I think the omocat one was made somewhere between 2014 and 2016.

No. 319984

File: 1541272254376.png (409.27 KB, 565x684, Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 12.1…)

it was 2013! and there's no way she wouldn't have seen it. even if she somehow didn't see it from milkbbi directly someone she follows would've reblogged it or something i'm sure. it was hard to avoid and i'm sure they follow overlapping people.


No. 320015

omocat knows exactly who milkbbi was. i'm pretty sure they were mutuals on some form of social media. justin's gay so she probably idolized justin and daniel as her shota yaoi boys at some point.
the omocat shirt currently goes for $50 on her store lol, she's money hungry and uninspired.

does anybody remember when she'd post her maid nurse cosplays like she was trying to make a character for her brand?

No. 320294

I wonder if Omo is seething at the fact that Toby Fox is making another game and managed to release a nice demo for it.

No. 320299

She probably doesn’t give a shit just like she doesn’t give a shit about Omori.

No. 320917

The rest of the world calls Taiwan Taiwan, sorry to break it to you. Only Chinese ever say that Taiwan is China.

Is the shota sweater even a rip off? The only things similar that I see are the colors, but visually I think they're pretty different.

No. 320940

It really is a stretch to call the pretty boy sweater a rip-off just because it shares a color scheme. If there is any valid criticism to be made, it would be that omocat’s design is uninspired and the idea behind it complete fucking cringe compared to milkbbi’s design.

No. 321297

She did give Toby one thousand dollars to have her name in the credits so maybe she was trying to bait him into making Omori for her lol

No. 321342

Omocat oversold her sweaters and there's more and more people coming forward on twitter every day asking where their orders are and why they paid but didnt get tracking numbers yet over a week later

No. 321533

Almost everything she shits out of her tablet pen (or mouse on Paint, depending) is a weak rip off of another artist or Jfashion. Nothing new

No. 321543

hahahahahhahahahahah as another who is in contact with these clowns im fucking howling. The "work" days were and still are a gathering of socially awkward nerds who can't even hang out with each other comfortably because so many don't know what genuine trusting friendship is.

You can see it best in how the "socal artists" group has been crumbling over the last year because of shit like competitiveness and jealousy, mutual backstabbing, leaks on Ems, slimegirls preying on asian art girls, friend buyouts, and of course Tiff's destructive personality. amazing

No. 321714

They all just want some Internet popularity. The petty narc inside of all of them grows stronger any time some vaguely Asian person talks to them.

No. 321730

Slimegirls preying on asian art girls? Mind explaining the deets this? I've heard some negative opinions about them but nobody seems to go into detail on them.

Also, isn't punimelt another artist who has associated with Omocat but they're toxic behind the scenes?

No. 321762

all i know about is punimelt is what went down on twitter when they accused another friend of cheating on one of their bfs. always thought she was pure and innocent but victim blaming is a hot take lol

No. 321784

File: 1541635369642.png (2.24 MB, 1440x1819, Screenshot_2018-11-07-17-37-42…)

Just one look at this guy and you can tell he preys on Asian girls. I don't have much milk, but he follows a bunch of East Asians and others who have features that closely "resemble" an East Asian person. The rest are softboys with yellow fever.
Take a look at his favorite interests, Kero Kero Bonito, a band of two unkept NEETs and a cute east Asian girl. The entire music scene is those two categories.
Clover and Sealife, Galaxy Swim Team, Meishi Smile, Omniboy, Maxo, Anamanaguchi, bo en, Porter Robinson,

No. 321804

All yellow fever softboys look exactly the same. Nick Robinson has this exact look too.

No. 321816

Kek remember when Nick came back from hiding after the austistic send nudes fiasco and he was hanging out with two Asian girls like nothing.

No. 321874

Has a history of Asian gfs for one thing. He’s somewhat infamous in the artist alley scene for seeking out artists at cons to “collab” with him but inevitably ends up being creepy and inappropriate. Of course, the artists are all Asian. Pretty much as >>321784 said but goes so far as to identify as ~queer~ to make girls drop their guard. Also heard he assaulted a past gf, so he’s scummy as fuck.


My friends say she’s very deadpan and almost sociopathic in person. She’s a huge bully. Funnily enough even she stopped being friends with slimegirls because of his creepiness lmao

No. 321875

Ugh, yes. He's been on like 3 trips to nipland in the past year, mostly to go clubbing.

No. 321880

you sure they still aren't friends? cus that's puni's art as his icon still right?

I've tried digging for his exes but there's no clues, got any hints where I can find his exes?

No. 321891

he fucking looks like eric wareheimer

No. 321926

if the only similarity you notice is the color scheme then you have too much uwu in your life

No. 321939

Punimelt is still friends with him in public but actually hates his guts lol. If you check twitter their last actual interaction was back in July around AX (when their friendship blew up). He still uses puni's art because he's still in love with her and/or he hasn't been able to secure a new asian art girl for his burando yet.

With the exes, there were defffinitely three asian art girls in succession. Pretty sure one of them was viibean but idr the screen names of the other two, one of the others was another anime apparel artist or something

No. 321945

File: 1541675086695.jpeg (59.53 KB, 680x567, 1867200E-96A3-4C3A-9599-CE285B…)

I’m not a fan of anime and am just a hobby illustrator who doesn’t draw anime style stuff but it really is a stretch to accuse someone of being a copy cat just because of similar color schemes and using an anime style with line art. Omocat isn’t drawing the same style of anime girl wearing a beanie with a bunch of other cutesy, decorative elements on the sleeves. Omocat drew a dumb yaoi boy on a cyan background. If milkbbi were to file legal action over omocat’s design being a rip-off, she’d immediately have the case thrown out. Criticize her work for being uninspired but there are just worse instances out there of designers and artists actually being ripped off.

No. 321982

What exactly caused their relationship to blow up ? Was it him being predetory?

I weirdly remember when I first discovered him and his music he would only post screencaps of his LINE conversations with punimelt over and over rather than anything music related.

It’s funny he only accepts collabs with Asian girls when he has had plenty of opportunities with a lot of artists. Gotta stay true to his fetishizing brand I guess.

No. 322092

I noticed there was also a falling out between cutehospital and punimelt who did an omocat collab, but I am not sure if both are still friends with omo. Cute hospital is always whining about how she clearly doesn't care and that everyone was abusive to her, do you know if she and omo have any beef? Or is it just between punimelt + shawn wasabi?

No. 322094

Isn't slime girls pretending to be a transgendered girl now too? I swear I read something about him feeling like a girl inside, which adds to his creepiness of praying on asian female artists.

No. 322096

Wasn't he dating that Amara girl for literally years? Did they break up? I thought they were together/lived together for a really long time.

No. 322105

File: 1541701554429.png (185.87 KB, 1440x744, Screenshot_2018-11-08-12-22-37…)

Woke Pedro is so fucking funny. He has no idea what he's talking about either. I'm pretty sure the only non-Asian he's ever dated was trans girl Jami Carignan

No. 322167

Is the dumbass arguing predatory people that seek out mentally ill victims to use, abuse and discard are not a thing or is he trying to argue against being one of them?

No. 322193

O yea I forgot about her, they broke up ages ago. I was told she was quite mentally ill and he hit her.

lmao this guy is a broken fuck himself, all these fake-woke excuses to justify his shittiness and yellow fever

And oh he dated clover? I thought the only other non-Asian girl he dated was the girl he assaulted

No. 322239


total psycho. i've long since realized all the nasty-ass stories about her are true lol. i was her table neighbor once and had to leave my stuff at the table before setting up because of an emergency. i asked her to watch it and ended up being gone a few hours… when i got back about half my merch was just gone (several hundred dollars). i was fuckin devestated and all she said was she wasn't paying attention so she had no idea what happened to it but she was "so sorry" about what happened. i just blamed myself for leaving my stuff at my table at the time and told her it was fine and i'd deal somehow.

fast forward to recently and a friend sends me caps of her from some chat where she mentioned me by name then confessed she tossed my stuff because i was competition or something (we both have a cutesy style?? i guess??). been steamed ever since. i've thought about confronting her, but the way she twists things people say to her out of context to make her look like some shaking victim is ugh. i don't know if it's worth it because i know i'm not getting my money back.

sage for blog i'm just pissed and hopes she gets a taste of her own medicine one day

No. 322249

wow anon what the fuck, I'm so sorry

she always seemed fake and awkward but I didn't know she was evil to that level. My friends are close with her and she added me to her private via proxy and her private twitter was nothing but salt and pettiness.

It was constant barrage of shitting on other artists. At one point there was drama because she talked shit about a friend who had access to her private twitter(i guess she forgot she added them). Instead of confronting them about it though they just talked shit about ems on another private account? All these socal artists are so meek and full of vitriol it's pretty awful lol.

