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No. 509679

No. 509691

I don't believe most girls who say they're bisexual are really that. Most of them are bicurious straight chicks or they just want leeway to fetishize women but they don't actually want to date them and still prefer men.

No. 509693

Lizzo is awful

No. 509695

This isn't really an unpopular opinion, and it's sort of a common (typically blantantly misogynist) "joke" about bisexual women, implying that no women are actually bisexual and that women who publicly engage romantically with other women are actually just straight and seeking attention from men. It's weird how the existence of bisexuality is hard for people to fathom for some reason.

No. 509699

I never said that women who are in relationships with other women aren't really gay/bi or that no women are bisexual though? I do believe that lots of women are legitimately bisexual, and I wasn't talking about girls who actually get in relationships with other girls but more talking the girls who constantly say things like "aww yea I love them titties" yet only ever date men. I just believe that a lot of girls who identify as "bisexual" are more bicurious than anything.

No. 509701

Tbh I don't get why people believe have to prove their sexuality. A lot of people don't have many romantic partners in short amounts of time.
I rarely ever hear this directed at men who say they're bisexual.
I don't get the seeking attention from men excuse either. Bisexuality doesn't mean someone's hornier than the average person or non-monogamous.

No. 509702

That's because very very few men even admit to being bisexual. I've never even met a man who claimed to be bisexual.

No. 509706

I know you didn't specifically say some of those things, I was simply pointing out that those are common underlying meanings of ideas and phrases like that, concerning female bisexuality. "Engage romantically" can mean two women being in a legitimate relationship or two (not dating) women simply kissing in public - I've heard it said towards both that women who do that aren't truly bisexual and simply act that way for male attention, which can be the case at times, but definitely not in all cases. Some women who have only dated men are bisexual and would like to date women, but are afraid to come out due to those exact ideas about female bisexuality.

Many men who do come out as bisexual get either outright told or suggested to them that they're just gay and don't want to come out of the closet (the way that many women who come out as bisexual get told that they're just straight and looking for attention.) Bisexual erasure is (sadly) present for both sexes.

No. 509756


I get what you mean and I’ve come across girls like that too. They want to try being with a girl for a night and that’s it.

Full on attraction to women is natural and you don’t do shit like that. I’m bisexual and female. I’ve dated both men and women. To me it’s just who I find attractive and that’s it. I don’t gloat about tits 24/7. If she’s got nice breasts then that’s a bonus I guess. But I don’t pay it much mind because I expect a woman to come with them lmao.

Ngl i won’t date a trans woman though. I just can’t.

No. 509757


I’m bisexual and I’ve dated girls. I genuinely cared for them but it just didn’t work out for various reasons. Same with the guys but that’s just me.

To me if It’s serious then it’s serious. But if she’s playing then nah.

No. 509777

i don't get some people that complain about the price of public transit. it's already cheap and most places only have you pay for it once every 2 hours. so you're basically free to hop on any train or bus as many times as you want. if you have the legs and don't want to pay your fare, you can walk to your destination. public tranist can be considered a privilege, as much as a car. i mean, be grateful you don't have to pay for upkeep for a personal car, which includes oil changes, gas fill up, and other fluids that need to be replaced or topped every so often. if public transit is your way to get to work, it's basically the same, it's already way cheaper overall than owning a personal car for those same reasons i already pointed out. i've traveled 40 minutes away from home using public tranist, and it cost me a total of $5 to get there one way, if i drove my car, i would've paid the same price, on top of paying for public parking, so public transit it is.

No. 509789

the cardigan trend is fugly

No. 509800

her Truth Hurts song is just a shitty Black Beatles for fatties

No. 509816

I've heard people argue that public transport should be free. I live in a country where healthcare etc is free so I guess that's part of why they feel entitlement?? it'd end up coming out of taxes then. Just pay your damn bus fare lol

No. 509820

I agree and I'm saying this as a bi girl myself. Girls that call themselves bi or "gay af teehee" are girls that just say dumb shit like "girls are so cute n smol" and aren't actually willing to have a relationship with a woman that goes beyond a short term fling or a few kisses.
It's honestly really gross to me because they don't actually view relationship with women on the same level as a relationship with a man.
There are also bi girls that are genuinely bi, but it is true that we will gravitate toward the norm depending on where we live for convenience. If you are serious about someone like I was a few years ago then coming out isn't an issue.
Why would anyone want to date a man with a fetish or a woman with internalized misogyny lel

No. 509828

I don’t care for The Beatles, I respect their legacy but find their music boring.

I tried getting into them, I really did but it sucks.

No. 509830

What songs did you listen to?

No. 509832


Beatles fan here, it depends I guess on your taste. While their music has had influence, today is very different and music now is no where near as to what they produced. Everyone is different I guess.

No. 509833


Because now whenever I use dating apps anon, when I swipe past girls all I come across are fucking trans women. Seriously, it's here, they're here. A dude with a wig on and a bit of lipstick just doesn't get me going.

No. 509836

I agree and I feel the same way about most famous bands, I think it's mostly marketing

No. 509843

Same, felt like that about the Beatles my whole life. I dont hate them it's just elevator music to me.

No. 509892

I think I like the Beatles more than I might have because I smoked weed and had several psychedelic experiences to them so positive memories and feelings became associated.

No. 509905


It was a whole other era tbf

Like people like Billie Ellish now but give it 20 years and kids then will be like saying its shit n not music

No. 509907


I love 60s-80s music (and 90s too, some of the 2000s, listen to 2010s as well, but on average it'd be the 70s and 80s) and I don't find the Beatles' music that interesting tbh. I like rock too I just don't dig their music.

No. 509910

Rambley people are nice

No. 509927

People who love social media/don't care much about privacy are weird

No. 509930

As someone who is considered attractive so I’ve been told. I just don’t feel as invested in having sex much.

Everyone glorifies it. I’ve had it and I’ve had casual sex but I never feel satisfied, never feel joy out of it. I think porn is overrated and I just don’t feel anything other than get fed up when people bang on about sex.

No. 509936

strongly agree i change the station anytime she comes on the radio

No. 509937

I wish I could be like you. I hate being horny all the time, it's distracting and annoying

No. 509945

No. 509991

I can agree. I’m not really a talker so listening to people is fun.

No. 510023

people talking about LARPING in the bad context while not actually meaning larping annoys me so much.
ex: "lol that guy coming to lolcow LARPing as a girl"

I know this is petty but LARP has a bad rep as it is and doesnt need extra bad connotations. Many people probably don't even know it's normal meaning now.

No. 510025

me too, I hate that awful song with that awful voice so much.

No. 510026

wait until you have a loving partner who does like a healthy amount of sex. my partner never pushes for it or anything but I just feel so bad when he's been "dry" for a while because I dont feel like it.

sex feels like a shore and timewaster for me. I do want some once in a while but not very often and defenitelly not as often as most people would like.

No. 510027

same here, I dont like most of their songs. while I am a big fan of old rock.

No. 510030

Most sex I've had has been pretty meh now that I look back on it as a thirty something year old. Spent my early twenties racking up a high body count and I can't even fathom what my own motivation was.

It was exciting in theory and underwhelming in reality. I probably fed the egos of men who thought that they were great lovers..they were shit and trying to reenact porn mostly

No. 510044

Most people don't associate LARP with lying on the internet anon, they still think it's nerdy men running around in costumes. Your hobby is safe.

No. 510174

Dicks are cute.

No. 510182

kinda agree

No. 510193

My straight friends talk about dicks being ugly and I'm like how are you straight without feeling an attraction to dick?

No. 510199

only if they got a hoodie

No. 510229

MacDoesIt is so damn annoying, how can anyone listen to him for longer than 2 minutes? I physically wasn't able to because his way of talking made me cringe this bad. It's like he's imitating cliches and then turns them up to 1000%.

No. 510231

Not the most offensive opinion out there but I am starting to find that a lot of shorter men to be more attractive than taller men. The fetishization of height is such a stupid fucking meme.

No. 510255

I can relate. I'm not a manlet fetishist but I love average height men.

No. 510284

Honestly I think genitals in general are kind of ugly when viewed on their own. They're only desirable to me as a part of a bigger package (no pun intended) or maybe if I'm super horny

No. 510351

I don't really even respect their legacy honestly, though it was funny how they broke up.

No. 510368

mods here are really fucking gay and spend way too much time banning shit, it's the lowest traffic chan I ever visit and to even pretend like some retarded bitches arguing in some esoteric thread on /g/ is a problem is really annoying. fuck mods you're a bunch of cunts.

No. 510371

Jontron’s videos aren’t that good

No. 510396

Agreed. I never even gotten a chuckle out of his videos and I’ve watched more than a few of them. I don’t get how he is so successful. He’s not the worst YouTuber but his content is only mildly amusing to me.

No. 510412

I actually think the opposite. We are in desperate need of a hell week. Ban more, mods.

No. 510417

I feel the same way about almost all comedy content in general tbh.

No. 510506

I'm not even into the beatles but i do like all the crazy shit that happened including them, like lennon str8 up getting murked by a holden caulfield larper

No. 510512

I found many of the 2000s subcultures very mean spirited and obsessed with making fun of women who didn't fit into the ultra-feminine skinny ideal.

Also there was a huge backlash against feminists and lesbians ("dyke" was a common insult back then and it was near obsessive). I also noticed femininity being associated with vapidness and existing for male sexual approval back then too.

I cringe watching a lot of 2000s "funny" shows because a lot of it is centered on making fun of people you don't like and bullying them through "jokes", feels like the precursor to the SJW and cancel culture era tbh.

No. 510519


No. 510521


True but now it’s all about being vegan, non binary trans Demi rainbow sexual and everyone hates white people. Drag queens run the make up industry and tv shows are worse than ever. Movies are worse than ever. Sure the graphics have improved but everything is the same not far short.

2000s would’ve been perfect is there had been a positive body movement like now. That’s it obese bitches didn’t over run it though.

But I honestly think people are more insane now more than fucking ever. Everything is an ad, people only care about followers and everyone is more antisocial. It’s actually depressing.

I don’t regret being a kid/teen of the 2000s because at least I played outside.

No. 510526

The apple heart emojis are ugly! They're too big and tall and not well proportioned.

No. 510528

Yep, at least people were transparent about being cunts back in the days. Now it’s the same sexist racist bullying wrapped up in virtue signaling (SJW cancel culture) and it’s worse.

No. 510550

I hate dumb bitch memes they are annoying and obnoxious

No. 510564

Straight ships are cute

No. 510565

cute ships are cute.

No. 510574

I said what I said.

No. 510575

File: 1580854651661.gif (Spoiler Image, 528.35 KB, 500x281, YHoikSJ.gif)

All straight ships are cute? Are you sure about that?

No. 510578

lolcow and imageboards in general wouldn't be the same without the vast amounts of mental illness and autism. seriously sometimes the sperging on here makes me laugh way too hard

No. 510580

Audible is a big fat scam. All you're doing is buying audibooks.

No. 510589

This gif is cute, shame about the ship

No. 510590

Kingdom Hearts is peak autism

No. 510594

Dunno why you had to get crazy take it to that extreme with posting some gross incest gif, but ok.
Anyway, the reason I think liking straight ships in an unpopular opinion is because most of the fanart and communities I lurk in tend to favor and/or push gay ships. I have no problem with that but sometimes they so pushy that looking at straight ships is like a breath of fresh air.

No. 510601

People should be more sympathetic to teenagers.

No. 510606

I‘ve always felt it was autism even back when I was a dumb teenager. Glad I am not alone in that LOL.

No. 510629


It is a bit fucking weird for a game

I legit only played it because everyone else did and it was meh at best and I found it pretty boring in parts

No. 510642

Is it as autistic as Sonic though?

No. 510644

Shit, I just was about to mention Sonic.

My unpopular opinion for this thread: I think Sonic's autism was exaggerated way too much because of its fanbase and especially Chris-Chan (who was also a Pokemon fan and that fanbase is also extremely autistic but doesn't get near the rep Sonic does despite being 3x as big these days), the Sonic games were mostly only autistic because of 2-3 games and biggest issues were about the inconsistent & bad gameplay more than anything else. I also think Sonic had really unfortunate timing since it was big in the 90s/00s so a lot of coomers and furries (who are legendarily deranged) were drawn to it and produced a lot of autistic shit. But now its 2020 and nearly every video game, cartoon, or anime fandom is autistic as fuck and cumbrained, but since its so normalized now only sonic's fandom gets remembered as the autistic one. I think a lot of shit these days is pretty fucking cringe so it's always funny to see someone who draws lewds of cartoon characters for a living and talk about how X anime/video game girl is so hot talks about how sonic's fanbase is so autistic, like it's some heavy dissonance right there. Furries are becoming normalized even more too and I see even the "regular" (for that community) fans lusting over borderline furry or furry characters. It's sad tbh.

No. 511264

File: 1580877165524.png (62.32 KB, 323x222, deiz-gameplay.png)

I feel bad for liking this artist but I've always been a fan of his VNs.

No. 511266

>I don’t regret being a kid/teen of the 2000s because at least I played outside.
I didn't kek.

No. 511280

What artist

No. 511282

I'm not sure how popular this is, but ESLs are cute! A Russian anon just posted on the friend finder thread in /g/ and their way of speaking is very cute to me.

No. 511289

Mike Inel.

No. 511316

I think the internet should be 18+ with exceptions for educational purposes in a safe and monitored environment. We're all too fucked up from our time spent online as children.

No. 511319

Not to sound like a crotchety old crone, but I'm seriously concerned about how fucked up today's kids are going to be. You already hear the youngest millenials/older zoomers joking about how being on the internet fucked them up as children. Now kids are getting phones and tablets shoved in their faces from birth and are constantly glued to screens. They have no lives separate from the internet. I can only imagine how poorly adjusted they're going to be as adolescents and young adults.

No. 511339

Absolutely. I've been using the internet daily for almost half of my life. My main concerns are for young girls going through what I went through. Online child grooming, hell we even have a thread on it because an alarming amount of anons have experienced it, constant comparing to edited, photoshopped pics etc. It's hard. On one hand, many people don't understand internet friendships and how they can actually help. If I weren't allowed on the internet until I was 18 I'd have no real friends and would have felt pressured to fit in with normies a lot more tbh. That isn't always good.

No. 511357

File: 1580908085062.jpg (31.31 KB, 500x333, doge.jpg)

You are completely right.

No. 511369

File: 1580910066896.jpg (98.27 KB, 1280x720, cat-and-kitten-hug-1280x720.jp…)

Kittens and puppies are cute but I find adult cats and dogs more endearing and likable.

No. 511371

>[I] would have felt pressured to fit in with normies a lot more
This probably would've been good for your social development.

No. 511375

I didn't have internet access til I was 16 and I still wish I hadn't had it so young. I developed weird fetishes from porn, met up with strangers off of a site similar to craigslist. Even now I'm noticing how poor my attention span has become in the few years since getting a smartphone. I worry about the safety and attention spans of kids who've had tablets since toddler age

No. 511377

Not in the UK, at least. Here normal is
>being sexually promiscuous
>doing drugs
>partying and drinking

etc. If I didn't have access to the internet when I was younger, I'd probably be doing drugs and sleeping around with random men.

No. 511380

If you were to spend your youth sleeping around and taking drugs that would be a 'you' problem. Not "oh well that's just life in the the UK"

No. 511381

Most teenagers do that. That's not abnormal. You sound autistic. Without the internet, a lot more kids would be doing drugs or sleeping around just generally because of peer pressure and just the general way people encourage kids to socialize.

No. 511385

> Without the internet, a lot more kids would be doing drugs or sleeping around

… ok anon

No. 511388

She's right.
If you're >>511380 too I don't get your point?
I said that if I didn't have the internet I'd probably try to fit in with normalfags more, did I contradict that or something? I was just saying about how being online since an early age can have benefits too.

No. 511398

Actual unpopular opinion
Centrism gay

No. 511399

I'm not

I know a a lot of teens who got access to drugs and no strings sex mostly through the internet too, it can go either way but overall I've seen more sexual regrets coming from early internet usage

No. 511401

through exposure to pedos or stupid content, yeah. most kids aren't looking for hookups online. that's not how things work typically. same goes for drugs. kids drinking and using drugs are usually getting them from people they know from school and such.

No. 511406

I had the experience of meeting up with men in pretty unsafe ways when I was underage. On the other side of things my now 12 year old stepson has been caught watching porn over and over again where the theme is always fucking your stepmom! Kids need more involved parents. My partner won't even have a frank discussion with him after finding his sons habit

No. 511414

>these are the old equivalents to using the internet now.
uh… and kids were popping out kids at 16 a lot more often back then. are you serious? and yeah, teenagers aren't bright. most people aren't bright, and yes, teens are susceptible to peer pressure. electronics do keep kids busy, but there has to a revolution in the way kids are given access to the internet.

No. 511415

The main problem with centrist is that they're often blind to their biases. They're born in mildly sexist, racist, or conservative cultures, or the flip. They use this biased culture as whats 'normal'. If they grew up in a conservative area normal conservatives seem slightly radical to them, but a normal leftist is a radical extremest. most people are semi aware of their biases, but the centrist smugness stops him from seeing this.

No. 511421

Similar to the child internet safety discussion, in the UK they are planning on having internet users provide adult ID in order to access adult sites. I think it's a once off ID check. Where I live my own internet provider already does the same thing and it takes mere minutes to then unlock adult content long term

I have seen men get all sorts of enraged over this proposal, as if they are having a basic human right stripped away from them. Fuck child safety I guess? It's more important that teens be able to jerk off to porn. Men are worried about their porn habits being possibly linked to their real life name. Like what crazy shit are they watching that this concerns them quite so much?

No. 511423

Spanish sounds retarded

No. 511424

Would we have to provide adult ID to access 4Chan and here, then?

No. 511429

Maybe? sometimes my own adult filter glitches and switches back on because of network problems and I'm surprised at how many sites it deems as adult content. Less kids on here sounds good though! lol

No. 511450

Parents should be responsible for their kid's internet usage, not other adults. They can easily install one of those kid safety browsers/apps.

Also governments getting to control the internet more and more isn't desireable imo.

No. 511470

I agree that it should be a parents job but I also think that the average parent isn't supervising internet usage all that well. I don't know what the best solution is tbh

The reaction of men was funny to me though. Like I've never seen men so passionate about an issue, any threat to their porn access really gets them foaming at the mouth

No. 511504

i mean tbh i'm also kind of uncomfortable giving out that kind of info to any website. like what if you click some ad or popup by accident and some skeezy foreign site gets access to that? it's more of your information floating around online, and i can't imagine a data breach where random websites have like my ID info and shit.

No. 511567

It's just your internet provider that gets to see your ID once. I went into my mobile networks store and showed staff my passport to unlock it

No. 511592

Espero que practiques bien el balconing cuando vengas.

No. 511694

File: 1580937716832.jpg (50.28 KB, 480x480, AI maidloid.jpg)

Acme Iku is my favorite synth voice.

No. 511709

i thought she was hilarious when she first came(heh) out. good opinion anon

No. 511740

The American university system is better than other university systems.

I just got my grades back from studying abroad. I got 2:1s in all of my classes despite barely studying compared to the amount I have in the US. Overall, I think the classes and grading were a joke.

I felt like I barely learned anything and the exam system can barely assess how much a student can know. As an economics student I don't understand why you would use written exams to measure economics knowledge when it's supposed to be a mostly math based subject.

I think picking your course of study before you go to uni is a bad idea. So many people end up going to uni and not enjoying what they study because they had no idea in secondary school what the subject is like. American students also get to be more well-rounded.

I think the classroom experience was worse. Other students didn't seem to care about the topic at all, and it was like pulling teeth to get people to answer questions. There were so many times people talked during class, which I think is so disrespectful.

The only bad thing about the American system is that you have to pay a lot. That can be avoided depending on how you choose to attend college, and it's mostly a recent problem.

I wish people didn't shit on Americans for being stupid and having a bad educational system. American university is obviously overpriced but I think there's a good reason so many people want to come here.

No. 511744

Hell no. I'm anti porn and was exposed to destructive things as a child myself I still would never agree to that. The thing is that it is a slippery slope, it will never be contained to just porn. The "if you have nothing to hide" argument is always retardation.

No. 511747

To explains Americas bad education system I heard the theory that 'it's not because American schools are bad, but America has a bigger wealth disparity leading to lower lows. In a middle class area school is fine'.

No. 511752

I showed my passport in store. It was just like flashing my passport to buy alcohol

No. 511761

>As an economics student I don't understand why you would use written exams to measure economics knowledge when it's supposed to be a mostly math based subject.

Economics student too and you've been severely brainwashed if you think economics are mostly about maths. I don't blame you tho because we only study writers like Walras&co, only one way of thinking is taught. Even when addressing subjects like ecology, we never challenge the foundations. It is a manager-puppet factory.

No. 511762

Where’d you study abroad?

No. 511772

That's not the same thing at all, the alcohol store clerk doesn't follow you around afterward and record every purchase you make to profile you. Kind of naive way of thinking.

No. 511776

why would that even help if it's a once off? you have to use your ID to get the internet service in the first place. one time things are super easy for kids to abuse, as they do already now.

No. 511789

Internet edgelords are probally the least harmful out of any online community, The worst they do is to stand in the corner and scream "I'm a Edglord! Look at me!" and " Existence is Pain!"

No. 511792

internet edgelords go on to become white supremacist spree killers or animal abusers so no

No. 511796

I was an internet edgelord and so were many of my friends, we all ended up normal functioning members of society

No. 511798

Yeah or terf-punching, lesbian-raping SJWs. I'd say certain brands of autists are benign, even if they're insufferable.

No. 511812

It was somewhere in the UK

No. 511814

most internet edgelords are male and they're not well adjusted. those that are female are often coolgirls and are often uwu pedo panderers and shit

No. 511816

I wasn't a coolgirl that pandered to males, I mainly used to be an apologist and supporter of organizations like Al Qaeda, The Viet Cong and Imperial Japan because I was going though a edgy Anti-America phase

No. 511817

i think the definition of edgelord has shifted a lot tbh.

No. 511828

An internet edgelord from 2005 is definitely safer than an internet edgelord from 2015

No. 511856

>not Maiko

No. 511860

I thought they already tried and failed, several times? They were so ready to roll it out then pushed it back to April last year before quietly cancelling it, I read an article. Are you saying they’re attempting this again?

Tbh I don’t trust the UK gov to not screw this up or resist using this maliciously. It’s a joke of a nanny state and imo if they really want to through their fund money somewhere to ‘protect the kids’, they should be making classes for parents to learn how to do their jobs because people can’t raise their kids for shit these days. Tangent here but the state of parenting in the UK rotten to me, too much ‘give the kid an iPhone with Peppa Pig on Youtube then fuck off for the day’. Banning people from raising a hand to their kids for abuse fears but then not telling them how else to discipline them so I constantly hear "piss off, little Jimmy" "stop fucking crying already", "we’re going home and you’ll go to your room you little shit", but at least that’s not beating them, eh?

Anyway, but to gain internet access you presumably need to be an adult to have the relevant ID to purchase broadband, what 15 year old is going to start a monthly contract with Virgin? Child safety starts with the parent, and the basic human right I’m worried is the abuse of privacy because letting the government set this up is giving them a lot of power I don’t trust them with. To use your point, I don’t want there to be a possibility that my porn habits are linked to my ID as a citizen (and as a woman) on someone’s paperwork. And like people have said, what constitutes as an adult site? Even Wikipedia has whole sections dedicated to explaining fetishes and sexual techniques. And this place, some of things we discuss here are NSFL with links to cows’ degeneracy and anons admitting theirs on /ot/ and /g/ all the time, should we really make every Bong anon give their ID to access the farms? Is that where my tax money’s going?

What counts as ‘too adult for kids’ breaks down when you look at it too finely, which is a big reason why I think it should up to the discretion of kids’ parents who have the best chance of monitoring what they actually do online vs some government hired boomers who are too out of touch with every aspect of this and are likely only pushing it to pat themselves on the back for doing something that looks good. Reminds me of Japan looking to limit minors’ video game time when they should really focus on making their society less soul crushingly suicidal so that those hikis-to-be don’t have to escape reality so hard in the first place.

No. 511864

>Anyway, but to gain internet access you presumably need to be an adult to have the relevant ID to purchase broadband, what 15 year old is going to start a monthly contract with Virgin?
If we're being honest, most of the minors are probably just going to have their older brothers or even their dads verify with their IDs, and then they'll have free access to porn whenever they're using the internet a home. Or they'll leech off the wifi of someone else who has it. Or some freaks are going to make a habit of sharing it on places that are supposed to be childsafe like Amino. No one can tell me the government doesn't know about all these loopholes too lmao.
This entire thing is a sham and it's going to lead the way to other, even more invasive things. Porn is just an excuse. They just want to collect even more of people's data. I agree the spread of pornography has gone too far and it's messing up kids minds, but it's transparent what the real goal is.
I'm already paranoid about loss of privacy, reading things like this makes me more nervous.

No. 511870

I had to get the company that I work for operating within GDPR compliance rules when that all changed a couple years ago so call me naive but I've spent more time than I've ever wanted to having to study data protection laws. Flashing ID to staff doesn't pose any risk to privacy if they don't scan it

My provider glances at your ID. The uk might well be planning on doing it differently though

No. 511931

I love you

No. 511969

It's odd and gross to post lewd photos/videos when there's an animal in the background.

No. 511979

It’s certainly weird that the animal part is what bothers you

No. 511982

>thinking they won’t store it
I’m just glad for uncucked third world internet

No. 511987

Both parts bother me, don't assume

No. 512074

There's a lot of bad schools, especially inner city ones. I don't think it's because the teachers are bad, but rather they have to deal with a lot of unruly students who have problems. I went to a good public school, and even if you're not rich you often have the chance to take special classes or go to a magnet school.

I'm getting a world class education at my university in America, and even though I take fewer econ classes I'm learning way more.

Also something I found really bizarre was that I wrote my final paper for a Government class literally sitting on the floor of a hallway in a hostel, and I got the highest score in the class. I wrote most of it the night before, so I wonder how bad everyone else's papers must have been. lmao

No. 512098

Celebrities are lame. I don’t need understand how people can worship them so much.

No. 512122

i HATE making out with a passion. even plain kissing is awkward at times.

it's like i'll go into it thinking it'll be nice and not even a few seconds and i'm outtie. i think i'm more of a peck person or kissing other body parts (like neck kissing) but that'd be weird because everything starts with a kiss lol.

No. 512157

projection. where did all the celebrity assassins of the 20th century go, though? we need a new generation of them

No. 512235

Agree. Most celebrities are unrelatable narcissists who blatantly disrespect groups of people en masse while they sit on a hoard of mostly unwarranted wealth.

No. 512273

File: 1581037931575.jpg (9.72 KB, 300x240, e67165cded7f8153b17b3b0695fe17…)

I wish there where more middle aged 40-60 female villains who are dark,cunning and mysterious (especially in animation)
Nowadays female villains are either fap material for scrotes or just suck ass
Lots of diverse male villains can't say the same to female villains though,you don't have to have a pretty face to be evil

No. 512276

too bad disney is ruining all of their good villains by giving them tragic backstories.

