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No. 469328

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Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

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No. 469329

>Video of kids arguing about stupid stuff and acting adorable

>scrotes in the comments try to demonize the little girl and call her a gold digger

No. 469331

File: 1570260946072.jpg (46.76 KB, 640x520, eiobirgaojq31.jpg)

Directly from egg_irl

It's not a fetish guiz!1!!1!!

Someone should tell these people that anime women resemble real women about as much as anime resembles real Japan.

No. 469335

finding erl_irl peak trans'd me honestly. it's what really flipped me from seeing transwomen as "women born with penises uwu" to seeing them as straight up AGPs

No. 469342

File: 1570268270609.jpg (60.7 KB, 550x389, kpzw1t865zm21.jpg)

To their credit, the posts are somewhat intended as jokes. Pic related is the top post of all time there, and people were quick to deflect criticism by saying that they're "just memes". I imagine these people have never heard of Poe's Law.

Although to me this just explains why so many troons are autistic. They can't tell these things are jokes– they struggle with detecting satire and sarcasm. Yes, stable people can tell that they're just stupid memes. But vulnerable and/or mentally ill people actively seeking validation and/or an explanation to all their problems in life? For those people, it's effectively propaganda.

Just look at /pol/. /Pol/ started out as a joke, but look where it is now. At least half the posters there legitimately believe the extreme shit that gets posted. T_D and /pol/ are literally the ones who organized the Charleston march. If /pol/ has created extremists, then egg_irl has created troons.

Additionally, pic related was somewhat controversial, though not as much on egg_irl as it was on traaa, where it was originally posted. Yeup- troons consider the idea of "feminine men aren't trans" to be controversial, and I think that speaks volumes.

No. 469344

File: 1570269922576.jpg (148.94 KB, 718x800, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)


the anime characters they use are not even trans, they are all traps and supposed to be male crossdresses.

No. 469348

>draw a female
>give her a female VC
>its totally a boy you guize!!!!!!

so delusional

No. 469349

File: 1570274467158.png (147.34 KB, 848x1098, 0657fa440c8d3e8c3b5282b7b49a7e…)

What the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 469352

This is so sick. I thought the thing about men getting jealous of their kids was mild, or just a joke. Her husband is fucked.

No. 469354

It’s disturbing how common fathers being jealous of their own newborns is

No. 469370

File: 1570277565779.jpg (63.23 KB, 772x1035, da8777542fdca2fcd39816095e9128…)

Even worse a lot of traps are drawn with he aesthetic of women. In anime females get the bigger eyes while men get the thinner. Giving a trap big eyes is making them aestheticly a women. Combined with the clothes, female VC, and aesthetic all traps are is "female, but dick!". Traps are the most unrelistic transition goals because all they are is "female, but dick". A bunch of 40 year old mask dudes have been meme'd into thinking transition is a good idea because they get life advice from chines cartoons

No. 469378

File: 1570278079371.jpg (31.06 KB, 335x395, 247a9415d69a90ac93d8a65d45b9f1…)

I agree with you, but the eyes thing isn't generally true.
In anime, eyes are used to denote personality and/or age, not sex.

No. 469393

File: 1570287280389.jpg (46.91 KB, 564x514, 1563499724321.jpg)

Reminds me of this.

No. 469451

File: 1570300680164.png (148.46 KB, 601x631, racist.png)

Will they ever realize that the shit they write is offensive and racist? They do everything they can to push any possible supporters away from them.

No. 469460

Men will straight up droll and obsess over other women in front of their wives then act like a little bitch because a woman has to be a mother to their baby

Also what's with self proclaimed traditional men who want traditional women but don't want to be traditional themselves? They want women to baby them and do all trad wife duties but don't ever want to do any trad husband duties just to cry sexism when they can't have their cake and eat it

No. 469466

its a guise. they just want a happy sex doll that they can command with no objection or feelings or needs.

this is so accurate lmao

No. 469488

I saw this earlier and was so disgusted

No. 469492

The saddest thing in this is that she will stay with him.

No. 469499

no one other than white american/english men have ever been racist uwu. shows how much they know about multi cultural issues.

No. 469516

Can you link me to the post? I'm curious how people responded to this

No. 469519


Also, check a good number of posts that say people are jumping to conclusions because men suffer too from PPD because that's totally how depressed men act.

No. 469520

NTA but here https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/ddimvo/my_f_25_husband_m_28_said_something_disgusting_to/

Haven’t read it yet but knowing reddit I’m expecting a lot of COUPLES THERAPY!!! bullshit, with possibly some ‘male post partum depression’ thrown in

No. 469521

I beat you to it.

> I’m expecting a lot of COUPLES THERAPY!!! bullshit, with possibly some ‘male post partum depression’ thrown in

and you'd be entirely correct

No. 469530

second most upvoted comment:
>Has he had emotional outbursts like these before or is it a recent phenomenon? Is family / couples therapy an option?

1.4 k vpvotes, 4x silver, 1x gold
>Just like postpartum depression is very common among women, there is also often an adjustment period for men. Both men and women experience dramatic emotional, behavioral, and cognitive transformations after the birth of a baby— many are unpleasant and temporary but some require help.
there's a bunch of replies echoing this from scrotes who have acted similarly and no one in the comments has challenged them.

No. 469536

From what I've seen in anime art,child characters and female characters tend to have bigger eyes,whilst adult male characters tend to have smaller eyes,though sometimes male characters may have large eyes to symbolise their innocence/naivety

No. 469546

Men can get post partum depression though? Are we denying science again?

Yeah, the eyes are about character, it's just that Japan is well… Japan, so character is very much linked to sex and understanably age.

No. 469550

So Cute

No. 469552

>Are we denying science again

Lol shut the fuck up

No. 469554

NTA, but
>Lol I have no argument
Shut the fuck up right back at you. Learn to argue at a level above that of an angry third grader.

No. 469555

Men give birth now, do they? Yes, the fourth trimester is difficult, but it isn’t post partum that they are going through, they’re adjusting to external changes and sleep deprivation

No. 469556

Samefag, but depression is not an excuse to act so despicably to your still recovering wife and newborn.

No. 469557

Anon, depression is a complicated and not even that well understood dissorder, especially when it comes to its triggers. Sure, it's not the actual birthing proccess that causes it to men, but neither is to women most of the time, it's the changes around them as you correctly pointed out.

And no, as someone with depression, I completely agree that depression is not an excuse. At the same time, it could be an explanation. The behaviour must not be excused, but the explanation can help fixing it.

No. 469564

My issue is that calling it postpartum is disingenuous. They don’t go through birthing trauma, extreme hormonal and bodily changes, breastfeeding, bleeding for weeks on end, painful uterus contractions while it returns to size, readjusting to not being pregnant.

It can’t be postpartum because they never went through antenatal changes.

No. 469566

Anon, it's cold postpartum, because it happens after the child's birth. If it was referring to the birth itself it would seem to be called partum.

No. 469569

not meaning to cape for men, but I think I read somewhere that there are hormonal changes if the man lives with the mother. not the rest, though.
getting post-birth depression seems like a possibility for men, albeit for different reasons. it doesn't excuse some of the despicable behaviors some men partake in when their wives have just given birth.

No. 469570

Never heard of the hormone thing, why would men's hormones change?

No. 469576

All the points I made still stand as they are directly related to birth and what comes after. Men that gain weight throughout a woman’s pregnancy are also coddled by saying that it’s ‘sympathy’ weight gain since their partners are getting bigger.

I’m not saying that men can’t get depressed once their child is born, but rather that calling it postpartum muddies the waters and does injustice all the women that suffer through postpartum

No. 469587

Then maybe that anon shouldn't say dumb shit.

No. 469588

I can't believe so many of you are caping for men in here saying they can have postpartum. From fucking what exactly? They don't even share in the labor of raising the child. It's all on the woman. This man isn't depressed, he's a monster. No one talks about their child sexually, let alone a newborn, because they're "depressed".

Men get sad after kids are born because the attention is off of them and they have to fend for themselves a bit more. Half of you don't seem to understand what this thread is.

No. 469589


"not meaning to cape for men"
capes for men

Even if what you're saying is true, women also go through hormonal changes, MUCH more severe. Men who get depressed after their wives give birth are selfish children and the best thing a woman can do is leave him. He'll probably starve to death within a week.

No. 469591

Agreed 100%. I can't fathom what sort of depression would drive a person to even consider the idea of their wife sucking their fucking BABY'S dick, let alone actually vocalize it. There's no excuse and nothing to justify it, there's something deeply and terrifyingly wrong with him.

And yeah, considering men do jack shit to help with child rearing they have no reason to be depressed anyway. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if PPD is actually a chemical/hormone based issue for most women, as opposed to just an inevitable, environmentally driven misery that comes from how difficult it is for new mothers. I would be depressed too if I was sleep deprived and struggling with a newborn while my shitty husband got to continue his normal life and make it even harder for me in any multitude of ways. Jealousy, pushing for sex, pressuring to lose the baby weight, making mess etc… statistics show men actually do LESS around the house once a baby arrives. Nightmare fuel.

No. 469594

>non binary
>third gender
>two spirit

oh, so we at "two spirit" level now.

"white straight cis christian males". Yeah, because we know every other religion , ethnic group and culture just loves genderspecial theory, I am very tired of self hating white women, for real, find another hobby becky.

No. 469597

I still don't understand how men get PPD. For them, itd just be related to having a newborn that needs attention. You're tired and scared from the new changes. How is that anyway related to major hormonal fluctuations, your physical body having to repair itself from giving birth, etc. They could have been 1000 miles away from the hospital. How'd they get PPD??

No. 469598

>When I was in elementary school, I already decided that I want to have surgery. I was so desperate to become a French doll even then.
>I only remember ever being insecure and dissatisfied. To put it simply, it was painful for me to live at that time. I hated when people would look at me, and even looking at myself in the mirror was painful. And more than that, people bullied me because of my ugly appearance. And the fact that I knew I was ugly made me more dissatisfied.
>Some people think I'm doing all this plastic surgery because I suffer from the trauma of getting bullied. But this isn't the case. I just hated my appearance. My choice has nothing to do with other people's opinions. Even now, people often say "Oh, I think you've done enough" But I'm still doing it because I'm not satisfied yet. I'm like, "When did I ask for your opinion?"
>[when the interviewer said she looked fine as a kid and asked why she hated her appearance so much] Basically, I felt like I wasn't supposed to be born into this human body. I feel like I'm a doll that was just born in the wrong form. That's why I can't accept my appearance, and I refuse to be who I am. So technically, I'm doing all this cosmetic surgery to return to my original form.
>I don't really want to regret anything I do, so I think carefully about every operation I do. I might seem like a person who doesn't think and just goes for it, but I'm a cautious person and always talk with my doctor about the risks involved in any operation I do.
How is this women different from TiMs, exactly? Why is it that if she lived in the UK, the NHS would refuse to pay for her surgeries?

No. 469599

File: 1570338773149.png (1.38 MB, 1242x1187, 1570095046666.png)

No. 469606

File: 1570340107560.png (78.08 KB, 598x919, internet tough guy.png)

>look up this person on twitter
>they have me blocked despite the fact i have am empty account and am following mainly lefty twitters, including a few transwomen but perhaps they are the "wrong" kind of transwomen to this thin skinned attention seeker
>find this shitfit hilarious given the fact they most likely have every "terf" blocked but are trying to come off as "biting back" despite the intended audience not being able to see let alone reply to them
Every fucking time kek

No. 469607

Gigi is married to a heiress Lesbian Nats Getty

what I find interesting about their relationship was the fact it was Nats who perused a relationship with Gigi and it was Getty who purposed to Gigi and from the interviews I have seen of them together it seems Nats really does have an attraction to Gigi even though Gigi obviously does not like a real women

No. 469608

They can’t. Anons in here acting like psychology isn’t a shitty science that gets things wrong more often than right, just fucking look at trannies.

It’s a fucking joke, why must we coddle men through every single thing in life, never can we dare suggest that they are overreacting. You can’t suffer through POSTpartum depression if you never even went through partum!

No. 469612


all social sciences are a mined field of swindlers and scammers. Scientifically minded people would not consider the humanities real sciences so they would enroll on stem instead, leaving the field to mediocre snake oil salespeople and political zealots with a predetermined cultural agenda that will inevitably bias all their conclusions. I always feel like the smartest most logical people who are exactly the ones that want nothing to do with politics or to get involved with any of those dumpster fires that come from social studies.

No. 469627

Nats isn't a lesbian. No lesbian would go anywhere near that dude.

No. 469639

>nonbinary, third gender, two-spirit people in non-Western cultures
Oh yeah, you mean the gay people who were forced to live in some retarded "third sex" because they were too gender-nonconforming for strict patriarchal cultures, the small boys who were groomed into a "third sex" so adult men could fuck them and the women who were forced to become men in order to inherit their family's fortune because women aren't worth it? How progressive.

I really fucking hate it when people try to bring the "but they've always existed!!" meme to the table. The only cultures where this nonbinary bullshit has been prevalent have been ragingly misogynist and homophobic. Even the two-spirit concept existed only in native American tribes where women weren't considered equals.

No. 469644

Eventually all women are defeated by the mighty penis

No. 469647

Gigi's penis doesn't work because of the hormones he's taking but apparently he uses a strap on,cunnilingus and his fingers to pleasure her while Nats is a pillow princess

No. 469648

File: 1570357357210.png (104.93 KB, 989x685, 5449175eb404360943ef2b3db34656…)

I am glad to finally start seeing a pushback against this toxic culture.

No. 469652

So we dissuaded this in a previous thread but even though a lot of radfems don't personally like men radical feminism helps men become better then compared to liberal feminism

libfem misandry jokes are all over the top memes and hashtags that they repeat with almost no variations usually accompanied with fictional female characters drinking however radfem misandry is based on truth and gets men to look at themselves critically and be better,I have talked to men online who stopped watching Porn and started going go the gym to better themselves because of radfems

No. 469654

I mean, I get what you are saying, but postpartum describes it well enough? I don't think anyone actually thinks it's the birthing proccess that affects men like women, seems like common sense to me. Mothers obviously get it a lot more due to also being on a hormonal roller coaster, that is also well known.

>The observations of specialists is dumb shit
Yes anon and vaccines cause autism. Also people are born criminal and the enviroment is not that important in the development of criminality.

Do yourself a favor and open a book about post partum depression.

While of course women get post partum depression a lot more than their husbands and this guy is inexcusable, blaming people for their depression is Onision tier shittiness.

The men who act the way you described are not depressed, they are assholes. These are two different categories.

PPD is not hormonal for plenty of new mothers but also related to the enviroment the baby creates.

I am sure you have published peer reviewed articles relating to the subject, please enlighten us. Psychology is not perfect but it helps millions of people daily.

>Muh stem

No. 469656

I get porn, but what on earth does the gym have to do with radical feminism?

No. 469658

I think anon meant they’re replacing the habit of watching porn with something healthy and-or productive like the gym.

No. 469660

Ah, that makes sense. I still find it hard to believe men actually listening to radfem theory without a kneejerk reaction of hostility, but I guess some of them must be more agreeable than the majority.

No. 469661

>Gigi's penis doesn't work because of the hormones

So perverted men are effectively castrating themselves, giving themselves impotence and removing themselves out of the gene pool. Maybe feminist women should embrace transexuality.

No. 469663

Don't ask me how I know this, but they actually can and do get erections by injecting testosterone right into their penises. It doesn't last that long, but it lasts enough, it's how you see trannies having erect members in porn, which would be impossible considering all the estrogen they have taken.

No. 469665

File: 1570361167774.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, vc.jpg)

>Don't ask me how I know this, but they actually can and do get erections by injecting testosterone right into their penises. It doesn't last that long, but it lasts enough, it's how you see trannies having erect members in porn, which would be impossible considering all the estrogen they have taken

Thanks I Hate it

No. 469682

I am so fucking sick of men pretending that sexualizing innocence, ignorance and childish behaviour isn't pedophilia.

No. 469689

So this is why Actual Transbians is currently having a meltdown.

No. 469702

Not to "Not my Nigel", but I got my boyfriend off porn by having frank discussions with him about it and its effects. I showed him a ton of sources to back up my claims, too.
I don't think I would've been able to pull that off if I subscribed to libfem shit. Then again, if I were a libfem, I wouldn't even have tried to begin with.
I think men know perfectly well what's wrong with them. Most are just too stubborn to change, and society coddles them. The more women draw the line, the sooner they'll be forced to shape up.

No. 469704

>I got my boyfriend off porn.
Sure you did anon

No. 469705

Just because you can't doesn't mean the same is true for others.

No. 469708

Could be worse.
Anon could be like those pickme coolgirls who act completely fine with their bfs openly screeching about their favorite hentais, following their favorite porn actresses on IG, and wanking it when they're in the other room.

No. 469710

I used to think it was inevitable and that all men watch porn, but tbh, personal experience has shown me that if a guy cares about you and believes in your worth in his life, he'll listen when you say to stop watching other women get brutalized on screen.
It won't be easy to overcome, because it's an addiction, but he will try with sincerity, and keep trying. He'll go the extra mile for it.
If he doesn't, he's literally just not that into you, and/or he's a hopeless case.
Too many women waste their own time by giving men chances and leniency when they don't deserve it, really.

No. 469718

>A woman makes a tweet about violence on women and other cis female centric issues, gets a load of retweets and social media exposure
>Follow up tweet: "Wow this tweet blew up, here are charities and shelters you could donate to if you want to help!"
>A bratty TRA DUNKS ON DA TERVES scoooore transphobia is CANCELLED!!, gets a load of retweets and social media exposure
>Follow up tweet: "Wow this tweet blew up, I'm a disabled mentally ill nb gray aceromantic demisexual so donate to my ko-fi or you'll be responsible for my 41% suicide!!"

Always pisses me off. They're literally using any small opportunity to beg for money to reward themselves simply for existing and sitting on their asses.

No. 469719

Are there more women standing up for this lately?

No. 469722

Why ARE so many of them grifters? I get people's GoFundMes and Ko-Fis retweeted on my timeline a lot and every time I take a look and it's always a troon. Literally 100% of the time.

No. 469727

File: 1570372777701.png (284.44 KB, 1858x1308, 903.png)

Looking at the comments really is a reminder that men, as a group, TRA or not, are not lesbian's (or women as a whole's) friends.

No. 469735

These comments make no sense in the context of the video, jesus christ.

I've always thought scrotes are stupid by nature, but this just keeps cementing it.

No. 469739

They're utterly retarded. For years they've conflated libfems and radfems, calling any brand of feminism they dislike (which tends to be liberal feminism since it's way more in the public eye) "radical" and now their ignorance is showing. They know nothing of actual radical feminism, so they know nothing of GC.

No. 469740

I think it's because it's on the Heritage Foundation channel, a right wing think tank, so the commentors are all conservatives who unironically think feminism is not only one unified ideology but the same unified ideology as gay rights and trans rights. Which is why you get reactionary morons thinking libfems want to ban porn, that all gays support trannies and accuse radfems of transing children since that's all just "progressivism" to them.

No. 469741

I'm so fucking sick of them treating women as a singularity that has no internal variation. I can fucking swear on my life that plenty of feminists didn't want men in dresses to come take over their spaces and appropriate their womanhood.

It's also enraging how men themselves groom women from birth to be docile and always bending a knee for the good of others and self-sacrificing, then turn around and bitch about women being overly empathetic. You reap what you sow yourselves, motherfuckers. Start telling your own daughters to stand up for themselves and not to take shit from others instead of being prim and proper. Maybe then we'll weed out potential libfem behavior that at its roots gets its energy from internalized misogyny.

No. 469742

>I can fucking swear on my life that plenty of feminists didn't want men in dresses to come take over their spaces and appropriate their womanhood.

But the LGBT lobby and the left did. Thats what they are alluding to, and its true, its hypocritical.

No. 469743

The ACTUAL lesbians in actuallesbians started questioning why there are so many troons screeching at them to suck dick after another post in trueoffmychest about it today and the troon mods have closed the sub.


They say "brigading" but I saw the sub prior to it being closed. It was the actual users questioning troons.

No. 469744

Homophobe-chan please leave.

No. 469745

Damn, you beat me to it.
I was just about to comment this!

No. 469746


you can screech but it won't make it less true.

No. 469747

One thing I don't miss since leaving twitter is people tweeting their Ko-Fi links

I had a sex toy review blog about a decade ago, saw it as a hobby but noticed every other reviewer milking it for paid ads and then saying "if you enjoyed my review buy me a coffee" Hun you got a free dildo and simply wrote 500 words about it then included affiliate links.. They always had 'they/them' in their bio and then came the 'I'm about to be homeless' emergencies every month..

It was my first experience with queer/non-binary people being perpetual victims and charity cases

No. 469748

Back when I was younger and more gullible I used to donate to GoFundMes like that. You know the ones, from the poor demisexual queer trans moonbies who are LITERALLY going to be homeless in 2 days. I felt sorry for them.

Then I noticed they would post this shit, say "Thanks everyone, I found a place!" and then a month later they'd be homeless again. Felt like I was chucking money into a black hole. They always had money for the latest game or to see the new Marvel movie though, of course.

No. 469749

And when you call these types out on the grift they always say "Poor people deserve to have nice things too!"

Ayden there's a big difference between a single mother working 2 jobs to feed her kids getting her nails done every few months as a treat to herself and you begging people online for $700 every month because muh homelessness while buying the latest $60 AAA game for the PS4 every other week.

No. 469750

File: 1570376917315.png (271.51 KB, 660x1260, OABJN.png)

This is how TRAs rationalize lesbians being GC, and GC women allying with lesbians.
>It's all a huge plot to turn the lesbians into tradwives guys

No. 469751

File: 1570377077943.png (33.39 KB, 951x597, 78070945ecdcb9371187be8b2d49f4…)

Fucking ridiculous.

No. 469752

they always claim any dissent from the girldick worship is brigading. they can't stand the idea that not every lesbian worships them. i've seen them claim a post was getting brigaded when it's only been up for 20 minutes and gc hasn't even linked to it or mentioned it.

No. 469755

Don't forget "I can't apply for a job because muh mental illnesses and I would not be safe at a workplace due to being trans!!" while constantly going out, meeting people, going to conventions etc. doing anything else in public but going to work and earning your own damn money.

What the actual fuck is this drivel, literally one of the most insane things I've seen in a while. A misogynistic transbian projecting his own tradthot ideas into GC lesbians.

No. 469757

Don't forget "I can't apply for a job because muh mental illnesses and I would not be safe at a workplace due to being trans!!" while constantly going out, meeting people, going to conventions etc. doing anything else in public but going to work and earning your own damn money.

What the actual fuck is this drivel, literally one of the most insane things I've seen in a while. A misogynistic transbian projecting his own tradthot ideas into GC lesbians.

No. 469765

I honestly don't understand troons. Like fucking work, make your goddamn money. People start to work because they're realize they'll struggle if they don't. People who ARE struggling, WANT to work because they know they'll earn what they applied for. It's not a hard concept to grasp. You don't get a pass to get out of working muh dysphoria. There's dozens of people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and despite their illnesses, they make ends meet by working. And I know how fucking lazy and narcissistic these troons are, they'll lose their shit if someone even suggests they apply for a blue collar job or warehouse work. Retail and restaurant work only! Because, to them, it means they get to come in contact with strangers every day and it'll validate their identity the day the random woman playing for her items says "ma'am".

No. 469767


they "transitioned" because they thought girls have it easy mode, they beg for money online because they are convinced that is all women do and what they are entitled to now that they are dressing as weeb hoes with nylon socks.

No. 469769

Yeah, its not all bad in there though. They have some good info about transgenders, and some doctors, a detransitioner and the radfem all give their opinions. It didnt feel super right winger and it was pretty informative

No. 469771

Just wanted to give a big fuck you to every woman here entertaining the asinine idea that men can get PPD. I experienced suicidal PPD even though the environment of my living situation did not change much at all. It was a completely hormonal phenomenon that a man could never experience. Most of the mothers I spoke to with PPD had a similar experience. Also, mens lives are hardly changed when a newborn comes into the picture. They are not the ones who experience fluctuating hormones while breastfeeding all day and hardly any of them actually help out without being asked. They commonly do not wake up for night time feedings, do not change diapers, hardly hold the baby, neglect to initiate bathtime, and avoid most other things that come with taking care of the child. Just take a look at any mommy community online to see the unending posts about how shit most fathers are. If anyone could get PPD from the lifestyle change it would be the WOMAN who gains all these additional responsibilities. Not the man who is content sitting on the couch playing PS4 while mom micromanages everything. So again, fuck you all for defending males who would likely do everything possible to avoid lifting a finger for you.

No. 469809

anon i can not believe the women in here defending poor men having PPD. It's not a thing. PPD is a very specific kind of depression that happens to a woman at a very specific point. It can stop her bonding with her child and do long term damage to both. A man being sad that he has to cook dinner for himself at night now isn't even nearly on the same level.

Statistics show very clearly men don't help out with child rearing. In fact, their lives barely change. I believe it's France that offers paid paternity leave and they found that the men spent it on leisure activities like golf etc, and didn't spend any extra time with their children.

Men don't need any extra fucking excuses for being lazy shits. The women defending this need to open their eyes, because they're playing right into this bs by being overly concerned about the mental health of men in a way they never would about womens mental health.

No. 469810

in fact, do conversations about PPD in women EVER happen in men's spaces? No, of course not. They don't give a single shit. It's hilarious that some of you do vice versa though!

No. 469840

I know women who have had 'nervous breakdowns' after having a baby and some are never the same again, the same with menopause and the extreme anxiety some women suddenly get at 50 that leaves them housebound with agoraphobia

Lately my 70 year old father acknowledged this, so it takes 70 years of witnessing this for men to notice the not-so-funny effects of female hormones

No. 469881

It seems to coincide with some of the desire to stay in the trans community once they’ve drank the kool-aid. Being trans/non-binary means you can be a lazy bum and blame everything on transphobia and dysphoria. If you don’t go out and seek opportunities, it’s because you’re too dysphoric and can’t be expected to try until 20 grand for cosmetic procedures magically rains down on you. If you make your hair a blue pixie cut with a side shave and demand special pronouns and can’t get hired anywhere decent, it’s their fault for their transphobia, not your fault for being unwilling to do the bare minimum to fit into society and the working world. And if people won’t give you everything you want for free then they’re twanzphobic too. It’s like a big shiny gold medal for people predisposed to placing their locus of control externally: I’m not a stupid, lazy failure; it’s the whole rest of the world who’s at fault.

No. 469896

I see a whole lot of non binary people have CFS, fibro or other difficult to prove disabilities in their bios too, it's like they have all caught onto how to live for free

Not saying everyone with those conditions is faking, but the genderqueer community has a waay above average ratio of chronic fatigue sufferers

That and they list all their illnesses off like a list of achievements, nobody visiting your twitter profile needs to know you have IBS hun

No. 469897

File: 1570399079995.jpg (84.33 KB, 1021x439, IMG_20191006_234310.jpg)

"Female" pedo banned from participating TF2 comp scene.


No. 469899

>Just wanted to give a big fuck you to every woman here who has a decent grasp of the issue of PPD and the science of depression in general
That's alright dear, we are used to anti science morons, you are not the first to tout her ignorance.

No. 469916

>condescending petnames
>unironically believes men can get ppd
>reees about science
I smell smegma.

No. 469924

Don't forget the awkward wording in an attempt to sound smarter and more eloquent than he actually is.

No. 469928

File: 1570404331619.png (176.01 KB, 1166x801, creep.PNG)

51yo saying he's not creepy for going after 18 year olds.