No. 322256

damn i'm sorry that happened anon
why are so many online artists terrible and fake? finding artists that aren't vitriolic, petty, shaking victims is like a needle in a haystack

No. 322278

There are a lot of good artists who are decent people. It’s just that many of the insanely popular ones have narcissistic tendencies that allow them to succeed in a competitive field and have that charisma to draw in followers.

No. 322319

Sorry to ask but who is ems? Is that an abbreviation ?

No. 322345

well, i can see why she resorted to such scummy methods. her artwork is incredibly mediocre and just plain fucking boring. it’s not a wonder why she is trying to leech off of omocat’s success too. she makes up for her lack of skill and creativity by being an awful person.

more stories of her being horrible please.

No. 322346

dearprotagonist @ twitter

No. 322353


You know, hearing these negative experiences made me think there can be a thread about these type of artists. I know there's 2 in /ot/ but a specific thread, like a beware(?)/Awareness about these type of artists people have dealt with in person but put up a innocent/sweet persona online. So many people are scared call these people out unless they send their fans/white knights to attack innocent people a la Momokun style.

It's amazing these people i follow are just shitty behind the scenes. Bewares well warrented on these fuckers. :/

No. 322387

There's this thread in /snow/ that's artist general


There's plenty of kind artists out there, unfortunately most aren't active

No. 322392

i'm on her priv as well as the privs of the people she shits on and i have a lot of stories but i think my favorite is how it got leaked that she's been shitting off an artist with nearly 100k followers for the entirety of their friendship while also using them to signal boost her art and content, she emailed an apology to them basically saying some unknown person said those things while logged into her various instant messaging apps (seriously?), and when the artist didn't buy it she wrote them a physical letter and gave it to them at a con while acting like she was heartbroken

and then literally the day after the con it was leaked she was shitting on them AGAIN. she even had the balls to act like she was the victim in this situation on her priv, too

good-ass content tbqh

No. 322395

amazing. i swear, there is seriously nothing better than stories of weeb artists being awful human beings.

No. 322397

She has a girlfriend now apparently and I can’t even begin to imagine how toxic that relationship is lol

No. 322408

oh lmao so viibean was dating slimegirls? I was wondering why she went to the omocat pop up event even tho she's not friends with tiffany, guess it was for him

yeah ems is actually the most two-faced snake I've ever met. she told me she has literally no remorse for the shittalking, only felt bad that she got caught.

No. 322413

Can you post some of the caps? I heard about the leaked chat too but dunno what was said and I'm curious. dw if it reveals who you are tho farmer

No. 322415

her girlfriend (@aetherei) is just as bad as ems is. ems already shittalks her girlfriend in private so i'd be surprised if they last very long (unless they're trying to feed off each other's followings, which is likely) or if her girlfriend doesn't already shittalk her

No. 322473

Ntayrt but I know some of her ex artist friends posted some caps publicly on twitter but otherwise I don’t have access to them anymore

No. 322475

I used to follow cute hospital because I liked her art but I'm not surprised if she's that much of a snake like the rest. Once on twitter she was bragging about how back in fucking high school or something she took revenge against this girl who "bullied" her by manipulating some guys because she's a smol azn gamer grrl uwu and they stopped paying attention to the other girl. Later on she was going on about how someone was calling her out for her love hospital comic and she played victim about it. Someone here mentioned her "disease" was actually an ED, any more deets about that?

No. 322506

damn just got back to this thread in months and milk is flowinggg. don't have much to add since im on the peripheral of these circles but

holy fuck this is the most evil AA story ive ever read. ems always seemed pretty disingenuous in our interactions but lmfao this is. villain level. jesus. knowing how nasty she is, i'm surprised even omocat will keep her around. I guess the whole anime convention art scene really is use and be used.

this is spot on about pedro and punimelt. apparently puni bullied the shit out of pedro bc she was always in a hateful mood but lately she seems happier and less abrasive to be around. otoh, pedro thinks he's getting woker and improving as a person only to continue disappointing everyone around him. id give him about 2 more asian gfs before he gets a proper callout post.

>>243026 vii doesn't lurk here sadly - i showed her the thread when she first got mentioned. inb4 "hi vii" but she's tried pretty hard to remove gossip and drama from her life over the years and i feel kinda responsible seeing her get dragged in again. dunno if it was wise of her to respond tho lol

No. 322508

is this thread still about omocat or

No. 322609

Omocat ~the brand~ and her employees ig

No. 322614

Honestly considering how much they use another and shit talk another it’s only a matter before they implode on another

No. 322677

yikes as this thread is, i can't say i'm surprised knowing her

she's really, really salty her gf has finished multiple rpgmaker games whereas ems's is vaporware after years (she keeps hiring people onto her team to make the game for her and kicking them when they won't.) iirc all of what little she has of her game has been 100% outsourced to random people over the years with no payment. she doesn't even want to do the art and wants to hire people to trace her style for her, so i guess she's learning a lot from tiff because that's how tiff does it

i look forward to her showing up in this thread or making a general public fake apology lol, she did the exact same as >>322392 to another artist on twitter with ~60k followers (revolocities iirc?) with the same denying responsibility and then making a tearful apology in person before going behind his back to shittalk again

at this point i never trust an apology from her or anything she has to say about anyone else, it's pretty much always all lies lol

No. 322685

All these testimonies of em's behavior, but no caps? Why?

No. 322741

Bc artist drama is so small compared to other content creators like youtubers. DMs or caps can easily be traced back to the source and jeopardizes their own career

No. 322756

The current artist drama thread in /snow/ is slow and too general. This thread should be more focused on the omocat brand imo - I have half a mind to make a new thread to discuss the drama within the omocat team/group and other uwu soft innocent anime apparel artists. But it seems like we've exhausted a lot of that in this thread already

No. 322763

yup all this happens in person during AA convos/dinners, small group chats, dms, or privs with 10-20 people added. it'd take only a few minutes for ems or anyone else to flip through their chats and figure out who leaked what. as much as artists agree who's catty and to be avoided, her 5k followers would jump on anyone she siccs them on

also, artists love gossip and seeing receipts but they hate people who offer receipts. i've seen a ton of artists ostracized for providing receipts after being asked for them because suddenly other artists realize that person could leak their receipts too lmao

the artist community is super self-cannibalizing in general

No. 322776

Slightly ot it’s shit like this that makes me afraid of making any new friends in the community

No. 323136

Artists, especially weeb ones are insanely jealous bunches. Instead of practicing and researching so they can become a better artist, these people just love to rip on each other. What a shame.

No. 323199

On her twitter she is constantly shit talking people she knows and acting like a victim. She also lives in her mothers house but is constantly screaming that she is soooo abused when her parents simply aren't coddling her anymore since she acts like a woman child. She owes tons of people commissions yet doesn't do them and instead flies off to japan on their dime.

No. 323200

Oh and confirming that her "disease" was an ED. She made it out to be a weak heart/heart failure but nope, she just chose to starve herself and cashed in on pity points in the form of donations. Funnily enough she never even got that skinny despite saying that she almost died.

No. 323223


Yikes, thanks for that milk. The whole abusive parents thing, I remembered she was crying on Twitter about how once her mom went into her room and tore off some of her stickers from her computer monitor, and I thought there may have been a reason for her mom to be that pissed with her. i'm guessing she doesn't have a job or go to school other than doing art..?


How did people find out she was full of shit? God, what a fucking brat lmfao

No. 323246

any milk about kiraku synthboy? she carries herself like she's trying really hard to appease the softboys

No. 323364

I bumped into cute hospital during a con and I knew she had ED according to her comic but I almost didn’t recognize her. She’s huge and nothing like her selfies

No. 323423

She works now but it's the first time in years and she has only been working for a few months. Also she is already taking 1 month off to go to Japan. Before that she just bummed off her parents/friends and then was confused why they were pissed when all she did was sit on the computer all day playing Maplestory and buying shit. She constantly says she is abused at home because her parents don't invite her to dinner and say they don't like her friends. Yet, they let her live there rent free, pay for her to go to UC Berkeley which is SUPER expensive (and also she is dicking around with her school work as well), paid all of her ED related hospital/rehab bills, and pay for her to go to conventions/jfashion shit. Which is it, Audrey?

When she lived in LA she did commissions here and there but she was lazy so many were never finished or half assed. Also she had a huge falling out with Shawn Wasabi and claims he owes her the portion of her deposit, when he actually covered a ton of her expenses and portions of her rent since she was broke all the time. Mind you, she had no real reason to not work, she is able bodied (as she shows since she tweets all the time about how she works sooo many hours and has sooo many plans), so she just wanted a free ride. Since he disassociated with her, she constantly vague tweets how abusive he was because of that, and even made a call out post at once point to rally hate against him. She is also constantly vagueposting about punimelt and other people who dropped her because SHE is toxic, spinning it as though they were the ones in the wrong and she is sooooo much better off without them and happier now and that their abuse gave her the change to grow. She vagueposts about once or twice a week still. Funnily enough, she is an even bigger selfish brat now and is always shitting on someone despite preaching she only has room for love and positivity in her life now. (And she is still friends with Slime Girls, which says a lot.)