No. 512280

Disney in the present day are awful. I wish they would go away or at least focus on making good original stuff, but that's like asking for pigs to fly.

No. 512284

I never realized just how great of a look the stepmother had. Related to your post but I really wish there were more old women characters in general. Old women are cool.

No. 512287

kinda agree but I more wish that there were more older female protagonists. like the only time we get a smart, interesting older woman is to demonize her.

No. 512298

File: 1581040726539.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 500x199, giphy.gif)

The best part of Moana was her grandmother. I'd watch the movie with her as the main protag ;-;

No. 512316

I'm more annoyed with the "Good guy was actually the villain the entire time!" twist they keep incorporating in their newer movies. Like it was okay with Frozen. But then Big Hero 6. And then Zootopia. Stop it.

I wish they go back to their larger than life villains. There's a reason why those villains were iconic and not these newer batch of ones.

No. 512318

Preety much this

No. 512372

File: 1581054845717.jpg (112.91 KB, 1100x825, 5db1b91c045a313c9f0f4113.jpg)

I really dont understand why the agehao hoodie have so much attention. Do people just like it because its E d G Y and for aesthetic reasons only? I personally wouldn't want to support these kind of businesses because they benefit from artists without their knowledge. Understanding this is a joke/collage item but still…it irks me too much.

No. 512373

File: 1581054877342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.89 KB, 600x600, 598c04ef5fe0687f10a6d319-large…)

wrong pic

No. 512380

how is it a joke? it's just cumbrains and pickmes being coomers and panderers

No. 512385

File: 1581059178223.jpeg (1.32 MB, 2024x1349, 1521955.jpeg)

I love you too

No. 512387

File: 1581059573875.jpg (54.72 KB, 500x739, a5ec310608f5bf394631a04c03aa7c…)

They like it because it's edgy, It started out as a retarded joke among ironic weebs and then it just became a thing that edgy kids wear in general. Aesthetic weebs are into those shirts of lain and stuff (which I'd be lying if I said I also didn't like).

Also nice long furby.

No. 512395

Paying for music should always be optional.

No. 512400

Agreed. Paying for the music should be considered optional support. Majority of the time the majority of the money doesn't even go to them, but whatever/whoever they're using to sell it. I'd be glad to buy merch from a musician. I feel like it supports them the most.

No. 512406


No. 512430

I do think cultural appropriation as a concept has some merit in an academic sense, but in terms of how people try to apply it, it's almost always just gate keeping. Like I do sometimes wonder if "X" person can declare that some garment or ritual is sacred and therefore some other group can't copy or imitate or partake or what have you, what IS to stop someone else from just saying "nah, it's fine, everyone else have at this clothing, ritual, celebration, etc." When the "this is my culture, not a costume" stuff came up some years back, I said, "well okay, it's my culture(ethiopian) too I guess, and I say that it's fine that people wear this stuff in costume….now what?

I might change my view, but my current unpopular opinion is that "cultural appropriation" is a means of gatekeeping made by those that haven't made any individual accomplishments.

No. 512441

I half agree. I don't really mind much when other people take an interest in the culture I'm from. Mostly, it just annoys me when they're dead silent when the people that those very things originated from are discriminated against for it.
Like, I'm not going to feel bad or stand up for people who are politically gatekept for fashion choices until I see them follow through with political action to accompany their aesthetic appreciation. If you're in it, you're in it. You take the good with the bad.
I'd just feel really dumb defending someone else's right to do something that would get me thrown out of educational institutions or fired from work, lmao.
Also, obviously, if it really is something sacred, the majority will probably take issue, even if you or I personally don't. It's more a matter of numbers than anything IMO.

No. 512554

The tipping system should be abolished

No. 512659

Certainly not unpopular anywhere

No. 512720

I dont understand people's obsession with Parasite. It's alright for a Korean movie (which isnt saying much because the stuff that comes out in theaters here is a pile of shit)

The acting? It's typical Korean acting. There's nothing amazing about these performances. Stereotypical 'rich' acting and the cheesy hammed up "we're poor, so we're forcing this over the top 'im so tough' way of speaking". Idc what you say, but if are watching a film in a foreign language, its not really fair to judge the acting.

Also if you've ever read Korean literature, you'd be surprised how many obvious tropes are in this movie. Including 'characters trapped in scary basement' that 80% of korean novels like to include. Its so damn annoying seeing all of these other nominated films being snubbed at the oscars because "the characters didnt blown me away!" or "this movie is just full of typical tropes!" and then suck off a movie where they are blinded by tropes and have a huge language barrier and are focused on subtitles then whole time. And of course if this movie doesnt win people will cry racism or say people are too closed minded for not mindlessly loving a foreign film lmfao

No. 512736

Kek tbh I get where you're coming from but if the tropes and acting style are fresh to the voters that's all that really matters. BJH
basically packaged up all those tropes in a way that appealed to western audiences and let it loose at just the right time. I agree that going MUH RACISM if it loses is stupid though.

No. 512851

It's just teens being teens. They've been into this sort of edgy sexual stuff since ancient times. Other people wear it ironically for the meme value.

No. 512852

The cultural appropriation gatekeeping you described is always done by American second/third gen immigrants. They're conflicted because they've lived in a first world white country all their lives and have indulged in it, but at home they still have their parents/grandparents' culture to some degree so they try to grab on to whatever petty means they can. For example someone in Japan might even encourage a foreigner to try dressing in a kimono because they take honor in their art and spreading it, but some american-filipino kid gets their panties in a bunch because of m-muh colonization of Asian cultures.

No. 512857

A lot of Minimalists just use their minimalism as an excuse to shit on people who like buying nice things.

No. 512859

>The acting? It's typical Korean acting
God, this. It's as bad as any average drama, so unnatural and corny.

No. 512877


one scene that comes to mind is when the family is eavesdropping on the brother confronting the people living in the basement and they all topple down the stairs and the daughter is being so overdramatic with whinging and acting like she was in pain. i was cringing at that

No. 512881

most people who listen to "angry" genres have a happy and outgoing personality

No. 512894

File: 1581175786707.jpg (51.28 KB, 513x960, 702fbd146e74226130ff9fdaabf477…)

this reminded me of this

No. 512910

NTA, but those pictures always make me roll my eyes. Anyone can cherrypick retarded or heartfelt songs from a band or artist to "make a point" just like this.

No. 512919

File: 1581185047058.png (24.65 KB, 424x561, hdafdadsf.PNG)

I wish people would stop dissing Nicki so much. She even complained about how radios preferred to play the songs she made just to get popular rather than the songs she made for her feelings.

No. 512937

Everyone already knows that the radio would rather play music that's fun and generic enough to appeal to the most people. They criticize Nicki because she was willing to sacrifice quality and stoop so low in the first place.

No. 512983

Memes like this are so cringy, people who define people’s personalities and intelligence based on what music they listen to are pretty shitty.

No. 512988

Should have compared her to brokencyde tbh

No. 513007

File: 1581212761064.jpg (82.95 KB, 600x759, 53170917-80-hairstyles-.jpg)

Big 80's hair was beautiful

No. 513020

True. Did you know kids of rich Sillion Valley people aren't given iphones and a lot of other tech?

Really speaks volumes, doesn't it.

No. 513021

Y'know, I was JUST thinking about this. Not only did I see shit that traumatized me and get preyed on by creepy older men, but I acted really cringey and spergy on all my platforms and all of my extended family and family friends witnessed how fucking spergy I was. 20 years ago I could just leave that in the past, but for me it was broadcasted to the world wide internet and permanently documented.

No. 513030

Holy shit anon you just gave me crippling cringe flashbacks of 2010. I forgot that horrible noise existed wow

No. 513037

Shit head 'friend' from high school had a daughter and named her Sora…They waste a lot of their money on merchandise, shit that he (the friend) could never afford as a kid so he wastes his money on junk that collects dust. They could buy a car or even a better apartment but he needs to buy all the beastwars action figures. Rant done.

Kingdom hearts on the internet circa 2004-2007 was really bad in terms of autistic fans lol getting voice actors to say naughty shit in the characters voice. Also some of the worst cosplayers, no one knew how to style a damn wig and had ugly as fuck faces lol

No. 513048

meanwhile regular jane and joe junior feels peer pressured because all the other kids has a phone

No. 513065

I find it funny when younger people complain how older people are too obsessed with music from the 60s 70s etc and they’re stuck listening to the same music and don’t branch out and complain about modern music, but I guarantee it’s certain that most of them will grow up and become exactly like who they complain about, still talking about Kanye or MCR or Frank Ocean etc saying how much better their music was in their time. Seriously it’ll happen and the process will repeat itself. It’s funny when people wanna act like the same thing wont happen to the majority of them.

Totally agree

No. 513068

reminds me of my friend who actually legally named her son Zuko, he doesn't have a middle name either its just zuko

No. 513070

I'm glad the cringiest thing I've ever done was officially name a star billions of lightyears away after a yaoi ship lol.
I don't even have proof of it anymore because my old computer corrupted the file of the certificate officiating it.

No. 513072

>officially name a star billions of lightyears away after a yaoi ship
That's hilarious

No. 513077

what was the ship??? or at least tell us the anime/manga title

No. 513079

>(which isnt saying much because the stuff that comes out in theaters here is a pile of shit)

Where do you live?

No. 513088


No. 513162

Is she not aware there's a 100% chance other boys will beat him up for that? Maybe she's counting on him being an extremely talented martial artist that can fight all his bullies off on his quest to capture the Avatar.

No. 513168

tbf 10-15 years kids will have no Idea what Avatar even is, so most people would think he's just a white kid with southern Indian/Sri Lankan name

No. 513240

Or maybe they’ll think of Danny Zuko from Grease. Although Grease is probably more culturally dead than the Last Airbender with kids lmao.

No. 513347

I think the current standard of female beauty is too hyperfeminine and "normalfag" now. I like how in the 80s being kinda strange (like Cameo's "She's Strange", not a cool girl) and a little androgynous was the thing. I wouldn't mind seeing that make a comeback in the 2020s tbh

No. 513357

It already is

So many girls are doing it to be unique and quirky that it’s kinda already overdone

No. 513367

I would say it’s hyper feminine as it is looking like a drag queen, which is a mockery of femininity.

Agree to 80’s androgyny though and none of the special gender with it.

No. 513412

Yeah, it is like a mockery and caricature of femininity. Whether it be the infantile weeb style or the drag queen style it's all exhausting

No. 513438

parasite won apparently two oscars already and tbh i watched the movie and i don't really see the hype about it nor why it's so looked upon. at first it started really good but then the ending was pretty cliche and ruined everything so like ?? i am sure there are better movies out there.

No. 513440

it won 4 and there's more to movies than just whether or not you like the story and if it's new to you.

No. 513477

I agree - everyone has that "exotic" thicc look, the same hair extensions, the same fillers, the same clothes from Fashion Nova etc. It's very dull and fake looking in an era where we have so much technology to do really interesting or artistic things in fashion and beauty. Makeup spergs always drone on and on about it being an "art form" and then do the exact same Kim K contour.

No. 513481

It wasn't great

No. 513482

Same, I found it kind of boring, actually.

No. 513487

skinny people have a massive victim complex. >inb4 bitter fatty. I've been both. life is astronomically better when skinny and don't I mean in terms of mobility and health.

No. 513517

i know that but still.
the end me with so many questions like what happened to kevin's friend who told him to take care of that rich familys girl until he is gone? and why the fuck did kevin even kiss her and make out with her? what happened to the rich family after the party? is the kid alive? and kevin (idek his korean name sorry) surviving after two massive hits on the head with a rock was so sudden and just.. so weird (in a negative way). i thought he was done for good but then he magically survived and also avoided becoming mentally retarded forever and then wrote a cliche letter for his father like …

No. 513681

Armin should've died instead of Erwin

No. 513691

File: 1581379532738.jpeg (71.83 KB, 600x450, CE775A7D-5795-406E-BD3C-CCDED0…)

I don't have an unpopular opinion, I just wanted to put this here

No. 513693

I love it.

No. 513709

I really enjoyed parasite but think joker should've won best picture

No. 513717

Got a chuckle out of me

No. 513731

I thought you said Admin at first and I was going to defend her… at least she keeps LC running.

No. 513735

You guys are on fire tonight

No. 513739

File: 1581386776874.jpg (36.13 KB, 992x743, YOU HAVE SASAGE'D WELL.jpg)

I feel this sentiment, even more so as Eruri trash. My man has heckin had it and deserves a nap but my heart still feels NTR'd as hell.

No. 513748

Japanese acting isn't always as bad as everyone says it is

No. 513753

I'm not at all surprised it's coming from kiwifarms but it's gross how dedicated they are to stalking lolcow girl boards and targeting its admins when they're run by a literal pedophile.

No. 513767

File: 1581393315714.jpg (16.46 KB, 194x321, IMG_2953.JPG)

Also Armin's voice is annoying as hell. I think AoT would've been more interesting if Reiner or Mikasa was the main character, instead of a generic angry protagonist. When Eren got eaten at Trost he should've died and let Mikasa's character actually develop

No. 513783

File: 1581399300835.jpg (238.08 KB, 2000x1252, header_GS1111046.jpg)

Amateurs, I know a woman who named her daughter Robin and her last name is Bird, the poor girl's full name is Robin Flynn Bird, the mom thinks its a clever and witty name

No. 513789

erwin's dream was only to reach the basement because of his father but armin was dreaming about something more beyond than that. and everyone saying that they would've been in a better situation with erwin alive is such bullshit, he would've supported the attack in liberio and probably eren's choice too. as much as i love eruri and erwin's character, armin was the better choice. erwin was even struggling with endless guilt for sacrificing so many soldiers and people, meanwhile armin just has a self esteem problem from being bullied and seen as the weak one all his life.

No. 513792

10/10 would keep in my basement

No. 513806

I dislike Null too but there's no solid proof of him being a pedo. The source of that rumor is Vordrak who literally makes bomb threats in his name.

No. 513813

i know encyclopedia dramatica is the least legit informative website, but didn't they leak screenshots of him being pedo on his article?

No. 513842

Reiner should have died instead of Burnt toast

No. 513846

File: 1581424504656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.73 KB, 600x600, 1575989552077-600x600.jpg)

That's not an unpopular opinion anymore kek. Even Armin thinks so, Eren probably did too at some point and Mikasa didn't have the heart to verbally agree.

I bet Reiner will be the only one left alive in the end out of pure sadistic pleasure of the author.

No. 513851

Null is an edgy autist and I'm not sure about that neko shota chatlog, but Vordrak edited ED over and over again to smear him. I don't think KF users lurking here is that bad unless they're trying to stir shit. It's pretty hypocritical of us to be offended when lc is a literal mass stalking site.

No. 513865

dub is the worst thing to ever exist
they make 14-18 year olds sound like middle aged men

No. 513873

I was referring to movies and dramas, not anime

No. 513875

>only one left alive
I’d believe it, literal plot armored titan

No. 513891

File: 1581433031604.png (Spoiler Image, 499.63 KB, 800x578, 1573161592691.png)

And Eren should win.

No. 513894

Isayama said himself that SNK will have a bitter/sad ending so I put my money on the line that Eren will die. 100%. I'm literally so convinced that it will end up happening.

No. 513903

I'm pretty sure that he will die too but Isayama saying something about hurting the readers was referring to the manga in general, but a certain garbage-corner of the internet loves to twist that quote into whatever they like.

No. 513910

Joker and parasite are actually very similar imo. Both movies justify horrible actions like sabatoge and murder just because the characters are poor and have tough lives. I just find it funny how everyone is trashing on joker and praising parasite even though they share the same themes and messages

No. 513920

>Both movies justify horrible actions like sabatoge and murder
You should probably watch Parasite because the movie absolutely didn’t do that.

No. 513924

I watched the Cats movie and it was enjoyable

No. 513925

imagine being this bad at analytical thinking

No. 513926

Please be a troll.

No. 513931

A bitter/sad ending could also be one where Eren (that is now the antagonist) wins and everyone else dies.
We know about the last panel, that could be him holding the baby, or Historia. Or it could be all a dream. There are so many possibilities at this point, Isayama loves plot twists so let's see what happens

No. 513937

I want to watch Cats so bad, even if I do end up leaving the theatre thinking it was a dumpster fire.

No. 513945

I was stoned and hurt myself laughing. Good times!

No. 514005

There's nothing wrong with being a shitposter with BPD.

No. 514008

You're fucked in the head.

No. 514011

>what happened to kevins friend?

he was studying in america. what happened to him isn't relevant to the story.

>why did kevin kiss her and makeout with her?

the highschool aged daughter is lonely and easily manipulated. her family ignores her so she gets crushes on her tutors because they give her attention. kevin exploited her crush and made out with her, with the idea that he would eventually officially date her.

>what happened to the rich family after the party?

that's not relevant to the ending. they left the house, the idea is that they probably moved away traumatized from the incident but mostly fine. the son that fainted probably survived.

>he wrote a cliche letter to his father?

a letter he can never send, a letter that is just a hopeless pipe dream.

No. 514030

File: 1581457420930.jpeg (501.03 KB, 1216x678, 072719F6-E72C-4593-99B2-0E7521…)

I hate gay men that treat their wives like breeding stock and then decide to come out and are all applauded for it. They’re not ‘brave’ for coming out once they’ve manipulated a woman into marriage and then into having children with them. I don’t give a shit if they grew up in a more homophobic time, no one held a gun to their head forcing them to have children with women over and over, all the while most likely cheating on her with other closeted gay men (risking their wives lives in two different ways!)

My unpopular opinion is that if you were in the closest for so long then fucking stay in it. Why break the heart of the woman you were supposed to love when she devoted so much to you? Make her aware that she was actually nothing to you, that you used her as a beard and as a brooding mare? Narcissism.

No. 514031

Someone sounds bitter lmao

No. 514033

What is there not to be bitter about if someone used you? It hasn’t happened to me, but I feel so angry for all the women it has happened to

No. 514034

nta but yeah, fuck gay men who lie to their female partners for years on end, effectively squandering their chances of having a male partner that actually loves them.

No. 514040

Amen. Especially when they cheated the whole time or they didn’t even wait until the children are grown up and off their hands.

No. 514043

This >>514034
Whenever I hear about those cases I always feel so bad for the woman.
Their lives are basically destroyed because some dumb shit couldn't accept himself.

Tbh just reading the plot sounded really lame to me and reminded me of another korean movie I've seen.

No. 514090

ftms pass way better than mtfs

This may not be unpopular here, but it sure as hell is in other spaces.

No. 514093

That's just the truth, anon.

No. 514098

Reminds me when Shane Dawson was strung out on pills and came out on livechat as bisexual or whatever amd stated that he craved a gay relationship while he was still with Lisa and everyone applauded him for being ~so brave~ for coming out while he basically just publicly shat on his gf of many years.

No. 514101

it's normal for people to realize they're gay in straight relationships

No. 514107

I knew a gay man who came out one year after his wife had died, he told me that coming out was never an option for him because he loved his wife and children and I remember I used to think that he was coward for lying to his wife for so long, but now that I'm older I see that he was truly brave and put his wife's happiness above on his own, because he did love her

No. 514109

>'loved' her
>lied to her for literally all her life

Yeah, no. That's not love. I'd argue that's worse than what Phillip did.

No. 514124

preach anon, preach.

this reminds me of oscar wilde. I don't know much about him but he is always celebrated for being gay yet his loving and faithful wife is always completely forgotten. she was probably stuck at home raising the kids while he was out at gay sex parties risking STD's.

No. 514198

The whole "don't forget to drink your water uwu" meme is so condescending and patronising and I roll my eyes everytime I see it. It sounds like a mum babying their autistic thirty year old child. Like I don't need to be reminded to do something as fucking simple as drinking water

No. 514200

Wow. You're right. I had no idea he had a wife and children until just now.

No. 514222

Some people clearly do need the reminder, obviously people who already drink plenty aren't the intended audience… It is fucking insane to me that anyone needs reminding though. Not being well hydrated is really gross.

No. 514225

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. English dub makes 16 year old boys sound like old ass man, it's cringy. Because they always pick voice actors based on appearance or personality of the character instead of actual age.

No. 514234

TBH I love that name but at the same time I can see how it can lead to bullying. The girl might find it too weird and dislike it as well. Personally I wouldn't mind being Robin Flynn Bird at all. Would look great on my novels lol

No. 514413


do you know what thread are you on

No. 514417

I agree, uwu culture in general is extremely patronizing.

No. 514419

File: 1581567809801.jpg (162.68 KB, 1000x563, intro-1581300401.jpg)

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a great movie.

No. 514422

I was prepared for a meandering slice of life but it didn't have the characters or dialogue to support that format. Pitt was barely present and Leo was a cartoon, didn't feel like it earned the Manson scene.

No. 514431

It was ok, not Tarantino's strongest film but enjoyable enough. I hate myself for being so thirsty for Brad Pitt's old ass in this movie though, I'm a sucker for good old boy type characters.

No. 514445

I had to turn it off during the scene where Leo meets le surprisingly mature and le spunky 10 year old actress since the pedo vibes were just too much.

No. 514557

galentines days is stupid

No. 514559

Balanced MOBAs are boring as fuck. No matter how frustrating it can get, it's way more exciting and competitive to play against OP heroes and learn how to counter them.

No. 514563

valentines day is stupid

No. 514604

op, absolutely agree. there's just something extra obnoxious about galentines day

No. 514631

people who are passionately anti valentines day and say things like 'it's a commercial holiday, you should appreciate them everyday etc' are extremely weird and miserable. You can say this for literally any holiday, even someone's birthday you could make the argument 'you should appreciate them everyday', I dont think anyone disagrees with that, why not just enjoy yourself?

No. 514645

I feel 'stop romanticizing mental illness!' has become a buzz word now. I acknowledge it came from very real roots and what it's meant to combat still exist, but it's been mostly co opted by people using it as a shield.
The main people who repeat 'stop romanticizing' aren't always wrong, but often it's used by people who miss the point of why romanticizing mental illness is wrong, which are competing to see who is the most sick, idealizing suicide, and giving a false image of mental illness. An average redditor who makes fun of a tumblr teen for romanticizing mental illness will fall on 'My depression is realer, you faker', go onto a meme subreddit to make 'I wanna die' jokes, and their proof of someone faking a mental illness devolves into 'high functioning depression, often in women, cannot exist.'. Most people who combat 'romanticizing mental illness' are no better than the romanticizers themselves. Reddit, a site the prides it self on being better than tumblr, will defend making depression memes as a way to cope, but if tumblr said 'I make edgy poems to cope' the site would be decimated.

The biggest proof of it's buzz wordiness to me is how people just repeat the same 3 'don't romanticize mental illness' arguments. It's no longer about wanting to help people, but, as much as I hate the word, virtue signalling. Also the dudes out their who think an edgy teen writing suicide poems on their tumblr is the same thing as pro Ana people is surprisingly high. Finally it's autistic to think people use 'anxious' and 'depressed' without having the clinical versions of the disease.

No. 514655

Anyone hate Philip Defranco? I just hate how he tries to take a 'neutral stance' on everything even when it's something that's objectively awful just to appeal the centrist/edgy right-wing side of his fanbase. He also used to do the lovely lady of the day thing which was exploiting his fans and pandering. Also I hate the stupid two creases on his forehead, makes him look like a scrotum.

No. 514674

No I agree with you, I don’t get why having no opinions, values or spine became an admirable trait?

No. 514729

The forced neutrality is so obnoxious. I once brought it up to a friend who watched him religiously, and the tard went cross-eyed trying to explain that it’s because he’s more of a ‘news channel’ than a youtuber. That’s like saying keem is a journalist. Phil defrancos take on anything is as grating as his voice.

No. 514734

Saw it today, I agree it was really overrated. I liked the house itself (since it was pretty) and the rich wife character as well as laughing occasionally but the whole movie just felt like it switched directors halfway through and became pretentious for the sake of being pretentious.
Also did anyone else roll their eyes about how the poor protags went from being these sneaky 'peach trick' people to borderline retards who get drunk off the rich people's fuck you money over the coarse of like a couple months or so?

No. 514746

not that anon but oh my fucking god the fact they even got drunk in the first place made me grind my teeth! also the whole thing with kevin not ending up as a retard? unless that was some hallucination and all in his busted head. the weird ass sex scene grossed me out for some reason, so many characters did shit that wasn't believable for them. i did get some good spooped out laughs out of it and was entertained though.

No. 514770

Nose jobs are overrated 98% of the time completely unnecessary. If you asked me what the noses of the people I see every day look like, I couldn't tell you.

No. 514774

Noses are like the last feature that I look at so it'd take a really fucked up nose for me to even notice

No. 514792

Same. I actually can't even think of what my best friends nose looks like.

No. 514799

This. Unless your nose is like 40 degrees crooked or has a very noticeable, massive bump or some other extreme deformation (that most likely will also affect your breathing) I don't notice. Nose jobs always look botched when people with normal noses get them.

No. 514802

File: 1581695380905.jpg (34.26 KB, 563x527, 5338b51763af69a38140125524300f…)

I thought the "don't make i wanna die memes they're sooooo hurtful!! uwu" people were the ones reeing about romanticizing and trivializing mental illness. On a related topic, people who bitch about others coping with nihilistic but funny and ~relatable~ "gonna kill myself" memes are annoying and need to mind their own business, if I want to laugh at a joke about depression because my mental state is a hellscape at the moment and I want something to make light of it for a moment then it's my own goddamn problem.

No. 514806

I regret taking many years worth of birth control for PCOS because even though it has its benefits, it's downsides are largely unacknowledged by my doctors. It began to make me feel asexual and my moods were basically blunted. I also didnt even get the benefit of having a regular period. I've tried at least 5 different BCs throughout my life too. My unpopular opinion is birth control sucks.

No. 514844

Taking a shit is better than sex

No. 514869

same. why is it so weird that i don't want to experiment on my own body with a bunch of different brands until i find one that doesn't make me cry uncontrollably, lose my libido, become confused, etc. ofc i'm glad that bc is an option for women and i'm glad it exists but i feel like i'm expected to just use it and ignore all the side effects.

No. 514875

I think noses are the least important factor for overall attractiveness. if all your bone structure and features are 10/10 but you have the worst nose ever, you're still going to look like a hot person with an ugly nose. not true for chins, eyes, mouth etc. i understand if people know this but still really want to change their nose, but they shouldn't get it with the expectation that they will transform.

No. 514899

and getting a back scratch, stretching, scratching your eczema, when u drink those first couple sips of cold water when dehydrated, plucking eyebrows

No. 514901

thinking/fantasizing about sex is better than sex.

