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File: 1573922377348.png (449.25 KB, 483x600, Annotation 2019-09-16 120041.p…)

No. 895044

> June 28, 1999, Sydney Australia
> E-artist and animator, side job of being an e-thot
> Widely known as being Pyrocynical's ex-girlfriend.
>> Drew a lot of fanart about him and her as a couple, even drew animations about him.
>> Dated 2016-2018. She's now dating PunkDuck. Rumors about Hyojin cheating.
> Bully
>> Makes fun of people with mental illness. Thought that people posting their health are weak.
>> Belittles small artists who are better than her.
>>> Made a podcast with her group of friends about one of their former friend's depression. All believe to be fake and seeks attention. Now deleted.
>>> Made fun of one of her former fan to the point of being in to tears.
>> Has made journal entries in her old DeviantArt account, talked shit about people who disagrees with her. Now deleted.
>> Craves drama with her small group of friends for no reason.
> Had been involved with drama, Slazo's rape allegations and Zaptie's pedophile allegations.
>> Slazo's Rape Allegations
>>> Slazo has been accused of rape from his former girlfriend, FiZZ1P0P, Chey, in a long twitter post. Typical results, the victim got her support from fans and friends, and Slazo got none. Until he made a video with his perspective, showed that he was being a bad and unsupportive boyfriend. There's no rape involved.
>>> It's been later reveal that there's a large group of creators, were planned to take down Slazo.
>>> Hyojin is one of the supporters and players. She's BBFs with the victim, Chey.
>>> Denied about being involved but is exposed by imAllexx, involved with the Chey party, and other small creators.
>>> With this situation happening, a lot of her dirty laundry has been exposed.
>>> Turkey Tom made a bait about Hyojin being a dog abuser and cheated on Pyrocynical with Dolan Dark, and she took it and post a statement in Twitter and her Instagram. Said that it's taken out of context, but she did the same thing with Slazo. Showed how much of a hypocrite she was. A lot of people demanded apologies from her and hope she changed her ways.
>>> Threatens to kill herself because of criticisms. Her friends started #loveforhyojin in Twitter. Being sent in the mental ward for recovery, but been later been debunked from different stories from her friends about her condition.
>> Zaptie Pedophile and sociopath accusations
>>> Zaptie has been exposed as being a sociopath and a pedophile from his friends and Heather. Youtuber named, Nicholas Deorio debunked the accusations. Zaptie has anti-personality disorder and was an asshole, and Zaptie admits to it. Heather faked her age and catfished not only Zaptie, but another influencer, Nick Cash.
>>> Hyojin was associated with the victim, Heather.
>>> Not very subtly posted tweets about the situation after it ended. Liked a video in Twitter about Zaptie touching a baby's penis. Have drawn a baby ver. Zaptie art and have Zaptie and Pyro porn.
> Drawn her persona screwing her IRL friends and each other. Some are underage of 18 and didn't gave their consent.
> Can't take criticism. Wanted constant attention from her fans, even after her suicide attempt.


No. 895045

File: 1574048898379.jpeg (297.4 KB, 828x460, 51C4FB48-8C20-465D-BF6C-40CD5D…)

Her art looks like garbage. What the hell is this?

No. 895046

move this to snow.

No. 895082

She's not milky and this is old commentary YouTube drama. That community is shit anyway. Next.

No. 895087

File: 1574114486420.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1500, 20191118_215704.png)

The main thing that annoys me besides her horrible unfunny personality is how much praise her art gets when it's so shit. Her animations aren't as bad (just really simple and lazily drawn) but I remember Arin Hanson tweeting at her "your art is lovely" and she's followed by other big artist names when her shit looks like this. What the fuck is happening with that face

No. 895091

File: 1574114650813.png (513.69 KB, 1080x1229, 20191118_215730.png)

Samefag but this one of her and pyro always made me laugh. Is she meant to be sucking his dick, why does she sexualize herself that much, what's with the broken neck and perspective

No. 895095

File: 1574115522683.jpeg (68.82 KB, 800x800, DB20C73F-A86B-4847-8531-052BA3…)

She made Pyro look like a man and not like a gross British butch lmfao
And is she really even that thicc?

