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File: 1553901307808.jpg (37.4 KB, 450x299, pointandlaugh.jpg)

No. 392418

Kinkshaming is back on the menu, girls

For too long our natural inclination to point and laugh at fucktarded fetishes has been suppressed. No more. Amputee fetishes? Fair game. Hybristophiles? Laugh at them, absolutely. Nazi fetishes? You better believe we are pointing and laughing. the more unusual and bizarre the better.

Seriously though amputee fetishists are sick and deserve the shame.

No. 392424

File: 1553901492462.jpeg (13.25 KB, 642x477, 8B7B16D5-EF24-44BC-B072-5DBA66…)

I will never not be weirded out by guys getting their rocks off to just a picture of a foot

No. 392426

I fucking hate people who make their fetishes the centre of their lives and expect people to except not say anything. If it think it's nasty, i'm going to tell you it's nasty, it's not hate speech. That being said, any thing to do with piss is awful. Imagine having your hair freshly washed and styles, only for some man to ruin it with his pee. I can't imagine why you would enjoy being pissed on and that fucking smell. Don't get me started on scat in general.

No. 392428

I like you, OP.
People who seriously complain about omg kinkshamiiing are idiots.

No. 392430

I can't believe we're at the point where the most active threads on /g/ are about kink shit and other degeneracy. What the hell is happening to this site? Are they tumblr refugees? How much longer until they make a ddlg thread too?

No. 392431

I feel that furries are some of the worst fetishists out there just because the community is too tolerant of sickfuckery. I hate how mainstream it's becoming because people just see the cutesy fursuits and ignore the extreme sexual deviancy. A while back, I saw a pretentious tweet about how furry porn is a celebration of "life" and sexuality and how it's some wonderful escapism from the burdens of everyday living. I don't get how anyone can not feel ashamed in having cartoon animal porn be a serious part of their identity. There are also way too many despicable people in the fandom that have done awful things to animals and children.

No. 392432

tbh I think its because /g/ is just really slow. If those threads were on /ot/ they'd constantly be getting bumped off the front page or further down the catalog because there are so many other highly active threads. So all the sex threads just stay up longer. Some of the threads could potentially be merged too, or maybe go in a megathread.

No. 392434

I am saying this as someone who fapped to weird tentacle monster on man shit the other day, btw. If you think everyone else needs to accept your degenerate or just plain silly fetishes you're an idiot.

LC must never be allowed to sink that low. Thankfully, most appear to be anti-pedo here.

No. 392436

With the disgustingly ugly males thread being the worst offender

No. 392437

it's the result of decades from when you live in a society that reduces the importance of family and belonging to a community, and tell you you can be anything you want fuck other people just care about yourself only!!!11

No. 392438

I listened to a podcast episode today about necrophilia and what the actual fuck. Legitimately can't believe that men (and apparently women, too) get off to this. From the blog posts they were reading on the podcast (which they're just blog posts so probably not true), men who cannot find a corpse will get girls to soak in ice baths, lay in air conditioning, and be completely still so that their bodies are cold…. there were stories of people who work in morgues fucking dead bodies (now I'm worried about getting raped after I die fml), digging up freshly buried corpses in cemeteries (and tearing off their limbs to take with them - ew), and there was one woman who I think was a mortician and would have sex with corpses and then go to their funerals after…

No. 392444

BDSM is utter garbage, both online in fic etc and irl. I don't inherently hate power dynamics in sex even if it's not my thing (though of course, there are ethical issues with it and it can be an issue with gender roles), but I just find modern female oriented BDSM with all it's rules and jargon fucking unbearable. Nothing is less sexy than the forced, artificial concepts people shoehorn into fic to seem ~safe sane and consensual~. Like, contracts with lists of kinks, ideas like 'subspace' or 'subdrop' 'aftercare' etc. And don't get me started on how tacky and tryhard generic BDSM stuff is, like whips and chains or whatever. The whole thing is just tragic, and that's just the harmless girls who write about it. In real life it's even worse, male doms are incredibly embarrassing and can't pull it off at best, and abusive assholes at worst. Sub women are depressing af, they need to get some self esteem and self respect stat. And maybe be less of a basic bitch when it comes to smut. If all they know is 50 Shades, they need to expand their horizons.

No. 392448

That's the least objectionable thread to me. There are definitely some questionable looking guys posted but others are just kind of average or a bit below average looking (and plenty others attractive just unconventionally so) with people describe the non-physical things that attract them aside from appearance.

I don't really have an issue with /g/ being degen I just think some threads should be merged to clean up the catalog. Do we really need a sex questions thread and a separate thread for masturbation questions? What's the point of a bdsm thread if it just fills up with more femdomme stuff? A thread for sub women would never be tolerated by the user base and we all know that lol

No. 392450

>Sub women are depressing af, they need to get some self esteem and self respect stat.

Yeah this, all who I have come across have appeared to have serious self-esteem issues and lack of healthy assertiveness.

No. 392452

File: 1553903056580.png (345.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1511952646362.png)

We need to purge the kinksters before it's too late

No. 392458

There's so much worse than that. Like Dolcett girls. People will go on and on about how that stuff isn't real, it's actually just erotic roleplay (y'know, like the zoosadists) but somehow I doubt all of it is. Some of the stuff is just too vile. There's an entire FAQ devoted to the proper manner in which one can put a woman on a spit prior to cooking, and it's a bit too detailed for my liking.

The fact that there are women into this is depressing beyond words. When even ED thinks it's disgusting, it's fucking disgusting.


No. 392470

A famous necrophiliac, I read about her in the original Apocalypse Culture book. Someone reprinted it online, so here you go.


Does anyone remember the girl on tumblr whose 'boyfriend' shaved her head and they'd make videos where he punched her in the temple and jaw till she cried? I think they were part of some rape roleplay or rape meetup secret society bullshit. tumblr is the worst thing ever for young girls, not even lying. The first time I saw that I was sick to my stomach, but what was worse was the hundreds of reblogs they'd get, with girls talking about how they were #goals and shit. I used to be okay with porn in general, but after seeing that, I honestly noped the fuck out of most kink.

I think anal is degrading and stupid too and half my friends who do it only go along because their boyfriends push them to. They hate it.

No. 392473

>imagine thinking getting off to nazi paraphenalia is an okay and good thing

No. 392476

I can never respect people who are into raceplay. It's the most cringy bullshit in the world.
However you try to spin it, your partner calling you racial slurs in a sexual context is egg on your face. There's absolutely no coming back from that.

No. 392483

File: 1553905725347.png (67.39 KB, 540x177, 75dd229b-cf4d-473f-a415-0e897d…)

Most kink stuff these days is just abuse, and don't get me started on the whole "b-but it's safe, sane and consensual", because every single sub/victim who I've had the pleasure of meeting/talking to has appeared to be vulnerable(due to either their past or other factors) and not in the right state of mind. It appears as though they feel guilty about wanting some positive attention, so they try to find someone opposite of that.

If you go and look at some male dom blogs, it's obvious that they prey on insecure girls/women and they get off on it. The whole "women's place/you're too fat/ shut up/ you're only good for one thing/ no one wants you/ you should be happy I'm paying attention to you"(all taken from captions, quotes etc.) theme is strong within the community, and it's shocking how accepted it is, and how everyone seems to ignore that abusers use the same exact lines(except they might even try to hide it).

But of course, as long as it's in the bedroom we can't say anything about it because preferences…

It breaks my heart how normalised kink is these days, as well as how prominent male dominated porn is in our media. That shit fucks up your psyche, especially if you're a child.
So many women and even young girls suffer due to it and no one's paying attention to it.

Also I feel as though fantasies should not be compared to actual reality. e.g. it's fine to fantasise about something (as long as it doesn't consume you, of course), but to actually plan on doing some weird shit with other humans requires one to be messed up.

Name of the podcast?

No. 392486

Yes Karen Greenlee is one of the women they talked about on LPOTL!
>necrophilia is more prevalent than most people imagine. Funeral homes just don't report it.

I really hope this isn't true eek


No. 392488

I wouldn't doubt that it's more prevalent than people think. After having dug into the zoosadist stuff and seeing how quite a few of the more well-known zoophiles are in jobs involving animals, I now assume there are more sick fucks in the world than most people want to believe.

No. 392491

Seems like an argument in favor of cremation

No. 392492

I've never listened to them! It seems like our interests align in pretty much every way, but sometimes if the hosts are too jokey or if they don't let the subject speak I get a little annoyed, what do you think of them?

Also, it might seem tame now but Apocalypse Culture and the follow-up book plus Cult Rapture, which is harder to find, are all great. Those books were crazy in a time before the internet, it was like how the hell did this guy find all this stuff? If you like weird stuff, check them out!

No. 392494

>I fucking hate people who make their fetishes the centre of their lives and expect people to not say anything

Hard agree. I hate that these degenerates have become so socially retarded that they think talking about whatever gets them horny in daily conversation is acceptable or make it their entire identity. You know people spend too much time online when they think this shit is normal. It's fucking not, and no one cares about how much sex you're having/pretending to have and how theoretically ~kinky~ it is.

In particular I have a couple friends who have slid headfirst into that weird BDSM gamer subculture in the last few months and now I avoid talking to them like the plague because the only thing they care about is discussing the hentai they've read/watched/drawn and getting off to it. They both changed their usernames online to reflect they are subby widdle sluts uwu and both of them use avatars that are some animu girl with a ball gag or whatever the fuck, or animated gifs of Overwatch characters choking on dicks. I told one of them I was uncomfortable with how every discussion was about her libido and she called me a prude lol. Last time I played OW with them they were both attention whoring HARD in voice for male attention but no one took the bait.

No. 392497

Vets are increasingly savvy (and wary) of certain types of techs and others who might work out of the same office, like groomers. There is awareness about zoosadists, and it's obvious to vets when a pet is being sexually abused.

No one has to believe this, but a vet I know told a couple who was abusing their puppy that she had died in surgery, but she didn't. He took a chance and kept the dog. She hadn't been abused for so long that her behavior was completely screwed up, so putting her down wasn't necessary.

She has a good home and a happy life now.

No. 392501

File: 1553907616133.jpeg (74.65 KB, 700x961, 4C69F42B-9CE0-46F8-8E1A-54C5DC…)

hybristophiles really fuck me off. they're so tryhard and gross, and the ones who actively make fun of or otherwise engage with families of the victims are awful human beings who should remove themselves from the gene pool.

the men you're ashamed to say you fuck thread always, always ends up with 'hot' photos of dylann roof, jeffrey dahmer, columbine boys, ted bundy, and little dickie ramirez. this is gonna sound really gay, but the other thing that drives me nuts is it's always the same dudes, over and over and over again. change it up some, show aileen wuornos some love, why no bobby beausoleil, anything.

i side eye them so hard. it's the lamest, most idiotic kink.

No. 392502

Honestly the LPOTL hosts are pretty absurd and make stupid jokes a lot, but their episodes are really well researched and informative which I appreciate. At first they annoyed me but after listening for a while I like them a lot! You should def give them a chance and see if you vibe w their style. Also if astrology/zodiac stuff is entertaining/interesting to you, they have a hilarious ep on it. It made me laugh out loud at work

100% yes. As someone who has a morbid interest in true crime it's impossible to avoid the girls who won't shut up about "I'd let Ted Bundy rape and kill me uwu"

It's repulsive how they have these weird alternative versions of these dudes in their mind, like they're sooo misunderstood and if only they'd been there to help them they would've stopped them. Weird as fuck.

No. 392503

File: 1553908071391.png (316.73 KB, 500x371, dahmer cannibal.png)

samefag but pic very much related.

No. 392506

well she's not a teenage boy so I'm not sure he would be Interested

No. 392507

Furries are fucked and idk why they’re so coddled and protected.
That level of mental fuckery could not have been in their ancestors wildest nightmare.

Who the fuck thinks a bunch of creeps who drool over dog dicks and foxes vaginas are same healthy people who should be protected from shaming or negativity?
Why are there thousands of these diseased people all of a sudden? What makes them so disturbingly sexually disordered?

It’s like their fetish is being edgy. Imo it’s as much attention seeking as it is a kink.

Also, people who wear their bdsm shit in public need to get a grip. It’s a fashion statement as much as a fetish now and it’s a particularly shitty statement at that. Teenagers in cage bras over T-shirt’s makes me queasy.

No. 392508

>No one has to believe this, but a vet I know told a couple who was abusing their puppy that she had died in surgery, but she didn't. He took a chance and kept the dog. She hadn't been abused for so long that her behavior was completely screwed up, so putting her down wasn't necessary.
This is such a heartwarming story, anon, thank you for sharing it. Fuck zoophiles, honestly.
I wish more vets were like this, or that there was some kind of law allowing vets to step in and take animals away when they notice clear signs of abuse in animals.

No. 392510

Idk if this is happening irl but I hate seeing teen girls and women normalize choking on Twitter. It's so easy to die from asphyxiation and you'e giving yourself brain damage on top of that. Even if it turns you on in fantasy why would you allow that to happen to you when the possible consequences are only negative? Get a self-esteem. Same goes for other fetishes involving violence. No one has to coddle your delusions about how it's totally safe, sane, and consensual! uwu when we don't tell drug addicts or cutters that their self-destructive habits are okay.

No. 392513

Something that deeply disturbs me and that a lot of furries seem to ignore is how dog dick and “feral” porn (2d zoophile porn) in general is so normalized within furry fandom. I can’t help but see it as a sign of how zoophilia is so normalized within the fandom. That’s why you got faggots like the YourMovieSucks guy defending zoophilia and even one of the most well-known fursuit makers having had a history of seeking out dogs to practice bestiality and most of the furry fagdom turn a blind eye to it.

No. 392523

You’re totally right tbh.
It’s zoophilia with a bit of anthropomorphism. They’re out there commissioning highly detailed paintings of animal genitalia regardless of the fact that they say it’s a dog-man not a dog.

They’re the same people who are the reason there’s a market for animal dick dildos and allowing them conventions is so disgusting. Nobody can stop them from drawing and sewing their creepy fluffy gimp suits but they should absolutely not be allowed to gather in their hundreds to celebrate their zoophilia. It’s not like being gay. Furries aren’t normal.

They’re up there with people who like loli content. Utter degenerates with way too much pride and public support from other pervs.

No. 392528

The furry community is designed for grooming vulnerable people into having sick sexual urges. A lit of furries start really young and have their interest in innocent things like animals or cartoons twisted into a fetish by creeps who either want to harm them directly or are simply too far gone to realize how not okay it is.
Ive seen this happen in real time, and the worst part is there's nothing you can do to change the minds of these people. They'll defend to the death their right to jerk off to cartoon animals and other weird gross shit because they have nothing else in their life.

No. 392531

I don’t doubt it but I can’t begin to imagine why they do it.

No. 392535

I'll def check them out and keep my fingers crossed! Thanks again, anon!

No. 392548

Ugh, don’t even get me started on Bad Dragon. The fact that it’s achieved this jokey meme status online honestly kind of infuriates me. The people behind the company are scummy zoophiles and I hate how they’re making a killing off zoophilic sex toys. They’ve also gained the approval of the retards in kink-positive communities who lack the self-awareness to realize how fucked up the whole company is and that they’re just helping to promote zoophilic merchandise.

No. 392550

Guys who want to be pegged and have their assholes played with in any kind of way need to stop pretending they're strictly straight. It's fucking gay regardless if a hot woman is rooting their ass with a "pretend" dick. They're still wanting dick in their ass. It's not normal het sex.

And I can't believe the growing amount of men who expect women to be okay with pegging these days. I don't want to damage someone's asshole, I literally get nothing physically out of it, and it probably smells because butts fucking stink. Especially man butts.

No. 392555

I agree. Honestly I don't get the women who are into this. There are a lot on LC and it just baffles me. If they enjoy that (and you can't exactly pinpoint how much of that enjoyment is humiliation vs just really wanting to be pegged), I suspect they may be bi. The delusion women have about sissy men on this site is insane too. They don't just want to do that shit for the humiliation, I'm sorry. Were that the case, there would be a million things that are more humiliating for them to want instead.

No. 392561

I don't understand the women who sign up for that either. If he enjoys pegging, there's probably a 95% chance he'll "come out" as trans or some other flavor of pervert genderspeshul at some point in the future, make his fetish the focal point of his entire life, as well as that of everyone else in his family. Imagine trying to be open and tolerant and sunshine and daisies about it, having kids with someone like that, making sure they don't find the dildos, and then all is for naught when one day he says he wants to quit his job (the only thing covering the mortgage and kids' school fees) in favor of "becoming his real authentic self, living his best life!" and commit to being a sissy 24/7. When the kids say they don't want him to pick them up at school in his frilly monstrosities and diaper covers, he pitches a fit, calls them nazis, and threatens suicide.

No. 392568

I agree that men who obsess over it are creepy weirdos but it's hardly gay. Sure they might have more chances to be bi than regular men who aren't interested in that stuff, but the fact that a woman is doing it to them seems to be the thing that turns them on. Also anal is more pleasurable for men because of their prostate.
But yeah, that's like saying lesbians who like to be pegged are actually bi.

No. 392570

I dated a pornsick anal obsessed dude who I did a lot of shit with that i regret so badly. I just didn't relise I could say no? Should have realised something was fucking wrong when he joked about raping me in the ass when we were high for the first time together(he did end up raping me later). I want to kms every time I think about it. I feel so disgusting, and I hate myself so much for it.

No. 392572

File: 1553916725815.jpg (14.46 KB, 250x215, 1493615456522.jpg)

Hard agree anon
I've seen it mostly normalized a lot with gay men too, I don't know why their so into it but Jesus it's worrying

I absolutely HATE all those ahegao apparel people are wearing in public, maybe it was funny the first time as a joke
but now people are pushing it. It's cringe and gross as fuck.

>The furry community is designed for grooming vulnerable people into having sick sexual urges.
I feel this can also be said about the anime community
I wish hentai/furry shit weren't openly discussed/known with people outside the communities, so less people fall victim to it.

No. 392574

This is how I know that most users of lolcow are newbies, because back a couple years ago, ddlg and subshit wasn't nearly as hated as it is now on here, in a post-radfem lolcow. there have been ddlg threads in the past.

Most kink stuff would be fine if people kept quiet about it, but the problem is men. Men can't be normal about anything. I once came across a guy who spent hundreds a month on feet pics from different girls. You'd never see a woman dedicating that much money to a fetish even if she did have a weird one. If a fetish starts costing you actual dollars, it's time to get therapy and abstain from masturbation until you can be normal again.

No. 392578

Sauce for this sort of claim?
Sissy I can understand the extrapolation, but there are definitely dominant mtfs who like using their dicks. Isn't that why the "girldick" controversy exists kek?

No. 392579

I feel like anal at this point is a red flag with guys, they often seem to be boundary stompers

No. 392581

Too disturbing to comprehend.
They’re just nauseating people in general tbh.
Same goes for the whole “little” thing. Pretend pedophilia is hardly something anyone should be proud of but then you look at Twitter and they’re everywhere. Grown women fetishing and advertising the sexualisation and molestation of little girls. The worst ones say it’s a coping tool for CSA survivors as if it’s healthy and not masturbating to abuse.

No. 392583

>he joked about raping me in the ass when we were high for the first time together
Did we date the same psycho?
While mine never raped me, he did try to 'stealth' sticking his dick in my ass when we'd fuck which never worked because it was PAINFUL. He'd say psychotic shit like wanting to bite my ass until he drew blood. He always wanted me to finger his butt and give him a rimjob. I hated it and made it known it wasn't my thing but he always pressured me.

Later I found out he was "raped." And I put that in quotations because there was some weird drama towards the end of our relationship where he tried to reach out again to his alleged "rapist" and got rejected somehow. I don't think he was raped, I think he just had buyer's remorse and was too chickenshit to come out as gay, or at least bi.
He had a lot of signs of being a closeted fag. He'd go to gay bars that hosted drag shows with his gay roommate (without me) and almost be boasting later to me about how gay men grabbed his twink-looking ass. He expected me to be okay with this but was aggressively jealous and possessive if one of my male friends even posed for a picture with me.
He was very aggressive when wanting a blowjob, but got less and less enthusiastic over fucking me or eating me out over time. Towards the end he'd complain about my pussy "stinking" although it actually didn't, and if there was an odor it was usually from his own cum from us having fucked.

I suspect he's heavily in denial.

No. 392585

Did you date Mason the eggboy?

No. 392586

I tried googling who this is and all I got was that teen who cracked an egg over that Australian politician's head lol

No. 392590

>the men you're ashamed to say you fuck thread always, always ends up with 'hot' photos of dylann roof, jeffrey dahmer, columbine boys, ted bundy, and little dickie ramirez.
It's a wonder how someone hasn't made a macro of all the rapists, serial killers, pedos, etc. who've been posted in there. I'd do it in a heart beat if I was a bot.

It always cracks me up when an anon prefaces their post with "im totes a lesbian buttttttt [I'd let alek minassian smash my cervix to pieces uwu]" in that thread.

No. 392591

I know the point of the thread is shame but like… sometimes the shame should be so extreme you can't even admit it to yourself let alone an imageboard. They should at least have the self awareness to refrain from posting, lest other sick fucks think they're in good company and stick around for validation. And to avoid the incel invaders from having proof when they post about how all women want to fuck abusive men and therefore we deserve it. Surely they could just try not to embarrass our gender too much?

I honestly don't even think the attraction is particularly genuine. Those particular men are mediocre looking as fuck and you wouldn't notice them on the street. But clearly some people really enjoy feeling edgy and taboo, so they blow their interest out of proportion.

No. 392599

>every single sub/victim who I've had the pleasure of meeting/talking to has appeared to be vulnerable(due to either their past or other factors) and not in the right state of mind
I'll be the one to say you're absolutely right. When I'm not in my right mind, (I suffer from PTSD and have a past of self harming from it) any of my sexual fantasies include an extremely dominant/abusive man violently hitting and humiliating me. However when I'm having good healthy days, I find I really enjoy the thought of very vanilla, gentle, caring sex from a loving man.

No. 392615

nah anon girls on here are way too obsessed with femdom for a even a sub thread to exist, forget about a ddlg thread.

the serial killer and spree shooter anons i'll agree are disturbing in that thread, but i dont really mind the ones who are into fictional characters, or media personalities who aren't problematic. some of what i've seen in that thread is just not conventionally attractive males rather than heinously ugly ones. i guess i have low standards.

amen to this, pegging is so gross. i have no desire to give myself a false dick. let alone put it inside a man's asshole? and what kind of man gets off to that? what kind of girl gets off to that? disgusting.

No. 392623

I think on some level the women who enjoy pegging are just sadists who get pleasure from the hurt of their partner and not from the act its self

No. 392625

I'm not a fan of ass stuff but I'll agree to anal sex with a man if I clean it thoroughly and drink or something. I'm only tolerating it.

No. 392626

Kinda related, all the femdoms on this site are grotty, why do sadists always feel pride in their desire to abuse others

No. 392627

Anal shouldn’t be something you just tolerate, regardless of it’s your ass or theirs - no sexual acts should be done if you’re just tolerating them, especially if you have to drink first!

No. 392630

>oh nuuu how dare someone be grossed out by my gratuitous amounts of sadism
>says any poster who disagrees with this is a self hating misogynist for not being a sadistic girl who wants to have 12 slavebois on a leash or something

um, that's not normal
i feel like there's a lot of anons in the femdom thread who come from the "pinkpill" thread

but if you don't like men, why would you want to sexually dominate them?

No. 392631

File: 1553925575799.jpg (59.1 KB, 540x537, xsww13n0oh321.jpg)

Thanks for making this tread OP
I really needed it after all the fetish shit that keeps on getting posted on lolcow

No. 392634

Its kinda like Germaine Greer who thinks liberation for women means adopting men's sexuality.
>"Well, I'd like to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys, real boys, not simpering 30-year-olds with shaved chests."

No. 392653

Is this supposed to be sarcastic? I'm genuinely confused.

No. 392655

File: 1553932756227.png (383 KB, 565x423, cannot_unsee.png)

>tfw find out my father is into vore
And I found this out today since he searched for it on YT on the family's TV.
Of all the weird fetishes why that one!?
Makes it all the more disturbing because he's a Catholic man who goes to church on Sundays but then again just because they're religious doesn't mean they're always chaste.
I wonder if my mother knows but maybe it's better if she doesn't. I just feel sorry for her.
I know some anons here are into sick shit but I think it's worse with men and now seeing what my father is into, makes me feel all the more grateful that I'm a lesbian because if I was married to a man and found out he was into that shit, I'd file for a divorce ASAP.

And it just made me remember when I was tricked by a guy online to do vore rps when I was younger and didn't know what it was yet. When I finally did find out, I promptly blocked the guy. That shit is just fucking disgusting esp. with the more hardcore ones where they're "chewed and digested"

No. 392658

>he searched for it on YT on the family's TV
It's kind of one thing if you stumbled on this from his own laptop or whatever but watching this shit on the FAMILY tv?

No. 392660

Meh. Old people with a hard time with technology will do that shit because it doesn't even occur to them that it will pop up later. And I guess it's more comfortable to jerk it in front of the big family telly on the sofa instead of a tiny laptop.

No. 392662

Yeah, this. Love yourselves. Only do sex acts that feels good. Otherwise, what is the point?

Wishing you healing and happiness, anon.

No. 392668

I still like anime and manga but I feel like it ended up corrupting/degenerating a lot of young, lonely girls outside of Japan. And the thing is I'm not entirely sure why. In Japan you don't have the same effect. Even most fujos would be ashamed to talk about it in public and so on. But in America you have this entire sub-sub-culture of girls who basically model themselves on Me!Me!Me! girls and so on. Part of me thinks it's because anime often portrays ecchi stuff in a light hearted way ("heh. He looked at her tiny skirt and lingerie like top and got a nosebleed"). As a result, a lot of young girls don't fully realize just how explicitly sexual they're being.