No. 515150

File: 1581800310586.png (571.95 KB, 1224x728, 35444.PNG)

realistically, not morally, "I want humanity to die so animals can live happy" isn't possible. All the horrible things humans have done to the environment need humans to prevent from getting even worse. For example Chernobyl still leaks radiation to the point it needs a team to still prevent it from leaking, the USA has 80 (public) radioactive sites that need to be watched, and nuclear reactors that need watching 24/7. Humans also have toxic chemical stores, plastics, asbestos, etc all over that need to be disposed of by humans. Humans going poof wont give animals a happy life it'll invoke a nuclear winter.

No. 515151

people like you are truly retarded.

No. 515152

No. 515154

This. Took a whole lot of real life 'meh' sex for me to finally realise this

No. 515166

we can't dispose of those things. we can only bury the radioactive waste and wait for it to decay, bury the plastic and wait for it to biodegrade, run water pollution through a scrubber to turn it into air pollution, etc. our use of resources now is exponentially increasing to the point that invoking our own extinction is inevitable, it's not really a question whether other animals are going to suffer and die. so i agree with you there, but i don't think there's much we can do to soften the blow at this point. in the long run, for the sake of the rest of the biosphere, the sooner we stop using resources (i.e., die) the better.

No. 515184

>"I want humanity to die so animals can live happy"

This makes no sense anyway. Has humanity become so distanced from nature that we've forgotten nature is not a happy thing? Even without human interference, a lion is gonna kill a lamb for food, cats are gonna kill prey for fun and an ill born young is gonna be left to die by it's mother.

Animals are cruel to each other, so why should humans pretend like animals are our friends? They're not.

No. 515198

If we can make those skyhooks, I think we can sling toxic waste into space

No. 515388

Babies and toddlers are not cute I dont care for them
Im tired of the stereotype that women love children or are always fine to deal with them
I dislike them

No. 515390

me too, anon.

No. 515392

Newborns look like aliens, lol.

No. 515416

Most babies are fucking ugly, and some of my friends are starting to pop em out so they're all over my social feed.
One male baby looks like a wrinkled old man with that nasty newborn acne stuff. Super unfortunate.
A different one was born premature and he literally looked like a small money, up until his infancy where he now looks like a normal toddler who's prematurely balding as his hairline doesn't even start until halfway on his head. Yes, the baby dad is older and has the same bald pattern.
I do pity.

No. 515428

I feel like people say her music is for fatties because she's fat herself
Not too many lyrics are specifically about her weight and can't be applied to skinnier girls
she's definitely a fat icon, but she doesn't make fat music

No. 515432

IA. It's not a fat specific song at all.

No. 515435

I can 100% guarantee many skinny women specifically like her for being fat because they can feel woke for liking her and she is non threatening. Fat women have always had a small niche in media for being comforting mommy types and with her positive messages she easily fits into it.

But honestly she just has fun, catchy songs whether you know what she looks like or not.

No. 515445

Sleeping alone is way better than sleeping in bed with someone else. No potential for distracting breathing noises. Tossing and turning is not an issue. Less disrupted sleep. Waking up on your own terms. It just has more benefits.

Yeah, even when the sex is good it's just.. overrated. It can be nice sometimes but that's it honestly. Some of my friends have admitted they rarely orgasm so clearly it's just a thing to do for the sake of doing it? No pun intended. I don't get it.

No. 515655

Lolcow is no less toxic than 4chan

No. 515657

File: 1581973085844.jpg (47.99 KB, 394x406, 1121.jpg)

now that's a truly unpopular opinion. hot take

No. 515660

I agree. It's also nothing like I imagined it would be. Always thought there would be a lot of cuddling, whispering, and cute stuff going on, but in reality the person next to you is usually too groggy and/or grumpy to even bother even if they wake up during the night. Meh, then there's no point.

No. 515662

Because gossips are as bad as child/revenge porn and gore.

No. 515663

Even the cuddling gets old fast because you get clammy and overheated so easily so eventually you have to just move away and turn around from eachother to actually fall asleep.

No. 515665

I wonder if that varies by region, I live in a cold climate so having a warm body in my bed is all I ever want.
I'm ok when me and my Nigel face away from each other to go to sleep, I get browse lolcow but keep absorbing his warmth. Win win. Snoring partners can fuck off though.

No. 515666

File: 1581974818699.gif (986.06 KB, 245x170, gnlKGBhe7ty3gJr7K.gif)

No. 515667

depends on the board

No. 515671

You're right. I wrote the same thing like a month ago.

No. 515677

No board is safe from male retardation

No. 515688


lolcow is just as shit as /cgl/ recently.

No. 515689

Lolcow is more toxic than 4chan, more toxic than /pol/ which most liked poster is an ashkenazi jew.

No. 515690

File: 1581984270551.png (42.4 KB, 500x322, 1581035677251.png)

No. 515691

yeah i remember that retarded post

No. 515692

Yeah people nitpicking looks is totally more toxic than child porn..

No. 515693

>4chan is /b/ and /pol/!

No. 515694

4chan has been taken over by those 2 boards. you can't have a single thread without some pol tard shitting it up

No. 515702

Name one board that's free from /pol/posting, (girl)dickposting and porn

No. 515703

If you really feel that way, why are you still here, dumbfuck?

No. 515704

/cgl/, /ic/ i can name more. most anywhere besides /b/ has no /pol/ posting or porn and no one is talking about those other things. ffs we have /pol/ posting and porn all over the site.
>inb4 not on /ot/!

that's my point.

No. 515705

Okay bye. I'll continue to
>not seeing dicks everywhere
>not seeing loli abuse
>not getting called roastie/nigger
>not lying about gender to blend in
>no porn on /ic/
Is this gaslighting??
Seething trannies and fatties, more salt than /snow/

No. 515707

If you're gonna say that 4Chan isn't toxic because it's not all /b/ and /pol/ then the same applies to lc. There's a lot of toxicity on /snow/, /w/ etc (imo) but hardly any on /g/ and /ot/ and in fact there's a lot of love and support here. And like the other anon said if lc is so bad why are you still here?

No. 515709

You joke but I seriously see /pol/ snd sexist /r9k/ shit in the Pokemon, retro games, outdoors, music, fashion, literature, etc boards all the time. You cant peacefully post and actually discuss Pokemon blue version or the best raw denim jeans without lil Adolf going off about how white women are all sluts or how degenerate Jews are. It’s shitty. I like the soft 4chan culture lol cow has.

No. 515710

>not seeing dicks everywhere
>not seeing loli abuse
>not getting called roastie/nigger
>not lying about gender to blend in
I mean you would be right but that stuff only affects people actively using the site whereas lc goes out of it's way to dox and harass cows. 4chan does it too but posting that way gets you banned so the site itself is less toxic.

No. 515711

2x doesn't represent the entirety of the site newfag

No. 515715

Seriously. I consider /cm/ pretty wholesome. I think it's a bunch of fujos, /y/ by extension. Then again, all that shota shit.
>lc goes out of it's way to dox and harass
>4chan would never!!
BAIT CONFIRMED or you're actual brainlet? Does lc not ban for toucing the pooop? Actually, when has doxxing and irl harrassment happen here?

No. 515717

No. 515719

Just go on /pt/ and see people laughing at someones private nudes. wtf is wrong with you? How is that not harassment?

No. 515720

Which thread are you talking about?

No. 515721

Which thread?? A-are you a cow?

No. 515722

why are you so people suddenly so desperate to moralfag 4chan aka a site that's known for being horrible and having a horrible userbase. the same is for this site. no imageboard is innocent or uwu yours is worse than mine we are superiorrrrr le kek le kek le kek!!111!1

is this a competition or the board oppression olympics or what

No. 515725

File: 1581988351896.jpg (102.57 KB, 807x935, 9FdBdil.jpg)

>you're both equally awful!!!
because insecure women shitting on some instagram influencer's appearance is the same as posting and jerking off to child porn. mkay buddy

No. 515727

Just one of our new visitors being themselves.
If we're "the same" as 4chan, such people are always free to go to back. But they won't, and it's because they know they're lying.

No. 515728

>4chan > lc uwu
>ppl pointing out that it's objectively worse in every way
>m-moralfag!! oppresshun! being horrible is its charm!

No. 515731

Momokun. Pretty disgusting, people especially here should know better.

No. 515732

how am i even a new visitor for simply saying my opinion and telling you people how retarded you really sound? i've been using lc for 3 years now and saw all kinds of shit on here and it's not as bad as jerking it to child pornography like the people on other sites but every board has their own fair share of horrible people

No. 515733

I'm >>515707 and I wasn't moralfagging 4chan

No. 515735

LOL Momokun fags please confirm if there were indeed heinous acts of doxing and revenge porn in the thread? She will never fuck you, simp.
You're just backpedaling at this point.

No. 515738

lmao this guy

>Every community has a group of bad people
no shit sherlock, now fuck off.

No. 515772

File: 1582008340721.png (1.17 MB, 1062x1622, 1356AA95-108E-4EBB-AD97-3FD4EB…)

Maybe I’m just dumb but I see cutesy comics like this about ADHD/ADD all the time, and the “symptoms” just sound like things everyone deals with. How is any of this ADHD exclusive?

No. 515776

I don't know much about ADHD but that whole comic reeks of the author wanting to seem uwu cute and quirky, and softening the bad stuff with humblebrags. Like
>I'm sooo empathetic
>I'm so excited to help people
>I'm so enthusiastic people think I'm immature

It's all just uwu garbage.

No. 515777

The symptoms aren't exclusive. But they are persistent and severe enough to effect quality of life, hence disorder. Similar to being anxious v having anxiety disorder. What I hate about this is the illustration of symptom manifestations being cute child-like benign quirks.

No. 515804

I have been professionally diagnosed with ADHD but I don't see the appeal of random, wacky comics for the "ADHD community." In some ways I do think I fit the hyper stereotype of ADHD as depicted in the comic, but I feel most adults with ADHD are just normal people who have problems concentrating effectively. (The people in my ADHD support group seemed that way and that's why I dropped it)

I guess a lot of the symptoms presented to relate to ADHD in some way, but I don't see the empathy one at all.

No. 515814

I think the best example is that normal people can stop and control this, but an ADHD person can't without effort. For the sandwich example a normal person would be able to regulate the rage, but and ADHD person lacks emotional regulations and will punch his friend over chewing. Also these things are 24/7. It's not something that happens every so often, but something they have to deal with on an hourly basis.
For the empathy thing I think it's just badly described emotional dis-regulation.

No. 515819

Anime promotes pedophilia.

No. 515821

This is the unpopular opinion thread

No. 515825

I fucking hate ADHD alien comics for this reason. She basically turns her entire personality into the fact she has ADHD, like your symptoms don't make you a quirky person. The "ADHD community" in general, actually any mental disorder with a community surrounding it, is just really anti-recovery and pro-self depreciation. Any time someone makes a thread that's beneficial to recovery and it gains even just a little bit of traction, they have to respond "Having this sucks and let us make jokes about how much this sucks! People who don't have ADHD keep seeing the positive posts and that's just wrong and unrealistic!" UwU hardcore victim mentality.

No. 515835

Not an opinion but a fact.

No. 515837

Also somehow makes greasy males think they can be as cute as anime girls.

No. 515845

don't you mean japanese media? anime isn't the only thing this is prevalent in. hell, immediate family incest is legal there.

No. 515860

I think you can cheat accidentally

No. 515863

in the same way you can accidentally push someone off a ledge, sure

No. 515865

No. 515867

By being drunk.

No. 515873

Weak, anon.

No. 515888

yeah ugh i also think that you can rape accidentally ugh i just HATE it when i slip and accidentally assault someone ugh so annoying ugh

No. 515891

Well yeah, you have to be pretty weak. But there's more! Let's say you're grinding someone while clubbing. I mean it happens when you dance but someone might think that as cheating. You didn't know about their stance so it was an accident.

No. 515900

personal preference/definitions are one thing but if we go by a sane definition of cheating there's not really any way to do so "by accident". also if what you do when drunk is an "accident" we better rollback some laws.

No. 515901

> For the sandwich example a normal person would be able to regulate the rage, but and ADHD person lacks emotional regulations and will punch his friend over chewing.

So people with ADHD are unhinged and violent???

No. 515903

Anon… Not everything has to do with sex. Most people in general would consider kissing cheating but I'v seen that happen way too often. It might seem childish but they usually involved drinking & dares so what else do you call it if not an accident?

I really don't want to talk about laws since they're not created morality in mind anyways.

No. 515905

i didn't mention sex lol. you just proved my point anyway. "sane" definition meaning what most people would consider. kissing someone while drunk is not a fucking accident.

No. 515906

Of course it can be, I just gave you an example. Accidents are things that happens without your intent. If you're thrust into a shitty dare and you have to kiss a guy or a gal and you know you don't want to do it but you do anyways it's an accident -.-

No. 515908

How about you ask your SO what their boundaries are before being a hoe wtf
Unpopular opinion, rowdy drinking games are for single people, couples stay the fuck home.

No. 515910

Samefag. There's always at least ONE couple who ends up fighting at every party bc one of them got drunk and act sloppy. Ya'll are downers and embarrassing.

No. 515911

that's not a fucking accident, idiot it's shit judgement. accidents are shit like "oh no i accidentally send the wrong emoji in a text" or "i accidentally hit my mailbox backing out of the driveway" not "i gave into shitty peer pressure and cheated because of a dumb game and alcohol!"

No. 515914

Just staying home as a couple sounds like a surefire way to get into a rut, but hey, if that's your thing.
That being said I don't understand why people find it hard to still have rowdy drinking nights without cheating, be it kissing or sex. If you don't find it easy to get drunk and/or have fun without sticking your tongue in someone else's mouth you probably have bigger problems to worry about.

No. 515915

I don’t feel like a lot of the dialogue around ‘destigmatizing depression/ reach out to your friends!’ Is helpful, it seems so shallow and performative. I also find it extremely annoying when celebrities are like ‘I’m starting the conversation about anxiety’ or ‘x bravely speaks out about their depression’ and they say something like ‘no one talks about this stuff’ because I genuinely feel like being depressed is literally all anyone talks about. I feel like all the ‘destigmatization’ has centred around celebrities coming out as depressed on magazine covers and viral tweets with no tangible positive impact especially for people with more significantly stigmatised mental illnesses

No. 515916

she said games, anon.

No. 515918

Same. I agree that people shouldn't feel ashamed about having a depression and talking about it, but at this point the whole acceptance movement is doing more harm than good. It feels like celebrities and people in general now see it as easy pity points and instant praise for being strong and brave for talking about it.

No. 515919


No. 515926

Yeah I agree. I feel like pretty much all mainstream discourse around mental health only benefits first world middle class (or upper) people with "anxiety" but hasn't really done anything for people with more debilitating mental issues in more unfortunate situations.

No. 515928

Maybe it's a bitter view, but most people are selfish When it comes to mental wellbeing. When they say "It's okay to talk about depression," they really mean it in the context of posting memes, general nihilistic conversation, or if they need you to perform the emotional labor of being their therapist. It doesn't mean they're going to be reciprocal or willing to raise tangible help. When they say "Reach out!" they actually mean catch them during a convenient time when they're open to listening to your problems if they can be assed to respond to you the first time–which is rare–oh and don't overburden them even thought that line is pretty subjective by individual anyway.

People are really better off getting help from the people they pay to help them, as ruthless as it is.

No. 515935

File: 1582065445236.jpeg (156.03 KB, 1920x1080, D2ED1116-FEAF-4661-88CC-AC7B5D…)

Bojack Horseman isn’t funny and is mediocre in its story. I had a guy praise it to me over how the humor is “subtle” and how “dark” it is. I watched the first two seasons and did not chuckle once. Lame animal puns and that whole long gag with those kids pretending to be an adult do not hit the mark for me and are far from subtle. If I wanted humor and a hard-hitting dark story, I’d go for King of the Hill and Moral Orel respectively over BH.

No. 515937

I tried watching a lot of it as well and found it so lacking. I wonder if many of the diehard fans who find it funny and compelling just relate to Bojack being a loser and an asshole. Just not for me either way.

No. 515938

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Bojack Horseman. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp on existentialism most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head.

No. 515939

my friend was trying to convince me to start watching this bullshit because "it's genuinely so good and so dark and they talk about serious themes despite being a cartoon" like ok i don't remember asking

whenever i see it around i just think of those straight boys who make sad simpsons/spongebob edits with a kaneki ken or little peep icon and talk about their depressuhhhn~

No. 515941

Honestly, Diane is the main character of the show. Funny how much the men who watch this hate her, even though she's a mirror to Bojack.

No. 515964

>"it's genuinely so good and so dark and they talk about serious themes despite being a cartoon"

how do people still find dark humor and cartoons to be such a shocking combination? do they have amnesia about everything on adult swim? they say the same thing about rick and morty. it's like all you have to do to impress people is have a little cartoon character talking about wanting to die.

No. 515995

File: 1582083600531.jpg (150.3 KB, 960x857, qvig22jnhrh41.jpg)

Sailor Moon makeup collabs are boring and never that special. Everyone creams themselves just for the novelty of the packaging if it's cute. It's okay but doesn't merit the hype imo. Fans are just thirsty for anything.

No. 516055

I find the e-boy or e-girl aesthetic gross. I never knew what exactly it was until recently but I never liked it. Any kind of person who could fit or does fit into that internet aesthetic that gets gassed up by nerds and losers immediately turns me off. Plus all of them lack the presence, sex appeal, and charisma of the other I guess more "normie" people who are popular for the same reason. Although many normies these days rely on some level of e-aesthetics to boost their sex appeal (face tuning, deliberately holding in their face and posing in a certain and calculated way that erases them from all their humanity, ect). There's just something painfully awkward and dishonestly insecure about all of them also. I don't like it.

I also dislike current photo editing of pictures and makeup. Humans have always erased their flaws but there was a period in the mid-late 20th century where appearing more natural (relatively) was the thing. Going back to the pre 1960s Western society period where everyone is overly focused on how they look and appear to others to the point they make themselves devoid of any personality or human resemblance is kinda lame. Reminds me of how 1950s and before starlets were all very calculated, robotic like, and posed in a certain way where 1970s starlets were more focused on being "real" and looked noticeably more greasier, messier (and so did the regular people as well, lmao) since being a overtly posh and rich faggot was considered lame and uncool because of a trending anti-establishment and rebellious sentiment in young boom booms.

Another one for this thread, but I dislike how every alternative or non normie culture has been pretty much contaminated with the stench of anime and vidya now. there's not much pure alternative subcultures right now that isn't intertwined with coomers and weeaboos. Not that anime and video game nerds can't have their own thing but it being pretty much every nerdy thing or non normalfag interest is annoying.

sage for sperg and rambling

No. 516059

File: 1582107370565.png (628.46 KB, 562x559, hero-2.png)

Cookie cakes are disgusting and just a cop out for a regular cake. Half of the time these people don't even eat the cookie cake, so it just sits there getting hard and stale. Make a batch of cookies if you want a cookie, you don't have to pull out a knife or anything, it's already portioned.

No. 516062

I don't like cake.

No. 516065

I've never seen a cookie cake. Where I live kids basically get the same cakes now as I got for my birthday 20 years ago. I'd welcome something different at this point

No. 516067

I agree with literally everything you've said.

No. 516096

I think that pap smears are unnecessary if you don't have any of the risk factors and are a young woman. I also think that it's messed up that they are used like a carrot-with-a-stick before many doctors will prescribe birth control. Imagine your dermatologist refusing to treat your acne if you didn't get a skin cancer test (more common than cervical cancer). Imagine doctors refusing to give basic meds to men (that only depended on blood pressure) unless they had yearly prostate exams. I swear modern women have been almost brainwashed by the medical establishment and social conditioning to think that if they don't get a pap every year they will 100% get cervical cancer and die.
By the way, the World Health Organization only recommends it every 3-5 years AT MOST if you aren't at risk, and like I said it's a misconception that you need one yearly and I know a lot of women irl that still think this. I even met doctors that think this.
Also, it's funny the way women react like you are the stupidest, most childish bitch on the planet if you have any criticism about the way and frequency paps are performed. They act like you are just being defiant for the sake of it. My own mother treated me this way and had a smug reaction when I had one. I think it is because they can't handle the fact that they might be putting themselves through dozens and dozens of invasive tests over their lifetime for NOTHING.
Oh, FYI if you live in the United States, it is legal for medical students to perform pap exams on you without your consent while you are unconscious in the hospital, even if it isn't for a gynecological related surgery. Look it up. I feel like it is disgusting how women's medical autonomy is treated in the United States. I was ranting about it in relating to birth control and doctors brushing off side effects or minimizing my pain in another thread and it just made me so angry thinking about all this shit.
Source on pelvic exams without consent: Educational pelvic exams on anesthetized women: Why consent matters by Phoebe Friesen (God I hope this isn't so common, makes me afraid of needing surgery)
Additionally, I think that males shouldn't be allowed to be fertility doctors and it should be common sense. Too many cases of doctors using their own semen to impregnate women and only being discovered after he has 50+ victims. I have read dozens of cases of it, just look it up, one just made national news less than a few months ago.

No. 516097

cookie cakes never taste good either. It's disgusting. Just a novelty for a waste of food

No. 516099

Men should not be allowed in many women only safe spaces. And to me, that includes abortion stuff, fertility and especially OBGYN.

No. 516154

Unpopular opinion, I didn't think Birds of Prey was that bad.

It was a harmless silly action flick that reminded me of the old cheesy Batman movies like Batman forever mixed in with the 2000 Charlie's angels.
It was still better than suicide squad. I see so many reviews shitting on it for preaching girl power but I didn't even think it was that in your face about it.
People mainly complaining about it sounded like incels. The costumes and soundtrack was cool and cute.
This is coming from someone who judges movies hard usually, but I feel like this was a fun cute action chick flick not to be taken seriously anyway. The way the reviews were I really expected it to be worse than suicide squad.

I could understand some of the reviews by those who prefer Oscar nominated films but there's SO many bad reviews from marvel and dc fanboys who watch trash like antman and the wasp and tout it as amazing. It's not a 5 star quality movie but I found it way less boring than some of the marvel films I've had to endure.

No. 516168

I just asked a doctor I know and you're right, he told me this is weird American thing #38558 since they can charge your innsurance for it. Most women in the rest of the world only go to a gyno if they went to their doctor with a problem and got referred. The idea of going to get a speculum put inside me by a stranger every year as soon as I hit puberty is mental.

No. 516170

I've never had a test done and I'm approaching 30. Whenever anyone finds out they lose their shit, but from what I've read the only reason cervical cancer is a cause for concern(over other types of cancers) is HPV, which is sexually transmitted. As a virgin, the chances of random cells in my cervix mutating into cancer is no different than anywhere else in my body, and I don't get yearly scans for that.

No. 516185


No. 516191

Agree. I basically disregard ratings before seeing movies nowadays, they’re the same tier with ‘game journalists’.

No. 516193

That Sherlock Holmes movie with Will Ferrell wasn't that bad. At least not worst than most Will Ferrell films.

No. 516209

File: 1582146273428.jpg (78.58 KB, 1000x1000, charli.jpg)

it seems like the type of media men would be really into a la fight club or clockwork orange. i have a male friend who raves about it but i have no interest in it what so ever

unpopular opinion: charli xcx isn't that creative of a music producer. i like some of her music and i think its great she gives upcoming artists a platform through collabs and having them open for her concerts but it seems like everyone wanks off to how ~talented~ of a musician she is when i feel like anyone could write similar music

No. 516234

Red lipstick looks good on no one, and winged eyeliner isn’t flattering on the majority of people who wear it

No. 516240

red lipstick is in fact bullshit and my unpopular opinion is that orange shades are overlooked far too often and they are more flattering on the majority if you use the correct tone for your skin.

however, winged eyeliner is the way to go, any other method of eyeliner looks far more stupid than a neat wing, some people just go too far with the length and thickness

No. 516243

I think it depends on the shade of red. Also I agree many people don't suit winged eyeliner or it ruins an eyeshadow look. Also the wing has been done to death by now and should calm down. It's time to revive standard eyeliner. I like to do that often myself.

No. 516244

wings look good if done properly, but there are definitely specific methods for specific eyeshapes/lids.

No. 516265

I don't know why people like My Hero Academia so much. It's obnoxious and does nothing to be any different from high school anime with kids with superpowers. They couldn't even be bothered to keep Deku quirkless to subvert the genre even a LITTLE BIT.

No. 516269

Everything about it seems really, really childish compared to Attack on Titan or Bungou Stray Dogs despite them being shounen too. I used to be really into BNHA and after giving other shows a chance — I don't really know what I saw in it and it's not that special either. The entire plot seems like something a middle schooler could easily come up with and the author wasn't even bothered to explain how quirks even came into the world, he basically just was like "oh one day a baby with a quirk was discovered and having a quirks is normal now". Lazy storytelling.

No. 516271

KFC is only good in third world countries

No. 516275

The burger king and Wendy's food where I live (I live overseas) taste so much better than the burger king or Wendy's food in the US I don't know why

No. 516277

Food production where you live now is just sourced better probably. I think a lot of fast food is better because of that outside the US.

No. 516278

AoT and BSD are rather seinen anon, not comparable to shounen battle anime where the whole point is hype-manufacturing. Hero Aca never prided itself on being unique or subversive or ground breaking… It just does an old formula well, compared to the last decade of shounen shits at least.

No. 516282

Honestly it's disgustingly salty/overseasoned and the chicken skin is soggy. How can anyone with options ever stand to eat there? Guess they don't live near a Popeye's.

No. 516297


I read somewhere that ultimately the main character is meant to be Sarah Lynn

No. 516301

I think most of the anons in a particular thread blame men for all that's wrong with their lives to avoid analyzing the consequences of their actions and poor behavior. If you willingly sent some autist on the internet nudes at any point in time, there were already underlying issues in your childhood development. This isn't just it though. There are plenty of anons crying over dating the same shitty men and having femdom fantasies to compensate for this. It's pathetic, honestly.

No. 516307

Let women vent about shitty men on the internet anonymously

No. 516310

No one is stopping anyone.

No. 516321

>there were already underlying issues in your childhood development
Whose fault is that retard? Certainly not the child's whose perception of the world is drenched in male bullshit. Why is it so hard to realize that acknowledging external factors that influenced your choices is as equally important as taking personal responsibility for past and future actions?

No. 516327

>If you willingly sent some autist on the internet nudes at any point in time, there were already underlying issues in your childhood development.
No shit? It isn't the well-adjusted kids with friends their age and loving parents who monitor their internet use who are allowing themselves to be groomed by men online in most cases. Still doesn't take responsibility away from the predator.

>There are plenty of anons crying over dating the same shitty men and having femdom fantasies to compensate for this.

That's indefensible though.

No. 516344

Related to the above discussion: Nudes aren't a big fucking deal anymore and society would get along better if it got over its aversion to the naked body.
It shouldn't be controversy. It shouldn't be career ending. It should give no male any kind of social leverage to have them at all.

No. 516345

Normal people go to therapy or move on. Not every woman is a fragile professional victim that needs to resort to femceldom to cope with reality.