No. 469929

>my girls

No. 469930

>accuses me of things she herself did at her original post
>Le scrot accusation
Oh sweaty

>awkward wording
I guess not growling like a moron is too much for people like you, not that I am surprised.

No. 469932

I’m not OP but
>accuses me of things she herself did at her original post
She did none of those things, smooth brain

No. 469934

Fair enough, it was my mistake to say so. She generalised and missed the point entirely, I guess this is more accurate. Thanks for the correction anon.

No. 469940

So many men think being sexually attracted to young women should earn them some sort of medal-but I guarantee you these same men will rant at young women who want someone their own age. I was told by a 64 yr old man on okcupid that I was being stupid in wanting a man near my age (34) and that I would die alone. Fine by me if the alternative is a crusty old grandpa, seriously old men are the fucking worst.

No. 469945

Very gross and mean. Do they really buy their own bullshit? I know they obviously want women to think they can't get anyone better, but do they really think we're that shit and that they're anywhere near close? How are they able to pretend reality isn't real the way they do?

No. 469954

File: 1570409151190.png (321.73 KB, 644x728, Free app Gaper matches young h…)

I hate to be the whole "we live in a society" but its true-men are not really challenged and there is a culture that encourages old men with much younger women which is enforced through things like how products are marketed to women (look younger using this!) to how romantic stories are in film (someone posted a chart about the age gaps between male leads and their female love interests) to taking the piss out of teenage girls having crushes on guys the same age (I hate 1D but the old men picking on the young female fanbase is just, yuck)

There was an article published years ago in a national newspaper about how "society needs to accept that young teen girls want older mature men" (yeah, I guessed it was a creep that wrote it) just tried to search for it again and, yikes, got shit like this being posted by well known outlets. This is also why men in general get mad when reality hits them and they come across real women who don't want their old ass, most women, no matter how traditional they are, mostly want men their own age, not their dads!

No. 469957

File: 1570409315015.png (15.01 KB, 636x84, Free app Gaper matches young h…)

Oh and before people overlook this as a sugardaddy app which is also what I assumed it was-this is what the makers say.

They really are out of touch with reality kek

No. 469959

With a name like "gaper" I would have thought that it was for people with an anal fetish.

No. 469960

File: 1570410322485.png (53.04 KB, 1007x400, TIF_Incel.png)

So were all familiar with MTF Transcels here but I think an even sadder case that Is that of TIF/MTF Incels

They think transitioning would transform them into a stud chad but what actually happens is they get a neck beard, acne, and start losing their hair.so they end up looking like fat,short,balding,acne-ridden men and finding a partner becomes nearly impossible for them

No. 469965

But it isn't true that anon won't find anyone near her age, or that any woman older than 28 won't. There are a lot of guys that get with women their age. Like, it might not be their first choice for some, but a lot of men will "settle" to be with women anyways. There are plenty of guys that will get with women they find attractive, or not, even. Men aren't so desirable in reality, but the loseriest, least desirable ones are the most critical and horrible, though all tend to be on some level. It's not reality. Father Time is living in a fucking dementia induced daydream. The older man meme is pushed, but irl there are plenty of guys that get with women the same age, either because certain men don't gaf about age, or because irl men settle (which is ridiculous, it shouldn't be something to settle over, pedophiles).

No. 469969

If you go on /g/ and look at the 'men you want to fuck' and 'unconventional male attractions' threads 1/2 of the guys posted are middle aged. But then in the 'cute girls' thread one or two older women were posted and people started bitching about how the thrwad has been taken over by radfems. It's depressing how women are judged so much more harshly, even on lc. Like god forbid someone is attracted to an older woman once in a while.

No. 469970

What does that say about the women posting though? Internalized misogyny or are those preferences real?

No. 469976

I'm not sure, maybe a mix of both? But I'm going to go more with internalized misogyny.

No. 469978

File: 1570411918744.png (76.95 KB, 573x273, TIF_Incel)_2.png)

No. 469979

stop cheerypicking
In the cute boys thread only one older man was posted while the women you're ashamed to say you'd fuck thread plenty of older women get posted

No. 469981

NTA but it speaks volumes that older women are posted in ‘ashamed to fuck’

No. 469987

>romantic stories are in film (someone posted a chart about the age gaps between male leads and their female love interests)
Marvel hero movies are a meme but I've always thought it was nice how the couples are age appropriate and pretty much all women are over 30.

No. 469993

Their was a screenshot of a article from the 1950's about how young women even back then were tired of seeing the same gruff stoic action stars who were between their 40s-50s and just wanted to see a handsome man near their own age on the silver screen

No. 469997

Please read the OP.

No. 469999

File: 1570414394217.jpg (43.07 KB, 640x590, ioi9p0cqdlq31.jpg)

I always find it funny no matter how much women insist they like young fit men, it's men who swear up and down that "no no, you wimminz want old stinky dadbods with grey hair who cheat on you and treat you badly, accept it!"

Imagine the fucking arrogance you have to have to INSIST on what women want despite women saying otherwise themselves. It's the male equivalent to laughable fat girls who tell everyone men all are thirsting over fat girls and everything else is a lie, even then those women are made fun of and harassed to hell and back where as men saying shit like this are either ignored or supported

No. 470006

No. 470010

File: 1570415151716.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, ugly men in movies.png)

Yup. Ugly men in movies.

No. 470012

File: 1570415174161.png (388.62 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191006-222439.png)

Reddit is mad a women again. I love the people saying the government should paternity test all kids at birth lmao like they're suddenly ok with the government having a database full of everyone's dna suddenly. Yet women are the irrational ones.

No. 470015

File: 1570415563527.jpg (46.72 KB, 968x726, kazakhstan-women-1022bca6-e7b0…)

China enforces forced abortions of Uighur Muslim women


They are forcefully sterilizing men and women and aborting their children If a Uighur woman gets pregnant

No. 470016

Why don't men just stop being such huge sluts that they get themselves looped into such situations? How about closing their legs for a change?
Why is it the government's job to account for their irresponsibility? Waste of resources.

No. 470017

I'm not cherry picking, and in the "women you're ashamed to fuck thread" yes there's more older women there but it's still mostly conventionally attractive and just have bad/bimbo-y reputations, like taylor swift, azelia banks, sssniperwolf and bell delphine

And yes the cute boys thread has actual cute men in it and less crusty old ballsacks but it is less active

No. 470018

sanefag but a state funded ethnic geodetic is literally happening right now in China and no country gives a shit. We will look back on this the way we look back on Nazi Germany and say "How could we let this happen"

No. 470020

Not so much a case of countries not caring as it is that so many countries economy actively rely on China so fucking them off is something most don’t want to do

No. 470021

>There, the Uighur woman says, she was repeatedly raped by Han Chinese guards, resulting in two pregnancies.

>“Any woman or man under age 35 was raped and sexually abused,” she said through an interpreter from Turkey, where she now lives. Both pregnancies were forcibly aborted while she was in prison, said Ms Perhat, who is now 30.

>Several female former detainees said they suspect that when younger and unmarried women were taken from their packed cells at night – to be returned the next morning or not at all – they were raped by guards.

>“They’d come in and put bags on the heads of the ones they wanted,” said Gulzira Auelkhan, a 40-year-old woman in the Kazakh village of Akshi who spent 18 months in the camps.

>In May, an open letter written by a former guard at a Xinjiang camp appeared to support the women’s claims. His account, which was posted by activists, has not been independently verified.

>The ethnic Kazakh man, called Berik, said Chinese officers would watch women in their cells through a monitor before selecting one to take out. “There are two tables in the kitchen, one for snacks and liquor, and the other for ‘doing things’,” he wrote.

>Other women contacted by The Washington Post described widespread sexual harassment at the camps, echoing public comments last month by Sayragul Sauytbay, an ethnic Kazakh woman wanted by China for disclosing information about the camps. Kazakhstan allowed her to resettle in Sweden in June.

>Several said they were forced to shower and use the toilet in groups, in rooms outfitted with cameras. Ms Auelkhan said female guards used chewing gum to pull on her pubic hair. Married women offered conjugal visits were ordered to swallow unknown pills afterward.

>Ground chili peppers mixed with water in small glass jars were given to several women before showering. Once naked, they were ordered by female guards to smear the liquid on their genitals.

This is horrifying. I hope those poor people can get out of China safely. It's inhuman the way they're treated, and I don't expect the government to change.
Meanwhile, scrotes on /pol/ are calling this "based" and making up false genocide fantasies where they're the true victims because "something something feminazis mainstream media sweden trump cucked".

No. 470024

Many Muslim countries economies rely on the United States but their people routinely burn American flags and cry death to America but will bend over no question If China is involved

No. 470035

If you wanna make an older man feel insecure about his age, shame his virility. I'm 30 and these cocky older men always get butthurt when I tell them I'm happier with my younger boyfriend because older men can't keep up with me and need viagra.

No. 470039

>stick by bf throughout cancer
>cheats on me and breaks up with me
why are men like this?

No. 470041

The fact they think women shouldn't be given food stamps but men should be given free paternity tests lmao. Why is it so hard for men to just not fuck everything that moves
Last time an older guy sent me an unsolicited dick pic I responded with a link for ball lift surgery (it's a thing apparently). Never bothered me again

No. 470042

I can agree with paternity testing only for honesty reasons but holy shit this dude is practically trying to force women to die on the streets for making a mistake? Yeah if this does happen the guy should get his money back but let's see how extreme this dude wants to punish men for cheating or walking out on women and children

No. 470044

Vast majority of them are parasites. No reason to be selfless with men unless they benefit your life greatly. Your pain is unfortunate but at least you are free to be on your own without any attachments to him.

No. 470046

Yeah cheating is something I can never excuse and lying about having a kid being yours is with a doubt fucked up

No. 470047

it is fucked up but this dude is taking it to a whole extreme, especially considering men who walk out on their abandon their children don't get punished

No. 470049

File: 1570419570114.jpg (48.43 KB, 680x453, girl asking mother a question.…)

>Mom why didn't the world stop China from genociding an entire group of people ?

how do you respond ?(Derail)

No. 470054

Because we didn't want to start WW3.
China is way too powerful but we can't afford to piss them off because of that.(Derail)

No. 470055

>millions of people being raped, abused and killed for existing
>has ability to stop it
>but but what if!!!!

This is why America is a joke. You do all talk and no bite(Derail)

No. 470058

Its 11 Million Uyghurs vs the risk of losing billions of people

Its not an easy choice(Derail)

No. 470059

NTA but you think war with China if America takes direct action against them is a what if?(Derail)

No. 470060

Why is this America's responsibility?(Derail)

No. 470061

NTA but WWIII in a world where everyone has nuclear is a fucking retarded idea.(Derail)

No. 470063

it's not, but when you're easily capable of fighting against genocide and don't because you're too scared you're a coward. At the very least if they aren't going to stand up against genocide, America could at least admit they're too pussy to do anything(Derail)

No. 470066

Why do men seem like fake nerds more often than not than women?
Always overcompensating, having to talk about vidya every five minutes, bragging about ignoring and neglecting their girlfriend/wife/kids for video games, and then always bringing gaming up every 5 minutes and spending thousands on useless gear/posters/shirts/decor/etc they never use or value. It just seems like men who are obsessive about video games are either trying to fit in and attempting to convince themselves they like it or have something to hide.

Women into video games on the other hand, from what I've seen, are capable of just enjoying it and having careers and healthy social lives and maturity. It's a side hobby rather than an obsession

No. 470068

I also wanna add I like video games and own very little video game paraphernalia outside of the games itself and you wouldn't believe how many ~soooo nerdy xD~ guys never heard of games as basic as Bioshock

No. 470070

extremely important discussion about the forced sterilization of women,you decide to derail it by taking about nerd shit(infighting)

No. 470072

Because they have far and away the world's most powerful military and spend a ridiculous amount of their taxpayer's money on it.(Derail)

No. 470073

Just don't pay attention? You can't really make people not discuss things and people are capable of discussing different things at the same time

No. 470074

I’m sorry, but what the fuck are some neets posting on imageboards supposed to do about it? We have absolutely zero power when it comes to foreign affairs, and anyone who does have power is already well aware of what’s happening

No. 470075

Why Shouldn't Muslim countries who talk about Muslim Unity and Jihad not save the Uyghurs

Pakistan is right next to China,has nukes and a sufficient Military

why don't they do something ?(Derail and racebaiting)

No. 470088


Because there isn't one organization that constitutes "the world", there is not "world police" against badies even when people assume America should act like one (despite whining from all the times America tried to act like one) and the UN is a joke and a white elephant .

Self determination of the people and sovereignty and all that jazz, its that regions problem, like all the rest of abuses and dictatorships that happen in the world.(Derail)

No. 470089

File: 1570428316178.jpg (7.46 KB, 318x159, Pak UNP.jpg)

>Because there isn't one organization that constitutes "the world", there is not "world police" against badies
What are UN Peacekeepers,also a good chunk of UN Peacekeepers are from Pakistan which is a Muslim country right next to China(Derail)

No. 470092

I've seen at least 2 TIFs acting basically indistinguishable from incels on reddit. I used to think I felt some sort of sympathy for TIFs but I'm reconsidering it now that I've seen how some of them can act really misogynistic.

No. 470093

NTA, but UN peacekeepers are worthless. At worst, they're child rapists or disease bringers.
That's the UN. Useless at its best times, detrimental and downright evil at its worst.

No. 470094

>The UN meme
>A white elephant is a burdensome possession - one that is more trouble than it is worth
>White (albino) elephants were regarded as holy in ancient times in Thailand and other Asian countries. Keeping a white elephant was a very expensive undertaking, since the owner had to provide the elephant with special food and provide access for people who wanted to worship it. If a Thai King became dissatisfied with a subordinate, he would give him a white elephant. The gift would, in most cases, ruin the recipient.
>peacekeepers against China, a nuclear superpower


No. 470097


The country that contributes the most troops to the peacekeepers is India, that country is doing pretty terrible when it comes to rape and power abuses by the same group of armed men they are sending overseas to even more vulnerable places.Its all wack

No. 470102

My dad was a peacekeeper in lebanon and all they did was drive around drunk and god only knows what. Lame.

No. 470103


>I've seen some of the galleries they have, and it's creepy as hell. they save selfies of women they've talked to, and even their nudes. they judge these women's nudes harshly, everything from nipple color to how "tight" they look. they even save photos of girls they talked to years ago.

why are men so fucking obsessed with judging women's bodies? the very thing they are supposed to love and be attracted to, healthy women's bodies are no longer good enough for men. I wonder what evopsych bullshit they will use to justify cheating on Megan because Susans nipples met his nipple color preference better. So much for the whole "don't be flat or fat" meme

They seriously go out of their way each and every day to look for things wrong with women's bodies. Incels are guilty of doing this too and women with internalized misogyny. Imagine finally being able to take their crushes clothes off and all they can think about is her nipples being too puffy, her stomach not being toned enough, her hips not being wide enough, etc. This is your brain on porn it practically ruins happiness and excitement for both parties when you're this obsessed with womens bodies

also before incels come in crying about "but but only chads!!!" incels are guilty of doing this too if not more often than chad, to the point where they can't have discussions about women without referring to them by their attractiveness

No. 470106

incels do it way more than chads. WAY more.

No. 470112

I wouldn't say exactly Incel but my tif friend is sounding like a fuckboy and says bitch all the time. Saying bitch isnt horrible in itself, but she says it so often that its almost become her catchphrase . She's also told me that since "been both a girl and a boy" she has determined that feminism is not important in the western world.She is just ignoring my and many other experiences. I literally want to punch her in the face sometimes. And yeah I feel betrayed sometimes the only reason I hang around with her anymore is because her long suffering bf is one my oldest friends and I keep trying to hint at him to break up with her

No. 470113


>women like attractive males, that are well off financially and treat them well and not like "cum dumpsters"

>reeee can't you see there is a conspiracy
>They want attractive waifus from well off families that treat them well b-b-ut thats different thats pure.

They basically want the market to pay equally or more for an inferior product. I don't even understand what they go on and on about, its such a redpill epiphany to realize that misoginistic uggo neets are not prime husbando material?

No. 470125

You do realise the issue is not about winning right? Its that to win against China you need conscripted soldiers. Most Americans are rightly not in favor of sending their sons to die horrible deaths for strangers.(Derail)

No. 470134

>Most Americans are rightly not in favor of sending their sons to die horrible deaths for strangers.

>Except for Israel

No. 470135

>since she has "been both a girl and a boy" she has determined that feminism is not important
wew that internalized misogyny. reminds me of that tif that said that taking testosterone made STEM subjects "easier to understand" (can't find the article atm)

No. 470137

Touchy subject, but yeah.

No. 470142

File: 1570439108856.png (76.05 KB, 692x413, 1557818802938.png)

>wew that internalized misogyny. reminds me of that tif that said that taking testosterone made STEM subjects "easier to understand" (can't find the article atm)

found it anon

and here's the actual Interview

No. 470144

>identifies as "post-feminist"
ah, it's even worse than i remember. thank you.

No. 470145

Use troon talking points against her.

"But Ayden, you were never a girl! You were just mistakenly assigned female at birth, but you were always a boy. So with that cleared up, stop fucking using misogynist slurs, you woman-hating he-man."

No. 470146

He talks about them like he's adopting a new daughter he can fuck. Creepy as hell.

No. 470147

>"But Ayden, you were never a girl! You were just mistakenly assigned female at birth, but you were always a boy. So with that cleared up, stop fucking using misogynist slurs, you woman-hating he-man."

I lol'd but seriously I have tried doing that but "his" response is that even though he's always been male "he" was forced to live as female and thus knows the "truth" about women,I have given up on trying to help her

No. 470150

"Wow Ayden, sounds like you're saying trans women are socialized male. That would be very TERFy of you. You're not a TERF, are you?"

Push her own community's crazy rhetoric at her hard enough and not only will she back down, she'll start quietly questioning the shit TRAs say too.

No. 470153

File: 1570443862643.png (39.21 KB, 1018x627, 1570442429090.png)

No. 470154

That's how the Nazis were defeated though. Some things are worth sacrifices and and dying over. Are you saying we should have let the Holocaust be completed?(Derail)

No. 470156

File: 1570444223712.png (412.54 KB, 612x335, aaaaaaaa.PNG)

I think I just peak'd again. Jesus Christ, what a shitheel.

This bitch is trying so hard to prove that she's a man that she's invoking toxic masculinity. Monkey see, monkey do. There are zero studies that math skill is determined by testosterone levels, or even correlated with it. The only reason men outnumber women in STEM is because of nurture, not nature.

The most contemporary studies indicate that performance differences in STEM grow narrower between the sexes the more egalitarian the country. While correlation does not equal causation, that seems to strongly suggest that the disparity between the sexes is caused by cultural values regarding female competence and education. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy- women are told constantly that they're worse at stem, so teachers and little girls start to believe it, and then they feel less inclined to try.

Also, men cry. Adult men cry. In fact, higher T men are actually more emotionally unstable than men with normal T levels. Kind of flies in the face of this cunt believing that she injected so many steroids it dried up her tear ducts kek

I also don't entirely want to blame her, though. Is she entirely to blame when she clearly has mental health problems that some quack doctor misdiagnosed as gender dysphoria? Is entirely her fault that her desire to transition in the first place came from internalized misogyny? Is it entirely her fault that when someone asks what a man should act like, this is they signals they receive? Why is society's idea of a "manly man" a perverted, emotionally constipated, self-absorbed prick?

No. 470157

Well, autism is more common in mem.

No. 470159

Because it, like many other conditions, is under-diagnosed in women. Women are also less likely to be diagnosed with a heart attack, but it's doesn't mean they're not having one. It's why women are more likely to die of a stroke or heart attack than a man.

Women are horribly misunderstood in medicine.

No. 470160

>s it entirely her fault that when someone asks what a man should act like, this is they signals they receive? Why is society's idea of a "manly man" a perverted, emotionally constipated, self-absorbed prick?

Because that idea of a man served those (mostly men) in charge. This kind of man produces wealth, which makes him useful and profitable.

No. 470161

I have actually seen that video, but the fact that it might be under diagnosed doesn't mean that it is the same. Biological differences exist and we know for a fact that male children are more likely to suffer from health conditions and die at higher rates than girls. Also men are more susceptible to a lot of mental conditions.

No. 470162

tbf she mentions that before she was a butch dyke feminist and butch feminists have a very stereotypical view on men so once she became a man she became a caricature of what she thought all men were like

No. 470163

I know saying this is questionable in this general, but we often have retarded ideas about men, it's not surprising to think some of these girls are as delusional as male troons.

No. 470167

>Also men are more susceptible to a lot of mental conditions
Aren't they more susceptible to personality disorders, sociopathy and other disorders that aren't necessarily genetic?

Even if there is a sex difference it's maddening that doctors/parents use that to justify not assessing obviously struggling girls. Autistic women have higher rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide than autistic males, and it's probably even worse for the women who never get diagnosed at all.

No. 470168

Obviously agreed on the second part, but I didn't know these disorders were not necessarily genetic. How does the environment causes them to men though?

No. 470171

It shouldn't be controversial to say at all, anon. Everyone has misconceptions about the opposite sex.

I think that misconceptions about male sexuality is why women think abuse acts during sex are okay. No, men are not inherently sexual aggressors– shit like porn and gender roles reinforce what is ostensibly a myth. It's not normal for a man to want to hurt you during sex– it's abuse.

Also, shit like "men don't cry" (which was just mentioned, fun coincidence) is something most people believe, and while men do cry less than women, it doesn't mean they don't cry and don't feel emotions. Shit like this paints emotions as a feminine (and therefore negative in a male-centric society) behavior. No! Men fucking cry, because they're human beings and human beings cry.

Another one is the "all men enjoy video porn". I've met porn-repulsed guys (usually linked to some negative childhood experience), guys who enjoy smutty books over videos, guys that just jerk off with no visual, etc. Saying that all men support video porn enables toxic porn culture. It also others women for not being as voyeuristic in their sexual interests.

Hell, I probably have some of my own misconceptions about men that I haven't yet uncovered/confronted. Although, finding and unraveling these myths is the reason I'm a radfem in the first place. We as a society need to stop perpetuating myths about male humans that enable toxic masculinity.

No. 470173

Damn anon, you make radical feminism sound cool. I doubt even men would mind it if you expressed it like that.

No. 470184

So what you are saying society perpetuates myths about men that make men adhere to them and women expecting that adherence due to labeling theory? Is that really what radical feminism is? Gender critical main here, so not really an expert, but that sounds like something I can get behind.

No. 470192


some of the biggest proponents of the US not entering world war 2 and staying neutral were Mothers cause they didn't want their sons to die in a war an ocean way that had nothing do with them,(Derail)

No. 470194

Yes anon, that's what I am saying. I am always suspect of a woman being for war, our socialization is against it. Male socialization is pro war, since it prepares them to become cannon fodder.(Derail)

No. 470195

no woman wants to lose all her sons and or lose her Husband in a bloody conflict especially If its a conflict that has nothing to do with your country(Derail)

No. 470196

Yep and even if you don't have male relatives, calling for war that you will be spared from is hypocritical, only the worse of women would do that, it's why I am raging at the stupidity of that anon.(Derail)

No. 470197

File: 1570452109831.jpg (108.4 KB, 523x587, 1570241521175.jpg)


Americans should have fought but for the right side. Instead they left Berlin wide open for the soviets to rape and plunder and didn't even do anything to prevent it.(Derail)

No. 470198

Nazi chan, kindly fuck off. The communists being trash doesn't make the Nazis better. They were both cancerous totalitarian mass murdering regimes of sociopathic killers. What the Nazis did to the Slavs and the Jews is monstrous, I have no idea how you can look past it.(Derail)

No. 470201

This is a quote by a rich man who never fought in the front lines a day in his life and would slap young shell shocked soldiers who actually fought for being "weaK'


No. 470202

Also Patton was a piece of shit who threw the lives of the men under him away without a second thought for nothing but his egoism, fuck him and I hope he roasts in hell as we speak.

No. 470203

Patton was an egomaniacal trash of a person and America's glorification of him is baffling. He treated his soldiers like shit before sending them to their death, he was one of the worst you could serve under.

No. 470210


And i suppose Stalin didn't use them as meat shields, he gave them lolipops and rewarded his men to all you can eat fun camps instead of slave labor. Real working class hero.(Derail)

No. 470212

>Stalin being bad makes Patton good
Do you know what irrelevant comparisons are? They were both terrible, one being more terrible doesn't make the other better.(Derail)

No. 470216

No. 470219

Anons, you should know that military history-themed derailing will only attract autistic scrotes to this thread. It's sperg bait.

It's funny, because the more of a radfem I become, the less I believe in concepts like toxic masculinity. I don't think that men are capable of changing or evolving, really. What we call toxic masculinity is just innate male behavior. It's not society's concept of masculinity that's toxic, it's maleness.

Also, as toxic masculinity became a popular talking point in liberal discourse, I started noticing a phenomenon of smarmy, #feminist scrotes on Twitter using it to not only excuse their shit-tier personalities, but sort of pay themselves compliments.
>>I'm a male feminist because I've suffered from society's conditioning too, ladies! I'm just too stoic and manly, you see. I keep my emotions bottled up manfully and I never complain. Anyway, (nonstop whining about stupid bullshit).

Ugh. I fucking despise all men, but sniveling "male feminists" are my favorite punching bags.

No. 470227

No anon, he shouldn't get his money back at all. Do some of you really think men have no say about if their name goes on a birth certificate or not? If he doubts paternity, pay for a paternity test with your own damn money before you put your name down. It's not hard.

My friends ex did this, I know it happens. All he did was say he needed a paternity test before he would pay. Courts said the same thing. 12 years later still no paternity test so she gets 0 in support. Why do people act like the court system isn't already designed to protect men from this? It's just a fair amount of scrotes are exceptional enough that all the safeguards in the world can't protect them from their own stupidity.

No. 470229

That's Solanas tier autism anon, men are social beings, you know, being human and all. Maleness is not inherently toxic.

No. 470238

I don't know how to break this to you, anon, but men aren't going to stop raping infants and shooting up schools when society's attitudes shift to be even more indulgent of their laughable feefees. Socialization can't work miracles. "Toxic masculinity" is just a reflection of their true nature.
The technological age has only pushed them to further embrace their worst instincts. They're just getting radicalized by Youtube videos now and jerking themselves into impotence and retardation. They can't do better than that.
Libfems waste their lives trying to convince themselves that men can be salvaged.

>>Solanas tier


No. 470241

That wasn't a compliment anon, Solanas was kind of crazy, also an attempted murderer. Do you know that she actually went through with her "turd sessions" idea and did them in real life? Does this seem like healthy behaviour to you?

Also, we can disagree for days here and I do think I have a better position due to the fact that we have seen men change massively over the last century, but even if i admit that you are right, what better solution is there than trying to do the best we can with what we have? You know, for those of us that are not lesbians and can not just leave men behind.

No. 470245

File: 1570463693057.jpg (29.61 KB, 334x372, 1551273530992.jpg)

No. 470246

Why do some people think "femcel" is a valid insult?
Unlike women, men are easy and will fuck absolutely anything with a hole. Even self-proclaimed "femcel" subreddits had to be locked down because gross incels flooded the place looking for a girlfriend.
The real issue is that 99% of men are trash that no sane, non-desperate women wants anything to do with. So then, the "real" problem is that some women are "too picky". In that case, how is having some modicum of standards for men a flaw on them, exactly? The answer is that it's not. So, why do some people keep framing "femcel" as if it means the woman is an undesirable roastie or whatever? Are they really that dumb, or just dishonest?