On the same topic, in a weird way I actually kind of agree with robots about cosplay: It's slutty, even the relatively benign cosplays of random characters (eg 2b) is so blatantly sexual. I just think a lot of the girls doing it are not fully conscious of it since it's always treated in such a nonchalant way in the Japanese media they consume? Same with the ahegao stuff. It's slutty but it's presented as something divorced from its explicitly sexual context. Just be literal with them. You're imitating a woman having an orgasm while dressed in next to nothing. It's not innocent fun. It's softcore porn, plain and simple.

No. 392671

Cosplay isn't inherently sexual but once the hobby morphed into a profitable enterprise it became too financially lucrative to bother being modest. The sexualization of cosplay makes a lot more sense once you realize it's no longer the domain of hobbyists celebrating their favorite characters, but a niche for models and sex workers selling their looks.

And tbh I don't think we can comment on the effect anime and manga has had on Japanese women if we can't read Japanese and point to Japanese primary sources. I really think you'd have to look at the development of Western fandom before just pointing to anime as a problem. A lot of modern fandom had its groundwork layed down before anime was popularized, or concurrent and separate based on Western properties (and overlapping later on). Stuff like Male Pregnancy and Omegaverse tropes can now be found in Japanese and Korean fanwork and they got that from Western fandom, not the other way around.


No. 392673

On the topic of anime - last time I checked the Anime News Network forums, there were threads with people asking for child-friendly anime recommendations next to ecchi and eroguro(!) rec threads. I wish I had taken a screenshot. It said so much about the anime fan community.

No. 392675

>Cosplay isn't inherently sexual but once the hobby morphed into a profitable enterprise it became too financially lucrative to bother being modest.

See. This is where I'm going to agree to disagree. While I despair at how cosplay has morphed into this disgusting, ethot driven hobby. I also don't buy that it was innocent before that.

I'm old enough to remember the mid to late 00s con scene. I posted on /cgl/ back then. Even in those days cons (at least in CA and the west coast) were full of female cosplayers who proudly talked about their polyamorous relationships, which men they'd hooked up with at AX etc, predatory as fuck men preying on naïve young girls, sketchy room parties where cosplayers would get drunk and end up doing something they regretted, cosplayers who would end up in porn and so on. It was always a degenerate hobby full of broken people, as ashamed as I am to admit it.

No. 392677

>I just think a lot of the girls doing it are not fully conscious of it since it's always treated in such a nonchalant way in the Japanese media they consume?
What? Do you think women are babies or mentally impaired? They're fully aware of what they do, they don't treat it as "innocent fun". They know male neckbeards will pay up when they're being sexual. It's about making money and gaining social media exposure, not evil japanese media brainwashing poor little girls.

No. 392678

I'm not talking about the girls who charge for it on patreon or whatever. There's plenty (believe me) who behave this way online and sleep with men at conventions for absolutely no financial incentive.

No. 392679

Yikes anon, which fringe fetish community did you attend? I've been cosplaying for 14 years and I have no recollection of this sort of shit being nearly as popular as it is now. Of course you got the occasional degenerate in the community but jesus christ you're polarized to shit if you in all honesty claim that cosplay has "always been about sex". Just because cosplay deviants existed in 2008 doesn't mean it was mainstream like costhotting is at the moment. Cosplay is far more sexualized in 2019 than it was in 2009 and claiming otherwise is just being in denial.

No. 392680

No it was a quote from an art Book she wrote
'The Beautiful boy" it had over 200 Photographs and Paintings of teenage males and her own commentaries on young male beauty and how women have been stripped of the right to appreciate young male beauty
She caused a bit of uproar when she said the book was not fro gay-males but heterosexual women

No. 392681

i don't understand how exactly the male pregnancy shit works? do they poop out a baby off their intestines or something? it's tranny-tier.

No. 392682

On the topic of fandom: its definitely much more sexual than was common at one point. And a lot of proverbial ink gets spilled over the relationship between men and porn but you can't spend time in fandom spaces (or lolcow for that matter) without concluding that something similar has happened to a lot of women too.

Seriously don't leave your girls online alone. They might end up with weird, fucked up fetishes. Like mpreg and nagas.

I thought it was butt babies. Its retarded. And yet there is so much of it. So fucking much.

uh, wow. I thought she was joking.

No. 392684

Anon, why do you keep posting this quote everywhere. I have seen it on /ot a handful of times within a day or two, and I doubt it’s more than just you posting it around with how sudden it is

No. 392686

File: 1553940588199.jpg (527.15 KB, 1366x768, teacher25.jpg)

i think anon might be a teacher

No. 392687

Why are they all white.

No. 392690

There’s a few different ethnicities sprinkled throughout, I imagine the articles are from white majority countries like USA and UK

No. 392691

I feel for their husbands and kids. I still find it weird though how sexually driven some women are. Like I get horny but nowhere near as badly as any guy I've dated. Are there really women who feel it so acutely they just need to start fucking students? Ugh. Self control people.

No. 392692

>Why are they white in countries that have a majority of white or white passing people?

No. 392699

They are pedophiles anon and they don't want sex with men they want it with boys
Its a chemicals imbalance in their brains

No. 392702

Black people arent teachers(Autism in women can show up in many ways, like inappropriate social interactions. )

No. 392703

> kind of man gets off to tha
Possibly bi dude
>what kind of girl gets off to that? disgusting.
see >>392623

No. 392710

>animated gifs of Overwatch characters choking on dicks
>Last time I played OW with them they were both attention whoring HARD in voice for male attention
Oh jesus, healsluts are even more cringey than plain old subs.

No. 392722

Yeah I noticed it too, I think it's one of those "women are as bad as men, here is the proof" anons.

No. 392745

My dad knew a guy that went to Amsterdam to fuck corpses. The guy got some black marker grave digger to get him a corpse and he fucked it. He had a gf back home I think maybe it was the woman my dad knew. Basically it was found out because he gave his gf some fucking necrophillic std you can only get by fucking dead things! I don't know what happened to the man my brain went into shock lol

No. 392747

Age gap shit annoys the fuck out of me. I guess it's so mainstream now most people think it's normal, but it really isn't normal for a 18 year old girl to be dating someone in their 50s. It's fucking gross.

No. 392750

nta but this thread isn't just to shit on men's kinks, it's for everyone's kinks.

No. 392756

>there was one woman who I think was a mortician and would have sex with corpses and then go to their funerals after…
How would that even work
Like I know men can just fuck fuck what they want but how did she have sex with the corpses

No. 392757

Maybe she wants a rigor mortis dick, you know, extra hard.

No. 392758

I remember there was a female tripfag on /r9k/ called necrofag who used to post about how she'd get naked and rub herself against corpses. Left the board when she stated dating a troon from there.

No. 392763

would that technically make it masturbation ?

No. 392766

Nemu's radiation poisoning fetish was one of the most disturbing kinks I've been subjected to.

No. 392767

Male teachers commit much more sexual crimes but the media pretty much only posts female teachers for the clickbait.

No. 392770

i swear they get away with it more often too. we had 2 different male teachers at my school get together with underage female students, and they both got away scot free, people just saw it as some tragic forbidden love story uwu. it was disgusting.

idk why the media only focuses on the women when they make up a smaller number of cases.

No. 392771

I just chalk it up to being news. News is something out of the ordinary. I mean, they cannot do the news on every sexual assault case or every car crash or fire, but mainly the ones that result in death or were harder to control than usual. A female teacher sexually assaulting a minor, well, that's unexpected.

No. 392774

female teachers also get away with it pretty regularly tbh. the law seems to be harder on shit that doesn't matter like teen couples when one of them turns 18.

No. 392777

because they're probably not really women.

No. 392790

I would be curious to see actual statistical data because I have a feeling a lot of cases of male teacher/female student or even male teacher/male student go unreported because the student is intimidated or ashamed. A lot of the female teacher/male student cases it seems like they get found out because of the boy bragging to his friends or something.

Related, I remember reading an article about girls on tumblr who had teacher fetishes for their actual teachers and would post fanfic about them and shit

No. 392817

>I have a feeling a lot of cases of male teacher/female student or even male teacher/male student go unreported because the student is intimidated or ashamed.
I suspect this as well According to my one of my great aunts,sexual abuse was rampant back in the 50's, but mainly for boys. They all said they never had any problems but the boys did.
I bet it happened to girls too, but since boys had a lot of "outside" supervised (by pedo coaches/priests/..e.t.c) activities and girls stayed more at home (where most of female sexual abuse actually happens).
Apparently my own grandfather was molested and my great grandfather and great grandmother knew but didn't tell anyone because they were afraid that their child might be gay and it would be a humiliation towards them

No. 392879

Teacher fan fiction is a thing now? Ewww. Imagine how weird it would be to find romantic fan fiction of yourself and you're not even famous. Wtf.

No. 392884

Nah, it’s probably because like 95% of teachers are women. It’s one of the most female dominated profressions.

No. 392911

>young women who fetishize old men
>young men who fetishize old women
>boys who fetishize girls because of memes (thicc girls and goth gfs)
>slapping your penis on a girls' boobs/pussy/face (or any weird thing pornstars do that doesnt make sense)

Are these sort of kinks? Idk but I hate them. Also hate polyamory/polygamy, it's just a kink for ugly entitled people.

Oh and the bdsm sub thing that Shuwu and ArmouredSkeptic claim to do where she sucks his dick while playing video games or sitting on the floor with a leash. I dont believe that anyone can realistically suspend disbelief long enough to pretend they're having a great time, both dom and sub.

Foot fetishists were already mentioned but they skeeve me out in a different way: I hate that I'm aware of thrm and that I have to worry about going to the beach barefoot or in sandals and have a creepshot taken of my feet. Creepshots in general, actually, make me hyperaware sometimes and I hate that kink too.


No. 392948

What do you guys make of men who fetishize girls with borderline personality disorder? It's rampant on the chans.

No. 392958

KEK they finally realized those fuckups are the only girls who are insecure and desperate enough to date them?

No. 392964

Thank you very much, anonette. I am very ashamed of myself and my illness whenever I have those thoughts.

No. 392978

File: 1553982867807.jpg (111.01 KB, 600x800, LSM18010792.jpg)

since furries are a hot topic here, they scare the absolute shit out of me and i will never be okay with them

i don't understand how anyone could look at pic related and get turned on. it freaks me out so hard imagining one of these animal fuckers coming at me in a mascot costume. something about making what's supposed to be "cute" into a sexual thing is just so revolting to me, it's like pedophilia mixing with zoophilia. also, imagine the smell? people get so sweaty and hot in these it's like a fucking swamp inside. absolutely stomach turning.

No. 392982

I hate how fucking brave furries get when they chuck on their fur suits, it’s like a mask of degeneracy that makes them feel confident enough to bother people in public spaces.

No, I don’t want to give you a hug huge rainbow dog who I’m sure has a big stinky man staring down at me through those heterochromatic mesh eyes.

No. 392997

Look up teacher crush community. There are a lot of reaction videos on YouTube too

No. 393018

"Exposed" type of video on the healslutting kink and that discord community.

No. 393020

Fucking gross… I teach high school and even though I don’t think I’m “hot” I am pretty young and have had a couple students say things that have been pretty inappropriate before. I just kinda chock it up to them being teens but this is creepy.

Ugh, this. I hate mascot costumes and fur suits for this reason. Never know who’s in there. At least mascots are professional or it’s an extracurricular thing, whereas furries are just degenerates. Furries are really popular where I live, and every time I’ve ran into one in public I just feel soooo creeped out.

No. 393037

>half the discord is mtt troons
of course

No. 393064

File: 1553993688399.png (194.4 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_2019-03-30-20-52-35…)

(Pic is NSFL)
Ooh, I participate in some fetish community's and someone linked to a weird fiction.
The guy basically had a fetish were he pretended to be a giant that tortured and killed tiny people. Well the story he linked to had a ton of torture (like Attack on titan mixed with FBI negotiation methods levels of torture) and story starts with a 'this was made for my friend who's a DC lawyer'.

It took me a few weeks to comprehend that.

No. 393065

Healsluts is the worst place on the Internet. Every other 'girl' there is trans and all of the guys are either horny 24/7 with their only kink being 'someone who will suck my dick' or psychopaths masquerading kink in place of their severe lack of empathy. Men who are blatantly misogynist spam the porn channels and send unwarranted DMs to anyone with a mildly girly PFP.

No. 393080

Pregnancy/Insemination fetishes make me uncomfortable in a way I cannot explain. I understand for a loving pregnant couple it may make them feel close, but men who actually just want to impregnate women and leave make me feel all sorts of weird.

No. 393093

It's even more disturbing if they try to do it without the woman knowing, like I read how this one guy on 4chan would sabotage his own condoms like poke holes in them. It was really fucked up how he put it because he said he just wanted to know he had a child in this world without actually being there to father it hence why he did it.

No. 393098

File: 1554004626077.png (98.7 KB, 500x451, white-girls-who-smell-like-ket…)

I'm that person

In my case it was caused by a bad experience with a borderline girl in my teenage years. I was just a rebound for her but being an insecure incel tier loser I didn't really comprehend how she was and fell in love with her hard. Only a few weeks later I was utterly devastated as she went around and slept with other guys behind my back. Compounded on this was the fact that I had told all my friends and family how happy I was to finally have a girlfriend, the social cringe that I felt when I had to do the 180 and explain away the fact that she was that type of girl was huge.

That was an experience that I went through at a vulnerable age, no wonder it left such a mark. And now the seething incel tier anger I felt towards that type of girl is intermixed with lust, and what's left is a terrible but benign fetish. There's a few things I genuinely can appreciate about borderline girls, their voracious appetite for sex, ability to burn through drugs and alcohol like nothing and their emotional tempests can be a wonder to watch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 393102

I remember one of my old teachers immediately dating my classmate the moment she graduated. It was pretty obvious at that point they had been seeing each other discretely for a while.

I don't think that in the modern age it happens too much that a female student is pressured by the teacher into silence. As every student is basically well aware of how a sexual relationship with a teacher ends their career right away.

No. 393110

Why would you bring up your involvement in fetish boards when we’re all here to shame users of those exact boards?

What nasty shit are you into for that story to be linked at all?

No. 393252

oh shit i forgot about the teacher crush community, that sure was something. i used to follow the cringe channel on tumblr back in the day and they posted about both the teacher crush community and true crime community

No. 393264

with popular porn categories like "painal," it's right to be wary with those type of dudes that are obsessed with it. most of the time they're looking to get off on the discomfort or pain that a woman feels from it.

No. 393419

The bdsm general thread is sad already.
Fucking kinksters and their lingo that glosses over abuse - such as "subdrop", when someone feels down and depressed after being abused by a dom.

No. 393478

I tried to get my teacher to fuck me junior year, like, really badly. Home life was shit and I was looking for stability, he was about as stable as I could find, plus super fucking hot. Anyhow, I told him that I was in love with him, am a virgin, want him to be the first, please blah blah blah and he straight up took my hand and said 'No way. I know what you think you're feeling and I'm honored that you would think I was worthy of that. But ultimately it wouldn't be fair to you because of the age difference and the power differential. It would make me happy if we could be friends.' Ten years later, I'm married and happy and I'm still close friends with my teacher. Him and his wife just had their second child and tbh he was one of the first men I met who made me think that there were good men in the world. He's helped me through some shit and him and his wife are awesome people. Plot twist, right?

No. 393540

Makes me really happy

No. 393543

both the femdom and bdsm thread are full of mentally ill people. femdoms, especially on this site are absolute nuts.
>I’m still kind of… disappointed? on her. She was MINE so you should treat her right.
shit like that is crazy.

No. 393709

>such as "subdrop", when someone feels down and depressed after being abused by a dom.
Yeah, seems like a natural reaction to being flat-out treated like shit. I feel bad for people with such low self-worth they get mixed into BDSM.

No. 393807

I agree, esp femdom one. Farmers act like they decaded their life to this fetish, being toxic to any person who wants to try it out and they are, oh god, SWITCH. Some creepy shit. Not going to be surpirsed if all they do is ERP w/ some people each day. Hope they'll get some good help I guess.

No. 393814

File: 1554112764852.png (7.23 KB, 791x118, Screenshot_2019-04-01 g - gir…)

I know the BDSM and femdom threads are bad but the "Fetishes you're ashamed of" Thread is the worst one in my opinion
its just a breeding ground of degeneracy

No. 393867

yeah that anon sounds like a self proclaimed "pedo fujoshit" that used to be in my discord circles. she was disgusting and yet ppl always seemed to turn a blind eye to her because she was a girl and claimed to be under 18. someone also fucking made her a mod in one of my servers, even tho she'd shown herself to be repeatedly mentally unstable and plain trash.

she'd get fucking hyperdefensive if you ever tried to tell her off in the slightest for openly talking about pedo shit, she'd often do it in the server with her one fellow pedo buddy when no one was around and unironically talk about pedophilia an extremist fetishes. to this day I'm not sure if she was a severe troll or larper or not but considering she actually ended up harassing people who she disagreed with i imagine she probably wasn't faking.

while initially only claiming to be attracted to animated kids she talked about actual child porn on multiple occasions in that server, including Russian cp sites, without linking them. I felt like vomiting whenever I saw her go off on those tangents. I eventually reported her to discord and got her acct removed for mentioning CP, but she made a second one. by the time that happened I'd left said server which was dead anyway.

she was truly the nastiest fujo and probably the nastiest user I think I've had the displeasure of encountering in an online circle. and her fetish list went far beyond just normal fujoshit rape and abuse, it strayed into extreme sadism and cp territory. ppl like her deserve to be locked up.

No. 393871

>mpreg and nagas
What happened to snapesnogger anyway? She was one of the cows who kept me from ever really getting into deviantArt and in hindsight I'm quite thankful for that.

My friend's parents were a male high school teacher who married his 10+ year younger female student almost immediately after she graduated. Their relationship clearly must have started when she was a minor in his class but he never got into trouble for it and continued to teach at the same school for years.

She then went on to become a high school teacher herself and always tried way too hard to be popular and buddy-buddy with the teenagers at her school, including her daughter and I. She was basically Amy Poehler's character in Mean Girls and I hated going over to their house. Somehow I was the only one who thought their entire family dynamic was weird and uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they're divorced now.

No. 393873

You hit the nail on the head, anon. And all the actual women there seem to have terrible self esteem and hate each other. A true mess.

No. 394040

File: 1554142699333.jpg (49.42 KB, 630x873, jeesus on aina onlinessa.jpg)

I just can't stand daddy kink. It's just disgusting and nauseating how "cool" it's supposed to be. Yuck.

No. 394045

Idk if it's considered cool. Saying "daddy" and shit has picked up as a trend, but outside of online those types of relationships are still considered weird af. And yeah, I agree with you. Very gross and disturbing. Shouldn't even be joked about.

No. 394047

I hate how it's a trend too, stop trying to sex up close family relationships like that! There are other ways to call a grown man hot than compare him to your father. Fucking eww.

No. 394075

people irl find it cool because it's trendy to call your lover "daddy" in your tweets. the most i like about it are the normie bdsm aspects, ie calling someone daddy and being treated roughly in bed then pampered afterwards. but then the people who find it cool online are the type to write weird incest stories on tumblr gifs of women in diapers or something. or women who show off their baby stuff because apparently they act that way in the relationship 24/7. that's gross/cringy as fuck

more bdsm cringe: "24/7 bdsm relationships" where a man can abuse you whenever he wants. why would you want your partner to become used to treating you that way, all the time?

No. 394078

I don't get the appeal of it for either party. Why would you want to call your partner the same name you call one of your parents?

But also I saw a video about some DDLG couple and it looked fucking exhausting for the "Daddy". Having an annoying kid who constantly wants attention and acts up is tiring enough, but when it's a grown woman who is perfectly capable of cutting up her own food and tidying up her own mess and cleaning her own ass? Hard pass.

No. 394080

I hate it too. I still sometimes call my dad 'daddy' and so does my older sister. It grosses me out that degenerate porn addicts use innocent words like daddy and mommy, and twist them into adult terms.

No. 394084

personally i never called my father that, so it's always strictly been an in-the-moment, bedroom-only thing for me. but anyways,
>I don't get the appeal of it for either party.
exactly. the only reasonable explanations for why a man would want their lover to act like a baby are disgusting, and imo suggests that something is also very wrong with the women who are okay with constantly demeaning themselves like that.

tbh any relationship where the kink/fetish shit just NEVER turns off is weird as fuck. i think you actually have to be sick to do that to yourself

No. 394088

I read an awful post on Tumblr where a "daddy dom" overheard an actual little girl beg her mom for a toy at a toyshop and he got excited because that was the sort of thing he had trained himself to get off on in his relationship.

No. 394116

>but when it's a grown woman who is perfectly capable of cutting up her own food and tidying up her own mess and cleaning her own ass
So basically role reversal where women get to be the irresponsible ones? Kek

No. 394143

Holy shit that's so disgusting.

No. 394144

Same, not sure about you but my whole family grew up in the south and all of my siblings use the traditional momma and daddy nicknames (sounds more like dad-eh though so no hard y), most of our extended family calls their fathers that as well, no matter the age. I hate that more and more people inevitably try to link stuff like this to something sexual, especially when it comes to family members then have the nerve to tell us that we're the gross ones.
Its basically
>I want you to call me daddy in bed but if you call your actual father that then that's weird

No. 394953

File: 1554365567762.png (26.97 KB, 924x327, Screenshot_2019-04-04 [Advice]…)

Jesus Christ

No. 394990

NGL this isn't the first time I've heard this. Getting pegged apparently feels that good that regular sex can't compete. I can see it as being kind of hot but it seems risky to introduce into a relationship, he'll just want to be pegged forever on.

No. 394992

>Getting pegged apparently feels that good that regular sex can't compete

Doesn’t sound very hetero, yeah they have prostates but it still shouldn’t compete with PIV for them considering our wiring

No. 395011

>Getting pegged apparently feels that good that regular sex can't compete

I don't have a prostate but I find this hard to believe. If it were true all men would be making sex all about pegging. They only choose to believe that shit is "gay" or "sissy" when it suits them anyway.

No. 395017

it's okay if someone's into that but as a straight woman i don't think i could peg someone without feeling uncomfortable wearing a fake dick. it just seems to appeal to the guy, i wouldn't get anything out of it. it's expensive shit too.

No. 395036

Ugh, just the idea of playing with a guy's asshole grosses me out, no matter how attractive he is.

No. 395058

Men can become fixated on their fetishes to the point that normal sex becomes boring. In that person's case I doubt it's that pegging is just somehow biologically better than normal sex, rather it's that the dude is an obsessed autogynephile for whom pegging makes him feel "girly".

Anyway that relationship is probably doomed, sadly.

No. 395112

not sure if its a considered a kink but eating ass is fucking gross and people who do it get intestinal parasites and hep and all sorts of nasty things.
It is true degeneracy and I hate that it's being shilled as normal human sexuality by people

No. 395119

This 100%. Asses are disgusting. Grateful to have a partner who feels the same, lol.

No. 395122

Does anyone here almost long for the days when society was more judgmental? I think that the internet has let a lot of fucked up people meet and converse and drag each further into kinks. I'm not saying I want the Scarlet Letter society where women are shamed for their sexuality. But in a small village way back when, if you said you wanted to wear diapers and pretend to be a baby while your spouse sexually manipulated you, people would not accept it. I struggle with the line of personal freedom, you do you and the fact that a lot of these subcultures take advantage of at-risk people.

Kinks I shame:
>Ageplay - wanting to pretend to be an infant/small child and avoiding all adult responsibility = getting your rocks off shows you are a fucked up person
>Anal/rimming - Why are they so attracted to filth? Diseases, parasites, fucking up a fairly important orifice that you need.. ick. I was enraged when that article about some girl inspired by porn permanently damaged herself attempting an anal gang bang.
>Puppy/pony play - weird BDSM where you wear leather pieces that make you look like an animal. ..wat

Tons more, but this is long enough as it is

No. 395124

>Does anyone here almost long for the days when society was more judgmental?
Absolutely not. I don't trust society to uphold my morals. I'm glad to have the choice over what kinks I think are stupid and gross and can choose my partner based on that choice.

No. 395126

You're not alone. I wish there was a healthy balance between private and public concern. I mean, the society is judgmental on many things, but kinks at least in the developed world, are on par with human rights. It also gave people more freedom to talk about them.

No. 395131

Yes. Social shame was definitely misused in a lot of instances but it's gone way too far the other way.

No. 395133

There isn't much you can do about people having weird and fucked up fantasies but shit like that should definitely be discouraged. People finding groups that encourage their degeneracy are basically elevating sexuality to the point where they may disregard any morality. I think a huge problem is that we live in a postmodern world where most people don't have a real community or anything else meaningful in their lives. It's easy for people to fall into degeneracy as a result.

No. 395368

>damaged herself
She didn't do it alone.
The porn-sick young men involved should be blamed for carrying on doing something that injured someone so badly.

No. 395372

that’s something that happens a lot isn’t it??

whenever something shitty or violent happens to women in regards to sex like rape, sexual violence, literally getting murdered, etc etc etc, many people (especially men) like to say that she “did it to herself” while completely ignoring that there was another party present (almost always A MAN) who continued until they were injured/traumatized/murdered/what have you

like they literally can never take any sort of responsibility

No. 395374


I did not at all mean to lay all of the blame at the girl's feet. I was trying to express my disgust at the porn culture for promoting anal as a completely normal practice. She probably didn't even think that anal could damage her. Obviously the males with her share the same responsibility. But this was not an unwanted sexual encounter. She was willingly imitating a pornography. BECAUSE she did not have the sexual knowledge that it is not natural and is often harmful. We don't know what happened in that event. Maybe they didn't know they needed lube and as soon as the damage was done they stopped. I was decrying the normalcy of the kink. I'm sorry if I was unable to write my thoughts in a way to prevent you from being upset.