No. 516346

Then don't send them. Are nudes really the cornerstone of relationships?

No. 516347

It shouldn't but it does. The best solution is not to send them.

No. 516349

I don't send nudes. I happen to believe they're not a big deal and the more people act like they aren't, the better.
It's not a debate about whether I think they should be sent or not.

No. 516350

Anons with bfs, no matter how shitty, aren't femcels though? Real femcels don't exist.


No. 516351

Epstein probably did just kill himself, people act like its literally impossible to kill yourself with a bedsheet/crouching but a large % of hanging suicide the person isn't fully suspended. I think if anything its more likely people created the circumstances where he would be able to kill himself than actually murdered him. There was never going to be this big expose of all those people in his books/island regardless of if he lived or died due to those peoples immense power and wealth

No. 516357

File: 1582176449815.jpg (37.5 KB, 567x541, images.jpeg-26.jpg)

Agree. I post semi-lewds sometimes just because I enjoy posting them, but the amoung of drama I see going down when some girl's semi nudes gets leaked is unreal. I simply don't have that kind of worry because treating it nonchalantly lets everyone around me know that they're not weapons. I think this is the one thing libfems pushed for that had actual positive results.

No. 516362

Ok? Tell that to men. It's men that feel some type of way about you just because they've seen your tits. Fucking sucks when these men are your boss. Encouraging women to feel nonchalant about nudes means nothing when men will still shame, abuse, and blame you all the way for being a dumb attention seeking slut.

No. 516390

Didn't one woman have her career in politics ruined over nudes being leaked? I forgot her name.
It seems like it's only celebrities who remain untouched. Every other woman and girl who wants to keep her job, reputation, etc gets the guillotine, no matter how we personally feel about it.
It was never about our feelings on it, lmao.

No. 516398

This kind of change doesn't happen overnight, but there is visible improvement. It's analogous to fat acceptance and black aesthetics - just a few years ago you'd never imagine either embracing their aesthetics, but now it's relatively normal.

It's not like we have no bargaining power just because muh menz will disrespect us. If you can't see how the consequences of having your nudes leaked now are a hell of a lot milder to what they were ten years ago, I don't know what to tell you. You're probably underage and can't remember what shit was like 10+ years ago.

No. 516406

Yep. Now in addition to being publicly humiliated we now have coomers objectifying us and asking if we have an onlyfans account. Much progress.

No. 516412

they're always dry and whatever that ghoulish frosting is that they use to decorate the cookie with makes no sense on a cookie. cookie as a cake is the devil's handiwork and it was clearly sent up to earth solely to punish and disappoint us

No. 516416

A schoolteacher or other professional having her nudes or a sex tape leaked isn't going to be let off easy in most cases. The only people who won't care are young women, really. Others will still negatively judge, she can/will still be fired, and the best you can get is "It was wrong of the person who leaked this to do so".
The biggest leap forward is the emergence of laws against revenge porn in various countries, and that's because it's now more commonly understood how damaging it is to have compromising images or video leaked, not because it's seen as less of a big deal. Even then, once the damage is done, it's not really reversible unless you were lucky enough to cut the spread.

No. 516418

Yeah I remember when schoolteachers were making news for having a picture of themselves with their friends at a bar on their social media, and their careers would be under fire because it was "inappropriate."
It wasn't just lewds. I remember being nervous to post anything that could be construed as inappropriate including my opinions if they were political. Back then you were fucked if your employer got it.

No. 516442

I remember hearing the story of a teacher I think who took off work because she was suffering from depression and they grilled her because she was tagged in a Facebook photo at a bar and she was smiling.

No. 516445

You’re the one sounding underage. Being black and being fat aren’t gonna ruin your reputation and get you fired and slut-shamed and blacklisted the way being naked does.
That teacher whose topless pic she sent to a boyfriend got leaked? She too says how she’s not ashamed but the fact is she’s still very fired, more harassed than ever and probably will never teach children again. Sending nudes IS normalized now so why hasn’t the stigma around it gotten any better? Why are men still engaging in revenge porn if it’s “not a weapon” anymore? You’re really suggesting that we should just keep giving these losers ammos to hurt us like prayers until one day they suddenly change their mind.

No. 516448

Anon fat and black people have a harder time getting hired, and are more likely to be fired just because they exist as they are. Those are facts.
I don't think it's a perfect comparison either, but there's definitely employment stigma attached to those two groups. Anon's point was that attitudes have improved over time but there's room for more.
>Sending nudes IS normalized now so why hasn’t the stigma around it gotten any better?
It has gotten better, just not enough.
>Why are men still engaging in revenge porn if it’s “not a weapon” anymore?
This is definitely happening less and there are some places with laws for it now. It is becoming less weaponized.
>You’re really suggesting that we should just keep giving these losers ammos to hurt us
Where did any anons ever say that they support giving men nudes silly nilly? They're just making an observation that not everyone who sends nudes these days gets fucked over and a lot of that has to do with shifting blame towards men instead of stigmatizing women being naked in pictures. That is all.

No. 516450

>This is definitely happening less and there are some places with laws for it now. It is becoming less weaponized.
Umm, doesn't the fact that revenge porn has to be criminalized evidence that nudes are more stigmatized rather than not? Where's the logic here.

No. 516455

Do laws that protect people mean we are stigmatizing said people?
Women don't get arrested for posting nudes.
Men can be arrested for taking those nudes in an attempt to sabotage them.
The logic is clear to me.

No. 516458

If revenge porn didn't damage women's reputations anymore then why would we need to make laws against it? Surely it shouldn't be considered a crime since no injustice was done.

No. 516461

It’s literally illegal to fire/not hire people on basis of being fat or black. It’s not illegal, it’s perfectly acceptable, to be let go for having “a bad reputation” ie everyone has seen you topless. Revenge porn laws only punish the distributor of said porn for distributing it. Nothing is stopping the rest of world from seeing it and discriminating against you for it.

No. 516462

>shifting blame towards men instead of stigmatizing women being naked in pictures
That's all well and good so how is it illogical to say that you shouldn't be sending your discord e-bf nudes or whatever until this shift has actually happened? Cause it hasn't happened even though e-thotting is so prevalent now.

No. 516471

I don't think debating if a serial killer is a psychopath matters in the long run when they've done horrendous crimes over and over again. Most of them only fake remorse or are sad just because they got caught. People always debate about if Jeffrey Dahmer for example is a psychopath but does that really change the fact he committed terrible crimes? Also even if he wasn't a psychopath that doesn't automatically mean we should be giving out excuses and sympathy for that fucking animal - save your pity for someone who deserves it.

No. 516482

The comparison was made as a means to illustrate how shit becomes more acceptable over time and although change doesn't happen overnight, it does happen.

And it's not a matter of men changing their minds lol why the fuck do dimwits always assume change comes from the micro level of convincing people personally? Men don't need to change their minds or stop cooming (what's wrong with that anyway? why give a shit?) it's simply a matter of normalization. Being gay has been normalized, and despite the fact that a lot of people still hate them, they're not really punished for that - because it's fucking normal.

And I'm not telling you to do anything, I'm well aware that a lot of spergs from this website are so afraid of having a male think a lewd thought about them that they'd wear a burka were it not for the religious connotation. But lots of girls aren't like this, and they have a positive impact in said normalization. I don't neurotically keep up with feminist discourse looking for the next thing to be outraged about so I don't know what's the story you're referring to, but my recent anecdotal experience with girls who got their nudes leaked was that fucking nothing happened. It would be unthinkable for nothing to happen as early as 5 years ago. Maybe you'd be able to see the progress if your definition of "making nudes acceptable" weren't men throwing their sexuality in the bin never to feel aroused by a titty ever again. Fucking puritans man, I swear to god most of your are ready to become modest tradwives.

No. 516490

Nobody said it "didn't damage women's reputation anymore", are you being intentionally dense? What was said is that it's not as big a deal as it once was. And using a person's likeness without their authorization is pretty standard illegal stuff, even when it doesn't damage them. I'm not sure where you're getting this "if it didn't cause harm it wouldn't be illegal" from, it's as simple as "it's distributing porn of someone without their consent."

No. 516495

File: 1582213973182.jpeg (22.92 KB, 300x300, FBA54E02-5581-4874-B140-356887…)

>Men don't need to change their minds or stop cooming
>Can’t stop comparing sending nudes (sexual service) to cumbrain males to issues like race and sexuality
>You think sending nudes is dangerous and unnecessary? You must want men to throw their sexuality away!! Tradwives reee
The absolute state of twitter feminism.

No. 516497

I have a solution guys!! Don’t send nudes to men. I don’t care if it’s your boyfriend, fiancé, husband, twin flame, etc. If you do send them, show discernment and accept that they can be used against you. Don’t be fucking dumb and send nudes showing your face and/or other stuff that can identify you to some fuckboy you met on tinder a few months ago. Also have some collateral, that always helps if you know some shit that you can use against him if necessary.

No. 516498

French food is bland and overrated. Use some spices for fuck's sake.

No. 516500

I know some of you think you're being good feminists, but making the shitty actions of men a woman's fault and responsibility to predict isn't feminist. Neither is calling women "dumb" because you don't morally agree with their decisions.

It reads like you're defensive of male behavior and have a defeatist attitude that nothing is going to change when history shows that is not true. Lest we'd still be caned for showing ankles in public.

No. 516504

Already lolcow history, love that for us all

No. 516505

>Being gay has been normalized, and despite the fact that a lot of people still hate them, they're not really punished for that - because it's fucking normal.
Uh yeah they're still punished in many parts of the world, as if gay bashings don't happen in the West too. You're unbelievably sheltered if you think "normalization" and how you feel about yourself is going to stop the people who want to target and harrass you.

We get it, you're mad at your Christian parents. Doesn't mean that everyone who isn't okay with being sexually objectified is a tradwife.

No. 516509

Finally someone who agrees with me. Thank you anon.

No. 516510

some have a) good quality tasteful ingredients b) a delicate palate and thus don't need a million spices to find something worth eating.
bad French food is bad because it's not well prepared, and adding garam masala can't save a bad dish

No. 516511

Rape is 100% a man’s fault but are you telling your friends to meet up with men alone and get shit faced silly nilly because it’s normal to meet strangers from tinder? No. You take ALL the precautions you can take, even though it shouldn’t be that way. No one is saying it’s a woman’s fault for having her pictures used against her.
Also news flash, women can also be dumb bitches. Women aren’t in the business of coddling retards.

No. 516516

No one itt ever argued that it's great if a woman chooses to send nudes to a bazillion men. However it doesn't justify a single one to use her images in such a way that it hurts her life.
If that's your spiel you could have dropped it ages ago.

No. 516523

Admitting responsibility for what we have control over is not justifying the negative consequences or blaming women. It's not within her control if the dirtbag she was dating sends her nudes to her coworkers. Trusting him with them in the first place was within her control though.
We have a choice of who we share our body with and sending nudes forfeits that as it's now not within our control. Being better safe than sorry is a more practical solution for women who enjoy their privacy or keeping their job than accusing everyone of victim blaming.

No. 516530

>is not justifying the negative consequences or blaming women

But it is and it does and this is EXACTLY the logic of criminal males when they commit crimes against women. They always absolve themselves because they say that the women were dumb in the first place, or "she forced my hand."
The fact is nothing would come of a boyfriend having a naked picture of a girlfriend on his phone unless HE did something shit with it.

Stop giving men ammo against us with this bull. I bet a bunch of women who fought for your current rights in the past were told they were stupid and to just keep to themselves too. But you do you.

No. 516532

this exactly. there's a big difference between how something should be and how something actually is. no one should have to deal with bullshit like that, but the reality is that it can happen, so you should be careful. i think it's a big issue to talk down anyone who asserts that as victim blaming, it just ends up creating more victims inadvertently, it's a knee-jerk reaction. we shouldn't criticize people after the fact necessarily, but you need to warn people of how real life is.

No. 516533

that's not even what anon is implying and you know it.

No. 516536

It is exactly what's implied and I don't give a fuck what you know.

No. 516537

Lmao old timey feminists would absolutely call you stupid for the multitudes of vanity we normalized for the male gaze let alone showing them your body. Keep being obtuse tho.

No. 516538

are you asserting that we don't warn or be cautious of the dangers of men while said dangers still exist?

No. 516557

For the last time being cautious about who to trust and considering the possible long-term consequences is not excusing men of doing the shitty things. Them being shitty is the reason why we have to be cautious in the first place. No one here is debating that.
Guess we shouldn't teach young women to be suspicious of strangers or literally any seedy situation at all because it's victim blaming if something bad happens to them. Who gives a fuck about prevention.

Meanwhile anon further up thread boundary-shamed everyone with
>yeah sending nudes is normal now and if you have a problem with that you're basically a puritanical tradwife so just accept the fact that someone might blackmail you in the future after all your bf deserves to coom xoxo

No. 516559

>yeah sending nudes is normal now and if you have a problem with that you're basically a puritanical tradwife so just accept the fact that someone might blackmail you in the future after all your bf deserves to coom xoxo

Lmao except no one said this and in fact YOU were the one slinging names and calling other women dumb and retarded. I've got nothing more to say to you. Are you done?

No. 516560

Except I didn't because that's not me, and yes an anon did call us puritans. Try scrolling up.

>I've got nothing more to say to you. Are you done?

Yep. Looking forward to your next post about how watching your cup at parties is for victim blaming morons. Have a nice day.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516565

Oh that wasn't you, well I didn't call you a puritan trad yet there you are throwing that up at me. Knock it off then.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516719

Men who constantly whine online should just kill themselves. Might as well take some fuckers with them since they’re going to die anyways. For that matter women who it should do so too.

No. 516740

Unpopular opinion- Billie Eilish has a blackccent and appropriates black hood culture but gets away with it just like Gwen Stefani did with cholos and asians because she is popular as fuck.
Literally no-one I know thinks she's trying to sound black but I swear her fake accent is worse than Ariana's.

No. 516754

This is a pretty retarded nitpick, plenty of people appreciate hoodrat shit. Arianna Grande is a literal blackfish who tries to look racially ambiguous because she was competing with other latinas during the time she was marketed. Tanning your skin that dark and changing up your face to the extent she has is very desperate.
You should come at soudcloud fags for "appropriating" hoodies, and don't forget weebs. Billie is just trying to be not like the other pop stars who come from deep pockets.

No. 516765

i do find her style of dress and speech strange considering she doesnt rap. it's fine, just weird and unexpected when you actually hear her music.

No. 516799

I get some of the clothing being nit picky but she definitely has a blackccent. The way she's always like 'yooooo' before she talks. She tries so hard to sound like a tough black girl and it's cringey. Especially since her music sounds nothing like the way she talks.

No. 516803

wildfires are good, they're regulating their ecosystem. obviously not good for people living near them, that's horrible

hunting is good to maintain the ecosystem as well. you don't want too much of one animal and throw off the balance of all the other animals and plants

guns are good for protection against supremacists and school shooters, the gov't shouldn't have all the weaponry though i understand they have tanks and shit. everyone should have one in their home or carry. the BPP had very good reasonings why they carried and i think it is still relevant today (hope this isn't race baiting)

options to vote for hunting/fishing protections during elections are there to get white right wingers to the polls to secure their republican vote, at least where I live in the US south

i recommend watching Vice which confirms 9/11 was an inside job. cheney was speaking to his lawyer when he "learned" of the attack. he didn't want to move from the white house when staffers told him to go to the white house bunker in case there was another bomb headed for them, but he knew the plans of the plains wouldn't come to white house
the taking down of Cynthia McKinney was damage control and she was labeled left wing nut

No. 516804

Hoodies aren't the appropriated clothing items I was talking about. The clothes were a minor point anyway, it's mainly the weird accent.
Also her comparison to Ariana had to do with her bizarre accent. Yes Billie doesn't do the crazy tan, but I was comparing the way she talks because her accent when she sings sounds nothing like the way she talks. Ariana is a piece of shit blackfisher, but her blaccent is nowhere near as bad as Billie's in my opinion.
I do agree that Ariana has gone further in terms of aesthetics to blackfish than Billie has, but Billie's accent is way more try hard. Ariana talks in the same way she sings, where as if I had never heard Billie Eilish talk, I would not think that was her real voice.

No. 516822

they didn't mean hoodies as in an article of clothing anon…

No. 516827

Apologies, the term hoodies usually refers to clothing where I am from. I haven't heard it in reference to a group of people. I've heard hoodrats before, (not commonly used though) but never heard of hoodies.

No. 516939

i literally hope you never reproduce you fucking psycho

No. 516978

I really don't think it's right to push or guilt rape victims into reporting.
I saw a post on reddit yesterday of a dude whose friend raped his gf and he said he forced to reporting it. And everyone's in the comments saying he should take things at her pace, one saying "eventually she'll thank you for making her report". Like, what?

There feels like so many reasons for a victim to not report. Not only do you have to relive your trauma, you open than that humiliating experience up to everyone you know including the shits saying "how drunk were you, what were you wearing?", you have to go through physically invasive procedures for it to maybe not be processed anyway, questioned on it over and over, possibly turn it into a "he said she said" thing unless it was a violent rape, try have it turned back on you, have this thing dragged out over a long time when you just want to be over it, and in the end have a low chance of the person ever getting justice anyway.

Like fuck, I'm not sure I'd report if I were sexually assaulted. For what, a sense of justice? Nah if I were raped I'd want to take care of me and myself first and foremost.

And the women who report and for the most part lauded, but otherwise it's shit like:
-You NEED to report, it's the right thing to do
-if you don't, then he could do this to someone else in the future (sure, put that guilt on the victim!)

Oh, not forgetting the undercurrent of suspicion you get if you don't report, with people insinuating if it's a rape there's no reason to not report, so it was probably consensual. You get guys breaking up with their gfs because they were raped at a party and didn't report. I guess believing the victim is another story but I just think the whole "you need to go to the police" take is lacking in any kind of empathy and understanding.

No. 516988

thinking both of them even choose to do that, its obvious that some makating execs got them to act/talk like that, cause they think its appeals more to the youth

No. 516992

How did Gwen Stefani appropriate shit from Asians exactly?

No. 516993

>wildfires are good, they're regulating their ecosystem.
Tell that to the koalas you fucking idiot.

No. 516997

Gwen went from ripping on Jamaican culture to Japan but it's such a who cares issue. She's just a weeb.

No. 516999

>m-muh cultural appropriation!!!
Go back to Twitter retard

No. 517004

File: 1582366241394.jpg (161.51 KB, 800x1091, 800px-Tig_Notaro_by_Gage_Skidm…)

Tig Nataro is x100 times funner then Hannah Gadsby and I think any people who say they like Nanette are full of shit

No. 517013

hannah used to be really funny though. tig was really funny but i think she's less funny since her wife had the kids. she's just less funny now. hannah is too.

No. 517015

Tigs best work came when she was suffering from brain cancer

No. 517043

look up fire ecology
koalas do absolutely nothing and extinction is normal

No. 517044

im gay so I won’t and I don’t tell this to anyone but point out what you’re thinking about this and I’ll explain

No. 517048

> i literally hope you never reproduce

Nta but, Can we stfu with this line being used on here lately

No. 517082

File: 1582389798267.jpeg (142.82 KB, 980x653, 555C40E7-6519-4253-8A12-2863BF…)

She hired a group of Asian American dancers to follow her around and giggle at what she says on red carpets and she forbid them from speaking english in publish.

No. 517172

people act like these were her slaves or some shit when she probably paid them very well and they had no problem going along with it. i don't see the problem

No. 517320

Kylie Minogue > Madonna

No. 517331

Is there some type of interview that confirms this? Because I've only seen this passed around in SJW circles

No. 517359

Lol this exchange was exactly what I was talking about in my post. Women shaming other women for not following the Rules and thinking for themselves.

No. 517365

File: 1582469033898.jpg (73.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Those girls were her background dancers and were called Love.Angel.Music.Baby (as seen on their shirts). Gwen called them the Harajuku Girls that were hired to promote her merch line called "Harajuku Lovers" that was a mix of her music and obviously, japanese aesthetics. If I remember it correctly, two of them were native japanese and the other two were american-japanese, she kept them around in her first solo album era to promote her fashion. She also still has her main fashion line, which has the name L.A.M.B. They were still around in the Sweet Escape era but not as much because they not needed as back prop anymore.


>sorry for the gwen autism. I was damn obsessed with her back in my teens lmao

No. 517369

damn can i just post an unpopular opinion as that's what the thread is for

99% of animals in the history of earth have gone extinct, that's 5 billion. it's normal. koalas will too as they do nothing but sleep and eat and barely mate. this isn't koala hate in any capacity and i'd hate to see them go i'm just saying it's bound to happen. also read the following

fire ecology researchers say "Fires often remove alien plants that compete with native species for nutrients and space, and remove undergrowth, which allows sunlight to reach the forest floor, thereby supporting the growth of native species. The ashes that remain after a fire add nutrients often locked in older vegetation to the soil for trees and other vegetation. Fires can also provide a way for controlling insect pests by killing off the older or diseased trees and leaving the younger, healthier trees. In addition to all of the above-mentioned benefits, burned trees provide habitat for nesting birds, homes for mammals and a nutrient base for new plants. When these trees decay, they return even more nutrients to the soil. Overall, fire is a catalyst for promoting biological diversity and healthy ecosystems. It fosters new plant growth and wildlife populations often expand as a result"

No. 517378

all day every day

No. 517392

nta but that’s very interesting anon. thanks for expanding on it!

No. 517426

normally this would be true but the recent wildfires in australia got out of control because of the weather becoming increasingly more dry and there being less and less rain. you need rain to both control the fire and also for the land to rebuild itself after the fact. the weather is changing and it's having a subtle but devestating effect on wildfires. it's also not just koalas affected by this. fish and other important species are in danger due to the massive amount of land that was burned.

No. 517432

File: 1582480053717.jpg (359.91 KB, 800x1200, 2008.jpg)

>other latinas

She isn't anything close to latina. She's a white Italian. You're proving the point here.

No. 517549

I watch an english YTer who is married and lives in China. I like it cause he's fluent and he goes to a lot of unpopular/non-touristy places and he's even gotten in some heat for it before. He's made a lot of interesting videos, and more recently about the coronavirus. Well anyway he made this video to more or less highlight some negative aspects of Chinese culture. I get that he was trying to tie these bad things (unsanitary wet markets, spitting in public, etc) to why the coronavirus took off as much as it did.
Yet he just spent a large amount of time in the video talking about how wet markets butcher dogs, and it was a lot of emotional emphasis that took up so much time. I get it but at the same time it's so pandering to appeal to the one animal people emotionally identify with most. He spent more than several minutes about dog butchery when the other animals sold at these markets go through the same if not more tortuous conditions too. Meanwhile he only showed a quick flash of softshell turtle babies scrambling for their little lives in a crowded plastic tub, for example.

It's just a low blow. Pigs and cows are just as intelligent and feeling but we slaughter them in the west by the masses.
It shouldn't be about what type of animal is being slaughtered, it should be about how making another living thing suffer in unhygienic conditions is immoral for both the animals and for humans who no doubt are at risk for consuming this meat.

No. 517555

>pigs and cows

no, cows are not smart. heard animals are definitely not smart. pigs are however. that said we shouldn't torture animals or give them poor living conditions.

No. 517556


fucking autocorrect.

No. 517558

She's not hispanic but she is literally of Latin blood

No. 517560

that's not how that works, that's not how anything works.

No. 517562

People from Argentina are from overwhelmingly Italian and German backgrounds, are they not latino in your opinion

No. 517565

Latino refers to people descended from Latin america. Hispanic refers to Latin american countries that were colonized by Spain.
Arianna is a white girl, stop deluding yourself.

No. 517566

Argentina is a latin american country, Italy is in europe. A white american having italian ancestry from Europe is not the same as being latin america you nog.

No. 517570

File: 1582520357728.png (434.23 KB, 2000x2067, 1028 (1).png)

I just feel that "white" isn't at all a useful term for the complexities of race and ethnicity,

No. 517574

those are languages

No. 517610

Makeup is shit

Hard agree

No. 517614

I stopped wearing makeup a while ago and I feel beautiful and clean.
I tried putting some on last month and the foundation felt too heavy on my face and I felt like I was wearing a mask. Of course I might rip into it occasionally, but makeup is no longer an everyday thing for me. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind either he’s a dumbass who can’t tell the difference. People tell me I look pale but idc, it’s just winter skin.

No. 517619

have you seen many anime? attack on titan is just as overhyped and dull. people have been acting like it’s gods gift to anime when the art is mediocre and the plot line is basic and expected. guess that’s my unpopular opinion, I hate attack on titan and wish it would die already. the big 3 were shit and yet more entertaining than this slog.

No. 517621

Thank you! Everyone expects it to be 5 star chef quality when half of it is bland meat, pasta, cheese, or potatoes. I was super stoked to try raclette and when I was served boiled potatoes, deli meat, and gherkins i just about died. Deli meat for dinner with melted cheese poured on top was boring and disappointing, not a salt or pepper shaker in sight.

No. 517623

ntayr but have you only seen the first season of AoT ? I don't think it's perfect and I understand some criticism but I really don't see how you can call the story basic and expected if you've seen s3 ????

No. 517624

>local contrarian h8s everything popular
What a brave take. Amazing.

No. 517634

do you have skin issues at all? pimples, discoloration?

No. 517639

Japanese are not as polite or friendly as people claim.

No. 517640

I think we sage too much as a userbase.
I sage almost every post I make and I get mad when others don't do the same, but it doesn't make any sense outside of cow threads. I'm just so used to it being the way we use this site.

No. 517642

I've always taken it as more of a "i won't say shit to your face but will be needlessly passive agressive" general vibe. What's your reasoning, anon?

No. 517644

It's not even the two faced stuff. It's just I've encountered more genuinely welcoming and warm people in Spain, Greece, Iran, even Eastern Europe. Yet nobody constantly shills for these countries in the same way they do for Japan.

No. 517649

Factual statement.

No. 517654

Are 4chan girls even human to be considered girls? Those types together with the coord are the only ones I hate. No, not seagulls, the e-girl is what I mean. Is my hate for them unjustified? I dislike how much they please the men and how they're so vile and attention seeking.

No. 517660

It's just kind of strange that you'd hone in on the few and far between e-girls while blocking out all the male and mtf attention seekers who outnumber the girls by a large margin. Surpassing them even in desperation. There'd be no market for e-girls there if for every girl there weren't twenty men willing to orbit for the chance of a free nudie.

No. 517666

Well you haven't seen my post history but I'm sure I've complained about those too, if not elsewhere.
I don't have to mention obnoxiously that I hate men more every single time I criticize a gender, that's a given.
I'm disgusted how e-girls are women, that's literally it, because most women irl and in female communities are a contrast. Also, you know that e-girls hate women for more than I hate e-girls, since they want to please their orbiters.

No. 517675

It always surprises me how many are promiscuous and actual coomers.