No. 470247

File: 1570463879252.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, hohum.jpeg)

>>Wha-wait, that wasn't a compliment desu
Too late, my ego is already stroked.

>>we have seen men change massively over the last century

Yeah, now they're fat and can't get blood-flow to their microdicks without violent pornography.

I don't think there is a solution. We can only laugh at their shitty lives and empower other women to do the same.

No. 470249

I mean, to be fair, I do come here to talk to people, she seems pretty interesting, if a little unhinged. Also I am stealing that image.

Unfair anon, gender roles have been massively eroded, plenty of men do things that would brand them fags or womanlike back in the day. My husband is a househusband now and most people don't give him shit for that. Men have definetely changed for the better.

No. 470250

Because these people consider that women's only value is their attractiveness, so the worst possible thing a woman can be is "unfuckable". You're absolutely right that men will actually fuck anything, but they don't like to admit that. They like the narrative that we should be grateful for their attention, that it's a rare gift.

No. 470261

Bullshit. Men used to walk around with long hair and tight clothes and fit skinny bodies and that was considered hot. Now men can be fat slobs with shitty styling and baggy clothes while women have more pornified and sex worker standards imposed on them.

No. 470264

What do baeuty preferences have to do with the hundrend time more important social roles I am talking about? Stop dating retarded college students that have rubbed their dick raw from porn and there are plenty of good men. Nowehre near as good women, but still plenty. Social roles are the issue, not whether you shave or not.

No. 470265

Because beauty roles influence social roles?
How is the average American/guy from Anglosphere more appealing now than what he used to be in 1995 lol

No. 470266

Not familiar with the Anglosphere, I am from Europe. But in my little country, my bfs have been very different from the ones my mom had in her days. The anglophere seems werid in general to me in many different ways.

No. 470271

At least they practiced what the preached (traditional men actually being traditional and making money to support their family, wanting to be around their family, help with raising children, dress nice and take care of themselves, etc)

Now men have no self awareness, they'll be unemployed or poorly paid NEETs who refuse to get a higher education, dress like slobs and never shower but demand women to have model faces, porn star bodies, dress and look like pin up girls,somehow make magic money appear to support them and their kids without having a job, education, or hobbies that pertain to money. Not supporting either mind you but at least they had self awareness where as men's status can be lower than piles of shit but believe they deserve the very best and nothing less

No. 470272

>traditional men
>making money to support their family
You mean gambling, drinking and whoring

>wanting to be around their family, help with raising children

Lmao what the fuck am I reading

>dress nice and take care of themselves

The only true thing, but it was enforced by society and it was also enforced in women.

You have no idea what men were like in ye olden days, you have built them yourself from idealised images.

No. 470274

nta but I don'consider Solanas a radical feminist, and I don't think she was a feminist. Radical means radicalis, the root, and she wasn't, she wasn't even a feminist scholar and she still had relationships with males. Overall, she was male identified, not woman-identied. (when I talk about woman identified I mean this, not some trans BS https://purplesagefem.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/what-it-means-to-be-woman-identified-or-male-identified/ )

And yes she was mentally ill and she did shoot warhol out of spite. I have 0 empathy for warhol, he was a POS. Anyway, I wouldn't call her shooting of warhol a defining feminist act. She beat up a boy who happened to look like a kid who used to tease her when she was young. What she did was not just gratuitous violence, for violence sake's. Her mind was not clouded by phony morality. What she wanted, she did. No conscience, no remorse, and not IN SPITE, but BECAUSE she was schizophrenic. Yes she was mentally ill, yes she was a drug addict and an alcholohic

No. 470276

Not the lady you were replying to, but I agree with you on most of that. At least men back then could actually provide for their families though. Now most men do not offer anything to modern women.

No. 470278

Well sure, but it was only because society demanded that they do, since women did not have careers. Now that we do, society, reasonably imo, does not demand them to support us economically. I found a man that supports me by being a housedad to our kids and I love it, but I know that is not an option for every woman. My point is that you can find men that support in different ways than money.

No. 470279

I agree with you that their is a certain appeal for a man whose "old fashioned"

i.e doesn't watch porn,works to support his wife and children,stays fit to protect his family and remains faithful to his wife no matter what

No. 470280

Well society has to demand and create boundaries for many people or they will simply not do. Most people frankly dont have that will power or drive behind them

No. 470281

Skipping the watching porn, because it's not an issue for me as long as it is a certain kind of porn I approve of, Working to support your family and being faitful are not fucking traditional, I don't know why you all act like it is. These are necessary things to have and maintain a family for both men and women. The protect thing I dislike, since again, I think protecting is something we both do for each other. Sure he is stronger, but two of us have way better chances against a robber than him alone, women that expect their men to be their bodyguards disgust me.

No. 470282

Oh, I absolutely agree. The problem is society has not caught up to reality. Men do not have role models, like at all, modern ones that is. Old school role modes are cringy and often can not apply to modern morld, their ideas of masculinity are gross or just unachievable in today's economy and world. They need new models, but no one fucking makes them and then we wonder why they sit inside all day watching porn and playing video games.

No. 470283

File: 1570469720672.png (39.09 KB, 1024x110, z0sud70730r31.png)

TIMs mad.

No. 470284

File: 1570469739360.png (413.12 KB, 637x939, 1570465144034.png)

This isn't "him " but this is more or less what she looks like just a bit harrier

No. 470286

I mean, I am straight and I'd fuck her other than the mental illness, if she had a nice strapon of course.

No. 470290

It's that ontop of the fact there are so many pickmes who go out of their way to convince everyone "uwu I WANT you to cheat on me, I'll suck your dick while you play video games and fart Doritos teehee I'm a gamer myself! You can use my money for nerd stuff, I love lazy boy dad bods"

Men are slaves to their dick and as long as we let them get away with their bullshit they will keep doing it. What can you expect from the gender who thinks women not having sex with them on demand and making them food is physical abuse?

No. 470293

I am actually kind of worried about my son, his dad is a great role model for how modern men should be, but society will still affect him. I legit have no idea what models to show him that will present how he should aim to be. I don't have this issue with my daughters, plenty of awesome ladies around to become their idols.

No. 470294

You gotta lessen his Internet time,keep him away from Reddit,Tumblr,Instagram and keep him confined on normie sites like Facebook

At some point you have to explain the evils of pornography and show him videos of ex-Porn star revealing their abuses

As for male role models stick to Mr Rogers and Bob Ross

No. 470295

Limit his internet usage as much as possible, block sites like 4chan, Reddit, mgtow/incel sites, bodybuilding forums, limit youtube etc. Men pick up off of other men because they're retarded, when they're around toxic men they become toxic themselves not to mention how many internet men practically encourage other men to become monsters and meeting pickmes will encourage this behavior

Men can cry all they want, but it's them who proved to us how easily influenced and brainwashed they are by the internet thus making themselves mentally unstable

No. 470296

I know what to block anons, but still thank for the advice, my issue is what to provide as positive reinforcement, what models to show him. Mr Rogers and Bob Ross are lovely men, but they are both Media personalities. They cover a small aprt of socialization I feel.

No. 470297

TIFs who have a forced femenization fetishes and want to be male rape victims is maybe the most disturbing thing I have in Trans communities

No. 470299

How do you have a forced feminization fetish as a female? Also, a male rape victim, what?

No. 470300

Teddy Roosevelt might be a good role model for a young man to aspire to be like

No. 470302

see ftmspunished

their FTMs that fantasize abut being forced to become HyperFeminine females through force or FTMs who fantasize about being male rape victims

No. 470303

The guy who literally joined a war because he was adventurous and got dozens of his men killed to climb a hill faster would make a good role model?

No. 470304

>fakeboi i used to be friends with is thinking of unironically renaming herself to Link
>she's a huge zelda fan and really likes sidon
>probably self inserts herself as link when she reads sidlink fics
>she's also friends with a fujo in denial who recently trooned out into an enby
>said friend has named herself Lee after Len Kagamine
>she also harassed me for a good amount of time
>fakeboi 1 defends and shuts down any criticism pertaining to precious Lee
>even though she spends all her time shit talking fujoshits on her blog
It's like I'm seeing the universe unfold before me. I'm never attempting to befriend troons again

No. 470305

How do you become like this, like wtf? And I thought TIF were harmless.

No. 470307

>cousin went through divorce
>father of their children never showed any interest in their lives, never went to any sports games with them, the mom (my cousin) was always supporting them and doing things with them despite the dad only working 3 days a week
>Always acts distant with his children, always yells and abuses them, even sent his youngest son to the hospital
>Made it clear that he didn't want the kids, the mother gets custody, he gets visitation rights and pays very little child support
>1 year later he's posting on Facebook about how the ebul gynocentric court is trying to take his kids away from him and how hurt he is by it

This is the behind the scenes to most "ebul gynocentric" divorce court ladies

No. 470308

a woman wanting to be male rape victim might seem odd but In a way I see it as a expected by-product of Yaoi and BL

Yaoi is filled with male rape,usually its a taller more masculine males(seme) raping the feminine and smaller male(uke)

No. 470309

the merging of these threads is just shit. i can now see the gcers defend their men and the pinkpillers tranny loving asses thriving. embarrassing

No. 470312

Depends if it's a fetish or if they're already rape victims. I'd understand rape victims wanting to be male because when a male gets raped he never gets accused of lying, nobody asks questions like "what were you wearing, why are you reporting so late, no evidence? You're a liar" etc

No. 470315

Dude what? Is that an American thing? People here would laugh out loud if you said a man was raped.

No. 470316

>FTMs fetishize women
>MTFs fetishize women

There's no hope for women.

No. 470318

> block sites
What kind of boomer mindset is this? Your kid will run circles around your blocks by the time they're old enough to know about those sites. Telling them not to visit them will only incentivise them to do it when they reach their rebellious phase.

Children have access to too many outside influences now. You've either got to go the extreme route of no internet and home schooling them, or just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

No. 470321

and where are you from exactly?
excuses excuses, obviously don't tell them the sites exist, but blocking them and limiting their usage as much as possible helps a lot, you claim that their ~might~ be loopholes and even then in that situation chances are they'll go to the site once or twice, not sit on 4chan for hours on end staring at stolen nudes of little girls and writing about how they want to kill animals and post gore videos

No. 470322

All it takes is one school friend to show them porn and things like that. There really isn't much you can do.

No. 470323

if it's once then maybe, even then just teach them right. playing crazy and tinfoiling about how boys at school are going to show them hardcore gore porn and turn them into psycho rapists if they don't cut off all internet and homeschool them will only do worse and cause them to rebel even harder

Just be sane and be protective but not helicopter parent level

No. 470327

I'm worried about my son as well even though his father is a decent role model. Do what others suggested and keep him off the internet. Both my son and daughter will only be able to access the internet in the livingroom when a parent is home. I was poisoned by online spaces as an underage girl 15 years ago so I can't imagine how worse off my kids will be if they are allowed online unsupervised. I honestly hope there are laws in the future that keep kids offline or create things that limit their access.

No. 470328

It's inevitable that your son will find out about porn at a pretty young age, but you can try to mitigate the damage.
1. Don't give him a phone or tablet or notebook to use unsupervised. Make sure he knows you have full access to whatever device he's using and that you aren't a clueless adult who doesn't know how to use it.
2. Try to reduce internet time by focusing his time on other activities, playing with physical toys, sports, arts etc
3. If you buy a videogame, leave it in the living room and make use of parental control.

No. 470329

That's literally what I'm saying…

No. 470333

Honestly I am very tired of people saying that limiting internet access and being strict about it is helicopter parenting. Kids should not have their own social media accounts and should not have smart phones that have a browser. I've read too many horror stories of underage girls buying drugs online and finding sugar daddies to ever allow my kid to have unsupervised access. Keeping predators away from children was hard enough in the past but now it is so easy for predators to wiggle into the lives of young girls via online. For example I babysat a 12 year old and found out that she had an online boyfriend who was in his 20s. They were planning to meet up with each other. Her parents had no idea even though this relationship was going on for two years already. Her parents were not neglectful types but it was so easy for the girl to hide everything she was doing. The only way to avoid this is to watch everything they do online and I do not view that as extreme at all.

No. 470340

File: 1570477269761.png (1.33 MB, 1938x1214, 98876.png)

This has been reposted on Reddit so many times. No one's identified the girl, "Jake" or come out with proof that this is even real. For all we know, some guy did this with an ex's selfie just to destroy her reputation.
It really makes me realize how easy it'd be to just take anyone's selfie and add a fake Snapchat caption of them admitting to doing some fucked up shit. Idiots on Reddit (and the internet at large) would eat it up.

No. 470342

remember anon, innocent until proven guilty only applies to scrots kek

No. 470353

I am from Cyprus anon, currently living in Greece, it's true for both countries.

No. 470354

I do plan to do that anon, with suervision, because blocking doesn't work, kids always find a way around it.

No. 470357

>Greek anon again
Haven't we taught you a lesson old man?
Just make your ~it doesn't happen here!!~ posts and go

No. 470363

Actualtransbians has added seven new mods after re-opening. All seven are trans.

In other news, anyone who brings up one of the mods telling a woman to kill herself for not liking penis is being banned and their comment deleted.

No. 470364

To add, this means the main subreddit for "lesbians" on Reddit now has 17 mods. Of these, 15 are trans. 1 is a robot (Auto Moderator) and the other is supposedly "cis", but bisexual. There are zero "cis" lesbians on the mod team.

No. 470391

File: 1570493351864.png (277.99 KB, 624x681, Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.06…)


I hope the sub gets more pushback from other users on the site.

No. 470395


The lack of understanding and compassion from the OP towards a SEVEN YEAR OLD KID WHO GOT MOLESTED makes me fucking sick.

No. 470398

>every man's worst nightmare
Every man's worst nightmare is getting accused of being a pedo? Really? That's it? Worst nightmare for women is getting raped, abused for decades and even murdered. Holy shit men have no fucking idea do they?

No. 470400

>Gets falsely accused by an actual rape victim which was a child, not for sinister purposes but because the child didn't know how to react to the situation
>Somehow it's the woman's fault
>Instead of trying to suggest help for the child he makes everything about him
>Barely gets put in jail, keeps his job, gets $1000 and babied by the government, his family and reddit
>Somehow this is the worst thing in the world

Women who get violently raped and almost killed don't get babied and compensated this much. Just comes to show you how privileged men are when it comes to muh false accusations

No. 470401

who socialized the first violent men? who socialized the first patriarchs? men have hated women for long time, you can read thousands of years old text by men saying that women are bunch of whores who are on the level of animals.

if it all is about socialization, who the fuck started it?

No. 470404

The amount of people in the comments acting as if this seven year old molested child needs to be crucified for not knowing how to process trauma is disgusting. It sucks that op had to have it happen (his comments make him seem like a complete shitbag anyway, IMO) but comments like "I certainly wouldn't give a fuck about how guilty that kid feels" are so devoid of empathy that it pains me to think what the dumbass behind the comment thinks about other cases of abuse.

No. 470406

I thought men weren't never raped in your country by other men

No. 470415

How do posts like these even pass the sniff test that they're real? This falls right in line with the narrative of
Without having to outright blame a woman. See, her little shit kid was the one accusing but the woman is just as bad for having taken her kid's accusation seriously. It's still her fault, seeeee?
He's gonna ghost that treacherous wench for having prioritized her kid when she felt he had been hurt.
This fucker's LARP character is more concerned about a job (you know, those things that men quit and pick back up again all the fucking time) than the kid's well being. His character is shitting itself that the mom went straight to police, without realizing that if the kid in the story had confessed being molested to a teacher for example, they'd have to do the same thing because they are MANDATED reporters!

This is a bullshit post and should have been locked. Mod on that subreddit must huff glue while sucking the shaft and cupping the balls.

No. 470416

Don't bother, it's just the same Greek anon who goes out of her way each and every time to be a contraian for no reason, she always ends up revealing herself and uses the same "it doesn't happen here!"arguments to silence other posters who come here to vent

No. 470417

anon read a few books on the topic before making these types of posts. This is the exact argument scrotes use to show women aren't oppressed by men and in fact chose it themselves as ~~~biology~~~

No animal treats it's women like men do women. It's not biological.

No. 470419

imagine if the women called her kid a liar and stuck by OP. They would have crucified her for that, too.

No. 470422

Women just don't win on reddit. We're damned when we do and damned when we don't.

That's why whenever I feel compelled to post on reddit for validation, I pretend to be a dude. If it's a relationship vent, then I swap the genders. There's a lot more legit advice, less blaming, and more empathizing when redditors think op is male.

This is why I like lolcow because I don't have to worry about bullshit like that.

No. 470423

anon I believe that in this whole universe it's all just us, in here on this world together. We're all we've got and call me naive but I do believe that human beings have some connection with each other based on things other then sexual desire or tribalism

that we can relate to each other

No. 470429

Just date a feminine emo boy then

No. 470430

Redditors are extremely gullible and will believe any ridiculous fake story that paints groups that they don't like in a bad light. I think we really need to make a new effort (in school perhaps?) to teach people not to automatically trust anything they read on the internet. Stuff like any random story, statistics that are false or misleading, random headlines or tweets taken out of context, memes, youtube videos, and other stuff like the snapchat pic should be questioned and shouldn't be trusted right away. Some of this stuff has even been revealed to propaganda like that fake Russian video of the "feminist" pouring bleach on men in the train who are manspreading that was intended to provoke anger against feminists. Yes, everyone already vaguely knows "don't believe everything you see on the Internet", but I think people don't take it seriously enough and we need to remind them of how pervasive it is and train them to spot it, especially as more people start to the use the Internet and as it becomes more a part of daily life.

No. 470432

File: 1570497804368.png (24.27 KB, 827x144, jfc.PNG)

>this needs to be a very harsh lesson to her son. He will always remember that he ruined a person's life and robbed his mom of her happiness.

Holy shit, these people have no empathy for what being molested could possibly do to a young child's psyche at all. How repulsive.

No. 470440

These reactions are being so melodramatic too. Isn't it a bit too soon to be calling shit like "life ruined" just because he got sacked from a job?
Do all people who get sacked from their jobs have ruined lives thereafter?
Him leaving her and being unable to forgive the kid is entirely on him according to the narrative, no one else is forcing his hand on that.

"Robbed of a future," holy shit.

No. 470441

This is reminds me of how MRA's have helped more children from sexual abuse more then any MRA ever could

No. 470442

File: 1570498454875.png (29.77 KB, 816x331, peakreddit.PNG)

Also even though tons of the comments are suggesting op sue his company and even the girlfriend for defamation, somehow now the gf is money hungry and is going to come after op for money because muh single mothers. Do these retards even hear themselves?

No. 470446

All this gender shit is making me afraid to like posts about sexuality and get DM'd by a TRA questioning my actions. I liked a tweet about bisexuality basically meaning you have homosexual and heterosexual attractions, but promptly unliked it because I didn't want to get into some mess. It's an innocent tweet stating facts but I know SOME people I've been mutuals with for a while, will not handle it, whataboutisms about nonbinaries and trans…

No. 470465

lmao trisha paytas just came out as a transgender guy and the exact same type of people who bend over backwards to defend rapist child molesters pronouns when they come out as trans women are calling bullshit on trisha’s newfound gender identity. i know that trisha is just trolling but it’s funny to see how people aren’t respecting her pronouns and gender identity when i thought that is exactly what you’re supposed to do when someone comes out as trans, no questions asked

No. 470467

>There are zero cis lesbians on the team
You can just say lesbians.

I'm not even remotely surprised that the site that gave us incels has a lesbian sub moderated entirely by men. Typical.

No. 470483

He is 7 years old, he was molested and it was a mistake.
Men really have no empathy or care for children, huh? I'm glad single dads aren't common. For all the bitching they do about single mothers, if it was single dads, so many children would be dead or get groomed into complete sociopaths.

No. 470484

brain fart

meant to write "This is reminds me of how radfems have helped more male children from sexual abuse more then any MRA ever could"

No. 470486

Why would you think that? Crime, especially violent crime is really rare here but it does happen, it's not the garden of Eden.

Newfag, came recently from ashamedly robot land. Haven't posted in this general before.

No. 470487

I am afraid I have no idea what you are talking about.

No. 470489

You-you do realise the biological argument works against us right?

No. 470490

A documentary just got released about female students being groomed by teachers to have sex in exchange for grades in Ghana and Nigeria. The documentary is based on colleges, but they even do it to girls 15-17, below the age of consent.
The main journalist in the video was literally forced to drop out of school when she was younger, because her professor refused to grade her unless she had sex with him. The schools never do shit about this, and it's only now that it's been exposed with (undercover) video evidence that the universities are taking action. With how casual the men were being about it, you just know it's commonplace. I bet there are tons of other professors that didn't get caught at the same institutions going unpunished. The grossest part is the "pastor" obviously getting off on having women "pray to the Lord".
Scrotes shouldn't be in any position of power. This is what they always do when left unchecked. I'm already seeing some retards accuse the women who have been through this of faking their trauma, and saying they must have enjoyed it.

No. 470502

File: 1570530299750.png (160.75 KB, 618x1458, trish.png)


I love the way Trisha is trolling is basically using their exact same arguments



No. 470503

She's the top trend on twitter now and people won't stop going off about how her video is "literally violent!!" and is "going to kill real trans people"

No. 470508

She's such a great troll. I don't normally watch her but I love her for doing this.
My favorite thing is people on twitter taking her quotes from the video i.e. her saying she feels trans because she's attracted to gay men and freaking out over how "transphobic" it is when everything she said is exactly how TiFs think. One of the top comments on the video right now is something like "this gives 'I'm one of the boys girls cause too much drama' vibes"… Oh, you mean every Aiden and Oliver and every other soft uwu gay prince fakeboi ever?

No. 470509

Yet they would all be sucking her “girldick” if she were yet another big, hairy, perverted man continuing to present as male in every single way. They hate females so much.

Trisha, you’re fucking awesome for this. Expose these charlatans.

No. 470510

This is brilliant. It's fucking glorious to see people abandon all their woke "ideals" in a microsecond and revoke someone's tranny pass just because they don't like them. It happens a lot too, they can be up at arms defending someone's trans identity despite being 100% gender conforming but the moment they are found to be a horrible person they start with the "He/She wasn't a real trans!!" round. That's how they can avoid all the discussion regarding the toxicity of the trans community and mental illnesses associated with it. Just say they weren't trans at any point and thus their actions can't be used to judge the ideology. Some AGP monster was outed to groom and diddle young FTM kids he brainwashed into gender dysphoria? No, he's not one of us! It's the goddamn Cis PPL at work again!

No. 470511

Vicky Vox of all people… he's a disgusting rapist, Trisha calling him a pig is still too nice.

No. 470518

Yet somehow it isn't literal violence when completely masculine presenting males claim to be trans butch lesbians lmao.

No. 470522

yep that’s been her whole schtick on youtube for years and she’s become so famous for it. she’s honestly a hardcore troll but people fall for it every time

No. 470527


Troons are so predictable. People wouldn't keep trolling them like this if they didn't get all bent out of shape every single time.

No. 470531

God I'm so sick of trans ppl, and increasingly just leftists in general (I say this as someone who leans pretty heavily left) trying to redefine the word violence. Violence has a very specific meaning - using physical force to hurt or kill someone. Someone using a clickbait-y title for a subject that makes you upset is not and will never be "violent".

I feel like they do it intentionally to blur the lines of who's really oppressing whom. If you expand the definition of violence to include anyone upsetting you on any level, then women are "just as violent" as men. And trolls like Trisha, who has been subjected to a lot of misogyny in her life (regardless of how you feel about her, she was sexually manipulated by older men when she was younger), are violent oppressors. God what a joke.

No. 470534

File: 1570542755825.png (534.58 KB, 1242x2208, 17C7DB8E-53BF-47BE-9584-7D15F8…)

While I agree with you for the most part, I’d like to point out that language itself can also be violent - think slurs and emotional abuse

No. 470535

Maybe a little off topic, but are there any hobbies that aren't full of troons? It seems like every hobby community is full of them and of course they take center stage in their chosen sphere of influence and cause drama.

No. 470538

>I feel like they do it intentionally to blur the lines of who's really oppressing whom.

You're right. It's an abuse tactic.

Ever heard an abusive wifebeater say "I hurt her with my fists but she hurt me first with her words"? It's the same thing. If self-defence against violence is OK, and words can be violence, then hitting women for disagreeing with you is OK.

No. 470539


I've only ever see them involved with anime, programming and niche videogames

No. 470540

"Boring" female-dominated ones that they can't fetishize. Knitting, crochet, ballroom dancing, etc. If it's associated with women over the age 20 they probably won't like it, they're more into stuff that's associated with little girls.

No. 470542

I'm into crafts (specifically making jewelry with resin and clay) and I haven't seen any troons in that. Maybe because it requires a bit of effort and skill and you can't get instant validation for nothing.

No. 470546

This anon is right. My college is infested with troons and the only club I have found that doesn't have any TIMs is the knitting club.
Other hobbies that involve skill or teamwork tend to have fewer of them as well.

No. 470547


This made me really sad. Usually parents find their own kids cute, even if they are on the ugly side. The idea that a father might find his 7 year old daughter “ugly” just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 470548

same here, i used to go to a knitting circle and it was all real women, no tims. not even any nb people. it was refreshing.

No. 470551

A lot of the more female-dominated ones like fashion and art and TV show fandoms have TIFs. Not nearly as bad as TIMs but still not especially fun.

No. 470554

Interesting how all the examples they gave are phrases used to describe physical violence. News channels don't report on outbreaks of racial/domestic violence in reference to mean words.

You may be technically correct according to the Cambridge Dictionary, but I don't think accusations of violence against ppl saying mean things are legitimate because of a technicality. The only ppl who think a Trisha Paytas video
can be called violent are Onision-level autists who use dictionary definitions to justify everything they say because they know they can't defend it any other way.

No hate to you for pointing out the definition. The dictionary may technically be on their side, but everyone knows damn well what the word violence actually means.

No. 470555

Exactly. Plus speech is usually only defined as violent when it is directly encouraging or suggesting actual physical violence.

For example:

I don't want to suck dick = not violent

I am an adult human female = not violent


No. 470556

Magdalen Bern's Wikipedia article is up for deletion because troons are BTFO there are lots of reliable (by Wikipedia's own standards) sources praising her and absolutely none calling her a demon who literally murdered thousands of innocent trans girls from any source except other troons on Twitter.

No. 470558

That's a good point. I forgot about that. Yeah if somebody is directly threatening to physically hurt someone, then I think their speech could be considered violent. Violent moreso in the sense of describing what they're talking about, rather than the words being an act of violence themselves.

That Cambridge definition is just too vague for me. There are a lot of things you can say that are hurtful to ppl. By that logic, 99% of the ppl here have committed acts of violence by talking shit about internet personalities who are likely to see it

No. 470564

There was a reddit thread a few years ago of video of a woman who who being held down in the middle of the street by a man. Her friends come up and beat him up, she gets away.

The top comments were all about how "women sometimes go crazy when drunk". The very top comment was "ok, but how do we know she wasn't beating him up? I had to hold a girl down once because she was acting badly when drunk"

Redditors don't see women as having the same rights as them. When we fuck up, we need "correcting" by them. They think it's 100% ok to hold a woman down if she's acting in a way they deem socially unacceptable. This was on a major subreddit and had thousands of upvotes.

I avoid male redditors like the plague.

No. 470568

Reddit: no one takes male rape victims seriously

Also Reddit: >>470442

No. 470570

It's #InternationalLlesbianDay on Shitter and there are quite a few posts inciting violence against "TERF"s so I decided to report all of the posts that express violence under the search #InternationalLesbianDay terfs. It always has to be about them and they make it clear in an aggressive violent manner.