No. 395376

I’m sorry anon I wasn’t trying to make it out like you were blaming her - I didn’t think you were, I know what you meant.

you’re very right when you say that she willingly did it but there’s a lot to consider due to societal forces that often coerce women into performing sexual acts they wouldn’t want to if men weren’t constantly pressuring them into more and more dangerous shit because they’re so gripped by porn addiction

The rise in the trend of anal and other dangerous or unhealthy sex acts can be correlated with the hypersaturation of pornography and men becoming more and more degenerate in their proclivities because of it.

it’s also being pushed to a large degree by this new wave of ~sex positivity uwu~ that is also largely influenced by the proliferation of pornography - and people latch onto it to hem and haw about how it’s such a tragedy but it was her choice when women get killed or physically injured trying to meet the new expectations of pornsick men.

No. 395385

any of you have a link to the article? i believe it, i'd just like to read it myself

No. 395550

But these weirdos are still a minority. I think most of the population would agree that these are indeed fucked.

No. 395765

I know this post is old, but are you telling me the male pregnancy and omegaverse tropes aren't from yaoi? Then where the hell did they come from?

No. 396515

Omegaverse came from the Supernatural fandom. It's based in werewolf shit. Not sure where mpreg came from.

No. 396643

i'm kinkshaming furries. while not "as bad" as being into actual beastiality, it's still weird as fuck. humanoid bodies with animal heads and animal genitalia…it's creepy and i don't trust them

No. 396646

I mean, they’re basically a gateway to zoophilia with how many furries are into actual animalfucking and artwork with realistic animal dongs.

No. 396647

I first saw omegaverse traits in Inuyasha fanfiction, because they were dog demons so they had “knots” and shit.

No. 396690

File: 1554798611442.png (209.61 KB, 540x420, 1523570544271.png)

Not really sure if this qualifies as a kink but what do anons here make of guys who are open to dating/fucking traps? Especially those who still regard themselves as "straight"? It's gay, right? And is it wrong that I'm instantly put off by it? It's been so common among the men I encounter (online), it's getting to the point where the disappointment is nothing new and I don't know whether I should reconsider my thoughts towards this or not.

No. 396699

They most likely have a fetish and might be bi or even straight, and just want the sexual experience. Insecure incels and alt-right dudes are known for this cause trans "women" play a hyperreal version of traditional femininity.
Or they're gay/bi but don't wanna acknowledge that.
If it's an actual romantic relationship then I doubt that they're straight. That's just what I think though.

No. 396701

gay or bi or just too degenerate to even consider an option romantically or sexually. literally so gross. no thanks.

No. 396702

Guys that like "traps" are a huge red flag, and you can be certain you are NEVER missing out when you exclude them from your dating pool. Especially the ones that claim to be "straight", those guys are a special blend of stupid and toxic.

No. 396715

In my experience any guy who likes "traps" is a troon in denial himself. I've never seen one who didn't wind up coming out as trans later.

No. 396730

>In my experience any guy who likes "traps" is a troon in denial himself. I've never seen one who didn't wind up coming out as trans later.
well no one is troon because troons aren't natural

No. 396747

I hate the whole mentality of kinkfags. I share a Discord with some, and when I was talking about how I find some fetishes so absurd they become funny (fart art like on /d/) or I just plain don't care for it, but don't bother other people (rapeshit, etc), I got told what I said could come off as rude. In fact, the admin actually made a post about it. Posting about noncon or giving characters dogdicks is fine, but simply saying "Not my thing" is rude.

No. 396760

fisting is fucking nasty.

No. 396814

File: 1554831274962.jpg (403.8 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_5479.JPG)

does this count
so I have a friend who is Bisexual and he has a prosthetic hook hand(it kinda looks pic-related) and as of now he has sworn off dating from both men and women
he tells me everyone that has been Interested in him for the past couple of years has wanted him to do some sex act with his prosthetic hand
like shoving it up some dudes anus or using it for knife play(its not even sharp its pretty dull)

No. 396829

File: 1554834796738.jpg (13.52 KB, 175x258, why--.jpg)

Dick sucking.

How the hell did it get normalized to the level of regular intercourse?!

No. 396831

nice bait there

No. 396832

What bait? Are you a guy?

No. 396835

Men and porn brainwashed us, if anything pussy eating should be normalized since men can easily cum from PIV but a lot of women can't. Sucking dick can be painful and make you gag, on the other hand pussy eating only require moving your tongue and lip around.

No. 396845

I know right? How can giving each other sexual pleasure be so legitimated?

No. 396846

I never really watched porn and I don't mind sucking d at all. My bf never even asked, I did it myself, and I just consider it a warmup to actual sex.

Really, I don't consider sucking dick a fetish at all. People have been doing it for about as long as normal sex and it got tarnation'd in the same era normal sex did. If you don't like it, you don't like it, but it's a lot more normal than shit like assplay or cock rings.

No. 396850

You could say that about every other fetish.

>People have been doing it for about as long as normal sex
Again same thing applies here.

>it's a lot more normal than shit like assplay or cock rings

It's exactly the same. There's absolutely nothing about cock sucking than makes it any more normal than those.

No. 396853

ok with this same logic eating pussy is equally odd

No. 396857

Putting the face near genitals is generally disgusting.

No. 396924

>hook hand
is he fucking buster from arrested development

No. 396957

i agree, why are we normalizing such digusting sex acts anyway? just have your man jack into a cup and funnel it into your vagina like the rest of us.

No. 397046

I don't think oral sex is weird, but it is sad that blowjobs are normalized to be a replacement for sex without any attention given to women's pleasure or the same being for cunnilingus. I don't mind sucking dick but I'd rather not if I'm not getting an orgasm in return. Apparently a lot of young women don't think the same though. Sad.

No. 397147

Guys who are into traps are so infuriating, especially the most recent ones. I remember my ex calling me his trap gf because it was a meme at the time, holy shit he was so embarrassing, also his blatant yellow fever was never hidden, he was a flavor of the month human.

No. 397155

nta but you get so worked up over this it's hard to believe you're not a man.

No. 397192

is joke

No. 397723

my sister-in-law calls me a reverse trap(because I present more masculine)

No. 397726

If a girl doesn't have a strict policy against dating any guy who expects oral, but won't happily return the favor, she's doing life completely wrong. There's no shortage of guys who salivate at the idea of cunnilingus and those who don't are trash that every woman should dismiss entirely.

No. 397766

The whole
>know your place/you are just a hole
"doms" are just misogyny/male supremacy kinks infesting.. which I hate that it's a thing. And Im certain are just misogynists riding the wave of kinkshame-free feminism to shit on women without being called out. I've seen some of those guy call it a lifestyle too (like bdsm but more like the women are just dehumanize slaves) and try to promote it to women by larping as some. It's fucking crazy.

Don't understand appeal of scat or vomit either. What the fuck is the appeal

No. 397785

>Don't understand appeal of scat or vomit either. What the fuck is the appeal
not a kinkster but i think this is poor kinkshaming. just saying "i don't get it" just opens the door for them to turn it around "of course you don't you nerd baby". but more to the point why would you expect to see the appeal in a kink if you don't have it. it's like saying i don't get why a woman would be gay, i just have never been attracted to a woman.

No. 397856

NTA, but i think you have to be legitimately fucked in the head to be aroused by, and willing to, touch/consume the waste your body expelled for a reason

No. 397858

I'm not into BDSM at all anymore but when I was into femdom, I used to get approached so often by male doms who wanted to "play" (ugh) behind their female sub's back. These were men who talked about the important of respect and consent and how it's really all about the submissive at munches and BDSM events and on BDSM forums, but the moment they talked to me they'd say the ugliest shit about their subs, who were usually their girlfriends. I heard things like

>She's just a stupid cunt, I need someone with a brain to talk to

>It's so pathetic how she thinks she's special, I can get another sub anywhere
>I could rape her if I wanted, it's not like she could stop me. She'd probably like it though

It was so disgusting and a major part of why I just quit BDSM all together.

No. 397859

Being gay can't even nearly compare to being aroused by literal shit, and it's not a "kink". Nice homophobia over there.
Also, kinkshaming is not a thing.

No. 397861

Maledoms don't even actually exist in the volume we think they do. I've been a domme before as well and it always baffles me the amount of men who will claim to be dominant in public spaces but jump ship at the chance to be submissive. It all comes down to the fact that men are highly sexual creatures and will take any chance they can get to get their dick wet. You can tell that they look down on their subs based on how ashamed they will treat being submissive and their feeble attempts at hiding their shame.

No. 397863

Same experience, I was shocked by how many male doms would confess wanting to try being submissive to me. I never took them up on it because I didn't find the idea of being their little experiment attractive, but I had a friend who would make a game out of "converting" male doms. She never seemed to run out of them.

No. 397872

Oh lord have mercy. the femdoms are here

Not to say maledoms can't be cringey too, they can very much so, but by god if some of the obsession with femdom isn't cringey here on this very site I don't know what is. ALL GUYS WANNA BE SUBS SECRETLY, my ass.

As a girl who really dislikes femdom i don't get certain girls on lc automatically shilling you as being a self hating misogynist for not liking it. It grosses me out. I don't want to dominate a guy. there is nothing wrong with that, and it doesn't mean I automatically lower my status as a woman.

No. 397876

Where do you find these people
Maledoms and femdoms are people I would expect making up less then 1% of the genral population

No. 397877

Nobody is shilling femdom. 'Former' dommes for a reason.

No. 397878

I don't think sex and relatonhaips should ever be viewed in a Dom and Sub way
Me and my husband have great sex and we only do missionary,cow girl and oral
No one is the Dom/Top or Sub/Bottom
In this

No. 397879

Nobody's shilling femdom, cool your jets.

I said my experience as a FORMER domme led me to meet a lot of male doms who actually did believe that being submissive made a woman lesser, and that I found it disgusting. If that bothers you you'll have to take it up with male doms, sorry.

No. 397880


don't derail. if you want to sperg about evil femdoms oppressing you then there's a bdsm general thread in /g/ for that.

No. 397881

I always felt that penetration being viewed as "Sub" thing reinforced the Idea of women's sexual organs as being passive

No. 397882

I never understood why being penetrated is seen as submissive. It's even stupider when you're penetrating a mouth. You're putting one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your body into a toothed cavity we use to bite and tear things to shred with, and you're "dominant"? OK.

No. 397884

Why are you typing like that? Is this poetry?

No. 397890

>This is how I know that most users of lolcow are newbies, because back a couple years ago, ddlg and subshit wasn't nearly as hated as it is now on here, in a post-radfem lolcow. there have been ddlg threads in the past.

I don't think it's a newfag thing. people in general seem to be becoming less tolerant of unbridled degeneracy

No. 397894

LOL unashamed cocksuckers
how gross

No. 397896

foot fetishists are the most weak whiny pathetic submissive pissbabies and it turns me off most out of all the "harmless" kinks in a man. no way do i want to fuck a guy whose sexual attention is mistargeted on my fucking feet, how pathetic and unmanly lol

No. 397897

>Not to say maledoms can't be cringey too
Maledoms are always cringy. All bdsm is cringy.

No. 397898

There are ways to criticize footfags without bringing gender roles into it, you know.
Such as germs, how they're non-sexual organs, etc.

No. 397899

I'm not that judgemental with kinks but pegging is the most disgusting thing ever and I would break up with any man who ever suggested it to me. Men's asses are gross to begin with and I immediately associate pegging with needy mommyfags who only want to be spoiled and pleased.

No. 397900

i used to think foot fetishes were harmless compared to the other degenerate shit men like, but then i fell down the google rabbit hole one day and found this forum or site or something for foot fetishists. it was like a wikipedia but for feet.

anyway, it was FULL of pedos. so much talk about how little girls' feet are the best, and posting pictures of underage celebrities' feet. fucking disgusting.

No. 397901

I agree with you. literally everyone I know has a male teacher story where the teacher either got busted for messing with student(s) or were consistently handsy and/or creepy.

No. 397902

What is it with foot fetishism and pedos? It always seems like a ton of pedophiles (Dan Schneider for example) have an obsessive foot fetish and I never understood the psychology behind it. Why is it so popular with predatory creeps and why is it a thing in general? It's like being attracted to furniture. Makes no sense.

No. 397903

OT and blog post but I like feet someone brought up I might have a fetish. Never thought of them sexual and no one has ever sucked my toes tho I have asked lol, but I do like seeing people's feet. I don't get it either and now someone's pointed it out I get a bit bashful now about it. Fucking weird but yea I'd probably still like a look at their feet

No. 397904

These were the teachers that caught though
So maybe not the best example

No. 397912

What are your thoughts on the sonfu thread,It seems innocent and nice but I'm sensing some pedo vibes from it

No. 397924

you again? stop.

No. 397925

Femalefeederheaven in particular. Its time to stop. I see you browsing here, sweaty. Getting sat on by a repulsive 500 lb slob isn't okay. That rancid smelling slug of a man is going to paralyze you one day if you keep doing that pony ride shit.

No. 397931

I feel the same tbh. They're using the same excuses as male otaku do with their "daughteru" shit. The waifu and husbando threads are pretty creepy, but I think the sonfu one is worse (also sonfu is a shit name)

Calm your tits. A lot of us think it's weird.

What's with this recent influx of "cartoons aren't real" anons? Being into cartoon kids is fucking creepy. Wanting to protect them, or whatever excuse is as well.

No. 397938

>Wanting to protect children is creepy
Sure, anon.

No. 397942

some of them are creepy but most of them seem sincere. Like I dont think anyone is posting images of Stuart Little because they want to fuck him. I hope.

No. 397944

UwU I want to protect my adolerable son and raise him till he grows up and then when he's older we can marry

No. 397945

I just checked that blog, and holy shit that's unsavory. How do you know she lurks here, though?

No. 397946

Did your ban expire already? Can't wait for the hellweek to begin.

No. 397948

Sounds like projection to me. Maternal instincts in women is a normal thing, anon. The creepy ones always get chased out anyway.

No. 397998

Hellweek isn't for the non dramu boards, idiot.

Some of them are sincere sure, but there are obviously a lot of creeps too. In any case, my worry is that there are more shotacons/lolicons on the site in general, what with the sudden defense of lolishit. Especially in the art threads.

No. 398001

I'm not even loli/shotashit but I'm fucking tired of people derailing every goddamn thread with the "REEE THINK OF THE 17 YEAR OLD CARTOON CHILDREN" discourse and infighting. Just hide the icky pedo threads and move on with your life. In the sonfu thread anons are even posting a lot of 18+ characters for fucks sake

No. 398003

Why are you bitch ignoring the waifu thread that has bunch of teen and pre-teen girls posted?

No. 398008

It's because it's scientifically true. Based Ray B says that trannies and chasers have the exact same arousal patterns.

No. 398010

Bc men are lazy and mostly sexually useless so they found a way to be even more useless in bed.

No. 398018

All this kinda reminds me of when I was in high school and was going to feminist club regularly until I told the group I was concerned for my friend's safety who was into much older guys and was worried she was gonna get herself into a situation she couldn't get out of and they told me to stop kinkshaming.

I stopped going after that.

No. 398034

Its not my first time encountering that corner of the net. This thread reminded me of it and I stumbled across the blog I posted while looking for another girl that was doing pretty much the same thing. Femalefeederheaven isn't quite as extreme with the crushing stuff as the other one, but its still embarrassing to see somebody subject their self to that just to get orbited by the very bottom of the barrel type men. The fact that I can't find the other girls blog makes me wonder if she took things too far and got hurt. Having some 500 lb blob deliberately jumping and slamming ass first as hard as they could onto her chest, neck, and head, was just asking for it.

No. 398036

lol forgot to add the original reason I replied. Her asks are open.

No. 398041

>I'm not even loli/shotashit
Riiiight. It's not about the "poor cartoon children" as much as people who choose to like canonical children are obviously pedos. Defending it is embarrassing! No one is derailing anything, this is a valid point of discussion ITT, especially when you consider MAPs and people who claim loli/shota is their "kink" and openly discuss liking children or child characters.

No. 398053

If you think about it just 10-15 years ago it was a thing comparable to analshit and then people degenerated into the now.

No. 398055

paraphilias come in clusters for some reason, which is why you see troon furry diaperfurs. this is because men be wack, yo, or maybe just because the human brain is crazy.

No. 398063

File: 1555110387733.jpg (33.36 KB, 922x269, lesbo pedotrash.jpg)

You conveniently ignored the post about lesbian degenerates in waifu thread.

No. 398087

I'm not the anon ignoring it. I didn't mention any threads on here, but yes, people who have madoka and shit like your pic as their waifus need to fuck off the site.

No. 398089

Mommy fetish and the men who have this fetish disgust me. It's like the worst kind of man in a relationship who wants a mommy he can fuck, except he gets to sugarcoat it as a fetish and not a problem. Weak men in general who enjoy fetishes like femdom disgust me, but mommy shit is the worst. It's just a poor excuse for having mommy issues and being incompetent and selfish as a lover.

No. 398103

don't ever marry at all but if you have to marry then marry a simpleton male who knows he's dumber then you and has benevolent sexist attitudes

No. 398118

>don't marry
>implying every married man is some retard mommy fetishist
>marry someone who's dumb
>as if someone dumb won't need you to be his fucking mom

Dude what the hell?

No. 398119

File: 1555119136116.jpg (107.08 KB, 750x929, 1554950259654.jpg)

I was referencing this

No. 398125

That's not what this is saying. At all.

No. 398127

Do not marry at all but if you must then marry a strong tame man

No. 398145

nta but a simpleton usually isn't tame, strong maybe. but less educated men are the ones who are shittier to women.

No. 398181

>It's just a poor excuse for having mommy issues and being incompetent and selfish as a lover.
This, so much. Mommyfags just don't want to make anyone else feel good, the only thing that's important to them is to be babied and pleased. It's such a huge fucking turn off to me, I hate weak, whiney and selfish men in general so this is like the epitome of disgust for me. They even claim it's "femdom" when in reality it's just a woman being the active partner but still subservient and focused on making the man feel good unconditionally, without ever asking anything in return.

No. 398191

I find all fetishes gross,but the feeder/feedee fetish is the one of the ones that come to my head when I think about disgusting and dehumanising fetishes.In this video there's a couple where the guy is the feeder and he talks about the whole thing as if he is in trance or something.In some part of the video he says that their "goal"(aka fucked up fantasy)is for her to become so fat she would become immobile.And this whole relationship is only bad for the feedee since,for whatever reason,they want to keep having this attention and satisfy their vice.And I bet that knowing that they can be replaced by any other obese person,they just comply

there's a follow up video where the guy was found out to be married with kids and had to leave her and she had to loose some weight to work and take care of her own children.However,I looked them up and they seem to be together.It has been a while since I did this digging so this may be inaccurate but overall it's pretty fucked up

No. 398224

Agreed, femdom and gentle femdom has been weirdly overrun with these selfish lazy men who want the opposite of femdom and it's so baffling and gross. What brought them to femdom in the first place when they just want bimbo milfs to make them tendies?
Just like how feminism became overrun with men acting out misogynist fantasies

No. 398267

>It's like being attracted to furniture. Makes no sense.
The same could be said of 95% of fetishes. Sexualizing inherently nonsexual things is generally the criterion.

No. 398939

File: 1555336406783.png (239.96 KB, 1268x305, Screenshot_2019-04-13 g - Fet…)

another one

No. 398941

bdsm is degenerate, but i'd take a man who liked hardcore femdom over the soft femdom creeps. the ones into "gentle femdom" just want to lie there and starfish while their girlfriend blows them, then mommied as she makes them a sandwich and does their laundry for them.

No. 398943

Yeah i wouldn't wanna be in a room alone with a hardore femdom sub
I do think they could potentially much more fucked up then any mommygf gentle femdom sub

No. 398945

A lot of the hardcore femdom subs are surprisingly average men, dudes with well paying jobs who just want stress relief. The ones who want 'mommydommes' however are usually all degenerates with internalized misogyny and severe mommy issues who expect women to coddle and take care of them. It's the male equivalent of girls who have daddy issues.

No. 398946

In my experience the hardcore ones are actually pretty normal outside of their weird fucking fetish.

The mommy fetish and gentle femdom guys are the ones who tend to believe in nice guy incel shit and get passive-aggressive (and then aggressive-aggressive) if you reject them.

No. 398947

as someone who used to run in bdsm circles, the creepiness likelihood usually went, from most likely to be a creep/psycho to least likely:

men into hardcore maledom
men into dd/lg shit
men into gentle femdom
men into gentle maledom
men into hardcore femdom
switches with no particular preference

the switches were usually just there because their girlfriend was into it, or because they thought they'd experiment.

No. 398948

Hardcore maledom make me want to puke. Back when I would participate in online kink communities, there were men who actually had 'misogyny' as one of their listed kinks and would always post images of women being roughed up and choked with demeaning captions.

No. 398954

the hardcore maledoms were something else. i never saw any of the women into maledom or anyone into femdom of either gender express desires and "kinks" as disgusting and violent as the hardcore maledom guys did.

they'd talk about literally wanting to murder women in horrific ways, fucking the corpse, cutting limbs off women, hanging them from hooks in the head, injecting acid into their eyeballs, waterboarding them during sex. they were insanely psychotic.

No. 398957

Why is it becoming so mainstream and socially acceptable for psychopaths to masquerade their mental illness as 'kink'? If you had these sort of tendencies normally in a non-sexual way, it would be weird, but because it's your 'kink' that somehow makes it okay to abuse women?

No. 398958

Hardcore maledom is just a thinly veiled excuse for guys to be able to openly talk about how much they hate women but still have sex with them. Its part of the reason I despise the whole "Don't kinkshame" trend. There is something extremely wrong with you if you can get yourself off to the idea of abusing someone that severely or even disfiguring them. The scariest thing I've ever seen on tumblr when I still had mine were maledom blogs.

No. 398961

I'm sick and tired of all the BBC/Blacked porn that keeps on getting spammed everywhere
its gross and dehumanizing to black people

No. 398998

It's dehumanizing to white women too.

No. 399009

File: 1555351554018.png (54.82 KB, 225x225, uwu.png)

This but unironically. Unlike women scrots cum just fine from normal sex, why do they need extras?

No. 399024

this. its extremely dehumanizing to white women, as they are portrayed as the ones getting destroyed by the monster dick

No. 399029

I hope this doesn't get flagged as racebait, but I also hate that all of this blacked porn gave people idea that white women are crazy about black guys.
I'm sure there are white women that find black guys attractive, but it's definitely not the majority. And I hate when black guys are cocky and think that they have a chance solely based on that. Though that also applies for other poc. Men of color have been sold this idea that white women will fall for them and that they're slutty which is another fault of the porn industry. When they realize that's not true, then they get violent and aggressive.
I also hate incels and scrots for perpetuating this idea too with fake and cherrypicked photos.

No. 399032

A shocking amount of otherwise "woke" people think white women aren't oppressed at all, even on the basis of misogyny. Even when you show them stuff like this.

No. 399034

A thing I've noticed in non-white countries is that the younger men there think white women are extreme nymphos because they grew up seeing white women in American porn online and are told by their culture their own women are meant to be extremely chaste. Then when they get turned down they get super offended that a supposedly no standards white woman would still reject them rather than realizing actually in reality white women don't fuck anyone who asks.

No. 399036

Exactly. I had several friends, all women, that traveled to north africa, india, turkey and all got harassed to a larger degree, some even to the point of fearing for their life. It's sickening and disgusting.

No. 399037

Sorry for slight derail into anti-porn, but it really does effect how you view those featured in it which is one of the reasons I'm so glad to be mostly off of it now. I remember always thinking of pornographic scenarios whenever in the presence of conventionally attractive """Stacey""" types when I was at peak addiction. That's just how the brain works, it connects shit like that. Psych majors correct me if I'm wrong.
Ironically (because of the second post there) the last kind of porn I got into before pretty much quitting (I relapse on occasion, although never anything with women) was gay desi gangbangs and when befriending men of that ethnicity recently of course it invaded my brain whenever I saw them with their friends.

Anyway, point is men who claim it doesn't affect them are fucking lying. It's definitely also the cause of so many of these fucking kinks and how they push it on people who show no signs of wanting it.

No. 399038

This is a big part of what contributed to Rotherham and other child sex trafficking groups in the UK. Men from countries like Pakistan grew up being told white women are all easy nympho sluts, so they didn't see it as a big deal to force literal 13 year olds into rape and prostitution, because those 13 year olds were white.

And then the British police concluded those girls must just be damaged sluts too, so they didn't bother to do anything about it for years.

No. 399044

Its more just a causal misogynistic thing. Even in weeb holyland Japan if you walk around looking partly european theres high risk of men being disgusting.
Men dont know how to act full stop. However thats more a female problem than a "kink" issue.
(Ive also seen how men treat women of other nationalities in predominantly white countries and same shit different packaging)

No. 399047

Really interesting to see incelsectional feminists treat racial fetishization as a white thing when in reality men of all races do this.

No. 399053

Men thinking women of different races from them are 2D sexualized caricatures to be generalized, abused and disregarded does seem to be a constant. White men say creepy shit about Asians, black women and Latina women, to say nothing of how they treat Native American women. Asian men say creepy shit about white women and black women. Black men say creepy shit about white women, Latina women and Asian women. They genuinely don't seem to realize that what porn shows them isn't real.

No. 399073

The white male fear of black men and white women existed way longer than filmed pornography. Men of color being savage rapists here to steal the poor delicate white wimmens and corrupt them has excited for literal centuries. It's just found a new form in porn. I don't know any white women or black people who tolerate that specific kind of porn, its all racist white men who propagate /pol/ who are obsessed with that.

No. 399098

Those hardcore violent male supremacy maledoms would openly talk about wanting to beat and rape women to death to be a lifestyle too I've seen. So glad that tumblr deleted their blogs. nothing of value was lost.

You can't convince me that misogynistic men didn't jump on the 'don't kinkshame! uwu' train only to take advantage of it and post the most fucked up violence against women and call it a kink.

