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File: 1585189318273.png (451.74 KB, 704x480, 2468846114689894651.png)

No. 532054

No. 532056

Only villains ship AsuShin

No. 532068

ill drink to that bro

No. 532107

And you ship him with his mother or actual mother lmao?

No. 532111

Nta but Kaworu is right there anon

No. 532113

No. 532118

I think people should have the right to their own life including to end it if they wish to. I think euthanasia should be more accessible and that people with severe, chronic mental illness should be able to end their life this way if they want to. If these people are going to kill themselves, at least it can be painless and avoid the risk of disfigurement and crippling disability that a failed attempt could cause.

No. 532126

No. 532128

I don't think this is a popular opinion as time progresses. Older people seem to hold onto the idea that it's an absolute sin and the Hippocratic oath makes it so that doctors doing it is wrong. I've watched 2 people I love fade away into an awful terminal illness. If they could've had it their way I'm sure they would've peacefully ended it after trying some bucket list things.

No. 532133

I'm sorry that you went through that anon, I hope you're doing okay

No. 532145

What's the point of dating someone when there's a huge language barrier? I find those relationships inherently odd and superficial.
Like, how are you gonna discuss your feelings and get to know their personality when you can't even communicate properly….I always feel like either one or both of them have some other motive for dating that person, or maybe I've witnessed too many relationships like that that are based on fetishes and questionable racial dynamics that it has skewed my entire view…

No. 532147

I'm dating someone where we are both not fluent in each other's language, but speak enough of it to understand each other most of the time. Rarely have to use Google Translate or look up words lol But yes, if no one is making an effort to learn their partner's language, it's usually fetishy or for a visa/green card. Obviously the trash show 90 Day Fiance comes to mind. Personally, I have wondered how much a language barrier impacts our deeper understanding, but he's been a better partner for me compared to guys who spoke my language fluently but had 0 empathy/integrity.

No. 532148

I agree! I feel like AMWF relationships for example are fetishized sooo much nowadays even though sometimes the couple can barely communicate. I think some of these relationships are based on a narcissistic desire to feel unique. 'LOOK AT US WE'RE IN AN INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP WE'RE SO SPECIAL uwu'…Yeah, no.

No. 532159

File: 1585218154715.gif (497.27 KB, 455x341, 1472675270275.gif)

Shinji not being gay aside,Kaworu isn't fit for Shinji at all. He acts like a predator in comparison to Asuka.

"Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But here's my apartment, so call sleep with me maybe"- Kaworu, probably.

No. 532166

Truer words have never been spoken. I remember browsing Evageeks as it was the only place to read in-depth Eva theories at the time and was so annoyed at the constant AsuShin sperging.
Shinji is not gay but bi for sure. I am not a fujo but Kawoshin is the canon ship for Shinji, I have no doubt about that. Shinji literally orgasms at seeing Kaworu once more in EoE.

No. 532168

No. 532178

I'm sick of seeing people saying being an attractive woman sucks. Thinking it's comparable that people only treat you well because of your looks versus being ugly and having people treat you like shit is laughable. Ugly women get raped too, it's all misogyny.

No. 532192

idk if i'd ship anyone with a sex doll created by his insane dad.

No. 532193

>t. ugly woman.

No. 532194

I wouldn't want all the extra male attention that comes with being particularly attractive. Nothing positive about being a creep magnet.

No. 532195

it’s a double edged sword imo. Being attractive does afford a great deal of social privileges that ugly women (invisible ppl to men basically) don’t get and will never receive. However, the underside to that is hypervisibility. Men are already entitled enough to comment abt every and any woman’s appearance, and probably feel particularly emboldened when coming across pretty women bc they know the women have heard theyre attractive and think their disgusting remarks won’t stick.

this is all to say that yes, I think ugly women have it worse, but we’re all women at the end of the day and we all get shit on for just existing.

No. 532200

Yes but we get shit from other women. Why can't you all be supportive of us?

No. 532203

Do you get that much shit from other women? Nta but I go around looking like a boy and no woman ever gives me shit for opting out of the usual beauty standards

No. 532212

Not to my face but I feel somewhat ignored. And then online, I read so much shit online about people who look like me.

No. 532217

I get everyone is their own person, but a large dedication of this site is for specifically shitting on women who deviate from beauty standards, so I'd say yes. Some women are guilty of it. I've been.

No. 532224

I think the differnce is that if you fully opt out of all that beauty shit you're mostly left alone.. a lot of cows on here are heavily basing who they are on sharing selfies/being a camgirl or following a certain fashion..so they get judged on looks seeing as their online persona is about looks.

The average woman can walk around looking plain and live a normal life without all the judgement.

No. 532237

lol I'm a normie but does it matter? This shit is fucking obvious.

No. 532248

I wish there was a chan site like lolcow, but with a rule that everyone has to be respectful to each other. I really like the nicer side of /ot/ and /g/, but I really hate the toxicity.

No. 532252

I love imageboards but I hate that unnecessary toxicity.

No. 532263

go make one and fuck off then, retards.

No. 532268

Thanks for embodying exactly what I was talking about. Also, learn to sage.

No. 532279

>Edge +2

No. 532284

She doesn't have to sage, it's /ot/

Isn't that just literally every forum with usernames? Or even crystal castle?
I think lolcow is respectful.

No. 532286

I really am annoyed people who feel the need to push homeschooling on the internet. It seems like there are a lot of poorly socialized spergs who feel the need to project their experiences onto everyone and who are really elitist too.

No. 532309

that's a really poor excuse

No. 532314

I've noticed this too. I was homeschooled because my parents were ultra religious nutjobs who didn't want the evil secular society to brainwash me. It was a nightmare I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Most states in the US have almost no requirements or standardized tests for homeschooling. Your parent writes that you attended x amount of days and that's it. The kid could be doing chores or watching TV all day. It should be highly regulated or illegal.

No. 532316

nta but i don't think they're the one making the excuses.

No. 532327

Well I'm not the one doing the 'looks judging' Just trying to point out what attracts it. I go around nearly looking like a guy and nobody ever bats an eyelid at my choices. If I tried to gain an online following I'd be ripped to bits for it though. That's how it is.

No. 532336

I'm extremely anti-homeschool. At least not without serious regulations. I was homeschooled and my mom was really great at it, but every other kid I met through the socialization programs was tragically undereducated, except for one other girl. There's pretty much no regulation for education quality and the vast majority of parents are crazy Evangelicals who only teach Biblical studies and barely anything else. Their science textbooks also teach creationism as a fact and other crazy shit.

No. 532343

What the fuck, go back to PULL or Crystal Cafe then.

No. 532344

I like it edgy and mean. Deters the normies and moids. I’m also not insecure about the toxicity because I know when we are nice and kind, it’s genuine and not performative because of some rule.

No. 532348

Nta; that's the problem. You have to act shy and keep your head down so you get through life.
I don't have the courage to wear make up because I feel it would be a sign of audacity for someone with my face.

No. 532351

ntayrt but I agree with you, people don't take a shine to women who have the audacity to take up space, makes themselves visible, and are loud about it IF they are less than perfect. And even perfect women who are like that are nitpicked to death about something else.

No. 532358

> Nta; that's the problem. You have to act shy and keep your head down so you get through life

For me I'm not shy or keeping my head down though, I'm just not into make up, dressing nice or doing the whole leg shaving shite. I'm an outgoing person and people just accept me as I am.

I get that you're coming from the opposite side of that though… I don't know what it's like to want to wear make up but feel insecure in my face. I don't know what it's like to be femme and struggling with wanting to present feminine while insecure.

No. 532375

I'm glad that's your experience anon, but I've never known this to be remotely true. My last job would have lost it if I came in with unshaved legs. One of my old managers was shocked when I met with a client wearing (professional looking) flats instead of heels. My first job as a barista, I was told not to forget to wear lip gloss or chapstick, because "nobody wants to see dry lips with their coffee."

I don't like wearing makeup, but I like being employed.

No. 532376

Where the fuck do you live? Japan? Both my wife and i have pretty high up jobs and no one expects you to wear makeup. Just brush your hair and shower.

No. 532378

Please stop shoving your weird tumblr dyke ideology where you think women can only be ''femme'' or ''butch''.
Fyi sweaty the reason why you dont get ripped for your appearance is because people assume you are gay which you are and butch women have the masculinity privilege of not being judged for their appearance.
She probably never worked a day in her life anon and things the world revolves around her sexist views of women being either femme or butch .

No. 532384

Nta but one company in my country had a reputation for making female staff wear full make up everyday for store work.. they were eventually sued to fuck over it

No. 532385

I'm in the US, in a pretty progressive area. Maybe it's different in a senior position, but most low-mid ranking women are still being pressured to look a certain way. It's hard to go against the grain when it's your livelihood, especially if you're gunning for a promotion or just trying to stay employed.

No. 532386

Wasn't this whole discussion about a woman who actually really wanted to wear make up but hated her face?

No. 532392

It's ok to get off on triggering people if it only takes the tiniest lil poke to trigger them anyway

No. 532394

Femme, dyke, butch, top, and bottom are not tumblr exclusive terms you dingleberry. Yeah everything isn't cookie cutter but don't pretend it can't be used to describe the kind of gay girl you are.
This feels worse in an office environment to be honest. They expect borderline full makeup and dresses for business casual.

No. 532401

You read the word femme and went off into a tirade that in no way even reflects or responds to the post you're replying to.. Damn the word femme really triggers you that much anon?

No. 532402

It's Tumblr lesbian discourse PTSD.

No. 532406

It really isn't, unless you don't have a close circle of lesbian and bi friends and want to assume the slang originated from tumblr. Why does it bother you how a gay woman chooses to describe herself or others?

No. 532418

Nope, it's still kicking. All the porn addicts fucked off, though.

NTA, but the point was that the anon who lost her shit at "femme" seems to be replaying some bad memories in her head, not that those terms themselves originate from Tumblr.

No. 532420

Because the original post had nothing to do with sexuality you absolute moron and suddenly that person talking about how they present masc and calling other femmes…..when there was no sexuality even mentioned.
>>describe the kind of gay girl you are
the original anon didnt even mention their sexuality.
Just say it that you cant stand a second without making everything about your sexuality because you think thats a personality you samefagging idiot.

No. 532427

> that person talking about how they present masc and calling other femmes…..when there was no sexuality even mentioned.

I'm that person. I never mentioned sexuality myself.. I'm straight. Masculine is a word to describe how I dress and femme was used as a short term for feminine to refer to how I'm not feminine in my style

Don't know why that started a rant about lesbians, or tumblr, or sexism.

No. 532434

File: 1585262112765.jpeg (54.53 KB, 747x552, BA98340E-3DD7-4124-B6EF-3336D7…)

The fucking suicide baiting lately is getting to me. I usually tolerate casual posting but some are just straight up BPD attention seeking.
>how do kms uwu
>felt sad might OD later
>the room is spinning…I hope I don’t wake up
Jfc cope like the rest of us bitch. It fucking sucks but you know there is nothing anonymous people online can say to make it magically better. So what’s the point if not (You) farming, you fucking side step every reply you get anyway. It really is sink or swim, and if you truly have no will to swim then, well, don’t.

No. 532439

Sick of reading it and I don't even buy their shit

No. 532440

File: 1585262741685.jpg (155.6 KB, 537x758, 55239879_p0.jpg)

Asushin is okay, but Kawoshin is the only true choice for Shinji.

Shipping him with Rei or Misato is disgusting however.

No. 532443


>masculine privilege

what world do you live in where masculine/butch women aren't punished in some way for their looks? hope it's nice over therein your fairyland

No. 532450

File: 1585263796490.jpg (219.35 KB, 800x2093, don't mind the ifunny watermar…)

>Shinji not being gay aside

No. 532452

Funny cos they say all this too

> people assume you are gay which you are and butch women have the masculinity privilege

I'm straight, married and have kids. Anon is just that loopy with rage against gays.

No. 532456

based on experience, butch gets more homophobia and femme more sexism, both are shitty situation

No. 532459

It's really not useful to view it this way, these things aren't really quantifiable and all intersect, the homophobia butches experience is informed by sexism and vice versa

No. 532461

you know theres asians born outside of asia right?

No. 532483

I don't think celebrities or extremely rich people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos etc should get any praise for donations to charities, like that is the bare minimum and they usually do and sacrifice far, far less than people who have literally nothing and are usually much more generous and compassionate. I think it's so convoluted and dystopian the way they announce it on social media or more often have their PR people 'leak' it to some blog. Like they are unable to do something to help people with their hoards of wealth without using it for an opportunistic and self serving PR move, plus it's literally usually such a small percentage of their income/net worth it's the equivalent of someone with an average income giving like $30, which shouldn't be newsworthy at all but people praise them as if they've done such a huge thing. Literally every 'good' thing you see a celebrity do is just PR and it's so depressing how many people fall for it

No. 532493

The pandemic must really affect their external validation sources.

No. 532499

Men dancing seems corny to me and kind of gives me second had embarrassment no matter how good the person is at it. I don't know why I feel this way it's so stupid and irrational but I just always have

No. 532500

Absolutely agreed. I know we should all just ignore it, but it makes me anxious that me (or us) not writing nice enough things might be responsible for a person's death. I mean, we can never know whether they might really do it.
Just now too, I scroll down /ot/ and once again there's at least one post saying they'll an hero.

No. 532502

same feelings, also singing! in my case i think doing something like that just seems like a v vulnerable position in a way and then my repressed turbo virgin ways on top of it all.

No. 532506

omg same I'm so annoyed I forgot singing in the original post because I think I actually find that worse. Like situations I've been in where a guy has started singing for some reason sometimes I can't even look directly at it it just makes me so embarrassed

No. 532507

I wish they'd shut up. I've attempted before but never told the fucking internet first.

No. 532541

religious schools should not be allowed

No. 532550

the most potent cringe i have encountered to this day happened in 1st year at uni, there was this one guy in our halls who insisted on playing guitar and singing (v badly might i add) in the stairwell for what seemed like most hours of the day. you couldn't get in or out the building without walking past his wonderwall display.
then again, wish i was that brain dead, i haven't shared my creative hobbies with anyone in ages due to feeling like the result isn't good enough.

No. 532622

people with blue eyes are creepy

No. 532657

new animal crossing….is a disappointment

No. 532659

why do you think? I was considering buying it..

No. 532660

Super light blue eyes? I agree. Normal blue eyes aren't creepy though.

No. 532670

Agreed. New leaf was far superior

No. 532673

You mean in general or compared to the previous games? I liked Wild World and New Leaf a lot so I considered getting a copy of New Horizons but what turned me off a lot at first was how you can only have one island per Switch and I was using my sister's console at the time.

No. 532678

It's better when you unlock town hall and get to heavily customize stuff and I imagine it'll get better with updates, but currently NL still feels like the more complete game honestly.

No. 532687

YES! It's so weird how people treat billionaires like they are some hero.
I will also add my own unpopular opinion: I don't care what they did, nobody deserves to be a billionaire with just money in our current society.

No. 532690

Stores shouldn't be opening an hour early for elderly people. I don't know about other countries but here the two major supermarkets have a designated hour now where the shop is only open for seniors and disabled so they don't have to be 'scared'. Well, I work across from the supermarket and they will literally get there 3 hours early and their behaviour is not that of some 'scared' elderly people. Smashing each other with their trolleys, hoarding ( I see the same people come in every. single. day) and some of them leaving and swearing about thEy HaVe NoThiNg. fUck SuPErMaRkEt. They don't deserve it and are so fucking ungrateful and extremely rude. I also seen some questionable 'elderly'. Last time I checked, 45 years old wasn't considered elderly. Maybe they were transage. kek.

No. 532699

>I don't think celebrities or extremely rich people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos etc should get any praise for donations to charities

If not solely for the fact that these are tax writeoffs, so it's not as if there's no incentive for rich people to do these things. In a way it's like they've gotta build PR walls for themselves, because otherwise people would see right through this shit as self-serving and truly low effort when all their money is considered.

Also since this veers slightly ot, wealth disparity of this caliber is degenerate.

No. 532706

It's fucking annoying and doesn't evoke sympathy but when people act like that it's also due to fear.

No. 532709

meanwhile full-time healthcare workers are coming home to empty stores after work. If anything allow people with full-time vital jobs to enter the supermarkets before working hours, but that's pretty hard to regulate I guess.

I don't see why elderly should be allowed earlier in anyway. Those who aren't in elderly homes and being taken care of, are usually vital enough to wake up early. And they do, I used to work in a supermarket and it's always elderly who're at the door early in the morning. They have no more right for food than anyone else.

No. 532713

>They have no more right for food than anyone else

No. 532719

This. I went to the supermarket to get groceries at midday and a lot of the cheaper food shelves were already cleared out. It's fucking enraging. Like we're not starving to death or anything but a lot of people who aren't well off need the more affordable options yet can't get them due to selfish idiots hoarding everything.

No. 532728

I don't get the people constantly complaining about "PP spergs taking over the board" in /meta/. I don't browse the PP thread (but don't have it hidden either, just scroll past it so I'm aware of it) and I lurk a ton of drama threads, but I never see this "PP sperging" around. Mostly the spergs that I see are either vendettafags with no solid milk or the ones who nitpick the cow to an autistic degree and freak the fuck out when someone tells them to calm down or submit proof instead of tinfoiling. The only "get out scrote" I've seen recently was someone telling a namefagging KF smoothbrain to get out and that was warranted because they straight out outed themselves.

No. 532730

It more so happens in OT or G

No. 532733

That's not unpopular opinion, most of the people claiming that are just the most vocal and samefagging endlessly in /meta/. Plus, there are also obvious "fellow sisters" that just want to silence any criticism on men.

No. 532771

i've always thought that people who hate taylor swift are misogynistic and/or "not like the other girls" pick-me type women

No. 532851

how they made QR codes and fucking online play with others, an intrinsic part of the game and getting items since the beginning of the series part of their subscription service is unforgivable to me. i had no idea, i thought the subscription was just extras and quality of life supplemental support. not to mention the one island per console thing. i am seriously considering returning it. don’t get me started on how boring farming resources and making 20 fish baits in a row is.

No. 532858

I'm planning on getting the game + Switch soon, how does QR codes work? Is it like before or are they too locked behind the online subscription too?
I wonder how homebrew LAN play is going to work out with NH, spending money on kids game stuff that used to be free just rubs me the wrong way. If it's super shitty I'll just keep modding NL.

No. 532859

yeah not like there's legitimate reasons to dislike her or anything lol jesus this libfeminism

No. 532861

As someone who's not a fan of her music, I'm just tired that for the past decade this meticulously PR-crafted celebrity keeps getting shoved down my throat with the threat that if I say I don't like her, then there must be something morally wrong with me.

Why would you think people who don't like her are misogynists? She was a 4chan favorite and still is to some extent, so clearly it's possible that misogynistic people like her just fine. Pickmes? it used to be the running joke that TS songs were all boy-obsessed and either about a relationship or a breakup. Pickmes love TS because her songs are all about men and the troo lurve.

No. 532865


or maybe its possible that her music is awful and everything she does is perfectly calculated to make her look like the victim….. hmmmmmm u COULD be right though prob just bc ppl hate women

No. 532868

things ppl with brown eyes say (just saying lol)

No. 532869

yeah, she really does always make herself the victim, but the thing with kanye, scooter and scott were legitimate. what they did really was shitty, even if she loves to be the serial victim. i think the people who hate on taylor are just taylor's version of the "fuck bieber" dudes.

No. 532891

yup they’re locked behind the online service.

No. 532896

Her music is absolutely not my taste but the amount of hate she got simply for dating, writing cheesy songs for angsty teen girls and putting on the same sjw act as all other mainstream celebs nowadays too, is totally disproportionate. She never did anything bad, there have never been rumors of her being shitty to fans, so that already makes her a better person than most other rich people. I honestly think that most are jealous because she's the stereotypical skinny blonde good girl, who's super popular and then doesn't even act like an ass and exactly that pisses some off.
But it should stop now, that the Kim and Kanye thing got exposed, they commited a crime against her and yet everybody thought she was in the wrong for years.

No. 532898

honestly, "look what you made me do" did not help her when she was legitimately in the right. really made her look guilty and like she was relishing being a "snake". taylor does do some annoying shit, she lies about herself and desperately wants to be the underdog, she was nasty to camilla belle for no reason, etc, but she's hated because people are rightfully jealous. she's talented, skinny, blonde and blue eyed, she has a model figure, white, born into wealth even before she became famous, etc. she got as lucky as one person can get, really, so people definitely shit on her for that reason, but also because she's a pop star. pop stars get shit on even if they are genuinely talented simply because they're very famous.

No. 532905

wait. what's the story here? what did they do? i live under a rock

No. 532909

I don’t see how she’s any better than Miley Cyrus but it’s cool to hate on Miley Cyrus. Anyway, their music are good for drunken karaoke nights, I don’t care much for celebs as people.

No. 532912

I love how when a man is called out for sexually harassing a teenage girl/woman, anons on this forsaken website see it as an opportunity to say "Well, I've never liked her because she seems like a bitch".

No. 532946

I feel like it's the opposite, she's done a lot less milky stuff than other female singers (e.g. Ariana with her borderline blackface, cringy tats and gross baby talk), yet when it comes to hate she get's more shit than Chris Brown.
Miley is mainly hated by older people because of her nude wrecking ball stunt.

I honestly think this is just one person. I posted that the phonecall was leaked and immediately one very persistent anon went on about Kim and Kanye basically being in the right because Taylor is so bad and totally deserves it.

No. 532954

I love being alone and think doing things like even going to the movies or concerts alone is so fun. Even though I have friends who I like and I have fun when I hang out with them, I always enjoy being alone more - I feel like I could not talk to another human for years and would be fine, when I was younger I went to a foreign country alone for 3 months where no one spoke my language and talked to no one and I loved it. Is this some kind of mental illness or something

No. 532955

Same but i'm also mentally ill so idk lol

No. 532957

it's called introversion
as long as you're not incapable of socialising and are able to maintain healthy relationships with people around you, and you said ou have friends you hang out with, so you're probably fine.

No. 532961

nothing makes me more happy than doing quietly the thing that I love alone! I have friends but I also find annoying the way every decision takes times and the constant need to make evryone satisfied, it's fun but you loose a lot of time

No. 532962

You're introvertgender

No. 533029

Idgaf about animal crossing and never will. I wish people would shut up about it already.

No. 533033

Can openers are stupid

No. 533035

haha have fun over on lonely bitch island

No. 533040

real women open cans with their nails

No. 533047

i seriously dont even know what the game is about

No. 533052

Kek you seem stressed, doctor prescribes playing AC an hour every day to manage that bitchiness.

No. 533056

I thought it was ugly when I was a kid and gameplay seemed like a combo of boring and frustrating, like something only weird autistic kids played. I stand by that assessment kek

No. 533059

>I wish people would stop enjoying a game I don't like.

No. 533063

File: 1585363150462.jpg (103.84 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_psuqrgsU4K1r76x3i_1280.…)

I'm so used to doing shit alone cause i don't have any friends. I'm an ambivert so i'm cool with whatever. Quarantine sucks tho I'm trying to get a job.

No. 533078

god you retards need to fuck off. the subscription is only $20 a year and it's so nintendo can fund their server. it's not just some money grab. also the QR codes aren't even part of the new game. the QR reader is for old codes only. if you're too poor to spend $20 a year so nintendo can make sure your online sessions don't crash, just sell your damn switch and don't buy any consoles any time soon.

No. 533087

What does Nintendo's anus taste like?

No. 533103

All alcohol taste like paint thinner to me even the tiniest sip makes me gag and I find it repulsive, even champagne or cocktails with a low alcohol content. I dont think I'm allergic or anything and want to like it

No. 533111

why is online play which has always been free suddenly pay now? you think this giant international company suddenly can’t afford it? the game is 60 dollars, on past titles that included letting you use your own damn wifi. it’s a shitty move I’d expect out of EA. and you can’t share any designs without paying, QR or not

No. 533124

>thinking any of nintendos older consoles had games that needed anything server side
sorry you're hurting over less than $2 a month, i'll just be over here on my family plan with all my friends playing animals.

No. 533145

hey retard, you have to be 18 to post here. you completely missed anon’s point which was that suddenly paying for a service that had always been free is retarded. you’re a bootlicker, we get it. but you’re also wrong, the wii used to have the same online support and the wii u and 3DS still have it as well. it’s not a novel fucking idea to play games wirelessly, tard.

No. 533184

People seem really accepting of dissociative identity disorder being real since Anthony P made that video. But I just watched a video where a woman has a 'fairy alter'

I don't buy it, it's entering the same territory as people (furries) who think they have a wolf spirit or people who are genderqueer alien beings. We are embracing delusion and it doesn't help these people.

No. 533200

I know a person who has a clinically diagnosed case of DID and it's nothing like the ridiculous shit DID youtubers claim it to be. They make it into a headmate roleplay where their fairy vampire OCs possess their bodies and start acting like bad method actors, in reality the "switches" are very subtle and happen during stressful situations where your brain shuts off part of your personality to protect itself. It's a coping mechanism subconsciously picked up in childhood when experiencing a trauma and then you start creating more personalities to adapt to different situations.

No. 533204

It becomes hard to believe any of them when fairies start entering into it. Expecting people to refer to you as a fairy??

I have a different dissociative disorder from early trauma and with people like that being so vocal now I don't even feel comfortable telling anyone about my totally mundane type of dissociation.

No. 533206

Never said stop playing it dumb ass. Get some reading comprehension.

I don't want to play a boring crappy game.

I will. People are shit anyways.

No. 533208

The only person I've ever met with "DID" was also a fat wiccan who claimed she was anorexic (not recovered, but actively anorexic for 10+ years) and hoarded animals with her polycule, so I'm with you that it's for attention seeking weirdos.

No. 533210

I agree so much. This is one of the main reason I can't like any male idols, it's just so fucking cringy to me when they dance. Male ballet dancers or contemporary "art" dancers just the worst though, beyond painful.

No. 533211

Scientists have already found a biological basis for the existence of dissociative identity disorder, so I personally don't even understand the squabbling back and forth on whether it's "real". The issue most disputed by professionals seems to be how common it actually is (it's most likely extremely rare), not its existence in the first place.
What I think most laypeople should be asking is "How do we spot and deal with all the LARPers?", not "Is it real?".
DID has been capitalized on by opportunists on Tumblr, YouTube, etc who are basically play-acting as their own OCs, and shitty pop culture.
The same thing happens with depression, bipolar disorder, BPD, ASPD (we all know the psychopath trope), the list goes on.

No. 533216

No they haven't stop this fake news shit.

No. 533220

The only 'DIDer' I ever knew was a friend I caught lying about it, her only official diagnosis was BPD.

She was a compulsive liar and she hated her friends spending time around her parents because that's when the lies would usually be exposed. You'd mention something in passing and her parents would be all confused cos it was a made up story.