No. 470571

I liked a single tweet once that was about sexuality not gender and got addeed to 2 "Nazi right wing transphobe" lists on twitter. It was crazy fast.

I just made my own "angry male incel" list and I add trannies to it when they get mouthy. A lot of them can't work out how to remove themselves either lmao

No. 470574

I once made a Reddit post to actuallesbians about how I had just found out Barbara Jordan was a lesbian. Other than that post I didn't have many comments but I just commented in crafting subreddits asking about things people were making.

I got a bunch of angry PMs. Lots of them were calling me a TERF. One of them had found someone on Twitter who had the same username as my Reddit username, assumed it was me, and said they were going to report me to my employer for being a transphobe.

I literally didn't even mention trans people?? I just wanted to talk about Barbara Jordan. The comments on my post were nice but the PMs were crazy. I eventually deleted the post because I felt scared.

No. 470576

I haven't found any in doll collecting. Seems to be primarily women and a handful of gay men depending on the kind of doll.

No. 470577

That's insane, anon. How did they rationalize it? What does Barbara Jordan even have to do with TERFs? She literally supported transgender people.

No. 470581

I have no idea. I asked the first two why they were calling me a TERF and didn't get an answer. One told me to kill myself and the other just didn't reply.

No. 470596

File: 1570554765944.jpg (297.42 KB, 1074x1074, Untitled.jpg)

how come everytime a woman wants to talk about her female problems some tranny has to chime in about how much he wishes he could have the same problem? it always happens no exceptions

No. 470622

How? How the fuck does it work against us? Just because en are biologically violent it doesn't mean that what men say about women's biology is true, you fucking idiots.

I believe that patriarchy tells the truth about men while it tells lies about women. Just because men claim that women are biologically inferior doesn't make it right.

And what about animals that rape? Dolphins rape, orangutans rape, ducks rape. Male animals kill the young of their species so that they get to fuck the females. You think cow is as dangerous as a bull? You think silver back ale gorilla isn't more dangerous than a female gorilla??

No. 470662

there's tons of troons in bjd collecting

No. 470670

If you qualify for a breast reduction, typically they're causing some sort of medical issue, like back pain or infections. This person is basically just implying that OP has "ungrateful" for her breasts. Wtf.

Also it's fucking gross that trannies feel the need to make everything about them, even other peoples' medical issues.

Sidenote, I like asailorsoldier (the OP), her art is cute.

No. 470673

Agreed, acknowledging natural, biological flaws in men while rejecting what they claim are natural flaws in us takes no cognitive dissonance. It's easy to reconcile when you just think about it simply - we can get pregnant, men cant and they have spent their whole shitty existences trying to cope with that. Our legit flaws are things like lacking physical strength and being out of commission when pregnant/nursing etc. But the inherent biological traits men claim we have are just lies to help them cope. We aren't naturally better at cooking or cleaning, we aren't naturally submissive, we aren't intellectually inferior, as evidenced by our success in academia once they actually let us in. We aren't more irrational, they're the ones who commit 'crimes of passion' all the time. But it benefits them to convince the world of those things, so they do, and they downplay the fact that they are responsible for the vast majority of violent and sexual crime all throughout history like that isn't enough proof of their nature.

No. 470675

Plus the vast majority of violent crimes perpetrated against trans people are by homophobic men who chimp out after finding out the person has a penis, not lesbian women ffs.

Terfs aren't the ones murdering trans people, it's fucking men like it always is.

Is there anything we can do to prevent the deletion? That's just straight-up censorship.

No. 470676

You get loads of animals where the female is more violent since she's the one guarding the babies and almost all animals have consensual mating rituals. Evospyche is meme central since you can construe it to mean anything you like is natural. Which is retarded in the first place since humans are social animals that change their behavoir radically depending on the culture.

No. 470685

Wow, you guys weren't kidding about troons just applying whatever people say about them to GC feminists.


It doesn't even make sense to say GC is a fetish. They're just saying it because people have started to point out transgenderism is often fetishistic. Insane.

No. 470690

We had TIFs but they were generally the chill kind, not the fujoshis.

No. 470698

>Plus the vast majority of violent crimes perpetrated against trans people are by homophobic men who chimp out after finding out the person has a penis, not lesbian women ffs.
I mean reacting with violence is never okay but that is a valid reason to be upset. So many trannies think it's bigoted to have to disclose their biological sex to the people they want fuck. This movement is basically incel-lite.

No. 470709

File: 1570571913058.png (59.62 KB, 873x395, dumb tranny.png)

I had a look at that subreddit, and wow.
>Does it really matter what the genitals and identity of the cutie sucking you off are?
>Toxic masculinity and insecurity over one's sexuality is pathetic.
Fuck you, cotton ceiling incel tranny. Genitals DO matter. Not wanting to fuck someone with a certain set of genitals is not "insecurity". It doesn't make you "boring", a "mood killer" or "in denial". Accept people's genital preferences or fuck off.

No. 470743

This is so stupid. TRAs are so lame. I think overall GC has a better "image", we have the most coherent points and arguments and the better sense of humour with funnier memes and comebacks. Everything the TRAs try to do either just doesn't make sense or is unfunny and cringey.

No. 470754

File: 1570579164588.png (489.01 KB, 532x1645, 02.png)

god, every person using that hashtag and using the word terf is an either a braindead handmaiden or a textbook agp.

No. 470755

File: 1570579197341.png (2.36 MB, 2452x912, 03.png)

No. 470756

Surprise surprise, men whose entire identity revolves around their fetish are fine with rape.

No. 470769

I want this framed on my wall

No. 470777

File: 1570586051675.jpeg (677.59 KB, 1242x1931, CA0E5FD6-59EC-40E2-ABDA-125B1A…)

No. 470779

File: 1570586974391.jpg (40.81 KB, 256x256, 1537016918412.jpg)


No. 470781

Hilarious, that's some real men writing women shit. Sounds more like trannies have a fetish for evil feminazi terfs wanting to fuck them than anything else.

No. 470782

This is legit funny

No. 470785

kek. tfw some tranny wrote this as a fucked up cope because they wish terfs were attracted to them.

No. 470788

Troons have a tendency to assume society is already past socially conditioning people based on their birth sex, and that sex characteristics exist in a vacuum.

Setting aside the obvious– that some people just aren't into dick or vag and that's just who they are– we still live in a culture that socializes the sexes differently. Any feminist worth her salt will tell you that this disparity is a problem, but a lot of dumb people have made the forgone conclusion that gendered socialization is no longer an issue. You can't be against something and pretend it doesn't happen, but that's what a lot of troons and handmaidens do when it comes to sex-based socialization.

In a patriarchal culture, A person with a penis is not going to have an entirely random personality. They're more likely to possess traits our society engenders in men, like entitlement, competitiveness, arrogance, hypersexuality, and argumentativeness. Obviously not all men possess these traits, and there are certainly women who do have them, but the likelihood of having these qualities increases if someone has a "male" upbringing in our culture. The same idea also applies to women and traits more common among us. Some people, in addition to being into the physical qualities of one sex or the other, also have preferences for the personality types more common in their own or the opposite sex.

Troons don't have the self-awareness to realize the problem isn't just their shriveled girldick, it's the abhorrent jerk the girldick is attached to. It's why there are bisexuals who won't even fuck troons. As the old saying goes, don't stick your dick in crazy (or in our case, don't let crazy stick its dick in you).

Jfc this reads like a copypasta, Once again troons are just projecting criticisms of themselves onto TERFs. A lot of these yahoos trooned out in the first place because they spent more time on Reddit than they do around actual human beings.

No. 470816

And I thought men were the ones who completely misunderstood evo psych. Humans are not cows or ducks, we are humans. Outside if a tiny minority of psychopaths, human criminal behaviour us environment based. It's not muh testosterone, it's the "I learned to be criminally entitled and that the only acceptable emotional response is violence". Stop peddling your Jordan Peterson tier pseudoscience as if you know what you are talking about.

No. 470817

This very much applies to you too

No. 470819

This doesn't even sound like an OTT troon power fantasy anymore, it sounds like a /pol/tard attempting to write the most absurd and offensive story to piss off trannies AND feminists. Like the "terves actually desire our girldick!!!" tells me it's a tranny delirium but the way it's not even trying to hide how made up it is sounds like a frogposter trying to be funny. Which it is, I'll give it that. An accurate satire of how agps think.

A good post, thank you for writing it.

No. 470856

File: 1570625077710.png (600.2 KB, 1350x969, Untitled.png)

>see some tf2 drama about a "famous" medic main
>see that "she" has been accused of inappropriate behavior around minors
>check "her" profile
>it's just some ugly dude pretending to be a woman
>doesn't even attempt to pass

so fucking funny how we now have men parading around calling themselves women yet still causing mass shootings and trying to rape kids and yet those affect female crime statistics!!!

No. 470879

I was watching a show called Relic hunter from the late 90's and there was a scene where the petite blonde dressed in a girly pink top (because it was cool for grown women to look like little girls then) was talking about how feminism was a bunch of women in ugly shoes telling you how different women are from men. And she said women are different from men and she loves it and loves her breast. But she's also not so different from men either because we're just as power hungry, horny, and crazy as men (paraphrasing here).

I now see how/when the current wave of feminism was pushed by media instead of being organically developed like the others LOL

No. 470888

Why do they always think "I'm just promiscuous and sexually active lol!" is a good defense? Or treat grooming minors as just a "mistake"? Mistake is when you accidentally pick the wrong brand of cereal, not pushing your perversions on kids.
>Since that situation last year I have never made that same mistake again
Oh great so you've been dry for (less than) a year? That changes everything, it's literally ancient history!
>Of course, that doesn't change the fact that I made the mistake of not asking for people's age
He says this RIGHT after admitting that he knew that the kid was underage but didn't cease the sex talk, literally in the previous paragraph. This fucker learnt nothing and he isn't sorry.

No. 470943

Did any other anons think it was really annoying #RiseUpOct8th fell on the same day as International Lesbian Day? RiseUp is completely focused on trans.

No. 470955


Reddit is always such a treat.

"I (M25) caught my GF (F25) of two years cheating but she doesn't think it's cheating. She called it a transaction…
Hi I'm using a burner to protect my identity. Heres my story:

For the last few months I have been living a lie. It turns out my girlfriend of two years has been cheating on me for at least four months. For a relationship that had been through so much, I thought we were able to overcome some of the low points. Together we were able to overcome that she has a child from a previous relationship and the embarrassing fact that I had to get a prescription from forhims (I’m only 25).To the point that she even started letting me leave it at her place (which is problematic now because my last three boxes are still at her place).

A few months ago she explained to me that she was going to have to be traveling a lot more for work, and while she was upset about it, it was ultimately going to be a great opportunity for her to get another promotion. I too was a bit upset about this since I had just moved into her apartment and got a dog together. None the less I was still happy and supporting of the fact she was working towards a promotion.

As she started to travel I was getting a little jealous of my girlfriend as she got to travel to DC, Miami, and Chicago in a 6 week this summer. On top of that when she was in DC and Chicago she got to go to Wrigley and see the nationals play. She said the clients that she was seeing had taken her to the games. These seats that she was getting weren’t bad either. For the game at Wrigley field she even got to sit behind homeplate.

This is was an exciting time for both of us. She was doing great in work, we had an adorable dog together, and when she would get back from the road the sex was unbelievable. Nothing was out of bounds, there were no safe words. To say that we experimented with each other’s bodies was an understatement. She opened me up and exposed me to things I would have never considered like being pegging (It is shockingly empowering).

I didn’t really feel like anything was amiss until she went on her trip to Miami for work. In the entire build up to her leaving that Monday it was like we were in the honeymoon phase of our relationship again. We hardly left the apartment all week, let alone bed. We were in the throes of passion it was pure bliss.

This was the longest trip she was going to be taking. She was going to be gone Monday to Friday. Typically she would be traveling for only a few days at a time. She was gone that Monday morning before I woke up, taking an uber to the airport, I just had a single text from her “I’ll text you when I get settled” with a heart emoji.

The two of us are in constant contact like true millennials nothing we do; we don’t not share with each other. So it was a little alarming when she went radio silent for the first two days of her trip. I was in a pure panic. Did something happen to her? Should I be worried? Do I need to call her parents, the police? I was wondering if I should even travel down there to go see if she was okay.

Thankfully sanity prevailed and I didn’t go in search of her, and in her own time she finally responded and explained how busy she was the first day. And that she had unexpectedly seen some friends from college on the second night. All was back to being right in the world, and the rest of her time away went by without a hitch. Needless to say I was thrilled for her to come back.

As the door to our apartment opened and she came in looking like her beautiful just more tan self I was instantly smitten. I rushed over to giver her a kiss, and she turned her head to the side and my lips ended buried in her hair. Weird I thought but maybe she is just tired it was a long day after all.

The rest of the evening continued with this theme of her being distant and distracted by her phone. This wasn’t the girl that I had known and fallen in love with after swiping right on her tinder profile two years ago. As she went to our dog Lang out for walk, she left her phone out on the kitchen table. I am not proud of what I did next but I unlocked her phone and started to snoop.

What I found was earth shattering. Turns out the travel was not work related at all, she had a sugar daddy that she meet on internet. She was traveling with a very well-off lawyer and going to all of these events with him. Her texts with him read like pure smut. It was degrading and vile. It was clear that she no longer loved me.

Her and the dog returned and I asked her if we could have a conversation. She sat down on the couch and I took a seat next from her and I ask her to explain who “Laurence” is. She immediately went pale, and her bottom lip started to quiver. Through stammering and tears she tried to explain that they didn't have sex. But she would let him grind on her butt until he came and one time she gave him a handjob.

She went on to try and explain all of this was to pay for her bills and pay for things for her kid. The kid isn't in her life a lot because the dad has majority custody but she still pays for things for him. Even though they didn't have Sex, and she viewed it as purely a transaction, I still feel like I can never trust her again. The only words I could muster were “Peyton how could you do this to me”. Not a lot of words were said after that as I quickly grabbed a few things and Lang.

I currently sit here writing this back at my mom’s. I packed un small bag of stuff and I brought the dog and his toys. I haven’t really talked to her since and she hasn’t really gone out of her way to contact me, which leads me to believe what I know that she thinks this is over.

I know this may be crazy to write but I still love her. Should I try and work this out with her? Do you guys think it's cheating if she saw it as a transaction and something she had to do to provide?

TL:DR: My girlfriend of two years found an internet celebrity sugar daddy and starting cheating on me with him and I caught her."

No. 470956

pure fan fiction

No. 470961

File: 1570655977443.png (120.46 KB, 637x444, study.png)

Men are insecure so they take it out on everyone else.


At least one of the top comments there called it out as such. Let's hope more people start calling out these bullshit ragebait fake stories.

No. 470966

Whenever I read the "my Nigel" meme I picture Nigel from that show lul.

No. 470978

File: 1570661082344.jpg (76.22 KB, 580x443, tumblr_pc7ratPdC71qanq7bo2_640…)

I always think of Nigel Thornberry.

No. 470981

Men truly can meme other men into anything. Reddit has gotten my boyfriend on the no fap/no porn train. I'm not complaining, it's just the fact that it took anonymous men on the internet to make him see the light instead of just listening to me a long time ago.

No. 470982

Men would rather listen to random strange men on the internet than women close to them, it's fucking spectacular.

No. 470986

thanks, now that's who i'll visualise when reading that decent boyfriend thread.

No. 470991

Isn't it? Reminds me and reinforces all the more that our actual opinions and thoughts mean absolutely nothing to men as a whole.

No. 470996

File: 1570665142742.jpg (395.36 KB, 1080x1123, 20191010_014411.jpg)

I've checked incel forums and this is what I found in one of the top threads. lol. It seems like being incel just means being male who can't rape kids below 14 without going to jail.

No. 470999

Nigga what, women didn't reach menarche until 15-18. Girls getting their period at ages 10-11 is fairly recent

No. 471003

People dying at 25-30 wasn’t the norm, this is purely because the high infant and child mortality rate heavily skewed statistics, surely this is common knowledge

Fucking retards

No. 471004

Same. As an American, he's the only Nigel I've ever seen, either on TV or irl.

No. 471006

has anyone been able to keep tabs on amberdollars? he deleted his tumblr (again, but possibly for good considering someone else has his url), deleting all evidence of his batshit claims against mitski with it
if he's not dead he's just going to come back in a few months pretending nothing happened and do the same thing to someone else

No. 471015

last i saw he was crying over lil peep like he knew him and still ebegging for money to leave his allegedly abusive mothers home.

No. 471065

This. Women didn't use to get their periods until much later and due to the extremely fast, sudden changes in both diet and societal lifestyle girls started getting their periods at 10-11 but the rest of their bodies couldn't keep up. A 11-year old is most likely not capable to carry a baby full-term or give birth, you certainly aren't supposed to find them attractive.

No. 471084

Yet somehow human men continue to commit most crimes and most violence from culture to culture from time period to time period? Where is this radical behavior changing ability there?

Once again, who socialized the first men, who socialized the first patriarchs? If it's all about socialization and behavior, it had to start somewhere. Who was the first cave man to be like "you know what men gotta act like apeshit baboons" and start raising their young that way?

No. 471086

I hate this "humans only lived up to 30 year olds" meme these morons don't understand that no, humans weren't biologically unable to live longer but what it meant is that babies and children died so often that it reduced the common life span, and humans died of diseases and accidents and hunger. If living a safe life with plenty of food humans of the olden times could biologically live up to 50s

No. 471089

Not disagreeing, but it was even more extreme, while many died as babies or children, plenty scholars or nobels are proven to have lived well into their 80s. If you made it past your teens (as a man) then you had good chances of living minimum til your 50s or 60s.

This so disgusting, I can't even read through that. Somebody should tell these history experts that in reality in the middle ages they would have been forced to work hard physical labour starting from when they weren't even 10 and then get married when they themselves were also only 16-20. No preteen little girl for 30yo neet you, only two young adults marrying each other and then fighting to survive.

No. 471098

File: 1570703699810.jpg (33.82 KB, 1080x222, 20191010_014632.jpg)

sorry for samefag, here is one of responses to this thread. haha, "incels" my ass, they would have no problem with finding relationship with women their age (that poster is in his 30s from what i've gathered), but they prefer to chase after kids. i've seen some farmers here feeling bad for them. girls, those are the type of people you are pitying.

No. 471102


If a child survived through his teens he had almost the same chance of growing old as anyone today. Part of why monasteries were such a valued institution is that it took in a lot of old people as monks in a form of retirement home and they were plenty of geezers to spare who could not plow the fields no more but were very much alive still. A ton of historical documents were written by monks well into their old age, into their 60s and 70s too.

It also makes no sense that in a point in time were most pregnancies were at a high risk of death grown men would me impregnating preteens, wtf? that makes it way more likely to loose both the wife and the child. You can tell they get all their history factoids from anime and fantasy novels.

No. 471103

What forum is this? incels.co?

No. 471105

>"This wasn’t the girl that I had known and fallen in love with after swiping right on her tinder profile two years ago."
Lmao. This has "incel anger fantasy" written all over it. It was obvious from the way the protagonist is their stock "soyboy"/"cuck"/"nu-male" character (complete with erectile dyfunction and a penchant for getting pegged), and the antagonist is their stock "single mom roastie whore ~*empowered womyn*~ who uses tinder", but the Tinder line cemented it. Only they obsess that hard over the app and the supposed prevalence of "loose" women on it. The author probably saw a photo of a particular woman on it, rage-fapped to her picture and then wrote this story with her in mind.
Also, I'm surprised the author allowed the protagonist to have sex. Typically, they frame these stories as the girlfriend being disinterested in any sex at all, and the boyfriend accepting it until he finds out he's being cheated on.

No. 471111

have you heard of "state of nature" philosophy, even men believe its their natural disposition to be vulgar & violent. they would argue socialization is what keeps them from being baboons and this is the best they can do.

No. 471120

My point is you get cultures where there is almost no violent crime at all and cultures where it's so bad women are joining in on war crimes and shit since it's more complicated than "men smash".
>who socialized the first men
Not really how it works since cultures are in response to other environmental factors.

The more femcel you get the more you get into mgtow redpill territory with people like this >>471111 thinking citing shithead men justifying being shitheads with naturalist fallacies is a good point to copy. You're saying the same drivel as incel shit here >>470996 prescribing modern day view points for your inaccurate view of anthropology.

How do you argue against someone saying women are naturally care givers so shouldn't have jobs? Or should just put up with domestic abuse since that's just how our species works? Or secretly want to be raped because of le evopsych memes?

No. 471135

i fucking hate men & testosterone has been proven to be linked with agression what more do you want me to say?
>reee you dont hate men the way i say you should
you made a strawman out of my whole statement just to what? increase infighting.

No. 471137

>thanks, now that's who i'll visualise when reading that decent boyfriend thread.

Why ? what's so wrong with women being in a relationship with a man they like

No. 471138

whats the radfem stance on weird but harmless kinks like balloons,tickling etc?

No. 471149

File: 1570716062558.gif (1.77 MB, 168x132, scream.gif)

This whole text is sad ramblings of an incel who has a severe brainrot. Also that fuckfest comment at the end, fucking barf.

No. 471166

The troon furiously types as he helps himself sleep at night

No. 471170

I just read an article about "pleasure marriages"


Basically in Iraq, it's considered a sin to have sex outside of marriage. So seeking casual sex, scrots marry girls, fuck them, then divorce them. After that, she's seen as "used goods" so all she can do is enter into more "pleasure marriages" to be used and abused by scrots for a small fee.

Oh, but age 18? They're already considered washed up. The premium age is 9 to 13.

Men are not human.

No. 471171

untrue but condolences on your hairy ass and untreated npd. our prayers go out to your disappointed and humiliated family.

No. 471174

This is the most savage reply I've ever seen. Good job anon.

No. 471180

You do realize that a lot of the people in this thread are open lesbians, right? Like, real lesbians born with uteruses who fuck other women born with uteruses.

No. 471182

>Girls/women are only desireable when they barely have their own desire or motivation of their own and haven't realized anything yet


No. 471185

Btw this is Iraq not the West so that means their 13-15 year olds look the same age as our 8-11 year olds.

No. 471188

d-did you just imply that males can't be lesbians you meanie anon?

No. 471194

I don’t remember where I first heard this simple description of one dramatic contrast between the genders, but it is strikingly accurate: At core, men are afraid women will laugh at them, while at core, women are afraid men will kill them. - margaret atwood

No. 471201

That's not true anon, it's the other way around. Harsher lifes mean that your body get's forced to grow up quicker, also physically. There are many arab girls already going through puberty before they even turn 10, same for the boys who start getting facial hair long before western boys.
Source: I work in an elementary school and while the refugee kids are usually a lot shorter, their bodies look very mature at an extremely young age.
In a way this makes it even worse, because men can use this as "proof" of them being "women"…

No. 471204

No. 471207

I thought Homophobe-chan came back. I'm surprised that it's actually a scrote this time, and a tranny at that. We haven't had that in a while.
Unless, of course, the big twist is that Homophobe-chan was just a HSTS tranny all along who's been shitting up the board because he was mad that he could never be a trad wife. If that's the case, he probably fixates so hard on lesbians because in his incel brain, they're women who "threw away" their privilege of possibly becoming straight men's housewives. Must suck to suck.

No. 471212

File: 1570722250052.png (84.13 KB, 281x301, BjrioSd.png)

Report and ignore, guys.

No. 471213

File: 1570722326442.png (114.41 KB, 500x402, 004039238921.png)

No. 471216

File: 1570722658585.gif (7.63 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

scrotes mad

No. 471218

What is the point of saying "Look at this sexual assault/domestic violence case that has been perpetrated by a woman I found!!"? Literally no one is saying all women are innocent angels that are incapable of crime, people are discussing crimes of violence which are objectively mostly commited by men. Like wow, you've found 1 crime that has been perpetrated by a woman amongst 10.000 others that have been perpetrated by men and you've proven… what, exactly? Does that one dismiss the majority of these crimes?

No. 471219


Absolutely, yet they they think they're experts because some evopsych fuckwad who's probably pushing a pedophile agenda says women were considered fully developed at women and married at 12. yet they neglect in those cases most of the time it was to boys slightly older than them, or marriage for an insurance or protective marriage rather than with the intents in a appropriately aged marriage.

No. 471233

I don't even think he's trying to make an argument, really. He's just a narcissist/BPD type fishing for attention with self-victimizing, guilt-tripping posts. He might be doing this because his boyfriend isn't responding to his messages right now.
Let him throw his little tantrum.

No. 471234

Looks like today's milk is locally-sourced.

No. 471240

Oh yeah, marriages with huge age gaps (like, between 14 yo girl and 30 yo man), were only a thing among people from upper class, and they were only political marriages. Those men often had older mistresses to satisfy their sexual urges, because most men find fully grown 25 year old women far more attractive than short stumpy 13yo kid with boyish body.

No. 471246

i like how these retards keep whining about how "degenerate" the west has become because of feminism and shit as if they aren't degenerates for trying to justify their creepy pedophilia.

No. 471250

They live in a fantasy world, it's truly amazing to see.

No. 471251

Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug. Most incels wouldn't actually last five seconds in an extremely socially conservative country like Iraq. They think that having no girlfriend is worse than living in a literal distopia.

No. 471252

Critical thought isn't something that comes easily to men.

No. 471253

They've convinced themselves that anything they want in the world is the just, "traditional" way.

No. 471254

It's like their dicks are little parasites controlling the rest of them, like those mushrooms that mind-control ants.

JK but seriously, the how often do you hear about successful women throwing away lucrative careers because they couldn't resist creeping on kids or co-workers? Obviously it occasionally happens, but you find out about a man doing it literally almost every day.

No. 471259

File: 1570726104004.png (550.26 KB, 640x639, 6WV_ms-vOO54JZMOMtxfVlv6o4Q5OQ…)

Speaking of pedophilia and dick parasites, there's an obnoxious post on Reddit's subreddit OldSchoolCool and this is one of the highest upvoted posts. There's some scrotes arguing in the comment about how "the age of consent is 16 in some places so it's totally normal bro" and talking about how stupid it is for a 17 year old to be considered illegal but a 18 year old legal


No. 471262

Tbh it's disgusting that we need to draw a line at some age in the first place. Shouldn't it be innate not want to fuck(read:rape) children/teens? All the gross degenerates who need to be scared away with legal consequences creep me out so bad.

No. 471269

If you take bait and feed trolls, don't wonder why they are attracted to this thread. This still results in bait takers also getting a ban. Consider it a time off from sperging.

It is absolutely ridiculous how many posters on this thread report bait and then continue to actually seriously respond to said bait for hours on end, long after the troll has been banned.

No. 471270

Also, they'll never mention that a lot of those arranged marriages were between young boy and 18 years old girl or woman in her late 30s and teenager or 20y old. People in those times had good enough unerstanding of pregnancy that they knew 40 years old woman will have problems with giving a birth to healthy infant so they had a bit limited options when arranging marriages of older female and young male, but "old husband, young trophy wife" wasn't a rule. Even some kings ended up marrying older women because it was the best for politics.
Big age gaps were considered gross and mocked even back then. Only warm descriptions I remember are about men in their late 20's-30s in relationship with older women (often while having young wife to produce heir), they were considered intellectuals who value wisdom and mature personality.
In more recent history a lot of nobility marriages were between younger guy and older woman. Those guys from incel forums are completly deteached from reality (they probably use stormfront to learn history so it's not surprising).

