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No. 8230

So since since you fuckers keep circle jerking over tumblr sluts and strippers in /pt/ lets get some discussion over here!

Prostitution, porn starring, stripping, sugar babies, webcamming and whatever other "profession" where your contribution to society is uh.. male (and o..cassionally female) cumming sessions!

Is it empowering, degrading, or just another job? You be the judge /b/!

This is for female sex workers but yeah yeah theres male ones too (but not nearly as many, lets admit, especially the not gay4pay kind!)

No. 8232

I've considered camming before after finding what some of them earn. But I'm a prude who gets uncomfortable wearing shorts in public, so.. definitely not suited for it. And the thought of ugly old guys looking at me makes me sick. There's no way I could even fake nice to them.

I did go on a bunch of stripper forums while I was looking into it though, and totally root for those girls, they have a nice support system among each other and make things seem so normalized. It don't think of it as either empowering or degrading, just another job imo.

No. 8242

I think it solely depending on you as a person. If you think you'd benefit from it or not.

If people are into it, then let them. I've done camming before, just because I was curious and wanted to try it out. Never showed my face but I got bored of it. It became repetitive and yeah yawn.

Sometimes it is pretty unsettling because it's mostly old men. So, I pretty much just made some moolah and packed it in. I only did it for like two months.

I did it out of curiosity tbh and because I'm filthy anyway.

No. 8265

I cammed before and was quite successful, reached an 8k camscore on MFC in 2 weeks.

I quit after two months though because it was fucking stupid and definitely degrading. I was 18/19 at the time and all of these old, 50+ year old dudes were hitting on me, jerking off to me like. I could be their daughter.

Like, there were old guys that were just gross and wanted sick fetish stuff in private that I just didn't do at all, because I didn't do privates with randoms.

But then there were also my regulars, one of which spent like 10 grand on me in the space of two months. But it started making me really uncomfortable because he would always talk to me, and infantalize me, and act like we had a real relationship. He didn't understand I was just letting him in my room because of the $.

I just got really sick of being nice to all these dudes who I really, really, really didn't like. I started looking them up on social media and finding out what they were really about and I realized most of them were trash. Most of them were horrible people who I didn't want to spend 5+ hours a night talking to. There was this one girl that started camming around the time I stopped, who caused me to stop. She did the whole "little girl" fantasy for all of these dudes and got really popular and I thought to myself "do I want to be like that? do I want that attached to me for the rest of my life?" So I quit and I haven't looked back, I just put the money into savings and moved on. I wouldn't wish that job on anyone tbh, it hardens you up

No. 8317

>There was this one girl that started camming around the time I stopped, who caused me to stop. She did the whole "little girl" fantasy for all of these dudes
Reminds me of Orange Citrus.

No. 8319


You need to try to not be such a pushover.

At the end of the day it's you that controls your room. Those guys are here to see "you", they are here to jack off to "you". It's you directly that is providing them with pleasure and they should be on their knees thanking you for it.
You're the one with all the power in your room, if people try to coax you or beg, chastise them, and if they persist, ban them. Your viewers will respect you more and it'll turn your room into a pleasant place to be for both parties.

There is a reason that all of the top models on MFC have a "no dirty talk" policy.
The second you start letting creeps start walking all of you you become just another whore to them. The reason they come to MFC in the first place is because they're seeking something different instead of just the same old giggles "yh I'd luv deep in my ass bby u gonna giv it to me ;) teehee

Some men need to be controlled, stepped on and kept in line, some even enjoy iy, they just don't know it.

No. 8324

I was a sugar baby but it was disappointing, anybody that contacted me seemed to have no money.The most money i made was $150 for standing naked on cam for 5 minutes.

I have thought about camming but i heard you have to have an expensive HD webcam for that and i don't really have that kind of money to spend. I have also thought about financial domination but i wouldn't know where to start, has anyone had any experience with that?

No. 8326

I used to cam in my free time when I was studying abroad for extra money, but stopped after it was over.

It's so fucking draining, and you aren't making huge bank off of this unless you put a lot of time and a bit of money in it. Also the guys are really cringe worthy. There was one guy who used to talk to me like I was a five year old ("Now, I want you to touch your pussy for me okay sweetie? Goooood girl" BARF) and I would dread camming with him. But he paid well so I did it. Also 80% of guys on those sites are cheapass tightwads who try to get their hands on anything free, and you have to deal with their begging.

No. 8337

What did you find out about them that made you think they're trash?

No. 8341

>You need to try to not be such a pushover.

And be stuck like Charms? Lol, no thanks. At the end of the day you need to cater to a specific audience on cam sites. On cam sites, that audience is desperate losers with no friends IRL who think you're their IRL girlfriend just because they pay you to talk to them for a couple hours a day. Seriously, they're all fucking autists who spend every weekend on a camsite wasting money.