No. 399156

I don't think so
I have met plenty of black guys who have actually referred to their penises as BBC(when they had pretty average penises)

No. 399173

I saw a twitter screenshot of a black guy making fun of Tomi Lahren, which, whatever, she deserves to be made fun of, but his joke was disgusting. He said she should shut up and do a “blacked” scene already. He said she should be shut up with a black cock in her mouth.

No. 399194

Hit the nail on the head which is what most men who are into femdom want and has put me off the scene as a whole. I'm perfectly ok with vanilla sex. I hate when they fetishize older women too as if it's a compliment. You honestly can't win with men who are pornsick and the sad truth is majority of them are.

No. 399221

I mean from what I have seen online it seems to be Asian dudes who post blacked pron
E.G Eurasian Tiger was a Half Asian dude who spammed a shit ton on BMWF porn on Sluthate.com and lookism.net and when I lurk on /int/ it seems to be only Indian users and those in Arab countries who post blacked porn

No. 399309

you guys know those blogs tumblr used to have, where they'd post porn/sexual gifs and write a story in the captions? i found one a long time ago and tumblr purged nsfw blogs anyway so i couldn't link it if i wanted to, which i don't… the gifs were usually of women tied up, being beaten, or otherwise struggling. the captions on those were extremely rapey and sociopathic… but hey, i know that rape fetishists are out there, so while disgusted i wasn't surprised… then i keep scrolling and see a black and white gif of meat being cooked in a pan. the caption reads like all the rest, except in this fantasy the author has kidnapped, tortured, and is now cooking the woman to eat. what kind of fucked up shit had to happen to you to think that's hot? i felt so scummy the rest of the day after seeing that

No. 399314

I had once stumbled across one that was dedicated to pretending the women in the posts were his mum and he was very VERY descriptive of how he would breed her. It was a wild ride to say the least.

No. 399342

File: 1555437782412.png (42.58 KB, 387x455, reddit.png)

72,600 members.

No. 399349

Why don't all those sad cunts in that group just stare at themselves in the mirror while jacking off. Bonus points if they use a noose. Honestly is your life worth living if your idea of pleasure is just straight up abuse? Can't the logical sex see that when it derives pleasure from unpleasurable means they should learn they're not biologically viable in this world. Honestly men fucking sicken me

No. 399351

Yep, I accidentally came across those multiple times. The most disgusting account I found fantasized that the subject of the gifs were toddlers being raped until they died or women gleefully having sex with men who raped and killed their husbands and children. Sometimes these disgusting captions were under pictures of actual children (not pornographic, just normal pictures that looked pulled from FB or something). I hope these people are on FBI watch lists.

No. 399361

yes, please dont remind me. the worst ones were when it was just a normal photo of someone and the account would reblog it and write comments about how they wanted to abuse the person in the photo wtf

im genuinely convinced that theres something horribly wrong with people who get off to abusing others.

No. 399398

Women should just all start getting off to ballbusting porn and and watch these empathy-retarded cucks screech in horror about how this is somehow different from what they commonly enjoy.

>but many men enjoy it! why are you such a prude, scrot-kun? are you a mra or something? you'll never get laid lmao

No. 399417

That would be good payback, too bad we aren't soulless and don't generally enjoy seeing people in pain. And too bad so many women are handmaids who pretend to enjoy the abuse for male approval points.

It's depressing that most men actively prefer seeing women suffering for their jerk off material, they really do hate us huh?

No. 399423

>we're back
I hope that sub disappears again. How is that even remotely ok? fucking hell. 70k men are open about getting off to abuse and still expecting to be treated with respect. And I'm sure it'll take one of their members to actually murder a woman before reddit does anything about it

They seriously do and are still shocked when women hate them back

No. 399426

interrupting to say that before lc i never saw anyone use the word starfish in this context but it's such a perfect word/image that i laugh every time i see it being used. thanks, anons.

No. 399427

They hate themselves even more. Wretched critters.
Not even. Leddit will be like "this isn't because of porn because everyone watches porn".

No. 399436

I do think that even if women were to all start indulging in hardcore femdom porn we still wouldn't start mistreating men the way they mistreat us. The mistake is assuming men weren't sick fucks before video pornography was available but that's not true. The problem is that men are socialized different and to not care about our pleasure or anyone elses pleasure.

No. 399444

I remember a thing a few years ago when MRA and redpill types got extremely triggered about findom after a bunch of news stories about it. Threads and threads about how it's ebil wamen exploiting men for their hard earned money.

No. 399489

if it weren't for that being a kink too, I want to step on them. I hate this shit. It's sick and I refuse to tolerate these ~uwu no kinkshame pls~ misogynists. I'm usually open-minded about sexual preferences but few things make me want to throw hands more than misogynistic maledoms. Fuck. I hate them so much.

No. 399508

>im genuinely convinced that theres something horribly wrong with people who get off to abusing others.
same. when you're fantasizing about raping, beating, drowning, mutilating, torturing, and EATING women, you need help. even light bdsm skeeves out tamer people, so i will forever blame the internet for enabling these freaks and giving them a sense of "community"

No. 399513

File: 1555476817087.png (97.73 KB, 1334x750, 41rnqk8it6ay.png)

thoughts ?

No. 399530

That gave me a sensible chuckle, but the truth is, degenerate fetish groups even existed pre-internet.
It spans literature (eg magazines/publications) to clubs and private parties where people would hang out. Even if they couldn't find a forum dedicated only and specifically to fucking toasters, they'd link up from those sorts of clubs, parties and fringe social groups.

When humans really want to fuel their more retarded urges through being encouraged by others, trust that they'll find a way. I think the real pressing thing about the internet is that because so many niche groups are so easily accessible, some people really think that their gross kinks are completely normal (or that they should be considered normal and it'd be of no detriment to society because "If it makes me cum, it can't be unhealthy!"). There's people out there who have really deluded themselves into thinking that not being able to orgasm without having a live bomb strapped to your body or imagining that you're transforming into a sandwich is a valid sexuality the same way being gay is, and that the world needs to accept it.

Back then, most people largely kept their weird-ass shit a secret and were rightfully hesitant to take it outside. Now, saying you wish people wouldn't do dd/lg shit in public can unironically get you bitched out for "kink-shaming" on any given day.

No. 399616

whoever's posting that is a man, baby

No. 399830

>I hate weak, whiney and selfish men in general so this is like the epitome of disgust for me
Exactly how I feel. Men like that are disgusting. I hate weak men in general but mommy shit makes me recoil in disgust. Nobody sane with self worth wants a manchild and they've made it into a kink.

Mommy kink is a huge red flag.

No. 399894

I don't understand women who art into pegging
my brothers ex-gf consonantly would want to peg him and he would always say no,she would stick her finger up his butt without his consent
all of this led to him breaking up with her and I was glad cause I didn't like her either

No. 399895

Why do you know your brother's sexual habits..?

No. 399896

he's pretty normal
he's kinda disgusted anal play both giving and receiving says the human asshole is disgusting

No. 399897

Lmao anon that doesn’t answer her question as to WHY you know these things

No. 399898

NTA but because they talk with each other I guess?

No. 399899

as >>399898 said
I casually talk to my brother and we talk about relationship issues

No. 399912

Nah, they don't hate themselves, which is the problem. Maybe its how we're raised, but women get introspective about everything and feel guilt/shame for perceived flaws. Men don't feel that at all. They think its fine that they like seeing women abused and are shocked and offended if you point that out. "What?!?!?! It is just a kink my good lady! That hole.. er.. I mean young woman is paid for her acting ability and I am simply an adoring patron! I am really a pillar of the community!" etc.

Kink I find abhorrent: Bimboism, Fat fetishism
Kink I find funny/wtf: Vore, the entire hardcore sonic fandom

No. 399922

anon… get off the internet. society IS judgmental about all of that. if you ask a person on the street about those kinks most will be like "that's weird" or "i don't like it". men keep trying to make anal expected of women but most women still aren't into it.

No. 400094

File: 1555653200443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 25.42 KB, 640x844, 4C930055-26F5-4977-AD14-23C83C…)

I love fetishes that just make me laugh whenever I see hot hot porn of them.

No. 400095

File: 1555653338377.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.06 KB, 707x1400, 2100929E-D9E3-47EE-A31B-B3603C…)

No. 400096

File: 1555653368253.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 245x361, 3B3EE5B8-9BD8-4EEA-88E9-BD7111…)

And of course, this gem.

No. 400098

File: 1555653796341.png (894.54 KB, 570x800, 60399723-D941-4CE2-8B71-EA10C9…)

Samefag but three leg fetishes are also apparently a thing

No. 400105

No. 400109

That girl on the right has giant man hands for being so short da fuck

No. 400113

How are they manhands, she just has long fingers

No. 400114

I hate lolicon and shotacon so so so much. I don't understand how it's so normalized, even anime highschoolers and shit, it's everywhere. I'm a CSA victim and during my teens I was groomed with loli stuff by creepy anime fans, I know firsthand that these types of materials hurt real kids.. It actually makes me want to break down when I see it sometimes, same with incest shit.

Not so much a kink as just.. porn? But I also really hate when people sexualize kids' media, like, nintendo shit (pokemon, splatoon, animal crossing.. etc etc) I don't get why people want to draw porn of kids cartoons and games when there's SO much other media to turn to?

No. 400115

we have a couple shota anons here as well
one who wants to bang her nephew but swears its not pedophile because he looks like an Adult

No. 400117


No. 400129

what do you mean ?

No. 400131

File: 1555674189985.jpg (56.09 KB, 600x833, 2MgEnPG.jpg)

It's too late

No. 400132

WTF is happening and what are you all scared of

No. 400137

what the fuck

No. 400156

I audibly "Uuuumm"'d. I'm confused.

No. 400196

File: 1555685358944.gif (1.16 MB, 320x222, giphy.gif)

No. 400235

whenever anyone brings her up she arrives to defend herself even though we told her people would forget about her and move on if she stopped doing that

No. 400250

Then that thread is full of men and should be purged cause they still are posting little kids.

No. 400510

File: 1555746978115.png (216.05 KB, 1312x829, Screenshot_2019-04-20 g - Fem…)

No. 400520

so wait is that the anon who says she wants to fuck her underage cousin because he "looks older than his age"? or another pedo anon

No. 400524

File: 1555750013986.png (127.7 KB, 1254x324, Screenshot_2019-04-20 g - Men…)

This is what she posted on the Men You're Ashamed To Say You'd Fuck #

No. 400570

i can't believe that those pedo threads are still up on /m/. is admin a shotacon or some shit? there has been a ton of random defenders of cartoon porn lately, even ITT.

No. 400580

…Anyone else creeped out by the sonfu thread in /m/? It gives me mommy dom/little boy vibes and I know a good portion of this site has always been ridden with abusive, nasty femdom women who often say in threads that they want to find men to mommy or break. Ironically, these are probably the same posters who complain about men wanting to be mommy'd outside of the bedroom even though they're the ones enabling it. This shit should definitely be shamed.

No. 400587

At this point I'd be okay with admins deleting the thread just to get you to stop sperging about it. God, anon, don't you ever get tired of making the same post over and over?

No. 400599

The Sonfu thread gives me a bizarre feeling
posting about underage anime boys and how you want to protect them so they grow up
it seems kinda like grooming behavior

No. 400603

damn, i know this is an old post but you hit the nail on the head of how i feel. this shit seems so mainstream now, too. just wish theyd shut up about it

definitely. i remember the times when erotic asphyxiation was a punchline, now its borderline accepted like the rest of bdsm. i dont want to see that shit

No. 400606

I don't know about the other anons who have posted in that thread but I posted some characters (including an animal one) that I care about in a non-sexual way. Why is it so hard to believe that some of us like some fictional characters without wanting to fuck them?
Let it go unless someone is being actually creepy.

No. 400613

not everything is a degenerate meme and your tinfoil shitposting is embarassing. maybe you should go outside and live a little or are you a paranoid cop there, too?

No. 400616

I'm embarrassed for you.

No. 400621

Great comeback, cop-chan

No. 400622

Waifu thread is still worse.

No. 400624

you're projecting too much here

No. 400630

We get it, you hate femdom and you hate the sonfu thread. You can stop complaining about it all the time all over the site now.

No. 400632

I haven't posted there, but I'd like to have such a relationship just with an adult man close to my age. I'd genuinely like to be mommy gf, the ultimate nutritioner, the ultimate protector

No. 400654

Agreed, there are so many lolis.

No. 400669

File: 1555793285643.jpg (653.3 KB, 1400x845, dick.jpg)

Sick sad world it has become when not accepting filthy deviancy is regarded as ironic.

No. 400677

Porn really has set us back 50 years in social progress.

No. 400691

File: 1555801195470.jpg (100.39 KB, 640x931, rHzLKs9_d.jpg)

Whenever I see ChapoChuds making '(Conservative polotician) wants to have sex with (female leftist) cause he stalks her social media' jokes it feels like this weird projection of the fact they want to have sex with the (female leftist). Am I just being paranoid?

No. 400711

Strange fetishes you can find on Youtube

>foot fetish

>fart fetish
>belly inflation fetish
>belly deflation fetish
>feeder fetish

No. 400713

Don't forget the vore shit that involves animal abuse and which YouTube is blatantly ignoring.

No. 400738

No you are not
ChapoChuds are pretty much beta virgin orbiters

No. 400790

File: 1555839144768.webm (3.97 MB, 854x480, Y1WcvCT0fkWw.webm)

Hybristofags are a trip. So many edgy preteen white girls.

No. 400803

>belly inflation fetish
This shit is all over youtube, I knew someone really into it once and was amazed/disgusted by the weird culture around it on the site and the absolute scale of it.

No. 400953

Is mukbang a kink?

No. 400954

1000% something being a fetish, doesn't mean that it's a sexual act, just that it elicits a sexual response.

mukbang is like an inverse feeder fetish. skinny girls, attractive girls eating a fuckton of food like that is taboo in a way.

(also like 90% of mukbang vids are fake 10% are bulimics).

No. 400962


Imagine an ana-chan getting into this, liking it so much that she becomes a chubby fatty in just a year, kek

No. 400964

Now, this post sounds fetishy.

No. 400968

that shit's hilarious. but tbh a lot of people take advantage of cuts and stuff. it's pretty easy to do if they pay attention to a few things. some of them even eat the food over the course of a few days.

i remember a few months ago someone posted a mukbang video and didn't realize it was fake but the mukbanger had been doing it over a few days time and you could clearly see the entire table set up shift over from one scene to another.

No. 401048

I saw some serious cringe in that channel

No. 401093

what the absolute fuck is the source for this video? these poor stupid kids

No. 401538

sneezing and coughing fetishes creep me the fuck out
I found a sneeze fetish forum when googling my syptoms of a cold once and there's a strangely big community around it
just imagining i'm in public transport with a cold or something and some weirdo is getting off on it (there's secretly taken recordings like that all over youtube that get linked on the forum, so it's a real possibility)

No. 401549

mayocide when?

No. 401559

Based and Deus pilled.

No. 401799

Burps and farts are another strange category

No. 401807

holy shit i remember finding the sneeze fetish users on youtube and there were so many videos of children sneezing on their playlists.

No. 401823

I never knew this was a thing. At all. Men are so creepy. wtf

No. 401824

Any of you stumbled upon the buff woman fetish side of youtube? With a side of men-getting-beat-up?
I'm not really against this kink for men (it's harmless for once), it's just funny to see it on a public site with all these views. Just doesn't belong there.

No. 401830

YouTube's always had a suggestive side to it, it's just that these videos often go unnoticed due to them not having blatant titles, unless the people who watch them for fetish reasons know what to search for.

No. 401834

i present to you anons, windbreaker fetish side of youtube

No. 401835

File: 1556069656488.jpeg (44.85 KB, 600x100, orgastically flapping.jpeg)

This is amazing.
It's ridiculous and laughable, but obscure fetishes do fascinate me.

No. 401854

Ahh, I remember coming across a 20 minute video of someone sticking their feet in a bowl of mac n cheese on the fetish side of youtube. Good times.

No. 402422

File: 1556172762947.png (157.29 KB, 1187x192, Screenshot_2019-04-25 Harley q…)


No. 402489

File: 1556185013502.png (13.47 KB, 877x104, wattxt.PNG)

Unbelievable… dudes can really jack off to anything.

No. 402491

this is why i will never believe men's evo psych bullshit. it's so laughably easy to get them to develop legit fetishes for bean bag chairs or chrome ladders or all kinds of completely fucking insane shit. their sexuality has no basis in what's evolutionarily advantageous. they can be manipulated into liking anything

No. 402841

I remember looking for videos on mori girl fashion, and running into an entire channel dedicated to girls walking around in mud and getting covered in it.
The autoplay video on the channel is "TOP 15 GIRLS IN WATER AND MUD". I didn't know whether to post this here or in the internet rabbit holes thread.
How does this sort of thing even happen? Why mud, and why the occasional fixation on wellington boots?

No. 402850

Very busted psycho face but cute boots and outfit. Though I have the feeling they could be cuter (the clothing and boots). I will invest in some cute rain boots now.

Wait this is supposed to be a fetish?

No. 402851

I assume it's something to do with getting wet/dirty (especially if it results in the person having to take their clothes off) and maybe the primal, uninhibited nature of just rolling around in the mud??

No. 402867

why are men so damaged

No. 402884

Do they want to get stumped?

This post has successfully sworn me off maledoms forever. I think the idea is hot, in theory, but in practice I can't muster the enthusiasm to try it.

No. 402908

>You’re taking a walk in the park and see this
What do you do?

No. 402920

It's in their biology, they can't help it. They're animals.

No. 402951

This is just so bizarre I don't know what to think

No. 402957

Men are so easy lmao you could literally exploit these dumb fetishes and make money off of it. Without even removing your clothes.

No. 402982

I understand the whole leather thing, but to soak it up in the water, i don't know, i just can't even.

No. 402998

Steal his camera? He's not going to run very fast in squeaky motorgear

It reminds me of someone I met on SL as a kid who was into marshes and bogs. They lived in a swampy state and would just go submerge themselves in mud.
I'm ok with these types that just go do whatever weird thing alone to themselves

No. 403055

some close friends of mine (a couple) got drunk this weekened and were telling everyone about their pet play bs. i feel unclean now.

No. 403096

Soooo is it men that get influenced negatively and then they want us to do all that shit in bed?

Or are we at fault for enabling them?

I mean there are some who have admitted to giving their bf deepthroats and eating their ass


No. 403100

Either way, men who do that are stupid for expecting all women to be the same. idgaf if some women enjoy anal or getting spanked, whatever. Men are just stupid for assuming all women are like that.

I've even heard accounts of sub-leaning or very vanilla men being upset that "ALL WOMEN LIKE BEING CHOKED NOW" because they had one single gf who wanted it rough. Sad that he had to make himself uncomfortable, but he's still the one responsible for making dumb assumptions.

tl;dr it's men.

No. 403264

Have any of you ever heard of Ruby Ryder
She stalks r/sex and when ever anything Anal related comes up she links to her blog,a blog dedicated to pegging,she also sends PM to people to check her blog
It's really wierd

No. 403268

nasty, can she not keep that to herself or is she that desperate for views?

No. 403276

Maybe a comibation of both,but reading her blog it's self is just bizarre,she's made "pegging" a part of her identity and has guides on how to "convince" your partner to try it that border on gaslighting

No. 403279

You shouldn’t ‘convince’ sexual partners to perform any sexual act, what is it about assholes that makes basic decency just fly out the window

No. 403291

Yes some women are overly
compliant and enable them, in general society grooms women to lack firm boundaries.

>Sad that he had to make himself uncomfortable
He didn't have to do shit, it doesn't matter what the roles are, no one is obligated to dom their partner. I wish people would stop letting themselves get manipulated into doing things they aren't comfortable doing and realize they have a choice in the matter.

No. 403314

I think some people have a great fear of missing out on some things and therefore feel pressured to do stuff they wouldn't really want to do

How do you solve that thing?

No. 403320

Blog post but it doesn't just happen in other countries. I'm an ex-prostitute and 99% of my clients were Asian men, for exactly this reason. They believed white women were sluts and Asian women were pure, so they fucked us and married them.

No. 403334

I taught English in Japan for two years when I was younger and had a similar experience.

Plus lots of Japanese men being weird about the color of my nipples and vagina. They had some kind of obsession about the color being pink instead of brown. It was weird.

No. 403474

That seems to be an obsession with a lot of men, it’s creepy and definitely comes from porn.
Porn really is a cancer.

No. 403667

I generally consider myself kink-friendly, having a few myself but some things I just can't go near

Any kind of domination combined with roleplay where there's a power inequality eg schoolgirl and teacher. Daddy/little stuff literally turns my stomach. Anything with bodily fluids being used (mild exception for cum obviously). and Furries. I just don't fucking get Furries.

No. 405485

I don't believe that cuckolding is a legitimate fetish, I believe it's just a coping method for insecure people who have thoughts like "they'll cheat on me anyway" and "I'm not good enough to please them" so they turn it into a sexual fetish to cope. Rewiring bad feelings into sexual feelings probably does work out in the short term but I only imagine these people will come out fucked up and even more insecure than ever at the end of it.
I know a few people who are into cuckolding and observed this online and I have no doubt about it.

No. 405488

Really? I always considered it to be an extremely possessive fetish, the wife is your possession and the humiliation stems from someone else having sexual access to her while you have to watch
I mean, don’t they usually pick out the men that fuck her?

No. 405496

Having that much control over it also stems from the insecurity. "I'll let you do this thing I believe you will do anyway as long as I get to be the one in control and it's MY decision"

No. 405497

What the fuck is the point of the Ugly Bastards in hentai? It's gross and I can't imagine anyone actually enjoys that genre.

No. 405502

File: 1556801676532.jpeg (6.79 KB, 194x259, CharlotteSartre.jpeg)

This girl has eaten an "omelette enema", done piss waterboarding porn, eaten disgusting fat men's asses, has been shoved into those men asses to the point she couldn't breathe, deepthroated those men's dick while having her nose pinched so she couldn't breathe… What can make someone hate themselves to the point they'll willingly degrade themselves this much? And how can some people get off on that? Seriously watching a girl eat an omelette that came from her ass???

No. 405508

>other thread
>post comment stating I didn't enjoy doing BDSM with my ex
>handmaiden, without asking context: uwu sounds like you just don't know what you want, why did you try it? you don't understand the ~KiNk~CoMmMuNiTy~

Jesus Christ, they literally can't help themselves, can they? Even when you literally say you did not enjoy something, they will find a way to put on their best armchair-psychologist libfem voice and tell you why you're "wrong." This is some handmaiden horseshit. I don't know how far down the rabbit hole you need to go to convince yourself that having that sort of fucked up attitude is anything but male rape-excusing logic at it's finest, but okay.

No. 405509

not much on the internet makes me confused and angry but the omelette enema gets me every time…

No. 405516

File: 1556805152311.gif (498.8 KB, 500x375, 7PxH3.gif)

Omelette… enema?

No. 405518

This, they see us as "easy" and many fall for it as "white-worship" . Only sometimes is that the case

No. 405523

What you want to have your cake and eat it too? If people are going to elevate you as the ideal standard don't be suprised they end up fetishizing you, kek.

This is coming from a actual hooker lol

No. 405524

Most of the anons in the artfag thread probably hold many views of the art community like sex posi shit. Calling it sex positivity is extremely disingenuous when at the end of the day most of what’s happening is eroding away at women’s comfort in saying no when it comes to pleasing men’s fetishes, regardless of how uncomfortable they are or if it may harm them. It really bothers me how misogynistic the entire art scene tends to be and how it’s painted out to be ‘progressive’

No. 405525

Do you think it's white women's fault if they're elevated as the ideal standard?
Btw it's changing real quick, everyone wants to emulate black and latina women right now. If they start being treated disgustingly because of porn will it be their fault?

No. 405526

Are you really blaming the women in this scenario? Jfc.

No. 405529


/ot/ seems to have an issue with handmaidens/scrots lately, I've noticed more posts like this too.


Damn, I hadn't even thought of it that way. Now I'm worried I may have contributed to some girls/women being abused by formerly supporting the person I was talking about, in the other thread…or other male artists tbh. I'm just now realizing how many weird comments, sometimes Polanski-esque in nature, slide over the years because I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing/didn't think it was my job to deal with it.

No. 405541

Why are you posting a picture of the woman and shaming her and not the men who want to do it to her?
It's no secret that the porn industry and kinkster circles are full of mentally fucked up abuse victims - what's the excuse the men have for doing that though?

No. 405545

??? I don't know if you read my post but I did say I find it fucked up that plenty of men get off on watching her eat an omelette that came out of her own ass. And she's not an amateur porn actress, she's very well known so I'm not exposing her either.

No. 405556

>one white woman used to be a booker
>"lol anon why are you surprised that a specific race of men overwhelmingly assumes that white women are sluts?? You represent All white women with your behaviour!"

Grow up, retard.

No. 405560

this made me want to die. what the fuck is wrong with them? do they think this makes them cool or something? humanity is a fucking disappointment

No. 405563

Cry harder.

No. 405565

NTA but you're retarded

No. 405653

Anyone else questioning every single time they let a weird, possibly creepy comment by a co-worker or "friend" go? Because that's what I'm doing after reading this thread.

I think I even had a teacher who tried to involve us in his fetish, tbh, after reading some of these stories. I hope I'm just misremembering the level of creep he gave off, but I'm not sure.

No. 406037

Probably just wish fulfillment for the gross weebs who get off to it? That's why the guy is always fugly or generic, to pander to the sad men who watch that shit regularly

No. 406110

i'm a woman who's in-shape and attractive and uh, i like that sort of stuff

i really love contrasting characters and in porn i love a beautiful guy (or sometimes girl) taking it from a dumpy older dude. the embarrassment and disgust on their face while they still react to the dick getting them off just really hits something for me.

No. 406289

File: 1556922914161.jpg (Spoiler Image, 285.93 KB, 1242x1052, xvbrdozs3cn21.jpg)

Was gonna post in the anti-male thread, but this fits better in this thread. How mentally fucked does one need to be for this to be considered sexy.