No. 471277

>How do you argue against someone saying women are naturally care givers so shouldn't have jobs?

Use your brain, even if women were naturally care givers, why the fuck shouldn't they have jobs? Wouldn't a job be pretty useful thing with being a caregiver, you know getting paid and having more money for the child?

Even if we played along the "women are naturally sadomasochists" meme, women shouldn't be abused because women have value as humans, it is women's right to be left in peace. Abuse causes mental health issues and depression in women, if we want to get to the specifics, which makes me think that hmmm if it was natural for women to want to be abused then why the hell does our nature make us become depressed and mentally unhealthy when we get abused?

Like you seriously have no arguments against mra shit about women?? The difference between me and males is that I personally do not think that we have to follow our nature, whatever it is. Even if women were the stupid spineless damsels mras say we are, we don't need to follow that, as humans we can act otherwise. And we do, if it is so natural for women to be submissive, why do we have feminists movements, why do women demand to be treated better? Why does our nature make us behave that way?

You really don't pay any attention the world around you, see how women behave and cannot form arguments against mra shit based on that?

No. 471279

Sage for double post, because no, just because I think that men are naturally more violent than women, it doesn't mean I accept that behavior. Men as intelligent species should know better, but they choose not to.

It's just that I think male violence is too wide spread and has lasted way too long for it to only be about socialization. And since males are selfish, they choose to blindly follow their nature instead of using the human brains capable of moral thought they were given.

No. 471285

Can I ask about books/resources you are using? I only know about
medieval marriages because I've read popular history book about them.

No. 471317

TTC has a few good courses on the middle ages, as well as other periods and subjects, i recommend those.

No. 471336

A man literally used a Japanese idols selfies to zoom in on her fucking eyeball and find out where she lived and stalked and assaulted her.


No. 471341

On the night of September 1st 21-year-old Ena Matsuoka, a member of the Japanese idol group Tenshi Tsukinukeni Yomi, was attacked by a obsessive fan outside her Tokyo home. In custody, the fan has revealed that he was able to track down the idol singer's home location by analyzing selfies she uploaded to social media and zooming in on her eyes.
The assailant, 26-year-old Hibiki Sato, told authorities that he was able to identify Matsuoka's local station based on scenery reflected in her eyes in selfies she posted online, and then matching it to a street using Google Maps Street View, NHK reports. Sato says he was also able to estimate the location of her room by observing the positioning of curtains and lighting in videos Matsuoka uploaded to social media.

Sato followed her home from her station after waiting for her, and as she reached her door grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with a towel. He then dragged her away to a dark corner and groped her, causing injury to her face in the process. He admitted to the assault after being arrested on September 17th, and stated he was a big fan of Matsuoka.

No. 471349

It's all about men's "urges" and when men feel "ready" to start having sex. Not once does he stop to wonder if these underage girls feel ready or whether it feels "natural" for them. Boys might start thinking about sex at 13 but I was still playing with dolls at that age.

Also this idea that just because the AOC is younger in some countries, then that must mean that people are having sex younger is so stupid. The AOC is 17 in my country but I don't know a single person who was sexually active until they reached college. Idk where this idiot thinks anyone under the age of 18 who is still living with their parents even has sex.

No. 471351

File: 1570745977111.png (485.06 KB, 640x480, u495cfapp6d21.png)

Reddit "ha ha he we real mental ilness suffers are over shadowed by faker feeeeemales" is the cringiest shit ever. Its always women they imply or out right state are the fakers.

No. 471353

Just goes to show how very real this phenomenon against women is.
We're less likely to have our pain taken seriously by a doctor and more likely for it to be assumed that we're exaggerating our pain.
Looks like mental health is really no different than physical.

No. 471361

Reddit has 4 trending “MGTOW” posts in the main page.

No. 471374

how can this even be real, though? isn't it far more likely that he paid someone or social engineered that info out of someone? i havd a new iphone but i can't see a fucking thing in my eyes except eyes.

No. 471379


Being racist is funny when is against white people, specially when you mock mentally ill white people and even better if its white women , that way you get to be racist, sexist and insensitive to mental health but it still sanctioned by the PC police haha take some gold.

No. 471382

File: 1570750345900.jpg (108.41 KB, 1001x1510, 61fBaIVLmtL.jpg)

This needs to be required reading for everyone in the world right now.

No. 471385

I want to read it, but is it going to make me hate my life more? I've already been depressed enough about troonery being normalized as it is.

No. 471389

It'll make you feel worse because you don't realize how many things in the world are made using only data from men. As if we didn't already imagine that the world is entirely male centric.

No. 471390

8chan is coming back. The incels really are a plague.

No. 471391

The sad message about books like these is not that patriarchal society oftentimes consciously biases against women, it's that people don't even think about us. Our needs never even cross their minds, because the white male is the gold standard by which society measures and studies everything.
Invisible, truly.

No. 471395

Most of these male redditors upvoting this type of crap claim to have depression because they're in high school and don't have a girlfriend and because they barely go outside and spend their entire day playing vidya and watching porn.

No. 471407

Of course it would, because the Us government is not serious about protecting people or censoring the internet unless it threatens their integrity

No. 471408

wrong thread? but yeah, i'm european and every time i've had processed food that was made in america it's messed me up. shame, cos those peanut butter m&ms are to die for.

No. 471410

Oh fuck!! I meant to post this in the Vent thread. Thanks for replying anyways

No. 471430

I enjoy a few boards on 8chan.
I mean though anyone can make a board and that's always been dumb to me.

No. 471433

File: 1570764750275.jpeg (622.76 KB, 1242x916, 2E0BA62B-8AC6-4480-935F-D3A660…)

>don’t even register as human

This right here is what’s at the core of the issue; many men genuinely don’t see women as human, and not even as a conscious decision (which honestly just further cements my point).

This is why things like domestic violence, breast cancer, think of any female specific issue trying to gain awareness, all have to revolve around the message of “this could happen to your wife/mother/sister/daughter” - we only exist if it is in direct relation to the man.

It’s why they so easily hurt us, objectify us, dismiss us, don’t even think about us; we aren’t one of THEM, therefore we aren’t even HUMAN.

I feel like a fucking conspiracy nut for this but I’ve had similar things like pic related happen to me so many times that I’ve lost count, an anon above had posted a book about how all data revolves around men, the huge wave of trannies that think we’re just a fun costume to wear, the list goes on. And all of this is rooted in us being an ‘other’.

No. 471437

Ah, the ol' "Of I shove WHITE in front of it, I won't be called a sexist" tactic, often used by the "woke". As if most of Reddit cares anyway, they jerk off to the thought of belittling women, white or not.

No. 471602

>like they're suddenly ok with the government having a database full of everyone's dna suddenly.
Umm, you know the government already does that, right?
How do you think fingerprint records work?

No. 471604

Anon are you dumb fingerprints aren't dna.

But yeah, there was a case of a murderer getting convicted from dna samples of his daughter from the gynaecologist, so they do collect your dna when you visit the doctor.

No. 471606

File: 1570823209019.jpg (112.52 KB, 1232x707, trueart.JPG)

Imagine paying to read this garbage from the mind of "trans feminist philosopher, critic, and gamer".
Imagine genuinely believing you are a woman while showing typical male entitlement in thinking that this garbage should leave your notepad and be seen by anyone.
Sylvia Plath didn't die for this.

I died when I saw THIS on the about page of the blog:
>I’m a 24 year old trans lesbian, radical feminist (not the trans or sex worker exclusionary kind)

I wonder what he thinks radical feminism means then? Uwu girl power, girl rule, boys drool? Lmfao. MtF trannies are wild.

No. 471608

Are you refering to BTK's daughter? They seized her anual pap smear to get DNA from, her DNA wasn't already in a database like the criminal justice system or a geneology service.

No. 471612

>Originally posted on Patreon

Imagine being one of the patrons and receiving a "poem" that is just the same four words copied and pasted 10 times in exchange for your money.

No. 471615

I've started to notice this shit recently, mostly because most of the ex dee white women jokes shared by non white women, originated from profiles made by gay men.

No. 471623

This feels like one of those song edits were they just loop the same verse. Who made that poem? Or a link to their patreon

No. 471625

File: 1570826875069.png (17.28 KB, 786x115, ah ha ha.PNG)

My favorite part of all this is reddit would have a mental break down over that meme if it said 'white guys' instead. I've seen redditors unironicly try to argue cracker=N-word

No. 471644

Yeah, it's a thing that has been an annoying trend for a while. Glad to see more people noticing this bullshit though.

No. 471649

No. 471669

Yup. Shitting on white women and 'basic bitches' is like talking about punching TERFs. It's a loophole that lets liberal-leaning misogynists vent their hatred for women without drawing the ire of the #woke #folx.
I mean men are responsible for just about every atrocity past, present, and future, but white chicks drink pumpkin spice lattes. So think about that.

No. 471677

File: 1570840438633.jpg (53.97 KB, 750x643, tvu1jaiqv8b31.jpg)

No. 471678

I seriously don't understand why you would do that to someone you're a "fan" of. Scrotes are insane.
I read this a few months ago and it was so good. It helped me put a lot of patterns I had noticed into context.
What is this from?

No. 471682

File: 1570843274958.png (171.26 KB, 554x549, never.png)

Incels are the worst.

No. 471684

File: 1570843613472.jpg (92.86 KB, 676x720, UaJ7m9y.jpg)

one my main my pet peeves about men complaining about the quality of women going down. How women are no longer feminine and able to care for their family.is these things are uttered by literal overweight alt right incels. Who are the furthest thing you can come from a classical man. At least in the 1950s men looked look the part,I'm not saying the 1950's were a particularly great period for women but at least in films/tv shows men were ,well dressed,well groomed,clean shaven and handsome now every male character looks like slobs

Their idea of dressing up at best is khakis with polo shirt and combed hair. They don't put too much effort in their appearance.

No. 471687

File: 1570843720545.jpg (29.61 KB, 385x481, paul_newman_wearing_leather_ja…)

No. 471688

File: 1570843774560.jpg (90.32 KB, 768x966, Gregory Peck.jpg)

No. 471690

File: 1570843924375.jpg (15.64 KB, 400x300, ltb.jpg)

even the dad from Leave It to Beaver was very classically masculine looking

No. 471693

Like most men, they expect perfection from women without making any effort themselves but then insist this is THE WOMENS fault somehow. I had quite a few guys message me like this back when I was on a bdsm site, if I can find my old messages will post, they are great at showing the extent of the delusion.

No. 471695

these men have s very ridiculous idea about the 1950's or even the past in general. The kind of women they would want even for back then (no matter the time period) would still not be with these dudes.I don't think they understand how looked down upon they would have been back then.those idiots who rant about "chad" and all that bullshit would be looked down upon as even bigger losers then today (by the men and women)

No. 471696

Exactly. We're talking about the decade that invented the insult "nerd."

No. 471699

Kek this. Spoke to a guy online who wanted a "1950s household". Also wanted poly. "you will dress how I want, have my dinner cooked, wear high heels all the time and look glamourous" when I asked him how much money he had in order to not keep one but three women at home? "dont be silly I dont have money, I expect you and the other 2 women to work" fucking KEK. How exactly is that supposed to work?

No. 471700

File: 1570846605582.jpg (148.33 KB, 863x724, ewr.jpg)


The ones sharing all the soyjack memes and calling other dudes betas all look like this. Is all a projection of self hate, their super egos are so swollen and traumatized it over rides everything else.

No. 471703

File: 1570846952622.jpg (26.33 KB, 288x362, clint-walker.jpg)

did he look like any of these guys
>>471684 >>471687 >>471688
or did he look like these guys >>471700

No. 471706

>the Dayton shooter uses bunshin no jutsu

No. 471709

File: 1570848061766.jpg (18.64 KB, 528x138, sosad.jpg)

Forever in awe of the fact that shit-tier inceloid manlets think their doughy, pencil-necked selves are worthy of passing on their genes. Men love to spout bullshit biotruths to defend wanting to stick their micropenises in ten-year-olds but when faced with the simple fact that women don't want to pollute the gene pool with them, they suddenly can't understand Biology 101.

All of the little scroties pissing themselves over the fact that women want tall, successful, good-looking men can't explain why that's an objectively bad thing. It's jealousy and typical male projection.

No. 471714

It must be a way of expressing insecurity in their own masculinity. Rarely have I seen a conventionally masculine, conventionally attractive man who was espousing red pill shit.

Related: I've found that men like that lose their shit when women use incel language like referring to men as "beta". They all have this secret fear that women see men the way they do (i.e. sorting men into "chads" and "betas", measuring jawlines, whatever the hell it is they obsess over). Deliberately invoking that language is a good way of upsetting failmales.

No. 471717

tbf their really is a wide range of what women consider good looking
>inb4 some one accusing me of being a scorte trying to meme the dadbod

for e.g I’m attracted to both hypermasculine men,(when I mean androgynous is deep voices, large frames, and body hair, not so much the dominance) and "alternative" androgynous guys,I had massive crush on this tall,pale,skinny emo boy throughout high school but never even got the chance to ever ask him out cause he was already in a relationship with some one else

and I think 2 guys in pic >>471700 are decent looking but the rest shouldn't be allowed to ever procreate

No. 471718

God, there really is no saving a guy with a receeding hair line. It's not like many of them have hideously deformed features, weight loss and better angles could help plenty of them but without a decent hairline there's a hard limit to how attractive they could be.

No. 471729

File: 1570855049449.png (150.95 KB, 926x587, alttrp.png)

Speaking of red pill I recently found something called "AltTRP" which is basically men using Red Pill on gay men and TIMs or apparently even straight guys sometimes. I don't know a lot of TRP because I don't want to waste time learning all that shit but my understanding is a lot of it is based on muh evopsych biotroofs about women. It just makes me laugh wondering how they continue to believe that crap is true when it apparently works on both sexes.


No. 471730

I like how he ends it with AWALT. Like what the fuck does gay sex have to do with women? Are men… okay?

No. 471732

File: 1570858317185.jpg (484.3 KB, 1242x2688, AlCCJrc.jpg)

Best boy Lundy Bancroft author of “Why Does He Do That,” and expert in understanding the psychology of abusive narcissistic men thinks trans women don’t belong in women’s shelters.and TRAs are absolutely seething


No. 471740

File: 1570864343074.png (50.07 KB, 587x292, Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 11.58…)

Love when troons try to pull the "I don't want to fuck you anyway bigot!1!!" after they finished shitting on people (i.e. lesbians) for the crime of… having a sexuality. Like okay? Why even get you sister's panties in a twist about it in the first place. Their obsession with validation is pure narcissism.

No. 471743

He was already on thin ice for not supporting abusive men in general, lmao.

No. 471761

>Fucks desperate gay guy who uses men for money
>Continues to fuck gay guy despite hating his personality thus only using him for sex
>Somehow him using random guy for sex who uses men for money means AWALT

How? They arent even trying anymore, they'll run into the wall and blame women

No. 471765

File: 1570877383899.jpg (526.58 KB, 1920x2485, maika-sozo-nude-study.jpg)

Why is pinkpill merged with GC now? Anyways, here's fresh sex work tea in case any of you needed extra disillusionment and/or evidence that you should never do anything with a man unless he's paying you.


No. 471766

Shit like this is why I really wish the general public was aware of the 60% narc rate among transwomen and kept that in mind anytime they said anything. Being a lesbian is already hard enough and now preferring vag gets you labled… a bigot.

No. 471770

I like how this worthless scrot is implying that using a beta to arrange your encounter with someone you actually want is some kind of a woman/gay bottom thing when every straight man's goal is to acquire an indentured bangmaid for bill splitting, children and housework and then proceed to cheat on her with a stacy escort using the wealth and security the (now washed up and tired) bangmaid helped create.

>bad at sex

Aka not willing to do mid air splits and anal blowjobs for some lazy, sloppy, limpdicked cockchode who's never made a woman cum in his life. The thought process of these useless tinymeats is truly a mystery - their definition of "bad at sex" is quite literally someone who's doing what they're doing. I've noticed that this is especially true about men who are obsessed with being given oral. Those are always horrid lays with no exceptions.

It's an established fact that scrots are all autistic, but I do still wonder why they believe that dick is some kind of a gift in itself when more often than not they have to pay or con people into taking it. Can you even provide the bare minimum like good head and being able to last longer than 15 minutes? Is there any benefit at all to choosing you over a vibrator? You think your half baked monotonous thrusting warrants any extra effort, especially from someone who looks better than you? Starfishing because you're pretty is far more warranted than starfishing because your sexpectations are a product of watching a porn actress who gets paid to act impressed by a hairy unwashed fupa plopping lazily against her orifices.

No. 471771

I regularly talk to my partner about feminism, the issues we ave as women, and he seems sympathetic; but then he’ll turn around to say dumbass misogynistic shit to me explicitly to piss me off.

Is it honestly a lost cause to try and get men to be empathetic to the struggles they place on us?

No. 471775

They're full of shit and the only proof you need is the fact that none of these breathtakingly ugly manlets would want to have an ugly insolvent incel as a father.

The interests of a mother and her offspring directly oppose the interests of a sentient sack of semen. That's why despite what these cucks say, any redpill evopsych whining about relieving men of their already barely existing selection pressure would be horrible for humanity - men did not evolve to care what happens to their children in the long run, they evolved to inseminate indiscriminately and sometimes apply violence to ensure paternity. Sexual charity would simply create a society in which every child (including the incels advocating for it) would be fathered by a genetically substandard, abusive, perverted male unwilling to provide.

No. 471777

File: 1570881902339.png (345.35 KB, 553x890, 1509336717870.png)

Fucking christ, why are all of them a ginger male with a half shaved head?

No. 471781

yes, i’ve seen people make the argument that anti-“white male” rhetoric has hurt so many men’s feelings and pushed so many of them into extremist or supremacist viewpoints. so weird that all the “white women fuck dogs” jokes haven’t resulted in a massive upsurge of women committing mass shootings. wonder why that is!

No. 471800

^ scrot realizes for the first time that men are uncivilized primitive beings enslaved to their peepees

No. 471804

That illiterate moid is basically saying that males need to be brutally repressed because their natural inclination is to turn everything into a violent post-apocalyptic shithole full of murder and rape, which is a notion no one here disagrees with.

It's interesting that despite his room temperature IQ his "invent elaborate narratives to blame women for my subhuman nature" function is still intact. Scrots are truly nothing but a sum of their gonads and coping mechanisms.

No. 471807

Men at sex workers/children/corpses/troons/anything that isn't real grown women: BEAUTIFUL,I could just marry you

Men at grown women:ew tits too small/saggy/weird and a flat ass/hips/too much cellulite, disgusting!

No. 471808

this might be anecdotal but I have met some white women online and IRL who were basically forced into right wing spaces due to harassment by male leftists and being insulted for their race,one particularly sad story I know of was about this half Italian half Polish woman who was tired of being called a "boring white girl" She was upset,angry, and confused and along comes a real right winger who was "seemingly" sympathetic to her.This person came across as not only nice, but also intelligent and wise. Now the right wing started to seen sane for her view,eventually she started identifying as a anti-feminist and started dating a Jock-bro

hell I have known some black women who were tired of the shit from leftwing men and ended up joining the right wing,I don't believe anti-whiteness pushes people into the alt-right or white supremacy but it does push moderates away from the leftism as a whole

No. 471810

No. 471814

yes it does dumb dumb, at any time a stronger or more powerful man could choose to snuff out your existence if it pleased him to do so. this is brutal male animosity taken to its logical conclusion. clearly not compatible with a functioning or civilized society. masculinity is an infantile disorder.

No. 471816

File: 1570888877851.png (676.5 KB, 800x600, oh god mah balls.png)

>bedicked brainlet doesn't realize that his pudgy omega male self will be the first one to get gutted in a world ruled by feral scrots

Is this why moids die sooner?

No. 471818

kek, every failed man fantasizes about installing a patriarchal world order without realizing that the true face of patriarchy is dominant men brutalizing and disposing of weaker men to monopolize resources and women. sad!

No. 471821

yes, women should not be left alone with men. we should have strong separatist female communities. it’s cute how scrots come to these conclusions and think they’ve invented the idea

No. 471823

>women don't like men because they're dangerous and can't act mentally stable

Scrot logic everyone

No. 471824

Amazing, isn't it? It's like testosterone induces brain rot or something

No. 471825

>scrots threatening to murder women for stating facts

Come here buddy I have a nice 22 waiting for you, let's see how big and powerful you scrots really are

No. 471826

What's the missing word ?

'The only good man is a -Blank- man'

No. 471827

this is boring. yes, we get it, men are sociopathic cumbrains, civilization is a necessary barrier against their base inclinations, if anything they should have more restrictions placed on them to prevent them from wantonly destroying women, children, and nature. you’re not saying anything that any woman here would disagree with.

No. 471829

I'm just unsure of what he's trying to accomplish. He's just proving the point.
Unless…oh no. He's having an emotional, knee-jerk response to criticism. A man? Never.

No. 471831

Don't you love how scrots two reactions to man hating is either "not all men!!!" or threatening to murder us or abuse us in some way, scrots are truly all the same hivemind, imagine thinking you're more powerful than women with weapons simply for having a fucking dick lmao

No. 471832

Actually, on another note, encourage men to try to fight women, especially slav/American southern/etc women who are known for being weapon enthusiasts, let's see how their egos hold up

No. 471833

Moids seem to have evolved to harbor this utterly retarded temporarily embarrassed millionaire mentality, which culminates into suicidal ideation when they realize that they'll never amount to anything within male hierarchy. It's no wonder they're more prone to Dunning-Kruger, as stated by Dr. Dunning himself.


That's just adorable. I like how the brainlet assumes that he'll just rape all the wamens when realistically he'll be killed by a way stronger male for merely glancing at his supply of pussy. He actually thinks Chad is his friend.

Scrots are the ultimate positive thinkers, aren't they?

No. 471834

Kek, especially when it's some skinny porn-addicted manlet who faints after getting up too fast from his gaming chair.

No. 471835

isn’t it funny how men love to espouse this “might makes right” ideology when it comes to men’s treatment of women but believe women should also love and desire ugly unappealing ineffectual low-status males

No. 471836

this thread is triggering my bully kink.

please no

No. 471837

File: 1570890001623.png (198.44 KB, 1968x988, 1A6A7781-9762-4805-9570-69A9CC…)

This is why every woman needs to have a concealed license, BEAR pepper spray, and a knife. This isn’t the 20s and 50s when you could beat down our great grand mothers, grandmothers, and mothers. You’ll be Swiss cheese dealing with modern woman, good luck scrote.

No. 471838

File: 1570890039522.jpg (25.76 KB, 330x319, 1563754578959.jpg)


No. 471839


>tfw no incel manlet to degrade

Why live?

No. 471840

sometimes you just wanna slap and choke someone

im not alone right ?

No. 471841

File: 1570890275168.png (117.16 KB, 1080x500, Screenshot_20191012-092100(1).…)

I swear to fucking God it's not a terrible thing to be in a heterosexual relationship. I can't believe these people just hate the word straight so much. Yes, you pass as straight, because you're in a heterosexual relationship, but that doesn't make you any less bi or pan. Holy shit. I'm saying this as a bisexual, I know people think I'm straight because I'm currently dating a man, but it's not invalidating my sexuality. At the end of the day, I'm bi. Kek.

No. 471843

never understood why bisexuals in straight relationships feel the need to state that they are bisexual when it's completely irrelevant to the topic. what's the point?

No. 471845

>tfw no incel snuff porn
>tfw no overseas sex worker who can't be prosecuted coercing US incels into degrading and offing themselves

One problem I have with women is that we're too pure and kind so there's absolutely no demand for stuff like that. I'd totally support it monetarily though, it's pure hnnngh.

No. 471848

did anyone else have a great relationship with their dad growing up that left them totally unprepared for how awful most men actually are? not just saying this to humblebrag, i understand there are many girls and women out there that sadly have misogynistic, abusive, or neglectful fathers. i was fortunate to grow up in a mostly-female household with a dad that truly cares for women. he always treated my mom with the utmost respect & dignity, did an equal share of the domestic duties, taught me and my sister to stand up for ourselves & demand good behavior from boys, and openly talked about how disgusting and misogynistic he found modern raunch culture (movies/commercials objectifying women, hooters, etc.)

unfortunately 99% of men are nothing like this and it’s been an extremely rude awakening in adulthood to realize just how few men are capable of even recognizing that women are even people.

No. 471850

>60% narc rate
It's worse than that, it's 81.4%.

No. 471855


Specially for kids in cosmopolitan area there is a pressure to not come off as just cis and hetero because thats akin to being call basic bitch, a prude, vanilla , uncool, specially if they are white.

In the general populations fags are only like 3% and troons are way less, so the whole posturing and pandering and bending over backwards is literally for a negligible demographic of people.

No. 471856

I think the cutest thing about it is the fact that this scrot is acting like he'd succeed in some hypothetical gender war scenario. The reason why males kill and rape women with ease is mainly because males utilize trickery and pretend to be women's friends and lower their guard. Even with their physical advantage, they'd never be able to establish patriarchy without parasitizing on women's empathy.

Scrots are only able to chimp out today because with every pregnancy women have a ~50% chance of giving birth to a male whom they will empathize with no matter what. Society would be very different if females didn't have unconditional love for their crotch droppings. I'm fairly certain that mothers would be much more willing to snuff out their basement dwelling tendie munchers for good.

No. 471857

so how does a male survive during the coming gender war ?

Are they all screwed, even the rare one's that arent toxic ?

No. 471859

>the coming gender war

No. 471860

This is what the ideal men look like,the one's who will kill the cumbrain Incels

>>471703 >>471690 >>471688 >>471687

99% of dumb skinny fat weak Incels like the scrote posting on this thread will die horribly

No. 471861


>In extreme cases — and this is generally in much older men — a man’s scrotum is stretched so much it can hit the water in the toilet when they’re sitting down on it. I’ve seen young men who are born with their scrotums hanging low, too, but thanks to gravity, it tends to be much more common as men age.


My sides are orbiting Saturn. More of them should do it though, long saggy asymmetrical balls are fucking repulsive.

No. 471864

Other then the world of Incel and radfem autism their is no gender war,the fact is people all over the world are really just trying to survive the best they can but the fact their is no actual chance of survival because the world is already is fucked

>inb4 en are the ones who caused this its their fault,

no cletus whose job can no longer provide for his kids and Anshu the poor Kenyan farmer aren't responsible for the state of affairs and can't do anything to change the world,both could try to help the women in their lives and be caring and considerate husbands and call out other males for homophobia/Misogyny and that's pretty much it

No. 471865

alright I'm not a scrote but come on your post is retarded
like seriously woman would not win this dumb implausible gender war scenario

also the hate for mothers here can be as bed as mra spaces

No. 471866

>Pointing out things men do wrong and venting about men is declaring a literal physical gender war
>What are weapons?
>It's the 1300s apparently because weapons of war somehow don't exist

Thank you for the daily comedy

No. 471867

They would not win because they empathize with scrots. Most murders and rapes today are committed by the person the victim trusted, Bianca being a classic example. It's much easier to defend yourself when you see it coming. When he's your """friend""", you probably won't have your gun with you. Scrots know this, hence all the "not all men" shaming. They just want tactical advantage.

The fact that mothers will stan their sons no matter what is not a value judgment, it's a fact.


No. 471868

theirs nothing wrong with hating men but this moronic belief that women can somehow just "men" might actually end up getting someone(a woman) killed

No. 471869

Not my biofather, but my stepdad is an amazing guy.
So I guess it isn't so much a "rude awakening" for me (since, hoo boy, did I learn men can be horrible early on) but it's like false hope. If every male in my life was awful I could give up, but instead I hold on to the idea that I could find a Nigel someday.