The people I hated the most were my regulars who would talk to me like a normal person because they assumed that I was there for any reason other than money. It creeped me out too much, they called me their friend, they acted like we'd all be there eternally, they acted like I could do no wrong, one even said things like "oh, you're better than my gf". They got too attached and too friendly.


One of them was your typical trailer trash with a wife and kids and that rubbed me the wrong way. Another guy, who constantly asked me to do ageplay shit, was a married school teacher which creeped me out.

One guy was unemployed and had no friends and probably from some sort of chan board. I would cam 5 times a week for about 6 hours at a time and he would always be there, and he would spend A LOT of money on me. When I was offline he would send me texts via WhatsApp, basically when you put into perspective, this guy spent 1/2 his time for 2 months talking to me.

I found one guys twitter and he was actually underaged, but using visa giftcard or his parents creditcard, presumably. He was like 14 or 15. He lied and said he was much older (like 30).

They just weren't nice people. All of them were major edgelords. They were all obsessed with efukt for some odd reason. All of them were really unfunny. They're the biggest losers on the internet, like you have a group of people who PAY so that people will talk to them over the internet every weekend, of course they are going to be shitty.

No. 8342


>and be stuck like Charms?

The thing you don't understand about Charms is she's not actually a dominant, she's just a bitch.

I've watched some of her shows and seen her express that sexually she's a submissive person, but she's stubborn and vain and thinks she comes across as being dominant and she's not, she looks like a greedy, fat, money-grubbing sow.

>because they assumed that I was there for any reason other than money

You don't need to play a long with this though.

Like I said, look at some of the higher earners on that site. I can garauntee you'll be hard pressed to find one that does make it obvious that they're for anything other than money.

You know you're there for money, they know you're there for money.
Why hide it, just be honest, you'll probably end up with more tippers and less creepers.

No. 8343

Personally I think it's disgusting and goes against my personal morals and ideals and would never do it but I don't really have a problem with people who do it.

The biggest problem I DO have is when these girls who have been doing it for like a few months or a year and made a conscious decision to go into sex work and had the CHOICE to do that, talk on tumblr and stuff as if they are the majority and speak for every sex worker out there since there is a very real problem with human trafficking and a ton of people end up in that line of work because they have no where else to go.

Honestly, I have seen a lot of former porn stars (even very successful ones who were once big advocates of the industry) backtracking once they retired and talking about how they regret it and it wasn't that great.

The money must be nice but at the end of the day, you're a product. If you make any significant changes in your product like weight or age, you lose your audience. It's not sustainable.

No. 8348


Yeah you pointed one thing I have a huge problem with. I feel like current sex workers glamorize their money wayyy too much and the job itself. Young girls look at the money and think "Wow! So much better than working minimum wage!" and enter it foolishly. Thing is, it is not a lucrative, long term career. Once you hit a certain age you're done. And if you one day decide to move past from sex work, well, future employers will definitely track you down and will not hire a former porn star or cam girl for their company.

No. 8353

Not to mention even if you maintain your weight and you do age well, you're still gonna get boring when someone new comes along.

I think a lot of younger people these days don't really think about permanence, and foolishly go into these things thinking no one will ever find out in "the real world." It doesn't help that there's this whole wave of people telling others it's a good idea and look at all this money.

But honestly, it's not that hard to connect someone to something else. Even if your nudes don't come up immediately after googling your name, all it takes is you to piss off the wrong customer or coworker to dig slightly deeper than the surface to find it. These girls like Megan Marie and Kirsten Amanda who use their real names (I assume, haven't really dug into it) are pretty much screwed. At least in the past it seemed more common to use pseudonyms for like…everything.

No. 8395

I think tumblr plays a big part in this. Pimps are replaced by positive tumblr propaganda (experience sharing). I think it lures in people that think about it way too easily. They disregard the negative aspects you mentioned and hop in forgetting there are just some things you can't make undone. Especially since the net does not forget.

No. 8408

Oh, Tumblr has definitely played a part in this. Sex workers come to Tumblr because its a very popular, visual based, and nsfw allowing social media site. They come and advertise themselves, how much money they're making, gifs that make them look beautiful etc. To top it off they're very welcomed because of Tumblr's liberal, SJW-y, 3rd wave feminist climate so this stuff is seen as a woman "choice" and their empowerment.

Tumblr's main user base is teenage girls. Many of them lost, naive and don't really know what to do for their future. They see the stripper's blog and think they could do the same thing and make lots of money. And woop, there you have it. Sad really!