No. 895114

fuckk her art is BAD, its really beginner tier and she doesn't deserve that following what the fuck

No. 895124


She is popular right now only because she abuses 'memes' and trends, draws fan-art, low-tier shorts about them. She became popular again only because she decided to draw shorts about cursed emojis. Cringe.

No. 895267

Honestly, everyone involved in the Slazo drama has lost all credibility for all times. Wish they would just remove themselves of the internet. Never had anything against Pyro, other then him being a bit spineless until this snake slithered out of his asshole.

No. 895268

File: 1574168401054.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1272, Witches8.png)

Her art can be cute when she does simple stuff like this, but when she tries to paint it looks disgusting.
But yeah, now all she mainly does is shitty animated memes, I guess since she and pyro broke up and with the slazo drama a lot of people stopped pretending to care about her so now she's trying to get them back.

No. 895271

File: 1574169452069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.12 KB, 205x246, IMG_20190709_125346.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here

No. 895295

Does anyone else find it interesting how much art she used to make art of her and pyro together, however there's very few of her and her current boyfriend (who's she's gonna move in with very soon)? Either she realized how cringe it is to draw yourself and your s/o fucking or she mainly did it to get attention and remind everyone that she was dating "big YouTuber" Pyrocinical. Lol.

No. 895327

File: 1574184534912.jpg (85.07 KB, 750x920, IMG_20190716_120938.jpg)

Reminder that she bullies people to the point they feel suicidal, constantly uses racial slurs because "it's funny", makes many callout posts on other people but then acts like a hypocrite when that shit backfires.

No. 895382

He looks like he's smiling to be polite but also watching tv and waiting for it to be over. Pretty sad when your partner doesn't even look excited for a blowjob in your own sexual fantasy depiction.

No. 895393

I think she is just resting her head on his thigh, tbh.

No. 895403

Her and Pyro are both shitty if you ask me.

>>constantly uses racial slurs because "it's funny"

same as pyro used to do. Bullying kids and all that, they were both shitty people who love attention who got togeather in my eyes.

No. 895418


Yeah, honestly Pyro gets away with a lot of scummy behavior that comes from these groups of people because he does a good job at not mentioning any drama he's involved in and being careful in general. I'd even go as far as to say Hyojin became this person because of him and the commentary community.

No. 895489

because she's Asian and a lot of those artists have yellow fever, it's gross

No. 895500

Anyone know why they broke up?

No. 895964

if she actually put in effort and time instead of rushing to put out content she would get better. clout means everything to her tho and it clearly shows in her work. sage for art sperging.

No. 896954

File: 1574532608469.jpeg (475.59 KB, 750x1182, CF4696CD-2188-4574-AB99-0DEA4A…)

she’s deleting her Instagram lol wonder why

No. 897147

Her art looks like shit, her animations are kind of decent, but gain popularity mainly bc she draws anything viral at the moment (like memes and so). Honestly what I find the most annoying is her idiotic sense of humour, her shitty streams where all she does is scream and laugh like a loud retard

No. 897150

I wish she had more backlash from the slazo situation, seems unfair

No. 897239


Probably just wants to move on from the whole thing, stop being an e-thot and become a meme funny haha animator person. I don't blame her tbh, but doing that won't make us forget what a horrible person she is so good try hyojin

No. 897494

If you compare the fanart that Hyojin made between her and Pyro, there's probably more than 10 drawinigs (in her old DeviantArt and Tumblr) and several animations in a span of 1 year of dating. When dating her current boyfriend (they're probably dating for 6 months since he showed up in her Instagram since May, probably more if the cheating rumors are true.) there's about 2-3 drawings between him and her. Pretty much the type of person to show off her relationship with a famous YouTuber and be forever known as the ex of a that YouTuber.