About her ED: she openly tweets about it now that she is "not ashamed!!!" her "disease" is an ED. I guess since the donations dried up, she doesn't feel the need to be secretive about the truth anymore.

Her doing a collab with punimelt for Omocat was probably the peek of her "career" since she is too busy becoming a bitter cow instead.

This is old but
>Cheated through art college by having her friend do her assignments
Her tweet two days ago:
>when someone else’s work is so hugely influential in your life you shouldn’t copy them… but rather your own work should reflect the purity of that vision/values

Jesus, the omocat ring really is full of hypocrites.

No. 323474

File: 1541966602534.png (611.51 KB, 1054x637, cute hospital crying girl.png)


I knew something was off about cute hospital when I first followed her a while back, especially after reading her Love Hospital comic and she refused to disclose what this "disease" was. Back then, she and punimelt both acted as if they were the best of friends, so it's funny to hear that this wasn't the case after all. I checked Audrey's "shop" and she sold a $50 plate that looked as if it were done in a middle school art class. Who's the dumbass that put their money into this dogshit anyway? She tries too hard to follow the weeb circle's footsteps.

Speaking of punimelt, someone here said that she's basically sociopathic in person. Her stuff isn't any better than Omocat's, so it's a huge eyeroll when I hear people try to compare their brands and say punimelt's is better only because it isn't overpriced. I wouldn't spend my money for her generic-looking shit either.

Putting this into perspective, all of these weeb artists' stuff look like bad Western ripoffs of Harajuku brand clothes. Seeing someone wear a Pretty Boy shirt in public is embarrassing beyond belief.

No. 323483

File: 1541968786483.png (105.78 KB, 519x81, SMAAAAahhhhhhhSHED!.png)

>Seeing someone wear a Pretty Boy shirt in public is embarrassing beyond belief.
i seriously feel that only mental midgets lacking any self-awareness are drawn to the super weeb stuff that omocat and other american weeb artists make. omocat's shitty grasp of japanese language and her dumb designs celebrating fujoshits, shotas, and other cringy elements of otaku culture are extremely embarrassing.

No. 323613

>using default japanese text

oh honey no….

No. 323764

Good summary anon, I have the rest of the milk on cutehospital and punimelt:

The main reason their friendship ended was because punimelt confessed to cutehospital that she believed she might have Aspergers due to her sociopathy and inability to empathize with others. Cutehospital/Audrey was caught telling someone else that she thought punimelt/Michy was full of shit, which obviously wasn’t taken well. So, they parted ways.

There was also a love triangle involving mushbuh who has since also dropped Audrey from his life.

No. 323841


Punimelt actually has ASPD then? Or am I getting this wrong. Like does she have any conduct issues or just simply empathy problems? I've known people who are self-proclaimed sociopaths but they only state that to be assholes. Probably armchairing here.

Yikes Audrey, no wonder why you're losing friends. She needs to shape the fuck up or else she won't end up in a good place. The Omocat circle is so toxic.

No. 323906


It’s a shame because many artists and fans look up to them and aspire to be like them (or friends with them). I just hope those fans realize that they don’t have to suck up or imitate this toxic circle to be happy or successful.
Wasn’t Punimelt dating Justin Chan while I’m college iirc ?

No. 323918

>punimelt confessed to cutehospital that she believed she might have Aspergers due to her sociopathy and inability to empathize with others.
lol self-diagnosing just like every other tumblrina weeb with a horrible personality does

No. 323954

Im not sure if she actually has aspergers but its a fact that shes awkward in person, extremely moody, and loves bullying people: ESPECIALLY boyfriends. this was reported throughout her dating history. she was always seeking out a bf and bullied them until she got bored of them or bored of the sex

she broke up with justin last year and immediately dated ashwara, some guy who works at cartoon network. since then shes broken up with him too and is probably gonna end up with mushbuh for a couple of months lol

No. 323958

she sounds more like someone with a cluster b personality disorder than anything. asperger’s/autism is something she’s using just because it’s oh, so much more sympathetic than being a narcissist or borderline since autism is considered a disability. continually being abusive to romantic partners and always immediately getting into new relationships is more cluster b than autism.

No. 323959

Was omocat ever close to Mia Schwartz and Grace/Thymine?
Mia is part of this duo of girl game developers, the funny thing is the other half is a trans girl. I remember Mia used to try to start drama all the time back in 2012 with the art circle.
Thymine, I'm 80% sure she dated Pedro at some point.

No. 324010

Sage bc armchair but yeah, as someone with borderline it seems like she has bpd. but it too much of a bitch/victim to even assume that and plea autism.

She comes off as cutesy but I feel like she dates people, uses them, then moves on.

No. 324041


Every time
This is why I don’t need trust most people who try hard to make up a cute/friendly persona and make overly cute things. They’re always fucking nuts

No. 324070

Can't answer your question but I'd love to see proof of Mia stirring shit. The whole Pillowfight social circle is pretty awful and mean, and I wouldn't be surprised that she's a shitty person too considering how quick she was to move her games from Date Nighto to Pillowfight despite all the drama and ill treatment of people she used to call close friends.

No. 324099

File: 1542065813656.jpeg (529.64 KB, 1536x2048, 81869152-86F8-4EA8-B61C-EADE14…)

speaking of sociopaths im surprised fangrrrlz aka ghostspacess aka “chu” hasnt been brought up much besides the cheating in art school fiasco

>30 years old and dresses like a toddler

>fangrrrlz was her and @genniieeee on twitter but genie (the one with much better art and who actually took care of the brand) couldnt deal with her anymore and fangrrrlz was declared dead
>punimelt the sociopath even dropped her too
>”borrows” things from friends and never returns them
>depends on one of her exes for everything: money, being her printing press, taking care of her apartment when shes off at cons etc. does nothing to repay him and instead mocks him for being ugly and her slave
>dated slimegirls and still uses/hangs out with him when she goes to los angeles. both have a lot in common: burned by punimelt and ID as nOnBiNArY to cope with being ugly weebs entering their 30s

No. 324117

Within all these artists and creeps, another one I see following this crowd is another softboys, Jaxyn/PrimaryColors. I don't think he works and just uses his parent's money and other friends to mooch off to take multiple trips to Japan to go clubbing and for the ~aesthetic~.

No. 324146

Reading about drama within the Omocat circle reminds me of back in the Tumblr days where people idolized internet famous Tumblrs and when you meet them irl at like a con or meetup, it turns out they're fake and socially awkward. That's always how it seems to be. Tumblr is like a breeding ground for socially awkward people who, unless they get their shit together by luck, will never grow out of.

If I were still 15, it would be a dream to be a part of the Omocat ring because they all establish this dreamy weeb fantasy, but then when you get older, you realized all of these people are like in their early 20s and are shut-ins aside from attending cons.

In contribution to the whole softboy aesthetic conversation, I remembered at a local con this cringy maid cafe known as Cafe Peko Peko advertised for clover & sea life who would play at a sushi lounge. Watching vlogs of a bunch of weebs bouncing around like dumbasses was embarrassing.

sage for i guess blogposting idk

No. 324150

File: 1542073468331.jpeg (142.61 KB, 342x502, 3D76F063-F6E2-4905-B493-962127…)

so…another asian artist that slimegirls lapped up for merchandising with benefits

he’s a weeaboo for sure but tbh im sideeying the girls for agreeing to date…. …this. this sentient pube.

clover and sea life? is this from her old days as space boyfriend? at least she seems legitimately trans whereas slimegirls flicks the switch on and off for oppression points and pussy

No. 324154

Me and averyniceprince tbh

No. 324156

>people idolized internet famous Tumblrs and when you meet them irl at like a con or meetup, it turns out they're fake and socially awkward
It's still the same but with Twitter now

No. 324159

File: 1542075668468.jpg (59.5 KB, 545x327, expectations vs reality.jpg)

ive hung out with her a bunch of times in groups outside of, and at cons. without SNOW airbrushing her into oblivion her double chin and resting bitch face is unreal.

No. 324163

idk how to draw real people btw so pls no bully for my drawing

No. 324164

KEK now I remember where I've seen cutehospital before. She hangs out with fakeboi Zellfae, another cow who pretends she's hafu

No. 324165

what are you talking about? that is an amazing representation of what i imagine she actually looks like

No. 324168

File: 1542077498820.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-12-20-51-55…)

Pretty spot on

No. 324170

Lol that is hilarious she was self diagnosing. It is also equally hilarious that her supposed best friend ever cutehospital who loved her soooo much and constantly love bombed her was shit talking her about something she is insecure about. What a great friend.