No. 406290

What the fuck

No. 406297

This is absolutely racist and insane. Why is no one calling it out? Muh trannies? This so gross and so backwards.

No. 406301

Only a tranny would like this story.

No. 406338

I have seen this
One Turkish anon actually bought the book and copy pasted scenes from the book on /int/,/his/ and /lit/

No. 406382

The absolute STATE of the Male Psyche

No. 406466

The author is a woman you failure

No. 406469

You really don’t think that’s a sissy pen name?

No. 406503

I don't understand how people can be sexually attracted to a cartoon character like genuinely I find it more disturbing than foot or feeder fetishes because at least those are real ass people. Is it like severe alienation or something? I can get wanting a real partner with the personality or even style sense of a character, but I really don't get wanting to fuck drawings.

No. 406506

If we are talking stuff meant for children, Disney animals and so on then I get you. Some animations are adult-oriented and with more detailed characters though.

No. 406522

when i was a teenager obsessed with anime i just imagined what the characters i liked would look like as real people

so if i had daydreams about them it wasnt about the drawing but about the person that i imagined if that makes sense

it was still pretty cringy though

No. 406527

People who have been immersed in cartoonshit (either as big consumers or artists) just begin seeing the simple representations of humans as humans.
It makes some lick of sense since we're so prone to personifying things, and if these characters are used as a vessel for emotionally charged stories of course someone may connect to 2D sexually as well.

I know admitting to kink in the kink shaming thread is big dumb, but I hope this helps you understand. Not defending it (I'll admit it's fucking strange) but there's a reason for this occurring.

No. 406542

>Or are we at fault for enabling them?
What kind of male logic is that

No. 406559

I think it's unfortunate but a lot of women are taught to value male opinion above their own comfort and this manifests in gross kinks too

No. 406584

Thicker fucking skin. Nobody should need to be looked after or have their stupid fears and retarded decisions as problems to be "solved" by others

No. 406589

Sorry to tell you anon but you're the retard here, you probably have that aphantasia stuff people have been talking about lately. Pygmalion's Galatea is a story older than the bible, people have felt attracted to representations of humans for as long as there has been representations of humans. I'm sure cavemen already wanted to bang stick figures in cave walls before we even developed spoken language

No. 406596

Nta but you sound irrationally offended.

No. 406599

She doesn't sound offended, she sounds like she thinks anon is a retard. Which she kinda is. I mean… no a drawing isn't a physical human, but they can look like a human. Of course we can easily be attracted to one. Our brains aren't that feeble we can't fill in the blanks when a character is only a simplified version of us.

No. 406604

Snopes is trash in a lot of cases, but there is no Necrophilia STD.

No. 406612

That gave me the mental image (well not image, since nta but I have aphantasia so I can't imagine shit) of a caveman thrusting against a stick painting of a woman painted on a cave wall. They totally did.

No. 406672

not trying to start shit regarding Charlotte Sartre but she's mentioned before on her twitter that her mother molested her as a child so I mean…acting out the most vile shit as a pornstar doesn't surprise me much imo. I honestly don't agree with the idea that ALL pornstars are bred from childhood sexual trauma but reading her response to some random pornsick man on twitter asking the usual "are ur parents proud lololol did ur father molest u??? lolololl" shitty questions and her saying something along the lines of, "no it was actually my mother who did" really did it for me. she seems like a chill person regardless of that and outside her adult career but yeah theres no doubt the more disgusting shit she's willing to do must reflect her own mental state

No. 407022

I did sort of differentiate between being attracted to a drawing as an abstract ("if this was a real person they would be sexy") and legitimately being into 2D figures. Someone's salty because they watch too much hentai though…
I just can't understand why you'd want to look at a cartoon over a real person. I prefer fucking a person to looking at their nudes too. I didn't explain myself well, so yeah I am a retard.

No. 407163

Seems like there is still hope for the white race after all.

No. 407412

honestly i went through a personal journey in this topic. it used to be an instant turn off for me if a guy had this particular fetish. but, i am currently dating a guy that jerks it to traps im pretty sure exclusively, and i only learned this like 8 months into our relationship. i am a hyperfeminine girl but not in a really in your face way, and our sex life is really fun and normal actually! its clear he really loves me exactly how i am (pussy and all), i learned its possible for a guy to be sort of, 4chan tranny brain-poisoned and still be a really wonderful devoted monogamous lover. still worried now hell leave me for a cute trap, since hes handsome and can have anyone he wants in theory.

No. 407414

I think for some guys it's one of those kinks where it's sexy enough to fap to videos or pics but they'd never date one in real life because traps/trannies usually have obvious mental issues.

No. 407416

Or they marry you, wait until they’re fifty, and they troon out.

No. 407419

Or they marry you, wait until you’re 50 and had their kids, then they suddenly come out of the closet and everyone takes their side in the divorce. That seems to still be happening a lot.

No. 407425

I don't know how you could stand to date someome like that anon. That's like instant disgust beyond repair no matter how cute a guy is too me. If he jerks it exclusively to traps that also obviously means there is a special appeal about the dick to him.

No. 407428

I’m glad you fixed it for me cause you’re so much more accurate.

Transwidows have some of the saddest fucking lives and libfems can’t wait to trash them for not buying Nigel-to-nigella his own pretty panties as a divorce gift.

No. 407431

mte exactly lmao like i guess i can understand to some extent if its like anime traps since they’re usually drawn like an actual female character just with a dick attached which is still kinda sus considering your man is somehow attracted to dick in one way or another. on the otherhand if its to the extent of actual irl weeb troon porn, then ur an actual fucking idiot being comfortable with that anon

No. 407444

He's a closet. Sorry anon but cut your losses. I'm sure he can be a great guy and all but he's clearly incompatible with people who don't have penises.

No. 407445

Even weeb traps make no sense. The only argument I've heard for traps not being gay is because the guy is attracted to the feminine part of the trap, but if he ONLY faps to traps instead of feminine girls then it must be the penis that's attractive to him.

No. 407449

I definitely agree that the dick aspect probably means he has some repressed tendencies but wanted to add another layer of grossness

It’s also about humiliation and degradation of the trap and imo it seems really typical that a repressed gay guy would only get off on humiliation cuz they don’t want to admit their own preferences

No. 407457

>but if he ONLY faps to traps instead of feminine girls then it must be the penis that's attractive to him
I've seen some guys claim that it's because they're super straight so they want to see a cute girl being fucked nut don't want to see other men involved. I guess I can sorta believe that, but this is only in the case of 'lesbian' traps

No. 407458

I would think in that case they would watch lesbian porn or solo stuff, if they still want the trap they are likely AGP transbians.

No. 407574

Yeah, if he's super straight why does he want to see penis? Lesbians can use strap ons or dildos, there's no need for a dick to be involved to have penetration. Even if it's penis on a girl it's still a dick.

No. 408262

Suprised that nobody mentioned that there areanimal dildos out there being sold in the sex toy market, including dog, horse and dragons. Just like fapping to loli, it encourages damaging behaviors and mindsets which can lead to people turning into predators, if they are not already. Why not just use a human dildo or vibrator???

No. 408272

it was actually mentioned here >>392548 but it wasnt further discussed.i go on bad dragon every once in a while to keep in mind how fucked up humans are but the last time i went there with more knowledge of people who sexually abuse animals i actually felt sort of depressed

No. 408285

Looking at the shape of the dragon dildos, it could be useful for people who want penetration but have difficulty fitting stuff in. A very thin start that slowly gets thicker is not found in human shaped dildos. Plus what are these people supposed to abuse? Dragons do not exist. I can imagine these being used outside of a kink context. The dog and other real animal dildo's are a lot more worrisome yeah.

No. 408287


I seem to recall mentioned in the Zoosadists threads that one of the owners of Bad Dragon released a video of himself manually sexing a dolphin.

No. 408289

Plenty of people use bad dragons dildos that aren’t fur fags, they’re good quality dildos and have a lot of female oriented features like bumps and shit. Using a novelty dildo doesn’t equal being an animal abuser, and I wouldn’t say it’s comparable to watching loli shit either

No. 408400

yeah, i remember that the bad dragon owners were linked to zoosadism somehow, but trying to recall the specifics hurts my brain

they're good quality, though, i think it's more about the texture and shape and less about the dog dick for most people

No. 408589

File: 1557470472269.jpeg (605.18 KB, 600x1209, EA678A17-10B4-4256-9412-EA68B0…)

another jewel from the "kinks youre ashamed of" thread

No. 408590

File: 1557470499136.jpeg (419.86 KB, 576x906, 73709A07-D7A9-4036-A6DB-C46D58…)

No. 408593

I mean, this is essentially how brothels are, just with the sex ratio reversed. This anon desires to treat men how they treat women. I don't think that's a kink, especially not one I'd be particularly ashamed of.

No. 408594

anon she mentions it being a "fantasy" so she seems to uphold it in some sort of kinky light.

and it's still gross no matter how you look at it, brothels as a whole are gross but getting off on torment is wrong and gross and I'm pretty sure the first anon stated she sees this as a "fantasy", so it is kinkshamable.

No. 408643

File: 1557497520432.gif (Spoiler Image, 851.55 KB, 357x422, tumblr_ntpf5zPnr61re0c97o1_400…)

Someone I know bought this alien egg laying dildo that like lays jelly eggs inside of you.She is also a nonbinary he/they pronouns type. Apparently this is a popular fetish for some reason.
Pic related.

No. 408652

File: 1557499724737.jpg (178.4 KB, 600x675, 59125703_p25_master1200.jpg)

i want a bad dragon dildo because i have teratophilia and want to pretend a monster is fucking me. zoophilia is horrific to me, i'd never hurt an animal like that.

No. 408654

Honestly, I don’t give a shit about monsters or furries or whatever, but their dildos are amazing. 10/10 experience. The silicone is really good quality, the firmness is just right and all the bumps and notches are divine. A dildo’s just a disembodied silicone cock at the end of the day so I’m not sure why some anons are pressed about it

No. 408672

File: 1557506151351.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 573820107363528.png)

>i have teratophilia and want to pretend a monster is fucking me.
Did you forget what thread you're posting in, anon?

No. 408687

this is the work of the devil. those eggs look like they'd be almost impossible to get out of yourself, slippery and huge with no edges/anything for traction to pull it out. what the fuck

No. 408692


They are not supposed to come out.
They are made out of some jello-like stuff and they slowly (like hours) dissolve inside of your body.

And yes, that's also part of the kink.

No. 408704

i knew they were made of gelatin and dissolved if they got stuck but i didnt know they weren't supposed to come out, christ.

No. 408705

>They are made out of some jello-like stuff and they slowly (like hours) dissolve inside of your body.

No. 408735

File: 1557520726848.jpg (78.75 KB, 350x376, 1557181339763.jpg)

>They are not supposed to come out.
>They are made out of some jello-like stuff and they slowly (like hours) dissolve inside of your body.
>dissolve inside of your body

No. 408778

feel free to make fun of me for it, i'm just saying, i'm not an animal fucker. lots of people buy those dildos for the same reason. or just because they're bored of normal dildos.

No. 408781

File: 1557536397328.jpg (52 KB, 488x584, 1533717391350.jpg)

this is why we need the kinkshaming thread

No. 408782

Seriously is that not a yeast infection waiting to happen? Fine if people want to have weird alien egg dildos but get that dissolving shit out of your vagina before you start baking some jello bread monstrosity in there.

No. 408783

I imagine they mostly go in assholes tbh

No. 408785

I imagine they're made from some material that prevents that.

No. 409415

Well, here's a totally not reassuring statement regarding safety from the creator of the egg inserting dildo, about the gelatin:

>Is there any danger in putting gelatin eggs up in your butt or vagina? Everything in moderation. We are not doctors, and we're not about to comment on what is safe or unsafe to do to one's body as it varies from person to person. I can say that I have used them many times without hurting myself, but frankly it is up to the person using it to know their own limits. For instance, if you are allergic to gelatin. If made properly, the eggs are firm, but rubbery, similar to the consistency of gummy bears. They dissolve with body heat rather quickly.

No. 409434

Shouldn't there be like….some kind of check for this kind of thing? Forms they need to fill out? Verified people they need to have test it to make sure it doesn't fuck with your body and give you giga cancer?? This is something that goes into your orifices, for fuck's sake.

No. 409439

It's a cottage industry and people who are into alien laying eggs are definitely sexual deviants so motivated by their libidos that health and safety doesn't even come into the equation. It's like urethral sounding degenerates. Do you really think these people are going to be the type to call for more regulation of this kind of thing? The guy who makes the dildo is just some kink forum obsessed weirdo who is obviously into this kind of thing and previously would fulfill personal requests like one by one.

No. 409451

Not only are you putting it in your cooch, but it's DISSOLVING there. That sounds like a yeast infection waiting to happen.

No. 409459

If they are into having eggs dissolve in their cooch, they should get into anti yeast infection medication, which is unironcially an egg shaped thing you put in there that dissolves to administer the medication.

No. 409462

You know there isn't regulations for any sex toys right?
They're considered 'novelties' for a reason.

No. 409463

But when it's a matter of something entering the body and literally dissolving, being absorbed, shit just seems off.

No. 409466

Goddam it can't a woman ever a just be dominant without being associated with male Phallic complexes,like seriously we are comfortable with our genitals we don't want or need some weird plastic dildo or a chastity cage to be the dominate one in sex

No. 409508

File: 1557746638737.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 1920x1080, eggs.webm)

Hopefully those eggs get properly cooked first

[Image has been spoilered]

No. 409511

I am so sorry I clicked that. What a pathetic way to live your life, shitting out boiled eggs on cam for men to wank over.

No. 409518

File: 1557749179802.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 243x217, spaghetti.gif)

oh shit is that the same girl from this gif? lol

No. 409542

File: 1557753404336.png (118.86 KB, 396x385, 1555856638235.png)

Opening this video was a mistake, a terrible mistake.

No. 409571

File: 1557759508381.png (231.2 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_2019-05-13-07-52-18…)

what the fuck is this shit

No. 409574

File: 1557759533772.png (176.74 KB, 1057x1627, Screenshot_2019-05-13-07-52-41…)

No. 409576

File: 1557759658510.png (251.83 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_2019-05-13-07-53-22…)

No. 409580

File: 1557759754766.png (201.37 KB, 1078x1560, Screenshot_2019-05-13-07-54-11…)

No. 409582

>And he’s WAY cooler than your “Boyfriend”
This is what a 12 year old would write about Sasuke on Deviantart

No. 409594

Emetophiles (vomit fetish) disgust me to no end, and the fact that its now a semi popular thing in porn to deep throat a woman so hard she pukes is utterly disgusting to me. Maybe its because I'm probably at least slightly emetophobic but just knowing some people are actually aroused by vomit is horrifying to me.

No. 409598


i love how these threesome bitches have the gall to whine about people doing the same thing to them.

No. 409599

>narcissistic compulsive disorder
This doesn't exist. LARP?

No. 409602

I hope so. My first thought was human trafficking, but the batshit stuff about personality disorders and abuse threw me off.

No. 409614

Not only it's disgusting, there are plenty of things that are disgusting but I don't mind, but I can't see a woman getting any pleasure out of this. I have done some DPs in my life and never to this point, I feel sorry for the women who feel the need to submit to a male with this fetish.

No. 409650

File: 1557784521854.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.97 MB, 960x540, white stuff.webm)

Unfortunately some girls can enjoy weird kinks, and that's why there are some women who enjoy pleasing men in weird ways.

No. 409652

This isn't even that weird compared to what you responded to but why do you have it saved

No. 409654

File: 1557785436908.png (Spoiler Image, 688.01 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20190513-230836~2.p…)

Reposting with spoilered image but this shit is gross and people who publicly make things this ugly should be ashamed

No. 409664

File: 1557787942775.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.95 MB, 960x540, ugh.webm)

I've just found another.

Spoilers because gross.

No. 409667

Do you guys think homosexuality is a kink?

No. 409669

No, because it isn’t purely sexual.

No. 409692

Are you retarded?

No. 409735

I knew a girl who fucked a guy on tinder, 3 days later she got some sort of rash on her boobs and face (where the guy cummed) she went to the dermatologist and he told her it was a bacteria which is present on the semen of people who either have sex with animals or corpses.
She started to investigate this guy and discover he worked in the local morgue…

No. 409740

That is seriously one of the grossest things I’ve ever read on here.

Also did she report the authorities? I’m pretty sure necrophilia is illegal.

No. 409745

What's the bacteria called?

No. 409746

That was a long time ago, 6 years ago maybe?
She didn’t take it as something which needed legal actions, at least in that moment. All I know (she is no longer my friend) is that she was really disgusted and wanted nothing to do with that guy ever again.

No. 409747

No idea(namefagging)

No. 409751

I swear I’ve heard this joke/horror story a million times

No. 409754

No. 409755

Well, I guess she lied to me, maybe that’s why she didn’t take legal actions lol

No. 409757

I hope https://www.patreon.com/Candy_Plastique isn't you bc you may just be in the wrong thread, pally

No. 409759

Time to go anonymous lol
(Not me)

No. 409938

>Why not become a male bangmaid?

Because women don't want this. I'm sure if there was a larger group of women who wanted stay at home husbands that were useful for nothing but sex and doing house chores there'd be plenty of men into that. But good luck finding a woman that would want that. There are more men who want it because it lets them get control over women and keep them in situations they can't easily escape from.

No. 409948

My stepdad is a house husband. My mom can't keep a clean house to save her life and she makes 100k USD a year, so she let him quit his awful job and stay at home. It has done wonders for their marriage.

No. 409953

My Husband was a House Husband as well for about 3 Months when he had lost his job and went from doing half the House work to all the House with the exception of vacuuming thats the one chore he refuses to do because he says it gives him a headache
anyway our relationship stayed pretty such the same before and after I just did less housework

No. 409954

>worked wonders for their marriage
imagine being unable to both work and share home responsibilities without sperging out and fighting, when they could both be working and bringing in >100k like plenty of other well adjusted people do

No. 409955

Kinks in general are fucking retarded. I understand turn-on's and things that might make you feel fuzzy inside, but I have never been able to understand or emphasize with people who are so deeply moved by a certain thing that they fiend and fixate on it. It's weak just like any other obsession.

No. 409973

>wanting to spoil your partner because you love them so much is wrong
>100k a year isn't enough money for you
You can pick on someone for using money to control, but if he hated the job and preferred being at home how is that degenerate and bad?

No. 409982

>wanting to spoil your partner because you love them so much is wrong
yeah it probably is. how well does that work out for people? don't spoil adults, wtf.

>if he hated the job and preferred being at home how is that degenerate and bad?

plenty of people hate their jobs and prefer to be at home. get a different job, wtf.

No. 409984

Seems we just have different opinions and tastes, that's fine.
The opinion of the couple is all that matters anyway ig. I hope you find a nice person to become a power couple with because that's also wholesome and cute.

No. 411663

File: 1558154602543.png (19.67 KB, 540x142, wtf.png)

Why are they like this?

No. 411664

>over a decade
>"known since she was 4"
Just makes me sad.

No. 411724

File: 1558174483783.png (Spoiler Image, 518.69 KB, 345x646, weew.PNG)

This disgusting bullshit is pretty popular with men, to the point there's this pretty popular subreddit for it

No. 411726

I don’t understand why, what’s so appealing about fucking someone who looks like they’re having a stroke

No. 411732

Is there anything men can't be memed into sexually?

No. 411759


Men always love gross stuff but some girls sure love degrading themselves pandering to them with that shit.

No. 411834

As with a lot of things wrong with modern sexuality it's an anime thing. There's so many bizarre fetishes I would not even know where you'd get that from or find material for it like seeing an x-ray of sperm hitting an ovum which is like something from a biology textbook but of course the answer is it's a hentai trope.

No. 411921


Oh good it's like that dumb ass hentai fetish where they'll have the dude's dick brutally beat the girl's cervix. I can't help but cringe when I think of it. That would be beyond painful

No. 411982

As much as the girls doing these try to look like anime girls though, they just look retarded or like they're suffering a stroke, as anon above mentioned.

No. 412218

File: 1558307193918.jpg (126.54 KB, 900x788, c15.jpg)

I legitimately do not understand bullshit like this. I do not understand how someone (it's pretty much always men) can look at a fucking pokemon and want to have sex with it. I cannot understand how any of these cartoon animals are sexy. Hell I can understand furries sometimes, depending on the character, but fucking pokemon?? What happened to these people as children to make them want to have sex with these things?

No. 412219

This, it doesn't look good IRL like the majority of hentai. Kind of like porn techniques don't actually feel good irl. IRL ahegao is among the most cringey shit you can do.

No. 412221

File: 1558307374776.png (617.32 KB, 558x613, Untitled.png)

No. 412228

If this was a guy theyd call him closeted homo well this chick is a closeted dyke hiding her pussy lust under a 'daddy'

No. 412232

literally everyone i know hates their jobs and usually do shit to fix that. I would love to stay at home but that isn't realistic. Most people understand they have to work and clean on their days off.

No. 412350

File: 1558329617884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 499.75 KB, 1380x1600, piddlefours2.jpg)

What the fuck is this? Amputated dogsuits?

No. 412361

At this point, if you are jerking off to things like this your computer needs to shut down automatically and you need to go outside.

No. 412363

The US used to execute men (not just black men) for non-homicidal rape/sex crimes. I think that should maybe be brought back, but I think, out of mercy and preservation for a happy, healthy society, these deviant art weird-as-fuck fetish freaks need to be put on that path to eventual execution because I think once they're capable of hitting stages like this, it's only going to get worse and they're likely to become insane predators trying to chop the limbs off of their Plenty of Fish dates.

No. 412366

They're not amputated, the suits fold their limbs back on themselves to give that appearance.

No. 412369

Are we supposed to think that's less weird?

No. 412396

Lmao why are you saying that as though it’s the most obvious thing in the world and we’re plebs for not getting that

No. 412464

Hate to break this to you, but they're supposed to look retarded. Hentai is full of "mind break" porn, where a girl is fucked so hard she has a mental breakdown. Which takes the form of her losing all her intelligence/personality/aversion to the male self-insert and desperately wanting to fuck him and be his slave. Ahegao is supposed to represent the exact moment the girl loses her mind, hence the screwy eyes and drooling mouth.

No. 412466

I'm sure all of us understand the hentai trope, the point is irl it doesn't look like "sexy losing your mind from pleasure" like in the pic related but like someone having some kind of medical attack. It's just one of those anime/hentai things that's incapable of looking good in real life.

No. 412474

It’s also so weird that girls will film themselves sitting/standing there normally and then making the face for no reason when it’s supposed to be the “can’t help how stupid I look because I’m being fucked out of my mind” face. But they’re just sitting alone in their room not doing anything so it looks even more tryhard and like a severe mental disability or a cat throwing up. As other anons have said somewhere around before though men can get memed into attraction to anything.

No. 412484

File: 1558358904890.jpg (210.2 KB, 1071x1000, 13983928.jpg)

ahegao can happen to men too anon don't be so close-minded!

No. 412499

curious does ahegao happen to the guy doing the fucking
like a dude is being ridden so hard that he mind breaks and makes a ahegao face

No. 412510

Sometimes femdom doujinshi has that

No. 412532

File: 1558364526113.png (199.19 KB, 705x554, Untitled.png)

ahegao looks best on boys!

No. 412552

Damn, you wern't kidding, it does!

No. 412571

but he's the one getting fucked I'm talking about the guy doing the fucking making a ahegao face

No. 412575

Guy doing the fucking making ahegao face isnt a kink i knew I had until right this very moment holy SHIT

No. 412580

it looks gross and stupid not matter if is a men or a women

No. 412581

File: 1558370005391.jpg (60.06 KB, 500x280, e5d45eab567d9a84e7e61477fabb6f…)

>kinkshaming men for being into the ahegao meme face
>turns out some kinkshame anons are into it in reverse

I think it's all big cringe in real life, but if you've grown up a hentaifag it's normalized in the 2D realm.
Not that it's a good thing to have felt out your sexuality through animu porn, it's just how it is.

No. 412638

Yeah. One time I read a Touken Ranbu dj where a woman fucked some of the sword boys and it had male ahegao.

No. 412694

Anime was a mistake.

No. 412720

it's cringe irl because it ruins the point of it. it's supposed to be a drooly, slackjawed lack of facial control, cause the sex is that good. so shitty thot selfies where they're doing it for no reason makes no sense. i like ahegao as a concept because it's a super visual extreme of an O face, which is usually clenching rather than relaxing.

No. 412736

it’s funny how it’s morphed into this tamed down selfie version…go back to 2007 and the origins are in stuff like taimanin asagi, which made sense because the girls were being raped by demons (and pissing/shitting themselves) so i always thought of it like a combination of orgasm and relief from poop/piss lol, not so sexy now eh

No. 412762

File: 1558414976496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.13 KB, 564x484, fd77afa3133ef94552f7c74dd0a90d…)

girls doing it irl look retarded.

anime boys doing it look great.

No. 412764

men have no taste is why

No. 412765

This looks absolutely retarded and ugly. Weebs have no taste

No. 412769

they look worse, fujoshit

No. 412771

It's so true. Weebs have absolutely 0 taste. It's embarrassing.

No. 412871

File: 1558449007631.png (812.62 KB, 1117x3383, 1558414910937.png)

No. 412886

File: 1558451299382.jpg (25.19 KB, 236x283, a2df1ebafc299ffcd0c3ea68e4cde2…)

get fucked scrote
and make a funny face while you're at it

No. 412894

The absolute state of human sexuality, we should’ve stayed monkeys.

No. 412902

Nta but ahegao is hot, you can shame me as much as you want.