No. 897511

File: 1574650557621.png (15.3 KB, 667x94, Annotation 2019-10-02 133725.p…)

Just a guess, it's probably not working out with them together. Hyojin posted in her Twitter about her and Pyro still being friends, which I high doubt since they've unfollowed each other in Instagram at the beginning of 2019.

No. 915663

File: 1578603933943.jpg (380.93 KB, 2084x1272, IMG_20200109_210506.jpg)

Imagine charging that much for your mediocre art LMAO

No. 915677

File: 1578605475134.png (633.12 KB, 1080x1555, 20200109_213033.png)

She took the commission post down after she was called out for tracing the background, she's so scummy

No. 915698

The lighting of the background is nice, but the people don't sit in it right at all

No. 915702


It's nice because it was literally traced

No. 915726

I was thinking the same thing and based off her shitty coloring on the characters I could tell right away that it was traced/ripped from a photo. lmao that's embarrassing how obvious it was that it's traced, and quite bold of her to ask for 300$ for possibly more traced garbage

No. 915899

According to her Pateron, it's 1/2 the price that she's offering. What a fucking scam.

No. 915936

She blocked the guy who pointed out it was traced lololol
I wonder what else she traces, to the point where she doesn't even address it and just tries to hide it from her followers

No. 915938

File: 1578657097826.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1484, 20200110_114901.png)

I bet this one was also traced. Generic aesthetic bedroom. The only thing that for sure wasn't traced is the self insert characters because of how bad their anatomy and perspective is.
Honestly the fact that she can't draw her characters right or make them fit the background it's such a big giveaway. This bitch is a fucking hack

No. 915943

>Honestly the fact that she can't draw her characters right or make them fit the background it's such a big giveaway.

Not even an artfag and I noticed that right away kek

No. 915968

What a stupid move. She’s nothing but a e-Thot who’s has dated Pyrocynical. It wouldn’t surprised me if she did cheated on him with her friends and other people.

No. 916276

I had got into it on twitter with her a few years ago for saying that her art had shitall improvement over 4 years and she sent her orbiters after me. Good to see she’s been called out on her shit. Also did she actually go to a ward or was that debunked?

No. 916277

Yeah I’ve never seen someone draw that much porn of themselves. She’s proven she’s a narcissist beyond doubt

No. 916316

It's was debunked the next day when she announced her "suicide". A lot of her friends have different stories about her condition. For example, her current boyfriend, Punkduck, said that she's physically fine. Kingani said that she's at home safe and sound, and one said that she's in critical condition. This is all her online friends, including her boyfriend. It's suspicious when a selective group of people doesn't believe the suicide attempt. Few people found out that Hyojin changed her social media links with an extra letter, while she's in "critical state". Staying in a ward is 72 hours at minimum and they'll confiscate your cellphone. So no, she didn't stay in a ward. When she came back and pretended that nothing has happened when she posted her usual stuff, pretty much shows the lack of remorse she have with her situation. She's a very shitty human being.

No. 916319

File: 1578743461669.png (141.5 KB, 745x812, Screenshot (2008).png)

Not sure if it's true, but I see people refering to another guy, DitzyFlama, as her boyfriend. I thought PunkDuck is her current boyfriend. Unless Hyojin is into a polyamorous relationship.

No. 916330

File: 1578745410181.png (704.21 KB, 1080x1721, 20200111_122158.png)

"Muh standards are way too high!!!!!"


No. 916333

Why add another letter to her social media links? What’s the point of that?
Also yeah she never made a proper apology for falsely accusing someone of rape, she just got asked on stream about it and said “yea whatever sorry stop talking about it” like she was trying to make people shut up. She’s a bad person, so are her friends who I have had some history with

No. 916334

Honestly my impression is that ditzyflama saw how much attention hyojin’s “””suicide””” attempt was getting and wanted in on it.

No. 916336

Damn, that shit was bothering me for months and I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. She should at least try to make it look like she didn’t shoop an older pinup onto a stock image

No. 916338


Wouldn't be surprised is she found this thread and realized what people really think about her shitty art, instead of just hearing what all her dick sucker followers say.

