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No. 46413

Announcements + info from Admin and Farmhands concerning the site. Please refer to this thread when asking any questions that have been already answered.
This is for easy access posts only, please keep discussion and complaints in the complaints and suggestions threads.

No. 46414

Farmhands feel free to delete if you feel this thread is redundant or unnecessary

No. 46415

File: 1665434078805.jpeg (354.89 KB, 778x909, E44C5D2C-1774-484A-BBE2-9D4854…)

Admin post about site updates and moderation

No. 46416

File: 1665434148920.jpeg (142.69 KB, 725x330, 03CA753A-C702-4C1F-8A3F-475608…)


Banners being added to new site (very important info yes)

No. 46417

File: 1665434304233.jpeg (230.14 KB, 730x490, BFA68626-2424-4607-9733-D450F0…)



No. 46418

File: 1665434388018.jpeg (408.15 KB, 728x872, DF47AF91-C404-471F-B22C-0B8860…)

No. 46419

File: 1665434482729.jpeg (695.13 KB, 731x1412, 9FAC950E-552B-4444-8CC5-122453…)


Reminder info

No. 46420

File: 1665434585651.jpeg (329.88 KB, 740x652, A918EDFD-DC5D-40BE-AEE1-8D7FE5…)


Site update and reminder

No. 46421

File: 1665434648489.jpeg (126.12 KB, 729x258, 9725AADD-713E-48F9-9912-615825…)


Suspicious posters causing rumors

No. 46423

It's nice to know that Shaymin keep working behind the scene. I hope the new code will be implemented soon.

Also, thanks nonny for the thread. It was a very good idea. I'm lurking a lot of different threads and boards (cause I'm autistic and have no life kek) but I never saw these posts so, yeah, it's nice.

No. 46425

File: 1665438393600.jpeg (181.72 KB, 792x772, D8CDDD28-786D-499B-AFE1-C0F0AA…)

I hope it's ok that I add an admin post to the thread - this was from like a month ago I think, apparently admin is also in contact with law enforcement regarding the cp spam and threats

No. 46427

I’m OP, I knew I was missing another one haha. Thank you! Also, if anyone has a link to this post please put it here in a reply

No. 46430

Good thread idea nonna

No. 46432

here's the link to the post

No. 46441

i like that admin referenced roe v. wade. at least we know she's on the right side of history and isn't a male panderer

No. 46680

Yeah great, another burger who doesn't know or care the rest of the world exists. She sounds full on twitter-sperg.
Never thought I'd miss the reign of the last admin but here we are lmao.
>thread for staff communications
>not started by staff
>zero contributions by staff
This is just embarrassing.

No. 46682

shut up, retard. you are embarrassing.

No. 47100

File: 1668032521461.jpeg (190.7 KB, 738x1380, 6517399D-5099-407D-9840-5FF362…)

Lolcor reprise edition

No. 47162

Why not make a telegram for updates?

No. 47302

The site is running so well. You sure showed them.

So, anybody got the latest obscure update from some random farmhand about recent outages?

No. 47304

what does the site running well have to do with my comment? dumb fuck.

No. 47318

You sure showed them, I bet you feel sooo good after calling them dumb. I bet you felt the intense need to feel smart, was it worth it?

No. 47330

>t. tayrt

No. 47346

"Showed them" is a ubiquitous phrase which would supercede the use of a pronoun such as she in this case of vernacular actually.

No. 47461

>t. didn't understand the implication

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