Wait, did punimelt actually drop her? I thought she was working on her book/book sequel? They seemed to be loving all over each other on twitter not that long ago. Wow. I'm also loling at how she is saying she is trans now, too.

No. 324171


What was she like in terms of personality?

No. 324174

LOL omg is she friends with Eddie now? (Guy on the left.) He is basically a pedo who always targets young looking girls and has an asian fetish as well. He's a creepy weeb in his late 30s/early 40s. Goes to Japan all the time to do prostitutes in the butt. He is toxic af, I am dying that she claims to be so woke with recognizing shitty people and yet associates with him. Probably using him for money since he spends a ton on whoever he is screwing.

No. 324176


I feel like Audrey is one those Asian girls that act dumb or smol uwu to come off as cute when really they're vindictive and awful. Always thought her 'woke' attitude was fake since she bragged about how she manipulated some male classmates back in middle school to get back at this girl who bullied her. Is she like in her early 20s now? What a weird thing to boast about.

Kinda funny that she's apparently huge in person but tries to come off as a soft dainty azn grrl or whatever.

No. 324177

i usually draw cute animu girls myself so drawing the opposite was hard but im glad i captured audrey in all her beauty

No. 324182

if punimelt was there they would go off to their own little world to whisper and giggle obnoxiously (see: talk shit). the only times she seemed alive and engaged was if a conversation was gossip. otherwise she always looked bored out of her mind and stayed glued to her phone. o and god help you if she's on a tirade about someone who wronged her because she will NOT shut the fuck up about it

No. 324184


What a twat. Karma works in wonders if she's losing friends and now she's hanging with weird pedos that have yellow fever.

No. 324185

How do you guys feel about uchuusummer's stuff? I think their stuff is okay, but some are pretty.. Omocat-ish.

No. 324188

despite being as much of an unstable cow as audrey, punimelt/michy hides her bitchiness much better and has double the fans so her reputation has remained relatively intact. a bunch of mutuals chose to support michy after the friendship meltdown too, so i can only imagine how fucking salted audrey has been since lmao

No. 324189

Uchuusummer is made up of two artists yea? I forgot the name of the other mediocre one but birries's art is passable. Uchuusummer is ultimately another tackier western attempt at jfashion tho. tbh im curious if theres any milk on birries besides the fact that shes supposedly into shotacon

No. 324190

>shes supposedly into shotacon

Yiiiiikes. The other one is gabbyness on Twitter. Her art isn't really great.

No. 324199

>gabbyness @ prepping for Japan
lol this girl is just so up front with her yellow fever.
a lot of birries' art looks straight up traced

No. 324200

She bitches about it a few times a week on twitter so I'd wager she is pretty dam salty lol. Also Cutehospital/Audrey is shooting herself in the foot by letting herself sperg out so much all the time, especially when she bitches about her boss and people she used to work with. No one is ever going to take such a womanchild seriously.

No. 324223

I really like birries art but knowing she associates with omocat makes me iffy on continuing to buy her stuff. Also can't fit hawaiian tees into my coord and that's what they focus on now.

as for kind of weird stuff, she used to blog a lot and she had an entry dedicated to taking her ex's virginity and how she enjoyed sex. tbh though i'd rather have open sexuality than uwu pure smol personas most artists have

No. 324226

tfw anatomy so stiff your art looks traced lol

No. 324462

I like how it looks but the focus on boys in shorts puts me off, same with some other artists I used to like

No. 324684

File: 1542172827113.png (33.2 KB, 578x101, translators note maybe im just…)

this post makes this tweet even more hilarious

No. 324685

it's actually scary how accurate this is

No. 324704

Posting caps from private Twitter accs shouldn't be hard as long as you crop out any identifying info, though.

No. 324716

Depending on how small the private twitters are just exposing a tweet from it is already a risk

No. 324724

File: 1542189973705.png (464.31 KB, 598x603, punpun.PNG)

KEK my fucking sides, mushbuh is selling literal soyboy merch. This is punimelt's bf? The jokes write themselves I swear to god.

I want to know, who is Audrey dating now? She keeps making tweets about "my partner". She's definitely making it easy like leaving hints they're a music producer.

Not even a month ago she was saying she hated her mom lmao https://twitter.com/dreamyhospital/status/1051534461366464512

No. 324732

File: 1542196044812.png (30.86 KB, 573x352, audrey.png)


I had no clue she had an alternative Twitter. Just took a little time to look through it and the tone of her tweets are completely different from her main Twitter and you can tell when she's talking shit, she plays victim.


Why is she trying to be vague about this elusive partner. Based on her tweets, I wonder if this person is even real?

No. 324735


Can't really speak for if she truly has a shitty family life based on that tweet thread, but regardless this speaks that she needs to do something that benefits her like lol idk save up and move out and stop being a big baby? It gives your parents less leverage? I don't know how old she is, but those series of tweets sure takes me back to the Tumblr days.

No. 324785

But anon, how is Audrey supposed to afford rent in the Bay area? She possibly cannot work a job, go to school, fuck around in Japan 3+ times a year, buy $150 shoes every month, AND pay rent. One has to go… and she chose not paying rent.
What is she going to school for anyway if she can go on vacation multiple times a year? What two jobs is she working? Her claims don't add up honestly.
Audrey simply can't learn how to spend her money wisely.

No. 324789

File: 1542210755525.jpeg (94.39 KB, 750x476, C75F5CA9-3742-4600-994C-6C21D6…)

KEK She reminds me of a high schooler who’s trying to prove so badly that she has a bf and is thriving to spite the haterz.

Who are you trying to prove anything to, Audrey?

No. 324790

File: 1542210816905.jpeg (53.81 KB, 750x248, 0C858630-31E5-48F4-B879-1D70C4…)

No. 324795

File: 1542212287275.png (180.41 KB, 665x701, lol.png)

This is from barely 3 weeks prior to that tweet jfc

So toxic. Such abuse.

No. 324800

File: 1542213163342.png (169.21 KB, 557x701, school.png)

Another, and apparently why is she not in school.

No. 324805

Omfg I hate it when people say this shit. How dense do you have to be to not think there's people in the world who have valid reasons to hate their family? Not to mention the hypocrisy coming from someone who rants publicly about their parents so often.

No. 324806

What a cunt. Always the victim , huh, Audrey ? Imagine playing victims and “abuse!!” Bc you’re parents won’t hold your hand and pick you up. How old is she anyways it feels like I’m reading a teen’s tweets

No. 324813

File: 1542216836276.png (131.75 KB, 663x570, save?.png)

She doesn't want to move out because her parents pay her way. She is a womanbaby who doesn't want to take care of herself and won't move out until she has another person to leech from. It's easier to make herself sound like a victim and try to get donations because she is a QUEER POC! … despite being from a wealthy family, having a straight boyfriend and never dating a girl. (When she lived with Shawn Wasabi, she would tweet about playing Maple Story 24/7 all night and sleeping through the day for weeks at a time. They all paid for her to live like this which is why she stuck around so long, until they started asking her to pay her expenses.)

She bitches and moans about her parents never doing anything for her but they just took her to mexico a few months ago, along with paying her bills/expensive tuition/crappy clothing and cons, plus her "business" expenses upfront like for her zines, shirts and stickers. Her family is actually pretty wealthy which is why she wants to keep using them and blowing the money she earns on garbage.

Her ED is just because she was spoiled and ate too much crap then got mad she got fat and blames her parents for it/all of her problems. She used to bitch about how they wouldn't drive her to the PO so she could ship orders. They probably can't stand her sometimes, especially when she stuck them with paying thousands for her numerous ED hospital stays and therapy. She went to the hospital what, 3 times, for an extended stay?

She also made some people wait over a year for preorders, some people she completely ripped off and just took their money, and she used to request donations all the time but it looks like she deleted those tweets.

Pretty sure she is 22/23

No. 324815

File: 1542216920940.png (854.41 KB, 585x870, hmergh.png)

Your art is incredibly accurate.

No. 324825

File: 1542218624536.jpeg (55.16 KB, 600x400, 2545D1AD-CA43-4F76-9A60-D4C230…)

the level of soy and patheticness that this guy exudes is seriously reminding me of shmorky. both also are abusive, creepy pricks who identify as some sort of special gender.

No. 324828

Do you have any milk on that abuse claim?

No. 324830

an anon in the thread claimed he’s assaulted one of his exes. i wish i knew the full details myself but he’s so scummy when it comes to women that that sort of behavior from him wouldn’t surprise me.

No. 324837

File: 1542220748863.png (2.78 MB, 1440x1421, Screenshot_2018-11-14-12-39-12…)

Lol anon, you should look at the other uwu softboys that hang around Pedro. You can smell the stench.