No. 471870

File: 1570894642969.jpg (269.13 KB, 800x686, neverforget.jpg)

Better than any piece of shiterature a male author ever wrote.

Anyway, >pic is all you'd ever need to respond with when a moid is getting feisty. So pitiful…

No. 471875

Again. Weapons. There isn't a gender restriction on them (sorry scrots)

No. 471877

No, 81,4% is the rate of having ANY personality disorder according to that study
57,1% is the found rate of narcissistic personality disorder
It's still absurdly high though. I found the most interesting result to be that the mean number of diagnoses was 3 per client.

Also, the study is sketchy as fuck, take it with many pinches of salt as it was done by the university of medical science of Iran, and thus funded by the government of Iran. This is very much the conclusion they'd like to come to. The diagnosing was done by two SENIOR psychiatrists. Would you trust two iranian senior psychiatrists in Iran? I wouldn't. Another issue is their use of an outdated 1987 publication of the MCMI for diagnosis. Several studies have found issues in overdiagnosing with this and one from 1999 only finds it credible in diagnosing avoiding, schizotypal and borderline personality disorders.

A 2014 Serbian review shows that research of this subject is HIGHLY inconsistent. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4053264/

The most credible source IMO: a 2010 study from JAPAN by Hoshiai M. et al with a sample size of 579 finds that the rate of PDs in MTFs is somewhere around 20%. But this is from japan, who knows how this shit varies from culture to culture? The only common thing I can find is that they really want to die. The same study finds that 76.1% of MTFs has had suicidal thoughts. Again, this is japan so idk. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20727112

But thanks for linking it anon! Studies like this aren't done in the west out of fear of tranny retribution.

TLDR: The study is shit, real number is probably nowhere near the one presented, maybe 20%. The whole subject is muddled and just shit.

t. Scientist

No. 471879

20% rate of any PD that is, Narc wasn't even found to be one of the common ones in the 2010 study

No. 471882

anon lmao fingerprints aren't dna dumbass.There's a huge difference, and we don't fingerprint babies. literally what are you talking about.

The cops don't just collect your DNA and keep it on file. They got a warrant for it. It went through a judge. That's totally different, once again, from taking DNA from every baby at birth so the government can check the Mother isn't lying about paternity. That means the DNA belongs to the government. They don't need a judge to sign off on it, which does give people slight protection right now. But let's piss away all that because women are liars.

because the tranny on the mod team sperged out


the fuck is wrong with you. That picture isn't cute, tard.

No. 471883

Neither studies are THAT valid anon. Most anons here are Western thus studies from America or UK would be a bit more valid, even then most American studies don't use a diverse or large enough group of people

Communication with average young American or UK males can prove almost all of them have some sort of personality disorder. I seriously have only met a handful of Western males who weren't extremely manipulative

No. 471885

I'm not against paternity tests or anything but the reason behind it is just ridiculous. Imagine trying to propose forced paternity testing on every single woman because "ebul wimninz are liars who all cheat with Chad and make beta males support the babies!!", It's like if women started demanding dick DNA tests or for every straight couple to be monitored every other month because men are known for cheating and domestic violence. you literally can't demand government and clinical action because you think women are conspiring against you

No. 471886

>•No sperging (i.e., encouraging extreme violence or poop-touching)
what the actual fuck do you mean by "poop touching" or do I even want to know?

No. 471888

Also men are already offended when people tell women to not hang out with men they don't trust to avoid rape and murder, but they are literally willing to go to the extremes to make sure women don't cheat lmao the insecurity

No. 471892

You are indeed that little retarded punk from the other PP thread that was going on about the Middle East, aren't you? Glad your dumbass is finally showing your true colors of a divisive rape hungry scrote you are. We are always right about your kind.

No. 471894


No. 471897

Hi britanni, I enjoied your stream

No. 471899

Why do you keep answering to obvious shitty bait? Report and move on.

No. 471902

I am remembering some of the books we had to read in high school and now they feel so off-putting while they are hailed as genius.

This is just "generic male whining volume 56324654"
Some highlights
>escapes as a teen from poor mother with a shitload of money and spends it on prostitutes
>when he returns after 3 days of fucking, he's met by a locked door, she disowned him
>he whines
>returns after 23 years and is butthurt at his mother who's dating a rich man of her age
>draws an incredibly grotesque portrait of her with her legs spread
>gets butthurt when people criticise his art
>thinks he has a divine power from the gods to draw so well
Dunno the rest, I dropped it at that point
>novel ends with a gruesome suicide? of a female character who asked him for money to go to hamburg

No. 471903

All these extra synapses and you're still retarded enough to believe that a collapse of society is going to benefit tinymeat betas like you in any way. I bet you're into cryptocurrency.

No. 471904


not sure if this is the right thread for this but they should get life

No. 471905

Not just cultural attitudes but most Japanese MTFs are of the HSTS variety. The data of depressed gay men can’t be compared to Western narcissistic AGPs.

It’s pretty funny how he was triggered by anons pointing out that incels would be even more despised in the days when “women were women” and how it’s biologically imperative that women do not pass on his defective genes. Facts are facts. But about this gender war: if all these smegma golems kill us, are these manliest of men just going to be left with each other’s dicks? They hate us so much but they can’t survive without us.

No. 471909

Author also wrote erotic pedo letters to young men.

Reminds me of the whole infuriating Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine fiasco.

No. 471913

No woman has ever passed the male marine Infantry course,the fact is men are better at killing which has been a point OG manhaeters have been using since the beginning

No. 471915

doughy "communist" who spends his days on the computer laughing at edmy memes "debates" a socialist married couple who believe TIMs aren't women

the comment section is horrid making obscene and violent remarks towards the couple who were nothing but respectful

No. 471933

Vaush is a pedo who creeped on an autistic girl, so it's no surprise he's a shithead in other ways.

No. 471936

you know you do not need to be a marine to shoot someone's brain out scorts are fucking retards smh

No. 471937

he's pro lolicon too…

No. 471939

I'm assuming the crying wojak and upset femjak are supposed to represent the couple

No. 471943

File: 1570911075989.jpg (19.01 KB, 275x262, 1543935555645.jpg)


the left eating itself, das gut.

Ready for another big defeat in 2020.

No. 471967

File: 1570928321216.jpg (94.43 KB, 640x736, troonsmad.jpg)

Similar shit just happened when Destiny, the streamer who's community Vaush got kicked out of for sexually harassing autistic teens, defended a friend concerned with transwomen in women's sports. TRA streamers lost it at him, called him up to "decapitate" him as one phrased it and all failed horribly as he explained obvious biology to them.

This is maybe too spicy for him to put on youtube so here are the VODs. First to debate him was obese neckbeard "agender pansexual dom" Alebrelle. Opened by saying women were just as physically strong as men and closed with a ragequit when he wouldn't agree his friend was transphobic for liking Joe Rogan tweeting an article on the topic: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/492594064?t=02h19m37s

Ironically the two TiMs that talked to him next were more level headed: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/492594064?t=03h21m13s and he got the last one, mandatory ex-military TiM Izzybear, to admit there's no evidence it's fair to let troons in women's sports: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/493269249?t=01h07m22s Now the TRAs circlejerk is fuming and trying to get him banned on twitter.

No. 471978

I dislike Trump but I know he's gonna win again sadly,the left is eating its self and has managed to get pushed moderates and even kids to the right,I really don't know any kids that seriously watch any major or minor Left tube channels however plenty of my younger cousins and nephews and nieces watch conservative channels like Steven Crowder,Gavin McInnes. donutOperator PJW e.t.c many of these kids have liberal parents and come minority backgrounds

No. 471979

The meme that not being a porn-addicted degenerate makes you a literal nazi is probably the best recruiting tool the far right has had in decades, and they didn't even come up with it themselves. It's amazing how the universe itself seems to align itself in their favor sometimes.

No. 471997

Latam-chan, I'm fucking begging you to use a reaction image that isn't fifteen years old. Fucking doge and "epic", seriously?

All you ever do is derail threads. This thread isn't about Trump. I'm starting to wonder if you're a tranny trying to stir shit.

Also, it wasn't a "big defeat", you fucking moron. He barely won on account of the technicality, and actually lost the popular vote.

A Fox News poll said that 51% of registered voters favor the impeachment. I don't think so.

No. 472084

This probably sounds very tinfoil hat of me but did anyone else get something shared to their Facebook that said, "this person supports Trans Lives, whether directly or indirectly". I definitely didn't share the image but it was on my Facebook page. I noticed it this morning and deleted it but it was weird

No. 472174

I'm seriously gonna lose my shit if us people living in the rest of the world gotta suffer from your dumb ass politics just because your troons fucked up

No. 472177

I fucking hate that troons are a part of leftist/liberal politics nowadays. I can't avoid this shit, I can hardly follow any artists without seeing a flurry of "Trans women are women!!!" virtue signalling drawings all over my Twitter. I feel like in the mainstream, you have one side of conservatives who will openly berate women for being female and spew all sorts of racist shit, and on the other side you have people who have some consideration for women and won't insult you for not being white, but they'll still bend over backwards for men in dresses and crucify you if you say you don't want them in your bathrooms.

No. 472190

>I feel like in the mainstream, you have one side of conservatives who will openly berate women for being female and spew all sorts of racist shit

Making it about muh identity politics and not understanding that plenty of hispanics, black people, gays and women lean right and don't see themselves as token victims is part of the lefts downfall and still they refuse to learn. Liberals do nothing but piss people off and alienate moderates who like the America and don't see why should automatically vote democrat just because, specially now that more people from thsoe demographics are not disenfranchised loosers and are well assimilate. Liberal today think legal hispanics will simply love illegal ones for example, then they don't understand Florida voting overwhelmingly republican.

Same with troons, they know troons are like 0.0005 of the population but they think gays and women will just love to rally for troons, because liberals in their usual condescendesce lump everyone they consider to be an outcast together and still hope to get the vote. Meanwhile gay people and women who are business , gun and home owners be like "lol, no, and get away from my lawn"

No. 472192

I'm curious, anon, can you tell more about their youtube habits? How did your younger family members started watching these channels and what do they find appealing about them? I don't think most of the kids I know like this stuff and if anything watch like letsplays or whatever.

No. 472193

A lot of people who watch those channels are on the left. I watch PJW and Blaire White, but I'm extremely left and I think anyone who supports Trump isn't worthy of the air they breathe. Blaire White actually asked her followers their political leanings one time a few months ago and the vast majority identified as being somewhere on the left spectrum, which she said was the result she was expecting. Apparently, it is very common for right wing YT channels to have left audiences.

I don't think he's going to win, especially if the candidate is Warren. Like another anon said, Fox did a poll that said over 51% want him impeached. Plus, he lost the popular vote to Clinton by 3 million. Keep in mind that people fucking hated Clinton. None of the current dem front runners come anywhere close to the level of vitriol people had toward Hillary, including within her own damn party.

No. 472199

That's weird as shit. I'd change my passwords if I were you, anon.

No. 472202

Facebook keeps track of log in history. You should check to see if there's any suspcious log ins on your account.

No. 472209


Polls mean nothing, every poll had Hillary as the winner 4 years ago and all the mainstream and the normie interwebs were in her favor. If anything the liberals are way worse now than they were last election when they were riding the Obama wave. They wasted 4 years doubling down on lunacy, not admitting that they messed up, rather than cleaning and improving their image, all just counting on people voting for them because "trump is bad", weak af and that attitude is going to backfire again and even harder than did back then.

No. 472241

if i was american id probably vote democrat tbh, but their campaigns arent very good or effective. like in 2016, from what ive seen, they spent too much time trying to make their opposition look bad, which comes off as dishonest and pompous. it also gives them less opportunity to talk about what they have to offer for the people. if you look at campaigns from lets say obama, he spent less energy trying to bring down his opponents and make them look bad, and instead he actually talked about what he wanted to do and what he supported, which made him seem like an honest person.

but then again i might be wrong, i dont really care much about american politics. but ive noticed in my own coutry too, that parties (usually left wing parties, but some right wing ones too) that go around moralfagging and talking shit about their opponents always end up losing voters.

No. 472256

File: 1571001913744.png (213.08 KB, 1300x975, tkw4qmhrbbs31.png)

No. 472258

File: 1571002035018.jpg (245.68 KB, 928x914, pastpresent.jpg)

>but at least in films/tv shows men were ,well dressed,well groomed,clean shaven and handsome now every male character looks like slobs

About that…what the hell happened??

No. 472264

The 70's were my favorite tho, and the 80s', more women and more other ethnicities on TV, and more focus on the feminine gaze for a while.

No. 472266

File: 1571002858039.jpg (119.98 KB, 1000x600, 15-actors-who-could-play-aveng…)


i don't get the comparison, obviously comedies will have leads that look like bumbling idiots but most mainstream hollywood movies still have the same well grommed atractive actors as always.

No. 472293

File: 1571009125092.jpg (45.52 KB, 500x648, 5ccb3c8e094c1021b8cb59786f10ae…)

I am sorry but your pic is retarded. Sure, Adam Driver in character for a SNL SW parody sketch sure proves men in movies look like slobs nowadays.
Have you seen any actual movie with him in it?

No. 472302

I just went in and changed my password to something a lot more secure. There was one other comment on something that I didn't make (it was just an emoji) and Facebook showed another Android device logged in that I don't have. Definitely creeped me out.

No. 472304

tbf in the 50-70's in terms of physique male stars regardless of genre has more natural brawny builds,It was in the 80's where male actions starts getting huge thanks to steroids guys like Schwarzenegger and Stallone as examples,In the 90's their was a slimming down with men Keanu Reeves,Will Smith,Steven Seagal
Its only very recently thanks to superhero films where huge muscle men are coming back in Hollywood

No. 472307

Say that a 15 year old who knows damn well that you can't change sex is dogpiled online for being a Nazi bigot.

SJWs are making it very easy for the actual far right to gain traction. Right wingers just have to appear to be a teensy bit less stupid to look good by comparison, especially to a kid who doesn't know much. Kids need to know that there's nothing right wing in knowing that you can't change sex. There's nothing right wing (AT ALL) in knowing that gender norms are just cultural practices. There's nothing right wing about criticism of religion. There's nothing right wing in seeing Trans ideology for the bougie bullshit that it is. And there's nothing right wing in being against porn and sex work.

No. 472311

>Kids need to know that there's nothing right wing in knowing that you can't change sex. There's nothing right wing (AT ALL) in knowing that gender norms are just cultural practices. There's nothing right wing about criticism of religion. There's nothing right wing in seeing Trans ideology for the bougie bullshit that it is. And there's nothing right wing in being against porn and sex work.

Except all of those are part of the right wing. It would be way stupider to teach kids that if they don't like troons they should vote for the party using troonism as a banner and the same political faction that made them a thing in the first place. No one should just mindlessly stick to one option and only acknowledge the cartoon stereotype version of the other, wtf. Being right wing doesn't even mean you are conservative.

No. 472319

sage for off topic but Daaaaaaaaam that is a big man,his bicep is as large as her head

No. 472320

I am a Gen Xer myself. My eyes really opened up when I heard someone say "I don't identify as either Republican or Democrat, I have some views that are seen as liberal and some as conservative. The problem is that I feel totally OK sharing my liberal views with my conservative friends, but I do not feel the same about sharing my conservative views with my liberal friends. Liberals are quick to label me as some kind of ____phobic or __cist, whatever they feel is the appropriate slur for not agreeing with them." This struck a chord with me because as someone who has been considered Liberal their entire life, I could see what they meant.

No. 472325

I'm considered right wing to all my libtard gay friends because I don't believe men can choose to be women. As for the psychology behind it, GD definitely exists because of how fucking abnormal and disruptive this behavior is. It doesn't mean it should be praised.

I don't understand leftists and their demand for feelings over biology. I shouldn't have to call a man a woman because he wants to larp. I don't need to celebrate misogynistic stereotypes either.

No. 472326


I think that sums it up well. There's people who are partisans for life, but people should be allowed to have their own opinions in context and swing their allegiances accordingly, no one should just owe a faction perpetual allegiance unless it pays for all your damn bills and you are a professional shill. If liberals are proposing some harmful policies like they are doing pushing for the trans agenda on kids and education system then their constituents should be allowed to vote republican if they feel that makes sense or not vote for anyone if no one is representing them, thats all valid in democracy and sends a message, if politicians don't take notes they deserve to keep loosing as they are not representing the people as they should.

No. 472330

I'n about to fucking cry. The guy I was flirting with was an effeminate boy who cross dresses sometimes and he kept telling me that he isn't trans from the beginning. He would talk shit about troons and stuff. I never told him anything explicitly GC because I didn't want to look like ~~the craaazy evul terf~~ amongst a group of weebs but I told him transitioning would probably be a mistake. He promised me he wouldn't transition. He told me "I don't want to go to streets and be treated like a woman". Months later and now he says he's considering HRT because "it will give him a feminine face and softer body". He was just lying to me about not wanting to transition form the fucking beginning. Just a few days ago he went on a tantrum about how much he hates dykes and feminists and that grossed me out even more. I don't know what to tell him. I'm really disappointed with him. I'd never ever date him but I still feel kind of bad for him because he is a neet with a lot of family issues and he thinks transitioning and looking "pretty" will make his life better. He is a 6'0 man with manly features and attitude. This is going to be torture for him..

No. 472332

especially his family

No. 472333

I don't think I'll find a man who have similar viewpoints as I do. I am not an extremist on my beliefs at all but they are important to me. I'm not going to keep pretending that he is a she for putting on high socks and a girl tshirt. It's hard to find a guy who is a libtard/has similar views as me but isn't some kind of tranny advocate. 6

No. 472335

just go for a apolitical man

No. 472336

File: 1571017374810.jpg (83.73 KB, 625x680, centerchad.jpg)


Or a centrist chad

No. 472344

>he thinks transitioning and looking "pretty" will make his life better.
This attitude does my head in. Women aren't just boobs and nails and wearing high heels and having men want to fuck you, but every single trans woman always wants to be this sexualized Barbie and it pisses me off.

Sorry this isn't really related but I'm just bored of men larping as thirty women and getting applauded for it

No. 472346

*thotty women lol not thirty

No. 472354

here's an example of left wing Incels on r/Chapo trying to justify their Porn usage by claiming any male who is against porn is Alt-Right


No. 472357


gotta warn society about the dangers of men practicing self control for a change.

No. 472358

File: 1571023134244.png (88.86 KB, 725x362, justnoso.png)

A fresh bit of man-hate fuel from r/JustNoSO for you farmers, in case you accidentally started thinking scrotes are human beings. How this woman doesn't put rat poison in her worthless husband's coffee each morning is beyond me. Moids are such whiny, sniveling, brainless little creatures.

No. 472359

File: 1571023758868.png (10.63 KB, 896x114, 1561387001820.png)

No. 472364

Stop derailing about US politics. Everyone's sick of hearing it.

I understand that trannies are a politically decisive issue, but the stupid American elections have very little to do with troons.

No. 472365

I don't know how to trust men anymore. Most men I know are fine. But how do I know whether they secretly lurk or post on TRP or 4chan etc? Those website have millions of users, surely many of them are men who appear to be normal if introverted. I was lurking /pol/ tonight out of boredom and I seriously regret it. Not even the most man-hating women would express this much vitriol at the opposite gender as the millions of users on those websites do about women.

No. 472367

I've been wrestling with the same thing. Honestly, we can't know and that's something I'm working to accept by trying to put more energy into my relationships with women – and remembering not to go to places like /pol/. When I've spent time in an all-female space and put in the effort to catch up with my female friends, I feel better, and the /pol/ types and men in general weigh less on me.

No. 472371

Anon 4chan has a total of 450'000 users yearly (at best),statistically the chances of you meeting someone whose been stuck by lighting twice are higher then meeting anyone who uses 4chan

You should be worried If a man watches Porn because that's more common

No. 472375

Well on the plus side, it seems the only people who applaud it are other troons. I really don't see it being applauded that much by other women or men.

No. 472376

Do you hold the same sentiments to women who want to larp as men?

Yeah I've noticed this as well. I think the only way to remedy this is for more leftists who don't buy into the trans cult BS to be more vocal. I've met a few fellow left-leaning people who don't believe in the trans stuff but they're not vocal about it because they're afraid of getting hate. I used to be like this myself until I had my peak trans moment but I understand why they prefer not to be vocal about it because I've noticed that ever since I became vocal with my views, I've gotten some flack and lost some friends. But that being said, I think it is important more of us are more outspoken just to show that it's not just Right-wingers who don't believe in it.

No. 472391

Depends, there's definitely lots of fakebois, even mtfs who have genuine gender dysmorphia don't try to overdo it and make themselves into a ridiculous masculine chariature like how almost all FtMs are all plastic surgeried up sugar babies who spend hundreds on makeup, clothes and other beauty every single week and go to the club, which is obviously not how average women act.

I guess the point is FtMs are more likely to act like an average man where as MtFs act ridiculous and not anything close to how average women act

No. 472421

Does he have issues with his father or a general lack of strong male figures in his life? It just sounds like he wants to distance himself from the male gender due to feeling like a "failed man", but at the same time holds resentment towards women for whatever reason like mommy issues, being rejected by peers at an early age, believing they have it on "easy mode" which ties back to the issues with masculinity. If you're going to dump him then at least let him have some truth bombs before you do it, you might as well.

I'm in the same boat. I'm gay, I'm GNC, had been questioning my gender and lowkey identifying as trans for years before peak transing, all that shit, but blindly not supporting trannies apparently negates all of that. What fucks me up the worst is that the most vocal activists are straight people identifying as whatever and in a straight relationship, who grew up as gender conforming, never had to deal with the hell of growing up as a GNC gay kid in middle school. And now they're up at arms throwing us under the bus while appropriating their lives, claiming we are right-wing fascists for not sucking troon dick.

No. 472423

sooo ugly

No. 472424

Why do lesbians care so much? Just ignore MTFs just like faggots ignore any demands from FTMs.

No. 472426

Stop ban evading, homophobe-chan.

No. 472429

Stop spamming this shit randomly at everyone.

No. 472430

Adam Driver is a male butterface,He has a great body but he has the face of 16 year old nerd

No. 472432

he looks deformed all around

No. 472433

He's got a good body he's just very disproportionate and has a shit face

No. 472434

it's disproportionate so it's not good

No. 472435

did any of this ever make you internalize being "right wing"?

Like you were called an evil Right wing bigot so often that you started actually being attracted towards the right

No. 472437

he looks like a shapeless blob

No. 472438

File: 1571053260206.jpg (20.79 KB, 568x307, Adam-Driver-body.jpg)

like I said he has a Nice Torso and Arms but his legs and face look weird

No. 472441

File: 1571054234940.gif (455.22 KB, 220x225, tenor.gif)

I didn't know him before watching Star Wars. When Kylo Ren showed up in the suit/helmet with that ridiculously deep voice I was smitten. But as soon as he took the helmet off I was pic related.

They did us so dirty by trying to push him as a Holywood hunk. If he were a woman he would have never made it anywhere in the acting world.

No. 472442


Non-amerifag here, I'm looking forward to Trump 2020. The fall of the Great American Empire has been amazing to watch so far.

No. 472443

>They did us so dirty by trying to push him as a Holywood hunk

Has Hollywood really been pushing him,other then Star wars I have only seen in him some comedies where he usually plays a secondary role

No. 472445

sage for off topic but its already happening

the Kurds are now allying with the Syria/Russia.Well done Trump thanks to the Turkish Invasion.


No. 472446


American society has been going downhill for quite a few years now. Maybe it deserves too tbh, and I don't mean that in an edgy way. Just throw the whole damn culture away and start again, otherwise very few people around the world will weep for the loss of what a shithole America is

No. 472448

ayrt, I think it's just the natural cycle of things. Every big empire/kingdom/etc has had a peak and a downfall. It's just the US's turn this time. It's funny though.

No. 472450

Yes and desperate Americans alone with their rock bottom standards for men, he looks like a horse who got smashed by a hammer, his school shooter haircut doesnt do him any better, he's a literal male butterface

Hollywood hunks in general look like shit, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Leonard DiCaprio, Justin Bieber or whatever other guy painted as a hunk in mainstream, almost never get nitpicked, meanwhile there are lingerie models out there getting nitpicked by men and women

No. 472452

Justin Bieber was shit on constantly by insecure heterosexual men because he had a large female fanbase

I remember being extremely weirded out as a teenager that adult men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s were picking on Justin Bieber. The severity of it made it come across as jealousy. In hindsight it makes sense, many of these adult men likely saw him and his kind as competition over the teenage girls they felt entitled to. "Pretty boy" is an insult, "he looks like a girl" (aka he looks beautiful) is used to shame young boys and the girls who are attracted to beauty. He's not a "real man" because he's beautiful.

No. 472453

I am against mainstream American culture being pushed across the globe,I would prefer If America would go back to being an isolationist nation

also An Italian American from New York and German American from the Midwest would both be equally as different to each other as Italian American and an Punjabi American,hell one could make the the Argument as Italian American and an Punjabi American are more similar to each other then compared to the German

No. 472454

>The severity of it made it come across as jealousy
Because it was.
There was really no other reason; bad music was just a good excuse.

No. 472456

Facially and body wise he's pretty average, he just had a stylish haircut and styled himself well and men are too lazy and in denial to admit haircuts and styling are literally everything unless your fat, even then it's much easier for men to lose weight so that's no excuse for them. I honestly don't know why they rather just scream at women and attractive men than to get a flattering haircut and wear something other than a Walmart graphic tee and loose jeans

No. 472460

This. It pisses men off when guys who are actually attractive start getting attention.
They want us to act like neckbeards with "dadbods", steroid addicts and wrinkly "silver foxes" are kings so bad.

No. 472463

Deepfakes/hacking to expose nudes/taking unconsenting nude pictures of women is proof of the average male entitlement

Millions of women out there are willingly posting nudes for free, making porn for them to watch for free, fucking for free, but that's still not good enough and they have to go out of their way and use tons of energy just to violate random women (who they end up nitpicking anyway, so it's just proves the obsession with bashing women's bodies)

No. 472470

Meanwhile these same men won't touch a woman who is flat or has mom bod with a 20 foot pole but expect women to be attracted to all unconventional male body types

No. 472477

This and upskirt vids or secretly filmed vids of fully dressed women in yoga pants in public… getting off to fully dressed women purely cos the lack of consent on being filmed turns them on.. losers

No. 472478

File: 1571061250790.jpg (96.61 KB, 1600x1000, 12.jpg)

hell even back in the 1950's the era of supposed of "real men" male actors were very well groomed especially compared to today,they were masculine but looked like they actually put effort in their dress and appearance

No. 472479

Metokur posted a video that was just straight up trans surgeries for 20 minutes straight. It's part of a series apparently.
Most of his viewers had no idea that's what they do, some even question how it's even legal.
I hope more people take notice kek.
https://twitter.com/MisterAntiBully/status/1183526543802458113?s=19 link to the tweet in case anyone is curious

No. 472483


Chapocels are the reason wedgies were invented. Everyone who opens a thread there is just begging for it.

And these are the men that go around calling themselves male feminist and allies, just a bunch of incel neet slobs with trap fetishes, r9k with a political edge.

No. 472491

File: 1571063241151.jpg (391.47 KB, 1000x2286, menaredisgusting.jpg)

No. 472492

not a lesbian but gay males barely get any shit from ftms while lesbians get "punch this terf!!" all the time for saying they like vagina. there is no male equivalent of a terf despite males being almost entirely the perpetrators of trans hate crimes. they've taken over lesbian spaces as well.