No. 533222

The effects of trauma are very real, dissociation is real.. but women claiming to have fairies, male personalities and little girls all living inside them are attention seeking cluster b types.

With the dsm changing its stance on disorders every few years it'll be interesting to see whather we stick with it being real or whether we'll change the name and description of it to essentially backtrack on that.

No. 533230

Either bring credible, peer reviewed sources or stfu. You can't just say "scientists have proven" something and have everyone take you at your word, anon.

No. 533273

No. 533277

psychiatry and psychology is a joke anyways. they pretend there's "biological basis" for fetishism, so it peer reviewed shit literally does not matter. it's all trash.

No. 533279

Dissociating, losing memory and thinking you’re a different person isn’t really that out of the ordinary as a response to trauma/PTSD. If you can buy the effects of trauma and the dissociation that comes with it, it's not really a stretch. I think some people have a fantasy idea about it meaning you literally become a different person, and that leads to all the confusion and fairy uwu shit.
Several dissociative disorders exist, even if you also know some cluster B morbidly obese Pagan chick with 19 cats who pretends to have one specific, very rare and life-ruining tier one whenever her boyfriend tells her to take a shower. I don’t get why people are so sensitive about this.

No. 533281

dissociating has nothing to do with believing you're a different person and having "alters". depersonalization, derealization, amnesia, and generally dissociating is nothing like this "alter" bullshit. they should not be classified together at all and you're discrediting a very normal and sensible reaction to abuse and trauma by putting it in the same league as this histrionic and performative bullshit. there's a very stark difference and no other form of dissociation involves believing you're a different person except this tumblr tier silliness

No. 533291

I'm not the same poster that was talking about knowing a crazy pagan chick

No. 533292

Didn't mean that you were, I was just using as example.

No. 533294

>dissociating has nothing to do with believing you're a different person
Did you read my post correctly, anon? I clearly separated dissociation and thinking you're a different person for obvious reasons, so this part was unnecessary.
Furthermore, there is a link between PTSD (which stems from trauma - based on the trauma model for DID, it's kind of a given that those with DID would also have PTSD) and delusional thinking:
Believing oneself to be a different person, hearing voices, etc would fall under most categories of delusion and/or psychotic thinking. Memory loss is an obvious "duh" when it comes to some forms of dissociation.
Before I address the rest of your post, do you have any links to actual studies that come to the same conclusion as yourself?
The symptoms of DID aren't linked to histrionic behaviors or performance.
They're defined in the DSM as "the presence of two or more distinct personality states" accompanied by the inability to recall personal information, beyond what is expected through normal forgetfulness. Other DSM-5 symptoms include a loss of identity as related to individual distinct personality states, and loss referring to time, sense of self and consciousness".
Like I said, just because you know a girl/guy or saw some on Tumblr doesn't mean they represent the normal presentation of the disorder itself.

No. 533296

>Therefore, it is possible that the differences in hippocampal volume and possibly in amygdalar volume for the dissociative identity disorder group could have been even larger if the patients had not been taking medication.

>Finally, a potential limitation of this study is that all of the patients with dissociative identity disorder also met the criteria for PTSD, which makes it impossible to establish that the findings are not related to the comorbid PTSD diagnosis.

Tl;dr DID is just PTSD. Of course borderline snowflakes will try and make it super special and make it as attention grabbing as possible.

No. 533300

That's the thing. It's literally linked to PTSD, but snowflakes take it out of context, and uneducated people see said snowflakes acting out, refuse to do any research and start screeching that it's not real. When you add in rape apologist/pedo defending groups like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation being used as sources by the (hopefully unwitting, not malicious) people in the second group, shit gets even worse.
The lucky thing is that DID is rare. Imagine if the same thing happened with something comparatively much more common, like schizophrenia. So many people would be gaslit daily by angry retards and tumblrinas at the same time.

No. 533305

Diff anon but I read somewhere that it's so rare most psychiatrists won't even come across a single case of it in their career

No. 533308

I've read the same thing. Of the very few people who most likely have it, it's probably an extremely small amount of them who actually go to a psych, have that psych accurately spot what's going on with them, and then diagnose them as such.
Also, this is just my opinion, but I think if someone does have it, their chances of becoming self-aware, let alone going to get help, are slim to none. They'd probably just wonder why they have huge gaps in their memory and/or are randomly blacking out, and either try to keep it a secret to live as normally as psosible, or seek help for possible physical issues, rather than mental ones. If they also suffer from auditory hallucinations or bizarre, impossible lines of thought, then they just have even more reason to keep quiet about it.
The chances of someone like that deciding to start a YouTube channel and bring attention to themselves, where they regularly post videos titled "My Alter Does My Makeup!!" and get into e-fights with Trisha Paytas are…well, you know.

No. 533313

>they pretend there's "biological basis" for fetishism
What are you even talking about here? Trannies? Because that was debunked long ago
If you're going to shit on science and claim it's all wrong, at least keep up to date on it. Not doing so is antivaxxing mom tier.

No. 533321

One of the most popular voices on it said did is as common as bulimia (she's not a professional but claims to have facts supporting their points)
I do genuinely believe in DID, there's an aussie woman who did an interview about her father's trial for sexual abuse and i truly could see that the personalities she created were to protect herself as a child.
Whereas the people like Nin and Nan just make it seem so surreal and bizarre, like having a personality that is literally one of their original characters or all of the alters doing their hair and makeup individually and kinda having their own lore.

No. 533325

what the fuck are you talking about? you're delusional if you think 99% of psychiatric literature (including literally all "peer reviewed research") isn't entirely based around promoting the "biological basis for transgenderism" narrative. neurobiologists not falling into the trans narrative does not change the fact that almost all psychiatrists and psychologists push "it's biological". psychology and psychiatry are a joke. you referencing a few sane individuals not in the field of psychiatry anyways does not reflect reality. all this shows is that psychiatry and psychology is susceptible to politicization, manipulation, and inherent bias. i'm not "shitting on science" by saying psychiatry and psychology are a joke. they're hardly sciences.

No. 533329

Do you have a single source to back up anything you're claiming? At least post evidence if you're going to sperg this hard.
Also, you're coping if you seriously think neuroscience and the psychology field aren't bedfellows.

No. 533330

What I'm curious about is, these DIDers insist on having people refer to them as 'the system'. Do professionals actually do that shit at their appointments? It sounds like something out of a bad sci fi.

No. 533336

isn't the point of their appointments to get rid of the alters by integrating them into the host or something? so refering to yourself as 'we' defeats that purpose?

No. 533350

I haven't found a single study or professional that refers to people with DID as a "system".
The closest I've found was this article where some researchers looked into "multiplicity" (an equally murky term), discovered people who called themselves "multiple systems" on internet blogs and interviewed them. The researchers noted that the testimonies of some of those who called themselves "systems" contradicted the idea of DID, and concluded multiplicity as being somewhere between identity disturbance and DID, rather than "true" DID.

There's also this Vice article (yeah, I know):
>The multiplicity community insists on being seen as healthy—even normal. This is our reality, they argue. Why are you imposing your reality onto us? Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)—and its controversial precursor, Multiple Personality Disorder—are terms roundly rejected by the community, and most of them don't feel that they belong in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) at all. It's not that they don't believe people can suffer from DID (or, more broadly, Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified [DDNOS]). They just don't accept that they suffer from it. To them, all those with DID/DDNOS are multiple, but not all multiples are DID/DDNOS. Contrary to what a DID/DDNOS diagnosis implies, multiples want everyone in their system to be seen as people. Not fragments, alters, or personalities, but distinct individuals who happen to be inhabiting the same physical body.
So tl;dr: 99% chance that anyone who's calling themselves a "system" is just a LARPer who spent too much time on the internet. Despite the above blurb from Vice, they may go on to use the (possibly self-diagnosed) DID label to draw more attention to themselves, as "multiplicity" isn't a commonly known term.

No. 533352

I've read that's the goal when seeking treatment but these tubers spend years referring to themselves as a system and insisting other people do too. Seems counterproductive if they do have it.

No. 533355

> and concluded multiplicity as being somewhere between identity disturbance and DID

Identity disturbance like in BPD?

No. 533363

I feel like things are a bit more literal in this "multiplicity" context, but pretty much.
>Four identity disturbance factors were identified: role absorption (in which patients tend to define themselves in terms of a single role or cause), painful incoherence (a subjective sense of lack of coherence), inconsistency (an objective incoherence in thought, feeling, and behavior), and lack of commitment (e.g., to jobs or values). All four factors, but particularly painful incoherence, distinguished patients with borderline personality disorder.

No. 533387

I mean they don't actually want to rid themselves of their alters, if any of them even genuinely have alters to begin with that is, because they would stop being special. Their whole identity revolves around having more than one identity.

No. 533551

It's okay and not that big of a deal if a student has a crush on a teacher; it is 1000% NOT okay if the teacher has a crush on the student.

No. 533554

I'm a teacher who graduated last semester. In my program we had a teacher come in to advise us on our first years of teaching. She said something along the lines of "Fall in love with someone your own age. If you have feelings for a student, suppress them." I raised my hand and said that if a teacher finds themselves falling for a student, especially more than one , that they should consider a new career. I had people in my cohort tell me that I was being unrealistic and unreasonable.

No. 533555

That's gross. I was a mature student in Biology and literally hated all my professors. After working an office job for 7 years I was over the bullshit and thought more educated people wouldn't be so frustrating to be around but I was wrong.

Literally so many professors stay glued to the side of the pretty girls and give them so much attention. I had one professor try and flirt with me during a smaller seminar and it was just cringe and he could tell I was judging him and eww. It's so cringe when they try to connect with the students by crossing lines.

No. 533557

I once had a math teacher who was fresh out of college when I was 16 ish. He looked like a Greek god and every girl in the school was obsessed with him(including me) but you could tell he was always uncomfortable with the attention and never enjoyed it, also their was this one girl who used to call always call him "sir" in the ddlg type of way

No. 533560

That reminds me of a guy in my year, when he was 18 in the school he started dating this 14 year old and it was wild. He left to be a teacher and his first teaching job was back at the highschool we had all left and he had broken up with the then girlfriend. He was on my fb for ages before I removed him. He was like emo tier, and posting these fucking selfies of himself in his ill fitting suit with 'his students'. Some people just can't leave highschool

No. 533567

I was in the same situation when I was in high school, though it was a history teacher and he was a student teacher. Girls would take snapchats of him and as soon as he caught wind of it he went to the teacher he was teaching under and said "Do SOMETHING I'm uncomfortable." I was a senior, too, so plenty of the girls creeping on him were "legal". If he can contain himself around girls only a handful of years younger than him than there's no excuse imo.

No. 533571

when mixed people talk about not being x enough for the x kids but not y enough for the blah blah blah I think it is almost always mostly internal and self inflicted, and with a little self awareness that experience could be avoided

No. 533587

I kind of disagree? It's situational imo. I am mixed (white american dad, pacific islander mom) and I can't quite vibe with my mom's side of the family because we were raised in totally different environments while speaking a different language (I was born and raised in burgerland) whereas I always stand out with my dad's side of the family because when I hang out with them I'm literally the only one who isn't white. Sometimes they'll say awkward/lowkey racist things in front of me because they see me as "one of the good ones" (not all my relatives are like that, just a handful). In my experience, me and most of my mixed friends experienced alienation because our foreigner parents didn't teach us their languages, didn't make any effort to involve us with their culture, etc, and our white American relatives/parents didn't do much to defend us or help us feel more comfortable around our extended families. Fuck I completely forgot about this until now but a few years ago my aunt called me a fucking mutt right in front of my dad and he only halfheartedly defended me…

No. 533589

I totally agree with you with family experiences actually, I was referring to school and friendships, like I think personally it isn't hard to make friends of either of your races (because of being mixed) and usually literally no one cares about you being mixed unless you constantly bring it up yourself and alienate yourself, like ofc some people will have a different upbringing to you but I think that's just true for everyone and isn't exclusively a mixed thing and someone having a different upbringing isn't an obstacle to friendship/you being able to relate to eachother in other ways. I feel like sometimes mixed people internally seeing themselves as an outsider subconsciously makes them act in an alienating way that exacerbates this - but I'm basing this a lot off my own experience

No. 533591

same anon but also I'm sorry that happened to you with your aunt by the way, hope you're around better people now

No. 533596

I think…not everything needs to be a meme. It makes me feel really uncomfortable when people use that clip of Rose McGowan literally talking about being raped, or that clip of Tamera Mowry crying about her young niece being killed in a mass shooting as reaction videos so frequently. I get some people use dark humour to cope or whatever but it's not even your trauma to cope with and it's not even comedy just throwaway reactions people use constantly between them and their unfunny, soulless friends

No. 533599

Kinda on the same note, but I hate when "white-passing" people make dumb jokes like "lol I hate white people" and "that sounds like a white person thing." They act like they are just as oppressed as POC who are not "white passing" yet still like to bitch about white privilege like they don't have it. bitch you look and act like a basic white girl yourself, stop saying that shit.

No. 533600

SAME. Like I'm sure it has influenced your upbringing in some way but it comes off so tone deaf and delusional. And these people (white passing/lightskin) seem to always try and lead conversations and centre themselves at the forefront of liberation movements etc.

No. 533604

Kawoshin is a forced ship and a fujo cash cow. It's true Kaworu was Shinji's mancrush but the creators are milking it as much as possible.

No. 533616

this trend is super common with Turkish people in Europe, I know a light-brown haired, green eyed, paler then snow Turkish dude who will literally get offended if people think's he's white and will argue for hours to say that Turks are not really white and not-European

No. 533622

Turkish people in Europe also try too hard to pretend they're the same as North Africans just because they're Muslim most of the time, it's kinda pathetic. I've had many of them bothering me about Islam out of nowhere and how I should act this way or that way and wear that or just because I'm North African and they think they're part of my community.

No. 533623

They really do seem to forget that they were considered European regional power for over 300 years

No. 533625

Damn now I feel bad. We had this science teacher in 11th grade that my friend and I used to lowkey sexually harass…..
He was in his 30’s I think but he got no ring, had really cute curly brown hair and he obviously works out. He always dressed in VERY form fitting clothes, we’d sit at the first table, our eyes at crotch level while he lectures, we’d leer and giggle. We’d ask for hugs all the time, pinch his arms, ask to touch his hair, teasing about his lack of girlfriend, asking if he thought we were pretty (while acting sad and insecure). One time he wore this white button up that was on the thin side, so I accidentally knocked water all over him. I masturbated to that for days.
Despite all that, he was always very professional, friendly in a restraint way, never showed himself flustered, never took any bait. Teenage hormones are scary… no wonder high school teachers are often old and ugly.

No. 533634

>t. I didn't watch the show or understand their relationship at all because ew gays

No. 533679


I didn't even know that Turkish people weren't considered white.

No. 533720

>thinks i'm homophobic because i don't like her dumb ship
Listen, shipping gay ships does shit to lgbt community, don't fujos have reputation of only pretending to support lgbt community because of their ships? Regardless i'm bi and i wouldn't call Shinji bi but bi-curious at best.

No. 533728

File: 1585493345583.png (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 1920x1080, eva10.png)

>being this triggered because of m-muh LGBT i'm actually bi myself!!!

Anyway, major NGE spoilers follow. Kaworu's whole purpose storywise was to be Shinji's wish fulfillment, i.e. a person who fully understands and supports him (pic related). Shinji has major daddy issues and doesn't get recognition from his male peers, female characters think he's a weak mousey bitch that needs to man up. This is why it's so essential that Kaworu is the validating male friend he needs. Whether their relationship is romantic or Shinji just obsessing over his perfect, idolized Favourite Person is up for debate, but calling it "fujo pandering" is ignorant and straight out insulting to the series, especially when the original anime came out when such a thing didn't even really exist and the company was already bleeding money so bad they had to cut Kaworu's appearance almost to nothing in the original run despite him being planned to appear way earlier. The current re-imagining the Rebuild is doing is correcting that in a way.

While the company might milk it for the fujo bucks, I don't care. Merchandise is merchandise. It still doesn't change the fact that at least Shinji and Kaworu have the most stable relationship out of all of them despite it being based on a symbiosis. Kaworu needs Shinji in order to feel like his life has purpose (as he said in the anime) and Shinji needs him to feel loved (also mentioned). Kaworu appears in the original TV anime pretty much at the point when Shinji has been absolutely wrecked and is desperate for someone to love and understand him. If Kaworu was a female character nobody would question the ship or call it "forced" but because he's a male it's obviously fujo milking cash cow bullshit and so much more degenerate than fucking your mother or masturbating on a comatose chick.

No. 533730

just fucking use spoiler tags you annoying newfag.

No. 533731

you're missing the point that none of the choices are supposed to be good for shinji

No. 533732

>shipping anything in eva
This is where your problem lies. I didn't call general idea of kaworu shinji relationship in anime fujo pandering. Think before you accuse someone of being homophobic over animu ship because this just makes you look like an annoying fujo.

No. 533733

Don't read it, faggot.

No, you're missing the whole point of the text wall.
>Whether their relationship is romantic or Shinji just obsessing over his perfect, idolized Favourite Person is up for debate
>It still doesn't change the fact that at least Shinji and Kaworu have the most stable relationship out of all of them despite it being based on a symbiosis.
This implies that out of all the relationships Shinji has it's the least unhealthy. With Rei he's basically taking advantage of someone who doesn't understand the concept of free will or even has that option. Asuka straight out abuses him and he himself harbors a dangerous amount of suppressed anger for her. Their symbiosis is not healthy for Shinji because it's based rewarding him for nothing but at least it's somewhat nurturing.

This has nothing to do with LGBT bullshit dingus, it's about analyzing the relationship that goes deeper than "forced fujo cash cow ship" as the one smoothbrained anon put it. My problem is that people stop looking into the purpose of Kaworu as a character playing a role in the story just because they refuse to see them as nothing but just bros fistbumping and being bros.

No. 533735

>This has nothing to do with LGBT bullshit dingus
And yet you're the one who brought it up first.

No. 533738

I think the pro life movement is TRYING to be like the Vegan movement but the issue is that a lot of vegans do love animals unconditionally but you cant be in love with something that's unborn or doesn't exist yet.
That's frankly my opinion, I think the vegan movement is more meaningful if you compare it to the other movements. The pro life movements just convinced neutral pregnant women to become mothers when they dont care

No. 533740

I stand corrected, let me word myself again. People refuse to see Kaworu as the perfect understanding waifu that he was supposed to be in the story and dismiss his purpose immediately just because he's a male character due to their bias against homosexual relationships, when the point isn't if Shinji is gay or not but instead because a female character wouldn't connect with him as well as a fellow male would, referring to his daddy issues and discomfort with women again. So it's connected to LGBT issues in a way because of viewer prejudice and such affecting their comprehension but I find it both frustrating and hilarious that an anon tries to explain this with the "I'm actually bi so I must be right!!!" hot take.

Done with the NGE autism now, you all can continue stanning choking if that's your thing. I don't judge.

No. 533745

I think they are just obsessed with the right to life and abortion means taking "human rights" away for them.

No. 533746

NGE is overrated.

No. 533752

at darkest they look on par with Italians, but most of the time its forced and people just don't bother with their delusions

No. 533755

I think Asukafags are the #1 shit-stirrers in an all Evangelion discussions, and in the fandom as a whole.
Whenever I read an Evangelion-related thread or see a conversation about it, I usually ignore anyone who has an Asuka avatar or is using Asuka reaction images.
99% of the time, they're posting bad takes or just insulting people for no good reason. In a way, they often act just like her. I wonder if that's on purpose.

No. 533757

From what i've seen now i'm inclined to believe kawoshinfags are the worst

No. 533759

I'm not a asukafag but just like you're doing now huh?

No. 533763

I wasn't involved in any Eva discussion ITT, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.
I just saw the OP and was reminded me of all the Asukafags I've seen arguing.

I've only ever seen Kawoshinfags dump pictures in threads, personally. Not sure what happened in here, but it kind of pales in comparison to other forms of sperging I've seen specifically from people who fixate on Asuka.

No. 533777

True, I get that vibe too. I frankly wouldn't care if I was aborted, it's the moms choice and a fetus doesn't have a life until someone decides to birth it

No. 533790

gb2/a/ f/a/ggot.

No. 533792

not even, it's them needing to control women, truly. why aren't they outside of fertility clinics bemoaning the hundreds of embryos that are thoughtlessly tossed away every day? it's about controlling women, not even the "right to life", even though that's ridiculous as well.

No. 533793

I was thinking of how they associate taking "rights" away with potential censorship in the future. Most of them blame sjws and the left for everything.

No. 533795

Haven't been to /a/ in literal years, stop projecting.

No. 533798

right, so why aren't the petitioning these businesses to let these 'children' have their 'right to life'? not ideologically consistent. they just want to control women, specifically.

No. 533953

File: 1585529360762.png (370.77 KB, 500x645, Brie-Larson-Scott-Pilgrim.png)

She peaked at playing Envy Adams and every other role she's done is mediocre

No. 533955

idubbz is a simp

No. 533963

Fuck you

No. 533966

despite what her songs and fanbase kinda suggest I feel like Lana Del Rey lacks any sex appeal and her personality seems lame and awkward and just devoid of any charisma

No. 533969

she really pushes that ddlg, choke me stuff but I have a feeling she only has normal missionary sex with foreplay

No. 533972

Nirvana is shit. If I wanted to listen to a grown man whine and whimper over some shitty guitar I'd watch a PETA ad. The only reason its popular is because of heroin heads like Luna and edgy 14 year olds who are trying to look kewl and ~kulchered~

No. 533974

is this misa from death note

tbh all her songs are about the same fucking thing:
sugar baby, cocaine, drugs, florida/california, naughty baby i will suck your thumb daddy uwu, red dress and long nails, i need a sugar daddy, (insert old man with money in here)

i rly don't get the hype around her either, she's had like only 2 good songs that's it. and she dresses like a facebook mom

No. 533975

I hate camilla cabeillo. her singing sounds like a cat being strangled

No. 533977

it's a crime that she was the 5th harmony member to blow up when normani actually has talent

No. 533979

ngl this is a good song though. you don't like this one, anon? generally i agree with you, however. i dont know why i find her so cute though.

No. 533980

Ive heard of normani, I didn't realize she was from 5th harmony

No. 533981

this song is okay. not really my jam though. its better than her nicotine song or whatever its called tho

No. 533982

agreed imo she has a basic sounding voice nothing special and i hate that senorita song bc she says like "friends dont know how eachother taste lalalalala" and i think its so cringey

No. 533990

thoughts on the emerging popularity of 2000's Disney rock inspired music

No. 533993

I also don't like alcohol. But I feel that I could get the hand of it if I wanted to. I just don't wan't to because I passed my late teens living alone with my grandparents and granny was a controlled/calm? Alcoholic.
She would sperg a lot of time, not about happy things of course. She died 4 years ago and last christmass I found the last bottles she could have hidden in the house.
I guess and I hope.

My OT is that getting drunk or being an alcoholic should be seen shamefull for both genders. Women are seen way worse than a man when having an addiction.
Plus, I personally feel nerveous whe someone's drunk or smells like any type of drug.
You're not yourself, and it's not good if you put your body in that state frequently.
I'll see myself out.

No. 533994

i'm glad this stuff is coming back, but there's something about it that's very tumblr-tier? it just feels like it's trying too hard to be tumblr's take on disney pop-rock. is it because it's kinda lo-fi or the way her vocals are muted, combined with her disaffected tone? it just feels very tumblr. i can't tell, but it just doesn't seem 'right'. would like a genuine revival of stuff like vid related. if they're going to bring disney inspired pop-rock, they should just do it and leave the detached tumblr tone and muted vocals out of it, imo.

No. 533996

Its not perfect but its emerging, I just hope this just kills the forced popularity of rap, literally everyone I know is sick of it

No. 534001

>Women are seen way worse than a man when having an addiction.
that has not been my experience at all, people are way more scared of drunk men than they are of drunk women. Same for people when they're high. The only exception is pregnant women. I agree about getting nervous around drunk people though. That's why I only drink alone, I hate for people to see me that way.

No. 534002

no, anon is right. women are seen as trashy for it, while men are seen as tortured and sympathetic. it's seen as deep more often with them.

No. 534003

I dont think there is really a significant difference between either but addiction is if anything so much more romanticised and glamorised with women..

No. 534004

>women are seen as trashy for it, while men are seen as tortured and sympathetic
This is so true. I’ve seen women get called terrible single mother tyrone loving whores because she posts wine mom memes on facebook. But when men is an alcoholic it’s “awwee he’s so depressed, some woman must have hurt him! This is society’s fault!! Get this man some help!!!”

No. 534005

omg i HATE that song, especially that part of it. sean mendes' voice is nasally and annoying too imho.

No. 534009


YUP agreed lol also ngl im glad justin bieber came back at least now i can hear less of shawn mendes bc justin at least has a good voice (i mention them both bc theyre fom ontario)

No. 534012

Anon, this sounds like midwest emo

No. 534022

persona 5 is fucking hypocritical as shit by making the first villain a predatory male teacher but then giving the protagonist a romance option to date a female teacher. even if it's not the same circumstances it's still nasty. also the game has way too many adult women waifu options that seem slimy and cringe. takemi comes to mind as the other creepy adult women choice, because she legit drugs the protagonist and uses him for medical trials. chihaya at least seems closer in proximity of maturity of the protagonist and also looks younger than her age but I can't help feeling that sticking all these adults in as waifubait is fucking creepy and somewhat hypocritical to the message of the game

No. 534030

It's not really new if you played Persona 4 in terms of hypocrisy. It's the game that has Rise's issues about her career as a fanservicey idol but right after her shadow boss fight she's treated as a kawaii fanservicey waifu. I like both game even if I haven't finished P5 and I always choose to make my characters single because the romance is either boring, stupid or off-putting (I wouldn't say predatory though since there's so much self-insert fanservice). The only romance options I liked were Jun in P2 and Yukari and Shinji in P3. I'm sure you'll find dating Ken in P3P even worse tbh

No. 534067

Yeah I somewhat agree even though the context between the teachers are entirely different (Kamoshida beats up and blackmails the students into sex and abuses them to the point one of them attempts suicide, MC just helps Kawakami out etc) she still shouldn't have been a romantic option. Not only because of her age but because of her position as a teacher tbh. Even at the risk of sounding like a nagging fujo I hate how they consistently chicken out of having male romantic interests like data mining revealing that Yosuke was supposed to be one in P4 but removed later in the development but then turn around to push out all these nasty fetish based relationship choices.

No. 534092

Wasn't Yosuke's social route basically a love interest one? I remember the dialogue was so gay and NO HOMO it could've very well be one of a closet couple.

No. 534106

Yeah and some scenes outside of his supports added more hints like everytime he was projecting on Kanji and saying stupid shit that applied to him more than Kanji. Yosuke's SL worked more like Naoto's than the other girls, as in you had to choose specific options to trigger an actual romance as opposed to dating or friendzoning him. Except the developers either removed the actual romance or didn't add it at the very last minute. P4 as a whole was developed and released super fast after P3 so either case is possible. Don't get me started on the spinoffs, the remake and the p4 anime.