No. 324842

He looks like shmorky

No. 324857

using vocabularies like "my partner" "they" when obviously she's a cis hetero girl dating a man to pretend they're queer is all too common in this ~uwu im cute and i like anime but i also have mental illness~ circle lmao

No. 324859

seems like mexifro/jewfro, dirty beard stump and glasses are the official look of SoyBoyz lol

No. 324864


>she used to insult me for being into Japanese pop and made me delete all of it and said it's not my culture
I feel bad for her Mom. Imagine already being Asian with a historic, interesting culture of your own but wishing you were another type of Asian because you hate yourself that much. This goes for all of these Asian-but-not-Japanese weeb artists tbh

No. 324870

File: 1542225170723.png (75.45 KB, 591x295, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 11.5…)

>i don't have anger problems
>spergs out every few days about being dropped by people for being a toxic piece of shit

No. 324871

this is so sad.
because what she's describing is… basically every asian parents. having shitty, stoic, uncommunicative parents is asian 101. asian culture be like that. this bitch asian and can't even take the basics of being asian

No. 324877

File: 1542226038135.png (62.07 KB, 599x268, sluthospital.png)

As someone who used to hang out with her I gotta say her mom's fears about her dress style is pretty founded. Audrey's kawaii outfits in the summer involving shorts literally have her whole flabby ass hanging out. She identifies as asexual but she is most definitely young dumb and starving for cum lmfao

No. 324884

File: 1542226778199.png (219.22 KB, 791x609, oof.png)

omfg she even posted the conversation she had with work about suddenly fucking off to japan, she is truly sipping that dumb bitch juice

No. 324886

Holy fuck, this bitch is a mess. All of her rants are so bratty. Of course your parents have every right to be ticked off if they have to support your 22 year old dumbass. Also she couldnt uber home instead of getting her parents to pick her up?

No. 324896


I hate this shit so much like. Those girls who claim they're bi/pan but clearly leans more towards liking guys and when someone points that out, they turn it into an SJW "biphobia!!!" argument for oppression points and thinks everyone is forcing them to date men or whatever.

"qpoc" my ass

No. 324898

KEK. That file name

No. 324918

should we start making a seperate thread for audrey's? She's an ex omocat friend iirc so I'm not sure if we should keep discussion here.

No. 324926


It entirely depends. Like if there's enough past milk and if there's more milk to come and if she's "popular" enough. The omocat thread became a catch-all for western weeb artists, but cute hospital became a bit more relevant. What do you guys think?

No. 324928


samefag but based on this thread, it seems like she pissed off a lot of people and probably deserves one. It's just a shame if milk will run dry.

No. 325036

Audrey lives off drama, I think it's fitting. At the same time, I do like the fact we can talk about Pedro & the rest of the yellow fever brigade since they're all equally as milky.

No. 325145

File: 1542246462146.png (34.61 KB, 658x133, gay.png)

And then she posts stuff like this which comes across as pretty insensitive since she is a straight female? She never even had a gf before. It just seems like a slur with how she uses it.

No. 325146

File: 1542246778543.png (35.97 KB, 668x130, uber.png)

She was too busy spending all her $ ubering to work and back, apparently. (She deleted a lot of tweets, but she used to constantly talk about her uber drivers and how awful they were every time she went to/from work.)

No. 325147

File: 1542246998131.png (59.67 KB, 670x313, but what about me.png)

>has to finally get a job to pay for her personal garbage

Not to mention, being constantly blamed for every single self-diagnosed millennial label she discovers on dumblr.

Surprised she doesn't call herself a spoonie.

No. 325148

File: 1542247176268.png (34.87 KB, 660x132, better go back to the hospital…)

For example ^

I wish I started capping her more lulzy tweets a while ago, there were some great ones where she would self-diagnose based on how her parents/friends supposedly treated her.

No. 325152

What about a snow thread for these kinds of artists? The ones who rarely make anything because they are too busy tweeting how they are above toxicity and so woke while dumping each other over any dumb little thing?

If not, CH/Audrey could certainly earn her own thread though. I've been following her for a while and her spergs are pretty milky. Plus she has technically scammed people out of money with her preorders/commissions she never fulfilled, gives shit mental health advice to her followers, and can be pretty diligent with asking for ko-fi donations while she sits on her fat ass all day.

I'm excited for her inevitable breakup with current "partner", slime girls, and fangrrrlz/ghostspacess/chu.

No. 325177


I'm in shock that Audrey didn't have a thread sooner what with how much past shit she's pulled and her dumb Love Hospital comic. Whoever wants to start a thread though, it should be someone who knows about her long enough since apparently I only have surface knowledge on this cow, and that was when I followed her for less than a week lol sad.

In the short amount of time I followed her she was already annoying.

No. 325185

The first time I followed CH was around when she was on a sperg about this rando ugly incel who had yellow fever and retweeted something from Shadman. Anyways back to Audrey, the sperg was like several days long and she was going on about how woke she was as an Asian and complaining about being mistaken for Japanese by this rando despite being Vietnamese (see: humble bragging). I haven't seen the selfie, but apparently she took a photo of herself in a seifuku, the guy was being a fucking creep, and that's what caused her to go batshit.

No. 325190

>gives shit mental health advice to her followers

I'm sorry what??? Audrey I don't see you have any certification or experience in the field of clinical psych to be giving out mental health advice. Doesn't matter if your online persona is a ~nurse angel~, you're in no place to be giving advice on mental health.

No. 325192

I used to love puni until i had an indirect bad experience with her. Left a bitter taste in my mouth

No. 325195

care to elaborate?

No. 325196

i can't imagine what her parents must feel, they escaped vietnam and became refugees. Came to america with nothing and managed to become somewhat wealthy and then their child becomes fat, stupid, and spoiled.

No. 325197

"Guyz! I'm basically Japanese, I was creeped on by an otaku!!"
KEK Audrey how retarded and offensive can you be?
She seriously thinks all Japanese people are just kawaii anime school girls.

No. 325201

No. 325205


That's always so fucking depressing to me like. Having refugee Asian parents and their kids end up becoming shitheads. Her parents don't sound perfect, but she's such a spoiled twat.

Aud, if you want to be useful and get involved in ~mental health advice~ why not seek for a degree that works with people who actually have mental illness instead of making up a nurse persona online and not knowing what the fuck you're talking about

No. 325206

File: 1542252743880.jpg (536.9 KB, 2048x1538, IMG_20181114_213228.jpg)

What an unfortunate looking group of people

No. 325208

Its kind of stupid so I wasnt sure anyone wants to hear it. I didnt even interact with her directly.

>at a con

>puni is tabling
>want to see her and say hi, buy her stuff, and give her a small gift
>visit her table first thing… shes not there just some guy manning her table
>buy the stuff I'd like anyways, like $70 worth of stuff
>meander around the con for hours, doing the other stuff I'd like to do at the event
>stop by at ghostspacess/chu table (this is after fangrrrlz disbanded). Pretty sure I recognize Punimelt just chilling and chatting with her at her table but dont say anything
>before I leave stop by punis table to give her the gift, hoping to see her
>still not at her table… (i think she just hung out at Chus the entire day)
>give the gift to the guy there saying "could you give this to puni?". Asks who I am and I leave my contact details
>never received a thank you message or anything

I feel a bit unreasonable being miffed by this experience but idk. It always annoys me when artists in AA dont take it at least a bit seriously/professionally. Her not being at her table for pretty much the entire day irked me. And I feel petty for this but I felt really bitter never receiving so much as a thank you. Unfollowed her everywhere after that and won't be supporting her anymore, as stupid as it is.

No. 325212


yikes sorry to hear that anon. sounds a lot like the omocat circle in general.

No. 325221

That is actually really shitty of her. Yeah, it's not required, but you went out of your way to give her a present and you liked/supported her work. It's really rude to not take 1 minute to contact you online and say thank you.

No. 325234

I guess it’s the season for ugly, alTeRnaTiVE, deep-fried hair gaijin to be visiting glorious nippon right now.

Not gonna lie anon this is petty and she doesn’t owe you anything, it’s on you for giving a shit person a gift lol. Agree that she probs should have been at her table more instead of foisting it onto her slav— I mean friends.

No. 325245

Hey anon do you remember what the guy looked like? If this was at a Californian con it could have been Slime Girls, in which case there’s a good chance Punimelt never even got your gift. I once tried talking to her at her table but got redirected to the merch by him, and after I made a purchase and tried to talk to her again he basically shooed me away, and blocked me with his back so he could talk to her instead. She looked uncomfortable honestly, he’s such a obsessed creep. But now knowing that she abuses her partners she’s probably the one who has him on a leash

No. 325250

No haha it wasnt slimegirls for sure. I do sort of remember what he looks like but hes sort of generic to describe. I did consider maybe she never even got it but still I was bothered by her not caring enough about her audience to at least be at her table for some of the day.