No. 916339

She posted that like an hour after I tweeted at her about tracing
Maybe cause of that, idk

No. 916341

Lmao, let us know when she blocks you anon

No. 916343

She’s blocked me before lol. I can’t stand her follower base, she’ll post some shitty ass drawing and every reply is either a reddit meme or someone saying some variation of “thicc”. Never anyone calling her out on her shit. She’s tucked up so many times and I can’t see how there’s not even one person in the replies calling her a shitty person

No. 916349

File: 1578748483558.png (187.69 KB, 362x299, Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 7.08…)

this is making me lose it bc using guide lines is so much easier than trying to trace all these details and make them line up

No. 916357

File: 1578749649034.png (123.15 KB, 750x1334, 1D5D3C75-2E38-4DC7-8DBC-9A2F53…)

Lol I replied to her story and said “maybe stop tracing”(cowtipping)

No. 916366

Here’s a tip…don’t announce your cowtipping here for asspats. It’s against the rules. You’re acting like a cow yourself.

No. 916368

Will keep that in mind anon

No. 916404

I don't follow this cow but it bothers me so much when artist choose to block valid criticism instead of owning up to their mistakes.
Just admit you lied and traced over somebody else's work and move on, this just makes you more of a lolcow hyojin

No. 916411

File: 1578757475258.png (728.15 KB, 1080x1430, 20200111_154453.png)


No. 916494

There are dumbasses who’ll think that she committed suicide.

No. 916533

Wouldn’t surprised me if she followed this thread and the PULL thread since there’s one made for her.

No. 919235

File: 1579207640193.jpeg (710.12 KB, 828x1624, 1626DE7B-ABB0-4AD8-B179-CE0C8E…)

When you have a habit of posting selfies so you post it on your artist account because no one gives a shit about your personal e-girl account. Can’t see the full figure of her dress if she wants to promote.

No. 919281

File: 1579213495215.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x356, 1576356331768.jpg)

>300 dollarydoos

No. 920811

File: 1579517398808.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, 20200120_104635.png)

Guess who's tracing backgrounds again while bragging about how hard it is and how much work she puts into it, still refusing to acknowledge people caught on to her bullshit. Wasn't she saying her standards were way too high a few days ago? I can't believe this woman

No. 920812

Hyojin you have no standards. Stop lying to others and to yourself

No. 920839

The mans right arm is thicker than his left. Clearly she’s also lazy with her proportions.

No. 920850

I’d be going off the deep end too if my life revolves around screaming on stream and drawing effeminate men

No. 920852

Her selfies on her old account averaged 1-2k likes per post, no wonder she moved accounts
Can’t blame her though, posting selfies for her thirsty fans to get them to ignore how shitty her art is probably works
Art doesn’t matter if it’s not a “pretty” girl drawing it!

No. 920875

Does it matter to her though? She knows everyone will just be commenting Reddit memes and “omg the background is soooo good”

No. 921183

File: 1579580068414.jpeg (88.48 KB, 828x372, 4C2FAF36-2787-4FA1-8C42-B8CC37…)

This is coming from a person who’s supposed to be suicidal last year, but both people are trash. From what I heard from her fans and PULL seems like YanDev threatened suicide.

No. 921198


She's being ironic here, obviously, but it's also obvious that's how she feels. After that she gained subs and donations. She knows what she's doing. Just an beggar.(this is an imageboard)

No. 921216

Well she deleted the tweet, pretty stupid of her to make that tweet when it comes to serious topic.
She’s so obvious that I’m not surprise her brain-dead fans are eating her tactics.

No. 921249

I have no idea how hyojin can be so bad to the point where she kills memes worse than reddit does. The meme just isn’t funny anymore if hyojin animates it

No. 921250

Is the yanderedev meme a thing again? What did he do this time

No. 921252

File: 1579596031825.jpg (89.45 KB, 828x1472, squiz.xy_82083372_176651537030…)

Not really sure if this has anything to do with the tweet about yanderedev being deleted but she posted this to her story a few hours ago.