No. 534109

I'm happy pear destroyed Icuck's reputation, only if she didn't say sex work is empowering (I'm afraid she'll motivate other young girls to do sex work). She is dumb as a fucking rock but overall I still find her more considerate and sensitive than Icuck. She's an edgelord and a pick-me but compared to the ideas Icuck has been spitting out of his mouth hole for the past years what she's been saying to pander to her edgy neckbeards is nothing. I'm literally rooting for her because she destroyed his reputation and I hope she reads on here and changes herself for the better.

Look at how dead inside and how big of a pussy he is kek YOOU DESERVE YOUR INCELS EATING YOU UP ICUCKKK

No. 534168

Clothing subscription services are annoying and they suck. They only serve to promote fast fashion and dumping a bunch of unwanted clothing lots onto people for a premium. I don't know who benefits from these.

No. 534188

What a surprise the edgelord who acts a above it all throws a temper tantrum the second he gets criticized. He got famous off of making fun of people and supposedly ruining their careers he shouldn't be surprised when the fanbase he fostered take apart his personal life too.

The hate for Anisa on here is overblown. Ian deserves it instead.

No. 534204

Ok, icuck lmao

This is why I can't stand drama channels with "personalities," eventually they all unravel and they especially cannot stand it when their audience comes after them with the same energy they went after others with.

No. 534218

It's cringe when people are protective of their interests. Some people you don't like share your tastes, what are you gonna do.

No. 534233

i dont see how he was 'throwing a tantrum'. legitimately, this is the most publicly kind and reasonable he has ever been. previously he never even acknowledged her existence despite her fawning all over him and namedropping him (i do think she does probably like him as a person and not just as idubbbz). standing up for her is the least he should be doing. both him and anisa should apologize for having been an asshole about tana or whatever, but his response here is reasonable. he was never principled. your post is retarded. this didn't "destroy his reputation", salty, sour grapes faggots are just whining. it's not even that bad and they'll get over it. i don't think it's good he's getting shit on for being nice for ONCE. and pivoting from tittystreamer to lewd model is not a huge jump. her name was already 'tarnished' with tittystreaming.

No. 534246

>your post is retarded. this didn't "destroy his reputation"
it did sort of destroy his reputation considering it was built around acting morally superior and shitting over other people and pandering to edgelords.

No. 534247

I hate how sex workers are all jumping in to talk about how great he is for sticking up for them.. he isn't though. He's talking about his gf, he cares cos it's HIS gf and his reputation and he's sick of the cuck and simp memes.. he doesn't care about random women doing sex work outside of that. I'm even seeing woke teen girls tweeting out how great he is for 'supporting sex workers'

No. 534266

he definitely didn't get famous for anything other than being joji (filthy frank's) weird friend, his rants barely did anything to any of the people he ranted about other than getting both him and their channel more views. he's following joji's liberal pro-libfem footsteps now that the edgy-desu phase of youtube is coming to a close, he just took longer to do it.

No. 534273

I find Amberlynn Reid's yt drama orbiters more lulzy than the absolute unit herself

No. 534276

At least they've calmed down the sperging a bit since she lost some weight. I stopped following that when she reached 600 elbees and it was like they were cheering her decline. Half of them would be happy to see her dead just so they could feel smug for predicting that a morbidly obese person like herself would die early. I like laughing at cows but I think it takes a special brand of sick pups to want someone to die just so they can be right. They really don't want to see her get better, it always a punch down which explains why most of Amber watchers are flabby and ugly themselves. All she ever did wrong was be huge, annoying, and have the audacity to record it on camera. If she lost the weight she'd be attractive, and all her 'annoying' things she does like collect journals and water bottles, eating shitty chain food, be emotionally unavailable for her girlfriend, and telling lies about herself to YouTube would just be normal as she'd be just like every other normie girl on that platform.

No. 534289

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who thought this. I have no idea how they think they can try to give her advice or criticize her when so many of them are fat themselves lmao.
Tbh I'm also under the impression that a lot of them don't want her to lose weight since they all basically cash in on her weight issues. Most of them are stupid enough to base their whole channel and identity around chewing Amberlynn for her obesity and if she were to lose weight they'd lose out on money and content.
At this point, I genuinely want Amberlynn to lose weight just so these obnoxious hypocrites can finally fuck off.

No. 534299

but that was never true? anyone who paid attention knew he was a hypocrite. this wasn't what proved that. all edgelords are hypocrites anyways. guarantee you this will not touch his career. i don't think the assmad incels are that many in number in his real fanbase. most of his fanbase is likely largely indifferent, it's just that incels dedicate their whole day to harassing people.

No. 534338

having an e-persona doesn't make you a hypocrite. stop confusing shit acting for real life.

No. 534340

He seemed more interested in defending himself than her imo.

No. 534343

The toenail scene in SpongeBob is funny and I never found it disgusting

No. 534373

greasy and fatty foods are absolutely disgusting. pizza, burgers, fried chicken… just thinking about them makes me gag a bit. how can your stomachs handle it anyway? i feel like dying after having one meal at burger king…

No. 534375

i think ur mistake is going to burger king…. i like all the foods u listed, but i would never step foot in a burger king yuck

No. 534379

Something seems off mentally with Priyanka Chopra

No. 534381

Greasy and fatty foods are the best. What I can't stand is overly sweet shit and food that is just carbs, those make me sick

No. 534383

i don't understand korean taste in beauty at all, especially for women. every stereotypical kbeauty trait is almost the exact opposite of what i find pretty for women and the opposite of what i would ever do. i mean it shows that it takes all types and i'm glad there's not just one idea of beauty for the whole world.

No. 534387

Most old people are entitled cunts. I really hope I don't turn out like that if I make it to that age

No. 534396

I strongly agree, I’m not someone who feels like ‘people always look better before, natural beauty is best!’ At all but the korean surgery before and afters always look so much worse after. I guess it’s just a cultural thing but there are some few features that I feel like universally people would consider beautiful in all cultures that Korean beauty seems to deviate from like defined bone structure, high cheekbones, strong jawlines for men etc

No. 534401

I can't stand fried chicken tbh, that's the only one of those foods where the grease and fattiness is actually nauseating. I could literally eat burgers and pizza all fucking day though.

No. 534403

I'm the opposite. I can't stomach the bread ratio in burgers and pizza.

No. 534414

Nope, that's Reifags.

No. 534433

I'm creeped out by how many of them are so fucking obsessed with her, it seems like she's all they can think about. One made a goddamn colouring book about her. The Ultraham is good for a laugh or a cringe, but I can't imagine spending so much of my life and energy talking about her.

No. 534486

She has stopped singing about this shit three albums ago (well, except for drugs). Move the fuck on.

where the fuck are you reading nge discussion?
Asukafags have been cancer for years.

No. 534490

It really fucks with me that it's mostly old men greenlighting everything that gets popular in media.
I don't care if they need to fill their wallets or if they've "been in this industry for years". It's how we end up with Harvey Weinstein rat kings, talented young writers/producers going ignored because they don't know enough people, they aren't someone's cousin/brother/grandson or they simply haven't "paid their dues", and mediocre artists and actors being given accolades they don't really deserve.
Entertainment for young people should be chosen and approved by young people, we shouldn't be force-fed some shit pre-chewed by suits who think they know what we'll like because they hired some people to look at Twitter/IG and report back to them. In that sense, I guess internet celebrities who emerged before you could pay sites to advertise for you are the most valid.

No. 534502

"i've been in this industry for years" cool, lets have some new people join in too shall we? when i was working in fashion, the sheer hatred older "established" designers had for these young af, fresh designers not even in their way was disgusting. if you're an old fuck and you feel the need to talk shit about young people trying to make it, wtf does that tell about you?

No. 534521

I can't think of many industries where the attitude isn't like this. Veteran oldfags are just salty crabs in the bucket who feel like the youth must be hazed to get where they are because that's what they feel they went through.

No. 534523

I don't care if Carol Baskin fed her husband to the tigers and if she did, I hope she continues to get away with it. The man was a piece of shit, who cheated on his first wife with Carol (who was 22 years younger than him) the first night he met her, then left his wife and kids for her pretty much immediately. Then he started treating Carol like shit once she stopped being in her early 20's. Forgive me for not giving a fuck if he was murdered by the daughter-age blonde trophy wife he abandoned his family for.

No. 534527

She's still a hypocritical narcissist who makes a living off of exploiting tigers while she virtue signals that she's better than those other narcissists who exploit tigers. None of those people in that show are likeable, it's a trainwreck.

No. 534531

Yeah, I don't think she's likable at all, I just DGAF if she killed her husband.

No. 534535

I agree, I don't care about the husband part either. It probably just triggers men like that polygamist, afraid women might retaliate eventually for mistreatment like the tigers.

No. 534539

i think cardi b is funny

No. 534542

Subway is the best fastfood to get, way better than burgers or pizza.

No. 534547

Subway tastes like what I imagine dog food tastes like. McDonalds is best, followed by Taco Bell.

No. 534578

quiznos was the best fast food and all americans need to be shamed for EVER going to subway instead. i remember seeing poor quiznos being ignored and avoided like the redheaded stepchild of the fast food community, for subway of all places. absolutely shameful. this is a national failing. do you guys realize they sold lobster and scampi bake subs? this nation is so ungrateful. you had a beautiful thing on your hands - a fast food restaurant that offered high quality subs, including a selection of lobster subs and scampi bake subs at affordable prices, and you just let it slip through your fingers. very sad.

why does no one appreciate del taco?

No. 534597

>Subway tastes like what I imagine dog food tastes like.
>mostly bread and veg
>tastes like dog food
fuck off tastelet.

No. 534612

Omg Quiznos yes! I used to work at one. RIP toasted subs.

No. 534615

A lot of their subs have meat. And taste like dog food. They don’t sell their bread because it has the same shit that’s in yoga mats. Subway is garbage and so are you

No. 534623

i fucking hate daylight saving time. i find it hard to go to go to sleep at the appropriate time anyway, and now theres also the fact that its light until like 8 at night to throw off my internal clock even more. i wish they would just abolish it and keep the winter time instead.

No. 534628

>dark by 5pm

No. 534642

>not liking shit tier chain sandwiches is being a tastelet
You sound like you have never eaten a good meal in your entire life. You probably think delivery pizza is god tier food.

No. 534654

When I was a kid I always preferred how Quizno’s tasted over Subway but it always made me really sick after so I gave up my loyalty.

No. 534674

the only good thing that comes out of subway is their cheese bread, everything else can fuck off and die

No. 534694

people who like mcdonalds don't deserve rights

No. 534703

I think most of those "cop bad" viral videos are exaggerated, especially where the person is doing something illegal or weird, gets stopped, and then goes on a tirade cursing at the cop for doing their job.

No. 534712

People in their 30s are still pretty young to me, especially if they opt out of having children. No woman I know under 40 looks hardly any older than she did in her early 20's without any major reason known to cause premature aging (serious illness, tanning obsession, smoking, hard drug addiction or alcohol problem, horrible eating habits, never wearing sunscreen a day in their life, etc). Hell, I've known a few women who are in their early/mid 40s who I thought were in their mid 20's because they take damn good care of themselves.

No. 534717

Women in their 30s are young, society is just bad.

No. 534726


the other day i looked at a photo of myself from my early 20s and one from my late 20s (current) and realized they look virtually the fucking same and all my worrying about skin quality and nasolabial folds etc is mostly a projection about my feelings of inadequacy. like sure i look a little older up close if i really analyze it to an autistic degree but most normies probably wouldn't be able to guess exactly where in my 20s i am. i also finally don't care about not being further along in life at my age. i think when we worry about "running out of time" we don't actually think we're running out of time, it's just that we'll no longer be able to be precocious or impressive for our young age. boomer parents often emphasized precocity and it was like nothing counted if it wasn't ~so advanced for your age~ so maybe i felt like i'd be a loser if i didn't get my life completely together way ahead of time. quarantine is killing that notion lol. so fucking petty and dumb.

sorry for ranting about myself but i'd encourage other late 20s/early30s farmers to do the same. don't look in a mirror where you can stand really close and pick out every little flaw, just compare a flattering picture from now to a flattering pic from some years ago and ask yourself if you really look that much older.

No. 534727


imo theres no point in going to subway lol like just make ur own sandwich its cheaper and just as good

No. 534728

Here's my unpopular opinion: There's nothing wrong with appearing older and society just uses youth culture to minimize women as a whole. IMO "old" is 60+ and even then for some it's just a number.

No. 534729

Really varies person to person. People with certain face shapes are hard to read in terms of age. In my early twenties I thought my face looked fat. Ten years on I still look like I'm in my early twenties and it's just that face shape.

No. 534732

I’m 28, and love myself a hell of a lot more than I did when I was 18. I look a lot better too. I feel sad for some of the girls here who seem to think anyone older than 23 is “haggard”. I hope no one actually carries those feelings, because everyone ages. Letting go of the fear of aging has helped my self esteem unmeasurably.

No. 534734

I remember watching a show years ago where menopausal and post menopausal celebrities spoke about aging in a light hearted way, they had a whole segment where they spoke about how you become invisible at a certain age

I honestly remember thinking I can't wait to reach invisible age

No. 534747

>just compare a flattering picture from now to a flattering pic from some years ago and ask yourself if you really look that much older.
I find it a bit difficult to make a direct comparison, the changes in photo quality over 10 years are significant. I don't think I look bad or old either way but it's not really a clear look at my skin on old cameras.

But honestly, as long as someone doesn't have visible wrinkles/saggy skin and hasn't 'aged up' their style (eg got a short mum hair cut), I probably won't think they look old. I am fucking flabbergasted at the women who get accused of aging badly on here when I can't see anything wrong with their skin at all. Anons just see what they want to see, and they really want to see the more attractive cows looking bad.

No. 534766

"The wall" has always been a retarded concept. I always wonder if the people who spout that shit have met 30+ yo women in real life because they don't act like it.

No. 534769

The wall is real but it's not that early. It's at 40-45.

No. 534776

File: 1585687757639.jpg (1.2 MB, 4000x1648, IMG_20200331_224909.jpg)

The "wall", aging like milk, haggard roasties vs. aging like fine wine, haven't even reached their full potential yet, life just starts

No. 534777

God women are by default so much more beautiful than men in general.

No. 534779

Daniel Radcliffe has aged very differently from how I thought we would, he seems like a nice guy but he's looking more and more like a troll-man

No. 534789

Liam Hemsworth (and his brother) are overrated, imho

No. 534793

File: 1585690513521.jpeg (83.98 KB, 630x888, 3D80B11F-94F7-4581-9B69-7CED8C…)

I'm sure he's grateful for it after starring in the Harry Potter movies.

No. 534795

File: 1585690879196.jpg (229.61 KB, 1908x1146, 21026666-0-image-a-67_15737686…)

I feel like female celebs are aging better and better, bar the drug addicts/anorexics. There are a bunch of actresses and singers in their 40s who look amazing. It might be thanks to money and fillers/surgery but men aren't getting the same results.

I really like him as an actor but he's not even a bit cute anymore, and the rest of the male HP cast didn't fare much better except Neville. Like, compare Tom and Emma lmao… I remember when some unflatteringly harsh/HD photos of Emma came out and showed some lines on her face and men on the internet went nuts shitting on her and talking about her hitting the wall.

No. 534797

I know he's not at all handsome in anyway but I would do him(specifically cause he looks like a troll-man )

No. 534830

British men

No. 534900

Yeesh someone went Expelliarmus! on that hair line

No. 534904

Agree so much!

No. 534907

The wall is a shitty sexist concept shilled by men. I've seen uglier men in their 20s, then i even see women in their 30s and 40s. Men are the uglier sex by default– all body hair and balding. No thanks. I'll take women over men any day. I think women age much better than men by default.

He looks awful, but the dude who played Ron in the movies has aged even worse. I can't imagine what Draco's actor looks like.

No. 534909

Honestly, i'm tired of old white men in suits greenlighting any decision. I havent seen any good come out of it. And it's always obvious and cringe when someone tries to write material they have no idea about just to make money from the youth.

No. 534932

I don't find blonde hair and blue eyes to be the epitome of beauty. Darker features are way more interesting to look at.

No. 534984

Very much same anon, blonde hair and blue eyes are meh, especially on men.

No. 534985

english men have cursed inbdred genetics lmao

No. 535019

drug use should be legal, most death from drugs comes from it being impure or people not knowing how much they're taking, which could be avoided if it was legal. Drug's being illegal doesn't stop drug users using drugs and just stigmatises them and puts them in dangerous social positions. It should be people's individual choice if they want to take the risks of using them.

No. 535021

Alcohol is legal but retards still manage to die.
I'd want drugs to be legal so junkies can score cheaply and readily so they can kill themselves faster before they destroy their family emotionally and financially. Also to put cartels out of business.

No. 535026

Ntayrt but bootleg alcohol is way more deadly.

No. 535040

Same. Although I don't find super dark features appealing either.

No. 535041

Why that Anon?

No. 535044

have you seen them? they fall apart after 30.

No. 535045

Does this also apply to the other British countries?

No. 535054

If thet inherited British culture then yes. The drinking really fucks them up imo. Australia is England 2.0.

No. 535081

File: 1585762693616.png (240.03 KB, 338x654, 3a7e39ead2403da9a535ef9356dfa1…)

Everytime someone says something displeasant, ignorant or blatantly stupid is always one of those goddamn ~intjs~, why does this label attract so many fucking scum?, as if the mbti community wasn't braindead enougth they apparently also chose them as their overlords which makes sense, nothing but bottom-tier incel losers, I fail to understand what's so "Mastermind" about harassing anyone who is not a white guy and losing yourself on endless, pointless internet battles when you could be doing something productive, specially when they talk about how ~succesful and perfect~ this type is compared to other types, everytime I see that friggin acronym I know it will be an edgefest, as far as I have noticed, they're all autistic elititist shut-ins who apparently fart cheetos all day and think that's peak organization skills, they're all poltards too, if you're an intj and you aren't retarded, fine, i don't give a fuck, just scroll down or whatever, but I just wanted to rant about this fucking toxic plague, so toxic they literally get banned all the time on Plebdit.

No. 535087


Personally I like Subway sandwiches a lot and I eat them often. However, something with their veggies is off. My body doesn't digest the lettuce or spinach properly and it ends up coming out in whole form when I use the bathroom. Only other complaints about Subway is it often gives me bad heartburn even if I don't order something spicy, and/or liquid ass volcano for a couple days after eating it. Mc Donalds nor Taco Bell do this to me, idk what gives.

No. 535092

same. i don't get the praise. both sexes look far better with darker features.

No. 535094

Dunning Kruger is a hell of a drug, those people aren’t even INTJ. We all know ENTPs are the true chads of MBTI anyway.

No. 535103

INTJs are cancer, they are just a school shooters in making
INTPs are your typical virgin anime chicks lover
INFPs are suicide tier
These three types are popular/common in imageboards
ENTPs are just coomer chad sadist

No. 535117

am """intp""" can confirm

No. 535124

Shit, I'm entp.

No. 535127

File: 1585766942370.jpg (22.62 KB, 479x477, 1582676539706.jpg)

>INFPs are suicide tier
ive been read to filth

No. 535128

INFPs are not the most common in image boards. It's autistic thinking types that are introverted INTP/INTJ/ISTP. You obviously don't know how typology works and what it is based on. Read some fucking Carl Jung cunt.

No. 535129

Also, most of the time the results you are given on those stupid online tests are worthless and the only way to truly find your type is through learning the cognitive functions, understanding the Jungian theory profoundly. Myers Briggs is only a typology instrument, there are more typology instruments based on Jung's theory. Socionics, Enneagram etc. When it comes to MBTI I have observed that most people are stuck between two types actually. We all use all of the 8 functions, we just use some more than the others. Keystocognition is the best questionnaire you can possibly find online atm.

No. 535134

Damn, why hate bdp-chan.
INFPs are one of the most common in imageboards. And yes, mbti is shit, cognitive functions are better.
It's just horoscopy for nerds that I enjoy.

No. 535174

File: 1585775112189.png (759.6 KB, 583x647, 325544444444365.PNG)

No one would have given a single shit about the SU Zamii controversy, Tumblr got mad at an artist for drawing a fat character as skinny to the point she was bullied to committing suicide and the show creators had to step in, if it didn't have the "crazy SJW" bent to it. In fact most people who constantly bring her up would mock her for attempting suicide over "cyber bulling" if the SJW element was removed. I'm just fucking sick of every random dude acting like they were against the bullying because they're empathetic. They just hate SJW, and thats OK, but they should stop LARPing that they're a beacon of empathy.

No. 535180

>INTJs are just a school shooters in making
Nah, those were just edgy ISTPs on their unhealthy Ni function, it's kinda obvious actually
>Implying those aren't just depressed ISXJs
If you see a weird type being a majority in a website, chances are those are just a bunch of mistyped sensors (specially SJs) as they do have the numbers to do so and love internet and lying themselves, 4chan is filled with them just as Twitter and Tumblr are.
>ENTPs are just edgy ESXJs larping
>INTJs are just edgy ISTXs larping
>INXPs are just depressed/nerdy ISFJs larping
>XNFJs are just sjw XSFJ larping
>ENFPs are just Ne-happy ESFJs larping and ESFPs that don't want to be called whores
Sensors, may i remember you, are literally everywhere and are a big part of the poblation, obviously there are niches and websites that attract some types more than others but they still are majority.

No. 535183

I don't know shit about MBTI except the first few google results on my own type, someone analyze what an ISTJ does on the internet. I remember seeing a graphic that called us NPCs and it always stuck with me kek

No. 535193


No. 535221

File: 1585783914215.jpg (46.19 KB, 453x695, 1403138514984.jpg)

Yup, check out personality-database.com, it's full of self proclaimed INxx types and they will literally type every uwu special character as their own type with only few exceptions. Worse is the "vote your type if you like____" and it's always INFP votes. They'll vote anything they hate as xSTJ. My type (ISFP) is always voted to every emo/edge or "slow" character. Lurking on there is funny, Infp vs infj "who's more special" fights, "they can't be this type because I am that type and I don't like them!",lumping all xSTPs as Trump lovers etc.

No. 535246

I'm OP and that's not what i meant with my post, i'm an INTJ and i'm not going to kill someone nor i'm a "edgy bitch with no heart who's about to verbally abuse you", i'm just wary, kinda aspie and organizative there's nothing more to it i'm not a "mega intellectual" nor a "heartless machine", i was venting over people having the wrong idea of me just because lots of mistyped (male) losers (mainly people with no sense of organization, like XXTPs) are using the label to be assholes and hurt people. Now INTJ, a supposedly Ni-Te oriented type with very low physical skills, it's literally about to shot schools with the precision of a veteran soldier with 20 confirmed kills just to get caught because obviously that was an stupid idea with and even worse planning, and all just for attention and "sharing a radical, political message", shit makes no sense, it's not fair.
>>535180 gets it.

No. 535258

File: 1585792902166.jpg (69.42 KB, 800x800, 1567254369021.jpg)

MBTI is just astrology for nerds.

No. 535259

why don't yall use your cringy thread instead of shitting up this one

No. 535267

i don't care if she killed him either, good for her if she did, but i don't think she even did it. dude was so shady with his business, and apparently sounds like he was a pedophile or something, according to the sheriff? wouldn't be surprised if he got taken for a ride on a trade of many cars, or if he tried to scam someone and got his, tbh. it's not strange for the person with poa to prepare/devise the poa, and if i had a shady as fuck husband i'd put 'disability or disappearance' too. even the sheriff says he was shady and had incredibly shady business dealings, funneling money, etc.

>According to the sheriff, “Anyone who’s watched this series sees how complicated and convoluted their lives were. Don Lewis’s life was no different, from his shady business dealings down in Costa Rica, to having a girlfriend down there, to funneling money down there in small amounts, taking clothes down there for different individuals, young individuals that upset parents with some of the sexual relationships he had there. It was extremely convoluted, no different than in the series…it almost seems like our investigators at any turn encountered another obstacle. He had two security guards both of them at the front gate of his property. They were interviewed separately. One saying, I haven’t seen him six months. The other saying, I saw him last week and these were two individuals who worked closely together…"

No. 535272

File: 1585797236630.jpeg (74.29 KB, 330x569, CCD900FB-A6E1-4587-B1A5-1BFD4F…)

The first fucking character I saw with my type.

I think she survived her attempt. Still doesn’t excuse Tumblr losing their shit. I think it was spearheaded by someone who was jealous that she had gotten an internship at Nickelodeon and they hadn’t. It was a “receipts” blog but half the posts were about how she couldn’t draw hands.

No. 535275

i hate neil degrasse tyson. he's so smug

No. 535325

he also raped someone so good opinion

No. 535329

Wait, what? He did? I've never heard about it.

No. 535330


It got buried for obvious reasons so sadly not shocking you haven't heard about it.

No. 535345

Humans didn't evolve to practise monogamy. It never works outm

No. 535346

I don't think we evolved to do 90% of the shit that makes up our daily lives. Nuclear families, 9-5s, commutes, globalization, technology, modern medicine etc etc, how could biology predict we'd get this far and adapt accordingly? Surely mother nature expected us to just sit in caves all day, live off berries and die young.

No. 535369

People who constantly rant about globalism while using the very global medium of the internet to share their thoughts and make friends all around the world are somewhat hypocritical.

No. 535396

Technically we have evolved to practice monogamy, cause here we are. Do you mean monogamy doesn’t come as easily to us as polygamy might?

No. 535422

What about ENFJs? I want to be roasted too

No. 535432

INFJ here and I demand to be roasted too

No. 535493

INTJs here anyone?

No. 535502

You know there's a thread for this shit, right?

No. 535525

Shut up ISTX-chan

No. 535526

Not even accurate. Take your autism elsewhere.

No. 535538

Take that stick out ur ass anon bring up another topic for discussion instead of minimoding

No. 535540

And of course, you need to have the last word so you would rather keep on derailing than post in your designated thread.

No. 535545

>implying istj and istp are in any way similar

No. 535567

File: 1585854221465.jpg (65.8 KB, 1056x941, EMCAIyDXYAAZ1MQ.jpg)

>tfw you've never taken a personality test and you have no idea what any of these letters mean

No. 535664

There's nothing wrong with eating rabbit meat

No. 535667

Who says the opposite?