No. 517677

Meant to reply to

No. 517681

I agree with you. I don't like e-girls, lewd cosplayers, porn actresses (obv not ones who were trafficked, they are victims), Instagram models, and so on. Basically any woman who makes money from selling her body and/or getting off men in any way. They almost seem like traitors to me, especially the way they photoshop or get plastic surgery to meet unrealistic standards. Their whole lives and careers revolve around pleasing gross men.

>b-but it's their choice!!

I know. It would also be their choice to roll around in shit, but it doesn't mean it can't be criticized.

No. 517691

Girls here who complain about their shitty boyfriends/husbands are just as stupid as the man they are with. You have working internet, your life really isn't as fucked as you think it is, just leave. "I don't have money/a job/scared" Find a job? Go to a women's shelter? Go back to your parents? No, they'd rather be abused because they're scared of change and just want to whine and get asspats. I say this as someone who was "scared" of her ex bf who literally would throw shit/fists at me and psychologically torture me. I didn't want to lose my beautiful house, have to rehome my pets, move my shit, etc. even though I knew he was a pos and I was in pain being with him. Stop whining and do something with your life.

No. 517694

In the end they stay with them because that's what they feel they deserve.

No. 517700

I feel that the hate for e-girls comes from internalized misogyny. So what if a girl is taking advantage of the system and making a living off it? Why does that breed hatred? I'm certainly not cute enough to be an e-girl, but if I was 10 years younger, sounds like it would be fun. But we clearly haven't grown out of the old ideology of "omg a girl on the internet, kill it with fire". Like, Cracky-chan and Creepy-chan were big style inspirations for me growing up, so what if they're more attractive than me, doesn't make them any less human.

No. 517702

Why complain then is my issue. If you feel like you deserve this why come to lolcow to tell your story and get a chorus of "you don't deserve this!!!" from randos on the internet. It's almost a level of attention seeking at that point. There's a small part that really doesn't believe they deserve it if they're complaining about the shit they put up with.

No. 517708

I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. I'm disabled and found myself dependant on him before he then started getting physically and sexually abusive. I still didn't leave til he cheated and left himself.. now I feel like most of my replies on here are me telling able bodied adults with jobs and families to just fucking leave at the first sign of abuse.

That or I'm arguing with anons that it's not normal for a bf to want to isolate you

No. 517710

What pisses me off is when they defend the same man that they just wrote 5 paragraphs about detailing every type of abuse. Like girl you asked for advice and the only good advice is to leave.

No. 517713

You are an asshole. A lot of women who go through that suffer from severe psychological issues and it isn’t a matter of them being stupid.

No. 517714

i've never posted here whining about a shitty husband but i was married to one for five years before getting out. it's never as simple as "just leaving". if it were, the relationship wasn't that abusive in the first place. narcs will do anything to limit their victim's resources. mine sold my car out from under me. and unfortunately, finding women's shelters isn't that easy. it's not like the info is right in front of you, you have to look for it. if my ex found that in my history he'd kill me. literally. i didn't have parents to go to - most don't, and that's why they were targeted. sorry that YOU were too much of a whiny pussy to move. sorry YOU didn't "just leave" as soon as you realized you should. sorry YOU didn't do shit with your life.

No. 517716

When I was with my shitty bf two years ago I was so, so grateful to have lolcow to vent to.
I needed those outside perspectives and asspats precisely for the reason that I didn't deserve what I was going through. Meanwhile irl people were gaslighting me with shit like ~*~JuUuST cCoMmUnICaATE wWiIth HIIm!~*~ and convincing me I needed to give him more chances, sacrifice to help him more than I already had, and put up with his shit because I had "problems" too (no, not really actually).
I'm not stupid. I live in a society that favors men and looks down on educated, independent women. I needed to see for myself the fucked up shit on paper to 'build my case' to leave. I left on a whim one day when he frustrated me for the last time, I didn't even have a chance to vent to lolcow first. I couldn't have done that without the tethers of my heart attachments being severed by outside farmers who saw through his shit.

Sorry for what you went through. You can vent to us, we won't think you're stupid just for being a human with feelings.

No. 517717

I had an ex that would threaten to make me homeless every time we fought..and now I see the same predicament happening to anons on here with no place to go.

Big difference between that situation and say a couple that don't even live together yet. Most of the cases I see on here are women who moved hundreds of miles to be with a guy and who have no income of their own. That shit is scary

For the last few weeks of my abusive relationship I honestly thought that my guy was planning to kill me..turns out the extra hostile vibes were on account of him having an affair but either way I'd nowhere to go at the time. Similarly I had gone into incognito mode while googling womens shelters which it turns out didn't exist anywhere near me

No. 517721

> a society that favors men

Nta but, It took me quite a while to admit to my dad that my partner of several years had been abusive. A year after the break up I told him about it and yet he would still from time to time say "oh I liked John, he was a nice guy"

I had to very graphically describe a couple of the assaults before my dad would shut up about John being nice.,. I never told him about the sexual stuff

No. 517745

See I would agree with anon until it comes to cases like this where the man is VERY manipulative and controlling. Women have been killed trying to leave their abusive partners. Calling them "stupid" is more of a reflection of you than them.

No. 517836

The hate isn’t that they make cuckbux or are cute… it’s that they enable male delusions. They’re willing to participate in toxic beauty standards and pander to whatever gross loli tradthot pickme fetish shit for coins, while virtue-signaling about how empowering this is.
You’re just mad because you see your past self in those girls. Calm down and go to therapy and forgive yourself weirdo.

No. 517855

This. Why should I be jealous of some girl pretending to worship and indulge fat neckbeards' ddlg fetish? It's pathetic and also gives these creeps the idea that women want to be treated terribly and abused. They learn entitlement from constantly being pandered to.

No. 517864

For me, it's more that they choose to indulge the system instead of being against the system as much as possible, if that makes sense.

No. 517922

>sounds like it would be fun.
Are you for real? Being orbited by obsessive, mouth-breathing misogynists sounds like a fucking nightmare to me.

No. 517930

obsessive, mouth-breathing, greasy, obese, balding, misogynists who haven't showered or brushed their teeth in several days tugging their crusty dick to the sound of your voice

so fucking glad i never got seduced by the e-girl/influencer shit. on the surface it seems 'fun' to be adored by a bunch of strangers on the internet, but i'm pretty sure if a photo of the face of whomever liked/subbed/donated was included in every interaction, far fewer women/girls would be interested.

No. 517967

Why are fandoms so shitty? Seriously, i saw very few fandom with sweet/cool fans, they are all the same with people gate keep the shit out of you, pp with god complexes and holier-than-thou attitude and dont even think about getting some of their favorite character facts right cus they will attack you for it. Now, when i like sth i just keep it to myself and checking their updates by myself.

No. 517969

Fuck this stupid "muh seasonings" shit I see everywhere on social media. Usually made by white people trying to look 'cool' by black people. Every time I see a healthy recipe that has a reasonable amount of salt and pepper all I see is "wHeRe aRe tHe sEaSonIngS LoL wHiTe Ppl"

Its almost like you can enjoy the taste of a chicken breast with a side of veggies without drowning it in paprika and cumin?

No. 517972

hard agree anon, few people are as welcoming and accommodating as an old babushka who had a few. japanese people are very polite but not really friendly.

No. 517979

The fans who enjoy whatever content are probably doing just that. Chilling out with the thing, collecting merch, downloading fanart for wallpapers, maybe discussing on small forums. The one s who are loud usually have their own problems or want to warp the content into some inclusivity bs. If it aint that it's going to be some kink/porn crap.

No. 517980

This. Involving yourself in fandom communities is usually a bad idea, because it's often the weirdest type of people who throw themselves into that kind of thing.
I usually just enjoy media with friends I had before getting into that thing, or on my own if they're not into it. Saves a lot of headaches.
I do sometimes like reading the discourse when it gets milky, though.

No. 517985

I'm not white and I think the taste of cumin is vile. The last time I ever used cumin was 2 years ago and I regretted it lol. Butter, salt, pepper, and some garlic powder is basically all you need for a majority of meals. So many people exaggerate their seasoning jokes, most of them probably don't even make food themselves.

No. 518002

Anon please, for the dignity of whatever race you are, use real garlic at least
Spice is to be used sparingly and there’s flavor theory so putting stuff in willy nilly is just as bad. Just sprinkling paprika and cuming on top of a chicken breast like it’s salt sounds disgusting.

No. 518059

Yeah, y'all are totally right. The last gamer meetup I was at (mostly guys) this girl was there wearing lingerie, with snow outside, just soaking up the attention from being the token objectified female. Doesn't even play the games, she only exists as fap fodder for autistic men. I see your point. It could be fun if one had other qualities or talents to go with the e-girling, or saw it as an art, but getting validation and social status for taking pictures of one's tits is stupid.

No. 518067

I think publicly speculating on crime cases should be illegal. The cancer that is the true crime community has caused so much harm by accusing and harassing innocent people.

No. 518105

Don't worry I use real garlic too, but garlic powder is just… Right there lol

No. 518247

living with a person you're FULLY dependent on (because you don't have a job or income of your own) is the main problem here. that already sounds fucked up to me. not even a hint of equality in a relationship like that lmao and then people wonder why their partners behave the way they do. it's because they already feel like they own you and you owe to them.

No. 518332

I honestly think reddit would be better of as a sfw normie website, ban all the porn and political subs and it would massively improve

No. 518383

I hate Beauty and the Beast. Not just the cartoon but the story in general and all the retellings. It just sucks ass. Sorry.

No. 518388

dumb take. imagine thinking you should be allowed to stifle people’s freedom of opinion irl just because you don’t like it. also dumb for you to attack them when they’re literally just reacting to the material that the media and police give to the public anyway.

No. 518444

File: 1582726623175.png (75.3 KB, 360x450, Gene.png)

I unironically love the emoji movie and think Gene should be protected at all cost.

I dont even understand why people hated it so much, it was just a fun happy-feels movie, nothing too serious.

No. 518457

Probably because it's literally the most insincere "How do you do fellow kids" attempt at trying to relate to children or popular thought. The levels of consumerism of capitalism it took to make this movie is comical.

No movie is just "happy fun feels", they are trying to sell you a product that influences your thoughts, feelings, thinking and consuming patterns. Brushing it off as just a kid's movie, when it is in fact, propaganda, makes you look incredibly mindless and lacking in critical thought.

No. 518468

File: 1582732398539.jpg (10.87 KB, 718x196, 58379012_393731424548244_81114…)

>Brushing it off as just a kid's movie, when it is in fact, propaganda, makes you look incredibly mindless and lacking in critical thought.

Damn, aspie, go take your meds.

Being this touched about someone's movie taste makes you look incredibly shallow and mentally unstable.

Here's your "superwoke intelleckshual" points nonny.

No. 518471

The characters look goofy as fuck. I hate the gap in Gene's teeth.

No. 518484

I haven't watched any kind of animated film in years, I don't see the appeal of them as an adult. That being said why hate on someone elses film tastes? Enjoy it.

No. 518493

My unpopular opinion is you can like any type of movies, even consumerist trash, so long as you aren’t paying for them lol

No. 518518

I hate those superhero movies and I can't take seriously anyone who unironically thinks they're great. Also that pedophile superman actor, I hope he dies soon

No. 518549

I'm so tired of guys who are obsessed with capeshit. It's the most basic bitch shit ever now.

No. 518556

After living in Europe for 2 years, I honestly don't understand the superiority complex a lot of people on here have over Americans. The racism and sexism really isn't any better. Actually, it's often way worse.

No. 518558

That completely depends on where in Europe you are.

No. 518563

I feel edgy for this, but I'm not worried about the virus and think maybe we need some brush clearing. I also don't have any elderly relatives as they're all dead already. Oldest is my well-into-alzheimers father who's only 67 and he's only got a year or two left and I don't like spending time around him.

No. 518567

Depends on the racism.. usually white Americans when they dislike a particular minority group they will act anxious/awkward over their interaction with them, not make any contact, and show some level of nervousness being around them. I noticed Western & South Europeans (not sure about the others) won't demonstrate that level of nervousness and anxiety nearly as much, but can still harbor racist opinions or even more.

Sexism I agree is def worse. As weird as it sounds American men will treat me far more like an equal and contain their sexual desires far better than a French or Spanish man can.

No. 518571

I don't understand why us Americans fawn over foreigners accents or cultures yet they trash talk us when we try learning their languages or living abroad. When we mispronounce it's not proper but when others mispronounce english it's fine or adorable. Heck our nation wastes so much energy policicing all the other nations but we're still seen as idiotic annoyances. People in other countries always put blame on us for foreign affairs like we should fix it even if they're going to bad mouth us with a superiority complex. Realizing this made me do a huge 180 in how I see foreigners who will continuously get praise from others here.

No. 518588

ntart and also not an american but i think it's because americans are seen as having it all (privilege) and are an acceptable target for mockery.

I do notice it sometimes, say, an american (most likely a white person) liking anime and other east-asian pop culture, they'd get accused of weebery/yellow fever/cultural appropriation. If the opposite, they get praised for "appreciating". Just look at the kpop tweets obsessively fawning over some idol's English as if that's a big deal. If it was the opposite, they'll be mocked and would likely pop up on a cringe compilation.

No. 518594

America's entertainment and politics are known by everyone internationally, I think the exposure turned the U.S. into a meme and that's why it has become normal to mock it.

No. 518638

I agree, other countries always act superior to the US until they need something from us. It’s like they expect the US to help them with everything but also want nothing to do with our country or people, I don’t see why we bother at this point.

No. 518670

Ah anon I assure you this is generalizing to the extreme. I work in a big American company in London and we have a pretty multi cultural team. My best friend is a born and bread american guy from Connecticut, your down to earth, football/fast food/fun loving big american boy. Love him to bits. He came here in London 6 years ago to be with his brit wife. I'm French and I LOVED hearing him try to speak with our french clients. He truly made huge efforts to memorize some entire sentences and it had its effect on clients. I'll always remember fondly when he came up to one of my very french client and to impress him asked him "Alors quel sassy soon vous aime"? (So what saucisson do you like ?). My client erupted in laughter but not mokingly, but amicably because it was just too charming the way he pronounced saucisson as sassy-soon.
Most European (younger generation like me) don't hate you, you guys. As a French I have to at least always thank you for your boys who died in a foreign country just to do the right thing one summer in Normandy. Much love to you friend.

No. 518782

This. I'm so sick of people from other continents talking just about "Europe" when they mean Germany/France/Italy. There are so many other countries with unique cultures and societies.

Literally when does this happen? I'm Finnish and I'm ecstatic when foreigners even make an attempt at learning my language, I would never trash talk someone for it. But so many of the English-speakers I've met just depend on speaking English and don't even attempt learning the language which I feel is way more disrespectful. I know it's a hard one to learn but you'll never learn it if you won't even try.

No. 518852

Everyone deserves to feel loved, even cheaters and liars.

No. 518854

I find it absolutely lovely when americans speak my languages even with a very thick accent. But most of the time they don't even try and I've even have some act annoyed when I speak with my thick accent.

No. 518855

I gave a guy with a history of cheating a chance.. and he cheated on me after three years building a life together. All I know is he's leaving a whole string of hurt women in his past and always immediately moving on to his his next big 'love'

If cheaters will face up to their issues and get real help including therapy I think that's maybe different

No. 518865

Where do you get non-Americans trashtalking Americans for their accents from? In my experience, Americans and any foreigners in general only get trash talked when they demand to be spoken to in English in a non-English speaking country or make 0 effort to speak the language and expect the locals to adapt to them by speaking English for them rather than the other way around.

My only "problem" with Americans is that (from my personal experience interacting with Americans) they seem to live in a bit of a bubble, a bit oblivious to the world around them.

No. 518884

> My only "problem" with Americans is that they seem to live in a bit of a bubble, a bit oblivious to the world around them

I'm not living anywhere near america and I can't count how many times people online have assumed (just because they are american) that I must be too.. and they then apply american politics to the conversation and tell me which side/american candidate I voted for…

I'm in a whole other part of the world and my country has it's own politics that don't look anything like that system. It's like viewing the world through a USA filter I guess.

No. 518944

i broke it off with my ex boyfriend after i realized he was larping as a woman on discord when i snooped on his laptop and had bought himself an asuka cosplay off of amazon and striped panties. he tried to model it for me and i was so weirded out that i still can't get over it 8 months later

No. 518952

File: 1582855462267.jpg (308.6 KB, 1500x2000, dazcud4es4j41.jpg)

Not-like-other-girls bashing sometimes comes off as another form of bashing GNC women. I even see bashing where the implication is that being GNC in itself is internalised misogyny. I see GNC women accused of feeling superior all the time on the internet because people take their nonconformity as superiority without even getting to know her. I worry how that creeps into this discussion. there's a lot of take about the "not like other girls" mindset lately and there's even a lot of judgment toward GNC girls/women without a lot of understanding for their perspectives, a lot of it makes seem like its the "masculine" gnc girl's fault for harboring bad thoughts about the girls around her, and she has to unlearn internalized misogyny. many yimes GNC girls/women get accused of harboring the "not like other girls" sentiment regardless of whether or not they actually do, but people see that they're GNC or have "masculine"-coded hobbies and assume that these girls/women must have the mindset. It seems like there's a huge focus on talking about internalized misogyny in this context but almost no discussion about feminine girls/women who mistreat GNC girls/women, and almost never is that behavior framed as internalized misogyny or anything similar.
Growing up as very much a tomboy, I had this experience. I never thought anything about other girls and their hobbies- but they gossiped behind my back, teased me, used to pull pranks on me and ultimately shut me out. I never said I was "different from them", but they make me think that I was, which ultimately led to me not wanting to be associated with them. Feminine girls really aren't that welcoming and nice to the masculine ones at that age..

The not-like-other-girls jokes I see now further alienate me. It was confusing to see the same type of girls I witnessed picking on me for being GNC accusing others of internalized misogyny and all these memes that implied it was the isolated girls fault she wasn’t really being excluded! Look how friendly those girls are! Yeah no, it wasn’t like that. also this recent trend of "shipping" "not like other girl" characters is creppy to me because I would hate if people started shipping me with the type of people who literally made me want to commit suicide

No. 518954

This definitely does happen. My friend is American and also speaks Cantonese and a little Mandarin. Mandarin speakers will often give her shit for pronouncing something weird or using bad grammar.

No. 518955

Sorry you were bullied in school. It's GNCs who felt the need to make it known to the world that they are NLOG that are the target of the memes. That shipping meme isn't about /you/, weirdo. Just stop having a complex about your presentation because it will manifest as superiority/insecurity quickly which is like blood in the water for le evil feminine mean girls~.

No. 518959

100% agree its shit and i cant believe ppl who say belle is their fave princess bc shes so BLAND….

No. 518960

File: 1582856848907.jpg (453.84 KB, 1078x1341, Screenshot_20200228-112709_Ins…)

Kota milk has been dry for years. It was kind if interesting she she first moved to Japan, but theres nothing to snark about anymore. She doesn't even look that bad these days, but based in descriptions by anons you'd think she was 200lbs with the face of a 40 year old. Imagine getting shit for having the same winter coat for 2 years kek

Who cares if she's supposedly married and on the DL now? Either she gets a lot of work and gets shit on for having connections, or she chooses not to work and gets shit on for 'missing opportunities'.

No. 518964

Well said, anon.

No. 518966

Agreed, I see it all the time now that girls will vent about how they feel forced to wear tons of makeup, painful pushup bras, to constantly diet and restrict their calories, to pursue surgery and so on, and it gets dismissed as them being a qUiRkY pickme. I've seen comics where some teenager simply laments that she's fatter than most other girls and people accuse her of sexism and trying to appeal sexually to men somehow. I say this as someone who's very conventionally feminine specifically because of a lifetime of societal pressure and understanding that my career success can depend on how much makeup I wear, how my hair looks, how much I diet, if my clothes show off my figure. I understand how these girls are feeling and that it's not me that they hate, it's the cage of femininity that puts shackles around your brain even when you spend your days refusing to give in to it. It's always hovering over you demanding your time and energy and worry and it's exhausting. Of course there are notable examples of actual sexism occurring in this context, but most of the targets of this type of bashing are just random GNC minors.

No. 518967

I don't hate those girls who make these types of comic because I understand thier point of view, and I know no the "feminine mean girls" in those comics were probably the one's who bullied them IRL, i don’t see popular internet posts asking women to examine why they mocked and shunned non-feminine girls in school, and what that might say about how they view women. i very much doubt anyone has ever sat down one of my bullies and said of their bullying, “your internalized misogyny is showing.”
Thank you

No. 518973

I haven't even read your whole post but I agree, I've seen people accuse women of being "not like other girls" for merely wearing sweaters and not acting super girly

No. 518979

I don't really see these memes making fun of GNC women but rather "alt fashion" women.

No. 518982

I kind of feel like the milk on Venus is dry as well. There's a reason why she and Dakota are stashed in the /w/ board.

Honestly I feel so bad for Venus that I find it difficult to hate her, her mother put her through a lot of psychological damage by being an abusive, gaslighting, narcissistic parent. Having a similar experience I wish Venus better because I know what kind of shit stems from having a crazy mother who constantly chooses to live vicariously through her child.

No. 518987

Becky memes usually mock GNC women

No. 519002

Does this really happen lmao
>i very much doubt anyone has ever sat down one of my bullies and said of their bullying, “your internalized misogyny is showing.”
Well someone should. I see bullies get told on the internet pretty often, look where we are. Both feminine and GNCs alike.
What are "becky memes"?

No. 519008

Every time I scroll past the venus thread on /w/ I see people going at her for such ridiculous things.
>lolololool she's getting SO FAT
>look she has EYE BAGS
>shes jobless lmao
>she looks SO shitty in this candid vs an edited instagram selfie!"!!!
Like what the fuck? I find it really hard to be vindictive towards her due to being raised in isolation by a crazy mother. Give her a break for gods sake.

The same goes for Dakota, I used to hate her so much but after she moved to Japan (and this was years ago) she really got her act together. She's cute IRL and she also had a manipulative, batshit crazy family around her in the states. Those threads are full of skinwalkers and absolutely insane people.

No. 519044

Imagine getting sexually molested by the type of people who made your life a living hell and made you want to kill yourself, but you deserve it anyway's for wanting to avoid your bullies

No. 519049

yandev isn't even a cow worth talking about and seeing people try and revive his thread here is pathetic

No. 519075

Yeah her thread makes me sad, I genuinely do not understand the level of hatred those anons feel for her. Gossiping is fun, but that thread isn't really fun and it hasn't been since she ran away from Margo.

No. 519088

I like Greta Thunberg. Milk has different types of effects, I find her a based albeit odd thing. Why do people hate her? She's cute.

No. 519090

because she allegedly promotes a "leftist agenda" or something and is a bright but quirky 16 year old not in a skin tight outfit. there's literally nothing to dislike about her. i don't think her platform is healthy for her because she's so young but she's so bland and inoffensive, it's incredible. men/le enlightened centrists/the right could drum up homicidal hate for a tapdancing pomeranian, they're so pointlessly rabid over anything innocuous

No. 519091

I don't hate her, I just take issue with kids being so prominent in political movements.

No. 519093

>men/le enlightened centrists/the right could drum up homicidal hate for a tapdancing pomeranian, they're so pointlessly rabid over anything innocuous
This. I mean, look at how horribly they treat the Parkland kids for ~pushing a leftist agenda~ because hdu want gun control after almost being killed in a mass shooting.

No. 519101

I'm fine with her being the representation of younger generations and their political concerns, I just find it annoying that people continuously put her on a pedestal as if she became a figure all on her own. It's blatantly obvious she was fed lines and coached then propelled into media by her influential and connected parents. The fact is that there are tons of children who are Gretas but they don't have the resources nor the influence. See the forest for the trees.

That said, the alt-right and conservative's response to her is incredulous. In a way it makes sense that people have galvanized her for the fact that she was so specifically bullied by grown was men.

No. 519108

File: 1582896286261.jpg (416.66 KB, 4096x2730, bori9fjgbjj41.jpg)

I don't get it either. I can understand not liking using children as political tools, but their hatred for her seems to be pathological. Pic related.

No. 519109


No. 519110

This still wouldn't be ok if she were a grown woman

No. 519111

Literally the worst

No. 519118

Anti-abortionists love the "Well your mom didn't abort you!" argument, because they think it's compelling. Cause they assume everyone's mom is grand like their own.
Actually it's a sad sentiment for those of us who legitimately had unstable and unfit parents. Because they would have been better off themselves for being childless, and we would have been given the kindness of not existing. Despite my accomplishments and attempts to make something of myself, my life has been riddled with difficulties because of the volatile nature of my narcissist mother. Thankfully my abusive bio dad fucked off a long time ago but he did me zero favors during the time I was forced to visit him. I often think of what my life would have been like to been born to a complete family full of unconditional love out the box who made selfless decisions for the benefit of their children. As opposed to the life I got, where I was dragged around the whims of my parents regardless of how it affected or traumatized me.

My mother tried but we never formed a bond because she was emotionally unavailable. Performative of her part as a mom around other family and guests, but deep down profoundly broken by her own lack of being nurtured when she was a child and selfishness. I think I was her 'panic' baby. What with her having me with a known abuser and womanizer, in her mid 30s, when motherhood clearly wasn't what she wanted to be about. I wonder where she would be now if I had ended in a miscarriage like her others, and if she'd be a happier person.

No. 519119

I literally hate men

No. 519121

tbh that's just hatred against females in general. men just feel the need to establish their dominance against women no matter what and they'll justify anything to do so. disgusting though

No. 519141

I don't hate Greta Thunberg, I hate her stage parents who pushed their autistic and neurotic daughter into publicity to promote their book.

No. 519147

I feel this a lot as somebody who grew up as a tomboy and is still very GNC even as an adult in my late 20's. But what especially kills me is that in my experience the textbook "NLOG"s weren't the GNCs, they were always the very gender-conforming women who felt superior to other girls and had a bad case of the Queen Bee syndrome. In other words, the girls who had a lot of male orbiters validating their superiority and telling them that they're not like those other girls in hopes of getting laid. Growing up as a GNC woman men absolutely despised me because I wasn't the sexy kind of Cool Girl tomboy.

All in all the "NLOG" of GNCs is more of a "I feel like I'm garbage because I don't fulfill the stereotype of a woman" variety than the "I'm better than those dumb ditzy bimbos every other girl represents" one. I know I'm "not like other girls" but to me it's not something to feel good or proud about, it makes me regress to a level of a bullied 13-year old whenever a feminine woman looks down her nose at me and I wish I didn't have to deal with that shame all over again.

No. 519152

File: 1582904953857.png (8.44 MB, 4500x9728, 24rwav3heeb41.png)

oh anon you should really work on your "internalized misogyny" and forgive the girls who bullied you and made fun of you, you should also just kiss and make up with the girls because that would be totes kweer

No. 519161

Why does your physical appearance matter if you are mentally or physically talented?

And ultimately, who the fuck cares? If you're going to take socially risk-taking behavior by presenting or engaging with things out of the norm, you sure as fuck need the courage and self-confidence to carry yourself after. Letting your own mental confidence be affected by the vapid, socially conditioned opinions of others makes you look weak and without sincere conviction.