No. 921257

>is a complete bitch to her friends and supporters
>they’re the “fake bitches”

No. 921309

LMAO she’s so delusional that there’s a reason why people leave and don’t give a shit about her.

No. 921322

She seems like she uses the sympathy and victim card a lot

No. 921925

File: 1579720537247.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, C628F6F9-AB16-4B52-A182-106034…)

How much do want to bet that she’ll probably going to up-charge her clothes for a lot of money, just like her mediocre expensive artwork?

No. 922276

Of course she will, how else will she get the money to spend on even more makeup and Tyler the creator merch

No. 923542

File: 1579930404782.jpeg (591.94 KB, 750x1028, 15A22E38-6B75-4704-BA50-46A26C…)

>this bitch is still tracing

No. 923596

Saw in her Instagram story about not liking the background she worked “hard” on. Looks like she’s too lazy that might as well finished her crappy art. Can’t imagine paying a lot of money on her lazy artwork.

No. 923599

File: 1579947917747.jpeg (139.5 KB, 828x594, C7B741AD-D075-4C6D-9A2E-BE503E…)

There’s a reason why your weird anatomy is fucked because you can’t draw backgrounds for shit.

No. 923986

She just traces a background then tries to make the characters fit into it and it makes the final product every worse

See >>915938

No. 924084

File: 1580049325159.jpeg (398.98 KB, 828x1347, 868C3E0D-81F4-4A15-B29A-F9B87E…)

Hmmm hiding something Hyojin?

No. 924452

It seems whenever she gets criticism there’s always someone who says “woah there she attempted suicide 6 months ago you can’t criticise her”

No. 932216

File: 1581720361791.png (616.94 KB, 1080x1294, 20200214_174355.png)

I guess this confirms they started dating on Valentine's day last year, before she announced her breakup with pyro.

Also why does she keep drawing herself so much different than what she looks like irl???? Since when does she have blue eyes and I thought she wanted to be thicc

No. 932258

File: 1581725118138.jpg (124.05 KB, 634x757, D_tRTeUWkAADOlq.jpg)

This didn't surprise me about her and boyfriend dating somewhere around the beginning of last year. I've read it on a post in Reddit that made theory how it started. This user made the post around May 28, 2019. Also, I highly doubt that her and Pyro being friends at this point, that's just my opinion.

No. 933158

The thing that’s funny about it is it looks identical to the Valentine’s Day drawing she made for pyrocynical a few years ago

No. 933208

File: 1581980725142.jpeg (437.22 KB, 828x1381, 3CEE9336-AA5E-4A7F-B575-28452A…)

You’re right. Seems like she’s not creative enough. Kind of wonder if she still have feelings for Pyro.

No. 933410

The art is better in the old one too tbh.

No. 933856

File: 1582152813989.png (753.77 KB, 828x1792, 6B6B5D7A-D570-40F8-A8B8-7E5F1D…)

Hyojin, you drew your Pyro and yourself fucking each other for everyone in the internet to see. You also drew your persona (which is yourself personified) fucking your friends, including your friends fucking each other, some are the under 18 at the time, while you’re in a relationship with Pyro. Of course people will gossip about you and your relationships, to the point there’s potential cucking/cheating involved.

No. 933858

File: 1582153058314.png (759.95 KB, 828x1792, E444FB2C-C1F4-474B-A153-2F5312…)

Ghibli’s art and her art are two different kinds of style. Not sure why she thinks like that.

No. 933874

If you want your private life to stay private, then keep it private

No. 933878

Why is she acting like she doesn't want her relationships to be public when the fact that she dated pyro is what got her fame in the first place?
What, now that you're done leeching you want privacy? You can't expect your fans not to care about your relationships when you're the one who made everything so public. Brain of a fucking worm hyojin

No. 933898

That’s funny, considering she had a compilation of her and her current boyfriend dating to celebrate their 1 year anniversary in her Instagram stories. Not sure why she expects her fans to respect her privacy when she made her relationships public in the first place with her ex.