No. 535668

i agree! it tastes pretty good and honestly never heard anyone say its wrong

No. 535675

File: 1585869735964.gif (3.15 MB, 498x280, legosi.gif)

you take that back

No. 535677

or deer meat, for that matter

No. 535678

Good god beastars is such an eyesore

No. 535679

hurr durr furry ewwie am i rite gais

No. 535682

i wish it didnt have the 3d style

No. 535691

I never liked 3D CG, I thought Land of the Lustrous was ugly. But I actually felt 3D added to Beastars, which otherwise would have most likely been a low cost low effort 2D adaptation. In fact, I was kinda blown away by the amount of body language and facial expressions they were able to express through CGI anthropomorphic animals. Action sequels are competently directed and I also appreciate their use of beautiful art shifts during certain parts! Sorry 2 shill but I do think Beastars really managed to make the best of its medium and budget.

No. 535704

I'm going to eat rabbit stew tommorow plus what a hideous display that is ow my eyes how can anyone watch such abomination

No. 535705

i prefer duck meat tbh to me rabbit meat just tastes like normal chicken

No. 535706

now i want to eat some but it's not very accessible where i live

No. 535707

File: 1585877853130.jpg (64.85 KB, 414x553, 244_1_1438936914.jpg)

You should try grilled rabbit meat with barbeque sauce,it's the BOMB

No. 535708

Playing devil's advocate here, but shouldn't this also be extended to cats and dogs? All 3 animals can be considered pets. Think about all the cat and dog meat that gets wasted each year because of euthanasia.

No. 535709

I think thin lips are better looking tbh, and this is coming from someone who has full lips. At least people who has them can smile without looking weird, but I guess kissing them would be weird

No. 535712

anon no, just no. when people with thin lips smile their lips disappear basically. just look at all the thin lipped cows smiling.

No. 535719

Still, I find it endearing unlike big lips, who usually look very awkward

No. 535720

I don't believe that anyone who eats Acai bowls frequently is happy

No. 535722

you sound more like a thin lipped bitch coping. fake lips look bad, but bigger to medium lips will always look better than thin ones, which make even women look creepy when they smile.

No. 535723

natural lips above all. even if they don't fit on your face, they look way better than injected lips imo

No. 535726

Lol anon, you find it that hard to believe? I wish I was tho

No. 535729

I don't think so, grass is greener and all that. But usually medium lips are ideal.

No. 535742

>tfw not sure who's worse, the zodiac anons or the personality anons.

No. 535743

I think people who sperg about people who eat dog meat are insane. There's no real difference between cows, rabbits, chickens, deer, dogs etc.. it's all meat. No idea why but dog faggots piss me off more than anyone. If it was socially acceptable to eat dog instead of having them as annoying ass pets, no one would see them as any different. I personally wouldnt want to eat dog meat, but i would not condemn anyone who wanted to. Just kill the animal humanely and whatever.

No. 535745

at least most ppl into astrology are aware of how silly it is. the behavior of mbti anons reminds me of reddit

No. 535760

Grey and yellow is a good conbination.

No. 535781

I hate when some youtubers base their whole identity on the fact they're trans and it's basically all they can talk about on their channels because otherwise they have no personality.

No. 535801

it isn't just youtuber but like any trans person ever. would be less terfy were they not narcissistic as fuck on the average. though i will give it to you, youtuber obnoxiousness is like a whole nother layer on top of it all.

No. 535844

Maybe I'm just insanely ugly but I think Anisa's body looks good? Her boob job was unneccessary but is not botched, her face is not extraordinary cute but not hideous either (mainly that hairstyle needs to go) and her body is also really not bad. Everybody is claiming she looks like a disgustingly flabby middle aged divorced mom…where do you live that everybody around you looks like a vs model?

No. 535850

This isn't an unpopular opinion. Anisia fags have the unpopular opinion of thinking anisia is at any level near shay to warrant accusations of having a fucked up body and face.

No. 535853

I agree, her body is above average IMO and her new boobs are unnecessarily large, but they look fine. Her face the epitome of average to me, but she's not ugly by any stretch. I actually like that idubbbz is with someone who looks like her, because they're a good looksmatch and I'm sick of 5/10 male influencers ending up with ridiculously hot chicks, since it makes their idiot audience feel entitled to the same.

No. 535854

The statistic is 60% of transwomen have diagnosed NPD. Really wish that was more common knowledge and acceptable to bring up without being dismissed as a "TERF" or "ableist". Might make people think more about catering to their ludicrous demands.

No. 535856

She's a butteface and a shitty person but her body is fine.

No. 535861

Stop taking things you read on the Internet seriously

No. 535865

I'm just wondering because I've read dozens of posts of anons being absolutely repulsed by her and I just don't get it…?

No. 535871

You don't get it because you're taking it seriously

No. 535892

>We didn't ACTUALLY mean she looks like a gross forty years old woman, we just mean she looks like a gross forty year old woman

They clearly meant what they say, you can just block out everything you don't like by claiming it's not serious, especially when it comes to large groups of people

No. 535896

I don't see her as looking awful but I also don't see her as attractive enough to charge money in exchange for her image, like I wouldn't have her confidence if I looked like her.. but then taste is subjective so there's an audience out there for everyone.

No. 535903

File: 1585921620262.jpeg (140.87 KB, 900x900, DdyGutIU0AACn1i.jpeg)

I personally think she's conventionally attractive. It's just that she's an awful person, so of course people will pick her apart more.

No. 535913

I hate when people make their whole brand and personality about their victimhood and/ or recovery like for example Demi Lovato has been dragging this narrative for literally 10 years or something at this point. It just seems like you are unable to say anything interesting or create anything worth while without using your sob story as a crutch to sell it/ shield you from criticism

No. 535930

iran and like, turkey were the only countries to do those very reasonable surveys, so ofc whenever this is brought up they claim the stats are made up because of muslim conservatism or something.

No. 535941

its not ''everybody'' the only people nitpicking her appearance are femcel Ian fans being buttblasted at the fact that he has a girlfriend and are salty about their fantasys of dating that ugly nerd not becoming true.

No. 535960

I’m sorry but when you make sex work your job, posting pictures of you sitting on your dirty carpet and cluttered room isn’t going to fly. She’s going to make millions off of this just because of her boyfriend and it’s so painfully low-effort that it’s practically insulting.
She’s not a model in terms of looks but she doesn’t do herself any favors in her shots. She has no creativity or confidence to be doing this well.

No. 535973

but it is "flying". crying that people aren't doing their fake job good enough is ridiculous. it is flying. she's making bank. men don't actually care about presentation as long as she looks good. she doesn't know how to pose herself and be photogenic, but she doesn't need to actually put any effort in beyond that. men don't care about creativity. belle delphine and her fake meitu face could sit her ass in a literal dumpster and men would be all over it. these criticisms are stupid, like, we should expect women to go above and beyond and do increasingly stupid and ridiculous shit when men are happy to pay for less? why do you weirdos want to make standards even higher? makes no sense. the lower the standards are for men to be satisfied with sex shit, the better. i hope less effort is collectively put into this garbage.

No. 536023

She doesn't need to be creative, she's a lewd model. Do you think the dudes jacking off to her care about her creativity?

No. 536040

Probably dudes and icuck underaged fan girls. Evidently multiple onlyfans whores are seething that some “problematic” butterface is raking in their yearly earning in less than

No. 536051

I see K-Pop fangirls and men who follow e-thots as more or less the same, but it's funny that the fangirls have some standards while the men throw money at literally anything no matter how uncreative or unhygienic.

No. 536067

I have a pet rabbit and I'm fine with eating rabbit. It can be hard to find in stores and restaurants where I live, but luckily I have family that raise rabbits for meat.

People who sperg about dog meat are ridiculous. There is literally nothing immoral about eating dog. However, they are not great meat animals, because as carnivores they are fairly expensive to raise and taste bad.

No. 536108

I think Claire Saffitz from Bon Appetit is fucking annoying and I think it's actually illegal to say that in their youtube comments. I wouldn't comment on her there like that either way, but a hint of anything negative wouldn't go over well. The super fans of that channel, who are often super weird act like she's being overworked by slave drivers when she has to do anything remotely difficult when it comes to cooking.I guess cause she acts like she's working in the fucking mines. They hyperfocus on everything she says to determine if any of her higher ups have ever wronged her. I just think she's whiny and sheltered.

No. 536114

Man, these girls selling porn of themselves is so widespread now it's getting kind of disturbing.
I really liked this guy and he's very interested in me, but I ended the whole thing because he follows nothing but this cringy ass ahegao/cosplay/porn trash on instagram. It's 90% of his follows and it's so offputting. It's too much and comes off obsessive. And I wasn't sorry about it at all, it was just an instinctive drop. I'm sure he wastes cash on this shit. Never has something turned me off a dude's dick more and I REALLY wanted to fuck. I hope he keeps jerking off in front of a screen and paying for it forever.

No. 536119

You fucking monster.

No. 536123

Come to think of it, I also can't stand The Try Guys anymore. Especially Eugene. Idk how my opinion on all these people turned so fast

No. 536130

Euthanized animals are often used in cheap pet foods (even though their bodies contain the drugs used to put them to sleep). So they aren't all going to waste, sort of, even though they should….

No. 536138

I so strongly agree

No. 536142

At this point,it's better to remain single

No. 536145

That can't be true, if owners don't request their put down pets bodies back they get incinerated as medical waste.

No. 536201

I don't know if Carole Baskin killed her husband or not, but if she did he definitely deserved it.

No. 536202

Queen shit

No. 536203

I don't think there is anything about eating rabbits that is worse than eating any other animal, but I think people ought not eat animals unless they absolutely have to.

No. 536214

Bon Appetit/Epicurious is shit now in general. The only good videos anymore are the "50 people try to x', though I worry that most of them are actors though since I spotted one in an old infommercial. Most of their videos are dumb clickbait shit.

No. 536218

I did the same thing a while back. The whole thing was cringy as hell. He had random family members, friends, a few co-workers, then 90% trashy porn and paythots.

Like, how is that not incredibly embarrassing? Everyone you add on instagram can see you're following random trashy women with thousands of followers. It just makes you look pathetic, especially to anyone who might potentially date you.

No. 536224

Blazers with jeans, or dressed down, look tacky.

No. 536229

Not that you didn't dodge a bullet, but what's wrong with people that they don't at least use an alt to follow this kind of thing? Honest question, is this a Gen Z thing where they dgaf that everything about them is on social media for all to see?

No. 536231

On men? Absolutely. On women I've seen some pretty cute outfits though.

No. 536233


I'm >>536114 anon and in my case it's a millennial and he links his place of work on his Instagram. He has everyone from his life on there and every day follows new camgirls who all look like each other and edit their photos to look like the same anime blow up doll. It's all so fascinating and sad. He seemed so cool. Is this a new version of the guys who had posters of naked women all over the walls of wherever they worked that allowed it back in the day? I guess it's kinda like that but even worse. I can't imagine parting with my money for that.

No. 536234

I was thinking of women's fashion when making that post. But considering men's fashion, I think the reverse. Men's fashion is less diverse, and a blazer with jeans looks okay. But for women I feel like there are better options.

No. 536237

Maybe he doesn't know that his follows are public? Not that it makes it any better

No. 536240

He's not a boomer, lol.
Seemingly he's just trash. Too bad.

No. 536254

I'm >>536218 and the guy I was talking about was the exact same. He knew everyone could see because he mentioned looking at someone's follows.

It just baffles me they think any girl would be interested in a guy that's publicly lusting after hundreds of camgirls. That's just embarrassing as fuck.

No. 536290

I’m 25 and it’s shocking to see how much weight some of my peers have put on since high school. I guess some weight gain is expected but I feel like not that much time has passed yet some people look unrecognizable. I’m hardly an anachan either because I love to eat and drink beer. But some people have gone way overboard in their consumption habits. When I think of all that extra food and alcohol it makes me sick.

No. 536303

I think people no matter the race should be able to say nigga if they singing. There’s 100% no reason to say it in a contriving, derogatory way. Though, people that get pressed over a white person singing along need to get their priorities in check.

No. 536413

You've been out of highschool for almost a decade, yes that is plenty of time for people to change and go through some shit.

No. 536418

If you struggle to find a romantic partner, you're probably just ugly and/or boring.
It isn't because men or women are shit, it isn't because all the good ones are taken.

No. 536421

You're on a roll today, aren't you?

No. 536423

It's my first post today.

No. 536424

this isnt the retarded opinion thread

No. 536428

i hope your partner leaves you
and if you don't have one then i hope you will never get one
you're ugly

أتمنى الموت لكم وآمل أن تبقىوا قبيحين إلى الأبد وإلى الأبد وإلى الأبد وإلى الأبد

No. 536431

I didn't expect this reaction, I'm just tired of wallflowers complaining about how dating is so hard.

No. 536433

Some of us have standards.

No. 536454

Fuck off, we can hate a gender for reasons that are not romantic/unrelated to dating.

No. 536503

"I wish death upon you and hope you stay ugly forever and ever and ever and ever and ever"

Lol damn

No. 536518

i love this post. i love that it's not even an an arabic proverb about how true beauty isn't a cheerful calla-lily, but is a broken teapot or something, it's just based af sassiness

No. 536538

Lmao anon got fucking cursed by a fucking haboob. Funniest post I've ever seen on lolcow, I mean that.

No. 536549

I dont understand the trend of thinking trans men are fetishes like agp trans? This isn't even bait if someone does respond. I have a vagina and I dont sexualize everything like cis men do.
I do believe the only people who can be trans are people who were cis women, like women who transition because they didnt like their own female features. I think men only sexualize gender. Scotes cant be trutrans only sexual.

No. 536555

It's strange just how little transguy porn is out there compared to shemale stuff.

No. 536558

I definitely think TiFs can never reach the degeneracy of autogynephile troons, but I do think the fujo fakebois are fetishizing being a cute soft gay boy like their yaoi ships. But that fetishization of gay men is likely still rooted in hating being female, like you said, whereas autogynephiles are just rotten degenerates.

No. 536563

hey anon I appreciate Del Taco!!! It's not everywhere though, maybe that's why no one appreciates it. Taco Bell is fun if you're like me and like horrible gamer-tier junk food like Dorito tacos, but Del Taco is objectively better. I liked Taco Bell's nacho fries but Del Taco fries are fucking delicious and their queso is way better. I guess it's a mildly unpopular opinion because no one gets my love for Del Taco? But they fucking should.
Also, on the topic of fast food, is it just me, or has Pizza Hut gotten worse and Dominos gotten better?

No. 536575

nice to see someone else appreciate it! yeah, you're right, it's nowhere near widespread, but even everyone i know who has been to them under-appreciates them and prefers taco bell instead. i guess taco bell just has that memetier shit food appeal that fresher, more delicious combinations can't beat in their eyes. what a shame. people have no taste!

No. 536687

Asuka is like 14, what the fuck is wrong with you all


No. 536692

Asuka isn't real either.

No. 536721

Don't know if this is unpopular here, but I have very little sympathy for gay men who married straight women. Lesbians marrying straight men? I absolutely sympathize with them, as women have so much pressure to get married and have kids. I know gay men in these marriages are often older, but there's less pressure for men to marry. Religious brainwashing may be in the picture but still less sympathy from me.

No. 536722

What warranted this reaction? Did someone call precious Asuka-chan a bitch again?!

No. 536751

Most Fat people don't look right when they lose weight/become skinny. Mama June looks fucking weird, Tanya Bur looks fucking weird; their heads look disproportionate to their face. Some people are meant to be on the heavier side imo.

No. 536791

Please be a shitty larp

No. 536802

Hindus worship cows and Americans eat burgers but nooo not the heckin pupper!!![1] how dare they eat those goodbois they should eat Big Macs and cokes like the rest of us

No. 536835

I used to live in the Tennessee Bible Belt and I can't stress enough how much pressure there is on both genders to get married and have kids in hyper fundie world. It's not like in normal society, where the pressure is mostly on women by a lot. Also, being gay isn't just "frowned upon", you will most likely be disowned by your family and the entire community will see them as the victims. So yeah, anyone in that situation should be deserving of sympathy.

That being said, I ended up moving to a very progressive state and still knew a coupe closeted guys who ended up marrying women. There's barely any stigma against homosexuality here, so there's absolutely no excuse.

No. 536881

But you have no idea about their personal situation or upbringing or the way it has impacted them. It’s just not your place to say how easy it is or isn’t to come out and even in progressive places people will still put pressure on someone of either gender if they appear to never pursue relationships.

I think it’s homophobic when people consistently frame gay people who end up marrying the opposite sex as it being always deliberate and malicious. I think it’s possible for someone, even in adulthood, to be so repressed they genuinely don’t realise or fully understand their sexuality and therefore end up marrying someone of the opposite sex and realising it later in life. It’s sad and a unfair situation to everyone involved but is one of those things that just isn’t really anyone’s fault

No. 536903

And rape in porn ain't either lol

No. 536914

How do you know?

No. 536917

File: 1586102325625.jpg (2.98 KB, 116x125, 1584157108892.jpg)

How the fuck did you jump from a fictional 2D character aka a drawing to rape in porn which is in fact, very much real? That makes absolutely no sense.

No. 536924

Nta but they’re obviously saying that fetishisation of a real thing even when manifested in a ‘fictional’ scenario is still harmful. So even if a specific rape scene in porn isn’t real, it doesn’t change the issues that still exist around rape, rape in porn etc. A sexualised depiction of a teenager is still gross and paedophilic even when fictional

No. 536926

File: 1586103659523.gif (2.13 MB, 640x320, hypnotize-seo-1537271365.gif)

you will now show me your boobs

No. 536998

Am I the only one that doesn't want a formal wedding ceremony? I hate traditions in general, and weddings seem like a waste of time and money. All of these symbolic love bullshit doesn't mean squat. I mean I'm not against people who do have wedding arrangements, but imagine how much money you could save…

No. 537003

Nta but thanks for this migraine inducing thing

No. 537006

i want to get married and it sounds fun to find a dress and cake but that's it. the ceremony sounds so embarrassing even if you can afford it and how the hell do you even find enough friends to fill it? i need ideas for how to have the smallest simplest wedding possible without it feeling sad

No. 537010

I've been bored by the idea of marriage and weddings for as long as I can remember.

No. 537017

i like conspicuous consumption, but i can see why it's not everyone's bag.

No. 537018

I had a very small wedding and I'm pretty fucking glad about that.. marriage lasted all of two years! I never saw that coming but at least I walked away without debt.

No. 537019

huh, what happened? did you ever remarry or had a lesbian awakening?

No. 537023

He just noped out of adulting, moved back in with his parents one day without any previous problems. He didn't want to work or pay rent so just regressed very suddenly. This was after years of us being together and being normal productive adults.

He had a sister who was a NEET so maybe she made that lifestyle look good to him? He never really gave me the closure of telling me why.

No. 537026

Same, anon. My friends offer to have me in their wedding parties but I hate it. I only participate because I care about my friends. Wedding planning just seems like a drawn out excuse for people to act selfish (and my friends have acted so, so, SO demanding and selfish) because it's their day, their dream, etc. And it truly is all about the ceremony and show of it, because my friends aren't even religious! Which makes the ceremonies extra cringe knowing they don't truly believe in the superstition or tradition of why they're doing something, just that they liked what they saw on pinterest and Instagram and wanted it for themselves.

Growing up Catholic I've had enough of being locked in ceremonies and beholden to someone else's ramblings. I'd never have a ceremony unless the money to me was just that expendable, but at the end of the day I'd feel guilt and shame. It's the knowing that people would rather be doing anything else and would only attend to be polite to me because weddings are bores.
For that reason I kind of wanted an elaborate dinner like a feast, and maybe just hire some spiritual figure to officiate something quick between hors d’oeuvres and the entree. Then a big party with actual fun shit to do.
The only parts of a wedding I care about are the prenup, the ring, and the food.

No. 537031

>the ceremony sounds so embarrassing
I've been trying to figure out why I'm weirded out by the idea of a big wedding and I think "embarrassing" is the right word, I genuinely don't want to shit on women who like the idea of celebrating "their day" but I would be mortified by all the attention.

No. 537034

> Growing up Catholic I've had enough of being locked in ceremonies and beholden to someone else's ramblings.

Ooph this. Irish and spent too much of my childhood desperately wanting to get away from mass, wanting mass to end quicker, wanting the priest to just shut up already. I had undiagnosed sensory issues that made the whole experience anxiety inducing. I break into a sweat at the thought of a church wedding. Got married in a registry office.

No. 537044

I eloped in a cute naturey area in the Fall wearing a $600 dress and it was honestly far more special than I think a normal wedding would be. I've witnessed a lot of people do "real weddings" and it's more for the guests than the bride of groom and 1000x more stressful than it's worth IMO.

No. 537045

Yeah, that's a good point, anon.

No. 537068

Did someone post asuka rape porn around here or what. She just mentioned asuka and rape porn in disjointed manner with no context so it was confusing.

No. 537070

I don’t want a big wedding celebration but I still fully expect that amount of money to be spent on extended vacation.

No. 537071

yeah like, my self esteem is a lot better than it used to be, but i can't even fathom the gigastacy level of confidence you need to have in order to enjoy an event where
>the entire point of the event is attention on you, your relationship, and your decision to get married
>all family is present, some of which you may dislike and/or dislike you yet they begrudingly attend to begrudingly give you attention
>same thing applies to friends and partner's friends, and maybe coworkers
>all these people listen to you read heartfelt vows to your spouse and watch you kiss
>vast amount of money is spent on this and people are expected to spend more money on gifts for you.

like jfc it's the biggest extrovert flex ever. it's kind of impressive in a way. i want to have pride in myself and my relationship but…not like this

No. 537074

Who pays for it?

I paid for my own wedding years ago (well we both did) but does that differ in other countries? I remember as a kid seeing american movies where the parents always seemed to pay for big weddings. My own parents never offered.

No. 537077

I'm more impressed when people are happy with small weddings, in the same way that I love people who can let their birthday come around without reminding you of it for weeks in advance.. I don't like all the ego attached to big weddings.

No. 537107

It's the groom and bride's parents in my country. The groom family is expected to pay more and all if they are of better socioeconomic status.

No. 537155

Any person above the age of 20 who references or makes tiktoks needs to be taken out back and shot lenny from Of Mice and Men style.

No. 537188

Biphobia is born out of jealousy and insecurity.

No. 537199

literally couldn't agree more

No. 537253

Damn, I see people in other countries sometimes having their college paid for by parents, wedding paid for etc. Where I am most are financially on their own at 18/19.

Always weird that most movies showed that different life when I was growing up, had such mixed messages on what to expect lol

No. 537334

generally, concerts are cringy and not worth it. it's all really weird and uncomfortable, the music sounds worse, and you're paying for it. literally the only reason to go is if you have idol worship or expect to meet the musicians. not to mention all the assholes at concerts. i don't know how people get so excited for them.

No. 537356

Define "biphobia"

No. 537360

Unpopular for here: I don't like calling myself a feminist anymore because I feel like modern day feminism doesn't represent my values when it comes to gender at all, other than reproductive rights, equal career opportunity, and thinking slut shaming is bad. These days, being young and calling yourself a feminist will make people automatically assume you see sex work as ~empowering~, are in favor of the radical trans agenda, dye your arm pits, and all sorts of other dumb shit.

No. 537364

I understand and relate to your sentiment. But I'd never give up the title that generations of women before have given me. Don't let lib shit take that history away from you. Current brand of feminism will shift and evolve soon enough, just as it always did, a lot of women are getting sick of the bullshit. We just don't have a platform to be more visible.

No. 537367

File: 1586183628656.png (21.9 KB, 634x122, 78gtu7g.png)

Shit like this.

No. 537372

I had a boyfriend who wouldn't let me hang out with my female friends because he was so convinced I'd cheat on him with them. He was fine with me hanging out with dudes because he "knew other men weren't a competition".

Ironically I ended up leaving him for another guy. (No cheating involved, I broke up with him immediately once emotional lines started to be crossed.)

No. 537396

I used to feel like this too, but mainly because I grew up hearing men shit on "feminazis" all the time and equate it with evil middle age women who hate men for the sake of it. It's kind of depressing hearing the amount of women who are so quick to say "I'm not a feminist" because they're afraid of being lumped in with some twitter stereotype.

No. 537415


The point of liberal feminism is to pander to men, which is why most rational women shy away from it. Nobody sucks dick more than a libfem.

Radical feminism is "true" feminism but you're not allowed to say you're one of them unless you want a horde of men sending you hate mail.

No. 537442

File: 1586201061391.jpg (86.45 KB, 536x538, 1569963870597.jpg)

I'm not sure how unpopular this is, but it's been unpopular among people I've talked to about it – it's a red flag when a woman is the one to propose in a hetero relationship. In my experience, she ALWAYS winds up being incredibly controlling. Recently my brother was proposed to by his gf of several years (her reasoning was "lolol I didn't want to wait for him to do it!!!" no she did not discuss it with him beforehand, he didn't do it because he wasn't ready but he's too autistic and timid to ever say no to something that means so much to someone else). I was hoping she'd be different but recently my brother informed me that to cut down on their water bill, they were going to be cutting down on showers at their apartment. Fair enough, I figured they'd be showering every other day, maybe taking quicker showers, etc. Only discovered today that she is showering every day as normal and is forcing him to shower once a week.

No. 537447

So how shameless on a scale from 1-10 are "poor"fags in the west who:
- Use food stamps (like welfare isn't enough to pay the rent and food shopping? And a good majority of them are also obese so why do they even need to get free food?)
- Beg for pity when they abuse all of their at average more than 10 children a household with their filthy ways?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I fucking hate most poor people in the West. If you're poor in the West, pls don't have kids and for fucks sake stop getting free food.

No. 537450

why is there always that one anon who needs to say how much they hate poor people

No. 537452

>my brother was proposed to by his gf of several years (her reasoning was "lolol I didn't want to wait for him to do it!
Um yeah several years is a long ass time to wait, what's your brother's problem? How old are they?
If a man doesn't know if he wants to commit to a woman after a couple of years then it's time to run to someone who's not going to waste time. Men know.
> Only discovered today that she is showering every day as normal and is forcing him to shower once a week.
Now THIS is controlling. But still, your brother should either shit or get off the pot. Sometimes men like your brother gravitate towards iron will women like this one because they are generally too "autistic and timid" to take initiative with their own lives. It may feel comfortable having her make his decisions and their joint decisions as a couple but he should really learn to be his own advocate. It sounds like he's comfortable being in a relationship with her but doesn't want to marry her, and that in itself isn't bad but that's bound to make for a shit marriage.

No. 537459

> If a man doesn't know if he wants to commit to a woman after a couple of years then it's time to run to someone who's not going to waste time. Men know.

Wtf? Cultures are different, and I would TOTALLY run away if a man proposed after a couple of years of being together. That’s why most couples fall apart once they get married. How could you know if he’s the right one so soon lmao.

No. 537462

Because it's /ot/ and I'm butthurt. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

No. 537463

That's funny you say that, because I feel the same way about women who refuse to propose because they insist on waiting for the man do it.