No. 472493

What the fuck does this mean, anon. And how does it relate to the comments you quoted

No. 472496

File: 1571063557155.jpg (113.25 KB, 1600x1000, 14.jpg)

I wanna start a trend of posting handsome well groomed Hollywood stars from the 1950's next to the schlubby stars off today to get scrotes angry

No. 472497

r/thathappened,Just some dumb manlet power fantasy

No. 472499

>while lesbians get "punch this terf!!" all the time for saying they like vagina
My local feminist group gets harassed whenever they show up at Pride. Innocuous signs like "Stop lesbian erasure" have caused them to be called TERFs, insulted and threatened with violence. They can't even feel safe in a space that's supposedly for them, because it's been taken over by gender-specials and straight libfems.

No. 472503

File: 1571064195382.gif (1.23 MB, 400x223, jxJycfp.gif)

>They can't even feel safe in a space that's supposedly for them

No. 472507

please do this! Also, what is this from?

No. 472511

I used to think manlet shitposting was funny but then I noticed it wasn't ironic. Why do these people care so much? I swear to God men shit on each other for petty things way more than women do.
When you're short just about any man is taller than you, even in manlet countries. I'm more intimidated by men over 6 feet than anything, I don't understand this fictional world they live in where women consider anyone below that subhuman.

No. 472512

Twilight Zone season 3, episode 16 Alone in the Dark

No. 472514

Projection. Males like that aren't capable of introspection, they just feel hatred and anger (towards women and themselves) in their atrophied little hearts. This makes them suffer and, without the emotional IQ to process this, they have to pretend someone else (the ultimate boogeyman, women) hates them for shallow reasons, not anything of substance like their lack of empathy.

Tl;dr they hate themselves for being low-quality males, pretend women hate them for petty reasons, victimize themselves.

No. 472515

>I'm 6'2 lol manlets are so pathetic am I right?
>I guess, wanna hook up?
>Goes out of way to strategically vomit on girl and relate sex with her to pedophilia
>Because for some reason a rando man gives this much of a shit about short man because they baited a girl to half heartily agree with them on a hook up app???

No. 472517

>I guess the point is FtMs are more likely to act like an average man
Lol, you can always find a TiF from how feminine they act. Just like TiM's still have male socialization, TiF's still have female socialization. The reason why TiF's usually don't try to make themselves into stereotypical macho men like how TiM's make themselves into bimbos or anime girls is because TiM's are for the great majority fujoshis. They have autoandophillia, but they type of male they're attracted to isn't a mega jacked chad with a cleft chin. They want to be lithe pretty anime princes or shota femboy traps.

No. 472520

These guys making up stupid stories about epic pwning the wahmens or whatever dumb shit like this that never happened really need to go outside and try actually interacting with other human beings in the real world. Despite their cherry picked memes, women out there don't actually go marching around ranting about how they hate short men. All the well-adjusted short guys I know IRL are in happy long-term relationships with beautiful women.

No. 472522

Being able to be in a normal relationship with a woman who's above their looksmatch isn't enough for them though, they want literal harems of Stacie's and cry about how women should feel bad that they don't get it

No. 472530

>lmao imma jack off to it tho because im a slave to my impulses and the woman i claim to hate :^)

One step from being a rapist even if fake

No. 472534


You can tell a manlet that has never had a date wrote this.

No. 472535

I mean, that guy is a sociopath and pathetic if that actually happened, but are you guy seriously saying manlets actually don't get massively shit on? What kind of self resepcting woman would get into a relationship with one?

No. 472539

File: 1571074085732.jpg (84.35 KB, 542x499, 1569877225812.jpg)

Yes and most women are too nice for their own good, ugly lower income men from ghettos and trailer parks are running around with 5 girlfriends and 6 baby mamas, if that doesnt prove to you how desperate women can be and that there are tons of men being rejected for being 5'7 you're beyond delusional

No. 472542

I mean, I am talking about average people here, not the denizens of the lower echelons of society. I did literally say self respecting woman.

No. 472548

Why shouldn't a self respecting woman date a short man? Especially if that woman is short herself. Why does a woman who's 5'0 need a guy who is over six feet tall?

No. 472550

File: 1571077018829.jpg (367.23 KB, 2000x1500, romeo-and-juliet-leonardo-dica…)

Where do men even get the idea that life for women is easy mode. I feel like 99.9999% of men online genuinely think this even while they spend all of their time shitting on women. We wouldn't have so many MtFs otherwise.

Really? I've met several people who use 4chan before. Almost a dozen that I know of. Most of us on lolcow probably spend a lot of time interacting with young people who are involved with nerd culture, a group that is disproportionately likely to use 4chan.
Besides, even if few people use 4chan, there's no reason to believe that the views expressed in the "manosphere" are unique. Most men are much more misogynistic than they allow the women in their lives to know.

Agreed. The hollywood hunks were almost all cute when they were young, but once they hit the wall hollywood kept memeing them anyway. You never see them doing this with women.

No. 472556

the same reason men who don't have huge dicks need a woman with big ass and tits. it's hot.

No. 472558


because for a good while, lesbians co opted every feminist space all to themselves and were pretty much calling the shots and deciding standards, talking down and talking over straight women, now they have troons doing the same thing on their lgbt spaces and are pissed of the reversal.

No. 472559

File: 1571080275718.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, embarrassing.jpg)

Because manlets are digusting, anon. It's bad for humanity when shit-tier moids pass their genes on, simple as that. They should all sequester themselves in a monastery and get their stumpy little boy bodies the fuck out of my sight.

No. 472561

>because for a good while, lesbians co opted every feminist space all to themselves and were pretty much calling the shots and deciding standards, talking down and talking over straight women

evidence of this, please?

No. 472564

File: 1571082569833.jpg (46.28 KB, 850x400, quote-feminism-is-the-theory-l…)


3rd and 4th wave were all about being lesbians for feminism. Literally "if you are a feminist you have to become a lesbian". Dykes had it coming, and thats why they don't gather much sympathy now when they whine about troonery taking brownie point status from them, they are getting a taste of their own medicine.





No. 472565

do you think mens rights activists and incels are a huge gay gangbang as well anon?

No. 472569

Well /r9k/ is almost completely colonized by incels who have their own "pinkpill" where you "become a trap to get a trap gf" aka have gay sex with other incels so yes.

No. 472570

You never stumbled upon lesbians telling straight women they should settle with being friends with other women and give up on relationships cause otherwise they are stupid/betraying the cause/etc?

No. 472573


this is probably the dumbest reply i ever read.

If they form a "gay mantivist movement" and gay meninist liberation front, and radical men activists start going on the forefront on maninism talking about being gay for maninism and putting thousands of literature works about it, then yes, i'd assume they were coopted by an agenda too.

political lesbianism is at the root of third and 4th wave politics, no acting coy about it.

No. 472574

Yup. I wouldn't fuck Leo, ew gross old man dick.

No. 472579

>Dykes had it coming, and thats why they don't gather much sympathy now when they whine about troonery taking brownie point status from them, they are getting a taste of their own medicine
how interesting that straight women, like yourself, would get so mad at "lesbians talking over them and putting them down" that the solution is NOT to confront and fix the problem but instead do stereotypically passive-aggressive shit where you create the currently prevailing "sex-positive" liberal feminism which produced such wonderful gems like telling women that gender roles are empowering, declaring prostitution to be a real career choice, and opening the door for the current transgender plague.

This is why women aren't ruling the world.

No. 472581

I saw a little bit of that, but I always thought it was a fringe belief that came from the same "sexuality can be changed" crowd on tumblr that would go on to become fujo fakebois

No. 472582

scrot? I will assume scrot. Other than the women that are into femdom, pretty much every other woman strongly prefers taller men. It's a genetic trait of a good mate, short men are simply sub standard males, why would a self respecting woman choose an inferior mate?

No. 472583

No, I haven't. However, I've heard plenty of straight women say to their bi or lesbian friends (jokingly and not) that they wished they were lesbians because of the bullshit their boyfriends put them through. How old are you and what kind of people are you hanging around with?

No. 472586

>where you create the currently prevailing "sex-positive" liberal feminism

but the poly crap came along with lesbianism all rolled up in third wave crap, blame Gen Xers, boomers and Simone de Beauvoir.

>that the solution is NOT to confront and fix the problem

yeah, and be called a nazi bigot homophobe chan for not wanting to suck the clit for feminism. Like complaining ever works when the mainstream woke is set on something, it used to be lesbianism, now is troons .

What kind of shit do you get for calling out troons today? and you think is not major haram to call out bush dykes and commies on their hipocrisy decades after feminism was assimilated into their cause as one of the same? that ship sailed long ago, a lot of women did complain about the current wave of feminism, they got called tradthots and were ostracized. Such is life, eat the girl dick to deconstruct patriarchy fascist bigots!

No. 472590

>know that men have tendencies towards being violent and horrible
>still go for men who are capable of even more violence due to size advantage
Unless you're tiny yourselves, a little, skinny man is the best mate choice if you still want to date males. 5' to 5'2" and 100-120 lbs. Get buff yourself and bam, he's less capable of hurting you than the average male.

I'm a manlet fetishist though, so perhaps I just don't understand.

No. 472593

The current state of "woke culture", political correctness, etc. was not as fervent back then as it is now. I get that you have an overwhelming hate for lesbians, but please refrain from hyperbole. During the rise and prominence of lesbian feminism, NO ONE (aside from those enforcing the movement) would've persecuted you for speaking against it because feminism in all it's forms has always been unpopular with the mainstream culture up until the recent acceptance of liberal feminism.

No. 472594

Well anon, as I said, you are the exception. You will have plenty to choose from since most women only settle with manlets if they can't get anyone better. Good for you I guess, plenty of the things you like available.

No. 472598

Nothing wrong with finding tall guys attractive but to be all "superior genes" about it sounds just as dumb as men sperging about wide hips and crap like that. As if any of that mattered nowadays. Not everyone wants children in the first place.

No. 472600

Ask yourself why the overwhelming majority of women strongly prefer tall men. Then question why that is. If it's something other than evolutionary preference I would love to hear it.

No. 472603


Woke culture of today is just a carbon copy of the one that was already well established in the 90s, specially in colleges and academia, It was even worse back then, if not the same, it just seemed to wane in the 00s and was brought back with a vengeance in the last decade of woke internet and "how you do fellow kids" corporate and mass media culture.

No. 472605

This. Some find tallness hot, others don't care. I don't understand why some anons are arguing about this like it's necessary or a big, important issue.
I've literally only seen scrotes get on this weird evopsych kick to insist women must truly like this or that at our very cores, and with them, it's typically a cope of some sort to explain why they're attractive (even if they're not) or why they're irredeemably unatttractive. It's genuinely not that deep.

No. 472610

I didn't say it wasn't, I just wonder why the height of your boyfriend says anything about your self respect when being tall gives you no real advantages in the modern world.

No. 472611

It's the overwhelming majority and it is a very strong preference nearing a requirement, stop coping for being short. There have been plenty of relevant studies, the only reason most of the poor women who end up with manlets end up with them is that they settle for them.

No. 472616

They were just good ol lesbians anon, they just made their lesbianism a political movement and were dumb enough to try to claim straight women could and should be lesbians.

No. 472618

I'm the average height for a woman (5'4). I just don't see any relevance in this topic for anyone but height-obsessed incels, and people who feel insecure about their own tastes, for whatever reason.

No. 472623

I assumed you were false flagging as a woman, my bad. The height thing is annoying to me because men just can't fucking accept that it is something that makes a man a better mate and pretty much all women in all cultures recognize this, but if you mention it ooooh noo, heightist bitch, how much do you weigh? But they can say they like "Fertile" women or "curvy" women because that's fine. If that's fine then so is being open about manlets being substandard males.

No. 472624

I am 13 and I am friends with him/his lesbians, teehee!
… No you fucking dumbass, I am 27 (tho my age has nothing to do with the topic) and I used to hang around radfem community, which you know nothing about if you never heard this sort of guilt tripping.

>However, I've heard plenty of straight women say to their bi or lesbian friends (jokingly and not) that they wished they were lesbians because of the bullshit their boyfriends put them through

This is an absolutely irrelevant point, but you should know that lesfems that I speak of would consider this lesbophobic as they are the most opressed uwu and how dare the straights feel envious when they are soooo privileged

No. 472625

Ah, now I get what you mean. Yeah, it's ridiculous how men lose their shit when women dare to have physical standards of our own.
They can't handle even a fraction of the nitpicking they put us through.

No. 472633

stop with the martyrism retard

No. 472634

straight women with victim complexes are always so fucking hilarious, get some real problems to cry about homophobe-chan. tumblr isn't real life. turn of your computer and walk away from the screen you absolute idiot if the evil dykes cause you such anxiety

No. 472638

File: 1571091205353.png (723.67 KB, 963x717, 1407530643613.png)

>>100 pounds
My tubes just tied themselves.

Don't get cucked into settling for ugly scrotes. Ugly men won't be grateful, because even the least desirable male specimens in the world think they deserve 10/10 women. If you're going to put up with scrotoid bullshit, you should at least be getting something out of it.

I'd like to establish that a lesbian joking that you should date women after listening to you complain for hours about how your hideous boyfriend shits all over your hopes and dreams and can't wipe his own ass is not oppression, and doesn't mean that lesbians have taken over feminism. Thank you for your time.

No. 472641

File: 1571091821583.jpg (14.91 KB, 340x527, catsmug.jpg)

>lesbian women with victim complexes are always so fucking hilarious, get some real problems to cry about transphobe-chan. gendercritical isn't real life. turn of your computer and walk away from the screen you absolute idiot if the evil mtf feminine penis cause you such anxiety

And you still cannot understand why you people think you had it coming dyke-kun but keep that attitude, you do you.


go eat a girldick you fascist. lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472642

this thread is just as awful as I suspected it would be. merging threads was a great idea, wasn't it?

No. 472644

And that makes you sound like a scrot, only scrots care this much for height. I've never ever seen a woman be as obsessed with height as men are

No. 472645

> straight women with victim complexes are always so fucking hilarious, get some real problems to cry about

I’m sorry, are you really trying to say that straight women have no issues when literally a woman a week is killed by her partner?

No. 472646

I am sure you and your friends are very deep uwu women, but your anecdotal evidence does not cancel the reality (a reality that has been observed by several studies) that heigh is a very strong preference for most women, bordering on it being a requirement. Good job not caring about the quality of your mates, most of us do care, since our children will be affected.

No. 472647

I don't have a victim complex, but you can't claim at the same time that lesbians are the realest feminists cause they only date women and then go 's-shut up you dirty bihets! Just cause we don't date men doesn't mean we don't have same problems with them that you do! We even get more of issues even though we avoid men uwu' when bihet radfems dare to bring up how male partnered women have their own struggles lesfems can't relate to and deserve to have a space to talk about without lesbians butting in with 'how about you go celibate and focus on supporting your friends while I continue to munch my gf's carpet without care about you uwu'

Can you even read? It's not about jokes from either side, it's about retard lesbians demanding straight women to go celibate. You don't know what you are talkimg about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472652


Saw this thread on Reddit

>22 year old woman goes into hostel in Nice France

>The other 2 people haven't arrived yet and there one 60 year old scrote is there
>He stares at her in his underwear
>OP gets an unsettling feeling and leaves
>She finds out he was masturbating on her bed once she left

Stories like this are so anxiety inducing and fucking miserable. Women can't be safe anywhere because of how sexually depraved and demented scrotes are. Other women (and men) told of their experiences in hostels in the comment section. With the women you can tell there was a stronger element of fear and anxiety for obvious reasons

And does anyone notice old French men are really fucking perverted and gross? Fuck, even the younger ones act like that. Beautiful country but wtf is with that?

No. 472656

I'm sorry you happen to be the only straight woman living in some kind of radfem lesbian commune. Sounds very rough.

No. 472658

Maybe every culture is different? I personally like taller men, but I'm not dogmatic. I know some short men and find them really hot. Had sex with some. There's a lot more to be picky about. I wouldn't have children with someone dumb or even with average intelligence for exemple, and that's way more important than height imo.

No. 472659

I have never seen any culture that does not put an importance in a man's height. Height offers several advantages and ignoring it is not doing anyone any favours. Intelligent is another important thing, you are correct, but so is height. Having short sons would be terrible and them being smart wouldn't make up for what they would lose. The ideal is to have both obviously, but disregarding height is a disservice to your future sons.

No. 472660


Thats how the mind of a lesbian separatist works , the problems of 97% of women are not real problems because they are not lesbian women.

The paradox is that they claim munching carpet solves everything and cures your oppression but at the same time munching carpets makes you super duper oppressed, most oppressed ever uwu.

No. 472662

Look up hobbies or anything where women put themselves out there in a way that requires a degree of extroversion and the stories of sexual harassment and male strangeness follow. As shown here by one example: https://www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/831awy/ladies_share_your_stories_of_harassment_when/

Men will do basic shit like fetishize a woman for riding a motorcycle, they will do dumb shit like stare at you like you are an alien because you talked to a (male) cashier in a friendly way, they will do dumb shit like act fascinated with your entire existence with some going out your way to sexually harass you because you are out in public and alone as a woman . Some will do this shit if you're on the internet in a male majority space, even. Why do they claim to hate women but act so fascinated by our mere existences?

I also notice men become especially bold with sexually harassing me or taking my boundaries in general if I don't have the mind to be tight lipped and extremely reserved around them, as if a woman having extroverted and relaxed tendencies is arousing for them. I really dont understand this about men.

No. 472663

Id hate to say this….but i slightly agree with you.
I love my lesbian radfem sisters but…the way lesbian radfems and straight radfems are treated is different…lesbian radfems are put on a higher pedestal and are treated like og's even if they dont do anything. Meanwhile there are straight radfems who have done so much more for the cause but people dont really pay that much attention to them.

Id even have to lie about my sexuality and pretend to be a lesbian so i would be accepted onto radfem chat communities who were mostly dominated by lesbians. They may not say it out loud that they dont like us… but it was very obvious how they would treat bi/straight radfems compared to lesbian radfems.

Ive also had a huge shock when i got into (mostly lesbian)radfem chatrooms…..it was all gossip,calling other women ugly, being mean and ignoring other women in the chat who are different.
Ive also had a bad experience with talking with lesbian radfems 1 on 1 too.

I used to be a active radfem, but i jsut donw want anything to do with them anymore. Im still a radfem but now i just keep it to myself.

Another thing that may upset people here…..the lesbians who supported troons were way nicer to me and just more better in general compared to lesbain radfems.

Also my comment is not meant for the general lesbian radfems populations, there are great lesbian radfems but there are also enough to make me form this kind of negative opinion.

Hope you all understand my opinion without reeeeing me.

No. 472664

> the problems of 97% of women are not real problems because they are not lesbian women.
Do straight Western women care about their own problems? Online and in the media, many are busy letting everyone know that they won't smile for men but sucking dick for money and pole dancing is empowerment while women everywhere else in the world are fighting against getting married off as a baby to 50 year old men, chopped into pieces, burned, soaked in acid, etc.

No. 472666

Asians (descendants of immigrants), Africans (descendant of immigrants), Caribbean groups, Afro-American (as old if not older than White American group), and the rest exist in Western countries and are very much Western and not fighting to be married to 50 year old men as babies, you know

Agreed white women's feminism sucks tho

No. 472667


>while women everywhere else in the world are fighting against getting married off as a baby to 50 year old men, chopped into pieces, burned, soaked in acid, etc.

if straight lesbians don't care as you claim then lesbians care way less, first world lesbian only seem to care about their own martyrdom signalign in countries were they already have equal rights and can even marry and do whatever a straight woman can. The biggest concern of lesbian feminist now is troons in their discords and gatekeeping feminist theory, nothing even close to those things you mention.

If i had to bet for who does more for feminism my bet would be on the 97%, who also happen to be the majority of women suffering for those ailments and getting murdered and married off while western lesbians cry about a straight woman playing a lesbian character in a shitty melodrama.

No. 472668

>>Yes because lesbian radfems are so much better when most of them only care about troons and nothing else.

See how it feels like when you stereotype people?

Also do you think those women in those countries fighting for their rights are all lesbians or something lol? The majority of them are straight so your comment makes no sense.

Tbh this is true when i was active active on radfem circles they would talk about troons all day but the moment you mention something else most of them dont really care and if they…

radical feminists from the 70's are probably rolling in their grave seeing what radical feminism has begone…

No. 472670

>first world lesbian only seem to care about their own martyrdom signalign in countries were they already have equal rights and can even marry and do whatever a straight woman can.The biggest concern of lesbian feminist now is troons in their discords and gatekeeping feminist theory, nothing even close to those things you mention.
Ah, yes. Because religious and cultural prejudices as well as violence against homosexuals all stopped as soon as same-sex marriage was legalised a handful of Western countries right?

Also do you think those women in those countries fighting for their rights are all lesbians or something lol? The majority of them are straight so your comment makes no sense.
I never said or implied they are all lesbians. However lesbians in such areas of the world do suffer the same fate as straight women because men in those place don't give a fuck about women at all, let alone try discern what their sexuality is before they kill them. Point is that you're claiming a small percentage of women are somehow oppressing/silencing the majority and writes off the majority's problems, when the majority has shifted their politics away from fixing their own problems.

No. 472671

Surely it is racebait with how much people on this site like to go on about how white women apparently don’t suffer from oppression. News flash, men oppress us regardless of age and race, all that matters is our sex. An example: many white majority countries have obscenely high rape and domestic violence rates. But fuck white women, am I right? It’s not like Irish women literally only just were fighting for their reproductive rights.

No. 472672

Most people who talk about ''white feminism'' themselves are the stereotype of white feminists.

These people have never been to poor white countries and it shows. Serbia is among the top countries who make snuff porn, and a country that does not take domestic violence seriously where the police side with the man….and surprise the women are white.
In the most popular city of serbia i would see prostitutes with their pimps…but oh wait they are supposed to be happy because they are white.

No. 472677


burguers have no sense of irony, you can tell when its them when they start with the white hate crap, in reality both the lesbian, the black and the white burguer feminists are drinking frappuccinos from the same starbucks while they tweet for point in the oppression olympics. Neither truly cares.

No. 472678

Slavs are not really considered white. Eastern Europe generally is seen as its own thing.

No. 472682

File: 1571099027739.png (517.51 KB, 1242x2208, 838B4D33-5E0A-42B8-8393-790E52…)

> The ten countries with the highest rates of rape (number of incidents per 100,000 citizens) are:

South Africa (132.4)
Botswana (92.9)
Swaziland (77.5)
Bermuda (67.3)
Sweden (63.5)
Suriname (45.2)
Costa Rica (36.7)
Nicaragua (31.6)
Grenada (30.6)

They don’t even have to be poor countries, pic related is a list of countries with the highest rape rates as of 2019. ‘Feminists’ that pretend that there are groups of women out there that don’t suffer at the hands of men are a fucking joke

No. 472684

They’re Caucasian. White refers to caucasians

No. 472685

This is the most retarded thing i have ever heard. Are you a scrote?

No. 472686

In Burgerland maybe, White refers to Europeans in Europe.

No. 472687

Fucking lmao, Eastern Europeans aren’t in Europe now??

No. 472688

>They don’t even have to be poor countries
>Posts poor countries
Look at those countries and think what they have in common, along with being poor.

No. 472689

Of course they are.

No. 472690

Sweden is poor now?

No. 472691

Then how are they not white. Australians and Americans can also be white, yet they are not European. So what is your point?

No. 472692

I said what else they have in common. There are rich countries in that list, but these rich countries have something in common with the poor ones. Which indeed suggests that economy is not really what causes rapes. See if you can find it.

No. 472693

I was referring to how they are seen in the Uk at least. Like a seperate kind of White? Sorry, I did not word it correctly.

No. 472695

Dont reply to the racebaiting troll, i bet he is a scrote who believes anglo and nords are the only whites because the other are ''too ethnically impure''

No. 472696

I meant white feminist by really white american feminism. I'm very aware what other white women in different countries go to and I'm not silencing white women from non rich countries because of this. Even in the rich West europe and south europe white women face their struggles as apart of the feminist collective. When people really dig on "white people" they're talking about AMERICANS as american white people are the globally known jackasses of the world

Speaking of favoritsm and silencing when it comes to women's experiences depending on races though

Let's talk about how it's acceptable now to talk about Asian fetishists and be out in the open with AW's experience with said fetishists but almost no one except BW talk about Black fetishists and the fact this as bad as Black women getting mistaken as sex workers and sexually harassed in WESTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Why is no one talking about this and why is it never mentioned?(racebait)

No. 472698

I mean, I just said what people think, I don't agree. I think the anglo racialism is retarded. White refers to European in the rest of Europe, we just keep trying to distance ourselves from the continent.

I don't think so, I was simply describing the common opinion, check what I wrote above.

No. 472706

File: 1571100432418.jpeg (87.27 KB, 980x525, 1570831821562.jpeg)


wow, racism, a rape wish, calling me a whore, you are really coming up in the world anon. Also, better check your detector schizo.

No. 472709

Do all the "rapes" in Sweden are committed by immigrants, as you would normally hear in some news? Or is it just all overtly exaggerated?

No. 472716

this is single most retarded "7 layers removed from reality" statement I've read on this site, including the dicklet sperg from months ago and poopeye chan etc.

>white=Europeans in Europe
>Eastern Europeans
>uhhh not white

No. 472730


Let's be honest. These scrotes wish they were beta males. If they really want to get into "biotruth", they're omegas - the lowest of the low, outcast, generally rejected and isolated by the group. Even in their pathetic incel world, they overrate themselves.

No. 472734

Being into video games and programming while finding MRAs, incels, and trans "girls" unbearable is rough

No. 472736


Tell me about it. I’m studying game design and programming at university, and now regret following this path at all. It’s awful. All the hobbies I indulge in are overflowing with dumbass TRA's or incel guys. Then again, it's the same thing really. I find that taking an interest in older media before this all became mainstream somewhat helps to avoid it all.

No. 472737

Man the time this guy wasted writing this fanfic he could have used to do literally anything else. Like actually go to the gym instead of fantasize about it.

No. 472750

I gotta chime in that simplifying it to skin color doesn't really work in Europe. Yes, we're white, but the word "slave" in English comes from "slav", we've been used historically as a border to protect Europe and seen as a lesser race by Nazis and other groups despite being white.

We won't get harassed for our skin color if we move to different countries, but most people consider the area to be trash and some consider us parasitic immigrants.

"White feminism" is a misguided term popularised by internet subculture, it's similar to "Karen" or any word that makes it more acceptable to openly hate on women and feminism because you're hating a stereotypical strawman or maybe it makes you feel like you aren't like the other "bad" and outdated feminists.

No. 472753

I don't know about the rest of y'all but Ideally I prefer a guy 2-4 Inches taller then me,no more then that and I can tolerate If a guy is 2 Inches shorter If he has some redeeming quality

No. 472756

File: 1571120918573.jpg (168.75 KB, 1280x720, Kalash people.jpg)

They also conventionally forget about Women who aren't European but still have "white" appearance,I know quite a number of Afghans,Pakistani's and Persians who are more white in appearance the some Greeks and Italians but are stilt classified as being poor WOC

No. 472763

LMAO here it comes "BOOHOOOO YOU FUCKING DYKE HOW DARE YOU SAY DYKES ARE NOT A REAL PROBLEM WE ARE RAPED!!!" emotional manipulation and hysterics

You absolute fucking retards, lesbians also suffer from male violence but what I was talking about was you straight idiots acting as if bitter lesbians pose some significant problem in your life, when it's not true!