No. 933940

File: 1582162383442.png (639.09 KB, 828x1792, 0A80B2EE-CC76-4AE6-A0F3-9A450E…)

Hyojin: “Respect my privacy.”
Also Hyojin: “Putting things out for the public to see is worth it. :)”

No. 933985

>is known for being a big YouTubers ex.
>Draws her current relationships CONSTANTLY.
>Doesn't want people to ask about relationships because apparently it's "private".


No. 934053

She only drew so much of herself and pyro because she knew he’s famous and that she’d get attention. She drew like 2 things for her current boyfriend because she knows she can’t get clout off of him. I wouldn’t be surprised if pyro broke it off because she was using him to get an audience.

No. 934055

File: 1582181095522.jpeg (43.17 KB, 750x1107, ACA51158-1FE0-4009-AFC4-F0BDC5…)


No. 934113

i'm not an artfag and i don't know shit about art but i noticed how out of place the people look kek, this bitch can't draw at all

No. 934136

learn how to integrate, retard. just because you're a terf doesn't mean this is milk.

No. 934527

The backgrounds are only good cause they’re traced and distract from the shitty characters. If she only “drew” landscapes and buildings it’d be much better but clearly she only traces them but her followers are too brain dead to check/will defend her tracing. Compare her backgrounds now to her ones from like a year ago, you can argue improvement but her background style always changes and coincidentally looks better when it’s obviously traced.

No. 934542

Nta but why are you so pissed by this particular post when other anons don't sage their useless comments? strange.

No. 934678

because it's twice as retarded as every other post made by another retard that incapable of writing a four letter word in a big white box. you can stop crying now.

No. 935002

the testosterone must be rubbing on you with all that girldick sucking huh. no need to be so aggressive, sweatie.

No. 935043

No. 935068

And then they say the evil terfs are the one derailing. Good bait, though.

No. 935204

File: 1582350604901.png (1.34 MB, 1027x1641, 20200222_004132.png)

Who cares about her thoughts on trans rights, there's a gender critical thread just take that talk over there, it's not milk.
What's milk is her claiming she's thicc When she looks like this (especially considering the angle the picture was taken from). Being average weight doesn't make you thicc, why does she draw herself with a big ass all the time? Does she just want to be seen as a sex object all the time to get twitch donations? Like ngl she's cute so why does she need to over sexualize her self inserts and constantly remind everyone that she's a "sexy artist"? It's just sad and embarrassing and I really don't get her overconfidence.

No. 935205

Hunchback lookin ass

No. 935227

this doesn’t make sense, retard.

are you finished detailing over your huwt feewings?

the way that she draws herself is super absurd. she really does draw herself as some slim thicc hourglass shaped babe, but she literally just has an average body (and face)? she really doesn’t dress for her body either - she thinks an overpriced designer belt on its own is enough of a look against two other boring, ill-fitting pieces.

but yea, she definitely has that weird mix of narcissism and low self esteem that so many wannabe e-thots/influencers have, so it’s not a surprise. also, that picture is REALLY unflattering kek

No. 935229

Yea she’s just fat lol

No. 935232

She knows if she calls herself “thicc” she will get twitch donations. I think she dresses in oversized clothes with a belt on stream to give off the illusion of having a hourglass body figure when she’s actually just fat. But I guess she does what she can to get those sweet donations to buy more designer clothes and makeup lol

No. 935247

tbh, i’m surprised she doesn’t lean more on the fact that she’s korean/asian to bring in those gross koreaboo fetishists as well as pretending to be soooo thiccque 24/7

No. 935252

She fake complains about how much she “hates” koreaboos but you know she loves the attention. It seems like she only complains about koreaboos to remind people that she’s Korean

No. 935259

Sorry for being a fag, but what is "traced art"? Never heard of that until now.

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