No. 537464

Are you talking about cultures where marriage is done younger because I don't see how it's acceptable for a woman in her late 20s or early 30s to wait for a man to make up his mind for several years, that's unacceptable. If he says no it's just tough shit for her if she's almost 40 and has to start all over again when she wants things like joint equity and children? Unbelievable.
Good on her for asking him and being forward about her wants. If it's "controlling" to be in charge of your own life path and desires then so be it, it's about time women had that audacity. The proposal is not why she's controlling.
>How could you know if he's the right one so soon
>so soon
Seven years is too soon for you? I knew I didn't want to be with my ex for the rest of my life after living together on year number three going on four.

No. 537469

I would agree with you a few years ago. But even the women who wait for the man to do it know they want to get married. The problem with proposing to the man is like >>537452 said, men may feel comfortable but don't actually have the desire to put in long-term commitment and effort for the women. With the woman proposing, doing all the preparations and work, and the man going along with the flow is very dangerous for the woman and will likely result in a shit marriage for her.

It fucking sucks because I like being the one who takes initiative and is proactive but it enables the worst kinds of guys

No. 537471

One of my friends is a fucking idiot and agreed when his girlfriend proposed just to avoid the conflict that could stem from saying no. He ended up going through with it and divorced her after a year and a half. Still tries to say she "made" him get married when all she fucking did was ask the question.

No. 537472

I got engaged 4 months in and married 3 years in. I can't fathom the idea of being with someone 7 years and not feeeling ready to even be engaged yet. Like wtf is the point of staying with someone that long if you're not ready to fully commit?

No. 537473

>like welfare isn't enough to pay the rent and food shopping?
I agree with you that poor people shouldn't have kids, but holy shit you are painfully ignorant if you think welfare is enough to pay all your living expenses.

No. 537474

>just to avoid the conflict
Oh yup, that's also a thing.
It sounds all nice and romantic on paper to be the one to propose (at least to me) but in reality the kind of men who would wait long enough for the women to propose in the first place are garbage trash.

No. 537491


No. 537510

File: 1586207145442.jpg (45.76 KB, 700x875, 4030.jpg)

>>532054I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE FIND KIM KARDASHIAN ATTRACTIVE. I have never looked at a photo of her and registered her as pretty and I strongly prefer dark hair and dark eyes on everyone. She tries sooo hard to emulate cher when she was in her prime (Who was absolutely drop dead gorgeous) but fails miserably. I'm so sick of manufactured "beauty"

No. 537513

Being poor isn't a choice.

No. 537516

… what is there that needs to be explained in that statement?

No. 537530

Kim looked good 15 to 10 years ago. She ruined herself to due to excessive plastic surgery

No. 537540

>Seven years
I'm the original anon who posted about my brother and they've only been together three years, they're both mid-20s. Also tbh you're not wrong and I'm not saying that women don't deserve to take control of their relationship. I've just never seen it work out in my personal experience so I can't help but see it as a red flag. Though the replies are making me realize that it depends on the man, too. If a woman insists on marrying a fat NEET like my brother I have to assume she finds his naivety and general manipulable nature appealing. I mean I love him and all but he is not exactly what I'd call a high-quality man lol. She's trying to convince him to have kids now, too, which is something he has outright refused because they both have autism and she has a ton of hereditary health issues. I kind of suspect she's going to use their marriage as leverage to convince him to have kids with her.

>One of my friends is a fucking idiot and agreed when his girlfriend proposed just to avoid the conflict that could stem from saying no
this is probably precisely what happened kek

No. 537542

>welfare isn't enough to pay the rent and food shopping?
In many cases, no. I'll assume because you said "in the west" and "foodstamps" you're mostly referencing the US. For one thing, how much food benefits and housing vouchers one gets is based on the number of their dependents and the state laws. Welfare in California and New York is not like welfare in Louisiana and South Carolina for example. Red states tend to have more strict and meager welfare for their poor citizens and even people who don't make shit often don't qualify for any assistance (red states have the worst health outcomes for the lower income brackets compared to the blue for this reason). Welfare is more like a subsidy. It's assistance, not complete coverage of expenses, which is why it's often not enough for people. Costs of living can also vary. Poor people have better access to resources around urban areas but those areas will have a higher cost of living versus living out in the country which has its own downsides.
>why do obese people need free food?
Because malnutrition is still a thing no matter how much you hate fatties, which obese people are more likely to be. It serves no purpose to deprive anyone of food. Those poor people might not be so obese if we gave them a better quality of life btw.
>How can people beg for pity after 10 kids?
What's the alternative? Tell the 10 children tough titty because their parents weren't responsible? Criticism is fun but that's not a solution. The solution disappeared after the parents decided to not abort, and the children won't cost less if we force them into the foster system. We can't just take kids away because the parents are poor unless neglect or some kind of abuse can be proven.
I agree with what you're saying but what does it help except marginalize, and make those who actually tried or just fell onto hard times feel needlessly bad.

No. 537564

my grandpa's second wife (step-grandma I guess) has a picture with Kim pre surgery (not sure how she knew her) and it's a pity how much she's ruined herself

No. 537568

File: 1586211893144.png (27.13 KB, 275x186, 1444760719484.png)

Huge chunk of people on food stamps and housing are single working (immigrant) mothers but ok. A lot of whom freshly escaped long term domestic abuse and need help getting back on their feet. In states I have experience with, food stamps is ~$300 + $100/child for a whole month. Do you know how to nutritiously feed 2 mouths, 180 meals for 30 days on that budget? That's $2 a meal bitch. Contrary to your /pol/ tier beliefs, these people didn't pop out a whole baby after the fact for an extra $200-$300 a month. Also if able bodied you are REQUIRED to work a certain number of hours a week to even be eligible. Don't know where the free gibs myth come from, loooong gone are the days when you can sit on your ass and get paid in America. Even obese, completely unemployable white trash struggles to get gibs these days, the criteria is strict and gets stricter.
Welfare ain't paying for your gas, your phone, your internet, kid's school needs, and a hundred other necessities we spend on without a thought. Welfare ain't paying for emergencies like illness or a broke down car or a broken fridge. If you live section 8, getting fucking robbed by the crackhead next door is a real threat, you sure as fuck don't have any property insurance. I'm sure we don't need to talk about the state of medical care…
Anyway, doubt you'll even consider any of that. Given that you're probably a spoiled brat who just found out that working for a livable wage fucking sucks in any country and you wish your government would hand your princess ass money for existing.
>t. worked for social service in college

No. 537574

good post, anon

No. 537575

women can talk to their bf about the future of their relationship without straight up proposing. Besides being a matter of the man not taking the initiative if the woman proposes, how often is the dude really going to wear his ring?

No. 537576

Who told you it was seven years? Seven years is a huge difference from just two years, in two years you may have little knowledge of what it’s like to go throught harsh moments with your SO. There are plenty of reason why a person would not consider getting married, considering OP didn’t say their age nor the time they have been together already.

No. 537578

>Don't know where the free gibs myth come from
Successfully spread right wing propaganda brought to you by Fox News

No. 537579

I misread several as seven

No. 537589

I still don't get why OP said "several" when it turns out to have only been three years, but still. I think anyone mature and who can have adult conversations will flesh out if the person they're dating is someone who they intend to spend a very long time with within a few years of dating them, yes.

No. 537594

>I still don't get why OP said "several" when it turns out to have only been three years
honestly mis-remembered when they met, I thought it was closer to five.

No. 537596

I said the West (as in Europe), not the fucking cancerous Who Ass Ayyy. Your poorfags are even worse, though. But it's only because I'm not American that I don't go against y'all salts.


A salty ex-poorfag.

No. 537601

should've said europe then you faggot. not everyone here can read your mind

No. 537604

I hate millennials and boomers all the same

No. 537606

our poorfags are most definitely not worse.

No. 537608

What other places in europe refer to their food benefits as "foodstamps"? What other european countries have a notoriously high rate of obesity among their poor that it's a stereotype to bring it up in internet banter? You can't throw tard rage that other people assumed USA based on your verbiage because you failed to explicitly state what countries you're even talking about. Not that you weren't being purposefully vague for maximum replies and infight, so.

No. 537611

So uhm while we're at it wouldn't it be a good idea for those obese americans to get multiple jobs and less kids?
"Poor" people in Europe are fat, yes? It's not an American thing.
To answer you, we have them now too because of the corona thingy. Food banks are a bit messy.

No. 537614

They're not? How so? Because they eat a shit ton more?

No. 537617

you can't cheat on abusive partners. for some reason, people don't get this

No. 537618

Hot take. Poor people deserve to be poor. College is basically free for them while my mother has to fork over 10 grand towards my college education. We don't qualify for free shit so I have to go into debt.

The only problem poor people have is not wanting to study and improve. Not one soul has starved to death in US fucking A since 1800s

No. 537619

I couldn't agree more, it's dishonest to even call it cheating. Abusive partners aren't in a real relationship, fuck em

No. 537625

Does your big brain get in your way? Like ever? How do you put on a shirt? Or does it weigh you down because of how smart and intelligent you are? Please tell me more of your hot takes, you sound like the next Messiah.

No. 537627

Cheating is cheating but I really don't care if a woman cheats on an abusive man. I just don't want to say it out loud because I don't want men to get the impression that they have the right to cheat on their "abusive" girlfriends and wives, when we all know their definitions of abuse are usually gross exaggerations.
"My wife wants me home before midnight and I have to text her if I plan to stay out later, ABUSE!"

No. 537629

You sound like you deserve to be in debt.

No. 537632

In western europe highschool and college is literally free and easy tier. And a lot of poorfags there aren't even actually poor let's not kid ourselves, I've volunteered at a place that also organized food banks and saw that every single one of them foodbeggers arrived with a fucking car ffs. Yet those privileged poorfags still get whiteknighted by absolute altruistic eurocucks!

No. 537633


Redirect your anger, poor people isn't the reason why you suffer.

No. 537636

So much rage lol

No. 537638

Except poor people do cause suffering. Would you want one as your neighbor?

No. 537640

Here's a reply since that's what you're after.

No. 537641

I literally lived next to and was friends with low income people. What did they do to me anon? You tell me.

No. 537642

They probs taught you on autopilot mode to never drop your guard and to always watch your wallet. And to whiteknight their kind at all times.

No. 537643

Get a loan like everyone else you freeloader. You're so fucking uneducated it hurts. Poor people who come from underdeveloped communities and family dynamics do not have the tools and resources to succeed the moment life decides to throw them ONE good thing like discounted or free schooling. Very often these people are first generation college students who came from shit high schools with shit curriculums and no academic assistance , and they are not academically advanced enough to do well in secondary education. Some people can't afford to even go to school for free because they have a family to support. The fact that your mom even has 10 grand to spare shows you're privileged , but you'll never acknowledge that because people love to shit on lower middle class/poor people.

No. 537645

10k is middle class but okay lol.

No. 537648

Can I say that 14k is a normal average welfare anually in the country where I am?

No. 537649

Imagine refreshing a page on a lolcow thread every 2 seconds just to pretend not to care about people's responses while simultaneously replying to each and every one with a "Idgaf" response that ends with a lol because you think you're edgy.

No. 537650

I'm not being edgy when I say 10 grand is middle class. You can look up the definition if you want. 10k or even 20k being put into someones college education is not that much, it's not like it pays for everything.

Being bad with money and calling people "privileged" when they aren't doesn't warrant a serious response. And no, not every post is mine. Spot the dots?

No. 537651

That sentence made no sense. 10k annual salary? 10k to spare? Use your words. There's a huge gap between middle and lower middle class, and being middle class is considered a good thing nowadays as most people are falling under lower middle in our economy within the past few years.

No. 537652

why are you guys talking about 10k like it's savings and like it's annual income? feels like it's misdirection by baiting anon. her mom clearly has 10k to spare and makes much more than that a year.

No. 537655

All my male friends in relationships treat their gfs like princesses and not the other way around like anons in the pink pill thread like to complain about

No. 537657

File: 1586219120518.jpg (26.37 KB, 600x610, 2JLbIjQ.jpg)

cant believe u guys have been entertaining some lame ass dude this long lmao

No. 537659

I think the anons in that thread are either speaking from experience or have never ever dated a man but automatically see every single one of them as the lowest of low because of how much time they spend on reading the thread

No. 537660

It's the unpopular opinion thread, not the retarded take thread nonny

No. 537661

>her mom clearly has 10k to spare and makes much more than that a year.
Hence the term "middle class".

No. 537663

Here we go again

No. 537664

Who fucking cares where it falls under class wise, anyone who comes from a family that can give 10k up to one child's education is privileged period. Stop trying to play victim by saying you're middle class and not rich; you live a cozy life. I say that as someone who is upper middle class and knows when to shut the fuck up.

No. 537665

File: 1586219740640.png (112.53 KB, 500x281, nanithefuck.png)

Tried watching Beastars.
I'm bored of mean environment school tropes in shows. The characters are never believable or relatable to how people in their age groups actually behave. Beastars manages to combine that with super uncanny ugly cgi animal characters who don't actually need to be animals to tell this kind of story. If the characters were human the overall plot of this show wouldn't be affected. It's a boring high school drama thriller that will have no longevity because the main pull is that the characters are animals. Other animes have done animal plots and characterizations much better.

No. 537671

Shut the fuck up fembot

No. 537676

If you want to sperg about these things, do it in the right thread, retards.

No. 537678

Out of all the anime I've watched, a ton of them were set in Highschool and only one set in college. Kind of weird.

No. 537679

To be fair the student demographic is anime's biggest target audience. It makes me appreciate the animes that aren't centered around high school social antics.

No. 537684

My main irc is that the people try to pull the "It's better than zootopia!" shit when they're the same. The main criticism is zootopia wanted a prejudice metaphor, but it fell flat because bunnies have a real reason to be prejudiced against foxes. Beaststars handles this 100% worse because they straight up admit carnivores are genetically meat eaters and no amount of handwaving will fix their instincts.
The only reason people think this is deep is because 'muh anime is a serious genre that needs to be respected' and the metaphors are so broad you can rosrach test your own theme. I fucking thought Beastars was written by a pink pilled feminist who blamed mens genetics for them being shit.

No. 537687

>I fucking thought Beastars was written by a pink pilled feminist who blamed mens genetics for them being shit.

Kek nope, even men know how depraved and shitty they are and write their characters accordingly knowing there's a giant audience who encourages that shit for 'realness.'

No. 537698

this level of autism has never before been reached!

No. 537706

is it really or it's the neckbeards? i know there are shows meant for kids and are there to sell toys but i honestly can't for the life of me understand why 99% of anime is centered around high school. even in those cookie cutter isekai shows, a concept of high school somehow exists it's just so absurd

>muh anime is a serious genre that needs to be respected

god i hate this shit so much, apparently that's enough to shield the medium from criticism bc muh japanese cartoons

No. 537709

tried watching it too, seems like a generic contrived school anime but with a animal knot/size difference fetish spurned from watching zootopia. weebs usually love it and lose their mind when anime has sex themes, even if they're hamfisted or awkward author fap scenes.

No. 537721

uh anon, beastars was made by a woman

No. 537733

Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion here but Mukbang is fucking gross. How the hell do people voluntarily watch videos/streams where people are smacking away on food, I'll never understand it. The sheer thought of just staring at someone making disgusting eating noises fucks me up.
>sMACK SMACK SLURP mmmhhhh!!! this is really good!! MMM SLURP SMACK SMACK you can really taste the annoyance!!! SLUUURRPP CRUNCH CRUNCH GOBBLE SMACK

No. 537734

How many American TV shows/movies are set in college instead of high school? There's your answer. The setting is popular because the target audience is in high school or is freshly graduated.

No. 537738


Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Modern feminism is just fucking creepy.

No. 537742

> If the characters were human the overall plot of this show wouldn't be affected

That is wrong, because all of the issues they face during the story (which continues on the manga) are there because they are specifically animals. It can’t be translated to the human world, unless you stretch the ambiguity in the metaphor. Unless you’ve lost all the subtext in the story, the more you go on the more you understand how it can’t be translated to humans.

Anyways, the stories go on and switch to them graduating and going to work/college.

No. 537747

I feel like it has to be love or hate it thing. I'm never disgusted with anything to the point of having some kind of physical reaction, but sounds of mukbang legit make me want to throw up. Saw a video on a topic once, it was just too much, I avoid it like a plague now.

No. 537748

You define "poor people" like one entity when there's a lot of types of poor people from different social environments and countries. Even if those poor people have the opportunity to go to college for free a lot of them are already fucked by life and don't really have life expectations anymore. Also, you have no idea how degrees work. I'm in Eastern Europe and my degree will be useless outside of my country, even if I get a PHD it's gonna be pretty useless outside of my country and here you don't really have much working opportunities. There's so many poor people that go to college, finish their education and then they're jobless and poor because of the economy.
Anon, you're in a place of extreme privilege if your mom makes enough to save 10k for your college education and because of the place you're in you honestly don't have the right to speak about "poor people".


No. 537749

Women who refuse to call themselves feminists are actively contributing to negative perception of the term. Don't let online misogynists shame you for standing with women rights just because of the existence of a few radical SJWs. Refusing feminism you'll only gain respect in the eyes of men who WANT to belittle women and have no desire to empathize with them.

No. 537756

The reason why so many anime/manga and American TV shows have a high school setting is simple:
>teenagers and young adults can relate to the characters and they tend to be a wide and reliable market
>adults can potentially relate to the characters through nostalgia
>easy way to make a bunch of characters with very different looks, backgrounds, interests and personalities meet each other just like at school irl
>characters aren't supposed to be particularly mature or experienced so they can act like turbo retards to kickstart new plots and arcs and it's not too jarring, at least in theory
>in the case of anime and manga, the artists and/or character designers can just draw school uniforms for the characters and not think too hard on new outfits for the characters

No. 537762

Cheating is usually an accident and everyone of us can end up doing it. I mean you're not going to crash your car sober but that might happen under influence, same stuff applies to relationships. You can be the most loving, emphathetic person and end up cheating

No. 537773

I had an ex cheat for six months before telling me, he slowly set up a new relationship and life with this woman so that he could move in with her the day after dumping me.

But kissing someone while drunk, yeah I could call that an accident.

No. 537775

What, do you accidentally fall onto another guys dick by accident, or accidentally kiss them? Sorry, but I have to disagree. I can understand unintentionally having feelings for someone else while in a relationship, but that's when you do the grown up thing and try and quell those emotions or you break up with your current partner to be with them. There's no excuse for it. If you want to cheat, then cheat, but there's no 'accident' to it. You wanted to fuck someone else, so you did it.
The only way you can accidentally cheat is if you had too much to drink or were under the influence of something, otherwise, if you're stone cold sober, stop making excuses and accept the fact.

No. 537777

This. I can't stand trannies and the activists driving their agenda, I think sex work should be outlawed altogether and the overall clownery of dying armpits or whatever is laughable. I still consider myself a feminist because I won't let men in dresses and their sycophants take over the ideology. It breaks my heart to see sensible people say that they don't consider themselves feminist because they can't relate to the issues these faux "feminists" are bringing to the table.

No. 537778

Yeah pretty much all of this. I'm surprised these spergs aren't already on your tail screeching about pedophilic conspiracies driving the popularity of the high school setting or something. If a show was centered around college or workplaces it'd just slip to be about tests, frat parties and office humor which doesn't bring nearly enough opportunities for different and immature people going through zany antics that can create an enticing story with lots of turns and twists.

No. 537779

>you're not going to crash your car sober but that might happen under influence
No that won't happen because normal people don't do drunk driving.

>The only way you can accidentally cheat is if you had too much to drink or were under the influence of something
But then it's still you who's at fault. Alcohol is not an excuse, nothing is an excuse (unless you were literally forced into a relationship).
I always find it disgusting when people try to come up with ways to justify cheating. Your bf abuses you and you can't leave? Ok. (but how can you even get close enough to another man in siturations like this?) You feel like your bf doesn't love you enough, blah blah? Then just break up bitch.

No. 537781

I think it depends on the context. A lot of the time, it's a mistake immature people make. But if it's, say, a marriage between two obviously well-adjusted adults, and one is just a piece of shit (like Onision), then it becomes more about selfishness and being a shitty person.
It always hurts, and obviously, it kills the first relationship, but I've kind of grown out of acting like it makes someone Satan under all circumstances.

No. 537784

The average male is a better person than the average LC poster(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 537785

The average biologically female LC poster is better than the average male anywhere.

No. 537786

Spicy but incorrect.

No. 537788

>You can be the most loving, empathetic person and end up cheating
I totally agree with you on this point. I always thought the "anyone who cheats is an evil piece of shit!" meme is ridiculously immature and needlessly judgmental, but I couldn't disagree more with the idea that cheating is usually "an accident".

>I mean you're not going to crash your car sober but that might happen under influence, same stuff applies to relationships.

That's why you don't get in a car if you're drunk, anon. I really don't see how it's hard to avoid a scenario where you drunkenly cheat on your partner. I once was drunk AF, staying alone in a hotel room with my well above average looking male best friend, and still didn't cheat on my husband nor feel any desire to. Yes, I'm well aware that different people handle alcohol differently, but unless you're extremely new to drinking, most people have an idea how alcohol impacts their judgement. If you're aware you're the type to lose control and judgement to the point of possibly cheating, then don't drink without your SO present.

No. 537790

Reminder that there is raid going on. LC been posted on r9k/4chan for days. Remember that it hurts men when we ignore them.

No. 537795

Why do these idiots have a new thread about this site every year, as if it's some brand new discovery that we exist?

No. 537805

Every year, try every day. They're obsessed with us. Can't live without female attention but they get bored of 4chan fembots who try to appease them and put up with the fuckshit.
Wish they'd go bother the real femchan crystal.cafe

No. 537818

Carole Baskin did not kill her husband. I have a feeling he was involved in drug/cartel shit in Costa Rica.
"If I can pull this off, it will be the slickest thing I’ve ever done.”

No. 537830

Even in the early episodes where she was being painted as a saint my bullshit alarm was going off every time she came on screen. Overdoing the saintly act.

No. 537860

>can't handle actual unpopular opinions
Just hide the thread then, idiots

No. 537886

There's a difference between an actually unpopular opinion and weak bait by an obvious scrote

No. 538026

To a certain extent, there's nothing wrong with eugenics. If someone is extremely disabled mentally and physically, it's not right to make them keep living just for sentimental reasons.
Like, there's no reason the Hartley Hooligans should have been forced to live and be paraded around like their mom's fucked up toys. It's also wrong and selfish for someone with an extreme hereditary disability to (knowingly) pass on their issues to their offspring because "Well, I survived it".
Half the people who disagree with this have no real argument other than "But the Nazis supported eugenics!" even though the Nazi iteration of it was far more extreme and fucked up. I feel like they're just one step away from being pro-lifers with their emotionally-loaded viewpoints.

No. 538039

i couldn't agree with you more. i fucking hate the way they act like it's inextricably linked to nazism. but yeah, look at the way iceland is framed negatively with the down syndrome situation. unbelievable, an undeniably great thing they've done there, and yet these people try to paint it as an ethical nightmare comparable to designer babies. there is no point to having children, so why have ones that will suffer and will need protection, when you can't guarantee that protection, ever? imo, it's extremely unethical to have kids, period, because you can't guarantee their safety or happiness, ever, but having children when something runs in the family or when you're high risk, or when you know your child has a deformity, is so cruel and horrible.

sorta kinda related but not really, just another unpopular opinion, but until there's somehow proper economic reform, there should be incentives for the poor or economically unstable to not have kids. obviously not because they're somehow "inferior", but because their children usually suffer. again, this is claimed to be nazism or whatever. it's shit to say that, and it's obviously a symptom of a larger problem, but…

also, while on this topic, there was a short bit on VICE about a woman paying for drug addicts to take birth control or get their tubes tied and everyone on the "left" was horrified about her "right to have children" (while drug addicted). what about the rights of the children? what about the rights of these kids to not be born addicted to meth, or to have a stable and happy childhood? people who fight so much to keep the "right" for people to have kids never, ever care about the circumstances those children will face.

No. 538043

>Half the people who disagree with this have no real argument other than "But the Nazis supported eugenics!"

Do those people know the nazis followed the USA's eugenics research?

No. 538064

I had to stop following the Hartley thread years ago because seeing those poor girls broke my heart so fucking much. I strongly believe that sometimes the best thing you can do as a mother is not have the kid in the first place. I can't imagine how hard it would be to terminate a pregnancy you actually want, especially when you're that far along, but I strongly believe it is your duty as mother to abort severely disabled children instead of force them to live a horrible life of suffering. I have two friends who work with the mentally disabled and they're both secretly pro-eugenics after a few years of seeing how miserable and useless these people's lives are. The stories they tell me are absolutely horrifying.

No. 538065

>Half the people who disagree with this have no real argument other than "But the Nazis supported eugenics!" even though the Nazi iteration of it was far more extreme and fucked up. I feel like they're just one step away from being pro-lifers with their emotionally-loaded viewpoints.

I've seen a lot of prolofers use the "but Hitler did it!" argument with abortion, which is so enragingly misleading because Hitler didn't legalize abortion, he made it mandatory for the disabled and punishable by death to perform on an Aryan woman.

No. 538090

this site is lowkey xenophobic
I guess the quarantine is bringing in a lot of bored people though

No. 538092

Spill the beans anon

No. 538095

>I strongly believe that sometimes the best thing you can do as a mother is not have the kid in the first place

Off topic but I know so many women who've had kids for selfish reasons and I know women who've ended pregnancies and given their circumstances it had been the right choice for everyone.

Nearly the whole class I went to school with ended up with either planned babies to get benefits (for a while my country was insanely generous with child benefit payments and lots of babies were born for that reason) or babies to help hang on to their first bf who'd already mentally checked out of the relationship. Shit's depressing when you think of how that next generation will be. With moms that take sadatives cos life didn't turn out how they wanted. Benefits were cut after the baby boom was too much to handle but at least mom still gets free prescriptions.

No. 538098

oh one hundred percent. Colonizers consider this a safe place to be xenophobic and feel validated

No. 538101

i guess it's just in the little off hand comments and generalizations here on the casual boards (can't speak for the cows boards because I haven't been reading them for a while) that somehow never seem to concern /some/ countries… you know, the ones the majority of the farmers are from. the current world situation doesn't really help. I guess it's just funny to see one side of the site viciously call out racism and the other sweep under the rug stupid remarks. that's the curse and blessing of anonymity.

No. 538106

I miss the tumblr e-celeb shit. (and its how I found this site) there were things like freelice, e-celeb confessions and all the e-celeb stans and wk and many, many more which are now mostly deleted. I can see why people found it annoying/stupid, but I liked seeing both sides fighting with each other over stupid shit, I blame nostalgia.

No. 538112

State the specific if you’re gonna talk shit. This ain’t twitter for u to vague tweet hoe.

No. 538116

What do you mean? I only really see the American vs European anons fight, unless you're talking about the new corona threads.

No. 538121

Not OP but it's pretty self explanatory. This is the unpopular opinion thread not explain your opinion until you're blue in the fucking face.