Even if some bitter lesbo was serious about her fembol level drivel how straight women need to stop dating men, guess what, THAT HAS ZERO ACTUAL CONSEQUENCES IN YOUR LIFE. ZERO!!!! YOU CAN CHOOSE NOT TO GIVE A SHIT AND THE RAMBLINGS OF TUMBLR LESBOS WONT AFFECT YOU IN ANY FUCKING WAY YOU IDIOTS!! Close the app and move on! I'm sorry but I suspect that there is huge problem with dyke packs invading your tupperware parties or whatever you straights do together (if you manage to do anything together at all with other women in fear of imitating lesbian separatism) while troons actually push themselves irl in lesbo spaces and have actual impact on lesbian lives when they "cancel" us like that game developer or long ago that australian lesbian who was harrassed irl etc

The victim complexes about you paranoid retards is hilarious, that lesbians have any power to actually fuck up your lives is hilarious because it's not true.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472765

*there is NOT a huge problem with dyke packs, I man, my ESL is flaring up

No. 472766

same anon, my preference for height is a guy who is a few inches taller than me, not super taller than me. and honestly the idea of a guy who has a sexy face/body but is an inch shorter than me is more appealing than a guy who is taller but average looking. I guess I'm a freak abomination lol. but then again I'm tall so maybe it's because I'm more willing to settle.

No. 472769

Jesus christ I knew the straight girls vs lesbians infighting would begin once PP was merged with the radfem and GC threads. Straight, homophobic tradthots used the PP thread only to vent about their Nigels being abusive and lesbians used the radfem thread as trauma therapy to get over the staceys who fucked them over. Put them together and this happens.

No. 472771

Since I am in ranting mood, this same shit happens with bisexual women constantly. When you point out for them that no some angry dyke on the internet actually doesn't have any fucking impact on their lives they start the similar "but bisexual women are raped and abused in relationships you fucking lesbo!!" emotional manipulation, as if again, lesbians didn't suffer from male violence or as if male violence means that angry lesbian's angriness suddenly gained some social power and suddenly bisexuals are ejected from gay bars world wide and their boyfriends dropped dead

Explain how I am wrong

How are some angry tumblr dykes fucking over straight girl's lives irl? How am I wrong by saying that some bitter lesbian ramblings have zero matter in real life? Also lmao of course you go for the typical "lesbians are just bitter because straight girls wont fuck them" bullshit, kys retard

No. 472772

yes, I'm sure all women who have had shitty and abusive experiences with men and want to vent about it are straight, homophobic tradthots.

No. 472773

I'm not saying you're wrong you fucking retard. It's just a tired debate because it only ends up with derailment/infighting bans, you can't get through the thick tradthot skulls and you're being oversensitive about it. Pick your battles instead of pissing your pants any time Penelope shits out homophobic replies.

The people in the PP thread sure were.

No. 472774

OT rambling but I guess I could use less insults and swear words though but being ESL-chan english swearing and insulting just doesn't sound so bad for me but probably my writings sound way more harsh than intented for native speakers

Anyway males drool girls rule trannies are wack and sound like they're on crack

No. 472777

How were the people in PP tradthots, and how were they homophobic?

No. 472784

sage for topic but have the mods budged any Inch about separating GC from the PP Threads

No. 472789

I've met more fake male geeks than I've met fake female geeks

No. 472805

Stop infighting. We're all sisters here whether you like it or not.
On that note, please avoid racial discussion. There is no need for it really and someone usually ends up sperging out.

No. 472836

Why did you do this to us? The merge is literal hell and nobody likes it. Separate the threads!!!

No. 472849

Co-signing this. Somehow the merge has brought out the worst of the pink pill thread and left little GC discussion.

No. 472851

I'm watching youtube vids covering the Michelle Carter sentencing (after watching the HBO documentary I love you, now die)

17 year old girl had a suicidal bf and rather than talking him out of suicide as she'd often done in the two years prior.. she starts urging him to do it instead. He succeeds and it's horrible and so is she. Her lawyer works his ass off and she gets sentenced to 15 months. People are divided on whether she got off way too light or not. I personally think she did

What annoys me though is how every massively upvoted comment on these vids is a guy claiming that a 17 year old guy would -definitely- get life in prison for the same crime and "women in prison sip tea all day" They're convinced it's a gender issue and that men have it hard. They love to ignore how rarely women actually take a mans life. Nah women are privileged witches and we are the only sex that ever gets away with crime..

No. 472853

I don't have a preference other than not being literally midget-tier, but I don't care if other women do though. It's okay if you value other qualities over height. The anons further up the thread are the same one who always sperg whenever someone disagrees with them.

No. 472854

The Michelle Carter is just a bizarre case all around,I don't think she was a bad person with a murder fetish or anything I think she honestly believed that her bf would be in less agony If he was dead and I'm not defending her I'm just saying in her warped logic it was more morally justifiable to let her bf kill himself rather then live and experience anguish

I have met people online who were like this and admitted that if their SO,Sibling,Parent or even their own child wanted to commit suicide to escape pain then they would let them

No. 472855

I can understand women preferring taller men If they themselves are tall(like me) but whenever I see 5'0 womanlet refusing to date men who are half a foot taller then them and complaining about why they can't find the right guy,I find it hard to feel sorry for them,also I'f Im being honest I do somewhat resent short women for taking tall guys

No. 472856

So many women prefer tall men because of socialization, it's crazy how much one person has been sperging about this already. Not to mention the fact that most men are taller than women (at least from their culture) making it even more understandable that it's how we are socialized. People strive for the norm. I hope they stop with the BS evolutionary crap or at least attempt to prove it beyond 'So many studies blah blah blah'.

No. 472859

It's such an odd case with so many factors to consider. When I was a teen I was on the same meds as her and they can cause all sorts of detachment from reality in teens. I still ultimately side with people who think the sentence was too short - but it pisses me off to see such a complicated case reduced down to 'women have it easy'

People get light sentences all the time, lawyers work miracles and it was an unusual case with no precedent to compare it against

No. 472871

As a tall woman I absolutely agree on this. Taller yes, but why does it have to be by a foot? The average woman is 5'4, so shouldn't a 5'8 "manlet" still be tall enough for her? 4 inches is a big difference, why do you need somebody who's 6ft+? And it's not only this way for average women, the same goes for the very short ones as well. Nobody can tell me that somebody who's 4'9 could tell the difference between a man who's 5'10 and one who's 6'2. Both is huge to you.
But I guess they've never even tried being with somebody who's similar in height, because otherwise they'd know how nice being able to look into each others eyes is.

No. 472888

>But I guess they've never even tried being with somebody who's similar in height, because otherwise they'd know how nice being able to look into each others eyes is.

Which is why I prefer men who are near my height range,no taller then 4 Inches then me and no shorter then 3 Inches then me

No. 472900

Lawyer here, there is definetely a gender privilege in the justice system no question, same as race. Judges and jurors treat women way lighter than men.

No. 472901

One my cousins had various issues due to his mental health and being abused in horrendous ways as a child by his Uncle,he had been going to therapy and psychologist for years but none of that ever helped him,I talked to him a couple times and he did reveal he wanted to kill himself and I was always against it and tried to talk him out it but eventually he end up killing himself, I wish things had turned out different and that he had taken the decision to continue life but I knew he was in pain the decision to take his own life might have been the easiest option for him

No. 472903

There's no such thing as womanlet.
Women are supposed to be shorter.

No. 472905

Socialization almost certainly plays a part, but claiming that nature doesn't is disingenuous. There is a very clear and recognizable advantage to a male being tall, you might as well be telling us socialization taught women that unhealthy males are undesirable mates.

No. 472909

Men don't care about a woman's height, if anything, the shorter the better, since we are cuter.

No. 472913

>There is a very clear and recognizable advantage to a male being tall
Such as?

No. 472914

Tall women only call you womanlets because you won't stop bragging about how much cuter and younger looking you are.

No. 472919

1)Correlation with high IQ.
2)Better careers on average (check average heigh of CEOs).
3)Better dating prospects (Even in this thread of anonymity, most anons clearly admit that they want the man to be taller).
4)More respect, men get way more respect for being tall. Women too, but it's more impactful with men.
5)No chance of getting bullied in school for being short.
6)Can fight back and defend his woman if something dangerous happens
all those things means they will not have issues with their masculinity and not developt the napoleonic complex taht manlets so often have.

No. 472921

Sorry for looking younger and cuter I guess, is lying better? Men like it, not our fault.

No. 472923

'a man would spend the rest of his life in prison for the exact same crime' was the comment I saw over and over again

I don't buy that the difference would be that extreme. 17 years old, wasn't physically present for the death, wasn't threatening, nobody would live out the rest of their life in prison for that?

No. 472925

Not American lawyer, but I think you could get 10-15 years there for being the, hmm not sure how to translate, mastermind of manslaughter or sth according to our laws at least. So, no not the whole life, but certainly a ton of time. You would be surprised how much the gender of the defendant and the plaintiff matter in courts if you don't spend much time there. Justice is not blind.

No. 472926

Slower metabolism and lower weight to be tho. I'd rather be 5'8 than 5'3

No. 472929

I meant biologically since anons love to harp on about how women aren't "self-respecting" for settling for genetically inferior short men. 5 out of 6 of those things listed can be attributed to socialization.

No. 472930

>Slower metabolism and lower weight to be tho
How is this bad?

No. 472931

The nice (and right) thing to do would be to stop rubbing it in our faces. Just be content with the male attention, no need to additionally mock other women for something they can't change.

No. 472932

I mean, other than outright things like bad health, the advantages of mates depend on the enviroment. Our societies are our enviroment, so in this enviroment they are inferior choices, which means that women who can make better choices will, these anons are not wrong.

No. 472935

I didn't rub it on anyone's face, I just answered to the op who called us womanlets as if being short is bad for a woman, when it's a good thing. There is a reason manlet is so well known, because it is a negative for men. Womanlet you only hear from manlets or tall women. Maybe you could get together with manlets, since you agree on so many things.

No. 472936

Yes but I'm asking for specific examples because anons keep repeating that but don't actually justify their claims. Obviously is depends on the environment, just like in cold areas where being average height and muscular is more evolutionary advantageous than being a tall lanklet.

No. 472937

The fuck happened to this thread? You supposed to shit on men here not on each other.

No. 472939

The list above had plenty of examples. We live in societies for tens of thousand of years and tallness is something we selected for in males. In this society, these males are better mates and produce taller sons that will also inherit those benefits, you don't need to go back 100.000 years to find examples, the more recent, the better, since they are more relevant to our current sexual selection. Cold for example is irrelecant, since we have clothes, no one selects for that.

You must be new

No. 472943

How the hell is this NOT bad?

>Slower metabolism means you have to eat less food, when you're at a normal weight you have to eat 800 calories a day to lose significant amount of weight while you're taller counterparts can still remain of deficit at 1600 calories

>For women with greater appetites and who like to eat, that's not a good thing

>Exercise and fitness doesn't mean shit at the under 5'5 heights because if you aren't fucking eating a shitty calorie deficit unless you're 200 pounds weight loss will be slow and hard

I don't see how tf this is good. You are nuts.

No. 472945

. Why are so many ethnicities of men short then?

No. 472947

>We live in a society
Lmao good one, anon. You almost had me there.

No. 472948


You sound American cause you Americans are always obsessed with eugenics tier science and desperately trying to push your quackery as real. Wow your country is really fucked up

No. 472949

>requiring less resources is bad

No. 472950

Of short people not men. Men are still much taller than women.

No. 472951

Maybe a bit random but on the topic of height. I was recently reading about the process that causes cells to become cancer and someone pointed out that the taller/larger a person is: the higher the chances of developing cancer purely because you have more cells dividing and possibly mutating all the time

I know there are plenty of other risk factors at play but the height thing never occurred to me

No. 472952

>Not being able to eat and build muscle mass as much is bad

Yes it is.

No. 472953

Then why is it called "tall men" as if every man was genetically selected to be 6 foot, instead of "taller man"? Seems like some narrative is being twisted and this discussion is insincere once again

No. 472955

Arthur did nothing wrong anon

Evolution takes different turns anon. What you should ask is why do Japanese and Koreans keep getting taller since basically being colonized by the West. When a society becomes Westernised then they select for height, just like the West, which is why Eruopeans are the tallest men. Also even the short races are sexually dismorphic with the men being taller, which is the important thing. Heigh was selected for males even there.

No. 472957


No. 472958

But short men cute.

No. 472959

Women do not need muscles, that's what men and machines are for

No. 472961

Men compete with other men in their societies. Asians did not have to compete with Europeans until a few decades ago. Now they do and as a result they are selecting for heigh much more. Do you think it's random those incels at r/asianmasculinity always whine about white men being tall?

No. 472962

Tallness in guys is desirable because it's a dimorphic trait, it's really not that deep. When it comes to women people will find female features attractive regardless of height. The tall woman vs short woman argument makes no sense, both would get into relationships way more easily than manlets.

No. 472963

We all have our fetishes anon.

No. 472964

Muscles make you leaner and your body fat % and also gives your body a shape so yes we do because it's attractive. That's why ethnicites with low muscle mass like the South Asians and East Asians have a more apple or rectangle shaped than others and have the "skinny fat" look on average.

No. 472965

Can you explain why humans are significantly less sexually dimorphic than our closest primate relatives then? You're spouting off a lot of evolutionary terms but don't actually understand the context in which humans have evolved.

No. 472966

Dismorphism in species is selected to begin with anon. It's a result, not a cause, although it later becomes a cause as well, leading to more dismorphism.

No. 472967

Yes, because all Europeans are tall. Do ya'll even travel? French, Italian, and Spanish men are short or average height on the regular, not many get over 5'10.

No. 472968

Americans are the obsessed mentally ill ones. America is china-tier and india-tier

No. 472969

Are we going to ignore that East Asian women are the ones men thirst after the most? Muscles look terrible on women.

No. 472970

And your body fat % lower, sorry.

No. 472972

Because men stopped us from selecting our mates for millenia? They just married us off to whoever as long as they had a job. They fucked up our evolution with their forced monogamy and parents deciding who their daughter would marry.

No. 472973

The white guys who lust over EA women tend to be from the USA/or Anglosphere and those are the most unattractive white guys, though.

No. 472974

Still taller than most races anon.

No. 472976

look! height topic broght in mad manlet scrots
how typical.

No. 472977

Sure anon, I am sure w/e you are from sexual selection is a deep process where you look into each other's souls lmao.

No. 472979

I have seen it in Norway and Sweden as well.

No. 472980

height and dating discussion brings out the most insecure in people tbh

No. 472981

Anon, muscles literally give you a perky ass, fit legs, and a tighter waistline. I don't know where you live but fit and athletic women have been considered sexy for women in Western society since the 19th century.

No. 472982

Right but you mean selected for social reasons right, not for evolutionary. Also it's interesting that humans in general continue to get taller I'd love to know the ideas behind that (as an aside, I'm not directing that at you anon!) especially since after a certain point, height can lead to more ailments later on.

No. 472983

Okay poo in the loo burger

No. 472985

Are you a little old anon? I am not trying to offend you, but men like women with a pear shape body now, no muscles, just fat in the right places. Fit and athletic women are ltierally shamed for being "skinny bitches"

No. 472986

Out of all the whites I like the Mediterranean/south european ones the most so why should it matter to me?

No. 472987

That's the thing anon, social reasons ARE evolutionary ones, we don't have evolutionary pressure from anywhere else anymore. As for why we keep getting taller, I am not sure, might have something to do with diet and we will stop soon or sth.

No. 472988

And have you noticed those pear shape bodied women are still in shape and have enough tone to keep their body in shape, dude? You can be fit/in shape and curvy nigga.

No. 472989

I mean, good for you anon, but I was just talking about the countries I know. Plenty of Med manlets for you, I hear they make good dads if you land one that isn't sexist.

No. 472990

No they dip as low as 5'5. This is no taller than a Latin American and East Africans are taller.

No. 472991

Where the fuck do you even live where being thin is shamed? The fat ass American South maybe?

No. 472992

Where is this conversation going? Know need to say men when you mean men of such and such culture during such and such time period. Why are so many people here so sure of things? Socialization rules so much of how we think and we have little idea of how things used to be. A lot of history is written by men and their skewed perceptions anyway.

No. 472993

Not with having a lot of muscle anon. You just need enough to keep your body in shape, not actually build a lot of muscle, which is what the original post was about regarding the height difference in women.

No. 472994

You do know Latin Americans are not a race right? They are a mix of everything. East Africans are also mixed. I was talking about the relatively "pure" races.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472995

UK and have a sister that goes to school, she absolutely gets bullied for being thin.

No. 472996

Besides in Norway/Sweden you still see couples besides AW/WM unlike in America where that is what white men seem to date in significant numbers if they aren't dating white passing ethnicities of other groups.

No. 472997

Well yeah, it's not like there are that many asian women in Scandi. Not enough to go around for everyone.

No. 472998

File: 1571154301606.jpg (43.22 KB, 1000x563, 1000x563.jpg)

Good job at derailing the thread, males. You can fuck off now.

No. 472999

There are full East Africans anon..

No. 473000


Its the go to logic of lesfems when confronted, they behave exactly like trannies.

No. 473002

Not sure where it is going, I was just arguing that being short as a woman is a plus.

No. 473004

There's not a lot of the other races either in Europe and you'll still see it

American white men are just Asian obsessed tbh.. I would tell my Asian girlfriends to go to America if they want a white man because the white men in the USA are absolutely infatuated with Asian women.. Australian WM too

No. 473005

I assumed since you mentioned heigh you were talking about Somalians which are the relativelly tall of East Africa and are quite mixed with MENA DNA.

No. 473007

i wish people stopped sperging about race and infighting here, i'm afraid it'll get this thread nuked.

No. 473008

Kenyans and Ethiopians exist dear, and there is such a thing as full blooded Kenyans and Ethiopians, and Somalis too. There are also the South Sudanese people and Tanzanian people. Some Tanzanian men are tall.

No. 473009

Do you think doing a bench press will turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger? Women aren't capable of naturally building lots of muscle without years of training, and even then some..

No. 473010

Wow this shit is unreadable now. Thanks again for merging threads!

No. 473011

This. "Which men of which race is taller", "Women of this race are skinnyfat because no muscles", "Men of this race date women of that race most often", "No one in my country likes women with muscles", "Women don't need muscles", "Fucking dykes fuck you", "You're all tradthots".
Sure is gender critical/pink pill/feminism in here right now, guys.
The thread's honestly been a mess since yesterday, and I wish we could just get back on topic.
Anyway, this shit popped up in my recommendations, and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I don't really like Blaire White, but at least he's not of the "Lesbians you must accept girldick REEEE" variety, and actually stands with real lesbians on how this shit has gone too far.

No. 473012

ffs, when I say 'muscle' I dont mean a bodybuilder I just mean enough to look fit and have a good body. that gives the "good legs" shape with the nice calves and curvy thighs.

No. 473013

Ah well, my bad then for saying the Meds are taller, I should included East Africans to it too.

No. 473014

My points was that height is not relevant to a woman in regards to exercise because we don't have to build a lot of muscle to look good. A little muscle, both heights can do easily.

No. 473016

Yeah ok, but for that muscle, your heigh is pretty irrelavant, since it's really not that much muscle.

No. 473017

I 100 percent agree with you there. It just seemed like people where talking about evolution as though certain desires were immutable traits that existed between men and women that we have no control over.

No. 473018

They might be, but without doing some really unethical experiments we can't really know.

No. 473020

Is this a Peterson reference?

No. 473022

Yes but also entirely unironic

No. 473023

I don't know about that, men tend to change their opinions on what is attractive based on adverts, they seem pretty maleable as well.

No. 473028

>unironically quoting Jordan Peterson
Hmm. Maybe that other anon was right. Maybe the Pink Pillers were just tradthots.

No. 473030

You can find nuggets of truth anywhere.
Tribalism is for savages.

No. 473033

Tempered tribalism is the only way to survive as a group against other groups, don't be deluded.

No. 473035

Men are more prone to sexual voraciousness and are fond of novelty because their necessary involvement in successful offspring doesn't need to exceed 2 minutes.
Which means there's less punishment for fucking up sexually, which is why you will see them get fucked up sexually more often than women.

No. 473037

so he said he's only into biological men last year. he's been engaged since then. why does he call himself bisexual now?

No. 473039

Attracting pedophiles isn't something to brag about no matter the number. Its highly likely that your partner is a pedophile if you're 5'3, or under.

No. 473045

I can feel the bitterness through your computer screen, you shouldn't be bitter for things you can't change. Maybe try dating mantlets, they have no standards, not like they can.

No. 473046

File: 1571157573304.jpeg (16.68 KB, 474x268, 033punch.jpeg)

Shut the hell up. The height infight is over.

No. 473052

>You bitch, how dare you defend yourself when someone says your boyfriends must be pedophiles?
Yeah ok anon.

No. 473053

as a 5'2'' womanlet who looks extremely obviously fully grown tf are you talking abt

even little people look obviously adult as well do you also have trouble telling if people are just small or really far away?

like pedophiles are way more likely to choose partners with children they can abuse than just "settle" for a short girl that looks nothing like their fantasy

No. 473058

Quit falling for the most obvious bait.

No. 473059

Who gives a fuck what some bitter scrote masquerading as a tall femcel says about you on a forum full of strangers? Why do you have to reply? Will your boyfriend love you more?

No. 473061

Tell it to your children if and when you have them. For now you're the next best thing.

No. 473069

Yes thats why men who murder their partners during sex dont go to prison meanwhile women who murder in self defense get life in prison.

No. 473070

>Idiot with no background in law telling a lawyer about sentencing based on anecdotes she read on Jejebel
Better keep your mouth shut and let others wonder if you are a moron than open it and remove all doubt.

No. 473071

I don't get it. I prefer men with beautiful, pretty faces, not some tall disgusting ogres or awkward lankets with robot tier faces. I don't give a fuck about height, but I have to admit I find the strong preference for taller men quite weird, as taller man is much more likely to overpower you.

No. 473073

I just want to have a talk with the mod who though combining the gc and pp threads was a good idea….

both threads were doing good before they were combined and now that they are combined there is a influx of scrotes here,infighting,trolls,and people here pretending to be lawyers and philosophers and other shit,and people just defending scrotes in general.
Huh my information does not come from jejevel,maybe you should stop spendin time there since you think everyone visits that site.

No. 473074

Hey scrotes this is is not the ''incels'',''mens rights'' thread so maybe you can fuck out of here and go back to reddit,4chan and incel.co thanks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 473076

And pray tell, where does your information come from? Because I have spent years studying law and criminology and the gender privilege when it comes to the Justice system is as accepted in Law as gravity in Physics.

No. 473079

File: 1571159297104.png (159.37 KB, 500x429, the-only-good-goblin-are-the-o…)

It sounds like the goblin anon from a while back. They were posting ridiculous bait about forcing short people to live underground like goblins and mine for food. Somehow a bunch of people were still getting mad and taking the bait. It makes me think that a lot of lc user base have short fuses.

No. 473080

This is not the roleplay thread faggot.

No. 473081

Who's roleplaying homophobe-chan? Is evertone ehre supposed to be a loser and work as a cashier? Some of us have careers you know.

No. 473082

>I am not like other girls uwu, I like cute boys, I don't care about height, you girls sure are shallow.

No. 473083

What? That sounds hilarious, when did that happen? Reminds me of the /tv/ memes about the manlets being enslaved and forced to work in the pop corn mines at the kinoplex.

No. 473085

Calling everyone who disagree's with you homophobe-chan makes you sound like a retard.

You are a scrote roleplaying as a lawyer dyke.
You are prob a troon.

No. 473086

Anon, are you stupid? I literally stated in my post that I am shallow, since i only care about beautiful face. Pretty men are much more rare than disgusting tall ogres.

No. 473087

>inb4 a mod sees this post, spergs out and bans you for talking about bait
Our best bet is probably to report the shit as we see it, honestly.

No. 473088

Threads always go to shit the moment height is mentioned, and height is mentioned so fucking much on here

No. 473090

>used faggot and retard that easily
>Accuses other of being a scrot
Hi robot, smile for all the class to see you.

No. 473092

The problem problem here is that there isnt one or two trolls in this thread..there is much more this thread is infested with trolls.

How can we even have a normal conversation here when there is always a troll here wanting to whiteknight and defend men,roleplaying, derailing and shitting on women?

Mods/admin you should have never merged these threads

No. 473095

Everyone likes pretty faces, what makes you think you're special? It's just that the rest of us also care about a man's height. So yes, you're absolutely trying to pass us less shallow. Good luck to your short sons I guess.

No. 473096

Do you even know what these threads are about?
Are you new to this thread or lolcow something.
Newfag or scrote which are you?

No. 473099

>Random accusations with no substance
I guess I hit a chord didn't I? you made a claim about not understanding our attractiveness to height in a thread that very explains why this attraction exists, stop acting like a victim and read the thread.

No. 473100

Why would I try to pass as less shallow on anonymous imageboard? Anon, do you feel okay? And no, some women (if not most of them) tend to care about man's height and body more than face. I think we should start shaming men for being ugly, since most of them look fucking disgusting, instead of swooning over deformed atrocities just because they are taller (like Adam Driver… what the fuck).

No. 473101

I've noticed that troll posts often take hours to get deleted, too.
I thought the merge would be fine. I don't know how or why it got this bad.

No. 473104

I am ok with shaming men for w/e you want, I am just tired of explaining the very reasonable reason height is a strong preference for women in males.

No. 473106

Is this now the height discussion thread? Feels like it lately!

No. 473107

It starts here.
The only thing deeper than the pop corn mines is the lore of the Kinoplex. Hopefully Disney buys 4chan and produces a Kinoplex cinematic universe to rival capeshit.

No. 473109

I wanted to laugh, but I am not 100% sure that person is joking, sounded kinda deranged.

Also yes, I love the kinoplex, truly deepest lore.

No. 473110

No this is the troll,derailing,infighting,offtopic,scrote and internalized misogyny thread ever since mod decided to merge these threads.

No. 473112

>I am ok with shaming men for w/e you want
Yeah, same here. I do think that preference for taller men is something out of different era tho, since we don't need to be protected and strenght shouldn't be an attractive quality in a male anymore. Internet is full of manlet hate but almost nobody dares to shame ugly males. Especially if they are tall. it pisses me off. Most men are ugly af, but there aren't many short men.

No. 473113

No one gives a fuck about your preference, but it is annoying as hell when anons have insuly other women for not sharing the same preference. Like that one post just stated that she cares more about face than height and of course someone had to find a problem with that.

No. 473114


Tbh, mods probably want this thread to be a hellhole so they can just ban it eventually
Lemme find out some of them are part of the infighting crew lol. Maybe even the main trolls we all thought were scrotes

No. 473115

A lot of people do apparently, considering all the explaining I have to do and all the sperging I have to answer to.
There are still dangerous men around anon, having a man around to keep you safe is not a bad idea unless you live in Denmark or something.

No. 473117

It's annoying because it feels like a very familiar argument that keeps happening on here too, of all the things to take up so much of the convo, it's height preference? Who gives a shite

No. 473119

'having a man around to keep you safe'

Nice lol

No. 473122

>A lot of people do apparently, considering all the explaining I have to do and all the sperging I have to answer to.
It's literally because some anons said that women who date manlets aren't self-respecting. You don't have to explain anything if you aren't insecure about your preference for tall men.

No. 473125

I live in a country with one of the lowest crime rates against women in the world, so yeah, my perspective is obviously biased. The chance that tall ogre bf will attack me is way higher than the probability of me being attacked in some skevy part of the town.

No. 473128