No. 519165

File: 1582906790404.jpg (197 KB, 1200x1200, DmzZcHXXsAAxnuT.jpg)

I'm not at all fond of the Animal Crossing series, and can't understand why it's so popular especially among normies. I adore a few villagers but my attention to AC ends there.

I don't care about the newest game for Switch either (New Horizons) either, which is kinda bleh since everyone in my social circle is all hyped up and excited for it and I can't share the same sentiment.

No. 519167

did you play it as a kid? which animal crossing games have you played? if your only exposure to it is pocket camp i can understand. i think it's also a lot of nostalgia on top of it just being a relaxing chill game

No. 519169

Not to be bitchy but this is some "Why are you sad, just be happy! It's not hard!" level advice. When someone experiences a continuous trauma caused by social peers in an age that's very receptive to outside influences, it becomes your internal voice and it's a hard one to silence.

>Letting your own mental confidence be affected by the vapid, socially conditioned opinions of others makes you look weak

Wow, really? Did you figure that out on your own?

No. 519171

you make it sound as if being gnc is this purposeful choice people make which….

No. 519181

Not sure if this should be in PP but 'feminization' fetishes really grind my gears.

Ain't no one out there with a "masculinization" fetish. No one's jerking it to the thought of a woman wearing boxers. But a guy in panties is considered sexual. This logic implies that femininity as a concept is sexual in nature, that a woman is a fetish. As if wearing feminine clothing turns one into a sexual object.
Why do men get to make fun of us like this? They dress up as us and mock us to get their jollies off. They dream of being 'bimbos'. In a world where real women have their lives ruined by being seen as a 'bimbo'. It just seems sick.
If a guy genuinely wants to wear girl's clothes, I could give a fuck, but why do they have to like…. make it so weird.

No. 519184

This belongs in the /literally just facts/ thread.

No. 519198

There was an anon lately bragging about her submissive nigel and how he worships women and sees them as superior. He was also into the whole sissy humiliation thing.

'dress me up as a woman to degrade me' Yep there's totally no contradiction there

No. 519202

to me it's very calming. there's not really an objective, just relaxing music and making things pretty. same reason i like sims. but for ac, a lot of people are hyped bc we've waited so long and nintendo barely gave updates. maybe you like games w objectives which is reasonable

No. 519206

I agree. It's kinda like "well, you're not good enough to be a man so become an inferior woman" type of thing that is gross and creepy. Fuck off with that shit.

No. 519247

eh, the only reason men don't want the opposite is because they're scared of seeming gay, but i highly doubt there's not a market for masculinification.

No. 519248

I thought nanette was good

No. 519255

And this is why I fucking hate femdom degenerates

No. 519261

Not all femdoms are into sissy forced fem anal shit retard. Stop getting your definition from porn.

No. 519264

Disgusting. Mommy/Sissyfags are the absolute worst and I hate how they try to brand their fantasies as "femdom" when it's only about a woman servicing them and their dick.

No. 519267

Shiloh seems like an extremely toxic, bpdish person, and even though Greg was obviously exploitative and in the wrong, her fake seizures, pregnancy and the whole ‘omg Shiloh can’t stop whimpering my (Greg’s) name in her sleep when I move away from her’, among other things, performance while they were dating was painfully cringeworthy. I get she was young but she wasn’t that young and she behaved and behaves in an extremely off putting way

No. 519270

There's meant to be a thing where NPD men attract BPD women and if this isn't the perfect example of that I don't know what is. Like they love the clinginess and emotional desperation of bpd

No. 519271

this is not an unpopular opinion, esp rn, and esp on this website

No. 519272

Hate to break it to you but you do know all the sub men out there are getting their 'sub' ideas from… porn

No. 519277

And? No woman, dominant or not, should get with a self-proclaimed sub male period lol

No. 519278

Some of the onision victim's retelling of events does not seem entirely honest

No. 519279

may i ask who?

No. 519280

I think they all faced some degree of victimisation but that all of them have rewritten certain details that they feel show them in an unfavourable light, I understand kind of why though - because it is all getting dragged out so publicly, I feel like the way the situation has been so publicly commented on has done so much more harm than tangible good

No. 519288

I don't even see Dakota as a lolcow at this point. All I see when I go to that thread is a girl who a successful model in Japan and the anons are SEETHING. Venus' life is just depressing. It's not like Shayna where she creates problems for herself and makes her life harder than it needs to be all by herself. Her mother really ruined her by depriving her of basic life skills, support and a proper education.

Yeah, I agree. I was bullied by beckys when I was younger and did eventually harbour some internal misogyny. The solution I found was to go out and find other nerdy girls to talk to. Getting into anime and stuff like lolita and even coming here has helped a lot.

No. 519291

Sarah has lied a shitton in the past and present. Ayalla and Billie both tried to save face with newfags by insisting posting a photo of troy was an accident when she posted the censored version on twitter first. Billie tried to make it seem like she never wanted to sleep with Greg when everyone knew they were fucking around and being giggly about it when Lainey was pregnant with Cloey. Let's not forget the noose she made outside for lainey. Shiloh lied about the sepsis and seizures being real, that's the most obvious lie.

No. 519297

My psychiatric hot takes:

I don't believe DID is real in any way.

I think personality disordered people shouldn't be associated with other people with mental illnesses. Oh, yes, they suffer but they cause as much external harm as internal while other mental illnesses are restricted to internal harm only for the most part.

No one should take antipsychotics, atypical or otherwise, unless they're schizophrenic or in psychosis. They're massively damaging drugs and ridiculously overprescribed.

No. 519298

Let's not forget that psychology is a soft science (pseudoscience) for a good reason. I don't know why I let myself take anti-depressants when nobody literally knows how or why they work.

No. 519304

This so much, I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh at her weeaboo videos but I get that it really was for the most part out of her control and her mom pretty much raised her to be the way she was until not even that long ago in her life.

No. 519306

i believe shiloh was probably septic. greg is so retarded he kept referring to septic shock as sepsis. going septic doesn't mean a death sentence, though with septic shock it is likely. shiloh is definitely a liar though. the "seizures" were never real and she obviously didn't lose her memory. the acting was so bad it's unbelievable she doesn't just admit it.

No. 519309

Googled about her since I didn't know her, she seems like a nice girl but her parents exploiting her autism is pretty fucked up.
Though not as fucked up as this.

No. 519314

I knew as soon as I saw this that it was from somewhere in Alberta. I fucking hate this place

No. 519315

People who are found to be scalping preventative or life saving medical supplies (gloves, masks, medications, etc) should face heady fines or jailtime.
It's not innocent capitalization, people are going to die for those shenanigans.

No. 519328

I never thought it was a seizure, but probably some sort of mental break down, which is more plausible because she really does strike me as very unstable, even still until this day. I don't think she is really that good of an actor.

No. 519330

Not all personality disorders cause harm to others. You sound like you think that all personality disorders are cluster b trainwrecks.
Agree on DID tho.
Well stop taking them if you are such a smartass and see how you feel then.
You sound dumb AF

No. 519399

Oh, for sure about the personality disorder thing, but cluster b are by far the most prevalent. For every schizoid or avoidant PD seen, there's like a million borderlines ripping their stitches out that someone has just fucking done in A&E to encounter clinically.

No. 519403

Internet humour is dead and memes killed it

No. 519405

Past tense hun. I feel way better than I have without them but thanks for your meaningful input.

No. 519410

>Coronavirus is just the flu lol, it's basically like SARS, stop freaking out
Yeah, remember when schools and whole regions were put on lockdown over the flu?
People who keep repeating this should let a Wuhan man cough on them and let us know how harmless it really is.

No. 519423

Japan but schools on lockdown because of muh olympics PR. Literally no other country has done overblown shit like that.

No. 519424

They also cancelled their cherry blossom festivals over coronavirus fears.
Iran cancelled its Friday prayers for the first time in decades because of this, Switzerland has banned all events with more than 1000 people, Amazon is telling its workers to halt travel in the US and internationally, and the UK has stated they will shut down schools if things get any worse. This is ignoring all China has done, btw.

No. 519454

I love how people who say that mean "the flu kills more people every year and nobody talks about it so the coronavirus isn't that bad" as if we're not told every single year about how the flu is fucking dangerous everytime there's an epidemic. Fuck these people. Fuck the people who are like "it's only old people and people with a weak immune system who can die from it so it's not actually that dangerous" like that's going to solve or prove anything. If anything I have relatives with extreme health issues who could die from this shit.

I've heard about several big companies in France cancelling all their overseas business travels for the next weeks. The only one I can think of right now is L'Oréal though.

No. 519457

Coronaviruses can cause flu-like infections. And they caused the SARS outbreak. They can cause anything from something like the common cold to pneumonia. This one is similar to the flu in the sense that it really depends on the health of the infected person and whether they have access to good treatment.

Obviously I'm not saying we shouldn't care, but things like this need to be dealt with calmly because panic just makes people stupid and exacerbates everything. Freaking out is pretty much never the answer. It's a hassle when everybody is going looney tunes and hospital staff have to deal with it. Practice good hand hygiene, catch your coughs and sneezes in a tissue and then bin it and call the health authorities if you genuinely believe you might have the illness.

The reason people are panicking is because this is a new strain of an old virus and they're not 100% sure how it will affect people yet. People are being overly cautious because we can be nowadays, not because it's the end of the world. It's easier than ever to share information, spread awareness, pinpoint carriers, map out their days and isolate possibly infected people. They're doing it because it's better to be safe than sorry, at least until they discover long term effects and statistics.

Schools, public areas and offices do go on lockdown for other illnesses, such as norovirus. European hospitals will close bays with anybody infectious in them, regardless of whether or not the infection is thought to be fatal. It's a standard precaution with anything that spreads easily and they've pumped it up for coronavirus because it's new.

No. 519467

anon you sound like you know absolutely nothing.

No. 519475

A lot of girls on here have very immature perspectives on love. It reminds me of the way I thought about relationships when I was 15 and read too much shoujo manga.

No. 519478

Keep this shit to the other thread, cunt.

No. 519494

What is a mature perspective on love? Please explain, I want to see your pov

No. 519496

I'm not discussing this in another thread and have no idea what you're even talking about?

No. 519497

i'm not like other girls, i'm so wise and experienced

No. 519498

I'm not going to list examples of the stupid shit I see girls say on here because just from saying I see a lot of immature perspectives, I already got someone jumping down my throat falsely accusing me of being from another thread. So, being specific will obviously just make it worse.

No. 519500

You guys sure are weirdly defensive over this statement. Telling.

No. 519502

I'm not asking what is an immature perspective on love but a mature one. You don't need to make an example out of anons for that.

No. 519505

I couldn't agree more. Whats more sad is the attitude these girls have towards infidelity. They're outraged when you display interests towards someone else than your bf like a healthy person but get all defensive/apathetic about their nigel watching porn.

No. 519508

>display interests towards someone else than your bf like a healthy person
>like a healthy person

No. 519522

Nta but If you expect your partner to never think another person is attractive, you're the problem. Obviously you should never act on it, but expecting your s/o to never think someone else is hot is insane. When you get into a relationship I seriously doubt all your celebrity crushes will suddenly stop being hot to you.

No. 519526

all the anons getting offended and defensive over this are probably the perfect epitome of what you're talking about

No. 519531

there's a HUGE difference between being attracted to other people and watching porn. seeing someone on the street and finding them attractive is completely harmless. you can't help if you're attracted to someone or not and if you see someone and find them attractive what's the harm?

when you actively seek out other people to look at, that's a bit different- BUT that's not even the main reason most of us have with porn. the thing about porn is that it's degrading and disgusting and warps men's view of women and sexuality. my boyfriend had super fucked up ideas of sex (like wanting me to drink used c*m out of condoms, not being able to sustain an erection, not wanting to lessen his porn intake etc). if you think a man seeing a woman on the street he thinks is pretty is the same thing as him watching "teen anal gangbang" everyday you're just a moron, sorry.

No. 519542

There's a difference between finding someone attractive and having an "interest" in them. The latter implies that the partner has fantasies with that person and would act on them if they had the choice.

No. 519549

This is what I meant and there is nothing wrong with that.

No. 519569

What weak moral character.
You sound like a slave to your base impulses.

No. 519596

Just because you like someone doesn't mean you have to sleep with them

No. 519604

You taking this reasonable statement so badly sounds like you're the impulse slave but ok

No. 519674


No. 519707

File: 1583026101015.png (486.93 KB, 800x450, 31397014-2C63-4E32-AA07-08CA97…)

I find these two so smug, unfunny, cringy and self righteous. I don’t get why their ‘comedy’ is spoken of so highly on YouTube

No. 519708

I feel like they're starting to buy into their own hype a bit too much. I still like them but they do come off a bit smug tbh

No. 519709

Same with the likes of Danny Gonzales, Kurtis Conner, Drew Gooden etc. Noel can get it though, he’s the hottest or at least most funny one of them all.

No. 519710

File: 1583026501861.jpg (80.44 KB, 900x900, dd.jpg)

No. 519713

I actually find Noel the most smug of them all and he sometimes gives me incel/abusive vibes but I can’t really articulate why…the incel thing bc of his height complex I guess… it feels like not a joke when he talks about it

No. 519714

I don't even know what my sexuality qualifies as anymore. I'm sexually attracted to men, but if I know them at all personally, I get massively turned off. Can't stand emotional intimacy with them. Not as sexually attracted to random women off the street, but if I know a girl and get a crush on her, she suddenly becomes the sexiest person on the planet.

Guess it's worth noting that I'm a borderline misandrist and can't form emotional attachments to men at all.

No. 519719

i'd say you're bi leaning lesbian or lesbian, depending on how strict your definitions are. i'm basically the reverse as you and i usually say i'm straight for simplicity but technically i think i'm bi.

No. 519722

>bi leaning lesbian
literally what

No. 519723

I think I might be a "pure" bisexual but my emotional biases are affecting my orientation. Hate men so I can't form emotional bonds with them. Never have loved a man in my life. I feel bad about objectifying women so there's a mental block when I see girls on the street. Sexual blockade is only broken when I develop an overwhelming infatuation.

No. 519724

Not them but it's just a bisexual woman who's more attracted to women than men

No. 519734

kek they're one of the only youtube duos I can stand, some of their podcasts clips have made me cry laughing. I agree with the other anon that said they're getting kinda smug though.

No. 519745

Interesting post anon. Something about this topic always rubbed me the wrong way but I could never see why, and I think you explained pretty well.

I still like them and find their videos pretty funny but my problem with them and similar youtubers like Kurtis Conner and Drew Gooden is that they think they're so smart and original for calling out certain people or trends and their content is worthy of millions of praises just because they react to something "cringey" and say how awful it is. It's like, the content is humorous but it's barely any hard work, all you have to do is say something is cringey and act morally superior and fans think they're like the absolute best content creators ever because of it and I just find it a bit ridiculous. It's weird how much worship these guys get when other youtubers deserve a ton more.

No. 519780

noel is the only one that's legit funny. cody is ok when he's with noel, but the others like drew gooden&co are painfully unfunny and annoying

No. 519791

I hate modern (past 80's) Disney movies and the way they represent everything that's wrong with the western media. They're manufactured magic so to speak, created with a formula based on audience research, everything exists to sell more toys and ONLY to sell more toys. I hate the live action remakes of their old movies even more because they don't even need to be original, they can just do something they already did and play on people's nostalgia to make money. And to keep them "current" they slap superficial woke bullshit all over it such as including more black people in the crowds of 1600's France (naturally other ethnicities than black/white don't exist) and making every female character extra sassy and ~independent~ while being a paper thin shitty attempt at "fixing" old tropes that didn't even necessarily need to be fixed. But no gay people because we need those China ticket sales!

Also adults who are excited for something like Frozen 2 need to go get themselves checked for autism. It's a sequel to a children's movie. And it wasn't even a good children's movie that adults can enjoy. It was created to prolong the life span of the franchise to sell more crap. Adult Disney fans in general are the biggest fucking adult babies I've ever seen.

No. 519793

Are you getting your decades mixed up? Because the Disney golden age was 80s-90s. From 2000 onwards I can understand your criticisms but none of that applies to movies before then.

No. 519794

>It was confusing to see the same type of girls I witnessed picking on me for being GNC accusing others of internalized misogyny and all these memes that implied it was the isolated girls fault she wasn’t really being excluded! Look how friendly those girls are!
I always wondered why I didn't like these "wholesome" memes that are created under the guise of "destroying internalized misogyny" but couldn't quite figure it out, and you explained it perfectly. It's just a continuum of the high school narrative, it's the GNC girl who just has a bad attitude and it's her own fault for being such a prejudiced hermit, these girls would like her if she just gave them a chance!!

Nope. Women can be bad people. Women can be shallow and mean. It doesn't make me less of a feminist to admit this. The vapid girls who made fun of me for being GNC were little shitheads and I don't have to forgive them for it just because someone wants to fetishize the dynamic. These girls will never be held accountable for their own implementation of misogyny against women who don't fulfill the female stereotype. But because GNC women have no value, they're expected to take the fall and responsibility for fixing the situation.

No. 519796

Past 80's implies from 90's and up. Nobody in their right mind would call movies like Hercules, Mulan or Tarzan the "Disney renaissance masterpieces", it stopped with Lion King which came out in mid-1994. Even Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) was considered too dark by the company and they tried to desperately brand it as a fun adventure movie in the marketing to sell more toys and Happy Meal deals.

No. 519797

Don't fool yourself, pre-80's Disney movies just as much solely exist to make money. The only thing that is different is the tactics and strategies used to make said money.

No. 519802

The Disney art style (in general) is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.

No. 519819

You are taking the reverse meme too literally. It's not about the girls who bullied you (which sucked and I am sorry about it, been there). It's about NOT assuming that a group of women is inferior to you based on their look, sexist ideas and your own insecurity. I remember how common it was in the 00's to think 'X group of people (but especially women) bad' before they did anything bad to you, just cause they were looking like a Barbie (or a Stacy), a nerd etc. I'm glad this idea is being rejected now.

No. 519829

samefag, cant delete and repost anymore.
You can either be bi or a lesbian, stop making lesbian an umbrella term. No wonder people think that lesbians can be attracted to men if such idiocy is being spread. Weird I never heard about women leaning gay male lmfao

No. 519839

>sexually attracted to men
>le bi-lesbian meme
That's not how it works, anon.


No. 519845

not sure about other people, but i did have psychotic depression when i was younger. i now have permanent body tremors and i feel like i can't orgasm like i could before since the drugs i took. but then again i was in 8th grade so i wasn't too experienced in that stuff (masturbation only). but i was prescribed 2 things at the same time so i'm not sure which is to blame, the anti-depressant or anti-psychotic. that's irresponsible to test on an 8th grader that i live with forever now. i never could finish during sex. i've faked it every time i'm pretty sure. alone it's hard but can be accomplished

No. 519856

So it's still about then, right? It's not to make us feel better.

No. 519858

No. 519862

agree that disney lost its artistic integrity, though like >>519797 said, disney films have almost always been manufactured for money. but yeah unfortunately we'll only be getting soulless live action remakes/grossly polished cgi and "woke" characters, and never another fantasia or bambi

No. 519864

I think you're the one who misunderstood the point. What you described is how the meme is "supposed" to be seen I guess, but for someone who had to go through the shit "stacies" (Forgive my terminology) put them through it's about the bullied being accused of internalized misogyny when in reality the setup has the gender-conforming archetypal mean girls being misogynous for ostracizing a GNC girl for not being feminine enough. I think a lot of GNC farmers can relate to this and know how out of proportion the bullying can be for the simple sin of being a tomboy or just not being fashionable.

>I remember how common it was in the 00's to think 'X group of people (but especially women) bad' before they did anything bad to you, just cause they were looking like a Barbie (or a Stacy), a nerd etc. I'm glad this idea is being rejected now.

It's really not. It still happens. Even as adults you get a ton of vapid mean girls badmouthing women who are "beckies" so it's not just an imaginary hollywood high school setting that can be solved by telling the GNC representative that she should just wake up and see how ~nice~ these girls actually are.

No. 519875

File: 1583079562563.jpg (48.42 KB, 640x853, 1583079334879.jpg)

you realize it's not only about being GNC, right? You can be different in other ways as well. I guess not because you treat this whole meme like it's meant to be about you and your bad experience with Stacies. I highly disagree. I honestly believe this meme is against girl hate and the kind of twisted mindset that the heroine of Watamote has.

TBH I think you truly do need therapy for your Stacy hate. Shitty girls bullied you, it's fair to be angry at them, you don't have to forgive. You sound like you project your issues on all feminine women and even an innocent meme which is not healthy at all.

The original meme wasn't even about shitting on Stacies cause they were cruel, just on their look and hobbies and making yourself feel better cause ~you are not liks the other girls~, so your argument makes even less sense to me.
BTW I hope you do not believe that being a GNC woman makes you a special little snowflake.

No. 519877

Ok I get it, it's our fault.

No. 519885

shup up, we get it, you were bully get some help jesus

No. 519888

>omg you should get help for your stacy help its bad to hate feminine women xD
>btw you think youre a special snowflake

thanks for proving the GNC woman right tard

No. 519889

Seriously. Acting as if bullying is an exclusively Stacy problem when it’s an misogyny problem, which happens to all types of girls. Fucking poor innocent GNC’s sure as fuck bully others in their circle like alllll the time. Some women just be bitches no matter how they dress.

No. 519897

Yeah but this one is a specific type of "bullying" and I see older "stacies" shit on GNC women as well, you make it sound like it's a teenage phase.

No. 519899

If I may say so I think someone is in defensive denial mode.


No. 519906

I feel like obviously bullying is a genuine problem and a lot of people do face real bullying, but I also feel like a lot of people who have the perception they were ‘bullied’ were in fact just widely disliked because they are/were fundamentally extremely unlikeable and unpleasant to be around people who are unable to accept that they played any role in people’s reaction to them.

No. 519910

It's bad to hate on anyone based on appearances. Being mad at everyone that simply looks someone that was shit to you in highschool is just being unfair to those strangers, and worse than that making it harder to recover.

No. 519912

So its perfectly fine for a nerdy guy to resent jocks and sports in genral because he was bullied by jocks, but its not fine for a gnc/tomboy woman to resent stacies because they were bullied by those type of women

No. 519917

Agreed. People who haven't move on from high school need to deal with issues of their own. Like, if you still resent anyone for anything that happened back then, after a certain age, well…seek help.

No. 519932

You wish. I just can't relate to your obsession with hating on the evil stacies because I am no longer an insecure teen and I don't project my bad experiences from the past on irrelevant people
you realize that the original "I ak not like the other girls" meme was a big cope for not being popular, right? which is why I brought it up.
GNC can bully others too, cunt. Especially ones with hate toward women who are not walking trainwrecks that gave up on their life. Yeah this happened to me with 1 cunt but I don't cry that all gnc /fats/uggos are bullies and that it's fine to hate them just on that basis lmfao
Who the fuck cares about scrotes? And nobody said it's fine.

No. 519933

>anons bring up time and time again how this is not a problem that exist only in a high school setting but is very common in the adult life as well such as workplaces, universities, online spaces etc
>you nasty nlogs need to get over ur high school insecurities lmao just move on !

No. 519941

I think it's pretty unfair to tell people who have been bullied as kids to move on. That shit has an impact on you for life, it's not easy to forget.

No. 519943

Once again, misogynistic women aren’t a stacy specific issue. In fact stacy isn’t thinking about how much she hates GNC gina, she’s nice because she gets everything she wants via halo effect. The bitchiest queen bee-est cunts in the office are fatties and uggos (bonus point if they partake is shitty male nerd culture).

No. 519950

>The bitchiest queen bee-est cunts in the office are fatties and uggos
yikes. you sound like a bitch yourself. are you guys like this irl too or just two-faced cunts? jesus christ, sometimes i wonder if it's males acting like catty women online or my standards for women are too high.

No. 519956

God I wish you people never found this website. Do you know what the point of lolcow even originally was? Why would you be surprised to see comments like that?

No. 519957

>The bitchiest queen bee-est cunts in the office are fatties and uggos
You seem to imply that you associate or interact with more attractive people to even be able to compare, and that delusion is only slightly more hilarious than your obliviousness to the well known fact that the beautiful people are just as bitchy and catty aka their halo effect.
And neither of those amusing little tidbits that I got from your post don't even begin to address how it's probably just you that isn't liked and therefore gets a standoffish reaction from said uggos. You sound like a bully too but of course no one ever likes or stops to think of themselves as the bully.

No. 519959

File: 1583094598224.jpg (14.56 KB, 300x180, 3500.jpg)

Am I the only one who thinks that these two seem "off?" Their videos have always been so fucking boring and unfunny so I'm surprised that they are pretty popular. And they have the audacity to be suing YouTube for demonetizing them for inappropriate content yet they have always had clickbait thumbnails where they're nearly nude/topless. Also Bria's music is pretty boring too IDK how she became so popular. They just seem in general kind of manipulative and strange and Chrissy has some major issues. I do feel for her though with the revenge porn case but it feels slimy that they act dramatic and air so much of their shit on camera just for the views. I know every other YouTuber does this but they act so innocent with everything it just pisses me off.

No. 519961

I'm happy to be in the camp of not knowing who the fuck those are lmao.

No. 519976

who are they? For a sec I thought it was the sorry girls lol

No. 519978

Oh, I remember them. They’re still around? Wow.

No. 519980

File: 1583099901474.jpeg (137.01 KB, 439x518, Screenshot_2020-03-01-21-54-27…)

Idk if something's wrong with me but I don't find most people good looking. Adriana Lima is supposed to be one of the most beautiful women in the world but she looks average to me.

No. 519983

I think it depends on the extent of the bullying. I've know people who have experienced severe enough bullying where you can't blame them for having life long scars, but I've also known people who cling 10 years later to the one time someone made fun of them for liking anime in high school, as if it eternal makes that person a piece of shit unworthy of happiness forever.

No. 519988

i could open instagram and 10 other faces who look exactly like hers would greet me
she's not that special tbh she looks pretty average

No. 519989

Oml you bitches really need to leave your house, no shit if you go on an app known for Photoshop and plastic surgery you're going to see tons of beautiful women with similar features. On no planet is that "average" that's like claiming the average women looks like a porn star just because you saw a bunch of women with porn star bodies on porn hub. Absolutely ridiculous what the internet considers average. Eventually literally no one is ever going to be attractive according to y'all

No. 519990

File: 1583101194795.jpeg (17.53 KB, 250x299, khljljlj.jpeg)

she hasn't aged badly at all but she used to look so otherworldly back in the day that the contrast kind of makes her seem average. but are you pretty young? an aesthetic taste in people can take a while to develop. like i didn't "get" the big deal about beauty until i found a handful of people who are my exact personal taste, then everyone else was unconsciously measured against them, then my personal taste expanded. i think a lot of people are like that. it starts with having one crush or one person you want to look like, then you realize other people look like them and are also beautiful, then you develop appreciation for a broader range of looks.