No. 538123

They literally already explained themselves, read autist read

No. 538124

NTA but there's literally a rule against bringing up specific arguments from other threads here, newfag. She HAS to be vague.

No. 538127

Every furry/anthropomorphic enthusiast needs to literally be lynched.

No. 538163

Agree, I've never met one that wasn't degenerate

No. 538180

steven universe is good

No. 538188

i'm really looking forward to having a fun courthouse wedding w my girlfriend, and some close friends in attendance. then a reception w everyone else

i definitely agree. i feel so awkward at them. so much secondhand embarrassment too

No. 538190

The first half of the series was terrible.

I always thought her songs could have been great if she would just write good, serious lyrics. Born To Die could've been an amazing song but the trashy lyrics just ruin it.

No. 538193

File: 1586306974962.jpg (26.89 KB, 500x406, 1i90rm.jpg)

I absolutely agree

No. 538218

Nope, didn't explain anything.
Then don't bring it up period. Being passive aggressive because your feelings got hurt in another thread is embarrassing.

No. 538246

You have it 100% right, but the thing is that taboos are taboos for many reasons, but none of them is "because they make rational sense".

>there's nothing wrong with eugenics

>they act like it's inextricably linked to nazism
The people who actually have a brain have issues with eugenics not because it's inherently immoral (there are plenty of soft ways to do go about it, soft incentives that aren't "literally force abortions and tie people's tubes") but because the "eu" part of "eugenics" is not an objective matter. "Certain people are more fit for life than others" carries the question "according to who?", and if a government is meddling with reproduction, this is already understood as their having a certain group they deem "more fit".

You have a brain, I have a brain, we all have a brain and can understand that it's possible not to go full Hitler, but the mere acknowledgement that some people might be more or less "deserving" of life due to circumstances (poor/rich, drug addict moms vs stable moms, etc) carry a huge weight to the general dumb masses who operate under "literally every life is valuable no matter how detrimental" secular humanism. Especially when it comes to genetic disorders - our system is highly dysgenic (provides for and enables the reproduction of people who would otherwise not survive) simply because common morals forbid valuing any life higher than other, no matter how filled with suffering some lives may be.

No. 538247

This. Eugenics is good when they align with you and give you a societal privilege over others, until one day you're deemed as not part of the "in" group anymore and someone else has the power to take your rights away and there's not a damn thing you can do about it nor an exception good enough.

No. 538249

The first Frozen movie is way better than II. The second movie felt like such forced lore, the only thing that improved was that the humor became a bit more self-aware but the plot overall sucked and was super convoluted.

No. 538256

That is not an unpopular opinion.

The real unpopular opinion is that Into The Unknown is a better song than Let It Go.

No. 538277

i mean feminists during the 30s in US pushed for that too actually.

No. 538311

Here's an unpopular opinion for you: Frozen was one of the worst movies Disney has ever produced and only such a mega success because they crammed it down everyone's throats marketing-wise and basically forced everyone to love the song despite it being a mediocre broadway composition only saved by a skilled, charismatic singer. I watched the movie expecting this to be something amazing because even adults were going on and on about how great it was, and this is what I got:
>Unrelatable main characters that don't experience proper growth and don't learn from their mistakes until the very, very end with a rushed "oh yeah love saves all" lesson
>It's obvious the movie was in development hell for decades because the plot is all over the place and jumps from here to there without a proper structure and ill-fitting tone shifts and huge gaps in the lore you just kind of have to fill in yourself because it's so rushed
>It thinks it's smarter than it actually is by repeatedly mocking the "true love" trope, but predictably ending up as a victim to it later on in the movie, but excused because "she ALSO learned to love her sister!!!". also muh feminism but kristoff does most of the work during the entire script
>The villain twist is so fucking stupid. So stupid. The twist works if you leave a red herring in the story but this was just lazy writing. Why couldn't Elsa be the villain? She ended up with no coherent role in the story except running from her problems and then growing a spine at the last second as a plot convenience.

I could go on and on about what a piece of shit movie it was but even adults are extra defensive about it and willing to go to autistic lengths about how everyone who disliked it is just a no-good contrarian. I understand if you're under 10 and dazzled by all the pretty princesses and shit but an adult should be able to tell that it's not worth the hype. I'm glad Frozen 2 wasn't a big success because I couldn't have been able to take another wave of my nieces going crazy over it.

No. 538316

> but the mere acknowledgement that some people might be more or less "deserving" of life due to circumstances (poor/rich, drug addict moms vs stable moms, etc) carry a huge weight to the general dumb masses who operate under "literally every life is valuable no matter how detrimental" secular humanism.
yeah, but it has nothing to do with whether or not someone is deserving of life. it's whether or not they should be forced to endure unavoidable misery, and i believe they have the right not to. they're absolutely deserving of all the positive things in life they could possibly experience, but the fact that there is no avoiding potentially endless and extreme suffering is horrifying and heartbreaking. if people turn that into "you value certain lives less", they're just not arguing in good faith.

children have a right to not suffer more than people have a "right" to have children, anyways, imo.

>simply because common morals forbid valuing any life higher than other, no matter how filled with suffering some lives may be.

but i don't value lives any more or less. that's not the issue at hand at all. the issue is just so unnecessarily emotionally charged that it's obvious people don't actually give a shit and don't actually want to mitigate the pain and suffering of children/people in general that obviously don't choose to suffer and are victims of their parents' choices.

No. 538402

Microwaving > Cooking
You don't need to cook if you have a microwave, even my coffee is microwaved.

No. 538406

I hate drag culture and it shouldn't exist

No. 538408

Elsa was originally meant to be a villain, with spiky blue hair (those spikes in her hair now are what remains of that) according to the Making of Frozen thing I've seen. Anna was meant to be an ordinary townsperson and not her sister, and things like the "Do you want to build a snowman?" song were added in at the last minute.

I think little girls loved it simply because she's a pale, platinum haired barbie princess, and there is a lack of recent Disney movies with such a generically appealing lead character.

No. 538418

I know this is 2 days old but similar to anon here >>537396 I didn't wanna call myself a feminist not because of rightwingers but cause of annoying sjw types on twitter, like seriously when the first introduction to feminists are millennial woman who spend most of their time on social media and posting about how men suck or whatever while only ever make sarcastic replies that you can't tell if their ever serious or not, that will be your impression of all feminists for a long while, luckily I got out of the mindset but I don't blame girls(especially young girls) who are somewhat hostile towards feminists

No. 538432

How is that unpopular? Most people nowadays can't cook and eat garbage all day long. Worst of all they are even smug about treating their body like shit on a daily to daily basis.

No. 538434

Damn yall really live like this? I barely consider oven-baked/boiled shit food.

No. 538445

depends on where you live I think. Where I am it's the norm to home cook your meals every day unless you're a student.

No. 538446

I don't know his views on screening fetuses before birth, but my brother said he became even more pro-euthanasia when he went to medical school and had to visit wards for severely disabled people. Especially seeing the young children, who were pretty much just bags of meat hooked on tubes and machines, he seriously felt like it would be better for everyone (and even more ethical) if they were just allowed to die in peace and be done with it. They were alive, but not living.

No. 538492

Christ, most of the farmers here are alive but not living, anon.

No. 538497

>i barely consider oven-baked/boiled shit food.

that's also pretty dumbass tho.

No. 538520

so you love greasy shit?

No. 538544

No? Sorry mutt, cooking is more than boiling and deep frying.

No. 538549

Welcome to misophonia, anon.

No. 538551

I feel for you anon. You're missing out.

No. 538619

Feminists in the Uk did too, there are tonnes of Feminists who have a "eugenics" part to their Wikipedia. Marie Stopes being a big one, popularity in British characters.

No. 538631

Sure, if you only eat ready cooked meals. It's not that hard to slap some food into a little dish and chuck it into the oven and call it a day. That's my preference tbh.

No. 538646

File: 1586393212261.jpg (454.27 KB, 2448x3264, 64318674684874.jpg)

>mfw I prepare a whole cornish hen and lasagna in the oven for anon and she doesn't consider it food
a bird died just for you to make me cry

No. 538651

I feel like the person eating has to be crazy attractive for me to watch, but i agree that lip smacking and being messy with food in general grosses me out.

No. 538652

I feel as if drag culture is incredibly toxic to both men and women.

No. 538657

Agree with you so much. Standing to your core beliefs and values are important. I'm anti-porn and not SW friendly and i dont like transwomen, but i still consider myself a feminist. i dont see anything wrong with that. There are different generations of feminist for a reason because times are changing. I cant get it with people who support sex work and porn, when it is incredibly damaging to women , and even men.

No. 538670

I never liked gravity falls

No. 538674

Is there a particular reason you didn’t like it?

No. 538813

Apples are not a good fruit, and they don't deserve to be so popular.

No. 538816

People in this thread say that cheating on a abusive guy is okay. Wrong, cheating on any guy is okay.

The fact that women even think about such things make them infinitely better than scrotes who would just do it.(pink-pill derailing)

No. 538817

The only reason why I ate apples is because sometimes I want something crunchy to eat that's kinda sweet. Not too many fruits out there that are crunchy all the way around and are pretty cheap.

No. 538821

Agreed tbh, I only like the sour ones, the sweet ones are gross in taste and texture

No. 538822

Yeah why eat smth that makes you hungry and feel like shit

No. 538851

Oof, major disagree lol I've developed an allergy against nearly all types of fruit and apples are the thing I miss the most. So many fruits have a disgusting mushy or slimy texture, an odd or way too sweet taste, meanwhile apples are the perfect mix of sweet and sour while also not having a gross texture. Way cheaper than other stuff too.

No. 538857

anyone that has ever cooked anything knows the best way to ruin a dish is to over-season it. Putting hot spicey seasoning is the most retarded shit.


and this meme that somehow white people can't stand spices is made by the same woke Idiots who can't even cook and just buy fast food all day.

No. 538862

I mean, most spices aren't spicy. And to be fair, a lot of white Americans in flyover states really do cook shit food. Kraft macaroni, Velveeta, bologna sandwiches, baked chicken with nothing but salt and pepper, boiled carrots, etc.

No. 538867

It was an okay show, especially for the time it came out, but it was definitely overhyped.

No. 538869

We have opposite tastes in fruits, I like sweet and mushy or slimy once and hate crunchy and, most of all, sour fruits.

No. 538873

Sorry Mrs. Dash is too spicy for you.

Stick to salt and pepper.

No. 538877

File: 1586442353274.jpg (68.05 KB, 840x630, 1580831708783.jpg)

Don't cry anon

No. 538883

this is born out of laziness. it is just easier to throw some spices into the mix then to actually learn how to cook.

No. 538885

arranging food on a platter is stupid, no matter how neat or nice it might look I always just mash it together and ingest it

No. 538890

what does that even mean? learning how to spice and flavor your food, what combinations to use, etc, is a fair part of cooking properly

No. 538892

So many people I know will just throw in spices in their food just because some idiot on TV said so… or this new trend of being obsessed "hot sauce" all of a sudden

No. 538909

don't blame spices, most spices aren't capsicum based like what you're bitching about.

No. 538919

It feels like there's some people out there who make eating as spicy food as possible their personality. Most of them always try to act unbothered but they're already sweating like pigs and their lips are all red, like congrats, you can no longer taste the food you're eating because your mouth is on fire, but at least you proved how tough or unique you are by putting extra spicy sauce or powder into it.
And that white people don't season thing is also bullshit because every country simply has their own unique way of seasoning food - many just don't get that not spicy does not equal not seasoned. And that's not just in white countries, for example in east asian countries too they will sometimes serve you meat pretty much unseasoned, because it's high quality and therefore you should enjoy its taste without drowning it in other stuff.

No. 538927

Have these people ever eaten authentic Punjabi food, I mean its delicious but dry as hell

No. 538936

Hardcore agree.
It's almost an attention whoring competition to see how hot they can go to 'shock' others instead if enjoying a bit of heat.

I also am sick of hearing that white people eat bland food and don't know how to cook. My mother is asian and my dad is white and both of them had completely different cooking styles but growing up I enjoyed both of their food just fine. I also never had a bad experience eating at a white kids house.

That also reminds me, I have an unpopular opinion that white kids DO in fact get beaten. I used to get my ass whooped as a kid for everything. I guess you could argue I am mixed, but we didn't speak a 2nd language and I knew heaps of white kids who were beaten by their parents. It's like such a meme that all white kids are rich and spoiled and tell their mothers to fuck off when they tell them to get off the Xbox and that Hispanic/Asian/black households are worse but I think it's all the same. It happens everywhere.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 538940

I agree. Frozen is shit and Frozen 2 is shit. The new wave of Disney films are all shit and even though I like some of the classics like 101 Dalmatian and lion king, I hate the people obsessed with Disney. Especially the adults that go all crazy over it. Nothing wrong with owning cutesy merchandise but they all try to out fan each other and it's cringey and childish.

No. 538948

Bernie Sanders is just as corrupt and capitalistic as any other politician

No. 538951

they really do seem to forget the the midwest, Applachia, The rust belt and the south exist, and have culture, history and norms that are very different from other white Americans and each other

No. 538952

>I have an unpopular opinion that white kids DO in fact get beaten
But, that's not a good thing?
I hate the notion that kids who aren't beaten or that people who are vocal against parents hitting their children are always assumed to be spoiled, rude, lazy, disrespectful towards their parents or other adults, lack disdipline, bad at school and so on. I do believe that if somebody would conduct a study across as many nations and families as possible, the kids who weren't "disciplined" phsyically (or rather who didn't suffer from domestic violence) are actually more successful in life, plus they definitely had a happier childhood. There's a difference between respect and fear.
It annoys me that so many defend this by immediately claiming that they turned out super well despite being hit, better than you, the person who wasn't, without any proof at all. Nothing says I'm a mentally sound adult like supporting the beating of your own flesh and blood, who should receive love from you but instead is left scared and defenseless. If hitting another adult is a crime, than hitting somebody who's much smaller definitely is as well.

No. 538973

That's not an unpopular opinion, that's just being factually wrong.

No. 538975

It's literally a proven fact that children who are hit are more likely to be inappropriately aggressive and lack boundaries more.

No. 538984

I never once defended hitting children at all in my post.
I was just pointing out that white kids get hit too despite all the memes about only asian/hispanic/black getting physical discipline. I do not condone it whatsoever. Yes I said it happened to me growing up, but I wasn't saying it was a good thing.
Not sure how you got how I was defending it from my post.

No. 538987

Well I agree that spicy isn't a flavor. Weird that black/latino feel the need to act superior when the motherfuckers yelling about this only cooks food that's 90% chicken knorr and ajinomoto, compensating with a truck load of tabasco isn't more culinary than salt and pepper.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 538995


How? We're talking about a socialist who owns three homes and strung everyone along for an entire election. He was always going to lose to the establishment candidate like back in 2016 and yet he was accepting cash from his supporters the whole time. What do you really think he's going to do with that leftover money? Give it to charity?

I swear he's like socialist jesus to ya'll.

No. 538997

It's against the rules to discuss politics at all, anon.

No. 539045

most people who don't believe in asexuality are jealous and/or ashamed of their own lust

No. 539047

what about asexuality is there to envy?

No. 539049

Nice cope. It's not everyone else's fault your brain is fried.

No. 539051

What is there to cope with?

No. 539055

wow lol. i believe in asexuality but lust is fucking great if you're not a degenerate. i don't need it to be happy or anything but periods of low libido can be so fucking dull and like, watered down? I guess. life is so much more interesting with a little bit of lust sprinkled in. I just feel bad for people with no sex drive, not jealous. But I know it's the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 539070

being attracted to anime girls is the same as being attracted to mlp characters. they really resemble children/aliens and it's fucking creepy how accepted it is. makes me laugh when weebs think they're better than furries and bronies when they're on the same level.

i can seldom see the appeal of anime men because theyre actually drawn to look like men sometimes. the bishonen look fucking creeps me out though when they have like no jaw and look like plastic surgery kpop dudes. that's alien too

and no i will never change my mind. i can't wait till this shit becomes obscure again

No. 539077

As autistic as this sounds, i think there's more than one way to be attracted to an anime character or cartoons in general.
Sometimes if I follow a show for a long time and the character is well written enough, my brain fills in what the cartoon would look like as an irl person and I'm attracted to the overall idea of them, but not the simplified cartoon on its own. But this is rare and i'm much more attracted to irl men. But then there are people like nemu or the average coomer weeb who literally like the way the cartoon looks, and in that case I agree with you 100%.
I just don't get why people aren't more embarrassed by being attracted to cartoons. I see it as a form of arrested development, like you haven't finished developing your sexuality. I would expect people to be embarrassed about it the same way they get embarrassed about being a virgin or never having a long term relationship, but they seem to put it in a separate category.

No. 539081

that makes men even more retarded and shallow then, because most of those japanese characters that are girls were written by men for men to appeal to them and the way they think a girl should act which always obviously a dumbed down, misogynstic, shallow version of what a woman should be like. fucking terribe.

No. 539084

asexuals literally think they are so high and mighty because they don't fuck and always gotta mock others who enjoy sex and even call themselves "pure". you are not special because of your asexuality, you are an embarrassment.

literally thought we left asexuality in 2016 along mogai identities of tumblr.

No. 539085

They're not attracted to the character but to what it represents, as the other anon said they fill in the blanks themselves

No. 539086

>Thinking that asexuality comes from tumblr

No. 539088

I really do not understand why people were genuinely so so upset over that Bianca girl who died last year. Sure she was only 17 and had an entire life in front of her, but she was just another girl pandering to 4chan scrotes and she got what she deserved imo. I'm not even trying to sound edgy and I'm not even "jealous" of her fame, I genuinely think she deserved it because that's literally what you get if you seek attention from dudes who just want to rape and murder women. I get that she is a poor girl wah wah, it's still her fault and I am sure she enjoyed all the attention she got from them back then and felt like some "Queen" and as soon as she got what was already coming for her, she is now suddenly a victim and poor girl this poor girl that. The dude who murdered her isn't completely off the hook either, he is also horrible, but she is still stupid as fuck.

At first I really felt empathy for those girls who always pandered to them but then ended up getting doxxed/blackmailed/their lives ruined, but at this point I really don't even care anymore and think they deserve it. The girls who still do shit like that just loooooove the attention they get from them. Anyone with a brain can perfectly put 2+2 together and realize that incels or some random dudes on /r9k/ would immediately rape/murder you if they had the chance and nothing about acting like some uwu innocent thick anime loli uwu e-girl uwu to them is cute.

No. 539089

makes me laugh when i remember the founder of aven isn't even asexual anymore. first girl he dated he realized he finds women sexy after all.

No. 539090

I remember that evil lady. Did that woman give her infertility services in opiod-ridden rural areas? Just wanted to see something. If not, then I understand the concern and suspicion for her motives.
Right people say eugenics is ok because they think they won't be on the receiving end.

No. 539093

i don't think that's an unpopular opinion? but who knows

i know a woman who thought she was a lesbian but she's now married to a man lmao. i guess lesbians don't exist

No. 539096

ok even if it doesn't come from tumblr, it's been associated with it so fucking much and every wanna be genderqueer special faggot keeps saying they are asexual so that they feel included in lgbt and have a reason to scream "oppression!!!!!!" or they use their asexuality as some sort of point about why fucking is bad, sex is bad, everyone who fucks is dirty and a sinner, hugs not fucks!! uwu

No. 539097

>i know a woman who thought she was a lesbian but she's now married to a man lmao. i guess lesbians don't exist

i didn't say asexuals don't exist, but your lot really do jump at any opportunity to wheel out the homophobia.

No. 539099

If you go to any asexual forum it's always full of people saying they find X celebrity hot too. And then they justify it with "Well it's just quasi-demi aesthetic sensual attraction, I'm still asexual."

I've never met anyone as thirsty for Benedict Cumberbatch as the average "asexual".

No. 539100

>i don't think that's an unpopular opinion? but who knows
I have no idea (sorry for clogging up the thread if it is NOT unpopular), all I remember are a bunch of anons crying over her when it happened and trying to make her out to be some angel who didn't do anything wrong and then defending her whenever someone tried to say that she's not innocent. Won't be surprised if I get some replies saying the same too.

No. 539101

im literally dating a woman rn

yes i am quite aware that straight people use the asexuality and queer card to pretend to be oppressed

No. 539117

It is more respectable when someone is fat and they are a really good cook that is always making the most delicious food,than when someone is fat and they just eat lame junk food.

No. 539120

Well, to be completely honest I think girls like her are very, very taxing to deal with and that she was stupid for getting involved with sociopathic robots to begin with. But I still don't believe she deserved it. Nobody deserves to get their throat severed by someone they thought they could trust. Her family and friends got bombarded with pictures of her bloodied corpse and people masturbating over her photos. People spread rumors that she was trading nudes for drugs when there's apparently no solid evidence of it happening. Nobody deserves to go like this.

The thing that bothered me about the Bianca case wasn't the girl itself. It was the phenomenon and the realization that so many girls are on their way to meet this sort of fate. Even though I can't stand or even respect e-girls I still feel bad for them. I feel bad that they don't have female peers to connect with and feel comfortable with themselves to avoid having to beg for scrote attention. I feel bad that they were driven to the path of degrading themselves to feel validated. I feel bad that adult men are allowed to groom girls as young as 13-14 with barely any consequences, and people are willing to just blame the girls for asking for it when ultimately it was the society around them that failed them. It wasn't like Bianca was this marketing mastermind who made a fortune on Patreon pretending to be the sexy dream girl and it makes it very hard for me to actually feel any ill will towards her. She was practically a nobody with only 2000 followers on IG despite the headlines painting her as some sort of an "Instagram celebrity". She was just a 17-year old girl who grew up on the internet unsupervised. Papers talk a lot about young, radicalized alt-right men but barely a peep about all the lonely girls who end up fucking themselves over like this.

No. 539121

Honestly wish we had an asexual cringe thread. They are one of the most embarrassing groups of people I've ever witnessed tbh.

No. 539123

NTA but seconding this. "Asexuals" are grade A cows.

No. 539124

She wasn't just trading nudes for drugs she was also involved in selling cp of other girls she and Ciara roped in. There is an entire thread about them in the Michael Sosa thread with caps. They always laughed and acted edgy about being hyper aware of their behaviors. I'm not saying she deserved it but she was shit.

No. 539126

That shit isn't natural. It's like a mental illness. I remember on cc I just responded "edgy" to some chick who said she was asexual and all these random ass asexual anons came after me. Sorry you're too fucked up to experience human attraction lmao like what did they expect? It is fucking edgy.

No. 539127

Make one in /snow/ then, but I know there's already a thread about it on kiwifarms.

>That shit isn't natural. It's like a mental illness.
Lol, that sounds familiar. I don't know why you're so bothered by people's asexuality.

No. 539128

They're probably bothered because crazy people like to base their entire personality on the fact they don't get horny. (Unless you're a "grey asexual" which means you feel sexual attraction SOMETIMES. Like the rest of the fucking world lol).

No. 539129

that's the type that makes me think they just have a blocked libido from something. persoanlly i don't see why some people couldn't be completely lacking of sexual desire just like how there are people who can't feel certain emotions, can't think creatively, can't empathize, can't smell or taste etc. but that's not the type you see on tumblr. the type on tumblr has some kind of sexuality but are probably either undeveloped or scared of sexual intimacy or both.

i just can't believe they try to act like they have some secret insight into things because they're not "distracted" by sex. maybe that's truer for men but i feel like the average woman is not horny and not distracted more often than she's so horny she can't focus on anything else. we have the luxury of enjoying both being horny and not being horny. asexuals only get one.

lol i've thought this too. being fat as a really good cook or pro chef is like having a flat ass because you're a trucker, getting sick often because you work in the medical field, or having a bad back because you do labor etc. it's avoidable if you're really careful and diligent, but for the most part it's just a side effect of your dedication to your job, and i can't fault you for that.

i agree. all the classic e-girl cringe tendencies just scream self hatred to me, and that does make me sad when they're so young. i don't really buy that she "enjoyed" the attention so much. Or at least enjoyed isn't the word I would use. I doubt she felt happy and satisfied from it. getting fucked up male attention when your self esteem is in the gutter is more like a hit to an addict. it doesn't feel nice, it just prevents you from feeling even worse. but idk i could be projecting because i don't know what bianca truly felt.

No. 539130

I'm not. That was my first post in the thread about this subject and I'm laughing at the edgy retards who think it's normal to have no libido.

No. 539131

File: 1586478536815.jpeg (26.15 KB, 346x360, 75E7889C-644E-4B0F-9D42-4D4736…)

Lol, once I read a post on tumblr that said something like “asexual people can have sex, and many do have sex often. It’s just that they feel no sexual attraction to their partner, or anyone else for that matter.” I just know this can’t be right

No. 539132

Mean girls isn’t that good of a film, the ending especially is bad (from when she gets hit by a bus onwards)

No. 539133

I'm gonna write your name in the burn book.

No. 539134

isn't that just… letting your partner rape you? i mean, yeah of course you consent to it but you actually don't even feel any sexual attraction but still have sex

>tfw confused as fuck

No. 539135

i would wager that its mostly a bunch of kids that have been on anti depressants since they were like 12 and they think its just who they are and not the meds fucking with them

No. 539137

Since when does asexual mean prude? Are you a dude larping? You don't even know you're own sexuality? lmfao

No. 539139

yup, i agree. and if they're not on meds, they simply haven't developed that part of their sexuality yet but need to have a permanent identity now instead of leaving it as a question mark until they get older.


we've somewhat come full circle but it's not just that. at this point, there's so much info and subcultures out there that there's no longer just one way to be edgy. anything contrarian and counterintuitive can be edgy if it's in the right context.

No. 539140

Sorry, meant to say they make not being horny their whole personality and love to act like they're the utmost oppressed group of people there are because of it.

No. 539145

File: 1586479527078.jpeg (53.61 KB, 354x453, 8EABA90A-3267-4B53-BC50-CDA96C…)

No. 539146

There's nothing wrong with wearing real fur coats

No. 539147

Yeah. Idk why morons get their panties in a twist about that, especially if it's ethically sourced from animals who died naturally. Plastic fur coats and fast fashion is WAY more harmful especially to the environment as a whole.

No. 539148

I don't mind when kpop stans post fancams that aren't at all relevant to the conversation. It's funny.

No. 539149

How the fuck did you type that fast

No. 539150

Idk. I saw your post and was just saying what I was thinking.

No. 539152

Wow, that image is a relic.

No. 539153

What kind of furs in fashion come from animals that died "naturally"?

No. 539154

That's pretty unpopular, lel. You don't think there is merit to trying to reduce unnecessary suffering as much as possible? There are lots of situations where suffering is unavoidable but no one in the first world needs a fur coat. I would agree that if you eat animal products it doesn't make much sense to care about fur or leather though.
But that's a obscure scenario, and it still contributes to demand for fur.