No. 325286

lol me but
>meet popular streamer and greet
>shes so nice and cute, i had gifts prepared for her
>later walking around
>find gift in trashcan


No. 325307

didn't doug walker do that to one of his fans?

sage for unrelated.

No. 325373

This photo smells like dried cum and hotdog water. I miss when nerdy losers would just dress unremarkably; now it’s almost literal pigs in lipstick.

On the topic of Pedro / Slime Girls, I just wanted to corroborate the claims in the thread that he seeks out girls in Artist Alleys with my own experience.

I became friends with him after he bought some of my and my tablemate’s wares at a convention. Soon after we became mutuals online he asked me questions about my friend: how old she was, if she was local, if she had LINE…… why he didn’t just ask her himself I dont know but it pissed me off. My friend isn’t active on twitter and doesnt use LINE so thankfully she was spared, but I was suspicious of him thereafter.

This year I talked to some other artists at a con about him (since he was walking around in 2B cosplay that weekend and grossed us all out) and one of them, through one of his exes, knew about the girls he had hoped to hook up with; mostly apparel artists like Birries, Kaiami, Punimelt, but also the girls who model for Omocat. Of course, despite Omocat having models of different races the only ones he was interested in were the Asian ones. He also hooked up with a girl over Tinder because he recognized her from a convention. You can guess what race she is.

Also, one of the girls I met at the con has access to his private twitter and I almost died laughing at how he actually cried on his priv about how he thought it was unfair that being “male coded” made his friendliness seem creepy. What a joke.

No. 325382

god what a faggot. maybe if he didn’t blatantly fetishize asian girls and stopped trying to pull off a shitty uwu softboy weeb look while looking like the hairy lovechild of yanderedev and shmorky, people would stop finding him creepy.

No. 325456

lol, you should post about that in the CA thread

No. 325458

File: 1542290738767.png (325.4 KB, 1436x1831, Screenshot_2018-11-15-08-05-07…)

Anybody remember Pedro's attempt at being a podcaster? Lul a few other dumbasses to note on this list as well.

No. 325459

File: 1542291379726.png (795.77 KB, 1440x1176, Screenshot_2018-11-15-08-13-50…)

This is how obsessive Pedro can be with a girl he dates. This is on Grace/Thymine's blog.

No. 325494

File: 1542296929192.png (108.79 KB, 1439x441, Screenshot_2018-11-15-09-47-27…)

Our trans king Pedro

No. 325534

Life does have a character creator. It's just slower and takes more effort than these doughy pastel lumps want to put in. How lazy. I don't know how any girl finds that mentality attractive.

No. 325535

Life does have a character creator. It's just slower and takes more effort than these doughy pastel lumps want to put in. How lazy. I don't know how any girl finds that mentality attractive.

No. 325810

File: 1542342089280.jpg (146.88 KB, 960x960, if carrot top liked anime.jpg)

>waaah i hate being a guy!
>exhibits textbook male fuckboi behaviour and mistreats/doesn't understand the first thing about women

for fuck's sake pedro. you're not trans or a special gender just because your unfortunate face is at odds with your taste in cute aesthetics. frying your hair and wearing anime shirts will never make you anything but a pathetic soy boy who looks for distractions with your dick.

No. 325812

File: 1542343297158.png (96.85 KB, 1087x700, gender is fake so is yellow fe…)

This isn't nearly as good as anon's drawing of Audrey >>324159 but Pedro's spaghetti hair is too much to resist

No. 325813

i saw this on the front page and i knew this was fucking pedro. so good anon.

No. 325815

I like your drawing style lol, but for the safety of everyone I hope you never get found

No. 325816

File: 1542344199945.jpg (94.4 KB, 900x1200, DqI94Z6UwAApHPj.jpg)

No. 325819

again, this is goddamn amazing.

No. 325820

File: 1542348610887.png (206.63 KB, 621x409, yay.PNG)

No. 325867

File: 1542360464064.png (23.33 KB, 605x263, curiouscat.png)

>someday you will find friends and a life that makes you happy too

Aud, i don't think you get to speak on that lol. All of her followers on her main are kissing her ass. Also tread carefully, guys, don't wanna scare off milk esp since Audrey spergs on her own.

No. 325874

File: 1542361602967.png (59.87 KB, 589x606, dfsdf.png)


Some of her fans with typical "get a life haterz" responses.

No. 325878

File: 1542362163268.png (141.04 KB, 605x640, clever.png)


samefagging. Oh look, a "get a job" response from another fan. do these people not know what leisure time is. If you care about your nurse angel Aud uwu so much, why don't you tell her to grow up instead.

I swear people idolize online presences too much that they immediately whiteknight someone they don't even know all too well and probably only follow for their eaesthetic or lookbook.

sage because it isn't directly about one of these weeb artists but lol i can't understand online idolization.

No. 325888

File: 1542364044696.jpg (93.83 KB, 514x800, ideal asian gf.jpg)

lol his steam profile pic is yumemi nemu from denpagumi (denpa music is like… the official anthem to otaku) and he also has her as his single "inspirational person" on facebook. he embodies the weeb loser image so perfectly it hurts

No. 325892

lmao did one of the farmers send this? does this count as almost cowtipping?

I love when cows assume that any hate they get is from people who don't have friends or jobs. Successful people with healthy social lives also enjoy seeing ugly-hearted people fall, it's human. Anyway although I'm sure she's on a high from receiving asspats all around, I'm equally as sure that she's also quietly panicking about the inevitable end to her desperate performance of ~happiness~.

No. 325900

File: 1542366293076.jpg (33.7 KB, 559x241, mature.jpg)

>I've really matured
>I don't blame anyone anymore for what happened in my past

This bitch really saying this after subtweeting punimelt, mushbuh, shawn wasabi on the weekly LMFAOOOO

No. 325958


Gonna be real here anon, I think everyone posting on lolcow is "ugly-hearted" since it's a shittalk site. We're just too pussy to be out about it.

It's almost considered cowtipping, yeah. Aud produces enough milk just with her bratty cunty spergs so like what other anon said, let's be careful.

No. 325969

File: 1542379023135.png (358.21 KB, 1439x1300, Screenshot_2018-11-16-08-36-07…)


No. 325970

File: 1542379054674.png (342.87 KB, 1440x1706, Screenshot_2018-11-16-08-36-30…)

No. 325971

File: 1542379090963.png (358.2 KB, 1440x1338, Screenshot_2018-11-16-08-36-51…)

No. 325978

File: 1542381223092.png (35.17 KB, 689x127, everyone is toxic.png)

Seriously. She just said this literally yesterday.

No. 325980

File: 1542381412737.jpg (130.11 KB, 750x1000, DsDGTBTVYAA1D89.jpg)

jfc who the fuck cow tipped?

No. 326025

File: 1542387059357.png (26.19 KB, 112x112, 1528379852829.png)

I don't know what's more pathetic the farmer(?) or a bunch of nobodies sucking up to some rando on the internet

No. 326026

"waaah someone said something blunt about me on the internet let me post to my ~fanz~ so they can lick my asshole for existing"

No. 326030

is this the asshole who destroyed some farmer's things?

No. 326063

No it was ems.
Audrey is the rich brat who gained sympathy from a bunch of weeks by making her ED sound like a chronic illness and she was going to die in the next couple years.

No. 326080

File: 1542393461616.png (380.65 KB, 1436x1544, Screenshot_2018-11-16-12-35-40…)

Audrey's talking to Kiraku Synthboy's private account. I wonder who the "he" she's referring to… Sounds like either mushbuh or Pedro.

No. 326081

File: 1542393495300.png (115.33 KB, 1440x439, Screenshot_2018-11-16-12-34-27…)

This just in, weebs are oppressed

No. 326098

>Thinking weebs who make fun of other weebs are doing it ironically


No. 326102

File: 1542396319670.jpg (21.47 KB, 405x208, Annotation 2018-11-16 112555.j…)

She's salty!

No. 326105

>ugly and boring

it's telling that those are her go-to negative traits. christ how insecure.

tangent, but why is this thread not in /snow/? it's pretty drama-filled and specific for /ot/.

No. 326107


Imagine wrapping yourself up in someone else's culture and language to be interesting. Imagine choosing fetishisizing the Japanese as the hill you die on.

No. 326111

right? they don't even like parts of japanese culture, it's just japanese people. they want to be so japanese and surround themselves with stereotypes in the most offensive way.

No. 326114

>why are people so invested in our lives!11!!

lmao @ this girl. you post everything that happens to you on twitter, no one needs to actually be invested they just gotta take a quick glance at your landfill of a twitter. Also most people like to know who the fuck to avoid at cons/doing business with since this community is clearly full of crazy weebs.