No. 519992

No. 519996



No. 520007

nta but when I said average I mean when I see Adriana I don't think "wow she's pretty" I just think "eh". And I don't have instagram.
I don't even like her otherworldly look lol. I wouldn't say I have an exact taste but I think you're right.

No. 520010

No delusion about it, just from experience. I’m not hot, just easy on the eyes and not fat and I’ve never had issues with colleagues of my looksmatch and above. If my office is mostly stacy’s, it’s at least a cordial time. On the other hand, where the roster is largely below average, drama and cattiness. Getting unwanted attention from males in those workplace makes uglies so fucking salty they feel like they have to compete by sabotaging you.
In case you needed my street cred, I was bullied by the popular girls too in school, like asian drama level shit. I just got over my stacy hate when I realize the unpopular girls can be just as fucking bad, if not worse because they’re covert with added massive victim mentality on top.

No. 520015

She's a model, she makes money for being pretty. You just sound porn sick or internet sick, she is literally attractive by universal standards. What is wrong with you?why can't attractive women be attractive? Are you porn sick or just trying to disagree with everyone like a child?

No. 520024

I don't watch porn and I'm not obliged to find models pretty. Of course I'm not going to agree with opinions different to mine. I don't find most VS models attractive, how is that bad

No. 520029

Erm, if this is only "average" then I can say with 100% certainty that every single one of us on this website are butt ass uggos. Reconsider your perspective.

No. 520040

adriana won't eat you out now anon

No. 520042

ok femcel

No. 520045

>has an unpopular opinion on an unpopular opinion thread
>doesn't find one of the most attractive women known in the world attractive at all
>it's literally just an opinion

No. 520059

No. 520061

Next time say you don't find her attractive instead of saying she's average, dumbfuck.

No. 520062

pics or gtfo

No. 520080

I hate Neil Gaiman and I hate his gross wife even more

No. 520083

>The solution I found was to go out and find other nerdy girls to talk to. Getting into anime and stuff like lolita and even coming here has helped a lot.
This, I hanged out with girls/women that had similar interests, I didn't want or need to be friends with literally every woman because we wouldn't get along

No. 520091

I genuinely don’t believe men are capable of being friends with women. I feel like they always will at some point in the relationship like confess their love for you or something, maybe I’ve just not had good experiences but I think every male with a female friend would try to date them or at least sleep with them if they could

No. 520094

>the well known fact that the beautiful people are just as bitchy and catty aka their halo effect.
It's a common theme in movies, but it's not real life at all. In real life, yes, the Halo Effect exist. People treat them better on account of they're super attractive. But then what this actually does for their psyche is give them the impression that most people are super nice, that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. So very early on they're socialized to be super nice in turn. You might also notice it's roughly the same phenomenon with scrotes. The ones that will treat you worst are often the low tier cave trolls with major chips on their shoulders. See ProJared, Onision, Armored Septic Tank, etc.

No. 520097

correct. every single male friend i’ve ever had has tried it on multiple times in the past. some of them don’t even bother with pleasantries and just go straight to assaulting and coercing you.

No. 520098

samefagging to add to my own post because fuck the rules right now literally just last night a male “friend” (obviously not anymore) fucking put his hands all over me out of nowhere despite knowing i’m in a relationship and being able to clearly see i was backing the fuck away from him. they’re all fucking trash. every single one of them.

No. 520100

I think this is more of a chicken versus the egg thing, like they become friends because they have motivations, even if you don't realize it

I think men & women can be friends under certain circumstances, for example if you start being friends when you're kids before you're able to develop feelings for each other

No. 520101

Yeah I can see that, I also think women have less of a problem in general just seeing men as friends. Maybe it’s because women are so sexualised in general most men can’t not view them that way idk. I don’t even mean it in a all men are trans way because I feel like it is a lot of the time not malicious, but it seems like they all see sex/ a relationship as the end goal of a friendship and do not value friendship with women as just that, a friendship. It’s been said before but men are in general really homosocial

No. 520102

nope. i’ve had men i literally have known since diaper age who have done severely fucked up shit to me of a sexual nature or just tried to get into my pants. one of them was my closest friend in the entire world and our families were literally only a few doors apart. he still got me drunk at 16 and tried to force me to suck his dick. there are no good circumstances. every man is capable of this and every one of them will do it if given the chance.

No. 520103

*all men are TRASH way

No. 520104

Every man would not rape someone given the chance, I’m sorry for your experience and male violence against women is obviously a very prevalent problem but it’s simply not true that all men are capable of that

No. 520107

it is true that they’re all capable of it. unless they’re physically completely unable to harm someone. anyone can be capable of being rapey or creepy or pushing way past all kinds of barriers and it’s naive to think that’s not the case.

No. 520112

I'm not the anon who used greentext and Adriana is both unattractive and average to me. My opinions aren't gonna make everybody ugly. I'm not sure what the point of an unpopular opinion thread is if people get angry when I post an actual unpopular opinion.

No. 520114

Know why it's different for lesbians? I see farmers in unrequited love with their besties here all the time.

No. 520121

easy. lesbians aren't men.

No. 520122

Can you go into detail as to why? I’m curious anon you just left that hanging lol

I will say his writing style kinda bores me because it’s very straightforward and direct. Even if he comes up with great stories his writing is stale

No. 520204

I think it probably would be different, but that example isn’t any different as is exactly what I’m talking about, like they would sleep with/ date you if they had the chance but on your end it’s just a friendship

No. 520219

I don't think that precludes friendship, I'd date certain male (and female) friends if we were single.

No. 520228

I agree with you anon, men who can have platonic frienships aren't totally nonexistent
>INb4 we both just get called trad pickmeshas

No. 520308

i haven't look at these bitches in years. are they still relevant on youtube? they were honestly formative in my younger years realizing i was gay

No. 520330

Most Miyazaki movies are incredibly overrated and some are just straight up bad like Totoro, it's gross seeing a bunch of people act like a guy who emotionally abused his son is the greatest human ever put on earth purely because they've never seen anime films that aren't by him and enjoy acting 'oh so original' about it.

No. 520336

excellent take

No. 520342

>emotionally abused his son
damn really?

No. 520361

Yes, the guy narrating even describes him as being an absentee dad and was a huge drama queen about his son's movie on top of that.

No. 520366

File: 1583187449576.jpg (58.29 KB, 350x466, 51k9cHXa76L.jpg)

Honestly gotta agree with you anon. I find the movies charming on my own but hearing everybody sperg about how uwu wholesome and amazing they are gets old really fast.
The best film Ghibli ever put out IMO wasn't even directed by Miyazaki.

No. 520370

>Weird I never heard about women leaning gay male lmfao
retarded comparison. I've heard plenty of men say they're bisexual leaning gay

No. 520371

Than they are retards as well. You are either gay or bi. It's that easy.
People DO love to claim that all women must love dick secretly, which doesn't happen with male homosexuals at all.

No. 520373

>People DO love to claim that all women must love dick secretly,
Now, obviously the above is false but there's no need to get triggered over someone saying they're "bi leaning gay". It's just an easy way to describe their orientation. They have heterosexual attraction but much, much more homosexual attraction.

No. 520386

Most Ghibli movies are pretty boring and unmemorable. Aside from a handful I wouldn't see them more than once. The animation is nice but that's all there is to most of them. I find most Ghibli fans love the movies because of nostalgia alone.

No. 520418

takahata's few ghibli films are much better than all of miyazakis combined

No. 520422

it's not my problem at all but I firmy believe that words have meanings (and some of them shouldn't acquire new ones as it defeats their purpose). I'm endlessly confused by LGBT giving up on things they fought for for years, but I guess it's the USA for you (?). Thankfully here lesbian, gay and bisexual are separate and clearly defined terms.

No. 520423

wait until you guys find out about he-lesbians

No. 520436

He lesbians are different tho. They’ve been around since forever and is just a way to describe a lesbian who feels more like a man but isn’t an outright troon. The term was used alot when clothes were still gendered to the extreme. Like men wearing pants women wear dresses days, so alot of butch women would just say they’re men and date women that way.

No. 520439

File: 1583199942017.jpg (97.64 KB, 651x641, mREimqG.jpg)

I find his (Miyazaki) movies really fucking boring. Howl's moving castle just has scenes of characters pensively staring at each other. Also that movie just rushed itself to the ending.

I can't stand how his characters cry. I don't wanna hear "B-but in animation they exaggerate and-" okay, cool, still don't like how he does it. That's more of a small nitpick.

Also didn't he once shout at a bar that there was nothing wrong with loving a 12 year old girl? did he mean the Hebephile way, cause that is a lot to unpack. A grown man should only being saying "I love my daughter" never "nothing wrong loving a 12 year old girl"

Pic included, grown adult man gets a waifu, a young girl.Called her his 'girlfriend'

Dude is scum.

No. 520451

You seem really uninformed anon.

He intentionally writes heroines that do more than just be cute girls, he's spoken about how he wants to give girls inspiring role models. He's spoken out against Otaku culture and the unrealistic idea of girls portrayed in popular anime, and he refuses to sexualise his heroines.
Miyazaki is an old Japanese man so of course he's not some current sjw icon, but it's not like there is only an analog switch between paedo misogynist or feminist saint.

No. 520454

no, I'm not miss informed lol

What normal adult man goes "She's my girlfriend" to a drawn underage girl. not a normal one I can tell you that.

I don't expect him to be a SJW Icon. Or a feminist one. Oh good for him he spoke out against Otaku culture. big whoop! He still draws upon the same female archetype every time.

No normal guy ever says "theres nothing wrong with loving a 12 year old girl." thats not normal.

He is a shit person who makes pretty movies to stare at. Other japanese anime directors have done better with movies that actually have more substance to them besides "uwu cute."

No. 520458

Absolute pleb taste.

No. 520461

File: 1583205182360.jpg (65.8 KB, 1100x619, 14292345_87195995575149e29b33e…)

>Other japanese anime directors have done better with movies that actually have more substance to them besides "uwu cute."
That's subjective anon but also why are you suddenly mentioning other directors?
It sounds like you want Miyazaki to be a pedophile because you hate the way ghibli draw tears and that the plots aren't your cup of tea.
You're calling him a lolicon based off of one instance of him saying he loved pic related in the 60s that you found on /ic/, but I guess that's your unpopular opinion so you're entitled to it.
I personally don't think an anecdote about waifus is enough to call him a paedophile. Nikola Tesla said he loved the imaginary dove that visited his window but I'm not out here telling everyone that his inventions are shit because he was into beastiality. Each to their own.

No. 520462

File: 1583205415298.jpg (2.1 MB, 1742x2400, Anime_Monument_of_the_anime_mo…)

I don't know if you're baiting, but the movie that made him become an animator isn't exactly drawn in K-On style. It's a Chinese myth where the characters are very much adults for the majority of the story, besides the very beginning. It also came out in 1958, so Miyazaki himself would have been in high school at the time.

No idea about the bar thing, but yes, you do seem misinformed to label this guy a pedo when he liked an adult anime character in high school.

No. 520463

>Also didn't he once shout at a bar that there was nothing wrong with loving a 12 year old girl?
Do you have a source on this? Google isn't showing me anything. This is definitely scummy if true.

>What normal adult man goes "She's my girlfriend" to a drawn underage girl. not a normal one I can tell you that.
If you mean the screencap you posted, it doesn't sound like he still thinks of the character that way. He fixated on the character when he was an underage high schooler himself, and he described that attachment as "like being in love", saying she was a "surrogate girlfriend". If he's still that way and claims she's "his girlfriend", that's different.
I feel like you might just not like Ghibli films (valid, I'm not into them either) and you're kind of trying to find any "good" reason for it. It's okay to just find them boring, anon, lmao.

No. 520466

File: 1583205885433.jpg (309.57 KB, 1888x1080, jungle-book-girl.jpg)

Only kind of related, but it reminded me. Didn't Walt Disney describe the girl from the end of The Jungle Book as a "sexy little girl"?
Why doesn't anyone talk about that? Seedy.
>“Another time was, we were looking at the section of The Jungle Book where the little girl comes out and gets in the water, and the little boy’s up in the tree, and he falls into the water. She senses that he’s following her, so she drops the jug after a ways, and this continues all the way up, and the boy looks back at us [the audience] and shrugs his shoulders, and then he turns around and looks at the little girl, and she wrinkles her nose up at him. That’s one of the best drawings I ever did. And Walt turned to me and said, ‘That’s a pretty sexy little girl, Ollie.’ That was the last time we ever had a meeting with him.”

No. 520513

I distinctly remember that scene being a little weird though, the way she walked/emoted might have been a little suggestive. I haven't watched it since I was a kid so I could be wrong, but that part always stuck out to me, as if she acted a lot older than she looked. Maybe Disney wasn't being a creep but giving honest feedback lol.

No. 520525

I did like some of his movies and found the others boring and not as memorable as they're often described, I'll never understand people who call his movies masterpieces and not like other anime movies and tv shows.

>because they've never seen anime films that aren't by him and enjoy acting 'oh so original' about it

Not really related to your point but that's how I feel about self-proclaimed "anime fans" who only really know about Sailor Moon and some Shonen Jump series and nothing else. They're so annoying to talk to. You know, the type of people who could sperg about One Piece and Naruto by literally only talking about powerlevels and how Sakura is a turbo bitch? The description you gave suits them so well.

No. 520552


What he said about his son's movie was kind of shitty, not going to lie, but if you consider this "emotional abuse" then the majority of Japanese men his age emotionally abused their kids. Unfortunately, for better or worse, older Japanese men were way more focused on their careers than their families and are extremely harsh on their children. Their culture is a culture of work first and if you can't be GOOD at something, then don't even bother with it. He's an older Japanese man, you really can't bring Western SJW values onto him because it's a VERY different culture. You're free to not agree with it and to not agree with how their culture operates, but acting like he's some abusive scum is ridiculous.

No. 520569

Why is this so common in Asian/Japanese men? Is their masculinity in such turmoil that they are permanently afraid of grown women?

No. 520570

disney is all-around a shit person tho, that isn't hard to prove or deny.

No. 520575

his style is just more tolerable to watch, a lot of anime I see looks terribly drawn with terribly superficial plots. To be honest I'd rather watch a live action Japanese film, samurai films are underated.

No. 520582

Pretty much. Basically they want someone to control and subjugate. Little girls are innocent and won't say no. When I see them in anime I think about wanting to protect them and make them smile. But degenerates just want to sully and take advantage of them. Fuck pedos.

No. 520590

this is fucking cringy dude.

No. 520592

"Bi leaning gay" would imply that you're gay/lesbian with "exceptions" - which is again, retarded and definitely not a thing. If it's so hard to admit that you're just bi, "gay leaning bi" would be a better way to put it.

That's what happens when the BTQ+ don't stay in their lane.

No. 520598

File: 1583249363638.jpg (45.97 KB, 600x476, luluco toast.jpg)

>I did like some of his movies and found the others boring and not as memorable as they're often described
I agree, I still like the wind rises and think Kiki is fairly cute (despite being a generic kids movie) but when I rewatched Spirited away as an older teen I just found the whole third act to be extremely rushed and I still vastly prefer Alice in wonderland.
> but that's how I feel about self-proclaimed "anime fans" who only really know about Sailor Moon and some Shonen Jump series and nothing else.
I think that's also what I was somewhat referring to, but I generally see them way more often with ghibli fans I don't even think my taste is all that obscure (my top 3 being Evangelion, Madoka and Houseki no Kuni) but all I seem to hear about is 'I'm such a huge anime fan, I watch BNHA!' it's fine if they like shounen jump, but even then they generally only like the very surface level stuff so it makes it hard to discuss things with new fans due to them never wanting to leave their comfort zone (and I personally find most shounen extremely boring).

No. 520603

I’m unable to understand why any one would care about their job beyond being a means to an end that they need to do to survive & people who say their job is their passion and who sacrifice interpersonal things for their job make me feel like something is wrong with them, like it all feels so meaningless and artificial I just can’t understand how it’s an important aspect of anyone’s life. i understand with creative things being passionate about it because it’s the craft they’re passionate about not the job, but I feel like I’ve never heard anyone in my life in their old age be like ‘I wish I spent more time at work!’ But I’ve heard the opposite millions of times. Like sometimes female celebrities will cry and stuff in interviews about having to be away from their kids and I just can not understand because I feel like they are financial able to not be working, who is forcing them and why would you rather work than be with your family if you don’t have to? It’s not even a moral judgment where I think it’s ethically wrong, I just am unable to fathom it for some reason.

No. 520619



No. 520626

I think some of it is people just telling themselves they are "passionate" about their work, otherwise the drudgery would be unbearable and they would realize how much they'd rather be doing anything else.

There are jobs which provide a meaningful service to society but the vast majority of it is make-work shit.

No. 520633

Hoe don't do it

No. 520649

If people never want to have sex in their life that’s a totally fine choice and they should never be pressured to do anything, but I believe asexuality (as in literally unable to experience sexual attraction) exists only as a symptom (of something physical or mental), and it isn’t a ‘sexual orientation’, nor do I think people face oppression on the axis of asexuality and it’s just normal misogyny or the negative effects we all face for living in a hyper-sexualised society

No. 520651

I think his films are really made by their scores, Hisaishi has composed some beautiful music.

No. 520652

I like how autistic people get caught up in whatever weird interests appeal to them and not just in whatever is popular at the moment

No. 520655

I have imtimacy issues but I just call it 'not being sexually active'. The idea of calling that a sexuality seems odd

No. 520659

It isn't a sexuality, it's just having a really low sex drive.
Thank you.

No. 520737

I like your opinion anon
I feel like even on here when people admit they're a virgin but alright with it other anons say there's something wrong with them or they need the right man. Bold to assume that anon wouldn't be a lesbian disgusted by dick. It's like society has tricked all women they cannot be happy without sex and a mediocre man she doesn't care for will do the trick. That or women should always just give themselves to men all for an unknown status of: not virgin

No. 520742

agree! i actually like both noel and cody, i think they're funny and cody is just really cute lol but noel sometimes comes off really smug/arrogant and thinks hes soo smart bc he did ios dev for a while lmao

No. 520757

It's overrated, but I still love it.

No. 520761

I agree too but you tell that to someone who is a proud asexual and you’re called names (aphobe still makes me lol).

Something is wrong and they just want to say they’re a victim too, just like gay people. Not a lot of people are hyper sexual in relationships anyway. Maybe they should visit deadbedrooms to feel better about themselves.

No. 520762

while i agree with some of this, it's not "bold to assume" someone isn't a lesbian though, they're a tiny minority.

No. 520775

Noel will be their downfall, cody has had his share of foolery but noel (from what i've seen on his yt vids) is so smug and kinda mean in his streams? Bound to say something stupid as fuck.

No. 520778

I’m so glad someone else sees it too. He just gives me such red flags and seems so smug and insufferable but I literally never see anyone say anything even remotely critical of him like him and Cody get such hysterical and excessive praise

No. 520849

People who can't stand being single are weak.

No. 520920

Started seeing the red flags better once he told about his gaming rage past and I was like ohhh bitch i see it now. Cody has that "i just want the cool kids to think i'm funny" energy w noel

No. 520935

i prefer noel lmao. cody seems like a sort of male pickme to me

No. 521236

The disdain for basic bitches is just another example of blatant misogyny and NLOG circle jerking

No. 521243

People with anorexia are annoying af, they claim to be severely depressed while posting thinspo on their tumblrs. Just close your fucking computer and go outside. Imagine killing yourself because your clavicle isnt visible enough lmao. They only talk shit online too bc they know they're gonna get their ass beat

No. 521253

Neither are unpopular

No. 521254

no it isn't. especially given that most basic bitches are handmaidens/pick mes.

No. 521255

if only all girls were as cool and unique as you! nobody has ever even come close to approaching you! you’re so special!

No. 521266

It's just disdain for normalfags. But people talk shit about people of their own gender, so you will see women talk about "basic bitches".

No. 521268


YO it be basic bitches who be talking to the most shit about "basic bitches"

No. 521275

If you weren't ready for people to look angry at you or stare at you in general when your kid is screaming then:
You shouldn't have brought them there or you weren't ready to have kids.

No. 521280

missionary with the lights dimmed or turned off is actually great! i fucking hate when people (men) refer to that particular scenario as the most boring sexual act.

No. 521283

I partially agree with this.
Like yeah sometimes kids are unpredictable or can't help it (like babies on a plane or if the child has a learning difficulty) but maybe don't put other people through the misery of having to listen to it for hours. If your child throws regular tantrums at the shops, then leave it at home with your partner or shop at a time when it's at school/daycare. I know some people are going to be like 'what if it's a single mum blah blah blah' and yeah obviously she's got no choice, but I'm talking about the majority of people who allow their children to run rampant or howl.

My unpopular opinion is that people should not be allowed to have any more than 3 children. It's insane.
I love kids and want them one day but fuck the amount of mummy bloggers that have over 4 kids and complain about having no free time. Plus this sounds autistic and clinical but I believe unless you live in a rural farm town with strict religion, it's impossible to raise a large family of sound quality humans. I came from a huge family and although I did my best at school, I could have achieved more with a tutor or even more one on one time with my parents. I was lost amongst a number.
It's quantity of quality with some of these damn people. STOP having so many damn kids if all you do is complain!

No. 521357

I like TikTok and those cringy TikTok stars who lipsync to songs. I’m not ashamed.

No. 521362

I never understood why having a lot of kids is a goal for some people.

Maybe this has been said before in past threads, but I think they should make having children as difficult as it is adopting children. There are a lot of retards who shouldn’t be parents.

No. 521363

Actually, I thought it was a bit like Idiocracy the movie, the poorer/dumber people reproduce way too much while the career driven / smarter one tend to not do that. That is if you don't take religion into account.
That definitely checks out with all the kids I went to middle/high school with. Those who dropped out sooner tended to get married and / or make several kids. All the others that have pursued career and studies have yet to have kids or only have 1/2.

No. 521365

Probably a super unpopular opinion but there's no point in living.

No. 521367

Gosh and I so fucking sick of edge lord takes. Have you done research? read philosophical arguments about the idea? Or even read a book about that? Or did you come up with your big brain idea when you got my chemical romance stuck on loop?
I'd be OK with takes like this, but it's never backed by anything and is always some edgelord teen

No. 521370

File: 1583450252754.jpeg (631.45 KB, 889x592, C654C6CA-E807-4398-AB79-5FA5D3…)

No. 521371

Why does there even have to be a point? Can't people just be happy with the fact that we get a tiny spec of spacetime in which to be conscious and self-aware?

I honestly can't tell if this is sarcasm or not.

No. 521373

Deadass, what an ott reaction
>tfw experiencing human condition is edgy

No. 521374

You're talking about proana, not actual anorexics.

No. 521377

Not mutually exclusive. Actual anorexics are worse.

No. 521378

how so? because they suffer from a mental illness they can't control?

No. 521380

I feel like y'all met some real cow worthy/attention starved proana girls. I see more sperging about ed girls than any actually talking about ed outside the containment proana scumbags thread.

No. 521382

They absolutely can control not being an attention seeking retard online.
Here's a whole thread on why they're shit friends >>231531

No. 521383

Anon, just don't talk to people period if you seriously, unironically, can't stand the thought of someone being mentally ill.

No. 521384

Lol fuck off, what I can't stand is being abused and have my boundaries violated and being told I'm not allowed to be mad because someone is mentally ill and never to blame for their actions.

No. 521390

You need to get over yourself anon.

No. 521391

But I'm mentally ill desu. Telling me to get over myself isn't very uwu of you.

No. 521392

why do people have to back up their worldview with research?

No. 521398

NTA but because otherwise it's a shallow, baseless, poorly developed worldview. You don't really have to of course, most people don't, but with something as retarded as "there's no point in living" you should at least give it some real thought.

No. 521400

When you don't document your ideas, research evidence and facts, well, things like fucking flat earther happen
In 2020, we have to explain to retard that the earth is NOT bible flat. We actually are there.

No. 521405

in hindsight "worldview" was the wrong word to use because I agree when it comes to things like flat earthers. I guess I assumed that anon was saying there's no point in living from a place of personal pain rather than in a "stoned nihilist at a party" way.

No. 521416

I don't think she meant it as a ~nihilistic~ thing but more like stating the obvious.
Like, yeah, the point would to reproduce, but where does it lead? Is that all?

No. 521421

Tbf many people devoted their lives to giving it real thought and arrived at the same view. Acknowledging existential woe that is inherent to being human isn't retarded.

No. 521427

File: 1583459402700.jpg (17.85 KB, 216x326, Wrxacbu.jpg)


No. 521429

Someone got blasted by the PP anons i see

No. 521438

The autism.

No. 521439

>Stop being a sexist cunt and work hard for your achievements. That's why men have it better than women. They don't expect shit handed to them.

*Calls out sexist opinions
*While using sexist rhetoric

You're enlightened, clearly

No. 521440

File: 1583460120174.png (62.27 KB, 594x595, _8aa199ff844c2e7ccbd42f337f45f…)

Your opinion isn't unpopular anywhere.
Jesus go away. You sound like this one PULL user who's my personal lolcow for the raging butthurt generated by misandry here.

No. 521441

Anon are you 12 ? Get off your dad's internet and go to bed, shoo.

No. 521447

It's not bold, it's just likely. Off you go kiddo. Good night.

No. 521449

Why so angry? Was someone mean to you at school ?

No. 521456

Am I the only one who hates blond hair?

No. 521458

H-hamchan is that u

No. 521459


>"it's my opinion therefore it is true"

Kek, anon, kek.

No. 521461

Nope, source: hamchan(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 521463

I don't hate them but never felt attracted to blonde men for one reason. They're completely asexual to me.

No. 521464


Here's a shovel to help you dig faster, anon.

No. 521465

anon, you don't need to act like an idiot just because you're anonymous.

No. 521466

That's what the people in this imageboard call me because of that one time i fucked a hamster

No. 521471

Lmao it's pretty nice of you to share your favorites

No. 521473

Just your run off the mill 12 year old troll. Let's just ignore them, shall we

No. 521475

You're talking to the troll who also posted >>521467

No. 521478

Blond hair doesn't fit my edgy aesthetic so no

No. 521482

High five. Dark hair rules.

No. 521619

egoistic altruism is for sociopaths

No. 521630

I don't hate it, but it's definitely overrated. Dark hair is a lot more striking and provides greater contrast.

No. 521673

I thought I hated it growing up because I was conditioned to see it as a symbol of "mean popular girls" like Regina George, Paris Hilton. I just see it as any other hair color now.

No. 522043

If you find her unattractive you probably watch way too much porn and become desensitized.