No. 8409

I'm the anon who did it for 2 months and quit in this thread and yeah I agree. I made 25k in 2 months, which is a lot of money, but when I look at how much time I spent, I realize it might have not been entirely worth it. I would cam 5 days a week for 6 hours at a time, but for those 5 day I would be busy the entire time. Getting my room ready, putting on makeup, doing my hair would take another 2 hours. Then afterward I'd spend the night answering e-mails and messages, PMing with my regulars to make sure they got the "real GF experience" because that's what they all want. Making videos, trying to make and organize ideas for raffles. Those entire 2 months I did NOTHING but cam. I spent all my time refreshing my page to see my cam score. I was up until 5 am for a lot of nights. My diet went to shit. I stopped going to the gym because I was so busy.

So yeah, it was a lot of money but the effort put into it was also a lot. I'm sure some girls who make like $50 a week don't put in as much effort, and there are some popular girls who make thousands and don't put in any effort either because they're gorgeous (like Sabrina Nellie). But for the average girl if you wanna make a lot of money, you need luck (which I had) and time and energy.

For some reason, none of my shit ever got recorded, because I had blocked Canada and the UK, as well as California and New York. I didn't want my friends from these places finding me out. I guess the guys who have popular recording sites for MFC are from one of these locations, because I have yet to find anything of mine on any site. It's unbelievable how lucky I got, because these guys are recording every girl, no matter how popular she is or how much money she makes, they have programs to do it.

No. 8410

My BF said he saw girls on tumblr talking about using fake IDs/stolen SSIs to register with MFC so that they won't be tracked down later. Soooooo nasty. They're all fucked up on tumblr, I hate tumblr. They act like it's such a great job. Yeah, you basically have to feed into men's narcissism for hours at a time. I guess it's a great job if you're dumb and can't do anything else.

No. 8412

Pimps have started paying shills on tumblr to blog about pro-sexwork stuff. Clarawebwillcuturheadoff or whatever is a total shill for pimps.

No. 8414

Oh and the reason I say it's not entirely worth it, is because I basically didn't leave the house for 2 months, didn't talk to any of my friends, even on skype I would be too busy for them. I spent all my time talking to fucking freaks on the internet. It's isolating. I've spoken to a lot of other girls (not the SJW-y kind from tumblr who try and glamorize it) and they say the same thing.

No. 8466

I'm a guy but I don't think I could pay for "services". I've never been to a strip club or hostess club, even passed up the NYC 8ch party. I don't think it's immoral, just not my style. Taking a girl to one on a date might be funny but that's about it.

No. 8548


Not surprising. "Make prostitution legal!!" "Sex worker rights!!" meanwhile when the Netherlands did make prostitution legal, sex trafficking rates skyrocketed because pimps had so much freedom. But how many of these sex workers talk about that in their blog?

No. 8557

What where there jobs that they could spend that much money on girls?

No. 8562

Im curious about this too. I'm pretty surprised about the school teacher since I thought they usually don't make lots of money.

No. 8567

the school teacher allotted himself $250 a week on MFC… crazy but it adds up. it all went to me, usually. a lot of my guys were addicted to MFC. if it wasn't me, it would've been some other girl. i really hope that they moved on but i'm really doubtful. it honestly made me feel so shitty all the time knowing how much money they were spending because they seemed delusional in thinking our "friendship" was real and i felt like such a bad person.

one of them was unemployed, he spent the most. i think he either went into deep credit card debt, was getting autism bux, or had a rich mommy/daddy. i guess the teenager used his allowance or had a minimum wage job or something like that. one guy was in the military and he spent about $1000 a week, i wanna say. he would watch me from his base… so im assuming thats actually like… the military? idk what the trailer park guy did.

OH. one guy was a doctor, i actually e-mailed him a lot after i quit. and i googled it and he seemed legit. he was by far the riches and most "normal" on the outside, but in reality he was a cheapskate. i just checked my account and over 2 months he was in my room almost every night, he only tipped me 600 tokens, which is around $60. so yah i think maybe the wealthy guys are def the stingiest because they have actual real lives and can get girls irl, whereas poor guys cant.

yeah the three countries where prostitution is legal have the highest amount of trafficking, but decriminalization is even worse imo. it's either legalization or criminalization, decrim means there's a middle ground where sex trafficking can happen basically without even ATTEMPTED regulation. and none of them. don't you dare mention it on tumblr they'll screech about how WHOREPHOBIC you are.

No. 9177

Did the underage guy make you say things like "Hey kid, wanna /ss/?"

bc that's pretty much the only think I would be able to think of since the older guys talk to you in a pedo way.

No. 9548

I really don't like sex workers. Just plan your life better and you won't have to do degrading shit

No. 9708


Sometimes shit hits the fan though.

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