What's really damning is how fast they found this thread, it's a little suspicious imo

also this is a fair point

No. 326119

>What's really damning is how fast they found this thread, it's a little suspicious imo
they all like to start drama until they become the focus. remember, viibean "found" this thread a day after her name first got mentioned

No. 326123

upthread anons basically outed themselves as acquaintances that said everyone posted here regularly lurks. not surprising.

No. 326126

>friend trauma + body image issues

Rolled my eyes at this. Don't get me started lol


Should it be a western weeb thread or a cute hospital thread

No. 326129

western weeb. she's not milky enough for her own thread. maybe just move this one over with the thread mover?

No. 326133

File: 1542398977701.jpg (59.2 KB, 577x416, viet.jpg)

the only way audrey can appreciate being vietnamese is knowing there's attractive vietnamese people KEK

No. 326137

iirc an anon said they knew her and showed her the thread once her name got mentioned? Based on her online conduct in the years I've been following I want to believe it's true but I might just be attached to her art idk. wish I could just enjoy art again without wondering if the creator has issues

No. 326150

File: 1542401648934.jpg (264.82 KB, 1424x1440, squad.jpg)

when the squad getting ready to go out and be oppressed

No. 326153

File: 1542401725812.jpg (81.05 KB, 960x960, noah.jpg)

Noah Hafford getting ready to go out hit on Asian girls

No. 326155

File: 1542401772038.png (805.69 KB, 720x814, weeaboo motherfuckers.png)

prepped and ready for a /snow/ thread

imo western weeb artists/musicians sounds like a decent catch-all theme

No. 326157

File: 1542401861444.gif (687.61 KB, 458x260, 1542283639513.gif)

YOOO anon that is really fucking good

No. 326159

i like the addition of the mascots for those who only know them by their art.

No. 326160

My vote for the next thread pic

No. 326161

>Vietnamese people are so fucking attractive!!!!
>uses photos of Vietnamese people edited to look pale and more east Asian

Oh, Audrey.

No. 326167


LMAO good shit anon. Creative and to the point. Got my vote, too.

No. 326176

southeast asians tend to harbor unreal amount of self-hate and jealousy towards east asians(funny because east asians have same jealousy w/ white ppl) & their cultures only reinforce it

No. 326179

IDK man, 6 out of 8 in this picture are asians and the term weeaboo seems p stupid to put on this

No. 326180

File: 1542404948544.jpg (73.08 KB, 960x960, kirakuu.jpg)

I find it funny a majority of these Asians aren't Japanese and they end up dating non-asians.
Kiraku Synthboy moved to Japan to live out her weeb dreams and is dating a white guy.

No. 326182

Just because they're Asian doesn't mean they're exempt from being weeaboos. Weeaboo = Western person obsessed with Japan, and all of these idiots grew up in the west. That's part of how they've ended up wanting to be Japanese: they're not native Asians.

No. 326183

It's because most Japanese men want actual Japanese women, and white or non-Asian boys want Japanese women but settle for any type of Asian.

No. 326185


Even Japanese-Americans can be considered weebs since they were born in the west and obsessed with anime or at least the otaku culture in Japan. Even otaku culture in Japan is looked down upon lmfao.

is the new thread being worked on? Because whoever works on it must have better knowledge about these cows.

No. 326187

working on it now. it's my first time making a thread and there are several summaries to put in the OP so it's taking a little bit. since it's pretty long should I save specific summaries for individual posts following the OP?

No. 326189


do whatever works, man lol. reluctant to keep posting on this thread until the new one is made

No. 326193

Asian girls don't want Asian men, PERIOD. Asian men that grew up in Asia are 99% patriarchal, think their gf as subordinate, emotionally distant and small dicked. (i can say this out of my experience I'm born and raised korean lmao)
the ONLY people who actually lust for Asian males are the non-Asian girls who're into Kpop and animu

No. 326197

Stretch out the comment box in the bottom right coner to preview it, sometimes the message looks long when it actually isnt since it's a tiny square compared to the rest of the comments. You can link to specific helpful posts in OT if that helps shorten it too.

No. 326200

no one cares, race-anon. we just want to laugh at the tacky losers.

No. 326210

to be hated by people on this thread is a compliment, honestly. this thread is full of ex-weeb retards who can't even make money like omocat if they tried to lol
just because you outgrew your weeby nerd phase, doesn't mean that you're above them

No. 326215

wew wee thats a lot of projection there pardner

No. 326217

wew wee thats a lot of projection there pardner

No. 326218

File: 1542409371145.png (48.8 KB, 1024x178, cutehospit- I MEAN OMOCAT.png)

lmao note how the edited message changes "cutehospital" to "omocat" as a more plausible picture of financial success.

in other words, fuck off Audrey, go play in Harajuku or some shit.

No. 326219

File: 1542409531794.jpg (255.03 KB, 770x334, 1.jpg)

why did you change cutehospital to omocat tho

No. 326222

>to be hated by people on this thread is a compliment, honestly.

You're not good at hiding who you are based on the post edits, you fucking invalid. Go back to pretending to be a nurse angel or whatever.

No. 326229

>Just because you don't have yellow fever doesn't mean that you're above them
Sorry, what was that?

Tbh this writing style sounds more like Kiraku Synthboy. Are you upset you can't end up with your ultimate bishie Japanese boy even after moving to Japan?

No. 326236

Putting my bets on Slime Girls/Pedro, he has nothing better to do than whine on the internet and lap up drama while pretending he is a small azn girl.

Audrey, whoever told you about it is a ~*toxic*~ farmer since there is no other way they would know you are being posted, so by your logic you should drop them.

No. 326246

She's sperging rn. How's the new thread coming along?

No. 326248

File: 1542426029605.png (47.74 KB, 663x167, woke of woke.png)

jesus yeah she is

No. 326250


Sorry it took so long, didn't expect lolcow to go down. I think this thread should stay related to the omocat brand in particular, while personal drama can be discussed in the new thread.

No. 326251

File: 1542426197856.png (90.94 KB, 654x320, tbqh.png)

>I don't think my ex friends were abusive

No. 326262

This image is so good lmao, who’s the person second from the left though?

No. 326282

>asians are jealous of white people!
Not this again

No. 326293

Above Audrey? Thats Ems.

No. 460542

File: 1568184539507.png (856.33 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20190911-084353_1.p…)

So now Omori is announced for a Switch release by Spring with a demo (probably the old one) at TGS this week.


No. 460562

>OMORI was created in RPG Maker MV.
This quietly implies that it's even been completed, lmao.

No. 503924

Are you guys ready for Omori to be released in 2021???(necro)

No. 510466

wow this thread turned into a bullying movement really fast

No. 510613

>bullying movement

omocat and her friends be wiping tears w/ cold hard cash lmao

No. 511301

Like don't get me wrong I hate omocat as much as the next guy because of the scam but I feel like this thread turned into look and kink shaming as well as shaming boys for liking girly stuff

No. 511302

> kink shaming

You say that like it’s a bad thing

No. 511418

Idk in most of the circles I have been in the rule was as long it was not directed at real human it's fair play (the lolicon peolpe)
I did have a lot of friend that did have a fetish for many other country so the nationality fetish became kinda normal to me
But honestly as long as they don't hurt any body I don't care

No. 642159

File: 1601468214946.jpg (74.48 KB, 682x767, f8yj2fw83yl51.jpg)

I don't like how hypocritical the mods are for deleting these memes i've made cuz (they're terrible and) they promote negative environment in subreddit, yet OMOCAT's environment on developing games has been mediocre as said by ex workers before

No. 642160

despite that, most people from the server like the memes cuz its actually relatable on how terrible the delays are

No. 642237

Fuck omofat and her shitty team
People need to sue her ass for withholding their money for so long.

No. 642245

I agree, but isn't enough for Tiff to be wholly embarrassed and exposed in the internet first? I want to write a full organized info about Tiff (and possibly the real situation happening behind the scenes on developing OMORI) based from what i've read here, but I dunno if most of the comments here can be trusted since normies would disdain users from Lolcows as "baseless accusations and insults" to OMOCAT

No. 642264

there’s evidence of plenty of her mismanagement and overall disgusting behavior elsewhere, so lc doesn’t have to be your (and probably shouldn’t be) your main listed source in your video or write up thing.

No. 642323

and what about the messages here that claimed they're "ex workers" of Tiff (especially from Anon 309121)? Do I still need to take them with grains of salt? I could start from PULL archives talking about her as an alt source for my "write up thing"

No. 642338

File: 1601482586737.jpg (220.92 KB, 800x600, tumblr_mc4hd3uUD61qegob8o1_128…)

AS I first lurked onto OMOCAT's blog archive, I noticed how this Lucky Bastards art she made is somewhat based on >>78238 's pics of Tiff's house, almost uncanny imo

No. 642342

That is an extremely common apartment floorplan in a major city anon.