No. 412906

Why do so many anons keep coming to this thread to talk about their kinks, just go discuss it in /g

No. 412922

anon we get it you get off hentai tropes in yaoi, get out, is gross and they look like retards we are in kinkshaming thead, so you are making a fool of yourself

No. 412933

File: 1558457623041.jpeg (103.28 KB, 640x853, 84DCAB4B-8DE4-49D9-ABCD-833965…)


Just finished a few chapters and the book starts with her rubbing herself across desks and mentioning her body a lot

It really reads like a man wrote this shite

Does anyone have any good (smut) book recommendations?

No. 412935

they can't keep it to themselves, they're always crawling all over /ot/ like rodents chattering about their fetishes in non fetish threads

No. 412939


No. 412955

I also thought it sounded suspiciously like a female character written by a man, with lines such as "flushing down the remains of my hymen into the toilet" - wtf, that's not how the body works!

No. 412956

Why can't the artist just draw an o face without calling it some stupid name. Anime culture is so dumb, unsexy and autistic.

No. 412974

File: 1558465661582.png (Spoiler Image, 461.18 KB, 833x646, un.png)

Very unhealthy

No. 412983

Honestly, why are you and other weirdos here actually posting pics…it reads like this thread is just lowkey content collecting general.

No. 412984

Wow, she was so lucky to have a figure like that and then boom, she's literally unrecognizable. That's crazy. I'd give anything for proportions like that and to ruin yourself for a fetish? Damn.

No. 412988

ahegao translates to o face, retard.

japan does use it's own language, jsyk.

No. 412993

You mean showing content to laugh at

No. 413014

I bet you are the type of chinese cartoon fan to write oppai instead of boobs.

No. 413015

nah I’m just a woman that hates yaoi, don’t see the appeal of it, never did and never will

No. 413017

The feeders that focus on fattening other people up are trash, but I don't see the too much of an issue with the people that get off on doing it to themselves. I'm kind of jealous of those people if anything. They only need themselves to be fulfilled and from what I understand the kink works like a feedback loop.

No. 413086

File: 1558484413839.png (27.49 KB, 626x314, tlc uk program.png)

Category: Best anime crossover
Country: UK

No. 413106

bruh, we're talking about the one from japanese media it's a unique thing. i guess you think using the word sushi is weeby too, eh?

No. 413345

People who are into verbal degradation legitimately disgust me. Wtf is wrong with them?

No. 413357

It's one of those fetishes I don't understand.
I bet they love this site though!

No. 413362

Lmao, I know how ironic my OP sounds, but I was thinking about doms more than subs.

No. 413372

Just another form of power trip, doesn't everyone want power? It's one of the easiest motivations to understand. Power = freedom, power = security. Basic human desires.

Subs are just mentally ill. There are a lot of studies on how it's possible to break a person mentally until they internalize learned helplessness. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learned_helplessness Subs must have been broken some time during their childhood.

No. 413505

File: 1558591019786.png (36.34 KB, 945x361, s.PNG)

libfems and wokebros try to assure a male that it's okay to keep watching horribly misogynistic sissy porn and he shoulnd't at all try to fix himself


No. 413559

Feet are cute

No. 413562

Patrician taste, anon.

No. 413585

There's a difference between desiring the sense of power that comes from freedom and security, and desiring power over others. In the latter instance, it is denying that freedom from others. I don't think that you should conflate those things, and attempt to normalize it as something everyone wants. Like, no. There's a difference between desiring freedom and control over your own life and things that only affect you, and being an overly-domineering fuck.

No. 415052

File: 1558954516321.png (28.4 KB, 883x299, 89899.PNG)

like this

No. 415068

Playing devil's advocate here, but by that same logic you're arguing that lesbians who use dildos are actually straight.

No. 415084

Honestly I’d say it’s gayer to want to fuck lady ass than have your own asshole played with

No. 415101

lets just agree that all forms Anal sex/Anal play is disgusting

No. 415104

it's the most homosexual male thing possible. it does absolutely nothing for a woman, whether she's the top or bottom.
>inb4 "the anus has so many nerves and it can stimulate the clit if you try hard enough!!!"
i get that some women might be into having it licked or stuff but penetrating it with a penis won't do anything since women don't have prostates. it only makes sense for gay males.

No. 415161

>it does absolutely nothing for a woman, whether she's the top or bottom.

How come some women report they enjoy doing that, more than vaginal?

No. 415164

And as for top, you can get double ended/clit stimulating strap-ons so it can be pleasurable for women.

No. 415167

No anon, unless it's vanilla and PIV, it's gross and no woman could possibly like it. You gotta play into the narrative.
TBH though I understand why some women might like pegging but being on the receiving side just doesn't seem fun at all.

No. 415169

if they genuinely enjoy it and aren't faking it for the man, they are a very small percentage. it's probably mostly psychological, the female anatomy doesn't have a system that gives you pleasure out of anal penetration, it's like forcing a dick up someone's earhole.

No. 415177

your vagina can be stimulated through your rectum in unique pleasurable ways since they're not separated by much tissue

No. 415181

I understand the pushback against anal as it has been normalized to the point some men think it's count as regular vanilla sex, but I don't see the point in pretending like no woman ever has enjoyed it. Why assume that every single woman who claims to enjoy anal sex are lying handmaidens? Why couldn't some of them just have a particular anatomy or a specific fetish that make it enjoyable for them?

No. 415185

I think a lot of women get off on the idea of doing something "taboo" or whatever, which means they convince themselves through sexual arousal that anal feels good. Like conditioning yourself?

No. 415187

it can feel good in it's own right if you avoid discomfort from not enough lubrication/foreplay/men learning how to have sex from porn, but that applies to vaginal too

No. 415189

Not really, it can feel good physically in a very… specific way. Just like taking a really big shit can feel good. It's not really something you crave every day or can get off on on its own but y'know.

No. 415191

tbh the thought of shitdick is enough to repulse me. it's probably a lot of work for people who do anal(receiving) to clean up all the time

No. 415198

Maybe with a ton of lube it’s pleasurable for some women, and consent is very important. But I think some men just automatically think women like it. I was anally raped by my boyfriend at a young age and I screamed. It hurt like literal hell fire and I screamed and cried and he said “I thought that’s what girls liked?” No. It fucking hurts unless you do preparation. You can’t spontaneously put your dick in someone’s ass and I think porn normalising it is harmful.

No. 415199

Yeah, I think anal is quite pleasurable when done right, I even like it when I'm solo. The problem is that most straight guys aren't aware of how it works, that you need lube and some preparation… It's not just about shoving it in.

No. 415200

most straight guys don't even know what a clit is lmao

No. 415201

Don't even fuck (again) with a guy who isn't willing to be communicative and listen to what you like, I can forgive not knowing how to pleasure at first sight but be willing to learn.

No. 415208

File: 1558983572571.png (107.75 KB, 879x552, 983Y9H3F.png)

/r/Misogynyfetish is full of cringe roleplays filled with unimaginative insults (You… You cunt, you're only good for your holes, uh let me fill you up with my hot jizz! Am I a dom already???) and I can't help picture a really ugly fat men writing them. Or a scrawny little 15 yrs old.

No. 415209

File: 1558983655068.png (68.78 KB, 863x263, LBEFU38.png)

No. 415213

I hate this and I hate you for posting it.

No. 415229

if you listen closely you can actually hear the loneliness leaking out of these comments.

No. 415265

these sound like mad libs

No. 415271

MH derail so sage, but do you think most men actually think like this, deep down? I'd like to believe not.

No. 415295

this is so disgusting. i cant believe there are actually women who are pathetic and self hating enough to post themselves on there, that is unless someone is stealing their pictures and posting it there instead of them.

i dont want to get too man-hatey, but isnt it funny how women degrading themselves for mens pleasure is normal and often even expected, while the reverse isnt.

No. 415299

Not really. Don't let this website distort your view of people. For fuck's sake, those screenshots are from Reddit.

No. 415326

Honestly most men's psyches revolve around being selected by women (or not), the opposite of considering women objects with no agency. That's why it's such a common cope insult.

No. 415536

I think the majority of men pick up sexist beliefs about women from their environment in varying degrees. I wouldn't say all of them think these things, but a lot more men than most women would like to admit do.

But what is even the point of anal when you could just stimulate these areas directly? Even if that is true I seriously don't understand why going through all of the trouble preparing for anal so it doesn't feel like your asshole is being ripped apart, and even getting an enema/starving yourself so you don't shit on his dick is even worth it. Like just stimulate the clit/vagina then jesus christ…
This is why anons think most women who claim to be into anal must be tolerating that bullshit only to please their man. It doesn't make any sense.

No. 415580

because it's a specific feeling stimulating an area that's sensitive in it's own ways, it being an alternative to vaginal can be the appeal for whatever reason and can involve little prep if you're not trying to recreate rough porn

there's women who use anal penetration when masturbating without any man involved since it, well, can feel nice

No. 416139

File: 1559204885900.png (36.13 KB, 1287x315, f.PNG)

from the femdom thread
>lie back and let me do something to him that he might not even find pleasurable,
>but I will definitely enjoy
>he's going to do it anyway because I want it.
>I trained him to enjoy what I enjoy

No. 416197

People who like the sex less because their partner is enjoying it are fucking gross. I usually only see disgusting men express these types of sentiments but I'm not shocked hearing it from the femdoms on this website.

No. 416218

maybe this is just me being a vanilla normie but i would feel really dehumanized if this was how my partner saw me, especially if he said that something is less enjoyable if i am already into it. aren't these bdsm relationships supposed to be consensual and discussed in detail?

No. 416230

This sounds just like men who pressure their girlfriends into anal.
Maybe it's because I'm just a gentle domme/service top (I expect bullying itt so go ahead) but mirroring the shittiest of men would do nothing for me. I'm even into pegging but only if my partner would also enjoy it.
Even if it is like she said later and it's just a soft rather than hard limit for him, anything unenthusiastic would Feel Bad Man.

No. 416395

I bet you love to shit.

No. 416857

File: 1559416464303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.21 KB, 988x1400, 2815604 - Croc Family_Guy Lois…)

Not exactly kink related, but why do so many rule 34 characters ditch a characters on model body and just slap there face on a random sexy body. Like its to thr point you can't even tell its the orginal character.

No. 416865

Maybe TMI but I have forced myself to shit when masturbating before. Anal stuff can feel good, it's just not for everyone.

No. 416872

Like… Did you masturbate on the toilet or where did you shit? On your bed?

No. 416876

File: 1559420830801.jpg (14.82 KB, 320x320, 1531480777972.jpg)

Anon… I'm gonna have to shame your kink

No. 416900

Lel, I've noticed that and it's pretty ridiculous. If you find the character attractive, why not in their original form? It's weird and looks stupid.

Also related to your pic, I hate /straightshota/fags.

No. 416915

>>415536 I am being shamed lmao. piv for me is hella uncomfy and i honestly enjoy and get off to anal and clit stimuli, so it's not just because of men, nonny.

No. 416936

dat degenerate logic:
hole meant for putting things in feels uncomfy of course but waste-exist-only hole feels a-ok

No. 416954

File: 1559436570317.png (363.38 KB, 909x1267, scatlas.png)

Everybody in this thread needs to commit Sudoku immediately. Your fetishes are disgusting and anime is AIDS

No. 416962

gynecologists exist for a reason. piv isn't supposed to hurt.

No. 416964

>I am being shamed lmao.
That is the point of this thread…

No. 416968

I can visualize the type of person who wrote this and I hate it, I hate it so much. This is why kinkshaming exists.

No. 416971

File: 1559442432518.png (196.21 KB, 1607x949, scatlas guy.PNG)

Good lord

No. 416972

File: 1559442793954.jpeg (554.98 KB, 1125x1931, 81866506-BF2B-4283-A99C-27667C…)

DDLG memes are a cringe fest

No. 416982

File: 1559444572842.jpg (17.84 KB, 601x601, 447.jpg)

The lower bottom picture about wanting to shun responsibilities is THE most pathetic thing I've seen this week. People who idealize childhood because they're lazy pieces of shit are the worst. I'm not shitting on people who are truly in a bad situation and want to disengage. However all LG fetishists I've ever met that consider themselves smol and the like were truly insufferable wastes of human space.

Toughen up or find the nearest bridge and jump.

No. 416993

The trivia part killed me

No. 417022

Anon why did you feel the need to tell everyone you play with poop

No. 417030

I was going to put in the post that anon was replying to saying "some enjoy holding in their shits" but didn't include it since it seemed too weird but glad you went ahead and one upped me

No. 417037

she probably has vaginismus tbh. i have it and it makes penetration range from slightly uncomfortable to intensely painful

No. 417149

yeah and most normal people have analismus by default.

No. 417461

File: 1559564308303.png (20.64 KB, 720x159, Screenshot_2019-06-03-08-16-02…)

No. 417487

I'm so dead kek. I like how he thinks monogatari shows profound human connection bc he will never experience real intimacy. Anime is so cancerous bc it makes men think of really mundane things as sexual bc uwu everything a girl does is lewd like we're not just normal humans.
My friend knows a guy who loves monogatari that got in trouble for talking about his sister's feet online.

No. 417577

File: 1559587617179.jpg (88.05 KB, 1067x265, barf.JPG)

It's worse than you think if this scrot is telling the truth.

No. 417578

File: 1559587871004.jpg (94.29 KB, 1185x796, barf2.JPG)

double post but if I had to see this, I am going to drag you to hell with me
>Your family are keepers, marry them!
>I was a bit confused while reading the upper part on the book cover, thought I'm missing something obvious despite not knowing the language. Then the friggin' author told me everything I needed, your family sure knows their stuff, and seem to have a good sense of humour.


No. 417590

I don't know why women that are uncomfortable with lolis and know men that enjoy that stuff are fucked up would still date a loser like that.

No. 417606

once they admit to liking lolis it's legit time firing squad time

No. 417758

There's an annoying chick with a vore fetish who's been screeching loudly on twitter lately. I found out about her from a friend who's been exploring some degeneracy rabbit holes.

Her fetish is disturbingly specific: the character getting eaten has to be an 'innocent and undeserving' woman with 'hopes and dreams'. And the character eating her has to be a 'handsome and possessive' serial killer/sadist. If anyone complains or points out how fucked up her fetish is, she'll screech 'muh kinkshaming' and go on long tirades about 'being accepting' on her social media accounts.

Here's some examples of her "owning those kinkshamers" by drawing and word-vomitting degenerate shit. Be warned, her art/stories are not for the faint of heart.


I'm surprised no one on Kiwifarms has looked into her yet. I'd say she's a good candidate for her own thread/video.

Also try not to shitpost or interact with her too much, or else she might go full damage control mode. Archive what you can if you'd like.

No. 417766

>"That's a subtle way to call you a pedo!"
>"Are you implying something, OP?"
>"Your family thinks you're a kid diddler?"

If only those comments were serious and unironic. Lolicons should be gassed.

No. 417795

Vore is one of those fetishes like inflation that's inherently cringy since it's physically impossible and obviously something they got from some cartoon or anime as a kid.

No. 417834

File: 1559654018091.png (72.05 KB, 835x202, 00088D0D38FF20.png)

I hate ddlgfags.

No. 417839

File: 1559655102490.gif (3.59 MB, 450x308, 1238018231.gif)

I need to stop reading this thread. This shit just ain't right.

No. 418011

This is probably someone who was abused as a child and adopted this fantasy as a means to cope. Very sad. Still disgusting.

No. 418139

File: 1559707347555.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.73 KB, 708x866, 5.jpg)

why do people want to fuck things like this

how broken are they

warning for porn of a fucking koopa from mario

No. 418144

Dang, like an earhole? This means if I apply lube my man can make me feel like a womyn and fuck my ear at full force?

No. 418148

File: 1559708411732.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.26 KB, 800x650, illust_58510890_20190523_15043…)

idk dude

No. 418150


No. 418164

fucking vile

No. 418683

why would you admit this?

this thread is now cursed

No. 419111

File: 1559871739620.jpg (35.02 KB, 452x692, cbe1d06e0bb6978a3d9edebd9a8419…)

assaulting people who practice ddlg should be decriminalized. they make my fucking skin crawl. they are lost causes as human beings.

No. 419114

File: 1559872060680.png (74.74 KB, 552x388, Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.1…)

No. 419129

File: 1559873931141.jpeg (59.07 KB, 640x568, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

No. 419145

When I was younger and naive I kid you not there was a girl like poop anon who would always talk about poop and sex in high school. She legit told me people get off to the idea about their fetish and try to pass it as normal by doing slick shit like farting near peoples faces and talking about bathroom toilet shit.

Also many dd/lg cancers overlap with this and diaper shitting / wetting and they get horny doing it in public near unsuspecting people. I learned this the hard way on tumblr.


No. 419149

I felt this post take 10 years off of my life.

No. 419150

God. I vaguely expected what I would be reading considering this is a kinkshaming thread… but as a rape victim… holy shit. I hate those people. I really want them to die in a fire.
My relationship with my father fucked me up so bad. It's true that I feel sexual arousal when I am being abused. My brain is fucked up completely from the experience. But I realise it is fucked up and am in therapy instead of advertising my issues as a kink to the whole internet.

No. 419163

It should be illegal to post this.

No. 419166

> it's probably mostly psychological, the female anatomy doesn't have a system that gives you pleasure out of anal penetration, it's like forcing a dick up someone's earhole.
With the amount of women openly claiming to enjoy or even sometimes prefer anal. You would have to believe that it is the greatest conspiracy of all time if they are lying. And the whole scam must have started in Ancient Mesopotamia.
It's far easier to believe the us.

No. 419182

I think women "enjoying" anal is just a testament to how little women enjoy (physically) PIV. There is no pleasure sensation, only just a general amusement of getting attention and people inserting things in you. A zone with no physical means of attaining pleasure can still seem pleasurable since that description also applies to the vagina.

Of course paying attention to the clitoris is too confusing so our options are anal or PIV, both for men's pleasure, one also keeping the lube industry alive.

No. 419188

Just because you personally don't get anything from vaginal stimulation doesn't mean no women do.
The clit is important but using a dildo at the same time makes it so much better for me.

No. 419191

I'm a virgin, but recently had an injury in my butt lol and getting examined there surprisingly didn't hurt one bit - contrary to when at the gyno. I'd be much less scared to try anal than normal sex.
Maybe it's the same for other women too, that vaginal feels more vulnerable to them (especially with the added risk of pregnancy)?

No. 419222

>there is no pleasure sensation
Some people genuinely enjoy having their armpits licked, it's a tiny percentage, but you can't tell people their enjoyment isn't real. You can't tell me I don't enjoy PIV because you aren't me. Whether or not the actual pleasure is happening in the nerve endings of someone's asshole or in their brains making connections between the stimulation and pleasure is irrelevant, because either way they ARE enjoying it. It's just rediculous to act like they aren't or speak for the whole species on anything that subjective. It's as stupid as saying "I hate pictures of unicorns, and any woman that likes them is just lying to fit into societal ideas".
I hate anal and I hate that porn culture and pickmeism is pressuring women to do it despite obvious health risks and a low return of people who actually enjoy it. However, for whatever weird reason, some women do like it.
Acting like women can't make their own decisions on what they don't like because we're so easily swayed and don't know what's best for us is patronising as fuck.

No. 419237

dammit never thought the first time I'd disagree with anons on here would be about anal lmao. I've only done anal once and it was pretty pleasurable (yeah I have no idea how either considering its more a pornsick male type fantasy) but then again my partner was pretty attentive and took at least more than 15 mins to help me prep/stretch and made sure i wasn't in pain a majority of the time.he wasn't small either but idk when he went deep, it felt really good…lol

No. 419252

There's no way those tumblr posts weren't made by a larping man.

Why go on about how good anal is in a kinkshaming thread tho? If you want to tell everyone how much you love anal you could just go to the confessions thread or one of the sex threads in /g/, no shit (no pun intended) it won't be well received in here.

No. 419266

>Why go on about how good anal is
Did you even read >>419222 at all? I'm going on about how we can't just push our own likes or dislikes on everyone. Nobody here is telling you that anal is always amazing for everybody and to all do it, my post literally said I hated it, we're arguing that other people can have a different experience to you.
Other anons clearly don't care religiously about anal either, they just don't want someone else to tell them what they can and can't like

No. 419277

I don't doubt that anal can feel good, but just because something is pleasurable doesn't mean you should do it. I don't understand how someone, man or woman, can look at a hole poop comes out of and think "wow, I want to fuck that".

No. 419279

Why go on about how good anal is in a kinkshaming thread tho?
Because it's getting to the point where it is about as kinky as oral sex was ten years ago. We already have grandmas on here insinuating that PIV sex is not physically pleasurable. It may not work for you but your amateur anatomist opinions aren't useful for anyone else.

No. 419303

Feet. Can someone please explain to me how men can look at goofy ass fuckin feet and somehow pop a boner. Yes, I get that they have pleasurable nerve endings but these men are willing to spend thousands on photos of them, I honestly understand weirdo niche fetishes like cake farting more than feet because of just how out there that is. But feet? They see them every day when they put their shoes on??

No. 419306

lmao no it's just acknowledging basic female anatomy. what women are you talking about? pornstars in anal videos who make hours of preparation and fake everything to please straight men? i don't know why some of you are coming to the kinkshaming thread to say how much you enjoy anal. it's okay if you do, but most women don't because women do not have prostates. so many women can't even come from vaginal penetration alone, how do you think most women are going to be into anal? like i said it's okay if you're into it but it's just the reality that most women understandably won't enjoy it. because of porn many straight men are expecting anal as if they are in a gay relationship.

No. 419308

File: 1559918291870.png (67.08 KB, 1000x1000, boobs-butt-and-feet-comic.png)

Comic related is the only explanation. Foot fetishists are just regular people.. that have been hit on the head too much. Though if it makes you feel any better, it's not a male affliction only. I've know some that were lesbians as well. Ignore them whenever possible but remember they exist if you're absolutely desperate for quick influx of cash.

No. 419310

>but most women don't because women do not have prostates
We only believe the prostate can make men orgasm because some men claim it does. There is no more scientific evidence for it than the existence of the g-spot. Let me guess, you think the g-spot is made up by pornsick men too, don't you?

No. 419311

Feet are usually markers of femininity (smaller than men's, less hairy than men's, a lot of women like to keep them looking nice with shoe choice, pedicures, nail varnish, rings, ect) and there's also the dom/sub angle of them being sensitive to tickling/pain or the lowest part of someones body that can be considered dirty and submissive to attend to.

No. 419315

Don't they electrocute an animals prostate to get a sperm sample out of them all the time on farms?

No. 419318

That's an involuntary muscle contraction.The animal doesn't have to be aroused at all. Cumming does not equal orgasm.
In fact that's how some couples conceive children if the man's penis is dysfunctional.

No. 419325

Please don't be stupid. If a doctor requires a semen collection he can stimulate the prostate manually and get a sample. The only reason they don't do this all the time is that some dudes get pissy about it because it calls their flimsy manhood into question. It's not porn, it's fucking anatomy.

No. 419326

it's not made up and that is the point, males are able to enjoy being the bottom in anal because of the prostate, there isn't an equivalent of a prostate in females' anuses. it's not hard to put two and two together anon.

No. 419328

File: 1559921212588.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.99 KB, 250x182, 250px-2604_Nerves_Innervating_…)

As long as we're talking about anatomy, let's bring up the Pudendal nerve. The master nerve for the clit, penis, prostate, and g-spot. Look at where it is located in the pelvis.

No. 419329

Like the other anon said. Cumming is ≠ to orgasm.

No. 419333

>only believe the prostate can make men orgasm because some men claim it does

lrn2anatomy, wtf is this some men shit

No. 419346

The prostate has not been demonstrated to be a specific erogenous zone like the glans or the clit are. We only have the reports from men who claim it is. That doesn't mean we should ignore them. Because it would be stupid to believe that they are all making it up. Same goes for women and anal sex.

No. 419376

Why are we still discussing poop pushing and how enjoyable it is in the kinkshaming thread, are some anons genuinely retarded enough to expect to not be shamed in a thread specifically meant for that

No. 419379

this whole thread has been full of that. everyone who doesn't have a degree in sexual anatomy should sit the fuck down anyway. the whole argument back and fourth has just been "i read x online and my position is pure and unbiased!"

No. 419456

I fucking HATE this recent trend of some sorts of cervix shit. Men thinking it can be penetrated (link related), that it's actually the G-spot, etc. I've seen so much incel "superior Tyrone dick reaches into the cervix, when will your puny white dick?" cuck fetish bullshit as well


I had no idea hentai ideas had become so widespread. It's like. men had no idea what a cervix was before hentai and now they're all obsessed with it. There's probably countless women in pain from having their cervices brutally slammed into because men actually believe this stuff is pleasurable. And yeah sure, for some women it is, but that's definitely not the majority opinion.

No. 419466

The only one pushing it was poop anon, everyone else was shaming her

No. 419477

I was not trying to convince anyone to enjoy anal. I know I do from the moment I started pushing for shits when masturbating. I don't do it a lot now, I think it was just a puberty thing.

No. 419480

Most men don’t know where the clit it is, let alone the cervix. The ones that go on about it are just genuinely retarded and think that their Japanese cartoons are an actual reflection of sex and real life. The cervix can’t even be easily reached - the vaginal canal curves around it specifically so it doesn’t just get rammed into, even when the cervix is extremely low and swollen the penis is redirected around it. The type of men that glorify stuff like this just think of women’s anatomy like shiny pebbles, touch it all with your dick and you’re the alpha

No. 419483

>because of porn many straight men are expecting anal as if they are in a gay relationship.

This. Every relationship I've had men have expected anal because they are used to seeing it in porn and because their ex gfs used to do anal. This entire topic is bumming me out; I can't believe so many of you are pro-anal. This is why my bf keeps pressuring me and implying I'm a prude. It's because of all of these women who cave in and do anal and UwU love it so much! It's just the best feeling, right girls? I've never been so disappointed in the people who post here.

No. 419494

>I've never been so disappointed in the people who post here.
You should explain to your bf that anal will never be on the table. and if that is a dealbreaker, he should find someone else. Being disappointed in people who enjoy it implies that we are obligated to meet your expectations. We aren't.