No. 522063

Why do you try and ham-fist this porn thing into everything? You can just not find someone attractive, it doesn’t have to pathologised. Plus, do you really think the average people in porn look better than Adriana Lima to even ‘desensitise’ someone

No. 522065

Most porn stars aren't even traditionally pretty, they're usually an average 5/10 with a bunch of fake eyelashes and makeup to achieve a gentrifying look for men.
Lima is like an average 6/10 despite being a high class super model. It's not preconceptions from porn, its preconceptions from women that have seen very high standard beauty models with natural or surgically supplemented 10/10 features. Lima just has potatoey/ doughy features that dont appeal to us.

No. 522073

NTA and I think Adriana Lima is beautiful, but what a weird thing to assume, seriously. Are people not allowed to have different tastes without being assumed to be porn-sick coomers? You don't even know what anon thinks is attractive yet you jump to the conclusion her tastes have been changed by porn.

No. 522109

men are way hotter when they have a wide range of expressions than when they're stonefaced all the time

No. 522111

you don't need to say dumb shit just for the thread yknow

No. 522117

Nooo it's hotter when they only show moe expressions to you!

No. 522129

That's just men for you, they can't be honest about what they want, they claim to like natural wholesome women but constantly chase women who wear five pounds of makeup and spend tons on beauty procedures and plastic surgery

No. 522148

Looks like they deleted their own post.
I find her attractive, and I don't watch porn. She's conventionally attractive by all means but who cares?

No. 522151

Are you a newfag? A ban looks like red text under said post. Green link text just means op deleted their post…

No. 522155

Lol I thought they only outright deleted scroteposting and cp/gore? What did you post, anon?

No. 522168

They posted something along those lines of content and are sperging no one agrees with their fucked up head. Just ignore them kek

No. 522193

File: 1583616389429.png (125.26 KB, 343x300, 1583049992570.png)

How the fuck is hypmic so popular?
>the rap is shit and embarassing
>the characters look like togainu no chi era rejects
>the plot is about women ending ww3 but they are evil bitches
>voice actors themselves are surprised this series is popular among young women

No. 522197

Because seiyuu fandom?

No. 522205

it's a different take on "idol" related franchises
it's still music related, but it's not another 15-year-old boy becomes a part of an idol agency and sings and dances. it's just edgy men rapping. though what i don't understand is how people unironically enjoy the story line, it seems like an afterthought compared to the songs.

No. 522350

I know this is stupid lol
But I really hate how popular stitch is whilst Lilo is left out (mainly in merchandise),he's just an annoying ugly furry blue alien,when I was little I always preferred seeing Lilo since she was very relatable human character who had flaws and a caring loving sister

No. 522353

ofc people buying Disney merch are going to pick the cute mascot animal over a human character. Character goods are meant to be cute and decorative, not a visual representation of which character is the best written and most relatable.

No. 522361

Kind of on a similar note, I don't understand how some people keep up with these types of untranslated franchises. Feels like you have to keep up with several different people all translating different things on several different blogs. I think it's too much work and too much of a time investment.
I know some people who will play an untranslated mobile gacha game every day and then go hunting for translations for some event that happened last week. It's always for some bland idol/otome game too, there are plenty of idol/otome games that are officially translated so I don't understand why they don't play one of those instead.

No. 522364

No. 522372

File: 1583646404339.jpg (161.16 KB, 1378x1549, pink hair is apparently a robo…)

The rap is shitty and forced as hell but Jakurai x Ramuda is sexy.

I think it's one of those series where no one actually likes the music/plot and just the character designs/interactions.

No. 522374

Totally agree, Stitch was the weakest part of the movie imo and it probably would have been better if it was just a movie about two sisters coping with the situation they're in.

No. 522397

Women who are fixated on emotional intelligence have an inferiority complex regarding men. They go on lengthy rants about autism, male brain, (lack of) empathy and whatnot.
Good for you if you're empathetic but there is more to life than having social skills.

No. 522403

nta and not american but this is so frickin wholesome

No. 522411

my last bf was autistic and it has nothing to do with social skills (which he had good social skills, worked in customer service etc). it was about the fact that when we got in fights he just broke down and REFUSED to see my point of view or even try. oh he also had piss poor communication skills and didn't try to express his feelings in a healthy way which you NEED in a relationship. my dad is the same way. though my dad was never actually diagnosed as autistic. although I believe "emotional intelligence" is a load of bullcrap and is basically big five trait agreeableness which is easier to understand.

No. 522420

I think it's because men on the internet are constantly shitting on women for not being zero-empathy spergs.

No. 522438

Nah, it's just low empathy is something that is really fucking common in men. To the point where it seems like most men have a very subtle form of autism. A lot of them just can't relate to others at all or can't be assed to, can't see from other people's point of view, and have little to no self-awareness. So pretty much what >>522411 said. It can be infuriating if you have a close friend or bf who is like this, people with low empathy are best kept as acquaintances and nothing more.

No. 522439

There is nothing more to life than forming human connections. Why the fuck would I want one of my biggest human bonds to be a low EQ unempathetic chimp. Like other said, being socially awkward has nothing to do with it.

No. 522453

>>the characters look like togainu no chi era rejects
True, I was so sick of seeing edgy fanarts of the characters on twitter I muted every word linked to it and it's still not enough.

>>the plot is about women ending ww3 but they are evil bitches

There's a story? It sounds so bad it's actually funny though.

No. 522456

This. Not to mention how you treat others is a huge indicator of whether or not you're a good person. If you have no to little empathy you are inherently a shitty person.

No. 522459

The character designs are so motherfucking ugly it makes me want to cry. Togainu no chi era rejects is the perfect way to put it, they really look like cheap imitations of all those edgelord disasters. Their raps are extraordinarily bad too, save for a few MCs.

>voice actors themselves are surprised this series is popular among young women

How? I literally thought it was a new BL game when I first saw it. Turns out it's actually some Drama CD collection or something, no actual substance at all.

Anyway I guess it's harmless enough and doesn't bother me THAT much, but jesus christ the characters look hideous. Just had to make that known.

No. 522465

not hate but im not attracted to girls w light blonde hair. i have no idea why bc i find everyone hot usually

No. 522470

I agree to this and I think people spewing the male brain vs female brain have part of the guilt of people trooning out. If a man has slighly more empathy than the average male and he believes this bullshit he may start to believe he actually has a female brain which is plain dumb. Also there's lots of women with bad social skills but we're forced into this "women are nurturing" meme and many many women end up stuck with children and manchildren husbands because they buy into it.

No. 522579

Women's Day is meaningless. It's just an excuse for large corporations to let everyone know how woke they are and shill useless shit.

No. 522600

I fucking hate my big fucking corporate America company bullshit forcefully organising events for the Women's day when we have so much shitty stuff happening on the floor. I work in tech sales, 90% manly men with the worst sexist attitudes fit for a 1950 office. I'm not going to go into details because I'm so fucking upset that everyone and their mother just sweep it under the carpet in this company. AND OUR B.U BIG BOSS IS A WOMAN. And she just pretends it's all coolio. Woman empowerment my ass.

Recently I kinda exploded reading our internal board message bullshit and spilled it all that fucking stop pretending we're woke when the number 2 of the company was recently given the sack to avoid a very public lawsuit after
#metoo-Weinstein level accusations from young female associates. The fucking #2 was facing rape charges no less and hush money was generously distributed to keep victims silent.

I also recounted on our internal board a few incidents and immediately got an HR email that they wanted to "investigate", lol. I had the pleasure to respond that I already raised 3 HR complaints in 2017 and their response was "didn't you provoke this" so no fuck you guys.

I fucking hate the hypocrisy of "woman's day". I fucking hate this company too.

No. 522618

I landed a internship before my 20s where I was the only woman on the floor. Being a closeted anorexic led to multiple rude comments from all my male co workers, including HR.

No. 522657

i thought there were more people who disliked blondes than brunettes. dark hair is the best and looks better on almost everyone imo

No. 522666

It's the same thing with LGBT month too.

No. 522668

pink pill thread makes women look bad and makes me hate my own gender (female)(scrote bait)

No. 522671

Sex work and porn (obviously not including women who are trafficked, they aren't the majority anyway) make women look way worse than random rogue women on the internet talking about how men have hurt them

No. 522672

This is bait. You posted the same thing a few days before and got banned for it

No. 522676

This is a website for women, with one (1) thread dedicated to venting abour men, out of hundreds of other threads.

No. 522677

It's really depressing how a thread pointing out the horrible things men do makes you hate women.

No. 522689

Lol who the fuck do women need to “look good” for??? Being civil and ”lady-like” sure as shit doesn’t stop any of the horrible shit from happening to us. I don’t give a fuck that you hate women, you’re just another one.

No. 522705

Oh please bitch.


No. 522708

Same and it’s so annoying when they say things like ‘this is a site for women!’ When it’s not lmao. The original admin was a man and the no males rule was just introduced to combat a specific r9k raid. They really ruined the board and I miss lolcow circa 2014 so much. It’s stupid when they say ‘women should have a place to vent about men online!’ Because if we’re being real what this site was actually made for is literally picking apart mentally ill women and archiving their worst moments and essentially ruining their lives… if you feel women need a place online for radical feminism/pink pill or whatever this couldn’t be a less appropriate place

No. 522711

Because that’s not what I want nor what I said. I wish we hadn’t had such incompetent admins who had done more to preserve the board culture. It’s not just the pink pill thing, there was a lot of bad decisions that ultimately lead to the site being like this

No. 522712

So, why don't you just go to Kiwi Farms if you want a male-friendly safe space so badly?
Also, Lolcow was basically just a slower, miscellaneous hangout spot for /cgl/ users back in 2014. /cgl/ doesn't like males shitting up their board, either, in case you didn't know.

No. 522716

not liking males shitting up the board =\= themselves shitting up the board with constant unrelated radfem sperging, not integrating, derailing starting fights with random users and accusing them of being men/ using their annoying buzzwords, which is what lolcow has become

No. 522717

Haven't seen any of that since the 2X fiasco so you can go sperg more in /meta/ or gtfo

No. 522718

You can see plenty of it even just in this thread & its an unpopular opinion thread we are allowed to discuss the opinions posted even if you don’t like it

No. 522727

i fucking guarantee you you just haven't met an actual low eq man in your life yet lmfao they piss off EVERYONE not just women and feminists

also, most people without proper social skills get nowhere in life no matter how smart they think they are (which they usually aren't anyway)

No. 522738

Unpopular opinion [maybe].

Ghost. Do. Not. Exist. Paranormal stuff are just people doing drugs /alcohol or both or having some sort of mental disorders (hear voices or see stuff ? There's a medical name for that, no you do not have "powers", snowflake). Or people needing to milk a story for financial gain or attention or both - amityville is a prime example of all the above.

After going though hundreds of stories/ testimonies / documentaries, my conclusions is paranormal "encounters" are always bullshit. They are entertaining, sure, but they are bullshit 100%.

Why people keep believing in any of it is beyond me.

No. 522739


i liked it more when it was just yet another site dedicated to picking apart women and laughing at their looks compared to when it showcases rare and unseen female opinions with a unique atmosphere no place on the internet has!

and I've been on lolcow since 2014-2015, I don't really get how you don't realize the internet is in your favor with the former shit. Even if you disagree with the opinions that unique board culture old internet feel is what got me.

No. 522740

Where has that happened in the past two days? Link to examples.

No. 522741

This probably isn't an unpopular opinion outside of fringe groups, honestly.

No. 522742

>There is more to life than social skills

KEK. Good luck with that anon. Tell that to your boss, colleagues, customers, friends, girlfriend or target girlfriend, neighbours, etc. Unless you are the sole inhabitant of your desert island…you get the picture.

>also, most people without proper social skills get nowhere in life no matter how smart they think they are (which they usually aren't anyway)


No. 522743

Hope so honestly because even on this site you can find people going on about their "experiences" kek. On one thread someone posted this video of two guys investigating a so called haunted house with a tiy that supposedly moved on it's own in the background and farmers were like argh so scary. What ? How are people that fucking gullible ?

No. 522744

Anon would play any of the ritual games?

No. 522745

"Toy" not tiy sorry not editing that shit fuck samsung keyboards.

No. 522748

I actually have in the past. Nothing noteworthy happened.

No. 522751

Oooo tell me more! I'm genuinely curious.

No. 522754

That still is what the site is and these opinions aren’t ‘rare’, most people know of them, they’re just unpopular - for good reason. Idk what the rest of your comment has to do with anything, I wasn’t talking about the internet as a whole

No. 522759

Sure Ok !

- in my teenage year there was this "invocation game" where you would call a spirit called Diana (not related to the princess at all). Someone would kneel in front of you reciting the incantation and asking the spirit to lift your arms. Two people had to stand on your sides. You had to close your eyes. One of my friend did it on me - I did feel my arms lift but that was definitely just the power of suggestion. I tried it on my sister, forgot to mention the lift arm bit to her and she did not have the same effect.

- one night with friends, we watch this horror movie bloody mary. Supposedely if you turn on yourself 3 times calling bloody mary at a mirror, at the light of only a candle in a bathroom, she will appear in the mirror. I tried it and you guessed it, nothing appeared. I had a friend who said she tried at home and saw a figure. I put it down to trick played by light/shadow and her own state - self convinced and scared on her own.
- supposedly we lived in a haunted house with my family - man died of horrific long disease in a bed in the house. My brother claimed he saw an old man walking around, other people kept telling us they saw "a figure". There was 7 of us at home, we all lived there at the time, could be anyone of us at anytime.
- re haunted house : dad worked night shift and would go to bed earlier than us. Once woke up and bolted in a room where all my 4 siblings and I were watching some movie. He said one of us came into his room to speak and woke him up. He was kinda mad, needed his sleep. Sure dad but we were all together all that time so no. I think he was just dreaming, he always have vivid nightmare (he has ptsd from war soooooo).
- re haunted house : only me, my sister and mum at home. Mum is upstairs doing her hair. We are downstairs in the garage playing with the cat. She calls us suddenly, shaken and scared. She asked why we are playing a prank on her, we're nasty kid blah blah. She heard a moan that sounded like someone in deep pain and thought we were trying to scare her. It was certainly not us. We live in a semi detached house sooooo I guess noise travel a lot. We have old sick neighbours, might be them
- after so many supposedly weird things, my brother, who loves to scare us, decides to hold a ouija type seance one night. Parents are out and he babysits. We do a makeshift board and call whatever spirit my brother believes is there. The makeshift planchet (a piece of wood), does move. Anyone of us could have moved it though and claim it wasn't them. I think brother was just trying to get us entertained lol. Letters spelled don't make any sense.

That's what I can think of on top of my head. I've plenty more occurrences/experiences, first and second hand but I always seem to find explanations for it all.

No. 522765

Karen is a nice name

No. 522769

I agree! It makes me imagine someone friendly and understanding which I guess is kind of the opposite of the reputation it gets

No. 522770

File: 1583729267635.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.79 KB, 750x522, nkrpubmq9pjy.jpg)

I love the name karen because i always think of Rashida jones' character from the office and shes such a qt honestly. Karen is synonymous with cute and lighthearted for me lol

No. 522789

I don’t find people with Aspergers to be unempathetic I actually feel like some of the most empathetic people I’ve ever met have been people on the spectrum but they just express it in a different way than what would be considered normal

No. 522805

This was nice to read anon.

t. aspie

No. 522818

I've had the same experience with female aspies, really can't say the same for male aspies though.

One male aspie that I worked with confided in me that he was on a suspended sentance for child porn. His parents payed for a professional to write up a letter on how his aspergers made him 'not understand' that child porn was bad. He was highly secretive about it for years and in contact with other cp lovers online. He also had a sister who was sexually abused as a child and witnessed the affect that had on her and his family.. I know that's an extreme example but I work with aspies often and the pervy/pushy sexual oversharing is a theme with those guys.

No. 522820

I'm pretty sure you already posted this almost word for word in one of the anti-pp /meta/ spergouts. Just hide the thread if it bothers you so so much for whatever reason.

No. 522826

>I've had the same experience with female aspies
This, I've had really interesting conversations with ASD women about social performance because of how seriously they take it. They literally study to be good at friendship.

No. 522829

Some are actually not that bad. I had a friend in high school who had it but he was actually kind of sweet. If he didn't understand something he would ask "why do you feel that way?", take a long time to think about it, and then repeat it back to make sure he understood. He realized he had a problem and actually made an effort to think through things and try to understand people. Only thing was that he was hard to talk to. If the topic wasn't about his specific interest he wouldn't know what to say. And when he'd talk about his interest he'd go very in-depth without realizing most people didn't really care to know. He was a good person though.

No. 522832

>t. salty scrote

No. 522837

I’m tired of cancel culture. It doesn’t matter if person has been supporting minorities or whatever is the standard at the moment. One bad joke and you are cancelled.
Then they lump together serial molesters and people who say one misjudged thing once.

No. 522838

Tea spill channels are really grasping at straws lately

No. 522842

Women who judge other women for not conforming into male beauty standards (weave/wigs, perfect hair, plastic surgery, makeup, or sexy outfits) and who only view women who've had heavy procedures or extreme glamorous aesthetic beauty as attractive should be blamed for contributing to low female self esteem as well. They're also pickmes but nobody wants to admit it.

No. 522850

My eyes roll to the back of my head when women try to justify getting implants or any sort of plastic surgery for "themselves." Obviously I'm excluding extreme cases such as injuries or skin removal when someone has lost serious amounts of weight. Anything else you've just been brainwashed to think your face/body is unattractive and you internalized it. Plastic surgery is just putting a bandaid over a festering wound.

No. 522876

US civil rights nonviolence is old to me. Hi FBI. And the free market is utterly retarded. Will not be taking questions at this time

No. 522887

I think cyclists are cool

No. 522929

I think corn is gross. Especially canned corn. Smells awful, has the weirdest, most disgusting texture and a taste that can make my gag and throw instantly.

No. 522933

File: 1583770084954.png (50.88 KB, 476x232, 1562669412308.png)

I hate it when anons talk about the "good ol' days" of lolcow. Looking back at some of the threads I used to read, a lot of them were filled with nitpicks, obvious white-knighting, and infighting. It was kind of a mess and hard to read. I'm glad it's a lot more controlled now and there are more interesting non cow related threads.

No. 523116

I hate the direction majority of the LGBT community has taken and it makes me ashamed to be a bi woman.

No. 523118

>Talking to pt on line
>Wylo scams
>Dakota in her prime
>Yukapon saga
Nah, you were never there to begin with.

No. 523121

lmao what the fuck is wrong with you salty cunts? A woman is unironically anti-pink pill and suddenly I'm just another scrote lmao go fuck yourselves you dumb bitches

No. 523122


No. 523126

File: 1583797602169.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, 1235.jpg)

Just don't get banned, idiot. Your sperging is super embarrassing.

No. 523146

File: 1583801372704.jpg (27.64 KB, 640x441, 1455675419621.jpg)

dude stop it, if you hate being banned so much why the fuck don't you stop it?, your annoying faggotry makes you look like a troll.

No. 523149

You're as retarded as the mods tbh

No. 523234

All that shit was boring except for PT.
I also can’t believe Dakota’s thread is still active. Most of it is just anon theories.

No. 523235

Kek you don’t deserve to post

No. 523404

Anon you have all the makings of a horror film character. You’re the “There has to be an explanation for this!” archetype lol

No. 523430

Anon here.
KEK so true. In a horror movie logic, I'd be dead in 5 min.
Your comment made me laugh so much, thanks anon.

No. 523525

Kobe beef isn’t really worth it. I just had a piece for the first time and it just tasted like beef, but extra greasy because of all the extra fat. Not bad, but really lackluster since I see a lot of people basically orgasm in their seat over it.

No. 523566

kobe is DEAD don't you realize there is a wife and child TRAUMATIZED bc of that beef

No. 523585

I miss the vibrant colors+tan+layered, often bleached hair trend from the late 00s ( >>523126 made me remember lol). Everyone either looked like constant summer or extremely trashy, it was great.

No. 523602

File: 1583906999682.gif (972.01 KB, 275x207, 1531534593316.gif)

i love you so much anon

No. 523603


No. 523846

I heard one time that at most places that say they serve kobe beef it isn't actually kobe beef

No. 524214

I would trade just about any adult I’ve sat next to on a flight for a screaming child. Not kidding. Screaming kids don’t want to have conversations with me while I am clearly busy, they don’t hit on me, they don’t ever do anything to make me feel uncomfortable. People who want to bitch about kids can go fuck themselves

No. 524245

> I would trade just about any adult I’ve sat next to on a flight for a screaming child

I mean a screaming person of any age isn't a great option either. Both of those scenarios are bad.

No. 524269

this. unless it says A5 on the menu or package it's not kobe. in USA especially kobe is actually just american cows mixed with japanese ones. my local store sells both american hybrid wagyu and A5 kobe. anon sounds like she doesn't really like good beef anyway tho.

No. 524448

I like grimes music. Delete forever is a good song. I'm surprised someone as retarded as her can make music this beautiful.

No. 524487

This sounds evil and I wish I didn’t feel this way but I’m so fucking sick of hearing about people’s ‘mental health’ and depression. Like not people I know but public figures/random people online etc, I just don’t care and wish they would deal with it privately or get a therapist or something. I think people just talk about it so much in what seems like such an exaggerating way I became desensitised to hearing about it from people.

No. 524488

How many kids have you actually been around if you think they never want to conversate or try to draw attention to themselves? Hah, good luck anon.

No. 524493

I agree, I find it really unsettling when people complain about kids just being kids with such vitriol

No. 524527

tbf though a lot of the time children have parents who are fucking off and not paying attention to their kids, purposely ignoring them, are on their phones not paying attention to them… they drag these kids around like they're dolls. it's not the child's fault, it's the parent's fault.

No. 524532

I'm the youngest sister of 4 and I literally have almost a dozen nephews and nieces

No. 524560

Same. Not that I think people should never talk about it, especially if they're working less or something because of mental health issues and want people to know why, but for Christ's sake what does posting pitiful ramblings on Twitter or sappy videos help? Your viewers/followers are NOT a stand-in for your friends and family.

No. 524585

Shane Dawson is a low functioning narcissist at best, genuine sociopath at worst, poorly trying to masquerade as an ‘empath’. He becomes ‘invested’ in people’s problems in the shallowest way only due to the fact he has centred himself and his ‘empathy/helping people problem’ in it, he doesn’t actually care about people and is transparently very opportunistic, uncaring and cruel at times

No. 524590

well this is just fact anon. strange how so many people don't see it. it's so obvious.

No. 524592

He is so fucking manipulative it somehow makes me sicker than onision, even though onion is worse. At least everyone hates him, shane on the other hand is this washed up ex poor fat kid who keeps milking it. The constant fucking fat jokes are so tiring too, like fucking work out, go to therapy and stop making people uncomfortable.

No. 524595

Exactly! It honestly drives me crazy people don’t see it, if anything he may be the most loved person on the platform. He is so self pitying and manipulative, also I’ve never met someone talk about high school so much as a fucking 30 year old. He has the biggest complex about not being popular in highschool or whatever and acts like it’s the biggest trauma that someone could go through. He was like 24 when he posted this and even as a kid I remember watching it and just cringing like get over it omfg

No. 524597

Agreed, he creeps me out nearly as much as Onision does. I have no idea why people fall for it.

No. 524598

No. 524599

Used to watch him as a teen back in 2008/09 and now I just roll my eyes

I can’t with his new stuff and the facts he’s friends and collabs with Jeffrey haggard star just knocks me sick

No. 524600


Also don’t forget shanaynay aka mocking black women

No. 524602

Sick of the fucking corona virus

No. 524604

File: 1584069604463.png (148.31 KB, 800x428, 563DD78C-D370-4246-8DAE-D1F3DE…)

Yeah alongside the years of actual blackface. People don’t remember but even though he acts sorry now, when he was first called out in 2014 he was so hostile and aggressive about it to people who confronted him and sent hate mobs their way, he couldn’t have been less thoughtful or apologetic. I guess his crippling empathy for some reason didn’t kick in for the people of colour who were genuinely hurt

No. 524607

We all are basically so not exactly unpopular

No. 524711

This guy has always been trash and his humor is non-existent. He used to do these cheap, trashy, offensive skits but once his popularity started to decline he went for the humble, self-deprecating personality…but literally anyone with more than one brain cell can tell how disingenuous and narcissistic this man is.
He was smart enough to reinvent himself and make himself seem relatable to his young insecure audience.

No. 525085

File: 1584147051838.gif (1.66 MB, 263x302, 687474703a2f2f36382e6d65646961…)

I miss cow chop

yeah I still like her music. delete forever is apparently about the opioid crisis. miss anthropocene isn't groundbreaking or anything but I do enjoy it

No. 525756

European beauty standards should not be applied to other races of women. it is important for everyone to be familiar with the cultural information of their ancestors & see what they found to be beautiful, and emulate those patterns.

No. 525761

File: 1584288501849.jpg (1.29 MB, 5120x2679, c.jpg)

a good example would be bollywood, you see in India Punjabi's make up less then 2% of the countries population but they are super overrepresented in nearly media and Miss India pageants, hell even the British considered them to be the most "superior" Indian race because they were slightly skinned and a bit taller then other Indian ethnic groups

No. 525783

I don't know why but I can't stand unnatural eyelashes, whether it's heavy mascara, false lashes or whatever else is done to accentuate them. They gross me out. I'd rather look at pubes

No. 525787


No. 525789

stand up comedy isn't funny. Like I'm able to see why its 'funny' and can see when a joke is well constructed but I'm never going to die laughing at a standup show, I think it's the context that ruins it for me, kind of like how if you know someone's going to tickle you you're not ticklish anymore as oppose to when you're caught off guard

No. 525815

I had an ex who loved stand up comedy so for a while we had a habit of watching it together. Now as a person with abuse in my past I had avoided it before that as certain jokes are too close to home. Over the space of a few weeks I literally heard > my eccentric uncle fucked me in my ass as little a kid
Over and over again. I have an uncle in prison for that exact reason and tbh by the 4th time hearing the joke I was less triggered and more disappointed in the lack of original jokes by these men

No. 525873

I feel like the best comedy is when two people are bantering because its so much more natural and creative, and it isn't one sole narc guy who thinks he's hilarious for dickbutt jokes and feels entitled to a whole room laughing.

Think of "Whose Line Is it Anyway" - a bunch of people bouncing off each other was the funniest thing on tv while it lasted. I think stand-up would improve so much if it were comprised of duos or trios. Unfortunately its the same recycled potty jokes by guys who have never been told that they arent funny. Even Jeff Dunham has puppets to bounce off of and now he's one of the biggest names in comedy.

No. 525888

Yeah I get that narc vibe off a lot of male comedians

No. 525921

Not as extreme, but it bothers me how in Ru Paul even problematic catch phrases are used again and again until they have no meaning but are expected to still be funny.
There is a repeated joke about being abandoned at a bus stop which was taken from the real history of a contestant that was abandoned. Bringing it up once or twice was ok for shock factor but now they use it almost like a pun. There's nothing dark or edgy about the way that show makes jokes about sex workers, violent relationships or drug use, it's just disturbing how these things become watered down catchphrases for tween girls to buy on teeshirts.

No. 525972

I love this post lmao