No. 642348

Ok then

No. 646420

File: 1601881743576.jpg (510.17 KB, 824x1083, 20201005_151022.jpg)

this website here trying to reveal that the game is once again being delayed to Winter

No. 646438

the delays in the game are enough to show its true.

If you're making an expose, just put "allegedly". You could also use soft evidence like how EMS removed working for omocat on her bio.

No. 646513

I agree but it's normal for artists to copy real life.

No. 647460

But EMS' current Twitter bio still says that she is still working on OMORI(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657840

Hi yall im new to this chat may i ask whats happening here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 684598

Y'all must see the new trailer for OMORI 2020

No. 684610

Nice AMV. Can't wait for the next one in 2024.

No. 684681

Please. I just want to play this game before I die…

No. 684696

I'd rather die than waiting for this game to be released

No. 684884

7 fucking years it took her

No. 684935

Wait, does anyone know how much it costs? If I have to fork over $60 for this shit I'm out.

No. 684953

The pledge on her kickstarter for the digital download had it for $15. Undertale is just $10 on steam so anything more than that is a rip off. Honestly just pirate it. She raised $200k to make a game with what's apparently a bare bones team (considering it took her 7 years), fuck her getting any more. yes I am bitter I gave the bitch money

No. 685018

my prediction is that it'll release and become super popular among 13-year-old 'kin' tumblr types for a while, and then they'll remember the shota shirt and cancel it and omocat

No. 685064

Seconding this. Can't wait to see the callouts from kids who could barely read when the kickstarter scam began.

No. 685148

Oh hey they're now offerinf refunds to others, for the last fucking years of delays later

No. 685157

Actually they offered refunds the first time roughly a year ago and there are tons of comments of people asking where the fuck their refunds were lmao. Omo is full of shit and can’t even issue requested refunds in a timely manner, she and her team are a hot mess.

No. 685340

Holy shit, I haven't checked this thread in over three years now
I sure as fuck missed a lot

No. 685912

Not gonna lie some parts look like hot ass. Especially with the stock image backgrounds. How can they justify it taking so long to come out when it looks like this?

No. 688420

Development hell

No. 688430

wow, another earthbound-inspired rpgmaker clone game! so interesting

No. 702210

File: 1608862962429.jpeg (120.53 KB, 750x1248, 4787960D-646C-4DC0-9A1E-E293C8…)

Taken from the thread in /w/. Who’s ready for tomorrow? Anyone else expecting them to postpone until New Year? 2022? Merry Crimmus :^)

No. 702256

She sent out steam keys today though. I’m mostly anticipating a game crippled by bugs lmaooo

No. 702362

game got released today i think

No. 702367

The steam reviews are positive but they literally contain nothing but "this game finally came out" LOL. So stupid

No. 702384

People have already started leaking it because of the price

No. 702414

File: 1608899351070.jpeg (567.15 KB, 750x1148, 77DCF9B4-2768-4386-B3BD-C6D38A…)

Imagine backing the kickstarter, waiting almost seven years for your rewards that were probably supposed to be sent 3+ years ago and then finding out on Reddit they didn’t even finish them yet.

No. 702424

Be sure to put a free download link here for everyone who wants to pirate OMORI

No. 702428

File: 1608900289715.jpg (187.99 KB, 700x1391, cv15r203ka761.jpg)

Also here's some "response" letter she made, which she still refused to refute some accusations against her, I would rather see her answer every speculations and accusations made by her fans against her tbh

No. 702430


Everyone saying they are hyped for this game are children. Some of the comments saying 'i was 16 when this was announced, now i'm 21.' It's so sad

No. 702433

21 is not a child anon…..

No. 702435

There’s a link in the omori thread on /v/.

No. 702439

Ya mean Cyberpunk 2077?

No. 702450

OK I saw the dl link, should I obviously post it here?

No. 702463

Yes do it

Omori is the indie equivalent of Cyberpunk 2077 huh. I hope it implodes on itself the same way too but considering how everyone is too far up Omo’s ass to see that, guess it would take a Christmas miracle.

No. 702468

OK here it is

Merry Christmas motherfuckers

No. 702480

Thank you ♥ I've been on an Earthbound/Mother kick for some time, so I'm happy to check this one ou too

No. 702490

Is there a Mac version anywhere?

No. 702517

My computer said this is a virus

No. 702547

its normal to get that warning when you download an exe. just download a virus scanner (malewarebytes or something) if you're really that paranoid.

No. 702552

That's why. I tried installing it and it went straight into the vault.

No. 702553

Anyone playing it?

No. 702641

File: 1608924865449.png (55.77 KB, 1368x768, 5.png)

I'm playing it.

No. 702647

File: 1608925471978.png (287.32 KB, 1368x768, 12.png)

can you guess whose feet are whose?

No. 702757

me and is there any reason why the girl know the other kid has a beauty mark or whatever on his dick? Because I believe what was implied. Or is it supposed to be ass?
I wonder if there will be any explanation for the world being uWu QuIrKy or not. I know nothing about this game beyond it's obvious inspirations (Mother series, Yume Nikki) and that it was stuck in development hell forever

No. 702764


does the game feel finished at least? i dont want to buy another unfinished game ~desu~

No. 702768

just download it and see for yourself

No. 702898

If this thread is to be believed the game should be a shitshow. What if it actually ends up being decent?

No. 702970

the whole farm will commit sudoku

No. 702982

People have already played it and shat on it so I don't think so

No. 702991

I’m waiting for reviews so I can figure out wether it’s worth the pirated download or not.

No. 703031

I just looked out and the price is $19 the heck.

No. 703051

Barely anyone has played through the whole thing yet. It's pretty long. But yeah, it might still be shit.

No. 703054

i hope it's good since i spent the money on it. roast me if you will

No. 703057

Is it too late to get a refund? Should get one and then just pirate it.

No. 703088

File: 1609001784792.png (92.87 KB, 1368x768, 16.png)


>this is actual dialogue

No. 703091

This game is a time capsule to peak 2013-2014 tumblr culture and in the worst way possible

No. 703114

I legit thought about Soren and his little cp friends listening to crystal castles while braiding flower crowns kek

No. 703174

This game came out 7 years too late. It really peaked like other anon said during 2013 tumblr days.

No. 703312

File: 1609052595032.png (261.52 KB, 1366x768, pojpjoop.png)

I'm taking more screenshots as I play. Is anyone interested?

No. 703331

Sure, tell us your impressions.

No. 703346

i can't believe i and so many others thought this game was hot shit during the western rpgmaker craze of the early to mid 2010s. this is literally nothing

No. 703442

File: 1609078995028.png (232.82 KB, 1368x768, 1608924283832.png)

Eh, I'm going to be honest. First 40 minutes of the game were really tedious, sappy and tumblresque (see >>703088 with the overly childish dialogue), but so far the combat system is actually well thought and fun. The edgy moments are fine, not so scary but not thaaaat bad either. It did feel very "teenage angsty" at first (see pic related) but I'm giving it a chance. Who knows, maybe I'll like it more as a play, because as of now it just feels like just another underbound with a twist. We'll see.

Another thing that I wanna mention is how the music is sometimes pretty good, and sometimes has that amateurish feeling that I can't pin my finger as of why it feels that way. But I'm also maybe being judgamental because I know the disgusting human being known as Pedro Silva aka Slime Girls worked on it.

No. 703443

File: 1609079038649.png (91.64 KB, 1366x768, pb.png)

Pretty Boy and Jock duo spotted in the game

No. 703444

File: 1609079135655.png (96.99 KB, 1368x768, 1609007459126.png)

Also posting this too lol, the irony

(that dog in the background is a literal KK Slider copy, down to the voice)

No. 703446

Feels finished, but not polished, I recommend downloading it here

No. 703447

File: 1609079420679.png (65.95 KB, 1366x768, pb.png)

There's also this weird enviormental message in it, with recycling and litering etc

No. 703456

File: 1609080341713.png (41.35 KB, 1366x768, pb.png)


No. 703470

Did he seriously involve himself in this trainwreck?

No. 703476

he also did a song for YIIK, how are you surprised

No. 703565

I just put an hour into and yeah the vibe is very 2013 tumblr, but i still enjoy it as someone who hasn’t looked into it beforehand.

Its cute and fun, my only problem is raising currency feels tedious and because isn’t the kind of game Id want to do any sort of farming in.

No. 703614

I felt that too until the space boyfriend part

No. 703629

File: 1609100039634.png (Spoiler Image,356.41 KB, 1366x768, oidfcoihnfd.png)

uh oh tumblr girl incoming

No. 703630

Sorry for samefaging but I meant that I felt as if the farming was tedious until the space boyfriend part, when the battles get to become more fun with the strategy. The bunnies are too easy for me to want to farm as well

No. 703666

File: 1609103511266.png (361.64 KB, 1366x768, oihihivbdfufd.png)

omocat really doesn't know how to draw anything that isn't an anime boy or