No. 419497

I don't understand anal myself but anon's bf sounds like a fucking jerk. Many straight guys I've dated weren't into anal, and the ones that were and were assholes to me about anal weren't worth continuing to date.

No. 419501

I straight up refuse and he wont ask. porn or no porn, it's a no from me. dont give in. they can stick it up their own arse.

No. 419507

the guy i'm with wants to do it every time we have sex even though i've done it several times to shut him up and i've already told him i don't like it. i feel like part of why men want to do it so badly is because we're less likely to get any pleasure from it, notice how when most people talk about benefits of anal it's mostly scrots talking about how much it feels better for them, hardly anything is about what makes their girlfriends feel good

No. 419512

I'm wheezing. This guy sells the shoes that get soaked. The comments are even ridiculous as the video. Some guy asking where a specific brand of shoes are getting wet.

No. 419514

>the guy i'm with wants to do it every time we have sex
Anal requires at least 30 minutes of prep if you're lucky. If he got his wish, he would be having sex far less often.
If he really wants to do it exclusively, it has shifted from being a fun kink to a low grade fetish. My bf and I have probably never done it more than twice a month. Explain to him that this concerns you, and if he throws a fit or shuts down, that's a big red flag.

No. 419517


>the cervix can't even be easily reached

Not all women!

No. 419542

Just take a shit on his dick already. That's what I did. I fucking shitted on purpose and he never asked for anal again.

No. 419558

I dunno, that might end up backfiring because he'll end up liking it and men are degenerates (wow who would've thought)

No. 419656

I've had mine hit and it hurt like you'd imagine having an internal organ hit would hurt like

No. 419878

File: 1560062936707.png (78.39 KB, 854x306, OFEF00E33R4002E0.png)

No. 419879

File: 1560063123619.png (43.76 KB, 853x202, FEUIFE000FF3G00.png)

Both from /r/rapeworld

I'm honestly kinda scared for the first girl, imagine having your closest male friend fantasizing about brutally raping you…

No. 419887

tbh I assumed it was a female from the mention of fingers and fists since men cant go one post without mentioning muh dick at the best of times
stalks the poster
ah, a FtM, of course

No. 419890

God I feel like that just makes it worse. Internalised misogyny to the point she now wishes to rape her best friend. Disgusting.

No. 419916

This made me scream. Kind of regret having the thread of my copper IUD shortened, otherwise I would just use it as a protective shield and sting the guy when he tries that shit kek

No. 419921

>This is why my bf keeps pressuring me and implying I'm a prude.
All else aside, you shouldn't even be dating this retard in the first place. If you're not setting firm boundaries from the start men will get the impression that they can walk all over you. Grow a spine.

No. 419972

File: 1560097677309.png (93.15 KB, 1797x708, this how white men see our peo…)

i'm surprised there's only been one mention of raceplay in this entire thread so far, venturing onto r/raceplay is a wild fucking ride for sure. these messages are only a fifth of the total i received after my morbid curiosity drove me to make a post to see what i'd get. as an eurasian girl myself, the fact that there are dozens of men who fantasize of bringing a child into this world purely to fuel their twisted, sickening fetishes repulses me to my very core. men like this could even by my own father…

No. 419973

File: 1560098042616.gif (2.76 MB, 255x234, 1426017958389.gif)

i'm sorry but these are so cringey i can't help but laugh

>white guys trying to make "BWC" a thing

No. 419977

Stop anon, you're turning me off white men even more than usual. We're in the negatives.

No. 419979

This is just further confirmation to date and marry anyone NOT white, thanks anon

No. 419983

I had anal sex with him last night for the first time and he wasn't even grateful. I wish I was dead honestly.

No. 419988

Anon you really need to speak with your partner about this. If he really loves you he wouldn't mind not having anal sex with you. If he does mind he is honestly not worth it and you should just break up. Believe it or not but there are actually plenty of men who don't feel the need to have anal sex with their partner and won't pressure them into it.

No. 419992

You need to sit this motherfucker down and have a nice little chat with him…

No. 419995

File: 1560102616859.jpg (46.8 KB, 371x470, 782a4ba647a35d3ebb33da3ba98516…)

>"Colonizing you"
Kek, this feels like some weird SNL sketch. It doesn't help that I can only imagine those losers in some tacky middle ages garb.

No. 420000


If we call it play, then it's totally not racism we swear!!!

No. 420002

I have zero guilt about feeling disdain and disgust towards people who date outside their race. Vile creatures the lot of them.

No. 420007

Quads of truth. It's the same dumbass logic for people who think misogyny is a 'kink'.

Not every interracial couple gets together because of perverted fetishistic shit, anon. Some people just fall in love normally.

No. 420011

Dump him already! What are you even doing with him? Do you hate yourself so much and value yourself so little you'd rather be with such a lowlife jerk than to be single ?

I swear to god, you girls need a reality check. How is it even possible women are still dating douchebags like this? Lowkey reminds me of that anon in the confessions thread admitting to letting her boyfriend watch child porn of her while they were having sex.

No. 420012

If it weren't for their perverted fetish they wouldn't feel any attraction to each other in the first place.

No. 420013

I was about to give a genuine reply as a mixed person but then you revealed that you're just a /pol/tard.

No. 420023

her explanation is she was raped and then had sexual fantasies of being raped and now she's transitioned wants to be the rapist so she can make the victims sexually fantasize about being raped like she did… yeah

No. 420075

are these retards really getting off on racist stereotypes? i personally don't care if someone is attracted to a certain race but when it gets to this point, it becomes really creepy and dehumanizing.

No. 420099

Don't ever let a scrote have that effect on your mood, they don't have that kind of value. Throw his ass out and don't look back.

No. 420414

You did exactly what we told you not to do. Just stop letting men walk all over you.

No. 420434

File: 1560200236807.png (23.64 KB, 1229x180, slob.PNG)

men can be memed into loving anything

No. 420455

File: 1560203835571.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, 1524943080035.png)

You were warned

No. 420477

File: 1560207471732.png (465.18 KB, 822x707, Screenshot.PNG)

No. 420593

Looks like he was lying

No. 422204

File: 1560559877942.jpg (544.17 KB, 750x1155, 1560440601662.jpg)

I hope that all mainstream funding sites are going to ban porn one day.

No. 422216

File: 1560567625550.jpeg (66.41 KB, 640x480, 59521A0C-345F-4628-863B-B3FAAE…)


Join us

No. 423868

File: 1561004226915.jpg (460.19 KB, 626x2452, index.jpg)

I'm a fujo but I cannot fucking stand shit like this, women who have this much self hatred and involve it in BL/yaoi are disgusting. I'm happy that the community has a more feminist aspect to it at least among the older fans.

I just can't stand women having self hatred kinks of any kind, it's disgusting especially when there's alt right bullshit thrown in no matter the genders in question.

No. 423871

it all started with mpreg tbh. joking aside, i feel like we knew we should be ashamed about liking yaoi in the past because it's inherently 'problematic'. mixing it with politics was probably the worst thing these women could do. i actually thought it was an act of narcissism when they started including vaginas in their creations and i've never saw this brand of self-hatred (this pic) until now. it wouldn't surprise me if these fakebois called themselves mras at this point.

No. 423872


Hold the phone- this was made by a woman? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I like BL stuff myself, but am weirded out by a lot of the self-hating female stuff present in quite a bit of it. It's just weird and, look, if you have to make your one female character an insufferable ass- why put her in at all, you know?

No. 423875

>women dont deserve the wonders that are heterosexual men
lmao boo fucking hoo

No. 423882

It'd be so funny. God. I'm so sick of seeing porn everywhere. It's so sad that kids can't search for any kid related series without seeing porn in the tags on sites like that.

No. 423888

How do you know this was made by a woman? Judging by the art style alone it seems like a man did it.

No. 423892

Literally everything about this reads like it was written by a man. Your finger is not on the pulse of female writing. It could be a woman but is far more likely to be a man.

No. 423894

Right? It's literally about /pol/ and /tttt/. If that doesn't scream scrot, I don't know what does. If the artist claims to be a woman I would assume it's a tranny. There are a lot of predatory gay troons trying to 'turn' guys on 4chan into sissies and so on, they demonize women while they're at it so it seems like their style.

No. 423902

Kek, it'll be many decades before an artificial womb is ever a thing.

While I love the idea, we can"t forget how complex pregnancy is, the hormones involved or even just how the sound of a mother's voice can affect a fetus' development.

Growing a baby is easy in theory, but even if it were possible it would be incredibly unethical to even try unless we can truly replicate what it's like to be in an actual women's womb and we don't even know everything about that yet.

No. 423906

>/polgbt/ literally in the title
>"why would women do this?"
Anon…It's racist, misogynistic gay men who look like Chris-chan IRL writing jerk-off stories. Don't blame women for this one.

No. 423915

Fakebois are the king of self hating women, it's literally jumping to that because you don't fit into a set of shitty gender roles that you're somehow trans and a 'cute yaoi uke', the worst part is that this shits excepted now and they bitch about fujos despite pretending to be guys and reading yaoi all the time.
You're probably right in that it was a tranny, the 'artist' (I put that in heavy quotes) was credited as being a girl but them being a tranny seems most likely at this point, fits into the self hatred as well.
Honestly, I'm on the train that it was probably a tranny.

No. 423951

It's probably made by some faggot who got fucked and dumped by a "straight" guy.

No. 424197

File: 1561076573462.jpeg (119.63 KB, 1380x812, 9BFEBECA-4A0F-432A-82AD-D28937…)

I feel like this is the right place to post this these people have irked me for awhile now
>>rosieandalena have a gross mdlg relationship
>>Have a Pornhub account that is essentially Rosie “dominating” Alena
>>Alena acts as if she’s afraid to speak
>>Rosie states “ Even our conversations not about sex can be very sexy” in order to appeal to their incel audience
>>Rosie is overly controlling as all “Dommes/care givers” are
>>Won’t show their faces most likely in fear of people they know or workplaces finding out
Overall it’s a creepy vibe with these two

No. 424250

any parent dom/little girl vibe is weird.

No. 424766

Love when DDLGers claim it's not pedophilia despite every person into it was either a teenage girl dating a guy in their 20s (aka a pedophile) or two adults roleplaying pedophilia, sugar coating it by saying 'uwu I'm just giving up my rights to my daddy' (which is also fucked up) doesn't really change anything.(use the embed field)

No. 424768

Just that screencap makes me uncomfortable like it's from some cp.

No. 424827

File: 1561199803061.png (29.43 KB, 1037x363, Capture.PNG)

Don't If this belong here but it's related to kinks
Man loses his Penis due to Penile cancer and asks reddit what he can do now to sexually please his wife
degenerates r/sex recommended cuckholdng and letting his wife Peg him

No. 424828

That's pretty sad. /r/sex and /r/relationships have a 100% degenerate loser userbase.

No. 424830

They're right, obviously if he lost his penis he has a major erogenous zone left in his prostate. But yes I'm sure he's better off never having another orgasm in his life because anal bad.

No. 424831

I mean, at least they're being consistent.
They like trying to pressure women into anal all the time, and imply those who say no are no-fun-allowed, frigid prudes (despite the fact that unlike men, we don't have prostates and there's no hard basis to believe we'd have any enjoyment in the act), so maybe they'll figure it out if they get a taste of their own medicine.
This sort of "equal opportunity degeneracy" will only speed along society realizing it's fucked up, IMO. Since many of these men don't have empathy, they need to experience it for themselves to see (if they're not too far-gone already, that is).

No. 424833

even if his wife pegged him, would he really be able to orgasm since he lost his penis? i feel bad for him, i don't know what i'd do if my husband lost his penis due to cancer. obviously i wouldn't leave him just for that but it would be hard.

No. 424837

I became aware of these two a while ago. Highly, highly doubt they're really lesbians/dating, it seems more like a money thing to get quick and easy bucks from kinkster men and incels. Their Q&A seems really unnatural and that could also account for the "afraid to speak" bit. But Alena is definitely a major anachan.

No. 424842

Nevermind the fact that he has stated over and over again that he does NOT want to try anal play. He still has many other erogenous areas, and this is also assuming that his wife is okay with playing with his bunghole

No. 424879

why has squirting gotten so popular? do men really think women can cum like that and it's not piss? gross.

No. 424882

wasn't it proven most squirting was some type of piss? A recall a study showed womens bladders emptied a bit after squirting.

No. 424883

I mean it’s not like we have any need for ejaculate, a lot of men seem incapable of understanding that our reproductive systems aren’t the same though

No. 424888

It's literally piss.

No. 424915

If feet and eating ass is mainstream now, a little piss normies don't know is piss won't hurt

No. 424959

I actually saw an update from that guy and he's doing a lot better and has reconnected with his wife sexually. He is not letting her cheat on him lol.

No. 424971

Doesn't surprise me, isn't it funny how no one has heard of squirting until a few years ago and now everyone is a squirter

No. 425023

yeah back in the 80s it was VERY niche for a woman to squirt
actresses who could "do" it were thought of as an enigma i remember back when i first had access to internet porn, cytheria was such a big deal because "omg she can do something most other females cant!!!"

its all fake

No. 425080

No. 425086

It’s not the fact that it’s piss that bothers me, it’s that men are so willfully ignorant about women. They can’t/won’t find the clit but genuinely believe that women ejaculate.
I’d rather someone just be aroused by piss than be so unable to relate to women’s sexuality that they need to concoct a meme like female ejaculation.

No. 425401

File: 1561312693510.png (224.03 KB, 423x750, ddlg.png)

No. 425402

Absolutely criminal and degenerate.

No. 425403

I wonder if they go into petshops and yell things like that too and harass the enployees.

No. 425407

Thanks anon now I want to stab my eyes out

No. 425408

Does this piece of shit mean a literal kitten or like, the pet play stuff?

No. 425430

I'm very sure he means his girlfriend, who he calls his "Kitten".
This used to be a huge problem on Tumblr before the NSFW ban. Kinksters would brigade innocent posts with gross replies or captions all about their "daddies", "masters", "little girls", "kittens", etc.

No. 425454

Sad how these weirdos can never turn off their fetish for one minute. This guy looks like a total freak by replying to an innocent post about animals and relating it to his degenerate relationship.

No. 425481

I'm not putting effort into finding examples, but I've seen furry art that use a dog's dick instead of a human penis. I don't know how anyone can defend being a furry a 'harmless hobby' after seeing that.

No. 425501

How come it was the first time you saw something like this in 2019?

No. 425555

Does public shit count?
I think it's exhibitionist?

I HATE people who feel the need to fuck in public. I saw on tumblr once people fucking on a gravestone and pissing on the grave (same people who also had a piss fetish).
Both are equally nasty.

No. 425562


That's pretty tame in terms of 'Furry', anon.

No. 426278

File: 1561491960081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.19 KB, 750x1334, image0-9.jpg)

This is like everything gross about ddlg compressed into one image

No. 426297

Wtf that's so disrespectful. I would like to think most people know not to desecrate someone's grave for their fetish, or at all really. Kinksters are really fucking gross and sad.

No. 426532

File: 1561550229808.png (16.03 KB, 1080x247, d.png)


No. 426536

I can smell the white trash redneck from here

No. 426546

This is so cringe. She's not that ugly, she doens't need to do this shit to get a man. lmao

No. 426579

Well, it's Trannycafé, what do you expect

No. 426699

men are obsessed with the idea of being the one to break someone's sexuality and it's creepy as fuck. straight men fetishize being the one to "fix" a lesbian, gay men fetishize being the one to turn a straight man gay or trap them. it's disturbing.

No. 427307

File: 1561712844027.png (207.53 KB, 945x1136, Screenshot_2019-06-28 r sex - …)

The post makes some good very good points about how BDSM and violent sex has entered the mainstream and the effects it has on women

No. 427317

i matched with a guy on tinder who wanted me to cut off his dick

No. 427318

that's refreshing. was he cute?

No. 427321

very. blonde, tan and hella muscular, “seeking a very nice and violent girl”

No. 427323

I used to talk to someone who was into the same thing. He was also very good looking strangely enough. He wanted me to eat his cut off penis so it couldn't be surgically reattached. Men are degenerates.

No. 427324

Tbh, I'm into it. Not so into tan, blonde and muscular, but I like the subversiveness. Major points for originality esp considering he sounds like a dudebro.

No. 427326

File: 1561716798593.png (Spoiler Image, 769.77 KB, 720x939, 1561702212421.png)

He would probably love this Russian female Deviant art user who has an obsession with eunuchs

No. 427328

File: 1561716933880.png (159.19 KB, 720x1111, 1561701731621.png)

and here she states some "facts" about Eunuchs

No. 427333

>19 Corrupt, devious, manipulates politics to gain power in the palace court

kek I think I saw this weirdo in another thread and it keeps making me laugh. So bizarre.

No. 427335

Isn’t this just a woman with obscenely long limbs, what is with the obsession of drawing feminine/female characters and calling them men on DA

No. 427378

It is a good post, unfortunately most of the discussion below it is from coolgirls trying to insist this is just what women like and is he shaming their kinks etc. or just tards announcing they're kinksters for no reason in typical kinkster fashion.

No. 427398

File: 1561729314830.png (35.57 KB, 978x359, Capture.PNG)

No. 427408

redditors are so braindead. comments and comments of the same opinion….

interesting flip on the mommygf role though. I've seen guys like this who end up with a string of sexually traumatized women, and take advantage of that and abuse them further.

No. 427449

Don't worry, it's all men. I posted I was a white woman looking for an asian man, and ended up getting a few "colonizing" messages to a similar degree of cringe.

No. 427456

Well, it is a subreddit for raceplay, anon. What about that promises anything other than potently un-erotic interactions with creepy scrotes? Did you think the Asian men on there would be kawaii manga boys desu?

No. 427459

I didn't post on that subreddit particularly, but I meant on Reddit in general. I didn't expect anything, btw. I just wanted to see if anyone would actually reply.

No. 427463

>it's all men
exactly,their are plenty of black men who talk about wanting to corrupt Asian and white women

No. 427647

File: 1561778520685.png (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 3800x6300, 1561565328405.png)

Semi-related but I saw this today so you guys have to see it as well

No. 427649

Oh no, elephant started so cute.

No. 429204

This is just funny though

No. 429223

OK I thought this was funny but I didnt get all of them

No. 429314

i feel like some fucked up grizzled vet of terrible fetishes that i understood all of these

No. 432465

File: 1562752170214.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.37 MB, 670x366, kek.webm)

You came here to laugh

No. 433806

File: 1563032012817.png (56.37 KB, 997x524, 1.PNG)

>I actually saw an update from that guy and he's doing a lot better and has reconnected with his wife sexually

Well Yes, But Actually No


No. 433807

File: 1563032053390.png (26.51 KB, 975x238, 2.PNG)

No. 433940

This is disturbing….

No. 433944


No. 433984

Holy shit, poor guy. What a raw deal. I think its still possible for him to meet someone, just difficult. Feel bad for the dude.

No. 434071

File: 1563067677078.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.8 KB, 500x281, 5875311dbf3801162204a4f88bfe6b…)

I have this friend who's into futanari and shit so when he and his female cousin came into my house to play some games we downloaded some futa games out of curiosity… including pic related. I'm actually glad I never dated him when I had the chance. He's my friend but his tastes really disgust me and I think his cousin thinks the same. He's also a masochist, likes feet, wearing panties and bras and loves dick even tho he isn't gay. He might be hiding even darker shit. I have pics of him wearing white pantyhose with his hairy legs, I find it all so disgusting but amusing at the same time. Feel better knowing that I'll never be as weird as him.

No. 434078

Futanari is far from being the weirdest fetish there is but I have SUCH a turn off for men who are into this crap.

No. 434104

Why do you know all that shit, anon? Is he like a massive oversharer or something?

No. 434174

File: 1563106096211.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 1920x1080, ASMR.webm)

Does ASMR count?

No. 434181

>loves dick even tho he isn't gay.
Lol, yes he is. Well, bisexual at least. Straight men don't get off on dick. I've never read a more contradicting statement.

No. 434185

People who smell panties are weird.

No. 434188

He's a certified 4chan troon

No. 434193

kek should've bought her a diamond, buddy

No. 434275

Yeah he kinda is but I've opened the pandora box when I asked him about it and invented some shit about me to make him open up. Since then he's dated a girl and basically told me everything they did in bed, like she used to kick him in the balls and even asked her to choke him (she cried afterwards). As I said, I find it fascinating so I don't tell him to stop, maybe I should put a stop to it before I lose all my respect for him.

That's definitely the weirdest part. He says he took a long time finding out he wasn't really gay and only loves the dick part but absolutely hates male bodies. That's why he fantasizes about feminine women having penis, I guess..

No. 434277

In reality feminine women with penises don't exist. Your friend is probably going to troon out in a few years tbh.

No. 434324

Oh my god this fucking pisses me off. Liking dick means you're bi or straight, those dudes are just insecure to admit it. NO STRAIGHT MAN LIKES PENIS. NO STRAIGHT MAN WANS TO BE NEAR PENIS.

No. 435532

The weirdest part of this to me is looking up dickgirl hentai games with your fucking cousin there lmao.

No. 435562

File: 1563325644154.jpg (42.32 KB, 904x531, 186b73.jpg)

>loves dick even though he isn't gay

..Girl, i have some news.

No. 436170

I still don't get how this is a sexual fetish. I get ASMR really strongly from watching people do things like clean or do mundane tasks. I watch some older ASMR videos of people cleaning or pretending to examine ears but this girlfriend simulator whispering shit just makes me feel uncomfortable
Are men REALLY jerking off to this??

No. 436185

This is really sad to me.

No. 436206

Some men do. And some women get off listening to males whispering and talking.

No. 436223

sounds like a budding troon

No. 436226

part of me feels bad for him and part of me thinks about women who have mastectomies for cancer, and women with vaginismus and other issues where they can't reliably have PIV sex who get cheated on or abandoned or shunned by men, and i don't really care all that much

No. 436289

i wish sociopaths like you weren't on the fucking site.

No. 436291

NTA but I wish faggots like you weren't allowed on this site. Go back to reddit or at least lrn2sage, cunt.

No. 436292

>whining about sage on /ot/
sorry, i keep forgetting this board is radfem central. being a misandrist isn't edgy or cool, anon, just cringy.

No. 436299

Yeah it is.

C.C sounds more like your style, you should go hang out there.

No. 436302

>being a misandrist isn't edgy or cool
no its pretty cool

No. 436303

I swear it's always the same loser who pops into threads to bitch about radfems.
I bet they'll start accusing everyone of being eunuch thread posters or something next time.

No. 436351

>being a misandrist isn't edgy or cool, anon
t. cuck

>eunuch spergs still haven't let it go weeks after they already got their retarded thread
I can assure you that no one likes the spergs from the eunuch thread besides themselves, it's not a matter of autismo reddit radfems vs. autismo non radfems.

No. 436410

imagine defending men

No. 436447

it seems like every thread lately [at least on /ot/] there's always at least on anon being like ThIs THrEaD hAS BeEn taKEn OvEr bY tHe RAdFeMs

No. 436472

I think homosexuality is either a kink or product of trauma, nothing wrong with what people do with their sex lifes but i´m not into a culture of validation for fetishist being treated as snowflakes simply for shouting their fetishes. A lot of important links are there between mental disorders and lgbt stuff as well, as if tumblr was not proof enough everyone falling for that is an autist , traumatized to oblivion and/or a pervert.

Don´t get me started on the "you are not a real feminist unless you eat pussy" shit.

No. 436487

No one cares about them besides vendettachans who have a weird male-identified energy in general lol

No. 436490

+ To be clear, no, I'm not one, sorry if you were one of the people throwing tantrums about them and felt attacked by my post.
(I just remember in another thread someone derailed everything to fight over another anon not liking dick, and they suddenly said accused anyone who disagreed with them of being "eunuch spergs" out of nowhere. Somebody also tried to spam the pink pill threads with one picture from the eunuch threads a little while ago. It was all very weird and reeked of triggered scrote or salty handmaiden who think everyone is a radfem)

No. 436522

Agree tbh

The fuck are you even talking about, schizo? And if you weren't one of those spergs you wouldn't have even brought it up in the first place.

No. 436537

Not sure if troll or the type of religious autist who think people should marry just to have babies, not for love and sexual attraction no matter orientation.

No. 436541


>you are not a real feminist unless you eat pussy shit

who has said that ever? The mental disorders being high in homosexual people maybe (just maybe) have something to do with how they were treated as homosexuals? Also afaik, foot fetishist dont fall in love with feet, people into vore don't want to marry and care for and sacrifice a bunch of shit for the concept of vore. Where does love fall into your "being gay is just a kink" thing?

No. 436555

Yes. Kink or product of trauma. I guess that's also why a lot of animal species have gay and bisexual tendencies too.

>A lot of important links are there between mental disorders and lgbt stuff as well, as if tumblr was not proof enough everyone falling for that is an autist , traumatized to oblivion and/or a pervert.

My trauma was caused by homophobic peers not accepting me and ostracizing me for my sexuality and gender nonconformity and the society telling me to quit being like this. Not because I'm gay.

No. 436600

File: 1563541499280.png (35.92 KB, 1281x455, Capture.PNG)

The worst thread on /g/


No. 436605

i love kinkshaming people but these in the ss are quite tame.

No. 436620

What's wrong with the post you highlighted in particular? That's a pretty normalish fetish with the added benefit of pissing off whatever raiding incel reads it.

No. 436638

File: 1563547204974.jpg (69.07 KB, 1200x642, desmond-is-amazing-yellow-wig-…)


anyone who doesn`t agree with every day being a paraphiliac pride parade is a religious fanatic bigot in the middle ages, of course you`d think that.