No. 539155

You have an awful taste in humor lol. I'm a fan of some groups but I find fancams annoying as hell. They're not trying to be funny, it's just dumb kids trying to rack up the views on their fave's videos since most people have their settings on autoplay.

No. 539160

>believing there's such a thing as "ethically sourced from animals who died naturally"
How? Do you think they have farms where they just raise a bunch of animals and wait for them to die of old age? Or do they have scouting parties to go farm road kills and half eaten carcasses in the woods?

No. 539161

There are sellers who do taxidermy via roadkill. It's not uncommon.

No. 539181

I don't mind people wearing vintage fur. New fur eh since most since most of it,is new animals being killed for that purposed. Its like mink. No one is eating mink you know they are killing them to make a tacky sweater

No. 539218

Are they, or are they like PNP, just haphazardly collecting roadkill and risking the spread of disease? Because there's generally a pretty involved process for roadkill salvaging and you're endangering other people. I don't think edgelords on Etsy really give a shit to make it a point to follow proper procedure.

No. 539275

The reasons why someone is "bothered" by asexual speds:
>99% aren't even asexual in the definition of the word and experience sexual attraction and arousal, but believe they're asexual because they aren't thinking about sex and porn 24/7 and in the case of male "asexuals" it's because they can't get laid and are trying to cope
>They think it's a sexuality comparable to homo- or bisexuality and try to shoehorn themselves into the issue where they don't belong
>They also think they're being oppressed just like gay people because "p-people constantly erase my sexuality and think it's not real!"
Imagine thinking that because you don't do casual hookups or aren't interested in sex all the time you think that it's some sort of an actual sexuality instead of a personality trait. Asexuality as it is is full on comparable to other bullshit sexualities like demisexuals which was another way to slither under the "opwessed uwu" umbrella.

No. 539288

Antivaxxers shouldn't be allowed to keep their kids.

No. 539290

Who's gonna take them all in, you?

>Antivaxxers shouldn't be allowed to have kids

Fix'd your shitty unpopular opinion.
Now it's not unrealistic, now it's… eugenics.
Wait, I made it even shittier

No. 539303

>not allowing people with dangerously awful judgement to be parents is shitty

This kind of mentality is why children suffer.

No. 539309

Life is suffering
This is The First Truth
Embrace it

No. 539314

No. 539393

Posting screenshots of tweets on other social media is extremely annoying especially those tiktok videos where they just read the tweets verbatim while fake laughing

No. 539402

I can never figure out if they're laughing at the tweets or if they're making fun of them for being unfunny, is that just me?

No. 539657

Because of the corona virus all of my classes are now online and we have to study through zoom. The weirdest thing is how most of my class claim not owning a laptop or a pc i was like what? Even in your sophomore year? Granted, i understand that i live in a third word country and a laptop can be quite pricey from time to time but a laptop is quite a necessary here in the college scene ya know. The thing is, i dont mind if people dont have one but they seem to manipulate it to the max and slack off on their school duties, ive been in many situation where they told me they dont have a laptop and then hope other people would do the work for them for free and get good grades without doing anything and that bothers me.

No. 539734

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's manga art is hideous

No. 539740

I don't see the point of bans if people can openly admit they ban evade and continue to bring down the quality of the website uninhibited. The worst just get free reign of this place.

No. 539778

I feel you but I don't think it's unpopular. I mean, it's not like vintage manga styles are considered pretty by most weebs and Jojo's art is uh, special enough that even people that like oldschool manga may find it ugly AF…

No. 539793

The new artstyle still isn't good everything looks so stiff

No. 539969

shit like camming and onlyfans are not sex work and putting them on the same level is insulting to anyone who turned to actual irl prostitution out of necessity. when you include camgirls under the sex worker label, you give credibility to the retarded idea that sex work as a whole is empowering and liberating for women, as so many young women willingly sell themselves online. you're still selling your body for consumption, you just chose to do it so you could buy a macbook or some shit.

No. 539996

Whenever I see Beyonce and Jay Z preform together they give me the vibes of like your middle age aunt and uncle who are ‘keeping things fresh’ by going on ‘date nights’ like they just seem so depressing and miserable as a couple and always look like they are trying to convince others or themselves they’re happy. I feel like this before the cheating things too idk

No. 540009

I agree, although it is technically sex work and even degrading and damaging it just isn't on the same risk level of even stripping. To be it feels like a lot of girls doing it want an easy temporary hustle or validation.

No. 540115

The vast majority of the time when kids get sexually abused, it's due to sheer negligence or idiocy on their parent's part. The amount of parents I know who leave their kids alone with men they barely know is a fucking disgrace.

No. 540126

Actually you are wrong. I dont know where you got this false info from from but please dont spread it.
The majority of child abuse is incest related.

No. 540131

>The majority of child abuse is incest related
You mean from the dad, other relatives, or both? Regardless which one, that just makes parents even more responsible.

No. 540159

Even men they know can be a potential risk. When I was a child my usual babysitter wasn't available so my mom asked her teenage brother to watch me, we knew them and they lived across the street. Bam, he molested me when he had me alone and thought he could manipulate me. I just don't trust men around little girls as a rule.
I still can't believe she did that..

No. 540165

>I just don't trust men around little girls as a rule.

I agree with this. If I had a kid, I just simply wouldn't let her be alone with men other than her father ever. This should just be common sense protocol.

No. 540184

>men other than her father
just make sure you know him better than my mother knew mine

No. 540193

final fantasy 7 characters are not written well

No. 540221

in my opinion the main ones were in the original (for a weeb rpg), not sure about the remake…

No. 540244

What makes the father of the child so trustworthy…?

No. 540247

well, usually you choose him so if you think he's untrustworthy, don't have children.

No. 540283

Jameela Jamil is an opportunistic, shallow and exploitative sociopath. I hate PR driven celebrity ‘activism’ so much and she is the worst manifestation of it. She could honestly have a thread with how much of a cow she is.

No. 540286

Statistics matter. 34% of child sexual abuse is committed by a family member, and the biological fathers were reported as the offender more often than the combination of stepfathers, brothers, and uncles. That's fucking insane to me.

I don't think there's a lot to be trustworthy of in men to begin with. When you give then access to a child 24/7 is it really any surprise a lot of then can't control their wretched nature? Fuck men and fuck having children with them tbh.(derailing)

No. 540287

There's one on kiwifarms.

No. 540288

really tired of the deliberately low bar people set for japanese media.

No. 540295

I was diddled by my dad until I was 7 and it's something I always questioned. Then I learn he did the same thing to other women in the family.

No. 540300

It's overwhelmingly step-fathers, a kid's 20 times more likely to get molested if they live with one.

No. 540301

Most half-asians really have no idea about asian culture and really have no justification to claim Asian culture. one my friends growing up was a boy who half-Chinese, It would have been ridiculous for him to be going around blathering about invasions of heat and wind and chewing on rhino horns at lunch. The boy barely looked Asian. He was just Kyle.(racebait)

No. 540304

…What an ignorant thing to say.

No. 540306

Most people are so culturally castrated from their origins I don't really think it matters either way. I like it when people show a genuine interest in cultures, if identifying with it helps them then that's none of my business.

No. 540320

What happened to him if you don't mind answering?

No. 540321

Tea and coffee are overrated. Juice and water are the only good drinks.

No. 540323

You shut your fucking mouth

No. 540324

Nothing, I still live with my family.

No. 540326

you mean
>water is the only good drink

No. 540344

How are they even comparable? Tea and coffee are hot drinks, juice and water are cold drinks, they suit totally different times/environments.

None of them are ideal anyway, I only drink tea and coffee because hot chocolate is too high calorie when I'm in the mood for a warm drink, and I drink shitloads of water but it's a physical need rather than because it tastes good.

No. 540353

>Tea and coffee are hot drinks


No. 540356

Both tea and coffee can be drank cold (sweet tea and iced coffee for example). and idk about other people but I only drink my water room temp or warm so….

No. 540452

Why don't you beat him like a dog?

No. 540537

>Just kill the animal humanely and whatever.

how exactly do you kill an animal humanely jw? slit their throat? put them in a co2 gas chamber? there's no way to humanely kill an animal.

No. 540540

But they are? Unless you make them iced

No. 540551

Dogs are conditioned to seek friendship with people, cows aren't. That's the difference and why some people see eating dogs as unthinkable.
Same with horses.

No. 540557

Cows are actually far more intelligent than most people realize. Cultural relativism is usually dumb, but in this case there really is no logical difference here. I'm sure there are Hindus who are pissed about the industrial slaughtering of their sacred animal for mcburgers, the same way the West looks down on some Chinese people for eating cats and dog.

No. 540580

Lets be real here. The difference is that dogs most likely taste like shit and have poor quality meat. If it was as delicious as beef, westerners would've been eating it for hundreds of years and modern people wouldn't even think about it in terms of their relationship with the animals. They'd just mentally compartmentalize their pets vs dogs bred for slaughter as two different things and continue enjoying dog meat.

No. 540583

Abortion shouldn't just be an option, but actively encouraged by society if you are unfit to be a parent. Now that the kids of various trainwrecks I know are 6-13, it's starting to really show how fucked up they are as a result of their parenting and I'm sure for most of them, it's only gonna get way worse.

No. 540586

I agree that the double standard is retarded, but I condemn eating any animals at all. It's absolutely unnecessary and killing sentient beings because they taste good is fucking barbaric.

No. 540588


No. 540592

No. 540595


No. 540611

That's some impressive dedication to refusing to accept facts you don't like.

No. 540653

lol anon they are by definition sentient. I eat meat too, but at least acknowledge your savagery you coward.

No. 540688

Some people are only getting pregnant right now because they want the novelty of a "covid baby" and also want to leech as much attention as possible because they can't stand that no one is paying attention to them otherwise.
Anyone purposefully getting pregnant knowing what the current situation is and the risks are willful morons.

No. 540695

>Anyone purposefully getting pregnant knowing what the current situation is and the risks are willful morons.
lol, said the exact same thing and triggered two retards into derailing the whole thread because muh rights

No. 540702

I remember there was some twit in the covid thread defending getting pregnant a few weeks ago because they said there was no data that covid was dangerous for pregnant women. Lmao, even though anyone with common sense knew that the immunocompromised like pregnant women would absolutely be affected and do lord knows what to the fetus. Now of course there are cases of preggers getting rekt and those anons now sleep.

No. 540707

why are you baiting them, retard?

No. 540711

Why are you being so aggressive tonight?

No. 540717

must be the pregnancy hormones

No. 540722

I hate that terms like "empath" and "hyper sensitive person" have somehow developed positive connotations in recent years. Being hypersensitive and overly cued in to other people's emotions isn't normal. It isn't a good thing. It's a pattern of extreme behavior in relating to others, literally on the opposite end of the spectrum from antisocial behavior. It's usually indicative of childhood trauma and falling into people-pleasing, co-dependent behaviors as a way to cope with chronic abuse. It should not be encouraged or celebrated. It's a fucking problem and people who have all the characteristics of an "empath" are typically super messed up. We just don't notice it because they're so nice and shy and quiet uwu~

We're extremely quick to bash people who are aggressive and/or push others away as a result of trauma, yet somehow being a total doormat, destroying yourself by becoming overly focused on other people's needs and feelings at the expense of your own, is completely okay. Fuck off. These people need help, and they're far less likely to get it if they think these traits somehow make them quirky and special.

No. 540729

You're gonna tell me why this bitch recruiter at some college told me her psychologist diagnosed her as a hyper sensitive person
did that whore lie to me that a psych did that?!

No. 540735

In my experience the "too nice" types are toxic as hell and will backstab you to self-vindicate. I can't stand them. At least the aggro types are often not tolerated in society but "empaths" are always given asspats and treated like angels.

No. 540755

All of this. The ~hypersensitive~ people can be in some cases much more manipulative and destructive than the people who are externally aggressive because you'll be roped into their mind games and guilt trips way more intensely as they exploit your natural will to take care of people close to you. They usually aren't even focused on supporting others but instead act like they're overwhelmed by the concern for the people around them to milk for empathy for being such a smol sensitive bean so hurt by the world. In the end they consume other peoples' resources much more than they ever end up giving back.

I've seen this happen so many times. Basically they keep all the bitter hatred inside and then unleash it in the form of backstabbing because they're unable to speak up when necessary. Both the aggressive types and the quiet HSP dicks are awful to deal with but the HSPs are more likely to get away with their shit due to the manipulation.

No. 540759

I knew someone who used to be a massive moralfag and hypocrite. I'm talking about a person that I watched backstab all their friends overnight because she couldn't handle accountability. I didn't even have beef with her but then she started shit with me like a toddler over a minor disagreement years later. The best part was when this person cries that I have no empathy just because I don't choose to be overly emotional about everything with a savior complex.
>They usually aren't even focused on supporting others but instead act like they're overwhelmed by the concern for the people around them to milk for empathy for being such a smol sensitive bean so hurt by the world. In the end they consume other peoples' resources much more than they ever end up giving back.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

No. 540785

Madison Beers personality gives me second hand embarrassment

No. 540788

I don't befriend anyone who identifies as an empath anymore. Without exception, everyone I've ever known who's called themselves an empath is a massive attention where who needs to spotlight on them when someone else is having a hard time. Like, they'll do shut like be the one breaking down crying and demanding be comforted when your loved one they never met dies.

No. 540795

Honestly who the fuck goes around saying that shit about themselves in the first place? That's just beyond corny. If you have to say that you are something chances are you're not. I can honestly say I care way too much about other people's problems and will literally lose sleep sometimes but I wouldn't identify myself as being a fucking empath nor do I think losing sleep over other people's problems is a good trait to have.

No. 540797

I don’t think most people actually know what sensory processing sensitivity (aka a highly sensitive person) is and just gobble up whatever pop psych articles tell them. It has nothing to do with the manipulative doormats who got mad at you.

No. 540798

The point are those who claim every now and then about being empaths or whatever the fuck they say they are. They may not be the majority of people, but those whom goes around are rotten fruits to the core.
Mostly because it’s the only “personality trait” they have and mask being weak as someone who actually care about others.

No. 540813

Drugs are bad, druggys are bad. Lol.
Why are drugs illegal in the first place?

No. 540814

If your standard doesn't like you and it's hard to find someone of that standard to like you…It means your standard is gay or your ugly or boring and not their standard.

No. 540815

So does alcohol so do cigarettes. You're the retard here.

No. 540820

File: 1586868239347.png (340.32 KB, 840x859, shrug-emoji-old-man-1154900858…)

>Why are drugs illegal in the first place?
Because someone else gets rich off incarcerating people and making it so that these drugs can only be distributed by companies that will net a handsome profit?

No. 540827

This has got to be bait lol

No. 540829

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 540833

? For thinking that making drug use legal is a proven harm reduction method that would solve a lot of problems? Don't be retarded and read a book or some academic studies instead of lolcow for a change.

No. 540839

For a guy to be respectable with a girl the height difference must be more than the length of his dick. That's the standard.

No. 540897

People who use statistics on an argument are stupid and don’t actually have any clue on how to read them, get fooled more easily and lack any kind of critical thinking.

No. 540909

Why so mad anon, did a pothead art hoe steal your man

No. 540983

Anon, you misread. I was replying to the person who called the initial post bait. I'm on your side.

No. 540996

Just look at the people who identify as "empath", off the top of my head, Amberlynn Reid and Shane Dawson, both, massive cunts

No. 541041

No. 541055

File: 1586907628537.jpeg (70.46 KB, 573x655, A64D0521-1450-4161-B41A-62257D…)

I find these two to be such unfunny try-hards. I hate the way ‘random XD!!’ Humour made a comeback in general.

No. 541097

Their outfits pretty much tell me everything I need to know over their personality and humor.

No. 541099

literally who ?

No. 541103

I agree with you. Idiots fucking in this dire climate just for the attention is gonna suck when the virus is done and we spiral into a great recession. I'm worried about gen z and the next baby boom.

No. 541104

I couldnt agree harder. The problem is too many MUH RELIGION, MUH PRECIOUS pro lifers are so uneducated, they cant see the damage. So many women should not only have the option, but the education that comes with abortion. It should stop being such a 'controversial' topic, when it's actually good for a lot of people and places.

No. 541106

drew phillips and enya (enjajaja)

No. 541110

essentially no one who has ever been on love island is attractive facially, often the opposite if anything and when they are portrayed as attractive it feels forced and like it's being pushed by their publicist or something

No. 541112

consider this, Britons are overall ugly as sin. i think they mostly mean they're hot and beautiful wrt their bodies tho (again, mostly meaning they are non obese and tan)

No. 541120

lmao this. they're not intentionally lying about the contestants being hot, they're just doing it within their british context. anon should watch other british reality tv and it becomes very apparent.
inb4 what about kate moss and the beckhams!!!
the thing is, when the UK does manage to have a universally hot person, their beauty becomes legendary for decades and brits talk about it long after it's even relevant, because they don't have a lot of options to reference.

No. 541122

I am British (kind of, as in I live in Britain) and I agree with the reality TV thing and there aren't a lot of, if any British celebrities I consider as references for beauty, but I feel like I see so many more genuinely pretty girls just like in my university than the kind who they cast for these shows? I think part of it is the heavy make up and overall styling, it feels like Britain's standard of beauty within the mainstream media is very dated compared to the rest of the world

No. 541123

Oh lol my bad teehee

No. 541126

So much of our success is out of our control/own doing and we give people both way too much credit and shit for the way they are. If you were born pretty, you were already given a leg up in multiple ways. If you had parents who went to college, you had a leg up. If you came from a family that had money, valued family, mental health, school, etc, you had a leg up. Even being smart is sometimes not our own doing.

No. 541127

I totally agree

No. 541135

yeah quarantine is making me totally rethink my idea of success. even if you genuinely work hard and are talented, so much of any career success depends on other people allowing you to move up, and other people are fickle. from now on, i'm not letting anything that depends on other people's specific participation effect my self worth positively or negatively. if i fail a job interview, it doesn't matter because maybe they had some weird subconscious bias against me. if i ace a job interview, it doesn't matter because maybe they secretly just gave it to me because they thought i was pretty or didn't have another candidate. it's stupid to feel defeat or pride based on other people's unknown thoughts about you. from now on, i'm only going to base my opinion on myself on things i can do on my own, alone. i'm even looking the at NEETS much differently. ofc there's some that are selfish because they do nothing at other people's expense, but many are helpful or productive in other ways and they're not losers for that. i'm still going to try to get a nice helpful job when this is over but no more "trying to be somebody"or girlboss carrot on stick shit. it's just playing pretend for adults. at the end of the day, all we want is self approval anyway, but we think it's narcissistic or too easy so we try to get it by jumping through hoops set up by other people.

No. 541140

I think some of the girls have been quite attractive but like other comments have said, Britain has its own idea of attractive, they usually have chavvy faces, very reality star looking, probably not the type of the type of people on Lolcow, but definitely considered "fit" by the general older teen/young adult uni student audience.

No. 541180

MollyMae (does youtube videos now surprise surprise) is extremely not that cute.. Like she's cute, but so not anything special and her lips make me want to jump off a bridge.

No. 541184

This. The "b-but cows are animals just like dogs!!!!" is playing intentionally dumb about it. They do not have the evolutionary trait dogs have developed over thousands of years to live in symbiosis with humans and seeking company from them and claiming otherwise is useless.

No. 541380

That's so narcissistic, though. Why does an animal have to have a relationship with humans for us not to systemically slaughter them just because they taste good? Why is being a living sentient creature capable of feeling pain not a good enough reason?

No. 541451

borderline personality disorder is not real

>the list of 'symptoms' are a joke, literally just a list of totally normal emotions that everyone experiences at some point

>used purely to persecute and gaslight women and institutionalise them for no reason
>similar to 19th century 'hysteria' diagnoses where normal women would be locked up

im sick of everyone telling me i have bpd. its a made up illness. and if i do have it whose fucking business is it?! i'm not hurting anyone.

my boyfriend and his mother want me to feel ashamed for having emotions and tried to gaslight me and even went as far as to assign me 'reading' about this bogus illness. they really tried to make me feel ashamed, like im not a pedophile for fucks sake

these days it seems like everyone has a medical degree and im sick of it. being a woman is not a mental illness and the sooner the NHS get rid of this fake 'illness' from their website, the better


No. 541452

>being a woman is not a mental illness

Being a woman doesn't mean you have BPD symptoms, wtf!

No. 541457

You sound like an idiot. most dogs are dumb as fuck and some people baby them like dumb children. Dogs are only not slaughtered and eaten because they are socially accepted as pets and considered companions when many other domestic animals can suffice the same way.

No. 541458


BPD is just “how someone acts during and while recovering from abuse” (which is why so many women suffer from it) and shouldn’t be considered a personality disorder, and no one can change my mind.

No. 541459

>similar to 19th century 'hysteria' diagnoses where normal women would be locked up
that is the truest shit ever

No. 541460

This post is peak BPD at display tbh

No. 541461

There is still a difference between being traumatized and having a full-blown personality disorder though. I suspect some women have both. PTSD doesn't make you abusive - something that PD people often are.

>they really tried to make me feel ashamed, like im not a pedophile for fucks sake

Uh…what made them think so?

No. 541462

But a personality disorder is something that doesn’t magically dissipate after leaving the toxic environment

No. 541463

how? it's fucked up to arm chair diagnose someone with bpd and tbh men who call their gfs crazy usually have issues of their own

No. 541464

Maybe it's over-diagnosed because like other anons mentioned, women tend to find ourselves in situations where we suffer abuse or other negative circumstances. When it's for sure a mental illness, is when it doesn't get better or goes away even with improved circumstances. I have met BPD men and women, and their diagnosis was pretty spot on. They did not act normal at all even when things were good, and they'd often self-sabotage until there were problems again.

No. 541466

then is bpd persons being generally shitty and sadistic to others a typical trauma response? what can be done for them not to act that way? don't say 'just controlling themselves', i want a solid answer

No. 541467

There's some anons who seem really dedicated to "debunking" mental disorders lately, with no real professional basis, just their feelings. It's weird.
I feel like next they'll be softly pushing essential oils or some shit.

No. 541468

I have ptsd and I'm offended that someone would say I'm the same as a woman with BPD. I've met people with BPD and they were dramatic and abusive as fuck.

No. 541469

File: 1586984338224.gif (1.41 MB, 518x336, ah shit.gif)

every fucking time bpd comes up on this damn site

No. 541470

This. Some sperg in /ot/ has been going on explosive rants about how BPD is totally a ledditor incel conspiracy to shame women into submission when in reality people, both men and women, with BPD are fucking horrible and willing to reach as far as they can to avoid taking responsibility. Everyone else is always "gaslighting" them and blaming them "for no reason", they're the eternal victims who get a free pass to abuse and exploit their favourite person/people as much as they want to. I'm a woman who was abused by a woman with diagnosed BPD and I wouldn't wish that experience upon my worst enemy. Even if it was induced by abuse it still doesn't give them the right to pass it on.

No. 541472

And they always fall for it lmao

No. 541476

File: 1586984814119.jpeg (50.21 KB, 716x672, 1586571002744.jpeg)

It's always a shit show and then the one fucking weirdo starts posting how psychology is a pseudo science

No. 541478

it's not always accurate so it's fair to question it.

No. 541481

now this is a mood

No. 541482

File: 1586986248979.jpg (27.45 KB, 600x410, ergh.jpg)

One of the worst things that covid has done to the internet is cause all the desperates to start being naked on camera for money. There are some bodies I never wanted to see without clothes.

No. 541489

File: 1586987570325.jpeg (196.75 KB, 750x638, 27A660BB-8BF9-4A57-86B8-779292…)

Ik you’re literally talking about sperging via bpd but I’ve also been diagnosed with bpd, and there is a lot of public perception issues with bpd because most people are only familiar with this one self centered /flamboyant style of bpd you describe that is the most “visible” (self mutilate, dramatic gestures, muh suffering) so other presentations that lack those crazy bitch special effects don’t register as bpd to people but it’s just as difficult to live with and ultimately ruinous.

No. 541503

I don't like girly cutesy shit such as kittens,puppies or pink dresses or hello Kitty shit,girly art whatever,I find it infantile and cringy,I am the only one?

No. 541509

You find normal ass comma usage cringey as well? Shit bait or you're a retard anyway.

No. 541514

Yeah it is a normal response. Especially in prolonged abusive situations, and those starting in childhood, they will learn shitty coping strategies and can’t control their emotions very well and/or don’t know what loving relationships are like. The only way for them to improve is leaving the abusive environment and having time to live a normal, stable life and figure out how to deal with themselves.

No. 541518

This is an image board not a punctuation board also found the one who likes the puerile girly shit.

No. 541520

I don't even like "girly" shit, I just hate tards who write like 40yo fb moms.

No. 541523

NTA but why so mad over some commas and shit?

No. 541528

File: 1586993737391.jpg (40.01 KB, 512x512, 1579391434761.jpg)

Honestly? Sleepy with a headache and a trail of seeing shit comma usage by people i hate.

No. 541529

File: 1586993830741.jpg (129.79 KB, 750x750, 1517881548306.jpg)

>calling anything or anyone infantile when you sound like the epitome of an edgy not-like-the-other-girls teenage stereotype
Seriously, this place is 18+

No. 541535

Not OP, but your comment reminded me of something, and since this thread is about unpopular opinions, I’ll post it here (it’s mostly unpopular compared to this website but it’s also pretty unpopular on most social media too)

I feel like making fun of “not like other girls” for being “pickmes” and only seeking “male attention” is kind of misyogynistic towards GNC girls. Sure, a lot of them do say sexist shit (ie. Women are too much drama) but I feel like most of them just don’t conform to gender roles and can’t find another girl they can relate to. Sure, there ARE lots of other girls like them, but they’re probably the only one they know in person, while every other girl in their non-internet life likes stereotypically feminine hobbies. I feel like it’s simmilar to nerds who like weird things like anime or video games having no one to talk to in real life, but once they get on the Internet, they have tons of friends.

I also really hate the term “pickme” as it sounds super misogynistic to me. Saying that girls are only GNC or have masculine hobbies just to get a boyfriend or “male attention” really reminds me of people who say that women are only pretending to like video games for male attention, or pretending to have depression for male attention. Not everything a woman does is for the needs of a guy. Maybe they are just being the way they are.

Also, doesn’t apply to lolcow.farm, but the same people who make fun of “not like other girls” memes also enjoy “boys are better than girls” memes even though it’s literally the same thing but replace “most girls” with “all girls,” making it even more sexist than before.

No. 541542

>I feel like making fun of “not like other girls” for being “pickmes” and only seeking “male attention” is kind of misyogynistic towards GNC girls
So, basically, you think GNC women are the same as the depraved women willing to give up on their dignity for an ounce of male validation? Lol, stop treating an entire gender like children.

No. 541543

Not-like-the-other-girls is an attitude, not a descriptive term for having hobbies that girls you know irl don't have.