What are you going on about? degenerates go into couples ALL the time based solely on their fetishes. Its the most common thing in the world, daddy dom relationships would not even exists and plenty of these pervs marry to go even deeper into their lifestyle. Do they need a fucking parade too? i cant eat ice cream without being packaged in a flag reminding me about people`s kink they can`t simply keep to their bedrooms? Fuck that, what a shitty thing to be proud about, even furrys are now proud of being pedos and fucking dogs in the ass, everyone has to dress up and scream acceptance , kinks are currency for appraisal now.


Sure, the entire world needs to enable your mental issues so much more. Thats what going to be healthy for you and everyone, treating your sexual proclivities as one of humanities greates achievements.

No. 436642

It’s really shitty that anyone could be willing to abandon their SO because of cancer. Penile cancer isn’t as common as breast cancer, so you don’t hear about women leaving their husbands for losing their penises as much as you hear about men leaving their wives for losing their breasts, but it’s still horrible for anyone to experiences that. Imagine being married and thinking the person you’re with loves you unconditionally, only for you to go through something as traumatic as cancer and they leave you because their sexual desire is more important than you and your health.

No. 436643

I don't really get why you would leave a man because he lost his dick even if you're a nymph with an insane sex drive. Strap-ons are customizable and PIV isn't even that good.

No. 436646

File: 1563548057332.jpg (41.02 KB, 321x450, lesbian2.jpg)

>who has said that ever?

>In her preface to Monique Wittig's The Straight Mind and Other Essays, Quebec radical lesbian Louise Turcotte explains her views that "Radical lesbians have reached a basic consensus that views heterosexuality as a political regime which must be overthrown."[7] Turcotte notes that lesbian separatists "create a new category" (i.e., complete separation not only from men but also from heterosexual women)"[7] and that the radical lesbian movement aims for the "destruction of the existing framework of heterosexuality as a political regime".[7] Turcotte goes on to discuss Adrienne Rich's landmark essay, Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence, noting that Rich describes heterosexuality as a violent political institution that has to be "imposed, managed, organized, propagandized and maintained by force".[12] Rich sees lesbian existence as an act of resistance to this institution, but also as an individual choice, whereas the principles of radical lesbianism see lesbianism as necessary, and consider its existence as necessarily outside of the heterosexual political sphere of influence.[7]



Fucking third wavers, i tell ya. This lesbianism and poliamory shit is not what i signed up for. Beauvoir not only was forcing that stuff that opened the gates for gender theories and troonism, lesbianism as a political statement and toxic relationships but was singing petitions to make pedophilia legal.


No. 436648

i used to be in the same mindset as you years ago. people are born heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual, it's not in anyone's control. gay conversion therapy doesn't work. humans' evolutionary cousins (bonobos, gorillas and multiple other mammals) have also shown homosexual and bisexual behavior and i'm sure it's not due to the evul libtard lgbt propaganda they see on tv. the gay pride march is a thing because people who have been oppressed and shamed for who they are want to say "this is who i am and i am not ashamed of it". straight people are perfectly allowed to be straight everywhere, why is it a problem when gays do it?

No. 436660

Ntayrt but I hate separatism because het women get no empathy for the needs and wants they'd sacrifice to make separatist society work. That's if they weren't abandoned by radfem lesbians completely–and how is feminism to not care about women like that? If sexuality isn't a choice, then there's no way they'd be able to have their romantic, sexual, or relationship needs truly fulfilled in an all-women society.
Of course a radfem lesbian wouldn't have a problem living in a society where she's surrounded by women. In the same way a straight male wouldn't care about living in a society where he was surrounded by women. They both win while the women lose.
It's just not feminist to me at all.

No. 436662


Sure, fetishists are fetishists because trauma and their brains have some weird genetic malfunction, they can still be fetishists and practice their kink like your regular perv does but treating it as a societal corner stone and promoting your paraphilia 24/7, and to kids is degenerate as fuck.

Of course one major turn on for fetishists is to expose themselves and rub other people´s noses on it, its a thrill for them and an incredibly common trait, thats pretty much all there is to it with current hype about deviants, pandering to pervs for some cash and everyone has to be complicit and play along. Cry in tears of joy and pride when your kids drag queen like that tv show run by sex offenders and ask for a fursuit for christmas, if not you are Hitler

No. 436718

I just love how mods keep tagging this person kek

No. 436729

im loosing my mind because I love kinkshaming people but the highlighted post in the screenshot is mine and like… it's the tamest shit ever. Being into conventionally hot guys and prioritizing my pleasure over theirs is my kink.

No. 436744

I agree. Sometimes dicks can be nice to look at but they don't have use besides that.

No. 436761

I wanted to highlight the post just above >>436729 post(back to Reddit, retard )

No. 436843

Sure call me when a furry or a daddy dom gets attacked or killed for their kinks like gay people do just for loving someone of the same gender, retard

No. 437073


Yeah, pedo and furrys always say how much they love their underage lolis and their dogs they are fucking too. You are only comparing fetishes here.

Anyway, no law against deviancy , neither furfags or gays are being killed en masse for their proclivities, more straight women die for simply being women. The vast majority of the time no one is fucking asking what your dirty kinks are, now everyone has to throw a party for the office clerk when he anounces that yes, he too likes it up the ass.

No. 437088

God not this dumb shit again. Love and sexual orientations aren't kinks, google what a fucking fetish is.

No. 437102

paraphilias do actually cause harm, animals can't consent to zoophiles, children can't consent to pedos, corpses can't consent to necrophiles. homosexuality is consensual and isn't hurting anyone, idk why you are so opposed to it.

No. 437718

File: 1563763727666.jpg (57.42 KB, 452x671, cbe1d06e0bb6978a3d9edebd9a8419…)

I know ddlg has been mentioned here before but jesus christ it's so fucking cringey, how is anyone okay with this

No. 438614

Not contributing anything that hasn't been said a thousand times already but DDLG is creepy as fuck. I know these sorts of fetishes have existed a long time but it's had a big sort of… pop culture surge? Especially amongst the teenage girl/Tumblr adjacent crowd. I'm a little troubled by how much reach it's had.

I don't know what in the world possesses people to think that meeting strangers off the internet to pretend to be their weird sex slave/child hybrid is actually a good idea.

No. 438694

On the subject of DDLG. I don't care what they have to say: it's a thinly veiled excuse for pedophilia "lite". To be turned on that much by someone who does childlike things (baby voices make me want to vomit) and having childish interests is pedophile-like thinking at the very least. They always say "but the sub is of age and has the body of an adult". Well lots of teenagers have their adult body, that excuse is not good enough. Someone being adult does not mean they are not seriously mentally ill or disabled in other ways. DDLG is honestly just an excuse to get pedo kicks via preying on a childlike adult so you can sate your urge to creep on minors.

No. 438708

File: 1563966263094.jpg (20.07 KB, 700x464, 1553242495738.jpg)

These girls always existed, the just did not have the Internet to post about it.

There is literally nothing wrong with two adults roleplaying in their private life. What you find comfortable is irrelevant since you are not in it. Making claims of abuse and predatory behaviour is preposterous and only based on your feelings.

No. 438717

If they're not touching real children who the fuck cares? I hate DDLG as much as anybody else but there's nothing illegal about it if it's between like a 25 yo woman and a 28 yo man. Let's focus on real issues please lol

No. 438740

File: 1563976100646.png (64.15 KB, 1648x276, ok.png)

There are even dd/lgers on Lolcow. They're such an embarrassing community.
The same anon went on to say "If you laugh at people, they'll eventually comeback immune and say it like it is. They won't care for your concerns or how uncomfortable you are. Do you really want an alt-kink to rise up and ruin a fashion?"
>littles rise up

No. 438741

I mean TBH isn't that happening right now? For years girls were shamed about sex and now the libfems have started making female sexuality and gross kinks a public affair.

No. 438745

But then you're implying there's something distinctly female about dd/lg shit.
All of this shit stems from pornography written and produced by scrotes. It's not organic, these are female cumbrains who've internalized men's desires, not women who've been repressed all their lives and are now trying to sexually free themselves.
It all goes hand in hand with the whole false narrative that prostitution is somehow empowering. Making yourself a slave to men isn't the same as freeing yourself (unless the implication is that women were meant to be slaves all along, one of many myths pushed by porn).

No. 438780

Exactly. It has always existes but it has become a trend especially with women in their late teens/early twenties. Mostly thanks to tumblr and instagram.

I also dont think theres anything wrong with age regression as therapy even though it's weird. It's when they make it sexual (which is pretty much always) that it becomes disgusting degeneracy.

Agree with this. I don't care if it makes me judgmental or prude. If you get aroused by your partner sucking on binkies, wearing diapers, talking in a baby voice and giving them rules as if they were a child, there's somethinf deeply wrong with you and you shouldn't be allowed around children.

No. 438845

This is the kinkshaming thread. Don't come defending your disgusting depraved pedo-enabling kink here.

It's not "just" about consent in life. What makes it so that even when a teenager consents, their consent isnt valid because they are a minor? Or if a person consents to being killed because its their kink?
What about that kink gaining pop culture and men starting to dominate in bed random women who they havent even asked just because the think it's whats popular?

Kinksters always have only one single argument (its not even an argument…) and it's "but its consentfull!! its not your business if there's consent between adults!" and keep ignoriring every other counter-argument. You disgust me.

No. 438847

I don't think it's inherently female or anything, just that a lot of libfems argue that their kink is sexual liberation(in their own words). They use the history of people shaming sex to justify why their kink is okay and why they should be public about it.

No. 438902

File: 1563999495974.jpg (167.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdddefault.jpg)

>"but its consentfull!! its not your business if there's consent between adults!" and keep ignoriring every other counter-argument.

Let us teach your kids about sexual diversity you meanie biggott!!! Inhales popper*

No. 438913

Are you comparing a teenager being abused to a grown ass woman into a DDLG dynamic? holy shit
The fetish is cringy but there's real minors being abused

No. 438922

Many if not most girls into dd/lg ARE minors, though. Many were abused as kids and groomed as teens. One does not just start being turned on out of nowhere at the idea of being a toddler fucked by her dad.

No. 438962

many people into dd/lg are shitty melanie martinez fan pedo-romanticizing tumblr idiots. you can't just claim that everyone into it are uwu poor abused babies. most of them aren't into it because they want to be little girls, they just want to be edgy and piss people off while appealing to their "bad boy" boyfriends.

No. 438989

A lot of girls into little shit even claim to be asexual. They definitely use it as escapism from having to make any kind of adult decisions on their own. They want someone to tell them what to do and to guide them. It's sad.

No. 439001

I wasnt saying they're the same. I'm just using it as an example of why the concept of "consent" is shaky and not an end it for all.

No. 439005

Then the issue is minors dating non-minors, not DDLG itself. This kind of abusive relationship existed before DDLG. With or without DDLG it's toxic. Honestly I see a lot of college women who claim to be into this but like only call their boyfriends daddy or some shit, there's no "pedo play" in mainstream. If you dig deep you'll find all kinds of strange communities of course

No. 439023

How is this not pedophilia in denial

No. 439026

There are about 10 ways to make gunplay safe without somebody noticing, there is no excuse for this

No. 439045

>There is literally nothing wrong with two adults roleplaying in their private life. What you find comfortable is irrelevant since you are not in it. Making claims of abuse and predatory behaviour is preposterous and only based on your feelings.

ok diaper retard

No. 439138

Let's not forget DDlgers are the ones who first started the popularizing of the word 'nymphet' (having the body of a uber thin girl barely hitting puberty) from Lolita as a beauty standard to be sexually desired by men (or 'daddies'). The term is suppose to be totally creepy, as a deranged pedo character came up with it, but they took it out of context for their 'totally not pedo kink' purposes. It honestly just goes to show how disingenuous they are.

Another thing, how do they wrap their heads around this "we're not sexualizing children's things in our little space because we are adults." I couldn't think of something that misses the point of saying "don't make things for literal children sexual for the purposes of your sick fetish" more.

No. 439216

File: 1564047399644.jpg (672.23 KB, 797x1200, 1553246341039.jpg)

Again you go on a tirade with an army of "What if". It is not even my kink and I would be perfectly content with calling it cringy or disgusting, since as you said, this is the kinkshaming thread.

I am not ok with you making ridiculous claims that people with this fetish are predators or mindless victims looking for an abuser. You don't get the fetish and that is fine. You are hostile to the people engaging in consensual sexual behaviour by fearmongering and that is not.

It's not even my fetish peas-for-brain. Try another ad hominem, maybe call me a libfem.

No. 439223

Ntayrt but one again this is a thread for kinkshaming. if it really bothers you hide the thread
Anyways, I feel like most well adjusted people think ddlg is fucking disgusting. Even having a surface interest in it is a red flag to me.

No. 439224

Nta but shut the fuck up already. Your fetish is disgusting, you are diagusting, and
>people with this fetish are predators or mindless victims looking for an abuser
Is true. Go away and stop avatarfagging.

No. 439226

File: 1564051384227.jpg (116.7 KB, 900x900, 1549614507686.jpg)

As I said, I know this is the kinkshaming thread and I have no issue at all with people saying it's disgusting. I have when people who engage in it are presented as criminals or deranged victims.

And I guess lesbians were diddled as kids eh? I hope you are underaged, because having this mindset as an adult must be very damn draining.(avatarfagging)

No. 439227

Ladies, pretty sure that's a scrot. Who else would avatarfag with random girls while defending degenerate fetishes like that?

No. 439230

fuck you and every other deranged freak who partakes in that degenerate shit. you should all be sent to gulag. theres no misrepresentation here you people really are disgusting.

No. 439235

I didn't know avatarfagging was against the rules, my bad. Still not a male and my posts are coherent even if you dissagree with them, which you didn't, you just ad hominemed them.

For the third time, IT IS NOT MY FETISH. I am into femdom, the fucking opposite. Do the caps help you understand? I disagree with you on an ideological level not on a personal one.(ban evasion)

No. 439240

That shit isn't normal at all. Girls (because that's what they are) who get into relationships with older men are shamed to hell and over by everyone who knows about it. These girls are mentally and emotionally vulnerable and need to be protected, not turned into a laughingstock.

No. 439245

Good sex is often reciprocated by both parties. Tit for tat. In this case, sucky for (finger and mouth) fucky.

No. 439253

>And I guess lesbians were diddled as kids eh?
>"Is kink not a sexuality???"
Again with this bullshit? Why are ddlgers so delusional as to think their disgusting ageplay fetish is the same as being gay?
You freaks really are the same as trannies, holy fuck.

No. 439254

I'm honestly surprised that there are people out there opposed to homosexuality for non-religious reasons. It's stupid all the same.

No. 439256

There's one adamant farmer who keeps popping in to start up shit by calling homosexuality a kink.

No. 439303

File: 1564074328169.png (61.19 KB, 468x262, muhkinkshaming.png)


The Guardian just published this article about the rise of choking as a kink and cases of women having been strangled to death during sex only for their murderers to use the "sex game gone wrong" excuse. They linked to it on their Facebook page and immediately a bunch of idiots show up to complain about how this article is kinkshaming and "well some people enjoy it so what's the problem???". Because that is clearly more important than women being murdered

No. 439326

it's really gross to me that people (a lot of them with their real names and pictures) defend their kinks publicly on facebook kek

honestly choking is pretty tame as far as kinks go, a lot of people like it because they subconsciously hold their breath when they orgasm - but at this point it's reached "normal" status and it's popular amongst young people and teens which is disturbing and treated as if it's completely safe, which it's not. imo it's a slippery slope and could pretty easily lead to being choked to death, especially like how a lot of women in the article described allowing men they don't even know well to choke them

No. 439330

File: 1564078944491.png (455.18 KB, 1440x1845, I'm gay now.png)

I've been reading a few stories of """sex games gone wrong"""" that are obvious murders. Men don't deserve women.

No. 439337

File: 1564079768109.png (14.09 KB, 609x155, kek.png)


No. 439350

god reddit names are so cringy.

No. 439351

I swear the lack of death from plagues and diseases has driven people to seek out new ways to make themselves ill. No way were people were doing this dumb shit 200 years ago.

No. 439388

File: 1564087803777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 122.34 KB, 960x640, lmiogS3.jpg)


Not 200 years ago exactly but here is one of my favorite old timey kinkshaming topics James Joyce.

Wasn't sure if I should spoiler but I might actually ruin someone's day with this better safe than sorry.

No. 439399

Pretty sure people with disgusting kinks have always existed, they just didn't have internet to broadcast it to the world

No. 439407

File: 1564090098311.png (946.16 KB, 2092x1082, 1.png)

>Why are ddlgers so delusional as to think their disgusting ageplay fetish is the same as being gay?

It is, is gay people who are dellusional because their particular kink has currently a more widespread social acceptance , and thats only come about because is comparatively seen as more inocuos than other controversial kinks. Tranies are the same too. I see zero diference except in degrees.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 439427

Holy FUCK lmfao!

This can't fucking be real haha

No. 439429

>I am into femdom, the fucking opposite
So you're a MDLB creep who has the same pedo fetish but on the inverse?

Either way it would be great if kinksters like anal girl and this one stopped visiting this thread. Everyone here thinks that shit is gross. Even if it isn't MDLB, femdom is still disgusting cause it caters to some of the most degenerate men on the planet.

No. 439432

tfw even femdom is all about scrotes' pleasure. everything i've seen relating to femdom was a hot woman in latex making an ugly man suffer and making him cum and doing nothing about their own pleasure. no wonder it attracts lazy degenerate men.

No. 439449

File: 1564094616499.jpeg (36.28 KB, 640x363, 1562396385531.jpeg)

This has to be one of the dumbest posts I've ever seen on this board.

Seems like you summoned ""her"", kek

No. 439454

Stop shitting up all the threads in /ot/, homophobe-chan. There's a big difference between troons and gay people.

Gay people aren't mutilating their genitals and insisting the state pay for it. They aren't the ones pushing horse pills on kids and invading womens' locker rooms. Obviously gay men are still men, so they're subject to the same criticisms people have of men in general, but that has nothing to do with them being gay.

No. 439544

It's nice to see anons who don't like femdom on this site because I swear to god the amount of ppl on lc who actually like it is so fucking rampant. Me? I think it's vile personally.

No. 439748

I hate this shit. I feel like a hypocrite and don't fit in anywhere because mild vent but, I'm kind of kinky but I'm also rather conservative when it comes to some things like not liking my bf watching porn or getting off to other women, which I guess is normal sentiment but not really acceptable around kinksters, thinking some kinks deserve to be shamed, etc. I'm into some kinky shit that could be called "sex games" and it makes me fume seeing people excuse abuse on "sex games" because it's almost always incredibly obvious that they (usually men) either did it without the woman's consent or they took it into territory where there was no doubt they would hurt the woman, then use the "sex game gone wrong" defense.
These people are so knee-jerk about plz no kinkshame that they make themselves look like idiots. I'm not convinced they even read the article.
It's similar with anal sex imho. There are some people who absolutely like it, but men viewing porn that doesn't show the nasty shit or risks, or doing it wrong, means that people get hurt. And it's normalized, so when people don't know what they're doing, especially teens, they hurt each other or get pressured into it. Nothing is wrong with liking to hold your breath while orgasming, but actually choking someone out, especially without even knowing what is "safer," is fucking dangerous and it's really bad that it's being normalized without enough accompanying info on how physically damaging it can be.

No. 440134

I think femdom is a double edged sword, as all kink is. I believe some do it right: solely for sexual kicks and fun. While others are totally full of themselves and think some dude consenting to CNC makes them a genuine "Queen" or whatever the fuck.

No. 440143

stuff like this makes you appreciate what a bizarre little corner of the internet lolcow is

No. 440155

Eh… I don't see 'sexual kicks and fun' as much of a justification for anything. Child molesters get their kicks abusing children, doesn't make it ok. And women being full of themselves doesn't bother me, men have always been that way and I don't begrudge women some confidence even if it's misplaced.

I think it's double edged in that it's sinking to men's level and bdsm in general is tacky and unpleasant, but it's not a gendered pattern we're brought up to assume a role in, it's just individual women and nowhere near as harmful as the reverse. And it honestly embarrasses me as a woman when girls openly call themselves submissive or claim to like rape or daddies or whatever pornified garbage men want to hear, so I'm grateful there are women who return even a little dignity to our gender by balancing it out.

No. 440179

File: 1564231894620.png (4.8 KB, 464x78, lol.png)

>getting fat

All packed in one girl, imagine that

No. 440280

Anyone have that greentext of the /fit/anon who was into brap porn until he tried it with his girlfriend?

No. 440332

File: 1564257782156.jpg (55.15 KB, 540x540, nre5h6NlIz1qllcawo1_540.jpg)

>the disgust on the child's face

No. 440335

Child molesters =/= people who do bdsm. I don't know where you got that stupid as shit logic from. But if you think bdsm is oppressing you, you need to get a grip. Read a paper about the numerous bullshit laws from around the world that actually do oppress women. Read about the bullshit that goes on in countries like Saudi Arabia, that is actual oppression. Some dumb snowflake attention seeker calling their boyfriend "master" is not even remotely on the same level. You can not like bdsm all you want, but this radfem-esque straw grasping is honestly embarassing.

No. 440339

There's no sense in trying to reason with these pearl clutchers in this thread, they literally think that everything but super vanilla missionary in the dark type sex is related to degenerate satanic child abuse and misogyny.

No. 440356

>they literally think that everything but super vanilla missionary in the dark type sex is related to degenerate satanic child abuse and misogyny
You kinksters literally never change your record, I've read that exact phrase about 20 times on this board alone. I'm not even that anon, but get a grip.

No. 440372

>abloobloo you're all mean bullies and boring vanilla, it's not my fault I have to get choked, have my nipples twisted and slapped around violently with a fish while dressed in a lime green latex zentai suit to achieve orgasm
Seek help please

No. 440462

how boring your sex life must be so that you thing that inflicting or recieveing pain/domination during sex is the only way to make sex not boring…

No. 440468

No shit child molesting and bdsm are not literally the same, but the LOGIC of saying 'as long as you get off on it, it's okay!' applies to both situations in the exact same way. You don't get to pick and choose which fetishes exist in a safe sexy vacuum and which are harmful, they all should be analysed in the same way, with the same moral standards (which bdsm, of course, does not meet if take issue with abuse and sexism). Your ridiculous, intellectually lazy butwhataboutism doesn't make it okay either.

No. 440525

They always make that exact same dumb, vapid argument towards people who have any criticisms about BDSM. Like, sorry you can't imagine sex being pleasurable without getting pissed on with a cattle prod up your ass, that doesn't mean everyone else is having boring sex.

No. 440528

File: 1564287872947.jpg (32.1 KB, 480x480, 64782007_477375539678697_75597…)


No. 440532

This x 1000. If you are roleplaying children stuff "but hurr hurr, it's not a real kid. relax' you are a freakin secret pedo. you are disgusting. No one should be attracted sexually to child like things or behaviors meant for children

No. 440552


I don't why you insist you doubling down on this bullshit, considering you were the one who made the dumb as fuck analogy to begin with. Morally, there are bdsm practices that are more questionable than others. I personally don't think anybody should be doing ageplay or breathplay. But honestly comparing snowflake bdsmers to actually oppressed women is educationally dishonest of you. It shows your lack of complex world view frankly. You can dislike bdsm all you want: but at the end of the day your "argument" is nothing more than pathetic straw grasping that comes across as asinine pearl clutching rather an real discussion opener about the problems within BDSM communities.

No. 440556

You're one to talk about 'doubling down' on anything when you're defending bdsm in a KINK SHAMING thread. Don't you have a daddy to go serve, or a cage to return to?

No. 440558

I am not defending bdsm by saying that you comparing grown ass adults doing questionable at best sex acts to literal fucking child molesting is you being a retard. I've been bitching about ddlg in this thread the whole time. I was the anon who called it a sorry excuse for pedophilia "lite". Honestly go sperg in the radfem thread with the utter shit you are pulling out of your ass. Seriously there is a difference between the anons here genuinely calling kinksters out on their bullshit/actually kinkshaming and you insisting bdsm and child molesting are the same thing. You are just as embarassing as the idiot who defended their mommy kink earlier.

No. 440811

File: 1564356535802.jpg (61.53 KB, 1060x406, D-rFErbXoAYRsXN.jpg large.jpg)

No. 440815

please tell me it's just chocolate please tell me it's not fucking real

this reminds me of those freebleeding cookies except somehow even nastier… what's next, piss cookies?

No. 440817

Piss jello already happened years ago

No. 440825

File: 1564360182478.png (343.87 KB, 577x542, cb.png)

Omg are you referencing cuntbarf's cookies from tumblr? I know a few other people did it but she was so memorable for me I needed answers and ending up following her for a while.

I moved away for college and lo and behold I realize she works at a local diner. I internally lost my shit. She's nice as fuck but nothing could erase the memory.

No. 440842

yes, precisely, i couldn't remember who exactly did them but that was definitely it

wonder if she's embarrassed by them in hindsight

No. 440845

File: 1564371633038.jpeg (37.36 KB, 275x274, F7EFEE81-E72F-4A0F-B93A-1D66D3…)

No. 440853

I wonder what she eats to make shit cookie sandwiches?
I imagine it would have to be a food low on the odds of giving her the runs, but surely also not something like greasy food. Can you imagine having to monitor what you eat every day to make sure your shit's consistency doesn't fuck up the integrity of a shit cookie? What happens if she eats corn?
Corn in shit cookies?
Does she try to eat sweet stuff to crap out, isn't it weird to have meat or veggie shits in between sweet cookies?????

I just don't see how this is real. How does one even sell this.

I can believe that some loon would be crazy enough to put blood in her own cookies though.
But why?
I can tell she used some velvet cookie mix because old blood doesn't give that color and no less when baked. What was the point other than the shock factor…

People are strange.

No. 440888

File: 1564382434886.jpg (23.64 KB, 394x360, 1532148036085.jpg)

Shit like this is why this thread exists, pun intended.

No. 440913

File: 1564391716398.gif (929.41 KB, 245x170, guitar scream.gif)

Stop humanity, I want to get off.

No. 440918

File: 1564393335188.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x600, 5aa.jpg)