Stop overthinking it and feeling victimized for no reason, these memes don't fucking apply to you unless you are actually doing the things they refer to. Many GNC women aren't like that, they are literally the opposite because they dgaf about male approval and do what they want.

No. 541545

Anyone that makes their aesthetic their entire personality is cringe to me imo. Like cute girly shit/goth macabre things if you want but don't make your entire life or personality into it.

No. 541551

Wym Anon? Most amwf relationships I know are great and fulfilling, and wmaf relationships are the ones that tend to be toxic and superficial

No. 541553

Exactly what i thought about too, anon

No. 541558

is this the post you were thinking about

>Not-like-other-girls bashing sometimes comes off as another form of bashing GNC women. I even see bashing where the implication is that being GNC in itself is internalised misogyny. I see GNC women accused of feeling superior all the time on the internet because people take their nonconformity as superiority without even getting to know her. I worry how that creeps into this discussion. there's a lot of take about the "not like other girls" mindset lately and there's even a lot of judgment toward GNC girls/women without a lot of understanding for their perspectives, a lot of it makes seem like its the "masculine" gnc girl's fault for harboring bad thoughts about the girls around her, and she has to unlearn internalized misogyny. many times GNC girls/women get accused of harboring the "not like other girls" sentiment regardless of whether or not they actually do, but people see that they're GNC or have "masculine"-coded hobbies and assume that these girls/women must have the mindset. It seems like there's a huge focus on talking about internalized misogyny in this context but almost no discussion about feminine girls/women who mistreat GNC girls/women, and almost never is that behavior framed as internalized misogyny or anything similar.

>Growing up as very much a tomboy, I had this experience. I never thought anything about other girls and their hobbies- but they gossiped behind my back, teased me, used to pull pranks on me and ultimately shut me out. I never said I was "different from them", but they make me think that I was, which ultimately led to me not wanting to be associated with them. Feminine girls really aren't that welcoming and nice to the masculine ones at that age..

>The not-like-other-girls jokes I see now further alienate me. It was confusing to see the same type of girls I witnessed picking on me for being GNC accusing others of internalized misogyny and all these memes that implied it was the isolated girls fault she wasn’t really being excluded! Look how friendly those girls are! Yeah no, it wasn’t like that. also this recent trend of "shipping" "not like other girl" characters is creppy to me because I would hate if people started shipping me with the type of people who literally made me want to commit suicide

No. 541588

thanks for bringing this up anon i was laughing about it yesterday too
most people shit on spongebob's new episodes, and while i haven't been keeping up with all the latest shit, i've liked what i've seen ever since i was a child.

No. 541623

>I also really hate the term “pickme” as it sounds super misogynistic to me. Saying that girls are only GNC or have masculine hobbies just to get a boyfriend or “male attention” really reminds me of people who say that women are only pretending to like video games for male attention, or pretending to have depression for male attention. Not everything a woman does is for the needs of a guy. Maybe they are just being the way they are.
"Pick me" isn't ever just about GNC women. It also applies to women who very much conform to femininity to the point of enabling sexist stereotypes. Although I agree with your overall point that sometimes feminine women think their experiences are universal and deem simply enjoying traditionally masculine hobbies as "internalized misogyny."
The only pre-requisite for being a pick me is to put you or other women down for male approval. I've been around a true NLOG pick me and she would always lament over being bad at math because she's female, despite otherwise being gnc.

No. 541625

File: 1587019034809.png (573.16 KB, 1079x608, tempsnip.png)

I'm 100% pro-choice, but I feel like not taking it seriously and treating it like it's no big deal is really disgusting and not appropriate(necessaryspeed4)

No. 541626


I agree, I don't expect every woman to feel the same about it, but it seems insensitive to talk about it that way when it's obviously a very upsetting thing for many people, and a lot of people who make those jokes have never been in that situation, but then idk i guess maybe some people use this kind of humour to cope?

No. 541627

NTA but I think the point was that it's sometimes used as a misogynistic muffler against GNC women by calling them pickmes and NLOGs due to them being GNC. I've definitely seen this happen myself.

On a related note, while I hate NLOGging just as much as any other sane person I still think it doesn't always come from malice. There's the "I'm not like other girls" gender betrayer who copes by looking down upon other women, and then there's the "I'm not like other girls" who genuinely feels shame and sadness for being rejected by her female peers. Admittedly there's a lot of overlap between these two types too but when you dig deep enough it's always a cope to survive in a society that puts you down for not conforming to its expectations.

Oh man I remember that thread, it really made my eyes open to the issue. The part about how the ostracized girl is expected to realize what a horrible person they are and apologize to the peers who were the ones to keep them isolated was spot on.

No. 541643

I understanding having a dark sense of humor to cope with stuff but their are lines that shouldn't be crossed

No. 541656

Agreed. I'm pro-choice and even pro-abortion in certain situations but to make a fucking joke out of medical resources and time all because you couldn't keep your legs closed is disgusting. On top of that, so many people get abortions due to rape or poverty and decide to abort because there's no other way out (adoption is shit in every country), so to laugh about getting knocked up in the face of others who are traumatized by having to choose that path is again… disgusting.

No. 541688

>the list of 'symptoms' are a joke, literally just a list of totally normal emotions that everyone experiences at some point
>used purely to persecute and gaslight women and institutionalise them for no reason

Self-harm, dangerous self-destructive behavior, explosive anger, being out of touch with reality, and fearing abandonment to the point where you're acting insane about it are "normal" to you?

No. 541689

I'm assuming this is an extremely disgusting edgelord joke because abortion clinics are very strict about not allowing anyone besides the patient past the waiting room and there is always a staff member with you at all times, at least in the US. The clinic I went to wouldn't even let you use your phone in the waiting room to ensure you couldn't photograph patients, which they said was pretty standard. No way in hell would she be able to get her picture taken if she was actually in an abortion OR. My guess is this is a photo from some other kind of hospital visit and she decided to make a twisted joke out of it, which honestly makes this even grosser.

No. 541690

No. 541697

literally none of us are anti pro-choice, we just think think that abortion should never be taken lightly, its a serious issue for many women especially poor and minority women

No. 541700

Seconded. Some Women usually feel sort of an emotional attachment to the fetus or keep thinking “what if” and have to weigh their options a lot of women go through depression afterwards, it’s a really heavy subject.
Ok reddit or Twitter fag fuck off “Karen” isnt even that good of an insult, it just makes you seem retarded.

No. 541714

File: 1587035501630.jpg (310.15 KB, 1080x1812, IMG_20200416_130445.jpg)

I hate when people do this. I'm trying my best to age well, I don't need people telling me that my genes are basically hopeless.
People from other races nowadays mostly focus on uplifting each other, telling each other that their features etc are beautiful, but white people think shitting on themselves and their entire race is quirky. I saw a comment saying "I'm 15 and my face is saggy already"… wow what great rolemodels you are. Nobody can tell me that they really find this so funny, nobody enjoys being ugly.
Also, why is this guy so popular? He looks like a pinkfaced rat, yet get's millions of views for criticising womens' skin care routines, why would anybody listen to tips of somebody who doesn't have good skin himself?

No. 541728

I'm so fucking sick of the "white people age horribly" meme. The reason white people generally age worse than black people is because most people don't wear sunscreen nearly as much as they should, and white people don't have built in sun protection (ie melanin) to help compensate for it. If a white person religiously wears sunscreen, they will be fine.

No. 541737

File: 1587037603560.jpg (75.91 KB, 680x460, afgga.jpg)

what about peoples like Afghans, Kalash and Kashmiris, they live in hot climates but have a light skintone and they seem to age just fine

No. 541739

Um… So the saying is true in that case no? White people naturally age worse in comparison to those with melanin. It's just a fact

No. 541740

Light but not white. They have melanin in their skin too

No. 541743

File: 1587038109713.jpg (168.75 KB, 1280x720, kALAHS.jpg)

yes but they've been living in those regions for thousand of years as well, while most Europeans have been living in America's for just a couple hundred of years(necessaryspeed4)

No. 541744

Karen gets you guys so mad it's hard not to use it ngl

No. 541783

I laugh every time I see the necessaryspeed4 red text

No. 541789

Billie Eilish wants what Avril Lavigne has (had).

No. 541803

Just because it's a fact doesn't make constantly saying it any less hurtful. It's also a fact that young people are more attractive than older people, but it's still rude to go around and say that. Only mean people point out ugly features, so I don't understand why so many think it's okay to do the same with skin. We know already, you don't have to rub it into our faces, we can't change the way we're born.

No. 541806

File: 1587047271518.jpg (58.91 KB, 500x464, 3.jpg)

Saying this on this website… how did you even get here

No. 541811

This site is for mocking cows, not white womens skin, anon

No. 541814

Yeah, but the problem is people acting like there's no hope and every white woman is inevitably gonna age horribly, when literally all they have to do is wear sun screen.

No. 541820

I almost finished watching Horseman Bojack and it is even a shittier show. There are a couple of episodes per season I enjoyed, but each point it gets it loses 20 more.

No. 541821

NTA but no one mocked her tho? I think you're all overthinking due to your skin complex.

Every generalization is dumb. But from what I've seen they're aren't really taught to take care of their skin from a young age.

No. 541823

That's why I said in my first post that I do try my best, so it just sucks when you constantly have to hear that I'm gonna age bad anyway, because of my genetics. Why do people need to repeat this again and again, as if it's somehow the funniest thing ever?

No. 541829

Generalizations ARE dumb, I’ve seen some wrinkly ass old black people. I seen all types of wrinkly old people, when you old you get wrinkly. Put on sunscreen whether you are dark skinned or light skinned, you get sun damage no matter the pigment in your skin people Jesus Christ.
Black people and other POC have had to hear and see images of their people being mocked and literally murdered for their skin for decades upon decades. Take the L and accept whats due to you. POC now have a safe place where they can express jokes about white people; they have never been historically allowed to express any negativity about their oppressors, so of course they are going to insult white people now that they have freedom to do so. White people kinda deserve it don’t ya think

No. 541844

Yeah, that's totally fair, we deserve it

No. 541847

>Only mean people point out ugly features
I mean…

No. 541849

Buzzword buzzword buzzword

Who would have thought

No. 541853

I hate the smell and greasy feel of sunscreen so I'm gonna take the L. I limit time in the sun anyway.

No. 541862

You people realize it's not just sunscreen that'll make your skin look good right?
I have a daily skin care routine that combined with genetics will help a lot when I'm older

No. 541868

saying random white people deserve mistreatment and to be made fun on due to the actions of other white people ages ago leads to incidents this


No. 541870

>Although there were allegations that this was part of a customary "Beat up a White Kid" day, both prosecutors and defense lawyers agreed that the incident arose from a vendetta between two girls
At least racebait properly

No. 541885

I don't get it. What's so good about gay men dressing as women? I don't want to see ugly balding fat men caked in make up nor do I want to see twinks that actually look like women because I'd rather see the real thing that are far more beautiful.

No. 541932

This post gave me cancer
These posts cured my cancer

>White people kinda deserve it don’t ya think

Yes. Absolutely no white people participated in the civil rights movements, none at all. Unnecessary hostility will definitely lead us to the promise land kek.

>Broad generalisation about specific race

>Assertion they deserve negativity
>Not considered racebait because white people

The mental gymnastics of the modern era is amazing.

No. 541937

>He (judge Russo) also concluded that "based on the evidence I've heard, May Day is reality and the evidence was overwhelming that this was an attack based on May Day and that the victim was chosen because she was white."

No. 541938

Just take a damn parasol umbrella with you then!plus why do you need to leave your house when we're in quarantine?

No. 541944

Um did I say I was leaving my house NOW/during quarantine? I meant in general. You guys need to chill, who cares about what other people are doing in regards to sun care. If they want to get skin cancer or ruin their appearance it's on them. I'm speaking for myself too. Lol

No. 541950

I think it's just male makeup artist's way of trying to flex their skills by challenging reality.
Turn an ugly male into a pretty female. Garbage into gold, toad into mermaid, etc. Almost like playing god, I guess.
Of course being an actual woman beats having to literally paint on a facsimile of one. Anyone who says otherwise is coping hard.

No. 541983

You're mistaking quarantine with social distancing, anon. As long as >>541853 is not infected by covid, she's allowed to sit outside in the sun all she wants. Just 2m away from everyone else.

No. 542014

Weird assuming her country is in quarantined. Not everyone is sitting inside y'know?

No. 542018

This is only really an unpopular opinion here but I feel like anti porn people miss the point. Also they move like vegans.

No. 542020

people who support/create drawn cp are disgusting. while it's true that drawn cp isn't as detrimental/damaging to children as real cp (since real children aren't directly harmed by it), it's still media depicting children in a vulnerable and sexual position. how can you look at that and think it's okay if you aren't a pedophile? how can you defend that, just because it's "not real"? how is that fine in the slightest?
maybe i'm just too pissed off reading aggy's thread, but i really wish pedophiles would all just drop dead or kill themselves. they're degenerate and pathetic, and i wish everyone who supports them drops dead, too.

No. 542023

100%, I don’t get how people can defend it.

No. 542027

loli hentai makes me wanna puke. pedos make me wanna puke. i think from the moment someone is diagnosed as a pedo or a psychopath they should just die and make the world a better place.

No. 542030

>but muh thought crimes!!1

No. 542034

I totally get why men react the way they do when ogled by gay men

No. 542037

I mean those millions of African slaves just freed themselves, literally no white people took any part of the freeing slaves(necessaryspeed4)

No. 542039

Then I hope you're also understanding of women who hate being ogled by straight men

No. 542040

Soggy fries are gross

No. 542041

wrong thread

No. 542042

is it really an unpopular opinion? i mean i see anons defend lolicon in some threads but in real life, i doubt it.

No. 542043

You sound like men who say it's wrong to be against patriarchy or distrustful of males because "We're the ones who let you vote and gave you rights! [after denying you the right to do so in the first place]".

But sure, racism ended with slavery. Nothing bad has ever happened to black people in the USA enacted by white people since the day it ended. You won this one anon.

No. 542054

don't paedos use cartoon cp to groom kids

No. 542055

Dunno if any of you have been groomed before but pedos will literally use anything to groom kids. Even if you got rid of that shit they’d still be out there using some other tactic.

No. 542066

it's not an unpopular opinion here, but as someone who's been groomed before, seeing people actively endorse it (on twitter, but still) just sets me off, i guess. it was more of a vent than anything, i should've posted in a different thread thinking back on it ahaha… i'm glad everyone here seems to have their heads on straight, though.

No. 542135

Of course. I'd beat them up too if I were as strong

No. 542152

Can we stop with the hive mind mentality? Not all white people think the same, and neither do all black. No one you're unnecessarily hostile to in this day and age supports the travesty that is racism, let alone slavery. Visit a graveyard if you want the real perpetrators and leave decent, innocent people alone and stop judging them by the colour of their skin. Also let's stop pretending whites are the only race who ever owned slaves. If predominantly white countries didn't criminalise racism would there even be such a concept? But let's not acknowledge the privileges we have in the West, the white people alive today are just awful and deserve for us to continue the cycle. MLK told us to love our brothers because he understood the more animosity, the faster the world will burn. But fuck that guy too right?

No. 542153

I can look at it and think nothing of it because they're not real and I'm not a crazy ass motherfucker who can't tell fiction from reality. I'm sorry you can't do the same.

You really think predatory pedos walk up to kids to show off their cartoon kiddy porn collection and scare them off right away? No, predators are the cool adults who can be whatever you want them to be because in order to be a groomer you need to be manipulative. They take whichever role these kids are looking for and slowly start pressuring them into committing sexual acts by shaming or rewarding them. The "I know this one's a pedo because they like a 14-year old anime character" discourse is meant to birth a false sense of security in a world where you can't tell who's a predator and who's not. Nobody could've guessed Kevin Spacey was raping minors for example.

No. 542172

Maybe not unpopular but it's pretty hilarious to be that people here can rarely just read an unpopular opinion and leave it at that. They need to lose their shit for the next 13 hours before people move on from the topic.

No. 542223

>why would anybody listen to tips of somebody who doesn't have good skin himself?
The race-sperging that this set off aside, this is why I don't get why people go on r/SkincareAddiction or whatever it's called, because those women all have shitty adult acne ridden skin that they never let see the sun. Worrying about ageing is stupid anyway; you're going to be visibly old one day no matter how many serums you pour on your face, and it's mostly related to your genetics and overall health.

No. 542232

I think dating and marrying someone your age is the ideal

No. 542241

MLK got more radical in his later thought (think Malcolm X), he's never a bad example, but not the perfect one, just throwing it out there.

No. 542245

hmmm…you sure seem defensive over drawn cp porn. And those autistic strawmans of yours lol.
Alot of men who are into drawn cp are also into REAL life children (wow who would have guessed that men who jack off to drawn cp would also do it to real children sarcasm).
And yeah men do show porn to their victims its part of the grooming if you actually knew what the fuck that was.

No. 542253

File: 1587131906489.jpg (77.32 KB, 960x720, 1492482354294.jpg)

>I can look at it and think nothing of it because they're not real

You are a spineless, degenerate piece of shit.
The desire to see this kind of art is real. The artist's efforts and amount of time they put into drawing is real. The amount of time people spend jerking off and getting aroused by it is real.
The visual information you are provided by something seemingly "not real" IS real. The neurological connections strengthened by seeing this kind of art is real. The obsessive desire to draw more and to see more is real.

Have you no morals, or decency?
What the do you think it says about someone who draws this kind of art, and those that want to see it? Is there not the simple element of, "I like to see children in sexual situations"? "I spend literal hours and days of my life drawing and visualizing children in sexual situations."
Would you be alright with these artists drawing pictures of real children? By your definition, they're still just drawings, so what would be the problem?

No. 542262

You need to calm down. Nobody is killing or enslaving white people in the USA to ‘continue the cycle’, loool. I'm not even hostile to people who aren't hostile to me, but nice job assuming and contradicting your stance against hive mind mentality. Invoking MLK over someone on the internet joking about pale skin and the sun is a massive overreaction, and kind of shows how little you understand the struggle

Just put on some sunblock, invest in a good skin routine and chill. Black people are still told far worse things daily, online and offline, do you cape for them and write these kinds of essays in response? Maybe if more of the people making complaints like yours kept the same energy for everyone, more people would care about this skin thing, but when it's this ‘it’s all fine, free speech until you’re making fun of me’ thing? Nope, irrelevant, bye

No. 542264

Hi, anon. Can you explain why someone would have a fetish for fictional children, and why we should think nothing of it? What's wrong with fictional adults?
Whether we're speaking of reality here or not, please, do educate us all on what is sexually attractive about children in theory, to a non-pedophilic human being.

No. 542283

No matter how hard you scream degenerate and pedo you're still getting mad over cartoon drawings.

No. 542292

What kind of edgy 4chan fuckery is this. Be gone.

No. 542334

How retarded must you be, when you can't address a single one of my points?
Not once did I say anything about "it being a cartoon". I was arguing that whether it's a cartoon or real, the desires, actions and effort surrounding them are all very real.

You could have a literal stick drawing or real images, but they generate the same perverse sexual desires and degeneracy.

Doesn't it tell you something that people who draw sexualized children have the exact same responses and desires as those who engage with real child pornography?

No. 542343

nta but i don't think the issue is the fact that it's a cartoon or not. it's creepy for people to be looking up sexual material of sexual situations with chidren. whether you agree with pornography or not, it has to at least make you raise an eyebrow. now i don't agree that all anime girls look like kids, or that characters that look more like kids are necessarily that bad, a bit weird or creepy, but you shouldn't really assume it's designed for pedos. but porn or even characters that make a point to identify sexualized characters as explicit children definitely should not be allowed.

No. 542392

>Also, why is this guy so popular? He looks like a pinkfaced rat, yet get's millions of views for criticising womens' skin care routines, why would anybody listen to tips of somebody who doesn't have good skin himself?

glass escalator babey! the beauty community outdoes itself with its fag hagging, because haha sassy bitchy gay man funny. he's not even a derm or an esthetician, he just knows about ingredients? it's dumb as fuck and he's smug and smarmy and incredibly punchable. rat man thinks he's reinvented the wheel but all he brings to the table is his ugly, grating condescension. i'm sick of seeing his face in my suggested videos no matter how many times i tell youtube i'm not interested in him.

also, i wouldn't worry too much about aging, anon, it's inevitable, and as long as you are kind to your face (wear sunscreen, don't treat it too harshly, stay hydrated and keep the rest of you healthy, don't forget your neck, hands, and chest, etc) you should be fine. society considers women over 40 invisible, but like, fuck that tbh, who cares, everyone gets old and grey and wrinkly in the end. lines and wrinkles are just part and parcel of a life long lived.

No. 542397

File: 1587147334798.jpeg (55.38 KB, 540x489, B8838FAD-5CC9-41F1-A388-1B52C6…)

I'm guessing you're one of these

No. 542420

Are people who think cartoon porn is inherently comparable to real world also worried about cartoons depicting violence and murder?

No. 542460

i think the same thing about both of them, which is that it's weird for those people to seek that shit out.

No. 542517

File: 1587161136494.jpg (24.07 KB, 500x281, 3l8orMzYQ1t5ohqm_500.jpg)

imo I think it really depends on the context.
It's fucking stupid to go after artists who draw beefed up/clearly adult fictional characters or adult cosplayers who do shit with other consenting adults in costume.
Most anime characters are drawn so similarly, look ridiculous, and are put into so many outrageous situations that it's pretty easy to detach yourself from them and remind yourself that it's all fiction. And that's fine tbh. Most decent anime plots would work better if they were set in college instead of high school anyway imo but aren't only because they're main demographic is teens.
A good thing to come from all this drama tho is that it has pushed a lot of creators to put warnings on their content and make them hyper alert to block/not interact with anyone suspicious or underage.

However, I also understand the concern of anons over ACTUAL loli/shota because it's very questionable and even more so when MAPs have unfortunately made an appearance.
nta but from what I've seen explained in the wild, they seem to get off on self-inserting themselves as the shota and being taken advantage of by someone older/bigger/father figure. I'm under the impression that the people into this have a side effect combo of being a super coomer and having some kinda mental issue or trauma. Similar to those DDLG people. Definitely something to look into.

>Would you be alright with these artists drawing pictures of real children? By your definition, they're still just drawings, so what would be the problem?
nta but tbf they said cartoon specifically. Cartoon/anime characters in general do not have realistic proportions/characteristics and can easily be discerned from a realistic life drawing.
If you were to say that anime art and realism art is the same thing in an art class, you'd rightfully get laughed at.

No. 542522

This makes me wonder, I've never seen realistic cp drawings on the internet

No. 542586

Many adults on the internet exaggerate or even lie completely about things in order to brag and it's pathetic. You can easily tell when a post is normal and when it's blown out of proportion.

No. 542594

I find Grimes endearing

No. 542595

I'm sorry to hear that, anon.

No. 542599

I think it's sad what happened to her. She had a great thing going in the early 10s with her albums that received a lot of critical acclaim but since her thing with Elon she's just turned into a laughing stock.

No. 542603

i hate when minors interact in mature discussion or nsfw channels on discords and men just don't care.

No. 542677

>the ones who are disgusted by it but also intrigued by it because it validates this idea that they're attractive super men
men are cancer.

No. 542744

most men would look better with long hair.

as long as they have a full head of hair, it's clean, and well taken care of ofc. a greasy balding birds nest looks bad on everyone.

clean shaven too, i think beards are really gross.

No. 542758

Idk if I agree with schools and universities expelling people for posting ‘problematic’ things on social media, not because I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do or people shouldn’t face consequences for their actions, but because I don’t think work and school monitoring us in our spare time is ethical, also because it is clearly just a PR move for the school who don’t want the bad social media press of having a ‘problematic’ student - it would probably be better for these kind of people to be in education where they could have their views challenged and reformed, and clearly you don’t think highly of your schools ability to do that if you expel them. I feel like these kinds of people are a product of our society and it’s more responsible for us as a whole and would benefit us more in the long term to tackle this directly than just take the easy way out and wash our hands of and exclude people

No. 542770

I really really hate this. I really hate having minors in a discord too. At one point, this old server I was in had a "drugs" channel, and the 15 year old would constantly post in it asking questions. I got very upset and was very outspoken about it.

Same with the NSFW shit.

No. 542941

File: 1587243824317.jpeg (77.49 KB, 688x481, 2E4A7CEE-2334-4B79-849D-D38CA3…)

Izaya Orihara from durarara sucks ass. I've hated this faggot since 2012. has an ugly character design and is a boring excuse for an "antagonist" because I wouldn't even consider him fucking good enough to be worthy of the title "villain". Mikado and Shizuo from the same series also sucked. The good characters were all the ones who either got tossed to the wayside or were outright supporting cast members

No. 543004

made me lol

No. 543187

I'v been watching and reading about true-crime lately and there is no good way to say this.

Men have it worse than women when it comes to rape. They get raped more and have nothing to fall back on, American prison system is especially horrible.

No. 543189

shit bait

No. 543199

We've been spammed by enough male rape posts lately

No. 543212

Not like i agree with them but this thread is called "unpopular opinion" for some reason

No. 543214

Maybe they should stop raping each other

No. 543217

I feel way worse when I think about innocent kids and women being raped than I will ever feel about criminals getting fucked by other criminals in prison

No. 543220

Celebrities should shut the fuck up about their anxiety and depression. They will never be relatable to ordinary people

No. 543249

File: 1587310330563.jpg (Spoiler Image,146.07 KB, 680x1024, 6343577303_dbab45c56e_b.jpg)

I think that being anachan-tier skinny is peak aesthetic and nothing can change my mind.

No. 543251

Honestly, me too

No. 543254

Same. I wish I had an anachan gf to brutalize into submission

No. 543256

I personally love the music of bones scraping together.

No. 543622

File: 1587389829273.jpeg (34.24 KB, 220x220, 2D504909-86FC-4083-BAD6-1E5D4A…)

This album doesn’t do much for me

No. 543630

this is interesting anon, what do you find appealing about it visually?

similar topic but not related to what you said exactly, recently i've found myself being less drawn to the idea of having a very small waist & large hips. i've started finding slim but curveless bodies to be very visually appealing on women, it's made me want to start wearing more straight, loose dresses

No. 543634

but anon, don't you loooooove jeeeeeesus chrisssssst?

No. 543651

I have a very pretty ex-friend who's turning into an anachan and it's just sad. Her cheekbones are getting too caved in and her frame is getting smaller. She looks sick tbh.

No. 543658

Same, I wanted to love it but I don't. Same with any Bon Iver and The National

No. 543673

Bella Hadid's nose job isn't cute, and I don't mean it in a 'natural beauty is better' way because I love a good nose job but I think it looks objectively bad and don't understand people who think it's a good outcome

No. 543713

looks better than her natural nose though

No. 543725

It's so pinched and the sides look like they're gonna collapse in 5 years, her og nose was so much better.

No. 543759

agreed, it looks like its gonna fall off. stressful to look at lol, her looks are generally overrated tho imo